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i""""'W M WR 'VVV My W Q,-H'N',,.,.,,-v"""' 1957 S 5 REIVN 7' As we, The class of l957, bid farewell To Ambler JoinT High School, we wish To Thank all Those who have helped and guided us in our high school years. This book is planned To recall Tor everyone The many happy momenTs spenT aT This, our alma maTer. ii-1 ,i.,.1.l-1 ROBERT L. STOWE We, the class of 1957, dedicate our R-AMBLER to one whose helpfulness, cheerfulness, and friendly interest have helped to make our high school memories happy ones - Robert Stowe. ,' .0 4' 2 W T5 7 QQNAQXYN' A w ff LQ S RENNER DR. J. WADE BINGEMAN CLIFFORD K. GEARY Principal Supervising Principal S 1 JOANNE RUSH LAILA ERHARDT MARY ANN KUHN GILBERT F. CLARK WILLIAM A. ENDRISS HARMON C. KINNEY MRS. C. F. NUGENT CHARLES W. ROBERTS HOWARD F. WAMPOLE F. S. ROTHENBERGER, D.D.S. WILLIAM G. SMITH C. EDWARD ZIMMERMAN JOHN MATHERS, President FRED B. STRATTON, Vice Presiderlf MRS. MILDRED. FREAS, Secretary S. CLIFFORD GEHMAN, Treasurer JAMES ALMONY DR. CHARLES S. BAKER gan,-wi I 91 ERLE BAUGHER, Physical Training GEORGE CRAIG Librarian RAYMOND C. DUNCAN Social Science - -:rt Nazis: -2. A2 we-. 'Q 34 A I .si HOMER P. EICHORN,'Biology fOn leave in Englandl MRS. ELIZABETH FALKENSTEN, English VIOLET M. FISHER, Business Education ANN M. GEAR, Guidance MERVIN L. HENRY, Chemistry, Physics LEONARD S. HEVERLY, English MRS. RUTH HEVERLY, Physical Training N-..-v senden W ?Mwv JOSEPH E. KINDER Business Education DAVID KUHN Biology EVELYN R. KULP Business Education JOSEPH E. KUNSMAN Wood Shop, Mathematics GEORGE J. MEYERS, JR. Mathematics ANN L. POTTEIGER Art MRS. FRANCES B. SCHLEEGER Business Education MARJORIE E. SMITH Latin, French FREDERICK G. VOLP Social Science SE It Q 1 I V, f IOR vi. 'QC X ,A xA ' L , NEW , 1 f r ' X-'li 5 W "' ,- X ' 55 X f If , 1' f f X f ' HV" r 1 W' ,fb X A 4' I E A "n ff V J , , v H0 ,W I2 1 ff 'f' ' ' f 2 1, 1 R' VZ f f Q , Y 4 fl J Z X Q f ll I f 1' X- 41 1 9 1' X ff I 4 y j ff, ' I f' ig!!! X v I 2 u1 :fW Z: 7 'xl ' -if JEIIII A 44 ' ' 2211- 'ff' 1' Z? :ig 1 i I 3313! XYHAYS BAKER, WILLIAM F. Bill Band 1O,11, 12, Choir 10, 11, 12, Forum 10,11,12,Troian Times 10, 11, 12, Thespians 12. BENNETT, MARK Red Choir 10, 11, 12, Football Manager 11, Homeroom President 11, Forum 11, 12, Student Council 12, Troian Times 10, 11, 12, Editor 12, Stage Crew 10, 11, 12. BENZIE, CAROL JANE Carol Class Treasurer 11, Hockey 10, 11, Band 10, 11, 12, Bux- Mont 10, 11, 12, Basketball Manager 10, Treasurer of Band 12, Honor Roll 10. BERRY, NED Ber Prom Committee 11, Stage Crew 11. BOCCUTI, DONALD Don Student Council 11, Prom Committee 11, Track 11. BOYD, JOSEPH Joe Band 10, 11, 12, Bux-Mont 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Forum 12. BRIAN, MARTIN R. Marty Troian Times 10, 11, 12, Photography Editor 11, 12, Forum 10, 11, 12, President 11, Choir 10, 11, R-Ambler Photog- 1 12 H nor raphy 10, 11, 127 Senior Play 11, Thespians 1 , 7 o Roll 10, 11. BROWN, SHERMAN Sherm Basketball 10, 11, 12, Choir 11, 12, Student Council 12. 1 if BURKE, LUCILLE Snooky Choir 10, 11, 12, Savings Fund Committee 11, Homeroom Secretary 10, Rifle Club 11. BUTTER, INGRID U. Inge Band 10, 11, 12, Choir 10, 11, 12. CLAYTON, FRED Freddie COLLICK, LlLLlAN Lill Troian Times 10, 11, 12, Choir 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Baseball, Rifle Club 10. COLWELL, ERNEST Ernie CONNOR, NADINE Butch Transfer from Cheltenham, Prom Committee 10, Chorus 10, Make-up Staff 10, Ambler Activities, Basketball Manager 12, Chorus 11, 12, R-Ambler Staff 12, Make-up Committee 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Semi-Formal Committee 11. CAPPUCCIO, NICK Nick Forum 10, Troian Times 10, 11, Choir 10. CASSIDY, JAMES Cass Football 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain 12, Bux-Mont First Team, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Prom Com- mittee Chairman 11, Semi-Formal Committee 11, Super- Salesman for Magazine Campaign 10. 1 i CONSTABEL, JOAN Cookie Chorus 10. COTTINGHAM, JAMES Jim DEAN, PAUL The Wall Track 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Bux-mont second team 12, Co-Captain 12, Council 10, Choir 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11. DE HAVEN, GEORGE E. Dee Football 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 127 Play ll, 125 Student Council 12, Supersalesman magazine 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee Chairman 11, National Thespian Society 11, 12, Semi-Formal Committee Chairman 11. K COTTINGHAM, JOSEPH Joe Track 10. CRECIUM, JOHN Cre Football 10, Homeroorn President 10, Prom Committee 1. DEL CONTE, ANNA MARIE Anna Prom Committee 11, Ticket Committee for football 11, Ticket Committee for play 11, Homeroom Secretary 10. DILLON, JOHN Dil Football 12, Prom Committee 11, Baseball 10, 11, 12. X DONATO, EDMUND Eddie DURKIN, PATRICIA A. Pat P C 'tt Ch ' llg M ' C ' 'llg DONOVANI JOHN W- Jack Nl2QlztnSnETLiSfrgn551TiTftee Chatfi2Z"'T2, SFF? B511 tt, Football ll, l2g Choir 10g Prom Committee llg Track IO. R.Amble,12. EMMELL, MARGARET Midge ESMOND, JACK Ezzy FESMIRE, JACK Fez Football IO, ll, l2g Prom Committee Ili Stage Crew ily Football lOg Prom Committee llg Rifle Club llg Homeroom Student Council ily Homeroom Vice President 10. Vice President ll, Stage Crew li. FEGAN, STEPHEN Steve FETTERMAN, JOYCE Joyce Prom Committee llg Student Council 12. ' Chorus lO, ll, 125 Semi-Formal l2p La Crosse ll, 125 R-Am- bler Staff 12. YW 'KB HOLDEN, GERTRUDE L. Trudy Choir 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, Troian Times 10, 11, 12. HULETT, NANCY Nancy Hockey 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Trojan Times 12, 12. HUNT, JAMES C., JR. .lim Track 11, 12, Student Council 10. HUNT, WALTER Walt Choir 10, 11. FOX, DELLPHENE Dell Trojan Times 11, 12, Ad Committee 12, Art Editor 12, Stu- dent Council 12, Honor Roll 10, Honor Society 11, 12, R- Ambler Staff 12, Choir 10, 11, Prom Committee 11. FREAS, EDDIE Eddie Basketball 12, Stage Crew 12. GANT, SAM Sam HAYS, NANCY Nance Basketball 10, 11, 12, Softball 10, Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 10, Homeroom Secretary 11, Honor Society 11, Honor Society Vice President 12, Choir 11, 12, R-Ambler 12, Troian Times 11, 12, Prom Committee 11. JENNINGS, ALLEN Fats Football 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Stage Crew 11. JENSEN, ELLEN Ellen Band 10, 11, 12, President 12, SE District Band 11, 12, Bux- Mont 10, 11, 12, State Band 125 Choir 10, 11, 12, Vice President, State Chorus 12, SE District Chorus 11, 12, Forum 12, R-Ambler Staff 12. JOBECK, FRANCES Blondy JOHNSON, KENNY Pross Football lo, 11, Baseball lo, ll, 12. V001 JOHNSTON, DAVID Dave Troian Times 10, 11, 12, News Editor 11, Editor-in-Chief 125 Forum 10, ll, 12, Vice President 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 10, Student Council 11, 12, Thespians 'l1, 12, Choir 10, ll. KELLY, JOSEPH D., JR. Mouse