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in Lf ,-.4 Mi 'bm--Az- '-K' kbvgqj ? MN f ' if ' X if Q ,,. f ' , Q ' A 5 2. , . Q? 7 ' Adl" . "- ' 77 , W , Vi X H - , Aiull , , g V 1 it ., Q, wr V, . - V L V 1 E W ff-. A A lfvlll 'E A .3 ,,.,, V, I ai il Q A -E1 -zvz M K Y. ., U 5 3 W -,l.,, A P ! gig 5, 2 f I 5 M ' ' p + , , ' f l uk m q .v Y . , I , . ':-f2v J In VQQLIA A -'.--k l ,, A J All .,:" K , qi 1 J i 455,30 .. I A : Lin -xi: V, . V 2746 ,Vs A Q A ' M Q nlll knrq V Vb. u r A ' sf HV, an gf I 1 ' i ly 1 ,V . my Q , Q: N si ,-,,,' A, In F, Kbw ,, V I ' ' 'Qz'v. A I , , J ? W M i ':?:' '1:' f Z q H i ' Q Q : gg' 2? -f 1' 4 ,Lf ..,. h W5 ,.. "ff . V .QQ ' sf' 'g , :V z ,ZF 5 TM W K ' 'D V K Y V -2-,'.'-, ,..' ii ,L L, A , uggy I 2 M LAALA 543-Q,, . K . lr A . 1 Qi .W ' I f ,,T,5 : 4 , , vV,' '4'.. , f 'Q h h , I 5 '44 In A 1 lzy, A ,- W W 5' 1 27391 .2,, "1 I ' i fx L Q , Q,.:: 2 U ,V:,,.. '5' ' fl Q , "' -'-: 7 .gy , .':2 f 'f 'f- 2 kv -' "" 4: ' b V ' ' Arxrl Vvvbv ' ":' i A W T L,.,,- 19- , rf 'f,V l i ' K3 V , ,N Av.V: Q A5 my . h i Q Q- " I ' Z y 'V G . , 4 P gg . V V 'V11 .Y 2 'v-, " V X- , , ' ' f:" 1 .gf ' VVi'." ' 4. S V P A 92.-f ":L I 'f b X sl. QQ 1 " ' H ' A fb ., " - ff N 5 : . P "'1 . P "', 35' Q ' , 5 V ' "V Y ,, P ,:AA ' Z- P ' ' fu' ' L' 1 QW' -1 I , x b'.-, A M 464 :, ,, , K ' I ll, 1 My .V I 3' W 31 IQI51 Z , V. , :LQ i W Q W -fi get .Q ,,,, Q . K V .il 0 pi - . V V .V V f r m P , y LV I- A V p, . ,yn s- in L a f Y V 4 gf' .' t g, V L I 5 it 2 1 2223? -fx' ix t aff" NT N Cloclcecl out in May IQ!-L6 By the Senior Class . QX xv Ambridge Senior High School Ambriclge - Pennsylvania , KN, X A . ' 1' Q I, I If 1 1 I , I h I' ', jx I1 Q L, -1,', ,X ,r , x, W J- 1,- Q59 mail .55-921 ,M . , K N . ,, V' - z,'2f,q-J' "' - 'L' 'ff ff f ' . ,L,,, A ' 1: ff A , f " S ' f 5 - ' 'z fl-iw, f S. sfmff -- ' '1,is5i,2v2 , Z , ,, ,122 LW i I I ' 'Y 7.25915 A f, .,,,,. V? ,wa ,sig I ,V . ,W M Q ,V , . g,,f,,., , 3 3, y, , 5 f QS? ,V-2,925 A 55252 Q K, V ' . , , A... ,A vff-" M ,iwgwggqxwfq i -5... ,jfffffz my ' ,Sus-Q I M -" z' '-'ff if 5 5, -, H . 1 f':,,. f1:'f2'v2fff amz!-,ai 1- 1 .L-z f M ,H ., . 2, ,, 9 x MSQQQEQQQ L, MEQWQ WQMH fm "' mfgfsi ,W mfg! ,-I ,,,M,,,,ff4zfgv, ' qw-'fu' ' f ' ww:-wgygisggzfgef wig, ,g...1,e,:,,R,H- -If I I wgggif Q1 giw I ' , ,,.,,,,,,,ag1Q fm Kfz kigai, Q :Q fy Q, f m ' 17 5',Lq'?i74 , ' sv f N5 ,im y 2 zfymhwg ' j i UN Wg , N W F Z J W f f 0 i i a "-.-.-,f.-s wiss ? , X , ,f way' N " W w I N M E M O R I A M ROBERT BLESSING Robert Blessing, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Blessing was born July 12, 1928. His elementary school education was derived from the ,Baden Public Schools, but in his 9th grade, he entered the Ambridge School System. In two years and a summer session Bob completed the three-year requirements for graduation. His extra-curricular activities included: International Club, Morse Code Club, Patrol, Silhouette Advertising Committee, and Science Forum. Beside his intense interest in studies and activities con nected with the school, Bob wrote poetry, plays, and entered writing contests. A few days before Bob was to have left for the University of ments at the Blessing home. An explosion occurred which resulted in Bobs' death on October 19, 1945. We miss Bob, both as a friend and classmate, but his memory shall long remain with us. If - ' I' U 4 l i 'N N N 'X 4 I. if N A lrfgicgi M N '-f,:,ff4zQ?52gqg252i ,N ' ' - N N xg W iw lu Nl ' lv li Nl 'Nu Nl -Q l- if . . . . . . :Nl l' Michigan, he and a friend were performing chemistry experi- ,Nl IN ,si -Q . , ., f- 1- mlll J l ll A 'lil l' l' U 1- lx. X A F' L l vi Shall claim of Death Cause us to grieve And make our Courage faint or fail? Nay! Let us faith and hope receive: The Rose still grows beyond the Wall Our lives are regimented about the dial of 0 clock. I ff' 1-ff X' ,f 62 46-4-auf,-f 6 1 Morning-we hate to get up! The duy's classes must be attended, so off we go, not foo pleusanfly accepting our fafe FIRST TO ARRIVE Dr. J. M. Benkert, Principal Dr. Benkert, our high school principal, is usually on hand to greet the teachers who must be signed in by 8:05. His duties are: to construct a master schedule curriculum and courses of study, to sit as chairman of the Professional Instructional Council consisting of the department heads, and to prepare reports and make recommendations to the superinten- dent for improvements of the educational program. M Benkert W Bining M. F. Serene N. A, Smith D. A Snyder L R Taggart BS MS Ph D BS M A , Ph.D, B. S., M. S. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.S, M E BS M E Dr. Smith and the other administrators soon arrive. Dr. Smith supervises the entire public school system in Ambridge. Dr. Binning, who was elected to fill the position of one of the assistant principals when Mr. Snyder was elected principal of the Midland, Pennsylvania Junior-Senior High School, inherited Mr. Snycler's duties which are: to be responsible for finances, extra-curricular activities, building operations, assemblies, and supplies, to super- vise English, languages, social studies, music, art, and physical education. Mr. Serene starts a busy day with his duties which are: to super- vise discipline and attendance, to schedule educational movies, to assume responsibility for test books and test book inventories, to supervise guidance, mathematics, commercial and science classes, and to administer I. tests. Mr. Taggart starts the day for the Voca- tional Department where he supervises class- room worlc, shop work, and all activities connected with his department. At any hour of the night these men can review the day as past and have only a few hours before they start over again. Alma Adams Ethel Althauser B.S. in Ed. A.B., M. L. Typing I English IV C Shorthand I English IV Beginning Typing Class Book Club English Department Chairman Sarah E. Adams Litt. B., M.A. Algebra I B.E. French I and II Spanish II International Language Club Sr. Class Advisor George Axtell Vocational Electric Shop Stage and Lighting Squad Olive E- Cease Virginia G. Derflinger B. S., M.Ed. A.B. Business English Spanish I Sl10l'Il'lE1Hd I Journalism Book Cl'-lb Silhouette Head of CommercialDepartment Frank W. Desanzo B.S. Margaret Cook B.S., M.A. Business English Business Economics Correspondence Club Vocational Economics Industrial History Silhouette Finance Director Senior Class Advisor Vocational Student Council Advisor Henry Epstein Katherine Forcey B,S, B.S., M. Ed. Distributive Education Plane Geometry Retail Selling Club Algebra II Solid Geometry Doris Feick Trigonometry B-S Study Hall Vocational Home Economics Sophomore Class Advisor Hal'lCliCl'aff C11-lb Head of Math Department All Home Economics Activities U Supervision of Junior and Burdell Giles Senior High Home Economics B-5- Departments Library Science Stella Barr B. S. Hygience Physical Education Girls Gymnastic Cfub Cheerleading Usher Committee Girls Patrol Intramural Sports Committe: Vocational Minstrel George Barth B.S. Industrial Arts Football Club Junior High Football Assistant Coach Edward F. Drake A.B. Physical Education Gymnastic Team Coach Assfstant Football Coach Mary L. Duffy Litt.B, M.A Latin I and II American History Study Hall Sophomore Class Advisor Head of Language Department Katharine Haberlen M.Ed. American History Junior Class Advisor Study Hall Sophomore English Thomas E. Hoskins B.S, M.Ed. Mechanical Drawing Related Drawing Blueprint Reading Leonard Horsman B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. Senior Science, Biology, Aeronautics S. V. D. Keusch B. A., M. A. Drafting L. H. McCaughtry B.S. in Ed. Related Math Study Hall Michael Malinich, Jr. B.S. Vocational Woodworking Laura jean Rice B.A Music, Girls, Glee Club Glee Club, Assembly Work Vincent Rice A.B., M.L. Biology Nature Study Rose Kozak B.S. in Ed., M. in Ed. Bkkg. I, Bkkg. Il, Typing II Advanced Typing Club Melvin D. Laing A.B. English, Dramatics Assembly Preparation All Dramatics Assembly Director Elinore B. Mermelstein B.S. Secretarial Practice Mimeograph Room Ruth M. Parson Supervisor of Vocal Music Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club Special Assembly Programs Senior H. S. Concert, Outside Club Programs for B. P. W. Club, Jr. Women's Club, Program at Grove City for Odd Fellowis Old Folks Home Russell S. Rosenberger B.S., M.Litt. Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry Club Leonard H. Rcthermel B.S., M. of Ed. Related Science Study Hall Gold Team, Intramural Sports, Finance Assistant Eileen Kramer Lang B.S. in Art Ed. Art, Publicity Scenery, etc. joseph A. Lombar A.B., M.Litt. Boys, Hygiene Chess Club Patrol, Junior Class Sponsor Eleanor Madden Pavlick B.A. World History Current History J. H. Piper A.B., Ea. of M, Algebra II, Plane Geometry Attendance Records Maurice Rubenstein B.A. Gym Varsity Football, Basketball Hazel Russell A.B., M. of Litt, American History World History, Economic Geography Geneviene Winifred Settino B.A., M.A. Related English Lysle P. Shaffer A.B., A.M. Jr. English, World History Forensics Refreshment Committee Forensic Director Janet Swayne B. S. Home Economics Vocational Home Economics General Home Economics Handiwork Club Henri Todd Auto Mechanics Marie C. Smith B.A., M.Ed. American History Consumer Ed. Director of Clubs Asst. Senior Class Advisor Joseph Charles Snyder Machine Shop Semiphor Squad Myrtle Trembley B.S., M.L. Junior BL Senior English College Club Yearbook Marcella M. Spahr A.B. Physical Education Hygiene Leaders' Club Intramurals, Yale-Princeton, Student Health Committee Girls Assemblies Girls, Health Counselor Vetold Walter Sporny B.S., M. of Ecl. Band, Orchestra, Junior Band Instrumental Lessons School Plays, Football Games Basketball Games Vocational Minstrel Junior Band Concert, High School Band Concert Mid-Western Band Eleanor Wessely B. S. Physical Education Girls' Athletic Association Junior High Cheerleaders Girls' Intramural Sports M. M. Mattuch B.S., lVI.Ed. Physics Algebra Physics Club TEACHERS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR J. Merrill Robb joseph Hlista B.A., M.A. A.B. Problems of Democracy Biology Historical Society Nature Study Club Helen L. Welch Frances R. Thomas B.S. B.S. Publicity Club Home Economics Art Neecllecraft Scenery 413- Blanarik, Bufalini, Byers, Caputo, Duzy, Graham, Kraft, Leiper. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education is largely a policymaking body responsible to the public for the efficient and economical operation of the schools. The members are elected for a period of six years and meet regularly once a month. Frequently, however, special meetings in addition to their regular monthly meetings are held. The Ambridge Board of Education is composed of six standing committees which usually meet before each regular meeting to consider the business pertaining to the work of each of the respective committees. The officers and COIIIIHIFCCCS HIC BS I'-OllOWSI President Mr. John Graham Vice President Mr. Joseph Bufalini Secretary , Mrs. Mary R. Leiper Treasurer , Mr. Frank Duzy FINANCE ATHLETIC lVlr. Frank Duzy, Chairman Mr. Joseph Bufalini lVlr. Elmer Blanarilc BUILDING Mr. Elmer Blanarik, Chairman Mr. Frank Duzy Mr. Ted Kraft GROUNDS Mr. Ted Kraft, Chairman Mr. Joseph Bufalini Mr, Vernon Byers Mr. Joseph Bufalini, Chairman Mr. Elmer Blanarik Mrs. Mary R. Leiper EDUCATIONAL Mrs. Mary R. Leiper, Chairman Mr. Frank Duzy Mr. Vernon Byers SUPPLY Mr. Vernon Byers, Chairman Mrs. Mary R. Leiper Mr. Ted Kraft SIN KING FUND Mr. John Graham Mrs. Mary R. Leiper Mr. Frank Duzy Solfcitor-Eugene A. Caputo ... 14 ... W' 5? 551 1 was -4""'IQs51.:L'fff- ' 'L:: iwyiwg Smit M X Bauerlein, Bartolo, Izalc, Mons, Ninlclewicz, Seraclc sf' Q u l , , 4 r 1 . ,X if., , r fy OFHCE FORCE One of the departments that is always busy is the office force. Their work is never through. The duties are capably handled in the Superintendent's Office by Miss Esther Bauerlein who is assisted by Miss Rhea Nlons and Miss Dorothy Izak. Miss Louise Serack had charge of the Junior-Senior High School Office with the help of Miss Ann Fardo and Miss Sophie Nicklewicz. Miss Sarah Bartolo attends to the duties in the vocational office. -,15, -2 066,32 sf VS V 9 4 533523123 39 VV,:QWi'?-QV V -V X 1235534 ., .saifxagf 1 -rw- ,xv av 3:- ,,.,A X .. X ,. , V X X ,Q V. V VI. ,J wgjbjj-It-i.::13.VV:, V V , .. ,A 'I ' Q 2 is i:ge25?i?iiS110m0rrSV- V with work- ' 'V 'I '. :'- I .'If"1a9?'b :"' 'Li-M 'jf Y XY: V"'V' bil. ' ' '-WI' -. -.Q ,- '.' 1:i,12X,aQ,Q V, 2 rm, V3 1 V. . - Q: , .,,, V . V,- ., V., , ,, ,X ,X X, ,, :ww '11-V-'f ' - ' ' " ' 5 - ' V V, A 1 ,if 0.3, , 5. 5 Z? VSAM we M, 99 0 f -9 Aww V, ,X V 6 2 V ' 0 V 9 3? 5 "" "" L is be? A if 353- V- 2' I . ' if 2' V. 32. ik '- Mu Q si X, V . V9 255 Q 5 7 , all fo-cQQperafeV V- :- V ,f .... , V s VV V :,: V . 2 WRX , X. ai VVVV -E- 'S V3 QVISE Y' fwif 'Z ,Q 5 ' 31 -- " " " V 5 - 3 1: 13 ,Vw S 250151:-VVV "2T?1gq. :zz , cmriesgrz , V- V l ,. -:saaasz -aszzaiszsi aszae :gag Q551,:5,5g,-gfgfV,j-Vjzzj' ,agr ,-, :j.j:j- - V X X , ,.,, X. Qvvu Q -- - Q V --5 , , . - tg- ju 535.13 - -VWN -SH-H! B "" '- V V- - - .v5IE.5?':" 1 fm f A " T - T V' :X. .. 3-if A- V- V: - Q .V -VV'1'lfj ff j jjj Q. - 32 :V I M V V V ig- V 1 A VV X, -V l:::5:- -:- 35: .,' WV 5-ff X .5515 .,I fIfI':-iw 5 -' V ' V ,, NWN, Q - ?f1Vfs 422f'wVew V W ,wa -' -wfosrskiz-QV V- i -VV if f ,' 32 5, V,VV, ja5-, -VV Q -3,33 35 .V - -- V V. ,:-. V- ,.-- su V.,- 1 . ,V gjz: ?D?f--W-1-'aff - V fam.,-,r FQ: -1-Q1f 1EiVf S 'ff'- '1 lV1 lfg2 ll V ' V 5- 5 3 -' f? il if if 3 ,lf EQ 2 X , 5 as VVV -1 ---'--- : VVV- VVVV V- -' V- -V VV - '- iff - V- I - V 1 V -15.- Kms' M Here is your book . . . your picture . . . your story. You, the students of Ambridge Senior High have made it. It is you who have lived the experiences depicted here . . . you who have played the football games, sung in the concerts, marched in the band, written the Silhouette, estab- lished your point in Student Senate or debate, enacted the class plays, cheered in assembly . . . you who have multiplied and subtracted your way thru Algebra, memorized Shakespeare, typed your fingers to the bone, conjugated "avoir," "habeo," and utenerf' The struggle was yours, knowledge is your reward. The work and planning were yours, lasting friendships and enjoyment, your reward. It is you who will relive this year, remember these activities. Therefore, let this Bridger serve as your memory. Let it stand for all this term has meant to you . . . your friends, your work, your fun. May you occasionally come back to these days thru this book and by recalling a successful past, gain courage and inspiration for the future. If these pages can do this for you, all our photography, pasting, and composing shall have served a worthy purpose. BOYS' GYM The physical education program, this year, was similar to the former ones. The classes were held twice a week and one of these classes was devoted to physical culture. The other day the boys participated in various other sports and games in which they were very interested. Some of the activities were basketball, touch foot- ball, and a new game called usideline basketballl' introduced by Mr. Drake. In the warmer weather the boys went out on the obstacle course and the track. There were also marching drills, designed to acquaint the students with the various com- mands and marches that are given to men in the service. This varied program, under the direction of Coach Rubenstein, helped attain the sportsmanship, physical Htness, and mental alertness, strived for. ,718u, GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION In general, physical education includes fundamental skill of vigorous sports in the different seasons, development of coordination, rhythm, body conditioning and playing group and team games. The fundamental skills of sports are taught by our physical education instruc- tors in mushball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and in some type of calisthenics. Development of coordination is an objective in the program. Playing of certain groups and team games and calisthenics for agility, rhythm, apparatus and tumbling aid in this development. Using the various skills taught helps the girl develop coordination. Rhythm work consists of tap dancing, folk, square and social dancing. Response to command and alertness have been stimulated by marching and heart and lung power, so important for endurance, have been increased by scout pacing the track. Associations with classmates and teammates in dressing rooms, in physical education activities, and sports help to build desirable and wholesome attitudes and afford opportunities for expansion of personalities. In the sports and physical education program there is a challenge for each and every girl-the challenge to overcome an inferiority complex, and build a new personality with self-confidence and self-reliance., -19.