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1 E1 ,- -. I V ...uw-Mmfiwffuzr ' ' I A "Luke" vu Jlwn-AMBLEngml94z ir ir xi' FOREWORD ln This presenl crisis, lhis fighl lo preserve 'rhe democralic way of life for which olhers have loughl and died, lhe sfudenls of Ambler High School are nor and will noi be idle. The Seniors being gradu- aled fhis year have prepared lor The places rhey will lake in our nalion's program. ll may be in one of 'rhe armed services, in a defense indusfry, or in gaining furlher knowledge +ha+ will aid in lhe fulure. Our physical lraining, our sporfs, and our heallh programs will give us healfhy Americans. Our home room sales of War Slamps will help insure our forces lheir supply of lanlcs, guns, baHle- ships, and bullels. Our dramaiic and musical deparimenls will aid in mainlaining lhe morale of our people. Many ol our sludenls and leachers enrolled in firsi aid classes and olher civilian defense organizalions will be equipped fo do rheir share. Oiher siudenls will aid in lhe colleciion of scrap melal and paper, and in lhe con- servalion of olher imporlanl defense malerials. Whalever 'rhe job, greal or small, Ambler l-ligh School will do iis parll 2 WE HONOR ANNE M. GEAR To you, Miss Gear, lhe Class of I942 proudly dedicales 'rhis R-Ambler. We admire lhe way Thai you have led lhe Junior High Council, 'rhe Press Club, and fhe Junior High Dramalic Club. As Freshmen we grew fo lcnow you wellg and lhroughoui' +he resf of our years in Ambler High School, you have no+ only been our 'reache-r, bul' also our friend and adviser. Your friendly and vilal inleresl in all of us has enriched our high school life grearly. i 3 "We shall nably save or meanly lose lhe lasl besl hope ol earlhf' These words from l.incoln's message lo Congress in l862 slrike us wilh peculiar force Today. You, lhe members ol lhe Class ol l942, are being gradualed from high school al' a lime when our nalion is muslering ils slrenglh lo deleol 'rhe lremendous forces ol lhe lreacherous lolcililarians. You, and l'he millions ol olher young men and women of America, will be increasingly responsible for bringing viclory, hope, and happiness lo a world darlcened wilh danger, disasler, and dealh. No generalion of Americans ever laced a grealer challenge. You will need lailh in your abilily lo lriumph despile dilliculliesq you will need a sympalhelic under' slanding of The hopes and fears lhal shape lhe lives ol olher people: you will need +he courage +o lace fear: bul above all, you will need an unlailing loilh in lhe Elernal. ln These days, as we respond lo lhe call al our nalion lar increased sacrifice and devolion, may we keep in mind lhe lailh of a lillle English girl. ln lhe midsl of many nighls ol lerrible bombing she aslced God lo care lor her grandparenls, lor her molher and lalher, lor her brolhers and sislers, and lhen she added "and God, please do lalce good care ol yourself lor if onylhing happens lo you, we are all sunk." E. E. KERSCHNER. Supervising Principal. 4 To 'the Class of I942 We are proud of you and your accomplishmenls-your four years of applica- Hon in Ambler High School. May you go forward well prepared +o realize your personal ambifions, and To serve our communify and counfry. In 'rhe pasr, young people did Their bif 'ro explore, sefrle, and build America. Their you'rh and s+reng+h were needed 'ro se+'rle +he wild new land and +o build com- munilies on fhe fronfiers. Many of fhe "ia+hers of our coun+ry" were leaders a+ a relafively early age. Nor only famous Americans began +heir life work early lou+ also 'rhose men and women who lived and died unknown. These, 'rhe common people, laid lhe ground work for our America, on The lronfier, in fhe cifies, and on +he forms. To 'rhese young pa+rio'rs handicaps and dangers were a challenge rafher fhan a cause for despair. I+ is up +o us 'ro carry on. "Du+y-Honor-Coun+ry." These are living words lo ihe Wesr Poinl' cadef. They should burn in fhe hearf of every American cilizen whafever his sfafion may be. We mus'r fry 'ro do beffer rhe rhings we have been doing, have faifh in each o'rher, will- ingly give our services. suppress our individual desires, and if need be, risk our lives 'rhaf +he nafion may live. Le? us keep our faifh in fhe ideals Thar have susrained men fhrough darker 'rimes fhan fhese. There is real work To do for all of us, young and old. EARL T. BAKER. Principal. 5 - X FAUST NORRIS CASSEL Fiesidenl Vice-Presidenl' lreassrer BOARD OF EDUCATION We, lhe members of lhe Class of 1942, wish lo express our sincere apprecialion lo 'rhe Board of Educalion for lhe lhoughl and careful planning beslowed upon us. 'X We realize lhal if is your consislenl and sincere inleresf Jrhal has made possible our exceedingly line educalional lacililies. Our exlra-curricular program has been of an exceplionally wide scope. We appreciale your coopera+ion in making 'rhis possible. Through your conslanl inleresf in our affairs, we feel fhal you have led us +o lhe second rung in our ladder of achievemenl. We hope +ha+ you will conlinue 'ro lead 'rhe lulure classes as well as you have led ours. The sludenls are going lo need help in lhis lime of nalional crisis. We aslc lhal your fhoughls be for us as well as lor lhem. We assure you, lhal as lulure cilizens and defenders of democracy, lhe Class WEBER of I942 will do ifs besl +o iuslily your lailh in us and in our school by lighling for our secfeicfy American ideals. SMITH JOHNSON SOBERS 6 Firsi' Row: Miss Bayles, Miss Poileiger, Miss Sleesman. Miss Thompson, Miss Smiih, Mrs. Graflin, Miss Gear. Miss Marple, Miss Abrahams. Miss Kulp, Miss Barr, Mrs. Fisher, Miss Manlove, Mrs. Jones. Miss Garges, Miss Barnes. Miss Bork Second Row: Mr. Henry, Mr. Millspaugh, Mr. Mook, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Shearer, Mr. Eichhorn, Mr. Lauder, Mr. Hunsiclrer, Mr. Kerschner, Mr. Baker, Mr. Schleeger, Mr. Kunsman, Mr. Harlxins. Mr. Meyers, Mr. Geary, Mr. Menna E. E. KERSCHNER ... EARL T. BAKER ...,,. BRUNA ABRAHAMS ELIZABETH C. BARNES. FRANCES M. BARR .., HELEN M. BORK ..,,. BERNICE E. BOYLES. . . RAYMOND L. Duncf-xii. .. HOMER P. EICHORN. VIOLET M. FISHER ,,.. ANNE M. GEAR .....,. CLIFFORD K. GEARY ... BESSIE D. GRAFFIN ..,. ROBERT A. HARKINS.. MERVIN L. HENRY ABRAM R. HUNSICKER KATHERINE D. JONES EVELYN R. KULP . JOSEPH E. KUNSMAN . JAMES A. LAUDER ... Rum c. MANLovE Q ANGELO F. MENNA .. . GEORGE J. MEYERS JR WILLIS A. MILLSPAUGH .., WENDELL E. MOOK ...... ANN L. POTTEIGER ...... HENRY A. SCHLEEGAR ... CHARLES J. SHEARER .... ....Home . . . .Supervising Principal ...,......,...Principal . . , . . . .Home Economics and School Visilor, English .,....,...,.Commercial .,..............English . . . . .Physical Educafion . . .HisIory, Social Science , ..........,,... Biology .......,......Commercial ................English lnslrumenral Music, Civics .,.........Guidance, Geography , . ,I-lisiory, Commercial Geography . , . . . . . . .ChemisI'ry, Mafhemaiics ELIZABETH E. SLEESMAN .... MARJORIE E. SMITH ...., DIXIE J. THOMPSON ..., EDYTHE M. GARGES ..... DR. ROBERT R. SMITH .,.,. EVELYN P. MARPLE ......., . . , . . . .Mechanical Drawing .............Librarian . . . . . . .Commercial , ......., Wood Shop . . . .Physical Educalion . .. .. .Vocal Music . . , .,.,.. Malhemafics . . . .Ma+hema+ics, Science ...............Science .......,LaIin, Hisiory ...........Ar+ ......MeIal Shop . . . .Aris and Crafis ........,,EngIish ......,.French, La+in . . . . .Home Economics . . . , . .School Nurse ... . ,School Physician , .... School Secrelary ELIZABETH C. JOHNSON . . . . , . .,.. School Secrelary 7 Firsf Row: Miss Smiih, N. Walker, W. Lunn, L. Leslie, V. Hahn, W. Solvers, J. Garrill, H. Hedriclc. HBlladDP gl EMMDeIsMSlsa U T , , SITFIIIT On. . . CC CVT! , ISS SS TTT VT. Second Row: Mr. Meyers, B. DeLong, P. Maxwell, L. Amey, L, Rishel, M, L. Allen, J. DaII'Agafa, B. CoayCPyMMleCD'EI'MDSdBSl'Ba on W , , err , . O O, . IU, , 9 CTI O, . erra, MISS ff. Third Row: G. Rayne, G. Buchanan, B. Hogginbofhom, T. Renner, R. Brumbaugh, J. Holz, D. Leech, C. Lucas, R. Benigno, I. Woodward, I. Gaclshallc. R. McCabe, C. MocDonieIs, D. Declc, G, Bauerle. H. Srniih. The following R-Ambler. Edifor-in-chief .... Assislonl Edilor . . Lilerciry Edilor . . . R-AMBLER STAFF people are responsible for The publicalion of The I942 issue of JEAN GARRITT WALTER SOBERS HELEN HEDRICK M. L. ALLEN iiiii B. iHAooiNBoTHAM' I' B. SERRAL G. BAUERLE J. HOLZ N. WALKER E. M. MocDANIELS Ari Ediior ...................... DOROTHY PENNINGTON B. DeLONG C. LUCAS C. PERRY Sporls Edilor ... ...,...,.,.... .... W ILLIAM LUNN D. LEECH H. SMITH Phofography Edifor ... ................ ...HUGH BULLARD L. RISHEL N. WALKER G. RAYNE T. RENNER R. BENIGNO G. BUCHANAN L. AMEY Typing Edilor ........ ....................... ...... V E RNA HAHN R. BRUMBAUGH J. DALL'AGATA I. GODSHALK M. MOLEA C. D'ELlA J. KNOBLAUCH B. CONAWAY Business Edilor . .. ................... ..... L ILLIAN LESLIE R. MCCABE P. GIRONDO C. MGCDANIELS M. DeSANDO D. DECK I. WOGDWARD FACULTY ADVISERS Liferory .... .... ......... .... M I S S SLEESMAN, MISS SMITH Arf .............. .. . .......................... MISS POTTEIGER Phologrophy ........ ................ M R. MEYERS Business ond Typing .....MISSBARR,MISSKULP 8 R "?Jf.xf. WYROSTEK COTTRELL GARRITT LESLIE SOBERS HOLZ LUNN SMITH CLASS LEADERS We, The Class of I942, feel lhal we owe a delol ol gralilude lo our leaders. These people have given unselfishly of fheir lime and lalenls in order lo malce our class one of The finesl 'rhal has been gradualed from Ambler High School. We are gralelul for The inspiralion and leadership of These sfudenlsz WALTER SOBERS ....., ...... Valediclorian, Presidenl of Honor Sociefy LILLIAN LESLIE. .Salu+a+orian. Secrelary ol Honor Sociely, Secrelary of Senior Class. JOHN HOLZ ...,..... Presidenl of Sluclenl Council, Vice-Presidenl of Honor Sociely WILLIAM LUNN .,..,. , . .......... ..4..,. V ice-Presiclenl of Council HILDEGARD SMITH .. . .... Secrelary of Council WALTER WYROSTEK ,.... ..., P residenl' of Senior Class GEORGE COTTRELL .. , .,.......,,..., ..., V ice-Presidenl of Senior Class JEAN GARRITT ..,. ..... T reasurer of Senior Class, Eclifor-in-Chief of R-Ambler I O GERALD D. BAUERLE "Colonna" IZAXS Forum Shop Club lll, Assembly Program l2-4l. Prom Commillee Usher l2-4l, Parly Commillee, l2- 3-4l, Press Club ll-4l, Boys' Chorus PHILIP G. BENIGNO "Phil" IZG-B Honor Roll Foolball Cooking Club Hall Guard l4l, Inrramural Baskelball ll- 3-4I, lnlramural Track ll-Zlr Slage Crew l4l, Assembly Program Track Base- ball Junior Band Sollball FRANCIS BOLAND "Francis" l2C-2 Shop Club Track ll-Zl. Assembly Program Com- mercial Club Home Room Commillee l2-3-4I. U. GRANT BUCHANAN "Gram" l2A8cS Foofball Manager l2-3l. A Cappella Choir l2-3-41, As- sembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Perfecf Allendance Hall Guard Assembly Monilor ll-4I, Properly Manager, "You Can'f Take Il Wirh You" Play Casl, "Don'+ Take My Penny" Tennis ll-3-4l, Band lll, Honor Roll ll-Zl, Boys Chorus Usher l2-3l. Forum l2-3-41, Foreign Policy Associalion Prom Com- millee Honor Sociely SALVATORE CASSEL "Too?ie" IZG Shop Club Perlecl Al- 'lendance l2-4l, Foolball Manager Baseball ll Intramural Baskelball