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 - Class of 1951

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1 Q 6 V -.. . x 6 xg , ,Qi 1 X X I' ' 1 -.1-'.', M M, -I -x ,,. vii - , 'ui-1 as' 1 'Q '1 jr ,JP f , WPA' ','.a,35 ,L fy , . In L f u ff ' I Q, f P V fx l A 2 rv x R 2 ' L Q e. 2 , ! xx .f 1 V1 K fi , ,M 1 ,f,1w,gVvf. ,,wf4,,, , ' m'f WM LW , fl Www, V. , 6 4 , V V sv, M ww ,ew K , , ,- - sw ..- mum I as ?,m,WQ.e qmmlwwwwwws ww Aff: ,M V SNHPH . .,. M T1 xii k 2 V 3 QQ ,,, W' V: ig ii xg 3, A :T i fa:-V k V. ,, V, .4 V5 fi - , 5 gs . f V E x 3. 5 A ' --V V- 'V f i '. ww., Lf' if L - ' - - Lgfy- M , -v?fQsz:.g:? w ' K ,V .. z.5VgQfgg355 54 ff 'figf rg x Q S - .e a -w in 'V sei. , ya .Z El 534 in f saw 2 is . S. A .--- ,. qstneggi A A NIC-K SQ5 M 0054 Q li? if X . KV ', N v 9 ,na i A 5 V 5 Jw- ,fi ffm lf - V. 3 k g K TV. ' 5 . ,. -, ,. X. , 3' . . . .. ,, 1 L , Vs .V . ww .- . 3 , fn -Q---we -. ,-Q - Q- .. ,Q 1 V V . . . f,. . Q .go ' g- ' ' V, Y .V-MV' K.. , VV,-iV 5' X : . - q. 5 . , . V' 155, V1.4 VV . - 1 .1wV.,-., , si, K K -.-' ,V W I.. f . ., ' .. 1 Ez '-L-L- ' f V -5 L - ' V ff 2: V? .. 953+ , -1 .gif V- . g age- VV nf -, 1 f Qs' i + . .Tse 1 if 3.4-'e ff' if -V V ig ya- A 3 . VV T3 12 E fi 2 - . if - Vfi gf sfu 5 f .5 - . Vg 'V V V. - .VV- 2 V l V f 'QV V I V V 1- . . .V V A x Q -- - V, Yi .- .2 ' 3' if- QE. lg- . ' V ' . V if f JE 1 - 'm.A V. 'A V - ' ' V HV 1 V- 1 R- A -.. - - A YK'L . . V 1 1 V 2 ' F-?l', L' .4 V 13312 4 V V. + .V:T 4iL V ' Ti V if L' S 1 - if f ' A ' , 'Q if i - of t 9' V- A fi-'fig V. ' ' Vi-5? 5- Q 3 it i, f. . A fi s- ggywi. .1 2. ' 1 4 Q 2 r I ' . V P? in A -gi S 1 V X I f .4 7-E HIGH- SCHOOL. 'ff Q -: H V' V. ,L Vg 1- X VV , , if MV :V 5, V V m V A ' V ' -V ' V . ' - V 1 Q :Q in 'L-- ,,-, V fi -V , Q Vg . gi ? A 1 ' PCKIIISYIVSIHIRV , Y I . -VV - 32 -V V . -- V if f V- - . . - 1 V 9 V W -ii' ivf f if ? V - x ff T? K if 'H A Lf .QV , i , - P 53-' 2 ., . .V V1 63-.WVs1V gf '- V 5 f V, ,- V -- V Q 1 , N fl L . 1 -g f 4552, ii. .5 aj. gs, A :, i L. fi 4 1 V X 0- 53- -f f m. f,-Q ,, V551 , Q.: ' - V. Q W -, LV FY: 59 V if if A V - L f. - V 1 Y i w x 5, sfijf' V, :,.. - i ' gg 32 f 5. I , Wg H '7 H - Q Q - V V -561335 M i Vf V 3'-jg A ,Lag sie: 53- iid' If F' 5 ' ' -2 3? 2 if--If-If 1. 1 V ' M ww , K -VVh7 1? M ,. vm W, W, fill!!-. Mb , .,T.,. L.,kV, 3 3552 Viv 4 .V kV,V gL W V .W ww , E. .wx .K ga K ,W kg ,ww 7 mf. A 'uv 8 s 'gk ff, M ui ,VM fy x is u , tax - K ii, V w A ., M nw 4 if 4. J' .9 f 'f W kai' ' WL wi 'il 'M at , A Q -Q ,A .W as ' - X ,QMQ , 41 '. ' ' '1--,i ' - 'f f f iv 'F M, mth, '1vwW,Qk ,Q f .f 41 ' ,L ' W 'W + , Y 'l Ji Q V uf- ....gg7 'rlvfH 'T 1 AWGN ' yj. 4' VN lr K ie A .Ma in uw ww ,M ,W 1 K he an M gn Ng Q mu- Wim ' I ,WLQ 1 n vw 16 , , ' A -up M Maya A I A , A QSM. ijwggfi 1 Q f.k' e 4' ' qs- 1 , FW K N: i. 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H W 3-4' 1 Mf' 'H QQ-' d , W H 1 '- -as Z.., Qf 1fw M f 1 ,1 if' ' 'rl f 'Z H ? H ,, KJ R Lx E H 51,3 el? lmggyk W Wight? , V A V, . Vv,, I I .. i K rv 5 1 I KN 4 I A V H xl 5, ,EQ W W A bw Min VM., 7 ,.-via' I JV' ,, 4' , - - 4, Q. f, af' ., T ,sk 4 V '59 W' m ,M L' W ,Z y ' .1 jk .. fa M' A 3: , Ave 1 .5 M' 2 .V-af f J , 4 Mk had 'Pig M LVN, Q Jar Ap- My W 6 ,var . - H qt, Yiwag, frilwm A V. H ' ' ni xi .xfxff ff, 'Z M W A ' L my n U . .Q fu Q Q m MR ' W' if- Www-f ' w ' L A If 'F W iw A ' -1- f' fl X' ,..,,,. A ' xy .mf 5, i J ,i , My I Q' , f-'wx , ,B ' 2 'NMS 1 f 9 -or my ,,.-vb .Ninn A 'W' . -0 A' Q :-' '3 'if W F if '- an r an-' 9? M J ' S 'in g , A .., 5 5 I A, A lun 4 1 . , f' ' ww gi f ' sr f' f 'Q 4 X 1 3 L of WW 'kg 2 gp l Q f ,ML Q ,I A ' .,, ax, ' 9 4.1 ,E 9 gf Axe . J if lx M ' B' 3 ' a '51 sf r .Y 'Iii tl 8-Q. in K :Y H , an X CM M-Sw 1 0 QI' Min Katherine Forcey . . . a .rympathetic connyelor, sage and loyal . . , firm in effort, rexiytance, and patience . . . an example of comradeship, of common love of service, of idealism coordinated and difciplined in the critcihle of Jacri- fice. An apt imtrnctrexs, icnderftanding and prudently pro- greffioe, on the occafion of her thirty-firft year af a teacher in Amhridge High School, we the Seniorf dedicate the 1951 Bridger. 4 6-M., -ru., Misa' AfQfM:M-,,, vc? is ulaerinfenclenf DR. HOWARD S OUTR E S III LY Though new to Ambridge High School as Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Squires through his ardent loyalty, admirable example, pleasant friendli- ness, qualified leadership . . . his sound advice, spirit- ually and morally, has endeared him to the students as a friend and wise counselor. He has truly banded together the ties between administration and students. PRINCIPAL Happy are they who from earliest youth understand the meaning of duty. Dr. joseph Benkert DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM To love with our whole heart is the hasic principle of all true life. Mr. L. R. Taggart VOCATIONAL DIRECTOR The secret of success lies in knowing how to make use, not of what we have chosen, hut what is forced upon us. 7 Mr. Michael Serene vw 1 MIX, 'ff MR. JOSEPH BUFAUNI Mr. Bufalini, President of the Board of Education, believes that our school is not just an institution for learning facts, but a place where each student can learn to meet life squarely and become a better citizen. DR. JAMES V. DIRENZO Dr. James V. Direnzo, treasurer of the Board of Education, is serving his second term this year. Although his time is consumed mostly by his profession, he relaxes by playing golf, his favorite sport. His philosobhy of education manifests itself in his work for the improvement of educa- tion in the Borough of Ambridge. He is a member of the Better Relations Committee and the Athletic Committee. EW 0 f gyucafion MRS. MARTHA KLUZ Mrs. Kluz has a keen interest in the school and its activities as is evidenced by her own personal interests. She is an artist in her own right and holds a college degree. MR. JOHN S. MAJCHER Mr. Majcher, a firm believer in training for the future, is an accountant by profession. Many of our students have had the pleasure of meeting with him at the country club where he plays a fine game of golf. Aside from his regular duties, he serves as vice-president of the board. 8 , MRS, MARY LEIPER The competent secretary of the school board has been a member for ten years. Being a college graduate, she has a special interest in the education of the youth of our nation. She believes strongly in the demo- cratic principle and believes that this idea should be applied in all our schools to the fullest advantage. Raising a family is her main interest, leaving very little time for hobbies. DR. LASKOWSKI Dr. Laskowski, a member of the Board of Education for the past two years, is of the opinion that students should be made more aware of the importance of acquiring an adequate education. Although Dr, Laskowski is very busy at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry, he finds time to witness many athletic contests and to fulfill his obligations to the Athletic and Finance Committees. 1 . .aw jr V Mj .X4m!rl'Jg r SJAOOK 'S A MR. THOMAS J. GARLAND Though new to Ambridge High School as a board member, his ardent loyalty and generous aid has already been reflected in the activities of the Board of Education. When not pursuing his profession as chemist, he is busy helping solve the problems of the Athletic Committee. MR. CAPUTO Mr. Caputo is the solicitor for the Ambridge School District. He meets regularly with the Board of Education and offers necessary legal advice. Mr. Caputo believes that cooperation among teachers and students is the principal factor in running an orderly school system. 9 ALMA ADAMS Typewriting I ETHEL ALTHAUSER Englifla IV GEORGE C. AXTELL Vocational Electric Shop MICHAEL BELEY I rzalmlrial Arty 64111459 ROSE BOGOVICH World H ivory TWILA BOVARD American Hiftory Economic Geography ig Q f A B ff A IOHN D. BUDIMER, IR Bnxinen Economic: BURDELL GILES CAMPBELL Library Saience JOHN E. CHAPALA Auto Driving E. T. COSTELLO Diftribntive Education 579 acukg FRANK W. DESANZO Drarnaticx H ivory MARY LOUISE DUFFY Latin ANDREW DUNDA Veteram Auto Shop I RMA EIBECK Englifb KATHERINE FORCEY Mathematic: CALVIN FULMER I ndmtrial Artx DOROTHY VIRGINIA GRIFFITH French I, II Spanixln I, II KATHERINE HABERLEN English II JOSEPH F. HLISTA Biology LEONARD HORSMAN Biology acuky THOMAS E. I-IOSKINS R elated Drawing M eclaanical Drawing I OH N K OK OSKI Boyf' Hygiene GCI! MARY MARGARET McKEO WN Shorthand I MICHAEL MALINICH, JR. Vocational Carpentry X as R OS E K OZ A K Secretarial Praftice JOSEPH A. LOMBAR World Hiftory RUTH H, LUTMAN Art L. HERBERT McCAUGHTRY R elated Marla ernaticf MICHAEL M. MATTUCH Plame Geometry Algebra I ELINO RE 13. MERMELSTEIN Typing I, II ELLA NICHOLSON Home Ecanomicx THOMAS s. 0550 spmfb 1, II GCLLA ? ROBERT C. PALMER Claemislry RUTH M. PARSON Vocal Muyic IOHN H. PIPER Algebra II FLORENCE RECHT 616144 LEONARD H. ROTHERMEL Related Phyxicx Indumfial H iftory MAURICE RUBENSTEIN Pbyxical Edueation Related Englifb Literature LAURA JEAN RICE Mmie Englifb KATHRYN ANN ROSS Englifb II HAZEL GERTRUDE RUSSELL Prohlemf of Democracy LYSLE P. SHAFFER Englifh Ill MARIE C. SMITH American Hiftory JOSEPH E. SNYDER Vocational Machine Shop Veteram Machine Shop CRIME? MARCELLA M. SPAHR Phyfical Education Girlf' Hygiene VETOLD W. SPORNY Imtrumental Mufic NATHANIEL STEINBERG Pbyficf ZW. jadlg EDITH IMOGENE YOST Pbyxical Education Hygiene JEAN C, FISHER School Nurse Senior Science JANET E. SWAYNE Home Economicf MYRTLE TREMBLEY Vocational Englifb Englifb IV HELEN WEISGERBER Englifb ll J. Miss Louise Serack Miss Alberta Davies Mm' Sergei mid Min Lcforzciafe, pbolov gmplaed at their zvorlf of hmzdlirzg offirc affairf. Min Banerlein and Mm Kamimki are Jean working in the Superirztend. enff Office. 9 eI 50I'll'le OFFICE SECRETARIES Min Serack of Mr. S6'fL'7I8iJ' offire ami Mrsr. Davis' of Dr. Berzkertfr office puma in their Jecrefarial work to ,irrzile for the farrzevramrzrz. in RL W In the Vomtimml Office, Mr. Taggart if cbeckirzg zbe work of hix Jecrezarief, Min Bartolo and Min Erwin. Miss Esther Bauerlein Miss Irene Kaminski XR i free' Mui, Ligfz L7 MEQXTT rf Llyizeiii !'kmLm.m ...Qxfk fi- f .gi.ia1sN- any '11 WHAT DOES THE DOCTOR HEAR?-Dr Carl SI anifted by Nune Ann Stolar amination . ahl, , if giving a ffl a to one of the each e ical ex- many Jtudents they examine year. FINDING CAVITIES-Here we find our xchool den- tirt, Dr. I. B. Reckerf, anixtezl by the .rchool nnne, Mix! FiJher, examining the teeth of one of the Jtudentf. PREPARING FOR AN ASSEMBLY-Mr. Gmbqle and Mr, Kannaf, two of the maintenance men, are .retting up the minroplaone for an auembly. DUSTY CORRIDORS-Albert Bobek, one ofthe .rch I janitorx, ix making the dust fly d ' ' corridor: ar no unng clammze when the e empty. ainf Jxlmkl, Aim! .1 2 V 5 Si E an 5 iw L M, 2? sg 'i 5 is , A ii ff 4 E 4 . . Q 1 f 9 Q1 1 Y I 1 f 9 2 Kg ' f 3 , 'if k ? - x , W Q mgaimm, W if f M ' For the important service of leading the Senior Class john Hoko has been elected president, assisted by Bob Bailey as vice-president, Mildred Tow- cimak as secretary, and Nick Tzefakis as treasurer. Their hard work and wise leadership have done much to make our senior year our best and to leave behind us a good record and example L7 ' f fy L 'I . 5 ' C irsas .gif V ' . ' ' as .krh t .LZ I l l, ,I ft . I 'Ulf , ' we ,. M, HURSHEL ACKLES Commercial WILLIAM M. ADRIAN Vocational VICTOR IA AMATO A cadermr Ensemble, Finance. me .gznior Cfddif 2 I 'li' ..'2-'nl X 25 X iles Madrigal, Mixed MARGE ANDRUS Commercial INI AUGUST F. ANTON Commercial Band, Boys' Glee Club. RALPH AQUILERA Acaclemrc Varsity Football, Mixed Ensemble. Madrigal Club, Art Publicity Club. ROBERT BAILEY it .K I V Mlffia , H A Academic if E A ' Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate ' A I f' f, . f 'ff T -W' I' 'N y 'fr W Jo ANN BALO 1 My .fV'4If- , f ,gags Y Commercial 1 MGM. , , A Ma., ha. 2 M Cheerleader, Patrol, National Honor Society. I V C BETTY BALOGA I General . I , Girls Glee Club, Yale-Princeton, Usherette. f or I L J ., ,., . 5 , , . ,. 5 'X ri 'lex a 1 , iii 1 S. .eg asia 55 1, sa, Q ,G 7' is as '- , 'l E E ' 1. . . , 'td M.. 2585 a , I .5 X ls. Q Q - if 1, 1' 4 . I sm, ,,, n f - - SHIRLEY LOU BIXLER Commercial Girls' Glee Club. MARIANNE BLAZIER General National Thespian Society, Yearbook, Jr. Class Play. BARBARA BOBBY Commercial Refreshment Committee. JENNIE BOGOSIAN Academic Historical Society, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. VIVIAN BOSH Commercial Silhouette, Glee Club, Finance. BETTY BRANDT Commercial Madrigal, Patrol, Mixed Ensemble. BEATRICE BRATTON Commercial Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Refreshment Com- mittee. JOAN BREMMER Academic - Band, Patrol, Usherette, Gymnastics CAROL DOROTHY BROWN General The Seniors of I95I JOSEPH BARAN Vocational Minstrel, Boys' Chorus, Intramurals. WILLIAM KERMIT BARD Academic Cross Country, Junior Class Play, Bowling. ELIZABETH BARKOVCI Commercial Homeroom Officer, Yale Cheerleader, Yearbook Finance, Student Senate, Gymnastics Club. WILLIAM C. BARNES Vocational Minstrel, Vocational Chorus. ETHEL ANN BARNHART Diftribative Education JACK BELL Academic Yearbook, Track, Stage Squad, Homeroom Officer Junior Class Play, National Thespian Society. KENNETH BENDER Academic Track, Intramurmal Sports. JEAN BENKERT Academic Historical Society, National Honor Society, Silhou ette, Girls' Chorus, Homeroom Officer, Yearbook ROSEMARIE THERESA BEZUSBA Commercial Homeroom Officer, Yearbook Typist. 'QUT 'uid' 3945- 1 TODAY'S PROBLEMS In Mr. Budimeri fourth period Economic clan on Friday, current event! are the Jubject of difruxsion. THE ART OF SELLING Mr. Coftellok Diftrih utiu e Education xtudentx are learn- ing the fundamental: of .fell- ing. PRACTICE HOMEMAKERS pher Jnapped thiy photo. Mrr. Nich0lJ0n'5 fourth period clan were baking cookie: when the photogra ,, . f A , W . im , R -ut 'f ilk 2, -.