- H SILHOUETTE EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: N. Mazzetti, Amsler, Cummings, I-lallaman, Jacobs, Hanievich, Nastich, Gulish, Fredericks, Zakarian, Arthur, Athens, Karagianias. Second Row: Harris, S. Kroll, Zlody, Evans, Rosenfield, Griffith, Green, McNees, Mrs. Derflinger, Galant, Cunningham, Bohren, Shaw, Jones, Nastich, Cunningham. Third Row: Karnavas, Nelson, Kepics, Gaudio, Sasinovich, Folino, M. Ruskin, Maker, Marini, Zagrocki, Ulbrich, Raso, Mauchline, Kraynk, Sikov, F. Windham, D. Windham, Sestile. Fourth Row: H. Karnavas, Siehl, Schietroma, Domergue, B. Karnavas, Gapinski, Ithnatko, Beheler, S. Prisiaz, Prus, Dash, Larimer, V. Prisiaz, Beaman, Troupe, Rankin. Wilkes, Polito, Zondas, Spagnola. SILHOUETTE The Silhouette is our School paper which is published each month. The sponsor is Mrs. Derllinger, who works with many capable student reporters and editors. The paper has taken second class honor rating for two years in the National Scholastic Press Association. Including exchange, the entire circulation is 1100. TI-IE FACULTY STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Sponsor . ,..,.,..,.,...,, ,,,,, M rs. Virginia Derflinger News Editor. . . ,,,,,,,, .,,, .... .. Harry' Green Finance Director... .... .......... M r. Frank Desanzo Boys' Sports Editor . John Cunningham Typing Director ..... .. Miss Elinore Mermelstein Girls' Sports Editor ...... . Lillian Griffith Feature Editor.. . Dolores Galant THE STUDENT STAFF Humor Editor . .... Frank Rosenfield Homeroom Editor ........ .. ..... ...... P eggy Shaw Editor-in-Chief .......... .. .. ......... .... C aryl McNees Exchange Editors . Betty Zlocly, Mary Ann Evans Advertising Manager . ...... Charles Shaffer Circulation Manager ......... .. Dolores Bohren Business Manager .... ....... M ary Ann Monaci Head Typist . ...... .. .... Barbara Jones -L 20 D- SILHOUETTE ADVERTISING First Row: Mazur, H. Kar navas, Beheeler, Papantonio, Signorelli, Harriger Second Row: Ithnatko, lVlr. Desanzo, Janicki, Monasi, Shaffer, Green SILHOUETTE REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Grey, Martin Gapinslci, H. K a r n a v a s, Beheeler, B. Jones, Karnoski Sestile, Catazone, Nloreth Irvin Second Row: Sudik, Kline McNees, Rea, Baysura, Frey Lewis, Monasi, Hess, Barn hart, Miller, Signorelli Third Row: Bushetto, Mr Desanzo, Cart, Budzowslci 1 SILHOUETTE ADVERTISING STAFF The work of the Silhouette advertising staff was under the sponsorship of Mr Dezano, with Charles Shaffer as manager. Their job was to plan a campaign and solicit all 1'I1C1'Cl'121I'1fS for advertisements. Each PEISOH covered El certain SCCUOI1 of the town, talking with the different managers of the stores, and selling subscriptions They have done a fine job. A-. MZ1-. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE First Row: Leyerzaph Wilkes, Sikov, Mauchline Psinka Kelchner, Gozur, Mazzetti INTERNATIONAL CLUB Damico yeen, Knouse ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The Assembly Committee was under the sponsorship of Mr. Laing. Under his guidance and advice this committee planned many enjoyable programs. During the course of the year the committee organized several variety programs. These con- sisted of various talented students from our high school. The members of this committee took part in the opening exercises of the programs. Their duties were: to read the Bible, to lead the Hag salute, to pronounce the Brotherhood Creed, and to read the announcements. They also chose the sacred and patriotic songs to be sung. Eugene Mazzetti was the acting chairman of the Assembly Committee. J r Second Row: Mr. Laing, First Row: Cummings, Barnhart, McNally, Verdu, Symes, Reader, Schultheis, Second Row: Morey, Om- bres, R o s i n lc 0, Miss S. Adams, Aspiotes, Kazil, Da- INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CLUB The International Language Club was formed to create a better understanding of foreign countries. This was done by having floortallcs about the different countries, singing their native songs, and by learning their customs. These projects were prepared under the competent guidance of Miss Sarah Adams who was the club's sponsor. Although the club consisted of boys and girls from each department in the school, many were from language classes. They planned an all Mexican dinner and a sightseeing trip of places that have a foreign element, in order to make it easier for them to visualize foreign countries. The officers of the club were: President-Leroy Cummings, Vice-President-Patricia Barnhartg and Secre- tary-Gwendolyn Reader. Now that the world is at peace, and newer methods of transportation are bringing all countries closer together, it is necessary to increase our knowledge of them. For this reason we believe the International Language Club has done a fine job and should be continued. CHEMISTRY CLUB CHEMISTRY CLUB First Row: Meyers, Botslco Arthur, Young, Ryzowicz Mr. Rosenherger, R u s s 0 Gerega, F e t c h, Bartlco Whylie Second Row: B e n cl ey Verdu,Hood, Miller Alstadt, Pugliano, Malinow ski, Pitts Third Row: Druzyski Shaffer, Hall Tkatch, Jami son, Woods, Havonec. LIBRARY COUNCIL First R o w: Lombardo Waslo, B u f al i n i, Boytl Porter, Laman, De Marco Garbinslci, Agrecy Second Row: Michocian Opriska, I-I a r r i s, Niaros Kosinski, Fennell, F r e e d Wood The objectives of the Chemistry Club were to keep the members posted on latest scientific development and to provide an opportunity for experimenting. A1 Tlcatch, Charles Shaffer, George Fetch, Edward O'Neil, and George Barto were the officers. T24- 1 1 1 7 F i l UBRARY CLUB Miss Giles, the school librarian, was the able leader of this group of ambitious students. During the club period they learned the rules of the library, the arrange- ment of the library, where to file library material, and other duties pertaining to the library. Book reviews were also given by these people. .-25-. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: fNl:u'1in. Slinpert Sikov. Bells. lit-lieler. ll. Yzigis Rice. mi-ivk. fjlliuwrslii. inn-ti' XvlElflllCl'lOCk. Kopcliiek. Zzikzirizin Losliiavo, Poling. Second Row: Zervzis. flzuloin son, Percival. lizlelior. Knniecwz llzipinski, ll ii 1' s li i, Cvitkovicli Gizunmaria, Nnclzzilt. Skinner. Third Row: VVet1er. Mzlylic llufilinzi. llilinski. Czitziiizerite Frey, Gruber. Rlc-ln-nlm, Sapp Rossi. Noland. llrencllc, Rinzildzl rup. Roman. Young, Km-rlmel. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Puelnilm. Guln. Grilifitli. S. llngnn, IJ, VVir1li Austin. Iiefjeiinerzi. Myers. Le- sizik, Xzzworsky, Perkins. ssl Ro 1 Nlzzttnsi, Smiley. Lunilis, Lewis. Benedict. Ombres, Roginski. Second Row: Miss Rice, Kroll Yzinilenlword, lDe'I'eclys, Gamma Smoleri. Przisko. T. l':iul. Inman Noland, Rusnzik, Rich, Slmrslier Urend, Falkowski, IJ r o lu n a k Hartman, Yee. Tliird Row: Selieppy, Stewart, Houston, Sokolowsky. Kripps Losco. Broermzin. jznnii-son. Ill- lzrich. Rear. Asha-nlmrt, Jones lYeziVe1', Nielson, NVoloszn. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls, Glee Club was under the sponsorship of Miss Rice. It consisted of 125 girls. The following officers were elected for the year: President-Emily Kyros, Vice President-Ruth Austin, Secretary-Treasurer-Frances Rea. This Club meets in che Auclitorium during activity period. This club sang in the Annual Concert. -253 Rupik. Rea. Kyros. Austin. Miss ski. Pekzircliiek, Averszi. M lirown, Blieilzinner. Sclieriner- liorn, Helsing, McY:iy. Steven- 1 i McCaffery, Fawler. llzivies. Jar: Mr. Sporny, Hronas, Dworakovsky, Cohen, DeFedericis, Gerazounis ALL STATE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Representing Ambridge this year at the All State Orchestra were Alfonso De Federicis, Norbert Cohen, John Hronas, James Gerazounis, and Walter Dwora- kovslcy. The assembly was held in Harrisburg on January 30 and 31 and February 1 and Z. During the four days they made transcripts for radio programs and gave a radio program over WPEN. They gave two concerts at the Forum, one for the Harrisburg Grade schools and one for the adults. Each day they practiced nine hours!! under the direction of the guest conductor. There were one hundred schools represented and approximately two hundred players attended. The guest conductor was Louis Wersen, director of Music in Philadelphia. Some of the pieces played in the concert were "Symphony in D Nlinorv by Franck, "Ballet Music from Faust" by Gounod, and "Thornrose Waltzl' by Tschaikowsky. ...27m STAGE SQUAD First Rod: Rossi, Ostrovi slci, Koprina Second Row: M ri j e tic Knouse, B e e nw a n, Karas Guzan, Evans SEMAPHORE SQUAD zak, Riley S e c o n cl Row: Puslcaric gorslci, Flucas STAGE SQUAD Lights! Action! Camera! Under the sponsorship of Mr. George C. Axtell, a squad of boys from the Electric Shop were trained to operate efficiently the electrical apparatus in the auditorium, booth, gymnasium, and press box. With the leadership of Captain Ernest Rossi and Co-Captain Edward Prusiclc of Cycle A, and Captain Bill Cwuzan and Co-Captain Ralph Beeman of Cycle B, the stage productions, movies, athletic events, and other school functions were capably operated with the equipment on hand. LZS, First Row: De-lach, Jusc- Hartman, Mr. Snyder, Nici SEMAPHORE SQUAD The Semaphore Squad, under the supervision of Mr. Joseph Snyder, has done an excellent job on the gridiron this year. All the students in the squad worked with a will and spirit that was much appreciated. 429- DEBATE SQUAD First Row: Kraynylc, Kyros Woods, Bohren, Leyerzaph Karnavas Se cond Row: Green Tlcatch, Ithnalco, Mr, Shaf fer SPEECH CLUB First Row: Davis, Laman Silcov, Jordan, Karnavas Mazur, Nadzalc a a S e c on d Row: Woods, Mauchlinc, Kraynylc, Green Tkatch, H a r r i s, Smith B o h r e n, Le-yerzaph, Mr Shaffer s 1 DEBATE One of the very important interscholastic activities in this school throughout the past years has been uDelJate.,' Mr. Shaffer, the forensic coach, has turned out many fine teams and this year's team has met with all expectations. The main squad consisted of three seniors, three juniors, and two very promising sophomores. One of the first highlights of the year was the Student Congress which was held at California State Teacheris College in which four students participated. On January 5th, Amhridge High had the privilege of acting as host to many schools from Western Pennsylvania and Ohio when the first tournament of the season was held here. The members of the Ambridge Chapter are also registered members of the N. F. L. and the State League which has been resumed after a lull of four years. The officers for this year were as follows: President-Dolores Bohren, Vice-President-Harry Green, Secretary-Norma Jane Woods, and Treasurer- Louise Leyerzaph. The question for debate this year was Resolved: That All Able Bocliecl Male Citizens of the United States Should Have One Year of Full- Time Military Training On or Before Attaining the Age of 24. SPEECH This year for the first time, a new type of activity was introduced in Amhridge High called "Speech." Throughout the season many tournaments were attended and in these the students of the speech squad participated in such fields as Humor- ous Declamation, Original Oration, Dramatic Declamation, Oratorical Declamation and Girls, and Boys' Extemporaneous Speaking. The Speech Squad is also enrolled in the National Forensic and the State League. Throughout the season several members have appeared before different civic organizations in this town. The new activity has met with much interest and enthusiasm and we can expect much from it in the coming years. -31- SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Plese, Gregorek, Hartman, Vincenti After eleven years of struggle, toil, and fun, we of the Class of '46 have become seniors. Although it seems that all our work was done in vain, we have accomplished a great many things. As Sopho- mores we learned to control our tempers when addressed as 'cSloppy-Sophsgl' we entered into activities and in a short while we were really wel- comed into the Senior High by the Sophomore Reception. Tn our junior year, we had a wonderful time at the Prom which we gave for the seniors. Under the direction of Mr. Laing, we presented "The Late Mr. Earlyf' one of the best in the his- tory of the Junior Class plays. This three-act comedy was enacted by the following: Louise Leyerzaph, Lawrence Gahagan, Lorraine Prus, Elaine Marti, John Sinolko, Michael Zakarian, John Kucaba, Lillian Griffith, Betty Jean Arnett, Caryl McNees, Robert Cirka, A1 Hallaman, Trene Dash, and William Fagula. Now that we are seniors, we are really buzzing around. On Febru- ary 1, we presented the Junior-Senior dance in honor of the juniors. As members of the Band, Madrigal, Glee Clubs, and Orchestra, we seniors have won quite a good reputation in the music field. By editing the Silhouette and Yearbook, we have really produced some good reading material. Our debators, especially the seniors, are doing a grand job under the direction of Mr. Shaffer. The football players deserve a lot of praise for their outstanding performances. The basketball players came through in fine style. On the whole cur class advisers, who are: Miss Adams and Miss Alt- hauser, during our Sophomore year, Mr. Lauf and Miss Reaghart, during our Junior year, and Miss Adams and Mr. Desanzo, during our Senior year, can be proud of us, since we have been the lead- ing pupils in the Student Senate and other student organizations. Our Class Officers are: Matthew Hartman, President, John Vincenti, Vice-Presi- dent, Mary Lou Kesner, Secretary, and Steve Gregorek, Treasurer. Several of our senior boys have entered the service and others are expecting to go soon, thus as we enter a future full of uncer- tainty, we look back and remember the good times we have had in senior high school. JE 5? :B w X XLYAJQ4 i 'fx' qjalcn-rsdomi - 32 . .