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 - Class of 1950

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'sf MS?1:' a s N P I. A rw 4 1 'J' ,sa Y 5 7, Y 3, Pg-. E ,, I JM , WV . swf 55' A iw--,jfffw 5,5 be W . QW if can C3- fi .ig .1 1 ,gm Q , 11' V , , f f g , vcfxjf p ' 1 iv fa Axe. "7 we oinio o 0 o fold fn rbe pages of r il , xl' li This is Our Slory fold in lhe pages of a boolc wrillen by us. ll concerns a subiecl of greai imporlance lo us during lhe pasl lhree years - our high school careers. From ihe lime we enlered as sophomores unlil our gradualion we have been as busy as beavers malcing a record which we refer +o wilh pride. Now Thai' everylhing is said and done we presenl 'rhe siory of our eillorls on fhe following pages. 19 r A M B I2 1 D G E H I G H CfQ CQ L fb' 4 JV' 4 AM' . "4 Nfl! K1 ffl!! ,I a- L I, Q J I ,J X, I1 I , f ' ., x' v X , W, 1 may EN a , . . t ,f x , 1 if , 5l Lf X . VA' '1, 2 ,f ,ll N A ' ' 1 i fi . , L , ' f 2, wh - J W," ,J 1, AMWDGE, PENNSYLVANIA -L ,J X 1 X - YJ J 'lx 4 If 52,111 ' x N 'if Y-X All J - I 1 , , 4 wg 1 1 Dal N2 in , ' 5 ' ' 1 . 2 if if Q 2' ' I 1' N fm, . ww A . Mk -Gfsmgz-mv, A 'T .fm Q. ,Q fx Z -, K, F E' W , Y f e an .. M13 Iii' Ambrldge ln order lo oblain religious T re e d o m, George Rapp lefl Germany and came lo Amer- ica wilh a small band of followers. They pur- chased land in Beaver Counly and esrablished The lasr home of lhe l-larmony Sociely. The Economy Sociely was dissolved in l905, and John Duss is The only living member of rhe l-larmony Sociely. The "Graaf l-louse," is under The super- vision of The Pennsylvania l-lislorical Commis- sion for The purpose ol preserving il as an hislor- ical sire. The Borough of Ambridge was organ- ized in l904, and il has grown sleadily unlil foday il is 'rhe largesr induslrial cenler in Beaver Counly. Thus, Ambridge has grown lo be a greal' induslrial cenler in Weslern Pennsylvania. Sfeel is fhe backbone of our induslry. Our lown is well lmown as an indusfrial cenfer and confribufes greaily fo The welfare of The communi+y. Merchanf sfreef is fhe nucleus of our communify. Our enlerprising merchanfs are always on hand fo help wifh any civic proiecf +ha+ arizes. The library is known as fhe second home of fhe aggressive siudenf. This marble edifice adds fo ihe beaufy of our cify. If was buill' as a memorial io Edger Laughlin and confribu+es much io The culfural aspecf of our communify. THEIR ND l I 5 ESSEN WA X There are a large number of people who malce up ihe personnel of our school. This includes lhe superinlendeni, principal, feachers, and ianifors, all of whom are responsible for us during our high school life. We owe a greai deal fo Jrhese individuals who have helped us whenever we needed fheir assislance or showed us fhe righl way when we were confused. As we grow info adulfhood we will look back on our youlh and remember our 'leachers wilh gralelulness. Kar TIA! ffllii' Iii' Ambrldge H426 Our school was The scene of much buslle and achvify. Much of our T' :me was spenr here and as we loolr back on our school we will cherish fhe memory of fhis building where we sfudied and played. 5 While seared in These bleacher seals The f d s u enfs have seen some very exciiing games. The gridiron fakes care of fhe 'foofball games and iraclr meels. The field nexi fo The gridiron is ih h ' ' e ome of 'rhe Ambridge High baseball leam. These are fwo of fhe from These doors. six enhances fo our high school. These doors are on The soufh side of fh e building leading direcrly from fhe parking lor, Every morning man rea h y c ers enfer fhe building l Our Board of EducaTion is made up of lseafedl Mr. SmiTh. STanding are Mr. Joseph Bufalini, Mr. Eugene A. Frank Duzy, Mrs. Mary R. Leiper, Mr. Arfhur Thompson, CapuTo, Mr. John S. Maicher, Dr. James V. Direnzo, lEdiTor of The CiTizen,l Mrs. MarTha Klux, and Dr. N. A. and Dr. Edward J. Laslrowski. Thomas J. Garland lnoT picTuredT. wmv 0F DIRECTORS i The Board oT EducaTion is a policy making body which is made up of seven members elecTed Tor a six-year Term. The Board meeTs The TirsT Tuesday oT every monTh To discuss school busi- ness. They have such duTies as elecTing Teachers, handling Tinances, and mainTaining The school buildings. Much OT The Boards work is done in commiTTees. The Board considers The recom- mendaTions made by The commiTTee aT The Tull Board sessions. We, oT Ambridge l-liqh School, would lilce To Talce advanTage OT This opporTuniTy To Thanlc The Board Tor Their eTTorTs and wish Them TurTher success in Their worlc. The offlcers of The Board of Educaiion are Mrs. Mary R. Leiper, SecreTaryg Mr. Frank Duzy, Treasurer: Mr. John S. Maicher, Vice-Presidenh and Mr. . Joseph Bufalini, Presidenf. Tluis pluolo calclues Dr. Smiflu during one of luis lypical mornings. His lifeless ef- forfs fowards flue school and ifs funcfions will be appreciafed by flue sludenl body for a long lime lo come. 5llPfRlN7flVDfN7 0F 5600015 Our superinlendenl, Dr. Nova A. Smillu, lirsl came lo Ambridge in i920 as principal ol 'l'l'IG Ambridge Junior and Senior High Scluool and 'llue Second War'd Building. l-le became superinlendenl in l942 as successor lo Dr. J. R. Miller. Dr. Srnillu gradualed from llue Universily ol Oluio in l92O willu an A. B. degree: Universily ol Pillsburglu in I927 willu a M. A. degree. As superinlendenl ol llue Anubridge Public Scluools, lue luas llue iolo ol seeing llual flue leaders ol 'romorrow are lrained for llueir places in llue world. Dr. Snuillu worlcs along willu flue Board ol Educalion lo llue besl' ol luis abilily lor llue bellermenl ol our scluools. Vufilluoul luis guiding luand and inuparlial observalions, we would ruol have allained so luiglu an academic slanding. l l l Q fx Q9 fz K X Our direclor of curriculum and research is Dr. Benlcerl. He began his career as a feacher in lhe biology deparf- menf. Affer a number of years of successful leaching he was made Assislanf Principal of fhe Junior-Senior High School and laler became fhe Senior High Principal. Two years ago he was appoinlecl lo do curriculum research. The secrelary picfured is Alberl' Davie. Mr. Serene, our Principal, has been wifh Ambridge High School for lwelve years. When he firsl came here he laughl physics and chemislry. He was 'rhen appoinfed Assisfanr Principal and lhree years ago was made Principal of lhe Senior High, Piclured wifh Mr. Serene is his secrefary Miss Serak. l4DMlNl5'7Rv47l0N V06'v47l0N!ll !IDMlNl5'7Rv47l0N 2 --no-vf' x. Auf' Mr. Taggeri' sfarfed in fhe Ambridge Schools as a feacher in lhe Jun- ' H' h a vocafional leacher. lor High. He lhen lransferred fo Senlor lg as ln i940 he was placed as direc Mr. Taggerl is shown wiih his privafe secrelary, Miss Barfolo. She cloes all The secrefarial worl: of fhe voca- Honal deparlmenf. 'for of all vocalional aclivllles. M' Jula has been wiih lhe vocalional omce for one and :ss one-half years. She is fhe secrefary in charge of veferans h f lannin The vel fraining confracl. She has c arge o p g A erans' program for apprenliceship fraining. j vs, Q! -an A. - iii" N' 'X L.. The denial parl of our medical examinalion is handled by a slafl of four denlisfs. These are Dr. Bu+chers, Dr. Ging, Dr. Laslcowslri, and Dr. Ranish. They examine lhe feefh and do some correclive worlr. Mrs. Fisher. our school nurse, is a familiar parl of our school. She falres care of all firsf aid work of fhe school. She has an acfive inferesf in girls' hygiene and gives fhe girls much advice. flfdlfff AND fl'lr4lN7fNv4NCE 's"'-v--.,. MU! -is ff .Y L, answers '-'FEM-"aim Dr. Griffin and Dr. Nadler, our school physicians, give physical examinafions lo 'Phe freshmen and iuniors each year. Dr. Grifilin is shown examining a sludenhs lungs. One of our mainfenance men, Mr. DeRochis, can be seen worlring in fhe boiler room shoveling coal and keeping ihe rooms warm on cold days. -N, Tire People Who Tnagbvf ll: We will remember our ieachers as our friends. Our iaculiy has been a help and guide 'lo us lhrouqh all of our high school days. Al- ihough ihey are mainly concerned wilh our inlelleciual life as pupils, our Teachers are never The subjecf biology lends iiself fo a field of fas- cinafion. The duiies of insfruciion 'For ihis de- parfmenf are lefi fo Mr. Hlisfa and Mr. Horseman. Alfhough if is an elecfive course, biology aiiracls ihe maiorify of 'lhe sophomore class. 1 f loo busy lo lislen io an indi i personal problems. As we go oui info ou speclive iobs and careers, our Teac c loolc al us wiih pride and lcnow a ' ve been a success. ff I x iii xx l 'elvis informal pose shows Miss Alihauser, Miss irembley, and Miss Ross, who are English +eachers, and Mr. Desanzo, our dramafics coach. They may be discussing 'Phe feasibility of using Orson Welles' recorded dramaiizaiion of Hamlei. In every sludeni's curriculum English has .ifs place of prominence. Proiecfs, Themes, reporfs, and floor fallrs are included in ihe general scope of fhis subiecl. Picfured af ihe leff are: Miss Malloy, Miss Rechf, Miss Haberlen, Miss Eibeck, and Mr. ShalTer. Tbrougb Great Mafhemafics is a subiecf which is a necessify in one's lafer life. No ma++er whaf field a siudenf chooses fo follow, be if a housewife or elecfrical engineer, algebra, gecmefry, and frig are always helpful. Many sfudenfs are drawn fo fhese classes +augh+ by Miss Forcey, Mr. MaHuch, and Mr. Piper. foarage and Sfrengfb 47 b 'd e High is sfaffed by The vocafional side of Am ri g such capable Teachers as Mr. Axfell, Mr. Malinich, and Mr. Snyder. The boys learn au'ro, elecfric, machine, and wood shop worlc. Upon gradualion R f fhe voca- fhe boys I 'fional field. are ready 'ro pursue fhe wor o The library plays an imporfanl' parl in pracfically everycne's life. In rhe Senior High Library Miss Giles is always ready fo assisf fhe sludenl in End- in needed research, ficiion, and reference books. f The 9 The siudenf should fake every adyaniage o library. i" ..,, Providing inslrumenlal music for all slage produc- fions is lhe assembly band. Mr. Sporny and Mr. Moniozzi, who are looking over a score for presenfaiion, share fhe responsibilily for insirucfion and direciion of ihis group. Mr. Sporny also di- recls lhe 'Foofball band while Mr. Monlozzi has sponsorship of fhe sfring ensemble. Boys who lake a vocalional course are required lo 'lake relafed subiecfs such as physics and mechani- cal drawing. Under fhe experienced leadership of Mr. Hoslrins, Mr. Beley, and Mr. Rorhermel, fhe vocaiional boys are laugh? lhe bool: worlc relafing fo fheir chosen shops. Mr. Cosiello is ihe head of Dislribufive Educalion. Y' ,gba ' J If . af jf' i li ' l lnspfrers of ,Voafh Sfaffed by Miss Bogovich, Mrs. Russell, Miss Bovard, Miss Smiih, Mr. Lombar, and Mr. Budimir, fhe hislory deparimenl' is a well organized, smoolh running secfion of our educafional esfablishmenl. The sophomores are faughf ancienf world hisfory, 'lhe iuniors learn American hisfory, and lhe seniors siudy problems of democracy and consumer's economics. All is noi obieciive sludying in The halls of Am- bridge Senior High. Vocal music adds a Youch of relaxafion and enioymenl fo ihose sludenls who are inferesfed in and appreciale music. This de- parimeni is direcied by Miss Parson and Miss Rice. ffzrouglz Self-600 fiden ce The language deparfmenl is a very imporlanf parl of our school curriculum. The fascinaiion of a foreign subiecf such as French, Lalin, and Sp-anish in+eres'rs many of our sludenls. The lhree leachers heading fhis deparfmenl' are Miss Du'Ffy, Miss Griffifh, and Mr. Osso. Mr. Sfeinberg and Mr. Palmer are members of lhe science deparlmenf. The subiecls include senior science, chemisfry, and physics. These courses are nol required buf fhey are so well liked 'lhaf all lhe classes are filled. Chemisfry is a senior subiecf, while senior science and physics can be laken by bolh iuniors and seniors. Our vocalional deparlmenl 'leachers include Mr. Fulmer and Mr. Gordon. Mr. Fulmer supervises lhe basic principles of machine shop ihal are faughf fo the sophomores. Mr. Gordon heads fhe aufo shop. The shop is run on a lwo cycle basis: lwo weeks of shop and fhen lwo weeks of sludies. The commercial course includes lyping, shorfhand, and bookkeeping. Miss Adams and Miss Mermel- slein leach lyping and Miss Kozak leaches secre- farial praclice which is laken only by fhird year commercial sludenls. This includes working in an office iwo weeks per semesfer. Miss McKeown is geffing in some liffle needed pracfice on fhe dicfaphone. Overseeing fhe work is Miss Giammafeo. Their subiecfs are fyping, bookkeeping, and shorfhand. Many girls and a few boys fake fhese very useful and pracfical courses which lead our sfudenfs fo good iobs. Supervising our hygiene deparfmenf are Miss Spahr and Miss Yosf, girls' hygiene: and Mr. Kokoski, who feaches boys' hygiene. These feachers do a very capable job of insfilling our pupils wifh fhe ideas essenfial fo healfh. Miss Spahr and Miss Yosf also feach girls' gym. Many of our fufure housewives will owe fheir fraining fo Miss Swayne and Mrs Nicholson. Our home economics deparfmenf funcfions very effici- enfly under fheir excellenf supervision. Girls are insfrucfed in fhe arf of such dufies as planning meals, cooking, cleaning, and laundrying. These men have clone a wonderful iob of feaching our sfudenfs fhe necessify of safe driving. Sfudenfs are firsf insfrucfed in fhe principles of driving be- fore fhey are permiffed fo drive a car af all. The insfrucfors for this course are Mr. Chapala and Mr. Beley. Mr. Kokoski feaches nighf school driving and Mr. Gordon supervises aufo shop. K. WR flaky l cf? "fam PERSUNA fs, ty fd-'AJ ' Nafurally, our slory cen+ers around The siudenls and +heir classes and acfivifies. All of us, from sophomores io seniors, have lalcen a parl in making a slory which will be- come a Chaplrer in 'rhe hisfory of Ambridge High School. ll' has been said 1'ha+ Nvariely is The spice of life" and our school life cerlainly has nol been dull. Our Classes have been made up of a large variely of many personalifies which have added in+eresfed and enioymenl lo our slory. dia ng, my A3 ff' S Jew if 525' ff ' ' FIRST ROW: ANNA LORRAINE ALTVATER Commercial lnframural Sporfs, I-lomeroom Officer. RICHARD ALLAN ALVANIA Academic LOUIS JOHN ALYIANI5 Academic f Band. LORRAINE ARTHUR General Girls' Pafrol, Yearbook Represenfalive, Gymmnaslics. MARIAN R. AZJCH Commercial I Girls' Pafrol, Glee Club. ' BEVERLY EILEEN BAKER Commercial L Arl Publicily. SECOND ROW: PATRICK DUANE BALLARD Vocaiional lnframural Sporls, Minslrel. BEVERLY JEAN BARNES . L Band, Dramalics. ANTOINETTE BALO , Girls' Pafrol, Gymmnaslics, Girls' Sporls. Academic Commercial f si A, egg 42 r 1 I I ' E The SelI'1ilOI" class has CICCYGLI fOUI' bOyS xlol serve lhem for 'Ihe year of I949-50. M These elecfions were held af lhe begin- sning of Ihe school lerm and fhe fol- lowing leaders were chosen. Our- hon- orable Presidenf is Teddy Pszybyszewslriq Vice-Presidenf, Gay Benneflg Secrefary, Jack Karnavasg and Treasurer, June Yee. RICHARD HARVEY BARTO General Band, Slaqe Squad, Arr Publicily. VELMA JEAN BARTO General Band. LUCILLE ANN BARTOLOMUCCI General Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Yale-Princelon. THIRD ROW: JOHN BASALYGA I Academic lnlramural Sporls, Band. BETTY N. BECHAK Dislribulive Educalion Refreshmenl Commillee, lnlramural Sporls. DOLORES JEAN BECK Commercial Girls' Glee Club. MARY HELEN BELIS v Commercial Ivladriqal Club, Gymnaslics, Mixed Ensemble. GEORGE BELLAS Vocalional Minstrel. GAY LEROY BENNETT Academic Senior Class Vice-Presidenl, Track, Cross-Counlry. 