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' .4annngnnv 'f::' EEE!!! 444---ff-Y 1v:u, ,ff , gr NfQ.,,..3 p-ff NN ,f, 533? ..-3 , .,-. I-12' g?? ' if 'rx XGW' 995 . QW' uf MA -1 f. . Q ' .iiiei , :git ' n R a A x ,Ji INT QQSXXN- Sf 1,7 HJI4 I :':r,::Hf EE XB 'Pf-ifassomi HE INNACLE 5334323 'diva Q14 QQ 'Y LI -E Published by THE CLASS OF 1928 OF AMBLER HIGH SCHGOL AMBLER, PA. --Q-wif ofmbler High School 1391- Behieatiun we, the Glass uf 1928, gratefully hehieate this Sveniur Refurb tu fmt. 51, gllllfjfisher, as Supetintenhent uf the Qmhler bcbunls, ani: as a frienh mba has eher eneuurageh nur enheahurs tu attain an ehueatiun that shuulh serhe as a fuunbatiun fur our future aceumplisbments Fowr The CPinnacle E4- Five --H-wif clmbler High School E+ - Jforeworo gow our four pears are o'er. Gone the joyous scenes ano happy comraoes that hahe markeo our Zlaigh School pears. Z8ut it is not a mournful moment though it map he sao to part, to leahe liehino our well: thumheo hooks, the rooms with creaks so known, the lilackkoaros rough ano oustp ano the lockers with the noisp ooors: to oishano the teams of grioiron, floor ano oiamono that hahe earneo our shouts ano cheers, for liefore us lies the worlo to gain, the future with its lights ano shaoes tinteo hp fono recollections of our Zllma illllater. Qlilliith memories, alla: the lihrarp, stage, ano gpm, the fielo, tennis courts ano halls, the cafeteria ano eherp class:room will spring up before us as we onwaro go. Map this ,ijear iBook preserhe these pictures now so bright ano new but soon oeepeneo ano enricheo hp the subsequent oeposits of time. Elhe Qtlass of '28 has preceoents, traoitions ano a cooe to upholo: we hope that not only hp this benior ,Bear iBook but hp all our future oeeos, both inoihiouallp ano as a class, we shall fulfill them ano iustifp that faith placeo in us. Amn v mm? E lebaxxiv' M V sgz wwx X gk Aw? .mf ME .SKK XQWWKX va' mx 'XQQXXKIXQMX XWW x W uixmf X P' .65 , 2351 AB Q, 1 f iL4'k1 . . Hfisfi ' 'hm 1- 1 1 ' like 'LQ ' V, ' xt Y' ', .5 ,:-4. 0 Q - K M 1184. . w -':-5-lf' 51532953521 ,iffigli -'53 ', Q .Qi W A ive? .. K-.,:i':.:,.-Ytjgit-:ii , Q ex? wg . xg, +15 mf,- '- ' 'A ' . ', ' 1. 'wffE.'.'f 1.- ., Ja. T12-1' A ' ' fu' v. - - r K? ' , V !r.k K . fzae X ' X X Y L X Ny 'V v A X A XX M' W W ,. X i Al-il nl' A Y i-...Aixxxxxxxv unsav- --D-if olmbler High School IBM-- On CParting By the flowing Vtfissahickon In the outskirts of old Ambler, On a hilltop bright and sunny, Stands a famous institution. Red its gables as in story, Dear to those so happy ones Who from it have graduated, Loved by those who still attend it, But no more esteemed or honored Than by those who now are parting From its classrooms, all so mindful Of event in memory founded, Of true friends who now are parting. For, there, every wall familiar Calls up joyful pictures painted On our souls in brilliant colors By the passing days so happy Filled with comrades, books and sunlight, Sports of field, sage, and gridiron, Clubs, committees, operettas, Plays in Spanish, French, and English, Pinnacle with poems and stories Dear old High School publication, By such joys e'er occupied ' And with others oft connected Roam we through those charmed hallways Cool and fragrant eien at noonday. Four short years have thus sped onward Hurried by in happy singing For the Blue and Golden banners Of this little, joyous worldg In the morning going to Chapel Singing new and ancient lays Saddest songs with thoughts the sweetest Then to classrooms bright with sunlight To discuss with pals and teachers Works of olden, honored sagesg To solve illusive mathematics That conquered give us satisfactiong To learn the languages of Europe, Romantic stories in them writteng To read those longfdead Latin verses Surprising in their modern viewpoints: To comprehend the works of science Fathomless and fascinating. There are tasks that oft grow duller As the sun outside is shining When the summer days arriving Draw us out to sports, like tennis, Then we sigh with endless longing. Books, however we may love them, Can no longer hold our interest But this school, this spring, is dearer ' Than it has e'er been before For we're leaving it forever, Teachers, pals and pleasant comrades, Friends all made in days so perfect That our school we leave in sadness We, whom its teachings shall sustain. G. HOUPT. Eight The CPmnacle ik- THELMA MARIE ADAMS Ambler, Pa. 'KA voice so thrilling ne'e1 was heard In springftime from the Cuckoo bird. Class Program 11, 2, 41, Commercial Club 12, 31, Athletic Association 121. GEORGE E. BERRY Dutch Ambler, Pa. A mighty man is he, With large and sinewy hands, And the muscles of his brawny arms Stand out like iron bands. Football 11, 2, 3, 41, Basketball 13, 41, Varsity Club 12, 3, 41, Band 13, 41, Or' chestra 141, Student Council 13, 41, Span' ish Club 141, Cperetta 12, 3, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Class Program 131. cc WILL-IAM BRISTER B'riste'r Ambler, Pa. Who to conquer, Sought to give us Famef, Class President 121, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Baseball 12, 3, 41, Football 13, 41, Basketball 131, Captain 141, Ten' nis 13, 41, Track 141, Latin Club Vice' President 121, French Club 12, 3, 41, Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, School Play 141, Operetta 12, 41, Pinnacle Staff 121, Year Book Staff 141. HELEN E. Bsoszi Bvozie Ambler, Pa. 'Tcl 'rathe-r be my honest self 'Than any maclefup daisyf, Hockey 13, 41, Basketball Manager 141, Commercial Club 12, 41, Athletic Associaf tion 12, Nine if olmbler High School 12+ff-- FRANCIS GOLDBERG COHEN Ambler, Pa. 'KWhose music hath charms To soothe the savage ear. Latin Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Pianist of French Club 12, 3, 41, Secretary of Music Club 141, Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, Operetta 12, 3, 41, Property Manager of Plays 13, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Hockey Team 131, Track 131, French Club 131, Art Club 121. GLADYS COLGAN Glad,' Fort Washington, Pa. Little-but-oh, my! Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, Cperetta 12, 3, 41, iArt Club 121, Secretary of' Class 131, High School Play 131, Pinnacle Staff 13, 41, Art Editor Senior Year Book 141, Student Council 141. TIMOTHY DELANEY Kid Ambler, Pa. Captain Kidd is a warrior bold Who little cares for girls 'tis told But stoutly the enemies' line doth rend And fights for Ambler till the end. Football 131, Captain 141, Basketball 13, 41, Baseball 13, 41, Operetta 12, 3, 41, Class Treasurer 141, French Club 13, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Track 141. BERTHA YOUNG EDWARDS HBCTTH Penllyn, Pa. Good sense and good nature are never separatedfl Athletic Association 11, 21, Physics Club 131, French Club 121, Class Program Ten ----if The CPinnacle 136 ROBERT FAY I IBO bi 3 Ambler, Pa. UCome and trip it as you go, On the light fantastic toe. Transferred from West Catholic Music Club 141, Band 141, Orchestra 141, Basketball 141, Secretary of Class 141, Class Program 141, Cperetta 141, Tennis 141, Collegeville Chorus 141. HARRY FISHER HFlSl'L6TH Ambler, Pa. And then he would argue, ye Gods, how he would argue. Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Physics Club 131, Spanish Club 12, 31, Class Prof gram 11.1, Business Manager Play 141, Business Manager Year Book Staff 141. ETHEL MAE GIBBS ..Ets,, Gwynedd, Pa. Who, though she may have much wit, Is very shy in using it. Athletic Association 12, 31, Latin Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Track 131, French Club 12, 31, President 141. LUCY JACKSON HAMMOND 1 ..Lu,, Ambler, Pa. Who is our retiring maid To whom no mischief can he laid? Athletic Association 12, 31, Track 131, Latin Club 12, 3, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41 l Eleven l if Mmbler High School 1340'- ,A. GORDON HOUPT Houpy Ambler, Pa. Who is slow to speak and slow to wrath, but never slow to learn. Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41, Class Program 11, 2, 31, Business Manager Crowell Magazine Plan 141, Pinnacle Staff 12, 31, Business Man' ager 141, EditorfinfChief of Senior Class Book 141, Student Council 131, Candy Manager 131, Latin Club 12, 31, French Club 141. LINFORD L. KATZ Kates Gwynedd, Pa. . A man from the outfslqirtsf' Athletic Association 12, 3, 41, Spanish Club 12, 3, 41, Physics Club Treasurer 131. JOHN LEAK HLCLITH Prospectville, Pa. I also live in P'rospectville. Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Physics Club 131, Spanish Club 12, 3, 41, Class Program 121. BERNESE REYBURN LEE Bill Ambler, Pa. All the worlds a stage. Commercial Club 131, Student Council 12, 41, Pinnacle 11, 2, 31, EditorfinfChief 141, Operetta 13, 41, Play 12, 3, 41, Class Secretary 111, Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 31, Declamation Contest, Collegeville 13, 41. Tweli e -wif The CPinnacle CHARLES LEE Chick i Penllyn, Pa. Who does his best, his very best, Ami does it every day. 1 Basketball 13, 41, Baseball 141, Program 131, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3,' 41, Track 13, 41, Commercial Clulrj 12, 31, Band 141. THOMAS J. LYNCH, JR. 1 U,-1.Om,, Ambler, Pa. lf curls were money, X 'Thomas would be a millioriaireff Football 13, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Track 13, 41, Basketball, 141, Commercial Club 12, 31. CATHERINE M. MANNS Mansy,' 1 Whitemarsh, Pa. , 3 Who leads a life of pleasure arzclq glee A happyfgo'luclqy girl is she. 1 Play 13, 41, Operetta 12, 3, 41,' Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, Pinnacle 13, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41, Physics Club 131, Athletic Association 11, 2, 31, Secretary 141, Athletic Association Ticket Committee 141, Treasurer 111, French Play 13, 41, Art Club 121, Pep Club 141, Latin Club 111, Track 131. , RUTH EVELYN MARCHANTl Ambler, Pa. l VJho says not much, but who thinks 'much more. , French Club' 12, 41, Physics Club'131 Latin Club 12, 31, Science Club 111, Sen' ior Year Book N W Thirteen 'Biff cvfmbler High School 130-- DANIEL MARPLE Marple', Ambler, Pa. i'SudclerLly lzot, but finally tempered. VicefPresident 131, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41, Pin' nacle Staff 141, Year Book Staff 141. BENJAMIN F. MEYERS, JR. ncats Ambler, Pa. Strong reasons beget strong actions. Football 12, 41, Basketball 13, 41, Athf letic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Student Counf cil 111, Class Program 11, 3, 41, Band 13, 41, Track 131, Varsity Club 121, Operetta 121, Business Manager 131. Moiuus POLLON PollorL - Whitemarsh, Pa. A'Speech is great, but silence is greaterf' Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Radio Club 11, 21, Latin Club 11, 21, Spanish Club 12, 31, President 141, Physics Club V1 J. HAROLD RICHMOND Rich,' Ambler, Pa. You ccm't make me mad. Baseball 13, 41, Athletic Association 2, 3, 41, Commercial Club 12, 31. Fourteen 11, 'milf The 5P innacle JAMES J. ROBERTO .wma ' Ambler, Pa. A friend with a free hand and a ready smilef, Spanish Club 121, Baseball 12, 41 Basketball 11, 2, 31. 3 WILLIAM H. RUSSELL, JR. ..SOup,, Ambler, Pa. 'AHere's a boy that's bound to climb, Always talking at the time. President 131, VicefPresident 121, Athf letic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Football 141 French Club 12, 3, 41, Latin Club 13, 41 Class Program, 12, 3, 41, School Play 13, 41, Operetta Business Manager 131, Cast 141, Pinnacle Business Manager 131, Year Book Staff 141, President Student Council 141. 3 7 CARL W. SABOLD Professor Ambler Highlands, Pa. Certainly he's a good fellowf' Operetta 131, VicefPresident Student Council 131, Class Program 13, 41, Band 13, 41, Manager of Tennis Team 141, Vice' President of Class 141, Business Manager High School Play 131, Collegeville Chorus 141, Cheerleader- 131, President Athletic Association FRANCES EL1zARE'rH SCHEIBNER Franl' Maple Glen, Pa. For if she will-you may depend onyt, And if she wonit--so theres an end onit l' Class Program 11, 31, Athletic Associaf tion 1l, 3, 41, Latin Club 11, 2, 31, French Club 12, 31, Secretary 141, French Play 141, Operetta 141, Year Book Stall Fifi C811 -if olmbler High School LILLY SCHUPPHAUS Ambler, Pa. The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. Cperetta 12, 3, 41, Class Program 12, 3, 41, Commercial Club 131, Pinnacle Stag 141, Athletic Association 121. JAMES M. SMITH Smitty Ambler, Pa. A malicious imp, 'ready and right for mischief. Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Com' mercial Club 12, 31, Class Program 141. GEORGE BYINGTON SNELL ..Bud,. Penllyn, Pa. 'AOh, sure! I'll try, anything once. Assistant Pinnacle Manager 131, Band 141, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, French Play 141, Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41, Latin Club Treasurer 131. NELLIE TENBROOK Tenny Fort Washington, Pa. K'She discourses with her eyes. Orchestra 11, 41, Operetta 13, 41, Class Program 131, Pinnacle Staff 141, Com' mercial Club 131, Class President 111, Athletic Association 12, 31. Sixteen --A951 The Pinnacle13f- ELIZABETH B. UMSTEAD Lib Ambler, Pa. Af HLizzie's just the kind of friend 'That everyone desires, Peppy, clever and full of fun, Of her, one never tires. Class Program 121, Operetta 131, Year Book Staff 141, Pinnacle Staff 141, Com' mercial Club 12, 31, Athletic Association 12, 31, Typing Contest, Collegeville 141. MARGARET TAYLOR UNGER Marge Fort Washington, Pa. L'She had a most artistic temperamentf' Cperetta 13, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41, Latin Club 111, Physics Club 131, Art Club 12, 31, Athletic Asf sociation Ticket Committee 141, Senior Class Ring Committee 141. WILLIAM H. VINCENT Bill Ambler, Pa. Hail! thou Goddess sage and holy! Hail, divinest Melancholy! Physics Club 131, Band 13, 41, Orchesf tra 11, 2, 3, 41, Basketball 131, Operetta 11, 2, 3, 41, Class Program 11, 2, 3, 41 Class Secretary 121, Class Treasurer 131, Athletic Association 131, Tennis 141, Busif ness Manager Stage 12, 31. LEONARD RICKARD WENTZ KK 3? Len Ambler, Pa. K'Silence is a fence around wisdom Baseball 11, 2, 31, Captain 141, Foot' ball 11, 2, 3, 41, Basketball 12, 31, Man- ager 141, Tennis 131, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Stage Manager Operetta 131. Seventeen o4mbler High School 181-4- ALICE E. DEWOLFE K'Allyfi Ambler, Pa. A cheerful life devoid of care, A happy laugh heard everywhere. Hockey 131, Captain 141, Basketball 13, 41, Cperetta 13, 41, Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, French Club 12, 3, 41, Track 13, 41, Physics Club 131, Art Club 121, Assistant Business Manager of Play 141, Secretary of Senior Ring Committee 141, Pep Club 141, Latin Club 141. ALICE CAROLINE WORTHLINE MAlly77 North Wales, Pa. K'The only way to have a friend is to be one. Commercial Club 12, 31, Typing Conf test, Collegeville 141. HARRISON ZIEGLER KlZig79 Ambler, Pa. Mlylodesty is a candle to thy meritf' Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Latin Club 121, President 131, French Club 12, 3, 41, Class Program 12, 3, 41, Play 141, Cperetta 13, 41, Year Book Staff 141, Stu' dent Council Eighteen -'gif The CPinnacle Bee-- 5Prophecy June 8, 1933. My Dear B-, The oddest thing happened to me the other day. It was the day after our class reunion. I was sitting all alone in the garden, feeling rather blue over the fact that I hadn't been able to get there. Suddenly I felt as if I were in the midst of friends, then I heard a soft voice speaking to me. I looked all around, but could see no one at f1rst. Presently I discovered a small figure sitting on a rose nearby. It seemed very familiar and for a few seconds I wondered where I had seen it before. Then I recognized it as the Brownie of our class year book. He was smiling brightly. Come, don't look so sad, he said. I can tell you what you want to know. Close your eyes and listen carefully. I did so and he began to speak in a low monotone. His tone was so drowsy and hisf descriptions so realistic that I seemed transported to the places he described. His voice drifted farther away, and I seemed to be in Africa, near a ruin on the border of a jungle, where a party of tourists had stopped. I was startled to see a lion rush from among the trees toward the party who seemed to be unarmed. All fled but one young woman who fainted at the sight. just as the lion was about to spring on her prostrate form, a young man opened a case which he was carrying and took from it a gleaming instrument. He began to play, and behold! it was a saxophone. Never had I heard such music since I left high school. It inspired me with a desire to dance. The lion seemed to be affected the same way for he paid no more attention to his victim but began that quaint old dance, the Charleston. I looked more closely at the man who had wrought this miracle. It was Bud Snell. Another of the tourists having the appearance of' a doctor returned and began to administer to the girl who in a few moments was revived. The doctor proved to be Morris Pollon, now famous. The party returned to Cairo leaving the lion still under the spell of the music. That evening they went to see a boxing match where our former classmate Kid Delaney, knocked out Gene Tunney in the 13th round. Later on the way home from the iight they discussed a new figure in the literary world, the greatest short story writer of the age, Miss Ruth Marchant, equaled at times by Fannie Hurst. The Brownie's droning voice went on, next to Italy. A