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rg' 4:55, lm? W ' -2 1943 BRIUEER THESENIOR CLASSCDF AMBNDGEEHGHSCHGOL AT AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA PRESENTS... 4. 1,-v 1 M 5 Q 1 oc 5 W iff,i'4aj,15g 1+ - A .V mf, ,QQ W .,.L - ., .. . rm, 4, 4 B3 . .. sfm X ,Q N 5 . 1 2 if S 'W'-s. ,S G 2 5 V , ,.w.4wMwMfv,W,M.W,A..,-- u M ' A J, QW 4' yi . . 5? 1 F f if www.- X LLL,tA. MQ.. .AX., Q g gi' yi xi W Q mf ,nf A t ' ,L + WM K 'A f f' .x+..,,A W ff. H x ,,,,+ 'f W . 1 3 in M152-fi , X YQ . is K ' n-fjf fg, -1' I ,ggi xxx-g L. ' f ,V - in '-,z.:T,friSxSRW 254' -i iiEZSfi'.. Qi-i 3V WX k' rf' , Q V- ,Kgkifzf- 'J m ?1ai5-A vwyfxsfgw -Q .. . -QS5 2z,L'f?'fQ'lzjf,,', ' W v -:2s.?'Ef3f5iI'-: .:s: . if , ,, Q5 - , Q, ' -- X, v , . ,4,, ,. A4..1 , ,x:,, ,.., , ,, ,,,.. .,.-,... . W bf i .,,. W ,..,,:, ,..., -- :W ,... . i, ..., , IN MEMU RIAM MR. I-IENRI R. TODD WORKING and instructing in the auto shop, Mr. Henri R. Todd aroused the admiration of his students. Through his understanding help and friend- liness, the boys were quick to make him one of them. He had just completed his 17th year of success- ful teaching when death cut short his teaching career. Born in Woodlawn and educated at the New Sheffield Academy, Mr. Todd came to Am- bridge in his youth. After working at various positions, he began teaching auto mechanics in the high school when the vocational course was first instituted. Mr. Todd strived persistently during the early years of the Vocational Department and achieved a great triumph-the respect and friendship of his students. Those who were acquainted with Mr. Todd fully realize that we have lost a superh instructor and good friend. 1 ..s :T - f Joyce Mason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Mason was born in 1931 in St. Benedict, Pennsylvania. In 1945 she moved to Sewiclcley Creek Road and entered the Ambriclge School System. Joyce was killed during her Junior year of high school on October 22, 1947 in an automobile accident. Joycels main interests in high school were music and art. We deeply regret the loss of a class- mate and friend. WAYNE NURNEY -1. , JOYCE MASON Wayne Nurney, son of Shepard and Mary Nurney, was born in Glenwillard, November 21, 1929. Entering Ambridge as a freshman, Wayne elected to take the general course. He became a member of Miss Sarah Adam's homeroom upon his entrance into the senior high. Among his many hobbies, hunting and fishing were his favorites. Wayne also found much pleasure in roller skating. The fatal accident o c c u r r e d while Wayne was riding in a jeep with some of his friends. The loss of one of our fellow students is deeply grieved by all. IN APPREEIATIUN To the Faculty who are our instructors, friends, and advisers in the development of our better selves, we express our deep gratitude. Their generous instruction and understanding help have enriched our high school lives. Through their en- couragement, We have strived for success in maintaining high scholastic standards. A spirit of cooperation dom- inated our triumph and we feel that thus united we have left a heritage challenging the years to come. l l ,- Q sf, ,.s,g?Qif .19 at -A QLQJPQV , .tyiffl . Z 'iw ' 'fig-Q., - lllllllll1l-l-I-2 QFJIIIMZF 1-IIS f'SfY I Literary Co-Editors ...... Club Editors ..,...,. ......,,..-Ioan Schultheis Vera Prisiaz .........,,..Dol0res Olearczylc Herbert Sherman Senior Class Editor ,,....,.,, ,...,,. ...,.., E v elyn Bear Junior Class Editor ......,,... .......,.,,.... C laire Rankin Sophomore Class Editor ....,.. .......... B everly Jamieson Boys Sports Editors ........ ,...,..... E manuel Hallaman William Gourley Girls' Sports Editor .........,.... ,...,,...,, S andra Nadzak General Classroom Editor ......,,.. ......... J oan Laman Art Editors .......,.......,,....,.... ...,. ............ S ara Marshall Patricia Jordan Layout .,.... ........,......,,,....,..,,4..,,...,.. ............. W i lliam Magis Advertising Manager ......,..... ......,......,.,,......., H ope Karnavas Circulation Manager .......,.,... ........,,,. M ary Lou Richardson Subscription Manager .......... ....,.,........,..,,........,.. D olores King Photography .,,......,..,........,.. Typists .,,..,....... Proofreader ....... Typing Advisers Art Adviser ,,................,.. Yearbook Sponsor ..,,....,. . ....,.,..., Marvin Schiff Philip Levy ............Angelus lwanczylc Barbara Kenny Margaret Plesh Vera Petroskovich Gwendolyn Reader ......,...,..,,James Shaffer Rose Kozak Mrs. Ruth Lutman Mr. Frank W. Desanzo fn zwmzwz' mf Mi' fwlgwv nf bfYf!?l',1' fill a lllllllllfl' Ti'I1l'fh-1' nf nm' high .vffmnf jw1'f1g1'f.v.-.' Illllfjlllgf Ml' fmxf .W111'.' In fm! fllfff Maw' fnlgw' .m11fz'fM11g nf MH .vjlirff nf gIl!ff11'flll1Q1' fffgh .S'1'hnn!,' In !i'f'g'f7 fzffzv' Mi' f7l'z L'IiINl.N' 11n'11m1'z'1',v mm' Ma' flffflllflfl' j'1'f1'11z1'.vf1ffvx of our high xfhnnf11111-vxwMfx Mix flvwff mn' jm1'fw.w'. llff' jv1'f'.vf'11f nm' nffwzfxfvl ffl Us fllffifflllfllf. . Wax!! ,-iam Www 77ZaZ4mQ,mzaad7we 4,.x,,, wa m 6 SUPERINTENDENT OF sci-Ioots DR. N. A. SMITH The value, the possibilities, and the power of the right type of education for youth and for adults are better appreciated today than ever before. Education in America has long been recognized as a public necessity. However, it is only within recent years that the real power of education in promoting international good will and cooperation has been utilized. Today a number of international educational organizations are working to- gether in an effort to win a permanent world peace. In your production of the Bridger of 1948, you have ably presented a good outline of many of the pleasant and valuable experience which you have had during your last three years in the public schools. The sacrifices which your parents may have made in lceeping you in school, and the money that has been expended by the people of this community and by the state in providing an opportunity for you to have an education, all repre- sent an investment of considerable proportion. However, just as those who have gone out from Ambridge High before you, you too will soon be taking your places in the home, in industry, in business, in the professions, and in the government of the community, the state, and the nation. May each of you live up to the high standards of achievement and the high ideals of conduct for which your Alma Mater has always stood. SUPERVISOR OF INSTRUCTION, DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM AND RESEARCH IN SECONDARY EDUCATION DR. JOSEPH M. BENKERT There are two ways by which the peoples of the earth may achieve One World.', The first, or totali- tarian method, is to liquidate all opposition. World order thus becomes the candle light of a leader reflected many times by faithful followers. The second, or demo- cratic method, is through universal education. Our motives and our democratic idealogies must be made clear to the world. Mutual understanding is the only basis upon which to build a cooperative democratic world society. It follows, therefore, that our motives and our idealogies must be constantly scrutinized. These are the duties of the citizens of a democracy: to select from the cultures of the past 'tlhose specific contributions of the sciences and the humanities which would strengthen our democratic societyg to eliminate from our social, political, and economic organization those malpractices which would undermine the Com- monwealth. Finally, in a democracy, every candle must shine, not from the reflected glory of the leaders, but from the individual light produced when free men are stimulated to full development in an atmosphere of democratic public education. PRINCIPAL OF SENIOR HIGH MR. MICHAEL F. SERENE The school is the institution where education not only takes place but is put to use. In a highly civilized democratic society the use of writing and printing make-s education a necessity. An educated individual has com- mand of the pronunciation of words, the connotation of synonyms, the flavor of idioms, and the use of his mother tongue. This is Education! From it results social organization. The tendency of human minds to learn from one another results largely from social intermingling through- out school life, It is by this intermingling that one demonstrates his education. From social inter-mingling comes also social change since whatever new is discovered by one individual becomes the property of all through the use of the spoken and printed word. The aim, content, and method of formal education is the same as the aim, content, and method of social progress. What- ever change is made in our schools comes out as change in the society of the fuutre. Within limits, education is practically the guiding force in social change. Therefore, we educate not only students, but in the long run the .world itself. The Ambridge High School has a place to play in the future. Its students go forth prepared to assume their places in the Society of Tomorrow. LEADERS rl... . img' -gl,-iiffli. ErI???L1l' ' I I 'I' I DIRECTOR OF VOCATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. L. TAGGART The importance of vocational education in our local, state and national economy, was very aptly ex- pressed by our Pennsylvania State Chief of Industrial Education at a recen-t meeting in Harrisburg. His state- ments follow: We believe vocational education is a personal asset to an individual because it enables him to earn a living, maintain a home, and afford a family. We believe vocational education is an economic asset to our country because trained workers create wealth by increasing the amount and -the quality of production. We believe vocational education is a social asset to our people because success in work gives them happi- ness, satisfaction, and a feeling of security. M VE, the students of Ambridge High School, Wish to express our appreciation of the school board. We take this opportunity to render our thanks for their efforts and wish them further success in their work. This policymaking body, consisting of eight members elected for a six-year term, considers the problems of administrating the schools. Broken into seven committees, the Board further studies the programs of education and maintenance. The presiding officers and standing committees are: President ....,.. ,..... . . , Vice President Secretary ...,.,,r..... Treasurer . Solicitor ...,.... . F I N A N C E Mr. Frank Duzy, Chairman Mr. Joseph Bufalini Mr. John Majcher BUILDING Mr. George Haskell, Chairman Mr. Frank Duzy Mr. Joseph Bufalini EDUCATION Mrs. Mary Leiper, Chairman Dr. James Direnzo Mr. George Haskell Mr. Elmer Blanarik Mr. George Haskell .Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. Frank Duzy Mr. Eugene Caputo GROUNDS Dr. James Direnzo, Chairman Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. John Majcher ATHLETIC Mr. Joseph Bufalini, Chairman Mr. Frank Duzy Dr. James Direnzo SUPPLY Mr. John Majcher, Chairman Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. George Haskell SINKING FUND Mr. Elmer Blanarik Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. Frank Duzy Mr. E. Blanarik Mr. J. Bufalini Mr. E. Caputo Dr. J. Direnzo Mr. F. Duzy Mr. G. Haskell Mrs. M. Leiper Mr. J. Majcher -1 -1, Miss Bartolo Miss Bauerlein Miss Bycura Mrs. Bologna Miss Kammski Miss Izak Miss Nicklewitz Miss S. Serack HE office staff is one department of our school whose work is never Hnished. This group of eight efficient secretaries handles all records in both the junior and senior high school. Miss Esther Bauerlein, head secretary of the superintendenfs office, is assisted by Miss Dorothy Izak, who attends to all pupils' records and working certificates. Miss Irene Kaminski is in charge of the tuition. The duties of the prin- cipalis office are handled by Miss Louise Serack, head secretary. Her aids, Mrs. Bologna and Miss Nicklewitz, are in charge of senior high and junior high, respectively. Tasks in the vocational office are performed by Miss Sarah Bartolo. Her assis- tant is Miss Margaret Bycura. f-3 11,1 A1 IH ' Alma Adams B.S. in Education Typing I. Sarah E. Adams A.B., lVl.L. French I and II Spanish I Michael Beley B.S. in Industrial Education Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts Ethel Althauser i A.B. M.L. George C. Axtell English IV, English Vocational Electricity Department Heacl Light ancl Sound Signal Twila Bovard B.S., lVl.Ed, Economic Geography American History Historical Club John Budimir BS, American History Busness Economics Rose Bogovich B.A., M.Litt. Wforlcl History Junior Class Advisor National Honor Society Director of 'Clubs Mary L. Duffy Litt.B., M.A. Latin II, III, IV Chairman of Language Department Member of Senior Class Steering Committee l 74' 4 john E. Chapala B.S. in Education Driving Instruction Virginia Derflinger A.B. Spanish II World History Journalism Silhouette Sponsor Frank Desanzo B.S. English Literature Class Advisor Yearbook Sponsor Katherine Forcey Yolanda Glammatteo B.S., lVl.Ed. Bachelor of Science Algebra I, II Solid Geometry Trigonometry Member of Senior Class Advisors Committee Chairman of Mathematics Department Bookkeeping I, II Ersil T. Costello B.S. Distributive Education Irma Eibeck A.B., M.Litt. English Burdell Giles Bachelor of Science Library Science Katharine Haberlen A.B., M.Ed. English II Sophomore Class Advisor L. A. Horsman B.S., M.Ec1. Biology Aeronautics Sophomore Class Advisor William Gordon Auto Shop Joseph F. Hlista A.B. Biology High School Football Assistant Coach Junior High School Bas- ketball Coach Thomas E. Hoskins B.S., M.Ed. Related Drawing Advisor in Drawing Department Agnes D. Hullberg English II Assembly Director Dramatics joseph johnson Machine Shop .-4. 5, ri ff :f:. ist -1 A .mme-. john M. Kokoski B.S. Hygiene Assistant Football Coach Boys' Patrol Ruth Lutman B.S. Art Art Club Illustrative Advertising Stella Lazar B.S. Girls' Health Physical Education Cheerleaders Girls' Patrol Usher Committee Girls' Intramurals 4-e 25 Rose Kozak B.S., M. in Ed. Secretarial Office 'Practice Shorthand II Typewriting III Yearbook Typing Advisor Silhouette Typing Advisor Head of Commercial Department Joseph A. Lombar A.B., M.Litt. World History Sophomore Class Advisor Assistant Track Coach L. H. McCaughtry B.S. Related Mathematics Mary Margaret McKeown Michael Malinich B.S., M. in Ed. B. S. Shorthand I Vocational Carpentry John H. Piper A.B., Ed.M. Algebra II Attendance Records Michael M. Mattuch B.S., M.Ed. Plane Geometry Physics Student Senate Senior Class Advisor Robert Palmer B.S. Chemistry Senior Science Basketball Coach Chemistry Club Ruth M. Parson Supervisor of Vocal Music Madrigal Club Boys, Glee Club Mixecl Ensemble Senior High School Assembly Music J. Merrill Robb B.A., MA. Plane Geometry Senior Science Finance Committee Kathryn Ross A.B., M.L. Sophomore English World History Elinore B. Mermelstein B.S. Typing II Laura Jean Rice B .A. Music Glee Club Junior High Assembly Junior High Chorus Robert G. Shoeneweis B.A. String Ensemble Junior-Senior High Junior High Orchestra Individual Lessons Small Ensembles Leonard Rothermel B.S., M. in Ed. Vocational Physics Vocational History Golf Coach Golf Club Boys, Intramural Sports Sponsor Hazel Russell A.B., M.Litt. Problems of Democracy Co-sponsor Washington Tour Pennsylvania State Con- test for Seniors Head of Social Science Department Marie C. Smith B,A., M. in Ed. American History Junior Class Advisor Genevieve Settino B.A., M.A. Related English J oseph Snyder Machine Shop Semaphore Squad Maurice Rubenstein B.A. Physical Education Football Coach Director of Athletics Lysle P. Shaffer AB., M.A. English Latin Public Speaking Football Refreshment Committee Sponsor Forensic Director Debate Coach Marcella N. Spahr A. B. Physical Education Hygiene Deparment Head Leaders' Club Intramural Sports Yale-Princetonu Janet Swayne Myrtle Trembley B.S, B.S., M.L. Vocational Home Junior English UI EC01'10miC5 Senior English IVR General Home Economics Director of Home Economics Department Vetold Walter Sporny B.S., M.Ec1. Director and Supervisor of Instrumental Music High School Band Orchestra Football Band Gym Exhibition Assembly Music Minstrel Show Annual Band Concert Parades Midwestern Band Host Junior High Concert Mrs. jean C. Fisher School Nurse Dr. M. P. Nacller School Doctor Mrs. A. Llewellyn School Nurse f-ffm 77mm +glQilg!gI,1,U.J-J -O' L- MA VIA- 'rm Flow- NET AND grim THF BAN- O +glg.glPlg!pglep Ilaijll O H IL! Ana- nance Hner-1 TRUE TO Youn Con.- - l l 57441 gi A Pxeesezfrfg 9, mono Fm:-1 H1336 fgM,1,g4'd'a 5,4 epl1fflUIgzIk.gzxQIF I , .P A .Ei lT!i1g:?'ml':,I'!XZW gglfmglglggwbbg f5A2A:5i5' g g 5 ER-IEAYQQFATHE EAR'glETI ,Quo mmf ,4 my scam We Sing pm64e1!aZaa. , me ww I -at-Q-gg--f - an Q , . I k 2, U Q I fa! ii' U' f - A -Xb ' 5 I f Q f 1 ' ' ' a: 5 We , , X 'V W 5 ,sh 5 Q 55553 M is 3 a qw. L ,B i My f W ' ': .. mia --': :W H? N' .Q K Q L BOYS' INTRAMU RAL COMMITTEE Organized by the Student Senate, the Boys' Intramural Sports Committee set up a schedule for intramural basketball and football games. They were on hand to referee, keep score, and take care of the equipment during the games. Led by Chairman Al Seaman, the committee was supervised by Mr. Roth- ermel, later succeeded by Mr. Budimir. This com- mittee encouraged good sportsmanship and stimu- lated rivalry among the teams. They drew up rules for the athletic events, and whenever needed, they handed down decisions on protests. In addition to these many tasks, the Intramural Sports Committee also sends write-ups to the Daily Citizen. BOYS' INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE Row 1: Charni, Athens, Cwregoric, Erdelyan, Row 2: Nestor, Bilanich, Mill- er, Seaman, Mr. Rother- mel. Row 3: Hallaman, Whitehair, Sestile, Willis. GIRLS' INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE Row 1: Butcher, Vagias, Maker, Dunn, Klein. Row Z: Petricko, Troup. GIRLS' INTRAMU RAL COMMITTEE It is the aim of the Girls' Intramural Sports Committee to further good sportsmanship among our female athletes. They attempt to clo this by setting up active mushball, volley ball, soccer, and basketball schedules. During the tournaments the girls learn to work together as a team and build wholesome asso- ciations with their teammates. This committee is chosen by the Student Senate and is supervised by Miss Spahr. MZ4... ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE A dramatic-minded committee combined their talents for the purpose of preparing entertaining assembly programs. Besides their special Christmas and Easter shows, talent programs were presented by the senior, junior, and sophomore classes separate- ly. The Assembly Committee also handled make-up and costumes for the minstrel, Junior Class Play, and Senior Class Play. This year was Miss Hullberg's first attempt as Assembly Director in Ambridge High School. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Row 1: Olearczyk, Shultz, Laman. Row 2: Saludis, Fouse, Moranz, Ditz, Ka- rolak. Row 3: Boschetto, Kurch, Herbine, Wolc- shulc, Garazounis. USHER COMMITTEE Row 1: Marshall, Falkow- slci, Troup, Yaworslcy, Me- gown, King, Carnevale, Olearczylc, Cain, Vagis, Horvat. Row 2: Ulbrich, Lutz, Rubenstein, Hahn. Row 3: Barnhart, Pas- triclc, Rapso, Radwanski. Row 4: Losco, Schermer- horn, Volpe, Maker. Row 5: Oswald, Dunn. Row 6: Sudilc, Olsen, Fulton. USHER COMMITTEE The Usher Committee is selected by the mem- bers of the Student Senate. These usherettes are on hand at the various school programs held in the eve- ning for the public. Among the programs these twenty-nine girls ushered are: the Mid-Western Band Concert, Senior Class Play, and Graduation. Into their hands falls the job of passing out programs and seeing that the public has found seats. -25- Cun achooll plump JUNIOR CLASS PLAY A hilarious comedy entitled Take It Easy was presented by the dramatically-inclined portion of the Junior Class on November 14, 1947. Miss Hulllnerg, director, introduced a dual cast thus giving more juniors a chance to participate in this event. Mrs. Highgate, an eccentric, absent-minded woman, wished to have her portrait painted. At the same time she sends for a man to paint her kitchen. When Tom Lawrence visits Nancy, Mrs. Highgate mistakes him for the kitchen painter and puts him to work. On the arrival of the kitchen painter, she is anxious for him to paint her portrait. The plot was further confused by the entrance of a thief, plotting to steal Mrs. Highgate's pearls. When Mrs. Highgate found her pearls missing Beagle Jones was brought into the picture. All the confusion ended as the pearls were found and Mrs. Highgate gave permission for Nancy and Tom to he married. The juniors took entire charge of the production filling the jobs of student director, prompters, stage manager, stage crew, property, make-up, costumes, ushers, tickets, finance, and interior decoration. Fink 1 Row 1: Fulton, Ball, Panutsos, Vettorazzi, Saludis. Row 2: Jula, Kovacs, Madonna Dorogi Farrar, Fouse. Row 3: Davis, Mazzetti, Price, Bishop, Mauchline. Row 5: Nlagis. HZ6.. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Mrs. Highgate-Forgetful, Eccentric Nancy-Her Daughter . Philip--The Butler i Tom Lawrence-The Artist .. Mary-The Cook .. . Arthur-The Yard Boy ..,, Lon Torence-A House Painter . ,, Florence-Coquettish Maicl, .... ., John Florenz ,. Beagle Jones-The Detective Director . . . Miss Agnes Hullherg Nancy Madonna Shirley Fulton Katherine Jula Gloria Farrar Wilham Magis i Richard Price Auggie Mazzetti Mary Vettorazzi Mary Panutsos ....,,....Bessie Saluclis Dana Marsh Wayne Bishop Betty Lou Ball Barbara Kovacs John Jaclculic Charles Knoedler Roger Mauchline George Matthews cmlaodlmg tnuz-: clnamatlc qiuallltlg. 1271 .Salt-Aacnitlcinctf qnoupla ana: BOYS Maintaining safety among the students has been the aim of the Boys' Patrol. Even with increased traffic and detours, this organization preserved a record of no accidents within its bounds. Assisting Mr. Kokoski were Captains Leo Mickey, Lloyd Mill- PATROL BOYS' PATROL Row 1: Schiff, Catalucci, Miller, Mathias, Russo, Musi, Mickey, Gourley, Sabol, Simonivic. Row 2: Kovacs, Charney, Valle- corso,Mr.Kolcoslci,Kuhni, Kozel, Gudzan. Row 3: Sloppy, Gudzan, Karolak, Gerazounis. Row 4: Sher- man, Cooper, Wojkowski, Mihalic. Row 5: Jericlc, McCauley, Barnhart, Ma- ria. Row 6: Daivs, Gaudio, Malay, Costanza, GIRLS' PATROL Row 1: Stettler, Petricko, Gray, Cramer, Mrs. Lazar, Prisiaz, Brown, Marshall, Sapp. Row Z: Meinert, Kovacevic, Mamula, Han- ger. Row 3: Farrar, Os- wald, Klein, Valavanis, Pastriclc. Row 4: Ombres, O,Conner. Row 5: Pelcar- chilc. er, and Bernard Catalucci, and Lieutenants Richard Mathias, James Cooper, and Charles Dunn. Anxious to gather funds to purchase sweaters, the Patrol planned many after-games and Friday-night socials. -2g, GIRLS' PATROL This year the corridors of Ambridge High have been faithfully patrolled by twenty-one members of the Girls, Patrol. Mrs. Lazar, sponsor, was assisted by Captain Jeanne Petricko and Lieutenants Becky Stettler, Mary Brown, and Vera Prisiaz. The girls also ushered at the football games. Along with these duties this group promoted many social affairs. Their biggest undertaking, a Valentineis Day Formal, met with the approval of the student body. An initiation banquet followed their informal initiation. Later in the year, the girls met at a second banquet celebrat- ing a successful year. - -i A U T O D R I V I N G This year a course called Auto Driving was introduced into Ambridge, open to juniors and seniors only. Their schedule began with thirty-six hours of lecture work from textbooks. This was supplemented with movies on highway safety and with testing equipment. After dividing the classes into groups of fours, the fifty-five enrolled students spent the remainder of the year actual- ly driving. Mr. Chapala, auto driving instructor, took a special course on Highway Safety Driving from the A.A.A. in Bay City, Michigan. A.R.C.H. Snyder has been generous in donating a dual controlled Pontiac to be used in these classes. Such a course has been tried successfully in many states, but has had a slow start in this area. Aliquippa and Ambridge are the first schools in Beaver County to institute driving into their cur- riculum. Some schools offer one-half or one credit for this subject, and some require all students to take an auto driving course before graduation. attentive to oun wr-:Qtane -29.- I Si t E 1 , 2 g , fq Ii i it 5 ,,, 8 lit WL H 4 M ,, W ' 15 5 3 1. m Q '- i.g f Y ' . f ' 1 f Z A wx W l i 3 A f ix W Q' 1 M Q 33' , Y A , FQW i yi x s M71,3Sii 1' Wx fl QV V gf V : 1 I ig- V l W Y ,M Y I A A M1 it Lgmilx 1, M'-K .wwf K ,wyhyhh Mm 'mlm' lk, ,, ' 'Q I ,,A, 1, ll .I QV V W ' , W if-, 5 91 56 D5 an ff! an gp F31Q j- gif f i . M Q I .A.. ' M- J ! 5 ' Q 'Q is ll! ' L WA ' 1 3 N ,-, 3 ni -1' . , 'nur , ...L J, ii, s-ij' 1 H V .f ,K 1. K ' x , ,hh . an ng' - ' .N mg ww' -M ' ,Ag-sq f if ,vm K-'ii-Q' 1' 'S Row 1: Mr. Sporney, Caesar, Burzese ones KUlIJlCkl Mauchlene Dutlco Simon Wacht Kolar Smerigan Val lacorsa. Row Z: Iocca, Holmes, Venerri Alma Musgrave Alice Musgrave Antonelli Lynch Blnger Smith D Smerigan, Snirzler, Krausan. Row 3: Kuny Rich Mcfombie Kordas Zehender Wilkes Mazzeri Salvan Bau man, Seibel, Zeihenslcy, Row 4: Cooper Selley Date HHh61VlCh Bishop Costanza Orlwslci Tomana Squires Row 5: Croner, Montamayer, The band's finest marching exhi- bition may be remembered as that which was displayed at the Roch- ester-Ambridge grid clash beneath the arc-lights at our stadium before 15,000 anxious spectators. Although student participation and cooperation aided in building the finest band in our school history, much credit for its success is due in no small part to the efforts of the very capable Mr. Sporny. anttull coondlmatton in the Uilnicllqfen Gland Gun czlluba II:-:ncII Iliff-1 CLUB COMMITTEE Row 1: Valvanis, Drob- nalc, Valerio, Felix. Row 2: Zulkowslci, Nliss Bogo- vich, Kovacs. Row 3: Levy, Jaclculic, F e r i c h, Boschetto. CHEMISTRY CLUB Row 1: Szafaryn, Perric- Ico, A r n e t t, Karnavas, Schultheis, Gray. Row 2: Johnson, Walko, Shaffer, Hallaman. Row 3: Rosin- ko, Kurch, Dunda Catan- ese, N e s t o r, Karnavas. Row 4: Cramer, Kopsazlc, Mcstay, Pawlack, Arm- strong, Mr. Palmer. CHEMISTRY CLUB An active Chemistry Club was reorganized this year under the sponsorship of Mr. Robert Palmer. Chosen as officers were: Chairman, Philip Arm- strongg Vice-Chairman, Virginia Arnettg Secretary, Sandra Nadzalcg and Treasurer, Andrew Sabol. Dur- ing the weekly club periods the members performed experiments and explored the wonders of Chemistry. Their held trips included visits to the A. M. Byer7s plant and the Ambridge Water Works. The meetings were further advanced by movies on the discussed subjects. The second semester climaxed a brilliant year at a festive party for the club members. CLUBS Under the supervision of Miss Bogovich, a new enrolling in ten clubs. The active clubs were: Chem- system of club selection has been introduced. Pre- istry Club, Astronomy Club, Editoris Training Club, viously it was compulsory for each student to be a Historical Society. Leaders' Club, Madrigal Club, member of some club. This year, however, only those Football Club, Bridger Club, and Advanced Typing having a genuine interest in a special club were Club, encouraged to join. This resulted in 250 students and Alpanklla to oun Jlllma cwlaten. BOYS' GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row 11 Casello, McCauley. Gagliardi, Hunt, Schiff, Sea- man, Jackulic, Boyd. Row 2: Hendrickson, Gourley, Burns, Loschaviu, Burzese, Miss Par- s 0 n, DeFetlericks, P r i c e, Mickey, Mathias. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Myers, Work, Pas- trick, Knestout, Pulingz, Miss Rice, Dugan, Belis, Yee, Bn- limos, Gasnersic. Row 2: Conti, Bufalini, DeMar'zin, Vagias, Gapinsky, Iiufalini, Copus, Narios, Hrvoich, Ho- dak, Cramer, Perkins, Salu- dis. Kline, Davies. Row 3: Dishauzi, Zielinski, Lesiak, Dunn, Dirdo, Mihach, Schultz, Lutz, Bolimos. Theodore, Ve- fiarazi, Feryzadis, Skiner, Gav- lik, Drnbnak. Row 4: Ragin- ski, Belack, Harak, Foster, Scheppy, Jul:-1, Kupczak, Fe- lix, McVay. Row 5: Noble, Sezenias, Meradian, Perris, Barr, Pappa. Row G: Fowler, McKinney, McKinney, King, Giammaria. Row 7: Losco, Zielinski, Hoover, Noland Serack. Row 8: H cw l rn a ni Schermerhorn, Hendrickson, Fouse, Casabona. R 0 W 9 : Landis, Kolder, Mercadante Dempsey. The Boys, Glee Club became active again this year under Miss Parson's clirection. The group took part in the Christmas program and Spring Voice Concert accompanied by Regina Burzese at the piano. Due to a late start, the Glee Club continued without officers. Uflnicllqen chonall qnoulpa .ur 1,-I., contnibute to oun came. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club, consisting of ninety members, was reorganized again this year under Miss Rice's sponsorship. Lead by President Dolores Belis and Vice-President Audrey Poling, the group took part in several musical programs during the year. Assisting these two officers was Sylvia Dugan, Secretary-Treasurer. Their main achievement was the annual Spring Vocal Concert. MADRIGAL CLUB Selected from the music class, fifty high ranking singers are invited to join the Madrigal Club. From this group an ensemble of seventeen voices sang for the Baden Woman's Club and the Business and Professional Woman's Club, another group for the Elks Memorial service Yule- tide caroling has become a memorial part of the Club's functions. Participation in Mid-Western and State Choruses is anxiously sought by the enthusiastic vocalists. Their year is culminated at the Annual Vocal Concert. They also furnish background at the Baccalaureate and Commencement services. Accompanied on the piano by Regina Burzesse, the club is lead by President Richard Ma- thias and Vice President AI Seaman. Jean Troup and Dolores Bursh are secretary and treasurer, respectively. A Hobo convention marked the Madrigal Club's biggest social event. Barn dancing and re- lay races highlighted this gala affair. MADRIGAL CLUB Row 1: Melissari, Bear, Jamieson, Nestor, Bursh, Ulbrich. Symes, Plesh, Yaworsky. Mezown, GriH'en. Row 2: Ballas, Eberhart, Pekarchik. Burzese, M'ss Parson, Cooper, Brown, Kenny. Karaianis. Row 3: Sea man, Lnschavio, Fleming, Ashenhart, Vayzafs. Row 4: Boyd, Hunt, Dozier, Panutsos, Troup. Row V: Gag Iiardi, Belis, Maker, Spirus, Gutch. Row 6: Jackulic Wilkes De Federieks Matehett Brendle Fitt t v 1 f , 1 , an 9, Aversa. Row T: Firich, Mickey, Bologna, Ferdinanfles. Row 8: Price. Guurley, Serack, Mathias, Stranko D25- Gun montltllmf jounnalllatlc lpublllcation SILHOUETTE REPRESENTATIVES SILHOUETTE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Martin, Janiclci, Pania, Zajac, Drobnak, Mrs, Derflinger, Karna- vas, Gray, Troup, Gapin- slci, Gerazounis. Row Z: Barr, Sarlcisan, Macldona, Dulick, Klein. Row 3: Carnevale, Brutout, Simms, Wagner. Row 4: Wojkowski, Rubenstein, Mattie, S u cl i a, Shaffo. Row 5: Johnson, Boschet- to, G a u cl io, Woloshuk, Hanievich. SILHOUETTE WRITERS Row 1: Hallaman, Rad- wanski, Karnavas, Rankin, Olearczyk, Prisiaz, Ath- ens, Siehl, Troup, Schultz, Corey, Hahn, Shaffer. Row 2: Wacht, Gourley, Jo h n s o n, Wojkowski, Gray, Levy, Gerazounis, I-lanievich. Row 3: Porto, Karolak, Schiff, Nadzalc, Ulbrich. Row 4: Rotonclo, O I C o n n o r, Jaclculic. Bursh, Pastriclc. Row 4: Farrar, Dunn, Sherman, Shulfheis, Pastrick. Row 5: Rubensein, Vettorazzi, Woloshuk, Saludis, Fer- gadis, Inckovich, Pania, Sudia, Valavanis, Klein. Row 6: Panutsos, Bellas, Caplan. A representative from each home room contributed his services to the Silhouette. These people handled the distribution of the monthly publication and gathered subscriptions at the be- ginning of the year. SIS, SILHOUETTE The editorial staff of ,47-'48 celebrated the Silhouette's Silver Anniversary by maintaining an outstanding record. Never before has there been such a large paper published monthly in Am- bridge High School. The practice of presenting an outline of Ambridge High in six or eight pages was a policy set up this year. Due to the high cost of paper and printing, the paper was cut down in the latter part of this year. With a circulation almost reaching the 1000 mark, the Silhouette has been awarded second place among the best high school papers in the nation by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. FACU LTY STAFF Sponsor ,. ., . ,... .. .. .,.. ,..,, ....,.. , M rs. Virginia Derflinger Typing Director ., .,..,. Miss Rose Kozalc STUDENT STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,. , .,,... ,Bill Athens Advertising Editor .,,. ,,..,,..... H ope Karnavas News Editor... ,. . .,..,.... ..Vera Prisiaz Exchange Editor ......... ,....,.,.,......., C laire Rankin Sports Editors. .... , .Emanuel Hallaman Circulating Manager ....... ........,..., D olores Olearczyk Humor Editor ,..,.. ..,.... Pat Schultz Typists ,... ...,..,...... , ..,.. .....,..Mary Hahn Feature Editor ,ii,i,.i ,Joy siehi Betty Radwanski Proofreaders., ,,,..,.,,.,.. Marian Corey Girls' Sports Editor. .,.. , Jean Troup Dolores Bursh dlevcllopea Qltenanlj taatels. ,37- CR:-zlllgioub Education is pant ot DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Row 1: Ashenhart, Coop- er, Villella, Rapso, Yes- niclc. Row Z: Horalc, G es- ler, Onufryk, Mata. Row 39 Z u la i c, Schoniezma, Jarzynka, De Marco, Fen- nell, Linger. Row 4: Ro- ginslci, Irwin, Fowler, Kez- mer. R o w 5: Benedict, Lewis, Kozalc, S t r a n o. Row 6: Sullcowslci, Poco- rus, Costello. SEMAPHORE SQUAD Row 1: Kotyienewicz Penczak, Riley. Row 2 D e l a C l'1, Patrielli, Mr Snyder, Berton, Hacker DISTMBUTIVE EDUCATION One of the newest additions to our curriculum, the Distributive Education course, opened its first year under the instruction of Mr. Costello. It is offered to Seniors only and affords these students an opportunity to attain knowledge and experience in the retail field while still in school. This co- operative program comhines experience in selling and non-selling departments in Ambridge stores with classroom work. Students enrolled in the course attend classes in the morning and work in the af-YCFIIOOII. SEMAPHORE SQUAD On hand at all the football games to aid inkeeping an accurate score is the Semaphore Squad. This group is made up of trained vocational boys anxious to lceep the fans informed as to the re- sults on the gridiron. Mr. Snyder guides the squad. - 38 - RELIGIOUS EDUCATION A method of combining spiritual training with mental development has been introduced in Ambridge High. With 140 students enrolled for the Religious Education Course, ten churches conducted classes one hour a week. This is the second year such a program has been attempted. Special courses were set up in the following churches: Beth Samuel Congregation, Divine Redeemer, St. -Iohnis Lutheran Church, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Methodist Church, Holy Trinity Croatian Church, Holy Ghost Russian Orthodox Church, St. Mary's Church, St. Stanislaus, and Christ the King. oun natuneg Ima it we ana nouniahecl. Clllfe pa-znlpz-:tuate necondla ot wenta . . ARRANGING BUSINESS DETAILS THE BRIDGER This year the graduating class of Ambridge High School has presented the ninth annual Bridger to the senior high students. The Senior Editorial Staff was assisted by a Junior apprentice staff who are preparing themselves for work on future Bridgers. Long hours of tedious work produced this informative book of memories. Many hours were spent both in and out of school taking and mounting pictures, writing articles, and gathering information on all phases of high school life. The advertising staff began their work early in the year, and much credit for the Bridger should go to them. Neither should the circulation staff be forgotten. They have worked steady since early September taking your orders and finally delivering your Bridger to you. In your hands you now hold part of your pastg and in this past are preserved many hours of enjoyment mingled with sadness for posterity. This book is a collection of memories which can't be forgotten. Keep it and cherish it. BRIDGER STAFF PREPARING ENGRAVING COPY PHOTOGRAPHERS ON THE SPOT V W K .M Q0 mu , W 'W' ' W , ' 2 '7 VV -- wh. V 'M ' M K, WV L fs Ap-V iW,,,,,W.,,,W V V 01 Y' 1,,WW?wf aww I M ,, :Mmm Vs W AV ,-V Q 1 2 if f', 2 45 fU1:'M 'M M. V me MV hw M! ww F QV ' m M' ii' 5 ' 3 , V 5 5 f , ,Z , V ,WMV , W ,.,, ' ' ' 1' . VD., w 5' QQ? 7 22 il if H jg iv 'fa 1 5, V2 Q ,ff -V K 'ku' , ' fa f M ,Vg ,, , ,, VV, A , V if V ,gy f 1 ,V , L 2 M Q 2 ' m X 4 VM 4 MV an -fmf M? 