Prom Committee 11, Stage Crew 10, 11. JONES, KENNETH Duck Student Council 10, 11, 125 Stage Crew 11, JONES, JANET Janet Baseball 10, Choir 11, 12. KELLY, MERVIN Pooney Football 10, Track 10, 11, 127 Cross Country 11, Basketball 11, 12. KILSON, GWENDOLYN Gwen Chorus 11, 12, Troian Times Staff 12, Savings and Loan Fund Committee 11. KING, MARILYN L. Fish Bank 10, 11, 12, Hockey Manager 10, 11, Trojan Times Staff 10, 11, 12, Chorus 10, Business Committee of the Magazine Campaign 11. KNOTT, JAMES Knotty Football 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, Prom Committee 11, Homeroom President 10, Magazine Campaign 10, Stage Crew 10. KOCH, KAREN L. Karen Chorus 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew, Prop Committee 11, Stage Soloist 10, R-Ambler Staff 12, District Choir 12. KOCH, PAULINE Paul Chorus 11, 12, Student Council 12. LA GROTTE, RICHARD Rich Choir 10, 11, 12, Forum 11, 127 Troian Times 11, 12, Thes- pians 11, 12, Senior Play 11. LANDES, WILLIAM R. Bill Choir 10, 12, Thespians 11, 12, Stage Crew 11. LATCH, SUZANNE Sue Homeroom Secretary 10, Chorus 10, 115 Piano Accompanist IO, Band Maiorette 10, 11, 12, Rifle Club 11, Prom Com- mittee 11, Thespian Club 117 Band, Concert 11, 12. LEE, JAMES Jim Band Manager IO, 11, Score Keeper, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Football 12. elk LEE, JOHN Johnny Band 10, 11, 12, Troian Times 12, Rifle Club 11, 12. LIBERTO, MARIE Mer Class Secretary 11, Class Vice President 10, Trojan Times Staff 11, 125 Chorus, Senior 10, ll. LORENSKI, KAY Kay Softball 10, Basketball 10, 11, Band 11, 12, Vice President, Homeroom IO, Student Council 11, 12. MAHER, MARGARET Peg Hockey 10, ll, 12, Softball 1O,Troian Times Staff 11, 12, Rifle Club 10, 11. MASCOLA, GEORGIANA T. Joanne Troian Times Staff 11, 12, Rifle Club 11. MCCORMICK, EDITH Edie Softball 10. MCMANAMIM, PATRICK Pat Basketball 10, Rifle Club ll, Prom Committee tl, Stage Crew ll. MECHWART, SUZANNE Sue Hockey IO, 11, 12, Baseball TO, Basketball 10, 12, Choir 11, 12, traian Times 10, 11, 12, Rifle Club 11, 12, Play, Costuming ll, Forum ll. MEYERS, ROBERT J. Bob Football TO, ll, 12, Junior Class Vice President ll, Home- room Secretary TO, Stage Crew 101 Prom Committee ll. MONACO, JEAN F. Homeroom Treasurer 10, Homeroom Secretary 11, Troian Times ll, 12. MORLANDO, RAYMOND Spider MULLIN, MARTIN John Homeroom President ll. Vice President 10. MOULTON, JOHN Jake MURRAY, ROBERT Bob Homeroom Treasurer 105 Troian Times reporter, sports co- editor TO, 'ily Track 10, ll. Prom Committee ll. NELSON, WILLIAM Bill PISTILLI, GEORGE Twinny PISTILLI, ANTHONY Twin PISTILLII NANCY Nancy Homeroom Secretary IO, li, Hockey IO. PLUMLEY, JUDITH A. Judy PULLI, MARIE V. Murph CI'10rUS 10, ll, 12: Tfolan TimeS ll, 12: FOVUIYI ll, 12: Semi- Class President 10, Junior Class Secretary ll, Senior High formal committee chairman li, Prom Committee 11, Home- Choir IO, ll,S1udenl Council IO, ll, 'l2. room Treasurer ll. REINHART, DARLENE Dar PUGLIESE, JOSEPH Pug gy Prom Committee ll, Rifle Club Il. Band IO, Il, 12. ROBERTS, BETTY Betty Choir 10, Softball 10. ROBINSON, JANET Jan Choir 10, 11, Cheerleader 10, 11. RUPP, ROBERT Bob Band 10, 11, 12, Forum 11, 12, Treasurer 11, Track 11. RYALE5, JOSEPH AUTHUR Joe Band 10, 11, 12, Football 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, Choir 10, 11, Prom Com- mittee 11. RELINGER, BARRY R. Barry Forum 11, 12, President 12, Troian Times 11, 12, Business Manager 12, R-Ambler Staff 12, Supersalesman, Magazines 10, 11. RENNER, SUZANNE Susie Band 10, 11, 12, Secretary 12, Bux-Mont Band 11, Troian TimesA11, R-Ambler Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Semi- Formal 11, Supersalesman, Magazines 10. RENZETTI, DIANE Diane Homeroom Secretary 10, Choir 11, 12, R-Ambler Staff 12, Honor Roll 10, Prom Committee 11. ROBERTO, MARY Mary Homeroom Treasurer 11. SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH Joe Band 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 11, Prom Committee 11, Semi-formal Committee 11. SCOTT, EVELYN Evie Hockey 10, 11, Basketball 10, 115 Choir 11, 12, R-Ambler Staff 12, Prom Committee 11. SCOTT, MILLARD Scotty Football 10, 11, 125 Co-Captain 121 Bux-Mont First Team 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Homeroom President 10, 11, Choir 11, Prom Committee 11. SHIMER, DAVID Dave Stage Crew 11. SHOEMAKER, MARY ANN Shoehorn Band 10, 11, 127 Bux-Mont 10, 11, 127 Choir 11, 12, Rifle Team 11, Property Committee for Play 10, 11. SIGNORE, SANDRA San Hockey 10, 11, 125 Captain 12, Basketball 10, 12, Cheer- leader 11, 12, Choir 10, Softball 10. SMITH, BETTY Smitty Band 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 11, Typing Club, Collegeville Trappe H. S., Trojan Times 12, R-Ambler Staff 12. SMITH, VIRGINIA Smitty Softball 10, Chorus 10, 11, 12. SNYDER, JANE ARLENE Are Band 10, 11, 125 Buxmont 10, 11, 125 District 10, 11, 125 State 105 Choir 115 Troian Times 10, 11, 12. SNYDER, DONALD Dog Stage Crew 115 Prom Committee 11. 53... STASIK, NANCY Nance Troian Times 10, 11, 125 Rifle Team 115 Prom Committee 115 R-Ambler Staff 12. STEWART, ANTOINETTE Tonie Hockey 10, 11, l25 Basketball 10, 115 Baseball l05 Choir 10, 11, 125 Prom Committee llp Rifle Team 11, 12. STOLER, JOHN Jeff Band l05 Football 10, 11, 125 Student Council 125 Track 105 Chorus 10, 11, 12. SZAGUN, BETTY Betty choir 11, 12. TAYLOR, CHARLES Chuckie Football 10, 11. 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Magazine Salesman 10, 11- Stage Crew 105 Baseball 105 Choir 10, 115 Prom Com- mittee 11. TINDALL, ALLEN Sugar Daddy Student Council 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 115 Prom Committee 115 Choir 12. Rifle Team 11. ' THOMPSON, EDISON Eddie Band 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Stage Crew 10, 11. THOMPSON, EDWARD Eddie Basketball 10, 11p Baseball 10, 11, Co-Captain 11, Stage Crew 10, Homeroom President 11. WAGNER, JOANNA Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Captain 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Secretary-Treasurer 11, 12, Basketball Manager 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 11, 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Secretary 12, Trojan Times 10, 11, 12, Feature Editor 11, 12, Editor-in- Chief R-Ambler 12, Prom Committee 11, Semi-Formal Com- mittee 11, Choir 10, 11, Softball Manager 10, LaCrosse Man- ager 11, 12. WILLIAMS, EDJAR, S. Edgar Football 10, Baseball 10, 11. WILSON, JUNE Janie Hockey 10, 11, 12, Captain 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Soft- ball 10p Choir 11, 12, Cheerleader 12, Prom Committee 11, WISMER, JGYCE Joyce Choir 10, 11, 12, Thespians 11, 12, Forum 11, 12, Troian Times 10, 11, 12, Homeroom Treasurer 105 Homeroom Vice President 11, Homeroom Committee Chairman 11, Prom Committee 11. K' TROTT, JUDITH Judy Hockey 10, 11, 127 Softball 10, Color Guard 11, 12. VARRESE, FRANCIS Nick Football 10, 11, 125 Co-Captain 12, Track 10, 11, 125 Home- room President 10, Class President 11, National Honor So- ciety 11, 121 Honor Roll 10, 11, Honor Society President 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, President 12, Forum 10. WISSER, WILLIAM Wiss Football Manager 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew 10, 11, Prom Committee 11. YOUNG, BARBARA Barb Choir 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, 11. ZAFFARANO, JO ANNE Zaffy Honor Roll 10, Homeroom Vice President 11, Magazine Cam- paign Committee 11 p Rifle Team 11 , Prom Committee 11. SOLLIDAY, GEORGE George Picture not available. Stage Crew 10, 11. 