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 - Class of 1955

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,YL S-.3 ,rf ,NM J ., I N .1,.,W,,, , In K 7 S 5 S x i x A A va-.. fx xii- .1 V ,, 3 ..- g 5 r 4, ,B A , Ixli 1 A , I R . X .. f' X Y fx .Alt , ' ,gg , 4. m A A -N. N- . sig g ai t 14- 61 Q Q , ki lf 1"- HSS: 4- 5 , 6 ' ' 1 k ' ' .N ' ,L-Zk -fr Q A L ,gk h .J i I K K K X Q V QQ., Q --NA Y' XC , -, -kill' ' I .-T f L1 VL .35 , urls if . a ' ', ' A N " ' L3 .. , ' " Linens Q. Ek K U s M 5 -Mu : ' A' 2 I 4 V J , 1 i 1 pl E 1 W in "i 5 if f ' ' , f 5 K i , I , I A., " E riqn- " an , 2 , ' fi 1 in , N wi - x ff , ' 3 ggi X 4 ' 3 X. Q A 1 Aj K 1 11 , ww, . A 542, is xp 3 : 1 3k 'i ,V iv. I :L-3 3 , A 'tj E b F5.. 5 I 7 .K,V - ' V l gy K A BNA ..,,k , li yi Q , 5 ,3,,,.. 3 hy, 2 ' B Q 'fy ' V -2Lf L - V 1 . ,Q ' f", ., ' ' I w N 'N N W l. Q 0 V . -g, JPL 1 Q, K K ,. ww, . .5 fi if :fl f I V Q lm 5 . , I A at lhf . , 3 A - W ' ' f 1.' 'ifiib w wf S Y YC ' N 5 'fy ' f ' ' - G p . 4 ,V 2 ,llk k k .iki frg ir wig. , ' ..f gi? ?L xx . K! ? Lg, ug, , i I L , , i 'ig' . L ,. K 1 , - "Qi 5 if I? 'J ' M i - V 4 ' 'M F I 3 T '11 Q' 'W x , H' Q at ' V Wt X? l g vt -,N :W .' Hi ft' W " K 'K -I K V V T I L A ' Af? A. A . . 'L ..' , L ,- . "' A Nb X S. M 4 - K 9 A ,Q , ..,.,: 3 , i VVV ,f 4 Q ,V Nm VH .ty V' , h , J V A Q ., xA I , t fv. rag , Q ' I!! 'gyy 5p1i, 3 x W . Q 4, H , W5 - kg, fu N -A , W. al af fl 4, , 5, W -. 3,1 l . X . . fa- M an , , 1 ,, i fu , A A w A U L' B rlav .1Q, 7 " 7 Avlz S , A Hr, .,.. , A , -.M my r V I X K ' ,V , Q JW s f Q Q MN' A . 5v.:f I I 5 . :Aggie . h hxz 1 2 :,.. I 'k,.' I V' 5, E ' 1 . ' K ' ' A ' . 'A ' x L' bv "'L 5 E,, 771, -" K' x vw 'A " -A . . ' gb. Q W A H , f if A ,Q TW ,, mf., M ., . fy, f if A 'S 145 Q JJ "" A 1.QE0'N. Ofm W qfwysv' xy!! I 7 j ,W ,D M5 kwa 3 fy In Q, .ffgvfaffb pf M10 V11 ff' UDL ff rf ff! ,fvi kw ,Q Y, Q ,WJ 1 M WM M5507 M pl WWF xox . 4 JW 4Qff.s2L1!J M7 Nomgpoom gig!-6if,ivf, Z!4b,,,,5Lf A J"'Lfff-' L QQ, M cg, 5 L QR 0 W 1 M By! fifvf1JC' T'f3 f7N-MCUZV C Q fd iffy if JQQLWL' BCCJL 1 'Q 4 N uit! 517'-f 0, Q" gy wr On the pages of this book is Written the story of one of the hap- . piest years of our lives. The "Bridger" staff of 1955 invites you to join us in reliving these Ma ur en'o Pages. Y YO J Y ment equal ours. 'dmv-" fi ny, e X "LET ME SHOW YOU THROUGH fffhl Y if L 5' N Q., i x wx fr . gg' f , u. - x 1' lEf ME2. I lNTR0DUCE You K , v w X J ,M fa gy, ff Z M 1 Qx AW M y U , 1 ,ff , f JJ X X5 Q, k ?f SHN' W K, K' Wi , 'r I M ' if WE HONOR MR.AXTEll MR. GEORGE AXTELL We honor him because we are extremely grateful for his unselfish devotion to Ambridge High School. Much of the success ofour civic activi- ties, athletic events, and stage dra- matic work is due to the tireless efforts and interest of this worthy teacher. To him, we of the Ambridge High School, dedicate this volume. "He guides their eyes from himself to the S irit that quickens hi, . i MT MI If 'V xg' fy 4 W! wf0Mf'Aj' i 9,1 Wifi, AQ kfjfpww 1 Jmy X", Dj' Myffjfiffliy JMWM ig MU, MQWM6 W QM! Here we introduce those who were our in- structors, advisors and friendsg whose kind un- derstanding and wise in- struction has helped us toward greater achieve- ments. BOARD OF EOUCATI X , N fl f' A :wt L, ii i SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Our busy superintendent is always hard at work trying to better our schools, yet he always finds time to come to pep meetings and assemblies or to observe classes. His encouragement and keen interest in our development is greatly ap- preciated. frm yt,y ON 4 . MRS. MARY LEIPER MR. CARL RAIMONDI !'MRS. ETHEL STEIN MR. EUGENE CAPUTO f YR? Q T fix' I Wsf x 41,5 5 . - K ,, ,, , I A 2 5 , , S ffwf' ,M I Q 'ww N- MR. ELMER BLANARIK MR, THADDEUS NAWROCKI MR. JOHN GRAHAM MRS. MARTHA KLUZ ve, DR. EDWARD FOREST 6 ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT DR. LEO TAGGART Dr. Taggartis not often seen, but his influence is felt continually. We,know that in him, we have found a lasting friend. MISS ESTHER BAEURLEIN MISS IRENE KAMINSKI :nap s --" , - w ui -uw ' " K 5 'ix ' gig? Q E 1' 1 E., ...,, ML , 1- x ., Q ,F J E X fi. E , 1.1 ' iii MRS. JEAN ROSCOE MISS CAROL WISNIEWSKI v ,k,' , ,. ,ug-,mf if m ,WEE X, ffiwef ef S 54 , + 'W X , 'fi M H , . fiiii D " ' I i f S ' .l4, , f ,Si's H N X R M , X X' ,D J, V 41 MRS. JEAN FISHER N Q A " , X S ' V' MISS HELEN MINDEK K' Fil W 4 ' Y v K XJ li f A J E A N QU Q ' V xy , .E 75 W MISS PATTY sov1cH X i S X . K N A Y I MRS. BETTY SCHUSTER X Wy E y X X N XX 4 N 7 X N X J his X EN XQ -L fe f' x,, C' ff' 732 CFLLNJJ QC 'Z ' 47 'ff 14 g'Cf1 30 Q if -egg? ZW MU? DR. MICHAEL SERENE Dr. Serene is among our most trusted friends atAmbridge High. He is never too busy to greet a student with a cheery "hello" and a smile. We will remember him, long after grad- uation W , y , Qfffiil' 'F I L srsi L sreie L L L L , L nngnn Q ,, Q Q grss me if nrrr gngrs 5 d Mlss LOUISE SERAK A Mlss CAROL STEWART dd A ' i L Q i Miss DOLORES ROSEN i J: L glhuhg T L MRS. FLORENCE ROBINSON 1 'X L gg ML .2 , . I OK Mis ANN SINCHAK Lrnn L L C ' ' ,, ' V X ISS STOLAR L A Lx GJ , V "'L f' IOANJONES 6 My XJ Miss HELEN MANOS f Q B , gm ,.LO W,A:g z ge E R b 8 O LLLL MR. JOSEPH HLISTA Although we have felt Mr. I-I1ista's stern guidance, We know that our Welfare is his first purpose. We are sure thatwith his assistance, Ambridge High School will reach qifiijiw W IWW t Mb K U I W I At work in the superintendenvs office. I f In the finance office. 9 ' 0 --. Ikx '-5,12 x,:, K, 'ff 2 2731, Qi? XF., 'is I- :gp --,, 'M fyff I H.. fi . A QT47 XX! NPC, V, L lr Kiwi -7. ,I tw , 77" Cx?" S T17 I 'ici' Xa! bk f no ' 2, 7 'cu Nfl- w- 'MC E- K... C ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL IN I I I ,JI 5' Q Abi II X ,I IX I I3 I If ,I I my If I 'xg Inf I Qty,--' . .' fel: I," I L 'I W2 DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM DR JOSEPH BENKERT Iovial Dr. Benkert is never too busy to lend a help- ful hand. Always seen in the halls and classrooms, his joy- ful manner has made him a trusted friend of the students. T U T fa D JVM J A ,X . nw J, y vbp JP T me iv W W xg R Ymxyf Wy' QW' ,Wu DM ,jjj ZU!! U New ,H K Eff fl UU ' TMQLZWT VJ!!! KU -W C T1 il Q W M if W My W U Us ,ff VU JU MDW bid y T UU PU fgkwpf f w 49 W7 STUDENT COUNSEll0R DR. WILLIAM BINING Dr. Bining is known to us all. We have found his coun- sel helpful and available at all times. Many of us will owe our careers to his guidance. n 1 X 4 N r ,K5 4 T. , .' . ww " 'Aw of QMVV1 . , 1 , If .2 4 5 I ' 1 " ' M ,P k in ff' f 2 ,,,. ffn fi 'fad ,ff ALMA ADAMS Typing I GEORGE C. AXTELL Electrical Shop MICHAEL BELEY Industrial Arts k. TWILA BOVARD WILMER ADAMS Civics JOHN C. BARNER English I A ,X rl N ,N f T EJ T. BET1'3l,fBIl?:HS ,Q A lgegrgffl ,'i" I I fi T -- i ' I R, if A. 3 . all X if ui UA MX 1 Ji r A 1' i C A , u i ' :J I.- XU . if' , ,f J' fl ww-V Nr JO!-iN BUDI.MIR xg! OUR TEACHERS STRIVE ETHEL ALTHAUSER , . English IV , fijgilgifi, , II ,l,L GEORGE BARTH Mechanical Drawing W ROSE BOGOVICH World History JACK V. BURNS Registrar Economics General Math JOHN E. CHAPALA WALTER CHAPALA Louis D. CICCHINI ,. Auto Driving Industrial Arts Junior High Art L 5 Metal Shop ' i "" tlltiill ' BETTY Lou CONRAD KATHARINE COSTANZO FRANK w. DESANZO 5 g A Library Science American History English vxgt ,ggi g Library Dfamafics I sail i Tss A S I I ' ' ii,, ' i -- " tstlt I A We I I 'Q 4 ,A nj u V iw W - l 1 9 it ffl' f 4 ' 'L W Q L mf EDWARD DRA KE Physical Education WILLIAM GORDON Auto Shop AN . T rp' I Ge ral. B ' Training History Cafeteria ROSE KOZAK C' OSEPH A LOMBAR RUTH H LUTMAN MARY MARGARET MCKEOWN STANLEY B MALECKI Secretarial Practice World History A II III V Shorthand II Machine Shop Shorthand II Economic Geography Typing I -, A . . ---AND INCREASE OUR ABILITY MICHAEL MALINICH JR. ELINORE B. JOSEPH R. Vocational Carpentry MERMELSTEIN MONTOZZI Typing Instrumental Music JOYCE H. MRKONIC ELLA NICHOLSON THOMAS S. OSSO German Home Economics Spanish 1, II American History REBECCA PALMER ROBERT PALMER ESTHER MARY PIANTANIDA Junior High Gym Chemistry General Science DWIGHT F. PIPER JOHN H. PIPER WALTER J. PRUSICK Pla ne Geometry Algebra I, II Related Mathematics LAURA JEAN RICE KATHRYN ROSS LEONARD H. ROTHERMEL Vocal Music English II Senior Science Related Science MAURICE RUBENSTEIN HAZEL RUSSELL MICHAEL SEBASTIAN General Business Problems of Hygiene Training Democracy Gym 14 , I .Q mf f Q I II , EI? I-Ei? kv gs I ' ,B 555 Egg s 25 X' ' r.r ,, - Itrll .. , ,.!: f, W if 6 we 2 ef I' yyn, LLLI 2 s .. ,'.. W, .1 2 3 3 si 5 .5 S W ,VIII MIL FOR DAIIY LIVING at- I ROSE MARY SETTINO Home Econo- mics MARCELLA M. SPAI-IR Health Education Physical Educa- tion MYRTLE TREMBLEY English IV PAUL R. VOCHKO Science Health fix ,i n.,,a 7, LYSLE P. SHAFFER English III Speech VETOLD W, SPORNY Instrumental Music RUTH TROLL Music WILLIAM I. WILCOX Mechanical Draw- ing Related Drawing sekwb -I-.M'.Zi, irI,i 1tI,t .V .,,, 'I 1 , ' ' 1 ' A it ROSEMARY SHENOT English III NATHANIEL STEINBERG Physics Senior Science MARY TUNNEY English JOHN I. WYLLIE Pennsylvania History MARIE C. SMITH American History THOMAS T. TEDESCO Mathematics MILO M. UIEVICH Biology Driver Training IMOGENE YOST Physical Education ALBERT LUKACHEK History JOSEPH STRANGES Geography CONSTA NCE FIRICH Home Economics MISS FRANCES LESNICK Music , , 49 ft' ww f' IIII We talk about interesting things as We eat. We look forward to the appetizxng , dishes served in the cafeteria. We are urged to have an X Ray annually. f The senior girls enjoy their annual tea. -' ill ,P 131. 'bg I' ui R 1 Xa Meet Mr. Baconf our Tluant Officer 'fmt' Tia- check-ups to prevent cavities. ,nfkgx The phone booth is usually in demand at lunch time. Dr. Perris suggests periodic dental 2 s Dr Gaydos examines many students each week, a w Th se are the students at A b d Highg those with whom I gh d ork These are the f d 11 b h S ,i'1' ' 11 h gh h ld y F' KJ' W GJ W! Q! M449 vf 1 'fb nflfbif 1 jallvfl lfgmfggwff N Eff 'LW h 'J S' EL M W JL P fy K fha fwyyifpjztlf MLW 52, M NWA if Vfffqlq WM V A QM? 'W Q ' C3 W c . "NOW MEET THE CLASSES" CLASS OF I955 RUTH ANN ABBOTT "Ruthie" -Commercial Rather quiet and refined, A better pal you'l1 never find. Concessions Typing Club Teen-A ge Book Club ROBERT ADASIAK-A cademic "Buzzy " A handsome guy, a singer too: In basketball he always comes through. Band Boys Glee Club Bowling MARIAN AMSLER-Academic "Mar" A nice girl who's very neat, She has a voice that's clear and sweet. Madrigal Concessions Usherettes VAUGHN ARNOLD-General "Randy" He's a boy who's hair is sandy, To his friends his name is Randy. E! Vkk A ., SANDRA ADAMOWSKY "Sandy"-Academic Three big cheers for our girl, Sandy, For Yale-Princeton she is dandy. Yale -Princeton Madrigal Finance Committee KENNETH ALBERTS "Kenny" -Vocational Teachers never know what he'll do or say, He's the reason their hair turns gray. 2 fsz "-r Z t if E t " Ewa' ,W , Q 9 .., . ii ELIZABETH ANGLEMYER "Dolly" -Commercial Dolly's wedding day is set, All her plans are definite. Junior Red Cross Girls Glee Club LOUIS ASPIOTES-General "Lou" Lou is a little shy, But he'll get by. Boys Glee Club Intramural Sports BOB ANTOLINI-General "Guado" Often heard but seldom seen, Bob is always on the beam. Band Patrol LEAH DIANE AUSTIN "Di"-Academic She's a real swell gal, One can find no better pal. Madrigal A AJAI A 5 if Asif i at g',,,' , sf' K t ,N is W ' B is .V . X 5 HY CARMELLA ANTONUCCI "Carmie" -Academic With looks and brains she can't be beat, To know Carmie is a treat. Usherettes National Honor Society Junior Class Play MARIJO AVERSA -Academic NIO.. A cute brunette from Highland hill, A wee bit shy but friendly still. Silhouette Exchange Editor Student Council Madrigal g g C . V" ,sl t ,wif xxr I 231. H 5512232 :E JOHN BALICKI-Academic "Baba" Always with a cheerie smile, John is a true friend all the while. WILLIAM L, BARRICKMAN "'Bill " -General Calm and collected, full of joy. In our estimation, a very fine boy. Boys' Glee Club PHILLIP L. BANKOWSKI "Banks" -General We'll take Phil any day, Because he's nice in every way, Track Patrol Intramural Basketball CARL BARTO-Vocational "Carl" Happy is Carl, from care he's free, Why aren't we all, as con- tented as he? C 1 ROBERT BARANYK-Vocational "Bob" As a friend he's on the level, But in homeroom, he's quite a devil. RUSS BA SA LYGA -General "Bass" A little wink for passersby, I-lere's a happy sort of guy. Track Intramural Basketball ROGER BARNHOUSE -Vocational "Barney" Always quiet, sometimes shy, Makes Barney a real swell guy. PATTY BATCH-Commercial "Pat" Quiet, sweet, and very kind, A friend like Pat is hard to find. Leaders' Club Girls' Patrol Y-P Cheerleader JOSEPH BEECH -Vocational "Joe" Ioe appears to be very shy, But he's really a well-liked SPY- LOUIS I. BENEDICT -Academic "Lou" As Council President, he's the best, Always friendly and full of zest. President of Student Council President of Thespian Society CLASS DF 1955 y CELIA E. BECK-Commercial "Toots" I. V l ja., Always cheerful, a pleasant 24- friend, We Q Celia's true until the end. Booster Club 4 WILLIAM JOSEPH BELAK 1 "Bill"-Vocational V Seldom heard, but often K V , I , l y seen, fr snu our Bin is on the beam. , ,, ascc llles 19 Hostess Club MARGARET BEVARD " Peggie " -Commercial Here's the latest news we hear, Peggy's wedding day is near. Junior Red Cross Football Concessions JOAN BIRCIW-Academic ..Io.. Always friendly with a smile, For a friend she'd walk a mile. Silhouette Representative Usherettes PETER BIZIC -Academic "Pete" RICH BIALORUCKI-Vocational "Rich" Rich is quiet and rather small, A real nice guy, all in all. DONNA JEAN BISSEN "Don" -Commercial Don has pretty, dark, and wavy hair, Lots of friends and skin so fait. Concessions Madrigal Girls' Glee Club DONALD BLACKFORD "Blacky"-Vocational ccnyy it av- C W si ALICE MARIE BIENIA "Alice" -Academic With her sincere friendliness, She'll go through life in happi- ness. Tardy Checker Usherettes Girls' Sports RALPH BITSKO-Academic "Ralph" Behind the twinkle in his eye, His pep and fun in life do lie. Track Cross-Country Band In track and art he does excel, Blacky's always ready for fun, In future years he'll do quite well. National Honor Society Track Homeroom President JOYCE ANN BLACKFORD "Joyce" -Commercial Cute and sweet in every way, Joyce gets nicer every day. Madrigal Princeton Cheerleader Usherettes On the go from sun to sun. NANCY BLASKO-General "Nancy" Nancy's a girl that's nice to meet, A real cute smile and oh so neat. CLASS OF 1955 20 MARION BIGRIGG-Commercial "Marion" Marion is likeable and she's sweet, So very nice a girl to meet. Boosters' Club Program Committee Concessions BARBARA ANN BITTNER "Barb" -Academic A nicer girl cannot be found, If you search the world around. Madrigal Usherettes Tardy Checker E Sgt 'ri A L , ,St if - ,X ' -1 X N . ,ili , V GLADYS JEAN BOHINSKY "Tootsie"-Commercial Always a smile, never a tear, There's always laughter when Tootsie's near. Girls Glee Club Football Program Committee Girls Sports LOUIS BOYKINS JR. -Academic "Little Lou" His winning smile is one so rare, Only with basketball can it compare. Varsity Basketball Track Patrol CLASS OF 1955 CLARA BLAZA KIS -General "Clara" Clara's attractive and real sweet, A nicer girl you'll never meet, Glee Club Usherette THEODORE BLISHAK-Academic "Ted" He's a boy whose hair is sandy, And he treats everyone just dandy. FANNY BOLIMOS -Commercial SHIRLEY ANN BOSANAC uE-ann A lovely girl who's cute and slim, "Fan" always looks neat and