- Joseph Alstadt-General Chemistry Club Michael Zurow--General Art Club, Publicity Club, Intramurals Ernest Arbes-Vocational Vocational Minstrel Betty Jean Arnett-Academic Madrigal Club, S c i e n c e Forum, Historical Society, Glee Club, National Honor Society, Junior Class Play, Band, Orchestra, Year-book, Homeroom Officer, Concert Arnold Arthur-Academic Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Track, Science Forum, Intramurals, Silhouette, Student Senate Vice President, Homeroom Officer, Sergeant At Arms of Physics Club, Boys' Cvlee Club Gust Aspiotes-Academic Football, Historical Society Ruth Ann Austin-Academic Glee Club, Science Forum, Cheerleading Club, Yearbook, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer, Concert, Usher Committee, Assembly Com- mittee Catherine M. Azich-General Book Club, Correspondence Club Stella Bachor-Commercial Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Assembly Committee, Refreshment Committee Goldie Balatsoukus-Commercial Latin Club, Typing Club, Historical Society, Yearbook, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Edward Baran-General Patrol, Intramurals, Track, Gymnastics Ella Mae Barnhart-General Homeroom Officer, Intramurals, Yale-Prince- ton, Girls Chorus, Silhouette, Usher Committee, Assembly Committee George Barto-General Sergeant At Arms of Chemistry Club, Band Margaret Baysura-Commercial Leaders' Club, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Leaders' Training Club, Girls' Patrol, Intra- murals, Yale-Princeton, Silhouette, Concert, Assembly Committee Alstadt Arnett Austin Balatsoukas Barszcz Zurow Arthur Azich Baran Barto We, the Seniors, have spent our time Arbes Aspiotes Bachor Barnhart Baysura Beaman Betley Bittenbencle-r Blishalc Bohren Beck Bionda Bixler Bober Botslco Beeman Bilo Blahovec Bogosian Boy: Frieda Beaman-Academic Glee Club, Silhouette, Leaders' Club, National Honor Society, Intramurals, Yale-Princeton Game, All-Star Soccer and Mushball, Madrigal Club Officer, Concert, Usher Committee Andrew W. Beck-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Basketball, Intramural Sports Ralph Beeman-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad, Intramurals, Light and Sound Committee, Fire Squad, Scoreboard Committee, Stage Squad Captain John Betley-Academic Chemistry Club, Debate, Student Senate, Homeroom Ofhcer, Club Committee Chairman, Bowling Team Captain John Bionda-Academic Biology Club, Typing Club, Intramurals, Track George Bilo-Vocational Radio Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Gene Bittenbender-Commercial Book Club, Needle-work Club, Intramurals, Silhouette Ruth Ann Bixler-Commercial Band, Intramurals, Glee Club, Concert, Band Concert John Blahovec-Vocational Intramurals, Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals Lucille Blishak-Commercial Historical Society, Silhouette, 'Yale-Princeton Reserve, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Bill Bober-General Boxing, Gymnastics, Madrigal Club, Glee Club Josephine Bogosian-Commercial Typing Club, Concert, Orchestra, Intramurals, Silhouette, Refreshment Committee Dolores Ellen Bohren-Academic Debate, Tournament, Science Forum, Girls' Patrol, National Forensic League, Latin Club, Silhouette, Chemistry Club, Yearbook, Senator Student Congress, Highlight's Reporter, Debate Secretary, Historical Society President, Assem- bly Committee, Club Committee, Make-up Committee, Intramurals, Debate President, Speech Squad joseph Botsko-Academic Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Science Forum, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Rose Marie Boyt-Commercial Library Council, Gymnastic Team, Leader's Club, Intramurals, I-Iomeroom Secretary preparing for wor, preparing for peace, Ellen Jane Brandt-Vocational Retail Selling Club, Girls' Reserves' Vice-President, Intramurals Josephine Brogno-Academic Science Forum, Historical Society, Silhouette, Latin Club, Officer's Club, Intramurals, I-lomeroom Officer, Finance Committee, CheerALeader's Club, Flower Fund Committee Charles Buck-General Chess Club, Retail Selling Club, Club Committee Eleanor A. Bufalini-Vocational Homeroom Officer Club, Art Club, I-Iancliwork Club, Intramurals, Library Council, Leaders Club, Home- room Officer, Football Banquet Rita Capatosti-Academic Glee Club, Latin Club, Madrigal Club, International Language Club, Concert, Intramurals Sylvia Cardinalli-General Book Club, Correspondence Club, Intramurals Pauline Carroll-Commercial Band, Homeroom Officer, Intramurals Brandt Brogno Buck Bufalini Capatosti Carclinali Carroll Charitonek Chekanowsky Christodoulou Christiana Cirka Cohen Coleman Consentina Alvera Charitonek-Commercial Nlaclrigal Club Helen Chekanowsky-General Leader's Club, Patrol, Gymnastics, Intramurals, Yale- Princeton Cheerleader, Homeroom President, Gym- nastic Program, Yale-Princeton Program, Education Week Program, Chairman of Intramurals, Usher Committee Nick Christodoulou-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals Russell Christiana-General Club Committee, Book Club Secretary Robert Cirka-Vocational Latin Club, Boxing Club, Retail Selling Club, Junior Class Play, Patrol, Assembly Committee Norbert Cohen-Academic Orchestra, Band, Concert, Glee Club Concert, Intramurals Ronald Coleman-Academic Chess Club, Silhouette Anthony Consentino-Academic Maclrigal Club, Glee Club Cummings Cress Damico DiI..isio Dmochowski Cunningham Cvitlco Dash Denuff Dobrin Creese Cycyn Davis Despines Draskovic Frank Leroy Cummings-Academic President of International Language Club, Boys' Glee Club, Drum Major, Yearbook, Silhouette Program, Gymnastic Team John Cunningham-Academic President of Silhouette Club, Patrol Captain, Student Senate, Intramurals, Yearbook, Club Committee, Intramural Sports Committee, Student Health Committee Chairman, Silhouette Sports Editor, Homeroom Treasurer, Code Club Elizabeth Creese-Commercial William Cress-Vocational Vocational Minstrel Bernice Cvitko-Vocational Retail Selling Club Helen CycynfGeneral Madrigal Club, Girls' Chorus, Concert Armond Damico7Vocational Boxing, Vocational Minstrel, Semiphore Squad Irene Dash-Academic Secretary of Physics Club, Silhouette, Latin Club, Junior Class Play, Science Forum, Intra- murals, Assembly Committee Nancy Davis-General Service Correspondence, Intramurals Mary DiLisio-Vocational Art Club, Handicraft Club, Yearbook, Foot- ball Banquet Andy Denuff-General Art Club, Vocational Minstrel, Yearbook, Patrol, Vocational Student Council, Publicity Committee, Intramurals Mike Despines--General Boxing, Varsity Football, Reserve Basketball, Intramural Sports Committee Leo Dmochowski-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Golf, Reserve Football, Intramurals Helen Dobrin-Commercial Typing Club, Blue Print Reading Club, Intramurals John Draskovic-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Representative Vocational Student Council and preparing for life. Studies have been mode Michael Druzisky-Academic Band, Track, Silhouette, Patrol, Intramurals, Publicity Committee, Physics Club, Chemistry Club Ann Dudenich-Commercial Art Club, Glee Club, Concert, Silhouette, Intramurals Evelyn Dugan-Vocational Intramurals, Silhouette, Glee Club, Assembly Com- mittee, Concert Kathryn Elaschat-Commercial Historical Society, Girl Reserves, Patrol, Yale- Princeton, Intramurals, Scholarship Committee, Captain of All-Star Mushball Team Alberta Engstrom-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Concert, Nlacirigal Club, Yearbook, Finance Committee, Intramurals Ann Evans-Commercial Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Intramurals, Concert Carl Evans-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad, Intramurals Druzislci Dudenich Dugan Elaschat F Engstrom A. Evans C. Evans M. A. Evans Fulton Fajtak Fausti Fecko Felix Fetch Fetchenlco Mary Ann Evans-Commercial Silhouette Exchange Editor, Intramurals William Fulton-Academic Patrol, Homeroom Treasurer, Silhouette, Band Junior Class Play Lillian Fajtak-General Historical Society, Silhouette, Latin Club, Intramurals Yale-Princeton, H om e r o o m Secretary - Treasurer Assembly Committee Joseph Fausti-Vocational Radio Code Club, Football Reserves, Intramurals Secretary of Vocational Student Council Michael Fecko-Vocational Intramurals, Vocational Student Council Paul Felix-Vocational Intramurals George Fetch-Academic Chemistry Club Secretary, Band, Intramurals Joseph Fetchenko-Vocational 37- Beryl Fleming-General Eugene Florida-Vocational Albert Flucas-Vocational Intramurals, Vocational Minstrel Catherine Folino-Commercial Cheerleading Club, Silhouette, Girls! Patrol, Yearbook, Student Senate, Intramurals, Home- room Officer, Student Health Committee Chairman Raymond Frangione-Academic Track, Gymnastics, Intramurals, Patrol, Captain of Football Team, Junior Class Secretary, Homeroom Officer, Intramural Committee William Freed-Vocational Joseph Freshwater-Vocational Ruth Frey-Commercial Girls, Glee Club, Intramurals, Silhouette Home- room Representative Ann Frynkewicz-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Intramurals, All-Star Mushball, Silhouette Henrietta Marie Fuchs-General Madrigal Club, Library Council Richard Furness-General I-lomeroom Play, Patrol, Intramurals, Home- room Vice President, Biology Club Treasurer Book Club Vice-President Lawrence Gahagan-Academic Homeroom President, Latin Club, Jr. Class Play Dolores Galant-Academic Orchestra, Science Forum, Band, Intramurals, Debate Team, Feature Editor of Silhouette, Dramatics Make-Up Committee Fleming Florida Flucas Folino Frangione Freed Freshwater Frey Ft-ynkewicz Mary Grace Galielti-Vocational Fuchs Furness Gahagan Retail Selling Club Galant Galietti Gareis Dorothy Gareis-Academic Biology Club, Blue Print Reading Secretary, Latin Club, Intramurals of the post, present, ond future. We hove completed our courses Eugene Gatehouse-Vocational Boxing Club, Vocational Minstrel, Vocational Intra- murals, S c o r e b o a r d S q u a d, Reserve Football, Vice-President Vocational Student Senate, Patrol Rita Kathleen Gatta-Commercial Leaclerls Club, Orchestra, Yale-Princeton, Intramurals, Secretary Typing Club, Refreshment Committee Anna Jane Gennaro-Academic Glee Club, I-Iomeroom Officer, Concert, Lost and Found Committee Peter Georgiadis-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Band, Intramurals, Concert john Gerega-Academic Chemistry Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Dolores Giammaria-Commercial Typing Club, Glee Club, Intramurals Jean Giammaria-Commercial Glee Club, Yearbook, Concert Lawson Gilmore-Vocational Typing Club, Retail Selling Club, Intramurals Gatehouse Gatta Genero Georgiaclis Gerega D. Giammaria J. Giammaria Gilmore Gisondi Goscinski Grabec Graham Granitz Gregorek Gresh Mary Gisondi-Commercial Madrigal Club, Silhouette, Concert, mittee, Intramurals Irene Goscinski-Commercial Madrigal Club, Yearbook, Concert Frances Grabec-Commercial Book Club, I-Iandiwork Club Lucille Graham+Academic Assembly Com Madrigal Club Librarian, Concerts, Intramurals Donald Granitz-Academic Code Club, Basketball, Student Senate, Class Com mittee Chairman, Baseball Captain, Class President Homeroom Officer, Intramural Committee Stephen Gregorek-Academic International Language, Track, Debate, Silhouette Basketball, Bowling, Homeroom Officer, Class Secretary, Sophomore Reception Committee Ann Gresh-Commercial Glee Club, Correspondence Club, Mixed Chorus Concert, Silhouette, I-Iomeroom Officer, Intramurals -39- Griffith Gruszczynski Gwiazda Hall Harriger Gross Gulish Haber Handgis Harris Gruber Guzan Hallaman Hanievich Hartman Alma Lillian Griffith-Academic Leader's Club, Historical Society, Science Forum, Leader's Training Club, Glee Club, National Honor Society, Junior Class Play, Band, Orchestra, Silhouette, Yearbook, Intra- murals, All-Star Soccer, Concert, Homeroom, Captain of Patrol Donald E. Gross--Vocational Intramurals, Vocational Minstrel Elsie Marie Gruber-Commercial Glee Club, Intramurals, All-Star Mushball, Yale-Princeton Reserves, Concert, Yale-Prince- ton Usher Committee, Yearbook Stanley Gruszczynski-Vocational Vocational Minstrel George Gregory Gulish-Academic Silhouette, Journalism Club, Reserve Basketball, Intramural Committee, Basketball Patrol, Bleacher Squad, Assembly Committee, Football Manager William Guzan-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad Captain, Fire Squad, Light and Sound Committee, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Stella S. Gwiazda-General Art Club, Glee Club Vice'President, Intramurals Shirley Ann Haber--Commercial Band, Bowling, Concert Alfred Hallaman-Academic Silhouette, Patrol, Intramurals, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Track, Junior Class Play, Junior Class Treasurer Thomas Hall-Academic Chemistry Club, Yearbook, Intramurals, Boxing Club Vice-President Socrates Handgis-General Madrigal Club, Boys, Glee Club, Intramurals Alexander Hanievich--Academic Historical Society, Silhouette, Student Senate, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Concert Gertrude Elaine Harriger-Academic College Club, Girls' Glee Club, Silhouette, Band, Yearbook, Intramurals, Concert, Scholar- ship Committee Milton Harris-General Chemistry Club Matthew J. Hartman-Vocational Boxing Club, Vocational Minstrel, Student Senate, Silhouette, Shop Foreman, Intramurals, Senior Class President, Homeroom Officer, Sophomore Reception Committee, Semiphore Squad under able direction, with open minds, John Hauser-Academic Code Club, Physics Club, Patrol Raymond Heinz-Academic Radio Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer, Intramurals David Hendrickson-Vocational Dolores Herrman-Academic Leader's Club, All-Star Mushball, All-Star Soccer, Intramurals, Secretary of Homeroom William Hertneky-Vocational Sophie Hladio-Vocational Leaders Club, Cheering Club, Girls, Gymnastic Manager, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Intramurals Albert Hood-General Chemistry Club Clifford Hoskinson-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Band, Silhouette, Intramurals, Homeroom President, Student Senate, Vocational Student Senate James Hostetler-Vocational Boxing Club, Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals Michael Hovanec-Academic Chemistry Club, Bowling Team Captain, Golf, Student Senate, Intramural Sports Committee Chair- man, President of Homeroom, Vice-President of Homeroom. Michael Hrynewich-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals, Track Helen Huppenthal-Commercial Glee Club, Typing, Yearbook, Concerts, Refreshment Committee, Advertising Committee Dorothy Huston7Academic Girls' Glee Club, Finance Committee, Intramurals, Yearbook, Book Club, Concert, All-Star Soccer Michael Izak-Commercial Publicity Club, Art Club, Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Patrol Captain, Reserve Basketball, Intramurals- Basketball Manager, Silhouette Typing Staff, Intra- mural Sports Committee Donald Jamieson-Academic Chee Club, Chemistry Club, Intramurals Hauser Heinz Hendrickson Herrman I-Iertneky Hladio Hood Hoskinson Hostetler Hovanec Hrynewich Huppenthal Huston Izak Jamieson G. Janicki V. Janicki Jarrup Jaskol Jones Jordan Jusczak Kanakis Kappas Karamarkovich Karas Karnavas Katcher Keefer Kesner George Janicki-Academic Physics Club, College Club, Intramurals Student Senate Recorder, I-lomeroom Officer Chairman of Lost and Found Committee Assembly Committee, Bowling Team Captain Victor Janicki-Academic Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball Elizabeth jarrup-Commercial Girls, Glee Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Yearbook Alfreda Jaskol-Academic Handicraft Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Refreshment Committee, Yale- Princeton Usher Committee Barbara jones-Commercial Girls, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Intramurals, Silhouette Typing Editor, Concert, Assembly Committee, Club Officer Nita Jordan-Academic Book Club, Intramurals, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Yearbook, Publicity Club Secretary Stanley Jusczak-Vo cational Vocational Minstrel, Golf, Intramurals, Semi- phore Squad Nick Kanakis-General Chemistry Club, Boxing Club, Varsity Football James Kappas--Vocational Radio Code Club, Vocational Minstrel George Karamarkovich-Vocational Boxing Club, Intramurals, I-lomeroom Officer, Student Senate, Vocational Council, Vocational Minstrel julia Karas-Vocational Service Correspondence Club Officer, Retail Selling Club Bebe Karnavas-Academic Physics Club, Blueprinting Club, Latin Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Student Health Committee, Lost and Found Committee, Scholarship Committee Irene Katcher-Vocational Retail Selling Club, Typing Club, Football Banquet Charles Eugene Keefer-Academic College Club, Art Club, Intramurals, Track, I-lomeroom Officer Mary Lou Kesner-Commercial Gymnastic Club, Drum Majorette, Homeroom Officer, Secretary Sophomore Class, Vice- President Junior Class, Treasurer of Senior Class, Sophomore Reception Committee and with o determination 9 s 1 fo make this world Louise Kingerski-Commercial Service Correspondence, Gymnastics, Band Dorothy Klak-Commercial Cheerleading Club, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Sil- houette, Intramurals, Concert, Usher Committee Sarah Kline-Academic Madrigal Club, Leader's Training Club, Leader's Club, Gymnastics, Silhouette, I-Iomeroom Secretary, Usher Committee Ernest Knouse-Vocational International Language, Vocational Minstrel, Intra- murals, Stage Squad ' Margaret Koblik-Vocational Correspondence Club, Glee Club, Retail Selling Club, Concerts Charlene E. Koerbel-Commercial Glee Club, Service Club, Yearbook, Sophomore Bowling Captain, Concert, Finance Committee, Intramurals Eugene Kohut-Vocational Thaddeus Kokoski-Academic Chess Club, Latin Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Treasurer Loretta Kokooszba-Academic Latin Club, Physics Club, College Club, Science Forum, National Honor Society, Debate, Patrol, Yearbook, I-lomeroom Program, Refreshment Com- mittee, Assembly Committee, Intramurals Henry Kolesin-Vocational Leona Konarzycki-General Glee Club, Concert Josephine Kostas-Academic Silhouette, Intramurals, Latin Theodore Kowalski-Vocational Boxing Club Wanda Krawczyk-General Book Club, Correspondence Committee john Kucaba-Academic Club, Madrigal Club Club, Refreshment Madrigal Club President, Junior Class Play, Boys' Homeroom B a s lc e t b a l l, Silhouette, l-lomeroom Chorus, Mid-Western Chorus, Concert, Special Treasurer, Intramurals Kingerslci Klalc Kline Knouse Kobliclc Koerbel Kohut Kolcoslci Kolcoszlia Kolesin