1' 77iddqem 70:01:46 and pfwm I 'i' X. 3 iff!! k . "Eff P Besf Dressed Boy: FRANCIS VARREST Most Popular: Boy: JAMES KNOTT Girl: SANDRA SIGNORE 70442: 7044 Most Talkafive: DIANE RENZETTI Quiefesf: SHERMAN BROWN Best Dressed Girl SUSAN RENNER Best Looking Boy: JACK ESMOND Prettiest Girl: SUSIE LATCH ,fn 'aa Best Girl Athlete: JUNE WILSON ,xxx iii 'Fifi f Best Boy Athlete MILLARD SCOTT The Most: ALLEN JENNINGS The Least: Un sizel MARGARET MAHER st row J Zaffarano C Benzie M King, N. Hays, F, Varrese, J. Wagner, S. Renner, J. Wismer, J, Plumley Second row P Maher D Fox S. Brown, J. Cassidy, D. JohnsTon, M, Brian, K. Kleinfelder, E. Smith Third row C Comngham H Galanri, J. Anzalone, S. J. Bilger, J. Matz, B. Howe. The Ambler chapTer of The socieTy was originaTed in T936 as a branch OT The NaTional Honor SocieTy which is sponsored by The American AssociaTion of Secondary School Principals. During iTs TwenTy years of exisTence aT Ambler, The socieTy has represenTed The culrninaTing honor Tor scholasTic accomplishmenT and service To The school by iTs members. Miss Marjorie SmiTh is The school sponsor. The members, chosen on The basis of characTer, scholarship, leadership, and service, were inducted aT a service held on February 6Th aT which Time Dr. Roscoe Brady, an alumnus OT Ambler, was The speaker. Under The rules of The NaTional socieTy TiTTeen percenT of The senior class and five percenT of The iunior class may be elecTed To membership. This presenTs quiTe a problem To The nominaTing commiTTee who generally Teel That more juniors should be selecTed, buT The rules of The socieTy musT be observed. However, any iuniors who were considered This year are almosT cerTain To be selecTed nexT year. Officers Tor This year were: Frances Varrese, presidem, Nancy Hayes vice president, and Joanna Wagner, secreTary, A SSE 6.6099 29- if-I First row: J. Jones, S. Kern, C. Brandenburg, M. Goetz, Y. Ballenger, S. Whittaker, J. VanDyck, S. Rowles, K. Kleinfelder, G. Robinson, J. Kreuzburg, R. Koepp, C. Cottingham, R. MacFarland, S, Bilger. Second row: J. Maguire, P. Byron, W. Molin, D. Cupitt, J. Carpenter, R. Amey, P. Ford, G. Koenig, G. Mclntyre, M. Ronan, G. Schneider, J. Zollo. ll-2 First row: F. Streeper, K. Kline, W. Allen, D. McNutt, J. Anzalone, L. Gasper, J. Matz, W. Miller, B Howe, T. Decembrino, V. Kaiser, M. Minnick, J. Pistilli. Second row: G. Hurnyak, J. Scheidt, W. Snyder G. Lutz, P. Tomlinson, R. Notoris, T. Knott, E. Schuler, L. Eastwood. Third row: H. Haldeman, J. Pilecki J. Roberto, C. Hopwood, R. Louden, T. Donahue, R. Jones, J. Egner, R. Bird, M. Kline, R, MacNeilI. ll-3 Firsi row: S. Pasceri, R. Mahoney, A, Smith, B, Kelly, B. Ferraro, P. Giordano, B. Snvder, K. Clifford, M, Caruso, F. Saylor. Second row: W. Queenan, J. Serrao, S. Ferraro, R. Hopwood, A. Luckey, J. Collins, J. Spencer, P. Hagar, D. DeGideo, J. Brown. First row: M. Coltarf, M. Giampa, S. Pressler, G. Taylor, B. Hayman, C. Taverno, J. Serrao, M. Minio, R. LaMas1ra, M. Kline, P. King, M. Mascola, D. Jennings, F. Boccelli, Second row: H. Harris, B. Dunn, N. Wolpert, S. Coldren, J. Bruno, H. Galanii, M. Bernhard, D. Forbes, J. Jackson, B. Morrison, J. Bartch, A. Groarke, J. Seitz. ll-4 GB 'DIE First row: J. Greger, P. Ellstrom, M. Russell, V. Skerrett, S. Dennis, V. Donato, L. Martin, J. Burroughs, L. Knavel,aM. J. Droulard, S, Zimmerman, J. Barber, J. Byron, 1. Gould, E. Keidel. Second row: C. Faust, D. Dougherty, D. Fritz, L. Mohr, D. Laverell, C. Enclriss, A. Ganser, E. Renner, R. Young, D. Thompson, R. Renzetti, M. Licata, D. Moulton. Third row: W. Jarmoluk, J. Stewart, R. Tietiens, J. Mastro, W. Greger, I0-2 Y First row: L. Ayres, A. Craig, S. MacMullen, L. Murray, J. Shoemaker, G. Peirce, S, Riles, J. White, V Jenkins, S. Pollock, A. Lewis. Second row: R. Miller, J. Smart, J. Lentz, L. Bocciarelli, F. Newman, G Methlie, P. Mathers, A, Ciliberto, P. Roe, T. Slepetz. Third row. W. Thompson, R. Wyttenbach, W. Rose J. Yoder, W. Carpenter, J. Douglass, M. Micsion, L. Butter, D. Detferline. 9-4 70-5 l First row: C. Henness , R. Blair D. D B ' D. S' y , U Ols, Ignore, G. Chinnici, E. Dunn, J. Blackwell, C. Koch, T. Whittock. Second row: J. Logan, M. Whitaker, R. Boyd, K. Bri ht, K. St t E. S g evvar , cott, D. Stephens. First row: B. Jones, D. Cupid, C. McGinley, L. Eddowes, B. Morlando, D. Robbins, J. Clower, R. DelConte, R. Robinson, P. Paige, M. Treichak, D. Burton, B. Snyder. Second row: L, Tolliver, A. Ciocca, R. Bruno, A. Wilson, L. Messina, J. Maiello, J. Hummel. First row: D. Solliclay, T. Marrano, A. Rosica, H, Ball, A. Gransby, J. Davis, L. Catagno, B. Notoris, C. Signore, C. Caputo, C. Mancini, G. Burrell. Second row: M. Nagel, S. Moberg, P, Buchert, M. Henrick, J. Etter, S. Elberg, T. Principle, M. Beneke, B. Heebner, A. Serratore, D. Brown. Third row: F. Smith, F. Boccuti, D. LaRuffa, F. Morrison, A. Rotelle, B. Cappuccio, F. Detweiler. I0-5 660 xl. ,qiil ni ' V - W " . . f 1 Qi ' ,. ,, ,, "e .lf - A E: Z-1, Q, , , 4 Iii? F 2 ... I A W L4 lj, K ,ll v in '- rl- ' gf: iillll XJ: l , v,. 5 ' 4 1' I 'X - ' - - ' v ' 1 , A ' 1f,v V l . xkxt I.. ' LXR' in ' M -----glgi : 'AH-Ays. Hot Rod "Dual Pots and Pipes" ,ik Q S 'F 9 R D.F2x Teen Clothes "lvy Leaguers" i 9 Elvis Presley "Don'r Be Cruel" S. REM ER Jimmy Dean "Rebel Wilhout a Cause DE PAR X "'3r,,'7 fr- - 'rf' X ug X f .5-1 X 'aix , w .X W - 7 W "Q ff 'H 4. Mm!! ' MA' Q 'W MW f i M' S? f Y HB ' P AW " - Z -i' ,,- If , , 'f fs livfffigag P 1 c 7' 37' ,f,.v . .,.,3.Y" if ff X 4. Y ,f ' f" , arg. -fe.. f -6 1 1 Q, , , gg'-5411-, - f , '- ,, 15:-fizffff, r, ' p Q f- .' 'j,,..1. 1, ,L.--15160 , 1 ,-3 X 0: ,, -. ,,,- . ,f 4 ' ,,,, ff L'Z,i1Z 4- I 4 ,1-5, - 1 4 'f as-f gyf' -'. , I ,, 1,- , ,X-,faf ,--LLM" v 1 Ll, N-1-Avs' .-X s, 'X , W. Q., xl .X M ' 'N 'Sf , f, . ' tr-'Q 'G' gaecfweee Zdacatdaa gif ,,,.f-'AMX Wood and 7704546 Slope 'iiff L .H-I fy! 'WN fn' , R ' Seduce Qeawzdl ?chlo91f pflffubfl WMWW eww Wie!! PWM Education f,, .-4"- Saad! Sewanee SPORTS V N nm ., X , I f 84 rf: 4. 5' I E -.lf .J , Btggjfggllqxlila ka. - - 1-28.1-I-+B'1f' , A .. .. ,,., f lt 1 0 ' 9 R3 JH ,K x 5, V xv Q N? ' la ' L J 4 1 . 1 Q. J 1 .1 . W.. ' rl ,, , - X l 'W s' v I . . - . 