trim. Finance Committee Girls Glee Club Boosters Club MARY RACHEL BRAMBLE "Rach" -A cademic In many things she did excel, In cheering she did very well Cheerleader National Honor Society Madrigal "Shirl"-Commercial A member of the Princeton PEGGY BLA ZIER-Academic Wag., Twinkling eyes, poised, and sweet, Our Peggy's hard to beat. Madrigal Yearbook Staff Usherette ELIZABETH BOGOSIAN "Chee-Chee" -Commercial She's a gal with lots of pep, And with this she's got hep. Finance Committee Usherettes Girls Glee Club A LAN BOWAN-Academic UAV. He's yearbook photographer and team, a swell guy, In everything she's on the beam. Full of fun and not too shy. Yale-Princeton Madrigal L eaders C lub Silhoue tte Representative LAUREL BRUTOUT -Academic ..Louy.. Always laughing, always jolly, Things just go right for our Lolly. National Thespian Leaders Club Silhouette Photographer Track MARGARET JANE BUDRIS "Peggy" -Commercial Peggy's very nice and sweet And her smile cannot be beat. Tardy Checker Girls Sports Booster Club li- x CLASS OF 1955 LARRY BUFALINI-Academic "Buff" A real sharp guy, full of fun, Buff is liked by everyone. Band Homeroom officer Student Council BRUCE CAMLIN-Academic "Bruce" Bruce is nice we all agree, He'll go far, just wait and see, Band WARREN R. CAPENOS "Capie"-Vocational Capie has a flashy car, We wonder if it will take him far. Madrigal Boys Glee Club Shop Foreman RAYMOND ERNEST CHOP "Chop" -Academic Here is one that's quite a guy, Full of fun and never shy. Football National Honor Society N1 Q ,i ,fs p ,. A ii NORMA IEAN BURZESE "Breezy"-Commercial Full of vigor and lots of vim, Norma's smile is sure to win. Band RICHARD CAMPBELL-General "Lee" Lee is crazy, full of fun, He has a smile for everyone. Cafeteria Worker THEODORE CARODISKEY "Ted" -Vocational Ted is hep and on the ball, A real swell guy liked by all. ALEX CHURCHIN-Academic ..Alby.. Over here and over there. You'll find Alby everywhere. Football Intramural Basketball 753333. , E 'is 9!lsauq t 3 1 i 1 1 -' - ' I rx ,,,- H, ,,,. A 4. i ft- ' , ' - ' 1 'tr j V1-t 5 ei' a s, 'iQ'f't?fg 'L we , X MARIJANE CARRODUS "Boodles" -General A little quiet is this lass, But one of the nicest in our class. Usherette Concessions Committee Boosters Club GERTRUDE M. CORLISS "Gertie" -General To be a cook is her ambition, Just picture Gertie in her kitchen. IOSEPHINE RUTH CASA LE "Ia y" -Academic Sparkling smile and so pretty, Jay is also very witty. Junior Red Cross HARRY CRANE-Commercial "Harry" A real swell guy is our Harry, Full of fun and ever merry, -1g,,,,e fff-- - its "ya -L .. ,, H11 '11 'N A ,ii '. Q, 'N iff f::,.: 25452 f.-L rrif. , - . ' w if f ':" 92 ' " ' il- it , ,fag 1 I ,,. Q K, - ,,,, , ' A in kt .L Q JIM CVITKO-Vocational "Whitey" Jim may prove to be quite a cat, But, he's a friend in spite of that. CARMEN DeROSE, JR. "Carmen"-Vocational We'll give you this on the level, Our boy Carmen is really a devil, Boys' Glee Club A if ALFRED DAHMA-Academic "Alphy" Flashy clothes and curly hair, Alphy is liked everywhere. Basketball JEROME DeSANTIS-Vocational "Jake" Jake is often found amidst his pals, He's also friendly with the ga is ,, . UsiiJi35a75i5Efni,122L 5- 'S :: F' . . .. I Q yyfln lstas S ROBERT DANNIBLE-General nsobu Seldom heard, but often seen, His smile is really keen. Biology Club Audio Visual Aids Committee DON DIONISE-Academic "Horse" ln football Don does real well, As a pal he's just as swell. ls, Football JOHN DODARO-Academic GORDON DAVISON-Vocational "Gordo" Stage craft isn't as dull as it may seem, With Gorde to keep it on the beam Sound and lighting squad Maintenance squad CARL DOBROSIELSKI-Vocational "Morton" Carl has a real nice car, But his smile takes im twi e, s ' v NANCY DOUBLE-Academic K IP! "Dede " "NWC " On the gridiron he did shine, A little girl who's cute any And his looks are doubly fine, neat, wf Madrigal And proves to be twice as Boys' Glee Club sweet. Football National Honor Society f f Cheerleader Girls' Patrol X ROBERT DREXLER-Academic CHARLES DUNN-General "Drex" "Chuck" As a homeroom leader his is When January comes, it sets best, Chuck wishin', Always friendly, full of zest. Senior Class President Student Senate Madrigal That school was out, and he was fishin' Band Z3 cuss or 1955 'SD' Q 'Ja by JANYCE DUNN-Academic "Jan" A real nice figure has our Jan, And year 'round, the most beautiful tan. Student Council Leaders' Club Gymnastics Club GLORIA EVANITSKY -Academic "Glo" Being art editor of the Bridger '55 Her jokes have kept the staff alive. Yearbook Staff Madrigal Historical Society DONALD FERANEC-General "Don" Though Don has many mischie- vous ways, He always brightens the darkest days. Basketball MARYLOU FETCHIN -Academic "Mary1ou" Her personality is sweet, She's always poised and always neat. Homeroom Officer Finance Committee Girls' Sports JOHN E. DZUBAK-Academic "Jack" Jack's the best as we all know, In every way, a real good "Joe". Football Baseball RICHARD FABERT -Vocational "Turtle" Lively, peppy, full of dare, Richie's friends are everywhere. SA LLY FERBAS -Commercial "Sal" A cool dresserg quite a doll, She sure is liked by one and all. Yearbook Representative Boosters Art Club MICHAEL F. FEZAR-Academic "Mike" A likeable guy with a friendly grin, That's how we'll always re- member him, Boys' Patrol Boys' Glee Club Bowling Team CLASS OF 1955 24 JANET MARIE ESSEK "Janet" -Commercial Lot's of fun and friend to all, In every way, she's on the ball. Band DALE FAUSER-Academic ..Da1e.. At track meets he runs away, But with the girls he's here to stay. Cross-Country Track -s 55 I5' 3 '1 -- ' Z ,.t,.,,tt., f JOHN ESSEK-General "Poopsie" Crazy, laughing, lots of fun, In our book, he's number one. Band Baseball FRAN FEDUSKA -Academic "Fran" She's a charmer, lovely and kind, A sweeter girl you'll never find. Class officer National Honor Society Madrigal ,. -1- -Q. ,y ,.. . . -' ""' , . Y Q 'wwf y 4'2:' il l at 4 L W -V w.. n will if r r- Q? R 92 ,, .- ,Qt -. X1 Q ,a r - Y 3 RUTH ANN FORNEY "Ruthie" -Commercial Not too serious, not too gay, But a rare good friend in her own wa y. Girls Glee Club Concessions ORYSIA GA LADZA -Academic "Orysia" Easy going, sweet and sincere, With these, she'll have a great career. Madrigal Girls Glee Club Concessions EILEEN FREED -Academic "Pitzie" An adorable starry eyed girl, By those boys she puts in a whirl. Yale-Princeton cheerleader Silhouette Representative Concessions IOE CARMIE GALIETTI "Slops" -A cademic Unassuming and rather shy, 1oe's a very well-liked guy. Track Intramural Basketball CLASS OF 1955 HELEN FIGEL-Commercial "Helen" Helen's good at sports and such, A very sweet girl, we like much. Gymnastic Leaders Club Basketball ROBERT FLETCHER-Academic "Bob" Slow and steady, a right good man, Always nice to have on hand. Cafeteria Worker l-lomeroom Officer WILLIAM FUEGI-Vocational "Bill" Bill is nice all the while, He is known for his smile. MARITA JUNE GARLITZ "June" -Academic June is so very neat, A girl who is nice to meet. DONNA FLEMING-Commercial "Ponchi" Donna may appear to be quiet and shy, But she always ready with a real sweet "Hi. " Cafeteria , If . :V sf, THEODORE P. FOBER "Ted" -Vocational Ted is friendly, there' no doubt, In the world he makcgbt. N T ll KATHLEEN R. Ess K sw "Katy" -Commercbal Katy is a lot of fun, N A girl liked by ever ne. Girls Glee Club gl PAUL H. GAULT -Academic "Paul" ln our class he's mast , In his work he's n beh' . lg Thespian T ,X Madrigal Debate if rv ,!"K., is ,,..,. p . ,. . 1l5Q 9D 4 'lf' wil FJX J XJ l 4 CLASS OF 1955 CAROLYN ANN GEFELLER "Carolyn" -Academic To be a nurse is her desire, She is a girl we all admire. Historical Society Silhouette Editorial Staff Girls Glee Club LEWIS GIAMMARIA "Lew" -Commercial A steady going, fun-loving lad, Here's a boy you'l1 never see sad. Band BOB GRAND-Commercial "Bob" Bob has seen no better days, Then when acting in school plays. Thespian Silhouette Canteen Committee DOLORES MARIE GULISH "Dolly" -Academic Bright and gay, In every way. Hostess Club Girls Sports .IOSEPHINE GENOVESE "Jo" -Commercial To meet her is a treat, Because she's smiling, always neat. Junior Red Cross Cafeteria STELLA VIRGINIA GIBBONS "Gibby" -General Gibby has dimples, oh so sweet, A wonderful girl one likes to meet. JOAN GRAY-General "Joanie" Joanie's driving is the best, She can pass through any test. Usheretres Hostess Club LILLIAN GUZAN-Commercial "" A friend to you and a friend to me, That is always what Lil will be. Madrigal Finance Committee Girls Glee Club t ul l!! I s ii I 3 N as it 1- Mm . ff' A " 3 ' 1 'K+ t pigs I eg, U JOSEPH GRUSZCZYNSKI "Joe"-Academic Joe may seem like a quiet guy, But all in all he's not shy. Track Boys Glee Club Madrigal JOAN HALAICO-Commercial "Shorty" That shy smile and twinkle in her eye, Is what we like and that's no lie. Booster Club Girls Glee Club Girls Sports 1 I I i ' A kkkrg K 5 ' I I i PATRICIA GULA -Academic "Patty" A sweet lass who 's not too tall, Patty has a smile for all. Madrigal Historical Society S llhoue tte Representative RAYMOND HALL-Academic. ..Ray.. Of our class he's a silent member, Nevertheless, one we'll all remember. Track Cross Country Student Council I ff ..,,,,. : WV, . ,,V .. :., K .. ,,i f i t , , ,tzti 1 "ii in IIIIIII k ilil. I I as wi-'K , ' a. ,J . .pq " I I 5 Bi is , t gif 'Rt 9 ,,., -f , 1 l if . , gyqt::- E, ,, n my , -.w" " .. 1 ,- -f ,ref Us., .rf-msg, MICHAEL E. HALLAS "Mike" -Voc ationa l A lot of friends he has won, Because he speaks to everyone. Boys' Patrol Football Patrol GRETCHEN HARSCH-Academic "Gretch" Smart, sweet, so sincere, Gretchen's a friend through all the year. Yearbook Advertising Football Usherettes Silhouette Representative DORIS MARLENE HA NLON "Babe" -Academic Clever and good looking to boot, In the band, she plays a flute. Activities Band Thespian Society Junior Class Play P EGGY A . HA RT LING "Peg" -Commercial LOIS HARBISON-General ..Lo.. A girl who can play the piano well, And whose voice is just as swell.. Orchestra M ad ri gal Concessions PATRICIA ANN HEDZIK "Patti" -Commercial Long brown hair and sparkling Cute and nice: sweet and neat, eyes, She's a gal known by all the guys. Madrigal Concessions Girls' Sports il' I-Iere's one dish that you can't eat. Homeroom Officer Gyrrmastics Yearbook Typist KURT ERNEST HELBIG "Son" -Vocational ROBERT A. HARSCH-Academic "Bob" Bob's favorite game is basket- ball, But he can make a score with all. Homeroom Officer Concessions Basketball ALFRED B. HEIBERT "Al"-Vocational Happy go lucky, this curlyhead Is everyone's buddy--'nough said. Shop foreman LAURA ANN HERMESMAN "Laura" -Academic This dark haired lass is sugar A happy guy on our stage crew, Always knows just what to do. Homeroom Officer Stage Squad Maintenance CAROL HETTISH -Commercial "Carol" A nicer girl no one can find, For she is the true and loyal kind. Madrigal Usherettes Concessions and spice, To us she stands for everything nice. Biology Club Girls' Glee Club Dramatics DIANE M. HILL-General "Diane" Diane's good at sports and such, Everyone likes her very much. Concessions Girls' Sports Booster Club 2.7 CLASS OF I955 1, Q., ,V 5 5325 My .,, xiii if r. W- .- ., , few:- f :,. fl :K ' If ' S' vii W 'tgl' 'is 'Sli 543 ' .,g, 1. ,, v m i ff- '-5, .V .u gfi .- V-fr., ' f s 1.35: Vg , ' srsafz. --.Z ,- 'Q . 1 Km.h- - ,Q r ROSE MARIE HIMME "Bibbles"-Commercial Happy-Go-Lucky with never a care, For this she has a well known flares l-Iostex Club DELORIS JOAN HUSTEAD "Dee"-Commercial This little girl doesn't have to worry, Because she got her man in a hurry. Activities Band TED IANIS-Academic "Ted" Cheerful, happy, never blue, He's been our friend the whole year through. Boys' Glee Club Track AMELIA JOHNSON-Academic "Bubu" You'll find that she is quite a treat, A nicer pal you'll never meet. Girls' Patrol Girls Glee Club Booster Club STEVE HOMJAK-Academic "Homer" He brings glory to the team, He's a kid that's on the beam. Football SAM F. INGROS-Vocational "Sam" A friendly guy with a likeable smile, What does he think of all the while? DONNA JEAN JOHNS-Academic "Don" Donna's a nice person to meet, As a friend, she can't be beat. Yale-Princeton Homeroom Officer Booster Club BARBARA JOHNSON "Barb"-Commercial Her gay sense of humor, Is not just a rumor. Girls' Glee Club CLASS 0F 1955 ELAINE HOVANEC -Academic "Cindy" Elaine is blonde and quite tall. In her subjects, she's on the ball. National Honor Society Leaders' Club Madrigal CAROLE IRWIN-Commercial "Carole" Never cross, never snappy, Always pleasant, always happy. Usherettes Booster Club WILLIAM HRINKO -Vocational "Bill" This boy has girls 'round every finger, Tell us Bill, what makes them linger. Sound and lighting LUCILLE IRWIN-Commercial ..Lu.. Have you seen Lu's diamond ring? Luck to her we hope it'll bring. A af' G it EDDIE KAIZER-Academic "Liber" Piano, sax-a real musician, To hear sweet music, give a listen. Baseball Band Boys Glee Club GEORGE KARAL-Academic HGOO... Nice to meet, swell to know, That is why we like him so. I F' ',,swx..Bl ' . ' 'S is Z .es . ,. . 4, N A , .sig 5 'suv , 2 2' Y. , gifs at T J r. Q-.V K 'YN I I ,QV jf' I I I 1 X EDWARD KA NTOR-General "Eddie" He always has homework done, Besides all that he's lots of fun. Homeroom Officer Boys Patrol Student Council RICHARD KATTERSON "Rick" -Academic As the leader of Bridger band, In our memories, he'll always stand. Band Cross Country Track CLASS OF 1955 FRANCES JOHNSTON-General "Fran" Sweet and pleasant, not much to say, Frances is O.K. in every way. Junior Class Play CAROLYN ROSE JURTO "Carol"-Academic Carolyn is pert and neat, Ever kind and always sweet. Yearbook Staff Madrigal Silhouette Representative EVELYNE ION ES -General "Eve" Blonde, petite, and really nice, Here's a gal with hardly a vice. Booster Club CARL KACHA RIAN-General "Kydo" Friendly guy with lots of spirit, Where there's a crowd, Carl's near it. Track Intramural Basketball Boys Glee Club MARTHA KARAFFA -General "Marcie" Full of frm and hep, With any crowd she's hep. Hostess Club RAY KECZMER-Academic ..KeZy.. For school, Ray's always tardy, But never, never for a party. Intramural Basketball MARY KARAGIANIS "Mar" -Commercial Marys laughing full of fun, She is always on the run. Yale-Princeton Silhouette Representative Canteen Committee JEAN KELSO -Academic "Jeanie" Sparkling eyes and pretty red hair, Personality plus, and looks so fair. Editor in chief of Silhouette Homeroom Officer Madrigal fi' CLASS OF 1955 DENNIS W, KEMPA-Academic "Denny" Dennis the Menace fits him well, But all and all he's really swell, Band Bowling RICHARD KING-Academic "Gus" He's the guy with tricky plays, Always a sport with winning ways. Football Track Baseball DARLEY KNIESS-Academic "Dar" A pretty girl, a pretty voice, Darley's everybody's choice. Madrigal Girls Glee Club Boosters Club PHYLLIS M. KOTULA "Phyl"-Academic Spreading cheer where'er she goes, Phyl is popular with those she knows, Band Girls Patrol Silhouette Reporter JOANN KERNS-General NIO!! A talkative, laughable, like- able gal, JoAnn is everyone's pal, Girls Glee Club Hostess Club Cafeteria MEYER KLEIN-Academic nvMeyervr Not too serious, not to gay, if ' llsi f amin e "" AWRWWQW s But a real good pal in every In way, ' L Boys Patrol My ' 1 ' Football Patrol , 3 nvucju 5 - Track f .V f ' isis? ,stt ff WY,-1 ..,,,, ,,,. ..s: in , xl ,.,, 1- - V, Q-I A ' ffg ga f f frlcl U, STEPHEN L, KOMAN LARRY E, KOSIS-General "Steve"-Vocational "Larry" He never has his homework done, That's cause he's full of fun, OLGA KOWAL-Commercial "Olga" Likeable, cheerful, full of fun, Olga's liked by everyone. Usherettes Boosters Club , y K -- ,Q s Friendly, smiling, always merry, Never gloomy is our Larry. CLETUS J, KREMMEL "Clet"-Academic Flashy cars are Cletie's speed, But in basketball he does ex- ceed, Madrigal Boys Glee Club Track it lie 'fa THEODORA KOSTOGLOU "Teddy"-Commercial She has the nicest ways, To cheer the darkest days. Yearbook Representative Finance Committee PAT KUBICKI-Commercial -'Patsy-- Rather quiet and refined, But a better pal you'l1 never find, Madrigal Usherettes Concessions if 'M W ggi QQHXA 3 X ,, A ks 4 'J' Y N ' lf. X . ,I . , X: Xl . 