crowded music hall in Florence was all attention to the famous Madame Galli Curci, accompanied by the no less famous Frances Cohen. In the audience were Nellie Tenbrook and' her friend Mrs. Lilly S. Mechanic who was celebrating her fifth wedding aniversary by a tour of Europe. In another part of the city was Ethel Gibbs, teaching a night class in French. Nineteen --D-tif effmbler High School Esm- CPr0phecy Our next friends were found at the top of the world. Brownie declares he was in Alaska yesterday and he found Bertha Edwards teaching Art to the Eskimos. Jimmy Smith was there too, getting ice for his ice trade next summer. The Brownie talked about warm weather and Cape May which he had visited recently. In the Hotel Congress, he saw Lucie Hammond, the chief cook, directing the cooking and serving those delicious southern dinners. Helen Brosz was doing permaf nent waving by the seashore in a dozen or so beauty parlors. At the county court house he saw Judge Wentz dictating to his private secretary, Alice Worthline, and William Vincent sleepily trimming the judges moustache, which has developed nicely since we knew him. The judge was getting ready to try a lollypop case fthe Amendment of 1931 prohibits the distribution of lollypops among childrenj. Harrison Ziegler, head of a notorious lollypop ring, had been arrested, also Linford Katz, owner of the house used as a center from which to distribute the candy. The next case was a question of whether or not to fine George Berry for causing the police unnecessary trouble. He disappeared about a week ago and was found finally in the bell of his Bb Helican bass horn, the same one that he used to play in high school. Since Harry Fisher lived in Cape May and our Brownie was feeling hungry, he decided to see Harry. He arrived too late for the meal however, for Harry was just washing the dishes. While he was there someone knocked at the door. It was Bill Brister, selling magazines to help get his third degree. He told Brownie he'd been playing a lot of football lately, and had been using an elasto-tweedo football uniform invented by Thomas Lynch. Brownie then went to Washinton where he saw Margaret Unger giving a suffrage speech to a crowd of suffering women. She told him that Gladys Colgan had been made a drawer in the Bureau of Printing and Engraving and was now Head Artist. He went to Hollywood, it seems, and found that Bob Fay had become a movie star and Catherine Manns was giving dancing instructions at the Black Bottom School. He must have known I was growing anxious for home town news because that is what he told me next. Ambler now has a large female police force. Mayor Lear has recently appointed Thelma Adams as head of the force. Dan Marple has been awarded the five year service stripe at the Montgomery County Janitors Convention and was the youngest janitor there. Charles Lee, the famous poultry judge, lost his prize chicken about two weeks ago, when it escaped from the coup in which he kept it and was run over. Elizabeth Umstead is writing a book on the Private Life of a Secretary. Twenty --L-if The :Pinnacle jfist- Frances Scheibner, as Miss Maple Glen, was declared winner of the Ambler Beauty Contest. She was not awarded the prize however, as the other judges declared Judge Roberto had showed partiality. Alice DeWolfe has become a nurse as she wished, but a plant nurse. She has been known to sit up all night with' a sick plant. Harold Richmond has established a stand along the main road to Pitcairn's Aviation Field at Horsham and sells sandwiches andlhot dogs. Ben Meyers has begun a collection of bugs and flowers, but has grown very absentfminded. He has been known to put the net in his collection box and wave the bugs around in the air. Carl Sabold has gotten married, as we all knew he would, and has become a floorwalker. He told me that the last time he saw Bill Russell, he was engaged as a bricklayer and entertained his fellow workmen during the noonfhour by playing on the Jew's harp. I was suddenly brought back to reality by a dull explosion. I turned to thank the Brownie for his very cheering information before investigating the noise, but he was gone. Now isn't that just like a Brownie? I found out in the evening papers what the noise had been. Gordon Houpt, the noted chemist, lives near me, as perhaps you know. He had been performing a new experiment and the mixture blew up. He was not seriously injured. Brownie told me nothing of Bernese Lee, but I know for a fact that she has become quite an actress and toured America with her company last winter. I hope to see you sometime in the future but no one knows when it will be. If you hear any more about our classmates let me know, as I am always curious to hear what they are doing. Sincerely yours, AfBfC. CLASS PROPHECY COMMITTEE: Frances Scheibner William Russell Catherine Manns Bernese Lee Twentyfone --Q-wif elmbler High School Eva-- Name Schupphaus C. Lee .... Worthline . Meyers . . . Unger .... Colgan . . . Wentz .... Umstead . . Snell ..... Sabold .... Roberto . . . Hammond . Gibbs .... Ziegler . . . Houp: .... Marple . . . Berry ..... Lear ..... Dewolfe . . Delaney . . Pollon .... Bi-ister . . . Edwards . . Cohen . . . Fisher .... Richmond . Russel .... Manns .... Marchant . B. Lee .... Katz . . . Brosz . . . Smith . . Lynch .... Tenbrook . Adams .... Scheibner . Nickname Lil Chick Ally ttcat-H tiMargea- it - Glad ' ..Len.. Hub.. ..Bud.. Carl .. . ., Jim ..Lu., ..EtS.. azig., .. Houpy' Marple Dutch Leary ' Ally Kid Pollon Brister Bert Fran Fisher ts ts ti it Rich Soup Manseyn Ruth Burny Cates Brozie Smitty tu-I-Orn-s st as tt ti as is Tennyn Thelma st Fran lass 'Roll Appearance Dignified Languid Reserved Harmless Talkative Petite Shy Studious Aristocratic Distinguished Classic Gloomy Cheerful Modest Blue Blushing Chesty Seedy Snappy Gay Reassuring Hefty Overwhelming Pleasant Handsome Harmless Manly Queen of the M lmposing Vivacious Smallish Angelic Mischievous Bashful Disturbing Quiet Studious Twentyftwo HY Favorite Expression Srrr-eat stuff Holy cats Yeh Nay Holy cow Hot darn That's all right Is that wise? Come on Sure Can't beat it My goodness For heaven's sake Rats Darn it Sweet Papa Dang I'll be darned Zat-So Aw, Now, Fay Rats By gum Oh! Sugar! Bless my buttons You got dandy eyes fsaid fast! Horse feathers Son of a Gun Oh, fer Iohrfs sake O! Heck! Oh! Gee! Grow up Oh! Gee! Dog-gone-it Iimminey Crickets Hot-i-Gic-ah Oh! Boy! Oh! Gosh! --Q-'Ei The CPinnacle EGU-- Likes A good time To sleep Typing Athletics Art To disagree Baseball Housework jazz Clara Louise Home runs Silence French The ladies Books Business Girls Attention Bill Football His brother? Athletics Art Music Betty Baseball A joke A frolic English Plays To hide Short skirts Talking to a girl Accounting Dancing Movies Books Class 'Roll Dislikes To come to school To hurry Lessons in general Studying French Chemistry Reciting Nothing Fords? Male competition Umpires Public speaking Naught Tests Girls Play Smithying Blackboard erasers Moving - Study Spanish To lose Optimistic Lawyer Janitor Accounting French Opposition Latin Cosmetics Questions Boys School Girls History Work Housework Wants to he Stenographer Lawyer Stenographer Athletic coach Artist Artist A cadet Stenographer Lawyer Professor Traveling salesman Nurse Teacher Architect Chemist Millionaire Structural engineer Accountant Nurse Cadet M.D. Financier Artist Pianist Accepted Aviator Athletic Actress College graduate Actress Electrical engineer Hairdresser C. P. A. C. P. A. Secretary Secretary Teacher 'Twentyfthree I Destined to be A lady adventurer Clerk Farmerette Not certain Some man's wife Authoress Most anything Homemaker Musician Minister Barber Helpful Successful Chivalrous College professor Reformed Piano-heaver Farmer Happy Prizefighter Patient Professor Small boys Contradiction Inferences Grocer Newspaper reporter Troublesome A lady Flfvcutionist Lilliputian Stenographer Soap box orator Good fellow Hopeful Gum chewer Serious Cffwa Q-M. WJf3f52'2T!l5-53 if wgifxm, 5dfH2U fflJngiLiJ fffieii firm Mm M. wmzfwrwww ilfdffw lg? 6951? f iiiL.,L 1 1 f 1 f EF Ff , f:iTfiMiEffM MW' ?'iM21i27W 3555335 3 if-1 - iHUE4JTUfLQIiQgJ gaigjii ftnl -i WSW firm Ywtfr iQq+Q-J 351 f- Ei! Jfiflftfajtglg rHj5HJJm5Q U -3 Wm 31351155 mm afzzhhak ff fbff - Whig EJ 3 wif? f3,f,f5f.Q 4Q' 'I Vs N 1 X A H X f A , , SY' 'Q ! -X x N XVII l 4 5-ii.,.fx' ., X' C :L as 1 Q5 5 L V N L C Y 'F if' x U x N K? x S ff :wk W 2 f X I i xlf' X X l I E V J Y! - K K X u I , , Q Q Ki N .5-' , X 1 1 fs ' f if N v f+f f 4 . f-2 ff, gg, ' 1, fl X f I - X1 -M K' y l- ,f .xxx -0 gi , - Y K A dll I- g Q 5' f J' , xxmbxi 5 V l k X X HW I L. 'J 5 - --' 'K 75 -if o4mbler High School ff?