5, rf? .rx ' C - .. - I 1 O 1 M, gr ' . . , . I Jaffa 'iw , f A Q wh- 'I 2 "' w .. P- in - . 4 , or -a f i , ' 1 'J A 'i,. I I 'gi' . 3 , V K A I gs if A r ie ' 'Q , ,lsiff K 1 A . TG Q31- if V I K f . I . V all 5 I 3 r rrr. X I r - ii We e - - .f,. , - . e '.y,,ff,, -if f Ez : X si f I ' - - I I 1. 12 -F Q , KW Am' K I ,L Q A A , D W no ,,, - L 'V ' fi ' K I fe - i P ' 955' ' me 'I ' ,.....,""' ' is be . 'Q i s ff' - of ' 2 fi ilii i I ' R . I ' . : ' if ..,' iff, - 5 11: H I I I A s..' A I me 2 - I A I Q ,L rr 4-A fi , 1 41" : 7- H321 6' K ,z 1 aw. L F 'iv' 'V' 7' Y f V ' WT Tn ii I I 1- M ' 1 f f The Senior Class of 1950 ua, ,. LILLIAN G. BENNIS Dislribuiive Eclucalion I V Gymnaslic Club. ' W Al l PETER s. BETLEY Academic ccsl A Finance Commillee, Foolball Palrol, Clwess Club. giff 4.435 -- , DOROTHY BILANICH Commercial O ll ' 4C g Q gi O Leaders' Club, Girls' Palrol, Homeroom OFRcer. 5 1 , 2 'V 1- K C ,L', A ANNE DOROTHY BIZIC Academic Usher Club, Yearbook. if . in"- , M- ALBERT JOHN BOBBY General dr-av SUSAN L. BOGOSIAN General Gymnaslic Club, lnlramural Sporls. ifikc, FLORENCE BOHMAN Commercial Ari Publicily Club, Sillxouelle, Plnolograplwy Club. if ,wg '-'l JOSEPH F. v. BOLOONA Academic Y Vocal Concerl. FRANCES ANN BOMBIANI Dislribulive Educalion gg' A bvl, Gymnaslic Club, Girls' Glee Club, Dramalics' Club. K I ,wvximfi .v.A. - --- ANNE FRANCES BONAVITA Commercial X ,. Aff Publicily Club, Pholoqraplwy Club. I A L51 S ., , - THERESA MARY aosH Commercial f Q? RICHARD A. BOSCHETTO Academic ' c,g Sludenf Senale, Sillwouelle, Foolball Pafrol. ' JOAN A. BRANDT General 'I JWA b E Program Commiflee, Ari Publicily Club, lnlramural Sporfs. ' Nh 'i MARLEN BRUTOUT ecncfcl ' wi 8-"aw r y Homeroom Officer, Gymnaslic Club, Sillwouelle. .9 '7 fn ' 1 Q JOHN Bucci ecncfcl Band. I , i a Louis JOHN BUFALINI Vocalional , V Sfage Squad. Bleaclwer Squad, Minslrel. f,i ii ,, 'V Louis BUFALINI ecccfcl , f"b A srla 1 g Band, Yearbook, Boys' Palrol. - - -wg-Av MARGUERITE A. BUFALINI General f he-f kccy Z V, Vi an fi Homeroom Officer. 6f.VVVVVL,V? E ,L ff - ci il '41 ',,.. ' , Meir Classrooms A nd Classm ares M' "Sf" 'Q -'E' 9' 5 L- . LL,. affair: we me ,VWQ OPPOSITE PAGE: Nofebooks are an imporfani perl of ihis business economics class. The sfudenis are finding suifable illusfraiions wifh lhe help of Mr. Budimir and Mr. Cole. This class is a one-semesfer course aliernaiing wifh problems of democracy. Siudenfs are insfrucled firsi in fhe esseniials of commerce and ihen go on fo learn abou? sfoclrs and bonds, insurance, and frauds. .0 G Learning musi be serious business io fhese indusirious sfudenfs in Miss Alfhauser's cl-ass. They are concenfrafing on vocabulary and Ii+erafure of fhe eighleenih cenfury. Half of 'ihe English course's lime is falcen up wi'rh grarn- mar such as senience sfrucfure and dicfion. Lilerafure is in 'l'he limelighl' for fhe remaining lime. English lifera- fure is sfuclied from the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon hisfory fo fhe presenf day. 6' A grifff' fi""is. , V mg, ALFRED ANTHONY BURZESE Academic Srudenl' Senale Treasurer, Track, lnlramural Sporls. IRENE ANNE BUTREY Commercial Yale-Princeion, Gymnaslics, lniramural Sporls. JOAN YVONNE CAFRELLI General Gymnasiics, Dramalics, Make-up Commiflee, WILMA LUJAN CAMPBELL General Refreshmenl' Commillee, Make-up Commillee. JOSEPH A. CARDINALE Vocalional Siage Squad, lnlramural Sporls. LICIA MARIA CARDINALE Academic Band, Senior Class Play, Orcheslra. NITA J. CARNEVALE Commercial Yearbook Slafl, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. SALLY ELIZABETH CARRICO Academic Senior Class Play, Yearbook Siaff, l-lislorical Socieiy. JEAN CARTER General llf i i l iilli Q ,.,., iili 'lii ssi ,-- 1 'isz I 'L lr iii? ' fl F 5 ef? I ,QU A ii . , ,. 5 7 L, R A In ,Hg ll l 1 L 1 5 V 3 - A 5 ,rl , 'il' ' . f ' f sw ,V ,:.,' lj j ,iw J li 5 Mn 4 l lxllfg ii? fb wg riii .iill i 1 l ,W I , ,z iiiiieq .-flies ,: f I A S - T 1 I' . I C 1 P I' K., X' 1 UL K wJ' -J ,V Gu , V J Seniors of 1950 My Q, I ny! 'xv I , , Uf NICK CASALE VWDFGN DOMINICK FRANK CATANZARITI Academic Track, Boys' Glee Club, Chess Club. JOSEPH CHERENKO Academic Chess Team, Chess Club. ARLENE CICCONE General Girls' Glee Club, Foofball Usher Commiflee. EDWARD E. COLLINS Vocafional lnframural Sporfs. ELMER ALEX COLORITO General Band, Orchesfra, Boys' Glee Club. ANDREW RICHARD COMCHOC Vocafional Varsify Foofball, JACK K. COOPER Academic Band, Pafrol, Homeroom Ofhcer. ATHENA CLAIRE COREY General Homeroom Officer, Junior Class Play, Silhoueffe EdiI'or-in- Chief. GEORGE JOHN DAHMA Academic Orchesfra, Pafrol, Cross-Counfry. ALEX D' IESSANDRIS General Wbframural Sporfs, Arf Publicify Club. DANX VLAN og. Nj Vocafional I Min r l, Nafionalq onor Sociefy s 'I ll I E LYN MA DAVIV .X General HI eroom Qffice . if , Q .. NANCY EE AE hifi Cbhmercial earbo Inframural S r , Vocal Coyerf. . I X C WINL-. NNARQ 9' -, 'Y Academic l A sVarV'A'ry'Q?oo'rball, ffaclifd II! 2359 'K fs l NET LOUI E DIACHIC Commercial , Homeroom Officer. FRANK JOHN DiDONATO Disfribufive Educafion Homeroom Officer, Boys' Pafrol, Orchesfra. WILMA LOUISE DITTER Commercial Homeroom Officer, lnframural Sporfs, Yearbook. ., ff V Ki Q: if I bk . Q 1- .E A I -A ff. me Y ,fts:t.',fv , ,Nm Q . ,A F I ,ff ox new . i I 35 I ..,. Q55 I -ls. ' is Z7 ,aa.. fir Q:--wr A hbfx- ,..-. f. .. A . ,ff f I lv' 5. 1. , A .1 .Q I I ii 1 at ,, w as , LL.. , ww ,w i f f 53511 5 - -f .f Wim' fmw' in V Qq-. WE h .,,,,,. , I a iir, I 2?-+2 45 . ,, if E ' 5- P ak yn Q ,am Q , , 2 W2"""' i we wi iw 2 13 I 5 I ' til - an-s H s ii Q, ww X .. rw ' " 'mmf'- A, : 7 A ' 4 5' Seniors of 1950 THERESA ELLEN DITZ Academic Hislorical Sociely, Finance Commiliee, Silliouelle. GARNET MARIE DIXON General Junior Class Play, Madrigal Club, Mixed Eensemble. FRANK T. DOBRANSKY Vocaiional lnrramural Sporls, Minslrel. JEAN LOUISE DODARO Dislribulive Educalion Glee Club, Inlramural Sporis, Gymnasiic. ROBERT AXEL DORNACK General PAUL HAROLD DREYER Academic Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Ari Publicily. THEODORE DUB Vocalional Golf. DELMA KAY EDWARDS Academic Glee Club. NORMA JEAN EDWARDS Disfribuiiye Educafion Glee Club, Girls' Sporls, Dramalics. EDWARD A. EGERMAN General Band. MARY JANE ELKO Commercial Yearbook Represenlalive, Mixed Chorus, Usher Commilfee. SALLY JANE ERWIN Commercial lnlramural.Spor'ls, CHARLES ESKEW Dislribulive Educaiion Ari' Publicily Club. IRENE STELLA FALKOWSKI General , Band. JOHN DONALD FARDO Academic Madrigal Club, Boys' Palrol, Boys' Glee Club. ANN LOUISE FERENCZ Commercial Refreslwmenf Commiflee, Sillwouelle Adyerliser, lniramural Sporls. MARGARET SUZANNE FISHER General Usherelle Commillee, Program Cornmillee. JANE ELLEN FLEMMING Academic Hisforical Sociefy, Girls' Glee Club, Madrigal Club. 'a -4 E i 5 . I . J The Ivappy smiles on 'the 'Faces of fine ,g yearbook represeniafives indicafe 'rhal' Vx 3 X Qsalss are zooming. This assembly was 3 perl of ihe campaign fo bring up fhe X number of books sold. Represenfafives "v were disfribufed fhroughoui ihe audi- X ence Io collecf subscripiion money which 52 seni our large sales fhermomefer up- .rx i . wqrd..X ,AMX J X' . 5 . 3, . I , -.x I- X 9. J x , I Q. ' N Q5 Q .5 i Q1 -, EDWARD M. FREDERICK Vocaiional fRICHARD FREY Vocalional Slage Squad, lnrrarnural Baskerball. MARION LEE FULTON General Band, Yearbook, Orclwesira. NORMA V. FURNESS General Sludenl Senaie, Homeroom Officer, Silliouelie. ROSE MARIE GAGLIARDI Commercial Madrigal.Club, Girls' Glee Club. CHARLES E. GALLAGHER General Ari Publiciry Club, Cross-Counlry, Dramalic Club, THOMAS PUNJOCK Academic Varsiiy Baskelball. MAUDE BELLE GAUNT General Gymnaslic Club, lniramural Sporls. JOSEPH GILBERT Academic Varsiiy Foofball, Homeroom Officer, lnframural Sporls. . M X , 1 ' . A ,. i - I , -,i , M , M K A : . , , gi 7 I ,Q ' I i f is'i A i J?Z iiii I i i I ic, L. 1 Q L., 4 :K .ILE x S 'Q 'lx Qs' ELSIE GLATZ Commerical EMMA JEAN GOZUR General Vocal Concerl, Glee Club. JAYNE GRAHAM Commercial Finance Commiilee, Yearbook Adverlisinq, Senior Class Play. DAVID GRANITZ General Inframural Sporls, Sillwoueile, Madrigal Club. DOLORES GRGURAS Academic Homeroom Officer, Yearbook, Sillnoueiles. WILLIAM R. GULA General lnlramural Sporis. ALICE HALCIN Dislribufive Educaiion Girls' Glee Club, Program Commifiee. GALE J. HAMILTON General Band, Midwesiern Band. NORMAN HANEVICH Academic Band, Sludenl Senafe, Homeroorn Officer. ts.. A , .Miva "N L i9S. , 5' , g,., si QwwH Wwe 'WM R232 il. cgi ze c+ fm! ,N C .C y I , ii ..x , -:av N ...V . K - . I . 4- . :uv-1. Q gi ?? 2 i r V fl if , , if " 1211. ' c ,1 . 7- 4' I ' f., X 'ni L, L . sr, re , ' ,ifiik . -- fgim - sm. V gay ww are 2 A ,fir , , A , f .Q 1 Q it if , -.ffgrqrrifr , 1, These girls are pulling inio prac'l'ice fhe principles of home economics which fhey have learned. The sysfem which fhey have for working plus fhe aid of modern equip- rnenl will enable fhem fo work elificienfly wi+hou'r unnecessar 'f Y uss and bofher. The arf of making your own clofhes and learning how +o fake fhe proper care of fhem is fhe aim of 'rh ese girls in home economics class. The' mefhod of pressing a iaclnef ' d is emonslrafed in fhe picfure. ,ff gg, 7 A 'Y Y .fe V1 ff 'SA ' midi' 1 , 'il N.-in This picfure of fhe wood shop in acfion shows fwo of fhe boys building a model house. John Kusnirak and William Orlowslri are working on The roof of lheir project The boys also build 'lhe scenery for the plays and all exhibilions fha? are puf on in our audiforium. JO ANN HANGER Dislribufive Educalion Leaders' Club, Girls' Palrol, Girls' Sporls. i ,..,.-s 5 .ll- JOAN EVELYN HARRIGER A i Commercial ' ur 1 Silhouelle Aclverliser, Pholography Club. ' i xc., 1 ,, 7 L - LUTHER L. HASELEY Academic A' Band, Track, Sfudenl Senale. ' JUNE ANN HEIBERT Commercial - N Aff Adverfising Club, Girls' Sporls, Gymnaslics. K Q M 'Q fr , arcs - HAROLD WARREN HENDRICKSON Vocalional f :, DONALD BRUCE HERBEIN Academic ' Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Band. EDWARD J. HODAK Vocalional ELIZABETH ANNE HOGGARD Commercial Madriqal Club, Gymnaslics, Glee Club. Home-room Officer. wifi ii' t vw R8 GERALDINE HOLLEIN Academic This shoi was taken in fhe auto shop where tive or the boys are nxmg rne moror or a car. Anyone +ha+ wenfs 'Free service brings his car info The aufo shop. The owner pays only for , ihe new paris +o be used. Mr. Gordon supervises ihe boys a+ work. A JAMES HORNYAK V Foofbaii , lre A ' I, Pa+roiQ eieeciub. 2 1 L . ' Academic 5 L FRANK HOUSLEY, JR. vmiuonai , 455 -kiy M ROSEMARY HovANEc Commercial i,V V,., ' 1' iiis i Q I Ami r, V HAROLD HUSTON Academic ' : , Al"iv-Exif' Inframurai Baskeibaii, Varsiiy Foofbaii, Track. K 4-3.75 i 'QL ANDREW H. IHNATKO Academic f i ' Siinouerfe, Senior Class Play, Junior Ciass Piay. '-fx , gy f H, 'rf vw-v ' 56:7 A Qff, A H . ii fi fh RALPH A. INTRIERI Academi 1 C M ' Band, lnrrarnurai Sporfs, Goii. , A J 4' K .E M EDWARD ioccA Academic V "Ph L if? A Band, Chess Czub, Canieen Cornmifiee. A ey 3 A K f F ,,.,e 1, A L H ,AV ' A JO ANN IVKOVICH General in "-""" V- Girls' Pafrol, Finance comminle-ey fxssembiy Comrrmifree. Rs ,e,r ,egg " V DARRELL JACKSON General , gaw k .K Q mi--rf' J S auf - , H, ,x,,W1,,. , V ,L Nh,,i , r 90' WM? he fa -- V , e 4 -e if I i , fx ., i g, BERNARD A. JANicKi y eenefai gg' E Varsity Baslce-lball, Baseball,-Madrigal Club. . ii in i A '- Q ' I THERESA JoAN JARZYNKA . y 'eeeefai ' . ' Gyrnnaslics, tlnlramural Spprlsl A DIANNA CAli,ROLL,JOl-lNAVILl'ii Academic J K Silhquelleg.P'l1b'rbgraphy, lnl-ndrnural Sporls. 3' al I ff' I K , If A . in if ERNESTINE' JOHNSON . y ' Commercial V La. A i ,Y ' Publicily Club, Inlrharnclral Sporls. A Lr' Vkgri ifklil fin- V. 1 1 an ll iii I " il ALEX w. JJONES i I Vocaliorial ,L-'LL' A ii . 'J lnlramyral Sports. .rue ,e.,- arf- 1 e- F VV i, -1. ,g EIFLEN 'LQPJISE JONES Commercial ,l v ROQDIE JONES General K lnlramural Sporls. 1 ' Vkkkgll - .V fy ! ROSE ANN JOSAPAK Dislribulive Educalion Girls' Glee Club. f JOHN z. KARAGIANIS veeaiia-ral K' Tiff 1' ff lnlramural Sporls. JACK KARNAVAS Academic Band, Yearbook Slall, Senior Class Play. JAMES KAZAKOS Academic Boys' Palrol, Boys' Glee Club, Madriqal Club. EDNA KEMPA Commercial Madriqal Club, Junior Class Play, Mixed Eensemble. J RICHARD KEPHART General JAMES KERR Vocalional lnlramural Sporls, Minslrel. ROBERT MERLE KERR Academic CONSTANCE THERESA Km General Gymnaslics, G9 5' ee ,Club, Senior Class Play. ' 1 JOHN WIf,,lAM4KISlWJ-' Academic ffsflfli V I sily Foolball, Traclc. M F yy . 