l3l, Track ll-21, Assembly Pro- gram Assembly Usher Cross Counfry ALLAN R. BEIDEMAN "Al" IZG-A Track ll-Zl, Shop Club llI, lnlramural Baskelball lI-2-3- 4l, Gym Club l3l, Assembly Program ll-4l, Hall Guard l4l, Slage Crew l3-4I, Infra- mural Track l2l, Perlecf A1- lendance RUSSELL J. BENIGNO 'iBingo" IZG-B Band ll-2-3-4I, Orcheslra l2- 3-4l, Librarian for Band ll-2- 3-4I, Librarian for Orcheslra ll-2-3-4l, Presidenl of Band l2l, Soulheaslern Dislrici Band l2-3-4l, Soufheaslern Dislricl Orcheslra Perfecl Alrendance l I I, Assembly Program ll-2-3-4I, Inlramural Baskelball ll-2-3-4l, Music Club ll-Zl, Phofography Club l4l, Foolball Dance Band l4l, Leader Solo Conlesl l2-3-4l, lnlramural Track LEONARD G. BROWN "Len" IZG Wood Shop Club llI, Track lll, Cross Counlry Fool- ball lll, Assembly Program lll, Sollball Perfecl AI- lenclance l2I. Chorus HUGH M, BULLARD "Hugh" :mas Band ll-2-3-4l, Presidenl l4l. Orcheslra l2-3-4I, Sludenl Council Foolball Mana- ger Cross Counlry ,l4l. A-Cappella Choir ll-2-3-41, Soulheaslern Dislricl Band l3-4l, Soufheaslern Disfricl Orchesrra l3-4l, Soulheaslern Dislricl Chorus l2-3I, Assem- bly Monilor R-Ambler Pholographic Slall l4l, Dance Orchesfra Boys' Chorus ll-2-3-4l, Honor Sociely GEORGE COTTRELL "Cocky" IZG Foofboll ll-2-4I, Baskelball lll, Vice Presidenr As- sembly l4I, Hall Guard Track l2-4I, Manager Dramalic Club Home Room Secrelary "Lovely Duckling" Chorus MARY LOUISE ALLEN "Squeeze" I2A8fS Band ll-2-3-4l, A Cappella Choir l2-3-41, Dramalic Club l3-4l, Nafionol Thespian l3-4l, Play Casl, "Don'l Talce My Penny" Secrelary Ju- nior Class Hoclrey lI-2- 3-4l, Girls Glee Club ll-Zl, Honor Roll ll-Bl, Badminfon Club ll-2-3-4l, Chrislmas Pag- eanf ll-21, Prom Cammilfee l3l, Honor Sociely Play Casf, "The Ugly Duckling" DOROTHY M. ANTHONY "Dol" IZCAI Sfudenl' Council Presiclenl of Efiqueffe Club Press Club Typing Sfalif Hail Guard Assembly Moni- for Commercial Club GLORIA M. BROWN "Gloria" IZAXKS Transferred from Ridgeville High School, Ridqeville, S. C. ANNE H. CASSIDY "Anne' IZC-2 Baslrefball Chorus lI-2-3- 4J, Girls' Chorus l2-3-4l, As- sembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Slu- denf Council Chairman of Publiciiy Depar+men+ Home Room Presidenl Press Club Typing Sfafzi Library Club Efiqueffe Club Assembly Monifar l2l, Chrisrmas Pageanf lI-243- 4l, Prom Commiffee Hall Guard Usher JENNIE DALL'AGATA "Jennie" l2C-l Assembly Program ll-4l, Dra- malic Club Honor Roll i2- 3-4l, Library Club l3-4l, Press Club Typing Slafl Com- mercial Club l3-4l, Home Room Vice-Presidenl Civic Forum Home Room Sec- refary R-Ambler Typing Sfaff Honor Sociely LAURA M. AMEY "Queenie" IZAXS A Cappella Choir ll-Ql, As- sembly Monifor Assembly Program ll+2-3-4l, Gi ls' Chorus llA2l, Cheer Loalw l3-4l, Hall Guard Hoclc- ey ll-2-3-4l, Home Room Sec- relary Honor Roll ll-I 3A4l, Perfect Aflendance Baslcelball lil, Play Cast, "Whal a Life" "Von Can'r Talre If With You" l2l, "Dorff Talre My Penny" lll Srudenf Forum lnlramural Baslcelball ll-2-3l, Super Salou man Prom Commillee Badminlon Club ll-2-3 4l, Ninfh Aciiyily Award Archery Club Thespian Sociely l2-3f4l, Senior Dia mafic Club l3Y4,, Honor So- ciety l3-4l. ELIZABETH M. BOEHNER "Belly" IZAES Junior Glee Club ill. Arch- ery Club A Cappella Choir l2-3A4l, Souih Easfern Disfricl Chorus Assembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Honor Roll lfil, Carol Service ll-2-3-4l. RITA C. BRUMBAUGH "Rilo" I2CAl Home Room Secrelary ll-3l, Home Room Vice-Presidenl I-tl, Press Club Typing Srafi l4l, Honor Roll ll-2-3-4l, Hockey lnframural Baslrel- ball Dramafic Club Assembly Program Hall Guard Commercial Club l3A4l, R-Ambler Typing Srail l4l. BETTY E. CONAWAY "Be++y" i2C-I Dramafic Club ill, Junior Glee Club Commercial Club Archery Club Honor Roll Hoclcey Assembly Monifor Hall Guard Assembly Program i3-41. Press Club Typing Slail l4l, lnframural Baslrefball l2l, Chrislmas Pageanf Baslref ball R-Ambler Typing Sfahf CLARA M. D'ELlE "Clara" IZC-I Honor Roll ll-2-3-4l, Chrisf- mas Carol Service ll-4l, Li brary Club i3-41, Forum l3-4l, Commercial Club i3-41, Press Club Typinq Slaff l4l, Assem- bly Program ll-2-3l, A Cop- pella Choir i3-41. Girls' Glee Club lnfromural Valley Ball R-Ambler Typing Sfall l4l- J. DAVID COUTTS "Dave" l2C-I Shop Club Track ll-21, Foolball Manager Usher l3l, Assembly Program Commercial Club Home Room Cammillee l2-3-4l. FRANK J. CIUFO "Frank" l2C.I Siudenl Council Assem- bly Monilor ll-3l, Foolboll lll, Ping Pong Club l2l, As- sembly Program Shop Club Home Room Com- millees ll-2-3-4l, Commercial Club r4l. LOUIS M. Der. come "Pals" IZG Gym Club lll, Foolball ll-3- 4l, Perfecl Allendance l2-4l, Assembly Program Base- ball lnlramural Baslcel- bull l2-3l, Traclc ll-2l, As- sembly Usher Cross Counlry VICTOR J. FRAGASSE "Shiclor" I2G Shop Club Ill, Perlecl Al- fendance l2-3-4l, Hall Guard l4l, Foolball I3-4l, Assembly Program Soifball lll, lnlramural Baslcelball Traci: Usher Cross Counlry JAMES HARPER "Jim" IZG Gym Club lll, Traclc ll-2l. lnlramural Baslrefball ll-2-1 4l, Baseball Manager Hall Guard Slage Crew l3l, Inlramural Traclc 'I 3 ,As I S rf' 1, I I' WILLIAM H. CRESSMAN "Will" IZG Gym Club Assembly Pro- "rom Ccrnmillee ll-2l, Fool- ball ll Play Casl, "You Can'f Talre ll Wilh You" Assembly Program Boys' Glee Club l3-4l, Chorus ll- 2-3-4l. G. DUDLEY DECK "Pudge" l2A8rS Cross Counlry Traclc ll- Zl. Boys' Chorus Usher l2-3-4l, Monitor l4l, Assem- bly Program ll-2-3-4l, Carol Service ll-2l, Bachelor Club lll, Honor Roll ll-2-3l, Cafe- leria Monilor I2-3I, Prom Commillee Ninlh Grade Aclivily Award Home Room Presidenf Cilizen- ship Award GEORGE J. ERHARDT "George" l2C-I Bachelor Club Usher Commercial Club Assem- bly Program Home Room Commillee l2-3l. PETER GIRONDO "Pele" l2C-I Honor Roll Bachelor Club lll, Airplane Club As- sembly Monilor Assem- bly Proaram Ping Pong Club Home Room Com- millees l2-3-4l, Clean-up Commillee WILLIAM E. HARSCH "Curly" l2A8rS Forum l2-3-4l, Foolball lll, Track l2l, Forum Vice Presi- olenl l4l, Prom Commiflee l3l, Usher I2-3l, Assembly Program Band l4l, Shop Club lll, Hall Guard Assembly Monilor BARBARA ALINE DeLON6 "Bqb5" Transferred from Abinglon Prom Commillee Assem- bly Program l3-4l, A Cappella Choir l3-4l, Hoclrey Play Casl "The Lovely Duckling" l4i, Dramalic Club Honor Sociely MARIE R. DeSANDO "Dolly" l2C'l Honor Roll ll-2-3-4l, Girls' Glee Club l2-3-41, A Coppello Choir l3-4l, Junior Glee Club ill, Vice-Presiden? Library Club Press Club Typing Sfahc Chrislmas Carol Service ll-2-3-4l. Assembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Civic Forum ill, Library Club l3-4l, Com- mercial Club l3-4l, Assembly Monilor lnlramval Valley Ball Baccalouerale Serv- ice l3-4l, Business Commillee for Play Prom Commilleo l3l. R-Ambler Slall Honor Sociely BETTY EDWARDS 'Bows IZCQ Junior Glee Club Girls' Glee Club i3-4l, Eliqueile Club Assembly Program ll-2-3-4l, A Cappella Choir l2-3-4l, Soulh Easlorn Dislricl Chorus Secrelay, A Cap- pella Choir MARY RITA FECKNO HMUWH izca Hall Guard Home Room Commiilee ll-2-3l. Usher l2-3l. Boslrelboll Assem- bly Program ll-2-3-4i. Play Cas? "Whal' A Life" Chairman of Checlrinq Com- mirlee Forensics MARIAN GANJAMIE "Marian" l2C-I Assembly Program ll-2-3l. A Cappella Choir l2-3-4l, For- eign Policy Associalion Honor Roll ll-Zl, Porlecl Al- fendance ll Commercial Club I3-4l, Civic Forum l3-4l, Girls' Glee Club ll-2-3-4l, Press Club Typing Slahf Archery Club l2-3l, Badmin- lon Club l2-3l, Library Club l2-3-4i, Prom Commillee Dramalic Club il Junior Glee Club l 5 .4-""""K JOAN L. DeLOZlER "Joon" l2C.l Commercial Club Honor Roll 12.31. JUNE B. DRISCOLL 'lDris" I2A8iS Transferred from Chellenham, Badminlon Club l2-3-4l, As- sembly Program f4l, Girls' Glee Club PATRICIA W. FALES 'rmwr izcz Home Room Vice-Presidenl i2l, Posler Commillee ll-2l. Archery Club Debafe Club lll, Efiquelfe Club As- sembly Program ll-Zl, Prom Commiflee Assembly Monilor Usher PHILOMENA FEDELE "Philly" IZG Debate Club Eliquelle Club Assembly Program ll-2-3l, Library Club l2-3l. Prom Commillee l3l, Chorus lll, Assembly Monifor Chrisrmas Paqeanl Home Room Commilfee Posfer Commillee JEAN MARIE GARRITT "Jeannie" IZAS-S Hoclcey ll-2l. Boslcelball ll-Zl, Library Club Vfce-Presidenf l3l, Library Club Presidenl' i4l, Honor Sociely i3-4l, Badmin- lon Club l2-Ill, Senior Class Treasurer Home Room Secrerary Hall Guard Honor Roll ll-2-3-4l, Civic Forum ll-4l, Archery Dra- malic Club Carol Service lll, Junior Glee Club Team Leader il-2-31, Eclilor-in- Chief R-Ambler Assem- bly Program Usher l3l, lnframural Volley Ball ll-2l, lnlramural Baslrefball ll-Zi. JOHN W. HOLZ "Jack" l2A8iS Foolball ll-2-3-4l, Baslcelball ll-2-4l, Manager l3l, Track ll-Zl. Council ll-3-4l, Presi- denf ll-4l, Honor Society l3-4l, Vice Presidenl l4l. Honor Roll ll-2-3-4l, Assem- bly Program ll-2-3-4l, Sludenl Leader l3-4l, Flay Casl. "Don'f Tolxe My Penny" "Whal a Life" Thespians l4l, Forum l2-3-4l, Presidenl l3l, Oflicer al Temple Confer- ence Represenfalive ol Temple Conference l2l, Vice Presidenl Home Room Prom Commillee Tennis ll43l, Cafeleria Monilor l3l. Table Tennis Club ll-2l, Ninlh Grade Aclivily Award Foreign Policy Associalion l2- 3l, Hall Guard l4l, Repref senfafive Suburban Sludenl Councii ll-3-4l. J. GORDON JERVIS "Deacon" l2C-l Cross Counlry l2-3l. Hall Guard Usher l2-3l. Boch- elor Club Traclr Ase Sembly Program ll-2l. Com- mercial Club Home Room Commllfee l2-3l. RICHARD KING "Dick" I2G Baslcelball Manager ll-243-4l, Foofball Manager lll, Slage Crew ll-2-3-4l, Bachelor Club lll, lnframurol Baslcelball l2-3l, Slaqe Manager l2-3-4l, Baseball I3-4l. DONALD F. LAPETINA "Duck" I2A8iS Council Bond l2-31, A4Cappella Choir Usher l243-4l, Assembly Program l2-344l, Prom Commillee Foreign Policy Association l2-4l, Ping Pong Club ll-3l. Forum l2-3-4-l, Parfy Commif- lee l2-3-4l. Shop Club Boys' Chorus WILLIAM SPENCER LITTLE "Bill" l2C Tennis ll43l, Traclc ll-3-4l, Foolball l4l, A-Cappella Choir ll-2-3-41, Hall Guard l2-3-4l, Home Room Presidenl lll, Assembly Monilor Assembly Program ll-2-41, Soulheaslern Dislricl' Chorus l3l, Usher l2-3l. W.. -L V.. ,. sic by 'lx is 'A I , Qs! fr 'M Q Q if 1' . hr P fr S 1 Nl l 1 sw, 5 is ff' ff S hi, 'L J uf- f i L, I E . 