Konarzycki Kostas Kowalski Krawczylc Kucaba Chorus -,.43i V Peter Kundrat-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals, Bowling Team Captain Virginia Kuniewicz-Commercial Maclrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Refreshment Committee, I-lomeroom Committee, Intramurals Emily Kyros-Academic Debate, Science Forum, Yearbook, Girls, Glee Club President, I-lomeroom Officer, Physics' Club Treasurer, Latin Club Officer, Concert, Kundrat La Barr Lipinski Lough Mantzaris Kuniewicz Lesack Lockwick Loschiavo Marini Finance Committee Laoma La Barr-General Girls, Glee Club, Art Club, Intramurals Helen Lesack-Vocational Leaders' Club, Intramurals, Yale-Princeton Mae Louise Leyerzaph-Academic Leader,s Club, Usher Club, Madrigal Club, Latin Club, Girls, Glee Club, Leaderys Training Club, Junior Class Play, Girls, Patrol, Student Congress, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Intra- murals, Speech Squad, Yearbook, National Forensic League, Midwestern Concert, Science Forum Treasurer, Concert, Assembly Commit- tee, Student Health Committee. Dolores Lipinski-Vocational Girls, Glee Club, Retail Selling Club, Concert, Intramurals Richard E. Lockwick-Vocational Varsity Cheerleader, Vocational Minstrel, Assistant Foreman of Machine Shop Rose Mary Lombardo-General Library Council, Intramurals, Service Corre- spondence Club Secretary Mary Louise Lough-Commercial Typing Club, Correspondence Club, Intra- murals, Refreshment Committee Rose Loschiavo-Vocational Girls, Glee Club, Refreshment Committee Stanley Malinowski-Academic Chemistry Club, Intramurals, Band, Orchestra, Bowling Team Captain, Vocational Minstrel, Concert T Jennie Mantzaris-Academic KYYOS Book Club, Correspondence Club Leyerzaph Lombardo Rita Marini-Commercial M I- k Girls' Glee Club, Silhouette, Intramurals, Mariiligillj Y Homeroom Officer, Concert, Usher Committee a William Marmack-Vocational Morse Code Club, V o C a t io n al Minstrel, Intramurals cn safer, better place. The time hos now come Elaine Marti--General Madrigal Club, President of Leader's Club, Glee Club, Junior Class Play, Finance Committee, Yale- Prince- ton Manager, All-Star Soccer. Lillian Martin-Commercial Glee Club, Cheerleading Club, Yale-Princeton Cheer- leader, Silhouette Representative, National Honor Society, All-Star Soccer, Patrol Lieutenant, Home- room Vice-President, Concert, Usher Committee, All-Star Mushball, Intramurals, Prom Entertainment Committee Andrew Mayer-General Varsity Football, Intramurals Eugene Mazzetti-Academic Biology Club, Book Club, Lieutenant of Patrol, Gymnastics, Intramurals, National Honor Society Junior Class President, Student Senate President, Homeroom President, Chairman of Assembly Com- mittee, Chairman of Social Committee y Betty Suzanne McCandless-Commercial Advanced Typing Club, Glee Club, Treasurer of Homeroom Lenora McFarland-General Service Correspondence Club, Handiwotk Club, Concert, Silhouette Program Marti Martin Mayer Mazzetti McCandless McFarland McHenry McKee McMillen McNees Mellon Mickey Mihalsky Miller Miskulin Frank McHenry-Academic Homeroom Treasurer, Finance Committee, Patrol, Madrigal Club, Assembly Committee, Historical Society, Homeroom Secretary Charlotte McKee-Commercial Band, Girls' Glee Club, Library of Madrigal Club Olive Louise lVlclVlillen-General Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Vocal Concert Caryl McNees-Academic Historical Society, Treasurer of Science Forum, Editor-in-Chief of Silhouette, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Yearbook, Junior Class Play, Student Senate, Band, Intramurals, Assembly Committee, Usher Committee, Scholarship Committee, Concerts Dorothy Mellon-Academic Book Club, Service Correspondent Club, Intramurals Theodore Mickey-General Glee Club, Chemistry Club, Publicity Club, President of Boxing Club, Intramurals John Mihalsky-Vocational Intramurals Alex Miller-General Chemistry Club, Band, Publicity Committee, Patrol, Glee Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Vice-President Mildred lVliskulinfCommercial Chess Club Q- TWT Molchen Monaci B. Moore M, Moore Moratis Morsillo Mosura Mouradian Musi Mutz Myers Ozenich Neiman Nicgorski O'Neill when each of Edward Molchen-Vocational Vocational Minstrel Mary Ann Monaci-General Bowling Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Advertising Committee Betty Moore-Commercial Correspondence Club, Glee Club, Silhouette, Mixed Chorus, Intramurals Marjorie Moore-Commercial Chess Club, Girls' G'ee Club, Concert, Assembly Committee Christy Moratis-Academic College Club, Physics Club, Code Club, Intra- murals Dolores Morsillo-General Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Art Club, Intramurals Mary Mosura-General Correspondence Club, Handicraft Club, Book Club, Band, Concert Murat Mouradian-Academic Typing Club, Gymnastics, Intramurals Frank Musi-General Boxing Club, Checker Club, Intramurals Margaret Rose Mutz-Commercial Correspondence Club, Book Club John Myers-General Checker Club, Chemistry Club Charles Ozenich-Vocational Vocational Minstrel Pauline Neiman-General Needlework Club, Handicraft Club, Intramurals Edward Nicgorski-Vocational Reserve Basketball, Golf Team, Intramurals, Semiphore Squad, Vocational Football, Voca- tional Minstrel Edward 0'Neill-Academic Orchestra, Physics Club, Chemistry Club Treasurer, String Trio, Track US shall enter cu new life Dorothy Palmer-General Correspondence Club, Mixed Chorus Leota M. Palmer-Vocational Library Science Club, Retail Selling Club Intramurals Valois Parker-Vocational Typing Club, Retail Selling Club Sophie Patragas-Vocational Retail Selling Club, Sewing Club Secretary Roger E. Pattison-General Radio Code Club, Chemistry Club, Varsity Football Michael Pekarchik-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals, Assembly Com- mittee Rachela Percival-Vocational Glee Club, Art Club, Art Committee, Concert Joan Phillips-Academic Latin Club, Band, Orchestra, I-lomeroom Vice President, I-lomeroom President, Band Concert D. Palmer L. Palmer Parker Patragas Pattison Pekarchilc Percival Phillips Pisano Pitts Plese Pless Polito Powers Presto Dolores Frances Pisano-Vocational Science Forum Club, Glee Club, Retail Selling Club Football Banquet, Concert, Intramurals, Yearbook, Silhouette, Assembly Committee r Frank Pitts-General Checker Club, Radio Club, Chemistry Club, Intra- murals Betty Plese--Academic Madrigal Club Officer, l-lomeroom President, Secre- tary, Assembly Committee, Intramurals George Pless-Vocational Boxing Club, Retail Selling Club Eleanor Polito-Commercial Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Intramurals, Silhouette Concert 1 Mary Nlaxine Powers-General Advanced Typing Club Joseph G. Presto-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals, Silhouette, Stage Squad, I-lomeroom Treasurer Prisiaz Pugar Ratajczyk Robinson Roppo Prusick Prus Pugliano Raso Rea Reithmiller Roginslci Roman Rossi Rozic with determination, zeol, - 48 ... Sandra Prisiaz-Academic Science Forum, Historical Society, Girls' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, International Language Club, Debate, Silhouette, Yearbook, Hi-lights Writer, Concert, Assembly Committee Edward Prusick-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Stage Squad Lorraine Prus-Academic Madrigal Club Secretary, Girls! Glee Club, Historical Society, Junior Class Play, Yearbook, Silhouette, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Debate, Bowling, Concert, Mid-Western Chorus, Usher Committee Eleanor Pugar-Commercial Leaders' Training Club, Gymnastics, Intra- murals, Drum Majorette, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Gymnastic Programs, Vocational Minstrel Robert Pugliano-General Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Intramurals Helen Raso-Commercial Correspondence Club, Girls' Glee Club, Intra- murals, Leaders' Training Club, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Silhouette, Refreshment Committee, Lost and Found Committee Eleanor Ratajcayk--Vocational Retailing Selling Club, Girls' Glee Club, Concert Frances Rea-Academic National Honor Society, Historical Society, Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club Secretary, Science Forum, Orchestra, Band, Silhouette Represen- tative, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate Concert, Club Committee, Scholarship Committee Dorothy Reithmiller-Academic Publicity Club, Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Gymnastic, Band, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Gymnastic Programs, Lost and Found Committee Mary Robinson-General Typing Club, Band Walter Roginski-General Typing Club, Madrigal Club, Boxing Club, Boys' Glee Club, Concert Olga Roman-Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Concert, Yearbook, Student Health Committee Betty Roppo-Vocational Girls, Glee Club, Retail Selling Club, Concert, Homeroom Officer, Intramurals Ernest A. Rossi-aVocational Radio Code Club, Vocational Minstrel, Intra- murals, Fire Squad, Stage Squad Captain, Light and Sound Committee, Basketball Score- board Committee Edward Rozic-Academic Morse Code Club, Physics Club, College Club, Band, Intramurals ond ombition to keep this world Mary Rucinski-Vocational Glee Club, Retail Selling Club, Intramurals Evelyn Ruskin-Commercial Yearbook, Science Forum, Debate, Vice-Presiclent of Historical Society, Intramurals, Officer of Homeroom, Junior Class Play Properties, Assembly Committee Margaret Russinko-Vocational Biology Club, Historical Society, Science Forum, Silhouette, Homeroom Treasurer Salvatore Russo-Academic Chess Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Intramurals Walter Ryzowicz-General Checker Club, Chemistry Club, Reserve Basketball, Baseball, Intramurals Gilda Salvati-General Leaderys Training Club, Intramurals, Hancliwork Club, Needlework Club Kathryn Sasinovich-Commercial Service Correspondence Club, Silhouette, Patrol, Yearbook, Intramurals Betty Schietroma+Acaclemic Madrigal Club, Girls, Glee Club, Yearbook, Silhouette, Mid-Western Chorus, Concerts, Assembly Committee, Intramurals Rucinski Ruskin Russinko Russo Ryzowicz Salvati Sasinovich Schietroma Shaffer Shapert Shaw Shelsky Sherman Simoni Sivewright Charles Shaffer-Academic Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Science Forum National Honor Society, Silhouette, Yearbook, Track Intramurals, Homeroom Vice-President, Club Officer Assembly Committee Dolores Shapert-Academic Glee Club, Cheerleading Club, Latin Club, Intra- murals, Patrol Lieutenant, Concert Margaret Shaw-Acaclemic Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Science Forum, Historical Society, Intra- murals, Vice-Presiclent of Homeroom, Concerts, Assembly Committee Dolores Shelsky-Vocational Art Club, Latin Club, Library Science Club, Retail Selling Club, Historical Society, Silhouette, Refresh- ment Committee Peggy Sherman-Academic Typing Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, All-Star Soccer, Intramurals, East-West Ticket Committee Clara Simoni-Vocational Service Correspondence Club, Handicraft Club Secretary, Serving Committee Peggy Sivewright-Commercial -49... y 1 1 Skanderson Smolko Sokolowski Spagnola Spasaro Sloppy Smrzlick Solly Span Stemberski Smedley Snyder Somar Spanos Stevenson Josephine Skanderson-Commercial Book Club Yvonne Sloppy-General Glee Club, Concert Thomas Smedley-Vocational Vocational Minstrel John Smolko--Academic Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Dramatics, Junior Class Play, Varsity Cheerleader, Gymnastics, Intramurals, Track, Yearbook, I-Iomeroom Officer, Silhouette, Prom Refreshment Com- mittee, Prom Decorating Committee Nick Smrzlick-General Chess Club, Intramurals Earl Snyder-Vocational College Club, Vocational Minstrel Helen Sokolowski+Commercial Glee Club, Typing Club Dale Solley-General Intramurals Charles Somar-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals Evelyn Rose Spagnolae-Commercial Book Club, Correspondence Club, Intramurals William Francis Span-Academic Varsity Football, Glee Club, Madrigal Club Gymnastics, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer Helen Spanos-Commercial Leader's Training Club, Officer's Club, Home- room Officer, Yearbook, Glee Club, Leaderys Club Adeline Spasaro-Commercial Chess Club Elizabeth Stemberski-Generl Art Club Secretary Retta Stevenson-Academic Girls' Glee Club, Yearbook, Concert, Finance Committee scife for The peace. -50 Catherine Stuban--Commercial Handiwork Club William Sudik-Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals Theodore Tempalski+Vocational Vocational Minstrel Vincent Testa-General Checker Club, Intramurals George Theodore-Vocational Boxing Club, Vocational Minstrel Helen E. Thom-Commercial Correspondence Club Nellie Thomas-General Usher Committee Donald Tighe-Academic Chess Club Secretary, Intramurals Stuban Suclili Tempalslci Testa Theodore Thom Thomas Tighe Tkatch Tolassi Tomko Tunney Urbaniclc Vallecorsa Vasilalcis We sholl strive Alfred Tlcatch-Academic Physics Club, Chemistry Club President, I-Iomeroom Officer, Lost and Found Committee, Debate and Speech Squad, Baseball, Bowling Team Captain Blanche E. Tolassi-Commercial Correspondence Club, Intramurals Frances Marie Tomko-Commercial Science Forum, Yale-Princeton Team, Intramurals, Homeroom Officer, Usher Committee John Tunney-Academic Henry Urhanick-General Art Club, Checker Club, Vocational Minstrel, Intramurals Gloria Vallecorsa-Commercial Girls, Cwlee Club, Band, Concert George Vasilakis-Vocational Boxing Club, Vocational Minstrel i511 Vargon Jas. Vincenti Voettiner Waslo Welling Verdu John Vincenti Wadding Weaver Wesolowslci Villella Vlasic Ward Weber Whitehair James A. Vargon-Vocational Vocational Minstrel Ralph J. Verdu-Academic First-Aid, International Language Club, Chem- istry Club, First-Aid Program, Chemistry Committee Concetta Marie Villella-Commercial Intramurals James Vincenti-Vocational Boxing Club, Track, Intramurals, Class Vice- President, l-lomeroom Officer, President of Student Council, Sophomore Reception Committee, Vocational Minstrel, Varsity Cheerleader John Vincenti-Vocational Intramurals, Vocational Minstrel, Representative Student Council Alberta Vlasic-Academic Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Concerts Margaret Ann Voettiner-Academic Leaderis Club, Gymnastics, Band, Intramurals, Leader's Training Club, Yearbook, Vocational Minstrel, l-lomeroom Officer, Assembly Com- mittee, Band Concert Marjorie Wfadding-Vocational Correspondence Club, l-lancliworlc Club, Football Banquet, Yearbook Grace Marie Ward-Commercial Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Concerts, Intramurals Helen Waslo-General Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Intramurals, Assembly Committee, Concerts Lois Weaver-Commercial Band, Concerts, Intramurals William E. Weber-Academic Madrigal Club, Chemistry Club, Glee Club, Intramurals, Assembly Committee Donald Welling-Vocational Dorothy Wesolowski-Commercial Lois Whitehair-Vocational Retail Selling Club, Correspondence Club to make this ero 5 2 ' Florence Jane Windham-General Silhouette Dolores Annette Windham-General Silhouette, Thanksgiving Program Dolores Wojtkowski-Commercial Book Club, Service Correspondence Committee, Intramurals John Woloshan-General Football Ethel Wood-General worthy ofthe boys Club, Finance Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Concerts, Silhouette, Usher Committee David Woods-Academic Chemistry Club, Physics Club Norma Jane Woods-Commercial Historical Society, National Forensic League, Year- book, Intramurals, Secretary of Debate Squad, Usher Committee, Secretary-Treasurer of Girl Reserves John Wyllie-Academic Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Intramurals F. Windham D. Windham Wojtkowski Woloshan E. Wood D. Woods N. Woods Wyllie A. Young R. Young Yurcina Zagrocki Zakarian Ziberna Zlody Alberta Young-Commercial Typing Club, Glee Club Ralph Young-Academic Chemistry Club, Physics Club, Baseball, Track, Intra- mural Sports Committee, Junior Class Play Properties Cora Jeanne Yurcina-Academic Biology Club, Secretary of College Club, Intramurals, Yearbook, Silhouette, Club Committee DeMaris Ruth ZagrockiYCommercial Varsity Cheerleader, Gymnastics, Glee Club, Cheer- leading Club, Homeroom President, Silhouette, Girls, Intramural Sports Committee Michael Zakarian-Academic Varsity Cheerleading, Art Club, Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Gymnastics, Silhouette, Junior Class Play, Patrol, Homeroom Treasurer, President of Publicity Club, Prom Decoration Committee, Yearbook Anthony Ziberna-Vocational Betty Zlody-Academic Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Yearbook, Intramurals, Silhouette Exchange Editor, Concerts, Finance Com- mittee, Assembly Committee, Prom Committee, Concert Usher Committee 3 I E -3 STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Walter Alushin--General Radio Code Club, Nature Study Club Robert S. Bufalini--Gene ral Madrigal Club, Boys, Glee Club, Silhouette, Concert, Yearbook, Student Health Committee Michael Dnistran-Academic Chess Club, Intramurals, I-Iomeroom Officer Wallace Fausti-Vocational Walter Hendricksen-Vocational Andy Karpen-General Chemistry Club, Art Club George Kopac-Vocational Edward Kubia-General Chess Club Officer, Intramurals William Stranko-General Biology Club, Blueprint Reading Club ,,, ,X f 0 , E ' f f ' C A f C E , 5 ,S Iv 'L ,C , , e i if' il' ,' if i I 1 1 Q K, -C ESXS. fy l - it., W? A ff -aixiiiiiflfw-Q, aw ,-1 im" . fi ff -?'