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n "'s Q . E . I , 4 5 i w . I i I L I F ? Q 1 - E ' 5 2 Q a Q E s l 1 I X s i E 5 V , r 4 f -f F 1 1' .. X , 1,5 - . Y ,ia I H, V,-' .V A U. .. -JI ,. ..1.n.u.g- .hurling -i .- You will, we hope auvvpt our invitation to rf-View the school gear at Ambridge High in 542. 9 .f-ff 5 -Q, I xkfxffw the BRIDGER 194 Presented by the Senior Class of the AMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOCL Ambridge, - - Pennsylvania ..,,, ..--as , ,. . .A , -ncaa!! To the Spirit of Cooperation that pervades Ambridge High School gf I , ,- f, fx S as-ff ,C pl!! fig-ilffnffffn kunnfrrrflfrtf p K S Quin f'SLfI'1.0'I Qflzt-ss of .2 l Axngrzlljf 11595 Srhanl F7165 V M if 2:9 ' if ' I 1 kr . lMf'z'17!"' , zafcfzzdizffa uv 0578! f X21 Ufzmaamalewwafaagazdff X . J jffzufl wr Ili? -' ,iwf.rLf - J fdgdllf ffoffntlfffmlfg -fK,,32.Xi,,-Z! X ,gps-:-D-,fC N 'wo Yearbook Staff Co-Editors-in-Chief Advertising Managers Finance Managers Art Editor Circulation Manager Club Editors Senior Class Editor Underclassman Editor Feature Editors Classroom Editor Typing Editor Vocational Girls' Sports Boys' Sports Yearbook Penman ,,,, Art Adviser Typing Adviser Yearbook Sponsor s 3Twila Willshier Howard Mermelstein 3Alex Kalisuch i 7 William Tartar Raymond Boyle Richard Hood Jeanne Shippam William Cummings Richard Barnhart Dorothy Cherich Betty Jane Steele Gretchen Warner , Mary Marmaclc Doris Gavlik Irene Martin Frances Rosenberger Mary Intrieri Annabelle Amsler Harry Knafelc Joanne Mellott David Barr Miss Clive Cease , Mrs. Ruth Trobe ., t,,mMiss Rose Kozak Miss Myrtle Trembley Q Review A Year We have seen the Ambridge High School's eminence in school affairs rise to new heights during the past year. Remin- iscent of the days not so far gone are the outstanding achievements of our successful football and basketball teams, as well as the gay evenings spent at any one of our many social affairs. Our student governing bodies, the Student Senate and Student Court, under- went reorganization periods in which many worthwhile augmenta- tions took place. The inaugural of a Vocational Guidance Clinic, one of the first projects of its kind to be employed in Beaver County, proved to be a huge success. The senior and junior classes' dramatic triumphs highlighted the entertaining produc- tions presented throughout the school year. In addition to schol- astic achievement, the individual activity groups have attained envied positions and goals to further our heritage of fine accom- plishments. QN- Prcparing for Future Vocations and Avocntions C1m,,,Dl,ons F O Goff- f Wye dedicate this yearbook to our principal, Dr. N. A. Smith, who has made our school the efficient, smooth-running democracy that it is. It was through his high ideals and standards that the curricular and extra-curricular activities of our school have suc- ceeded so well. ...g... an-+v-' A- '-'.' "un ' ' U' '5"""'-"""l"- 1' v 1? H. f aw- Q .Ia V Q i M K? Administration and Faculty , All 1 I fi' IF ' 'S di if if ll, 3 PJ! 2 Val. Q.. 1 Our Administrators DR. J. R. MILLER Dr. R. Miller, Superintendent of the Ambridge Public Schools, received his elementary education in the public schools of Somerset County and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Otterbein College. By his constant quest for knowledge, Dr. Miller procured his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Pitts- burgh. He has, through his many years of school administrative experience, inculcated a most en- vied educative system in the Ambriclge Public Schools. 4 '- .ug--,.,, . "To promote growth in the individual, so that he may live a happy and useful life in a demo- cratic society, is the paramount consideration of our schools." Mr. Leaf's official title is Assistant Superin- tendent in Charge of Instruction. In collabor- ation with teachers and principals in all grades, he is responsible for course offerings and cur- riculum construction together with the selection of texture and visual aid material, classroom procedure and methods, testing and evaluating the results of instruction through the Ambridge Grading System and standardized forms of 9 testing. DR. N. A. SMITH MR. E. B. LEAF Dr. N. A. Smith, our principal, exemplifies the spirit of friendliness which pervades the halls and classrooms of Ambridge High. Every worthwhile project receives his encouragement and support. Ever ready to hear both sides of a question, he has gained the admiration and respect of the entire student body. -11- 41143411 J fl Boairel of Ecllwaliiuii The Board of Education works behind the scenes formulating policies, providing competent teachers, extensive courses, and mod- i e ui ped rooms for study. The officers of this boir are: erny q p Dr. V. Direnzo, Presidentg john Graham, Vice President: joseph W. Druziski, Secretaryg and Frank Duzy, Treasurer. The other members are: Dr. Stephen B. Laskowski, V. O. Byers, and W. T. Kraft. .. I2 .- ff,,.g2,,, Z - .-,.f1-m-.1-- """' ' ' .- """" Office Personnel Under the direction of Miss Helen Druzislcy, with the assis- tance of Miss Ann Zawoiski, the secretarial work of the senior high school is capably administered. Through the efforts of the office staff, the correspondence and recording work of our school has proved to be a valuable asset to the maintenance of our efficient administrative department. ,BT The Filfllhll lVlany divisions of English demand many teachers of the language. Sophomore English is taught by Miss Trembley, Miss Kerschner, Mrs. Trobe and Mrs. Lehman, Miss l,ee :intl Mr. Shaffer teach the subject to the Junior class, while lVl ss Althauser teaches College English and English IV to Seniors, Related English is in charge of Miss Scttino. Social stitches are part of nearly every studentis schedule. Sophomores usually talce either Xvorld History, from lVlr. Hors- man, or liconomic Geography from lVlrs. Schermerhorn, who also teaches Business liconomics to Seniors. Miss Cauley anti Nh: Bining teach American History, a required junior sub- ject. Nlr. Bining is the instructor in Problems of Democracy. lVliss Smith ancl Nlrs. l,ehman are also teachers of social studies. ln the realm of science, Dr. Benlcert, Mr, Hlista, and lVlr. Rice enlighten students of Biology, Mr. Serene teaches both Chemistry ancl Physics, Junior and Senior subjects, respectively. while lVliss Grant teaches Senior Science. Related Science. :I vocational subject. is in the hands of lVlr. Taggart. ,,l4, SARAH E. ADAMS A.B., M.L. French, Spanish, Interna- tional Language Club GEORGE C. AXTELL B.E. Electric Shop, Stage BL Sound Squad WILLIAM BINING B.S., M.A. P r o b l e m s of Democracy, American History, Student Serlale, Student Court OLIVE E. CEASE B,S., M.Ed. Commercial Law, Salesman- sllip, Shorthand, N.Y.A. Di- rector, Yearbook Penman MARGARET Nussbaum COOK B.S., M.A. Business Economics, Business English, Cheerleader Club, Sophomore Class Adviser, Varsity Cheerleaders , i 1 1 r f 1 DORIS FEICK ,W ' o L B.S. in H.E. Vocational Home Economics, Related Science, Related Art Girl Reserves, Home Econom- ics Director of junior BL Sen- ior High School v ROSEMARY GRIME A.B., B.L.S. Library Science, Library Class LEONARD HORSMAN B.S.E., M.Ecl. American History, World History, Silhouette ETHEL ALTHAUSER A.B., M.L. 1lIl1u ADAMS English IV C, English IV, ALTHAUSER Junior Class Adviser JOSEPH M. BENKERT B.S., IVLS., Ph.D. Biology, Hygiene, Assistant AXTEI-L Principal, P a t r ol, Science BENKERT Club, Director of Guidance AVIS CAULEYH f' B.S., M.A. A - ' - American History, Historic B,N,NG Society, Club Director CAULEV C. M. COOK B.S., IVI.A. Related Drawing, Chess Club CEASE c. coox MARY L. DUFFY f Litt.B., M.A. Latin, Scholarship Commit- tee, Knitting Club NLCOOK ourrv KATHERINE FORCEY B.S., M.Ed. Plane Geometry, Solid Geom- etry, Trigonomerry, Senior Class Adviser FEICK Foncsv JOSEPH F. HLISTA A.B, Biology, Hygiene, Junior High Football Coach, Sen- ior High Reserve Basketball, GRWE First Aid Instructor Hus'rA MADELYN HORSMAN Type-writing, Shorthand, O. G. A. Club qfincilenatandllng ancll patient, L. HORSMAN M. HoRsMAN ' .,..,.r,, Q 'Nj xlkux r - X , -x" -L w-sn X 9 HUGHES KERSCHNER KEUSCH KOZAK LEHMAN LEE MCCAUGHTRV MCCORMICK MCWHORTER NEWTON MZ PARSON RICE M. ROBB J. ROBB ROTHERMEL RU BENSTEIN BETTY HUGHES A.B. Physical Education, Hygiene, Algebra I, Girls' Intramural Sports Committee, Junior Leaders Training Club, Intra- mural Sports SAMUEL j. D. KEUSCH A,B., A.M. T r a d e Drafting, Related Science, Airplane Club VIRGINIA Griffiths LEHMAN B.A., M.Ed. Sophomore English, Stamp Club, Financial Adviser Sil- houette HERBERT McCAUGHTRY B.S. Vocational Math, Vocational Science, Attendance Assistant J. C. McWHORTER B.S. Bookkeeping I and II, Type- tor, Finance Director, Usher Sponsor, Co-Director of Pop- ular Song Club F writing III, Assembly Direc- RUTH M. PARSON Vocal Music, Music History and Appreciation, Madrigal Club, Boys' Glee Club, Vocal Ensembles, Assembly and Commencement Music MARGARET ROBB B.S. Foods, Clothing, Related Sub- jects, Girls' Home Economic Club L. H. ROTHERMEL B.S. Industrial Arts, Golf Coach, Golf Club EDITH N. KERSCHNER B.A., M. L. Typing, English II, Quill Club, Quill Magazine ROSE MARY KOZAK B.S., M.Ed. Secretarial Practice, Short- hand II, Typewriting III, Mimeograph Room Super- visor, Bookkeeper for Stu- dent Activity Fund, Silhou- ette Typing Adviser, Year- book Typing Adviser, Koza- kettes Sponsor GERTRUDE McKEE LEE A J. B.A., B.O., M.L. Junior English, Cue Club, Dramatics RTHUR McCORMICK B.S. Band, Orchestra, Instrumen- tal Music Director W. NEWTON B.S., M.Ed. Plane Geometry, Algebra I, Attendance, Student Loan, Student Savings, Lost and Found, Defense Stamp Sale VINCENT RICE A.B. Biology, Hygiene, Photog- raphy Club J. MERRILL ROBB B.A., M.A. Mathematics, Senior Science, Student Court Sponsor MAURICE RUBENSTEIN B.A. Football, Basketball, Boys' Gym, Varsity Club, Director of Athletics we-:U in onmcdl and capable, Three teachers instruct the student body of Ambridge High in mathematics. Miss Forcey teaches Plane and Solid Geometry and Trigonometry. Mr. Newton is the teacher of Algehra, while Mr. NlcCaughtry is the instructor in Related Mathematics. In the field of foreign languages, Miss Adams teaches the lirst and second years of both French and Spanish. Miss Duffy conducts classes in Latin I and II. Miss Hughes and Miss Spahr have charge of girls' hygiene, and three men of science, Dr. Benlcert, Mr. Rice, and Mr. Hlista teach hygiene to the boys. The boys' physical education program is under the direc- tion of Mr. Rubenstein. Miss Spahr and Miss Hughes conduct tht- girls' program along the same lines, Mr. Taggart, as Vocational Director, heads the Vocational Department of Amlvridge High. ln the wood shop, Mr. Wolf teaches carpentry, and in the machine shop, Mr. Arnett is the teacher. Mr. Axtell heads the electric shop, and lVlr. Todd is in charge of auto mechanics. Mr. Rothermt-l's industrial arts shop is general vocational work. ln another fielcl of enterprise, Mr. Cook teaches Mechanical Drawing, and Mr. Keusch teaches Vocational Drafting. catcnenowt with thein time, Qlbenall with tha-:ln hcQ5J The Home Economics Department is directed by M'ss lit-ick. She is assisted ls M y iss Robb and Miss Shaul in such tlomvstics arts as cooking and sewing. ln tht- Commercial Department we End Miss Kozak, who tt-aches Secretarial Practice, Typing, and Shorthand to Seniors. M .. C' ' ' iss ,c-ast, Miss Kerschner, and Mrs. Horsman also teach sub- jects such as these. Mr, Cook is another important instructor in this department. Mr. Mcworter has charge of Bookkeeping. Mrs. Trobe has charge of the entire Art Department. The art program includes crafts, painting, and art appreciation. ln her position as librarian, Miss Grime conducts a course in library Science to train her assistants for further library work. All vocal music is under the direction of Miss Parson. There are music groups of boys and girls alone as well as mixed classes, Mr. McCormick, director of the Band and Orchestra, is hcacl of instrumental music in the school. 1181 HAZEL SCHERMERHORN B.A., M.Litt. Business Economics, Econom- ic Geography, World History L.-'Ve 'e 7:f44'!""6"44'1"'J j . GENEVIEVE W. SETTINO B.A.,M.A. Vocational English, Radio Club DOROTHY SHAUL B.S. Home Economics I and II, Vocational Home Economics, Boys' Home Economics DAVID A. SNYDER B.S., M.Ed. Industrial Geography, Indus- trial History, Industrial Eco- nomics, Assistant Football Coach, Publicity Director, Co-Sponsor of Intramurals, Reserve Football Coach, As- sistant Finance Director, Bul- letin Board Sponsor, Reserve Football Club L. R. TAGGART B.S., M.Ed. Related Science Vocational Director MYRTLE TREMBLEY B.S., M.L. Sophomore English, Year- book Sponsor, Co-Director of Popular Song Club HERMAN WOLF Vocational Carpentry JANET SWAYN E B.S. Home Economics MICHAEL SERENE B.S., M.S. Chemistry, Physics, Wrest- ling, Boxing Club, Co-Spon- sor of Intramurals LYSLE SHAFFER A.B., M.A. Public Speaking, English III, Debate Coach, Refreshment Committee, Forensic Direc- tor MARIE C. SMITH B.A., M.Ed. Consumer Education, World History, Hobby Club MARCELLA M. SPAHR A.B. Physical Education, Hygiene, Intramural S p o r t s, Yale- Princeton Game, Health Committee Student HENRY TODD Auto Mechanics RUTH TROBE B.A. Arts and Crafts, Art Appre- ciation, English II, Scenery, Art Club, Red Cross PETER J. KARAKITSOS B.A. Physical Education HELEN DRUZISKY Secretary to Dr. Smith WILLIAM ARNETT MELA JANE BAILEY Machine Shop B.S. Typewriting and coopcncttlue at aff times. SCHERMERHORN SERENE SETTING SHAFFER SHAUL SMITH SNVDER SPAHR TAGGART TODD TREMBLEY TROBE WOLF KARAKITSOS SWAYNE DRUZISKY KATHERINE ulia Sent-ta . . , Secretary-Treasurer Anthony Krol ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, P resident ohn Athens , Vice-President The Senior Class Seniorsl The last rung on the high school ladder of success! As seniors we lead the receiving line at the Sophomore Reception and as seniors we romped and cavorted with Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae at the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. We joined with the Juniors and Sophomores to welcome back our old "grads" at the Christmas Alumni Dance. During this last glorious year our seniors participated in many activities and held many important offices. Betty Jane Steele, Gertrude Mackintosh, Delmar Mineard, and Bill Byers were included in the expedition to Midwestern Chorus. The Student Court continued with John Athens at its helm. Frances Rosenberger and Rudy Hlista were the chosen captains of the Girls' and Boys' Patrol. Student Senate came to order at the insistance of the gavel held by Bill Arnett's able hand. War Savings Stamps were sold by Nick Athens and his helpers in 104. The proposed Flower Fund was put into working order by John Athens and the Class Song was prepared under the direction of Julia Seneta. The juniors entertained us at the Junior-Senior Prom. An so the three years ended! Now we go to meet the future, whatever it may be, with the firm conviction that right, not might, will conquer. -20- C-fha onion Cllaaa, even all:-:nt and ctmbitloua X ., MICHAEL ALUSHIN lfwlrrrull Popular Song Club, Boys' Home Economics, Chess Club ff ANNABELLE AMSLER ,,.:Me,.,Jwlf4' l'n1111rn'r'f'ii1f Silhouette, Lost and Found Committee, Library roompfyer, Yearbook Typing Editor DOLORES ANTO Club, Assembly Committee, Kozakettes, H ' W I I ARNl!'T .-ffm 'mfr Silhouette, Hstorical Society, Bowling Club, Homeroom Offi- cer, Student Senate Officer, Club Committee JOHN ATHENS .lt'm."wmic ,-lnlifiwlir Usher Committee, Leaders' Club, Girls' Intramural Sports Com- mittee, Band, Orchestra, Cho- rus, Girls' Intramural Sports, Minstrel, Student Banker, Sports Manager, Girl Reserves Student Senate, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer, Flower Fund Committee, Bulletin Board Com- mittee, Boxing and Wrestling Club, Senior Vice President, International Language Club, Club Officer, Student Court YJQMJWMMM ' VERA C. AVERSA I'fwm1i'rrii1f Cheerleaders' Club, Hobby Club NICK ATHENS .