1, 3. L ' , . -3 fi ff iif :ff as 1 be ,, ' K gg A My 6:ff,.Y.,vspLai i, X vb.. ' ef ,Ag-ql ikgggfk y 8 - Q W 1 ' 14,3 'g9g5i's'53'? W-f'w..,M5i3gr f..W 3y , 3 ff Q. rl .Qu 1:34-Q33 M41 7 ' xm X l. It ggi,-ii mi1Q,fgi:,d - ff . W 1.5.x- Firsf row: P, Tomlinson, R. Cappuccio, A. Ciocca, P, Roe Boccurtl, D. Dougherty, J, Serrao, J. Knoll, W. Wlsser. Set row: Coach M, Henry, G. Lutz, N, Antonucci, J. Ryales Meyers, M. Scott, J. Cassidy, P, Dean, F, Varrest, A. Tin G, DeHaven, B. Snyder, C. Taylor, Coach Erle Baugher. T Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler V AR 27 33 20 117 7 7 32 SITY SCORES Phoenixville Hatboro North Penn Upper Moreland Quakertown Souderton Upper Perkiomen Hwi' all . .,., Y. f L Nwrwrm T11-NL!! We-'gy . M, . 1 xi me fs , V,x+.,,4-,, M E. 7 .,,,f,,', Q I Y ' aff .'9'P,flv y if V f 7' fs' 6, Yi L I -f'.iw- an - K 1 , ,L f ,Pi R il .-1' 1 Qffxv . Saylor, V. Doi Popolo, W. Carpenter, R. Hopvvood, J. R. Tictjons, A. Jennings, J. Sfoler, J. Donovan, W. Rose, elle, G, Koenig. Fourth row: M, Micsion, S. Pasceri, R. , R. MacNcill, B, Jarmoluk, A. Roie-Ile, R, Miller, R. L. Butter, E. Donn, C. Hennessy, C. Koch. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES er I4 Springfield 6 er 37 Hatboro O er 33 North Penn 6 er 27 Central Bucks uma N , Q Z... J. U-SQ... 1Ql " u qu. 3 ..,-, Q i K., P Q Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler .www nw.. x + N 'sw .ww v . First row: J. Barber, M. Droulard, S. Zimmerman, S. Mechwart, N. Hulett, S. Signore, A. Stewart, J. Wilson, P. Maher, B. Howe, C. Cottingham, D. McNutt, H., Ball. Second row: Mrs. Heverly, J. Matz, L. Murray, S. Whittaker, K. Kleinfelder, W. Willer, B. Heebner, J. VanDyck, J. Anzalone, N. Allen, C. Signore, L. Knavel, V. Donato, C. McGinley, J. Burroughs. Third row: P. King, D. Robbins, B. Gould, N. Greger, B. Goetz, S. Mac Mullen, P. Ellstrom, G. Peirce, V. Kaiser, L. Martin. emu 474 'W VARSITY SCORES SECOND TEAM SCORES O Upper Moreland Ambler Upper Moreland 3 Plymouth-W'Marsh Ambler ....... . Plymouth-VV'M6I'SlW 1 Abington Ambler Abington i Cheltenham Ambler Cheltenham 1 Jenkintown Ambler Jenkintown l Springfield . Ambler Springfield 2 Upper Dublin Ambler Upper Dublin . 3 Upper Merion , Ambler Upper Merion . v -xi- 'Q if 'Q A. ., X. l O O 3 2 . 2 l O 1 4 1. .,. M "' .. ,fi 1. r t4,,, . t Nui-- if ,,,f'Y'vi, ii., N.. , -t 1 M4 M 5:52 wt... , 'QE mtl Q Q .- ll ' Sf! 3. K -in p as-M fl-n. MQ Q. xv.. Q 5 K Q si 5 K if W XYQQSK it as an - mc- M ,. N. ,, M W w , W My ,M ,mf Q Q .WMA F-sum in .s Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler First row: R. Bird, Mr. Shor, J. Douglass, M. Kelly, J. Yoder, S. Brown, J, Carpenter, A, Ganser, J. Schneider, C. Endriss. Second row: J. Pilecki, G. Schneider, W. Rose, W. Greger, D. Thompson, L, Mohr, J. Smart, J. Serrao, M. Micsion, J, Roberto. gwflg VARSlTY SCORES Plymouth-Whitemarsh 58 Souderton Pennriclge Springfield Hatboro-Horsham Upper Moreland North Penn Souderton Upper Perkiomen Central Bucks 63 49 62 53 A9 64 39 62 51 Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Quakertown Pennridge Hatboro-Horsham Upper Moreland North Penn Souderton Upper Perkiomen Central Bucks Springfield MEX El Afw sk , Elf N s L f' --.. Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler First row: N. Hays, L. Collick, B, Howe, J. Matz, S. Signore, J. Wilson, G. Holden, J. Anzalone, J. Wagner. Second row: Mrs. Heverly, V. Donato, B. Heebner, V. Jenkins, M. J. Droulard, N. Greger, J. Burroughs, J. Barber, S. Dennis. Third row: G, Pierce, V. Kaiser, N. Allen, J. VanDyck, H. Ball, C. Cottingham, N. Hullett, A. Stewart. 4 ' 3 VARSITY SCORES JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES 29 Central Bucks .22 Ambler Central Bucks 29 Abington . ..2l Ambler Abington 25 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 25 Ambler Plymouth-Whitemarsh 35 Springfield . 38 Ambler Springfield 49 Upper Merion 37 Ambler Upper Merion 21 Cheltenham . 32 Ambler Cheltenham 35 Conshohocken . . 39 Ambler Conshohocken 23 Upper Dublin . 30 Ambler Upper Dublin I it W i UH Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler First row: K. Johnson, P. Ricciardi, K, Lawrence, Ed. Thompson, N. Antonucci. Second row: F. Roberto, L. Lindsey, J. Serrao, J. Dillon, E. Williams, N. Stewart, R. Cupitt, F. Saylor, Mr. Rodgers. Upper Moreland Hatboro , Upper Moreland Quakertown Springfield . . Hatboro-Horsham Springfield 1 . i i Eacelald Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler. , Ambler J '. Upper Moreland Upper Perkiomen North Penn North Penn Central Bucks Pennridge . Souclerton 8 T me 24' 43 M in "AW ' " 'M y,j1f"E2m,,1xx' ' "Y Wu,ueNNXNM:fNNw 1 1 Ww"w'1' ,v w ww ,, . W X wr W' W f W W B Q f , JE 4 ,www wwuiwswnhwmw' ww 5' ,UL W '- W 1 ww, A A ' 'E ww ' x -' 1, mm ,MQ mmm, W "'! "F 4 W H ,M w A ,f ,MN mr, . W ,W X 5 'F' " -N W ' " ' x14-qiQf-1 K in ! .sf- iivg' my -ffm N 45 "' L ,H . Ei. fx! :Q K N9 mf as 7 X ,Q fwfiisg .5 'W' Giga AQ! -,: F an 5 3 Q , W ,, ,. , X J bf' f 'za' - . 'JF' gig., 3-was 5 MF Xu f T, 5 Q' PS ak ff x lb K A A V 5 Q ff ' Q1 , 5 ' L f xx L- f E I 1 by 5 XM E' S 5 an L f QV f Q i your 11 mlm 1 iii L1 5 5 i 1 Q iii? f ,J i 1 DUAL MEETS Amblerwc 7 7 22 Upper Moreland 44 Ambler ,, , , , 34 North Penn H 84V2 Ambler 7,l, 68 Hatboro-Horsham 3l Ambler as C 56 Springfield 60 Bethlehem Relays: 400 Yard-First Place, Smith, Ryales, Dean, Cupid M 880 Yard-First Place, Ryales, Taylor, Dean, Cupid Discus-Second Place, Varrese High Jump-Second Place Tie, Kelly Broad Jump-Second Place, Dean Second in Class B. Competition with I8 points Permanent possession 011880 Relay trophy winning for third year Two legs on the 440 relay trophy Penn Relays-Third Place Bux-Mont Relays-Third Place in mile relay P.l.A.A. State Meet-Percy Cupid placed first in l00 yard dash gf.-a of wr why' . . ,,,. it WH li Qai- S. Signore, V. Jenkins, L. Knavel, P. King, S. Pollock, J. Anzalone, K. Kleinfelder, J. Wilson, J. Wagner, Captain. E "ll In addition to leading cheers at football and basketball games at home and away, the cheer- leaders have had a number of other duties. Y' "' Before every football game they practiced and planned for Friday's pep rally. On Thursday eve- nings they met at various cheerleaders' homes to make posters and signs about the team, and urg- ing the student body to support their team. Each Friday morning about 7:30 they began to deco- rate the halls with the signs made the night be- fore. The auditorium was also decorated with crepe paper and balloons. Their efforts, we are sure, inspired the teams N-f-Avg 0- " ' ,i mil L 4 Q K. . ,V -:I I I -:I 4 . 