!!u!!Qf X Z Y Sgr' P 2ffl!f1!!'1? , ,X Zbffliigbp.- 5- 3-'7E5,"v.s.v' ii :Ma 'fbi '- f'sk7m""5-lla - if I S,-g,illHWn-'H ., 'L .ng who died for if. mmf mynmzmm 7:-.5-d ,il f"" 7+ gi, 2 1 3 My Afternoon-We're hungry! More studies, more classes, more homework, ond also some fun. First Row: Sestile, Bauman, V. Prisiaz, Folino, Barnhart, Dr. Bining, Kraynlc, Kellmer, Grey, Kramer, Phillips. Second Row: lVl::Stay, I-lanievich, Nastich, Arthur, Nlazzetti, Janiclci, I-lovanec, Hallaman, McFarland. Third Row: G. Karnavas, Hall, Weber, Kurash, Walko, Greenberger, Berley, Jula. STUDENT SENATE Electing committee members, and planning the Activities dance were only a few of the events the Senate can be credited with. This body consisted of all homeroom presidents! Under the direction of Dr. Bining, this council held up the symbol of democracy before all of us. The President, Eugene Mazzetti, with the co-operation of Arnold Arthur, Vice-President, Ted Nastich, Secretary, and George Janicki, Recorder, and the other senators, did a fine job of helping the teachers and students make things run smoothly. , 587, VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT In Machine shop the boys learn the fundamentals of machines and machinery. This study makes a good basis for engineering or any metal occupation. It also teaches them precision. In Auto shop the boys learn the fundamentals of auto mechanics. They learn to repair automobiles and also learn the use of testing automobiles for better efficiency. In Electric shop the boys learn the fundamentals of electrical work. They do all sorts of repair Work in the school pertaining to electricity. They rewire motors and repair any damaged electrical equipment. In Wood shop the boys learn about house construction, cabinet making and the important parts of finishing and pattern making. They fix the stage for certain assemblies, and also do repair work around the school. Students of Trade Drafting are taught the fundamental requirements expected of a junoir draftsman in industry. Boys with a fair degree of natural ability and desire for such work are selected for this course. ,59- THE JUNIORS The Junior Class entered th Amhridge Senior High School in th fall of 1944 and met its class spor sors, Mr. Joseph Lomhar and Mis Katherine Haherlen. l-lomeroom of cers and nominees for class officer were voted on very soon after schoc started. Early in October we had ou first class meeting at which we heari speeches by our nominees. Followin this meeting we voted for our clas officers. The following boys, wh later proved their worth, were elected PresidentfThadCleus Nasticli, Vice PresidentfSteve Jula, Secretary- James Cunningham, Treasurerfwfil liam Bremrier. Our second class meet ing was in the form of a radio pro gram and was directed by Mis Haherlen. We were oH:icially wel comed, as a class, into the high schoo at the Sophomore Reception on Jan uary 15. We all worked hard and lat in May we found that we would ln the Junior Class for the coming school year. After returning from vacation, we welcomed our class advisors, Miss Haherlen and Mr. Lombar, and elected as our class oiqiicer for the present year the following: Presidentffbxlex Gosur, Vice-President-Anthony Pazzanita, Secretaryfvjohn Hronas, Treasurer- Robert Mataniclt. Shortly after elections, the cast for the Junior Class Play, "Crazy House," was announced. It was ably directed by Mr Melvin Laing. The cast consisted of three Juniors: Mary Ann Gaul, Jeannette Nelson, Dorothy Psinlca, Beverly Bauman, Anita Sikov George Thnatlco. Harry Green. Carl Kelchner, Duane Domergue, Howard Greenherger, Charles Harris, and Paul Slavilc. Wfith much hart worlc from everyone concerned it turned out to he a tremendous success. The play was co-sponsored by Mr. Lomhar and Miss Haherlexi Xve co-sponsored the Sophomore Reception this year with the Senior Class. It turned out to he a grand agair with a hand supplying thi music for the evening. Of course, our main activities were directed toward making the Junior-Senior Prom one of the outstanding socia events of the year. Lee Kelton and his orchestra furnished the music for this gala affair which toolc place on Thursday, May lo. All ir Gozur, Hronas, Matanilc, all our class has taken a prominent part in all school activities and has cooperated to make our high school one of the hest in the Country We ies. ,.g,, is., .V ae - 41 , me , ng W t N-it i ' QV 4. -if i f LQ .2 ' ' lv A :il t -4 4 t ' V. . M 'i .5 ' '- . 3' . is M .'.- ' 'Q ' 'Z V 'wl?xi,a 3' i' ', ' iiii - A 'Maur a 4 S .W Ja- we I I '93 5 ii A W' i a Sw 4' ft We 'af ff , Milf eq 1 , 2 .1 1. .. 5, LW :N , V, fn? . A L' ,K ,Wigan mf, ,hi . , M .K ... ii I K V K. f- ' I 'rg ,A K K ,W I ' " A fzzsfml' X- A -es. Q" .2 M V as . .1 Z Ms- AK 9- Q A , . , - tx s i ,S I K : . G M is hwy -Q Q , my ,vp .I Q we I :I .V V 5,5 ,ik A Q fs , U fe ,K W . .,...,,, .,., if ,e.t QQ f .91 V ' f :Lax f , W . H 5 .,, is .- .- , I .i . , -5 :V 3...,g , , .- 71. . f ,V eiei ,N 1-rf. We to I Q I 2 Q f- iw I it . egg , isa. we . - K -me A S I3 A ,... . . A E . , Wim 54,26 'ini ' i Q T ff wt. W' V i' " ii gg E Q, rm in t Q 4. -,W 2- ffmiii K f V i i ,. . S-3 f , K 1'-if ,t,. L: 2. Q 27.3 Lfir mf 3 Q- lysgzj 5 - , k W: nf.. .ig Y A, 1. f J, ' i . . . A .. .... . . f .fi ff: sri 11. .F :SY s i ...MA if I . . i at . ,N A an - km E y A M in gp. K ,L,L I ,F - fag ,Q K , i 4. It V ,L t I QQ. .K :gi . fi i i s Esq- . Sl . ...' -P ...: A Y - I QVXLEAUY "' f ff ' - if .V - A ' - . . ' iilrkiqis di " if f .. .4 s.. S .... 3- . if " X1 'X Row I: .XlImii:m. .Xiiislim .Xi1ili'us. .Xsp1'ioles. .Xzielm llzigiiiski. liziiwxii. lillflfli. Y. li:ii'11liai'1. llaiger. l'. Ilzii'iilim'i. llaliinziii. liefliiarslci. Ili-rli. llvlii-li'i'. Row 2: lieliilslip. llriiko. Bigrig. llrilrxgini. lloiieeki. llmas, l5i't'!11m'1'. llufaliiii. Czilrleiwlli. l':ii'lil1i. flzipfitziiili--. f':1viiix':ille. C:it:ii11:ii'iIr. ldiiixoisv. fusifiiiza. Cliileote. ROW 3: lfieluvxislti Ciixlwiiii. Coirlii, Colorita. Cfiiltmiie. XYliiti1ioi'v. l'x'c'i1gi'iws. Cvitlumir. l'Zc1'wanslii. Ili-1111. lltlitiiiizirw. llciierleiil. lJrSIc'T:i1m. llaxis. llziyweii. llixoii. Row 42 Doliraiislti. lluiiit-i'egL1c'. llrvsliiiiilx. llxxrittilxoxxslti. lliili. liiiiin. Efliniziinlsml. I-QQ-rinziii. lilirliziri. liliiipiilis Ifzirlaiitl. l":iusi'i'. lfultoii. I"ez'teiiei-, lfineli. Freileriek. Row 5: l"ui'inziii. l"ui'iit-ss. fiabel. iizioiiii. lf. fiarliiiislti. Ll. Ciziiliiiislty. Kiaiitliti. Haul. lit-islet. liiziiiiixiqwia. Girgii-li, liiskzi. Green, i,ii'eti1lJei'ut'i'. G. Gross. ll. Gross. Row 6: XY . Gross. , films. fiiiiiziit. Huiflo, Hula, ll. firmer. P. lliiyn-r. iiuzau. Hfillrii, Ilalsiii. llaiiilges. fiiirris. llziqn-i'. llzuliiiaii. lloggxml. lliss. ...50... . .5,, ., . . .-L. 3 " E9 H H F7 M H "'.k' ft ' 'H' E .gg R 3 l. S U . S.. 2 Wi 5. ...H .R , elif f H H, . H . qi fl' l N R S S A i on ii 3 A H ,tc K vig. ywsxv Q19 , an 4 iff' ,fi 5 ,5 "ggi X i " f,: 2? . . H . ' A 'CW T2 H HHl f S S H 1 s A .-cfffvH vga i i 1 is ii g .,'. . SH . H S' x . Gil. 1 -w..f- 1 357 if it f . Y . . .- ::. '-A-' "HH,HH.HH N A-WA W ,H M ' k:h-E I. i K K K . K ii HH 4 H . H , H - 'k'1-: H H 2 4 . V H .-'- . as H i .-H ...R R i ii H- Pi AW! . W -Hs Y w-L,','--' 1 'Q-. as H W""""W' lwy- 'H f" ' "f . 'iVA. H HX 2 H, H - 23 Lg1.1. HHHHH H q , O . l S S is 'sw' . S . H. . . S H . . Hil. X W W, ,:,: M, Qqtv p pp My H . Q ... . R H H . ' I if zgi ffl 3 H' f ' ii ii ' f 4. M Row 1: Heluerling, Hennish, Hettish, Heughan, Hickey, Hilliarcl, Hoffman, Hoko, Hooks, Heramic, Hronas, Hunt, Ihnat- lco,Illco,Ingros,Jamery. Row Z:Janicki,Jaclcson,Jacobs,H.Jones, L. Jones, W. Jones, E. Jula, S. Jula, H. Kaminski, I. Kaminski, Kanizelslci, Kapas, Kapizalc, Kopriva, Karas, Karasiclc. Row 3: Kariganes, Karnoski, Katterson, R. Katterson, Kazil, Kelchner, Kellmer, Kempisty, Kepics, Kirish, Kisiclay, Kline, Kmit, Knopick, Koloczynski, Korvalski. Row 4: Kovacs, Kraynylc, Kroll, Kristafek, Krivich, Kulbaclci, Kuntz, Kuny, Kurash, Lapinslci, Larimer, La Velle, Leopardi, Leise, Lesonclak, Loschiavo. Row 5: Lytel, Mack, Macurek, Macler, Majetic, Maker, Matanilc, Manoleras, Manini, Manos, Maridalcis, Marti, Marzio, Matika, Matson, Mathews. Row 6: Mattuci, Maulc, M. L. Mauk, Mauchline, Maupin, Maxwell, Mazur, Mazzetti, McFarland, McMalJ- ley, McKee, McKelvy, McVay, Mieclanner, Mindelc, Menoslcy. fi ' . H S R 2,1 l i R ii - :1-' A? I N157 H- , ,,,,, .A . t'+'l's HR H i 1 A pw, at Sv A L V I f, .L , A 5, , .. .W H '-L. H "'l" H 'lig I s lg' lf llz T AWAIJ . if '..' . 3 A . v kk. . ., I H oll, H . H. Q3 . f R 1 i' ::'l' S H 2 ,.., ,k:,,k,k , K. K , A glk . H J-QQ. sw... e y 2 , 1+ ,L ...S if ,,,,,,,,, ,XL qsfiai H 1' Q Q 1 .. . 4 or lqlglanw ,wgilz T Hi H p Holl as -K ,SF A- if-Q , l Q. A ,,.. : vig.. a B, w.. 5 . X. X R' 6 "H' V 'fi 1 ' ' 4 . WH ' ,. 'if' Q R .. ' .HE 'H 5-if R .f JE . 1 - llxll . 'A"A S lolll g W ' HHH R H .. fi . ollo... it . . '27 ." af- ' ' - 'elH. ' f .. i . ' F . .--. . 9 rf A ' ff ' V A if Ai H 4 :'- V' ':w..H . L I .1512 Row 1: Micochin, Mienert, Mihalow, Milceta, Miller, Milnick, Molchen, Monias, Moreth, Morey, Mouradian, Musgrave Nastich, Neilson, Neliclc, Nourigat. Row 2: Ollcowslci, Orend, Orler, Oslick, Ostrowslci, O trahalik, C. Owens, T. Owens Pa iana Palmer Panchak Papantonia, Pappas, Parasicler, Parham, Pascoe. Row 3: Pastelak, Patrick, Paul, Pazzinita, Peros P s r v Perris Pfaff Plofchan, Pinchot, Pochyba, Porter, Praska, Psinka, Puskaric, Rich, Riley, Row 4: Robbins, Rogers, Roseniiielcl S l S S ' Rosinlio, Rosso, Ruskin, Rusnalc, Sokolowslci, Santry, Sapia, Sapovchalc, Schofield, Signorelli, estie, weesy, ezenias Row 5: Shorsher, Shuliclc, Sikov, Silla, Slavilc, Slevak, Sloppy, Smeclley, Semonilc, Smiley, Smith, Smolnery, Smrzliclc, Solcac, Sovich, Sparcie. Row 6: Spagnola, Stanislci, Stepanik, Stranko, Strohm, D. Suchy, M. Suchy, Suclia, Svach, Swain, Swercli, Sylvester, Tapolslci, Teclesco, Tedys, Terlesky. , , 61 H 7 v s 7 ww , s Yff' fm M , W , .- ffl W ,Q ,,,,,a ff-wi 5. ,, lv-,311 h ' 12' ne. W . , W rl, 5 .Q J, 1:1 ,A gr 'W l My 'iw AW-4' ' firm a, , s if i mm -we 1 V V VV VV L, , V M V, , V,V V ,VV V VV, V ,Q Z? ,V,V,V Ig , gp VV V V V 0- V , are ,V VA,A. VV fir fl 5 l i W ' A' A' - A V,:AV-.A AW A irrr W i 4 W in K ' ,,.- Q i A"' ""' I V VV f W fa. Q 'J 5 Q-, V "" W Q V ,, W ., K' Y? J , Q Q VV,V , ',,? 1 , . VV VV V ' illl ' ' s W N, , ,- E Row 1: Towcimalc, Turpin, Tyro, Vagonis, Valavonis, Vandenbord, Vaughn, Vaga, Verdu, Vlaclucheclc, Row 2: Vita, E. Wagner, Wagner, Ward, Wassum, Watacll, Weaver, Welling, Wilkes, Woliclci. Row 3: Woloszyn, Work, M. Woods, E. Woods, Uriah, Zak, Zakarian, Zervos, Zehencler, Zbrezny. Row 4: Zondas. i' ...5Z.. THE SOPHOMORES After being the big shots in Junior High, the sophomores felt good when they arrived in Senior High. But soon they dis- covered that they were not the boss any more but just 'Slop- mores." When they were almost veter- ans, they were formally wel- comed by the juniors and seniors at the sophomore reception. Under the direction of Miss Forcy, Mr. Mattuch, and Miss Duffy, the sophomores entered into the life of our senior high Bezuk, Walko, Yee, Miketa with great enthusiasm. Those chosen as their leaders were: Joseph Walko, Andrew Miketa, Molly Yee, and Bob Bezuk, as president, vice esident, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. This class was represented on the football field by Richard Hunt and Lawrence lVlcCandless while Joe Shapert, A1 aman, and Robert Kosis took over on the basketball court. Bob Bezuk, Orlando Loshiavo, and George Sprock took rt in both sports. Our basketball manager, Ruben Bogosian was a member of this class. In other activities, such as the band, orchestra, clramatics, and the vocational minstrel, the sophomores took an tive part. The sophomore class was off to a grand start and its future promises to be one of the brightest. Q ATT NT' T A T T-Ntlfg T'.'TT 'TT ag as "". K +9-T . 1 t 3 5. E f ' k A e , -F V- K .5 1 it .z K. E ,S 'V J f. f . '- l ' TT ' - ' A "ai-mfr .t - T Q ? T i , .- fe s , . Ja.. .du I A 5' ..t. 9 W: as .3 ,W "UT of jf' Q sw if el E 1 "1 T. ' . T ' .1 H. ,T 1' M' 1 -I is "5 Ta' T it T ' T F k ' f- I T ' - . A :mi ,--i.,,--,. A . . E . ' . el rl H A L aggf- V f - -? ' T TW r TT. ,la W .. 1... L Z . A H .. so t uf t N A it V Vg pw X T , K . Q 2 - ttt-1 S .1 A T ' T t . TTT lm 'N if wen V an f we so c .G cs... -as 3 , -Q. 2 ' .,,,. 5. , . . fm . - - -. W . A .i 7 'ff ' Kwai . M, - - fi -cl T ga ,WL X -V, .sxiM+?' ls. la, is c c T 'TTT ig T5 -Q 4 W as T n T V -I ' it T -T T T B T L TT T T T TN "" Q fs. if ng K' A ' W 53522: k QR' AL S : . .- - -: w.,,-V- i J f ' , g I K J. " I . r .1 J i .ae 5 . Q. af 35 K X . l.A A' Row 1: Agra-cy. Aiitoiwili. .Xi'i1xsti'm1g. Arnett, AsI1cnh:n't. Atliviis. Ancrsn. Iiurley. .Kilt-ii. H2ll'lJCl', linrcznskey. Ilzwrcii. Iiurtko, Ilzxsalyzzi. linu- mzm, licfxr. ROW 2: He-rclixnli. lion-ch. lic-l1clc1'. HL-liiilw. lit-lis. Ha-ileulict. lla-riml. licrtml. Hcrkowitz. R. liczuk, XY. Br-Zuk, llielik. Iiiilger. Iiiomlfx, liist-vgliqi. l4ittci1lwllnlL'1', Row 3: liogusizui. llolik. llolimis. llolugim. liusclwtlfu. liowzin. Nuys, llrzulclt. Url-mile. H1':xt'i'r1i:ui. A. liroxxu. Hrnxxn. Hmlloxx-ki, ii. liufxnliiii. 'lf liufnlini. ROW 4: liufgilini, I. liufzilini. liUI'Nll. llurns. liuilgo. liyriics. Cain, Cimlpzigiiniii. Czxrmlinzulc. Cznlwlivzile. ll. l'zir1Jei11ei'. IC. C:u'pe11lr'i'. l':ir1, Cult-i'. C':uulx'ci'i. l'Ii:u'ni. Row 5: Lfhuplzi. Uimlm-i'. Colin-ns, Lforry. Corey. Costzmzu, li. Cmixxvit. S. Crznna-i'. 'lf fitziiiit-1', Ilalc. Ilzunico. llznnkocsik. .X. lluvis, H. linvis, Davis. IJ!lVlL'9. Row 6: TT,f:'l'll2ll'!'L'll, Ilclacli, lb. Ilurnixxk. llurus, Tlurniuk. Ilunlenicli, S, Ilugzm. M. Iliigzm, L. Illigzun. lChe1'li:n'I, Iirwin. l":1rk:isovslcy. Fznislic, lfn-nm-I. lferrencv. FL-lkowski, -.- 63 .. . li m - pg mg Q,-jk, - I T J-Q J h ' V J 'E Tfiis - . J , , - 1 t: . J . - ' f- M i f ?ffr13 ' l: si-. 4 M isis' Q f - iff -11 :N as ' fi - J Q '2 1, :-' g 22.-I i A i i 9 . 5 - 3-I K I. A K- L L .if .. 1 A -- in .f . .' IE.. 'i 2. -MAL . . . IA-, X. . :if -fa -Q i Q i . eff' I s-1 N . rs S. 1 . fi so t 1 ,,.. L sy ' s " 1 ' . .i.....-i f . .. V. Q A .e 1 ,N I K fs K x , V i t ,L J ' Q . Q.: ' i ,, Wi ii . QS... K 4 . ij' EQ i L K 94' 'F .il Q . zizz . s ' , is N milf' N fs - as - if , l K 1 f L.. 2, f ...I f. f fi' I QQ mail L' AN may Nor, Q7 .TL ,-A . ' ' an Q 4 :S .S Q Q, ,S i Li A wfibiq, if my ii l . c , i an at , ' .N .ia to sis i .f . K. r- . ' 1 s N93 rj ' as-. 'Q ii an' if QW.. 'W' X wus. . if Q :iw 'sf S K .. N' kL.f X . . i -. .1-Q - ' - .. .. 2 ::: - K ' 'K ' AA -. A :si - er .fav . K J Row 1: Fittante, Flick, Fowler, Frangione, Freed, Frenstra, D. Gadomski, E. Gadomski, Gagliarcli, Gammern, Gapinski, Garbinski, Gulick, Gearer, Geisler, Gerazounis. Row 2: Giammaria, Gourley, Grant, Gray, Gresh, Grzegarkek, Gudzon Gulish, Hacker, Hahn, Holicek, Hall, Hallaman, Handgis, Hapick, C. Harris. Row 3: B. Harris, K. Hendrickson, V. Hena drickson, Hill, Himmie, Hinzman, Hocliak, Holman, Holmes, Helsing, Hoover, Harah, Hovenec, Howat, Hronich, Huk. Row 4: Hunt, Inman, M. Irvin, Irvin, Iwanazyk, Jackson, Jamieson, Janecko, Janocha, H. J o hnson, N. L. Johnson Jones, Jarzynka, Javersak, Jordan, Kaiser. Row 5: Kallas, Kamzelski, Korclas, Korlak, G. Karnavas, H. Karnavas, Karr Keck, Keczmer, Kephart, Kerch, King, Klodowski, Kohut, Kolakowski, Kolder. Row 6: Kojszak, Kosak, Kosela, L. Kosinski R. Kosinski, Kosis, Kost, Kostas, Kolaowski, Kraffa, Krepps, Kroll, Kubinski, Kuhni, Kunico, Kenny. 