-lnnfwulir Publicity Committee, Bulletin Board Committee, Yearbook, Chess Club, Student Senate, International Club, Student Sav- ings, Art Club, Auto Club, Homeroom Officer GUST JOHN BABALIS .'lf'mfi'l11i1' Historical Society, Tri-Sig, Minstrel, Dramatics, Usher Committee, Assembly Committee, Science Forum, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer SARAH BARKLEY .lfmlrmir Band, Orchestra, Tri-Sig, Dra- matics, Chorus Concert, Yale- Princeton Cheerleader, Year- book, Sllhouette, Gym Exhibi- tion, Flower Funcl Committee IRENE BABIK l't11nu1rrf'fi1f Gardening Club, Popular Song Club RICHARD BARNHART .-l1ml,'f1lir Student Senate, Silhouette, Historical Society, Club Committee, International Language Club, Flower Fund Committee, Orchestra, Patrol, Lan- guage Club, Yearbook Circulation Editor Q -V SX f ETHEL BARR r j If1'm'1'f1l Art Club, Sc'ence Forum Club, Popular Song Club, Social Stud- ies Club HARRY BECK ff,'11,'1'iIf DAVID BARR , IIYIIXVIIIII' Historical Society, Assembly Committee, Dramatics, Minstrel, Student Banker, Wrestling Team, Intramural Debate, In- tramural Sports, Sophomore Forum, Junior Forum, Silhou- ette Editor, Yearbook Boys' Sports Editor Tri-Sig, Intramural Sports, Leaders' Club, Sci- ence Forum, Homeroom Officer HELEN BYSURA f'f1111r11i'n'f11f Cheerleaders' Club, Student Sen- ate, Student Banker, Kozakettes Homeroom Officer, Girl Re- scrves, Patrol Officer -211 ALUSHIN AMSLER ARNETT J,ATHENS AVERSA BABALIS BARKLEY BARNHART E BARR BECK ANTONELLI N. ATHENS BABIK D. BARR BYSURA K, fe' ' sA.iAc nmto llzic ILANARIK IOBIR BEIGHLEV BERCIK BIELSKI BLOSSER BOUDROS aEi.i.As azmtowrrz names h scouan BOYLE Atnlueh on VERONICA BAJEK Nj ' 215.5 llemfral Library Science, Popular Song Club AGNES BEIGHLEY fl t'adw11it' International Language Club, Future Teachers' Club MICHAEL BENKO HARRY BELLAS Vnratiamzl Urmw ll Chess Club, Boys' Home Eco- Photography Club, Radio Club, nomics, Intramural Sports First Aid Club ANNE CATHERINE BERCIK Comm!! Leaders, Club, Usher Commit- tee, Intramural Sports, Finance Committee MARTHA BEZIC EUNICE BE RKOWITZ Uuufral G nzcnzl Popular Song Club, Girls' Home Popular Song Club, Silhouette Economics Club, Gardening Club, Travel Club, Club Officer HENRY BIELSKI ' ' , .-lfaziwnif' Patrol, Minstrel, Dramatics, As- sembly Committee, Historical Society, Yearbook, Wrestling Club, 'Club 'Qff er, Homeroom Office X. ELSIE BLANARM ROBERT E. BIRES .-I fadwnit' V l'nn1nn'1'rii1f Minstrel, ati 3, b Com- Football, Varsity Club, Club mittee, nce F 1-fm, Silhou- Officer ette 1 -' , I RUTH EVELYN BLOSSER L .-1 fatfenlic' , Historical Society, Student Sen- ate, Science Forum, Homeroom Officer, Student Loan, Patrol Officer ,, ' sf!! ,VM , x , .7 ,V-c.,f4' fa' " Q" THELMA BLOUGH FRANK BOBER G'wzw'a1 Social Committee, Popular Song Club, Finance Committee .-lnuffvrlir Silhouette, Leaders' Club, Fi- nance Committee, Popular Song Club, Girls' Sports JAMES BOUDROS General Social Committee, V Automobile Club, Boys, Home Economics Club a ALLCCE.hAtLLQ lg -- .72 - RAYMOND BOYLE .Al fzlrfnllfr' Dramatics, Bulletin Board Com- mittee, Silhouette, Wrestling Club, Bowling Club, Intramural Debate, Minstrels, Junior For- um, Leaders' Club, Student Sen- ate Vice President, Historical Society Vice President, Year- book Finance Co-Editor, Home- room Intramural Captain, Pub- licity Committee, Sophomore Forum utune be 1674! JJ COLA conaicllz-:nation on unczlencllalmmen, MARY KAY BROWN .Al t'1Ii'f':'ll1f!' Social Committee, Usher Committee, Dramatics, Minstrel, Historcial So- ciety, Bowling Club, Student Banker, Silhouette, Yearbook SARA BRUNO lfrmvuf Patrol, Club Officer, Girl Reserves BEATRICE BRYANT l'fmn11wf'f'i11f Cheerleaders' Club, Popular Song Club, Knitting Club DOROTHY ALICE BUDINKO I 'nmnn'rr'i11f Gardening Club, Popular Song Club ALEX BURZESE l lmwlffnllilf Chess Club, Airplane Club, Home- room Officer WILLIAM ORRIN BYERS lfrllrrflf Madrigal Club, Boys, Chorus, Dra- matics, Minstrel, Midwestern Chorus MARGARET BYCURA fvl!llIl1lt'7Y'i1J! Hobby Club, Girl Reserves, Yearbook Student Loan, Club Officer, Home: room Officer, Homeroom President Student Senate, Finance ommittee Kozalcettes D7 44.04 4 DORO HY CHERICH fwUIllI7ll'l'l'itIl Club Committee, Social Committee, Student Loan, Historical Society, Koz- alcettes, Patrol, Homeroom Officer, Silhouette Editor, Yearbook Editor JOSEPH COLA G'r11i'mlf Boxing and Wrestling Club, Intra- mural Sports PETER COMPAGNONI .Al I'tlIfl'INft' Debate, Sports Committee, Patrol, Boxing and Wrestling Club, Histor- ical Society, Yearbook, Intramural Sports WD A. .ll. a a C2 Q I-J? CHARLES M. COOK .Al fa rfumir Orchestra, Science Forum, Intra- mural Debates, Student Loan, Sopho- more and Junior Forum, Chess Club, Club Officer ANTHONY J. COSTANZA l'1Pr'.1ff1Il11l1 Patrol, Boys' Home Economics Club, Club Officer, Chess Club JAMES THEODORE COSTANZO .'ll'tIi'ic'I1Ifl' Science Forum, International Lan- guage Club, Dramatics, Boys' Chorus, Festival Concert, Intramural Debates Patrol N 9 EMANUEL CRASANAKIS .fl nulrnlir Wrestling Club, Bulletin Board Com- mittee EUGENE CUDA l'nf.1fim1al Football, Varsity Club BROWN BRUNO BRYANT BUDINKO BURZESE BYERS BVCU RA CHERICH COMPAGNONI COOK A. COSTANIA J. COSTANZO CRASANAKIS CU DA N XV,- g U REAUJSCI on wable llatllena, WILLIAM RUSSELL CUMMINGS .4 radiwiir' Varsity Football, Barbell Club, Dra- matics, Leaders' Club, Social Com- Student Senate, Homeroom mittee, Officer, Yearbook Art Editor, Silhou- ette MARCELINE CURTIS l'u1'nIinm1f llnrm' k'f'nr1nu1ifi' Popular Song Club, Cue Club BEATRICE DALE .-Inzrfrnlir Leaders' Club, Usher Committee, Yearbook, Student Senate Officer, Homeroom Officer, Girls' Sports JOHN ANDREW DAUBENSPECK .-lrarfvnlir' Photography Club, Leaders' Club, Model Airplane Club YOLA DeGRANDIS lf'vm"ral Popular Song Club, Girls' Sports, Home Economics Club Ji Q7 ANNA DEMAY Y Ifwlflwlf Silhouette, Student Banker, Yearbook, Historical Society, Girl Reserves, Dra- matics, Usher Committee, Student Health Committee, Homeroom Offi- cer, Refreshment Committee, Sopho- more Forum H ALFRED DENNYWM'H,,4 Vflnztimlul Patrol, Popular Song Club, Chess Club, Boxing Club GQQJ. 40.2 has J SEP JERRY DePACE ffulrrmzl Chess Club, First Aid Club ALEX M. DEROCHIS lfnzrrill Boxing and Wrestling Club, Intra- mural Sports ' VALERIE J. DHVIACCIO .-InuI'i'n1ir Madrigal Club, Assembly Committee, Tri-Sig, Language Club, Opera, Dra- matics, Yearbook, St' ent Loan, Mid- western Chorus, ,Nati al Health Com- mittee, Talent N' 'lomeroom Offi- ACCT xy up , , lf 'N ALEX DIRDO Com rmwrinl Intramural Sports, Chess Club, Radio Club, Popular Song Club SARAH DODARO I' I I' '11 ' 'lf I If ffl Library Science, Popular Song Club, Home Economics Club, Girls' Sports, Refreshment Committee JOSEPH ROBERT DOLYAK lfwm'1'i1l Chess Club, Chef Club, Popular Song Club, Science Forum LARRY DORESHENK .-I nzzfnllif' Boxing and Wrestling Club, Intramur- al Sports, Golf Club, Airplane Club IRENE DRABYK lfif'm'1'11l Nlaclrigal Club, Popular Song Club, Leaders' Club, Dramatics, Finance Committee, Intramural Sports CUMMINGS CURTIS DALE DAUBENSPECK DE GRANDIS DEMAV DENNY DE PACE DEROCHIS DI MACCIO DIRDO DODERO DOLYAK DORESHANK DRABYK fee-719 CHARLES ALBERT DROZ f'nn1111i'1'rii1l L e a cl e r s' Club, Intramural Sports, nance Committee, Yearbook, Chess Club, Assembly Commit- tee, Usher Committee FRANK ESSEK Cheerleaders, Club Popular I'm'uliwml Song Club, Girl Reserves, Ush Boxing and Wrestling Club, er Committee Forum Club, Automobile Club, Popular Sports ARMAN D. FALSO lfr'rli'1'i1f Travel Club, Hobby Club, Auto' mobile Club, First Aid Club, Intramural S orts P v jf !'4' HELEN FIRICH I l'ur111m'1'1'fi1f I Madrigal Club, Concert, Home- fffkifrv room Officer WANDA FLEMING JA K'nu1u1i'1'f'f11f 1' L THOMAS D. FURNESS Hobby Club f if ff! . .'IHlII'c'Nlir' ' X Chess Club, Football, Art Club, J' 1 Intramural Sports, Publicity .1 Committee N Social Committee, Fi- HELEN DWORAKOWSK if!!! f'nf11rm'l'rfi1f CATHERINE DZIACK l'm'irfim1i1f llnmr- l:'rnz1fwsff1i' Song Club, Intramural of My Jin RUTH ELLEN ENGSTROM M l'fu111m'1'1'iul Popular Song Club, Finance Committee, Silhouette, Kozak-b.mQ R ettes, Club Officer ELMER RICHARD EVANKO l I,'i'm'n1f Patrol, Popular Song Club, Chess Club, Chorus Festival, Vocal Concert, Boys' Chorus, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer EDWARD FIJEVVSKI Q Vumzlimlill Q Basketball, Patrol, Boxing and Wfrestling Club, Club Officer DOQROTHY GABRIEI. Q lfwlrnll , , -..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , V r I -..T -..A-.A EDMUND JOHN GAGLIARDI ESSEX ENGSTROM EVANK0 Vwvml FIRICH FLEMING If i 1 v Radio Club, Automobile Club, gtgtissoi iistgxvikl ZAZZAEL Publicity Committee, Popular 0 Song Club, Patrol, Basketball Manager SAM GAONA 3 Os... g.,,,,,,, l'm'r1lfnm1l Publicity Committee, Airplane Club, Popular Song Club, Auto ,x - ' Club 7 ' MATILDA ANNE GARBA l'm'u!fm1iIf flnmi' h'.'11l1m1:f1'.i' Art Club, Home Economics Club lpctnticipatlon in new Ipnojscta, M- 25 if ff-Rf? lp, Af -, . 4-4 ff isvlkfs. LEONE.GAUS' Ni-A-v -- -" ' ' lfi'1n'r'1Il Cheerleader, Hobby Club, Boys' Home Economics, Talent Night, Homeroom Officer ANNE M. GERA f'nN1l11w'1'fill Finance Committee, J u n io r Leaders' Club, Popular Song Club, Mimeograph Club, Intra- m u r a l Sports, Cheerleaders' Club, Homeroom Officer ELEANOR GIAMMA IA f'n1211111'I'z'ii1f ETTY MAE GOLDEN Popular Song Club f'nu11m'1'1'iilf Ltrol Officer 5 X 3 .Dramatics, Minstrel, Popular 'Song Club, Knitting Club, Pa- MILDRED JEAN GURCIC Refreshment Committee, Popu- aj lar Song Club, Home Econom- ics Club, Cheerleaders' Club N s HELEN GERAZOUNIS I fmmn'1'1'n1l Art Club, Gardeners Club, Cho- DORIS GAVLIK .lrmfmzlir Language Club, Madrigal Club, Historical Society, Dramatics, Music Festival, Concert, Year- book Unclerclassman Editor l'l1S JOHN PETER GIAMMARIA Finance Committee, Popular Song Club, Gabe Club, Kozak- RUTH GOOD l'm11111t'r'f'i41f 'i ' I n11111lw'f'1i1f 'lg' ettes, Club Officer UTH BARBARA GRAHAM .il FIIIIIUNIII' Madrigal Club, Silhouette, Pa- trol, Refreshment Committee, Student Health Committee, His- torical Society, Junior Leaders' Club, Intramural Sports, Year- book, Dramatics, Junior Forum Gardening Club, Finance Com mittee, First Aid Club, Popular Song Club if ,' ff ' ' L 4, HELEN GUYER . f nm lHA'I'1'l1I! Gardening Club, Popular Song :Mus GAVUK GUYER Club, Knitting Club, Health GERA GERAZOUNIS GERMUSA Committee, Homeroom Officer GIAMMARIA P. GIAMMARIA cisxA SAMLIEL GURMUSA GOLDEN GOOD GOSS t,',.,,,.,-df GURCIC GRAHAM GEREGA WALTER F. GISKA Airplane Club, Lost and Found ffwn ml Game Club, Popular Song Club, Golf Club, Intramural Sports Committee, Homeroom Officer MARGARET G. GOSS .'I1'f1ffwn1ir Girl Reserves' Club, Student Banker, Refreshment Commit- tee, Yearbook MARY GEREGA f'nz11111i'f'1'fi1f Hobby Club, Refreshment Com- mittee, Cue Club an intent-:At in aclluancccll time-:onli-za, ,236-, v Yiiii.. upholding the qoocllntouncll in tnacllltion, VIRGINIA HABICH lillflllililltll llnrm' kifnlmzzlim' First Aid Club, Popular Song Club, Gardening Club ELVA MAE HAMILTON Cum mrrrful Popular Song Club, Library Science, Language Club, Girl Reserves J Ixyatfl v1l:7 A-"' BILL HANNIGAN .-I mlzlwfflff' Radio Club, Photography Club, Intra- mural Sports EVELYN GERTRUDE HARTSTEIN Urflrlul Silhouette, Historical Society, Inter- national Language Club, Student Banker, Madrigal Club, Yearbook, Assembly Committee, Choral Work, Dramatics RUDOLPH HLISTA Vnfwrfullzzl Chess Club, Auto Club, Boys, Home Economics Club, Intramural Sports, Patrol Officer ...r ,QQZDJK JOHN A. HETTISH f'nr11z11vr'rfi1l Chess Club, Popular Song Club, Fi- nance Committee, Kozakettes, Student Court, Club Officer IRENE HODNISKI I,'f:m'r11l Finance Committee, Cheerleader's Club, Home Economics Club RICHARD THOMAS HOOD .4 ruzfvulir' Dramatics, Sophomore and Junior Class President, Historical Society, Junior Forum, Publicity Committee, Student Loan, Yearbook Finance Co- Editor, Club Officer , ' . v DOROTHY D. HOVANEC l'nn1!im1al llama hi1'w1nnlif'.r Cheerleaders, Club, Silhouette, Min- strels, Club Committee, Yale Cheer- leader, Dramatics, Mimeograph Club, Club Officer BERNARD HRICO .-I ruziwuif Sophomore Forum, Library Staff, Leaders' Club, Junior Forum, Stu- dent Senate, Yearbook, Patrol, Inter- national Language Club, Homeroom Officer, Assembly Committee, Co- Editor of Silhouette, Student Court EDWARD JOHN GREGORY HRICO Vnnllimmf Chess Club, Boys' Home Economics Club, Student Court, Student Banker, ,A Club Officer, Homeroom Officer 7 - ' t ' f., , 1, . 'JA' : , 1 -fi Jiy '- , GEORCijg'CfI-IOOVER, JR. W 'f , Cum ll'rrial Hobby? Club, Chess Club, Finance WfPL1AFY',.'fR0P'5S Committee, Intramural Sports, Assem- Scieglzzngllligl K flax 1- ,ff .lfafl-f4,41' bly Committee QQ, A4mDw-1-U15-1 " JAMES HOPKINS l,'i'fl1'ml Club Committee, Yearbook, Minstrel, Talent Night, Dr matics i-SZ Art Club ml HABICH HAMILTON HANNIGAN HARTSTEIN HLISTA B O nu-1-:sn Hoomsxi ' Hoon Hoovsn Hovxms , . HOVANEC B. HRICO E. HRICO HRONAS HRYNEWICH DORTHEA ROSE HRYNEWICH JI nlzfwfzif' Tri-Sig, Sophomore Forum, Student Banker, Girls' Sports, Usher Commit- tee, Yearbook, Gym Exhibition, Con- cert, Science Forum, Club Officer M maintaining high Atandlancllh in un, ADAM HRYNOWICH ffrflrnl Radio Club, Intramural S rts, Auto- mob le C b . KENNY EARL H T f'f:n1l11f'1'1'iuf Silhouette, Yearbook, Boys' Chorus, Drum Major, Talent Night, Dramat- ics, Festival Chorus, Minstrel, Opera, Twirling Squad, Intramural Debate FRANK HUSAK 1'.1,',1ri.w,:! Publicity Committee, Bulletin Board Committee, Concert, Chess Club, In- tramural Sports, Club Officer MARY C. INTRIERI .lfulffwflfir Club Committee, Yearbook Classroom Editor, Debate Club, Historical Socie- ty, International Language Club, Cho- rus Concert KATHERINE IVKOVICH l'fw11m'n'i4ll Popular Song Club, O. G. A. Club if . I Qfndfbtdfflj ' MARION IZAK K ffl' rm! Ba il Orchestra, Patrol, Historical S ,iety, Popular Song Club, Home- r Officer ALVIN JAKES f'n111u1w'1'f1lf Chess Club, Radio Club, Boys' Home Economics Club, Boys' Glee Club ANNE JANICKY fum ww ffflf Girls' Sports, Student Senate, Dra- matics, Homeroom Officer, Cheer- leaders' Club, Club Officer ,, -fe -fa-1,5 . WILLIAM JARRUP K lfi'm'rul Airplane Club, Intramural Sports, Chess Club, Bowling Club, Boys' Home Economics Club HELEN MARY JASLER film. zmwriill Cheerleaders' Club, Popular Song Club, Refreshment Committee, Intra- mural Sports ALEX KALISUCH xl filrffvl fr' Hobby Club, Popular Song Club, In- tramural Sports, Yearbook Advertis- ing Co-Editor JULIA KARAS f'nr1111li'1'1'f1If Popular Song Club, Garden Club, Kozaltettes MARY KARAS l'nvllm'1'r'fiIf Girls' Sports, Popular Song Club, Club Committee WILLIAM KERIN .-lnlzfrmir' Madrigal Club, Football Manager, Historical Society, Festival Chorus, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer PAUL M. KESNER l'nn1ri.m11l Airplane Club, Archery Club, Boys' Home Economics Club HRVNOWICH HULET HUSAK INTRIERI IVKOVICH l IZAK JAKES JANICKY JARRUF JASLER KALISUCH J. KARAS M. KARAS KERIN KESNER l ' QVVJ, Q7 HARRY KNAFELC f , inf ' IM,-i1ri,u1.1l t l Lck-V". Stage Squad l J We PAULINE KNOPICK fl1'll:'l'iJl Gardening Club, Popular Song Club, Girls' Home Economics Club, Refreshment Committee CAROLYN KONCEWICZ .'lf''mif' Yearbook, Madrigal Club, Cho- rus, Dramatics, Popular Song Club, Book Lovers' Club, Girl Reserves, Flower Fund Commit- tee, Homeroom OH:icer ED II 11 Football Manager, Intram Sports, Current Events Clu Hobby Club, Club Officer l WARD TIMOTHY KON fn Il rrrfilf l Q r CHARLES KOPRIVA if .