'W V M f ' w '1' V ,ffl Q f 'T' W ,Vw I ,, ' , 1 , V 1 'Z V , , ' ,, . MW ,V A , ff ' W Q ff , 3 ' 23' J 'T', ? ff Q f gg nQ,, iV,gVfWw, Q W W V, , if f 'Q' A L sv VV Q V' V w V ,V Z V' V A ff v VV X A X V , L61 V. g f 1 1 , my 7 , :W f VV .ew V J X 1 V ' rw MVVV V 4 ,, f V V L . V E, V , ' - V A V' X , .V , ,VVV K 4? ff fi M J , ww5 V -112 M gif 1 Q 5?Ei 1 1 ' ' V K if 5 , , Q , g if 1 ,W ' nn V ' 6 y . ?QWZ? www? WW, . 55 7 ,, V V W Z W 'L., KQMWAUZ M QV Q awww V , NZ. V V W Q Q , I , V, VV! vf' 7 V 1JX?tiVQ22z, - W If V V, , ,. 34 My fi Va XZ 1 'W 3' VVVV N V , V 55, if fb W' U YQ fr , :Ef f , 'V ' A-V' 5 In , A f4.f,g,-jigi 5 Q W ,, K M H L M ,, J , , 59 f W f V A 4, ,V ,V 1 ' Q, UW, ' V V , , , V V V , 5 1 K 6 1, WWAVV 5 Lg 137 .- 24 ,V 4V kv A VVX VQ A gf V , V VV V V V 229m A WW ,Nw Jlctiultlea develop 0. tnatennaf FINANCE COMMITTEE Row 1: Pekarchik, Bear, Kline, Valavanis, Roton- do, Butchers, Symes, Ma- donna, Prokopvich, Drob- nak, O'Connor. Row Z: Spiros, Mihach, Ivkovich, Nites, Babyalc, Mr. Robb, Sudia, Pehon, Ditz, Yee. Row 3: Dirdo, Harman, Mamula, Kovacevic. Row 4: Gourley, Karolak, Mill- er, Bosanac, S h e r m a n, Cooper, Carrico PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Row 1: Dugan, Horvat, Carnevale, Rankin, jor- dan, Minclek, Gavlik, Ar- nett, Marshall, Oswald, Ferguson, Morgan. Row Z: Reithmiller, Catalucci, Murdza, Vaughn, Mrs. Lutman, Bonavito, Lee, Mcstay. Row 3: Miketa, Monzi, Casale, Santry, Watach. Row 4: Boyd, Mazur, Greenwald, Barn- hart. Row 5: Babyak, Merriman, Kohut, Magis. FINANCE COMMITTEE Thirty-three students, supervised by Mr. Robb, handled the financial proceedings at all school affairs. No chairman was appointed this year, instead duties were divided among the entire com- mittee. Members sold and collected tickets at football and basketball games, plays, and other school events. They also ushered and patrolled at basketball games. Seniors who served on the finance committee for two years received a letter. To retain mem- bership one must work at twenty events a year. Several students joined the committee in their fresh- man year. ,42.- ART PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Art Publicity Committee is a special committee of twenty students chosen by Mrs. Lut- man to publicize all school affairs. Selections are based on the artistic ability shown by students. To obtain a letter one must serve two years, be a senior, and make at least twenty projects a year. This year the students made posters for dances, plays, concerts, and all programs presented by students. In addition to this they made place cards, entered contests, and did work for outside or- ganizations such as the Children's Aid and B.P.W. Club. During the year they made a field trip to Pittsburgh where they visited the Art Exhibit, Conservatory, and Zoo. Apinlt ot dlwotlon, undlenlatandlnq and coop:-znation. -43- all Student .feqlallatlue Clzloclliff STUDENT SENATE Student government is upheld in Ambridge High School largely through the efforts of the Student Senate. As in previous years, this legislative group has achieved a memorable record. Auditing the activity fund books has been added to their duties. Through their diligence and persistence, an interchange of ideas was conducted among the valley schools. One of their tasks in maintaining a full, traditional school life was the inauguration of a student store. Automatically each homeroom president represents his section in the Senate. Under the guidance of Mr. Mattuch, parliamentary procedure was upheld by their alert officers: President, Andrew Boschettog Vice President, Joe Walkog Secretary, Mary Pelcarchilc, and Treasurer, Joe Sestile. The ultimate goal of student participation in new projects was encouraged by our ambitious leaders. This list of accomplishments presents a record to be upheld by future Senators. STUDENT SENATE Row 1: Mr. Mattuch, Ma- runa, Miketa, Shulilc, A. B o s c h e t t o, Pelcarchilc, Walko, Levy, Hendrick- son, R. Boschetto, Erdely- an, Kundrat, Athens. Row 2: Negrey, Nairos, Klein, Kowacs, Nl a r t i n, Mus- grave, Butrey, Dunn, Jor- dan, Radwanslci, Volpe. Row 3: Bentz, Pazybysew- slci, Kolcoszka, Porto, Kar- navas. Row 4: Sestile, Mi- halic, Herbine, Hornyaclc. Row 5: Willis, Haneivich, Zalenslci. RECEPTION COMMITTEE Row 1: Ulbrick, Megown, Carnevale, Y a w 0 r s lc y Olearczylc, Troup, Mar- shall, Cain. Row 2: Barn- hart, Rubenstein, Bellas Oswald, Sudik. Row 3: Krones, D u n n, Volpe, Mamula. x 144- 7 Now where is if? A pho'I'ographer needs supporf. High, low, swee+ or soff . . . The ossignmenl mill. La+e??? If iusl doesn'1' happen. The new look- snappy plaids. .School Dag Souuenlnla Oun ecllucatlonaf onqcinigatlcmh HISTORICAL SOCIETY Row 1: Nastich, Oswald Miss Bovarcl, L a m a n Rankin. Row 2: Austin McCarrier, Val a v a n is Caplan, Smith. Row 3 Hallaman, Hendrickson Charni, Kosinslci, Nestor Row 5: Bailey, Karnavas Bauman. ATOMIC ENERGY COUNCIL Row 1: Bear, Garbinslcy Jamieson,Karnavas,Wojt Icowski, Guzan, Mickey Schultz, Troup, Marshall Row Z: Sabol, Valavanis O'Conner, Pastriclc, Kar olak, L ev y, Gerazunus Ulbrick, Vettorazi, Wila moslci, Dunn, Butchers Saludis, Jerman, Frosh Matchett. Row 3: Yee Farrar, Oswald, Mcstay Berkowitz. Row 4: Fulton Mr. Horseman, Olson. THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Following a wartime standstill the Historical Society again returned to the limelight of school activities. The club, directed by Miss Bovard, had fifteen representatives present at a convention of the Western Pennsylvania Junior Historians held in Oakland. Joan Laman achieved the honor of being the first girl elected president of these conventions. Emanuel Hallaman and Joan Laman led the Amhridge Chapter of the Historical Society as co-presidents. Andy Nestor and Hattie Nastich served as vice-presidents and secretary. Levy, Walko. Row 4: 1 1 1 ATOMIC ENERGY COUNCIL The Atomic Energy Council, under the direction of Mr. Horsman, has been organized for two years in Ambridge High. Gaining a better understanding of the atomic theory and the latest scientific developments is the club's main objective. Ar the meetings held on the last Monday of every month, the members practice photography, perform experiments, and discuss science in gen- eral. Lectures by students, guest speakers, and moving pictures are added to the club's attractions. Interested students visited the Buhl Planetarium and other scientific institutes in Pittsburgh. The following officers were elected to serve for the '47-,48 school term: President, Edward Karolak, Vice-President, James Mihalowg Recording Secretary, Georgianne Dunne, Corresponding Secre- tary, Gloria Farrar, and Treasurer, Mr. Horsman. BLEACHER SQUAD Row 1: Gatehouse, Kisi- clay, Gagliardi, Karr. Row 2: Burns, Rytel, Kamazel- ski, Mr. Serene. FOOTBALL PATROL Row 1: Mr. Lombar, Per- civale, Karolak, Boschetto, Malay, Marsh. Row 2: Marshall, Prisiaz, Brown. Row 3: Lamb, R. Boschet- to, Rogalski, H o r n y a lc. Row 4: Sasinovich, Davis, McCaulley. Uanouldle paatlmea ot 532:-zaaune. ..47... .Student onatonla voice SPEECH The Speech Department, in its third active year, attracted many new additions to its squad. These interested students participated in such fields as hu- morous, dramatic and oratorical declamations, orig- inal oration, and extemporaneous speaking. Several members made appearances before local civic organ- izations. The Ambridge Chapter, being a member of the National Forensic League, consists of Joan La- man, Hope Harnavas, Sandra Nadzak, Dolores Olearczylc, Patty Jordan, Patty Schultz, Arlene Ru- benstein, Dorothy Kerzan, Carmella Melissari and Bill Athens. DEBATE SQUAD This year the Debate Squad boasted but three of last yearis active members: Vera Valavanis, Geor- gianne Dunn, and Gloria Farrar, all members of the Junior class. Joining the squad were Ruth Hanger, Roger Mauchline, and Bernard Komar, Juniors, and three promising Sophs, Eddie Woloshuck, Jack Kar- navas, and Don Herbien. The debate problem for ,47-'48 dealt with the much discussed matter of labor. The question was: Resolved: That the Federal Gov- ernment should require arbitration in all basic American industries. Georgianne Dunn and Gloria Farrar built up the affirmative while the negative was upheld by Bernie Komar and Vera Valavanis. SPEECH SQUAD Mr. Shaffer, Karnavas, Laman, Jordan, Caplan, Schultz, Kerzan, Ruben- stein, Nadzalc, Olearczylc. DEBATE SQUAD Row 1: Farrar, Mr. Shaf- fer, Dunn. Row Z: Wilkes, Hanger, Kerzan, Herbien. ...43.. STAGE SQUAD STAGE MAKE-UP SQUAD Row 1: Shoup, Feenstra, Chupka. Row 2: Barret, Sinchak. Row 1: Karolalc, Kurch, Miss Hullberg, Boschetto, Geraza Row 3: Tarban, Goerman, Fleming. STAGE SQUAD A specially trained squad of boys from Electric Shop control the electrical apparatus in the audi- torium, booth, gymnasium, and press box. They are behind the scenes during all the stage productions and athletic events directing the lighting, sound, and electrical operations. Mr. Axtell supervises this tech- nical department with assistance from Captain Bill Shoup of Cycle A and Captain Mike Sinchalc of Cycle B. unis. Row 2: Rogalslci, Woloshuk. STAGE MAKE-UP SQUAD A small group chosen from the Assembly Com- mittee serve on the Stage Make-Up Squad. These conscientious students are on hand during each stage production to put make-up on the actors. Be- sides doing this for regular Friday assemblies, they also handle the make-up department for such pro- grams as the Minstrel, Junior Class Play and Senior Class Play. This squad is directed by Miss Agnes Hullberg. opinions ot Mound Jlmenlca. Ffhe Euenttull gunlon-.Senlon Uanom JUNIOR-SENIOR PRCM May 22, a memorahle day for over 210 students, marked the Junior-Senior Prom. With their escorts, gown-clad girls entered the gym which was transformed into a Chinese Fantasyf' Mrs. Lutman and her art committee decorated the walls with silver painted murals. A successful evening was due to the conscientious Junior Class Officers, who brought Baron Elliot and his VUCAE Orchestra to provide the music. The evening was climaxed by Mike Kostas, the king of 1942, crowning Bill Kisaday and Dorothy Towcimalc as King and Queen of the Prom. After the Coronation, Anna May Sovich and John Hronas joined the royal couple in leading a grand march. - 50.. STRING ENSEMBLE Under the direction of Mr. Robert Schoenweis, a group playing five violins, two violas, two cellos, two string basses, and a piano make up the string ensemble. They furnished music at the Junior Class Play, the Senior Class Play, a program at the Jewish Synagogue, the Band Banquet, and several assemblies. Ambridge was represented at Mid-Western Orchestra by two Violinists, James Gerazounis, and Arlene Rubensteing Jim and Jack Mihalow playing the violag one cello, G. Dahma, and one bass, Robert Mahoney. The members attended the concert of the Pittsburgh Symphony Crchestra in Pittsburgh. .z. L R i L. Row 1: Mr. Schoeneweis, Rubenstein, Ragalski, Dahma. Row 2: De Veccho, Dahma, Corey, Mihalow, Mihalow, Gerazounis. Row 3: Mahoney, De Federics, Travoli. acllclecll manniment andl minth. Wlatlo nail Ho non Socletmj Upon entering senior high, an important goal is membership in the National Honor Society. Every junior and senior to be eligible for membership must have a high rating of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. Character, the most important factor, is rated by each teacher. Of the highest ranking students, only fifteen percent of the seniors and ten percent of the juniors become members. During their impressive installation ceremonies four seniors speak on each of the four qualities necessary for membership. The vows are taken by the new members and each old member renews his. Those installed in their junior year served as foundation for the 1948 chapter. Every year the organization holds one social event. Last year a well attended hay ride and an outdoor picnic at North Park was their choice. Row 1: Schultz, Prisiaz, Miss Bogovich, Naclzalc, Gray. Row 2: Cramer, Marshall, Karnavas Brown. Row 3: Karnavas, Armstrong, Hallaman, Walko. Row 4: Levy, Gerazaonis. Clfocationall 'Dixie Jubilee Cwllnlmtnz-:Q On February 4 the Vocational Department presented its traditional Dixieland Jubilee Min- strel. An all-male Cast displayed their talents in a two-part program centered around a show- boat theme. Miss Hullberg directed the end- men, who clowned and sang in typical minstrel fashion. Some of their solo selections were Old Man River, Robert E. Leef' Stormy Weather, and 'llVly Gal Salf' with the chorus joining in. Through the untiring efforts of Nliss Rice the chorus provided a colorful back- ground. A jubilee Ball made up the second portion of the unforgettable stage production. The female parts were portrayed by the boys. Also featured in the dances and skits, was the High School band, conducted by Mr. Sporny, which proved very amusing in the dance pantomimes. Construction of stage props was done by the boys of the Wood Shop, and with the coopera- tion of the Electric Shop, effective lighting and sound was achieved. Wm J CI hwf'a,m,' ,J V,-r 5 ,ff if 5 A , Wi K , C!HOINN:kTI BHJK SUPER Qf R X XL. ' X ' Img ,. as K 2 k K , M3 fy X f 'Q kjtzgsk he , x Q 3 at Sk V ,E Q 2 -ff 4 ' f awe: fig f -V.-. A + is L t . ' Q RM .2 W' '-TA K, . 5 2 .:,. :.,.v 19 ,, k fi X ..U, X W H12 f l -2 -f L --md nw!!- , mea i 32 fn Q: - l m i fk , JT., . .1- ., .MM gl 5 A mai' 1 D I ,, Y- N . gg V Q 'A W K '-Witt wa ...M ,,a -7:5-mar' , me 5 'W . rw-...f 5' 91 2 4? - ?'?' sgmifiwiwa I A X f-avril' V. ,, ., . f - M f A H J,..5X - ,,,. WM.. ., i fi gg, WH, il 5' 'ii . ,Q -I QM , , .,,M,..., .WM Q M-M,1ui ,, ,Q. M-.M .mb ,ff M .... 2? ,-.' X fiiw aw s ' E M ' 'Mi' 4 A x f 'z qlixf 4: K ,.,,, ww . rf may 2 f ,ff ,Q I K - MKV, V Q fi f W i,,,.,.fw'u,g 13 1 S i 'mi' 1 ,, , M Q V W1 f' if - f 2 2, - 5gw6 ' '- i . 1 .rw 5'Hi1u-. f-R v in Ax S QS 1 X L xx 5 X ,ada 'N My W! S5 4 we EA 'Wien 'ez Um Www Statue and Zmmew 'V .T K , ' ' vas- , . , Y - ,E., A , .f M 5 . .1 3 5433 XV,7 if 9 A 1:f as NUQ r.,,,Mm,h -f cwloullclcna ot fwlen ., l Mr. Rubinstein Mr. Hlisia THE COACHES A foundation of a cooperative team lies in the ability of its coaches. Ambridge has been fortunate in preserving its fine records through the toil of its experienced heads, Maurice Rubenstein and Joseph Hlista. In their strife for a winning team, they have encouraged good sportsmanship and have built h' l Th se fine coaches have brought fame champion athletes who have gone on to ac ieve greater g ory. e and respect in the field of clean sports to our Alma Mater. FOOTBALL RECORD Ambridge ............., 51 St. George .,......,. . Ambridge ........., 14 Vandergrift ...., Ambridge ......,.....,. 33 New Brighton .......,.... Ambridge ...,... ..,... 1 3 Beaver Falls .... Ambridge ...... . ....,, 45 Aliquippa .,... . Ambridge ..... .....,.. 1 9 Rochester .....,...,.........,,, Ambridge ,. .....,. 6 New Kensington Ambridge .....,......,.. 25 Ellwood City, ..,......, . THE IEIZTS FITTTTEALL SEASTIN The Ambridge High School football aggre- gation showed early that they were again a power to be reckoned with when they pulverized St. George in the lidlifter '51-7. The scoring mara- thon saw touchdown by Sam Bombiani, Willie Dozier, Bill Carpenter, Johnnie Gaspersic, Jay Pribulsky, and Bobbie Bezuk. Bezuk also passed for two touchdowns. The best the visitors could do was score after an Ambridge fumble in their own territory. The locals then treked to Vandergrift where they did the expected, throbbing the home boys 14-0. Vandergrift looked good in the first quarter as they ran five first downs but were hindered by penalties that kept them from scoring. The second time the Bridgers got their hands on the ball then sent 11,000 fans to their feet by springing Sam Bombiani on the 65-yard touchdown jaunt. Bob Harris converted and the half-time score stood at 7-0. After resisting a Vandy bid for a touchdown the locals came back with another tally by Bom- biani and Hanan Harris again converted. The red-hot gridders then journeyed to New Brighton for a breather only to find a very alert eleven that passed the Bridgers into a frenzy before they finally succumbed to the Bridger methodical attack 33-14. Brighton scored first on a long pass play after being assisted by a few THE VARSITY SQUAD ,.,,,.,, -il . Row 1: Yacovoni, Monzi, Loschiavo, Bombiani, Pribulsky, Chop, Bezuk, Hunt, Reese, De-Tanero, Sin- chak, Sprock, Dolinski. Row Z: Coach Hlista, Mihalsky, Carpenter, Dozier, Covert, Gaona, Russo, Weber, Serack, Harris, Kubit, Miketa, Anzur, Coach Rubenstein. Row 3: Mr. Serene, Parricelli, Mihalik, North, Kurch, Orler, Bogosian, Gilbert, Plumb, Schulik, Manager McCoy. Splnitedl . . Cnattmg . . . 