5' 1 T - ,iz sl fi . Q HENRY HOPWOOD "Zeke" IZG ll0-lb. Foofball lll. Gym Club ll-2l. Sludenf Council l2l, Foolball l3l, lnlramural Baslcelball l2l, Hall Guard l4l, Sfage Crew ALFRED KEMMERER "Al" I2A8aS Senior Band ll-2-3-4l, Cross Counlry l2l. Assembly Pro- gram ll-2-3l, Airplane Club lll. Usher ll-2l, Disfricl Band l4l, Orchesfro l2-3-4l. ROBERT E. KRIEBEL "Bob" l2A8fS Senior Band l2-3-4l, Junior Bond lll, A-Cappella Choir l3-4l. Boys' Glee Club l3l, Press Club lll, Play Casl, "Don'+ Talre My Penny" Assembly Program ll-2-3-41, Forum l2-3-4l, Foreign Policy Associalion l3-4l. DONALD E. LEECH "Don" l2A8rS Perfecl Aflendance lI-2'3l. Home Room Presidenl l2-4l, Vice Presidenl' lll, Sfudenl' Council l3-4l, Baslceball ll-2- 3-4l, A-Cappella Choir l2-3- 4l. Vice Presidenl l4l, Boys' Chorus Baseball l3l, Shop Club lll, Assembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Hall Guard l4l, Forum l4l, Alhlelic Commil- lee Chairman l4l, Carol Serv- ice l243-4l. CLARENCE LUCAS "Professor Bones" l2G Coolcing Club Arl Club lll, Track l3-4l, Home Room Proaram ll-41, Baslcelball l3-4l. IRENE R. GODSHALK "Tooey" IZCAI Dramatic Club Junior Clioral Club Uslner l2-3l, Harmonica Club Hoclrey l2l, Press Club Typing Slaii l4l, Assembly Program ll-ill, Commercial Club TiClf6l Commillee VERNA HAHN "Vernnie" l2C'l A Cappella Choir l3e4l. Girls' Glee Club l3-4l, Soullieaslern Cliorus Civic Forum l2-3- 41, Civic Forum Secrelary Slucleni Council Archery Team l3-4l, Honor Roll ll-ZA 3-4l, Assembly Program l3-4l, Clwrislmas Carol Service l3-4l Eliqueile Club Uslner Caleleria Commillee Commercial Club l3-4l. lnlra- mural Baslcelball Bacca- laureale Service l3-4l, Business Commillee lor plays l3-4l, Honor Sociely JEAN E. KNOBLAUCH "Knobby" l2C-l Eliquelle Club Press Club Typing Slall Hall Guard l4l, Usher l2-3l, Assembly Program ll-Zl, Commercial Club R-Ambler Typing Slaii GLORIA LAUGHLIN "Glo" l2C-l Eliquelle Club Arclwery Club Press Club Typing Slall' Prom Cammillee l3l. Assembly Program Commercial Club l3'4l. IRENE RUTH LEE "Irene" IZG Eliquelle Club lll, Baseball lil, Assembly Program l2-3l, Prom Commillee ELIZABETH F. HAGGINBOTHOM "Belly" l2A8cS High School Accompanisf lle 23-4l, Chrislmas Pageanl ll- ZA3-4l. Orclieslra ll-2-3-4l, Clweerleader l2-3-4l, A Cap- pella Clnoir ll-Z3-4l, Girls' Cliorus ll-2-3-4l, Hoclcey li- 21, Dramalic Club Hall Guard Business Commit lee "Tl'ie Snow OH," "Don'l Talce My Penny" lfi-4l, Home Room Programs ll-2-3-4l, Na! lional Tliespian Honor Roll ll-2-3-41, Arclnery Club l3f4l Play Cas? "Slage Door" HELEN LOIS HEDRICK "l-ledy" l2A8fS Eliquelle Club Badminlon Club l2 3-4l, Arcliery Club l?- 3l, Honor Sociely l3-41, Li- brary Club l3-4l, Civic Forum l3-4l, Honor Roll ll-2-3l, Ag,- sembly Program Lileiaiy edilor ol R-Ambler ANNIE LANE "Annie" IZAKS Posler Commillee Basker- boll ll-2-3-41, Hoclrey ll-2-3- 4l, Girls' C-lee Club ll-2-3l, Home Room Commillee Eliquelle Club Aiclwery l2l, Bodminlon Clirislmas Carol Service ll-2-3l, Valley Ball ll-2l, Co-caplain Baslrel- ball Sludenl Council MILDRED LeCLARE "Millie" UG Junior Clriorus Hall Moni- lor Dramaric Club Library Club LUCY T. LELII 'iLucy" IQG Debale Club Dramalic Club Assembly Program ll-2-31, Library Club l2-3l, Girls' Chorus Assembly Monilor Clirislmas Pag- eanl Usher Posler Commiflee WILLIAM RAYMOND LUNN. JR. "Boomer" IQG Transferred from Abinglon l2l, Fooiball l3-41, Basebdl l3l, Hall Guard lCap+ainl l4l. Assembly Program l4l, Siudeni Council l4l, Vice Presidenf HAROLD JOHN MASKERY "Greek" I2A8rS Foolball l3-4l, Forum l4l, Prom Commiifee i3l. Usher, Parry Commilfee. FRANK E. MORGAN "Shadow" 12C Transferred from Abinqfon, Usher I3-4l, Honor Roll l3f4l, Hall Guard THOMAS F. MULLAHY "Maharaia" I2A8rS Track ll-2l, Cross Couniry l2l. Capiain l3l, Forum lI-2- 3-4l, Temple Delegaie ll-2-3l, Usher ll-2-3-41, Assembly Pro- gram ll-2-3-4l, Periecf Al- iendance Press Club ll- 2'3-4l, Carol Service IZI. CARL G. RANDALL "Lover" IZG Home Room Secrefary lll, Chorus lll, Band Club lll, Junior High Foolball Cross Counfry l2l, Siudenf Council l2l, lniramural Bas- kefball l2-31. Track l3l, Class Day Usher Prom Commit- iee l3l, Home Room Vice Presidenf Baskefball Cheerleader Hall Guard Ml, Team Leader ll-3l, As- sembly Program if . I? A It , in J, i , ? ai fi 41,59 "5"W1 ,- Q SE Eggs, . 5 Y 3 re . infix 3, A ,z ' if ' . Q xxx? .A s I ,F ,f , ii 2 ' T3 ' s 'A 4 re- ,T as - in L V sg I I7 FRANK W. MALLOZZI "M0pe" IZG Band ll-2-3-4l, Baskeiboll ll- 2-3-4i, Orchesira l2-3-4l, Soufheasfern Band i3-4l.Track ll-21, Assembly P rog ra m i2-4l, Baseball l3-4l. Cheer- leader CHARLES McDANIEL E "Charlie" l2G Baskefball ll-3-4l, Track II-2I, Shop Club Slage Crew l3-4l, Assembly Program Sofiball Honor Sociefy l4l. GEORGE H. MULLAHY "Chuck" l2A8fS Foolball Press Club Il-2-3I, Assembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Carol Service ll-Zl. A-Cappella Choir l2l, Souih- easfern Dislricf Chorus Cross Counlry Manager l2-31, Usher l2-3-4l, Junior Glee Club lll, Forum l2-3-4l, Table Tennis PETER J. PILEGGI "Peie" IZC Assembly Program ll-Zl, Bach- elor Club lll, Home Room ComrniHee ll-2-3-41. S. GILBERT RAYNE "Gil" l2A8fS Shop Club Tennis Club ll-3-4l, Assembly Program l2l, Hall Guard l4I, Assem- bly Monilor Table Tennis Club l2-3-4l, Boys' Chorus l2l, Prom Commifiee I LILLIAN E. LESLIE "Lil" l2C-I Honor Roll ll-2-3l, Hockey ll- 2-3l. Class Secrelary Home Room Presidenl As- sembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Li- brary Club l2v3-4l, Perlecl Are lendance I2-3-4l, Caleleria Commillee Eliquelle Club Secrelary Hall C-uard Honor Sociely I3-4l, Usher Press Club Typing Slall Assembly Monifor Badmin- fon Club I2-3l, Sludenl Coun, cil l4l, Home Room Vice- Presidenl Class Secrelory l4l, Prom Commillee MARGARET Z. MAXWELL "Peggy" I2A8fS Drarnafic Club I3-4l, A Cap- pella l2l, Hall Guard As- sembly Monilor l3l, Slage Manager "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You" "Whaf a Life" l2l. "The Show Off" "Donl Talre My Penny" Forum I2-3-4l, Prom Commif- lee Usher l243l. Badmin- Ion Club Table-Tennis Assembly Program I2-3-41, Ticlcel Salesman l2'3l, Home Room Secrefary l2l, Home Room Vice-Presiclenl l3l, Home-Room Secrefary Foreign Policy Associalion I2- 3-4l, Press Represenlalive al Temple Convenfion EMMA MAE MCDANIEL "Emma" l2Csl Honor Roll ll-2-3-4l, Archery Club Typing Sfafl of Pres: CIUIJ Dramalic Club Commercial Club l4l .DOROTHY E. PENNINGTON 'Pef'r'v" lZA8fS HOCIQY ll-2-3-4l, A Cappella IQI. Baslrelball Manager I2-3-4l. Sludenf Council Badminlon I2-3l, Honor Roll III, Archery I2-31, Press Club lll. Carol Service ll-21, Prom Chairman Assembly Mon. ilor ll-Zl, Jr. Glee Club ?ramc1lic Club Assembly I 2 3 CYNTHIA B. PERRY HC n.. Y IZG Transferred from Simon Grab Assembly Program l3l, Prom Cornmillee JEAN CAROLINE MacNEILL "Jeannie" IZC-l Hockey ll-2-3A4l, Eliqueffe Club Assembly Program ll-3l, Junior Glee Club Chrislmas Pageanl lnlraf mural Baslcelboll Comme'- cial Club RITA E. McCABE "Rilo" 12C-I Assembly Monilor lll, Assem- bly Program ll-28-4l, Cale-A leria Commillee Chairman Dramalic Club Girls' Chorus Hall Guard Hockey ll-2A3l, Honor Roll ll- 2731, lnlramural Baslcelball Library Club l2-3-4l, Library Club Secrelary Press Club Typing Slall Sludenl Council ll-4l. Usher Arch- ery Club MARIE T. MOLEA "Marie" l2Cfl Dramalic Club Assembly Program ll-3l, Honor Roll l3-41, Library Club l344l. Press Club Typing Slafl Commercial Club I3-4l, Home Room Secrefary Home Poom Treasurer Perlecl Allendance Commercial Club Secrelary R-Ambler starr l4l, VERONA J. PEPIN "Ronnie" IZG Eliquelle Club G i r l sl Chorus Assembly Program l3l, Archery Club IRENE PRIESLER 'llierff' IZA-3 Transferred I r o m Lansdale High School. Bodminlon EDMUND ROBERTS "Cowboy" I2G-B Cross Counfry Manager Cross Counfry Ill. JAMES J. SERRATORE "Jim" I2C Arl' Club Gym Club Track ll-2l, Usher Band ll-2-3l, Foolball Manager l2l, Orcheslra ll-2l. Com- mercial Club Assembly Program ll-2-3-4l, Shop Club Ill, Home Room Commillee ll-2-3-4l, lnframural Baskel- ball I2-31. HARLEY N. SMITH "Slug" IZG Cross Counfry Foolball I3-4l, Track I2-4l, Baskefball I2-3-4l, Assembly Program I2-4l, Prom Commilfee l3l, Caleleria Commillee l2l. Baseball l3l, Transferred from Norrislown WALTER CHARLES SOBERS "Sable" I2A8rS Honor Roll Il-2-3-4I, Sludenf Council I2-3-4l, Honor Sociely I3-4l, Presidenl' Foolball ll-2-3l, A-Cappella Choir ll-2-3-4l, Presidenf I3-4l, Dis- Iricl Chorus ll-2-3l, Slale Chorus l3l, Boys' Chorus ll-2- 3-4l, Usher ll-2-3-4l, Baskel- ball Perfecl Alfendance Il-2-3l, Table Tennis Club Assembly Program Il-2-3-4l, Play Cast "You Can'f Take II Wilh You" IZI, Track Ill, Presidenf of Home Room Ill, Business Commiflee I3-4l, Band Cilizenship Award Ill. Hall Guard l4l, Program Commillee Assembly Monifor ll-2-3l, Civic Forum l4l, Prom Commlllee Welfare Cornmilfee I2-Bl, As- sembly Commiffee Chairman l4I, Represenlalive fo Sub- urban Sludenl Council I2-3-4l. IRVIN WOODWARD "Woody" IZG Foolball ll-2-3-4l, Cooking Club Hall Guard ll-2- 3-4I, Track ll-2-4l, Slage Crew I3-4l, Assembly Program l4l, Assembly Monilor I3-4l, Cafeleria Monifor I3-4l. NICHOLAS SCALFARO "Sccp" IZG Bachelor Club Foolball Manager III. Baskefball ll-2l, Glee Club Ill, Home Room Secrefary l2l, Hall Monilor l3l, Honor Roll DONALD SMITH "Don" I2G Hall Guard Assembly Monilor Class Monifor ll-Zl. EUGENE SMITHEY "smi++y" IZA Cross Counfry I3-4l, Bachelor Club Baskelball ll-3-4-l. Track ll-2-3-4l, Perfecf A+- Iendance Ill, Boys' Glee Club Ill, Chrisfmos Pageant ll-2l. Ping Pong Club I2-3l. Fool- ball Inframural Baskelball I2-4l. VERNON SPENCE "Vernon" l2G Junior High Foofball III. Ju- nior Council lll, Track l2l. HENRY T. WYBRANSKI "Why" IZG Baskefball ll-2-3-4l, Foolball Ill, Track ll-2-4l, Track Man- ager l3l. Bachelor' Club Gym Club Cafeleria Monilor l3l. Slaqe Crew l3l. THELMA M. RENNER "Ronny" l2A8rS Assembly Monilor Hockey l2l, Cafeleria Monitor Dramalic Club Badminlon Club l2-3-4l, Girls' Glee Club l2l. Properly Manager "Don'l Take My Penny" Dramalic Club Prompler "The Love- ly Duckling" Prom Com- millee Nalional Thespian l4l, R,Ambler Slalf l4l, lnlro- mural Baskelball ll-2l. ALICE R. ROWEN "Alice" l2C-I Archery Club Press Club Typing Assembly Program l3-4l, Commercial Club l3-4l, Efiquelle Club Baskelball l4l. BETTY JOY SERRAL "Belry" IZCVI Honor Roll l2-3l, Prom Com- millee Eliquelle Club Vice-Presidenl Commer- cial Club Assembly Pro- gram ll-2-4l, Chrislmas Carol Service Home Room Treasurer Press Club Typ- ing Slahl Hockey l2-3-4l. lnlramural Valley Ball Baskelball lll, lnlramural Baskelball ll-2l. .Junior Glee Club HILDEGARDE R. SMITH "Hilly" l2C-l Assembly Program ll-3l, Eli- quelle Club Sludenl Council l2-4l, Sludenl' Coun- cil Secrelary Honor Roll l2-3l, Hockey ll-2-3-4l, Hock- ey Coplain ll-4l, Baskelball ll-2-3-4l, Perlecl Allendance ll-2-3l, Home Room Presi- denl Press Club Typing Slalf Prcm Commillee l3l. Badminlon Club l2-3-4l, Presidenl Badminlon Club I3- 4l, Usher lnlramural Bas- kelball ll-2-3l. Hall Guard l4l, R-Ambler Slafl Com- mercial Club Treasurer Archery Manager l3-4l. ARTA SNYDER "Arla" l2A8rS Junior Band ll'2l. Senior Bond l3-4l, Dramalic Club Junior Glee Club Girls' Glee Club A Cappella Choir Hall Monilor 1,9 G Pr LOUISE RISHELL "Mose" l2A8rS Play Casl "Don'l Take My Penny" Prompler "The Show-Oil" "Whal A Life" l2l, Civic Forum l3-4l, Prom Commillee Usher l2-3-4l, Badminlon Club l2'3-41, Li- brary Club Table Tennis Club l2-3-4l, Chrislmas Pag- eanl ll,2l, Ninlh Grade Acliv- ily Award Troupers HELEN SAUNDERS "Helen" l2A8rS Transferred from Coalesvillc. Hockey MARGARET C. SHELLY "Marge" I2A8rS Eliquelle Club Girls' Glee Club ll-2-3'4l, A Cappella Choir l2-3-4l, Badminlon l2- 3-4l. Assembly Program ll-2- 3-4l, Junior Boskelball Mon- aqer Archery Usher l3l- MARIAN ELIZABETH sMiTH "Marian" l2C-2 lunior High Glee Club Perlecl Allendance Home Room Treasurer Home Room Secrelary T2-3l, Girls' Glee Club l3-4l. A Cappella Choir l3'4l, Press Club Assembly Program ll-3-41, GERALDINE RUTH SPEARS "Gerry" l2A8rS Hockey ll-Zl, Home Room Treasurer Assembly Pra- gram Dramalic Club Baskelball Badminlon Club Usher Pram Commillee Hall Guard l4l. Library Club WALTER WYROSTEK "Reds" IZG Foolball I2-3-4l, Baskelball ll'4l, Track Baseball Inlramural Baskelboll I2-3l. Band Assembly Program l4l, Usher