-l1'i1iI'i'mn' .PAJLS if . Airplane Club, Popular Song X! Club, International Language l ' if Club FLORENCE LOUISE ISGPCZAK Ih'11i'nlZ 5 MICHAEL KOSTAS Gardening Club, Popular Sung f'nl11un'1'1'ff1f Club I' Football, Basketball, Intramural l J ' 9 Sports, Wrestling, Madrigal Club, Student Banker, Gym Ex- hibition, Barbell Club, Boys' Chorus, Homeroom Officer, Varsity Club, Club Officer X 1 M V DOROTHY KOVACEVIC lf4'm'l'17f Popular Song Club, Concert, ty, Dramatics ANTHONY JOSEPH KROL .'ln1flru1ff' Student Senate, Boys' Sports, Chess Team, Intramural Sports, Secretary of the Sophomore Class, President of the Senior Class, Homeroom Officer Club, Language i WM' Historical Socie- , XL vt Ql WANDA IRENE KRETZLER l'vu1u1r1'ff11f Dramatics, Popular Song Club, Hobby Club, Mimeograph Club ANDREW KURASH llmuilfmnzf l Stage Squad, Radio Club MARY ANN KURELIC . KONCEWKZZ I'n111u1,'1'ff11f7'yl' V4-Vt! KOSTAS Cheerleaders' Club, Popular KROLL ELEANOR KWITOWSKI Song Club, Girls' Sports Man- Kw'AT"'Now5K' lfwlwvll aggr 97: v . 4 . ' Usher Committee, Student Loan Yearbook, Girl Reserves, Inter national Language Club, Hob by Club ' g ' -i J EDWIN PAUL KXVIATANOVVSKI I,'f'11,'ml Historical Society, Hobby Club GERALDINE ANNA LARABEE .lnlffrlzzfr Patrol, Leaders' Club, Intramur al Sports, Girls' Sports KNOPIK KOPRIVA KOVACEVIC KURASH KWITOWSKI KON KOPCZAK KRETZ LER KURELICH LA RAEEE in wonle, in nelliqion ancll in goo:-znnment. ..2Qi G. LASCALA LEVV MANJAK MARSHALL MAUK P. LASCA LA MACKINTOSH MARLINGA NIORSI LLO MAXWELL LAZORSKI MALETIC MARMACK MARTIN MASOCCO GRACE L. LASCALA l'f1u1v11'1'1'ial Gardening Club, Usher Com mittee, Popular Song Club PHILIP LASCALA l'nmu1i'rfii1f Social Studies, Student Loan, Fi tee, Radio Club BETTY LEVY .'1l'LIl11'IIIiI' Historical Society, Silhouette, Yearbook, Library Council, In- ternational Language Club, Pa- Debate Club, nance Commit- JOHN LAZORSKI nl r'i1ffi'1nir Football, Boxing and Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Varsity Club, Club Officer, Football Team Captain trol ,J ,u 1 0 Q., ,,.L,+.,t.. GERTRUDE MACKINTOSI-I fn' " " - . ii A-lnlffnzlir Nrtvbhbkbts.-1-j.L1, . I X x u l'm'41fin1mf nf,-MJRM 0607144 13. Silhouette. Assembly Commit tee, Finance Committee, Madri- gal Club, Club Officer, Home- room Officer MARGARET L. MALETIC l1f'11vr'i1l Popular Song Club, Home Ec- THOMAS MANJAK onomics Club, Homeroom Offi- Cel' Airplane Club, Archery Club, Popular Song Club ERWARD FRANCIS MARLINGA lfi'1n'1'i1l Intramural Sports, Travel Club, Popular Song Club, Student Senate, Concert, Homcroom Officer MARY ELIZABETH -NIARNIACK l'm'i1fin11uf flfwli' f','f'n1lur11fri' RUTH CAROL MARSHALL f'nf11n1u.'r'ii1f Garden Club, II'-lobby Club, Home Efono 'cs Club, Refresh- mentfCf11 ' Publicity Committee, Silhouette, Concert, Popular Song Club. Service Orchestra, B u l l e t i n Board Committee, Yearbook Senior Class Editor, Dramatics MARIE A MOR LO ' rf I I mittee Po ular Song Club J X . ' J I' f fill' If' 'ill If I!-'Girls' Sports, P iy Com M ly' 1 Y A . I, ,, , I IRENE MARTIN MMM ,i lid RAYMOND CARL IVIAUK f'numn'rfi11f Patrol, Popular Song Club, Sci- ence Forum Club, Finance Com- mittee, I-lomeroom Ofiicer, Stu- dent Senate .-lrilrfwnln Silhouette, Historic l Society, Forum Club, Gtrls' Sports, Stu- clerxt Banker, Yearbook, Lan- guage Society JIM MAXWELI. lfi'11i'n1l Chess Club, Boxing and Wrest- ling Club ISABEL MASOCCO , . K n1unn'rf'1al Basketball, Popular Seng Club cllife Ipllan on ci tullll Qlte -30- lDl"I.ETLE, LOUISE McCRACKEN .-lf'i11f1'u1f1' Silhouette, Debate, Bank, Orchestra, Dramatics, Historical Society, Year- book, Patrol, Junior Forum, Bulletin Board Committee, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Lost and Found Committee SAMUEL A. MCKEE ff,'1n'ri1f Radio Club, Hobby Club, Photogra- phy Club ANNE MEDIANOWSKI f"uf11r111'1'f'i1lf Cheerleaders' Club, O. G. A. Club Kozakettes Q I f 7' CLIF RD MEHR lf'1'll1'l'rIf Popular Song Club EDWARD MELLOTT fl.t'U1'l'1I! Intramural Sports Committee, Madri- gal Club, Boys' Chorus, Cheerleaders' Club, Minstrel, Dramatics, Yearbook, Patrol, Silhouette Editor, Patrol Offi- Cer 6,,.1n',rl"' t each COJ1 l7E, MILDRED JOANNE MELLOTT .-I muff '111 if' Assembly Committee, Patrol, Yale- Princeton Cheerleader, Historical So- ciety, Dramatics, International Lan- guage Club, Student Senate, Bowling Club, Homeroom Officer, Silhouette Editor, Yearbook Girls' Sports Editor, Girls' Sports HOWARD ALLEN MERMELSTEIN .lnlrfwfllir Silhouette, Historical Society, Assem- bly Committee, Minstrel, Student Banker, International Language Club, Varsity Debate, Dramatics, Intramur- al Sports, Sophomore Forum, Junior Forum, Student Court, Club Officer. Yearbook Co-Editor .IOSEPH S. MESHANKO l'm'11rfn1nlf Golf Club HELEN MIDZIANOWSKY .-In111'uu1fr Popular Song Club, Concert FRANCIS JAMES MIEDANNER .'If'urf1'u1ii' Language Club, Usher Committee, Li- brary Staff, Assembly Committee, Homeroom Officer, Stage Squad, Stu- dent Loan , I f fi . 61..- ,lf-,NA4 MCCRACKEN MCKEE MEDIANOWSKI MEHRING E. MELLOTT J. MELLOTT MERMELSTEIN MESHANKO MIDZIANOWSKI MIEDANNER I MIHALIC MIHALISEN MINUEK A. MISKULIN H. MISKULIN l i ROBERT MIHALIC If wlzvrill 6 'w - , s A CATHERINE MIHALISEN l'm'i1lin1111l llurm' l:'f'n1mmii1i' Cheerleaders' Club, Popular Song Club, Concert ' MARY MI EK Ifwli'l'i1,' Refreshment Committee, Popular Song Club, Travel Club, Gardening Club ANNE MISKULIN l ul1.'r11.'r'f'n1f Popular Song Club, Girl Reserves, Chess Club I ,Ca -.- Ar, r-se ' 4 .' .,4, , HELEN MISKULIN f'f'luH1i'f'rff1f Games Club, Popular Song Club, Cue Club, Student Banker, Dramatics 5 , 95,5 5,'!'Sg'S'f1 1' Z ' 1? viii-Zvgfqgvv-,F'f,Ty-7-v-g-f.3--sg. 7 V , .-,, .,n.-,,,., - Gun utune Alplta-:ne mubtt have EUGENE MONTINI K nnlmrrrnll Flnance Committee K . . X-ft, ft f 'fi' fi .. ,,,. ,. , 4 ANNE MOSURA l,'1'm"1l Dramatilts, Silhouette, Yearbook, Jun- ior Leaders' Club, Home Economics Club, Homeroom Officer, Chorus ERMA MAE MURSHETZ lf l'N4'l'1ll Popular Song Club, Orchestra VINCENT J. MUSI Vunllimlaf Chef Club, Boxing Club, Club Officer ELEANOR MUSHINSKI fflvllfifulil' Games Club, Band, Knitting Club ' F . iw MILDRED NORKOVIC .-I r'arfi'111ir' Bank, Science Forum, Minstrel, Dra- matics, Science Club, Club Officer DOROTHY NEGREY lIi'm'r'al Student Banker, Popular Song Club, Homeroom Officer ff! 'I , f .LJy'-'-4JZ4i- 'Iltf,ij!Jff DONALD E. NIELSEN ffwrrml Hobby Club, Boxing and Wrestling Club BILLIE LOUISE NESBITT f'1m1 u1t'r'rfal Leaders' Club, Cheerleaders' Club, Fi- nance Committee, Refreshment Com- mittee, Intramural Sports, Kozalcettes VERONICA NIKLEWICZ CvHNlUll'I'l'ilIl Sllhouette, Quill Club, Patrol, Year- book, Historical Society, Student Banker, Finance Committee, Home- proom Officer, Club Officer, Kozak- lettes, Student Court, Cheerleaders' Club BETTY OLAI-I l'nn11m'rrff1l Patrol, Finance Committee, Forum, Cue Club, Travel Club, Club Officer NORBERT L. OLESKA l vlllitlfiifllilf Football JENN IE OLSON I lVlflfIl4'7'flLIl Chess Club, Popular Song Club, Fi- nance Committee, Kozalcettes, Club Officer KATHERINE ONUFRYK l'n111n11':1'i11f Intramural Sports, Leaders' Club, Kozakettes, Homeroom Officer BETTE ORLER lf'4'm'l'11f Knitting Club Patrol Minstrel Science Forum, Popular Song Club uw MONTINI MOSURA MURSHETZ MUSI MUSHIN KI NORKOVIC NEGREY NIELSEN NESBITT NIKLEWICZ ' f WIN ALI' cum oLEsxA OLSON X ouurnvx ORLER Mm! FRANCES OTRAHALIC l'1w1lm'r.f'faf Popular Song Club, Social Club, Travel Club - MARGARET ANN OWENS G'f'm'ral Game Club, Home Economics Club MARY ANN OZIMEK l'm'flfinf1al llmm' E!'l!IIlPIIlit'.lx Yale-Princeton Game, Band, Leaders' Club, Girls' Sports RICHARD PAAR G4'm'r11l Hobby Club F BOB PALMER 'fy lff'rn'rfIl Travel Club, Radio Club, Popu- lar Song Club, Football Man- ager, Photography Club, Varsi- ty Club GUS J. PANUTSOS f'l1II.'lIIl'?'l'i11l Radio Club, Popular Song Club, Leaders' Club, I n t r a m u r al RITA PAPADEAS Sports .-lnla'f'mf1' Art Club, Refreshment Com- J mittee, Historical Societv. Schol- I arship Committee, Club Com- mittee, Yearbook, Kozakettes, 1' Invitation Committee 5. AJ ANNE PAPANTONIO ' l'm'atinm11 flame hlflllltlillillf ' N Knitting Club Girl Reser , Club Officer y Z KAY PAPIN HAK Fl7IIlllIL'I'filIl Popular Song Club, Girl Re- serves, hess glib ' f'fm1m1-rfia! ig ' HARRIET G. PAPPAS Gardening Club, Popular Song Club, O. G. A., Club Officer ROBERT ROY PATTERSON l'nn:finm1! Airplane Club, Archery Club, Auto Club, Popular Song Club ANTHONY WROBLESKI I'-fI!'t1fr:0lI1Il ' ' Publicity Committee, C h e s s W4 W Club, Homeroom Officer MARY PEL EGRINI Cum nnwrinl Popular Song Club, Finance Committee, Minstrel, Dramatics, Girls' Sports PEARL PIETROSZESKI , ,V I , - I'nv1lm'l'1'i11l r A " Q -!y?"' if ,f - , . Cheerleaders' C l u b, ipopillg ' ' M XL! Song Club, O. G. A. ffl VINCENT PISANO flu m lI1l'l'I'i!Il Intramural Sports, Minstrel, Talent Night, Band, Orchestra. Social Club, Service Orchestra Club Officer AQ OTRAHALI K PAAR PAPADEAS PAPPAS PELLIGRENI OWENS PALMER PAPA NTONIO PATTERSON PIETROSZESKI ct lpllace on em-znlgone, ancll OIIMEK PANUTSOS PAP! NCHAK WROBLESKI PISANO N l I l l. X. l NM NORMAN PONEVAC I li, llnl1n111'r1'fiIf li Finance onimittee, Intramural Sports s KATIE POUTOUS l'u1u111i'1'fli1l Junior Leaders' Club, Popular Song Club, Intramural Sports, Yearbook, Kozalcettes, Dramat- . ics RICHARD E. POWELL X f'n11121n'1'4'fi1f ' Chess Club, Boys' Home Eco- Q ' nomics Club, Band, Intramural CH TER PRINCE Sports, Patrol Officer, Finance .-I1'a1I'i'vlf1' Committee Debate, Nlinstrel, Dramatics JOSEPH T. PUGLIANO f'n1111m'rr'fi1f Student Banker, Finance Come . mittee, Intramural Sports, So- ' 'al Committee, Popular Song ,f, Mlub, Hobby Club. Home-room Officer, Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class V ALICE MARCELLA PUSHINSKY .-I1'1lJi'n1ff' S LLA J. PZYSUCHOWSKI Popular Song Club fIf'm'1'i1l Popular Song Club, Gardening Club ANNE RADICH f'un1u1rr'rii1l Art Club, Girl Reserves, Hobby Club ERNEST RAYMER .-I mzzfrzlzif' JACK THOMAS REGNEY Bowling Club, Airplane Club, .-lriulrulir Wrestling and Boxing Club Boxing and Wrestling Club, Publicity Committee, Home- room Officer, Airplane Club. Club Officer DOROTHY RENGOWSKI ' K'n111v1f'1'1'filf Publicity, Finance Committee, Usher, Intramural Sports, Ko- zalcettes, Club Officer EDWARD REPOVSH PRINCE l I PUGLIANO PUSHINSKI ANN C- RICCI l"'U1fff"l1lf Pzvsucuowsxl RADICK RAYMER ff"'U1"'f1f Radio Club nggngy RENGOWSKI REFQVSH Leaders' Club, Girls' Home Ec- RICCI RITTELMAN ROSENBERGER 0n0mlC5 Club, P0PUlaf S0118 Club DAVID RITTELMANN ff4'1li'r11l Intramural Sports, Hobby Club, Games Club, Current Events 0 Club, Student Senate, Student Ioan, Homeroom Officer FRANCES M. ROSE RGER f'nl11fl14'7'1'fiIf Student Senate, Popular Song Club, Homeroom Officer, Nlacl- rigal, Patrol Officer, Club Offi- cer, Yearbook Feature Editor cur-znlgone tnalnecll ton bla lpllacep -34.- QQQ 40 ct, ,u H-Jwt WWW 4,4 wwf ANNE ROPPO lf'Mlf'r'iJf Refreshment Committee, Girls' Sports, Leuaders' Club, Club Officer Q a' ' . - - Z le l . t f , ' A " . I 'Y ,Q JACK ROSENFELD l,'1'11rm." Student Loan, Hobby Club, Minstrel, Photography Club, Radio Club, Club uofficer , ' ca f vxJ,,fi1 -..- 4. 44, ,,, 7-gz,,,j , RIIFA M. R'UBISON l'uz'i1lin1n1f lfnnli' h'f'n1mlr1ff'.v Club Committee, Refreshment Com- mittee, Photography Club, Popular Song Club, Cue Club WALTER RYKACZEWSKI Vrlfilffilllilf Stage Squad BETTY SABOL t1'r11n'i1f Refreshment Committee, Concert, Pa- trol, Popular Song Club, Dramatics lnteneatecll in each PETE SADOWY l'fllf'.'lm'r'i'f.'If Popular Song Club, Hobby Club, Club Officer JOSEPH JOHN SALOP K lfrffrlwlf 'n"0y'n.g, ' ' Orchestra Committee Z I I ' THERESA G. SALVATI l'm'i1linln1f ffnlm' fknlliiffzift Cheerleaders' Club, Popular Song Club, Student Health Committee, Girls' Sports ,1,0'44.I.!' :Q ' I fcl' fd1f'f'f 7 , Q I .f , " MARY'Kjl. SAMANGY s l'm'f1fii111i!l llnmi' lc'1'n1m111ir.r Cheerleaders' Club, Book Club, Girl Reserves, Homeroom Officer HILDA SCARPONE .'fz'iIiff'1llir' Patrol, Intramural Sports, Leaders' Club, Historical Society, Yearbook International Language Club, Re- freshment Committee, Usher Commit- tee, Homeroom Officer v JULIA SENETA .l1'i1ifi'mi1' Student Senate, Patrol, International Language Club, Yearbook, Science Forum, Sophomore Forum, Girls' Sports, Usher Committee, Bowling Club, Historical Society, Silhouette Co-Editor, Senior Class Secretary, Homeroom Officer ANN T. SEPAK flrlllllll-'fffzlf Leaders' Club, Yearbook, Yale-Prince- ton Game, Bowling Club, Kozalcettes, Junior Leaders' Club ' t' Pla' tu, dt EVELYN si-IANEJ' tfi'm'ri1l Cheerleader, Cheerle rs' Club, Girls' Sports ANDY SHINTOSKI ', l'm'i1ffn1n1l Football, Varsity Club JEANNE SHIPPAM .'lf1nI'i'111fz' Student Senate, Yale-Princeton Man- ager, Dramatics, International Lan- guage Club, Assembly Committee, Usher Committee, Bowling Club, Lead- ers' Club, Talent Night, Silhouette Editor, Homeroom Officer, Club Offi- CerkQ2.A,oxu.1ueLL-A,'1' QLAA -024 Vtyocx . - J N -M0993 P CJ, ytfyfx lX. .LAJCJLA A ROPPO ROSEN FE LD RUBISON RYKACZEWSKI SAEIOL SADOWV SALOPEK SALVATI SAMANGV SCA RPONE SENETA SEPAK SHANE SHINTOSKI SHIPPAM v - 4 1 -- , f' ! L ' ii if! 1 of x, -" and each lnteneatacll in ff Q7 STEPHEN J. SKAPIK fllllfllllfflilt Intramural Sports Committee, Debate Club, Assembly Committee, Leaders' Club, Science Club, Student Court, Intramural Debate, Sophomore For- um, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer EDWARD ALFRED SMEDLEY l'nu1!fn1liIf Chess Club, Popular Song Club JOHN SMEDLEY l'm'4llfn11i1f Popular Song Club HARRY HOWARD SMELTZ l'nn1lfm1ul Photography Club, Popular Song Club ONIEDA SMITH I'ffl11f1.'rf'ff11f "1 yig-Jil MIKE SMOLINSKY Cfw1i'1'nf Popular Song Club, Golf Club, Home- room Officer WL M E SMOLNE RY lillfllfiffllllj Football, Varsity Club, Radio Club VINCENT SNIADY .-I mlrfwlllff Patrol, Intramural Sports, Health Committee, Cheerleaders' Club, Sci- ence Forum EDWIN SOKALSKI Irllfllfitllllll Auto Club, Chess Club AGNES NANCY SOLOMICH K 1HI1lHf'f'l'Illl Leaders' Club, Refreshment Commit- tee, Cheerleaders' Club, Chorus, Ko- zakettes, Girls' Sports BETTY JANE STEELE fff'11f'ml Madrigal Club, Girl Reserves, Hobby Club, School Pianist, Opera, Orches- tra, Yearbook Club Editor, Class Song Committee, Dramatics JAMES FLOYD STOFFEL l'fm1limn1! Patrol, Art Club, Chess Club, Auto Club JACK STORER lfrlzwzulf MICHAEL SUMKO lf,'11i'ri1l Boxing and Wrestling Club, Intra- mural Sports EDWARD SUPE .-I nlrfnllfz' Reserve Football, Junior Varsity Club, Student Senate, Wrestling, Gymnas- tics, Intramural Sports, Sophomore Forum, Club Officer, Homeroom Officer SKAFIK E. SMEDLEV J. SMEDLEV SMELTZ SMITH SMOLINSKI SMOLNERV SNIADY SOKALSKI SOLOMICH STEELE STOFFEL STORER SUMKO SUPE wp' ff' of ..0M' J-VI, " "Y 1' A JK' va' ' ' ,j r ff V .fry rjfsfirf i.C'iJ.j STEVE TALPASH ,W - , 2, 9-J l'm'11lf111111l ' Ay"-'LTC "' ' 4-j ' Stage Squad, Chess Club, Home- ,:, "J" jj!! , ,H f room Officer, Student Senate, ,JJ Club Committee ' ' P ' ' BILL TARTER r"' 1 .-l1'111I'1'mi1' Debate Club, Historical Socie- ty, Boys' Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Wrestling Club, Sopho- . more and Junior Forum, As- Q ,ffl sembly Committee, Minstrel, V , jf Opera, Dramatics, Concert, Pa- ' UV ,I r IJ 1-H14 f'Y ,W -W4 trol OH'icer, Yearbook Adver- tising Editor ' THOMAS I. TEDESCO .-l1'111f1'mf1' Silhouette, Homeroom Officer, Student Banker, Refreshment Photography Club, Yearbook Committee, Hobby Club, Girl Photography Editor, Clyb Offi- Reserves MARILOU THOMAS lf'1'f11'r1ll cer J " ' ' f j FLORENCE L. TRIMBLE Jil' A i f C, I'1u111m'r1'i11l ' f! ,lf ' , ' ' 5 Silhouette, Bulletin Board Com- K ! " , 1- ' H mittee, Intramural Sports Com- ' . ,' ,-I ', f , mittee, Student Senate, Quill ' uf I .' Club, Homeroom Officer f , A 1 ' .. 1 FRED JOSEPH VERONESE ELISABETH VANDENBRJRD l'1n'1llim111! .