'VVla.nQl3 CDTQQA d5CiClQh . Carpenter Bezuk penalties. Two Garnet and Gray drives fizzled out, before Willie Dozier smashed over from the two. The second Canto found Sammy Bombiani bang- ing over another score from the three. With the opening of the third period came another Dozier touchdown scoring on the longest run of the evening, 24 yards. Bombiani scored again on an end run, then, after Bezuk set up a score on a pass to Pribulslcy, he bounced into the end zone for the final score. Loschiavo Reese A triclcy Beaver Falls team met and broke the Bridgerls back in a game that found the Orange and Black just too good as they walked away with an 18-13 win. On two long drives the visitors scored twice while the Bridgers fought back with a score of their own when Bomhiani climaxed a sustained drive by jointing the last eight yards. The Orange and Black, eager to avenge last year,s last-minute victory, rose twice to stop the vaunted Ambridge grid machine with- . .gtallwcmt ,Cinema-:rt Bogosian Hun+ in the five-yard marker, then scored again. The locals finally scored, but it was all over and the Bridgers were uoutf' After a weelc's rest, the rejuvenated Nloemen treked to the bluff where they routed their tra- ditional Aliquippa rivals 45-Z. Sam Bombiani and Willie Dozier shared the scoring honors with three touchdowns apiece and end Bill Carpenter chip- ping in with one. Dozier turned in the Bridgers' Yacovoni Mikeha longest scoring jaunt of the game and the year with a 77-yard sprint. The game of the year arrived. The game brought together a tough, untarnished Rochester eleven and their biggest obstacle, the one-de- feated Bridgers. Close to 15,000, a record crowd, watched the Rams grab off an early lead via the air-lines just three minutes after the kickoff. Nloments later, Rochester's Nocera blocked a Harris punt, scooped it up and scampered some 50 yards to make it 14-0. Then Bobbie Bezuk, Sam Bombiani passing combo clicked twice and the locals were back in the game. As Harris missed the one all-important conversion, the score stood 14-13 at half-time. Willie Dozier and Bombiani then spearheaded a third period drive that the latter climaxed with an off-tackle slash. The extra point was missed. Just four minutes remained when the Rams recovered a fumble near midfield and promptly turned it into a score that put a close hard-fought ballgame into the proverbial bag, 21-19. A tired, limping Garnet and Gray squad, still licking their wounds from the heartbreaking loss to the Rochester Rams, traveled out to New Kensington to meet the wrath of a powerful Kenstein squad 27-6. Despite the loss of four first stringers, due to injuries early in the tilt, the Bridgers put up a stunch ground defense only to have the Coalminers put on an aerial show that accounted for three of their four tallies. The only local score came in the third stanza, when Bezuk smacked over after Jay Pribulsky had sprinted 33 yards to the two. just for the fun of it, the championship Ren High eleven tacked on one more and it ended 27-6. The finale found the Bridgers cramming twenty-five points in the second quarter and easily gained a 25-12 dceision over a visiting Ellwood City aggregation. Orrie Loschiavo scored twice on two long sprints, Bezuk on a 32-yard jaunt and Bombiania chipped in with a two-yard plunge as the curtain rang down on another thrill-packed season. Although a record of live won and three lost doesn't look too successful on paper, the Bridgers were never counted out on any occa- Many students ar- rived early to avoid the gate-crowd at the Rochester game. Mr. Farley, Roch- ester High School Principal, shakes hands with Mr. Serene in mid-field just before the kick- off. The coin-toss. Ro- chester elected to receive. sion as a threat or contender. They had more heart than what usually is found on a high school team. The cold record books will never show how the bunch of boys had Rochester beat till the last minute. Among the lads thatill never again pull on a Garnet and Grey jersey are Bob Reese, Don Yacovani, and Bill Carpenter, ends, Bob Hunt, a guard, Andy Miketa, center, Bob Bezuk and Orrie Losciavo, backs. -1- qaahlonenh ot clfiqonouh Chanctcten ..62... Clflattlllnq Uimidlqen J'loo5JAtenA or qomonnow RESERVE BASKETBALL RECORD Ambridge Ambriclge Ambriclge Ambridge Ambridge Ambriclge Ambriclge Ambridge Ambriclge Ambridge Ambriclge Ambridge Ambridge Amhridge Ambriclge Ambriclge Ambriclge Ambriclge ......... .,....A,..,.. Monaca .......... .,,.. Avonworth ......... Charleroi ,,. ,.., ..,, New Kensington New Brighton Donora ,,.....,,,. ....,,.,A... Central Catholic New Castle ,, Sharon Farrell ,,...., .. Ellwoocl City Beaver Falls . ,... , Aliquippa ,,,.... New Castle ........ . Sharon Farrell ,,,,. .....,,,,,. Beaver Falls ..,...., Aliquippa ,, 4 RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD Row 1: Teddy Ulinski, Managerg Bob Romanskig Don Ostrowski, John Mazur Row 2 Ross McCoy, Managerg Regis Kubit, Andy Stranko, John Petula, Michael Patricelh Manager Wafwcltq VARSITY BASKETBALL The team this year was slightly inexperienced due to a lack of lettermen and also a new coach Mr. Palmer promised that they would show a good team next year if they had the same co- operation he had this year. A lot of credit was given to the two co-captains Seaman and Los- Janicki Ses+ile Gnwancll to clflctonlff Hanievich chiavo who took a back seat and let others play even though it was their last year. After seven- teen defeats the team was still full of spirit. Mr. Palmer also commented that size had a lot to do in holding the team back. It was also stated by Mr. Palmer that the boys in future years that played this year, along with hard practice, would make a reputation for our school and a name for themselves. Punjack Kundraf Loschiavo Sbvlnlted . . . .fomgall . Pribulsky Wl1i+el-lair Seaman 46470: 71407641024 TLLLE Harma'Ho MONACA traveled to AMBRIDGE only to drop its first game to the Bridgers with a score of 35-34. High rally man was Pribulsky. AVONWORTH was the guest of AM- BRIDGE and came out high man 52-30. Prihulslcy led the way to the tallies with fourteen. AMBRIDGE moved to CI-IARLEROI only to drop this game with a tally of 64-38. Fourteen points were credited to Prihulslcy. AMBRIDGE at home dropped its fourth game to NEW KENSINGTON with a close score of 43-41. Janicki led the way to the hoop with nineten tallies. DONCRA left AMBRIDGE with a tally of 46-30. Prihulslcy again came out high man. AMBRIDGE dropped a close one to NEW BRIGHTON, 35-33. Janiclci led the mark with Pribulslcy following close behind. Ffh:-115 Reflect the 0311-:At AMBRIDGE traveled to CENTRAL CATH- OLIC only to be topped 51-32. Pribulsky led the way for the Bridgers with twelve points. NEW CASTLE traveled to AMBRIDGE to take the reins and come out victorious 35-27. Jan- icki and Seaman tied with eight tallies each. AMBRIDGE moved to SHARCN to drop its eighth straight game 45-24. Janicki led the tallies with twelve buckets and Whitehair fol- lowed up with six. FARRELL made a trip to AMBRIDGE to snatch the victory from our hands by a 50-33 score. Janicki was high man with fourteen points. AMBRIDGE went to ELLWOOD to lose its eleventh game 46-30. Janicki came out high man with nine tallies followed up by Whitehair with seven. ALIQUIPPA snatched another one from AMBRIDGE 75-24. Whitehair came up with a tally of seven and SEAMAN showed five points. AMBRIDGE was the guest of NEW CASTLE who stole the game 60-48. Janicki led the way for the Bridgers with a score of seven- teen tallies. At home AMBRIDGE dropped its thirteenth game to SHARON 51-22. The honors were all tied up among Seaman, Harmatto, janicki, and Pribulsky receiving four tallies each. AMBRIDGE traveled to FARRELL to lose its fourteenth straight game 44-26. Pribulsky and Loschiavo tied honors with seven points each. On Friday the thirteenth AMBRIDGE snatched a victory from ELLWOOD CITY with a score of 46-44. Pribulsky showed the Bridgers the way to the hoop with fifteen tallies. Janicki followed with eleven buckets. AMBRIDGE away did everything possible to stop BEAVER FALLS but dropped its next to last game 65-50. Pribulsky led the rally with twelve scores and Seaman followed with eleven marks. AMBRIDGE was again back to their age-old rivals, ALIQUIPPA, who took the lead and showed AMBRIDGE ancther taste of defeat, 58- 29. Harmatto led the score with nine tallies. SEASON'S RECORD Ambridge Monaca ,. Ambridge Avonworth ,... Ambridge Charleroi Ambridge New Kensington Ambridge Donora .,..... ,, .. Ambridge New Brighton ,. Ambridge Central Catholic Ambridge New Castle Ambridge Sharon , Ambridge Farrell ., .. Ambridge Ellwood .. Ambridge Aliquippa ....,.... . Ambridge New Castle , ,, Ambridge Sharon . Ambridge Farrell ..,,,,... , ...,....... , Ambridge ...,,... .. ....... Ellwood City . Ambridge Beaver Falls Ambridge Aliquippa . ,. qullll ot 0. o on Die Slplnit CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM Row 1: Donatelli, Bennett, Williamowski, B a r r e t t, Rytel, Shaffer, Mahoney, Chuclicek. Row Z: Schiff, Snodgrass, Gross, Dom- anslcy, Storar, B r o w n, Clark, Mr. Piper. GOLF TEAM Row l: Protenic. Sable, Mr. Rothermel, Terlesky. Row Z: Zappie, Storar, Kuhni. G O L F Ambridge High 1947 Golf Record The 1947 Ambridge High School Golf Team coached by Nlr. Rothermel toolc second place in a very competitive Section HI of the W.P.I.A.L. The varsity regulars were Mike Sable, Eugene Terleslcy, Carl Kuhni, John Protenic, Paul Sherba, and Billie Zappie. Mike Sable and Eugene Terleslcy represented Ambridge High at the W.P.l.A.L. golf tournament played at Westinoreland Country Club. Both faired well against some of the strongest competition in Western Pennsylvania. Ambridge Ambridge , , . Ambridge . . . .. 'Ambridge .. . ., Ambriclge .. ., Ambridge A Ambridge . . Amhridge , Ambridge 9FAmbridge xNon-Section Match es. ,W 67 - L6 Sewickley Avonworth West View Midland . Beaver Falls Sewiclcley Avonworth West View Midland . Beaver Falls 595 3 15 0 8 0 8 15 0 5 av- At State College Meef Uinldqen Stan . .State Champion CROSS COUNTRY Although Ambridge has had cross-country only two years, Mr. Piper turned out a team this year that defeated more experienced, veteran teams. In spite of a tough schedule, they de- feated Beaver, Connellsville, Langley, Central Catholic, and Penn Township, losing to Aliquippa, Canonsburg, and New Castle by only a few points. By Ambridge placing third at the 'W.P.I.A.L. meet, where Rytel captured first place, the team qualified for the P.I.A.A. meet at State College. The seventh district, which included Ambridge, won the state meet with Ambridge placing sixth. Rytel became state champion by placing first in the entire race of 150 of Pennsylvania's best runners. Richard Rytel, track star and captain, as a freshman became interested in track after failing to make good in football. Laying a foundation in his sophomore year, Rich began setting records as a junior. After taking second place against Aliquippa in his first cross-country race, he be- came determined to reach the top. In each suc- ceeding dual meet during his Junior and Senior years in school Rich came in first place. Rich plans to major in Physical Education at college and would like to become a Track Coach. Cross- Country lettermen are Bennett, Chukicek, Galla- gher, Gross, Rytel, Shaffer, Snodgrass, and Schiff, Manager. TRACK TEAM Row 1: Shaffer, Harris, Kislday, Gozur, Pazzinita, Rytel, Math- ias, Barnhart. Row Z: Wilkes, Matanic, Fauser, Mr. Lombar, Mr. Piper, Kurash, Dozier, Huk. Row 3: Erdelyan, Wojt- kowski, Monzi, Bezuk, Plumb. Row 4: Beech, Willis, Cramer, Jacobs, Kempesty, Sevin, Ar- thur. Loschiavo, Mnnagpr. TRACK The 1946-47 track team, under the coaching of Nlr. D. Piper and Mr. Lombar, made a very good showing by winning all of their dufil meets and placing near the top in the collective meets. At the Pre-Season Indoor Meet, the Sprint- Medley team, fDozier, Harris, Fauser, Rytell took second place. Under the capable leadership of co-captains Pazzanita and Cwozur, Ambridge won cver East Palestine Q61 and 2,75 - 56 and 3,ff5lg Aliquippa Q73 and H6 - 35 and 5 6lg and Scwick- ley and Freedom in a relay meet held at home. Mount Lebanon took top honors in the W.P.I.A.L. Relay Carnival, with Ambridge placing seventh. After a close win over Canonsburg on their own track, Ambridge went to the Washington Invita- tional Meet to place fourth. At the Ambridge Invi- tational, Ambridge placed second in a field of eight teams. In the W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet at Connellsville, Mount Lebanon took first place and Ambridge tenth by Rytel taking first place in the mile and third in the half mile. Rytel later took sixth place in the mile in the State Pl. A.A. meet at State College, although he was han-- dicapped by an injury and unable to practice. The members who earned letters include: Bezuk, Dozier, Fauser, Gozur, Jacobs, Harris, Kempisty, Kisidy, Kurash, Matanick, Pazzanita, Rytel, Sevin, Shaf- fer, and Loschiavo, Manager. Cnly five of these, Bezuk, Dozier, Rytel, Sevin, and Shaffer, are not seniors, and will be back in the 1947-48 season. Bezuk Monzi Ma+l1ias Stuncll 13, .Stat-:Qui Ufmnidlqena BASEBALL TEAM Row 1: Loschiavo, Nlatanic, Pribulslcy, Gudio, Seaman, Harris, Janoclca. Row 2: Whitehair, Ferderbar, Sestile, North, Pellegrino, Clark. Row 3: Cstroslfi, lVlr. Burns, Covert, Windman. Row 4: Petroslcovich, Dworalcivsky, Dunn. BASEBALL AMBRIDGE 0-ALIQUIPPA 7 The Bridgers' first W.P.T.A.L. tilt was played on the local diamond with Aliquippa the oppo- nent. The Quips,' won out by a 7-0 score. AMBRIDGE 2-ROCHESTER 3 Spotting the Rochester Rams, three runs in the early innings, the Burnsmen made a deter- mined comeback in the final inning, only to fall one run short, and the result was a 3-2 loss to the visiting Rams. AMBRIDGE 1fMIDLAND 12 Traveling to Midland, the Bridgers dropped a 12-1 decision to their hosts. A1 Seaman's long four master accounted for the only tally. AMBRIDGE 7-MONACA 0 Walt Dworakivslcy hurled the Ambridge boys to their first victoryg a 7-0 conquest over Monaca. The stubby right-hander limited the Indians to a pair of base hits. AMBRIDGE 2-ALIQUIPPA 10 Meeting the Quips at Firemen,s Field in a return game, the Bridgers found themselves on the short end of a 10-2 score. AMBRIDGE 4-BEAVER 2 A big fourth inning, in which four Ambridge tallies crossed the plate, beat the Beaver Bob- cats by a close 4-2 tally. Lou Ostrowslci was the winning hurler. 70- Jlfwalp in the qamc AMBRIDGE 3--ROCHESTER 12 Weakness at the plate by our boys, and Rochester's power laden attack cost the Briclgers a 12-3 loss. AMBRIDGE 7-BEAVER 3 Beaver hit the dust again, this time by a 7-3 score. The trusty bat of Walt Dworakivsky set the Bobcats down in orderly fashion. Bob Harris led the assault with a long home-run. AMBRIDGE 2-MON ACA 4 In an away game with Monaca, the Indians chalked up a 4-2 win over the locals. Lou Ostrow- ski toed the mound for the Bridgers. AMBRIDGE 3-MIDLAND 0 Vinc Matanic's name went down the scho- lastic Hall of Fame when he pitched a no-hit game against the Midland Leopards on May 5. Winky,' struck out fourteen men and issued but three passes in his masterpieces. Bob Harris and Al Seaman each hit for the distance, assuring Matanic of his sweet 3-0 victory. Mr. Jack Burns coached the 1947 diamond squad and their season record was four wins and nine losses. U W. P. I. A. L. Record 'Ambridge ..,,.,........,...... 0 Aliquippa . .,,,..,.. ......... 7 Ambridge .,.,.. ......... 2 Rochester ..,.. ......... 3 Ambridge ..... ,. ..,....., 1 Midland ....,... ..........., 1 2 Ambridge , ..... ......... 7 Monaca .....,..... ......... 0 'Ambridge ..,... .,....... 2 Aliquippa ,, .... .. ,...,.. ..1O Ambridge ...... ......... 4 Beaver .,.... ..,..... 2 Ambridge . ,.,... ......... 3 Rochester ,,... .. ..,.,.... ..1Z Ambridge ....,.. ........, 7 Beaver ......,,. .,...... 3 Ambridge ....... ....,.... 2 Monaca ...... ...,.., 4 Ambridge .,.,.........,,...... 3 Midland ,,,...,..,., .......,...... 0 Games Credited to Ambridge: Ineligible Players qgale-Cpnlncaton . . all C-fnacllltlon The most talked of affair in the life of every sports-minded girl is the annual Yale-Princeton game. The event is under the excellent supervision of the athletic director, Miss Marcella Spahr, who introduced this all-girl affair in 1932. Twenty outstanding basketball playing girls are selected at the end of the intramural basketball tour- naments. They then practice three hard weeks for this big game. Captain Beverly Bauman headed the Bulldog line-up. Her teammates included Eleanor Wagner, Ann Pukach, Jeanne Sestile, Catherine Catanzarite, Betty Kost, Shirley Winarchek, Loretta Szafaryn, Faith Mack, and Pauline Felix. Princeton's aggregation was composed of Cap- tain Dorothy Towcimak, Linda Fardo, Helen Wo- liski, Genevieve Gapinski, Rochette Carnavale, Mary Pekarchik, Dorothy Jean Petricko, Ester Olson, Eleanor Jula, and Shirley Fulton. Yalels cheerleaders, Vera Prisiaz, Kay Maker, Sara Marshall, Eva Bologna, and Mary Bellas, fol- lowed the old tradition of the Bulldogs', by wear- ing OLIIHIS of blue and white in quilted satin. Rooting for the Tigers,' were Virginia Orler, Betty Fittante, Evelyn Rapso, Martha Suchey, and Patricia Dulick, who wore black sweaters with orange tiger head emblems and black skirts having orange pleats. YALE-PRINCETON ner, Kost. Row 2: Jula Olsen, Fulton, Petricko Miss Spahr, Miss Barr Row 3: Rapso, Suchy Orler, Dulick, Marshall Prisiaz, Bellas, M a k e r Bologna. it, . . ALL-STAR VOLLEY BALL Row 1: Ball, Blackford Hummenik. Row 2: Batz Krones. Row 3: Hanger lowski, Edwards. Row 5: la, Marshall. Row 1: Wolicki, Gapin- ski, Carnevale, Pekarchik, Fardo, Towcimak, Bau- man, Catanzerite, Wag- Szafaryan, Felix, Klein. Y , Bellas, 'Pa-lnutsos, Bechaki , Heibert, Carnavale, Mihalski, Hapich, Sappi Row 4: Sudik, Span, Sto- Shuflay, Bosnak, Mamu- ALL-STAR MUSHBALL Row 1: Zurow, Hermann, Bufalini, Poling. Row 2: Carpenter, Kostas, Smith, Pekarchilc, Virgin. Row 3: Troup Renner, Butch- ers, Dofner, Olson. ALL-STAR MUSH BALL Row 1: Smith, Virgin. Row 2: Mayer, Butrey, Pelcarchilc, Lutz. Row 3: Zurow, Kostas, Poling. Row 4: Carpenter, Brandt, Hendrickson, Ferguson, Brandt. VOLLEY BALL Volleyball is a must for many Ambridge High girls. Starting to play early in the fall, the girls form teams of their own choice to compete in a tournament which lasts for several weeks. At the end of this contest, Miss Spahr piclcs two all-star teams, their subs, and two reserve teams. Champs of the ALL-STAR Springtime brings sunny weather, and sunny weather brings out the Ambridge High lassies for mushball. The girls play during regular gym periods and then form their own teams to play after school. Highlighting the season is the big all-star game. The all-star teams are picked by Miss Marcella Spahr school for that season are the winners of the all- star tussel. A challenge from the boys added on extra at- tractions to the 1947 season. The victors of the all- star game consented to the contest, and after a long, hard struggle, the boys won by a slight margin. MUSHBALL who supervises the intramural teams as they compete at their bi-weekly passions. Besides the regular teams, there are subs, and the two reserve teams which provide entertainment before the main event. Not only does mushball provide enjoyment for all, but it also helps to build healthy, young Americans. Hn Oilnidlqen Slponta M73- M70 We Wd!! 77Zec!9e Um legally Zfmammf ,466 Zzmfszg. 