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I-1, rg Z Q F' ,.,. I. .W Vu ti -V V, , 1. Z.. .V V , M. ,, XX? , , 2, if ' 4 N , ' K - - "' VV ' 1 , V 'D A - 1 ,. ' ami ,ff .u P' fi rg Q rgkafh ra "'f'5"ff'f'M' V aA'.,1Q4,l"':f7 244 MQ MQW ,L A ..J.i3.,,... -, f'fi2?',,QCif?.QC5.'.'3.Q'5,Q 45 si 'S ET'fZ..E,..,..QMQ'5,'5.L.,,,,,V,,,-fff.s Q!"ii'5R'5f'Sg'SQQ ,img 4x.4 ,RMK 1 A mama 9.5 1 19 Qwgih QA Nb il in Viihiim LLEM5. V,,...2QETifC'1?5V51.F SEEKS? 5 fi ASQ-, WF QWQQBA mammwham 4.4 su. S "' u ' Q K ' ' L 5 " J i i D 9 ' 7 I r 3 ,J 4 f, 1 4 : 24 K 'Y Q 4 -V V , V 4 ,fi V4 ' ' ,-, , , ' Y , ,, J. 4' -VM , V' ' s. 1- 2 " ,QR 2 aw Ex V VV 1 , ' 5 ' V If Y s - , V V - lx A TV . . - V -. . ,Q ba , ,le V1 v , iq, ,Q 104. ,WA , f V r , . X 1 1 I ' . ' g V N' ,V A ' V A . V I A , ig 4, Lf' 1. V f .' J Ii .V Mr? W' . K 'il' r 'S 'A . ,V vi , l , Y 1 , A ,K . A I ,V . ' Y VFW K L . , , V Q .. vi 7? ,i T? V I ' " LV xg "' , 2- i ' A ' "' 3 f fi V1 L ,f ' f Q xv' " if ? , 5 ': L, 53 ' ig V Vr s V ' X 1 :qw L, AV ' ,K , I ,K if ' 4 , Q . V 1 1 A. EX- " :Sai V, :ak V . 5 Q 4 i,. Y , ' V!! Ex f Q ,, , Q, L , V -1 3 . . A ' Q V. , Q v ,Q 1- , ,Q , ,413 V- 1.17, 4-,N X rg r V- Vx V . 5 Q fn .VQVJ 'lg A I - .V 5 I, , X t 'L 4 'X 1 . , , ' 7 f' 1 Q' V, ' ' . 7 'S S 1 ' I ,V Q ' ,1' . . ri . --V-- V' at ' , + . V ' ,V x "I ? . t , 1 , Ly . fr, b , ' N V' , , , . W, . fn v ,l V v ' ,, ,,. V SC ' 91 ' - ,f , ",T' ,X ' K, ff- ,E 1 . .,, . ,, 1 ' I V A 1, if 45 i ' 5 ' if V? 1 , 1 3 V3 , L ' f I if 1 V , V - V V V V Q . V , ,. s V 1' , V V., s " l . ' A , ' ,-Via? ' ' ' Q' I L R 1 , 'V ' , ' , wi" .f up .. A - ' V ' . 1 1 . , A V V. ? ff ' VL. K , "' " V f V f - ff 1 I - I 75 ff- V ' 'P V V .9 I ' if ' , " 3 1 3 x i 1, E '4 Q ,L ! 2 E 2 " 4' V Vf 5 Q, V , Y rf, , V .1 , 1 ' ,, ,X ' 4 ' Q ' 3 'E , ' ' I, f f il V 5 , V ' , , "' 1 V Q 1 f V ' ,ga '. .V wg ,V , f ,X L. Vie , , ' f ' L. Q" 5. xi is i ,., 4- , . 'V Q 2 . SWXQV .V 7 N1 V' VV fa. 415 a Ji"VffV' ,Q -Vf ,, V , ,V ,f ' "jf ., , n I ' ' ' -A - ' 1 " ff , :lg 4' ' V if. .QV , " VV .Q 2 51.1, 'V ' ' V.- 'V V . f AF 4 ' .UA -5 . 3? ' FQ '7 B Q V7 Zi ' 1' P ,Q -4 - f V . - Q, J! X, . V A A , , , V X . A Qi Y - ,dx Nh' g 4 .- - . .V -1 . -. , I , I ' H. ' ' ASU Wulf' . ' I- F V V1 V V V' X .--. T V 'V ' ' -sf V ' . ' ' - ' ' , .V " , - V' 1 'Q - J fl, .V ' ,Q 4 'ff J 2 :Vp ' . r .gf t. Lf we n 1 1 I is ,L j , .-K' 44 E , . -.I ,wi 1 J L I Y I Q V, '. 3, . 2, . 1 .. f 4 3' ,V VP 2 " ' - .LV K , af- V' , '1 sf " - -,WISH V My ' V h f' 2 , -f' , Q. , A 4 ,Z I ,, ,, 1. A f gl V z .3 1 Q ' ' '. sz ' V :fr V if if V fy., E fm P 1 E W' jg 6. f, mf. 'l 1 ' Ik Q '3 1 f 2 ' ' ' if 'P ' "' ' A ' ' 1' L5 V, f '. V fr' " I s J' 7 " " .3 4" V . V. 3 V v V V , , V- V 2 V ,, fi F 1. SV. V 1 . VV' Q . VVV,41xV 1 V W . If ., Y. . , I f 'LW -N ' I . V I ly V A V , ', V A A I V -55 V .D , V 1 4 lf 4 ,. ' 3 ' f' , fn 4 V '. 5 .Ev .1 ,,,. 'Q' 'ff V Li ' L V ' V , 5 , of ' V, x , ff VV 1' -JV I .4 a 4 wk ,.1 . V. V Wf V , - ,J V3 . X Q V- 1: ,,, ,. rr ' "V - . VV r- 1 5- i i - 1: ' V .- F L , ' ' I Y , 'Da 2 A 3 , sf I 4- 4 1 i K. 4 V D v I V- .ig 5 F! , 1 , Z if ,Q in - J 'QQ ' it 3: 9: , V in I jj , . V V VVV- ,, VV ' V fi ,V M . f V T5 'X gEi.52',35': g 'R as P . Q ik, U V ' - 5 3 in , :W pg mg.. V I L V' '. ', ,J 5 Vi' b, ,L -g V :V , ' ig VV, VL fi 4 . I if I I , .1 I i:VV33:?ii?- , Y lf'V"'i:W ,fx V ,Qi , V V3 . V V, J' V V- J ' A .1 ' 3, A , .V 1 QV ' , , ' , 1 A Vw 3 K Z' V ' V VVGVV ,G -V V 1 V ug , 1 Vg . 4 ' 4 EV ' . 4 ' Q I T A A -: A " ji K -'JV I , , M ' ' '2 I I A W' fs ' ' - ' 1 A A, M, .n 4 4 ' , xl . 4 I ,Q , 4 M ,V ' , 535365- r?-fi V , mm A 'A 2 ' .L f N 5 rg F, KV 7 , ' ' 2 -T 41' 5' 2 gQ:,A. f,1 ,'m'? Ziff, an Q 'ffjihhbi ' E V if 9!,4a1,f'S ,mt wQ4fz,.f'!i AF? ,Vi fm... 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Q ya . f 1 1 4 . if fy w . .. f . , ,, ' if f ,, A , ' ' , f, 4 1 2 - f' .. ' 4 ' " . "K , Z E. ,,.. iq QQ 'f L ., f,,- ,V:-'.. N r, A I ' 5 "" - V V '-Q' v 5 f :Mm N. K - 'ki-k - W ffkxl ,ai ..d , - A I N 1 .. ,. , 1 i N it gx sai- E 'Q S T ur 'k 'k 331. .K , Q , ,K 3 Q " A 'll 'N 3 231 2 S-Q x. 5 f win , X ggi -I 1 - vw.. - 1, K X , n 1 153i 1.4.4 ,f ,.. , 1 , 'IN J'-': fl' '1 'f 5 ll A- ,A F1 V1 , , 4 ,,, at - a-,'wf:" S4162-'gx A QQ .Y 3.543 .f '-S. f. -'T wx f -, f' an . -"P "' -f , .5 J -+- via -A-x 3 .- '... K 2 1,211-' .1,.c5'Rf--' ff-, 1 3-. , -A hm. ,-f-1. 41. W7 , . , '..' .4 , ,' iq, - fr, --1 . - ' . ., ,,M .,v l,A,,,,,.i,- . ,. X my- FM. "I.f7.' f3Qj5'2 1 1 ff ' an ' "mix A' fQsnB32?Q' ' .A ., RIDEER SENTS RIDGER AMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL-kAMBRIDGE PENNSYLVANIA xg X XX ' X! Y X I," X, f ff X xxx xxx Xxx, XX in ,I XXX 'X Xxx !f xy- XX X XX .fi , K - xxx Nix I 1 1 . N X XX ,V-.X , fy!!! :R 'A f V", 1 X X f 'lf XX N If ,ff A ff X X XX t fr f I I, Q x A X f .1 , I XV If I f ig. X X456 lf M ww w mwwmwm WEB x WWEWEE W l' 'Q l X9 ll w w M: l' ll WW-J' 'Z xv' ' W-July, ll ww. D CATI We the Se class of the Ambr dge H gh School ded cate th s ss e of the B dger to o r teache s a d Alumn who are or w ll be membe s of all b anches of the armed fo ces of ou count y We apprec ate all they a e do g 'ro ake t poss ble for us to cont hue to emoy such a f he democ at c school -yl, , V sq- IQ xg V X 25 U , lelfff ffdff f 66 A 'lil hm l l ' l lll lllf We ei:-,""',,AvQ ax y J Ju I w ,. Nivllwjil l '-gli al' W4 'ua lllul fl .U fi-'-my Law W f l D E l O N X X XY fx Q lll l lls xl!-i l l 3 llllll i WW. l l llllll lli ll W was W- .J.b. Ambridge schools firmly believe in a victory through Education. This victory they are working for does not mean just an immediate victory of our armies but of a victory which will enable all people to live pleasantly in a peaceful world. To further this objective courses have been placed in the school system which will not only enable our boys and girls to enter the armed services better prepared but will equip them with the essentials which we think will be necessary to work efficiently in the post-war peri- od. High school students are given courses which provide culture ability to use leisure time in a worthwhile manner improve health and fit them for worthwhile positions. Through an education in these phases we look for Victory Through Education. VICTCRY THROUGH EDUCATICN ,?'f'i'Q 1 fm i l 3 M i l l llll ll We g l iilllli M Wil g g y il lllll ll ,l sf yflkt all I OUR ADMINISTRATORS DRNASM Superintendent N A Smith received his elementary and high school education in the schools of Monroe County Ohio and his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ohio University He obtained his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees at the University of Pittsburgh Dr. Smith served a year in the Medical Department with the American Expedi- tionary Forces in France. From l92O to l942 he was principal of the Ambridge Senior High School He assumed his du ties as superintendent on July 6 i942 The superintendent is an advocate of the democratic and cooperative type of school administration and firmly believes that the entire school system should be a democratic laboratory in which students and teachers work efficiently and happily together. He believes that the education- al program should be geared not only with the present war effort but also with the peace which will follow. DRHSIRNS Genuurfe Fruendshup us the best basus tor co operatuve growth mudst the many problems whuch h J nuor confront all young people today un t eur u Senuor school lute lt has been the furst aum of our pruncupal D H S lrons to develop mutual good teelung as the vutal essence of Ambrudge Hugh School Hus 22 years of teachung and school admunustratuon have d Ohuo been evenly duvuded between thus state an ln l933 he receuved the MA degree at Ohuo S t and un l942 the Doctor of Educatuon degree ta e at the Unuversuty of Puttsburgh Coordunatuon of the d numerous and varued actuvutues has been hus lea ung task throughout thus hus furst year as pruncu pal ot the combuned school DR J M BENKERT Joseph Mohney Benkert receuved hus elementary and hugh school traunung at Lumestone Townshup School Claruon Normal and New Bethlehem Hugh School He receuved the Bachelor of Scuence de gree un l928 and the Master at Scuence degree un l93O from the Unuversuty ot Puttsburgh where he was an undergraduate assustant for three years and graduate assustant for two years un the depart ment of zoology He dud research work un tropucal buology cytology and ecology un the southern states Columbua Venezue'a Trunudad Curacao Brutush Guuana Unuversuty of Chucago Mellon l stutute and the Marune Buolagucal Laboratory at Woods Hole He receuved hus doctors degree un l94l at the Unuversuty of Puttsburgh T Y MR H G SQUIRES H G Squures Assustant Pruncupal un charge of ,lunuor Hugh School graduated from Geneva Col lege and receuved hus Master ot Arts degree from the Unuversuty of Puttsburgh Suxteen years at ex peruence un the tueld of educatuon have uncreased hus beluef un the basuc responsubuluty of educatuon lt V '-1. Hug us through the educatuon provuded un our Amerucan h home or school that an opportunuty us provuded eac o th to equup humselt or herself un our demo y u cratuc way of lute We must recognuze our unduvudu l t n al responsubulutues as a cutuzen and constant y rau our mund and body to fultull these umportant dutues --. r't.l"'P "J-.1-fvumr. RUN THE SH BOARD OF EDUCATION The Ambridge School Board is com- posed of seven members. These mem- bers are responsible tor all personnel, supplies, buildings and other details which are necessary to produce an etfi cient and democratic school. This year they were responsible for the completion of a fine new stadium in addition to many things connected with the academic side of school lite Mrs Mdrtin Dr Loskowski Mr Grohom Dr Direnzo Mr Duzy Mr Kroft Mr Byers Dr Smith Mr Druzisky . , . , . , , , . , . , . , , , . Esther L. Baeuerlein Secretory to Superintendent Claire Caul Mirneogroph Clerk Mary Direnzo Secretory Frances Duzy Clerk Yoland Giammatteo Stenogropher, Superintendenfs Office Louise Serack Secretory Rosaha Waslo Stenogropher Superintendent s Office Anna Zawolskl Sec re to ry This year the tedious job of office work was left in the capable hands of the intendent s office forces Their duties in cluded typing dictation switchboard ar rangement of student schedules and the keeping of records WGHZJO OFFICE PERSONNEL '5 G' C - J Junior High, Senior High, and the Super- . . . ' . i l A. P .. 9 - 611460 1 PQ7 Z X f XIX! Durnng the present emergency Uncle Sam needs more and more men and women with sufficient knowledge to and hum In hls war ef fort Young men with the knowledge of Eng lush forengn languages physncs chemustry and mathematics are needed to command hns army flre his guns and fly hls planes young women who are capable of takung a mans place In the technucal flelds must also serve When vuctory IS fnnally won the need wnll be come evident for men and women who know the sclence of culture and organization To full thus need nt as the duty of our academnc depart ment to gave students sufficient knowledge to wln thus war and to help establlsh a permanent peace afterwards l llllwl? i U tht f Zlyllll 'wh 1-nu.-v..-up---9 if ru.. I I+ In lllll -yf S S ? Xx xxx o l A XX OUR FACULTY ADAMS SARAH E A B M L McCORMICK ARTHUR E B S rn Musnc French Sponlsh lnternatlonal Language Club Asslstant Sensor Class Advlser ALTHAUSER ETHEL A B M L College Englnsh English IV Sensor Class Sponsor Chairman of English Department DUFFY MARY L Lntt B M A Latln Scholarshup Cornmuttee .lunlor U S O Chanrman of Language Department FORCEY KATHERINE AB MEd Plane Geometry Solld Geometry Trlgo nometry Knuttung Club Sophomore Class Sponsor Chanrman ot Math Department Llbrary Scuence Library Science Class LEE GERTRUDE McKEE AB B O Junnor Englnsh Dramatucs Durector ot Hugh School Plays CO Sponsor of Popular Songs Club LEHMAN MRS VIRGINIA AB ME uh I a d Funanclal Advlser for Sulhouette Popular Songs Club I2 Instrumental Muslc Band Orchestra Servlce Orchestra MOCK CLYDE F A B Art Art Club NEWTON J W BS MEd Algebra l Algebra ll Plane Ge ometry PARSON RUTH M Graduate an Publlc School of Muslc Vocal Music Musuc Apprecnatuon Madrlgal Club Boys Glee Club Assembly Musuc RICE LAURA JEAN BA Musuc Assembly Assembly Cornmlttee SERENE MICHAEL BS MA Physics Chemistry Patrol lBoysl Boxnng Club Boys Intramurals SHAFFER LYSLE P AB AM Englnsh Publlc Speech Forenslc Dnrector Debate Coach Football Refreshment Commuttee TREMBLEY MYRTLE BS ML Sophomore Engllsh Yearbook Junnor Yearbook Club Audubon Society . A l . U . I , . . l I , ' , ff If f -A A ff A I C I , fly E ' ' , - , . X I6 Gp I I I rp' . ' l GRIME, ROSEMARY MARCH-A.B., B.L.S. ,' ' - ' " ' ' rl X Q 1 1 ' , I , 1 Ai N. 'gf , ,I fl I I ll l I I ll S Q . X 1 f T - -1 - ' 1 ' V ., . . Engle- I num I " E N 0 CLA The year nuneteen hundred and forty three sees the clumax of the career of the present day senuors The ruse of the class of 43 was comet luke un uts orugun and brulluance lts members began as uncon spucuous sophomores yet theur sulent serv uce was a great contrubutung factor to the success of the 43 actuvutues As uunuors theur servuce began to gaun more recognu tuon They alone were accountable for the success of the Junuor Class play The Whole Town s Talkung and the dance of the year the Prom They also became very actuve un the work of the Senate Student Court and other student organuzatuons But funally as senuors wuth eleven years of hard work and study behund them they took over the leadershup of the Senuor Hugh School Presudent of the Senate and the hugher offucuals of the Student Court were select ed from the 43 s ranks As edutors of the Sulhouette and Brudger uts members showed theur abuluty to wrute and manage The boys and gurls patrols elected theur captauns from the senuor class Boys who had profuted by two years of hard traunung shot baskets hut homers and ran touchdowns and un general were the players who led A H S s teams to vuc tory But all these successes would have been umpossuble wuthout the complete success cf the leadershup of the class utself and Muss Althauser our advuser At the be gunnung of the year Charles Curosdeck was elected to the presudency of the class of 43 In January he resugned hus post un favor of becomung a freshman at Putt and Jack Kemp was chosen for the vacant offuce George Modrovuch lrene Lusuc and George Pavlakovuch served the enture year as vuce presudent secretary and treas urer respectuvely For a member of the class of 43 one can make no better wush than he mught have as much success un the future as he has had un the last three years ASS OFFICER George Modrovuch, Irene Lusuc, Chorles Grosdeck, George Povlokovuch . , . , . 11 11 - - - - - - - - 1 ' ' 1 . I . . , . , . . . ,, ,, . . . . . ' 1 . ,, . . 1 I ' 1 - 11 - - I - - 11 11 - - - 1 I ' 1 1 1 . , ' , . - - 11 11 11 1 11 - - - E O CLA Clayton Bruce Otflcers Club Tru Srg Intramural Bas ketball Student Senate Yearbook Junuor Class Play Patrol College Research Club Chess Club Refreshment Committee Usher Commuttee Homeroom Offlcer Grace Louise Cam Grrl Reserves Knrttung Club Pho tography Club Bowlung Club Club Commrttee Yearbook Commuttee Club Offrcer Robert Richard Cam Patrol Radro Club Offlcers Club Wrestlung Club Snlhouette Publuclty Commrttee r Club Homeroom Presldent Art Club Presrdent Caroline Calvas Popular Song Club Knitting Club Serv :ce Club Intramural Debate Yearbook Staff Vlvlan Cassidy Band Student Banker Popular Song Club Hut the Deck Madrrgal Club Boys Glee Club mlttee Yearbook Junror Class Play Photography Club Vocal Concert Club Offucer Lllhan Barbara Ceschla Leaders Club Madrngal Club All Star Soccer All Star Basketball Yale Prrnceton Yearbook Commrttee Junuor Class Play Sllhouette All Star Mushball Presldents Club Marlo Compagnonl Patrol Model Anrplane Club Stu dent Banker Publucrty Commnttee Furst And Club Offucer Jean Marlone Cormack Srlhouette Edrtor Yearbook Ed :tor Patrol Yale Prnnceton Cheerleader Student Banker Junror Class Play Leaders Trarnnng Club Hnstorucal So crety Vocal Concert Student Loan Intramural Sports Hut the Deck Socual Commrttee Sensor Class Meetrng Committee Informatnon Desk Bowlrng Club Ruth Crouch Madrlgal Club Yearbook lnternatronal Socnety Advance Dance Club John Despmes Boxrng and Wrestlrng Club Science Forum Dance Club Boys Intramural Sports Baseball International Language Club Leo Dltz Jr Archery Officers Club Intramural Sports Commlttee Lost and Found Commnttee Student Senate Sllhouette Advertusrng Co Edrtor Yearbook Co Editor rn Chlef Junror Play Gymnastlc Club Homeroom Otfrcer Mmarn Jean Dumeyer Offucers Club Bank Orchestra Club Commuttee Servrce Orchestra Sllhouette Knnttrng Club Hobby Club Lost and Found Commlttee Home room Voce President Lenla G Farquhar Sulhouette Assembly Commrttee Pa ro Homeroom Otfrcer lnternatlonal Club Knrttlng Club Cheerleaders Club Offrcers Club Yearbook Staff Edrtor Student Savlngs Informatuon Desk Student Sen ate Homeroom Oftlcer Club Offucer Harry G Flemnng Boxrng Club Paul W Forlnger Yearbook Srlhouette Patrol Glee Club Hobby Club Photography Club Bowllng Club Dance Club Chorus Harry Gahagan Band Orchestra Debate Servrce Or chestra Student Senate Frnance Commrttee Offncers Club Homeroom Presudent Junror Class Presldent BRUCE G CAIN R CAIN CA LVAS CASSIDV CORMACK COMPAGNONI CESCHIA CROUCH DESPINES L D TZ DUMEVER FARQUHAR FLEMING FORINGER CAHAGAN I4 I - I - I I 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I I I . A . . I n n . . . I 1 I I - I I I I I I I I I I . 4 . 1 I . 1 , . 1 , .l , , I I I I I I . . , . . , , , , , Af - I - , - , - .- . I I I . , , . I I I ' . I I - 1 n 1 I , , . - 1 1 1 . . . , , , I I I . I I I I , . School Plannst, Knnttung Club, Bowllng Club, Usher Com- I I I I . l - - . ' ' I I ' ' T I1 1 1 I I I I I ' 1 ' 1 ' I ' ' ' I I I I - I I I . 