1 9 s 1 s'i- if Y 5? . iii ii J . .I A ttlt - ,,,,, ,... , , l , K rex- 5 ' E, -...F i E X 2 WF i 4 4 E i., .. L, V9 ..' I . ,-.i. is gm sf Q H' - . . ' Q "",ff Q z - A l fi' SE' .gii ' 1 N is if 1 63 if 5 I QI ,. Q. S, , sr 56 D no ,, ., .Q FL . ff ii . hi ' 1' 0l Row 1: Laba, Laman, Landis, Laris, Lazar, Lynch, Levy, Lesack, Lesiak, Lewis, S. Lewis, Linger, Loschiavo, Losco, Lutz, Lynch. Row 2: McCaffery, McCanclless, McCasky, Mcffaidey, McCoy, McFarland, L. McKinney, T. McKinney, Mc- Stay, Macet, Mack, L. Mahoney, R. Mahoney, Molloy, Moloney, Manula. Row 3: Manoloukas, M a r s h all, Maruna, Mata, Matariic, Mathias, Matson, Maker, Maytic, Megorm, Mehenko, Mercanclante, Mesko, Metelsky, C. Mickey, L. Mickey. Row 4: E. Mickey, Mihalinac, Mihalom, Mihalic, Mihajlorich, Miketa, Mitchell, Mogzrosi Miller, Musi, Myers, Naclzak, Nastycz,, D, Naugle. Row 5: M. Naugle, Negrey, Neiman, Nesbitt, Nestor, Niaros, Noland, Noweaczewski, D. Ombres, Ombres, Onufrick Opriska, Osso, Ostrowska, Ozenich, Pastnovich. Row 6: Patrick, Pawlack, Pekarchik, Peros, Perkins, Peterson, Petricko, J. Petrina, Petroskovich, Pocorus, Poling, Powell, Prisiaz, Prostak, Puchack, Punjack. 1 'f 'eQi A W. ,, : srl is Y. Row 1: Rapso, Reader, Reithmiller, Richardson, Riley, Rinaldi, Robertson, B. Rocirinquez, I. Roclriquez, Roginski Roman, Ronosky, Roppo, R. Rosensteel, Rosinko, Rosi. Row 2: Rotolo, Rupilc, Rytel, Sabol, Sacco, Salvati, Santarelli, Sapp Scheppy, Schermerhorn, Schiff, Schultheis, Seaman, Semutko, Shaffer, Sherman. Row 3: Shapert, Shoup, Schulick, Shum sky, Schultz, Siehl, Simon, Skinner, Skonieczna, Skorija, Sloppy, Smerigan, Smith, Solley, Sovich, Sposaro. Row 4: Sproclc Stacy, Stashick, R. Stewart, S. Stewart, T. Stewart, Stettler, Strano, Strojelc, Sudilc, Sulkowski, Sumrock, Swerdi, Symes Tabin, Tarquinio, Row 5: Tesnovich, Theodorous, Thoerner, Thom, Tisak, Tomazewslci, F. Tomazewski, R. Tomazewslci Toogood, Torhan, Troup, Trowbridge, Tuche, Turchilc, Turnour, Tylosky. Row 6: Tupon, Ulbrich, Urda, D. Vagias, I. Va- gias, Vallecorsa, Vernalc, Villella, Walgus, Walko, Walter, Waschak, Weber, Wetter, Whitehair, Wiliamowsky. Row 1: Windham, Wirth, Witowich, Wojtkowski, Wrohleski, Yaworslcy. Row 2: Yee, Yeznich, Yoos, Zells, Zielinsky, Zim- nowoclci. Row 3: Zubic, Zurow, V. Zurow, Bilanich, Ferguson, Storar. --65.. my VOCATIONAL STUDENT COUNCIL Maruna, Karas povochalc, I-I a r r i s, Fausti house, Mr. Taggart DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION First Row: Russinlco, Perry Dugan, K o ln l i lc, Pisano Lipinski Second Row: Cirka Whitehair, Cvitko, Rucinski Galierti, Roppo, Partages Mr. Epstein VOCATIONAL STUDENT COUNCIL The Vocational Student Council, organized two years ago to give the Vocational Department a form of student government, is now in its third successful year and making important decisions about the activities and regulations of the vocational department. The council meets once every two weeks. This year's officers were John Vin- centi, President, Eugene Gatehouse, Vice-President, and Joseph Fausti, Secretary- Treasurer. The Vocational Student Council resembles, in many respects, the Student Senate. First Row: Strano, Merel- slcy, Sinchalc, M a j e c tic, Second Row: Brandt, So- , Hoskinson, Vincenti, Gate- DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION What has the Distributive Education course done for students? It has given them an opportunity to get business training in school and on the job. The mem- bers of this course have earned over 55,000 during the school year. As graduates, they will be ready for a full-time job with a head start toward advancement in an organization that knows and likes them. They know how to get a job and how to hold a job. They know that opportunities for advancement are ever increasing in the field of distribution. They have found that through selling they have gained experience that they may use in going into business for themselves. ,447 .. 67 -,,- First Row: Leyerzaph, Engstrom, Jordan, B. Karnavas, Schietroma, Miss Trembley, Pisano, Folino, Giammaria, Spanos, Sasinovich. Second Row: Stevenson, E. Ruskin, Bohren, B. Arnett, S. Prisiaz, Austin, McMees, Rea, Huppenthal, Monaci, Sherman, C. Harriger, Zlody. Third Row: Shaw, Kokoszka, Prus, Griffith, Kyros, Zakarian, Cunningham, Cummings, Koerbel, Voettiner, Phillips, DeLisio. YEARBOOK How often have We students heard older people say, "My high school days were the best of my lifelv The senior, juniors, and sophomores of the 745-'46 BRIDGER staff have, therefore, made this book as vivid a pictorial review of this school year as possible in order that when you grow older and yearn for your youth you may have some means of looking back. May this book retain many memories for you and may it help you gain, thru re-living the past, the confidence to meet the future and make it just as happy as the past has been. EDITORIAL BOARD Senior Class: Dolores Bohren, Leroy Cummings, Catharine Folino, Helen Huppenthal, Betty Jarrup, Bebe Karnavas, Loretta Kokozka, Emily Kyros, Caryl McNees, Frances Rea, Evelyn Ruskin, Betty Zlody. Vocational--Joe Fausti, Clifford Hoskinson, Stanley Jurszak. Junior Class: Peggy Shaw. ' Administration: Lillian Griiiith, Betty Schietroma. Faculty: Gertrude Harriger, Kathryn Sasinovich, Helen Spanos. Girls' Sports: Ruth Austin, Elsie Gruber, Louise Leyerzaph. Boys, Sports: John Cunningham, Thomas Hall, Ray Heinz, Charles Shaffer. Sophomore Class: Betty J. Arnett. Clubs: Dorothy Huston, Olga Roman, Marjorie Wadding, Cora Jeanne Yurcina. Typing: Alberta Engstrom, Olga Roman, Grace Ward, Norma Woods. Classroom: Charlene Koerbel, Goldie Balatsoukas. Activities: Alberta Engstrom, Lorraine Prus, Peggy Shaw, Norma Woods. Finance: Dolores Bohren, Mary DeLizio, Cather- Folino, Jean Giammaria, Bebe Karnavas, Loretta Kokazska, Mary Ann Monaci, Dolores Pisano, Kathryn Sasinovich, Peggy Shaw, Betty Schietroma, Peggy Sherman, Helen Spanos, Retta Stevenson, Peggy Voettiner. Art: Mike Zakarian, John Smolko, Michael Izak, Lucile Henisch, Martha Heberling, Nita Jordan, Ted Mickey. SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR YEARBOOK The Sophomore ancl Junior Yearbook Staff is composed of unclerclassmen who serve an apprenticeship now in preparation for work on some future BRIDGER. They work with the Seniors in mounting pictures, collecting informa- tion, ancl creating write-ups. William Athens Joanne Bailey Beverly Bauman Lois Beheler Leona Bufalini Catherine Catanzarite Bernacline Catizone Dae Ann Chilcote Rose De Gennero Catherine Gaudio William Gourley Marion Gray Harry Green Howard Greenberger Charles Harris APPRENTICE STAFF George Ithnatko Hope Karnavas Dolores King Rose Kraynak Inez Lavelle Mary Ann Orancl Joanne Mauchline Mary Ann Milnik Joanne McKelvey Mar Matika William Menosky Sandra Naclzik Jim Palmer Dolores Pascal Irene Paul Dorothy Pinchot Joan Pflorhan Mary Lou Richardson L Shirley Riley Jeanne Robbins Joy Siehl Joan Schultheis Anita Sikov Martha Shorsher Helen Swercli Karl Urda Patricia Wassum Georgette Weaver Patricia Wilkes Bernice Work Angeline Ingres First Row: Palmer, Green, Harris, Gourley, Greenberger, Athens. Seconcl Row: Sikov, Ruskin, Karnoski, Sovich, Catizone, Miss Trembley, Nlatika, Ward, Siehl, Karnavas, Beheler. Third Row: Kraynk, McKelvy, Riley, Shorsher, Chilcote, Bauman, Gaudio, Robbins, Domergue, Wilkes, Krivich. Fourth Row: Bufalini, Bailey, Kmitt, Milnik, Catanzarite, Work, Orend, King, Nadzik, Rapso. -- 59- BOYS' PATROL F i r s t Row: Karagianis Matthews, Seznias, Sherman Charni, Cunningham Powell, Douglas, Mouradin Zalcarian, Costanza, Curry Second Row: Cipriani Kempisty, Hanievich, Rosen field, K e l c h n e r, Mazzeti Klocs, Slcorija, Fauser, Cun ningham. Third Row: Urda, Solcoc Firman, Nastich, Dale, Mr Lombar, Greenlnerger, Kos tas, Carr, Mickey, Schiff GIRLS' PATROL First Row: Karasiclc Chiclcanowslcy, S h a p e r r, Martin, Miss Barr, Griffith L9Yerzaph, Psinlca, Zak S e c o n cl Row: Baysura Bohren, Sasinovich, Zehnd er, E l a s r h a t, Mauchline Ruscinlco, Towcimak BOYS' PATROL For another year Mr. Lomlaar has taken the job of sponsoring the Boys' Patrol. These hand-picked boys have taken and done a goocl job of keeping the Senior High members safe within the limits of the school. Heading the Boys, Patrol were: Co-Captains: Mike Izalc, John Cunninghamg and Lieutenants: Eugene Mazzetti, Alex Gozur, and Nazarene Mazzetti. -70- GIRLS' PATROL This year,s Girls, Patrol planned a full schedule. Besides their duties of keep- ing order on the stairways during class passing and ushering at football games, they have planned numerous social events. The schedule ran as follows: September -hayride and initiation, October-masquerade dance, November-formal dance, December-bowling party, January--sleigh ride, February-Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner dance, March-skating party, April-swimming party, May-farewell Wiener roast for the graduating members. The officers of the Girls' Patrol were: Captain Lillian Griffith, and Lieutenants Louise Leyerzaph, Lillian Martin, and Dolores Shapert. Anil'-P' 1351 ,-71Z Q, '51 SOCCER One of the most exciting activities this year was girls' soccer. This sport attracted thirty-five sophomores, eighteen juniors, and fifteen seniors. Games were scheduled on days when the weather permitted, and pick-up teams were organized for these practices. An all-star game was scheduled and the best players were chosen to participate in this event. Unfortunately the coming winter weather prevented this game from being played. These games were directed by Miss Spahr and Miss Barr. Row 1: Welling, McKelvey, Bowman, Fardo, Towcimak, V. Barnhart, Robbins, Gaudio, Carnavele, Catanzarite. Row 2: I-Irvoich, Martin, Gaul, Bittenbender, Sherman, Herrman, Shapert, Larimer, Fajtak, Sestile. Row 3: Sapp, Houston, Kmit, Sudik, Sacco, Griffith, Blishak, Zagrocki, Burch, Klak. Row 4: Miss Spahr, Gulish, Brown, V. Arnett, Antonelli, Troup, Karnavas, Miss Barr. 1.72.4 Ambridge Amhridge Arnhridge Ambridge Amhridge Ambridge Amhridge Amlnridge Ambridge Ambridge Row 1: Young, Ryzowicz, Granitz, Knopiclc, Izalc, Joy, Mortimer. Row 2: Krol, Cvitkovic, Athens, Scheer, Guido, Stoner, Flulcas. Row 3: Mr. Burns, Vladucheclc, Jas. Vincenti, Turkel, Kladowski. BA S EBALL . Aliquippa 2 Steve Krol. . .. Third Base M Y,Y, New Brighton O Hank Stoner First Base Ellwood City 4 John Joy.. . .. Center Field . .,,,. Beaver 5 Walter Ryzowicz .. . Right Field Beaver Falls 4 Niland Mortimer Pitcher . Ellwoocl City 4 Steve Athens . First Base SL Pitcher , New Brighton 2 Donald Granitz .. ,,,,,,, Second Base . Beaver Falls 5 Michael Knopick .. . ,,,t,t,, .. . left field . . Aliquippa 5 Joe Scheer .. . .. . Shortstop . Beaver 4 Charles Cvitlcovich ,,,t, Catcher The Baseball Team of 1945, under the supervision of Coach Jack Burns, ended the season with three wins and seven losses. The opening game of the season was a close home contest with Aliquippa. Amhridge lost 2 to 1 although Niland Mortimer pitched a four-hit game. In the next game played at New Brighton, Steve Athens pitched Ambriclge to an 8 to 0 win. The third game of the season, with Ellwoocl City, was also hard. In spite of the four-hit pitching of Steve Krol, Ambridge lost 4 to 2. Beaver next traveled to Ambridge. Niland Mortimer and Steve Athens led in a 9 to 5 victory. Amhridge lost to the Ellwood City team for the second time, 4 to 1. Limiting New Brighton to eight hits on our home field Steve Athens pitched Amhridge to a 9 to 2 victory. In a game played at Beaver Falls, Ambridge lost a close one, 5 to 4. Steve Athens held the Tiger team to three hits. In the second game of the season with our traditional rivals, Aliquippa, Niland Mortimer permitted them only two hits, but Ambridge lost 5 to 4. The final game of the season, played at Beaver, ended with Amhridge losing 4to 3. ,Bm First Row: Hovanec, Nicgorski, Majcher, Gabel Baron Second Row: Jusczak, Kost, Woloshan, Mr. Rothcrmel Ambridge . . . . 616 Butler Amhridge . ,,,,,,, 616 West View Amhriclge , 112 Penn Township Ambridge . ,,,, 15 Sewiclcley Amhridge 13 12 Butler ,,,,, Ambridge ,,,,,, 15 Sewickley Ambridge ,,,,,,, 12 West View f7:Ambridge Amhridge Ill 8 West View .. Baldwin ,,,, Playoff Matches GOLF TEAM The Amloridge High Golf Team, composed of five former lettermen, and under the guidance of Coach Leonard Rothermel ended a successful season in 1945 with five wins, four losses, and a tie. The team was made up of eight match players who represented the school. They were Michael Gabel, Stanley Majcher, Edward Baran, Stanley Jusczalc, Edward Nicgorslci, John Kost, John Woloshan, and Michael I-Iovanec. The golfers defeated West View in a playoff match, but later lost to Baldwin, 8 to 7 in the finals. Michael Gahel, Stanley Majcher, and Edward Baran did outstanding work individually in sharing the low scoring honors. Tn the W. P. T. A. L. golf tourney, Michael Galnal finished in fifth place and Stan- ley Majcher tied for eighth place. First Row: Jacobs, Hanievich, Frangione, Granitz, Gregorelc, Span, Jamery. Second Row: Mr. D. Piper, Stanieski, Pazzinita, Gozur, Hrynewich, Smyzlick, Arthur Loschiavo. Third Row: Kissidav, I-Iallaman, Shaffer, Smolko, Nastich, Sezenias. TRACK-1944 April 17-Class meet won by Juniors. April 21-Sewiclcley fherej won by Ambridge. April Z41Aliquippa Relay fherel won by Aliquippa. April 28-Annual Relay Carnival fherel won by Mt. Lebanon. May 5-Washington Invitational fawayl won by Mt. Lebanon. May 8-Brentwood fawayl. May 11-Aliquippa fherej Won by Ambridge. May 16-Class meet won by Sophomores. May 18-W. P. T. A. L. Championship fawayj won by Mt. Lebanon May 22-Sewickley fawayj won by Sewickley. The Ambridge Track Team, coached by D. Piper, again entered in Track competition and were triumphant. The fleet-footed sport is slowly regaining its lost interest in this school, but only through the undying efforts of the coach and players. Ray Frangione, John Smolko, Andy Mayer and Alex Gozur featured in the field events, while Charles Harris, Milton Jacobs, Steve Gregorelc, Henry Jamery, John Vincenti, and Sam Bombiani anchored the Running events. EVENING Evening--No classes, but homework! There are games, concerts, dances, plays, and a well earned resf. COACHES Barth, D. Piper, Rubenstein, Drake Ambridge H . 12 Ambridge ,,,, Ambridge ,,,, Ambridge ,,,, Ambridge ,,,, 36 Ambridge ,,,, . 16 Ambridge ,,,, W 19 Ambridge ,,,, ,,,, 3 3 A11 Ambridge looks upon the 1945 football team with only the greatest admiration for behind its record there lies a success story--a success story of an inexperienced team. The Bridger eleven, composed mostly of green boys ranging from the ninth grade through the twelfth, started the season with a rather low opening game tally of 12-0 over the Class A school of lVlcKees Rocks. The first score was made in the second quarter by Jamery, who intercepted a pass and raced 55 yards down the field, the second score in the third quarter by little 117-pound Bambiani with a 27-yard run to the end zone. That game showed that the boys had "possibilities," but the high hopes were soon shattered by the results of the next three games. Record lVlcKees Rocks ,,,,, ,,,, 0 I-lar-Brack .. , ,,,, ,,,,, . 13 New Brighton 25 Beaver Falls , , ,,,, 13 Aliquippa . ., 6 Rochester W 7 Sharon , ,,,,,, 13 Vandergrift ,,,, .. ,. 