1 .ff 14' Lv-M msg., . i' 43? .. 1 . , 5 - 506 M f 4 1' I R p if A 5 Kurch, Mikefa, Sapp, Walko SENIUR EL!-XSS HISTDRY FTER twelve years of hard work and fun, we, the class of '48, are ready to face the uncer- tain future. We find ourselves looking back to the day we entered Senior High School. Though looked down upon by the upperclassmen as we rallied together and elected Joe Walko, President, Andy Miketa, Vice Presidnetg Molly Yee, Secretary and Bob Bezuk, Treasurer. After choosing our leaders, we were quick in joining the ranks of the extra-curricular activities. Sopho- mores were seen on the debate team, writing for the Silhouette, winning honors on the athletic fields, and shining in scholastic achievements. We were formally welcomed into the Senior High by the Juniors and Seniors at the Sohomore Recep- T H . SENI CLA E CR SS '7 tion. Our class advisers were Miss Forcey, Mr. Mattuch, and Miss Duffy, who remained so throughout our last glorious years in the Am- bridge High School. Our Junior year was filled with more excit- ing events. At this time we re-elected Joseph Walko as President and Andy Miketa as Vice- President, Becky Stetler and Mike Sovich were added to the group as Secretary and Treasurer. Six of our more sports-minded girls won posi- tions on the annual Yale-Princeton teams. Others were invited to join the Historical Society, Lead- ers' Club, and sixteen outstanding juniors repre- sented their class on th: National Honor Society. We were guests of the Seniors at the Junior- Senior Dance in December, and in return were the hosts at the annual Junior-Senior Prom held in May. Enhancing the oriental decorations at this affair, was the music of Baron Elliot. One Mad Night, our first dramatic production, re- ceived much acclaim. To lead us as Seniors we again chose Joseph Walko and Andy Miketa as our two top officers. Assisting them were Mary Sapp as Secretary and Michael Kurch as Treasurer. The highly honored position of president of the Student Senate was held by Andrew Boschetta. Under his leadership, 76 a student store was inaugurated for the first time in Ambridge. This year we feted the Juniors at the Junior-Senior Dance, and they were the hosts at the Prom, which was our last school social affair. By now many had gained recognition as Editors and Captains of school activiites, while others won laurels in debate, sang in Madrigal and Glee Clubs, and played in both the band and orchestra. As seniors, we were initiative. We introduced six and then eight pages to our school publication, set up committees to visit other schools for an interchange in ideas, and finally, lead the school in a Leap Year Dance. Further honors were attained when Richard Rytel placed first in the All-State Track Meet. Our football players, led by Captain Bob Bezuk, deserve much praise, as do the basketball players and their Co-Captains, A1 Seaman and Orlando Loschiavo. Though these activities have taken up much of our time, we have not forgotten the real purpose of being in school. Our scholastic standards have been kept high while we have had our fun. Now we are leaving and shall be on our own, but we will never forget those who have encouraged us to move onward. Our parents, our teachers, and our fellow-students will always be with us, though not before us. Agrecy Amett Athens Bologna Barto Antonelli Ashenhart Aversa Barcaskey Bauman Armstrong Asperger Bailey Barret Bear DOROTHY S. AGRECY-Vocational Current Events Club, Library Science, Usher Commit- tee. LOIS LYDIA ANTONELLI-Academic Band, Soccer, Orchestra, Gymnastics. PHILLIP ARMSTRONG-Academic Chemistry, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball, Patrol, Student Senate, National Honor Society. VIRGINIA L. ARNETT-Academic Leaders, Club, Chemistry Club, Intramural Sports Committee, All-Star Basketball, All-Star Mushball, Student Senate, Home Room Officer. EVELYN ASHENHART+Distributive Education Glee Club, Home Room Officer. CATHERINE ASPERGER-Commercial Refreshment Committee. WILLIAM ATHENS-Academic Silhouette Editor, Yearbook, Track, Intramural Bas- ketball, Class Play, Debate, Speech, Patrol. ISABEL AVERSA-Commercial Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Intramural Basketball. JAMES R. BAILEY-Academic Boxing Club, Historical Societg, Radio Code Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Track. EVA BOLOGNA-Commercial Gymnastics, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Football Pa- trol, Tarcly Checker, Home Room Officer. BETTY JANE BARCASKEY-Academic Historical Society, Gymnastics, Nature Study, Silhou- ette, All-Star Mushball, Intramural Basketball, Drama- tics, Minstrel Make-Up Committee. ROBERT BARRETT-Academic Blue Print Reading, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball. WILMA I. BARTO+General Bancl. DOUGLAS BAUMAN-Academic Historical Society, Band, Orchestra, Midwestern Band, Boys, Intramurals. EVELYN B. BEAR-Academic Madrigal Club, Girls, Glee Club, Finance Committee, Vocal Concert, Silhouette, Honor Roll Committee Vocal Ensemble, Attendance Office Assistant, Year- book. -77- GLENN BEECH-Vocational Vocational Football, Vocational Muslrball. CONSTANCE MAE BEHELER-General Gymnastics, International Language Club, Band, Girls Chorus, Yearbook, Silhouette, Soccer, Volleyball. DON BEHNKE-Vocational DOLORES BELIS-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Homeroom Officer ARLA JEAN BENEDICT-General Glee Club. HARVEY BERTON--Vocational Semaphore Squad. JOSEPH BISCEGLIA-Vocational Vocational Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Minstrel ROBERT R. BEZUK--Academic Football Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball Track, Football Captain, Sophomore Class Treasurer. 1 JOHN BILANICH-Vocational Intramural Sports, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Minstrel, Intramural Basketball. ROSELLA MAE BINGER-General Band, Silhouette. TONY BIONDA-Vocational Minstrel, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Vocational Football. REUBEN M. BOGOSIAN4Academic Basketball, Intramural Sports Committee, Varsity Football, Basketball Manager, Football Manager, Intra- mural Basketball. SOPHIE BOLIIVI IOS--Commercial Forensic Club, Literary Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Assistant Junior Class Play, Handbook, Year- book, Football Patrol. ANDREW BOSCHETTO-Academic Silhouette, I-Iomeroom Officer, Student Senate, Presi- dent of Student Senate, Patrol, Atomic Energy Coun- cil, Assembly Committee, Stage Squad, Chairman Make-up Committee. JOHNNY BOWAN--Vocational Minstrel, Vocational Football, Vocational Basketball. ARNOLD RICHARD BOYD-General Current Events, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football. THOMAS BRANDT-Vocational l Minstrel. ,V DOLORES MARIE BRENDLE-General Girls, Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Intramural Sports, Concert. MARY M. BROWNfCommercial Leaders' Club, Patrol, Madrigal Club, National Honor Society, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Football Usher, Home Room Officer, Social Chairman of Leaders, Club, Lieutenant of Girls' Patrol. ENIS BUFALINI-General Library Science, Home Economics, Mushball, All-Star Soccer, Vocal Concert, Refreshment Committee. FLORA BUFALINI-Commercial Glee Club, Concerts. LILLIAN JOAN BUFALINI-Distributive Education Glee Club, All-Star Basketball, Mixed Chorus, Intra- mural Sports, Soccer. DOLORES BURSI-I-General Glee Club, Madrigal, Silhouette, Yale-Princeton Re- serves, Intramurals, Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer. R. GERALD BYRNE-Academic Maclrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Intramural Bas- ketball. BETTY ANN CAIN-General Gymnastics, Usher Committee, Intramural Sports Committee, Volley Ball, Intramural, Basketball, Foot- ball Patrol. 9 LUCILLE CARDINALE-General LENA CARNEVALE-Academic Art Club, Usher Committee, Art Publicity Committee, Intramural Sports. ELVA H. CARPENTER--Commercial Gymnastics, All-Star Mushball, Football 'Patrol, Intra- mural Basketball. WILLIAM GORDON CARPENTER-Academic Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Intramural Basketball, Vocational Minstrel, Vocational Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. GENE CASELLO-General Glee Club, Boxing, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football. BERNARD A. CATALUCCI-Academic International Club, Current Events Club, Art Commit- tee, Patrol, Football Patrol, Patrol Co-captain, Presi- dent of International Club. FRANK CATANESE-Academic GEORGE CHARNI-Academic Historical Society, Patrol, Reserve Basketball, Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Football, Boys' Intra- mural Sports Committee, Current Events President. PHILIP CHUPKA+Vocational. Minstrel. ALBERT CAMPAGNONI-Academic Currnet Events, Typing, Track, Cross-Country, Patrol. MERTIE L. COOPER-Distributive Education Maclrigal Club, Vocal Concert, Vocal Ensemble, School Pianist. ELEANOR COPUS-Commercial Glee Club, Corresponding Club, Mixed Chorus, Con- certs. MIRIAM LOUISE COREY-Academic International Language Club, Biology Club, Silhouette, Football Usher, Concert, Soccer, Volleyball, President Biology Club. JAMES MILTON COSTANZA-Geixeral Patrol, Football Patrol, Band. CHESTER L. CRAMER-General Blue-Print Reading Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club. SALLY CRAMER-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Book Club, Band, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Student Senate, Girls, Patrol, Mixed Chorus, Band Concerts, Vocal Concerts, Honor Roll Commit- tee, National Honor Society. THOMAS CRON E R-Gene ral Orchestra, Nature Study Club, Band, Orchestra, Intra- mural Basketball, Football Patrol, Gymnastic Show, Patrol. PAUL R. CURRY-Academic Chemistry Club, Band, Patrol. JAMES R. DALE-General Activities Band, Band, Orchestra, Homeroom Officer. ROLAND DAMICO-Academic. International Club, Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Vocal Concert. ALBERTA DAVIE-Commercial Book Club, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. DOLORES DAVIES--Academic Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Vocal Concert Make Up Committee. STEVE DELACH-Vocational Golf Club, Minstrel, Semaphore Squad, Intramural Touch Football, Intramural Basketball, Bowling. MARY DEMARCO-Vocational Typing Club, Retail Selling Club, Library, Club Offi- cer. EVELYN DEMPSEY-General Yearbook, Glee Club, Dramatics. CLAUDE S. DONATELLI-Academic Chemistry Club, Intramural Touch Football, Cross- Country, Boxing, Track. MARY JANE DANKOCSIK-General Home Economics Club, Basketball, Volleyball. ELLEN DRAGOVICH-Commercial STEVE DUDENICH-Academic MARCELLA A. DUGAN-General Book Club, Typing Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Gymnastics. SYLVIA DUGAN-Commercial Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. TERRY DUGAN-Academic Art Publicity Club, Book Club, Publicity Art Commit- tee, Yearbook Art Staff. DORIS GENEVIEVE DURNIAK-Commercial Leaders, Club, Hancliwork Club, Homeroom Officer, Mushball, Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Bowling, Re- freshment Committee. DOROTHY ROSE DURNIAK-Commercial Leaders' Club, Handicraft Club, Refreshment Commit- tee, All-Star Soccer, All-Star Mushball, All-Star Bas- kerball. SHIRLEY EBERHARDT-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Concerts, Mixed Chorus, Book Club Officer. -31- 9 1 l LOIS MARIE ELLIOTT-Commercial Glee Club. HELEN ERWIN-Distributive Education Typing Club, Library Science Club, All-Star Mushball, Intramural Sports. MARY ANN FALKOWSKI-Commercial Glee Club, Gymnastics, Usher Committee. DOROTHY PATRICIA FARKASOVSKY-Commercial WILLIAM FAUSTI-Vocational RICHARD FEINSTRA--Vocational Stage Squad, Minstrel. VIRGINIA FENNELL-Distributive Education Silhouette Representative. JANET FERGUSON-Vocational Home Economics Handiwork, Girls' Mushball, Art Publicity Committee. THOMAS J. FERRENCE-Vocational Chess Club, Intramural Football, Vocational Basket- ball, Semaphore Squad, Minstrel. BETTY FITTANTE-General Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Gymnastics, Mushball, Volley Ball. GEORGE FLICK-Vocational Chess Club, Stage Squad. RUTH FOWLER-Distributive Education Glee Club, Concert, Treasurer of Distributive Educa- tion Class. ANTHONY FRANGIONE-General Varsity Football, Gymnastics. ELINOR RUTH FREED-General Tardy Checker, Silhouette Advertising Committee, Re- frleshment Committee, Band, Advanced Typing, Mixed C orus. DOROTHY GADOMSKI-Commercial Glee Club. Intramural Sports. -gg.. EDWARD H. GADOMSKI-Vocational Minstrel. ORLANDO GAGLIARDI-Academic Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Concert, Reserve Basketball, Bleacher Squad, Track, Boys' Intramurals. WILLIAM L. GAMMERN-Academic Typing Club, Art Club, Track, Patrol, Music. GENEVIEVE D. GAPINSKI-General Girls' Glee Club, Yale-Princeton, Intramural Sports, Silhouette, Gymnastics, Music Concert. IREN E GARBINSKY-General Atomic Energy Club, International Club, Correspond- ence Club, Tardy Checker. FRANCES E. GAVLIK-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Handicraft Club, Art Publicity, Vocal Concert. MARIAN MAE GEISLER-Distributive Education Orchestra, Band, Football Usher. JAMES GERAZOUNIS-Academic Orchestra, String Ensemble, Patrol, Intramural Sports, Assembly Committee, Atomic Energy Committee, All- Star Orchestra, Mid-Western Orchestra, Silhouette, Stage Squad. -53- LOUISE GIAMMARIA-Academic Glee Club, Vocal Concert. DORIS GILMORE-Vocational Home Economics Publicity Club, Handicraft Club, Intramural Basket- ball. WILLIAM GOURLEY--Academic Maclrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Yearbook, Patrol, Finance, Silhouette. MARION JANE GRAY-Academic Chemistry Club, National Honor Society, Silhouette Art Staff, Girls' Patrol, Silhouette Representative, Stu- dent Senate, Homeroom Officer. ARTHUR GRESH-General Art Publicity, Intramural Basketball, Prom Com- mittee. PATRICIA GRIFFIN-Dlstributive Education Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Vocal Concert. LEONARD GREGOREK-General Reserve Football, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Intramural Sports Committee. Gadomski Gagliardi Gammern Gzpinski Garbinsky Gavlik Geisler Gerazoun 's Giammaria Gilmore Gourley Gray Gresh Griffin Gregor-ek JOHN GUDZAN-Academic Patrol, Atomic Energy Council, Football Patrol, Intra- mural Sports, Yearbook, Bowling. PAULINE GULISHQGeneral Assembly Club, Home Economics Club, Basketball, Mushball, All-Star Soccer, Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer. FRANK J. HACKER-Vocational Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Semaphore Squad. MARY HAHN-Commercial Typing Club, Usher Committee, Silhouette Typing Staff, Homeroom Officer. RICHARD HALICEK-Vocational Intramural Sports, Stage Squad. EMANUEL HALLAMAN-Academic Historical Society, Art Publicity, Silhouette, Student Senate, Yearbook, Intramurals, Boys, Intramural Sports Committee, National Honor Society, Home- room Officer, President of Historical Society, Silhou- ette Sports Editor. LORETTA HAPICH-Commercial Handiwork, Typing Club, Intramural Sports. GRACE HASKINS-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Typing Club, Library, Vocal Con- certs. RICHARD HELWIG-General Intramurals, Bleaclier Squad. KEN HENDRICKSON-General Historical Society, Boys, Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Student Senate, Vocal Concert, Junior Council, Home Room Officer. VELMA LAURENE HENDRICKSON-General Girls' Glee Club, Handiwork Club, All-Star Mushball. ELENOR HRVOICH-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Concerts, Intramural Sports, Mixed Chorus. EDNA MAE HILL-Commercial Forensic, Typing Club, Vocal Concerts RAYMOND HIMME-Vocational Boxing, Minstrel, Silhouette. CLARA LOUISE HINZMAN-Home Economics Handbook Committee, Refreshment Committee. ANN MARIE HODAK-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Blueprint Club, Vocal Concert. MARILYN HOLMAN-Commercial Girls' Glee Club. l ANNELLA MAE HOLMES-Academic Band, Orchestra. DOLORES HOOTMAN-General DORIS LOUISE HOOVER-Academic Assembly Training, Girls' Glee Club, Basketball, Vocal Concert. STELLA HORAK-Distributive Education Typing Club. MARY HORVAT-General Art Publicity, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Mush- ball, Soccer. ROBERT HUNT-Academic Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Varsity Football, Re- serve Basketball, Intramural Baseball Captain, Intra- mural Sports Committee. ANGELUS IWANCZYK-Commercial Hanclcraft Club, Refreshment Committee, Yearbook Typing Staff, Silhouette Advertising Committee, Intra murals, Advanced Typing Club, Club Officer. RUBY JACKSON-Academic BEVERLEY ANN JAMIESON-Academic International Club, Girls' Glee Club, Madrigal Club Atomic Energy, Vocal Concert, Mixed Chorus, Year book, Silhouette. - ALBERT JANECKO-Vocational ANTHONY W. JANOCKA-Vocational Baseball, Minstrel. BETTY ANN JARZYNKA-Distributive Education HARVEY JOHNSON-Academic Chemistry Club, Current Events, Cross-Country, Sil houette, Boys' Glee Club, Track, Intramurals, Baseball NANCY LOU JOHNSON-Academic Publicity, Typing Club, Baseball, Basketball, Stage Committee. RONALD JONES-Vocational Boxing, Stage Squad, Minstrel. PATRICIA JORDAN--Academic Forensic Club, Art 'Publicity, Speech, Yearbook, Junior Class Play, Make-Up Committee, Handbook, Student Senate. DOROTHY ANNA KAISER-Commercial Book Club, Typing Club. GUST KALLAS-General Current Events, Boxing Club, Sports Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football. JOSEPH A. KAMZELSKI-General Bleacher Squad, Intramural Sports, Home Room Officer. GUS KARNAVAS-Academic Historical Society, Dramatics, Tennis, Student Senate, Atomic Energy Council, National Honor Society, In- tramurals, Home Room Officer. Ex 5 HOPE KARNAVAS--Academic Historical Society, National Honor Society, Yearbook Advertising Manager, Silhouette, National Forensic League, Debate Squad, Speech Squad, Home Room Officer. EDWARD KAROLAK-Academic Chemistry Club, Astronomy Club, Student Senate, Junior Class Play, Boys' Patrol, Silhouette, Finance Committee, Assembly Committee, Football Patrol, De- bate, Tennis, Yearbook, Home Room Officer. JAMES KARR-Academic Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Bleacher Squad, Home Room Officer. GEORGE KECK-Vocational Golf Club, Intramural Basketball, Minstrel. JANE KECZMER-Distributive Education Typing Club, Home Economics Club. BARBARA LOIS KENNY-Commercial Madrigal, Mushball, Yearbook, Music Concerts, Mixed Chorus. DOLORES KING-General Girls' Glee Club, Yearbook, Music Concerts, Usher Committee, Football Usher. RAY KLODOWSKI-Vocational -.86- RAY KLOES-General GENE KOLAKOWSKI-Vocational Astronomy Club, Vocational Minstrel, Homeroom Of licer. ANN MARIE KOLDER-General Usher Committee, Glee Club, Majorette. JOSEPH J. KOPCZAK, JR.