1 .L X! ' f OLGfi noni KX f eeaefai ' ,lM5dVlQMi lub, lee Club, lnlrarnural Sporls. T X' A - gi K ..,,. A ' fr ' 6 I 0' 5' ,- 'N ' af fir' ' , M ,f , 1 Xi J . rw X-, fl - if ,. , , , I za if I ID! , gi 2 i EUGENE KOKOSKA General Home-room Officer, Sludeni Sonale, lnlramural Sporls. VIVIAN KOLDER Commercial Silhoue-He, Gymnaslic Club, lnlramural Sporfs. JOSEPH KORMAN Vocafional Commercial LORRAINE KOSTAS Gymnaslics Club, Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. EDWARD J. KOTALA Academic Band, Orclweslra. JAMES KOTALA Vocalional Homeroom Officer. PAUL L. KOZEL Academic Sfudem' Senaie, Homeroom Officer, Palrol. GLORIA JOAN KROEN Academic Sillwouelle, Madrigal Club, Yearbook. WANDA KUBICKI Academic Band, Sillwouelle, Inlramural Sporls. REGIS KUBIT Academic Homeroom Officer, Inlramural Sporls. JOHN KUSNIRAK Vocalional Slage Squad. JOAN KUZMA Commercial Silliouelre, Plwolograplwy Club. CHARLES LAMB General Foolball Palrcl, CLARISSA LARABEE Academic Homeroom Ollicer, Cheerleader, Inlramural Sporls. PATRICIA ANN LAUGHNER Academic Madrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble. CHARLES LEMON Vocalional Minslrel, Inlramural Baslcelball. MARY ANN LESONDAK Commercial Girls' Pafrol, Sillwouelfe, Yearbook. EDITH DIANE LEWIS Academic Leaders' Club, Senior Class Play, Mixed Cliorus. I 'I ' "CX g u' AA!! If if fl Qlxflrrfff ff." ,Z ,"",,f I K, fi" flj' X gff X, , f? gtk: ' My nf , V' V f X 12 4 , ' gif", 7 f I' an l 'vc Q' I -- ff-cw Q, I' I ' x . ,, M 2 1 H al' A, f 'L V1 L iz" '-'. , aw, I v M, im iiie L I I ' J J Q 5 . ' we ' l E . 'ed"x.i'f if gba 5'-' 'M' .i W l ' X .4 x, in ' I ' , wk, ., " ff ,gp V ' ,' i xiii -V E . , I ... L g ' H' A , 3 J . ' 3? wi 5' . Vrk . lf A I- A A f Seniors of 1950 'I' Jw 'f if r A ,, ,... za Q L? 4 2 wt r iw , J gl df XF, Nw 'Q I 5 I ' I if aiu' N is X J ' ii ,X ii V!kV i i 1 M fag 9 f .e fA'N Class of 7950 Our Senior High School has buf one arf insfrucfor, Mrs. Lulman. Mosf of the decoralions adorning our school may be crediled lo our arf deparfmenf. Each year fhe sludenls of our school parfici- pale in a compelilive ar? exhibii al 'the Laughlin Memorial Library. The arf sludenls specialize in oils and wafer colors. WILDA R. LIGHTMAN Dislribulive Educalion Mixed Chorus. RUDOLPH D. LOSCHIAVO , General lnframural Sporls, ANTHONY JOHN LUGOWSKI Dislriburive Educalion NATALIE FRANCES LUGOWSKI Corrmercial Glee Club, Inlramural Sporls. EDWARD LUKETIC Vocalional ANDREW MCCLURE Academic Band, Homeroom Officer, lnrramural Baslcelball. DAVID McCLURE Academic A Band, Orchesrra. DUNCAN McCOMBlE General Bancl. MARGARET ANN McMlLLEN Academic Yearbook Srarf, Home Room Officer, lnlramural Sporls. .- .soil - 2 ni Q35 fi? A+ dismissal fhe Senior High oFlice is a bee-hive of acfivi+y. The Teachers chaffer hear+ily while fhey checl: oui and look in lheir mailboxes 'for bul- lefins, ahiendance records, and fhe lille. Wifh fhe siudenls' clamor in fhe halls, if all makes 'For pleasanf confuiijn. 'B ,fi ,, 9, ' U , , 4 pf if YK .il lb if l l ,f fu 'b U Ara M no We r.l, s 'Nwai rigs! f were' .f 1,1-,Q ' " f g k I kv Q., ,A S if , i is The dismissal bell rings and ihe halls become alive with running siudenfs b , . . anging lockers, shoufed greefnngs, and rushing fo caich buses. One of fhe many buses fha? awaifs our many fraveling sfudenis is The Norlh Allegheny bus shown here. 3I EMILY MAHONEY Commercial Gymnaslic Club, Girls' Glee Club, lnlramural Sporls. JOHN MAKER General BETTY JANE MALAY Commercial Program Cornmillee, Girls' Glee Club, Usher Commillee. MARY MANTZARIS Dislribulive Educalinn JEAN MARR General Gymnaslic Club, lnlramural Sporls. JOAN MARR Commercial Gymnaslic Club. JOHN MARTIN General Arr Publicily Club, Boys' Glee Club, Pholograplny Club. NANCY MARTIN Academic Band, Yale-Princelon, Leaders' Club. RACHAEL MATA Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Yearboolc. MARY MATTIE General Girls' Glee Club, Arr Publicily, Sillwouelle. AMELIA ANN MATTUCCI General Girls' Glee Club, Chorus. JOHN MAZUR Academic Varsily Baslcelball, Homeroom Officer, Boys' Glee Club. STEPHANIE MAZUR General Girls' Glee Club, Leaders' Club, Yale-Prince-lon. CLARICE MEADOWS Commercial Band, Yearbook, lnlramural Sporls. JOSEPH MEHENKO Academic Band, Cliess Club. DOROTHY MARIE MENOSKY Commercial Silhouelfe, Homeroom Officer, Fashion Show. BEVERLY MENSCH Academic Band, lnframural Sporls, Gymnaslic Club. EILEEN MERCADANTE Academic Girls' Palrol, Gymnaslic Club, Finance Commillee. Seniors of 1950 mg 5, fb' ew af' ' , if ' vw ni fw- EZJ W! W .ai in ,ie girl 4 iff' x , ji N ,Z , . 1... , -,, .41 ' ,ffl . A , gg, ,r.. L... 1 ft' .af if ,J 9. . f Yep' WJ - yf. . in W I e 4 4? ., 1 kgzgib an wan? Arif -'-' Kei., -15, 1 j,Ir:Kg5hg,r. ' ff ,. M X X X, MKS ww , Q, f'?5-. , W' r",. I .1 i a Pk is rg, 9,3 N ' mil Ei? 5 -. gram - . -. . - eww F w , J, .rg -1 fr- C, ',. Lfff f A66 - af- . fr I L 7 X E ,, K rf A Q J qi ' ' fi' .Fw SV. 'sf' A . ' A . - ' ' ' .L rrr 1 , R ' rg , . ,, l If 6 2 32 I i in , X ,- il L ,gi 9+ , .5" 5, . l o I Seniors of 1950 i Q-ir,-"'+nI' I . ' f'A f, ,I ,KLJ4 '.:Lfifj,f!ff ,ufQ'Qf': K ,',. ' HELEN MIHALICH 'V " I eo -'L Ilchviieff- , A , , -EA ff.f..?mLnfelC'a im ,Q ,Q JAMES ROBERT MiHALEow . Lg Afgiaemie ' 'C' I ' C I I Orclweslra, Senior Class Play, .lunioL,ClgsV'lay. , I M, ' ' f' f f ', 'fu' V 1123 , f a fx? , ' , ' '2' A f JOHN ALLEN MIHALOEW f Academic' if f F ' Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Orclieslra. f ' V H N EDWARD A. MIHALOW Vocalional Minslrel, lnlramural Sporls. 'V A I L Ag- Lf A 1 K .V ' N, " ooLoREs ANN MiHALsKY General gb Leaders' Club, Gymnasllcs, Inlramural Sporfs. Eli ni, is,,,, Q3 I . ' HELEN JEAN MIHOVCH Dasmbuiive Education ff! Yearbook Represenlalive, Program Commilfee. 1 A , . . BEATRICE MITCHELL General ,K H M" Arl Publicily Club. Z , . A Q, JOSEPH J. MOLCHAN General ' W' -',l gig, Homeroom Olzlicer, lnlramural Sporls. ""'.7 I I 1 , A 5"' VVVK 5 PAUL MONTELLANICO Dislribufive Eclucalion ., ,, gg g,,i jQgg, Mixed Chorus, lnlramural Sporls. I JACK MORATIS Dislribulive Educalion , - f if' W I K Si Palrol, Slrinq Ensemble. ROGER MORRISON Vocalional, JOHN MOSURA Vocalional Minslrel, Palrol. BRONKO MRAOVICH Vocalional Minslrel, Inlramural Sporls. SHIRLEY LOUISE MUSGRAVE Academic Pafrol, Yearbook Slalf, Girls' Glee Club. HARRY E. NARDI Dish-ibulive Educalion. Palrol, Junior Class Play, Arl Publicily. wir V EUGENE NARRISH General ' b I I Y Z, Mixed Clnorus, lnlramural Sporls. I fee Q , DOROTHY NAUGLE General , NM 'll, si, , lnlramural Sporls, Arl Club. '733' A 1 inra I JOSEPH EARL NAUGLE vacaizanai A ,L Egg, A A , 4' rj A , M in sfrel . ,,., ' sf' D J I 'Iii fill 33 I 'I : '!l'! 'J Seniors of 1950 . .,,.LL 'I Q .',- V 5 C sl. kkk- ff Gkk 1 W, ,M P A -s:.5v.?:ZEC' . -1 vifflgwsliif ff' gi. 7 wager. 1. mf if .fi 'A 4 - A--' -..L 2' ,-" . us- , -42-21 ff -' ' ff if' .--- Y N iw '-'.' if -' I -A' ' .15 ri if sssr " . . , -'.' 'k-' E K it :-f!??J 5'5 g ' . 'U if i- we 3 Q. ' ,, I . K , ".- ia? A 1 VT, , 1? , ,'..'., .- K, me 59 ' -.., . .., . ,. ,, aah' ,sgfjfiyxgs JACKIE OSWALD Academic Girls' Pafrol, Silhoueiie, Girls' Glee Club. JAMES BARRY OSWALD Academic Silhouelfe, l-lisforical Sociely, Boys' Glee Club, DOROTHY PAICH Cgmmey-cial ERNEST PAINTER Academic WILMA JEAN PALIANI General Girls' Glee Club. DOLORES PALLADINI General Girls' Glee Club, Fashion Show. MARIO PALLADINI Vocafional ROSE PANA A Commercial Sigolg eg Glee Club. Finance Commiiiee. C 6 0 ,ai General vp ard lnijbura Sporfs, Canfeen Commiliee. P . sy 30" .J-' Y' 1 05 +150 fx JI!! J 34 O 5' l . , 1 A Il ' ' P A ' RAADALINE J. NJAROE Commercial Y 1 f Yale Cheerleader, Madrigal Club, Yearbolc. , .A li WILLIAM NIZNTK Siage Squad, lvlinslrel, lnlr CATHERINE ANN OLEXSOVICH Vocalional amural Baslceiball. Disiribuiive Educalion lnframural Sporis, Usher Commiiiee. SAMUEL G. OMBRES Academic Band, Homeroom Officer, Boys' Glee Club. ERNEST P. ORLER General Varsiiy Eoolball. PETER F. ORLER Minslrel, Bleacher STANLEY ORLOWSKI Baseball. WILLIAM JOSEPH ORLOWSKI DON RICHARD OSTROWSKI Varsify Foolball, Eooiball . c 5' ii' if 9 fl -fi Q fh- icrffigja X gl nf P .s . ,r Q. 5 l. 7' x kk -2 5.51 J' "N fl Wil Q- ,,,, . Vocaiional Squad. Vocalional Vocaiional Academic Club, Baslceiball. i r- ., ,ner N, ' . I ,k.. , . fn" DISTFUBUTIVE EDUCATION ROW I: Helen Mihovicli, Marie Davies, Eleanor Zugliani, Mr. Coslello, Helen Suchy, Belly Shul- llay, lrene Fallrowslri, Francis Bombiani. ROW 2: Mary Manlzaris, Kay Sepella, Calherine Olexsovich, Alice Sabol, Belly Bechalc, Alice Hal- cin, Rose Ann Josapalr, Jean Dodaro. ROW 3: Jaclr Moralis, Frank Diclonalo, Anlhony Lugowslxi, William Gula, Paul Monlellanico, Charles Eslcew, Joe Sasinovich. The dislribulive educalion deparlmenl, under lhe supervision of Mr. Coslello, lrains lhe sludenl in lhe arl ol selling merchandise and handling business al- leirs. Piclured lo lhe righl we lind lwo sludenls demonslraling lheir selling lechnique. These siudenls are overworlcing lheir brains in Miss Forcey's solid geomelry class. The solid geomefry classes consist Of seniors and are conduclecl only during The firsl' semester. Solid geomelry is an eleclive such as many of lhe academic courses open 19 our sludenls. ,r' I' "ll L H" eLolRiA PASTELAK 'H , R , " eeneaei HELEN ELEANOR PRAsKo Commercial Leaders' Club, Yale-Princielon, Glee Club.- 1? Girls' G'99EQClUb, Usher Commiflee, Girls' Sporls, .RICHARD PATON ff i L veeeiaeeeri' , i ELVIRA PREs,o General A 'X' Homeroom Officerl lrirramurpls. ,' f Li' ' , jMaclrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club. DONALD PATRICELLI ' ii Pi 5 eenefei MALQJORLENANN PRESTON Commercial 'T Varsilyi'iFQc:lATJbaJlfTreiglq7'Af ""' '- fr' he fl ilrlsj Glee Club, Gymnaslics, Girls' Sporls. BARBARA PATRICK ,l L, 1 i , General JOAN PSRIBULSKY Commercial ' Glee Glu ', Gymrigilllcs. I L i 'Nl ,Yelavuook Slall, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. 'MARGARET ANN PATTEFfiSON fi ' f' W X Beneral R055 is YBYSZEWSKI Vocalional Princelon Cheerleacler,'Senior Ckliass PENZGY nlaslics-: 'kk' ,fi U y V GMS' lf1lf6mUfGlS. SUSAN PEHON X J., I QV, gommemwxf fin-iEepoRE PSZYSZEWSKI Aeeeiemie Finange Cgmmiffgez Usher C6mmiffee'LJ 3,4 I, Track, Class President lflisiorical Sociely. ANTHONY mic R veeeiiengi XL? NARD RICH eenefel Minslrel, lnlramurals, Gyr'?+,l'Exhil:z1il'io'fQ5j' ' Bandi O"Cl'95'f"a- BOYS' lV'll5mU"5l5- LOIS MAE KATHLEEN PERClVALl H eeeefei R SSAMOND L- RICHARDS Commercial glee Club' QI-mms. Homeroom Officer. JOHN PETULA f lAeedem1e RHODA ROBERTSON ' Commercial i , 1 wr. - l-lomeroom Olficer, lnlramural Sporisf Band- Omneslrai'-jliomeloom Ollmei- if . 'ix wx, Q , ' my . er . Q' " , .2-:v L 8, er 717 9 ' 1 : W' if I W Q ,fRfQivP'X if T L A f .ere - A -1 ARLQ A fig - ,e'1f:-751, X A '- ' QM ' Lf K . J' K " . 5, N A ' ' ' if . ,,,'-' ' l A I 'RA' T R A 'R i if if "" 1' ' i' V M ce' f er, -, Ric W QS? Q f ,., .,.,,! 4 i' i ' - k 'l-' ' 'w5"'v L,, Ki . "1'f' as 5 f ' 1 ,, 3 ' fr J 1 ,x . 'Q ' s , , X 'ff me 3 ,Q , , . ff' 3 ' , r. Q11 ' e Y ' - il l .I : z. "---., if K V W Ms ', . 4 V s es A "" , 1 is 3 M If V. , . ,tv f A i if , , 'gi I J T N Q 1 Y' lf' las! v 5 els A GF ,R f 49 is ff Q fri-Q21 eff, rr fi r 2. This classroom scene cenfers abouf fhe diligenl chemislry Q , bv ai! CAROL M. ROBINSON Academic Inlramural Sporls, Siirmouelie, HELEN RODIO Commercial Vocal Concerl. IRENE ROMANIAK Commercial Relreslnmerwf Commirlee, Girls' Glee Club. ROBERT A. ROMANSKY General JEROME ROSENBERGER Vocalional Inlramural Sporls, Minslrel, Golf. MARIBEL ROSS Commercial Gymnasfic Club, Program Commiflee, Relfreslwmenl' Com- miffee. JOHANNA ROSSI General Chorus, Inlramural Sporls. GLORIA ROTOLO Academic Band, Ari Publicily Club, Sillwuelle. JOANN MARIE SABATINI Dislribulive Educafion Girls' Glee Club, Chorus. sfuclenls 'faking fheir semesfer fesfs. The cl1emis'rry classes are composed of seniors and are fauglmf by Mr. Palmer. The worl: of fhis class is divided befween laborafory worl: and +ex+book assignmenf. Each sfudeni is required +o complefe a proiecf. L'-lx Fi WWW - A. X- , 4' 1 oi. f " ' , 'GED W X ,V rr 531, , I. ., .L I' I . I I 1 eip , Q ., I-ref .. , ' , LE an I , -1 i 5, it - 1 an I A Q ,L QM? . K, ' 'Q U , 4 3. F 1 gf f .fi:5.,-' H5 . .3-w ia., W .1 . as . C' ,mf fx ' ww mz, Q h gng, ' 3 wwf' Y 'N 5 E i ,,. Nh I , . . .ff ly, ui K 5. A ., . fjysgiw Seniors of 1950 1' f f W .5 ALICE SABOL Dislribulive Educarion Girls' Glee Club. JOSEPH I.. SASINOVICH Dislribulive Educalion Palrol, Ari' Club, Pholograplwy Club. ROSE SAVIE Commercial Arr Publicily Club, Homeroom Officer. DANIEL A. SCARPIELLO Academic Nafional Honor Sociely, Yearbook, Band. NORMA SCHMIDT Academic Band, Parrol, Gymnaslic Club. NORMA DEE SCHULTZ Academic Band, Inlramural Sporls. KATHRYN SEPELLA wislribulive Wucalion N WILBUR F. SERACK Academic Boys Palrol H O ' , 66003 ,IC S ub. AUDREY SHAF I 1 5 rl General H roo Offi er asli luqlj R ani' arb k E I , Ch eader Manager, Yearboo A verf' in Academic k x AR'P Commercial Infr ural Sporls, Fasliion Show. BEVER Y SHEARER Commercial Plwolograplwy Club. BETTY SHUFLAY Dislribulive Educalion Leaders' Club, Inlramural Sporls. ROBERT SIMONI General Boys' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Sillwouelle. PAULINE SLAMENICK General Yearbook, Gymnaslics, Homeroorn Officer. FLORA SMITH General Yearbook, Junior Class Play, Assembly Palrol. GLENN SNODGRASS Academic Cross-Counfry, Track, Horneroom Officer. RICHARD SNODGRASS Academic Minsfrel, Cross Counlry, Homeroom Officer. J lil pu RS I it I L I ' ' L f L ' I? L v N ' Q " bt xi ii' E , l' l 'f , Lf fx L L 'IJ qi ' y 1 , . I NX up ! . 3 WU . J K 7 ' ' if , X If I I U M I VV LII ,fl 3 A T-,I 1 , ARITILSNYDER 1 if V , Academrc JE, nframural Spoils, Hom room,gL?1qicerl,Palrol. lp, Tj i ' I ' " Q .r ry If M - U IGLTRICIA soN'r?i , Aclalillllic , h nl A I, I iz I 1 ,-, A li 'Ju P .I 'lf isApEL sPo,sAlRo , ,fl th f if eenefai X", jvr dfhoruszbfiirls' Sporls. lx f Q I D! U1 fi! I i V I I4 CAROLYN STQEL ie, ,Ib Commercial I IRENE CATHERINE STEPANICK Commercial ROBERT STERRETT Academic Nalional Honor Sociely. VERNON STEVENSON Academic Palrol, Chess Club. STELLA STOLOSKI Commercial lnlramural Sporls. PATRICIA STORER General Gymnaslics, lnlramural Sporls.. X V I JAMES si-IUMSKY X EY 'I voqailupalii-' , , .I QQ7. ' -f 1 MARGARET M. STRIFFLERXY' 1 ,- Commercial Gymnaslic Club, Qilhotielle. PAULA ANN STROCK L Dislribulive Educalion Chorus. HELEN J. SUCHY Dislribulive Educalion Gymnaslics. Glee Club, lnlramural Sporls. MARGARET SUDIA Commercial Finance Commillee, Silhouelle, I-lomeroom Officer. IRENE SUDIK Commercial Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Yale-Princelon. JEAN SUTTON Chorus. HELEN VERONICA TABIN Commercial General Publicily Club, Homeroom Officer, Gymnaslics. CLYDE L. THOMPSON General Cross-Counlry Team, Track, Boxing Club. 5'en1'ors of 1950 2-.+S'.W"'- , g-:,, l g l- ie 9 . . ,,, ,, , :I 2. iv Y. 