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 - Class of 1941

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5 ,Aw ,,.. E A Q 5, E E E 5 a 5 x 3 2 E 5 ef av. 2 Q 5 E H 2 2 S 5 Ei S W 'v Zfmfwhed and 70fLZ'q'S66l60t WJ rf!! , - E P. ,-4' I' QD03'NHJXvvs5AL J JV ,wQ,,MffQ'f" -ll PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF AMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL AT AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA -:- -:- -:- QII I, 'bfi-IZ, A u I cf L. L rfdf M kv ygbfxil A r Mil , , , Haier , - WW I kflq? ity X LJ Qk' ' 'X , WYE '5f'fifT"k7f"' w Ji, ,C vs .:i ". f. 7 fb' Z' -,yfggg 'w?5Qg-i- , -ag V fill J. iw ,,Lgf,.m iz :Y u k ,Q gg-,yffWn,. '7 3 5155 - ., ,,Al , -. .f l .V., - v A ,K M., A L - Q A , ' 1 -- sp, ,fe-ww gm' ' 2 'K' Q. , 3 . 1 A S , 5 ' W5 M.,,.W,.5W.u., H B , .Ali . ,, ' A 1 51 , 3, 3 ,L L,. , Q Q Q, A V Lf , ' qs- 1 ,,, M-y - if . 1 4. -' s l 'i I -. f wg q . x ay 'E Qi Q, N M :A if 1 1' A s i . ., 4 w 2 fb? , W QQ- 'V qw f 3, J, - V. ! M , ' 1 1' 'Y 1 ,K . 4, . J K t . 3 I K K Y , :Z , " -- V I V P---ff' 'W-3, V- -f H-- I A L Y - ,,,,,Q. ,. ....i -rv 1' - -as--L rv 'f ' Vg",-gf if A f ---suns, M . ' A ....- r ---Q---9 ..... Q'-'-Q 'i U 1 "--- 2 N5 J M277 ,q MJ W . ' I A ,: ' , ""' , H - I .fr ., Q :..l sl A5 4 Jw " " : 1 , :lr - F". Vu. -' I ' 'Hu 1151 WW' ff. 4 - -' V 'uv www If O 1 UM., ' n ' . X , N :ua .. Pkg -. . ,. ' af .ff aff. W ff" 1 ,.4i.,. A?+,j,e.Px:":1T ., ,, A f --'-V Q1-4" -- .fe , f ' 'L . ' L I., ,N ,Au lwifvidial gosh! ,iz f N Ili! Suze f ineteen fgfuncffzeal anal godty-Seven w v N tw. ' If as if 61' , A t-, '- ti? I E ,lm- l-,Uli J' 15, W wx l 'wg if wr. 'r 1 .v ,-I P .vi-v .,, 1 l- 5' sw, f,.a, r I ' r -i z K ' , ,1-,ir .I 1 qi. tx., rp.: 1-,. . H ,Whaf Our School Means fo Us, the Youfh of a Steel Community , V 4 . . Y 55545 -2 -.-V ,Q aa" 35 l K s Q Y ,,. Pi L'f.,1' Mba .. Ef'5,f., A. :piggy . , gl?" - Wh . has X, tl.-. . .W , -Jai rm. . rA'l-:ffthf if v, ' X' 'nw ,-rr, I -A-faq. -, ,, 1. Vassar ."1 . 'ir Hi, fx '- -w , : rv: "fi" we-mf ' , With diplomas in hand, we pass through the portals of Ambridge High School with one thought uppermost in our minds: the significance of the teachings of our alma mater to us as citizens of ga steel community, of the world.- We have a clear conception of our school's importance to us, anvimport-i ance matched only by the indispensible part played by steel in the growth of the community of Amf bridge. Our town has looked to its steel mills for the wealth, character, and resourcefulness which have given it a unique place in a world of many communities. A single steel mill and its operators have grown into a district which is conscious of its civic responsibilities and proud of its accomplishments. Our school, a formidable giant standing in the very center of our town, has thrown open its doors to every known color, creed, and religion. It was the steel industry and its many aspects that brought to' Ambridge so complex a group of people, and it was steel that gave those people a common cause. for organization. p, i , In the same way, we, the sons and daughters of the founders of our local government, have hopefully absorbed the guidance and instruction of a school which has developed in us the requisites of worthy world citizenship. To each student go the benefits of a diversified scholastic program, benefits which help him to give weight tothe promise of everlasting peace and brotherhood. We, have faith that over the horizon there is a world wide community which is as far on the road to progress as is Ambridge. Our school, among other things, has given us that faith. A great educational program has and will continue to mold citizens who must see to it that their once adolescent town maintains its growth to a poised attractive adult. This adult will consequently assume a part in the foundation upon which will be laid a peaceful world blessed by God. The endurance of that peace will be symbolized by the strength of the steel that made possible the establishment of Ambridge High School. X , Rosa KRAYNYK 5-3414-.M in . ,--,. Ana 1- '. .Leis . . ,. .. ,. ,N at , , was -i a w wvfvt'"fe":ff:'i:'r'ffM'i4f'"','f"'-ffl' 1 1' it ' E" QH5',ff?J,ZffFiLS,?e,' 'IH i 'f'T'1i.l1S2 b. - - r A ff? .. K N- V 'V Je " . .4- " . Q ,PEL " ' ":7"A' ' 1, f ' ' f' ' - ' ' .g ,J , . , 5 a a yi 1 , f- , , :-, ,S '-1" 311, The Yearbook sfaff C0-Editor-in-Chief ..... . Business Manager ....,. .Literary Editor ..... l Art Editors, ....... Photography.------..-,--- Senior Class Editor ...... Howard Greenberger Rose Kraynyk Anita Sikov -,--..--,..-.-..Joan Bailey -.-..-----.-..--...Steve Jula Martha Heberling John Hronas -.--.-..-.---James Palmer --..Anthony Pazzanita Junior Class Editor ....,.. ....., M ary Lou Matson Sophomore' Editor ...... ,...... S hirley Riley - Advertising Manager ..... ,.,..... T heresa Circulation 'Manager ...... ,ee.., J eanne Subscription Manager ....... ...,. M ary Ann . - George A Sports Editors ...,... - ......,. -. Harry Green Lois Beheler . uf' Rose Marie gf Dae Ann -. . V Beverly Eleanor . Charmalee if Typlsts ""' X Betty Cvengros ffl' 1 Esther 'Nelick l A I. n Christine Victoria Siaus Martha Suchy Dorothy Shulick - Betty Jane Kmit A' I . Typing Advisers h A Miss Rose,Kozak -n 'iz i ' Miss Eleanor Mermelstein ' Art Adviser ......... L .... f ..--....1 ......,..... -.Mrs. Lutman M Yearbook Sponsor,--,-.- ' . ..... Mr. Frank Desanzo fy .V ' ,ig 5 M. l tffrfiiiiife if ge fi 4 as V -A '3.5fj,y: b " . ,. qu X ,S 'JH Y . fm! ax .S'hf1Z'1',vfrz'a1'w baflx Ma maui rezsh Off fwxf, may Mix l:'1'fffgw' bring bark llll'1lZ0l'iC3.V nf nzzzbiffnu TUffhl'l1 Ulll' milfs, 'A A A , 7, ws .VM 'Wh Q. vga ' .: I ,N 1 .qw tk? "Ti, .f -' in iw xg ' 4 Pa A ' 'F-.' J , a ua' 'i tffi ."iQff . '55, 32,33 , lllflllkflllll fum' Ullrlflfrff nx In ffm' again in. my , - - ' A ' -ff? "' our hzgb .vnhunf fffzyx ami lwfjn bllflllllg the fzreg . A ' ', .4 rl 'I iv!-. in V., ggi WW Ae, A . 4 is - an .. U' 1' r-Q-s - H af . 1, I 1, LK ,af V" "'."'.1.L 1, ' gl: ww ' , .,'a.' I' D, q I Y .. jr I I V! !. 1 lrin ig f I I. III X "Y I I C - ummm w ff " A I LL I l""' Il ff ---4"""" . y -4-,v , .. , -SW If , 4. .. , .N S 12 ulrnxm-Wj?rf 3 ,hgh -? , Y We ' , V' ' - r -4 ,H - i f, - I yy Q: I' if--, T ' H. Q. .1 gl, . h ,ff-f-+54-,f Dr vi, . ' " , 1- - N, l X - 1' Confenfs ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES ACTIVITIES SPORTS I f In emoriam I Born in Poland in 1882, Dr. joseph Pore came to America as a small boy. After deciding to enter the medical profession, he attended Maryland Medical School. At this school he achieved the standing of an honor student. He gradu- ated from this medical center on May 31st, 1911. Dr, Pore began his first prac- tice in Youngstown. Ohio. where he resided for twenty-five years. Leaving Youngstown he came to Ambridge where he resumed his professional career in 1937. Here Dr. Pore has lived for ten years. serving five years as the school doctor. The doctor was a graduate pharmacist and specialized in heart diseases. In addition to this he was selective service examining doctor. Dr. Pore has received several citations and honors from the President for his fine work. Being of ill health since the first of the year the doctor died in Mercy Hospital April 26, 1947 from a lingering illness. In the midst of arduous professional duties, he found time to advise and befriend the many students of our school, Although his death terminated his active deeds, his good helpful influence will long be remembered. Dedication OLUMICS and volumes have been written for a country, a person, or a cause, but no dedication could be more significant than this one to the people of Ambridge. Their contributing influence has been a deciding factor in placing our school in the high position it enjoys today. We will be eternally indebted to the pioneers who founded our town' and its many diversified industries. If it were not for their toil and that of the thousands that followed them. our town would not have developed and neither would our school system. One of the greatest accomplishments of our forefathers is our school system. Continuously supported by the townspeople, it has paid rich dividends in better understanding between races. closer coopera- tion in civic activities, and in teaching good citizenship. The interest of the citizens of Ambridge has made possible the athletics. the student publications, and the host of forensic and dramatic work. which we have the privilege of taking part in. The first lessons of democracy, which are often used in later life, are taught in the classrooms. A good education is the best gift that any connnunity can offer to its youth. This book is merely an outline of that school and its achievements: each page is dedicated to its contributors-the people of A-Xmbridge. I-T--TU,-' 2, L15 u 9- g H B gl l f A o . - A W 5- Q , Q.. 0 M 1 , A 4' ' 'ES' A Q 6 W 5 3 fi . ffyfff 4 -2 ff- z W --. Qr"' f,' ,'f' fy if L'A. ' Q ' Q j: 5, -- 2- ,f 'r yn' ' 7 'A '1DII1II1ISTBH'Il!JI1 ann FHBULTY DR. N. A. SMITH Csillli two most challenging tasks which our schools face today are to promote a higher E level of culture and to prepare boys and ,girls for an intelligent participation in the world of tomorrow. In the Ambridge High School these two objectives are attained through a modern curriculum of academic. commercial. and vocational courses and a comprehensive program of extra- curricular activities. Through your yearbook you provide an invaluable and authentic record of the life of the school which, I am sure. will increase in meaning and value to each of you as the years go by. May your memory of the Ambridge High School be a pleasant one and may the friendships which you have formed be lasting ones. As you are being graduated from the high school, your superintendent extends to each of you his congratulations and a sincere wish for your success. DR. JOSEPH M. BENKERT Society's ultimate goal is a world of peace, goodwill and lib- erty. "lCternal vigilance is the price of liberty": constant study, the price of progress. The formula li I MC2, which postulated the enormous power to be derived from nuclear fission, was con- ceived in the mind of a man conscious of what mankind must pay to achieve the ultimate goal of society. Nlan must work and study if he wishes to develop or even maintain what he has learned. Individuals either move forward, intellectually exploring new fields and crossing far horizons, or they fall into the trap of in- dolence and self-satisfaction. Ile cannot rest on past achievement and former glory. l'eace is an equilibrium. An equilibrium is a system of balanced forces and not the absence of force. The ideals of peace and goodwill were brought to us through sacrifice and crucifixion. The steel framework supporting our democracy is the willingness of free men to pay the price of peace. goodwill, and liberty by eternal vigilance, constant study. hard work. and self- sacrifice. DR. JOSEPH M. BENKERT MR. L. TAGGART Nothing is more important to an individual than his job in his endeavor to be socially and civically competent, l,et him be out of employment and he cannot function as a good citizen, Ile con- not meet his obligations. pay his taxes, support his dependents. nor contribute much to the general well-being of his community. state, and nation. Vocational education always insists upon training specifications and standards which will make the individual thoroughly competent. and so contribute to building a higher economic and social standard for the individual and the nation. The entire na- tional structure upon which our standard of liv- ing rests, is based upon the skills of our workers- both professional and manipulative. MICHAEL F. SERENE MR. L. TAGGART MR. MICHAEL F. SERENE Primarily. education is based on a knowledge of facts and the ability to use those facts in arriving at conclusions and general- izations. Vision, tolerance, and respect for others regardless of race, creed or color depend upon the acquisition and use of funda- mental bodies of facts. Crisis arise in the world only because of the ignorance of fundamental facts and laws. Ambridge lligh School students have demonstrated they can work together in amicable relationships regardless of race, creed or color. Ambridge lligh School students have demonstrated that they can face this super-scientific world confidently, knowing there is hard work ahead, but ready, willing, and able to do it. Your assistant principal takes this opportunity to reaffirm his faith in Ambridge lligh School students and to wish them a suc- cessful life in a peaceful world. BLANARIK BUFALINI BYERS CAPUTO DIRENZO DUZY GRAHAM LEIPER THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Amhridge Board of Education is the legislative body of our school. The Board is responsible for the general nxaintenanve and administration of the school. The me-mbcrs of the Board are elected for u period of six years and during tha-ir incumhr-m'y, the-y must serve on each of the standing committee-s. lhe- officers and vmnnmittvx-s of thm- liuurd urv: Prcsidrnt ,,,,,, , Vive Prr-side-nt ,, ,, Serra-tary , , A 'Pre-asurer . ,,,, , I"lN.'XNl'lC l'0NlNlI'l"l'liIi Nlr. Frank lluzy, Chairman Mr. 'lose-ph Iiufalini Nr, lilmer lilannrik !3l'II,IlING lTONlNll'l"l'ICli Mr, Iilm:-r lilunurik. i'huirman Nlr. lfrzuxk Iluzy Mr. -losvph Hlli-lliilli liIi1l'l'.'X'l'lON 1'UMNII'l"l'lCI'1 Mrs. Nlzxry, iiililiflhilll llr. Alzmws Ilirvnzo Nlr. V4-rn Bye-rs SINKINKD FYND f' President ., ,, ,,,, Mr. john Graham Mr. .lose-ph liufalini Mrs. Mary Leiper .. . ,,,,, Mr. Frank Duzy GROUNDS f'ONlNII'I"l'liIi Nlr. joseph liufulini, Chairman Dr. james Direnzo Mr. Vern Byers A'I'III.l'I'I'lC CONINlI'I"I'Iil'I Ur. james Iiirenzo, Chairman Mr. lilmer Hlunarik Mrs. Mary Leiper SUPPLY l'0MNlI'l"l'ICli Nlr. VL-rn liyn-rs, I'hairm:1n Nlrs. Nlzlry lmipcr Nlr. lfrank Duzy ONINIl'l"l'I'IlC Vice President Treasure-r ..-. 12 BARTOLO BAEURELEIN BOLOGNA IZAK 8 NICKLEVVITZ MONS SERACK OFFICE PERSONNEL The linrcl-workillg offiee staff, whieh alssisls the ziclministrzition in running the sehool smoothly, is composed of seven eompefenl workers. Miss listher ii1lCl1l'CiL'ill. in the superinfenclenl's office, is ably assisted by Miss Rhea Mons and Miss Dorothy Izaik. The duties of the lJl'i11CilJLli'S offiee are zxtfelidecl by Miss Louise Seraek. She is aided by Miss Sophie Nieklewilz, who is in charge of the junior high, while Mrs. Ann Balognzi takes the responsibility for the senior high. The tasks in the voeatiouall office are performed by Miss Sarah B1l1't0iU. THE FACULTY 'l'lu- liilfllllj' 111 1lu- .XllIlJl'illQL'l' SL'l1i11l' lligli Russ. M11 Sl1111'l'1-11 llllkl Miss il'l'k'llllJlL'f'. Sl'llllIll is clivicln-ml i11111 VLll'lIlllN 1l1-p11r111u-111s wl1i1'l1 Iii 1lu- 11111-ig-11 l1111g11111g'1- 1l1'll1ll'lIl11'lll. s111 pl1111 llu- 1-11111's1- Ill, Slllllf' liiil' llu- s11hj1-1'1s 111ul1-1' 1l1-111s lllllf' lL'1lI'l1 l1111i11. SlJ1lIIlSll. Llllll l'iI'L'll1'lI llu-ii' j111'is1li1'1i1111. Miss lJ111'1'y, 1l1-11111-11111-11111l l1L'1l1l. 1'111ul1u'1s1'l11ss 'l'lu- 111111lu-111111i1's 1lk'lJ1ll'lllll'lll is 1'11111p11s1-cl 111 in l1111l1 I1111i11 I Llllll ll. ll1-1 1-11-w111'l41-1's i11 1lu 1lu- 1'11ll11x1'i11g ll'Lll'llL'l'S1 Miss l'i11lil'1'j'. x1'l11111-111'lu-s lllllgjllllgft' 1'i1-l1l lllik' Mrs. ll1-1'1'li11g1-1'. xxluv lL'1lt'llLN l1'ig1111111111-111y.plaiiu-Q1-111111-11'y',111uls11li1lg1-1111u-- SlJ1llllSl1 111ul Miss S111'11l1 .X1l11111s, 111111 lK'lll'llLN ll'j'1 Mr, xl1lllll1'll, 11'l111 ll1Sll'1ll'lS 1'l11ss1-s iii .Xlg1-- l'iI'1'l1L'l1. lJl'1l lg llllll M11 Rululu 111ul Nil. llllX'I', wlum lL'1lK'll S111'i11l s11uli1-s Lllil' ll llLll'l 111' 1-x'1-15' s11ul1-111s .Xl:jI'k'l1l'1l I ziiul ll l'k'SllL'L'llX'k'lf'. Miss lf111'v1-y is s1'lu-1l11l1-. 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Miss S111i1l1 Lllltl Miss l111x111'1l 11ls1111-111'l11'1111s1111u-11-cl 13i1111111111111-11, :11ul Miss NlK'I'llll'lSlK'll1. llR'1lll1ll1 lllill 1-1'111111111i1- g1-11g1'1111l1y, 1'1-sp1-1'1i1'1-l1 'l'lu- llllllij'1llVlSl1Il1SIll' linglisli I'l'Clllll'L' lllllllf' 'l'lu- s1111l111111111'1-s llllil' xw1'l1l l1is1111'y lvl'Ulll 1-i1lu1 lk'1ll'lI1'l'5 111' 1lu- SlllHjL'l'l, Miss .XllllLlllSL'I'. wlui Miss li4lQ,1'11X'll'l111l' M11 l.11lllll1ll'. ll1'1lll5 1lu- llt'Il1ll'llllL'lll. is Lllilf' 11ssis11-cl lay Miss Iii 1Iu- 5Q'll'I1l'L' ilL'll1ll'illll'lil. llL'1lQlL'll lay M1 S111'11l1 ,XCl1llllS. Miss ll11l11-1'l1-11. Mr. I111i11g, Miss ixilillllllvll, 5llllll'lllN ll'1ll'll lwiulugy, pliysus. flu-111 EMM xxxxx. nxml xx-xxxxxx' fx-xx-xxxx-. Nlxy Nl1xllxxx'lxNqxwxsxgxxxts gxxx- Nlxi llxxxsxxxxxxx. Nlr. lllxslgx. axml Nlxi l'1xlxm-x'. Nlxi 'l':xgg:xx't. :xs Yxxxwxlixxxxxxl llixx-x'xxxx'. sxxxxx-x1 visx-s xlxx- Yxxx-zxtixxxxnxl llx-xxzxrxxxxx-xxx. lxx llxx- x-lx-x'xx'xx' slxxxp. 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XYQ have j inc fa sinrc the-n. u der c L'XL't'llL'Ilt guitlancc ut' our advisors: Mr. Lmnhar, Miss ,n, and 5 Gi ,ast ytrar. we spmismx-cl thc hltiiiifn'-St-iiim' Primm. and t w' Qyclainied huge sur 'L-ss. In dititm. wt- pru- st-ntcd a play cnlitlcd "Crazy I nge", undcrAh ahlc d,ii't-ctimi KM . Nlclyin Laing. ' 4 , In our final yt-ar, wc rs- john ll 1 as to lead nu :g'l"lllL1.1llHll class. Assist- intf him wcrt- . vc jul: 'ce ls cnt B ve' l5aun.n. s 't-tary: and Vincent b gmt ltlatanic. trcasurur. lim uny h cftl highl ' nouyfk puign as tht- Student Scnatc Prcsidcnt. H V 'I'hc atlflcttf uf :nur sclifml wore aptaim . litrgt-ly played by ineinht-rs of nur class: thc Sillinilctlt' 1 Ye-11l'hmok'wcrc ctlitccklay itlit-rs: whilc still inure dt-hated. sang' in thc Nladrigzl d Glcc Clubs, and play 4 in nur uhampiunsliip hand and urt'lit-stra, l'artit'ipz ' gr in all of tht-so activities liowvycr, did nut kt-cp us frmn hrcak- ing l'4.'CNfWS in L schulasti lficld. 'X' '- Mic un tm own aftcr graduating from high scliunl. XYhilt- nur tcavlit-rs willgntmt hc 'ith us,l'Al1'Qly to aid and IJl1COllI'1Ig.1'L' us as they have dtvnt- in thc past. in a grt-1151.4-r scnsc. -y will always he with us in thv thuuglits. words. and idcas tht-y havn- givon us. P XVQ are gjitttcftil tu all who havc helped to pruparc us. NXT gn fm'ward into a wttrld al pL'1lL'C ln take nur rightful place as use-ful citizens uf nur mnnnunity. -24- . 0 K ' ' ff , V I - '. i A ff 1 V s . Clive bt the qnadluatmq cfaaa ot 1947 sv, -4 0 , , li , ALTONIAN AMSLER ANDRUS APPLEQUIST i AZICH s 7M f 'S , . - '5 'h BAGINSKI N , BARGER ' ,, N BAILEY 'Nm BARLEK BARLOW Y D' ylj W 1 BARNHART, P l BARNHART, V f BARON BAUMAN W BECK l U I N, he Ambrldge Seniors l'Al'l, Y. .