-Academic Chemistry Club, Biology Club. FRANK A. KORDOS-Commercial Band, Minstrel, Intramural Football, Intramural Bas- lcetball. JOHN KOCAK-Distributive Education Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Football Patrol, Intra- mural Basketball. LORETTA KOSINSKI-Commercial Typing Club. ROBERT F. KOSINSKI-Academic Historical Society, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Homeroom Officer. BOB KOSIS-Academic Current Events, Boys' Chorus, Intramural Sports Com mittee, Basketball, Intramural Football. BETTY KOST-Academic Leaders' Club, Soccer, Basketball, Patrol, Homeroom Officer. JAMES KOSTAS-Acaclemic Orchestra, Band, Patrol, Minstrel, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports. MARION KREPPS-Commercial Girls' Glee Club. SHIRLEY KROLL-Academic Orchestra, String Ensemble, Finan book, Vocal Concert. EDWARD KUBINSKI-General Mid-Western Band ce Committee, Year- Boxing, Patrol, Intramural Sports. CARL KUHNI-Vocational Golf, Minstrel, Patrol. Kuncio Laman Lazar Lewis Lcsco Kurch Landis Lesiak Linger Lutz Kurlak Laris Levy Loschiavo Lynch HELEN KUNCIO-Academic Library Science. MICHAEL A. KURCH-Academic Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Finance, Tennis, Atomic Energy Council, Assembly Committee, Homeroom Of- ficer, Senior Class Treasurer, National Honor Society. EUNICE KURLAK-Academic JOAN LAMAN-Academic Historical Society, Speech, Dramatics, Yearbook Staff, Assembly Committee, Forensic, Junior Class Play, Make-Up Committee, Handbook Staff, President of Western Pennsylvania Junior Historians, President Historical Society, Homeroom Officer. MARTPIA LANDIS-General Glee Club, All-Star Mushball, Intramural Sports. JOHN LARIS-General Boxing Club, Intramural Basketball. DOLORES LAZAR-Commercial DELORES LESIAK--Commercial Girls, Glee Club, Gymnastics, Refreshment Committee. PHILIP LEVY-Academic Historical Society, Assembly Committee, National Hon- or Society, Band, Atomic Energy Council, Handbook, Mid-Western Band, Club Committee, Yearbook, Stu- dent Senate, Homeroom Officer, Letters Committee, Editor of Handbook. JACKIE LEWIS-Distributive Education HELEN LINGER-Distributive Education Home Economics Club. ORLANDO LOSCHIAVO-Academic Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Track, Intramural Sports Committee, Music Concert, Homeroom Officer. EDITH LOSCO-Commercial Glee Club, Usher Committee, Homeroom Officer. CAROLYN LUTZ-Commercial Correspondence Club, Glee Club, All-Star Mushball, Usher Committee, Club President. DOROTHY LYNCH-General Band, Orchestra. FAITH MACK-General Gymnastics, Yale-Princeton. FRANK MAMEL-General ROBERT MAHONEY-Academic Chess, Cross-Country, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Football Patrol, Track, Intramural Football, Intra- mural Basketball. KATHRYN MAKER--General Handicraft Club, Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Girls, Intra- mural Sports Committee, Usher Committee, Intramural Soccer, Basketball. JOHN MALAY-Academic Nature Study Club, Patrol, Intramural Sports, Foot- ball Patrol, Homeroom Officer. SAM MAMULA-Academic Caddy Club, Track. GEORGE MANALAKAS-Academic SARA MARSHALL-Commercial Leaders' Club, Gymnastics, Girls, Patrol, Handbook, Atomic Energy Council, Yearbook, Art Publicity, Na- tional Honor Society, Intramural Sports, Yale Cheer- leader, Usher Committee, Football Patrol. DAN MARUNA-General Current Events, Semaphore Squad, Student Senate, Homcroom Officer, Vocational Student Council. ANGELINE FRANCES MATA-Dlstributive Education Typing Club, Intramural Basketball. RUBY MATCHETT-General Madrigal Club, Dramatics, Gymnastics, Girls' Glee Club, Atomic Energy, Book Club. RICHARD ARLEN MATHIAS-Ace demic Madrigal Club, Boys, Glee Club, Atomic Energy Coun- cil, Mixed Ensemble, Boys, Patrol, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, Annual Concert. ELSIE JUNE MATSON-General Intramural Sports. JEAN MCCAFFERY-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Home Economics, Dramatics Club. COLEMAN E. MCCASKEY-General Cross-Country, Intramural Football, Intramural Basket- ball, Track, Mack Maker Manalakas Mata Matson Mamel Malay Marshall Matchett McCaifery Mahoney Mamula Maruna Mathias MrCaskey I CLARENCE McCAULEY-General Pa-trol, Boys' Glee Club. HARRY P. McFARLAND-General Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate. ROSS MCCOY-General Football Club, Football Manager, Basketball Manager. LOIS MCKINNEY-General Girls' Glee Club, Concerts. THELMA MCKINNEY-Genenal Girls' Glee Club, Concert. DANIEL 1. MQLSTAY-Academic Chemistry Club, Atomic Energy Club, Biology Club, Junior Class Play, Handbook Staff, Track, Homeroom Officer. BETTY LOU McVAY-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. ANTOINETTE MEGOWN-Commercial Girls' G-lee Club, Maclrigal Club, Intramurals, Vocal Concerts, Usher Committee, Football Usher. MARY ANN MEHENKO+Vocational Girls' Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Vocal Con- cert. CARMELA FRANCES MELISSARI-General Maclrigal Club, Speech. DOROTHY MARIE MERCADANTE-General Girls' Glee Club, Gymnastics, Band, Orchestra, Intra- murals. GEORGE METELSKY-Vocational Intramural Basketball, Stage Squad, Minstrel. LEO MICKEY-Academic Intramural Basketball, Vocal Concert, Glee Club, Pa- trol, Maclrigal Club, Silhouette, Yearbook. RADA MIHAJLOVICH-General Patrol, Intramurals, Vocal Concert, Football Patrol. JOSEPH MIHALIC-Academic Boxing, Forensic, Football 'Patrol, Intramural Basket ball. ROBERT MIHALINAC-Academic HATTIE NASTICH-Commercial Nature Study Club, Boxing Club. Glee Club, Historical Society, Silhouette, Handbook Basketball, Volleyball, Homeroom Officer. DOLORES MIHALOW-Commercial , - l Home Economics Club, Mixed Chorus. DONALD NAUGLE Vocauona Astronomy Club, Minstrel. ANDREW MIKETA-Academic GEORGE NEGREY, JR.-Academic Publicity Club, Boys' Intramural Sports Committee , Boxing, Student Senate, Intramural Sports, Home- Football, Track, Intramural Basketball l-lomeroom ' , room Officer. Officer, Student Senate, Senior Class Vice President. VIRGINIA NEIMAN-Academic International Language Club,4All-Star Volleyball, Chess Club, Chairman Finance Committee, Captain Allstar Soccer' Homeroom Officer' Boys' Patrol, Intramural Sports Committee, Minstrel, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate, NEIL NESBITT-General Bowling, Intramural Basketball. LLOYD MILLER-Vocational JR.-Vocational Chess Club, Minstrel' Current Events Club, Historical Society, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Sports Committee. PAT MYERS-Commercial Glee Club- ELIZABETH NESTOR-Commercial Madrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club, Concerts, Intramural Sports. SANDRA ANN NADZAK-Academic Glee Club, Chemistry Club, Speech, Football Patrol, , National Honor Society, Intramural Basketball, Na- ISABEL NIAROS-Commerclal A tional Forensic League, Silhouette, Yearbook, Student Correspondence Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Con Cert, Vocal Concert. -91- 3 . DORIS JEAN NOLAND-General Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Concert, Intramural Basket- ball. THOMAS F. O'CONNOR--General DOLORES OLEARCZYK-Commercial Silhouette Circulation Manager, Yearbook, Refresh- ment Committee, Usher Committee, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Assembly Committee, Gymnastics. DOLORES OMBRES-Academic Band, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Patrol, Silhouette, I-Iomeroom Officer. IRENE OSSO-General Book Club, Homeroom Officer, Intramurals. EMERCINE OSTROWSKI-Commercial Typing Club, Current Events Club. RICHARD A. OZENICH-Academic Astronomy Club, Chemistry Club, Intramurals, Min- strel, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer. NICK PATROCK-Vocational Golf Club, Intramurals, Wood Shop Foreman. BETTY PASTNOVICH-General Typing Club. JOHN PAVVLACK-Academic Nature Study Club, Chemistry Club, Band, Intramural Sports, Minstrel. MARY PEKARCHIK-Commercial Leaders' Club, Book Club, Madrigal Club, Finance Committee, Girls' Patrol, Student Senate, National Honor Society, Yale-Princeton, All-Star Mushball, Vocal Concerts, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. PAULINE ELLEN PERKINS-General Glee Club, Vocal Concert. RICHARD PAUL PETKASH-General Nature Study Club, Intramural Basketball. DOROTHY JEAN PETRICKO-Academic Leaders' Club, Yale-Princeton, National Honor So- ciety, Junior Class Play, Varsity Cheerleader, Intra- murals, Girls' Patrol Captain, Intramural Sports Com- mittee, Gymnastics, Girls' Chorus, Soccer. JOE PETRINA-Vocational Boxing, Minstrel. -92- VERA PETROSKOVICH-Commercial Glee Club, Girls, Patrol, Basketball Vocal Concerts, Football Usher, Silhouette. MARGARET PLESH-Commercial Madrigal Club, Yearbook, Typing Club, Club Officer Vocal Concerts, Girls, Glee Club. STEVE POCORUS-Distributive Education AUDREY POLING-Commercial Glee Club, Gymnastics, All-Star Mushball, Mixed Chorus. PHILIP PORTO-General Typing, Minstrel, Intramural Basketball Captain, Bowling Captain, Class Play, Homeroom Officer. VERA PRISIAZ-Academic Gymnastics, Chemistry Club, Silhouette, Debate, Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, Yale-'Princeton Cheer- leader, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Girls' Patrol, Atomic Energy Council, Intramural Sports, Silhouette News Editor, All-Star Volleyball Captain, Homeroom Officer. FRANCES LOUISE PROSTAK-Commercial International Language Club, Book Club, Silhouette, Finance Committee, Homeroom Officer. 7 ANNE PUCKACH-General Yale-Princeton, Mushball. VERNELLE PUNJOCK-General Book Club. BETTY RADWANDSKI-Commercial Usher Committee, Student Senate, Silhouette, Home- room Officer. CLAIRE RANKIN-Academic Journalism, Historical Society, Silhouette Exchange Editor, Make-Up Committee, Yearbook, Art Publicity, Handbook, Club Officer. EVELYN RAPSO-Commercial Gymnastics, Football Usher Committee, Basketball, Yale-Princeton, All-Star Mushball, Yearbook. GWENDOLYN READER-Commercial International Language Club, Yearbook. ROBERT REESE-General Varsity Football, Boys, Intramural Sports Committee, Intramural Basketball. RICHARD REITHMILLER-Academic Publicity Club, Intramural Basketball. ,93- MARILU RICHARDSON-General Biology Club, Speech, Atomic Energy Council, Foot- ball Usher, Minstrel Costume Manager, Circulation Manager Yearbook. ALICE RINALDI-General Glee Club, Concert. BETTY JANE ROBERTSON-Commercial Handicraft Club, Band. BERNARD RODRIQUEZ-Academic Field Club, Current Events Club, Junior Class Play, Intramural Football. IRENE ROGINSKI-Distributive Education Glee Club, Football Usher. BERNARDINE ROMAN-Commercial Correspondence Club. PAUL RONOSKY-Distributive Education Typing Club, Intramural Basketball, Band, Midwestern Band. JENNY ROPPO-Distributive Education Glee Club. MICHAEL ROSINKO-Academic Nature Study Club, Typing Club, Astronomy Club, Club Officer. ROSE ROSSI-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Typing Club, Refreshment Com- mittee, Basketball, Homeroom Officer. DOROTHY RUPIK-Vocational Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Concert, Band. RICHARD RYTEL-General Chess Club, Intramural Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Cross-Country, BIeacher Squad. ANDREW ERNEST SABOL-Academic Nature Study Club, Handicraft Club, Chemistry Club, Patrol, Atomic Energy Council, Intramural Basket- ball, Yearbook. JERRY SACCO-Distributive Education Mixed Chorus, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Basket- ball. EDDIE SALVATI-General Historical Society, Band, Orchestra, Gymnastics, Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Football. RICHARD SANTARELLI-General Publicity Club, Band, Patrol, Orchestra, Homeroom Officer. MARY SAPP-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Leaders' Club, Girls, Patrol, Soccer, National Honor Society, All-Star Volleyball Team, Vocal Concert, Football Patrol, All-Star Basketball, Senior Class Secretary. LOIS SCHEPPY-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Homeroom Officer. MARIE SCHERMERHORN-Commercial Girls' Glee Club. RICHARD SCHIFFOUR--Academic Intramural Basketball. JOAN SCHULTHEIS-Academic International Language Club, Yearbook, Silhouette, Bowling, Make-Up Committee, Prompter-Junior Class Play, Homeroom Officer. PATRICIA SCHULTZ-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Forensic Club, Dramatics Club, As- sembly Committee, Band, Midwestern Bancl, Silhou- ette, Junior Class Play, Vocal Concert, Mixed Chorus, Speech Squad, All-Star Soccer, Mushball, Atomic Energy Council, Handbook, National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer. HERMAN SCHNITZLER-General Band. ALBERT SEAMAN-General Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Intramurals, Intra- mural Sports Committee, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Track, Club Committee, Vocal Concert, Boys' Chorus, Cross-Country, Homeroom Officer. JAMES SEIBEL-Academic Band, Orchestra, Mid-Western Band, Intramural Foot- ball, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. JAMES SHAFFER-Academic Nature Study Club, Chemistry Club, Yearbook, Junior Class Play, Track, Cross-Country, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. JOSEPH SHAPERT-Academic Intramural Sports. HERBIE SHERMAN--Academic Orchestra, Patrol, Band, Yearbook, Intramural Foot- ball, Finance Committee, Silhouette. WILLIAM Sl-IOUP-Vocational Captain of Stage Squad, Football Sound Squad, Box- ing. ELIZABETH SHULICK-Commercial Home Economics Club. Santarelli Sapp Schevvv Schermerhorn Schiffour Schultheis Schultz Schnialer Seaman Seibel Shaier Shaper! Sherman Shoup Shulick JOY SIEHL-Academic Silhouette, Silhouette Editor, Yearbook, Bowling Team, Yale-Princeton, Leadersl Club, Junior Class Play Prompter, Assembly Committee, Make-Up Com- mittee. ELEANOR SIMON-Commercial Handiwork Club, Book Club, Band, Band Concert. MICHAEL SINCHAK-Vocational Book Club, Stage Squad, Homeroom Officer. MARGUERITE SKINNER-Academic Girls, Cvlee Club, Vocal Concerts, All-Star Volleyball, All-Star Soccer, Basketball, Football Patrol. CONNIE SKONIECZNA-Distributive Education Library Club, Basketball, Bowling. ROBERT SLOPPY-Vocational Silhouette, Intramural Football. DOLORES SMERIGAN-Academic Book Club, Band, Orchestra, Intramurals. EDITH MAE SMITH-Commercial Leaders' Club, Speech Club, Band, Concerts, All-Scar Basketball, Yale-Princeton Reserves, All-Star Mushball, Soccer. LEMAR SOLLEY-Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals. MICHAEL SOVICH+General Handicraft, Radio Cocle, Intramurals, Track, Bowling, Junior Class Officer. JOSEPH SPASARO-Vocational BECKY STETTLER-Academic Leaders, Club, Cheerleading Club, Girls' Patrol, Var- sity Cheerleader, Intramural Sports, H o m e r o o m Officer. SARA STEVVART-Commercial Girls' Glee Club. HERBERT STORAR-General Dramatics. DAVE STRANO-Distributive Education Bleacher Squad, Vocational M i n s t r el, Intramural Sports Committee, Boys' Chorus. 3 LILLIAN SUDIK+Commercial Silhouette, Usher Committee, All-Star Volleyball, Soc- cer, Basketball, Mushball, Mixed Chorus, Football Pa- trol, Bowling, Homeroom Officer. TEDDY SULKOWSKI-Distributive Education Chess Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Foot- ball. LOIS SYMES-Academic Glee Club, International Language Club, Madrigal Club, Silhouette, Finance Committee, Vocal Concerts. LORETTA SZAFRYN-Academic Leaclers' Club, Dramatics Club, Gymnastics Club, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Yale-Princeton, Usher Committee. SOPHIE TEKSTAR-Commercial Orchestra, Band, Mid-Western Band. STELLA THEODORE-General Girls' Glee Club, Handbook Committee, Basketball, Junior Class Play, Property Manager, Yearbook, Dra- matics. MARTHA THOERNER-General Book Club. FLORENCE TOMASZEVVSKI-General Home Economics Club, Corresponding Club. RAY TOMASZEWSKI-Vocational Boxing, Field Club, Minstrel. DOLORES TONTI-Commercial JOHN C. TOR!-IAN-General Intramural Sports, Intramural Sports Committee Homeroom Officer. EDWARD TURNOUR-Vocational JEAN DOLORES TROUP-Commercial Madrigal Club, Leaders' Club, Silhouette, Handbook All-Star Mushball, All-Star Soccer, Usher Committee, Home Room Officer, Atomic Energy Council, Vocal Concerts. MARIETTA LOUISE ULBRICH-Academic Madrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Sil- houette, Yearbook, Usher Committee, Atomic Energy Council, Junior Classical League. DAISY VAGIAS-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Yearbook, All-Star Volleyball, Basketball, Club Committee, Usher Committee, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Sports Committee Gymnastics. 