1 , . I I - I I I ' I l I ' I I I I . "1 A A I - 1 1 1 1 I I - I I I . I I - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 . , , . , I GAITANIS GAUGHENEAUGH GOERMAN L. GRAHAM M. GRAHAM GREEN GROSDECK HEBERLING D. HNATH W. HNATH HOCHEVAR HOOD HRYNEWICH M. HULET THE SENIOR CLASS Michael Gaitanis-Wrestling, Boxing, Gymnastics, Boys' Intramurals, Physical Fitness, Student Senate, Finance Committee, Science Forum, Lost and Found Committee, Patrol, Homeroom President. Audrey A. Gaughenbaugh-Language Club, Knitting Club, Finance Committee, Junior U. S. O., Yearbook, Secretary-Treasurer, Club President. Henry S. Goerman-Student Senate, Silhouette, Patrol, Historical Society, Junior Class Play, Yearbook Editor, Officers' Club, Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, Pub- licity Committee, Scholarship Committee, Class Meeting Committee, International Club, Homeroom President. Lester W. Graham-Boys' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Student Senate, Vocal Concert, Hit the Deck, Dance Club, Officers' Club, Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief, Stu- dent Government Conference, Homeroom President. Margaret E. Graham-Leaders' Club, Intramural Debate, Yearbook Editor, Silhouette Editor, Madrigal Club, As- sembly Committee, Historical Society, Class Song Com- mittee, Homeroom Reporter, Girls' Sports, All-Star Soc- cer, Finance Committee. Max Jay Green - Yearbook Editor, Silhouette Editor, Gymnastic Team, Commencement Committee, Club Of- ficer. Charles L. Grosdeck--Varsity Debate, Band, Orchestra Student Senate, Officers' Club, Silhouette, Science For- um, lntramural Debate, Forensics, International Club Student Congress, Student Conference, Midwestern Band, Band Festival, Band Concerts, Class President, Homeroom Officer, Club President, Class Meeting Committee, Lost and Found Committee, President of Student Senate. 1 1 Patricia Ann Heberling-Officers' Club, Dance Club, Fi- nance Committee, Madrigal Club, Chorus, Midwestern Chorus, All-State Chorus, Club President, Homeroom Of- ficer. Dorothy Hnath--Leaders' Club, Class Basketball, Chorus. Michael William Hnath-Band, Orchestra, Debate, Sil- houette, Midwestern Band, State Band, Service Orchestra, Lost and Found Committee, Junior Class Vice President, Homeroom Officer, Officers' Club. Henry Francis Hochevar-Science Forum, Popular Song, Blueprint Reading Club, Intramural Sports Committee, Intramural Sports, Patrol, Club President. Helen Hood-Student Banker, Madrigal Club, Officers' Club, Photography Club, Student Senate, Homeroom Pres- ident, Club President. Irene Catherine Hrynewich-Student Banker, Silhouette, Representative, Intramural Sports, Silhouette Editor, Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief, Historical Society, Girls' Leaders, Officers' Club, Assembly Committee, Play Day, Social Committee, Science Forum, Health Committee, Girls' Assembly Program, Homeroom Officer, Property- Class Play. Mariorie Mae Hulet-Historical Society, Finance Com- mittee, Officers' Club, Yearbook, Intramural Debates, Student Senate, Assembly Program, Class Meeting Com- mittee, Homeroom Officer, Patrol Captain. -15- I E CLA Phyllis Joan Hulet-Historical Society Usher Committee, Intramural Debates Class Meeting Co-Editor of Silhou- ette Patrol Lieutenant Club Officer. Eleanor Hulton-Historical Society Madrigal Club Ush- er Committee lntramural Debating Vocal Concert Hit the Deck Historical Society Secretary. Edna Hurn--Assembly Committee Silhouette Editor Yearbook Editor Historical Society International Lan- guage Club Property-Junior Class Play Class Meeting Committee information Desk. Michael R. Ihnatko-Science Forum Lost and Found Committee Officers Club Yearbook Boys Intramural Committee Gymnastic Team Homeroom Officer. mittee Bulletin Board Committee Publicity Committee Historical Society Art Club. William Jessen-Band Orchestra Senate Homeroom Committee Officers Club Junior Class Play Homeroom President. Dorothy Kellmer-Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief Silhou- ette Yale-Princeton Manager Patrol Historical Society Leaders Club Girls Intramural Sports Committee Re- cording Secretary of Historical Society. Jack C. Kemp-Band Silhouette Student Senate Art Club Officers Club Science Forum Homeroom Presi- dent Studen+ Senate Recorder Andrew John Kisiday-Football Intramural Sports Gym- nastics Officers Club Homeroom Vice President. Frank J. Kloiber-Varsity Debate Intramural Debate Glee Club Madrigal Club Patrol Officers Club Pub- licity Committee Captain Gymnastic Team Silhouette Science Forum Assembly Committee Forensics Student Congress Midwestern Chorus State Chorus Music Fes- tival Concerts Talent Night Student Senate-Vice President Student Court-Attorney Associate Justice Homeroom President Chairman Activities Committee. Florian Theodore Kokoski--Model Airplane Club Patrol Lost and Found Committee Science Forum Boys Intra- murals Homeroom Vice President. Joseph Kosinski-Football Baseball Track Gymnastics Varsity Club International Club Officers Club Home- room Vice President. Anthony Krancevic-Minstrel Football Orchestra Band Intramurals Varsity Club Service Orchestra Talent Night Student Senate Homeroom President. Harry Kuntz-Madrigal Boys Glee Club Service Or- chestra. John Lobuda-Art Club Physical Fitness Club. Chester E. Laniewski-Football Co-Captain Basketball Baseball Varsity Club P HULET HU LTON HURN IHNATKO IOCCA JESSEN KELLNIER KEMP KISIDAY KLOIBER KOKOSKI KOSINSKI KRANCEVIC KUNTZ LABUDA LANIEWSKI , , I , , , , , , , , I I I I , , , , , , , I I ' , , , , , , , , , , , , , 1 , , , , , , , 1 I r I ' I I I I , , , , , Lillian Iocca-Class Meeting Committee, Finance Com- I I I I , 1 I I , , , , , , , , , , , , , , I , , , , , I I , 1 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . . , . - 16 -. LARSON LEHN LEVY LOUGH LUSIC MALLICK MARTI MCCLURE MEHRING MONETA MOORE MOYER MUSHINSKI OSSO THE SENIOR CLASS Martha Larson-Cheerleading Club, Leaders' Club, Sil- houette, Homeroom Representative, Intramural Sports, Cheerleader, Assembly Committee, Junior Class Play. Jaan M. Lehn-Popular Song Club. Alfred Levy-Science Forum, International Language Club, Homeroom Silhouette Representative, Yearbook, Honor Roll Committee. Carl Lough-Beginners' Dance Club. Irene Lusic-Officers' Club, International Language Club, Madrigal Club, Yearbook, Homeroom Secretary, Class Secretary, Club Secretary. Earl Mallick-Bowling Club, Student Senate, Student Court, Student Loan, Assembly Committee, Historical Society, International Language Club, Varsity Debate, Band, Orchestra, Silhouette, Class President, President of Club. Rollin James Marti-Science Forum, Patrol Lieutenant, Intramural Sports Committee, Officers' Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Property-Junior Class Play, Football Usher Committee, Boys' Glee Club, Concert, Intramural Sports, Officer of Cfub, Homeroom Officer. Warren Paige McClure-Student Senate, Scholarship Committee, Officers' Club, Intramural Debate, Reserve Football, Boys' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Yearbook Edi- tor, Silhouette, Concert, Homeroom President. Mary Catherine Mehring-Girl Reserves Club, Club Offi- cer, Sports Manager, lntramural Sports Committee, Re- freshment Committee, Patrol, lntramural Sports, Bowling Club. Gregory Moneta-Band, Orchestra, Boys' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Service Orchestra, Assembly Committee, Finance Committee, Officers' Club, Officer of Club, Homeroom Officer. Paul Moore-Yearbook, Baseball Varsity, Historical So- ciety, Assembly Committee, Social Studies Club, Hobby Club. John F. Moyer-Football Varsity, Barbells, Student Sen- ate, Varsity Club, Property-Junior Class Play, Talent Night, Homeroom President, President of State and Local Historical Societies. Lillian H. Mushinski-Madrigal Club, Concert. Thomas S. Osso-Basketball Varsity, Officers' Club, Student Court, Student Senate, Boys' Intramural Sports Committee, Popular Song Club, Talent Night, Homeroom President. .-.Hi E O CLA James Pappas Student Senate Yearbook Staff Glee Club Sulhouette Edntor Homeroom Offucer Club Pres: dent Patrol Captaun George Povlokovrch Art Club Offucers Club Student Senate Scnence Forum Glee Club Madrugal Club Sul houette Yearbook Edutor Sensor Fnnance Commuttee Class Treasurer Class Meetmg Commuttee Intramural Sports Musuc Festnval Mndwestern Chorus Concert Chorus John Paul Plesh Art Club Chaurman Publucnty Commlt tee Student Health Commnttee Offlcers Club Student Senate Yearbook Edntor Homeroom Presudent David Pnce Alrplane Club Art Club Boys Chorus Homer Hubert Qulnet Radlo Club Scuence Forum Pa trol Intramural Sports Club Presudent Wrllram James Rea Student Senate Lost and Found Commlttee Officers Club Musuc Festnval Intramural Basketball Glee Club Student Health Commuttee Madru gal Club Aurplane Club Concerts Sulhouette Representa tlve Chess Club Yearbook Gymnastuc Club Homeroom Presudent Homeroom Secretary Homeroom Vnce Pres: dent Club Vlce Presldent Mary Elrzabeth Run Assembly Commuttee Sllhouette Edutor Usher Commuttee Yale Cheerleader lnternatuonal Language Club Hnstorncal Soclety Yearbook Edutor Con cert Madrugal Club Soclal Commuttee Offlcers Club Student Health Commuttee Property Junuor Class Play Intramural Sports Homeroom Secretary Rlchard Kenneth Rogers Boys C-:lee Club Hustorucal So clety Concert Offucers Club Homeroom Vuce President Robert Rosensteel Internatuonal Club Madrlgal Club Boys Glee Club Hlstorncal Socuety Junuor Class Play Concert Publucuty Commuttee Mndwestern Chorus Coun ty Music Festlval Yearbook Staff Ann Rosol lnternatuonal Sacuety Student Savungs Off: cers Club U S O Club Lost and Found Committee Language Club Concert Homeroom Offucer Club Officer Dorothy Ruth Schlesinger Debate Internatuonal Soclety Sllhouette Representatlve .lunnor U S O Club Offlcer John Ivan Sherba College Research Boys Glee Club Sclence Forum Bowhng Club Concert Intramural Sports Football Mary Vlrgrnla Schermerhorn Student Savings Debate Intramural Sports Popular Song Club Cheerleadung Club Advanced Dance Club Sulhouette Staff Internatnonal Club Verne Ednth Starr Popular Song Club Gnrl Reserve Club Bowlnng Club Usher Commuttee Pheobe Ann Storer Hnstorncal Soclety lnternatnonal So clety Yearbook Snlhouette Offncers Club Debate Club Refreshment Commuttee Concert Health Commuttee Jumor Class Play Student Loan Homeroom Offucer Helen Sulca Sllhouette Patrol Yale Prunceton Usher Commnttee Intramural Sports Prom Commuttee Leaders Training Club PAPPAS PAV LAKOVICH PLESH PRICE QUINET REA RIII ROGERS ROSENSTEEL ROSOL, SCH LESINGER SHERBA M SCHERMERHORN STARR STORER SUICA B J If QSQ 1 r I - I I I - I I I . , - , . - , , I I I I I I I I I - I I I - I I I I ' I I . . - ' I I I 1 I I ' 1 , . . . , I , I I I ' I - n . r . . , , r I , , , . . , . . , I U l ,I , , , - , . . , .. I , - , , , . , Muxed Chorus, Actnvlty Commuttee. ' f ' ' I I - n Q 1 . h T I I , , - 4 I I I - , , , I I I ' 1 1 1 ' . A I I I 1 I , ' I I I I I I ' I I - . . , . , . V A I I 1 ' . . . 4 V . , , , I . . I . I , I , 1 , , , . I I I - I I I I I 1 ' 1 I I , , , VLADUCHEK SVEGEL SWIONTEK URDA VUKOVCAN VOCHKO WEBER WESSELY ZLODY THE SENIOR CLASS Helen Vladuchek-I-lobby Club, Officers' Club, Madrigal Club, Knitting Club, Junior Class Play, Yearbook, Patrol, Concert, Bowling Club, Prom Committee, Finance Com- mittee, Publicity Committee, Homeroom Secretary. Leo Louis Svegel-Yearbook, Assembly Committee, Prop- erty-Junior Class Play, Officers' Club, Lost and Found Committee, Class Song Committee, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer. Lydia Swiontek-Yearbook Staff Editor, Silhouette Repre- sentative, Patrol, Chorus, Hit the Deck, Popular Song Club, Silhouette Editor. Helen A. Urdo-Junior Class Play, Patrol, Silhouette, Popular Song Club, Quill Club, Advanced Dance Club, Concert. George Vukovcan-Boxing Club. Paul Robert Vochko-Band, Orchestra, Officers' Club, Student Senate, Basketball Manager, Silhouette, Inter- national Club, Science Forum, Student Conference, As- sembly Committee, Homeroom President, Club Officer. Fred H. Weber-Wrestling, Science Forum, Silhouette, Cheerleaders' Club, Student Loan, Concert, Boys' Glee Club, Assembly Committee, Publicity Committee. Margaret M. Wessely-Varsity Cheerleader, Silhouette Representative, Leaders' Club, Cheerleaders Club, Intra- mural Sports, Yeorbook, International Club, Property- Junior Class Play. Rudolph L. Zlody-Co-Editor-in-Chief of Silhouette, Yearbook Staff Editor, Dramatics, Science Forum, Stu- dent Senate, Assembly Committee Chairman, Officers' Club, Concert, Festival Chorus, Midwestern Chorus, ln- tramural Debate, International Language Club, Baseball Team, Homeroom President. -l9- 0 THE JUNIOR CLASS The Junior class is sponsored by Mrs. Cook. Clarence Welsh is the president and is capably assisted by Frances Rad- wanski, vice president, and Dorothy lzak, secretary. The Junior class presented the original Henry Aldrich play, "What a Life." Miss Lee directed the production which was presented to the public on Feb- ruary 4. The characters were: Miss Shea, Doris Smith, Mr. Nelson, Bob Gray, a student, Earl Bauerlien, a student, Ailsia Hulet, Mr. Patterson, Fred Ringer, Miss Pike, Delores Grey, Bill, Francis Prus, Miss Eggleston, Gloria Dorashenk, Miss Johnson, Mary McGreary, Mr. Vecchitta, Anthony Muselin, Henry Aldrich, Donald Brutout, Barbara Pearson, Naomi Smith, Gertie, Marjorie Marr, Mr, Bradley, Rob- ert Smith, Miss Wheeler, Lillian Jacobs, George Bigelow, Raymond Dailey, Mrs. Aldrich, Frances Jancewicz, Mr. Fergu- son, William Karnoski, Mary, Mary Rose Seyboth, Students, Raymond McNees and Doris Russell, and Prompter, Gertrude Mallick. ASS OFFICE C L R S F F. Redwonski, D. lzok, G. Welsh - 20 D, JUNIORS lst Row Aleksuch Anderson Andrus Antnno poulos Anzur Arthur Asfoga Augusfme 2nd Row Austun Baniey Baluckl Barlec Baar sus Borto Bartolac Bartosh 3rd Row Batoluk Bauerlnen Bellas Berkner Buenkowskl Bnrcnw Blaho Boone 4th Row Batsko Bowan Brady C Brogne Brutout Bryant Bungo 5th Row Calng Carrodus W Carter R Car ter Cottage Cerullo Cetto Chapala 6th Row Charm Cuccone Curca Clerc Co andle Coleman Costanza Cox 7th Row Creese Cvntkovxch Danley Dale B Davls R Davus W Davls Delal 8th Row DeNlnno Dutz Dollnskl Drewnoskl Dubensky Duda Dudych Dumerslc Flrlch Farnham Frazier 10th Row Fuchs Gautanns Gantta Gogluardu Golagr Gause Galuattl Gebet llth Row Gerazounus B Gerle H G rle Gnal lorenzo Glatz Grambo R Gray D Gray 12th Row Gross Grzegorek Haggerty Haspel Hartllng Hartswlck Hartman Herter 13th Row G Hendrnckson D Hendrlckson Hertneky E Hervolch J Hervolch H Hopkms J Hopkms Hrntsko 14th Row Hrones Hrycyk Hudasek Hulet Humenlk Hyshak Intrlern Ivkovlch 15th Row Irvancyk lzak Jacobs Jankowutz Jones Josopok Jula Koblnk 16th Row Kalmowskl Karalak Karaglones Karasko Karnosku Kasakos Keper Keilner I I I A - I I I I I I I I I - 1 1 1 ' I I I I 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 "' f 1 ' 1 ' ' I I I I I I I I - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9th Row-Dugan, Essek, Evans, Felton, Fajtak, 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q I . 1 - 1 - V 1 1 1 1 - 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . , . - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 JUNIORS lst Row Kmut Korbel Kolder Komtsnay KOS tyk Kovaclc Kretzler Kroll 2nd Row Krupa Kulbackl Kutsko Kuzas Lambert Levato Lehn Lesklak 3rd Row Lemon Lesondak Levkuluch Lew andogsku Lnthgow Lnvltska Lojek Lytle 4th Row Mallnck Manns Manolukns Manos Marr Marrastersku E Martin V Martin Sth Row C Mattern L Mattern M Mattern Mantzarus Matlch Mauk P Mazzettu V Maz zeftl 6th Row McAlluster M McCreary McMahn McNees Mellot Muckey Mnhaluc J Muller 7th Row R Muller Mules Monera Manton: Moore Nadzak Nnaros Narkovlc 8th Row Nastlch Novak Nausbaum Olkow sk: Okuly Palm Papunchak Pappas 9th Row Parker Pastlek Patrncan Pelnc Pet kash Patrnck Petrma Petula lOth Row Puerro Plaff Puetzykowskn Plese Papson Padgursku Powell Powers llth Row Prlce Prus Prxester Puskaruc Rad wansky Raso D Reader H Reader l2th Row Rengowskl Rnnger Ranpak Rosen buer Rowley Rubel Russel Russo l3th Row Sabol Sapp Savle Scalese Schenk er Schmerhorn B Schmndt H Schmndt 14th Row R Schmudt Seaman Selly Seyborh Shepherd Snares Snmonu Sklarsky l5th Row Smethanko D Smith R Smnth Sokolowskl Sokolskl Somar Span Speer l6th Row Spolaruch Sposaro Sprunger Sprock I Starr J Starr Sterner G Stewart 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 - ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 "" 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 - JUNIORS lst Row Todd Topalska Tomazewsku Trow brndge Turclc Tylasky Ullzlo Ulbrlch 2nd Row Vaclucku C Vlasuc l-l Vlasuc Vognl D Wagner E Wagner R Wagner Walgus 3rd Row Wolllngton Waslo Ward Wakonyu Watoclfm Welling Wetter Whlttler Wozmak Wozny Wrrght Yeward 5th Row Zgalner Zlberna Zonlas Zublk Lazar Kelly Knslday Klemook 6 Row Kline H Stewart Strlko Sudlk Swagel Syrnk Tabm Tallarnta 7th Row Kendrux Teny Tlshky 3' me 1255? fx l S 'Vn' - Q Q 'ff f -. 4 v Q e . . 5,4 V ' ' f W W r ff , 1 , f ' Q35 V ,A - , - , - , y pr lf 'N-' ., g N l 5 J 3 L - 1 1- I 1 I . GJ? , . ., 1' r J 2 W - .lf -eff , gg: 4th Row-B. Wolfe, W. J. Wolf, Wood, Work, f"2. C A, rar W 4 , , -- , i ri md, ' " jf A F th Z . I D I . I . I , . 2 ,L ' ' f ' f ' Y' gf .. ...n hl K . 1 X , , f. 'x N 6 4 J N v- I Q f .. 