-lmlzliwzif' ' 1 Football, Band, Orchestra, Lost Student Banker, Patrol, Histor- ical Society, Silhouette, Flower and Found Committee, Popu- lar Song Club, Service Orches- Fund Committee, International tra Club, Homeroom Officer Language Club, Club Officer STANLEY VLADUCHEK Publicity Committee, Art Club, Service Orchestra Club, School Orchestra, Talent Night, Min- strel, Student Senate, Home- room Ogicer FRANK VUCETICH FRANCES JEAN VOLPE lfwurfll !'1wm11'1'1'f11f Travel Club, Chess Club, Sci- Art Club, Hobby Club, Popular ence Forum Song Club, Dramat' JosEP1-I WA 1'11u11m'r1'f11f Popular Son Club, Current Events Club, Concert, Boys' Chorus, Festival Chorus, Intra- mural Sports STANLEY PAUL WAGNER .l1'!Itll'lIljl' EVELYN WAGNER .fl 1'111f1w1i1' TALPASH Silhouette, Publicity Committee, Historical Society, Usher Com- THOMAS Bulletin Board Committee, First mittee, Yearbook, Games Club, vat-zones: Aid Club, College Research Homeroom Officer,Junior For- vucE'ricH Club um, Club Officer WAGNER MARY WALGUS f'1n,'1'u11'1'fff1l lf Leaders' Club, o. G. A. Club . U!! GRETCHEN WARNER l ' ' I .'l1'111ft'mi1' ,jlv Band, Orchestra, Social Com- f, V mittee, Assembly Committee, J'-'X Historical Society, Tri-Sig, Ju - ior Forum, Sophomore For , Dramatics, Student Senate, Inj ,tr ternational Language Club, f Homeroom Officer, Patrol Offi- - cer, Yearbook Club Editor , 1 1,f i I , ff mf' TARTER TEDESCO TRIMBLE VANDENBORD VLADUCHECK VOLPE WA HTEL WAGNER WA US WARNER y IJ - 1, J' 'Lf , ,i 1 H. l ,f ' 'L' fb,f'A P, ' 1 C-fha ulltimate aoall th attain:-:dl 'SXCL' 'X W3 t xx fa Sag ,Pal . ROSALIA WASLO I ' ' F. f K IYIIIIIIFIYAIIII , ' Patrol, Madrigal Club, Intra- x f ,, 4,1 ' K mural Sports, Cheerleaders' . A -f Y Club, Finance Committee, Re- I -4" 'vp ' freshment Com ittee f ffzl 7 ,,, FRANCES T. WATACH 4' ' A ffrlzrrflf W Club Committee, Refreshment ' 3, Committee, Leaders' Club, ' 0 Cheerleaders' Club, Girls' Sports ml VERA WESS f'nrl1.'llvn'ff1l TWILA WILLSHIER Girl Reserves, Club Officer, .-1f'fIif1'f1li1' Homeroom Officer Silhouette, Historical Society, Junior Forum, Student Banker, Sophomore Forum, Yearbook Co-Editor MARY M. 'WILSON f nnnm'1v'l1If Chess Club, Popular Song Club, Kozalcettes JANE E. WINTERBURN fff'l14'n1f Photography Club, Popular ANNE WQLOSZYN f'umH1.'1'i'141f Chess Club, Popular Song Club, Student Health Committee, Ko- zalcettes, Homeroom Officer Song Club RUTH MABLE WOLF lin 'ffffulnlf iv ' Madrigal Club, Historical So- .X ciety, Bulletin Board Commit- ' tee, Club Committee, Chess Club, Concert, Gym Exhibition, Club Officer f f EDNA A. WOQD. .lrf1fff11.'i1' - f Q Refreshmenf l mit , Inter- national: Lifngu ub Jl,.v"i! U7 JOHN WOOD ff I 1 llll 'I . ' .- nl ft' 1' STESPFIANIA WOLLOCK finvzlrlrrffflf Popular Song Club, Finance Committee, Nlimeograph Club, Cheerleaders' Club, Student Sen- ate, Homeroom Officer, Kozalt- ettes ,A WML J JI' Intramural Sport , Chess Club f 1 ' I WOLF woctocx WOLOSYN I: woon .1 wooo wovrovicn REGINA PLO WYNN WYNN xENos ZATCHEY OMIM-'Il Popular Song Club, Assembly Committee, Dramatics, Knitting Club JOHN WOYTOVICH lfrmv-L11 Quill Club, Automobile Club, Golf Club, Stu ent Ling ' M MANUEL XEN S l'uf'i1lin11i1l Patrol, Boxing and Wrestling Club, Club Officer HELEN O. ZATCHEY l'nn1v1m'f'fi1f Popular Song Club, Kozalcettes O. G. A., Publicity Committee Homeroom Officer tltnouqb the Alpinit Ot coopenation. i38.. fi . rg t sf I ill. 1, if . i 5 CECILE ZUBIC ,J lfnlrnzl Madrigal Club, Publicity Com- mittee, Girls' Sports, Popular 5 ' 'Cl Song Club, Girls' Home Eco- j vp ' nomics Club JJ f I ll P' Seniows whose pictures do not appe r CARRIE MAE BRATTON fm 5,364.10 lfi'm'n1I V ily, Concert - CLARENCE BOMBIANI l'u111n1w'fi1Il Boxing Club, Varsity Club, U Football ' ALMA MARIE CARACCI GERTRUDE E. LEISE ffiwuml Ihflzlinmil llnmu l:'nuwmiw.v Girl Reserves, Popular Song Popular Song Club, Art Club Club JULIA NITKULINICH of f e Clll'lll'l'llf Popular Song Club, Home Eco- nomics Club ALFREDA M. KONARASKI fzlfllfflll Fnuzuzn-ritz! Cheerleaders, Club, Popular Popular Song Club Song Club ANN MLADIO I'r1ll1lm'rz'fzIf Yearbook, Student Senate, Koz- alcettes, Homeroom Officer, Health Committee, Popular Song Club, Cheerleaders, Club, Girls' Sports LUCILLE NAPOLEON 447 7 BETTY QUINN JOHN DEMCHAK Fnzzlzzlfrfifzl .'ll'4Ide'II1i6 Popular Song Club, Girl Re- Chess Club serves HARRY SOKOLOWSKY l'urafiwml Chess Club EDWARD SANTRY ANGELINE MARIE SANTRY l'm'atiwml l'm'atinm11 llmm' A-IYIIIIPIIIIIAJ' Football, Varsity Club, Wrest- Popular Song Club, Refresh- ling Club, Intramural Sports ment Committee STANLEY ROSENBAUER l'nt'.1finm1f Stage Squad, Popular Song Club JOHN PUCHAR STEVE LOCKE l'm'atim1al Vnfaiinzluf Art Club, Airplane Club Chess Football, Patrol, Varsity Club, Club Golf Club VALENTINE RABOVSKY l"m'.1tinm1l RUTH A. WERME Cnnzzmvriul Popular Song Club, Travel lub, Hobby Club PAUL PAWLACK l'm ilfillllxlf Auto Club, Current Event Club, Reserve Football, Reserve Bas- ketball, Student Court "4-2 Class Song" Class of forty-two, we pledge this song to you, That you may always hold it safely in your memory The home work that we do, The fun and parties, too, Are pleasant times we had in Amhridge Senior High So we must gog The torch of life is bright, It beckons us to come and guard its lightg Our class adviser, too We give our thanks to you, For helping us to study and to make our stay a joy And to our teachers true, We hid our fond aclieug And so we sadly leave to face our future years. Marian Izak Stanley Vladuchek Julia Seneta Betty Jane Steele Twila Willshier Q.. Q ' - 'Q l I V 7 ,'x xX litre D vill E, X ,VIA P ' i"Q"5ii"5?l ': ,5 fd, -40- The Junior Class Under the guidance of their adviser, Miss Ethel Althauser, the members of the Class of '43 entered the senior high school and immediately showed outstanding versatility. They selected Earl Mallick, Joseph Taylor, and Louis Carpenter as president, vice president, and secretary of their class, respectively. Not to be out- shone by the upperclassmen they inaugurated the Sophomore Officers, Club to serve as the class administrative body. The sophomores were extended a hearty welcome by the seniors and juniors at the annual Sophomore Reception. The "Soph's" first social function of the year, "The Sophomore Downbeatf, proved to be a huge success. The ugreeniesl' had representatives in every important activity of the school, being especially active in debate, football, and basketball. Ar the climax of the sophomore year, they elected their class officers for the ensuing school term. The junior year proved to be a most successful one for the Class of '43, The football squad was bolstered in its efforts by the many junior gridsters. Harry Ulinslci and Chester Laniewslci were chosen co-captains for the coming year's grid- iron team. The varsity debate squad was composed of five juniors: Frank Kloiber, Charles Grosdeclc, Earl Nlalliclc, Williaiix Hnath, and Harry Gahagan. The juniors presented their first dramatic production, "The W'hole Town's Talkingf' in janu- ary, 1942. Their largest and most successful social function of the year was the annual junior-Senior Prom. The juniors ended their second year in senior high, aspiring to become a great senior class. s Row Klip, Aiilmxski, Axliqniizissimi. .Xu+rs:i. llziicilmxxski. ll:i1'lolo, lhuinizni. lin-im. lim-i'j.1ii1:iii, lh-i'km'i'. Iliznlnrm-ki. Iiilxinicli lim lil i IH1 hil 2nd Row-lilmsi-i', Iii-I-1-r. Iiolngim. Hmmm, Ilrgunlt. Ilriulai. flxiytoii. lliilrt-ii. llufxilini. Hiingu. liyrm-. ll. Cain. R l un l ilxi L njunlu l nioli Jlrd Row-l':iNNifl5. Vt--rliixi. K.lllllX'l'l'Hll, flllllflllllil.tilllNlllII'k'. Gut-kt-i1ixiii'. fziiiipzigimiiv. Conti, Cm'ni:wk. ll-niip 1 muh llinkn lliis-ll. lluvls. lla- l.ilirv. hh Row-Ili Ninn. Ili Nulvlv, llvsjxiiivs. lliukcy. Ililx, Dixon. llolvrziiislq, llunilmiski llnln li: v nl 1 lluilnnirli, Ihiim-5vi', Iliiucky. llwmukuxvski. Iiwui':iskoxxski,5th Row-llzmlrixik. lflliull. liiwli-Iy:zi1. R. livams. Xl. Iii in I il in i num l':uqi1lim'. l'vi'ilci'lmi'. lfcrris. Ifetclixxk. Fijr-wski, l"ile,lJm1I1Ii-. l'lihllL'l'. Juniors Row 1-Margaret lflararus, llarry lflmning. l'aul For- iuger. Elizaheth Furness. Yictur l'qfilllKl0lll'. Gladys lfmutczak, lirlwzirwl Galxriel. Harry liahagnn Row 2-Michael Uaitauis. Louis iiallelta. Audrey Kiziuglienlmaugli. Allvert Helmet. John liflnla. Nlfiltruilc Geisler, lilezuumr liiznmuaria. jusephine Giaxunun'ia Row 3-Ray Gintner, NYilliam Girgasli. Ernest Gi- smuli. l-lenry Gus-rman. Lulu Gus. Carl Guzur, llelen Ciralric. Lester Graham Row 4-Margaret Graham. Max Green. fharles Grims- cleek, Sally Ghzyhnwski, Margaret liuerrieri. Cecelia Blish. XVillium linlish. Ralph fiuzan Row 5-lleury Hachenar. Doris llale. -lnhn Uzimak, llnane llarriger. Yincenl llassnn. l'atrieia llelverling. lithel llenmlricl-cson. Benjamin llelger Row 6-llelty Anne llettish. Alice llieks. Vl'illiam llnalh. Alila ,lane lloeuiiz. Mike llumziak. listher llurak. john llovancc. Marjorie llulct Row 7-l'hylli:4 llulet. Eleanor llulmn. lirlna llurn. lllary llrysyk. lrene llryuewich. Lillian locca. llugo Iorfido, Michael lhnatku Row H-Stanley jasler. XVilliam jc-neu. Patricia john- son. XValler juwezak. llelen Karas. llelen Kasper. Geurgiana Keim. llornlliy Kellmcr Row 9-Jack Kemp. Harry Kunlz, l'anI Kinuler. 'l'i-nl Kafalas. Anclrcu' Kisirlay. Richard Klwluwski. lfrank Kloilicr. Ann Kuupiek Row 10-Mike Kueak. Genevienve Kukuaki, l'llUl'l2Hl Krzkoski Katherine Kohler. joe Knsinski, llean Knauss, Emma Kroll. julia Kunicu Row ll-Jennie Kurelich. Antlnmy Krancevie. Stella Krcll. Charles Kreppw. Susan Krnesl. Tessie Kryas, George Kyrus. john Lahuda I Row I2-Chester Laniewski. Martha Larauu. Gus l,:u'is. Anne Lazzaretli, Tom Leahey. Stanley Leczek, joan Lehu. Alfred Levy Row 13-Anne Levkulieh. l'aul l.iener, liarl Mallick. lrene l.usic. Yva Lynch. Sidney Mac Creary. llurutliy Mamel. Ellen Manini Row I4-Sophie Xlarlinga, Rollin Marti, llelen Mar- tin. Ann Maruslak. Mike Blashensic. lfrank Blalika. Dick Maupin. lYarreu McClure Row 15-lleruaril Xlclfee. lletty Blcliee. jean Rleliecs. Robert Xleeehia. Mary Rlehriniz. llelen Nlihalir. Steve Mihalic. Anna Blihalisen Row Moym' lnlhzm Mnshinski. Vvh- Nzulmk Rrw 2--llmn-vicvv Nznlunwky, I.o1ctt:1 Nzuvrovki. Ruth Nm-nl. 124-orgc Ncmrhik. Ann Ncstrr. Sophiu Niklvwivl. Rnxly Olich. lillvn Olson Row fflxvilllllil Ulynrczyk. ,Ivan Ushorvn-. Lois O5- hornc, Lvonu Oskvr. 'I'h4!Ill2l5 Uvo. jznn- Ong-ng, lrcm- l'a1lcos. lrcm- li P1111-os Row 4-.Ion-ph Pnhlnlho. -lim Vnppnx julian l':upp:n. I-Al1ll'fZHI'K'I Milkovich. Uvorgc Nlodrovicll. jnvk Y, llrvgory Monutn. Paul Moore, Hn1'lv:n':l Alllhil. Mihlrvrl l':nxl. Frank l':nll. lilizanhclll l':nlx':n. ilvnrgn I' xlnku ' Row wich, M:n'g:n'n-I lnzziuh 5-Frullcvs l'vl'kovicll. Yincvnl l'in'Irzxkowski. 1 y lirnvst litts, .losn-ph lh-vel, john Plcxh. 'Yirginin Plofc Row llilil, Avolwllv: Voling, Dzwili l'I'il1L'L' 6-XV:1Ilm-r Prnaivk. ,Ivan Vrux. Mzlrgy Vnxhinsky. Ilomm-r Qninul. Snxnn Rnakoxky. limilg Rotolo, -l:mnw Rcn. Row Rich: llznrry Rvinnrml 7-Anlhong Ricri. Iictlc' Rivi. lilvzl Rolu-l'lw11 ll'4l Rogcrx, Henry Roginski, ,Mlm-lixw Rojas, Kulh- I rvn Rfnmn, Iloh Rom.-nclcvl Row Szuhor, Lvo Silllllilflh Row 9-fix-urge Sl'lll'!'l'lIl'l'h1lI'lI, Mary Schcrnn-rllorn. Ho! SChI4'4t'll1Zl'1'. Apznrs Srzunnn. Rirhzml Si'l'1lIlhilIl' Il:-rth:1 Slnxfflaly. John SllA'I'lb2l. Alike Shvrhzn Row Stun! Smol 10-Niko Shnako. XYiIli:nn Shoop. Pillll 51:10. 1-5 Uwnlski. I'1lllISilIUl'1l, William Smith, Iivu insky, Gcurgv Sollis Row ll-Mnric Sutyron. HL-vn'y Sona. Allgllftxlw Spanos, 'IZIHIUS Spvvr. xvhillllj' Spilshury. Lixulpll Spi MUNI. Row Ann Alfrv Row TINY. llclun 5lDUIiIl'ICh. Mlllle' NIEIIIUYICII I2-Yurnm' Starr. Alun Sim-h'. Maury Stn-f:lll:n'vi. Storor. Annu' Sum. Loo Svvgrl, Lymliu Swiontck 11:1 Sznfnryn I3-l"rn'rl 'l':1lwy. l.m'n-tra 'l'nrnninio. Dorothy 'IR-ml Mzlrgurct 'l'ckst:n'. Iili 'IX-lcslmk. Hugh vlwlltilll, Hvtly 'l'hnrkins, Andy 'fignzmn-lli Row Rose I 'lin Row Y :nrli I-1-Mali 'I'oI:ls-i. Ilorothy Toth. l':nll Troup Tucker. Harohl Turcich. llzurry Vlinski. H1-lun ski. Hch'n l'l'4hl 15-Arthur xvIlHOCtll'S1l, Mzulvlim- HIIIILIU. lfrwl chi. Riv:h:u'nl Yx'l'oln's0. Iilvxnlur Yillulln. lla-l1'n xlillIlIClll'k, Gcorgm- Ylusic. lsnhcl Ylnnic R-Alun Rosol. Allwrt Rowan. Slclln Rllvinski. lixl- dlc Rlnlzxkvu-ich. john Rnvo, XX':nul:n Ryxinfki, lu-nc Juniors ., N ,A ,.,.,. - .2 , i .fg .v l 1 h -.gqgs - 1- f - -V ' 1--, -f Vx z " . , A , , 4 L' 1 .: ik. K L U ,, A . Wh?-3 L ' I' 2 1 ' ., . n.M, " f ix S l ' A If ' ' ' . 'iff ' S- - . . .. ' X " f- -E QW 4 'r ' . p 'J ' ' 4 Z u 1 WW. V 1 - w ff-ff" -, pf.: ,YQ , ,, 'mv' iff. +s.. - f . A Y 3 ' ..,, . gg. ,, L - S - ' P- - '21 - 5- - ,U X Z,. . V. , . . wv - -f-- Kyiv' K - xr - .g -' T F 1 ' - ..-. . Sr . ' - - I :. 6 S :qi Q jr., K' . ng. NL! ., - '11 1 --,- 15 4 i is , .Q K . A 4 .- 'Q x ii L - V A ..: f l 4 k 'vw fig? . 1 3 X 2 , - 4 6- Q 12 . IX. .1'fWF , Q - f- 4 ' , ...NM - .l. f g ,iii A .:':-. h ' . . X- X 4, A .. 3 . N - w. Q Q W I ' s. ., ,a " 5 L . ' 1 k' r ' . ' 'N n ' L . K 1 - ml' f- of 0 - my . 2 ' 'P V - ii. " ' Fi ' 1 ' . . I .. , . . A . 5 1 , .. . 5, -r V , X - 5 L - '- -5 ' 3 ' ' ---- ' Juniors -, , v i ii' L , , ' Elm '- i if V ,zz QLLL ft i r f' . v ' 1 V ' ,I . .. .eh x I I H q -4 V 4.1 , 1. A - RM 3 ,XWPQ z M 2:-. ,.. , c I5 'L .1 Row 5-Mwry M Q K - fi Paul Oczykuk 1 ' if L54 b 1 x Q . nb X 5 1 f '2- L 1' S 1 -G27 9 Row l-Paul Yochku, Doris Vos-gel. Mary Yrzmkuvich, ja-am VK uznrr Mary C VVugner. Florence VV:1llis, Victoria NVulmh:m ' Row 2-Irene VV1ug4w. john XVargets. Frcxl XYelrf-r, Peggy use-x llcr1ml'cl XN'ic-In-cllzmxwki. Audrey NVilli:nms. Hcfcu lluml Row 3-Lucille VVuu1l. Cecilia YYuznack. Mmthn NV1' jmqpnm' NYuycheck. Lou Xenos. Mary Yfmchar. Nick Yurgin Row 4-VVilli:lm Young. I.:-uxmrd Zzlgrocki. Hrlvn ZIlWllWkj', llclb ll der. Genevieve Zclcchuwski. Vvillllll Zvhumlcr. Sylvia Zivic ukcr. Rumlulplx Zludy, Chnrlcx lirlwin. Mary A 0 ' 'i .Ui O, E35 ' P".-fi nlffrf ' . 44- ilu-l.ilt, lui nv. 1-v'iin,m, lissiziilfa, lwIl.ui:i'. lurtvs. lox. :ith Row- l i'4'4'w. l 1llc:i. lvitkm'icli. l7:il'lln-xxski. Ilznlvv Dali' I llixi lx llnl XX llixl litlii llvllin I5iXmln lmlnmli lliliiki The Sophomore Class ln September, the sophomore class was cordially welcomed by the juniors and seniors at the Sophomore Reception. The sophomore class this year is one of constant initiative. Speed and efficiency has been the keynote of this yearls work. School had been in session only a few weeks when Robert Gray, Dorothy lzalc, and Charles Herter were elected President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer respectively. The "Sophs" took an active part in the legislative and judicial branches of our Student Senate. Later, two members of this class, Jack Taggart and Ray lVlcNees, held the offices of Sophomore Prosecuting Attorney and Sophomore Defense Attorney respectively, in our newly organized Student Court. The football and baslcetball teams were augmented by the services of many reliable sophomores. Under the guidance of the class adviser, Mrs. Coolc, this group has steadily progressed and promises to be one of the most outstanding classes that Ambridge High has had. s' Row-.X'1'l4sii'll. .Xiulm-isuii, .Xiuillllm .Xiltkii'un'7, .Xiltlliivpisiilom .Xltmliiil. .Xnfliiy .Xi'lhui'. .Xs:il:i5lu, Ilzimlik. .Xiigiislivn-. .Xiistiln ll1n'm'l'li Ilgiili-5. I!:i'ki1x rli. lkilirkl. 2nd Row-lim-51-l'. llzilllumski. Ilzlnm. llzurlu.l11il'Iiwl:u'. llziitn-lx. liqurli-k, llxirsyv. llnsnlygzl, ll-Ho, llnlsko. llvlkun Ili-lfzus. Ili-iivwil. Ili-1 lwn-lu. livikin-i'. ilrd ROW-lliviicsliv. l5i:llui'in'ki. ll rciw. llixlvr. lllzicic. lilulw. llmxziii. lluwyizl, lluzgirs, llrzirklls, llrgm K. Iliwigiw. Xl. lliiugxiu. i'1.ii'nn-flu. lliyzinl, lliicltxi. ith Row-Iiiiiigo.C':iI'i1-Ili. iimcllu. l':.l'l'iul1is. l':u'li-r. Aiitolivii. i'criillrx. l':ilig. fhnpili I. 1 N. . - S. . . N. ' . . .I 1. - NX. 