-f f as , ',1', 1 Q5 all an -wr, can afkdex 'Tit ii s Q44 l HILDA DOROTHY DAVISON W, a 'bib , Hi- .lf GR 'F .ff Ambridge High School VINCENT S. BRUNO Commercial Art Publicity Club, Homeroom Officer, Intramural Sports. THOMAS MICHAEL BUDJANEC Commercial Band, Golf Club, Mixed Chorus, Boxing Club. RICHARD ALLEN CANONGE Commercial Band, Assembly Band, Bowling, Chess Club, Intra- mural Sports. AUGUSTA M. CAPENOS Dirtribazioe Education Football Concession, jr. Red Cross, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Chorus, Intramural Sports. ANTHONY CHIAVERINI Academic Basketball. EMILIA THERESA COLELLA Dirzributioe Edacalion Finance, Silhouette Representative. PRESTON COVERT Academic Mixed Ensemble, Maclrigal Club, Intra.mural Sports, Baseball. MARIE DACKO Commercial Band, Gymnastic Club. LA VONDA MAE DAVIS General General , g , Yearbook Representative, Usherette, Football Usher- ' 'G A C to Q' Cite. MICHAEL E. DEEP Academic Varsity Football, Intramural Sports. ELIZABETH DE MARCO General Glee Club. PATSY A. DE MARCO Dirtributive Education Golf, Intramural Sports. HELEN DI LISIO General National Historical Society, Club. ANGELO JOSEPH DI PIETRO Dirtributive Education EVELYN IRENE DOBSON Commercial JOHN DUB General GEORGE THOMAS DUNMEYER Academic Usherette, Art Publicity r ,aj ' l-' , e Wie i 1, 'Nl' ae.. , an fx lad, W' f .ff -as , V - , fl H aaa. :I ifirm , -1 fa - 1 zi. .t:?T' ik w 'f -:E W' Xa 5 1, vs ' S3 I sig, -. , .,.. 0 5 'kia fs 21, P' I am! . ii ik! 'S Q.: . ll ' C fa as K. ., rr 2 2, Law , as .'., af yin, an 4 2 TTS, 1 311 E f-. 'Mui 'U 1 Y Q N-J 45' ,,z' f ef I . iii R. Wa L H ' 7 The seniors of 1951 EUGENE JAMES DUNN Y f ., Vocational iv' In M 'if Football Manager, Stage Squad, Minstrel, Basketball Manager. WILLIAM DURNIAK Academic National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer, Silhou- ette, Golf Club. LILLIE MAE EDWARDS Dictribntive Education Glee Club. DALE EMMETT Academic MARION ESSEK Academic National Honor Society, Patrol, Cheerleader, His- torical Society, jr. Class Play, Usherette. SHIRLEY FINATRI Commercial Yale Cheerleader, Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Homeroom Officer, Yearbook Typist, Glee Club SAMUEL E. FINCH, JR. Vocational BERNICE ELIZABETH FORD General Usherette, Football Usherette. NITA JO FOSTER Commercial Patrol, Student Senate, Usherette, Glee Club, Silhou- ette, jr. Red Cross. C., 3- if I t V af of 'Riff' aw ,qv ,i., ,, I , ' . H , it if f' ff qu-..,, ,,. 3 . SYLVIA YUILLE FURNESS Academic Yale-Princeton, Chess Club, Intramural Sports, Foot- ball Concession. ROBERT M. GARBINSKY General Band. JOAN MARIE GARNER General Band Manager, Finance, Gymnastic Club, Chess Club. Silhouette Staff. JEAN GENOVESE Academic National Thespian Society, Yearbook Editor, Patrol, jr. Red Cross, Silhouette. JOHN GEORGIADIS Dixtributive Education Intramural Basketball. VIOLET REINE GFTZ Commercial Band, Glee Club, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble. LUCY GIALLERENZO Dirtributive Education Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Gymnastic Club, Intramural Sports. JOSEPHINE M. GIOVENAZZI Commercial Homeroom Officer, Gymnastic Club, Yearbook, Intramural Sports. SONIA CAROL GOODMAN General Usherette, Homeroom Officer, Yearbook, Mixed Chorus, Football Concession. ---,,-'- A ' A b 'd H' h S h I , em V -an WI YI Q9 IQ C 00 , I ANTHONY JOHN GOVERNO V li 'wr 5P V Dirlribzzlive Edacaliorz ' N W ,Q blxz ROBERT J. GROSS 5,V V , I General .,AA If .,- ' , National Honor Society, Track, Cross Country, Stu- eefab Iivy. - a , V A V I i,, , XzLl dent Senate, Homeroom Officer. rlui A GEORGE EDWARD GUDZAN M I f ' Commercial V - X A. Boys' Patrol, Finance. 1, I t t 5- MARYANN GUI.A .W ' l General V V R, A 'ii 5 '- P. Football Usherette, Usherette, jr. Red Cross. 2' , I I ch, , .a ' . ' I ,VJ iil. Q ,' WII.I.IAM JOHN GUTCH III . ' xT'Z-5f , Academic .1 ' vu u ' ,F I. Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Band, As- -V p sembly Band, Chess Club. i i - K X A V ,.,, GEORGE PAUL HARMOTTO , gi' General ilii ' ' I X Football Manager, Varsity Basketball. lx 'x ...fed THEODORE L. HARPER General V A N ' Commercial VV Q 2.5 ff' 'mimi 5' ' I WILLIAM HERANIC -' ' Academic VG is K ,g'g,,-bf , A rv x gy. .V BV .' i.VVg A - I Football. x Q :.O '. ' T ELA. A JAMES E. P. HILL, JR. . Academic Varsity Basketball. ,Qs ' lv 9 JOSEPH ALLEN HOCHEVAR 'QV G Academic ,. N Q Boys' Patrol, Baseball, Football Patrol, Intramural Sports. ' f' JOHN ANDREW HOKO :'i' Academic ' -A Class Officer, Varsity Football, Homeroom Officer, 9,5 'Nil Student Senate. --. ' f Intramural Sports. V 55,-Q ,at-., I NAOMI ELIZABETH HENDON i - g I Girls' Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. if Art Publicity Club, Bowling, Track, Cross Country, . E MARIE ELLEN HOLMAN . A , I a Commercial -A-5 5 ' 'M '- - I . Q I .- . 2' . IE I ' .. V w THEODORE HOMJAK ' if 2 rw, Academic .il A 'lp' , , I ,ffm Varsity Football, Track, Madrigal, Mixed Chorus, f 'W -2 t 'P . - Boys' Glee Club. ' is . Wu , in 1 . g, BETTY HRIGIK A Tj V'-r O Commercial V- ,V,,, 'ffl I Leaders' Club, Intramural Sports, Yale-Princeton. VVV. V VV AIII t A 'D I MARION HRINKO I Commercial i ll., 'iba ff gn if 5 Gymnastic Club Manager, Football Usherette, M V Homeroom Officer, Silhouette Typist. '43, PAUL HRINKO I . fa Academic Varsity Football, Baseball, Track, Intramural Sports. ,fa I ,. 1 IRENE J. HRONAS Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Silhouette Representative, Year- book Typist. V ..:. ' . wyvvt fl ' V i. . '-fa 1 , . -I .. M ..E. . . I f ilif - f .a'M::'2 'En The Seniors of I95I RICHARD PAUL HUDAK Commercial NANCY LOUISE HUNT Commercial Band, String Ensemble, Usherette, Homeroorn Of- ficer. H. JOANN HUSTON Commercial Yearbook, Football Concession, Intramural Sports. JAMES VVILLIAM ICKLEY General GLORIA IORFIDO Commercial Silhouette, Football Concession, Leaders' Club, Yale- Princeton, Intramural Sports. PATRICIA MARIE JACKSON Academic Band, Usherette, Homeroom Officer, Gymnastic Club, Jr. Red Cross, Intramural Sports. JOAN H. JANICKI Commercial Leaders' Club, Football Usherette, Yale-Princeton, Yearbook, Intramural Sports, Gymnastics Club. ALBERT KING JONES Vocational LEROY JONES Vocational Minstrel. if .ef J JY .5 . sri? M 'eiafas Wg J, fi -4 if It - .A 5 Q. H T ,c 13 I in i r rw 1 if qw MERNA LOU JONES General Band, Assembly Band. WILLIAM JONES Vocational Varsity Football, Track. VIRGINIA JULA Commercial Madrigal Club, Homeroom Officer, Mixed Ensemble, Glee Club, Silhouette, Jr. Red Cross. JOHN A. KARAS Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad. GERALDINE VIRGINIA KASPER Academic Intramural Sports. RICHARD L. KASPER Academic WILLIAM KELLY Commercial Hunting and Fishing Club. ERNEST F. KEMENA General . Y Band, Assembly Band, Intramural Sports. MITCHELL A. KEMPISTY Academic Society, Baseball. 2. 7 f 1 I 3 Y r. f f - . ' , 3.3 , 1 ,agaw 28 gig, 'QT if Track, Yearbook, Boys' Patrol, National Thespian FUTURE SECRETARIES Thi: informal picture of Min Kozakk Secretarial Practice clan fhows Jtudenty cutting Jtencilf, filing, and calculat- ing, rome of the many taxkf for which Jtudentf of thix de- partment are prepared. CHEMISTRY MINDED The chemiytry experiment: are numeroux in Mr. Palmer? laboratory clauef. TODA Y'S NE WS Here, Mn. RuJJell'f fourth period clan' are deeply en- gaged in a Current Problems difcunion. RICHARD DUANE KING Academic Student Senate Homeroom Officer Boys' Glee Club , . if t ' I 5 Li f ,.1 ' - .. . H The Sensors of 1951 t ' MT tlf :,,, . ' R Q l I I WI wr. il ' rr. I ' . Intramural Sports. JOANNE KLAK Z Commerc al Intramural Sports, Yale-Princeton Reserves, Glee Club. PHYLLIS S. KMETYK Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Finance, Intramural Sports, Macl- rigal, Usherette, Silhouette Staff. CHARLES KENNETH KNOUSE Vocational Minstrel, Homeroom Officer. CARROLL E. KOHLER Vocational PETER KOHUT Academic Student Senate, Baseball, Basketball, Varsity Foot- ball, Homeroom Officer. , ROBERT M. KOLAKOWSKI Academic 7': , .. in ef ,V Q t ,ft E 5 tt Track, Basketball, Football, Golf, Maclrigal, Year- , book Advertising. WILLIAM JOSEPH KOPCI-IICK Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad, Boxing, Chess Club, Patrol, Golf. FRANCES LOUISE KORDAS Dirtributive Education l ., I -.,,.- - 'N 'Ut- ' ..,, - :f' Q tl A z Ei 'I 'N ROBERT JOHN KOSTIAL General Intramural Sports. SALLY JANE KREMMEL Academic National Thespian Society, Girls' Glee Club, Band, Assembly Band, Silhouette, Intramural Sports. EUNICE MARIE KRONSTEIN Academic Intramural Sports, Football Concession, Girls' Glee Club. 55:13,-' t 'lm aa, ' MARK KUBICK , l': . L. Vocational C 'S , . . , if ALFRED STUART KUHNI Q, s,r, if. r., -,,-, af.. ,. - . General s t 'l A A . varsity Football, Golf. iff? -t ' . a . , l,i j - ..1'7'tf. A CATHERINE KUNCIO ,. 1' 'i' A ,,., 1 ,.,.V,., ' l l , Commercial ' V ff' Finance, Chess Club, Intramural Sports. ' I '2' ' ,.kL I . V fs- ' X . LOIS JEAN KUNTZ .a ' 2 :31 M E: 1. ,.,, ,., V,,, .wgiaf-:gg ' ..-11+-ttfryfrfat - ,,..,A..,,.r, . . tic- - A ,,., .. -A A , 3 , 'L' Academic illl II' 5 ' A R' l ' irll Band, Usherette, Gymnastic Club, Assembly Band 1 ' Girls' Glee Club. PHYLLIS N. KUTULAKIS Academic A A 'S' Maclrigal, Homeroom Officer, Girls' Glee Club, ' - Finance, Usherette, National Thespian Society. . .ti SANDRA A. KYROS . Commercial Finance, Girls' Glee Club. , tt.. ,,.. so 7 ,..,S..c aw, f. ,f f . ..a,Wt.t.trl,, . t , . ,,.,aitl:a,i.ivfaft.. i ., , .f Q r .ta . f f.-r.e,,.fi.,.,. me ur , 154 tr, -Q-,y rs' al 'X 4 Ambridge High School DAVID Commercial Glee Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Speech Club. HOWE LARABEE Academic Varsity Football, Baseball, Track, Homeroom Officer. ELIZABETH LAZAR Commercial Gymnastic Manager, Football Usherette, Silhouette Typist, Homeroom Officer. WANDA LECZNAR Commercial Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Madrizal Club, Yearbook, jr. Red Cross, Gymnastic Club. STANFORD LEVIN M5 Academic Debate. DOREEN LOCKHART General Usherette MARY ALICE LOCKWICK General Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Gymnastic Club. LUCY VERONICA LONGO General Yale Cheerleader, jr. Red Cross. EMMANUEI.. LUCIA Academic Orchestra, Bowling. CHARLES WILLIAM LU'rz If I if 'I if Acddem A .- 3 Cross Country, Band, Homeroom Officer. V Q BRIAN MCCARTI-IY , A c ' lx General Z . 1 , W' . Footbaii, Foofbau Club. jj, I :-- il BOB MCCOLLIM ff ' .JK ' General ' M Madrigal Club, Glee Club. Mixed Ensemble. K n 4' 3 ,.,. I X Q I yreg ..,, A if fs 4 3 RICHARD L. McFARLAND iff . .,... ...- Commercial Glee Club. GLORIA JEAN MACK Q Q Commercial , -E Band, Glee Club, Gymnastic Club. 2,2 MARY MADONNA , if Academic Q3 I Madrigal Club, Finance, Glee Club. i iiiei I VINCENT MAGGIO elif Vocational Football Manager. IRENE MAHLI Commercial Homeroom Officer, Gymnastic Club, Usherette. AUDREY MAY MAHONEY Academic Madrigal Club, Patrol, Intramural Sports. 31 A pai. ai l . I-A. 41 fe f NM i if ' I .M I. f ' f .sci IZ The Seniors of I95I LOIS MAHONEY Academic Mixed Ensemble, Madrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club. IRENE MANOLAKOS Commercial Art Publicity Club, National Honor Society, Mad- rigal. HELEN MANOS Commercial Finance Committee, Girls' Basketball, Glee Club. EUGENE MAROTTI Academic Class President, Boys' Patrol, Student Senate, Intra- mural Sports, Homeroom Officer. GEORGE MAROVICH General Band, Assembly Band. JOHN MARR A cademic junior Class Play, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate, National Honor Society. ANNA MATTIE General Girls' Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Silhou- ette. EVELYN MAUK Commercial JIMMY MAUK Vocational .a-wg 4. 4'Tt.1Y ,nu .sill 'Q new '--A f :l' '11r 'G' EARL MAY Academic Basketball, Intramural Basketball. THOMAS R. MIANOWSKI Vocational Minstrel. EDDIE MIKETA Academic Football Manager, Baseball, Silhouette. MARJORIE MILLER Academic Yale-Princeton, Gymnastics, Girls' Chorus, Home- room Officer. TOM MILLER Academic jr. Class Play, Yearbook, Boys' Patrol. FRANK MILNICK Vocational Minstrel. MICHAEL MIZENKO Commercial Golf, Bowling. LINDA MONTEMAYOR Commercial Yearbook. GEORGE JOSEPH MORANZ Academic Football, Basketball, Class Treannx. A group of girly in fecond period study ball worked feuerixlnly to finifh affignmerzlf for the rzexl period clan. Leroy Carzarzico, Ray Palmer and foe Cardinali were often caged dur- ing the year'f Jtage programf. beetograpb. Barbara Bobbie and Dorothy Miz- rzik are frequently Jeen running off copier of the announcemerztf on the Min Altlaauferk fifzla period Eriglifla clan Jeerm quite interefted in in work. Ambridge High School .9 i 1 'Cx I .li ei LOIS JEAN MORGAN General Program Committee, Homeroom Officer. ROBERT LEE MORGAN General Baseball, Reserve Football. M ELEANOR MORSE Academic -. 1 t. J Gymnastics, Usherettes, Intramural Sports. ' V ' , -1- O ac: M BOB MOSKETTI General . I .Qu I N Q Football, Basketball, Track, Madrigal Club, '?' ' ,Q NNT, k Glee Club. A I I PEARI. MUSLOE commmfaz A ,. f T . Yearbook, Softball, Basketball. ,..- L' R ANTOINIETTE NARRISH Commercial ii ', 'lI fir Jfiti-EW!fk . lk rifle 1' XX . Cheerleader, Silhouette, National Thespian Society. I , . EDITH NEAL General -' Intramural Sports. r JOHN W, NEVILLE General Nd E Nm Band, Jr. Class Play. Patrol, National Thespian 4 -4.9, A . Society. 7 , W i , ' JOAN NIESNACK Commercial lik - N 59' Usherette, Homeroom Officer, Gymnastics. A ,X I ii I my All lx . 1 1 , l .' V ,.,....i?f I ,f fr ,J E QT, 'S 'A I DOROTHY A. NIZNIK Commercial A 'nh ., Girls' Glee Club, Gymnastics. ,R ' ,jf my QMS A Vg in TED OBRIIEN Afarlemie r i Intramural Sports, Student Senate, RICHARD OCHMAN General n ' Boys' Patrol. , A-f 'S ' VINCENT M. OMBRES Amaema - Wm -W, Intramural Sports. I . I MILDRED PAICH Commercial Z ... , ills 3 JOAN PALLADINI Commercial . 