-XI.TONI.'XN-flmdt-zrzif Mll,l,lf'l'IN'l' ANNE BARl,l'IK--K,'wm'ml Boxing Vluh, Glee Club. lutranniral Sports Committee, Book Vlnb, Girls' Glu- Vlnb. Rn-fre-slum-nt Connnittu lntrzunurul Basket Hall. Bowling Teaun, Cl1L't'l'l02ldt'l', Yovul l'onc'Qrt, Girls' Nluslibull, Howling.'l'z1rdyi'l1t'c' u Gym 'l't'nm, Club Vrcsidmrnt. C'lIAl'I,l'IS liARI,OW-Ibn'-1! ,x1.,xN Axisil1f11tw.t1f,1,1.Y,,,ff- X ' 'H .Xrt Club. Sillnnu-ltc Club, llisturiuul Soriety. Silhoucttt' lY4X'l'RIQ'lA.x IgARNHAR'l'--,1,-,,,j,-,,,j,- Stuff. Howling. l':1trul, llublivitv Coinmittec, Student Imulnltimul lim . 4 - - , ,X V i . l E. K ' I , . ' z 1 ,' guage I lub, hula hlct- 1 lub, llmxlln Tlm'ltf'I,i luhogffulu' 'lmltm Puhhuty lommmee' LvSllt'l' i'mnmittec, Vuvul i'rnu't-rt, 'llircly Cllcckt-lg llmnp om' umm um' room Officer, Club Offirer, NI.-XRY ANY ,-XNIDRVSA-I' ""I . , A . , .. Umnnflm VIRGINIA li.-XRNIIAR'l'---llirfrihzfriv'v Fflmufinn IIMNRX -U"'L1'ff-llIb"-"'f'f1"H'ff'f Silhuuettt- Club, IIOIIIL' licruwiiiirs, l'ln1bruicln'ry Vlub KIIARIAIQIS AZIl.lliG.NNmI liaskctlmll. iblusliballl. Rcfrt-slnncnt flnnlnittce-, lknr t !',, 1 C wnnnuttcv, C lub cJfflK't'l'. llnbby llub, Current lzveuts Club, Boys ble? Club, Nlaulrigul Club. Intramural liuskcibull, Howling. VIVH XRD IXNI H XROY I, N II! N I 'll 4' till' Avi! RIT.-X ILXGINSKlfl9i.rlfibnli1u' k'n'm'alinu Orchestra, Band, Howling, Intramural liuske-tlmll. Rutztil Selling Vlub. :Xclvuiwt-11 Typing Vlub. flub 0' "ff"'- n lcv 111 It Lx' lm L' NI A mf-r',,,,,,,m-fill! -rxyllgg lgix RGI.jRYm41!.m1l mir. Socxtyf i?i'2l:1l11cl'if'1, it-nior Cllussl St-c'rTtz:ry,U I ' I 1, i'ht-lnistry Club, Colle-gc Vlub, 4'lu'cker Club, lntrulnurul lim' NS . lv' 'lr sl, CWIAw'. yfuungi U l',f.'H: 5 atm lizlskvtbzlll. lllIl'Zlllllll'1ll llmvlilig, Hand. llmnncrnmn Of- :Tmdmit Mjndtt,' InFI'umH'll mNHI:",N'lle-! H.mM'm' All gt, fiwr- Star Nmwt-1'. bowling. jr. Kluss lluy, Nzntmnul Ho VHLXNNI-1 ILXIIAliY-V--.-lmflrmif VA Rl, liliifKP-llnfrml llistmnnl Socit-ty, Yt-.wlmuk Vlub, Ye-alrliuok liusiticss Nladrigul Vlub. Boys' Ill:-v Vlub. lianul. Urc'ln-strzl. Bn'r. Yvalrbnuk Rt-p!'z-seiltaltiw, llumernoin Officer. Intramural Sports. -25... 0 ,J ' Uff xg.4v 2 ,J,,.xxvc-fup f The Seniors of 1947 lol.. .. ,,. . Nlaclrigzxl Vlub, Girls' Iilee Vlub, Girl Reserve, Typi 5 I2II,I',I',N IIIzIIItI.IzR-4f,r11.'mf ng Vlub, Club Iiommittee, Business Manager of Silltouette, Yearbook Representative, Yearbook Typing Stuff, Re- treslimeut l'ommittee. Ilomeroom Utficer, X N N Ii ICN K I I-f-l'n11ll11r1'1'ii!f Typing Vlub, I"in1uu'e Vommittee, Typing Stuff of S ilhouette. IIURUTIIY IiOI,0ILN.AX Ilisloricul Society Club, Iioxxling Leglgue, Vlub Vommil- tee, Vlub Officer. S I'liV If IION ICSK IC e-flrmlwvzir Intramural Sports, Howling I.:-argue, Vliemistry Club. C N N Ii'I'I I III I R A S---I 'nmrfnrfzzf VN II.I,I A Xl ISR ICNIN ICRA -flfwzuml Music talent Flub, Iioxing, Intramurals, I PIONA lil' I".-XI.I N I-I,'i'uen1l I'Il1lIll'0lLIl'l'j' Vlub. Forensic Club, Ilomn- Iiconomics C' Ilusketbull, Soccer, Nlushball, Yule-Princeton, Yeurbo Representative, IFIIIIIIIUL' Voinmittee, Vlub Officer. lub, ok liIiIIIzI.IiR ISIJNKO IIOLOGNA BONZZSKI5 IIORAS BRIQMNLIR mimi INI cA1.lmRlil,l,l ' CAPA1 Amr fi CARIINI CARNEVALI5 CASABONA CARTER CATIZONE CATANZAR I'I'Ii I,Ol'IS C.-XI,IJl-XRICI,I.If.'lmrz't'111i1 Band, Orchestra. Rowling, lntramurzlls. G I'S'I' FA PATA I IFIGS-.-.'ff1rfwu1ir Nladrigal iqlub, Boys' Glee Vlub. Orchestra, Ilaxnd, Iiox- ing, Truck. Intrumurzlls. RUIIICRI' V.-X RI,I NIA-I 'ofurimzizl RUVII l'i'I"I' IC VA R NICVA I.I'I-.-lfarlruzir I'lieerleucIing Flub, I,euLIer's Vlub, Varsity ilieerleucler, Intramural Sports, Intramural Sports Committee, All Star Nlushball, Gymnastic Program, Bowling Team, -lunior-Senior Prom Fommittee. Ilome Room Officer. IIONII N IC' S'I'l'1VI'1 C.-XS.-X HON.-XfI'nrt1fimn1l W AI, I In R CA R I I',R-lff'm'1'i1I IIICRNAIJI NIC CATIZONIf---l7i.rl1'M1r!iv'1' A-Ifllfllfillll Glee Club, Silhouette Representative, Retail Selling, Yearbook, Vocal Concert. Vlub Officer, Silhouette. I'A'l'I I ICR I Nli CATA NZA RI'I'IC-,llnzzlwazic Leaders' Club, Girls' Glee Cflub, Cheerleacling Club, Vocal Concert, Yale-l'rinceton, All Star Mushball, All Star Volley Iiull. All Star Soccer, Yearbook, Usher flommittee, Assembly Committee. Intramurals, Home Room Flub Officer, Captain of All Star Nlushball team, -26.- amilluf, Acllooll, tow n, .,x k The Ambridge Seniors Il.-XI: .XNNIC VII I I,l'O'I'IiA Ivpin ' f'rw1n14'r'f'ffIf g Ilnlm. .Xmlvaunx-d Typing I'lnI1, Iiancl, XR-arlmuuk. IIl'zln1atim's, IntI'nmnrnIs, Vlub c,JI.I.Il'l'I'. Ilomsrumn Uffivvr. Sillwnutn- Typing 1'u-Iiclitur. Lust and Ifnnnd Vumniil- Ivv. Iiuwli XI'IlI ing ng. IIfX' IIII 'I If IS K I'-C 'f1u1f1l1'1'1'f4If Inrl IM-sr-in-s, Typing Vluh, I"IIl2lIlk'L' I'onnni!l:-0. Typ- Slnft' uf Silltnm-ttv. Ilunn- Ronin Offin-r. XNllI'.I,U I'II'IiI XVI- lw.n1'.'1uif Iliulugy flnlm, IIislm'in'nI Souix-ty. Patrol Club. Nlllllllllll Ilnnnn' Suuivty, Slnmlvnt SVIILIIF. I'1ltruI, Ifuotlmll Ililiwwl Intiunninls. Illvarln-r Sqnul II Vlmi TINLIII, mneromn QlI.I'Ik'l'I', Yin- I'1x-slaln-ilt nl NIIIIIUIII 5Ull1lIt', Vlnb Offiu-r, Ilmm-rmnn I UI IS I ULURI'I'O+Ifw1n'nlf Ilnys' Intrxunurzxl Iiaskvtlmull XI .X Ii I Ia I USIIIX NZ.'X-A-lfnlwrulf Ifirst .-Xid i'InI1, lllce Club, Ifootlmll Iizmqnrt, Girls' Vllurni IIunn'ro4m1 Uffivvli X I..-X III XI I R l'I'KOX'II'II--I,','1n'n1l IInImI my Vlnh. l.XXI lah I,. IINN I NIZIIIX XI--R.-ln1z1'u1f1ir Iiuys' I . v., . 0 e Q' ' . Ilu 'o I In Klub, IIUXIIII., Club Silh u tt Club tl I, Buys' In1rnn1u1'nI Sports Lhininittcr. Howling, Scurrtury 'uni 'I'1'v'1s111'i-1' of QUPIIUIXIUTK' 'lux I V Il.-X X' I IP VI' IQ R X'-V-.,lm1a'wv1ir CHII.C0'I'Ii CICHOSKI CI PR IAN I COLOR ITO COSTANZA CUKOVICH CUNNINGHAM CURRY CVENGROS CVITKOVIC DAYEEN DEANE DCGENNARKU DcI.AI Dm-STEFANO Rzulio Voile- Vlnlx. I'I1ysirs l'InI1. f'In-lnistry f'InIx, I':l 1 Iimvlinyg, III"'I"I'X' VX' ' ' ' ' ' X'o:u'Imuk Xlushlmll. XI.X R X' IVR Typing I xi I5 if n11l11l1'r'f'ff1f Iyplllg Stull, hillimuvttn- Stuff. ,XII Stu RPI-'I'l'SI'l'IIIUIII 4'mnlnitlv:'. X Nfilffi I'X'I'I'KUX'I1' f'1r1u1ln'rf'ffIf Ilnlm. I-Im' Ilnh, Iinslwilunll, 1'InI: 0t'I'iu-1 S'I'I'fX'I'1 IXX YIIIIN- -I'm.1fifwf1l 171111. .Xstrmlmily C'IuIm. IFOR I S I lI'l.'X N If-I'nn11m'm'ff1f. RC IS IC ,-X. I 71-II ICN N :X R0 --f' l1i.vf:f!fnriv'.- Alzllll rllfwh' hlev Ilnlx R:'t'xiI Nvlling Vlnlx X1 Ilnuk SILIIII XI.'X R X' Ih'I,.-X I- --.-lnufrfflif 'wal l'mn-I-rl, X'm II Iimlugy Ilnlm. IIai1cIiI'1'nIl Vlnlm, Girls' Ilnskvllmnll. NOR XI .-X -I IC.-X N Ili-S'I'IiI".X NU A.-lffzffumif' filler" 'L I .,. ' Iltllllllg., Ilnlm Inllip Ilnlm, Ilninmiy Ilnlr. In lmnnmil Spnrts, Ilmm-rmnn Vmnmiitu lim ling KI UfI'iL'vl'. 27 -- ". X' . ll I N " ima i ? ancll wonllcli citi3enAI1l53f"5'f 3 The Seniors of 1947 N If I I. IVICN NI'IRI,IiI NA- -. lrtnfwuzfr Ilobby Vlub. ROliI'IR'I' V. IIIONISIC-f-1,'i'11w't1! ,-Xrt 1'IuIi, Ilancl, l'In-uiistry Vlub, Iluurl t'ont't-rt, Intra- murals, Urvln-stra. III'iI.I'IN IIUIIRQXNSKY--Iin111v1m'z'it1f Typing l'luh, literary Hook Vlub, Library Vlub. IlI'.-XNIC .X. IPONIICRIII'IC----I'mrfzllwrriill Iliatorival Souix-ty, Assouibly t'oinniittt-v, Ilramatics, Football l'sI1t'r, Silliouvttn-. Yvarbook, I'ubIis'ity, -Iunior Vlzlss Play. Silliourttt' Typing Staff, lk-batt' Squad, sfi.-nt-.- Iforuui. llli'l"l'Y IJIQUIINAK--Y-K'n1111m'r1'ftIf. t'irlw' Fla-it t'lub -Xrt Vlub l'sht-r C'oniniittc-e, Vocal t'ont't-rt, Girls' Asst-nibly Vomiuittvt-, Student Senate, Stuclm-ut Scuatv Svtivtary, Ilonn-room Ut't'in'r, Nl.-XlQ'I'll.X Ill'Ii--C'u1f11m'n'if!f Typing. Ilandirraft. Nlusit' Vonu-rt, lfiiiztiiw t'onuuittec Girls' t'borus, Nlixc-tl Vhorus. WIVXNI I"Y IJl'I'I,.-XGA ff.Ifi1il,'111if Vin-iuixtrr Vlub. DIiNNIiRl.IflN IJIONISIE IBOBRANSKY DOMFRGUE DROBNAK DUB DUPLAGA DVVORAKIVSKY EDMONDSON IZGIZRMAN ELCHIN EHRHART FALSO FARDO FARLANIJ NYAI,'I' IC R IPVVO R A K I VS K Y-I-lnzrlruliz' li d Bows' I'atlol Nlid vVtWIt'Y'Il Orcliestra, Nladrigal. an , ' , . - ,, Band, All-State Orchestra. Baseball, l'onCerts, Minstrel Band, Iiaskctball Hand. String Pinscmble. TIIONIAS II. liUNIONIJSON-,-lmdrmir Intramural Sports Foniniittee, Intramural Ilasketball, Intramural Howling. Ilomcrooin Officer. -X D ICl.Ii ICGIC R NI A N-f'nu1u1r1'r'ii11 Glas Club, Book Club. Ilonierooni Officer, Club Com- mittee. DIOIIN I'lI.CIIIN-I'0L't!lf1lIItIf Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad, Football Patrol, In- traniurals. NA NFY ANN ICI IRIIA R'I'-Gwinn! Yearbook, Art l'1uh, Assembly l'oinniittce, Intramural Sports Vonunittuc. JOIIN IVA LSO-I Il7l'tIfiI71ItlI. I .I N Ii? A I".-X RIlOYI'nmn1w-ritz! Glen- Vlub, Band. Yah--I'rinCeiton, Gymnastic' Team, I,c-advrs' l'lub, Girls' Intramurals, All Star Nlushball. DON,-XI,Il I".XKLANI?-I'm't1finm1f Stags Squad, Intramurals, Nliustrul. Football Sound Conunittee. 3 -J ,Wil Qi 4 Fv X ., ' r WE 0.716 PROUCQ FAUSER ' FELTON ,, FERRENCE ' FINCH ' FURMAN kk I ,f M ' G NA GARBINS ' GAUDIO GAUL 0 GEISLER .G GIANIMARIA GIRGASH GISKA CLAS GNJATOVICH I , Q. 52,440-4444 J m-Lbdilvw ' The Ambrldge Sensors DAVID FAl'SlfK+.lm1fIr111lf Nlakn'-up l.0llllllllll'L', lljnumstic 'l1l'Lll1l, Ili-Lights Rc- lioys' Patrol, Finance Conunittvc, Lost and lfouncl Com- I70Y'U'V- lllU'211'lUl'lil SIJUNS' mittee. lntralmlral Basketball, llomvrooin Officer, Club 0f"ivv1'. IMS' 1'11H'f'l Capwint M.-tm' ANN om'1,--,-If-.1,1,-mf Vnblicilv Votniiiiltcv, lunior Vlzmss Play, lnIrnnn11'uls, ROBERT FEIfTONi'l'0f4f"fi""'f'1 lloincrobm Ufficcr, Flub Uffict-1' Minstrel, Vocational Intramurals. . , ., . . , , ,,., , , RUlil'IR'l' l,. CllClSI,lCR---llixfrilwlivu' lfflmfzlimf DI4'I'OkI4'h l'l1'lxkl4'Nl lag! "mm""""'l Hand. lfootbull Paltrol. Xlinstrvl linml. lnlranmu1'a1lSports. Typing Club, lfinuncc Connnittcc. FR-XNl'l"'i lil XNINI XKIVX----t,'.'11m-.11 VARY ANN FlNCIl-l',w1mL'n'itz! Q, l Q ' ' ' , Q H Study' Hall Club inrls illcc l lub, bophomort- lfplllg 1 lub In-us1x1'cl'. Q XYXIOYU YVRXI XY 1,1 H H! R.-XYNIONIJ GIRILXSII-l7i.vff-ilfnlim' hllmurfifwz .- 1 . ' .A-i-win . 'I 4. I L, l'L1l1'Ol, 'l'1uck, lIlll'i1llllll'LllS, lntraniural liuskctball Cont- Vwsi hhilff bljllfulgten mdljfi iI'.mtlb'fl1l ll'fmliI"1lx'f'.h::5 mittee. 0011.11 . .lll:lg,U. otatllllnl . lll?lN . oo! M ,lg ll and hound bqnad, Clit-wlcuclcx' Sound hquad, Voca- tizxl Studcnt Council. b'lC GAUNA-tfrlzfnzl Girls' Glu: Vlub, Vocal Concert. Intralinnrnls. RHAHAXKD GlSKAk,'m.m,j',,m, IUHN GSXRHINSKY-xlllmdwnil, Xlinistre-l. Stngt' Squad. Vocational, llll1'2lI1llll'ill Sports. Urchcstra. Band, Basketball linncl, lllll'1ilTllll'bll liaskct- hall' Bowling lil PN,-X l ,li GLX Sw -I',1,m1liwm! Klinistrcl. L'A'l'lll'1RlNli li. G.-Xl'lJIO--.-If-f1f1'w11ic V Historical Society, Football lfsher, Assembly Commit- VllARl1l'3S GN,lATUYIf'll-lfwlrrwl tee. Student Ilealth Committee, Yearbook, Silhouette, Intramural Basketball. Vin-ss Klub. ,fl ff , the ini ' ' e , , AN- tdfy 'Y 1 x t at 3 45' . W . 55 Ink' ,+?2ia.l,2fR. ix' The Seniors of 1947 A I.I'iX KLOZII Ii-H Ailnrflulflif' Biology Club, Track, Club Committee. Assembly Com- mittee, Intramural Sports, Senate, Bowling, Prom Com- mittee. Chairman. National Ilonor Society. Football, Basketball, Patrol, -lunirh' Class President. Iloineroom Officer, Club Officer, Football Reserve Captain. l"l,ORl'1Nl 'IC G IQ ABI N SKI-wl9i.i'f1'ib1r!fvw Erfmuliozz Typing Club, Retail Selling Club. I I.-X R R Y CIR IC I'lNA,'ln1dt'u1ir' Ilistoriral Society, .-Xstronomy Club, Nladrigal Club, Iloys' tllee Club. Silhouette l'1ditor-in-Chief, Yearbook Sports Iitlitor, Yarsity 'I'ennis, Intramural Basketball, Itoxxling, National Ilonor Society, Debate Captain, Na- tional lforensit' President, Student Congress, Mid-western Chorus. Yocal Concert, Ilomeroom Officer, junior Class I'lay, Ilomeroom Committee. I li IVY IX R I I GREICNISICRGliIi'--,-lfi1drv1ir Ilistorical Society, Typing Club, Boys' I'atrol, Scholar- ship Committee, Assembly Committee. Student Senate, Yearbook Co-Iiditor, junior Class I'lay. National Honor Society, Intramural Howling. Ilomeroom Officer, Club Ot't'icer, Chairman Assembly Committee. CORHIC Ii. GRfISS---I'ofalio1mX Stage Squad, Nlinsttrel. Intramural Sports. Silhouette Staff. WlI.I,I.eXNI GROSS' --I'mu1liom1l. I.0l'IS til'Il7O--Gwzrml Boxing Club, Chess Club, Ilasketball, Intramurals, Ilomeroom Officer. til -30 GOZUR GRABINSKI GREEN GREEN BERGER GROSS GROSS GUIDO GULA GUYER GUZAN HANDGES HARPER HARRIS HARTMAN HEBERLING Lg-lug, 1 4.Ll f 43? "',,f 1. , v- , ' ,'LLf,.f2k IIOLORICS GCI,A-.tlmzdnllir Art Club. Glee Club, Yoral Concert, Basketball, Yolley Ball. I' I I Y I ,I.IS I I I' Y Iili-l,'n1.'mI Yolley Iiall. NIARGARIYI' GIIANfllixrrilfurivw liflzmzrimz Service Correspondence Club, Retail Selling Club, Ilome- room Officer. MA RYAN NIC IIAN lXIICS4C,'t'11i'm1! Glee Club. IIl'S'I'ON IIARl'I'IR-.-lradmuif' Current Iivents. Astronomy Club, Reserve Football, In- tramural Basketball, Bowling. CIIARLICS IIARRIS-.llnzdumic Silhouette Club, Dramatics. Ilistorical Club, Yearbook Staff, Orchestra, Band. Speech, Debate. junior-Senior Prom Committee. Intramural Sports. 'I'rat'k. Tennis, llis- torical Club. Nlinistrel Band, Concert, Assembly Com- mittee, Track Captain, llomeroom Officer. ROSIC BIARIIC IIARINI.-XN-f'ol11111un'it1f Glee Club. Knitting Club. Finance Committee. Yocal Concert, Girls' Chorus. Nlixetl Chorus. XI.-XRIIIA IIICBI'iRI,ING-Uw1m'f11 Kladrigal Club, Glee Club, l'sher Committee. Publicity Committee, Social Committee. Mid-Western Chorus, Yearbook Art l'ltli.tor, Yocal Concert, All State Chorus, Club Officer, School Pianist. ,Alf -f" Y' ' b S. x Vx' ' un 1 Q. . . .1 in I, X i Ax 1 .V ' ' .Q U 3 th '11 4 t +1 o oun a an ti- n -N -. ' W X W -. "' U1 v V 4 HENISCH HESS HETTISH HEUGHAN K HICKEY 5 5,16 ep Sei 70 M 4.11-03 Hu.i,1ARo lf HOGGARD V HOKO f HOLTON HOOKS HRONAS IHNATKO ILKO INGROS JACKSON The Ambrldge Seniors . , l . ' J' l.l't' lll'iNlSl'll-f.-lnlrlrulir l.Ul'lSlf llllil ' -- l71..ifrfMl1'vw- kifflnfllifwl I .Xrt Vlub. Vollege Vlub, Publiuity Couuuittec. Yearbook Rt-tai 1 ' g 'lub Staff. V I V ,IO li leo. A. ,,w,v.1 . LUIS Nlllillf llH3531'fvlllffzwrfitlf ' mist v 4161. l'lu 'omm't , .stronomy Vlub, Biology Vlub, ilymuastit' Vlub, Uyniuastics. lonfer V iaskv 9' owliup, t l'ublir'ity f'Ul11ll1lIlL'U. . , . , . . ' Ya" r 1 ' Art ' Jrrliestwt, 'lub Uffirer, llomvroom Xl.-XRl1.fXRl'.l 140514. Illzl Ilbll-I nnlllnmll Q f -I-V -I 1i 1- 355 'gt-1-Q y, Senior Class l,1'l'SlClClll, llzuuliyrork Vlub. l'sl1er fltllllllllfltfff, Basketball. 1 f Ullllt'-lil k y Vounv . XYIILIANI Nll'RR.-XY IIlCl'GIIAN-.A1faf1'fn1iv I KDICORE I 'ICIIA Q NATKO-F.-lfw111'w11i1' lioys' Glen- Vlub. lutramural Basketball, Orvltestra, - lV"t lral Soviet ' ioys' lllee l'lub. Science l'lUI'llIll, Publicity Vouunittut-, lizuul. Nladrigal Vlub. Club Com- mittee, llistorical Souiety. Club Offiver. ' lfli DORA I l If 'K ICY--Utvm-111 Typing Club. Xl.-XRK lCl.l..-X IlIl.I.l.'XRIJ--t,'.'11m-iz! Nluslibztll Vaptain. All-Star Nlusliball llomeroom Officer. . Yearbook Staff. lll'IRNl.'XN IIOHGAIQIJ---.l1'tnl,'f11if lutrauuxral Sports. llURO'l'IIY llfPKI3----l9i.xlf'fM1lf7'r k'ffln'f1liu11 Retail Svlliug l'lub, Typing lilub. .Mlraufvcl Typing Club. I'..'X R I . H0 l .Ti1X-.A1n1t1'Nf1ir lfootball Vlub. Typing Club, Clieniiratry Club. Intramural Sports, Reserve Football. -31 nf V , lit' linergy C unril. Varsity Debate. Student Cong- es . junior Class l'lay. llasketball Intramurals. Adver- tis g Staff, Vos Convert, Club Vommittee, Howling, llistorical Vourer ion, Varsity Tennis Team, Silhouette Basketball Team. Assembly lbmmittev. lioys' Intramural Sports Vommittee. lfootball l'atrol. Vlub Uffirer. Year- book Staff, Silhouette Sports liditor, C'l1ecrlcador. ,.., . , . XYX l. l ltlx l l.lxO--I fmzlmfnlf Golf Vlub. Minstrel, Intramural liasketball. .XNK2l'll.lNlC INGROS---lIi.vlrihufiv'.' k'a'nmliuu Radio Voile' Vlub. lilut- l'riuL Rt-acliug Vlub, Rt-tail Sell- ing Vlub. VII.-XRI.l'IS ROIQICRI' -I.VXVKSQJN--.-Iffm't-ufir flicuiistry Club. Biology Vlub. lioys' Intramural Sports f'ommittet-. Intramural Sports. Football Manager, Sil- liouette. o A l,l" Rlill.-X ,I :KN ltlli l4f'nn1r1zurt'iul who found:-:dl an lncluatntj, JACOBS JAMERY ,IANICKI JONES JOY JULA JULA KAMINSKI KAMZELSKI KAPPAS uh, KARAGIANIS KARAS KARASICK KARNOSKI KATTERSON The Seniors of 1947 Ns5'llNl,'l'UN li. ,I:XC'Ul3S4,'l1't1tI'r111ir S'l'ANl,l'IY l'. KAl'l'AS-fl"mutio11t1f Varsity Football, Intramural littsketball, 'l'rat'k. lCast- Nlinstrel. Stage Squad. Fire Squad. Football Light and YYL-st Game. Sound tfonnnittee, llomerooni Otfirer, lileetrie Shop it IQN it t' it xt ic it Officer' 8 Varsity Footbztll, Varsity Basketball. l,Ol,'lS GREGORY K.-X KAGIANlS--,-lrt1rlw11if' Nladrigal Club. Boys' Glee Club. Biology Vluh. Silhouette Staff, Mid-VVestern Chorus. National llonor Society, X lililtlllitliglllll' mllwllellc Staff' Klub lommmcc' Xml- Boys' Patrol, tflub Committee. Assembly Committee, K ' ' Intramural Sports, Boys' l'atrol Officer. llonterooni Of- YYINIVNICII .IONICS-1'nn11m'rf'it1I tieer. Club Officer. Nladrigul l'lub Otfirer. Mu5""i'H' Ntcix Ktxtus, .1 it.4l'nm1fU,,t11 JOHN .lol "1 f'f"'f1"'f'1f Yearbook, Stage Squad. Bowling. light and Sound Com- llnsehnll, Nlinstrel. mittee, Yofational Student Council, Nlinstrel, Silhouette 1-11,1f:,t Note .1t'I.A-tarWim.-1-.iftif Staff- Hors' 111t1'a11wfa1 Sports- l:i'a:leE's' Klub, Silhouette- stall. As?-lipljy tyvltiiiqiltttie, 'l'1It.1R1.jSA KARASH'K45'M,,,m,H.idf iuwl imvmlllllu' ntldmmdy bpmlh' L 'xml ' mlm ' International l,1tnguage Club. Girls' Glee t'lub. Girls' 5ll'1l H135 .ll l1fxk'f1f'Uf1f""'f' l'ntrol. l'sher t'ommittee. Silhouette Staff, National Nladrignl, lloys' Glee t'lub. College C'lub. Silhouette llonor Society, Ilomeroom Officer, l'z1trol Ot't'it'er. Stntt, Nliclwestern Chorus, Assembly t'ommittee. Club y V 'Q V I V H V ' l'onintittt-e, National llonor Society. Student Senate, ln- Mfxlxl' .lfWl'f lx-'XINNOMNI'-'l'i"f""""f' tratmurnl Sports, Sophomore Flxtss Yiee-l'resident. lloine- Yearbook. Silhouette. t'ont'ert. llistorienl Soriety. Howl- room Uttit-er, Senior tllnss Yiee-l'i'esident, l'lub Ut't'it'er, ing, llramaties. All-Star Sotu-i', lntratnnirnl Sports, Nladrignl t'luh, Yearbook liditor. Fiiiatwe t'omniittee. l'sher t'onnnittee, llehate, Nattionztl lRlt1Nl41 KAytINSRl7f'!,,,1,,,1.,.l.j1,f l'oi't-nsit' League. .Xssenibly lfoinniittee. llomerooin Ut'- Typing l. Typing ll. llumeroont Officer. Club Officer. mimi' lluh Ollwer' l.JORO'l'llY KANILICLSKI-l2i.t1rib1ffi1't' Llllmzfinfz LYBIAN KA'I"l'liRSON--I'fmzliumzl Typing Club, Retail Selling Club, Nature Study Vluh. Minstrel, Stage Squad. which riaefuceh the Ateef, ! KATTERSON KAZII. KELCHNER KELLMER KEMPISTY KENNY KEPICS KISIDAY KMIT KNOPICK KNOPICK KOVACS KOPCHICK KOPR IVA KRAYNYK Q , 2 ff, z , Y h f IL- : T e Ambrldge Sensors I xI Ix XI II IiSONff-I'mwlfullflf III'I'IUI'Y ,I.INI'I KNII Iqffnllllllz nstul Ilnnmuumu II1II'lUllllI'liIS, Slugn- Squaul, Yocu- I'IUI't'IlSIl' l'IuI1, Iimlmrnicll-ry 1'IuIm, Yu-gwlumk R:-prux wnil ntl1mu1.xIs. tin-, Yw1rIwuk Stuff, I'LIllklIll'l' l'mn1niIl:-v. I"H1lIIl1lII I N . Iiuska-tImII NIusI1I1z1II Srwve-1' I11tmmuVa1Is. XIUVIIIIU XI Ix XIII ormvvzl . . ' . ' . . - X . I I 4 x IIIIIVFI' ANSISIZIIII, .XII Sign' hmmm-V. Ilmm-r'4mm Iirm 1 Im I Nh Iluh' IHIHIMIIIHMI l"mI'uIlI'lA Ilrzlnlulifs, Suplwlnuu XII-Star Iinska-IIMII. 