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fr!:f.7'L'Q:,f21'!'fff!f','.3-E'.'Zf9E5 I T' A, SN , ?'1f3f.fi5I 'W Hilf ' .5 Wi, ff!! '1 iUiQ'f3i' -I .-. . W W 3 4? lf E1 , in ' M40 f?11 '1 - f , 9,1 V, 1 7 ' ,.,-fi V7 IV ff? my 7,71 -, ,. jf' if H . ff,,,Z'i'5f- I , zfxf, fq,7 ,Wy A f Qi! 'U 1 ij, N , I N 2 f if,,pw 2 uf Lai. L gzifi 'V Vi All ' I I ' . 1' l A 2' fill 'J ff'zf: 'llifypwf' c' 7' ff ' K' f' I I Kin! iff A L7 f ' f'V 2L'7f f I' 0 Lf: A'5'f .'VVk,' ,711 Q V A Ll J fgfflfl, , 5, 'Q' 4,54 . Ax ' . - if 2551 123g ff 9 , wg qi BX XX X' , v ,V L X ! S Q? ' is ' Y f ' ' f 4' LQ? f x X9 A Nu b N .E K ,V NR l R f ' p X of fx, tr 3 w . , 1 A Q G Sm N is SQ ? I ff WN NE 3 ' ' , P? fs NX I , ,-, . ,V A -N... I X -Liu ,221 f . 1 . :AT y de LT ' 'S ar 4 l La A Amarillo High School Amarillo, Texas Volume Fifty Table Ot Contents Administration 16 Clubs 62 Organizations 88 Honors 'I 24 Athletics 168 Classes 230 Advertising 31 6 Index 346 me-1, To dream The impossible dream is io s'rep forih info Ama- rillo High School and proudly announce, l am a Sandie! The spiri+ of AHS grows sfronger each day in 'rhe hearls of every person wifhin her mighiy walls. She granfs 'lhe giffs of courage and perseverance 'io anyone who will reach ou'l' and grasp such virfues. From Jrhe momenl' a Sandie enfers Amarillo High School, he is offered +his challenge: To reach rhe unreachable s+ar! To dream Jrhe impossible dream, 'ro figh+ The unbeafable foe, +0 bear wiih unbearable sorrow, 'ro run where ihe brave dare no'r go. To righl' rhe unrighiable wrong, +o love pure and chas+e from afar, +o +ry when your arms are Jroo weary, fo reach lhe unreachable sfarl This is my quesf, To follow 'rhaf s'l'ar, no maHer how hope- less, no mailer how far, To figh+ 'lor The righ+ wi1'hou'r ques- Hon or pause, To be willing +0 march info hell for a heavenly cause! And I know, if I'll only be +rue, +o ihis glorious quest Thai' my hear'r will lie peaceful and calm when l'm laid 'ro my resi. And The world will be be++er for This: +ha+ one man scorned and covered wi+h scars, s+ill s+rove wifh his las'r ounce of courage, TO REACH THE UNREACHABLE STARS! 40' -5 Dedication The La Airosa sTaTT This year Takes greaT pride in dedicaTing This TiTTieTh ediTion To a True Sanclie. One who noT only served This school in many ways as a sTudenT, buT 'For The lasT seven years as Principal of Amarillo High School. Ross Larsen graduaTed from This high school in I927. While aTTending Amarillo High as a sTudenT, Mr. Larsen served as capTain of The Golden Sandie TooTball Team. ln I960, Mr. Ross H. Larsen reTurned To Sandie- land as Principal. Since Then, he has been known as a good friend To TaculTy and sTudenTs alike. Mr. Larsen is always available To help wiTh any Type problem ThaT may be encounTered in a school day. We see This man everywhere Thaf Sandies are work- ing. He speaks To us aT assemblies, lends us enThu- siasm cluring pep rallies, and gives us afriendly word OT advice in The halls, or in The classroom. Each Sandie 'Feels The inTluence of our Principal, and is improved and upliTTed by his guidance. To such a person, one who sTrives To reach The unreach- able sTars, we dedicaTe This La Airosa. Mr. Larsen and Franlc MarTin, presidenT of The A.H.S. sTudenT council, look admiringly aT The golden SandsTorm given To The school by The I967 senior class. Mr. Ross Larsen, principal of,Amarillo High School. claps vigor- ously as he cheers The Sandies on in one of The high spirifred pep rallies. Mr. Larsen has been a Sandie Tan since i927 when he was capTain of The Sandie TooTball Team. One of Mr. Larsen's many duiies is conducTing TaculTy meeTings. MosT of The faculTy meeTings are held ThroughouT The day. wiTh Teachers aTTending The meeT- ings during Their conference period. 5 1 -x le ' 'ii .-msn 4 .. ,Q is K Q' ' ' 7 in 2 as 1 .Q 'gf' 111 -ff ,f ,, ,g :- , - Q, sn ff B . R , 'Q 131 aff -1'h..1. 5 xt wE,h 1 YEA? ,W A.. 16 as W? 'WAV Q-V Qu- : Q-.- .1 If '41 ,QE- ee H4 ,J uu-uuuEg1-ununan- ? xf--' fia- I I 0,2 If if 'Q 1 2 f 1: 55 .Z 53,6 ilk ,-R. -3, 1 iw? mix .. . -- 9 Q - i. If wg zm Q - : I t V. N 33 11 51+ 5 5x53fl1 sg? '11 .P f. ,S 5 A If ,- In ' Q ' n AA 1, ,qi 'i b w KS 'Ex ' 'Q' XJ, J, ff. 8' i ' 4 ff M .5 xx eve ,ev ef' e ' . 4 I - 'uf 1 ' Q 12 X1 ff j e -' 5, Q 'Z' Q , A fe if ' 'Q - ' i ef x ...F ' if Af10,pQ2 gwiqf , tf ' lgggfg fav f Akin' 'rsvp' 4 .W e xe e '4R1Li Xe , f ewfewm, -, F 5 pf ' V A jp.. ,,,:e,..+,ji , 3 f, ' 4 2 X wth,-43. - I T ,I xv Ui . - m E K' 3 , Y ul f5g, g,3QpfXx Kf!'!Qg J Kee v, ,- X sg Q D , V K .ra I 1 N- A ax' I YI' ' - iff X931 fs' zfvv eve . 'e . .5 -'le 'N'f -.- +' 3 ' , Q, , 1 Ii I Q - 'f A i-Xi, xx 1- tie' ..1- i' ,fi-2 'fg K1, .bf J!b:5N-S -f - .5 ' lr- ' tix 'A fx1-,RQ5 'A m.A,e1fn?.,' h:' ewm. 4WW N ' f ff'-1?,,e.. .53 'Q f Q? , S- .., e ,' ,ff 5,5 Y'-,,.! , s:',, wx .xp f i,g 'Jul-LL.?txfx me ' - e' . Mwq -in ,.- it 4 1 if., v K Dm:-Q K iff.: ..A . ' 3 -X Ki- - ' '-'Q Q 5 Nfl ' , Y 'If sf ' 'I a .a :Q . 4 gf 'fix Qfqfixgg' . ,-: . N- : I . 40 :AJ Q h Q ETQ ,ffis fe whiff N ' ,.. .x XX , ew Q ' I , :Xi xxx? XXX'-K X I 1 K J 1 - ' Ri: A, , f '?55yEe, , YK ' h , if it A qjfx, f 7 vu: .v-'Q-f1 'qNy QW 'nf' S 'P rj g5.M JE' x-2 fidfiiiar , -1' lffqii ax 1 V Al' sm PHD W- 'f .,gT -rlthwlw EigESigiQhHw:fgEg:?l'WK Eiinas Queen Linda Montgomery i ! A -1.4 1, , . N fi, I ,I X W , I I In 1, HQ I 7 I i qu R .,,. X -Hsu.,-11 4:,. .4 :huh-.g4.:.9v , I 1 1 wr ...,,-f-ffm' ' --- if .E x .X W ' vm A t J -N 'SE :M Z' 'H -.x , Q isigm yi .,, , R' H' , in My .Q 45.193, M1 1 s,- , 4 r I i ',, I A 0 69 'T' -9 ' I AK. .. 5 1 S! 'E uw- fr V M !:+', V if Auf V' H9 4' -N V 'X if 'i ,ff ' ' HQ! w -,--si , 1 A ff , ,' ' f ' ' . f' -xv -ii , -if 5' HQ' 'H 'H LP ig: , f g , , A if f ixfik ,ik X 9 . Q It .4 .rm N 'J J ' Q :mu .Q if-xxx. gif I rg i Q x ' '?5f2T ,'5:'V3-'fi . W ' 2 ,, w. ,fx ,L .,. ,Q I 1 W-Q., ..-K my Qi, ,-.f -,ur .V 1 M41 P 1 S.. A, N fga vxx 1 'sv-3 at --A, . -. 'Q -x v . -4 -,2 Sp S X 1 ' was 1? X ,I W . lg. ...qu- w 1 x . Q .af- . This is my quesf, +0 follow Hwaf sfar, I Nec ma'Her how hopeless, no maffer how ar: To fiqh+ for Hue righf wiH1ou'r quesfion . or pause: To be willing 'ro march info hell for 3 a heavenly cause! I I 1 x'5L'?N'P--t 1 - . Qwwmmr i X ' -3 'TP-n 2 '- A 5: a I L N 1 .ff GA! .4 New 5,1 'X ,v 'x g .g:'QgLQge5:5 -iz. 9 !i?5iLiF1iZ1:13' i,. , ' .,g.x rQe X iw 3- 953: f Ei?g5Eg:S'F'!if5ff?f3 'X f . ' i - , L ' 31 X' V -1- 4. Qu. I-X51-9 J f 5 ' ' N. V. 1 'IX 1-',.::ze -N 559535: f P ,K IKEA, ,,.k . Q , . V ' 5 , , I 1 ' , ' I , 1 ' xg Y., ' N P .V , N 1- ' X 3 , X fp 5 X Y . 4 ,- ,. If QI gl A . . , , . , .E 'H' x - wa. ' ' w lyxf-'-'f'S: 1 ..,.W1-wr'-'f f I fri-'N ' IP' LV ff' a,.wl.., . , x -Q NHL? .v Jkrwy. M,,f,v.E!f.! ,. . ::x..'M!f 31 , Kffu! -1 1, -,. .ig Ltyilif 5, Q X?-5 gl I ,it 4, . V it 'Hwy' Q ls N , 6:5- Q F ... SX A, 'ix ' 5555? 1 3 L Q . W p w ,N I - uv - - my A ,Ag- i . xi I 4 2 'M' ' 1 f F fgtf , .H :?w?'f'f-. --A 1691, r -f... v ' 0 ,A fp 1 ' ' .ha f ' 2, I 44...- 42 l fb nsbf. ,ly . .. gn: ff -'K-AQ 'f 'ff l ' U 1 .mv 1 an ff , if 1 1 I 1 ,1 ,E Av ,. O X , Wig -l A ru, '- 'T A ix. -5 w 'J .Ik AN 'Y' ..-'.'1 ... l'... ..'!.'E'F' ,-..-,W.M......,, E!!! I .4 'Q 5 .5 'A.gL'? V. 255,576.2 E 1 -y M., - , ,, ,,. H 'e I - MD? ..... s,,4Lm.g5- - ou - ,L Ja . , 5, i ghgil ' - ' ff ik fi-Zlfffj Ea, 1 , L E Q s Y 1 ll qi DJ ' 2 .Lu- ,g!lIii 3 nk, .51 X 4-S 1lJlT fi 'wr -'xv And The world will be beHer for 'rhisg Tha? one man scorned and covered wi+h scars, S+ilI sfrove wifh his las+ ounce of courage. TO REACH THE UNREACHABLE STARS! ,L f Q 42. E I CURRICULUM l am 'rhe aurhorized guide. I am willing To go wirh you all fhe way if you will buf follow my +each- ings. AHS is very forfunafe in having a fine faculfy Jrhaf has a genuine inieresi in young people. When a Sandie is in frouble, he always lcnows +o whom he can fake his problem. The Teachers are friends 'ro every s+uden'r and are desirous 'ro help 'rhem guard againsf mis+alces. They are always willing ro offer advice +ha'r will guide Sandies +oward berrer lives. These adulfs believe in iheir sfuden+s and remind Them, Do whaf you know is right The AHS fac- ulfy charges every Sandie- TO RIGHT THE UNRICSHTABLE WRONG. TO LOVE PURE AND CHASTE FROM AFAR. M X. zz W 4-. X f , .XY lj I Mr. Ashworth, Board Plan School Year SuperinTendenT oT The Amarillo School SysTem is Mr. RoberT AshworTh. Mr. AshworTh is in charge oT The adminisTraTion oT The schools in Amarillo. Dr. Lee Williamson is his assisTanT, in charge oT lnsTrucTion. He deals mainly in curricular problems in The sysTem. Mr. AshworTh has several oTher assisTanTs To help him wiTh his greaT responsibiliTy in keeping The school sysTem running smooThly. One of These men is R. A. Selby who is in charge oT personnel. IT is he who hires our Teachers each year. AnoTher assisTanT is De Walker, The AThieTic DirecTor. He prepares The aTh- leTic schedules. appropriaTes money To be spenT on aThleTics, and buys The equipmenT To be used. The Amarillo School Board also assisTs in The de- cisions To be made concerning The schools. The pres- idenT oT This group is Mr. L. P. Babb. He preside over- The meeTing of The board. in which They discus' The problems ThaT Amarillo schools are Tacing. As SuperinTendenT of Schools in Amarillo, Mr. AshworTh is con- TronTed wiTh The curricular acTiviTies and problems of all The schools. He has displayed excellenT leadership abiliTy in keeping The school sysTem running smooThly. Mr. AshworTh keeps well informed wiTh all ThaT happens in every school in The ciTy oT Amarillo. .xx y f f' V Working on a problem concerning The school sysTem is Dr. Lee Williamson who is assisTanT To Mr. AshworTh and is in charge of lnsTruc- Tion. He and Mr. AshworTh work wiTh each oTher To iron ouT problems ThaT arise. This Team of men always Try To worlc TogeTher To bene- Tif The schools. sTudenTs. and parenTs in Amarillo. We are proud To have such a fine group To run The Amarillo School SysTem. I9 i T P211 Nm dn gamer' Former AHS Capiain Leads Scmdies . 11 1- ff W - fi Q -!. Principal Ross H. Larsen looks over 'ihe enrollmenl' repori for The 67-68 school year al AHS. Due 'lo a suloslanlial increase in enrollment several classes were overly filled wiih sfudenfs and had 'ro be splil up. Mr. Larsen has a greal deal lo do wiih lhis and spends much of his summer hours working. i i Mr. Ross H. Larsen, principal of Amarillo High. is a former graduale of A.H.S. He aiiended Baylor Universiiy, where he ailairied a BA and a Maslers degree ai Norih Texas Sraie. Mr. Larsen began reaching ai Horace Mann Junior High School. here in Amarillo. Afler leaving Mann, he served as prin- cipal of Ausiin Junior High for nine years. He 'rhen 'rransferred +o become assisiani principal here a+ Sanclieland. In I943, Larsen became principal of Nixon Junior High, where he remained for nine years before reiurning io A.H.S. as principal. He is serving in his sevenlh year in 'rha'r capacily here. In his duiies, Mr. Larsen is responsible for 'rhe good and welfare of all siudenls and Teachers of A.H.S. He is lruly willing To march inlo hell for a heavenly cause. Mr. Larsen fakes a few minufes of his lime 'ro converse wilh Mrs. Helen McCuan. ihe alfendance clerk al Sandieland. Allhough Mr. Larsen keeps quiie busy 'rhroughouf ihe year and has many responsibilifies fo Tend fo. he is never 'foo busy 'ro give a srudenl a helping hand. 2l 9 , Strickland Takes New Position AT AHS AssisTanT principal of Amarillo High School is a big posiTion ThaT holds a greaT deal oT respon- sibiliTy. IT enTails more Than iusi whaT meeTs The eye. We have a new assisTanT principal This year. He is R. G. STriclcland. Mr. STriclcland was new To Sandieland lasT year. He served as ninTh grade counselor aT AusTin Junior High Tor several years before coming To AHS as iunior counselor. Mr. STriclcland Took over The iob as assisTanT principal. when Mr. Ben Moore was Transferred To CroclceTT Junior High lasT year. Our assisTanT principal is The base of The acTiv- iTies aT AHS. He direcTs many acTiviTies Tha+ keep The school running smooThly. Mr. STrickland is in charge oi all disciplinary problems. This includes keeping The deTenTion hall aTTer school. He also isues all TexTbooks when school sTarTs. and issues reinsTaTemenTs each morning before school. AssisTanT principal, Mr. R. G. Sfriclclancl, Talks wiTh Connie Scruggs, senior, abouT one of The many problems a senior faces during The year. He also helps wiTh regisTraTion aT The begin- ning of The school year, and aids Teachers and counselors in various siTuaTions. One of The many daily rouiines performed by Mr. STriclcland is giving The aTTernoon announ.cemenTs. AT his new iob as assisTanT principal, Mr. STriclcland devofes many long hours of his Tree Time To help sTudenTs in all ways To promoTe The siandards of Sandie- land. NOT only does he worlc during school hours, buT he also supervises such Things as school dances and various club acTiviTies Throughoui The year. Mr. STrickland will always be found supporTing The Sandie Teams and backing all TuncTions aT Amarillo High. Mr. STriclcland is surely an asseT To AHS. 23 Molherly ls Helpful To '68 Seniors ,.1:L ,,,, '- 1 Sewing his second year as senior counselor, Mr. Malherly is an as- sef fo all who are gradualing. His cluiies consisl' of checking each senior sluden+'s credils and cerfifying senior sfudenis for gradua- lion. He adminislers various +es+s for 'rhe college bound siudenl fhroughoul' lhe year. ln lhe pasl. Mr. Maiherly has served as assislani principal and head of lhe Marh Deparfmenl' al Amarillo High. Before moving info The posilion of senior counselor, Mr. Mafherly served as iunior coun- selor for six years. He advises siudenls on college iniormaiion and helps 'them 'ro make 'rheir seleclion. 24 Our senior counselor lhis year is Mr. lvl. L. Malh- erly. Mr. Maiherly is quiie a leader of AHS. His influence is sharply feli among ihe seniors he works wifh. Mr. Maiherly obiained his B.S. degree from Easi Texas Siaie. Laier. he obiained a Mas'rer's 'From The Universiiy of Texas. Mr. Malherly served as assisianr principal here al' Amarillo High in I946 +0 l950. From lhere he weni +o Plainview High as principal. He served 'rhere for six years. Afler Plainview. Mr. lvlaiherly reiurned lo Sandieland 'ro Jreach maih. ln I96O, he was made iunior counselor, where he served uniil I966, when he became senior counselor, I 1 Senior counselor, Mr. Maiherly, prepares +o rake his fray lo rhe scullery afier eafing lunch al- ihe school cafeferia. He musl' be one of lhe busiesi' people al AHS. Many seniors are very undecided as fo whai college +hey would like 'ro alfend. Mr. Maiherly will ralk wilh a siudenl and fry 'lo help him de- cide whaf would be fhe besl' college choice. Mrs. Gibbs regularly affends faculfy meefings ThroughouT The school year. She also serves as iunior counselor assisTing sTuclenTs wiTh Their schedules and helping Them wifh Their school and personal problems. Mrs. Gibbs keeps informed on sfudenfs' permanenT records To make sure They are meeTing The requiremenfs for graduaTion. T Much of The worlc ThaT Mrs. Gibbs does is done by use of The Telephone. Every day she musT check upon absenT sTudenfs. phone parenfs and make various phone calls. Along wiTh phoning. she also has con- ferences wiTh sTudenTs and sfudenfs' parenTs. Gibbs Guides Students As Counselor Mrs. Nan Gibbs, junior counselor and Dean of Girls, is serving Amarillo High on iTs faculTy for her fiTTeenTh year. As Dean of Girls. she is in charge of all girls in The school and any acTiviTies ThaT concern Them. She also has greaT responsibil- iTies as iunior counselor. All iunior curricular prob- lems are referred To her. Mrs. Gibbs aTTended college aT EasT Texas STaTe. WesT Texas STaTe. and The UniversiTy of Colorado. where she earned her BS and MasTer's degree. AfTer graduaTion, Mrs. Gibbs began Teaching aT a small school in Talco. Texas, where she TaughT business courses. ln l952, she became a Sandie when she came To AHS as a Typing Teacher. She kepT ThaT posi- Tion for The nexT six years. Then she quiT ThaT To become sophomore counselor. ln l962, Mrs. Gibbs became Dean of Girls when Mrs. Haney reTired. This is her fifTh year in ThaT capaciTy now. This year. she changed counseling iobs. AfTer serving as sophomore counselor for nine years, This is her firsT year as iunior counselor. AHS sTudenTs owe much graTiTude To This woman who has given of herself To help us reach The un- reachable sTars. Mr,-,,, f i - - s ff fi' A ,,,, -'--, .11'i Z fji N The reinsTaTemenT lisT is one of Mrs. Gibbs' maior iobs. She musT make sure ThaT everyone fills one ouT and has all Their Teachers sign iT. NoT only does she have To keep an accurafe accounT of who is absenf. buT also sees ThaT everyone checks in and ouT of school during The day. 25 Mr. Larson confers wifh fha sophomore counselor, Mr. Pippin, as fhey discuss the new Occupafional Training course to be esfablishecl af Amarillo High School nexf year. This program will be for fhe high school sfudenis who do noi' plan 'lo offend college afrer graduafion and will go direcfly info fhe working field. Much fime is speni' on fhe felephone as Mr. Pippin is somefimes confronfed wiih personal problems 'lhaf musf be discussed wifh parenfs. Somefimes il' is necessary for appoinfmenis fo be made for con- ference wifh 'rhe counselor. Pippin Plans Sophomores' Schedules Mr. Louis Pippin is serving in his firsf year as sophomore counselor here. Alfhough if is his firsl' experience as a counselor, Mr. Pippin is cerfainly noi' new fo Sandie sfudenfs. Before he became coun- selor, he served as direcfor of +he Bel Canfo Cho- rale for eleven years. Mr. Pippin obfained bofh his Bachelor's and his Mas'rer's degrees from Wesi Texas Universify. Be- fore coming fo AHS, he served as choir direcfor al' a junior high school. As sophomore counselor, Mr. Pippin has many responsibilifies. His greafesi' 'lask is To acquainf fhe sophomores wifh Sandie cusfoms and fradiiions. The sophomores can always Turn 'ro Mr. Pippin fo help wiih any of The problems Thai fhey run info in fheir firsf year ai AHS. Mr. Pippin checks each s'rudenf's schedule fo make sure Thai' he is enrolled in fhe righi courses 'ro enable him fo alfend 'rhe college of his choice or pursue a career. Mr. Pippin sponsors many proiecfs fo guide The sophomores. These include many 'resfs io defermine a s+udeni s apfifude and abilifies. Planning fhe sophomores' high school schedules during +he year is one of fhe many iobs fhaf keeps Mr. Pippin occupied. This is very imporlanf in fha? he musf be sure fhe course fhey are faking will safisfy fhe necessary requiremenfs for Their enfrance +o fhe college of fheir choice. 26 Office Attendants Beneficial To Students The office workers have many iobswhich they must perform during one day of school. Mrs. Beal checks the absentee report while Mrs. Faust calls a student's parent. These ladies must know where a student is if they are not at school. They must call the home, office, or place ot business where a parent works if the parent does not contact the school first. Mrs. McCuan smiles as she reads the mail that has come to the school that day. Frequently she must check back in the records and look up a former student's record. This helps an employer to know what kind of person that is going to work with him. She also works hand in hand with the counselors and Mr. Larsen. During the school day, Mrs. Faust checks the files to get some in- formation about a student. These files contain all of the student's permanent records that attend Amarillo High. These are important to students who plan to attend college or to get a fob after their high school training. These records carry grades from first grade on. The operation of the school would be much less organized if it weren't for the help of the three office workers, who assist administration, faculty. and students. Mrs. Helen McCuan serves Amarillo High as sec- retary to the principal. She helps Mr. Larsen and Mr. Strickland with correspondence and also sends students' transcripts to colleges. 'Mrs. Dot Beal shoulders great responsibility as bookkeeper and records clerk. She is responsible for the sate keeping of school funds. As attendance clerk, Mrs. Faust has the task of keeping an accurate record of all absentees and checking their excuses. Mrs. Beal uses the telephone very much during the eight hours that a student attends school. She calls parents or a student's guardian, the Administration Building and many other places to check on students or find information that deals with Amarillo High. As Sandies we owe a lot to our fine office help. 27 Mrs. Moffit Keeps AHS Health Clinic Our healfh clinic is headed by Mrs. O. Moffif, RN. This is her sixfh year in Amarillo High Schooi. buf she has served in 'rhe Amarillo Public School Sysfem for I8 years. Mrs. Moffif is in our building every day excepf Tuesdays. when she is af Wilson Elemenfary School. Our clinic is a viial parf of our school, making sure fhaf anyone who becomes ill while af school will have fhe proper care fhaf he requires. Mrs. Moffif doesn'f give any medicafion. She worics in a supervisory capacify. She checks fhe person, and may send him home. In our clinic, much more is offered fhan freaf- menf when a sfudenf is iii. Prevenfive checlcs on a person's healfh offen help avoid pain or discom- forf lafer. Each year, our sfudenfs are given fhe opporfunify fo have fheir hearing fesfed. Vision fesfs are also offered fo ihose who may need glasses. Mrs. Moffif has a card on each sfudenf in school who has any reason fo need help from fhe clinic. ln 'rhis way she keeps frack of anyone who has been under her care. Mrs. Olga Moffil' fallxs wifh one of her aids during fhe school day. Mrs. Moffif has a greaf responsibilify for she musl see every sfudenf fhai' is ill before fhey leave school. Some are seni- baclc fo ciass. some senf home. while ofhers are allowed io resf for a while. Affer a long-hard-day. Mrs. Moffif prepares fo leave school. Anyone who has ever visifed fhe healfh clinic knows she has puf in a full day's worlc for Sandieland. As a reqisfered nurse, she is qualified fo aid any iilness. 28 Mrs. Moffil' prepares fo call a mofher during fhe day while Donna Dufek. sen- ior, looks on. She musl' call every sfudenl-'s parenl or guardian before 'rhe sfuclenl' is allowed fo go home. She also counsels and 'iallcs over problems 'rhal' any sfuclenl' mighf have. She is willing fo fall: wifh any sfudenl' fhaf mighl' come fo her during 'lhe day. Mrs. Worley, assisi-anT librarian, gefs in The ChrisTmas spiril' by decorafing The Chrisfmas Tree ThaT was in The library during The holiday season. The library is a place where 5-rudenig may go for a pleasanf change of scenery, To sfudy or read a good book, or iusT relax. U ll l ll L V Wllssnhi-.-H 4 his - -111,- A maior iob in The library is To keep all The books on The righf shelves and in The righT order. Mrs. Howell. librarian, performs This iob every day, for many books are checked in and ouT each day. The school library has a vasT selecfion of books for The reader To enioy. Library Increases Students Knowledge Our library is an assef To Sandieland. Run by Mrs. C. F. Howell, iT is open To all AHS sTudenTs during class periods and lunch. lT also remains open a Ii+Tle before school and affer school. Mrs. Howell keeps The books in order. checks books ouT To sTu- denfs, and mainfains-discipline. She is assisfed by Mrs. Leola Worley. Mrs. Howell allows sfudy hall sTudenTs To come info The library and use reference maferials or read magazines or newspapers. She also makes The li- brary available To Teachers so ThaT They may bring Their whole class down To do research on a proiecf or check ouT books. Our library offers AHS sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To gain knowledge nof found in Texfs. or iusf a flighf from realify info a book of ficfion. lT makes San- dies more widely read. more knowledge of subiecfs foreign To Teaching. ii-. Mrs. Howell checks ouT a book To Delise Rice, senior. during a class period. The library is a musT for many sfudenfs who need a cerTain bool: for sTudy in one of Their classes. Seniors who need novels for English class find The library full of many se- leclions. 29 Mrs. Chrisiine Hayier Mrs. Marion Schoen English, Composilion English. Vocabulary B.S.. McMurry M.A., Oklahoma ln senior English many imporfanf works of liferaiure are studied. Busfer Fosfer Talks wiih Mrs. Norma Hogue abouf a passage from Macbe+h . Mostly liierafure is siudied during The 'firsi semesfer and reading a novel .is an ouiside acfivify in mosf cIasses..This class prepares ihe sludeni' for pari of college English. Mrs. Mary Conerly Mrs. Norma Hogue English English MA., Nonfh Texas M.Ed.. Wesl' Texas i NK+-sw.. E as--he -44. 'R .av-L. P!! Ns- A. ' ,e 'ff e 43, K M-s-W., K - iv ' E: -- e-.e,.sN.-....,-M K raeelg 1 .ea Q s U. Mrs. Chrisfine Hay+er reads a iournal 'rhal' she requires her Composilion sfudenis io keep. ln lhe iournal, siudenls wriie aboul' a single occurrence fhai has happened lhal' day. Mrs. Hayier ieaches ihe only Composiiion class. ll is imporlanl' for if helps ihe sfudeni fo wrife more accuraiely and perfecf his sfyle. if Mrs. Mary Williams English BA., Wesl' Texas Mrs. Rose Powell MA.. Wesi' Texas 4F l Composition Promotes Writing Abilities Mrs. Marion Schoen heads the English Depart- ment again this year. This department is important to each student who goes through AHS. because every graduate is required to obtain at least three and one-halt credits ot English work. Courses ot- tered range trom sophomore English to Vocabulary 'For seniors. There are two accelerated courses in this department. They are ottered to sophomores and juniors. This year the iunior accelerated class is using a new course ot study, which was audited by Carnegie Tech. lt this works out well, all classes will revert to this course next year. For students who have trouble with average English, C classes are ottered. i i I Mrs. Gregg aids one ot her students. sophomore Jan Barnhart. in the techniques of English grammar. This being her tirst year at AHS, she has broadened the minds ot her students by furthering their knowledge in the study ot grammar, litera- ture, and the style and torm ot writing. Mrs. Yvonne Williams smiles as the class discusses a humor- ous story which contained animated characterization. Literature extends a wide-range variety ot reading, in which the students enioy to indulge. A touch ot humor adds to the continuity ot the educational knowledge being taught in Engiish classes. Mitt ,,.' if ' i bi . 4 . , t' N fi . ss zzzzrsmse- r s T 'finngq-QU! M Y- 1 1' 9 Q29-gl!!!!' 3, U Lthr! 5 .Qi-IUFYI' A 0!iP'1,,. ' s ur wil- x V fl. - Mrs. Revella Fullwood English MA.. T.W.U. Mr. Roland Ingram English. Tennis M.Ed., North Texas Mrs. Stella Matherly English MA.. West Texas Mrs. Dolores Gregg English M.Ed., West Texas History Teaches Knowledge Of Past The feachers' lounge provides a chance for feachers fo visif and associafe wifh oiher members of fhe faculiy. Mr. Har- rison fakes a break and enioys a Coke as he relaxes in fhe lounge during his off period. 32 The Hisfory Deparfmenf is headed by Mrs. Margaref Josserand. Mrs. Josserand sfafes fhaf fhe purpose of fhe deparfmenf is fo forever fry'fo make hisfory come alive. Mrs. Josserand and fhe feachers under her are doing a fine iob of inferesfing sfudenfs in whaf has happened in fhe pasf. This is imporfanf because his- fory follows a paffern. and knowledge of fhe pasf may . help fhe fufure. All sfudenfs are required fo have fhree credifs in i fhis deparfmenf fo graduafe. This includes governmenf and economics for fhe seniors. Ofher courses offered y include world hisfory and American hisfory. Mr. Guss Hrncir Hisiory. Baseball M.Ed., Soufhwesf Texas Mr. Warren Harper Economics. Foofball B.S., Ausfin College Mr. Gene Norman Mr Bobb SCOH, Economics. Typing Hisifory Y B'B'A Georgm M.Ed.. Wesi Texas , s lf F Mrs. Yvonne Williams Mr. Joe Granlo Mrs. Kay Norlham Mr. Max Harrison l-lis+ory Hislory, Foollaall Hisfory, English Higfory B.A., So. Dalcola BA.. Wesl' Texas B-An W5Yl5nd College B.S.. Wesf Texas Mrs. Rulh Houslon Mrs. Margarel Josserancl Mr. Roberl Cleland Mr. Don McPherson Hislory Hisrory Government Hislory Governmenl' B.S., Wesl Texas MA.. Wesl' Texas M.Ed.. Texas BA., Wesl' Texas Economics is one of lhe courses required of seniors before gratlualion. Mr. Norman lec- 'lures lo one of his classes as he explains lhe economic slandards of lhe Uniled Sfales pas? and present ' Mr. Bobby Scolf, American Hislory leacher. has a forlorn lool: on his face as he leclures 'ro one of his classes. The hislory of America from i'rs beginning lo 'lhe preseni day is laughl' in his classes as well as in 'rhe olher l-lislory classes. Amarillo High can be proud of ils Hislory Deparlmenl and i'rs fine Teachers. 33 eS ,.,,T A in Mr. Mike Nelson Mr. Gary Lawley Biology. Baslcelball Bl0l0qY. Baskefball B.A., Ausfin College M-N-S-. Oklahoma Mr. Tom Leezer Mr. Charles Hargrave BFOIOQY. Trainer Chemislry B-S-. Texas B,S.. Wesl Texas Science Furlhers Experimental Sludy Scienlific experimenls become very involved and compli- cafed in fha biological laboralories as Mr. Branch insirucls one of his classes lo carefully observe and analyze ihe many cliffereni movemenis and phases of 'l'he division of cells. 34 Our Science Deparimeni, headed by Mrs. Allania Kaye, offers many courses io sluclenis of AHS. ln- cluded in ihe courses are: biology Zl-22, chemislry 3l-32, physics 4l-42. and for The more advanced siu- denis. biology 50, chemisiry 50, and physics 50. The ieachers in This cleparlmeni are: Mr. Charles Campbell, Mr. Lloyd Boyd, Mr. Charles Hargrave, Mrs. Ailania Kaye, Mr. Glenn Branch, Mr. Jim Denny, Mr. Gary Lawley, Mr. Tom Leezer, and Mr. Mike Nelson. Our Science Deparimeni 'rruly helps us reach our quesi: To reach 'rhe unreachable siarsl s Mr. Glenn Branch Mr, James Denny Biology Biology, Foofball B-A-. W6Sf Texas BA., Wesi' Texas Mr. C. A. Campbell Mrs.A1'lan'I'a Kaye The world of ihe unlcnown holds many unsolved mysferies. Physics Chemisiry Science offers fo 'rhe siudeni fhe chance io delve info M.Ed..Wes+ Texas M.S., So.Cal. fhese mysferies and fry if possible io discover and solve fhe unlcnown world. Many 'ihings large or small are yel' 'io be found, buf science will .help io unfold 'ihese mysieries. I -Q..-,, L Wiih so many baffles. chemicals. and supplies in The' sioreroom of fhe Science Deparfmenf. everyfhinq musf be kepf in perfeci' order so fhings can be found easily fhe nexf fime fha? 'rhey are used. David Gouldy, iunior. puis away some chemicals 'Thai' were used in his class. The Science Deparimenf Ts forfunaie io have so many ihings ihaf are needed for experimenis and class. 35 Math Department Extends Curriculum Mr. Joe Norman Mr. J. M. Boswell Math, Trigonometry Algebra, Math B.S., Oklahoma M.A.. 'West Texas Mr. Bill McCamon Mr. Clyde Martin Geometry. Algebra Algebra. Geometry M.Ed., Oklahoma B.S.. Texas Tech 2 H tt.1 Mr. Joe Norman head our Math Department this year. The Math Department otters diversified courses, in order that there may be a course tor each person's ability. These courses include: related math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic. and math analysis. There are three math analysis courses ottered, and each ot them is on the college level. Math analysis-40 is college algebra, math analysis-50 is college geometry. and math analysis- 60 is calculus. There are also courses tor those stu- dents who show very little ability in the Math De- partment. These are related math-2l-22 and arith- metic-4O. Each student is required to obtain at least two credits in the mathematics tield. Aslcing an intelligent question about his math problem is Larry Latham, sophomore. Mr. J. M. Boswell instructs him in the proper way to work it. Mr. Boswell as well as many other teachers offers his services in the morning to those students who can't arrive at the correct answer or are slower at learning than others. Many teachers must meet during atter school hours to iron out problems that arise. Mr. Clyde Martin talks with sev- eral other teachers during a night meeting at his home. Along with meetings. some teachers also have homeroom get togethers and special parties tor graduating seniors. r. Joe Norman falks wifh Creed WyaH, senior, aboul' a oblem during a Key Club meeling. Many Teachers af EIS are sponsors of various clubs plus having a full sched- of classes each day. The siudenfs should be glad 'lhaf r 'reachers are willing To sponsor our fine clubs. Mr. Bill McCamon works with Earlene Morrison, senior, on a schedule problem during The summer enrollment Several feachers 'look lime our of rheir summer vacaiion fo aid wifh 'lhe week long regis+ra+ion. Over l.7O0 sfudenis were enrolled. , , Mr. Tom Alrharl Mafh. Track Mfx., Colorado Mr. Dalfon Teague Malh MA.. Texas Tech. Mr. Kenneih Clapp Algebra. Foofball B.S., Wesr Texas 2 . Miss Mary Brillharl' Algebra. Geomefry M.Ed., Illinois -tum I5 Mr. Lloyd Boyd Geomelry. Physics B.S.. Texas Tech. 37 Business Classes Aid College Bound Mrs. Joyce Minor Typing B.S.. Oklahoma Mrs. MarTha Fuquey Typing. ShorThand , B.B.A., WesT Texas Mrs. Be'Hy Jones Typing. ShorThand M.B.A.. Wesi' Texas i Mrs. BeTTy Jones is heading The Business DeparT- rhenT oT our school This year. OT course, TypewriT- ing and shorThand are in This deparTmenT, buT There are also such courses as bookkeeping and business law. There are Two years oT Typing oTTered To Those who wish To become proTicienT. 'There is also Typ- ing-40. which is a one semesTer course oTTered To seniors, who have, Tor some reason, noT been able To work in a whole year. Typing is a very popular course, because many Teachers appreciaTe Typed work Trom Their sTudenTs. ShorThand inTeresTs mosT- ly girls. since This is one oT The greaTesT skills re- quired To become a secreTary. Many sTudenTs, who have'Taken This course previously. have sTaTed ThaT iT helps Them To Take more compleTe and more ef- TicienT noTes in class. Bookkeeping is The sTudy of accounTs, and records. STudenTs sTudying This course. gain valuable lessons on how To keep Track oT mon- ey. how To keep a budgeT, and how To record bus- iness TransacTions. Business law, TaughT by Mr. Mills, is The sTudy oT The laws ThaT govern business Trans- acTions ThaT Take place in The UniTed STaTes every day. The Business DeparTmenT of Amarillo endeavors To provide courses which will help The sTudenTs To be more qualifed To hold down a job. if They desire To do so. f ' l l Mrs. Joyce Minor walches 'rhe cloclc and prepares 'lo call lime while giving a 'rimed wriling 'ro one of her classes. Timed wrilings help a slu- denl lo work up his speed and lo eliminale mislalres under pressure. Typing isgraded by 'the number of mislalces, accuracy, and speed. This is a good course 'lor all lo lake. Shorihand is a course lhal becomes a challenge 'lo fhose who have an inleresl' in secrefarial work. Drill and prac- lice become a daily rouline in order fo obiain perfec- 'rion in 'rhe skill. Mrs. Jones prepares a lesson for her class 'ro lranscribe. Being able lo fake diclalion is an- ofher requiremenl' for lhe course. Timed wrilinqs become fedious and very fruslraling as Harmon Hollar, senior, allempls lo reach his producfion rale during his semesler linal. Finger dexlerily is an es- senlial qualily lhal is needed by every good lypisl. 