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Ruhcxl lirzny, RUI11-1'1 llrmx, Ii1'1'11:11'1l 12171-g111'ck. ll1'111'gc Kl11l:111. l'IliI:1l11-111 12111- 11111-:1. Mary ll:1gg1-fly. H:11'11l1l ll:1r1'1- Ruw 7-X111'1n:1 ll:1l'Ili11g. K:1lhc1'il1c H:1l'l111:111. -lum- llzwlxxxick. l'l1:11'l1-x H11-pcl. ll1111:1l1l H1'111l1'i1'kx1111. HI11111 Hc111l1'i1'kN1n1. l':1lu:11'1l llm-lx'1111'l1, l'l1:11'lrN ll1'1'l1'r Row N-,IU-1-pl1i11v H1-1v11i1-h. l'l1:11l1-N lla-1'11-1'. .Xgxn-N HL'I'lllL'kkj, l.11111w lll:11li11. lla-1'lw1t ll11pk111N. -I11-1111 ll11pk111N. .Xlivv ll111'11:1k. 'll-11115 ll1'11-ku Row 9-1l1'11Ur1- H1'1111:1N. lC11g1'11r llryrpk. Alnhn llly- 111-xxirh. Vzml ll1511cu1rl1. ,luhu llxlmlnrwk. .Xilxin H11- I1-1. lla-lcn ll11mc11ik. U:1l1' Hlltvhu-1111 Row I0---1111111 lI111m:111. l'111g1-111- H5-lmk, l'1n11'1-1111 I11- gn-X. ll1'l1'11 l11t1'w1'i, H1119 lx'k11x'11'l1. ll111'111l1y link. l.1ll111l1 Al:11'11l1N, H1-l1'11 ,I:1l111'kl Row ll-,X11tl111115 .I1111511k:1. X:1l4Ii .luh11w11. l.1-my -l11l111xt1111, XYil,l1:1n1 -l11l111-11111. Ihll .l11111w. Y11'g111i:1 111111-N. II1-l1'11 -In-:1j11:1k. XY1lli:1n1 .l11l:1 Row I2-l'.1l1x:111l lx11li111111xki. Nlzuy K:11':1g11111i-, Ruh- 1'1l K111'11Nk11. R1-1:11111 Knrolznk. john K:1N111l1:1. Nl1k1- li11l:1k11N, Hula K1-111-r. HIJ11111' K1'1l111'1' Row I3-Nl:1lg':11'm-1 K1-Hp, A11111- Kixhlny, l':111l Kill' mills-1'. Mary Klum-. Yun Klxllnuuk. l11-111' K11111, l,1-:1- 11:111l Kullku. H1-1111 Knlmlik Row l-1-R11'h111'1l Km-ulnfl, .Xgxuw Kuku-lk:1. ,luwph K11l1l1-1'. 1Ic111-x'ivx1- K1111i1-111-3 R11l11'11 Kopp, XY1Il1:1n1 lx1111111Nk1. 51.111111 ku-1. M5115 hu-Uk ROW 15-U1111z1l1l K11v:11'1'1'i1', H1113 Al-1111-N, H1-111411-11:1 K1-x':11'1c. II1-I1-11 Ku-ll. lC1l11:1 K11-1111, 111-mgv Krvll- hfr. lJ:111i1-l K11xi1'l1, livin-I K111ppL1 Row l-l.1-mmril Kullwacki. john Kumlrat. Stanli-y Kuny. ll:-tty Lemmlak. 'l'liuma- l.:-num. .Xntlimiy lmn, Flilllk l,vwavk. Stanlvy l.m-siak Row 2-Olga lmvch, XYaltvr l.a1ar, lion Lamlwrt. l'c'lc Kullcnuis, llill Kurcli. l"rank l.m-ram. Rim- lm- vatn. Vaulim- Lvvkulivll Row 31l'lllKL'lll' l.vvamlmrski. C. l.igll1cni11g. Ralph lalllgnw. Mary Yivitski, Kay lamjrk. l'l4lxrarml lmsvu. l'Iulwarel Lucaric. .Iarm-Q lalsiv Row 4-.Xnna Lytlc. Rlillnn Xlccivjtuski. Klargarll Mack. UL-cilia Macurak. l.lllt'!ll'I' Xlaliumv-ki. tim-rlriulv Xlallick. Nicllulas 1'lHll1lll2lklN. ,iran Xlallaxtcl'Nki Row 5-Virginia Mamie, limanm-l Mani-. fliristim' lNlanIyaris, Ruth Nlarm-nuvicli. Marjorie Marr. l'11lwarnl Marlin, Virginia Marlin. Cell-sto Maxi Row 6-'l'llc:ulm'v lllatich, joseph Xlatlak. Clill'L'IlCl' Klut- lcrn. l.:illi'm'ncc Matti-rn, llargarut Xlativru. l'hlii'anl Malziv. llarnrlil lxlilllli. Phyllis Mani-tti Row 7-Yvrunica Nazzctli, l.llWI'l'llCi' Mc.Xllistvl'. Mary Mi'l'rcary, Rullyu AlCBlHllZlll. Ray NICNNN. .lark Mul- lutl. Mike Mm-rmiaki, l"raiwm's Miclwlli Row 8-Nvllu Miulwtti, Durutlica Xlilialik, .Xmly Mi- lin-vin-ll. ,lusvpll Micky-y, Yvilliam Xlilcw. jnlm Millvr, RICll1ll'll Millcr. Ruin-rt lllunrta Row 9-livn-lyn Montini, XYillian: Muuw. Mika' fNlnral4 click, llvul'gc lllurrow. ixllflllilly Mnv-lin. Xlary Nail- zak. 'lm' Narkvvic. Regina N2lSllCll Row 10-Yvcslry NL-uly, .-Xililn-w Ni-lku, jimmy Niarus, lfralik Xikluwicz. Olga Novak, Carl Xuwlrallni. Slan- lvy Zulmik, Km'In-rn Okuly Row ll-l'Ilv:imxi' Olknwslci. Virginia Ulkmwki. Imm- thy Onufryk. ll:-lou Osmanski, l"r:uiiu-s Uzimuk. Katliryu l'lllllllCllIl. Olga l'1l1ll!lk'l!llk, linlna Vappaa Row I2-limlxrarml l':ipsml. llill l'arkvr. lilivzilu-Ili l'as- tvlak, jusopll Patrick. Olga l'atrici:m, .-Xmly l'awcl- kuski. Mary l'z'lic, Mary l'm-Ikasli Row I3-NYilliam XYasln. -In-:my l'1-lrina. .Xml l'm-mln. lirma l'falT. lYilliznn l'h-wr, Marin- l'irr-r. llurutliy l'ululia. Mario l'uwL-ll Row N-llmma l'mrvr-. .Xrlliur l'ria-xii-r. lfri-ml l'ri1irv. xvlllllil l'riCm'. .Milly l'ruknpuvin'l1. l"ram'is l'ruN. Marin- lkzvny. .xllll l'uNkaris' Row I5-Ste-lla Viulzykmiski, lfranccx Razlwanxki, Mivliarl Raskuvusky. .lou-pllim' Ram, K'liarli-N Ra-ailvr. llarulnl Ruailrr, lflsic Rcllgnmski. Xlilmlrwl Ruujak Sophomores ,,. i.11'1ff"- 51: K L 5' ii i 1 l yli. X449 . X I 4. . W, li, as . . .,,. a . x X B 'K J V 1 Q' - '-'V i A 'ii K , ik , , 'TQ K' l ily al lk xi 'A - xi i , ., -i f--l ' lv A W b y bybb 5 l :li l,rq E 3 J.. .. W l 4 G. OPIIOIHOFBS qw A uv . All , I I . -'jx , x 5. ' 'f .5 - . ' 'iff '51 ' l V N ,Ia I -. 9 ' . l 1. E 1 vp- - r "I ' ' .',, - f my . , , L L M-I -will .Q I I , I - .- . as es in ., ,f - v 'F ' f' 'L' 3 " A ,ff I . ' l I I 5 '- .9 , K RFQ' :,"'l if? I' I e IQ' . gzzlk M A 0 ii A , 5, + - Q f- , I . ' r WX! I 4 ' ' I I I 'sf ' ff I 1 GT Sl 'Stk wr -no in 4.7 h , ii, ' I Q .. uw -T' W I, 1 - - . K Sfful.. "M, 7' ' - ' wi I i I W i A, l I J Q T, A .. K M 0. V: t 4 Fi I L I A 1 A 5 I ' h 4' " ' I H ' n Y. ii ' 'FK 3' '- -'ku M s : Vlillkg ' 5 "" A i ifvii. T54 X I - R52 , - 'I 1 mi - Q 0 ,R , 'V iv .E , .. A ,V , A HQ- It f W SW ""'f" S 1 E ff I N ws ,A ,mi M .. .L I Q.. X- . 24 i .2 KE J, ' 2 ' I , - 42' fu .. N Q . " , .. 1:45 "" ' -' ., S an y ,. E 1 V A h ,L my x . K Z 5 Q 9 if ' z we fi 6 1 ,L . 4 .. 1 ,A - , : k 'I-E. ' 9? w. .f I :- I . , Q Vw Q ii x f .- I 1 ' ra N im isa' AI 4 'Xl xl' dt is , Ci A I s I . 3 I J, I 8 I , I 1 , slziili 1 . . ff ' I I 55112, i x , , 'i :af ' ' 4 " L. f i . I i -+ ,. Y - W ., , , ,A Y, Row l-lC1lu:u'1l Rf-lxiuxky. llvlcu Rupjsivk, Nurinsi lfnwllluzilu-r. .Xl'lL'l1t' Ruwlvy. llurutlly Ruin-l. Rnlwrl Rucker. llmix Riu-I-ll. l':ill1n-rim' Ru-Nu ROW 2-Ruswl R11-vm. ll't'IIK' liulkmmxkl. Nlzirp Snlml. Nick 5:ipux'rl1:il4. .Xlicv Snlvaili. XYllll:im Supp. Xirll- ulxix Sziviv. lmiizi Svziln'-r Rdw 3TIIl'llt'0 Svlivlilin-l'. ,livin Srlu-l'nu'rluurn. llill Svllmlill. lln-nvy Srluniill. Rlllli Srlmlult. .lwlm Svailnzul, .Xmizi N-Ili-5. Rulli Sm-lurk ROW -1-Slzlry Syluvtll. K'l1i-Nh-1' Slwlxliy, Ilnliviww SIJIHN. Riu-vll Siixiuuinx, Ilinwiilmy Sklzuxkg. .Iulm Slinglilil. Silvi-Ntn-r Snl:ili'1i-xx-ki. Xlziry Snwlzillksi I Row 5-IMri- Smith. Xmmn Smith. Rulu-rl Smith. I.m-Huy SHUI, llutll Sukxilxki. I':illu'1'im' Sukulimwky. l':uil Smmlzil. .Xnvlrm-xx Spun Row 6-l.ll:i Sp:-I-1, Nlilu- Splirvk. Hike- Spul.u'irll. ,Xlugvlinc Spwxgiiiu. llziiluu Springrr, .Xnnnlwllc Stsmgr. lrmzl St:u'1'. .lzinu-N Starr Row 7-Rirlizuil Sunny. l'L-55:5 StL'1'lu'r. Iilzulyx Simi- :il'I. Slrivkn. Iii-1'lx'mlr Sivkziliii-I' Row N-limil Slvfxiiixicvi. Cllllllllil Sli-pllznixky. l'li:ilNy 5i1l1wlH, Nliki' Sillxruxki. lla-In-n Siiilik. Ilan Sullivsui. Svviulvl. l'l:u':i Suiiizu'-ki Illgzi Row El-Stu-llzi N511-lx. Hzillvr Izilmi. li-Ilflg lnlmm- xxxki, Alzirk 'l':lgg:u1, ,lnwpli-iw 'l':ill:u'il:i, Stvlln 'IK-115. llmiulliy llxlilq. llmunmx luilil RTW 10-llnlm-N 'l'iipnINki. -luwpli 'l'ull1. lluliuivx 'l'ul11f :wi-xx-ki. lrix 'l'rfmln'irlp:m'. xlllfj 'I'mycli:uk. llvlvn T51 wky. l'l':iuk I llu'irl1. Slzmlvy I lm-ki Rfmw ll-.Xml l'lifirv. Xlqifzilvlxl Y:lllvn'ii1Nn. Riux1'l1l:i1'y Yzirlivki. Uuvii Xiigiu. ,lulm Xl:i4liu'l1u'k. fllzillw Xl..Nu. llm-lvvi Ylzivv. Rziytmvvfl Yv1i'p1:il Rnw I2-Rudy Y1':inil4n'icli, l"i':mk XY:u'lHrl. R'cli:n'il XY:i5:1n'1'. Rug IY:ip:m'i'. lfnrntlmy IY:ig11i'1'. Xl:il'm'L'll:x XY:ill:wc, Klum- XY:ilgl1N. lfraxlicr-N XY:u'il Row 13-Stvvi' XY:irlii-nyi. liill XY:i-lu, lil'1'l'XQf' lllillilfll, xlzllni-N XYvlIing. X:n'l11:ii1 XY:-lllivg. l'l:um'm'r XYvlxll. Klzirtllzi XYrl1i-l'. l'vti' XYuiti'rllkfv I f f, 5 .315 -f - :.:1,.::fsf , 'L if ' P5 , :I Row H-Hill xxmif.-, ,11..i.- mini.. mini.-, w.,1..-ka, W 'Fi . ' lllmiu XYUHII. 'l'l1rlm:i XYMIQ, lla-lx-n Xliulnlzik. l,llf I ' lizui Nlluzliy. XYillwm' XYl1ilIwl A ,wg X I I XR gc Ak ,T . xi Q K. .5 .3 'f , rr L Q QQV Row 15-lhimllmy XYrip.5li1, l'qiul XYrip.:l1l. .Kim NYru' -.. M i .A 7 ' . M lvlcxki. Rulwrt Yairm-ll, lflilziln-llx Zinulv-. Iclllllllllll t i T' v - ' P ' L Zlirvvllip. litlu-l Zgziim-1. .Xlicv Zilu-rnsi ll:i7x'l S11-u:n'l. Kun- Slulair, Yiulzi Stump-, llill I I 2 e share our good fortune with others 055, coopenatlon ancll thouqhttullnelm Silhouette Representatives Silhouette Top Row4Pappas, Pavlakovich, Mc- Clure, B. Hrico, Boyle, Zloycl, Goer- man, Barr, Mermelstein, Barnhart, Hulet, McNees, Monera, Brutour, Maukin, Ocypak, Grosdeck, Hnath, Green, Kloilner, Kemp Middle Row-Cummings, Berkowitz, Mosura, Farquar, Ferris, Safnryn, R. Graham, M. Graham, Rizzi, Hrynewich, Vlasic, Ceschia, Hend- rickson, Swiontek, Urcla, Sabor, Barkley, Guisler, Kolder, Kellmer, Trowbridge, Hartswick, Sklarsky Bottom Row-Hurn, Cormack, Mack- intosh, Shippam, Brown, Willsheir , Pasrelak, Storar, Horsman, Kozak, Athanassian, P. Hulet, Scneta, Nic- klewicz, Hartstein, Mellott, Chcricli Amsler Top Row-P. Hulet, I. Martin, Martin, R. Wagner, J. Athens, C. Welsh, Arthur, Marr, Per- ack, Hyrenewich Middle Row-Zgainer, Kryss, Kroll, M. Schermerhorn, B. Gaitanis, Kline, Suclik, Amsler, Mar- mack, Mack Bottom Row-M. Graham, Wessley, Larson, Levy, Blough, Mrs. Lehman, DeMay, Mosura, Wil- liams, Prus 1' -50-. Silhouette Fhis is the "Fourth Estate" of Ainbridge High. The students write, edit an publish "The Silhouettef' a tri-weekly newspaper, under the sponsorship of r Leonard ldorsman. Miss Rose Kozalc directs the typing of articles. This ve column four page newspaper is distributed to 561 subscribers in and about t e school The staff consists of: Co-Editors-in-Chief News Editor Sports Editor Feature Editor Humor Editor Home-room Editor Exchange Editor Circulation Nlanager Advertising Manager Business Maiiager Julia Scneta Bernard Hrico Jeanne Shippam David Barr Dorothy Cherich Joanne lVlellott Ruth Graham Gertrude Mackintosh Edward Mcllott Bill Cummings Veronica Nicklewicz Hlfllllf-RUIIIII RHllI'PSfilllflliVI'S This group, consisting of one representative from each home-room, is rtspon sible for the financial operations of the "Silhouette" Under the direction of Mrs Lehman these 34 members su ervise the subscri tion cam ai n and colltct P P P S tilt IDCHEY. we Ahctne oun cjoocll tontunea .-51.. clllfe pnepane on oun tutune Patrol The Amhridge Senior High School Safety Patrol is on duty at all times. Inside and outside, they are on guard to help make our school safe. Dr. Joseph M. Benlcert is the sponsor of this activity. Assisting him with the outside duties arc' Rudy I-llista, captain, and his sergeants, Richard Powell, Edward Nlellott, and Williaiii Tartar. The inside patrol is in charge of Frances Rosenherger, captain, and her lieutenants, Helen Bysura, Ruth Blosser, and Gretchen Wariier. PllbliCitlJ The Publicity Committee operates efficiently under the direction of Mr. David Snyder. His assistants are John Plesh, general chairman, and Mary Nlarmaclc, bulletin board supervisor. The chief duties of this committee are to draw posters for all school events, to keep Amhridge Senior High School students informed of all happenings by hlaclcboard announcements and the bulletin board, to contact the newspapers in regards to coming affairs, and to distribute handbills throughout the town. Patrol lsr Row--l"'loclicv:1r, Palumbo, Locke, Rndnkovich, XL-nos, Bnrcyz. Kloi- lwur, Gvluln, Gnglinrdi, Vochlco, livnns, Pappas, Snindy Zncl Row--Stoffel, Kolcoslzi, Valle- corsn, Custanzn, Warner, Bysurn, Roscnlucrgcr, Dr. Bcnlccrt, Hlism, Evnnlco, Marti, Levy, Vnndcnlworcl Scnrponc, Larnbev, Cratfon v Hd Row- -Knnus, Ozypolc, Compag- noni, Spear, Clicriclw, Swiontelc. Vlnclucliclc, Salwar, Kryss, Kroll, lVli- nlic, Suicn, Srcfnnncci, Bonzo, Nic- kluwicz, lznlc, Snlwol, Double, P. Hull-I, Urcla, lVlcl:cc Top RC5W"'M.lLlk, Gisoncli, Tm-ter, Gorman, Biclslci, XV4-lvcr, Zchnder, R. Grnlmm, Wnslo, Paul, Cormnclc, Kcllmer, Nawrolci, Szafnryn, Filip- owicz, Olnh, Scnvtzl, Nl, Hulet. N111- tilcn, Hnndgis Publicity Last Row-Vlnclucllcli, R. Wagi1cr, loccn, Anlcowslci, Wfolfc, S, W:ig:11,'r, lVlz1upin, Plcslm Spcond Row--Vlnsic, Starr, Rorolo, Pcrlcovich, Vluduchelc, Gnllati, Ausnn, Dumcsic, C Gnglinrdi First Row-R , . , . , 5, Gnglinrdi Cgncy, Husac, Wrgwlilewski. Knopiclc, Mariiinck Mr Snydnr Bfiylc Ron wmwslci, l laid wonleinq with otlrena, Debate Karnowski, M al I i c k, Gnlmgnn. Kloiber, Grosdeck, Jacobs, Hnath Student Court Hettish, Mallick, Pawlack, E. Hrico Mr. Bining, Kloiber, Athens, Cook Nicklewicz B15 cflfllqz-:ncaa ln Atucfllff, big panticiboation in actlultlea, Debating TQHIII Mr. Shafler's debate squad, consisting of Juniors and Sophomores, worked on the following question: Resolved-Every able bodied citizen in the United States should be required to receive one year of full time military training, before attain- ing the present draft age. The team consisted of Frank Kloiber and Charles Grosdeck, negative. and Earl Mallick, Harry Gahagen, and Williaimm Hnath, affirmative. The first debate of the year was at West View. In January they attended the Student Congress at California, Pennsylvania, sponsored by the National Forensic League. Silulellt Court The Student Court of Ambridge Senior High, under the student leadership of Bernard I-irico, completed its organization during this year. Ir will handle such cases as skipping class, cheating, fighting, stealing, ruining school property, smok- ing, loitering in junior high school without a valid excuse, violating the activity plan, perjury, patrol violations, and all cases which the principal, teachers, or students wish to present. The objectives of this organization are to enable the students to familiarize themselves with court procedures, and to foster fair play among the students of the high school. Because Mr. Robb was drafted, Mr. Bining replaced him as the court sponsor. The court may become a permanent organization in our school. 513 inlatnuctlon nom teach:-zna, l l Top Row-Hoover, Droz, Hrico, N. Athens, Hrynevich, Seneta, McCracken, Dale, Cherich, Bycura, Barkley, Demay, Goss, Hopkins, Hulet, Babalis, Mellott Znd Row-Scarpone, Blough, Macintosh, Brown, Wagner, Intrerri, Rosenberger, Tedesco, Kal- isuch, Cummings, Hood, Mosura, Levy, Papadeas, Nicklewicz, I. Hrynewich, Vladu- chek, Hartstein, Graham 3rd Row-Barnhart, Mellott, Shippam, Boyle, Barr, Tartar, Mermelstein, Miss Trembley, Miss Kozak, Willshier, Amsler, Marmack, Gavlik, Martin, Steele, Warner Yearbook Today the fun and study of the '41-,42 school year is a vivid realization, but as the years roll away our school days will become but faded memories. Antici- pating this, we have provided in this book reflections of the parade that has been this school year. We hope that in later years by reviewing this book you may re-live incidents of your school days, both tragic and triumphant. C0-Editors: Twila Willshier, Howard Mermelstein Senior Class Editor: Mary Marmack Underclass Editor: Doris Gavlilc Feature Co-Editors: Irene Martin, Frances Rosen- berger Classroom: Mary Intrieri, Editor, Peter Compag- noni, Anne Mosura, Dorothea Hrynewich, Beatrice Dale, Evelyn Hartstein Circulation: Richard Barnhart, Editor, Nick Athens, Sarah Barkley, Dorothy Bonzo, Margaret Bycura, Anna Demay, Valeria Di Maccio, Kenneth Hulet, Dorothy Kellmer, Betty Levy, Hilda Scarpone Julia Seneta , W I 15:5 ' Staff Finance: Raymond Boyle, Co-Editors, Jeanne Ship- pam, Richard Hood, James Hopkins, Gus Babalis, Ken- neth Hulet, Edward Mellott, Philip La Scala, Gertrude Mackintosh, Mary Kay Brown, Thelma Blough, Hilda Scarpone, Margaret Goss, Evelyn Wagner, Eleanor Kwit- owski Advertising Co-Editors: Bill Tarter, Alex Kalisuch Typing: Annabelle Amsler, Editor: Veronica Nic- klewicz, Rita Papadeas, Ann Sepak, Katie Poutous, Ann Hladio Art: Bill Cummings, Editor, Valeria Di Maccio Mary Marmack 56-- National Honor Societg To become a member of the National Honor Society is the crowning glory which every aspiring senior seeks to attain. Membership in the society is the fruit of doing just a little more than is expected of you during your high school life. This is the highest recognition given to students who have been outstanding all through high school. Scholarship, character, leadership, and service, the principles of the society, are the yardsticks used to measure each student's quality. Only those students who are in the