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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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I, M lwwffww gum? ta wwf K H 4f,uLllL,i1Qa,4 -dba W -A 'film' MLW , 'uf ,' M L' A yJ" fM A f'u7flfcng,Y,f5,,, ,f j?m1d M191 Vyilii Q Q? fmab X ML ,Zhu 'jj' Ji- aff 2 M ww vb? J o,,t g :MF 401161 M bla A ff,9I,,+'ylFlg,a' rjijf Q ' A f4mfu,.zm,5fJ 756 Q 4 RJ we 3 'Q XXg pix ' , jj : E i N 5 X? X KSN X Q X ' X5 3 3 QR Qi fi' R5 5 wif Q 53 v '25 ,3-ligis-if N N Q gg x , W Q31 - Q xg Y sy W QQQSQQEQ i 5iiEEgg 4 ily ff ww W QS if " WWW W ' 'fif-Z?'ffQ WWW N 2 23 XWWMXQQ Fffq 'yea qikff-2 LW s ia W M-Mqwivwibmjiz Lge .SJW f lu WML U1 'W- Nwigcwafnl QUJQMM 5 Z' MJ! kwa Q by yd! A afield! Q :MW n q,fJ,4.j'6pQfjW!WJi,Zf If W HMT 3 3. MQ .1255 5 My , ,W . ,V'1 Fi' ' a, Ml k'. DQ ra E1 ..L - I - .. W Q , b 1 1 V rynky '. " A . 1 , ' M , 4 L I ' 1 , . J QQ 1 W b I ,A ' gli A, A .tif + h 49 f , i ', ' sf' : ' 'F A 4WdW wb up 39' gli'- I Q 11, D I 21 QI SW Nik 5 ' f' V. aww 4,5 'T mvff My ' X M . 4 ', I ' KAW ' fl, ,b. Q 1l- I ' XV JW S W ,gg .Hx A: H R f Xa I E a wi J I L E . . . are pleased and you this volume ories, sweat, standing hands are AHS that o e 1953- in this easily put have pre ed over a cheerful good an, the thrxll of a classmate being winner of some high hon- expressed in some in the hall. All of these and are what make a year in successful as 1953-54 made of all of these tried to the headaches resulting pep rallyg or the smiles of a SCHULTZ -J' .1-l ' H LES! A I F Q Ju ' 1 ,H Il.: li ll x iam? 'GEN- are so dear 'wif fn wa as 4,9 a 'by A ff: QW? ,1 1-A g film' is Claire: and Faculzy LOU junior Clan KARLEN Jo BARN ARD junior Clan' 04 LOWE Organizaliom LARRY R.0 .T JUD Y COBB Sport: JOHNNY GILBERT Sport: SARANELL HUNTER Girl: Sport: BOBBY Ediior PRESENT 'l'IlE 1 f I 7M-, Ji M '1 ' w .fs V. ,M ! J! I ' f 'bfzf m J , ' X f ,1 ' A- ' ' J ,J I 4 1 X nj 1' 'Q MDI" ,L yi Vw J ,WI . , IU ff Kb but ' lb , yf '34 'J x , me , 'J MW ml 1 . l Q 9, ., , 5 W WZ! , W ff3ifffj, wjjj WWW wW ?M Q UEFGDSGEH A, M Q' i ' N N NEWW Q L sg 353 S55 33 7 I h Rf 'II,t rl o exas I dieellecl io M., . . . someone who is very dear to all of the students of AHS, someone who talks our language, some- one who continuously striveslto show us the way to be better. Lest we for- get, we, the editors of the 1954 La Airosa, rernern- bering the things she does and what she stands for, dedicate our endeavor to our friend . . . F miss minnie feierubend II,Isere'l'is.... faculty and classes organizations . . . . . . sports personalities . . . . N Mig , J ,,ycvi. K' . '- , 3'n .R-11.5, .fig ' -1-iw fr," WK-ttf' 4? Ti"'?f5i:g'35- 9-r-Ay-rg ,4. -v','g, f 1 ' U , A 12 -, l is + 'ff tr 331.194 M 'Z ' f i, Y: ' 'Q 5. f v a.i,jTq.s 15 ai , w V ' Lf., 4: xv- ,- - + ------' .A ti- New i iii -xl f 14.1 YQ1,f'1 Hi N4 , I fi ' ' ' Q1 xg! ' 1' ,A " BQ ':""'v1T . V. f- - " !:EE:E5?5E5f'f'5 fgfg . ,.E51,fi:2:'. 'f-'f' 'L' Ti 'inf-.:.' -L-,i-F .. '. :V V' 5 " , .ny -E'- 'lr-'Eff' -'lvl' '53-'f'i 535 i". fi' I f,,.5f','Q.f ,ga-.:'f.,1gQ'1Qey My 42'y-gf"gfti1-ga ,'221-'.,'-g2,7?T-grbff .,.i,1. . , , .- ,X 1' ..,.. if X. Vg .,,, ,,. W-A Aqn'r,w11i X .: 555: 1- We '4,M'Tp1 N , 2: , . 'A ' .., :gin ,, 3...-,,A+i',51' wi 3,-, f..--Q - ,K "Q"",,'.f3l" 2 px 'wi ',,, gg . lf .gs 'N ff' NT ' 121. , J :' 3 , Haffgef '19-+' supporters . . . mhclve -hm! ,gl 'N RT' Wig as xxx .4M Q f 7 :ah J 'ffm ' . 47 fp? ,iw , P f 5 19447- gfy'-51,7-!25i'Q?? 3 cj If f , ,y ,- 5 ' J fd ff2fff'fff ,fy ,,g,7,M A523 7 1 77 7 ,,v ' ' " .fu ,ff -J - 41,z,4g x 1 X 'A ff Ly, f 1 D ffff 'f"" ff- 'fc-'vf'7y,Q6J'f 5? f ' if "fWUgJ6YhNj2iHWWQ7 ,.-: I lr' 2231 P'!,-f"'?2'k'O- f rf 4 Lf Ly jli' .Z-53, -f api! , X4 ,--- 4-"ff,- AQ? I I X. A2 4, ,xx ' . A ,XM V X, '1-, r. ,1 . W 2 ICS!!! 15 If, 'L f f ir 'I i a 111 ,Z- ':"""Q:.1',-. 11 11 , ,S get 14311 1111 Q11 mx .5 '?5 1 ' 11 fm-9"111 11 ' me 252: 111 !,..,E.1 Q 12- if , ,ag e . V5 Z ii 111 -Q 1 1 , 1 1 , : ,, 11,':2Y:T111,. , Q tfi...f..? Lsifv-A 1 - 2 ' f 1 4, K 2 3. m, Q ", ff' 'xi N ' F it 5: 'n 3:55:22 2-QE? 1 3. 1 55' J' faculty SCHOOL BOARD . . . the executive council of the school system, is in charge of all future Planning and projects, determines school policy, makes final decisions on all new teachers, maintenance people, and has the last word on all school matters . . . the members are, left to right: Charles M. Rogers, R. A. Wilson, Sim Kelly, W. N. Durham, Lane McAfee, Gus Roberts, Herbert Willborn, Herman Smith, R. A. Selby, and Frank Austin. Not pictured is V. V. Kniseley. l l ' N H 1 X i x Miss Lurline Bowman Mr. J. M. Boswell Dr. Ray Boger 'Z Typing Mafbemntirr Bible Mr. S. G. Anthony Typing Mrs. C. P. Atwood Englirb N-Q LXR 'Xl Mrs. Francis Baker H 0 m emrzkiug Miss Viola Ballard Spmzifb ,.:..33., W 4 1 Y +-.V X X 'x Ek: 1 . ,ij ii N37 ffgwi A4 'A 'rw 1 .,,:g-s-9-41, ., K .M-1-F, ,g s.. ,ag H W-, .,,, ,JT ,Q Y-: seniors Bledsoe, Peggy Board, Phyllis Bohanan, jo Bonner, jean Bostick, T. Bowling, Marjorie Boyd, Bill Boyd, Sally Boyd, Yvonne Brady, Bob Brandon, Marilyn Branum, Larry Brazile, Charles Brewer, Anita Bridges, Patricia Briley, Sue Britting, jim Brocks, Brigitte Brooks, Iveen Brooks, Mary Belle Brooks, Wendell Broome, Shirley Brosier, Glen Brown, Billy Brown, Gene Brown, Gordon Brown, LaDean Bruton, Dennis Bryant, Richard Buchanan, Noel Buckley, Marion Buell, Bruce Burdine, Emery Burkett, james Burn, Ruby Burnett, jane Burns, Cynthia Burt, jane Cain, jackie Canova, Spooky Carder, Bill Carpenter, Dean l 5 faculty Mrs. Hazel Davis Englzfla in 5 Mr. R. H. Davis Agriculture ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS . . . does much of the planning for the schools, and is a valuable official in all school matters . . . MR. R. A. SELBY. Mr. Bill Defee Football Coach Mr. Charles Emmons Miss Marie Donnell Miss Faye Dillingham Mr. O. S. Diggs Band and Orrbeslra Englirla Englifb Diversified Occupatiorzy I6 -Q X, 4. ., A-Q, QE, fi , pw 4:-:J 4? 3 Ja-HQ? , ,,..,'w i l i in W i v DIRECTOR OF SECONDARY CURRICULUM . . . plans the course of study for the grade and directs the giving of achievement and aptitude tests throughout the schools . . . MR. V. V. KNISELEY. , I 'vogwwwm Mr. Frank Guess Mrs. Mary Griffith Mfg, Nan Gibbs Igoyf' Pbyyiral Educatialz Engliyb Typing ii faculty Mr. H. Flathers Speerh Mrs. Dorris Foreman Girly' Pbyfiml Education Mrs. Margaret Foster Englirb Mr. Fryhover Choir seniors Crerar, Doris Crisler, Wilma Crull, Beverly Curlin, Seth Curtis, Booty Curtis, Sandra Daffern, C. R. Daniel, jack Daniels, Preston Darling, Pauline Davenport, Charles Davis, Bobby Joe Davis, Ron Day, Teddy Day, Tommy Dean, Zack Dial, Molly Ann Dinwidclie, Elizabeth Dockery, Larry Doggett, Nancy Doherty, Ray Donohoo, Virginia Dowty, Wesley Dufer, Eddy Duncan, Connie Duncan, Deala Duniven, Neal Dunlap, Bill Dunlap, Charles Dupriest, Robert Eastham, jerry Ecker, Shirley Eiland, Dana Elkins, Dick Elliot, Wanda Ellis, Bill Ellis, Bobby Ellis, james Ellis, jean Elmore, Charles Elsey, Judy Ewiny. David Mp, is 5H'G1.2Ss X fm. ,ew " assi? ' E. , S-V Ka I Tf'9-'EL 5 Sli, A ' , , ,-ing... , 'EQ' Q F2 F: , . Egg: 1 V -.:-,.. ,-fp 53,-L ,- I ,gs-, , .sajf , w,,,-my , ,.,', :-3' j g, -5115. Q W W? EP , gji ' 5 M. x , W Ml,- 4- 4 T. .X 'Y vii' 4 ,A 51- 1 I .IP 1. M seniors Farquhar. John Farrell, Nancy Fautt, Shirley Fendrick, Shirley Fields, Pearl Fields, Shirley Fincher, Melba Fischer, Margaret Fong, Don Ford, Bob Ford, LaVon Ford, Wayne Fosshage, Helen Fowler, Buster Fowler, JoAnn Frazer, Robert Frazier, Dale French, james Friedman, Norma Fuqua, Luther Gaidry, Ann Gaither, Jerry Gardner, Larry Garrett, Barbara Gathright, Vera Gatlin, jimmy Geisler, Peggy Gentry, Kenneth Gholston, Mike Gifford, Gail Gilbreath, Paul Giles. Patricia Gilley, Frank Glenn, Edward Godwin, Phillip Golladay, Ronnie Gollihugh, Bert Goodner, Gay Goodnight, Hayde Gowen, Ralph Graham, Bobby Green, Charles fl 2l faculty 1, I - f V- 5, 1 xxx? it 1 w Mr. T. G. Hull Baykezfball C oarb Mr. E. L. jackson Hiflory BUSINESS MANAGER . . . the accountant for the school system, is in charge of all monetary matters, both collections and expenditures . . . MR FRANK AUSTIN.. Mrs. Sue Jennings H omemakin g 5-T' N , -.b , S 1 Mrs. Margaret josserand Mr. C. C. jones Mrs. Anne Johnston Miss ,l0yCC Johnson 2 2 H mary A ft Englirla H end Librwifrfz X seniors Green, jack Green, Janice Greer, Don Greer, jimmy Griffith, Robert Griffiths, Bill Griggs, Arlen Grove, Edward Gundlach, Bill Haddock, Rose Hail, jimmy Hale, Barbara Hale, Billy Max Hale, Jimmy Hall, Bobby Hall, Mike Hamilton, Alda Hancock, Freddy Hankin, Carol Sue Harding, Jimmie Hardy, Bobby Harper, Bobby Harper, Donald Harris, Wilma Harrison, janet Harrison, joe Hart, Wanda Harvey, Ronnie Harwell, Kay Hastings, Tommy Hatcher, Sarita Hatchett, Avis Hawkins, Darla Hawkins, Vonda Haynes, Phyllis Hays, John Heard, Carolyn Hefley, Rosemary Hiett, Patsy Higdon, I.aNelle Hills, Beverly Hisey, Winnie ii. 1.52 iw. is i i X i Vi u..,, Q H PRINCIPAL . . . the liberal and progressive head of Amarillo High School, serves as administrative head of the school as well as golf coach and chief sponsor of the Honor System. Now celebrating his twenty-fifth year as principal of AHS . . . MR. R. B. NORMAN. ills , v 1,1 Major Carl Matncy' Miss Eula Mae Lincecum Miss Ila Lewis 24 R,O.T.C. Homenmkizzg Matbemnlicf faculty Mrs. Atlanta Kaye Biology Mrs. E. A. Kimmins Erzglirh Mr. Clarence Kincaid Art Miss Anna May Lalizz seniors Hoefer, Stanley Hollingsworth, Benny Hoh, Edna Honea, Cecil Hooks, Billy Hopkins, Ellen Sue Horner, Billy Joe Howard, DeWayne Howard, Frankie Huclgens, Ronald Huff, Cletis Huffstutler, Ronald Huguley, Louise Hulen, Patti Hull, Sam Hunt, David Hunter, Lois Hunter, Philip Hurlock, Richard Husbands, Carolyn Hutto, Kenneth Ingham, Jerry Iielan, Smiley Irvin, Joe Jaekson, Tommy Jacobson, Eileen Johnson, Allen Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Wanda Johnston, Billy Johnston, Joe Jonas, Jones, Jones, Jones, Linda Barbara Betty F rank Jones, Gary Karr, Buddy Katz, Don Kaufhold, Berkley Kay, Sondra Keathley, Louetta 25 gg? V' Qr"l11'U""'5'fg'f25'5" " 5 'Q' ' ' " idly' - :"'T"'WQ?f .- M - faculty peed: L Mercer r NTS- retire ' 'ff tffszfgg 3 1 fy., W 4 fl. t A Shop ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL . . . mainly in charge of disciplinary action and attendance, the job includes close contact with the students. Former head football coach of AHS . . . MR. HOW RD LYNCH. K Mr. M. W. Mitchell Mr. Richard Mixon Malbematirr Mr, james Paschal Mr. O. Parkey Mrs. Allxe Nelson Miss Lucille Morton 26 f01n'm1Ij,rm Cil'it.u' Biology E1Zg1iJf9 seniors Keeter, Genna Keeton, Joyce Kelln, Shirley Kent, David Kimbrough, Alice Ann Kimmins, Kim King, Carol Kirk, Glenn Kizer, Carole Knotts, Bonnie Lackey, Betsy Land, Pat Laney, Glenda Lankford, Adolphus Lanning, Shirley Larsen, Larry Laseter, Barbara Latimer, Kay Lawrence, Peggy Leachman, Reid Leech, Mary Elizabeth Lemons, Dora Lynn Lewis, Jerre Lowry, Nelda Lunsford, Berl Lupher, Dick Lupher, Phyllis McAnally, Dolores McCaffree, Juanita McCarthy, Jodie McClenny, Don McCrary, Susan McCutchen, Jaynel McDowell, Shirley McGee, Nancy McKee, Freddie McKee, Lois McLaughlin, Carl McMeans, Joanne McMurtry, Rosemary McNett. Jerry McNew, Walter 27 ii S I faculty Mrs. Betty Patton Sb0ffh!I72d Mr. Sam Pecchia Bruelmll C oarla DEAN OF GIRLS . . . is co-ordinator of activities and also assists m disciplinary action and attendance . . . MRS. THOMAS HAYNIE. Miss Lucyle Penn Libmriazz .wa- 1 im' i , 1 :f P Mr. Archie Pool Miss Celia Pipe Mrs: Lola Pevehouse Mr. R. P. Perkins 28 General Meinl.: Shop Girlr' Pbyiiral Edumfion H omemaking A1110 Merlaafzifl' seniors McPherson, Billie McWl1orter, Robert Mabry, Marilyn Malacara, Albert Lianley, Max Mann, Jeri Mann, William Manning, Colleen Marsalis, Nancy Martin, Betty Martin, Maynon Martin. Pat Martin, Sue Massey, Noma Masterson, Betty Mathis, Gene Meek, Wanda Merchant, David Merchant, Lloyd Meyers, Carol Meyers, Jackie Middleton, Vernon Milhoan, Marie Miller, Duane Miller, Eloys Miller, Lavora Milligan, Phyllis Milton, Lincla Mitchell, Nita Mitchell, Wilma Mobley, Ellen Mock, Marva Moon, Johnny Moore, Bill Moore, Mignon Moore, Patricia Morgan, Wayne Morris, Carolyn Morris, Tennessee Morrison, Jimmie Mott, joan Moutos. Steve 29 faculty is V f m'--, S Mr. U. W. Rankin Y Diversified Occupatiom "-5-X Miss Laura Roberts C i vin SENIOR COUNSELOR . . . works closely between seniors and colleges, helping them make a choice, has many conferences to help solve problems, sponsors the Student Council . . . MRS. W. B. BURKHALTER. Mrs. Mabel Rodgers Biology li. x X V: If w- i Mr. E. G. Sanders Dr, Everett Sample Mr. Dan Salkeld Miss Louis Russell 30 Malhemaliar Ellglijb Yamzigan C oarb E11 glixb ,fn 4-. .. -- . L .. - , 1 ,mf - .P .,, ,.. 1 -I ,J N WT., ,.. 4 , 1 ,41 .Y . , W - N . fu , ,L .A .M . 15: E : ea: 392 L .A is f X as-L 1- an 5 W V fl v? f '.ff5:lg,El ..' .X ,l. 'E ifrflmxl' Wsfisiarifiil QM? V. faculty Mr. E. M. Savage Matbemfzticf Q? in-' .,, IUNIOR COUNSELOR . . . works wrth the many members of the jumor class to help them over any obstacle in their way. Also is secretary of the awards committee . . . MISS MINNIE FEIERABEND Mrs. Marion Schoen E zz glixlo Mr. O. A. Self General Eleclririly xX Mrs. Dollee Small Miss Velma Shows Miss Adelle Shows 32 H omenmkifz g Ser. Trrzizzing Bookkeeping Mrs. C. C. Shaller Mdfb6I7Idfif.f :I 's... .4 iy 96 ngygaemsai Wi. I 5345.-ti faculty n XX- li Miss Laura Snyder History Mr. Herman Swettman Chemistry SOPHOMORE COUNSELOR . . . besides sponsoring the active Future Teachers of America Club, this counselor has the job of orientating new sophomores and aiding them in solving any problem which may arrive . . . MISS CARMEN ULM. Mr. Rupert Taylor S hop 'NJ I .tis Y I, lx . .i., Mr. C. A. Wallace C. C. Walden Miss Ruth Tolbert Miss Tennie Thompson 34 Cbgmim-y Phyiirf Hirlory Chair seniors Rodgers, Gene Rogers, Betty Rogers, Don Roush, Larry Rumans, Roy Russell, Douglas Sain, Patsy ,- Salmon, Toney Sanders, Carolyn Sanford, Jenelle Saunders, Jamey Saunders, Patsy Schooler, Phil Schultz, Carol Scott, Charles Scott, Jerry Seal, Marilyn Seeley, Sherley Selby, Bob Sellers, Edgar Serrano, Terasita Seth, Bill Shackelford, Linda Shaffer, Martha Sharpe, Sally Shelburne, G. B. Shellberg, Billy Short, Harold Sibley, jerry Simpson, Eugene Simpson, Wesley Slaten, Duane Smiler, Bobby Smith, Beth Smith, Carol Ann Smith, Frances Smith, Hershel smith, Jim Smith, Ronnie Smith, Shirley Smith, Wallace Sorrenti, Floria Ann 35 faculty Y- 'sv' ... ' S- Ariana gg 5 4 1 ' F , , 1 9- SCHOOL NURSE . . . tries to keep each student in top physical condition by at least one examination a year. She is head of the new nursing facilities in AHS, and is always ready to help students that are physically ill . . . MISS MARY SIMS. Mr. W. C. Wilson 36 En glifh 1 I w -lx 5 E 65 i i N JUS Miss Gladys Wallis Hifiory L Mr. Charles Watson Mfzlbematirf ... iMrs. N. N. Whitworth Speerb x 15 '7 5 .4-52 ' 'H 7 Mr. Raymond Wilson Miss Kate Wilson Miss jane Williams. Diftriblzfizfe Ednfalion Mnthemntiw' Girlf' Pffyilfdl Edllf M1011 seniors Spencer, Don Springstube, Beth Stambaugh, Sue Stehr, Elby Stevenson, Douglas Stoddard, Duane Stoddard, Raymond Stover, Dannie Strong, Wanda Stubbs, Sharon Summers-, Harold Summers, LaNell Surmeier, Marie Swank, Bob Talley, Tommy Tatom, Don Timmons, Bob Toler, Betty Tow, Max Townsend, Janice Townsend, Sandy Tucker. Evelyn Tunsford, Burl Turner, Edelvis Ubben, Willa Underwood, Pat Unlaub, Martha Upshaw, Barbara Vaughan, Don Vaughn, Virgil Vest, Von Delle Voth, Glen Walker, Don Walker, Jimmie Walker, Shirley Wallace, Eleanor Walton, Sidney Ward, Richard Watkins, Marguerietc Watson, Arrelene W'eaver, Mary Weatherford, john 37 iQ x.. 'ry' e ll, 3 rg 'FY NL .K T all faculty Mrs. Clara Zobisch Hirlory ...H -Q ,1 Q " ff . 7 s x 3517 'K" 2 . 5 ' , iff . ' ' EQ sph. f L, E if 5, qggw gy n .gy Lift we ff P -f 1 I' JM u l AA,- .l,' 4 - Mrs. Estelle Bennett Allendanre Clerk 'saga 'Si' ry 1 REGISTRAR . . . the person who is in charge of all records and the sen i of transcripts to colleges. She also assists in the many duties of one wor ' g in the principals office . . . MRS. HELEN MCCUAN. ,fl- Mrs. Betty Holt C lerk 1122 Mrs. Ann Parker Mrs. Anna Marie Morgan Mr. Tom Kale Mrs. Twxla james 38 Sefrezgfy to Pripzfipal Cfzfeieria Mafzagef' Curlodian ecrefnry. to Anzftmzl P1 Imipal Sel'llOl'S Webb, Virginia Weems, Delwin Weiszbrod, Charlene Welch, Karen Welch, Sara jane West, Kenneth Westerfield, jack Westfall, Bobby White, Darell Whitfield, Roberta V Whitten, Billie Wilkinson, jack Williams, Williams, Bernidene Bettye Williams, Don Williams, Williams, Margaret Roger Wilson, Janice Wilsons, Jeff 1'-v Windsor, Nancy Witherspoon, jane Witherspoon, Vonne Ceil Wood, A lva Wood, D. L. .sg vn- L yy Q l Wood, David Wood, Shirley Woodrome, Anita Woods, James Wormsbaker, Keith Wright, Genelle V K, X Q x W ,A 'N Wright, Harold ' Wy , Dale ,3 Wy' ,' il fi' Ye SQ! Ili ,J Yo dl tty ilgmu U Y lj , is t V X x .KX V X3 E31 ls 1 l FFS' 'f 7. ' 1 ., .. ' . l i' ' 'els 5' . . fi Q93 233: 3 ' FA ' 5 4. 'fr' N , ...Nh -f"P'1 .. ,M : ---ffuw2...... Q 4 4""'f-X ,gh 1. . wg3ipg5..,Ul. Y 555552315 J - A . . of--R. : ' E K V tiff? rx 'jfs ' K 'Rye f f' l ? , . t . 