1 XIxI IxI I I IIXICI!-.,In11l.'v1ir l H ' v . - ' V 4 Iluh Iuys' Ilrmu- I'ICUIIUlIIIK'S VIUIJ. Ulm' I'IuI1, XIII IIAIIUIA IYNOIIII IN, 4xf11I1l'1'f111r. l I WS' pm,-Ulu lluninr plug 11135-U AXs5K.mh1y xI2lKII'ltLf2lI IIIIII, Hou Mlm--I IuIm Xznsltg Iimmt-I1a1II I Ill Hin Yulmilx' IS'xwI1'1II X 'IIYIIY I'fukm-IIIAII. XZITSIIY Ixul on mtu vmmural Sports. IUI X II XNXI Kl'II,I,NIICR-,-lfmlrfffif . , s 1 ., . . . Y , i'I1m'x1s I'l1Ill't'1'I, Hogs' IlIII'2lI1lllI'LlI Sprmrts I-UIUIIIIIKK Ilz-alth IUIIIIIIIIIIL 1 lub IIIIIUUI' tmnlnlltm- Ilnmmln muh lIuIb Ir11rImnk Vluh. Illtwlmtimmzll I.xmgua1gf' ommittcc. Ifilnalllrv L'o111111ittu-v. YI-gu'I1ook NIVK KXOVIIAK- f7i.x'lf'fff1rffv'rlf1I'1n,1liw11 Cl uh-nl Se-xmtc, National Ilonm' Sovicty, Rvtail SL-Iling Vlub, VIuI1 Uffivcr. lulx I mul Iunior Vlzlss Play, Speech Squad. Ilomv- N Q Y D V sm Ulhuv I Ilairman of I"inzmce Cwmlllllmitlvc. III4'I'I7N Rox 'N 5"f""""f'l- III XIDIDI I S IxI NII'IS'I'Y--.lmm'n11ir XI.XIU2.'XRIC'I' I.. KUITIIIVK- rfr1rr1',1l mmstu Klub Ym'zn'Imnk, I"inz1nc'c QIUIIIIIIIIIVP. IIITlll'Ii. Girls' Iivsm-1'x'v i'IuI1. Girls' Ulm' 1'IuIx. Ym'gu'Imnk SIIII 1 1u11I SIJUIIS. Iioys' I'z1t1'oI, Ilmm-rmml Offivvr, liowling. f4flIIl'l'I'I W N' XI NYY -"f'ff'ff""f1f l'.Xl'II .x. Km'w1x'.x 1',Wfz.,f,.,1 'UHF IIIII' XIIIISIIAVI- Stags Squzlcl, Yuratimml IllII'2lI1IlII'LlI5. S1'IlILlI3IlUI'l' S: u XXI ky I ll 5w4,,lm,1l.,,,5,. Nlinstn-I. Squad IIIDIIIII. xtmn muy. Iizlskm-tImII, IJm111z1lia's. I"i11z1l1u' IIUIII- Kfjsli XIAXRIIQ IQRAXYNYIQ, Il"Hf'.,,m ' IUIIIIIYII 5II"I'If- SIIIIU'lI'tII'.5I3H- I"i'I'I""'k- Ilisturiull Swrivty, Stuclvm SUIHIIV. Yzuwitg IM-Imlm 'Nl "IIII'I1- II'I'W""'I" UH'I'l"'- IIUII OIIIWV- tiunul I"m'm-min' I,t'2lglIl'. Nulimml Ilwnm Smivly. Ill xml XXII I I XXI kl IINKY--.-lmzzlwfflif Iivs, .-Xssm-mhly IIUIIIIIIIIIFU. Iifvwling, Sluclm-nt IIHIIAIQNS N x Inmtbxll, Yarsitv Iiaskvthull. 'I'r4u'k 'I'cum, Iu- I'z1t1'uI Vaptuiu, Oumuittew- CI1'm'muu. Ilmm-mmm Of Illrn In-z11'Inmk f'rw-Iiclitm m 1111 N Q lull. IIIIIIZIIHIIYQII Sports fIUI1IlllIIft'L', Vlass ficcr. Sillxum-tlv Xvws Iic' Iktl IIn1mmom Offiucr. l'I1ivt', Yca1'Ixrmk Ih-prwcxmIzltiw, ,Xtumir Iim-rgy fuunul Th S, that aumnonta a monument KRETZLER KRISTUFEK K R IVICH KROLL KULBACKI KUNTZ KUNY KURASH LARIMER I.AVEI.I.E LEOPARDI LOJEK LOSCHIAVO MACK MACURAK .rvfll-4""'7 '."' A' ,vncA.Q, e Seniors of 1947 III 'I"I'Y I,UI' KRIC'I'Zl,I'IR-f',w1fm'1'fit1l ate. Iluys' Chorus, Ilmueruum Ot't'icer. Intramural Cap- lain. Nladrigal Club. Iiymnastirs. Assembly Cmmunittt-t'. Iluuie- ruum Offiver. HAR ,Axim 1,5413 xIi41itet,',',,N-.11 S4-I uuette. CIIGIIIISITQ' C'Iub. IllII'kllJlIlI'2lI Spurts. All Star III I Ii IC ICI' K R I S'I'I' I" li K7lIi.rr1'it'mliv'w k'1f1nv1lifm Sot've1'. Infi'amura.l Captain. - I Retail Selling Club. Current Iirents Club. Ifuutball Re- serves. Iftmtball Ilatrul, Stage Squad. Nlinstrel, I I I7'XIil"'I'lI KRIVICII nl !'1!ffl'N1iI' IN ICZ LA Y ICI,l,Ii-t,'um'n1! Girl Reserves. Typing Club, lfmutball Ilanquet. Soccer, Klushball, Yearbook. Voral Convert. Iilet- Club. Library Science Club. .Ill Star Nlushball. Yocal Cunt ert. SANICICI, LICOPARlllgflftzflmfir Basketball Club, Band. Basketball Nlanager, IIIil'LlllIIlI'LlI IX II.NI,-I IIICIINICIC KROI,I.-.-lfuldylfzif' Ilnbby Club. Girls' Iilee Club. Yearlmuk, Finance Cmn- mittee. Youll Concert. Sports. JUS I'1I'I I 1,1 lj I'1K-,-I nzfinuiw IJOI .OR ICS K I'I.II.'XCK I-l7i.rlrMnli1'r krflnwllfnll Retail Selling Club. I' I I' I. K I' NTZ--. Iiand, Urrhestra. -I litltfflllil' IxIIIII'IR'I' II. KIINY-A.-lunlwuzif Ilobby Club. Physics Club. Astrmlmny Club. Intrainurzxl Basketball. Student Senate. Ilmueroum Officer, Club Ot'- ficer. YINCICNI' I,OSCIIIAYO4,-lmffwwzif Ilobby Club, Reserve Football, Track Nlanager. Intra- mural Sports. lfuutball Nlauager, Iileaclier Squad. Club Officer. Hand. Orvliestrn. Intramural Iiasketlmll, llunliug. Iluine- rmun Ut'I'irer, President uf Student Senate. I R ICN Ii MACK---I'nl11lm'1't'it1f. IOSI'1I'II KI'RJXSII-,-lfwulruzif' Varsity Ifuutball Club. Iiaskeiball Club. Varsity I"mmtbaIl, Track, Iileacher Squad. Intramural Sports. Student Sen- JOSICVII NIA-Xi,'I'RAK, -Ili,---llmzrimzizl Vocational Senate. ,, I I' I -, ,iir" -I , I -Vlltl, Q i ' ' go Ifff"f"ZT' ' A701 ' x 4 I ' gvnlx' I JI A 1 W. ,- ""c,l . 5 X J iq" to atannafl peace. Th MAj1f'rici MAKER MANOHERAS MANINI MANOS MARIIJAKIS MARTI IVIATANICK IVIATANIC 2 IVIATHISNVS MATIKA IVIATSON IVIATTUCCI MAI ICHLINIE MAUK 1 V, gf fl: e Ambridge Seniors XXII.I.I.XNI I. NI.XIIC'I'Il I fmlrinzn YINI 'ICN 'I' NI .X 'IIX N I4 1 fA.-Ifm1',-um Iiuxing i'IuIi. Xlinstrvl. Iiitmiiiiiitlls, f'Iiccl'IcacI:'i' Sound quad, I"rmtImII I,igI1t and Suunrl Sqiiud, Iiaskz-tImlI Nwviw-Im41i'II, X'm'ntimiz1I Studvnt l'm1m'iI, fIj'IIIIl2lSIICS, Iwsciwv Ifimllmll, Shop Officer Vhvss Vlub. Varsity Ihiskrllwzill, Var:-ity Iiziarlmall, Senim Flaws 'III'K'LISIII'l'I'. INlN.'XI.II NIA VIIICNYS -,lfinli-um XX IIRICXY NI.X Ii ICR -l9i.vr1'Mnlivw Eflrmzfffrfz Iwlaiil Sala-s l'IuI1, I"ur1tIu1II I'alti'uI. Hoya' i'Iim'ii5, f'Iaiss- imwni I'rx-siclvnt, l'IuIJ I'i'vsiiIvnI. min' K'IuIi, I'aIrfvI. i'IuIx Utiiirviy IHUIQUIIIY NI.X'I'IK.'X'--fjrlfrnzl Girl Iii-sm'x'i's. Typing l'IuIv, Yi-m'Imuk, Vmiu-i'l. Iiziskvl- XNITRONIKA NI.-XXOI,I'IR,'XSg f',w111m'n'if1f I Im- i'IuI1. Ifiiixiiiu- Vfmiiiiiiiitw. IMII, XIIISIIIHIII. XI.-X R Y I.Ul' NIAISHN--.'lrfnl'wmir I I IlI.X NI,-X X I X I---l71',rr1'M1rtf'fw' fffflnwlinll Iiifvlugy, Club IIUIIIIIIIIIQT. Yuzirliimk, XIuaIiIx:iII. Sludvnt Ixvtzlil SAI:-s IIIIIII. Soft IIzlII. II1nkc'tImz1II. Sm'vv1', IImm'- IUUI11 UI IlL'l'I'. X I'xI'I XIXNUS fI'mi1ffn11f1f mixing l'IuIi, Nlinslrvl. XI I'.X NIA IQ I ILX Ix IS'--.lm.1'r1uff SCIILIIC. Iluimwmmi Uffin-i', Vimiiiiiiiltm- f4II2lII'III1llI. III',I,I',IN I'.. NIAI Il 1 I If--fffllurvlf 'I'ypiiigl'I11I1, Girls' Ulm' 1'IuIm. Ymuil f'nm'vrI. XIusI1ImlI. Iiuwling. Xlixvd f'Iim'us. I'-IIIQIIIVK' Vuiiiiiiilli-c, l'IuIm UI'fIa'l'I'. IIistin'i1'ziI Sofia-ty. Hugs' lllvc l'IuI1, Iiuxing f'IuIi. In- II.lI1IllI'klI Spurrs. X XIX IQ I'I -flfi'1lrf'f1f Imnd. Orrlicstixl. IICIQI NI .KIA X I I 'K - -.l1'fn1'.'1uif ,IILXNNIC NI.Xl'f'III.INI'l -.lfim'rm1'r SIIIlUlll'IIl', Spvrrli Sqiuid. liyliiiiusliu, I":mtImII I'x1trwI. SIIIKIVIII Svlmtv. .XNSUIIIIIIX Vmiiiiiittci-. Ili':1mz1Iin's. Ilrvmv- mmm: I'i'i'sicIz-nt. I'aIi'rmI I,ii-ut:-nzuil, Ymii'Iumk Ifclitnr. Nntiunail I"m'viisic I.e-ai1.:iic Sum-taii'y. IIORI PIII Y XI.-X l'K-.-Ifmf.-fzlif' wok Vlub, Colle-gc l'IuIm, JXSITOIIIIIIIB' f'IuIm. Iiglsi-Imll. Nludvnt Sz-:iam-. National Ilfmm' Sovivty. Iiitiumiiiml Iziskvtbzill. Iinwling, l'I11Im Voniiiiittmf. Ilmnemfmi Of- Iivcr. -IIIIIIOI' Class 'I'ru:1siii'cl'. Typing f'IuI1, IIXIIIIIQISIII' 'I-R'2l1ll, Girls' HIM- f'IuIi. IIiuI- ugy Vluh, Ilmiimtics, Iii-Iivsliimfiit f'wiiiii1it1e'v. l'IuI1 OI'- fin-i'. h 3 5 .- NIllCII'IgklI f'IuIm, Buys' film' Vluln, I'Iiysirf. Iiinlngy. Sri- Th 1 ML ' ..7ffIUyfN ,Jo fi N W, If x X A xx 'Q' We ana Pnoucl 6 ly. I ' , . , M I .fjffw MAUK MAUPIN MAXWIEIJ. MAZUR MAZZETTI x. XI X I I'4m1'r'L-slxuxmclvlxw Vlub, Igpin e Seni6'rs of I 947 il' I.Ul'I5I'l NI.Xl'Ii f1f1'11f'VIlf g Ilub ll II I IIXXI Ii XIPXI I'IN-- f,rm'1'f1f I Iwmnislry i'IuI1. VIII-ss Vlub ,. . .,4. NIII,IlIxI',Il NI.-lla NIAXXN I,I,I. -.lnzflmzzzr Xrl Vlub .Xssmnbly 'I'raining Vlub, Iianml, Rcfrvslm- uwnt 1 UIlII1IIIIl't'. IIII'1IQIiS.X XI.XZl'IQ -.lfmlmfzzw IIIu"u'v Vuunvil Ilisturiral Surivtv. National l'.0I't'llSlC I.m-algllnl, Slunlcul l1UIlg.Il'l'SS, Yural' i'um'L-rt, Sillmuettc Xclxm-rtiaiug Nlalmgcr, Ycarbmmk Nlunagcr. ' Ii If N XI .YXZZ I'1'I"I' I --.xlmnlwlzir 'XXIX ttm I lub Klub imnmitlcc, I'm'c1' Vlub, ilymnx 'iilbuua' ' ' , ' ' tim, Iulxaluulal Spurts frnnnlittm-, Ilmxliug, Ilcnm-xuo Ufflrm-I' Vlub Ullircx' IXXIICS NIwIf.XIQI,.XNIl -I'umlin11I1! Hun 'I'v:uu, Iluxing. Sillmrulcm- RUI7I'L'hL'lllLlIINk'. YL-nrlmnk u,. ,. ., ',, V. ., 'uurw lnlr:unu1'aI Spurta Iu,nns:u.1I1u, Iutr.1uuu.1I by ., Ouumnittm-v. Xliustwl, Stage' Squad, Yucniiunal Stuclvnt l'wum'II. IImm'ruun1 O1'I'iu'1 QIIII IQ Xlclxlxlu ffwflrrwlf 1 I ilxvulu-1' Club, Inuul, llmn vmuxn UfI'In'm-1'. McFARl,AND MCKEE McKEl.VY McNAl.l.Y MCVAY MEINERT MICOCHIN MIEDANNER MIHALOW . MIKETA 5 IOA N N IC NICK li I ,VYf,4m4lw111ir Fllt't'lAlt'21dt'l'. Club l'rmm1ittee. lntramural Spnrts. :XS scmbly Cmmnittec. l,n-ads tics. Ycarlmok, llumernom Officvr. I'A'I'Rlf,'l.-X IS.-XRISARA NICNAI,l,Y-lfwzlrml International Language Vlub, Orclu-stra. Iianml. lI'XlIl, NICVAY--Ilrlffllfrfllrlf Stagv Squad. Xlinistrcl, Intramural Sports. NIA RG A R Ii'I' NI lilN liR'I'A-,Alfmlefzzir Glee Club, Typing Club. l'shn-r Committee, Club Pu-si dent. IJOROTIIY NIICOCIIIN4l'w1f11mn'iaZ Library Svicnrc Club. NI A Y NI I IC Il.-X N X l'lR4.-lnzdnzlif lllvc Klub, Finance CUl11ITllllt't'. N IVK Xl I I l .X LOW'--I Vrlftlfivllxlf. -IANIPIS NIIKli'l'.-X-I'mv1fim1f1! Nlinstrel, Vocational Intramurals. ,- rs' Vlub. llraxnativs. Gymnas- U K I I l to have Qeannedl ,V V" ll!! 'J' MILNICK g MOLCHEN 7, MORANZ NIOURADIAN MUSGRAVE .X Q. - ,- H .-A Z 2.-ffl NA:gTlgl NELICK NELSON NIELSON NOURIGAT OLKOVVSKI OREND ORLER OSIJCK The Ambrldge Seniors 'XS 3 NLXRY .NNN NllI.NIL'K--tfwznwl ,ll..XNlC'l"l'li .XIDLYN NLLSUN---rf.-www! l'n1'rvspm1clem'v Club. Finanvc c'0l1lllllIlt't'. llaskvtllzlll, Nlzlclrigxxl Vlulr. Sillmlu-Iiv Stuff. II1-nm' Null 1'mnnuI Xlushlmll. Sm'rc1', Yvzlrlvrmk K:'pl'n'sv11tz1tix'v. lfmxtllall In-, Girls' l'lw1'l1s, l'shL-1' flHlll11lllll'L'. l':111'wl. Y:'xu'lumk l'Sl1z'r. lunim' Vluss l'lz1y, llnwlilxg, Vlub flffiu-r. NIARG.-XRl'I'l' Nl0l.i'llICN--I,','11,'1w1!. I'l'1'l'RlN.-X lCS'l'IllCR NIICLSUN -1,1-zzrml l,ilu'x11'y sflvllft' Vlulm Ulm- Vlulr, Ymtnl Vmm-v't. Sul NORlilCR'l' ,IOHN NIOR.-XNZ-.'lm1rff'1f1ir IWIWIU' Rl'l7"l'PYf'l1l?l3IW- Nlzulrignl Club. Glve Vlub, Varsity lfootlmll, Vnrsitj linskvthall, Track. 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Glee Club, Yvarlmok Staff, I"inanL'v Communities, Nlusir 'lRxl'lNUO UHllRl':S"'f""""""! l'om':'rI. llmmfromn Offiwr. llistzwicul Suri:-ty, llxtcrnzxliruml Smil- lv flulr Ulflrvr Th tollenanca, undsnhtanciingf, cmdl bnotlxenlmoocll, I ?!N 'IORGIC OIQIMIXNIJOS7,-I1lnfrulif Boxing, Iloys' Patrol. I Ol' I S OSIIQOVVSK l7I'omlio1ml e Seniors of I I URI..-XNIJUS I OS'I'ROW'SKl I o'rRHAl.n4 Q OVCIENS OXVIENS PAINIIER ,J vAPfxN'rwN1o PARAS ian PARHAM ifAS1'l1i,,xx PAI Il, PAZZAN IIA PIERRIS PINKI IKYI' PI.0IfCfI IAN Shiga- Squzul, lizisclmll, lnlraunurul lizxskvllmull, , ' '1 M ' : . V'l2I.Yf7'i!lllfi7'z' kifflnuzfioll N II Illxl lb OI IxII Xl Ilx 947 Nm-cllcwork, lim-tail Si-lling, lntrzxmurul Sports, Flnlm Uffi4'z'l'. K IIA R NIA I,I'1l'1 OW' ICN S- -f'on11m'1'1'h1f Inlvrnalionzil I.zx1igLizlg.fv Vlulv, .Xdvniirm-cl 'liyping Vlnlm l'shvr l'onnnittc'I-, Svlintw. Silhouette. Yearbook, Nationa llonor Sovioiy, Ilonn-room Offive-r, Vinh Otluu. I XNIA K 1IWICNS---I,'w11m'l1l Glu- Vlulm. 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Ilistoricul Society, Truck, National Ilonor SlK'Ik'fy, In- tramurals, Vollegc Vlnh, I,ost :incl lfounil. Ilonn-room Offin-r, Vlzxss Offin'm', Howling. A NTI IC I'If R R I Sgl'm11111wrf'i1lf Art Vlulm, Volul f'ona'crt. I7ORO'I'IIY ANN I'INCIIO'I'fIj1'm'raf Glen' Club. .-Xclvulxcccl Typing Vlnh, Yearbook, Intru- mnruls, Ifootlmll Rcfrcslnncnt C'onnnittrv, Ilolne-room Officer. JOAN I'I,UI"l'II4X NA-I'o11n11I'n'ial Library Sricnfe Flulm, x'l'1lllNIUk,'IIOIIIYX Vluh, IIonn-- ' nn Officer, Club Officer. Nm-cllm-work. IIUIHO ICuo1nm1iI's Vlulv. IIN ,38- I V X :- GK Y , 4 1 1 - X - lDl'llCl"l we Ahaff Ipnactlcza , . , 9 X, A, J 1, .1 1' Q Q 1 '-1 f 1 'f - 1 1 1 1 if? 1 W,-f f POCHYHA Lx: PORTER , ,!1f1msk11 D "PR111d1v11iQ11i1 1 1' PSINKA f, jg , 1 .Q x+sJ,,' PUSKARIC I ,,RASKQVSKY' .Q'fRlCH ' 'I 4fRIl.liY- I-' I fkolslslms l ,jg -1 11, x '11 11 11- V RUGERS ROSliNI"lil.D RUSINKO RUSSU RUXVI l:Y V -A 51 ' A N 0 s LQDN-'B V.. "' K '- s 1 ,. - 1 , ,.- f- g A 1 - .' 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Y111':11i1111:11 Klin- 1211-1- V11111, l's11111' 1'11111111i111'1-, Y411'a11 f1I111K't'1'1. s1l'1'1. 11111'11111111':11s. 111111111111 IH111111, 8111111 01'1'i1-1-r, -39h to Ahow oun qnatitudle RUSKIN SAPIA SAPOVCHAK SANTRY SANTANGELO SESTILE SEZENIAS SHORSHER SHULICK SIAUS SIGNORELLI SIKOV SILLA SLAVIK SLIVIAK 1 , a- . f .A uf . :A-MLL r,. , I I A . The Seniors of 1947" NIARIUN I.ICI'I lil'SKIN!--f'm11111urfii1! I,eztcIer's Club, Ilistoricul Society, Ilebzxte Squad, Dra- ' matics, hlournulism. Silhouette. Yearbook, Assembly Coni- mitee, Intrtlmurul Iizxsketbnll. Nluke-up Committee, Sci- ence Forum. Yule-I'rinceton NlllIlll!.ft'l', Ilomeroom Ot- ficer. KOS IC SA I'I .'X7l,'f'l1t'1'1lf Iilee Club, Chorus. S'I'IiVIi S.-XI'OYt'II.XIife-I',m1rifwn1! Intrzunurnl Iialsketlmll Captain, Yursity Ilzxsebzxll, Stage Squzlcl, Minstrel, Club Officer. ROSIC RI'I'.X ANNIC SANIRY4 I'on1fio1111l llfwn' k'w1u1o111i1'.v filet- Club, l'sher Committee. Yocnl Concert. Refresh- ment Coinmitti-e, lfootbull Isher. NI A RI If SX NIA Nl I ICI .U7I'nu1111w1'fiiJl Girls' Rest-rvt-, Library Science, Howling, Iinsketbull, Footbnll l'sber, Recreation Committee, Iloineroom Ot'- ficer. VIRGINIA IICA N SICSII I.ICf.-lnzffm11ir Leaders' Club, Silhouette, Student Senate, :XII-Stat Soccer. Iizlsketbull. Yule-llrinceton, All-Stat' Nlushball. tain, Ilomt-room Utticer, Classroom Officer, Committet Chairman. Nlzike-up Committee, Ilrzunutics, Silhouette Representa- tive, Howling, Gymnastics, Yearbook, Cheerleader Cup- , . 5 - '. 'T - 34" A. NICK SICZICNI.-XS-fdruzlrzzzif Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Patrol. Iilueprint Rend- ing Club, Intramural Sports, Truck. NIARTIIA NI. SIIORSIIICR-f'nmmurfiaI Art Club, Glee Club, Vocal Concert. Yearbook, Gym- nastics, Silhouette, Ilomeroom Officer. IJORUTIIY l,Ol'ISl'i SIIl'l,lCK7f'o111u1l'2'rif1f Cilee Club, Library Science, Vocal Concert, Howling, Basketball, Yearbook, Assembly Committee, Club Com- mittee, Ilomeroom Officer. VICTORIA ANN SIAIIS-I'n111nn'rfial Library Science, Yearbook. Club Officer. IIIICOIBORA SIGNORICLI.1-fl'on11m'n'iul Typing Club, Ilistorical Society, Silhouette. A NI'I',-X S I KOV7Ifn1rm! Nlaclrigul Club, l,eader's Club, Girls' tilee Club, Nation- al Forensic League, Student Congress, junior Class I'luy National Ilonor Society, Yoeul Concert, Assembly Com- mittee, Ilomeroom 'Committee, Nlld-VVestern Chorus Student Senate, Ilomeroom Officer. Yale-Princeton, Sil- houette liclitor, Yearbook Co-Iiclitor, I"IJNIl'Nll SlI,l,:X-.-Imffn11if Ilovs' Glee Club, Nladrigal Club, Vocal Concert, Mid- VVestern Chorus, State Chorus, Bowling, Club Officer. Ilztlvl, SL.-XVIK4Vnn1fin11al Assembly training Club. Minstrel. ,Iunior Clzlss I'I:1y. TOM Sl.lVlAK-.-fmzlwazir College Club, lioxing, Intramurals. X K'55Y, on what At:-:ell hah given 92,51 SMILEY SMITH SMOL -S gg-gc SMRZllC'K SOKAC U X SOVICH f ' SPAGNOLA SPARCIE SPENCER STANISKI STEPANICK STRANKO STROHM SUCHY. U UCHY, M. R . 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Ilulm-mmm Offin-l'. CHX ROI, NY IfI,I,I NG+lJi.r11M11liv'f Ffllnulfimz Girls Reserves, Vlulw flHl1lI1lIlIl't', Ilylnnzxstivs 'I'v:lm. I'.Yl'IiIl'I.fX YY'IIIIXIURIii-l?i,fl1AfM1lif'w k'1flrn1l1'n11 Svwing Club. Rvtail Svlling Vlulr, Ifirst .Xicl Vluh, Iliol ogy Illllll. IH-X'I'RI1'l.-X NYILKI'1S+.lmfi,'111if I-ylnlmsiws, Iiuml, 5llllHlIl'IIt', xl'LlI'llllUli, ,xASl'llllllj' 1 frm mittve-. Inst and Ifnuncl Vmmnittm-, Ilmm-rmnn Uffirm NI A RI I A K l'1'I' VS' I I.I, I .-X NI S--Ifwrlrlmll Art Vlulx, l'hm'us, Ilnskclhull. IIICLICN NI. VYUI,IQ'KI-gl'n111111r1'fiul I,cLulvrs' Vlub, Nlujurctlc, Sillmucltv Stuff, Yula--I'rim'm ton Nlushlmll. XIX R Y VYOLUSZYN-+l1i.rl1'M1rli1u' h'fl'1nw1liu11 Glen- l'lul1, Retail Selling, Iflnzmn- f'mmnittce'. Iimvling. J I, V "7'iu1.f1ffa., , i X4 .ff r - AJAAQOLAJ Z A 'L " N' L ff ! .,.l4fL I 17 Li,z.4,,' .' 'fl,0cff'YJ" AX! Q0:?'Ifff,'b 2 ,Lu-Xf f ,J ,nv .. ', ,UV ',, ' 4 -V ' h - ..ff9"'M! -7 .vu,,,.,'. U M' I ,, aa given o ua. if v f f 4,u'9' "iff, 'Lcfy f A - 'V-K ' 1 ll 7 A 4 ,ig 'fc-f'--' I 7 af,f.,if:m,f fi. 77170 'ld wo rf' XM W1 f wooo ,rj WORK L x, YEE YURICH ZAK ZAKARIAN ZBREZNY ZEHNDER ZERVOS ZONDOS The Sensors of 1947 l'l"l'.X .IIQXN XYOUIT --1'nr.zfinm1!. SVSAN .-X, ZAKAlQIAN7I,','11wm1l Girls' Glu' Vlnb, Girls' Km-wi'x's', Klaulrigzil, Yrwrnl Von- Il'AXNl'I'-X xyuqjly nI',,m,j,,,Mf verts, lflllflllfl' Uwnnnittcv. Girls' Glw Vinh. IDOROTIIY ZHRICZNY--.lrinl.'mi.' I l'1lQNll'li XYURK-W-ilmffrfwfiw Ulu- Vlnli. llllllllllllllll Sports, Ymul Wsiiu-x'ts, Girls' X Y y Q V V A V V, l lxlwrus. Nlixvcl lil1lll'llS, Ycuu'lmnk Stuff. Silhmn-tic Stuff, l3l'li'ANOlX .lhfxx LIJINDli'lX?l"""""'f limxling, Ilmm-rnmn fllll-ll'l'l', Vluh Offirvr. Knitting Vlulm, Y:-urbmmk Staff, Vlulm c'0l11lNlilt'l', Ke'- freshment l'unnnittec. Silliourttr Stuff, Orvlwstrzl. String WUI I HI. YFI4, Iwlhmi linsmnlmln-, Howling, ,-Xtumic lilwrgy fillllllfll. . . , . ,- -. 11,1 1 I l,.XlNl", Yl'RIl'll I'm11111.'n'ii1! 4'.Xl,IUl'l'f ZICRYUS--VI'nvr1z11w1'fi11l SllllUll4'lll' K:-pu-sn-1i1zllix'm'. SUNYQX Nl. Zc,Nl,KlS'A'l,f.ffl'i!lllfi7'r' ffiflrfflfinzl llc' VY xl-llc ZAR"AH'V"'!"'f'7"' hif'J""f'f""' Silliollvtla' Staff, K'nm'crts, Yr-arlmuk Stuff. Activity lllllllll. Sillwnottv, iiUIlt'L'1'l, Y:-nrlmmmk. .Xrtivily Vuni- fv0lHllllllt'K'. Intramurals, Nlixn-cl Vlwrus, lfmvtlmll l'shcr I11lIll't'. lnlrxunnrzils, Nlixml Vhurusl llmnermmni Offiver. .-44? 4. N L SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR EDWARD BURLETT-Ce I142 ral. LENA CORI5T'l'l'1-General. VVILLIAINI DAVIS-Vofatio llzl Z. ROBERT DIXON-Vnralional. jOlIN DUNN-General. l'l'I'I'l'IR ELIOI'OLIS4fl z'f1 demir. CHARLES FIXRNESS-6' Lfrl eral. MICHAEL GABLE-C frfzf mercial. HAROLD GROSS-Amdemir. Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Intramurals. BERNADETTE GI'YER--Commercial Art Club, Publicity Committee, Assembly Committee, International Languages, Yearbook Staff, Volley Ball. jOIlN lIAI'SICR-.4mdwnif, DONALD IIOFFMAN-Vorarimml. RA YMOND I IOl"FMAN-Vvralional Vocational Minstrel, Bowling, Intramurals, Vocational Student Council. IIARRY JONES-Arademic Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Mid-Western Chorus. HELEN KA MINSKI-Dish-ilzutivfe Edurulifw Glee Club, Typing Club, Retail Selling Club, Finance Committee, Library Council. GEORGE KIRISII-Vnmfiwml Minstrel. S'I'ANI.l'1Y LAPINSK I-I 'nmtfmml Minstrel. jOIlN M IND ICK-Vrmlfinmll Vocational Senate, Gymnastics. Intramural Basketball. XII LAN NI RAOVIC I I-'l',0l'l1fi0lIlII Aviation Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Vars ity Track. S'I'ANLl'IY RONCEVICII-General Poster Club. BILL STRANKO-Vrwafimzal. A LI, ICN SW'AI N-I '0l'Hff0llI!l Intramural Basketball. DOLORES TEDYS-lIi.rrri0uli'uu k'rlm'fzIinn. RICIIARD 'l'l'1RLESKV-Amdamic Boxing Club, Intramural Sports, Golf, llomeroom Of ficer. JOSEPH WALGUS-Vocational. ' N 4 l -45- C HIS yt'1ll', the juniors were totally un- aiwzire of the fact that they were really ",lllllltll'Su ttntil lJL't't'llllX'l' 13, when they were greetetl hy lllk' seninrs :it the Zlllllllill klllllllvl'-SCI? ini' l,illlL't'. vlllltlll' were llltllly said lllt'llltlI'lCS uf the lJl't'YlHllS year. when they were ennsitlerecl "green," 'l'hey reenlletl the Stllllltillltlft' Reeeptinii. XYllt'l'C they were gjreetetl quite forcefully. and ailsu the ll'L'1lllllL'l1l given lllelll llll'tlllg'll0lll the ye:11' hy the lllJIX'lA-ClQISSIIIZHI. llpun l't't'tlg,1'llllltlll nf their eleyzttinn, they elected kltiseph xvlllkll ns their presiclent: .Xntly Nliketzt. yiee-president: lleeky Stettler. St't'l't'l1ll'y1 :incl Mike Snyicli. ll'k'llSlll't'l', Miss l'lUl'K'l'y. Miss Duffy. und Mr. M11tt111'l1 were tI1e 11tlyisr11's11ti this tnlentetl group. Rnhert llnnt. llnh Iieznk, 1,:1wrenee Me- t':1nclless, llill Czirpeiiter, tlrlaintln Imseliiaytw. :incl tlenrge Sprnek gave :1 line 1'ep1'ese11t11ti11n nf the el:1ss nn the gridirtiii. while .Xl Se:1111z111. and tlrrie l,11sel1i:1w were I7l'tlllllSllllL1' enntestaiiits for the x'111'sity hzisketlmll teann. 'l'hese j1111i111's also gzive ll fine clrannatie per- l-tll'lll2llll't'. entitled "Une Maul Night." in which they clisplnyetl the clnztlity nf their elztss. These 1lQfl,Q'l't'SSlYL' ,llllllHl'S l111nr11'etl the seniurs 11pp1'11pri- aitely :1t lllt' tllllllllll l,l't1lll. --1 ,.,lf,..,, Walko Sovich Stettler Mikeca THE 1947 JUNIORS 1 Q M 1 Q I by A rw gb qqbq 1 k is i . 1,b, k xg H :Qs V K i ',.:, ,N-. x 1 KZ-gsm -.t .,,. .53 Q 1 x Z ,.,, . 1 1 n x 1:1 , ,,yl - "" -- R1 45 t S . .... X 1 A . 1. 11 '1 . we 1 5 A ii it r-. R X ' 1 K 1 1 ...,. 1 'K 1 1 1 . Q' eff. 1 1- , fl' ,. .1 I L W ,S-t 8 xg 1 if i 1 i ie E xr 46 , gig 1-113 , -5 : -i J ka 15:5 1 A if 1 .fu i M '? s 11 '-" 1 is i' iii K 1 f ml... .. 1 :gi 1 4 ' gl .11., - , . ,3 1 -5- S , 1 sm . f 1 st. - -1 x if 1 l it I A Q. 111 es V 11 if 1-1 tr' - 'te'1 1 1 1 - f X X .1 --1' -1 U 5 A A 1 ,N by - Qz, tp 1 ' "1" I -ff' fi K fi sn, Ilziiley, llztrrett. llurtn. llzitimzin. llenr. lleeltziek, llelteler, llelivilte, llelis. ROW 2: lleiicler. llenemliet, lleseeglin. llezuk. llinger, RCW lt .X11t1111elli. .X1'n1sl1'1111g. ,Xsl1e11l1:11't. ,Xspt-1'ge1'. .Xtl1e11s. ,Xver llt':1111lt. llreiitlle. llruxxii. Row 3: lf. llufzilini. lf. llufzilini. l,. lluf x':1le. IC. l':1rpe11te1'. XY. l':11'l1e11te1'. ll. fl!ll'Pt'llll'l', C1ll'lK'l'. Cxiselln. lliu111l11.illugr1si:111. lltulimus. linlmgnzi. limmseliettu. ll11w:111. liwycl. zilini. llrn-li. llertmi. Byrne. Cain. Lllllilllil. C:11'rli11:1le. Cznrne- Row 4: Cz1t:1l11eei. Cl1z11'11i. Cliiipkn. llunipztgxirmiui. i'm1pe1'. llnpiis. i'1n'1-5. 01-t:1117:1. S. cll'2ll'lll'l', C1 Kll'1l!lll'!', Crrnier, Curry. ll11le. l7':1mie11. l,Jl!llit1L'Nlli. Row 5: Davie. lizieies. lJel:1ek.l lie Nl2l1'k'0- llenipst-5. llt-v:111:17i11, IJ1'e1le11iek. Nl. llugzin. S. llngun. T. Dngzni. Doris lln1'11i:1k. llnrntliy l-illflllllli.. l'.ll1e1'l1:11't. lzlhrmtt. lfzilkmx- ski. Row 6: l":11'k11s11vsky. XY, l":111sti. A. lf:111sti. l"e1111ell, lfeeiistru. l"e1'g11s1n1. l"e1'1'e11ee. l'llllIllllk'. Flick. l"11wle1'. l"1'ez-tl. U. t.111111111slu, lu. hztwlmnslci. t.11gl1:11'1l1. t1:1111111e1'11. - 46 V A 1 . x A I R .A J' -Q A K vig t A is 1 x . is at if x . : in K at 3953? X S - - .N f X . x Q h N w .xl - . , 9 v rx . N B' A . xx , .qi A X . . X . if x 3 , I la 5 w . Q 3 4 ,, 1 W ,in 3 fl S. . w . . ff Q , ..... -. - 'N wr. ' . , ,Q 2 f Q.. X ' ,A 1- 9- . ' N .- V, ' 'f ' - X Q: I I 9 , ' f 5"! QE -2 A ' X N f ' 5 N - ' :X E '55 V " 5 f 1 1 Y 1 .i x . ,. S - N i is of -g xg? Q E is 53,51 7 V qw . E A Q' sv 4- 'xzf . Q . x x A K 'Sis' . ,.,, Mk' if N 4 f L. Q M A I i x - A fa N V N ' x Q ll' A r , ar . Q n ' 5 5 4 4' 1 ff" if mf." ' K. 3 'ii . . , 5 A ' ' ' fr' A 1 X , 1' AA x Y V . ' X - w Q ,. . Q' f .. 1- mg.. XQX I' ' Q ' , , X 1 A 4, ff X. if , , , R A f i ss. , 9' ,, D X Ng.:- ROW I 2 llqlpvllxkl. 1I.:1lvI11Nky. llzlvlivk, llczurvlg lla-ixlvlp flrx':n1m111i-. llixnlunm in. Uwllnmr. llmlrh-5. Gnu. Kin:-gun-k, 1,211-JI. 121 ilfm, 4I114ll:nl1w--Q9 Y 4' llulx-ll. Row 2: HHMNI1. Ilurlwl. Ilnlm. llnlfrn-k. Hull. ll:1ll:nn:m. Ilzqnrk. Ilvmlrwk-4:11. llm-lxmvll. llinlmxm. IIIH. Hunmr. Ila1l.nlx. llnhm-N. X bf Ilmvlumn. Row 3: lluuxrw, llmznk, Ilnn'x':x!. llnxkvu-. Ilmnvlcr. Hllk. lllml. Ixxnllflxk. ,l:u'kNm1, -hlxlxlllwrvll. Alscllvvkvv. xl.111m'llu. lsllqllkzu. 5 'QQ -lulvuxmu. Rbw lt Alvllllsull. IP. xl, ,lmvm-N, Al. ,Imam-N. R- ,Imam--. jrvlwlxlul. Kzllxgw. liqllfux. lxzlljnxrln-ku. lxzllyln-V-ku. YH. lxzulllfnvlx. H.. lx unxlxzu. D lx,wrnI.nk. lxmxv. lxvvk. lirvllllvl. ROW 5: Kvvmy Kmg. Klum. N, XV. Iylrvmw, lxwlmt. lxnvlnlunwkx. blxfvpzw. lxfnvl.u. Qlxwwlgl. lx v lnxlxl. R. lxuxvvvuxlv. lxuw-. liuxlgu, Kuvzmlx, Klull. Row 6: Kulnnxki, Klum-in, lxluluk l,:4nl:111. l..nnI1N,'l,1uv-, lmxp. IA-un-. N. I 1-uw. l,,n1zu. lux 1-Iu.nx.., l,..-ul, I,ulf. IJHQII. Xlillzmlmslr. ' y 1 I , , 1 n x ' I Q 1 8. 9 X KC, i Q an x Qi 3 ,Q 1, in E.: , 6' .99 Q' -J lx '- FN " , A V X 'M ,R A X x 6 in 31. l Q V ' Ni Y x Q x x ' , K+' wie Y 1 S -t '. E Q w . ' I 1. r a K 'zf +5-5. A ,v ,X , Q. 3 3? ... f if ,W ,A wavy- 2 N I V Av X' is Q E. Q f 5 3 gr N: I- 'V Q af Q .g Q V' if A XX xi K , 3 Q E P A 1 - A, ff, 4 , Q .Q . . Q 'x if ,1., f : .,. , y Q ,-. 2 1 A Q s 4.2 - Si -' ' I 1 af :Q I A X 5 ' E - X 0 .,. . .. P , fi 2 1 . -. - f" 1 .. L ' ax - 5. ff' . K' , up .v V K+- x ,mf N' ww - x gf -f -'-- 4' A 1 x M, , X , - V .4 f W' NX. f A B A g U - L A i - f .. 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' ' '-silll-lll XYllll was zlsslsu-ll in his sl-l'Vll'cs by .XlIQ,fL'lfl lll lxllllypll, . nk 'l'llls lL'QlSl1lllYL' ll6p11I'lllll'lTl was lTL'1lLlk'kl by Rub- . ', " '--xresiclenlz mlm- Sl-stile, scum-- flllJI'l'Illl l ul I 1' . 1 lllllwl-lllalll. llI'X" 'lllll Xlull' Nllkl-l'l l'l't'llI'llL'I' 'l'lu- Sl-llaltv wzls wl-ll cllllllsl-lcll lux Nll Y, S4 . UW 'I'Iu- .-Xnibi'idgn- Clizlptei' of tlu- XVQ-su-rn I,L'IIlISf'IY1lIIIlI IIis11i1'iv:iI Socia-ly Iuls I-lull-d zmnllu-1' 5 SllL'k't'SSIillI :u'Ii HISTORICAL SOCIETY vity. 'I'Iu- rnsu-r iiuliuh-cl 55 stiuu-nts wlui xxx-iw iiiu-11-ste-cl in Ifu':1I Iiislury :incl vurrvn :iIIam's. Ilu-sc Iiisturizms mel clurmg' tlu- dub lu-rirul ziiul ilsn lim awnin- Nliss Iiuvzml. G1-oi'gv Ilmntku sn-in-cl as pre-siclm-nt uf this 1 5 ' ' gs ll nuwnlli, Iu-in-f +fuicIc-cl by P 2" : swim-ly, zilul was :issisu-QI by Iiuwtliy Iiulngnal vim--pre-suli-nl: -Ioan I,:im:1n, Sevrm-lnlrv 'IIIII lliirc RIIIIUII lic I. . 'Q' - 1 " , "1lSllI'L'l'. .Xiulu-w Ni-sim' was tIu- Sci' gm-1111!-all-,X rms. IIu iuognitum ful xxhuli muy scnun' slrivi-s is ilu- 1'IIL'I'INIIt'lI IIIL'llIIll'I'!4IIIIJ in ilu- Nailifmzil Iln NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . , . ,v.. Siu'ic-ty. SL'IIUIllI'SIIIJ. sn-i'viu-, Ia-:ul-rs ' . 1 ' a 'Q ' -' I I hip iiul din uui am- llu- Iuiii'n'41l'cIiiinI priiu'ipIcs -if llu- sm-u-ty. In qualify Im nu-mlu-isliip il sn-nun' must rank in ilu- uppcr lliiul of ilu- vlziss in Sl'IIlII2ll'5IIIl1. In-11 POI'-l'l'III of lIu- junuur class IS ailsu aulmltu-cl In sn-wc ns ai mu'IL-us Im' llu- following yn-:1r's Ufgjilll- imliun, 'I'Iu- list uf tlurru- who aiu- 1-IigiIuIc fur nu-mIJ1-rsliip is give-ii lu I-:u'Ii In-:u'Iu-i', wluv ranks I-:u'Ii :ls I-illu-1' iiulislu-nsaihlc, rummnu-iulccl. not kiwwii. or 4Iisa1ppi'm'cmI. .Xflcr ilu- rm-sulls 1111- l:lIIim-cl, fifta-vc-ll lu-in-lit uf tIu- SIIICICIIIS with llu- Iiiglu-st rankings Iuwmiu- nu-mIu-rs, M11 XII-Ivin Laing. IIu- LIIITCIIII' uf tlu- .XiiibricIg'e- QIIIIIIDIUI' of llu- Nziliunzll Ilonur Society, si1pn-rvisn-stIu-sn-In-vtiull. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I: K:u':1gi:uiis. Iiziummi. i'um'nIu-rgi'l'. Uwe-ns. I' :I I In v i'. xx-IInu-r, lim-1-11, Sikm-. julzi. Row Knrznsu-k, I':nzz:mil:i. tinznr. Ir. I IIIIIIH. Nnslu-Ii, i'ipri:mi. uuylxyk. 'ear of INDI' THE VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT CQ IIIC YlK'1lliKllT1ll IM-partlucnt. cliu-ru-cl by Nlr. 'Tug' gurl. IS mlnpuscd ut TIYK' clcpzlrlmems, llu- clcpzul nu-ms incluclv five shops: .Xllln Nlvchnnivs. I5l'z1i'ling, lfllm lriu, N'I11cl1im', :md XVuudwn1'k. In tlu- .Num shop, the buys h-urn llw iumlxum-mais nl :mln nm-clmamics. whirh llwy lam-1' apply. The drafting suulcnts lm-urn tlw principles ul' l'ITgjTlTL'L'l ing. clmwingf. amd blucprinting. In thc lilcctric slump. thx- buys Icnrn thc fllmlzum-lllzlls uf L-lcvt1'ic11l wurk. 'l'I1cv rn-pairalulllzlgcal4-In-ul1'ivq1l cquiplm-nl :md do all sorts uf rn-pair work in thc scluml. ln the Mawlmim- slwps, thc buys I1-urn thc fumlzmu-mnls of lnzlvhim-s :md Ill1lL'llTll1'l'f'. 'I'l1ci1' work u-awlu-s lT1L'lll pu vision. The buys in thc XYnm1 slump IL-urn the use ut' puwcr muls :md study thc struclurc :mal lmuilding nf Iwuscs :md furnillm Rulnla-ml subjects Iuka- up lwallf uf thc Ylbflllilllllll slualn-nt s lima-. 'l'lu- clivc-1'sificcl m111'e'c gin-s thx- buys nm Hlbllllflllllily lr prcpzlru tlu-lnsclws fm' positions in industry, .M56,, slvt- puhlifzttion of tht mluut ri-prt-st-uts thc t-mln-ztvors of tht- St-nior Staff hulk ol' the Yearbook 1tl'l'2lll:,l" ,L zyjh SENIOR41 - YEARBOOKlf STAFF Row 1: l'zilmt-1. Sikov, C11-mis herger. Krziyuyk, julzi. Hailey, llcln-fling. Kr-llmn-r, Nlr. llc-sziuzo. Row 2: llorm-x'giu'. Nlvlic-lv:-y. cr. li ch 1- l 0 r. Slniln-y, Rih-y, Muuchliuc, llzuuuzm. Row 3: Guuslio. llillizml. Nlzitsou. l'siuk:i. Swz-rrli. Kopcllick, Nlattikzt. Roll- luins. Own-us. lfllurlixirt. Row 4: th-cr-n. llmatko, Iiom-ski-, l'us- kurir. Nlcliirluml. Row 5: Pau- znnitzi, Harris, lixuzis. YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES Row l: Riclmrilson. TXZIYIIIIYIIS. Nxulzzxk. Kroll, lit-ln-lt-r. llxiugt-r. Szihulis. Row 2: Austin. Rosio- sky. jsmicki. Xliluick. Schiff, Rohhius, Kpocznk, fra-ss. Row 3: Ft-rgzulis. Ort-url. llziilt-y. lla-ur. K'l:il1:ilow. llutclu-rs. 'fEAtRBCDCDK This llritlgn-1' is prt-st-utt-tl to you hy nss. lt has he-vu tht- purpose of tht- stuff t sthool lift- wlu-tlu-1' tht- iuviclcuts nrt- hztppy Xtllll' . ' . sul, serious, or t'au't-ft'ct-. This is tht- eighth s1u't'cs- - Yt-nrhook. Thi- finishc-tl pro tht- .Xrlvt-rtisiug :tml L'irt'ul1ttiou Staffs, :md the ophmunort--kltminmr Stuff. The Ht-nior Stuff cle-vott-cl much tum 1 of school, arranging, mounting, and writing. The eir if mt-ut is mlut- to th' lint- t-fforts. ' tht- senior o rt-cord ' - 'u :tml out Thr ,Xdvcrtising Stuff lx-ggjziu opt-rating in tht- ezlrly part of the year .mtl contiuut-cl to do so us long ns was neu-ssziry. Thr- finnuciatl situation of tht- publication was greatly improved hy this group, The fiunl distribution of thc Ycnrbook to you was taken cure of by the Circulation Staff. The members of the Sophomore-,Iunior Staff worked ns apprentices :mal prepared the-mselves for future Yearbook work. The Bridger is yours to rcalcl. to keep. and to vlierisli. .Msg A of.-mi. Jrmat-ka. Milnick, xt-umm YEARBOOK APPRENTICES l Hn nh. ku In-.111 I i iNi1l.x Ama I. lx1vlx.u'clsu11. X.1rlA.1li. KLll'llLlX1lS, Spit'-vs. liLl1'.1ggu1iN. Nlxxrsluxll, Ole-xlrrzjk. Yzlgals, .Xus1vn. l.LllllQlIl, Rankin 1-hl, Ill-xnpwy, lxmllvzpk. A'nf.' Z: Hlxlv, Xlulmluw, lh1tm'Iu-xx, Ihxlmywlq. IM-Nlnrziux Srhulie-iw. King, Kwprzzxk. l'l'iaiqul vll. Yullw. VLISIIRVIQ. l7llIlll. A'wf.' .li Hmlrlvy. Y.-1: lille-lm-. l"vl'g1ulis, f'l'4'sx. Rusinskj, Xtllvlxs. Vlzunisun x. lmxy, l.LkllgllIll'I'. Srhifl, USHER COMMITTEE Aww I: Ulm: llmlwrlu ng. . Al- Uk- XIf'U"NX1lIl. X'llNYUI'Nkf', NIurNl1.lll,Yugns, f4.ll'Ilk'YLllk'. A'fff.f yi King, Nm-Iwn. rl-1lH4', KAIlllYhlxi - 59 SILHOUETTE STAFF Row li Srlmllv. 'l'1'ulip. l'1isi:if Sivlil, Rzmluli. limi, lhnlwigm- Hziumliu. Nluiivlilim-. XYill4vs, Ili-zu' Zcliiiflrr. flliilvrvs. Row " U'l'minm'. Kziraisirk. llimznnu l'llu'icll, 0li':ir1'1ylx, IJmm,l1u-xxn l":irr:n'. Zmiilus. Xzlk. Rvli-5 Iii-pirs. Row 3: lmxy. llxillzinizlii Allilzi. .XlllNit'l', lgiiiiiwl. lkinlin Kxlnilzili. Xllwlis. l'usli1llim', lim.: SILHOUETTE EDITORS sun. Nlzizllr, SILHOUETTE 'l'hc Sillmiu-llc is the- wwrtliy piilnlivzitifm which has been printed by and for the students uf .Xnihriclgv High sinu- 1024. 'Ilia' 1046-47 sulmul yu-:ir was il record breaker. Scvcrul six page eclitinns xwm printed. irvh wzis lhc iiiunlli fm' this April lfuol issuc. which WZIS the first ccliliun of ciglit pages. Tha- Sllilillwltk' stuff incl Nlrs, i,k'l'iiiillQ'L'l'. lhv spfmiism. niziinlaiinccl wortliy mumberships in the Nziticmzil :md Culuxnbia Svliulnslic Pu-ss .Xss nwiaiiiliiis, 'l'hc virciilaiticm this yr-air was zippmxiiiiaitely lllllll, Subscriptimis we-i'c1'cn'civccl ximl thc pipcrs wi-i'v clclivvrwl hx' thc limnciwmi 11-pi'cscv1tntives. The 1lLiVL'l'liSil1g' stuff solicitn-cl urls. :mal thus lic-lpccl ' " ' ' " - "" ' " "1 '1 fl ' two new :iclditiuns this ya-air. lhv liimm slllhllllili. Ihr plmlugnipliy st.ill incl 1 irlofm stiff xxuc 'l'hi- Culiiiiilminn Sulwlzisliv l'u-ss Xssuvizilicnii railed thai lil-l7 Siiiltllwllt' seuiml lx-sl high srlinul pupci' in llu- lilllitllil :in limmur uf wliivli wc arc vi-ry pl'1llll,i. ...60,-. llzirris, lunlzislilul, lizilzilllxmx ROW 13 Rnxsrlilivlil, Ruskin. Nils llx'i'fli1ii:x'l'. fiwcli. li 1' :i5 ily k lllnxilku. Svslilv. ROW 2: l':ip:ili tmiiu. lil-lu-li-r. lizirqiglzniis, XVI 1"il1:1111'1- 1Ji1'1-1'1111' 1'.11l1111'-111-1'11l1'1 X1-ws 1'111i111r 111119 S11111'1x 1'i11i111r 111115 Sports 1-,111111r 1'i1'1l1l11'L' 1-I11i111r 1111111111' 1-.1111111' 1-fx1'111111g1- 1C1li111r FACULTY STAFF Miss Kaithryn Russ SINIIISHI' N1 rs. Y1I'g'11112l 111-rf1i11g11 1'ypi11g' 1111'CL'111l' Nliss 1'11111111' N11-1'1111-1s1ci11 STUDENT STAFF 11111'l'j' f11'L'L'11 .X11YL'I'11S111Q' N111112lg,1'1'1' 11i111'1'1'52l 111111111 R11s1- 1V1kl1'11' 1ir:1y11yk 1111si111-ss x111112lg'l'l'S x11l1'f' 1':1p:11111111111 1,11is 111-111-11-1' f1L'l11',!'L' 111111111411 I Q H L'ir1'111a11i1111 Nl:111:1g1-1' 1,1111 1i11r'1gi:1111N 1-:111111- . 1-s 1 1- xlwiun Ruskin L'11i1-1 '1'ypis1s 131-11-1'1y 1111111111111 A ' 11:11- .X1111 111111-1 1'i1'2lll1i R11s1-1111-111 , 1,1'1111fl'1-11111-rs 1 11a11'll1:111-1' 11111- 11111111 Sik11v 11-:1111-111- N1-151111 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION 11115 11.15 111111 .1 11.111111-1' year f11r 1111- 111511-111l1111K' 1-1111111111111 1'Ul11'S1', 11 11115 11111- 111- 1111- 1211'jj1'N1 111 11s l1Ll1l11'1' 111 1'1-1111s1'11'1111i:1. 1'11111'1-r1-111'1-5. g111-st Sl11'1l1it'1'S. S1l1L'S 111-111111111r111i1111s. 111-111 111115, 1111111-1-lx 11111 11111111-N 11'1-r1- 1151-11 111 1'11z111z1- 1111- 1J1'1lg'l'1lll1. '1'111- 11ig111ig111 1111 1111- 1'1-111' wma 1111- 1'1111N11'l11'11l111 111 1 111111'i1- 1.11111 strip 111' 1111- 1'111w K1'is1111'1-k, 1111'gz1s11, N111 1'.11s11-111, N1:1ku1', 1111r11111', x101'1'11l, f11lZLl11, 11111411, 11t11111:11ik ...6l.... 1. An d now Crunchy Nuts presents . . . 2. Forward, March! 5. Lovely, lovely, thx' rnom, of course. 4. A lcibitzvr in over corner. 5. H0re's mud in your eye. 6. That's my bishop! l. Looking for somo- thing? 7 Tc':lclwr's paradise. 5. Surry, wc'rc all tivd up. 4 Shirts. can-ful with thoss- scissors. 5. Ah! Nlr. Pahlwr, put ff lVlicks'y Nimmo" on. 6 Ihls ought to kvrp vm in stilrhfs. -ru. 'Cl 'S ATOMIC ENERGY COUNCIL llue to the efforts of lidward Karolak, executive chairman. Gloria lfarrar and Georgianne llunn. executive secretaries. the .Xtomic hlnergy Council, became an active and expansive group of about fifty members. .Xt one of the weekly of membership were issued to all the students. Speakers on many phases of the problem were heard. and many projects were planned. Class repre- sentatives chosen were Rose Kraynyk and Vincent Matanic for the seniors. Patricia Schultz and lid- ward lslarolak of the juniors, and Gloria lfarrar and Bernard Komar representing the sophomores. 'l'he students strove to educate themselves, concerning the potentiality of atomic fission and the present state of world affairs. thereby realizing the urgency of world atomic control and world unity. 'l'h prime purposes of the committee were tl.J 'l'o study the scientific principles underlying atomic 0 .. energy. 12.5 lo study tht g . ergv may influence the future of our lives, so that we may strengthen and perpetuate democracy t-l.l 'l'o distribute information about atomic energy. l Row 1: KlcStay. llifllarzio. l'ris:iz. llunn. Karolak. Fzirrar. Yettorazzi. Kraynyk. Komar. Row 2: llutclicrs. Nlarsliall. Vrisiaz. Riclizirilson, Matchett. Zehnder. VK'ork. Nlahoney. lilbricli. Blziuchline. Kuriiavzis. ROW 3: Nlr. Ilor-inan. fierazounis. firm-en. liarnavas. llronas, Kurch. Sezenios. Ilurkowitz. Levy. i " - ' - -food 'ind bad applications of nuclear fission. fit 'l'o study how atomic en: GIRLS' PATROL II11- h11'la II1llI'1-I. LIQLIIII llIIll1'I' Klux S11-ll11 I3111'1'k NIHIIIINIINIIIIL 1l11m- ll 11111- 111I1 111 IJLIIIHI IIIQQ 11111 1111111l111s. I11 111l1l1111111, 1l11-1' l111x'1- SIIIIXYII 11111s1:1111l1111-- N1-1'1'11'1- 11I11l1- lINII1'I'IlIQ 'll lllll' 111111I11lI 51111111-5. LIZIIHILIIII Ibm- IXLl'1lf'lIj'Ii XYZI5 11ss1s11-1l by 1,11-1111-11z1111x kI11:111m- NI:1111'I1l1111-, II111'111l11 'l'111v1'111 lllI1I 'I'l11-1'1-s:1 li111':1si1'k. BOYS' PATROL IIIIIK' liuys' I'1111'11I 11:15 1l11m- ll lim- jwlu 11ml1-1' N111 K11k11sI1i's 5p1111N111'sI1i11 IIII5 f'1'1lI'. XI11 Iiukm 1 11:15 IINNISILILI III l1iw1l111i1-slnx' V11 " -' Q " ' U -L .II5l.lIII. LII1ll.llII. I .lllNL'l'. 