'Q' 4 i 1 if " I' me W ., 2. V? in ggifeidfv-Mig. ,-:ff ..., ' .r f fwggaf f -' 2 ,M 1 , 'I 3 S ii w -" 4' l'2' I 'r'1 .f ,' Q A - ,MZ , V ap.: ya . - ff- V42 VV Vzgr Q IV: 1 ,E . .xx r I' ill 'af' i Z , V. ',Aic I ' ',,, A RV' , V, f . X ff fa- ' Y' MY N Q u irq I .4 V' V . if L ff-1 nf' I I ,555 , 4 Zi JL Mk' . 3 ,. - H ln luis "cupboard" on +l'1e firsl floor sifs our affendance ol- ficer, Mr. John Piper. He checks all excuses for absences and all absenfees. Besides his many affendance dufies he leaclwes algebra ll. QR 2 i i 2? V, , ""W'!a,'F ' fa- - i ,, an 4 W yf V . , V f 'Q l cw fi . .. ,., ?3t, 40 5 W ,e,55i?Qli, ,df 5 ee. K 'sf X Y '32 ' X X -w F W..i Q22 X 'll fc. c..mflg?gh ' .Q 3 lei-f' A ,l , ia if l 'K JOSEPH L. TUSICK Genera Homeroom Oiiicer, Medrfgal Club, Ari Publicily Club. DOROTHY TYLOSKY Ari Fublicily Club. Commercial THADDEAUS ULINSKI Academic lnlramural Beslcefball, Pliolograplmy Club. GEORGE N. VAGIONIS Academic Band. CHARLES E. VANDENBORD General CARL E. VAUGHN Academic Ari Publicily Club. ROSE MARIE VERONESE Geneiul Gymnaslic Club, Girls' Glce Club, Canlecn Commillee. Agademig Sillwouelle, Homeroom Officer, Traclc, Academic' Band, Leaders' Club. 'f ":4' ' 29 so A I -so r -if , A wr ff A nv ' , 4 - P ' , is K 7 - V. 'im If :ff "H 3 '1 l - W X , E 1 I , A I 3. V, - , V ' '-' V AVN. xy vp. X uv' I 5 G Q 9 ff K O .urs , .,w-, Q ' I rg, f'-x I VK " H . ii L ' ,- X I I I ,.,. ' '- . , , " Mm , M W , h-V sy' hVm V p ...,. , i bl.: A, A .. p O V i, , f f':2,A1 ff in A,,, -,ai .Q A , I J: ty' V JEAN E. VULGRIS Commerciai DANIEL H. WILSON Academic JACOUELINE MARIE WAGNER Commerciai Band, Senior Ciass Play, Chess Ciub. Siihoueiie, Inirarnurai Sporis. ' DONALD WILSON ' Vocaiionai ALEX WAGURAK Vocaiionai DOROTHY LEE WILSON Generai MinsIreI. Gymnasiics, Girls' Sporis, Homeroom Officer, WILLIAM J. WALKO GSHGVGI ALICE WINDISCH Commercial Boys' Glee Club, Madrigai Club, Mixed Ensembie. LORETTA WOJTKOWSKI Cornmerciai NICK FRANK WATACH General Junior Red Cross Represeniaiive. Ari Ciub, Bieacher Squad, Iniramurai Sporis. EDWARD ARNOLD WOLOSHUK Academic ROY WEAVER VOCBIIOHGI Silhoueiie, Senior Ciass Piay. Minsirel, Boxing Club. HELEN WOODS Academic ROBERT WEIL Genefdi Junior Ciass Piay, Yearbook Represeniaiive. Madriqal Club, Track, Varsify Fooibali, PHYLLIS WOODS Generai BARBARA JOAN WENTZ Disiribuiive Educaiion Reireshmenf Committee, Giee Club, Concession, Mixed Chorus. IRENE YEDGENAK Academic AUDREY SUE WESSEL Commerciai Senior Ciass Piay, Giris' Glee Ciub, Siihoueiie. Giris' Chorus These sfudenfs seem io be en- ioying Iheir work. This group is one of Ihe dramafic classes of fhe Ambridge High Schooi in acfion under 'Ihe Ieadership of Mr. Desanzo. This group sfudies fhe hisfory of Ihe , drama and also specializes in I The iechniques of acfing. JUNE YEE Academic R - Chess Team, Boys' Pafroi, Homeroorri Officer. 2 gk 1- I Y I BETTY M. YESNICK commercial gl MI f , w I ' , GirIs' GIee CIUIJ, Chorus. I cTi i E , PAULTNE YOUNG Academic E Gymriasiic CIub, Finance Comrnifiee, GirIs' GIee CIUIJ. I STEPHEN ZALENSKI VocaTiorTaI IvIirTsIreI. JANET LOUISE ZEHNDER General Band, I-Iorraeroom Officer, PeIroI, if is ' Q 'Nm J FRANCES ZELECHOWSKI CommercioI GERTRUDE zuslic Genera! , ' I CITeerIeader, Gyrrmasfic CILTIS, Girls' GIee Ciub. V he ELEANOR ZUGLIANI GerieraI A I wx ' . Affendance Checker, Refreshmemnf CorTTmiIIee, UsIwereII'c. 'V' Vi i i - nil X 4 J , . ... I LTI, f xwif T, I I JT I . ' 1, WIN iii I 'Ll T, ix ,,T A Ll Y Iii' ITL' -III! x W ,E , .LA ., 5 T, . V A I iii. I W 1 1 N. 1 ff- ic. . I N L STUDENTS wHosEi,.mcTu.REs' DD HNOT APPEAR xg! L Ei, S ' YL A .T . .I M , ,- Q' MARTHA CREESE-Genera HAROLD McCONNEL CLYDE THOMPSON-General MARIE DAVIE-DisIribuTive Educafiom ARTHUR ROPPOAVocaIiomaI LOUIS WEISS-Academic ROBERT DELTS-Academic JOE SELLY-General EDITH YOUNG-General JOHN G-ASPERSICi6eneraI PAUL STRANKO-Academic STANLEY ZALENSKI-General TOM KOLAR-Academic STANLEY TABIN-Vocafional HARRY ZELECHOWSKI-Vocafional WE WISH TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR PATRONS Eslher and Jim L. H. Kunz M. P. Nadler, MD. l C. L. McMillen Beaver Valley Painiing, Inc. Dr. F. H. Weslland Dr. Helen Pawlaclc Dr. J. J. Ranish R. Sleinberg C. W. Henry l Eugene Capulo R E. J. Mushinski l Dr. G. H. Fosier H. C. Angel ' Dr. L. J. Rich f Bridger Ice Cream Bar Dr. Hall 1' Q Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Kluz Killyzs Flower Shoppe f X K Borgia's Marlfel I Louis Caplan fl ' i l Hess Service Siafion i Ray M. Bearer N . . Ambridge Plumbing 84 Healing i Malhew Goefy X ' X IX ' Wir I ,' Pvmbridge Wallpaper Co. Sam's Shoe Service ,li i X' 1 li rl jDr. Handmaclcer l Danny's Service ' l' Ns' 'I ' XV Dr. Gayclos l Jerry Paslriclc I ' ,I ll DV. l'l. D, Carr' Boolcs Shoe Slore l, X.. ". - .Helen Kappel John C, Bauder l I ll i l -N Dr. C. l'l. Wolfe S+anley's Flower Shop l f 5 l Denmarlc Shoe Slore Ambridge Radio and Television L l I i " Q DF. Mdrli Levin Leslies Hi-Arc Service XL lx i I Srnilh and Schermerhorn Robi. Slewarl Hardware X Q K SOl'S Slore Venger's Shop i xi ' X V gf XHarry F. Garrell, Ailorney The Globe JX1, A Friend hu I yum' ' - X I A V., Vi 5 ri-muucu vous COMMUNITY CHEST Q. Give iili R 1 i FED ffkfyfk SWT? fel. . . r , ' , 9500460 llli ir..l i ,lll ev--Sa-:fu-...9.., Tunuuea YOUR CUMMUNKTY CHEST I xl. lil , 1. i 1 C . l l x i The nexl personages peopling our slory are fhe iuniors. This group has The amlailion of some clay becoming' fhe beHer ciiizens of lomorrow. Represenling fhis class are Hs leaders. George Moram Treasurerp Jo Ann Balo, Secrefary Dick Kasper, Vice-Presidenig and Eugene Marolii, President Mr. Shaffer's speech club gives an example 'ro lhe school as an excellenl' and aclive group. The club periods are speni' in srudying and giving drarnaiic, humorous, and oralorical speeches for +he purpose of compefilion for places in The inferscholaslic speech club. -4. 'Uh-M Agia , W 'fl NF A339 1A4i4'i 3 F , in The following people malre h up l e inlerscholaslic speech le-am: Rose Scarpiello, Frances Gradelr, Joan Trumbelos, Belly Slroclr, Sally Kremmel, Belly Thomas, Edilh Smilh, Florence Vilivich, Mary Ann Balichi, Carol Ann Gavlik, Nancy Rees, Shirley Meyer., Nell M ' ' amrosh, Lula Berhawnlz, Frances Manlri. ,f""' ,gf-Q x 4 fix .5 ,Q fig, . e I A I I . y ' v '1,5".' AT ' QNBFSECTION A ROW I: Eleanor Morse, Beverly Smeri- gan, Donna Alberfs, Erhel Ann Barnharl, Jean Genovese, Barbara Bobby, Augusla Capenos. ROW 2: Augusl' Anlonini, Manford Smifh, Roberl Richards, Jack Kerr, Eu- gene Ondralro, Chiaverini Anfhony, Rich- ard Parra. ROW 3: Sam Sanfilli, Belly Kengowslci, Dale Tarquinio, Dolores Caslanza, Rich- ard King. SECTION B ROW I: Dorofhy Niznilz, Albena Pele kalch, Jane Young, Jennie Bogosiang Bernade++e Selcaniclr, Joan Palladini, Nancy Hunl, Violef Gefz, Helen Manos. Clara Rilfleman. ROW 2: Ernesl' Kemena, David Larabee, Roberr Kolalrowslxi, Sfanley Zalc, William Kopchick. ROW 3: Michael Laba, Sieve Guzo, Nicholas Wallxo, Milcheal Kempisly, Bruce Prince. hail! 'Bm . I ' , A SECTION C Row I: Lillie Edwards, Jean Benlrerl, Lois Morigan, Shirley Finafri, Connie Wensel, Sara Mae "Weil, Edilh Neal, Belly Barlcovci. ROW VZ: James Hill, Sam Fincbh, John Governo, Sbnia Goodrpan, Sylvia Fur- ness, Mile Roppo, James Maulr, Lenord Klodowslri. ROW 3: Richard Venneri, Kennelh Knouse, Rudolph Guerrieri, Joe Scurno- poli, George Gudzan, John Dub. SECTION D ROW I: Marion Hrinko, Audrey Ma- honey, Mary Madonna, Lucy Longo, Miss McKeown, Phyllis Kmelyk, Mildred Paich, Dolores Belalr, Doris Smilh. ROW 2: Anna Sinchak, Richard AI- brighf, Pefer Kohur, Roberf Morgan, Brian McCarIhy, Harry Schoolih, Belly Brandf. ROW 3: Jerry Spinelli, Richard Ochman, Nick Tzeralcis, Leroy Jones, Sleven Cullo- vich. SECTION G ROW I: Merna Lou Jones, Geraldine Kas-per, Joan Bremmer, Florence Vila, Jo Ann Balo, Marion Esseck, Vicloria Amalo, Joan Neisnaclc, Pearl Muslow, Doreen Lackharl, Joan Janiclri. ROW 2: John Smilh, Slephen Serdenslry, George Paul, John Karos, Miss Adams, Roberl Garbinslry, Dale Emmell, Roberl Parlzsinson, Roberl Span. ROW 3: John Marr, Charles Sladnicln, Roger Slewarl, Frank Vlasic, William Kelly. SECTION I-I -a-fi ROW I: Connie Sergren, Virginia Wal- ler, Delphine Alviani, Sandra Kyros, Dorolhy Snyder, Joan Garner, Lois Kunlz, Lois Mahoney. ROW 2: Earl May, Vincenl Ombres. David Raymer, Milne Sluban, William Gulch, Richard Hudak, Edward Wagner. ROW 3: George Marovich, Thomas Mianowslni. SECTION E ROW I: Florence Vilevich, Roberla Slorar, Frances Telesz, Phylis Kululalris, Linda Monlemayer, Belly Lazar, Virginia Jula, Shirley Bixler, Phyllis Werk. ROW 2: Russell Slewarl, Reed Scheppy, Harold Lewis, La Donna Rogers, Kalh- erine Werling, Joe Wasach, Ernesl Pa- lricelli, Ralph Aquilera. ROW 3: Allred Wielechowslri, Richard Kopczalr, Kenny Slewarl, Sam Signorelli, Richard Slrama. SECTION F ROW I: Evelyn Maulr, Belly Baloga, Bea- lrice Brallon, Mildred Preslo, Margarel ndrus, Margarel Pezzilo, Gloria Mack, Lucy Giallarenzo, Joann Huslon, Joseph- ine Giovenazzi, Sally Kremmel. ROW 2: Eugene Marolli, Roberl Koslial, Hurshel Aclrles, Joseph Hocrevar, Theo- dore Harper, Preslon Coverl, Roberl Bailey. ROW 3: James Iclrley, Mr. Kolcoslri, Jo- seph Baran. '54 SECTION I ROW I: Lavonda Davis, Naomi Williams, Nancy Riley, Mary Perry, Bernice Ford, Evelyn Dobson, Frances Kordas, Anloi- nelle Narrish. ROW 2: Thomas Dunmeyer, Dean Shus- ler, Tony Pecoraro, Ted O'Brien, Alberl' Smifh. ROW 3: Murray Tamers, Donald Wag- oner, Frank Zupanic. SECTION J ROW I: Marjorie Miller, Belly DeMarco, Anna Zagar, Mary Ann Guia, Gerry Laman, Helen Villela, Edilh Smilh, Na- omi Hendon, Rosemary Rinaldi. ROW 2: Slanford Levin, Tom Buianiclc, Richard Pafferson, Johnny Holxo, Mr. Cosfello, Teddy Homialc, Franlc Zassic, Richard Roberfson, William Slonfer. ROW 3: Louis Slrohm, Roberl Senlrevich, William Durnialn, James Quinn, Michael Handzes. SECTION K ROW I: Vivian Bosh, Eunice Kronsfein, Barbara Lee Robinson, Irene Zawoyslxi, Irene Hronas, Beverley Romigh, Hilda Davison. ROW 2: William Bard, Paul Hrinlxo, Richard Kasper, William Adrian, John Slranlco, William Heronic, Charles Luiz, Alfred Kuhni, Emmanuel Lucia. SECTION L ROW I: Mildred Belair, Rosemarie Be- zuslza, Irene Mahli, Mrs. Weisgerber, Nila Fos+er,,vRose Sarlrisg, Marie Dacllo. ROW 2: George Churchin, Jack Bell, Kennelh Bender, Mary Villella, Palricia Jackson, Shirley Williams, Roxie Cos- lanza, Edward Milnela, Earl Edwards. XIX XII?-A -Aff li ' KI.. The sophomores are 'rhe fulure leaders of lhis school and fo- guide fhem +hey have chosen Tom Plasluo, Presidenfg Elimira Shaffer, Vice-President Belly Nadzak, Secrefaryg and George Corey, Treasurer. This group of sfudenls are seemingly deeply inleresfed in lheir world hislory. This parficular class is Mr. l.ombar's sophomore hisfory group, The sfudies Of lhe sludenfs include fhe hisfory of fhe Greek culfure, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, and on lo 'the modern period, The hisfory course is required of all sfudenfs. -on-4' ,gg I -X x Y I , ' x l 1 2 E i ei A K 53 f, sl V, ii 01-1 s fu' ,4- .M if A i is 49 SECTION A ROW I: Dorolhy Pappas, Nyla Tillord, Joanne Curlrovich, Zenaide Aversa, Mr. Osso, Mildred Bionda, Kalhleen Bryan. Maryanne Spehar, Doris Musgrave, Mil- dred Wory. ROW 2: Elias Hill, Tommy Plaslco, Eu- gene Kozel, Margarel Knopiclr, Madaline Cirka, Nancy Ann Ross, Janel Ford, Anna May Himme, Leon Werk, Alex- ander Varlichi, Ronald Wilson. ROW 3: George Bubin, Clyde Boyd, Waller D'AIlessandris, Ted Fellr, Richard Glas, Richard Weil, Richard Nicgorslri, Rocco Perciavalle, Donald Tinder, Syl- vesler Fullrowslri, John Mihalich. SECTION B ROW I: Lorella Lulrelic, Mary Ann Bula- lini, Julianna Feenslra, Eslher Lyn-ah. Carol Ann Gaulilr, Gerlrude Johnslon, Maureen Merriman, Conslance Feduslra, Helen Kuharslry. ROW 2: Adam Roginslci, John Mayer, Raymond Murray, Lola Vega, Doris Shan- dicln, Dorolhy Sudia, Richard Nawoc- zynslri, Waller Addison, Francis Barlamas. ROW 3: James Freed, Samuel Opreslro, Roberl Folino, Rudolph Herivoich, Rob- erlArll1ur, Fred Dunn, Johnny Jones. SECTION C ROW It Joyce Malhias, Rulh Ann Urda, Dolores Farah, Palricia Gross, Mary Benedicl, Carolyn Davis, Belly Nadzalc, Carol Miller, Mary Paolanlonio, Mary Wheeling. ROW 2: Mr. Rolhermel, Roberl Livilslci, Rose Dininno, Odile Clerc, Carolyn Larabee, Joan Harlling, Georgiann Malelic, Sophie Vagionis, Joseph Pav- Ialrovich, Ray Zaliovich, Diclr Kmil, Wil- mer Whilmore. ROW 3: Paul Kundral, James Wolfe, Roberl' Janicki, Waller Graham, Michael Anfonelli, Donald Pascerella, William Hrovich, Dail Fennell, Edward Price, Millon Moralis. SECTION D ROW I: Mafalda Russo, Jenny William, Anne Kress, Sylvia Caprioli, Marlen Tlralch, Barbara Nardi, Gladys Mavra- dian, Sylvia Brendle, Lilah Berlrowilz, Nell Mamrosh. ROW 2: Pele Culalalcas, Joe Vernalx, Nancy Rees, Helen Ducleniclr, Miss Grif- lilh, Marcella Smilh, Eugene Lesondalr, Richard Hudesek, Stanley Krol, Bob Hood. ROW 3: Alex Franlz, Gerald Fleeson, Charles Slroriia, John Milrulilr, Andy Faz- arisak, Bob Parasider, Lonnie Selley. SECTION E ROW I: Joyce Morgan, Cafherine Rich- ards, Irene Garda, Elizebelh Sfroclr, Vic- loria Fallcoski, Pafricia Ann Ross, Mary Ann Endroll, Nancy Harlenbach. ROW 2: James Kazil, James Schullheis. Calherine Ozenich, Peggy Sanlo, Cora Ann Dixon, Joyce Buffalini, Goldyn Turcic, Sieve Plevel, Roberl G-ourley. LeRoy Canonica. ROW 3: Lawrence Zalenslry, Bernard Bender, William Hovanec, William Boh- ren, Fred Vignovich. SECTION F ROW I: Polly Tesnovich, Lola Marzio, Angela Angelifas, Evelyn Burzese, Mrs. Russell, Jo Ann Bennefr, Shirley Thomp- son, Frances Manlco. ROW 2: Anna Marie Gaydus, Elaine Polifo, Efhel Turner, Dan Laniewski. Jimmy Siehl, Moe Dixon, Mary Ann Bal- iclri, Helena Smifh, Frances Gradelr. ROW 3: Richard Baginski, Anrhony Paul, Jim Suflon, Ray Shumslry, Sfanley Fod- erowsky, Tom Smilh, Conrad Maller. I f ft , , . f I I SECTION G fy' M Q M, HROW,I: Charlolfe Alslro,,LilIiam Gross, Josyegihipye ,.,Ri,SciV,gTiKiaYlI Vain Moss, Belh Roy1lEy,"R6be,r+al, Lelvig, I,Muaj n n Hudak, W r?'Esco'lo. H-f"i' ROW,i2Iig9aWglliam Binder, Milne DeGen- naro, hMa5ie Zunio, Gail Bufchers, Miss Rechl, "Phyllis vgsques, Agnes Azadian. Gloriaiiclsindfgs, Emanuel Miafhews, John Dishalug. ,C l.,.zL wil. 0:- Rifyfl 3: Charles Diclrsofilpliarles Row- ley, Louis Rhode, Paul Dobranslcy, Don Pelhash, Harold Vaughn, Sleve Zielinsici, James Blazier, William Smilh, John Smifh. 