upper third of the class, according to scholastic ranking, are eligible for membership in the National Honor Society. The ten with the highest rankings automatically become members. A list of those in the upper third is given to each teacher who ranks each as either indispensible, recommended, not known or disapproved. The results are tallied and the ones with the best ratings become members after the faculty as a whole has approved of them. Mr. Leonard Horsman, this year's sponsor, supervised the selecting. The forty-two students included in the roll of the National Honor Society of 1942 are: Annabelle Amsler, Doroles Anronelli, William Arnett, John Athens, Nick Athens, Sarah Barkley, Richard Barnhart, David Barr, Ray Boyle, Margaret Bycura, Dorothy Cherich, Peter Compagnoni, Charles Cook, Emanuel Crasanakis, Beatrice Dale, Valeria De Maccio, Anna Demay, Sam Gurmusa, Bernard Hrico, Edward Hrico, Marion Izak, Harry Knafelc, Anthony Kroll, Betty Levy, Irene Martin, Joanne Mellott, Howard Mermelstein, Veronica Nicklewicz, Rita Papadeas, Paul Pawlack, Dorothy Rengowski, Frances Rosenberger, Hilda Scarpone, Julia Seneta, Jeanne Shippam, Edward Supe, Steve Talpash, Thomas Tedesco, Florence Trimble, Elizabeth Vandenbord, Stanley Vladuchek, Gretchen Warner, and Twila Willshier. The National Honor Society should spur the underclassmen on to do their best at all times. These students have proven their worth and it is up to the future classes to reach the level gained by this year's class and to surpass it in the future. Top Row-E. Hrico, Compagnoni, Tedesco, N. Athens, Mermelstein, Arnett, Vladuchelc. Knafelc, Crasanakis, Cook, Cwermusa Middle Row-Supe, Boyle, Barr, B. Hrico, lzak, Vandenbord, Scarpone, Anronelli, Dale, Seneta, Levy, Rengowski, Barnhart, Athens, Kroll, Pawlack, Hronas Bottom Row-Niklewicz, M. Bycura, Amsler, Blosser, Martin, Warner, Shippam, Mellott, Barkley, Willshier, Demay, Rosenberger, Cherich buf upholding honon, Aenuice, Acholanahtbo and big nealpcct ton lleacllenahlflp. . . . . Ky 1 ., l Top Row-Rittlemann, Welsh, Jessen, Pappas, Gray, B. Hrico, Grosdeck, Kroll, Athens, Gai- tanis, Bruce, Plesh, Gahagan, Mr. Bining Middle Row--R. Smith, Serack, Radwanski, M. Hulet, Warner, Cherich, Dale, Stefanacci Thurkins, N. Smith, Arnett Bottom Row-Bauerlein, Prus, Johnston, Hyshak, Wagner, Plevel, R. Wagner Student Senate The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government of Ambridge High School. Its purpose is to keep contact between the students and the executives of the school, thereby giving each member of the student body representation in the government through his homeroom and class presidents. Bill Arnett was elected president for the school year of 1941-1942. The other officers of the Senate were Anthony Krol, vice president, Beatrice Dale, secretaryg and George Pavlakovich, recorder. This year the Student Court began its work largely through the work of the Senate and Bernard Hrico. Another Senator, Charles Grosdeck, undertook the task of revising the activities plan. This plan was designed to give opportunity for participation in activities to more students than in previous years. Another activity of the Senate was to assign to certain Senators the chairmanship of various committees. After this action, all nominees for membership in the committees were voted upon by the entire Senate. In March many Senators attended a Student Council Convention held at South High School in Pittsburgh. There they spoke with representatives of the student government of other schools in Western Pennsylvania, exchanging plans with them about such organizations as the Senate of A. H. S. Cooperating with the Yearbook, the Senate participated in the Senate-Faculty Day, a basketball game which has now become one of the annual observances in the school. Another highlight of the year is the Activity Party, carried out entirely by members of the Student Senate. Our Senate is respected by all as a really worthwhile activity of the school, giving students a taste of self-government before they assume the greater task of governing our nation. .. 53 1 Ulf ' . A 1 1 P 1' ni Y fe-'-if :ii x C-14- 42.51 Q ' al' 1-I l -L I U ' U 4 N fl ' 'li 'oily ' ' 5 x ' 1 27' 'H , .bf gr, .45 va- 5 Q X Eff M! N A 3, .,: .U O I! H 1 I + "vi RA! N -. enjoy others e entertaln, too g clllfa olvtaln lQnowllz-Lclqe tllnouqli nz-:cneatlon Band Top Row--Vladuclwlc, Pnrloslci, Borg- man, Jcsscn, Hrysiclm. Smith, Kump, Carpenter, Johnson. Gray. Gahag- an, Zagrocki, Grusclccli, Hnarh, Leonard. Nlmcarcl. Nlallxck Middle Row7lVlartin. Hulct, Dailey. Antonclli, Vandcnbord, Geisler, Du- mcyer, Nlccracken, lzalc, Dumcsic, Marr. Barkley, Warricr, Nloyer, Buy- cr, Vlasic, Mr. lVlcCormfck Bottom Row7Goudcn, Pavlaclcovxlm. Ciccone, Kubiclci, Nlorclli, Nlazctti, Wagxmer, Pisano, Vcroncsc. Voclwko, Vlassic. Johns, Sclcsticla. Knigluon Orchestra 'I up Rirwn Vliarnlnxrt, Vlacluclwlc, Carpenter, Gray, Smith, Bergman, Lazar Nlidtllv Row--Barcyz, Vcroncsc, Pisano, Nlusclin, Izalc, Kriatla, Grosclecli, Hritsicli. lVlr. MC- Cormiclc Bottum Row Knlclm-r, Nlcffrarlci-n, Daily, Vochl-zo, Barkley, Antonelli, Warrior, Rycinski Band The Ambridge High School band is composed of fifty-five musicians 1 drum major, and four majorettes. For the first time in the history of this activity the band has selected officers. They are: Stanley Vladuchelc, president, and his assist- ants, Fred Veronese, Paul Vochko, and Robert Gray. Mr. lVIcCormiclc is the director and supervisor of the band l rh f ll I . . n e a tue band practices marching in preparation for the football season. Tl - ba d ' ' ' ' me n sponsored the Rubinoff concert, and the proceeds helped purchase rhe uniforms for the drum major and majorettes. Wlleii the Wycoff Drawn Steel Company was presented the "Navy E" the band was asked to play. The program was broadcasted and the band played several selections. Each year Ambridge sends a group of talented musicians to Nlidwestern Band Festival. This year it was held at Kittanning and Nlarion lzak, Elizabeth Vanden- ord, Fred Vcronese, Vincent Pisano, and Williaiim Hnath represented the band. lll'lPllI'Sfl'1l The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Nlccormiclc meets twice 1 week for practice. Composed of thirty members, the orchestra adds pleasure and color to cur school's dramatic productions, baccalaureate, and commencement exercises. while gaining muAlcaQ pnomlnenee -61-. thnouqh lnatnuma-:ntall and oocall attalnmz-:nth RHfP6SllIllHllt C0lllIIliU6'fF The Football Refreshment Committee worked diligently at our home games with Rochester, Turtle Creek, Beaver Falls, and New Brighton. Mr. Shaffer, sponsor of the committee, had all girls on his committee this yearg two of them, Ruth Graham and Anne Bercik, have served three consecutive years. Madrigal Club The Madrigal Club, under the direction of Miss Ruth Parson, is composed of forty-four of the best vocal students who are taking chorus. They practice every ' ' h P 'b 1 Cl urch in Nlonday for special programs. They sang twice at t e res yternn 1 Ambridge and once at the Lutheran Church in Baden for the Baden XX7oman's Club. During Education Week the group sang "The Ballad for America. A selected girls l d K' A rl ' Round group sang for the Thanksgiving program. "Yu eti e at ing r iurs Table" was presented for the Christmas program and a selected group sang Christ- mas carols in the halls of the Junior and Senior High School. At the Teachers' Credit Union Dinner in January several selections were sung. Sixteen members went to Nlidwestern Chorus at Knox, Pa. They were: Patricia Heberliiig, Gertrude lVlackintosh, Betty Jane Steele, Nxfilliam Byers, Raymond Dailey, Frank Kloiber, George Pavlakovich, Robert Rosensteel, Williaiii Tarter, Louis Carpenter, Ernest Gisoncli, Williaiwx Kerin, Harry Kuntz, Delmar Mineard, James Rea, and Rudolph Zlody. Six of those who went to Knox placed: Betty Jane Steele, Delmar Nlineard, and Frank Kloiber placed second, Bill Kerin placed third and Gertrude Nlackintosh and Louis Carpenter placed fourth. The three selected to go to State Chorus at Coatesville were Patricia I-Ieberling, Delmar lVlineard, and Frank Kloiber. The offi- cers of Nladrigal Club are: president, Louis Carpenter, vice president, Frances Ros- cnbergerg secretary-treasurer, Gertrude Mackintoslig Librarian, Frank Kloiber. Betty ,lane Steele is the accompanist and Vivian Cassidy her assistant. The highlight of the musical year was the annual Spring Concert. Their work culminated at Bacca- lZlLlI'BZlIC Ifllld COII1l11CHCCl11Cl1f 8XC!"ClSCS. Rrfrcshmcnt Cummittcv Top Rowf -Srorcr, Kolcler, Furness, Graham, Stolowski, B1-rcik, Knopiclc Second Row--Gavlik, Fax-do, Knopiclc. Scarponc, Santry, Gurcic, Rubin- son, Nlinoclc, Solomich, Olcparecil: First Row--Karas. Cochcnour. M, Gra' ham, Wfoocl, lVlr, Shaffer, Doclaro, Fi-icwslci, Naroclci, Conti Madrigal Club Top Row--Zuhic. Hehcrling, R. Graham, Nlamel. Rose-nborgcr, Dailey, Gisoncli, Nlinearcl, Rea Pavolkovich, L. Graham, Gray, Drabylc, Waslo, Harrsrcin, Owens Miclcllu Row--Gavlilc, Wolfe, Nlihalic, Konccwicz, For-ich, M, Graham, Zlody, Fe-tchak, Rosen str.-cl, Kuntz, Smith, Seaman, Conti, Cassidy, Miss Parson Bottom RowwDilVIaccio, Lusic, Nanlcowsky, Tolassi, Nlaclcinrosh, Kcrin, Tartcr, Byers, Kostas Kloihcr, Carpenter, Goss, Poling, Cc-schia, Srcclc i clllfe Plan oun ant:-zntainment. -a63G- Clllfe Zpnomote clnamatic tnlumbolua, Finance Committee Assembly Committee Blvlslci, l-lulct, Xxfcbcr, B. Hrlco, Nlr lVlcVVl1urtcr. Slwippnm, lVlC'l'l'11L'lSK0ll1 Barr. Bnlmlus, Tnrtnr lx nr Row P'-ll grmi. XVUII-wk, lfngstrom. Bycurn, Niclclcwicz. Olsnn, Gund, Ncslvlll lil ll Row llmwvvr. llcu slm, Drug, Nlnulx. Nlr, lVlcNXfl'mrtcr, Puglmnu, Gnmmnrin, p0I1L'M'lL Nluntmi -- 64 ASSt'IlllDlIj Cmlllliitiee- The Assembly Committee selects the programs which are presented to the students throughout the school year. Fun as well as education is considered in their selections and, as a result, a well-rounded schedule is obtained. Fill2lllI'f' C0lllllliHl'l' Eighteen members Lll1dCI' the direction of Mr. Julian Mcwhtvrter faithfully attended to their assigned positions during the last year. They sold and collected tickets at all the football and basketball games. They also sold tickets in the halls of the school for special programs which were presented in the auditorium such as matinees and special evening performances. The co-chairmen of this committee are Margaret Bysura and Richard Powell. we attencll Achooll tunctlona, --65- and enjoif othenl.: at monk and plat, Senior Class Plag On May 1 at 8 P. M., the curtain rose on the three-act comedy, "Ever Since Eve." Supported by a stellar cast, and produced by dramatic coach Miss Gertrude Lee, the Senior Class presentation was enthusiastically received by a capacity audi- ence. Working behind the scenes were the following committees and sponsors: Tickets, Miss Forceyg Publicity, Mr. Snyder, Property, Miss Cauleyg Usher, Mr. McWhorter, Programs, Miss Cease, Costumes, Miss Robb, and Music, Mr. Mc- Cormick. The plot revolved about Johnny fRaymond Boylel Clover, an aspiring newspaper editor, and his high school journal, "The Penquinf' Assisting him in his work were his best friend, Spud fGus Babilisj, and an unwanted helper, Susan fJoanne Mellottj who, through the assistance of Martha fMary Marmackl Willard, had secured a position on the staff. There was conflict between Susan and Johnny due to their differing journalistic ideas. ln the midst of Johnny's trials and tribula- tions, Lucybelle fGretchen Warnerj Lee, a southern charmer, enrolled in the school and promptly attracted the male population. Among her admirers were Johnny, Spud, Preston fSteve Skapikj Hughes, the football captain, and members of the team fSenior Varsity football playersl. Johnny and Spud plan to take Lucybelle to the prom, leaving Susan without an escort. Johnnyls parents were typical American folks. Mrs. Clover fl-lilda Scarponel proved to be an under- standing mother, although Mr. Clover fDavid BarrJ was slightly absent-minded. In obtaining "ads" through the barter system, Susan and her friend Betsy lSarah Barkleyj secured a pin-ball machine and a typewriter. Too late they discovered the typewriter to be a carrier of germs. Johnny and Spud were confined to their homes with the measles, and the first issue of the Penquin was edited by Susan and Betsy. Misconstrued items in the personal column aroused the anger of the sub- scribers. Mr. Quinn fHoward Mermelsteinj, the high school principal, ended the confusion over an article reporting his marriage to Martha Willard, by overcoming his timidity and proposing to her. The pin-ball machine brought near-disaster when it was installed in a restaurant and proved to be crooked. The problem was solved when the girls' old friend, a gruff but kind-hearted policeman fJames Hopkinsl, overlooked the matter. The boys, having discovered how insincere and callous Lucybelle really was, decided to take Susan to the dance. When Lucybelle fluttered in at the last moment, Susan big-heartedly allowed her to tag along. Thus the curtain fell on one of the most entertaining plays ever presented in Ambridge High School. Kozakettes Club The Kozakettes Club, which consists of all the secretarial practice students, chose the following as officers: Veronica Nicklewicz, president, Peter Giammaria, vice president, Dorothy Rengowski, secretarygand John Hettish, treasurer. Miss Kozak is the club sponsor. The Kozakettes have been quite active this year. They held a skating party at Carnot on December 15, a little Christmas grab bag party, a Valentine party on February 11, and a banquet near the end of the school year. The future secretaries bowl every other Wednesday. Executives, last year's club members, Secretaries, Clerks, and Bookkeepers are the names of the four bowl- ing teams that have been organized. At the end of the bowling season the club had a bowling party. Usher Committee The Usher Committee is divided into two groups, one of which is sponsored by Mr. Snyder and the other by Mr. McWhorter. Mr. Snyder's Usher Committee worked only at basketball games. The mem- bers included in this group were: Dorothea Hrynewich, Hilda Scarpone, Anne Knopick, Naomi Austin, Phyllis I-lulet, Julia Seneta, Margaret Dale, Betty Rizi, and Beatrice Dale. Mr. McWhorter's committee, with Beatrice Dale as chairman, ushered at per- formances such as: Birch, the Magician, the Christmas Pageant, Rubinofps concert, the Junior Class play, the Senior Class play, and Commencement. Top Row-A-Agnes Solomich, Julia M Bt 1 - K , Gem, Ann Wolosz n Peter ' Kozakettes Knms, Stcphnnin Wollock, Dorothy Chl-rich, Annabelle Amsler, Ann Hlndio, Ann Cycoll, Katherine Iv- kovich, Billie Nesbitt iddlt- Row-Jennie Olson, R o so Wnsltm, Katherine Onufrylc, Ann Se- pnk, Marie Wilson, Helen Zatchey, Ann Nlideanowski, Helen Jasler, Margaret Bycurn, Ruth Engstrom ttom Row K1tie Poutous Ann y , Gmin- nmrin, Veronica Niclclcwicz, Miss Kozalc, Dorothy Rengowslci, John Hettish, Helen Bnrtolac Ushers Top Row-Austin, M. Dale, Sonata, P. Hulet, Cassidy, Lynch Bottom Row-A. Knopick, Scnrponc, Hrym-wich, Mr, McWl1rurtcr. B. Dale. Rizi, Fvrris Ffhua, we unthen oun henltaqe ot time accomplishments. Boys' Glee Club Top Row-Miles, Gisondi, R. Smith Daley, W. Byers, Mickey, Welslm McClure, Costanza, Gray, Graham R. Byers, Rucker nard, Weber, Parker, Jalces, Rosen steel. Rea, Hulet, Mellott, Palmer Pavlalcovich, McNees, Kloiber 3rd Row-Hyshak, Wachtel, Barsez Moore, Glatz, Brutout, Monera Kostas, Carpenter, Kuntz At Piano-Cassidy, Steele Hogs' Glee Club "Go Down Moses" and "Texas Cowboy" are typical cf the negro spirituals and the cowboy songs that forty-two male voices sing at Wednesday's club meeting during activity period. The club strives W'th diligence to perfect their numbers for the annual spring concelt. Miss Ruth Parson is the director of the singers, and Vivian Cassidy and Betty Jane Steele are accompanists. L68.. Zncl Row-Miss Parsons, Kerin, Mei- -4,J f J. vb :sis-,Q,5, '- ' "auf 555- .irfw -1 L i:.:f. n-rf'-, '--dr rw ici: 2 plug: I lf. 21:53 wk -ga'-r!.'