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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1931 volume:

s 2 E 5 E E S 5 E I E The R-Ambler Edition of Mother Goose edited by The Class of l93l published by Ambler High School, Ambler, Pa V45 4 Tm X it SQ . tr' I I I I opened the R Ambler ust Ilke you bowed to the Faculty ust Ilke you admlred the Classes ust Ilke you Jolned the Organlzatlons cheered for Athletree ust hke you emrled at uruor I-hgh Sehool just Ilke you thanked all the patrons ust hke you closed the R Ambler Then I was through I ' s I ' - I ' Q - I ' ,V I ' - just like you. I ' , I ' - I . J . . J y ' . We, the members of the Class of l93l, dedicate this Mother Goose Edition of R-Ambler to our Senior Class advisor, Evelyn R. Kulp. The influence of her sincere interest, pa- tient guidance and inspiring leader- ship will always continue in our lives, even as the memories of child- hood nursery rhymes ever live in our hearts. "One ship dtrives east, another drives west, With the self-same winds that blow. 'Tis the set of the sails and not the gales Which tells us the way they go." During the years spent in Elementary School and in High School you have acquired certain knowledge, skills, and abilities. We trust the knowledge you have attained will serve as an honesvt' guide in helping you to chart the course of life. May the forces of a good character and a determined ambition aid you in setting the sails of your ship so that you will reach your goal and render to your Country a life of useful service. May your interest and loyalty to Ambler High School prompt you and urge you frequently to retrace your steps to the halls of your Alma Mater, and in so doing, who knows whom you may inspire with a greater ambition to K 277.2940 Carry On! We extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the members of the Class of l93l. Ambler High will miss you. Your splendid spirit of initiative and co-operation, your whole-souled enthusiasm for the right, your determination to carry to ever higher levels of achievement the standards of Ambler High, challenge the best efforts of future classes. As in the magic of memory you recall the friendships of the classroom, the loyalties of teammates, the pride and joy of outstanding accomplish- ments on track and Held and stage, may you realize that life's richest treasures are touched with the quality of eternity. ln life may you be true to the best traditions of your class. May success to you mean not only material gain, but "keeping always in closest touch with all that's fine: looking up to the stars above, and drinking deeply of life and love." 'ZZ 7. Mr. Duncan, Mr. Drumm, Mr. Kunsman, Mr. l-larkins, Mr. Hunsicker, Mr. Meyers. Mr. Kerschner, Mr, Milspaw, Miss Donmoyer, Miss Kulp, Miss Coyle, Miss Potteiger, Miss Gear, Mr. Baker, Mr. Fisher. Miss Marple, Miss Barr, Miss Boyles, Miss McHenry, Miss Abrahams, Miss Snyder, Miss Bork, Miss Kelly. From Geary's good old English, and Baker's cutting up, We'll think of Duncan's history and Meyer's triangle cut. Who was it that kept the typists busy, all in a row? Why, Kulp and Barr, the eHicientg l guess. we ought to know. Then of course there's Boyles and' Drumm, and good times spent in gym, From there we smelled lMiss Abraham's meals, and ohl how we did grin! Then, too, there's Miss Potteiger's art and I-lunsicker's carpentry, too, With Miss Bork's dramatics they show our plays to you. Miss Snyder and Mr. Milspaw, their sticks they often raise, But just to lead in song and band-we give them all due praise. Miss Kelly's the faithful lady who asks why we are late, Then we're sent to Mr. Kerschner where we always hear our fate. Misses Donrnoyer and Coyle, the junior High they teach, Also Kunsman and Harkins whose high marks pupils reach. The garcon and fllle, we'll remember, the dans and the en of French, With Miss McHenry helping, the Francais language we quench'd. Mr. Fisher, our supervising principal, a fact we know is true, Gives dictation to Miss Marple and helps the seniors through. 8 Tl!!-1' 'r' Q - XX M "WL f ' RSENIORHIGH1 gl F x X9 'ur- E lllllllllllllllilllllllllli lllUlIllll llllllllllllllllllllllllll WW MQQMWZL UNQQTW HQ, 1 21m ? f YQ ,Maw gym .fQa1 mi qw? 5 X , V ,J -- A -1? l - -- ' A W ...........V. -- WA x ,-, " ' ' "fm F ? gf ! - B xg-ff 5 N .Lf ff 'J fy KW 0 5 1 QED? Lighjg 'f A f , ,,. if ' - ' ' ' pf!! 7 MS C '15 is f V X N XV Z ,Z I 4 Xi E M f -1, x., I 4 v fb I i ' ? A N ' 'A 1111, -1 4 K ' ' 'lf . ,V A L -I X ,"anXx alll! .am llldunn ' Jef Robert Russell was a merry old president And a merry old president was he, And he called for silver, And he called for green, Class colors, and for helpers three. Royal Mattison was a fine vice-president, And a Fine vice-president was he, And he called for pep, And he called for a dance, And he called for his helpers three. Leo Diehl was a sedate secretary, And a very sedate secretary was she, And she called for her pen, And she called for her ink, And she called for her helpers three. Miriam Whitcomb was a jolly treasurer, And a very jolly treasurer Was she, And she called for her dollars, And she called for her change, And she called for her helpers three. And every helper, he had a Fine time, And a very fine time had he, "Hurrah," said the faculty, "Hurrah," said the class, "F or the president and helpers three!" I0 EDITH .-XMEY "Edie" "Little Anne Etticoat, In a white petticoat, And a red noseg The longer she stands, The shorter she grows." R-Ambler Staff C45g Class Program Cl, 25: Eti- ,quette Club C153 Shop Club Cl, 25g Pep Club 115, HERBERT R.