39 Faculty Attends Christmas Qpen House Mrs. Lucy Walker C.H.E.. l-lome and Family Living M.Ed.. West Texas Mrs. lnez Parkey Homemaking M.Ed., West Texas The sewing machine is the most important machine that a student in a clothing class uses. Everything that is sewn is done 'by use ot the machine except tor the tew things done by hand. The student must. know how the machine works and, must know exactly howto run it tor accurate sewing. ' 'E The Homemaking Department is headed by the three taculty members who teach home economics courses. Miss Thurman teaches interior design while Mrs. Walker teaches a class ot home and tamiiy living. Also ottered in this department are tood. and clothing classes and co-operative home eco- nomics. Students enrolled in home economics gain valu- able knowledge that can be used in homes and tam- ilies later. This is the purpose ot home economics. Students enrolled in interior design learn the art ot turnishing a home in good taste. Home and tam- ily living students learn about the family. the core ot society . All home economics students learn in- formation that will be valuable in the tuture. ,Q 1 as mi i a 'fs Mrs. Lucy Walker prepares to make out a test for her Homemaking students during her oft period. Mrs. Walker is also a sponsor for Future Homemakers of America which keeps her very busy. She must help plan all meetings and get the meetings set up with each class officer. Many times meetings must be called before school to talk about unfinished business. Miss Doris Thurman Interior Design B.S., Texas Tech lf? 'N' 1711 The open house for 'Teachers is a big even+ for ihe sfuden+s in foods classes. Shelia Dew, senior, pours a cup of coffee for a 'ieacher during his off period. Throughout The week s+uden'rs prepare foods for fhe Friday open house. No+ only do +eachers from AHS come, buf many Teachers and adminisirafors also come lo lhis annual affair. The 'reachers all agree fha? 'lhey enioy 'lhis evenf. Miss Marie Donnell Lafirl. English M.A., Oklahoma Mrs. Lynda Drown Spanish. English BA.. Wesf Texas Mrs. Pafricia Vick Spanish, English BA.. Universify of Texas Tapes Beneficial To Language Students ' M10 has One of fhe many imporfanf ways of sfudy in a foreign language class is fo lisfen and repeal. Mrs. Pafricia Viclc worlcs on several Spanish drills wifh one of her classes. Spanish, French, and Lafin are all faughf af Amarillo High. Wifh fhe aid of fhe language lab, many sfudenfs learn fo speak a language fluenfly. 42 Many sfudenfs of Amarillo High fake advanfage of our fine Language Deparfmenf by sfuclying a language ofher fhan English. The foreign languages offered af AHS are Lafin. Spanish, and French. Two years of each of fhese are offered. and if fhere are enough sfudenfs inferesfed. fhird or fourfh year may be offered. Many sfudenfs become inferesfecl in languages and sfucly more fhan one. This inferesf is bene- ficial fo all, because fhrough a counfry's lan- guage, one gains a wider undersfancling of fhe nafive people. Af AHS, Spanish is mosf in demand. n x we A411 . LLAZA . e The language lab offers 'ro ihe sfudenl' ihe chance 'io lisfen and repeal dialogues fhe way lhe naiive speaker would. A siudeni' lisiens io a rape while in his Spanish class. Many s'ruden+s wifh ihe aid of 'lhe lab have learned io speak a language more frequenily. One of 'lhe highlighis of ihe year for Spanish siudenis is 'lhe annual Chris+mas parfy. Along wifh acfing oui' dialogues. singing carols, and eaiing refreshmenis, a pinaia was broken. Teachers as well as s+uden+s parficipafed in 'rhe exciiemenf. All fha siudenfs agreed rhal' +he pariy was fun. J ,..-f Miss Mary McFarland Mrs. Mary Gibson French, English Spanish B.A.. Universiiy of Texas M.A.. Oklahoma 1 l.i A+ ihe end of The day. Mrs. Drown. one of fhe Spanish ieachers, gives a final dialogue before dismissing class. Anyone who belongs fo one of ihe 'rhree language clubs will agree 'rhaf 'l'he srudy of language is a fun and exciiing experience. 4 Musical Presentation, Highlight Of Year The Music Department is headed by two taculty members. They are Mr. George Bittle, the choir director. and Ronnie Wells. the band and orchestra director. The entire Music Department works to- gether on a musical production each year. This year, the production was Brigadoon . Terrie Stew- art portrayed the lead. with Joe Collier, Jan Burk, and Gary Blankenship playing other main parts. The proceeds buy materials tor the music depart- ment. Separately, the choir, band. and orchestra carry on their own activities. The band pertorms at halt- time shows tor the tootball games, and sits beside thestudent body to play pep songs at basketball games. Our band received a tirst division rating at the regional marching tournament. The AHS orchestra pertorms at many school tunctions. The orchestra added the background music to Brigadoon . lt also puts on concerts tor the school. Suzan Hayes is the orchestra queen this year. The Bel Canto Chorale, under the direction ot Mr. Bittle. has sixty-seven members. The Bel Canto performs at various programs in Amarillo during the year. Our choir also travels to other schools to pertorm tor them. - I ,. af f--fr F -- f ass, -15,21 ffl- I . rssi i ii... B i-'i 1--.. is .. siii 5 iriw 4 ' Atter spending long hours practicing tor Lerner and Lowe's Brigacloon , Bel Canto members Jerri Cross, Jenny Ewing, and Pam Kennedy take a break and sing selections trom Mozart. 44 Mr. George Bittle Mr. Ronnie Wells Music Band, Orchestra B.M.Ed., Texas Tech M.M.Ed., Texas Tech Getting ready to blow the starting whistle tor halt time activi- ties is senior. Bill Moss, head drum major. 'Ihe band pertorms at all Sandie tootball games and pep rallies..Many endless hours are spent by band members practicing routines tor halt time enjoyment. L Donna Dufek, senior, dances The sword dance in lhe play Briga- doon which was pul on by 'Phe Amarillo High Drama Deparrmeni, Orchesfra, and Choir. Afier long hours. blood, sweat and fears, 'rhe play was pu? on. and was a grear success. Everyone worked fo make lhe play a grand one. Dr. George Wilson from lnferlochn direcls Jrhe AHS orches- fra durinq fhe music clinic held for Two days. A+ +he end of fhe fwo days, lhe Band and Orchesfra held lheir annual clin- ic conceri' The Band and Orchesfra parenfs sponsored a chili supper before 'ihe concerf. Dr. Wilson gave many good ideas +0 bo+h groups. During an early morning rehearsal. Mr. Wells works wiih lhe orcheslra on some music 'lhar will be played in a fufure concerf. These re- hearsals siarf af 7:30 and somefimes he finds i+ hard fo gel everyone lhere on lime. This is Mr. Wells' 'lhird year lo 'reach al' Amarillo High, buf was a sludenl here also. All his sludenis will agree 'lhar he is doing an excellenr iob. 45 DromoTisTs Display Skill in Our Town The Speech and Drama deparTmenT is headed by Mr. Wes SchulTz and Miss Carol Ayers. Mr. SchulTz and Miss Ayers are boTh new To Amarillo High This year, and They are doing an excellenT fob oT running This imporTanT deparTmenT. Mr. SchulTz insTrucTs all The drama classes and some oT The speech, while Miss Ayers devoTes her Time To all speech classes. This year, There are Three semesTer courses oT speech, and The same number oT drama courses Tor Those sTudenTs who are inTer- esTed in This Tield oT sTudy. ln drama, sTudenTs sTudy a varieTy oT skills which perTain To acTing and sTage work. As could be ex- pecTed, sTudenTs sTudy The Tine poinTs of acTing and The arT oT porTraying characTers, buT They also sTudy such inTeresTing subfecTs as play producTion and plays as a Type of liTeraTure. Speech sTudenTs learn how To proiecT Their voices and how To geT The proper expression inTo Their voices, in order To communicaTe wiTh The audience. In class, speech sTudenTs sTudy prose, poeTry, and exTemporaneous speaking. Our Town by ThornTon Wilder was The Three acT play presenTed by The Drama DeparTmenT This year. The Town, Grovers Corners, is an average Town in New England. Eva- line McSpedden, Mrs. Webb and her daughTer Emily, played by PaT Hayden. are iusT Two of The people in Grovers Cor- ners. The play was a huge success. 46 Miss Carol Ayers Mr. Wes SchulTz Speech, English Speech, Drama B.S., Wes'T Texas B.A.. WesT Texas The Speech and Drama deparTmenT is a very imporTanT deparT- menT aT Amarillo High. Mrs. Carol Ayers lecTures To a class abouT The proper way To presenT a speech. During The year This deparTmenT presenTs one acT plays along wiTh The annual Three acT play. The Drama deparTmenT also plays a maior parT in puT- Ting on The musical. 1, wi , A'ff , A ., ' W . K V fg r' . ' if v 'gg 1 K I . N . i Q I I ,, il' ' ,1.11 A x ,,, 'I' E . 1 gi ' A . 'Z A' 9 is 1' ' 15 ef ---fi . J at ,, 5 J .. F .U A .Q 2 A 3 ,, ' s S 4 . , , ' , ,, Q 9' gn 1 I V . V f i 3 v . n 1 y .tit Q Q I 4 , ' 5. 4, .uw ki. I ,- Eg V .J 54i5g2.Lz': 5 K ff 5 Saiw M: Q -, 'xrkf W f 15. 1, 4.. . - -sb. '41--u W-s. 'mx ljfnbq, is fm 3 ff .,,. J K if Q. M f TS . . se , 1 5-' 1' 'xl ' jiunqaaus-,K 4. s fi ,W .ff ., A e x i ,, gg, YMZMM, ., 2 , i E gf T H - 0 l 'C gl 'ins 3 I is gay: z ,, . m -5 T 'fg gigg he it Q 5 3 3 as l Q i There are many differenf proiecfs worlced on during +he year in Ari and Ads and Craffs classes. Lind? Campbell. senior, prepares fo puf one of her proiecfs in 'rhgpsmall lriln. Ari is a very imporfanf class for if prepares sfudenfs who will be +aking err classes in college wilh 'the 'type work lhey will be doing. Many sfudenis 'lake an Ari course iusl' for ihe pleasure oif crealing somefhing wiih Their own hands. 15,2 Mrs. Townsend shows Roberf Love. senior, fhe nexf siep lo be done on his arf proiecl. Mrs. Townsend sfays very busy reaching classes plus doing ofher proiecfs for various clubs and organizaiions. Amarillo High is lucky fo have someone as ialenfed as Mrs. Townsend. Arr Appreciation Stressed During Class Mrs. Mary Townsend is head of 'rhe Ari' Deparr- menr. She ins'rruc'rs four classes of sfudenfs who are inieresied in arls and craffs. ln Mrs. Townsend's classes, s'ruden'rs learn skills orher fhan iusl skefch- ing. They sfucly design, color schemes. sculpiure, enamel work, and some ari' appreciaiion and arf hisiory. The arf deparfmenf aids many oiher organiza- 'rions of AHS. They help lo design program covers and for banquels for various clubs ancl organiza- Jrions, help wifh The seis for The musical, and are always willing +o help anyone who needs assisiance wi'rh arf work. John Whifacre, senior, works on one of the many assign- menfs given +o him in his arls and crafls class. This class serves as an elecfive offering sfudenfs one semesier class- room work. The class is offered fo sophomores. iuniors, and seniors giving Them one-half credit wnsend. The sludenis are assigned many proiecfs buf are given classroom iime +o comple+e il. Many of lhe slu- . fi , . . 35 K . 'if S 1 vX 2'h' J ,W .Y H D in ,ra 1- ' fff ig X, s digg!!-i i Mrs. Mary Townsend ' Aris. Crafls aff .K V- K M.Ed., Wesi' Texas tverjfrf.-g T s,..,-1.., f , - A .sss fi ln melals class, sludenls work on many proiecls 'rhroughoul' ihe year. The sludeni works on a grindslone which is one of 'lhe fools locaied in ihe shop. Many oiher valuable fools and equipmenf can be found here. Amarillo High can be proud of Hs fine shops. The mefals shop requires skill as well as a sfeady hand and a knowl- edge of 'rhe malleabilify of meials. These boys use an acefylene forch on ihe proiecl 'lhey are working wiih. This course prepares The sludenl' in various fields. Mr. Ruperi Taylor Mr. Oscar Self Mr. Edward Kefchum Wood Shop Eleclrical Trades Mechanical Drawing M.S.. Easl' Texas M.Ed.. Wesl Texas B.S.. S.E. Slare Charles Holycross. Lesler Selby, Gary Burke, and Raymond Wyoff all work on lheir proiecfs during their sixlh period. These boys learn skills which will benefif +hem in fheir choice of a career. Many sfudenfs go on fo a lrade school +0 learn more and exlend 'rheir knowl- edge of whal' 'lhey have learned in high school. Industrial Arts Covers Three Fields The indusirial aris classes of ihis school are elec- 'rrical Trades, meials. and auio mechanics. These courses are designed lo prepare boys for iobs af- ier high school. Each of ihese classes are 'rhree hours. The eleclric shop 'lrains boys io go info ihe field of repairing eleclrical equipment The meials course mainly works in welding and 'rhe field of induslry. Afier graduaiion, 'rhis will help him 'ro gel a job in eiiher a welding shop or in an indus- fry where welding is required. The aulo mechanics course insirucls iis siudenls in The repairing of cars. This course is designed To ieach The basic principles of mechanics. Alier complelion of The course. a boy is classified as an apprenlice mechanic. Mr. Dan Janssen 'Mr. John Birfciel Auiomechanics Trade Melal Trades B.S.. Wesl' Texas Texas Tech Gelfing ready lo pui' up his malerials al' fhe end of class lime is Dick Graham, senior. He lends a helping hand fo Doug Robbins. senior, who is Temporarily oul' ol commission. ln wood shop, as in all o+her classes, 'ihings musl' be lcepl' in order so 'lhings may be found easily. This course 'Peaches lhe lundamenials of using one's hands in working wifh wood. 5I Mr. Jerry Raines Mrs. Ann Dunavin Mrs. Lincla Niemeier Mr. Jim Nash P.E.. Wresiling P.E. P.E. P.E., FooTbalI M.Ed., WesT Texas B.S., WesT Texas B.S., EasT Texas B.A., U.T.E.P. Niemeier Sponsors Gymnastics Club Archery is one of The many acTiviTies The girls' gym ciasses parl TicipaTe in during The second semesTer. Sharon Nunn, a senior, displays perTecT sTance as oTher members of The class observe The archery Techniques ThaT she perTorms. Archery enables Them To develop Their slcili and coordinaTion. 52 The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT is headed by Mr. Jerry Raines. There are Two insTrucTors Tor The girls and Two Tor The boys. The girls work on such acTiviTies as: Tumbling, parallel bars. baskeTball. bad- minTon, Tennis, volleyball, and archery. This year, There is a swimming class Tor' beginning swimmers, TaughT aT The YWCA. Also new This year is a course in modern dance. The boys have acTiviTies ThaT are a liTTle more sTrenuous Than Those of The girls. These include an obsTacie course and climbing The ropes. Physical TiTness is achieved Through The daily exercising T-hai becomes a rouTine Tor each and every girl. Much concen- TraTion and eTTorT is needed in order To obTain perTecTion. Each six weeks requires a physical TiTness TesT in which cer- Tain TiTness rouTines are perTormed. N, 4-N 5 4 75 1' . . , k.,. N Somefhing new 'rhal was sfarfed a+ Amarillo High School rhis year was swimming class. These girls meal' sixfh period every day ai' The YWCA. 'ro learn how fo swim or 'ro learn beifer swimming mefhods. Mrs. Neimeier was fhe inslrucior of fhis class. Many girls agreed fhai' 'lhis class iaughl' fhem wafer safely and was very worrhwhile. The girls' gym classes parricipafe in many acfiviiies +hroughou+ ihe year. Tumbling which is falcen for one six weeks, enables fhe girls +o be more graceful and more co-ordinaied. A+ The end of 'rhe six weelcs, rhe besr iumblers from each class meer 'rogeiher lo deiermine fhe besi' Tumbler in school. Wherher or noi a girl is an excellenf fumbler, lhey sfill enioy and benefii' from +his six weeks period. An imporl'an'l' facfor in gym class is gelling ihe proper insfruclion from a qualified ieacher. Mrs. Dunavin 'lallcs wifh a sfudeni aboui' 'rhe proper way fo use her equip- meniz Being a new ieacher. iusi as being a new s'ru- denf. 'finds adiuslmenl hard. Many siudenfs will be coming back nexl year, and all hope fo find Mrs. Dun- avin baclc also. 53 During bfh period ROTC, Debbie Mifchell, Jan Burk. Candy Sfouf, Befsy Bandy, and Debbie Moore. all seniors, work for fhe perfecfion of rifle drills. The sponsors have fhe fask of assisfing lo raise fhe flag al' all home foolball games and do various ofher fhings such as performing a roufine af fhe iunior high schools. These fen girls hold an honored posifion for fhey are chosen by fhe ROTC boys and Capfain Greiner. Sam Wade. senior, fies Befsy Bandy's fie before fhe flag is raised during an affernoon foolball game. The officers give assisfance fo fheir sponsors by helping fhem wifh 'raslcs fhey cannof perform fhemselves. Everyone should agree fhaf fhe ROTC sponsors and boys have done an excellenl' iob during our school year. Linw- Mr. Huberl' Greiner ROTC B.S., Wesf Texas 'Nr as ROTC Raises Colors Before Kickoff Capiain Huberi Greiner is in charge of fhe ROTC unii' of AHS. ROTC Trains boys in 'rhe milifary pro- cedures. This can be of greaf service 'ro The boys when 'rhey enier The miliiary service. ROTC frains boys in such subiecfs as miliiary communicaiions. map reading, and marching. Colonel Henry Melfon is Bafialion Commander fhis year. He holds 'fhe responsibiliiy of fhe whole corps. Nexf in command is Lieufenani' Joel Harp. Besides 'rhe boys. fhere are also 'len girls in 'The corps. They are honorary sponsors. To be good in ROTC. one musi know how fo follow commands and be precise when working wifh oihers. Tony Waiers and Jan Burke. bofh seniors. praciice fogefher during 'rheir ROTC period. Amarillo High is proud fha? we are ihe only school wilh an ROTC uni'r. We feel ihaf ROTC is a perl of our Sandie fradifion. During sixfh period ROTC, David Waiers, sophomore. pracfices drills and learns fo perfecf his movemenfs. Under fhe command of Capiain Greiner and fheir superiors, lhese boys learn basic mili- 'lary slcills. Caplain Greiner has done a 'fine job wilh all 'rhe boys and fheir sponsors ihis year. H' is a iob 'lo be commended. 55 Whitaker Takes Prize At Stock Show Af his farm, which is locaied behind his house, Johnny Johnson sfands wifh one of The many animals which he owns. He was very forfunafe af fhe sfoclr show fhis year. for he won fhe grand cham- pion wiih one of his prize sfeers. Mr. Davis was very proud of fhis year's group. One of fhe agriculfural sfudenfs looks af his quarfer horse which was one of fhe many animals fhaf was enfered af fha livesfoclc show held in January. This is a very imporfanf course for if famil- iarizes fhe sfudenf wifh livesfoclc and produce which can be very beneficial fo him if he infends fo enfer ihis field. The Agriculfure Deparfmenf helps fo acquainf boys wifh fhe raising of livesfoclc and produce. ln fhis program. boys learn fhe newesl' farming and ranching mefhocls. This program prepares fhem wifh fhe basic slcills needed for fhe career fhaf fhey are inferesfed in. Mr. R. H. Davis, fhe agriculfure feacher. says fhaf an agriculfure course can be exfremely valuable fo a boy who is inferesfed in a career in fhis area. In fhis deparfmenf, fhere is a large amounf of com- pefifion wifh similar deparfmenfs of ofher schools. Debra Mifchell, FFA sweefhearf for fhis year, presents fro- phies fo Louis Whifacre and Johnny Johnson. bofh iuniors. These boys won several awards af fhe sfock show and bofh represenfed AHS well. Debra was presenf ai fhe iudging and presenfecl each of fha winners frophies. Mr. R. H. Davis A is Vocafional Agriculfure M.S.. Texas Tech , s mu 4 kv , 5 i J Debra Milchell was honored by being named 'rhe FFA sweelheari' for lhe i968 school year. She was chosen by The boys ihal are af- filiafed wifh fha agriculiural cleparlmenl, and represenled 'rhe Sandies ar lhe Sloclc Show +ha+ was held in Amarillo during The monlh of January. Debra presenfed 'the 'lrophies fo +he boys who won awards al 'rhe Slock Show. Several of the Amarillo High boys won awards for 'rheir animals. Mosf all enfries from AHS raled high. 57 Journalism Plans For Spring Banquet No one will ever know how many responsibiiiTies resi' on The shoulders oT Mr. Davidson. IT geTs preTTy hecTic when Mr. D has To have I5O pages of The yearbook in The mail plus super- vise The decoraTion of a dance. Noi' only does he sponsor The La Airosa and SandsTorm. buT also Quill and Scroll. BOTh STGTTS agree ThaT he has goT To be The greaTesT. The Journalism DeparTmenT is under The direc- Tion OT Mr. Jim Davidson. This deparTmenT.'is re- sponsible Tor compiling The La Airosa each year and ediTing a Tri-weekly newspaper, The SandsTorm. The deparTmenT also issued a sTudenT direcTory conTaining each sTudenT and TacuiTy member's name, address and Telephone number. ln working on These proiecTs. iournalism sTudenTs endeavor To presenT ouTsTanding pubiicaTions To The AHS sTudenT body. The sTaTT oT The SandsTorm sTrives To cover all The news and acTiviTies ThaT Take place in Sandieland. The La Airosa sTaTT works To presenT an annual ThaT will cover all phases oT school liTe. The Journalism DeparTmenT sponsors many im- porTanT school acTiviTies. Une oT These is The elec- Tion of class TavoriTes, Mr. and Miss AHS. Miss Sandieland-and Mr. Ugly Man. AnoTher is The se- lecTion oT The Twelve seniors who receive Who's Who. The Who's Who candidaTes' are seiecTed by The TaculTy. Mr. Davidson's sTudenTs sponsor The annual SnowTlake Ball. where The class TavoriTes and Mr. and Miss AHS are announced. and The Publi- caTion BanqueT. Making iasT minuTe preparaTions Tor The Snowflake Ball are Libby BagoT and Karen MarquardT. The walls oT The caTeTeria were decoraTed wiTh posTers Trom various movies in accordance wiTh The Theme, Sandieland Goes Hollywood . DespiTe The Two inch snow ThaT covered Amarillo, abouT l40 couples aTTended. Everyone agreed ThaT The SnowTIake Ball was The appropriaTe name. Mr. Jim Davidson Journalism B.S.. Texas Tech mfr,-,fs 1: .. -,mn anew, 4 ,1-1: .. .. sf- an ,s-11-4 f f,-- , a1:--s.s :,. ., sswesaaew 1'--rQffsff.f-:la ii L , i, KXXHH WRX ILL il Semi .fs I its repula ion or loyalty to The burr community, I believe 700790. ANSHIP, SERVICE. dnions- :lean Svvm' ,peel for others, obe' o4pam'1ion 'lm me I iyxdmy Io n-1.Kh '-f delend xl warm' - Mr. Reuben Schaniz Brenda and Glenda Miller, Twins. show a pamphlel on how fob hunling can be lun. ln Special Vocalional Adiuslmenl' Educalion. sludenls learn 'fhe basics of finding a iob and learning skills lhal lhey are besl in. The B.A.. Colorado Special Educalion sludenls who are slow learners sfudy fields 'lhal they like and would have a good job in. Some sludenfs have iobs which lhey go lo aller school is ouf. Special Education Teaches Basic Skills -In nu.- ? , , .s ,. tk, aiias,a 341: fc.. kf1..-, I E, ,k,: 5, gl.,, .. ,,+, sq , Several Special Educalion sludenls work in lhe AHS caieleria. Mark McKay prepares 'lo pu'r some dishes in ihe dish rack affer 'rhe 'rhree lunch periods. Basic educalional skills such as malh and reading are laughl' io 'rhe sludenls. This class helps sludenls +0 adiusl' 'ro lhe world around lhem. Mr. Reuben Schanlz heads The Special Educaiion De- parlmenl. He inslrucls sludenls in such basic skills as: reading, malh, vocalional lraining. basic skills for em- ploymenr. heallh. and sieps in everyday living. Mr. Schan+z's Vocalional Adiuslmenl program is direcled 'ro- wards slow learners. Hs purpose is lo help 'lhem 'rake +heir place as well as possible in 'rhe sociely of our limes. Each day Mr. Schanlz comes up wilh somelhing unique 'lo help him achieve lhis goal. His class usually numbers belwveen fifleen and 'rwenly-five. Mr. Reuben Schanlz walches while a sludenl' 'lesfs his skill ai lhe dexferify board. This inslrumenl is used 'ro show lhe agilify and dexferifv of 'rhe special educalion sludenls. His sfudenls as well as olhers like him as a leacher and friend. 59 53... , Mr. Frank Oglesby Bible is ottered tor only one period during the day and is taught by Mr. Oglesby. Mr. Oglesby Bible attended lexas Christian University and Southern Methodist University where he received his B.D., S.M.U. Bachelor ot Divinity degree. He is the pastor ot the Pleasant Valley Methodist Church. Mr. Ogles- by strives to teach his students a deeper meaning ot verses in the Bible. Bible Class Supports Spiritual Growth Bible 20 consists ot' the study ot the Old Testament which is ottered the first semester. The New Testament is Bible 30 and is otlered the second semester. Both courses are offered to sopho- mores, iuniors, and seniors and they receive one-halt credit tor each semester. 60 Amarillo High School has a Bible class instructed by Reverend Frank Oglesby. This class instructs stu- dents in the ditterent parts ot the Bible, in more detail than they might otherwise learn them. Any student is invited to take Bible, since it is non-de- nominational. lnterested students learn to look tor a deep meaning in Bible verses. They learn how to use the Bible as a personal guide tor their lives. These students derive deep personal satistaction trom this course. Mr. Oglesby plans the lesson tor his class from the Bible Course Handbook that each student is required to have tor the course. lt is also used by the Dallas High School system. The handbook contains scripture readings, questions, and words to detine. The students keep a notebook which includes questions and answers from the handbook. Behind The Wheel Training Beneficial 5 s Mr. Thurlow Spurr. leader of The Sing Oui For America , pre- senis Mr. C. T. Howell a ceriiiicaie for his service in promoiing Driver's Educaiion. The purpose of ihe assembly was io show slu- denis ihai driving an auiomobile is noi only a pleasure, buf also a responsibiliiy io drive caufiously in order 'ro preveni iraific hazards. lvlr. C. T. Howell insirucis siudenis in drivers edu- caiion. He allernales 'reaching AHS siudenis wiih oiher high schools in lown. ln drivers educaiion. slu- denis learn 'lhe proper skills in order lo become safe drivers. Mr. Howell lakes up +o 'Four sluclenis in ihe car ai one lime. The siudenis come from siudy halls or 'Free periods. Taking drivers elducaiion gives new drivers a disiinci advaniage, since Jrhey learn The laws well. All lhe drivers educaiion cars in 'the ciiy are marked wiih a sign ihai' informs oiher drivers 'fhai' 'there is a beginning siu- deni' a+ ihe wheel of lhe car. Amarillo High is lucky 'fo have This course so ihai we can 'reach siudenis ihe righi' way io drive. Mr. C. T. Howell rides wiih his drivers 'iraining siudenis during one of +he class hours which he leaches ihis class. li is imporiani' io know 'the righi procedure in driving a car wheiher or noi' one is a beginning driver or has already learned how io drive. Safeiy pays, and Waich oui for ihe olher guy, are good slogans for all drivers lo follow. Mr. Howell siresses boih of ihese poinis upon his sludenis. Mr. C. T. Howell Driver Educaiion M.S.. Wesl Texas bl CLUBS Every Sandie al' Amarillo High School has greal' opporfunifies 'ro parlicipale in a varieiy of exiracur- ricular ac'rivi+ies if he so desires. ln doing This, he noi' only beffers himself, buf confribures somefhing 'io AHS. The clubs are composed of any number of young people who wish +0 work fogefher in suppori' of a common cause. These s1'uden'rs have chosen 'io go a liHle fariher 'Than +ha'r which is required of fhem. They presenf new innova+ions 'ro 'rhe res+ of ihe school in order +ha'r +hey mighi' inspire new ideas and in+eres'rs among 'rhemselves for a grea+ cause- ...TO BEAR WITH UNBEARABLE SORROW, TO RUN WHERE THE BRAVE DARE NOT GO... FTA Sends Ditty Bags To Servicemen l l l l Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Mafherly. sponsors of Fufure Teachers of America. 'false fime oul' from Their busy schedules fo discuss plans for fhe Sfafe TFTA Convenfion in Dallas wifh Claudia Jones. senior. 64 The Fufure Teachers of America chapfer in AHS can be proud of ifs record in fhe school and in fhe sfafe. Our chapfer has had more sfafe officers elecfed 'rhan fhe resf of fhe chapfers in fhe sfafe combined. The AHS chapfer is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Mafherly. The officers for This year are: Larry Morris, Ida McCormick. Sharon Marceron. Susan Wiffen, Claudia Jones, Becky Braden. Joe Praff, Leesa OH. Bill Moss, Janie Jordan, Janis Hawks. Edward Gulelce. and Chris Burdiff, presidenf. The purpose of FTA is 'ro inferesf sfudenfs in 'reaching as a career and 'ro help sfudenfs aHain a beffer undersfanding of our public school sysfem. The chapfer sponsors many services fo fhe school and fown. This year. FTA sponsored fhe Annual Teacher Appreciafion Day. supplied 'reachers aids, and filled diffy bags for our servicemen in Viei' Nam. ' ' ' ' l l A duef composed of iunior. George Johnsfon and senior, Mike Morrow sing a medley of folk-songs during fheir performance af fhe annual FTA falenf show. The ialenf show, a money-raising proiecf, was presenfed for a small fee fo members of fhe sfudenf body during a pay assembly af homeroom one day. 3 3 ..: ,. ' ma? 3' , vi' V if 41.5 9- ,., R. 1 Q' Aa .' , -ig , ET? ,Y , .f A1 L wk, 4 A 5WffWfl?f?ia24!'EiCiQ.6:fEif 5, , MQ , 5 F 5 Q24 . m.WW,A.,,,..a. , Q , we m4k iw WB., ,V A 3 'M Q51 L Q 4 f g J iz 5' U I Allied Youth Sponsors Rummoge Sole Allied Youfh, sponsored by Mrs. Mary Connerly, is a service organizafion fhaf poinfs ouf fhe facfs abouf alcohol and drugs. The number of members poinfs ouf fhe facf fhaf young people of foday are inferesfed in fhe problems fhal' confronf Them, and are frying fo find solufions. Under fhe leadership of Presidenf. Eddie Geof- frey, fhere are several ofher officers of AY. They are: Dair l-lileman, Sidney Allen, John Jenkins, Richard Bruse, Mary Anderson. Callie Hamner. Becky Braden, Cherry l-lyso, lda McCormick, Delise Rice, and John Krifser. AY sponsors many proiecfs during fhe school year. These include fhe Back fo School Dance, fhe March for Muscular Dysfrophy, fhe March of Dimes, fhe March for Cysfic Fibrosis, fhe Soufh- wesf conference. fhe Infernafional conference. and many ofher proiecfs. AY also sponsors TWIRP week, where fhe girls have fo escorf fhe boys. Af one of fhe monfhly meefings of Allied Youfh of Amarillo High School, Mrs. Mary Connerly. sponsor. gives Richard Bruce, iunior councilman of fhe club, some insfrucfions on faking up fhe ballofs affer The vofing for fhe new officers for I967-68. Allied Youfh members, John Jenlcins. iunior, and senior girls: Mary Anderson, Cherry Hyso, Delise Rice. Binnie Julius, and Befsy Bandy observe one of fhe many ifems for sale af fhe AY garage sale. Money from 'lhe sale was used fo help pay bus fares fo fhe lnfernafional Conference held in Palesfine, Texas in fhe laffer parf of Ocfober. The garage sale was held af fha Jenkins' home and arficles fo be sold were donafed by various club members. -f sesame, - Key Club Provides Leaders For School i The Key Club ihis year is co-sponsored by Mr. Joe Norman and Mr. Don McPherson. Creed Wyaii as Hs presideni, leads ihis club in iis service io ihe school and 'rhe communi+y. He is assisfed by The oiher officers who are: Phil Maiihews, Vice-presi- denl: Praier lvlonning. Secreiary: and Richard Kel- ley, Treasurer. The Key Club provides many services for The school, such as sponsoring a Leadership Brealclasi, repainiing ihe Trash cans. marching for Muscular Dysirophy. and selling Key Chains. AHS is made beHer by The boys of 'rhe Key Club, who go where 'ihe brave dare noi go. Senior, R. D. Parks +ries io persuade senior, Amy Herberi fo purchase one of 'rhe key chains during fhe sale sponsored by l'he Key Club early in 'lhe year. Money from 'rhe sales goes info fhe Key Club Treasury and is used 1-o sponsor +he club proiecis 'ihroughoui 'rhe year. 68 Key Club Presideni, Creed Wyafi, senior. defines 'rhe purpose of 'lhe Amarillo High School Key Club during an assembly held early in 'the year for boys in lhe sophomore class. Affer a lhor- ough explanafion of ihe club, applicafions 'lo ioin were handed our io inieresfed boys, Dr. Lee Williamson. assisianr rillo Public School Syslem was X T l X Superinlendenl 'ihe fealured of 'rhe Ama- spealcer al' 'lhe Key Club Leadership Brealcfasl' held on 'rhe morning of Ociober 3l in lhe Amarillo High School cafeieria. The purpose of 'rhe brealcfasf was 'ro bring fhe leaders of AHS fogefher. Senior Key Club member, Larry Morris, prepares lo apply his firsl' coal of black painr fo lhe base of one of lhe wasfe baslcels on fhe campus of 'lhe school. The purpose of lhis proiecl is lo help beaulify Amarillo High School and 'lo keep il clean. Senior Richard Kelly, Key Club Treasurer of Amarillo High School, counls dues money he has received from his fellow Key Club members during lhe firsi' meefing af 'lhe beginning of lhe school year. Club members are required lo pay a lee of 52.50 which is used 'ro finance fhe club acfivilies and proiecls rhroughouf 'the year and lo pay dues To -the infernaiional organizalion. Aciivilies such as The selling of lcey chains and lhe iacully baslcelball game aid in paying for 'lhe various profecfs. ln The background. senior, Rusly Fuqua lallrs wilh iunior, Sieve Crain while Milne Sweall looks on. 69 Pallbearers Larry 'Moi-ris, senior. and Richard Kelley. senior. carry The caskeT conTaining The remains of The defeaTed Borger Bulldog aTTer :Ts Tangle wiTh The Golden Sandsiorm aT The pep rally held prior To The Sandie-Bulldog game. The VigilanTes of Amarillo High School aid The cheerleaders in planning and acTing ouT skiTs aT each pep rally during The school year. Vigilanfes Signal TD's WiTh Air Horn Larry Morris, senior VigilanTe. heTTs The airhorn as he helps load The bus Tor The Trip back To Amarillo Tollowing The Lubbock- MonTerey TooTball game. The VigilanTes. in addiTion To keeping The airhorn, also assisl' The cheerleaders in loading, unloading. and seTTing up The equipmenT aT each game. 70 The purpose oT The VigilanTes oT AHS is To assisl' The cheerleaders in guarding The Golden Sandie SpiriT during Pep Rallies and games. The VigilanTes provide help in doing The many Tasks which The cheerleaders clon'T have Time To accomplish during The hurried Time before The game begins. These include hanging up signs, seTTing up The loud speaker equipment and erecTing The leTTers AHS on The slope across The sTudenT secTion. Our VigilanTes Tor I967-I968 are seniors: Bill Bryan. Bui Bao Thach, Jerry Johnson. Richard Kel- ley, Phil lvlaTThews. and Larry Morris. iuniors: STeve Crain, Greg MiTchell. and Don MonTgomery. This group oT boys is selecTed Trom members of The Key Club. by a voTe from The members. Be- cause oT This. There are no individual oTTicers, buT The VigilanTes are under The rules and direcTion oT The Key Club oTTicers. Mr. Larsen. Mr. Joe Nor- man. and Mr. Don McPherson. Our greaT Sandie SpiriT would be considerably less, if These boys did noT Try when Their arms were Too weary. To reach The unreachable sTarl Forensics Club Sponsors Mixed Debate The Forensics Club is a club organized by The speech deparTmenT To encourage Those sTudenTs in- TeresTed in exTracurricuiar speech acTiviTies. These include debaTes, exTemporaneous speaking, persua- sive speaking, and prose and poeTry readings. The goal oT This club is To creaTe and mainTain inTeresT and improvemenT in all areas OT public speaking. This year, The Forensics are sponsored by Mrs. Car- ol Ayers. Mrs. Ayers scheduled many inTeresTing evenTs This year. These included parTicipaTion in various speech TournarnenTs in This region. This year, The Forensics visiTed The LiHIe TheaTer To waTch Their producTions. and gain knowledge and ideas Trom Them. The members oT The Forensics Club make San- dies proud by Their records in speech TournamenTs. Amarillo High School Forensic members Suzi ParTlow, senior, and Callie Hamner, junior, discuss plans Tor Their upcoming mixed debaTe wiTh one of The boys' debaTe Teams oT Caprock High School. The debaTe Teams Took parT in many debaTes and also poeTry reading and exiemporaneous speaking. Senior Forensic members, Suzi ParTlow, and Bill TarTer, and iunior members, Perry ForresTer and Callie Hamner, discuss sTraTegy They will use aT Their nexT debaTe meeT. Each year. a represenTaTive from The Amarillo Lion's Club was preseni Tor an annual debaTe aT which a Trophy is presenTed To The winning Team To be placed in one oT The schooi's Trophy cases. 