23 .. I OUR FALL POW WOW On September the l4th we opened the football season IN our new stadium wlth Monaca As the tnme for the kickoff drew nearer and neared the stadium began to full wnth people anxious to cheer the teams on to victory and just as anxuous to see the new stadium with all nts lnghts on As the powerful llghts transformed the fneld unto bnlluant day light the band began to play the Star Spangled Banner and the fans stood at attention whale of the field After the knckoff the fans con centratnng on the game cheered as the teams moved up and down the field passnng puntnng blocking and runnnng both strlvlng for vlc tory Due to the fune teamwork and excellent coachnng our team walked off the fneld that nnght wnth a score of 21 to O to their credit 24 the American flag was raised at the north end COMMENCEMENT The Commencement of the class ot "42" was highlighted by a speech by Doc- tor Smith, The Doctor told the class that he was firmly convinced that we have rendered a greater service to our country by remaining in school than we could have rendered in any other way. He went on to describe the abnormal times the Seniors were graduating in and wished them all luck in their careers Dr J R Miller in accepting the class congratulated the graduates on its suc cess and achievements Dr Miller men tioned that the graduates were just the same group that entered first grade the year he came to Ambridge. Dr. James Direnzo in brief but im- portant remarks lauded the class for its work and introduced the members of the Board of Education. Dr. Direnzo, assisted by Miss Katherine Forcey, Mr. William Bining, Mr. Leonard Horseman, Miss Rosemary Crime, and Miss Avis Cauley presented the diplomas to the 298 graduates Rev Dr Richard B Cuthbert and Rev Leo Krauss otticiated over the religious ceremonies ":95'gN 25 Fnrst Row Grosdeck Mr Shaffer Hnoth Second Row Klonber Mollnck Gohogon DEBAT The war has had Its effects upon the forenslc program as drastncally as It has on any other actlvlty Mr Shaffer direct ed the work of the Debate Team com posed of Harry Cahagan Charles Gros Earl Malllck Last year steam whuch was composed of the same members won the unter county champnonshnp When a call for new debate candudates was made more than thirty five promising Juniors and Sophomores responded Three ofthe reg E 26 TEAM ular varsity debaters Harry C-ahagan Charles Crosdeck and Frank Klolber left at the end of the tnrst semester to enter nnstltutuons of higher learning The de bate team attended tournaments at the Unlverslty of Plttsburgh In December McKeesport on January 30th West View on February l2th and l3th and Munhall on March 6th The questuon for thus year was Resolved That a Post War Federated World Government Should Be Establushed . D I I I I l I - deck, William Hnath, Frank Kloiber, and . - - . . . I . I , - I I . i . . I I PAGEANT The presentation of the stirring pag- eant entitled America proved to be the most interesting impressive and success- ful Commencement exercises in the his- tory of the Ambridge High School. The difference between the l94l-42 affair and the predecessors was the elimination of the usual orations and addresses s the members of the graduating class por- trayed the confused state of the world and the events leading up to the present crisis. After the singing of The Star Spangled Banner by the audience Kenneth Hulet in the role of Uncle Sam the Voice of America told what America stood for how hard work had made it the top-rank- ing nation of the world. He also told how its citizens coming from every part of the globe made it a better place to live in. The Chorus sang Ballad for America which provided the motif of the pageant. Representing the countries which have been the victims of the Nazis eight Sen- iors Joanne Mellott Julia Senata Veron ict Niklewicz Steve Skapic Margaret By- cura Jeanne Shippan Harry Bielski and John Athens in native costumes imper- sonated Ethiopia China Poland Czecho- slovakia Yugoslavia Netherlands France and Greece respectively. Each of the countries cried out to America to help them expressing what they were going through. But Uncle Sam turned a deaf ear explaining that America was not pre- pared and that it wanted no more A.E.F.s or no more war. Hawaii enacted by Eve- lyn Hartstein then came on the scene and after her announcernent of what hap- America rose up and after explaining that we were in the war whether we wanted to fight or not introduced a Ma- rine Soldier Sailor Red Cross Nurse American worker and Civilian Defenses portrayed by Francis Mildanner William Hronas David Rittlemann Beatrice Dale David Barr Ruth Wolfe and Ann Mosura Il ll l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I a I I Il I II I I I I I I I f pened at Pearl Harbor, the Voice of I I I II II 1 I I I I I I I , I 1 1 I 1 r ' 1 ' -27.- meacaal T? flll xx fl l X xfxl fi'-f Z The Commerclal Department IS teaching Its students the fundamentals of business edu cation Shorthand typong bookkeeping and buslness law are a few examples ot the practu cal subjects taught In thus course To equnp the students of today to become the stenogra pher businessman and Industrial manager ot tomorrow IS the job ofthe commercial teacher How well they have succeeded has been proven In the past by the number of Ambrldge Hugh Commercials who go unto local lndustry and busaness -fjmjb, ,ge ., 3, l fff fe fs.-. ffl' 1. Vu. an v 2, v ,,-w rin, N. J ., ,W , L fgfrz b i Q , U an 14 vm ?Q x 4 Q Z ,7fg,,,, 2 62' ff? wpgfiqff V, 1 .i. .. i H Q l ll ll li 'T I 'T 1 l OUR FACULTY K X X 'Q' BAILEY MELA JANE B S Typing I English Il Bookkeeping I Dance Club CEASE OLIVE E B S M Ed Bookkeeping Shorthand Chairman of Commercial Dept Bookkeeper for High School Finance Service Typing Club COOK MARGARET NUSSBAUM B A M A Business English Business Economics Junior Class Adviser Cheerleader Club Sponsor Cheerleader Squad HORSMAN MADELYN X Shorthand Typing O G A Club KOZAK Rose BS EM T' Secretarial Practice Shorthand ll Typewriting lll Supervisor of Mimeograph Room g Employment of Office Employees f "" ser Summary of Attendance Registers g. 5 sir JV MELLON RITA B S X ff Typing l and Il 3 V Business Math Salesmanship ,ff Dance club 2 MERMELSTEIN ELINORE B S 9th Grade Typing Typing ll :Wa M Q I . 4 i gf -.,.. XS 0 ' I ' , 4 0 Y g 6 X - - E f Silhouette Typing Adviser, Yearbook Typing Adviser E N X is I xmas A V fl, A ,f g .' ,wr fat! ,ff ' Q TXXX I 1 -- ' ff44::f"' I if , , , I . E CLA Helen Athanassnon Busrness Manager of Sulhouette U S O Servlce Club Annual Chorus Lrbrary Staff Florence Aversa Hobby Club Popular Song Club Girl Reserves Frnance Concert Maxme Barclkowskr Student Senate Student Savmgs Gnrls Intramural Sports Commrttee Madrrgal Club Year book Typust Concert Offrcers Club Assembly Commrt tee Intramural Debate Hut the Deck Advanced Danclng Club Homeroom Presudent Secretary of Student Senate Sarah Rose Bartolo-Student Health Commuttee Usher Commlttee Officers Club Soccer Dramatrcs Popular Song Club Glrls Leaders Club Student Banker Ad vanced Typlng Club Homeroom Offrcer Club Offncer Harry Bellas Club Officer Eleanor F Bena Glrl Reserves Basketball Qull Serv Ice Typnng First And Mushboll Club Offucer Ann E Bllska Intramural Sports Qulll Club Frrst And Junror U S O Student Health Board Offrcers Club Homeroom Officer Club Offlcer Vurgmna Mae Blosser Madrlgal Club Hustorucal Soclety Junror Leaders Trannnng Club Offncers Club Concert Homeroom Officer Mary Bober Yale Prunceton Intramural Sports Glrls Leaders Club Chorus Popular Song Club Mildred Marne Buben Papular Songs Club Mlmeograph Club Club Commuttee Clara R Bufalmn Popular Song Club Intramural Sports Camrnuttee Basketball Glrl Reserves Advanced Dance Club Madelme Bungo-Art Club Popular Song Club Evelyn Jean Clunclulla Homeroom Offlcer Intramural Varsity Ushers Committee Laverne Cochenour Mlmeograph Club Junuor U S O Club Commlttee Cheerleader for Yale Refreshment Commrttee Club Secretary Dorothy Conh Refreshment Commnttee Gurl Reserves Intramural Sports Cue Club Madrlgal Club Club Offncer Frlonelda DeNoble Grrl Reserves Intramural Sports Bowlnng Patrol Checker Club Commuttee Club Offucer ATHANASSION AVERSA BARCIKOWSKI EIARTOLO BENA BLISKA BLOSSER BOEIER BUBEN BUFALINI BUNGO CHINCHILLA COCHENOUR CONTI DE NOBLE l I . . . . . 1 T I ' T - I I ' - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' - l I I - 4 Q l4 ' I I ' . I , . , . , . . , I I I V A ' - - 1 1 1 1 V, , l 1 , A 4 - 1 ,I I . I . , 1 , 1 1 1 - 1 ' , ' . I I ' I Sports, Health Committee, Leaders' Club, Cheerleader i ' I ' V I - I -V' , I, I , - - ' , ' . . ., I I I ' I 1 I , . ' . ' 1 I 1 l A 1 ' ' Z 1 1 , , 1 - I 1 1 1 1 , , ' I I I ' I B A E O CLA Helen Lucille Double Student Senate Sophomore Off: cers Club Yearbook Funance Commuttee Hobby Club Kmttlng Club Club Commzttee Homeroom Offucer Patrol Lieutenant Henrlefta Dworakoskl Llbrary Scuence Popular Song Club Intramural Sports Student Banknng Bowlung Club Nora Grace Elliott Junlor Leaders Club Hobby Club O G A Club Funance Commuttee Vocal Concert Ernest Falkowsky Raduo Club Popular Song Club Sl houette Representative Intramural Sports Yearbook Representatzve Club Offucer Homeroom Officer Olga E Fardo Junior Leaders Club Intramural Sports Attendance Collector Refreshment Commnttee Popular Song Club Advanced Dance Club Offncers Club Vlce Presndent Paulrne Mary Ferderbar Gurl Reserves Popular Song Club Snlhouette O G A Basketball Wanda Ferrrs Lost and Found Department Sulhouette Sprung Concert Offucers Club Usher Commuttee Ad vanced Dancing Club Homeroom Officer Phyllrs Fisher Gnrl Reserves Artustnc Typung Club Margaret Flavarus Knlttung Club Vrctor R Frangrone Football Basketball Varsuty Club Homeroom Officer Wlltrucle Geisler Snlhouette Band Popular Song Club Josephine Grammarra Popular Song Club Gnrl Reserves Intramural Sports Wllllam Glrgash Basketball Varsity Club Baseball Homeroom Offlcer Lulu Gos Hut the Deck Vocal Concert Popular Song Club Servuce Typing Flnance Commuttee Madrngal Club Sally Grzybowskl Student Savnngs Madrugal Club Off: cers Club Vocal Concert Junnor Leaders Trammg Club O G A Homeroom Offucer Margaret Guerruerr Popular Song Club O G A DOUBLE DWORAKOSKI ELLIOTT FA LKOWSKY FARDO FERDERBAR FERRIS FISHER FLAVARUS FRANGIONE GEISLER CIAMMARIA Ni X l GIRGASH Q GOS 1 GRzvBowsKl GUERRIERI 4 i 5 S 32 'S 1 Z. .' l- L I I ' . . I I , I I . 1 1 1 ' . - In 1 , 1 A 1 , , , . . h I . . 1 . I I l I 4 I I ' ' ' 1 , . . . . - I . W T . 1 1 l' ' U 1 V 1 I I ' . . . - I . I, I I i L - I I I Varsity Football Manager, Silhouette, Offlcers Club, 1 4 1 ' . , , , Lg l I I I ' ' 1 1 1 ' , , , . . ., . U n . . I . I .- , . , . , . . , ' . ' 1 I1 I l 1 1 V 1 ' , , ,I , , . V 'S GULISH HENDRICKSON HETTISH HICKS HOENIG HORAK IORFIDO JARZYNKA KARAS KEIM KNOPICK KOLDER KOWALSKY KROLL THE SENIOR CLA William Gulish-Student Banker, Varsity Cheerleader Cheerleaders' Club, Club Officer. Ethel Hendrickson-Girl Reserves, Mimeograph Club Silhouette, Club Committee, Club Officer O. G. A Officer. Betty Anne Hettish-Hobby Club, Mimeograph Club Popular Song Club. Alice Marie Hicks Alda Jane Hoenig-Popular Song Club, Health Commit- tee, Officers' Club, Homeroom Officer. Esther M. Harak-Girl Reserves, Popular Song Club, Hob- by Club, Cue Club, Finance Committee, Orchestra, Year- book. Hugo Richard lorfido-Football, Silhouette, Varsity Club Intramural Sports. Anthony M Jarzynka Popular Song Club Airplane Club Boys Chorus Intramural Sports Helen Karas Club Committee Refreshment Committee Intramural Sports Popular Song Club Yearbook Prom Committee Georglana Keim Football Refreshment Mimeograph Club Officers Club Student Senate Homeroom Officer Anna Jane Knoplck Publicity Committee Popular Song Club Hobby Club Usher Committee Refreshment Com mittee Bulletin Board Committee Intramural Sports Katherine Ann Kolder-Popular Song Club Refreshment Committee Concert Silhouette Assembly Committee O. G. A. Club Orchestra Club Secretary. Mary Kowalsky Emma Jean Kroll-Patrol Silhouette Yearbook Popular Song Club, Hobby Club. -33- THE SENIOR CLASS Tessie Kryss-Patrol, Silhouette, Cue Club, Yearbook, Popular Song Club, Finance Committee, Hobby Club, Volleyball, Club President, Jennie Kurelich-Basketball, Popular Song Club, Student Banker, Intramural Sports. George Andrew Kyros-Boxing Club, Boys' Intramurals, Club President. Yva Lillian Lynch-Usher Committee, Officers' Club, Popular Song Club, Class Meeting Committee, Home- room Vice President. Sophie M. Marlinga-Leaders' Training Club, Intramural Sports, Intramural Sports Committee, Chorus. Anna Jeane McFarland-Dancing Club. Betty Jane McKee-Popular Song Club, U. S. O., Study Hall Club, Girls' Chorus. Ann Michelosen-Sports, Home Ec Club, O. G. A., Stu- dent Health. Dorothy Miketa-Girl Reserves, Intramural Sports. Cecelia Mish--Officers' Club, Leaders' Club, Advanced Typing Club, Intramural Sports, Prom Committee, Home- room Officer, Club Officer. Ann Nester-Girls' Sports, Popular Song Club, Mimeo- graph Club, Hobby Club. Sophie M. Niklewicz-Silhouette Club, Quill Club, Patrol, Popular Song Club, Officers' Club, Homeroom Secretary. Ellen Marion Olson-Popular Song Club. Wanda Olyarczyk-Popular Song Club, Refreshment Committee, Quill Club, Girl Reserves. Jean Emily Osborne-Refreshment Committee, Popular Song Club, Hobby Club, Girl Reserves. Jane Owens-Officers' Club, Health Committee, Madri- gal Club, O. G. A., Homeroom Officer. KRYSS KURELICH KYROS LYNCH MARLINGA MCFARLAND McKEE MICHELOSEN MIKETA MISH NESTER NIKLEWICZ OLSEN OLYARCZYK OSBORNE OWENS I 'D PASTVA PAZICH PLOFCHAN POLING PRUS I G PALEOS I M PALEOS RASKOSKY REINARD RICCI ROMAN RUCINSKI SERAPHINE SMOLINSKY E CLA Elizabeth M. Pastva-Popular Song Club Margaret Wilma Pazich-Popular Song Club, Mimeo graph Club Club Committee Virginia Marie Plofchan-Intramural Debate Scholar ship Committee, Hit the Deck, Intramural Sports, Usher Committee Junior Leaders' Club Junior U. S. O. Year book Student Banker Club Officer Homeroom Officer Avonelle M. Poling-Popular Song Club, Mimeograph Club, Club Officer, Silhouette, Concert, Madrigal Club Jean Louise Prus-Silhouette Representative, Usher Com- mittee, Hobby Club, Knitting Club, Popular Song Club. Irene G. Paleos-Popular Song Club, Beauty Culture. Irene N. Paleos-Home Economics Club, Junior U. S. O., Popular Song Club. Susan Raskosky Popular Song Club Harry G Reinard Chess Club Boys Home Economics Football Patrol Finance Committee Student Loan Anthony Ricci Boys Home Economics Popular Song Club Airplane Club Boxing Intramural Sports Kathryn Roman Popular Song Club Advanced Typing Prom Committee Stella Rucinski-Officers' Club, Dance Club, Student Health Committee, Homeroom Officer. Richard F. Seraphine-Popular Song Club, Boys' Chorus, Intramural Sports, Book Club, Club Officer, Homeroom Officer. Eva Marie Smolinsky-Popular Song Club, Girl Reserves, Finance Committee, Usher Committee. ..:-251 E O CLA Marne A Sotyrou Leaders Club Varsity Cheerleader Intramural Sports Homeroom Offscer Helen Spolarnch Gurls Leaders Club Glrl Reserves Servlce Typmg Concert Dancing Club Margaret Tekstar Popular Song Club Hobby Club Glrl Reserves Publlcnty Commnttee Flnance Commlttee Bulle tm Board Commlttee Betty Lounse Thurknns Refreshment Commuttee Cheer leadlng Club Student Senate Assembly Commuttee Dance Club Offlcers Club Advanced Dancung Club ln tramural Sports Homeroom Presldent Dorothy M Toth Popular Song Club Intramural Sports Concert Rose Mae Tucker Popular Song Club Hobby Club Gurl Reserves Helen Alberta Ulnnskl Popular Song Club Chorus Dance Club Talent Nlght Arthur J Vallecorsa Patrol Boys Home Economucs Popular Song Club Offncers Club Intramural Sports Homeroom Vuce Presndent Isabel Vlaslc Yearbook Popular Song Club Fnnance Commuttee Cue Club Hobby Club Mary Vrankovlch Junlor Leaders Club Offxcers Club Popular Song Club Club Commuttee Lost and Found Committee Intramural Sports Homeroom Officer Jean Wagner Publuclty Commlttee Popular Song Club U S O l-lobby Club Concert Glrls Intramural Sports Commlttee Lucrlle Wood Refreshment Committee U S O PODU lar Song Club Cecelia Woznack Popular Song Club Servuce Typmg Prom Commnttee Martha Wronosky Girl Reserves Popular Song Club Josephme Wuycheck Glrl Reserves Concert Servuce Typnng SOTYROU SPOLARICH TEKSTAR THURKINS TOTH TUCKER ULINSKI VALLECORSA VLASIC VRANKOVICH WAGNER WOLOSHAN woop wozmxcx wnonosxv wuvcr-rscx 63 , - V J' H .X s ' N Q l -I I ' 'l I I , - f , - I n , f f -, I I I I ' V . I I . f , - l I I I I I I - I V I , . l - I I . . . F I , - 1 , , f , f Victoria Woloshan-Popular Song Club, Girl Reserves, I I ' I - I I I I I , , . . ' 1 1 ' 44 I ' ' ' I' C ' 1 1 l - -A ' ' , , . I L I I r A i ' I . , . . - , , - I I I T I I l - 36 - YANCHER ZAGROCKI ZAWASKY ZAWINSKI ZELECHOWSKI ZEHNDER MATIKA PUSHINSKY THE SENIOR CLASS Mary Yanchar-Student Savings, Publicity Committee, Prom Committee, Popular Song Club, Girl Reserves, Serve ice Typing Club. Leonard W. Zagrocki-Band, l-lit the Deck, Boys' Glee Club, Property-Junior Class Play, Debate Club, O, G. A Club, Yearbook, Boys' Leaders' Club. Helen Zawasky-Library Science, Mimeograph Club, Prom Committee, Club Officer. Pearl Zawinski-Advanced Typing, Girl Reserves. Genevieve Zelechowski-Popular Song Club, Service Typ- ing Wilma Jane Zehnder-Cheerleading Club, Dance Club. Francis W. Matika-Debate Club, Publicity Committee Patrol Lieutenant, Art Club, Scenery Committee, Band Gymnastic Team, Orchestra Committee, Dance Club Intramural Basketball Captain, Intramural Sports Com mittee, Intramural Mushball. Margie Pushinsky 1" i l ,T I F! lie. ef L i37T Madngal Club Fnrst Row Danko Tallasl Luslc Nanowskl Druzuky Hulton Prlce Gos Crouch Evans Hood Polung Blosser Mushlnsku Second Row Cassldy Marr Barclkowskn Heberlung M Graham Ruzu Vladeucheck Mlhallc Cont: Grabowskl Owens Ceschla Seaman Parson Thurd Row McClure Rae Klouber Zlody Fetchak Xenos Palvackovnch R Smlth R Gray Rosensteel L Graham Kuntz Gusondu Danley Moneta Taggert Boys Glee Club Fnrst Row Tartar Truszkowskl Moore Brutout Arthurs Taggart Kuntz G Moneta Vochko Barcyz Manowskl lorfndo Borkowskn Second Row Mass Parson Welsh R Smlth Carrodus McNees McFee Dailey Forrmger Loschuavo Weber Krasko Kendrick Goldman Mazettl P Loschlavo Quunet Marr Cassldy Third Row Bellas McClure Pavlalfovlch Rae Klolber Rosensteel Zlody Glsondl R Gray L Graham Cozzupon Mules R Monefa Xenos Fetchak Drobnak Muckey 38 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ww V Ay - " """"'-"'N-M-A-www! - . ,.,..,. 