-XUDEX AMEY, JR. "Joe" 'Tm the head constable," Honor Society 13. 45: Class President 1l, 2, 35: Student Council Cl, 3, 45: Vice President C35: Presi- dent 145: Band Cl, Z, 3, 455 Leader C3, 453 Manager 14-5: Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 45: High School Play 13, 453 Operetta Cast CZ, 3, 45: Football Cl, 3, 45: Captain 145: Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45: Baseball Cl, 2, 35: Col- legeville Chorus 12, 353 Bachelor Club 115. BERNICE MARIAN ARNOLD "Bern" "As Dolly was milking her cow one day, Tom took out his pipe and began for to play: So Doll and the cow danced 'the Cheshire rouncl,' Till the pail was broke, and the milk ran on the ground," R-Ambler Staff C453 Operetta Chorus 13, 453 Class Program C152 Athletic Association C352 Hockey C453 Gymnasium Exhibition CZ, 35: Collegeville Chorus C2, 355 Pep Club C155 Shop Club Cl5. A , iff, 1 L ll K Il N, 2 SSS EE X x ' LA iilisiffii' ,Wai lim, sfJ,JJffJ f FRANCES M. ARNOLD "Fi-tm" "There was an olrl woman, as l'x'e heard tell She went to market her meats for to sell: She went to market all on a market day, And she fell asleep on the king's highway." R'-A1l1l1l0I' Siilff C432 Class Program C1, 2, 333 Ath- letic Association C33 2 Senior Invitation Committee C43 3 Etiquette Club C133 Shop Club C13, MILDRED BONSTEELE "Mibbs" "Once I saw a little bird Come hop, hop hop: So I cried, 'Little bird, Will you stop, stop, stop?' And was going to the window To say, 'How do you do ?' When he shook his little tail, And far away he flew." Class Program C13: Shop Club C133 Etiquette Club C135 Operetta Chorus C43. BETTINA BRISTER "Bcttiv" "Dickory, Dickory, dockg The mouse ran up the clock The clock struck one, The mouse ran down, Dickory, dickory, dock." Class Secretary C131 Student Council C133 Secre- tary C135 R-Ambler Staff C43g Chronoscope Stal? Cl. 233 Play C1, 2, 33: Operetta Chorus C1, 333 Class Program Cl, 2, 3, 435 Athletic Association C1, 2, 33: Gymnasium Exhibition CZ, 33: Etiquette Club Cl, 233 Shop Club C1, 23: French Club C23. I2 ALLEN BUZBY Al "Dance little boy, dance up high, Never mind, boy, mother is by." R-Ambler Business Committee C455 Operetta Chorus C3, 45: Bachelor Club C155 Science Club CI5. GERTRUDE I. CAMBURN "Sparrow" "There was a little girl, who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good, But when she was bad she was horridf' Chronoscope Circulation Committee CZ, 3, 45: Class Programs Cl, Z, 3, 455 Athletic Association Cl, Z, 355 Pep Club Cl5. JOHN CASSIDY "Cassidy" "The Knave of Hearts, he stole some tarts, And with them ran away." R-Ambler Staff C455 Ticket Committee for the Play C3. 45: Operetta Chorus C3, 45: Class Program Cl, 2, 455 Athletic Association C255 Track Manager C45. I3 Vlslskks ,W 3 xi- fJJJJJ! XX .-l " Xt' V ' I l 'df-V- if ' ' JOSEPH CASSIDY "lov" "Charley loves good cake and ale, a - Charley loves good candy, Charley loves to kiss the girls, When they are clean and handy." , Chrouoscope Circulation Committee CZ, 352 Operetta Chorus C3, 43: Class Program Cl, 435 Athletic Asso- ciation C253 Collegeville Chorus C313 Science Club CU. SALVATORE CATERISANO "Sum" "Old King Cole was a merry old soul. And a merry old soul was hey And he called for his pipe, And he called for his bowl, . And he called for his liddlers three." Operetta Chorus C3, 453 Class Program Cl, 453 Science Club Cljg Bachelor Club CID. JANE COLGAN "l'ogna" "The Queen of Hearts She made some tarts, All on a summer's day: The Knave of Hearts, He stole the tarts, And took them clean away." Student Council CZJQ R-Ambler Staff C45 3 Play C43 3 Ticket Committee for the Play Cil, 2, 37: Operetta Chorus CZ, 335 Class Program C1, Z, 3, 43 :Athletic Association CZ, 353 Gymnasium Exhibition C215 Eti- quette Club Cllg Shop Club CZ, 33. I4 EDITH COLLINS "Edie" "As I went through the garden gap, Who should I meet but Dick Red-cap." R-Ambler Business Committee C455 Operetta Chorus Cl, 2, 35 : Class Program C45 1 Athletic Association 135 1 Basketball CZ, 355 Hockey CZ, 35: Track Q25g College- ville Chorus CZ, 453 Spanish Club C252 Gymnasium Club C25. M.-XRIAN COMPTON d.lfUI'liHllZCv 3-. "5Nhat is your fortune, my pretty maid. t'My hair is my fortune, sir," she said. l'Then I won't marry you, my pretty maid." "Nobody asked you, sir," she said. Transferred from Springfield High School C452 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 4353 Dramatic Club CS, 455 Commencement Chorus 135, MARY ANN CORREXTY "1lIury"A "Mary, Mary quite contrary, ' How does your garden grow? XVith silver bells and cockle-shells, And pretty maids all of a row." R-Ambler Staff C455 Operetta Chorus C3, 45: Class Program Cl, 455 Gymnasium Exhibition 135: College- ville Chorus C25g Shop Club U55 Pep Club 115. Vlslskks Wi' Rx if X Q5-UI fr 5 J 4 .J P J ' l at a J J DANA L. DICKINSON "Dinah" "One for the little girl that lives in the lane." R-Ambler Staff C455 Chronoscope Circulation Com- mittee C2, 35: Manager C452 Class Programs Cl, 2, 3, 455 Shop Club C155 Pep Club CI5. LEO DIEHL "She that would thrive, rises at five." Honor Society C3, 455 Secretary of Class 145. Treasurer C25 5 Student Council C3, 45 5 Secretary C45 5 Chronoscope Staff CZ, 355 Editor-in-Chief C455 Oper- etta Chorus C3, 455 Class Program Cl, 3, 455 Rings and Pins Committee C455 Collegeville Chorus CZ, 355 Latin Club C355 French Club CZ, 355 Etiquette Club Cl5. JAMES DOUGHERTY "Doc" "Little Jack Horner Sat in the Corner." R-Ambler Staff C455 High School Opcretta Chorus CZ, 3, 455 Varsity Football Cl, 3, 455 Varsity Baseball Cl, 2, 355 Gym Exhibition C2, 35 I6 RUTH V. GREEN "Grccnie,' "G0osey goosey gander VVhither shall I wander?" Honor Society C3, 43: Student Council C43: Chrono- scope Staff C2, 3, 433 Chronoscope Business Commit- tee C43 High School Operetta Chorus C2, 3, 433 Ticket Committee Operetta C331 Class Programs Cl, 2, 43: Varsity Basketball C3, 43: Varsity Hockey C3, 43: Manager C433 Varsity Track C3, 43: Gym Ex- hibition C2, 33: Class Track Cl, 2, 3, 43: Athletic As- sociation Cl, 2, 33: Collegeville Fashion Show C1, 33, Collegeville Track Team C3, 433 Senior Invitation Committee C431 Junior-Senior Prom Committee, 431 Shop Club C13. WENDELL HIBSCHMAN "Winnie" "Multiplication is vexation Division is as bad, The rule of three perplexes me, And practice drives me mad." High School Operetta Chorus C2, 3, 43: Class Pro- gram Cl, 2, 3, 43 3 Varsity Baseball C13 : Varsity Track C3, 43: Class Track CZ, 3, 433 Gym Exhibition Cl, 2, 3, 43 I Collegeville Contest Pole Vault C3, 43 3 Scientific Club C233 Gym Club C3, 43. MARY ELIZABETH HULETT "Bessie" "Oh, dear, what can the matter be P" Class Programs Cl, 335 Shop Club 113: Nature Club Cl3. I7 his I 'W 1' fbqxh I p,'l Ma Gb X f rig H .-9.9. ,Wai 3-. .w ' All . gms' kvflfff nh- ,JJJJJf EDITH MOORE HUNT "Edie" "Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuiTet." Class Programs Cl, 353 Shop Club C151 Nature Club 415. WILBERT LANDES 'fBfff" "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall: Not all the King's horses, nor all the King's men Could set Humpty Dumpty up again." High School Operetta Cast C353 Varsity Football C151 Class Programs Cl, 453 Athletic Association CZ. 35 : Science Club C153 Shop Club C45. JAMES LEONARD "Jimmy" "Simple Simon met a pieman going to the fair, Says Simple Simon to the pieman, "Let me taste your ware." R-Ambler Staff C453 High School Operetta Chorus CZ, 3, 455 Class Programs Cl, 3, 45: Varsity Football Cl, 3, 45: Varsity Basketball C3, 45: Varsity Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 455 Class Track C2, 355 Gym Exhibition C353 Collegeville Chorus C2, 35. I8 CATHERINE MARIE LUXTON "Lucky" "VVhat is your father, my pretty maid?" "My father's a farmer, Sir," she said. Class Program Cl, 43, Gymnasium Exhibition C231 Collegeville Chorus Cl3: Pep Club C135 Shop Club CI3: Operetta Chorus C43. HLJlllff11.L'U "Jack be nimble-Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candle stick," Student Council C132 Class Program C431 Varsity Football Cl, 3, 43: Varsity Track C231 Captain C3, 43 3 Track Record, Broad Jump Zl' IMV C332 100-Yard Dash 10.6 Seconds C333 Class Track Cl, Z, 3, 43: Col- legeville Contest, Third Place Broad Jump C23: Broad Jump Record 19' 10" C33: Third Place, 100-Yard Dash C333 Bachelor Club Cl3. ROY.-XL MATTISON "B0.w0c" 'tThere was an Owl lived in an Oak." Honor Society C431 Vice-President of Class C433 R-Ambler Editor-in-Chief C431 Chronoscope Circula- tion Committee C435 High School Play C3, 43: Ticket Committee, High School Play C431 High School Oper- etta Cast C3, 433 High School Operetta Chorus CZ, 33 Qt Program Committee High School Play C432 Chairman, junior-Senior Prom Committee C431 Scientific Club C131 Bachelor Club C132 Gymnasium Club C3, 43. I9 X Jblskks ,Wait xi .4 JJQIJJ, ex '- 3 .'f Q ff! A S. s 5.71E1"'::- 'Q ' x, 1' MARGARET JANE MEYERS "Fry" "A dillor, a dollar, A ten o'clock scholar." Treasurer of Class C152 Chrouoscope Business Com- mittee 145: Ticket Committee Play 4253 High School Operetta Chorus fl, 2, 3, 45: High School Operetta Cast 1155 Class Programs fl, 35: Athletic Associa- tion fl, 2, 35g Nature Club Q15: Glee Club Q25. DOROTHY MOLL "Dol" "Kiss me asleep, Kiss me awake, Kiss me for Dear NVillie's sake." R-Ambler Staff C453 Secretary of Class f'l5: High School Play fl, 25: Student Council U53 Ticket Committee Play 145: Class Programs il, 45: Athletic Association 11, 2, 35: Shop Club 415: Etiquette Club Ql5g Junior-Senior Prom Committee f45. CLARA E. MORRELL "Claire" "Needles and pins, ' Needles and pins, NVl1en a girl goes to school Her trouble begins." Chronoscope Circulation Committee 12, 3, 4.5: Ath- letic Association fl, 2, 35: Gym Iixhihtion 1253 Class Programs U55 Pep Club Ql5g Shop Club Ll5. 20 NORMAN R. MORTIMER "Heavy" "Lazy Tom, with jacket blue." Varsity Baseball C2, 333 Class Programs C433 Bach- elor Club C133 Science Club C13. DOROTHY LIVINGSTON NEWSOM "Dot" "Hot cross buns, hot cross buns." Honor Society C433 Varsity Basketball C2, 333 Cap- tain C433 Varsity Hockey C2, 3, 433 Varsity Track Cl, 2, 3, 433 Class Track Cl, 233 May Day Festival-See ond place 75 yard dash C331 Collegeville Contest-Re- lay Cl, 2, 3, 431 Second place 80 yard dash C23 Third place shot put C333 50 yard dash record 6.2 sec. C333 Gym Exhibition C2, 332 Class Programs C1, 33' Etiquette Club C133 Shop Club Cl3. ANNA E. POTTEIGER "Arzm'f' "My little old man and I fell out R-Ambler Staff C433 High School Operetta Chorus C233 Chronoscope Circulation Committee C2, 3, 433 Gym Exhibition C333 Class Programs Cl, 2, 433 Pep Club C133 Shop Club C133 Collegeville Chorus C2, 33 Vsbkbs x ,Wei X xi- ,23 QE'5?'2?lffi9'- 'g XJ C ' 3 J 35 J J f ALBERTA ROESCH "Brrt" "The rule .of three puzzles me, And practice drives me mad." Chf0110SC0DC Staff CU: Collegeville Chorus Q235 Shop Club fljg Pep Club CU. V DOMINIC ROMENDIO "Lad" "Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn." Band LZ, 35: Varsity Basketball fl, 2, 315 Captain C4Jg Varsity Baseball Q3, 435 Class Track tl, 2, 35: Collegeville Contest Cllg Scientific Club Qljg Bachelor Club Qljg Electrical Club QU AUGUST ROTELLE "Gus" t'The man in the wilderness asked of me, How many strawberries grew in the sea." Varsity Football C3, 43 5 Varsity Baseball C3, 45 : Sci- erggilic Club Cljg Bachelor Club Cljg Operetta Chorus C . 