5 PHYLLIS I, KUBINSKI I p IOAN KUHNI-Commercial "Phyl"-Commercial ,J" ' - "Ioan" Phyl's always around in- ' e Qrazyytaflkativegith-nt's our of need, I Q", gal. ,' X, P' The best of friends y6ir"ll fined., But y6'i1 couldf1't find a nicer indeed. f, ' p 'L ' ' 3, Usherettes 1, -tifviirxfsj Sp ts 1 " " sleepin? Booster Club N 'fel ' , Jn A MAUREEN ANN LEACH -X ' AMARIE LECZNAR-Commercial "Mimi"-Commercial 1' 4, ' "Marie" Of our Maureen, we think ai' Mage is cute, also crazy, lot, , ,flair brown7-eyes hazy, For friends like her just can't ,.7'Madrigal be bought. Finance Committee Finance Committee Girls' Glee Club ulmm v - ALICE LOUISE KUNTZ "Al"'-Academic Very nice as we all know, Ear in this world she will go, Band -,- Usherettes 3' ANNA MARIE LEOPARDI "Annie"-General Always laughing, always jolly, Opposed to all that's melan- choly. Girls' Glee Club VELMA LEVIN-Academic "Velma" Sweeter than most, that's plain to see, A sure success, she will be, National Honor Society Yearbook Advertising staff Historical Society ELVA M, LIGHTMAN "El"-Commercial Although very small in size, Elva's liked by all gals and guys. Assembly Committee Booster Club Concessions KITTY KURTYKA-Commercial "Kitty-f She doesn't seem to have any woes, But takes life as it comes and goes. GENEVIEVE LERIOTIS "Genny"-Academic This gal's made of sugar and spice, A pretty gal with hair so nice, National Honor Society Madrigal Girls' Patrol STANLEY I. LEWANDOWSKI "Stas"-Academic This fine student seems very shy, But we all know that he'1l get by. Madrigal Glee Club Dramatics JEAN LINTIO-Academic "Jean" Jean is likeable, everyone knows, Loads of friends and no foes. Majorette National Honor Society Historical Society 31 cuss or 1955 I 3 'I 3 e k QA Q Q 5 GERALD LONG-Academic "Jerry" Happy-go-lucky and seldom blue, Jerry's a friend--quite true. Activities Band HARRY I, LIPINSKI-General "Harry" He's handsome, blonde, and neat, lust the boy you'd like to meet. Boys' Glee Club Intramural Basketball Rowling JEANNE ANN LUDDEN CARL LUCAS-Academic "Jeanny"-Academic "Carl" With the trumpet, Carl's grand, A valued member of our band. Activities Band Smiling, happy very gay, Jeanny's swell in every way, Cafeteria Worker Hostess Club PATRICIA ANN MA LARIK "Patty"-Commercial Always active in every way, Patty's happy all the day. Yearbook Representative National Honor Society Homeroom Officer THOMAS W. MACK-Academic "Tom" His goal is someday to succeed, With his ways, he will indeed, Madrigal Boys' Glee Club IACQUE LINE M. MARINE "Jackie" -Academic WILLIAM MANJAK-Vocational "Bi1l" A well-known sport who's big and tall, Bill's a guy who's liked by all. Boys' Patrol Lots of friends she has won. Usherette Girls' Glee Club Hostess Club cuss or 1955 32 Jackie's smart and lots of fun, MARIE LONGO-Commercial "Marie" Marie is nice to all she knows, As quietly around her work she goes, KITTY LOU LUDWIG-Academic "Kitty" A pretty gal, a lovely shape, What a model she would make. Yearbook Staff Homeroom Officer Gymnastic Club Manager . r I A I 5 ' S .fy rrh. I, - A . PU' JOSEPH A. LOSCHIAVO "Ton"-Academic In good looks, he rates high, From the girls, he wins a sigh Football Homeroom Officer Intramural Sports PATRICIA LUGOWSKI "Patty"-Commercial She doesn't have much But quiet girls are okay, Madrigal Girls' Glee Club to say, J ' A ' ' fa' 13- ft rgszg, ,, 1: Wgg, Aev- R Q e Ya .af 5 .1 E S t J ft gig- var a a +25 57 PHIL MA THEWS -Academic "Pike" In art we hope that he'll excel, Because we know he does real well. " Madrigal Boys Glee Club Class Plays MARGARET JOAN McCOY "Peggy Jo" -Academic Nice to meet, sweet to know, This is why we like her so. National Honor Society Cheerleader Student Council JOHN E, MATTER-Academic "Johnnie" John is in our Bridger Band, On the trumpet he is grand. Activity Band BARBARA L. MCKEE "Barb"-Academic ' Barbs a pal who's good and true, A real sweet chick with dim- ples "two", Activities Band Yearbook Representative Usherette CLASS OF 1955 MARILYN KAY MARR "Pooch"-Academic Little of stature, big in heart, Willing and ready to do her part. Girls Glee Club Finance Committee Usherettes FRANCES MASON "Fran" -Commercial A secretary she'll someday be, Full of fun and fance free. Finance Committee Usherettes EDWARD L. MAUK-Vocational "Spike" On our stage squad he belongs, Spike loves to play his crazy songs. Stage Squad Maintenance Squad DARLANE MCKINLEY "Dar" -Commercial A lovely girl who's tall and slirn, She always looks so neat and trim. Homeroom Officer Madrigal Usherettes ANTONINETTE MASAL "Toni" -Academic Toni is a swell soprano, Also good at any piano. National Honor Society Madrigal Girls Patrol MICHAEL MATANIC " Chooky" -Vocational Unassuming and a little shy , Chooky is a well known guy. MAROLYN MCCANDLESS-General "Marcy" Marcy left us in her junior year, But we'll not forget her never fear. Yearbook Staff Yearbook Representative Junior Red Cross EDWIN MCMILLEN-Vocational "Big Jim" Edwin has a lively grin, That is how we'll remember him. 3. ,GENES Y CLASS OF 1955 ROBERT MERCADANTE "Merc"-Academic In football he did excel, In basketball he did just as well. Football Student Council Homeroom Officer ANTHONY MIHALIC "Penny"-Academic A real swell guy, personality too, On our gridiron he always came through. Football Track Intramural Basketball MARGARET MIHALIK "Marge"-Academic With hair of gold, and heart to match, All our eyes, she sure does catch. National Honor Society Girls Patrol Usherette CLAUDIA MISKOVICH "Ug"-Commercial Always around in time of need, Claudia is a friend indeed, EUGENE METELSKY "Genius"-Academic The Bridger Band is what he's in, With his music he will win. Activities Band DIANA NANCY MIHALIC "Di"-Academic Diana's quite a busy gal, But to all she is a pal. Yearbook Staff Thespian Finance Committee MARGARET MILES -Academic fvMarges1 Not too serious not' too gay, And we like her just that way. Usherettes Hostess Club JOAN CAROL MOLINARO "Jo"-Commercial Joan is a Madrigal gal, Very sweet and a real good Madrigal Girls Glee Club k HOWARD MILLER-Vocational "Pie- By his friends he's known as "Pie", He is really one nice guy. JUANITA MOODY-Academic "Che-Che" Juanita's cute as she can be, Pretty hair, as you can see. FRANK J, MISH-Vocational "Mishka" Always happy and on the go, Jerry's spirits are never low, Lieutenant-Boys Patrol JANET MOTTERN-Academic --Jax-let., Skin so fair, hair light brown, A nicer girl is yet to be found National Honor Society Madrigal Silhouette Reporter A .S . -J, IUN , H W A jx ln , ,, .., ff . r . MIKE A, MOUSESSIAN "Mike "-General On the gridiron he is grand, He knows where to make those footballs land. Football Madrigal Boys' Glee Club DORLA NULPH-Commercial "Dorla" Her pretty smile and golden hair, Makes our Dorla a friend so rare. Girls' Glee Club RALPH MUCCI-Academic GEORGE NITES-General "Mucci" "George" Mucci is a cross-country mem- You can search the world a- ber, round, Boys like him, we'1l always But a nicer guy cannot be remember, found. Cross-Country Photography Club Homeroom Officer FRANCES J, ZUNIC "Fran"-Commercial To be a secretary is her plan, With her ways, she surely can. Library Club Girls' Glee Club HMM!!52lii:ff2i:?rEl??22vfi5 aa! NANCY NOVAK-Academic "Dwoody" To meet her is a treat, Because she's smiling, always neat. Homeroom Off' er Yale-Princet Man er Bowling Team Girls' Patrol K X . Add ,sw PATRICIA O'CONNOR E trawl? "Pat"-Commercial "J Nl e r Happy-go-lucky with never a i e ell, a s rt f g , care, K He Wu y w Of fun and friends she has her oo ab share. 5 Q 1 Madrigal A ? WW Concessions X D Girls' Glee ClubT Q O . C if it lr 9 rt XQN rl ll ALBERT H, OLZINGER "Olz"-Academic Here's a guy who can't be beat, We know he'll never taste de- feat, Madrigal Boys' Glee Club JACK O'ROUKE-Academic "Rouke" Ever cheerful, always gay, Really grand we can say, Boys' Glee Club Intramural Sports ' , ack" A n ce in his own way, N O D-Vocational With 'rls, he's okay. DONALD D. OSLICK "Don"-Vocational A guy who is always heard, Usually with a good word. Boys' Patrol Cross-Country Manager 35 CLASS of 1955, ,I sf , f A EILEEN OSLICK-Commercial "Eileen" Comic, nice, lots of fun, For all this, Eileen's the one. Booster Club Girls' Glee Club BETTE PEHON-Commercial "Bets" Bets is crazy, lots of fun, Of our Leaders' Club, she's one, Homeroom Officer Leaders' Club Glee Club DONALD PERLAKOWSKI "Hosea"-Academic Kind of quiet, not much to say, But a faithful friend in his way. Madrigal Boys' Glee Club HELEN PETRINA-Commercial ulgetn If there's fun, Pet is there, Smiling and laughing, never a care. Girls' Sports Girls' Glee Club i ,lm ,gf f f Y M. W A V 4 QM fs l .L+ H t 3 5- K- g I J.,-'fl LILLIAN MAE PAUL "Bunnie"-Commercial Very cute is our girl Bunnie, Always laughable, Always funny. Tardy Checker Cafeteria Worker SYLVIA PELAK-Commercial nsylvv Cute and petite, Syl's real sweet. Homeroom Officer Junior Red Cross Bulletin Board Committee JOYCE PETERS-Commercial nloycen Joyce is cute and full of fun, She's always laughing and never glum, Homeroom Officer Usherette Hostess Club JOHN PIERSON-Academic "Big John" Big John is a well-liked lad, Always gay and never sad. Boys' Patrol Football Patrol Boys' Glee Club cuss or 1955 if JOAN M. PASTRICK "Jo"-Academic Happy-go-lucky with never a care, When with Renee, wowl what a pair. National Honor Society Historical Society Thespian Society BARBARA ANN PELESKY "Barb"-Commercial She's kind and friendly, easy going, Barb's a girl truly worth know- ing. Concessions Backstage Work .,. - 1 K , L AK ' iff , K "FQ: - ..V 1 GLADYS PAYNE'GSl'lCl'Ei1 -fKiPPien Pretty eyes has this blonde, Of her we are very fond, Madrigal Girls' Glee Club Booster Club RONNIE PELTZ-Academic "Kilogram" Football is Ronnie's first and last thought, For football and women, he's always fought. Football Baseball Gymnastics x fi' , . 'Q l- ? 1 gy K 1 ' lp ,, z g l 1151 453 . is "' if E! vi- ,,., Q 1 PATRICIA POTTER-Academic -'Pav Pat is quiet with little to say, But what she says goes a long way. LUCILLE PROKOP-Academic "Lucy" Lucille's a chemist who will never slow up, She'll succeed if she doesn't blow up. National Honor Society Bridger Co-Editor PAUL KARL POULOS "Pauly" Paul is cute, without a flaw, And those dreamy eyes, that's all. Football Student Council Madrigal STANLEY W. PROKOP "Stan"-Vocational A trait of quietness has this boy, It's just a coverup of his joy. Basketball Intramural Sports Shop Foreman CLASS OF I955 JOHN P, PINCHOT-Academic -'Pin-' In basketball we heard he's swell, And with his build he'd do quite well. MELVIN G. POLING "Mel"-Academic As a friend he's on the level, In class and band, he's quite a devil. Band Class Officer JOHN A. PRASKO IR. "Johnny "-Vocational He might not be a big track star, But with us Bridgers he'll go far. Cross Country Track Manager Boys Patrol IEANNETTE MARIE PROSTAK "Jean"-Commercial Little Jean is not so tall, But good things come in pack- ages small. Finance Committee Bulletin Board Committee Junior Red Cross ,,a1'l ii-Qiiiii g xxx, 'S , SAMUEL R.J. PITTS "Sam"-Academic Sam's a nice fellow we all agree, He'll go far, just wait and see Student Council Madrigal Silhouette Reporter EUGENE GREGORY POLITO "Sam"-Academic Here's a boy who's usually happy. In art and such he's very snappy. , Homeroom Officer DORIS KATHRYN PRESTON "Doris"-Commercial Happy, friendly, and gay, She'll go a long way. Usherette LOUISE PUFFINBURGER "Lou"-Commercial A manager of our Bridger Band ln finding music she's just grand. Band Manager CLASS OF 1955 KATHRYN REEDER-Academic rrKayu Kay is a cute little doll, Known a lot, loved by all, Student Council Yearbook Staff Usherette FRANKLIN D. RICCI "Chiefy" -Academic Chiefy loves music, we are sure, For this disease there is no cure. Band MARION H, ROSEMEIER "Mare "-General A hostess she is to be, In the future we will see. Hostess Club Girls Glee Club PETER SAMBOL-Academic "Pete" Pete is an out-door guy, Always gives everything a try. Golf Basketball Madrigal DAN REES -Academic vvDann Dan's a boy we think is grand, Especially playing in the band, Track Activities Band Historical Society NANCY J, RICHARDS "Nance"-Academic Nancy is short and sweet, And very nice to meet. Madrigal Girls Glee Club Booster Club MARIE KATHERINE ROTH "Kay"-Commercial Marie's a short little doll, Who likes her men thin and tall. Madrigal Homeroom Officer Gymnastics MAUREEN SAYLOR "Mar"-Commercial Sweet and cute is our Maureen, A nicer girl we've never seen. .,.,, 1-.Kr A FZ ' 1 Wig ' V. .A , , s 'H fs- 'X nv , 4, R f wg 0 f iii, ff gh sssls Iss 1 'iii g r, W. is in 5' , ryyy r JAMES ROTONDO-General "Jimmy" Never quiet, never shy, This makes Jimmy a real swell guy. EDWARD C. SCHA TZ "Eddie"-Academic With the drums, Eddie's grand, He's a member of our band. Activities Band Cross Country Madrigal -as-if D BETTY SABO-Commercial ll lr She hails from our senior class, Betty is a charming lass. Finance Committee Usherettes Homeroom Officer LILLIAN SCHERMERHORN "Lil"-Commercial She's full of fun and helpful too, Here's a friend that's good and true, Gymnastics Girls Glee Club Booster NELDA SCHERMERHORN "Nel"-Commercial Swell, sweet, and refined, A better pal you'll never find Yearbook Advertising Girls' Glee Club MIKE SEMONIK-Academic "Butch" Here's a guy that once you've met, His friendly ways you can't forget. Football Baseball Intramural Basketball ROBERT SCHENK-General Il n A crazy kid there is no doubt, But one we wouldn't be with- Out. Boys' Glee Club Madrigal Football Patrol ROSALIE SHEARER "Rose"-Commercial A little tiny she may be, But look out boys, she's my- teal fmightyj Gymnastics Booster Club Concessions PATRICIA LOU SCHMIDT "Pat"-Academic Skating, band, and even ball, Our cute Pat is good at all. Yale-Princeton Leaders' Club Homeroom Offfcer SAM SHERBA-Academic "Sam" Not too tall, not too short, Sure is good in that one sport. Activities Band Track Cross-Country JAMES R, SHOWRANK "Jim"-Academic A senior, admired by all the gals, Thinks of everyone as his pals. Football Intramural Sports STEVE SIMOSKO-General "Steve" A real true friend we can say, Steve is swell in every way. 4 :tg-iii? ' K' ROBERT SEDLOCK-General uBObul Bob is friendly, witty, full of fun, He's won a place in the heart of everyone, Cafeteria Worker ROBERT L, SHOUP- General lrBOb lr Real good looksg eyes of blue A11 this and personality too Madrigal Boys' Glee Club JOHN JOSEPH SHUMSKY "John"-Vocational A boy who is quiet, we are told, But after you know him, he seems very bold. JAMES SLOPPY-Vocational "Slim" Always friendly as we all know, But Jim is always on the go, CLASS OF 1955 JUDITH SMELAS-Academic v-Judy.. Here 's a pal that's really slick, With pretty clothes she 's chick, Booster Club MARY SOTIRIOU-Commercial "Mary" A swell girl with lots of fun, Has a smile for everyone. Girls' Glee Club Finance Committee JAMES F, STANDISH, JR. Peewee" Academic Although rather small in size, As a leader, Peewee's a prize. Homeroom Officer Concessions Basketball Manager ELEANOR JEAN STAWSKI "El" Academic Short and peppy is our El, And her smile is ever swell. Gymnastic Club Concessions Girls' Glee Club ai-5 , ,. , A fftx,-. - x ,W ' tg? J' ' iiii'i I JOHN SMIGIELSKI-Academic DONALD SMITH- General RICHARD W, SNYDER-Academic "Johnny" "Don" "Dick" In scholastic work he's hard to Always ready to help his Dick has looks, personality beat, school, swell, , In music, too, he's also reet. Take our word, Don's not fool. And with his voice he C1068 Madrigal Junior Red Cross real well. Boys' Glee Club Dramatic Club Madrigal Concessions Boys' Glee Club Band CLIFFORD R, SPEER-Academic MADELIN MARGARET SPONTAK ANTHONY STAKIS-Academic "Bob" ' "Made1in" "Tony" A real swell guy, thin and tall, Madelin's attractive in her own A real swell guy and no phony, One who likes his women small. way. Liked by all is our Tony. Madrigal Her winning smile is seen all Madfigal Glee Club daY- Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club Track GLORIA JEAN STANOVICH "Glo" Commercial Glo's cute clothes all steal the show, One of the cutest gals we know. Y-P Cheerleader Homeroom Officers Leaders' Club DICK STEPONIC-Academic "Bones" If there is any mischief done, Bones is sure to be the one. Basketball cuss or 1955 40 4: . ilfqwvwyvl . ,W S a, it s ' a na. 4? fi if 1 Fi- A A F Q 1 X My-iv! 