1s..,,.s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 . . '. , 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 MADRIGAL CLUB The Madrigal Club is made up of ap- proximately fifty selected girls and boys. Under the sponsorship and direction of Miss Ruth Parson, this club has reached great heights in choral singing. Being one of the most popular clubs in the school, they are often called upon to perform be- fore the student body. Having been called upon to give the Christmas program this year they decided upon the religious as pect Characteristic of the solemn church setting the songs featured were the Canique De Noel and the Hallelujah Chorus An ensemble also sang carols through the halls The Madrigal Club al so provided the music for the pageant during Educational Week Besides appear ing before the student body, the Mad rigal Club was also called upon to sing before the social groups. Taking part in the Christmas program for the Ambridge Music Club on December 7th, they fea- tured several carols dating back several hundred years and several numbers were done by the girls and boys choruses An other engagement of the year was with the Ambridge Women s Club in April The accompanists are Vivian Cassidy and Marjorie Marr The officers are Patricia Heberling President James Rea Vice President Avonelle Poling Secretary Treasurer Robert C-ray Marjorie Marr and Robert Smith Librarians BOYS GLEE CLUB The Boys C-lee Club under the direc tion of Miss Ruth Parson meets every Wednesday morning during the activity period Forty three of the selected male vocalists constitute the making of this club The purpose of this club is to im prove and enable the boys to learn appro priate numbers for their many public ap pearances The accompanists are Vivian Cassidy and Marjorie Marr The officers are Robert C-ray President John Fet chak Vice President Gregory Moneta Secretary Treasurer Jack Taggart Ernest Cisondi and Robert Smith Librarians 4 if w flaw -H N! J' 'xi ig, I I 1 - . , . . I . V . . . I I ' I I I I ' 1 1 1 ' ' - ' . I I I . ' 1 1 ' I I I . - I 1 I , . . . . I - - , . ' ' ' 1 1 ' I I I ' ' ' 1 1 - I U .-f L2.61-:f,"j-:- 1 2 19? im: gf.-.:. .. ?:w'-IL". ' .FKA ??ilf'f"- 'ff'-L :,.,, ,..- t .,if,,'...j'-L..-1.15.3-A, .frm gs -,':,.-24, ,...:- Q .H ' ' . na I A ', . , xv ., 15. , -- 15531.-5: f -'gh-yu f,'EgSg'-ig 4' J. 5-5:1-2-.fem Q ."' ' 'P -'IE' f - n ., ., w'5f1EZ 971: 1 -isp, 1, -2- .gym :,.-ig .Uv yr, g Q 1-5: .-ls'-E-ig Tv .up ' -5' JIl'. 5531155 . 'SCF ' PI ' 'LLL I-':':"'1f:'i l :PETA-".lf' ' 15:31 j".Qi:'93Q F- Lx ,gifs "f ?31-' fNffa.- Q3 - if ,ff Q- -ff 1: - l Qi -, :bfi 5 -1 , gif' - "7a'f. ev 1, LN'Qf.. X 9.75: tgp?-1-,' , ' cgqji.:-f -fvpziej. " . bf 13 ' X .. '51 K xy 4' U 5 T'-' 1 -.1 1? ' xl ,.' , 5.'g.'n5.4 4: ' .I-TR.-I-.f..l',l.'f .'.-jf-ff' 'sg ,,--.-,-'-- "7-it-1 1.30. Furs Row Dumeyer Wesseley Ruclnskl Tekstor Athonosslon Nuklewucz Luslc Prus Plof char- Blusko Grzybowsku Borclkowsku Owens Second Row Ozypok Tngnonellu Kokoskn Rlzu Kellmer Mass Schermerhorn P Hulet M Hule Double Kryss Jessen Restelln Plesh Hnoth Thrrd Row Kemp Rea McClure Goermon Zlody Povlokovuch Goltonus Grohom Vochko Lenne Weelechowsku Plevel NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1 -404 The purpose of tm Natuonal Honor So cuety IS to create enthusmasm for scholar ship to stimulate a deslre to render serv Ice to promote leadership and to develop character One fourth of the graduating class are eluglble but only fifteen per cent are admltted The advantage of the Natnonal Honor Society IS to deflne and set standards for the Ideal hugh school student Because the National Honor So cxety IS natnonal an scope It has gained significance and prestige lt IS an educa tuonal agency because of the opportunl tles In Its constructive program Members were ranked by scholarship servlce leadershlp and character by a properly authorized committee The faculty commlttee IS composed of Mlss Schermerhorn chalrman Mass Ad ams Mass Kozak Mr Rothemel and Mr Kuesch First Row Kellmer Hulton M Hulet P Hulet Jacobs Zgainer Hurn Schermerhorn Vochko R Gray Arthur Herter Georman McNees Second Row Miss Schermerhorn J Moyer J Cormack M Wagner G Woods Mazzetti Svegal Price Marr McCreary Braun Oseroff Kerchner Carver Moore R Smith Third Row Brutant Rogers Slingluff Sutton M Graham Hrynewich Mallick Span Beall Rosensteel Tarter Baurlein H STORICAL SOCIE Y The purpose of the Historical Society tory and encourage them in further study of history Miss Avis M Cauley former sponsor of the Society is now organizing History Clubs in Pennsylvania Taking Miss Caul ey s place during her absence is Mr Wil liam Blning Through Mr W Blnlng s able guidance the club has progressed Officers of the club are as follows President Jack Moyer, Vice President Ray McNees Recording Secretary Doro thy Kellmer Corresponding Secretary Eleanor Hulton Treasurer Earl Baurlein Sergeant at Arms Paul Vochko Chap lain Richard Rogers Program Chairman Phyllis Hulet 1 I I ' I ' I I I I I is "To acquaint students with local his- f3PlCllY- ' 1' ' I I . I I . . l I ' . , , - 1 . - . - I I I . - 1 . ' l I I I I . - - - I , - I ' ' ' , , ' . ' - 1 1 I - 41 .. Scnence Forum Furst Row Hnotko Chesmnre Soppo Motson Beoll Levy Kokosku Second Row Mass Grant Iwler Dudo Seyboth Austin Klune Dolnnsky Urdo Thnrd Row Spon Boggs Wogner Zlody Goldstenn Bouley Fourth Row Moore Swegel Mortnn Weber ENCE FOR The Sclence Forum ns a group of stu dents who show more than ordmary nn terest In nature With the Interest ofthe club lynng maunly In scrence nts sponsor Mass Grant attempts to obtaln for the members speakers and demonstrations which wall add to the students knowledge Leaders In the conductlon of experiments by the club are Its officers Leo Svegal Presudent Rollin Mortn Vice Presldent Mary Klnne Secretary and Gertrude Mal luck Treasurer JZ Nl I-'l'l fo- A -Ur 1 wer ml, Qs, I A--f S C l U M g .. ff va 5551! W, ll f r l . 1' as I L wr g l I 311, lr A- will XX! 6 v T llll , g-,, .L 15, Boys Patrol Fur t Row Weber Zehnder Vollecorso Gobruel Poppos Mortsn McFee Forrlnger Muselnn Zenos Motuko Corrodus Second Row Bruce Welsh Kornoskl Hychok Brutout Korbel Hopknns Hochevor Mottern Mottern Doley Moore Goermon Thlrd Row Fullpowucz Leu sok Speer Frozuer Gregornc Spon Costcznzo Dovus Oko wosky Borsyz Muller Hcr rus Moneto BOYS The Boys Patrol has all of nts dutues outside the school Prnmarnly a safety or ganlzatlon nts members are statloned at all Important crossings surroundnng the school Agann another year has gone by PATROL with :ts safety record stall nntact Mr Serene lS the sponsor who togeth er wuth Captam James Pappas and Lleu tenants Bernard McFee and Rollun Mart: help make the organuzatlon a success LS The Cnrls Patrol, under the sponsor ship of Mnss Barr has lurnsductuon over all the halls and floors In the Sensor Hugh It ns their responsnbnlnty to see that traffic flows evenly and the nnformatuon desks are taken care of Gllrs Patrol Fnrst Row Dumesuc or quhor Cormack Swxontek Urdo Double Szoforyn Mass Barr M Hulet P Hu let Bonzo Mlhollc Vlcde chek Kellmer Second Row Norockn Neal Fnlspowacz Mehrang John son Nncklewucz Sobor Kroll Kryss Sudnk Lesondok Nod zok Price Thurd Row Poprnchok Tcl Ioruto Poppos A Hulet G Mollnck Klrne Schermer horn Izok Puskoruc Hero vlch Postolok Alexsuch Goltonus Evons Monos D P 43 Smuth ATR The gurls have elected Marjorie Hulet as Captam and Phylus Hulet Helen Doub le and Alfreda Szafaryn as the Ineuten ants on each floor On Thanksguvnng day they sponsored a dance In conjunctnon wuth the Boys Patrol 1 ' 1 i - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Z I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 , . . . . . . . ' . , , I - 1 . , . - 1 , l F . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . , - . . . 1 1 ' . , - . . . . , PROM The most notable occasion of the year is the Prom. Last year's Prom had as its theme the Navy, Amidst life preservers, boat whistles and oceanic scenery one hundred and fifty couples danced Hud James orchestra from Westminster Col lege provided the soothing music for the occasion Certri de Mackintosh and Mich ael Kostas queen and king respectively led the grand march to open the event An unusual floor show was presented. Doris Smith and the Ink Spots sang dur- ing intermission. A novelty twirling num- ber was put on by Kenneth Hulet and George Morehead Rosemary Mann did a song and tap dance Under the sponsor ship of Miss Althauser and through the cooperation of all the committees the 1942 Prom was a great success in using Furs Row Galettu Petkash Tekstar Tucker Osborne Fusher Smolunsky McFarland F Rad wansku Maceross S Charnu Punotuch Moussesuon Garko Morgan Yerega Wrught Sterner Second Row Neal Aversa Grosdeck Duckey Gurgash Fletcher Bryant Lytle DeNoble Muketa Purs Whutted Martun E Radwansku Volpe Edgecomb Zukowsku Hartman Rosenbaur Setto Thurd Row Meduanowsku Fuuewsku Deep Gruscunsku Brongo L Scalese E Scalese Bruola Calug Manastersku Gotta Davus Coandle Starr Tedrow Barkasky Dubensky Fecuk Knatz Olyarczyk Fourth Row Mehrung Nawrocku Stolosku Duzucky RL RESERVE To face lufe squarely and to fund and guve the best us the purpose of the Curl Reserves whuch us composed of 57 mem bers and us under the guudance of Muss Feuck Tuesday mornung durung club peruod the gurls meet and wutness programs whuch are un charge of standung commut tees made up of members of the club The gurls chose for theur offucers thus year Patrucua Johnson, Presudent Fran cus Radwansku Vuce Presudent Genevueve Nanowsky Secretary and Mary Catherune Mehrung Treasurer W , W, V ,.. .,.. , Q . . . - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,, . . . . . . I . 1, . . l I ' I - . , ' ' I I I I 1 1 ' ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Approximately 35 students, chosen by the Student Senate, make up the Assem- bly Commnttee It IS the duty of the com mnttee to act as the nucleus for assembly programs throughout the school year Student Chairman of the group IS Rudy Zlody and Mass Rice us the sponsor Assembly Commuttee Fnrst Row Jacobs Srnuth Mollnck Serock Mass Ruce Hulet D Smnth Morr Kolder Second Row Moneto Flle Vochko Osserof Hurn Rnzzn Thurklns Lorson Kornosku Lerner Thnrd Row Zlody Moore Yorgm Grey Mnholrc Doley Swegel Smlth Povlokovuch Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CLUBS Under the direction of Miss Schermer horn the club sponsor tor the Senior High and her student assistants we have a very well planned club program The USO Club under the supervision ot Miss Duffy writes letters and sends the Silhouette to soldiers who have grad We have two dance clubs One ot them sponsored by Miss Barr and the other by Miss Mellon The members of theO C A Club un der the leadership ot Mrs Horseman take tests sent by different typewriting companies and compete with other schools Under the guidance of Mr Snyder the Intramural Sports Committee plans the program ot sports between hornerooms The members ot the Art Club spon sored by Mrs Emmert follow their own scenery and making decorations for van ous occasions The members ot the Popular Song Club meet in the auditorium and sing the lat est song hits This club is sponsored by Miss Lee and Mrs Lehman uated from this high school. individual tendencies, as well as painting .. 47 - The General course In our school guves the students unllmlted opportunity Not only may they take part In any actlvnty but they may enter classes un all courses The General boy may become If he wushes acquaunted with math from the vocatlonal to the nntrlcacues of trlgonometry and algebra and thus plan can be followed ln any fueld Glrls may concern them selves with home culture by studyung art and music and stlll be gettung every day trannnng nn the culinary arts through thus General course There IS no better course nn any sec ondary school for students who wish to special :ze an a specual field and do not nntend to get college education Q 5 i 36 R OUR FACULTY BINNING WILLIAM B A M A American History Problems of Democracy Student Senate Student Court Homeroom Program X ,W so thu I. L-N?-.1 XX CAULEY AVIS M B S M A JM Assistant State Historian DERFLINGER MRS VIRGINIA BA American History Silhouette GRANT DOROTHY P AB Senior Science Biology Science Forum HLISTA JOSEPH F A B Biology Hygiene Junior High School Football Reserve Basketball LAUF HERBERT E.-B,S. M.A. Pre-flight Aeronautics 9th Grade Math MADDEN ELEANOR-B.A. World History Radio Club MASLANIK STEPHEN-B.S, Algebra, Biology, Hygiene ROTHERMEL, L. H.-B.S. Industrial Arts Golf Coach Archery SCHERMERHORN, HAZEL-B.S., M.L. Business Economics, Economic Geography Club Director, Sponsor-National Honorary Society SMITH, MARIE C.-B.A., M.E. Consumer Education Chairman of Senior Class Play Ticket Sale THE SENIOR CLASS Irene Martha Ankowski-Publicity Committee, Bulletin Board Committee, Hit the Deck, Class Play, Art Club. Leroy Bilanich-Hobby Club, Intramural Sports, Airplane Club, Patrol, Popular Song Club, Boys' Economics. John Birciw-Art Club, First Aid Club, Boys' Home Ec- onomics. Dorothy Lorraine Bonzo-Patrol, Leaders' Club, Finance Committee, Yearbook Editor, Yale-Princeton Game, ln- tramural Sports, Club Officer. Derio Bologna-Popular Song Club, Intramural Sports, Bowling Club. Eleanor Briola-Junior Leaders' Training, Basketball Home Economics Club, Girl Reserves, Yearbook. 1 Patricia Ann Byrne-Junior Leaders' Training, Yale- Princeton Usher, Cue Club, Knitting Club, Concert, As- sembly Committee, Usher Committee. Frank R. Carioli-Social Committee, Student Senate, Offi- cers' Club, Homeroom Intramurals, Scenery for Junior Class Play, Popular Song Club, Prom Committee, Home- room President, Club President. Joseph Richard Chismire-Science Forum, Bowling Club. Joseph R. Cozzupoli-Boys' Glee Club, Silhouette, Popu- lar Song Club, Concert, Lost and Found Committee, Be- ginners' Dance Club, Officers' Club, Homeroom Vice President. Mary Kathryn Danko-Madrigal Club, Popular Song Club, Advanced Dance Club, Banquet Committee, Vocal Concerts, Hit the Deck, Costume Committee. Elmer Dash-Music Club, Refreshment Committee. William Davis-Popular Song Club, Chess Club. Mary Jane Delizio-Popular Song Club, Girls' Leaders' Club, Usher Committee, Refreshment Committee. Mary Ann Ditz--Popular Song Club, International Club. Dorothy R. Dixon-Girl Reserves, Hobby Club, Advanced Dance Club, Officers' Club, Homeroom Secretary. ANKOWSKI BILANICH BIRCIW BONZO BOLOGNA BRIOLA BYRNE CARIOLI CHISMIRE COZZUPOLI DANKO DASH DAVIS DELIZIO DITZ DIXON K 1 l --5l- ' .gt 1 EVANS FETCHAK FILE FILIFOWICZ DOMBROSKI ERDELYAN ESKEW FRONTCZAK FURNESS GABRIEL GDULA GEBET GISONDI GOZUR E O CLA Eugene Dombroski-Hobby Club, Popular Song Club In tramural Sports, Baseball Olga Erdelyan-Junior Leaders' Club, Home Economics Club Junior Leaders' Training Club, Yearbook Lela Eskew Girl Reserves Finance Committee Mattie Lee Evans Concert Madrigal Club Advanced Dance Club John Fetchak Basketball Madrigal Club Boys Glee Club, Boys' Intramural Sports Committee, Publicity Com- mittee, Health Committee, Photography Club, Club Offi- CCF. Don File--Airplane Club, Radio Club, Intramurals, Stu- dent Banking, Assembly Committee, Officers' Club, Yearbook, Photography Club, Homeroom Officer. Dorothy Filipowicz - Patrol, Refreshment Committee, Popular Song Club, Officers' Club, Homeroom Officer. tM1,,, ..,,7... Gladys Frontczak Popular Song Club Concert Bowling Club Club Officer Homeroom Reporter Elizabeth E Furness Student Banker Hit the Deck R freshment Committee Finance Committee Airplane Club International Club Junior U S O Officers Club Jun ior Class Play Yearbook Intramural Sports Homeroom Officer Edward Gabriel Boys Economics Club Patrol Lieuten ant John Gdula Band Patrol Art Club Popular Song Club Dance Club Boys lntramural Sports Committee Albert Gebet-Officers Club, Golf Club, Physical Fit- ness Club, lntramural Sports. Ernest A. Gisondi-Patrol, Mcdrigal Club, Boys' Gee Club, Physical Fitness Club, Talent Night, Concert, Mi - western Chorus, Intramural Sports, Intramural Sports Committee, Basketball, Beaver County Chorus, Club Offi- cer, Homeroom Officer, Patrol Sergeant. Carl Gozur-Football, Varsity Club, Wrestling, Gymnas- tics, Basketball, Patrol, Barbells. -.521 E O CLA Helen Grabic-Popular Song Club Girl Reserves Usher Committee Refreshment Committee. George Michael Homziak-Hobby Club Airplane Club. Mary Hrycyk-Orchestra Hobby Club. Patricia Ann Johnson-Girl Reserves Refreshment Com- mittee Patrol Intramural Sports Sport Manager Bowling Club Club Officer. Helen Elizabeth Kasper-Leaders Training Club Popu- lar Song Club Cue Club. Stanley Kowalski-Popular Song Club International Club Football Patrol Intramural Sports. Stella Krell-Popular Song Club Girl Reserves Junior Service Club. Anne Lazzaretti-Popular Song Club ir Reserves. Paul Liener-Senate Band Property Committee Assem- bly Committee Officers Club Service Orchestra Talent Night Debate Orchestra Committee Chairman of Lost and Found Committee President of Homeroom. Anthony John Loschiavo-Popular Song Club Boys Home Economics Club. Mary Maker-Girl Reserves Hobby Club Refreshment Committee. Dorothy F. Mamel-Madrigal Club Hobby Club. book Staff Editor Publicity Committee Art Poster Club Club President. Bernard F. D. McFee-Airplane