1 ?l3 .I l'L?45:-A ,' w 155, f 4 ..3i.i.5-,gs ,F fig' l Z' if cgx T ,N if 1 to do their very best. AC TIVITIES re. l gl - 3 . -..'2 P' Kneeling- S Latch, N. Greger, S. Pressler. First row: G. Pierce, P. Ellstrom, P. Carpenter, R, RUPPV V Metz er S. Smith B. Whitelaw, W. Miller, S. Renner, C. Benzie. Second row: B. Snyder, J. Trott, S. Zim Q 1 f merman, Y. Ballenger, J. White, A. Bobatis, T. Chiriano, F. Jaffin, W, Molin, W. Baker. Third row: Mr Stowe,, W. Rose, R. Wyttenbach, W. Greger, J. Kendall, R. Young, R. Bigotti, E. Reiner, L. Butter, J, Egner G. Hurnyak. I A hardworking senior band proved itself a credit to its school and surrounding community this past year. ZM Under the able leadership of Mr. Stowe, our fine band director, and the band officers, this organization pro- vided music far various school functions as well as civic activities. After sparking our football team during the fall months, the band retired indoors to prepare for its yearly Spring concert. During the spring months the band also performed in several schools in this general Bfea. Several of the band members were chosen to attend the Southeastern District as well as the BuxMont bands. The band was also privileged to be represented by one of its members at the Eastern State Band. S- RUINER eling: S. Rovvles, J. Barber, V. Donato, J. Byron. First row: B. Howe, M. J. Droulard, M. A. Shoemaker, Llcata, J. Mastro, R. Egolf, J. Matz, L. Diebler, R, Maclfarland, M. King, M. Russell, V. Kaiser. Second 1 S. Bilger, R. Boyd, J. Bartch, D. Thompson, J. Showalter, E. Thompson, K. Stewart, N. Wilson, iignore, J. Schneider, K. Lorenski, J. Burroughs, Third row: J. Pilecki, K. Bright, J. Boyd, J. lee, D. zrall, G. Schneider, I. Butter, M. lrlenborn, T. Slepetz, P. Garrett, D. Fritz, R. Rinzetti. Our Director as well as the rest of the band bestow their thanks to manager Joseph Schneider and librarians Virginia Kaiser and Ronald Renzetti tor their efforts to make this organization operate more efficiently. The band officers this year were as follows Ellen Jensen, president, Joe Boyd, vice president Susie Renner, recording secretary, and Carol Ben zie, financial secretary. -Z 5 v 4 1 1 1 'W Q-i ' as Y First row: B. Heebner, S. MacMullen, S. Rile, J.White, J. Byron, L. Martin, N. Conner, J.Wisrner, J. Pluinley, P. Koch, E. Jensen. Second row: M. Minio, R, LaMastra, D. Brown, G. Kilson, L. Collick, N. Hullett, J. Shoe- ' S itl maker, A. Stewart, G. Robinson, E. Scott. Third row: Y. Ballenger, J. Trott, G. Peirce, S. Kern, V. m i, F. Jobeck M Nagel, L. Ayres, K. Koch, J. Fetterinan, D, Reneztti, M. Emmell, J. Clower. Fourth row. M. Beneke, A. Principe, J. Roberto, J. Pilecki, J. Egner, G. DeHaven, R. MacFarland, J, Kendall. I I 5 I First row: S, Coldren, S. Pressler, M. Bernhard, C. Taverno, J, Serrao, J. Seitz, J. Kreuzberg, J. Jones G. Holden, L. Burke, A. Serratore, S. Bilger. Second row: J. Etter, J. Jackson, J. Robinson, N. Wolpert T. Decernbrino, B. Young, J. VanDyck, B. Goetz, S. Whittaker, S. Rovvles, J. Wilson, L. Murray. Third row Morrison, H, Harris, B. Hayman, H. Galante, D. McNutt, S. Pollock, N. Allen, G. Taylor, B. Szagun B. J. Jones, Fourth row: Mr. Grischott, M. Bennett, J, Stoler, R. Jones, W. Landes. 'I First row: Mr. Henry, J. Van Dyke, D. Boccuti, A, Tindall, M. Pulli, J. Wagner, Secretary, F. Varrese, President, J. Cassidy, Vice President: P. King, Vice Secretary, D. Johnston, J .Carpenter, G. Koenig, F. Saylor. Second row: J. Ryales, J. Esmond, P. Koch, J. Wilson, D. Fox, M. Bennett, J. Stoler, G. DeHaven, J. Hunt, S. Fegan, F. Jones, S. Brown. Third row: S. Dennis, D. Thompson, T. Slepetz, C. Cottingham, B. Howe, H. Galanti, R. Bird, J. Serrao, D. Cupid, M. Micsion, P. Roe. This year, as always, the Senior High Student Council keynoted School Activities. The Council, supervised by Mr. Mervin Henry, elected Frances Varrese, president, Jim Cassidy, vice president, Joanna Wagner, secretary, and Patricia King, vice secretary. STUDEN 7' Couugil., NFC O The next activity of Council was the nomination of candidates for the annual youth day election, which is a ioint proiect of the Ambler Kiwanis and Council. Regularly, delegates are sent to meetings of the Philadelphia Suburban Student Councils, and every year council selects two members to attend the Pennsylvania State Convention of Student Councils. Betty Howe and David Johnston were chosen for the meeting held at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The erection of the Schoolfs expanding Christ- mas display, now a tradition, and the decoration of the lobby for the choir concert by the Arts and Special Proiects groups highlighted Council's pro- gram for December. A series of dances after Friday night home bas- ketball games proved to be council's most am- bitious undertaking ot the year. lt is evident that council's desire to revolve its program around service has been so successful that the policies of this student council will have far-reaching benefits even beyond the school. 'A '. iwxx IW ' ink la of 0 0 .. iz-' rx 'la . ro an 1mes 1 , 'S s -f word?" ' V Ambler Joint High School, Ambler, Pu., October 31, 1956 NO. 1 - 'im nunce euiol , ' ' -,, Makes Plans -ln Pi1cjnofoSchoolRPc11pg: n qfllnfll 1:1""'1' lnnual Concert The cost of living may he inns Carols ln October' loo-N , .. rresldent Francis Varresf- HW' 'ii' " lor A dinner to honor the studen l be held later b ' 1-11:45:61 'zgglvvtmfyl will 4' W Wm- l wagner werlgxj SPNMMY , It tra N, Allen, S. Whittaker. 1 M' .1 M 1 'urmlonipew my Schmarsmps' The nm, I B Smith, N. Hulleilf R' LaMaS 4 lder C. Cottirwlhamf in Henry. facult .gm ot the close of ii-A umm k ,en 5, Mechwart, N4 Hays' ' to 3 Wagner, K. Klein 9 ' dass D, the election and ll! SGSSIOIL NUV- 21- First row: Mrs. F61 EHS ' ter D. Johnston, 5- Robe' ' ' I B Reunger, P. R091 C' En ' Kiwanis, sald th: .......-- . Moulton, 3- Camen ' , . le , Second 'OW' ' 'ir H, Galantef .tion is hoping 1 M Brian, J. MNC J, Plurn Y 9, N, Stasl r 4 I t J . - 1 p Maher, Nl. ' ' . 5 Barber, N- G'e9 ' Kwson J, udent governmer ew ns rumors om 34 Van Dllkef B' G09 Z' 4 1 J Burroughs, -1- Wlsmerl 1 ulard M, Minnick, G- ' ' 4 with the dedicatlc V Hlgll School Sfdff G Holden' L, Kriavef ' S Zimmerman, M' Dro I naw S. Dennis, ,wn hau- new teachers have jolne Thompson' I H we J. Anzalon? 5' Mall! 1 W Greger, R. LaGrOl'9' J' DO ' I S Kern .. nloler Senior High teach D Fox, S. BNQ9" B' O I I rt J. lee. Third fowl ' denbufg, V. KBISSVI ' ' in this Year, 'rney are Mi ' N L Comcky J. Maswo, J, Stevva R! M King A. Snyder, C, Bran e E Y fesenfs Ca Kuhn and Mrs. Louisa M3550 5' ' k P. E Sllom' ' ' . en it Qne' ' ' ' M' Bene 9, I M, Berlfl I , A Serratorer 5' Byron' T Decembrincf N' CappUCUO.,...oei- Opening Ono of theiror Driver Training Kuhnragmduate of Vmn- . M Ubenoy R. Koeppf ' ,g,,,,ug,1 the peni- L .L. V . ' i A light blue 1956 Chevrol j, Monaco, Mem m the tentiary ,mos CXC1 inc, items on the pro+ lwas presented to the Ambl is a native of Pennsyl- H - l . He was born in Perkasie . test, They are: Francis Varresel The tour proved to be edu- gram -schedule is 9' show by and lf in nitdtsmbe iS Still living there. Mr.lDavid Johnston, Jim Cassidy. cational and interesting. 3 Of US SC 00 S U en teaches biology. He is re- Sherman Brown. and Markl ---F...