22 ROBERT MONTGOMERY RUSSELL "Bob" "I had a little dog, they called him Buff." Honor Society C455 President of Class C455 Student Council C455 Band Cl, 2, 3, 45 5 Chronoscope Staff C35 2 Associate Editor C455 High School Play C3, 455 High School Operetta Cast C355 Class Program C3, 455 Athletic Association C355 Program Committee tor High School Play C455 Debating Society C35, EDVVARD J. SHIELDS "Ed" "The longer I live the more full am I." Student Council C155 Cheer Leader C15 5 Athletic Association CZ, 355 Varsity Football Cl, 3, 455 Varsity Basketball CZ, 3, 45 5 Varsity Baseball Cl, 2, 35 5 Captain C455 Scientific Club C255 Gymnasium Club C3, 45 5 Operetta Chorus C45. EDWIN M. SMITH "S1niHy" "A man of words and not of deeds, Is like a garden full of weeds: For when the weeds begin to grow, Then doth the garden overflow." President of Class C155 Student Council Cl, Z, 3, 45 5 Cheer Leader C1, 2, 3, 45 5 Chronoscope Staff C2, 3, 45 5 Chronoscope Business Staff C355 High School Play Cl, 2, 355 High School Play Business Staff C155 High School Operetta Cast C355 High School Operetta Chorus CZ55 High School Operetta Business Staff C1, 255 Athletic Association CZ, 355 Manager of Varsity Football CZ, 3, 455 Manager of Varsity Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 455 Manager of Varsity Baseball Cl, 3, 455 Man- ager of Varsity Track C25 5 Scientific Club C15 5 Bache- lor Club C155 Honor Society C45. 25 eislbiiisihs X ,Weil X xt xs MARSHALL L.' SOLLIDAY ".lluslz" "When I was a little boy, I had but little wit." High School Operetta Chorus 12, 43: Class Pro- gram 1l, 3, 43: Athletic Association 11, 2, 33: Var- sity Football 13, 43 : Varsity Basketball 11, 43 : Varsity Track 133: High School High Jump Record 5'4" 133: Collegeville Contest, Third Place High Jump 133, MARGUERITE TALBERT "Pvg" "Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep, And can't tell where to find them, Leave them alone and they'll come home, Dragging their tails behind them." Orchestra 13, 43: R-Ambler Staff 143: High School Play 143: High School Operetta Chorus 133: Class Program 133. ELEANOR TOWLER "Twinkle, twinkle, little star." Secretary of Class 123: R-Ambler Staff 143: Chron- oscope Staff 13, 43: High School Operetta Chorus 12. 433 Athletic Association 11, 2, 33: Varsity Basketball 11, 2, 3, 43: Varsity Hockey 133: Captain 143: Gym- nasium Exhibition 12, 33: Varsity Track 11, 2, 3, 43: Broad jump Record 17'4Z4" 123: 80 Yard Dash Rec- ord 9 8-10 Seconds 133: May Day Festival, First Place Dash and Broad jump 11, 2, 33: Class Track 12, 331 Collegeville Contest, Relay 11, 2, 3, 43: FirSt Pl1lCC Broad Jump 11, 2, 33: First Place, 80 Yard Dash 11, 2, 33: Honor Society 143. Z A ll fb 24 blfw K QV Gif JOSEPH XYABESCZ "Jac" "Hickety, pickety, my black hen, She lays eggs for gentlemen." High School Operetta Chorus 13, 45 3 Class Program 11, 35 g Athletic Association 125 3 Varsity Baseball 135 : Gymnasium Exhibition 125: Scientific Club 115: Bach- elor Club 115. DOROTHY EILEEN NVHITE "Dot" "I had a little doll, The prettiest ever seen, She washed up the dishes, And kept the house clean." High School Operetta Chorus 125g Athletic Asso- ciation 125: Gymnasium Exhibition 1355 Collegeville C110Fl1S 12. 353 Pep Club 115: Etiquette Club 115: Shop Club 115 MIRIAM ALICE WHITCOMB "'Mimi" "Hush, Allison, I pray you don't cry, I'll give you some bread and milk by and by." Treasurer of Class 145: R-Ambler Associate Editor 145: Chronoscope Circulation Staff 1453 High School Operetta Chorus 13, 45g High School Play Ticket Committee 145: Gymnasium Exhibition 135: College- ville Fashion Show 12, 35: Shop Club 115: Honor Society 145. 1 'W 1 Q 5 25 ' 'H ,Fl , is he X M Ff E -QM -, L x ,Weil ii? in 5 XJ ' 'J J J A visitor to High School asked of me, "How many Seniors can there be?" I answered him as l thought good, As forty-five rabbits as grew in the wood. Hugh is nimble, Hugh is quick' Twinkle, twinkle, little star! Hugh leaps high, Eleanor, how do you jump S0 far? ln the high jump pit. The Green pig went to business. The Newsom pig went for sports The Cassidy pigs soughft a princess The Amey pig liked all sorts. Towler, Collins, Newsom, and Green Hickety, npickity, my dear jane, The finest players on the team, She makes eyes for the gentlemen When the Seniors go away, Gentlemen some eVeTY Cl-ay. We'll wish that they were back to play. To hear what Jane has to say. Three little children each have a key, Leo Diehl, Ruth Green and Herb Amey. They got this key because, you see, Diehl always had her lessons done, Green was always good in sports, Ancl Amey's leadlership -always supports. See, saw, Dorothy Moll, "Daddy Long Legs" shall be her master, She shall have but one practice a day. Who could work any faster? To Washington and Annapolis in Junior year we went, And here among great interests three pleasant days we spent. At Annapolis in Maryland, the first stop of the trip, The midshipmen caused many a heart to go flip-flipty-flip. Then back to Washington with its interests ever new, Where we learnt the ins and ou-ts and just