111111 NI1llZ1'lll.:lll1l l,11-1111-11:1111N Ii111'11ggi:1 Ii111'11l:1k. 11ml Nlill1-1'. IIIIIK' S1-11i111'l1111'sl11-l1l 1l11m'1-s 1l111'i11g IIIL' v1-'11' 1I11- 11111' -- N Il 11111 1I11- N111-1111-1's wlm'I1 1l11-1' 1--11-I1 1'1-1'1-in-1l lim- 111 1l11- :Ill 11 III1'I'1"INl' 111 11'-11111 IIIIIILIQIIIL 11l111111 by 1l11- m-xx' l11gl1x1z1y, IIIK' x1111'k III- 1I11- 111g IIk'I1Il'l'. ..65 - I 1111 I wI111'l1 111-111 111 pu a1l1111g Imv .XV1 n.1111111 11 :lx 111111'1- 1111111l1l1- IIIIS V1-Q11' 1l1:111 1111 GIRLS' PATROL Row 1: l'n-troskovich, l'risi:1z. lhllll'SllIlll, Tow- cinmk. li:lr:1sir'k, Miss llzxrr, lirzxylxyk, lll1lllCll- line. Omlrres, Crmner, llrzly. Row 2: Zclmdur. Supp, l'ek:u'chik. l'L-tricko. Stetllvr. l'sh1kz1, llruwn, Ill. Suchy. Kellmer. R0- sinko, Zak. ' Q 4 . v X Q' BOYS' PATROL Row 1: Churni. liozuk, llllmlko. lllnzietli. fipri- zmi, lfzmscr, Nr. Kokoski. K1ll'1lgliHllS, Knrolznk. Cum- lucci. lluzlzzul, Rosenfeld. Skorijn. Row 2: Cornpaxg- non, llerkowitz. llourlvy. Cooper. l':u'ci:u:1llr'. Mi' hznlic. Kulminsky, llnk. llimme. lit-mpisty, Mal thins, lloschclto, Gem- zounis, Athens, lllznlroney, Nlzutlhews, liozur. Row 31 McCauley. Sllernmzm. Rus- cso, linfku, liloes, Nic- key. Cosizmzzu, Kclclnwr. Armstrong, Curry. Valle' corsn, Blzllny. Sokzxe, Cm'- ry, lireenlscrger. l THE SEMAPHORE SQUAD 'l'he St'lllkllJll0T'tf Squad, under the supervision of lVlr, joseph Snyder, has been Tl very helpful organiza- tion. The boys were present at all the football games, ruin or shine. and increased the fz1n's knowledge of the fracas by reporting the progress of the tussle to the score board. Many times their fingers nearly froze. but they boldy waved the flags, regardless. john Puslmric was appointed captain of the squad. -65.. Q FOOTBALL PATROL The .Xllll1l'lllQjL' llmtlazill lLf1llllL'S were the 1111151 OI'tlCI'ly 011111-sts, f1'11111 thc Slllllllplllllt ul m'1'wwrl l7Cll1lVlU1', 111 lhl disliul. lhix WlDlNl0l'llll laivt is L1CL'lACLllll'Cl to tha- untiring efforts uf 411 IllIlSL'lllllll' :1111l JU fl-111i11i1'1c X'UllllllL'l'l'S giiicll-cl hx' M11 Illlllllllll' :mul Xliss ll:11'1'. 'l'hvv 11'111'kecl llllllil-lll-llilllll with lhm- l7Hlll'l'lllL'll i11 11:1- l1'11l1111" tha- ll"ll'li we-'1li11g lhn li'lll h 4,.. 1 s. :incl km-piiig thu fin-lcl clczxr. lluwzircl Lll'L'L'lllX'l'gj4'l' 111111 Aluhn Slllilllf xwm- the L'ilIJlLllllS of this l7I'1lYL' glflllll. while llzivicl l'i2lllSL'l' and Align-lu Cipriziiii qlvlcml :is llk'lllt'll1llllS. Nluvli l'l'k'lllL lllllSl hc gjlYk'll Lu Nlr S1-1' Row l: llcikivuilf, 'I11l111- N1111, Xlrllniilvy. l'm'1'1'i11- 1-iillv, Nl11l11111cy . Kiwzik. Yluvrijxl. llnggx, Slmflu, lxxirulzik. lluscllctln, lluxll, lzillzillicri. Row 2: Mr. ,11111l1:11'. Nlirki-y. l'Qi11k:1. l'4-1k:11irl1. H1111111 l':111m' 1 lxiip-0, Sllflljh R11ai11k11. QllCllj. l"ill:111li. ll11l:1li11i. lliwlilllnwi 'l'lu'mlnl'1'. l'1'll'i- l 11. Slvtllcl. llziwiisky. 1 lrtiiwakuvivll, Supp. l'1'i- izif. Row 3: 'l':1111111n'1'a. XY1l:1x11m1aki. ll:1111l1:11't. lmtziwizn. lx11h111sky, R11- limxlqy Nfihnlic, Ynllv- 1411 Nu. .X1'111s11'i111g. M11- lh1:1-, L'ip1'i:111i. Kvlcl111c1', 111111-11l1v1'pu'1', Row I: IN-111-11cc. 5111111111- 1'11'. Alillllllll. 'l'yh1sk5. Row 2: Rilvy. Xl1'. Siiynl- 11. L,llNlilll'lL'. llvlzicli, Ull 1- for lhv lJl'l'l.0t'L L'tHll'illll1llllJll of the cnlirc lillflllbllll pimsl-1'a1111. THE SEMAPHORE SQUAD -67- STAGE SQUAD STAGE SQUAD Row 1: Gm-i'iii:ni, l":u'l:uisl. Siiicimk, F01-ustr:i. Dixon. Row 2: Kupriva, lflviiiiiig, Shoup. .livin-s. Chupka. Karas, ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Rowl: Hamlin. Ilmm-rguc Olcarczyk, Schultz. Krulz la-r, lihi'li:u't. Spims, Kar- nuski. Kraynyk. l.amau Row 2: Psinka, lmvy Ilcrazmuiis, Juizi, Kurch llarris. fil'l'1'!liYl'1'llK'1', Kara gizmis, Green. ihnzitkn Mr. Laing, Mauchliiic. 'l'lic Stage Squad was avtivc unch-r thc supervision uf N111 Nxt:-ll. 'l'lu-sn: lwclvc buys wcrc ix-liind the scenes uf all school activities. directing the lighting. sound. and ullicr clcvtricai upm-rations lieu-ss:11'y. The squad was lcd by Captain Paul Kupriva and Co-Captain Ilan Ifaiiancl uf lla- AX Cycle: and Captain Nick Karas and Cu-Captain Louis Ostruwski uf the B Cycle. Hllgllllll erratum, aml l'Xll'lllIJlil'1lllk'IlllS spuaking. Sou-1':xl civir appn-aram'm-s were maclc lay nu-mlbcrs ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE .lppwxixmm-ly tm-nmly sluclm-ms wa-111 clwscn by tlw Slunlunt Sonata- in assist Mr. Laing in select mg and Ill'k'Nl'llllllgf um' assvmluly pmgranms. lluwarcl fll'l'L'lllbL'l'g'L'l' was clmscn the Sllllltllf Chairman SPEECH Spun-vlm as an lllll'l'Sk'lllllllSllLX avlivily is in its Sl'l'HllCl f'L'1ll'. This yk'1ll'lS squad has slwwn improve- lll ln the llllllllltl' aml quality uf pl-rsunm-l. Nlany tullrlnnm-nts xwu- am-mlccl and several awards ru mm. Nluvlx valualnlc training was zlclnicwcl in llumuruus, Qlramalic. and matfwical cle-ulamalions, squad. .Xvllvc IJ1ll'lll'lI52llll'i lllt'lllCll'ClZ Ilarry fll'L'l'll. ,lm-an Kvllnnvr, xlwanm- Nlauvlmlinc. .Xnita Sikov, loan I,aman. Samlra Xaqlzak. llwpn- Kamavas, Carlm-la NIL-lissari, liululx-s Ulm-arczyk. Patty Qlurclan, l'lllj'5l1lllll. lllll .Xllu-ns. and Yura Yalavanis. llw .Xllllll'lilQl' L'll1ll3ll'l' lrs a llll'llll7l'lAIll- ilu- Nalirmal l"ul1-lmsic IA'llQ.f'llC aml thc- l'. lf. Nl, I.. Mr, ll'lEL'l' is spulmsw. anal vlmzlpln-1' lllEllll'k'l'S au' llarry fll'l'L'll. pix-siclvlll: ,Iuannc Nlauvlzlinc. sn-m'r'c-tally: xml hwrwm- llmallm Il'l"lslll'L'I' rx ls, .. . 1 ,,.' 1-91 -Q ,, x,,1 - -,all 'HW' E -69- B of 1 SPEECH Row l: Melissziri. Sikov. l,nm:in. K:u'n:iv:is. ,lor4lzm,Row 2: Niul- zzik. Kelmer. Green. Shuln. Athens. Mziuehline. Yzilzivzinis. Mr. Slmtfer. DEBATE Row l: Krziynyk. l":n'r:ir. Kanna- vus, Dunn, Row 2: Green, lhnzit' ko. Y:ul:w:1nis. Mr. Sliuffer. DEBATE 'l'he wonderful opportunity of learning the principles of debating and adhering to them, has ngatin heen uflordecl to the .Xnihridge High students, A fine dehaite leann was developed this year by the forensic eozlvli, Nl r. Shziffer. X third pliee stile honor wis given to the debziters in both the National lforensie league and the Vennsvlvzinin lforensie and Music League. 'l'he Annual student Congress was at West Yiew. November 15 :incl 16. l"ehi'uztry ZZ saw 1Xinhridge :is host to the other schools at at debate contest. District finals of the National lforensie League were attended March 14-15 at Geneva College. York. Pennsylvxinial. wats the site ofthe State League finals, which were held April 18-10. National winners were chosen on May 2 and 3. 'l'he dehzile question wats: Resolved: 'l'ha1t the Federal Government Should Provide ai System of Fomplete Vledivail Cure Avaiilztble to .Xll Citizens at Public Expense. 'l'he nueleus of the team included: Hurry Green :incl George Ihnaitko, seniors: Hope Kz11'nuvas, ll junior: :ind Georginnne llunn. Glori:iFa1rrar. Vern Yzilzi- vzinis. und Yietor Yzilleeorszi. .. 70 - f' 1' 1 'Jac' N' . 47 ,I I L,,wt.Q,,1 FOURTH ANSiN ,WINSTREL REVUE 'l'hc lfnurth .Xnnuatl Nlinstrcl Rt-ruc nf the Atnhriclgc lligh Sclinul wats at hugo success. The tll intstulint t ist nf um - 'z 5 - littntlrc-cl twenty-five Yoczuinnail stutlcnts prcsciitccl five pcrfmitiatiict-s. unch lution- at full Iwusv, 'l'f- stty thzit thv ztucliviicts wut git "-:itly annust-cl would hc at gross unclcrstzitcnicnt. lhc first patrt nl thc prugfrttin wats :tn wld fflsliium-tl Nlinstrcl unclcr thc clircctiun nf M r. lit-sztnzu incl Miss Riu-. 'I'ht- liitt-1'loct1tm'. lilllll Knprivzi, :incl tht- cncl mon clicl at swt-ll jnh in prcscnting at tlivcrsificcl prngrzun nl' jnkcs :incl songs. sonic wld, swim- now. 'l'ht- st-cnml pztrt of thc tlircc-linur show iniinivkt-ct at virrus with l'ztul Slztvik ztrting nts ringniztstcr. l nun thc llltllllL'lll tht- Chorus girls t-titvtm-cl. until thc gratncl finztlc. thv 2llllllk'lll'l' l'tl1ll'L'tl with latuglttcr. 'Xu m thing 1 ti this sort haul crm' ht-cn pix-sctitvtl in Xinhi mlb . ' 'fc lit-fum-. 'l'ht- clainw llllllllJL'l'S incluclccl thc jit- , ltllillg. llatwztiiain. fain-vain :incl vlnwn clxtnvcs. .Xs in ztnr rirvus, tlicrt- wc-rv freaks ainitnztls. clowns, :mtl whats. lXll nl the catst wats lixtnclstnnt-lx' msttunccl in atpprnpiiatm clit-ss. The music for the whnlc show s furnisht-cl hy thv lligh Sclinnl llztntl unch-r thc cliwvtifmii 11 tl :trim-s. 4 f Nl r. Spmtiy. :incl Miss llnrr instructed lhc vnipzwltr zuiclit-nvc zittcstcml tu tht- pnpul-iritv nl this ycztr's prmluttinn. wyl- QT Q fmt THE PROM 'l'lit-t-wi1iii+"ul Nliix' lt: which lit-ifaiii with 21 lit-w ixiiiiclimps, was lwiglitciia-cl in :mtl amiuml tha .Xinliriclgti lligh Sclitml, 'l'ht- highlight of thc ya-air, thc firwt pv1it't--tiiiic llrmii. was taking plain: AX " ' ' ' wrt --'ivctt-nl hx' 'i mtiltitutlc uf :mliuzil tiiilrwimkt-is :is they ciitt-11-cl. flu-sst-cl in ht-nuti hiitlggt- stitch-ntw x - X 5 1 . ll ful gmviis, ttixctltws. :incl cliiinci' jaivlu-ts. 'l'ht- SIJ1ll'ltlllS gyni was lkillllllillllj' alt-ctiiwitt-cl with su-iics nf 1 Nlt-xirziii litistni. .X lst-ziiitilul wx t':ii't. niclimit-tl with ccmlcirlul l'lwwvi's :mtl ffl'L'L'l1S. 11-stt-cl iipuii ai grass iiinit :incl scrwtl :is thu vviittii' ul' nittitivtiiiii. 'l'ht- gyiii was zit'n'm'littitttccl with lowly light clilcvts. Ima' licl tim 5 lwt-lvt--pic-t't-. XX ,IAS -iiziiii. l'li.l4w nil' husv l'Lllllt'l'11S wt-rv lit-:ml tlimtlglwiit thu guy :1t't':iii'. which was zittcntlt-cl by aippr :N , iiiizitt-ly 5511 sttimlt-nts, XYith thv twipt-ixititrii ul all thc miiiiiiittt-cw. clziss 1llqlill'l'l'S. spriiisfiw. 1 haiiil wi Vlcihgf :tl't ta-girlie-i'. Mrs, Wt-lwli. thc l,1'tllll was :i iirwtaihlt- stivccsa. 1-74 stgitl' tii't'liwti'1i t'iii'nislit-cl tht- Sllflllllligj music for qi ltifty type ut' clqinvc pin HX mtl tht RELIGIOUS EDUCATION lin-nlizilxg thc m-I-QI Im' llI1IYL'I'N1lI 11-Iigimls i11sIx'11cli1n1 Im' xmltlx. lhv Nlzm- uf IR-11mx'Ix'q111i:x hw visa-II ll pI:1n xx'II1'I'k'I3j' high acluml sluch-nts may l'L-vc-ix'v this x'z1Iu:lhIa- lL'2lk'IIIIlQ cluring wlmul lIIlIl Ihuw xxhrw xwu- Illln-11-su-II in IIN- IJl'Ulfl'11IlI met In lhcir 1'n-spa-vtix'c c'I11m'In-s I-x'n-rx' xYl'lIIIk'F-IIIII' KIIIVIIIQ, thc nlrllxwlx' In-l'lmI, Ihn-x' xxx-ru taught I-lllu-1' hx' the-lr IIIIITISIVI' nr hx' am npprmxtvml I4'1lx'IIl'I' III thx- mn la"":lIl1Ill. 5 ART PUBLICITY COMMITTEE AXI Ihm- IX'Q'IIlI1II13,Q' III thc j'k'1ll', lhc mlllllnllen-clrcxx' Illlll lc-lxlzlllw svlu-mI11Im-UI UIIIIIITQ' l'YI'I1IN, I mxx' 4-xx-his xxx-rc plzlnm-ml, llu-x' xx'1-rv nclmh-cI In thc sc'I1ccIuIa- uf pulnlirilxx Sigm xxx-rv plzm-QI in Ihn NIIUNII. slum- xx'illcI4rxx's, :Incl 4-ISL-xx'I1L-lx-. 'I'hc- lm-1nI1ers xx'cra- nIw ufln-h l'I-spm1siIuII- Im' UIIUI1-:I rlmlk :ul xc1'IIsc-llwlxls wh thc vlglssrumn IxI11c'kIxu:11'cIs. .XII 2lCIYl'l'lISt'IllL'I1IS amd push-rs alum- hx' thu UIIIIIIIIIIUK' must paws thc zupplwwxxll III thu- otha: 1111-n1IIxI-lxun'must hm- alpplwxx-nl hx' :I Ialvultx' IIIUIIIIUCI' Irmn Ihm- .XVI IM-pglrlum-nt. Ihu UJllllllllIl'L' ls Il unsilxh- Im' huIIn-tin Iumlnl mln-mrnltilm :wnIx' on spm-cial IIK'K'lI,NIllIIS In' Iwlinlnxs. Nlxx I,I11m:m wha-l'x'iwm Ihm- l'HllIIIIIIIL'L'. -75, HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Row li Unilmrvr. Nzulziik. Schultz, 'l'ruup. Kurulzik, lmwlzm. Xlnrwlizxll, N:i5tyvz. llinzmzm. Row 2: St-Ntilv. liuliinm, Ktirrli. 'l'l1t-mlrwrc. Milk-1'. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Row li llorvzit. Nlzuslmll. llvziiit-r, Nlimla-lc. 'l't-lutzir. xY2l.Klll'l'. Onvzilcl. Row 2: Sanitry. llzillnmzm. tinttl. Mrs. ldlllllilll. lzirm-vxiln-, jmwlzui. HANDBOOK COMMITTEE ll tht- plains of tht- Slllllk'lll Scnzttt- nrt- nut dis- ccrtziinly :iid tht- stuclc-nts in knowing tht-ir svlmul. ttirht-tl, at lmmlhunk will ht- giwn to t-:ich stuclcnt of Mr. l'lui's11imi is thv zitlviscr of this group which mir high svliuul :tt tht- lucggintiiiig ul' thc nt-xt school cmmsists uf the fHlltlWll1g' stuff: ttrm. lhv wliilxiittct- lwspuiisilnlc- lui' this publicat- , . .. , . , , , . 4 Y tum is twniipust-tl ul atppruxinintt-ly twvnty jtuiiurs, ll'llm'l'ln'Llllcl Mlllllrll lVl"'l"lt lhv vulitvlits will inuliiclt- at 5llllllll1ll'y uf thc- zictivi- -Xwlsmlll lcfllwl' PM .l"l'fl1m s. l'lllt'5 ul' tht- svlwul. svlicclult-s mf clzincc-s :incl hull Literary lCclitur Put Schultz 5, mics, svlwul villa-nclzir, virctllzltioii uf tht- Sllltlltlbfltf. gpm-15 lqdilm- N135-unfit 13g-fkhvitf llllllt'S nl' tt-ztvlu-i's. wttlstts nfft-11-cl, t'lit-cfs. scnigs, itmnls ul' nit-rite, liummrs ul'fci't-tl. zmtl mttvh other The ctmipcnclitltii must be zipprovetl by Miss xiltizthlt- llll-Hl'lll1lllHll. Suvh :in zilwiclgcliiciit will iXltliz1t1sei'bcfnrt-clistribtltilm. -74.. X W ..., ,X Q X e fi! 3 s fl A THE FINANCE COMMITTEE II11: I'11111111'1- L'11111111ill1-1- has upciuitvcl wry efficivnlly this yt'2lI'. Mr. Robb was the spmisur of this IIIIKI w111'ki11g' 1'11111111i1Iec- cmisisliiig uf f111'ly-twu IIICIHIJCTS. They npcrzilccl the sale :md crxllcctiuii of tickets ll 1lI ul the wcinl 1-vciits held in thc sclwnl, Lloyd Miller was thv Cliiliflllllll. THE REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE NI 11 P-I1:1lfv1' :1111I his RL'IAl'CSIIllIt'ITI l'11111111i1l1-Le Lluscrvc il gn-:il clvul of crcclit lm' their I1:11'1I work. 'I'hu Illllll IIJZII llllll 111' thc 1'11111111i1lcn' was 111 pmviclc fcmtbzill fans with clcsimblc 11-fra-sliiiieiits :il :ill I111111c gizinics, IIIII thus 111 f'L'L'IlI'L' the 11cccss111'v 11111111-1' 111 siippurt the lfurciisic lk-pz1rt111c11t of thc scluml. 'I'l11-ir re-:il rew:11'cl uh wi-II 111 JIIC. FINANCE COMMITTEE Row lt Krull. II:11'tn1:111. M:1111I11I:11'is. Kuriiuski. Slzitlucci. III. Surliy, Mr. Rulrln, limit. Rulslrins, Il. Sucliy. N1-lick. IJIIID. Kvll- mer. Row 2: IIIlICIll'I'S. Symms. lim-:11', I,k'IGlI'CIIIIi. Spirus, RI111'1111:1. Iiziluiuk. Yulpc, Krnll. II1-1111111111, IJ1'1JIn1:1k, KI1-iii, l'lI11'i1'Ic. Yee. ROW 32 Kxirulzik. Kurcli, Corwin-1'. Iiniirlcy, I"2u1s1-1'. K1-nipisly. REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Row l: Zclimlcr, Ilcliulcr Mu11r:11Iiz111, lJ11r11i:1k. Illll' 11i:1k, Ilnrlek. Yzigis VVrf1lny, IJ111111. I,:111gI111v1' Row 2: Covert. II1mguNi:111 Ilziscamio. Rossi. limit Storzir, Aspcrgc-r, II1-ilu-1't Row 31 Stn-w:1rl, Z11gIi:111i Zurro, Iwzmcyk. I'i11cI1oI Olearczyk. Mahmicy, I'o chyhn, Mziuk. ASTRONOMY CLUB llu- .Xalrmmllly l'l11lm wax l,1ll'Illt'll Illia xm-11rlu-v:11m- ul llu- f"l'L"ll Nlllilk'lll all-m'uul Xlr Xl'lllll1l1 1lS5llIll0ll ..,- .,.... llu- SIJHl15Hl'5lllIl illlll IJl'l7lllUlL'Ll am lI1lCl'k'S1lllgQ IJl'1lQl'1llll. llu- lllt'IlllJL'l'N lm-:mu-ml llu- llll'l'll1llllk'S llu- u-ll-swIu- :mul Iumxx' lu gjllllil ll-lm-s. 'l'lu-5' X'lSllUtl llu- llulml l'lzuu-1111'!1!111 llllll Nlllllll'll llu- rn-ll-5 1 jcrls ' .lnlm llrl Ilul ull quill- ll'k'KIllL'lll v cluring ilu- mlm L'Yl'llll1"'N 'll tlu- lmigll wluml, 'l'lu- v11Imlulv ll'illll'l'N vlum-11 W4 ll . m 3' K vnxu, 111-sulu 3 z . an "-- - 3 I nl limb Xlllllllllx xun I3ItNlIltlll AlflNL'I3ll IMIL-ula. fwl'VlAL'llllAf'I :nu A 'Q ' I I1-:lsl1I'cI', CHEMISTRY l lwlm lull CLUB Nlr. l'1llnu-1' was zlssisu-ml in UIJL'l'1lllllQ llu- Ulu-mis lul lu llu lulll l'lllllSt'l'. I m-sull-nt: hlzmu-s Smith, Yll'k'-Hl'L'SlKlL'l1lj Nurznq IU' K' 5 F' - ' mwlllg llllllllll'l'Nf 'lil I 1 Kliilll lu-Nl-lzlmw. N-vu-l11lw': :uul Nlzlrx' luau Yaxalu. ll't'1lSlll'L'l'. 'l'l1is clulm xlriw-cl lu gin- lla nu-mlu-rs ll lwru-ull-1' lalulwll-nl'-v ul l'llt'llllNll'Y llll'llllh'll 'u tual k'XIX'l'lllll'l1l'lllllll -mul lrrll - 77 W- 1 I . 5 . I . xul INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CLUB CLUB COMMITTEE -781 Row I: fuvnuuin- Ile-I1vIc-1 Irvm- I.:1rIm1NIq, XIIIINIII Yu-. Miw ,XIIllIIlN, ,Xllvm IQnn111w. I"l':ll14'n-x I'1'n-I:xI ROW 2: Xxrpilxizl Nm-Ilnzum IM-x'm'Iv ,I:nl1I4wml. XIIri.nm Om-3. IM-1'ru:114I L.IlIJlIllL'4' inn-ll Ii1':uIn'l'. II:uIm:u1 Iiuvaww. I,uiN II:n'l1Il:1rI, Row 1: Su:nn:u1. Xlqltwn Klux Smith. ,lrum-ku. ,IuIn Row 2: Gunn. Z1-Ixml IIus1'Iu'IIu. INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CLUB IIIR I1111111.1111111.1I LIIIIIJ I111s I11-1'111111- XIII 11111s1q1111Ii11g 11rg1111iz:11i1111 111 11111' I11 I1 s1'I11111I, Miss S.11':1I1 .X1I:1111s. 1Ii1'1-1'111r uf 1I11- 1'I1lI1, 11'z1s a1ssis11-1I I11' II1-1'11'1r1l V11 1I11111 1 1 p11-51111-1113 IIl'VL'lAIj' ,I11111111s1111, 1'i1'1--p1'1-s11I1-111: I'II'llIIL'IS I'1'11s1:1k, S1-1'1'1-1:11'1': 11111I 1X1I A 1 Ii111111s1', 11'1-11s111'111', IIIII1' l5lIl'Il11SL'1lI- 1111- 1'Il1IJ is 111 f111'1I11-1' ll I1111l1-1' 1111111-1'st:1111li111, 11I 1I11 IiI'1- :1111I LIIISIIIIIIS 111 fIII.l'Ig,fII 11:11i1111s. CLUB COMMITTEE IIIII1' IQIIIII L'111111111111'1-. 11'I1I1'I1 is 1Ii1'1'1'11-1l I11' Viv QIIIIIII I11 ' v . .. . . as p1'111'11I1-1I 11'1-11 s11i111I1I1- KLIIIIT IJIAIIQIAIIIII 1I1iS yL'2ll'. IIIIIL' 1111-1-1111-1' 111 - 'Q " 5 ' 9 " ,, II11 1 Illllllx 1I11I1x 11111 I111-5 111111'11i11g g1:11'1- 1111 1-x11'11 USIJZIFIQH 111 11111' s1'I1111yp1'11g1'11111. . 1 1 If- ,. ' ' in Ijyilf' ,raft IILLI i 1 v . ' .- :uf 1I11 Row 1: l'at1'ieia jorrlrin. Jeanette Jones. l':111l:1 Caputn. joan Lammi. l'11triei:1 Schultz. llomtliy jean lx 1 Nl l iin lllll Vetriekrn. Lorettzi Szzifafyii, Row 2: lleniard Rozlriquez, Edward Karolak. Gus Y1ll'!l1lV2h, . 1'. ,z g, 1 NcStay. jzinies Slmffer, llill Athens. "ONE MAD NIGHT" Mr. I,aing's third inniual junior class play was presented in the high seliuul lllllllltlfllllll 'l'hnrs- l li 'l'l 'unior el1ss Jresented ,lznnes Rez1eh's "One Mad Night." day and Ifriday, Nfweniber 14 ann .. ie j 1 :1 mystery farce in three acts. Gus K1ll'll1lX'IlS portrayed 11 ywning playwright who returned Cwith his Chinese SL'l'V1lIlt, XVing. played by llernard Rudriguezy tul1isl10111e:1r1d found it filled with psyehopzithie patients. .'X111m1g the inniates, there were janies Shaffer and jean Petriekn, who believed they were xluhn Alden and Priscilla: l'anla Caputo suffered from the illusion that she was Lady Maebetliz Philip Porto was the sinister villain, Mr. l'lVClC.glU1lIl Lninan was a helpless victim of Dr. Bunn. played by Bill Athens. Mrs. Khiek. enacted by Pat Schultz, was the housekeeper and assistant of Dr. Bunn. Jeanette Jones was lDun's supI1isti1'ated fiancee. Gertrude lfinch, Her inotlier. Mrs. Al. .XSl1lllQl0ll lfineh, was prrrtraiyed by l,fll'!'llll. Szafaryn. 