--- lcallcd "Teen Canteen". g Mr. Hartung, who left Bennett, and Nancy Hays. A.1'l.S. Gives Rdcllo Program, -+4---- 113 1 I tl f ..4d4A- ClloigdSingsOina Broaclcosti b Sfudenfg Affend . av s, a so a naive o - - r io pr gr rn sponsors y, . , aylvanla. was born near Soclal Studies DPH4 bridge iii Clothler, wasl COUHCII C0l1V6l'lflOl1 urgh and is a graduate of To qrvv, by the Ambler Joint Highl Dgllepllgne FOX and David University of Pittsburgh. ' on Saturday, October 27. Vyohnston represented the Amb- teaches commercial W , 'oadcast was actually a X 191- Senior High Student Council WDUW " lg tC01'diY1S of laSi Y92l1"Slat the twentieth annual con- ,H 'U' ' 00 QXQFUSCS- I ,vention of the Pennsylvania 'ix J HSVQYIY and Gf1SCl10U?ASS0Ciati0n of Student Councils 1 .1 Toofdmatofs- lheld at Clarlds Summit, Pa, on R . il choir selected by Mr. I Oct, 13-20. They were accom- D S3115 f0l-If SUIUZP-15 Of panied by Mr. Mervin Henry. 110 and HI Beheveu- student council faculty advisor. M- I f .--...-.-.. -M. .... -. Over 500 delegates and ad- g 'A 5 -, vlsors from more than 150 n schools attended the convention ---.. E X y which was held in the new ,ble Wiiilw vi ,. ,J V Uniforms -221225 .iiTfS2?a2S2Fl5'5 High Wiiitliniulh ' ' Mr. Henry spoke at one of 5 VJ , ' 5 time in twelveithese meetings on the topic. A ,H ' t,b1ey band W111 Dwhat are the 1?-st1Methoglslior - -,pg -.'OtyyMlxt If 'ue gridiron in eve Ppmg 3 ee mg 0 9' 1, ,gi 1- i!,,r.-x,-XNXQ forms. Director sponsibility Among Student 1 i 1.35 'txt , Council Members?" In the even- 'Q' ,,llh'.,- I 1 nannlng to m' ing the main social affair of the XM' . 'till' . ,I acqllifed blue convention, a banquet and for- lg X Imnlgxllzl 1 76 2 the Thanks- mal dance. was held in the Hotel lx W ,L M, f, I i classic. Casey, Scranton. 7 ll' fl"'l"l' that worked "M-o'Md'd .k 3 . S , i u V gm behind Commercial Teachers Meetg 0 goof Wig., g band and Plan to Use New Ediphone ' of 'fl . I ,Mile subscriptions Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Schleeger, ' , 3 ...ii made it all possible. For and Mr. Kinder went to the ' '- ' the last two weeks students commercial teachers meeting at - - - H.- H... 1Ur,.., nmmtv Cnnrt Joint High School Driver Training class by the Mull: Motor Company, Ambler. Many students take adva tage of the driver training pr gram. The course offers mc than an opportunity to drive. also gives the students instru tions in proper handling of car and experience in many the problems encountered wh driving. 60 A.H.S. Students Compe For Slots on Times Staff One of the largest turn r in years was witnessed recen when sixty students packed 1 library to compete for places the Trojan Times staff. Each applicant was given choice of tour topics on wh he was to report. Approxlmat thirty students handed in st les that showed great prorr in the journalism held. "With this fine display of thusiasm and interest, it hoped that bigger and be issues of the Times will cc rolling oft the presses", s Editor-in-chief, David Johns Art Students Take Top Poster Prizes Delphine Fox, Sue Ren and Nancy Allen placed 1 second. and third respectlvel First row: Mrs. Schleeger, E. Jensen, E. Scott, P. Durkin, N. Conner, J. Wagner, J. Plumley, J. Wismer, B. Young, N. Hays, Miss Potteiger. Second row: D, Fox, N, Stasik, M. Brian, B. Relinger, M. Bennett, W. Landes, J. Fetterman, K. K h. Third oc row: G. Meyers, K. Johnson, F. Varrese, 2- ,-imdm Snag! FACULTY ADVISORS: Mr. Leonard Heverly, English Mr. George Meyers, Photography Miss Ann Potteiger, Art Mrs. Frances Schleeger, Business JOANNA WAGNER, Editor-in-Chief LITERARY STAFF: Mark Bennett Judy Plumley Francis Varrese Joyce Wismer ART STAFF: Susan Renner, Art Editor Nadine Conner Dellphene Fox Joyce Fetterrnan Nancy Hays PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF: Martin Brian, Photo Editor Kenneth Johnson Barry Relinger Diane Renzetti TYPING STAFF: Patricia Durkin, Chief Typist Ellen Jemsen Karen Koch William Landes Evelyn Scott Nancy Stasik Barbara Young. M D ncan E Jensen B Howe J Burroughs V Kaiser J Matz,J Flumley, J. Wismer. Second Firstrow: r. u ,. , . ,. , . ,. . row: D. Johnston, R. Bird, J. Carpenter, M. Bennett, J. Boyd, M. Brian. Third row: R. LaGrotte, R. Louden, R. Wyttenbach, W. Baker, This year of T957 was a year filled with many enioyable experiences for the members of the Ambler Joint High School Forum. As a member of the Bux-Chest-Mont Forum, our members attended numerous Forum gatherings at various high schools in the tri-county area. At this time debates were held on topics of national and local interest. Vim Xyfii - .-"Mm l 1 A -QQ . ir, , wif P' T J ll JT I yi ,fri li! Z it l if il Q Ha as se F - -- This year Ambler was represented on the panel of experts by Betty Howe at Upper Dublin High School on the topic: "Is the True Meaning of Christmas Being Lost?" Temple University's Civic Forum League this year sponsored a model House of Representatives. At this model House each school in the Philadel- phia and Suburban area represented a state. The officers of the House were selected by a series of tryouts and Ambler was asked to fill the offices of maiority leader and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Martin Brian and David Johnston filled these respective posts. The officers of this year's Forum are David Johnston, president, William Baker, treasurer, and Virginia Kaiser, secretary. ROY H DUNGAN Principal JANE FOX, Secretary First row: M. A. Chestnut, E. Raneri, F. Carpenter, A. 9-,4 Grubb, M. Riccio, E. McNaught, L. Deibler, M. Rempp, S. Williams, V. Metzger, B. Steigerwalt, D. Evans, M. Hennessy, D. Fabry, B. Whitelaw. Second row: l. Fox, A. MacNair, F. Bleuit, Jatfin, R, Howard, G. Macort, B. Tiefenthaler, N. Yanni, S. Smith, C. Cassel. Third row: T. Wright, E. Boaeuf, B. Keidel, R. Reeves, J. Lipkin. -Z First row: Y. Brown, C. Hazelwood, C. Gradwell, L. Sellers, S, lmsick, M. Carpenter, N. Heilman, P. Powelson, J. Robey, M. Young, G. Huss, P. Wetzel, C. Buskirk, C. Jones. Second row: G. Rowels, J. Quintavalle, S. Dworak, V. Evangelist, R. Fecht, M. lrlenborn, J. McConnell, B. McCormick, A. Bobatis, G. Mitchell. Third row: J. Wismer, R. Bogar, M. Freas, R. Duncan, A. Jones, W. Lobley, C. Seeley, F. Koepp. 1 d, E. Graichen, E. Clark, D. Ford First row: C. Ciliberto, Y. Harrison, M. Brown, J. Colwell, D. Eastwoo F. Gordon, J. Clark. Second row: R. Simpson, L. Ford, M. Burns, G, Reed, G. Newman, J. Deverant ' cl. R. Burk, C. Taylor. Third row: M. DelPopolo, P. Garrett, T. Chiriano, A. DeGideo, D. McFarlan 9-D First row: S. Mclnnes, E. Hopwood, J. Hurnyak, L. Bonowicz, A. Liberto, B. Reinhart, D. Mitchell, M. Heebner, E. Marinucci, P. Lane, F. Jones. Second row: P. Smith, R. Johnson, W. Johnson, H. Johnson, H. Knisell, J. Blake, A. Finney, D. Kern. First row: J. Wampole, E. Renner, P. Stasik, P. Reinhart, M. Anderson, R. Solliday, J. Minio, A. Scott, D. Smith. Second row: R. O'Connor, J. Showalter, G. Minio, G. Rocchino, W. Pryor, R. Newman, A. Pulli, F. Heal, T. Prutzman, J. Ozga. ,... W? irst row: S. Eustace, E. Armstrong, N. Wilson, A. DelPopoIo, M, Minio, M. Brown, L. Carr, M. Rush, M. 