5 ,. fl I Patrol, Finance, Usherette, Biology Club, Silhouette. Bak M m Z w..w,f W- Zi, A ef ROBERT K. PARKINSON commercial ff? RICHARD PARRA General ', Cheerleader, Madrigal Club, Glee Club. l - ,J , 3 .ls 'W ERNEST PATRICELLI General , V q ' ' . at lil L hail-5 'K ww The hwy art clan if freqzfeizl- ly med for Jchool aczizfilief af well af lheir own fzmctiom. The typing clan comhiizer fax! fiiigerf ami rapid thinking to produce hex! remllf. Y Sf' 9 I wi 5' :Aff az fx-N '. dnb if WELL 35 Thi! if how zz ,foliri gcomefry rhzff ZOOEI when covzfrrulzczl with tl puzzling pmhfcm. it WWI y ,., , 'K .1 - , , , tiiiyyw y f 7. H 'I I. wc- :n w - ,KLM , q5bi95E3:fffi:,, .fxffiiiffwi ' ei V ii if . V 1, .:,: ,ta g as gi I ri bi Ex It l ' I QL fs 'W 'ljfaei' ' ' 1 I ' ' , if r in Fi 1 if -' , ,X . ,ff A ,.,.. -,I' A I 3A I WILLIAM PUGLIANO Commercial Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Glee Club. JAMES QUINN Dirtributive Education DAVID I.. RAYMER Academic Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Intramural Basketball. BETTE RENGOWSKI Academic Gymnastic Club, Softball. NANCY RILEY Commercial Band, Patrol, Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble. ROSE MARIE RINALDI Commercial Leaders' Club, Madrigal Club, Gymnastic Club, Intramurals. FRANCES RITTLEMANN Dirtfibutifue Education Finance, Glee Club, Volley Ball, Refreshment Committee. nm P, DORIS MAE ROBBINS General Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Gymnastic Club. 'lf RICHARD ROBERTSON Academic Patrol. my Na , sw The Seniors of I95I V BARBARA LEE ROBINSON Academic Leaders' Club, jr. Red Cross, Yearbook. LA DONNA JUNE ROGERS General V L V,,, E V ,V h yggbiy' ,..., f ,,V, 7 . National Thespian Society, Yearbook, Usherette, ' A r ' l ' , Gymnastic Club, Silhouette, Art Publicity. A ., A eill , BEVERLY ROMIGH General -'V' E ' - Q 5 ' A Band, Gymnastic Club, Jr. Red Cross. s -, V ' at if ' ' ff,,'. -- K A d i g 2, MIKE ALBERT ROPPO General 1. f . ,,,,f .- af. as H A ' iiii 7 JACK JAMES RYZOWICZ Academic y y 'i':i I E E ,v,, A b Band, Assembly Band, Baseball. .. .,'..,!Y ,, 1. . L Ula ,k,V 7, ,. ,, ,,.7 ki 5 GABRIEL SACCO Vocational I 5 'Kie f er . . ma! it slli 'f X Minstrel. ROSE LYNN SARKISIAN Commercial Gymnastic Club, Usherette. JAMES REED SCHEPPY, JR. General Band. FRANK F. SCHLEITER Di.rtributi11eEducation HARRY SCHOOLITZ Vocational Jr. Class Play, Minstrel. - V , l CONSTANCE SEAGREN commmial 5 i Usherette, Gymnastic Club, Yearbook, Softball. i gggj l 'XPS' 'ii' W , 'L BERNADETTE ANN SEKANICK Academic l Glee Club, Yale-Princeton, Usherette. FRANK EARL SENK Academic Intramural Basketball, Football, Mixed Chorus, Chess Club, Orchestra. STEPHEN J. SERDENSKY Di.t!ributiveEducation Band. PETER SEZENIAS Vocational Minstrel, Track, Football. DOLORES MARIE SHULICK Dirtributive Education EARL DEAN SHUSTER Academic Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Glee Club. SAMUEL FRANK SIGNORELLI General Madrigal, Mixed Ensemble. Golf, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball. S Ya E 3 f z s K v 1 was Grieg - M '.,. 5 is stir 35 grains Q , , aaa at sfm , .1 . ,V,: ee 1- ,ff-xx' 1? it sf? as' iii Ambridge High School ANNA SINCHAK Commercial Homeroom Officer, Softball, Gymnastic Club Manager, Football Usherette. BEVERLY SMERIGAN Commercial 3.3. A : -.',,', V, WV V. ,ii ' ' , f. 1131! IL' il M 'lk i iff: S ,iw , V V . 4 . . - ll, I ' A .ti . .. A . loll, .. Band, Homeroorn Officer, Intramurals. ALBERT SMITH Vocational I A I Minstrel. 1 VV DORIS SMITH Dirtril7ati1xeEdacation ff Q.: Usherette Committee. X ,, ,aff . EDITH A. SMITH Academic QV 'L ,. National Honor Society, Finance, Speech, Mixed at-,MV V ,,.,- Q V Ensemble, Glee Club, Madrigal Club. MK S 1 V ,,V,V tyz, ...ff JOHN ROBERT SMITH Vocational I I I Band, Orchestra. VV s V Viejo V MANFORD SMITH cammeraa . f iiiil A Bancl. V K 1239 I ' ,SNK ii Ai Ai A I 'np V V Vf kv. ' ' DOROTHY SNYDER General It -A-far I A V at ,V M., Chess Club. ii . V V? V' V. , '. I V V ref I I 1 fttt 1 RICHARD SOVICH Commercial I ,,V V .V , VV 2- Patrol, Chess Club, Bowling, Glee Club, Hunting V VVVVVVVVV,V, ,iii R, ,V 7 1 . I i t and Fishing Club, Football Patrol. V 'V VV- N ' QR If - L 'Niumhb LA jb I ,,f i i 'ff 'if' X axe., Vg 'fal l I -..f... VV. A ROBERT SPAN General I fr . if GERALD SPINELLI General A - Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. ..i,.,. . , ,fl i . S-Hr? H - . ,V R SI' ' ' 'W , f ' .. fd. it gs-weigh ' 'M Ma f 'V - ' 4' ' .,. . , A 'X if . . . ... . Q. A I if .Sirs I A A . f I ' Ilau. if ! 1. re- .. I, ,V VW. V , Va-. VV I . aaha CHARLES STADNIK Vocational Stage Squad, Minstrel. RAYMOND STAN ISKY Academic Football. BETTE STASNY Academic National Thespian Society, Silhouette, Madrigal Club. A cademic KENNETH G. STEWART Football, Baseball, Track. Academic ROGER B. STEWART Yearbook, Glee Club. RUSSELL L. STEWART Academic Horneroorn Officer, Yearbook, Glee Club. ROBERTA STORAR Academic National Thespian Society, Glee Club, Madrigal Club. 'H-.., Tbefe boy! are Jhown wind- ing an electrir nzolor. The electric Jbop if rl poprdnr choice among oomlionalf. W'o're Jzfre there won!! be a homing Jbormge in the fn- ture. S+ Need your automobile fixed? Bny the party, we'll do the repairing. W gg I : Z : 'zi' 1. -. l , iz -VQ, tiff '.,, 3 ' T Lx: 'gkg.- ,p 7 , . , .., . x . - f. I . Q f A 'xg A ' if Ambrudqe Hugh Sc oo A f r I s . fi RICHARD STRAMA Academic X K V , , 1 ... , ' F m'-' 15, if LLL' ','1A ' ff LW 'Q JOHN STRANKO Dirtributioe Education ' ' V :fel h- . Patrol, Track, Jr. Play. K at-t ' I t 1 - ll ,. ...-W LOUIS STROHM Vocational - ip-t , J Minstrel. J W V in ' . f fs... . 'f 'I lrf an WILLIAM STONFER Vocational if 4' . j Minstrel. ,ly ' , 'T -' if MICHAEL STUBAN DiJtril1uti1JeEdncation 5.4 I ' e Football Manager. i A . K i JACK JOHN SWEITZER General lltr bllu tslo R . , I Football. 'J , : -A J E MURRY ALLEN TAMERS Academic Chess Club, Football Patrol, Intramurals. DALE MARIE TARQUINIO Dirtributine Education . W' ,,A Intramurals, Cheerleader, Silhouette. I FRANCES ROSEMARY TELESZ General Glee Club. Wmiwe we--as 'UV ALBERT EUGENE TENY Dirtribntive Education Patrol, Intramurals. THEODORE ROOSEVELT THOMAS, JR. Track, Basketball. MILDRED TOWCIMAK General Commercial Homeroom Officer, Yale-Princeton, Intra- murals, Class Officer. NICK TZEFAKIS General Baseball, Mixed Ensemble, Madrigal Club, Class Officer, Intramurals. FLORENCE M. VAGIAS Commercial Yale-Princeton, Homeroom Officer, Silhouette, Gymnastic Club Manager, Glee Club. RICHARD JOHN VENNERI Minstrel, Patrol. HELEN LOUISE VILLELLA MARY ANN VILLELLA FLORENCE ELEANOR VITA Band, Usherette, Assembly Band. Vocational General Commercial Commercial .nie 'EE The Seniors of I95I FLORENCE VITEVITCH Academic . National Historical Society, Patrol, Finance, Glee Club. FRANK VLASIC Dixtribntive Education A SAM VRANKOVICH Vocational f Z.: I 4 - A , EDWARD WAGNER Commerczal ..,. Nw-If il ' V ' ' DONALD WAGONER Academic Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble. NICHOLAS J. WALKO General K 5 X 3 E Golf, Patrol, Glee Club, Stage Squad. i JOE WASCHAK Academic 4 , .. Nga: in M 1' ' . A 'f ' w ' Vi SARA MAE WEIL Commercial F ' V ' , Q -Q '-.. f me CONNIE WENSEL Dimbunw Education ' if it i 41 PHYLLIS WERK General Usherette, jr. Red Cross, Silhouette. KATHERINE LOIS WERLING General Yearbook. ALFRED WIELECHOWSKI Vocalional Basketball, Minstrel. ARLENE SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Commercial V ., Q Student Senate, Homeroom Officer. ' ' V, E I . eff' 1 PRENTICE NAOMI WILLIAMS General , .il . Football Concession, Tardy Checker. K DORIS WINZENRIED General S . I i JANE ALICE YOUNG Amaemfc - 5 Student Senate, Finance, National Honor Society, I 't 1 A y A Patrol, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. ,I.l'i fi ,54iT?i'Li ,Q SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES V ii DO NOT APPEAR I RICHARD ALBRIGHT General WILLIAM KUHARSKY Vocational B0Y5'G1eeC1L'b' MIKE LABA Vocational RAY BATHURST Academic Boxing, Minstrel, Stage Squad. Student Senare,I-Iomeroom Officer, HAROLD LEWIS General Intramural Sports. al DOLORES EELAK commmia RICHARD LEWIS C Gmefd MILDRED BELAK Commercial EUGENE gfiHhfII:ffam,,,,l Spom. 0 m' STEVEN CUKOVICH Vafffionfl ROBERT SENKEVICH Dirlributiva Education EARL EDWARDS Academic Imramura1SP0rrS- F00fba11,BHSfbaU' ANTHONY SUROWIEC Academic RUDOLPH GUERRIERI Vocational ALVIN TERLESKY Commefcial 4' MIKE HANDZES Vocational Intramural Sports, Boxing Club. ,Y gd JOHN RUSSELL KARAFFA Vocalional ANDREW YEAGER Academic qu? LEROY KLINSIC Vocational PAUL YOOS Vocational RICHARD ICOPCZAK Vocational FRANK ZASSICK Vocational M 's'fe1'S'age Squad' GEORGE ZUROW Vomiona DONALD KROLI Vocational Minstrel. if 7? : , , ANN ZAGAR Commercial ,aa . h f 'cz' Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Intramurals, 'i .V I Mixed Chorus. 'que Q- ,ii K '7 5, Q.--+A-fe fir I I are K' STANLEY ZAK Academic A Track, Band, Patrol, Glee Club, Madrigal Club. K .. . U VV li 'Zi' I H ROBERT ZAPPIE General Band, Art Publicity, Intramurals. IRENE ZAWOYSKY Cvmmefddl Student Senate, Madrigal Club, Finance, Glee Club, National Thespian Society, Yearbook. l ' ANGELA ZONDAS General .M i f Madrigal Club, Gymnastic Club, Yale-Princeton. 5, FRANK ZUPANIC, JR. Vocational Y unior s nor, Q66 CLASS OFFICERS Vice-Prerident, Bob Gourleyp President, George Coreyf Secretary, Betty Nadzukg Treururer, Tom Plaxko, This year's junior Class was one of the largest in the history of the school. At the beginning of the school year there were approximately 375 students, 163 of whom were tuition students. The first social event of this year sponsored by the junior Class was a Christmas dance held on December 18, 1950. Much time and effort was directed by Miss Bogovich, Miss Recht, and Mr. Steinberg, our class sponsors, in making this year a successful one. Early in the year the first Junior Class meeting was held. In this meeting the class officers were introduced to the junior student body. Many promises were made by the officers to lead the class in a successful year and to make this junior Class the best ever. Mr. Serene also gave a short talk in recognition of the work done by the Sopho- more class officers last year. After the business portion of the meeting was com- pleted the Juniors were entertained with a musical program. Future bridge builder: of America. fi SECTION 1 1-A ROW 1: Janet Ford, Doris Musgrave, Mary Ann Spehar, Dorothy Pappas, Kathleen Bryan, Ann Himme, Mildred Wory, Joan Curkovich, Zenaide Aversa, Margaret Knopick, Nancy Ross, Nyla Tel- ford. ROW 2: George Buben, Sylvester Falkowski, Clyde Boyd, Mildred Bionda, Mr. Osso, Madafline Cirka, Richard Glass, John Mihalich, Ronald Wil- son. ROW 3: Theodore Felk, Tom Plasko, Eugene Kozel, Dick Weil, Richard Nigorski, William Lang, Ray Kamansky, Alex Varlichi, Leon Work. SECTION 1 1 -C ROW 1: Joan Hartling, Georgianne Maletic, Mary Paolantonio, Mary Benedict, Sophie Vagionis, Patricia Gross, Carol Miller, Rose Marie Dinnino, Joyce Mathias. ROW 2: Wilmer Whitmore, Mil- ton Moratis, Betty Nadzak, Delores Farax, Mr. Rothermel, Ruth Ann Urda, Mary Wheeling, Dale Fennell, Donald Pascarella. ROW 3: Michael An- tonetti, Paul Kundrat, Dick Kmit, Robert Livitski, Ray Zakovich, Robert Janicki. SECTION 11-B ROW 1: Doris Shandich, Lola Vega, Joan Morri- son, Norma Anderson, Esther Lynch, Loretta Lu- ketic, Mary Ann Bufalini, Maureen Merriman, Dorothy Sudia, Gertrude Johnston, Helen Kuhar- sky, Connie Feduska. ROW 2: Adam Roginski, Dominic Amato, Robert Arthur, Mr. Hlista, Rob- ert Folino, James Freed, John Mayer. ROW 3: Gregory Mihalic, Sam Oprisko, William Yerzyk, Ray Murray, Richard Nawoczynski, Francis Barla- mas, Fred Dunn, Walter Addison. SECTION 11-D ROW 1: Sylvia Capriotti, Jennie Williams, Mar- lene Tkatch, Miss Griffith, Barbara Nardi, Gladys Mouradian, Sylvia Brendle, Helen Dudenich, Mar- cie Smith. ROW 2: Steve Krol, Harriet Davis, Dorothy Zimmerman, Mafada Russo, Nell Mam- rosh, Nancy Reese, Lonnie Solley, Eugene Leson- dak. ROW 3: Glen Whirehair, Robert Parasider, Charles Skori ja, Pete Kutulakis, Richard Hudacsek, Andrew Lazorsiak. SECTION ll-F ROW l: Angela Angelidas, Lola Marzio, Frances Gradek, Frances Manko, Mrs. Russell, joan Win- zenried, Anna Marie Gaydos, Mary Ann Balicki, Elaine Polito. ROW 2: William Heck, Conrad Matter, Edward Hofmaster, Richard Baginski, An- thony Paul, james Sutton. ROW 3: Merle Shil- lings, Charles Pelesky, james Siehl, Don Laniewski, Thomas Smith. SECTION 11-H ROW 1: Shirley Meyer, Margaret Bard, Flora Horak, Grace Perciavelle, Betty Thomas, Pauline Delai, JoAnne Hertneky, Daisy Kolar, Shirla Lewis, Wilrnetta Campbell, joan Shaffo, Martha Gabor. ROW 2: Nick Fetchin, Harold Zehnder, Sam Catanese, Mr. Shaffer, Donald Gartner, james Coretti, Andrew Matzie, Charles Johnston. ROW 3: Norman Dugan, joseph Perusic, Dennis Banks, Delbert Kovecevic, john Kraynik, Richard Veri- good. Richard Kosela. SECTION 11-E ROW I: Katharine Richardson, Nancy Harten- bach, Joyce Morgan, Margaret Burch, Irene Gazda, Victoria Falkowski, Elizabeth Strock, Mary Ann Endrott, Patricia Ross, Joyce Bufalini. ROW 2: Fred Vignovich, Bernard Bender, Goldyn Turcic, Cora Ann Dixon, Miss Bovard, Margaret Santo, Catherine Ozenich, William Boran, Milos Chur- chin. ROW 3: Domenic Leopardi, Steve Plevel, William Hovanec, Laurence Zalenski, james Kazil. SECTION 1 1'-G ROW 1: Beth Rowley, Kay Von Moos, Charlotte Alsko, Geraldine Tomei, Gail Butchers, Gloria Candros, Mary Ann Hudak, Roberta Lewis. ROW 2: Steve Zielenski, James Blazier, Marie Zunic, Agnes Azadian, Miss Recht, Gloria Falk, Lillian Gross, Bill Smith, Thomas Eckert. ROW 3: Paul Dobransky, Louis Rhode, Robert Askey, Don Pet- kash, Mike Bilo, Charles Dickson, Mike DeGen- naro, Harold Vaughn. SECTION 1 1 -I ROW 1: Mary Stewart, Angeline Vasilakis, Betty Gurcic, Augustina Rodriuez, Eugenia Yedgenak, Mary Pasco, Shirley McLaughlin, Norma Her:- drickson, Elmira Shafer, joan Trumbetas, Peggy Byers. ROW 2: Allan Kriss, Charles Tait, Cath- erine Hendrickson, Beverly Barrickman, Miss Smith, Genevieve Gatehouse, Joan Hrinko, Rich- ard Kenny, Allan Borror. ROW 3: Edward Burak, Alexander Janis, Gregory Waslo, Kenneth Nielson. OAL, 4, , ,ai W W ,gm-an Jill, wa, lp V 5,41 mal? aa 5 it 1 rai 6152. ,-at S Nt, 51 xr SECTION 11,1 ROW 1: Katherine Pappas, Loretta Muha, Mar- garet Bogosian, Rose Scarpiello, Delores Ribar, Mary Ann Halisik, Leona Wisneski, Donna Gilli- gan. ROW 2: Louis Bufalini, Delores Suchodup- ska, Shirley Reese, Helen Casale, Miss Bogovich, Laura Sasadeusz, Elsis Boschetto, Nancy Goerman, john Cipriani. ROW 3: Norman Amsler, William Hartenbach, Robert Kosis, Ronnie Davidson, Ste- phen Gref, Marcus Vlassoupoulos, Richard Parker. SECTION 11-K ROW 1: Rita Anthony, Beverly Fleming, Martha Ford, Shirley Stubbins, Carol Seagren, Dorothy Hoko, Dolores Trammell, Dolores Strobel, Patricia Druzisky, Georgianne Papantonio. ROW 2: Greg- ory Kostas, joseph Kostial, Joseph Dirdo, Eleanor Gula, Mary Zeranick, Mr. Steinberg, Ann Huppen- thal, Alice Ostrander, Robert Kelso, Edward Kubit. ROW 3: Fred Willshier, Robert Arnett, George Corey, Richard Chapala, Harry Edwards, Robert Burak, Albert Otrahalik, Elliott Greenberger. il SECTION 1 1-L ROW 1: Helen Smith, Eleanor Wesolowski, Eileen Wagner, Elsie Morris, Irene Waslo, Maria Saludis, Irene Kanakis, Dolores Privol. ROW 2: Leonard Copus, Walter Koozera, Gail Snodgrass, Martha Martin, Mrs. Lutman, Rita Palmer, Verlie Morris, Daniel Sumrok, Charles Werme. ROW 5: Donald Barto, Anthony Esseck, Harry Moore, William Tyro, Richard Palshaw, Robert Sobonya. 