13 The second gridiron Brack eleven on a rain Although they slightly the Ambridge boys were P. I. A. L. running by Several times, the boys to the scoring zone, but tussle was with the Har- -soaked Ambridge field. outplayed the visitors, eliminated from the W. a losing score of 13-6. pushed their way close were unable to go over the notable line from the l-yard mark to make the score. The worst defeat of the season was suffered by the Rubensteiners when the New Brighton veterans piled up the score of 25-O before 3,000 disappointed Ambridge fans. However, that failure did not entirely demoralize the boys for they knew they were still green and had a lot to learn. -73- FOOTBALL First Row: Moranz, Knopick, Mayer, Rutel, Kissiday, R. Frangione, Baran, Jas. Vincenti, Span, Janicki, Gozur. Second Row: Hunt, Jamery, Stanieski, Bezuk, Mravoich, Russo, Despines, Jacobs, A. Fran- gione, Bombiani. Third Row: Monzi, Dolinski, Pattison, Kalakowski, Harris, Sprock, L. Loschiavo, lVlcCandless, V. Loschiavo. Fourth Row: Coaches-Barth, Rubentein, Drake, After a weekys recuperation, the Moe-men vigoriously attacked the Beaver Falls Tigers with undying faith on home ground. Although trounced by the visitors, the team felt inspired by its developing power that held its foes at bay with a close score of 13-7. The tally made by the Garneteers was by Bezuk in another of his quar- terback sneaks from the 1-yard line. Mraovich kicked the placement. The next gridiron struggle was the climax to the teamis story. The result that Ambridge swamped Ali- quippa by a 36-6 count was undoubtedly the most unexpected upset of the entire season. Due to the strong backing of the student body, to the unrelentless drilling by Coaches Rubenstein and Drake, and to the bitter rivalry between the two schools, the Garnet and Gray boys made the trip to the opponents' grounds bent on putting up a fierce battle. Before a crowd of 10,000 fans, the Garneteers gained the lead during the first quarter. In the second frame, they were still on the offensive and were piling up points so that, at the end of the half, the score was 16-O. The spectators awaited a powerful counter-attack by the Quippans at the beginning of the third period, but again, it was the Ambridge team that poured on the heat. Although the Quips scored six points in that period, they paid heavily for it in the last quarter. That victory by the Ambridge High lads was attributed, not to luck, but to the expert skill in management and maneuverability of everyone connected. Touchdown were credited to Bezuk, Knopic, Mayer, Kisi- day, and Despinesg and a fieldgoal to Mraovichg but, they were only possible through the teamwork of the entire squad. Spurred to victory by the previous game, the now experienced boys from Ambridge overcame the Rochester Rams. In the first period of the game, Mraovich kicked a fieldgoal. Bezuk also tallied with a sneak play across the line. The second quarter gave both teams seven points, Rochester by Nocera, who ran 77 yards, and Ambridge by Bezuk in another sneak play from the 1-yard mark. The Bridgers then defended the tally of 16-7 through the rest of the struggle. Awakened to its invincible power, the Bridger team added another feather to its cap when it journeyed to Sharon ground and returned with the score reading, '!Ambridge 19-Sharon 13." In the first quarter, Bezuk crossed the line on a sneak Dlay. The second period made another score for Ambridge when Jamery scooted around left end on the Statue of Liberty play, and Mraovich connected on the placement. In the third frame, Bezuk made another of his quarterback sneaks across the line. The Sharon boys made good in the last period, with two touchdowns and one placement to their credit. To end its grid season favorably, the Ambridge High eleven swamped Vandergrift by a total of 33A13. Mayer opened the scoring with a 61-yard dash to the end zone. Minutes later, Tony Frangione also tallied one as he received a short pass over the goal. Vandergrift came back in the second quarter with Spaniel cutting around left end to score. The third period gave six more points to Ambridge via another short pass to Tony Frangione. The last period of the last game ended with two more touchdowns for Ambridge-one by Bezuk and one by Moranzg and one touchdown for Vandergrift, made by Minarcin. With a record of five wins and three losses, the Ambridge team completed its grid season. Thus ends the story of an underdog team that became a success. Those lettermen who have played their last football game for Ambridge High were: Ray Frangione, Tony Frangione, Ed Baran, Bill Span. Mike Despines, Andy Mayer, Jim Vincenti, and Vic Janicki. --79... lsr . A .I Nl h - M: -nf-' 1 5 A f if 1 za , E U . . ' 4 5. f ,, "sk A 0 V r . ' h pf f .1 Y xi 5 f . + wg , ,f if ' , Q' vgpagf. K . 4,19!Jj9,..a , . fv ' Q3 .Q , mm, ' 'fi 1. if- N: . ...Vg V X . . H . 'WY A 'W .1 - I Y", MQ' V: - 6 Mi' F 593-'ix ,-,aiiffw 5,9 " ' 'A e , . . full, ,Q 3.,,"' E , 2' 'htm x f -A Jw-'X x Q Q 6 Q PH' 4? k wa 20.1 ,l 1' 5, W 4 ,sv , , ' ..-A' ' y ., -mg '.. ing... me ' V 2-131' - . 1 Af nd I 'j. 3: - "' -' A- 2 A - 4 .f vw, we fl x uf , Exif W ,' we -WM QW A . V , ' . ' ft' x 13 gl A M 8 f , , ,f ,X , , I yy A ., fx if w 453 3w?"'5ffW0 -' ' -2 'ax k V 2 -Wgyizg 'f , TL v ' -, Y ES,-4 - 5 I-av, .fg,M5g,35,5.y,.51f- .4 A. '4 . ,KU ,.a',2,E1,,v , 5mjfZ1wg1iw',?j5 1 - I ffkan. .f1r xg . , , 1:1-R' My . W -- X 1 ..- " 2 .1--uv. gm, -w ' f .. m :3g,,,. , M - ,C Q .. ' 32 Pr f-if ' ' 4: Row 1: Jamery, Knopiclc, Stepaniclc, Janiclci, Nloranz, Stanislcy, Granitz Row 2: Drake lassistant coachl, Bezuk, Gozur, Kissiclay, Dr. Benlcert, Coach Rubenstein VARSITY BASKETBALL Ambridge 32 ,,,. .. Avonworth 14 Ambriclge 39 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, D onora 29 Ambridge 37 . ,,,,, Greensburg 34 Ambridge 49 ,,,,,, Moon Township 21 Amhridge 51 ,,,,,, .. . ,,,, Sewiclcley 19 Ambridge 52 ,,,,,, . Taylor Allderdice 25 Amlnridge 42 ,,,,,,, ,,,,, Greensburg 28 Amlnridge 34 . . . . New Castle 33 Ambridge 42 ,,,, . . .. Ellwood City 39 Ambridge 37 ,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,, Farrell 40 Amlbridge 52 Y,Y,,, . ,Y,Y ,,,,, N ew Brighton 33 The 1945-46 basketball season of Ambridge High was started as a group of six veteran players composed of Victor Janiclci, Ray Stepaniclc, Milce Knopic, Donald Granitz, Henry Jamery, and Nor- bert Moranz returned to try its best to reach the championship. The evidence of the teamls earnest playing is shown in its excellent record of 18 games won and 3 lost. Also doing their hit were two capable boys from last year's Reserves-Bill Kissiday and Ed Stanislcy. In order to get warmed up for the W.P.I.A.L. league games, the Ambridge High Bridgers felled seven opponents in pre-league games. The first Ambfidgq 60 ,,YYY,,,, Beaver Falls 31 Amlsridge 30 .. YYYYYYY Sl1?ifOI'1 26 Amhridge 42 ,,,, ,,,, A liquippa 30 Ambridge 42 ,,,, . New Castle 33 Ambridge 36 .. . ,,,,, Ellwood City 34 Ambridge 39 ,,,, ,,,,,,,, F arrell 30 Amhridge 55 t,t, New Brighton 15 Ambridge 25 ...... ,,,,,,,,, Sharon 26 Amlaridge 32 ,,,,, . Aliquippa 41 Ambridge 44 ,,,,,,,, .... Beaver Falls 32 of these opponents was Avonworth. The visitors were toppled by a score of 32-14. High scorers were Lefty Stepaniclc with 10 points and Captain Vic Janiclci with 8 points. Again Stepaniclc, with a total of 16 counters, led the Amhridgeites to victory to the tune of 39- 29. This time it was over the Donora Dragons. Greensburg was next on the list, so the local lads journeyed to the opponents' Hoor and knocked off a winning score of 37-34. As a substitute game to replace one cancelled by Allegheny, the Bridgers welcomed the quinet ...., 81 Y, from Moon Township. The Townshippers, how- ever, were sent home on the tail end of a 49-21 score as Stepanick and Jamery copped 17 and 14 points, respectively. Sewickley was the next victim to feel the impact of the Ambridge brigade. The neighbor lads returned to their domicile all wrapped up in a 51-19 defeat. Contributing greatly to this was Henry Iamery with a total of 17 points to his credit. From up the river a new opponent came to involuntarily sacrifice itself in order to build up the growing reputation of the local lads. It was the Taylor Allderdice team, trailing behind with 25 points while the home-town heroes piled up 52. A second contest with Greensburg showed im- provement for the Bridger team. Knopic's 15 points and Stepanick's 13 points paved the way for the victory of 42-28. With a record of seven wins and no losses in the pre-league games, the A. H. S. squad opened its W.P.I.A.L. Section III race by beating New Castle with a close score of 34-33. Knopic and Moranz, together with many of their special set-up shots, led the Garneteers to a 42-39 victory over the Ellwood City five. Ambridge met its first setback of the season when the Tudor Lewis coached boys from Farrell succeeded in their try for a win. The final Hash on the scoreboard showed 37-40 in favor of the opponents. Unleashing their wrath caused by the setback, the Bridgers swamped the New Brighton quintet by a tally of 52-33. In this game Stepanick, Am- bridgels southpaw pivot artist, made his high score of the season by gathering 27 points. This is just two points short of the W.P.I.A.L. record. The Garnet and Gray next took Beaver Falls over. The game ended 60-31 with Moranz, Janicki, and Knopic working hard to obtain 14, 13, and 12 points, respectively. The Sharon five lost a close game to Ambridge. The opponents went home with 26 points of a 30-26 score. Ambridge captured the Section III lead by overpowering the previously undefeated Lippe- coached Quippans. Moranz and Stephanick, both ranging a height of 6' 22", led the attack which ended with a tally of 42-30. With a great reputation and a bright future, the local lads started the second half of the league games by defeating New Castle 42-33. Ellwood City put up a hard fight and gathered 34 counters, but still was unable to top the Am- bridge score of 36. The local high school basketball team gained revenge for the previous setback of the season by trouncing Farrell with a nine-point lead. Kno- pic,s 15 counters and Stepanick's 10 counters helped greatly to administer the score of 39-30. New Brighton, under Coach Roark, was next to be trampled under the impregnable onrush of the mighty Ambridge basketeers. Captain Vic Janicki, with scoring honors of 18 points, led his fellow players to a Section III record lead of 40 points. The final score was 55-15. The next game on schedule was to be with Beaver Falls, but because of an electric shortage, the game was postponed to a later date. The Sharon team, striving for championship, came to the local floor bent upon a victorious outcome. So it was. Although the Rubensteiners piled up 25 points, the visitors bettered it by a count of 26. It was in this game that Jamery, one of the "regular six,', injured his knee. The Bridger high team was all but problema- tically put out of the Section III title race in W.P.I.A.L. as the Quips laced the locals by a 41-32 score on the winneris floor. Lloyd Cable, the Quippan star center, kept the team going by scoring 16 counters. Stepanick was next high scorer with 13 points to his credit. The Ambridgers, playing their last game of the season defeated Beaver Falls 44-32. Stepanick of the Garnet and Gray and Boller of Beaver Falls each gathered 14 points. Thus the Ambridge High School basketball team of 1945-46 terminated its struggle for cham- pionship, satisfiecl by holding third place in the W.P.I.A.L. Section III race and also by being co-champs of Beaver County. Ray Stepanick led the scorers with an 11.5 average, while Mike Knopic came second with a 10.6 average. ?L35'Q'a A, sw f , X :.. .i g 'SL , A 1 , . N' ff . A in .. , , K , , , V+! "za A K ' ' ,,,,W,L,. Q ,. Z. 8 5 'mg "' A 'Q' - "I 1 fl. , TUV! gi , .. M . -l N72 ' A : 0 PM .MQEP13 55 V 4 .... v,5 1 i VdAaF5iM?tQN,AM.L ,V li 3 4?Ni,.v , 3 1175, 555 5335 .. T R' .f - if X -f A A ?I 1 ui, . "A W if V f .' fit" ' e' 1 init ' M. . Z R: , Q we ' . Tffflk ,, 4, Q, w f wc 1 A "Q . .,,.... ,. ., in are K ,A ETP' , ff' ,FQ ' gg ii- -mgf'Q6,f ,,, ,, , , . ,,., .2 .. v A 4 X ,, , A .,.,. :nbh I we Y Q ,, 4, "537z'z'g - ,,l, ,M.M A me my it iii ii is W X fif-Q12 . C l 1 First Row: Lockwick, Sestile, Miss Barr, Zagrocki, Zakarian. Second Row: John Vincenti, McKelvey, Smollco. CHEERLEADERS Responsible for directing school spirit at all basketball and football games this year was the Cheerleading Squad under the capable direction of Miss Stella Barr. Doing all practice on after- school hours, this hard-working team of four boys and three girls developed a working vocabu- lary of thirty-two cheers, f1V6 of which were new. Not content to simply rest on their laurels and blissfully follow in the wake of an already successful activity, this year's cheerleaders developed many "f'irsts". This is the first year that so many of the motions of the old cheers have been changed and so many acrobatic and specialty dances have been added. This is the first year that so many boys have been used on the squad. This is the first year that the cheerleaders have had a public address system for their own use in the stadium, money for which was raised by the cheerleaders, themselves, through the sale of "Dinks,'. The squad consist of: John Smolko, acting captaing John Vincenti, Richard Loclcwich, Mike Zalcarian, Jeanne Sestile, Joanne McKelvy, and Demaris Zagrocki. YALE-PRINCETON GAME This event began in 1932, under the direc- tion of Miss Marcella Spahr. It is patterned. after the annual Yale-Princeton game at Oberlin College, Alma Mater of Miss Spahr. This is a social activity which only lassies and their feminine friends may attend. The teams were chosen from girlis intramural basketball players. The 1944 fans for the Prince- ton wfigersn were led in cheers by: Virginia Orler, Josephine Brogno, Ruth Ann Austin, Lil- lian Martin, and Louise Leyerzaph. Their colors were orange and black. Leading the cheers for the Yale "Bulldogs,, were Estelle Seyboth, Helen Chekanowsky, Sophie I-lladio, Dorothy Klak, and Louise Kingerski. More important were the two teams, and fighting for the orange and black banners we find: Eleanor Braun, Captain, Frances Lehn, Margaret, Linda Fardo, Helen Lesack, and Jane Moyer, subs, Frances Tomko, Eleanor Wagner, Frieda Beaman, Ella Mae Barnhart. On the Yale team we find: Eleanor Radwanski, Captain, Rose Marie Boyt, Julia Karnoski, Martha Towcimak, Jean Sestile, Marie Fleming. Subs: Leona Bufa- lini, Rita Gatta, Catherine Catanzarite, and Mary Puchar. The manager for this event was Elaine Marti, assisted by Barbara Jones, and Marion Ruskin. Miss Spahr was assisted by Miss Bar in training the two teams. The Yale players were the victors of this game. K First Row: Lesack, Moyer, Braun, Radwanski, Karnoski, Boyt. Second Row: Lehn, Beaman, Fardo, Baysura, Catanzarite, Bufalini, Sestile, Puchar. Third Row: Barnhart, Tomko, Wagner, Miss Spahr, Miss Barr, Towcimak, Fleming, Gatta. Fourth Row: Ruskin, Leyersaph, Orler, Martin, Brogna, Austin, Seyboth, Klak, Hladio, Kingerski, Chekanowsky, J ones. First Row: Hladio, Chekanowslcy, Fardo, Voettiner, Marti, Gatta, Boyt, Ruskin, Bauman, Robbins. Second Row: Baysura, Griffith, Kline, Beaman, Miss Spahr, Herman, Towcimalc, Lesaclc, Leyerzaph. LEADERS' CLUB The Leaders, Club was under the sponsorship of Miss Marcella Spahr, the director of the girls' physical education. The members were voted into the club by the old members on the basis of sports activities. Those chosen as the officers this year were: Elaine Marti, Presidentg Peggy Voettiner, Vice-Presidentg Rita Gatta, Secretary-Treasurerg and Rose Marie Boyt, Social Chairman. One of the many duties of the girls in this club was to conduct the physical education classes in case of the teacher's absence. This included the taking of the roll, giving commands, and dismissing the class. They also helped other girls in their regular gym work, and they officiated at intramural games such as soccer, mushball, basketball, and volleyball. First Row: Kesner, Pugar, Reithmiller, McNally, Maxwell, Phillips, Rupik, Levy, Kingerski, Mr. Sporny, Wacht, Beheler Ombres, Leopardi, Kowalsky, Simon, Powell, Wollicki, Wagner. Second Row: Cummings, R. Wilkes, Jones, Santarelli, Weaver, Dworakivsky, Barto, Robinson, Vallecorsa, Griffith, Men sky, Fetch, Bauman, Smerigan, Rozic, Merchadante, Musgrave, Galant, Ehrhart. Third Row: Read, Smerigan, N. Martin, Fardo, Geisler, Antonelli, McKee, Holmes, Vaughn, McNees, Voettiner, Haber Rosensteel, Schultz, Tekstar, Harriger. Fourth Row: Miller, Garbinski, Malinauski, Salvati, Vlasic, Dale, Kostas, Arnett, Work, Carroll, Bixler, A. Mazzetti Biship, Barscz, Squires, Tarquino, Marti, Druzisky. Fifth Row: Harris, Suach, Beck, Wronoski, Baran, Capatides, Dionese, Willis, qhenjll-leughan. 'V 1 iii fl ffl! Hail Alma Mater! When we say these words we think of our school and thoughts of school are never complete without our thinking of the high school band. Mr. Sporny and the band mem- bers deserve our greatest praise, for they have both worked hard to make this year's band out- standing in the history of the school. There are over one-hundred students registered, although only seventy-seven usually played. The remaining members were used as substitutes. This was the greatest enrollment the band has ever had. There were also two drum majors and four majorettes. The band specialized in formations this year and succeeded in mastering sixteen. They were: An anchor, airplane, Marine emblem, tank with mov- ing wheels, Hello, sailor, a boxed "AH for the Alma Mater, tenth, Dave, square counter march, coffee pot, tepee, bell, Mexican hat, and the let- ters or nicknames of the visiting school. In addi- ticn to these formations, the drum majors and majorettes did several dances to songs the band played, This year's band managers were Tom Croner and Louis Caldarelli. 