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W X M i X If QQ DQCMCTU-DEQ J izgiifn +I 4- -Y .5 J lg lf? 2.1 Lim A X, yfl Z XMLQQ uqxmv Z X , EYE K- J Foreword We, the Semor Class, present to you the fourth annual publlcatlon of "Am-I-il." The axm of th1s volume ms to gwe you a clearer 1ns1ght mto Amboy I-hgh School hfe and to help you recall those days that you will love to remember. As we go out mto the world to trudge over the rocky paths of the future, we shall remember these years as the very happxest years of our lxves. It IS our hope that th1s volume w1ll renew the memones of your typlcal hxgh school days The Staff Am H1 Staff us e Edzto g Ste berg Prod hon M g La S l s Manager SECOND ROW Loren C ld ell B 1 ss Manag Do la Gllbe t Pho! g ph He d M Spon o Z O V. . M. , B FIR ST ROW: Left to right-Norma Rose, Art Ednor, Darla Mae Schulz, Assxstant Editor, Beverly B s , ' r, Vxr xnxa n , uc ' ana er. Alex wson, a e ' I a w , us'ne er: r ' r s, 0 ra ic a , rs. Hanson, , s r, We most affectxonately ded1cate our annual to Kenneth Berendts who has always been very close to our class For h1s hxgh character and frlendly ways he has become well 11ked and admmred by all who have known h1m To Mr Berendts we extend our best wmshes for success and happmess. 3 A Y 1 I n I o ' I X Pi Q E 4? dmmkim' ffl Q7 F1 X iff- 9 XXXL!! x f 6 J IN X X x Administration 3' Pnncxpal Rlchard J O Fallan and Supemntendent Halstead H Momcal School Board LEFT TO RIGHT Earl Peterson Secretary Fred Boesch Treasurer Dr H O Morgan Russell Johnson W111ardE Nelson Frank Rose Pres1dent 5 , 1 im? K 5, . ... I K . A I , A . -Y - , L I if ' f 4' 'gg-q':, ., A h ,N dxf' ,- , ,- ., -Qi , , , M, 3,1 -PMN. ,P , L . . . , . . Q . "VJ T -, TQ, 'inf' VXTJ '-w . . . - 1 r o 9 v I u ' I c n 9 v Student ounczl 41 ,1- FRONT ROW Left to rxght Joame Krause Norma Rose Presxdent DuAnn Boesch Secretary Treasurer Virginia Stenberg SECOND ROW Carol Momcal Donald Graf Ruth Graupner Vmce Presxdent Marhn Tonn Rxchard Johnson Joan H1 kok " Faculty COACH HOLMQUlST Social Science Cxvxcs World I-hstory Physxcal Educatxon MRS HANSON Engl1shfSemor Jumor and Sophomore, Speech Library Class Play Director MR GIMMESTAD Commercxal Law. B0okkeep1ng, Typxng, Shorlhand MISS RAMSTAD Music, and Fresh man English 6 I .. V , , f K'-l rr' L- :auf 1 . N Si? X, . ' W I XXZWM N X QW KW YY f Z X ggi IX 2-f radp-T EQ? H K U K 'j 'X YL! 746 Qt-Q LJ ix! VJLS4 . Sv, 714 . 60' QV Q ' 1 ' v A fx .. . X afyf Q 1? XL PJCLJ, 0- X kj' xii!-1 y ' ff ?jfJvK ' X f Mg! f Y. 9 J f L4 6 f Q fx E ML! 'f X X Rfk I 1 fr X-Z f k XV' ck, LX L L , ' A Yi5MI7:bCiigg QW X gk xyfkjl 5 bf- R- 1-X , ka u- L -L' LL R X AMC-L7 If I Rik 'n A X F ' 4 if Y NX 5 E ---N ls 2 . rg X X N A , .w rb- ILQ T.. BOB BISSONETTE DUANN BOESCH I make my home out on the farm to II silence were golden. She d be I keep me from the cxty s harm mllll0ll3ll"C Class Officer Basketball Jumor Class Offxcer Semor Presxdent Class Play Jumor Class Play Glee Club, Mixed Chorus Band, Operetta, Pep Club, Student Councxl Lxbrarinn Declnm, Newspaper Staff BEVERLY BUSSE "l never let my studies interfere wuth my educatxon." Band: Glee Club: Pep Club: Class Offu-er: Librarxan: Operetta Soloist: Newspaper Staff: .Tumor Class Play: Declam: Annual Editor: Mixed Chorus: Senior Queen C andmdate . LOREN CALDWELL "All great men are dead and I don't feel so well myself." Band: Junior Class Play: Newspaper Staff: Business Manager of Annual: Basketball. BOB CLARK ROGER CHRISTENSEN Of all the things 1 lxke the best 1 Women' Oh no I CUM 10 Amboy just prefer to sxt and rest for an education Came from England last year Caxne from Mpls tlus year Whxle Junior C1555 play Semor Kms there Mixed Chorus Student Covuncnl Candqdalg Home Room Presxdent LARRY FRITZ hxm has just begun Jumor Class Play Basketball fCo Captain nn 1950, Baseball Class Officer Jumor Kxng Candxdate DOR LA GILBER TS Colne out ahve anyway Glee Club Band Pep Club Class Ofhcer Camera Club Lzbrarxan Sophomore Queen Candxdate Student Councxl Sextet Operetta Soloist Newspaper Edxtor 1950 Mixed