1 33 .5210 0l'l'l0l'0 add agin' A yopbomore biology clan at work. The Sophomore Class is promptly becoming part of senior high. Although at first they felt as if they didn't belong, they are now looking forward to their next two years with anticipation. This class really has pep. In electing officers, offering dramatic talent and participating in all activities, they have a lot of initiative as well as ability. We hope, as they gain in experience and knowledge, they will con- tinue to make Ambridge High School a better school in the future. dent, B ,AS -1- -eg..- '73, .r- ROW 1: President joseph Kotula Secretary, Daria Troyan ROW 2 Treasurer, Dennis McCoy Vice Presi ob Psinka SECTION 10-A ROW 1: Donna Cappriotti, Dolores Horniak, Pa- tricia lrwin, Mary Lou Mellott, Marietta Yakobik, Eleanor Juhn, Rhoda Haseley, Gerry Pastelak, Frances Kappas, Alice Horak, Daria Troyan, Miri- am Costanza, M. Rose Slappo. ROW 2: Joseph Kotula, Ronald Lewis, Jeanette Mattzie, Betty Hol- land, Miss Haberlen, Carol Rice, Rosanne Lintio, Fred Bursh, Charles Davis, Donald Mihalich. ROW 3: Robert Olich, Robert Squires, Richard Jula, Rudo Comchoc, Steve Budimer, Jerry Parker, Francis Rossi, William Potter, Charles Heibert. James Ward. SECTION 10-B ROW 1: Georgia Vaughn, Mildred Garbinsky, Anita Erwin, Dixie Lee Ballard, Nadia Dwarakiv- sky, Joseph Kolarchik, Margaret Hnath, Genevieve Montemayor, Edward Smigielski, Ann Sudia, Kath- ryn Marks, Emma Maruna, Barbara Gault. ROW 2: Daniel Navalance, Philip Folino, Danny Jacobs, Charlotte Kairy, Mr. Lombar, Sylvia Kurlalc, Ve- ronica Sliviak, Herbert Stein, John Polka. ROW 3: Eugene Blaho, Joseph Dorek, Regis Laughlin, William Standish, Gust Selebos, Thomas Regney, Michael Agrecky, Eugene Bowan, George Duda. SECTION 10-C ROW 1: Vera Krokonko, Joanne Kasnik, Deme- tra Kallas, Valeria Rotondo, Carrol Granitz, De- lores Seman, Marlene Neiman, Carol Ruminski, Louise Poulas, Joan Petrosky, Donna Kaufman. ROW 2: Steven Tyma, Larrie Kirschler, Emil DeSantis, George Dankocsek, Iris Farrar, Sandra Tonti, Lee Phillips, Bob Psinka, August Brogno, Erwin Ronczko. ROW 3: Frank Bombiani, Harold Jacobs, Richard Wacht, Robert Mack, Stanley Wojtkowski, Natalie Villella, Kenneth Smutko, Nick Stefaniak, Ralph Ciper, Jerome Kempisty. SECTION 10-D ROW 1: Marlene Kelly, Louise Minnici, Angeline Villella, Virginia Sweitzer, Shirley Morris, Frances McClain, Jean Glatz, Shirley Asbridge, Joan Ro- manski, Helen Cummings. ROW 2: Albert Harsh, Filmore Schepler, Jack Gallagher, Viola Barto- lomucci, Peggy Acheson, William Yeager, George Garner, Anthony Crissi. ROW 3: Blaine Capenos, Harold Weil, Edward Rosemeier, George Tesno- vich, Richard Vandenbord. SECTION 10-E ROW l: Barbara Jean Wylie, Gail Christy, Ce- celia Tneiss, Anita Stefanacci, Betty Dudenich Gerry Carpenter, Georgette Rotolo, Nancy Shep- herd, Marie Tomto, Elaine Hall, Patricia Rafter. ROW 2 : Mike Romaniak, Eugene Hrynewich, Earl Cohen, jean Nestor, Dolores Giammaria, Marion Affeltranger, Roberta Felix, Ray Masal, Alvin Gross, Stanley Wilamowski. ROW 3: Leo Kaleu- gher, Walter Finch, Carmen Governo, Calvin Cook, Edward Palko, David Walther, john Bauer, Walter Nadzak, Richard Adasiak. SECTION 10-F ROW 1: Lillian Ackles, Jean Ford, Carol Huston, Katherine Prokup, Cecilia Mazurkewicz, Elvira Alexa, Betty Cameron, Marianne Baskmer, Helen Gaza, Mary Zervos. ROW 2: Stewart McCoy, Keith Salter, Bonita Lyles, Marianne Choich, Miss Yost, Rosemarie Musloe, Steve Wesolowski, Wayne Swihart. ROW 3: Robert Basalyga, Mike Sepella, Donald Kerr, Robert West, Sam johnson, Louis Napolitan, George Mihovich. SECTION 10-G ROW 1: Naomi Anglemyer, Anita Bevacua, Irene Homjak, Mary Catanzarite, Ruby Walgus, Betty Guzan, joan Mahli, Marilyn Dixon, Ann Smith, Mildred McNally, Virginia Halcin, Pauline Fitcho. ROW 2: William Kostankewich, Norman Hen- drickson, Kenneth Schrum, Chester Smith, james Morsillo, Edward Kopczak, Eli Zugay, T ed Schmitt. ROW 5: George Beech, Earl Stadnik, Frank Bud- janec, Donald Phillips, Arthur Gilbert, Eugene Lulkovich, Gildo Tomei, Mitchell Farah, Stanley Konarski, Ray Vargon. SECTION 10-H ROW 1: Rose Marie Guzyk, joan Rich, joan Tim- ney, Evelyn Petkash, Pauline Zagat, Lorraine Mor- gan, Gloria Perusic, jean Kubicki, Betty Latka, Sylvia Shoup. ROW 2: George Nitkulinich, Eu- gene McCullough, Mary Perula, Marjorie Gala, Miss Ross, Jean Pelesky, Virginia Dubensky, Phyl- lis Lolli, George Wronosky, Dennis McCoy. ROW 3: Frank Kronstein, Frank Roppo, Paul Reese, Carl Cardinali, john Gomersal, Herbert Lukachek, John Sostarich. 1 A50- 'E SECTION 10-I ROW 1: Shirley McClure, Nancy Robbins, Evelyn Snyder, Anita Stellatto, Dorothy Cowell, Marlene Wanderlich, Dorothy Vargo, Margaret Davie, Dor- othy Boyd, Shirley Wolfe, Gloria Hendon. ROW 2: james Drexler, Michael Daly, Pauline Pezzillo, Connie Barnhart, Miss Trembley, Patricia Moore, Mary Kopriva, Dorman Robinson, Alex Prokop. ROW 5: Herschel Watkins, Homer Henkle, Wil- liam Smith, joseph Boyle, Richard McCarriher, Victor Hoffman, Ralph Thomas, Anthony Porto. SECTION 10-J ROW 1: Amelia Azich, Sylvia jacklet, Helen Meanor, Mary Ann Stranko, Beverly Stanfield, Mary jane Schoolitz, Judith Day, Patty Bramble, Geraldine Capp, Phyllis Bishop. ROW 2: joseph Roman, George Mantzaris, Carol McClure, Mary Gallagher, Mrs, Nicholson, Barbara Candros, Mar- garet Smith, joseph Shuflay, Russell Horner. ROW 3: Frank Helmbold, Richard Tkatch, William Kenny, Edward Evans, James Hoskinson, Edward Witkowski, Daniel Willis, Edward Baloga, Robert Livengood, Charles Jena, Sophomore! review the fundamenmlr of grammar in Min Haberlenhf room. L.. SECTION 10-K ROW l: Marie Queroz, Betty Salvador, Dolores Stepanick, Jeanne Hanlon, Marilyn Ondrako, Betty Fennel, Norma Barto, Hazel Werling, jean Reed. ROW 2: Mike Detorakis, Wayne Beeman, Carol Stewart, Ena Measel, Miss Eibeck, Donelda Heir- zenrater, Lois Brandt, Pete Sposara, Pete Manoleras. ROW 3: Frank Pascarella, Ronnie Martin, Oscar D'Angelo, john Takac, Vincent Panaia, Gus Bizic, Matt Vucinic, Sam Laba. SECTION 10-L ROW 1: Dorothy Kisiday, Barbara Frederickson, Evelyn Korula, Shirley Yeager, Helena Vukelic, Judith janicki, Marianne Kolarchik, janet Mc- Clure, Shirley Glatz, Barbara Losco, Lucille Saveno, Vera Privol, Julia Glagolis. ROW 2: john Shep- herd, Ronald Naugle, Andrew Sovich, William Corey, Mr. Costello, Daniel Hrynovich, Eugene O'Brien, james Dutko, john Bezuska. ROW 5: Frank D'A1lessandris, Robert Blackford, Glen Pfaff, Ray Ross, james Barcasky, jack Kopriva, Frank McCaffrey, Kenneth Rowley. Apparently tbix floor talk in Mr. Lom- bar'.r birtory clan if highly amuring I, Ml llllll lfmufll I 5 H I WXWXQJE ,W 53,5 af, I STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate made up of the home- room presidents is the representative govern- ment of the students of our high school. The chief purpose of this organization is to im- prove student relationship and to represent the student body in all discussions pertain- ing to activities, privileges, etc. Meetings are held regularly under the sponsorship of Mr. Mattuch. ROW 1: jane Young, Mildred Towcimak, Barbara Nardi, Frances Manko, Betty Nadzak, Connie Feduska, Pat Dru- zisky. ROW 2: Pete Kohut, Sam johnson, Bob Gourley, Shirley Williams, Eugene Kozel, Weis, A Y ar, . at , -1? :gui 1a I 5 , l i l F l i l x I E r E l n l X3 R? ' QLBXW cevlc' PAW O 'Ted 03230651 XQOvfab0YnZ:55 aCk , a 0 qqgopoxiljl Hokghioiixm Bob Gr 7- O oSCYh ggs, l Ni D 3966 S ge Ssax Hofeiswkfhi Gffovf XC! Mau' Ro -. Q G5 ffgztllj 2 Jane Y 2 ru' arb GUI' N O'-111 J . I at Rglfellfgff Nardidza-if 1? 0111115 Rl Q Sgorey 1h?ru5iZUSk3 P X I 122 ' 0 a Ja ' er . Qlll, Komlfohnson 110,fosp11e,jfff s1,,,jgfo, Mrfiouf J Bob 3,1511 11, Bob- Bob, Jack Y WY-.Mat- ' s ,-I Kqzys gabOynBenderC1ir0ss sgourlgfarq 6113018 Q 1 3, . 1 , 60 ' ITB 1 1 S111ir1z.De1bf'1?W Lgcobllfow 36 KQV H8611 Jo-YGPII 54 eCe 1b1: KO2eL J A X 1 an 64 1 i LW. CHEERLEADERS ROW 1: Toni Narrish, Joanne Balo, Richard Parra Marlon Essek, Delphine Tarquinio. ROW 2: Frances Manko George Wronosky, Marcy Smith. BOYS' FOOTBALL PATROL ROW 1: Pete Kutulakis, Walter Koczera, John Cipriani, Donald Laniewski, Richard Sovich, Tom Miller. ROW 2: Bill Smith, John Stranko, Mitch Kempisty, Ray Zako- vich, Nick Walko. YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES ROW 1: Hilda Davidson, Betty Brandt, Dolores Trammel, Pauline Pezzillo, Shirley Reese, Linda Montemayor, Jean Genovese, Joanne Hanlon, Rosemary Muslow. ROW 2: Cora Dickson, Irene Konakis, Marilyn Dick- son, Connie Feduska, Jeanette Matzie, Gene- vieve Gatehouse, Marcella Smith, Betty Bark- ovic, Frances McClay, Judy Day, Emma Maruna. ROW 3: Clyde Boyd, Don Laniew- ski, Joanne Balo, Mitch Kempisty, Joan Timney. BRI DGER WRITERS R alcfbvgalrgrignriglh Matter, Don 1:23 Madognafrggga Jula, irifgise Wieifigf Daisy Kolaf, Rggjr Jean Benk Eff, Pearl Mu SIOW. taking The work of the 51 Yearbook started fast spring when we began ictures and pianning the dummy owever the reai work began the first week xg of the X950 51 schooi term rctures were schedufed a subscription campaign 333 was initiated money was sohcrted and coifected write ups were done, panefm ere arranged art yror was pianned typing was done and finafiy the manu script went to the printers Covers were sefected and the proofreading finished. ter these Hercuiean tasks were accomphshed the finished book went to the in ers This is the resuit o a uif year s work We gave up our recreation and in many cases our sieep to make this for you We have spent many hours work- he Bridger and we were too busy to keep a record of them. book and we hope that future graduating cfasses heir school life as you have ef! g 9 zc dflfizon fem Wpiftr are 4 neceffizy for I7 967 0 k y 0 Pro. ADVERTISING STAFF ROW 1: Connie Seagren, Irene Zawoyski, Barbara Rob- inson, june Rogers, Betty Stasney, Sonja Goodman, Louise Pollis, ROW 2: Vera Krokonko, jean Genovese, Tom Miller, Wanda Lecznar, Iris Farrar. 5392 m.., Ediro BRI As5isff1QQg g5:--..,. DGER STAFF 5-POr15Ol. .-'- Hof--. AjfggsgdvfgliZf.'ffff ,e,. .f.1f.ff.ff'is--..Jafk Marr kgodwanagi Managef-..,,.- Ftagk Silas Miller 'flbsfffprion ' Desafllo Clfflllafjo Manager. S -Rose Kozak A H Managfrsf- onli G00Clrnan ff E - M .----. Us F C1as5f0CgtOr ------.... -, BetrY Barkzgzgit m 'Edifofg-N -vxM 'jJ0HDne Balm TYPiSrs,,,. R I-2 Donnjrfglnellslazie? ---..,.- ,-.. '---..,,'u-xu-,--4- 5 Sh' Rigger Stetiffgs Rosemfirielgq' Finarrj It 5611 Srewarr ezuska, I1-eneene Hf0nas M3n01akOS Planning the udvertifing dummy for the Bridger. The Adzferzixing Staff apparently do not rake Mr. Demnzak rebrzmand ferzonrly. Q d A Hi 4' if un. ,jg 0 SILHOUETTE STAFF ROW 1. N Mamrosil agcy RCf3se Hel S I ,M1SSG,ff'v 6F1Dude . A22-2fllogE1sie B1gSCLtg2 fhxrley Rer,l?'1iIJe11 , Mario!-1 Eggglfofd Levin! Rial!! 23 600:33 Gartner Ja ' Phyllis Ku qt Arnett ' me5 Corerri. tulakls, Donald ., . xt! UV Q IW ou MAN . Q . ' - SCHUQ p,MBRXX5L,X4, mam - X W5 Petro ,,, Mr. V-OVOWS XOQNX mf?-FXCERS Divedg Schoox 1,-gmc BXS U3 Vu mg Aw ,ag'wx'xiwXu1X ui XiAY.dYSiZ2 l Qgu uw? ,W'. UV t ' Nw PHLYOX X5 v Mx uv 11 Genevi MMMQJJYZ an, Ju eve Ga h yum . mel. R61gc71ECfgTS, JOanngeB:1seg Gerry La, Sasotki . orerra Sasaduei ally Kfemxo and 1 JOSH Paua, emmts. ig 4 Nytauvmb X' - x dmi Nan , CY Reese R , osC,Scarpie110, Neuw ' Y. RXCYX Mam yd fOsh B dred B- ' HW Strock E1 ' 3 - COW- Orls qu Zak. .XM A MUSgrav h d ff, Mafy A ' . er , Shlrley Meye2nEg:ifkgV?ancy Shep-,. O H gtlef, Peggy Jan xx - YLQXOKOVC' QV1 , Ba d .. 1 18 I' xx .vu 2 Ca z Pfrggy Byers Pf1Ott1 B , Jean B t . L Ruth , etty Thom . enkeff S1 - NMMA-' -ROW' 4, . 35, Gax1Ch - ' Y Via , . buvz, A W Qmwxw Harold - B111 Stand. rlsfy Pat xnes . . Us , Jacob lsh 3, , ty .A M ,mes Oyxckxmkvr 131415 B b .s' Walter K ' anf0fd Ltvin nw V ' e V Mu i 1 O Ps1nka,RObe 0C2e1-ay peter Ku ,Bob Foxmo, rl-H M , 8 Young, vw ff Jaflicki, mwxce- 30563 prcsklem' 5'u1xadKm, Secwmyyyfio- pn- ge KutuXuX4'-S qXexxK,,-50315 ?'Ak V n ,' Nancy gxunk. KOYJQX' Swvc v 5 Wm.. KOCZBYK. 3 g Getzp 'Yrczw-019V 10' Dom AIDMO, im 9 X2 C Nh. Boskllwv Rogmp-iesf ,f,f! f 'gun Jean INli0YQ9n3e?Q:?.TYeaS, ff! Ken Knouse: 560' Au SCh09x PXOY Arm Tlfgiggeownv Room -2953 J My Desmwlo is , 'D' Mwkzeme Komm Vice YYQSV 'VNS vm prfgducmi me Secretary. gems' 'emvmmg The Dozen GS a bums' nomaoer BY However warms x PXNJ- en compmew rod' . X . hm i K xW y .mk if xi Msgs? E H 3 Q i. idehh, B K - K., Johv 0 0 ds RD dv Treasure? QDO Room 'zona scuoo be xc Y' ' 6 Presb not as-sxezcuoox pm' is v X! an en on November 1 given, m . M Fo , iss EZSESQHY- Bl: ECig:ZQUThgecrebaYY. I W em' auxin-, Treasurer, Betts' La' amy wougxl Wm 1 H22 mirngzrlmigiixxor cms PY e had ag, uSU.4 mgmia ' HOOKS K J es' S wm b Law-1, Ximkaoskk. vice ?Y Pruskdmuh may f A fx. . Ryan! Sli -www-1 4 neffhg KQXXOWWQ Sxudgntg W9 HOUETTE - Amd an ww Yew effy Sr r CY Reese , W1 asfley M1ss Gfiff1t50Se gcatpieuo ,neenanz S , Manor: Essek, yiichen Kew ra Lee YI we P cm hyllig Ku ' , Bi Connie M f111ak1s. ROW 2, , Helen Duarte?