4. : fi :Q-, l 1' 5 ll l whos - who WICK ALEXANDER J heads for the armory and leaves for the football practice field. It is with . k . football that Wick is most associated. President of the senior class, Wie is a of the National Honor Society, the National Athletic Honor Society, the Sandie football team and the track team. member juniors Abdullah, Emma Abdullah, Polly Adams, Cherry Adkins, Morris Aid, Noell Aldrich, Ann Alexander, Ann Alexander, Don Alexander, jerry Alexander, Kay Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Barbara Cullen Lonnie Marsha Valen Allison, Joe Amato, Carolyn Anderson, Dortha Anderson, Harley Anderson, james Anglin, jimmy Argo, Ronnie Arnold, Nancie Arrington, joan Ashby, Glenna Atkerson, Gary Atkins, Kenneth Austin, james Azling, Ernestine Baird, Balch, Sybil Dorothy Barker, Gerald Barker, Sharlene Barnard, Betty Barnes, Barbara Barnes, Marlene Barrett, Ardyth Barron, David Bartlett, Nita Bassett, Taylor Battenfield, Evelyn Beavers, Lovena Bechtol, David Bechtol, Davie Ann Bell, Paula Bellamy, Helen Benningfield, Lois Benton, Rita Berry, jim Best, jimmy Beveridge, Billy Bice, Lynn Bickett, Sharla Bieganowski, Frank Billington, Alfred Bingham, Louise Bivins, Patricia Blakley, Robert Boegli, Glen Bohannon, Bruce 4 juniors Boone, Bettie Borden, Jack Boren, Boston, Mildred jason Bovie, Cynthia Bowen, Bowles Boyce, Joyce , Anna Lou Frankie Boyd, Sammy Jo Boydstorr, Wilbur Boyter, Jo Anne Boyter, Bobby Bray, Darrell Bray, Mary Beth Bray, Sammie Breedlove, Jean Brent, Bob Brenton, Donald Brian, Beverly Bridges, Alan Brightwell, Ronald Britting, Leland Brooks, Elaine Broom, Johnny Brown, Cordell Brown, Frank Brown, Frankie Brown, Gerald Brown, james Brown, joe Bob Brown, Marie Bruce, Sharon Bruner, Karlen Jo Bruner, Nick Brush, Barbara Bryant, je Don Buchanan, Bobby Bull, Leroy Burgess, Robert Burkett, Bobby Burn, Bob Burnam, Christine Burnam, Mabel Burnett, Beverly Burnett, Judy Buster, Bob Byers, Charlie Bynum, Opal Caddell Callan, , Kenneth jackie Campbell, Patricia Camp, Lynn Cantine , Scott Cantrell, Billy Dean Carroll, Carter Carter Carter Carter, Casey, 1 Cynthia Dale Lorene Louise Morris Bobby QJQQQ H l K1 'ics fr Ki 1 7 , E H - N l ' w lv gi 1 f 5 f f ll .. Q . Y- h QJJ'-'lml".i."i.,, 4 1' l '1 fzwza ' f Y M ,Mr , A5 ll I i M GLENN ARDEN . . . admires the Amarillo Stadium while he takes time out from his job as photographer for the high school annual and paper. Glenn is co-editor of the La Airosa, was a cheerleader in his junior year at A.H.S. and has won photography awards in national and state contests. wr ir X who s who juniors Casey, jack Cashion, Betty Jane Casstevens, Alice Cate, David Cathey, Dorothy Catt, Anita Chancler, Kathryn Chandler, Maudene Chapman, Bill Chase, Ann Chase, james Chavez, Esibel Chavez, George Chavez, Gilbert Chavez, Sinfo Childers, Miles Chilton, Bobby Chinn, Zoe Clark, Don Clarke, joan Cleek, janet Cloninger, Marjorie Cobb, Gary Cody, I.aPaula Coffey, Tommy Collins, Anne .f' Collins, Bryan Collins, Sam Compton, Bob Condren, Harry Condren, Howard Conner, lla Cook, Carolyn Cook, Marjorie Cooper, J. C. Cornelius, Jerry Cornelius, Kay Cornett, Lavonia Covey, Perrin Cowan, Robert Coward, Jack Cox, Lawana Cox, Shirley Crawford, Carolyn Crecelius, Lois Crews, Paul Crotty, Pat Crouch, Ledia Crow, Myra Lou Crump, Bob Crump, Tommy Crutchfield, Tommy Cullison, Dick Culp, Tricia Cunningham, Pat Currie, Hugh Bob Curtis, Don Dalrymple, Margaret Dalton, Pamela Daniels, Danny juniors David, Tommy Davidson, Mary Jane Davis, jimmy Davis, Sharron Daws, Garland Day, Jimmy Day, Joe Deaton, Kenneth Deaver, Joanne Deckard, R. K. Decker, Shields Deere, Donna Delashaw, Tommy Dell, Carolyn Denton, Ann DeVaney, Will Dobbins, james Dodson, I-Ierby Dorsey, Pat Downey, Stewart Dowty, Grady Dudley, Leon Dugger, Orel Dumas, Richard Dunlap, Delois Dysart, Gayle Eaton, Warren Edenborough, Kip Edwards, Bobby Edwards, Elmer Eldridge, Merl Lynn Elliott, Robert Ely, Sandy Epps, Jerry Eubank, jan Evans, Terry Everhart, Bill Fancher, Peggie Fansler, David Farrell, Bub Felton, Earl Ferguson, Edna Fields, James Findeisen, Bobby Fine, joe Fisher, Eddie Flack, Della Floyd, Ray Forbes, Winnie Ray Forbis, Jackie Ford, Bill Ford, Bud Ford, Byron Fountain, Sandra Fowler, Harold Franks, joan Franz, Jerry Freeman, Sandra Freeman, Verniece Frisbie, Frankie 47 BH limit W W! j A 1 rlflf l l frmn llllil W" .W mu L-,sag i ' '-112' 3 ,gg a 131, 'Tr llilil, Ill 1- BOBBY BRADY . . . leaves his shadow in the art department where he has spent countless hours designing posters for various organizations. Second semester editor of The Sandstorm. Bobby is a distinguished member of all publications activities, the senior Hi-Y and the Bel Canto Chorale. 'J rl I 9' , who's X who juniors Frisbie, Tommy Fritts, Louis Fugate, jerry Fuller, David Furrow, Joyce Gabert, Gordon Gamblin, Terry Garner, Keith Garringer, Vera Gentry, Patsy Georgantones, Helen Gerlach, Carlyn Gerlach, Louis Gibson, Jim Gilbert, John Giles, Frances Giles, Joyce Ginn, june Glenn, Celia Glover, Audrey Godsey, Glenn Godsey, jim Goetz, Dolores Gooch, Tony Goodrich, Nancy Gordon, Alice Graham, Anita Graham, Betty Granger, Jackie Grant, Dick Grant, Tommy Graves, Leonard Gray, Bill Green, Dennis Green, Jerry Green, Wanda Griffith, Gary Grimes, Thelma Grounds, David Grusing, Rita Gustafson, Gerry Hale, Don Hales, Ruby Haley, Jerry Hall, Carl Harlan, Bill Harris, Bart Harris, Darrell Harris, Nellie Fay Harrison Bill Harrison DeLynn Hartman, Sandra Harvey, Donald Harvey, Hilliard Harley, Richard Hawley, James Hayhurst, Keith Hefley, johnny Heien, Carolyn Heineken, Eddy juniors Henderson, johnny Hendricks, Wanda Hendrix, Dixie Herring, Marilyn Hess, James Hicks, john Hicks, johnny Higgins, Barbara Higinbotham, Jan Hill, Gene Hill, James Hill, Pat Hise, Bobby Hitch, Lajean Holder, Kenneth Holloway, Johnny Holly, Duane Holly, Verna Hodge, Don Hooks, Maxene Howell, Gary Howell, jerry Howes, Billy Hubbart, Clayton Huddleston, Jennie Huclgins, jean Hudson, Amy Hudson, Leon Hudson, Mary Ann Hudspeth, Alynda Hughes, Joe Hulsey, Bobby Hume, Keith Humphries, Mary Alice Hunter, Saranell Hurt, Larry Hyatt, Harry Inman, Joyce Ivy, joe jackson, Willie Jacob, Ann james, Bill jayroe, Glen Jennings, Helen johnson, Burl johnson, Bill johnson, David johnson, Gene Johnson, Irma johnson, jargo johnson, jay johnson, Lanny johnson, Nancy johnson, Norma johnson, Ray johnson, Walter jolly, Freda jones, Bobby Neal jones, Carolyn jones, Donn X 151.51 1 1 . 7 J , is lllli l Illia Qglll Jill Hill f1,': li ' Til' !l J l 1. 'ilida i ,' il . , 5 4 lv ll l, N . 5' lil l - vi-'f 1 l 1 i 1 l y - S 5 gi i ' F. ii 2 A 4 y l ' fi . f g A , l l ig , ' . 2 l' ' l ' , i ,Y fl ., ,. .img 1... 3:7-T-,CA -4 I A i l l:,iiifQ':s e m l I 1F'R1'-2-7 4-4 2 421:11 4 Te --H -f.--" -, --+V-f - Y ... W I. V 35414-lv V .- My i "inf-5, ' ' "' 9' 'Z' 4 .Q 3 , if ' EQ' I '.5v?:..?'53 ' ""'f' , J I , e n - i Y ' Y JACKIE CAIN . . . spreads cheer in leading yells for a second straight year, and is pictured in front of the building where early season pep rallies were held. Jackie is assistant editor of The Sandstorm and a member of the Bond Press Club, Quill and Scroll, I-Ii'Y and the Ken Klub. juniors jones, Don jones, Earlon jones, Jimmie jones, jimmy Jordan, jack Kelly. Patsy Kendall, Harriett Kennedy, Fain Kerns, Robert Kerns, Vinita Key, Tommy Kilgo, Margaret Kimbell, LaVoyda King, Bonnie King, Jessie Kinslow, joy Kirlehen, Don Knighton, Rhea Knightstep, james Knorpp, jimmy Tom Koen, Chester Krahn, Kay Kurten, Kay LaFon, Robert Lain. Patty Laister, Betty Lake, Don Lard, David Lawler, Bruce Ledbetter, J. P. Lee, Carolyne Lee, jackie Lee, Tommy Lemons, judy Ann Lemons, Judy Rae Le-Neveu, Don Lenington. Margaret Leonard, Ginger Lewallen, joe Bob Lewis, Dawn Lewis, Emma jo Liles, Lois Lill, jimmy Lindsay, David Linville, Joy Loar, Fred Lockridge, Imi jean Loggans, Donna Long, Bobbie Lee Love, Boyce Lowder, David Lowe, Peggy Lowrance, Doyle Lowry, Richard Loyd, Kay Luck, Billy Lundegreen, Peggy Lundy, Sammy Lynch, Glenda Lynch, Sandy 53 ibiza i 1 X CR Y . NWS K r - we -N M We Q 1 QQ X ow we R N,0w4tL.i n U e Cx ,X X rx X as 'Q ,Ax , A by ,551 i 533 N Q-flilsgf , l X ", X DQ Xi g i ll A H , ytggifyjfnfm ' .X swf. M . N W by VSV X Qyi, KIM yi' ROSEMARY QUINN . . . smiles from the patio, built and serviced by the Student Council, of which she is a member. Rosemary is business manager of the,1954 La Airosa, and holds membership in the National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Future Teachers and Quill and Scroll. who who junio rs McAmis, LaRue McAvoy, Joe MCCamy, Dick McCoy, Juanita McCracken, Ila McCuistion, Richard McCutchan, Frank McDaniel, Myrna McDonald, Scharlene McDonald, Tommy McDonald, Paul McFarland, B111 McGraw, Jana McKee, Patty McKinney, Frank McI.aury, Kathleen McLeod, Billy McLeroy, jerry McNeill, Melba McSwain, Mary Ruth McWhorter, james Macrander, Gene Man, jim Martin, Gerald Martin, Jack Martin, Roy Martin, Bill Mason, Raylene Mathes, Howard Mathes, Wilma Mathes, Patsy Matney, Iris Anne Matney, Marilyn Maxwell, Mary Mayes, jerry Meek, Jimmie Merritt, joe Metcalf, Sue Meyers, Robert Miller, Dennis Miller, Durwood Miller, Tom Milligan, Glenn Mills, Anna Minnis, Dee Anna Mitchell, Wayne Mitchell, Ginger Mock, Linda Monteith, Maxine Moore, Nancy Moore, Thomas Moore, Wanda Morgan, Yvonne Morgan, Sandra Morgan, Mike Morin, Sammy Morris, Susie Morrison, Bryan Mosely, Charla Mott, Mary Beth 55 V' , in j v 1 at 1 ,Q 3 f s I V f if 1 . .:r' f '4 as. 3 rc 9 1 :f f ' get f f I uh C 4 1 in. J. V' Ab .in I, gf- 5 .' -V 1 sa 5 ,J yg,- i M465 55.1 W I?" V " Iv l flfr gf 5 ' 5 5 Z S F i I . 1 jj!! A ff' 'ff X -1 M liz . SPOOKY CANOVA . . . stops behind the building on his way to the armory and football practice. Spooky is a member of the National Athletic Honor Society. the Sandie foot- ball team and was Sophomore Class President. 4 - , 5 rf ' I 1 W 5 1- ff 'lil ' lil N7 who's 'Q who juniors Mouw, jimmy Murff, Bobby Murphy, Lee Murray, Don Myers, Donald Myers, jimmy Myers, Toby Nall, David Nash, jimmy Neihart, Elsie Nelson, Pat Nelson, Sara Nible, Goldia Nichols, johnny Nichols, Royce Nicklaus, Windene Nipper, Fred Noland, Charles Norman, Sammy Oakes, Annton Oakley, Melda Ogden, Donna O'Rear, Curtis Osborne, Ken Ott, Jimmy Owen, Virginia Owens, Anne Owens, Ginger Pace, Keith Pace, Kenneth Page, Pat Pankey, Charles Parish, Max Parker, Lorene Partain, Lois Pate, Beverly Patterson, Sue Patterson, Tommy Patton, Jean Paul, jimmy Paul, Robert Pearson, janet Peek, Valoise Pembereton, jimmy Perkins, Don Perkins, Geraldine Phelps, Charles Phelps, Roy Phillips, Bettye Phillips, Bobbye Pickering, Alfred Pierson, Willie Pipes, Richard Pollard, Pat Pool, Milton Pope, Rex Porter, Jimmie Porterfield, Sharon Posey, Mary Ann Posey, Randal Q s -- r t f VJ, CAROL SCHULTZ . . . demonstrates her hobby of homemaking, although she is seldom seen in this capacity. Carol has distinguished herself as queen of the Bel Canto Chorale, ROTC sponsor and co-ordinating editor of the 1954 La Airosa, and holds membership in the National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll. 2' ' ' Q :Az.,1-i who's who luniors Potts, Iraene Potts, Richard Powell, Bobby Price, Richard Prince, Virginia Proffer, Iris ' Pugh, Gene Howe Puleo, Jennie Lee Pulley, Mary Pyeatt, Patricia Quisenberry, Dixie Ramsey, Janette Rathburn, Crete Ray, Patsy Read, Ruby Reagor, Tommy Reece, Bill Reece, Bob Reece, John Reeves. Bill Reeves, Dean Reeves, Ernest Reeves. jackie Regal, janet Reid, Wanda Rhodes, Donna Rhoads, Jo Ann Rhodes, jimmy Rice, Wesley Ridenour, Janie: Ridge, Teenie Ridings, Betty Rigdon, Virga Len Riley, Jack Rinehart, Wfayne Risdon, Frances Rittenberry, Charles Ritter, Margaret Rivers, Betty Roach, Billy Roan, Barbara Roberson, David Roberts, jimmy Roberts, Patsy Robertson, Gage Robertson, Frankie Robertson, Garcia Robertson, Margie Rockwell, Eddy Rodgers, joy Rodgers, Maurice Rodgers, M. j. Rogers, Douglas Rogers, Earlene Rogers, jimmy Rogge, Esther Rojas, Frances Ross, Barbara Ross, Juanita Ross, Margaret juniors Ross, Mike Rowell, Anna Beth Rucker, Lila Nolene Rutland, Eugene Rutledge, Phyllis Sadler, Charles Sain, Burl Salkeld, Paula Sandridge, RaNona Sanford, Jerry Sapp, Velma Sargent, David Sarrett, Terry Sasveda, Benge Saus, Effie Scales, Claudia Schramm, Don Schroeder, Sue Schroll, Dorothy Seay, Celine Seligman, Marcia Seyffert, Glenda Shaddix, Larry Shaffer, Gerry Shand, Karen Sharp, Shenk, Robert Mary Lou Sherrill, Adele Shile, Linda Shirk, Vervalee Sigman, Vanis Simmons, Roy Simpson, Mary Ann Sims, Marlene Sinclair, Rose Sipes, Alton Sisemore, jess Sitton, Duane Smallwood, jerry Smiley, Wilma Smith, Alpha Smith, Barbara Ann Smith, Barbara Jane Smith, Bill Smith, David Smith, Dennis Smith, Don Smith, Doris Smith, Paul Snead, Bob Solis, Don Sorel, john Sorrels, Doug Spears, Gwen Speed, jerry Speer, Judy Spence, Royce Spikes, john Stamatis, jimmy Stanford, jackie junio rs Starkey, Frances V Steagal, Vickie Stephenson, Kenneth Stephens, Linda Jo Stephens, Jimmie Sterling, Edwin Stevenson, Richard Stevens Stewart Stewart, Stewart Stewart, Harrell Billy Bobby George Ramona Stokes, Johnny Stoltenberg, Gloria Stone, Bob Stradley, Chloe Strange, Jo Ann Sullivan, Pat Summar, Phyllis Summers, Fern Sumpter, Annette Swenson, Sharon Swink, Albert Tankersley, Arthur Tate, Gene Tatum, Lynn Taylor, Jimmy Taylor, Elizabeth Tebo, Peggy Tedford, Carolyn Terbush, Leola Thomas, JoAnn Thomas, Maxine Thompson, Bill Thompson, Jim Thompson, Tommie Lou Threet, Carroll Titus, Patsy Toler, Jimmy Totten, John Trout, Yvonne Turner, Ida Tyler, Jimmy Underwood, Phyllis Underwood, Eugene Unlaub, Carl Vance. Margie Van Hoose. P. D. VanMeter, Sandie Van Noy, Jerry Van Valkenburg, Janelle Verkler. Helen Vermillion, Joe Verplank, Bobby Vester, Willie Wade, Jeanette Wfadsworth, Jay Wagner, Kay Walker, Adabeth Walker, Bobbie Faye . i xg 1 , ' i . -r- ' Y- I i S' 'iv ii' W4 ll ' Q' .,l' . i L' V ' V ali ll V F S 'ill' fa 5.1 ' x H J at J 1 ' - r Ir Vt 4? U lQ l aj' K' 1, 'W fy I , 1 tg, K l H, l 'll K I ' FUJI W i wa U 1 ., -1 J ,W E I.. ' Quit DONALD KATZ . . . learns through use of the library. Donald is well known for his scholastic ability and journalistic feats. First semester editor-in-chief of The Sandstorm, Donald is also copy editor for the 1954 La Airosa. He is a member of the Bond Press Club, Quill :mtl Scroll, Allied Youth, the Student Council and chairman of the Steering Committee. whos who juniors Walker, Carolyn Walker, Ernest Walker, Jimmy Wallace, Don Ward, Delores Wardell, Bobby Warren, Fred Watson, Martha Watson, Sara Way, Joe Tim Weatherly, Ann Weaver, Charles Webb, Yvonne Webb, Mickey Webb, Shirley Weeks, Karene Weems, Laura Wells, Lorene Weldon, Anne Wertz, Charlotte West, Joyce Westmoreland, Janette Wheeler, Dolores Wheeler, Rodney Whigham, Sammy Whisenant, Betty White, Bobby White, R. T. White, Sharon Whitis, Van Whitley, Henry Whittenburg, Patty Whorton, Valeta Wiegman, Silver Wilkinson, Sandra Williams, Bettye Williams Jackie Williams Janice Williams Joe Williams, Martha Williams, Paula Williams, Roy Williams, Virginia Willis, Sylvia Wilson, Blantie Frances Wilson, Wilson, Jane Wilson, Molly Lou Paul Wilson, Wilson, S. E. Wineinger, James Winningham, Ann Winstead, Theresa Winter, Mary Jane Winters, Glenda Wirth, Bobby Wirtz, Jack Witcher, Donald Witherspoon, Jean Wfolflin, Fain in r X 1 2' ' . 9' 'A , '-,rkvif A. ,. .X fir -' Yi. 5' -gi JT". " 1 -. i 1135255- ,'1,,g '-5?-W l " 5 f - ,- A I , , , gy My , ' -1 if fy x fi-33, -'r 1, A, N f.,"f i- A l K A ' H n 1' 1 1 - . r P' ' zr! Y' l .G--eh: .::., A l I 1 x ll 1- - Y i ' NEI-, 4. ' "P f as ,,LL W, , -f ' , I ,. N A I , , 1 ' , . ' "spills-1' 'Z' , r A x . I QQ ,W I: . 7, :jf , .I KIM KIMMINS P.. x 53 ,gc ,, .. , :mais-N A N 7' ,- i M67 " , ,ss ' assi:,igsirsesss-wzsasfiff H PM 3 D,Xfq, A.,,,g,M .,,, wwgm" ' 1 ,--.. if-YY .M kgykimkim as me zimsgw- Q 3681--X . . . as drum major of the Golden Sandie Band, spends a great amount of his time on the Fuqua lot, which is adjacent to the campus, rehearsing the band for the half-time shows. Kim is also a member of the National Honor Society and the Ken Klub. who's who jl.lI1IOI'S Wood, Don Young, xm Yunker, ohn I I Ziegler, Jim QM ' f M M ' - - 07 W M07 15790 wwf ZWMM fogoafwu A E22 Qwwwjw 25201 f,i24,.,, 70. 0217 n .-N7 -av i J Q sophomores Blasingame, Charles Bolich, Fred Boltin, Deana Boney, Bugs Boone, Yvonne Boswell, Danny Bourgeois, Geneva Box, Charlotte Boyd, Elaine Boud, Gary Brewer, Ardice Bridges, jarrell Bridges, Robert Briley, David Britton, Donna Brizendine, jon Broadie, Lee Broadstreet, Carole Brogden, Troy Brooks, Marilyn Broomhead, Charles Brown, Betty Brown, Charlotte Brown, Elvatine Brown, Harvey Browning, Shirley Browning, Max Bruce, Pat Bryant, Howard Bryant, J, B. Bryant, Jerry Buchanan, Charles Bunker, Bob Bural, Lynn Burgess, Danny Burns, Helen Burroughs, Bill Burrow, Patsy Busby, Dwayne Buster, Richard Butterfield, jane Buzzard, Alvin Byars, Velma Byrne, Eleanor Caddick, Rosemary Cagle, Daryl Cain, Carol Caldwell, jerry Callahan, Frances Campbell, Annalee Cantrell, Barbara Cantrell, Lee Roy Cantrell, Minnie Faye Capansky, Jackie Carpenter, Ken Carroll, Eddie Carroll, Jonell Carroll, Sue Lynn Carruth, Marilyn Carson, Wade sophomores Carter, Sue Carter, Gerry Carter, Ginriy Carter, Richard Casstevens, Bobbie Castleberry, Barbara Cate, Norma jean Caudill, Suzanne Cave, Sona Cavender, Finis Chaney, Dean Chapman, jerre Chavez, Victor, jr. Childress, Donald Christian, Bobby Chumley, Don Churchill, jim Cizon, Gordon Claon, Dimitra Clark, Kenneth Clark, Robert Davis Clark, Robert Neal Clark, Robert Yale Clark, Wanda Clay, Patsy Clement, Betty Clifford, joy Coatney, Ellis Coburn, Tommy Cochran, Clarence Coggins, jimmy Coker, Darlene' Collins, Alfred Collins, Carolyn Combs, Fred Cook, jimmy Cook, Wayne Coonrod, 'Larry Coons, Mary Gail Cornelius, Don' Coston, Barbara Cotton, Bob Cotton, Glenda Courtney, Dana Covey, jerry Covington, Bobbie Cowan, John Cox, Gene Cox, Rose Coyle, Robert Crawford, Bobby Crider, Earlene Crimm, james Crossett, Drew Crouch, David Cruz, johnny Culver, La Donna Culwell, David Cummings, Nanette Curb, Claudine sophomores Curtis, Melba Daily, Harriet Daniels, Bill Darby, Sharon Daugherty, Eddie Davis, Edna Dawson, Dolphia Day, jerry Deason, jean Deason, jo Ann Deaver, Roy Deckard, Sammie Denmead, Don Dillard, Kay Dine, David Dixon, Donya Dobbs, jean Dover, johnny Dowell, Delle Dowlen, JoAnn Drake, Patsy Dudley, Orpha Dufek, joan Duke, Carol jean Dunavant, Kendall Duncan, Arnie Duncan, jimmy Duncan, Pat Duncan, V. J. Duniven, Chick Durham, Bill Durham, Bob Eads, Dewayne Eager, Kitty Echols, Robert Eddy, Don Edgar, Carol Edwards, Dean Eitner, Donna Elder, Wesley Ellis, Berna Ruth Ellis, Bill Ellis, Donald Ellis, E. L. Ellis, Gladys Ely, Ronnie Epps, Wanda Esher, Larry Essary, Terry Eubanks, Beverly Eubanks, Raymond Evans, Gail Evans, james Evans, Sylvia Everhart, Peggy Farnsworth, joy Farrow, Harold Faurier, Anna Fennimore, Marita Fields, Coeta sophomores Finclley, Curtis Fine, Arva Finley, Alice Flanagan, Don Fly, Iris Follis, Ned