Chorus Jumor Class Play "Fond of living--lots of fun--life for "Why worry about life? You never 9 RUTH GRAUPN1-ZR She dud her lessons she was never late We all knew Ruthie would graduate Came from Jordan thxs year Glee Club Student Council Class Ofhcer ALEX LARSON Give me food for thought Class Offxcer Basketball Boys Glee Club Sales Manager of Annual Junxor Class Play Track Sophomore Kxng Candzdate Baseball Mixed Chorus Newspaper Staff DARLA MAE SCHULZ It s mee to be natural when you re naturally mee Class Ofhcer Llbranan Ass1stant Edxtor of Annual Glee Club Pep Club Newspaper Staff Mxxed Chorus Declam Student Councxl .Tumor Class Play NORMA ROSE A twxnkle thxs blonde has nn her hes Jumor Queen Candidate Mixed Chorus Art Edntor of Annual Student Counc1l President l950 Pep Club Newspaper Staff Jumor Class Play Lxbrarxan Class Ofhcer, Glee Club Band Operetta ' ," eyes, we wonder if she tells white H 1 o JEAN SORGATZ She s httle and she 5 wise she s a terror for her size Glee Club Mxxed Chorus Band Lxbrarxan Pep Club Camera Club Declam Jumor Class Play Operetta VIRGINIA STENBERG The teachers thxnk I m very sweet So always put me nn the front seat Class Ofhcer Operetta Mzxed Chorus Productxon Manager of Annual Pep Club Jumor Class Play Glee Club Band Student Councnl Camera Club Newspaper Staff LOUANN WOJAHN Why hurry to school ul will be there when I arrive Glee Club Band Pep Club News paper Staff Operetta Lxbrarxan Mixed Chorus Camera Club Annual Staff GARRY TIPLER The worst thing about basketball IS that none of the cheerleaders ever get injured Basketball Co Captaxn lh 1950, Baseball Jumor Play State Manager Rem m zkcences DO YOU REMEMBER FRESHMAN YEAR Jammmg our lockers and then for gett1ng the comb1nat1ons The 1n1t1at1on party LouAnn rockmg the cuddlesome baby Delano Bev DuAnn and Vlrg model1ng bathmg sumts Darla m men s black underwear Darla Mae proposmng to Harold Tonn and Mr Blowers washmg h1s feet m Oxydol How we all became accompl1shed mathematmxans 1n Algebra The engmeenng sklll of our return party to the Sophomores The melod1ous tune of Long Long Ago 1n Enghsh Class Our hero worsh1p of those awe 1nsp1r1ng Senxors DO YOU REMEMBER SOPHOMORE YEAR All the stuff we learned from our we1ghty Enghsh d1scuss1ons 1n between the fzrst and The assembly attractwn of Delano and Garry w1th a wad of bubble gum on the1r noses That mad purchase of those beautlful Am H1 Pep Club sweat shmrts DO YOU REMEMBER JUNIOR YEAR Class play pract1ce Those beh1nd the scenery events and how Loren made money The taffy pull party at Bob Blssonettes and how we all rode 1n the same car Our tr1umph of g1v1ng the Semors that banquet at the Ben Pay Hotel Mr Kmg s story of the wh1te swan eat1ng marshmallows on a snow bank DO YOU REMEMBER SENIOR YEAR The work and fun of the carmval and how we became broke Gett1ng measured for caps and gowns Gettxng the annual started and keep1ng lt go1ng The fxfth per1od 1n the lxbrary Our held tr1p to St Peter Our day ln court The wonderful basketball tournament The grand and g1or1ous prom the .Tumors gave us Sen1or Day We pa1nted the Tw1n C1t1eS purple The rush that last day to get everyone s autograph The tears 1n our eyes and the lumps 1n our throats the mght of graduatlon 12 last verse of "Franky and Johnny." Class Wzll We the noble Sen1or Class of 1950 bemg of reasonably sound m1nds knowmg the uncer ta1nty of l1fe and the certa1nty of death do hereby make and declare th1s to be our last will and testament In th1s our last w1ll and testament we do bequeath Unto the Com1ng Semor Class our protectlon over all sChoo1 property and our prxvxlege t has always been ours of bexng the teachers favorztes Unto the faculty our knowledge of several th1ngs they have not taught us I Larry Kr1tz. do w1ll my ab111ty to get along w1th the g1r1s to Kenneth Emery Vmrgmxa Stenberg do w1ll to MarC1a Larson my Dr1ver s Safety Badge Roger Chr1stenson do w1ll my ab1l1ty to sleep 1n class and get away with It to Donald Graf Alex Larson do w1ll to Joan Truwe my love for the l1fe on a farm Beverly Busse do w1ll my