Club Hobby Club Boys Glee Club Patrol Radio Club Boys Chorus Bowling Club Patrol Lieutenant. Jean McKee-Popular Song Club Junior Service Club. Helen Elizabeth Mihalic-Patrol Madrigal Club U. S. O. Club Officers Club Cue Club Homeroom Officer. GRAEIC HOMZIAK HRVCYK JOHNSON KASPER KOWALSKI KRELL LAZZARETTI LIENER LOSCHIAVO MAKER MAMEL MAUPIN MCFEE MCKEE MIHALIC ln T H S E N I R S S I Charles Richard Maupin-Silhouette Staff Editor, Year- , I I I ' ' 1 ,G 1 , ' , I ' .. Y-.. .5 NANOWSKY NAWROCKI NEAL F'lET RZYKOWSKI PLEVEL ROBERTSON SABOR SANTARELLI SCHERMERHORN SHERBA SHOOF' SIKORA E O CLA Barbara Ann Muha Girl Reserves Popular Song Club Refreshment Committee Patrol Girls Home Economics Club Genevleve Nanowsky Girl Reserves Madrigal Club Popular Song Club, Club Officer. Loretta A. Nawrocki-Patrol, Girl Reserves, Refreshment Committee, Operetta, Usher Committee. Ruth Neal-Girl Reserves, Patrol. Vincent Piefrzykowski-Art Club, Bowling Club, Dancing Club. Joseph Stephen Plevel-Model Airplane Club, Hobby Club, Home Economics Club, Officers' Club, Student Sen- ate, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer. Elva Audene Robertson--Library Science Club, Home Ec- onomics Club. A. 54 - Adeline Rogas Health Committee Hit the Deck Inter national Club Officers Club Homeroom Officer Irene Sabor Silhouette Patrol Dramatics Girl Reserves Grace M. Santarelli-Vocal Concert, Usher Committee, Refreshment Committee, Service Typing, Popular Song Club. George Schermerhorn-Boys' Intramural Sports, Radio Club, Boys' Economics Club. Mike Sherba-Archery Club, Popular Song Club, Art Club, Decorating Committee, Homeroom Officer. William Shoop-Boxing, Wrestling, Bowling Club, Boys' Home Economics Club. Paul Frank Sikora-Art Club, Popular Song Club, lntra- mural Sports, Club Officer. E CLA Ralph J Spanos: Basketball Varsuty Popular Song Club Club Presudent Paul Stacy Irene Stoloskl Refreshment Commlttee Gurl Reserves Operetta Ann E Suro Popular Song Club Girl Reserves Blue prmt Reading Concert Dancing Alfredo Slofaryn Dramatlcs Snlhouette Editor Yale Prlnceton Intramural Sports Leaders Club Prom Com muttee Patrol Lleutenant Club Otfucer Homeroom O I cer Dorothy Elvlro Tedrow Usher Basketball Soccer Oper etta Poul W Troup Football Basketball Patrol Basketball Student Savlng Baseball Barbell Club Varsity Club ln tramural Sports Harry J Ulmslu Football Basketball Baseball Varsnty Club Co Captain of Basketball and Football George Vloslc Art Club Popular Song Club Gymnas tncs Vocal Concert Decorating Cornmnttee Presudent of Club Ulysses L Xenos Wrestling Team Baxung Club Gym nastucs Boys Glee Club Madrugal Club Boxnng Tourna ment Publuclty Commlttee Finance Commuttee Patrol Sergeant Sylvro M Zwuc Gurls Sports All Star Soccer Junuar Leaders Club Leaders Club Yale Prlnceton Yearbook All Star Mushball Usher Commuttee Dons Hole Assembly Commnttee Popular Song Club SPINOSI STACY STOLOSKI SURA SIAFARYN TEDROW TROUF ULINSKI VLASIC XENOS ZIVIC HALE . - , , . - , , , ' I I I I - ' I I I I I , I ' ' I I 1 ' I I - n 1 I I ' ' ' ' - I - . I ' I I I I - I I - - I - . . . . 1 . , I , I . I . ' I - I ff- I I - I I I I I - I I ' 1 1 1 ' ' A , . THE SOPHOMORE CLASS The members of the Junlor and Senlor classes lnltlated the Greenies at the annual Sophomore Reception Thus year the Sophomores were under the able guidance of Mass Forcey Those chcsen for the positions of class offucers were Emmett Morellu President Mary Lee Straffler Vice Presndent and Teddy Zazwursku Secretary We can well see that the officers proved effuclent ln the way of maknng the Sophs what they are As an prevlous years the Sophomores aided the actlvltles of our school Foot ball was well represented through the playing of Matt Goldman and Pete Los chavlo Robert Lewus and Rudy Glsondl can be seen as our future basketball stars ln the muslc lnne we fund George Nan singer or thus we owe the Sophs our ac knowledgments ASS OFFICE Morellu, Zozwlrsky, Strlffler V ' I ' I' 5 I owsky, who shows' the makings of a good I . l . . . F l - I ll ll - SNA C L R S - 56 -- SOPHOMORES lst Row Abraham Agrecy Aleksnch Allego R Altonuan S Altonlan Anderson Applequlst 2nd Row Athens Augustnne Azaduan Backor Barley Banner Baluk Bartosh 3rd Row Bartolac Barkan Balkowsku Bat toskn Beaver Bellas Bena Benko 4th Row Bennls Bevard Bezrekl Blnger Black Blackford Blohovnc Blanmlck 5th Row Blnnkey Boggs Bologna Bono Bono bran: Borkowsks Bosworth Bowan 6th Row J Bowan Bozuck Braden Brandt Brown Breck Berltuc Bruola 7th Row G Buccs Buccu A Bufalunu M Buf alunu Burnall Burzese Buskurk Cahlnskl 8th Row Camron Carradus Cart Contan zarltea Carver Charm Chop Chorusku 9th Row Consentnnno M Constanhno Con fray Comchoc Conners Cormack A Cvutnovuc M Cvltnovuc lOfh Row Banko Barno Darvses Davis C Davus Dehokovnck Deep Deep llth Row Hart Deluzlo Dickey Dudo Dltz Doffun Dmuchowsku Dofner l2th Row Drakryk Drobnak Dudych Frsel Fowler Fouse Folune Futtante l3th Row Fusher D Fusher L Fetch Fetch Ferrence Farland Farkasovsky Farkas l4th Row Fehr Falkowsku Falkowsku Fal cone Gagluardu Galtalms Gapensku Garcus l5th Row Garko Garrlty Gauge Ggzdg Gerega Gerle Gnamamateo Gasondz l6th Row Gnrgash, Glas, Gleckanus, Goldman, Graham, Grand, Granty pu. 'Wi' ?! 'i y a I ob -4 3 s I' lbs- as 5 1 BBQ -1 I A , C 2': ' ' ' , x Q A B RQ J - - ' ' ., 4 1 '. l ' ' ' sz. N lx . 'i -' v ' 1 ' , 1 Q F v 1 'Q' Q - ,1,j.,. 4- -2' h Qf 1 J fs.. Q 1 . E , 1 1, - . -C 1 Q 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 5 - 1, 1 , A, - - 1 , ,,1. 4 . 1 4 A " 1 1 1 1 l , , A S o" D' 4 , ' V , I l I I ll 1 'sk ff? fsff '1 1f.r'25': "iff , 1 I - - 4 -Q . A Q N - 6 1 1 1 , , , , 1151-' -3 - ,Je 1 1 A gh 1551? ' :J 1 ' , ' . ' ' ' A. . , - , faq + 5 . ' ' ' 4' . Y ,F V , ' ' 'ff 'hx' 5 -hw 11 b - Q A S M N A' . - 1 1 ' 1 - 1 -. lr'-A ' ,. , ' Q ' I -11 if 1 1 1 1 , h Q 1 - , JJ af i h -V 1 2 x E, , . 1 1 1 1 3-.Z - 4 Q ,IA , l J' js - . . F Q. 5' i H ' B lj B A- K as-A l A . , T4 1 4 V 1 1 1 1 . Y Ss K -143:41 my - vin J b ggi. vm 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A - f . , A V I I I 4, , f- A , -1: , L F , , , , 5 in - I 4 r. 1 - A F IQ ' , I A 1 f 0 A K U 1 1 1 f. ' if V I V: 1 A 111 -1 J A A 1 A A q'A' A , -' 1: . ci Q - 1 1 1 1 1 1 -, , 1, 1 - - . 1 1 1 xl X , 'f 3 If Q ' 5 1 1 ' ,gif ' 3 ' A - I -I -I A 1, 1 X3 ' . . . , . . , . fy - v 1 4 , 1 1 1 1 1 j X . I ! Q 1 , 4 , f 4, .y A A g 1i 11 1, 4 J .132 x 1 H? i b 1 1 1 1 Y. -3 , I l ' ' 0 + . 1 Q - 9 1- Y, 1 , ,, g m , 1'1-1 J ' Q SOPHOMORES I st Row Grnmm I Grosdeck M Grosdeck M Gross J Gross Gruszczyroskn Grzybowsku Gutowsku 2nd Row Guzon Hall K Harrls M A Har ns Hasson Heunz B Helmbold L Helmbold 3rd Row Hendrrckson Hertneky Hethsh Hutt Halouch Hlarus Hobaugh Ho'der 4th Row Hoover Hrntsko Husak lorfudo lwler Jaslnskl Jasler Johnson 5th Row Jubnnsky H Jula P Juia Jurczak Kanduotes Kanakes Karognnus Karpovnch 6th Row Karasnk Karp A Karas Karnosku M Kefalas T Kefalas Kellmger 7th Row Kerschner Knngas Knnsh Klodowsku Knatz Knopuck Kocak Kocendo 8th Row Kolakowsku Kopczak A Kost N Kost Kraelung Krol Kublckl KUIIHSKI 9th Row Kuncua Kuny Kutzo Lamb Larson Lazorskl Lehn Lelse IOth Row Len Lenhert Lesuak Lesondak Levkvuch Lewus Lundsay Locke Ilth Row Lynch Maserass Mague Malcher Maletuc Ma'oney T Mans Maraduscus 12th Row Marr M Martun R Martun Macco Matnac Mattern Matson 13th Row Matuzo Mauro Mayer Mazzetu McCarthy McConnell McKeever McK1nny 14th Row Medlanowsky Meansky Mackey Machettu Mlketa Muckvouc C Muller E Miller 15th Row E Muller M Muler Mash Moffef E Moffe1 M Mokovuch W Mokowch Moranz 16th Row Morella Morgan Morrow Mosura Mousesslan Mayer Mraovlch Napolltcn 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . , . , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 f 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 Z 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - - - 1 - 1 1 1 A . . . , . , . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SOPHOMORES lst Row-B. Nesbitt, R. Nesbitt, Nitkulinich, Nimmons, Novrigat, A. Novak, Ochman, O'- Conner Znd Row-Okawasky, Olsen, Wm. Orlowski, Oseroft, Osso, Pavlokovich, Paliani, Papantonio 3rd Row-Pappas, Paranink, Pastelak, Palla- dine, C. Paul, T. Paul, C. Pelic, Pellegrini 4th Row-Petrina, A. Plesh, L. Plesh, Plevel, Porter, Porto, Poutous, B. Powell 5th Row-F. Powell, W, Przysuchowski, M. Price, R. Price, R. Priest, Puchar, Priskach, Quinet 6th Row-E. Radwanski, Ranshaw, M. Reinard, Reithmiller, Rice, Rich, M. Rnjak, S. Rniak 7th Row-Robbins, Robinson, Ronceivich, Rop- po, Rosenberger, Ryle, Roman, Sabol Bth Row-SamonQY, Sank, Sanko, Scalese, Scheer, E. Seyboth, Shatter, Shemelya 9th Row-Sherba, Sinecki, Sivwright, Skenicezy, Skuby, Slavik, Slavin, Slingluff lOth Row-B. Smith, D. Smith, E. Smith, So- tunko, Sokolaski, B. Soltis, Solomich, Spagnola l lth Row-Spolarich, Stasnick, Stillwagon, Stepanski, J. Stewart, W. Stewart, Stone, Stoner l2th Row-Strano, M. Strittfer, W. Stritfler, Styles, Sulkowski, Sumrock, Supe, Sutton l3th Row-Surowiec, Cvengros, Swain, Slyves- ter, Szafaryn, Taddy, Tahey, Tate s l4th Row-Taylor, Terlesky, Tekstar, Tempol- ski, Tignanelli, Tisak, Thomas, Thorkins l5th Row-Tkach, Tornazewski, Topoleski, fowcimak, Truszkowski, Tucker, Tupin, Tor- chick l6th Row-Tumour, Janecko, Urda, Vacca, Valauanis, Volpe, Wozney, Wagner I 'ang SOPHOMORES lst Row Watecko Wallace Walter Wanchnk Wardle Wargeyts Wasylko Weaver 2nd Row Weekley Whutted Wulezensku Woods E Wrught P Wright Yerga C Young 3rd Row Zappue J Young Zazwersky Zuvlc Zulenskn Zlody fx STUDENT SENATE Thns years Student Senate began the year with the task of revuslng the old Sen ate Constitution under the capable lead ershup ofthe president Charles Crosdeck and the vlce president Frank Klouber The result beung the complete modltlcatuon and modernnzatuon of the Constltutuon Jack Kemp recorder and Maxine Bar clkowsku secretary dld a pralseworthy fob of keeping the dally journal and mln utes Just as the year had gotten under way the Senate was called upon by the com munlty to and In the Salvage Drive Agaln the Senate showed nts capabnlnty un mak :ng the Salvage Druve a very successful one The Senate ended the year by coplng :ng and wasting to cooperate In the States demand for unity Senate Snttmg Kemp Zlody Plesh Klouber Grosdeck Bruce Goermon Herter Arthur Span Welsh Ulbruck Moneto Stondung Dutz Hyshok Prus Brutout Glas Beurleln Stewort Borcukowskl Anderson Gross McComeI ' I I . ' I I . . . . - , , . . I I ' T I . - ' - - with the defense program, and was wlll- I I . - . . . ' ' ' ' I - 61 .. Publlcnty Commntfee Gross Plesh Ankowsku Austun Gollottu Doroshenk locco Shemelyo Dudych lntereru J Wog ner Mcupm Fetchok Starr Mr Snyder PU LIC Y The Publuclty Commuttee under the sponsorshup of Mr Snyder has the task of lettung as many people know as possl ble about events In the school Whether It means wrutnng the event on all e boards of the buuldung drawmg and u tang cards In all strategic places or run ning unto town wuth posters for bumpers the commuttee has yet to be stumped Re lylng on mduvldual IFIIIIBIIVC the mem bers measure the success of a campaign by the attendance records Fmance Committee 'X Fnrst Row Gos Vloduchek Furness Storer Goughenbough Averso Rubel Double I-Iulet Krnxt Storr Goglnordv Scolese locco Se ond Row I-Ieberllng Shemelyo Vlosuc Grohom Kryss I-lorok Smolunsku Mr Snyder I-Iortlung Rengowsku Gollatu Wonchek M Golletu Suprock Rutkowsku FINANCE COMMITTEE The l942 43 Finance Committee ap proved by the Student Senate and spon sored by Mr Snyder and Mr Mattuch deserve the hlghest praise for nts work In selling and collecting tnckets at school atfaurs The co chanrmen of thus group are Elsie Rengowskl and Norma Hartllng Twenty sux members of the committee Served In some way during the year either as tucket sellers or tucket takers I I VI I I -I I I I I ,I ' T I I I I - 1 1 - ' I I . , ' th 1 p t' ' .. . . , ,v v .. .. ... - Q , l .. M.. .. ..A i 1' Y . v C . I T- - , - X I k T 9 x L . . . -x 'K - , I tg, ' " ' I ' 1 I 1 . K da ,, I I . 'A .. ., I N A I ,.- Q XR' 'tw h . 'N N ' I , .A In f . 3-I W gfj, I - I I I- I I I I I I I I I I I C 1 I I I I I I I - I I I I I - I I - - I - - . . , ' I Furs Row Hood Conn Jacobs Goughenbough Schermerhorn Lusnc Second Row Span Mozzettn Svegel Rosol Mnss Adoms Storer Schlesunger Roles Rosensteel Thlrd Row Brutout Cosello INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CLUB The lnternatnonal Language Club pro motes better relatuons between the French and Spanish students and helps them get acquaunted with the languages Openung exercises at the meetlngs are done alter nately ln French and Spanish and varnous officers of the club are President An drew Span Vuce Presndent Ann Rosal Secretary Treasurer Irene Lusuc The alumnl of the club are Ann Rosal Irene Luslc Bob Rosensteel Adelune Rojas Mary Ann Dltz Dorothy Schlesinger Ann Storer, Mary Schermerhorn Peggy Wes sely Bette Rlzu Joe Kosunskn Stanley Kowalskl Edna Hurn Alfred Levy and Ruth Crouch The new members who were lnntnated unto the club thus year In clude Rosemarue Varlnckl Anna Bnrcuew Phyllls Mazettl Martha Larson Helen Hocd Grace Cam Audrey Gaughen baugh Lulluan Ceschna Wnlbur Whltted Harold Harris Andrew Span Edward Pap dore Maltuch Bert Kendrnx Frank Cas selo Walter Carter Donald Brutout and Helen lntrneru The club has had a very active soclal calendar for the year nnclud :ng a Hallowe en Chrlstmas and Valen tune s party Inltlatlon party Skating par ty Bowlnng and Talent Nlght The In ternatlonal Club meets on Wednesday evenlng at seven oclock In Room 3l8 under the sponsorshvp of Mess Adams ' I - , A , . , , ' . I . . .I . , I I I ' ' 1 1 - - I I I 1 1 - French and Spanish songs are sung. The son, Olga Swagel, Lillian Iacobs, Theo- ' I A I ' r I I ' I I I , 1 1 I I . . I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 I ' I - 1 I ' - I I I I I I - 63 -- Lclfifffll gs' PQ ll lllll ll l l Q ll l 5 oc leg kc Zca ' Keeping the home fires burning has al- ways been the American woman S work and it has become doubly important during these months of the war for the happy and efficient ly managed home has always been a mainstay of morale To teach our girls how to best man age their homes of the future is the aim of the Home Economics Department The staff by practical demonstration in cooking sewing and other home arts teach our girls thrlftlness neatness and above all efficiency in work about the home ln the teaching of their fundamentals the girls exercise a training which will prove ex tremely valuable to them in later life but no less valuable will be the training received in the development of their individual personal: ties for the attitude of the woman toward the home will naturally be reflected in its atmos phere Refiness of manner and a winning per sonallty characterize the typical graduate of the Home Economics Department of Ambridge High School .l ii sl ,, ,,... """' W l .,.,,:1I1f.,,Z.,,,, l w l l fl ll ' ll if ll 4 l l Nef f ll ,R f X 'fkx l?'n UMR!" iaa,g4., w, , , M g i' i E R51 Q., .41 8. fs - 4, if -L X ga 2 MW' ga 59? -. 5, 'a Q, ii Fl 'i l rn ' "-'-- A - ,J-:. '. 5 "th .' '. X T .- ffokl 'A At S T rw f , T A X ,-5-4 'xx W V A Vg i ,. .PK .2-1 .. A v ftf' "' .' .. S , ,d s ts. y'f w 'mf so fa , ' L..-,I 1 dis. Es 5 -It b A:.: 5.-Tug" , K Q tm ul . N ' 1 ' f X I f, xv! if K sf -Z 1 0" A an . X Hn 'A' in sl' F N X x 5 '.' x A . ' 'I f J f , 3 of OUR FACULTY FEICK DORIS BS In Home Economics Vocatuonal Home Econornncs Dlrector of Home Economlcs an Jr and Sr Hugh School Gnrl Reserves Costume Commnttee Sponsor of Banquets ROBB MARGARET BS Foods Clothmg Related Sublects Advanced Dance Club SHAUL DOROTHY BS Vocatuonal Home Economucs Eleventh Grade Home Economucs Boys Home Economncs SWAYNE JANET BS Home Economncs P 1 1 ' v - I , - . . , - . . , - . . J 4 xx , X, 7 1 .Q S... b . 1 'aff' 1 . KRUEST CHIAVERINI DUZICKY KOSKI MANINI ROTOLO PAPPAS STANOVICH TARQUINIO TOLASSI VILLELLA WASKV E CLA Susan E. Kruest-Popular Song Club, Club Committee U. S. O. Service Club Concert Virginia Chiaverini-Officers' Club Junior Leaders Training Club, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer Mildred Irene Duzicky-Girl Reserves Vocal Concert Bowling Team, Madrigal Club, Club Committee Genevieve A. KokoskifPopuIar Song Club, Hobby Club Ellen Manini+Popular Song Club, Dancing Club. Emily Rotolo Julia Pappas Popular Song Club Hobby Club Prom Committee Club Officer Mildred Stanovich Concert Popular Song Club Hobby Club Intramural Sports Loretta Joanne Tarquimo-Intramural Sports Concert Officers Club Hit the Deck Popular Song Club Ad vanced Dance Club Homeroom Officer Mary Anne Tolassl Hobby Club Concert Intramural Sports Girl Reserves Madrigal Club Popular Song Club All Star Volleyball Eleanor A. Villella-Girl Reserves, Popular Song Club, Dance Club, Intramural Sports, Henrietta Wasky-Popular Song Club. Band Farsi' Row Georgladus Gensler Martnn Reuthrnnller l-losknnson Zagrockn Vochko Grosdeck Mr McCormuck Kemp Wagner Barsyz Morrnson Alexsuck Maxwell Phnlups Garbunskn Pnnotuch Vlosuc Second Row McConell Martm Matnka Spolaruch Malunowskn Cnccone Hall Dumeyer Marr Gensler Smnth Altonnan Malluck Tkatch Kuny Marnam Moneta Leaner Mallnck Kubucku Rosso Pavlokovnch Thurd Row Hnath Jessen Roman Moyer Mazzetta Orlovsku Gahagan Knlghton Refresh ment Comrmtfee Forst Row Cont: Marzuo Kobllk Kelley Lytle Bryant Marfln Stewart Talettu Olyarszyk Fntsko Jula S Charnu Storer Furness Second Row Grammatteo Knopuck Bartolak Dolnnsk: Cochenour Okuly Osborne Johnson Gerle Dudych Folkowsky Black Tlskey Svegal Skalarsku Fulupowncz Jones Nadzak Doreshonk Thurd Row Keum Wrught Woods Kocak Bufalnna Kostyk Postelak Brogno Fettante Levkuluch Brogno M Charm McCreary Prxce Sterner Nawrocku Mehrung Dnckey 68 . - . . I . I . I . . I . I I I I ' - I I I I ' I . 