7l Math Club Studies Use Of Slide Rule Clay Phennicie. senior Malh Club member. concen'lra+es an in- ,lricale equafion as he maslers +he arf of using a slide rule. Teaching fhe use of fhe slide rule is one of ihe yearly proiecls fhai' fhe club par'ricipa+es in. The Maih Club of AHS is sponsored by Mr. J. M. Boswell and Mr. Bill McCamon. Under 'rhe lead- ership of Larry Lewis, presideni. The lvlaih Club endeavors io promoie and encourage a greaier par- iicipaiion. a furiher sludy. and an enriched inieresi' in all maihemaiics. The oiher officers of lhis club are: Miich Pick- eH', presidenl: Joria Ellis, secreiary: and Judy Tolk. ireasurer. Any sludeni' ai Amarillo High School who is in- ieresied in pursuing his inleresi in maihemaiics oui- side of class work, is inviiecl 'ro become a member. ln Maih Club meeiings, members learn many skills noi obiainable during regular classiime. One of The yearly proiecis of The club is io ieach all of iis members 'lo use a slide rule well. ln many meei- ings. ihere are guesi' speakers 'ro preseni new iop- ics and problems 'io The members. lvlalh Club sponsor J. M. Boswell is sealed ai' his desk as he explains various maihemafical problems 'lo his sfudenfs during his 4-lh period class. Mr. Boswell is assisfed by Mr. Bill McCamon in sponsoring 'Phe club a+ Amarillo High Sthool. Their. maior duiies include: providing faculiy supervision for lhe club and promofing greaier pariicipalion and an enriched inleresl'-in malhemalics. 72 Mr. Charlie Hargrave advises iuniors Darla and Diana Davis on various proiecfs in fhe field of chemisiry ihaf fhey may enfer in eifher school or area science fairs. One of fhe regular proiecfs of fhe science club is having each member make an enfry in fhe fairs. Mr. Hargrave shares sponsorship of fhe AHS club wifh biology feacher Glenn Branch. They have added much 'io fha science program af Amarillo High by making if bofh inferesfing and informative through fheir efforfs wifh fha club. Science Club Visits West Texas State The Science Club of AHS is made up of'any sfudenfs faking a course in fhe science deparfmenf, who are inferesied in doing exfracurricular acfivifies in fhis field. li' is sponsored by Mr. Glen Branch and Mr. Charlie Hargraves. The officers of fhis club for fhis year are: Doug Thompson. presidenf: Larry Lewis, vice-presidenf: and Dona Long, secrefary-freasurer. This club is affiliafed wifh fhe Science Clubs of America, which sponsors several science confesfs from which scholarships are granfed. The main purpose of fhe Science Club is fo pro- mofe inferesf in science and fo develop an in- quisifive mind for each individual. This is accom- plished fhrough. many proiecfs. Each member of fhe club is invifed fo enfer a Science Fair Proiecf in fhe school fair and in fhe area fair. This club also fakes a field frip fo Wesf Texas fo view fheir faciliiies. There are also guesf speakers af many of The meefings. One of 'rhe members of fhe Science Club. senior Henry Melfon, peers infenfly info his microscope as he observes fhe division of a profozoa specimen, Club members make good use of fhe school's faciliiies in addiiion 'ro various field frips in fheir quesi' of scienfific knowledge. 73 Spanish Club sponsor, Mary Gibson. swings wilh all her mighl' as she iries brealcing The pinafa. a fradilional Spanish cusfom, al' lhe special Chrisl- mas parly held prior +o The Chrislmas holidays in The AHS caieieria. A larqe group of Sanclies galher lo observe copies of rhe official Ama- rillo High School sfalionery being sold by lhe Spanish Club of AHS. Money gained from The sale was used To finance club meelings and The annual Chrislmas pariy. This was The iirsf year for 'rhe sale oi fhe sialion- ery wilh +he seal of AHS on lhe lop. Spanish Club Sells Sandie Stationery The Spanish Club of AHS is sponsored by Mrs. Mary Gibson and Mrs. Palricia Viclc. This club serves io provide an opporlunily for siudenis lo learn more aboul Spanish and lhe counlry of Spain. Richard Kelley serves as presidenl of lhe Span- ish Club lhis year. The oiher officers include Cyn- lhia Clarlce. Sluarl' Shaw, Callie Hamner. Susie Shaw, and Lynn Elkins. The Spanish Club meeis once a monih. ln lhese meelings, l'he members have guesl speakers, waich 'Films and discuss subiecls which perlain io Span- ish. This club sponsors several worlhwhile proiecls. One of ihese is The parly for ihe handicapped chil- dren ai Wilson Elemenlary School. This is al Chrisi- ' mas rime and is based on lhe pinala iheme. The Spanish Club also inviles ils members io a banquel al lhe end of each year. Doug Thompson, senior, leads 'lhe members of 'rhe Spanish Club of Amarillo High School in some popular Spanish songs as pari of The enlerfainmenl' planned for lhe opening meeling of lhe year lo inlroduce lhe club lo any prospec- live members. French Club Headed By McFarland The French Club oT AHS is an organizaTion which serves To insTrucT pupils in The cusToms and TradiTions oT France and oTher counTries oT Europe. This year Tor The TirsT Time, French Club is spon- sored by Miss Mary McFarland. The oTTicers oT The French Club are The Tollow- ing: Linda MonTgomery, presidenT: Susan Blinder- man, secreTary-Treasurer: and Bill Brian, social chair- man. This is The Third year ThaT we have had a French Club here in AHS, and each year iT improves. Some oT The annual projecTs oT This club are a Mardi Gras parTy. a brealcTasT in The spring, and a ChrisT- mas parTy. The ChrisTmas progarm is usually Tur- nished by The Third year sTudenTs. French Club provides and excellenT opporTuniTy Tor all French sTudenTs To learn more abouT France and The French people. IT helps sTudenTs build up a greaTer inTeresT in The language. French Club sponsor. Miss McFarland and various French Club members pause during a meeTinq To munch on some apples supplied by members of her French classes. Members shown are: Terri STewerT. Mary Mike MonTgomery, Libby BagoT, BeTsy Bandy. and Suzan Vineyard. Miss Mary McFarland, now in her TirsT year aT Amarillo High School as French Club sponsor, lecTures To The French Club on The diTTerenT cusToms and TradiTions oT The French people and Their counTry. Miss McFarland. a former sTudenT aT The UniversiTy of Paris and The UniversiTy of Texas, also Teaches sophomore English and has also Taughi' in The Pampa school sysfem. r Inter Nos Keeps Latin Language Alive lnleresied La+in Club members waich as 'Their fellow members presenl an enlerlaining slcil' during 'rhe February mee+ing in 'rhe audiforium. These skifs are presenied io encourage s+u- denls 'fo parlicipafe in more of lhe Laiin Club aciivifies car- ried on in lhe school. MER s N551 SuzeH'e Fischer. senior member of 'lhe Lalin Club al Amarillo High School, poinfs oui' one of The many couniries in which 'lhe members learn fhe many cusfoms and iradilions. The club provides sludenis wifh a means of enioymenf and enleriain- menf oufside +he regular class period. 76 lnler Nos, lhe Laiin Club of AHS is sponsored by Miss Marie Donnell and headed by Presidenl Sieve McCarH'. The oiher officers are: Bob Scoil, Teri Baird, and Kenny Dilldine. The purpose of lnier Nos. which means Among Our- selves, is io promoie inieresi in Lalin and relaiecl sub- iecis and 'lo provide a means of enioymenl' and enler- rainmenlf oufside ihe regular class period. This club meeis once a monih in e regular meeiing. The programs for 'rhese meelings are provided by Lalin sludenis. A+ 'rhe beginning of ihe Chrisimas season, a Laiin brealcfasi' is served in The Al-IS cafeieria in place of 'rhe regular December meeiing. Miss Donnell has planned and execuied some very enferiaining proiecls 'rhis year. making lnier Nos inieresiing for iis members. Miss Marie Donnell, Lalin Club sponsor al AHS. is shown al her desk as she presides over one of 'Phe regular monfhly meelings of lnfer Nos. Miss Donnell has served as club sponsor for The pasl' years and has done much lo promoie an acfive inieresi' in Lalin and relaied subiecls. Mrs. lnez Parkey, one ot the sponsors ot Future Homemakers ot America and Alice Baland. senior, prepare to bake a cake in one ot the cooking classes at Amarillo High School as one ot their daily activities ot learning ditterent ways ot being a better homemaker. Debbie Marlatt, senior, President ot the Amarillo High School Chapter ot Future Homemakers ot America leads the members in the FHA pledge at the annual candlelight ceremony ot the installation ot otticers held earlier in the year on November I4 in the AHS auditorium. Future Homemokers Hold Installation Future Homemakers ot America at Amarillo High is sponsored by Mrs. Inez Parkey and Mrs. Lucy Walker. FHA's purpose is to provide leadership training and opportunities tor personal growth to students taking home economics. FHA sponsors many activities during each school year. These are otten to help less tortunate people ot our city and area. Two ot these proiects are: collecting eye glasses to provide new eyes tor the needy, and the Christmas card drive, which sends Christmas cards to the mental hospital. FHA member. Pam Layman, iunior. adds the tinishing touches to a skirtfone ot the many activities carried on as a mem- ber ot Future Homemakers ot America at AHS. Members are taught all the facets ot' sewing along with becoming a good homemaker. As one of the sponsors ot FHA. Mrs. Lucy Walker plans one of the upcoming meetings to be held in preparation tor the many activities that the club takes part in throughout the school year. The Future Homemakers work hard to provide leadership tor the community and to help less fortunate people than themselves. 77 FFA sponsor. Mr. Herb Davis. lecfures To his 4-Th period class on The su biecf of careers in agriculfure and how To become a beTTer lead er in The Tield of farming. Mr. Davis has sponsored The Amarillo High School chapTer oT FuTure Farmers of America Tor I9 years while also Teaching 4 classes of agriculTure and Tarming each day. FFA Sponsors Annual Sausage Sale Mr. Herb Davis sponsors The FuTure Farmers oT America aT AHS. This naTion-wide organizaTion helps To prepare boys Tor a career in agriculTure. The FFA boys parTicipaTe in all The area livesTock shows and Tairs. IT They have winning proiecTs, They may go all The way To The sTaTe Tair. The FFA oTTicers are The Tollowing: STeve Sea- Ton. presidenT: Eddie Morin, vice-presidenT: Greg Sessler. secreTary: Alex Bell. Treasurer: Bill Gray, senTinel: Leonard Womack. chaplain: and Lewis WhiTaker. reporTer. FFA enTers disTricT, area. and sTaTe conTesTs in Tive areas. They are: livesTock, crops. dairy, poul- Try. and land. They also enTer conTesTs in leadership Training. skill demonsTraTions, and public speaking. Ag sponsor, Herb Davis. Takes Mrs. Mary Townsend's order Tor 3 pounds oT sausage during The FFA's annual sausage sale. The sale is The main source of revenue of The Amarillo High School club each year and is eagerly awaifed by sTu- denis and TaculTy members each year. New TS, mf me In Day Care Nursery The Y-Teens club is under new sponsorship This year. IT has been Talxen by Mrs. Linda Niemeier and Mrs. Anne Dunnavin, who are The qirl's PE Teachers. The Y-Teens is a service organizaTion under The direcTion oT The YWCA. lT includes girls Trom Twelve To sevenTeen years oT age. There are Y-Teen chap- Ters all over The world. One oT The purposes oT This organizaTion is To provide leadership in The c:iTy and The communiiy. Their ciTy-wide proiecT This year is To donaTe Their Time To The Day Care Nurseries oT Amarillo. Y- Teens meeT every SaTurday To worlc on This proiecT and also have a period oT recreaTion. Chess Club Compeies For Cily Title i n Two of fhe various chess club members sei' up fheir boards in uffer anficipafion of anolher excifing duel on fhe boards. An inferesfed fellow club member looks on in fhe background prior fo engaging in a game himself. Mr. Max Harrison, sponsor of fhe Amarillo High School Chess Club, and several club members. discuss and plan lhe sfrafegy fhey will use for lhe nexf mafch wifh one of fhe ofher schools in 'rhe cify. Each year, fhe Chess Club compefes wifh ofher schools in fha cify for fhe cify championship. 80 Amarillo High is one of fhe fhree schools in fown fhaf has a Chess club. This club promofes sfudenfs' inferesf in fhe game of chess, which is one of fhe mosi' skilled games. using much sfrafegy and plan- ning. This year, fhere are approximafely sevenfeen members in fhis club. Each year, fhe club compefes wifh ofher schools in fhe cify for fhe cify cham- pionship. Each year, fhey represenf Amarillo High School in fhe frue Sandie fradifion. bringing honors fo fhe club and fhe school. The officers of fhe Chess Club, which is spon- sored for fhe second year by Mr. Max Harrison, are fhe following: Glen Ball. presidenf: Mike Bishop, vice-presidenfg Diane Helfon, secrefary: and John Weldon, freasurer. Meefing once a week, fhe members of fhis club learn many skills perfaining fo fhe game. v Mr. Charlie Hargrave, sponsor of 'lhe Amarillo Youlh Coun- cil al' AHS1 sifs walching lhe differenl members of 'lhe club arrive and pay 'lheir dues for 'the firsi lime al a January meefing held in fhe Amarillo High School Cafeleria. Amarillo Youlh Council Treasurer, Chris Burdill. senior. wilh 'rhe aid ol senior members Anila Slriclcland, Bill Carler. and Cynlhia Lyles. receives dues for membership in 'rhe club from several sfudenls al one of lhe meelings held early in lhe year. AYC Sponsors Amarillo Teen Jury The purpose ol lhe Amarillo Youlh Council is lo aid in lhe prevenlion of delinquency and crime in youlh. This year, AYC is sponsored by Mr. Char- lie Hargrave. Many AHS sludenls have shown an aclive inleresl' in This organizalion. The officers of AYC in lhe school are: Bill Carler. Don lvlonlgom- ery, Evalyn McSpadden. Chris Burdill, Debbie Moore, Janel Eichorn. Franlc Marlin, and Marsha Rowan. There are also lhree cily ollicers from AHS. AYC sponsors lhe Teen Jury, 'for 'lhe iirsl' year. They also worlc wilh lhe Sing Oul America. Senior members ol The Amarillo High School Chapler of AYC, Creed Wyalf. John Krifser, Cynlhia Lyles. and Anile Sfrickland discuss 'rheir responsibililies as members ol lhe newly-organized Amarillo Teen Jury. The iury, made up of AYC volunleers. hears cases broughl before fhem by leenagers who have received 'frai- fic cilalions. Evalin McSpadden. senior, secrelary of lhe Amarillo High School Chapler ol AYC reads lhe minules of lhe previous meeling as a rouline procedure lo begin lhe meefing. EvaIine's olher dulies include being in charge of all fhe club's correspondence and re- cording lhe minules. As e warm-up exercise prior To The C-3irl's Gymnaslics Club MeeTing. senior Jerry Velebil performs a sTunT known as The Japanese SpliTs which helps keep The muscles limbered up. Members oT The club learn To perform and pracTice many inTricaTe sTunTs such as This in addiTion To Team sTunTs which call Tor precision Timing and compleTe co-operalion Trom The Team members. Physical Fitness ls Gymnastics Goal Sophomore, Jill CovinqTon. balances precauTiously on The feeT OT Girl's GymnasTics Club sponsor Mrs. Linda Neimeier as They demonsTraTe a diTTiculT Flying Angel To The delighT 'ol club members aT The iniTial meelinq of The year. Senior. Sandy Hall is ready To aid Them in case of Trouble. Mrs. Neimeier, sponsor, and Connie Alor and PaT Bruzqa, boTh seniors. discuss some OT The new sTunTs and rouTines To be learned by The acTive members ol The GymnasTics Club aT AHS. Mem- bers oT This club work on many cliTTerenT Tumbling rouTines and balances To improve Their abililies. 82 The Gymnaslics Club sponsored by Mrs. Neimeier helps To TurTher girls' inTeresT in physical Tilness. MeeTing every Wednesday aTTer school. These girls work on Tumbling rouTines, balances, and sTunTs To improve Their abiliTies. The officers of This club are: Debbie Moore, pres- idenT3 Judy PeTTyiohn, vice-president and Susan Meyers. secreTary-Treasurer. VOE Provides On-The-Job Training Mrs. Fern McCamon sponsors Vocalional Office Educaiion. This course gives siudenis valuable knowl- edge ihaf is needed To gel' a iob afler graduaiion. I+ also provides on-ihe-iob experience rhal can prove 'ro be invaluable. The purpose of VOE is 'io make sludenls more familiar wiih +he problems Jrhal will be mel in a vocafion. Joria Ellis is presideni of VOE. Elizabefh Bashford, senior VOE sfudenf, records assels for lhe company ledger af PK Supply where she is employed as a pari-lime secrelary. In addilion 'io receiving a weekly salary. Elizabelh is also gaining valuable experience which will prove beneficial in 'ihe fulure. i 1 Wig I? J l I as 'Q ig 4 ii K in I Senior VOE sfudenl, Deanna Glovier, serves as lhe boolckeeper for all lhe acfivilies fhai' 'rake place af Amarillo High School. ln addilion 'lo receiving valuable on-lhe-iob fraining and learning ihe basic lechniques in bookkeeping. she also performs many worihwhile services for ihe school. As a receplionisl for one of fhe lawyers af Brown and Sfubble- field, Refa Pifcher, senior, works par? lime lo receive her on- 'lhe-iob lraininq and learned lhe many fasks fha? are involved in being a recepiionisl. Along wilh faking all The felephone calls, she Types ou? all fhe legal forms and any oiher lype of work Thar may need lo be done. , 83 VIC Develops Interests In Industry T The VocaTional IndusTrial Clubs oT America has iTs 98Th chapTer here in AHS. This organizaTion is organized on a naTional level, made up oT many small vocaTional groups. lTs purpose is To develop inTeresTs and reaiisTic goals in The vocaTional Tield. IT also serves To develop an undersTanding oT The TuncTions oT labor and managemenT and an inTeresT in Trade and Technical educaTion, and To uniTe all vocaTionai sTudenTs,in a common bond. Clay Phennicie is serving as presidenT oT The VICA here in AHS. wiTh Doug Reeves assisTing him as vice-presidenT. Senior, Don Raspberry and sophomore. Marc BrisTow, exam- ine an engine block in The auTo mechanics shop where They are learning To repair cars as parT of Their VIC program. Valuable knowledge gained Through This program will pre- pare The boys Tor work in The highiy specialized Tield of auTo mechanics. 84 Riclcy Blackwell. senior VIC sTudenT. checks The volTage on a brok- en TV seT as he aTTempTs To repair iT in The Amarillo High ElecTric Shop. VIC boys enrolled in The eIecTric course receive The Train- ing necessary To provide Tor a good Technical educaTion. T T T T T T a AUTO Mechanics Teacher, Mr. Dan Jansen aids a VIC sTudenT building a Snowmobile , a machine Tor Traveling over covered mounTains. This was one of many proiecTs ThaT members parTicipaTe in ThroughouT The year. Mr. Jansen VIC members on The Technical aspecTs of The auTomoTive Try as pari' of his duTies as sponsor of The Amariilo High Ch T Ter oT VocaTional IndusTrial Clubs of America. I Ralph Benner, senior. a Sandie VOE siudenf, lowers himself undernealh lhe body of one of 'fhe many cars brouqhi' info fhe Amarillo High School aufo shop fo be repaired by one of ihe sludenls as ihey learn rhe diflerenl fechniques used in aufomofive repair. The knowledge gained by such work will be of good benelil lo Ralph when he enfers lhe highly compefiiive field of aufo mechanics. RE ia Ronnie Railsbaclc carefully adiusfs ihe dials on a delicaie eleclronic inslrumenf as he repairs various elecfrical appli- ances in ihe eleclrics lab. This VIC-sponsored acfiviiy gives him bofh ihe knowledge and experience he needs ro build a founda+ion for a successful career. 85 Pufiing up wiih squirming liflle boys is only one of lhe occupaiional hazards faced by Tim Jones. senior, in his ICT-sponsored iob as a barber ai The Barber Shop in Belmar Plaza. Tim aiiended Wesi' Texas Barber Col- lege lo gain ihe necessary iraining for his iob. Wayne Greer, iunior. carefully scruiinizes The underside of a brand new Chevrolet as he prepares +o replace iis oilpan. Wayne works in ihe afiernoons and on ihe weekends ar Plains Chevrolei in 'the service deparimenl' repairing cars 'ihai' come in for servicing and de- livering cars. ICT Enhances Employmenf Opportunities lndusirial Cooperaiive Training siudeni. Sammy Sudbury, senior, repairs a broken chair as one of his duiies ai Pioneer Furniiure Company where he works pari Time as an ICT siudeni ai AHS. Sammy also makes deliveries for ihe siore as well as helping in repairing ihe furniiure 'rhai may have been damaged. 86 Mr. Oliver Diggs is sponsoring lndusirial Cooper- aiive Training here in AHS. lCT's purpose is 'ro cause 'rhe siudeni 'ro be as employable as possible upon graduaiion from high school. The officers of ICT are: Randy Jones, presideni: Sammy Sudbury, vice-presiclenh Gary Billsirom. secreiary: Kenny Villandry. 'rreasurerg and Lonnie Holland. reporier. Ken Paulk, senior ICT siudeni. blends painl as he prepares a special mixiure for a regular cusiomers ai Firsi Supply where he is employed. Ken works behind ihe pain? counier and also drives ihe delivery iruck as pari of his regular duiies. DE Gives Students Career Head Start DisTribuTive Educafion places sTudenTs in iobs where They geT a head sTarT Towards finding a ca- reer for Themselves. The officers of DE are: Rick Osborn, presidenT: Dian Gilliam. vice-presidenT: Dawna Morris, sec- reTary: Brenda Johnson. Treasurer: and Ronnie Weeks, reporTer. Sponsored by Mr. Raymond Wilson, D Efries To develop leadership in The field of disTribuTion. IT also endeavors To provide opporTuniTies for in- Telligenf career choice. As one of The salesgirls aT The Hub in SunseT Cenfer, DE sTudenT Debbie Smifh. senior, musT lceep informed as To all The laTesT sfyles. Here. she Tries To persuade one of her cusfomers To purchase a complefe Fall wardrobe in prep- araTion for The cold monfhs ahead. :Exif as i- f ' if if 3' T' iiirfeg ,V 5333? Q1 E 1 -1 ' ff, Y 1 A ' A Senior. Dair Hileman rings up a sale as a cusfomer purchases various ifems from Bud's Office Supply where Dair is employed as a salesman and delivery boy. Experience gained from This work will aid Dair in his choice of a career in The fufure. 87 ORGANIZATIONS The organizafions al AHS sponsor various acfiviries and provide services 'lhroughour each year. Through dedicafion and enfhusiasm, +he members of differenl' organiza+ions furnish en+er'rainmen+ and boosl' Sandie Spiril' af Amarillo High. They mainrain 'rhe image of Sandieland which AHS has upheld in 'rhe pas? 'rhrough Scholarship, Sporismanship, and Ser- vice. These Sandies have pride in Their school and have made 'rremendous conrribufions To AHS, 'rhrough aclive parficipaiion. Members of lhese organizafions realize 'lheir responsiloilify To 'rhe school and sirive 'ro achieve +he dignily and respecl +ha+ Amarillo High School merifs. THIS IS MY OUEST, TO FOLLOW THAT STAR. NO MATTER HOW HOPELESS, NO MATTER HOW FAR... Council Hosts Leadership Conference T Sophomore Sfudenf Council represenfafive Kafhy Maynard fries fo sell a Sandie pennanf fo senior Delise Rice and Marilyn Yafes, iunior. Pennanfs, car sficlcers. and foofbail and baslcefball fags are soid by Afhe council fo increase school spirif as well as fo raise money. 90 The Sfudenf Council of Al-lS aids ofher organi- zafions of fhe school and if also provides leadership for our sfudehf body. Sponsored by Mr. Earl Mills, fhe council is made up of one represenfafive from each homeroom, fhe cheerleaderspfhe presidenfs of various clubs. and fhe council officers. The officers are elecfed fhe previous year by fhe members of fhe council. The officers fhis year are: Frank Marfin, presi- denf: Linda Monfgomery, vice-presidenf: Peggy Test recording secrefary: Connie Scruggs. corre- sponding secrefary: Edward Guleke, freasurer: and Suzan Hayes, chaplain. . ' f This year, fhe Sfudenf Council sponsored 'rhe firsf annual Coronafion Ball. and 'rhe Leadership Confer- ence ai The beginning of fhe year. The council also sponsored fhe Canned Food Drive af Chrisfmas. Dair Hileman, senior: Janef Eichorn and Celesfe She juniors: and Bill Carfer and Bill Moss. seniors. mee? i small discussion group af fhe Firsf Annual Leadership C ference. The conference was designed fo discuss fhe p lems af AHS and fo offer possible solufions. Senior Ronnie Sherwood enlers The vofing machine 'lo casf his voie for Queen and class officers. The vofing machines were used for The firsl' 'lime lhis year To leach sfudenls how lo use fhe machines as well as fo speed up The fabulalion. This new melhod creaied more inferesl' and more s+uden+s 'furned our fo vofe. The Sfudenf Council sponsors fhe foreign exchange siudenf a a parf of lhe AFS Program. This year's foreign exchange sluden Bui Bao Thach. is from Soufh Vief Nam. Thach performs man services for +he council as well as The school. Nor only does h painr signs and posfers 'fo pu+ in 'fhe halls. buf he is also a leads in school spirit 9l ,li i? 13'-?:,,.: 5, ' K ' N, .... ,, ,. ' ' : ' ' -W' f?57A5P.ikf '51 1535555 . 5- ' ' -I :W 53 :V Wann' 731- Aff -,usa-Hi' : E . am. : ,., Y ,L 2 : ' A A . E: , P E 55 Q 3 ,Q 9 3 ' I 14 f 5 4 .gg in Q O . 9 Q e gl . K Q m my 1 O ef- 1.f:'iNi 1 2 Q First Coronation Boll Is Big Success , si g E y iossiss iiiii iiii C 51 i-'1s i' fl' ' ll 'i'. a . 1, x , LA X., so . ' 1 5, W WN Chris Burdill, senior and Janel' Eichorn. iunior, false nofes al Homeroom represenlalives Larry Slephenson. senior sells an lhe firsl' sludenl council meeling of ihe year. Siuclenl Council annual lo Greg Slark, senior. The Sluclenl' Council performs represenfefives meel' al leasl once every six weeks fa vofe on many services lo lhe school including Selling yearbooks for proiecls and aclivilies. and lo discuss new ideas for lhe im- H19 J0U l'1OllSm Depafimenf. Selling car S'flCl46l'S. Gnd SPOR- provemenl' of Amarillo High School. 50509 d0l CSS- 1 ,lcc HEI. 42 Juniors Kalhy Gibson and John Jenkins enioy lhe Firsl Annual Coronalion Ball. The annual dance is sponsored by lhe Sludenl Council which conducfs 'rhe yearly elecfions io elect 'rhe presidenls. vice-presidenls, secrelaries. ancl councilmen al'-large of 'lhe sophomore, iunior, and senior classes. Members of lhe Sludenl' Body voled on ihe voling machines l'his year. The eleclions also include 'lhe Queen ballol' in which lhe monarch is chosen from a field of four senior girls. Represenlalives from olher schools in 'fhe area are invifed lo allend lhe dance and meel' 'fhe leaders of olher area schools. 93 -lr Honor Society Initioies 65 Ai Banquet oo1 94 The Naiional Honor Socieiy of AHS is an hon- orary scholarship socieiy open +o iuniors and sen- iors. Approximaiely fiffeen per ceni of ihe senior class and five per ceni' of ihe iuniors are admified. No one wi+h an average of less +han nineiy is ever aclmi'r'red. Siuclenls in lhe honor sociely sirive io always mainiain 'their high averages. Each year. 'the Nafional Honor Socieiy gives a banquef For ifs inifiaies. This year. 'rhere,were six- 'ry-five new members. The purpose of The NHS is io promofe scholarship and leadership. 'lo render service ancl io promoie good characier. Mr. Mar- lin sponsors fhe Naiional Honor Socieiy. .i -on 32.2 2:- D3-cu 0-5'1'. -429' na ? QU' OI ...BZ 3.0m 5'-5: msg DI I2- S av omg en: U'l3'Q O-.1 Q.: IUIU1 -o--40 14949. '12 6:4 T1 fs 3-... -.g- m rn 0: gif' 21: 95 -iii 210 ,,,-0 Ffa 93+ 23 mo sag' 252: 3.0 -sw 253' O 2-4: 3' '1 Q7 em: mop. Pa mam 1110.2 3.0-5- nE',,-1 , Pm' 33-If 3,15 Q , Q I ,,fs wx 3 ,Y 805 0-3-1 .x , O U- WW -4,, 3-22 i Dfw: i Ego, M . C: '31--+ g' T .. 2-. T 012. -T 'N-iw, 2? DLC I 3 s.. .M , I., ,,,. ., 5 K 423,84 L fi? 44 ,vaffwn-fain l' ,gp Qing 1 ..'j,7' ! l A 251 vi x Q , Li A 4 , ' x -.Y Us? di , im, -+G- y ww F3119-af-,135 W S-fr Q' -V iiiwfbff 'I 'EL , Wu., f'-1 iris? .. g V I g. , Y 8 , N f ' , - L . ' K - V I 1 + mmf ' V- ' q A f 'Q 5 1-fl' 1, - 'Mf 7'1,, i?:f,1: :,,,,j'f?f f ' Lili, ' W Q . g f V f 'bf -ff . . Q-2 , ,f . 3-14 L .- 1 Q' 6954! -f,:-14.5 ., ,, A if 6 x ' ,iiflfi is ' - - A 2 1 -4,'T , , ff? Y---A ,A ' X 'Qi . - ' ' I ,, -. K . 1, T- :LY 32551555 -,K ar: 411, - :Q-vi., T , A ' A JM-I aa' 'Q'Q 3' A' is vi Boyd ATToins Sponsorship Of Ken Club The Ken Club is sponsored This year by Mr. Lloyd Boyd. The sTudenTs of The Ken Club display The aTTiTude oT scholarship here aT AHS. These sTudenTs represenT Those who have aT leasT a nineTy overall average. along wiTh ouTsTanding leadership characTerisTics. These members of The Ken Club sTrive consTanTly To mainTain Their high scholasTic raTings. This year, The Ken Club underTook a new project IT was To provide care for The children of The TaculTy members during The annual Teachers' parTy which was given in November. 3 N,-or Officers Larry Morris, Vice PresidenT: Terri STewarT, Secre- Tary: and Bill Brien. PresidenT malce plans for The Ken Club lnsTallaTion. The lnsTallaTion is one of The mosT imporTanT evenis in The Ken Club. Mr. Boyd is This year's Ken Club sponsor. l-le has been a Teacher ai' Amarillo High for Three years. and This is his Tirsf experience aT being a club sponsor. Besides doing a fine fob wiTh The Ken Club, he Teaches GeomeTry and Physics. Golden Sandie Bond Affoins Division I Band Queen Veda McKinney is escoried by senior Bill Moss and iunior George JohnsTon during half Time ceremonies aT The San- clie-Rebel Tooiball game. Miss McKinney was elecTed queen by members of The band lasT spring. Fair Day meani' Tun Tor mosT Sandies, buT loTs of work Tor The band. Drum maiors Bill Moss and George Johnsion led The band down Twelve blocks on Polk STreeT in The Tri-sTaTe Fair Parade one sunny SepTember day. 98 Sandie Tans Thrill To The sound oT Grandioso aT pep rallies and games! This sTirring pep song is played by The Golden Sandie Band. There are l2O sTudenTs in our marching band. They are under The direcTion oT Mr. Ronnie Wells. The band raises The spiriTs of Sandies aT all zone games, and They also perTorm a marching show during half Time. On OcTober 31, our band marched in a regional conTesT, held in BuTTalo Bowl. They broughT back a TirsT division raTing Trom every iudge who waiched Them. This is an accomplishmenT ThaT AHS can be proud oT. Among The oiher compeTing high schools To receive TirsT divisions were: Pampa High, Palo Duro, Caproclc, Coronado of Lubbock. and Here- Tord. In order ThaT sTudenTs who are noT as accom- plished as The marching band may have a chance To parTicipaTe in The musical program. Mr. Wells has a class of 20 learners who will evenTually move inTo The main band. I ri Y 4,:.,,,,, Sue Rogers, Junior cymbal player oT The Golden Sandie Band, marches wiTh digniTy during The halT Time show of The Tascosa-Amarillo High disTricT playoff game. The band did an especially good show during This game. pdf? hi L uhm I wif . up vm ,,,,, . H Mi, LM, f- .MAA . .Ml ,,.1,,,15,,..1. 5 f ,,,, w..w..1f,,.m,.s,..,.., -. , , , , .X q . ., ,,,.- M.W,,.., . ,.N.. . ,,.,. . My ff N.-Swing. ,..,7..,i,.Nf.,M5w-ww-Aigisvf-fwN.w,w..,9.,1WL .,. ,... . f M , . , W, . V. ,WJIWV .-af-f ..,.. .E ,W ' ,L... I ,, 3 , 1 ,.,.'f 2 0-...Ni-R...,,,...LM., .. W . ,- f ' ' vw, ' 1 4- ,,,. ,. ,, ,, 'ji' , N ' . L---M .W .,.Q.:,...V,,w,?.., I g HL. .,.,, .A f . ,A T. . YY W . -5 V 'V ,., ..,.A,..1.,.,. ,. N -,,L,..1,, ,-f,+5,,M,N,5,f.M..Q-,,..,,4,?,,dx.Aw.-.aa-wpf,,,.3,.M,,1,?.m. ,, , , ,-kg-gf K -' . V, . .., . ,,,. .,. M... Q-: . .mzf ?,...,.,,T,,f,. ,,2,,..,,-.1. ., , Q3 Q 5 'Q Q . :., W4 ww.. i.,,,a..,.,,,,,e..,.., X- .,.. ,. ..v .. , V , , . J, ,fha ..,-may T -l ec is . V 5. W , I. H '15 . . t 'Q ' Q ..,,,i,.,,.,Vg,5...,..,5,..i.. .EM ..., . ..-K . sg T 5, -. .g , . , ..f1f , ,, .,,. I .,,5. .i.. , V, .. 1 1 me ,. ,, Q ,.,. . A....,, . 2 ....,.. ,,,, f.. ,.W.....,.5..m,,,L,,, My ,..k,,.h, ..,. ,., . 4 ., A Q fy :Min 2- Q., 1Wk,Wmr:.W...,,:.,,,.,,,Wx,. ,wma W. -M ,vm , . , -ma at 11 1 I ,.M.,.Q,,..,i,,usxN,,,-.w,......, 1. .N VJ, , ., Q 1 , ,. 9 , am 5 A 9 wg-'wig-.ja iwfw 4. . ' W ci ' - N 1, 1- - - 4-V - Q. ,.,f.,.T.,,.,fQf.,:J,.,,imsA-A g...u...,T.. W .K T K ,A K, ki K, 1 i - I ,,.y:,-W-f4,.W,N .,. .1 M, .,. ,ff - - W,,1v,, , U W . mQ...,,,,s, .N .... R.,- ,.,,3..Jq.,fw., 4-, , i L .,....m,W ,,.. TWLU, i. rrrrxkyy H 1 IM. I gk, , i4..,g,,,,,,,.,: 2. Q if, E., v - -vfff 1--.W-W Www... .ws.,.1.'.-. N,,. Q X X ,MX I ,...,,,. X . .. .,,,,. ,Wig XIVVZ i 4 5 K Cf, 3 Q , M? . ,, 5 mai , . A A 'f' 'rhk if. X I 5 ,. , QM. X QF X Q A Q f ix , . . -' 3 ' If N . WG V A M 55? ks A sv V fj- .EXRA . .AA , r N .yy xiii 355 ff . , ,,,, 'ff Kf EL V 5 VX 4... Q M I 'S L 'X ..,, - C 1 ,L , , ' x QF, ',,,... ', W., QQ: , lu wp U . ,V -Hg - . - 7, ,:,,-t..-.1-sw f - ,mn Y sm I' 54 Q 7' 1' Sf, .--v-M '1 -u S b X 1 ,g .rfuf Q , Q .. ng, A .. . ' , ' ,X 5, 'D Aug- 1 i L 7: 1, i .J ' .. ' 1 5' Q in . iff 1 , n '56 -. 3 -4 if Qi 'W r-, Y.. A Orchesira members parlicipafe in lhe musical. Brigadoon, in December. Many hours of rehearsal weni inlo fhis producfion and 'the pil' orchesfra did a fine fob in providing background for fha musical. Conceri Mislress Carol Fallon and Gayle Gaul, sophomore vio- I n , , linisrs, praciice during fhird period orcheslra. Bofh girls also 'rhe violin. She was elecfed Orchesfra Queen las? spring played in fhe musical in December. by ihe Orchesira members and was presenlecl al a banquel' and a concerf. I02 Orchestra Provides Brigodoon Music Our oursianding orchesira under ihe clireciion of Mr. Ronnie Wells, is a greai culiural aclclirion io Amarillo High School. There are 40 siring mem- bers. who have a regular class periocl. The wind insfrumeni players come from The band, so 'lhe eniire orchesira doesn'+ have a rehearsal ai 7:30 A.M. The orchesira performs af many Times during The school year. These include The Queen's Coro- naiion. a Spring Concerio Conceri, assemblies, and background for ihe musical. Brigadoon. The facial expressions of orchesira direcior Mr. Ronnie Wells ofren vary during ihe long hours of rehearsal from complaceni' io concern. Lindy While, iunior bass player of ihe AHS Orchesira, waiches iniensely ihe direcfion of Mr. Wells. while providing siirring uncleriones ai' rhird period pracfice. IO3 1 5 we .g . 'T 2 , gi Q9 fy,-ii fl , ' .532 f fr V ,Q 1 i 4 Q , f ae , if 3 ,ffl Mr 3 A U . 7 ' i' mf ' QL Y' A , ' X . 2 . X 'I , X 4 . x K Lf ii' f Ak lm 'X 'K li, 2 fx, 1 ,fs .A T tv: - 1 43555 f ,, , , ,N N, Q ' V - Q Q' QF ' Q , ' ,gg M ,giggzw ,2,,4 , I ,,Q,,,,, ww, W.. 1 Q. Q x f 414--'53, 3:54. q f 5 V Q 1-M N ,, , I p z WEE:D-2fiEfE.52S?i'Yf:i?Ti?' h V 9 , , VV I Q, ff' Q, Y ,gf 1 ,iifti YE: ,:z,5g,,fgm-m+ea7fr,, ,11W,1ng4-qwignm uma 4 ff., . W1 , A - ,X Y 2 iff if 'f 'N , 'f .Q,.' ' , , , :4g3n:EL,, fx: , ,Q ,,,, X Q pgtj.. , ' 1- 'M ,, ,, , ,W-W1, f f ' Tiff-i'f'ifQWi7ffYf 'l' I , M, ef ,2fgfefes,,,z:ffg,f'gg' if-wfg' 2, :fees e if ,QF -Q .Lf is pl ,fav 11:4 ,P W, , 1 . .2 ,iw , N N , f W ' 'L' lEWE2Q?51:fjSi1'SFYWQHF' l Y' , u 1 3 ,,, , all H 5 i u Q X if kv . . X V 9 fb ..- .ik , :IIS N ., W . f f Q 'vs K ' z gg , Q f N '- xi: A '-'f - f - . Q A ., , .. .L fig -:A Q55 -V: :xv .5 Q. ' if - 'X 1. F21 -li? 1 155, Elli 1.1: JIT' ,, ' xl' , j .'ffi,' egg. Q SJWQ 555 if ,Mn ,4 . - W W X . - XL Q- . , k ,,,k S., . ...fs SQ' .iq X 1 -K -ig , N , -A -I N1 ' X' ' .aw : .1 .. X F1 :if I K 9 1 . gil A k ali-pn. 2, 'ii 22? 5355? X - H - V , K , , K in ff' QSEEI QEBA .,A,,,,3,,l,, ani., K K Y g . -, .1 '1 2, . f i :V V V u f ',,' V 'zzz R Am' V K .,V. V,.. ,, , I.-v H in E 1 V H gh-Lui: A- . AQ, an . - H ' if ga in ff .. - - W L : A I . 7 ifxa - . ---- ,gkk - .,,, 1 'ft M M H, L ..., 9. H X. ..,. .W I K J F - M ,M . E ' I f 3 , -aff-filiffi--wf ' ' lr? + Q- 1 f--- 32' fi ...I Q- ' ASQ 5 . -H R 'V' J , 'f' A 1 1 :H --f iq, - ' , N,f-gg... 'wwf '95, Q ' 'lilfffii 4 ,, . x X ' f A Af: A Www 1. in 411 ' . 1 ' 'jk-3 1 yili I L, . ', ' ' p f 1 ' A . . gg gy 1 6 'Q Q Qi 3.25531 Q ,- .s , i W .. gzhaqmiv 'W 4 is . ' 'H L 2 Q ,V gr gs., . ' - Q 2 - - f . J wi X 1' A 3 Wg A N . 