87 REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE First Row: Durniak, Dur- niak, Bogosian, Beheler, Peros, Mr. Shaffer, Marsillo, Gatta, Jaslcol, Raso, Loshiavo. S e c o n d Row: Cvengrss, Pochyba, Darlek, Jula, Zehender, Prasko, Barn- hart, Bufalini, Rossi, Stewart. FINANCE COMMITTEE First Row: Kellmer, Kroll, Bufalini, Stevenson, Koerbel, Engstrom, Kyros, Zlody, Matucci, Robbins, D. Suchy Second Row: S. Kroll, Herrman, W o 0 d, Kmitt, Milnik, Ferrance, Porter, Nelic, M. Suchy Third Row: Fauser, Mr. Snyder, Gourley, Miller REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Rain or shine, the refreshment committee was on the job. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Shaffer, these girls have worked on one of the hardest jobs in the school. At every game you could hear their cry, "Ice Cream, Candyn. Or you could see them in their stand under the grandstand, rushing around getting all of us our refreshments. The profits go to the Debate Team. -88,4 FINANCE COMMITTEE The object of the student finance committee is to give training in handling money and meeting the public. 1 Members were elected by the Student Senate from a list of volunteers drawn from the homeroom. They were approved by Mr. David Snyder, Assistant Princi- pal. The 1945 chairman, Jean Kellmer, was chosen by the senate. The members of the committee numbered thirty this year. They sold and collected tickets at all paid school events such as football games, plays, concerts, etc. PL1pllS WCISC on the one-half hour before the gates Opefled. Qften they I'6l'I'1E1ll'16d Eiffel' the 6VCI'1t to COLIHI arid roll the HXOHCY. The Finance Committee WHS ORC of the ITIOSI iI'I'lPOI't3l'1f gI'Ol1pS ifl the school. l HISTORICAL SOCIETY First Row: Mazur, Ruskin Bohren, Karnoski, Bologna Balatsoulcos Second Ro w: I-Iaughan Bailey, Woods, Greenlnerger Elschat, Parham, Ithnatko CLUB COMMITTEE Iicki, Janiclci, Rea Second Row: Beheler Ihnatlco, Nlatanich, Gozur ganis, Zehender HISTORICAL SOCIETY Officers of this club were Dolores Bohren, President, Evelyn Ruskin, Vice- Presidentg Theresa Mazur, Secretary, Howard Greenberger, Treasurer, and Bill Heughan, Sergeant-at-arms. Under the supervision of Dr. Binning the members participated in many interesting activities, including a very novel initiation. gggi First Row: lVlcKeIvy, Jula, Shulick, Miss Smith, Wo- a , Cunningham, Betley, Kara- CLUB COMMITTEE The Club Committee was composed of approximately fifteen members. They met every Tuesday during the club period under the sponsorship of Miss Smith. Its duties were to allot the number of members in each club and to carry on the club program throughout the year. USHER COMMITTEE First Row: Carnevale Owens, Martin, Karnoslci Miss Barr, Karasick, Heber ling, Leyerzaph, Prus Second Row: P. Barnhart Wood, M a r ini, Tomko D r o b ri a lc, Catanzarte, E Barnhart, N. Woods, Mc Nea-s, V. Barnhart ART CLUB First Row: I-lallaman Kohut, J o h n s o n, Perris P s i n lc a, Izak, Zalcarian Tomaszewski Second Row: Santarelli Paliani, Gresh, Mrs. Lang Mickey, Druzislcy USHER COMMITTEE What was it that makes our class plays, vocal concerts, band concerts, and the many other performances given in the Ambridge School Auditorium enjoyable? Cf course, it was the usher committee which was comprised of junior and senior girls under the sponsorship of Miss Barr and their chairman, Rose Kraynylc. Their duty, besides looking lovely in their gowns, was to see that those attending the many performances received programs and were comfortably seated. The usher committee has certainly been a boon to the entertainment provided for the various audiences this year, and we are confident it will continue to be just as successful in the future. Egg.. ART CLUB The main purpose cf the art club was for the club members to make scenery for plays, programs for the dances, decorate the gym, and design posters to adver- tise football games and other curricular activities in the school. It also gave the artistically-minded a chance to express their own original ideas. They were under the direction of Mrs. Lang, and she was assisted hy Mike Zalcarian, President, Al Rosso, Vice-President, Artie Petris, Secretary. Ugg- MADRIGAL CLUB First Row: A. Vlasic, Kline L. Graham. Gisondi, Leyerzaph l'rus. Capatosti, Cycyn, Fuchs Sclxietroma, Shaw. Zlody. Kunie wicz. XYaslo, E. Marti, McKee. Second Row: Karagauis lVoocl. Plese, Baysura, Engstrom BlcNees, Arnett. Prisiaz. Bea man. liachor. Polito, Cooper Ilclmcrling. Miss Parson, Mickey Tliircl Row: Cosentiuo. Green Xourigate. Capataides, M. Kno pick. Gourley. lzak. Moranz Kucaba, Palmer. Zills, Silla Roginski, Urcla, Lesonrlalf BOYS' GLEE CLUB dak, M. Knopick, Handgis Cosentino, Urda, Marzio. Second Row: Palmer, Green Capataicles. Kucaba. Moranz Gourley, Tunney, Zills, Mathias Miss Parson. MADRIGAL CLUB The Madrigal Club, under the direction of Miss Parson, has been a popular school organization for many years. It is composed only of students who average a high grade in their music course. There are approximately sixty voices. Persons, who go to the State and Midwestern Choruses, are selected from the Club. The members perform many intricate numbers and are much in demand, although at times small ensembles are selected for special programs. At the annual Vocal Concert, the Club sang three select songs. During the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons, the various outside clubs and school programs kept the Madrigal Club busy. A popular feature started by the Club is caroling in the halls at Christmas which is to the delight of all. Dancing and refreshments were the highlights of the party that they held this year. The accompanists are Mertie Cooper and Mar- tha Heberlingg president, John Kucabag vice president, Betty Pleseg and Lorraine Prus, secre- tary-treasurer. First Row: Nourigat, Kara- ginis, Tzak, Silla, lllickey, Leson- BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys Glee Club meets every Thursday morning in Room 303. The pur- pose of this club is to show the boys what they can do with their voices if they try hard enough. These thirty-five boys, under the direction of Miss Parsons, rendered a few selections in the annual Vocal Concert. All business is carried on by the officers: President, Bob Izakg Vice President, John Smolkog and Secretary- Treasurer, Jim Palmer. ...95.. i.' J -.iN .!, ,Q l ,Q 5. .Q - - X .' L a QY 4-4. h ' A .al H 1 INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE First Row: Cunningham B a r a n, Frangione, Beck John Vincenti, Altonian Second Row: Mr. Rother mel, Hovanec, Izak, Gozur Granitz, Despines BOXING CLUB First Row: Brandt, Bober Despines, Musi, Telesky, G Terlesky, John Vincenti, T Mickey, Hartman, Marada kus, Fenjois, Manis, Vasa liakus, Theodore Second Row: Mr. Serene Riley, Altonian, Petrina, Di mico, L. Jones, Hostetler Hunt, Toogood, Gatehouse Kolesin, L. Mickey, Laris McFarland, Sikorisa INTRAMURAL SPORTS Under the sponsorship of Mr. Leonard H. Rothermel, the boys of Ambridge High were permitted to participate in intramural basketball and mushball games. These sports stimulated sportsman rivalry between the different homerooms and also provided the boys with recreation and entertainment. Basketball games were played every Monday night at designated times decided upon by the Intramural Sports Committee. This Committee, headed by Michael Hovanec, was divided into several subcommittees whose duties were to set up rules, to keep score, to keep time, to take care of equipment, to draw up a schedule, and to referee the games. In the spring season, the boys formed several mushball teams and participated in that sport immediately after school. The various tasks which had to be taken care of in these games were also performed by the Intramural Sports Committee. BOXING CLUB The Boxing Club, under the guidance of Mr. Serene, was composed of boys interested in boxing. The club met every Tuesday during the club period. The object of this club was to teach the members to defend themselves and be more developed physically. The members of the club were selected by Mr. Serene from many candidates. The members were divided into weight classes and they held boxing bouts among themselves in preparation for the annual boxing tournament. The members were under the capable leadership of President Theodore Mickey, Vice President Paul Altonian, and Treasurer Richard Hunt. -97- Row l: Sestile, Gatta, Wassum, V. Barnhart, Towcimalc, Catanzarite. Row 2: Fajtak, Carnevale, Sliapert, Herrmann, Fardo, Bittenbender. Row 3: Blishalc, Martin, Kmit, Miss Spahr, Miss Barr, Bogosian, Beaman. MUSHBALL The weather this year interfered many times with the playing of the mushball gafI1CS. Because of fl'llS, the great event, CVEIYODC looked forward IO, 'WHS not played. This, however, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the 120 girls who came out for this sport. The games were played on the Junior High baseball field and the upper Senior High fxelcl. Forty-five girls earned points toward their Sports letters. The peculiarity of the names of the team which the girls chose caused I'I'13I'1y 3 Sffllle. The I'CCOI'Cl of the gaI11CS and their C9.PlZ21lI1S are HS fOllOWS2 Teams Wolverines Tornadoes Salty Seniors, Atomic Sisters Briclgerettes , Ambridge Dames Catanzarites , , Torpecloes , Herrmann Baysura Beaman Martin Brogno Salvari Manini Waves Captains ,,,,,,,,Pauline Gulish ,,,,,,,,Margaret Baysura Irene Dash , ,,,, Margaret Voettner , ,,,,,,,,Mary Ann Milniclc ,, ,.,, Lillian Bufalini , ,,,Catherine Catanzarite , ,,,,,,,,Dorothy Lesaclc ,, ALL STAR TEAMS Sestile Slmapert Catanzarite Gatta Kmit Voettner V. Barnhart Bogosian Delai Farclo Pekarchik Wassum Otrahalilc Wacs Won Lost 3 l 3 l 3 l 2 2 2 2 0 4 0 4 0 4 Towcimak Carnevalc Bufalini Pascoe Petriko Onufryli THE BOYS' GYM TEAM The Ambridge High Gymnastic Team began only a few years ago. It is gradually forming into a regular school sport. The boys, supervised by Coach Rubenstein, and lately by Coach Eddie Drake, met every Wednesday evening and went through workouts on the horse, parallel bars, horizontal bars, ring apparatus and tumbling exercises. After developing slcill and coordination of muscles in training and as a climax before starting to enter the different meets, the team staged a program in the auditorium in which every team member participated. Our school was well represented and much honor was attained when the gym team, with Sam Altonian as captain, entered the different meets at Allegheny, Johnstown, several Y. M. C. A. meets, the W. P. I. A. L. meet, and finally the Penn State meet. Letters were awarded to everyone on the team for they all had at least placed and won some honor. The higher ranks were attained by Altonian and Frangione. mgg- GIRLS' GYM TEAM With Miss Barr as coach and Josephine Brogno and Sophie Hladio as man- agers, the Girls' Gym Team made themselves very active and Well-known. The group was composed of forty girls who were divided into three groups. One group, in charge of Peggy Voettiner and Eleanor Pugar, learned different tap routines. Another group learned ballet dances and this group was in charge of Paula Caputo. The third group was in charge of Sarah Kline and Lois Hess, and they learned free hand drills, Indian club drills, and so on. The girls met during club periods and after school on Wednesdays. During these after school sessions the girls did work on the rings, parallel bars and the horse. As a climax of their worlc they held a program in April and the girls showed the result of many months of work and training. Miss Weseley and her group of Junior High G. A. A. girls did folk dances as their part in this all-girl program. -100- Presto, Vladucheclc, Hoffman, Marmaclc, Rossia, Prusick, Kolesin VOCATIONAL MINSTREL The third annual Vocational minstrel was presented this year with a cast of 125. Miss Barr was directoress of the all vocational minstrel revue and with the assistance of Miss Rice, who had charge of training the chorus, solos, and quartets, Mr. Sporny, who had charge of the orchestra and Mr. Hoskins, who had charge of the selection of talent, turned out the best minstrel presented so far. Mr. Laing was general advisor with Matthew Hartinan as his assistant. There were five per- formances given on February 27, 28 and March l and all were well attended. The program included ballet dancing, square dancing, an exhibition waltz, chorus girls, ladies, soft shoe taps, specialty horse dance, school days tap routine, a barber shop quintet and pantomines. The chorus included forty-five boys from the various shops and the endmen numbered six. The interlocutor was William Marmaclc, electric shop senior. Mrs. Lang and Mrs. Vvelch had charge of the scenery used in the different acts and Mr. Axtell tool: charge of the lighting, sound, and scenery placement. Mr. Rothermel conducted the selling of tickets and publicity. Misses Peggy Voettiner, Eleanor Pugar, and Paula Caputo assisted the boys in learning their tap routines. 5-101- Row 1: Torhan, Sprock, Seaman, Loschiavo, Shapert, Gwynn, Gagliardi Row 2: Drake fassistant coachl, Bugosin fmanagerj, Kosis RESERVE The Reserve Basketball Team of 1945-46, under the supervision of Coach Edward Drake, finished the season with a record of seven wins, and thir- teen losses. The reserve squad was headed by seven steady performers. They were Gwynn, Sha- pert, Gozur, Bezuk, Kissiday, and Loshiavo. Gwynn and Shapert with 8 and 6 points respec- tively led Ambridge to a 23-21 victory over Avonsworth, our first opponents of the season. For the second game Ambriclge traveled to Greensburg, but lost, 38 to 16. The Ambridge Reserves won their next three games. They defeated Moon Township 21-19, Sewickley 35-17, and Taylor Allderdice 27-20. Playing a home game, Ambridge lost a close game to Greensburg 28-27. Kissiday led the Am- bridge boys with 9 points. The next two games resulted in defeats for Ambridge. New Castle beat Ambridge 31-19, and Ellwood City handed the Reserves an 18-15 set- back. Tn the New Castle game Loshiavo scored 10 points. BASKETBALL Farrell's Reserves came to Ambridge but were defeated in a hard-fought game 21-20. Ambridge led by Loschiavo visited New Brigh- ton and returned home after losing 43-24. Loschiavo totaled 11 points. Loschiavo with 13 and Kissiday with 9 points headed the Ambridge quintet in a 34-24 win over the Beaver Falls' Reserves playing on the Am- bridge floor. The Ambriclge boys traveled to Sharon and lost 31-25. However, Bob Bezuk scored 10 points. Leading 28-18 at the half, the Aliquippa Re- serves defeated Ambridge by a score of 44-26. Loschiavo and Seaman with 8 and 5 points respectively, led the Ambridge scorers. Ambridge continued its losing streak dropping the next 6 games. They lost 19-16 to New Castle, 26-25 to Ellwood City, 21-11 to Farrell, 26-25 to New Brighton, 35-21 to Sharon, and 42-24 to Aliquippa. The Reserves ended the season at Beaver Falls with a 25-23 win. Seaman totaled 8 points to lead the Ambridge scorers. RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Ambridge ...... Avonsworth Ambridge .... .... G reensburg Ambridge . Moon Township Ambridge .... . . . .... Sewickley Ambridge ....... Taylor Allderdice Ambridge ............ Greensburg Ambridge Ambriclge Ambriclge Ambridge .. New Castle Ellwood City . Farrell New Brighton Ambridge 34 ...., Ambridge 25 .. . Ambridge 26 .... . Ambridge 16 .... . Ambridge 25 ....... Ambridge 11 .... . Ambridge 25 .. Ambridge 21 . . Ambridge 24 .... Ambridge 25 4102- Beaver Falls Sharon Aliquippa New Castle Ellwood City .... Farrell New Brighton Sharon . Aliquippa Beaver Falls gm- 1321. H X, QQ 1 --si 433 W4 if g 5 fzgggvzwyf A . L, 23 A ,, . K B13 , ki +A SP ' WA 9 r. I . K 1. V ' S35 f ' fy u in 7 A4 if-f .' ggi! k .V .W 8, wp -, r 4- . I sk. i I ' V 1, ifffftiff, ff ,Q Q .1 na -2 2 .Q 4 2. 3. 'Y nw V' .La A if 7 . 'I , 'gl r , . 9 4' az ' 4 . I J.: ,, ' , az Q 1 E " " R v ' , .k QT .1 567.43522 iff. , 1' kk " 4, , ragi- p . 'E' 3, A..f1.f' ir 1. i ,

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