'lorrison, P. Thompson. Second row: A. Southern, J. Ambrosia, R. Lowe, N. Stewart, J. Kerr, R. Gray, Farzetta, J. Manchiello. rin First row: A. Eckfeldt, P. Bird, D. Hellman, G. VanDyke, L. Kunz, S. Taylor, S. Barge, N. Hubbs, R. Bigotti, S. Spruance, M. Mott, J. Lentz, A. Schilling. Second row: V. Gritfing, H. Delano, R. Estock, T. Parsons, J. Roe, D. Finkelstein, J. Fox, F. Gloeckler, J. Marple, G. Louden, K. Amey, M. Longcope. Third row: R. Pratt, G. Tiefenthaler, C. Groth, F. Prout. 8' Z First row: D. Eustace, J. Ensle, M. Signore, J. Hacker, P. Smith, C. Groff, C. Miller, P.1Reeves, J. Lake, E. Geiger, P. Price. Second row: J. Donnon, G. Craig, R. Francis, J. Robinson, A. Newman, W. Nagel, F. Adams, W. Sauer, C. Shelly, J. Stankiewitch. Third row: P. Peter, R. Conroy, T. Seitz, J. Joell, R. McNutt. 1 F' t row: B. Hallman, S. Kaiser, L. Hart, B. Chellew, C. Palmer, J. Signore, P. Bernhard, K. Gasper, R urs House, P, Delp, N. Clegg, R. Esmond, D, Farnsworth. Second row: J. Saylor, R. Nicodemus, K. Bradley B. Meyers, L. Carter, S. Stewart, T. Conroy, J. Almony, L. Benedetto. Third row: D. Buchanan, L 'V r- - -1 ' n uu-IL,., fl Ampv X-D First row: J. Carr, C. Cotton, D. Haldeman, L. Pistilli, A. Lowe, J. Finney, L. Wilkinson, C. Rohrbach, S Coonrocl, G. Long, J. Rocchino. Second row: L. Jennings, R, Rapp, W. Harris, J. Queenan, D. Fisher K. Fetterman, W. Davis, L. Nicodernus, C. Amenfo, J. Maguire. Third row: F. Trott, F. Taverno, R Kelly, J. Pollock, R, Eustace, S. Patterson. First row: M. Rupp, A. Smith, J. Landon, B. Jordan, J. Blackwell, J. Dean, P. Carter, W. Wells, L. Delise, B. House D. Eustace. Second row: W. Hunter, T. Grasso, R. Tarmin, R. Nelson, R, Kendall, C. Cappuccio, P. Galardi, J. Sowers, G. Johannsen. Third row: G. Clark, C. Higgins, A. Lake, C. Fritz, P. Marchese. 5'-7 First row: R. Harrison, C. Thompson, F. Jones, V. Rocchino, D. Davis, L. O'Conner, B. Bruno, E. Refsnider, E. Knisel, M. Refsnider, A. Carter, M. Carter, A. Johnson. Second row: R. Russell, T. Perry, R. Peddigree, W. House, J. Snyder, P. Tate, A. Jones, H. Burns, R. Forbes, F. Dean, W. Henry. X. fi ,. First row: A. Johnson, G. Rocchino, M. Johnson, L. Newman, D. Evans, L. Shearer, J. Nelson, M. White, H. Peddigree, D. Feldmeir. Second row: J. Serrao, R. Wisser, G. Mack, T. Simpson, R. Queenan, K. Jennings, R. Hendricks, L. McPeak. Third row: M. Maclntyre, R. Perry, A. LaGrotte, J. Snyder. First row: Z. Blackwell, l. Newman, A. Meyers, D. Henderson, S. Robey, K. Kline, F. Johnson, M. Cupit, J. Johnson. Second row: E. Johnson, A. Galardi, W. Wilson, J. Mahoney, R. LaRue, R. Magee, N. Pressler, H. Miles. Third row: E. Bruno, C. Cottingham, W. Russell, D. Showalter. First row: D. Bonowicz, B. Burkett, S. Siglin, S. Deck, S. MacDonald, J. Zarsha, P, Miles, S. Craig, M. O en A. Stratton, J. Zimmerman, R. Corrigan, B. Streeper. Second row: C. Murphy, J. Lawson, J. w s, Whittaker, C. Ames, R. Wagner, H. French, J. Phillips, W. Berry, P. Basenburg, P. Roosevelt. Third f- n ..... n 1-.--:..... u klalami W Kramer. -A Awww' H,- First row: L. Skelton, K. Pollock, A. Zaccone, J. Williams, L. Ziegelmair, J. Walton, S, Weigand, F. Treisbach, L. Tomlinson, J. Droulard, V. Riley, J. Trow, G. Engles. Second row: R. Volksdorf, G. Constantine, D. Powelson, L. Robinson, R. Eberle, S. Signore, S. Newman, N. MacMullen, D, Kampmen, B. Avrigian. Third row: W. Sowden, G. Sargent, R, Jackson, F. Decernbrino. ...mmm r ls..,,w.... First row: P. Hunt, J. Logan, I. Braxton, B. Luster, A. Marchese, P. Wood, P. Senft, B. Minio, S. Varrese, N. Hunt, A. Richards, L. Schults, N. Solliday, E. Mensinger. Second row: R. Detweiler, K. Priest, A. Slingluff, M. Plone, J. Balistiere, J. Serrao, E. Carter, D. McMullen, D. Scarpa, G. Ellstrom, B. Joell. W 71 First row: B. Haldett, K. Rile, L. Duncan, M. Anderson, D. Spangler, L. Sowden, K. Newman, R. lmhof, M. Wolpert, B. lmsick, P. Wright, J. VonSteUben. Second row: H. DeJure, R. Sides, K. Freeman, S. Crecium, W, Lawhead, A. Taverna, J. Kaufman, J. Riccio, J. Johnson. Third row: J. Graham, A. Pino. . 7-7 7-5 J V . 513' 1' -s .. -3-xx , . A L.--ii"f'. + up L' . .Lf w":"' of of w'S.'fW T-,Q J sx5i"'f ' X 3' .sm-' ' ff' md Second row: J. Brown, W. Tate, C. Gam, S. Brunson, P. Dean, G. Siglin, E. Peddigree. First row: J. Man- cini, E. Johnson, R. Snyder, R. Mancini. MR. HOEHING'S HOMEROOM M " i- . A 1 f lu. a 54 A. :aa f . C. Jones, L. Hart, R. Imhof, A. Eckfeldt, C. Thompson, R. Esmond, J. Hunt, J. Robey, J. Lake. wi.: Ambler. . Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler First row: W. McCormick, N. DeIPopolo, E. Roneri, G. Rowles, F. Koepp, A. Finney, J. Snyder, V. Evangelist, J. Pulli, T. Carpenter. Second row: C. Taylor, C. Kennedy, P. Bronson, J. Maguire, D. MacFarland, L. Robinson, R, Paget, R. Tarmin, B. Avrigian, P. Galardi, R. Howard. Third row: F. Jaffin, R. Leigh, R. Newman, W. Tate, V. Ford, G. Macorr, G. Rocchino, J. Deverant, A. Bobatis, R. Lowe, F. Mangiaruga. Fourth row: Mr. Jaffin, E. Johnson, R. O'Connor, J. Farzetta, R. Lewis, W. Pryor, P. Garrift, J. Roe, P. Pier, R. Johnson, A. Jones, W. Harris, J. Saylor, Mr. Rodgers. VARSITY SCORES W. S. ?ooM4!! . .14 Springfield ..... . .. 6 .. 41 Thomas Williams - ., 7 , 41 Plymouth W'Marsh ..., O 39 Elkins Park ....,. . O 1Q0-l-B. . .20 U er Moreland ..,. 7 34 Gljelhside Weldon . 7 Amb'e'a '36 27 Hatboro-Horsham . , O Ambler """ 'f"l2 Ambler .,... ..... l 2 Ambler ...... .. 6 Ambler ...... ...... l 3 SCORES Thomas Williams Hatboro-Horsham Elkins Park . . . Upper Moreland Springfield ........ First row: F. Taverno, J. Balestriere, G. Sfurtz, G. Tiefenthaler, F. Decembrino, M. Mclntyre, J. Riccio, W. Wilson, D. Showalter, D. Powelson, R. Johnson, F. Refsnider. Second row: R. Russell, G. Ellstrom, A Trott, W. Knott, C. Groth, W. Berry, G. Amey, D. Scarpa, R. Jackson, R. Forbes, S. Patterson, R. Magill J. Serrao. Third row: R. Wagner, J. Almony, J. Pasceri, R. Conroy, T, Conroy, A. Galardi, R. Nicoclemus L. Nicodemus, F. Mack, C. Cappuccio, P. Peter, F. Adams. Fourth row: Mr. Shor, Mr. Yeanish, B. Joell A. LaGrotte, J. Lawson, R. McNutt, W. Kerr, J. Fox, T. Grasso. 1 1 1 av.. iq. 1-. as' 1-4. , W, . .A ,wp M is sifsiimsf -'Qggw First row: R. Corrigan, J. Logan, L. Skelton, J. Trow, A. Stratton, L. Tomlinson, J. Droulard, R. lmhot, K. Rile, S. MacDonald, A. Marchese. Second row: C. Jones, D. Hellman, A. Scott, P. Thompson, D. Eastwood, J. Robey, S. Taylor, A. MacNair, S. Spruance, M,,Hennessy, L. Deibler. Third row: N. Hunt, L. Hart, F. Gordon, B. Jordan, R. Bigotti, S. Barge, A. Chestnut, A. Smith, M. Young, l. Fox, J. Zimmerman, H. DeJure, R. Esmond, M. Mott, H. Delano, Miss Lochner. ' 71671 VARSITY SCORES Ambler.. . .. 6 Ambler . ...5 Ambler. ..... .5 Ambler -. 5 Ambler. .... Ambler T SECON Ambler ...... Ambler-. .. 4 Ambler ..... ..... O Ambler ...... ..... 