7 L SECTION H ROW I: Marfha Gabor, Joanne Her?- nelry, Daisy Kolar, Shirla Lewis, Shirley Meyer, Grace Perciavella, Palricia Har- vafho, Flora Horak ROW 2: Niclr Felchin, Andrew Mafzie, Joan Shaffo, Belly Thomas, Pauline Delai, Mr. Shaffer, Maxine Coafes, Cafherine Wrobelslri, Margaref Bard, Marlin Kriss. Harold Zehnder, Joseph Perusic. ROW 3: William Gabal, Bradley Bonais, Delberf Kovacevic, Donald G a r I n e r, James Corelli, Sam Calanese, Richard Kosela, Charles Johnsfon, Richard Veri- good. Miss Grilififh is lhe sponsor of lhe Ediiors Trainin Clu b g which meeis during lhe club period. This club consisls of all lhose inieresled in holdin 9 a posilion on fhe Silhouelie Siaff. The members also lear many inleresfing poiniers i journalism. fl T1 SECUON l ROW I: Joan Hrinko, Augusline Rod riquez, Angeline Vasilakis, Belly Gurcic, Norma Hendrickson, Shirley McLaughlin, Mary Sfewarl, Eugenia Yedgenak, Mary Pasco, Joan Trumbefas. ROW 2: Gregory Waslo, Kennelh Niel- son, Lawrence Slemberski, Beverly Bar- rickman, Elmira Shafer, Genevieve Ga+e- house, Calherine Hendrickson, Raymond Palmer, Edward Burak, Alexander Janis, Richard Kenny. ROW 3: Alan Borre, Frederick Ruckner, Alan Kriss, Charles Tail, Neil Roberl- son, Eugene Vallecorsca, Sieve Kuzniar, John Demprey. SECUON J ROW I: Shirley Reese, Rose Scarpiello, Margaref Bogosian, Elsie Boschefio, Miss Bogovich, Leona Wisneski, Donna Gilli- gan, Nancy Goerman, Helen Casale. ROW 2: John Cipriani, Louis Bufalini, Dolores Suchodupska, Dolores R i b a r, Mary Ann Holisek, Lorella Sasadeusz, Pal' Chanles, Kaiherine Pappas, Loreila Mubo, Edward Evans, Oscar D'Angelo. ROW 3: Joe Kohui, Eugene Kopczak, Richard Parker, Bill Babok, Ronnie David- son, Richard Kokolski, Norman Amsler, Marcus Vlassopoulos, Raymond Gaunf. SECTION K ROW I: Shirley Slubbens, Alice Oslran- der, Georgianne Papanlonio, Ca role Seagren, Dolores Trammell, Dorolhy Holro, Mary Zeranich, Veronica Jean Coswell, Marfha Ford. ROW 2: Edward Kubil, Beverly Flem- ,ming, Rila Anlhony, Anne Hupealhal, Palrricia Duszislry, Eleanor Gula, Palricia Mclnlyre, George Corey. ROW 3: Roberl Kelso, Richard Chapala, Roberf Arnefl, Roberl Olrahalic, Rob- erl Buralr, Fred Wilshire, Harry Edwards, Joe Dirdo. SECTION L ROW I: Rifa Palmer, Eleanor Weslow- slri, Mary Belhel, Gail Snodgrass, Helen Smilh, Elsie Morris, Marlha Marlin, Marie Saludis. ROW 2: Bob Sobonya, Harry Moore, Irene Kanalcis, Irene Waslo, Mrs. Lul- man, Deloris Privol, Verlie Morris, Donald Barlo, Anlhony Essecli. ROW 3: Richard Palshaw, Waller Koc- zera, Roman Lypeclryi, William Tyro, Charles Werme, Larry Wesche. Class passing in Ambridge High is a 'lascinaling lhing. From quiel corridors lhe halls are lrans- formed info a mass of sludenls headed for 'lheir nexl' period. Ea This piclure was lalren al a meeling of Mr. Beley's Camera Club. In 'rhis club fhe members learn +he parls and uses of lhe camera. They also learn prinling and developing. .,, 4, C Nr! Avis' H15 0 Alrhcugh il is agreed upon lhar llreadirf, 'rilenh and 'rilhmelicw conslilulre lhe main obiecl af high school, a sludenl also has a greal opporluniry ro enioy a rich social life. Ambridge l-ligh provides ils sludenrs wirh a well- rounded program of exlra-curricular aclivilies. 'For rhe serious-minded oralrors, lhere are debale and speech clubs. Those wilh musical abilily enioy our band, orcheslra, and vocal groups. Fulure aclors and aclresses may gel lheir imporlanlr firsl' chance in our class plays. Wriling for lrhe paper and yearbook may aid sludenls in iournalislic careers. For sludenls who are alhlelrically minded lhere are sporls, such as soccer, baskelball, baseball, mushball, and Track. Acriviries will always be a parr of our high school because rhey help lo develop us physically and menlrally. seam xr WNPIUT-"' Members of ihe Sfudenf Sena+e are from ieff io righf: ROW I: Wanda Lecznar, Jane Young, BeH'y Barkovic, Barbara Nardi, Nifa Fosfer, Mr. MaHuch, Irene Bufrey, Connie Feduska, BeHy Nadzalx, Margarei Sudia. ROW 2: Bob Gourley, Dick Kasper, John Hoico, Guy Villela, Regis 7:95 1,321 .1 ,A f FS Kubif, Roberf Arneff, Alan Kriss, Norman Hanevich, Bob Gross, Jack Marr, Peier Kohuf, John Cipriani, Andrew McClure, Paul Kozei, John Dishauzi, Teddy Psybyszewslci, Alfred Burzese, and Delberf Kovacevic. 570DfN7 5fNv47E The Srudenr Senare, rhe governing body of fhe schooi, is composed of fhe presidenrs of each homeroom. Hs purpose is ro regulere and coniroi any rnarrer concerning Jrhe high schooi or Hs srudenrs. This organizafion is under rhe sponsorship of Mr. Marruch. The Senare ohficers are Teddy Pszybyszewski, Presidenrg N o r m a n Hanevich, Vice-President Irene Buirey, Secre- Jraryg and Ahfred Burzese, Treasurer, The busy officers of the Sfudenf Senafe are pictured here faking care of a business maHer. From lef? fo righf, fhey are: Berry Barkovic, Alfred Burzese, Teddy Psybyszew- ski, Norman Hanevich, and Irene Bufrey. Pic+ured here is +he senior s+aFf of fhe S+uden+ Senaie. The Sfudenf Senafe is ihe governing body of fhe sfudenfs. They are elecfed homeroom presiden+s and aufomaficaliy become senafors. Mr. Maffuch is fhe sponsor. Tiff N!l7l0Nv4l fl0NOR 5061577 The Narional l-lonor Socieiy Ihis year is under ihe direclion oi Mrs. Weisgeiber,' These people are rhe selecr group of Arnbriolge High. Each one is raied as lo his grades, service, lead- ership, and characrer. This group is made up of The 'rop iiiieen percenr oi ihe Seniors and ihe ren highesr juniors. The girls and boys chosen have worlced Toward This goal since 'rheir sophomore year. This is one of rhe highesi honors io be achieved in our school. The following are fhe members of The Nafional Honor Sociefy: ROW I Ile'H Io righilz Davis, Bilanich, Carrico Benkerf, Young, Mrs. Weisgerber, Mr. Serene, Musgrave, Menoslcy, Meadows, Yedegenak. ROW 2: Differ, Mana- Iokis, Young, Bizic, MaH'ie, Vifivich, Kolcaslca, Kozel. ROW 3: Herbein, Boscheffo, Ihnaflrc, Scarpiello, Fardo, Kusairah, Rosenberger, Davie, Snodgrass, Cherenko, Kubif, Hanivich. ROW 4: Burzese, Villella, Pszbyszewslri, Yee, Durniak, Karnavas, Befley, Gross, Mihaloew, Hendrickson, Snyder, Dreyer, Sferreff. Members of fhe sociefy who are noi piciured are: Ombres, McClure, Marlin, Oswald, Lesondalr, Mercandanie, Haseley, Grguras, Bale, Marr, Esselr, Orler, Frey, Pafon, Arfhur, Roberfson, Bruiouf, Kempa. Two year members. ROW I: June Yea, Irene Bufney, Mrs. Weisgerber, Lorraine Arfhur, Roberf Sferref. ROW 2: Joseph Cherenlro, Lufher Hasely, Ted Pszybys- zewski, Daniel Scarpiello. was ,vmem A w Members of fh Bridger sfaff are ROW! Smi+h Davis P bulsky Carmvale Lesonadak Grguras Kroen McMillan Corey ROW 2 Mr Desanzo on Marfln Shafro Kempa Bnzzc Fuifon Mead ows Larabee ROW3 Scar puello Bufalrnl Haseley Kaza kos Bosche++o A . 2 : , ,ri- . . . I li - V . : . . SP SUV. i. r. V V I - V - 3 f' I V I - , . Andy lhnafko, our ediVor, has worked long and hard in crea+- ing fhis yearbook. Wiihouf his Vireless eFfor+s, ihe sfaff would noi have accomplished the Vhings if did. - :Q AI LM if-fs 4'-'af-"TV .36 ., 7 ii:-vi' M sw' E 3 Among flue many lobs facung +he Brndger s+aFf as +ha+ of ob annmg subscrlphons Thzs I b fhe hands Madelxne Narnos and Dolores Grguras - Doing all fhe +yping for +l'1e '50 Bridger are +wo senior members of 'the sfaff, Nancy Davis and Ann Ferencz. They worked dlllgenfly fo mee? H19 deadlune. v. U :X ' 'fi yjggm. ' , x ' ,gxgw ' J Aa A A ,,., AX 3 a -za rs 1 A W ,-1 ,,.., Us QW' , .fM,,.,,.,,..Q,.N.W,a.,4,si.q4y...V..rX , 813.19 i O J Q J, , rw gf , FN Il. ff, K 'ja lj X J ,ff ,P ff P' . ,J t , Wi- I 4' .J nf f, ,F V . ff ' W X ., f..-Mil! A 111 1" V Ol sew CXCQL' YK UV " KXKOY . Ag: 11 , Y Th E close l ah fguxdiduv' ,,5-- 5, ii, Th This is flue sfaff who pu? many hours of hard worlr a 921 info producing our Silhouelfe. ROW I: Irene Yedgnalr Andrew lhnailro Marion Essecl: Edward Woloshuk Aihena Corey Richard Boscheffo, Mary Ann Lesondalr. ROW 2: Dorothy Menoslry Donald Herbein Gloria Kroen Barry Oswald Jane Ellen Flemming Beffy Jane Oswald. xd - ' ' I U49 O L1 ' l X . M'-up--N e..f ff"k Y : I "-k. - M. ,, , ,K i . ff ,-1551, ' - ff YO l'1'-,, 1095 ' Q X. ww 'Y P Xlcwylwlvjuxxlf 'mufgnlmg my ixmmlwk NR hp 1 V 5 se X . Q K . -ul ' Tx xx L1 Cunbycggx I New gmm L ckagfx - Y? G XDA A L 'Y ' 'f ' -' ui . , V , - YC Wk . 1 lil? me . mb . m Wm 'F' lik 1 fiiiii i Unix: g Txxmv X5Y0'lL if ii as i . - f - 1 li ff .A Q E 4 lf. 3 3 , I R .-Fl s i 'KE Ki lil lilly -553 91 5 ?i.i'f gr 1 Xxilwlw 7. ' F L M532 is in klfl-ililf 7353515 , 14' XX if W ' Qiiiiga ' , ., . .A - -'Q ws r 6 2 ., W., fn, 4 M. Wa A X li jk 1 if -if s w ig 59,13 u 'iw .5-H-Lii,5Ajgg i QQ I ,wiygii vllyf ,..k5-jfgigggi i ' . if ll-iii? ix l , Q, V zfzlffii ami , gf fifggf aasaia i A fr-,fri 5 -,fflj W, fmsgifz Q Cliff i llsxi . A if xv. PK - O ,mann A O uv A .Bi ,. is - Si alla as is in , i Q 112154 O' if- P 9' Cf' Y? 452.7 S f I a sown A RT " wma O? ini .0 ilezluiwui me . ' QU K ' ., .- X md Lf - Chmuuv Him: 2 is O ci Tfilbhc' i,..,mi 'O-9 in miie ,. , . ,eq mg cf ' fx ., 2 1 , ef , l , Z M fxvf' ' ' NelSYl3k. d nal Joan ROW l- Elsie Boscheffo Mary Ma on D fave Palricia Laughner Shirley MuS9 51 Dolores Grgura Lamsn Viluvifch Gerry er W 2: Florence Joan Bl-emm Shirleg Riejfl S53 Kremmel June Rogers Jean en e , if! ,.M,s.izz1d,11.v ii: v..-K ggznts gr: X 1 Q. Lv" A3114-"1 A -1- - V-.1 vvuevx-mn uv mu in N ,iv-Q.-qimmmxvQu.s. . N Y Ga+el1ouSe Mildred Bjoniiiss A-mn Gail Bulflhefs Genny Conrad Matter. Marhsulher Hase' Mamrosh- ROW 'iaialeow Reber, GourIeYDale Tafquinio ,mahaleow JTR Backwash Jo Anil wo Mal'Y A me, ScdYPie o' iizloineffe Narnsh Rose ' ' Bollman' I ' Pania. F""e"Ce , ' - J ne Ellen Flemmmg' Roose ' . a -Q -.gvu , F" Q - la zz, i .fi K f 1,1-Q,,,.1 N f , . 9 ll me ,ww W5 e- 1 r I: 'L K 1 :sn I"' 'wi jp I i ' 5' ..- 'l f ... ,ff 45. A , L av GV 'f ,qw ,2 ' lan Y 'fi Nu? . lfyfl ' K- .. ilffiziz of . 'iw grime. 1117126211022 sw h 'ii' 4? frame , L. iziiclei' Mix E. T , V l "fl -..Ml bows! will be Ur D:l"bu'W' Emp V iii W yoiisipicizoiislhi' ciigliigiqlqf ,wlnguiilglvff ,iffy 'im1i?fx1,1?Q5 v on cliff Ililrd ilgissiz Afide iioni pliricfi- ffm l Qrzlphs, lilly c'z11':'Giit news lhflf Cuzizzw gi ,ISA J too Eats- ui piilplfwli iii me Silliazzrrzm, L 'ha thgfmmf ' will be iiwted lzcie. Aiiotlis-i' zimrzic- Vudjw iIf,l,,A l tion Lo :he bulletin board will bv uf' the 'lF:ifliimzi Paid", to be posted ldhlngg 'Dum efvoi'y uwk. This feszixire no keep gil! latwt im CIYRYQQ oi' UCCH the Keep your for me Ia X NM., mia 5.450 ,. . iliix yfezii' S schedule ol' paid sis- jifylgf libiicx iiiciudw fix my Qiiiw- liers who will be on llzmci LO pig,-gy ,wil their sliows io tlif' .stuileiits ' giiibridgc High. Lliii S10si1:.M 'X cf Ali" of the . , ., ii Dizkef Ui' will pro' ' ' Ilia' Ilw Xflfllffl ii- seii his , i . .. 'Dal V i'0::liii1i ai' Miss P1 X , Ulifoiiclf-1'. 'fix ill Q lf iii et gmicl XEHI' v 'PX-..,N. Slic 3 , iiisi eigihi f mbps 4. .Lian she came to 5 lA Worn on an public my I Ambridge High School. , pcaizizicek, The reason for doing this V, The Ufhel' I1'121.l0FEU8, MW" L' Imelmnm' ' first, is to get ready for the annual f Bufahm' WW' t k Us ANA A ' lf . ,M K' U Uudi 3 msmm' yearbook picture. The !f131Y7f'iQ,"f' iziicl American Izifliziii new and ni., ifontinud on Page 2? Y NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY wx, CHARTER MEMBERS S EAT E D 1 Licia Carclinale, Peggy M c M i I I e n, Gloria Kroen, Andy lhanllxo, Don Herbein, Ed Woloslmulr, Sally Cerrlco, Mary Ann Lesondalc, Diane Lewis, Irene Yedgnalr. STANDING: J a cl: Karnavas, Flora Smillu, Mr. Serene, Mr. Desanzo, Dan Scarpiello, Jane Hemming, Tony Pasco, Dor- ofhy Shaffo. Twenly sludenls were lniflaled as clrarfer members of Thes- pian Traupe No. l032 on Feb- ruary 24, with Mr. Desanzo as sponsor. FOOTBALL PATRO STAN DIN G, Ieff Io righfz Peier BeIIey, Richard Bosch- eH'o, Frifz Serak, and Mariin Kriss. SITTING: Tom Plasko, Harry Nardi, Barry Oswald, and Richard Roberison. ww 'u x P AQ Q I I .V ,A AQ., N rv' ,X f N..,,. X A S' V N I' Q45 N: Sw xg ,Ni , ' H , 1 Q.. 1. , K XA ' 4 uw -X L. TI Y' - v ?-'-ox y GIRLS' PATROL I STA N D I N G, Iefi' fo righh BeH'y Brandi, Marion EsseIz. Joanne Baio, NiIaFFosIer, FIor- ence Vifivich, Jane Yo u n g. ,lean Genovese, and Audrey Mahoney. SITTING, Ieff Io righf: Norma Schmidf, Marion Azich, Eileen Mercandanfe, Shiriey Musgrave, Mary Ann Lesondalr, Janef Zehnder, Dor- ofhy BiIanich, Lorraine Arfhur, Toni BaIo, and Jackie Oswald. N 1 I , viii' I -iff , K. Q .. - , 4 N 4 CHEERLEADERS These are Ihe members of fhe Cheerleading Squad of Am- bridge High School. The iob of Ihis group is fo Ixeep The sfudenis' enihusiasm aroused. They have done a magnificenf job and should be commended for Iheir own spirif. STAGE SQUAD SEATED: Jaclr Mihaloew, Rich- ard Alviani, Paul Dreyer, Jim Mihaloew. STANDlNG: Tony Pasco, John Mazur, Charles Gallagher, Harry Nardi, The Slage Squad handles all lhe properfies and scenery essen- lial To The plays and olher acriviries presenled on our high school slage. - w c ' fav frffffi iziw 1 5 Q .kg even my H , . -. V ,miss s ig, 1 f-ifzef.. my ,-,S .ff X, X, as A , r ,T MAKE-UP COMMITTEE Ed Wolushulx, Vivian Kolder, Dolores Grguras, A 'r h e n'a Corey, Evelyn Davies, Liian Campbell, Joanne Cafrielle, Norma Furness, Don Herbein. The make-up commifree is in charge of applying make-up 'For all fhe school presenfa- lions. They are a hard-working bunch who deserve a lol of credit . ,,,.0.,i.-,- bs -ww :ix 1- W- ,f 5,5 3 A c , 1 XA? fk. iv E sfigtfa M ,Kg V' E" W' AQ? ik yt at A T' in k vm x li STAGE ELECTRICIANS SEATED: Bill Nizniclx, Mr. Ax- fell, Anlhony Pelic. STAND- ING: Richard Frey, Joseph Cardinale. These boys' spe- cial handling of The lighfs con- fribufes much 'foward making Our school programs a success. wife- me A was , , X W- N., fs NW Nf K xv, x H ,Vp vbw xl v.f 4 XV ,, 1 V USHER COMMITTEE ROW I: Joann Bremmer, Cla- rissa Larabee, Phyliss Werk. Mrs. Weisgerber, V i r gin ia Jula, Belly Barlcovci, Joann Palladini. ROW 2: Anne Bizic, Alhena Corey, Shirley Mus- grave, Dolores Grgilras, Jerry Laman, Hilda Davidson, Ann gSarlcasin,Ylune Rogers. RrOW 3: Nifa Carnevale, Niia Fos- fer, Gloria Kroen, M a rio n Esselr, Lois Kunz, Beiiy Brandi, Mary Smiih, Vicki Ama+o. . 