Folsom, Philip Fonti, Richard Ford, Bettielou Foster, Darrell Fouse, Carol Fowler, Betty Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Henry Farmer, Frances Dee Fox, Edwin Fox, Roger Franklin, Sallye Freelove, Ernestine Freudiger, Tolliver Fristoe, Gene Fry, Johnny Fuller, Judy Fuller, Tony Funderburg, Billy Joe Fuqua, Billie Gabbard, jean Gable, jim Gailey, Donna Ruth Gallegly, Sue Gamblin, Gene Gantt, Ann Garrett, Loretta Garrett, Tracy Garrison, Paul Gatlin, jean Gee, Wai Ming Getman, Robert Gibbs, Betty Gibbs, Milton Gibson, Mary Gibson, Wayne Gilbreath, Cecile Gilchrist, Jon Gill, Bobby Gillespie, Leticia Glasco, Gary Glass, Joan Glover, Enid Gober, Robert Gochnawen, johnny Godfrey, Carol Golightly, jean Goodner, Judy Goodwin, Ken Goodwin, Marlene Gore, Barbara Gore, Sue Gowen, Shirley Grady, Frances sophomores Grady, Jerry . Grady, Sylvia Graham, Bill Graham, Bob Graham, Jo Ann Grantham, Harrison Gravestock, Pat Green, Pearl Griffin, Charles Griffith, George Grigsby, Bill Grimes, Ted Grinstaff, Bill Gross, Jeanette Gunn, Amma Lynn Gwyn, Gary Haag, Jessie Haas, Mick Hagood, Jere Haley, Mary I-Iamby, Margaret Hamilton, Guy Hamlin, Alfred Hamlin, Barbara Hamlin, Royce Hank, Teddy Hanna, Rosemary Hannon, Nancy Hannum, Sharon Hansard, Charles Hansard, Harry Harbour, Patsy Hardcastle, Donald Harp, Doyle Harrington, Jean Harris, Cordelia Harris, Virginia Harrison, Doris Hart, Marvin Harvey, Arther Hash, Bob Havens, Sharon Hawk, Joyce Hawley, Billie Hayden, Georgann Haynie, Nine Heath, Alva Heath, Juana Hedgecoke, Garland Hedgecoke, Jimmy Henderson, Patricia Henry, Albert Henry, Robert Hernupont, Betsy Herrington, Jean I-iigdon, Lucy Hilgers, Wayne Hill, Scott Hindman, Helen Hines, Ronnie sophomores Hisey, Bill Hobbs, Sharron Hodges, Calvin Hodges, Kathy Holder, Ramona Holland, Donald Holley, Edwin Hollis, Carol Hollis, Eddie Holzkamper, Donna Hood, Charlotte Hooker, Charles Horde, Mickey Horton, La Nora Hover, Robert Howard, .Billy Howard, Bobby Howard, Carla Howard, Eudean Howard, Gwenelle Howard, Ramona Howell, David Howell, Homer Hudson, Earl Hughes, Lou Ella Hughlett, Yvonne Hulsey, Arthur Hunter, Edgar Hunter, Ruth Hyatt, Pat Ibarra, Conchita Inglis, Carol Ingram, Darlene Irwin, Dixie Lee Jackson, Dan Jackson, Jimmy Jackson, L. D. Jacobsen, Jerry Jacobsen, Jimmy James, Anne James, Franklin James, Teddy Jameson, Charles Jeffers, Joyce Jenkins, John Jennings, Barbara Joe, Wo Johnson, Charlene Johnson, Clem Johnson, Donald Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Gene Johnson, Jo Leen Johnson, Myrtle Ann Johnson, Sondra Johnson, Violet Johnson, Wanda Jones, Bobby Jones, Don Jones, Doris sophomores Jones, Jan Jones, johnny Jones, Joy jones Liz Jones, Nancy Jones, Vestagean jones, Yvonne Kardell, Dick Kay, Kevin Keathley, Jane. Keenan, Charlotte Keesee, Jerry Kelln, Wanda Kelly, Carter Kelly, Winfred Kendall, Corin Kennedy, Charles Kerr, Sondra Keys, Terry Killebrew, Joy Kinball, Marilyn Kinslow, jimmy Kirkpatrick, Angela Kitchens, Nelta Klein, Murray Knapp, Clivene Knighton, Donna Knightstep, Jeanie Knupp, Bob Koontz, Earl Koontz, T. J. Krahn, Ken Lacy, Joyce Lafon, Robert Laminack, Sue Lampkin, Raymond Lance, Sue Lancton, Mary Ann Lane, Duane Lane, Frank Lanier, Robert Laroche, Bobby Larson, Beverly Lasater, Drena Lawrence, john Ledbetter, Karola Lee, Shirley Leffingwell, Lance Lemons, Wanda Lewis, Scotty Lewis, Venita Liebsch, Gladys Light, Charles Light, Lillian Lightfoot, David Lill, Mary Lilly, Cora Lindsey, Jimmy Linville, jean Litle, Edna sophomores Lively, Arline Livingston, Bette Loar, Leonard Lofgren, William Logan, Milta Logsdon, Jim Long, Rae Long, Rebecca LoVato, Pat Loveless, Lois Lovell, Bonnie Lowery, Davis Lowrimore, George Luetkahans, Evelyn Lummus, Jimmy Lynch, Elizabeth McAlister, Charlie McAnally, Jerry McAvoy, Jean McBride, Joella McCaffree, Jettie McCawley, Diana McClain, Gene McClenny, Janie McCollum, Joe McCullah, Tom McFarland, Mac Elaine McFarlin, Marquitta McFetters, Don McGaughy, Bob McGee, Arlene McGehee, Jim McGill, Norman McKay, Joe McKechnie, Nancy McKenze, Edward McLaughlin, Robbie McLean, Carol McMennamy, Linda McNeil, Frank McPherson, Sharon Mackey, Karen Malacara, Josephine Maloney, Corinne Malson, D. A. Mansfield, Janis Marcom, Margaret Marsh, Stanley, III Martin, Don Martin, Jimmie Martin, Lloyd Martin, Marian Martin, Marye Mashbum, Russell Mason, Geta Mason, Lynda Mason, Nancy Mathis, Jim Mayberry, Joy Mayes, Buddy sophomores Mayhall, Freddie Medley, Sue Meek, Rodney Melbyer, Fred Melson, Kitty Melton, Vianna Merchant, John Merchant, Myrna Middleton, Gerald Miller, Bettye Miller, Flo Ann Miller, Gary Miller, Gale Miller, Goldie Miller, Jaton Mills, Mike Mixon, Bobbie Mixon, Nancy Mobley, jack Monroe, james Moore, Chestine Moore, Clinton Moore, jo Ann Moore, Mamie Moore, Robert Edward Moore, Robert Henry Moreau, Coma Moreau, Dwayne Morford, Brady Morgan, Don Morris, Edward Morrison, Lloyd Morton, George Morton, Marvin Morton, Noble Moses, James Mowry, Loyd Muckabay, Don Mulkey, Gene Muncie, Patsy Murphy, Betty Murray, La Donna Musick, Brad Neal, Hershel Neese, Ann Nelson, Jessie Nelson, Robert Netzeband, Carolyn Nichols, Barbara Norfleet, Frank Norman, Joann Norris, Lewis North, Gary Oakes, john Oakley, Don Oakley, Mary Beth Oglesby, Kenneth Oliver, Robert Olsen, Harlan Orme, Bobby sophomores Ormsby, Patty Owens, Pat Pace, Thomas Palmer, Harla Pamplin, Skippy Pando, Bob Parker, Gwen Parker, Suzanne Parks, Clyde Parr, Jim Pate, Pat Patterson, Jimmy Patton, Wesley Paulk, Tana Payne, Jimmy Pearce, Diane Pearce, Patsy Pearson, Donna Pendleton, Sandra Peters, Carole Phillips, Wanda Plunk, Donnis Plunkett, john Pollard, Curtis Porterfield, Diane Powell, Peggy Pratt, Billy Prescott, Virginia Prickett, Kenneth Pringle, Darlene Probst, Sally Proffer, Danny Prosser, Mike Puckett, Gerry Puckett, john Puleo, Grace Purcell, Earl Putnam, Charlane Quarterman, Bill Quinn, David Quisenberry, .Mary Radcliff, Rex Radney, Sammye Raines, B. L. Ramsey, Buck Rankin, Helen Ray, Roger Redd, Lois Reed, Bette Kay Reed, Jean Reed, Pat Reese, Billy Reese, Robbie Reeves, Larry Regal, John Edward Reid, Don Reid, Jimmy Reid, Pam Reid, Wanda Renfroe, Martha Kay sophomores Reynolds, Derrell Reynolds, Kathleen Rhoden, Peggy Richards, Edward Rice, Edwin Rice, Frances Richardson, james Richardson, jasper Ridenhour, Shirley Rigdon, jimmy Roach, Mathew Roark, Michael Roberts, Jean Roberts, John Roberts, Myrna Roberts, Peggy Roberts, Rita Roberson, B. J. Robertson, Jan Robertson, Pat Robinson, John Robinson, Judy Robinson, Merrill Robinson, Rose Rockhold, Judy Rodgers, Anna Rogers, Steve Roclriquez, Eunice Rogers, David Rollins, Bobby Rowell, Mary Frances Royse, Marjorie Ruddick, Cordelia Ruffin, Ray Russell, Hugh Ryals, Charlene Saddoris, Don Salamy, Fred Sanders, Delores Sandlin, Ervin Sanford, Earl Sanford, jimmy Sauls, Donald Sawyer, Tom Schaffer, Darrell Schmidt, Bill Scott, Bryan Scott, Don Scott, jimmy Sebren, Freddie Seigal, Lindly Shackelford, Lance Shaffer, Billy Shannon, Neal Sharp, Louise Sharp, Melissa Sharpe, Ruth Ann Shattuck, Claudine Shaw, Herb Shinn, Terral sophomores Shirley, joe Sibley, Sonja Simmons, Carol Simons, Lillie Sims, Florence Sims, Robert Slagle, Natha Slagle, Vera Ann Slater, Susan Slemp, Dolores Slover, Pat Slover, Ronald Smelcer, jimmy Smiley, Naomi Smith, Bob Smith, Bub Smith, Dorothy Smith, Hermalyn Smith, Inga Smith, Jerry Smith, jimmy Smith, Mary Alice Smith, Montye Solnick, Brenda Rae Sommer, Shirley So Relle, Phyllis Soule, Mary Sparks, Pat Sparks, Sheila Spencer, Kay Spencer, Paula Springstube, Marcia Sprouse, jerry Stafford, Carroll Stafford, David Stamps, Pat Stephens, Buddy Stephens, La Neta Stewart, Glenda Sticksel, John Stitt, Norma Stone, Billy Stone, james Stone, Sue Storrs, Lois Stout, Glyn Stovall, Betty Sullivan, Ann Summar, Jaceena Summers, Georgena Swartwood, Mike Talley, jimmy Tarbet, Dale Tate, Carl Taylor, Belle Taylor, Charles Taylor, Eddie Taylor, Frank Taylor, Gary Taylor, jeanene sophomores Taylor, Roy Taylor, Stanley Teague, Teague, Jim Kaye Tedford, Dwain Terrell, Bobby Thomas, Alvin Thomas, Tommie Sue Thomason, Dwight Thomason, Kattie Thompson, Mary Thorn, Evelyn Thorton, Sandy Tidwell, Delora Tomberlin, Dorothy Tow, Pat Town, Lisbeth Townes, Terry Townsend, Betty Travis, Mary Kay Treadway, Ouida Trice, Bonnie Triplett, Janet Troutman, Marjorie Tubbs, Mike Tucker, Richard Dale Upton, Joretta Van Doran, julie Van Doren, Gary Van Huss, Mattie Vanorer, Loretha Van Winkle, jan Vest, Donna Voshalike, Betty Lou Vothm, Edythe Waddill, Mike Wade, Mona Waggoner, Barbara Wagner, Wagner Cherry Gary Walker: Billy Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wallace, Billy Ray Dennis Linnie Thomas Gale Ward, Janice Ware, Jimmy Warren, Barbara Warren, Bobby Watson, Edith Watts, Gary Way, Bob Weatherly, Curtis Weathers, Luther Webb, jane Weldon, Gail West, Glenda Westmoreland, Dean Wheeler, Arlen Young, Richard Ziegenhorn, jerry Zimmerman, W' alter Zimmerman, Warren sophomores Wheeler, Jerry Whippo, Buddy White, Ann White, Billy Ray White, Ellen White, Patty Whitsitt, Henry Whittenburg, Evelyn Wilhite, Kay Wilhite, Merwin Williams, joe Williams, Beverly Ann Williams, Dorothy Williams, Glenda Williams Suvila Williams, Timmie Williamson, james Willingham, Norman Wilson, Ann Wilson, Betty Wilson, Marshal Wilson, Reba Faye Wing, Shirley Winstead, Nancy Winters, Richard Wise, Gary Witcher, Buddy Witt, Kenneth Woods, Annie Woods, Carolyn Woods, Lonnie Woods, Ulands Woodward, Robert Woolsey, Betty Wooten, Bobby Wrather, Ann Wright, Bobby Wynn, Kay Yates, Kenneth Yelton, Shirley York, Ray York, Ronnie too late to classify First row, left to right: Adams, Joyce, Jr.g Benge, Suella, Soph.g Bradley, Frances, Soph.g Brogdon, Malcolm, Soph.g Browder, Joe, Soph.g Clifford, Ruthecla, Sr., Ellis, Don, Sr., Fox, Leroy, Sr., Griffin, Jerry, Jr.g Hamilton, Her- bert, Sr., I-Iayes, Sharon, Soph. Second row: Henley, Teddy, Soph., Hickman, Judith, Soph.g Johnson, Francis, Sr.g Lee, Mary, Soph.g Manning, Burt, Sr.g Miller, Nelda, Jr., Morel, Jerry, Soph., McLain, Bobby, Soph.g Nix, Ruth, Soph.g Oliver, Jimmy, Soph.g Paul, Frances, Jr. Third row: Pennington, Linda, Jr., Puckett, Shirley, Sr., Reynolds, Don, Jr., Reynolds, Marlene, Jr., Rozell, Don, Soph.g Scott, Mattie Sue, Soph.g Smith, Colleen, Soph.g Spencer, Jerry, Sr., Westfall, Don, Jr., Wicker, Tommy, Soph.g Wilkins, Paula, Soph. SENIORS Allen, Billy Allen, Jimmy Almquist, Francis Balancl, Philip Blassingame, William Brewer, Shirley Bynum, Bill Cochran, Robert Dean, Bo Dickinson, Raymond Fox, Leroy Graham, Gene Greenroyd, Jerry Harter, Harry Hendrix, James Hillin, Wayne Holland, Delores Jordan, Ray Kelly, Jo Knight, Othel Lewis, Carl McKee, Bobby O'Del1, Dale Parker, Sid Paschall, Cliva Pittman, Jeanie Pulliam, Novis Rigdon, Patsy Roten, Barbara students Smelcer, William Smith, Ray Sparks, William Spencer. Roberta Striley, Kenneth Upchurch. Thomas Wagner, Glen Ward, Daris Watkins, Roy Whigham, Betty Wvhite, Nancy Wiseman, Johnny JUNIORS Adams, W. H. Arnold, Gene Cantrell, Bobby Dale, Jennie Franks, Jimmy Graham. Bennie Gulley, Mary Harvey, Bobby Henry, Elmo Holman, Dorothy Hopps, Anya King, Bonnie Lamb, Jimmy Melton, Elwood Middaugh, Emmett Mitchell, Wanda not pictured Perkins, Bette Perkins, Geraldine Richards, Gerald Robbins, Bob Roberts, Larry Rogers, Myrna Rowe, Walker SOPHOMORES Austin, Troyce Baker, Coleta Blankenship, Helen Brown, George Burgess, Rosella Campbell, Charles Carthel, James Chapman, Anna Cohorst, Mary Coonce, Clarence Dodge, Joan Farmer, Gordon Farmer, Roger Finley, Delton Fletcher, Nellie Fox, Nathon Garrigus, Liva Goodson, Bobby Green, Charles Hawthorne, Thomas Hedger, Sandra Hellyer, Fred Holland, Robert Huckabay, Don Hyde, Michael Ivy, Clyde Ivy, Jackie Johnson, Charlotte Kate, Carl Kembel, Dick Keys, Jimmy Lester, William Lindsay, Glenda Melius, Don Morford, Barbara Mullane, Charlotte Nolan, William Oeschger, Larry Phillips, Charles Ramsey. Richard Ray, Jackie Rickey, Ronnie Shipley, Herman Stratton, Jimmy Thompson, Forrest Todd, Larry Whitley, Bobby Wilson, Noel Woods, Wanda my ! I QW W 1 X 505xXgbl f :ig XQSYMWB' fn? N x, My 3 Ser Ns U d Q33 252, if My AM X557 4 Aflmd mfg ZZ4 4 QMWWMWM L WU W Wm QZ47fVM"fMM4,f WZQWWWWZL W ffm AWWAWZW Zig Qjgdffpdj 7 digg MMM X if My M ffwfjfdl 46 M6 ygiizwi M !Mjf W we M5195 M256 M QW . My ,jf , , la 1,4 ! ,K J f ' X 454' ' R 1' ,xi ' X 5 I , . f 2 f F v Q I fx ,f V, j X X f 4 17 I I I A 0. MAE M 16 1 , fgg . A . ff . f l 6 J ,, , 7 V V V A I , K M V 7 6 . 7 J 1 , 7' , , , J f X 1 , ' 417 W k ,J R K - Y 7 XJMK, fv f' 7 I X N P. 1 9 ak A , w , ,f M9 www If 1' ff, - A IA vw W , Q V V 4A, , , LW gv W aff 1 F -:114.un- 1 A 559175 avi: nv-. . yr- 'wg . 'LB LQ. V ,Q f 1- A , - ., in - fm af ' ,, ' "Q A ug 1, M Y G ,- I' xr: I . I i 1 sw QNM . 42+ A' I M l' x X 4' V Y . V, g ' S X N 7 i Q J . 'Fm I A' ,',' ri' - i R , P ."W. vu Y 1- -Q.-1-,- ,- -J 5 4 , 1 i K "EES 514 ETA' my f 9525, he gm ii . iff? '4 f 2 X 'vs' R ' if Q '05 1 ,Q lx lf i H K ' Q15 r in .s r H2 Z few. Qi' ,Q L I .M N .QM T Jaw. Ny gil r.o.l'.c. staff officers ,- Ia mx xA QJ -sa CADET COMMANDING OFFICER EXECUTIVE OFFICER Cadet Lt. Col. Wesley Simpson Cadet Major Mike Hall Honorary Lt. Col. Connie Duncan Honorary Major Carol Schultz X.. .ik ,,,7, Q Emi rg ,.', af, 3 ,hw QE... 3 "" 1 F 1 ' I of i .wrt V .I' I 1' K: xxx BATTALION ADJUTANT E an P' PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Cadet Cflptailfl Sidney WHlf0H It -it Cadet Captain Reid Leachman Honorary Captain Tennessee Morris A ' r- Honorary Captain Carol Meyers . tl, F A A fa at A L1Q'?F'lifv-2. P PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE and TACTICS CADET IN CHARGE OF TRAINING Cadet Captain Thomas Upchurch Honorary Captain Wancia Hart 55 A I A- X V -' -gg-. Major Carl P. Matney I V- W: " f.,. ., OF SUPPLY ichard Price LaNe11e Higdon . mf rdf R 'US " 7 . figs E, , 89 mn..-f is .11 llall Aaah P. FA Cadet Captain Dennis Bruton Sponsor Sarita Hatcher Cadet Lt. Bill Griffith Cadet Lt. Ron Davis Cadet Lt. Tommy Hast ings COMPANY "A" . . . Front row, left to right: B. Roach, J. Williamson, N. Follis, S. Hull, B. Buell, J. Brizidine, D. Beer, D. Reynolds, T. Grimes, J. Caldwell, E. Coatney, B. Morrison, D. Fansler and C. Johnson. Second row: D. Murray, B. Quaterman, J. Jacobson, J. Oliver, D. Schaffer, R. Coyle, J. Howell, M. Prosser, D. Eagle and G. Jayroe. Third row: G. Howell, R. Deckard, M. Morgan, G. Tate, R. Pando, J. Ray, L. Gerlach, R. Pipes, R. Clark, G. Stewart, J. Weinger, P. Wilson and D. Ivy. Fourth row: H. Goodnight, J. Best, L. Weathers, D. Schaffer, C. Hall, J. Brown, R. Simmons, J. Pater, W. Jackson, E. Rutland, S. Downey, T. David, J. Jenkins and T. Evans. company Hb' 610 -f.- - , :Za -as ,I '41 .- l 'I L: ,Q.. l iv:..,V' Egi N i. ..L', V, . . ,... ,,,, W, ,., 5 af- Cadet Captain Glenn Kirl COMPANY "B" . . . Front row, left to right: R. Reece, K. Oglesby, W. Baker, K. Garner, R. Bates, R. Hines, F. Combs, R. Tucker and B. Crawford. Second row: J. VanNoy, M. Ross, D. Childress, T. Reagor, T. Fuller, J. Man, R. Clark, B. Durham and G. Gynn. Third row: R. Stevenson, T. Key, C. Buchanan, B. Sharp, T. Patterson, E. Rockwell, J. Forbis, W. Lester and D. Altman. Fourth row: B. Thompson, D. Smith, R. Reece, B. Graham, J. McElroy, F. Worley, B. Burns, B. Walker and R. McCuistion. Sponsor Sandy Townsend Cadet Lt. Jimmy Birkmey Cadet Lt. Gene Brown Cadet Lt. LeRoy Clark Cadet Lt. Bobby Selby Hudson and P. Chesher. ANY "C" . . . First row, left to right: C. Eads, C. Bruner, J. Kinslow, C. Towns, C, C. Oliver and C. Flanningan. Second row: C. Watts, R. Argo, C. Everhart, C. Gwyn. Adams, C. Finley, C. Ivy, C. Warren and C. Miller. Third row: C. Orme, C. Schackleford, C. der, C. Cullison, C. Logston, C. Unlaub, C. Wilson, C. Tankerson and C. Robertson. Top C. Brown, C. Granger, C. Schramm, C. Lundy, C. Harvey, C. Monroe, C. Speed, C. Simmons, Q company . -, 1 ,-Q. an . l- -M . , . , ' i -ge-:NW A A mm- vfrr-fw ' ' i 'Pif 'iff' w.:.:.LwM if A , a .ii . ft . N .I lr .x Cadet Captain Donald Carver Sponsor Marilyn Mabry Cadet Lt. Eugene Ray Cadet Lt. Ralph Gowen Cadet Lt. Donald Harper w, , V ,, N , ggx ' ea. l'.'x"' Wg, Captain Richard Hurlock Virginia Donohoo Lt. Billy Shellburg Lt. Adolphus Lankford Lt. Allen johnson Lt. David Ewing N 5-.1 COMPANY "E" . . . First row, left to right: C. McAllister, H. Neal, L. Reeves, J. Sticksell, K. Yates, J. jordan, B. LaRoche, D. Green and A. Sikes. Second row: L. Broadie, B. Jones, D. Bosewell, R. Hately, B. Hash, O. Dugger, P. Borden, G. Sheaffer, and L. Wyatt. Third row: D. Martin, H. Shaw, B. Cantrell, J. Coward, B. Harrison, B. Stewart, N. Carter, J. Franz, D. Roberson and R. Deaver. Back row: S. Wigham, J. Gibson, R. Henry, H. Wright, D. McCamy, D. Jackson, D. Lindsey, D. Sitton, R. Potts, D. Miller and G. johnson. J' 1 : . :gk f ' 535 T" av-.. fb L.. ? Je X ..f M. music '55-6 xxx . A , . w. WNXX .xp x , E ', 'Xb gs Sfud TUG fouigl p'70dUcf f f Sys , X xx fix owggzygg rn' to ... U7t'3x5"lmC'UB5 "1:a.-.3 r: D' g o O-arnm rn rn Ev-1' HN 5'-1 Daw' QSFM ..J-- 2 O ZoD"?"-N F'Ip3l"' O2 . O C- U7 U1 4,1--Eg 'i . OQHSDQQTO Og--4951, :y-B ma ar0:':-:Z P' ZQSZFDPU CD."!Dcn nd U' I wg:-n r-1mw3' 71 fam D30 a"?mgG-, U-F' -4 .JU ':G'9m-QTZEACD OUE,5r,,- Q film UV- Z -3-'I 2fag'sQ2 ','gQ4:A"r1gQn-x . --firuwic-O W 'JOSQ putgjfa.-,. 75 - :.Q5-wo. R11 mmm o F50 5352476541 Uggimgmgcl '.::EQ.'f.,:5-'21 25559532 ggmr D" fi , ' vw' ' Hsiwwiwpr - D rn C I-.iimrf-UQ: .' -5 ra "' E"z15,-T-'-,.f?-5-. S:f5'FET?3'2 . .Zx-'aw-, '-4 . ..- zfwwdfmn 5w?a?55s ss' U- U' :w,a,2ww'U3- , 0.4. F F'?'5Kfz?g' T11 fi 1:17517 g9Eg5g:H 5512-4314i :oO'4 51: BEDS 3 9.5 ggw- .IZ-l,'E',g:5I":-Uf'4 Q. QwUv2WmP 2. '94E5'r:uE3' H PE.-35,3 on M QQZOEXWQ-1 "ff-'T' Num- is ag Yu E L E ,Q 'ch . K , ,1 J fix! ,I fu-V ZW.. W i . vga- 1 .