'fe 1 5 A F fit' LOUELLA A, SUTTER "Lu" -Commercial All who know her, says she's swell, She'll go far you can tell. Yearbook Typist Usherettes Bulletin Board Committee RENEE PEARL TAMERS "Ren" -Academic She's a actress that steals the show, One of the craziest gals we know. Silhouette Assistant Editor Girls Patrol Thespian CAROL ANN SWAIN-Academic "Carol" Carol's voice is pleasant and sweet, With pretty hair that's hard to beat . Finance Committee Silhouette Reporter Girls Glee Club PHILOMENA TENY -General "Foo" Foo's always happy, always gay' Things just seem to go her way. Yale-Princeton Yearbook Representative Girls Patrol CLASS OF 1955 FREDRICK E. STERRETT "Fred-Academic Always smiling and seldom' blue. Fred is a friend, good and true. Band THOMAS L, STEWART "Stu" -Vocational Broken Lockers, he's always fixing, A friendly guy, with people mixing. ROBERT STONFER-Vocational uB0bn Bob is always in step, That's cause he's full of pep, ROBERT SWEDRON-General ..FoXy.. This guy will make out, we are sure, Bob's a friend who will endure. PHILLIP THOMAS-Vocational "Phil" We see this boy around quite a lot, But at speaking to girls he's seldom caught. SYLVIA A. STRANKO "Red" -Academic Always devilish, never a care, Manl Dig that bright red hair. Bowling PETER JACOB SWEITZER "Cheese" -Academic For the football team he's done a lot, Through all the games he's really fought. Football HENRY WILLIAM THOMPSON "Hank"-General Hank is quiet and rather tall, A real nice guy all and all. Activities Band Boys Glee Club Madrigal. hi .V TUIYJUJI ft W af ni 9321824155 MEZZ. '5.:..Es.:E-... 14 am-..BE?2:Z3f!EEMhf.W M lf? jllrfjyfflfjy CLASS OF 1955 LOWELL THOMPSON "Lowell"-Vocational He thinks there "ain't" no use in all this snife, To study hard all through life, JOHN E, TOTH-General "Skidrow" Always ready for lots of fun, Makes Skidrow a real good chum, Homeroom Officer Boys Patrol Activities Band MARGARET TRAVOLI "Marge"-Commercial Marge is cute and loves to sing To belong to the Madrigal means everything. Silhouette Reporter Usherettes Madrigal DON URBAN-General IUDOH n Don is happy and always gay, As he goes on in his own way, THERESA TORHAN "Terry"-Commercial Terry is a happy, crazy one, She won't be happy till a career she 's won. Thespian Yearbook Representative Backstage Crew CLEOPHIES EVANS TOWNSEND "Cleo"-General Here's a lad above us all, Swell, good-looking, very tall, Track Basketball ROSE ANN TRETIAK "Treaty"-Commercial Lots of luck and lots of cheer, Will follow Treaty through the years, Concessions Girls Glee Club Basketball MARIANNE VORKONDA "Marianne"-Commercial A sweet girl with real cute ways, Marianne keeps us in a daze, Concessions Gymnastic Canteen Committee DA VID TYLOSKY- Vocational nDaveu Dave is in our auto shop, He knows a car from bottom to I op. RICHARD NICHOLAS VASQUES "Itchbo"-Commercial Here a boy who's always in style, To every face he can bring a S mile, Football Manager ELAINE JEAN URBAN "Peanuts"-Commercial Always active in some way, Her laughter can be heard all 1 day, Girls Glee Club Booster Club ELINOR VAUGHN-Academic ll ln With a sly grig and a twinkling eye, El's personality will get her by. Yearbook Editor Girls' sports Girls Glee Club ,.1..-.N M NTI.. . X i PATI VELLANO-Commercial V PAUL THOMAS VILLELLA "Patil" Pati's a dancer through and through, Struttin's the thing she sure can do. Majorette Thespian Society Booster Club JOAN CAROLE WARREN "Joany"-Commercial Blonde, cute and really neat, Joany's singing is very sweet. Madrigal Mixed Ensemble Girls' Glee Club MARY VLAHOS-Commercial "Chico" "Mary" Chico, although a doll, Mary's cute and also sweet, Is quite a whiz at basketball. All in all, she's hard to beat. Basketball Track JOSEPH WASLO-Academic TOM WEIDINGER-Vocational "Joe" "Tom" Joe is quite a lad, Here we have a first-class hot Always pleasantg never sad. rod, Tom and his care are like peas in a pod, Fig? . . ,, xvt If i A "i' '12 4 fs ,. f 4, ? GEORGE VOGEL, JR, "George"-Vocational George is handsome and tall Too bad he doesn't play bas- ketball. Madrigal Boys' Glee Club PAUL WEIL-Vocational "Whamo" Paul is always full of fun, He's ready to make friends with everyone. HELEN WESOLOWSKI "Helen"-Academic A pretty girl, a lovely lass, Prettiest blonde of the senior class. Girls' Glee Club JAY WHITEHAIR-General "Whitey" Basketball is Whitey's game, It is how he got his fame, Basketball Baseball BILL WHEELING-General lv n This boy Bill is a real gone gui'- Full of smiles and never shy. Activities Band KATHERINE WILAMOWSKI -Commercial "Kas" Kas is hep and on the ball, She is popular with all. Girls' Sports Girls' Glee Club Program Committee 43 CLASS OF 1955 vfmaiptt as: - W-of. -:.s+r..ff,., A --ff sew , i A5 ' "" ,Ha - as as -, , -ig. - 55,1 'R f A al W"wW K fi, .. if W' 5' fs' Q, an as we ' JOAN WILKINSON -Commercial BETTY WOJTKOWSKI-General "Joanie" Joan is good in art and such, Kids all like her very much. TOM WORY -Voca tional ..T om.. By lifting weights, we've heard his name, We hope it someday brings him fame. RUTH ZEHNDER-Academic "Ruth" A friend tried and true, Pals like her are far and few. Student Council Concessions Girls' Glee Club IRENE ZERVOS-Commercial "lrene" Nice, pleasant, not much to say, Irene 's okay in every way. Madrigal Usherettes Girls' Sports "Betty" Betty is a real nice gal, She is everybody's pal. Usherettes Booster Club NANCY YANKO-Academic "Nance" Friendly, happy, sweet, and kind, Another like her would be hard to find. Gymnastic Club Homeroom Officer Booster Club MARY ANN ZERANICK "Mary Ann" -Commercial Always merry, seldom glum, Makes a happy, cheerful chum. Girls' Glee Club JOE ZUGLIANI-General Nzug.. Zuggie is a real hep cat, With flashy clothes and all of that. Madrigal Boys' Glee Club Intramural Sports CLASS OF 1955 . f V W ' V . J G l ' 1 . .1. ,, I ,S Hx : 2 ss ,uw Q 2 r at is 5 XE 4 . , -'Elf is. ,aw ' 'af 3 , Vila ,E uf H 3 sr W 3 as K, 41, W, ' . NORMA JEAN WOLZ-Academic HUBERT WUJAS-Commercial f-Jean.. With her brushes she is ready, She's oh, so nice and pretty. Silhouette Art Editor Booster Club MARTHA YEE -Academic Marti Here's a girl with lots of pep As a cheerleader she sure is hep. Cheerleader National Honor Society Senior Class Officer "Hubert" This guy we think is camera shy, But he is really one swell guy FRANCES ZALEWSKY Fran Academic Fran is quiet and a little tall A real nice gal all in all Club Officer Hostess Club Booster Club -is '41-wr ,, my . . ,Vs , , , ,, A SAMUEL BUNGO-Vocational "Sam" Believe it or not, it's up to you, But guys like Sam are far and few. JOHN L, GAYDOS-Commercial "John" John is very tall, He is always on the ball. JOHN W, GRAHAM-Voca tional "Bill" Cheerful, happy, never blue, ' hr He's been our friend the whole year t MARY GRAHAM-General "Paddy" You'll find that she is quite a treat, A nicer pal you'll never meet. RONALD KELLY-Vocational "Ron" Not too serious, Not too gay, But he's a grand guy in his own way. CHARLES KOLINCHAK-Academic "Chuck" A known sport, big and tall, Chuck's a guy who's liked by all. Boys Glee Club Football Track ROBERT LeCERF -Vocational '-Pere" He is an imp there is no doubt, But one we wouldn't be without. WAYNE LINDSEY-Vocational "Wayne" Wayne is a good natured lad, Sometimes silent, but never sad, DIANNE CAROL MALAY-Commercial "Dianne" With serious eyes and pretty hair, As sweet and good as she is fair. Madrigal Girls Glee Club Concessions RICHARD MESKO-Vocational "Satch" Always ready for frolic and fun, Satch can make a perfect chum. RAY RODRIGUEZ-Vocational llRayll A real swell guy, who's never shy, He has a smile for all who pass by. ROBERT ROSIAK-Vocational "Rosie " Rosie's always ready for fun, On the go from sun to sun. CLASS OF l955 ough. MICHAEL A. SONK-General "Mike " Mike likes music as one can tell, In Glee Club and Madrigal he does well Madrigal Boys Glee Club PAUL STADNIK-General "Pauls Seldom heard but often seen, Still our Paul is on the beam. ROBERT TOMAZESKI-Academic "Tomo" Bob is the quiet type, And is really quite bright. SAM VITTORIA-Academic "Sam" Sam is shy but oh, so smart, In every class he does take part. LESTER E. VOGEL-Vocational "Buck" Buck is known by everyone, Always devilish, full of fun. . f f sais Senior Class Officers President - Bob Drexler, Vice President Eugene Polito Secretary - Peggy Jo McCoy, Treasurer Martha Yee 1 n I X n x 0 " - f M . 'V ,.."' ' x 1 5 V fi 4.7L4"'Jr I " I SLU . 4 f if A . FL- 4 ,yZ'L:g,,,f,,f ,- s V Jgzwfavfff l. ,,,,f .irq U N M , .jg ffl Y ' -f, ,ffl 1,7142 677' XV, I-Of, l f Lwimfv rl ffzf fini, x af, fm A M' ' all '7n'0W'7' 066 A 9 t if ,al l l N 5. A wide variety of subjects covering many fields of interest is offered to the new student at Ambridge High School ......,.. 4. i Q' ,gl X, lfg Sl l N X l lx -A S. Q lima..- K . . . . . . . . .Inthesec1ass- rooms we meet and make many friends ..... Our teachers aid us in attaining the knowledge and education necessary for life. CLASS OF 1956 FIRST ROW: Tom Allison, Ardith Ballard, Edward Betske, Marge Boss, Geraldine Comchoc SECOND ROW: Nancy Cory, Robert Dyminski, Norman Forland, Vir- ginia Fucciolo, Dorthy Gaza THIRD ROW: Gale Hammond, Robert Hende Kellinger, Steve Kirish FOURTH ROW: Betty Knopick, Robert Knouse, Anthony Kulfon, Nancy Kuny, Marjory McNomina FIFTH ROW: Joan Ostrowski, Paul Pyrch, Albert Quirez, Charles Reed, Rose Marie Russo SIXTH ROW: Nick Salakis, Louise Salvador, Ronald Santarelli, Patricia Sawester, Charles Slingluff, Marlene Suttelle, Martin Tokotch, Demaris Whitehouse, Jack Wetter, Dick Antolini ' SEVENTH ROW: Carole Barner, Marie Bauer, Fred Benkert, Joan Bitsko, Art Bollam, Don Braun, Elaine Conti, Virginia Erwin, Bob Hood, Albert Ianicki EIGHTH ROW: Bob Jurasko, Shirley Kline, Joe Krawczyk, Betty Lou Lang, Louise Lansberry, Donald Mihalow, Don Nichols, Ron Petcash Karen Pfaff, Judy Rittleman T' .,. r. ' 42 9 ,V.: If 4 A ttr, ii A , we if ri' as F ttie A . i 1 " R K Q V .-A Scan-f X :Q ' C r g, "-- C L: J ' it V . i"' d iff f as 1 g ,,,,r H ' ri 2 riir: ' ,C Q :Y 'ii NINTH ROW: Frances Ross, Rita Rygalski, Catherine Sapp, Melanie Schlapak, Jean Sobonya, Donna Speer, Lynn Starr, Barbara Don Tucker, Ernmaneul Vasilakis TENTH ROW: Anthony Wassum, Leona Wanchick, Paul Affeltranger, Gary Augustine, Joseph Bohinsky, James Brad- dick, Peg Devries, Irene Dukelis, Virginia Duncan f 2, 5? A P55 .aff .rf " Stein, C CC C " d Kr. Rs, niii C 'rjr' A , .1,, ' V .V-- i': f' 2 N so r: A L- 7 - fi V U' I Qi ? II KN , 1 . A 4-,J , Jig M CC AL, .,f-, C , - , ii' if 5' 2 A AC A-52,1 -L'f In . ., ,, 'FQ ' -LESS. fx ' if-lzii is-H snn C I si, lA'i rrrsrs iiis rrii C I fss ' .C , ,,., , ,,,.p C 597 F i it iriits f-I C' J. . 97 I CC as . CC CC C rsirr " f iisirs d'i ' A d iiii 1 C . i,i ls iii C 'i" fj ',1,: '.1i ii' A i,::t. E MIAA - .,.,-, 1 , ' ga, VV,,, -A l . Q , 1 W Q . E ' ,,,, ' C C ' C C nrn. m4+1'25f.r,r?3?:xfiv A :C F, ' 5 'P' Q I - Q liis I C : C ' I I " ,CC i'-: I A "' ' -,- C. R' W' t W . ,, -T ggf ' ,vi Q - Vi A 6 'Ai i - I , - ssat 1 K aaa, ' I ,M " 5. lx I "'. , ,.' Q- ti. 1,3 V ,,i: 1, if , Z. " M ' -- 1 Ff. a M aur V V 3 L,LL , ' x 95, rf t 1 at A 'e 'r -- 3 ,-,1 -- 3- 1' , if N -ff " - f-it . ? V V , , 'N' 7 E' R A Q ' Q aa, C , , JV J " I I I ' iggfz at W at pf + 'af M ,132 ...T 'J ,a is B I J' I h 'L1 '4 4 ' , I IL r I .. , C Z lii ettee V ' h -K if 1 ati aa' agar aa ,alia acaaaa r-ei ,at Q! , J 'r 'A ,"' if ear an i f we rata J waii eaa aka. ff J A I '." I . J Ti. ,Q i -'Mr ' N Q, '-,A I ' "" FIRST ROW: Ruth Edmondson, Albertine Flora, Catherine Gajewski, Donald Grundy, Stan Grzegorek, Don Inman, George Kasnic, Frank Lorek, Almo Maccoglio, Arthur Mata SECOND ROW: Monica Pancaro, Jack Pietroboni, John Psinka, Avalee Spicher, Jeanie Strock, Janet Tkatch, Robert Wozny, Keith Barto, Bill Cvitkovic, Thelma Dubick THIRD ROW: Clara Economos, Norman Flesher, Bill Giamrnaria, John Gajewski, Marianne Heibert, Lois Henry, Helen Hertneky, Bob Jula, Mary Jo King, Ted Kotula at y ,,yy,, is 5Q ,Q!g - .j'Y,jgfA,.:f: ,f. . : i. Wa,x?f X 5 Q 2' . if 5 " 4' ,X ,. , :rw Ii, , anim . , , tt. AQ J 'aff X .lg 59 wi' f W .f .,f. 4 fr L Fwy , 4 31. 'QE 1. s 1 ., ,K I l L 9, K ,1a,-ff ta- - ,fa AM is , .ta ,Qi ,,.,, C fl 4, an "" v . if Q ' ad? K 1? 'sssigf rr. qzsri x ,gyfztqts , if 1 W, is 1-if , if , ,ka M a U A H. 12 .5 'gl if V, ff- e i W 1 I .t rf JJJJ ,Q J ., I 1 fx, ',::-,' r ,t ,, Q 2 ':-f ,QV 0 FOURTH ROW: Joe Kurtyka, Jack Kutzko, Blanch Lansberry, Shirley Losco, Henry Miles, Loretta Olenik, Ray Oshop, Inez Parra, Tony Petalino, Erwin Pszenny FIFTH ROW: Allen Rosenbauer, Joan Smigielski, Donald Sofranko, Catherine Tabisz, Dan Azich, Pete Banes, Catherine Boyle, Richard Brandt, John Brown, Doris Budinko SIXTH ROW: Bill Capataites, Robert Cvengros, Emery DiDonato, Thomas Gaona, Janet Getz SEVENTH ROW, Nadine Holavach, Nancy Hrusko, Stanley Kresicki, Ardith Lindsey, Karen Machuga EIGHTH ROW: Ronald Madera, Barbara Maletic, Thomas Mulraney, Dan Nardo, Marilyn Santry NINTH ROW: Joan Sarach, Nancy Shipley, Kathleen Spehar, Carl Stanfield, Lois Starr TENTH ROW: Edward Szymoniak, Diane Telford, Naomi Vandervort, CLASS OF 1956 Lrr,: V .r, ,..,,:.,, W., ,,, r , ...,,.,, , Q . J L ,J it ' ,A , , X ' 1' ,-X,, - Q rr - 4 ' I K: ' 1 WP , 4 aiiffiis 'V K 1. H " 'f ,sf . '15 'Z ,st ' ,I-. - , 'gg .3 . X . ' 1 . . ' - , --. Q ,rm -tg . ,ff'4tg .,, 1. :g, "Wei ' ., me --'11u,,, - -it -.W .gefvf O , . , 1 . . Q1--W t I ' f .": - 4 . L-,.,' -we wr -iv ' ff. 'H f:1?f',?rt:?'ii" 55.2253 V1 X' 1 aff ,,.f ' 1 -.' 'W-,z , Y -. ag if if "'. fr if K ' , it Y rssr . ' iljjf Lai. .. . , J if 1: J K , -,k.. EK 7. 1 t f' ' ' ' ' ','- f ii J . '. 'Qi OJ V KK 11. J . .., l , . . N, :Wk 1, - , 155- . . ,V-, .-- wg., yigf. V. K W, . , s il'-1-fl? JLKK L at . ..,. Ji R . 7 ,s S - X 1' f. -,, like mf ' 02 , y , p R , U , ,J J , spssrr J a t 0 vsp: 2. Sit H 'e- 12.1 ,,-. . . - ' 'fi .iiaa - , - ' we at - . U ei EJKL B b V ' ' if 'F C A- -K ,- KK - 5.1, - KKL: F .- . ' 1 ,,..:f I ., k ,ii f ' " "" , Ki ' ' Y ',k' Q K. ,- ' 'fi its 9 . is 2, 'S ... F' -K..hh, fl. ' f , I ff :i 1- 5,721-2. K - ,157-Li .ff- , ,. ' 'H z '. K' ,Q -::,' :ff . .rf 424: ,':f '- , "' " ,,:-asfffzf fstfffrfgsi - K eff lift Sei- - 2 S 'F K' '. 2 - il "-:" if-J K '- , - - MW" ' I ,,,.. -f I if 'mt " :'i' i" 7Q . - wr KW: K ' .. -. ' 'INV fy 3 -: :C I-M ,fe 5 ,x ... , . .,,hV "1A, ,-- 'A I if-if 1 5 ',',. T ., 'K -, . It 1 , H, , ,,,. .rar , . ,.,. 