1, , r 2. hx f 9 bww? vs, Jusi one of 'rhe many iobs given fo ihe Ushereiies. Here we see a group of girls folding programs for graduaiion exer- cises. The ushere+fes were very helpful in fhe many formal acfivifies which fool! place during fhe year. M vpn' K , H W- all ,sm .. , f V , V Fi-fn ' A SAFETY PATROL These boys are in charge of fhe safely of each high school sfudenl. Le'f+ 'lo right boliom row are James Kazakis, Joe Sasinovich, Tony Pasco, Mr. Kokoski, sponsorg Harry Nardi and George Gudzan. Top row: Richard Ochman, John Maiur, Dan Scarpiello, Eugene Kozel, Bob Kolakowski, and John Sfranko. "MR. FIXITS" Here we see Moe Rubenslein direcfing mainfenance work on fhe baskelball banking board. The boys are fixing a brace. The machine shop boys help fake care of mosf of lhe repair work around fhe school. LEADERS CLUB ROW I: Florence Va gia S. Gloria Pasfelalc, Dorolhy Bila- nich, Nancy Merlin, Fawn Virgin, Srephanie Mazur, Cla- Q rissa Larabee, Clarice Mead- ows. ROW 2: Belly Hricilr, Joan Janiclci, Dolores Mihal- Slly, Miss Sphar, Miss Yosl, Dorolhy Wilson, Jo Ann Belo. Diane Lewis. ROW 3: Gloria lorfido, Mariorie Presron, Rose Marie Rinaldi, Barbara Lee gf Robinson, Dale Tarquinio, and r M Lucille Barlolomuccl. MKVL CHESS TEAM The members of rhe Chess Club, from lefl lo righl' are: ROW I: Joseph Cherenko, Mr. Sleinbero June Yee, Lurher Hasely. ROW 2: Joe Mehenlcgj Pefer Befley, and Mifchell Kempisfy. Mp? V-v, BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club under The direciion of Mr. Hlisla goes info fhe deeper defails of biological sub- iecls. Q- ln fhis picfure are a group of boys being frained in fhe manly arf of self defense. This club is under fhe leadership of Mr. Serene, our principal. The club meefs every Thursday in fhe old sixfh grade gym. Af each session Mr. Serene poinfs ouf errors + rh b ' o e oys, who in furn affempf fo correcf fhern The Golf Club, under fhe able direcfion of Mr. Rofhermel, is shown af one of fheir weekly meefings. The boys learn fhe fundamenfals of golf and gain valuable experience. The club engages in indoor pracfice be- fore fhey begin playing on fhe course. . , OUR CLUBS Qur school offers more Than iusf books and classes. If also Learning fo worlc wirh of offers a wide variefy of clubs. hers, fo be a leader, fo a c c e p f responsibilifies, fo affain worfhwhile recreafion - fhese are some of The obiecfives f o our clubs. Clubs such as fhe Ushers Club and Palrol are organized fo be of service fo fhe school while Debafe and Dramafics provide in- formal learning. The clubs give fhe sfudenls an opporfunify lo develop lheir inferesls and fo become more expressive. af-44 N, , wg-a. f 'mf ART PUBLICITY The arl pulalicily commillee malces poslers aclverfising fhe evenls of our school. ROW I Gallagher, Woods, Kokilick, S'rasney, Manaloulras, Mifchell, Balmer, Mafiie, Brandi, Tabin Bowman, Koczera. ROW 2: Lipclryi, D'Allesandris, Dreyer, Tyloslry, Savie, Bonavila, Mrs Lufman, Ro+oIo, Koslas, Heiberl, Bufalini, Bruno, Marlin. ROW 3: Zappie, Zalrovich Vaughn, Punioclr, Mazur, Barlo, Gilberl, Pafricelli, Yee, Mihalich, Tusiclr, Nardi. FINANCE COMMITTEE The finance commillee is made up of, ROW l: Jane Young, Barbara, Robinson, Marion Esselr, Sally Carrico, Jayne Graham, Theresa Ellen Dilz, Edilh Smifh, cluanifa Young, and Vicki Amafo. ROW 2: Theresa Collella, Margaref Pezzillo, Margaref Sudi, Helen Manos, Phyllis Kululalris, Vivian Bosh, Mary Madonna, Florence Vifevilch, Joan Palladini, and Joan Garner. ROW 3: Mr. Horseman and Peler Befley. Q--1 K if X My . ,J 5 ,f ,i C ' K f , ,V ' 113 h 2 X51 , 5 MPM ,S ,L t, A Kg i A ,, I H Af ,M , 4 ffLQ ,, m , K K .N VM: Af' CMR W nf A K x f W k'k'L kkty k""AWA' "N Www.. LN 5 9 ,A wwli N Miva' 1, s , 5 Q w N Gloria Mack L? Q , X, Q . MM , 3 A fy 3 J , 4 QQ, ,Q +5"Q' " x .rf r ' , wx i Q ,' ,A 1 A 1 , f ff Mary Ann Bufalini. , r 2 f I Y I K J Beverly Romigh I 3 7 0 1 Vi . if is Kafhern Wroleleslci ff v SELL? uh E W Q Q "Calfskin Calisfhenicsu I Q , "Trombones Triumphaniu N ,sw-wfa. - ' - . 5 , A., ,Z -' 9 . X , ' wi 1.2" A-J 'L ' ' Q 'V' V '. QU In L0 P A K E 3 L, x 'I ' w .,' w54,tJ 51, 1f,.' is ' 1' "Oodies of Noodles" V 0 DirecfoL.V. J. SPOff1q " J 1 ,W V so 4 v t 6.1 " C V K -f " 1.4 . f In A1 A .555 - ' , :4,jQiggiJ E'i Q J "' T K ,g -I zkgiwf ,.Vk .,.A, . W - AJS ,L-' A ,g 5 V lF7W"9'5?1 AK' 5? 'M ., "-" 75 iw V W ' fix C NIOCAL Music: MIXED ENSEMBLE ROW I: Belis, Dixon, Amafo, Kroen, Kobliclr, Musgrave, Flemming, Suclilc, Lois Mahoney. ROW 2: Janiclri, Laugh- ner, Simoni, Parson, Walko, Lockwiclr. Farlzo. ROW 3: Zalenslri, Granilz, Slranko, Shusler, Mazur. em L 5' CHORUIS Amos ROW I: Cosfanzo, Lesondalc, E. Ma- honey, Koblilr, Laughner, Kroen, Pres'ro. A. Mahoney, L. Mahoney, Srorar, Laman. ROW 2: Maffie, Gozur, A. MaHie, Kron- sfein, Beck, Edwards, Zagar, Manos, Hunf, Zondas. ROW 3: Ciccone, Marzio, Hendon, Williams, Wisneslai, Lecznar Mercadanfe, Sulrevifch, Kunz, Robins. SECOND SOPRANOS ROW I: Nafalie Lugoswlci, Virginia Jula, Lucille Cardinale, Wilma Paliana, Marion Esselr, Audrey Mahoney, Lois Mahoney. Roberla Srorar. ROW 2: Anne Hog- gard, Connie Seagren, Margie Presron, Lorraine Kosras, Miss Parsons, Barbara Pafrick, Dolores Beck, Gerry Laman, Clare Riddleman. ROW 3: Rose Marie Gagliardi, Irene Yedgenalr, Irene Capi- iiades, Belly Brandi. FIRST SOPRANOS ROW I: Veronese, Young, Kierdah, Slam- enilr, Flemming, Nezik. ROW 2: Percival, Madonna, Smifh, Azich, Carnevale, Pri- bulsky, Panaia, Sudik. ROW 3: Vifovich Gefz, Fosfer, Pafrerson, Lesondak, Lock- wich, Bosh, Woods. ROW 4: Clark, Wil- liams, Palladini, Alberls, Sfasny, Yed- genak, Amalo, Dixon. ' is sf- is is if 9 if AN 5-1 n 4 gigs, 5 -wi ff- so N- 1 , yi Y f if '. , ,JU sf Ll? i ,V Mi, Q QL? i .K . X , M , we 1 , A Q I, Q X, I rom MADvRiegAL CLUB , J J . ,fl 'V I , 'I u W W c ' i V if I l ,fbi 'li 5 V h I 3 If rl K lr. 5 JU if ll' ,f 5' UV ll ., Y' ,, " ,-2' ,U if mixeldf lbnserfjble condxzicied bi' Miss Parson if signglla! A"! lhe annuailljEllcsf'Memorial Service held in - lhe Amerifa,g1"Legibn.-' Among lhe selecfions ren- ldered vfelge "Go Sing of Mine" and "Now Lei All The Heafvens Agere Thee." Lois Mahoney and , Shi2lVey'iMusg7raife accompanied fhem. V I Y W, , i' i f i, , f 'r'b ies a greal deal lo our This vocal group con rx u h I Their beaufiful caroling in +he halls a+ sc oo . Chrislrnas fime is always looked forward lo. ROW . . . D. th Amafo Gagllardi Kmehc, Brandi, lxon, I: Smi , , , OW 2: Alberls, Leson- Flemming, Sudilx, Preslo. R dak, Kempa, Finafri, Robbins, Zondas, Miss Parsons Jula, Zawasky, Belis, Sraznilx, Narios. ROW 3 Hoggard Musgrave, Laughner, Gefz, Koblilr, Kroen L. Mahoney, E. Mahoney, Lockwick. s eg if 74 - 1 T, is 1 ip 3 5 5 ' Q S 1. ' A 'vi g 1 , g 5: i - T. R Er' R 5 ' R 6, .,.,,,x 5 :sf .,,- g. - ,V ' ...,- ' 5- ,Q . 'asf'-095 -53: Zh, Wk T Lg A . 5 , , ww. T T Y, 43 in r ,T . ar' , --age. . V aw I? Q may 39 1 t 7 O of ,T ff il" f-am , as s H, . 4""'Y- f.A..w-1' :V 1 B 'Ti if R , 4 T 1 - .MA 2 - ff' if ' s '11, X 1 2 W T K we R Q I J ., 4 hgh V im... This is parl of ihe Madrigal Club which sings al' lum, Pugliano, Wallro. ROW 2: Janicki, Tusiclc, many school even+s. The group pracfices diligenrly Weil, Miss Parson, Slranko, Shusler, Fardo. ROW every Thursday morning for fheir concerf. ROW I: 3: Zelinslri, Granifz, Parro. Kisiday, Kozalcas, Oswald, Mazur, Simoni, McCol- An informal shof of a music class in Miss Parson's room. These boys appear fo he hard af work af 'Their singing. Many Sfudenis are drawn ioward These classes and all parficipafe in fhe vocal concerf in 'the Spring. 75 Q The Boys' lnlramural Baslrellnll Team plays every Wednesday under lhe sponsorship of Mr. Cos- lello. The caplains are: Jappie. Frey, Ballas, Palmer, Coslello, Val- lecaiso, Zalcovich, Noawic i n s lr i, Addison, Kerr, Bruno, King, Sas- inovich, Hanevich, K o v a n v ic, Felchin, Arnell, Kozul, Pyzybys- zswslzi, Dunmeyer, Marolli. CANTEEN COMMITTEE This commillee is in charge cf all alilairs concerning lhe can- ieen. ROW I: Carol Seagreen, Dolores Suber, Clarissa Lara- bee, Toni Balo, June Heiloerl, Mary Ann Lesondalr, Dorolhy Bilanich, Rose Veronese, Do- lores Grguras. ROW 2: Ev- elyn Davies, Rose Panaia, Mr. Barner, Miss Trembley, Mr. Ta g ga rl, Mr. Fink, Diane Le w i s, Dorolhy Zimmerman. ROW 3: Tony Pasco, John Farclo, John Mazur, Ted Pszy- byszewslri. INTRAMURALS Each homeroom has a leam which bowls afler school. The capfains are: ROW I: Wilson, Tesnavich, G-oerman, Mr. Sleinberg, Reese, Trcmbelis, Mercadanle, K o s l' a s. ROW 2: A. Mahoney, Tyro. Mickey, Bard, Orler, Jones, L. Mahoney, Tyro, Mickey, Bard, Orler, Jones, L, Mahoney. ROW 3: Ulinslni, Kolrolski, K o z a ko s. Felchin, Kovacivic, Zalrovich. 4siYmWWXT f . pdfto PM 'S the Sl V Ol, Play conslilrules guile a large and inwporlanl pail in lhe slory of our school life. Co-operalion ancl lair play, essenlial faclors in all sporls, are given a chance lo develop lo lhe highesl degree in lhe sludenls Through lhe program of sporls which is carried on in our school. The lraining rules which go wilh parlicipalion in alhlelics help lo mold us info able-bodied young men and women who will loe capable of compeling wilh olhers in lhis modern worlcl ol science and speed. fy 5 -I ff ROW I: Joe Kohuf, Wilmer WhiTmore, George Corey, John Homialr, Alberi OTrahaIiIr, Mifch KempisTy, AI Kuhni, Dick KmiT, Mike Sebonya, and Eugene Ondralno. ROW 2: ASsisTanT Coach John Budimir, Kenny STewarT, VARSITY F00 The GarneT and Grey opened The i949 grid campaign wiTh a smashing 57-O vicTory over ST. JusTin. Taylor Allerdice was dealT a sTinging deTeaT aT The hands oT The Bridgers by a score oT 27-O. New BrighTon proved To be a Tougher Toe, buT The lvloemen came ouT on Top, 20-I3. SporTing Three wins and no losses, The Bridgers Tangled wiTh The always dangerous Beaver Falls Tigers. Our boys played a TerriTic game, buT losT a hearT-brealcer as a sensaTional caTch by a Tiger halTbacIc slammed The door oT vicTory in Their Taces. The score was I4-I3. Crossing The river, The Team encounTered a big and rough Aliquippa Indian. The Bridgers were scalped by The Indians Bob MosIreTTi, Earl Edwards, Tony Pecararo, Paul Hrinlxo, Ernesf Orler, Joe GiIberT, Rich I.iviTski, Don PaTricelIi, PeTe Sezenias, STeve Kurch, and Manager Bob HarmaTTo. ROW 3: AssisTanT Coach Joe HIisTa, Harold HusTon, PeTe TBA!! 1949-50 who wenT on The warpaTh To push over Two TD's in The TirsT hall: and wallc away The vicTor, I4-O. The RochesTer Rams didn'T charge hard enough: ThereTore, The GarneT and Grey Took The edge oTT Their horns wiTh a Thrilling I3-6 vicTory. Am- bridge and NorTh CaTholic meT head on. The resulT - a 20-20 deadloclc. The Ellwood CiTy Wolverines were Too Tough, and The Bridgers losT a hard-ToughT-baTTle, 20-I2. The GarneT and Grey meT McKeesporT in The season's Tinale. The RubensTein coached lads played Their hearTs ouT, buT The Tuloers were The conquerors by a score OT 20-O. And Thus ended anoTher chapTer in The annals oT Ambridge I-Iigh TooTball. , ,iw wi " Bill Jones, Ted Homialx, Dave Larabee, Dick Kasper, James Siehl, George Moranz, Ray Sfanislxy, Ralph A uil- q era, John Hoko, John Bezubialc, and John Gaspersic. fw"'i5'2 'U l. vl e . : ,J K 5 , 1, , f G - ,, K. F 7 . 3 l .. x -'kg wwf ' L .V 5, ' . Q L vw -2 - wg, Q 33 4: 4,--. H ld Husfon, righf endg Earl Edwards, righi laclrleg John DeGennaro, BYO righl guardg Brian McCar+hy, cen+erg Bob Weil, leff guardg Tony h l ff cl' Don Palrlcelll, rlghl halfbacltg Pecora, leff laclrleg Sieve Kurc , .e en Ernesf Orler, quarler ac halfbaclr. b kg Bob Moslrelli, fullbaclrg Paul Hrinlro, leff oe" Ruben- Main cogs in grid machine . . . Head Coach "M h B d' ' and Joe Hlis'ra, are fhe sfein, and assis+an+s Jo n u :mir haf sfarl from rock boHom wih green inexperienced men f , , fellows and build up io a well-drilled machine funclioning smoofhly in all eleven posilions. ,W . sign, i lun Sw , , A? Nw ,. ef N'kw.sP Y New , SE'Ll:u.eQ!l'..f1,w.vsrPur .LNCS HICKIN6' IN fXPERl.ElVL'f Coach Nivloel' Rubensiein will lose nine lellermen Through graduaiion. They are: Don Palriceili, haliback: Reds Qrler, guarlerbaclcj Joe Gilbert guard: l-larold l-lusion, end: John De- Gennaro, guard' Bob Weil, guard: John Kisidav, guard: Don Osirowslci, end, and John Gaspersic, lullbaclc. Jack Sweilzer, end, will be ineligible nexl year because of his age. Nine lellrermen will relurn, and among These, Tive are regulars. During The basl' season oi nine games, Bob lvioslceiii, pile-driving iullbaclc, was The leading 0VERHOWlN6' WIN! H6197 scorer wilh seven TD's and five exlrra poinls, Moslcerli, a iunior, also ranked iourlh in The Counry scoring wilh 47 poinis. Kenny Slewarl, ileelfiooied halibaclc, was second behind ivlos- lcelii as he collecied 3l poinis on five TDs and one exlra poini. Paul l-lrinlco, swivel-hipped hali- baclc was Third in The scoring race wilh I6 poinls. And in lourlh posiiion was The lbrainsl' oi The Team, Quarrerbaclc Reds Orler, who racked up l2 poinls. Whoa Boy . . .A Beaver Falls gridder being converged upon by a hosi of Ambridge players. This confesi was hailed as one of The mos? exciting games wifnessed by sporis fans. The Tigers showed greai' spunh in overcoming a I3-7 deficii in 'fhe las? I5 seconds by whipping The Bridgers, I4-I3. Good Luck, Boys . . . The Bridgers are seen irofiing oui onio The field prior io anofher grid coniesf. Sfariing 'the season as an inexperienced group, The Garner and Grey soon developed inio a greaf, smoo?h- working grid machine. The Bridgers were leaders in many deparimenfs of which one was 'rhe abilify To never give up. . yn y News from home . . . Time oui from fhe vigorous grind of sfrenuous aclivify is falcen by fhe boys lo cafch up on +he lalesl lid-bifs from home. The fellows are amused over lafesf gossip from good ole Ambridge. Sfraiegy . . . Assislanl Coach Hlisla mapping oul' a defensive plan of slrafegy for fhe eager, onloolr- ing Bridger leam. Head Coach Rulaens+ein's prodigies are drilled 'thoroughly in all phases and fundamenlals of foolball. The I949-50 edilion of lhe gridiron squad developed info one of lhe fighfingesl Teams ever fo don Garnel and Grey uniforms. A li' 'A vrovl-TV . , qlfl f,I,aI'- L.'H 'Pnl "fl Ki sl. ii-bio Life vt L-'Cl has 2 .. +1 Mighly delermined . . . Scarlaaclr Kenny Slewarl lugs lhe pigslcin for a sizable gain in a holly-confesled baffle wifh fhe Rams from Rochesler. The Bridgers copped 'the conlesf by a I3-6 score. VARSITY BASKETBAZZ 0F 19.50 ,J -we SQUAD Pee Kohui, Tom Punioclr, Co-Caplain Bernie Jan- icki, Co-Capfain Bob Harmaffo, John Mazure, Head Coach Bob Palmer, Rich Bufalini, Ray Slan- islry, Jim Hill, George Moranz, George HarmaHo, Bob Bailey, Assisfani Coach Tom Osso. Under fhc capable leadership of Bobby Palmer, fhe 1949-50 edifion of our squad has iurned in anofher ac- credifed performance. Talking fhings over. . . Head Coach Bob Palmer and his new assisfanf, Tom Osso, discuss fhe progress of fhe 'team as sialed in fhe local newpaper. Bofh coaches use fhe fasf break sfyle of play and emphasize accuracy af ihe 'Foul line. 4 f YJSQMW-f ,Mlm " 9, , x Q 1 1 H 0 Z A V .