Golden vo1ce to Rxchard Johnson Loren Caldwell has been lookmg around to see whom he can g1ve h1s knowledge of women e know all of you want lt but Joe Johnson 15 the lucky one Say Irene Louann 1S w1ll1ng her hexght to you to make th1ngs more conven1ent for you and Dorla w1lls her love for the f1ner th1ngs m l1fe snare drums, to Jerry Hickok Bob B w1lls h1s quxet nature to energet1c Erlene Norman DuAnn Boesch w1lls to Joame Krause her noon hour study per1ods so she can have her short hand done too Garry Txpler w1lls h1S love and ab111ty 1n basketball to Roland Fuller Norma w1lls to Loxs Boesch her love for factory mght l1fe and all that goes w1th lt Jean w1lls to Melva her push pull ab1l1ty fOn the accord1on that 1S 13 . , . , 7 ' ' . I, ' ' , ' ' ' ' . I, ' . ' ' ' ' ' . I. . ' ' . I, Darla Schulz, do will my speaking ability to Alvina Goraskowski. It I I U l U . . . G W v. . . , 1 6 . 4 Class Prophecy Here it is June 1960 The Class of 1950 has taken its place in the world and here 1S what each member is doing Norma Rose has taken up art and is l1v1ng in the big city now She is also an artist s model and a writer Her latest best seller is How I Posed for a Living and Got Pneumonia Beverly Busse is now a famous singer She is living in a trailer house and dividing her time between her career and married life Loren Caldwell is thinking about settling down He just got out of the Navy A1r Corps only cracked up a dozen planes Larry Fritz is farming near Good Thunder Hilary Jr hasn t started school yet but Larry has already promised him the family airplane any night he wants to stay for basketball practice Garry Tipler is playing basketball for the Lakers His picture and name in s1x inch letters heads every sport page in the country He has even got a few build ups in the Amboy Herald Darla Schulz has married a doctor Her medical technology course is really an aid to his profession They met during her medical course Ruth Graupner 15 a registered nur se now She has so many degrees she Can name her own wages walking to work to save money for an annual trip to Sun Valley where she spends her time sk11ng and skating DuAnn Boesch is in the cities now Her luxurious apartment and beautiful wardrobe are good sign of the excellent nurse s success Jean Sorgatz has a band all her own now She calls it the Sorgatz Swing K1ngs Louann Wojahn is a cosmetolgist She is trying new dye on her customer s hair now and it 1S becoming a common thing to have pink blue and yellow ha1r Bob Clark 1S selling Amboy Heralds on street corners He plans to become the Editor some day He believes in starting on the bottom Bob Bissonette is farm1ng by Mapleton now His squash and pumpkins takes a blue ribbon at the Blue Earth County Fair every year Alex Larson 15 now a ta1lor The rest of his time is spent farming and selling a new gadget for cars Dorla Gilberts finally decided to live in Vernon Center She is a housewife as well as a mother ented a new car He named it the Chrismobile It doesn t take Roger Christensen has mv gas oil or water to run It is selling for Sl 10 at your local dimestore 14 . . . . . . . . He . . . ,, .gg . . . . , . L . . . Virginia Stenberg is living like the typical Secretary should. She is skipping lunches and . . . . . . . a . Q. , 5 . , 3 . , . . - IC ' ' QI 9 Senzor News Out Of The Harbor Into Deeper Wate s Navy Blue and Whxte The Wh1te Rose The St Peter tr1p was about the f1rst memorable event 1n whxch all the Semors took part F1rst we v1s1ted the mental hosp1tal and then we explored the bumldmgs and campus of Gustavus Adolphus College We ll always want to remember our day at the creamery too We walked s1ngle fxle all the way to learn how butter IS made m11k bottled and cows cut for eatmng Most of the Semors were mn the Speech Class One of the outstand1ng events was the debate on Capxtal Pumshment It so happened op1n1ons really were d1v1ded and very strong The Speech Class was proud to g1ve thelr own 1nterpretat1on of The N1ght Before Chrlstmas at the Chrlstmas Program As was to be expected we pleased the publ1c by