9 1 Vagias Vernak Warner Whitehair Winarchik Vagionaltin Villella Weber Wilamowski Windham Vallecona Wallto Wessel William: Wojtkowslti ISABEL VAGIAS-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Madrigal Club. TONY VAGIONAKIS-Vocational VICTOR VALLECORSA-Academic. Forensic Club, Speech Club, Band, Debate, Silhouette, Scholarship Committee, Patrol. IRENE VERNAK-Commercial Assembly Training, All-Star Basketball, Volleyball, Mushball. CARMELA VILLELLA-Distributive Education JOSEPH WALKO-Academic Astronomy Club, Historical Society, National Honor Society, Intramural Basketball, Student Senate, Home- room Officer, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Senior Class President, Student Senate Vice President. BURDETT WILLIAM WARNER-Academic Blueprint Reading, Intramurals, Club Officer, Home- room Officer. PAUL LOUIS WEBER-Academic Historical Society, Intramural Sports Committee, In tramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Reserve Football, Student Senate, Prom Committee, Homeroom Officer. ROBERT GERALD WESSEL-Academic Atomic Energy Council, Intramural Football. PERRY WHITEHAIR-General. Intramural Sports, Track. FRANCES WILAMOWSKI-General Book Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Atomic Energy Committee. BENJAMIN WILLIAMS-General Intramural Sports. SHIRLEY WINARCHIK-Academic CHARLES EDWARD WINDHAM-General Golf Club, Biology Club, Intramural Sports. EDWARD F. WOJTKOWSKI-Academic Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Atomic Energy Council, Patrol, Homeroom Officer. OLGA YAWORSKY-General Madrigal, Leaders' Club, Usher Committee, Basketball All-Star Soccer, Volleyball, Yearbook, Homeroom Of: ficer. DONALD YEE-Voca tional STELLA YEZNIK-Distributive Education Handicraft Club, Girls' Reserves. BILL ZAPPIE-Vocational Golf, Minstrel. GLORIA ZIELINSKI-General Glee Club, Majorette, Gymnastic Team, Basketball All-Star, Prom Committee, Dance Committee. ALICE ZIMNOWOCKI-General Home Economics Club, Mixed Chorus, Intramural Basketball. IRENE HELEN ZUBIC-Distributive Education Home Economics Club, Girls' Glee Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Homeroom Officer. DIANA ZUROW-Commercial Handicraft Club, Typing Club, Refreshment Commit- tee, Concession Committee, All-Star Mushball, Intra- mural Sports. VASIL ZUROW-Vocational Ministrel, Homeroom Officer. MARVIN SCHIFF-Academic Yearbook, Patrol, Vocal Concert, Track Manager, Publicity Committee, Silhouette, Cross Country, Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Intramural Sports. CAMERA-SHY SENIORS ALLEN BAKER-Vocational MAYNARD BERKOVITZ-Academic Atomic Energy Council, Patrol, Football Patrol, A tendance Helper. EUGENE CASELLO-General PAUL GEARER-Academic ROBERT HOVANIC-Academic LOUIS IWANCZYK-Academic Boxing, Current Events, Chemistry Club. PAUL KOHUT-General Art Club, Art Publicity Club, Bleacher Squad. MIKE KOPAC-Vocational EDWARD MICKEY-General MARGARET ONUFRYK-Distributive Education ALBERT TOMASZEWSKI-Vocational Chess Club, Stage and Scenery Squad. PAUL WITOVICH-General ALLEN FAUSTI-Vocational Minstrel, Vocational Student Senate, Intramural Bas ketball. Z THE JUNIIJR ELASS N ENDING our second year of high school, we, the junior class, look back on two full years of attainment in the fields of scholarship, athletics, student government, journalism, and dramatics. We acknowledge a sense of gratitude to Mr. De- sanzo, Miss Smith, and Miss Adams, our class sponsors. It was with their aid that we survived the first nine months of our high school years. As sophomores we banded together to elect Paul Erdelyan, President, Mary Ann Moranz, Secre- tary, and Frances Batz, Treasurer. After our lead- ers were chosen, we found courage to withstand the usual barrage of lipstick, shoe polish, and cheap perfume. It was during our sophomore year that we strove to take part in the betterment of our school and our class. We gained valuable training and laid the foundation for the parts we are to play as upperclassmen. With the end of summer we found ourselves addressed as juniors. Presiding at the head of our class were Paul Erdelyan and George Mihalic, again elected as the two top officers. Assisting them as Secretary and Treasurer were Frances Batz and Joe Sestile, re- spectively. For the first time our influence was strongly felt. juniors attended the Student Con- gress, were invited to join the National Honor Society, wrote for the Silhouette, took part in speech and debate, played in the band, and became active members of the football and basketball teams. Another accomplishment of our class was the dou- ble cast in Wlnake It Easy, a comedy directed by Miss Agnes Hullberg. The climax of a successful year came at the annual Junior-Senior Prom, at which time we feted the seniors. With an eye on our past achievements, we are looking forward to a bright future in our senior year. 3 g I ,e : Erdelyan, President: Mihalic, Vice President Bah, Secretary: Ses'l'ile,i Treasurer Row 1: Virginia Agrecy, Lois Amsler, Thomas Arthur, Mary Austin, Dolores Babyok, Robert Babyok, Joseph Bachor, Betty Lou Ball, Agnes Bologna, Lois Barnhart, Marvin Barnhart, Fannie Barr, Row 2: George Barrett, James Barto, Hil- da Bartosh, Frances Batz, Eugene Beech, Juanita Beeler, Mary Bellas, Robert Bentz, Jean Besick, 'Patsy Bevard, Dorothy Bisco, Wayne Bishop. Row 3: Elsie Blackford, Thomas Boggs, Lillian Bogosian, Elizabeth Bolimos, Sam Bombiani, Marian Bosanac, George Botsko, William Bowman, Kenneth Boyd, Robert Boyd, Luella Brandt, George Brown. Row 4: Lillian Buck, Clementine Bufalini, Virginia Bufalini, Kenneth Burkett, Regina Burzese, Joetta Butchers, Angeline Car- dinale, Louise Caplan, Jack Carey, Arthur Carroll, Victoria Casabona, Marie Casciano. Row 5: Barbara Caesar, Donald Chismire, Frank Chop, Walter Chudicek, Richard Cirka, Ben Clark, Theodore Clark, Theresa Conti, James Cooper, Jane Covert, John Covert, Beulah Creese. Row 6: Lois Cumashot, Louis D'Alessandris, Dolores David, Charles Davis, Alfonso DeFericis, John DeGennaro, Joanne DeHart, Frank DeMarco, George Detorakis, Betty DiMarzio, Gloria DiMarzio, Mary Ann DiNinno. Row 7: Tom Dionese, Ann Dirdo, Dorothy Dishausi, Mary Jane Dobson, Evelyn Dofner, Joe Dolinski, Lynn Donnelly, Frances Dorogi, Willie Dozier, Eleanor Drobnak, Patricia Dulick, Gerald Dumeyer. Row 8: Georgianne Dunn, Michael Dutko, Edward Dzubak, James Ehrhart, Paul Erclelyan, Elizabeth Erwin, Jerry Farquhar, Gloria Farrar, Miriam Feenstra, Pauline Felix, Joe Ferdebar, Peggy Ferdinanclus. af H . ., V u, ' if if 3 1 ivlv l 'A , V 1 i i .,,' , ,Q V ' '-.V if X i t ':i rf-Y , H , s i r i i, i i , g , , , ' - ' lid if Q,-f' -, i I AY 'ff' 4 3 .. , mf . , W 5' if i V if ,.' i, 'S :vv 5 , . . , AV,,,, VK I ,V V 5 ' ' 9 fi i,, 1' i ii j T N ,. T ',': ' is ' .B ,al iiii 1 i H I ?' B 5'2 V V 1 -l ift Qi .rl gi i A ' iii -1 - I ii, Q7 2 viiv H 'i ' VV J V . . A s' i' V V V V VVAVAA 7 V V VV V Vt V , ii, iiiiii or by ...,, V , V , f gg .VV V . VV V 0 V V i i A ,A , f ' ,V-Z2 'V f xg f'f'i' - W , , ,. ., ' 3 , -5 ,.,, W ' -101- Row l: Kathryn Fergadis, Alex Firich, Thomas Fleming, Dorothy Foderowski, Norma Jean Foster, Helen Fouse, Ronald Frangione. Row Z: Elizabeth Frosch, Shirley Fulton, Richard Gabriel, Ronald Gamble, Robert Gaona, Alex Garcia, Dorothy Gaspersic. Row 3: Thomas Gatehouse, Dorothy Gatta, Gregory Gaudio, Paul Giammaria, Charles Glas, Donald Glatz, Jack Goreman. Row 49 Franklin Greenwald, Charlotte Grosdeclc, Edward Gruszczynslci, Julia Gutch, Mike Guzan, Genevieve Halaico, Ruth Hanger. Row 5: Marilyn Harris, Robert Harris, Charlotte Heibert, Margaret Herrmann, Barbara Hilliard, William Hladio, Bernice Horalc. Row 6: Alex Horchak, George Horchalc, Floyd Hall, Mathilda Humanelc, Virginia Iorfido, John Jaclculic, Joseph Jarnecic. Row 7: Ella Jerman, James Johnson, Dolores Jones, Eileen Jones, Katherine Jula, Richard Kaleugher, Alex Kanalcis. Row 8: Christ Kazalcos, Dorothy Kerzan, John Kirish, Ruth King, Edward Klak, Betty Klein, Betty Knestaut. Row 9: Charles Knoedler, Arlene Knouse, Bernard Ko- mar, Robert Konarski, Catherine Kopczak, Helen Kosar- ich, Harry Kotynlciewicz. Row 10: Dolly Kovacevic, Barbara Kowacs, George Ko- walsky, Edward Kozar, Betty Jane Krauzen, Phyllis Krepps, Bertha Krones. Row 11: William Kubik, Helen Kucaba, William Kun- drat, Richard Kuny, Sally Ann Kuzniar, Kathryn Langer, Stephen Laniewslci. Row 12--Mary Lascala, Harry Lavelle, Thompson Lehn- ert, Jack Lemon, Russell Lias, Palma Longo, Nancy Madonna. Row 13: William Magis, Irene Majetic, Millicent Mamu- la, Irene Mantzaris, Betty Maruna, Dana Marsh, George Mathews. Row 14: Richard Mattia, Roger Mauchline, Vernon Maulc, Mary Ann Mayer, Robert Maylcuth, August Maz- zetti, Lester McCandless. Row 15: Joan McCarriher, Howard McCracken, Howard McFarland, Irene McFarland, James McKee, Robert Mc- Laughlin, Claude McNally. Row 1: Marian Meinert, Louis Mercadante, David Mer- riman, Chester Mesko, Dorothy Metelslcy, Margaret Mey- ers, George Mihalic. Row 2: Robert Mihalslcy, Virginia Mihalow, Mary Mi- hock, Ann Mihovich, Eugene Miketa, Ann Mindek, Joe Minnici. Row 3: Dan Montemayor, Robert Monzi, Mary Ann Moranz, William Mosura, Louise Mouradian, Michael Murdza, Alice Musgrave. Row 4: Alma Musgrave, Mildred Manowslcy, James Na- politan, Joseph Nawrocki, Evelyn Nielsen, Emmanuel Nites, Marcia Nites. Row 5: Charles Niven, Dolores Nobile, Larry North, Shirley O'Connor, Esther Olsen, Thomas Orlovslcy, Robert Oslich. Row 6: Winifred Oswald, Elnora Palko, William Palum- bo, Mary Panutsos, Cora Pappas, john Parra, Bill Pastelak. Row 7: Dolores Pastriclc, Michael Patricelli, Frank Pelle- grino, Constantine Perciavalle, Alice Perris, Walter Pie- trzylcowslci, Leonard Penczak. Row 8: George Plofchan, Andrew lPlumb, Joe Poco- rus, James Polidora, Dorothy Prasko, James Prevost, Jay Pribulslcy. Row 9: Richard Price, Mary Prokopovich, John Protenic, Donald Puffinburger, Dolores Quiroz, George Raskovsky, Shirley Renner. Row 10: Lola Rinaldi, Robert Rinaldi, Gerald Robinson, Richard Rodriguez, Virginia Rosinslcy, Ardyth Rotondo, Lillian Rupik. Row 11: Albert Russo, Pete Russo, Dolores Rygalslci, Lillian Sacoulas, Bessie Saludis, James Santry, Lawrence Santry. Row 12: Donald Schiffour, Fred Schmidt, Dale Schul- theis, Robert Schultheis, Albert Seralc, Margaret Seralc, Robert Sessie. Row 13: Joseph Sestile, Daniel Sevin, Helen Sezenias, Robert Shaffo, Paul Sherba, Robert Shulick, John Simu- novic. Row 14: George Sinchalc, Herbert Sloppy, Jacqueline Smerigan, Dorothy Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Robert Snyder, Helen Spiros. Row 15: Frances Sposaro, Paul Squires, Belva Stange, James Stewart, Margaret Storar, Norma Strohm, Ann Suchy. t -is , -E if gy, rr... 'L . :. - - L - 2 at 5: E' . ,h ? 4' g H I, E. s P A I it ,ii'i - ---- 'ct' 5 W , r -r M Riffs- A ,. Q, F5 2 , , if at 'W Row 1: Walter Surowiec, Charles Swain, John Taddy, Joseph Tapolweski, Romeo Teny, Charles Thomson, Richard Tomana, Richard Topolski, George Torhan, Marie Travoli, Don Tylosky, Gino Ulizio. Row 2: Lillian Vagianos, Vera Valvanis, Adeline Vallereo, James Venneri, Robert Verigood, Maithilda Verdu, Mary Vettorazzi, Victor Villella, Louis Volpe, Robert Vukovic, Walter Wacht, Edna Wagner. Row 3: Frances Walter, Paul Waslo, Carl We'ber, Law- rence Weber, Charles Weil, Naomi Werk, Kenneth Whitehair, John Wilamowski, Ronald Wilkes, Max Willis, Sophie Witowski. Row 4: Jean Wrotny, Dominic Yacovoni, Martha Yee, Mary Arm Zajac, Rose Zielinski, Steve Zimnocki, Adeline Ziolkoski, Ann Zugay. CAMERA-SHY JUNIORS Paul Bender, Helen Bielek, Frances Bradshaw, Jean Brust, Everett Bryant, Albert Bufalini, John Chemsak, Mario D'Ales- andris, Doris Dascanio, Albert Deane, Doris Drobnak, Angeline Escato, Chester Flick, Eugene Gatheouse, Mike Gerega, Eva Gray, Connie Harris, Robert I-lenisck, Kenneth Johns, Aphrodite Karagianis, Dan Kamarkovich, Ed Kanterson, Andrew Kovacs, Richard Krawczyk, Horner Larimer, Jack Linn, James Manalakos, Harvey Marenic, Sam Maravoch, Sam Nilkulinich, Betty Lou Owens, Dorothy Pisano, Stathe Pouraras, Mike iP'ushak, Delores Richardson, Anna Sarkesian, Mike Scheer, Charles Schwertz, Catherine Scournapoli, Esther Swain, Ernest Tamers, Jo Ann Tonsick, Marie Travali, Stanley Wozniak, James Wozniak, lx I. , , W, , ' --104-- THE SUPHUMURE IILASS Marfin, Sec.: Karnavas, Trees.: BOSCl'l9H'O, V. Pres.: Hanievich, Pres. Row 1: Lorraine Altwater, Richard Alvania, Louis Alvania, William Anzur, Lorraine Arthur, Eileen Baker, Patrick Bal- lard, Antoinette Balo, Joan Barnes, Richard Barto, Velma Jean Barto, Lucille Bartocomucci. Row 2: John Basalyga, Elizabeth Bechak, Dolores Beck, Mary Belis, James Bell, George Bellas, Gust Bellas, Gay Bennett, Lillian Bennis, Peter Betley, Dorothy Bilanich, Annie Bizic. Row 3: Albert Bobby, Susan Bogosian, Florence Bohman, Joseph Bologna, Fran- cis Bombiani, Anne Bonavita, Richard Boschetto, Robert Braddick, Joan Brandt, Marlen Brutout, John Bucci, Josephine Budimir. Row 4: Lewis Bufalini, Louis Bufalini, Marguerite Bufalini, Alfred Burzese, Irene Butrey, Joan Cafreilli, Lu- jan Campbell, Joseph Cardinale, Licia Cardinale, Nita Carnevale, Sally Carrico, Jean Carter. Row 5: Nick Casale, Dom- inick Catanzerite, Peter Cherenko, Arlene Ciccone, Patricia Cole, Edward Collins, Elmer Colorita, Andrew Comchoc, Gloria Conti, James Cooper, John Cooper, Athena Corey. Row 6: Tony Costanza, Stephen Cukovich, George Dahmen, Alex D'Alessandris, David Davie, Evelyn Davis, Nancy Lee Davis, Frank Dedonato, John Delia, Robert Delts, Janet Dachiac, Wilma Ditter. Row 7: Theresa Ellen Ditz, Garnet Dixon, Jean Dodaro, John Domansky, Paul Dreyer, Norma Jean Edwards, Edward Egerman, Mary Jane Elko, Dorothy Endrott, Sally Erwin, Charles Eskew, Irene Falkowski. Row 8: John Fardo, Ann Ferrence, Loretta Ferrence, Jane Ellen Flemming, Edward Frederick, Richard Frey, Norma Folino, Marion Fulton, Norma Furness, Rose Marie Furness, Rose Marie Gagliardi, Vivian Gardner, Joseph Gilbert. ,M n , , A , , V 'iw ' A fi r Z5 it ..,. 1 We ii... , lr , - K ff ' ' 74? 'V' ' , ,f' lf ' We I i ,ff ,if , A 1 ' ' rl I ii ' ii , ,,--v 'i ff W , i t ii , I - I U i4'-- V . ' I ew, -:'. ff.. ' ' ' ,. ' , sfzfii-Que. ' AJ A ?eff,x it Jan n ... , lj. , , ..,,,., ,5 , I 3. ' . zz' , 'f ' ' Ji i H . s if ' . V t F l M , ,lir H .r M ff ie .5 ry Q gin ...H ' 1 ' .fi A Lili ,,., ' 3 3- . ' H A 4 -if ei M' 'DW' 1 K l ii ii if W g ' . 'if i' :PEP Q29 Wt. H f .J , 5 ll A pi ,V . ,V gg N gf ,f .. , 4 .J i in do l ,e X 5 ' w 2 ',i'r-: 7: A ' if 5 W W J J V 1' if 1 ': . if? 4 Q ke ith - 'Y f :,,i. ' 5 55. - J gf' w vw , 'W . M as 1 J f 52? J 'W we f t J Qs, f -. o 2 J ' i .,.'., ' ' T ,. ' . . 'W ' r or 21. n.l I tl . .Q f ,-., of ' V, ,gw u , 22 ' 5 , , N, ,- , ' - j- A ii.. . .. ,i - ' -4 ff I . we I ' - vs N Q, N 5 , , It , A , I I .,.' I i i ,V ....,, H .Q , - I gy, ,A , 1 . V -1051 Row 1: Elsie Glatz, Emma Gozur, Jane Graham, David Granitz, Dolores Grguras, William Gula, Michael Gulish. Row Z: Anne Hoggard, Alice Halcin, Gale Hamilton, Norman Hanievich, Joann Hanger, Joan Harriger, Jo- anne Hartenback. Row 3: Luther Haseley, June Heibert, Don Herbein, Harold Hendrickson, Frank Hlopek, Edward Hodak, John Homzaak. Row 4: Don Hopkins, James Hornyack, Frank Housley, Rosemary Hovanec, Harold Huston, Andrew Ihnatko, Ralph Intrieri. Row 5: Timothy Iocca, Joanne Inkovich, Parrell Jackson, Bernard Janicki, William Janicki, Theresa Jarzynka, Dianne Johnavitz. Row 6: Ernestine Johnson, Alex Jones, Roddie Jones, Rose Marie Josapak, John Kariaganis, Jack Kanavas, James Kazakos. Row 7: Chester Kedzierslci, Edna Kempa, Constance Ker- lach, James Kerr, John Kisiday, Virginia Klien, Olga Koblik. Row 8-Eugene Kokoszka, Thomas Kolar, Vivian Kolder, Geraldine Holleiene, James Kotalo, Edward Kotalo, Joe Kowal. Row 9: Paul Kozel, Gloria Kroen, Wanda Kubfcki, Re- gis Kuhit, John Kusnirak, Joan Kuzma, Harriet Kyros. Row 10: Robert Kerr, Charles Lamb, Clarissa Larahee, Pa- tricia Laughener, Gloria Losco, Charles Lemon, Mary Ann Lesondak. Row 11: Edith Dianne Lewis, Wilma Lightman, Michael Liptak, Rudolph Loschiavo, Anthony Lugowski, Natalie Lugowski, Edward Luketic. Row 12: Emily Mahoney, John Maker, Betty Jane Malay, Jean Marr, Joan Marr, Nancy Martin, Rachel Mata, Row 13: Mary Mattie, Amelia Mattucci, Richard Mayer, John Mazur, Stephanie Mazur, Andrew McClure, Dun- can McCombie. Row 14: Harold McConnell, Margaret McMillen, Bill McStay, Clarice Meadows, Steward Meanor, Joe Mehen- ko, Dorothy Menosky. Row 15: Beverly Mensch, Eileen Mercadante, Helen Mihalick, James Mihaloew, Jack Mihaloew, Edward Mihalow, Delores Mihalshy. Row 1: Helen Mihovclt, Edith Jean Miley, Georgia Mae Mills, Beatrice Mitchell, Harold Moffet, Joe Molchan, Albert Monaci. Row 2: Paul Montellanco, Jack Moratis, Roger Morrison, Irene Mosura, John Mosura, Harry Nardi. Row 3: Margaret Nardo, Eugene Narrish, Earl Naugle, Magdaline Nieros, Joe Meinert, Delores Nitlculinich, Bill Nizilt. Row 4: Catherine Olexsovich, Samuel Ombres, Wilma Openbrier, 'Peter Orler, William Orlowski, Stanley Or- lowski, Donald Ostrowski. Row 5: Barry Oswald, Elizabeth Oswald, Dorothy Paich, Ernest Painter, Mario Palidini, Wilma Palidani, De- lores Pallidini. Row 6: Dominic Palumbo, Rose Panaia, Gloria Pastelalc, Tony Pasco, Richard Patton, Donald Patricelli, Barbara Patrick. Row 7: Margaret Patterson, Anthony Pelic, Susan Pehon, Lois Percival, Joe Petroslcovich, Albert Pisano, Delores Plevel. Row 8: Connie Patter, Helen Prasko, Elvira Presto, Mar- jorie Preston, Joanne Pribulslcy, Rose Pszybyszewski, The- odore Pszybyszewski. Row 9: Delores Pugliano, Tom Punjoclc, Marion Quinn, Arthur Roppo, Leonard Rich, Rosamond Richards, Rhoda May Robertson. Row 10: Carol Robinson, Helen Rodio, Raymond Rogal- ski, Monica Roman, Irene Romanialc, Robert Romanski, Jerome Rosenberger. Row 11: Joe Rose, Maribel Ross, Johanna Rossi, Gloria Rotolo, Arlene Rubenstein, Albert Russo, Joanne Sabatini. Row 12: Alice Sabol, Joe Selley, Joe Sasinovich, Rose Savie, Dan Scarpiello, Norma Schmidt, John Selley. Row 13: Kathryn Sepella, Nick Sepella, Wilbur F, Ser- aclc, David Sevin, Audrey Shafer, Mona Shaffer, Dorothy J. Shaffo. Row 14: Ruth Sharpe, Beverly Shearer, Robert Simoni, Pauline Slamenick, Flora Smith, Glenn Snodgrass, Rich- ard Snodgrass. Row 15: Beryl Snyder, Harry Snyder, Patricia La Sonnie, Frances Scurnopoli, Frances Span, Isabel Sposaro, Caro- lyn Stelzig. Row 1: Patricia Storer, Margaret Striffler, Paula Stroclc, Helen Suchy, Margaret Sudia, Irene Sudik, Jennie Szpalc, Helen Tabin, Virginia Tlcatch, Joseph Tusick, Dorothy Tylosky, Anna Helen Ulbrich. Row 2: Teddy Ulinski, George Vagonis, Carl Vaughn, Guy Villella, Fawn Virgin, Jean Vulgris, Jac- queline Wagner, Alex Waguralc, William Wallco, Mary Joan Walton, Nick Watach, Roy Weaver. Row 3: Robert W'eil, Barbara Wentz, Audrey Wessel, Gloria Jean Willoughby, Daniel Wilson, Donald Wil- son, Dorothy Wilson, Loretta Wojtlcowski, Edward Woloshulc, Helen Woods, Phyllis Woods, Raymond Yardic, Row 4: Irene Yedgenalc, June Yee, Betty Yesniclc, Dale Young, Edith Mae Y o ung, Pauline Young, Stanley Zalenski, Stephen Zalenski, Janet Zehnder, Frances Zelechowslci, Harry Zelechowslci, Gertrude Zubic. Row 5: Betty Shuflay, Irene Stepanick, Robert Sterrett, Eleanor Zugliani, Marian Azich, Marcella Stewart, Vernon Stevenson, Stella Stoloslci. CAMERA-SHY SOPHOMORES Alice Anglemeyer, Michael Buchur, Stephen Bobalc, John Brady, Phillip Bratton, James Brown, Larry Brown, Frank Dobransky, Theodore Dub, David Ehrhart, Tony Frangione, Charles Gallagher, John Gas- persic, Betty Lou Harper, Alice Hoggard, Anna Johns, Richard Kephart, Lorraine Kostas, Steve Kurch, William Lazonsalc, Jack Mackovich, Mary Mantzaris, Beverly Marble, John Martin, Violet Mihajlovich, Bronko Mravich, Donna Mutterspaugh, Ernest Orler, Irene Palitti, John Petula, Orsel Price, Pearl Sal- vati, James Shumslcy, Robert Storar, Paul Stranlco, Stanley Tabin, Clyde Thompson, Charles Vandan- bord, Thomas Zugay - 108 -- 6,1 Z-.1 '0 . , . ig? , 0 A. 4' 'lofi' . ,-. 