2 Ambler .... -- .... .O Ambler l .,.. ,,,, MWWW CCCIDIM1 Q., 1 East Norriton O Upper Dublin O Thomas Williams . O Elkins Park O Springfield . -. l Glenside Weldon 3 D TEAM SCORES East Norriton 0 Upper Dublin O Thomas Williams . O Elkins Park . .l Springfield .. . 4 Glenside Weldon 3 'lr iw V.: ML . 4, T -W .,..""' , lu H?"-JQMQM 4 N M., - -1 tuning fandom 2694 Qdfzfe gd GIRLS VARSITY SCORES wbler wbler tbler wbler tbler wbler East Norriton Abington Glenside Weldon Springfield Upper Moreland Huntingdon BOYS VARSITY SCORES tbler tbler tbler tbler tbler tbler ibler Upper Moreland Elkins Park Springfield Plymouth-Whitemarsh Abington Glenside Weldon Thomas Williams ibler ibler irst row: haler, G. Evangelist, lobatis, L. and row: Ionroy, R. 32 Huntingdon 42 Hatboro-Horsham Mr. Rodgers, W. Tieten Rocchino, J. Farzetta, V R. Newman, F. Jaftin, A Ford, Mr. Yeanish. Sec- G. Clark, C. Groth, R. Lowe, W. Knott, J. Say or, T. Conroy, J. Fox. Third row: J. Aenichiello, G. Tiefenthaler, E Jecembrino, L. Carter, P. Peter, J. rerrao, G. Mitchell. Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler First row: Mrs. Emerich, C. Jones, J. Lake, B. Jordan, P. Thompson, S. lm- sick, A, Scott, E. Geiger, S. Taylor, A. MacNair, D. Hellman, S. Smith. Second row: S, MacDonald, N. Hunt, M. Wol- pert, M. Anderson, J. Robey, D. East- wood, M. J. Jennessey, J. Droulard, J. Lentz, E. Clark, J. Signore. Third row: A. Stratton, P. Bernhard, N, Richards, L. Wilkinson, J. Landon. GIRLS J. V. SCORES I3 East Norriton I3 9 Abington I6 22 Glenside Weldon 27 I I Springfield 2I I4 Upper Moreland 9 I I Huntington 30 BOYS J. V. SCORES 2 Upper Moreland 3 26 Elkins Park 24 I6 Springfield 24 I7 Plymouth-Whitemarsh I4 2I Abington 22 I5 Glenside Weldon 23 IO Thomas Williams 20 2I Huntingdon 20 Hatboro-Horsham aaahfagf' 2074 Za I2 ff4f"v",?""', Y .. , A ,fz . I -A rt W? --'rv A Qi First row: C. Fritz, R. Detterline, A. Zaccone, D. Henderson, E. Wright, J. Greger, A. Scott, M. Carpenter, V. Metzger, S. Smith, B. Whitelaw, D. Hellman, G. VanDyke, L. Wilkinson, C. Palmer, S. Braxton, W. Evans. Second row: A. LaGrotte, R. Detweiler, J. Serrao, J. Droulard, J. Signore, N. Wilson, M. lrlenborn, L. Diebler, P. Wright, J. Zimmerman, V. Riley, H. Delano, J. Logan, K. Rile, L. Tomlinson, Mr. Stowe, Third row: J. Kauffman, A. Lake, L. Robinson, J. Johnson, J. Whittaker, J. Bartch, F. Jaffin, T. Chiriano, A. Bobatis, J. Showalter, R. Reeves, J, Stankiewitch, W, McGill, R. Jackson, K. Priest, B. Streeper, R. Wisser, C. Taylor, Fourth row: J. Phillips, N. Pressler, D. Powelson, R, Biggotti, C. Ames, R. O'Connor, J. Berkheimer, R. Sides, G. Mitchell, G. Ellstrom, R. Eberle, R. Francis, B. Russell, P. Parker, D. McFarland, A. Renner, P. Garritt. The Junior Band meets every morning, except Thursday, under the direction of Mr. Robert Stowe. It is during this time that each member gains experi- ence in playing as one unit rather than as an indi- vidual. Each of the young musicians has worked hard to create fine music during this past year. A few of these Junior Band members are also members of the Senior Band. However, everyone has a common goal -Senior Band. 5- Refwvffa First row: E. Mensinger, M. Anderson, R. Esmond, D. Eastwood, G. Rowles, R. Imhot, D. Hellman, J. Lake, S. Robey, J. Trow. Second row: Mr. Krauser, T. Carpenter, W. Henry, J. Phillips, R. Johnson, J. Brown, J. Pollock, R. Lowe, C. Cappuccio, R. Queenan. . W . One of the busiest organizations in Ambler Jnior High School is the Junior High Student ouncil composed of one representative from each i the Junior High home rooms. This group, under e able direction of Mr. Walter C. Krauser, is antinuing to retain the fine reputation acquired past years. The officers are: Dottie Eastwood, 'esidentg Rosalie Esmond, vice president, Rosalie thof, secretary and Garry Rowles, treasurer. Council, as in past years, has sponsored the inual iunior football banquet. They paid tribute both the lO5 pound team and the junior high am by presenting them trophies for their un- zfeated seasons. Council also sponsored two ex- llent dances. I Junior Council has kept close contact with simi- lar organizations by attending several student council meetings such as the Tri-county Student Council Conference and the Parkland High School Conference. The council has strived to develop student char- acter, leadership, initiative and service. I .ii 21. lv N.C. n 5 l 09 55" ,nn 900563 First row: C, French, L. Skelton, J. Blackwell, C. Palmer, G. VanDyke, C. Ciliberto, A. Schilling, R. Bigotti, M. Young, P. Powelson, G. Huss, E. Clark, D. Ford, M. Rempp, S. Spruance, D. Smith, C. Rile, J. Von- Steuben. Second row: P. Roosevelt, L. Newman, M. White, N. Richards, Y. Harrison, C. Thompson, V. Grif- fing, M. Rupp, H. Delano, J. Signore, B. Chellew, S. Kaiser, B. Hallman, D. Farnsworth, J. Clark, A. Smith, R. Corrigan, L. Schultz, Mr. Grischott. Third row: M. Mott, P. Bird, M. Grubb, R. Esmond, S. Taylor, N. Hubbs, K. Amey, C. Rohrbach, L. Pistilli, G. Long, J. Carr, D. Evans. Fourth row: J. Johnston, B. lmsick, B. Halkett, P. Wood, J. Logan, F. Treisbach, M. Wolpert, L. Carr, C. Gradwell, B. Steigerwalt, L. Kunz, D. Fabry. Fifth row: R. Newman, V. Metzger, L. Duncan, I. Newman, D. Henderson, M. Cupitt, Z. Blackwell, F. Johnson, M. Carpenter, C. Ames, D. Showalter. mulafz 7694 wma The Junior High Chorus, directed by Mr. Paul ,,, Grischott, had a very successful year. At Christmas and , TLT' in the spring their renditions, sometimes combined ' r U with the Senior Choir, were lovely in their harmony. lljwilh 5 ff l Two girls who did much to keep the group on pitch ' if were the accompanists, Mary Ann Rempp and Helen ' Vl 1 Delano The officers f th choi were Dian Fabr Ogbldi I . o e r e y, president, and Margaret Carpenter, vice president. l ut 'tk M.-af' F ., - A fl .Jilin 'fl li its 4 Nl 1 . . I i 1, 'tml lxx' ll- llslh li .1 K First row: BRUNA ABRAHAMS, Home Ec, MRS. MARIE BOSlO, English, Civics, JAMES CLARK, Social Science, ARTHUR DRIEDGER, Social Science, MRS. MARLENE EMERICH, P.T. Second row: DAVID GLOVER, Mathematics, PAUL H. GRISCHOTT, JR., Music, MRS. VERDA E. HART, School Nurse, MRS. GRACE HILL, Remedial Reading, JOSEPH HOEHING, Special Education. Third row: ABRAM R. HUNSICKER, Wood Shop, FREDERICK T. JAFFIN, Mathematics, ARLENE V. KISTLER, English, THEANA KOUTROULELIS, English, WALTER D. KRAUSER, Guidance. Fourth row. MRS. ALLYNE LANG, Home Economics, WILLIS A. MILLSPAUGH, Science, MARY G. ORNSTON, English, MRS. MARY RICCOBONO, art, HAROLD S. RODGERS, JR., P.T., Fifth row: HENRY A. SCHLEEGER, Metal Shop, Math, GILBERT N. SHOR, Social Science, ROBERT L. STOWE, Instrumental Music, JAY A. YEANISH, Sfipnrp- AADQ Davoifm,... Y 9 fs- 35: ' 'N' :X 5 fs 'VY f 4? Www , fx N IX X :fi Q k .35 G, J. L. X W 1 1 x fx 'fiffifl If Lv. Hfmmw " NVQ . 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Suggestions in the Ambler High School - Pinnacle Yearbook (Ambler, PA) collection:

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