our presentat1on of another comedy th1s year It was M1ss J1mmy a story of college students 1n the sprmg t1me Our class rmgs came m the early fall Of course we all thought they were the prett1est and best r1ngs Am H1 has ever had So far they ve gone through qu1te a b1t Alex Larson had trouble w1th hxs f1rst one and Larry Frxtz s temporar1ly strayed away Our hope IS only that they last as long as we do earned football sumts all ours of course bemg worn out we w1ll thmk of the three cents we dxdn t g1ve to the cause Sen1or Day was spent 1n the Tw1n C1t1es and we really d1d have fun We knew our way around so well you know Yet we found lt qu1te an educatxon The basketball games kept most of us ahve durxng the cold wmnter months They were very exc1t1ng and as we look back they seem to have been on the whole v1ctor1ous Th1s h1story would be zncomplete 1f we d1dn t mentmon our study of The Tale of Two C1t1es 1n Enghsh We belxeve we d1scussed It so thoroughly we won t forget lt unt1l we re our late emghtxes Then we graduated and once more we found a way to be d1fferent Here we came down tue gyrn floor m blue gowns Someth1ng new mn Amboy heretofore they had always been gray We are all happy to go out xnto the world yet we have much to cher1sh and remember It IS now txme to say good bye to the Frosh Sophomore and Jumors It won t be long unt1l you have reached th1s poxnt and we hope you ll have as much fun as we ve had gettmg here So long 15 Football in Amboy will always be remembered by every Senior. When we see our hard- . 1 , J . i , . ' . . ,, . . s . . . , . . , in S W V Q, mf: : U IIWISI1, 9 I E Af m1,, 7 1 LGU Q Q gil PLE- PY S A QA XX, 3 or f lf. 'H'-far 5' 1' ' 'im-My LOIS DICK KENNETH ROLAND BOESC H DETHLOFF EMER Y F ULLER FRANCIS JERRY MELVA JOE HALL HICKOK HUFFMAN JOHNSON MARCIA ERLENE JOAN ,M A Af ALVINA DONALD C'ORA7KOWSKI GRAF R IC HAR D JOHNSON IR ENE LARSON NORMAN TRUWE VOLKMAN We the Mxghty Jumors of 1950 have worked very hard during the past year even lf we didn t show xt We were busy making preparations for our prom and banquet The theme was "April Showers" and Lynn Kerns from Fairmont furmshed the mus1c We gave a class play and we raxsed more money by selhng refreshments at basketball games so that we could gzve a prom. The class officers were Marcza Larson, Presldent, Joame Krause, Vice President, Loxs Boesch, Secretax-y,.and Dick Dethloff, Teasurer. Mr. urzmmestad was the class advisor. We shall never forget the good potato chxps we ate at play practzce, and how Jo and Dick D. raced to see who could put the most crackers xn hxs mouth at one time. Then there was Irene who took her after supper nap and just about mxssed play practice. and Erlene who brought her love letters so she could read them. Remem ber the txme Marcxa and Jerry had wxth a certain part of the play? All these tlungs will bnng back memories of our .Tumor Class. 17 JOANIE KRAUSE Lf, 't if . A 5 5 2- 1 T133 ' no 221-F1 4 f f u s Fl f , .I I 4 is id-5.35 - 4 .3 Q. 'S-4. , -J, -, vs sg, f, v fly. A Aff! fig- "- f' Aw 3113s 'Q' - +:,:.gF- v- Q ' gt " . 22515 'Sr' ' " :lk 'X ' f. , ' . ' 5 ' iid- 'J 57- . .' ,,,fm, , I- I W -. .k l - - e, f. h -:.A:., -, E , , n 45 514 1,- j,'l'4f ' . , '.'L? Eff ,ff f - . .,,.. , I - I . . Junzor Class Play Grahame Crackers a comedy 1n three acts whlch was wrltten by Dana Thomas, was presented by the Jumors on Thursday and Fnday evenings November 2.7 and Z8 The play was under the very capable and pleasant dn-ectmon of Mrs Hanson Although Jane Grahame s sxsters, brother and mother were lovlng and meamngful they dzdn t seem to realxze the value of Jane s hard earned dollars The mcome from her Par1s Dress Shop couldn t cover the cost of three college educatwns cars cameras expenslve gowns brxdge Clubs and per sonahty Club dues The clzmax of the f1nanc1al problems Came when a thousand dollar note came due wlth nothmg to pay It Jame s r1ch Aunt Augusta refused to pmck up the note because she knew lt was a very poor r1sk After Mrs Grahame Gardiner Lzsa Drusmlla and Sammy L1sa s frlend upset a plan