I2-3l, Hall Guard l4l, Sludenf Council I3-4l. Class Presidenl l3-4l, Bache- lor Club Team Leader lfil, Gym Club Perfecl Allendance ll-2l. JEANETTE C. STEVENS "Jean" l2C-2 Eliquelle Club Usher I2- 31, Archery Club Har- monica Club Assembly Program Perlecl Allend- ance MILDRED WELBANK "Millie" IZC-2 Dramalic Club Press Club l3l, Color Bearer l3-41, Posler Club Archery I2-3l, Bad- minlon l2v3l, Assembly Pro- gram ll-3l, Prom Commillee l3l, Girls' Chorus NANNIE ELLA WILLIAMS "Nan" l2Gen Eliquelle Club ll Baseball Club ll Prom Commillee ray. RUTH JANET WOOD "Woody" IZAXS Eliquelle Club lll, Junior Chorus lll, Assembly Pro- gram Hockey l2-3 4l, Baskelball Assislanl Bas- kelball Manager Badmin- ton Club l2-3A4l, Usher I 2 I EDWARD WYRWAS "Ed" IZG Cooking Club lll, Track I2-3l, Cross Counlry l3-4l, Sollboll lll, Baseball lnlramural Baskelball l2'3l, Perfecl' A+- lendance ll-2-3-4l. NANCY WALKER "Nance" I2A8cS Transferred from Plymoulh Meeling Friends. Nalionol Thespian I2-3-4l, Troupers I3- 4l, Drum Maiorelle l3-4l, Hockey l2-3-4l, Play Cas? "You Canl Take If With You" l2l, "WhaTA Life" l2l,"Don'f Take My Penny" "The Lovely Duckling" l3l, Rehear- sal Assislanf "The Show-Off" l3l. A Cappella Choir I3-4l. Girls' Glee Club l2-4l, Tem- ple Delegole Assembly Program l2-3-4l, Super-Sales- man Civic Forum l2-3-4l, Archery Club Badminlon Club F, P. A. l2-3l, ln- Iramural Volley Ball l3l, Team Leader Play Casl "Slage Door" CHRISTINE MAE WHISLER "Mae" I2Gen Hockey ll-2-3-4l, Baskelball ll,2,3,4l, Cheerleader I3-4l, Eliquelle Club lll, Choral Club lll, Program Commillee of Home Room lll. Prom Commirlee l3l, Vice-Presidenf of Home Room Chrislmas Carol Service lll, lnlramural Volley Ball l2l, lnframural Boskelboll ll-2l, Assembly Program ll-3l, Co-Caploin Baskelball l4l, Play Casl. "Slage Door" DORIS ELAINE WOOD "Woody" 12C-2 Assembly Program ll-2-3l. Home Room Presidenl l3l. Junior Chorus Ill, Chrisfmas Pageanl Senior Sludenl Council Hockey ll.2l. Honor Roll ll-2-3l, Perlecl AI- Iendance l2l, Boosler Com- millee Eliquelle Club lll, Assembly Monilor l3.4l, Prom Commillee l3I, Com- mercial Club ALUMNI IN THE SERVICE The lollowing lisls include names ol Ambler l-ligh School graduales who enlered lhe services ol our counlry prior lo April IO, I9-42: Allred Acull I-lyman Barbacow Niclcolas Barry Joseph Bender John Berwind James Black James Boland Roloerl Buclc Oliver Bryanl Waller Burk Henry Bussing Philip Calamaro Carl Capulo John Cassidy Joseph Cassidy George Calerisano Raymond Cavalier Peler Cricium Nelson Declc Truxlon Declc Charles Deuchar Edward Dolls Wciller Dolls John Fluclc Roberl Elury Howard Garrill ARMY Thomas Gaslcins Raymond A. Gear l'larry Gibbs Waller Goualq Vernon I-larp William I-layward Vifendell I-Iibschman Newlon Howard Richard I-Iunsiclrer Linville I-lulchinson Richard Johnson Charles Jones Grillilh Jones James Keane Peler Keane George Kearns George Lamelza Vxfilliom Lancasler Joseph Leonard Angelo Lochello Ezra Lowe Paul Marincola Allred Marlin Clillord Marlin Earl Molson William Maxson 22 John Mclladden Joseph Melogranna George Miller Joseph Niblock Bruno Pacos Warren Pallerson John Rainey Waller Roach Richard Roesch Michael Romano James Ronan Joseph Rosenberger James Sandilos Leo Senese Edward Shields Marshall Soliclay Oscar Slillwagon Willard Sloul Joseph Urban John Wabescz Joseph Wabescz John Ware Thomas Weaver Selh Worlhinglon John Zeigler Felix Zollo Philip Barbacow Elmer Bruner Roberl Cassel Terrence Cassidy Roberl Colmer NAVY Roberl Davies Andrew Dressler Alberl Dummeldinger James I-larper David I-Iellings Kennelh Heywood Paul James John Lorenz Frederick Marlin Roscoe Smilh, Jr Earl J. Slone, Jr. I-lerberl Amey Roy Cramer William Gray Edward I-lalligan SERVICE MARINES Edward Murphy, Jr. George Sandilord Frederick Serral Edwin Smilh IN E N GLAN D John Brisler Nole The slafl hopes Ihal all names have been included, buf since if has been impossible 'ro checlc Them Iully Ihere may have been some omissions. 1 23 l, Cv, DAVWS The sludenf 7, M, l, PLY Boller up Y. R. CONAWAY Linoleum bloclms 4, N lXlORC1fAiN Baslrelball lv. E. STUYANVJV Finishing touches 6. E, LTECH Pilot T. C, MfCA7QlhlY Soldering 21, M, J. SMITH Talce aim 'Y ll, GATES The Magnelo lO M, BTU Baclrninlon ll. M l-lEA'll Clippings lf, J, SlGNi7l3f The lavelin li, R, Zl TTLTMUYE R Wood Turning l4 N lvlf5NACfil Diclaphone operalor li, ll, STTIEY Figuring lv- KT, lYSfXNll6 The hoclley player lf, l'l, OTT Woodwork lb ll, M.1rlVVAN The pionisl lv, ll, LLCJ-, Sawing wood 70, V, COOMH9 The hal Pl, l, HESS The felegrapher YP, K, CONSTANTINE The seamslress Yi, C, l-lUGlll'S How abou? a few round: 24, P, LANUT The magazine racln YS, T. HEASLEY Diclofion SX ? Li if E53 W KQ N F 5 Q fm X F3 Jflgfllx: J M f yr W' i YIM? -fl-rl.. K , ROOM I4 Firsi Row: W, I-Iom1Ifnn R, Lawf- Mias Bmk, A, B rIwor'on, T, VOIOMO R. Moyer K, RMIMHTI, r-I. Vv'r-IIN B, ROTITOFIIDOIQUIR, M, Dream, A ROTIIIUE, R, SmTIIw, R, MCGWI, N Fon. L, COIN, Second Row: M, Ivums, A, I Wg WOHIW, C, WQII, F, Ccffov Q Slmpson, M, I-IIQIQ-y, T. Sfcnfx, E FGTISI, J. BOIQM, N. Brody. I. SWV ons, M, SrniII1, N, OIT, V, Gord. Third Row: J. Gcnninuvwv, 6. I-In Pm E. MoIGLIwwaki L, DGJQ-Q T G'IC12m T, Mrv'Tsvv A, Uriwm G. MIIIW, K. KI:-Tr'TvICICr, I-I, A' IWMI-mn, T, Gwwmp, G. Sfrx-.vCr', H Irwm-Q, G, MrGI-I-, ROOM 22 Firsf Row: K, G Irdmw, T, B. IIVII T ZGITGIOVIF, G. Gcddo, I-I. L 'Mn B, Adomg A, SrIwrvr-Tdw, M, I SHITIIN, LMIQOII, C. SrY'I'T:, S DcmIyIclSs, C, NTI1IvfIc, Second Row: Y, Mnrmglio, E, On fmznm, H, Eisvnhnvrf, G, MFIIT5f'U H, I-Iondory, T, MiIIm K. Nwm G, RQWIIHS R, SVYWTIII, T, NVII R Gvm"wTNPn-1 Mr, MrwIr, WOOD SI-IOP Firsf Row: W. BUTT, A, Uncle-QI, I Doon, W. DTLIcins0n, K, Hu dw mon, R, KIQlnIz-Idv-v, I, Dfnfi IT gon, I, DPVWGIO, T, Zc1IcvQv.'sIQ, A WIwTICf'rvwIn. Second Row: A. Bwhonon, C Iohnwn, C. Cnrii-,, R, Parker, H Sailor, P, l.ondI, I. W0v'IXTP5'1If'Irw S. Jumps, W, Koufax-ITIK, A, G.,-1 R, DOWPTUQ, MI, IC Ir-wmv, ROOM I2 Firsf Row: M. Sorroiovn, J. MGI Iozzi, I. FedeIo, I. ROICIIT, V I-IOQII1, R, Bonvs, B, I-Ieoilw, M Munn, M, Grey, D, KoIb, T. Hmm. Iey. Second Row: A, Sdwworfz, IPI, Ash ion, B, Kilson, A, WiIIiomg M Ashfon, K, London, B, Bonof, A Feckno, M, Cairns, T, FMQI, E ZW benslci, Miss Smifh. ROQM I5 Firs+ Row: J, Siwczwv, R. Snvif R. Aymz, B. MiIIi-v, E. Jchnsnn, D. MurpIo, W. Ed rnvndbon, V, COOUIIX'-, A. Cvcui' E. UIINGV' J. I-Inbov, A. BOW, D. Sondww. I-I. Um-uns. Second Row: E. Bowovs, V. Jones, N, Wilson, N, IJ:-nniiic, I-I. LOCIOILLE, I. Hahn, M. Moovv, B, CmmpoII A. Signmf'-, J, Rili-, A. TQIIUI, E. I-Imvi-,, B. Rvsv, IJ. Sheridan. Third Row: W. Snvdox R. Cicif, R. VilIcIi-1, O, PIMIIIM, N, GUN. II. Fovncmdi-I, D. Ri-I-d, A, BOLII - I V, A lI'I. Iwvv, R. I-Irwnppw, A. Coon' ri if! C. W ii R H4 Q I ROC-DM XO Firsf Row: I. ScIzivIwv, I. Rwnvn din, M. MOQQVI, I. LIIIQWI, C. Hxmws, B. MW-rs, A, KrwI'Ic1iCI1 N. I-IoIImun, J, Jovvis R. Trvmo R. COIOQIU, R, Fuiisi, Second Row: C, l'IoSmndo, M. Hvwevy 6, Lonqiomxw. B. Crnnvodi. M. G'GmI'0nC, M. DArnmw, P. Gnxvriii, A. Rffbvrh, T, MQNUUJ, M. MllIiIiHdClIi', N. ROEOIIS, M18 Yif,Iu-r. Third Row: W. King, T, Bdond R. MiIIi-I, V. I-Ioddfvn, R. Bmbn cvw, L. Rvovm, F. Covvwiwvrw, S. Sf mfiinv, I, Mfinncv ROQM P6 Firsf Row: D. ZuIIumnv I, SrniIIv M. Fvogmssco, R, Co5svI, I. Zof Icxrono, M, COIIIIS, E. SmiIIv, C SWIVIOO, CIliCII'III, JNJIIIWDFIRI B. Mann, J. Culhw. Second Row: R, SPLHWO, B. Tino, E CIIHIS, COIUY, HQVIIIIVIGVI, A VVQIIQ-v, C, I-Ii-II, I. D.IIvy, Tvofo, M, Fcnii, T. DoMoviC, B Riffi. Third Row: M, J, Roisnidor, .I Soiindma, F, Wwv'IwingqIm', E Wcsf, W. Tow, II. Borvy, I. Bon- Ziwhufr-i, R. RnImm, 0. Bi-Hon. METAL SHOP Firsi Row: T. Spi-cis, W. Kurns, E SOipIo, A. McCoy, I. .Iordcum E Kinq, E, Bonvs, E. SIFVGFIOV, R Driscoll. J, Nvwmon. Second Row: I-I. A. SchIeoqc-r, C MCCOVIIW, I-I. Williams, W. MGI fhios, C, KepIcv, R, Gorhorf, J WoIIocc-, M, McCons, R. Godo rocci, C. Ashion, L. Smifh, Third Row: L. Moyers, W. I-Ie-0 cock, A. Siorfi, E, MCCCLIII. ROOM ?5 Firsf Row: H, MfOw- L, Z'-NJA-rvwy '1-' fr BM Jn? R, SJw1QnmJmr, B, fn51J", C, BGL'-' f, KrMsfJw1nG:', J, Siqnmr-, C, Dclqvv, l Kv'Ry, R, Cfunowfly, H, Allwu, U. Uv-rl Second Row: J, If-Clow G. Adnm-., M Lundfwn, A, Hiclvy, E. Onnm J, SYMA mf, 6, Awfwfon, J, Evans, M, Bfwlifvn. U Sf-J-Jffy, H, OH, N, Brody. Third ROWZ R. GJv'wJfNV J, CHJHXH, f, Rf", M, LCM- J, MMM, S,,AllN-Mann, f'.SQm1l Jw., R. Gwmp, J, SmHJw, Cv. Dnvh--,, if Bff'sJIn F, Cwkwqlfx, MIL,-, O1-uv, ROOM 31 Firsi Row: Miss Shwsrvwcxn, G, Bovufwqliw M. B'1CJvr1fv41n J,Fvi1Jc, F.H1wm.1s, LC-wr' afurwflns-, J, Uv, T, Cnlvdmw, U, Gmi4.lmJL S, W3Jf1A,, V. Poblcni. Second Row: A. J-JWEJJO W, Lvh, M, Cow 11540, W, MOcLcurql'1lin, J, Ffzclcno, R Bircfnnv, F, Bossord, J, Undv, S. Calm-n J. KP-R+-v, B. ScJ1JoqnJwG1wf1-v, S. Srwvn' H. M135 www, ROOM I HFS? Row: M. BMJ, C,Cf1vl, M, Sfgvwrr- R. Cncv, M. Rfmvvr, C, Dnll, U, H11 g1fVhP'JV'v'v Ef'wv1Jw.Jv'd, S. CNR:-y E Kf:pJ0v, P. Scifvhfov, B, Ruizf-nwih, I2 Umvffes. Second Row: ,'. Giumpu, G. Cc1rJiJJJw V L f-ff rn W, WlJMm'ws, A. lnSmxvn, V, Jw-- L. SJQVYAVU, .T!Yf7fYYp'wOfY, MJCY1'-IVY' Q, GflYVJlXJHVV, JJJJYYIKJXYJ, p'Vf-IIJIVM' Third Row: I, Bwwn, N, Jmrln-.on, R, B N ws, F. R wffnnc, J, Finmw, I, WM? R Bu ur. O, V0nApp4-n, R, Tlwrvmp-nun, J Hmwlws l, Hnpwfvml, R, lfmf-w. ROOM QI Firsf Row: R, Lx -f1, M, Mullwzi, H, Mf-y ms, A. Bimsrwn M, J, Hvofh, H, HN umm, M lyndw, H, J4', J, My-LV-. V. KcJnRnwc'1n. Second Row: U, Lv-Jw, L, Awwllufnw, A R11-v -,"' H, J, Nlxfwn P, MIHM, R, Avlrfw-fu B, Dv fllnin, l, Mnlvwh Mr. Mlllap4wg1J1, RQJOM 7 Firsf Row: D. WiUif1m-,, B, Shfvwnw 5, PM-ggi, M, CossvJ, S. MUJJOIIE, J, Sf-' vofrfn, A, Vonnwm, M, Cappmiw A, Zwncbicw, L, Omni, A, TmgJi41, Second Row: B. Combnrn, H, Rm-,, !. Bwnson, H. pfevwn, B, Blank, O, Hn! ings, L, Mifsch, E. Gronsby, D. Hum' B, Johnson, 6. ScnJoqnl'voufur, Third Row: A, Downing, R, Keys, J. D-XJ Cnnfo, J. Polkurd. R, Spears, R, Lf-Ili, B. Mollozzi, F. DiRen:Yo, M. McCourt. ROOM 20 Firsf Row: J. Loncoslor, J. Miller, T, Po- onf-, V. Cornhiirn, V, Biov.n, C, Plvlsrlwci, B, Snyder, R. Wolf, M, Forlo, J. Dilip. TT. Moriniicfi, M, .l, Willox, B. Grow. Second Row: A. Deans, D. Kino, l. Coll-f, N, Moroon, S. Wollcm, M. Mriviis, TU. MfCoy, M, Monoco, J, King, F. Boincco. Tl, Pr-nninglon, L. Priolivsv, J. l,L15'X'iiJ, M, Troglio, Mr, Sheorw. Third Row: R. Asller, L. Fiolz, A. Burn! nr-mon, P. Sobollo, G, Loncosloi, A. Fuiillw, R. Sfovons, J. l-loss, R, Golf -',, C. Slorlnlioiiso, A, Ayios. M. Gosling, ROOM 24 Firsf Row: l'l. Srnilh, M, Jones, A, Jvlin- son, M. Doon, M. J, Srnilh, K. King, C, IM-on, R. Groziono, M. Corey, D. Union, E, Ciivlis, K. Gomhono, B. Colonzoro, Mi, Henry. Second Row: J. Dolmco, S. Robinson, C. Gioziono, M. Cilihoilo, D, Poonw, V. Fvrlo, A. Morolo, E. Cofonzoro, B, Roi' rm-l, J, Limos, A. Cori, T. Molonv, Third Row: J. Sloili, M, Anqollilis-, W. Cxoiriso, G. Morlxley, A, Zoflovono, D. Girondo, W, Morono, B, Kolb, G. Piilli, T. OH, J. Hogon, E. D+-on, P. Diogqoni, U. Cornbiiin. ROOM I I Fits? Row: B. Sylvoslm l, Goofwiiiv S. Zrvllo, W. Alhvrlsorh B. Snyder, M. Tirw lm, T, Schoullov, C. Signoio, E. Mrplloil, A. Re-nnor, J. Ciorlwll, F, Hopson. Second Row: S. RCN-rlcf, C, Munn J, Asllvi, K. Br-ilwi, J, l-loxwobd