'I'heir cultured maid, Depression, was el1:1raeterized by Pat jordzin. The play was made inure en111plieated by Ilan MeStay, who was Artenius llurke. :1 lawyer: and Ilanny Siletto. wanted for niurder. played by lCdward Karolak. Row 1: Troup, Wig llllnrick. Yaworsky. Megown. Nestor. lllll'Sll, Yee.NlNlitchell, Zervos, Zakarian. Nelson. Row 2: llamico. llchclcr, Smilcy.lKretzler. Paul, Riley. Yanrlenlmoartl. llariiliart. llenney. Mahoney, Thom. Miss Parson. llelierlvng. Cooper. Row . Mathias. lk. tlrQ'1i. Azich. liaragianis. lfirich. Rosenfeld. Skorija, join-s. Silla. Matltewf. lamscliiavo. Row 4: linopick Nlorzuiz, i onrigat. .ck.,' -., it ' T f MADRIGAL CLUB I The Mltdrf' l Gwub. consisting of 46 selected voices, has maintained noticeable recognition under the fction fi Miss Ruth Parson. Assembling every Tuesday morning, these people prepare for spe- " pri grams. Many beautiful choral renditions were presented at the Thanksgiving. Christmas, and liaster assemblies by this hard-working group. The customary Christmas caroling through the cor- ridors was continued this year. The highlight of the year, the Annual Spring Concert, presented March 6, was a marked success. Requests for special performances of the Ambridge Music and NVomen's Clubs were fulfilled in addition to many others. Eight students attended the Annual Midwestern Choral Festival, which was held at Bessemer. on january 9, 10, and ll. These special designated stu- dents include: Caliope Zervos, first altog Martha Heberling and Anita Sikov. first sopranosg Harry jones. Stephen jula. and lidmund Silla. first tenors: Louis Karagians, first bass: and Harry Green, second bass. Martha Heberling and Iidmund Silla represented Ambridge at the All State Chorus. he'd at State College on lfebruary 6. 7. and S. The conclusion of a very successful year was the Baccalau- reate and Commencement exercises. Piano accompanists were Mertie Cooper and Martha Heberling. while the librarians were Louis Kargianis. Harry jones, Richard Mathias. and Stephen jula. The officers of the Madrigal Club were: President Edmund Sillag Vice-president, Jeannette Nelson: Sec- retary-treasurer. Martha Heberling. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The lioys' Glee Club. made up of students from the music classes. was under the direction of Miss Ruth Parson. livery Thursday morning the choristers practiced appropriate selections in prep- aration for their diversified appearances. The outstanding performance presented was the annual con- cert. The group was accompanied by Mertie Cooper and Martha Heberling at the piano. while Ur- lando Loschiavo and George Sprock served as librarians. The officers of the Boys' Glee Club were: President .. Mike Knopick Vice-President Stephen klula Secretary-'Treasurer Norbert Moranz 733- 'l'li L. THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB -- ,, .. . . hills blu 1 lub has 'inwtlici' Nlll'l'K'SSlil1l yn-:lr of mgziiiizzi llic girls lm-l Q-x'ci'y 'l'iu-sclny willi Miss u. lliu pailuipailccl in ilu- .Xnmizll Xin Ri " " ' liriclgn- High Youll LlflIll'L'I'l, Airling Miss Rirfc in this zivtivilv we-rv ll'lll'lK'l'l lhrlili lil lllksllli lg llumllix' Maiuk, Yin--l'i'n-siilclit' :incl llclcn Xl'lllllL'l'I 54'l'lAl'l'll'Y '- , BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row l: Skqiijai. llumtku hrccii. Svlult. ,lum-5. Ibu- ilxlru, Uzigliznwli. -luln. fun inmgllzim. Row 2: Mickvy. llyinc. Gmirlvp. Csnmimn-i'. Miv l':n'suii, llclxciling. Nmiripzxit. Suknk. l':nswln ROW 3: Scixik, llvnmlrivk- lizmmgianlis. Rlm-ii' fclsl. Row 4: Silln. Scil- mxm. l.uwlii:ix'o, Munzi. Row 5: lluui. lixircizi. Iii-lvlum-r, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Pulling. lizirzisirk. l':xp:mluum. lilcliuk, iinlcli, lliM:n:zim1. Maw lllcci. Muck, llqn'llli:n'l, . ldisc, l crklur. llmlnk. l"uxvli'I'. Supiu. llzlrln-cle, I'm-liylui, Ulkmuku. Row 2: McKinney, Onilrrcs. Rn-ginaki. Ruppn. llumlini. iinpiiixki. Mukcr, licllus, liximgimii-. llvmlricksmi. .Xnlsln'r. llrmncli. Griffin, .Xvm-rsn. M vfis-url, M c Kin- nq. Yzigms, Yxngiau. Nzulr laik. Cmtguim. Row 3: ficliilxkx. Kuprlxick, Mv- crs, Slim-rim-rlun'n, llllllllilil, Nulauul. llrciullr. Slu-muy. Sylvcslcr. Rivli. llizmr murisn, l':n'kli:m1. Niums. llufiilini. Zin-linxki, Losi- zik. Row- 4: Q Znluc. iSkin' wr. 1-uvlik, 55-1119-, 1-zumzx. Row 5: lmscu, M:ilioue'x'. I-1g'crniqm. YlwU!ll4lCll, Scurii- pull. Row 6: Lutz. Neil' mm. Maitcllvll. Joints. l'r:uaku. Row 7: Siulin, hula.. llmlumk, ll:n"tm:m. MvX:ny. Row 8: Mnmlzm- nor. XYuml. Sk'llllll7. . - . . ..-33- 'l'hc- Bnml. cuiisistiiig uf iiim-ty-him im-nilx-i's. was ll highliglit all thc scaisuifs fucmllmll 112111105 11ml :ilm haul thc limiwi' uf ra-pu-sciiliiig the liaiwt in the lfzisl vcrsus WL-xt tuwlu 'l'hv Quick-nts 'incl I'L'ilKlClllS pzirzulcs :md utlici' social filiicliuns. Lcd by one Major :md six Nlzijmclu-s. thc haiml 11-pix-sm-iilccl .Xm- lwiclgc in Pillslnurglfs Aimuzil llllI'lSlIllllS l'11r:xclv. .Xiiiln'iclgn- lligh Scliuul was also proud in sm- 11 fim- l'l'lJl'L'S4'lll1llllPll in hulh thc Nlicl- wcslcru amd All-Stalls llgmcl Cuiicx-i'ls, hclcl in lfvlwiliiaiiy :incl lN'l:m'li IQ i'cspcc'lively. 'l'hu culminntiun ull ll wry siiwcssflil ya-air was tha- .Xil- lllllll Spring' Cuiin'or1. wliicli wus pwsciilml in April. lix'ci'ylliiiig lirmn 1 symplimmic to "jazz" mush' was licaircl :it this NYHlllll'l'l-lll lJL'I'llUI'lll1llli'k'. SPGXQNY Credit for this very SllL'L'L'S5li1ll year must hu giwn tu thc clii'vctm'. R xJ.W' Mr. Y. XV. Spurny, who by his splcmlicl ln-ziclcrsliip aml u-xisn-less vf- llmils, has bn-on able to niulcl thu lmml inlu gi wcll-knit niusivzil organ- imliun uf which we :irc proud. 'l'hc im-iiilun-1's ullcmling lhc Nlinlwcstcrii lizmml Fcstivzil were: Luis Aiitmiclli, llulurus Siiicrigzin. Suphic 'l'ckslni', Phillip Levy, 1':iiil Rmiuslcy, lfrnnli Svzivli. ,l2llllL'S llzllc. Alvin Russo, Ilnmlliy lVlR'l'C'2llNl1llllL'. klzinu-s Kustzis, liiigciic Ylzisic, llunnlcl Marti, julm Gzlrbiiisky. Row 1: lVuliuki. liolcla-r, Snuhy, Krauzc-ii. XL-lin-ki. XY4igiic1'. Row 2: Mr. Spumy. I4-vy, McNally. Uiulm-N. XY:nNlu. NYM-lit. Illmiclilim-. llliwa-w. Ii:u'tn, i.CIl50ill', llulkn. llrlivlcig liupilc. llicul. juiiu. L'liilruln', Yzigoliis, lilirliaiit. ROW 3: liimy. llulmcx, Nlvncli, Nlzluxcll. NlllNgi':n'0, Yrnmwi, K1':n1ici'. llzirlu. film-1'r:iml:iiilc. Sunirmlc. I,rnp:mli. XYilkcN, Lyncli, Sim-rigmi, Slim-rixiziii. Culurtu. Row 4: Smith. llllIgK'l'. Shuliz. Szmtcrilli. llwmukivsky, l'4il:ulm':i. Yanuglni, Mllxg1':ivc, Nliiqzivivc. Riiixllcli, l'mu-ll. liuwzilaky, .Xnlum-lli. Klcislvr. lfaumlu, Row 5: liuiiy, lluffziliiii, Url-n-sky, llminizm. llznuxvicli, l'lg'K'l'IlI1lll. llww. 'l'vxl:1r. Siiirrip.5:in. llull, fllzirtin. XYilk1-N. klzmilxlc. Nlzitllii-im. l':ivlnk. lllzwzctti, Row 6: il:n'lviwl4y. llzirmi. Nlzirti. Siclwl, Nlvlivv. Rmmsky, Smith, Kowlzis, limtzix, llzils-, Cnptziimlvs llzulcy, Ilixli-ip. 'l'um:mzi. Curry. Row 7: C1'om'r, Czilrlc-rc-lli. Svzwli, llurris. Sflliirm-Q. l'lumhu. Cmtznilzi. -34- M .uf J' DRUM MAJOR and MA-IORETTES llclrll XYulicki, .Xlm M:l1'iC Iiulnlcr. .Nun Sllflly. .lim- my lClu'h:u'1. lh-Hy ,lame lxrzullcll. l-lurlzl llvlmakl. lCln':u1m' XY:1gl1cl', ORCHESTRA ROW IZ Xlcxzxlly. Uuiku, XY:x1ku. Kunm'1'. Rnbcu- -tum. Xl m'x'c:numl:1l1tc, J. S1111-1'ig'1nx, .X. 5Il1ag1':n'c. .Xllluulcllh l.5m'l1. Row 22 Ilulnuw. li:-rzwmlnlis, IM'- l"n'rlv1'm'u'N. S:x1lt:u'vlli, Krnll. Sllvrlnxlu, l':xIi1lm':l. Zvhmlcr. Il. Sum-rigmx. 'l'vkxl:u'. Spmuy. Row 31 lJum':lkivsk5. llull. linu- mzm. l':nl1ln-rclli. Uruncr. Row 4: Vanlulnlm. Kuuy. Ylnxic. Yxlrnvulli. Sulvznli. Row 5: Huron. Marti. llrmlzls. fxllvzxtixinlvs. Mn!- lu-us. Row 6: llnlc. May' kuth, llzwlvinxky. Huck, Svslvh. A3 5 A DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES AX111ln'imlgc wus Ilfllllll of llw fine I'k'lJl'L'St'I!I1lliU11 that thc six Mzljulwltu lunch Nlajm 1 NIIUWII in ilu-il' Illllllj' :mal elim-l'si1wicml 2llJlX'1ll'l1llCk'S. XVl1ctl1cr :IL football gallnvs mn uw or snlwo pro-frl s lhcy nlisplalyccl llw zlrcla-nt quality which has consistently ndclccl In the glory v rn Xlllbfli gg wh Sc me :mel ilu-X' Imu- lllllllk' us pruucl uf our l1ig'I1-stepping llflflililm to the band. 435.- MIDWESTERN CHORUS MIDWESTERN CHORUS Z1-1'1'11N.,1111:1. 111-111-1'11111.1. 111111- 511111, 1111-1-11. 1x:11':11:1:1111-, 1':111111-1'. Klux l':11s1111. STRING ENSEMBLE Row 1: 121-1':1f111111iN. 111111141- 511-i11, 111'111111s. Z1-1111111-1'. 1l11'11r:1k1vaky. Row 2: Krfull. 151-1711-111-1'11-is. '1'1':1v111i. Mr. SU11111-1111'1'1s. X111111-1l1QvQ' was 1'1-1111-S1-1111-11 111' 1-1g111 N1'11'1'1L'l1 1'1111'1-s 111 1111- 11111111111 NI111111-S11-1'11 1111111.11 1+'1s11x.11. 'I'111 1 111l111N 111 1111-1' 11111 11l11Q'1'11 111 1111- 11111111-s 1111 1111- "111111-S111111-" 1'1-S1111-1115. '1111C1'1l111'L'1'1 was Q1X'L'11 111 1111- 111'SS1'lIlt'1' 111- 11 511111131 111111i1111'111111, 11111111111 11. 1111L11'l' 1111- 11111- 11111-1-111111 111 N111 1111111 111'2ll111Qf1lll1,1if1110 51'11L'l111'Y 1111511. THE STRING ENSEMBLE II11- S11'11lQ' I-11151-1111111-, W1111'1I 111115511-11 111' 111111- ll1L'lll1UL'l'S. was 1111111-1' 1111- 111111111111 nf N111 81-11111-111-w1-is 111lx X1 ll 11111 1lXY1l1i1'11 1111' 11l1IJl'1'1'1l111V1' l'1'SlJ1l11S1' 111111 111-s11'1- 111 111'211' :11111 111:11 g111111 11111s11' was 1111- l31'11111'p1l1 81112111 1'11N1'Ill131L' 111'11v11l1-11 1111- 11111'11'1lS 111 11111' 1ll'1'111'S1l'11. '1111- L'111'1s1111:1s Il1'1bgj1'11ll1 111111 1111- 11111'1'1l11ll1- 11111 11111 1'111111111-111'1-1111-111 1-x1-1'1'1s1-s 11'1-1'1- 1111- 1ll11S11lllL1111"' 11-1'f111'111:1111'1-S 11'1-S1-11 h ,S 35- 11-11 SEIIIDB BLESS PLIIY "THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR" Characters Helen O'Neill Beverly Bauman Will Crosby 77 77 W'illiam Heughan Mrs. Crosby 77 77 Mary Ann Gaul Roscoe Crosby 7 7 Bob Ilionise Iidward XVales 777Richard Baron Mary Eastwood 77Dae Ann Chilcote Helen Trent Martha Heberling Grace Standish 7 joanne Mauchline Braddish Trent 77.I"rank Rosenfeld Howard Standish 77 Carl Kelchner Philip Mason 7 7Harry Green Elizabeth lflrskine brrbr Eleanor Zehnder Pollock A7 77 Angelo Cipriani Rosalie LaGrange ,b., 7 Anita Sikov 'l'im Donahue 7 George Ihnatko Sergeant Dunn 7 ,,,. 7 ,ir. VVilliam Bremner Iloolan 7 7 Norbert Moranz Director 777Mr. Frank Ilesanzo Student Director 7 7 7777 77777 J ean Kellmer " l'he Thirteenth Chair." a mystery drama. presented by the Senior Class, was one of the most outstanding productions of the year. It is not a play for amateurs and the fact that it was successfully produced by amateurs in our own school is proof tnotigli of the ability of both the individual players and the director. The entire ac- tion of the play centers around the character of "Madame LaGrange", a medium. The success or failure of the play depends on whether or not this charater is able to produce the mysterious atmosphere that must predominate. Anyone who witnessed the excellent portrayal of this character by Anita Sikov realized that she kept her audience spellbound from the rising of the curtain to the end. She was effectively supported by the entire cast. .-.87T .t lyfvf, -, gf f 3f'ff?2' Q I V: Vik -- . LQ 4 - I 201- - 4252 if ftifff, X T11 r 'L 'fig 1 'ffm irgfv ' ig iii ,A umrua 1 U. W' gwxkwnmgzgwmggiygiii- fx'-fii ff"i"f??l "2a,?3?WFf:i31. YWE'-J , la W fs f K.. 'W lbert ,jordan ' ai Q' KQV . .,. -TQ , ,, ,E fa- A., , .,,, iWg?,, f?f '3F+95 W III: Illrlf 11 flvrZ'g"" H3 I 1 . ff John Kumewxcz '36 AL , V 2' AR I II USVI gn .,,. If-'ll' KHP 1 R AND GRAY THF GRFAT AND N THA we Flow KVRYUE X I apply V, 4. Ana mace Huang , SCHOQLY1 , me Rue TO YOUR- og ' QCRS, WESSHAIQL ,lx xwm B ,S R'.HkV"t.+ 7 3' ,- , ' ,sf 'fi H: Eli " 5 e.3vg1.' -1515 -,,. -V ..-.vm ,, , . ,M '-E ',,4,v.f ,L VI' ' 5, 4 1 Y W , x 3 f +1 Us ,. 3 Wg M :ggi 1 't al g ff.-. -5 'im 'VB Q 1' -if ff? it of -4 LI P X 4 4335? W V, 1 5 " 1 ' 1 'A ng J? W , 2 .L , ' If ., , -1' ,f .1 Q- ya-.-, , N. -'-f, M , . . ." D . ,Q 1 '38, '- ' 'Ax 45. f -.Jw-N S13 -f ,J-.,S 1 jj" ..,,, . " D '-1 M .'-kifgff g?'f,"-iff 51'-J,2,'. ,--I 5w'.y?f?:g:f 3-.f,f'?5 . .- '-'INN - QE'-' J , . H . .- -J. V - V ,A -- -, 3 4, , 4,-gg: 531' 4 .5 - ,,..fgv.L,, , wpip 1 .. Q -1 2 hh .Mwff 1 4 -Ee if ku. lt- , J.- -. .kt X Jssfwh wg 2, A J lv: ,,v3iliZ'i5'fA::x,' . - ::T,QP9gtn2Q?,LE ,VU .1 . win. rl, JJ., 5. 'V V," ' ' K . 3 "1 ' ' I 1' - ' I, 'f A155271 ,WH fiffl - ' , V1-ffl , '- "f?1l"33V.' Ax, h Y cf . A ' will -, . vig- .Y , Y T -I, . vi 3, ,4 . . ASA-A pf 4-.Q,,'Z!.gj My .' " 41' -N -,, L1."'.'-ff .. .- - ' ,L V' Af 114' .,.ef'vff' f V UA.. ,,. ,. f, h L N I 4. I- , 4 , - ,H ,,x.L.,. , . ., .1g3. - . 1 V' V .' 2 K' ' ' '- ' , ' ?gf',57' gI-f2,f ef'f- r ,N . gjj 5 gg ,K A . -4, ' - 5-. lm- Hmi A Y. X . . ' , 4. .Q-W,3rfL, if av -, V- 45, A - . ,. x , .. , . N K . - ,I wiqx-1f,y,: Q . 3 M ' 'Z 'J ,V T", - ' -, " '.- X " x, ,'7:. '. -151 .- - " fuss" fa 'N "ff .' -A" . , , "'." . ' " " 'V ' .' "' V, '- 'g . 1 V" "' ' R L' Y ' " ,Q.?TMV'?V'eNl. . , V. ,V Z5 V ., 5 rm. :r .v ri r r W A .U ix H ,Am 3 V git :WV in I' ,, X , ,Pi 1 'Q , - , ,- I . ' , Q ,f 'Q 1:9 , . 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Under the blaze of the arc lights, the fans solicitously anticipated the kick-off that would unveil the "47" season for the Bridgers. .-Xmbridge's tradition of winning the initial tussle was extended with St. George being the seventeenth successive victin1.Coach Rubenstein's men collected 13 points while holding the Dragons scoreless. The best score was attributed to a long 25 yard aerial release by Bob Bezuk and brought down by Norb Moranz. Another touchdown was notched by Sam Bombiani on a squeeze through right tackle from the S yard line. Bob Harris ran the conversion point. The Mcliees Rocks aggregation visited here to return defeated by a 40-0 count. Quarter-back liezuk tossed a long pass to Moranz who Went the 21 yards for six points. The same combination click- ed again in the second quarter for another score. Bombiani made the score Z0-0 when he crossed the it I BARTH HLISTA RUBEN STEIN DRAKE .-. 90 .. 1' 1 111' -A lx 3 . 3' ' 12 11W 1: C111111. 111111111111111. 1i111':1--11. ,1111111'1'1. X111111117. 1i11111111'k. 11111111 X11'11111'.1'11. K1-111111. k1:11'1111x. S1:1111Nk1. 111-11111. Row 1'1'111111-115. X111i1'1.1. l1l1111l'1111'l. l'111'1'11. 11111114. 1111111. 11. 1.111'111:11'11. X1111111. 1l11'111N1i1. 51'1"4'11- RUW ' 3 1' 1 'NH "'- ' 1301 2' 1J11f111. 'l 1x111 11 1 1111 1l111111. 111.1111 1111111-11x11-111. X1 1.11-1-111:1111. 111-1111-. S1-11114. X111111. 11.1111111. 3111111111 1'11111111. g11111 1111 il N111-1-1111154 1-1111 l'l1l1. 1-'1115111' 111111-'1111K,k, 111111- 1111w1'111111'11 fig-f11g5g'1-11 111111119111 1111- 11111'11s11111g 11111141111-11 111111 1'1111'11-11 1111- 1111111 1111-1 11111' ll 111111'I1111111'11. 111151111-NN 11111 111-111 111 11111 112151 111111- 1-1l1'111L' s1'1111-111111111 s1l11111l LIS 11111 IIIHIA1' 111111'1111111111x 111-11- 1111111-11, 11111- 111' "N111L" ,1111-1111s,1111 ll 1'l1I1 1111111 1111- 143 111'111111s111k .1 111111 51111-1 1ll'l'11l11111'l1 11111' 1111- 11111l'1-. N11'11111'11'11 k11'111-11 1.1111111111 111 11111' 1'11111'1-1w11111 11l1L'llllB15. X1-11' 11141tL:'1111111Xx111N1111' 11151 111111111 11111111111-111 111 11:111 111-1'11r1-1111-11111111-1 111111 111111. 1.,111l1!1l'u 111111111111111'5l'111A1B' 111111111 111111'11111111'11 11111 11111 111K'1'l'21SL'11 111' N1111111'11'11R 1'X11'11 11111111. .X paws 1111111 111-11114 111 N1H!'1l11l. 111111 N11A111lX'1l'11S l.1111YK'1.N11111 l'1111lLlX1'I1 .1 11111111 1-111121111 11111111- 14-11. X 111S1ll11'1lIll1l11L1'1111'1'1l'1'1I'11'211 11'111111-1s 11111-1-11 1111- 11151 11111l'111L'111 111' 1111' 11-111-111111-11 1 1 I 111-1111-1' 111115 111g'11l 1111111-sl 111 111- 1111111-11 1111- 111-11 1l1'll'1'I1UUl1 111 R1-1-1'1-5 S1111111lIll. '11111 1ll111'11l'11 1111- 1'11s1 1l111L'1'llll1lI1 111ss11- 111 1111-UK' s1-11s1111s 11111' 1111- 1111111-11511-111 "11111N," '11111' 11-111115 l111K'1l'l1 lll111l'1' ll 11121L1l1Q 111111111111 s1111. '11111' '1'1g1-rx 1111111 1111- 11-1111 7-11 111 1111111- 1111' 111-11lg1-1s 111-1111111 11111' 1111- 11111 111111- 11115 11-11111111 .X111111'1l1Ql' N111N11L'l1 1111114 1111 Il 51111111111-11 111'11'1- 1111111111-11-11 111' 111111111111111 5 181.1111 1.1u11--1111n11- 1111s11 11114 NIX 11111111s, 1111- 111-1111-1' 1'1111a 111118 1-11111-f.s1-11 111111 2ll1l11'1'l'11l111l11 1111 1111- 1111151-11 1'11111'1-1511111 '11111' 4L1l'L11l1N 51111111-11 --91 KURASH MRAOVICH COMPLETED PASS KNOPICK l from the hourglass until only 2 minutes stood be- tween Bridger defeat. Ambridge fanatically raced with time. A tight pass defense employed by the Tigers was penetrated by a screaming pass tossed by Bezuk and pulled in the end zone by the outstretched arms of Norb Moranz. Milan Mraovich split the twin poles, to have the final score read 13-7. Over 9,000 water-proofed fans jammed the local stadium to see the Rubenstein boys down Aliquippa 18-4 in a steady downpour. The In- dians held the upper hand momentarily by virtue of a safety. Ambridge's Frank Chop scooped up a blocked punt and raced 28 yards for a score. In the third quarter the hard charging line smashed through to pounce on another blocked punt. This set the stage for a Bezuk-Moranz touchdown. The score changed again when Mrao- vich stretched skyward from his tackle position to intercept a Quip pass. On an issuing play liezuk tallied from the 13 yard line on a quarter- back sneak. 'l'he Indians got last score honors on an automatic safetymworth two points. iVhat seemed to be the biggest obstacle to XV. P. I. A. L. championship bid was hurtled when Ambridge trounced the previously unde- feated Rochester Rams 24-6. .-Xmbridge drew first blood: Bezuk via Moranz. The extra point whizzed through the goal posts. Rochester rolled back with a score, missing the conversion. In the early minutes of the second half. Bombiani scor- ed from the 10. 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N111r1111z 111111 1'i114l1J14'k 5111111-11 1l11,.f11 51'111'111g 111111 1115 11-1111 12 111111 111 174111115 1'1-5111-1'111'1-11. 1111- 1 1111111-1'111 111111.11-15 1111111-11 111 ll 11111- 11111111111 .XIII 111111150 11-11111. -17-42. V1111111111 S11'1T2l111k'1'i 11115 1111.111 Al1L.l1Il5 1111- 111111-k-1'11111 V15111115 111111 111 1111111-5. '1'111- 1111-111 1'11g1-1'5 111115111-11 1111- 111'1--11-111,1111- L'1l1'11 111111 7 111115 11111 111- S 11111111-5 11111-11 1111-1' 1'111 11111111 1111- 1"1'1-1-1111111 0111-1-5 41-22. 111111' 1-1111-1'1 1741111 5111111111114 111 "1,1-111" S11-111111 it'k t-nahltxd him to cup tht- sliarpshtioting mt-dal for tht- tlay as hte made ll out ttf IJ cliarity throws. .-X surprise st-thack was handed tht: llritlgt-rs cagt- squad wht-n New Castle got tht- 42 of at 42-38 strnre in the npt-ning game tif Set-tinn lll NYl'l.-Xl. play. The popular Anthridgt- raptain set tht- srtiring pact- for tht- gains with ll nt-at tallit-s. .-X licart-breaking long shot hy l,istiak of the Sharon 'l'igt-rs gart- them tht- gamu in tht- last nint- st-t-tintls of play. Final scort-: 37-36. Nearly 3000 fans at tht- spacious gym in Farrell saw tht- hmnc tt-am how for thc first timt- in tht- year tn rt-vt-ngt-- st-t-king Ambridgt- quintet. 