- Valeclictovian GORDON HOUPT 'Twe-ntyfsix The 'Pinnacle 13+ Most Popular BERNESE LEE Twentyfseven if olmbler High School Fiveflettevfman VJILLIAM BRISTER Twenty-eight Q-Biff The CPinnacle Req-- Champion Typist ELIZABETH UMSTEAD Twentyfnine Autographs Th Sim mxMXXWXNl1llllIIWIIHIII I W Z X Www W 'WW 47 if 5 'ix MIWWW IH T .riiwq T11--, P4 .A 'as v- -gc: 's . is ae! n i 0 X 8 .ff IIWIMW Q.. 3 4' U WWII 5 1 -wif olmbler High School Ev-- funior Class GEORGE MCINTYRE, President, KATHERINE STOUT, Vice-P-resident, ELEANOR CRESSMAN, Secretary. First Row Elizabeth Lentz, Wilma Tozer, Ruth Hagginbothom, Myrtle Cope, Eleanor Cressman, George McIntyre, Katherine Stout, Elizabeth Robinson, Betty Suplee, Sara Cassel, Marie Cashimere. Second Row Annabel Nichols, Palmyra Menna, Anne Parry, Louella Mullin, Elizalbah Dager, Margaret Stevens, Rose Kinney, Sylvia Schwartz, Marjorie Deck, Beatrice O'Brien, Miriam Cook, Irene Walters, Dorothy Bishop. Third Ro w Earl Barner, Angelo Menna, john Ford, Bertram Beideman, Lottie Hunt, Catherine Breininger, Madelaine Tretheway, Florence Dotts, Blanche Meyers, Alvina Ott, Mary Leonard, Virginia Fox. Fourth Row Elton Weikel, Dick Hamilton, Elmer Stoler, James Ward, Leonidas Keyolas, Charles Allison, George Wentz, George Compton, john Muir, john Donato, Anthony Civarelli, Gordon Sabold. Thivtyftwo -if The CPinnacle 139 Thirtyfthree The CPinnacle Thirtyfiive --I-if cyfmbler High School 1362-- Robb, Parry, Rapp, Hamilton Weikel, Lee, Russell, Colgan, Ziegler Student ouncil The Student Council is made up of representatives from the different classes, and has charge of the Student Government of the school. The Council helps to keep the halls in order between classes and during lunch hour. It also has charge of the lunch line. It regulates student conduct outside of class and during school hours. The members are: WILLIAM RUSSELL, President ELTON WEIKEL, VicefPvesident HELEN RAPP GLADYs COLGAN, Secvetavy RICHARD HAMILTON JUDSON JOHNSON BERNESE LEE ANNE PARRY HARRISON ZIEGLER Thivtyfsix -'Q-if The :Pinnacle like- Pollon, Russell, Brister, Allison, Ziegler Parry, Marchant, Scheibner, Umstead, Cassel Schupphaus, Marple, Lee, Houpt, Colgan, Fisher, Tenbrook CPinnacle Stag BERNESE LEE, EdirorfinfChief Anne Parry Catherine Manns Daniel Marple Sara Gehman Nellie Tenbrook Elizabeth! Umstead Gladys Colgan Lilly Schupphaus Sara Cassel GORDON HOUPT, Business Manager Charles Allison Israel Pollon Tear CBook Sta H GORDON HOUPT, EditorfirifChief FRANCES SOHEIBNER, Associate Editor Art Athletics Photography Gladys Colgan William Brister Elizabeth Umstead Features jokes Daniel Marple Ruth Marchant William Russell HARRY FISHER, Business Manager HARRISON ZIEGLER, Circulation Manager 'T'l'1ii'tyfscven -wif :Ambler High School Esc-- Mr. Milspaw, Meyers, Mr. Fry Collis, Compton, RemPP, Allison. Refsnider, Berry, Stoler, G. Sabold, Lachman, Weikel, Hutchinson, Rex, Amey, Fay, Allen, Jones, Fisher, C. Sabold, Rorer, Kerns, Stillwagon, Hugo, Vincent. The CBand The band, under the leadership of Mr. George O. Frey of Girard College, has made excellent progress during the past year. A Euphonium and Helicon Bass have been added to the instrumentation. The Euphonium is the gift of Mr. Harvey Gravell, President of The American Chemical Paint Co. of Ambler. Mr. Gravell stipulated that if Ashley Collis, who was selected to play the Euphonium, made satisfactory progress, the instrument should become his at graduation. The band appreciates this generous assistance. For the remainder of the year five engagements are scheduled: May 24 and 25, in the High School Auditorium, to precede the Junior High School Playg May 29, Open Air Concert, Butler Ave., Amblerg May 30, in the Memorial Day Parade, and june 8, at the Class Day Exercises. The following membership will be increased as members of the Junior Group show, sufficient ability. Clarinet Cornets Trombones R b F Gordon Sabold Charles Allison O art av Adam Rex Paul Remp Rushmore Allen Leroy Jones Robert Webb George Kerns Robert Hugo Oscar Stillwagon Jas. Claville Saxophone Elton Weikel George Compton William Lachman Howard Arney Elmer Stoler Stuart Rorer William - Fisher John Dull Harvey Heath Harvy Heath Altos Linville Hutchison Harvey Ottey Albert Clifton Euplionium Ashley Collis Thirtyfeight Paul Refsnider Helicon Bass George Berry Percussion Carl Sabold William Vincent George Snell Drum Major Benjamin Meyers Leader Robert Fay The fPinnacle EM-- . me l Miss Peterson, Collis, Berry, Allison, Mr. Milspavv Weikel, Fay, Amey, Sabold, Rex, Allen, Jones, Compton Vincent, Lynch, Matson, Tenbrook, Cohen, Comley, Ottey, Rorer, Iohnson The Orchestra The Ambler High School Orchestra has just finished a most successful season, under the direction of Miss Ellen Peterson and Mr. W. A. Milspaw. It now has twenty members. The Orchestra has been requested to play on many occasions besides School Activities, and has made a fine showing. As in every other season, it offered the music for the annual High School Play, High School Operetta, and the Junior High School Play. V Directors Miss Ellen Peterson Mr. W. A. Milspaw Pianist' Corners Trombone Judson johnson Herbert Amey Charles Allison Violins Gordon Sabold Nellie Tenbrook Adam Rex Baritone Roberta Comly Saxophones Ashly Collis Harvey Ottey Stuart Rorer Earl Matson Hugh Lynch Cello Mildred Cohen George Compton Elton Weikel Clarinets Robert Fay Rushmore Allen Leroy jones Thirtyfnine Helicon Bass George Berry Percussionist William Vincent c-Ambler High School EGM-- l Miss Boyles, Coachg Breininger, Suplee Burton, Brown, D. Cope, Rapp Angela deWolfe, Alice deWolfe, Collins, Kinney Brosz, Parry Ifockey During the 1927 hockey season, our girls, coached by Miss Boyles, produced a team which was defeated only by Springiield, who did not lose a single game. As the Ambler hockey team has been in existence two years, attempting a full schedule only the second year, it has high hopes and ambitions for the future. Alice deWolfe was captain and managerg Anne Parry has been elected manager for the 1928 season. The results of the games played are as follows: Ambler Hatboro . . Ambler Collegeville Ambler Springheld Ambler .... Bristol . . . Ambler Jenkintown Ambler Springfield Ambler Bristol . . . Forty The 'Pinnacle Coach Miss Boyles, Brown, Kinney, Towler, Brosz Collins, Suplee, Fox, Robinson, Cope, deVv'olfe, Parry CBasketball After losing four of the 1927 varsity, the girls' basketball season proved to be fairly successful, due to the excellent co-operation of the girls, under the efficient coaching of Miss Boyles. Eleven games were played out of which six were won. The results of the games are as follows: Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler Ambler ..... Ambler Ambler ffffffffffffffffffffffffffm 40 Willow Grove .. .... 11 Perkasie ...... .... 2 8 ....49 Lansdale....... ....21 ....62 Willow Grove ....12 ....2O Jenkintown ....42 ....38 Jenkintown ....25 ....25 Springfield ....26 ....22 Springfield ....21 ....33 Lansdale ....20 ....2O Perkasic ....28 ....17 Bristol.... ....26 Fortyfone --ff-if edmbler High School Coach Duncan, Russell, Brumbaugh, Weikle Donato, Lynch, Muir, Bender, Brister, Wasco Berry, Michael, DeLaney, Meyers, Compton Football With Mr. Duncan as coach, E. Weikel as manager, and T. Delaney as captain, the football season of 1928 was very successful. Out of nine games our team lost two, tied one, and gained the North Penn Championship by defeating Lansdale in a hard fought battle. A resume of the entire season is as follows: Ambler .......................... 13 North Wales .... .... O Ambler .... . . .18 Royersford .... . . . .O Ambler . . . 6 Conshohocken Ambler .... . . . 31 North Wales Ambler . . . 0 Bristol . . . . . . Ambler .... . . . O Lansdowne . . Ambler . . .13 Lansdale . . . Ambler . . .14 Souderton . . . Ambler . . . 7 Springfield . . Fofrtyftwo T he 'Pinnacle 3340-- Coach Duncan, Stout, Compton, Delaney, Meyers Donato, Berry, Muir, Brister, Moore, Fay, Lee CBasketball A good start, a little slump and then an excellent finish, was the record of the Ambler High School basketball team for the year 1927f1928. Out of iifteen games played our quintet won ten. We concluded our season by winning third place in the Class C Suburban League. The team was coached by Mr. Duncan, and managed by L. Wentz. The results of the games played are as follows: Ambler .......................... 3 5 Alumni ........ ..... 1 5 Ambler . . . ...... 25 Glen Nor ........ . . . . .29 Ambler .... 36 Marple Newton .... ..... 1 5 Ambler .... 39 Jenkintown ...... ..... 1 9 Ambler .... .... 3 8 Haverford ...... ..... 3 6 Ambler .... .... 4 3 Alumni .... ..... 3 7 Ambler .... .... 3 5 Bristol ....... ..... 3 O Ambler .... 29 Collingdale . . . . . . . . 5 3 Ambler .... 28 Springfield .... ..... 