-, an 5 , . V 2 215 T 1 155422 . . ,R S5 . KL., , 54595539 , , . ' V f3v54j'f. f5 1 'Ww- : ,wf Q AQ, A -,-. I 32311 - 4 I , fx ? W W. W. u., d Qp. r r IMW . ' 3' 'wah 951 7 W fy f ,L f1:gf"h-1 wr: f- -.T H 1 Div Q ki S Y ' HP 4 1 an 'L+ W' "1 5 1 Lf ' .5 Q 3 ...fn A . mah wwwzmfj fr 5' fs W ,. , fm? mmf L- nl' i,,,, if S 41 if W ,A-ew 'Fx Q , ,,, 'spew 'f ',1k::,x'm K gn o ,AH .. -. ff ,K A flu .'2a:-2:2 ffl K ,N , f 1,-zaxevmfuuefviwy ' iw: 'fy- ?5 1 Mvivmn-vw fwmmfwmfmw k , .,., 5 f 12 ' , -575 'f Q' W 1 + ' , il. iw 5 , ., , 4 Q , , awry .. X y i I 5 a i I F? 1 . QQ. xi if BRIDGIFRS DEMON5'7Rv47f SPIRIT VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Arnbridqe 42 Earrell 45 Arhbriclge 42 Soulh l-lills 30 Ambridge 43 Cenfral Calh. 3l Ambridge 54 lvloriaca 5l Ambridge 48 Beaver Falls 32 Ambriclge 68 Vanclergrill 3l Ambridge 45 Aliquippa 54 Ambridge 68 Sharpsville 26 Amloridge 52 Coraopolis 27 Amlorlclge 57 Vamdergrill 27 Amloridge 43 Sharon 46 Arnbridge 63 Buller 36 Ambridge 62 New Caslle 44 Ambridge Sl Allegheny 55 Ambriclqe 56 Ellwod Clly 35 Ambriclqe 79 Scheriley 33 Arribridge 44 Farrell 56 Ambriclge 49 Sharom 52 fxmbridge 38 Beaver Falls 35 Ambfldqe 65 New Casfle 4l Ambrldge 55 Aliquippg 46 faxmlarifjlqe 60 .Ellwood Oily 45 Lay up . . . wifh anofher 'fas+ break, u Co-Caplain Bob Ha'rmaHo is piclured ripping +he cords of his lay up shofs. The Briclgers, who have employed fhe se Bob as one of- iheir reliable mainsfays. Move Over Chum . . . Slellar Guard Tom Punioclx charging in for anofher one of his famous lay up shcfs. Tommy has come along in recenl years and has a++ained fhe peak of his high school floor career fhis season. 4 me .. , .. . 4 ..MqmMv ffgsxsi' :' - ff . , , K ,,,,, s m, 4, A I MZ fe ii 46 Axe, A. W,,, , 3- 4 W 'l T 5 Q I L I Rss 5 wg vs .Wil Ag. QR . N 1 ig? 1 sa, -f.M..., .. K., W . 'A sg HQ fi K . Rv i V sense? . 5, w-nnavmf.-www' . I , . ,Mr 2 . , ,Q Some Poinlers . . . Coach Bob Palmer is shown poinfing ou? lo lhe varsilv squad and fheir capable replacemenfs an imporlanf defensive maneuver planned for lhe oposilion, Coach Palmer will lose fhree regulars lhrough gradualion buf lhe resl of lhe feam will refurn for anolher season. Glenn Whilehair, James Siehl, Bob Gourley, Jim Kazil, and Andy Layorsialc, Head Coach Bob Pal- mer, Rich Verigoocl, Diclm Kasper, Bill Kosis, and Assislanf Coach Tom Osso. These boys show a lol Of promise and should develop inlo a sharpshooling championship leam. 1 QT? CR055' COUNTRY CongraTulaTionsl STaTe Champsl Our cross, counTry Team, coached by DwighT Piper, com- pleTed The mosT successTul season in The schools hisTory. The Team, led by Ted Pszybyszewslci, who brolce many records, was undeTeaTed during The regular season. AT Alcoma CounTry. Club The Thin-clads won The WPIAL championship, and fr f ROW l: Richard Kenny, William Bard, Marlin Kriss, Gay BenneTT. ROW 2: Clyde Thompson, Roy Percival, Bob Gross, Glenn Snodgrass, Ted Pszybys- zewslxi, Richard Snodgrass, Frand Schlei- Ter, Manager Joe Pavlokovich. ROW 3: Ronnie Wilson, James Barcaslcey, Greg- ory KosTas, Eddie Evans, Charles Slcoriz, Coach DwighT Piper, William Binder, Charles LuTz, Dick BarTo, Clyde Boyd, Dennis McCoy, and Ted Felk. - STATE L'flv4MP.S' They also copped The PlAA championship aT STaTe College. This is The TirsT STaTe champion- ship ever To be recorded in The chapTers oT Am- bridge High sporTs. Ted Pszybyszewslqi won The individual Two-and-a-quarTeremile TiTles in bolh The WPIAL and The PlPxA meeTs. PicTured are Gay BenneTT, Guy Villela, Bob Gross, Ted Pszybyszewski, and Glenn Snodgrass. ln winning The WPIAL indi- vidual TiTled in cross-counTry, Ted Pszy- byszewslri sei' a new record. Bob Gross, . f', fs , T if T .sg-if 1 55' P X ' , Q ' f J V: 4- ,1 , , a iunior who should break quiTe a few , ,,," , , s""f9 .. records before he graduaTes, finished if 3 , ' second. Glenn Snodgrass placed sev- -- , T fi' T T V . . . . . . 7 'i Z V " ' ' l ' 1-'Qfi : W' enTh and William Heranlc finished n1nTh. ga , 3 ' ' I gi 5 , A r 1 ,M ,3 jr , I 3:1 , , , , , W ' ' liz' 1 'Q ' 'si' i f gf W'?ii"ff , :Mi Roy Percival won The individual TiTle n f 1 V 2 ' f' I ' V, yyyy 5, si The WPIAL gunor varsiTy meet Ted Pszy- J 1 ' , V . ,, ,. , , T ' ., fs ,Q f' f byszewslu, Bob Cross and Glenn Snod- mix jgfi. Q ' ' -, VHF, ?"7"?,'Z"?fT' - ,f ' f' , ,Q . . ' . T T ,.,,, 'T 3 f T 14 f if grass finished fxrsf, fourfh, and elghTh. ' , sis' ' ' f ' ., A' M- - 1 1 wg, .Lvl respechvely in The PIAA championship, I, , s ,. , ' 3 iii: ', - ,, ,T . Maria -3 rf ' ' 1, WON bY The Bf'd9efS- 1 E, irs, ifgrfilzfif T- 7 fp J T ' ., A T , s if 7, 3 V 1 ,Qi Li ,jeg .fc ,LVN 527, . .L VJ 1 I ,K X, Ak Jeff? ii T ' ' ' I ' lf A " .. W f.,,:.,:1,v ,I 1 L . JT, K- 1 -if , , yi L 4 M, .-,Ep i ., , , H,5r.:1g,,3:'A K I . xy fy 4 ' V ,fr lk v- V, f I I , K ' i yy, f Tim , M .,.. r in ,. ,. ,, -f i 1 ,,,. ' 1 V- A w A , L B Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Arnbridge Ambridge I949 BASEBALL SCHEDULE 5 2 I 2 3 7 3 5 I 7 5 5 5 2 Seclion 8 W,P,I.A,L. Champions Aliquippa Sharon Farrell Beaver Falls Ellwood Cily Aliquippa Sharon Farrell Beaver Falls Ellwood Ciry PLAY-OFF Midland Robinson Ferdebar, Slewarl, Joe Farquahr, Harris, Whilehair, Scheer, and Coach "Sparky" Adams. Manager Pavlolrovich, Lias, McKee, Janiclri, Orlowslri, Kanarslzi, Pellegrino, and Manager Lewandowslu. Jerry Farquahr, Schmidf, Morgan, Tzefalcis, Barfo, Oswald, and Hoclnevar Ge? 'Ihe Sign . . . Sran "Siush" Orlowslxi has been a regular on fhe 'team for Ihree years. A curve ball specialisf, he com- piled a record of Iwo wins and no losses during Ihe I949 campaign. Mound Corps . . . From lef'r Io righf are "Sfush" Orlowski, Barry Oswald, and'Joe Hochevar. These fhree comprise Ihe nucleus of fhe pifching sfaff. Long Sfrefch . . . Reaching way ouI' for a pul-oul is Bernie Janiclci, sfellar firsf- sacker. Janiclzi, a long-ball hifler, Ihrows and bafs righl. 4 0 4 4 0 4 I I 3 3 0 3 Coach Len Rofhermei, who led ihe Am- bridge High Golf Team io second place in Secfion 3 compeiiiion with a record of five wins and fhree losses. 60Zf 75441 Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge I949 GOLF SCHEDULE Cenirai Cai-holic O Ambridge II',f2 Avonwor+h 6 Ambridge 4 fz Wesiview IOVZ Ambridge I4'fQ Sewichley 4 Ambridge HV2 fz Moon Township I IVZ Ambridge I IV2 Avonworih 3V2 Wesi View Ii Sewiclziy V2 Moon Township 3'fZ Ceniral Cafholic 3V2 s Q i 1 The members ol lhe Princelon Teams are: ROW I Eslher Olsen. ROW 2: Rulh Hanger, Elsie Blaclce ford, Joan Janiclri, Shirley Fullon, Millicenl Mam- ula. ROW 3: Mary Auslin, Lucille Barlolo, Sleph anie Mazur, Irene Bulrey, ROW 4: Margie Paller son, Berlha Krones, Pally Duliclc, Virginia Agrecy. 6.-eorgianne Dunn. I Miss Spahr and Miss Yosl are lhz girls' physical educalion inslruclors. Annuallv lhey sponsor a Gym Exhibilion and an All-Slar Yale-Princelon game. Here Ihey are preparing lo call a square dance lhal has been laughl lhe girls. GUNS' PHI? 700 These girls are being shown lheir posilions lor a coming baslcelball game. The girls ol our high school are enlhusiaslic parlicipanls in lhis Thrilling sporl. i 1 l 'T 'N--L. I J Bmw!"-Q-""'sfMf -Q Finalri, Belly Brandl. '-was. The members ol lhe Yale Team are: ROW I: Paul ine Felix. ROW 2: Marion Bosanac, Gloria Pas lelalc, Gloria lorfido, Nancy Marlin, Florence Vu gais. ROW 3: Sally Kuzncar, Ann Dirclo, Dolores Paslricla, Irene Sudilx. ROVV 4: Mary Belles, Marion Essek, Madeliene Narios, Helen Fouse, Shirley N A lei N-J , J , V H .9 s re . hd 0d'FsraHiyd'ng like C 951 af -A A Y f f f The memories ol lhe plays, shows, and concerls an which we look perl are like choplers in our high school lile. The rehearsals where we combined hard work and lun, lhe I Thrill of The main perlormance, and lhe salislaclion ol a ioli: well done are all perl of neverelo-be-loigollen memories Looking ahead for The nexl evenl and planning for il helped lo make our high school days lly by and we are lei? wilh pleasanl memories ol many oulslancling evenls. 4 H X i ffl, , -f m:n ,innl -'4 when--1- 'vz' The play casl fhal is piclured above was composed of: ROW I: Gloria Kroen, Diane Lewis, Sally Car- rico, Mr. Desanzo, The direcfor, Dorolhy Sahffo, Margie Pallerson, Peggy McMillen. ROW 2: Dan Scarpiello, Jack Karnavass, Licia Cardinale, Don Herbein, Theresa Keirdalr, Andrew Ihnaflro, and Ed Woloshulx. The close-up on lhe leff gives us fheirnain leads in fhe play. If was fallen on sfage during gone of fhe numerous rehearsals fha? are needed lo have a smoofh-running play. The leads were upheld by , an excellenl supporiing casf fhal has never been li equalled. N07flllV6 B07 Ulf 7Rl!7fl Can you tell The lrulh lor 'rwenlyelour hours as hero Bob Benner did? He 'fold lhe rrulh lor a whole day and won a Sl0,000 bel on il. 'Nolhing Bur lhe Trulh' was 'rhe comedy pre- senled by Jrhe Senior Class on November l8, l949. A memorable caslr, headed by Gloria Kroen, Don l-lerbein, Andy lhnallco, and Ed Woloshulc, gave a performance rarely seen in high school drama. All lhe lrials and lribulalions oi Bob 'Benner during his lwenly-lour hours of lrulh-felling helped lo malce lhe performance one lhal will live lhroughoul lhe years. Allhough Mr. Desanzo, our direclor, has coached several plays in The pasl which have been oulslandinq, he considers This play his grealesl accomplish- menl. Time oul is lalmen by lhe male charaders during a rehearsal for +he snap af flue righf. Jaclr Karnavas, Ed Woloshulr, Dan Scarpiello, Andy lhnaflro, and Done Her- beun were assembled for a "brief" on The iirsl acl, The siellar female r ole s w e r e handled capably by a g rou p which had +wo years' experience behind fhem. These girls showed us whai promising acfresses lhey are by iheir skillful characferiza- lions of diFFiculf parfs. They are Gloria Kroen, Sally Carrico, Jane Ellen Flemminq, Lecia Cardinale Margie Paiferson, and Therese Kierdalc. One of fhe hilarious scenes of our Senior Class Play was Mable's and Sable's enhance in+o fhe business ofhces of E. M. RoIs+on. The per- sons piciured are Margie Pafier- soru, Theresa Kierdalr, and Jack Karnavas. 2 4. "Ride 'em Cowboy" 5. "Bluebird on Your Windowsillu 6. "An example of perfeci' balance" 7. "Who would you like for your sweefl'1ear1'?" THE awvrffasrlc fXfllBl7l0N Q . "Summer+ime" . "Shine on Harvesl Moon" . "I go? rl'1yfhm" 1 nf "1-.V r. in 18" aff!-' To be chosen lcing and queen he prom is a high fri u e respecled by any boy or girl. This honor fell on Elsie Blaclc- ford and her escorl, Joseph Seslile. They were crowned by Ted Pszybyszewslci and Eileen Mercadanle, JUNIOR PRUM Every senior! dream is lho annual prom held in May. One of lhe couples pholographed al fhis evenl was Eileen Mercadanfe wilh her escorl, An- drew McClure. , Y- ,. ln belween dances lhe couples I sal and iolced abou? fhe even- inqs evenls. Whal a welcome relief il was lo res? our lired feel, We challed abouf dares, exchanged opinions, and had some relreshmenls. If was a wonderful nigh? wilh m a ny memories. H E l Thus TH l to our Sf END" is W riffen ofy 'CITE' The saying lhal all good 'rhlngs rnusl come lo an end as a reallly lo us now as we look al our diplomas and lry lo realize we are no longer sludenls of Ambrldge Senior High School. Like everyone else in every walk ol life we have had our "ups and downs" and we shall have much lo look back on as we go forward lo lake on lhe responsibilllles as cillzens ol lhls nallon. So now we close our book ol high school days and slarl oul on separale palhsg each one slarling lhe book lhal wlll be his life. Compliments MAKE BAUMAN'S YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS of X I 'X ' A 1 Remington-Rand 'V f .U 'ROYc:1 Undgrwoofli A I ' ' Smith-Corohh ' noeaucx Ano co. SCHOQL SUPPEIES- A BAUMAN Ai f R' 9 ' Office' Eijuipnient fi I A 5 Wi A ' ' A 1 ,, nf 'I Lower Beasier Cqunty's ,Oniy Qfiiite 653-655 Mercrrantatreet 1 I V I Equiprrient sfo,-e . Q ff ff J AMBHfDi3E, RFQ 445 ' ,'R' f ' ,311 6ti1lS'treei ' ffi A , 3 ' ,N DiCt1:5j13kU W1 'J f.-fjiq5i9i1dgg,r f U' 1 f'f1i W A E' fi Q " R' A , , 'I' X, I 2 4 U -V , MMI V, ' ncerelysslfyourslf if ff f,ff'fdf - V' ' 1, g f, . "h If' ' ,fl Y 1 -X . iii - A ','fR ,DEA iNIHi.LY ',W I, HAP Y rEfUTU Eii 1 fi' f R . f ' 'Becausclmiinj' ,Dads oil Am-liriciigc Piifgh Schqolf' Hudcnts arc lgey' mcnhn Ehe A. M. Byers Lom- panyi 'ftcamif' we welgome this opportunitfx to wish you-fb eir sohs and daughters-a rafljantly I xhagipy futprc K, 5 I Q 5 X J, '. . . allfd to l yoiy some of the interestihg things Dad is C10-Vg xviglj 'us H-ds' helpingC,tolp1'qducc iilpfBj'C1' wvough'L iron skelp for pipqfiixsed egvcry- V, whore if theliihuch talked-about ,radiant heating: 1 system? forffmusiness btlildingsjhomcs and indusffv tryg for this magicil snow-nielting ,systems built? vga driveways, -sidewalks,faircrz1ft frunvvays,'anc'1 w ifi ,oadsg fm' cgpntless 0Lh6r kindsyof piping . . . ffi' . . .'a1'1c1 thfe wrouffhttiron glaies, billfts, bars,,f:' 3 ' stgiybblt, iifon anclxbiie alloy Steels, fX.,new grit? old uses' pionecredfind developed by ,I is olgisyet- W young Byers team. ,w Y I . ff' This aircraft lz'U11i3e'1'7,fuill iiljxf' I As Ma nl' heating--a fkpf !,l0f hzjafmg . f i If ff jx f X T !fnf,,,d,gg1,,,p5f1,y th,,.,1f, M, i P Es1ab11shedE1'8Bi4 5: " - 1 . , , A fi , R , 1 ,fi iff f 1,1 4 , ff, , , I. W, fl A 'X X I A 'X , fy' if 3 ' 1,9 A gf .f rf F 3 I. H - ' , A 2 N nw 4--MV il , 3 XV , K V Q, If If 5 1 if R XF I f -I, - , 1 . l K n ,f ' if X V., , , s . f 1 X , , I L if 1 If 1 . -97 If A, ff , fff H ff mfg' fJ , ' R ,fi R f R' , A Q iff' ,AJ7 R fi f w G U1 A f. I ry A. . V! l K I, - f 1 If D f I X, f , A ffl 1: l Dodge Plymouth 1, It'S A WAGNER 61 FRASER I Motor Cars and Trucks P E N N E Y 1 S if FOR SMART STYLES IN 996-1002 Merchant Street AM 54070 7 SHOES AND CLOTHING Ambridge, Pennsylvania I I V J . y " V . f' C 1' I BEN MAURO COMP , ,J I mp lmems STUDEBAKER SALES an1qj1SERV4q I ,J ' of V, I , ,Q I xl' M. E. LIEBERMANN Q1 4 V xx fb ' 817 Mei r Srrfiiyfv A df AND SON , . ,f" 51 X f Ambl' ge, Pe svlqania JJ K 'A' . f .J EI Phone: AM -5320 My 5 3 SHEET METAL WORK . f . D' I ti 1- . . lt' . ' -I ,x lg IWXQAXVJEUNERAL HOME 1 QA: I LV I I . I I .,1 Tel.: AMbridge 6-4490 AMBRIDGE AUTO PARTS E 5 llylaplewood Avenue 1130 Merchant Street I-fmbridqe, Pennsylvcmia Ambriclge, Pa. AM 6-5140 Mike Roth Congratulations to Class of '50 from WARDLE DRY CLEANERS Melrose Avenue Ambridge. Pnnsylvania WM. H. WALL'S SONS FEED - SEEDS - FERTILIZER if 507 Eighth Sn-ee: Ambridqe. Pennsylvania 98 , 1 A I ,Ulf "sQL'j', " fx im: ' 'ff ' il V -. .A 1-fr, , A , ssl f 7 lltufr A' 1 vrvjvl CLIN A V, N, I L15AllIDSOfS A C Uwvf L N cj? Congratulationsio 'Q poi s VM TH yes WEAR ,, X Werflix 'J Senior Class H ij fly 'A' E My ' from lf if ' I X qil V' Ambridge, Penns 7 X HK ,Et Economy Bank I' lx E Q MARTIN BRAU H, TAILOR fQual.ityD c R 70 . 