- . L , , 5 MISS TENNIE THOMPSON Direclm' mhkwq if Hx Q N MM WP d awww w,N , , 1 JW, ld 162. OFFICERS are, left to right: Wanda Lemons, treasurerg Susan Slater Secretaryg jim Parr, Libtariung D. Eddy, Vice President. W OT Members of the THIRD PERIOD SOPHOMORE CHOIR are, front row, left to right: M. McFarland, D. Laseter, B. Townsend, C. Cain, T. Williams, I-l. Palmer, M. Soule, S. johnson, J. Dowlen, B. Jennings, D. Coker and S. Evans. Second row: C. Ruddick, L. Sanders, J. Lawrence, G. Stout, B. Pando, 1. Sticksel, B. Grigsby, M. Waddill, D. Chumley, J. Mansfield, L. Garrett and A. Rodgers. Third row: C. Strait, A. Gunn, C. Moore, W. Kelln, H. Daily, E. Whittenburg, J. Cook, J. Cruz, W. Hilgers, D. Dowell, B. Christian, I. Lewis, D. Plunk and D. McCawley. Fourth row: Y. Boone, H. Hindman, E. Sandlin, B. Ramsey, D. Bedwell, V. Duncan, G. Miller, D. Boswell, B. McGaughy, C. Kelly, D. Quinn, E. Crider, V. Baker and L. Lovelace. Fifth row: L. Light, S. Barnett, J. Gross, H. Smith, B. Wooten, D. Malson, D. Stafford, T. Koontz, M. Browning, B. Gore, P. Drake, J. Ward, J. Allee and P. Burrow. e OFFICERS of THIRD PE- RIOD SOPHOMORE CHOIR are, left to right: M. Clonin- ger, student directorg D. Quinn, Vice President, A. Gunn, Treasurer, J. Cruz, Li- brarian and C. Cain, Secre- tary. 'E Elected to reign over the sophn omore choirs as queen wa Evelyn Wfhittenburg of th third period choir. 'If ,,.. 1 f - ,-5 fo OFFICERS of FOURTH PERIOD SOPHOMORE CHOIR aff, OFFICERS Of FIFTH PERIOD SOPHOMORE CHOIR are left T0 fighfl W- Clafkr SCCYCYHYYS B- Lanier, PfC5idC1'1f2 J- left to right: R. Echols, Librarian, G. Cox, President, A. Wil Mobley, Librariang J. Allison, Treasurer. son, Secretary. 5 Q wi 6 Q1 " ,We .... 5 Q G Q Q Hd .q -any K W , ,I 1 11323 QE 1 is Q2 f ' Q 1 iiiiiiliii :ages ,ww U ,uf X if fl' LM- 1 1 f .L?4.,,-U, ,WN X, I -H ' nl f 5 xc Slf as ll 22551933 ' ' 'VIS ,. . ,g I ' f' ..,.---. ' Y- ' I L h : Y ' 5 X 57 ' I -A . F l fl. ' "A ri ve' ' 4 in ,-L . '. I 1 K? MM ' ' ,I w ' A " lim! I, , ,. . , , 4 h. 3,5 1 ',i -Q I ' -I 'ex . 31 Il., . 1 :file il 5 -.5 -7 ,J f ei, ' fl M ' W ,ff N' fl: ' wr, . 4 5 -'54 il 1 ,, x Y' ' j l 11 A S i ' H ' , ' it . Lf . K!! V MEMBERS of the AEOLIAN CHOIR are, front row, left ot right: J. McGraw, S. Norman, W. Nicklaus, J. Wilson, H. Ken- dell, G. Robertson, M. I. Rogers, I. Johnson and S. Wiegman. Second'row: S. Porterfield, S. Swenson, S. Hartman, M. Clon- inger, P. Page, M. McDanial, R. Benton, M. Cook, S. Freeman, L. Bice, D. Wheeler and S. Fountain. Third row: M. Selig- man, C. Stradley, L. Parker, J. Rhodes, W. johnson, E. Rogge S. Bickett, W. Forbes, B. Ridings, L. Crouch and I. Conner. Fourth row: F. Frisbie, K. Atkins, P. Crotty, R. Stevens, F. McCutchan, L. Hurt, R. Pope, D. Daniels, 1. Williamsp H. Flower, S. Cantine and A. Hudspeth. Fifth row: B. Compton, W. Mitchell, B. Barron, J. Martin, J. Gilbert, C. Noland, D. Bray, J. Hess, L. Dudley, G. johnson, G. Barker, L. Camp, D. Meyers, J. McLeroy and B. Buster. FEW , f fs ' ':': in Queen Carol Schultz is ac- , -. ' ' l 3 cornpanist for the Bel Can- V F to Choir. Last year she was president of the Aeolian H Choir. " if . u N , Ns. .-- ' OFFICERS of the AEOLIAN CHOIR are, front row, left to right: C. Stradley, secretary, J. McGraw, secretary, M. Rodg- ers, treasurer, D. Daniels, president, I.. Camp, vice presi- dent and J. Gilbert, student director. if OFFICERS of the BEL CANTO are: S. Norman, secretary B. Brocks, treasurer, R. Quinn, vice president, D. Armstrong student director, and G. Askew, president. 96 - Q 5 45 gs V l : L il i-. q Al Q . ' l s pk . ts. BAND MEMBERS are. piccolos: F. Risdon and D. Crouch. Flutes: B. Moore, F. Risdon, D. Crouch, G. Van Doren, G. Miller, J. Evans, S. Sommar, C. Broomluead and L. Gillespie. Oboes: A. Gordon and A. Watson. Clarinets: G. Brown, J. Paul, J. Bridges, B. Hise, B. Grinstaff, L. Coonrod, V. Harris. T. Robinson, F Starkey, D. Ward, D. Pearson, K. Goodwin, D. Bippus, G. Rodgers, B. Whisenant. M. Renfroe, D. Spencer, S. Seeley, S. Sparks, D. Britton, S. Hobbs, B. Higgins, R. Cox, J. Williams, S. Benge. J. Deztson, N. Cavender, B. Ellis, J. Fuller, S. Browning and M. Brooks. Alto-Clarinet: G. Martin. Bass Clarinet: I. Spencer. M. Bay and M. Hude. Contra-bass Clarinet: B. Ford. AMO 5BX0Pl10HCSZ D- AlffX21l'1dfi'f, J- MN-l K- ECliflg0Ul'OUSl'l, Baritone Suxophones: B. Dupriest and S. Pendleton. Bassoons: M. Reid and L. Pennington. Comets: C. O'Rear, B. Beveridge, CHARLES EMMONS BAND OFFICERS are, left to right: G. Rodgers, vice presi- Dirertor dent, D. Wood, student conductorg J. Wilson, assistant drum majorg S. Irelan, president, M. Reed, secretary. 98 D. Crossett, F. Cavender, R. Fonti, B. Carder, B. Stone, K. Garner, T. Sarrett, C. Pinkey, G. North, K. Clark, P. Van Hoose, A. Harper, J. Talley and G. Cizon. French Horns: K. Kimmins, J. Thompson, J. Eastham, D. Reid, B. Lofgren, F. McNeil, H. Dailey and S. Taylor. Baritones: K. Hall, J. Jones, K. Carpenter, G. Colley, R. Taylor and W. Devaney. Trombones: G. Wood, J. Wilson, S. Hill, G. Middleton, J. Totten, Be Durham and C. Scales. Basses: H. Crow, B. Cotton, S. Hoefer, D. Scott, W. Mitchell and D. McClenny. Drums: P. Goodwin, D. Greer, K. Gentry, D. Hardcastle, A. Bridges, J. Walker and C. Campbell. Bass Drum: S. Irelan. Tympani: B. Harper. if N J 2 'bo' DRQM MAJOR and. BAND QUEEN Of the TWIRLERS are, front row, left to right: Frances Starkey, Sandie Band are Klm K1mm10HS and Ilene Delores Ward. Second row: Barbara Higgins and Arrelene SPCUCQY- Watson. -up--I X if -gv . X ,A 11 ' '1-'wig' J? 'vhffzv-15Lf5m,Af H " Xim- -Y lbw rx ,ffl fzfr, H . Q U ,H v I 4 Q. - r Us .5 J..-. fr P' il' 31 . ssziasziaax 52:55 D,L. Q if H, Miva Lisa we L . fa 'iw , ,f' 1WiSV7'ww, w' E51 -, Q-Lu" 3 r .fll x Z N Vw I 423 . :.: e, . ' :-:-:-aaa . L mf . 35' mn- J ' V A MJ-V ' 'Qiizfd rv ,,.., X. ,i ' "bf: ' . 1 - gjhn, - A A 1 V-az?-J Q mm , J M 1 2 -'QZXA5-W gA s I iii if ra, 1 , E A V x V5 N A I ,, 1 "'wqf ff i " "' O it . x N , i 169- . x X -.r S W Mig Q Q Cloninger and G. Godsey. Flutes: Be. Moore, F. Risdon and D. Crouch. Oboes: A. Gordon and A. Warson. Bassoons: M. Reid and L. Pennington. Clarinets: R. Posey, D. Ward and J. Bridges. Corners: D. Crossett, F. Cavender and R. Konti. French Horns: K. Kimmins, J. Thompson, B. Lofgren and F. McNeil. Trombones: D. Wood, J. Wilson and S. Hill. Tuba: M. Crow. Percus- sionsz P. Goodwin, D. Greer, B. Harper and T. Winstead. C7 'QQ Xx FQEWX ORGANISTS play for devotionals and special school programs. They are chosen for their play ing ability. Front row, left to right: J. Heath, B. Crawford, head organistg P. Whittenburg, E Morris, S. Porterfield, F. Brown and A. Walker. Seated at the organ is L. Larson. 'WJ' 'Ni H N fs 1' AG? lj'!i!v,A ffwf MEM WV, I Bw Fix QM" V fi fb x , . VQEOVO 4 iig 1 M rig JP uf! Jr. f' , 55--M A q,.La,LLq,,,a,,L., r' Q M hp' 'fl' 44 - A 4 as r E -, il 4: :I K. - 5.9 " 'Q at 1 GIIIIN 7 -'rin ' 2 3 jk sq ' B' ' 1 ' f'f'H-. . . V' -f, Q---Q-oaqesazgw , . vi ,gl-,. .. :T: ,, , , , M W M X-V Y f Y ..-A-H.: - ""' ,.,,,... F 'Hi' 'gif , I I mn, 43. - u e 1'-fl J V ,HJ 4 ' . if ' ' . .. ' ' ' "' F I 1- 4" .,,.,, I . ,, , ......,,.... ,, 1, . l. The STUDENT COUNCIL, in co-ordination with the Steering Committee, help to straighten out school problems. Front row, left to right: F. Grady, S. Evans. J. Lewis, E. Jacobson, M. Brandon, K. Bruner, A. Weatherly, J. Ginn, P. Hill, R. Quinn, S. Townsend and C. Dell. Second row: P. Lowe, P. Pearce, B. Nichols, S. Hartman, W. Hart, G. Gifford, treasurer, P. Hulen, corresponding secretary, M. Rodgers, B. Pettyjohn, secretaryg J. Allston and S. Fountain. Third row: J. Heath, D. Bechtol, G. West, M. Davidson, L. Stephenson, S. Ely, B. Brooks, C. Prince, C. Collins, J. Ramsey and S. Canova, chaplain. Fourth row: C. Brown. J. Lawrence, S. Morris, A. Chapman, J. Robert- son, L. Jonas, P. Hyatt, K. Alexander. C. Schultz, H. Smith and Mrs. W. B: Burkhalter, sponsor. Fifth row: B. Jones, D. Dine, G. Milligan, S. Hannum. M. Maxwell, C. Benton, P. Saunders, J. Reeves, P. Salkeld, G. Ray, R. Pope. B. Stewart, R. Johnson, W. Kelly, D. Katz, D. Wynn, C. Daffern, J. Westerfield, M. Hall, presidentg J. Frazer, D. Stoddard, W. Smith, vice president and XV. Alexander. Sixth row: T. Sawyer, B. Chilton, T. Curtis, R. Johnson and B. Graham. Seventh row: S. Marsh, K. Carpenter, J. Broom, J. Knorpp, B. Smith, W. McNew, J. Stamatis, C. Dunlap, D. Lupher, J. Zeigerhorn, B. Brady, J. Williams, J. McClain, B. Curtis, C. Findley, C. Collier and J. Saunders. The STEERING COMMITTEE meets every Wednesday morning to make decisions about school situations that are troubling the students. Front row-, left to right: A. Chapman, B. Chapman, S. Morris, J. Ramsey, C. Schultz, secre- taryg D. Katz, chairman and Mr. Oliver Diggs, sponsor. Second row: W. Alexander, D. Bechtol, B. Thompson, C. Kelly and Mrs. W. B. Burkhalter, sponsor. Third row: B. Farrell, H. Currie, Miss Alma Hall, sponsor and Mr. R. B. Norman, sponsor. Fourth row: F. Jones, L. Camp. Mrs. Dorris Foreman, Miss Clara Zobisch, sponsors. Fifth row: M. Hall and S. Mullins, vice chairman. JB" is 'lx itll' 1 ll .I . . ap p, s E I e.V'frE ' W - 71' S l U e n I' -413:00 CD-I-in '10 :1 BOD -r --3 , G t e los T9 a-" 1'9- 5-0 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is responsible for all Wednesday morning collections. The c1ub's members are tho: with high scholastic ratings and good school records. Front row, left to right: C. Hankin, Inter-Club Council repr sentativeg H. Fossnage, J. Harrison, K. Harwell, treasurer, and C. Anderson. Second row: Miss Louise Russell, spox sorg C. Heard, L. Ford, C. Schultz and Miss Marie Donnell, sponsor. Third row: D. Carver, L. Jonas, parliamenta ian, F. Crerar, N. Bivins, S. Brily, secretary and J. McCutchen. Fourth row: R. Claibourne, sergeant-at-armsg K. Kin mins, M. Hall, R. McWhorter, president, and W. Alexander. Officer not pictured is B. Johnston, vice president. KEN KLUB, unlike other honorary organizations, was designed for sophomores as well as juniors and seniors. The pin of the club is silver denoting the sterling qualities a member must possess. Front row, left to right: J. Arrington, R. Quinn, R. McMurtry, K. Harwell, E. Jacobson, secretary: J. Higinbotham, D. Flack, T. Myers, C. Manning, C. Hanlcin, M. Reid and H. Fosshage. Second row: D. Witcher, P. Lowe, D. Ogden, S. Stubbs, E. Turner, A. Gorddn, M. Cloninger, I.. Ford, N. Bivins and J.' Harrison. Third row: K. Gentry, L. Camp, D. Barron, Z. Chinn, J. Speer, M. Matney, M. Wilson, R. Whitfield, J. Green and S. Briley. Fourth row: W. Rice, M. Hall, D. Katz, J. Lemons, C. Heard, F. Johnson, J. Reeves, W. Nicklaus, and S. Broome. Fifth row: J. Roberts, J. Day, D. Carpenter, F. Frazer W. McNew, president, B. Johnston, C. Schultz, Inter-Club representative and L. Jonas. Sixth r ' Meyers, W. Vester, W. Alexander. R. Posey and D. Nutter. Seventh ' ' Wyrick, vice president and J. Riley. ow. L. Dudley, Di row. R. Claibourne, C. Sadler, R. Davis, B. A 'lille ldlbtlilul 'lIEFiL'l'4ti L. EL llilllliii HQ. M X H W YM 1 Y h A L iigifygigg , jiuuww fe H w 6 I1 U The purpose of the THESPIAN SOCIETY, organized in 1938, is to recognize dramatic achieve- ment. Front row, left to right: F. McKee, G. Spears, B. Hills and I-I. Fosshage, clerk. Second row: F. Sorrenti, R. Quinn, J. Harrison, secretary, and A. Gadrey. Third row: J. Birkmeyer, L. Hurt, D. Spencer, M. Allen, N. Bivins and J. Cheyne. Fourth row: Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, sponsorg D. Armstrong, G. Askew, S. Hatcher, W. Nicklaus, J. Green and Z. Chinn. Not pictured are: S. Curlin, presidentg D. Bruton, vice president, L. Ford, treasurer, and P. Martin, Inter-Club Council Rep. QUILL and SCROLL is an honorary organization for journalism students. The club is sponsored by Mr. James Paschal. Front row, left to right: J. Arrington, K. Harwell, D. Duncan, Business manager, M. Gholston, L. Jonas, secretary, R. Quinn and P. Lowe. Second row: B. Barnard, S. Briley, B. Pettyjohn, P. Martin, C. Schultz, president, and G. Cobb. Third row: B. Brady, S. Whigham, M. Hall, vice president, D. Katz and R. Bryant. Fourth row: S. Mullins, D. Miller, R. Frazer and J. Cain. ljllllllflllllll rf- T . 'i x..,,,,r ' The DEBATE CLUB is sponsored by Miss Jessie Mercer. The members of the club can earn their high school letters by taking part in debates. The programs of the club are given as debates. Front row, left to right: M. Roberts, M. Lill, J. Allston, secretary, J. Chapman, and G. Wagner, vice president. Second row: B. Graham, treasurerg J. Zeigenhom, J. Robinson, and L. Wyatte, president. Not pictured is J. Reese, senate representative. The newly organized SPEECH SENATE is a club designed to give service to the school through the work of its members. Front row, left to right: M. Coons, C. Schultz, J. Best, J. Cleek, J. Farnsworth and N. Bivins. Second row: j. Zeigerman, D. Cardell, sergeant-at-armsg J. Birkmeyer, parliamentariang J. Harrison, secretary and Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, sponsor. Third row: Mr. J. H. Flathers, sponsor, S. Curlin, vice presidentg E. Rice, W. Alexander, president and Miss Jessie Mercer, sponsor. Officers not pictured are L. Ford, reporter and H. Currie, Inter-Club Council representative. f The PLATFORM CLUB is composed of members of, the fourth period forensics class. Teacher and sponsor is Miss Jessie Mercer. Front row, left to right: J. Birkmeyer, G. Milligan, vice presi- dent. Second row: G. Kirk, B. Pettyjohn, presidentg and F. johnson. Third row: R. McWhorter, J. Arrington, and M. Matney, secretary. CREATIVE WRITERS is organized to encourage prospective literary writers. Front row, left to right: J. Arrington, T. Paulk, secretaryg 1. Hawk. Second row: P. Underwood, presidentg P. Pyett, vice presidentg T. Ridge, and J. Browder. Third row: J. Bates, P. Riner, and Miss Irene Crawford . a-in ': C' AX 1, v..r . .N . 1 iihew. 'H ,,..f -.Ce-it-,-.. and D Solias Second row row P Smith E Pate B Perkins, J. Hale and Mr. Raymond Per ins, po 004 'VZ' Q50---I-Q U S I' VI C CLUBS are to provide opportunities for the members to participate in educational, social, recreational and vocational activities. Front row, left to right: D. Green, J. Covey, D. Kimbel r T. Lee, B. Morford, R. Williams, B. Wirth and E. Clouett. Third 0 k' s nsor. U rt of SKI CLUB takes trips to Santa Fe and Albuquerque to enjoy the winter sights and the spo skiing. Front row, left to right: P. Saunders, C. Meyers, D. Hawkins, G. Robertson, M. Wilson, C. Harris, J. Glass, J. McGraw and H. Kendall. Second row: Miss L. Roberts, sponsor, A. Sherrill, D. Yocham, B. Burnett, D. Cathey, L. Kimball, and C. ' C. McLean, M C. Carroll, C. Husbands, I. Matney, ' : D. Rogers, S. Carter, C. Crawford, M. Smith, L. Puckett, . ' ff C. Hansard, H. Hansard, K. Wagner, Wertz. Third row Gibson, C. Harris, and M. Davidson. Fourth row. G. Sha er, J. Robinson, S. Evans, G. Hill and M. Childers. Fifth row: M. Ross, S. Marsh, D. Curtis, G. ' ock and B. Sharp. Sixth row: H. Russell, J. Henderson, B. ' . M Can . Seventh row: B ier, G. Ray, D. Miller, F. Hanc G. Yeager, R. Martin and D c y roz Swank, D. Junt, J. Walker, J. Farquhar, ' C. Rittenberry, J. Cain and C. Collier. ' m""l if lll lill lllll lllf' gl... B. Smith, H. Currre, The SQUARE DANCE CLUB does its share of the Virginia Reels and Hoe Downs each Tuesday night. Front row, left to right: I. Conner, 13. Wheeler, C. M l ' ' Mt lf os ey, D. Plunk, T. Williams, S. eca , C. Wagner. Second row: K. McLaury, M. Sligman, G. Dysart, M. Shenk, M. Shaffer, P. Nelson, and C. McLean. Third row: N. Farrell, D. Loggins, L. McAmis, B. Steagal, J. Bates, M. Posey, S. McDonald, S. Kerr, and P. Spencer. Fourth row: K. Wilhite, K. Leclbetter, and N. Hannon. Fifth row: Mrs. Margaret Foster, sponsorg J. Dufek, B. Crane, W. Johnson, J. Carter, secretaryg F. Frisbie, J. Walker, J. Johnson, K. Carpenter, G. Atkerson, R. Reese, J. Jones, C. Brazile, C. Pamplin, and B. Brady, vice president. Sixth row: D. Schramn, J. Franz, O. Barclay, D. Carpenter, T. Wicher, M. Allison, R. Huffstutler, presidentg and R. Hudgins. Not pictured is P. Hulen, treasurer. JUNIOR AUDUBON SOCIET Y is for bird lovers in AHS. The club's programs consist of films and f1eld trips Front row, left to right: W. Cook, presidentg W. Clark, secretaryg and J. Browder, recorder Second row G Brown, H. Verkler and B. Ford. Third row: E. Carroll, vice president: Mrs Atlanta Kaye sponsor and D. Cornelius. G U is 0 I1 S O C I 6 l' I09 . L SENIOR HI-Y finds its interest in improving school standards by improving high school boys. Front row, left to right: D. Katz, vice president, J. Westerfield, D. Slaten and E. Glenn. Second row: M. Gholston, J. I-larding, K. Kimmins, chaplain and G. Ray. Third row: W. Alexander, D. Stoddard, presidentg Mr. Clarence Kincaid, sponsor, L. Clark and J. Cain. Officer not pictured is B. Brady, secretary. JUNIOR HI-Y's are formed for the purpose of promoting Christian ideals in high school boys The Junior Hi-Y is sponsored by Mr. Joe Parkey. Front row, left to right: T. Key, K. Holder J. Best, L. Hurt, vice presidentg R. Pope and J. Nichols. Second row: J. Thompson, secretary J. Wirtz, J. Knorpp, M. Carter, D. LeNevue and H. Currie, treasurer. Third row: J. Reese, presidentg R. Cowan, D. Bechtol, R. Posey and F. Brown. Fourth row: J. Robertsj T. David, W Jackson, R. Simmons and Mr. Joe Parkey, sponsor. Officer not pictured is D. Daniels, chaplain. lwgl ... 