of borrow1ng from a banker Mr Brett, Jame or Pops flnally broke down and angr1ly told them she could no longer foot their b11ls and 1f they wanted to contlnue l1v1ng as they were they d have to f1nd the fmnances for xt They called a meetmg and schemed and pmched to make f1ve hundred dollars Th1s was matched by the 1nvestment made by the1r maxd, Kat1e All thas was ra1sed only to d1scover that the1r fnend, Peter Lane Chesterf1eld had packed up the note and all ended well Kat1e O Br1en Jane Grahame Aunt Augusta Mrs Grahame L1sa Grahame Drusxlla Grahame Peter Lane Sammy Mr Emmett Brett Sound Effects Busmness Manager Stage Managers Advert1s1ng Manager an Property Manager Programs and Ushermg THE CAST Erlene Norman Marc1a Larson Joan Truwe Joame Krause Loxs Boesch Irene Volkman Jerry Hickok Rlchard Johnson Francxs Hall Donald Graf Roland Fuller Joe Johnson and Kenneth Emery d Ty'p1st Irene Volkman Lo1s Boesch Alvma Gorazkowskm and Melva Huffman 18 . . . . . . . Gardiner Grahame - ----- ----- ---- ----- D i c k Dethloff EDWIN ANDERSON BILLY HEER5 'U ELLEN LARSON OR LA ND SONNABEND EVERETT BISSONETTE 10 W7 F RANCES HEMINGWAY ,na DEAN LLOYD BARBARA STEVEIB s GEORGE CLARK Jil IDA KAR ELS fo- CAROL MONICAL GERRY SCHULZ BILLY DOBIE JERRY KINNEY ETI-IEL OLSON MAR VIN SCHWARDT WANEDA FEDDER SHIRLEY KRANZ 4- 'wax' lar X ff W5 DICK ROSE KENNETH SC HWARTZ MARTIN DELPHIN LORRAINL TONN ULRICH URBAN 19 I '2 WILTON GRIEGER JANET LARSON EVA NGELINE SONNABEND 99 SHIRLEE TANK 5 F' fa- 'N ' . V! "', I x A I 1 Hg K' I , L A ' "' Y ' , J .LL,AIA I I A g ' f A AIVLU 'Q , - ,I . 'QF' I ' I I 'wg 1, 1' . ,A ,, ,-,' 5 L ' ' fb , A 3 . ,A 'FQ 1. ' ' I" I A SQ ,I fi' 5 IAIL -A ' ' - 'I' 15 Y , in Sophomore News Lend me fmfteen cents for my Reader s D1gest Oh heavens Not a World I-hstory test today Who swxped the dmssectmg k1t'7 Drat th1s typewrmter Anybody got the1r Geometry done? Kenneth g1ve me some gum Don t be alarmed These are just a few quotes that you m1ght have overheard 1n the Sophomore rows dur1ng the past year Our class th1s year enjoyed the pr1v11ege of havxng the largest class xn the h1gh school We started the year w1th twenty seven br1ght and shmmng faces At the beglnmng of the year we had only one add1t1ona1 member to the clan that raced out of school last spr1ng f1nally dropplng Freshman from thexr txtle Th1s add1t1onal member was Waneda Fedder In November Lo1s Carlson rejomed the class after a year s leave of absence In March we shed tears as we waved good bye to Ida Karels who left us to Jom the Garden Cxty Hlgh School And so we wound up the year wmth the same number w1th whxch we had started As 1n all other years our fmrst class meetmg was for the purpose of e1ect1ng class Schwartz Secretary Sh1rley Kranz Treasurer Barbara Stevens Student Counc1l Carol Mon1cal and Martm Tonn Our class advxsor was M1ss Ramstad The f1rst b1g event 1n the lower h1gh school classes was the 1n1t1at1on of the so called green Freshmen After about a week or two of threatemng and worrylng the day flnally came Haze Day was declared rn the afternoon when the Freshmen were made to obey thexr super1ors The even1ng s enterta1nment began w1th a lar ge parade through mam street, follow ed by the stunts of the performmg Freshmen The next b1g thmg on the year s program was the hlgh school carn1val As 1n former years each class chose thexr Kmg and Queen cand1dates The Sophomore representatmves were Sh1rley Kranz and .Terry K1nney and we were very proud to have them elected to re1gn over th1s year s carmval Then of course comes basketball easmly recognized as the mam sport of Amboy Hlgh Three of the g1rls were elected cheerleaders s1x boys played on the second team and one on the f1rst team Because of 1ts large representat1on 1n musmc almost the entxre class was able to Journey over to Lake Crystal for the Mus1c Festwal There are th1rteen Sophs 1n the band and all of the g1r1s belong to the glee club That about sums up the year s act1v1t1es Se you next year when we re Jumors Happy Vacatxon 2.0 1 officer s. They were as follows: President--Edwin Anderson: -Vice-President--Kenneth BARABRA BUGSE JOAN LAR SON RIC HARD SCHUL7 MERLIN CONRAD IVER LARSON JEROME SONNABI-IND KEITH COX D DALE LLOYD A MARY JEAN FULLER PHYLIS MAU ROGER MERVIN TIPLER URBAN JOAN HIC KOK 1 LEON SCHAPER of I ROGER WHITE!