-' D011 Gartn I Elsle BOSChetto, ,YYDER idx-nt, Lu- emifh. er' Robert Arnett' ZXCY. Hens Dean Shuskev, rfw' Nmxcv wr 2 Thomag L BXMAQYQ 'Yfefismer' ' . ys' . - N vi , 4 ,- Room 3 ' . -5 vhxham 8 ua M555 pAtAx.axxme . I ' vice- BM , A Yresiciem. Mixdred Towmm? Sec- WWW Swsny' Jaws Pfasident, Www? gfginxjitrgaguver. and Jean as - , - 1 mary, axcward zwhomofeb ww 3 Charms Lu .WB3SEBYbBY, Room 336: wumng upon Sne- 12'-V WS' Ny wmxamsu VM wfoed by SHP-mf Ywsmem' Shuyfiirie Bezusxnap Sec' M!!! A ggee ,,. Aunt, ,,JMMan ,irwsm-gy, Jack f-nmmm SILHO UETT ROW E REPR Sgolota lirglvira Alexa PESENTATIVE5 riff' ' UC Sa k- . 1 any B fb Benlrii' foam Siaiiin,Shif1eyfg1mb1e,Nifa 510W it gfvrence Viiejglily Kremigsiv Miss eann - gan lc , C, Je . iii VA fanickeftg Maggie, Sky: Violgegn Geflovegg Q Mildr' ugenia Yafbara N ?ff010mu -' Na .ed Wory Cdgnak Brdly CCI, 'Z Salxglgl M3ri6nJ22SeE'0un1g. Robbifs' Eileen v21aglfgY Sudig J 01556 Bufaligii gonf r, E - v , 1s1e Bosqfggg Andefsgz SUBBU- S 'I 493449 ,RY I R35 Y Wwe , f . We me student body oi Ambxfidge xl A . High Schook wish to wemome om en! Qupevmtendem oi me Arnhridgc G, Squires. 1 quote- , 'LAYfXbYKdg.Q HRV! . Sm:'xxouXS. Dv. H. . Sqmrcw as saying, Hgh Sched is one oi me fme. scboow with me exczehexxt equip mem making, in uossime to ofiev vaviemy oi educanionak '2'?'?'?'! --ig gs nys mxccve wish 'Q . A nupiks enxer if ' 'mt my SILHOU ETT E ADVERTISING Kb X im OW 1: R gligznggldegishfcisifllo, Zanaide Gff,1tgf1anHf0f,ffjqaf1afk1ifrfffagacci, Aflijiim 1fIf2ief1CfY1Si?1igmaiFqi1CE5ock,icf 1 fl, Virginia Higfiillgiti Llfaiiiig geisiyu ogers , aria! Y Me C211 H V , , Df.'5quires mg pvoiessioxx for cv He began to te-Ach Q I Puxa Assembhes in September oi 1 , , were had Xxx me pvew The paid assembhes mms year are owes mom on we mong we beam we have ever had. H 1 X ' ' mmm, X3' Ngovgm-, amy gay- X921 Dr. Sqmresa began 'K 1-:XXX give use ex ieav- priucmux oi ,kxnwidac A 10 Amen' and be obkmxx N 1 PMR Road , ,ima wi , ..a..M, i Z Jn De ' viewm- ' ui X ' :dx X' , l Sha 4 X Q-sum ,Q 4 A , 'eex' has D mr. gucko Xess 1uLex'pYeuxmn.x can Art. oi Jmkuj Ou 'r-Lv Swederxc '53obXzmXn. 'A gram mama- GJ XA 9 ist, wm enhermm us with ax cXcXig,hx- ' m L' 'H l im concert oi cxassxcm and modem sxsmut vrmwx' xmwic, pmnuxev vniert,-amixxsg morn' bridge Junko! Ss Xu sore for us when Soon? Smw kdm X :J 1 , XX 9 , f' he Cmmf' Smit' M . me 'iHm'nXmx mm s wxih ' A mew num Supcvixm 12,53 Kd ing . -,, .WY f annex: . u f Aaviueks. X S, A INING CLUB me SE Y. ,. ROW Bn NCHM1: Gen- mxx am Y La im gif, Shir1eTTiMi1drggag3 Rose SC ' , 'SS G ' . eye-rs loflda E- arplellg , MKG R flff , Pe r Ile ,A ix C656 E1 , lfh, Shil Sgy Byer Cn Wag- Dan jaccjii Bgschetfoeqjewiuiagskcgzv we . , onald garggy Bard 'R irieyfefv ' OW ,. , mer, Bob psinka5gXXetx IX I K W mr SOD de- Fl N WSL A km K L2 , pe io:- ors. H Wfdww 1 I X Czxiio -f f,,' gif 4, Ox hsh gm Cams V Y Make Pm -aunwsiea Wafiona jdeapian ociefg Troop 1032 of The National Thespian Society was organized last year in the Ambridge High School. All of the Charter members but one graduated last year, making it necessary to reorganize. Thirty-one mem- bers of the student body qualified for membership for the year beginning 1951. We congratulate those members upon their success in attaining membership in this National Society. May they go forward with their activities in dramatic arts, holding in high esteem the standards and ideals which have earned for them the privilege of membership. In the words of our motto, Act well your part g there all the honor lies! ROW 1: Sally Kremmel, Roberta Storar, Marion Essek, Sherry Moore, Bob Furness, Gail Christy, Marianne Blazier, Joan Shaffo, Mildred Bionda, Shirley Myers. ROW 2: Mr. Desanzo, Bill Standish, Robert janicki, Bob Arnett, David Walthers, Donald Gartner, William Neville, joan Palladini, Phyllis Kurulakis, jean Genovese, Barbara Lee Robinson, La Donna june Rogers, Florence Vitevich. ROW 3: Thomas Miller, Harry Schoolitz, Mitch Kempisty, Eugene Blaho, joe Perusic, Bill Bard, jack Bell, Charles Lutz. 60 ROW 1: june Yee, john Marr, William Durniak, Marlene Brutout, Lorraine Arthur, Irene Butrey, jane Young, Mary Ann Lesondak, Eileen Mercandante, Irene Yedgenak, Irene Manolakos, Edna Kempa, Marion Essek. ROW 2: Mrs. Weisgerber, Donald Herbein, Ted Pszybyszewski, Florence Vitevich, Mary Mattie, Sally Carrico, Dorothy Menosky, Joanne Balo, Dorothy Bilanich, Dolores Grguras, Nancy Davis, Wilma Ditter, Anne Bizic, jean Benkert, Rhoda Robertson, Clarice Meadows, Nancy Martin, Shirley Musgrave. ROW 3: Andrew Ihnatko, Peter Betley, Robert Gross, Richard Frey, Peter Orler, Sam Ombres, Richard Boschetto, Harry Snyder, Barry Oswald, Paul Dreyer, Richard Snodgrass, Paul Kozel, Andrew McClure, John Fardo, David Davie, Alfred Burzese, Jerome Rosenberger, Richard Paton, Eugene Kokoska, Guy Villella, Regis Kubit, Harold Hendrickson, Norman Hanievich, Robert Sterret, John Kusnirak, Jack Karnavas, Daniel Scarpiello, Luther Hasely. In order to become a member of the National Honor Society, a student must excel in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The top fifteen per cent of the senior class, and the ten highest juniors are initiated into this group annually. The qualifications for member- ship are determined from scholastic records, teacher ratings, and participation in worthy activities of high school life. Many students who are candidates, but fail to make the National Honor Society during their junior year, often become members during their senior year. This year this group is under the sponsorship of Miss Weisgerber. Wafiona 0l'l0l' Sociefy 61 l A'r7l70iW OIYURSOCIETY l x f Maxx ! 'l T We -' l r nl l UAQCLIQQI' EA? 302211 ROW li David Wal- thers, Bob Arnett. ROW 2: Stephen Gref, Florence Virevitch, Don Gartner, Cecilia Kneiss, Mildred Bionda. ROW 3: Bob Janicki, Gail Christy, joan Shaffo, William Standish, Ma- rion Essek, Donald Ja- cobs, Sherry Moore, Raymond Masai, Robert Furness. 3 ' lr. 5 Y. MR. GILBRETH IDM ..................... MRS, GILBRETH fmofben ....... ..... ERNESTINE .......................... . ...... . FRANK ............ JACKIE ........, DAN .....,,... BILL ........... FRED ..,.,... ANNE ....... .Donald Gartner .....Cecilia Knierr .Joan Shaffo ...Rohert Ianichi ...Rohert Furness ........Raymond Masal William Strzndixh ...Daniel Iacohr .......Gail Christy ml LILLIAN .......................... -- MARTHA ....................-r---- - -- MRS. FITZGERALD .........- ------ DR. BURTON .......... JOE SCALES .......... MISS BRILL ....... LARRY ........... DIRECTOR ........ 62 .......Sherry Moore .......Mizrion Esrek .Mildred Bionila Stephen Gref .....,,,......Drwid Walther .Florence Viteifitch ........jameJ Arnett Mr. Frank Demnzo ROW 1: Barbara Rob- inson, Bill Neville, Marianne Blazier, Ma- rion Essek, Toni Nar- rish. ROW 2: jack Marr, Tom Miller, Mitch Kempisty, Bette Stasny, Sally Kremmel, Irene Zawoysky, Harry Schoolitz. 'Ml Slool fle Q14-X if v .Q 3, K mify jfee Kan! JIMMY ,.,,,,q,..,,,,4.,. .,.,,.,,.,.................. H my Scboolzzz BOB ,.,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,-,,,.,,, ....,.... M izclaell Kempifty-jack Bell HILDEGARDE ...,.............. SALLY ..........................,........ MRS. DOLSON fM0ther1 ......... ELLIE MAY .............,.,.,...,.,.. IILL ..,,..................,............. PAIGE MASON ...........,. FREDDIE SHERMER .........,. MR. DOLSON fFail9erJ ...,..... MR. SHERMER ...............,.. MRS. SHERMER ............ DIRECTOR .............. .................Mmon Exsek ...,B4rlmm Lee Robimon ..........Marianne Blazier ........Irene Zawoyfky .........Sally Kremmel .........T0ni Narrixh ..........Tl:10maJ Miller ........Wllliam Neville Marr .,,,,.,.................Bette Smsny Mr. Frank W. Demnzo ss , W Q eruice roupti BOYS' PATROL ROW 1: George Gudzan, James Cor- etti, Alex Varlichi, Stanley Zak, Tom Miller, Richard Sovich, Bob Kolakow- ski, Pete Kutulakis, Richard Kasper. ROW 2: Bill Smith, Bill Neville, Don Laniewski, Joseph Hochevar, Steve Plevel, Eugene Marotti, Richar Och- man, Charles Lutz. ROW 3: John Cipriani, Mitch Kempisty, Bruce Prince, Eugene Kozel, John Dishauzi, Robert Hood, Walter Koczera, Nick Walko. ,wet .at Q Bm. GIRLS' PATROL ROW l: Audrey Mahoney Florence Vitevich. ROW 2: Betty Nadzak, Goldine Turcic, Connie Feduska, Pat Druzisky, Mrs. Weisgerber, Doris Mus- grave, Elsie Boschetto, Shirley Reese, Catherine Ozenich. ROW 3: Betty Brandt, Ma- rion Essek, Martha Ford, Rose Scarpiello, Doris Shandich, Nancy Riley. USHERETTES ROW 1: Gail Butchers, Lois Maho ney, Mary Alice Lockwick, Audrey Mahoney, Rose Sarkisian. ROW 2: Pat Jackson, Joan Bremmer, Hilda Davison, Bernice Ford, Betty Brandt, Marion Essek, June Rogers, Doreen Lockhart, Virginia Jula, Eleanor Morse, Phyllis Werk, Mary Ann Spehar, Mrs. Weisgerber. ROW 3: Loretta Muha, Doris Musgrave, Lola Vega, Irene Mahli, Pat Druzisky, Martha Ford, Nancy Hunt, Connie Seagren, Maryann Gula, Joan Palla- dini, Beth Rowley, Kay VonMoos. ROW 4: Doris Shandich, Joanne Balo, Toni Narish, Mildred Bionda, Shirley Stubbins, Bernie Sehanick, Betty Barkovic, Nita Foster, Phyllis Kutulakis, Sonia Goodman, Florence Vita, Vicky Arnato. 1 Joan Bremmer, Nita Foster, Joanne Balo, Joanne Palladini, Jane Young, Jean Genovese, ! STAGE SQUAD ROW 1: Don Laniewski, Tom Miller, Don Gartner, loseph Perusic. ROW 2: Mitch Kempisry, George Paul, Clyde Boyd, Bill Kopchick, George Karas Charles Sradnik. STAGE LIGHTING SQUAD ROW 1: Steve Tyma, Ronnie Wilson, Wayne Beeman, Eu- gene Dunn, Mr. Axtell. ROW 2: Ray Palmer, Leroy Cana- nico, Louis Rode, George Gamer. 36192 I'0lfLl95 MAKE-UP COMMITTEE ROW 1: Gail Snodgrass, Carolyn Davis, Virginia jula, Barbara Lee Robinson. ROW 2: Pete Kurulakis, Miss Trembley, Walter Koczera. CHESS TEAM ROW 1: Murray Tamers, Frank Senk, Danny Jacobs, Jerome Kempisty, Herbert Stein, Mitch Kempisty, Mr. Steinberg, Eugene Kozel, Bruce Prince. GOLF CLUB ROW 1: William Gabal, Leo- nard Copus, Richard Kokolski, William Tyro, Alvin Terlesky, Dominic Amato, John Sostarich. ROW 2: Mr. Rothermel, Stanley Wilmowski, Arthur Helbig, Ed- ward Price, Ray Gaunt, George Dankocsik. LEADERS' CLUB ROW 1: Rosemarie Rinaldi, Joan Janicki, Florence Vagais, Joanne Klak. ROW 2: Dolores Privol, Connie Feduska, Joan Hrinko, Jennie Gatehouse, Betty Hricik, Mildred Towcimak. ROW 3: Betty Nadzak, Joan Balo, Elsie Boschetto, Miss Spahr, Gail Butchers, Angela Zondas, Sylvia Fumess. ymnadfic CLA xx- ROW I: Iris Farrar, Rosemarie Rinaldi, Barbara Freclrickson, Anita Stellato, Geraldine Pastelak, Angela Zondas, Marjorie Miller. ROW 2: Mary Ann Halicek, Mary Ann Spehar, Joyce Mathias, Marion Hrinko, Rose Scarpiello, Betty Salvador, Elsie Morris, Doris Robins, Gloria Iorfido. ROW 3: Polly Tesnovich, Betty Lazar, Shirley Reese, Phyllis Lolli, Dolores Ribar, Vera Prevol, Ladonna June Rogers. ROW 4: Marie Dacko, Shirley Srubbins, joan janicki, Beverly Romigh, Joan Gartner, Viola Barrolomucci. ROW 5: Anna Sinchak, Betty Cameron, Gail Snodgrass, Georgianne Maletic, joan Hartling. ROW 6: Betty Barkovic, Mary Poalantonio, Gloria Mack, Sherry Moore. ROW 7: Carolyn Davis, Dorothy Niznik, Barbara Robinson, Wanda Lecznar, Florence Vagias. ROW 8: Gail Butchers, Pat Druzisky, Eleanor Morse, Betty Rengowski. ROW 9: Sylvia Capriotti, Dolores Giammaria, Pat Jackson, Angela Angelidas, joan Bremmer. ROW 10: Mary Alice Lockwich, Irene Mahli, Doreen Lockhart, Louise Poulis, Joanne Balo, Alvira Alexa. ORK 'IT W WH UB A 0' . RAINHQG CL Elsie MGM 1 nn' ' 1 EDI Laney 50134125 Bw . bg. nel, Lei' '9 pivot GW Gr Tosh- 67 stink' vfainzi Canfeen ommiffee BOWLING CAPTAINS-ROW l: Don Gartner, Rhoda Haseley, Vincent Maggio, Ronald Wilson. ROW 2: Albert Otrahalik, Mur- ray Tamers, jerry Kernpisty, Lee Phillips. ROW 3: Dominic Amato, Dennis McCoy, Bruce Prince, Richard Jula. CANTEEN COMMITTEE-ROV? l: Dolores Suber, Joanne Hertnecky, Frances Manko, Carolyn Davis, Nita Foster, Virginia jula, jo Ann Balo, Joanne Paladini, Victoria Amato, Carolyn Seagren. ROW 2: Eugene Marorti, Elmira Shaffer, Betty Nadzak, Marcella Smith, Miss Trembly, Irene Mahli, Toni Narrish, Mary Alice Lockwick, Bruce Prince. ROW 3: Bob Arnett, George Coty, Jim Carretti, Charles Dickens, Mitch Kempisty, Mr. Taggert, Vincent Maggio, Joe Hochevar, Dick Kasper. CLUBS Clubs add spice to an otherwise dull schedule. Being active in the club of his choice, a student learns the true meaning of teamwork and responsibility. In all clubs, membership is volun- tary, although certain requirements must be met before accept- ance into some organization. Each activity is governed by its own set of officers under the guidance of a capable teacher as sponsor. A student without activities is like a lamp without oil. 68 ,, . Q l 6055 ounci . I :nance ommzffee r 'W' . l Q53 V are RED CROSS COUNCIL-ROW 1: Patty Irwin, Demetra Kallas, Naomi Anglemeyer, Augusta Capenos, Marianne Blazier, Nite Foster, Virginia jula, Phyllis Werk, Beverly Smerigan, joan Palla- dini, Barbara Losco, Vera Privol. ROW 2: Dolores Suber, jean Walgus, Mary Kopriva, Mary Paolantonio, Frances Manlto, Carolyn Davis, Rosemarie Collins, Nancy Goetman, Angela Angelidas, Pat Ross. ROW 3: Pauline Pezzillo, Beverly Romigh, Pat jackson, Tom Miller, Stanley Zak, joseph Vernak, Barbara Lee Robinson, Betty Brandt, Lucy Longo. FINANCE COMMITTEE--ROW 1: Betty Barkovic, Phyllis Kutulaltis, Edith Smith, Ann Sudia, Victoria Amato, joan Palladini, Kay Pappas, Irene Kanakis, Helen Manos, jane Young, Florence Vitevich, Mary Madonna, Sandra Kyros, Vivian Bosh. ROW 2: Barbara Robinson, Shirley Meyers, Shirla Lewis, Mary Kopriva, Mr. Horsman, Carol Seagren, Peggy Santa, Nancy Goerman, Shirley McLaughlin, Nancy Ross, Patty Moore. ROW 3: jean Glatz, Nita Stellato, Pauline Pezzillo, George Gudzan, Irene Zawoysky, Dolores Suber, Betty Strock, Catherine Kuncio, Joan Garner, Barbara 3 fi' Frederickson. SERVICE GROUPS There are many groups in our high school whose expressed purpose is to serve and help maintain an efficient school. Although many of these groups, such as the stage groups, are very seldom seen at work. Nevertheless indispensable, these people are frequently hard at work behind the scenes of many of the school and community programs held in our auditorium. In addition to these groups, there are other groups who are often seen working in and outside of the school building. The Usherettes, Boys' and Girls' Patrol, Football Patrol, Finance Committee, Refreshment Committee, etc. work very hard from the beginning of the school term to the last day. 69 SECRETARIAL PRACTICE ROW 1: Rose Marie Rinaldi, Irene Manolakos, Mary Villilla, Irene Hronas, joan Palladini. Miss Kozak, Betty Lazar, Marion Hrinko, Betty Brandt, Shirley Finatri. ROW 2: Betty Barkovic, Beatrice Bratton, Marie Holman, Anna Sinchak. ROW 3: Ger- aldine Laman, Dorothy Niznik, Sandra Kyros, Rose Sarkisian. ROW 4: Helen Manos, Barbara Bobby, Linda Montemayor, Wanda Lecznar, Rosemarie Bezuska. ROW 5: Mildred Paich, Dolores Belak, Anna Zagar, Margaret Andrus, Florence Vagias. ROW 6: joan janicki. Joanne Klak, Sara Mae Weil, Mildred Belak, Joanne Balo, Virginia Jula, Nita Foster. ROW 72 George Gudzan, Michael Mizenko. Alvin Terlesky, Q ART PUBLICITY CLUB ROW l: Ruth Ann Urda, Donna Rogers, Daria Troyan, Helen DeLisio. ROW 2: Irene Manlakas, Mrs. Lurman, Verlie Morris, Ieanetre Matzie. ROW 3: Frank Pascarella, ,Iohn Gornersall, Donald Pas- carella. ROW 4: Ray Klemanski, Pete Sbosaro, Fred Bursh. NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY ROW I: -Iennie Bogosian, Bettv Nad- : zak. Ioanne Balo, Rose Scarpiello. Tean Benkert. Florence Vitevich. ROW 2: Marion Essek. Nancv Reese, Mr. Bucli- mer, Donald Gartner. ENDMEN -RO ' , h Kusni , . n Gabriel Sacco. ROW 2. 