6 . . W-F ,- s ., ft ' ' 5! ' - Q ? - . ' P lr W-J The ALPHA CHAPTER of the sophomore Hi-Y's takes service projects as one of its objectives. Front row. left to right, J. Sticksel, J. Moses, J. Wheller, K. Kay, J. Cowan, C. Bains and J. Oakes, sergeant-at-arms. Second row: J. McKay, roll secretaryg W. Hilgers, reporterg J. Parks, T. Fuller, sergeant-at-armsg D. Barnard, E. Morris, G. Glasco, P. Folsom and J. Gilchrist. Third row: B. Boney, B. Lanier, vice presidentg M. Waddill, C. Hansard, K. Khran, S. Marsh. recording secretary and H. Hansard. Fourth row: Mr. C. A. Campbell. sponsorg B. Smith, presidentg B. Knupp, H. Russell, E. Rice, L. Mowry, J. Churchill, T. Sawyer. treasurer and B. Smith. Officer not pictured is B. Quaterman. ZETA HI-Y, a sophomore organization. is a club whose purpose is to promote Christian fellowship among boys of high school age. Front row, left to righti K. Carpenter, J. Jenkins. G. Miller. F. Lane and J. Bridges. Second row: B. Cotton. R. Ely, R. Reese. C. Kelly, president and D. McFetters. Third row: Mr. E. L. I-lammitt, sponsorg D. Dine and B. Musick. Not pictured is B. Grisby, vice presidentg G. Stout, secretaryg H. Shaw, Inter-Club Council representative and C. McAllister. CDN Q-r o s Y I 9 6 I' 0 S The LOS VIAJEROS is made u f ll ld p o a 0 and new Spanish members. Front row, left to right: P. Ormsby, 3 Unlaub, B. Townsend, C. Seay, J. Callan, D. Cathey, C. Knapp, S. Carroll and J. Pearson. Second row: Miss Vi Ballard, sponsorg C. Collins, M. Gibson, B. Jennings, R. McMurtry, queeng M. Lennington, B. Waggoner, P. Slover, Goodner and M. Renfroe. Third row: M. Fennimore, B. Brown, W. Riggs, M. McDaniels, J. Hickman, M. Reynol P. Duncan, S. Parker, R. Grusing, K. Reynolds, B. Harper, A. Sullivan, and B. Crane. Fourth row: A. Walker, B Ward, L. Culver, J. Gabbard, N. Cummings, C. Peters, P. Spencer, R. Henry and K. Wilhite. Fifth row: R. Peters, Land, C. Glenn, N. Duniven, vice president, J. Reese, president, J. Sorel, B. Knupp, E. Morris, D. Harrison, N. Wi stead, J. Gross, C. Tuke, S. Hannum, L. Weathers and D. Stafford. INTERNOS was formed for second year Latin students. They study the customs of the ancient Romans. Front row, left to right: C. McLean, M. Royce, C. Netzeband, C. Wagner, C. Hankin, vice president, B. Crull, D. Duncan and L. Tatum. Second row: C. Fouse, A. Gunn, J. Allston, G. Stout, B. Solnick, D. Pearce, J. Hudgins. Third row: Miss Anna May Klapproth, sponsor, F. Combs, W. Higers, J. Ch . ' ' apman, F Johnson, M. Sellgman, secretary and S. Briley. Fourth row: T. Upchurch, treasurerg D. Nall, J. Shirley, B. Graham, L. Larson. B. Jones, E. Ray and B. Ford, president. i n I' e r n O S l l '77 A W. -fi wc- wg' dx'wfrvvf-ivssvnvwm-:lull -sweaters-unfit -nw-wniulild .fwzs1nnQsqtHil G -Quinlan!! I. '-uwuawnsn uuuasauu-suv 1:--111 B 'bf ' 'cs 0 ll 1' E. 1. iii he AMARILLO ALLIED YOUTH post, the largest in the world, boasts a membership of 12,050 and the national Y presidency. Front row, left to right: D. Bechtol, publicity chairman and H. Fosshage, secretary. Second row: Irs. E. A. Kimmins, sponsorg J. Harrison, membership chairman and R. Quinn, Finance chairman. Third row: D. ' ' 'd t. Not ictured is J. Saunders, vice president atz, program chairman, C. Schultz, treasurer and S. Canova, presi en p ' the local post and national president and K. Alexander, social chairman. DORINDA E. BOND PRESS CLUB was organized for the first time this year. It is a money raising organization, using its funds to send delegates to journalistic conventions. Front row, left to right: P. Rhoden, B. Brian, V. Prince, M. Wilson, V. Whiterspoon and D. Pringle. Second row: J. Arrington, S. Cole, N. Hannon, B. Barnard, B. Hale and A. Collins. Third row: P. Underwood, C. Schultz, R. Quinn, S. Hannum, C. Mullin, A. Pendergrass and ' ' d .G'1bert. J. Speer. Fourth row: M. Chandler, S. Swenson, D. Katz, J. Cain, G. Cobb, S. Whigham, J. Knorpp an J 1 Not pictured is B. Brady, president. I' 6 S S L5 Q9 C all ' I The NATIONAL ATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY, sponsored by Mr. Bill Defee, consists of those boys with good scholastic standing and a major letter in any athletic field. Front row, left to right: B. Verplank, T. Bassett, J. johnson and S. Canova. Second row: R. McWhorter, S. Lynch, B. Burkett, B. Curtis and K. Atkins. Third row: N. Buchanan, W. Alexander, D. Miller. J. Daniel and K. Obsorn. The Girls' Athletic Association is organized for sports-lovers. During the year they play in intra- mural games. Officers are front row, left to right: C. Prince, treasurerg W. Baker, president and E. Jacobson, secretary. Second row: P. Hulen, vice president and Mrs. Dorris Foreman, sponsor. ,ji , H- v els- gf "po . .. I Q af, an I I y Q 1 3 ' I N A w 1 I li F'-as ,, 'xl , ' - I . A ii .L4 r it 'I , ,, c 4- ' 2' "I 432- 4, 1 , "W" ' 1 F, .. .- , -'I-1 -1 Y H, M VA Y , R c rf we MEI CF' V?" is -Q- Y-TEENS have been sponsored by the YWCA in Amarillo since 1947. The Y-Teens purpose is to build-a fellow- ship devoted to realizing the ideals of Christians. Senior Y-Teens are sponsored by Mrs. Hazel Davis. Front row left to right: J. Cheyne, L. Higdon. B. Hale, S. McCrary, K. Harwill and M. Reid, treasurer. Second row: C. Manlling-, C. Benton, E. Dinwiddie, vice president, and P. Darling. Third row: J. Ellis, S. Briley, S. Renner, R. Poole, B. Crull and H. Fossha e. Fourtl o : K. La ' f' N. k ' ' ' g 1 r w ztimcr, Nordy e, L. Redfearn, D. Duncan, N. Bivins, J. Green, W. Rrney and C. Schultz. Fifth row: K. Welcli, V. Phieffer, M. Mabry, L. Jonas, A. Gaidrey, J. Cleek, Inter-Club Council rep.g J. Townsend, secretary, S. Ammons, president, M. Fischer, N. Farrell and B. Brocks. The Y-Teen slogan is to face li-fe squarely. Any teen-age girl may be a part of this organization if sh b 1' ' ' e e reves in its principles. Front row, left to right: j. Ginn, L. Kimball, D. Bechtol, S. Hartman, S. Davis, J. McGraw, R. Hales and J. Burnett. Second row: J. Ramsey, president, Y. Morgan, vice president, M. Seligman, M. Clonningor, M. Pulley, R. Benton, and A. Aldrich. Third row: J. Wilson, W. Nicklaus, M. Cook, N. Bartlett, secretary, K. Kahrn and H. Kendall. Not pictured are M. Matney, treasurer, P. Lowe, Inter-Club Council rep.g and Miss Laura Snyder, sponsor. +- fp 50 CD10 CD-r U' av fi 53 rn. Lf! D :s D- 3 V3 5. ':. :a rm V350 b with the world over it. The The symbol of Y-TEENS is a triangle, for the individual mem er, three sides stand for the body, mind and spirit, the circle represents the world in which she lives. Front row, left to right: P. Hyatt. H. Palmer, J. Hickman, L. Ammons, P. Rhoden and A. Wrather. Second row: M. Fennimore, 1. Allston, vice presidentg P. Gravestock, A. Lively and S. Hannum, Inter-Club Council representative. Third row: Miss Lucile Morton, sponsorg S. Barnett, J. Jones, C. Puttman, N. Howard, B. Coston, L. Wharton, J. McAvoy and D. Tomberlin. Fourth row: D. S. Stone, presidentg P. Sparks, C. Howard and G. Holcamper, S. Thornton, E. Burn, H. Burns, Mason. Officer not pictured is C. Wagner, secretary. LIBRARY WORKERS are to help students in finding books, checking oo the librarians. Front row, left to right: J. Deaver, P. Lawrence, P. McKee and F. Paul. Second row: N. Smiley and I. Dobbs. Third row: Mrs. Minnibel Montague, library clerk and J. Kinslow. l - l I' G ' I' A Sv ll it 'C' vi 117 r t f wwf l ' i . ,nimff , - One of the first objectives of the V.I.C. CLUBS is to foster a deep respect for the dignity of work. Front row, left to right: J. Ivy, D. Fansler, I.. Bural and D. Roberson. Second row: R. T. White, presidentg R. Nichols, T. Evans and B. White. Third row: R. Price, Mr. O. A. Self, sponsorg D. Lake, I-I. I-Irimilton and J. Godsey. Not pictured are K. Wynn, vice president and J. Hale, secretary. 6 SECRETARIAL TRAINING prepares girls for secretarial work by teaching them to file, to keep books and to take shorthand. Front row, left to right: J. Townsend, L. Oglesby, L. Redfearn, S. Fautt and E. Wallace. Second row: M. Moore, J. Ellis, J. McMeans, C. Kizer and M. Mabry, co-chairman. Third row: J, Burt, secretaryg K. Latimer, B. Springstube. co-chairman and L. Hugley. W7 l I, I fi' --, 7 4 E Cl ' I G G . 'I.... ':':.'1.i'E.Q f 1,4,i1..I.., .Berg ,, -cg.-.5 '-1 qi. .:-. .-ai. . FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA work as a Service club, devoting their time to helping teachers grade pape. tutoring failing students and serving at teachers' functions. Front row, left to right: V. Prince, T. Essary, ' Thompson, S. McCrary, J. Ginn, K. Harwell, reporter, J. McGraw, J. McCaffree, D. Plunk, J. Ward and L. Shi. Second row: J. Speer, J. Dufelc, Z. Chinn, M. Rodgers, S. Townsend, treasurerg J. Wilson, A. Aldrich, J. Ramsa E. Dinwiddie, P. Darling, J. McCaffree, C. Duncan and I. Matney. Third row: T. Shand, M. Caruth, M. Soule, Jonas, D. Duncan, S. Briley, S. Renner, M. Deal, L. Kimbel and J. Harrison. Fourth row: F. Callahan, Miss Carrnf Ulm, sponsor, K. Reynolds, W. Crisler, C. Collins, W. Riney, C. Mullin, R. McMurtry, J. Green, R. Poole, J. Reeve- parliamentariang M. Cloninger, D. Yocham, B. Pettyjohn, vice president, P. Martin and V. Donohoo. Fifth row: Allston, M. Davidson, area vice presidentg B. Solnick, A. Walker, J. Glass, M. Reynolds, M. Smith, P. Saunders, sec tary, J. Keathley, J. Mann, S. Parker, L. Keathley, S. Johnson, W. Alexander, R. Cox, D. Katz, M. Hall, J. Far worth, J. Kinslow, J. Abdullah, B. Ridings, N. Bartlett, C. Schultz, D. Eiland, J. Lemons, B. Graham, M. Rit and B. Lassiter. Officer not pictured is J. Ingham, president. F.H.A. COUNCIL is composed of a representative and the president of each homemaking class These studen d atten all business meetings and report about 'them to their class. Front row, left to righti: F. Grady, N. Marsal R. Hales, J. Ramsey, S. Davis, vice president, D. Minnis, G. Evans, C. Knapp and S. Nelson, president. Seco row: J. Reeves, area president, R. Long, F. Summers, L. Shackleford, J. Killebrew, J. Miller, K. Reynolds, and Whitfield. Third row: P. Bridges, corresponding secretary, L. Garrett, J. Dowlen, C. Wood, M. Ritter, K. Krahl P. H 1' d ' ' ' ' u en an A. Aldrich. Fourth row. M. McFarland, A. Kirkpatrick, L. Loveless, B. Covington, M. Leech, M. W1 kins, W. Baker, sergeant-at-arms and P. Lowe, recording Secretary. Fifth row: B. Allen, J. Westmoreland, parliame tariang P. Hyatt, L. Crouch, musician, N. Bartlett, reporter and C. Morris. Sixth row: B. Adcox, Mrs. Lola Pev house, s onsor' S. St ' ' ' p , one, J. Kinslow, Miss Eula Mae Lmcecum and Mrs. Dollee Small, sponsors. Other sponsors a Mrs. Francis Baker and Mrs. Sue Jennings. ,,,,Ry,.ffe Y... . .. ..-Ig. ' F.F.A. boys are enrolled in agriculture and spend their time entering livestock shows. Front row left to right: J. Nash, song leader, R. Burgess, J. Austin, B. Roach, reporter and F. Wood Second row: D. Edwards, D. Smith, F. Howard. vice president, E. Underwood, O. Barclay and W. Patton. Third row: M. Brogclen, R. Duhard, L. Britting, sentinel, P. Schoeder, V. Sigman and A. Collins. Fourth row: G. Wagner, J. McCollum, T. Cohan, T. Grant, treasurer, J. Wirtz, R. Lowry, secretary and M. Adkins. Not pictured is L. Pippen, president. The SCIENCE CLUB is not necessarily for students in science courses but for those who are interested in field trips to the smelter and other scientific places of interest. Front row, left to right: C. Weaver, K. Yates, J. McGraw, secretary, A. Pendergrass, S. Patterson, Inter-Club Council representative, C. McAllister, J. Meek, G. Brown, M. Reid and C. Hankin. Second row: J. Hender- son, J. Coward, B. Clegg, J. Robinson, F. Johnson. O. Dugger and B. Gray. Third row: P. Borden, C. Nunn, J. Best, T. Miller, J. Allison, R. Kerns and H. Swettman, sponsor. Fourth row: G. Stewart, E. Ray, B. Shellberg, vice presidentg H. Currie, J. Mouw and J. Saunders, president. are 5... I' 0 I' ITI B i I' o r I 4 Q? --,- 3 SANDSTORM EDITORIAL STAFF are the people who write the news for each issue of the school newspaper. Front row, left to right: V. Prince, J. Speer and P. Lowe. Second row: J Arrington, P. Underwood, S. Swenson and B. Barnard, copy editor. Third row: 1. Cain, assistant editorg D. Katz, editor-in-chiefg J. Gilbert ' t ' ' ' ' , assis ant sports editor and A. Collins. Not p B. Brady, managing editorg M. Matney, feature editor and G. Cobb, sports editor. The BUSINESS STAFF for THE SANDSTORM sells advertising to local merchants in order to publish the paper. Front row, left to right: J. Arrington, advertising managerg P. Underwood, public relations advisor and S. S . S d ' ' ' wenson econ row. Y. Webb, B. Hale and A. Collins. Third row: B. Allen and R. Bryant, business manager. Q "-C," rn- 5 L ik , ictured ...nv lf' A 5' fl i X4 BEAN' 1 S S G I1 S I' 0 I' III U S I I1 6 S S v o c H a T I o W n a Www' O five districts Front row, left to right: The Texas association of the V.I.C. CLUB is divided into . B. O'Neal, L. Bural, J. Johnston, president and J. Hale. Second row: V. Middleton, H. Hamilton, K. Wynn and J. Godsey. Third row: R. Spence, S. Moran, vice presidentg Mr. Archie Pool, 'l' ' an and D. Roberson. r I sponsor-3 J. Wisem G G I I' 0 S Cl hom: mmm G STAFI' the school annual can be Due to the selling ability of the LA AIROSA BUSINESS f, - published. Front row, left to right: A. Pendergrass, R. Hale, N. Bartlett and I.. Tatum. Second ' B. Hale, D. Duncan and C. Mullin. Third row: I. Coward, G. Schaffer, L. Hurt row. J. Knorpp, and R. Frazer. is T3 Cf Q9 'QR' . ,, ,--'lf U S r'N The D.O. CLUBS are organized to teach students the fundamentals of selling. Front row, left to right: j. Mayes, E. Henry, J. Anglin, vice president, F. McKinny, T. Gamblin, W. Boydston, J. Day, E. Fisher, and T. Archer. Second row: E. Neal, C. Scott, R. Paul, R. Stoddard, C. Green, secretary, E. Melton, J. Griffin. B. Harvey and J. Sanford. Third row: D. jones, M. Tow, president, J. Anderson, P. McDonald, M. Millican. R. Nelson, R. jordan, B. Reeves and B. Lunsford. Fourth row: J. Knightstep, B. Harris, C. Pamplin, Mr. Oliver Diggs, sponsor, B. Sanders, G. Macrander, F. Bieganowski, H. Cloud, J. Hendrix and B. Lawder. The D.O. Clubs, organized for about thirty-five years, uses their motto as "Knowledge plus experience equal skill." Front row, left to right: -R. McMurtry, sweetheartg J. Jarmer, C. Jones, A. Smith L. Hardman, M. Ratcliff, L. Perkins and F. Reams. Second row: C. Summers, president, T. Gamblin, F. McKinney and T. Bostic. Tl-il -- P R. Rinehart, J. Baker, D. Smith, B. Ellis, J. Ziegler, D. O'Dell and E. Tucker. Third row: B. Manning, R. Cochran, P. Wilson, D. Vaughn, B. Gietrich, B. Lowder, B. Fiendison and I.. Fourth row: Mr. U. W. Rankin, sponsor, C. King, R. Golliday, L. Fugua, J. Barrett, CD QD: Q- 'D :s u c a l 1 o n ,p. ,4- I Distributive Education is for students who work one half of the school day and go to school the remaining part. Front row, left to right: M. Burnam, J. Keeton, S. Ecker, W. johnson, secretaryg M. O'Neal, B. Williams, J. Beeman and R. Haddock reporter. Second row: D. Blas- ingame, W. Hooks, J. Sime, K. Caddell, B. Allen, W. Reid and I. McCracken. Third row: B. Smelcer, sergeant-at-armsg J. Wilkerson, vice president, B. Oakley, M. Allison, B. Ford, P. Daniels, F. Day, parliamentarian and Mr. Sam Henry, sponsor. Not pictured is R. Ward, president. Two highlights of the D.E. Clubs are sending representatives to the State Club Meeting and Employer's Banquet each spring. Front row, left to right: L. Williams, historiang J. Reed, secre- taryg N. White. reporterg W. Moore, vice president and J, Barrow. Second row: I. Barrett, M. Surmeier, parliamentariang J. McCutchen and M. Pruett. Third row: L. Stevens, R. Neush, and M. Fincher. Fourth row: E. Sellers, J. Roads, J. Halley and J. Chavez, sergeant-at-arms. Fifth row: D. Osborne, treasurerg D. Sorrels and Mr. Raymond Wilson, sponsor. Not pictured is W. Dowty, president. Q.- 4? 44' .-9 if My Qiavrv-I 971.0 .Aww '10 ' "' I '11 """'ua I aff-..4r.,,AW' J-14" .J19 JFK' J "' -Y' 2 ,V A 5.1 I 47 A-r' .J W' .nl ,,r 1.1 if Jjfvvf ff 0,..xQ"A'?'J J ,546 'Q-4-fav 'ly I 4...-' M1 4-7 Jo 41. J J ff , ff f fir .4 ,arf-ff-Q95 S' f .oz 'ffff flyt' Q ' I 1 riflif JL? 5 fluff MMI' If! QY7 A!cc"4"1l A-dj 1 ' 'far-I 1 If, C-4 K-If ff Z! f ,fiff 'P A3 ' . A V " , 'Af' :I K XX . ' ' 'ft .. - -1 V .6 1 - 9 4 ' f ' vi' 1 ' -I ' .' - ' J I army 'CL-v -I Q! J 1 , . K X ' ,,,-ffw-'JJ' 'rg 'E' ff. A - ' " A l '--J L 1 - ,. 1 'F' ' ' ' , , .gi J ., - .315 ' M, I I .I r ' t 1 - H It 1, L, , if, V ,. l xi W , 4, 3, A- f 0 I ps, .Nix . .-A A 7 '9' Z ' ' , A ,- 2 - ,n I 7, ' R? 4 " 7 J! 7 AZA,,,,k, I X ff I , -1. j 7' VI' '-v ,Ju x, t, 1 'ff' ,I - ' -" I 1 ,ix-rl K.-L 7 X! J , , A f ,- fri" "ki, X ll .f fr ' 'JV ff" 'A iz" 'H ' 1. ,ff I .-',L,5. '-"" xy "4 , ., I 1 -I -. ' J' '-'75 5' A U , I X1 JP, , J-2 1 " f' fy .,' N J A M ff - X. A , Y' . fi- - ,J 'M -- , Q WL M It X, Ls: -' I iff ., ,.-,J I . I pi, . - , , af gf- .- f . ' - -f A O'-A I .Efpf Kim V fr l E v.' 1 v Y A 'I K atv. fx 1 .aff A I , ' ,Isl ' I- :V I , pl . Y W I " 7 ,, - , -4 W' xx f f 1 ' A 4 A s J . , .,"f: if" . -ff ' L. ' Tay A f .4 Ol ' q X I . 5 l I . F' W' ffl xx A - .ffV'4 'H v mv ' 'A 'A' K' X - X . ' M -74" x -.,- N ii, - A X lxVf,,'W wr f I n, "I 4 as' ,mfg fr 3 xg ,fl fn.- Q' 14 "" f' - ' .-'ff ' V T - -':""' K, If 3147 1. Ivy - ff ' il. V ,- k,,1!L , X If warring redskins scolped by golden mercuries, 26-7 3:45 'i nf DOWN-HEARTED REDSKINS . . . Capitol Hill falls short of a first down as David Kent M41 and Sammy Olivo 1655 stop james Larry of Capitol Hill after a five yard plunge. Following the action are Bobby Graham 1401 and Jodie Mc- Carthy f84j . SOLON HOLT Line Conch l28 september l8, l953-here Amarillo High Schoo1's Golden Sandstorm smashed what was supposed to be, according to the Daily Oklahoman, "the best team im Oklahoma." The final score 26-7 doe-sn't tell half the story of one of the best season openers the Sandies have produced in many seasons. Avenging last year's heart-breaking defeat in which the Sandies were on the one-yard line when the game ended and Amarillo lost the game 13-12. Approximately 10,000 fans saw the Sandies come from behind and produce a lopsided score after they hit their stride. Bob Crump made the first and fourth touchdowns, with Bobby Graham and Hershel Smith making the other two for Amarillo. Wick Alexander kicked two conversions and missed the other two. BILL DEFEE H end C ouch txf re Q V' ,-5.::gE' f'1U 'i?, 'sw I ,v m -iQ.'f, :Z . i f an ,tg p V 3. 5 22533 B5 'lf HERSHEL SMITH Back E H N asia 5, 1 N Q9 F969 3N'0liN"'?xw"'lYA , .I V i,.'-4. ., -Q '15 A 11 '- -V 2 vs.--W .54 I ' M" ,. J.: 'kill' JV! 'Q :xml ri' A251-5' if 'isfafii nr--7"f3fiQ'rsf'f4F'1'x" ROBERT FRAZER-Captain speed vs. weight, 'I4-6 as sandies cage panthers DRIVING HARD . . . Bobby Graham breaks through the line for four yards before he is brought down by William Hawkins of the Panthers. Wick Alexander f21j watches in the background. september 25, 1953 - here A near-capacity crowd of more than 12,000 persons watched the Golden Sandies trample the Panthers of Paschal High School of Fort Worth by a score of 14-6. The highly favored Panthers outweighed the Sandies about 50 pounds per man. It was the second victory of the season for the Sand- ies where they proved that their speed out- classed the weight of the mighty Panther squad. The most thrilling play of the game was when Robert Frazer snagged a pass intended for a Panther and scampered 43 yards on an injured leg. Although he didn't score, he set up the winning touchdown which was scored a few plays later. ertt ::- ' I I Y i 1 . 