6 1' X K . , V L i-Q, ' Q -3 4 A x l gf wx C 1 I T .. is f F ' 1 fl X 3' 4 ,Z ml x .rqr N W -Q X N I .iw-5? Bel Canto Members Help In Brigocloon Candy STouT, and Evaline McSpadden, Seniors, lisTen inTenTly To The diredions oT Mr. George BiTTle, Their choir direcTor. The Bel CanTo Chorale under The direcTion OT Mr. George BiTTle. provides musical enTerTainmenT Tor our assemblies and programs. This year, There are sixTy-seven members in This choir. The oTTicers pT Bel CanTo are: Joe Collier, presi- denTg Richard Grey, vice-presidenT7 Debbie Mar- laTT, secreTary, and Philip l-lambrick, sTudenT direc- Tor. This year's Bel CanTo queen is Jan Burlc. Bel CanTo provides programs Tor olher organ- izaTions besides The school. These are mainly pro- grams Tor civic clubs. Around ChrisTmas, The choir was on Television singing yuleTide carols. A selecTed chorus Trom Bel CanTo provided The chorus Tor Brigadoon. The choir members sang Tor The annual Teachers' parTy in November. They also Take Trips To iunior high To give concerTs. Bel CanTo members Terrie STewarT, Senior: June Collier, Senior: Jerri Cross, Senior: Jenny Ewing. Junior: and Pam Kennedy, Soph- omore, pracTice Regina Coeli in TourTh period choir. This was in preparTion To a performance The Bel CanTo Chorale gave on Television. IO6 sn 3 If' QE n sri? 5 ugifiz-6 sr QP .Q Q g g 1 N 3 35 mb 2 'lk Q 2 x g M K A' V g W , 0 X' , J' 4. ir nf YW: fpwi v 5 P b Q . . W v , . ,, .V Q - .A 5 ' . ' A ,E l I ,V 1- A 5 A 'X '1 A 'k ii-1. as is is ig 55 Q 'Q X fm.. 55514 W- E E ,N E 9 3 0- x X x 4 5 ., is W 2 5 K l E7 if 'iw + A V A f : ' Semfliw ,, ,K ,,,,.: 'Q Xffsw ., 5.5, - .4,,., i 8ll' X FA ,.,gQ 3f,.,,,,, I ini' W ..,, , L,,, -A 753 ewbmifv Sam Wade and Milce Allen, seniors, display fheir enfhusiasm affer 'The firsf Sandie-Rebel game when we won. Senior ROTC Sponsor Befsy Bandy receives help from Sam Wade af one of fhe foofball games on a 'lying problem. x ROTC Boys Learn Military Procedure . J f A r ill I f ' K - 'lll - K' . ' f ,. , Q . .YT -L ., . , ivy ' ,off 'E . if 1 - lb li , . wr L' 'ILM-. ' . 'ev e ' if ,Q . -- ' Y . , ' ' . ,:- A .1 1 'Ixl . .V . ' :.,' . . - -.Av'Q'2 '1..'j.4. Q , v , , Q f Q ' . 4 . . 3i'j'2 'ix ' V' J . ie f - s f , ' Y if -' K5 eu -z- . , 'f 'Z we .'f .54-. :jf:f'ff...-'f-' ', 'X ri' 7' ' -, - . ' . 11. Ai' one of fhe Sandie foofball games, fhe AHS ROTC officers and sponsors presenf fhe lefiers and emblem of Amarillo High School. ll0 ROTC is sponsored by Capfain Huberf Greiner. The purpose of ROTC is fo provide meaningful milifary fraining which will benefif fhe sfudenf. One of ifs main obiecfives is 'ro develop in each sfuclenf a knowledge of fhe basic milifary skills and an appreciafion of fhe role of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army, . In ROTC, fhe boys sfudy such subiecfs as map read- ing, milifary communicafions, and fhe fundamenfals of marching in squads. There are four companies of boys, and each company had a plafoon leader, av squad leader, and an officer fo command fhe company. There are also Sfaff Offi- cers. These boys hold fhe rank of Major. The Baffalion Commander fhis year is Colonel Henry lvlelfon. His Baffalion Execufive Officer is Lieufenanf Colonel Jeol Harp. Each year, fhe ROTC selecfs fen sponsors. These girls are chosen by Capfain Greiner. from applicafions which fhey furned in. and a personal inferview. PERIOD I Sealed: D. Blalock, D. Robinson. M. Williams. W, Sermon. D. Elgen. R. Anderson. D. Pulsy. R. Goodell. C. Smifh. R. Mar- flnez. L. Easfman. Slanding: B. Lane. S. Oldham. W. Fewell. PERIOD 2 C. Davis. J. Golliglmuglm, D. Chrysler. R. Raislbaclc, D. Fisher. l.. Selby, G. Affles. B. Bullard. B. Connly, J. Keillw. J. Hari M. Armsfrong. PERIOD 3 D. Seann, L. Wilder. D. Townsend, R. Thomas. W. Shrewsbury. W1 Dammier. J. Emmerson, T. Loomas. R. Wycofh. D. Van- direre, M. Menke, M. Bishop. J. Gore, R. Sparr. M. Morgan, G. Marshall. T. Massey. PERIOD 4 Seafed: J. Brown. L. Osburn. J. Edminsfer, A. Eckeff, J. Edminsfer. W. Goodell, R. Howell. T. Saunders. S. Hand. W. Hughes, B. Presswood. Sfanding: M. Hale. Tom Roe, F. Carriker, W. Turner, B. Ferguson. B. Brown. II2 PERIOD 5 Seafed: S. Ouiqgle, J. Pace, P. Wallace, C. Sarfer, L. Meeks, K. Holland. J. Nafion, R. Hamil+on, J. Cunningham. B. Helfon D. Shawerf. G. Swarm, F. Holfson. J. Turner. W. Fewell. S. Merchant Sianding: R. Wells, J. Holland. S. Rowen, R. Fewell, R. Roach. ROTC SPONSORS: Baclr: Evaline McSpadden, Jan Burk, Debra Miichell, Susan Myers. Jancel Arnold. Fronf: Befsy Bandy, Candy Sfoui' Debbie Moore. Jakeffa Mangold, Cherry Hyso. H3 Cheerleaders Help Boost Sandie Spirit JaneT Eichorn, iunior cheerleader. parficipafes in a spiriTed vic- Tory yell during The Sandie-Rebel disTricT playoff fooTball game Yells such as These kepT enThusiasm high ThroughouT The season The TradiTional spiriT of AHS is in The hands of our Ten cheerleaders, who endeavor To lceep The Tide of our spiriT rolling in. higher and higher each game. WheTher we win or lose, The cheerleaders keep sporTsmanship as The mosT imporTanT facTor in every game. Our cheerleaders This year are seniors: Sidney Allen. Shirley KnighT, Delise Rice, RusTy Fuqua. Frank MarTin, Creed WyaTT. and iuniors: Eve Ed- wards. JaneT Eichorn, Edward Gulelce. and l'looT Shaw. The iob oT The cheerleaders involves a lof more Than iusT yelling aT pep rallies. Pep rallies involve a loT of work and planning beforehand. All yells musT be planned ahead of Time, The signs musT be made, and The spiriT of The sTudenT body musT be ready. The cheerleaders are also responsible Tor selling bus TiclceTs To ouT of Town games. Senior Cheerleaders, Creed WyaTT and Sidney Allen. reacT To The Sandie-Rebel disTricT playoff game. Their facial expressions show hope and pride and express Their emofions in The game. This game was Truly one of The mosT emoTional of The season. ll4 we Hoof Shaw. iunior cheerleader, leads enlhusiasfic Sandie supporters in a rousing lighr chanl' during fhe Caproclc game. Even lhough 'the Sandies were on 'top 'lhe enlire game, if was up lo ihe cheerleaders fo keep lhe spirif high. Oh, AHS. Oh, AHS sings Senior cheerleader, Delise Rice, in The lradiiion of Amarillo High School eller anofher 'thrilling viclory game in which lhe Palo Duro Dons fell vic- 'lim once again lo lhe mighly Sandies. I ii fi l G 3 H4 we i Af 11 :sie is-Q5 1515- fella' i Tun, ji , , - 1 ,1 . .f.J Sfeppers Perform In Pregome Shows Debbie ClawiTTer, Senior and Jan Craighead, Junior, parTicipaTe in a iazz roufine before The Tascosa-Amarillo High game. The Sandie STeppers, The drill Team here aT Al-lS, uphold The Tine Sandie TradiTion of perform- ing aT our sporTs acTiviTies. AT half Time OT baslceT- ball games or before The TooTball game begins, audiences waTch The sTeppers perTorm Their rou- Tines. This year, There are approximaTely TorTy sTep- pers. Tina Bourassa is The sTepper capTain. Mrs. BeTTy Jones is sponsoring The group. STeppers work To promoTe school spiriT, noT only in pep rallies, buT also in all school acTiviTies. This summer, all STeppers aTTencled a seminar aT WesTern l.iTe Camp in MonTezuma, New Mex- ico. AT This camp, They learned new rouTines and dance sTeps To use during The school year. The STeppers work each day during The sixTh period To perTecT Their rouTines. l , ,. ,l f . '5 Top Row: Seniorsg CynThia Lyles, Debbie JohnsTon, Amy Herbert Cheryl Broyles, Ivy Beck, Debbie ClawiTTer, Nancy ScoTT, Janie STone, Tina Bourassa, RiTa PiTcher, Mary Nell Kilcrease, Donna Dufelc. AniTa STriclcland, Connie Scruggs. Alice Balancl, MarTha Woodsf and Connie Penny. Row: Juniors: Susie Shaw, Lissa Garner, Gloria Marilyn YaTes, Mary Morgan, Candy Collier, Meg , V, ' i li 2 ,LmLL ad A ', l i T LLI: V or 1 V ,1L. , Junior Lissa Garner does her Sfepper rouline during lhe Amarillo High-Borger game in Dick Bivens Sladium. The Sleppers performed al, all home games. . 7 if if W' ax!- -KQPIP' vii .x4,+f+ me hy Porler, Susan Thomas. Sharon Meador, Rose Conrad. Debbie Clawifler. Senior Sfepper, does her parl' in rhe roufine rla AcGlasson, Mary Smilh, Susan Neely, Kalhy Gila- during 'Phe dislricl' playoff game wilh Tascosa. Before a crowd , Shelly Woodburn, Sharon Williams. and Jan Craiqhead: of l0.000. ll1e STGPPSTS P9l'lOVmSCl lhelr lasl rouline. II7 M1 Y Wi 9,5 1 , .S 1 ff ,ff f el 5 -szgi' 'wr 1 Mal liftizyss 2 - ' 5, ey X. a 2- f v ,Q wi. N ' ,, ,asia at AA Q: 'fffg as is l 'ff ii 1 Q! '- - 1 ' 1 'IE ' ' .i s if i f 657' . .veil filly 'J .gp Q it U .P ' sl '51 ' Ida McCormick. senior co-ediior, iallcs io Nola Jones. iun- ior, during sixfh period newspaper class. Ida wrifes copy for fha edirorial page and her column. The iob of Ecliior is a difficuli' posiiion in 'lhai' she assigns sfories. lays ou+ pages, and many orher laslrs. Sandsiorm Edifor, John Sanderson. ardenily labors over galley proofs as he copyreads his column, In The Sandbox. Sanderson is also a member of 'the Sandie Wresiling feam and a bass in 'rhe AHS Bel Canlo Chorale. Ginny l-lambriclc. Juniors news ediiorg Ida McCormick, senior ediior: and Like Thompson, senior managing ediior. examine a recenf ediiion of ihe Sandsiorm and discuss how ii mighr be improved. An edifion of ihe Sandsiorm is published every 'ihree weelcs. Il8 Sondstorm Reports Students' Activities The Sandstorm, the newspaper ot Al-lS, is pub- lished every three weeks by the iournalism stalt. Filled with news ot school lite. the Sandstorm is sponsored by Mr. Jim Davidson. This year's editors are Vicki Caskey and Ida McCormick. The manag- ing editor ot the I967-68 Sandstorm is Lyke Thomp- son: news editor is Ginny Hambric and teature edi- tor is Becky Braden. The Sports Editor this year is Johnny Sanderson and the exchange editor is Jody Thomas. The Sandstorm is a member in various press as- sociations, national as well as local. s,,, vi -,L , 'riff--:Wigs sr. '1 .. - 525fQrS-Sltmigifl M xg a e as fr as Becky Braden. Feature Editor ot the Sandstorm, works on her pages during an evening work session ot the statt. Each page editor is responsible tor assigning stories tor his pages. getting the copy to tit and pasting up his page. Vicky Caskey. Co Editor, sells the tirst edition ot' the Sand- storm to an eager client. The Editor in 'Chief is responsible tor the entire production ot the newspaper plus the copy tor the Editorial Page. II9 Members ofi lhe fourlh period iournalism class pause in lheir sludies for a brief momenl' of relaxalion before conlinuing 'lheir dulies l for lhe Amarillo High School annual, fhe La Airosa. La Airoscl Celebrates 50th Anniversary This liffielh edilion of lhe La Airosa is compiled by lhe iournalism deparlmenl of AHS under lhe di- reclion ol Mr. Jim Davidson. The co-edilors lhis year are Suzan Hayes and Connie Scruggs. Olher edilors are Diana Tyrrell, organizalions: Karen lvlarquarclr, classes: Fred Veazey, alhlelicsg R. D. Parks, clubs: Marlha Kennedy. honors: Pal Hayden, aclverlising and pholography coorclinalorg and Belsy Bandy. copy edilor. The La Airosa is a member of several press as- socialions in 'rhis area. Journalism members alle-nd meelings al four of lhese. They are: Panhandle High School Press Associalion in Canyon. Sourh- weslern Council of Sludenl Publicalions in Lub- bock, Texas High School Press Associalion in Den- lon, and 'rhe lnlerscholaslic League Press Confer- ence in Auslin. This is 'rhe lillielh anniversary of l'he La Airosa in Sandielancl. and il represenls lhe quesl of Sandies lo Reach 'lheir unreachable S+arsl R. D. Parks and Amy Herberl discuss cullines for one of lheir pages in lhe clubs seclion of La Airosa. Parks. a lhree- year member of rhe iournalism slafl. also serves as a pho- lographer. l 2 E 3 l f 1 I f all W 'x. Senior pholographers Greg Slarlc and Tracy Liqon discuss dimensional problems concerning a ralher curvy neqaiive. in 'lhe Ama- rillo Hiqh School darkroom. This year Sfarlc has served as Head Pholographer, wilh Liqon as Assisfanf Head for bolh lhe La Airosa and Sandslorm. Quill 8. Scroll Honors AcTive Journalists Senior Associafe La Airosa Edifor Karen Marquardl' Types fever- ishly in order To meeT an overdue deadline. Miss MarquardT also serves as Pledge Trainer Tor Quill and Scroll, NaTional hon- orary sociefy for high school iournaIisTs. Quill and Scroll is an honorary socieTy for iour- nalism sTudenTs. In order To become a member, a journalism sTudenT musT be a iunior or a senior in The upper Third of his class. He musT also have done ouTsTanding work in some Tield of journalism. The purpose of Quill and Scroll is To encourage and reward individual achievemenT in iournalism and relaTed fields. The Quill and Scroll has charge of The annual PublicaTions BanqueT in The spring. This year. The officers are The following: R. D. Parks, presidenTg Suzan Hayes. vice-presidenT: Viclci Caslcey, secre- Tary: Fred Veazey. Treasurer: and Greg Sfarlc and Karen Marquardf, in charge of The iniTiaTion of new members. lniTiaTes are announced aT The end of The fall semesTer. ' X Quill and Scroll presidenT R. D. Parks and vice-presidenT Susan Hayes. boTh seniors, discuss iniTiaTion plans for new members. A specified number of members will be iniTiaTed and presenTed aT The iournaiism banquet Thespian Club ollicers lake parl in a Thespian meeling. Presid Juniors Jana Auslam Mary Ann Morgan Linda Gallerneau ing is Sam Wade. Presidenl and allending are Eveline McSpad and Cllflon Sarler parlicupale in a pracluce play in lhird den. Clerk: Terrie Slewarl, Secrelary: and Susan Blinderman period Drama class Vice Presidenl. AHS Thespicms Presenl Play Assembly The Thespians Club is an organizalion in lhe speech deparlmenl sponsored by Mr. Wes Schull: heads lhis club lor lhe lirsl lime lhis year. Thespians is an honorary dramalics organizalion. which one can oblain membership by meril only. In order lo gain access inlo lhe sociely, a slu- denl musl earn a cerlain number ol poinls lhrough his classworlc and appearances in plays. lnilialion inlo Thespians lakes place lwice a year, lor lhose who have earned enough poinls. The ollicers ol Thespians lhis year are: Sam Wade. presidenlg Susan Blinderman, vice-presidenl: Terrie Slewarl, secrelary-lreasurer: and Evayln Mc- Spaclclen. hislorian. ln Thespians, sludenls learn more in clelail aboul play produclion. They gain valuable experience in acling and proieclion by presenling plays lor as- semblies. Sophomores and Juniors parlicipale in play during lhird period Drama. This praclice on lhe slage in lhe Drama Deparlmenl helps in gelling lhe sludenls prepared for as- semblies. HONORS AI Success lies, noi' in achieving whal you aim af. buf in aiming a+ whal you oughl' To achieve. and pressing forward. conliiclenl of achievement AHS boasls fine leaders and represenfalives of +he school. These are The sluclenfs who s+ancl ou+ in various areas a+ Sandieland fhrough Their oufslancling conlribuiions. They have noi' fol- lowed buf wenl where There vvas no pafh and lef+ a Trail for ofhers +o follow. These Sanclies have upheld Tradifions, and 'rhey represenf Scholarship, Sporlsmanship, and Service. They possess perseverance, The masler impulse of The firmesl souls. These are The Sanclies wilrh sfrong desires- TO TRY WHEN YOUR ARMS ARE TOO WEARY. TO REACH THE UNREACHABLE STARS! ,mi Lindo Montgomery Reigns Over AHS Queen of Amarillo High School-a 'rifle which many Sandie girls dream of. Our Queen represenls lhe ideals of Sandieland. She is 'lhe girl who dis- plays love for her school and counfry in every move she makes. Through her loyaliy. she performs any service, no malier how grear or small. for rhe beHermen+ of 'rhe school. Truly, lhis is her quest To follow 'lhal' siar, no mailer how hopeless, no mailer how far. This year, our Queen is Linda Monigomery. Linda has been oursranding in all her leadership quali+ies in several clubs. She is an officer in 'rhe Srudenl Council, French Club. and Amarillo Yourh Council. As well as sewing Amarillo High School as ihis year's Queen, Linda is also ihe Swee+heari of rhe Souih Ama- rillo Lion's Club. Here. she helps spread Sandie spiril' by selling a fag io a supporler of ihe Sandie ieam. who is also a member of lhe club. Linda Monigomery was formally preseniecl fo fhe siudeni' body ai 'ihe 29lh annual coronaiion. November 9, as Queen of Ama- rillo High School. A royal figure fhroughoui' her reign. Linda has served wiih pride and dignily, upholding 'fradiiions and bringing honor +0 her school. I27 SENIOR PRINCESS Debra Mitchell Queen Finalists arri Cross herry Hyso ' .J - I rm-'N 7 X QQ' . -,H 4 .1 pqfmifhg ' fs- fl' 0 ,, , f :I 1- -. ' ':eQ,. , Tiff :H fszygvzzf' - 1 . 1., ,pf yu, f f L X gg ' 1 If, 'S-1' 35: E., IEW rl ,, w,,H, an -5 Y ,N .mg .f,N,.X.N' ,:, .yf.,:Wf W H f. 1 .,,. C ,fyk 'ww' M? 1 fnzm fmr Y x 'eM.xw,: . .,.V A .1 ffm- V 1 wg x zw.. .,.,,,:f: 2351 :iff 1' U H ' K- , 4? JS Jw 1..n,Q. ,- , ,, -aw ,', if v :WW e f-' V i HIGH Allen 1 .IV ' 5 ' L- if 2 'fi , gwiaN 23 MR. AMARILL Ha L .yr-iia 1 E-. 1,51 ali 'u -GE 15 ,, ' ,, L :L ' V .- 'f:!1 :E51 5 r N Y,,, N 355 -Q :, Q... fdwvffi.. eau . --' ' ns 1 H .2 igf 511- 111 :ZI1 A .V as 1 ag ' ,,,, Lf if 1:.V - K lll QQ, - -Qgfu K Q 1 ws F. Gggsfsi ' Xia 5 ,eww gk if fafrlmg le E? My .PJ wk 5.5 x av 1. w w ' Ev me-smggf Q Ra w i + ,S BE, ,r -rw 9 'jf' 2 me , 1 1 3523? -' 93 A i2i512,m'af 2-fl ' - . :--Qf if.. , ag U -. 2 Q -K 4'-2 1, V ,af fi 'Q-2-'iff-L E51 ,,,. Tae ' 'N-14,--ai--'1'3f:-52 .--' z '1 ' ' Vg.-il?-352 . . - -A .. ' , . -f ' ' f K . g -' W Q iifkff' -Ii !.:.,,, ,. 1' yy ie-J! 1'5f'i:g' : f'Eu2? .9- ff'1'5i:a5E? 12: 2 , f ugifg. -- if wa -7 2.55 kkk, ,,:. H .-.W 1 ' 25 J. 1'7f7 W':4i:1iif VT? fi g, L A .-., ix QQ!-at V '-5 'Z' X nl . N, , , ' , Y ,ig ff... 1, ,, af'fwg- ' ' FS-if ' 1' f , , W ..-f J., K 5 ' 'Q f???2fA fn ET- F: Jig A Y, ' 2 . f 41.5 f .5 :U ,1.,, ' L 5 ::f:zz -:annex af M if , ,1 ,., ,- ' Jifiw 36 fs ff ,A , , f -'-SV? q if Qu ' Egff ., :kiwi 2- ' . ,fiqn 4 i QE ' fgfk g' ,lf ff' JW if- ,zisf a f f ' H - 'S N l , ll, ,ff f fue-rr-11 H ' r I .. Q., ,.. 1 'P L .nqxw A 5?- X Y' L 1 . I kv- !! Q-PQ, h . .X, Q 1, ' 4 - h M , - ' 5,3 W wr f. 'f bi.. -sw . x A utr- Iii- t 1, 'H 2: , '15 V I -w. X 'K-g,1i'.49 is A -3 , iz'-V' . - 'ek - . ' I QQ A -I--' ' I I , . . K U3 M Y W ww ,Q - -349 X P ,gn A 9 f 1 -- QQ, F71 3-iv, ,. , 3 .,- h It 3323. 'Q t?i?7,k:. . . -Q 'K fi ii, , 's'i-'W 'l. if ik W 'lk Has- wi-jf ,1 I A,kj.', QKQQQ 1 ' Akwiirtl . f rv 4 LM V 55 . g'f'4:!5'i'??4g- Q a .- lb -N .wi 1 , L 1 . :Q ffm ICI If I-SP1 iDl1 ..lY! A-vu q :sos as also' a flings: ian - as I :venous rs ann Q MAJQI all 'Ol K1 X l 11 'Q' 'E if-'W' if w-E al ffl. ' -we-R ...g fy., 1 5 A ff? ev Y MAN shlp Y w w v r A x W E.. E 1, F F I F 4' fr.. ,F JG aff? 1 4 5 5 ' Hi WH? , 9 A 3i5?f??i , Y jg 2 'K x ii xg? 1,5 Elf i .ir 3' -3- ' 4 X ,Q 5 'P 5 Sim f A N MISS FINALI Pam Rlck MAN ,1 iff' af f I 3 , ' 'jf' f J' .ef .gfxxf,3g3 f ,,.:f'-Sy -I X Q ' li, 'Y gg- 1 1 xv A .2 1 , , . f' ' - , 1 -.Q . :ig ,.-4f-'M . , 7 L 'ska' A 'SLK bin I X .f ,H-+ ,,.f fxv r, 1 f' 1 - .-ff 5 . I ' ij! AF' V 5 R' levi, .-sr, , 4 FINALISTS Mangold Hllemgn ' - vga ff . N ' f V 1 v.. N-, ' LA , g.4.,n. , ,J-v - ., 'C J-,.fY. k A ' i H 5 Q if? in 'Q ai S 4 SENIOR a , , '- 1 H FAVORITE FINALLSTS + 45 U h W Chris Burdiit Q-'-W' A Libby Bagoi . Qwiff 0 . JUNIOR FAVORITE Janet Eichhorn ' JUNIOR FAVORITE FINALIST Kathy Gibso SCPHQMORE FAVORITE Stephcahie Elliott , Q Chris BurdiH' serves AHS in many capacilies. This year, he served as presidenf of FTA and lreasurer of rhe Amarillo Youfh Council. Chris is also aclive in Key Club, Ken Club, Allied Youlh, and Spanish Club. ln 'rhe Golden Sandie band, Chris plays lhe saxophone. I50 Who's Who Who's l Who Jan Burk. one of The 'ren ROTC sponsors, is also a member of Ken Club, FTA. AY. and French Club. Jan also reigns as queen of The Bel Can+o Chorale. This year, Jan porlrayecl Meg. one of fhe leads in fhe musical presenfed by The school, Brigadoon. ISI Dick Graham is a greaf assei +o Sanclieland. He served as quarrerbaclc for our fooiball feam which run up a 'ren-one record. Diclc was named all dis- 'rricr defensive safely las? year. Dick also holds memberships in Allied Youih. Fufure Teachers, and Key Club. l52 Who's Who Who's Who Terry Hankins, an oulsfancling member of our foofball leam is also quile a scholar. Terry played end and linebacker for ogur 'leam This year. He is also a member of Nalional Honor Sociely and lhe Ken Club. Terry also parlicipales in AY, FTA. and Key Club. I53 Harmon Hollar, our elusive halfbaclc, is an ou?- sranding fooiball player. Lasl year, Harmon re- ceived ihe honor of all disfricl' halfloaclc. The Globe News awarded him 'lhe Mosl' Valuable Player 'fro- phy. Harmon also holds memberships in FTA and Allied Youih, I54 Who's Who Who's Who One of our enlhusiasfic cheerleaders for +his year is Frank Marlin. Frank is also serving as presidenf of The S+uclen'r Council. As president Frank holds much responsibilify for +he proiecls The council fakes up. Frank was The leader of +he leadership conference al fhe firsi of The years I55 Our Queen for I967-1968. Linda Monfgomery, also leads +l'ie school in oiher aciivifies. She pre- sides as presidenf of 'flue French Club. and vice- presidenf of +l'1e S'ruden'r Council. Linda is also Dis- 'rricl Treasurer of 'rlwe Texas Youlli Conference Linda is a +rue leader of all Sandies. I56 Who's Who Who's Who Larry Morris serves as vice-presidenl' of fhree clubs al' AHS: Furure Teachers of America, Ken Club, and Narional Honor Sociely. Larry also adds his services 'lo Amarillo High as a Vigilanre. a member of Allied Youlh. and a member of Ama- rillo Youlh Council. I57 Terri Sfewarf is ihe secrefary of 'lhe senior class. She was also a Nalional Meril Scholarship Semi- Finalisl. secrelary of lhe French Club. Miss Slewarl' is a very lalenfed musician. She has had fhe leads in bolh of our lasl musicals. She sings af many as- semblies and in lhe coronalion. l58 'sian gil!! 'S gifs.: RTX 41... if.-mi Jr 1 R355 2 i Who's Who Who's Who Anifa Slriclsland is a member of many organiza- 'rions here a'r AHS. These are: Nalional Honor So- ciely, FTA, AY, Ken Club, Amarillo Youlh Council, and Sleppers. Ani+a was awarded a Nalional Sci- ence Founclafion Scholarship fo Oklahoma Univer- sily las+ summer. She plays lhe organ also for our devolionals ancl assemblies. l59 Peggy Tesi' devoies much energy fo her work in 'rhe Sfucienr Council. Sewing as recording secre- 'tary for 'rhis organizaiion, Peggy is busy wiih 'rhe Council's many aciivifies. Due io her diligence. many of The Council's proiecis are improved. She worked very hard on 'rhe Coronaiion Ball. l60 Who's Who Who's Who Creed Wyafl. presidenf of Jrhe Key Club here al AHS, is also one of our Sandie cheerleaders. ln +hese 'rwo ways. he serves as a leader here af school. Creed also holds memberships in Allied Yourh, Fufure Teachers. and Narional Honor Sociefy. Ibl Kampus Kale and Varsily Vic awards are presenleolfio an oulslanding senior girl and boy each monfh. The seleciion is made on 'rhe basis of serxiice lo Amarillo High School. The following sfudenls were selecled foelhis honor: Boi- 4 iom Row: Larry Morris. Vicki Caslcey. Bui Boa Thach. Suzan Hayes, 'Dair Hilemang Second TZROW: Pa+ iill Hayden. Chris BurdiH', Debbie Moore. Bill Brian. Marsha Rowan: Top Row: Libby Bagel. Frank Marlin,flPegigy Tes1fQ ,Richard Kel4 leY- Debbie Marlail, Terry Hanlcins: Noi' Picfuriilz Rue Landon, and Don Forres1'or.i il il T T 'T in T 1' ,, 1, . - A , Mi ,1,l, A. , 1 s - ,,,, if ' H ,V 5+ '--rf l62 l ...... ,,,pe-...i:r..,,,: '.- E X b l , . E s I F ! .,.......M..:!,.,......... 2 . Q 1 --a.......... ? I I ' zz E 5 I . i 3 7 7 l 1 A V W, ...wg-' 2 F 1 Z E -4 3 5 , Q Q I 15335 Y ff: sf, fgfff -'Z 5 K W -g f W 99555 ,1 H'-5 ?' K V K w'wFMfHm,,,,N. www 4.-.--1 ' , 'Z Nimwg, ' ,. X, V . y.-fi ii 5 1 1' Bui Bao Thach Spends Year AT AHS Each year our school has a Toreign exchange sTu- denT Trom anoTher counTry. Through The American Field Service. Bui Bao Thach is spending This year here in Amarillo wiTh Frank MarTin. Thach. The name he is known by. since his counTry puTs The given name lasT, lives wiTh his Tamily in Saigon. SouTh VieT Nam. Thach has made quiTe an ouTsTanding impression on Sandies This year, because oT The many areas he excels in. Gne of These areas is drawing car- Toons. ln Saigon, Thach has a carToon sTrip ThaT appears in The local newspaper once a week. Since arriving here, he has made use of This TalenT by making spiriT signs each week Tor The pep-rallies, drawing ouT The plans Tor a Sandie pennanT. draw- ing The plans Tor The carToons Tound each week in The SandsTorm, and doing The leTTering on The TronT oT The Roll Call. The sTudenT direcTory. Thach is also quiTe a musician, enTerTaining sTudenTs on The bus Trips To ouT-of-Town games. jew Thach puTs his abiliTy as an arTisT To good use as he spends much Time painTing signs and banners To place in The halls Tor The pep-rallies for The TooTball games each week. He is The carToonisT Tor The newspaper, The SandsTorm. and he also designed The new car sTickers. sold by The STudenT Council. Bui Bao Thach has an ouTgoing personaliTy and a quick wiT, ThaT has made him very popular wiTh The sTudenTs and faculTy alike. Thach helped pass The monoTony of The long ouT-of-Town bus Trips by singing and playing his guiTar. while The sTudenTs ioined in The singing. Bui Bao Thach. foreign exchange sTudenT, sTands in The Treasure Room, admiring The Trophies, while senior Frank MarTin explains The T. G. Hull Award. Thach, sponsored by The American Field Service. is spending his year aT Sandieland wiTh his American broTher , Frank. I65 E, is N- Bill Brian Don Forresfor Krisfie LeClair -llmmY Melfen I r'1'y-,sf 9,1 , K- , - ,Ig- 1' xv' '.,i.,f .L A 3- ff ers' fs as - zef Hijf 1? 5 -Y' ii?'f AHS Boosts Seven Semi-finalists A 2 as ' ..4-X : - Q, - M?,,- M1 ,235 ,, .1 Lge. . 4 f 2s,QT?,, ' '-1-sri' ,i-PP' Each year, Amarillo High School is noied for i'rs oulsianding number of Nalional Meril' Scholarship semi-finalisis. These sludenls are chosen on The ba- sis of Jrheir scores on The Nalional Meril' Scholarship Qualifying Tes'r, offered 'ro all juniors in The spring of Their school year. Noi all semi-finalisis receive scholarships. ln order lo compeie as a finalist The sludeni musl' answer Three queslionnaires. and 'ralce 'rhe College Enirance Scholasiic Apiiiude Tesl. The scholarships are based on ihe finalisis wiih The grealesi need. Recipienis of scholarships are an- nounced in May. This year, in our school, seven sludenls were named semi-finalisis and fourleen siudenis received Ceriificaies of Commendalion. This 'rolal is more Than all 'rhe olher Amarillo high schools combined. Those siudenis receiving ceriiiicales arer Susan Blinderman, Rory Corbell, Rod Crawford. Sleven Curless, Dair Hileman, Milce Kale, Rulh Mayfield. Michalyn Miller, Debra Moore, Earlene Morrison. Clay Phennicie, John Siafser, Aniia Siriclcland, and Susan WiHen. There were I4.000 Naiional Meril Scholarship semi-finalisls in Jrhe nalion. Our seven were Bill Brian, Terri Siewarl. Don Forresfor. Susan Meyers, Henry Mellon. Miich Piclcefi, and Krislie LeClair. These siudenis help make AHS a school we can be proud of. Through Jrheir scholasiic ef- foris. 'rhey sirive 'ro reach The unreachable slars. J Don Forresior senior, has mainfamed an average of 960 lhrough has fnrsl' fhree years of hugh school Don has been a success boih m school and out despife 'lhe facf fhai' he as handvcapped by bexnq bland Only lasi' summer Don weni' 'lo New Jersey where he mel and lramed Tracy, his seeing-eye dog Besides clomq excellenl' In school work Don also works nn 'lhe affernoons al Grace Baphsl church parhcnpafing in Vocafional Offlce Trammg Susan Meyers l 168 I ,lm .vfY7'? 'nr JB NV m TJ x, E' , fish Qviiliqig 'f ' il -.ii .ji 1. Y ' M-gi.-L 2 'J '. qs,:it':,, XZ'.fh.9k 'e: ff1ff '?' 1 in -' 3 ii' :En Af Lgi, Q.:n-,.- A - ii., VQRJQ ,L was .TSN 4.'f11,,'4 'N 'iififvh iii 1biiiii: ','h., 4i.,'is'f?i+ l' I' .4--1: lui S v-5 V ,. + Xqll. Q 1 I- V l Every Sandie is an aihlefe. The spori' in which we engage is +he game of life. ln 'rhis game. as in all aihleiics, ihere mus'r be a winner and a loser. buf our success will depend eniirely upon The manner in which we play ihai game. To receive viciory humbly and 'io accepf deieal' gallanily are fwo rules by which we musi sirive io abide. Noi everyone can be The capiain. buf if each person plays his par? he will reach his goal in life. li maiiers noi how inconceivable our ambi+ions may seem: we mus+ make perpe+uaI en- deavors io achieve viciory. Where a will exisis. one will surely find a way. All Sandies mus+ live by 'rhese s+alwar1' conviciions- TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. TO FIGHT THE UNBEATABLE FOE . .. vt Sandies Sandies Sandies Sandies Sandies Sandies Sandie-s Sandies Sandies Sandies SEASON RECORD Sandies .... I4 . . . .20 Wichifa Falls . . . .35 Lubbock . . . .. . .33 Dumas .. ....l3 Tascosa .. ....35 Borger .. Odessa .... ....4l Pampa . . . .42 Monferey . . . . . .27 Caprock .. ....3O Palo Duro .. Disfricf Play-off 7 Tascosa .. ,f 'Y f il 6 if a,,: is -- 'TK . f , fffigbmli 1 4, .., ,,w,g,,.g-,, ' :Isp ,eg -me 4 H A ,Q f - -fziiifsyif f if . .1 ,V Ogg-- 5' Q gf: ., ,. ., gm 1,,,,,..,F, .. H .,,,, .... H 1' 1 I , OOO v O f A I ., ,, .,,, ,W . ,i ,, .,,, . ,L ..,. , 5532 ,M K ,,,.- ,,,. ark Q gi , Q f -X mr, ,Q uwfef-21 :ef fwfail Aw .y-1 . mf ,,.x Z , , J ,gig-gf ff wwf: ,ggglgrsf .m'1iS,-5:33, 'N Q aw , . . ,. E, 7 LA ,, ...,,, ., , , .. .. .,,...., . ,. ,,.. ., ,. . ,. ..,, wg ,,,. W. , , ,WM ., ., F.:-H K -, -- 1 '-'- , . , ., , , M , ff f , ffff...1'1:,xf: .. -14 K 1 Qiafsmfrz -,ri-2,1 'ls' - fi.-,,e.:1, gf f-,ymrv'wf,ft1'sgf,gggg ,Ire-:Jian-2ei,,f gi,-H fx .,,,--,a,1..,t,1:::H51 Qu if--Q an 15-fa 1 , ,. '- A ,,,, 1 :fic 1,9 awww -an J. 4i,??f'f,a -,ai ' ' kkkk ' 1: iifalzfgf f' law ' lraflfg 3g?fe:fvW1. W2:2 'fvgf121rffff 1222 X Q , if 1 1 - ia Harper, Assistants Aid Sandstorm Coaching a championship leam is nol' an easy iaslc buf perhaps ihe mosi saiisfying one a coach can have. Warren Harper and his eighl' assisianis slarled wilh small boys and much deierminaiion, plus much very hard work and produced one of ihe mosl powerful high school loolball Teams in 'rhe siaie of Texas. The assisianlrs of Coach Harper are Kenneih Clapp, Gus Hrncir, Tom Airharr, Tom Leezer, James Nash, James Denny. Joe Granaio, and Milce Nelson. Exlra elforis of ihe coaches such as reviewing films oi games 'ro remove mislakes in fulure games are viial if a 'leam is io win a championship. The Sandie coaching slaii has provided all The assisiance pos- sible as They have guided ihe Sandsiorm lo lheir finesl season in nine years. Warren Harper Head Coach Q1 In is. . Kd SN lQ SX'-r Coaches of fhe I967 Golden Sandslorm are Kenneih Clapp, Gus Hrncir. Warren Harper. Tom James Denny, Joe Granaio. and Mike Nelson. These nine men help The Sandies wiih many hou all help needed fo win fhe Norlh Zone championship. Airharf, Tom Leezer. James Nash. rs of personal 'rime io give fhe ieam l7I Broncos, Coyotes Fall To Scmdsiorm Sandie fullback and defensive linebacker Doug Robbins breaks Through The WichiTa Falls Coyofe line To drop The opposing quarTerback for a seven yard loss on a key Third down and Three play To sTop a CoyoTe drive on The Amarillo High School forTy- seven yard line in The Third period. Opening The season wiTh The Odessa Bronchos and WichiTa Falls Coyofes The Golden Sandies com- piled Two impressive vicTories of I4-O and 20-6 respecTively. The SandsTorm Took Odessa's TirsT and second half kickoffs Tor scores as The poTenT offense made shambles of The Bronco defense. Amarillo's l45 pound halfback l-larmon l-lollar sTruck for one Touchdown and l52 yards on The ground, along wiTh Dick Graham's 29 yard TD pass To Geary RiTchey buried The Odessa Team I4-O. iv1eeTing Third ranked Wichifa Falls, The Sandie defense held The CoyoTes To I66 ToTal yards To 262 yards for AHS. while The oTTense led by quarfer- back Dick Graham hiT paydirT Three Times To down WichiTa Falls 20-6 for The second vicTory of The season. Graham carried six Times for 128 yards and Two Touchdowns as fullback Doug Robbins smashed for 88 yards and one score To down The CoyoTes 20-6. Breaking a O-O deadlock. one of The Sandies feared backfield. Doug Robbins. rolls around end To score a Touchdown ThaT puT The Amarillo Team ahead To sTay in The second period of The Wichifa Falls game as Wendell Cobb and oTher members of The Sandie offense wafch The acfion. The Touchdown run added Three yards To Robbins ToTal for The nighT which was 88 yards of The 262 ToTal yards for The Sandies. l72 Jimmy Anderson Dan Armsfrong Mike Blackburn PaT Brandenburg Offensive TackIe Guard IIUIIIBBCIQ Guard Lubbock, Dumas Whocked By Sondies Trying To gain sTaTe ranking. The Golden Sandies soundly deTeaTed The Lubbock WesTerners and The highIy TouTed Dumas Demons. The Lubbock WesTerners became The TirsT Team To ever lead The I967 Sandies, by scores oT 6-O and I2-7 buT all was in vain as fullback Doug Robbins scored Tour Times and Dick Graham hiT paydirT once To Iead The Sandies To a 35-I2 vicTory over The WesTerners. , Traveling To Dumas in mass The Amarillo Sandies rolled over The Dumas Demons before a seIIouT crowd To coIIecT Their TourTh win oT The season To no losses. Holding The poTenT Demon oTTense To only I4 poinTs. The Sandies' eTTecTive deTense paved The way Tor a smashing 33-I4 vicTory To even The record beTween The Two Teams aT one win each, The Sandie passing aTTack proved To be Too much Tor The ground minded Demons as Terry Hankens and Bruce Shepherd Teamed Tor Two TD passes Trom Graham. Fullback Doug Robbins added I8 poinTs To his awesome Scoring record by smashing Through The Demon defense Tor Three shorT Touchdown romps and Ied The Sandies To The 33- I4 win. ATTer receiving a shorT pass from quarTerback Dickie Gra- ham. Sandie halfback Harmon I-Iollar spins downiield Tor a 54 yard gain To The six yard line of The Lubbock WesTerners from The Sandie 40 yard Iine To seT up The Sandies' TourTh TD in The Third quarTer. K.. , ln'll1e fourlh period of The game wilh Dumas iunior Mike Blackburn. replacing regular fullback Doug Robbins, sweeps around fwo Du- mas defenders 'ro lhe Sandies' 39 yard line for a gain of lhree yards. Quarlerbacl: Dick Graham, number IO. looks on aller a fake which drew several defenders from lhe ball carrier allowing The play fo make a worlhwhile gain. refs? my D ge , , -Y i .jf-if-flilx -li Wendell Cobb Mark Coffin Jody Cox Milre Dalrymple Winqback l Linebacker Guard Punfer I75 l , ,YU 2 rl 4 aw Sonclsform Races Dick Flasher BusTer Fosier Guard QuarTerback DOF! Fridell Jerry G551' Tackle Cenfer i v . - . ' Ja. ..s ,, -. -- I-f Over Sfubborn Rebs f Before a crowd oT Il,OO0 The Golden Sandies of l AHS ToughT Tor The TirsT win over The Tascosa Rebels in seven years by The score oT I3-7. The sTar of The game was The AHS deTense as T They sTopped several scoring ThreaTs by The cross- T Town rivals while The Sandies' oTTense was scoring wiTh Doug Robbins gaining The lasT six yards Tol paydirT and a TanTasTic 32 yard Touchdown pass' Trom Dick Graham To Harmon Hollar. y l Tascosa Tallied buT iT Took Them 22 plays To make The necessary 34 yards To score and only on TourTh and one aT The one did The Rebels succeed as- Kim T Malone rolled oTT The deTenders inTo The end zone. T The Teams exchanged kicks as The Sandies ran ouT The clock as The scoreboard read: Sandies I3 and T Rebe-ls 7. T The win exTended The Sandies' win sTring To five wiTh no seTbacks Tor The highly raTed Golden Sand- sTorm oT Amarillo High School. T Sandies Bruce Shepherd. Dodq Robbins, and Dick Graham aTTempT To break up a pass 'To a Rebel end from Dick ln- qram, Tascosa quarTerbaclc. Slich plays limiTed The Rebs To only Tive pass compleTions ouT TThirTeen aTTempTs. l l L Tascosa quarferback Diclc Ingram is lcnoclced off balance by an unidenfified Sandie lineman while affempfing a pass as Golden Sandies' quarferbaclc Diclc Graham evades Tascosa de- fenders as Wendell Cobb l4-31 pufs a bloclc fo an unidenfified Rebel fo sei' up a gain of four yards for fhe winning Sandsform. Graham is one of fhe leading quarterbacks in fha disfricf wifh a remarkable running average of over eighf yards per carry. right side linebacker Jimmy Pickard rushes fo fhe poinf of faclcle fo insure fhaf fhe Rebel signal caller is down for a nine yard loss on second down. Refurning an infercepfed pass. fhe only one of fhe game. defensive halfbacl: Bruce Shepherd halfs a Tascosa Rebel drive in fhe fhird period fo sfop a scoring fhreaf and give fhe Sandies good field posifion for fheir nexf offensive drive. Amarillo's defense gave up only 43 yards passing fo fhe Rebs and gave fha offense much help in fhe I3-7 win. Diclr Graham Quarferbacl: Gilberf Gregg Defensive Halfback Terry Hanlcins Harmon Holler End Halfback I77 l l V' ln 'the firsf period of fhe game wifh fhe Borger Bulldogs one member of 'rhe Sandies' oufsfanding backfield. winqback Wendell Cobb. q is halfed by flwree of fhe Bulldog defenders affer gaining four yards on an off faclcle frap play. The official wafches on fo call The play dead as offensive fackle Cliff Lane wafches affer opening fhe hole fhaf macle fhe play possible. The Sandies moved four yards 1 closer fo fhe Bulldog goal line for fhe Third score of fhe game in fhe second quarfer fhaf puf fhe score af 2l-O in favor of fhe l Amarillo High School Golden Sandsform. 