4 Ambrldge Cleaning - Pressing - R airing . Altering I li QQ EY AMBRIDGE AM 6-0340 ' 813 Merchant Street PENNSYLVANIA Ambridge, Pennsylvania I ' L Q- Compliments oi x ' a, Ml0rt0n,,iC,hevrolet, Inc. C ' CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS S' A Sales Sz Service ' Sew ml ' X wk V J , LN 'X 19th and Duss Avenue Q lrl' S "K X .Q , k x AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA ' 4' AM s-3380 X X 99 , , S fn HQ A ' I . ,, 5 ..,. ,qu ,V 1 1 'QAA ,f 4 ,,,, LWL ., 'vi f--' " , ' -f" ff' " 'X - V, :,.f5ML Mx I 1. - 4. J"l.f,.l' ,gn V VA V "J I 1 ,, . , wif". V F r ft, ' fa" 1 2 ' . -' - f. , ri C K 2,41 A L f" fi ,fy , Y . , ,, E.,-Ll,-L., Y FV CKY ,VVV4 Ly dt QA: 4,Q-V t5fh.g.,Q..,4.f' ,Ji I CONGRATULATIUNS AND BEST WISHES J A , u fx, FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE' I .fig by ff V r ' to the ' CLASS !,f' 0 xv V J J If A 1 f' if 'SVAV X ga yy A WILKENS J A Y CU. ig J and the Wilkens Amateur Hour EVERY SUNDAY ON WCAE-s to 7 P. M. 605 Merchant Street Ambridge, Por. IOO gf if-si si X5 P -C I Q- we Vg +ssgSiA may ra. PARAMCUNT ,L C se 0 ss. A 'W -'sf-Xi RE' E Alll tegi dhtsusncee sz, A . g' xx, ,ency CJQ-7 2310 Duss Avenue 443, I K- so A A-A if ' '- My ge YNSU, RECR AAL NDSL, -A -Q Ambridge, Pennsylvania K' "'4 -51 The m-zvgrifkfg stfeera 7 Ambgldge, P cf fs- Phone: AM 6-2000 TL ' - -U ky-K P-Q: 1 L - hl X14 km f:,f-C C551 H is N, fs: yt A K, 1 as x ff . sax E X MYTINGER AND COMPANY XX XY' K Gigi 4 AMRR1DGRfT1 P'-Ioifh 1 Ml 570 Merchant Street XY an phone, AM 5-0310 SALES and SERVICEF4 Y - .-, x.f' xx- L11 ir CQ- ,X xt 1 1414 Merchant Street X HARDWARE - ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Eg, Ambridge, Pennsylvania if R sPoRr1NG Goons 1 ROSEANNA BEAUTY . MICHAEL S R SHOPPE . . . T We Specialize in Radios -- Television HELENE CURTIS PRRMANENTS Applicmces - Sound SYStemS Tinting - Facials - Manicures Movie Proiectors and Films l "Lovely Heads Never Stay at Home" if 1 if 329 Franklin Avenue Roseanne Vukelich, Proprietor Pb 2 99 Ah ' P 1300 Duss Avenue AM 6-0960 'One' 5 qmppa' G' United News 6. Cigar Store Walter Panek if C 610 Merchant Street Arnbridge, Pennsylvania G. C. MURPHY uk In the Heart of Ambridqe's Shopping Center 'k 561-65 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania li I' ova xr' -' .. -- 'L' JC " V .' 1- I KM' 1 1 na" Sv' ' .. X f ' NBL, Q A I Q K ,y l 1 3 u , ml xt' 'J M , , -Q ,L L r V' 1 I ,L r- 10 f 1 'U if ,ta , 'X' - ' W 1 Q, JW Congratulations ' ' '- W Ulf, G35 1 Mgfge' -S5Qj?Pl1rne r1tS Kwkgfi from , l Inlflx flip: . X V Qmnw . . A ,of 'if' The 'Bally Cltlzen ,ffV,N! VM K ff 1 if at ' V X 1' YA! off, f tl American Bridge Publishfr of the Silhouetg and lg J X dj thhunior Crier , xt B, x Q 1 t . RE ,x..X , A in 1, it B S - Q X fa I, all i 1 in In , ,. 1 - x , Company 1 T .P 5 B q 5' if x f 1 C H E Rf,-S . 4 FRANK 1. DUDZIK gf' KAFBALDWRN PIANOS ' IEWELER uf Mdytaq Wifxfshers -- Frigiclcjiie X A gk Zeniihitmdravar Television Sets i 9 Expert on Iewelry and Watch Repairs it 5 1 ' Q E A 'Q Q .. xx, J-it F' F ,fax Q i 'Y i 594,tMgr5hmQ1 Su-eeilf, X Li 314 Sth Street " if f B we , 1 N Q:1b1-idgef pei-msylvanii 1 Arnbridge, Pennsylvania W 1 : 1 t f ' + "-1.9 ' Q 1 X 1 HARMAN BUICK CO- 1 QQPEARL FASHION SHOPPE S f 5 BETTER BUY BUICK At if LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR '1 527 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania ir Air-Conditioned for Your Comfort 1515 'k 1320 Merchant Street Arnbridge. Pennsylvania also Sheffield Rd. Aliquippa, P -7 a L ,Q N. ,., large H riff N--. X V, ,- ' YOUNG'S SHOE STORE ANQERSGNE CANDKYLAND Shoes for tile Entire Family 'L HOME MADE CANDY xx: NX! v if - A , 1 f 1 'ka' -N 71' Eager 'A Corher of 7th cmd Mepchcxpt' 229 MeQCh-mn Stree L If V l ' Exit.. ' X I-Xrr1bridgeiI,fPenns.1?lvcx31la fx Phone: AM. 6-g752ixq lc' XELX ffl, i t l. 'X lv 'llyfll Lffkrk i A M .- . , it E .4 .Hl X... A ffl 4vN"'eA " A SV , K i X ' PENN SWEET SHOPPE , , ' 4 'Q L 1,1 2 5 V3 !'f , A JJ! 501 Merchant Street ',, J M X ' E ' , f " N ' rl YL' and fl lf' F - F' r d R, Q of ' if fflmoflsjoyr mg .09 S J W -i ! STATE LUNCHEONETTE x Where Qoed Friends Iaike tal eitaq, I Us A , 721 Merchant Street M 'J' lv r 3' ' , ll' f"l tx I 1 if v M' If if M at tif J if uf ,W lf ,fi It f 'L i fl' ,lfhountain Service L' 4011 Metehmlt Sheet 41 l 4 Ll fly fi-Iome Made CcmdY f al ki V " VX. 5 l JL' 'a , ,I -,,! t fi P6l'ii13YlXCfl'llG V g A7 ,J l Fresh Daily -Al ti 3-fw Iwifyv U, 'U ,ff 't:,1,f'JlvfvV Ik riff! Ambridqe, Pennsylvania 4 I-,J E l .C V If t 1 7 3 ' ,' I Iv 5' . if Mr , - A ,sf . fa' ., H , , ' A, I f I. - tx L t. , + ,f X.. ,- ,f ,f N X 'f ,' J" f, ,. t ,. t,of ,.. 1 1 X A l 1 A L 1 1 f 3 ,4- lv, IV X l f, V , X 'l- f ll I 4 1 I l 3 1 Q if 3 5 N X X 1- l 7 l V ' E -M" v , ' tif K , , IN I s1NCEi'El1e9lo15-' The symbol ot quality on wiring systems and tit- tiriqs for every con- ceivable require- merit. I! 93.5.92 QL? ls 555.15 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA C PRODUCTS gth -191 TODAY. National Electric is the World's largest producer of elec- trical rouqhinqfin materials. IO3 1' Nz .5 X CONGRATULATIONS it . , , ff' JP' V ' ,Sify 1 V f t r A . - A if ,ff-A uk iff, VU! 5 ,5 yd 1 V I WT gif g ir 57? f v SNYDER., Inc .E , " , , . ..W, ,, . J? mmmmwmm ..M, ,W A Ny Q81 , 'K F 1 VA Lf, ,,, . ,-.g ' Lgffzl xwz- f .553 ,gg ,T5..,Si x X -5'-"'+"a""""" , bm'-.E'-N' nw 45. . 3 ' XA' YZ ' iw f' K f"'MfJ'e-is . . f A by 9 Lplyum iizlihgzzm sri! If .Q at X IO4 K RM ,yn ff, FQ gg off, Q AM 5.0253 LANEY SALESCTGX Nfglxilj HELEN HATTON'S BEAUTY Phone. AMbridqe 6-5008 Q I SALON if ffwhefe Hgjf Ggtg Bette. Cafe" YOUR DE sOTO -PLYMOUTH DEALER I 201 Merchant siref-A sos Merchant street Ambridge, Pa. Arnbridge' Pennsylvania Watch Repairing GUTOWSKI'S BAKERY Diamonds if Phone: AM s-4520 IOHN N. MINTEER 517 EIGHTH STREET 699 MERCHANT STREET 566 FRANKLIN AVENUE WATCHMAKER 'k it AM 6-3080 753 Merchant Street Ambridqe' Pa' We Specialize in Party 6: Wedding Cakes Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Successful Future to the class of l 9 5 0 ECONOMY FURNITURE CO. 440 Merchant Street Coaches Are Available for Special Trips of Groups and Parties ak CALL OHIO RIVER MOTOR COACH CO. 430 MAPLEWOOD AVENUE I. A. TIMNEY ELECTRIC CO. "Let Us Plan Your Kitchen Now" General Electric Appliances Tappan Gas Ranges Phone: 6-3070 'k 612-614 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Congratulations to the Class of '50 if from DIRECTOR BERT HOUGH District 20 CIO - U. S. W. A. . gfui-'J JL ,g , 4.1 Q, NN, ,J Vc!pwf,,zi:Z2of p JJ, vb X, ff Axffrf l Y t iff' Aff' N,"-:J -rl '. A steelworker once accidentally let a pair of tongs slip through tlie rolls of a steel rolling mill. the tongs were ruined bufthe steel in the"tongs was Unproved. Thutl accident gfavei iisirih tp the cold liinished Steellndustry,-a process where steel is worked! vyithbut heating. , Cold ' Finished-,Steel can belmade' harder, more hi ' solid in structure, free of all sdrfdteode- fectsl 'haue tg size and shape, bright and beautifully Every phase 'of' your " idailyplife is bettered .by its perfection. ,l p , an-qutom ' .Jardin or airplane ' i I-Q could opera without, We J i' .i,, Ai ' l oold finis 'afting and parts made from '6oTd' finished steel bars. Not ainachine E 1' ' Q-:xv - H LX, , wi in'y6iii?own-Ambndgeplants could operate . . . not a typewriteiz . . . telephone . , vp Q W , gg, , ia, GD A ' 'ifiggio M .J yvashing machinef JhQL,.irenin'g machine ""would serve as theyfdodtoday iivithout thisyiinefisteel. Eden the knobs ondthe door handle of your family :ire cold finished staeelegiae zthousands of parts and Ugidgetsnd which are produced by -fthe millions oiiveutomatic machines frcirn-jg,a-rss FW of cold finished steel. :.. M .f"""",' 'V I ,.fff"f O Right here irryom' coinmunityjs one of Ameificafsf leaders in the cold finished steel industry4' . Perhapsfyour father , brother 9 , " nb' ' 4,, 1 V 1 H, " -.- i ,-l "' - ' A ' - - -- , 1 , ,, , 'e ksisteij or o'the,r relatives work there. -Berhaps some day yoil, too, wilpearn your , L . I Q , A M, MW i :Vp X It ,E M, livingulielpifig Wyckoff Steel produce this finer steel somessential to the 'nibdern way of life. Wyclioff Steefcon'g1gQtdlet'esayou on completion of o1ie,.oQ your most important phases of lifef-.. ei. ' M1 ' .r ef' , 'high school I -witheihey niessage that full pi'oductiU'H'thrQughout,ii1dugry is the Lihsyger tofbettelz eyery Aineiiqgigb ,,,,f"5i - ' -V' " "k' .Qf.5it.g.i. A ,effing " 0 S ax' v'v2'o,+ .4-Q. ..f . -'W y 0, ,. .6."'. . -' - ..-.. fi ,, 1'-"-'fo - of, ,- O :age o,- 1 -. . 0 , -.-.04 ff ' 'Q v 0 , Q o o 64. .wah Q , Q .vo 1,9 Q -. 2 o,cs. 0o5'.n,'s,o , fo pals Q, -. -nag, ,,'-vo-os-,fseg--oovgoos ,.-40,0 ,.,n,.o0,90' iso --Q-0" nb wa. -2.40 Q Owner--4 ' 4 OH' W 0 vue. N'.'o'.'..'Nu'+-f 'uv'-5--H 4 un no-.. aoo0O0'sno'.'ou M..u,4'no' 0 0 0 ugaqvv qv Agvwqo gosu- w4.,,.,9un.ovniwa-.o5g,..0,.u . 000 99"'9'o9o.4aQQ' "Q4604"9 0 .90 Q0 0558 Q91 4955986 I 9'2" 'a'f"4."""'o' 'faith .'.'a'eh4 g0'f4o0'a",' Q Q Q new-.'. . -,Q s,o,0,gqv.'Q Q-.gvay qu 9 - ogega + o -'o -, ,0. . , va . e 1,9-. as -.-,o,-. ,fr-'h'o'v A,-,-.0 o -.-.- 'rash aa - o ox' o - QVQR -v Q ' 'aah sfo - 0 nb 0 we ' -.I 0 v O 0 9 f 'Q 0 4 ' 0 959'-'O - ' 0 4 9 ' ' 'Q' 9 0 ' '.' ga'-'v -,v -.3 'ee ' 'Q'-9 - v vw -1 -if Q fa 9 0 Vo'-.0 '41 .wqhtfame-:fm-S-2-sg9Iwv!'2gf!02w2M4'?4 -93:-2-we -M9325Qfsyi'-9:4'e1.-2-tw 2:-521'-9.-29'-rf.-'e-we'2:.:2:e:'.'mW'. f T ,img , 'hw 4,,.,: . , .- ,EY ,f ,, - xr in F 41 Q I V I I ,. -Y ,, U , A . . it f 4 Ji K X , . N-,,,,.4 A-'iff 'sr , W ff' " Arie, 'QE' , ,X V ',..5i" J we-,, e april.- if X X f - ' , v CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "50"g .- S A A K' from , Ln' p WT H. ii ROBERTSON Co. gZdLfff' '1X JACKSON SHOE STORE i - -J- l, -ea S Merchant Street ix LADIES READY TO WEAR . Kiki For Women -' For if - '-X Children sas-535 Merchcmzsueef -I Robleeiy M Ai Ambridge, Pennsylvania Fei' M5115. Air Conditioned for Your Comfort School Qffice Supplies Sporting Goods to p Books -2- Stationery - Novelties D 9 ' ,Model Airplanes is -Ambridge News Depot EDWARD F. DRAKE, Prop. 451 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. I07 1 S I gli. X . . X X 1 well doll ibn know YOUR TOWN? YOUR HIGH SCHOOL? SPANG - CHALFANT? 1-lere is a list ot ten questions to test how much you know about your own community, your high school and Spang-Chaltant, which is one of the leading industrial concerns ot Ambridge. Each question has tour answers, but only one ot the tour is correct. Try to answer all the questions, and then check your answers with the correct ones at the bottom ot the page. To score, start with 100 and take ott ten points tor each question you miss. Ambridge is a. A town ot 16,500 population. b. A borough ot about 20,000. c. A township ot 10,433. d. A third-class city ot 76,000 Ambridge was founded under its present name in a. 1938. c. 1912. b. 1905. d. 1804. George Rapp was a. All-scholastic fullback from the great Ambridge H. S. team ot 1937. b. The first burgess ot Ambridge. xc. Legendary steel worker who could lift 10,000 tons with one hand. K! Kd. German religious leader who in 1824 founded the settlement of Harmony on the present site ot Am- bridge. Ambridge High School is a. 74 years old. c. 93 years old. b. 15 years old. d. 49 years old. Exactly 487 Ambridge High School students live in Ambridge. The num- ber who attend the school but who do not live in Ambridge is a. Greater by 34. c. Much smaller. b. Smaller by 73. d. About the same. l of Iune, 1949. largest in the The present The graduating class totaling 367, was the history oi the school. senior class is a. Smaller by c. Greater by 21. 43. b. About the d. Twice as same. large. of the Senior Mr. Serene. principal High School, received his higher edu- cation at a. Rollins College, Fla. b. Kent State University, Ohio. c. Pitt. d. Adrian College, Michigan. Spang-Chaltant is one of the world's largest mills manufacturing a. Automobile c. Steel pipe. bodies d. Diesel b. Dental engines. equipment. Spang-Chaliant is a Division of The National Supply Company, which is one ol the world's largest makers and distributors of or. Oil field machinery and equip- ment. b. Building materials. c. By-product coke ovens. d. Cold rolling mills. The number ot employees working at Spang-Chaltant, many of whom are graduates of Ambridge High School. is a. More than c. Slightly under 2,l00. 950. b. About l,500. d. 220. ANG - CH LFAN Division of The National Supply Company ANSWERS:l.b 2.b 3.d 4.d 5.a 6.a 7.b 8.c 9.a l0.a MASTERTONE CAMPUS PUBLISHING 1420 WALNUT ST FHILA WW? Jfyffwfffj gm , :DEQ S, W W M W W0 ' V ,EQ Q7 U YJQQFQ ilizkigcc ?7ffQi77M 2,'f5ffgh-fi, Qj'w1Zff.! si- 4' IWW I iff- if f' f "' hrs! it wh.. Q XJ ' ' J 1 XX ye? Zffa uf, 4 4 f 'J ,W W jx MMM f A xiii? 491 My WW Q ik J M, '39 MQ W M AX WD Ei? gg N

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Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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