5, i ii ,HEAT n 4 t QFD, kr i y gamer. 5 as W E? 6 a! I Q .H J " . ,,,. .. ,. . ,.... , .K . F .M . ,. ,.1-9 1' 5" mi ' X H' w,- .m-..- 2. W. , - , .. 1--r f .R , s ,xi 2. 5. who M .L ,, 1 f '11 .. .. W L Q r K F-fi st' 3 1:2 ' L -", K s ' 1 -1.2 rs. K - f r I FIRST ROW: Robert Bell, Robert Bendlock, Shirley Bethel, Peggy Canonge, John Cartwright, Earl Cetto, Helen Conlon, Joan X Debogovich, Michael Galuschak, Patricia Gelston SECOND ROW: Nancy Gudzan, Barbara Helbig, Jerome Hochevar, Thresa Josapak, Marjorie Kopp, John Korona, George Miketa, Walter Ostrondek, Don Pawlak, Richard Polko THIRD ROW: Dale Rabassi, Emma Rybarick, Robert Rupik, Roy Saunders, Sally Spontak, Joan Storozov, Leigh Urda, Ladonna Wolk, Philip Wood, Nancy Zahner FOURTH ROW: Edward Zimmerman, Delores Baloga, Jack Campbell, Nick Fergadis, Dean Fleming, Elizabeth Glagolis, , Lawrence Grabinski, Jeanie Hudleston, Agatha Husak, Bill Ickley FIFTH ROW: Connie Karakitsos, Delores Kolder, Charles Kowal, Regis Kufner, Rodger Lewis, Marie Molinaro, Frances Mazurkewicz, Jonathan Narbisky, Lois Reese, Jack Ricker , , - , X . . s .. . . SIXTH ROW: Nancy Rybarick, Catherine Spolarick, Edward Stawski, H .1 . . .. .,., if .tw -1 - J s Shirley Stewart, Ioan Torhan SEVENTH ROW: John Varecka, Irene Zeranick, Joan Benkowski, Gene Brown, Helen Capriotti L EIGHTH ROW: Diane Crevar, Joanne DeLuca, Elaine Dempsey, Myrna Falerizio, Judith Fisher NINTH ROW: Theresa De Gennaro, John Gilbert, Joyce Hammer, Diane Hodovans, Bernard Hettish TENTH ROW: Patty Jurczak, Diane Kasnic, Frank Katcher, Ioan Kosis, Russel Lansberry K ' dx J X vq xx X tr R Vs 3 at M CLASS or 1956 1.. i 1 33' 1 3-.sf mf ,,. ,gf 5' XR It UF" "' saw.. K 1. ffmssfsz Qi' . . KK .. . -,-: .. , w M: ,, .U ww- T' , ,.-, 4 1 1 ,,, ,., J.. J, 67? ft. ... . 'afgqgfa ,,,. - ' T 51 Er I' rr Qaeda ME st 1 ,Q vw Q' F re-ga , . My Q f m Q if W . 'H ' F 0 Qfzgaf' W J. "M ggifi ' M 5 Y,2',I,- it . H- s st f ' '- as sf - A KK',. - - Q , Zi . .: . 2K .1 4 ' .- it 12. mg. A '.Kt - m ' . f 1 at - + -Q A S? C, eg., .1 ,.i'f'1rf:-wit 1' ,V M' ii, ,L W tg as l,L i , s zzp 5 x t W hkil C, 1- kip V is ,.-,:k K C. ii,,CC C .,,,. Y .,., ,, f . . I "1'. W t A 'I ' M 2 " - L L , V CLASS OF 1956 yi? y f 564' al ws, C Cfvfvi Li 55 FIRST ROW: Dan Rosco, Jack Markowitz, Jim McCarthy, Eloise McDaniels, Bob Navalance SECOND ROW: Ray Neilson, Paul Nelson, Sam Pasco, Patty Rohrer, Bob Sklarsky THIRD ROW: Frances Stiglich, Dennis Valttiner, Jim Wylie, Nick Zunic, Frances Augustine FOURTH ROW: Babe Bercik, Frances Borodish, Concilia Domenico, Louise Florcik, George Flickinger FIFTH ROW: Annette Grovenazze, June Kitzmeller, Nancy Koska, Nestor Kowal, Dick Larko SIXTH ROW: Bob Ludovico, Stanley Makowski, George Molchen, Richard Mauk, Katherine McGivern, Bob Palladini, Walter Panek, Dick Preta, Stella Pelia SEVENTH ROW: Ralph Polce, Marion Rajter, Rosemary Rassick, Bob Schneider, Frank Signorelli, Gloria Spagnola, Frank Toth, Bill Andres, Leilani Barry EIGHTH ROW: Connie Burnett, Elizabeth Byers, Jeannette Cress, Marie Diachic, Diane Dobrick, George Furis, Nancy Heitzenister, Janet Hlista, Metz Hootman NINTH ROW: Jacqueline Krell, John Kulchyki, Don Lamb, Bill Liuengood, Phyllis Marino, Mike Marotti, Myron Mattuck, Steve Mol- chin, Nancy Nestor TENTH ROW: Betty Polito, Joe Pop, Ernest Quaye, Kemp Reilly, Charles Shevchik, Barbara Shimrak, Addirene Solley, Richard Welier Jane Segar 55, C1 fclj J I fi 0 Q is I as C, A .: I ,I I are IL if D Q! hvgg, Q11 ,C 7 I 37" M ,xg X api, ' ' 0 fr ,V f ,E V -- vi' j I I K my f K G C, wr 1 y 4 Ce C, W: fat Lqfujff f C C S I 'af F -, H lf' ' I f I nin l ' ff . 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Lucas, Bertha Lesondak, Melvin McFarland ,S q I 'fg , I VV V V V THIRD ROW: Elaine Merriman, Judith Neely, Joe Osqueda, Kathryn V 4 - , fi ' l"l, V-3 gV Polito, Reynold Ponevac, Bill Phythian if-2 I , VV V I iff' FOURTH ROW: Donna Powell, Peggy Robinson, Robert Reed, Ronald i i V . , gj I ,V Slamenick, John Slivensky, Judy Smith I fi V 'f'4"" I A 'A 'U FIFTH ROW: Pete Searfone, Ronald Siamensky, Steve Skeba, George ' V, I V ,,,,, t - V Vagis, Diana Vandergrift, Jack Wolfe 5 'i,,' ,Q Y V ' 5 ii l SIXTH ROW: Eileen Bittner, Jeannie Bosanac, Gerry Bennett, Mary s 1 ,VV gi Wiyrgtt VV V lm! 'V Ann Chemack, Ronnie Couch, Roberta Delach Aiffr ' iiyy if ,,,- SEVENTH ROW: Richard Debrosielski, Pete DiyZia, Richard Duda, VV I It V 'Aj E Vggi Rosalie Fernandez, Barbara Finnegan, Roy King, Madalene Kluz, V V . V I V Mildred Kostial, Jon Larrimore, Rich Lebec, Joe Mihalic, Jimmy VV , ,,,5'V: VW 'Q'f V VVVVf Nevel, James Reinard ii,, , , -t'. Z i' EIGHTH ROW: Betty Rohen, Beverly Rohen, Barbara Shema, Ron S' ,7 u I Y f Smith, Phyllis Yeager, Eddie Zalewsky, Richard Biddle, Stanley I Bienia, Janice Bruce, Bob Burick, Dennis Harsch, John Zdziarski, V' . , Mike Larnish - S, V , V NINTH ROW: Simon Lenger, Marilyn Levin, Marylee Losco, Betty V 1 I p ?i,V5f3,,t' McCoy, Fred Mitchell, Madalene Palsuelli, Andy'Petcash, Donna liii ""l' 7 iii' iI', 'V 'iirl 'YE Puckett, Richard Raborsky. Jackie Shepherd, Marilyn Stewart, Judith :gg 7 V i A - :14 Stouffer, Andrew Sudia , TENTH ROW: George Vukelic, Roberta Murphy, Lois Sharpe, Marie Ackles, Marjorie Angelides, Joan Brutout, Frank Ciccone, Catherine De Marco, Carol Dimarzia, Dale Dunlap, Robert Espey, Andria Fasciano, Skippy Gatehouse ELEVENTH ROW: George Girka, Arnold Gradek, Judy Holman, Eugene Horton, Joan Karakitsos, Edward Kikta, Rebecca Kucan, Natalie Lago , Bob Larnish, Kathleen Notarianni, Tony Pazzaneta, Eugene Perricelli, Darrell Curry TWE TH ROW: Dolores Quinn, Judy Reinard, Richard Ronczka, Joe Sheleheda, Nancy Sylvester, Marjorie Windisch, Richard Wrona, Burtril Zwibel, Marlena Barger, Neal Bishop, Robert Blanarik, Rowena Brown, Edward Corey X X ,, :tl :FI s . I it I A IF? , A A I . -- V , ,,. .. V I Al l ,. . A , ' M ' I -'r1-' l I , 'F I 'V rrl' f:,r I I ,,,t r-', ' I f trl I , A srf rrcrs M . 5 I I it 3' ' A W' -i,V: M Y N it ::-- :fy Ti rf- It F' I, 5- F ' Q , '57, S? V, V 1 V,' ? ,VV V J VV ,V V . 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I fi 1 if-,riff i 57' A-I irii FIRST ROW: Richard DiMarzio, Margaret Ferguson, Marianne Guzan, Wayne Harriger, Richard Henry, Lee Hunt, Tony Karp, Henry Karp, Don Lansberry, Mildred Longnecker, Michael Lucci, Pete Mantzaris, Janet Marotti SECOND ROW: Monica Novak, Carolyn Prus, Janet Stas, Barbara Stefaniak, Shirley Strobel, Mary Varecha,Patty Walters, Maryann Wilczynski, Robert Wojtkowski, Janet Wolz, THIRD ROW: Edward Popik, Ann Podufally, Manjak, Carol Malay, Fred Lamb, Eleanor My Rose Ziwic, Shirley Treska, Luann Smith Barbara Nelko, Jerome Morekosky, Danny Neisnack, ald Miller, Virginia Miles, Connie Kenny, Angela Karakitsis, Irene Harton M FOURTH ROW: Gary Hoffman, ld' E I, Ba bara Davies, Joe D'A1lessandro, Mary Co forti, en e sky, ete Budimer, Vit- VV WVVV V VV VV VV V ginia Beck, Mike Barko ' Q0 e e l s , ay Bradford, Floyd , r 1 ' 'd"J ,, Dale, Patt Dmochow I f ,"1 S ,E ,ti'1 ffffi FIFTH ROV3: Patt Ev tsk iCharl ob , onald Gatehouse, Joe , ll' l 'W A I ' lbryy T ' '?': Guido, John d s, M ret ik b Kasper, Joseph Kertesz, Eggi i" if ix Bonnie Kwiat M' k M utcheon, Joan Merrell, , ,Vf 'V ,,,Q V , I ' li ,V tl IX R W Ali v , Aly Olexs v , Barb Prokop, Betty - ' fi ff' V93 A jV if ppo, en T y i Jipecorsa, ie Vanyo, Virginia Wagner, A 1 V ,- pg Y 7 'i I -af' ' V, oservglla e on , yay shik, Qu e DeSant ' , Carol Dickson, Joe .V VV V Vg :'--V V W-h t g V AVA II fix: .2 I. 4- - . . -Apu 5 V , ' V A l ii E a ga y ' , Joe Fabas, Andy Fetchak, ltll Iiit A rlto I I , 0 1 ab , 2 V, 5' A EI V OW y Gulfish, Arnold Hall, James Holland, JW V VV V3 VV,, My ,Q ,,,, ,V , Ed Jacks d ard Kl' en ' ' -"5 " N T W- therine K koski, Eugene Levato, Gerald Mauk, Richard ,W .. Musg e, V phine Olenick, Vince Ombres I ,VVV VVVVV VVVV , V TEN R : Marge Pehon, Patty Perry, Gerry Rogus, Margaret Sapp, fbi' T , ' , "". v Theresa Sarnaki, Ann Vallecorsa VV V L 'jx gi, ELEVENTH ROW: Arlene Bacorn, Evelyn Baker, Steve Baranyk, Alma I i A Berkner, Barbara Campbell, Philip Cipriani H TWELFTH ROW: Anna DiSanza, Bill Downey, Jerome Duda, Janice T V VV V VVV ,,,V ,I ,V,V, VV 1 Q VV VVV,VVVV Ganeo, Bob Tasson, Emma Longnecker V ,,,, ii t f I - ,af t ,, ' ,,.' ',,, ssrtrli I lAAik7 me -W :,, . 19.2 l C I- A S S 0 F I 9 5 7 -- ,V J, ' w I ,,,, s ft iftt D yt It ,w,,,,,,,,, L,,,...,, ,,A,, ,. M ,. ,, .k,, J.. h..gk A r kg' K " :r it SBD l if -' T m1,,1L" L - - . - Y f. T in-5 t . A. 'L R' A A n ii F I L vm fr .zfiv ,J , ' if 5717 if i l k ' , I , I K , i M 1 y A r f , s itil' 5 'F' . M ,. I Aaah' L' J 1' A so A A , 1 Q I , p t -1.: , : f sttssr , y , , Liiz, r fi . l.,L m.,, , ' ' Jg' f + ' r I I iw, ,,,.f,, 'fire' ' ", S . k',- K -- : if .Q V C' w -,., . hh:A if' -' h 3 . .. ' ,S A , r A 46 x g. , K' A is -'L' 'W' I '95 :ws 'T lisa if it .,,1' l ,,.- I ' ,iir Sf: 2- '.:k-,, 555 Lissvv x- N 1 ly - i g ' ' ,, f , W"g . :Q A' C' .f 'E 5 -- - 5 il" 'jk V 'Fd . his ,f 5' 1 I , si ' sssy E r yssestiias E H 9 pp ' 'A ' .A 1 ' 1 L hm'h J P '-Qf alrrr W if H - f f FIRST ROW: Dorothy Mihovch, Shirley Persuitti, Jack Piper, Betsy Potter, Antoinette Kozar, Richard Sherman, Mike Simon, Freida Sirris, Ronald Snyder, Alyce Stephens, Arthur Todd, Mary Urda SECOND ROW: Lewis Wollur, Myron Yoho, Nancy Zawasky, John Zimmer, Andrew Blazakis, Dominic Bologna,Roberta Bahisti, Geraldine Dziabiak, Alice Nardo, Walt Devereaux, Mary Helen Greco, Elin Hopkins ' ' ' ' h k Dor th Rowe, THIRD ROW: Danny Kalisuch, Mary Ann Mickey, Paul Mihalic, Pat Morsillo, Joanne Matejko, Rosanne Plutc a , o y Ronald Vanyo, Irma Wisniewski, Ray Yedgenak, Ruth Arne, Loretta Bufalini FOURTH ROW: Bill Campbell, Carol Dzubak, Fred Dombroski, Norma Glover, Eleanor Getz, Bill Hoffman, Bill Lambert, Cathy Mihalic, Gary Nagel, Joe Pavicic, Marie Pierson, Nancy Paulakovich FIFTH ROW: Boyd Kowal, Ruth Petkash, George Robinson, Elaine Tomei, Eugene Wagner, Marie Wringo, Greg Young, A1Zugay, x Harriet Zeruas, Norman Zeglinski, Lois Zehnder, Ioan Constanza f LU 4, N r A S 5,01 , . . , -. YXCER ,veg 1 ,, X M 1 NU ra CLLXSS O? . ' ' president M. if .J hi SOPHOMO QUSXO . ' ' i Secietaw l O fir Barber RE OFFIC , . . - ' . ' Sgdevi 4 A Xt - le j . D0 3 Luc ERS own ' - e we A ' I 1 ' ni IU' P - as C mv- X ff V fw Pe 00,0 Q ! T at fx K ,X pill! Xi 'ff 7 PM c- ' . V1 W N XXL' WJ N lb gg . I ' T , QJ lr phi y Rober YJ . ' 833896 H5218 ' Z 5 h as Sean Saboheqcxnk ' V U N :XE . W Xb ' ul on S S X 'mi ff 'J x bij ' L ll W I - ,fa S CXWXG if -J 'Q .f"N,, - - ' 'f1f'ff1fY-1tT's::i2gupggggiigffLbw',ff?f1f2rPsiE1 ' I -'fs:t,1svzf: ' ,. .,,,,.j1l gn ,Magik ' g e r ,..: :ir 5 L :,:. g .lk J , -'s 11,1 Y, 4 H55 ' 4' .93 fm if mf 5 4' I A ,pw ,. +1 , 11 f 31? W 1 'J " U HI V? Q5 --Xx r MWA , X U' lb K FIRST R : ary Brasko J ,f4re , Gerald Chapala, Patty Chudi k, ' omchoc SECOND g n d Conelley, James Corlett, David Curtis, Virginia Doffner, Barbar Ea , oni Frederick THIRD ROW:f a uegi, Myrna Gifford, I ne Hrycko an, Tom Kasper, Tim Kasko, Lois Kron n FOURTH ROW: Peggy Lane, ry u ' , oan Musloe, Edward Perkowitz, Carmin ri FIFTH ROW: Ben Psmka, ert Tomei. , a f la Charles Troutmon Carmine SIXTH ROW: Anna Antonucci, William Belmene Drotar, James Fabert, Emilia Gagliardi, Winifred Graham SEVENTH ROW: Judy Harbinson, Donna Gibbin, Constance Harris, Carrie Karas, William Knighton, June Komlas, Stanley Kutufaris, Kathryn Mathews, William McMillen, Anthony Merante, Leibert Montell, Wil- liarn Moore, Sarah Pitch EIGHTH ROW: Betti Roppo, Ethel Spenser, Mike Selley, Leola Swain, Sam Walker, Carol Vugrinovich, James Bacorn, Margaret Berkovic, Bill Burkhart, William Cain, Ron Carpenter, Marialyee Conlon, Patty Fuje NINTH ROW: Ray Geffal, Richard Gillert, Katherine Hodovuns, Eleanor Hoffmaster, Edward Janecko, Charles Jones, Barbara Kelley, James Knouse, Ann Mae Longo, Donna Muha, Joan Pollack, Torina Pisano, Roberta Seaman TENTH ROW: Joann Sherrod, Gerald States, Frances Stein, Tom Skatch, Q, 4 M. if -an c . ,.. 0. Q 'T - S' Q 1 - Af- I , A 'Y , - f -fy 412, ,5 J Vypy 3- tif f , ,-as i Li'i ,,f w ,'-i s B si' if sf W . fs YW. -ff' P f ,r Alf A - A A it 45 . -.Q , .i is .,.k . A wr Q .9 'wrt 67 'F-i Sig 'SQ' , ,rts Q F yi, f , F ,,,aa ,if . T X aff I hii' ' i'ii' Q . r. af: lab , .rhx . K , Y V K fs is E . I ff si f so T ri Gerald Vukovcan, Lee Weaver, Margaret Wetter, Sylvia Yakobik, Arlene Ankowski, Fred Borodish, Sally Bramble, Joseph D'Ambrosio, ' Henry Garczewski ELEVENTH ROW: Anthony Happ, Phyllis Hendrick, Kay Inman, Ted Jula, 1 Phyllis King, Rich Konarsky, Barbara Kowal, Nancy Ko'7Q,b X X W C ,A Patty Langa, Jo a ' i, Evelyn Mann, Tom Martin, Joan Mihalic A Q I,,, , TWELFT - W- John equed , Jea ie Paraneuk, Nancy Patrician, Walter Quay, John Siehali, George Slauek, Judyj l Xylt if-ser, I, Strange, --A a Tka , B on, John Vlakos, Linda Valpm Bzgbara Whitefield , ' .fi A ' 1 ,N K lf? 0 UK 1 ,Cf-1 Li ,ZIV-Aje f VWQL' My Q75 EJ' Xl 6 ' C M D I f m'E!afWZdj,VVE J fl? lj :Eid ' 1 u XQ, X li' X, L VA , x J, C f gig pgs? mir J , ,. ssrs 1 ' T ' is ' ,,, g , ' r V 'Lk " "'ii X 45 2 . . N - 1 4 ,... I3 p I , p I V! V .p A .D ,E x we 3 W in -W B ' W - 5-Q ",, ' 5 -, ., 7 H 1 L ,. H ki? K a. ' A 4 . sis N ' ' sassr 'serr l. rtssii , ,,. J - K ' I ,',' ,.t '. 1 iiiirr f 1? , E Q ii. Ks. ,H ,q i , - , 6 , QJQ A , is V l as: 5 g N ea ,h ll sri ' " 7 P' J 5 if 1 ,-' ff" J 9 ',"-:- 7 riff if -, ' .arf V 'V J. ,., X, . iiis, ,lss ' H F it ' Q, 1, r , V K , ' as at 2 A fr,. n , Ak K I n V 4.7 3 f ' 1 J 1 1- Q .as rrrt gina M ' ' sv ' gi-A ra ' s. 1 ' w ' Ai, r ' ' I f, AK L: T97 fl 'til' :.- , jg 5 . ,w , T . T " ,, 4.,lv'? jr 4 ,,,,a, as ' ... 'KF ' M at is mf ' M XI11 -far frlb J, 5' 4- , i'st tr , , , is N. A., , ,,-, ta wi . . I ' ie ,ix .Z fl Aff',,: if A Q. I . G' f rr., ,..,W f-5:45 ." J- - 4' If ,. , -. rm- ra, I I EET: - M - war-1-t ie- V ,, - 1 . t , - ' . 'i,,, -f . If Q, X ' -f I . 'E' . 4L : 1" , .fig ' -. ,XSL-A . 'kkg-- A , A ', K I A . Uv I F ' if fb- ffl, Qi 'Eg . W N X 5 V',, , I , Jig if-if 3: h W3 Q1 N .V 5' J KK, Q, M 43, 73 - I V V5.1 I fs ' - . 1 I f ff ' It ,J B p ' 'il ' is f A V. ig' V 'gn lm is -"'n- . I ' i M I I5 I A dtaes ' A A Iliff ' X rr' I J Yi- f "'-: 1 J I L' gt XX, 4-M , t -, H t Myyb g l tr- 1, N - at - irtt as as I ii' - J ,, . f l was 5 VVZL FT . A I me sf I " l so , i I A' Jeentria Issv I Y r ' as 25544, FIRST ROW: James Aquino, Marilyn Arnold, Thomas Bucka, Judy Christy, Alberta Campbell, Phyllis Duncan, Jerry Frola, Alvin Heyman, Thomas Jarrup, Jeanne Kaizer, Margaret Karas, Jan Kaufman, Mary Kennedy SECOND ROW: Joanne Kolarchik, Milton Kwidi, Joyce Lego, Frank Leoli, Sam Mamrash, George Nestor, Richard Rlattner, Pen- ney Post, Lynn Rexroad, Anthony Rich, Pat Rotondo, Carmin Spusoro, Mike Theodore THIRD ROW: Sarah Trapold, Robert Trisich, Gerald Young, Donna Zimmerman, Gloria Adamowsky, Nancy Bisco, Robert Con- stantin, Judy Dimora, Helen Folino, Darr Graham, Antonette Johnavitz, Lillian I-leckman, Barbara Kokoski FOURTH ROW: Helen Kasnic, Elaine Kozor, Robert Leypert, Charles Montellanico, Cathy Ivledicino, Robert Mickey, Louis Paich, :Hi Q i , Q I , 1 - ig ., ,, W- 5 Jct, f A I A f 1' tw I Q J 7' H :fi ta is "1e, ,,,,,. .V I, if J ,,,. 3, H , ,,55,, at ., tj ,J ll' ' be e W , 5 r " 51 , ' A , Q ,V 3 K.: A 1: in r,,' I A kr s f In--f . 