1 Eddie Jackson Berf Jacobson Johnny Johnson Marcus Jones End Guard Guard Kicker I78 l Sondies Maul Bulldogs, HarvesTers T T The charging Amarillo Sandies exTended Their sea- son record To 7-O as They pounded The Borger Bull- dogs ancl The Pampa l-larvesTe-rs, scoring a ToTal oT 77 poinTs To 7 poinTs by The opposing Teams. The Sanclies zoomed To a Zl-O halTTime score as Harmon Hollar ran 69 yards Tor a Touchdown and caughT a l4 yard pass To score his second TD oT The nighT and Bruce Shepherd caughT a 3l yard pass To end TirsT halT scoring. . Dickie Graham passed '19 yards To Doug Robbins Tor anoTher score. buT on The nexT series oT oTTensive downs The Sandie reserves Tumbled and Borger Took The Tree ball 65 yards Tor The Bulldogs' only score of The game. Robbins capped The nighT's scoring wiTh a Two yard plunge as Marcus Jones added his TiTTh exTra poinT oT The game To exTend The score To 35-7. DespiTe a valianT eTTorT. The Pampa HarvesTers were swarmed by The high Tlying Sandies 4l-O as The winners amassed 452 ToTal yards. The T'larvesTers recovered Graham'sTung1bie oTfThe kickoTT aT Their 46 buT laTer ended up wiT a sa eTy on an inTenTional grounding penalTy. l-larmon T-lollar scored Twice, Dick Graham once, and Wendell Cobb once beTore The reserves were enTered inTo The game. l-lalTback Jimmy Pickard raced 28 yards To The one and scored on The nexT play To place The score aT 33-0 iusT beTore inTermission. In The Third period RoberT Love scored Trom The T eighT by going oTT Tackle To sew up The win by 4l-O in Tavor oT AHS. The reserves played over half oT The game and T held The Pampa Team scoreless as The Tinal score puT The Sandies ahead 4l-O. Sandie signal caller Dick Grahm rolls leT'T on an opTion pass play buT finds his receivers covered by Borger defenders and decides To run The ball around a Bulldog defensive Tackle, number 70, Tor TirsT down yardage in The second period of The 35-7 vicTory over The Borger Team. Dave Laing Cliff Lane Joe LiTTle Roberl' Love CenTer Tackle Halfback l-lalTback T79 Mark McKinney Prafer Monnnng Pai' Monfgomery Dan Needham QuarTerback Linebacker Halfback Halibaclf Sunches Massacre Lubbock Monierey MeeTing The MonTerey Plainsmen in Lubbock The Sandies remained undeTeaTed in Their sevenTh game of The season as They Trounced The Plainsmen 42-6. A Tumble on Their 27 by lvlonTerey gave The Sandies The ball and a shorT Time IaTer Bruce Shepherd caughT a TD pass Trom Dick Graham To go ahead 7-O. ATTer reTurning a punT To The MHS 4I Dick Graham passed To Wendell Cobb Tor a TD and a lead OT I4-O. Jody Cox blocked a punT and raced To recover The loose ball on The MonTerey 8 yard line. Graham scored Trom The one on an oTT Tackle plunge. MonTerey inTercepTed a pass on The AHS II buT on The nexT play BerT Jacob- sen caughT a Tumble and sTrolled inTo The end zone To secure The TirsT halT's scoring. Opening The second halT, Bruce Shepherd inTer- cepTed a pass aT The SO and Doug Robbins rammed 5 and 30 yards To seT up his one yard scoring plunge To raise The score To 35-6. ln The Tinal period Dick Graham inTercepTed a pass and scrambled around all remaining MonTerey deTenders Tor a 53 yard Touchdown. Marcus Jones kicked his sixTh poinT oT The nighT To secure The romp over The Lubbock Team 42-6. Sandie fullback Doug Robbins Turns The corner To sweep around a MonTerey Plainsman defender in The Third quarTer of The conTesT Tor a 30 yard gain To The I4 yard line. seTTing up The Sandies' TiTTh Touchdown of The game. au el viii I , T g'gg Jimmy Owen Roberf Pelly Geary Rifchey Phil Jordan Defensive Tackle Defensive Tackle End Tackle In lhe firsl' quarfer of play in a game wilh ihe Monlerey Plainsmen of Lubbock. senior end Bruce Shephers snags a pass in lhe op- ponenf's end zone lo sfarl- lhe nighf's scoring and pul' the Sandsform ahead 7-0 for a lead 'rhaf was never in danger. The play capped a drive of 27 yards after a recovered fumble gave lhe Sandies fine field pesilion and an opporlunily fo avenge a loss fo The Plainsmen which knocked Them our of lhe zone championship in I966. I8I Sondies Secure Undefeoied Season Finishing zone acTion, The Amarillo Sandies clinched The TiTle by sTorming The Caprock Longhorns 27-O led by Tullback Doug Robbins as he gained l54 yards rushing. The Sandies scored in each period on gains oT Two. one, nine, and Two yards. Caprock was un- able To mounT a serious ThreaT unTil The Tading mo- menTs oT The game as The Sandie reserves held The Longhorns on The one yard line as Time expired. The win gave The Sandies Their TirsT undispuTed zone championship as in T966 Amarillo Tied wiTh MonTerey and Borger Tor The TiTle. In The Tinal game oT The regular season The San- dies Trounced The Palo Duro Dons 30-6. Palo Duro punTed aTTer Tailing To make a TirsT down aTTer The opening kickoTT as The Sandies gave up possession on The Palo Duro Tour yard line. A bad pass Trom cenTer was recovered in The end zone by The Dons buT iT was good Tor a saTeTy and 2 poinTs Tor The Sandies. Taking The kickoTT and marching 59 yards, The Sandies widened The margin To 9-O as Graham raced I6 yards around numerous defenders To score. Graham reTurned a punT 53 yards To seT up a score by Doug Robbins from The one. The Sanclies also scored on runs by Doug Robbins and Jimmy Pickard in The second half only To have a shuTouT spoiled by a TD run by Palo Duro aTTer The Sandie reserves Took over in The TourTh quarTer, The Tinal score was 30-6 buT The Sandies also held a large edge in TirsT downs 22-4. www, Senior halfback Harmon Hollar rushes To aid oTher Sandie de- fensive players halT Caprock ball carrier STeve AlsTon aT The line of scrimmage in The TirsT period of The annual clash. The vicTcry gave The Sandies The undispuTed zone championship wiTh a record of Tour wins and no losses in conference play. Doug Robbins Hurles Scales Fullback Halfback I82 Rober+ Shanklin Bruce Shepherd l Halfback End , mf Againsl' lhe leading defense of dislrici' 3-AAAA. fullback Doug Robbins drives five yards from fhe eighf lo 'the fhree yard line and move 'rhe Sandies closer io one of 'rheir four touchdowns of the game lafe in fhe lirsr half of play. Leading The blocking on ihe play is Sandie faclsle Clifford Lane as live Palo Duro defenders close in fo s'l'op 'lhe scoring aliempf. if 'IZQQ5'-,gf ,p',L g msg: 3, ,QA gy K. l f , , 3 My lf 5 tg if v LY K KI Joe Anderson Paul Easferday Gaylon Nepper Sfeve Zimmer Trainer Trainer Trainer Trainer l83 In The TirsT period of The disTricT playoifgame. Sandie ball carrier Dick Graham is halTed on The four yard line as oTher Sandles Cliff Lane. BerT Jacobson, Harmon Hollar and Wendell Cobb move in To and The gain on The play Tascosu Stops Sanclsform Wm Streak A Sandie dream was halTed by a revenge minded Tascosa Team in The Sanclies' TirsT disTricT cham- pionship bid in nine years. RaTed Third in The sTaTe of Texas beTore The deTeaT. The Sandies were rid- dled by injuries bu+ sTill managed To hold The larger Rebs unTil The second half oT play. The Rebels Took The lead aTTer a punT on a 69 yard drive. The Sandies drove To The Tascosa Tour yard line beTore The drive sTalled. The Rebs scored again Tor a I2-O half Time edge. Aided by Tumble recoveries. The Rebels puT The game ouT oT reach Tor The Sandies in The sec- ond halT. Tascosa's advanTage grew To 34-O unTil The favored Sandies Tinally scored on a Tour yard run by Dick Graham wiTh I5 second leTT in The game. The loss was The only one oT The season Tor The Sandies To Tour previous seTbaclcs Tor The Rebs which one 'oT Those was aT The hands of The mighTy SandsTorm. The loss also snapped The longesT win- ning sTring in The sTaTe aT I2 wins wiThouT a single deTeaT and a perTecT season record OT IO wins and O losses. I84 A 1 3- wx . 1 Q Q - .x 9 ' fi 5 5 .- 1 N- .- s . . - .Q K 3 6, . - y , - Sf' x .-Q mx. . X D 3 . 1 ' - ' ' -f , . 6 . . 5 -V ...K N b .V 5 1 ai . 1 V Q Q S V ' 1 n -9 - ' '1 ' . '. X 2? , K t win Ri 5 F 5 M Q X af' 'Q - '- S f f .. as , Q 14 ' M f' A' X .Q . Q..-. ws l ' Rf ,. - 'if www .. . .. Q ' is-aw -K -, 1. 1 f k ' V six ,- rt-: . - .- X .. .W ., f ' . . ' nn Q JA.: fx - . .M - j x N . - nge. Q5 5 Qjgn gn .V ...x .1 Q K. . gif .wi vi . S ...qi . QEEES51., V ' ' - ' .5 - 'TAX 'JN Jffii -r. ' G - xg A y - , Q. sill- gl. 5 Ax. - N- wswx .1 . , ag. - 2.5 . N v- F . Q l W. , ' 6 . S - . fy -. ' F1-W -sg . - 'Sf -Q -- N A . y . Q X M X .x ,,. ' t K . Mfg war? , , J ' A.-.1 S A A5422 K Q M Y. L :xi X 'iw if sgff -gm. A S ' -' ' w .2 1 ' . W. Ark . .X U2 X I ty... sY ,g K .WM MNA-N 1. rf- Q Q .. V K ag.. it i! -J' grub ' Q ' - xr .av . .f . Q . wg Q Ls. W in -2' R : . K Q . Q ff X + if t. K ,Q Pi! .fr H KKSKMS, V. F Q. 3 ' 6 - . X? fr -L Ai . PL . --ur 1 . P' S ., . - ' if ,. - . ' if 'Z ,. ' 'iq Y ,Ne N5 nw ' .fm ' . - e-xv' - . V . gr' ff if 'v 5 .. ' .Q . ,A 3. A ,, ,Q X . 3 K K jg Q. Q A Nurse -. L - . x .1. Q M 'X X,-,gg 14 .awk -K . - S S 1 Q if A, .f Q S.. 5 X U- 1 6 , S , 5' X ' 3 M- .... ' :df x . E' As fhe referee looks on fo spof any fouls on fhe field, All-Disfricf Quarferback Dick Graham heads for fhe end zone as he is hif by a cross-fown defender in an affernoon game as All-Disfricf Halfback Harmon Hollar moves in 'lo help. Graham was also given 'rhe honor of All-Disfricf Defensive Safefy. Sondies Dominate All Star Selections Dick Flesher Second Team All-Sfafe Linebacker The I967 Amarillo High School Golden Sandie foof- ball feam dominafed fhe Globe News All-Disfricf feam by placing six players on fhe squad and holding seven posifions wifh Dick Graham grabbing fhe quarferback and defensive safefy posifions. Coach Warren Harper was given coach of fhe year by several polls for guiding fhe Sandie feam fo a perfecf record of fen vicfories and no losses before being up- sef by fhe Tascosa Rebels in fhe disfricf playoff. Members of fhe All-Disfricf feam from AHS are: Dick Graham af quarferback, Harmon Hollar af half- back, Berf Jacobson af guard, David Laing af cenfer, and Doug Robbins as fullback. Defensive members of fhe squad are: Dick Graham af safefy, and Jimmy Pick- ard af cornerback. Amarillo High School placed ll players on fhe Norfh Zone All-Sfar feam and filled I3 posifions wifh Berf Jacobson and Dick Graham being chosen for offensive and defensive assignmenfs. Flesher Placed On All-State Squad 1 Dick Graham Harmon Hollar Berf Jacobson Senior. I55 Pounds Senior, l5O Pounds Senior. l75 Pounds Ouarferback and Safefy Offensive Halfback Offensive Guard Dave Laing E Jimmy Pickard Doug Robbins Junior. l9O Pounds Senior, l75 Pounds Senior, l9O Pounds Offensive Cenfer Defensive Cornerback Offensive Fuliback i l87 f Junior Varsity, Sophs Finish On Top Behind an excellenT coaching iob by Jim Nash and Gus Hrncir, The Junior VarsiTy and Sophomore TooTball Teams capTured Their respecTive crowns. The Junior VarsiTy Tied Tor The disTricT cham- pionship wiTh Lubbock EsTacado. a school ThaT plays on a J-Vee schedule. Finishing The season wiTh only Two losses, Those being To EST-acado and The DalharT VarsiTy squad. The Junior VarsiTy consisTs oT boys ThaT are preparing Tor The TuTure varsiTy squad. The Amarillo ciTy TooTball championship wenT To The AHS Sophomore Team also coached by Nash and Hrncir. The Team compleTed The season wiTh- ouT a loss To a ciTy Team which includes Sopho- mores Trom Caproclc, Palo Duro, and Tascosa High Schools. WiTh combined records oT I3 wins and 2 losses coupled wiTh Two respecTive championships, The Amarillo High School junior TooTball program has seT up a sTrong background Tor The Sandie VarsiTy Teams oT The TuTure. An unidenTiTied member of The Sandie Team is hauled To Tlie ground by a T Ter receiving a pass Tor an eighT yard Team compleTed The season on Top of The no losses and an undispuTed ciTy sidelines. The Sandie Sophomore and Junior Hrncir and Jim Nash concenTraTe on The ve Team in a game wiTh Palo Duro High . . - 7 vs.:,.,.,,,.m g it Q X FL' ' sf, Q 1 Z L2 The Junior Varsiiy foofball ream quarferoacl: is iackled affer aifempfing 'lo How a page a feammafe while his blockers fry fo aid fhe bell carrier affer finishing iheir blocking assignmenis. The J-Vee squad did nor lose a game +o a cify rival and losf only one con- ference game and one non-conference game. Aiding The players when 'rhey are resfing and waiting fo refurn io fha game. fhe Trainers mend broken equipmenf for 'the players and give fhem wafer while also giving aid io players wiih iniuries so 'they may refurn fo The line-up. The irainers aHend every fooflsall game for Varsify, Junior Varsify. and Sophomore feams. 189 w D lr -Q 3 i Lowley In Second Season As Coach Junior KenneTh Manuel shooTs Tor The baslcef in The TourTh period of a game wiTh The Coronado Tv1usTangs in The Sandie gym. Manuel gives l9righT hopes for The 1969 Sandie Team. Heading The Sandie varsiTy Tor The second sea- son. coach Gary Lawley Turned in anoTher ouTsTand- ing coaching iob. Lawley was given Coach of The Year in I967 by guiding The Sandie baslceTball Team To iTs TirsT disTricT championship in I8 years. l-le also Turned in one OT The ouTsTanding iobs in The disTricT as he led The small and inexperienced Sandies To become a ThreaT To any Team in The area. The B Team is coached by Milne Nelson, also in his second year as a Sandie coach. Mr. Lawley has a Bachelor oT Science degree Trom EasT CenTral STaTe College in Oklahoma and Teaches biology Through The day unTil he works wiTh The baslceTball Team sixTh period. Coach Gary Lawley l9I 11 1 'S . ,Z .. , S N5 ' A- ,.,.-v ' l I 'Q A..i In ihe firsi' period of 'lhe Palo Duro game in 'rhe Amarillo Ciiy Baslceiball Tournament' Morris Oversfreei' 6ll'SmP'l'S G lump she? from fwenfy feel' as he is guarded by a defender. Kennefh Manuel. 20. and Hurles Scales, 54. waich and prepare To grab fhe rebound. Senior Jerry Johnson allempfs a sho? from 'rho corner of ihe loor againsf +he Dumas Demons in nonsconference aciion. John- on is one of ihe leading scorers for fhe Sandies and always is a hrea+ fo an opposing Team. High in rhe air, Kenneih Manuel fakes aim on fhe goal as a defender from Coronado High School of Lubbock iries wifhoul' success io block ihe shor. The Sandies won ihe game 81-62. I93 W. I fe 'N ,,,-' su 5 -22 W is 235 V 2 . G -:if -, . X a lp .4 L2 B X, Chl? 5 ! Y f in F 2 .mfg --nw , w fi' vti 5 f Al.l 3 JK .-4lfW'Yff'. 5' 3 jg 2 Na? Y! E i .M i MN I m y no Sandies Win Four In First Half Play ln The TirsT Tour games oT The TirsT half oT disTricT play. The Golden SandsTorm scored wins over Lub- bock High School and Borger High School. The Sandie players showed iniTiaTive and aggressiveness on The courTs. in order To deTeaT These Teams. The Sandie baskeTball players suTTered deTeaT aT The hands of The Pampa HarvesTers and The Coro- nado MusTangs oT Lubbock. Through boTh oT These games The deTerminaTion oT The AHS players made The games exciTing To The IasT second. The husTling Sandies ToughT Their hardesT and were deTeaTed gallanTly. Overcoming a greaT size disadvanTage, each play- er used his speed and quick Thinking abiliTy To pile up poinTs againsT Their.Toes. Through Their drive To win, The Sandies have compiled a Tine record. As Mike Ray looks on To aid The play, David Hill makes a 23 TooT iump shoT as he is guarded closely by a Borger Bulldog defender in The game which was played in The AHS gym. The Sandies won, 69-57. ln a game wiTh The Borger Bulldogs, KenneTh Manuel aT TempTs To sink a seven TooT iump shof in The second period of The game played in The Sandie gym. Poised like a cal' ready fo sfrilce, Hurles Scales guards his man fo prevenl him from making an accuraie shol in a game played in lhe Amarillo High School Gymnasium. ' AS a referee looks on fo spol any fouls. Kenneih Manuel loffs a high sho? 'foward lhe baslcei in a game wilh The Monierey Plainsmen. The Sandies and all olher feams in disfricr 3-AAAA were able io have fair and unpreiudiced referees call fhe games they played. 96 fe The shoriesf siarier on ihe Sandie ieam, Jerry Jo son, shoofs from his favoriie posiiion as he is guarc by a Coronado player. Johnson is known for his dl bling and shooiing abilify while being only 5'8 . -g l Wifh deadly accuracy, senior Phil Mafhews shools for ihe baslcel' in a game wilh ihe Dumas Demons. Malhews is a greal assel lo fhe varsiiy because of his shooling and rebounding abilily. Cogers Place Third In City Tourney The second annual Amarillo CiTy BaskeTball Tour- namenT was held in The AHS gym over The ChrisT- mas break. The Sandies handed a deTeaT To The Caprock Longhorns on December 27Th. This was a hard vic- Tory Tor The SandsTorm, buT The TighTing spiriT of The Sandies persevered. The AHS cagers meT deTeaT by The Tascosa Reb- els, 56-Sl. Even Though The Sandies gave Their besT eTTorT To The game The opponenTs managed To win over The sTingy Sandies. The second cleTeaT OT The TournamenT came when The Sandies Tell To Palo Duro by one poinT in The semi-Tinals. This game showed The greaT deTermina- Tion oT The Sandies. because They never quiT Their valianl' eTTorTs To win The game. In The closing mo- menTs oT The game. The Dons edged The Sandies 69-68. Senior. David Hill makes a big eTT'orT To grab a rebound To enable The Sandies To aTTempT anoTher shoT in The Third quarTer of a game wiTh Pampa. Junior. Mike Ray also helps To assure The Team anoTher chance To score. Junior KenneTh Manuel works The ball down-courT in The Tacling minuTes of The baskeTbaIl game wiTh The Pampa HarvesTers. Manuel is passing The ball To anoTher Sandie player on The TasT break. The Tasl' break is one OT The sTrong poinTs QT The Sandie ofiense. I97 Mike Ray. a iunior player, gives an all-ouT eTTorT To reach a iump ball, srgnnying ..., - 4 ' T members, Skipper Balcomb, 50, John Krill. 42. and KenneTh Manuel. 20. pause. ready 1U g...., 4 h' T -seven poinT margin, 77-40. in a hard-ToughT duel in The Amarillo High Dumas. Sandie eam Sandies capTured vicTory Trom The Dumas Demons by a T ir y QYIT1. Sundsiorm Fights For Loop Viciories The lasT Tive games oT The TirsT halT broughT only wo vicTories To The Amarillo High baslceTball Team. These were over Palo Duro High School and Cap- rock High School. VicTories over These schools were especially imporTanT Tor They avenged a de- TeaT in The ciTy TournamenT. The SandsTorm suTTered Three deTeaTs during The lasT games oT The TirsT halT. These deTeaTs were To MonTerey High School, Plainview High School, and The TorTunaTe Tascosa Team. The deTeaT by lvlon- Terey was a very close one. All games were very close in compeTiTion. and The Sandies showed good sporTsmanship in Their deTeaTs. as well as in Their vicTories. The Sandies ended The TirsT halT oT play wiTh a 4-5 record. unidenhhed Bulldog Tries eTTorTs. This game, played in The Sandie gym, saw The Sand-A 1 sTorm win by Twelve poinTs. K., Morris OversTreeT, senior. malces a valianT eTTorT To sink a Two-poinT shoT in The play againsT The Borger Bulldogs. An ' ' ' To bloclc The shoT, buT Tails in his l Q53 Q,-fy 1., ew? 1 A 1 E. it 32 is --, 1, 2 J ,- 5 J s - ff Q36 , -, pr , ii i i aff! 4 ml .1 W Zi. V. , ' W'-s gg A 'WF Vv 'Q ' lm i ' 1 a. In ? JH fi if .ii aff? gk , ,I If Q r' l Q rw' Sondies Split With Coronado, Borger The Sandies scored one oT Their Two wins oT The second halT of disTricT play by piling up poinTs againsT The MusTangs oT Coronado High School. The Sandies conquered The Lubbock Team by The score 8 I-62. The cagers' were deTeaTed in Their nexT Two games by Borger High School and Pampa High School. BoTh oT These games were played in The op- posing Team's gyms. ln each oT These conTesTs The AHS boys showed once again Their Tremendous ini- TiaTive in keeping The scores close and The ouTcome in quesTion unTil The Tinal buzzer. ln The lasT seconds oT The exciTing game in Pampa. The Sandie Team closed The gap unTil They Trailed by only Two poinTs. However, Through several Touls, The HarvesTers gained The advanTage and deTeaTed The Sandies. The Sandies spiT The season's games wiTh Coro- nado and Borger buT losT boTh games To Pampa. Senior cenTer John Krill TighTs wiTh a Pampa HarvesTer Tor possession oT The ball in The Third quarTer oT a game played in The Sandie Gym. David Hill and KenneTh Manuel look on and Try To help The Sandies close The gap in The score. ln The TirsT period of a game wiTh The MonTerey Plainsmen oT Lubbock. Phil Maihews I4-li and John Krill T431 inTercepT a pass inTended Tor one OT The Plainsmen oTTensive men. The Sandies losT The game by a score oT 61-58. While guarding his assigned opponent John Krill aTTempTs To Toui up The Pampa oTTense. Krill is The TallesT Sandie sTarTer as he is lisTed aT 6'2 . The Sandies had a very good percenTage OT sTeals in The game. IW E'-jg V' io' if 5, w ... W af 1 A 43 N 70 ' X Q 1, v 5 fi X M E 1 , I Ag Q X Plainview, Monterey, PD Drop Scmdies Junior Mike Ray passes fhe ball 'io anofher Sandie player in fhe fhird period of a game wifh fhe Tascosa Rebels. The Sandies played hard buf losf fhe game 70-50. ln fhree games of fhe second half of play. fhe Sandies did nof fare very well. They fell af The hands of lhe Plainview Bulldogs 66-68. This was a very disappoinfing loss, since fhe score was always very close, and fhe lead changed hands several fimes. The vicfory was in balance unfil fhe lasf few minufes of play. in fhe following game. fhe Sandsiorm suffered a sfinging defeai from lvlonferey Plainsmen of Lub- bock. Losing 54-80 was a biffer dose for fhe fighf- ing Sandie players: however. in lhe Sandie fradifion, fhey were gallanf in clefeaf. The Palo Duro Dons clefeafed fhe Sandies by fhe score. 7l-79. A defeaf from an in-fown rival is always hard fo accepf. and fhis one was no excep- fion. The Sanclies made a sfrong efforf fo defeaf 'ihe Dons, buf if was noi successful. They did hold 'rhem fo an eighf poini lead, however. Sandies David Hill l22l and l-'lurles Scales f54l affempf fo block a shof from Pampa Harvesfer George Bailey. The San- dies losf fhe game fo The Disfricf 3-AAAA champions by a nine poinf margin. Sandies Smash Lubbock Wesferners l The closing games oT The second halT oT play broughT one more vicTory To The Sandies. There were also Two more deTeaTs. These were aT The hands of Caproclc High School and Tascosa High School. The Sandies were deTeaTed by Caproclc, 58- 54, in a conTesT which broughT ouT The besf skills oT each Team. The oTher deTeaT was To Tascosa High School. The Rebels deTeaTed The Sandies by a seven poinT margin. 62-55. The Sandies ended Their season wiTh a prized vic- Tory over The Lubbock WesTerners in The Sandie gym. This vicTory was a greaT one Tor The Sandie cagers. The Tinal score was 74-59. The Sandies sTrived diligenTly To obTain This vicTory. Sandie player. John Krill, presses Rebel Jim Conkling, during The TirsT half of disTricT play. The Sandies were deTeaTed in The conTesT by The score, 70-50. John Krill. senior Sandie cager, iumps To sink a shoT in The Third quarTer of play againsT The Dumas Demons. KenneTh Manuel l20l pauses ready To grab The rebound in case The shoT misses. The Sandie cagers Triumphed over The Demons, 77-40. 1 was X7 Nik' - w C' 9' 'iff f 'wif ,, K r 3 . .J X. .J J qi., f 4 if 5 y 5 if Zb.. Li - If 1:2 Q x Iv N VA AV H . , - Q fc , . Mike Nelson Coaches J-Vee Squad Milne Nelson Junior VarsiTy BaslceTball Coach The Sandie iunior varsiTy baslceTbail Team com- piled a Tine record This season. Through Their greaT husTie and deTerminaTion, The B Team cagers de- manded respecT Trom each of The Teams ThaT They played. These boys displayed many Tine characTer TraiTs on The courT, which helped To build Their Tine repuTaTion as a Team. IT Takes a Truly greaT Team To be humble in vicTory as well as deTeaT as The J- Vees were This season. These iuniors and sophomores who made up The B Team will be The varsiTy Team oT '69. The San- dies nexT year can look Torward To a Tine Team which will represenT The AHS sTudenTs in TradiTional Sandie sTyle. The iunior varsiTy was coached by lvlike Nelson who is in his second year as a Sandie coach. Nelson also coaches TooTball in The Tail. Coach Nelson Teach- es Biology 2I-22 during The day beTore he goes To The gymnasium To prepare The Team Tor upcoming games. Johnny Johnson T521 iumps high in The air To Tip The bali To anoTher member of The Sandie B Team. OThers waiTing To receive The Tip are Kyle Puplcn llOl. Ray NorThcuT T4-21, and Tom NNaiTers i24l. The game is wiTh The Coronado MusTangS of Lubbock: The Sandies won The game by a large margin. Tom Walrers l24l shools for The baskel' in a J-Vee baslcelball game wilh rhe Coronado Musfangs. Jerry Vaclav lI2l, Johnny Johnson, and Kyle Pipkin U01 prepare lo lump in and slop all chances of a rebound being recovered by The Musrangs. Tom Walrers iumps. in vain, fo Hp fhe ball fo a Sandie player in 'Phe firsr quarler of a game wilh The Coronado Musfangs. The Sandies won lhe game played wilh lhe much laller 'ream from rhe Lubbock school, Sophomore Danny Carier l3Ol prepares fo pass rhe ball lo Ray Norlhcur l52l in acfion of rhe second period of a game. Carrer is in his lirsr year as a Sandie cager and provides high hopes for fufure seasons. i 33' 1 SE E 45. fx? ix is , Qi ww. li S 'if wa 4 l i l l In a mafch in The Amarillo High School Gymnasium an umdenhfied Sandie grappler pins an opp0nenT from Caprocl: High School. The Sandie wresflers had a poor season buT did well in The Amarillo Cify Wresfling Tournamenl. The Sandies won The maTch by a aines In Fifth Year As Sandie Coach l STarTing The I968 season wiTh an inexperienced Team. coach Jerry Raines formed The Sandie WresTlers inTo a highly compeTiTive group. T The wresTling Team worlcs in I2 divisions by weighT sTarTing from 95 pounds To T85 pounds and over. Thel Team pracTices daily aTTer school and during The wres-T Tling class in order To gain experience Tor The maTches which are held on Monday and Thursday nighTs. N The wresTling Team compeTes in non-comcerence maTche y es Tor Two rounds unTil The annual ciTy TournamenT. This T year The TournamenT 'was held in The Tascosa High School Gymnasium. 1 Teams ThaT parTicipaTe are: Caproclc High School, T Palo Duro High School, Tascosa High School. and The Team Trom Boys Ranch. T Coach Jerry Raines is in his TiTTh year as wresTling coach since Taking over The iob in I964. 33 gy 5' L , 1-1 1-fn-1 .1 ip if Q' , 15 '35 N ei .1 , , ,.1., f 'H L H g .. ---, l:1.,.f.-.2 al' H x Members of l'he l968 Golden Sandie Wreslling Team are: Top Row: Coach Jerry Raines. Gisle Miolhus. Bruce Shepherd. Roloerl Mouser, Sluarl' Shaw. and John Sanderson. Boflom Row: Eddie Turner, John ScoH', Larry Sfephenson, Ross Elliot Pele Garcia, and Ed Taylor. Senior Bruce Shepherd alfempls lo pull away from Phillip Coble in a praclice malch. Coble is in his second season as a Sandie wrestler, coming from Carver High School. The Sandies had fhree boys 'lo win-lheir divisions in 'lhe Amarillo Cily Wreslling Tournament These are John Sanderson, Larry Sfephenson, and Phillip Birdine. Birdine was vol'ed as lhe oulsland- ing wresller in 'rhe fournamem' as Slephenson won lhe Joe Parlcey award. ln a daily praciice session, senior John Sanderson grimaces as he fries lo escape a hold applied by senior Hoof Shaw. Sanderson won his weiqhl' division, heavyweight in lhe Amarillo Ciiy Wreslling Tournameni and Shaw losl' on a referee's decision in lhe finals of fha ISO pound division. Grapplers Grab Third In City Tourney ln a surprise upset 'rhe Amarillo Sandie Wres- fling 'ream beai Palo Duro and Caproclc High Schools in ihe Amarillo Cify Wreslling Tournamenl lo end wilh a lhird place sianding behind Boys Ranch and Tascosa High School. The Sandies won only lwo malches all season in Round Robin compeiiiion. came on sfrong wilrh Top honors going lo Phillip Burdine who was voled oulslanding wresiler of 'lhe lournamenl' wiih John Cole of Boys Ranch. Firsf place winners in fhe lournameni from AHS were: Phillip Burdine a+ 97 pounds. Larry Slephen- son al' ll4 pounds, and John Sanderson al heavy- weighlz Second place winners were: John ScoH af lO5 pounds, and Hool' Shaw al' l82 pounds. Third place winners were: Ed Taylor al' l35 pounds, Gisle Moiolhus a+ l4O pounds, and Jim Harrell al' I67 pounds. Larry Siephenson was 'rhe winner of ihe Joe Parlcey award which was presenied by lhe AHS sludeni council. Sandie wresfler. G-isle Miolhus. earns a single poinl for an es- cape from an opponenf from Tascosa High School in Amarillo Myolhus was a sfrong poinl in fhe Sandie 'leam because as a iun- ior. he is in his second season as a grappler. Senior Avery Rush praclices his form in daily praciice sessions during sixTh period and al'Ter school To pr r f ' maTch wiTh Coronado High School of Lubbock. Aided by Coach Ingram. Avery has become one of The besfeFbTaifer?rinailh3pd5,lYri2E Ingram Guides Golden Sandie NeTTers Coach Roland lngram Defending champion Amarillo Sandies, led by coach Roland lngram who is in his second yea: aT Amarillo High, Tared well in boTh Tall and spring sessions oT The Tennis season. The A Team consisTs of boys and girls singles and doubles evenfs. The Team members pul' in long hours of pracTice ThroughouT The year. Some oT The players on The Team are Barbara RalsTon, girls singles, Avery Rush. boys singles. Rue Landon and Sue TrouTman, girls doubles. Creed WyaTT and John KriTser, boys doubles. WiTh many reTurning members of The I967 dis- TricT champions. The I968 Sandie Team compleTed The season wiTh one oT The besT records in The his- Tory of Amarillo High School. The Team has been considered as one of The TinesT in The sTaTe and The ranking would noT be possible wiThouT Tine coaching and much hard work. what if rf- l968 Golden Sandie Tennis Team: Boiiom row, Dan Novak, Bruce Tilley. Telca Summers, Barbara Ralson, Peggy Tesf, Carolyn Whir- alcer, and Sue Traulman. Top row, Coach Roland Ingram, Lewis LeClaire. Sieve Crain. Creed WyaH. Avery Rush, John Krirser, and Bill Bussard. Coach lngram's ream. which has four reiurning varsiiy leirermen, is expecied +o make sfrong showings in 'rhe spring when lhey compele in various lournamenfs 'lhroughour lhe stale. wyf 'fi Senior letrerman John Krifser puls all of his weighf Peggy Tesr and Teka Summers, seniors. pracrice doubles play before info a forehand while warming-up before a march. Krir- a dual meer. Bofh have been members of 'fhe leam for Three years. ser and parfner Creed Wyalf will enfer doubles com- and expecl' to make some Trips in 'Phe spring. pefifion in 'rournamenls lhis spring. 2l5 Pracficing his serve, senior Avery Rush dis- plays fhe melhods of playing +ennis. Rush is considered fo be one of fhe besf singles players in ihe sfafe and has a good chance +o win in disfricr compeiirion. Senior Bill Bussard relurns a drive wiih a forehand volley in a daily pracfice session on ihe AHS fennis courls. Bussard is a member of ihe A feam. 2I6 Using her back sfroke in a maich wifh ano'rher ci'ry +eam. Barbara Ralson reiurns a volley and fries fo gel' a quick lead over her opponenl' from Tascosa High. Ralson shows much promise for The '69 seaso.n for she is in her iunior year ai' AHS. The boys' doubles leam for rhe '68 iennis feam is John Krifser and Creed Wya'H'. These lwo boys have played 'logeiher 'For 'lwo previous years and are expecied +o lead 'rhe disfricr fhrough all of +I-me spring marches and fournamenis. is 'kkk sw, aff , M . .... .. --, A1 ,, , M... 4 s ,955 affigif 5 Senior members of the Amarillo High School Tennis Team. Rue Landon and Sue Trouiman, warm up for a daily praclice session. They are fhe Sandies' girls doubles 'ream and parficipale in 'iournamenls for A 'team filles and are a vifal pari' of fha defending dislricf champion iennis leam. 2l7 Linksters Compete For District Title The Amarillo High School Golden Sandie Gott team entered the I967-I968 season with high hopes and good material. The A team consists ot Rusty Fuquay, Gray Anderson, Jerry Boelca, and Jack Keith. They enter the round ot district match play with other high schools in district 3-AAAA plus many invitational tournaments in the tall and spring season. The B team consists ot Eddy Laur, Jim Shankle, Tommy Goolsloy, and Jim La lvlarca. The B team also enters the district and invitational tournaments and competes with the A team. The boys compete tor positions on the A and B teams at the beginning ot the tirst and second semesters. The team practiced daily in the sixth period at Ross Rogers Municipal Golt Course and the Ama- rillo Country Club. Bobby Scott 2l8 1-In ,, F' K Q, N ' Ln L.LL il as is 4 A ,s,,,s v.,,, 3 E -1 AQ Jgsj Q s ygw ' J JJ' 5 i ii' ' K T if- ' Q ff .. . Is.: v 4 'Y -tm 5' 1 , - - ii A '. A 1 -slfllfiiw ,Q - . . : My K ,, K ' ' K' ,f w- . ships, I ku K . ...L, .I V 'ia-4.'9'.157 .. I I ., , ,in 1 .. 'W A ' ff' W fT'I:Y.'f.f3 - Q 'A 'J V :N A V ' ' Jilin ss-if ' ., Kg-M.-T -dligkf A Y' I s g-, V V1 if-H f ff -H,-,,-v sy -rw f sue., he ,iw 5 H K r V, M V, , v1 l . is .25 Q sag, 41- fx My ,,. A qv V2.1 1.7 .A f ' 2 , , . 1., --'24 its ,.y.,'.f1:'.,JF 'egg X ' N' - . A .. 'M in A A I' 'krihims 4r,a.-'L s f W' 'lmfiswf iff? 'T , few s-- sl Slfyav-22:-,. no-f'M..,wf::'ss .. . A . . um - Senior Rusiy Fuquay eyes 'lhe course of lravel for ihe golf ball in order 'lo sink a pull. Fuquay is in his fhird year as a Sandie golfer and is a member ol the A leam. As he fees-off on lhe eighleenlh green, Rory Corbell follows lhrough wifh his swing in order lo send lhe ball as far as i'I' can Travel. Corbell is a senior and is a member of 'rhe B feam. As lhe ball prepares 'fo drop in lhe hole. Senior Eddy Laur remains molionless as he watches ihe sho? near The cup. Laur is a member of 'rhe B ieam and is in his ihird year as a Sandie linlcsler. Ls .QMS y Pausing for a momenl' of resf before ieeinq-off on ilie fourlh 'green, sophomore Jimmy Randall waiches anoiher Sandie linlcsler swinq so he may pick up poinlers on how fo improve his game. 2l9 Linkslers Play Well In Tournaments gig On 'l'l1e Amarillo Counlry Club golf course, senior Jacl: Keifh prepares fo lee-off on H-ie eighrl-I hole. Keilh is in his lhird year as a Sandie golfer. 