1 3. .,'.., '. ' A--"'s1i.'5' 'I M . M C. R. DAFFERN-Co-Captain Back Line I 29 JOE WILLIAMS Center .- 'W' .. 4, f rf.-3353. october 2, 1953-there The Golden Sandstorm went to Plainview with high hopes of making it three in a row. When the game got underway, it became clear to the Sandies that this game would not be a pushover. The Sandies drew first blood when Bob Crump, on the first play of the game, broke through the- middle of the line and scooted 80 yards for a touchdown. The kick was no good and the score stood 6-0. The tallies see-sawed until the last quarter when Hershel Smith scored the last TD mak- ing the score 18-13 in favor of the Sandies. The last half displayed brilliant defensive maneuvering with co-captain C. R. Daffern slashing through time and again to down Plainview's passer, Lonnie Holland, and stop the Bulldog's passing attack. BOB WAY Center sondies bork ot bulldogs, 18-13 CARROLL STAFFORD Center I30 KEEP SMILING . . . Bobby Graham f40j skirts right end in preparation for the winning touchdown which he made three plays later. William Hawkins, center, stopped Graham for four yards. october 9, 1953 -there The Golden Sandstorm went to Pampa with three wins on its record and ready to start a list of wins on the conference slate. The Harvesters with Ed-Dudley and Harold Lewis pacing them beat the Sandies in score only. The final score of 20-14 doesn't tell half the story of the greatest disappointment of the season. The Sandies outclassed the Pampa team in every department except scoring. They led in first downs 20-5g in yards rushing 324-2699 and tallied 97 yards passing against the Har- vesters' attempt which netted them no gain. Wick Alexander turned in one of his most brilliant performances at the quarterback slot. Guard Guard farmers plow sondies, worth 2014 POWER PERSONIFIED Hershel Smith 1391 bulls his way up the middle for six yards Hitting him first was john Darby with the entire Pampa team running SANDY LYNCH Tackle End l32 more dogs to the dog pound os sondies muzzle midlond, 34 7 FLYING LOW . . , Kenneth Schrum f65j booming to stop Morris Collie 1745 from getting Russell Rutledge fllj but Collie laid him low Rutledge gained 17 yards on the play. october l6, 1953-here The Golden Sandstorm back at home after two games away from Amarillo Stadium breezed past the Bulldogs of Midland High School 34-7 with smooth bursts of both of' fensive and defensive play. In the first quarter it looked like anyones ball game, but early in the second quarter, Spooky Canova, quarterback, provided the spark that brought the Sandies to life to rack up two quick touchdowns. Outstanding on defense were C. R. Daffern who was responsible for stopping the Bulldogs on several yard-gaining drives, and David Bechtol who intercepted two Midland passes. BOOTY CURTIS j C COOPER bucking broncos throw sondiesg gallop to 27-6 victory DOG PILE . . . Bobby Graham MOD went around left end for five yards before Francis White U61 caught him. Coming in for the kill are five more Broncos. L22 ttt '- Q. iff-ff ggi. 'i -,S+-'ga O' K. 1 w wi' - n j I'-sg, -1 1 , svn?" , .J 'ifsllifi--.Q -fi-1 we' a rasraiky css?-,: 1 :-t.o':.14:. r SPOOKY CANOVA october 23, l953-here The Amarillo Sandies bowed for the second time in defeat to the powerful Broncos from Odessa. The highly favored Odessa team did just what they were expected to do, slaughter the Sandies. The only consolation of the Odessa game is that we probably saw the best high school passer in the business in action. The 27-6 score just tells part of the beating the Sandies took. Although the Broncos didn't win state, we were still playing the second best 4A team in the state. Outstanding player of the game was Carl Schlemeyer, Odessa quarterback. The game had a modern-day miracle in it in the form of a scoreless first half. Passes were falling from their arms and Amarillo was getting all the breaks. 1. .:.:.:.:,iz:rf-- . -at - a-st:-: --1 f- rw 215 '-' 1' F if " ' Dfw-T1 Wleiviiifii' "T .- i'i 't - I' ji.,ii5,ai V ii H Uri!! - 3ggAA,,t5gxx2siyii. ffisw , iiiwiiw ff B ,Q '1,i'fiS,??if1asa??:.:ef ei - Kali," 1-Easel ae! ,. ., ..r.. . W .. . i ' 5' Q l 'L sax l vi 'si -4 tl KEN STEPHENSON Back Q lv 'ir -l' ' f . '. .X W -M . . fel .o.:fga,.r-f.:zf-.fiwzmf' 1.955 -J inx-Yffm ' "' A43 " " H' S JIMMY DUNCAN Quarterback End ' 33 I .edt-Tb-LA-.'-'xii sf.. october 30, 1953-there The Golden Sandstorm trekked to Abilene where they again met with defeat. This time the score was 52-7, which was the most humiliating defeat of the whole season. Carrying the ball over for the Sandies was Hershel Smith, who a few minutes before chipped his ankle. Depth probably decided this ball game with the Eagles three deep in every position while the Sandie backfield was full of B-stringers because of injuries. Abilene's touchdowns were not made by one shin- ing star, but everyone who played in the backfield either made a touchdown or a long run. Abilene will have the same boys back next year to give someone a run for the money in the district. mfs?" RONNIE PRICE DUANE MILLER Guard Guard sondies lose abilene feather fest, 7-32 Q K ,,sa..2' 3743 7 Y YV. .f"i s..X .- -'Nr 'I I - f .J GUESS WHO??? Wallace Smith 1821 carefully covers Abilene's jimmy Millerman as he drags him to the ground. Lending a helping hand are Jodie McCarthy 1845 and C. R. Daffern 1551. I34 Tiff? li EDNX-'ARD GLENN Center :lf H i ' 'ii nu es xii ' Q fa 1 3 ri L 11 1 f Q me l . .nuwgi-.i.2-+11-?5.e.u' .. . Pkg, .Ava N Y ipgm lk. r. ui. 'Vg ' .-. ,fn X64 i 4' Z, ,93A'4ai,,5 Iliff., me-if. ,fi ' r,l?M,, V 5'--1 wk- YA ,J 'A ., -L u 51" - ' ' .. if 'We ' xi' HAROLD SHORT Right Tackle november 13, l953-there The Golden Sandies went to San Angelo to fight the confident and hard-hitting Bobcats. Some' of the confidence oozed out of the San Angelo team when they kicked off to the Sandies and the Sandies promptly marched 66 yards in four minutes to go out in front 6-0. The next two touchdowns were made by Bobby Graham and Spooky Canova. Graham intercepted a pass and ran to the 12 and a few plays later he carried the ball over for the score. Canova's touch- down was a two yard sneak which climaxed an 80 yard march. Both of Carl Lewis's extra point tries were good and the final score was Amarillo 20- San Angelo 7. Spooky Canova did the ball handling for this game and again under his generalship the Sandies ran the score up. BLANTIE WILSON Back sondies scatter cot fur, down son ongelo, 20-7 jll 51" 'lv -if-f-Ki 1.29 :gs ,."Q,-'g'.,,1.'2 A i , . JACKIE MEYERS Right Guard SNEAK ATTACK . . . Quarterback Spooky Canova keeps the ball as Jacky Meyers and Edward Glenn open the hole for him. This play went for three yards. ff 'tis the old, old story again, omarillo over borger, 26-14 i. 'WW WJACKIE MOBLEY Guard ,, l all , 'Q' .432 ..,.g113,,,,.,1 iii If: I v . 4 - , -' 1 .Mwg I I . 1 " f , JS -5 , PARDON MY HAND . . . Bobby Graham C401 gives a Borger player the arm f 4 treatment as he scoots around right end for 15 yards and a first down. see in rl W ' .X "1-fff: lf ll n ll WICK ALEXANDER Quarterback l 36 Aff ? i ,. er-4' november Zl, l953-here The Golden Sandstorm played the part of host in the Sandstorm-Bulldog game, but they didn't offer much in the weather department. With sub-freezing temperatures the boys played on a field covered with snow. The Borger team gave the Sandies a hard time but found the Amarillo boys in a class by themselves and took a licking to the tune of 26-14. Some 800 fans braved the weather to see the Sandies take control from the very begin- ning. They scored 13 points in the second quarter and 13 points in the third quarter and were on the verge of paydirt at the end of the game. Wick Alexander did a great job at right half, while Spooky Canova did the quarter- backing with David Kent and Bobby Graham doing their usual great job at left half and fullback. :X .1 DALE WYNN Halfback Cf ft . Q A Q x. . , ' 1 .. 1 ll 'Ig-if t K ,s " f"'. N.. ' ,Z A xx , Kalb' --113 I il Aft .. ' 5 1 ' 531. ,, Vp -, . ': ti N Q1 -,-,111-..- - "ZQI'i'L,,"'G efmli--.Q-sv V :U....i.hA:' Q Q, 37:- ',4"'3"?5""f'Yfi4TQP5:1.3?'iWf-a--L WALLACE SMITH End willy westerner ropes amarlllo with l3-l2 score in finale - WHOA, BO . . . Bobby Graham plugs through the Westerner secondary for some yardage in the season's final game. Graham was one of the games leading yard gainers. thanksgiving, 1953-here The last game of the season again found the Sanclies playing the part of the host. This time the visitors were our old rivals from Lubbock High School, the Westerners. The game was a see-saw affair from the opening whistle with the Sandies driving over to put the home team out in front 6-0. In the second quarter the Westerners broke the ice and went out ahead 7-6. In the third quarter the Westerners in- creased their lead to 13-6. Late in the fourth quarter the Sandies scored again but luck was against the Amarillo team and the attempt for the conversion was unsuccessful. Final score, Lubbock 15-Amarillo 12. ARNIE DUNCAN DAVID KENT Halfback Fullbafk 5 : ' 5 DAN SALKELD Head "B" Team Coach . ly-.,. 5553: ir E tsif' 'iEj42fi'- .fe ,mae T - 7 425515 ii 75 I +5 .ff ff? l. " . 73351 if' , grjli. 7 1. f 5. V M, I I Y 'I rl. -i DAVID BECHTOL Quarterback I 3 8 1953 yanni ms. Y AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL'S "B" TEAM . . . The Yannigans pictured are Front row: A. Duncan, D. Daniels, B. Powell. Second rowg J. Allison, Gene Cox C. Stafford. Third row: J. Mobley, R. Nelson, D. Reeves. Fourth row: G. Roberson H. Fowler, A. Boney, B. Walker. Fifth row: Coaches Salkeld and Guess. -- RONNIE CLAIBORNE DON CURTIS Tackle Mdfmgef' 1 f ti coaches Q. I-48- f7 , FRANK GUESS Anixlant Ymznigan Conch aww.-6. K 7 3 gm gskxaw 'gi-.sw row: K. I-Iayhurst, Buddy Whippo. Second row: J. Gouchneur, B. Way, R. Johnson. V 'E K' row: D. Harp, B. Scott, B. Smith. Fourth row: T. Crump, H. Lafon, K. Osborne. row: Managers P. Folsom and F. McCutchen. BOB CRUMP Back R ,tid N0 1, r ..-.49-gf: iiiig 5 vii . - GARY RAY JOE IRVIN IODIE MCCARTHY Manager Tackle En - 157 be I xi. i TOMMY PACE Tackle Q' ,.. il ' -,.,. .-, - Y " -,1 j - , , L, - - T A wg", 1-Y.: ...WN LEONARD GRAVES BILL REED Tackle End 1953 storm ,,,,,.f. 3. is I 'Qing pgs 'fi MR. SAM PEECHIA Head Stormie Coach I40 .. TM T ui 1 an " 'Bri-we . . . pu . 1 . 1. .T glikfk V 5 , 1 ' r X .l AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL'S SECOND "B" TEAM . . . The Stormies, pictured a first row: D. Caldwell, S. Pamplin, B. Chilton, J. Pemberton. Second row: J. Cook, T. G rett, G. Griffith, J. Pace. Third row: D. Kardell, J, Yunker, J. McAvoy, G. Wise. Fou: row: R. Moore, D. Briefly, C. Nolan, B. Musick. Fifth row: G. Gabert and Coach R. Mixl .. , r -ff Qfggi. Q ,.. Eu "il my 1 Ruff .,..,,,.f - . 'Ha L Ha.. " megrry ,, 4 .. -s . 2. . nl -V -. . .ILM . . LAQT, .ings ,xytcgsy nag: A - A rw.. . .1 lik-fr 1 fl 9 0 . . 1 . . 1- . BOBBY GRAHAM DEAN REEVES Left Halfback Guard nd coaches 4-' .fT'fl5b"fg" J .2.1-'YW ' s V .V my lm few' f. . rv aa l .-. an 2922, Ag . -, Maxx? lu il-f sf . . l 9 . f Q BILL JAMES End W1 ' " 1 ' ' nt row: J. Pan, j. Regal, P. Crotty, J. Cruz. Second row: G. Mulkcy, C. Threet, j. stih, J. Epps. Third row: H. Brown, F. Worley, B. Bayless, C. McCloud. Fourth row: Bray, B. Bunker, B. Knupp, S. Bray. Fifth row: E. Felton, J. Teague, D. Merchant, nager. Y A I RICHARD MIXON Asrifmfzt Stormie Couch Dgdfv C. H01 L L33 C1 HARRY R135 NTER I l42 X13 t QI aww DON HY ATT EB 1953-54 SANDIE CAGERS are left to right: Collier, Kenneth Hutto, Herman Northrup, rick Don Rogers, Bub Farrall, Scottie Mullins, basketball team SGUSOI1 SUl'TllTlGl'y This season was an exceptionally successful one for the basketball pla of Coach T. G. Hull, with only two defeats to district winner Pampa an anti-climactic loss to Lubbock. The highlight of the whole season a hectic two-day stand at Canyon in the West Texas Fieldhouse. Wim relatively easy over the Borger Bulldogs, the crucial game of the year with Pampa. Leading all the way, the Sandies lost in the final 20 sect by one point. A fifty game winning streak by Pampa was nearly brol and Amarillo High School fortunes never seemed better, until those seconds. The basketballers posted a very respectable 23 games won and 1 three lost for their season record. With many outstanding players in serve as well as in the starting quintet, the 1953-54 basketball team one of the best in Amarillo High School history. ,g T' il E?" Harvey, jerry Ingham, Don Rehmeyer, Dean Erpenter and Harry Hyatt. 1953-54 FINAL DISTRICT 1-AAAA STANDINGS W Pam pa .........,... ........, 1 4 AMARILLO ..... .,....... 1 1 Lubbock ........ ...... 9 Borger .......... ...... 9 San Angelo ..... ...... 5 Abilene .......... ...,.. 4 1 0 Odessa .....................,............,,........ 4 10 Midland .............................,..,,.....,.. O 14 FULL SEASON'S STANDINGS Pampa ....................,...,................... 24 AMARILLO ,........ ......... 2 5 Borger ............. ....,.... 2 4 San Angelo ..... ......... 1 8 I 1 Lubbock ........ ......... 1 5 1 1 Abilene ...... ,........ 1 5 1 5 Odessa .,,,.... ......... 1 2 15 ' 22 Mxd land ...,.... ...... 7 X 'X 31 K E NNETH HUTTO Pct. 1.000 .786 .643 .643 .557 .286 .286 .OOO 1.000 .889 .828 .621 .577 .500 .444 .241 . B631 .XB QP! 2197 I JOHNSON I YL S we EARYXALL is RQIV SUN BOWL TOURNAMENT ' Dec. 31-Jan. 1, 2 Sandie: Oppofing 87 Cathedral ..............,............... 37 5 8 Austin .................................. 45 66 Thomas Jef f erson ................ 44 90 Bowie ...........,........ ....... 3 1 I44 1953 54 SANDIE B squad are left to right. Robert Hover, James Dobbins, Herby Dodson, Ray Floyd, David Baron, Joe Hughes, Robert Echols, Jerry Ziergerhorn, Gene Arrington, Bobby Boyter, Joe Bob Louellan, Billy Reese, Jargo Johnson, Cordell Brown, johnny Nichols and joe McKay. CONFERENCE Sandie: Opponentx 65 Borger Jan. 8 .......,.......... 57 58 Pampa jan. 9 ....... 65 71 Odessa jan. 15 ....... ........ 5 0 68 Midland jan. 16 ..... ....... 3 9 47 Lubbock jan. 19 .....,. - ....... 40 64 San Angelo Jan. 22 .- ....... 52 50 Abilene Jan. 23 ....... - ....... 41 49 Odessa jan. 29 ...... ....... 3 1 74 Midland jan. 30 ......,........... 40 62 Abilene Feb. 5 ........... - ....... 49 89 San Angelo Feb. 6 .......... 59 56 Borger Feb. 12 ......... - ....... 52 42 Pampa Feb. 13 ...... - ....... 43 57 Lubbock Feb. 16 . ....-.......69 NON CONFERENCE Sandief Oppozzen 49 Guymon, Dec. 4 .................. 71 Lamar Dec. 5 ............ 75 Hereford Dec. 8 ...... 58 Roswell Dec. 11 ........ 77 Guymon Dec. 12 ....... 71 Phillips Dec. 15 ....... 59 Santa Fe Dec. 19 ..., - ...,, 75 Albuquerque Dec. 19 - ..... LEADING SCORES I SCO TTIE MULUNS W 1 0090 sb if Ft Tp Kenneth Hutto 45 205 Bub Farrell ............ 76 42 194 jackie Collier ...,........ 63 59 165 Don Rogers ........ -..52 14 118 Ronnie Harvey 25 79 Scottie Mullins 6 26 Herman Northrup .... 8 26 Bill Boyd ................ 6 20 jargo jonnson 1 15 1 ,f , Don Rehmeyer 6 14 EQOLX' Herby Dodson 3 7 815,636 Bill Wyrick ........... 2 2 Fm Av Rehmeyer 6 .1000 Johnson 1 1.000 SHOOTING AVERAGE Farrell .l........ 51 .824 Harvey . 32 .781 Rehmeyer ................ 4 6 -667 Dodson , 4 .750 Boyd -.........-. 14 500 Collier ...... ....... 5 6 .696 NOIfhfUP ---- 19 474 Rogers ...... ....... 2 2 .656 Rogers ....... .....,.., 1 17 444 Boyd ,,,,, 10 ,600 Hutto ...,,.. .... , .... 1 86 430 Hutto W 77 .534 Harvey 0 -.... ---- V ---- 6 3 429 Wyrick ,...,. ...,... 4 .500 Farrell ..... .... - 179 425 Mullins -,'--, -,,,.,, 3 .429 Collier ..... .... . .... 1 50 420 N01-thmp 19 .42 1 Mullins ..... ......... 2 5 400 johnson ...... 2 350 Dodson ........ 7 286 Ray Floyd ....... 3 000 Wyrick ........... 2 000 Bobby Boyter ,,,. 1 000 002' JUMPING CENTER, Bub Farrall, starts the Sandies roll- DON REHMEYER goes up for a field goal against Lamar ing against Odessa. The Sandies got their thirteenth vic- in one of the Sandies' pre-Conference games. The Snndies tory of the season from the Bronchos by 49 to 34, won 71t0 35. 9- ,. , ' 4 - IT XWAS ALL Cl-IEERS as the Sandies headed fOr home Being on the court isn't all as Kenneth Hutto, Bud Fur after winning four games and the first plalfe trophy HT rall and jackie Collier demonstrate, and raise their team the Sun Bowl Tournament in El Paso. mates' spirit. I46 40 AZU COLUER flfld Bllb Fiiffall Watch 35 .limmY Bond RONNIE HARVEY tries a field goal as Gary Griffin, Harold Lewis, Of PIUUPIM lffaP to retrieve the ball- Pampa's right forward, makes an attempt at blocking the a Sandie field g0?1l11ftCmPt- shot. Bub Farrall watches after helping set up the play. -,4 'NH 1111: MULLINS, Ronnie Harvey ROBERT ECHOLS takes up the suits THE STARTERS in me majority of D011 RCIUUCYCY fflkff Off 'half 5WC3f as he watches Kenneth Hutto prepare the games were topg left to right: Ron- before the PUIUP11 SYUTW- for the game with the Harvesters. nie Harvey, Don Rogers, Hub Farrall, Kenneth Hutto, and jackie Collier. I47 fl -.Al ll 'D I U fi 2 ll e if ' , . Xi 2 Q 05,5 1 4 , : . ' 4 QW gb 561 Ggewl gO Ymye r E S L OOD Mu.:- DURW xg Mixer Ha WALTER M Miler CNEW -BOB 100 UM Yard Das: "' Q v i' ,Jef-mug ' gif?-inf ,"fLu4 YW 15. JFW. -fnillfafrq-lv'f4l,'H -,Q lv Llfiff' 'bk' .1 -'fig-5" FgYfjl5:3'5'f' .13-'E' 'I ,J-Q' '15 ,:!i':, 'ef Pfffiz-:f'f1 'ff' vm' 4.51-L4.5 if - , Xigfyggl gif, ,U f- MU, ,f 1 X f5.T'?-Ifj'35"Ql-ff :rdf-R' --' ,g 7 ' . kd 1 ' A bf' ,ir ifawwff O"-1 -fr "C fs, 12:4-,JM , 'Q W A - Awa- k, "Af f . . rf" f"e"'-'- - I F ww' gif .w,, .. :., ,. A f 2, '24, " 1Q4fi,1,"g'5?n5f.:-ex "' isffexff ' , lv '. ' 1,8-' '?H:'.-'1.f-1-'flifw 5 4 "i"'?,5"f ' ' M '- N ' F4 ,ff af ny' gm? 1+ -M ,- v 4. v -' " -W. . .fi-a3fff'?."i',i1Nemi 'v .. .. ,. . - ' -5-."f2 'W Q. 4 'ff ,3 TV, ,l -. J' l . -,:.. , , fiyigrdz " "I" '-Q'4'f1', Q -, ri-1f?A .47f1f5, ' A' " liff, C' QT? 451 vr . r 7, 7. L , ' , x 'Q M, ' 2 ,,..-,A , J, .4 gg' j 1 L .,jfQ5f,'fau'5f.,, ' grim f i' W'1ji,:g.. ,lp I Q- -3: ,arffgpgfdxiryvsyg 1.4! , I 41 tv 1','i:'? g:i,f'.K:-14.7, ,j'?3f.' Q . QT"-:.,. M' -llffgrz' "f.if?'