how money grew. Three days heaped high with pleasure-and of value to be sure- For full details see Mr. Meyers, the night watchman of the tour. T26 Pat-aacake, pat-a-cake, Ambler's men- Get you a letter as fast as you can. Play football and baseball' and basketball too, Then wear your gold A on a background of blue, There's Amey, Lynch, Shields, and Doc Dougherty, Hugo, Rotelle, Houpt, Brown and Donnelly. Leonard, Romano, Maclntire, Moore, Hayman, Romendio Cfirst on the floor, Solliday, Ronan-all letter-men And Manager Smith gets all games that he can. In baseball and track there are letter-men, too, But the season's not here so what can we do? The prospect of winning is good, so we hear: For records, just read through the R-Ambler next year. School, school go away, Heavy Mortimer's gone to sea, - Bread and wine u on his knee C S b , P. .' ome again eptem er day' He ll come back with a captamcy Little Marshall wants to play. Valiant Heavy Mortimer, The '3l actors must stand on the stage, stage, stage, While Miss Bork gives criticisms sage, sage, sage, But when they are done, and if it be seen, They'll dress all up, and act on the green. Twenty-four clock, twenty-one clock, what time of day? Three-five, three-five-off and away. u What is your duty, my pretty maid?" "My duty's to act, sir," said"Peg". What is your fortune, my pretty maid?" Acting's my fortune, sir," said "Peg". 1. an "Then l won't marry you, my pretty maid," "No one asked you, Bob," she said. Salvatore, Salvatore, pudding and pie, Studied Economics and found it dry. When Duncan with questions began 4 ry, Salvatore's mark became very high. Y 48 vX 27 L 1 if if .QE .My X M xi C E -'E -.1 'il f ,Wai Xl -. X 3 2 ct, Herb, act, and sing, Herb, sing Dlckery, dickery dare, That the class may have its credit. Hibschman flew in the air That the town may take it 2 At Drumn's sound And into applause make it, l-le must come down, While '3l with your praise may ring. Dickery, dickery, dare. Little Bob Russell, come say your lines, The curtain's drawn, for you they pine. Where is that naughty Russell boy? Behind scenes, flirting, he's ever so coy. Dance to the radio my little Juniors, Dance to the radio my little Seniors, You shall have a little prom in the little gym, You shall have ta little prom if you are good and prim. Rock-a-bye Seniors on the tree top, Class day is coming, lessons will stop. When you have diplomas, school books will fall And off will go Seniors, records, and alll Wilson likes little lVlarg'rite, her cheek is so warm And if he don't hurt her, she'll do him no harm. So don't pull her hair, nor drive her away. For Wilson and lVlarg'rite gently must play. Here we go through our Senior year Our last year, Our best year, Here we go through our Senior year, Leaving our records 'behind us. This is the way we leave you all Our old friends Our new friends, This is the way we leave you all Leaving our records behind us. 28 X3 4 W Il HUB 45'- I -is in if ' IIIT B il ' , mm- Gs 57 I I: H ? X X A is for artists the best of them all, Edith and Frances and Jane, who is tall, All the pictures they draw for this book, When you get tired of readling, at them take a look. B is for Buzby and Bonsteele, both start with a B, If you are observant in the halls both you'll see. C is for Collins and Compton who say not a word, These girls follow proverbs-they're seen and not heard. D is for Dana and Dorothy too. Dorothy is happy and Dana is true. E is for Editor, the chief of the staff, When this book is finished how Royal will laugh! F stands for fun, the chief aim and delight Of Norman and Salvatore, morning to night. Cl is for Green, an athletic star, And also for Gertrude who talks above par. H is for humor quite sure to be found, When Bernice M. Arnold is hanging around. I is for impact that th' opwponent feelsg When Dougherty hits 'em the football line yields! J is for jumpers like Towler and Lynch, You may always feel sure they'll come through in a pinch K stands for Katherine, Luckyis the nickname, An ambitious senior whose work will bring fame. 3 , 29 Jah ,-IQ .N Xe X1 S M, Sf Q 3' ' 'Wei x A X xi. s if .fl Q J 5 XJ 4' 'Q' ' 69 .4 K K4 if M CQ ll 'Po- Il L is for Landis, a boy who is quiet, But when it comes to airplanes he causes a riot. M is for Margaret Meyers who's known To travel quite widely and seldom stay home, But Mary Correnty, her marks to revise, Stays much at home and with study grows wise. N is for Newsom, Dot's her first nameg ln hockey and basketball she won her fame. O is for oven, steaming and hot, Hulett and Hunt are the ,cooks of our lot. P is for Potteiger, a winsome wee miss- She's always real jolly unless she's been kissed. Q stands for the quest that Solliday creates. The girls he has courted think he is great. R is for Rotelle, a great lbaseball fan, ln the Held you can find him with ball in his hand S is for Smith, our cheerleader fine: He brings to the players pep from the side-line. T stands for twins, which are usually rare, The Cassidy brothers sure make a line pair! Their likes and their dislikes are mostly the same But Joe passes John with food' as his aim. U stands for up, over the topg see him gol Our graceful pole-vaulter is Hibschman, you know 30 V stands for varsity three-letter men, Amey and Leonard and Shields-three of them. ln sports they're outstanding: football's their best game, They won their three letters and brought the school fame W's for Whitcomb and Wabescz and White, Three little pupils 'both witty and bright. X is for Expression the dramatic club shows. .Leo gives monologues wherever she goesg This interest in common have Marg'rite -and Bob, And Betty Brister can make you both laugh and sob. Y standis for "why" the questions we'll ask- Why Roesch and Morrell are so quiet's a task! They're never seen talking in classes or halls And always are there when opportunity calls. Z stands for zeal that Captain Romendio shows, Wherever he leads, the team always goes. ' JW 1 3 I . I, t M it ' xx. lei X M BREEZE v QR rfb S-. . Q . 