12 dine Mihaiow, Pere Sezenias Rosenberger Umedocumri ' le - O l r, Em Ning ' W 1- Bronko MraovichLiietegen1eDunn' Jerome illi, ! dn: Sam San Bar Sb mfkwf 106 ,, Louix Strobmi Ray doizg the Can-CMI' and Richard Ffeyf The best yet! The previous five were tops in enter- tainment but this year's outdid them all. That's the verdict of the several thousand elementary grade students, junior and Senior high pupils who saw f th Ambridge Senior. the sixth annual minstrel-revue o e High School Vocational Dept., in its three matinee presentations. From the opening curtain to the grand finale, the Raymond Samir ucafiona ixie ind fre ea - LV, Hen . Pardz, and Cherie! L fy Mickey' Wzygkzm Gab I 9772 . 072, danrzrzg ,O ,Ha .0 , Dommk. wvvzkn 5' lfflfefi'-' Arerzff tbefe Hawaii. a 72 glib bequfifgp sixth annual minstrel was grand and relaxing entertain- ment. Mrs. Stella Lazar directed the revue while a great deal of the production success lies in the splendid music under the capable direct lot to the show was the singing directed by Miss Laura ' k D Jean Rice, and dramatic work supervised by Fran e- ion of V. W. Sporny. Adding a SHHZO. CLARINETS ROW 1: Herbert Stein, Anthony Crissi, Robert Folino, Sam Catanese, Alvin Gross. ROW 2: Margaret Hnath, Donna Lee Kaufman, joan Bremmer, Nancy Riley, Lois Kuntz, Sally Kremmel, Dolores Suchodupski. ROW 3: Elliot Green- berg, Rocco Perciavalle, William Todd, Joseph Kolarchick, Louis Bufalini, Genevieve Gatehouse, Georgette Rotolo. ROW 4: Robert Garbinsky, William Binder, Charles Lutz, Mathew Vucinic. JMBONES I 1: Mariann Berkner. ROW 2: Bruce Prince, rly Smerigan, Maureen Merriman. ROW 3: Robertson, Francis Barlamas. TRU M PET S ROW 1: Philip Folino, Joseph Vernale, Lester ' ' Erwin, Paul. ROW 2: Georgia Vaughn, Anita Gildo Tomei, Ernest Kemena, Ronald Naugle, Michael Daley. ROW 3: Marie Dacko, Richard Chapala, john Dishauzi, George Marovich, Man' ford Smith. ROW 4: jack Ryzowicz, Homer Henkel, Adam Roginsky. BAND LIBRARIAN S Left to Right: Margaret Smith, Gail Butchers, joan Garner, Amelia Azich. 501161 Our ted and blue clad band under the direction o Sporny, is one of the hardest working organizations in the school. The band members meet in the middle of August to begin practicing for football season. After school starts, they must sacrifice their activity period, third period, and lunch hour, towards improvement. In addition to football games the band plays for assemblies, basketball games, pep meetings, minstrel, gymnastic exhibition, parades, and gives f Mr. FR EN CH HORN Left to Right: Pauline Delai, Wilmetta Campbell, Robert Squires, Louise Poulos. ic. To an annual concert of both jazz and symphonic mus raise funds for new instruments, a magazine selling campaign is held annually. The winners this year were: Louise Poulos, Bill Neville, and Robert Squires. They received watches for their efforts. The six managers of the band deserve much credit for they play an important part in the success of the band. The appearance of the band and high stepping major- ettes always brings a round of applause. 73 DRUMS AND BELLS ROW 1: Herbert Stein. Row 2: Evelyn Burzese, Joan Timney, John Mayer, Robert Arthur, Nancy Hunt. ROW 3: Robert Psinka, jerry Parker, Richard Canonge. FLUTES AND SAXOPHONES ROW 1: Helena Smith, Genevieve Monternayor, Sylvia Kurlak, Shirley Thompson. ROW 2: jean Kubicki, Lila Berkowitz, Merna jones, Patricia Jackson, Florence Vita, Phyllis Vasques. ROW 3: James Freed, Anthony Essek, Edward Evans, Richard Adasiak, Richard Wacht. ROW 4: Fred Dunn, john Palko, Steve Kuzniar, Robert Hood. BASS AND BARITONE ROW 1: Robert Ianicki, Gregory Kostas, john Neville. ROW 2: Frank Kronstein, Leo Kaleugher, john Smith, William Gutch. COLOR GUARD Left to Right: Alex Vuliclci, James Coretti, Robert Zappie, Pere Mnnoleras, Stanley Zak. SOPRANOS ROW 1: Rose Scarpiello, Elizabeth Strock, Frances Telecz, Virginia jula, Nita Foster, Dorothy Niznik, Rita Anthony, Rose Escoto, Marie Quiroz. ROW 2: Jean Benkert, Sandra Kyros, Norma Hendrickson, Miss Rice, Shirley Bixler, Arm Cress, Dolores Souchadoufski. ROW 3: Florence Vite- vitch, Augusta Capenos, Dorothy Boyd, Barbara Bobby, Shirley McClure. ROW 4: Irene Kanakis, Jerry Tomei, Nila Telford, Carol Miller, Anita Stellato. ROW 5: Katherine Pappas, Gladys Mouradian, Goldine Turcic, Mary Edith Benedict. ROW 6: Mildred Bionda, jean Nester, Rita Palmer, Eleanor Weslowski. ROW 7: Eugenia Yedgenak, Shirley Reese, Carolyn Ladebu, Dorothy Kowal. ROW 8: Lola Marzio, Georgianne Papantonio, Betty Mae Thomas, Jeanne Glatz. ALTOS ROW 1: Irene Manolakis, Mary Gula, Dorothy Kisiday, Pauline Pezzillo, Irene Hronas. ROW 2: Ann Zagat, Helen Manos, Nancy Hunt, Roberta Storar, Gerry Laman. ROW 3: Betty DeMarco, Phyllis Kutulakis, Betty Snyder, Lois Kuntz, Miss Rice. ROW 4: Sophie Vagionas, Marianne Spehar, Sally Krem- mel. ROW 5: Loretta Luketic, Jean Reed, Irene Waslo, Gloria Candros. ROW 6: Betty Cirkovich, joan Bufalini, Agnes Azadian. 75 gn: cu Min Ricelf Glee Club prerentr ity annual Glee Club Concert for the student body. SECOND SOPRANO ROW 1: Irene Manolakis, Mary Gula, Dorothy Kisiday, Pauline Pezzillo, Irene I-Ironas. ROW 2: Ann Zagat, Helen Manos, Nancy Hunt. Roberta Storar, ROW 3: Betty DeMarco, Phyllis Kutulakis, Miss Rice, Gerry Laman. at 9 Q 2 . . P 9 3 3 2 f Q3,,g9JQQ 99995 1 s 5 1 if' za '. ' f'lffifi1tx ROW l: Richard Parra, Harry Moore, Stanley Zak, Robert Kolakowski, Sam Sigriorelli, Niclc Tzefakis, Robert McCollim, Fred Vignovich, Peter Kutulakis, John Dishauzi. ROW 2: Betty Strock, Martha Ford, Betty Brandt, Virginia jula, Irene Zawoysky, Edith Smith, Vici Amato, Shirley Finatri, Phyllis Kutulakis, Betty Stasny, Connie Feduska, Laureta Luketic. ROW 3: Roberta Storr, Violet Getz, Mary Alice Lockwick, Lois Mahoney, Audrey Mahoney, Miss Parsons, Miss Rice, Mary Ma- donna, Irene Waslo, Gloria Condros, Angela Zondos, Rose Marie Rinaldi, Irene Manolakis, Wanda Lecznar. ROW 4: Donald Wagoner, Preston Covert, Ted Homjak, Marianne Spehar, Nancy Riley, Gladys Mouradian, Nancy Reese, Robert Mosketti, Richard Kasper, Ralnh Aquilera, Dean Shuster. The Madrigal Club consists of forty-eight selected voices under the direction of Miss Parsons and accompanied on the piano by Miss Rice. The club sang at our Armistice, Christmas, and Easter programs. The customary Christmas caroling through the school corridors was enjoyed by all. High-lighting the musical programs of this group was the annual concert held on February 23. Six members of the group achieved notable recognition by being selected to participate in The Midwestern Chorus held at New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. One member was selected for the State Chorus held fer' 7WaJrigaf CM at Ellwood City. Wie! IIJBIHLA The Mixed Ensemble consists of twenty-eight members of the Madrigal Club. The Ensemble appeared before the Business and Professional Women's Club of Ambridge on December 6 and the Baden P,F.A. on December ll. Also, the Ensemble sang at the W. S. C. S. Methodist Church on December 20. Many beautiful choral renditions were presented by this group at the annual concert. ROW l: Nancy Riley, Betty Brandt, Virginia Jula, Edith Smith, Victoria Amato, Shirley Finatri, Betty Stasny, Angela Zondas. ROW 2: Richard Kasper, Donald Wagoner, Mary Alice Lockwick, Audrey Mahoney, Miss Parsons, Lois Mahoney, Violet Getz, Nick Tzefakis, Sam Signorelli. ROW 3: Ralph Aquilera, Bob Mosketti, Ted Homjak, Preston Covert, Robert McCollin, Dean Shuster. ., Q 33 V ll ' 2 .......-Q-..--ea. ... ......-o-.- n..-n.. .....- .-...... . ROW 1: Filmore Sheplar, Nick Walko, Earl Cohen, Fred Bursch Dominic Amato Harry Moore , Bob Kolakowslci, Eugene McCullough, Ray Masal, Charles Herbert Fred Vignovich Ted Homjak oyj ee Charles Pelesky. ROW 2: Russell Stewart, Frank Senk, Eugene Hrynovich Frank Rossi Milos Chutchin, Miss Rice, Bill Corey, john Governo, Walter Koczera jack Shephard Richard jula Richard Kasper. ROW 3: Joe Kotula, Thomas, Charles Slcorlja Nick Tzefakis Tom Miller Stanley Zak, Richard Sovich, Edward Rosemier, Pete Kutulakis, Edward Evans George Wronosky Bob Wilamowski, Ralph Aquilera, Bob Mosketti. The Boys' Glee Club, made up of students from the music classes are under the direction of Miss Rice. Every Thursday morning the choristers practice appropriate selections in preparation for their diversified appearances Their greatest achievement is the annual concert. The Ambridge High orchestra, although a relatively small group, produces quality music. It is principally a string ensemble, utilizing among other instruments the violin, the bass, the cello, and the piano. Mr. Montozzi's group has been responsible for the 0 music heard at the class plays during the past two years. ff 95f a Left to Right: Mr. Montozzi, Charles Heibert, Daniel Hrynowich, Frank Senk, Michael Agreclcy, Rhoda Haseley, Milton Moratis, joe Pavlakovich, Emmanuel Lucia. YEARBOOK PATRONS Venger's Shop Dr. J. J. Ranish Youngs Shoe Store Home Supply Company Book's Shoe Store Terner's Duss Avenue Market Jack's Barber Shop Lillian's Beauty Salon Dale Leiper E 8a M Cleaners 1. L. McCreary Dr. A. A. Steinberg joseph Lojek Louis Caplan Dr. C. W. Henry F. Weidenger's Texaco Service Dr. M. King Dr. 8: Mrs. Nicholas Perris john Oriol Tailor Shop Modern Furniture Company Harry F. Garrett Smith 8: Schermerhorn The David Shop Milleman's Borgia's Market J. Caesar Averra Nick L. Pesker Louis Antonini john S. Dunn H. J. Aquino Peter F. Gause Fred Mikeelch Mr. 8: Mrs. G. A. Paulos Balley Hardware Merles Sign Studio Dr, B. B. Handmaker A Friend Eugene Caputo C. H. Wolfe Stewart's Hardware Porto Barber Shop 1 in Uv U .Ka M, fwp, 'ag X' x' . -BY' ' ef. '- wi na- . 4 A VB, VX. A L, w fi :gg W ,. wgQ 5 ei gs' V E Y X Kris M 1111 . ,A gr ,.'ib:g' . ' , 'QW , 2 2- X338 iw sg -43 Q 5 1,1 iw lm: Y'-' nu, , mu w , ,M WU fs 3:4 Q- 42? fs , 1 .V iiii I X , fV gig we Q ,QI 5 Win. K . '. ?mifif .. , J. ' 4. Q g.,. 5 . N. ff , KK' ' Z 2x Ywv. . .. 4 , . f c. Q ,J.,,., , gb, S+ K ,, . K , A, Li Wgiiii ' 4.23,- X 'R 555 Q . V ,vw amz? , 'WH' , inf, U y 3.1 ' . :ff x r K V, . 'mf i V xii, Fifa. K ni W 1: was A , -, 5 ff -may vii? . wx, 4 . gg as if fi s w , ,J ew ' aa f fir 3-gr 1fif2'y 5 '15 1?:'i3?!Q?i5flgv 9 ,its f - P - f. -ff, ., Q53 .- ,. X if lg s -. , . K4 L 'L Qi , ,T o ir, k . TEM, 5- 55. A , .1 V ,img ,,fi 6k:- .- ,N , , w. X 'L'-if ,. E, J k f T H, ... 5 ? .V , A'-jA 31? A .. --A' 75 Lic? -1 J X' 1 . i 4 5? x . X 'df 'J , AS 4 l?5f3 ' 5'K3T 3 . . .ffwwi 5 . Wx xv X I' H 15? in 2 ,yuh X 0 1. Ap. j H is Q x 4 lv Y 5 e 1? , ' H 3 e X' Qi , ,L 1 ci 7-1 3 fa its 5' ' W 1' at - -4 : A 1 ga wg -2 , -A X im EEfXqlz,'lfiYy1 ? 0 J4 -4 Mi.,,K,1g55 f Qi 'fwffifi ,. W ,haw k wif ew xff fq, w x yi- - 73, 5 i E1 A - ,Q xt ll -QQ, A W .- ,,,,k: .45 ,M ' IQ, V .yu Y 125' S L 3 5 joofgaff xgglfla, .nk ,sp --W' H I f ROW 1: Steve Budimer, Ralph Ciper, Paul Hrinko, John Hoko, Eugene Ondtako, Al Kuhni, David Larabee, Chris Balatsoukis. ROW 2: Ken Stewart, Pete Kohut, Richard Kasper, George Moranz, Mike Deep, Earl Edwards, Bob Mosketti, Tony Pecararo, Ted Homjak, Ray Stanisky, Ralph Aquilera, Brian McCarthy. ROW 3: Mr. Hlista, li ssimmt Loacu ww - ML Hliffdx A Head COMIIJ- George Corey, John Homjak, Zeke Livitski, Joe Kohut, jim Hoskinson, jim Seihl, Jim Kozil, Bill Yerzek, Jim Marsillo, Ed Burak, Dick Kmit Mr. Rubenstein. ROW 4: Mr. Budimer, George Hatmotta, Bill Heck Bob Sabonya, Tom Regney, Tony Porto, Rudy Comchoc, Frank Bom- biani, Walter Nadzak, Eddie Miketa, Dr. Squires, Mr. Serene. The year 1950 saw one of the finest football teams to come out of Ambridge High School. Along with the talent of the gridders the team was sparked by an over- whelming fighting spirit, displayed when they were behind as well as when on top. Much credit must be given to Coach Rubenstein and the squad, but the student body must not be overlooked for their strong support of the team in the clutch. B0 v 1 The Bridgers' home opener found Erie Academy bowing to the Garnet and Gray 19-6. Hrinko, Stewart, and Mosketti recorded touchdowns while Budimir added the extra point. September 22 saw the Bridgers score their second triumph by defeating the New Brighton Lions 20-9 in a game which featured a spirited drive in the second half after trailing 9-6 at half-time. Touchdowns by Mosketti, Hrinko, and Stewart sparked our team to this victory. The Beaver Falls Tigers were next to be downed by the Bridgers 40-0. This was the worst defeat ever handed the Tigers on the gridiron since 1928. Stewart, Kohut, Mosketti, Corey, and Budimir contributed to touch- downs. After being held to a 7-O margin at half-time, the Ambridge gridders raced on to wallop Vandergrift 46-7. Mosketti, Kohut, Budimir, Andrako, Hrinko, and Whitmore scored touchdowns. Moranz and Stewart break up a pau. ,rt 1 , A Lyra' A xv, tr .7 U k ff f . . 