J. John- son, J. Ncwdoshor, M. Gonl, Mii Gioflin. Third Row: B, Ricci, W. Grvis, V, Snyl dvr, W, Jordon, l, Bivonl, B, Clmk, R. lomnslci, A. Kino, F. Goni. ROOM I0 Firsi Row: D. Tiirnoi, D. Compbrill, E Uiboch, C. Fvrlo, A. Comosso, V. Ryoles M. l-lill, F, lxolodinri, B, Gionslw, E Diflio, M. Foorio, A. Nelson. Second Row: D. Comosso, H, Wolll, L Smioforc, C. Tliornlon, M. Thompson, l Volpe, D. Soilor, M. Tolo, W. Nolson A, Zofforono, Miss Thompson. Third Row: J. Mosfrornolloo, J. Bonfiq lin, W, King, F, Sorioo, T. Moslioniol loo, R. Timbvrs, E, Wood, A. PM-Sbr-riy J. Mollozzi, J. Haywood. ROOM 4 Firsf Row: S. Fiiio, D, lloslilli, B, Wiighl J. Qiieenon, T. Willioms, F. Thompson 6. Brown, S. Anloniicci, ,l, Rorchino, J Piiio, R, Sloili, C. Snyrnwe, Library Wood Shop Ari Room Gym Mefol Shop Biology Twins Physics Home Economics Bookkeeping DO YOU KNOW The Class ol I942 is The forly-sevenlh To graduale from Ambler High School. There are lO9 people in Jrhis class as compared wilh l'he lirsl class ol 4. We offer Jrhree courses: College Preparalory, Commercial, and Pracfical Arls. ln rhis class There are 35 in College Preparalory, 38 in Commercial, and Pracfical Arls claims 36. We have 'rhe lalesf equipmenl 'For our business sludenls including: a diclaphone, calcula+ing, bookkeeping, and olher office machines, Many of our Seniors have found ihe course in eleclric welding, given for The firsl lime This year, To be in+eres+ing as well as profifable. Our courses in home economics and arfs and crafls have been exfended. Many of our Aris and Science sfudenls are planning 'fo enfer inslirufions ol higher learning. We have a regislered nurse and doclor. In'reres+ in our exlensive exfra-curricular program has been high in This class. I+ ran fhe gamuf from sporls, bolh girls and boys, To dramafics, forum, publicalions, and musical organizalions. From a small beginning in a rwo-room building on Forresl Avenue, in l88l, we 'have developed unlil we now possess a modern, fireproof high school, wilh an enroll- men? of 700 sluclenls, and a facully ol 33 members. Sl JN! ..4- A. Bl-ll A Bullseye V. Flvwvv Sludious l7l IX Rf-sd Trombone T, Mi Nllll Typis+ K, Smflw The Balmer C. Nililwlc Arlisl R. G "wp Mechanical Drawing l. Rini Lover of fhe mice R. Uuvis The Bachelor S. VVQNLM Tomorrow's Va rsify T. Nigv Somebody's Cool: D. Mi'Cf'y Posing V. Haddon Secrefary N. VVilSs"rw Playing lhe clarinei' V, Flww--i Sludenl l-l, Llixlceri Boxer G. H lwr Physics ll. Mmple Librarian A. Bfllcn Biology J. Fml Cafcher R. Bij'l'GCl'vV Deslr Assisfanf O. Boller' Pu+ 'em up F, XlVf's"lii"QlfX'v Machinisl S. Corley Hoclreyile B. lfnqlo Mofher's helper 'f Firsf Row: Mr. Lauder, C. CurTis, H. Maskery, L. CarTer, G. CoTTrell, A. DuckeTT, R. Bishop, L. Del ConTe. W, WyrasTek, P, Lane, l-l. SrniTh, W. Lunn Second Row: R. Lelii, M. MasTromaTTo, E. Banes, W, Ball, I. Woodward, J. DonaTo, V. Fragosse, L. Meyers, R. Banes, L. Zakrzewski, J. Dean, J. l-lolz, E. King. Third Row: 5. Scardino, R. Parker, E. STovanov, W TaTe, W. LiTTle, E. SrniTh, J. Monaco, R. Gerharl. E. MaCorT, C, Kepler, S. Cassel. VARSITY FOOTBALL James A. Lauder, Coach: Mervin L. Henry, AssisTanT Coach This year, Ambler l-ligh School's TooTball Team had a very successTul season, Tour vicTories and Tour deleaTs. The Team used The T-TormaTion, lamous Tor iTs power and decepTion, and Tound iT To be very eTTecTive. Led by Coach Lauder and his able assisTanT, Mr. l-lenry, The Troians played wiTh deTerminaTion and Tine sporTsmanship. Inspired by Their capTain and back, Ralph Bishop, The Gold and Blue Team invaded Springfield and broughT home a vicTory, 7-O. l-lowever, The Tollowing SaTur- day, The Troians wenT down To deTeaT aT The hands ol: I-laTboro, 6-O. The Troians came back in a nighT game againsT JenkinTown, deTeaTing Them I8-O. NexT on The schedule was Lansdale. This game was played in a Tield aT mud: because of This TacTor There was li++le opporTuniTy To see power or decepTion in eiTher Team. l-lowever, Lansdale came ouT on Top, 640. AT QuakerTown, The Gold and Blue came Through oTTer having a Tield day aT The Quakers' expense, The score being 57-O. Then, on Two successive weeks, DoylesTown and Sell-Perk puT a kink in This greaT machine. They won Their games by The narrow margin oT one poinT. The scores were 7-61 I4-I3, respecTively. In The Thanksgiving Day game The Troians deTeaTed a sTrong SouderTon Team, I3-6, wiTh a Tine exhibiTion OT TooTball. CapTain Ralph Bishop and Ambrose DuckeTT were chosen Tor The All Bux-MonT eleven. This was The second successive season ThaT Bishop was selecTed Tor This honor. IT was a very Tine season for The Troians, who had To adopT a new sysTem of play and adiusT Themselves To The ways aT a new coach. BeTTer days are ahead, so keep on TighTing, boys. Good luck! Keep on playing ThaT clean brand of TooTball and always show good sporTsmanship Tor seasons To come! 34 SPORTS FOR I94l AND l942 AMBLER "SR. HIGH FOOTBALL" TEAM SCHEDULE OF l94I TEAMS Ambler .. ..... 7 Springfield ,.. Ambler .. ..,. O Halboro ... Ambler .. .... I8 Jenlcinlown .,. Ambler .. .. O Lansdale ... Ambler ., .... 57 Qualcerlown ., Ambler .. ., 6 Doyleslown ... Ambler . ..., I3 Sell-Perlc Ambler ., .... I3 Souderlan .. I I4 SQUAD Ralph Bishop' Capt,-B, IO. James Donalo-G. I9. William Lillle-B. 28 William Ball-E. II. Ambrose Duclcell-G. 20. William Lunn-B. 29 Ervin Banes-B, IZ. Don Fernandez-G. 2I. Edward MaIachowsIciiB. 30 Ralph Bones-T. I3. Viclor Fragasse-C. 22. I-Iarold Maslcery-B. 3I Leonard CarIerfE. I4, Ross Gerharl-T. 23. Michael Maslromalla-B. 32 George Collrell--T. I5. John I-lolz--B. 24. Edward Ma Courl-E. 33 Charles Curlis-B. I6. Sfephen Jones-E. 25. Joseph Monaco-T. 34 James Dean--B. I7. Charles Kepler-T, 26. Lesler Myers-G. Louis Del Conle-G. IS. Pughsley Lane-E. 27. Sam Scarclina-G, MANAGERS: Salvalore Cassel, Ralph Lelii, Waller King CI-IEER LEADERS I. Laura Amey 3. Calherine DeSando 5. Kafherine Rishel 2. Fannie Camburn 4. Belly I-Iagginbolhom 6. Mae Whislei' 7. O 6 . O 6 O 7 I4 6 3? Ernesl Smilh-E. Harley Smifh-C. Emil Sloyanov-T, Millon Tale-T. Irvin Woodward-T. Waller Wyraslelm-T. Theodore Zakrzewski-E Carl Randall 'SWAN Isl Row: W. Wyroslek, W. Lunn, G. Colfrell, L. DeIConle, I-I. Maslcery, R. Bishop 2nd Row: J. I-lolz, P. Lane, C. Curlis, A. Duclcell, V. Fragrasse 3rd Row: H. Smilh. L. Carler, W. Ball, E. Bones, I. Woodward 35 FirsT Row: Miss Boyles, M. L. Allen, D. PenningTan, N. Brady, M. Whisler, H. SmiTh. B, Serral, L. Amey, J. MacNeil, H. Saunders, A. Lane Second Row: B. DeLong, F. Camburn, A. BolT, G. Simpson, V. Jones, N, Walker, D. Marple, B. Chappell, J. Huber, E. CaTanzaro, Y. Moneglia. Third Row: R. Barbacaw, K. DeSando, D. Kalb, R. ScherTT, J. Hahn, A. Teller, R. Wood, R. Ayres L. Rishell. SENIOR GIRLS' HOCKEY Through The years hockey players have been made in Ambler High School, and The Team oT The I94l season was The resulT oT much Training and experience. AlThough The records show Three games won and Tour losT, The passing and oTher game Techniques were never beTTer Than during This season. When The season began, The Team was composed aT pracTically all new players. This was especially unTorTunaTe as The laTe opening oT school cuT The preliminary pracTice period To pracTically noThing. The TirsT game wiTh NorrisTown was played aTTer iusT one week aT pracTice, and Ambler los+ by a score OT 6-2. ATTer ThaT cleTeaT, however, The Team play im- proved sTeadily. The ChelTenham game was The high poinT oT The season. ATTer The close oT The season, The squad Traveled To Beaver College To parTicipaTe in a "Play Day" wiTh hockey squads Trom JenkinTown, SpringTield, AbingTon, Upper Darby and ChelTenham. The "Play Day" was much enioyed by every member aT The Ambler squad. ln The Tinals The Ambler girls showed Their ouTsTanding Team play. AlThough This record is noT as good as iT mighT have been, much crediT is due To Miss Boyles, as she labored hard and long To produce a successTul Team. The girls are all graTeTul Tor The knowledge and experience obTained from Their eTTicienT coach. In spiTe OT The TacT ThaT Ten members of The VarsiTy squad will be graduaTed, Miss Boyles can expecT a Team aT ouTsTanding qualiTy when The TirsT call Tor hockey comes nexT Fall. 36 Nancy Brady.. Belly Serral ... Mae Wlwisler .. Jean MacNeill. .. Dorolliy Penninglon Laura Arney ,.,. l-lildegarde Smiflw. Mary Louise Allen. Helen Saunders.. Annie Lane.. Thelma Renner Fir HOCKEY TEAM SECOND TEAM ....Rishi wang .....Rigl'if lnner Cenler Forward . . Leif Inner . . ,Lef+ Wang ..Lelr l-lalfbaclc Cenler l-lalfback ,Riglil l-lallbaczlc margin Fnllbcck ...Lell Fullbacls .......Goalie Barbara DeLong.. Yalondc Moneglia Fanny Cambqrn.. Genevieve Golda Gloria Simoson Joyce l-lJbe' .. Jeanelle Hahn .. Barbara Chappell Bessie Rose. . . Elsie Jolwnson ..., Dorcflwy Marple.. SUBSTITUTES Callwerine DeSando Edlrh Calanzaro Ruth Wood Nancy Walker Ruth Scnerfi Nancy Monaco Doris Kalb Adeline Teller Rolla Ayres GAMES PLAYED Ambler.. ... Norrislown .. Ambler .. ... Springfield ., Ambler... ... Abinglon ..... Ambler. .. ... Upper Morland Ambler... Cnellenlnam ... Ambler... ... Jenlcinfown .. Ambler.. .. . ..5 l-lafboro 2 Managers: Louise Rishell: Rose Borbacow, ossislonl, .Riglw Wang . . Riglwf :mei .Center Forward . .... Lelr inner . ,... L-ef? Wing .Right l-lallbacl .Cenrer l-laifbocl. . Leif l-lallbccle ..l?ijln' Fqllbacli ...Leif Fullbaclc ....Goalie HOCKEY INDWIDUALS sl' Row: H. Smilli, A. Lane, l.. Amey, N. Brady, T. Renner, D. Penninalon, M, L. Allen. Second Row: H. Sounders, B. Serral, B. DeLong, J. MacNeill, M, Whisler, R. Wood, N. Walker. - ' if Iflrif-5 ' . LL ia- r . 1 37 HoTboro 2I-I7. ATTer dropping one To Sell-Perlc, Firsf Row: W. Wyroslek, J. Deon. N, Jones, D. Leech. F. Mcllozzi. H. Moslxery. J. Holz. Second Row: N. Fonu, W. Boll, T, Zolcrzewslci. Mr. Henry, H, SmiTh, H. Jones, L. SmiTh. VARSITY BASKETBALL Ambler High Schools boskeTboll Teom opened The seoson by deTeoTing The Alumni by o score of 2I-I4. The vicTory showed cleorly ThoT Am- bler wos The possessor oT Tine bosheTboll TolenT. The TirsT Two leogue gomes were losT To Lons- dole ond QuolcerTown. The Tollowing week, Arn- bler's courTrnen hiT Their sTride ond deTeoTed The Teom sToged o comeboclc on The home Tloor ogoinsT SpringTield. Trolling I7-9 oT The holT, The Troions ployed Turiously in The second period ond nosed The SporTons ouT 23-2I in The losT minuTc oT ploy, before The lorgesT crowd ol The seoson. The JenleinTown Jinx downed The boys, buT The Tollowing weelc They deTeoTed Doyle:Town 30-25 on The home Tloor. Following The DoylesTown gome, The Teom possed Through o Trying period. Two vorsiTy cloyers were losT, ond ThroughouT The remoining holl oT The schedule, iniuries l:epT oTher Tellows cuT oT several gomes. The losT gome sow Ambler deTeoT SouderTown 20-I8, Thus ovenging o previous 49-20 seTboclc. To Mr. Henry, much crediT should be given Tor his unTiring eTTorTs in cooching ond inspiring The boys ThroughouT The seoson. Three VorsiTy ployers: Mollozzi, WyrosTeh ond CopToin Leech will be losT nexT yeor, buT Holde- mon, Jones, Zolcrzewslai, AlberTson, Deon, ond Fonu, plus severol Tine second Teom members ond some Junior High recruiTs, provide excellenT moTe:'iol Tor o beTTer Ambler High School Teom. VARSITY Jones . . ..,.. Torword Zolcrzewslci Torword Deon .. . Torword WyrosTelc Torwoid Mollozzi cenref Leech ,Mguoid Holdemon . .. ,. ...guard SCHEDULE Ambler 2l Alumni .. I4 Ambler 20 Lonsdole 3I Ambler 2' QuolrerTown 29 Ambler 2I HoTboro .. I7 Ambler I3 Sell-Perl: .. ... I9 Ambler 23 Springfield Zl Ambler 23 Jenlcinfown 27 Ambler EO DOylesTown 25 Ambler 20 SouderTon 49 Ambler 2l Lorisdole . . 