220 Senior Tommy Goolsby follows 'lhrouglm wifh his swing on a 'lee-slwol' during a daily praciice session al lhe Amarillo Couniry Club. Goolsby is one of 'flue oulslanding members of 'lhe Sandie A 'ieam and has parficipafed in many iournamenis for AHS. Concenfraling on flue ball, Jerry Boelca prepares 'fo send lhe ball flying on lhe second green. The Sandie linlcsfers prepare daily for lournamenfs and marches held in lhe Fall and Spring. T D 5 VI T A? .ff,,, Warming up for a praciice round wiih anoiher Sandie linlcsfer. .lim Shankle smiles for lhe camera of ihe La Airosa. Shanlcle is a iunior and is in his firs+ year on 'the Sandie leam. Displaying his conceniraiion powers over a sand frap, Byron Head atfempis +o reach ihe green and puf his ball near lhe cup. Head is using a number nine iron 'io chip 'Phe ball over fha large sand frap. ii I , fi. ff 'TMQTQ4 - INF. 4 Wi, Y :WMS Jim LaMarca braves ihe wilds of fhe Amarillo Counfry Club as he 'iries +o keep up wiih an opponenf in a mafch while preparing for upcoming iournamenfs. H. Q ,I -fx , . , j, - is .Jn italy? . N4-'ll of ia ii lf' , I , 1 - . 41 y a , v . if Edie 4, 1 i A.. ,s LJ if is siaaa -e Wifh a powerful swing. Jerry Boeka fees-off on lhe firsf hole in a malch wifh Tascosa. Boelca is in his firsf year as a Sandie linlcsler and is on ihe A Team. Jerry is using a wood for ihe long dis- fance his drive needs To cover. 22l w, ln a daily pracTice session. a member of The Amarillo High School Golden Sandie Track Team sfrives To reach 5'I I in The high iump evenT. The Sandies have qreaT hopes for The i968 season. being led by a sfrong group of seniors and iuniors. The Team pracfices in Dick Bivins Sfadium on The Tri-STaTe Fair Grounds. Sandie Track Team Sfrives For Title Mr. Tom Airhari' Golden Sandie Track Coach 222 The l968 Sandie TracksTers displayed 'line sporTs- manship as well as skill while parTicipaTing in Their meeTs This season. The Track boys par'TicipaTed in nine meeTs This year in The area and region. These were: The lnTer-STaTe lnviTaTional. in El Paso: The NorTh Plains Relays, in Dumas: The Red River Invi- TaTional, in LawTon: The Ysle+a Relays, in YsleTaq The Amarillo Relays: The DisTricT 3-AAAA MeeT7 The Tri-STaTe Closed lnviTaTional, in Amarillo, and The Regional I-AAAA MeeT in Odessa. The Track sea- son closed wiTh The CiTy MeeT in Dick Bivins STa- dium, which deTermined The ciTy Track champions. The acTual season oT meeTs lasTed Trom March 2 To April 20, buT The parTicipanTs sTarTed pracTice much earlier. Coached by Mr. Tom AirharT. The Sandies were well represenTed in all evenTs This year. These in- cluded The 880 yard dash. The 440 yard dash, The IOO yard dash, The 330 inTermediaTe hurdles,'The 220 yard dash, The mile run. The pole vaulT. The high iump, The shoTpuT. and The broad jump. r .lf -- -is ,- ,, 'K .-s,. 5- N. R Er!! 41 ' .. K vW.s3'z--fi: 1+ --- Q I ,k.1 :KV l . 1 1' , fi ' R ' Uiiffw i VME: ii V fu :fm ,QM 51-s 7 .FQ s- ,, . ,K iiia ss - ' S , gpg- L L '- 1' L, jgffwgiiil ,1 ,-, ' - A- , -i'4ilf.u 3. ., L , ' I 'F ' I- ' K , 1, E . 'V Zhu' All as ,511 i V V Xt s if f ' ' . avi, j'gf,?i-gil Sophomore John Edwards hands The balon io anolher member of 'rhe 880 yard relay ieam in a daily praciice in Dick Bivins Sia- dium. Led by Tom Airharf, 'rhe Sandie irack feam iurned in a fine season. My-A Q Eddy Fussell knocks ihe bar over as he fries fo increase his capabilifies in 'lhe pole vaull' evenf. The l968 Sandie 'team is sfrong in 'rhe upperclassmen bu? if is also loaded wilh lal- eni' in fha sophomores. ,. ,. s, , , ,,,- Q1-W.,...,, X 1 1 ' ' H I-, . ,, if me . ,, , X 'T ,, L , , ,,,. . f sen ml ' H113 'wr .L ,. ' , . 3, ,g,.,,, Y, . . 1 ., J ,is E sysy reefi iz F' Receiving a hand-off from Eddie Jackson. Berf Jacobson prepares 'ro run his poriion of 'che mile relay in a pracfige session while prepar- ing for 'rhe Amarillo Relays. Jackson is in his firsl year as a Sandie 'rraclcsfer coming from Carver High School. 223 Cindermen Compete In Amarillo Relays 4., ,. g Senior Morris Overslreei' flies over a hurdle in ihe high hurdles eveni. Oversfreel' won lhe evenf in 'fha Cily Track Meer in I967 healing com- pelilors from Caprock High School, Palo Duro High School. and Tas- cosa High School. 224 A member of 'lhe pole vauliing crew sirives 'ro lop l2'I l as he prepares lor an upcoming meer wiih o+her iop-ranked Teams in 'rhe'annual Amarillo Relays. Senior Gilberi' Gregg hands lhe bafon lo anolher mem- ber of 'rhe 440 yard relay leam. The Sandies compefed in many meefs and had sirong compefilion in The run- ning evenls in mosi' of 'l'he rneefs. ,Q ,, 1 ' ' . 7 . 'M 'T ,ll Wirh a valianf effori. an Amarillo High cinderman iries to vauli' over +he bar wifhoui knocking if down. buf even wiih much efforl' ihe fracksfer did noi' malce ihe high level he had sei for himself. One of fha Sandies' sirongesi' poinis on lhe I968 frack team was 'lhe iump- ing evenls such as pole vauliing and ihe high iump. Senior Phil Jordan grimaces as he afiempis io make the goal he has sei for 'fhe shoi' event Jordan is in his 'fhird year as a Sandie iraclnsier and is a greai' help io 'fha loial 'ream effori because of his hard com- peiifion. i Senior David Hill waiches his fooling in order fo im- prove his iechnique and enable himself fo do beH'er in +he hurdles eveni in many of ihe meefs in which fhe Sandie fraclc 'ream compefes. 225 A iyii L L L To A L S sh - i V K lkk V, Inq ix ,Vi , L Y , K K il , o T M A s' L Q rr 1 ' E I3 l L sr siss K , as .2 To is sm, s grins E .mrs ii rinlfis r yri L rs'-f'1 f'lr limi G L 1-1s 'mE'i ssiy irrsi L . ' A ' 'A' A S ' -'A' G ' T B . Q l f rss ig S or Jia 1 in T l S ,,,V TV .., .i Y .,,..1. T ',g'g,,. -KJ - 5-Hai B fs ra L - T f f if? as L s, The l968 Amarillo High School Golden Sandie Baseball Team showed greaf spiril' lhroughoul' The season in winning a good number o games? Experienced Seniors Lead Baseball Team The l968 Golden Sandie baseball ream showed greal' huslle and dererminalion. Aided by many 'ream members relurning from lasl' year, Jfhe Sandies loughl' hard 'ro compile a line season record. There were rhirly-five players parlicipaling This season. Some of These included: caichers. Willis Warren -and Bill Wiegand: firsr basemen. Mike l-lambrick and Mark McKinney: second baseman, Harmon l-lollarg shorrsrop, Terry l-lankins: lhird basemen, Gary Lawrence and David l-lilly pilchers. David Sharp and Don Monigomery: and ouliielders Bruce Shepherd, Roberr Love, Jimmy Smilh, Ron- nie Hunler, and Danny Gardner. The Sandies had eighr Team members who lei- rered in one season previous ro rhis one. They were: Bill Wiegand, Mark McKinney, Harmon Hollar, Terry l-lankins. Gary Lawrence, Bruce Shepherd. Da- vid Sharp, and Roberr Love. Disfricr play in baseball is nor divided inro zones or halves. There is one weekend Trip To El Paso. and several olher overnighl' rrips. The Team is ex- pecled lo be slrong in all posilions. Mr. Gus Hrncir Baseball Head Coach 226 5 5. ,. V ,. i T,-'G ref ff'-ff? .f gr ,gg , 1 fy Q-Hd W i. .ff ,. . wang: -H lL . M 1,6 7' rQ'i, Y s ,, pug f ' .Q if 4 ,, . .af is - r is' Q--B., A MN rg Ke - I , -,rry 2 dw fy ,z :rs Q. ,vig .-., , s .Mx 3 -- ya .Q es .., ' 4 , ,L , I 4 Senior Terry Hanlcins powers a long fly ball fo deep cenfer field. Terry is a sfrong poini in 'rhe Sandies' 'lille hopes for he is a good bafler and is sfrong al shorislop. 4 ,A W , if 7 ' - , 2, fl K ..,- N1 3 ,af 3 K k , X so , f. all 'la -Is . n ,,. I- QM, i , , ,, ,,,, . , 5 A we-,K .. -1 K 'f '- . -f - ' 2 H i, I Q., gg-sys as-Yr., , K-gp 56,3 fsxlwgyis- in M me : , I K - -ss: gg 1 gg 321.21 Vg. - - 1553, ' f, ' Q 3 . A V W ,hh V :5iV:,...,3g gig, 3: I K .. , Q V - -jgrrkwe Q,-gjV,rAVV55 ' , 1 V 1, ' ' - 35 , sf 1 i'1 14'-peg . rs. .31 'V ,, if . 4 if ifiif - . '.!5'-. 'sfs?ef?2ff'LliQi??'Aiir2ffg Qs sw Y egg,-'nffei 'sr-ff? ,iss Ia --if :Tir-. Soufhpaw Don Monfgomery fhrows a slider fo a bafier from Tas- cosa during a pracfice game. Monfgomery is a iunior and one of 'rhe leading hurlers for fhe I968 Sandie baseball feam. .ms s., Marla McKinny pufs our an unidenlified runner as he slides info n base. The Sandies play home games and praclice on lhe Tri Sfafe Fair Grounds near Dick Bivins Sfadium. .--s-'I 5 Sfrefched high in +he air, senior Bill Wiegand snags a long 'throw from cenfer field +o hall' a runner on ihird base in a pracfice session. Wiegand is in his 'lhird season as a Sandie baseballer and is sfarfing for his second season. 227 as . k Senior Terry Hanlcins scoops up a ground ball hii' fo him by coach Gus Hrncir in a daily pracfice. Hanlcins is in his 'lhird season on fhe Sandie baseball feam as he plays al' shorfsfop. Sandie pifching ace, David Sharp. fhrows a curve ball fo a Monferey baffer. Sharp sfarfed many of fhe games as fhe Sandie ieam fared vary well fhis season, being 'led by a group of experienced seniors. N From fhe umpire's poinl' of view fhe baseball field fakes on a differenf aspecf from fhal' of fhe average fan. The baffer is Roberf Love. fha cafcher Bill Wiegand, and fhe pifcher is Willis Warren. The scene is a warm up before a game wifh fl1e Palo Duro Dons on fha Sandie field. 228 I S .. - ,ss if ' ' -ull' yi' ,gs ,,i-, s .,,,v'jw's'f .vf?'g, . ' 4- fy 5. 'es-' .sim . ,hz ' gr yfgjk Lsy!-1.:g.ax59 -u'r:..3 Q, .fl H -- -A ,a,-wane: www R . The Sandie ouifielders are composed of six players: 'lwo seniors and four iuniors. These six players compefe for sfarling positions in 'fha Sandie lineup. The feam has been greaily helped by 'lhe addiiion of 'rhree of ihe ouifielders who came from Carver High School. Sharp . -Y I-,g K ,dams -'1 19+--ik: :VV 357. .W In r .jf 5 V, wwf. ,gi e ., , ' ,JEL-5 Q A A A , ,.,,,, 1 A ef-mpeg ...Sdn 'kv s i. 'Y-1 'gifs A-,gl we 6 me r H, i 5 LQ T-ii-ms :gp Aja-XL, .wx sw J piggy. J- f. W 'iegie 'X We 2 if ,T iq v, 261,33 fa ing Q ,wi Q- Vi' swf A ,Jag he X jill, We 53,1 axe-5, N r4,?,y,2ifr ,vw -.asv N-X 'Sf N s mmm 1 ,.3 r5f'ff 1 fi hi- , gig sf ji P, A 'wr I K gf if 4 f Q gy 1 .,, s ' A -' '- x f - , S L Q wr T ' -H Qi, 5 T If mf , -ei - 4' VAVL . ,, - f, . gsgsmgsiaa Q1fg3,.,M,Q . - of 5 j ' 5- J-1 - fe- - 1' ' il. ffvfii ffflfe fe. l if lL?'3l'F 'Sk .' T , El, V. . Q. ,M in . fy. V ,r-Q. .syn rr. W , ., Qi,-sr .es mjssi - sf -f , s fff' , 'sf ' A 4 an '4.1 ':-,L '35-lk -L .1Vf!,,:L',-s.1,.11 .s-sf v.. P ff, . in K ,faire ' -:awp ffl? Q, 1 . T W 1 - K , ffwfwiilfi . 'ee . A Hr ew fri- ' -is L, -ee-s1e- ,J flw-we '3J 5f-dx. Sf. :fir f fi4'Sna'1. :I 'f - . ' -, 'lt -'ga nr- -,aka 1 A - . 'A ' 1-1+ T -S , . Ffa Sireiching fo receive a 'rhrow from second baseman Harmon Hollar. Mark McKinney pufs oui' a Tascosa run- ner in a game played on 'lhe Sandie diamond. Pitching Ace For Sandie Team Before a game Roberl' Love praciices bunling as Bill Wiegand, cafches. Love is an assei io ihe Sandie ieam as an ouffielder and as a baiier, Wiegand is in his second year as a siarler al' cafcher. if was Q... .,-.- sw -rn 'ii' 29. ' ' Q A CLASSES zz- K Af I All Sandies are uniied wiih 'Ihe idea Ihal' an unwavering spiri'r will overcome all obslacles. We believe 'fhai a brave mind is impregnable. and if is Ihis noiion 'rhai makes Sandies 'rhe very besi in all +ha+ 'rhey pursue. Sandies work +o- gelher 'ro make Amarillo High school a beH'er place for everyone: resoluiely minded in a iusl cause. The sophomores have only a Iasie of Sandie Spirit Ihe juniors have acquired much knowledge of I'he meaning of Sandieland: 'I'he seniors have aI' las'r 'Iaken one siep 'Ioward reaching a high goal. Bul' all classmen have someihing in common: we know where our du'ry lies: we love Sandieland and The Iradifions for which she siandsz we 'rake pride in every+hing AHS means: we are Sandies! And, as Sandies we all endeavor- TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT WITH- OUT QUESTION OR PAUSE. TO BE- WILLING- TO MARCH INTO HELL FOR A HEAVENLY CAUSE! Officers Chosen In Electronic Election U Eleciion of class officers and 'lhe Queen ol AHS were held on October I2 in fhe AHS library. Sludenfs wishing fo vole had lhe op poriunily from 7:30 in ihe morning un'ril fhe close of 'rhe school day al 4 p.m. Senior officers elecled were: Dair Hileman, presidenl' Phil Malfhews. vice-presidenfg Terri Slewarl. secreiaryg Candy Slouf and Fred Veazey. councilmen. 232 Askew, Ricky Aikins, Terry Aior, Connie Aufdemorie, Tom Baggeii, Mike Bago+, Libby Bago'l', Roberl' Baird, Linda Baird, Tommy Baland, Alice Balcomb, Skipper Balderslon, Sandra Abraham, Charles Airharf, Terry Alexander, Bill Alexander, Bob Alexander, Rulhie Allen, Mike Allen, Sidney Allison, Larry Anderson, Gary Anderson, Joe Anderson, Mary Arnold, Jancel ,f K ' i , J' X is . , -g f. , A 3 . uf I. , in X, L H A .Q A Hawaiian School Intrigues AHS Students Eighi' AHS sfudenfs aiiended lhe SWOPE Summer School in Hawaii. The siudenfs spenf six weeks in Lihue on fhe island of Kauai faking courses such as chemisiry, biology. American Hisfory. world hisiory, fyping, arf, phofography, and algebra 2l and 41. Ball, Glen Ballengee, Jim Bancly, Befsy Bangsuncl, Glen J 234 Barnes, Ronnie Barilow, Paul Bashford, Elizabeih Beck, David Beck, lvy Bell, Alex Bernson, Tom Bevill, Wendell Billingion, Roberl' Billslrom, Gary Blackislon, Debbie Blackman, Darlene Blackwell, Ricky Blank, Lynn Blankenship, Gary Blinderman, Susan Bol+, Leroy Boslick, Al Bourseau, Tina Bowen, Barbara Bradley, Rulh Brandennurg, Pai Brandi, Pai' Brian, Bill BriHon, Sandi Brolcenbelc, Jan Brooks, Amelia Brown, Carol Brown, Judy Brown, Marilyn Brown, Rich Brown, Sfan Brown, Sieve Brown, Tommy Broyle, Cheryl Bruzga, Pai' Bryan, Rhealene Buflcin, Kye Bullard, Nancy Bunch, Kenny BurcliH', Chris Burgess, Doroihy Burge'H', Linda Burk, Jan Bussard, Bill Calahan, Bob Calhoun, Sharon Callaway, Barbara Brigacloon Musical Tremendous Success The casl' of Brigacloon exhiblled ialeni. enlhusiasm, and willingness lo worlc. Each casl member worked lhrough crilicism and praise from lhe dire-clors of lhe musical. Campbell, Linda Carroll, Treva Carler, Bill Caskey, Vicki Chandler, Carolynn Chapman, Bob Chappell, Durencla 237 Childers, Sfeve Clark, Charloffe Clawiffer, Debbie Cleman, Ronny Cobb, Wenclle Coffee, Kafhleen Coffee, Pafricia Coffin, Mark Collier, Joe Collier, June Cook, Kafhi Copper, Debbie Corbell, Rory Coffle, Linda Cowens, Dwighf Coyne, Gayle Crawford, Rod Crockeff, Diane Cross, Jerri Crow, Brenda Cunningham, John Curless, Sfeven Dabney, Bill Daniels, Cheryl Queen's Coronation Highlight For Seniors Darnes, Kathy Dawson, Terry De Otte, Barbara Dew. Shelia Forty-five senior girls attired in formals and evening gowns await their turn to be iuclqed on poise, color and style of clress for the annual Queen's Coronation. Twelve of the girls were chosen to act as Queen attendants. l o I N so Ks Vigilonfees Promote Pep Rally Spirit Dismulce, Carol Dolan, Larry Dufelr, Donna Durham, Janer Durham, Ronnie Dyess. Jim Edwards, Ricky Edwards, Sherri - A . 5 T alrr T Vigilanfes Richard Kelly, Bill Verfreese and John Maier aid in 'rhe preparafion of The siege and audiiorium for anofher greaf San- die pep raliy. The Key Club selecfs 9 senior boys from ifs members lo serve as Vigilanfes. Their grealesl' obligalion is sounding lhe air horn al' all pep rallies and loolball games. The club selecied Cherry Hyso as fheir' queen. 240 Ecidlemon, Ana Elkins, Lynn EllioH, Ross Ellis, Joria Enell. Karen Faubion, Barbara Faubion, James Ferrill, Reber! Fischer, Suse'He Fihpairick, Debra Flesher, Dick Flynn, Terry Forresior, Don Fosfer, Busfer Francies, Bonnie Francies, Connie Fraser, Tom Fricldell, Don Frifchie, Lois Fuqua, Rusfy Gash Jerry Gay, Ginny Geoffrey, Eddie Gerber, Charol 'Yi ,I 24l Gibson, Karen Gilliam, Diana Glovier, Deanna Goolsby, Tommy Gomas, Shelby Graham, Dick Graham, Judy Graham, Larry Seniors Attend Leadership Conference Dr. Harry Vanderpool, pasior of Polk Sireei' Meihodisi Church was fhe keynoie speaker of 'rhe Amarillo High School's firsi annual leadership conference. The conference was held on Auqusl 30i'h ai' Ceia Canyon Meihodisf Campground. AHS leaders were qaih- ered fogeiher fo discuss and look for solufions lo lhe major problems confronling fhe siudenis. 242 Graves, Alice Gray, Bill Gray, Louise Grays, Bessie Gregg, Gilberl' Grey, Richard Griffi'll1, Lincla Grimes, William .ga-v Grueler, Deronda Gruver, Davis Gunier, Russell Gulhrie, Wilma Jean Gwyn, Pam Hagemeier, Alan Halforcl, Larry Hall, Sandra Hambriclc, Phil Hanlcins, Terry Hanna, Janef Harp, Joel Harrell, Jim Harris, Cynfhia Hassell, Lee Hayes, Suzan Hayden, Pat Hays, Lynn Hays, Darla Head, Byron Sanclstorm Captures First Place Rating Senior Vicki Caslcey finds senior, Johnny Sanderson's sports story very amusing as he completes his column for the Sandstorm. As co-editor. Vicki aids other members of the staff seeing that they meet their deadlines for the tri-weelcly newspaper. 244 6 Hefner, Clnrisiine Hellon, David Henderson, Jerlene Henderson, Pai Herberf, Amy Hicks, Bobbi Higgins, Ken Hileman, Dair Hill, David Hollar, Harmon Horn, Sieve Howard, Ken Hudson, Rushe Hu'Hialcer, Donna Huffalcer, Gary Hunl', Billy Hyso, Cherry Ingram, Terry Jaclcson, Eddie Jackson, Marlha Jacobson, Berl Janssen, Cheri Jenkins, Alan Johnson, Alberf Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Mary Johnson, Sharon Snowflake Bull Presents AHS Favorites .s-,,.,,,5.:. ,, ,, , - +V Publicallon sfaff members Sharon Johnson and Amy Herbert, seniors. help lo- decorafe lhe caleleria for lhe' annual Snowflake Ball. The fheme of Sandieland Goes Hollywood Snowflake Ball was carried our wifh lhe aid of fheafre poslers and individual Oscars. The Underfalcers provided fhe music for fhe dance. 46 Johnsion, Debbie Jones, Claudia Jones. James Jones, Kenny Jones, Randy Jones, Tim Jordan, Glenna Jordan, Phil Judd, Diana Juluis. Binnie Kale, Mike Kardos, Nancy Keiih, Jack Keifh, John Kelley. Richard Kilcrease, Mary Nell Kile, Sfanley King. Kaihi Kinney, Mike Kirkland, Davey Knighf, Shirley Krill, John ' Kullow, Judi Krifser, John 247 Seniors Aid 13-7 Victory 0ver Rebs Kulow, Dana Landon, Rue Lane, Cliff Laur, Eddy Lawson, Jess Lawson. Tess Le Clair, Krisiie Lemons, Bruce Cheerleaders. sfeppers and even phoiographers help 'ro promoie The spirii' and enlhusiasm needed for 'ihe Sandie fooiball feam fo mam fain in lhe high characfer. deferminaiion and sporfsmanship. True Sandie Spiri+ is exhiloiled by each AHS siudeni' and loyal fans aflending any of 'rhe exfracurricular aciivifies. 248 l Lyfle, Sherryl Major, John Mangold, JakeH'a Manuel, Barbara Marceron, Sharon Margrave, Gwen MarlaH', Debbie Marquardf, Karen Mar+in, Doris Mariin, Frank Mariin, Robby Mafhews, Phil Lewis, Larry Ligon, Tracy Lincycomb, Jesse LiH'Ie, Joe Lloyd, Dick Lomax, Richard Long, Dona Long, Mike Love, Roberi' Lowin, Margie Lyles, Cynihia Lyfle, Carol l l is gill Al Mallwis, Charlie Maund, Carlfon Mauney, Gayle May, Connie May, Lynn Mayfield, Ru'l'l'1 McCauley, Sue McClendon, Peggy McCormick, Ida McCurry, John McDougal, Jimmy McGaughy, Susalee McKinney, Veda McMillian, Carolyn McSpadden, Evaline Meeks, Evelyn Mellon, Jimmy Merchanf, Leonard Miller, Glenda Mifchell, Qhryslyn Mifchell, Debra Moffiir, Sandra Monfgomery, Linda Monfgomery, Mary Mlke Sandie Spirit Remains Throughout AHS Journalism sfudenfs' spiril' rose lo an all lime high during fhe week of Ocfober 7. when sfudenls presenfed slogans on 'the black board lo boosl' 'the Sandie vlciory. Befsy Bandy, senior. demon siraied her abilify fo presenl' 'lhe sfudenfs' ideas. Moore, Debbie Moore, Don Moore, Doroihy Moore, Frank 1. .J Moore, Kevin Moore. Wayne Morin, Eddie Morris. Dawna 'x 25I Morris, Larry Morrow, Mike Morrison, Earlene Moss, Bill Scmclies, Rebels Present Band Queen Veda Mckinney, Band Queen of Amarillo High School is presenled ro her public al lhe half lime acfivifies of 'fhe Amarillo High. Tascosa foofball game. She was eleclecl lasl spring by lhe members of 'fhe band. She has also been aclive as a lwirler and now holds lhe posilion of head fwirler. 252 Mouser, Roberl Murphy, Arihur Myers, Suzi Neel, Barbara Neely, Pam Newlon, Karen Nix, Jucly Nor'l'on, Joyce Nunn, Sharon Nussbaum, Carol Nussbaum, Jim O'Brian+, Jannis af Ogden, Jonny O'Keefe, Karen Oldfaiher, Jenny Oversireei, Morris Owen, Jimmy Owen, Michael Oxley, Donna Parilow, Susie Paul, John Paullc, Ken Parker, Carol Parks, R. D. Coronation Boll Honors Queen Lindo Pearson, Omer Penny. Connie Penny, La Faun Pe'Hy, Roberl Phennicie, Clay PiclceH', Milch Pi+cher, Refa Pilfman, Billy An example of glowing beauly is displayed by Queen Linda Monfgomery. The annual Coronalion Ball honors ihe Queen of AHS Mr Earl Mills Selecls Linda as his pariner for a dance. The Infruders provided lhe music for fhe dance. The queen is chosen by lhe sludenf body during fhe all school eleclion during Oclober. 254 Power, Terry Price, Milce Pugh, Vicki Reed, Leela Reed, Hermonefla Reiner+, llene Reynolds, Billy Rice, Delise Richardson, LoreH'a Riclzsirew, Roy Rifchey, Geary Robbins, Doug Q'?',a Rodgers, Linda Rogers, David Ross, Pafrysha Rowan, Marsha Rush, Avery Rush, Melinda Russell, Wanda Sanderson, John Sa'Hers+rom, Cindy Sawyers, Johnny Sco'H, Nancy Sco'H', Roberi' Scruggs, Connie Sea+on, Sieve Sena, Danny Sessier, Greg Shanklin, Rose Sharp. David Shaw. Hoci- Shelion, Connie Sheppard. Bruce Sherwood. Ronnie Shoemaker, Ricky Shoup, Brenda Showers, Jack Shrewsbury, Wade Simpson, Jorgann Sipe, Lynn Ann Slaughfer, Dave Smi'I'h, David Smifhf Debbie Smiih, Linda Smifh, Tony Smifh, Tracy Spangler, Mike Spann, Connie S+anfield, Na+han Sfark, Greg Sfafser, John Sieele, Craig ChiIdren's Home Accepts Ccmnlecl Food Mr. and Mrs. Carfer and 3 represenfafives of The Children's Home were presenfed over 7.000 cans of food plus a check from fha sfudenfs of AHS. The food was presenfed December 21 during annual Chrisfmas assembly. 257 Slephenson, Larry Sfeverson, Dorris Slewari, Mary Ann Slewarl. Linda Bus Trips Prove Enjoyable To Seniors Seniors display fheir' spiril by decorafing Hue foolball boys' bus before Jrhey leave for 'fha Harvesfer-Sandie fooiball game. Much spiril' was aroused 'rhis season by lhe confinuous viciories. Debbie Marlalf, Libby Bagof, and Evalyn McSpacllin. seniors. help Janei- Eichorn hang posiers. 258 r fl 7 T Taylor Dennis Taylor Dlclc Taylor, Roland Tesf. Peggy Thompson, Gay Thomas, Jody Thompson, Doug Thompson, Lylce Thompson, Pal' Thurman, Joy Thiel, Cindy Tillmon, Loraine PM Slewarl, Terrie Sfoffle, Jan S'l'one, Janie Sfonelcing, Kafhy S+ou'l, Candy Slriclcland, Anila Siriclcland, Karen Siurlcie, Marla Sudbury, Sammy Sullivan, Debbie Summers, Telca Tar'l'er, Bill ,rx lkvxl or si e r L 9' f Velebil, Jerry Verfreese, Bill Vineyard, Susan Vinyard, Nancy Vifaioe, Lyneife Vifali, Michele Wade, Sam Waghorn, Glenn Walker, Dale Waller, Richard Walfers, Mary Wailcup, Phil Tillmon. Mary Todd, Penny Tomlinson, Leon Trammell, David Trauiman, Sue Trigg, Krisien Troolr, Gary Tucker, Sherri Turner, Helen Underwood, Leslie Veazey, Fred Veazey, Ronny Ware, Arthur f Ware, Christine Ware, Kathlene 7 Warneclce, Joe Students Participate In Club Activities AAY members listen to sponsor. lvlrs. Mary Conerly announce the officers at the 'first annual meeting and reviews and explains the purpose of the club. AY sponsored the Back to School Dance. Twirp Week and Dance and conducted a Garage Sale. 26l T gl Warren, Janna Warren, Nan Wa'l'ers, Toni Weaver, Berry Weeks, Ronny Wells. Alien Wesfcoaf. Dee Wesfray, Paula Sfeppers Provlde Pregame Achvlhes Amarnllo High School Sandie Sfeppers exhubnf dance rouhnes and fundamenlals during foo+ball and baskefball achvnhes There are 45 gurls chosen in early December based upon iheur abnlnfy +0 dance The gurls musl' mannfam a B average aHend school regu Iarly and have reasonably shorf haur Sfepper Capfam ns Tuna Bourseau and lhey are sponsored by Mrs Belly Jones -sw' A Vg ar 3 f Wilson. Jeanene Wilson, John Wilson, Kay Wilson. Vicki Wilierding, David Wi'Hen, Susan Wooddell, Laura WyaH', Creed Wright Tommy Woods. Mariha Young. Beverly Zermeno, Thomas Wheeler, Sherri Whiiaclcre, Jonny Whilacre, Carlyn Whifienburg, Tom Wieigancl, Bill Wilcler. Larry Wiley, Robb Williams, Debby Williams, Jim Willie, Charla Wilson, Debby Wilson, Danny f 'ru f li.f W 1 N JuNloRs 4 The junior class is The ToundaTion oT Sandieland in The real sense. These sTu- denTs are righT in The middle oT Their years aT AHS. They have Tond mem- ories oT Their sophomore year. where They became acquainTed wiTh Sandie- land. They are Tamiliar wiTh iTs TradiTions. cusToms. and spiriT. They look ahead To The Time when They will be seniors. The leaders oT The school. AT This Time. The juniors are The mosT permanenT members oT Amarillo High. They are The sTudenTs To which Sandieland means The mosT. IT is Truly Their whole liTe in The presenT. Sophomores look back To junior high. and The seniors look ahead To college or career. buT The juniors Tocus Their aTTenTion on AHS. For This reason. This class makes lasTing conTribuTions To The school. They seT examples oT spiriT and sp'orTsmanship Tor The oTher Two classes To follow. They Throw Themselves inTo school liTe wiTh a zesT ThaT makes The whole school a beTTer place. The juniors Tollow This quesT: To Tollow ThaT sTar. no maTTer how hopeless. no maTTer how Tar. They never guiT sTriving To make Amarillo High a beTTer place Tor The Sandies who will Tollow in Their ToosTeps Through The halls of AHS. This class keeps Trying. even when iTs arms are Too weary. To reach The unreachable sTarl Amarillo High is such a Tine place because oT people like our juniors. Truly. This class lives by The creed: TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT WITHOUT QUESTION OR PAUSE. TO BE WILLING TO MARCH INTO HELL FOR A HEAVENLY CAUSE! :- tsl :Ln has Fall elecfions found fha following people fo fill fha iunior class officers posifionsz Monning: fnof picfurecll secrefary. Marfha Kennedy: councilmen af large, Gwen by fellow sfudenfs wifh fhe aid of vofing machines. 266 ll tn l , I s - ll ll ll xl ti I D president Don Monfgomery: vice-president Prefer Worley and Judy Tolk. These officers were chosen Class Officers Promise Leadership Berrier, Sanlce Berion. Anne Besl. David Besl, Perry BeH'is, Lynda Bird. Regina Bishop. Mike Blackburn. Mike Blackwell, Joyce Blyih. Carol I r MS 4 gl , aaL' ' ii ii i 9 : Q I, iff B y s Adams. Sue Aldredge. Opal Allen, Neil Allen, Pamela Anderson. Andy Armsirong, Don Aikins. Judy Auslam, Janna Bagelf. Pai Bailey, Burch Bailie. Richard Balderslon, Larry Ballew. David Bandy. Calhy Barny, Billy Barlon. Barbara Basiewicz. Kalhy Bayle. Mike Beck. Donald Bell, Rex 5 F ry E r A I il A its- , B Vg QQ Q? G' , , if .. Q 1, f 5 Boolhe, David Borger, Carolyn Bosfice, Mary Bourland, Larry Braden. Becky Bramblei, Donald Brown. Barbara Brunion, Roy Bruse, Richard Bruza, Jeaneiie AHS Cafeteria Provides Nourishment Buck, Vance Bullard, Clinion Burke. Cheryl Burn. Sylvia Bush, Suzanne Buicher, Joni Buffrick, Rex Buffs. Pai' Caballero, Joan Caldwell, Ronnie Calloway. Mary Camp, Sandy Campbell. Don Campbell, Gannon Campbell. Kaihy Carlen. Glenna Carier, Bruce Carier. Debbie Chandler, John Chesshire. Cheri Cla rk. Cynlhia Clarke. Cynihia Clary Judy Clubb. Mary Cobb, Jim Collier, Candy Conrad, Rose Coolce. Valerie Coifle. Donna Cowens, Dwigh+ Cox, Jody Cox, Melissa Craghead, Jan Crain, Kalhleen Crain, Sleve an 1: . . Sfudenis wail' in the lunch line for a hol lunch served by, wha+ Sandies feel. is 'rhe basl' cafeleria in fown. AHS is noied for ifs good food: as well as iis good service. The cafeleria personnel are +o be commended on 'rheir hard worlc fo supply sfudenfs wifh well balanced meals. AHS also has a snack bar which supplies a greafer variefy of food from which fo choose. 269 Students Display Talents In Brigacloon ,Ke f t T k, Crawley, David Crutchfield, Cathy Cunningham, Susan Dalrymple, Mike Dammier, Wayne Davis, Darla Davis, Diana Davis, Diana Davis, Jerre Davis, Joyce Davis, Peggy Denton, Gloria Denton, Kyle Dewey, Dee Ann Dillard, Anita Duke, Ralph Dunlap, Rodney Dunn, Pam Eaifle, Linda Edininister, Issac Edwards, Eve Eclwarcls, Phil Eichorn, Janet Emerson, Joe Essary, Ben Estrocla, Lincla Ewing, Jenny Ewing, Scott Ewton, Jan Faith, Ricky , isgsr' 'I .lj , 42 f - .2 A! ,Q x , Q Vkkh JTK Evl A L VI V- , ll X . .Q y Q 2 in .N A, i is 'I z Q is - 1 Bm -A ' A Fanning, Jane Fenlaw, Pam Ferguson. Bill Fincher. Larry Fisher. Dale Flipper. Helen Ford. Ricky Freeman, La Dem Gable. Marcia Gallagher. Molly Gallarneau. Linda Garcia, Pele Gardner, Don Gardner, Danny Garner, Lisa Amarillo High School's clubs and organizaiions sponsor many of fha oufside aciivifies aliended by our sfudenfs. Someihing new lhof caughf 'the affenlion of many sfudenls was The Coronaiion Ball. The dance was well aiiended, and broughf more of an awareness foward Queen eleciions and 'the imporfance of lhem. 3 AJ ai? K S Tl x RU my Garrison, Dwighi Gaiens. Jim Gaul, Cindy Gibbs. Susan Gibson, Jim Gibson, Kaihy Gibson, Pam Gierscln. Guy Gilbreih, Marfha Goodwin, Gwen Goolsby, David Gorch, Larry Gore, Jim Gouldy, David Graham. Bobby Granf. Alice Grani, Janel' Greene, Janice Greer, Wayne Grimes, Roy Gruver, Tim Guileke. Edward Guinn. John Gunier. Barbara Hagwood. Sue Hall, Frank Halsey, Penny I-lambric, Ginny Hamilion, Paiiy Hamner. Callie Hamriclc, Mike Hannah. Connie Harmon, Dolus Harrell. Byron Harrison, Rex 272 l Classroom Atmosphere Aids Learning Hawks. Janis Heddin. Naline l-ledger, Beverly Helion, Bob Hellon. Diana Hendricks. Ronda Hernandez, Arlhur Herringion, Gary Herringion. Hilda Hill, Tommy Classroom atmosphere provides siudenfs wifh learning opporfunilies. Siudenfs are required 'io lake a minimum of four solids and may fill rheir other two periods wifh electives. The 'teachers af AHS are very experienced in 'their work and 'lry lheir hardesi' fo pre- pare sfudenis for college years. 273 l-logue. Jenny Holland, Calhy Holland. Kennelh Holland, Lonnie Hollar, l-larlon Holmanp Debbie Houching. Danny Howard, Scoil' Hughes. Brenda Hulsey. Greg I-lyman. George Jackson, John Jackson, Mille James, Darlene Jefferson, Edward AHS offers many sludenls an opporrunily 'lo 'rake courses iher are noi' required worlc. This gives fhe siudenls a chance 'lo 'lake slud- ies +ha'r will beHer prepare 'lhem for college or ihe profession ihey wish. A class such as drama will enable a sfudem' io express himself. as well as learning how 'lo display anoiher characier. Drama also gives experience in 'lhe arf of acfing preparing The slu- denf for whaf mighf become a career. 274 Drama Shows Achng Experience, Skills Jenkins, John Jennings, Elwyn Johnson. Donna Johnson. Johnny Johnson, Randy Johnson. Wayne Johnslon. George Jones. Mark Jones. Nola Jones. Paul Jordon. Janie Judy. Avery Keilman. Carla Kellen, Anile Kerr, Sheila Kennedy, Marlha Key, Woody Kincaid.Jane1' Koing, Leo Kroh, Belclci Kunkel, Belva Laing, David Laird. Debbie Lalvlasfer. Richard Lamb, Cynlhia Lane, Charles Lanier. Emily Lafham, Sally Lawlis. Vicky Lawrence. Becky S gi E Lowery. Pa+ricia Lowry, Meg Maddox Karen Malone. Cindy Malone. Kafhy Manuel, Kennefh Marcia, Peace Marcum. Paula Marfin. Marvin Marfinez. Araceli Marrinez, Cecil Marfinez. Roberi' Massey, Trueh' McBride, Sherrie McCaleb, Kay McCarley. Danny McCauiley. Caihy McClendon. Peggy McDonald, Kae McGlasson. Maria Mclnlrire, Benny McKeever, Davie McKinney, Mark McNabby. Cheri McQuiliin. Pa+ Lawrence. Gary Lawson, Judye Layman, Pam Leaihers, Leroy LeCIair. Louis Lee, Ellioiri Lemke. Vicki Lemons. Debbie Liedfke. Caihy Li1rHe, Mark J if-Q Many elecfives offered af Amarillo High School seem fo cafch fhe affenlion of fhe boys. These are especially inferesfing To lhose In feresled in fhe Trades. Meials is offered fo boys sfarfing al The zero period lasfing unlil homeroom. Mefals class enables fhe sfu deni' fo do furlher sludy in The work he will be doing in lafer years. The course gives ample credif and proves 'lo be well worlh The time speni in class. if ' i K, l '5 . X ' NY .,., . W, . f - .. . Q, '35 f It 3 , l l Meacham. Terry Medder. Sharon Medor, Brenda Meeks, LeLia ivlerchani. Penny ivlicldleion. Debbie Miller, Kay Miller, Sian Millhouse. Gisle Mi+hchell, Gregg Milchell. Lincla MofliH'. Sarah lvloland. Wayman Monning, Praler Monles, Linda Juniors Promote Sandie School Spirit Q I ASH E 7 - ' .,,, ,. . 9' la? Monlgomery, Don Monigomery, Pal' Mooney, Shelah Moore. Holly Moore, Mary Moore, Teresa Morgan. Mary Ann Morris, Henry Morris, Jay Murphy, Peggy Myers. Gwen Myers, Monnie Naylor. Mike Needham. Daniel Neely. Susan c Sporis al AHS play a big part in everyday life. A hard working leam. wiih a winning spiril' lead many supporiers To Dick Bivlns Sladium. Sfudenfs from all classes made greaf efforis +0 aHend fhe games and cheer our leam on lo anofher viciory. Many vic iories lead fo smiling faces and happy fears. Some of our suppor-ling iu niors made sure lhey had ihe besf seals. occupying fhe froni row. 278 if .SRX is e lg fi Q 5 QPEXQYX' 'X A A K ,hx 5 M If l . V1 if 5 X E 's a , gd af' -em Y an N K egg? Qi, f f 9 1 LE Y i 33 Y 3 L. mi 5 cccc EJ Q ,i J 1 ,, f c an Neff, Vivian Neil, Kimble Nelson. Mike Nepper, Gaylon Noble, Nancy Norrell, Billy Norfhern, Rex Nuclcollas, Jane Nugent Linda Nunley. Marion Calcsfreel. Wesley Odell. Lois Oehlerf, Janis Ons+ead,Janill'1 OH, Leesa Overslreel. Anna Pace, Jolwn Palmer, Milne Pannie, Marllia Parlcenson. John Parker, Chris Paul, Kennefh Peace, Janise Peary, Mike Perry. PaHy Peffyiolm, Judy Pfanmiller, Jim Phillips. Judy Pierce. Bill Poe. Donald Pope. Linda Porler. Kallny Powers, Syd Pralher, Dewey Pra1 l, Joe Brigadoon, a Broadway hil, was produced by ihe sludenls of Amarillo High School during 'rhe monlh of December. Choir Drama and orchesfra sludenfs worked many long hours making The producrion a success. All sfudenis faking parf. had 'io audihon The people seen on siege were noi 'lhe only ones helping 'io make Brigadoon a success: many people worked on poslers, sfage scenery and much adverlising. AHS sfudenls make anoiher musical hill 280 Prail, Max Presiwood, Billy Priesl, Mary Raburn, Nancy Ragland. Mona Railsback, Ron Ralson, Barbara Ramsay. Calhy Rawls. Dennis Ray. Mike Ray, Vicki Reid, Danny Reynolds. Gerald Rhinehari, Mike Rhineharf, Sharon r EK ai r 5 55' 5, 1 11 I I O A L Riggle, Kalherine Roach, Torn Roberson, Connie Roberls, Donna Roberrs, Rowlslend Roberlson. Don Roe. Tom Rogers, Phil Rogers. Suzie Ross, Teresa Junior Students Perform In Brigacloon Ruffin. Gloria Runcine. Dan Sanford. Joe Sarror. Clifion Saunders, Randy Saunders, Tom Savage,Ar1' Scales, Hurles Scalia, Francis Schlegel. Dennis Schwab. Jerry ScoH'. Connie Sco'H. John Sefrle. Drew Shaclcelford. Lynn Shanlcle, Jim Shanlclin, Roberl' Shanks. Mike Shannon, Arlene Sharp. Gary - 5 .g 5 5 2 i ii ' - Q., ,. ' - 5 E W M . Q: 2, , lg X.., , .... . I 'br'-'Y 'Y x N 1 5 gia- Smiih. Jimmy Smiih, Mary Smirh, Sandra Smiih, Valeree Smooi. Bill Snyder. Jimmy Sougsfad. David Spahr, Richard Spargur, Ron Spiller, Belly Sprassins. Troy Siaph. Don Sfakf. Sheila Sfanford, Janice 1 F , er., -3 f sl' X -, 1 '21 Shaw, Susie Shelron, Celesi Shelion, Joyce Simpson, Mary Sims, George Singlefon. Janise Skaggs, James Slocum, Vicki Small, Eddie Smiih, Freddy , mv 1 u s Sferling. Jean fe J Kit yyc, hi H ll? . gi. v, -'-' S'rerreH, Toni Sievenson, Dennis Siewarr, Kay Sfoifle, Sue Siokes. Kaihy Sform. Chris Siephenson. Jerry Sweah, Milce Swiizer. Marilin Thomon. Debora Thigpen. Judie Thigpen. Sharon Thomas. Dee Ann Thomas. Susan Thompson. Diane Thompson. Linda Tillisch. Sieve Tolk. Judy Tomberlin. Rob Tomlinson. Billy Traham. Charles Turner. Chrisrine Turner. Terry Tyerrell. Diana Vaclav. Jerry elif dh Juniors Give Aid To Spirited Steppers The Amarillo High School Golden Sandie Sreppers provide much enioymenf for specfafors af ihe home games. The drill feam composed of approximafely forfy girls. iuniors and seniors. are sponsored by Mrs. Befly Jones. Siepper selecfions. made early an fhe year. are based on dancing abiliiy. Newly elecfed Sreppers are required 'fo aifend a summer camp. where fhey will learn new rouhnes for fhe coming year. Junior sfudenfs waif ihe demanding word of fhe teacher as ihey prepare for a produciion fest Typing classes prepare siudenfs for lhe business world of Today. Allhough if is noi a required course many sludenfs lake advanfage of flue opporfuniiy, realizing if 'will be an assef fo 'rhem in college years. Typing is offered 'ro sophomores, iuniors. and seniors: wilh a personalized course offered lo seniors only who have noi had previous Typing experience. Vandagriff, Jack Vanderford. Cynlhia i VanVliel', Mark Vessel, Lyneile Villandry, Kenny Wallace, Richard Wallis, Diana Ward, D'Ann Ward. Pam Warren. Slanley Warren, Willis Warers. John Walers. Phylis Wailey. Kay Walson, Mike Weaver. Rena Webb, Pam Weir, Waller 284 Weldon. John Wells, Preslin Wells. Roy Wesl. Reba Whinery, John Whiraker, Carol Whifaken. Carolyn Whilaker. Lewis While, Lindy Whillenburg. Joe D. 5? ga' l a vhil L B y 1 Wiggans. Deborah Williams. Bob Williams. Sharon Wilson. Charles Wilson. DeAnn Electives Broaden Choice Of Subiects Womack, Leonaro Woodburn, Shelly Worley, Gwen Wossum. Randy Wright Becky Wrighl, Linda Wyckoff, Raymond Yales. Marilyn Zimmer. Sieve Zinl. Gary Wilson. John Wilson, Lloyd Wilson. Mike Wiswell. Bruce Wolden, James sip is 285 4,.n.. B.. A, .Mia 'xg 'Rs ggi ufx K- A - , ax., mv. iii - - ..q W 'X is K I 3 ' 'qw Ev 1 I 1 . , . '52 6 'A M W 5 Eg is a , W 'f 5' 6 lg? r X yi L3 Y' ffl ' 1 V ,.. '--ff ' ,5-1 v J E ii. 