1 ,, t , , 5 N , E. .n , ' - A K , U I It i. . 5 X ? , Stewart maker a tackle near the .ride liner Kenny Stewart being pulled down near the goal line. The boyr huddled in prayer before the kickoff. BOB MOSKETTI C 0-captain raining, ilgbfing, an llfwnning Bob Mofketti plunging tbfougb line, Earl Edwardx in back Bill Andenon and Coacb Rubemtein being Jwamped by the team after the Aliquippa game. im Kaxper bringf down Walton in :be Beaver Fall: game. All go Ogaw N39 A1a,qa1PPa g alle' the il? Vmofv W A ..,, xx 2 A Mae, Ralph Aqailera ready for the afternoon drill. Livitfki 120171 two Tiger: in the Beaver Falls game. Touchdown - MoKeeJport. Paul H1-inko Brian McCarthy Half Back Center Pete Kohut Kenny Stewart Quarzer Back Half Back Geneva Alumni Cup Bob Moskerri Earl Edwards Full Bu? Guard Co-Captam Co-Captain eaelfel' an1Pl0n5 CZ - Emi, 1950 Permanent Pouesrion Award Richard Kasper David Larabee George Moranz Ray Staniski End Guard Center Tackle Tony Pecoraro Ted Homjak john Hoko A1Kuhru Tackle Tackle Center Guwrd FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Ambridge 19 Erie Academy fill57'Tf'f 5'5 - W Ambridge 32 New Brighton A ' Arnbridge Beaver Falls 9-1 . i f- if ,,,. ,.., : Ambridge 46 Vandergrifr X Ambridge 12 Aliquippa uq: L Ambfidge 48 Euwood City 5 L ':' Arnbridge 53 Rochester ' 35 Ambridge 12 North Catholic q 1, , Ambridge 7 McKeesport . 1 1 Efglfifareiifgf Mr. Hlista 269 68 Mr. Rubenstein Auistant Coach . Coach 8 wins 1 loss I9 goofgay 50 Mike Deep Eugene Ondrako Bill Jones Albert Orrahalik Tackle' Quarter Back Full Back End History was made on Friday the 13th when Am- bridge met their arch rival Aliquippa. The game was decided in the final two seconds when junior halfback George Corey skirted around left end to score after receiving excellent blocking from his teammates. Ko- hut's touchdown came previous to this in the second period to give the Bridgers their momentary lead. The sixth straight win of the Ambridge eleven came at the expense of the Ellwood City Wolverines. Kohut, Mosketti, Homjak, Corey, and Bombiani crossed the goal to give out team a 48-6 win. The Bridgers gained permanent possession of the Geneva Cup, as well as the county championship, by easily defeating Rochester 53-O. Mosketti, Stewart, Corey, and Kasper divided scoring honors. On a muddy field, the Bridgers scored their eighth win over North Catholic by a slim 12-6 margin. The scoring was shared by Mosketti and Corey. A sellout crowd witnessed the finale of the 1950 football season of Ambridge. The Tubers from Mc- Keesport edged our boys by a score of 27-7. The game was hard fought, but McKeesport having scored quickly in the opening minutes of play maintained the lead. Despite this loss, the season was considered a successful one by all. COA CH ROBERT PALMER wrb if? ZU7a4LelLa! Arnbridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Arnbridge Arnbridge Arnbridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge 28 46 27 40 39 49 59 56 37 57 53 31 53 64 36 54 65 56 47 55 ?? ROW 1: George Nirkulinich, James Hill, George Moranz, George Harmotto, Tony Chiaverini, Milton Moratis. ROW 2: Coach Pal- mer, Andy Lazorisak, Glen Whirehair, Edward Balogna, Mr. Osso. . . . . . . - . - . . . A...A.-.A. 87 .'.'-'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' . . . . . . - . . . - . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . es, ww ' 0 li 9 1 in r 5' gm ,Z :gaze .s 1 4 A to 'I 'L VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Monaca Har-Brack Ford City Sharpsville Butler Leetsdale South Hills Allegheny Sharon New Castle Ellwood City Farrell Central Catholic Beaver Falls Aliquippa Sharon New Castle Ellwood City Farrell Beaver Falls Aliquippa -'. . . .'- .'. . . . . 53 26 42 39 50 32 52 38 39 43 34 57 55 49 44 72 37 47 49 38 55 Kwik 'wwe I Q , Y' wr itil 1.1 . xl 1, . f, 7 0sw. :.-'15 my WE. George Moran: ff i A A , - Q ,ggwfgA5gZa59g3we+mg,g,'QA !zp3:,,m H Orlnot ., GM' ,J 5 M.iP far 4 , EFI 4' X 'N ,f e ,ei 4- ' W um . Q25 v ,w., 5 fx ., be VK V, 4, , K NWI 1 W A axjfd, li N3 ROW l: Williani Standish, John Hornjalc, Bob Gourley, Jim Siehl, Regis Laughlin, Tony Porto, Louis Boykins, Bob Furness. ROW! 2: Coach Palmer, Walter Naclzak, Rudy Comchoc, Sam johnson, Vince Panaia, Mr. Osso. RESERVE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE gaolvefgaf Ambriclge 39 Monaca Ambriclge 38 Har-Brack Ambricige 46 Ford City Arnbriclge 46 Sharpsville Amhriclge 31 Butler Arnbriclge 42 Leetsdale Ambridge 49 South Hills Arnbridge 51 Allegheny Arnbridge 40 Sharon Arnbridge 38 New Castle Ambridge 36 Ellwood City Ambridge 32 Farrell Arnbriclge 33 Central Catholic Ambriclge 45 Beaver Falls Arnbriclge 39 Aliquippa Ambriclge 32 Sharon Ambridge 36 New Castle Ambridge 25 Ellwoocl City Atnbridge 38 Farrell Ambridge 32 Beaver Falls Ambridge 32 Aliquippa Red Cbirwerini, outfldrzk- ing bi: mar: in d crucial al- tempt to get the ball. George Mordnz, one of our tricky forwards, rmmerwerr around three Ellwood City men to rink zz two pointer. 35 ffff NN V. iz are ..., G' it XJKBY-WW Muafncg 'AVN Dc Zac gtanzrwl. ROW 1: Tom Eckert, Bill Binder, Charles Slcorija, Bob Gross, Gus Bizic, Sam Catanese, Richard Kenny. ROW 2: Bob Folino, Erwin Ronczlco, Gregory Kostas, Stanley Zak, Coach D. Piper, Alex jones, Bob Harsh, Louis Napolitan. The 1950 track team was a well balanced team scoring in 14 of the 15 events in the district meet at New Castle. The team qualified 10 boys for the W.P.I,A.L. finals at Canonsburg. Captain Glenn Snodgrass placed first in the mile run and won the joseph Lerew Memorial trophy. Captain-elect Robert Gross placed second in the mile run. He is expected to be a strong contender for the mile run trophy this spring. The 1951 team will be built around the nine returning lettermen of the seventeen lettermen on last year's team. The lettermen on the team are: Captain-elect Bob Gross mile and 880, Bill Binder 100, 220 and hurdles, George Corey 100, 220, hurdles, Paul Hrinko javelin and broad jump, Bill jones 440, Bob Livitski 100, 220, Ray Stanisky shot put and discus, Wilmer Whitmore 220 and 440, Charles Skorija mile. if ll 1 5 .Af ,Q . I 4 X TRACK HIGH SCORERS ' - Left to Right: Bob Livitski, George Corey, Z , ,V fi Wilmer Whitmore, Bill Binder. . ,V -, ,R 1 ' A ivy if an Q 2 r - 4 , - i ,, l:L.- 1 '2.r,4f 5 3 ,ML :jg C a r-il. , , au, , M giimm maesglfiil -, 1 . , ..,, lgiaaykg! -,rd -- - ' ,Y Q., . , bxkakiuab Yysqzngl. ' 'N ff 4 'Q -fd' 51, L J, . f M P V A52 . i E . J . ' f g:5 y' f K aging: .. . TRACK HIGH SCORERS ROW 1: Bob Gross. ROW 2: Charles Skorija, john Hom jak, Marlin Kriss, Gus Bizic. : rw A-21: 5. g B? fa J Z ,iw is 'FW roars Counfry ROW 1: Erwin Ronczko, Louis Napolitian. ROW 2: Bill Schmidth, Norman Shoup, Bill Bard, Chuck Skorija, Bob Gross, Marlin Kriss, Ted Felk, Richard Kenny, Sam Catanese. ROW 3: Bob Folino, Tom Eckert, Gregory Kostas, Stan Zak, jim Barkasky, Alex Janis, Bob Harsh, Gus Bizic, Coach D. Piper. CROSS COUNTRY HIGH SCORERS ROW 1: Charles Skorija, Bob Gross, Ted Felk. ROW 2: Marlin Kriss, Richard Kenny. The 1950 cross country team, although losing 7 of the 10 lettermen from the 1949 State championship team, were able to finish fifth in the State finals. The team was very capably led by Captain Bob Gross who finished first in the W.P.I.A.L. cross country meet, second in the State meet and first in the Allegheny Mountain Association A.A.U. meet. Other lettermen on the team are Charles Skorija, Marlin Kriss, Ted Felk, William Heranic, Richard Kenny, William Bard, and Norman Shoup. The. junior varsity cross country team composed of under classmen finished third in the W.P.I.A.L. meet. N-.. Q .- 1 92 ...... -,, wanna-Q X f .W 452-L ,iw Our Bridger baseball team, comprised of 4 seniors, 13 juniors, and l sophomore, lost the last game of the season to Farrell, to give Farrell the Section VII title. Ambridge, because of this defeat, ended up in second place. These same baseball players for the high school team became the junior Legion team. They have won the county championship 2 years in succession. The junior Legion team, last year, were eliminated from the finals by being beaten by New Castle the 2 out of 3 games. Wilbur Sparky Adams has coached these teams for the last 4 years and has a good record. En . X il . g, ag o A ,,....' e s , t..T Q ,, 17, 2.Jars'?'. -A 1' 1 Q , ,ff .- I-Y 1 I 'l uf , . cv 1' 'lu l . i : Mr. Adams, Coach gg P .- f 1' Q Q g ag 3 N plkt . K 4 4 ' . sf t Of: . '5 Q F xv--n, V 650 rf: ,, mf f K' . i X I 5 , , ' VA : f 1 21 ' 691 2 'A o . -'1' 0.49 -f X te 3. ' - do ff 1 Y ' s ' ,Q 1 . at . f a K' HK foe Pavfffalgovgich Manager 5 ii., , Jag Wlschak P s'?b'z,,, 'I a6l'ec Q fav- 'W I I it ' :twat ' t . bot I Joal-Iochevar Q . , , ' - lu.. - , , Budirnir I fec , Q A ess Preston Covert 9 71,0 am Bobak J aclg Rsfwlgvici- sk D i .U A 'Y 1' , v 455 v my I FK 3 y , Q, N 's 5 K :S at R l 6 ROW l: John Dub, Frank Schlieter, William Gabol. ROW Z: Nick Walko, Coach Mr. Rothermel. GOLF RECORD FOR 1950 Ambridge 12 M Avonworth 9 Sewickley West View 8 Moon Twp. 15 Bellevue R Avonworth 2 M 14 Sewickley 1 6 1 Shady Side Academy 14 9 12 BQ West View 2 M 7 9 M Moon Twp. 5 1A O 15 Bellevue O 7 Won 1 0 Lost 2 'Q Z Cl- Ambridge and West View tied for Section 3 Champion- ship, with 9 wins and l loss each. However, West View won the Section title by defeating Ambridge at the Alle- gheny Country Club lfiw-M. Bill Gabal was the individual high scorer for the year, and won the Beaver Valley junior Chamber of Commerce Tournament. Johnny Dub was second. These boys represented the Arnbridge J. C.'s in the State J. C. Golf Tournament held at Allentown, Pennsyl- vania. Bill Gabal also finished eighth in the W.P.l.A.L. Individual Championship Tournament at Chartiers Coun- try Club. Frank Schlieter. john Dub. Nick Walko. dee YALE TEAM ROW l: Nancy Martin. ROW 2: Marjorie Miller, Stefanie Mazur, Angela Zondas, Doris Robbins Gloria lorfido. ROW 5: Lucille Battolomucci, Betty Balogna, Mildred Towcimak, Ann Hogard. YALE-PRINCETON ROW l: Nancy Martin, Irene Butrey. ROW 2: Lucille Bartolomucci, Angela Zondas, Doris Robbins, Gloria Iorfido, Gloria Pastelak, joan janicki, Gail Butchers, Florence Vagais. ROW 3: Lucy Longo, Marjorie Miller, Stefanie Mazur, Miss Yost, Miss Spahr, Bernadette Sekanick, Genevieve Gatehouse, Sylvia Furness. ROW 4: Betty Barkovic, Betty Balogna, Mildred Towcimak, Ann Hogard, Emily Mahoney, Betty I-lricik, Diane Lewis, Joanne Balo, Connie Feduska. The Yale-Princeton basketball game is an exciting annual exhibition performed by two teams of girls. The origin of this interesting game goes back to March, 1932, to the Park Road Building. The first sponsor was the Leaders Club, who gave its aid in order to start the activity. This ambitious group still lends its much appreciated help whenever and wherever it is needed. The set up of the game was modeled after that of Oberlin College. Yale was successful in winning the first game with a score of 22-19, and followed through the years with 9 wins to Princeton's 7. The colors of the cheerleaders are the traditional blue and white for Yale, and orange and black for Princeton. ln order to secure a position on either team, each girl must have played the required number of quarters in the intramural tournaments. In 1941 the Italian Women's Club presented a Yale-Princeton trophy to the winning team. The winners and the scores of the first nine years were placed on the trophy, and since then the trophy has been presented to the winning captain at the awards assembly. PRINCETON TEAM ROW 1: Irene Buttey. ROW 2: Gloria Pastelak, joan janicki, Gail Butchers, Florence Vagais, Bernadette Sekanich. ROW 3: Betty Hricik, Genevieve Gatehouse, Sylvia Furness, Emily Mahoney. Yale outiumps Princeton early in the first quarter. A Princeton player gains the advantage by receiving the ball from the banking board. 1 I9 0 .Sl 00. SEPTEMBER 5. First day of school. Confusion runs wild. 8. Presentation of the student training car from Brand and Bristow. 15 First football game with Erie Academy at home. We won 19-6. 19 Organization is functioning smoothly for the new school term. 22 What a team! We defeated New Brighton 32-9. 29 The stadium will be lit up again, Beaver Falls comes over tonight. OCTOBER 2. Beaver Falls was sent home with a 40-0 defeat. 6. A day off finally. Teachers attended convention. Ambridge wins another victory taking Vandergrift 46-7. 10 The football team is preparing for the biggest game of the year, Aliquippa. 12 Our first paid assembly-The McCrea Marionettes. 13 19 20 25. 27. Friday the thirteenth, and a game with Aliquippa. It was a breath-taking game with an 18 yard T. D. run in the last second of play. Enough to cause heart failure. In assembly today we had a talk on Crime Doesn't Pay, by Mr. Ditmore, a guest speaker. The Bridgers will be hosts to Ellwood City tonight in the sixth game of the year. Our winning streak continued with a score of 48-6. We traveled to Rochester tonight for our third game away. The score: 53-0. 31. First issue of the Silhouette comes off the press. NOVEMBER 3. We won in spite of the mud. Final score was Ambridge 12, North Catholic 6. 9. The assembly this morning featured Robert Hastings in the G. E. Science Show. Another paid assembly. 10. Armistice Day Assembly. The American Legion presented a solemn ceremony in commemoration of World War I. 13, Football fans disappointed. Everyone expected championship, but we lost to McKeesport 27-7. 17. Students enjoyed the All School Play, entitled Cheaper By The Dozen. It was a huge success. Professionals couldn't have done better. 22. Thanksgiving assembly. Dismissal at 5:00. 27. Extra long vacation. We're really snowed in. 29. No school for the rest of the week due to the weather. Thirty inches of snow. DECEMBER 1. First basketball game postponed. 