-1.1-' .fi 2.4" .wi lrl' ,4,"":, N - av Q yt. I I . Q32 ffff-ififssiiigwang-if ' A r .f-,ff-views-lfvf"-aim--A ' fgg-,uf Y fn- 4. -'gf-. Q. 1 , JJ 'ud g iff-.L AB. "ri Hivfffl-' fr " ' Qiif- A '.1 vii ,J N - ,S E-i'g'5s:"' f w9W3W 3 - Q3-g1:'5LfW?blf.1-5,19 1' " . H W Egssiggg'-'.f..-gf Q ',,1.,,xf'? .MQ A,:':,g-I 1. V ' ,- 'if .ff-1,-QQ f, 9. f ' ."'."'f - X J 4 V373 D ,fav-al , 'fs' T- 1 Y 5,77 f-3 5 'Q.4"fiJi1.. , 'Af' 1.3,-5,5 at I 40.53, ,jf 5 G ' Li any fy f.:'ff,g,f-2 . 4 r A f--.av ,g- . A Firxg 24- 5'2.biHzv"g15K': . . f ' --- - if, 4" f ' f 5.5 ' 9, 1 -'pq E?2f+f?I,-.ew f , :IQH1--frvg .11 X V H-,S H gl' 1 ' - nr',,",-"'l-7 .1 'Gr , ir - f f 3551! " .Ts-"fiQLQ:lg'fff5 X 'A ' P :K -X f ' .j S -9' 1 I 5 ,, ' f, ' , xr ,r ' V I H 'J f N A-1 W-4 x A A lfif' f ,A-"I ' ' , Pg . -f . Q, ., V' ' . .41 .M 77.: - -TNQ - ' - Q c - w ,.A,qi5g- ' ' 1' 1 g.'. ff' 1 ,,f"' ,ff- SOE KRW Discus -' E Y P 1. i i 2 W- t 'Mi , y f as az 1 :gn-' Y gf' H L . KV V 4 ii 3 vile , , , Sr -, "?5S'ffi5ii?u52: ' Y' ' ll ' " ', ag . - , i 3 ,, 'bfvleiiigxe-222251-akewr., ' 3: ',.- g, as ,, ' , V Wg: vial , W. J , . , A Egg, My qw B, ' -n'fgg'- -v ' 'Sgt Ha' ea . ' tit' il ' 1: ' - , 'Q :fl-,jff ' 'V pix- ru. . I3 4 V - fi, - ,, ,, W., Y 1 ,, r 4 -gre? 1" " aim. V V -,W . . a 1 V ., fa fe .fa . qv- ,- i i M., Q - .. . ,I ,r Aff E' J get we r 3 , BV f .. ffl if get . we E W2 The MEMBERS of the 1954 SANDIE TRACK TEAM are from left to right, first row: jay Johnson, Arnie Duncan, Bob jim Berry, Philip Borden, Bill Harlan, Ken Osborne, Robert Frazer, Herschel Smith, Bill James and Jackie Cain. Third row: Crump, Bill Reed, Bob Graham, Lonnie Allen, Wfick Alexander, joe Irwin and Charles Rittenberry. Second row: David Lard, a jimmy Mouw, Charles Noland, Kevin Kay, Bobby McLean, Billy Walker, Charles jameson, Danny Daniels, Bill Chapm Us and johnny Regal. Fourth row: johnny Cruz, Herb Shaw, jim Rigdon, Gary Ray, johnny Henderson, Walter McNew, Dur- wood Miller, Bob Bunker, Lawerence Norris and Jimmy Allison. Fifth Row: Ron Huffstutler, jerry Wheeler, Bobby Buster, Cullen Allen, Billy Luck, Tommy Crump, Blantie Wilson, David Bechtol, Jimmy Duncan and Clinton Moore. Top row: Don McFatters, Coach Frank Guess and Darrell Ray. l953 track season summary The 1953 Sandie track team brought back to AHS many trophies from tournaments all over the state, but succeeded in placing only one man as a winner in the State meet. The team won the West Texas Relays at Odessa and meets at Brownwood and Big Spring. The squad swept most of the places at district competition, but regional at Lubbock was a little too rough. Only eleven men survived this test and headed to Austin anticipatingly. Bob Crump was the only AHSer to place first with a winning broad jump of 23 feet. Later he was placed on the high school All-American track team. Other members accredited them- selves nobly, but that was all. The season wasnlt a com- plete success, but experience was gained for many fu- ture years. N -aaa. ia.. M +-gg-f'u,.:.fn ,,,. me F- .351-,Q ' gf" at " QV' '1+',,,, "' T if Wir rfi . 'Q . af A al ieaa if "' f A , , 2 H he aa fav K ilfll. H' f i emu. i e x i in , 2 ,, 5 " if ' Ei i P ll M V S'-N ., f .Q . ' I brit' a lliiti if -5 l 'il f ' ' Q ll " at Q i til' ly if : . 55 559 ' , 1 e 1. on 1 ' l .1 53: iflwsssari r f fs, I , 15 ,Qi fue '24 1' pl' K 'M W ggfaeepaigaifiisssitssiis-an il lt? if' I' 2- ,,,iz?',M:ec la, X 2 'ta t-Asa:-fi 'ti iw i ig. , , is pi w it 1 K f 114 r MY ya Y 1 3 ws jg i A z ey 5 i 5,4 ag 53,3 , ' we ar. 2 S T 4 D 'Urge if 1- 5 , Liga ini ff 55 P 955 mi yu Y' i 4 Y , is 3 5 ei i l s l L 2 .si B ey Q. FRANK GUESS C Uncle - 1ff.frfa,, 1 E, 5, I. l 8 . ax, J as 5 Y .....-f"'! l5I ra P xXl .4 , 19 1 " Taking part in HURDLES and SPRINTING are, front row, left ot right: Ken Osborne, -if Jimmy Mouw, Kevin Kay and Arnie Duncan. ,ffl Second row: Clinton Moore, jackie Cain, 1 l Bobby McClean and Robert Frazer. Third X '3 row: Joe McAvor, Jim Berry, David Lard, -f i N Jerry Wheeler and Billy Walker. Fourth row: I l 'ki Wick Alexander, Bill Reed, Bobby Graham f and unknown. Fifth row: Charles Rittenberry, Philip Borden, Ron Huffstutler and Hershal G ll' 'I' Q 4 ' XX Smith. X I me ,X 1 f ,X T. X, - . .M M Z V ' Fi. 'F i V 1: i , ' Vfigff .X XX K.. rf N XHXX. X r rr ,,, 6 . li,1"" l .L fe X -X sg!! SL gd' . .X X ,JXM G' JSA! X' J: ,X ou.. Y ' -if-re '- 1 ... . aaa' ' Q- w - ,K ' Q . ff - - ' N I HS., m Q X X - - of . MEI, .7 Ei , 2 l X - ,- , Q , E., ' -1 1 ji . L ,X X' I xl X W P ' u ll , . MIDDLE DISTANCE RUN- X Xin 4 are, ron row, e o l 4 4 g NERS f r lft r -, , I Q 'A , .' 6 I I right: Danny Daniels, Durwood LJ I ' I XX Xa EX ' Miller, Gary Ray and Bill Har- Xr XXN , 5. , , X . - K. I , Q lan. Second row. johnny Hen- ittiffiw E X1 1 Xl " derson, Bill Chapman, Walter 1 'l ' S J W li N 4' McNew and Johnny Cruz. Third XX X X ,N , .ap R ,, X.- 2 V f s 'Af V-,in X - row: Bobby Buster, Bob Bunker, Billy Luck, Tommy Crump and Lonnie Allen. . 1 arf me 1 XX My 1:-. X. I X X X. V ---f. ' r ' ,' f 1 'K U.: WX. X XX XX . . Xruy-vi. ' XX, X X X X A X N XXAJ H S. we X, X. X '- , jeg, X- XX V 1 ' XX ' v , V qi 4-xr ' l 1 N, - 9' 'L 4 bl! E -25:5 ' ' . ' I . 2 - I U li 7" ' F ' Zii K ' '.' .V ia n-A 'tii , .4 A . ., -' . X... XX X , M. :fi-'Ja y 1 Ig 1' ., Q. X-if f ' f -, , I ' T - . Mr.. 'rf 5, ' - . ff" iff? l i. l 1 ' ' ,f . X' V- fig'-l All " " ,N Z-i5.."'5fl'i' ' .. D XQ?1XX3X-.AA X ,pq X A -45 - win" -. 'Ly Q -4'lq,.X gl X XA. '54, Q - deagf -, ' ' '-Af nr' '? 1 .ff xr ii V+ , f .J-Q.. sn .-ta 1 ,:g:i47l:,:N it - wx-.., Y A I SPRINTERS and DISTANCE RUNNERS are, front row, left to right: Bob Crump, Bill Reed. Bobby Graham, Lonnie Allen and Wficlc Alexander. Second row: Philip Borden, Bill Harlan, Ken Osborne, Robert Frazer and Hershal Smith. Third row: Kenin Kay, Bobby McLean, Billy Walker, Charles Jameson and Danny Daniels. Fourth row: Gary Ray. Johnny Henderson, Walter' McNew and Durwood Miller. Partitipating in FIELD EVENTS are, front row, left to right: Arnie Duncan, Billy Walker', jim Rigdon, Bill James and Joe Wil- liams. Second row: Cullen Allen, P hi l i p Nolan, Jay Johnson, Charles jameson, johnny Regal and jimmy Allison. Third row: Joe Irwin, Charles Noland and Ron I-Iuffstutler. L43 I ,, , I f. V -. 'dfI.A: .,-,-r2,- an ., ce?"- jf,,'2.fif ' - who TJ? P! 'Q 52-Lani 1. ,719 . V -7 f 7, f1 - - wgfga xr. .ie , Q "?J' 3 H. 1 if ffm K Y X X' X,-, I. ,-I Y ' .fkci 1 .b -vw, ' -A 'T w:-- , .'-if , .V ,Y -.jim - - .4- ' .V ., .. . . ' n ei r tb 1, N v X if V v gags: Q. Jil' PV' - Ln x yu? 5, 91 Wil 14, J lf! '. K lf' ,I 51 5 l I Q KL' xx 4 R f' '.1 4,gf--aww-5 vi ' J k Vp ,lr V U' Qi,- . n gf., is wfaw A , .Y ,K '-A.-1 :16 " P- H ifffifff , , '2f. ,f-5 - 14 4 'K '. , LII +I -,1 -v 1 1 A lffw' J , +..j gi .. o 3099506 S PXNG Caycbet X X Chix A lr Xi 'N 'li , E,:, S! P' - -1 ' L 1 '4iF,5:l?-143 K ' 9 ' -'Z' Q ' ' . ze!-' "' L f iv t l I I , ' i O Sh0tt5fOP VA Moran OBERT MCWH R Second Base .1 my N .IA C BU CH A OK DAN! I NOEL Vkxchef um- ELS elder ggi. as '- fi: , t li F D33 1 an , la? ' wi t,esff ,M tirufk-: ' , ox iq, ,,M,s1Dg1f,f,e?fQ'?y'n15, Qifigfgjnzfy if ff 1 Steiff T if fi t ' K ytxnlfa ,NW ,E Grmf,fJ ,xmlllfm A if ,st uw 'x A s Ti s if ,f.sC, 1- 1 We t l l g ' 'K . P .1 y N f?AlX ' 'El if Vi it l lil A l aa PHT' gg f 1 i 4 i S AJ is .dAx'? if 2' ' 'S 1, at 'ffm N it its T S , 1 X, I as C ft wiynmiy, fkllullltt fy, wnigg 1 I 1 l' ' ufgfl ly ATX M i , 'Y ' V 'X K .N I Q ig., 'XX , X h . i ., , 5 V l , ' ' H ' 'Yr 1 S tm l Azz- t r A 4,.N. MEMBERS of the 1955 and '54 SANDIE BASEBALL TEAM are, left to right, front row: Rob- ert McWhorter, George Chavez, Edwin Rice, jargo johnson, Spooky Canova, Bob Smith and Bobby Burkett. Second row: johnny Moon, Kenny Atkins, Paul Crews, Kenneth Yates, Buddy Wfhippo and Bugs Boney. Third row: Noel Buchanan, Virgil Vaughn, Jack Daniels, Bobby Ver- plank, Gene McClain, joe Harrison, and Coach Pecchia. baseball team The 1953 baseball team had one of its most successful seasons, and like the golf squad, placed second in State. The team lost out in the finals to Polytechnic High School of Fort Worth. Coachecl by Sam Peechia, the team won relatively easy district and bi-district. As there were only four teams in 1-AAAA, beating Pampa, Borger and Lub- Q F bock six times apiece was all in a clay's work. This year, ' S with new uniforms, the team hopes to go all the way. X t T- E i W llli :': ' in l ' .iz .:.:.:LTf ' I sf 4' ' l55 KENNY ATKINS, Pitcher -up-w saw: VII ' Ml!" L I iii BUGS BONEY, First Base 1953 - 54 1953 baseball season summary The 1955 baseball team had one of its most successful seasons, and like the golf squad placed second in the State tournament. The tour- nament was held in Austin in the early summer, and the team lost in the finals to Poly Technical High School of Fort Worth. The team, coached by Sam Pecchia, won easily district and bi-district, for there were only four teams in 1-AAAA. Beating Pampa, Borger and Lub- bock each six times was all in a day's work! for the Sandie baseball- ers. They were strong in all quar- ters of the team. This year many of the regulars are back and then to add to this, the team has new uniforms. They hope to go all the way and come home from the State nxek af' ROBERT MCWHARTER, Second GENE MCCLAIN, Shortstop ' tournament on top. - 1 5 - , f Q .S S l y 5 S 3 x . ,ylli e 4 A GL V N f 9 if ii '. ' ,I fi ' ,. . Qi .ho H ll . ,ww y, . Ay I J ? -V . az ' :gw i L F . ' Z W fi ' k,,' X.. 4' E ' NOEL BUCHANAN, Pitcher JARGO JOHNSON. Catcher BOBBY BURKETT. Second Base GEORGE CHAVEZ, Pitcher JOE HARRISON, Outfieldei D. A. MALSON, Catcher sandie nine 1953-54 SANDIE BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 10-Borger ....,,,,.,,,.,.,........ There April 16-Pampa .......... ....., T here April 17-Lubbock ....... ..... T here April SU-Lubbock .,..,.. ...,... H ere May I-Palnpa ..,...... ,...,.. I-I ere May 7-Borger ............. ......, H ere May 8-Plainview ..................,..... Here Each team will play each rival l three times. There will be a si W KEN YATE5,OUff1C1def compete in the state mee , . 'n. Q 7 51 5 'ft ' X N. X game on Friday afternoon , f. doubleheaders on Saturdays V , I f u it . A playoff in be 1 the for I Af -:-i: I lowing week i case t inal nd- if ,,,Q ings wind up a locked. 1 r . The district ampi will eet , the Distri 2 - A A El aso A I M schoolsj winners for t ' 1 to i".' i 'i,""': ii IZE: i ff ' ar'-0 ' I I 1 X . J Bf 1 0 l 0 ni ff XXX f ,,.gfi,,i,, . it i fi X AGU f 9 ll IN YK - 'fmt K 1 'I DHNNY MOON, First Base 1 I K .Pi e BUDDY wrnppo, Pitcher .5 I ' 'FFF' ' L N011 , ' lfgfggi 'Q I Q'l'd red ' 5 7 to I I . I ,gfqijig 4 g 'W f,TTY'f'g "2 A -V , ...Li 1' K A I F in Cvgndl h .21-T f EDWIN RICE, Catcher 1 Q-:mr-ua BOBBY VERPLANK, Third Base ' tv? . at-IX D6 1 Y RUFFIN, Second Base 4 BOB SMITH, Outfielder VIRGIL VAUGI-IAN, Third Base l57 X MEMBERS of the SANDIE GOLF SQUAD are, left to right, back row: Leonard Loar, johnny Hefley, jack Torn Riley, Bill Martin. Second row: joe Bob Brown, Miles Childers, john Far- quhar, Bobby Westfall, James Smith. Front row: Bill Ford, Gene Hill, Henry Whitley, Mike Waddill, Robert Cowan. R. B. NORMAN Couch golf team The 1953 golf team was a consistent winner in all meets and missed the State Championship by only three strokes. Some of the meets the team won include the West Texas Relays and the Sandie Relays. The school that edged them in State was Lamar of Houston, so the team coached by R. B. Norman had to be content with second place. Top golfer on the squad was Rex Baxter, Jr,, who has won several national tournaments and shows great promise as an amateur golfer. X THE WRESTLING TEAM-First row, left to right: Johnny Pinkston, David Corder, Scottie Lewis and Gene Crecelius. Second row: jerry McNett, Bobby Allen, Troy Carder and Benny Hollingsworth. Top row: Charles Cook, David Cate, Wenciell Brooks and Charles Brazile. wrestling team The 1953-54 wrestling team, with a record turnout of 60 boys, is one of the consistent athletic winners in AHS. Built into a power by former Coach joe Parker, the squad is now under the leadership of Coach Eldon jack- son. Amarillo High School wrestlers have advanced far in AAU and Olympic try-out matches. Wrestliiig, contrary to popular opinion, is not a crude test of strength, but is a highly skillful and scientific sport. Amateur wrestling is not the type of chicanery practiced by the professionals, and the AHS wrestlers spend many hours each day per- fecting their techniques and gaining new skills. E. L. JACKSON Conch JIM 1. My W' Boys- S' ER I H3168 51A STUBBS SHARON GMS' SingXes 09508 oxsoevs 061965 DA W We omg names VID K il? J's' R D o oub1gN1E SM I 7751 YALE, ,-.V 've ' i. -a r, if,.',-w,,f? A. ', gh, A 4.9561 v Q A r ri. MEMBERS of the TENNIS TEAM are, front row, left to right: Freddie Handcoclc, Ronnie Smith, Warren Zimmerman, jimmy Walker, Bobby Swank, Carter Kelly and Charles Green. Second row David Kent, Scott Cantine and John Lawrence. Third row: Ginger Wrens, Paula Salkeld, Betty Graham, Sharon Stubbs and Eileen Jacobson. tennis summary The catgut and nylon swingers of Al-IS, coached by Miss jane Williams, didn't place at all in state competi- tion last year, but all members had a good time playing and traveling all over the state. The team swept most of the positions at regional, but competition at Austin was a little too rough, and it was a long ride home. However, all was not in vain, as the junior and sophomore mem- bers gained much needed experience that doubtlessly helped them this year. Paced by a new Ford Station Wagon, the tennis team is trying to achieve even greater heights, and will, we hope. Special mention should be made to the following members of the team that went as far as Austin: David Kent, Terry Smith, Don Stensaas, and Sharon Stubbs. MISS JANE WILLIAMS Coarb Ri HOUSE FLIES . . . MEMBERS of the FIRST-PLACE JUNIOR-SENIOR TEAM are, left to fight, top row: Patti Hulen, Margaret Williams and Carolyn Husbands. Bottom row: Shirley McDowell, Genna Keeter and Sharon Stubbs. COMETS . . . MEMBERS of the second place junior-senior team are, left to right, top row: Mary Lois Maxwell. Barbara Roan. Ruby Read, Leola Ter- bush and Pat Campbell. Bottom row: Shirley Fautt. Frances Paul, Lorene Wells and Sheila Cole. 62 S Girls' basketball intramu- rals were climaxed Monday, Jan. 18, with the final games being played in the armory. In the junior-senior division the Houseflies played the Comets. The game see-sawed back and forth in the last half. just as the final whistle blew, Nita Pitcock, captain of the Houseflies, shot from the free-throw line and made a field goal. The Houseflies defeated the Comets 29-27. Members of the Houseflies not pictured above are Gail Gifford, Vonda Hawkins and Nita Pitcock. SANDIE DUSTERS Mcmhus ol thc. first place sophomore tcam are left to right top ron Wanda Lemons, johnna Butlctt mtl Flutine Brown Bottom ioxx Helen Blankenship jo Ann Moore and Yvonne Hughlett nigans The Sandie Dusters swept past the Skyscrapers 29-6 to capture the sophomore cham- pionship. Sandie Dusters not pictured above are Bobby Bixon and jerry Grady. The Girls' Athletic Association sponsored these games which were held in the High School Armory. The object of these games was to raise funds for the club. if ,MJ . ' ' A 7 - 'ff J if-if 4fLl.AlJ.i.lJn,ii U f.1lfU,kM'f -'f -'wk JUQO ..,,Q'vN. .QQ mama ,u,wf1ff- 5w U w U .. Nhw. vi Y-'U yui,-wx. Us 5 Law, 'W'fff fw' fi? 6? mw Jff UAH!! h L'--3 MAJ V ,F,Ul.J, If 1 b I it w no IAN l1A,fg?f,f gg ,fylgmwn 4' v. 'HAM' A V,i-ffugt. .4 , W ' V Elll,,,QfTf24Q,5,Lj jyqlcqfti ', A"-A .V' '-L4 A X I , ,Q I Q F 5 I Jn 'N Oz U 1 ' '44Ll1, 1.1 Ju du f,m,.4, vi L+- 1 J 1 Z, A Q -J " A -'?l-,ll-ff-1,721 f ' , ffl J ,.,,q,,fj ln yi-:fjiQ ' K,,1AJyA4IW1J W f-11:1 ff! ' gpg.-fi' i,qIi,f,4Q fi A..QQ,Ug fx Q QNX Lb Q L' l 1 M,'iQ-'ff-rvf.-p I 'F 1 . ,- M' 1 ' J f x 1 'Q , , If , Q M 'N J K , 9 fl--uailm -ea.. L ?. !K xx 'JI' . 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R .-,th i E -I AN- .-,. -V 1. , 4-EE A! kv l . ,Q V .L - Q, 5. tr . ,gg-5 f 'QQ gg 5 ' -,Q H E- ,-:Ju 'i ' 21, ,' ,i iv. ' . 5-4g:i2",5'rf5wfi:H ' ,IZA yf fi i ,P 'H -- If 1 . .U t. If ,Q 'I i 'N ',g'v- , 6, .PI ",I,, I . ..- N Q, At , .A 3 BL , ..,, H ,N -KF-N iv 4 T1 ' .f m ' 'we-2+ 1-1 . : "IT,-15: "Val ... Ill , V , A Q. ll' ? , ' I' - -xg ' 4Q2'.5' ' 7-Nl I .Iii'x?i'L" ' Q 9 - if ' A Q -'-54123 , ,, WM L 1 N . A. ' A A ' -f , J i M ' ' ' '- -5'TT"""3'1gTL2i.44f.Q1a:Q5 ' .A , , Q ' l ' 9 4 r - 'Q "vi fi: 3 jrg 5, ,E -:gl Ns U ,lj ' Ns. I '29 I,. . Q I .R ' i ' 8 , sz? ,,,f gg 5' M43 , xg 4 Q 'Y Mx"-gg: kkxyy . LL I 1 A i 1 wi 'iff f QF !! M, WE? ,. rbn's historic This is the twenty-fifth year that R. B. Norman has been principal of Amarillo High School. During that quarter century, he has seen it transform into the modern, efficient and wonderful place that it is today. When Mr. Norman first reported to A.H.S., the country was about to face one of its great- est economic crisis. In the years that followed, he has seen students enter a world war and a police actionr He has seen the e'f.f:ff- - number in the graduating -+.:f ,,.