39 Ambler 20 Quolxerhwn 23 Ambler ... .... 24 Holboro . ... 28 Ambler ... . ,. I0 Sell-Perl: .. 27 Ambler . I8 Springfield 24 Ambler . I5 JenIcinTown .. . 20 Ambler ... .,,. 25 DoylesTown ... 33 Ambler , 20 SOuderTon I3 FQ? 3 GIRLS' SENIOR BASKETBALL The l942 baslcelball learn, led by co-caplains Annie Lane and Mae Whisler, ended lheir bas- lrelball season wilh a very line record. The girls had played lourleen conseculive games, includ- ing lasl year's games, belore lhey were delealed. Oul ol 278 poinls scored by Ambler, Annie Lane made I52 poinls. l-lilly Smilh, a veleran ol lasl year, was oul- slanding lor her girl-lo-girl delense. We played many good leams, such as Abinglon, Chellen- ham, and Springfield, which were delealed be- cause ol lhe relenlless spiril ol lhese girls. Wilhoul Miss Boyles' excellenl coaching lhis line record would nol have been possible. Firsl Team Annie Lane.. ,,.. Mae Whislerm ... Nancy Brady .....,, Gloria Simpson .,.. Second Team Fanny Camburn. ,. .June Slevens. . . Rmh Scherll, .. .Rose Barbacow, .. Anna Jane Williams, Joyce l'-luber. .. I-lildegarde Smith. .. Nancy l-lollman. .. Managers: Dorclhy Fenninglon, Ca Subslilules Mary Eanu ...... Belly Jane Meyers Adeline Teller. .. Bessie Rose ....,. ...Yolonda Moneglia lherine DeSando Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler GAMES PLAYED l-lalboro ,..... Upper Moreland Lansdale ,..,,, Springlield ...,. Norlh Wales .. Abinglon .. . Conshohocken . Chellenham .. Springfield .,.. SECOND TEAM I-lalboro ...... Upper Moreland Lansdale . .. Springfield ...... Norlh Wales ..... Abinglon .. , Conshohocken .,., Chellenham ..,.... Springlield ..,. Home Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Only Three leTTermen: Lane, CurTis and Mc- Firsf Row: D, Camassa, H. OTT, H. Whisler, A. Presberry, M. GanT, F. Serrao, J. Johnson, A. Meroila, W. Jackson, J. Heywood, E. Kelly. Second Row: E, KreTschmer, H. Williams, D. Fernandez, E. Zerbonski, W. Kerns, C. CurTis, P. Lane, W. Ball, J. l-lolz, M. Camasso, M. MasTramaTTo, W. TaTe. Third Row: Mr. Lauder. J. Signore, F. Rocchino, C. Gambino, W. Kalb, W. Marana, R. Parker, C. Lucas, G. Leh. E. McCourT, J. Finore, R. Thompson, W. LiTTle. Fourfh Row: J. Newman, A. McCoy, P. Sandilos, L. Davies, D. WalberT, J. Spears, G. Marlcley, D. F'isTelli, R. Shoemalcer, B. Engle. TRACK Ambler High Schools I94I Track Team lived up To The Tine TradiTian ThaT has been esTab- lished by The Track Teams aT Tormer years. Under The waTchTul eye aT Their new coach, Mr. Lauder, The Traclc candidaTes developed inTa well-Trained, well-disciplined aThleTes, capable aT giving Tine performances in all The evenTs. Facing one aT The TaughesT schedules ever encounTered by an Ambler Team, Coach Lauder wasTed no Time in calling Tor candidaTes. Run- ners, as well as boys who inTended To parTicipaTe in The weighT evenTs. reparTed early in The Spring. Whenever The weaTher was naT TiT, The Tellows worked auT in The gym. CarT, reTurned To The squad This year. Coach Lauder deserves a greaT deal aT crediT Tar his paTience an-d unTiring eTTorTs in worlcing wiTh many inexperienced boys, and Tor his abiliTy Ta Turn ouT a very capable Team. ThroughouT The Tough campaign, The runners held up excepTionally well, improving wiTh each meeT. Their Tine perTormances may be aTTribuTed direcTly To Their excellenT condiTianing and To Their peTsisTenT work. Williams and KreTchmer proved To be mainsTays among The milers. Half- milers included AshTan, Lucas and LiTTle. CurTis usually led The Ambler quarTer-milers while The hundred-yard dash and The Two-TwenTy-yard dash were run by CurTis, HoTFman, Gransby and TaTe. One aT Ambler's chieT prides was The Junior High relay Team composed aT Marana, Kalb, STevens, and Leh. This group perTormed very well cover- ing a good biT aT TerriTory in remarkably shorT Time. The hurdles were usually run by Lane, Ball, and Thompson. CuriTs led The Ambler high jumpers ThroughouT The season buT Coles and HasTings also per- Tarmed well in ThaT evenT. The chief pole vaulT- ers were McCorT. Camassa, and HasTings. Lane and Ball carried The brunT aT The worlc in The discuss and shoT puT evenTs. The mainsTays in The broad iurnp evenT were CurTis and Gransby. Ambler laclsed iavelin Thrawers This year, buT MasTromaTTa, l-lolz and Ball held up Ambler's end aT This evenT. The Traclc season was a successTul one and The perTormance aT The boys This year can lead us To believe ThaT There will be an even beTTer Traclc season in I943. April I7 CenTral High ... .... Home April 22 DaylesTown ..,..,... ...... H ame April 29 BrisTol .........,....... .......... H ame May 2 Ursirius lnTerscholasTics .... , ...Collegeville May 9 ManTgamery CounTy MeeT May I3 Lower Merion ....... ,,.... . .Lower Merion May I6 P. l. A. A. DisTricT MeeT ..... ..Upper Darby May 20 NarrisTawn .,..,,..............., NorrisTawn May 23 Springfield .,..,,.....,.......... Springfield May 23 P. l. A. A. STaTe Championship. .STaTe College May 29 BuxmonT League MeeT. ,, ,.......... Sell-Perl: CROSS COUNTR The cross-counTry Team, coached by Mr. SCHEDULE Menna, had a successTul season. The Troians had Tour vicTories and Two deTeaTs. The long disTance runners placed -TiiTh ouT oT ThirTeen schools in The DisTricT Championship which was held aT The Cabb's Creek Golf Course in Philadelphia. The Team won iTs meeTs wiTh AbingTan, Haver- Tord and BoyerTown, and in The lasT meeT aT The season, aT Lansdale, The Troians won by a scare of 23-32. In This meeT, Ambler's WesTly Kerns esTablished a new course record and The Team had Tour ouT aT The TirsT Tive runners To Tinish The race. During The season, Ambler bowed To Lans- dale and CenTral High School. MosT of The squad was made up oT new runners. The boys worked hard, Training Tar The Two and one-halT mile run. iT was due To The enThusiasm oT The Team and The work oT Their able coach, Mr. Menna, ThaT The Trojan harriers came Through wiTh a good record. Y Ambler . .... 24 AbingTon .. .,..3l Lansdale .. .... 25 Ambler .. ....3O Ambler . .... 20 Haverford ... .,..35 Ambler . .,,. 22 BoyerTown ... ,...33 CenTral lPhila.l ,... 20 Ambler .. ,,.. 35 Ambler . ........ 23 Lansdale .. . . . .32 NoTe: Low scare wins in cross-counTry. Angelo F. Menna, Coach WalTer Ka rpecilc, Ca pf. Herman AshTon Hugh Bullard Wesley Kerns Charles Gambino Edward KreTchmer 7. Lloyd Mifsch 8. John Spears 9, Franlr Thomas IO. RoberT Thompson I I. HerberT Williams l2. Edward Wyrwas Manager, RoberT Janes FirsT Row: R. Jones, E. Wyrwas, H. Bullard, R. Thompson, L. MiTch, C. Gambino. Second Row: J. Spears, H. AshTon, W. Kearns, Mr Menna, W. Karpecilc, E. KreTchmer, H. Williams. Firsf Row: E. Kelly, G. Leh, W. Kalb, W, Marana, J. Signore, C. Dager, F. Rocchino, J. Finore, O. VonAppen, Mr. Kunsman. Second Row: R. Grazaino, J. Rocchino, J. DelConfe, J. Serrafore, A. Bimson, A. Zafforano, C. Deon E. Gransby, W. Pugliese, J. DeLuca. Third Row: H. Hoffman, C. Rainey, F. DeRienzo, D. Pisfelli, L, Angelichio, L. Hopwood, J, Wolf, B, Ambers. .JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL. The Junior High foofball Team, coached by Mr. Kunsman, found fhe going a liffle hard of firsf, buf The Blue and Gold came fhrough wifh a fine record. Togefher fhe Team wenf info baffle: win, lose, or draw, fhe Trojans always foughf hard. The Blue and Gold opened fhe season wifh fheir old rival, Thomas Williams, and were sef back by a I3-6 score. The following week fhey fell fo a sfrong Weldon feorn, 6-O. This was only fhe beginning. The Troians nexf mef Abingfon and were deleafed by a score of 32-6. A liffle discouraged, fhe Blue and Gold fearn came back fighfing and fools fhe spark auf of Elkins Park by defeofing Them I3-6. They ended fheir schedule by defeafing Lansdale, I4-O, in a fine exhibifion of foofboll and 'rhus closed a hard foughf season. I IO-POUND FOOTBALL Firsf Row lSiHingl: W. Jackson J. Hawkes, H, Wolff, D, Comassa H. Mahoney, D. Comburn, W MacLoughlin, J. Haywood, C Plefscher, E. Dean. Second Row: Mr. Moak, H. Whis ler, manager: A. Carr, E. Gan? M. Ganf, W. King, J. Haywood A. Zaffarano, T. Masfrornaffeo B. Douglass, C. Seymore, C Mann, E. Off, manager. 42 Firsf Row: D. Marinucci, M. Lane, J. Sfewarl, D. l-lagginbolhom, l-l. Meyers, S. Alberfson, N. Morgan. 6. Ashion, I, Coles, J, Evans, E. Curlis, L. Grant Mrs. Janes. Second Row: J. Miller, V. Kaufmann, S. Coicley, D. McCoy, D. King, B. Gransby, M. Monaco, M. Bell, B. Stevens, E. Ganf, G Lancasfer, B. Grail, V. Camburn, M. Lynch, G. Bonfiglio. Third Row: M. Dean, M. Morris, J. Nixon, M. Carr, M. Landon, J. D'Elia, J. King, M. Treglia, M. Reaver, M. Morris. GIRLS' VARSITY HOCKEY The l94I-42 hockey season found lhe junior girls equally as good as Their oppon- enfs, having won Two games and losr lwo. ln lhe firsl game of 'rhe season, Ambler suffered deieal al +he hands of Abing- Ton, by a score of I-3. This game was played on lhe Abingron field. In lhe second game, Ambler came baclc 'ro win a close decision on lhe home field over The Glenside- Weldon leam, by a score, I-O. The girls roured lo Upper Moreland and won a very gallanf vicrory over Thar Team by a score of 5-O. When fhe 'ream reached Doyles- lown, lhey found very sfifi compelilion. The Doylesrown girls won +he game on 'rheir home field by a score of I-O. Under lhe capable coaching of Mrs. Norman Jones lhe 'ream has many excellenl prospec+s for lhe Senior High School nex+ year. GAMES PLAYED Ambler ... ..,,,. l Abingion .. .....3 Ambler .. .... l Glenside ....... ,... O Ambler ... ..., 5 Upper Moreland .... ,..O Ambler ... .... O Doylesiown ..... . . . . , I 43 " bi Q0 . A .MQ ire-G, ,, Y. T... LJ Mk ,... ,i f E QMZN, l. .,,. . .., - I ,lim Firsf Row: G. Davies, G. Bonfiglio, A. Hiclrey, N. Morgan, H. Meyers, S. Alberfson, E. Kepler, I. Coles, S. Coffey. Second Row: A. Feclcno, P. Bolfon, J. LaSorsa, J. Sfewcrd, M. Monaco, J. Nixon, S. Wallcer, M. Lane. J. King, M, Lynch, Mrs. Jones. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL Due fo fhe foci fhaf Mrs. Jones was com- plefely swamped wifh candidafes for fhe Junior High Girls' Baslcefball, if was necessary fhaf fhe infra-mural games be played before fhe regular season in order fo defermine fhe firsf place win- ners for fhe feam. Eighf feams enfered fhe round robin. Affer many long, hard baffles fhe 8-I 's, wifh Ila Coles as capfain, came ouf on lop. This, falcing much more lime fhan was ex- pecfed, made if necessary fo limif fhe season fo fhree regularly scheduled games. Ambler was successful in winning fwo of fhe fhree games, and was defeafed only by fhe Norfh Wales feam by a score of 20-I6. As capfain, Helen Meyers confinually lcepf fhe spirifs of her feammafes on a high level. The fine coaching has prepared some slcilled players ready fo fill vacancies in The senior fearn nexf year. LETTERS .sail Managers: Peggy Boulfon, Peggy Lynch, Juiia Feclrnc. Helen Meyers. Capf. Sally Alberfson Nancy Morgan Loreffa Granf Elaine Kepler Anna Hiclcey Mildred Gaslcins Grace Bonfiglio lla Coles Virginia Camburn Firsf Team Ambler . .. Ambler . Ambler ........ Second Team Ambler ,. ..,. .. Ambler . Ambler .., Shirley Coffey Jean Nixon Gloria Davies Minnie Lane Jacqoeline S'e-war Sally Wallce' Elaine C I., rfis Jessie King Molly Monaco Jennie LaSorsa GAMES PLAYED Abingfon ..... Glenside-Weldon Norfh Wales . Abingfon . Glensicle-Weldon Norfh Wales .. .....IO .,I5 ....2O . S ....3 O I Q I Firsl Row: Mr. Lauder, W. Alberlson, J. Asller. Second Row: C. Dager, M. Camassa. W. Kalb, O. VonAppen, F. Rocchino, W. Marana, J. Signore. W. Pugliese. .JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' BASKETBALL Baslcelball for AmbIer's Junior I'ligh School boys was relurned Io The sporls calendar aller a lapse of a year. Mr. Lauder fool: The respon- sibilily ol coaching This group. Almasr every boy who repo:-led for 'rhe squad had very Iillle or no baslcelball experience. The Tirsf game was dropped Io Lansdale by a score of I2-6. lnexperience was Ihe chief reason lor Ihe deleal. However, Ihase who wilnessed Ihe game were surprised Io see how well Ihe Ambler courlmen handled Ihe ball. ln whal was probably The besl played game of I'he season, Ambler losl Io Springfield 'ro Ihe Iune of I6-I5 in an overlime game. The Ihir-cl game saw The Ambler quinlel delear Lansdale I2-6 on The Lansdale Tlaor. The lasl Iwo games were losl Io Thomas Williams: each by Ihe score of 28-24. The Junior Ieam played well Ihroughoul The enlire season and should provide excellenl ma- Ierial lor The Senior High squad. Ambler . Ambler . Ambler . SCHEDULE . .... 6 . ..... I5 . .... I2 Ambler .. ...... 24 Ambler . Signare Camasso Gransby I-lasfings Marono Kalb .... . ..... 24 Lansdale . . Springheld ..,. Lansdale .. Thomas Williams Thomas Williams VARSITY ,,..I2 ....I6 6 .....28 ...NZB ...,guard ,....guard .....guarcI forwa rd fo rwa rd ca plain 'bk l. NV, lr lv, ww Biscuils 2, C. 6i1'TllWlll'7 Air-mincled 3, Bwwl vw Overburdened 4. R. vw Accuracy 5. N. F in Elecfromagnefs 5. l. lvlw-v Soap Carver 7, li. F v1 Puf 'em up F. C. TH The fool room 9. lil. Ayvw. Wanna' play lO L, VH-" Tinsmifln 'l,A.lKv'lw-1'1l- Good morning l?. R. Mmwi Darn physics ll. Civil' H1 Subslifufe l4. M. F111-f Ari lin, C S'1 llv-1 mf Drilling Holes lb. B. Gi ill Junior Varsify Waiclh that finger I7 l K--y i, gf- Ax.,.. Vulcan I9 J llalin wiiqru ai be 20. V. Ci.1'nlwv:w Make fha? poin? Ql. Waich if 22. H. Allwilsfwn The scienfisl 23. R, Tovw- William Tell 24. M. BW' i" Teacher 25. R. Mfow Grinding away v-A 2 Y T1 OED Q 2 + ,Tw 4 .. , ,-,":-4,f4.1':-F-fl PERRY 42. 'The Lovely Duckling" wos one of lhose rore CAST ploys-o comedy designed for high school pro- ducfion yelr wrillen wilhoul' loo much senlimen- lolily. I+ wos o sludy in odolescenr psychology, presenled wilh so much underslonding on lhe porl of lhe oulhor ond so much nolurolness ond verve on +he porl' ol lhe oclors fhol oudiences lorgcl ils slighl plol ond revelled in young oclors ploying fhemselves. The ensemble ocling wos lively fhroughouf, The childrens scenes especiolly hoving o cerloin noslolgic chorm. Besides inlroducing severol newcomers lo The sloge, 'The Lovely Duckling" relied on fhe experience of Anne Illingworlh, Noncy Wollrer, ond Rulh Smilh. Rosie Pol Holmes , Alberl . Bemrny , Myro . Tom I'-lolrnes Viclorio Spencer Freddie . Annobelle . Aiinf Florenc Glorio , Murphy , . Holmes. Direcled by Helen Borlc. Urb Vvqinio R. 'h Sniirlw Anne li ingworlh Willioni Edrnondsoi. on, Doreen Sneiidon . Borboro DeLong George Collrell Boibofo Choopell Rcbef' Horsch Jones Le ise Rishel , Noncy Wollxer , , Anro Boll , An'heny Urbon Scenery bnill by l-l. R. l-liinsiclcer. Scene design by Anne Pelleiger. Assislonl Direcior-Thelrno Renner. Monooers: Edwoid Bowers, Agnes Ronilmr ldilh Coionzoro. JUNIOR HIGH PLAY CAST Firsi' Row: J. Miller, D. Seeley, R. Gump, K. Breslin, J. Cohen, G, Davies, F. Reis, J. Nixon, H. Allen Second Row: A Hickey, J. Smiih, P. Sandilos, J. Meyers, C. Baker, M. Hea+h, Miss Gear, A. Pierson C. Dager. 'HUCKLEBERRY FlNN" Aunl Pi-,ily .... Rulh Walson , Mary Jane ..,.. Fred Raymond Meiba While Clara Woppinger .. Amy Woppinger . Huckleberry Finn . John Finn .. Tom Sawyer .. The play, "Huckleberry Finn," was The rhird ploy produced by fhe Junior High School. Miss Gear, +he dramafic direcror, and +he well chosen casf Worked roamruiiy one enrhusiasfically +0 make a success of rhe play. The play concerns 'rhe iuvenile advenfures of . . . .Ann Hickey . . . . .Diane Seeley . . . . .Kay Breslin ........Peier Sandilos ....Margaref Jane Healh .. . , ,. .Jean Nixon . . . .Gloria Davies ....Roberr Gump ,. . ,Charles Baker . . . .Charles Dager Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer: ihe reforma- rion of Huck's drunken farher, and rhe mysfrerious diseppeemnce of Huckleberry Finn. The orchesrra, under rhe direcrion of Mr. Clif- ford Geary, supplemenfed ihe performance ol "Huckleberry Finn" wi+h several fine numbers. STAGE On April l6ll'i and l7ili, 'lSlage Door," lay Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman was presenled as llrie second ploy of llie year. I+ is a slory ol several young aclresses wlio live iogellier al' a llrealrical boarding house, and concerns all ol llreir lroubles, happiness and successes, in 'rlneir ellorl lo gel llweir big clrance on Broadway. Under Miss Bork's alole direclion, llie play, mcluding or ca:l al 30 people, was excellenlly prcduced. DOOR Olga Brandl .. . Bernice Niemeyer Susan Paige ...... Mollie .. . Big Mary . Lillie Mary ....,, Madeleine Vauclain Jodirli Canlield ,. Ann Braddock . Mrs. Orcufl ,. Kaye i-larnilran Pal Devine , Jean Maillarid . . Louise Milclwell . . Kendall Adarvs Frank ....,.... CAST , .Byfy l-laggirrboilram Eileen Urban .. Nancy Wilson . Helen Weller Calnerine DeSando Rose Barbacow . .Louise Rislnell , Nancy Walker . Mae Wlwisilor U... Ruin Srnilln , . Agnes Rourke .Bzrrfznra Cnaopel Mary' Laisf- Allen . Vera Caarnp: .. Anna Bslr ,4,.Anfen Urban SO Tor ry Randy!!! Scm Having: .. Jimmy Devon-owx Fred VrwvvU Lou Mlwwommsmvr David Kirmswfw Keith Bwrgcss Dv, RMXHQU 5 2 s Ann lUinqworH' ,Henrv Deen: Dfmoki Recd VViWc1m Lum' . Rdplv Bom Lxf, George Com-ew Robert Horsdw .CON Randal, ,5' !f M Wan Fonwkh . Torw GIUQWS Larry W0s'cf" BWV Adolf Gzefzf Rdwcofam' Ayisur Frompfor Frooerfy Momnfw' Bobby MQWVCSC . Befiy MENU lffumrwefio HOHU ..Hf-rhorf Luxffm Gum? Bwdwomaf' . Alvin Noigd UmWrvw:1 Rffrme' Gkwio Sirvwpgon Bw, Bm , . X 1 .. VA- G. :adm Sy ,W ii ? s 'b'1" .rf . 5 H Q A V ,f SUPER SALESMEN INDIVIDUALS Firsf Row: V. Spence, R. Krieble, A, Whilcomb Second Row: E. Bones, F. Dager, M. Lynch SUPER SALESMEN The Iwo annual liclqel campaigns were carried Through wilh greal' success. The sludenl body was -divided info Three compelilive Teams, inspired by The Tacully leaders: Mr. I-lunsiclcer, Mr. Meyers and Mr. Geary. The highesl sellers in bolh Junior and Senior high school were awarded cash prizes. The winning Team enioyed Ihe 'riclcel campaign parly sponsored by 'rhe mem- bers of The losing Teams. The success of These campaigns can be largely allribuled +o Jrhe s+uclen+s whose piclures are shown on fhis page. The sludenls in The pic+ure above have sold +wen+y- Tive or more Iiclcels, and 'rhose in The group piclure have sold len or more. SUPER SALESMEN Firsf Row: F. Glosier, A. Illinq- worlh, N. Walker, A. Neiguf, R. Gump, I-I. Smilh, T. Varallo, F. Morgan labsenll 52 Firsf Row: B. Douglass, G. Rawlins, E. CaTanzoro, R. Mayer, K. Rishel, G. Buchanan, B. Haggin- boThom, D. Leech, W. Sopers, E. Edwards, J. Balcer, E. HeaTh, N. HoT'Tman, R. Towne, M. Drager, H. I'-IoTTman, S. Serrao. Second Row: B. Engle, C. Hughes, B. LiTTle. B. Boehner, L. ZaTTarano, G. Simpson, V. Hahn, M, De-Sando, C. D'Elia. J, Hahn. M. Ganiamie, J. Cohen, M. Shelly, J. Meyers, M. SmiTh. J. Malone. Third Row: H Bullard, G. Hasfinqs, O. PTeiTTer, R. Shoemaker, F. Thomas, R, Kreibel, N. Walker, P. Sandilos, M. Evans, E. Johnson, A. Signore, V, KauTTr'nan, G. AshTon, G. Miller. MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS The ChrisTmas season This year was brighTened innmeasurably by The annual presenToIion oT The Carol Service. One hundred and TiTTy members aT The various choruses ol The Ambler High School Toolc parT in This impressive program. For The TirsT Time in iTs hisTory, The A Cappella Choir was aslced To presenT o ChrisTmas program aT The STrawbridge and CloThier STore in JenlcinTown. The con- cerT was considered highly successTul. The A Cappella Choir presenTed iTs yearly program aT The Colony Club in The Spring. The Iasf appearance aT The Choir was aT The BaccalaureaTe Service in June. Miss Manlove is To be commended Tor her hard worlc and The noTable success she and The choruses have achieved This year. No Ii+TIe parT oT This success was due To The excellenT accompanying oT The high school pianisT, BeTTy HagginboThom. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Firsf Row: S. Soirao, R. Sandilos, D. Turner, E. Mcphoil. J. Heywood, W. King, R, AsTler, K. Breslin R. Gump. M. Gaslcins, B. Engle, B, AIberTson, A. Rresberry, V. Ryles, J. Crocl:eT, B. J, Snyder, N TrosTer, H. Ross. Second Row: R, Shoemaker, G. HasTings, F. C5iosTer, C. Signore, M. Deen, l. Coles. M. J. Wilox, F F, Serrao, If. Ganiarnie, E. D'Elia. E. Malone. D. King, H. SmiTh, B. GroTT, M. GanT, M. J, SrniTh, E GanT, C, Perla. F. Thomas, V. KouTTman. Third Row: B, Douglass, M. Landon, M. Morris, M. Morris, E. SanT, J. Miller, M. Lane, J. Meyers J. STewarT, G. Ashfan, R. GaTes, C. ThornTon, B. STevens, D. Mcbvans, S. Wallcer. 53 Firs+ Row: A. Boll, A. Roberls. Second Row: M. Welbank, F. Wrighl, 5, Alberlson, M. Ely. P. Sandilas, E. Fausl, M, Allen, V. Flower, A. Schwarlz, R Kriebel, R. Towne, E Ralhenberger, J. Baker, B. Adams, S, Scardino, N. Brady, NN. Dickinson. Third Row: H. Bullard, G. I-Uber. J. Monacca, A. Kemmerer, A. Boulton, W, Pugliese. D. Huggin- bofhom, J. Rile, H. Jones, R Faust A. McCoy, R. Bowers. J. Ganiamie. MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS "Over hill over dale . . . and lhe 'liroians go marching along." 