39-38. Wiith tht- rltwk showing hut a fraction uf a mintttt- of play of an ovt-t'timt- period, Nnrht-rt Blnraiiz rtmly put in his ftml attt-mpt, tu win. Ray Stt-pztnirk was all-high st-tircr with 14 markers. Amhridgt- ttitik anotht-r clttst- vit-tory from lillwtiod City at the local court. 35-33. lt was t-vt-ry hit as Cltmst- tt game as the srtwrt- wnuld indicate. A nirt- silt-d lt-ad was takt-n hy tht- visiting .-Xnihridgv tt-am in tht- lit-art-r Falls tttsslt- to put tht- gamt- on it-c. Mike Knopit-k and his In pt-ints ht-lpt-d luring ahnttt tht- final 57-49 srort- in favor of tht- visitors, Central l'atl1tilit'. striving for tht-ir 13th straight win. risitt-d tht- llrakt-stt-rs on hlatntiary 38. Such was nut to bt-. Nlorztnz and Xlattztniv. t-ztrh srttring I5 tullit-s, ht-lpt-d swt-ll the Amhridgt- stwwrt- to Sl whilt: tht- visitors could do no ht-ttt-1' than -ll. 'l'ht- muvh ht-raltlt-d l.ippt--t'oat'ht-d Qttips tuttnt- twt-r tu strttgglt- to at 36-31 win, which pttt tht-m within a half gamt- of first plart- in tht- hot St-rtiun lll ttip rung. .Xl- tlmngh Aliqttippa rt-ally had at fast-hrt-aking tt-am. tht- liritlgt-rs gan- tht- favtrrt-tl Qttips at hattlt- all tht- ugly and wt-rv good t-ntmgh tts work intrt tht- lt-ad at timt-s. It was in this gamt- that Nlikt- Knnpitk was injtirt-d in tt had fall and had tn ht- t-arrit-cl off in a strctt'ht-r. 'l'ht- dt-ft-ndt-rs nf tht- littrnt-t and Gray gut rt-xt-ngv nn a visiting Nt-w fastlt- hall t-luh hy ht-ating tht-m 54-43. Nltwranz atttttiiitt-cl for .21 nf tht- vit-tor's points. 'l'ht- St-t'titwn lll lt-adt-rs failt-cl to svart- tht- visiting.: ,Xm- hridgt- tt-:tm with their atlvzttwt- pnhlicity. .Xlthtmgh thc Tigt-rs did tztkt- the game, 36-31, it was tt rt-:tl thriller. 'l'ht- gamt- was tit-d I2 timt-sg the lt-ad was shared on 15 otwttsitms. Nlzttanit' rt-gistt-rt-d high fnr tht- visitors. -i JY Na J a Q I Row 1: Gzthrit-l, Kosis, Shztpt-rt, Shnffn, Napoli- tan, littznit. Row 21 XYhitt-hziir, Gcregzt, Harris, llnlittski. XYilztmowski. :way - .X fourth pt-ritmd rally hy tht- Stt-t-lt-rs mztdt- tht- Am- hridgt-rs lmw t0 the Sturt- Nlarlin-c-nat-lictl lfarrt-ll 1N2lt'lllllC. 47--HI. Stt-panic-k and l,nst'lii:tvu hit tht: twn digit twvlumn in the scnrchooks with I3 and Ill tiottntt-rs rt-spt-tttivt-ly. A hot scoring strt-ak in tht- third qtiartt-r won tht- ganic fur Amhridgc against Llllwfmd Vity. Of the final 43--ll svortr, Stt-panivk and Xlnranz urliicvt-d 20 and I3 tif Am- hridgc's pttints respt-ctivt-ly. Beaver Falls was t-usily tramplt-d in a homt- gains 79- -46. Of tht- tt-n rt-gulars that playt-tl. Knopirk was high svort-r. 'l'ht- anti-climax of a fint- st-nsun was tht- dt-ft-at tht- llridgt-rs rt-t-t-ivt-cl at tht- hands of tht-ir art'li-rivztl and host for tht- t-rt-ning, Aliqtlippzt. ,Inc t'crvtila and Lloyd Vahlt-, lt-ading st-nrt-rs of tht- st-rtion, ht-lpt-d swt-ll tht- final tally tn 66-38. This win st-nt tht- Qnips to a playoff match with Slittrtm for st-t-tion t-hampionship. Thus tht- .-Xinbritlp.5t- lligh St-lintml hztskt-thall tt-am of 1040-47 tt-rminatcd its long diffivult st-asnn in tht- l-flllflll place- ttf tht- NVl'l.-Xl. St-t-tinn Ill rart-, UI It-agus gaint-s plztyt-cl, tht- ltirals had 6 wins, fs ltxsst-sg tif tntttl gatint-s playt-cl. 14 wins, 7 losst-s. RESERVE BASKETBALL .X mhridgt- Nt-w lirighttin I4 .-Xniliridgt- .'kVllllWUI'lll LIU flmlmritlgt- , I ltnnt-stt-ad 24 .-X mhridgt- Midland 16 Amhridgt- New liriglittm I6 .Xinhridgc Vhttrlt-rtvi IS .Xmhritlgc l"rt-t-tlum 23 plinlvritlgt- Nt-w Vastlt- 34 Anihritlgc , Sharon 33 Anihritlgt- l"atrrt-ll 30 tlniliridgt- lfllwontl Pity .24 ,-Xn1hridy.5t- lit-avt-r lfztlls 41 Atnhritlgt- ntral tlttlmlit' IO .'kllllll'lClj.ft' ,-Xliqnippa 35 Amhridgt- Nt-w Vastlt- 30 .-Xmhridgc Sliaron 46 Amhridge lfztrrt-ll 31, Mnhridgt- lillwnticl City 39 Amhridgt- lit-art-r Falls 26 .I-Yifil X.-eng .1 12.- xfiwg 1 Q K kg... 4 wif Q7Qiff.. 515531 1 X Mx. 1. wg ,D ai ' 3155353 -, - ,gf .k f W. xxx- f zz '5 Wife: 'lt' is Ni 0 W .M .j-jig, '51, ' f i k S si .. H ' -Q5 53 X ,wk Lu" ' 7Q.!.,- li- ' .TWT YKL: f S : 1-4' 2671" 5 1245 -am we " f 535 Q g 4 K Km 4 59 Q '45 ' S2 z 'hp Y' 1 X f. XI, Ga f X , X ,.i. A 4. wk .K 4555555.51 f- A y nd?" i '43, 21,3 QI. K ,V ' XF f WL. K ef vfsia-fff Vi.. Q MEN, 2? X 2 1 BAS Our first W. l'. I. A. L. game was played at home, April ll. with our traditional rival, Aliquippa, forming the opposition. The Bridgers lost to the lads from across the river 11-l. 'l'he second league game of the season was played on our own field against Rochester. Moundsman Lefty Stepaniek struck out 6 men in this game. 'l'he Rams won by a 3-2 score. In an away game with Monaca, Joe Fausti limited the Indians to 3 runs and struck out 13 batters to make an impressive win, 9-3. for our bovs. 'l'he two decisive runs in the sixth inning gave the Beaver lads a 3-Z win over Ambridge. liworakivsky hand ed the mound assignment. Against the strong pitching of Ray Stepa- nick, the Burnsmen defeated the Midland team ll-l. Slepanick held the visitors to a low tally and struck out 10. Our second game with the "Quips." at lfire- man's lfield, found the Bridgers on the losing end of a 24-4 score. rXmhridge's tally in the first part of the sixth inning, beat Rtzche-ater 5-4. Stepanick was the winning hurler. Row 1: Sapovehak. Joy. Losehiavo, Vrilvulsky, Seaman, Dworak EB ALL lValt llworakivsky limited Midland to three hits in their second meet with the Ambridge lads. In the last inning, the Leopards scored two of their three runs. Ambridge's only run was in the sixth inning. The Bridger's weakness at the plate. and the good fie'ding of the Beaver Bobcats won the game for Beaver. 5-0. .Xmbridge climaxed the season with a loss to Midland, by a score of 4-1. Coach -lack Burns supervised the 1946 base- ball team made up of a large number of rookies. 'I'he season ended with a record of: 4 wins, 9 losses. Section lfive XY. l'. 1. A. L. .Xmbridge 1 Aliquippa 11 .Xmbridge 2 Rochester 3 Y ,Xmbridge 0 Monaca 3 ,Xmbridge 2 Beaver 3 .-Xmbridge ll Midland 1 it ,Xmbridge 4 Xliquippa '74 .Xmbridge 5 Midland 3 t .Xmbridge l Rochester 4 :lf .Xmbridge ll Beaver F if .Xmbridge 1 Midland 4 'HXway games 'isky. Ryzowiez. Row 22 Yineenti. Izak. Knopiek. Iloskinson, Stepauiek. llarris. lfausti, Clyunu. Row 3: Rubenstein, Vllyndlifxm. 'llll1'lit'l. VX'agner. Burns, lp A H . 5 4 Q I S a -lOO-- Row 1: Ilzlrzm. Kraft. finlrlc. juwznk Row 2: Mr. R-:ilu-lnwl. Nil'jl0l'5ki. XYulmlu-n, Huunu GOLF XVUI1 81 Inst 3 .X111b1'iclgg'c 5 Hzllnlwin Twp. l .Xlllhl'iCl1Lf'6 My Bulclwin Twp. .Xnnhriclgc 15 .Xvrmxvwtlm .X lnbriclgc 14 LQ Scwickh-5' .Xlllbl'ilIQC 4 Ahllbriclgv 15 Xmbrirlgc IF Xlnbriclgc S XlllbI'iLl4Q'C 14 Xluhriclgv 7 NUM Yi:-W Scwicklvy ,XYUINWll'lll XXX-st Y icw Nl idlzmcl 1,111 rf who 'Scction lnzltvllcs SL-Ction play-1 mff. XX, P, I. .X. I,. play-off lllilifh. .Xlnbridgc 'J ' 'Q XVLXSI Yicw U3 56 L1 -101 X, xf. GABLE GOLF The illustrious Ambridge High Golf Team, under the spons- orship of Mr. Rothermel, won the sectional tit'e in 1046 in an exciting sectional play-off match with XVest Yiew. 'l'his was the fourth time that Ambridge copped the sectional title in the eight years that golf has been an extra-curricular sport in the senior high school. The varsity lettermen for the 1946 season were lid- ward llaran. Mike Hovanec. lidward Nicgorsii, Mike Gable. john Kost, john XVoloshan. and Stanley jusczak. The first five were regulars. john Kost finished fourth in the XY. l'. I. A. L. Individual Championship Tournament held at the lidgewood Country Club. W'ilkinsburg. and became the first Ambridge High golfer to qualify for the State Championship Tournament. 'l'his tournament was held at Pennsylvania State College, and Kost had the honor of finishing fourteenth in the state. KOST HOVANEC NICGORSKI BARON -- 102 - TRACK I i .4. 'l'lte .Xmbridge High track and field team really made its presence known in track circles the past season. 'l'he Cinder clusters started the season by attending the indoor meet held at the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh lfield House on March 23. A very notable achievement was accomplished by john Smolko, who tied for first place in the high jump competition. 'l'he juniors won the annualvi inter-class meet nosing out the seniors by eight points. 'l'he llridg- f ers won a dual meet, with Aliquippa. placed first in a trianffulazk 11 meet. with Midland and Leetsdale, and tied Sewickley in a quad- . A rangnlar meet with the "Quips" and lfreedom also 2lltClldl 'l'he only setback for the speed merchants was a close meet with 3 Sewlckley. In the first Ambridge invitational track and field meet, the- J , llridgers finished third in a field of eight. At VVashington, onf, 3 .Xpril 27. the two mile relay team. composed of Charles Harrisfjx GOZUR Hill Carpenter, Richard Rytel, and Dave lfauser. finished thgtr in a race which was composed of fifteen teams. On May 3, ata: XX'ashington, the sprint medley relay team. consisting of'M.ilt Charles Harris, Tony Paz- zanita. and Dave lfauser placed second to the record-brea ing Vtfvilkinsburg team. To ring down the curtain in grand style, the thin clads tracked to the e ipioihihip meet at Connellsville, and there the mile relay team placed fifth in keen conipetitiong X J O . xx . N' A , 3' X ' WAN, 2 X. ' , . Qkx X1 .L -L.. I 5 FAUSER PAZZANITA HARRIS JACOBS - 103 - CROSS COUNTRY Row I: Nlt-Xnlly, llivk, Rytt-l. jtilivismi, Storzxr, lllt-rt'l1zmtl:111tt', llz11'11l1:1rl. Kovacs. Row 22 Shift, All'LlJlSlil'j'. VVil'is. Magis. Qlmt-fft'r. Xvzijtktmwski, Mr. IJ. l'ipt-r. BOYS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE Row l: Kisitlziy. Mclfzir- l:111tl, Kntipick. liuzur. Nr. RU1llCI'lI'll'l, litlriitmiitlstni. l"111'u141v1. jztckstnr Row 2: St-zinimi. Rt-t-sv. l,t1st'l1i:1- vo, Nlikt-t:1, Slztvik. llnnt. Sllzipt-rt. litigtisixui. ll111:1t- ku. CROSS COUNTRY 'l'ht- full tif 1046 wats tht- first st-:1stn1 that ,Xmbritlgv High St'ht1til was rt-p1't-st-litt-tl by ll cross ctiuntry tt-11111 in llllL'l'St'lllil1lSllt' sptirts. t111tl tht-y 111z1tlt- Ll name for tlicmsclvcs t'hit-fly tlirtiugh the running tif Rit'hz1rtl Rytt-l, Vlllllillll tal tht- tt-11111. Rlt'll1ll'tl plat-t-tl first in tl11:1l mt-t-ts with lit-z11't-r. Nlt. Ikljtlllllll, Lauiglt-y and lll'llll'Lll t':1tht1lit' :mtl 1llSfl IDltlL'L'Ll first in tht- .Xiiibritlgc lm'itz1titmz1l Met-t with six sclititils pnrticipaltingf. Rit'hz1rtl htm' htwltls tht- rt-t't1rtls for the .tiiibritlgt-, Beaver :uid Mt. Lt-huntin t'rt1ss-ctauntry ctuurst-s. llc plzlttt-cl Srtl i11 tht- W. l'. I. .X. l,. lllt'l'l taut tif lltl r111111t-rs :mtl p zlcctl Srtl in tht- stzttt- met-t. wht-11 titiiiipeting 1lQ'1'llIISt tht- ht-st r111111t-rs tif tht- S.l1llt'. Rit'l1:1rtl has zmtitht-r yt-:tr in sclititml tmtl will lit- WtllL'l1t'Cl nt-xt f:1ll. tltht-r htiys til' tht- tt-11111 nrt- Slltlfftlf XYtmjtkt1wski. kltilinstm. Ktnvzics, N1L'l'L'1ltl1llll0. llairnliairt. 'l'ht- titht-r lllt'llll3l'l'5 til' tht- tt-11111. Zllllltlllgll html t-t11111l ing the rt-t't1rtls tif Rytt-l. gninetl Vt-ry va1lu:1hlt- t-xperit-nt't- in ruiiniiig llllll shtvultl 11itl lllClll nt-xt st-ustm. Nlt1rvinShiff was Maiiiugt-r tif tht- tt-11111 :mtl Mr. ll. l'ipt-r ftirint-r tit'l1l'Y1l Crtiss Ctviiiitry t'z1ptn1i11 was tht- t't1z1Ch. -- 104- rmnns. 'l'hc COIIIIIITIICC wsu ut BOYS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE The Illtl'illlllll'1ll Sam' s ' ' -' A .' 5: ' . '. I t Lmnnnttu unclu tht spunxnxlnp of N11 Rnll nctivc this your in rcm'gnnizing tl ln-uI1u'5Y The t-ntirc lmltlcmullt list uf ' S- ' 'lf 'a ' ' " - ' I,c'l ' .g'llt'N. There wore sllb-tlivisizms in catch Urn 1 " ' - X - 'A ' n-rnn-l. has he-cn c tc lllll'1lIllllI'llllJHSli0llD2lll sclwtllllt-. :Intl gt-tlittgg' thc gztnn-s run Illllt 1 the Lllltll' Hlhll xx IN rlludtcl llllrl thc .Xnn-rit':1n :Incl Xzttiunll 2, up to ftulltntt tht pl.lx lllg, wt tht- lnlrn nurul ,gznncs t-vvlx Nlonclzlf' niirht. fnnn 7:00 until lllzllll efulnck. 'I' '- 1 ' V ' z ' lltllk nut In tnx LlllIlllllllfll1S tlmmuglwnt tht' scht-tlult X tllIIl.lX nas fIll1lllV l'L'llCllULl whcn the winners of th ' ' ' u , - c .Xntcrtcun and Nntnnml I1L'llQ'll1'5 nn-t cxtch rm rn thv SIltXl'GHNlCSHY l'luv-off KX nmnus ILLCIV I . " ' cd gold lmskctlmlls and plzlqncs fm' the-ir ho .' 'gunizt-cl bv the Student St-mtv '1 -' ' I 1 I' 1 I. 5 I ow l: T'lIlllNL'l'. Ilnrrif. Alzunitwtnm. XY. Spun, R. l"1'nnginnc-. Gnzur, l':1z7:u1it:1, Ktn'ixh.Row 2: Schiff. Ilvnnlvixnxi. Ryu-l. Sut- vwicr. Ki-iwlny. Knunw. Mr. I'ipm'. Row 3: Kvmpit-lc. .Int-ulww, Snmlku. Slmftcr. f'1't-Na.'l1i:1vw. 1 . . .nd .Xlmx Cnmu thu nn r zlctt-cl :ls thc l'll1lll'lll1lll mt -105 - BOXING CLUB BOXING CLUB Row l: Rilt-y. XVil:imtww- eki. Knhirski. liztilt-y, Ble- lfuvitllt-Ns, lilztk, Row 2: Xlt'l":u'l:uitl. hltwuru, Mi- h:tlit'. lil2llIlIll2ll'iJl. llrcm- nrr. Klr. St-i't'nt'. hl:t1'itl:tlc- ix. llmh. Orlztntltmx. llini- mt-. Lfnnninglixnn. Row 3: Nt-grt-y, llt-Npint-s. Klihnl- ll12ll'. l,twtfh:ti't, Cuwllo. Nlztntix. l,:ix'iN, Guido. Xlztnk. Row 4: jones, Slinnp, Slivink, Tt-rlc-sky. tiztlvlt-. llullmnn. Snntry, liztllns. mnlai. Row 2: Prtvtcnit- llzivzniit-. tit-rcgzt, Slit-rhzt lll-un, ' '-1 '. - many buys ntlitismsln this yt n til tht 'l'ht- lltmxing Club has rt-ally int-t with at great tlt-:tl nf t- 5 ntit tlitmsui 'l'ht ln ws tratint-tl t-vt-ry 'l'ut-stlzty who SlgllL'll up l'tn'tl1istypt-tifpliysitutl twnnhnt. only 11 ft-w ' 5 - tlnring tht- rt-gnlan' t'lnh pt-riwtl. ttftt-1' lt-nrnii tif Qtit-t-iislutii'y's Rnlt-s. tht- buys wt-rc tlivitlctl into txt-12, in tht- f-yinnztsitnns. Xl luis ig thu funtlznncntatls. strictly :it't'tn'tling tt: tht- . :irc i F-'ht clztsist--az :intl lJI't'lllllll1LH'f' hunts wt-rc stngt-tl 1" ut-t't-ss: l':1ul Alttmninn, 'l'ht- ftnllmving t1l'fit't-rs wtert- t-lt-ct- l'i't-sitlt-ntg Clit-stt-it Mickt-y, Yit't--pit '-sitlt-nt: and Ray Himmt-, St-t-rt-ttn'y-'l'rt-nstn't- ttl to assist in lltlllilligj tht-ir buh 11 s r. llntlt-r tht- czipzthlt- ,tmxing Clnh tint- of tht- ttttletl in Illllxlllg, tht l' K tlirt-tlitmn tal Mr. St-rt-nt-. tht-ii' lllSll'llt'ltil'. tht: boys snt"-- 1 intwxt t1t'tix't- lll'glllllf1ll.lUll5 in tht- sthtml. 9106- GOLF CLUB Row l: XYintllnun, Knhni, Zzippit-. Mr. Rtitlit-rnicl, l:ut'kulit'. Ut-N:u'ctv, Blit- GOLF 1 I, 1 1- 1- --- CLUB llu K 1 ll Llulu 11111111 tlu sponsoisliip of Mr. Rotlu-rnu-l c1ul1-:1voi'1-cl to s1i11111l'111 Ill lllltlk ' Moll. l'lllllS Wlllfll clifscrilu-cl ilu' lFlll1Cl'llllt'llf'llS of g, 1 1 . lczmu-cl llu- rules of golfing :incl al lllilllj' of x1'l1o111 1111- rzulclics, XY: 1' ' 'z .' 1 ' . . - 1 -'-st Ill -'olf llllll lflllfllillllklll play wwe sliown, 'l'lu- boys so liow to caddy. 'l'lu- Club consists of z1pm'oxi111z1l1-ly .ZH lllL'lIll3l'l'S. iltmi llko 11 is tlu Ll1.lll'lll2lll who 2lSSlSll'll M11 Rotlu-rmel. TENNIS 'l'lu- smiiiw ol lil '11 ' ff- ' I h 46 l uiul .Xiiilniulhg sponsoriiio' lluii lust uiinis I1 llll lll IIIIIIX 5 - ' - J -1 A 1' sn-:1sol1s. Miss M1-lla1 liziri' 1'o:u'lu-cl tlu- l'ilL'iIllL'l vu-lnlcrs. .Xiiilariclgi-. to- ' :1'L'lllL'l' willi .lvonworlli llllfl Nll. 1,1-bziiion 111:1cl1- up llu Fltllllll Ill of llu- Xl. l'. I. .X. 11. XX illi but ll W1-ck's lJl'1lCllL'k'. llu- llriclgcrs wc-r1-qlowiu-fl all tlic .Xvo111x'orIl1 L'Hlll'lS 5-IJ. Mt. I,1-l11111o11, iiiula-fn-zitccl scuion Llllllllh won 4 I 11 llu X ' ' z ' - 1 - .1 nu-riczln l11'idg1-Co111- pziny courts. tlul situ of 11ll llllllll' 31111111-s. .Xvonwortli was 1 it-li 1111111 llu- l1o11u- s1-a1soi1. .Xllll5l'lLlQk' lost by ll s1'o1'1- of 4-1 :11 Nlt. l,cl1:1i1o11. 1-ruling' ilu si1'1' ,' 1: I1 ll o '-l 3-2 on llu' louzil vlzly. t'0l1Clllllll1g - season with Zlll lllllIlll7l'CS- l 1 iuoul Xoiluil lolun lllil Nl mlm x1llI1lHWSlil wcrc ilu' gliltllliltllljj lc-lu-1' C'Ill'l1i'l'S. 'l'lu- ten- nis 1'l11l1 L'lllNlllR'll'il 1111 1'li111i11:1tio11 llWlll'l11llllL'l1l with tlu- opening of 46-47 scliool I1-rin, lCigl1l of tlu' IXYOIIIV-lilllll' lJ3ll'llk'lIJ2llllS. roniposvcl of l"1':111k Rose-nfelcl Cuoil 1 llmltlxo ll l1lX K llill llcul-'lr 1 o " " " ' ,, .ll.kl lm l41l.111ul1. llllll l',CllllUllllSUll :uul Gus K:1r11z11':1s zulvuiicccl to tlui q11:11'11-1' . '- 'g' 1 ' . 1 il't'l'll. Riclizircl liziron, filizlls. Ri1'l1:11'1l llairon :incl Gcorgi- llmzltko null on opposite siclc ' -s of llui nel. 111 llu- l'UlllIllL'llUll ol ilu- svmi- li1141ls, willi li1ll'KllI mlowning liis oppoiu-nl 6-4, Zlllll 6-1 uw l: l'ol11-11. li:1r11:1x'11s. Nlziliiiouski. Rosciiim-lil. Ilmzilko. xYC'lYL'l'. iirccii. Row 2: Gross. llioiu-sv. llziiris. llciiglufii. l'l1ln1o111lsoi1, luflasoii. Miss l:Ell'l'. -107 YALE- PRINCETON Row 1: Catanzarite. Scs- tilc. W'agner. Voettincr. llaysura. Lcsack. Farilo, liminlan. Towcimak. Car- nevale. Row 2: lleeman. Vekarchik. Gapinski, VVU- licki. Miss llarr. Miss Spahr. flriffitli. Lesack. ll. Pukach. lilascliot. Row 3: Ruskin. llerrman. l'risiaZ. Kesner, Kinger- ski. Chekanmvsky. Fit- tantc, Orler. Leycrzapli. llrogno, Austin, Sikov. YALE-PRINCETON The outstanding feminine sports event at our high school consists of the annual Yale-Princeton af- fair. which is held in lVlarch. As only females are permitted to attend the affair. it often occurs that a male attempts to gain entrance. Miss Spahr inaugurated the affair in 1032. Participants are chosen from the Leaders' Club and intramural basketball players. The girls must have an average scholastic standing and an interest in sports. The Yale players and cheerleaders don the colors of blue and white and are known as 'Allulldogs", while the Princeton colors are black and orange and the players are known as "Tigers". ' Y tt' r and lfleanor XV'wner, The Bulldog lineup included Captain Margaret liaysura. leggy oe me . , -1 .,,, forwards: jean Sestile, Catherine Catanzarite and Frieda lleaman. guards. The Tiger sextet was composed of Linda Fardo, Beverly Bauman. and Rita Gatta, forwards: Cap- tain Helen Lesack, Rochette Carnevale, and Dorothy Towcimak. guards. Yale led the scoring at the half 16-10, but in the third period, Princeton tied Yale 2U-20. and later won the game by a score of 24-23. This event concludeil the fourteenth annual Yale-Princeton game. -IOS- 1111-1--1 ' " - BOYS' AND GIRLS' G 1111 11111511.11 l'l1l1l'1l111llI 111'11g1'11111 11115 f'1'1ll' 11'11s 1'1-1'1' 51lll111ll' 111 111111 111 1H1A1ll1'1' 1'1--111 X 1' 1111 .,, .1 1113 IN111111 1J1'1l1f11'1lII 111 111.155 1.111s111111111s, 111151111'11--1'11111's1- 11111111113 111111 11111111111 111111111111, 11111 11111 11.1 5 " ' -'111 N1-11s1111111 51111115 11S 111111111111. 11111111-1111111, s111'1111111. 