4. Back to school again after all. The Bridgers will play at Monaca tonight. 8. Distribution of report cards. 15. Bill of Rights assembly. The big junior-Senior Dance was not well attended. 20. We had a wonderful assembly today which consisted of vocal singing. 21. In assembly today we had a very interesting Christmas program. Dismissal at 3:00. 29. The Bridgers will be hosts to Leetsdale tonight. 51. Ring out the old, Ring in the new! QZMJW- I9 1 JANUARY 1. Resolutions resolved and as quickly dissolved. 2. School reopened. 4. Geneva Alumni Cup was awarded us today in our assembly. lt is ours per- manently. 9. Ellwood City will travel to Ambridge tonight for a basketball game. 18. The great day has come, put on your thinking caps today and tomorrow. 22. End of first semester. 23. The Ambridge fans will travel across the river to watch the team play Aliquippa. 26. Senior High Gymnastics Exhibition. The girls worked hard and long to present this program. 'FEBRUARY 2. Those report cards again. 6. Student Senate Movie - Little Men. 9. The Bridgers will visit Farrell tonight for a game. 13. The Albright College Choir presented a musical program this afternoon. 21. The staff is rushing to get the Bridger to press by the first of the month. 23. The public will hear the Vocal Concert tonight. 28. Today is the last day of the month. MARCH 1, Jazz concert in assembly today. 2. National Thespian Initiation. Our Miss Brooks was presented. 9. Talent Night is hereg and what talent! 12. Mom and Dad will see those cards again today. 16. The annual Senior High Yale-Princeton Game. 21. Easter program. Dismissal at 3:00. 22. Easter vacation. 23. The Easter Bunny left. Everyone is back in school. 30. Senior Class Play- A Little Honey. The audience practically doubled up with laughter. Very enthusiastically received. APRIL 6. Leetsdale presented a choral program for our assembly today. 13. Pan-American Day, another wonderful assembly. Historical Society movie, Captain Cautious. 19. National Honor Society installation services. 20. Bag pipes, shepherds pipes, old Scotch ballads. Something novel in assembly today. Scotty McLean- The Canny Scot. Activities dance tonight. 27. Many students absent. Reason: Russian and Greek Easter. 30. Only one more month of school for the Seniors. MAY 4. Yearbooks delivered today. Very attractive! 11. The Senior High Minstrel. Some talent those boys have! 18. The Junior Class presented its play entitled Adam's Evening. It was a scream! 24. Senior tests and collection of text books. 25. The biggest event of the year, the junior-Senior prom. Everybody raved about the decorations. 30. Memorial Day, no school. JUNE 3. Baccalaureate services for Seniors. 7. Commencement. 8. Dropped in for report cards. ,,,, 4, , 1 S -- V. . fr .ffm -If , '--- 5 .:,. is V..-egg, :I K V, -A' A at.. rt . 'f,-,'-IQ. ,' ta L' M ng! wliu if s'ii'Q5i 'A ,. -i+f',,IJ ,e ,'f , S. R ngyqywaqwfw , 1.-gy f f V 5?' ,L ??lil ,55 ' L .L 2 - , l Ae3zgj'g,a X ' ' ' ' 2 as A rf' '51 V V25 ' , Mffnfg i r S 1 'L 2' . , Q ef- , it vw .4-'ff V W e ef. N, AQMR, . 7 on I 6 . ll f ki 4?-.V Q ,fi K t 55 f - M 'if ' if 1 Q e ifiegiiiiegaviafi. if 9-1 xr we H f,,,-as it , ,t M :ali ' X ,l-'S N-fxajllfff '3 it ,fix Taxi? :?55'ii3i+'j'Q? I 1 i3gg3f,i,CrI1 5 4' v SA? r Mom The annual junior-Senior Prom climaxes all the other social events of the year, providing memories that are treasured throughout life. One of the highlights of this affair is the Coronation of the king and queen, who are elected by their fellow students. At the Prom of 1950, Andy Comchoc and Mary Helen Belis received the much- coveted crowns. 9 a PQ l l 'e R if 4 fa. ., Ei. ff 3,5 'V orenfi icri SPEECH ROW l: Nancy Shepherd, Rose Scarpiello, Irene Gazda. ROW 2: Robert Janicki, Pete Kutulakis, Harold Jacobs, Walter Koczera, Catherine Ozenich, Marie Zunic, Barbara Wylie, Gail Christy, Victoria Falkowski, Cecilia Kneiss, Joan Trumbetas, Betty Strock. ROW 5: Sally Kremmel, Vera Krokonko, Nancy Hartenbaugh, Tillie Zeranick, I-Iarriet Davies, Shirley Meyer, Marie Torrito, Elaine Hall, Martha Gabor, Joyce Mathias, Patricia Ross. The interscholastic speech squad this school year is the largest in the history of speech at Ambriclge High. A varied program of activities, humorous, dramatic and oratorical declamations, original ora- tory and extemporaneous speaking, has provided speech opportunities for all students interested. This group has participated in tournaments at West View, St. Benedict's, Greensburg and Charle- roi. Individual members have also provided speech programs for several church and civic organiza- tions. L Y-.1 DEBATE ROW li Marie Torrito, Rose Scarpiello, Betty Strock, Pete Kutulakis. ROW 2 Walter Koczera, Harold Jacobs, Robert Janicki. This school year has been a very busy and profitable one for the interscholastic debate squad. In December, eight members served as senators and representatives in the two-day Pennsyl- vania Student Congress held at North Catholic High. The Ambridge chapter of the NFL was host to the schools of Western Pennsylvania in a tournament held here on Saturday, January 13. Ambridge debaters have also participated in debate tournaments at West View, McKeesport, Edgewood, Butler, and Charleroi. In addition to formal debating with other schools, the Am- bridge team has already provided tlie speaking program for the Beaver Falls Lions Club and the Lower Beaver Valley Kiwanis Club. This year's national topic for debate is upon the Welfare State, a very challenging and timely question. 100 Tel.: Ambridge 6-4490 AMBRIDGE AUTO PARTS Compliments 1130 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. of Mike Roth American Bridge I. A. TIMNEY ELECTRIC CO. 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PENNSYLVANIA materials. CLASS OF 1951 CANCER CURE FCUND AW I-ll' 0 ll WH' Atomic Power NWEEI' !WiY6'0W Harnessed to Peace Stalin, Top Aides Slain M - ATUM BUMB 0U'I'LAW Il ' A Nations of World Ban War in Any Form A new game was started recently when editors of many American newspapers were asked to write the headline they would most like to print in their papers. A few of the most fre- quently chosen heads appear above. This form of wishful think- ing has spread and is now a party game in some circles. The game accomplishes about as much as most party games. and a darn sight less than Post Office. We at Spang-Chalfant don't really expect to see any of these headlines: not because we think world peace is impossible or that a cure for cancer will never be found. We're sure these things will all come, but never in a way that makes headline material. Progress just isn't made that way, overnight. Progress in any form, whether it be reaching accord with the rest of the world or making the world's best steel pipe. is reached by degrees. It's made up of little news stories, one upon another, not headlines. So we've written our own headline. one We're sure will bring us all the others: AMERICA S WORK POR PROGRESS, ARE CERTAI Ol' SUCCESS Spang-Chalfant Division THE NATIONAL SUPPLY CO. Ambridge, Pennsylvania I ' IACKSON SHOE STORE E i Merchant Street LADIES READY TO WEAR , lk For Women For 533-535 Merchant Street Children Ambridge, Pennsylvania Roblee Air Conditioned for Your Comfort For Men School and Office Supplies Sporting Goods Books - Stationery - Novelties Model Airplanes Ambridge News Depot EDWARD F. DRAKE, Prop. 451 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. STROCK MEMORIAL WORKS 926 Duss Avenue David S O nos Look for this seol on your Rock of Ages monument or rnorker. lt iden- tifies oll Rock of Ages monuments. FOR SMART THINGS T0 WEAR Runs Arnb-ridge, Pennsylvania or HEE5 CONGRATULATIONS CLERC'S from IEWELRY STORE ALBERT'-3 ovcr 3U Years of ccnumrcus Service WHERE GEMS AND GOLD ARE RIGHTLY SOLD 15th 6- Merchant St. Ambridgef Pa- 710 Merchant sf. Dial AM 6-0320 ANDERSON'S CANDYLAND The Home ot Purity 529 Merchant St. Cor. Beaver 6. Broad Sis. Ambridge, Pa. Sewickley. Pa. Compliments of M. F. LIEBERMANN AND SON Sheet Metal Work IOSEPH W. LYNCH Successor to ODONNELL FUNERAL HOME Compliments of MODEL DAIRY COIVIPANY Milk and Dairy Products AM 6-2150 Ambulance Service The Milk Of Superior QUGlitY Phone AM B-0710 2700 Duss Ave THE WAGNER 6. KOLAKOWSKI FABRIC CENTER The Place ot Friendly Service Yard Goods Patterns Accessories DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY Knitting Yarns Expert Watch Repair 519 Beaver St. 750 Merchant St. At Reasonable prices Sewickley, Pa. Ambridge, Pa. 812 Duss Ave. COACHES ARE AVAILABLE FOR spncuu. 'rmps or GROUPS is PARTIES LAUF'S DRUG STORE CALL Phone AM 6-4739 OHIO RIVER MOTOR COACH CO' PRESCRIPTION PHAIIMACISTS PH- AM 52110 413 Merchant St. Ambridge, Pa 430 MAPLEWOOD AVENUE KATCHER'S UNI'I'ED STEEL WORKERS Baldwin Pianos OF AMERICA Maytag Washers-Frigidaire lC'I'O'l RCA., Zenith, Admiral Television Sets District 20-Local Union 1270 Dumont' GE' TV Sets ana Ivu-:RCI-IAN'r STREET 694 Merchant Street AMbridge 6-3170 AMBRTDGEI PENNA- Ambridge. Pennsylvania A-Mbfidge 64210 SINCERELY YOURS FOR A COLORFUL FUTURE I Q U A L I 7 Y F W, V . 'ml I -i Ghdden If msnrm . , The name Glidden has been xynenymous with Rue points, enamels and varnishex for many decades. Pacemaker: in paints through constant research, Glidden scientists, have produced many Firsts such es the first color- vnrniihgthe first flat varnish: the Hrs! brushing lurzquery the h L ' ' Grin' leddlen paint: first to develop n primer for house point 5 which was an entirely new conception for exterior painting p ik! K V,k. :ggi j if i'-' fini to introduce Cl cumplelely new formula for a une-cout M! 1 f haute pointy the first water-mix enamel: the first water-mix ' 'klifi A vapor barrier. Glidden was the first paint company to , ,I '.k'I ' , have a fully equipped, scientific laboratory devoted exclusively ' lo color und its functions. And now, succeedingrhis dis- l flnguished record, Gliddenlxns produced Spred,SA't'tN-the Hrs! 1 V Sl 'U Mint iiifhlxtery using emtiliihedeiynihetic rubber-the I Ir crowning achievement of the point industry. i. , MATTUIIH PM T5 AND HARDWARE ,, tin, wuts , ,w s , . ,,t lligu .-3' ' v . .- 5 !.121'.1!f.m.-H. ha w nnuunun 1 nu A i ' ,-wr-,-grxrzzzm. ...:::. - ' '1.n fnuun .pu-nth u unum U...-mu4..s..u-11 . ',.'.1ggx',E.........,....------- U Ill. I' 'ill .. f.a:s:iW 1 . . Q fin , 1 4,-N., V,,.t 1-ICG. . . . yung. ' all Q, it-'.-I f 'l 4 .hm , r 't','iZ'.'f 1 ' ' SJ - .wma 1,4 H 'ful I 1 1lXul I , H 1, ' - 1-'f1ll.. Wm: V , - .,, A :... - milf' - 'fl .s:r. runnin ?'h,. ng. nu..- u W M5ggg,f ,1,!gg5u xt. my. ... ,mvuu humhu H tt jam, I Ph, Qui nn: yt myth, ' I ff Jbnhllv, nu...-.I ytuguvxk. I JJ pta,-, ,tv , , . . 1jtf1:'mf,,, lg! The first historical reference to cold finished steel dates back to 1700 B.C. when the Assyrians and Babylonians hammered fine strips of cold steel into a flat wire form to make chain armor. Rudolf of Nurem- burg is credited with inventing the Erst wire drawing plate for diej in 1550 A.D. French history records a drawn steel wire product made by Richard Archal in 1500 which was called f1l d' Archal or f1l de Richard. The first American reference to the cold drawing of steel into the form of wire concerns a process developed in 1775 by Nathaniel Miles in Norwich, Conn. Once limited to wire sizes, the introduction of power equipment has made possible the production of cold drawn steel in many additional forms including large bars and shapes. WYCKOFF STEEL COMPANY, established since 1919, has continuously used the most advanced methods of cold finishing steel and has specialized in the production of cold drawn round, square and hexagonal bars, wide flats, special bar shapes and machine shafting. Products such as these, made right here in Ambridge, have played an important part in making Ambridge known 'round the world for precision cold finished steel products. CHistorical data from: S. L. Goodale, Cbrnnolagy of Iron and Steel, Second Edition, Penton Publishing Co., 19315 WYCKOFF STEEL COMPANY mst NA'rloNAL :Amt sulmmc - rmssulcv-I ao, PA. Cold Finished Steel . . az vimlproduct 0 since 1700 B. C. some mode rn products using Cold Finished Steel ' , H WP HQ' Qs! on f5X g X! fl f n a 1 1 ,l i n W ill M310 ' alan i.. .,- - CU FRANK I. DUDZIK IEWHLET. Expert on Iewelry and Watch Repairs if 314 6th Street Ambridqe, Pennsylvania WM. H. WALL'S SONS rm-to - sssns - FERTILIZER if suv Eighth street Ambriclge. Pennsylvania Congratulations from The Daily Citizen f Publisher of the Silhouette and the Iunior High Crier Congratulations to Senior Class from Economy Bank of Ambridge AMBRIDGE PENNSYLVANIA Save now-Prepare for the future o Ambridge Building and Loan Association 292 Fifth Street o Plan for a College Education It's PENNEY'S I-'OR SMART STYLES IN SHOES AND CLO'l'HING Compliments BABYLAND SHOPPE of Chi1dren's Wear and Iuvenile Fumiture TAYLOR MILK COMPANY MRS. EDMUND ADASIAK Duss 6. Merchant 715 Merchant St. Phone 6-1980 Phone AM 6-2050 Ambridge, Pa. Ambridge, Pa. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS or ANDERSON'S SUNOCO SERVICE LARIS MOTOR SALES YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER 26th Sireet :S Duss Avenue 1401 Duss Avenue Ambridge, Pennsylvania Ambridge' Pennsylvania WE NEVER CLOSE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 51 from H. H. HIJBEHTSU EU. 2 To , Llf-X Congratulations and Good Wishes To the Class of '51 BRAND AND BRISTOW QIZQNIIAU Corsages, Weddings. Floral Decorations. Funeral Designs AMBRIDGE GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOPPE Congratulations To the Class of '51 THE STORK NEST 634 Merchant St. Mrs. Moe Rubenstein Proprietor MYERSf57v f5+7YEARBOOKS I o,' 0 o o o' I Q I I .o,. . U.. 5 o,'Q l . . , MYERS ANDCO INC TOPEKA KANSAS --- M- -lr' A V' 'M -- dun-4 as up f ' ,, - ' ,K , . I 2 . 3 ,1., 3- bf lv N . 21'-Q Z- . . A A 6 1 Q hlp, in Jig ,A ' -M . A., ! Q'1J 5- ., .1 af: .fdmgriclge ' A 3400! Q A A 4 4 ww' .,. fw ' fv 2 , ,Q A --4 A WF 'K U W1 tix , Q3

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