-IEAD Freshman News We the green Freshmen have , cd through our hrst year of Am HI Life Our fxrst great battle of the year was of course, the zmtxatxon party We all agree Joan Larson really should make her lxfe s vocatxon gxvxng egg shampoos Roger Tipler was the lucky patron at the party It 15 very regrettable that the pxcture of Phyllxs and Leon eatxng string didn t develop The next trxals followed fast Frequent explosxols m General Scxence Class and the conflxct In all of our exghteen pretty heads fxgurmg Algebra problems We have had a very successful year under the leadershxp of Mary Jean Fuller Presxdent Joan Larson Vxce Pres1dent, Roger Txpler Secretary and Tom Johnson Treasurer TOM JOHNSON N DENNIS SC HONEC K DARLENE ZARN i i 4 Q Q a A -Y N, x ' ' , A I . ., ' , I X ' 1. girl? f W -Q l e V . f W ,L TY , I as I , C ' I uv X, y f s, 4 W 2 l f ,V - ,, . 4 J '22 a 1 I W X .Nl ' Hin , V lf! '- "I i- Q . 'Aw pai Yr' tri A S I iw, w K V I ' b iff" r " ' " me . ff -we ' I Z1 Grade Faculty LEFT TO RIGHT Mass H uge Seco d G de M s Moo e Fx st G d Miss Dahl1l,Fxfth a d Sxth Gr des Mn s Hen s Thu-d a dl-'ourth G ad s M s Luisa. Seventh d Exghth G ades Orla Woods was thexr teacher unt1l Chnstmas M1ss Woods 15 shown on the p1cture Page Two of the grade teachers came late m the year Miss Moore to replace Mmss Woods and Mass Dahhn to replace Mrs F1tz1mmons who had come to replace Mxss D1ckerson The e1ghth grade have had a very mce year They all thmk they've learned a lot and they have certa1nly done a lot At the carn1val and Chrlstmas program, each room contnbuted a bzg part to the program Everyth1ng led to the grand chmax the PICHIC All grade ch1ldren looked forward to lt smce the fu-st sxgns oi sprmg ZZ The fir st grade has been a full room this year and a very "active" group. Miss . . . D K . . ,, . J CWM Q f KQ N K 5-1 KJQ f 'L' -LQiNE'llC5 Q1 N 5 :.,7 f 'A -xL. ,fri Basketball The Huskers CALDWELL CO CAPTAINS DOBIE JOE JOHNSON Z4 as as s W W --TIP" --1-'Rrrz'- Basketball Team FIRST ROW Left to flghf .I Truwe Shxrley Kranz Carol Monxcal Shlrlee Tank SECOND ROW Dick Dethloff Rxchard Johnson Larry Frltz. Garry Tlpler Joe Johnson Loren Caldwell Orland Sonnabend Bully Heers Francxs Hall Merv1n Urban Bob Bxssonette Tom Johnson Bully Dobxe Cheerleaders We are really proud of our four very peppy cheerleaders They are left to rxght J Truwe Shmrley Kranz Carol Momcal Shxrlee Tank Z5 : ' -" 0" . - . ' , . THIRD ROW: Jerry Hickok, Jerry Kxnney, Kenneth Schwartz, Everett Bxssonetie, Wilton Griegor :.. O.. I ' . , . OPPONENT Rapzdan Iianska Good Thunder Wumebago Lake Crystal Hundey VVa1dorf Pemberton Good Thunder Garden Clty Mmnesota Lake hdapleton Rapldan Lake Crystal Pemberton W1nnebago Mumesota Lake Garden C1ty Butterf1e1d Basketball Schedule For 49 50 OUTCOME Lost Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Lost Won Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Lost Won Won ze SC ORE 59 19 34 31 Z8 Z7 48 34 34 17 36 30 57 33 36 16 1 'mrt 4 Y Q - 51-41 50-28 34-32 ' 44-Z8 44-Z9 47-43 65-33 58-Z1 33-21 - 48-36 - 38-33 Football zn 50 Th1s IS a new page 1n Am H1 sports sectxon and one that we hope wlll become a per manent one Football IS an entlrely new venture for our school and thxs exc1t1ng fall sport promlses to gxve players students and fans many a thr11l We plan to make a homecom1ng celebratxon an annual affau' wxth a football game to h1ghl1ght a day of renewmng fr1endsh1ps w1th former students Remember that football ln Amboy 15 a new and d1fferent sport1ng adventure and lt w1ll need plenty of cont1nued support to be successful We would l1ke to express our apprecxatlon 1n th1s small way to all of those students faculty members and outs1de supporters for the help gwen us thms far The annual staff w1shes the best of luck to the new football team of next year The 1950 schedule 15 as follows September N1co1ett there evemng September K1ester there evemng October Pemberton here October 13 Waldorf here homecommgl October Z0 St Claxr there October Z7 Mapleton here November 3 Good Thunder there Z7 If ' 9 v 15 ----- 1- ' ----- 4 ' J September ZZ ------- Garden City ------- here Z9 ----- ------ 4 ' 7 5 ........ ........ - - - - - - - - - - Q - Ex Xxx Xa? K N fx Y N f xx A KX C 4 P . C Q K w 9 Q' :rf- X vf ,If Q Xxx v4 JK 3 c l ,......, L I "S-2 'fi i If A HS Band The th1rty e1ght pmece band under the d1rect1on of M1ss Ramstad presented a sprlng concert and part1c1pated 1n the D1str1ct Fest1val at Lake Crystal on Apnl Z1 1950 Dunng th1s school year they have played for most of the home basketball games and presented an assembly program for the Mmnesota Lake and Garden Clty I-hgh Schools They have also gxven several programs for local gathenngs Glee Club The thxrty seven glee club members under the d1rect1on of Mlss Ramstad have been very actlve th1s year They presented a sprxng operetta and partlcxpated 1n the Dlstrxct Festxval Dunng the year they have sung at the carmval Chrxstrnas Program and graduatlon 29 ' n n 1 1 o 0 . - . , . . . - ' ' . . e I, n 1 xl 2! YJQX. Q, x Lites The newspaper staff has worked very hard th1s year 1n turmng out a school paper every month Dorla G1lberts 15 the Edltor of th1s very eff1c1ent staff FIRST ROW Left to r1ght Janet Larson Norma Rose Du.Ann Boesch Dorla Gmlberts Lo1s Boesch Irene Volkrnan SECOND ROW Bob Clark Alex Larson, Jerry H1Ck0k Donald Graf, Ellen Larson Mary Jean Fuller, Darla Schulz V1rg1n1a Stenberg Joame Krause Sh1rley Kranz, Joan Larson Louann Wojahn Melva Huffman Jean Sorgatz The Carmval The annual Harvest Carmval was held on Frlday evenmg November 4 It was a huge success the proflt was approx1mately S600 The theme beh1nd the carmval was, Football ln football fund A very large crowd attended the carmval program and took part ln the var1ous act1v1t1es afterward Each grade added someth1ng to the program and the hlgh school glee club sang a few numbers The program closed w1th the coronatxon of the Harvest Kmg and Queen The K1ng and Queen were the Sophomore Class Cand1dates. Slurley Kranz and Jerry Klnney The attendants were the cand1da.tes from other classes They were Freshmen Joan Larson and Leon Schaper Jumors Joan Truwe and R1chard Johnson and Semors Beverly Busse and Bob Clark After the program all 3Ct1V1t18S began There was bmgo, basketball throw hah pond novelty booth rxng the goose darts and lunches At th1s opportumty we would hke to g1ve specaal thanks to all the busmess men parents and others who gave thexr help and support to the carnlval It 15 ln thls way you show your 1nterest 1n the school and we are very grateful 30 '50." It was for this reason students worked extra hard. One-half of the profits went into the . . . . . , ' fiqfy wx HHN Q ff J L M35 m Wwfxxi I I LZ "Gigi W Nm S-Lg ' fn-ff 'X A1 , X I N BX' K x I Y Z ,wjfffxf wwf ' 0,1 , 1- ug? O c Q AN 4 Ki! . PM FX Grover Implement Co JOHN DEERE MACHINERY SALES 8a SERVICE HINNMAN MILKERS OUR AIM IS TO PLE ASE PHONE 16 AMBOY MINN W J Nelson Co Inc AMBOY MINB CATERPILLAR DIESEL TRACTOR SALES 85 SERVICE IN SEVEN COUNTIES SURROUNDING AMBOY MASSEY HARRIS COMBINES TRACTORS AND FULL LINE FARM IMPLEMENTS O L ,- A 1 I O 6, O T , . L C -ALL ROADS LEAD TO- Rome HARDWARE FURNITURE APPLIANCES PHONE 11.91 WINNEBAGO MINN BFREN DT S JACK SPRAT STORF Pme Food and Meats WFS PBX STUDIO Portralt 85 Commerc1a1 Camera Supphes Rex ere Mox 18 Llnes Vkfeddmgs Groups Indwldual Portralts Phone 166 Wlnnebaffo Mlnn Y 9 1 1 n, A 1 Phone 62 Amboy, Minn. I Y J 1 7' ' A . - - . . . . C 3 . 1 Security Ncrtroncrl Bcank Complete Bankmg Servlce Member Fed ral Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon Prompt Courteous Serv1ce Phone 48 Amboy Mmn Wruckes Red 81 Whrte Quallty Grocer1es Fresh Meats Frults and Vegetables Fr1endly Servlce Ex eryday Low PFICQS Phone 56 Amboy Mmn Blue Ecrrth County Servrce Company Ed Swedberg Manager Off1CCS at Mankato and Amboy Mmn Farm Bureau Petroleum Products Feeds and FCI'tll1ZGI'S Volume Farm Supphes Chevrolet Sales and Repa1r SGTVICG Ollver Sales and Servlce ' l L1 o o e . . 