1 , .. ' . .I . . I . D - i I - I 4 I l I I I I I I I 4 I V - I 4 I I V I I . -I I F I I ll I - I T I I I I AI VI Gray, Hycyk, Kolder, Mazzetti, Morelli, Muselin, Karasek, Lazar l A i Q ' , ' , , I , ' , , I I ' I I ' VI I 1 I A I I I ,I I I IV - I I I I I I V I I . I , I I I I . 7-4 I U I I I I I I I I A I I ' 'I I - I I -I I I I BAND Under the leadershup of our musuc du rector Mr A McCormuck our hugh school band proved to be outstandung thus year l943 was enturely different from any year prevuously Deducatung honor scrolls playung at Army and Navy E presenta tuons and marchung the boys to the statuon were bulls of fare never called for before Through the efforts of the Band Moth ers Assocuatuon thus year s band was hon ored un gettung new unuforms They swutched from the customary C-arnet and Cray to the natuonal colors and mulutary cut of the suuts As usual a few of the more advanced students were guven the opportunuty to play un the Mud Western Band at Evans Cuty Thus year Robert Cray Eugene l-lry suck Wulluam Hnath Student Durector Jack Kemp and Charles Crosdeck repre sented Ambrudge Representung Ambrudge at the All State Band Festuval at Farrell thus year were Jack Kemp Bob Cray and Wulluam On January l8 and l9 l943 the an nual band concert was presented to the Junuor and Senuor Hugh Schools and the publuc SV, --y 5-... E 4'-I:-Y 'A' uengg, A' REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Under the capable guudance of Mr the members graduate thus year leavung Shaffer the Refreshment Committee behund them the splendid record of hav served us fauthfully durung varuous sport ung been of servuce for three consecutuve events of the precedung year Several of yeaus 11 ir Sensors wltose prctures do not appear Wrllram Orrrn Byers General Hmt the Deck Talent Nught Vocal Concert Science Club John Dobrrn Vocatronal Chess Club Louls Galletta General Football Chess Club Current Events Club l-lameroom Presudent Tlweo-'lore S Kefalas Vocatuonal Boys Home Econom :cs Papu ar Sang Club Auto Club lntramural Sports Julra Marne Kuncra General Chess Club Art Club Bull Lucas General Popular Song Club Intramural Sports Bowlrng Club Ann Marusfak Vocational Popular Song Club George Modrovlch Acadcmc Varslty Basketball Phys :cal Frtness Club Club Presnclent .-,race E Pa teur General Mrmeograph Club Grrl Re erves Basketball Pete Patrrcuan Academlc Scrence Forum Club Wrest llng Club Physical Frtness Club Ernest' Prtts General Sclence Forum Wrestlrng Team Boxrng Club Gymnastucs Walter Prusrck Acaclemlc Photography Club Wanda Rysrnslu General Popular Song Club Band Crchestra Cheerleaders Club Refreshment Committee Leaders Club Intramural Sports Agnes Seaman General Madrugal Club Leaders Club Alan A Steele Vocational Popular Song Club Fred Tahey General Patrol Popular Song Club Boys Home Economrcs Club Joseph Taylor Jr Acaclemrc Varsrty Club Basketball Patrol Intramural Sports Barbells Club Dance Club Bowlrnq Club Varsuty Football Class Vuce Presrdent Mary Ccfherme Wagner Academrc Glrl Reserves Bowlrng Club Intramural Sports Class Leaders Club - . . . If in I . . if in , I - , , - f - ' 1- -fr . . 4 C-' 1 I , . - 7 , , - V , . . -. Q l l ' I + l ' . , , , 1 - r r v ' I 'I . . . I I . I , Gurl Reserves, Junior Servrce Club. Intramural Sports. . i I . ,Y 7 D , u , . i i I r , 1 - ' ' l I , W s , ,L , l I I y I I ' ' ' f V I - F K S if w Wi . E . if -W . , R I l S , . , , , -L 7G L CANDID SHOTS A school ot the students by the stu dents and for the students could well be the slogan of Ambrldge Hugh School l thus democratnc organuzatuon the student body through the efforts ot the Student ning ot the school In the Student Sen ate the senators learn to be leaders learn how to conduct busrness meetangs proper parliamentary style and learn how to make seruous decrslons Thus IS a rare opportunity for students to prepare them selves for lute un a democracy and they take advantage of lt Besides taking part In the government ct the school the students through com mlttees play an Important part In actlvl tres Each of these commuttees has a spon sor and a chairman . . U n A y Senate, has something to say in the run- ' ' in l - I ' 6 X NNW X f a X ffga w fill fgxX -if N l S X- 2 Wx P allianal The Vocational Shops of Ambrudge Hugh School are furnished with some of the most modern and complete equipment avanlable A student who takes full advantage of thus course may become protlcnent nn the use of all of them He would study under the able guldance of one of our competent vocatlonal teachers whose job It IS to know each tool and lmpart thus knowledge to has pupil How well the vo catuonal department has been fulfulllng nts duty has been proved by the number of students who leave our school to take up the tools of local lndustry and trades xg X- X E g 1.67 ,, Q X Q ...,. K, ' xxx i f? X NN, XXX X Q Xxx ' 1 ll 4 XQ f - , N K X Tl Xxx xox ?fl f r cc X X " K Q ,147 ' X . f 'ff' I ff ll X l 3. . -fx f Y fi: f ggij 1: , 4' , .1 f I lx Q . ie 'V ' 3,vw",i:1f.Iyv-fmyl . VIP' Q . 9 C buy I uw ' 0,41 rv" H . 1 , -,' ' 2- -,T I X -7 1.5 ' ffm ,ur I if? A, W k,x, ,,w"' I 9. jfifi JV N . Q4 V W., ,, wg f-Q I ,Li , , 'Wig ,su ' V K ' " ' V - gg, Q few' 1V A-IL. ' 'Clif -,,,...-i an if ' K E k.,,,,jwW gg' 1 .W 1 ' X 1' f , S' 4' ' 1 A 1 4 A,, 2.55. ? I f' V4 f g , -nf? if fwff' ' 'R' V 'N ,.Jf5lf1fV'T, -Y 7' lf: H1 if SHOP 2 D--v " f - Q fifll 'E 'T F 'infill . if gf- OUR FACULTY ARNETT WILLIAM Machine Shop AXTELL GEORGE B E Vocational Electrical Shop Stage Squad McCAUGHTRY HERBERT BS Related Math Related Science SETTINO GENEVIEVE BA MA Related English Sophomore Girl Reserves Lost and Found Department , , lf F ...-A Q 7,1 I 5 f if-'-' 1:1 I -' 'T-' HOSKINS, THOMAS E.-B.S., M.Ed. Related Drawing, Blueprint Reading, Drawing and SNYDER DAVID A.-B.S., M.Ed. 7 2-224 . b I V . Q Tracing Blueprint Reading Club A f ft Related Social Subjects Assistant Football Coach Finance Director TAGGART L R MEd Vocational Director Related Science Director Evening School Supervisor National Defense Training TODD HEN RY Auto Mechanics WIST GEORGE R B S Industrial Arts Shop and lndustrlal Arts Model Airplane Club V woLF HERMAN L Carpentry E O CLA Stanley Baran Jr.-Vocational-Golf Physical Fitness Club lntramural Sports. Edward Harrison Beaman-Vocational Machine Shop- Boxing Club. Squad. Thomas Lewis Berkner-Vocational Auto Shop-Photo- graph Club Physical Fitness Club. Richard Blazier-Vocational-Popular Song Club Air- plane Club. Andrew Blishak-Vocational Drafting--Airplane Club Boys Home Economics Boxing and Wrestling Club. Mike Bradley-Auto Shop. Robert Henry Brandt Jr.-Vocational Machine Shop. Jack Clayton Carpenter-VocationaI-Photography Club. James Dickey-Trade Drafting-Football Patrol Basket- ball Airplane Club Popular Song Club. William Dobransky-Vocational-Airplane Club Foot- ball Club Physical Fitness Club Intramural Basketball. Charles H. Droz-Vocational-Stage Squad Radio Club. Mike Gurmusa-Vocational Electric Shop-Stage Squad Airplane Club Golf Club. Ralph Guzan-Vocational-Varsity Football. Benjamin Hilger-Auto Shop. Walter Janicki-Vocational-Radio Club Boys Home Economics. BARAN EEAMAN BECKER EERKNER BLAZIER BLISHAK BRADLEY ERANDT CARPENTER DICKEY DOBRANSKY DROZ GURMUSA GUZAN HILGER JANICKI l T H S E N l R S S Ralph L. Becker-Vocational Machine Shop-Semaphore ' E O CLA Stanley Jasler Vocatuonal Machine Shop Art Club George Luslc Vocational Football Radno Club Popular Song Club Chester Jones Vocational Anrplane Club Boxing Club Sclence Forum Rules and Regulatlons Semaphore Squad Robert Jones Academlc Walter F Jusczak Vocatlonal Popular Song Club Golf Club Physlcal Fltness Club Radlo Club Michael Kocak Vocatnonal Baseball Popular Song Club Hobby Club Physlcal Futness Club lntramural Sports Charles Krepps Vocatlonal Bowling Club Alrplane Club Gus Larls Vocatuonal Trade Draftlng Alrplane Club Boxmg and Wrestlmg Club Home Economlcs Steve D Mlhalrc Vocatuonal Boys Horne Economics Intramurals Peter Nadzak Vocational Chess Popular Song Club Eddie Naugle General Pau Oczypak Vocatuonal Machune Shop Anrplane Club Sllhouette Boys Home Economucs Semaphore Squad Patrol Frank Paul Vocatuonal Popular Song Club Frank Joseph Restelll Vocatlonal Electrlc Hobby Club Radio Club Physucal Fitness Club Llghtlng Cornmnttee Stage Squad Albert J Rosso-Vocatuonal Chess Club Social Com mlttee Popular Song Club Prom Commlttee JASLER JONES R JONE JUSCZAK KINDER KOCAK KREPPS LARIS LUSIC MIHALIC NADZAK NAUGLE OCZYPOK PAUL RESTELLI ROSSO T H S E N l R S S I - . . - . Paul L. Kinder-VocationaI-FootbalI Club, Chess Club, f ' I I I I C. - 76 ... I 4'ff ' x,' , , . .,, RUDAKEWICH SHEMELYA SCHVACH SMITH SOLTIS SPENCER TIGNANELLI THOM WIELECHOWSKI YERGA THE SENIOR CLASS Edward Rudakewich-Vocational-Patrol, Popular Song Club, Photography Club, Boys' lntramurals. Edward Shemelya-Vocational-Stage Squad, Basket- ball. William Charles Schvach-Vocational-Airplane Club, Boys' Home Economics, Boxing and Wrestling Club. William H. Smith-Vocational--Popular Song Club, Air- plane Club, Current Events, Patrol. George Soltis-VocationaI-Airplane Club, Photography Club, Radio Club. Henry Sowa-General-Popular Song Club. James E. Speer-Vocational-Patrol, Radio Club, Ad- vanced Dancing Club. 1.77, SOWA SPEER Frank Spencer-General. Andy Tignanelli-Vocational-Chess Current Events Physical Fitness Club. Hugh C. Thom-Vocational--Hobby Club, Study Hall Photography Club. Bernard Eugene Wielechowski - Vocational - Stage Squad, Radio Club. Michael Yerga-VocationaI-Physical Fitness Club, Prom Committee, Intramural Sports, Popular Song Club. Nick Yorgin-Vocational-Hobby Club, Stage Squad, Radio Club, Assembly Committee. Herbert R. Zehnder-Vocational--Patrol, Stbdent Loan, Popular Song Club, Science Forum, Publicity Committee, Vice President of Beginners' Dance Club. ' YORGIN ZEHNDER Sulhouette Furs' Row Dltz Ferris Szafryn Maupln Rlzl Cormack Sabor Hulet Derflnnger Zlody Anthanaslon Swuontak Pappas Green Hum Graham Hrynewuch Second Row Hendrickson Pollmg Kolder Gelsler Storer Svegal Bellas Urda Jacobs Kell mer Prnce Tuskey Sknlarsku Bataluk Ward Durneyer Third Row Nanros Pushcarnch Pappas Hrntsko Dntz Rozenbaur Asofaylo K Hartman Dolnnskz N Srmth Hartswlck Kruppa Augustine Altonlna Fourth Row Costanza Slmgluff Mart: Goerman Pastalak Bartalac Dudlch Dugan John Flfth Row Strlko Welsh Fornnger Vachko Schermerhorn Radwanskl Gray Levkullch Edge combe Paul Carver Moyer Braun Kershner Osseroff Slxth Row Wagner Moneta Martm Vlaslc Seybath Seybath Woods Farquehar Smith Klorber Grosdeck Kemp McClure Seventh Row Grzegorek Weber Xenos Hyshak Karnowsku Martln Snlhouette Representahves Furst Raw Oseroff Gantams Schlesslnger Athanaslan Prus Swlontek Mrs Lehman Serack Carver Bnnger Garko Grzegorek Second Row Braun Moyer Galletn Zgalner Urda Iwler Kryss Schermer horn Marr Kline Seyboth Larson Thard Row Martin Rea Span Falkowskl Gerle Porter Welsh J Kolder Arthur Wessely N T lr I I I I I I I I In I A I I I I " T A I I I I I I I I I - , , , , , , f , f , , , 1 , - , - , , , , T I I I I I I I I - son, Faytek, M. Nadzak, Dorshank, Zgainer, Cain I I I I I I I I - U , , , , , A , i I I I I I I I I I , , , I I I I I I I i I 1 I I I I I ' I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I ' I SILHOUETTE The Snlhouette an outlune ot A H S IS publlshed tru weekly by the students of Ambrldge Hugh School The TIVG column tour page newspaper as made up of an all student staff lt has taken thlrd honor ratnng wlth the Pennsylvania School Press Assocuatuon and also carrnes a membership Edutcrs un Chief Advertlslng Managers 5 Busuness Manager News Editor Sports Edutors Feature Edrtor Humor Editor Homeroom Editor Exchange Edntors Cr rculatlon Managers cuatvon The pap r carrues a clrculatlon of 9 Mrs Derfllnger ns sponsor of the group Mlss Kozak IS at the head of typnng work and Mrs Lehman as In charge of the fl nances of the paper The staff ns com jPhyllls Hulet lRudy Zlody Leo Dutz Uames Pappas Helen Athanasslan Irene Hrynewuch Max Green Altreda Szataryn Irene Sabor Edna Hurn Lydna Swlontelq Bette RIZI lMargaret Graham Uean Cormack lWanda Ferris HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES The Home Room Representatives and a representative who collects the money tlnerr sponsor Mrs Lehman are responsu from has home room and then turns the ble for collectlons and payment of Sllhou money over to the sponsor The student ette subscriptions Each home room has chalrman thus year IS Helen Athanasslan I A I- , . . ., OO' . with the National Scholastic Press Asso- posed ot: I A .. 79 V, Yea rbook First Row Rosensteel Calvas Plofchan Crouch Swantnck Dltz Hryne wlch Graham Cormack Hurn Kellmer Ferrls Farquehar Forlnger Second Row Green Fetchak Maupnn Hulet Double Bonzo Karas Storer Luslc Furness Gaughenbaugh Conn Horak Kryss Vloslc Vladacheck Barclkowskl Gorman Zgrockl Svegal Thurd Row Zlody Plesh Pavlokovrch Graham Rea Ceschua Kroll Zlvnc Cassudy Larson Wessely McClure lhnauhko Flle Bruce YEARBOOK STAFF The Yearbook Staff under the able du rectuon of Mlss Myrtle Trembley brings to you for the fourth successive year the Brldger In summing up the year s actlvl ties we hope that we have been able to create an everlasting gateway to the l942 43 school year ln revlewmg the school by means of thus book we hope that you wnll reluve many of the uncldents which helped to make l9-42 43 a very pleasant year Co Edntorsnn Chief Lester Graham Dorothy Kellmer Leo Dutz lrene Hrynewnch Advertlslng Leo Svegal Henry Goerman Cath ernne Kolder Art John Plesh Ruchard Maupsn John Blrclw Art Sponsor Mr Mock Photography Rollin Mart: Donald Fnle Classroom Bette Rlzn Henry Goerman Sensor Class Edna Hurn Warren McClure Vocational George Pavlakovlch Boys Sports Rudy Zlody Clubs Mox Green Faculty Jean Cormack Cnrculatnon Dorothy Bonzo Leula Farquhar Fnnance Lydla Swunotek Margaret Graham Girls Sports Dorothy Kellmer Typing Staff Tessle Kryss Maxine Barclkowsku Helen Double Vurgunua Plofchan Esther Horak Mnss Kozok Sponsor I I I I I I T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - 1 - 1 . . , . . , . - - - 3 I 1 1 - , ' I I ' . , , . . , . . , . . , . 1 . , . . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . CLUBS The club activities in our school are very extensive, Every pupil is given a chance to participate in a club program according to his interests, The Photography Club, under the su- pervision ot Mr. Maslanik, studied dit- terent types of cameras and experimented with lighting ettects. The Stage Squad took tull charge of all lighting, sound equipment and scenery arrangement for programs given in the auditorium. Mr. Axtell is in charge ot this work. The Chess Club, under the direction of Mr. Keusch and Mr. Newton, meets every Tuesday to sponsor matches among boys in our own school. Mrs. Troeger is in charge of the Air- plane Club. The members of this organ- ization construct planes and hold meets to test planes for endurance, speed, and durability. The Audubon Society is a member of the national group. Under the direction of Miss Trembley, the pupils make stud- ies of bird and plant life. In addition to the regular meetings, the club takes hikes and studies local plants and bird life. SH The Vocational Department supervised by Mr Taggart is composed of four di visions with five shop rooms The di visions are the Electric Auto Machine and Wood Shops. The Electric Shop, under the direction of Mr, Axtell, studies the principles and applications of electricity. They are often called on to work on some part of the school's electric system. The Auto Shop, Mr. Todd in charge, does work pertaining to the running mechanism of automobiles. The shopmen have, or had, many cars on which they ex- perimented. The Machine Shop, taught by Mr. Arnett, gives instruction in the mainten- O PS ance and working of machine tools such as lathes and drills The Wood Shop has two sections one under the direction of Mr Wolfe and the other taught by Mr. Rothermel. Their work consists mainly in learning the art of carpentry. The shops, which occupy the basement floor of the school building, are located along an L-shaped corridor. At the short end of the "L" is located the Vocational office, and on the opposite side, Mr. Roth- ermel's Wood Shop. Proceeding from the angle of the "L" we find, on the left side, Mr. Wolfe's Wood Shop and Mr. Arnett's Machine Shop, On the right side is Mr. AxtelI's Electric Shop. At the end of the corridor is the Auto Shop. Many and varied are the activities in which our students may participate. This year war stamps were sold during the noon hour by a committee of students under the supervision of Mr. Mattuch. The arts of homemaking and the oppor- tunity to observe and practice good man- ners are a part of our Home Economics program. ln the Science Department the students are given a chance to observe and experiment in most any related field. The library affords splendid opportunities for good and extensive reading, The Ush- er Committee sponsored by Miss Barr helps to take care of the crowds which attend school functions. Mr. Reynault and Mr, Hritsik help to keep our school presentable. 