'J-TSX-0 af Y: Xfgfm CLASS IF mx DEDQ if,-4-'N 32 Rapp, Ottey, Hugo, Ronan, Rue, Acuff. , Brister, Suplee, Stout, Della Loggia, Caskins, Palermo, Maltin, Campbell. Deck, Fisher, Delaney, Roesch, Houpt, Cassell. Romano, Salata, jensen, Eckfeldt, Gelbert, Donnelly, Stillwagon. Ely, Siedenburg, Meyers, Hibschman, Kern, Leonard, Dager, Fertsch. Hurst, Rempp, Ward, Collins, Nice, Fluck, C. Mullin, Brumbaugh, Vandergrift, Mullin, Colmer, C ray. M. Stout, Haff, Hibbs, G. Stout, Lutz, Boehner, Maclntire, Amey, Smith, N. johnson, Saxon. Engle, Craft, Black, Morgan, Gerbrorr, Berwind, M. johnson, Saylor, DuBois, Ford. The Class of 1932 Tell a tale of Juniors So jolly ancl so free, Next year they'll be Seniors just like you and me. Basketball was their game, They helped in Football, too, Took a hand in Baseball just like a jolly crew. .N 33 all . X N 'KS is is E ls w ,Vai N vi. , 33 1 Kill ,. Rorer, Robinson, Stuart, Webb, Claville, Kern, Marchant, Fluck, Lear. Brown, Buck, Dillon, R. johnson. jones, Illingworth, Roberto, Hayman, Henry, Barbacow, Harper, Lowe. Raaer, Hunsicker, Hoisington, Krause, N. Deck, Lindenfelser, Amey, Rose, Caterisana, Porter Cullingford, Rossiter, Watkins, j. Signore, Keane. McPherson, Troutmaxi, Worthington, l. jones, Steer. Jensen, Finney, E. Ziegler, B. Taylor S johnson, N. Taylor. l Stout, DiLello, Knott, Potteiger, Rau, Cohen, Miller, Menna, Eddicks. A. Ziegler, Fleck, Shutt. Bartol, Hale, Deutsch, Petrove, Wooler, Dickinson, H. Ziegler, Potts, Michael, Gehman. The Class of I933 There was a little Sophomore Class, so silly and so green, Until one day they gave a play, the best we've ever seen. And now these Sophomores are so proud, Because their praises are sung aloud. So here's to the Sophomores, So brave and so true, They always go forward - And start something new. 34 5,. 1 A ,- .A . .,.,:,-Y-,f,'r,fxn--5-fry?-iq 5 -5 6 A I ' iw' fiix 4 09a K , f' XX Q 4 Xl X A 'xvvl 1 x X' ,A L K . ' X QFQW N - N 1 X QGYEOXQ I - I I lwbfgv . I' N 1 Q3 '32-' X Qs ,aww Q . Q.. f 5356- Z, isis, Y I Q4 YM 1' nv xN 4 '12 0. Qfg,-gggfnizgm ,g,gM.:ii,,3, 5.v5fe4:"145x V'2'a'fBEYe!"'u,l f- X LVN 3419? ifsieslefwlQMASQ'-Giza. 'I I. 94' ig.: 22x41 I'.,x gawk? .'.a-? ,'.?l-,zxx is .. - 1...- Houpt, Smith, Hayman, Russell, Hibschman, Buck. L onard, Wooler, D' hl P H A C B A Student Council There was a Student Council, Who carriedout the laws, Who had so many victims, F or heaving out spit-balls, They gave them new erasers, To polish up the seats. Pres'dent Amey stood on guard, To see they didn't cheat. 36 fJfJ'J5J f Mr. Frey, Weaver. Ely, Delaney, Mr. Milspaw. Eckfeldt, Boehner, E. Amey, Arnold, Fisher, Rorer, F. Fluck, Siedenburg, LeRoy jones, Berry. Lancaster, P. jones, Smith, Heath, Dull, E. jones. Clayville, Kern, Webb, Angeny, Dager, Engle, Fluck, Hayward, Meyers, Norris, H. Amey Half, Dillon, B. Amey, Saylor, Linde, Russell, Krebel, Romano, Vandergrift, Lutz, Rempp .W l"l. S. Band Little Boy Blue, come join the bancl, Take your instrument up in your hanclg Little Boy Blue, now blow your horn Let your music give joy to the morn. :ZFX 37 if ,g, 35 i 'WZ g. MM, Peg 0' My Heart Jerry-"What would your father say?" Peg-F"Sure, me fayther would say, 'Theres nothing half so swate in life as love's young clream'." Mrs. Chichester ................... ...................... H elen Ward Footman ......... ...... A lfrecl Martin Ethel Chichester .. ..... jane Colgan Alaric Chichester .... ..... R ohert Russell Christian Brent ....... .......... R oyal Mattison Peg ..................... b ...... .... M arguerite Talbert Montgomery Hawkes ......... James Gelbert Maid ....................... ....... M arian Johnson jerry ................. Q i - ...... Herbert Amey .... 5- J. ,Hwy , , .t . A 4 38 The Pirates of Penzance "lt is, it is a glorious thing to be a Pirate King." Richard, a Pirate Chief .......... .................. ..................... H e rbert Amey Samuel, his Lieutenant ............... ......... ..... ,I a mes Leonard Frederic, a Pirate Apprentice ......................... .......... J ohn Delaney Major-General Stanley, of the British Army ...... ........... R oyal Mattison Edward, a Sergeant of Police ............................ ........ S alvatore Caterisano Mabel, General Stanley's Youngest Daughter .............. Marian Engle Kate l lHelen Brumbaugh Edith General Stanley's Daughters ..... Betty Taylor lsabel i lBetty Amey Ruth, a Piratical "Maid-of-all-work" ...................................... Marie Rempp 9" 39 t l i ' ll, 'W 'l 5 'HX N lg he X1 is kv .F i r A .Wai X x'N 5 if i' J ' X H. Wolff, Martin, Mattison, Fluck, Webb, Buck, Davies. Lusky, Dickinson. Whitcomb, Collins, Potteiger, M. Wolff, Rempp, Morrell, johnson, Meyers. Cambum, Flower, Cohen, Brister, Wooller, Knight, Hallowell, E. Ziegler, Cehman, Ca l Boehner, Amey, Smith, Diehl, Russell, Green, Towler, Hamilton, Chronoscope The Chronoscope Staff ran down the hall, The Editor-in-Chief was chasing them all. None of her cries and none of her friends, Could bring them all together again. The paper was late, For the press couldn't Wait, So Leo hopes this lesson reporters will learn, The staff must be quick and the editor firm 40 L onard, Buzby, john Cassidy, Dougherty, A ey, B. A nold, Correnty, Colgan, Moll, Bri P 'g b t D kinson, Whitcomb, Mattison, Edit h f F A ld C ll T l R-Ambler The Rambler Staff of '31 Set out to publish a book, They tried to tell of all the fun Ancl of all the work it took. They Wrote in Mother Goose's style Ancl one by one they made their rhyrneg Slowly each one met his trial And all were overcome in time. 1 Q 9 4l 'slh W'-fa X L Q W Ox fs ,X -. X A fi J J Q5 J f 5 ,, W Ng ff W an-W 'X Lew? -sae? 