33 4- , 1 9, Vai., Q 1 if fi' IL :sir K y 4 2 1 41' E ., ' Q gi Claudette Payne, John Peters, Eli Peich, Joy Powell, Levanna Prunty, Dave Richard FIFTH ROW: Earl Stange, Leon Syrich, Nancy Tochac, Harry Yoos, Shirley Watson, Hedwig Wegrczynowicz, Enuica Antonini, Ann Bedoloto, Judy Blazier, Kay Bohien, Bill Budkey, Gene Dschuham, Gary Fleming SIXTH ROW: Keneth Gamble, Joe Garrett, Angeline Germanos, Jacqueline Goerman, Peter Hodovuns, Richard Hlista, Marilyn Janicki, Elizabeth Kenstler, Mary Ann Kolesor, Ronnie Kapriva, Phyllis Lenda, Joan Mahoney, Joyce Mokowski SEVENTH ROW: Dominic Minnici, Paula Polito, Cearic Rotolo, Nancy Rullner, Marge Shrum, Dennis Smith, Clyde Stark EIGHTH ROW: Bob Wright, George Berry, Thomas Boria, Joanne Ai' V Brendle, Ronald Budd, Ed Camlin, Tom Decanio ' v NINTI-I ROW: Betty Desko, Gwendoeyn Dray, Nancy Evans, Ken- I we ' neth Giska, Frances Gorup, Donna Kelley, Joseph Krakonto TENTH ROW: Christine Kittulakis, Morton Levin, Angelo Manoleras, Q M Ray Mottern, Noralene Mazza, France McCarthy, 'Martha Miller , ELEVENTH ROW: Cynthia Morgan, Norma Ostrowski, James Panevac, ,' " 2. We - Bill Ross, Joan Ronczka, Fritz Retsch, Delbert Shaffer 6- TWELFTH ROW: Edmund Szal, Carol Tedys, Jackie Varlicki, Pat , olfe, PMUWI, Carol Cass, Kenneth Crawe at fx Q h r at W fa IO! W A ff: N 'i 2 , , cuss or loss Qfwc 4 . , . 5 'si1se,g5. A Y, , V .ME 7 f Ii rf- if :ap . ' efsrr J J atsnnrs J ,aff lj u n! - , . 5,-.,N . Q r J,L V, 5 . M 2 V,kJ, . ,..I t ,S ,,,, Lx V . 0 ifqq Or ff 4 1 f 5 - Yy. 1 it ,ig I I-gg , ll r 4. '- - , Q. MJ? , pjj V J- l FV- Qgg stttii 3' ,J ff' ,ld r' r ' ., J- f - J A X ,:L,LL'x fi f Q-, A I,L - f ml 5 ' , e,ra r a4vwr r s a,s4iEarsi E i rsrla a lw wt 1 , f L, 2 , ig H I I - :V V: kkkr T H Ayyk - K kd I H , A Sw W 'Af K gi RI gig? is fiigg, r,g Q!! ggi!gE,gM, Q1 V k. f 'S J S P so , f f M S- J J A , J J , as S J J J J ' EM J P W 15' ' ,,x, ' , V,L'g1f - x A' I ' J his ' ' J f , J , fr U' i f I0 X ig 1 K K K XY W 11 , is Xi , if V FIRST ROW: Jean Denison, Carol Elliott, Clyde Emrich, Nick Fallieras, Nora I-Iilmbold, Harry Holmes, Don I-Iustsch, Joe' Hyh, Eldridge Jackson, Geraldine Jurczak, Nancy Lee Kosis SECOND ROW: Elaine Kolinchak, Jean Lorek, Josephine Magis, Elizabeth Misko, John Naugli, Henry Pilligrini, Virginia Powell, Nancy Pushak, Carmella Roppo, Carol Roush, Dean Suves THIRD ROW: Steve Sobonya, Tony Sotiriou, Frank Sturar, Shirley Torhon, Ellia Volpe, Joan Wats , ric Whorral, John Wirth, William Bell, Berry Fritzgerald, Party Garret FOURTH ROW: Joanne Gerkovich, Jon Harbutiak, James Henzman, Curtis Kal en, Pete , Roberta Lindse, Janice ' Polito, Donald Rotolo, Patty Sonich, Sandra Weber, Richard Wozny VH., an 41 M at sez J J Ylxflf J xg f I KLM Riga ,"' I C'1...g 6,5 Rl RJ T fi? Qs NR 1 'T 5 Y 3 N A K, J? Este X ,f NINTH GRADE CHORUS The Ninth Grade Girls' Chorus under the direction of Miss Troll, is responsible for much of the fine entertainment offered at Jun- ior High Assemblies and at the annual Christ- mas performances. 58 'X-Q is L ,M ff' Here are the stu- dents who under the di- rection of capable spon- sors have kept Ambridge High always at the top., Every organization has added to the :ha racter of our students. wx JUNIOR RED CROSS The purpose of the Junior Red Cross is to fill gift boxes, pre- pare and send overseas boxes, re- present Ambridge High School at the county meetings, make tray- favors for veterans' hospitals. The club raises money by selling refreshments at football games, and by sponsoring aftergame dances Miss Ross is the sponsor of this organization. PEN PALS OFGREECE Mr. Karakitsos and his club members are well informed con- cerning conditions in Europe. The club aims to promote friendly re- lations between Greece and Amer- ica by exchanging letters. HOSTESS CLUB Much of the food served at various school functions is pre- pared and served by members of Miss Kolcun's Hostess Club. Most of these students are interested in a career in home economics. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club's aim is to inspire a greater interest in the drama. Members also learn much about the theatre, art of make-up, acting technique and stage construction. OFFICERS President. . . . . Henry Gusky Vice President . . Renee Tamers Secretary. . . . Lolli Brutout ICDQLIE VLJ NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Membership in the National Thespian Society is limited to those who qualify by earning the required number of points in major play par- ticipation. Mr. Ba rner-Sponsor OFFICERS President . ..... Louis Benedict Secretary . ..... Pati Vellano Treasurer . , Laurel Brutout Historian . . Carol Barner BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club is composed of those who are vitally interested in much of the detail Work for which t A re is not time in the regular clas V . . Ujevich, the sponsor, roId f the sues? of clti . n I Jig! A jbflj , f . ,CI fr A 1 '- ' ' ff W K up ff . ,fiflf I v MAYJV I A If , L Q sf . - I I v ji if ., M GERMAN ciua . , - by-LI A f qt , Zi J I J ' inc" fix' . . as . I My C, The function of this club is to I L Vuqsftfilfriulate interest in the German peo- '1' ple, their language, and their way of gife, I. H 'I OFFICERS I " fiisiderlt .......... Peter Bizic Y ,fI"IVice President . . , . . . . . Lois Reese Secretary. . . . C1etusKremmel LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB Students of this club are in- terested in learning the various phases of serving others in finding needed materials and worthwhile literature. Mrs. Conrad, our Librarian, advises these members. 8 The Ambridge pt High School Vocal Mu- V sic Department has approximately 400 members who belong to any one of the voice classes held during every period of the day. From this group is se- lected the membership of the Madri- gal Choir of mixed voices, which this year consists of 72 seniors, 45 jun- iors and 1 sophomore. The officers are Lou Boykins, President and An- toinette Masal, Vice President. The choir meets every Tuesday during Activity Period, and on occasions, is called to rehearse at 8 A. M., three quarters of an hour befOI'6 school begins. The choir prepares programs for the assembly's "Special Day" observances such as: Armistice Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. In addition, the choir, or a por- tion thereof, is ask- ed to perform for many outside organ- izations. An aver- age of 50 such per- formances are given yearly, The Madrigal Choir has caroled through the high school halls for many years and it has become an en- viable and lasting memory for those lucky enough to have the privilege to experience such a "Singfest". If .Fo 'Q M 'Q Q ' ,,:Jy,. ,t 1 X4 i , 's 3 J :ef 9 .51 g Q . ylee g L M 'sf' i 'il meg meg meg meg -113 1ll -111:-I, Q- I i 121 ..x 0- P P 2 O.. P Eg. 11 0... 5::. 3 9' -:.,.. 55 li men. B+ men S ln'-In :Iivn 1- 14.1 11:1-un iti gf, """Q-- T B2 if LIGHTING SQUAD Edward Mauk, Robert Zunic, Bill Hrinko, Joe 41 ir. '91 GIRLS' PATROL You have met all of these girls on the way to and from your classes It is their job to see that We know and follow the procedure for getting to the various parts of the building. CANTEEN COMMITTEE Miss Palmer sponsors this com- mittee. It is their function to aid in pre- paring for the Weekly canteen. Y 'S Kurtyka, Russel Lansberry '.. .gx ..,.,,,a,,,g, KA USHERETTES Senior members of the usherette committee -Q FOOTBALL USHERETTES These are the girls who escort the STAGE SQUAD football fans to their seats. Richard Brant George Fllckmger CONCESSIONS George Mlketa Don Smith COMMITTEE The members of Mr. Shaffer's Con- cessions Committee are indefatigable work- ers. They sell pro- grams and refreshments to finance the speech and debate activities of the year. SPEECH CLUB Many of the var- sity debaters and foren- sic members get their start in the speech club. Mr. Shaffer hopes that new talent will be found in such a club. id NS... 97 E? Q tis-'il' STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the representative government of our student body. Its chief aims are: providing leadership and citizen training, developing student par- ticipation in school government, encouraging student-faculty co- operation, and promoting good student attitudes and school spirit. Meetings are held regularly under the advisorship of Mr. Palmer. OFFICERS Lou Benedict . . President Jean Lintio , , , Secretary Paul Poulos , , , , Vice President Peggy Jo McCoy . . . . Treasurer Frank Signorelli . . . Sergeant at Arms N N 'fr gt A scene from the re- cent Student Council Conven- tion. Ambridge High School was host to approximately 800 students from 81 e t rn Pennsylvani Sch N - ,JF Je ,W U w L MC I lv f - r ll W' flffw Www!! if ,lj W X it it 1 Lf, My J W Jin! l t 7 ML VL D4 f dent Council Concessions Committee works tirelessly at all football games Z if lg? the stage Lflfvli raise ey for a variety of school needs. Recently the Council approved new flags FIRST ROW: Morton Levin, Lee Hunt, Richard Montellanico, Steve Baranyk, Pete Bizic, Bob Bell, Danny Kabsuch Nick Feloris Joe Dixon. SECOND ROW: Eugene Polito, Kay Reeder, Jean Lintio, Rachel Bramble, Martha Yee, Cathy Boyle Helen Conlon Nancy Olexivich, Nancy Sylvester, Larry Bufalini, Mr. Palmer qSponsorJ. THIRD ROW: Jackie Shepherd, Marie Pierson, Mary Ann Kolesar, Betty Dale, Jean Kelso. FOURTH ROW: Sam Pitts, Bob Mercandante, Joan Smigelski, Carol Malay. FIFTH ROW: Steve Skeba, Joe Mihalic, Emanuel Vasalakis, Charles Shevchick, ees-frW"""'Yi ---f ' M- y - ,, Www saw ,,.. ., ,. ,,,. . , ,, r f,fskgasz:f21r2wi'!fiiFiW',,g,' V fPff2?iFFffii f'riff ff2iffL fi : , 1 wmafwf. 'IW l9:fw4Mwf5955'r':. eraser:-if "" .I '- mzaaweikvdwhiiiimih Q A .-ffffgfijggt .:,f,vMe::g,a- wg, f, ,,,Qg,f2 sf - ' , ..,, T V ' - 'r-' ---- - , - H i '--' . P a' - new gy, l' -- I . 9255257 W, Hia? -- f I -f Q gif 4 M, .fy , F -'-'b l Q 1 K . - ' N 21:4-V V ff: - , W V 95,1 , , ',r5,,,,1 , ,Q ,. V 'fgviswgrf 5 5 an Q ,,. s. Ar, 99, .B vw-A Q .0 ef Q 5 if sf . .. s ' V' "' ,. ' . -,.,'-scsi-., K Wflbfiir, ..Qiiff...i, Q',L., up aa, I- T- ff-5 3 BM ,gli : Z ' lsssii 'O 'T - E ': - 'Y '.' .fmt R ' ' 3 5 Wray- ifdlifsiii fy Atkz. ,V m. . . 4' Q N ,gm K .nw V ,kr kv. V A N, an .i , V K A. , ,r,g,Q'9" C I 4? ' --'55!i?5nVYQsf"pefAE fF3 ' Il , ,t Q K- 1 Q W. . 3 1 V , , , ,E V kkxl .. ol' ' :Jkt I - R -" ,,'A '- R7 ,zdf as hf l . W W' 5- 55123, .. '- , -A , ifgi zf- ' A?" 'T i ,-'A p ' 'M' 1 'M '- .- 1 l .rfmx--1, ,m,Wgw,:..: .' Qifiiiinfizt.M5!l"'-'TitiS'.- V' " BOYS'PATR0l The boys' patrol has much responsibility on its hands. When we have fire drills and air raids, they are at the doors and exits to super vise the students safe passage to and from the building. At the begin- ning and closing of each school day they direct the students at danger- ous crossings. SENIOR BAND FIRST ROW: Dan Rees, Robert Adasiak, Ed Schatz, William Wheeling, Norma Burzese, Ja- net Esseck, Doris Hanlon, Pat Schmidt, Doloris Hustead, Bar- bara McKee, Eugene Metelsky Richard Snyder, SECOND ROW: Melvin Poling, Dennis Kempa, John Matter, Larry Bufalini, Lou Giammaria, Phyllis Kotula, Alice Kuntz, Sam Sherba, John Esseck, THIRD ROW: Carl Lucas, Ralph Bitsko, Henry Thompson, Bruce Camlin, Fred Sterret, John Toth Ed Kaiser, Jerry Long, Charles Dunn A :msn-. . -5-H-7. O i .v ' , y Rb ,N . 4 ff.:4.?f"""' f. A . .. 4+ i i 7 ft, ..i, , I m . it ""fw IlI 'flfi '-f Hill Ili. II I II 'lull' CAFETERIA WORKERS The cafeteria workers under the di- rection of Miss Kolcun are always on hand to see that the food is ready when the hungry students go to lunch. 3 STRING ENSEMBLE Mr. Montozzi is director of the string ensemble. This group is made up of students of the junior- senior high who are interested exclusively in the string instru- ments. Each year they climax their activi- ties by presenting a program for the stu- W jg M dent body. SECRETARIAL PRACTICE typed and mimeo- graphed material used by our school is prepared by Miss Kozak's Secretarial Practice Club. These people are frequently seen in various parts of the building helping some group or indivi- dual prepare special work. This is proba- bly the most practical and useful club in the school. A3 USHERETTES More than sixty girls of the junior and senior classes are on duty at one time or another for all com- munity and school projects held in the auditorium. Miss Tun- ney sponsors and directs the activi- ties of this group. bv U 65f1 'Q . -5 Y""fv Wv 3 Patti Vellano, Jean Lintio, Peggy Robinson, Helen Conlon, Mr, Sporny, Rosalie Green, Judy Neely, B RI D GE R BA N D Twelve years have passed since Mr. Sporny reorganized the Arnbridge High School Band. Through the years more than 500 students have helped build up and carry on the traditions of this outstanding organization. The band with its garnet and grey uniforms, fast stepping, pep, and precision has made and maintained an enviable reputation for itself in the community and district. It has endeared itself to the public with its snappy football programs Where the band members go through varied and intricate routines as thousands cheer. This year's band activities were many and varied including participation in the Armistic Day Parade at Beaver Falls. I1 6,39 Ambridge High FIRST ROW: Lesondak, Hanlon, Speer, Lucas SECOND ROW: Lansberry, Silvers, Haskell, Ross THIRD ROW: Poling, Bitsko, Slamenick, Hodovons. FOURTH ROW: Botsko, Reed, Phythian, Salakas FIFTH ROW: Hessert, Wheeling, Matter, Kaiser SIXTH ROW: Thompson, Sullivan, Carnlin, Sterett SEVENTH ROW: Toth, Signorelli, Robinson, Green F!,'Jf.n 9 i 2-V y Rickey Katterson Band at Beaver Falls on Armistice Day 1 " f1f'f,fffQe"'f 'Y 'S -,VANV . ,, EN 5 ,,,, i 1 Q Wetter, Bauer, Rittlelman, Stein, Wassum, Ceasar, Polito, Vagias, Gudzan, . , Erwin, Kaiser, Sickler, Barner, Rohrer, Wanchick, Powell, Conti, Cetto, f iery . . . - "i .-7:..a" ,ff Pfaff, Hustead, McKee, Schmidt, Esseck, Santarelh, Sobonya, Giammarra, ,?Eg' i f- f L- 1, Bufalini, Kempa, Carnivale, Kotula Kuntz, Burzese, Jones, Piper, Kulfan, Mihaloew, Hood, Tucker, Quiroz, Sherba, Agnew, Allessandris, Knouse, Pieta, Osegueda, Rees, Dunn, Long, Lucas, Esseck, Kolades Skeba, Reed, Pyrch, Hendrickson, Metelsky, Snyder,Toth, Nichols, Scarfone, Bitsko, Adasiak, Schatz, Urda, Janicki, Vasilakos, Smith, Vellano, Katterson, Lintio, Conlon, Neely, Krawczyk, Hochevar, THE SILHOUETTE Subscription Price . . .50 cents a year. It is published monthly by the students of Ambridge Senior High School, Ambridge, Pennsylvania. King Queen Advertising Staff . sunoumr I I or i .-QV lBuzz Adasiak 7 PCSSY 10 Co-Editors . News Editor . . Feature Editor . Humor Editor . Art Editor , . '. Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Exchange Manager Circulation Manager Sponsor .... Reporters 'lu Jean Kelso, Renee Tamers . . Carolyn Gefeller . Phil Mathews . Lucille Prokop . . Norma Wolz Richard Antolino . . Marge Kopp . Bob Grand . Marijo Aversa . . Velma Levin . Virginia Griffith Co-editors-in-chief: Elinor Vaughn, Lucille Prokop Co-ordinator: Kay Reeder Sr,' Class Editor: Martha Yee Pictures: Janice Wasilko, Louise Salvador, Nancy Zahner, Peggy Blazier, Lois Henry Proof Reader: Diane Mihalic Art Editor: Assistant Editor: I Staff Photographers: Typists: Business Manager: Assistant Business Manager: Sponsor: BRIDGER STAFF' Gloria Evanitsky Mary Jo King Alan Bowan, Fred Kellinger Patricia Hedzik, Louella Sutter Kitty Lou Ludwig Betty Thom Frank W, Desanzo Organizing the material for typing the master copy. Yearbook They have the tremendous job of collecting money I keeping records of all yearbook purchases. Records must be kept the yearbook. r N 4 All the money must be A If 1 1 r BRIDGER 4 Yearbook Advemslng Staff of all information concerning l Members of the staff getting their instructions from Mr. Desanzo, Yearbook Staff - accounted for, :i w ' 5 ' 9 M U' Members of the chess club enjoying a game, TEEN AGE BOOK This club was or- ganized to make it pos- sible, for those who like to read, to buy their fav- orite books more cheaply A11 books are selected from a list complied by Scholastic magazine. AUTO DRIVING The auto driving course offers road driv- ing practice and class- room instruction. This course is one of the most popular among seniors. .Mi-' Movie COIUITIEIISC Diane Kasnjc TOP ROW Paul Poulos Mr. Tedesco BOTTOM ROW Marge Ferguson Jon Larimore, Frank Slgnorellx Stage Announcers Lou Benedict Fred Kellinger Phil Mathews Press Booth Armouncers K Fred Kelliriger Richard Biddle Lou Benedict 1 I A iii VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders under the direction of Mrs. Palrner are the bundles of boundless energy that are always on hand to pep up foot- ball and basketball games and to lead the cheers at pep assem- blies. They also can be counted on to come through with a lively dance routine for Talent Night and are active school leaders. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS The Junior High Cheerleaders under the direction of Mrs. Bires are responsible for the fine cheering at .Tunior High pep assemblies and basketball and football games. They are often guests at Senior High assemblies and are substitutes for the Sen- ior High cheerleaders at Reserve games. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the Society is based on Scholarship: Seniors-Upper Third Juniors-Upper Fourth Leadership: Must hold a class office or captain of an activity. Service: Must be a member of several activity groups, Character OFFICERS President ....... Ray Chop Vice President , , , Martha Yee Secretary. . . . . Velma Levin Treasurer. . . Genevieve Leriotis Q' ,T Many of our students choose music for enjoyment, HISTORICAL SOCIETY A11 members of the Society are re- quired to maintain an average of B+ or better in history. OFFICERS President . . . . Jean Lintio Vice President . . Martha Yee Secretary. . . .Fran Feduska Treasurer, , , , Joan Pastrick Chaplain . . . . . Pati Gula Sgt. at Arms . . . Marge Kopp 'ie Xa: lie HNANCE COMMITTEE These people assist in selling and collecting tickets at school functions, OFFICERS President ..... Carol Swain Vice President .... Betty Sabo Secretary. . . Sandra Adamovsky lEADERS'ClUB The Leaders' Club is the select group of girls who very capably assist Miss Yost on the gym floor, They umpire team sports, take attendance and assist in teaching skills. 'sh ,nw- Qi aff 4 A .r 5,3 , if . i ,,.. 'H Q , i V A .. These people are taking Solid Geometry. "GUEST IN THE HOUSE" CAST Ann Proctor ...... Carol Barner Lee Proctor, her daughter . . Pat Gelston Hilda ....... Marilyn Santry The Rev. Dr. Shaw . . Don Grundy Aunt Martha. . . Barbara Stein Miriam Blake . Joni Smigielski Dan Proctor . . Fred Benkert Douglas Proctor . Frank Katcher John .... . Ralph Polce Evelyn Heath . . Elaine Conti Frank Dow . . Jack Mackowitz Mrs. Dow . . Virginia Duncan Miss Rhodes . .......... Pat Jurczak Cam Tracy . .......... Tony Warchal Others taking part were Stage Managers- Sam Pasco, James McCarthy, Jean Sabonya Director-Mr, John Barner Assistant to the Director-Lois Reese Lk ada NTHEBARRETTSOF WIMPOLESTREET CAST Dr, Chambers ,,,,,, Elizabeth Barret Moulton-Barrett Wilson ...... . . . Henrietta Moulton-Barrett , Arabe1M0u1ton-Barrett , Octavius Moulton-Barrett , Septimus Moulton-Barrett , Alfred Moulton-Barrett , Charles Moulton-Barrett , Henry Moulton-Barrett , George Moulton-Barrett , Edward Moulton-Barrett . Bella Hedley ..... Henry Bevan, . . Robert Browning . . Dr. Ford-Waterlow , Captain Surtees-Cook. . Director ...... Assistants to the Director, . Stage Managers. . , , Bob Drexler , Ioan Pastrick' Gloria stanovich , Diana Mihalic , Velma Levin' . . Bob Grand' , , Alan Bowan Richard Ka tterson' Charles Kolinchak . , John Olbrys , Charles Dunn , Philip Mathews' , Renne Tamers' , , Samuel Pitts , Louis Benedict' , Warren Capenos . Larry Bufalini . . Mr. Barnet , Laurel Brutout' Lois Reese . Alex Churchin Jean Lintio ,fx .V fgsy F f 531 1 ffm ff' '11 bi R "s 4 sit ,i g fa-I 4 ,f ff., ' W I if 1 v, gin-Q glowed 'F it 7 5 f' flbi J Vff 5 toe G ,g,.Xl, 1 y n 1' f ,, ' .X my 5 X 'H . J . , x-5 V if .. or XJ. 1 . ril V Rafi- uf' -N lg M S THEPROM Toward the beginning of spring, everyone's attention turns to the Junior-Senior Prom. Gowns and suits are as- sembled in gay quantity and flower shops are left pleasantly depleted of their floral masterpieces. The crowning of the King and Queen climaxes a Wonderful evening of fun and en- tertainment. King Alfred Mata and Queen Joyce Double Wore the coveted crowns at the 1954 Prom. Allin all, the Prom is a perfect end to the school year. , f 47 Q 7 ' 77 f' "" W M V61 UMA 'C' X5-9, f ' ffcff V, -. ,gf A XCYXZIZ V 2 1452x6444 X 1fQjjiL-4+ fx ffl' ',- "-I f' " ,f "I 'Lx 'f J k ,Q'?4t4,ff.1 f ,ff 17.52 ,fizffxfd ' gf V , if f f"7 5 - G X, M lr , 4pLa,,1g! X of 1 These are the students who have struggled on the grid iron, the diamond, the track, and in the gym to prove that Ambridge High School strives always for sportrnanship and fair play. .. K .. , W y is -Wiz CY OUR ATHLETIC SUCCESSES "-i WERE NUMERUUS "wr wrrr BEAVER couurv FO0TBAll CHAMPIONS" i x Ambr idge O pponents .er -'M ' 4 az may :iw -. aff? 1?-fm gfrrwrigffr zff. In 5 fif' :giasallw ,X Aafgfgi Steubenville Cent. Cathloic 12 Youngstown East Beaver Falls Uniontown Har-Brack Ellwood City ' :lvl W f fi 6' ' . we f 4 5 mai' wr?" ,, ' " " '-.Ei-'5'?fw'l'ffi'wi ' "Y Egg? ' 91. in e - ' .4 'txgfik aw - f.r::rs1ffa'w.,41e-L pw Rffsfffi- + '!?,9,+'5"?5 4,42-'rfx'-2-iisqf' -an ' "L-..'-,f,-XJWLQ1:-' 1-'-1521-1-v"f.l , qv 'md' '- , , ir -wma. , 62-. , r - iz , . .-s.P 4 .9,,,..,,,. . ,. , . , in fwgfo: ,s. - 1- may Q .V f. , .1 l in , - ' - new.E!gi4,,1:inl5p,2ff2g5rf, ,.. K , .. ' K, 1 I I ' b Vi -ima-lrlnuf M' s ' ' ',:',a2 009 cxvr 0 - H' ,. M Qeusnzx 5, h M ,,,,,E .ww-5 ew' we as W FALLS M Nwxgmw I Bukcvsxn 6,53 ,M Q Ns, .,...,,N 1., , , Www V . L jhgfm, Ymuya 55? , A g5:,,,,, Amgiyawxzn my nmyksgixrszncgssgygg in by - mawvf N, wwf- s M b- , ,f , 1, xv ,Ma ., : Vg. ' ' 9-:" 3 K, fi, Ayub! l , ,fi , 44-5. ,, v -H A 5:5 ex.XNNWW5E I 9 NGOL ,' l - ' ' 1 arm- X'i1"'f Q 5,423-fig. M, , oxmxx or NA mmyvxx 2 snxxxs C, A .L pg?-L15 2.1 U.. fl 4 1.204 M3 was 'W' 5. in Q, f X " amsmxy . 6 ' ffm .N mm:-Q 4... ma.....,.,.. um, v ' 'Z lik?-'gi ii I X I i fl , A ,, ' M 1 '- Q V x , f' k .Wa r 1 K f,,3g1sSi2Qf.Q , - Mink , ,Q gif, ,,-, of. iff!" -' 'iir 1,,g xxx X D ,Q K EK' ll X - congratulate Mr. S 1 K fiylery gofekedgful 1954 season, lqf r , Q "W QNX ln NF 4 ri " x X XP., It j' ' fi X , H. pr. XX-yn M. L x N , X pw 1 we .V I ,f . 1' Q I H , ,., .-1 : .1 . 'X-',f vu l f 2 Haw f X. ,f .1 3 Q ,f X xx, x ' ' f' ' :E . l . v .U -i .o 'f 1 q., X , 1 ,- . ' s .J 1 V r. , .Nl Q' s -af, A , ,, , . Ne'. 1 df .l 5 M. ,r ." 1 ,E 1 .X ,VL X r xr , Q I xx!! XXX K If XX? k If l KY V XJ N K lf! U' X ' x l XX, if 1 . 1: 1 ,M Nl Xb' 1 V X N - r r - . XL P. xo " - .,f I s' ' ., X 1 Q5 'DJ f ' x 1 Ar, . ,- x. -1' XJ' Y ,,. f .Lf , N l V Stian for his -. -4 Rochester Trinity Aliquippa Football Managers Frank Signorelll Rich Vasques Pete Banes John Korona R .X ff 3 if , of 1 ps. 1: .au if 7 Ambridge received the County Cham- pionship Trophy in the assembly, Friday January 14. ROW ONE: Morsillo, Fleming, Mousession, Navalance, Dionese, Mulraney, Olbrys ROW TWO: Makowski, Poulos, Churchin, Loschiavo, Dzubak, Polko, Budimer, King ROW THREE: Mercandante, Mihalic, Ludvico Guido, Sweitzer, Chop, Shevchik, Antolini, Kolinchak, Homjak ROW FOUR: Hunt, Peltz, DiDonato, Marotti, Showrank, Semonik, Palladini, Braddick A scene from the Ambridge- Beaver Falls game. bv 'Y .KX Ronnie Peltz Quarterback Jim Showrank End The 1954 Ambridge gridiron squad became one of the best teams to ever wear Ambridge's garnet and gray, when they fought their way to an undefeated season. Though faced with a tremendous weight defi- cit and a difficult schedule of nine AA teams, Ambridge, under the experienced guidance of Head Coach Michael Sebastian, triumphed in eight games and shared a 6-6 tie withHar- Brack, Consolation was had however, in the fact that the other Bridger opponents were thoroughly vanquished. Having defeated all other Class AA county teams, Ambridge was awarded the Beaver County Championship by Geneva Col- lege and finished second in the WPLAL. Un- der the Gardner System of scoring for the WPLAL Championship, Clairton won because her team remained undefeated in Class AA rank, although tied with Dormont, a Class A team, This tie did not count since the scoring is done only on Class AA games. Ambridge's lone tie, however,put the Bridgers out of the running since I-lar-B1-ack is a Class AA team. The 1954 Bridger Eleven proves that speed and determination to win are essential factors in producing a Winning ball team. Dick King Guard Mike Semonik End ' ' -' I-453: J' 1' ,.....--.4.. , -eww: Lt t e C tcy n ' ease-'-3 A 'i':i A A qi i. e ei,ti A 5 it 1 iiii I I 5 ,yi i n Jack Dzubak Fullback Ray Chop End e r ef t i N ,ff:."g, - '. pp , , ischr Mm' c ' X .'., awp 5 I sg ,. KLK, JIQU-2 .iiit 1 at feer ' WN .ws rw N wil' fr-i 1"?'i' C" , a ff pp 5 T ,yc. , fl, Pete Sweitzer Halfback Bob Mercadante Halfback M if if f E f 65.1. is ' . M.. ' . X - I J ,TA ' 1 Y- I 'M Y Q -Nfuiib ' i - 132- ':,..,.J::FYY' ' 'W-Rua., "F nw.- -5. n.,'3.-.:'...N,,A g llbus.?f,"5,g -Q. gf- ... -3-...,,q,, i, "Gifting-Ea... I Q-21'-4 .Tire-- ,- ...L ,Q-K, , '?'1llu-a...5.- ,,A....,,,..-.Q-. Aft. . T' i"""lli, . c cha-ew..,,...,' ,,, """'9""w-',+'-v- it - . . we ,, 1-Hfw r,r: fiizfiliji f fi ,. .'..- 5- ia 'X .sggT'wf5 ,, " V w uw X ' f P+ was .. ffyfrw f. Q N X ., .,-X 1 - s- .,i.,, . V ,,. H1 ig, 'ffiifzwlf 111521 ii' , 'wifi 1 1 U rx-1 f,'g-':rgxmQ'7f.jf r' Q E42 F . llkw . ' "gsm TTT. '-fgffzif' A 2 ,"3,,3j,2?i2'X?. -.3-5,111 l.+. v iffy J X " ,ya 5' 8 l,,, W. X Ll. , -yr Lx T -. U Jilin , V Q Q , , 'S "- ' ' 5"'f F542 " 'l xx -. Q? Q lg, av 15' Q9 , ,A l , . A-' X X " 5, l r V ,al we ' ' H 1 x 4 4. 'i A, 5 5. If 4 f 'W' Q 5? .eg K PA X . 1 Vw N ,Z ,as . f fix' ., .3 353 1 " S " x A 'K "iff I 1. 'S wa , Y ' ' Im' "' 'ff 'A Pak? NN. 2' ' . fa, Y :fig-2-3,4 ':4 - , -:, , 2, J f ' f ' .ggiifu ' . -V. -, s. X . ' ' Shir-Q1-'1Qkuns-,Q .S 'Q ,-9 AW, ag, A - A -e-fm-mm Q 51 John Olbrys Center Steve Homjak Pullback Al Churchin Center Don Dionege SN' V -gg-f. mv' Tackle 53' Y u aw ui x.. ,zgyf r ., 5, .445 T- U ' , is Q Maggy ' Anim.. A- :"P+-an-3-wr'-u-K4 fJ'C:r-N-.M 1 Q A I 1 Cx 'N' fw , ' 'I 95? 4 A - - .- f 'V " ' f H114 ' ' , K ' 'hi . 'gil' Wig, Lg ii A l ..""fs,,f , 3 Q Q. WU A R eh., . A I Q t , 1 Q . W' r ,, -..-n""d'T 4 Q95 ' Zh hir " 4 fr ' - Charles Kolinchak Tackle Tony Mihalic End Joe Loschiavo Tackle Paul Pnulos Guard f'2""1' " C ' ' 1' ' r IQ, K, l , 1 N K . AAVV Q, amy' Wygga M5 l ,f ,lr - '-"""f:Wg.7.,- "5 , , ,, ,.1.,- we ' -T , d,,1-vzij g A -f gf ,, ,f .. A-1 "TW" , 'G' - -V4 wiki" dwarf 141 T .fl 'aff' f itgg, l. 'wwgfMrW:e m , ., ' x xml','4?f".,,.f,.:',. V." 'f J ., 43 '5 1, - 4-m7"L' ' ' , f M-1:4 """ ' lf? ' f W ' T f if ' F f '-'f fE'?" W5f- . ' 4' ,' Y vi A . Vi,,3w!xi,34'- A Lei , . jean,-y. my . 1 f aell l l ' T74 2 'H ' ,.-P f?'kf "f'1"l7fIlF7" 'T A A T ' " 34+ 4 f 'w affrlf f 3296 N w ' ' 4 M' 1. 1 "' , K- -M 5 - 1 1 N, ,W,' A , T ,.w,,f,: .H+ in ,lr 4 .Q 7. 7 '1'.-mia' A . 5 ..., . w, ,M W " F ' , ., K , 'LN' TWW7. , 113 4 ,. VM, , 4 W. ,,.w,,4 , K, , .4 , N , nw. , . , ,,, yal..?fi2., -.., A T T 4 5Q'1S'?1'4'f"' ., " f . ., .KZfifQf'f5Q5l4f .r l , " ll s f in T 'f T ,Q 5,1 f ,fx ,WML t ag, wg,V', ,. f Me. V f v kg lv, fkgzq ff- Agra, 1 V,-1 ,3, Q 3 lv x f' ' ' ' I l 'fa N' 7 .Y ff" ff If -' . T . H ". . ' T ' 1. 4f'1+:h'l ' gl- N M ga A 3. 3 " ' ' 4+ wtf . V f P2 ' V ik av V, R ll . r T 1 il y H rw ,BI ,X . EW rlll e 22' 1 'f' ff A 1 Q1 f' Maw e f rl lilmgi 5 Beaver Falls scores a touchdown in the early period of the game, but for a hopeless cause. Ambridge managed to win by a wide margin. 5, I fl , , i I' 1 Q ,ff .v , pf . e' f 3 rg 45 t. This unusual photo shows Antolini dive for a small gain and a first down in the Aliquippa game. In the late stages of the Beaver Falls game the Tigers showed a surge of power. The Picture shows Showrank and Churchin bringing down a Tiger ball carrier. fy EU T A lid , ,.,, ' N' ,H . 2 asf 1 'W v'a"l f ws aw M -Q 3 N' gv NH N: 1 'W-z., if sr ' A -nz? 43, HMM my X M .dem '-Q 7 ' If Ak hwy: ,Q .MM fix M f Www I ' alabas- Mr Edward Drake Mr M1chae1 Sebastian Mr George Barth FIGHTING Q5-j.7?.,.., V 1 Q Q 'V Z I ck Y . 'N 1,3 'M ,E W' wlwfi- ' W, Members of the squad selling tickets for the annual Quarterback dance. District Attorney, Mr. Stewart, was the main speaker at the School Board football banquet. BRIDGERS Mr. Sebastian briefs the squad before reviewing a movie of the previous game. K J "-Q5 - . 'Q 1 i 0 Q 0 F S 'if-U ,at Wt, ' , if 4 Q 6 i 4 . ,Q W 4 N ' gg "5 sg 3 l s.5f .N 'Nw t E ,.,v" L n gp.-Q 91 The usual starting line-up. N5l?fM sg W Q W 'h ' 4 fs -1 zwfmfz gf -f'-12 gps '1L:.l Maw: ,.,, :ff ..'f Q flff wwf ':-. Q5, 11 -,bfi If ft- cfm m Q. ' , Q , N f 15 K, THEIR M Q. , Q , .. W s sd v Qt 'ef -I? J' mi l Y' " s v ,, 535 Q, + , 5, Q L B, A '- l M' f' gm Q 1 K p 4 A A, A af fx ' ,K x , K, 9 IW gl' Q 4 Aram? A , l , Hwy 51 Y 4 gf ' , af 3 Q , Q . P W W 3' je, ,,.. W, ,. l ,.,. ., ..W,, ,,.L,. l , L -f - W"- M ' 'fflfigzgzgygffy-ga Uefiiiiaw --aliases Y,Q ., " .Ag-.sta . if ,fl Q ,nh 5 Y 'T A f A + 1 Q Q s. 4 N 4+ s ws- A X W A A i 2 9 -. 56 my 0 X 55 Jig ,J Q x A if . f A z K L 3 f' If Q Q ,ff l f we 'fl f I gl 4 l Q , s We QQMG , I-'rx N5 uw! ls sg, H " P us 2 X: f P Af ' .,,,,: if , . 1 ' sq yt? W R 1 f5:,1f11,:1e? , .+G E 'J 'Att-Jtffff fi, tim e X N We A 52 f. We 5' W Q Swift if ' ,553 q,ic,ft,,: ...,, g, Xu- -. ,1 ,al - 4. Q. 'Qt . , ,Hz EQQQL vfxgifiwmf lg 55395354 A 43. 335 5, ' 'Q J if ? -My Q23 eg, is .Qisiff A f' ff I-Mkt ,ft 'Q-V6 1 -faE'.'2eEv w ab, it 255 x my lg it Qzag f bi get ri -, s 'M , V - f 'j,f:g,, 5, W iff' The 1954-55 Basketball team, capably coached by Wilrner Adams, made a fine show- ing in all games. Ambridge, a member of Section III, was the winner of six games and had thirteen losses. Expecting taller and more experienced boys next season, Coach Adams hopes to have a Winning team, F COACHES ' Mr. Adams an r. Os I , Q uf 1 XR l x K l X QW , GuldO1 RESERVES 1 Morsillo. Ed Popltil we Hem KHP' P? ki Enrico Anwmm L HW :ence Gfabms ' ,pw XP J C - We Up Wk EYESQNQMHM fjvwwu L vARsx'rY SQUAD Richard Lebec, Alphie Dahma, Paul Villella, lay Whitehair, Dick Steponic, Bob Navalance, Ronnie Pemkash, Ted Kotula, Pete Banes, Fred Kellinger, Stan Mackowski W ' s, 4 H - A Qwfjvfji JAM n A ff! ,pjwf N JM If WL ' "Chic .. U the b ok haf hls eyes on as et In the Al, ' Game. lqulppa Ronnie Penkash Bob Navalance M., W 5- i - f' r -mg 5 H , , , -.. , ., , ' ,K . , 1 A '1-151 ' J .jing ' g,'1,4..' ' 2- F 4. ' M ,. - N - ,. - v K . St XM W,,,f K xi , AAQ- .. -ei an .V I mx ig' In g -L K . Ikil 351, A 2 ., , x , E , , A , I , A . I do A 1 n i, A ,W i - 'fm M. nv . K V K , 1 J Alfie Dahma Dick Steponic Paul Villella R Bl USUAL STARTERS Dick Steponic, Paul Villella, Ronnie Petkash MANAGERS Mr. Adams, Jay Whitehair, Bob Navalance, Mr. Osso Jack Pope, Jim Standish .,., , " 1, i f ,-f ,kkr A, , . .,, .rx ,.., ,, 5 if Jay Whitehair Richard Lebec Ted Kotula Fred Kellinger W W VARSITY SQUAD Stanley Mackowski Pete Banes SECOND ROW: Alfie Dahma, Richard Lebec, Ted Kotula, Fred Kellinger, Stan Mackowski, Pete Banes, Mr. Adams. FIRST ROW: Mr, Osso, Ronnie Petkash, Bob Navalance, Jay Whitehair, Pau1Vi11e11a, Dick Tony Karp, Dean Flemming Steponic r we 7 i fr fe'-W,--.M-T-,T-,,, b ,lr ,.N, ,,,A ,, '7 ' -f--- I Vkhy I 4 ,. 