2 7 Ambler .... 23 Glen Nor .... ..... 2 5 Ambler .... 21 Jenkintown . . . . . . . .27 Ambler . . 31 Haverford .... ..... 5 3 Ambler .... 30 Collingdale . . . ..... 26 Ambler .... 3 2 Bristol ....... ..... 2 6 Ambler .... .... 3 4 Springfield . . . . . . . .23 Forty-tlwee -rail offmbler High School lisa-- Coach Duncan, Cavalier, Roberto, Donato, Wentz, Pollon, Brister, Mclntyre, Meyers Augustine, Lynch, Bender, Moore, Russell, Richmond CBaseball With only four letter men back from last year, our baseball team did very Well and fought hard for the Suburban Class C Championship. Several close games easily rewarded the investment of the students who made a baseball team possible in our school. The results of the games played are: Ambler ..... .... l Ambler ..... .... 2 A Ambler ..... ..... 7 Ambler ..... .... 1 O Ambler ..... .... 4 Ambler ..... . . .7 Glen Nor .... . . . Collingdale Springfield Jenkintown Haverford Springfield Fortyffour C10 innings Q 10 innings, The Pinnacle Forty-five if w4mbler High School 13 Fortyfsix --H-if 'T he CPinnacle Ben-- okes S erious ' E gotistical N onchalant I llustrious C ptimistic R esponsive S edate A nxious T emperamental I ndustrious R ighteous E nlightened S tudious Mr. Kerschner fin Chemistry I.ab.j- Brister, tell me the most important iron ore. Brister- Well, Sir, I read in the paper that all oars and canoe paddles were made of wood. Recently a lecturer took up a collection. He received 330003. He then said to the audience, I can understand the S300 but not the 3 cents. There must be a Scotchman in the audience. A man in the back got up and said, Beg pardon, Sir, but there are three of us. Once when I was in thc army I went to the corporal and said, Corp, I ain't seen me wife and kids for three months. Can I have a furlough? Well, says the corporal, I just got a letter from y're wife tellin' me not to let you off any more because every time you come home you get drunk and disgrace us all, so I guess you can't go. Corporal, says I, in this room there are two of the biggest liars in the world, 'cause I'm not married. . Muir- How much is that derby? Fay- Fifteen dollars. Muir-3'I don't see any holes in it. A Fay- Why holes? , Muir- Any guy who pays fifteen bucks for a hat needs holes for his ears to go through. Collis- Mit Conductor, how far is it from Philadelphia to Ambler? Conductor- Seventeen miles. ' Collis- Well, how far is it from Ambler to Philadelphia? Conductor- Didn't I just tell you it was seventeen miles from Philadelphia to Ambler? Collis- Yes Conductor- Well, isn't it seventeen miles from Ambler to Philadelphia? Collis- Well, I don't know about that. 1t's a week from Christmas to New Years but it's a lot longer from New Years to Christmas. Fortyuseven 'wif cvfmbler High School Ees- He done me wrong, wailed the algebra problem as Fay handed in his paper. Miss Bork- Snell, who wrote 'Hamlet'? Snell- Honest, Miss Bork, it wasn't me. Miss Koch- Brister, take that gum out of your mouth and put your feet in. One day the Yanks were playing a team from India. The Indian catcher came to bat and said, Allah be with me. With that he hit a double. The next inning when Ruth came to bat the next time, he said, You know me, Al, and hit a homer. In Our World The Legion of the Condemned .................... The Jazz Singer .... Speedy .......... The Covered Wagon .... Beau Geste ....... Beau Sabreaur ..... Casey at the Bat .... The The Telephone Girl Chaser ...... Seventh Heaven . . . The Garden of Eden Doomsday ........ Red The The The The The The The Spri Hair ....... Dove ........ Play Girl .... Circus ....... Escape ....... Patent Leather Iron Horse . . . Lost World ...... ng Fever ...... Daddy Longlegs . .. Girl The Shy ......... Student Prince She Stoops to Conqu The The Underworld .. Chatterbox . . . EI' Straight from Paris The Wreck of the Hesperus In the Valley of Giants .... The Shepherd of the Hills . The Last Command Rookies ...... . . . . Freckles ........ My Best Girl .... Fortyfeight . . . .Shop Gang . . . .Bill Vincent ............Fay . . . . .Muir's Ford . . . . .Bud Snell . . . . . .Bill Brister . . . . . . . .Tim Delaney . . . .Catherine Manns .......Leonidas .... . .june 22nd . . . . .The Library 11th . . . .Clara Wentz . . . . .Dot Bradley . . . . .Bernese Lee . . . . . .French 12 .......3.15, sometimes . . . .Dan Marple Mr. Hunsicker fCarj ? . . .Ambler High School ..........Senior Class .........Joe Bender ...............KatZ ..........Ben Meyers ....Elizabeth Robinson .........Room One .Ashley Collis .........M1ss Koch ..........Snell's Ford . . . . .Duncan and Baker ...............Lear ..........Ol1fS1dC . . . .The Sophomores ........John Romano . . . . .We couldn't agree 5 ri. f - 2 X. - ,X - T Z K XI -isgf effmbler High School lka- Ninth Qrade EIJWIN SMITH, President of Room 14 ROBERT HUGO, President of Room 15 HERBERT AMEY, President of Room 25 First Row Domenic Romendio, George Rue, Helen Rapp, Billy Boyce, john Silvester, Harry Kyle, John Cassidy, Salvadore Caterisano, Walter Bright, Wilbert Landes, Robert Russell, Edmund Tretheway, joseph Wabescz. Second Row A Marshall Solliday, Alverda Schaifer, Emily Worthington, Mildred Bonsteele, Elva Boehner, Margaret Dueschar, Leo Duhr, Edith Amey, Florence Paul, Bernice Arnold, Elizabeth Hulett, Dorothy Newsom, Adam Rex, Frederick Suplee. Third Row Muriel Scott, Marjorie Kern, Ethlyn Cowell, Edith Hunt, Florence Lee, Mary Rodgers, Dana Dickinson, Clara Morrill. Fourth Row Miriam Whitcomb, Frances Arnold, Bernice Connard, Emma Flynn, Hazel Giles, Ruth Green, Catherine Luxton, Gladys Newsom, Alberta Kusch, Charlotte Gary, Anna Zilletti, Gertrude Camburn, Dorothy White, Mary Correnty, John Delaney, Janet Paton. Fifth Row Wendell Hibschman, Wilson Maclntire, Robert Hugo, Herbert Amey, Hilda Sundstrom, Edwin Smith, Dorothy Moll, James Dougherty, Hugo Lynch. Sixth Ro w Frank Black, Charles Wittnian, Royal Mattison, Allen Bushy, Reed Suplee, Joseph Cassidy, Oscar Stillwagon, August Rotelli, James! Cory. Fifty eff The GPinnacle IB'- Piftyfone --wif eAmbler High School Eer- Kerns, Houpt, A. Gear, Walker Amey, Sundstrom, Paton, Brister, Scott, Johnson CPinnacle Sta ji BETTY BRISTER, EditorfirrfChief DONALD HOUPT, Art Editor JULIE OQNEIL, Athletic Reporter MURIEL SCOTT, 9A Reporter HILDA SUNDSTROM, 95 Reporter Fiftyftwo JANET PATTON, 9C Reporter BETTY AMEY, 8A Reporter MARION JOHNSON, 8A Reporter GEORGE KERN, 8B Reporter GERTRUDE WALKER, 7th Reporter --D-if The Tinnacle Btu-- v 1 A. Gear, Adviser, Deck, Ottey, Ely, Amey, Ottey, Berwind, Lynch, DuBois, Smith, XValker, Gehman, Webb, Gelbert, Moll, Hugo, Sundstrom, Amey, Brister, Shields, Dager, Caierisano. Truxton Deck Paul Ottey . . . Albert Ely . .. Herbert Amey Ruth Ottey . . . Mary Berwind -Hugh Lynch . . . . . Student Council HERBERT AMEY, Pvesidem BETTY BRISTER, Secretary Representatives Room Room 12 Lester DuBois ....... 25 . . 11 Edwin Smith ....... 14 . . 12 Mabel Dager ........ 12 . . 2 5 Salvador Caterisano . . 14 12 Gertrude Walker ..... 18 12 Jean Gehman ....... 1 1 James Gelbert ....... 12 . . l 4 Fiftyftlrree Dorothy Moll .. Robert Hugo . . . Hilda Sundstrom Dick Amey .... Room ......14 ......15 .....15 . .... 18 Betty Brister .... .... 2 5 Edward Shields ........ 15 --Gif eflmbler High School lilfr- CBachel0rs' C lub The purpose of this club has been to acquaint the boys with a few of the elemental necessities in housekeeping. The boys have acquired a practical knowledge of camp cookery, sewing, simple breakfasts, table etiquette and table service. We all hope they will be ideal hosts when the opportunity to display their knowledge presents itself. ANN FRAUNFELDER. A Members-Marshall Soliday, Walter Bright, Joseph Wabescz, Wendell Hibschf man, Harvey Edwards, Royal Mattison, Warren Knott, Edgar Rapp, Foster Wood' ward, Hugh Lynch, George Rue, Joseph Cassidy, Charles Wittman, Lester Du Bois. The Library Club The purpose of the Library Club is to give the pupils a better opportunity to know the books of our library, where to ind different kinds, and to use them. This has aided them in doing reference work for their classes, as well as acquainted them with good literature. During club hour we have had many good and interesting stories read. We have spent some time in story telling. Everyone has been interested in the club and has been ready to do her share in making it a success. D. SLEICHTER. Members-Betty Amey, Mary Berwind, ,lean Cassel, Irene Cawley, Mary Craft, Mabel Dager, Gladys DuBois, Louise Fertoch, Marion johnson, Josephine Luscazk, Caroline Mullin, Jennie Mullin, Ruth Cttey, Mary Romano, Helen Saylor, Dorothy Smith, Marion Streeper, Helen Weikel, Lillian Fluck, Florence Ford, Frances McCourt, Elizabeth Nice, Emma Smith, Mary Tamborino. Qirls' 5VIanual 'Training