'X K rx 'ran' cg l ,,,,,:A f , v as 1 . ' A ca' ' o Q 2.2 Qi , ,S .Eu ' ' ,., six' , 25-g g 'VH x QW" - v 0 " vga' xx- - ee 1 gg . 1""Ln. - -.1 x X -f 1. ff . quam x b 9 ' m l , , N 42 K' E 1139315 2, 1 5' if A .1-' K 'S im- 7 Aye . 1 A X we - Q Z 5 1 f L 1 i 'S'-2' K Q , ...M lx 2 S ig 1, ' '44 lm. X Nvw 1' FH x , n .41 ' .JJJJ oach Boylea, Steer, Brumbaugh, Dickinson, Lutz, Green, Amey, Boehner, Leon d F N C 1 S T l OID, BSB! . 8XOnn DW CT. fiockey F ord R. W. Cassell R. I. Brumbaugh R. H. Steer R. B. Ford, Myers, L Manager Green Leonard L. W. Green L. I. Newsom C. F. Amey L. H. Towler C. H. Boehner L. B. Saxon Goalkeeper Subs. utz, Taney, Deutsch, Hale Coach 44 B. E. Boyles Manager Smith, Romano, Maclntire, Hugo, Lynch, Houpt, Coach Duncan, Brown, Dougherty, eonard, Hayman, Solliday, Shields, Rotelle, Moore, Captain, Amey, Donnelly. Football Houpt Q. B. Lynch Hugo Maclntire H. B. F. B. H. B. Hayman Solfiday Donnelly Amey Rotelle Leonard Dougherty L. E. L. T. L. G. C. R. G. R. T. R. E.. Subs. Romano Moore Brown Shields H. B. G. E. C. Manager Coach Smith Duncan 45 'JH ff D, rf 6 xg, X X Xb S E W WE! 'fl' 1 QW! f JJf ,.,gg Towler, Brumbaugh, Leonard, Cassel Green, Steer, Newsom, Amey, Coa ch Boyles Basketball Newsom R. F. Towler C. Leonard S. C. Green R. G. Subs. Amey, Brumbaugh, Niblock, Manager Cassel 46 Cassel L. F. Steer L. G. Taylor, Kelly Coach B. E.. Boyles OSC pt, u 0, ie Basketball Houpt L. G. Amey L. F. Shields, Manager Smith Leonard C. Subs. Hugo, Solliday, L 47 r. mi C h Duncan, Hou H g Sh lds, Mg S th Leonardw Amey, Romendio, Solliday, Ronan. Y Romenclio R. G. Ronan R. F. l'lCh Coach Duncan N4 1 f. nil ., Y ,. ! ,o 7l 1,'. 1595 ,Wai 1 , xx x- g . X of XJ ' J J I Newsom, Steer, Cassel. Stevens, Green, Towler, Leonard, Coach Boyles. Track Eleanor Towler-Broad jump-80 y,cl.1Rel.ay Dorothy Newsom-Shot Put-50 Yd.--Relay jean Cassel-Broad Jump-80 Yd.--Relay. Mary Steer-Shot Put-Relay. Mabel Dixon-50 Yd.-Relay. Ruth Green-High Jump. Laura Stevens-High jump. Catherine Taney-Relay. Coach Manager B. E. Boyles 48 Ruth Green Manager Cassidy, Acuff, Donnelly, Diehl, Rossiter, Meyers, Coach Drumm. Houpt, Maclntire, Mattison, Hibschman, Lynch, Cray, B rbacow, Solliday, Brister. Track nch-IOO-H. J.-B. J.-440 Wood-880-220-440-B. J Gray Shot D. jav. P. V. 880 Barbaco-220-B. J.-440 Houpt-Shot-D.-jav. Solliclay-l-l. J.-B. J.-440. Hibschman-P. V.- B. J.-Jav. Maclntire-l00-220. Donnelly-Shot-D.-jav. Brister-P. V.-B. Hayman-880--Jav. Wolff-440-B. Lusky-440-B. Parker--440. Acuff-880. Mattison-H. Diehl-H. J.-B. Coach Manager Drumm Cassidy Q , l NX 49 1, www. JJJIJ J Coach Duncan, Romano, johnson, Dougherty, Roesch, Leonard, Ronan, Amey, Caskins Manager Smith. Dillon, Hugo, Romendio, Roberto, Shields. Palermo, Harper, Rotelle, Watkins. Leonard, Buzby, Cassidy, Dougherty. Hugo-l . Ronan--I . Romenclio--R. F. Subs: ,I Manager Smith Baseball Palmero-C. Amey-C. Roesch--P. Leonard-P. Dougherty-S. S. Roberto-2 Shields-C. F. Campbell-F. ohnson, Kern, Watkin 50 Leonard-3 Dillon13 Rotelle-L. F s, Gaskins. Coach Duncan L14 -.3 Y i, ll o X xif kix lf- ' IH! 0 LQ ' as ni- - - - - ' .'f'-'Pfiif ' !3'Z?:f'f"4 u - '-7-:Q-:.1.:.'fJy - '- -----Jil' k 5 eff! . 1 , f' ,--f Q 'Q 1 All Qvgi, . ,1 ' Lf' i ' ,V xblflbx If ' fx -1 fray Y A N -- 3. 4 - ' , k ,SQ 53,2 T X , W., , , .wr , fr. I , ' I' . -li , X RK HX Q 1 r Qi mi-L' ,Wai x 'S sa K e . 4 biiixqv, X-FK-'F Qi. - " F 'I J f There once was a little Junior High Whose fame spread upward to the sky. Those pupils were so very spry, All other schools seemed very dry. Ding, dong, dell, Who rang the bell? Here are seven home-room presidents Who manage very well. In Room 2 there was .an election, Georgian Mulligan was the selection. Since she led them their troubles through, Her class now knows she is true blue. Here's as busy a home room "June Houipt, June Houpt Un Junior Highl as can be, How does Room I2 act?" If you will look around you, "They're quite young, sir, Nicholas Pufli you'll see. And do very well, in fact." l'll sing you a song, though not very long, About Home Room One. Midge Reiner is the president there And as a leader is more than fair. Heinz Wolf was a home-room president Who worked a banner for to win. And when 25 won that banner, The school roared loudly with their din. l'll tell you a story about Rose Romano And now my story's begun. l'll tell you another about Room Zl And now my story is done. See, saw, Margery Daw, I4 has had a good master. Warren Rose- worked for many a day, But still he's going to work faster. There was ra little junior High And it was wondrous wise. lt gave an' operetta Would open both your eyes. And when it saw how good it was, With all its might and main It settled down to class work To make good marks again. 