7 , . I o ' ' - - 1 ' , . O 7 . 7 . , . JOHN ROERIG HARDWARE STORE Fr1g1da1re Refrlgerators Electrlc Ranges Skelgas General Electrlc Radlos Phone 81 Amboy M1nn WIECKS BROS SERVICE STATION tLes Sz Chetl Mobxlgas 85 MOb11011 MOb1It1F9S 8z Tubes Lubr1cat1on Battemes Candy SOftD11HIiS Tobacco Phone 144 Hwx ay 169 Amboy M1nn WINNEBAGO CLEANERS Plck up Day s Tues and Frl Cleamng Prossmg Taxlormg Commerclal Prmtmg Issued Every Frlday THE AMBOY HERALD A R W11der Edltor Pubhsher Phone 37 Amboy M1nn Subscrlptlon PFICG S2 50 Per Year Advert1s1ng Rates On Apphcatlon Vera's Beauty Shop - Amboy Agent ANDERSON BROTHERS FEDERATED STORE Fa1rWay Fme Foods General Merchand1se Amboy M1nn KRANZ IMPLEMENTS McCorm1ck Decrlng Sales and Servlce Internat1onal Trucks Internatxonal Home Freegers Good Eqmpment Makes A Good Farmer Better Phone 11 Amboy Mlnn COULTER IMPLEMENT C0 I' ord Tractors Dearborn Implements Phone Q3 Amboy Mmn Cut Flowers Plants Floral Deswns SCHOLL S GREENHOUSE Phone 165 'Wmnebago Mmn Florlst Telegraph Dcllvery K 4 , . , . 1 Ford Farming Means Less 'Work - More Income Per Acre , . N1 1 f 1 ' 1 - - D A 7 - - THE GIFT SHOP Watch Repamng Jen elry Photo Suppheo G1fts for All Oecas1ons Phone 134 Amboy Wlmn STFVFNS MOTOR SAI ES Your Dealer for Ford Cars Trucks lVI1nne pOl1S Mol ne Farm M lehmuy MEL S IMPLEMENT C0 Alhs Chqlmers Mlnnesota New Idea Phone 102 Ambov Mmn AMBOX CO OPERATIVE CREAMERY ASS N Brmg or Send LQ Your Cream Complete Lme of Feeds Fert1l1zer Salt Offermg Complete Locker Servlee Phone 47 Amboy Mmn " .. 7 .. ' A Li ' v 77 7 . , . K J J J - Q--I a ' xr ' 2 Amboy, Mmn. 9 , C I - 1- - 3 :js ' , v, - Y - 4 V 9 ' I L A . l 1 . lx W W Nelson TOM S FARM EQUIPMENT Case Machmery Amboy M1nn AMBOY RECREATION Joe and Bob Graf Beer Soft Drmks Pool Lunehes Amboy M1nn BOESCH INSURANCE AGENCY F W 8z D F Boesch Representmg The Eqmtable Llfe Assurance SOCICIQ of the Umted States Phone Bus 128 Ros 83 Amboy M1nn DENNIS MOBIL SERVICE MOb1Ig8S 8z MOb1IO1I Phone 69 Amboy Mmn BLACKSTED RED OWL Fresh Fru1ts and Vegetables Phone 46 Amboy Mmn SCHONECK S GARAGE Car Repalrmg 8a Wreckmg SGTVICG Amboy M1nn LARSON S IIIWAY SERVICE KHISEF Frazer Sales Serv1ce Grocer1es Meats Phone 139 Amboy M1nn , C , . Y 'I - I - - I' , . UI' ' 7 . . . 7 .. - I ' . ' . Q .9 ' . . Y! k 7 ' . , 4 KLEEN GARAGE MUNDALE CAFE Auto 8: Tractor Repa1r1ng Amboy M1nn Meals 8x Lunches Come Here for Good Food Amboy M1nn WESTBY HARDWARE Palnt Glass Wallpaper Housewares Apphances Phone 87 Amboy M1nn STAR CAFE Candy C1garettes Ice Cream Good Food 8z Plenty to Eat Meals Lunches Amboy M1nn APITZ STORE Footwear Hosxery Furmshmgs Mens Work Clothmff Lmgerxe Phone 96 02 Amboy M1nn Carl Ap1tz Prop WHITEHEAD ELECTRIC SHOP Wlflng F1Xtures Hot Polnt Appllances Amboy M1nn TORGERSON DRUG STORE Kurt Mueller Reg Pharmaclst Prescr1pt1ons Llvestock 8z Poultry Remed1es Statxonery Photo Supphes Phone 7 Amboy M1nn TORGERSON GROCERY STORE Fresh Fru1ts 8z Vegetables Frozen Fxsh 8a Food Phone 49 Amboy M1nn , . , . a - , . , . . . D - ' s , . , . , . . . . - . 7 , . T TRUWE S PRUDUCF IMBOY ROLLER MILLS Cash Dealer Gram Feed Poultry Eggs Feed Hldes Wool Fur Scrap Matemal C fmdmg 85 Mlxmg ED SCHWARTZ LAMPERT YARDS INC. Shoe 's Bmder Canvass Repalr Old Harness, Lumber Bu1ld1ng Mat9r13IS Fuel Rubber of All Kmds Amboy Mmn Amboy Mmn WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE 7 1 A K 1 - - - - ss- ' '- s , . . . . . I Amboy, Minn, AH1bOy, Minn. 7 2, ' ' ' , . , . u. ' Y.

Suggestions in the Amboy High School - Am Hi Yearbook (Amboy, MN) collection:

Amboy High School - Am Hi Yearbook (Amboy, MN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 47

1950, pg 47

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1950, pg 5

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Amboy High School - Am Hi Yearbook (Amboy, MN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 12

1950, pg 12

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