'wig ijk W as if v J M233 6 hgh 'A' w 286 ff 'Sm 1, ey MJ A Y Our sophomores are The newesl' members of Amarillo High. They have a lo'r Io learn aboul' Sandie Spiril' and AHS 'tradi- +ions. bul' 'Ihe sophomores are Sandies from Ihe momeni Jrhey enier I'his building on regisiralion clay. These new siudenis feel +he difference in Sandieland. and begin 'ro make The conversion from iunior high sludenis To Sandies immediaielyl As The sophomores grow Io know and cherish AHS as 'rhe upperclassmen do, 'Their spirii grows and Amarillo High is en- riched. They show Iheir spirilr Ihrough parlicipaiion in school evenls. Sophomores go all oui for our spirii com'es'Is, and oiher coniesls sponsored by The school. As Ihey lose Iheir self- consciousness, sophomores ring ou'I' in Class Viciory during pep rallies. These sludenis worlc To dream 'Ihe impossible dream. Io figh+ The unbeairable foe. In acliusfing Io Sandieland. Ihey bear wirh unbearable sorrow and run where Ihe brave dare nol' go. The sophomores bring new blood info The heari of Amarillo High. They come wiih new ideas. new oulloolcs, new spirii. They inspire iuniors and seniors who may have gollen in a rui. 'Io lake full advaniage of This greal school. AND THE WORLD WILL BE BETTER FOR THIS: THAT ONE MAN SCORNED AND COVERED WITH SCARS, STILL STROVE WITH HIS LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE. TO REACH THE UNREACHABLE STARS! ww-. -vw. iq! Q .rf ' .L k V A V J- W Q.. ' , f if 3, n..,.M.M..wfw:-ui...,z- 'X ,, .,,.,. ...-Aqgwjf -,ffm fl 'X , ,,-N,nAw...,- -., A 1-1 1 ,Q ,A . A vmu.-,.d.4-fwsm.-...mewL-A ' Q f . 3' .-...,...r'1 - .. 9 1 . , x. y vkk i , 5, f' - N. 1 .xg I g,,..,.i-W -,Q ir.,,..,,,,,,w5x 5 1--P-uvukg W W e 12' ,L M , 5. ,NH-P ,-- ww gfz, . f -.,.m:-swf' .awwmw , T ., an 2' A 1. ,N - v' i1uQ,finf M A. - a.u.ww.A-A-.f N 'mg , , ,,,Q.,1.,f 5-..., L, -- Ns -.M..4.y-.......1,,..4.Wm., ws his -- 1 , -iz. , - 'Q PT-if J.,. A T ,, i , S M -2 41. wg , .-an was -'ik Y. 1, . K' Q- 4 X 1 J A . V Q 2 W . 1 1 9 a iff . ..,1,ig-- ,,.,.-id! . x .. g55,..,K .-. Q Qing .. AL ,ff '- 5 X , If X , W X f , , . - I, K N X I , as ,, I .. - R . ,Q . .T Q 3 fx . ' 1 5 , .. N . ,, eva, - W A ,Q ..,, E TY ,, .,. Hu if ,, Q- 56 M X gg N .x Q, ' . Q ' 1' Eff if - . i... , K , 1 .f Q! 2951149 A 'J ,.,, .,,A 1 . . -11: 9 Y. -r A -2: :ff + , ? 2 TK!! - . fi fl: . - . gf f' 4 5,35 X 'L-S .Mb :V Q- q.- 4 V A -' ,, W .Q N. 'fb e . , N 5- ,L K- H' - W f - .9 i M' X . 'Xl mv' -,1 i X 'K Adams..George Aderlon. Jerry Ageiclel, Margle Allen. Jenny Allen, Marla Allen. Virginia Amador, Tim Anderson, Jane Anderson, Raymond Anderson. Slewarl' Anderson, Tim Arlhur, Jerry Alkins. Glenda Aflcinson. Michelle Avens, Deland Boelca. Jerry Baird. Teri Baker. Carrnalila Baldwin. Eddie Ballard, Sandra Barlield. Deynne Barlow, Teresa Barnell. Gary Barnelr, Maria Barnluarl, Jan Barlon, Larry Bayne. Bryce Beale. Roberl Beck, Dickie Beck. Megon Bellingl1auser,Janel Bennell, Lynn Bennell. Ralph Bernson, Kenny Berrel, Julie Sophomores Enioy Scmdielancl Dances .Hn iicl y , J 4,12 ge, ,E ,E 4. 'QI'-5 Siam --xy-.,,, 5- in N--1,.fu.3,, ff: 1, M , 5 , S iv 3 1:53 f A 5 f lei x A I IQ t o Q F' I' -7 a a ' Blackwell, Sandra Blackwell, Thomas Blaylock, David Boles, Donna Boman, EveHe Boney, Jack Bowsfow. Seresa Boyd, Charlie Boyd, Karon Boydslon. Bonifa Bradley, Ellen Brady, Camille Brady, Susan Branr. Sreve Breedlove, Linda Brislow, Mark Brooks, Debbie Brooks, Linda Brown, Beverly Brown, Bobby Brown, Cliff Brown. Joan Brown. Joe Brown, Jim Brownlow. Ronnie Bullard. Bruce Burk, Gary Burk, Sreve Burlon, Jay Buslw, Slneila Berryman, Sieve Bills, Jean Bird. Gary Blackisron, Tony Callaway, Sheryl Campbell, Jan Carr, Sharon Carriker, Fred Carrol, Bill Carroll. James Carfer, Danny Caswell, Gregg Cawfhorn, Home I' Chambers, Ca rolyn Chapman, Janie Reshng befween dances are sophomores Capres Halclweff Jeannne Verlreese Johnny Davns and Jer: Jackson A large percenfage of fhe sophomore class aHended 'rhe Coronahon Ball whuch was fhe ffrsf formal dance of fha year af AHS ,Nff 1 Ast' . Cheely, Don Chrisiakis, Raelynn Chrysler, Don Cilorelli, Cheri Clary, Jimmy Clay, Coye Cliflon, Beverly Cobb, Sally Coffee. Danny Coleman, Kalhy Cook, Janis Cook, Sheila Cooper. Palricia Cooper, PaHy Cosgrove, Charles .. ,. N, 'ff' Turn fhis knob io focus lrhe microscope, exclaims Mr. Nelson io sophomore, Rhonda Mifchell. Sluclenls discover living planf cell and primilive animal organisms for 'rhe firsl lime in sophomore biology class. Siudenls also conducl' various experimenfs abou? com plex life processes. 292 Covinglon, Jill Cowden, Sieve Cowper, Gwen Cox, Judy Coyne, Mike Crane, Dianlha Crockeli Jimm I Y Crossland, Ronald Crow, Donna Curless. Pam . ,. , - , .. ,mu N. XX f , 1 41 H , if I 5 .E,.:'.x , ,,4 . A my , Biology Students Study Microscopic Cells get QI! W ,, i, .3 eh Q7 as i U 1 E 'h -i Q ,sg .i , ..,. ,. 1 .big .ffl gg, . :R L as - W I ,.Lr E K , Tig A 5,2 i R V s 1 ' Curlis, Janis Daniels, Mike Davis, Bulch Daughlery, Melba Davis, Johnny Davis, Kielh Davis, Susan Dawson. Mickey Denny, Richard Denlon, Bobbie Derrick, Jerry Deshazo. Richard Dockery, Judy Dodge. David Dohoney, Danny Dolan, Tisha Donnham. Mike Dowlen, Janie Dowlin, Tony Dreksler, Roberl' Girls Basketball Improves Coordination Duncan. Marcella Duncan, Margarel' Duncan, Pam Duncan. Sue Duncan. Tracy Dunniven, Phillip Easiman. Larry Edwards, Jimmy Eclwards. John Eillenberger, Jimmy QV. : , 5 ' 5 hy ni 1, 5 5 ' W 1 , ,Q . it Y tr H i X 'W fem J a ' ' .' .SEGA S ' ' l Trying lo fincl a receiver for 'the baske+b-all is sophomore. Nancy Halchelf. Classmales close in on Nancy in an aflempl' 'lo caplure fhe ball. Sophomore girls parlicipaie in many differenf sporls in gym class. 294 Elgin, Donnie Elkins, Debbie Elliolr, Slephanie Enchenimeyer, Sian Ensign. Davicl Esrerday, Paul Evans. Charlie Evans, Debbie Evereli, Nance Farr, Jolwnny Ficke, Margo Field, Bobbie Fincher, Debbie Flinn, Pai Flores. Roberf Foran, Joe Foran, Virginia Fosier. 'Donna Fosfer, Frank Francis. Karen Francis. Teresa Franks, Samanilwa Freeman. Mike Frost Jan Fuel. Waller Funclerburlc. Carolyn Furgerson, Brad Furgerson. Connie Gaecle. Kenneih Gaines, Julie Garcia, Rosa Lee Gardner, Gary Gardner. Toby Gaul, Gayle Gehrung, Kuri is-...,., Qfqpar 1 nf- ,af Ta 3 5- 3' 'fs 3 Gerald, Nancy Gibbs, Rancly Gibbs, Roberl Gigoux, Dennis Giles, Bobby Gilmore, Debbie Glenn, Gregg Glick, Pam Gobble, Doyle Goff, Dee Marching Band Welcomes Sophomores Goff, luaguila Goodin, Kalhy Goodle, Rolcy Gollihega, Jerry Graves. Alice Gray. Jackie Gray, Mike Gray, Pam Grear, Kennellw Green, Lavon Griffin, Palli Grilfilh, Lynda Gulhrey, Wayne Guzzella, Marcia l'laiclulc, Carla l-laile, Louise l-laizer, Lynn Halford, Connie Hall, Dan l'lall, Mike ff' l 296 I af rhms year s reqronal band confesf. Y 5 - rry an eu Sr OOUSY TB UPN 0 6 S Halron, Helen Ham, Sid Hamby, Cynfhia I-lamiHon, Renea Hampron, Joe Han, Joe Hand. Sian Handley. Sfeve Hernandez, Jannie Harp, Vicror Harrison, Beverly Harrison. PaHy Hart James Harvey, Barbara Hase, Angie 6 Holland, John Holsion, John l-loH', Bonnie Holycros, Chuck Horn. Ernesl Horn, Ronnie Horn, Sharon Horner, James Howell, Riohard Hughes. Wesly l-lulsey, David l-lunler, Ronnie Hurd. William l-lursi, Darrell l-luljron, Eddie Included nn 'rhe casf of fhe delighfful producfion of Brlgadoon fhus years musncal are many sophomore s'ruden'rs Sophomores p precuafe opporfunifies fo -exhibif 'rheir many ialenfs The audnences each mghi' were mos'r recephve and were good gauges by whlch +he casf could judge Hs performance. Hyso. Robin lcke, Warren Ingram. Chrisfy Jackson. Debra Jackson. Jeri Jackson. Pai' Jackson, Sfeve Jackson. Sieve James, Tommy Jasper, Debbie Jay. Dick Jeffrey, Joe Jenkins, Byron Jerden. Suzan Joe, Larry ., gi- A ' 51' . -'S .. x Johnson. Johnny Johnson, Ken Jonason. Bruce Jones, Billy Jones, Cindy Jones. Diana Jones, Gaye Jones, Glenna Jordan. Beih Jordan. Roberi' JueH, Melissa Kale. Teri Kaslcey. Caihy Kei+h.'Berrier Keiih. Jerry Trade Classes Give Practical Training Kelley. David Kellison. Linda Kernph. Tom Kennedy, Linda Kennedy. Pam Keizel. Sharon Keys, Roloeri' Kilion, LoreHa King, Dana King. Jonha Kinney, Ann Kirkland.. Jimm Kirize. Jody Kiie. Thurman Klingensmiih, Andrew J X, 6 A 1 ....,. , ,.. I n m 5. . . l ,,, i - in if ,as J Knorp. Raymond Knox, Becky Kukwell. Donna Kunlz. Lynn Lacy. Chrisly La Marca, Jim Lane. Mark Langford, Palricia Larkey. Duane Lalham. Debbie Laflwam. Larry Lauder, Mindy Leard, Ronnie Lewis. Donna Lewis. John Checking over one of lhe cars provided in auto mechanics class are Roy Sullon, Mark Brislow, and Jimmy Kirkland. Sophomore boys fha? do noi plan lo aflend college are encouraged 'ro enroll in one of The many 'lrade classes al' AHS. eWrestling Strengthens Youths' Muscles Lyons, Mike Mahattey, Ernest Maldonado, Eva Mangold, Alice Mann. Paula Mao, Roger Markham. Karen Markus. Jimmy Marshall, Gregg Marshall. Mary Ann Little, Brenda Lloyd, Jane Lockhart. Cathy Lokey, John Long. John Long. Kay Long, Lynda Lowen, Tina Luke. Stanton Luster, Linda Martan, Billy Martin, Larry Martin, Scott Mason, Judy Mathews, Mike Mathis, Carolyn Mayfield. Charles Maynard. Cathy Maytin, Leigh McBee. Nelda A -uv .535 Q . n , . ii , . Daily ivorlcoufs keep H. Leigh Ann H. Sleve xley. Tommie ln, Bill iloclc, Gary l l l Jrmick, Scol ouqle, Virginia en, Cindy e, David IVILIX S,JOS - McKinney. Sharon McMallen, Connie Meadors, Gina Meadows, Mary Mears. Eddie Y Sf 303 Mechanl, Sfeve Meeks, Gary Meeks, Larry Mellon. Raneolyn Menker, Mark Middaugh. Rhonda s ' Miller. Jay 1 . ' 5 i Miller. Judy Miller. Page I Miller, Pal 'g i mf ' i i' ' Sanclles Seek Advice From Counselors y V , Counselor for 'lhis year's sophomore class is Mr. Louis Pippin. Mr. Pippin 'lakes a greal' deal of lime planning schedules for slud f d Davi Wafers discusses pre-semesfer schedule plans. en S' 304 ,E J, ?,K ioool , i 'Fl' 2.1 fit A. 4 , , Y 459 'M S2 f Millman, Sieve Mills. Charlene Milron, Peggy Mindes. Palricia Ming, Ginni Ming, Roberl' Minor, Jimmy Milchell. Loren Milchell, Geraldine Mifchel. Ronda Mixon, Doris Mokesele. Mickey Moler. Mall Moncrief. Jerry Monfgomery. Preslon Moore, Bobby Moore. Darlene Moore, David Moore. Gary Morehead. Diane Morgan. Morris Morgan. Sam Morrell, Debra Morris, Helen Mossliolcler. Melinda Moullon, Sieve Myers, John Nail. Bealha Nalions. Jim Naylor, Jade Nelson, Dorlhy Newman, Gary Newlon, Sandra Nimmo, Harley Nolor. Killon Daily Routine Encompasses Sophomores 9 '? 'i. -, 'US1' Parish. Kalhy Parr, Hayden Palerson, Randy Palierson. Nalhaline Palierson, Wiley Palion, Carol Peace, Ray Peake, Sieve Pearson, Connie Pearson, Diclg Norman, Barry Norlhcul. Ray Norihculf, Barbara Novak, Dan Nun, Mike Nussbaum. Karen O'Brien. Faye O'Conner, Dan Oldfafher, Minella Oldham. Sianley Olivier, Dana Olmsled. Read Osborn, Lewis Osborn, Milne Ollo, Doris Ol'l'O, Mark Owen, Bob Page. Eddie Pain. Jeff Painler. Nora 'fin Penny. Janis Penson. Lyne Perkins. Troy Peliugo, Buddy Phillips. Cindy Phillips. Ricky Pickell. Bobby Pickell. Sleve Pierce. J. W. Pipkin. Cyle Pifcher. A. D. Plumlee, Ronnie Pond, Lynn Prescolr, Calhy Preslon. Calhi i V4 g-.vas Ah it ' 7 or-' W Ffh! 3 ie 'X ,f Firsi' year algebra appears fo be very amusing lo Bobby Giles. sophomore. Classmeles do nor share his opinion as lhey cram for a pop fesf. Sieve Handley and Ricky Phillips. sophomores. fake a lasl minufe look al iheir fexf books before Miss Brillharf passes our fha examinalion. Roberison, Brenda Roberlson. Slwirly Rowan, Sieve Rowell, Lauren Ryan. Suzie Sally. Debbie Sanders, Melvin Sanford. Ronda Sarlor. Par Sawyers, Joe Schaab, Ga ry Schawgo, Diclcie Schroeder Paul Scoll' Ba rba ra K' '15 X 'F 15,5 Pricl1ard.Cyn'rl'1ia Priesi, Charlie Prolcop, Alan PruiH, Brenda Quiqle, James Randel, Jimmy Rannier. Mary Rea, Ronnie Reclc, Ellen Recior, Mary 'nfl Ixlii J., E Schofield, Marion I nh ,Q zfiifr- l Reeves, Sleven Reggie. Sandra Remlinger, Sieve Rice, Riclcy Richards, Bruce Riclcles, David Risley, Eddie Rivers. David Roach, Kyle Roberis, Kenny Q 'af 9 fer- l 2: a l , P E f was S' Scoll, Bob ScoH', Judy Self. Don Sermon. Warren Shanlclin, Barbara Sheen, Terry Shields. Mike Shole. Mall Showers, Calhy Simmon, Virgie Twirlers Beneficial To Marching Bancl Marching wilh fha AHS Band are sophomore lwirlers Donna Smilh, Diana Morehead, and Susan Brady. These girls praclice diligenfly in orcler 'io perform well during fhe band's half lime performances al' foolball games. E 59 Q i Gelfing ready for one of 'rhe oul' of fown games are Alice Man- gold, Melissa JueH', Leigh Ann McCarH', and Cynlhia Hamby. sophomores. 3l0 Simmons. Cheryl Simmons, Jon Sims. Billy Sloan. John Smilh. Carl xi JU. .,n V ' ,u I-am. A Smilh. Carolyn Smilh. Donna Smilh, Gene Smilh. Peggy Smilh, Roloerl ,--1 Nt, Sorrell. Nancy Sparkman, Jim Sparlcs, Billy Spears. Claylon Spenser, Thelma l ggeefiiaiili 1 Eff ? mil g! 5-3 FK Sludenfs displayed a greaf deal of spirif during fhe sign con- lesl before fhe Monlerey foofball game. The spiril wall was only one of many displays exhibifed around lhe halls of AHS. ' ' 4 W S I Sophomores Enthusiastic Football Fans Fx fe - K Yi. N , Viv , 3 , i G it D Y tt ff S A , if , JL. Rf , V 1 E l 1211 7- ' A- Qi ip f w 9' U Q- fi T 3 31 W X x X 0-if X., H, ii tif P- i Spiller. Glenn Spurgin, Zo Stanhope. Steve Stanly, Rusty Stanton,'Lincla Stapl, Silvia Stark. Gary Dale Statson, Larry Steele. Mickey Stenson, John Stephens, Cherie Stephens. Martha Stevens. Cathy Stevens. Erlene Steurson, Lincla Stewart, David Stewart. Gary Stewa rt, Jay Stidham, Claudia Stoneman. John Ruth Stoner, Connie Sturkie, Bob Sudberry, Liz Suel, Glenn Suttle, Diane Sutton, Galletta Sutton, Roy Swarm. Gary Taylor, Bill Taylor, Drew isa ' ! is We J? . .1 . I f , In lv fv, , nz, -, 'rf ix' '1 F fi iif 6 . . V i W N ! in., M i f 'lll i , s :1 ., .. AE i ii . of .i D ,A,:. 3I2 Ternani. Marina Terrell, Debbie Thomas. Becky Thomas, Ginger Thomas. Jody Thomas, Tony Thompson. Drenda Tiffany. Debbie Tiffin, Melissa Tiles, Eddie Tiley. Bruce Tomlinson. Rusfy Towery, Cindy Townes. Beckee Trook. Dennis Turner. Belinda Turner, Eddie Turner, Jack Turner. William Tuson, Niki Tussell. Eddie Underwood, Richard Underwood, Travis Unsell, Cindy Vaghum, Kenny Vanbelf. Jim Vandiver. Danny Vancliver, Jan Varnadore. Helen Verfreese. Jenne Vinyard. Mark Walker. Gary Wall. Diana Wallace, Pal' Walsh. Bill WaHers, David Wallers. Tommy ' Warneclce. Johnny Warren, Debbie Walls, Niki ' l I -F 3 iii 1 'N' :il yi J M 1. Wealherly. Carolyn Weaver. Morgan Webb, Alelha Webb. Terri Welch, Janef Sdndies Welcome Holiday lnteruptions ix 54 7 if 5 his 33 i i b,ii. 31 M iv l Zi y So fhis is advanced geometry! Mr. Mar+in's fifrh period geomelry class prepares for Halloween by culling geomelric faces in pump lcins. The finished iaclc-o-lanlerns were placed around Mr. Mariin's classroom. Sludenls enioy holiday inlerruplions and lake full acl vanlage of lhem. 3l3 E l 2 af- E if is f Wells, Dana Werner, Deanah Wesf, Debbie Whilaker, David Whifalcer, Richard While, Jeanie Whiiley, Lonnie Widdon, Judy Wiggins, Shannon Willey David ,if ta. Newly elecfed Sandie Sfeppers relax for a minufe during fheir afiernoon praciice session. Sfeppers were chosen according 'lo ihelr gracefulness and appearance by a board of iudges headed by Sfepper sponsor. Mrs. Beffy Jones in December. Williams. Dennis Williams, Mike Williams, Nola Williams. Wayne Wilson. Ranea Wilson. Teci Wilson. Vickie Wisdom. James Wise. Danny Wiswell, Debra Wofford, Danny Wood, Dwayne Woods, Mike Woriham, Berry WyeH'. Jim Sfeppers Select Sophomore Members Young. Francis Young, Noel Youngblood, Tim Zermeno. Edward Zinf. Debbie ADVERTISING DEN .,f. fDiES lo-2 '1-by V'Cl.lMPf .HV O UR FOR 3l6 5 ffv-TEXA S X. 5 1 E5 HxoJm,cuCL, VW-C1f1f2,. Q odwmcx won. wnmmmmgwm CBQMJWQJQQQQQM Q8-A-Xinbfi-0 x,U-PLLM, Q40-wqxnl ,XL3J..Lg,ui,, 5. Q Q .0JUL.,th1. m,uz,k-u.oz,c:L4JzowQxn,,,yiL-93 Lbaugi bam '9QLq56.,o,md.'1fvkfpQJKuLc1,w,.j7gg.vm,lL wiki mamma 'TLQMJ .sE5gp,y.,5?bVgQX' -have cm Q,,QoJU:rwu,fva, lgwcrndjmd L0-WOZY-l -35991 KH ffm? HQJUHQJ, Win dsl-.ikj Quant ,,gmJw3Lu5O Cvwdg LULUQQWMQ. ' x Qx-5Q'J- 0413 5,vQLd:JQ.AXC:LgQxoQJfLCL O-S4-Bla, DUNQ ik-VUL: i, SDJ.. 'rN:2.cLrx, -8-'O1xqE,kJL50u,,'QJL.::3:8. C,o.N4xu.JO.L:X'UQS12, 'QAM Ove:,o,Lfw. NCbi.q,0moL 1 A-Qkijdaossiowobmgkmmyp. 5NCLULg.L,?p,,S dmv. LIKE AN AUTOGTPAPH PAGE, MAN, mom youra DAILY i Newepfwerzg- X fy 1 7 5 ' AMARILLO AMANLLO DAI F.-TMES klCJ,'5WS GLOSEN-N6 AMARILLO CLQ V113 News-GLOBE SUNDAY 323 Fine Jewelry Diamonds O ANSLEY CLEANERS me S, 6' p Backing Golden Sandies 9 Since Year I W a I4II wash. DR 6-7876 a 8' R 'fi' +I:1 II' + n 9 9 Amarillo Bldg. ch I 9 DR 2.1632 s DEGRASSIBATES CO NORTHWEST HOLLIS B. DEGRASSI GEORGE H. BATES HOLLIS B. DEGRASSI, JR. QQMMWW, FOR THE 0 HOME 0 AUTO 0 BUSINESS Phone DRaIce 2-6767, I008 Wes? Tenih P. O. Box 9067. Amarillo, Texas 79I05 TEXAS HOSPITAL School of Nursing 'I' P.O. Box IIIO 'I' Amarillo, Texas 79I05 'P DR 6-443I En'Ier I'o Learn 'I' Knowledge 'I' Slcills 'I' Undersianding 'I' AppIica+ion . . . Go ForII'1 and Serve ache BEAUTY SALONS Over 30 Years Service To AmariIIo's Disiinclive CIienIele OLDHAM GROCERY 9952 O 2 I500 W. I5+I'1 o 376-6676 L CI:-EONS Sunset Lady Faire Downfown Lady Faire FI. 6-5697 NTER DR 6-7225 7 SUNSET CE 'Soo TYLER 324 , num Luft ' The 90 offices ot the S.I.C. family ot companies provide the growing U ' N I . 0 GD I ' H ' ' B n I I I I' NI ' N I 8 I 8 Southwest with outstanding Ioan financing and insurance services. FIIESNU ' snmsrnzw U I 'GW ammo t 'WOM' ' asm srnunamno ' W A FE ' Mmm, AXBUUIIIWUI IUCUWW I . Ii VERSIDE mmvron U BURGER' . mn NAR LLO 'IIERHURD COSTA MESA CLUVIS ' SANTA ANA SA D E60 PNG!!! X CIILILA VISTA U PU nvirw 'U W no wcn A rms. Lunsocn Q Lzvnunn noswm Q L0V 5'0 ' . anownnuu 'sum' Awmconm . Amsm Q nouns Q ' umm nm U U mason S? 5 it 9 Q Was SS S.I.C. INSURANCE GROUP WESTERN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY S.l.C. FINANCE CAILSBIB lm clues . . ' BIG SPRING P0 CACIV 'ENID EALESYER W5 ' ' num ' women: 'nc sou 'FORT WUIITN .IIURST-BEDFORD NACDGDOCNIS . SOUTHWESTERN INVESTMENT COMPANY ' nu. mo I an uso umm ' umumn ' san mano Q mm ' PISIADUIA 'asm' ' nousron U. rms cm' nm snnunms 1 f sun mromu u vicrom ' CORPUS CHRIST! ALICE ' ' KINGSIIILUI ' NARLINGEN ' MCALLIN U U WISUBO . 1 I KQ,fQ, DRAUGHON'S 'T -237. BUSINESS COLLEGE Y ' Save Gunn Bros. mf 179' 'If ' Streamlined Career Courses Pre are You 1 Thrltt Stamps , H f G d . PP. . ,-,I V. QF for Beaumul sms QUIC y or a oo -Paying osition. F If ' IBM Key Punch 'I' Secretarial 'I' Comptometry ' Accounting ' IBM Sorter ' Speedwriting EZMVW 1:70752 ,QF9 gum TO SAVE ff ' p ,- Q GUNN BROS. STAMPS I -',- , , We 6 S x '1 Q Day and Night Classes-Free Placement Dept. tor Graduates. Modern Equipment, Individual Instructions, Reasonable Rates. Phone or Visit Today. 607 TAYLOR DR 3-3745 -- 1 one UF ligfy offllLiL LANE'S Ice Cream DOWNTCWN: 7+l1 and Pollc SUBURBAN: Wolflin Village Q 11 1 .I .4 ' Ni SUPPLY COMPANY II5 N. Fillmore S+. 376-8285 Your Wholesale Disiribulor Plumbing fixiures and fiH'ings are your assurance of 'H1e besi' CRANE . 326 I 501 S. Polk N. S. M6567-WG! U7 Ono Z U1 QQEQV S 4I3 Wes+ Sevenfh PHONES: 352-7002 or 352-8365 Good Housekeeping Shop 907 Tyler 362-5549 Disfinciive Home Furnishings l: . FROM R NGES T0 ROCKETS f - . QW xy ggi-Tig The Energy of We Future Z Ra inii tl 4 V I ,! 3 , X ,,,u 'i' xiii, f L Pioneer Natural Gas company N aa Cas makes the big dijerence . . .costs less, loo JACK BELL'S PHARMACY Complimenfs of RFDQ +he Bell GARNER MOTORS P F9' . OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC rescrnphon Service Easiesl' Travel on Earlh coNTrNENTAL TRAILWAYS C955 liliilflhl 7+l1 and Tyler DR 2-2272 Q X o MM Pmr 0' XQTFF N? Congrafulafions Mon: Pearl.: mos ON THAN ON ANY OTHER KIND SOUTHERN FARM SUPPLY E 0 e ASSOCIATION co' l5l7, E. 3rd 28I3 Wolflin-2nd and Fillmore Amarillo, Texas 328 Phone 373-7444 HAMA Where Fine CIoII1ing is a Family Affair DOWNTOWN SUBURBAN AMARILLO AII Type Loans-Confideniial LEWIS FINANCE COMPANY 3I0 EasI' Third IAcross From Herring Ho'reII Telephone DRaIce 3-2222 Amarillo, Texas DR 3-8I32 204 Wesi' Sixieenfh EU 3-5984 Evenings THE LITTLE HOUSE OF FLOWERS VALDA G. HARE WEST TEXIINS CALL FOR FAST, DEPENDABLE FREIGHT SERVICE GQDECQIEY moron FREIGHT LIIIES, IIIG. DISTRICT OFFICES: SAN ANTONIO . MIDLAND . ooessA . LUBBOCK . PLAINvIew GENERAL ornce: 700 N. Is. ann sr. o P. o. sox Iwo o AMARILLO, TEXAS Flowers and Decoranons for AII Occasions MAN LEYS II 31 FREE 0 FREE ' FREE Place Your Sfanding Orders Wifh Us And Receive I'I1e 2 I sr One FREE Prompi' Service 5?-N. 1'-f I , ., ga 1' ' 'YN I x I If Jigs! Q QR - In I IIA I - ' 45, 'E X 5' -Ili ! - , Downfown and Wesfern Plaza 7m I4 Sunse'I' Cenier AMARILLO. TEXAS 90I 23rd Sfreei' CANYON. TEXAS it 4 s ' 9 I X I-'-2. nga THE , CLOTHIERS a 9 6 4 1 UUIUBFSI g f Sh S 0,385 Bobby Brook. wa' 605 Tyler Sunse+ Cenier qiiiq Jonaihan Logan Tami to Jr.-Jr. 4 1 Home of BORDENS Fine Dairy Proclucfs 4945 Canyon Drive Visii-afions Welcome 331 Y PALO DURO sTuDlo i Southwesl s Leading Photographer 3 Wolflin Village FL 5-335l f X0w'C5w.., fill 1-QQAXA misse,Q HWUWYQ 'Sow QA' scheox -mis 5e.o.v.T.E+s B42-Y' 0- gfeax 5'-'W' a-.Ha wxisseg. olohff Rage. , weueaom. 0-lof of we-Q +wHgs and xgwue We Qwrs HM-S aew.9b.,,-x- 'vhera NBQWA QQQRX- -i-oF onw- fv-e.sRw-o.vx Laemf -Few' bi-WWA QR-Wxb-1E VQQAXA Gqomheec-Q +0 Wu. 'wx on -X-kings 'fhdd' ' haue, bein kmveevsina beccusSe I'm su-v-Q Names A-OLS, LD ka? Rn hugh. 5-I-Q46 as Swat! cum-Q cnet-4. M adm od-6 hour. C:ooc9 J-.mek CUUQQAS. 92007- 1-I licks ABM MW .. 70 .. gf' 'fwmm-.X Dwm: u CH 3 en, ugvxkt. 5awNe..c'Q MSN o.,mOA Complimems Complimenis of: of GARNER MOTORS C, R, ANTHQNYS OLDSMOBILE . . . CADILLAC FRESHE BREAD CO. 80I Buchanan DR 3-I773 -' f 5 PAT H. BALFOUR, Owner FLu+wood 5-4407 The Correct Look op-I-'CAL in GemLIemon'S ond SUNSETCENTER.UNIT5 AMARILLO. TEXAS :EWU N' x ll M I IIN -f f o of R 1 2 R N m I 2ZQ4xEg5,g1?,iL Congrafulaiions Sandies , I -o fs Q I 'LJ GEAR c:oMPANY 'E ' ' 'lo' L '4 in ' ' ' V :sos w. lofh DR 6-4327 806-FL 5-066l 28I9 Civic Circle 333 DORCHESTER GAS Congra+ula+ions PRODUCING COMPANY Srs. I968 so: Tyler DR 6-6233 from PONCA WHOLESALE Dowell-Messer, Inc. MERCHANT co. G, -xx FORD TIRE CO. fi ' . . Q W Q X .Nxb 1 W ,QA Q F g 1:1 . N X rx -'o':.h2.g'4ieg'NxE ' E li R f 2 ' vim, SY Z S R .L fi Xb K, ' A W. R. BANKER AMARILLO, TEXAS BEN MOOR oche K., MASTER CLEANERS 406-12 BUCHANAN ST. 0 PHONE DRAKE3-4378 AMARILLO. TEXAS 79101 334 THE MERCHANTS lnvire The STUDENTS AND FACULTY To Enioy Shopping ln nf Shopping Cenler Amarillo Uniform Cenler Ann Myers Banlc of 'l'he Soulhwesf Barnes Jewelry Broome Oplical Company Colberl s-Suburban Cooper 8: Melin Dolca'rer's Donna June Shoppe Duvall's GaHis Shoe S+ore Gunn Bros. Siamp Srore House of Lamps Kaye Ragland lnleriors Kelly's Cleaners LiHle Brown House Maxine's Panr Parlor Melissa's Nizzi Music Shoppe Palo Duro Sfudio Plains Chevrolel, lnc. Pyramid Beauiy Salon Royal Coin 8: Slamp Slore Royal Garden Cenfer Safeway Slarlc Wrap 81 Gifl Shop T. G. 8: Y. Top O' The Village Village Barber Village Donul' Shop Village Malernily Village Pancalce House Village Pei' Shop Village Sporfing Goods Wade Wolflin Village, lnc. Wolflin Appliances Wolflin Village Pharmacy Painls 8: Arl' Supplies WOLFLINIGEORGIA Wesiern Plaza Complimenfs of MORRIS McCARTT MCKNIGHT TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. MORRIS MCCARTT INVESTMENTS 9+h and Gram' S+. DR 2-8346 P.O. Box 7548 Amarillo, Texas TS8cT JACK TOWNSLEY Says: , CongraI'uIaI'ions Congra+uIahons Seniors of l68ll Seniors of I968! Jack is Your -from Force RecruiI'ing Service Represen+a'Ii II4 E. 9+h-DR 2-6587 ExI'. 2I8 By MuIIoy Realfy-FL 2-4I42 PONCA WHOLESALE Courfesy MERCHANT of CO. E STANLEY'S DRIVE-INN 336 FP C -'Mr KeeP 19Wlces Low BYSM rs 1 Br8ndMe,n3,anZ:::s Stbcks Hash : q , SAVE FRONTIER STAMPS Mx ' o QQY 'NXXWF X f i - NQXGWYF A ff :'f1i.,lg5. U . . .8 , 'L : Y Keepmg Qu, '1 -' , X X ,X Q . X W 1 I0 Locaiions in Amarillo i, Pleasing . . SX - ,SSS ff on 2 f:,,:535:p,' K A S- A,.. W' x . N X ,X H' S . A . '1-4 S-.Q X .,... --gp.-f S. N M S... .,., . 5 QMA 'Q in EVERY WAY! 2624 Wolflin-Wolflin and Wesiern une AN AUTOGQAQH PAGE, MAN, FROM youn DALLY f NEWSPAPERS' L., , , DAILY NEWS GLOBE-TIMES A AMARILLO AMARILLO MORNING' ENIENING 5 ff! W KN AMARILLO GV vo NEvgg5g50Bf Consider o Career in Medicine or Nursing There Are Few Other Professions Which Offer Such a Wonderful Future POTTER-RANDALL COUNTY Medical Society ELECTRICITY POWERS PROGRESS! It was Edison's invention of the first practical incandescent lamp that gave birth to an industry that now employs more than three million men and women, or 1 out of every 20 American workers. Almost every industry owes its progress to the power produced by electricity for, truly, electricity powers progress. fofwew f ' 720 fuszffffirfff' 5 ELECTRIC .Q s a ga Congra+uIa'l'ions I GracIua+es O 'PN5JxQpm. XIXQSQQQ xQ,QQAN Q34 Liqlvi , GJXJX I WALSH Foon sERvlcE, INC. QQ? WN I I as r. alrman X I W D W lh S Ch ' tb quad . s I I ' Jin Walsh, Pres. George Walsh, V. P. M X Joe Oakley, Saleslady, I4 Years Service mg MQ! C UQ A DIVISION OF ARTIC FOODS INC. I 9-NQQAA I Jack Walsh, Exec. V. Pres., Sales WWW Sak' VNNNQ' 'I Nkkeru. cemmqwbw Mm Qx.Q'Qx,mrN- gerewrfkkeer QNJQ1, Gewxox. new-mi blwwx vgfUwQCSugL oxwwl Qreqmf lsbw kg Cs T I A A s T B c I A I O N O N K I S A A L er Or I eere Oere el eeer eeeer eee er 360' W' 'SH' DAISY'S 352- I 902 I 30 Sunsef Cenfer 609-6II Taylor 0 Amarillo, Texas 0 DR 2-I257 Prinfing Lifhography Office Furnifure Office Machines GRACE Radioea BAPTIST C H U RC H Hearing Aids Y FIRST IN SERVICE Repair Service on fhe Spof Insfead of Weeks of Waifing JANSSEN Hearing Aid Cenfer 420 WI I6+h DR 2-994l Bible School Worship Sfudy Training Union Evangelisfic Service Wed. Prayer Meefing Choir Pracfice I0:00 AM II:00 AM 6:I5 PM 7:00 PM 7:45 PM 5:00 PM WARD nw: 0,0 lUavwYA, WESTERN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER...Fl.5-8111 SHOP WARDS 'TIL 9 P.M .... MON. - THUR. - SAT. Ql'1l-IFITIDLE SUPPLY CORPORATION nunnglj 105-119 Polk S+ree+ AND DRY CLEANING C0 and 500 Fannin Amarillo, Texas RCA Vidar Whirlpool 20I Soulh Pierce DR 2-2277 NUNN ELECTRIC DISCOVER ihe O R s C, XN 4 A W I N G X N 0 of fx EE YAMAHA 4 2500 Georgia Amarillo MEAD'S QIIIIQIII FINE BREAD ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Everyllwing Under The Sun al SUNSET CENTER We ga .EQEQQEQ ?7H' - G9 v TT if jj' - N V A-TH: N17 ig -1 H F- '1.,3:e.,Ex Haan III WWII' A , I I 5 I K LXLXXXlwV'IjI 6 n o r 5 A A A ' Y 'tea-hi? . . ,K PLEASE ALLOW APPROXIMATELY 20 MINUTES V PIZZA HUT 5, Green Pepper Sausage Mushroom Pepperoni Pizza Supreme Onion Anchovy A Cheese-M Sausage Hamburger Added Ingredients 1.35 1.45 1.45 1.45 1.60 1.35 1.45 1.25 1.45 1.95 2.20 2 20 2.20 2 70 1.95 2.20 1.95 2.20 S 5 lllin 5 X T ' , - ' Y X' v , 0 1 ' . .. - - .. CED. ' . X Mozzarella Cheese 1-Q M ET, 1 . gi tl . ' gp Q , gf T I0 20 xv T K 4 I, X I ' dx' pi -., V ' F Q 1 E BACK OF THIS MAT FOR OUR LOCATIO V. ,. AMARILLD z ASSDCIATIUN CLEARING HOUSE AMARILLD NATIONAL BANK' I I IAMERICANNATIDNALEANKI BANK DF THE SDUTHWESTI FIRST NATIONAL BANK' I I NDRTH STATE BANK' I I TASCDSA NATICINAL BANK' I I GREAT PLAINS NAT.lDNAL BANK' BAKER-ASKEW TH I A N faeeeeeasaaawaeeoe .:i'i . A A , I . A 3. X, V -.-e --W Learn 'I'I'1e Ari' of Hairdressing fl Q 5. From The Only World Champion Insirucfor in Texas ff1fjf1 PAUL DCNALDSON Owner and lnsfrucfor my 6' l Terms and .74 Financing IN Arranged 27I5 W. 6+h FREE PARKING IN BACK OF BUILDING 344 TIRE COMPANY STATE CHEMICAL COMPANY WI'-BORN BROTHERS Iwi? 0 Indus'IriaI Chemicals 0 Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning Supplies 0 Janilor Supplies gr--- 1 252: :gf '1f..L 5 N 3 --f-- , gfgs' 52:29 1 ' - f f '-H Qjg 5' X 7' Rf' ,4 Q I 1 '4 I 555233 I I -.,,,,.. X--151231115 - ' LENS-j ',. 115311 ,f N-...egg E X I 1 , 5 'S ' ' A I A . , N . 9 DS 2600 WOLFLIN PHONE FLeetwood 5-5651 AMARILLO, TEXAS 79109 V I C'S B U RG E R BAR Convenienf- I 508 Ruslc TOOT'N TOTUM OPEN 7 TO II 7 Days a Week Index 70 QAGLZJJ h0,0.bQ,Q.,,l:6'5 iflzwn ' ago H4Mff1CLc, ' 022, Z50U3Q75ffffvfc7jQouOpofou,Q,Q,f,,Q,,,N Zz, Mai, ' QMOCMQMVV .7ow,O,ooa 'fwk XMLMMJ :ML M0 oeQMno.g4A,,4,eN qc'-Cf!LQ,Cbl,?,a7 v K6 l AL ' g ULUMTI 'diy :O fWA A4Qq-k,5OQAqClkJA1OAA! JMQLQWQQV . .A ' flfffcf AUCUV 'Qkfleivvfvfmqy pf 1 ' U! Ti'fQ'l -f A-Q, QO7n L'O-ffaOL,2CJ2,L, Qiobibacieig Qooogoo, ' nmbbdfbnwmv Lfvolfea, L9bOvQQ,nOQLCOLgtLZ.QoO A-janv AQULMQ, Every Sandie 'fakes pride in 'rhe fanfasy of Sandieland. They all slrive for recognilion. noi' only for Themselves. bu? for The glory of AHS. When The 'Final roll call is read. and Sandies en- ler 'rhe long and fedious 'rask of making a place for 'rhemselves in sociely. 'fhey can all look back and see wha+ Sandieland has mean'r 'ro Them and has done for +hem. They can all hold 'Their heads up high and say, l am a Sandie 'For as long as l live. and I will always know l'ha'r. THIS IS MY OUEST TO FOLLOW THAT STAR. NO MATTER HOW HOPELESS. NO MATTER HOW FAR , . . ADVERTISING A. Air Force Recruiling Sialion- 336 Amarillo Clearing Associafion- 320. 344 Amarillo Teni' 84 Awning-3 I9 C. R. AnII1ony's-333 Ansley Cleaners-324 Baker-Askew Tire Co.-320. 344 Balfour Opfical--333 BiHman's Appliance-332 348 Index Blaclclourns'-329 BorcIen's-33 I Brenls'-333 Bud's Office Supply--322 C. Circle N. Appliance--332 Coca-Cola BoHIing Co.-3 I8 Colberis-326 CoIIumn's-320 W. T. Cooke 84 Sons-322 Confinenlal Trailways-328 Curry Moior Freiglml-329 D. Daisy's-34l Davis Reprocluciion-327 DeGrassi-Bafes Ins.--324 Della Dunn Reallor-322 DocIme's-334 Dorchesier Gas-344 DraugIwon's-325 Dr. Pepper-334 Dowel-Messer-334 E. Eleclric Co.-339 F. Freeman's Flowers--322 Freshe Bread-333 Firs+ Baplisf Church-322 Ford Tire Co.-334 Four Seasons-343 Furrs-337 G. Galleneau Brolhers--327 uiilu mar 111 f Garner Mofors-328 Gear Realesiaie--338 Globe-News Publishing-323, 338 Good Housekeeping--327 Grace Baplisi Church-34I Gunn Brolhers-325 H. I'I I-D-H0-3 I 9 Hollywood-3 I9 Hub-Universily Shop-33 I I. In+erna+ionaI Hair Design School -34-4 J. JacIcie's--33 I Jack Bells Pharmacy-328 Janseen Hearing Aid-34-l Jupe Moior Supply-3 I9 51 'lf-7. i K. Klines-336 L. Lady Faire Beauly Salon-324 Lane's lce Cream-325 Lilrile House of Flowers-329 Lewis Finance Co.-329 M. Manley's No. II-330 Meads Fine Bread-343 Mcllnighf Transfer Slorage--336 Merrimans Fine Foods-345 Morris-McCarH lnveslmenis- 336 Morrison Supply Co.-336 N. Norihwesf Texas Hospilal School of Nursing--324 Nunn Eleciric-343 O. Oldam's Grocery-324 P. Palo Duro Sfudios-332 Panhandle Laundry 84 Dry Cleaning-343 Pennys'-343 E. C. Penry Jewelers-324 Pioneer Naiional Gas-340 Pizza Hui-344 Pizza Inn-330 Ponca Wholesale-334 Polfer Randall Couniy Medical Socieiy-339 R. Russell S+a+ionery-34-I S. Securily Federal-326 Shamrock Oil 3: Gas Co.-32l SIC-325 Slanleys'-336 Srale Chemical Co.-345 Soufhern Farm Supply-328 Sunsel Cenier-343 T. Tascosa Nafional Bank Ted Lolcey Tire-328 The Slore-320 Tool N Tolum-34 V. Vic's Burger Bar-345 W. Walsh Food-340 K an Wards-342 Wilborn Bro.-345 While Xa Kirk-330 Wolflin Village Merchanls-335 TEACHERS Airharf, Tom-37, l7l Ayers, Carol-46 Biffle, George--I06, 44 Birrciel, John-5I Boswell, J. M.-36, 72 Boycl, Darrell-37, 97 Branch, Glenn-34 Brillharl, Bess-37, 307 Cambell, Charles-35 Clapp, Kenneih-37, l7l Clelancl, Roberl'-33 Conerly, Mary-67, 30 Davidson, James-58 Davis, R. H.-78 Denny, Jim-34, l7l Diggs, Oliver Donnell, Marie-42 Dunavin, Ann-30, 53 Fullwoocl, Revella Fuquay, Marfha-38 Gibbs, Nan-25 Gibson, Mary-74, 43 Granafo, Joe-l7l, 33 Gregg, Dolores--3I Greiner, Huberl'-54 Hargrave, Charley-34, 8l, 73 Harper, Warren-32, l7l Harrison, Max-32, 33, 80 Hayrer, Chrisline-30 Hogue, Norma-30 Housfon, Rulh-33 Howell, C. T.-29 Howell, Johnnie-28 Hman, Guss-32, l7l. isa, 226 Ingram, Roland-2l4, 215 Janssen, Dan-5I, 84 Jones, Bel-fy-38, 283 Josserancl, Margaref-33 Kaye, Allanfa-3-5 Kelclnum, Edwarcl-50 Larsen, Ross-5, 2l , Lawley, Gary-34, I9I Leezer, Tom-34, l7l McCamon, Bill-37 McCamon, Fern-36 McFarland, Mary-75, 43 McPherson, Don-33 Marlin, Clyde-36 Malberly, lvl. L.-64 Malberly, Sfella-64 Mills, Earl-38 Minor, Joyce-38 Moffill, Olga-29 Nasl1,Jim-l7l, l88, 30 Nelson, Mike-34, 292 Neimer, Linda-30, 53, 82 Norman, Joe-33, 36, 37 Norman, Thomas-32 Norrham, Kay-33 Parlcey, Inez-30, 77 Pippin, Louis-304 Powell, Rose-30 Raines, Jerry-30, 210 Redman, Lynda-42 Schanlz, Reuben-59 Schoen, Marion-30 Schullz, Wes-46 Scoll, Bobby-32, 33, 2I8 Self, Oscar-50 Srritkland, R. G.-23 Taylor, Ruperl'-50 Teague, Dallon-37 Thurman, Doris-30 Townsend, Mary-48, 49, 78 Vick, Parrica-42 Walker, Lucy-30, 77 Wells, Ronnie-I03, 44 Williams, Mary M.-30 Williams, Yvonne-33 Wilson, Raymond Worley, Leola-29 KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS AY-Allied Youlh AYC-Amarillo Youlh Council B-Band BB-Baskelball BC-Bel Canlo CC-Chess Club CHE-Cooperalive Home Economics DE-Disrribulive Educarion FB--Foorball FC-French Club FTA-Fulure Teachers G-Golf GC-Gymnaslics Club I ICT-Induslrial Cooperalive Training KC-Ken Club LC-Lalin Club NHS-Naiional Honor Sociely O-Orcheslra QS-Quill and Scroll ROTC-Reserve Officers Training Corps SC-Sludenl' Council Sp. C-Spanish Club SS-Sandie Sieppers T-Track Th-Thespians V-Vigilanlies VOE-Vocalional Office Educarion WW-Who's Who W-Wreslling SENIORS Abraham, Charles-233 SC, FTA, AY, LC Airharr, Terry-233 FTA, Sp. C Alexander, Bob-233 AY, FTA, Sp. C, Golf Alexander, Ruihie-233 Allen, Mike-233 AY, FTA, AYC, ROTC, Silver Sabre Allen, Sidney-I I0, I3I, 233 KEN Club, NHS, FTA, AY. LC, SC, Miss AHS. Cheerleader Anderson, Gary-233 FTA, AY, LC, Golf Anderson, Joe-l83, 233 Foolball, Track Anderson, Mary-67, 233 AY, FTA, ec, Nsns, sp. c. Arnold, Jancel--233 ROTC Sponsor, NHS, SS, KEN Club, AY, GC, Sp. C. Askew, Ricky-233 NDCC Aufdemorle, Tom-233, IOI Band Baggeil, Mike-233 AY, FTA, CC Bagoi, Libby-75, 233, 258, sa KK, KEN Club, AY, FTA, FC. ec 4 Baird, Tommy-233 - FTA, AY, AYC, Sp. C Baland, Alice-I I6, 233, 77 SSBEHA, FTA, AYC, SC, Balcomb, Keilh--233, I99, I98 Sp.NHS, Baskelball, FB Balderslon, Sandra-233 Ball, Glenn-234, 80 T, CC, FTA, AY, FC Ballengee, Jim-234 Bandy. Belsy-67, 75, I IO, 234. 54 FTA, AY, LC, FC, GC. QS, KEN Club Barnes, Ronnie-23 5 AY, FTA Bashford, Elizabeih-235, 83 . FTA, VOEC Ba rllow, Paul-23 5 Beck, David-235 AYC, FTA, AY. KEN Club Beck, Ivy-I I6, 235 SS, AY. LC, FTA Bell, Alex-235 FB, FFA-3 Bernson, Tom-235 Bevill, Wendell-235 W Billinglon, Roberl-235 Billslrom, Gary-235 ICT Birdine, Phillip-2I I W Blackisron, Debby-235 FHA, FTA Blackman, Darlene-235, IO0 B, O, FTA, SC, LC Blackwell, Ricky-235, 84 Blank, Lynn-235 FTA, FC, KEN Club Blankenship, Gary AY, FTA. FC, BEL CANTO Blinderman, Susan-I 23, 235 NHS, FC, T, AY. KEN Club Boll, Leroy-235 FTA, DE, SP. C Boslick, AI-235 Bourseau, Tina-I I6, 235, 262 Bowen, Barbara-235 Bowman, Jackie ICT, VIC Bradley, Rurh-235 FTA, FHA, VOE Brandenburg, Pal-I74, 235 T, FB Brandi, Pal-235 SC, FTA, DECA Club Brian, Bill-93, I66. 