111111 11111111 1l111'11ll2l11'1X' 1111111 1111 111ll111KK1 11111 1111 11111111111 1111 11111 111111 1' - 1 1 1' , 5 . 11 1'1lI'11'11 1'11s11'1' 111 11111's11'111 111'111'i11' '11111' 11'11'1s U -. h . .11111111 11.11111'1111111-11 111 111111111 lllg 111111111 1111x141-1111111, Q11--1' 1 ' 1. 1 5. 111111 .111 511111111 11111111-. 1111- Q'f'1lIl1'lil1l 1 . , 1111. .11111 111111'1'111l11. gh 11111's 1'11 ' -1' 1' -A 'A " 1' ' 1' 111111, 11111111 1111111 111111111111111111 R11111-11111-111111'11-1N1411111111111111 111 11.15 11l1111L'1l11f' 11 s11111111111g 111111111 1.1114 1111 111-11' 1-11-11111111 1111 N11 1111x1111 111 1ll11"lll111l"11 .11111 X11 1 1'111. 1111' 11-s - 11- '1 'wily 1111111-111's 111' 11-1111151 1111' 11111's 1 '- 1 1l141N. 1l111'1'1'N1 11111 , 11111 1 1.1s11' 111 111K'5l' '1l'1lX'1111'i 111 1111 11111I1g' 1111K'1'l'N1 111 '11111 911 ' , . , 1'1'1'xs111 x11 11111111' 111' 11111' " ' v 1.115111 s11111'1x 11'11'1' 11111-11 11111111 11l'11l 1 111111' 11111- l111111' 11111'1111s1-1111 .11111 1.111111 11111511.11 1'11ll1'1l1l4ll1 1l1'1lgI1'1l1lI 111 11111 111111111 '11111 ,,1111 111.1111 111111 11S1' 111 11I1'1l' 11'1'111 111111' 11111111 N 4NN 1 . 1, 11 N11111 111111.11111 H115 1X1.1l1l11.l 51111111 111 111111'11s111g 111111 11'111'k1114 1113 111 111-1'1'111'111111 1111- 11111- K11l1l1AC111l111U11 11111 11 11111111111 1111111 11111 11 1111 ll lll 111 11111111115 " 1 - 1 I 'I 111 1Ix111111111111 111111 h'l11'-1,1'll11'1'11II1 1"1'111 1 1 1 1, 1 . 1 1 1 -109- 11111 .1 ,Y CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS R1,w lc N11-K1-11-1-1'. S1-1, 1111-. 11111111-11111-. Row 22 1Jf1111:111. .X1l11111:111. 11111:1lf 1111. N11' 15:11 1:11111. LEADERS' CLUB Row l: 111111111-1 1l111111:111. N1411w1111ll. l:11:1111:11111-. 111111111:111. N151 S1111111' '1'11111'il11:1k. 111'111.111. Rus' 11111, xy11l2ll'l'1l11i. Row 2: 51-111111, 1311111 131111111111 S11"111'1. 1'1'11'11'14. 5111111 111111, 11114, 1'1'11:111'11i11 Row 3: l':11111-11111. A1111- 1 1Y:1gl11'l'. XY11111'1i1. '- 11's 1111s 1111-1111 51111111111 11111l111s111x111 All 111111 ll5SL'1l113111'S, h11s111-1h1111 111111 11111131111 g.1111 ., .11111 111111 1111 1.111 .. ' ' " ' " 11111111 111111 '11 11111111 4 ' - 1' - - 1 - 1 1- . 1' LN . 1 1 . 1 . 1 ' ' " " ' 1 ' ' "1 ,' 1 "ii if ' 111 111 Q111111' 1111111l11b l111'111N h1 11111 Lllklzjllll' 1'l11:111'i11g SLl11'lC1 NIQ1111' 1l'111l1l1N 11111115, .1f111 5 . . 11111 1111111 11 11111111 1111 1111111 11111 1111111 11 1111111 11111 1 11111111111 111111111 Nliw 911-11:1 111111, spunx 11 -" ' s1111111 l.1111' 111-1'1-111111151 111111 this sp1111111i11 s111111 . 111 111 1111 1.111 1.1115 . 11111 1 11.1111111114 111l11l191'l1111i 1'111'111'111'1-11. 111111 1lll111J111lQJ,'. 11'e1'1- 11111'1111111'1-11 111111 1111- 1111111 1111 1111111 c111KL1l11 1118111 1118 ' '- '11 '- 1111111111-s 1-1'1-rv 111111- 1 1 111111111. 11111111 111111113 s11'p111'1l 111111 1111111 11. 111 4 ' ' ' " ' ' -' -' R ' . 1'11x1rs,wa1sa1111111111-11121111111111111111-s11111111. 51112111110 Nl1'1i11l - . -N -.1 . . . 1- 11111'111'X'1l1L'. 1121111 .1111111l1111, C11-1113111 ll111:11'11, Nz 11.111111 51 1111 1 1118111 1111111111111 1111 3' ll 111 R11 1 11 lx 111111-s N11'1'11l1'11l11l1. 111111 1i1111'111'11 11z1111:1k. 11'1'1'1- 1111 ', ly 1l' l'1' 1111111111 1'1N -nom 1-1'1111s K'l11'l'1'S, 1111 'W L LE llmc I.L'1lill'l'S' Club mn SIS "' ADERS' CLUB Y . 4. . 4. . . lm, of 5,1115 who wi-rc clmsvn for tha-ll' Qylllllllglll' illilllly. was um of ilu imui "All'lN ullxlllus Ill thc scln cal rx ml, llwofficelx Wm nu '. 'I' n'lw'Iccl from ilu' nlclcl' mm nlu-rs Ill llmll Ifnmlu pu-sicln-1113 I5llI'llIl15' 'I'wwcil11:1k. vim'c-prcsiclclmlg ,ln-nn Ruhluins. svvn-t:u1'x'-In I mal lhurlx' li'1um'm an mg th n" Kcll-"V " 'L mall clmzllrnlzm. ILQIHQ 1nl11mur'1l ,Q-num-Q 1 NN 5 '. , H. 1 N lxmz, Clillllllllllllx lilklllg llu- roll, ilmslrllvlillg vlnsm-N. :md In un UNL ut llu gun Clllllllllwlll wvu lllltillgj Ill'll1j'IlllllL'S whlvh ilu-v pcrilwlm-cl I vlcln-lxI1ip Ifruml Nlmlp. Ilfmm, l,m.1Ilx..1ml 5LIIHl11l'SI1iIJ xulm lhv quallltu-s fm' which ilu-5' s1r'm'c, X-X lmulx Nihllll. llw gvln LIIIARTIHI ui cr url lllllsl llll IIIUIIICIULI '1 lllllllk NNXIIIIIIIIHI, Irutx bwrn Lllllkk un' S ilu' spullsul' uf this CllL'l""t'lil' rwlgfzlllifq 'U ,, Ill n. H14 su . 1 'ilnvr VHQISI :mal ll fm-xx' Jl'iX'1llL' Ins I pau' -lI1- GIRLS' MUSHBALL Row 1: Krivich, Carpen- ter. Cvengros, Jula. Catznizafitc, Towdimak, Ilzirceskey, Stettler, l'e- tricko. Rapso. Row 2: Carnevznle, Nadzzxk, Brandt, Ferguson, Miss Spalir, l 'wininlf' Arnett, Ilcndrieke .m. St qc. GIRLS' SOCCER Row I: Szafaryn, Sapp. Skinner, Cain, Mnrsliall, Butchers. Miss Spalir, Prisiaz, llellas, Vagias. llosanne. Hanger, Kroncs, Farrar. Row 2: Ncimzui, , llumenik, Mamula, Ko- vacevic, llaukocik, Hrov- icli, Blackford, Mack, Su- dik, Yawnrsky. GIRLS' MUSHBALL Batting a musliball around the field is one of the seasonal sports a girl can really enjoy. 'l'liis year, twenty-tour of the most outstanding players of the sophomore. junior, and senior teams. were chosen and divided into two evenly matelied teams by Miss Marcella Spalir. 'l'lie line-up of the Army team included: Captain t'atanzarile, Lfvengros, Landis, Carnevale, jula, Arnett. lirwinf llurniak, Stettler, and Brandt. tlmifryk and Ilendriekson acted as Army subs. For Navy, there was: Captain 'l'oweimak, Pekareliik, Hil- liard, Lewis. Krivieli, l'etrieko, Strange, Ferguson, and lfardo. Navy substitutions included Carpenter and Rapso. 'l'lie vietor of tliis year's all-star game was the Navy team. 'l'lie umpires were Miss Spalir and Beverly liauman. 'l'lie seore keeper was Doris llurniak, --l12- GIRLS' SOCCER I A I-. K 1 s . r Slum QIIZIIIIS llllll xwul sm'k.a llglllll maulc ilu-ir '1ppc'1l"1m'L in Xmlnicl- Q Ilif I1 5 'l:- - I . 5 X" ilu yn ll xxlun tlu L'1lQ,1'l'l'Iy-IIXYZIIIULI sfvcrex' scnsfm Iwgnn. Svvl-nty-fmlr l1z1r'cI-kifkiwf KP ,urls clivimle-cl into one sn-niur, uw juniur. :xml llm-1' mph um st unnpl-l ilion. lluc .' I HIT IUZIIIIS Ill XI' 7l'Ii IIIJ NIIIIIC to bad xxulllul, ilu unulu-5 wcrc zlblc lu Imlcl unix' fr1l1r'pr-u'li'n-N Ihesv few lJI'2lCIlCl'S, IIIHYCYUI' warn un xull '.'f"'S1.' -' . ' ' '- zlllcmlc-cl. :md thc girls rcullx' I-l1'ux'l-cl J tl um lu IN they tore up :Incl clmvn ilu- ffmtlnll Iiclel in ulrm uf ilu lull . I I . GIRLS' INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE 5 I Row 1: Strltlm' I'1'isizlz. Troup. Rnpso. Row 22 Petricko, Czlrnevnlc. xK'ZlgllEI'. Arnett. -113- Q45 EVEIITS SEPTEMBER 28 We were so anxious to get back to school before 9:00 that we banged down the doors at 7 :00. 30 VVhile thinking that their green underclassmen will take over, the seniors are grieving about not being here a year 31 from now. First pep meeting: we'll meet St. George tonight. The first victorious feelingg the Dragons went home with I a 13-0 loss. It is now known that the new yearbook sponsor is Mr. 4 Desanzo. Organization meeting today. 8 Friday the thirteenth. Game with Mcliees Rocks at home. l 1 Another victory--4 0-0. At last everyone has become accustomed to the pefect 13 condition of the building, especially the paint job. The stadium will be lit up again. New Brighton comes over tonight. 15 The Crimson and Gold was sent home with a 14-0 defeat. 18 Get acquainted with the new teachers. Some are back from the armed forces. 22 We hope to score Beaver Falls when we get there tonight The new Silhouette Staff will hand out the first issue today. Z5 It was a close call, but we won-I3-7. The seniors are 26 extra neat-senior pictures. 2 7 OCTOBER The team is getting well prepared for the Aliquippa contest next week. The sophomores will be received to- night. 2 More pictures. Everyone takes a l'ing-Pong for the permanent record cards. 3 The first paid assembly-The Melody Trio. Rain can- 4 cels the big game until tomorrow. 5 Hooray! VVe won in spite of the mud. Final score: Am- hridge-l8, Aliquippa-4. Too bad. Report cards. 13 VVe'll go to Rochester for the second road game. I7 Some teaml We won Z4-6. A day off finally. The teachers will attend a convention 20 at New Castle tomorrow. -l14- Plenty of touchdowns Friday. We chased Sharon home with a. 30-0 score. Expert goblins and witches tonight. Arthur Gaeth, the famous commentator, spoke to us this morning. Only seven more months of school. NOVEMBE R We had a pep meeting to start off the new mon'h with another victory. North Catholic will be here tonight. Winning streak continued with 33-19 score. Lost game tonight. Everyone expected championship. No school-Armistice Day. Vacation is much needed after the defeat Friday. Visitors' day explains the presence of the parents in school. Big day. Afternoon will be spent seeing the junior Class Play. Ghosts, psychopathic patients, and a good cast produced a hilarious play. Second biggest dance of the year is postponed until Fri- day, December 13. Bad Luck? Group from Oak Ridge will spend the day here. There is talk of an Atomic Energy Council in school. Flash! Moe Rubenstein quits court duties. The football squad will be honored at annual banquet tonight. Oh goodee! Another vacation. Dismissed at 3:00 for Thanksgiving. DECEMBER They pulled us back into school with chains this morning. Oh well, it won't be long until Christmas. First basketball game-New Brighton. Those report cards again. Ben Ferrier gave a very interesting talk on VVhite VVater Explorations from Alaska to the Hudson Bay. Jinx is the theme for the junior-Senior Dance tonight. We've been hearing about engagements and even mar- riages among the students. The Silhouette thinks maybe it ought to print announcements. Impressive Christmas program. The Madrigal will carol this afternoon. Merry Christmas! See you jan. 6. I I. 4 6 7 8 9 I0 IS I7 '70 23 24 .4 ..- u1 -A L0 H-'Nl I2 I4 20 21 5 28 3 5 7., 1 6 947 EVEI1'l'S JANUARY Back to school after two weeks. Even the extension from jan. 2 to jan. 6 went too fast. The magic of Scheetz and Co. was missed by those who have Christmas today. Sharon game tonight. Semester tests are creeping up. The dafes are jan. 23 and 24. Gym Exhibition. The girls certainly worked hard during the vacation. The fourth month of school ends today. The staff is rushing to get the Bridger to press hy the first of the month. Community Concert tonight. A number of siudents are members. No game until Beaver Falls on jan. 24. Must be because of the exams. The great day has come. Do your best today and tomorrow. The team goes away to Beaver Falls tonight. Good luck. The teachers got envelopes, too. Aliquippa comes here for the big game. FEBRUARY Another month. The seniors are becoming sad about the neamess of May. Report cards: results of the exams and a semester of hard work. Miss Parson and her singers are getting set for the an- nual concert. The All State Chorus has representatives from Ambridge. The second Farrell game. Loads of luck to the Bridger quintet. Mr. Lincoln is the object of our blessings today. The vocationals will don burned cork, wigs, etc. for the minstrel today. It has become an annual event. The vocal matinee brought a huge response. Next to the last game. Beaver Falls at home. We'll hop across the river to meet our rivals for the last game. Since this isn't Leap Year, today is the last day of the month. Q MARCH t 120 days of school. The requirement is 180. End of the fourth six weeks period. That means report cards. N "4w+.t:-.Q ,, if :IQ Have you made an application flg"'t'he Activitfrmnce? . .Qlama and Papa will see those cards again today. .s ills- The public will hear the Vocal Concert tonight. Some of the boys are plotting a disguised entrance into the annual Yale-Princeton contest. Basketball season comes to an end with the exclusive female Yale-Princeton game. At 1:00 we will see Warren Lee Terry, the foremost American exponent of Gilbert and Sullivan. Today everyone is thinking of the up and coming vaca- tion. APRIL Au revoir for five whole days. Don't forget the finishing touches on your Easter outfit. A. H. S. once again installs members into the National Honor Society. The service is becoming more impressive each year. One of those days on which we get out a few minutes early -faculty meeting. The last paid assembly. Wesley Flanery spoke on-the Theory of Flight at 8:30. The band is slaving for the annual concert. Big day. Band, matinee, band evening concert, and those inevitable report cards. A full house is expected for the second evening hand performance tonight. The boys should have their prom dates by now. MAY Well earned awards will be given in' assembly today. The senior play cast came through with an outstanding class play. The month of May means semester exams. Exams for seniors today and tomorrow, They can attend the prom with unburdened minds. Last day of school for the seniors. The big event. Gowns and more gowns. Everyone is curi- ous about the decorations for the prom tonight. Baccalaureate Service. Sophs and juniors will wrack their brains today and to- morrow-semester exams. Dismissal at 3:00. Will be back for report cards on june 3. JUNE After twelve years the diplomas are here-commencement. Best wishes for an enjoyable vacation and goodbye from the graduates. just dropped in for a moment for the report cards. 4 4 4 Congratulations AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE Class of 1947 Wilkens Jewelry Co. AND THE Wilkens Amateur Hour 605 Merchant Street - Ambridge, Pa. 4 4 SPANG-Cl-IALFANT Division of The National Supply Co. AMBRIDGE, PA. Y Y . Welded 8: Seamless TUBULAR PRODUCTS ,ei 1 ,LI X i g r un viyci: Y r gl N 1 3-I-I SERVICE 01 mn ENCRWKQ ar! X' 5 9 X-'W if J it A A 1, I gy , 'IQ I 'ma IL ,tu f I .. r'ff'rog,,4,l x8v f K E LX, "J HN S OLLIER AGAIN" The siogan ti1at's imaclzemi lay genuine gooclness in quality and service, time result of 443 years successful experience in the yeariaooiz field. We finci real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- iaoolz puimiisixer, as well as your photographer ami your printer. .IAHN S DLLIER ENGRAVING CO Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD.. CHICAGO 7. ILL. -1l8- CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS mom ECONOMY BANK OF AMBRIDGE AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA SINCE 1905- The symbol of quality on wiring systems and fittings for every conceivable requirement. I! 9.5.5213 1'.E!,E stale AMBRIDGE LECTRIC PRODUCTS Compliments of BEAVER VALLEY PAINTING CO. II96 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA L+ ,eco cameo cc L A A-f AUTENRlETH'S DOLLAR STORE 5I9 Merchant Street JI. I-K HIGH QUALITY MERCHANDISE LOW PRICES TODAY, world's largest produce National Electric is the of electrical roughing-in KATCHER'S BALDWIN PIANOS Frigidaire Refrigerators - Electric Ranges Maytag Washers - Radios Easy Terms - No Finance Company iscwxxtxkkt-HS 3 . - " "" imtuimf qs ,age . ,mis j f -if f 'vraii fi 578 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Shop at G. C. MURPHY CO. The Friendly Store Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA DODGE PLYMOUTH I TED MICKEY'S FLOWER sl-lor WAGNER 8. FRASER Motorcars ancl Truclcs 998 Merchant Street Phone 23 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Beautiful Corsages BOUQUETS and GARDENS "Flowers for All Occasions" 7Il Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA REESE BROS. CHARLES R. RAPP WELDING MUSIC SHOP Portable Equipment Electric and Acetylene Quality Band Insnumems AUTO REPAIRS GUITARS - ACCORDIONS I Phones: Shop I-489 - Residence I-829 I Eleventh and Merchant Street I6OI Duss Avenue Ambridge, Pennsylvania Phone Arnbridge i085 -12o-.- W 6171947 gjd 'Scan-IJ' mga, My y,4...., ALJ on rgjulahons M f' U Z Xffff-KW-W , XQA6'-Jflf g I +R 6:,r0',ljA0-4-Q 1'-Joe! ff -M fa' 19 ,, 6 .,.c.H.srf1LBER,nc. , fav 'U Aiwa., +"'fZ4fQ.f ,0..,',w.,,.,4 K' 'Q' -S1214 6423 446,444 ,, 6 :,. . all WM 6"C"3l17i S UTUJI tw 'Q . I4 42743K r ' S' ' zoo!-f if . ,gt V, yu, ' K .I y I G77 7'o FICIAL f2HOT'OGRAPE,E saZ"UQ'4 fy Fone 1947 , of ' 'BD . 'J'g5'fW to ,890 NIJ .! Ira' L I org? 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ROBERTSON CO. I g PITTSBURGH, PA. i M1 4 WORLD-WIDE BUILDING SERVICE 4 4 v - Q MII" J U 5' - CONGRATULATIONS I TO CLASS OF "47" I - "1 -12 iiihf--f W ff-is f ' f--fffn-' 'f' W' H C L E R C I S WALL'S FEED STORE 507 Eighth Street C'-IUALITY GIFTS FOR AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA ALL OCCASIONS 72? :- A+: I A -O:f Yi 1 EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING lip: 1: 1: f 1-11' -:fl-1:1 ff :H :H ' I is I JACKSON'S SHOE STORE 0' 'Po 7I0 Merchant Street pa Phone 374 I I HOME OF BUSTER BROWN SHOES ' 543 Merchant Street --l25- Sincerely yours -QQ Uv Jw This airvraff hangar 'will lm 'warmed by radiant lmlling-a type of healing pioneered in the Ifnilrd Smfer oy Me fl. JI. Ryan Company. A "RADIANTLY" HAPPY FUTURE Because many Dads of Ambridge lligh School students are key men in the A. BI. 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' Phone 30 612-614 Merchant Street AMBRIQGE, PENNSYLVANIA MYTINGER AND COMPANY 570 Merchant Street Phone 335 Congratulations to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF l947 SKAPIK Real Estate and Insurance Agency Phone Ambridge 8 3l3 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA -126- ' , ,MV M'5""'z.Q. Jfkg,",We"'11u'rufss1f1:J11s W' '?" 'Q' jlfvgw jfijflp'Nm E 12- vi ' 'VV' ,V - Ubin? .I jg" ,, svv4'..f'- JW, . vu' L , ' y " , 2 2, , . 1 ,es W" "W I f I"" ,vm J . I Q . x ,,E,o ,W Cff0 51 X gp ff! 2 HW fi ff J ff'2'fw Q QQ QE X xm,ma.U ..: ' 11 0 A X .x x,, go .Q 1 . u , I, -' - s ' ff ,J V1 1, J' 'T' HUTUBBIIPHS 4 .,.- f ,uv if ' -if , v if Y . ' vary, I A ' f44 . J . U, r V ,VM-'J C 0 ,- ' Ml A - A .V .4 ff 2 , i A ,f , if M - dv xi '11 J ,f Q - ' . ll l K A vii, , 'l ll QL vf xx ' 7,-Lf 4 L, . Q, f ' X I .pf 'J iff! WV 5 K, X .f I V C fy K , M ff Q V .! F! ' XVI W 'f "I I 0 , 5 X JO' Q I Y' W I ENGRAVING-Jahn 81 ing Company, Chicago, Illinois, 'OVERS-Mueller Art Cover 81 Bi ompany, Cleveland, Ohio, 'RINTING-Craftsmen-Ziegler Company, Butler, Pennsylvania, PHOTOGRAPHY- ,ll or X Colao Studios, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanis 8: Ronaldo Studio, Ambridge, Pa. News Tribune, Beaver Falls, Pa. Howley Studio, Ambridge, Pa. - 128- l 0 f , Q , . . tbl, . A iw f , IP f NT , M M " ,Qty If V I. -5 1 -,WN -- 4, . . '.1',,...g. gf 6 M3 fy 3 - '. Ang. ,. f ' up Q N -11.1 azavmf .. ...V ,vm er, A If .r.g.,-:,,, A ,A i..,. A ?f'ff"'?-,ff 1 1, J 3 " f-Jw ig! ,515 if 54,41 Mpww 74e6Zcw40ffW6wiw

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