'Ine Ambler High School Band has added anolher successful chapler Io Ihe musical hislory ol The school. Fall, under 'rhe guidance oi our leader and friend, Mr. Clifford K. Geary, we reorganized Ihe band which was greally depleled by gradualion. In a sharl lime il was working smaolhly and Iune-Iully. Wilh careful and syslemalic inslruclion from our leader we prepared lor our Iirsl public appearance, al lhe inilial Ioolball game. Aller a successful debul we proceeded Io augmenl The Ioolball +eam's work, al each game, wilh music and drill Iormalions. Alle-r 'rhe close of lhe Ioalball season, Ihe band assisled al numerous school and public Iunclions. Included among our many appearances was a Spring concerl. We were ably represenled al Ihe Soulheaslern Dislricl Band Concerl held in Pollslown, in March, by Allred Kemmerer, Hugh Bullard, Frank Mallozzi, Russel Beninga, Frank Wrighl, and George Miller. JUNIOR HIGH BAND n -A W G - Q - Firsl' Row: B. Smith, M son, M. Bell, R, Slevens Geary 54 - - Carpenter, J. Cralf, J. M r Hough, E. Scherili, M. J Thomp son, M. Reverdy. M. Geary H Schauller, S. Colley, F. Re s Second Row: M. Trosle W A berlson, J. Rile, J, Haywooo Ganl, N. Brady, R. Asller R Ze Tlemoyer, F. Glosler, L 'Ihamb Third Row: S, Cohen, J Hess K Becker, J. Asller, I-I. G Firsf Row: A. Teller, A. Signore. Second Row: G. Blounl, G. Rawlins, J. l-lahn, N. Wilson, M, Evans, B. Snyder, A. Rourke, F. Reis, J. Hess, R. Zelllemoyer, M. Trosler, W. Alberlson, E. Malachowslci, G. Miller, Mr. Geary, Direclor. Third Row: W. Wyroslelc, R. Benigno, W. Jordan, G. l-lasfings, 6. Morrison, W. Sobers, B. Chappell, P, Berry, L. Coles, l.. Srnilh, A. Neigul, F. Mallozzi, G. Simpson, D. Reed. All ol lhe Ambler represenlalives lo lhe Soulheaslern Dislricl Orcheslra Con- cerl had lhe honor ol holding lirsl chair posilions. They were: l-lugh Bullard, Russel Beningo, Frank Wrighl, and George Miller. The orcheslra supplied ils ralenl for lhe +wo school plays as well as concerls for bolh Senior and Junior high school assemblies. Mr. Geary has been developing lhe lalenl ol lhe Junior Band. These people will soon replace lhe veleran Seniors in The Varsily Band. The bands and orcheslra gralelully acknowledge lheir apprecialion lor having had lhe privilege ol 'rhe lroining and fellowship offered by These organizalions, under Mr. Geary's direclion, during lhe pasl season. Hugh Bullard .,. .....,. Presidenl Silber? l-'lobes ...,.. Vice-Presidenl Belly Adam: .. .,., Secrelary-Treasurer ORCHESTRA First Row: Mr. eww. F.WfiQl1+-l- Ganiomie, A. Glaser, E. Johnson, E, Kepler, M. Garrill, N. Penniclc, B. l-lagginbolhcrn Second Row: G. Miller, N, Brady. S. Alberlson, M. J. Ely, P. Sandilos. B. Rolhenberger, B. Adams, S. Scardino Third Row: D. l-lance, G. Rawlins. G. Blounl, D. l-lagginbolhcrn, l-l. Bullard, R. Benigno, F. Reis 55 1 mf -uw i JUNIOR HIGH COUNCIL FirsT Row: B. AlberTson. J. Banfiglio. Second Row: D. I-lagginboThom. S. CoTTey, J. Nixon, G BlounT, S. AlberTsan, C. Dager, J. Signore, 6. Bonfiglioi E. Curfis. Third Row: R. AsTler, B. STevens, Miss Gear, B. Engle D. Pugliese. S. Sororo, G. HasTings, B. Malozzi. SENIOR SENIOR COUNCIL Firsf Row: R. Virlcler, J. Gump, R. Hoopes, G. Miller, H AlberTson. G. STewarT, D. Leech. Second Row: L. Leslie, D. Wood, R, McCabe, D, Pen ningTon, H. SmiTh, J. I-lolz, W. Lunn, W. Wyrosfelc, H Bullard, W. Sobers. Third Row: C. DeSando, R. Towne, A. Lane, D. Marple L. HoTTman, B. Adams, T. Heasely, N. Brady, Mr. Dun can. COUNCIL Senior Council, The governing body of Senior High School, is composed oT repre- senTaTives Trom each Senior High home room: one member aT large Tram The Sopho- more Class, Two Trom The Junior Class, and Three Tram The Senior Class: capTains of iooTball, baslceTball, hockey, and Traclc squads: The presidenT oT The Honor SocieTyt a represenTaTive Tram The band, and The presidenTs of The Three Senior High classes. Members of council are placed on commiTTees, such as: caTeTeria commiTTee, which Takes care of The conducT and cleanliness oT The caTeTeria7 The aThleTic com- miTTee, which co-operaTes wiTh The TaculTy in Taking care oT sporTs: The assembly commiTTee, which is in charge of order in The assembly. There are also oTher com- miTTees which are in charge of noon recreaTion, TraTTic in The halls, assembly programs, and social condiTions. MeeTings are held weekly, alTernaTing beTween regular council meeTings and commiTTee meeTings. Problems are broughT up in commiTTee meeTings and are dis- cussed and acTed upon in regular meeTings. For The pasT Tew years Ambler has belonged To The Philadelphia Council Asso- ciaTion. Each monTh one oT The schools in The associaTion plays hosT To The oTher schools. ln March aT This year, Ambler was in charge oT one oT These meeTings. Mr. Duncan was The TaculTy adviser of The Council Tor The pasT school year. JUNIOR COUNCIL Junior Council is The sTudenT governing body ol Junior High School. The council consisTs of a member Tram each home room, a represenTaTive Tram The bond, and a represenTaTive Tram sporTs. Some of The council's acTiviTies are To help Take care oT noon recreaTion in The gym, To mainTain order in The caTeTeria, and To have hall guards appoinTed who are in charge oT The halls during The Junior High lunch period. Each year The council sponsors The Junior AThleTic ParTy which is one of The ouT- sTanding social TuncTions in The Junior High School calendar. PresidenT ,.,,. ...,,. ,,., .,........ , . ..,,. ............. , . . Charles Dager Vice-PresidenT .... SecreTa ry . . .....George BlounT .... . . .Sally AlberTson 56 Firsi Row: B. DeLong, L. Amey. J. GarriTT, L. Leslie, W. Sobers, J, l-lolz, H. l-ledriclc, C. D'Flia. Second Row: B. Boehner, V. Hahn, M. L. Allen, D. Leech H. Bullard, G. Buchanan, J, Dall'AgaTa, M. DeSando. Third Row: M. Evans, B. Adams. N. Brady, G. Miller, H AlberTson, E. STong. FirsT Row: G. Mullahy, L. Rishel, N. Walker, V. Hahn. G. Miller, W. l-larsch, E. FausT, G. Simpson, A. Rourke, M. Ganiamie. Second Row: D. LapeTina, G. Buchanan, M. Drager, R. SmiTh, B. RoThenberger, N. Brady, J. Baker, M. Fanu, T. Mullohy, Miss Sleesman. Third Row: 6. Bauerle, D. Leech, R. Krieble, J. Holz G. Huber, W. Sobers. THE NATICNAL HONOR SOCIETY The NaTional Honor SocieTy is one oT The leading organizaTions ol Ambler High School. New members are chosen by a TaculTy commiTTee who selecT noT more Than Tive per cenT oT The Junior Class and a ToTal oT TiTTeen per cenT oT The Senior Class. The Tour qualiTicaTions necessary Tor elecTion To The Ambler ChapTer are: CharacTer, scholarship, leadership, and service. The Honor SocieTy of The pasT year has -done iTs besT To live up To These ideals. Among The proiecTs which They have successfully carried ouT are: sponsoring a CourTesy Weelm campaign, keeping an Honor Scroll in The hall, and mosT imporTanT oT all-ediTing The TirsT sTudenT handbook in The hisTory oT The school. WalTer C. Sobers ............,.... .....,................,,....,.. ,... ..... ....... P r e s idenT Jaclc Holz ..... --- ...,. Vice-PresidenT Lillian Leslie .. . .. .. ... , . .. .. ,,.. SecreTary FORUM This year The Ambler High School Forum, which was Tormerly under The leader- ship oT Mr. RoThwell, is under The direcTion oT Miss Sleesman. AlThough Miss Sleesman is new To The school, The Forum is progressing rapidly and saTisTacTorily under her guidance. The Forum elecTed a new sTaTT oT oTTicers lasT Fall. The Tollowing were chosen: George Miller, presidenTg William Harsch, vice-presidenT: Verna Hahn, secreTary, and Nancy Brady, Treasurer. AT The TirsT meeTing oT The Forum, The Topic, "Labor and All4OuT DeTense," was discussed. AT The second meeTing, The subiecT oT debaTe was, "Should The UniTed STaTes Send an A. E. F. To Europe." Mr. Kerschner honored The Forum aT a special meeTing by giving a Tallc on "Civilian DeTense." A Tew oT The alumni members have been presenT aT The meeTings. The deloaTing has been inTeresTing and spiriTed, as is essenTial To a good Forum. Miss Sleesman sTaTed ThaT The Forum senT a delegaTion To aTTend The Temple ConTerence This Spring. Due To The inTeresT which has been shown in The Forum by The new members, The TuTure oT The organizaTion seems very promising. V00 f' 8 I NATIONAL TI-IESPIANS The Nafional Thespian Dramafic Honor So- ciefy is a non-secref, non-social high school or- ganizafion wifh chapfers in forfy-seven sfafes. The can-didafes have fwo hurdles fo iump before fhey are eligible for membership: firsf, fhey musf have gained enough poinfs in maior or minor roles in a fhree-acf producfion or a series of one-acf plays, or have done efficienf work as a manager on The business, publicify, or Iighfs commiffees in fwo long plays: second, a candidafe musl' demonsfrafe his willingness fo live up fo 'rhe Na- fional Thespian pledge. TROUPERS The "Troupers" is a dramafic club composed of high school sfudenfs inferesfed in any phase of fheafrical producfion. Ifs members sfudy sfage movemenf, makeup, and panfomine in or- der fo be beffer qualified for fhe school plays. The Troupers sponsor assembly programs, revi- vols of worfhwhile mofion picfures, and exchange programs. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club has fhirfy girl members chosen from fhe Senior High School by Mrs. Jones, fhe librarian. During fhe Iwo hours a week each member spends in fhe library, she checks and shelves books, fakes care of fhe newspapers and magazines, and makes herself generally use- ful. The club has a business meefing once a week and a social meefing one evening a monfh. BADMINTON CLUB The Badminfon Club is composed only of girls in fhe Senior High School. Every affernoon some girls are pracficing badminfon in The Gym. Miss Boyle schedules all fhe girls in 'rhe badminfon fournamenf. The winner of fhis fournamenf re- ceives a frophy. Hildegarde Smifh is presidenf. Helen Hedrick, freasurer. ARCI-IERY CLUB The girls in fhis club arch every affernoon offer school and fhe six highesf scorers shoof in fhe meefs. These experf archers meef Springfield, Abingfon, Doylesfown and Chelfenham. The girls on fhe feam are awarded Ieffers af fhe end of The season. AIRPLANE CLUB The Airplane Club, under l'he supervision of Mr. Eichhorn, has expanded every year since if was organized in I936. The members work fo- gefher and individually fo produce scale models of all fypes of aircraff. In fhe Spring fhe boys have confesfs fo deferf mine fhe endurance and sfurdiness of fheir planes. GIRLS SHOP CLUB Under fhe direcfion of Mr. Kunsman, fhe Jun- ior High girls are being faughf an inferesfing hobby-woodwork. They are making such fhings as wall fracks, serving frays, book cases, and whafnofs. 'The secrefary of fhe club is Anfoineffe Tre- g ia. BACHELORS' CLUB The Bachelors' Club is composed of boys who are anxious fo learn fhe culinary arf. Under fhe direcfion of Miss Abrahams, fhe boys produce many appefizing dishes, and fhey believe fheir concocfions fo be superior fo fhose of fhe girls. CARVING AND MODELING CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Shearer, fhis Junior High School club has a membership of sevenfeen boys and girls. The club holds ifs meefings firsf period, every Thursday. The sfudenfs work wifh soap, wood, plasfer, clay, and sfone. During 'Ihe year a collecfion of soap carvings was placed on exhibifion in The hall. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The purpose of fhe Phofography Club is fo develop an appreciafion of good phofography fhrough fhe acfual faking and processing of pic- fures, under The helpful insfrucfion of Mr. Menna. The cIub's main feafure is a confesf held each Spring in which members may exhibif 'rheir pic- fures. PRESS CLUB The Press Club is now in ifs sixfh successful year. Miss Gear supervises fhe work of fhe reporforial sfaff, and Miss Barr direcfs The fyp- ing sfaff. The reporforial sfaff wrifes arficles on school acfivifies, and fhe fyping sfaff prepares fhem for fhe local newspapers. 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Suggestions in the Ambler High School - Pinnacle Yearbook (Ambler, PA) collection:

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Ambler High School - Pinnacle Yearbook (Ambler, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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