83 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FICE FOR ln the Ambrudge Junior Senior Hugh School planning of school curricula was done un the many and varied offices The furst of these us located un the shop department un charge of Mr Leo Tag of the hugh school and includes the care of vocational supplies and management of vocational schedules The main office un the senior hugh us presided over by Dr J M Benkert He us assisted by Misses Anna Zawousky and Mary Durenzo and students of the secre tarual practice course The uunuor hugh office us durected by Mr H C- Squires Muss Duzy assusts hum un the various duties ces us the office of Dr H S Irons Muss Louise Serack assisted un his work The superintendent s office with Dr Smith as its head keeps the final and permanent records of the entire school system gart. lt deals mainly with vocational study At the head of these high school offi- E 84 ,A ALMA MATER Haul' Alma Mater Mother great and true Hall' Arnbrnclge l-llgh School we sung praise to you When er our heroes strlve and banners fly To Ambrldge Hlgh we wall pledge our Loyalty Garnet and gray the banner that we love True to your colors we shall ever be Strong farm united rn conflict are we In Ambrldge Hugh as we march an bold array Neath the garnet and the gray 83 Throughout all eternity. zzz, fzsepz. Our Health Department IS one of the most actlve departments of the school Through It the students are preparlng for thelr lIfe after graduatlon It makes avallable the T B skln test for the many who are Interested and follows thus up wIth an X Ray test for those wnth a posltlve result from the skIn test The Hyglene Department besldes teachIng the reg ular course gIves the student a thorough un derstandlng of Flrst AId Probably the most popular of the Health Department s functIons IS the sport program Ambrldge IS well known for ITS Interscholastlc sports but more Important to the great number of the students who would normally only be spectators IS the Intramural program Both boys and glrls are actuve In thIs program able and far reachIng effects are recelved IS In the gym What used to be a perIod for play has under the press of the war become a perl od of work and sweat for all present Vlgorous GXGFCISGS and an obstacle course take the place of the prevIous organlzed actIvItIes As a re sult the average student IS gettIng a much bet ter all round health program Thus he IS more fIt and better prepared physlcally 1' f i. If I l l - A However, the place where the most valu- - - - I I I .- , - . I - . 1 - - ' ' - . I I . - . . . - ' I ' , . I I I I I , .. if W --u----.......,....... S".-Taj ,,af1 wa ia ZH 1-453111 -0- an i fi is ?'f'5. f I . , 5 r ' 4 C .31 9 it "1 Ill 1 A 1 "Fi::.. II li?" X offs L 5 'KJ, f l Os f Q fa X fg 1 J ,WS sly M W fe M Qlg e ouR FACULTALX N .-fi IV' uu::.x fi gp , 4" 0 4 836 OOQOQ ' .9063 'Il I J BARR STELLA BS Hygiene and Physrcal Education Gnrls Patrol U her Commuttee Dance Club FISHER JEAN C R N School Nurse LOSCHIAVO ADELINE R N School Nurse RHOADES DOYLE V B S Physrcal Educatuon Gym Team Track Team RUBENSTEIN MAURICE BA Physlcal Educatuon Dnrector of Athletucs Football and Basketball Coach Boys Attendance Checker SIE ALFE BS l-lyguene Physncal Educatuon Fltness Club SPAHR MARCELLA M B A Physlcal Education and Hygiene Girls Attendance Checker Girls Intramural Sports Yale Princeton Game Student Health Commuttee Gnrls Assembly I 3 f -gfr 5' Q- V ' flilufi ' ,lu ' - ,V-Pl AI'-3 520, ': ' ' ' A 'Q'Q'O.d :I 9 f - - ll , 1 , -4 -- 4 T? 4.1. --'ll of ff 3. 1 Q K, W . ' T -- ' , i : in as 1? G FOOTBALL SEASON The 1942 football season went down In the pages of Ambrudge Hugh Athletic history as one of the most sparklnng an Ambrudge foot ball team ever compiled The season began wuth Ambrudge playung host to Monaca under the bnght lights of the newly completed stadium A crowd of 7000 2 L 4 T '1 B 89 came to see Ambrudge cop nts tnrst victory of the season by a score of 2l to 0 In the second quarter Co Captann Lanuew slk and Koslnsku made touchdown runs of ll and 47 yards ln the fourth quarter C-uzan blocked and recovered a punt Kosnnsku s pass to Co Captain Harry Ulnnsku was good for one Record Ambrldge Ambrldge Ambrndge Ambrldge Ambrldge Ambrldge Ambrldge Ambrldge Monaco Donora Har Brock New Brughton Beaver Falls Alnquuppa Rochester Klsku ,Q First Row Guzan Moyer Franglone Krancevlc Kusudoy Ulrnsku Lanuewsku Borkowskn Kosmsku Taylor Gozur Sprock Qecond Row Loschnavo Srrano Jula Gusondn Boneskn Kurch, Wolfe, Troup, Rmger, Colman, Lolek, Goldman, Vacca Thnrd Row Hlusta, Howarth, Gnrgash, Strano, Kanakus, Granutz, Wellnng, Strncko, Russo, Spoock, Keerush, Nauros, Snyder, Rubenstem ' 21 . .,......... ' 28 .,,, ,, . .. ' 2l ., ,.,,. . ....,.. .. - ' 20 . , A ' 26., , ,., ,. 4 6, ..... . " ' 26 ..,. , Ambridge 53 . , . , Midland A 43. . ,. " "1 .wa V A ,aSi,,"'-,. ,' ,cc 3' ' 2' 2.1 4 '12 his ' ' 1 A" ' 36 ' Q' Tai 3, wp, Mr Snyder Mr Rubnnsteln Mr Hlusto F O O T B A L L more score Lanaewska connected on all three extra points The second encounter was wnth a bug Don ora team but saze proved no obstacle as the C-arneteers laced them 28 O Joe Koslnskl with two and Lanuewskl and Moyer with one touch down each led the scormg Lanlewskn connect ed four straight extra points Har Brack was the next hurdle on the sched ule and Mr Rubenstein s pupvls took care of the sltuatlon with neatness and dlspatch send :ng Har Brack home after beatung them 2l 7 Koslnsks scored swlce on bucks and Moyer caught a pass behund the goal Ime wnth Lanuewskn runmng has successive conversuon record to lO by bootlng all three trues Flow ers a star In defeat was the flrst opponent to pass the Ambrldge s heretofore untouched double stripe as he plunged over from the two yard lane and then tacked on the extra pomt The fourth vlctlm to fall under the Brndgers steamroller attack was New Brnghton The fnrst county game saw Ambrldge emerge on the long end of a 20 O count The game started slugglshly but near the begmnung of the sec ond quarter Laniewski plowed over after a 35 yard drnve ln the flnal sessnon Ambrndge again began to roll Koslnsku smashed over from the one following a sustalned 54 yard drlve Lannewskl added both polnts A llttle later lanky Harry Ullnskl lntercepted an enemy pass From deep In home terrltory the steam roller again began to roll After several fnrst downs Kosunskl faded back and threw a per fect strike to Laniewski who was wanting with open arms In pay dlrt Lanrewskl missed has flrst extra pomt on the l3th attempt A strong Beaver Falls aggregatlon next felt the stong of the Garnet and Cray s attack bow wnth two touchdowns apuece Then came the Aluquuppa game The an nual encounter with our rlvals saw an overflow crowd of ll OOO pack the brnlllantly lughted stadium lt was a game of two undefeated teams both supportmg lmpresslve records Perhaps at was a psychological letdown after the flve straught vlctorles or the straln of the terrlflc pace but the C-arneteers could not get thelr attack started time and again belng thrown back by a much weaker eleven that played unspured ball In the flrst quarter Am brrdge drove to the lnduan eleven from where Lanlewskl slashed through rught tackle for the sux points Then came the fatal kuck which I . . , . . . I - A I - . . - , ' ing 26-O. Kosinski and Laniewski led the rout , . . u . . , I I ' . . . I . Q--lv-N H - y sg-gig? 3 T .gl 'iv ,, 'Q 5 Q L X . U 2' 8 - f' 1 . V, , A gl my juzgi 7: V. i. . we 1 1 f-. 4 ft f:':'?"1 ,, if, ' x spelled defeat, for the conversion attempt went wide of the uprights. Then, Aliquippa came back, and plowed, slashed, rammered and bat- tered its way down the field, the brunt of the onslaught being borne by Odlivak and Dzvon- ar. Dzvonar pounded through from the one yard line and the score was tied. He then add- ed the point that decided the game, The sec- -91 sl, 'I . v, A 1 few'.m.a..6,,1:iff2'.fr-f-4 qw, r- A, .' lf 30' Q-.LH g, -2.6-.ts-1, sf 5 as , f . -, -- g.f:.:fr3f"?5"ilj'ifE"li j Q,-Li . " l Y, 1, .,....r,,,N,.,iN mf, 1 cnd half was completely dominated by the Quippians. Coming back hopping mad after the show- ing against the Indians from across the river, the Bridgers beat a favored Rochester repre- sentative at the latter's field, 26-7. Rochester scored first when Phil Colella, Ram's brilliant running halfback, after being swarmed by would-be tacklers eluded the whole team and raced 40 yards for the score He then con verted thus puttsng Ambrsdge behsnd for the fsrst tsme thss year Later sn the fsrst quarter Kossnsks Lansewsks and Moyer teamed to take the ball to the Rochester one from where Ko ssnsks plowed through The extra posnt was wsde ln the second quarter after gettsng the ball on the 3l Kossnsks slspped through tackle and sprsnted 69 yards to the touchdown Hss plunge for the extra posnt was stopped ln the second half Kossnsks agasn scored termsnatsng a 50 yard march The next score came when Goldman speedy lsttle reserve back sntercepted an enemy aersal and trotted 30 yards to the three Kossnsks agasn pounded over Lansewsks converted twsce to make the score read 26 7 Unleashsng a power offenssve that could not be stopped the Brsdgers swamped Msdland Hsgh 53 0 Power was the keynote wsth a vscsous chargsng lsne clearsng masssve holes for speedy backs Lansewsks scored twsce on runs of 40 and 8 yards and ran back a punt 35 yards to score agasn Kossnsks bucked for two Moyer Ulsnsks and Goldman also scored The fsnal quarter saw Mr Rubenstesn empty the bench The reserves kept the Leopards n check ln a post season game Ambrsdge beat Kssks Prep sn the Stadsum by the lop ssded score of has suffered at the hands of a hsgh school team sn the hsstory of the Kssksmsnetas Sprsngs School Lansewsks took the fsght out of the vss stors by dashsng 58 yards to score on the thsrd play of the game Ambrsdge scored sn every quarter while the black clad team from Salts burg trsed vasnly to pserce the Ambrsdge for ward wall Goldman Lansewsks Kossnsks and Bonesks made successsve touchdowns Alex ander Kssks s rsght half was nasled sn hss end zone for a safety brsngsng the fsnal score to 43 O Thus we brsng down the curtasn on a season that wsll never be forgotten Coach Rubenstesn admsts that thss ss the best team he has ever coached We agree Ambrsdge s offenssve average was 27 l posnts a game and the defenssve fsgures showed the start lsne yseldsng only 2 3 posnts per contest These were the best records sn the county As a result of hss good play Harry Ulsnsks was chosen second team All State end whsle Carl Gozur was gsven honorable mentson Chas Lansewsks Joe Kossnsks Ralph Gu zan and Harry Ulsnsks mad the All County fsrst team whsle Gozur was placed on the sec ond team Andrew Ksssday and Vsctor Fran gsone were on the honorable mentson lsst The East West game was played sn our stads um wsth fsve of our Sensors playsng for the East All fsve of the Ambrsdge boys chosen started They were Moyer Kossnsks Gozur Ksssday and Frangsone Those lettermen who have played thesr last football game forA H S are Ksssday Kran cevsc Gozur Ulsnsks Moyer Kossnsks Lansew sks Troup Frangsone Guzan Taylor and Bor kowsks The team was ably supported on the ssde lsnes by Sensor Manager Bsll Gsrgash b -l l J al N R11 rl-P 401 x l I Mr' 92 I , - - .I . . 1 1 I I .I I .I ' ' 1 1 ' - 1 ' 1 . . 1 . ' l . I I . 1 . I . . I I . . 1 ' 1 1 D 1, H . . . . ' , ' ' 1 1 ' . . . . . .' ' ' e - - 1 . , . I - 1 1 ' . . . . - l ' . . U - Z 1 1 1 . - v I I 43-0. This is only the third loss a Kiski team , , j ' ' ' , , ' , ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I ' A ' l I .1 1 I 1 1 1 ' I - A33 A ' 2 A . N N .X 1 f 1 IJ .R 'S A A R -""' - 1- t A 1--S ' -t :A 'AG M --far: 'O L ,A . ' ' 1' ' T 1 Sm R JL "'i1'-"1 fl l T Q4 , . 4- ' H fi! -kt be ' "1 ---4 .'- 1 --s ,, .. .- X ihdlfnl , . -, W' ml Fnrst Row Blnnkn Quunet Blnder OConner Bezuk Wordle Strono Solomuch Bono Sumrock Kurlsh Second Row Clerc Strucko Somor Bucca Mojetlc Gronntz Costonzo Moronz Thurd Row Rowe Gorrnty Moyor Angel Nonros Mr Snyder Todd Lombruc Fouse Lorrus Lozorsku RESERVE FOOTBALL Ye l9-42 edltlon ofthe Ambrldge Reserve Football Team played only two games both wnth Coraopolus The season was shortened for several reasons mamly because of the transportation problem The first game resulted In a 20 O triumph for Coach Dave Snyder s proteges Dan Vac ca scored fnrst on a 29 yard run Inside tack le Nauros In the final quarter took a Cory punt and raced 60 yards up the slde Innes for a sux polnter A pass Bonesku to Russo was good for another touchdown Nanros converted twuce out of three chances The return game was played at home on October 26 Carney ot Coraopolls caught a pass on the Ambrldge 40 and ran for the touchdown the only one scored agalnst the reserves Boneskl and C-ranntz each scored made three extra ponnts to round out the score at 33 7 Thus the 42 season ended wnth a perfect record of two wins and no losses Coach Snyder preducts varsity careers for the followung reserves Strlcko Clsondu Wolfe Coleman Welling Alfonso Strano Nanros Vacca Russo Cranltz and Boneskn 1- I I I I ,I V I I I I I ' i I 4 I I I I I ' I I 4 I I A I . . . I , ' I 1 I - ' - f . ' . . twice, and Sweesy went over once. Nairos I . . . - ' I- A ' A 1 l l 1 ' n 11 - - I . ' v I . I . I . .I ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I ' .. 93 .. Fnrsn Raw Modrovnch Lannewskn Shemelya Ulnnskn Osso Spnnosn Second Row Mr Snyder Gnsondn Nanros Troup Narkevnc Mr Rubenstenn BASKETBALL RECORD Record Westnnghouse Donora Avonworth Monaca Coraopolns Ford Cnty South Hnlls Donora Chester W Va Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrnd e Rochester Ellwood Cnty New Castle Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Startnng the season wnth a veteran sextet composed of Tom Osso Eddne Shemelya Harry Ulnnskn George Modrovnch Chester Lannewskn and Ralph Spnnosn the Ambrndge Hngh Brndgers rode roughshod over thenr regu lar season opponents to compnle the excellent record of I9 won and 2 lost The fnrst opponent to fall before the sharp shootnng basketeers was Westnnghouse The vnsntors from Pntts burgh went home on the short end of a 3I 26 count Chet Lannewskn proved hnmself just as good a floorman as a football player by pacnng the attack wnth I8 polnts Next came Donora The opponents were treated roughly by Lannewskn and Tom Osso and left wnth a 40 32 defeat rnngnng nn thenr ears Osso and the snxth member of the durable snx Ralph Spnnosn parted the curtanns wnth I0 and I7 ponnts respectnvely to lead the 46 I2 rout of Avonworth Sparked by Shemelya and Ulnnskn wnth nnne markers apnece the sextet beat last years Class B Champs Monaco by a 37 23 score In another scornng spree the Ambrndge boys ran off wnth a 45 I6 vnctory over Coraopolns Osso and Lannewskn splnt 25 ponnts between them Cuttnng the cords for I6 ponnts Chet Lannewskn led a 33 25 march over Ford Cnty who they were to meet later Another Pnttsburgh aggregatnon came to see how basketball was played The demonstratnon was a 50 30 setback wnth Spnnosn Lannewskn and Osso shownng how to drop baskets from all angles Beaver Falls Alnqunppa New Brnghton Freedom Ellwood Cnty New Castle Beaver Falls Alnqunppa Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambr dge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Ambrndge Playoffs W P I A L Quarter Fnnals Ambrndge Freeport Sernn Fnnals Ambrndge Ford Cnty Ambrndge met thenr fnrst reverse of the season at e hands of the prevnously defeated Donora 30 24 Modrovnch and Lannewskn dnd a fnne nob of worry nng Chester W Va basketball shooters whnle they and thenr mates gathered 39 The opponents could muster only 20 New Brnghton was next to fall before the fast step pnng Brndger attack lrregardless of a Brnghton fourth quarter rally the local boys won 50 4I Osso paced the attack wnth 20 ponnts Led by Frntznus the vnsntnng floormen from Roches ter handed the Garnet and Gray thenr second setback of the season 42 30 In the fnrst Sectnon Ill game of the season M Rubenstenn s boys set down Ellwood Cnty 53 37 New Castle last years Sectnon llls defendnng champs bowed before us 36 22 The durable snx took a fnghtnng Beaver Falls ag gregate nnto camp shownng thenr best form of the season 43 30 Tranlnng 20 I2 gonng nnto the second half the Brndgers sparked by a late scornng spree by the snxth regular on the team Ralph Spnnosn eked out a 34 29 decnsnon over our old tnme rnvals Alnqunppa Unleashnng a vncnous attack the Brndgers kept the scoreboard flashnng for 66 ponnts whnle hapless New Brnghton managed to get 33 Osso Ulnnksn and Spnnosn wnth I6 I5 and I4 ponnts led the splurge I ' 3I ,,. . ... .. . .. ' 26 A 43 .. , . ,,...... 30 A 40 . . . . ....,, , 32 ' 34 ,. ... . ..,,. ..... ' ' 29 ' 46 .., . , . .,,. I2 I 63 ,., .,.. .., ,. ' 33 ' 37 .., ,,. . ., . , 23 ' 3I . . ..,..... . . . 28 ' 45 .. .,,.. , . ' I6 ' 49 .. ,.,,.. .., .,, ' 37 ' 33 , .... ,.. . .. ' 25 ' 50 ..,. ., .. .., ... 30 ' 50 . ,, ,.. ...., ,, ' 30 ' 53 . .. ,... ,. ..,..., 29 ' 24 ,, ,.... ,... ,,. .. . 30 ' 30 .. .., ..,.. . .,, ' ' 28 ' g 38 .,.,.....,. ., , . . 20 - . .. .. Anbndge 50 , .. . ,. , .. New Bnghkm 4I - ' 30 ......, ,,,.,,... , 42 ' 39 .' .,.,. ......, ,..,, 35 ' 53 ,.. ...,. .. . .. ' 37 '-A ' 36 ,,. ..,. A. , . 