235, 97 NMS, NHS, V, KC. AY. FTA. KEN Club Brilrlron, Sandi-236 FTA, FHA. CHE Brokenbek, Jan-236 Brooks, Amelia--236 Brown, Carol-236 O, FI-IA, FTA. VOE 35I Brown, Judy-236, IOO B, O, NHS, FTA, AY, LC, KEN Club Brown, Marilyn-236 FC Brown, Rich-236 Brown, Sfan DE Brown, Sfeve-236 B. SP. C Brown, Tom-236 Broyles, Cheryl-I Ib, 236 SS, AY, FTA, LC Bruzga, Paf-236, IOI Bryan, Michael FFA Bryan, Rhealene--236 Bufkin, Kye-236 FHA Bui, Thach-I 65 KC, V Bullard, Nancy-236 Bunch, Kenny-236 T, AY, FTA. BEL CANTO Cheerleader Burcliff, Chris-93, l50, 236- Bl. IOI FTA, WW. AYC. NHS. KC. SC, AY, B, Sp. C., KEN Club Burgess, Dorofhy-236 FHA Burgeff, Linda-236 NHS, KEN Club. FTA. Sp. HS Burk, Jan-I5I, 236, 54 ROTC. WW, NHS, FC, AY FTA- BEL CANTO. QUEEN 352 Bush, Suzanne LC, AY, FTA Bussarcl, Bill-236, 2l5, 2l6 T, NHS, AY, FTA, Sp. C, Mr. Sandman Calhoun, Sharon--236 Calloway, Barbara-236 Campbell, Linda-48, 237 AY, FTA, FC, O, BC Carroll, Treva--79 NHS, Y-T, LC, FTA, KEN Club Carfer, Bill-90, Sl, 237 AYC, AY, FTA, LC, BC, SC Caslcey, Vicki-I l9, 244, 237, l0O FTA, AY, SC, NHS, S, B, QS, KEN Club Chapman, Roberf-237 W, FTA, DECA Chappell, Durenda-237 NTS, FTA Childers, Sfeve-238 Clark, Charloffe-238 Clawifler, Debbie-I I6, l l7, 238 SS, FTA, AY, FHA Cleman, Ronny-238 Cobb, Wenclell-l72, l75, I77, I78. l84. 238 FB, BB, AY, FTA Coffee, Lincla-238 Coffer, Pafricia--238 Coffin, Mark-I 75 FB. NHS, sc, AY, sp. C. KEN Club Collier, Joe-238 BC, W, FC, FTA, NDCC Collier, June-IO6, 238 FTA, BC, T, FC Cooper, Deborah-238 AYC, FHA Corbell, Rory-238 NHS, NMSQT, G Coffle, Lincla-238 Coyne, Gayle-238 FTA, Sp. C Crawford, Rod-238, IOI NMSQT, SHS, SC. BC. B. LC Croclceff. Dia ne--238 NHS, FTA, LC, AY, KEN Club Cross, Jerri-I96, 238, l29 44 FTA, Bc, or ' Crow, Brenda-238, l00 FTA, B, C Cunningham, John-238 FOTC, VIC, FTA Cu rless, Sfeven-238 LC, MC. NMSQT Dabney, John-238 Daniels, Cheryl-238 FTA, DE, SP. C, AY Darnes, Kafhryn-239 FHA, Sp. C. Dawson, Terry--239 DeOffe, Barbara-239 FTA, AY, B, FC Dew, Shelia-239, 4l Dismulce, Carol-240 FHA Dolan, Lawrence-240 AY. FTA Dufelc, Donna-28, I I6, 249 SS, T, FTA Durham, Janef-240 Durham, Ronnie-24-O Dyess, Jim-240 SP. HS Eclcllemon, Ana-24-I BC, FTA, Y-T Edwards, Ricky-240 AY, AYC, FTA Edwa rds, She rri-240 Elkins, Sandra-24-I Ellioff, Ross-24I W, AY, FTA Ellis Jor'a-24l 'voh Mc, AY, Lc, Y-T Ezzell, Karen-24-I Faubion, Barbara-24l B, O, FTA. TS Faubion, James-24I B, O, FTA, AY, W, DE Ferrell, Roberi-24l Fischer, SuseHe-24I NHS, LC, FTA. CC. KEN Club, Y-T Fihpairick, Deborah-24l NHS, FTA, AY Flesher, Dick-I76. 24-I, l86 Forresier, Don-I66, 24l Fosfer, Busfer-I76, 24l, 30 Francies, Bonnie-24l Francies, Connie-24I FHA, FTA Fraser, Tom--24I Friddell, Don-I76, 24-I Frilchie, Lois-24I AY, FTA Fuqua, Rus+y-69, 241 SC, AY, FTA, LC. Cheerleader, KC, KEN Club Gash Jerry--l76, 24l AY, FTA, BB, FB Gay, Ginny--24l Geoffrey, Eddie-24l AY Pres., FB, FTA, AY Gerber, Charol-24l Gibson, Karen--242, IOO Band, FHA, Span. C., Span. C. H.S. Gilliam. Dian-242 Glovier, Deanna-242. 83, IOO Gamas, Shelby-242 Goolsby, Tommy-242 Golf Graham, Judy-242 Graham, Larry-242 Graham, Dick-l52, I74, l75, I76, I77, l84, l85. 242. l86. 5l AY, FTA. Key Club, FB Graves, Alice-243 Grays, Bessie-243 Gray, Louise-243 FHA Gray, Bill-243 Ag r. Off. Gregg,Gi' . 24.3 FB Grey, Rick-243 . . ' - .. AY, FT Bel C Vice Pres Griffiih. Linda-243 Grimor, William-243 FB, Tr. Gruefer, Deronda-243 YB.. FHA. FTA Gruver, Davie-242 Golf, FTA, AY Gunler, Russell-243 FB, Tr., NHS, Ken Club, FTA. LC Gufhrie, Wilma Jean-243 FHA A Gwyn. Pam-243 FTA, AY Haqemeier, Alan-243 SC, BC, AY, FTA, FB Halford , Larry-243 Hall, Sandy-243, 82 FTA, AY, O Hambrick, Phillip-243 KC. Ken Club Hankins, Terry-l53. I77, 243 Hanna, Janef-243, IOO Harrell, Jim Harris, Cynlhia-243 Harp, Joel-243 Hari, Wal+er Hassell, Lee-243 Hailey, Janice Hayden, Pai-244, 46 LA, Th, FTA Hayes, Suzan-lO2, 243, I22 LA, SC, O-Queen, Q.S., SC AY. FTA, FHA. Sp. C. Hays, Darla-244 Hays, Lynn-245, l0l Hays, Terry Head, Byron-244 Hefner, Chrisline-245 Hellon, David-245 Henderson, Pal-245 Henderson, Jearlene-245 Herbert Amy-68, I I6, 245, 246. l2O Hicks, Bobbi-245 Higgins, Ken-245 Hileman. Dair-90, 245, 232, 87 Hill, David-245, I97, I99, I95 FB, BB, Tr, Bab. Hill, Jim-245 Hollar, Harmon-l3O, I54, I73, I74, I77, I82, 245, IB6, I87 Holloway, Sandra Holmes, Mike Holmes, Richard Horn, Sieve--245, lOl Howard, Ken-245 Hudson, Rushe-245 KC, T, FTA. AY Huffaker, Gary--245, lOl Huliliaker, Donna-245 FHA Hun1'. Billy-245 AY, FTA. T Hyso, Cherry-67, 245, l29 KC-Swee+hear+, ROTC Sponsor, AY, FTA l ra ,Terry-245 ng Sis, FTA Irving. James Jackson, Eddie--I78, 245 FB, Tr. Jackson, Marfha-245 LC, VOE Jacobson, Berf-I78, 184, 245, I87 Janssen. Cheri-245 Jenkins, Alan-245 AY, FTA, FC Jones, Claudia--64, 247 Hg. FHA. AY. CHE, B.. Jones, James-247 MC 353 Jones, Kennefh-247 Jordan, Phil-l8l, 247 FB Jones, Randy-247 Jones, Tim-247, 86 AY, FTA, CC, VICA, lCT Johnson, Alberi-247 Johnson, Brenda-246 D.E. Johnson, Jerry-246. I93, I94. l99. l96 S.C., BB, AY, FTA, SPAN. C., Key C Johnson, Mary-246 AY, FTA, VOE, Ken C., FC, LC Johnson, Sharon-246 FTA, AY. YB. span. c Johns+on, Debby-I I6, 247 SS, AY. FTA Judd, Dianna-247 NHS, FTA, AY, FC. LC, Ken C Julius, Binnie-67 SS, AY, FTA. SC. ST.C Kale. Michael-247 NHS, FTA, MC, LC, Ken C Kardos, Nancy-247 FTA, FHA Keifh, Jack-247 Golf, FC, FTA Keifh, John-247 Kelley, Richard-69, 70. 240 AYC, Span. C, VV, FTA. AY V., W, Key C Kilcrease, Mary Nell-I I6, 247 FTA, AY, SC, NHS, SS, BC, Ken C Kile, Richard-247 King, Kal'hi-247 AY. FTA Kinney. Mike-247 V Kirkland, Davey-247 VICA, B Knighf, Shirley-247 Cheerleader, NHS, AY, FTA, SC, Ken C Krill, John-247, I94, I92, I98 BB, AY, FTA Kriiser. John-247, 2I5, 2l6, 8l AY, FTA, T Kulow, Dana-248 VICA Kullow, Judi-247 FB. AY, FTA, Tr., F Lane, Eliff--l78, I83, I84, 248 F 354 Landon, Rue-2l7, 248 AY, FTA, T Laur, Eddy-248 AY, FTA, Golf, Ken C Lawson, Jess-248 B Long, Mike-249 Love, Roloeri'-48, 249 TR., FB., FTA, BAB. Lowin, Ma riorie-249 FHA, VOE Lyles, Cynlhia-I I6, 249, Sl AY, QS, AY, Sfepper Lyfle, Carol-249 span C., Nmss AY' FTA Lyfle, Sherryl AY. FTA Maior, John-240, 249 Mangold, Jake'Ha-249 ROTC, FTA, AY, FHA Lawson, Tess-248 LeClair, Krisfie-I66, 248 BC, NHS, AY, FTA, Ken C, Lemons, Bruce-248 DE Lewis, Larry--249 W. Pres. MC Ligon, Tracy-I2l, 249, lOl Key C, Ken C, FTA, B, O, Mangrum. Rea Lynn LA' S Manuel, Barbara-249 Linceycomb, Jesse-249 b FHA, FTA, Tri-Hi-Y Li++Ie. JOE'-249 Marceron, Sharon-249 FB. AY. FTA. Tri- NHS. KEN Club, FTA, AY Lloyd- Dick-249 Marlaff, Debbie-249, 258, 77 Lomax, Richard-249 FHA. FTA. AY Long, Dona-249, IOO Marquarclf, Karen-249, I22, 58. B., O., FTA, AY, SC., NHS, IOO T Ken Club, FR. Club B., FTA, QS Malhews, Phil-249, 232, l92, I96 V., KEY Club, B., AY, FTA Malhias, Charles-250 F Marlin, Doris--250 Marlin, Frank-5, I55, 250 WW, KEN Club, AY, FTA, Cheerleader Marlin, Roberl-250 Mauncl, Carllon-250 Mauney, Gaile-250 May, Connie-250 May, Lynn--250 FTA, AY Mayfield, Rulh-250 NHS, KEN Club, FTA, VOE Meelcs, Evelyn-250 Mellon, Henry--I66, 250, 73 ROTC, NHS, KEN Club, MC, NHSS Merchanl, Leonard-250 ROTC Messer, Linda Meyer, Marshall Milchell, Chryslyn-250 Mifchell, Debra-l28, I38, 250, 54, 57 FFA Sweelhearl, ROTC, FTA, AY, FHA, Senior Princess MoffiH', Sandra-250 FHA, AY, Y-T, GYM Club Monlgomeryf Mary Mike--75, 250 NHS. SPAN. NHS, KEN Cgub, Span. Club, FTA, A Monlgomery, Linda-8, I27, I56, 250, 254 ' Oueen of AHS, FRENCH Club, AY, AYC, FTA Morgan, Iris Moore, Debbie-25l, 54 NHS, GYM Club, ROTC. FRENCH Club, LATIN Club FTA, AY Moore, Donald-25l Moore, Dorolhy-25l FTA, SPANISH Club, Span. NHS Moore, Franlc-25I FTA, AY, AYC, FRENCH Club Moore, Kevin--25 I Moore, Wayne-25I AY, FTA, T Morin, Eddie-25I FTA, FFA Morris, Larry-69, 70, I57, 252, 97 WW, FTA, NHS, KEN Club. KEY Club, V., B., O. Morrison, Lonnie Morris, Dawna-25I DE Morrow, Milce-64, 252 FTA. B.C. Morrison, Earlene-37, 252 KEN Club, FRENCH Club. FTA, AY, NHS Moss, Bill-90, 98, 252, 44, IOI B., NHS, FTA, BC, O., AY, LATIN Club Mouser, Roberl-253 T. W Murphy, Arlhur-253 Myers, Susan-I67, 253 LATIN Club, AY, FTA, NHS McCauley, Sue-250 AE FTA, FRENCH Club, C McCormick, Ida-250, IIB NHS. KEN Club McCurry, Pierce-249 O McDougal, James-250 Mc6aughy, Susalee--250 FTA, O, AY McKinney, Veda-98, 250, 252, IOI McMillan, Carolyn-250 FHA McSpadden, Evaline-IO6, l23, 250, 258, 46, 8I ROTC, NHS, AYC, FTA. AY, KEN Club, LATIN Club, O Nall, Carol Neel, Barbara-253 AY, FTA, FRENCH Club. BC Neely, Pam-253 FHA, GYM Club Newlon. Karen--253 FTA, LA, AY, AYC, SPANISH Club Nix, Judy--253 DE Norlon, Joyce-253 VOE, FHA Nunn, Sharon FHA, BC, GYM Club Nunn, Jerry Nussbaum, Carol-253 FTA. FHA Nussbaum, Jim-253 O'Brian'r, Jannis-253 NHS, AY. LATIN Club. FTA. FHA. O Ogden, Johnny-253 O'Keele, Karen--253 NHS, SC, FRENCH Club. KEN Club. AY Oldfalher, Jenni-253 FTA. VOE Osborn, Richard Overslreef, Morris-253, l93, I94, I98 B Owen, Jimmy-l8I, 253 F, T, FTA Owen, Milne-253 Oxley, Donna-253 NHS, KEN Club, FHA, LATIN Club Rasperry, Don-84 Reed, Hermone'r'ra--255 FHA, SC, MC, SC, Sp. C Reed, Leel'Ia-255 Reinerl, Ilene-255 FHA, FTA Reynolds, Billy-255 FTA, ROTC Rice, Delise--29, 67, 90, I l5, 255 NHS, SC, AY, FTA. KEN Club, Cheerleader Richardson, Lorella-255 VOE Riclcslrow, Roy-255 Rilchey, Geary-l8I, 255 Robbins, Doug-l72, I75, I76, ISO, I82, IBB, 255, 5I, I87 Rogers, Linda--255 FHA Rogers, David-255, IOI FTA, AYC, B Ross, Palryshaa Dyahnne-255 Rowan, Marsha-255 SC, NHS. AYC, FTA. AY. FC, KEN Club Rush, Avery--255, 2l5, 2l6 FC, AY, FTA, T, KEN Club Rush, Melinda-255 BC, FHA, FTA. FC Russell, Wanda-255 355 Sanderson, John-244, 255, I l8, 2 I 3 BC, AY, FTA, FB, T, W, S, OS Sal+ersIrom, Cindy-255 Sp. C, FTA, AY Sawyers, Johnny-255 W, FTA, Sp. C Sco'r'r, Nancy-I I6, 255 ScoH, Roberl'-255 FTA Scruggs, Connie-23, I I6, 256 LA, SC, AY, FHA Sealon, Sleve-256 FFA Sena, Danny-256 ROTC Sessler, Greg-256 FFA Shanlclin, Rose-256 Sharp, David-256 FTA, O, Bab Shaw, Hool-I I5, 256, 2l3 AY, W, SC, Sp. C, Cheerleader Shepherd, Bruce-I39, I76, l8I, IBZ, 256 Shellon, Con nie-2 56 FTA Sherwood, Ronnie-256, 9l BC, B, FTA Shoemaker, Ricky-256 VIC Shoup, Brenda-256 Showers, Jaclc-256 Tr. FTA Slpe, Lynn Ann-256 FHA, FTA, O, B, Y-T, Sp. C Slaughler, Dave--256 BB Smllh, David-256 FB, Bab Smilh, Debbie-256. 87 AY, FTA, FC Smilh, Linda-256 FTA, NHS, KEN Club, Sp. C Smilh, Toni-256 FTA, AY, FA, CC Smilh, Tracy-256 NHS, AY, FTA, SP. HS, KEN Club Sprangler, Mike-256 Slann, Connie-256 Slanfield, Nalhan--257 ROTC 356 Slarlc, Greg-93, l2l, 257. IOI B, FTA, OS, LA, S, Sp. C Slalsler, John-257 Slelle, Craig-257 Tr., FC, AY Slewarl, Linda-2 58 VOE Slewa rf, Mary Ann-258 Slephenson, Larry-93, 258, IOI B, O, SB, SC, AY, FTA, W, Tr. Slewarl, Terrie-75, IO6, l23, I58, I67, 259, ZI3, 9l NMSS, DAR BC, NHS, T. FC. KEN Club Sloffle, Janice-2 59 FHA, FTA, sp. C Slone, Janie-I I6, 259 NHS, SS, T, AY, FTA, KEN Club Slonelclng, Kalhy-259 AY, FTA, FC, T, VOC, GC SI'oul', Candy-IO6, 259, 54, 232 ROTC Sponsor, VC, NHS, WW, Nl-IS, AYC, FTA, O. LC, KEN Club Slriclcland, Karen-259 O. FTA, FC. Sp. C Slurlcie, Mark-259, IOO Sudbury, Sammy-259, 86 FTA, AY, VIC Sullivan, Debbie-259 Summers, Teka-259, 2 I 5 T, F, NHS, T, BC, KEN Club, FTA Tarler, Bill-7I, 259 Taylor, Dennis-259, IOO Taylor, Roland-259 B Tesl, Peggy-I6O, 259, 2l5 WW, SC, KK, AY, FTA, F, BC, T, NHS, KEN Club Thach, Bui Bao-9l Thomas, Jody-259 AY. FTA Thomas, Judy-259 Thomas, Ross-259 NDCC, MC, ROTC ITC' LC' FTA' AY Thompson, Doug-74, 259 Slriclcland, Anlla-94, I I6, 259, NHS, AY, FTA, AYC, KEN 81, l59 Club. Sp. C if Thompson, Lyke-259, H8 Thompson, Pa'r-259 Thurman, Joy-259 Thiel, Cindy-259 Tillman, Loraine-259 Tillman, Mary-260 Tomligson, Leon-260, IOI Todd, Penny-260 Trammell, David-260 BC. FTA Traufman, Sue-2l7, 260, 2l5 T, FTA, AYC, AY Trigg, Krisfen-260 Trook, Gary-260 KC. NHC. FTA. MC. KEN Club Turner, Helen-260 Tucker, Sherri-260 AY, FTA, FC, SS, NHS, LA Underwood, Lesley-260 Sp. C Vanderpool, Pal'-lOl NHS, SB, B, O Veazey, Fred-260, 232 LAggS, B, FTA, AY, Sp. C Veazey, Ronny-260 Velebil, Jerry-260, 82 Verrresse, John-240, 260 Vinyard, Nancy-260 '- DECA. CC Vineyard, Susan-75, 260 E 4, ,ll A Tx ffl' 5' 1 IS T' . I ' I . 355' ,,.i F , . S' S F . .Q.. ..L,,... -'ki X 1 r. 6 j .,ii Vifali, Michele-260 Wade, Sam-49, IIO, I23, 260, 54 Th, ROTC Waliers, Mary-260 BC. LA Waghorn, Glen-260 Waller, Richard-260 Walker, Dale-260 Walkup, Phil-260 Ware, Arihur-26l Ware, Ca+hleen-26I AY, FTA, Th, Sp. C Ware, Chrisfine-26l AY, FTA, Th, Sp. C Warnecke, Joe-26I Warren, Nan-262 Warren. Jana--262 Weaver, Barry-262 Weeks, Ronnie-262 Tr., DE, W, DECA. AY. FTA Wells, Allon-262 Wescoal, Anna-262 Weslry, Paula-262 Wheeler, Sherri-263 Whiiacre, Johnny-49, 263 Whiflenburg, Tom-263 Wiegand, Bill-263 Wilder, Larr -263 BC, ROYTC Wiley, Robby-263 AY, FTA, VOE Williams, Debbie-263 FTA. AY. DECA Williams, Ivon Williams, Jim-263, IOO B, FTA, AY Willie, Charla-263 AY, DE Wilson, Debb -263 SPAN. Club, FTA. VOE Wilson, Jeanene-263 FTA, VOE, CHESS Club Wilson, John-263 Wilson, Kay-263 FTA, AY, DECA Wilson, Vicki-263 Wilierdinq, David--263 B, AY, FTA. BC Wiswell, Bruce WiHen, Susan-263 NHS, KEN Club. B. FTA. AY. SC. LC 'SE Woodell, Laura-263 SS, FTA, AY, SC, NHS Woods, Marfha-I66, 263 FTA. SS Wright Tommy-2 63 Wya'f+, Creed-37, 68, I IO, 2l5 2l6. Bl, l6l KEY Club, TEN. NHS, KEN Club, SC, Cheerleader, WW, V, AYC, AY, FTA, LATIN Club Young, Beverly-263 Zermeno, Thomas-263 JUNIORS Adams, Sue-267 Aldredge, Opal-267 Allen, Neil-267, lOl Allen, Pamela-267 Anderson, Andy-I74, 267 Arms+rong, Donald-I74, 267 Ailcins, Judy-267 Auslam, Janna-l23, 267 BaggeH', Pal-267 Bailie, Richard-267 Bailey, Owen-267 Balclersron, Larry-267 Bandy, Caihy--267 Ballew, David-267 Basifwicz, Kafhy-IOO Barron, Barbara-267 357 Beck, Donald-267 Bell, Rex--267, IOO Be-rreir, Sandra-267 BesI', Davicl-267, IOI BesI', Perry-267 Be'r'ris, Lynda--267 Bird, Regina-267 Bishop, Mike-267, so Blackburn, Mike-I74, I7 Blackwell, Joyce-267 Blyihe, Carol-267 Boolhe, David-268, IOI Borger, Carolyn-268 Boslick, Mary-268 Bourland, Larry--268 Braden, Becky--I I9, 268 Bramblel, Donald-268 Bronlon, Roy-268 Brown, Barbara--268 Bruse, Richard-67, 268 Bruza, Janelle-268 Buck, Roberl-268 Burke, Cheryl-268 Bush, Leah-268 Bullrick, Rex-268 Bu+'rs, PaI'ricia--268 Burcher, Joni-268 Burn, Sylvia-268 Caballero, Joan-268 Caldwell, Ronnie-268 Calloway, Mary-268 Camp, Sandra-268 Campbell, Don-268, IOI Campbell, Kalhie-268 Carlen. Carlen-268 Carrer, Bruce-268, IOI 358 5, 267 Carfer, Deborah-268, IOO Chandler, John-268 Cheshire, Cheri-268 Clark, Cynlhia-269 Clarke, Cynlhia-269 Clary, Judy-269 Clubb, Mary-269 Cobb, Jim--269 Collier, Candy-I I6, 269 Conrad, Rose-I I7, 269 Cooke, Valorie-269 Collie, Donna-269 Cowens, Dwigh'r-269 Cox, Joseph-I75, 269 Cox, Melisa-269 Craghead, Jan-ll I7, 269 Crain, Kalhleen-269 Crain, Sieven--69, 269, 2I5 Crawley, David-270 Crulchlield, Calhy-270 Cunningham, Susan-270 Dalrymaple, Mike-I75, 270 Dammier, Wayne-270 Davis, Daina-270, 73 Davis, Jerre-270 Davis, Joyce-270 Davis, Peggy-270 Denlon, Kyle-270 DeHon, Gloria-I I6, 270 Dewey, Dee Ann-270, IOO Diaz, Vicloria Dillard, Aniia-270 Duke, Ralph-270 Dunlap, Rodney-270 Dunn, Pamela-270 Earle, Linda-270 Edminisler, Isaac-270 Edwards, Eve-270 Edwards, Phil-270 Eichhorn, Janer-90, 93, I IO l42. 258, 270 Emmerson, James-270 Essary, Ben-270 Eslrada, Linda-270 Ewing, Jenny-IO6, 270, 44 Ewing, ScoH-270 Ewfon, Jan-270 Failh, Ricky-270 Fanning, Marylyn-27I Fenlaw, Pamela-27l Ferguson, James-2l7, IOI Fincher, Larry-27I Fisher, Dale--27'I Flippin, Helen-27I Ford, Ricky-27I Forresier, Perry-7I Freeman, La Dona-27I Gabel, Marcia-27I Gallagher, Molly-27l Gallarneau, Lincla-I23 Garner, Lissa-I I7, I I6 Garrison, Dwigh'r-272, IOO Galens, James-272 Gaul, Cincly-272 Gibbs, Nancy-272 Gibson, Kalhy-93, 272 Gibson, Jim-272 Gibson, Pam-272 Giersch, Guy-272 Gilbrelh, Marlha-272 Gooch, Larry-272 Goodwin, Vecla-272 Goolsby, David-272, IOO Gore, Earl-272 Gouldy, David-35, 272 Graham, Bobby-272 GranI', Alice-272 Granr, Janel-272 Greear, Wayne-272, 86 Grimes, Roy-272 Gruver, Tim-272 Guleke, Edward-272 Gunrey, Barbara-272 Hagood, Sue-272 Hall, Frank-272, IOI Halsey, Penny-272 Hambric, Ginny-272, I I8 Hamilion, PaHy-272 Hamner, Callie-7I, 272 Hamrick, Mike-272 Hanna, Connie--272, IOO Harmon, Dolus-272 Harrell, Byron-272 Harrison, Rex-272 Hawks, Janis-273 Heddin, Noline-273' Hedger, Beverly-273 Helfon, Bob-273 Hellon, Diane-273 Hendrix, Rhonda-273 Hernandez, Arrhur--273 Herringion, Gary-273 Herringlon, Hilda-272 Hill, Tommy-273 Hogue, Jenny-274 Holland, Caihy-274 Holland, Lonnie-274 Holland, Kennerh-274 Hollar, Harlon-274 Holman, Deborah-274 Houchins, Danny-274 Howard, ScoH-274 Hughes, Brenda-274 Hulsey, Greg-274 Hyman, Georg?-274 Jackson, David-274 James, Darlene-274 Jefferson, Edward-274 Jenkins, John-67, 93, 275 Jennings, Elwyn-275 Johnson, Donna-275 Johnson, Johnny-l78, 275 Johnson, Randy-275 Johnson, Wayne-275 Johnslon, George-64, 98, 275, Johgk, Marcus-l78, 275 Jones, Nola-275, ll8, IOO Jones, Paul--275, IOO Jordan, Jane-275 Keilman, Carla-275 Kelln, Anila-275 Kennedy, Marlha-275, 266 Kerr, Sheila-275 Key, James-275 Kincaid, Janei-275 Koing, Loae-275 Kroh, Berri-275 Kunkel, Belva-275 Laing, David-275, I87 Laird, Debby-275 LeMas'fer, Richard-275 Lamb, Cynlhia-275 Lane, Chalres-275 Lanier, Emily-275 Laiham, Sallye-275 Lawles, Vicki-275 Lawrence, Becky-275 Lawrence, Gary-276 Lawson, Judilh-276, IOO Layman, Pam-276, 77 Lea+hers, Leroy-276, 2 I 5 LeClair, Lewis-276, 2l5 Lee, EllioH-276 Lemke, Vicki-276 Lemons, Debbie-276 Liedlke, Caihy--276 Lil'lle-, Mark-276 Lowery, Pairicia-276 Lowry, Meg-I I6, 276 McBride, Sherrie?-276 McCaleb, Elizabefh-276 McCarley, Danny-276 McCaulley, Carhy-276 McCIendon, Peggy-276 McDonald, Belh-276 McGlasson, Merle-I l7, 276 Mclnrire, Benny-276 McKinney, Mark-l80, 276 McNabb, Cheri-276 McQuillin, Pai-276 Marcum, Paula-276 Maddox, Karen-276 Malone, Cynihia-276, IOO Malone, Kaihy-276 Manuel, Kennelh-276, I93, l9l, I97, l98, I95 Marcia, Peace-I96 Mariin, Marvin-276 Marlinez, Cecil-276 Marrinez, Graceli-276 Marfinez, Roberl'-276 Massey, Truefl-276 Meacham, Terry-277, lOl Meador, Sharon-l I7, 277 Meeks, Lolia-277 Merchanl, Penny-277 Middlelon, Debbie-277 Miller, Kay-277 Miller, Sian-277 Miichell, Greg-277 Mihouse, Gisle-277 Mllchell, Linda-277 Morgan, Mary-l l0, l23 Moffilrl, Sarah-277 Moland, Wayman-277 Monning, Praier-l8O, 277, 266 Monres, Linda-277 Monrgomery, Donald--278, 266 Monfgomery, Pal-l8O, 278 Mooney, Sheilah-278, IOO Moore, Holly-278 Moore, Mary-278 Moore, Teresa-278 Morgan, Mary-278 Morris, Henry-278 Morris, Joy-278 Murphy, Peggy-278 Myelhus, Gisle-2l3 Myers, Gwen-278, IOO Myers, Monry-278 Naylor, Mike-278 Needham, Daniel-l8O, 278 Nelrf, Vivian-I79 Neel, Kimble-279 Neely, Susan-l I7, 278 Nelson, Mike-279 Neeper, Gaylon-I 83, 279 Noble, Nancy-279, IOO Norrell, Billy-I43, 279 Norrhern, Roy--279 Nuckolls, Jane-279 Nugenf, Linda-I79 Nunley, Marion-279 O'Dell, Lois-279 Oehler+, Janis-279 Onsiead, Janilh-279 OH, Leesa-279 Oversrreel, Anna-279 Overslreer, Wesley--279 Pace, John-279 Palmer, Mike-279 Pannier, Marlha-279 Parker, Chrisfine-279 Parkinson, John-279, lOl Paul, Kennerh-279 Peace, Janis-279 Pearce, William-279 Perry, Mike-279 Perry, PaH'y-279 PeH'yiohn, Judy-279 Pfanmiller, Jim-279, lOl Phillips, Judy-279 Poe, Donald-279, IGI Pope, Linda-279 Porler, Ka'rhy--I l6. 279 Powers, Syd-279, IOO Pralher, Dewey-279 PraH', Jow279 Pra'r+, Max-280 359 Presfwood, Billy-280 Priesf, Mary Jane-280 Raburn, Nancy-280 Ragland, Mona-280 Railsbaclc, Ronald-280, 85 Ralson, Barbara-280, 2l5, 2l6 Ramsey, Cafhy-280 Rawls, Dennis-280 Raybgvlichael-280, I97, l98. Ray, Vicki-280 Reid, Danny-280 Reynolds, Gerald-280 Rhineharf, Mike-280 Rhineharf, Sharon-280 Rigghe, Kafherine-28l Roach, Tom-28l Roberson, Connie-28l Roberfs, Donna-28I Roberfs, Roulslend-28I Roberfson, Don-28I Roe, Thomas-28l Rogers, Sue-98, 28I Rogers, Phillip-28I Ross, Teresa-28I Ruffin, Gloria-28l Runcie, Dan-28I Sanford, Joe-28l Saunders, Randy-28l, lOl Saunders, Thomas-28I Savage, Ari'-28I Sarfor, Cliffon-l23, 28l Sculos, Hurles-l82, 28l, I93, l99, I96 Scalia, Frances-28 l, IOO Schlegel, Dennis-28I Schwab, Jerry-28I Scoff, Connie-28l, IOO Scoff, John-28I Seffle, Drew-281 Shaclcleford, Lynn-28l, IOI Shanlcle, Jim-28l Shanklin, Roberf-28l, l82 Shanks, Mike-28l Shannon, Arlena-28l Sharp, Gary-28l Shaw, Susie-I I6, 282 Shaw, Hoof-282 Shelfon, Celesfe-90, 282 Shelfon, Joyce-282 360 Simpson. Mary-282 Sims, George-282 Singlefon, Janice-282, IOO Skaggs, James-282 Slocum. Vicki-282 Small, George-282 Smifh, Fred-282 Smifh, Jimmy-282 Smifh, Mary-I I7, 282 Wa, if ' 'gl ,.,. V i fs W ,..- ...,.. , W U A , X ii ,af M ,'.',s Smifh, Sandra-282 Smifh, Valeree-282 Smoof, Bill-282 Snyder, Jimmy-282 Sougesfad, David-282 Spahr, Richard-282 Spargur, Ron-282 Spiller, Beiy-282 Spraggins, Troy-282 Sfahl, Shelia-282 Sfanford, Janice-282 Sfapf, Donald-282 Sfephenson, Jerry-282 Sfephenson, Dennis-282 Sferling, Jean-282 Sferreff, Tom-282, IOO Sfewarf, Kay-282 Sfoffle, Sue-282 Sfokes, Kafhy-282 Sform, Chris-282 Sweaf, Mike-69, 282 Swifzer, Marilyn-282 Thigpen, Sharon-283 Thomas, DeeAnn-283 Thomas, Susan-I I7, 283 Thompson, Diana-283 Thompson, Linda-283 Thurman, Deborah-282 Tillisch, Sfeve-283 Tollc, Judy-283, 266 Tomberlin, Rob-283 Tomlinson, Billy-283 Trahen, Charles-283 Turner, Chrisfine-283 Tyrrell, Dianna-283 Vaclav, Jerry-283 Vanderford, Cynfhia-284 Vandergriff, Jack-284 Van Vlief, Mark-284 Vessel, Lyneffe-284 Villandry, Kennefh-284 Wallace, Diana-284 Wallace, Richard-284 Warcl, D. Ann-284 Ward, Pamela--284 Warren, Willis-284 Wafers, John-284 Wafers, Phyllis-284 Wafley, Kay-284 Wafson, Mike-284, IOI Weaver, Rene-284 Webb, Pam-284 Weir, Walfer-284 Weldon, John-285 Wells, Presfon-285 Wells, Roy-285 Wesf, Reba-285 Whinery, John-285 Whifaker, Carol-285 Whifalcer, Carolyn-285, 2I5 Whifalcer, Lewis-285 Whife, Lindy-IO3, 285 Whiffenburg, Joe-285 Wiggins, Deborah-285 Williams, Bob-285 Williams, Sharon-I I7, 285 Wilson Charles-285 Wilson Deanna--285 Wilson John-285 Wilson, Mike-285 Wilson, Lloyd-285 Wiswell, Bruce-285 Wolden, James-285 Womack, Leonard-285 Woodburn, Shelley-I I7, 285 Wossum, Jimmy-285 Worley, Gwen-285, 266, IOO Wright Becky-285 Wrighf, Linda-285 Wycoff, Raymond-285 Yafes, Marilyn-90, I I6, 285 Zimmer. Sieve-I83, 285 Zinf, Gary-285, IOI SOPHOMORES Adams, George-289 Aderion, Jerry-289 Ageidel, Margie-289 Allen, Mark-289, lOl Allen, Virginia-289 Amador, Charles-289 Anderson, Raymond-289 Anderson, Sfuarl-289 Anderson, Tim-289 Arlhur, Jerry-289 Al'kins, Glennda-289 Aikinson, Michelle-289 Baird, Teri-289 Baldwin, Eddie-289 Ballard, Sandie-289 Barfield, Deanne-289 Barlow, Teresa-289 BarneH', Gary-289, IOO BarneH', Maria-289 Barnharf, Jan-289 Barfon, Larry-289 Beal, Roberf-289 Beck, Dicki-289 Beck, Jerre-289 Bellinghausen, Janel'-289 BenneH, Ralph-289 Bernson, Kennelh-289, lOl Berrel, Julie-289 Berrier, James-300 Berryman, Sfeven-29l Bills, Amelia-29l Bird, Gary-29I Blackis+on, Tom-29I Blackwell, Sandra-290 Blackwell. Thomas-290 Blalock, Paul-290 Boles, Donna-290 Boney, Jackie-290, 302, 2l I Bowman, Maria-290 Boyd, Charlie-290 Boyd, Karon-290 Boydsfon, Ann-290 Bradley, Hellen--290 Brady, Camille-290 Brady, Susan-2'-70,809 Brandi, Sieve-290 Breedlove, Linda-290 Brewsier, Darlene-lOl Bris'row, Marc-290, 84- Brooks, Debbie-290 Brooks, Linda-290 Brown, Beverly-290 Brown, Bobby-290 Brown, Jo-IOI Brown, Joan-290 Brown, Tom-290 Brownlow, Ronald-290 Bullard, Bruce-290 Burk, Gary-290 Burron, Jay-290 Bush, Sheila-290, IOO Calloway, Cheryl-29l Campbell, Janis-29I Carr, Sharon-29l Carriker, Fred-29I Carroll, Bill-29I Carroll, James-29I Carier. Daniel-'7Ol Caskey, Calhy-300 Caswell, Thomas-29l Cawfhon, Homer-29I Chambers, Carolyn-29l Chapman, Janie-29I Cheely, Don--292 Chrisiakis, Mary-292 Chrysler, Don-292 Ciiorelli, Cheri-292 Clary, Jimmy-292 Clay, Coye-292 Cliflon, Beverly-292 Cobb, Sally-292 Coffey, Donny-292, lOl Coleman, Kaihy-292 Cook, Janie-292 Cook, Shelia-292 Cooper, Pafricia-292 Cooper, PaH'y-292 Cosgrove, Charles-292 Covingion, Jill-293, 82 Cox, Judy-293 Coyne, Mike-293 Cowden, Sfeve-293 Cowper, Gwendolyn-293 Crain, Dianiha-293 CrockeH', Jimmy-293 Crossland, Ronald-293 Crow, Donna-293 Curless, Pamela-293 Curiis, Janis-293 Daniels, Mike-293 Daugherly, Melba-293 Davis, Johnny-2'-7I, 293 Davis, Keilh-293 Davis, Susan-293 36I Dawson, lvlicki-293, lOl Denny, Richard--293 Denion, Bobby-293 Derrick, Jerry-288, 293 Deshazo, Richard--293 Dockery, Judy-293 Dodge, David-293 Dahoney, Danny-293 Donham, Mike-293 Dowlen, Janie-293 Dowling, Tony-293 Dreksler, Roberl-293 Duncan, ,Edna-294 Duncan, James-294 Duncan, Margaref-294 Duncan, Marcella-294 Duncan, Pamela-294, IOO Duniven, Philip-294 Easlerday, Paul-I83 Easlman, Larry-294 Edwards, James-294 Edwards, John-294 Eilenberger, Jimmy-294 Elgin, Donnie-295 Elkins, Debbie-295 Ellio'H, Slephanie-I47, 295 Enchelmeyer, Slanlon-295 Ensign, David-295 Eslerday. Paul-295 Evans, Charles-295 Evans, Debbie-295 Everi'H, Nancy-295 Farr, Johnny Ficke, Margo-295 Field, Edilh-295 Fincher, Debbie-295 Flinn, Pafrick-295 Flores, Roberf-295 Foran, Joe-295 Fosier, Donna-295 Fosler, Frank-295 Fosler, Virginia-295 Francies, Teresa-295 Francis, Karen-295 Franks, Samanllwa-295 Freeman, Mike-295 Frosl, Janell-295 Fuel, Waller-295 Funderburk, Carolyn-295 362 Furguson, Brad-295 Furguson, Connie-295 Gaede, Kennellw-295 Gaines, Julia-295 Garcia, Rosalie-295 Gardner, Garry-295 Gaui, Mary-lO2, 295 Gehring, Kurf-295 Gerald, Nancy-296 Gibbs, Roberf-296 Gibbs, Vernon-296 Gigoux, Dennis-296 Giles, Bobby-296, 307 Gillmore, Debbie-296 Glenn, Gregory--296 Glick, Pam-296 Goebel, Doyle-296 Goff, Lesley-296 Goff, Quayquila-296 Gollihuglw, Jerry-296 Goodell, Richard-296 Goodin, Ka'rl1y-296 Grady, Jackie-296 Graves, Alice-296 Gray, Mike-296 Greear, Kennefh-296 Green, Lavon-296 Grey, Pamela-296 Griffin, Pa+'ri-296 Griffilh, Linda-296 Gullirie, Wayne-296 Guzzeha, Marcia-296 Haiduk, Carla-296 Haile, E-Lois-296 Haizer, Lynn-296 Hale, Mike-296 Halford, Connie-296 Hall, Dan-296 Halron, Helen-297 Ham, John-297 Hamby, Cynlhia-297, 3l0 Hamplon, Joe-297 Hamillon, Renee-297 Han, Joe-297 Hand, Sian-297 Handley, Sfephen-297, 3Ol Harnandez, Janie-297 Harp, Vicior-297 Harrison, Beverly-297 Harrison, Palricia-297 Hari, James-297 Harvey, Barbara-297 Halclier, Teresa-297 Hafchei-r, Capres--29I, 298 Halclielrl. Nancy-294, 298 Halfield, Linda-298 Hailwaway, Pairicia-298 Hawbaker, Eva-298 Head, Ransome-298 Hesrer, Waller-298 Hicks, Vicki-298 Hill, Debbie-298 an f .11 ., Q lun: ng f1-w.eea-nxvgzn. Hill, Donnell-298 Hill, MargareHe-298 Hise, Angela-298 Hogue, Jerry-298 Holland, Cherie-298 Holland, Janice-298 Holland, John-298 Hols+on. John-298 Holt Bonnie-298 Holycross, Charles-298 Horn, Ernesf-298 Horn, Ronny-298 Horn, Sharon-298 Horner, James-298, lOl Howell, James-298 Hughes, Wesley-298 Hulsen, David-298 Hunfer, Ronald-298 Hurd, William-298 Hursf, Daryl-298 HuHon, George-298 Hyso, Robin-299 lcke, Warren-299 lngram, Chrisfie-299, IOO Jackson, Debra-299 Jackson, Jeri-29 l , 299 Jackson, Pal-299 Jackson, Sieve-299 Jackson, S+eve-299 James, Tommy-299 Jasper, Debbie-299 Jay, Richard-299 Jenkins, Byron-299, lOl Jeoffroy, Joe-299 Jeyden, Susan-299 Joe, Larry-299 Johnson, Johnny--300 Johnson, Kennelh-300, l0l Jonason, Bruce-300 Jones, Billy-300 Moore, Yvonne-305 Jones, Cindy-300 Jones, Diana-300 Jones, Gaye-300 Jones, Glenna-300 Jordan, Belh-300 Jordan, Roberf-300 Jue'f'r, Melissa-300. 3l0 Kale, Teri-300 Keifh, Terry-300 Kellison, Linda-300 Kelly, David-300 Kempf, Thomas-300 Kennedy, Linda-300 Kennedy, Pamela-l06, 300, l00. 44 Keizel, Sharon-300 Keys, Roberi-300, lOl Killon, Lore+'ra-300 King, Dana-300 Kinney, Ann-300 Kirkland, Jimmy-300, 30l Kile, Thurman-300 Klingensmiih, Andrew-300 Knorpp, Raymond-30l, l0l Knox, Rebecca-3Ol Kukwell, Donna-30l Kuniz, Lynn-30l Kurfze, Jodi-300 Lacy, Chrisfi-30l, lOl Lamarca, Jim-30l Lane, Mark-30l Lankford, Parricia-301 Larkey, Dyane-3Ol Laiham, Debbie-30l Lafham, Larry-30l, 36 Lauder, Mindy-30l Leard, Ronnie-3OI Lewis, Donna-30I Lewis, John-30l LiHle, Brenda-302 Lloyd, Emily-302 Loclcharf, Kafhleen-302 Lokey, John-302 Long, Frances-302 Long, Linda-302 Lowin, Tina-302 Luke, Sianlon-302 Lusfer, Linda-302 Lyons, Mike-302 McBee, Nelda-302 McCarH', Leigh Ann-303, 3l0 McCarH, Sieve-303 McCauley, Tommie-303 McClain, Bill-303, IOI McClin+ook, Cariy-303, lOl McCormick, Scof-303 McDougle, Virginia-303 McEwen, Cindy-303 McKee, David-303 McKey, Joe-303 McKinney, Sharon--303, IOI McMullen, Connie-303 Mahaffee, Ernesi-302 Maldonado, Eve-302 Mangold, Alice-302, 3 I0 Mann, Paula-302 Mao, Roger-302 Marquez, Junior-302 Marshall, Gregg-302 Marshall, Mary-302, IOO Mar+in, Billy-302 Marlin, Larry-302 Mason, Judy-302 Ma'rhis, Carolyn-302 MaHhew, Mike-302 Mayfield, Kennefh-l0l Maynard, Ka+hy-90, 288, 30 Maylon, Leigh-302 Meeks, Gary--304 Meeks, Larry-304 Me-Hon, Carolyn-304 Mendes, Pairicia-305 Merchanf, Sieve-304 Middaugh, Rhonda-304 Miller, Jay-304 Miller, Paige-304 Miller, Pafricia-304 Millman, Sieve-305 Mills, Charlene-305 Mil+on, Peggy-305 Ming, Roberf-305 Ming, Virginia-305 Minor, James-305 Mifchell, Geraldine-305 Milchell, Lare-305 Mifchell, Rhonda-292, 305 Mokesele, Mickey-305 Moler, MaH-305 Moncrief, Jerry-305 Monlgomery, Presion-305 Moore, Bobby-305 Moore, David-305, lOl Moore, Terry-305 Morehead, Diane-309, 100 Morgan, Morris-305 Morgan, Samule-305 Morrell, Debra-305 Morris, Helen-305 Mossholder, Melinda-305 363 Moulron, Sfeve-305 Myers, John-305 Nail, Beala-305 NaI'ions, Jim-305 Naylor, Jade-305 Newman, Gary-305 Newfon, Sandra--305 Nimmo, Harlie-305 Nolor, Kilfon-305 Norman, Barry-306 NorIhcuH, Barbara-306 Nor+hcuH, Raymond--306 Novak, Dan-306, 2I5 Nunn, Mike-306 Nussbaum, Karen-306 O'Brien, Mary Faye-306 O'Connor, Dan--306 Oldfalher, Minefle-306 Oldham, S'I'anIey-306 Olivier, Dana-306 Olmsread. Reid-306 Osborn, John-306 Osborne, Louis-306 OHo, Doris--306 OHO, Mark-306 Owen, Bob-306 Page, Eddie-306 Painle-r, Nora--306 Parrish, Kalhy-306 PaHerson, Kafhalean-306 Palrlerson, Randy-306 PaH'erson, Wiley-306 PaI'Ion, Carol-IO2, 306 Peace, Minor Ray-306 Peake, S+eve-306 Pearson, Connie-306 364 Pearson, Richard-306 Pedigo, George-307 Penny, Janice-307 Penson Lyne-307 Perkins Ken-307 Perkins Troy-307 Phillips Cindy-307 Phillips Ricky-307 Pickelf, Bobby-307 Picke+'r Sleve-307 Self, Don-309 Sermon, Warren--309 Shankir, Barbara-209 Shields, Mike-309 Shole, Marr-309 Showers, Cafhy-309 Simmons, Jon-3IO Simmons, Sherryl--3 IO Simon, Virgie-309 sims? Billy-3 no Pierce, J. W.-307 Pipkin, Mark-307 Pond, Nora Lynn-307 PrescoH', Kafhy-307 Preslon, Kalhi-307 Priesl, Charlie-307, 308 Prichard, Cynrhia-308 Prokop, Alan-307 Plumlee, Ronnie-307 PruiH', Brenda-308 Ouiggle, James-308 Randle, James-308 Rea, Ronnie-308 Reck, Ellen-308 Reclor, Mary-308 Reeves, Sreven-308 Remlinger, SI'eve-308 Rice, Richard-308 Rickles, George-308, IOO Rishey, Charles-308 Rivers, David-308 Roach, Roberl'-308 Roberls, Kenny-308 Roberlson, Brenda-308 Roberfson, Sherlee-308 Rowan, S'I'eve-308 Rowell, Lauren-308, IOO Ryan, Palricia-308 Sally, Debbie-308 Sanders, Melvin-308 Sanford, Ronda-308, IOI Sarlor, Pal'-308 Sawyers, Joe-308 Schaab, Gary-308 Schenfield, Mary-308 Schroeder, Paul-308, IOO Schwab, Gary-308 ScoH, Barbara-308 SCOI I', Bob-288, 309 ScoH', Judy-309 Sloan .John-288, 3 IO Smifh. Smilh, Smilh Smilh Smirh Ca rl-3 I O Ca rolyn-3 I O , Donna-309, 3I0, IOO Peggy-3 I O Roberf-3 IO Sorrell, Nancy-3 IO Sparkman, Jimmy-3I0 Sparks, Billy-3 IO Spears, Clayron-3l0, IOI Spencer, Thelma-3 I0 Spiller, Bobby-3 I I Spurgeon, Zo-3I I Sranhopa, William-3I I Sianley, Rusly--3I I Sianion, Linda-3I I Siapf, Sylvia-3I I Siarlc, Gary-3I I S'ra'rser, Larry-3l I Sieele, Mickey-3l I Siephens, Cherie-3I I Siephens, Ediih-3I I Sievens, Kaihy-3I I S+ewarI', Jay-3I I Siidham, Claudia-3I I Sioneman, John-3I I Sfover, Connie-3 I I S+urIcie, Bob-3I I, IOO Sudbury, Mary-297, 3I I, IOO Suel, Glenn-3I I Suiile, Diane-3l I SuH'on, CoIeI'I'a-3I I simon, Roy-301, 3II Swarm. Gary--3I I Taylor, Drew-3I I Taylor, William-3I I Tennani, Mariha-3I2 Terrell, Debbie-3I2 Thomas, Ginger-3I2 Thomas, JoAnn--288, 3 I2 Thomas, Rebecca-3I2 Thomaz, Tony-3 I2 Thompson, Drenda-3I2 Tiffin. Melissa-3I2 Tiffany, Debbie-3I2 Tilley, Roberf-2I5, 3I5 Tonlinson, Frank-3I2 Towery, Cynlhia-3I2 Townes, Beclcee-3I2 Troolc, Dennis-3 I2 Turner, Belinda-3I2 Turner, Jack-3 I 2 Turner, Eddie-303, 3I I, 3 I2 Turner, William-3I2 Tussell, Eddie-3I2 Tyson, Nicky-3 I 2 Underwood, Travis-3 I2 Underwood. Richard-3I2 Unsell, Cindy-3 I2 Vandiver, Jan-3 I2 Vandivere, Danny-3 I2 Van Pell-3 I 2 Varnadore, Helen-3 I2 Vaughn, Kenneih-3I2 Verlreese, Mary-29I Verlreese, Jenne-3 I2 Vinyard, Mark--3I2 Walker, Cary-3I2 Wall, Diana-3I2 Wall, Diana-3I2 Wallace, Pai-3I2 Walsh, Bill-3I2 Waliers, David-3I3 Waliers, Tom-I46, 3I3 Warneclc, Johnny-3I3 Warren, Debbie-3I3 Waiers, David-304 Walls, Monica-3I3 Wea+herIy, Carolyn-3I3 Weaver, Morgan-3I3, IOO Webb, Aleiha-3I3 Webb, Terri-3I3 Welch, Janei-3I3 Wells, Dana-3I4 Wescoai, Tanya-3 I4 Wesi, Debbie-3I4 Whiddon, Judy-3I4 Willey, David-3I4 Whiialxer, David-3I4 Whilalcer, Richard-3I4 While, Jeanie-3 I4 Wiggins, Shannon-3I4 Williams, Dennis-3I5 Williams, lviilce-3I5 Williams, Nola-3I5 Williams, Wayne-3I5 Wilson, Ranea-3I5 Wilson, Ted-3I5 Wilson, Vickie--3I5 Wisdom, James-3I5 Wise, Danny-3I5 Wiswell, Debra--3I5 Wofford, Danny-3I5 Wood, Dwayne-3I5 Wood, Milne-3I5 Worlham, Berry-3I5 Wye'r'I', Jim-3 I 5 Young, Francis-3I5 Young, Noel-3I5 Youngblood, Tim-3I5 Zermeno, Edward-3I5 ZinI', Debbie-3I5 365 Greg Sfark Head Phofographer Karen Marquardf Associaie Edifor Pai' Hayden . Pholography Coord. Fred Veazey Sports Edifor R. D. Parks Clubs Edifor Amy Herberl' Slaff Diana Tyrrell Organizafions Edifor Marfha Kennedy Honors Eclifor Befsy Bandy Copy Edilor Sharon Johnson Sfaff Karen Newfon Sfaff David Walers Phoiographer Deronda Gruefer Sfaff Toni Smifh Sfaff Lois Frifchie Siaff Creed Wyafr Slaff Pam Webb Sfa-ff Tracy Ligon Phofographer Janie Jordan Sfaff Anile Dillard S+af'F Ma ry Wa He rs Sfaff Jay Miller Phofographer Cynlhia Lyles Business Manager Mr. Jim Davidson Sponsor Noi' picfurecl are Sherri Tucker Peggy Tesl' Alice Baland Moy The STars Shine Forever AT AHS . . , l s Lll'Cr' I ,F wgffji I a Edxel QM I K 'J V If AA i year and dreams oT Tomorrow. CounTIess yesTerdays are now IosT in The kingdom of The pasT. buT each b TT Th -Sandie willcherish indelible memories of an unTorgeTTable year. The halls oT AHS will Torever urs ' or rs ' ' ' ll ' Ill Th ound of Sandie SpiriT,' and ThroughouT eTerniTy,you may boasT wiTh exaITaTion. I am a Sandie. e s V Being co-ediTors of The La Airosa is a job ThaT could never be expressed in words. BuT The mosT dif- d M . D . TicuIT Thing To wriTe abouT is The admiraTion we hold in our hearTs Tor each sTaTT member an r We have had so many Trying Times TogeTher: Times where blood. sweaT. and Tears came very easily. Words cannoT express our Thanlcs To everyone: and wiTh These ThoughTs and memories we dedlcaTe our ' ' ' h T d closing pages To Mr. Davidson, The secTion ediTors. and sTaTT members. We hope we ave cap ure some of your cherished momenTs aT AHS in This year's La Airosa. AND THE WORLD WILL BE BETTER FOR THIS: THAT ONE MAN. SCORNED AND COVERED WITH SCARS. STILL STROVE WITH HIS LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE. TO REACH THE'UNREACHABLE STARS! Mgzlsv-'sf WWW 367 W 1 Signatures 77km fdfbdf dffff ZMWHQXQ MJ! jwa 87 by . zz ,M46 45 ,Zh was ff! .470 W ng40'WMgM 5212? if M 71, 7M M50 4976 TQ MMM ma. JZA5029 hiya WMM E, WZ! Mx Xgflwcxqkg Q 8 , , f . V , 1 V'V ,. : 11, . , .Q .A,Q. 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