Club This club was founded by girls desiring to show woman was equal to man in mechanical aptitude. Repairs were made to electrical appliances such as irons, toasters, vacuum cleaners and fans. Many small articles of use in the house were made such as broom holders, tab' orets and shelves. A. HUNSICKER. Members:-Dana Dickinson, Frances Arnold, Gladys Newsom, Florence Lee, Elizabeth Hulett, Edith Hunt, Mary Correnty, Hazel Giles, Anne Potteiger, Margaret Delaney, Dorothy Moll, Janet Paton, Mildred Bonsteele, Ruth Green, Catherine Lux' ton, Emma Flynn, Alberta Roesch, Emily Worthington, Anna Zilitti, Charlotte McGary, Bernice Arnold. Fiftyffour The Pinnacle P34- Fiftyqive cAmbler High School Era'- ofilthletic Club The club is divided into two teams, The Tigers, and The Cardinals. The captains are Patsy Sergis and Donald Houpt. Some very exciting games have been played be' tween the two teams. All of the meetings have been held outfoffdoors. Members-Clement Cottingham, Harry Wood, Stanley Wybranski, john Delaney, James Claville, Samuel Sealer, Josephy Lamelza, Raymond Ferstch, Paul Refsnider, George Kerns, Howard Burrell, Thomas Henry, Herman Henry, Arnold Dixon, Frank Cassel, Le Roy Jones, Salvadore Bonfiglio, Frank Gigliotti, Dick Brister, Donald Houpt, Patsy Sergio, James Ronan, Lewis Pistilli, James Gelbert, Earl Dizon, Truxton Deck, Albert Ely, Stewart Rorer, Harvey Cttey, Frank Palermo, Nicholas Varrese, Pericle Della Loggia, William Fisher, james Gaskins. Science C lub President, BILLY BOYCE Secretary, REED SUPLEE Advisor, MR. BAKER This club has twenty members. The boys have performed some of the elemental experiments in the field of science. The experiments that are performed are selected by the students themselves. The club has used the point system. Points are gained for each successful experif ment performed, science scrap book, science talks, science projects. Some of the projects were Telegraph Sounder and Key Door Bell, and Microphone. Members-james Cory, Billy Boyce, Allen Buzby, Robert Russell, Edwin Suplee, Joseph Cassidy, August Rotelli, Salvadorc Caterisano, Norman Mortimer, James Dougherty, Hugh Lynch, Robert Hugo, Wilbert Landes, John Silvester, Wilson Mac' Intire, Adam Rex, Edmund Tretheway, Oscar Stillwagon, Frederick Suplee. The girls' Qlee Club The Girls' Glee Club has learned many new songs this year. They have spef cialized in spirituals, and have entertained in chapel on several occasions. Members:-E. Peterson, Advisor, Catherine Collins, Marion Grimes, Mabel Grimes, Nannie Henderson, Charlotte Henry, Clara Jones, Naomi Taylor, Kathryn Wilson, Erma Smith, Mabel Dixon and Georgeanna Wood. Fifty-s1x -if The CPinnacle 13+ Fiftyfseuen --Q-vif cvfmbler High School EPD-- P The games Club The Games Club meets in Room 11 every Wednesday at 2.30 P. M. There are twentyfeight members in the club all chosen from 7B Grade. The period is spent in playing, thinking, guessing, and acting games. We are developing the habit of asking What Shall We Do Now? Very often the answer comes from the children. When they are not ready, the advisor suggests a new game. The aim of the club is to develop memory, initiative, a feeling of good fellowship and fun. B. M. DONMOYER. Members-Angelina Cassel, Mildred Cohen, Antoinette DiLello, Mabel Dixon, Jean Gehman, Angelina Guimpa, Lillian Kelley, Caroline Menna, Tessie Minio, Dorothy Petro, Erma Smith, Betty Taylor, Catharine Troutman, Ada Ziegler, Emeline Ziegler, Helen Ziegler, Philip Barbacow, James Bonfiglio, George Caterisano, William Hulett, Ralph Mascola, Paul Ottey, Hamilton Porter, John Roberta, Pete Roberta, Allen Rose, John Signore, Philip Signore, Edward Dowling. e'7VIathematics C lub The members of the Mathematics Club of Ambler junior High enjoy the speed and accuracy games but most of all the races in arithmetic which are held each Wedf nesday between the Blue and Gold teams. L. COYLE. Members-Melva Borce, Sara Boice, Elizabeth Caterisano, Florence Dull, Alverda Fleck, Mabel Grimes, Katie Harry, Harriet Hulett, Rose Le Pore, Marjorie Potts, Harriet Ramsey, Leretta Volspecello, Gertude Walke, Irene Wybranski, Evelyn Fletcher. Fiftyfeight 'Sf The Pinnacle Fiftyfnine oAmbler High School lk-- The Work Club Pupils of the Seventh and Eighth Grades with an ambition to be out of doors, joined the Work Club, whose object is to assist in keeping the athletic field in good condition. . The boys have to their credit the first spring raking and rolling of the tennis court, getting it ready for the players who will represent Ambler in contests with other Mont' gomery County schools. They have spent several meeting periods on the diamond with rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows, so that the varsity would have smoother runf ning. And the track has received their attention. The club members are to be commended for their unselfish interest and school spirit. W. A. MILSPAW. Members-Richard Ball, Richard Amey, Charles Bernhart, Herman Deck, George Dillon, William Green, William Hallowell, Walter Hibschman, Leroy Jeusen, Ralph Marchant, Pete Romano, Joseph Urban, Robert Webb, james Godshall Etiquette C lub It is not the purpose of this club to study a lot of 'lhighfhatw drawing room manners that we'll have little occasion to use-but primarily to study everyday man- ners in public places. After all, that is the severest test of good breeding. We believe good manners are based on the Golden Rule, and it is our aim to become well mannered, courteous, and considerate under all circumstances. B. E. BOYLES. Members-Olive Jane Harshberger, Miriam Whitcomb, Carrie Smithard, Eleanor Towler, Betty Brister, Dorothy Newsom, Muriel Scott, Marjorie Kern, jane Colgan, Margaret Dueschar, Leo Diehl, Dorothy White, Ethlyn Cowell,1 Hilda Sundstom, Florence Paul, Elva Boehner, Alverda Schaffer, Clara Morrill, julie O'Neil, Carolyn Stiver, Bernice Arnold, Mary Rodgers. Sixty -wif The fPinnacle E+ Sixtyfone -in-,gf oflmbler High School 1566-- ff' Maclntire Silvester Lynch .. DuBois . Hugo . . . Edwards Landes . Amey . . Runke .. Leonard . Houpt .. Coach Baker, Smith, Delaney, Gelbert, Fisher, Dougherty, Stillwagon Landes, Dixon, Pistilli, Hugo, Rue, Lynch, Ball, Shields Runki, Knott, Amey, Houpt, Captain Maclntire, DuBois, Silvester, Leonard, Edwa ds Football Li-nefup Sixwftwo Fullback Left Halfback Quarterback Right Halfback Right End Right Tackle Right Guard Center Left Guard Left Tackle Left End --:eil The CPinnacle Frm- Substitutes--Shields, Ball, Gelbert, Fisher, Stillwagon, Knott, Delaney Coach Baker, Soliday, Romendio, Rue, Hugo, Smith Houpt, Kyle, Silvester, Captain DuBois Maclntire, Lynch, Amey CBasketball Captain, Lester DuBois Manager, Edwin Smith Right Forward, Amey, Lynch, Gelbert. Left Forward, Houpt, Silvester, Hibschman. Center, Kyle, DuBois. Right Guard, Maclntire, Soliday, Rue. Left Guard, DuBois, Lynch, Romendio, Hugo, Rapp. Sixtyfrlwee c-Ambler High School 13-2-- 1 fb, 2, ' I Bernhart,d Hibschman, Maclntire, Coach Baker, Carr, Henry, Smith Rue, Amey, Hugo, Captain Silvester, Kyle, Romendio, Dougherty CBaseball Captain, JOHN SILVESTER Manager, EDWIN SMITH Linefup Arney .......... .......... ..... Henry, Silvester . . . Hugo .......... ..... Leonard ....... ..... Silyester ......... ..... Dougherty ......... ..... Shields, Hibschman .... .... Romendio ......... .... Maclntire ......................... .... Substitutes-Kyle, Rue, Bernhardt, Carr. Sixtyfour Catcher Pitcher First Baseman Second Baseman Third Baseman Shortstop .Left Fielder .Right Fielder .Center Fielder -'riff The CPinnacle 1392-- The Suburban Painting 86 Decorating Co. .Quality Plus Service Of course this means we use Dutch Boy White Lead and Pure Linseed Oil paint, for which there is no substitute. GERALD I. BREININGER, Manager Department of Painting and Interior Decorating THOMAS DILLON, Manager Department of Paperhanging OUR MOTTO-Courtesy and Service First WE SELL ALMOST EVERYTHING DAVID COHEN 405 BUTLER AVENUE Money Cheerfully Refunded if Goods Are Not Satisfactory BIJN CH 86 CO. AM ER A. BL ' P Peanut Butter and s d ' h JENKINTOWN, PA. an me es Candies Bell Phones: Ambler 716-R, Ogontz 2276 I. WILLIAM DITTER AttorneyfatfLaw LAND TITLE BUILDING PHILADELPHIA OLD FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLDG. AMBLER, PA. KURTZ SL LEWIS Insurance Underwriters Representing the Equitable Life of New York Insurance Company of North America Indemnity Insurance Co. of North America Southern Surety Company Writing All Forms of Insurance OFFICE: RIDGE AND BUTLER AVE. AIVIBLER, PA. Phone: Ambler 857 cAmbler High School Interested in Physical Education THE last term of High School is the time to plan for after graduation. If you're going into Physical Education, ambitious perhaps for an