22 ' 25 , ,...,.. , ,......., ' 29 . . . . , th - . . . . I L A K George Modrovnch wnth enght counters led hns mates to a 3l 28 vnctory over Coach Nary s Freedom qunntet George never was a prolnfnc scorer but hns prowess as a guard ns unquestnonable Osso s 2l ponnts provnded a comfortable margnn as the Brndgers won thenr fnrst game of the second half of the WPIAL race 49 37 Osso agann led the attack thns tnme wnth l3 ponnts as hns fnve other mates added the rernannder to 50 New Beaver Falls was a sorry snght as they watched phere after sphere drop through the hoop far 53 ponnts The best the Ufemarrnen could do was to get 29 mark ers Osso led the razor sharp Brndger attack Coach Lnpoe s boys from across the brook came to Ambrndge looknng for revenge They were sadly dnsap ponnted as Rubenstenn and Company kept a step ahead of them The score was dead locked at least three tnmes nn the last half untnl Ambrndge nn the last few seconds ganned a two ponnt advantage and by sheer tenacnty held on to nt The fnnal score read Ambrndge 30 Aln qunppa 28 Freeport l-lngh School was our fnrst opponent nn the W P l A L playoffs The game was played nn Pntt Stadnum before a capacnty crowd The score stood at l9 l6 Freeport leadnng at the half Coach Rubenstenn must have gnven hns charges a pep talk for they went out and won the game by a two bucket margnn 39 35 Canterna wnth hns scornrng honors of l5 ponnts ns Freeport s stellar forward Tom Osso was next wnth I3 Shemeyla as usual put nn an excellent performance gettnng the rebounds Ford Cnty was our semn fnnal rnval Ford Cnty had prevnously fallen before the Brndgers aggressnve attack canto saw Arnbrndge leadnng 8 6 and the second stanza saw us wnth a lo l4 margnn The last quarter saw the lead see saw back and forth untnl one mnnute before the fnnal gun when Ford Cnty had a 27 25 edge Tom Osso on a beautnful solo dash tned the score but the basket was nullnfned by a Ford Cnty foul Halley rangy Ford Cnty center dropped nn a push short that sealed Ambrndge s fate The game ended wnth the wnnners nnterceptnng a desperate down the floor heave Tom Osso led the scor nng for the evennng wnth l4 ponnts Thus another glarnous chapter nn the perennally ex cellent Ambrndge basketball hnstory closed A word of pranse must be gnven to Sennor Manager Ernest Gnsondn who fought from the snde Innes nust as hard as hns cohorts on the court Castle could garner but 30. 1 and nr looked as if they were going to again, The first s ' . 1 v ' . I s. Q5 .. BASKETBALL RESERVES The Ambrudge Reserves played the 1942 43 season with the objective of seasonmg an nnexperlenced team for next year The Ambrldge Secondarles much to thelr dusnlluslonment were the vlctnms of thenr flrst opponents Avonworth as they bowed 38 27 The secondarues made up for their furst loss as they swamped Monaca wuth a score of 33 IO Ambrudge now entnrely out of theur slump took Coraopolus South Hulls New Brighton by scores of 30 I7 25 l7 26 l8 The teamwork and excellent coachnng tru umphed again when Ambrndge defeated Rochester 36 l7 Ellwood Cnty proved to be the next vlctum on the Ambrldge roster as they bowed 28 24 and 36 24 Beaver Falls was defeated first by 34 2l but an the second game they took our boys for a 26 l8 loss The secondary squad composed of Cold man Lewls Moranz Cusond: Benkowsku Narkevuc Lambert Swessy Fetch Szafaryn Blunkey Krol Osso Cameron lost theur next game to Aluquuppa by a score of 32 26 ln their second game with Allqunppa they were taken again by 41 3l Meetung New Brnghton the Brldgers ad mnnlstered a seven pount defeat wunnlng out by 35 28 In the game with Freedom Ambrsdge ended :ts season by cleannng them out 37 l3 1 Af" Furst Row Goldman Ferrance Zazevursky Szforyn Lambert Moranz Bonkowsku Lewis Gnsondu Sweesy Second Row Mr Rubenstem, Gregory, Cameron, Fetch, Blmkey, Hertkney, Krosek, Osso, Krol, Mr Snyder ' ' 1 1 , ' . 1 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I - ' ' 1 ' 1 - 1 ' ' 1 ' - 1 F - 1 . 1 I A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ill V A PMQQ Fsrst Row Cola Dombronsks Dorshek Palmer Lanewsks Woods Troup Lavelle Kocak Hudacak Second Row Despsnes Tucker Gsrgash Cottage Moore Bauerlsen Jones Lambert Krol Thsrd Row Kolos Gregory Martsn lManagerl Kellsnqer Coach Burns Coach Rubenstesn Berko Knopsc Zlody Kosunsku BASEBALL Under the gusdance of Mr Jack Burns the fsrst baseball team sn nsne years was unvesled to Ambrsdge Hsgh students The fsrst game was a pre season warm up wsth an expersenced Avonworth nsne The locals were traslsng go sng snto the the last snnsng 7 to O when they put on a spurt to net them three markers The game was sprsnkled wsth errors both teams showsng early season raggedness Joe Kossnsks and Chas Lansewsks made the best showsng on the mound In the fsrst league game of the year Ambrndge faced a seasoned eleven from Alsqusppa Led by John Msskulsn brsllsant southpaw hurler the Qusps scored a three to one vsctory over the slants of Eugene Dombrosks The locals could muster only three hsts off the speed ball specsalsst whsle Alsqusppa got ten Msskulsn struck out I8 batters In a return game at Avonworth a bsg esght run fourth snnsng assured an ll to 7 vsctory Lansewsks was the wsnnsng pstcher In the second league game Ambrsdge defeated Rochester The box score read for Ambrsdge 8 runs I4 hsts 6 errors for Rochester It was 6 runs I0 hsts and 5 errors Kocak stalwart Catcher wsth four ssngles fsrs. baseman Troupe wsth a ssngle double and trsple and Bsll Hudascek wsth two ssngles and a double led the attack agasnst de Francssco Joe Cola able centerfselder clsmaxed the afternoon s proceedungs by gettsng the fsrSf home run of the season ln a game wsth Beaver at Beaver the locals suf fered thesr second defeat a close fsve to four decssson Bob Palmer was the vsctsm of msscues as four errors proved costly to hsm Grsdley pstched steady ball for the vsctors scattersng seven hsts sncludsng two ssngles and a trsple by Lansewsks Palmer gave up three hsts Beaver Falls gave the locals thesr second strasght set back 6 to 2 wnth Tsger pstcher Croud yseldsng ssx hsts whsle the vssstors gathered nsne Hudascek and George Cottage led the hnttsng wsth two for four and a trsple respectsvely Msskulsn sn strsksng out l6 agasn led hss team to vsct y thss tsme by the one ssded score of l6 to 4 Larr Doroshenk hst hss fsrst homer of the season off Alsqusppa pstcher Msskulsn Ambrsdge kscked nsne chanc es behsnd pstcher Dombrosks who gave up only seven hsts Comsng back strong wsth a much smproved ns e the locals took a close decssson from Rochtester 2 to l The box showed for Ambrsdge 2 runs 8 hsts O errors whsle the Rams showed l run 5 hsts and 3 errors Tom my Lavelle led the hsttsng wsth two ssngles and a double sn four trsps at bat The Brsdgers got full revenge on Beaver by wsnnsng another close hsgh scorsng game Hudascek wsth three for four and Cola wsth three for three sncludsng hss sec and round trspper of the season chased most of the runs over the plate Doroshenk also got hss second over the fence clout to net the team lO runs whsle Rochester was gettsng 9 The game was the most excutsng of the year ln Rochester s last chance they managed to fsll the sacks Two out three men on base and Fstzgerald port ssde Slugger facsng Lansewsks Hearts beat a lot faster as the count went to three to two Then Chash calmly whspped the last strske past the fursously swsng sng batter ln a return game at Beaver Falls the Brsdgers faced a pstcher that was startsng hss fsrst game Ambrsdge wsshed st was hss last for he set them down hstless whsle hss team touched Lansewsks for two runs and three hsts The pstcher s name was Knotts Those boys who earned letters are John Wood Dor oshenk Palmer Lavelle Anthony Krol Cola Hudascek Lansewsks George Cottage Paul Troup Mske Kocak Harry Ulunsks and Eugene Dombroska - Y ' c ga fir s ' T f . 5 4 , s , ! ,.J 1 .. , , f ' 1 . 5,1 11. 1 ' A 1 -J 14 .' 1 ' ff , , i , ,, , .4 - ' s -v ' , ' , 1 t 5- . , 1 f . .1-5 ,Whig ,J ' ' S.. f , ' I I I I I I 1 1 1 I I I I I f I 1 i 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . , . - - I I . - , - . 1 1 1 - , , . ,,.. . .r 1 -- 1 . , 1 1 - Z 1 1 1 . , , . - I I ' - 1 ' - 1 ' I I - I A - I - 1 . . 1 . . 1 , 1 , 1 I I I I ' I I I O . , , - , . 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 . - 1 . . , 1 I I - . . . . . - . . . , , . , , . . 1 . 1 1 1 ' ' - . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , . ARCHERY d b ble to hit the bulls The Archery Club is an organization ot young men practice they hope to some ay e a and women who are interested in becoming proficient eyes every time When that day arrives they will in the use ot the bow and arrow Through constant enter competition with clubs from other schools Miketa Mr Rothermel Tabinowskl Dntz Napolitan G Y M T E A M Another new sports activity was begun in our school lt is the gymnastic team under the supervision and athlete The team is composed of 30 boys who meet every Tuesday and Friday nights Many football players are among the participants The captain ot the team is Andrew Kisiday The boys specialize in work on the ring apparatus which includes the horse buck parallel bars and horizontal bars and tumbling The main purpose ot the gym team is to develop the leg muscles group deve'op skill and coordination The team worked hard in preparation for the big W P I A L meet he'd in the spring Those boys who show well in this meet may be sent to the state meet The team will engage in contests with other schools Letters will be awarded to all those who make the team Top Barscz Gdula Gatainis Matika Loschiavo File Green lorfido Altonian Bottom l-lnatko Kloiber Mr Rhodes Zbrzezny Ditz Burton E Wu.- . I I , . ,I . I . direction ot Mr. Doyle Rhodes, former Pitt University and act as a general body builder. I - 4 I A , , . . , I I I A I I I 1 I b I I l I -1- I I I ' I I . I we 'WM ..,, S-. srf Y gs I iv--I 'f 'P ,parm 5 1 'llfltlig Q til ' ll .J' ....L-....- 2 g A...g,ff gli "Qi 3 it 1 if "1 'l nj., BOYS' GYM The gym classes this year are patterned after the Physical Fitness Course prescribed by the Army and Navy. This year's gym program is more serious than that of former years because of the many boys who will be affected by the draft. The gym work this year is designed to de- velop coordination, alertness, skill, and ag- gressiveness, as well as all-around strength. To achieve these abilities, rope climbing, tumbling, calisthenics, and military drill are being taught. In addition, the more popular sports, boxing, football, basketball, mush- ball, and wrestling, add spice to the other- wise uninteresting program. The Obstacle Course will also provide something novel for the boys, More serious interest has been shown by the students toward calisthenics than in former years. The intramural sports, such as basketball and mushball, are very popular, and well participated in. The pupils, as well as the teachers, know that today's students are tomorrow's soldiers and world builders. ln acknowledgment of this fact, both are striving to make the boys strong and healthy. Top Chmchullo Sudrk Graham Mrss Spohr Zlvrc Bobor Lorsorm Bottom Hrynewnch Tollorlto Bonzo Ceshlo Szoforyn Wessely G LS LEADERS C UB Muss Spahr orgamzed the Grrls Leaders show specaal ablluty m leadership scholar ship sportsmanshnp and loyalty To become a member a gurl must excel m sports and be elected by the society The officers of thus years club are Lal Iran Ceschua Presldent Alfreda Szafaryn tary They hold theur meetings every Tues day and Wednesday mornmgs The duties of the members are to assist wlth the class work and the Intramural sports actuvvtles I R ' ' L Club in l93l. The members are girls who Vice Presidebtg and Dorothy Bonzo, Secre- - lO3 - Leaders Trammg Club Furs Row Wood Serack Carver Cormack Lynch Halauca Falcone Double Cam 'iecond Row Austm Dale Marovuch Gross Whntted Hervonch Cvntkovuch Gouse Dumeyer Thnrd Row Gerle Wagner Evans Charm Walters Lesondak Chuaverunn Hood LEADERS TRAINING CLUB Thus year the Leaders Traunmg Clubs were under the sponsorshlp of Muss Marcella Spahr There were two separate clubs meet :ng on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week Four members from each gym class made up the membershup of twenty four The groups mann goal was to tram the gurls for class squad and for group leaders Thus Included assustance wuth attendance and otfucnatlon In team garr-es .N 4 l l , . . 5 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 -' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . . . . , . . . I ' . Furst Row Suuccu Bober Ceshuo Ozumek Sepck Szororyn Lorcubee Jon ICI Second Row Gere Nesbutt Scorpone Muss Spohr Muss Hughes Solomuch Blough I-Irynewnch Thurd Row Kellmer Dole Seneto Bonzo Zuvuc Woslo Antonellu Shupporn Fourth Row Rubel Hrvouch Cochenour Seyboth Ruzu Cormock Mellott Mcullnck Dumesuc YALE PRINCETON GAME As often as March comes the Leaders Club sponsors the Yale Prunceton game Muss Spahr unaugurated thus outstandung event un I932 Thus yearly event us pat terned after the Yale Prunceton game at Oberlun College Alma Mater of Muss Spahr Only the hugh school gurls theur fernunune fruends and relatuves are unvuted to thus fac cunatung classuc The players are chosen from those par tucupatung un the gurls untramural basketball games and from the Curls Leaders Club A gurl must have an average scholastuc stand ung and excel un sports Practuces are held for two weeks prevuous to the bug game The Prunceton partucupants and theur cheerleaders are dressed un black and or ange suuts The followers of the Tuger decorate half the gym Blue and whute unu forms are worn by the Yale players and cheerleaders and the Bulldog followers decorate the other half of the gymnasuurn The players of the Prunceton team are Ann Sepak captaun Alfreda Szafaryn C- r aldune Larabee forwards Agnes Solomuch guards Ann Janucky Rose Waslo Dolores Antonellu Sylvua Zuvuc reserves The Yale forwards are Mary Ann Ozu mek captaun Lulluan Ceschua Mary Bober Beatruce Dale Dorothy Bonzo Hulda Scar pcne guards Ann Cera Helen Suuca Bullue Nesbutt Julua Seneta substututes Prunceton defeated Yale by the score of 32 to 27 Jeanne Shuppam managed the teams Muss Spahr was assusted by Muss Betty Hughes IOS I T I 1 1 II A 1 I I I ' . k, i I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I I -I i I I I I I I I I I - ll ll - ' I - I I 9- - I I I I Q 1. u Dorothea I-Irynewich, Thelma Blough, I I I ' . , . . . , . I '- ' 1 1 I -I A I 'I I . . - I I I l - ' A ' I I I I I In I I . I . I h 1 1 ' ' II ' ll ' ' RLS G Due to the greater need for strong bodues the gurls gym classes under the able durec tuon of Muss Marcella Spahr and Muss Stella Barr has followed closely a schedule to en large the actuvutues of the gurls classes tume has been guven to calusthenucs for phys ucal futness The actuvutues of the class de pend largely on the season ln the fall the gurls concentrate on mushball and soccer ln the wunter theur sports are carrued on un doors Those actuvutues are basketball group games stunts work on the horse and danc ung There us also an undoor obstacle course When sprung arruves the actuvntues are agaun carrued on out of doors and volleyball and basketball are preferred by the gurls Thus course to master All the games undoors and out of doors are based on the fundamentals of the game when ut us un season and ut all hovers around the development of strong bodues and men tal alertness D G I Y M During the past school term, increased spring they had the boys outdoor obstacle - lO6 - EE WIRES AND CABLES PLANE DUCT AIR BLAST TUBING OUTLET AND SWITCH BOXES MECHANICAL CONNECTORS BUSWAYS SURFACE RACEWAYS RIGID CONDUIT FLEXIBLE TUBING UNDERFLOOR WIRING SYSTEMS 5WLMLM?ZA6 f04CQf f Rational Electric PRO DUCT! CURPUR ATIUN Pittsburgh Pa. NATIONAL NATIONAL nlutunn IH'-ll uulliuw-H u 1 . -. . . . ll f Tl-IE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY SPANG CHAI FANT DIVISION AMBRIDGE PA SPANG Seamless Steel Tubular Products One of AIIIEFICQ s Fme ewe ry Stores IN AIVIBRIDGE IT S KPAUSS or Diamonds MERCHANT STREET Ambmdge Your E d WE MAKE TO ORDER Medals School Ring TI'OPl11C Givel Watch Optical and Jewelry RLPHIFIITE, Diamonds Reset m Nlodern Nlountmgs ONE DAY SERVICE Shop at I-I The F1 lendly Sto1e IVIe1 chant St Amb1 ldge, Pa MELA . HJ 1 I I I I . ,. , f , I T E 546 O. C. MURPHY CO. I rim Your Jeweler Pa' - ' s- 'sg . s I . 6 ' D. 6 Compliments of l-I H IQOkD2TtSOU Co AMBRIDGE PA Robelt S Clothes Shop M h A b g Autemleth S Dollau Stole M Ambudge Natlonal Bank M L BALLAY HARDWARE Abdg Con gl atulatnohs The Sen1o1 Class fl om Economy Bank of Ambrudge AMBRIDGF PA o o 0 , . 1 , 5 Smart Men's Wear 459 erc ant Street m rid e, Pa. ' " i , , , to 519 erchant Street ' i High Quality Merchandise Low Prices Compliments of m ri e, Pa. Phone No. 1 MARTIN BRAUN TAILOR and CLEANER We Do our own Cleanmg Call and Dehvefy semce Phone Ambmdge 460 813 Merchan AMBRIDGE ROLLER RINK th ng N w n A b ge 0 1030 AllDySrud'ayadS 'ay Bs 823Mecl'1 tSt AMBRIDGE WALL PAPER STORE 833 M ha tSt eet LANDAUS Men s Clothlng M h r Sr eet I AMBRIDGE ARMY NAVY ST t Street Ambmdge P1 C pl ments of J C Penney C0 AMBRIDGE PA HAYES FLOWER SHOP Telephone Ambrldge 810 Il mtllkr, Mvwvlvr Sk Il C1 R ep r ng on F etW1rcl'1 s and ewel y 753 lVl rchant St eet Amb 1dge P CHOOSE YOUR RECORDS Ph ne Amb 637 Merchant Street Ambrlclge DUFFS IRON CITY COLLEGE ORE Plttsburgh Atlantlc 4875 Me l'1 tSt e Ambrlclge P1 WYCKOFF S ARMY and NAVY E Production Flag NOW CARRIES STARS HE Army Navy E Flag that so proudly fhes over our Ambrxdge Plant now Carnes tuo stars whxch demonstrate coutznuous outstandmg aCh1eve ment 1n the producnon of war materxals by Wyckoff Productxon Sold1ers Sxnce Pearl Harbor Wyckoff has been honored w1th four government merxt awards the Navy E lnjanuary 1942 the All Navy Burgee E 1n Aprxl 1942 the Army Navy E Wlfh added star 1n Au gust 1942 and 1n February 1945 a renewal of thelr Army Navy E Wlth two stars WYCICOFF DRAWN STEEL COMPANY' om 1 1 1 ,YW Wg' ,Y,1fYA,,x-,,lL,7,,,,, , T STREET' Y 77777777-Y WV V Y rn i 9 ai 1 in s . e . J r Some i e 1 m rid e . r YA , il Open 7:3 to 1 - a a r . n und. -- ---"'-f 7- -'A-A---HY H "rw ' - ""' """""" On u Line r an . I - AT - erc n r o , , 118 1 Gerson Record Dept. - -- W-----'--H-- -"- ----H - ---f-'2--- --- , Q ' , Pa. 7 ' 1 649 erc an r ' , .. 1 I L, LLLW, ,,,, , ,,,,, ,,7,,,, ,, , Co imenrs of 1 427 rc an r et ' , .. 7 ff 7, 1 1 1 V 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 xx X . , . . z U H 9 1. U 3 H H 3 , . '3 h gn : ' 6 in A, .IAQ , IL' ,V :Tx 5f49f., IH JWQ Aff ' Q . A a giwag 171 , , iM! m iML!,4x-QQMLS + m1w11nw ihhvai 7 ',A2 .A I: ,fab fY , A wGHmnfQqHQ i E Q:f'vQ, xi., X, .Q ,., K I 315 7 4x.f m5 f1sQ 3 f"9Ax,,nm.Lg,f ,vAf thigh' 'ikzkl APAKQQJQA ,CD fs

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