-ge -F 1"l . x qv' 4 ,,."G Q O , 53:31 X 1 s " f 9 1: if .4 PJQIB59 . .N -s- 5-" 1 f LJ!! make worthg use of our lelsure .... -,... 4, ................. -I International Language Club Girl Reserves Top Rowfhflehring, Lazzarcri, Naw- roclci, Fijewslci, V, Woloszyrx, Sum, Stepanslcy, Scmangy, Dc Noble, Sroloslci, Neal Nliclcllc Row-Ginmmnrin, Johnson, Lehn, lVl. Wagner, Fcrclcrlmr, Mes- lnnlco, Samangy, Topolslci, Bnlicki V. Starr, Konccwicz, Gray. Goss Wroxiosky, Duziclcy, Bruno, FlSl'lCl' Miskulin, K. Papinchalc Botlom RowfBrogna. Tolassi, Rad wanslci, Krell, Wuychcck, Yanchcr C. Buffalini, Nanowslcy, Miss Fciclc Thomas. H. Busura, Nl. Bycum Wcss, Steele, Hamilton rico, Hood, Top Row- lVlcrnu-lstcin, Zlocly. Vochlco, Costnnza, S. Kosinslci, Kopriva, B. H Tcdvscn , lin rn hn rt 5. Mucldlv Row Sc-nc-m. Bcighlcy. R, Graham. Antonclli, N. Athens, J, Athens, Scnrpone, Gro dvclc, XVlllli1ll1S, E. XX7oods, Levy, l"'lilFSlCll1 liormm Row W'nr11c-r. l,usic. Rosol. Dc Nlncio. Miss Adams. lnrricri. Mcllort. Brown. Hurn, Rizi clllfe Qacmn to make ,-7O,,, uae o oun lleiaune bi, Illll'l'llilli0llill Clnli The International Society, a new organization, has within a year become one of the outstanding clubs in Amhridge High. It is composed of forty- live French and Spanish students selected by the sponsor, lVliss Adams. The purpose of the Socie- ty is to further a better understanding of the life and customs of Spanish and French people. Ar their first meeting, members elected John Athens as president. The other officers chosen were Charles Grosdeclc, Nick Athens, and Hilda Scarpone. A Constitution was formulated by a committee headed by Bernard Hriccw. Colors and a motto were chosen by a direct vote of the club members. Several times guest speakers visited the meet- ings, lecturing on such subjects as Nlexico and our own Spanish Southwest. The Society attended a meeting of a large Latin-Ainerican club in Pitts- burgh as a field trip. During the Christmas season the second year Spanish class sponsored the Pinata, a Spanish Yuletide celebration. In February the senior French students presented a musical program highlighted by a debate on the subject of French composers. Debaters were Charles Cook, Valeria Di lVlaccio, and Evelyn Hartsteing Richard Barn- hart was master of ceremonies. A carnival, in- fluenced by the New Orleans Mardi Gras and supervised by members of the advanced French class, was the club's final celebration of the year. Girl Reserves The Girl Reserves of our school are affiliated with rho Wfestern Pennsylvania and Ohio District in Springfield. Our chapter has a membership of sixty-live girls and it meets every Tuesday during the club period. The officers' duties have been performed by Nlarilou Thomas, presidentg Helen lfysura, vice presidentg Vera Wess, secretaryg and Nlargaret Bycura, treasurer. The club has been helping others this year. They gave a Christmas party for the underprivi- leged children, and they were instrumental in starting a junior Red Cross First Aid Class for girls of the high school. The pledge of the Girl Reserves is "I will do my best to honor God, my country, and my communfty, to help other girls and to be in all ways a loyal, true member of the Girl Reserves." Thus we can see why rhi- Girl Reserves is an active group in the school Atucllmglnci lntennationall culatoma, fx r w Lhess I eznn The ncwly organized chess team, sponsored hy lNlr. Cook, tool: the coveted first place honors of Section 2 in the Westerii Pennsylvania Chess League. This was a signal honor, for the Amhridge High School chess team had never competed in the league games before this year. The team, Linder the captainship of Charles Cook, consisted of: Peter Nadzalc, George Hoover, John Wocvd, and Tony Wrcvlw- lewslci. The Results of the League Games Are: Novemhcr lk-cemhcr DQ-ceinher jan uary xlanuary I lanimrv ll Amhridge Z Ambridge 3 Amhriclge 5 Amhriclge llu Amhridge 2 Amhriclge K Final Standing Amhridge Sewiclc lvy Perry Wfest View Suwiclilcy 3 Perry 2 Xvest View 0 Sewicliley al Perry 3 Xvest View 2 -72.. Top Row-Tarter, Barr, Boyle, Compagnoni, Babalis, Hrico, Mermelsrein, Carpenter, Kerin, Barnhart, Rogers, Kwitanowslci, Barlain Middle Row-Bielslci, McNees, Goerman, Gavliclc, McCracken, Brown, Warner, Wagner, Hart- stein, Wolfe, Shippam, R. Graham, Seneca, Vandenbord, Hood, Vochlco, Arnett Bottom Row-Izalc, Niclclewicz, Papadeas, Levy, Martin, Intreri, P. Hulet, Miss Cauley, M. Hulet, Hulton, Storer, Kellner, Demay, Cherich, Willshier, Mellott Historical Societg Under the sponsorship of Miss Avis Cauley, the Historical Society has proved to be one of the most outstanding clubs of our high school. The club roster con- sists of forty-five active members in addition to three honorary members. Under the helm of President Richard Hood, the activities and attainments of the club have been numerous. The major projects sponsored by the society this year were the annual dinner, the held trip to Fort Necessity, the extensive field trip held dur- ing the Easter holidays, and the actual assistance in the Logstown Restoration. The banquet scheduled for April 23 completed the Society's social year. Working in conjunction with President Hood were Vice President Raymond Boyle, Recording Secretary Jeanne Shippam, Corresponding Secretary Gretchen Warner, Treasurer Irene Martin, Chaplain Elisabeth Vandenbord, and Sergeant- at-Arms William Arnett. The local chapter is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society. delluincj into the palat, -7s- ' andl punauinq lndllvldluall inteneata Alma Mater Hail! Alma Mater, Mother Great and true. Hail! Ambridge High School, We sing praise to you When 'er our heroes strive ancl banners fly To Amlsridge High, we will pledge our loyalty Throughout all eternity. Garnet and gray, The banner that we love, True to your colors We shall ever be. Strong, firm, unitecl in conflict are we In Ambriclge High, as we march in bold array 'Neath the garnet and the gray. John Konewicz, '36 Albert Jordan, '36 X ,, 0 . . f 3 I 'tts' l K' X, ' 'flf?I2S35' in-,ggi 5 '1 -74.. ogg I of Q G Qzyzofvgjb 4 4 6 0 c was P plag to develop phg sicallg Clllfe lzvullcll oun lvoclllea Football Season "" Ambriclge Ambridge Amloridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambriclge Ambridge Ambridge Ambriclge Coaches Hlism, Mytinger, Rubenstein, Snyder, Rowley Scores .-70- Monaca O Donora 6 Turtle Creek Z6 New Brighton 2 Beaver Falls O Aliquippa 0 Rochester 7 Nlicllancl 0 Opposite 41 Football The story of the Ambridge gridiron season of 1941-42 is one of the most im- pressive and long-to-be remembered in the annals of Ambridge High School football. With Monaca as the first victim on the roster of the Garnet and Gray, the thirteen--year-old tradition of an Ambridge eleven always emerging victorious from opening game remained unblemished. With Captain John Lazorski and tall, rangy Harry Ulinski playing an excellent defensive game, Victor Frangione aided offensively by scoring in the final quarter to give Ambridge a 6-0 victory. ln the second game of the season, the Garneteers had to be content with a 6-6 moral victory as they completely outplayed their highly-touted rivals from Donora. The lone Ambridge touchdown was made by Captain Lazorski as he raced thirty yards to cross the goal line after intercepting a Donora aerial. The Rubenstein men received the seasonls first setback as they bowed to an ex- perienced eleven from Turtle Creek. The ball-handlers from Turtle Creek smashed through the Ambridge wall continually, as they scored four times and converted twice to win by a 26-0 score. In the first county contest of the season our boys met a fast New Brighton eleven. Although the Crimson and Gold scored early in the game on a safety, the Garneteer's surging power came back in the second canto as Kosinski plunged over from the one yard stripe, and the dependable toe of "Chas" Laniewski making the extra point. The second Bridger marker came in the final quarter as tackle Mike Smollnary of Ambridge trapped a Brighton back behind his own goal line. Score 9 7 A vastly improved Garneteer eleven came out to face their next adversary. Displaying some of the classiest running of the season, a new star was found in small "Clutch" Bombiani. With a fast-charging Ambridge line holding a Beaver Falls team scoreless, Bombiani and Laniewski rolled up a marker apiece and watched both conversions split the up-rights for a 14-0 victory. Facing a powerful undefeated Aliquippa eleven, the Ambridge griclders reached the senson's peak of perfection as they succeeded in downing their tra- I Top Row+Mr. Rubenstein, Mr. Mytinger, Mr. Snyder, Guzan, Watach, Jula, Girgash, Hud- ascek, S. Ulinsky, Mr. Hlista, Mr. Rowley Middle Row-Borkowski, Moyer, Frangione, Kisiday, Kransivac, Smollnery, H. Ulinski, Troupe, Vladechek, Kocinski, Kurch, Gozur Bottom Row-Laniewski, Kostas, Cummings, Cuda, Bires, Lazorski, Taylor, Shintowski, Locke, Supc, Bombiani thnouqh oncictnbiecll Aponta. clllfe panticlpate in qqmnaatica, . , ditional rivals from across the river by the decisive score of Z1-0. The Bridgers gave ample evidence of their superiority over the Red and Black as they scored in the opening minutes of the game with Kosinski carrying the ball after a thirty-five yard sustained drive. Laniewski's try for the extra point was good. An intricate new backfield shift again caught the Quippians unawares as Bombiani sneaked through on a reverse from the twelve yard stripe. Once more Laniewski split the up-rights for the extra point. Cementing their lead in the final quarter the Bridgers drove sixty yards to score again with Laniewski making both the touchdown and the extra point. Then came the costly one-point defeat which eliminated the Ambridge gridders from the county title race as the Bridgers lost to a flashy Rochester eleven by a 7-6 score. Ambridge scored but the slippery oval failed to clear the crossbars for the extra point. Callela, sensational new Rochester back, came smashing through in the final quarter to tally for the Rams, and Horzman made the all-important extra point as the Rochester eleven led 7-6. Ambridge threatened once more, however, as Laniewski, with seconds left to play, dropped back to the twenty-six yard line for a place kick. Over eight thousand fans watched the referee nullify this hotly debated held goal and a Rochester eleven had triumphed over Ambridge for the first time in more than ten years. Rebounding from their one point defeat, Ambridge came roaring back to upset Midland in the closing game of the season by the one-sided score of 53-0. Com- pletely dominating the Held, the Bridgers did not find it necessary to kick once as Laniewski, Bombiana, Krancevac, Locke, and Lazorski scored a host of touchdowns while they kept the Leopardmen from moving the oval farther than the Garneteers' forty-five yard stripe. Faced with the difficult task of developing the smallest and most inexperienced squad ever to respond to spring training, Coach Rubenstein and his aides, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Hlista, Mr. Rowley, and Mr. Karakitsas, succeeded in hurling one of the most powerful and most feared elevens ever to don the Garnet and Gray uni- forms. Although inexperienced at the beginning of the year, the Ambridge gridders of 1941-42 have succeeded in compiling an enviable record which shall go down alongside the greatest in the annals of Ambridge High School football. Especially worthy of note were Seniors Bites, Locke, Cuda, Lazorski fcaptainl, Bombiana, and Shintowsky in the annual East-West encounter. Finally, our heartiest congratulations for a successful season to Captain John Lazorski and Seniors Shin- towsky, Santry, Supe, Cummings, Kostas, Bires, Bombiani, Cuda, Locke, and Smol- nary, all of whom have played their last game for the honor and glory of Ambridge Senior High School. -73- M. . f 'if-2 2 Aka Ay Mui V L 1 ,gf A ef x 'Q "' 1 J ,fvtwt I . If 0,cC L X- 456 W m2vw-2fz,'- yjj wcxna 'iff cz 0 Q , R ,Auf Qu! fzft -'f 1 fi-IYKA?-j , 41416 11,2 5 'A ""' ' L90 lu-l ,. W, lntenbichollaatlc Aponta, Reserve Football Coached by Assistant Coach Snyder, the Ambridge reserve team was one of the best in many seasons. Better than their record shows, the reserves played a hard brand of football all fall with the express purpose of giving each of the re- serves a chance to participate in actual play and gain experience. The secondaries showed plenty of spirit and drive although hampered by a small squad at the be- ginning of the season. The inexperienced Ambridge secondaries dropped their first game to Sewiclcley but gaining experience as the season wore on, they succeeded in turning the grid- iron tables later to defeat Sewiclcley in a return game, and also succeeded in twice defeating a strong Bellevue eleven. In the final tilt of the season, the Bridgers played hard luck football as they lost to the Rochester secondaries on a fumble in the last thirty seconds of play. A few of the boys who stood out this year and will probably see varsity action next year are Ringer, Coleman, McClure, Wolf, Welling, Striclco, Kurch, and Jula on the line and Savie, Lojeclc, and Boneski in the back- Field. Record Ambridge O . Sewiclcley 6 Ambridge 7 .. Bellevue O Ambriclge 14 . . Sewiclcley 6 Ambridge 27... .. . . Bellevue 13 Ambridge 13 . Rochester 18 13 4... I.-,..' :Ari -. .1 Top Row-Sproclc, Savie, Barto, Angel, Reader, Rucker, Carrodus, Prus Znd Row-Mr. Snyder, Carrol, Somar, Filipowicz, Stricko, Todd, Ulbrich, Lojek, Catalinas Mr. Mytinger 3rd Row-Welling, Lambert, Wolfe, Boneslci, Springer, McClure, Coleman, Ringer ...g0.. Left to right: Wessley, Shane, Janiclci, Gulish, Chinchilla, Larson Cheerleaders The varsity cheerleading squad is selected each year from the cheerleaders' club. The cheerleading club period is spent in making new yells, streamlining mo- tions, planning for pep meetings, and football rallies. Not a pep program or new yell is ever brought before the student body without Hrst having been rehearsed and practiced over and over again. A Each member of the varsity squad must have a grade average of C or better, be in good health, possess a sense of cooperation, and have lots of pep and enthusiasm. Each must develop a sense of responsibility by taking charge of pep rallies and and teaching club members all the cheers. A letter is awarded to each member of the varsity team provided he has had one year as an active member on the varsity squad. The squad this year consists of Anne -Ianiclcy, captain, Evelyn Shane fseniorsl , Martha Larson, Peggy Wessley, Evelyn Chinchilla, Bill Gulish, lVlarie Sotyrou Uuniorsl, and Clarence Welsh fsophomorel, and is sponsored by Mrs. Coolc. In the picture shown on this page the two new cheerleaders, Clarence Welsh and Marie Sotyrou, are absent since they assumed their jobs on the varsity squad with the beginning of the basketball season. and take pant in lntnamunalla. ,-81, Basketball Rubenstein Spinosi 1 1941-42 Basketball Record Ambridge 32 . . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Freedom 28 Ami:-ridge 33 . .. Turtle Creek ll Ambridge 28 ,,,,, .. Monaca 31 Ambridge 25 ,,,,, Erie Academy 33 Ambridge 35 . ,,,,,, Erie Academy 33 Ambridge 52 . ,,,,,,, Stowe 24 Ambridge 31 . , New Brighton 28 Ambridge 26. .. . Ellwood City 22 Ambridge 28 ,s,,,, New Castle 31 Ambridge 32 ,,,,, .. Beaver Falls 26 Ambridge 32 ,,,,,,,,, Alquippa 31 Ambridge 34 . .. .. . Avonworth 35 Ambriclge 36 .. New Brighton 43 Ambridge 29 ,,,,, ,,,,,,, E llwood City 25 Ambridge 34 . New Castle 37 Ambridge 32 . ,,,, .. .. Beaver Falls 27 Ambridge 39 . .. Aliquippa 29 Basketball With but a single regular, Harry Ulinslci, having put in his appearance for basketball practice, the 1941-42 squad faced its first opponent in Monaca and suc- ceeded in winning by a score of 32-28. Turtle Creek was the next victim and as forward Tom Osso rolled up a high total of fourteen points the rest of the Ambridge quintet backed him to the extent of a wide margin victory, 33-11. Meeting their first reverse of the season, the Bridgers went down in defeat be- fore Monaca in a pre-season game, as they trailed by three points, 28-31. junior Eddie Shemelya led the Ambridge court-men as he rolled up twelve points from his right guard position. Dropping their second consecutive game, the Ambridge boys bowed to a strong Erie Academy live by a 33-25 count. Six-foot-four Captain Harry Ulinslci led, scoring eight of his ten markers in the second half. Doing an about face, the Bridgers returned the following week to hand the Erie Academy five a two point set-baclc, winning 35-33. On its final pre-season game, Ambridge had a field day as it rolled up a 52-24 win over an outclassed Stowe team. The first league tilt found New Brighton coming to the local court. The Bridgers, fighting all the way, managed to elce out a 31-28 victory over the scrappy Brighton five. Sparked again by Osso's thirteen points and the tight defensive maneuvering of Fijewslci and Modrovich, the Bridger five steam rollered to a 26-22 win over Ellwood City. dw, 'Thus we llecmn Top Row-Mr. Hlista Gaglnrdi Hrynewich, Gergash, Nairos Mr Bottom Row--Nlodrovich Liewneslu Fijewslci, Ulinski, Sheme1y1 Osso New Castle found Ambridge a pleasant host as, led by their high-scoring forward, Lee, they took home a 31-28 decision. With Spinosi and Laniewslci doing yoe- man relief service, the locals came roaring back to administer a 32-26 drubbing to Beaver Falls. The Ambridge ball-handlers were Uupl' as they met their traditional rivals from across the river, i.e. Aliquippa. In the most exciting game of the season, Ambridge cut the cords in the last fifty seconds of play to hand the Quips a 32-31 setback. ln a non-league Infantile Paralysis charity game, the Bridgers were themselves the vic- tims of a one-point reverse, losing to Avon- wortlm, 35-34. Going into the second half of the W. P. I. A. L. Section HI race, Ambridge dropped a 43-36 decision to New Brighton as the Bridgers' defense failed to click against high scoring, little Lou Peluso, Brighton forward. Again eliminating Ellwood City, the Am- bridge courtsters ran up a two basket lead to win 29-25. Although Ambridge showed excellent form as they met their jinx team, New Castle, for a crucial battle to determine the Section III lead, the Bridgers were carrying the short end of the 37-34 score when the hnal whistle blew. Ambridge scoring power, led by Laniewski and Ulinski, with twelve and eight points respectively, was greatly augmented as the local quintet rang up their best foul-shooting record of the season, mala- ing sixteen out of a possible twenty. Eliminated from the W. P. 1. A. L. cham- pionship, the Bridge-men nevertheless de- termined to take the county championship as they trounced Beaver Falls 32-27. Shemelya led the scoring with nine markers. 1n the final game of the 1941-42 season the Bridgers again came through to decision Aliquippa by a score of 39-29. No less than five players were waved to the showers via the four-foul route during the course of the hectic battle. Sewing up the Beaver County championship, the locals were paced by Osso and Modrovich with fifteen and eight points respectively. The Aliquippa fracas was the last occasion upon which Senior "Fiji,' Fi- jewslci donned the garnet and gray for Am- bridge High. czbualltiz-:A ot good Apontamanzshlp, l3:iskf-thall Reserves The Ambridge reserves, coached by Mr. Hlista, played the 1941-42 season with the primary objective of seasoning an inexperienced reserve team for next year. The Ambridge secondaries scored a 29-11 win over their first opponents when they met Freedom. Turtle Creek proved to be the next victim on the Ambridge roster as they bowed 23-21. The secondary squad, composed of Kozakis, Nussbaum, Smith, Hopkins, Cottage, Narkovick, Bienkowski, Robinski, Lambert, Troup, Nairos, Bowan, Smalc- zewski, Johnston, Saule, Nelko, Hrynewich, Girgash, and Zubic, dropped their first game of the season to Monaca by one point, 23-22. Before meeting their second setback in the form of a 32-18 Ellwood City win, the Bridgers took two in a row, Stowe and New Brighton, by 41-18 and 21-19 scores respectively. New Castle decisioned the Ambridge preliminaries by a one basket lead, 22-20. The Bridgers' slump continued as they lost their next three contests to Beaver Falls, Aliquippa and Avonworth by scores of 31-13, 44-21, and 24-15 respectively. Led by high-scorer Cottage, Ambridge broke their losing streak as they ttounced New Brighton, 36-29. - The reserves lcst their next contest to Ellwood City trailing by one point 21-20 as the final whistle blew. The Briclgers' shifting zone defense failed to halt the New Castle secondaries as they piled up 21 points to Ambridgeys 15. 1V1eeting Beaver Falls the Bridgers administered a one point defeat, winning out in the closing minutes of play, 28-27. In the game which rang down the curtain on the season's activities, the Bridger reserves., outclassed by an experienced Aliquippa five, were swamped by a score of 30-16. Top RowflV1r. Hlista, Lambert, Zubic, Troupe, Smolczewski, Bienkowski, Vochko, Gregorek Bottom Row--Nelko, Cottage, Johnston, Kozakis, Narkcvic, Rubinski, Hopkins, Nussbaum -- 34- Golf iv L, Y L in - lVlr. L. Rothermel, Bowan, Furis, Gabol, lVlazur, juszalc, Andros 1941 Golf Team Record Ambriclge 1492 i'Ambriclge 9 , , i'Ambriclge 12 Ambridge 592 'Ambriclge 7 :kAmbriClge 15 "'Ambriclge 8 fsection VI play-offj ,"AmlJridge 552 P. 1. A. L. play-051 Ambridge 15 'F League games-VV. P. I. A. L. . Sewiclcley 3 lf Beaver Falls 6 Butler 3 Springdale 99 Beaver Falls 8 Butler 0 Beaver Falls 6 Penn Township 91 Monaca O lleacllenalxllp, coolpenation ancll QOL3ClQtl3 ..g5,- no ul! Clllfe PQCUA and lla-:ann Golf The Ambridge Golf Team, coached by Leonard Rothermel, succeeded in gaining last year's Section VI, W. P. I. A. L. championship for the second con- secutive year. Featuring such stalwarts as Williaiia Bowan, Paul Gutowslci, Steve Furis, John Gabal, James Andrus, Walter Juszalc, and Mike Mazur, the Ambridge golfers succeeded in compiling a record of six wins against three losses participating both in W. P. I. A. L. competition and non-league matches. Individual golfing merit was acknowledged as Williain Bowan and Steve Furis, low stroke average golfers on the team, tied for twelfth place with scores of 88, while participating in the W. P. I. A. L. Medal Play Championship at the Westmoreland Country Club. Those participants who finished among the first seven qualified for the State High School Medal Play Championship at State College, Although veterans Williaiia Bowan and Paul Gutowslci have been lost by graduation, and Furis and Gabal are engaged in national defense industries, Coach Rothermel is optomistic about this yearls squad. Beside 1941 lettermen James Andros, Walter Juszalc and Mike Mazur, outstanding candidates for the 1942 team are: Stanley Baran, Larry Doroshenk, Stanley Kost, joe Meshanko, and Teddy Tabinowski. f I -J X uv 010"E1x I .gwfa IXUIIS5 filjlll The physical education program in the Ambridge Senior High School is one of in- terest to students and teachers alike. A highly diversified program of mass cales- thentics, drill marches, tumbling, bar-belling, and such seasonal sports as football, basket- ball, softball, wrestling, and boxing assure a varied roster of physical activity. Stress- ing the necessity of increased physical edu- cation for the youth of our country, Coach Rubenstein, director of our physical activi- ties program, has recently introduced a pro- gram of elementary military marching drills and exercises. With a total of eighteen classes a weelc and an enrollment of over five hundred and fifty boys, the gymnasium is a frequent prov- ing ground for all new exercises or sports. Coach Rubenstein arouses interest in intra- mural sports and high school athletics by giving rhe boys a taste of these activities in the gym. The resulting interest in a gym- nastic team, traclc team, and boxing efforts have been more than a little due to the pur- poseful and varied physical education pro- gram in our school. ah we become Atnonq and hcallthlg. all well-planned pnocinam Yale - Prillcetoll This all-girls sports event has become the most looked-forward to affair on the feminine school calendar. Last year the tenth anniversary of the annual Yale- Princeton affair was celebrated, and between the halves of the annual clash the captains of the two teams presented Miss Marcella Spahr, the originator of the classic, with a large birthday cake that was bedecked with ten candles. One of the most spectacular girls' basketball games ever presented to an all-girl audience in the Yale-Princeton classics, was the one played on the "1Oth Anniversary Day." Princeton was leading with an 18-8 advantage at the termina- tion of the first half, and things began to look rather blue for Yale. Finally, the Yale cagerettes rallied and were ahead, 24-23, as the final canto began. However, Adelaide Kowaleska, a Princeton stalwart, made a foul shot and resultingly tied the score at 24-24. Shortly afterwards the whistle sounded and the game ended. Score, 24-24. Bowan and Kubia led their respective teams with 12 points each. The Princeton sextet was composed of Dorothy Bowan, Adelaide Kowalska, and Anne Sepak, forwards, Helen Ciccone, Elizabeth Derkach, and Bertha Tedrow, guards. Yale's blue and white uniforms were donned by forwards Elizabeth Kubia, Jeanne Kuchtyn, and Mary Sapovchakg guards Qlga Jaroway, Dorothy Banks, and Helen Rosensteele. Leading the cheers for the Princeton aggregation were: Betty Flemming, Marcia Mann, Elene Boggs, Sarah Barkley, and Joanne Mellott. The Yale cheer- ing squad consisted of Charlotte Taylor, Anne Mae Pribulsky, LaVern Cochenour, and Dorothy Hovanec. Recognition letters were awarded to Estelle Hogrefe, Helen Tomley, and Emma Blazier, who were the managers of the Yale-Princeton classic. The senior members of the playing teams and the cheering squads also received recognition letters for the services that they rendered. Top Row--Pribulsky, Hovanoc, Rizi, Cochenour, Miss Spahr, Miss Hughes, Mellott, Mann, Boggs, Barkley Second Row4Shippam, Rosensteele, O. Jarowey, Szfaryn, Banks, A. Jarowey, Sepak, Ceshia, Bowan, Kowaleski, Hogrefe Bottom Row---Spolarich. Sapochak, Kutchytan. Kubia, Ciccone, Tedrow, Hale Derkash ...88-. and compllete education Girls" Sports The high school girls are given an opportunity to participate in a well-balanced program of activities during their gym classes. Body building exercises take up a major part of the gym period. There are the jumping jack, which is an excellent exercise for good posture, the swing and bend that strengthens the chest muscles, and then the C. C. C. to strengthen the stomach muscles. There are many others, hut these are the IhOSt benehcial. Other sports conducted according to the seasons of the year are mushball, soccer, volley hall, tumbling, the horse, and baslcethall. Basketball is the favorite winter indoor sport. Not every girl is a star player, but if she wishes she may play in the games held after school. The girls are not chosen according to homerooms or for slcill, but teams are piclced from the three individual classes. Each class consists of four teams, Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow. These games arouse the girls' interest in athletics. The gym classes are conducted under the leadership ol: Miss Spahr and Miss ldughes. Sportsmanship is stressed in all classes and games. This gym hour, twice every week, gives the girls a little recreation time and allows them to participate in healthful activities. l Top Row-Scarpone, Bonzo, Miss Spnhr, Blough, Hrynowich Znd Row-Kellmer, Antonelli, Bober, Bercilc, Larson, Sepnlc, Nesbitt, Solomich, Sotyrou 3rd Row-Dale, Ozimeck, Larabce, Szarfaryn, Weasley, Ceshia Leaders' Club The Leaders' Club is one of the finest girls' activities in the school. It trains its members for leadership. The officers of the Leaders, Club for 1942 are: Geraldine Larabee, president, Mary Ann Ozmeclc, vice president, and Alfreda Safyran, secretary-treasurer. Initiation of new members was held on January Z2 in Room 214. These girls were chosen by Miss Spahr and Miss Hughes, for their gymnastic ability and are the A-1 girls in all sports. In the fall, when school begins, the girls are anxious to get started on soccer, so these girls aid Miss Spahr in organizing soccer teams. Intramural games are played after school and the "All 5-Starn soccer game closes the season. This year the girls played "Speed Ball" which is similar to soccer, but not quite so dangerous. Along with old man winter comes basketball, which puts a new flame in the girls' enthusiasm. Leaders' Club girls are placed in charge of refereeing intramural games and also those played during the gym period. Then towards spring, mushballs and bats are taken out-doors to begin several weeks of good healthy exercise. During this season the Leaders' Club girls help the gymnastic instructors by umpiring class games. Besides these seasonal activities the Leaders, Club has regular club meetings in which they are instructed in the fundamental rules of sports. They also plan events which occur at intervals during the school year. They held a dance, "The Leaders' Club Hop," in the study hall. So, on through the year these girls do their share of leading and drilling in all sports, setting an example for the other girls, developing a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a sense of leadership. la the ultimate: nelsult. -90- NAU NAL "THE WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCERS OF ROUGHING-IN WIRING MATERIALS" national Electric Products Corpvrativn FACTORY: AMBRIDGE, PA. OFFICE: PITTSBURGH, PA. KRAUSS 546 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvan Your Friend Your JewcIcr Medals - School Rings - Trophies - Gavels I Loving Cups and School Pins Made to Order Estimates Furnished Free EYES EXAMINED - GLASSES FITTED CLERGS Quality Gifts For All Occasions 'IU EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING '50 374 710 Merchant Srreer -.QTL MARTIN BRAUN Tailor and Cleaner .:. We Do Ou Own Cleani in Call and D l Service Ph A b 460 sis Mmhan s r I J. C. Doutt 84 Company 'ii I i DRY GOODS 1 OF QUALITY TAYLOR DAIRY - TWO STORES - X Third Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania i Sixth Street Qzg i Compliments of Time National Supply Co. 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Increasing rail traffic calls for larger quantities of staybolt iron, forging billets, pipe and many other items. By manufacturing these corrosion resist- ant genuine wrought iron products, the employees of A. M. Byers Company give their all-out support to the all-out efforts of the man in uniform. A. Nl. Byers Company PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA P L A N T S Harmony Township South Side, Pittsburgh ....94.. XYM -VU-PQ-. B-.J-521.2 5' www . , I' W Are Exceedmgly Pro N1-LJ'-' . . . of the d inction of having re- ' ceived these two valued awards from the Secretary of the Navy in recog- nition of outstanding excellence in i the production of cold drawn steels so vital to our National War Pro- gram. Q9- C""'Y"'N' :I . A.. J- ose 413.,WWJ ' SJCJL vw 0 jobiiiui gwwgfffb JJ. 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Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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