2 -"ff". - I .Mi I 4,, ,x.. ,ap 'ew 5 L. ,,,,.X r.,,,,,.,..,a.A,,.,. ' ' k A f O A I ADSL V V L , , WLM, A k 3 Q rl 'A L I N A A , I if D W " Aff? , p ' A fvihrl B Af be f SiS' I 5 , ,Q ii I , 3 f I - , ' Q A Z' A A 'J A AL A A , A A I at ' T., ' 1 It 5, ,SI I 1 'Q-at 1 "'i ,I I L , q I y ,Q ' , . -, R ,H , , A ,W Mi., Rt , "' A , ,Q-4 A i lfiifii 5' Boarding the bus for an JUNIORLHGH BASKETBALL SECTION I7 CHAMPS WON 13: LOST 3 FIRST ROW: Anthony Merante, Joe D'ambrosio, Nick Zervos, Jim Knouse, Joe Krokonko SECOND ROW: Joe Osqueda, Bill Bell, Harry Voos, Tom Martin, Wally Quaye, David Curtis THIRD ROW: Dominic Minnici, Robert Kuhel, Richard comchoc, Nick Feduska Mr. I-llista BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Butch Karp, John Essek, Mike Semonik, Eddie Kaizer, Rich Polko SECOND ROW: Rich Lebec, Howard Stanfield, Stan Makowski, Bill Liven- good, Jack Dzubak, Jay Whitehair THRID ROW: Mr. Adams, George Kocak, Jack Sumrok, Paul Affeltranger, Bill Bilo, Jerry Hochevon, Paul North, Mr. 'Rothermel The 1954 Baseball season made an impressive appearance on the dia- mond. Having a record of eight wins and two losses, the team finished the season in second place of Section III. Due to the number of returning veter- ans, Coach Wilmer Adams looks for- ward to a successful coming season, Coach Wilmer Adams away game, Butch Semonik Jay Whitehair s am sberba Moon I2 If2 Avonworth IO Ambridge I3 If2 West View I3 Avonworth I4 If2 Ambridge 8 Moon IO Wes: View I3 If2 GOLF scomss Pe-,e S ' a Ambudge 2 If2 Ambriclge 5 Carnegie I If2 Ambridge 2 Ambridge U2 Carnegie 7 Ambridge 5 Ambridge 1 If2 111501 GOLF Bob IV avajance 9 7 The Arnbridge High's 1954 Golf team had an unevent- ful season with two wins and four losses, finishing fourth in Section III. Coach Rothemel sees good prospects in Jun- iors Norman Flesher and Bill Andrus and Sopho- more Andy Petkash and hopes to direct these boys toward awinning season. leon peut 13312 fr: 'J BMX oi XV 1' 'lxjlww r if ?qV V i WD E1-tj 1 My A W pr M, W cpprusgl uurnv li m ffl Qi J 1 Lf' i ,H KV 101 -X Wm pe lJgHC lj1 afggtitzqi Co ED ght Piper cornsied K X! oss Coil' iryp' m under the jj! if . I I L . 1 N . , ' bl, ' -f 4' i essive r 1:0 mlzii H! by Winning eight of its W ww I, iii Eg ue En' 'e+,f10'iX1gl'o ,to Central Catholic of If kjf A P -'tl uri . .g ' ' A rl lr bg ui f o--' ta' ale F user was the W.P.I,A.L. M fx' a on a' P.I.A.A. individual Winner with a new f 'Uv reg: d time f 10:54.11 minutes. The other co-cap- ' f Jr, Sam Sherba placed seventh in the state meet. F u RJ' 41 in r . -'Pr ieel ' P? a S if llivf or A p p gulrr or A. rlifel eiil R lrile liele F er , iyef follgZl?Je1sNew Hvfmefm 91059 I Wd eld Sing 'Jas dfufday -91' red 6194 Gafferf FIRST ROW: Robert Rupik, Richard Ronczka, Eugene DeSantis, Jack Piper, Ron Naugle, Boyd Kowal, Stan Bienia, Jerome Novekosky, Fred Benkerr SECOND ROW: Ralph Mucci, John Prasko, Roy Saunders, Sam Sherba, Dale Fauser, Ralph Bitsko, Nestor Kowal, Fred Kellinger, Rick Katterson, Gary Augustine, Free Zelesnick, Don Oslick, Fred Mitchell, Mr, Piper --W.,....... , ,W -'gin V FIRST ROW: Mr. Piper, Ralph Bitsko, Sam Sherba, Dick King, Tony Mihalic, John Olbrys, Pete Bizic ' A Chuck Kolinchak V ' A , SECOND ROW: Ricky Katterson, Joe Galietti, Dale Fauser, Cleophus Townsend if Lou Boykins, Carl Kacharian, Bob Mercadante, Chico Villella C Q ,i, John Prasko fu .' 7 vs V. The 1954 Track and Field Team, coached by Dwight Piper, won the Bea- ver County Championship for the fourth consecutive year and placed second in the district qualifying meet. The co-captains this spring are Dale Fauser and James Braddick, Dale placed fourth in the W.P.I.A.L and Won. the 880 yard run in the district meet while James was winner of the 120 yard low and 180 yard high hurdles. Although not eligible for competition this year, Louis Boykins was outstanding last year in setting a new school record of Z1 feet 6 inches for the broad jump and 52.9 seconds in the 440 yard run. Mr. Piper and captains: Dale Fauser, Joe Galietti, Jim Braddick QQ unnsyn,,,n,, KO' W I Q VK t rJymw v IQNJ Vg J 'Wwe af Z J 14 X -Ji fav V W - Q ' 4-555 Qi 'iv fm 'V ' , fn u A 4 . '.- K JP ' Q 1 I. t V . x ' LX tw j V ww 3 x J A WN: F L V :A X Ax 1 DX Wxxisyx j 1 Y ' f X wx MJ! - ljlxvp XU,u X X M fb Db, t N", 0 Xl ,f y 1 if vga- , , g b y o r N by ffigfgrigfgimg, f i x l .,,- I , -1 v. A 77 . w X. . . . . x ' ,f 4' 11 ' .,. I X 1. ,I 3,1 A v' ,, X X if , 2 R jjj S Wx L Nl X it S if 'X XA ik fx' Ex it NA? X VM wf M x X e 1. '31 -Nix r L13 XXK K1 YAlE-PRlNfETON not .X d X., ix s A XTX il ' N X xg Lineups: X ' ,X '19 Yale Princeton Ks. Xi- R '1 -Q, Xa X ftgw-gg Qt 5.-wh, Lazorisak, f Klak, f Q, Qs Ni Nw, Schmidt, f Kumi, f 1 vw- . X - ws 1 we . . Xgkx-K Xfxx ,X X. Flegel, f Radwanski, f Feduska, f Scichilone, f 5 2 Dale, f Wolicki, g Budkey, g Teny, g fi fx its Fvelk, g Yedgenak, g il K Q- X Adamovsky, g Guido, g " ' gasnic, Johns, g my aragania, g Yale topped Princeton 37- 34 in the 23rd Annual Girls' All-Star basketball game at Ambridge High School gyrn- nasium Friday evening. The triumph places Yale ahead in the series by four games, three of the games have had tie scores. A crowd of about 450 parents, faculty, grads, visit- ing teams, and high school girls cheered the fast play to the final whistle. The gyru- nasium was gaily decorated with the traditional colors of the two teams. Uniformed cheerleaders led the rooters for each side. To open the evening's festivities, a girls' band, directed by Joan Jones, played the national anthem as players stood at attention in team formations of large letters, Y and P. 1 V ' - w 5 rr N 5 if 41 'Y QQ' i QQ I - - K K i -:,g H E GEM I j' !Xp.vf W W e iw f' e N ,e W W AF r fb A0 J N A f Ex V V V . jf QV , , M fe W, a 1 5 x pf it This page sponsored by If fy K pr 2 , ,, MX fy W Nw ,HW X X 0 V W I-1 SCI-IMIDT :fx GENERAL CCDNTRACTOR AND EXCAVATOR 1312 Duss Avenue Phone AM 6-2580 Ambridge, Pennsylvania Q e shun. if f 1 . , ,J "V nij,j.,C 3 ff' X . - 4 ,-,,,.2,.,faf:L' ff V 4 1,7 ff ,I ,f .-gf, .1- C 'f' tx, 6" ' 4,f"4Q., ,f ss, more important than Y know ...f-' Right here in your own town are people who are serving the world. Perhaps they are your father or brother or sister and perhaps someday, even you may be among them. For these people are the men and women of Wyckoff Steel. Serving the world, you say? Yes, indeed. It may not have occurred to you but cold finished steel, which is what we make at VVyckoFf, is used for the precision parts of literally everything in the world that is mechanical . . . and in this mechanical age that includes just about everything. Youlll find cold finished steel in ordinary objects like mechanical can openers and screw drivers and automobiles andjuke boxes. Youlll find it, too, in unordinary things like rockets and jet planes and Geiger counters and radar equip- ment. You'll find it in Ambridge and you'll find it in Timbuctoo. Yes, the men and women of WVyckolT Steel Company make only cold hnished steel-make it fine and tempered and truefbut they literally serve the world with one ofthe basic niziterizils of our modern civilization. F STEEL COMPAN Y t WV lt gg ,MM ,ft wtf ,, , 1 5 ,Wil wld! fn? ,f ! S 1154 X , it , QV? UT!! V ,iw UiC7JgLff!,JJ5b f ll tfb J " 1". . it J K f tfilji I 'WM lla ill WF Y ,SOI , I 7 A 1 Q ,, N QAY. 1, Jw i ,lr D ' 2 lil ', D V0 I, ,yy -,aff I ,V Gi HU if - W , , WN li, ,Mlm Jlfw' ,yr V, e W M3 , 1 ,, I L . , , NJN , , 0 f 1 ii 1 f It ,. :ji 1' ' 512 I V Q 'ft' gt: " li- , KA' 4 I if f ia I Tiiiis Jd'at countryg-ours. Be ' min ,ff , ,X V anwfn, , 11 I, za establish it, was the fift nth of fee hil en f a candle maker but became one Diff X W1 ost honored citizens David Farragut, nf d became one of our greatest navalleaders Ak 4, ill I' os. li ov forced him into the Navy when he was W 1 ,ft i' Z' I T ff ' li' , il ' I , Lincoln arails litter became President 1 p 1 1 t fi y l ho s Edison, whose teacher once remarked that he WW JM 01, ' addled, gave the world some of its greatest 'N fl , W -' ve tions. "JJ W f ffl! rofwfli ln this country, most people don't ask Where I you come from. They re more interested inwhere you Q ' are going. Where you arrive is largely up to you. You of Ambridge High School, Class of 1955, have great opportunities to "go places," We Wish you much success and happiness on your way. AMBRIDGEPLANT PA G-CHALFA T nlvlslon OF THE NATIONAL SUPPLY coMPANv The National Supply Company is the World's largest manufacturer and distributor of oil country machinery and equipment. In addition to our Spang- Chalfant plants at Ambridge and Etna, We have five other plants, and operate supply stores throughout the oil fields of the United States, Canada, and Venezuela. 3 4 QW W 'W r . I , 1 Q W .. IH! ff!!! M' ' ' jf 0 YIM W A" W 'Q M 0? GER at co. J M V i 4 1 4 ,O Merchant Street LM y K7 2 jf' Phone AM 6-0310 Hardware My 'HUM VW! 5122 Hwy OE' jJvfuU akK7bAl ON S 4 0-520 Merchant St. , J I N , " 'T 1 N 'QM0 ' N A fe ,fl GJ W vi 5 f ,a L 5' Vw ,wk y 0fBfeHA'1ijvNwbSfHQ1j?E l L Ki A ffl ll '?x,fA'x X :' dw , giifi ,e1gia1ty" f A V A ' QN0 NJ A J V L X E Nb' X fff 1.5 fflefrchglit Spf! Ambxggb, if V " 1 I 'ul' -,f L X, K BRAUN QUALITY CLEANING 3 Hour Cleaning Tel. AM. 6-4490-4491 AMBRIDGE AUTO PARTS Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing-Altering 1130 Merchant Street Phone: 6-0340 813 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Mike Roth Ambridge, Pa fw5r T X 2503 Duss Avenue Now 2 Stores THE SHERWIN-W ILLLAMS CO. 648 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. Phone: 6-1539 MAYNARD 'S JEWELRY 628 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Am 6-2140 UNITED NEWS 81 CIGAR STORE Walter Panek 610 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Congratulations Class of 1955 BARLAMAS LUNCHEONETTE 720 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa, P , fx .. - f', J, A- . 1 I 1 z f ,', H .f4" j' 1 ' . 1' L X1 ,"A' 'i F A,,fl,f"'L 5, Q' MQfC'zAeBE ,1fjfgJQE'lXA,i. L-IbiVIE fx if A Q . , " ls' r 'J Af 5 , yifqfft- ' fe 5456 Magpfflfewood Ave rim? V J' 3 P ,ly ' Yhgf, .'-- ,je'?ff'B'rNiwdWgeXL Pennsylvag-. fx '-' ff X! 1 f I XX 1 ' ' AMQQQMVJW A X l f x I. A. TIMNEY ELECTRIC CO. so Let us plan your kitchen now" General Electric Appliances Tappan Gas Ranges Phone: AM 6-3070 612-614 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Congratulation to Class of '55 from PAUL'S BAKERY 455 Merchant Street Mr. and Mrs. Paul Braddick Pies ...... Cakes ...... Cookies A V -' L,-u""'s4 I f' W C ongratulations E K ,,.,,f4f1m" F r om , 1 I ,f s 11.4 54 Riff " ff fr JLGPENNEYS Where Smart Students Save on Smart Styles iM AMBEE SHOPPE LADIES ' READY -TO-WEAR 517 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania 99 O iflf ffm VM JJJWJ7 lj fl' +V A uw VI 1' ff l' f- L 5 -wi if " Wdl'if9ZM71lZ-7 Wfvl la. 5352 ' xl fO..fvV.ljlE , wwf, WU 55 Coaches are available for special trips of groups and parties Call OHIO RIVER MOTOR COACH CO. 430 Maplewood Avenue WM. H. WALL'S SONS Garden Supplies. , .Seeds. . .Fertilizer 507 Eighth Street Ambridge, Pa. XXL.. XX If Best Wishes To The Graduatxng Class of 1955 BAIERL CHEVROLET, INC Ambridge 6-3380 Ambridge, Pa. iw .A : , . , gf WI: YA Ki 1 I hxt- .ljbinaznif ry. e ' ' .ii is-e'GUTOWSKI'S BAKERY .qv V sk ' xkfx ills M24 33 ?51?'Eighth Street A -'-' "N ff! "' l ' 5"'69,9 Mrelrchant Street gr' J 3 :YAM 6-3 oso 5 EH. , k.,..x.,.'K. 7iW:e.fsi1eCia1iz2 in Party at Wedding cakes is - - g ...... J, COMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN BRIDGE DIVISION OF U S STEEL CORPORATION WAGNER 8: KOLAKOWSKI "The Place of Friendly Service Diamonds --Watches -- Jewelry Expert watch repair At reasonable prices 812. Duss Avenue - f' if 1 ' ' .iw ll . l . ., Q 1 A U Mn, WI , A- 2 , , V , - -:M T -- 3 ' 3 . E ' Lf' 4' S - ' 'X Y . 'F f 'M 1 if , 'N V 1? -Ml -fff J ,4 1 ,E n ,Aff f Ai ' A lf nfl ' T J 1 , ,f f if I V j M- gf! U' f H1 JL, -, A f ff,y-f ,fy , ,zijff A ' Aj'yE,f' .vii--4 " A W, ff" ' Lk Phone AM 6-2339 We Delyef 1 ' ' 'v' "gilt ROBERT S. STEWART ' 1229 Merchant Street General Hardware Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Glass A U y L R 1 PATRONS The Manhattan McKee-Nadler Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ludwig Stanley Flower Shop Ralph K. Smith Mark's Shoe Store Earl J. Schermerhorn Ambridge Hardware Mr. and Mrs. David S, Apple Holland Furnace Co. Anderson Candy Land Ambridge T.V. Sales Mr. John F. Moyer Kubeks Dr. R. .T. Gin , D.D.S Dr. Mark Levin S Eagle Market Dr. Hugh P. Carr Ambridge Furniture C. Mr. Malectic p Drf , enry, D.D.S. "A Friend" Afiieiobli-afgbi Wkowski if 'M V U zz P N LM VU: I KL V fl V A - md FX lfyff fy QQ, Q o f V' nf T ' Q of MU J JE A V ,W For Continued Success ,V Good Lui:kJ,"lio 'Ilfge QV , 1 vt' , MUV JL' JU 1 r T y M Je V lafkiiq f 1955 EGERS LEADING .TEWE ,ERS I y ,f fi F115 X uf MV 1 LU Diamonds--Watches--Jewelery 7 W A' A -1 1 lui , A' S' V A20 Cha gtiL inet J AfnYbr4idge,Ypa' 710 Merchant Street 406 Mill Street Wt ,U j My 'fy Ji I Ambridge, Pa. Coraopolis, Pa, V 'UM X Hfejl A ,fig IAYU Viv A A up 'N xg 'Dj My 3 J Viv Cflyj iii! X N A flu I Nfl W 4 ,ww 1 XV 'N T TWINiJTRAlLER SALES Eighth and Latimer Ambridge, Pa. House trailers for every purpose "Payment Plan Like Rent" I5 I p " ' 'fy THE EI-ELL STORE I , j wfgz, Q. I I f f f, I, .-1,1112 ' in , . l V V . I Har ry Winsberg, fOwne1-Q 1 ,X V h Men's1 and Boys' Furnishing? ' 9 I-fjL7'6 Merchant street Phone AM '6-4820 I 3 . wAmbridge, Pa. It , 3 J A I I ' Idee ' I IRII I I I R X f .- I . .'-- I- .-1'- . It N' If 1 as f ng a ulations to the Class of 1955 C H 1 W4 J'-4' ' , Q V cf N TIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANQW YX AMBRIDGE OFFICE QN . 0 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA NK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED Congratulations To The To Visit Our Modern Newspaper Plant Class See the Actual Production of Your Local Paper of THE DAILY CITIZEN 1955 "Published in Ambridge, for Ambridgen 930-40 Glenwood Avenue EST. 1904 Dial AM 6-3331 Our Motto "Satisfied Customers" HICKS FLOOR INC. 909 Merchant St. Ambridge, Pa. Linoleum, Rugs, Chrome Carpet Wall To Wall Janitor Supplies Ceramic, Rubber, Asphalt-Tiles Sanding Machines for Rent x 5 ' ,NAV ' ' W . Txgxiff Liv Congrat 1shes My 'ASXWXB f e gy X is ilk X tg TN Class f 5 XV VV pq 9 W .1 W RY co. 2 , tug' fl Adv IAA E! XG? X! 1 V f! J QU gbxff xy ff 'ILKENS AMATEUR HOUR ix E? K W M ff ' l XL xy J cmcl 84 QV WILKENS E.Z.C. RANCH GALS N gtg A 35 QE 6 Am dge,PaANif3 K f '75 'li fi ,Il 'a ,x 1. , 6 1 1 v I v X Q x , . R. Q, H f -' ' , --I-' ' "Q , --ww . ' ' " - -, ,, 'M 1 , gQHf'M'W, , sz f f ' 'U 'W' --M X 5 i1QM'c?g 4 df MENU? Qgziw p ,, , fwfiif , ,, 444g - , - if A' 7 ' fZw16'56 diff! D04 si L, jgww ' X421 U gm,-Z ff if 0,gL'5f6!'f ,fb W .U I !l,a.41l 7,bafzjJM4ljlf !, Mg M ,zffw 4,y,H v , JZ jf W ,gg,Wiy,M Q Mg5j4,Mf 1fi V1 G ,,,' ' if I' .ff v 7, ?fVLf2f7fCZM,fzgJ IfjZpf.!jfaML A 74J!M ,V O? M' 4A Vw 55 ,fb-'Liz' f ff My-w 4,40 WW rg ff 151 E' JM MUii3'1Jff1fW4 ?Mfjw ,Z fa, wife ,wf f'iifMif'Zf f M .4,,1!!fZ7v, ,g mlff,0Q,fVUfs,L ' 5jW3,,.,e,4 5 1 E , Muff if A 1 f if .M ZW Zia? 'Q Q S ggqfigwi 51 Q A X w , SX? , L. . W X fx W ' . W QV ' - .1-'f' 1 ' A-.Aim , ,ML gi f ,J an wig I

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