0' ,O n' 4 ' 3 '. qv'- . . f .' '.g.g.'. sg . -4.1. 4- . , Q 0 0 . Q o , . . , s fo 9. 1, .0 'v ' ' 9 '. 940:93-fo gr. . 0 ,q.:.g.'o' .g.g.g.'b? '.-,o.6.'. . s 5 .gc it sh. Q , ekhv ye s .pg . 0 0.3, ...L -9,-.,.g.,. s . 1 . Q Q .QA . Q Q .,.,.,. ...,. .a 5. I-f'.'.'2'f' 4 -,. . . . 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'4' 'Q .5 00 ., , ngny oo.. .. og.: 3 0 .,, 0, ,,4 v .,,n,,,,,,, ,nl 0. ,, ,, Q, :-1-23-2024:2:M?s'QQ':33'3'7'1'5:2:2:fzftkfzlzl-whirl-W2-if9334Zogwtkist-:-:Y:gv2':'!'t'!43effi:22'.gQ3!6fI'bt-Site e'.'.',0,'.'o 59.6 v'v 9 I 'Q'.t.'Zf'o's'.'.'-'-'64 ','.'2'I9'fI'q dw- 0 1203. 9602+ 30.45 o -'rl-I-'o .' 0 'Avo J4'1'.','f3 A 0 ',5'q've -'-4 ,wnugn glealg .con-Ass, o 'bs 4 nf, o 1 -9. ooh 0. 0,900 a.. nfng ,. s,-A ', hu, of ,. 1 o N: ,atv ,' -,O b a . , - 'I new-4 x... v 0:59, ey,-0, 0.2. Q 5. .r o . . o , . 1 . ,K , 1 . A steelworker once accidentally let a pair of tongs slip through the rolls of a steel rolling mill. The tongs were ruined but the steel in the tongs was improved. That accident gave birth to the Cold Finished Steel Industry,-a process where Finished Steel can be made harder, more solid in structure, free of all surface de- fects, true to size and shape, bright and beautifully polished. Every phase of your daily life is bettered by its perfection. E Not an automobile, train or airplane X Could Opera without cold finished shafting and parts made from cold finished steel bars. Not a machine Jill in your own Ambridge plants could operate . . . not a typewriter . . . telephone . . . radio . . washing machine or ironing machine would serve as they do today without this finer steel. Even the knobs on the door handing? of your family car are cold finished steel-one of thousands of parts and gadgets which are produced by the millions on automatic machines from bars of cold finished steel. Right here in your community is one of America's leaders in the cold finished steel industry- WYCKOFF STEEL COMPANY . Perhaps your father , brother , +0 BL: sister K or other relatives work there. Perhaps some day you, too, will earn your o living helping Wyckoff Steel produce this finer steel so essential to the modern way of life. Wyckoff Steel congratulates you on completion of one of your most important phases of life- high school In EE' -with the message that full production throughout industry is the answer to better living for every American. E-109-Q g.',Y-.. 0,1 0 ' 9o'nQf, . o 'Y - o'9fo9v 55'9? f ' '. 602.4 ' H' '.' Q '9 ' steel is worked without heating. Cold I W 1 x w Z . . . . .ff ' ' . - - 0. in' 9 . . Q . Q Q - WV. o I -'. f'- v '- 4 1 - o r-'Q'-61 - - 0 0a'v'P0ooo.'.Qn-.. cava. ...No 1 no . . .ws-'H--vs . Q-no . p-'w'.'-9 :fc - 'oo-ca-u,w'.'. .3 n sun-vox -, . .qu 0 . qw,-Q., -.,a-.w a- ...wwf--.'.-.'..-. s . cob-.-.' f. '-sv.-.'.-,., ,Q-.' .- .- .' so--. .m,f.-.' 'hoooo--9.4-09,40-'.4'.n-.9og,,9ov.'.of2-'fu'-ov,v,o--'-oagus.1'-svvn-v sf . '2-'ru nh 'oo'-9 IW-0'-5 ' Q '-6'-'Q - 1 0 f steve asa'-1 4 a6'o'-'-.f.'.0.'- - 95 o ' 6 -,QQ 4 f,hv.'.'.'-'Q q'.'4'.'.'.0.'. o ','.-.'.'4'.'.'.-A'-'-'0. .-. ' -. .'c.'.-.-an 'iff' 'fo Q -.-.raw-'e.'.-.'.' - - 0 -' o .'A:4.'.- ' veil. Q ' Q .-. .,-.f.'.'.': o ev- -.-.-rot.-. 4 o 49 'Q do ee. 4 a -.'v.'.-.'. v av 0 -.', . .fe s -.- s Q '.-.'a.'.'.-w - -. .0 ' . .- v,-.-sf. 9' ' 4 ' 'f.'-.- - 0 '.-.- v. ' -. . . ' we .0 - - f'- ossosasq-.'.,...noni..--45-ogn,4.00-.444-ns-:5,0,e-3,-,,,v,Q-,wa-o-0,-.u '..'. '-' Q .'.n.,o,4o- , ,,,os5,.v,. . . Q- MQ.-.'.' o Q o Q v 96 : -,- 0,v.','.0,'.y,'s o -.stan 0.5 96 9 0 Q 0 Q, v,', 0 nt,-.'.'.'. o -,qu . 0 Q v 9 o .nf 'stab'-.' ' -,o - -.v I 0 - w ',0.'.-.'. f 0 o -. , 4,4 -ff. 0 '.,'. . . . '. ' 'Ko , '. 4 -,-,- -24!-'s? +2'.4I-I'.-I-.'.'.'e-P.-.a:Jo'.3.3ea,'e-:-.0+.'.e'h,'1-.g.s x-t.'- Q -.4 -.0 g-1.3.3-t'.vf:'.-9.-. '- 4- . - Q, .' '-fa . .-tg -Q '-:-2-:-. .tr 'Q-xv.-I-24 ,-.'f - ,f:-.' Q'-'ve CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 48 FROM A FRIEND OF A. H. S. THE MILLEMAN CO Pianos 0 Radios 0 Gifts C mplime t f ' AMBRIDCE 4 'lr 653-55 Merchant Street MYTINGER AND COMPANY AMBRIDCE, PENNSYLVANIA 570 Merchant Street PHONE 335 'lr fiends should know each other Through the years, many Ambridge High School graduates have been welcomed into the Spang-Chalfant organization. Many, many par- ents of Ambridge High students are Spang- Chalfant people. This makes for a pretty close bond. Naturally, we get to know something about you and you get to know something about us. We think you'd like to know more about some things your parents have helped in and you may share in-things that have made Spang-Chalfant's name known in almost any spot you could point to on the map. For instance, right here in our Ambridge plant we make high grade oil well casing and drill pipe of our own design and capable of drilling the world's deepest oil wells. Recently, for example, the deepest exploratory well in the world was drilled at Fort Cobb, Caddo County, Oklahoma. It probed three and a half miles into the earth. All of the pipe was made here in Ambridge- Only a few years ago, drill- ing to such a depth would have been consid- ered impossible. To make the finest pipe which can be sold at competitive prices requires the most modern machinery, tools and manufacturing methods. Do you know that we now have a moderniza- tion program well underway which when com- pleted will provide us with what we believe to be the finest pipe making machinery in the world? With the latest modern machinery and manufacturing methods and with continued product development, we can all look forward to a continued demand for our pipe and for our services. SPANG CHALFANT DIVISION THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY -111- Compliments ot American Bridge Company BARON HARDWARE STORE 356 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Complete Line Hardware - Paints - Plumbing Supplies - Housewares HICKS FLOOR INC Linoleum - Rugs - Sanding Rentals C. E. MCWILLIAMS 39l Franklin Avenue Chrome Furniture and - All Floor Accessories ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA ' OUR AIM! Satisfied Customers O CLASSICAL and POPULAR ' Ambridge l59O -112- Congraifulafions 'Ir 'lr 'A' 'A' A. R. C. H. SNYDER, Inc Mr. Snyder Presen+s Ambridge High School Training Car Sincerely yours- Thir airrnzft lzaugar will be 'warmed by radiant lzmfifzg-iz type nf fmzzling pioneered in the Ffzitarl Stafer fry flu' .-I. ill. Hyers Company A RADIANTLY HAPPY FUTURE Because many Dads of Ambridge High School students are key men in the A. M. Byers Company team, we welcome this opportunity to wish you-their sons and daughters-a radiantly happy future . . . . . . and to tell you some of the interesting things Dad is doing with us. lle's helping to produce the Byers wrought iron skelp for pipe used every- where in the much talked-about radiant heating systems for business buildings, homes and indus- tryg for the magical snow-melting systems built into driveways, sidewalks, aircraft runways and roads: for countless other kinds of piping . . , . . . and the wrought iron plates, billets, bars. staybolt iron and the alloy steels, for new and old uses pioneered and developed by this old-yet- young Byers team. A. M. Byers Company The Sherwin-Williams Co. 660 Merchant Street Ambridge ll52 fe if 1 P s eplkbs A A sr. ll Paints - Wallpaper - Kemtone Congratulations to SEN IOR CLASS from ECCNOMY BANK of AMBRIDGE AMBRI DCE, PENNSYLVANIA -114- IT COSTS LESS AT I2 SHOPS .Spu'i41!i,fl.f in W0l7lt'7I,.I' .f1rce.r5f1rif'f 511 Merchant Street, Near Fifth Street AMBRIDGE Dodge Plymouth WAGN ER 8: FASER Motor Cars and Trucks I 998 Merchant Street Phone 23 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA J. A. Timney Electric Co LET US PLAN YOUR KITCHEN NOW General Electric Appliances Tappan Gas Ranges Phone 30 612-614 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA DAVIDSON'S FOR COMPLETE SCHOOL WARDROBE Heal fashinn Shnppe Ltwfifar' Ready-to-Wefzr 527 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 590 Air-Cffzzzditirlfzeaf for Your Camfort AUTENREITH'S DOLLAR STORE 519 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA 'A' High Quality Merchandise At Lowest Prices For Hfhezz the Ofcaxian Say It with Flowery 'A' KlTTY'S FLOWER SHOPPE 323 EIGHTH STREET Ambridge 1478 SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES - SPORTING GOODS 4 BOOKS - STATIONERY NOVELTIES - MODEL AIRPLANES AMBRIDGE NEWS DEPOT 451 Merchant Street EDWARD F. DRAKE, Prop. AmbricIge, Pennsylvania SUN-TELEGRAPH Compliments of DPIIY mad 5u daY Z. JURKOWSKI Justice of the Peace Complete Sports CALL DAVE HUDDY for HOME DELIVERY Ambridge I957 Craftsme n-Ziegler Company Lifhographing ...and Printing 235-239 West Cunningham Street 0 Phone 4-743 0 Butler, Pennsylvania -l16-- I ' I C E C R E A M B A R 922 DUSS AVENUE 0 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA We Specialize In MiIIcsI1aIces Banana SpiIt's Sundaes 0 MENU 0 HAMBURGERS, HOTDAGS, HOT SAUSAGE, CHILLI SOUP, FRENCH FRYS, COFFEE, PIE, CHEESE, EGG, BLONEY SANDWICHES, ETC. See Postricks for your parties, Special reductions on Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Ice Cream, Wieners, Buns' and etc. 'A' Meet Your Friends af Pasfrick's -117- Ambridge Yellow Cab Co. PHONE 1919 800 Melrose Avenue Am briclge, Pennsylvania STANGL'S BAKERIES o 528 Merchant Street AMBRIDCE, PENNSYLVANIA o 1210 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of LARIS MOTOR SALES FORD DEALER Service and Ports on AII Mokes of Co I 196 Merchont Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA FS CLERC'S QUALITY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 'k EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING i' 710 Merchant Street Phone 374 JACKSON'S SHOE STORE gil' ZPSQEL HOME OF BUSTER BROWN SHOES 543 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Photographs Live Forever LEUII Siuhin Portrait and Commercial Photography Phone l982-J 4l7 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Sims Motor Sales I67 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 503 Uldflff Ford Devzlffr in lVa.fiw'1z Pezzzzxylmzfzia O WE BUY AND SELL GOOD USED CARS K . R. WAGNER C. ROY KERR Phone Ambridge 800 or 845 VALLEY REALTY COMPANY Insurance Service Since 1904 Real Exlfzle - lnxmfalzfe - Bomls Notary Public 506 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA MARSYVS Dress Shoppe ir ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of TEMPLE NUT and CANDY SHOPPE i' ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA CLEAN Used Cars - Bought and Sold DICK PRIGG AUTO SALES Kacross from Post Offical O ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA i' ak ir Congratulations AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE T0 THE Class of 1948 Wilkens Jewelry Co. Wilkens Amateur Hour 605 Merchant Street - Ambridge, Pa. 'Ir 'A' BEN MAURO COMPANY STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE o 8I7 Merchont Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone Ambridge 6I9 CHARLES R. RAPP .Iluxic Sfmfn Quality Band Instruments GUITARS - ACCORDIONS Eleventh and Merchont Street Phone Ambridge IO85 G. C. MURPHY CO. 111 ffm' llnrrl of AMBRIDGE'S SHOPPING CENTER 56I-65 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA SINCE 1905- systems and fittings for every conceivable requirement. national Electric PRODUCTS CQRPQRATIQG AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS 916 TODAY, Notionol Electric is the worId's Iorgest producer of electricol roughing-in moteric1Is. Congratulations- FROM 12 Built! Gliiizen ir Established I904 IN AMBRIDGE Abib ff51f5fi lT'S 255 25 325 I We Famous for Dfizzzznzzrlfr 1. 5 5 -, one of IIAII America's Finer H .J2ff,,1, L. Jewelfv li xfff Stores ..si52255lsE55ilE255.ELSE' -' 5552555 ' Mr. Krauss WM. H. WALL'S SONS FEED - SEEDS - FERTILIZER 'k 507 Eighth Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA D. R. MINEARD Esso Servicenter 834 Duss Avenue Phone Ambridge 9698 OIL - ESSO GAS Tires - Tubes - Batteries Lubrication - Car Washing - Accessories rl Compfefe One-Slap .Svt T7'il'EU GRAND RESTAURANT Jimmy Colello, Prop. O HOT MEALS AT ANY TIME O I23I Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone Aliquippa lO5I Shop: Phone I489 Res. Phone I829 . . ,g ro w REESE BROTHERS Sluflet Stualco 5 5 WELDING Club Groups FRICA Portraits :z Weddings SEV - T O 3 Z I O I ie 'Y '41 . AV 454 Franklin Avneue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Electric and Acetylene - Portable Equipment General Auto Repairing - Body, Fender Work I6OI Duss Avenue AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA -122- PITTSBURGH MERCANTILE CIIMPANY ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA 'k To the Class of 1948 we extend our sincerest wishes for ct Happy and Successful Future NNNX Mlss Halda White-Buyer of Sportswear-showing Naomi Werk and Dorothy Dlshauzl a Regina striped sweater Naomi and Dorothy seen wearing one in our Career Shop on the Second Floor. We Shall Be Happy To Serve You For All Your Needs PLODINEC'S Furniture to be Proud of 362 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PA. 'A' BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 A Well-Known Jewelry Store and Gift Shoppe with Gifts for All Occosio 1 i'2 iff1322Z2fii?as2II111252zif222f2222iiiggagagegsaisisieiiif 1-:N HARTSTEINS 377-395 Franklin Avenue gg,--V ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA H-w'.um.N.,h -X l Xif Compliments of STROCK MEMORIAL WORKS , , 926 Doss AVENUE Beaver Valley Painting, lne m 4:35 ::'A::'2 ::u::n: ':r' l l96 Merchant Street my 3-xl: -1 M- +I AMBR:DGE, PENNSYLVANIA -124- KATCHER'S Frigidaire Refrigerators - Electric Ranges Maytag Washers - Radios Easy Terms - No Finance Company 1' lllllln. I I + 7 551311 'QE l m f :..i 5 itsi.f , rf' , Qcfiffl lqllll 578 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA GUTOWSKl'S BAKERY I 517 EIGHTH STREET 699 MERCHANT STREET 566 FRANKLIN AVENUE i025 MERCHANT STREET O PHONE: ALIQUIPPA 9-569 MCCABE FUNERAL HOME 'A' 546 Maplewood Avenue AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 880 MARTIN BRAUN Tailor IQuaIityI Cleaner Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Altering Phone 460 8I3 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Atlantic Products Phone 967l lfVhen Yau're in Ambridge Stop at DANNY'S SERVICE Tires Recapped 81 Vuicanized - New Tires Radiators Flushed - Accessories - Lubrication Cars Washed 81 Simonized - Road Service Eighth and Duss Avenue - Ambridge, Pa. NEXT TO THE SCHOOL HESS ATLANTIC SERVICE comer of sixth and Duss AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9680 XHiqxiw6,5xtrM1rmrr5wg' LWINIIIXIIL IIIIIIIRLSQUQ 346 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA -125 SAVE NOW-PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Z91 'S ' f T7 PHONE rim: st lf- ' NU 44 A S S O C I AT I O N -Wu cneauzffzmznwzf Quwmaanadmffmgz 292 Fitth Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA PLAN FOR A COLLEGE EDUCATION lu My !I1'zII'f uf ,-lliqzzijrjm Compliments of wiLsoN BROTHERS FURNITURE coMPANY L0U'5 CP-PLAN WiIson . . . Another name for Good Furniture 224-226 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA 'k Expert Watch Repairing All Work Guaranteed Telephones: Allqulppo or l'm1n' Uiizfmma' lfe'afl'ij1nz1'fw'x in .lwlirfdge ir AMBRIDGE JEWELERS Better Jewelry Sold at Better Prices 803 Merchant Street Ambridge, P M I STORAGE ov NG Phone 2355 -126+ EVERYTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY' A4 af if YOUR SCHOOL Photographer 'K 94 'K MYRON-RONALDO STUDIO 702 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE, PA. Amqwh- Q-- 1 ,r.,I. A ff 1, 2 , '51--'f'f 4 ,J 1 'YA . rf -, ' ' ff -uf ,ug .F . . pq. Xi nf r Kw- --1-f,.G -4.1 - . 1 , 'rv ,.g-L. - , 'fl ' K . . , . - . 1:1 5 34334 '-',,g -.- ' . ' fw 1 12' .NQTIQ f-F -ig. Y53,.'I-U! ' ' L x A.,-,x . '. '51, 1. 4,-A954-,i -A --uw- .,Il, f., . 1.1,- J' A-1-:Sr 'F me ' k ,-. fa --. I, 'Iv-4. 557, , V, Jw' '. 'S A-' sw -1. z' . V- qal-er 1 Fulk Z 1 v 4 . .I ..,I .. M ..1'? Y'-af - - - ,gg 1:15.44 '5:.- -, -'f I --- .,f . V I -, , A7795-Q.--.IL YI , A L-Je, I. , ,Il . ,Q v . 4:1- ff w- .' -5--. ' It I, - .Q ,. 3- I I ge? zj.'?'-tIfpI'sf'f ' L .I , I I '.. -5 -I ' . Tj: '. I- 1- ,. - way- . . . -5- --f -. '- f -- , . - ffm- ' . -14-71: ',p if--4 - -' . .. 'T'.-1-'fifag-4 , - 4 - i-3. 4 ,Q -1 lr! .- 11.3 .w-1'g,f' - , - '- : - - -s , .. A-e.:'w.1i, I- .-I--,,--,pf ' 4415- . -1' - - ' 'lf .- YT-I-' '-rr' ,jf-,A' -4 'LA' ' .Vu . j- x II I, .-: . :uf xl-5. . 1 - amz -, . .- J- - -- mg, ,--., .I - I . 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Suggestions in the Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) collection:

Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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