instructorship in a High School or College, Write for our catalogue and literature. ARNOLD COLLEGE Sherman and Chapel Streets New Haven, Conn. PUBLIC LIBRARY of The Colony Club of Ambler 505 BUTLER AVENUE Wednesday, 7 to 9 Monday -- 3.30 to 5.30 -Friday HOWARD S. AMEY Builder AMBLER, PA. V - , L ll hoose cz profitable career PROFESSIONAL or Commercial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Manufac- turing, Chemistry or Bacteriology, offer to young men and women students big fields of endeavor, with good financial return. With our new College Building in the educational center of Philadelphia, our many elective courses, inviting lecture and class rooms, well-equipped labora- tories, museum and library, and with an internationally-known faculty, this cen- tury-old College stands pre-eminent. Courses of full collegiate status, ap- proved by the Pennsylvania Depart- lt ' Hgll iifilliil- H11 , . i l gggl tysg.a'ser 1-nie? f' at 1 New College Building W est Philadelphia ment of Education, leading to recognized Degrees. Prospective students and their parents are cordially invited to inspect the Col- lege at any time, or write for Academic requirements and Catalog. New Term begins September 19, 1928 PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE of PHARMACY and SCIENCE Wilmer Krusen, M.D., President 43rd STREET, WOODLAND AND KINGSESSING AVENUES Founded I 82 1 PHILADELPHIA -.. sit The 'Pinnacle 7-. n Na , Q, gf 4 and N X , x 4' r ' i I sr omc CASE-HARDENED 0 I Bars Ama FULL or mrs I I Boost Your AVERAGE! Il Send for Catalog I ll . , 222 North 15th Street X Philadelphia T N, ,M Q 'X ls., ,T , ' ll X X I ff , , hh U ,ll T fIl'IlMllEf I HE real mission of the Class Book is to Y' provide for each graduate a permanent record of all that was good in the '41 Coil' happiest days of lifeui It is a completed album of those friends of memory who will never, never grow old-and therefore the pathway back to youth. Custom has now Ermly established the publication, yearly, ofa Class Book in nearly every school and col- lege in the land. As the worth of the earlier Class Books becomes more and more evident to their owners, the urge to make bigger, finer and more complete books becomes stronger in the younger college folk. Thus, today, we find among the biggest and best executed examples of the Designers, Engravers' and Printers' arts, the Class Books of Americas great educational institutions. 'Thr Collegiate Scftifm ofour avgamzation has Helped zo build some ofthe vevy finest of these books. Com' pin: sympathy with the veal proposes afzh: Class Book and gmum: apprecuirion of college sentiments and tmdxuons form the gvaundwovlq upon which we have bmlz this :mum of our business. rs. , U. .mm c..m,.Ee mmm E, mm. .sem-m.ias.,t.ise 5m..s,. Wow twice PHOTO -ENG COMPANY INC, uma... mtmt. Mats as Nan.. mfr. warn ...islam r.4.taam..,.s AFTER GRADUATION WHY NOT make recreation your vocationg enjoy your work and give pleasure to other-sg be healthy and happy and teach others to be the same? Such is the life and work of a teacher of physical education. SAVAGE SCHOOL For Physical Education Established 1890 A Normal School which prepares men and women to become teachers, directors and supervisors of physical education in schools, colleges, playgrounds, clubs, private institutions and industrial organizations. The curriculum includes practical instruction in all forms of athletics, gymnastics, games, dancing, swimming, dramatics and the like, also the essential courses in education, psychology, anatomy, physiology, hygiene and others, thoroughly covering the theory and practice of physical education. AN EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG FACULTY CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST Increasing demand for teachers. Salaries higher than for grade teaching. Employment bureau for students and graduates. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED. REGISTER NOW FOR CLASS ENTERING ON SEPTEMBER 17th, 1928. DR. WATSON L. SAVAGE, President 308 West 59th Street, N. Y. City c-Ambler High School MEYERS' DAIRIES JOHN PLUCK T ICE Phone 504-W Ambler Frank Lindenfelser Pasteurized BUTLER AND MATT1soN AVES. Home Baking SYStem BELL, 398 KEYS EOR No. 4 FRANCES AVENUE AMBLER, PA. Ag DURSLEY J. E. Marsden Glass Works, Inc. ' Hauling AMBLER, PA. AMBLER, PA' I Bell Phone, 693-W Bell Phone, 156-I Keystone, 73-X I HARDWARE fy PAINTS J' Walter Green VARNISHES fy GLASS NICE and LYLE High Grade Coal Building Material-Hollywood Building Housefurnishings, Radio, Blocks El t ' al Go s ec ru: od MAIN ST. Cwest ofl TENNIS AVE. 315 BUTLER AVE., AMBLER, PA. AMBLER PA Remington Portable Typewriters , -- The 5Pinnacle E The Ambler Garage Chrysler Cars 517 BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PENNA. CLAYTON REED, Prop. J. N. ARBUCKLE CO. Old Companyfs Coal Lumber -:- Millwork Building Materials Phone, Ambler 605 or 606 JESSE F. DAVIS PORTER,S PASTRY SHOP Undertaker 413 BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. AMBLER, PA. Bell, 350-I Keystone, 659-D lf Ambler News Agency 'QW 1 y Counts ANDREW CALDER, Prop. 'Youll Find It Here Your Home News Dealer Above Station on Butler Avenue CHAS. M. STOUT Try the Drug Store First Angeny's, of Course MAIN STREET AND BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. WM. H. LANDES MEATS Butter, Eggs, Poultry Both Phones AMBLER PA 1, .' W, 'T af . 1 fig, ,i,f 5 , Jae 1 15, ' WFP ' 1 Q4 171 bler High S chool Ew- Subwrlvcm Homes Country Estates Farms Building Sites INSURANCE AND MORTGAGES H. J. DAGER AMBLER, PA. ESTABLISHED 1904 Bell Phone, Ambler 137 THE AMBLER GAZETTE publishes all the local news 51.75 Per Year ENLARGED AND IMPROVED SUBSCRIBE NOW BILL, the Battery Man For All Real Battery Service Call Ambler 192 on the Bell or Ambler FRETZ 86 COMPANY Real Estate-Insurance Mortgages 34-M on the Keystone OLD NATIONAL BANK BUILDING SPRINGARDEN AND RACE STREETS AMBLER PA AMBLER, PA. ' ' Compliments of Room 25 CAMPBELL BROS. Florists Bell Phone, Ambler 266-W PENLLYN, PA. --2-wif The 'Pinnacle Q31-be Ask to See Our Weymanii Banjo, Style 85, Complete with Case, 585.00 I l Il ,QWNN of ,ng N ,X YXN .XX X Aix, X Y. X I' N Z i f , N, i s 2 . J. ':, -Qxt.. . gf ., f -if XX ,T 55 x., 26, 5357 A XX f agf 12: Q 4 V .,.....X x g Xx x' Q- y X A il 1 li. E 'Q .gs .1 asrigj l i15lE!...li14Ea.:si3.5. '! an ,... E- ----- --we--A -1-, H. A. WEYMANN 86 SON 1108 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia The first taste will tell you the secret of the wonderful growing popularity of this de luxe ice cream. A be Pliilrli ICE CREAM IN SEALED CARTONS ONLY 9.30 A. M. to l P. M. Bell Phone 2 P. M. to 5 P. M. Ambler 702 6P. M.to8P.M. Sundays by Appointment Only DR. S. B. SMITH DENTAL SURGEON 229 BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. The Ambler French Dry Cleaners and Dyers Ladies' and Gents' Tailoring r A. SILVERMAN 519 BUTLER AVE., AMBLER, PA. Bell Phone STOP AT The Rose Valley Store Breyefs Ice Cream GROCERIES CANDIES Joseph Stout, Prop. THE RED CROSS BARBER SHOP EOR Quick and Sanitary Service 227 BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. --'eil eAmbler High School Rev-- HTHEY ARE VERY GOOD LOOKING L6- Artistic 1,5 1, lib Roofs . ' I -fzfa. ,-,' Endure I' I -ii E., - il ll ' lf lg f f f 5 ff - E lll Il , 1 A--0' 2 ,df K ,,r ,-f ,f ROOF OF ENGLISH TI-IATCH, TAPERED AMBLER ASBESTOS SHINGLES-THE LAST WORD IN ASBESTOS ROOFING FIREPROOF WEATHER PROOF EVERLASTING For Prices and Particulars-Write ASBESTOS SHINGLE SLATE 86 SHEATHING COMPANY Ambler, Pa. and 2013 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. If in need of ReadyftofWeaT Appavel, The Public Be-Served Sboes, Aerctics OT Rubbers Remember the Old Reliable YOST'S 1- N- CUHEN YELLOW CAB SERVICE 421 BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. We Sell for Less Always Bell Phone, 827 Keystone Phone, 24 EDWARD BERRY AMBLER NASH CO. INCORPORATED The Village Blacksmith ' Sales and Service AMBLER, PA. BUTLER AND RIDGE AVES. AMBLER, PA. - -if The Pinnacle 1240'- AUTOMOBILE MOTORS ARE KEPT LIVELY AND QUIET WITH A JUVENATOR Carbon is removed and its formation prevented on the spark plugs and in the cylinder with the result that the motor develops a maximum amount of power-knocks are eliminated and the speed and flexibility of operation are assured. . The device can be installed and new containers fgood for 500 milesj can be obtained from Heath E3 Heath, South Main Street, Ambler, or at the Fort Washington Garage. Manufactured by the l AMERICAN CHEMICAL PAINT COMPANY AMBLER, PA. 1 Wholesale Confectioner l Compliments of JOSEPH CASAN I 317-319 N. SECOND STREET 1 ROBERT M. HALLOWELL PHILADELPHIA I Jenkintown Buick Co. NIBLOCK'S RESTAURANT 'R Sales and Service 1 can Ambler 73,7 Meals