52 X VLSEEEE El Bancliclo ul clon't see how you do it!" Night Watchman ........................................ Claude Kalb Don Manuel .... ........ A lbert Hurst juan ............... ....... W alter Pearce Bartolo ........... ..... E lwood Adams Donna. Cyrilla .... ........ .I ean Evans Don Lorenzo ...... ...... H einz Wolff Tona ............. ............ ,I ohn Dull Carlos ......... . . ........... Raymond Shea Zaicla .................... .............. lVl arie Hamilton Don Grancleoso ...... ...... W alter lVlacl..aughlin l l. fx ' A A : fl l , 'ndfl' . , f' . . "V ' , 'V , V f T3 ,DVV 4 4,1 ,- J 4 ,l f it , x, Qi f if Q' L Cf l li fl -, M. X -mefsf " mn 7 v .. , -v X I jR. HIGH COUNCIL Ame-y. Pulli, Lower, Hamilton, Rose. Lancaster, R. Romano, Milligan, Dixon, Houpt, Shutt, Reyner, Houghton. Mr. Baker, A, Romano, H. Wolff fPres.l, Stillwagon lSec.J, lVl. Wolff, Miss Gear, ROOM 25 Waterman, Arnold, Burroughs, Lusky, Hurst, Parker, Patterson, Burrell, Lowe, Queenan, Worthington, Green, Krisan, Fluck, Lutz, jacobs, Nlaclntyre. Morgan. Margargal, Evans, Hallowell, Cohen, Sleath. Black, Shelly, Kunz, Boccuti, Angeny, Hamilton, Deuchar, Urban, Flower, Campbell, Bussing, P ' . edrgiindiford, Niblock, Knott, Wolff fPres.P, Stillwagon lSec.l, Renner, Mclfadden, Miss Gear. 54 ROOM 22 Wallace, Adams, Gibbs, Romano, MacLaughlin, Roberto, Haggar, Hallowell, Brown, Roesch, Mallozzi, johnson, Schuler, Signore Nelson, Dull, Jagger, Gradin, Shelly, Cathers, Melograna, Urbach, Wabescz, Signore, Taylor, Smith, Palermo. Busch, Wolff, Evans, Romano 1Pres.D, Shutt fSec.b, Smith, Stone, Mr. Baker. ROOM 2 Wood, Collins, Hickey, Palermo, Marincola, F. Zallo. Barbacon, Minetti, jones. Y Mascola, Boland, Lusky, Robinson, Hulett, Hopsori. X x ' Bartol, Kalb, Dougherty, Bishop, Kelley, Cambone, Henry, Z .1 'I L, Z onfiglio, Mr. Kunsman. I Flury, Knight, Milligan fPres.J, Dixon 1Sec.1, Stevens, Mogg. i X 55 ll ll In 'N f 'xyviloi QM,-,, ,fx 59? f iv? 517 f. ,, S.. , ROOM I4 Zebich, Palermo, Burrell, Civiarelli, Romano. Riccardi, Dowling, Green, Henderson, Tate, Dillon, Melogtanna. Angeny, Gordon, Rotelli, Camasso, Minnick, johnson, Clark. Thompson, Decembrino, Maupay, Gradin, Correnty, Mr. Harkins. Pileggi, Lower lVice-Pres.J, Rose iPres.l, Pulli fSec.l, Plumley, Ciliberto. ROOM I Hayman, Undercoffer, McClellan, Scholz. Cricium, Kriebel, Meyers, Davies, Lewis, l. jones, Fluck. Colfax, Martin, Cohen, Heath, Harp, Berwind, DiLello, johnson, Varese, Stackhouse, Dressler, Mortimer, Signore, Wybranski, Pizza, Gradin, Palermo. Fox, Spencer, Reyner fPres.3, Amey lSec.i, Linde, Houghton, Miss Snyder. 56 ROOM ll Malsbury, Thompson, Dowling, Nlarincola, Harry. Lochetto. jones, Landis. Rotelli, Kelly, Hallowell. Miller, Robinson, Procopia, Urban, Henry, Demario, Miss Donmoyer. Vera, Decembrino, Pulli lPres.l. Russo fSec.l, Romano lVice-Pres.J, Rocchino. ROOM I2 Schuler, Blank. Brown, Green, Yost, Farrington, Xveaver, Palermo, Nlelogrann ith. jones, Norris, Menna, Della Loggia. Saunders, Niblock, Miller, d. Cohen, Burrell, Nlacort, C. Cohen, Tozer, Koempel, Camburn, Tho iss B Kolb McFarland, Houpt lPres.J, Lancaster fSec.l, McLaughlin, xN 312455 57 , XX l XE XX XX X ll 1, X xx ix Lg 2. Es, iff-f W' - l uf l f- ' QE? Lf 2 NMI 1 ., f . - I, A- , .gljf . i. 5? t h Y g Q w, . b 1 l . - 'I 'f XX , x , f I f 'l l l l 'g ,?m,...1gf f L j 4 1, j . j , ' J Q ' , -. fin-, - 'l fl - 1 ',5Q2fgyf3-.L- or ' 'Z V. 1, . JUNIOR FOOTBALL Manager Aflams, Signore. Scholz, Mallozzi, Lusky, Captain Shea, Wolff. Brown, Dowling Couch, Baker. W. McLaughlin, Krisian, Dull, Palermo, Hurst, Roesch, Patterson, lfluck, Saylor. Ruse-, Zz-rbenski, Zollo. Meyers, Marincola, Lochetta, Green. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Coach Baker, Rose, Wolff, Barbacow, Adams. Hurst, Krisan, Dull, Captain Lusky, Fluck, Lamelza, Nlarincola. 58 JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL Johnson, Wolff Hurst, Mallozzi, Lusky, Roesch, Patterson, Dull. Adams, Mascolga, Maclntyre, Signore, Captain Romano, McLaughlin, Lutz, Lochetto, Mr. Baker 59 4 3-9, 'Dyk I, ,Hz RQ X X B L 554 X -'9 xwg.. .Qu ,Wai JJJJJ J 45 'PATRON5 Ofwwo C Jfafofmgmzzxf SZMAAZJ 5.JIM f,101m,,, 434 , 2741 ? Wfjggi: Qfawfffgf W our fJQM?a,.J g5. ,.QM., g,Lg.7'f.'.m?f"f,.,Q,,,,,, Qu 1c,J.,,....., Www M471' Aawf 7201-25 '1"f4' WffW 'Ziiyf' MMM CZZLM.. Zwwq f11,4L,4! aww!-7f'Q a274,44.., fam L0 23,4 Ofilmg M44 WMU, cnuwfzmff CW?'Zr77M7f J dawg f2fff?fQf,2"'V MQMWW Mm gum gym? 5256217 hw, WWW imma ig WWMVMMWWM ffm 60 x '-- MMM ff Z 'PATRON5 VME WMM WWW 0 Zi! fwijffwfm PM ff" , ' ' 'WT .. MW MM M fowwa ffm! j gWgw cam? . ' , Mzf,49,f m QKMQT' giiiigiggw 71ZLrT ffeyfvlanffins fif?55iif,fZ W2f3?52 WWW '3"""A" Mi, Jie 4,2 Z WZ? BTx.m.., WV 73 mv Q'23Lw.,'19 infgg 4 kim?-3.X..m.,. rAn., 'LM CL,Q.3f.Q, 61 555553 ,Waf as 52 J J J 4? J PATRON5 WQMJQAQHSAXQMWQQ-fjfg4uayQm qw wmv 777""f3f AQQMQLQMJQMZM T'Q8'JZWj2fL'W,,gMw ?fl'f2 ag - Q A .034 WMM Qmim 9AJzz3fQfu, MWMWM 7 " 'L WM zvmbz QW UWMG'Wmw4,LmWQzf.v4,62WJfzf34j MMM, ara, Awww? mjmiw MMQWM Qf,L.,Q5J-'Wi WW-0 ..u-c4753 Mjqifgywmu 7224 f.f7vj .M-, 1? M 15 ,MLW ma 655 53 NM Y 62 AX Q 32,41 'EP' 5 i X MYAZP 4 gf ,oo ,f ' D , 900 ,f ' v fi 5 Y - iwgxf K:-. 15, . N ' -5' ' ' X FA. K X., . t J J J af J 5 KJ 7 J I Acknowledgments The l93I R-Amfbler Staff wishes to express its appreciation of the co-operation and excel- lent work clone by the Philadelphia-Weeks Engraving Company, the Hollander andl Feld- man Studios, and the Shade Printing Company. 64

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