at All Hours oYsTERs AND ICE CREAM JOHN o. MooRE, Agent ALEXANDER NIBLOCK 701 BUTLER AVE., AMBLER, PA. AMBLER, PENNA. --U-if olmbler H h School filin- It's Up to You You are the fellow Who has to de- cide Whether you'll do it or toss it aside, You are the fellow who makes up your mind Whether you'll lead or will linger behind. Whether you'll try for the goal that's afar or be contented to stay where you are. Take it or leave it, here's something to do, just think it over, it's all up to You SAVE THE FIRST NATIDNAL BANK GF AMBLER, PA --A-:Elf 014 mbler High School Eem- Ambler 144 Q The Bluebird Shop '-l-- ..:.f7u Beaut Parlor B U S I N E S S MRS. D. N. TIPPIN Nestle Circuline Permanent Waving Everything in Beauty Culture No. 5 RIDGE AVE. AMBLER, PA. Hemstitching Ambler Furniture Co. Incorporated Furniture Bedding Radio Rugs and Carpets AMBLER, PA. PATRQNIZE B ous ADVERTISERS Dr. F. S. Rothenberger DENTIST Oifice Hours: 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Bell Phone, Ambler 705 EDUCATION Goon S'rENoGnAPI-IEns are always in Shorthand demand at good salaries. Good stenog- rnnhers become private secretaries and rise to executive positions. They become partners and proprietors. Master shorthand and your future is assured. ' ' 374 GOLD BIEDALS for skill in Typewrltlng typewriting were awarded in one year to students of Strayer-'s Business College. Learn typewriting at Strayer's. ' IE You EXPECT ever to be a Bookkeeping business man or to own an ln- terest in any business, you should learn bookkeeping. The bookkeeping course at Strayer's Business College is prac- tlcal. It was prepared by a Certified Public Accountant. ' Gooo TVRITING helps Deoole to get 'Penrnanshlp good positions. Let Strayer's Business College help you to improve your penmanship, so that you can earn more money. ' ' ABILITY 'ro FIGURE quickly and cor- Arlthmetlc rectly ls useful in business and all through life. Strayer's Business College can train you to do this. ' S'rRAYEB's BUSINESS COLLEGE teaches Spelling spelling. A misspelled word has lost many a person a chance at a good position. Remember, your spelling reflects your education. Learn spelling at Strayer's. THE TRAINING you can get at Stray- Grammar er's Business College in how to speak and write correctly will help you to be more successful socially and in business. ' STUDENTS AT STRAYI-IR'B Omce Appliances BUSINESS COLLEGE are taught to use the multigraph, mimeograph, addressing machine, adding machine, calculating machine, folding, sealing and stamping machines, and to do filing. ' AS TAUGHT AT STRAYER'S PerSonalEmc1ency BUSINESS COLLEGE will lead those who learn it to be happier and more suc- cessful all through life. ' ' STRAYER'S BUSINESS COLLEGE finds good Positions positions for all of i-ts graduates without charge, and finds positions for other well-qualified per- sons for a small fee. When unemployed, register with Strayer's Employment Bureau. CALL AT THE COLLEGE for our Catalog Free catalog, and talk over your plans wlth us. We can help you to succeed. If not convenient to call, telephone or write. State what you would like to learn and whether you can attend school in the daytime or at night. Enroll now and start as soon as you can. STRAY R9 Business College 807 CHESTNUT STREET BELL PHONE LOMBARD 0854 -'iefif The 'Pinnacle liki- B. LINDENFELD, Prop. Both Phones AMBLER CLOTHING and TAILORIN G C0. The Best Men's Shop in Town Corner Butler and Ridge Avenue AMBLER, PA. Careful attention is given to your Bank- ing Business 2 Pct. on Checking Accounts 4 Pct. on Savings Accounts Ambler Trust Co. Repairing Battery a Specialty Recharging Gas, Cils Capacity 90 Cars Keasbey 86 Mattison Co.'s Dewey's Auto Supply and Battery Service CORNER RIDGE AVE. and RACE STREET Veeclol and Mobil Oils Garage Dunlop Tires AMBLER, PA. Watsoii Stabulators GENERAL ACCESSORIES AMBLER, PA. Both Phones Keystone, 55-D Bell, 42-J Ambler 642 NOTARY Unquestionably Superior CONVEYANCING Groceries, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables Real Estate -:- Insurance 100 BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. KING and BETZ Sell the Best LINDENWOLD AND GREENWOOD AVES. Phone, Ambler 450 A --A-if vfmbler High School file-W CHERRY and McCAW CHIROPRACTORS PALMER GRADUATES 224 Butler Ave., Ambler, Pa. Bell, Ambler 465-I DR. W. P. SAGEBIEL Optometrist Examinations of the Eyes for Glasses Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 2 to 6 Also Saturday Evenings, 7 to 9 403 li BUTLER AVENUE AMBLER, PA. Tl-:1ETKuNo gr Ptbiirwc- T A WE O '- C. M. RILEY IS BOUND y N 'ro MAKE Electrical Contracting A A FRIENI? Radios, Refrigerators and Waslmers Ji kg, You . RIDGE AND BUTLER AVENUES AMBLER, PA. me Bell Phone, is F 'T A. H. WHITCOMB Ambler' ESTABLISHED IN 1885 J. W. Craft 86 Sons AMBLER, PA. Dealers in Lumber, Coal, Grain, Feed Enterprise Brand Ambler Confectionery Palace 225 BUTLER AVENUE Home-made Candies Scratch and Mash Feed SODA5 FANCY SUNDAES Helmer's Barber Shop QAVALIER BUTLER AVENUE Bakery AMBLER, PA. AMBLER, PA- The CPinnacle THCMAS A. FCULKE EDWARD FCULKE a' .Quality at Low Cost Wylie B. David ATTORNEYSAT LAW V Chevrolet Motor Cars Accessories, Parts, Tires for F23 Chevrolet Cars BELL PHONE-AMBLER 121 KNIGHT BUILDING 18 N. MAIN STREET AMBLER, PA' AMBLER, PA. 7 I Long Live Your Shoes JUS, GRADIN if Repaired at M. MONACO'S 12 NORTH MAIN STREET Hats Cleaned and Blocked Beauty Shop-Tonsorial Parlor Ladies' and Childrens Hair Cutting Our Specialty 117- 1 19 MAIN STREET AMBLER, PA. Don't Forget, Boys, Stop at QQNICK9S97 Lunch and Hot Texas Wieners 9 NORTH MAIN STREET Bell, Ambler 7-W F. O. MENNA Ladies, and Men's Tailor Cleaning fzf Pressing fr Repairing SIXTEEN NORTH MAIN STREET AMBLER, PENNA. Furs Renewed and Glaced -will cdmbler High School flee- Meet us at the Green Cwl Cafe Brenneman 86 Brady, Inc. H. C. BIDDLE CO. AMBLER F Real Estate and Insurance Mortgages -:- Conveyancing NOTARY PUBLIC Althen's Auto Service Springarden St. and Tennis Ave. AMBLER, PA. PROPRIETORS Gas and Oil - Towing Night Service BOTH PHONES Bell Plxone, 79-W Keystone, 100-D I. K. B. HANSELL THE INSURANCE MAN Knight Bldg., Ambler Ambler Market Company 229 BUTLER AVENUE Groceries, Meats and Provisions Fruits, Fish and Oysters in Season RANCK : : ' RITTER SUN DIAL SHOES For the Entire Family EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED SCI-IWARTZ 517 BUTLER AVENUE, AMBLER, PA. J. M. KIRK Plumbing and Heating WATER SYSTEMS AMBLER, PA. , 71 -ARM --'eil The Tin11aclelZsi'- Lunch at Our Fountain This Invitation to Have Lunch at Our Fountain Is Backed by More Than a Desire to Have You Do So DELICIOUS COFFEE, TEA AND CHOCOLATE FRESH SANDWICHES RICH SOUPS Wonderful Pies and Cakes Especially Prepared by Our Fountain Chef Who Likes Good Things to Eat and Knows How to Serve Them to Others Come in Any Day and Satisfy 'Yourself eSTILLWAGON'S Ideal Drug Store and Gift Shop ow ov5EFURN ISHWGS ' foca- .xxv COA o f WE 5 2 TO 4 it Gb sn 12 ARE . 5 PLEASE G9 3 2 DENNP ,fin TRYING G sf YQU C7 rv' Q, 4 . oosbw Q94-T f sM'7'HINs - HEATYNG LL THE TIME Mlmbler High School l l SITTINGS Bell Telephone: BY APPOINTMENT 6190 Pennypacker fi 6191 . ZAMSKY cP0rtraits of CDistincti0n 902 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. We have completed successfully over flftyffive school and college annuals this year, and are adding new ones to our list. There must be E1 reason-it will pay you to investigate. Special Offer French Grey Portraits S 5.00 A COMPLETE SET OF PROOFS FOR YOUR SELECTION l No Prints Given for Publication Witlifuilt Patrons Wi'itten Consent f- all The Tinnacle EQ-- Peirce School of Business Administration 17' U 2.11 ing young men and young women for the a fl Courses of study funiversityfgradej preparf responsibilities of business life: -r - Business Administration r 1 I gf' Accounting CC. P. AJ f T N H FW I I ,' pl-5 W ' J N, s if if E ii lm. U. an F5 . WR. Q, if 1, - N M Stenographic-Secretary 1-'?'Zi r-if uf fair if: Executive-Secretary flltvfrf J-, i's 3' . . 1 vi-'gig i Teacher-Training .Tl 'lf . 'A ' :i:,Im!jQZg5fg i- E 1.4 ' , UT ' 4,41-' WE L9 3 lil Finishing Courses for Graduates of Sf -, - S p'-liif, V 'fm M all c, 2 gif Commercial High Schools Proper Cultural Environment 63d Annual Catalogue PEIRCE SCHCOL ,ff pf'-, .- z,4 ,Q ,, -. PINE STREET, WEST OF BROAD, PHILADELPHIA H W 119 Reef? I EACHER knew what the . , f 3 xii i? LEJOHQQ answer would be. She knows . W at B f e r 5633: ' what the children know-that ielcmenf-Pt f - good, properly screened coal- ,jl 7 the kind we sell-has kept them warm and comfortable. Why H '-JL 7 91 trade a proven plan for one of ,Eng doubtful result? WM. M. JoHNsoN CGAL - LUMBER -- FEED Call, Ambler 119

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