- , ,,f class be both small and 55:2 1 '-T lar e He has witnessed g . - e - ---- many football games, see- ing A.H.S. win four state championships. He has seen the building grow from- the -original -plant - into one complete with l 1 W. - - separate study hall and 2 ' ' cafeteria facilities, special ' modern equipment for vo- cational shops, a film room and many other in- novations. , Q Mr. Norman was born in Eddy, Texas, on Sept. 21, 1895. He was interested in all forms of athletics, and participated in all possible ones. His greatest thrill was pitching a no-hit, no-run baseball game for Simmons College when they defeated Howard Payne in baseball in 1917. He was very highschool sports, especially in the Rule, Texas, High School that he attended. His best sport then was track where he won the county meet in quarter-mile run, the broadjump and the baseball throw. In later years Mr. Norman's interest turned to golf, and he now coaches the Amarillo High School team. It was through the work of Mr. Norman that golf became a Texas Interscholas- tic League sport, which was only recently. In this capacity, he has served on the League Ad- visory Council for eight years. He has always been an avid supporter of A.H.S. sports, always backing the players, coaches and everyone concerned to the best of his ability. No moment was ever too dark for him to shed a little light on. quarter century "Nothing too good for the students of A.H.S., and nothing impossible to do to make A.H.S. a better school" has been his attitude through the years. He has constantly strived to interest students in the finer things, for it was he who instigated the art collection that is only second to one other high school in the United States. Through the activity fund, he has added out- standing pictures to the collection and has enhanced the beauty and attractiveness of the building a thousand times over. He has always had an exceptional sense of humor, and he will pull a joke on the school at the slightest chance. One of his favorite times is April 1, when one time he announced at the morning exercises that all students that had less than a "B" average would have to report to school on Saturday morning. Mr. Norman has endorsed all school spon- sored activities whole-heartedly. On special days such as Western Day, he got into the spirit of the thing by wearing a special Big Chief Indian costume. Mr. Norman received his first colle e de ree -QQ from Simmons izflollegg in 1922. He had much exper- ience in education before A t , 31 Q' coming to by serv- A ' i t X ing as principal of schools -4 ssri: - f in O'Brian, Texas, Ver- -v l non, Texas, and he was gy 1,-Q .ii. ' superintendent of schools , if? in Colorado City, Texas. Q ,sss It W! He became principal of W Amarillo High School in ,eff 1928, and he has been here ever since. Mr. Norman associations all has been active in educative over the country and spends much of his time traveling over the country to these meetings. He has been a member of such as National Education Association, the National Association of Secondary School Prin- cipals of which he is now a member of the executive committee, and he has served as president of the Texas State Teachers Assoc- iation, District IX. -qu- "" 'f'f'f'f" """ 'W"'Q"" "N"'- '---r-'fir-1-:r2'Ff1:w:-'we 'M'-A-wmv,--V . 4 ,- Xfliv-1 '- K 'i'4fTVfAv"f,' ,- Nw y f " 'M ""', U' . 4 "'- W'- ' ,. . ' 'Vg '-1 'i .'1v',' " l' L' 'V .,:-mb? X .. .. . , . s,:-ix., P: num . ' -as Y' , 't .3qawE.fer3.r2 4. Y ., no , , - V ,g 1-0 ' ' wi wld N "' AEz.:Ns1'H ..,,-f.nsaef.-- " ' 'W' ' ff'-1:,,:f4 lainie- 1" -- -5-gif W ' qlfff 2. i -1. A ,L r , ,- y uf. Eli' 141-E-" ' ' . .. 3: 9 is 4 I 2, J ' ' ' 333+ ' ilk f gi 1 v 4 1 j ams, if 1, is W " '. -fri . ii. '11 ' " ' " ,I '+1'fJj,25,7N,3:,': ' x 1 - we 4 iw f 5: 49 . L - in-E?-yf,.,w U 'it L, f r-:-M - iflsiffi ' V ff' ' my 11' -X X ' lg- .,g.', 5 nf .img 5 will- h ,, 31,1 t Q .' 1 47 'rv-ri fi 4 mtg-f ' M ,-'.:- 5-if ' r ' Hair- .iv ' lefgtsz 5 -5, gl, r E .f -- ' - y' '- 4' i 51, ,.- " if-5 'vim 1f?J5l1'i:,gQ'-az 'if ' 1 W f A 0 i A,.. , ubv.lY V :ff '. M . M . rf ,X-. .. . K V ,U . -4 -i may w .Q ' a . ga mf' fi-. ff: ' 1 g: rf .jay 4 l ' QP HW V xi ' PM l , , Y S' ia Q. 1 ,: 5 Jtfgy 3' :ff .K :N M if ,. A, ' -'i li we - P - ' H l W V i ..,,. " wo-M . -+-:ls ,, .- Q ' l,,:i,." ' qu, .X X1 E .. '5f?,3'.- ' ' , ,Aj . , JYH.4.Y1 ALJ "V HE'S OUR PRINCIPAL . . . Students, faculty and patrons of Amarillo High School pause often for a glance at the portrait of Principal Norman in the main hall. A gift of the graduating class of 1953, the oil likeness was presented at the june graduation last year. The finished product was the climax of a visit by the artist to AHS and a session with the educator. Bill Mobley, president of the class of 1955 was instrumental in the portrait's hanging in the main foyer. rbn's 25 years . . . Mr. Norman has been very active in all these associations and recently received the follo ing recognition from the Texas Association Secondary School Principals. "To you, R. Norman, for the many years of productive servi that you have put in the secondary schools Texas, for the efficient work that you did president of the Texas Association of Seconda School Principals, for the many contributio that you have made to education, for your che fulness, good nature, and repertoire of funny st riesg we, the secondary principals of Texas, expre our sincere thanks and grateful appreciation." Mr. Norman has had the opportunity to me with many famous people both in and out AHS. He has conversed with such dignitari in AHS as Dale Carnegie, author of "How Win Friends and Influence People," and All Shivers, governor of Texas. Mr. Norman has taken much pride in t Victory Bell that the winner in football of d trict 1-AAAA gets. For many years he has se it in the main hall of AHS, and one of his great wishes now would to see it return to its hallow place here. The graduating class of 1955 as their cla gift gave a picture of Mr. Norman to the scho which hangs novy in the main hall. Recently t 1953-54 student body gave his plaque that sai "In appreciation for your 25 years of consta striving to make AHS a better .place to atten we give you this plaque as a small token of o eternal gratitude." For 25 years students have heard, "-Good mor ing everyone, this is . . .," over the P.A. ea morning. For this alone, we will never for Principal R. B. Norman. DONALD KATZ-Editor of The Smzdstor N. if P-' :SCJ ,fg 'ia' ,,i.q B " nb" 'a 'fff 1 SQ. .. 'f s:9g.9Jf' 1 -if- w N. e 1 51 9, F. ,Qs 436 I , I w-'Aff' .- .-'W v' ' fd' , 4 53, 1, J. . ' 23 " "i',.-we-,-g: . . lil I I' l " se 7 'tif 4 l in 'wa ' E , .. E, 1 Il . x., .A st- Q.. V 52: k:kV S I ft br xx! -si:-F d F ' U I YES. HOMEMAKERS . . . Mrs. Jennings signs up students who want to find the way to a mnn's heart. registration - records School begins and play ends-but school wasn't all work. We had our wonderful times, even though we dreaded the thought of school while we were at the swimming pool. After we got sixth period gym and that special class with that handsome boy or that beautiful blonde, life was pretty nice. Of course, this time always makes the seniors realize "this is it, our last year: it doesn't seem possible." But we made the best year ever, remember the first dance? The Student Council gave it and called it the "Record Dance" for a record year. Little did we know then what a record year this would be. n g 17 ,- '. iiiswrr if !" ff I TEACH BUGOLOGY . . . In urder to get into some of Mr. Camphell's biology classes these students demonstrate some "tall talking." .TI-IE NAMES SAMPLE, , , , Thege mo Strls beat the crowd by getting to school early in order to get first ehnnec at the classes they wanted. NOT SIMPLE NOTHING UP HIS SLEEVE . . . While appearing on the Iloor show at the record-hreuking dance, Stanley Hoeler uuloads his tuba nl all the excess material found within. I90 4 t RECORD BREAKER . . . The first dance of the year was held in the cafeteria and was sponsored by the Student Council, who used the theme of a "Record Year." Ex-students and students are shown watching the floor show. 'Q Xnrl lmw wc liutoll 'L'm. Two weeks belurc ol thc auulitorium finally gave way tn gravity :tml down pep rallies outside? school started, tlu' it valium Remember ' v 1 1 t ,X 7 ,I tab 4 ,Y,,1 fl l I l 'I , ,I l" poles - people People, payments, paper, and poles could be called quite a mixture for our second week of school. Everything happened, the big annual subscription campaign begang the Sandstorm Staff started laying out their first paperg students milled around the breezewayg and to top it all, the auditorium ceiling fell in and the cheerleaders had to find a place for our first three pep rallies. PEOPLE . . . when the weather permitted, students stood in the breezeway before returning from lunch. -v- ,X Q., 't Y.. A fin' -Qirx :L-dry-Q.. J.,-,, I4 A rl , . . Bobby Brady, managing etlilor, und Cary Cobb, sports 1-tlitur, arc PAYMENT , , , the inilial day for annual subscriptions nm arran in' the cow fur the first Sandstorxn. Donna Anderson, Janelle Beck, Betty Graham, Mike Ha S L l. Scott Mullins, Sue Lance and Bobby Graham were among n first to subscribe. l9I f , -fx 1 Q 5' rx 'i pf' ' , x ,,f.n-1 f 46,130- yh-f, nl" u fgfn nn 1' ll J-ii' I1 i,-'sv ' H14-.1 U. A l'i , 1 , l v , X ' :Il , n!'lnl 4'lnl -1 io I -ff3'.'3-bfi" e ' ff 'fn 'gl I 221 , - 2 .425 USENIORS '63" . . Yes, everybody watches the Sandies. YEA BLACK. YEA GOLD . . . Spirit runs high before the Capitol Hill ga 1' illieil Yuuth :idtls color with its black anal gold shakers. we won Y Our first game, and we beat the Capitol Hill Redskins 26-7. It was great. The pep rally was something too-right in the middle of Polk Street. The mayor was even there and he prof claimed Friday. September 18 "Back the Sandie-5 Day." It worked. too. QNX fix? L. NW SCALI' 'lill . . . Three Suutlivs close in on :x Capitol Hill hull Currier uml drag him tu Ihr- turf. 'I leant sllowetl great all-around :ability in their initial battle. i v av J .74 v - fe 5 34.-:I II ,r ' - ,. It I I .- ' 1 Q' .I:1IgiyI5I1L.-text' f ,.-if-r.ll"'m f Tlrowgik -'24 ,Q-q'fw5 lfifr e if I 5'gY2-WM I F sI . v, 'Ik .1 II , WI- I, , IQ.: I 1,II3It,,y wt.: ,I Is ,,.,,L,,.4' -.M 1, QQ! T .' A ' '- 2 'H . i rr f . - ' "H ' , f " Af: PF 1 - i, I. IPIIIQI MIIII I IEW? ' Q QII I , L.. I , u 1 I I IfIIIIjf1gf1:N Q IIIII QL I r III A C , J M .d I II II ... , III +4 I I I I - w ICI-QI ,. . .4 ' 'ie , rr -Q, if, , V 1' 1- 1, Qi fi yr' , - .. 1, , -' - , 1 -Q ' ' ir, -x , "-itil M " ' If 'I ,., V- ' Q 'X ' ,'1- 5 fs, I J Iv , X' 'Ifr I IIIIIIII yi .II.I ,,I in 3 t I JI I I I QQQIIVM, A hifi i T : f r r ft T T f T - my 1 f lr . W' T me my wg I f T A fx f . effftflffg i T .. 1' r T- -1 Q I if f t - 1 , ,il gg is -i " , . Q -. gr :.. ., "-' ,A 4- ' , '. . .: ' .,,Gl"f i'? ee,f ' :': K 'iii I I 4 ' A C ,,,.-.Pi ", ff' if Ip -6' X, Y T. S V if he 'A ' '-QT' e' Q ' i 7' 4 T ' -f -' ' ' ' - 4 'az' g ' ' , -1 .. Ink In ,I II WI I If I I , I, Y. - :A I , . ii . -K f ' 5 -. L T 'I I it I, . ' ., fs- : 1. an - M '--petit T . - -is , e- . YHA COACH . . . ,lnrkio Cain brings a musing cheer from the students us hu introduces Conch liill Dc-ice nt thi- rlnwn-tuwn pop rally. I92 YOU GOTTA BE A FOOTBALL HERO . . . The easiest wa to rifle in a eunvertilnlc is tu play football as did these boys wh rirlu down Polk Street to help initiate "Buck the Sanclies Day. I7. HAM ui. C E H fa i MLHAI1 Q ,Y V fA'x'UJ-FF 'ug Y NDTXN5, ,Sl-X ' , V 1 m ,.41v"Q tl p4:"4 vJf'3'Y'f 5021191 Gffi , ' 'iiwai 0 ' 1-12122551 2 i- W y -of t f ,qw f t. M 3'f57f'i? ' ' - GUY JJ esso A . , me ' as , I QQQNM' SHOULD I VOTE FOR? . . . Those words might he Cynthia Carroll's very thoughts. could keep the election out of their mind with all those posters? r 'W if iii Xvt A aiu.: MMM. SGOOU . . . Gary Cobb is served Sandstorm a la carte before school the Monday after Redskin Game as, left to right, David Hunt, Jack Westerfieltl, Spooky Canova, Jackie Cain, Smith, David Kent, Gary Ray, Duane Miller and Ben Yeager look on with much interest. cobb - candidates School wasn't all roses. Some people had troubles and Gary Cobb was temporarily in the thick of it. And then those who stayed up all night to make posters for the elections had their share of it when they dragged to school the following morning without their lessons. 'ii x Isa, , 'f n 3 ' X J A T I, t ' ,. 1 1 ' x 1 ' x fi, HAVE A HART . . . Jerre Lewis distributes campaign goodies for Wanda Hart during the queen elections. ROSES ARE RED . . . Jackie Reeves, Area president of F.H.A., presents Sara Nelson, F.H.A. president, and Patti Hulen, last yenr's president, with a corsfge of rerl roses at the F.H.A. initiation. I93 GET IT . . . A fumble and members of both teams dive for the hall. With the unidentified player in the foreggound, other Sandies rushing toward thc ball are, left to right, Jackie Meyers, Hershel Smith, Sandy Lynch and Bill Reed, far right. flutes -fun The cheering section added vocal support for the muscle and brawn men, with the band always there as an extra attraction. Spirit and enthusi- asm reigned supreme as Paschal High was downed 14-6. WI-IEE! .... A touchdown. Sue Briley 12,000 other fans, not pictured, shout out glee as Hershel Smith goes 48 yards touchdown. Cl-IEER BOYS, CHEER . . . The girls joined in too, and bedlam broke out when the students turned out to spark the Sandies for their game with Paschal. 1. Q L 1 t l x 1 1 -' ,fx v6 X FIRST AND TEN . . . Enthusiastic Sandie routers Raymond Stoddard, "Doc" AND THE BAND PLAYED ON . . . Sandie Band members Bryant, Duane Stoddard and Bobby Brady urge the team on. support the team as the Sandies romp to a 14-6 victory over I94 Paschal High School. es is 4 ll it Aw, KI X i S 5 , ii Y '4"f5:,:f.3.i' ,sf x A A VV 1,1 'IX ,K N.. I V . S ,i v, U 1. .' 'ff ij A f 'H A r X 2 LARGEST IN WORLD . . . A.H.S.'s Allied Youth members prove that they mean business not only in their membership drive but also at their meetings. rl lectures - listeners We didn't always yell. We listened to the candidates give reasons to vote for them, and at the first Allied Youth 'neeting the A.Y.'ers listened to a speaker tell of the trials of an alcoholic. Then every other Friday the paper came out, and the day before a group of journalism stu- dents offered their services for the chore of folding the Sandstorm. .7 J X TOTE THAT BARGE - - - GUY CUM' 5UPCl'Vi5e! Us 00191 Sludenb THINK AND VOTE . . . Juniors listen us candidates give reasons fold the Sandstorm. "why to vote for me." I95 pep - pluinview Our first out-of-town game and we made big plans for it. Those of us who couldn't go to Plainview had to do our best to yell as loud as we could at the rally to make up for missing the game -and what a game. We were scared to death until the final whistle blew. The scoreboard read Amarillo 18- Plainview 13. PUSH 'EM BACK . . . Booty Curtis, end, is knocked down after catching a pass. Too late to help with any blocking, but running up anyway is, left to right, Bob Crump, Hershcl Smith, Wick Alexander and Harold Short. Xe FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED , . . Office workers, photographers and anyone else LET'S GET 'EM GANG . . . The Sandies gather in who can get out oi second period early wail for the pep rally to begin. 3 huddle helare the Plainview game to "wish each other luck." -9- if ,. A a l 1 f fl said BLOW, GABRIEL. BLOW - - - The band Bad! iheil' mlnic HUNGRY? . . . No, these girls aren't running to lunch, they're to the chanting of the students and cheerleaders. hurrying to the pep rally to cheer for the team. l9b THEY RE HEREH' Mr Charles Emmons right and Bill C1rter unpntk Ihr IN THE COTTON BOWL . . . Some 50 bands join together band uniforms uhxtll nrrnerl just in time for the band trip to Dallas as par! of the cvening's entertainment during TMEA musxt festival. band - big city The Amarillo Golden Sandie Band, along with 50 other high school bands, was invited to take part in the sixth annual Music Festival October 13 at the 1953 State Fair of Texas. To pay for the trip, members of the band sold booster tags, gave a pancake supper and sold plates with a picture of the high school building printed on them. Finally, they raised enough money to go to Dallas, and to add to the excitement of leaving, the new uniforms arrived. E BKND PLAYED ON Besides their appearance in the Cotton MEN ARE ALL ALIKE . . . Thirst, as well as funnyboolrs lmnd gmc cnncerts during their stay rn Dallas knows no season. triumph? - tears The first rung on the ladder to the state football championship was Pampa The Sandies outplayed the Harvesters all over the field, but time ran our too quickly in both halves, and Pampa won 20-14. Hundreds of students made the journey home with the pill of defeat hard to swallow. 5' w mf f . . ,mi . Q. ' x ' N -, -' 'x 1' J NOW'S THE TIME , . . Bob Izzurd game announcer, fires up the student a pep rally. NOW THAT'S SOUTH . , . Sandie Captain Robert Frazer, and Co- ONE ,, CAME THROUGH . . . Jodie McCarty, foreground, Captains C. R. Dalfcrn and Hershel Smith meet the Pampa captains Meyers, 61, and Booty Curtis, left, arrive too lute as n Harvester before the kick-ofl. Hershel Smith. fic' RAISE THE ROOF . pitch. Arm wnvers, yellers, l98 l , x . The auditorium overflowed with enthusiastic rooters and whistlers joined in to cheer the Sandies on. .1 as the pep rally raised spirit to a fever SURE, SOPHOMORES VOTE T00 . . . Sophomores flock around leir poll to oust their votes. 'E ll. PAID YOUR POLL TAX? Students stand in line to receive their ballots for the all school election polls - politicians "Who will win?" Who do you want for queen ?" Those were the questions in everyone's mind, and they were hard to answer. Ten Councilmen were elected from a group of 65. These choices were final, but we were still looking ,Z forward to the run-off elections to be held the following Monday for the purpose of electing the class officers and EVER COUNT SHEEP? . . . Miss Laura Roberts and her civics students count the hallots as they pour in. queen. ,4 I Y Q v ' N - , ,'QY,. I JJ u X 1 . V ! . .. , . me Pllll. FUR yr l .4 JUNm Il LET ME SEE . . . Sights such us this were common in the halls of CLERKS AT WORK . . . Officials at the junior poll are busy while A.H.S. as we voted. the voters try to make the right choice. I99 4- fn: BEAT THOSE BULLDOGS . Loyal Sandie fans cheer the at the Midland pep rally. THE WINNAH . . . Kenny Stephenson and Rodney Wheeler lead the pack to the Midland pep rally. spirit - sprints "Muzzle dem mutts" was every Sandie's motto when we played the Midland Bulldogs. The team trotted off the field with a 34-7 i' victory over the visitors. ,.. ,-wg -A'fgg-,x- Dub vii-.,"lhvih.i 'ff l ,Y SAY "AH" . . . Doc Crackpol analyzes Bob Ford's bulldog's i The diagnosis seems logical anyway. Gary Ray is the M.D. 1 .Ii 4 -J s .. 4- A o l . i as DOG CATCHER . . . Morris musters muscle to muzzel a mutt. HEY HEY. WHAT D0 You SAY ' ' ' More fam: UIOYC Clleels Morris Collie, Sandie tnckle, closes in on a Midland Bulldog as an enemy blocker tries to erase him from the play. 200 ,svn ffisfi AW ff: 1--:vw 1 if Asia.:-5, ,553 :nav WLM T YK 'fm' -is Y :V -' xi . ,qi Q 'T , iillif-T ,rw 5.128 X Nw 1:4 if Nr,2,,1:'-D-" 39 Q r se 'A' Q 'if . . I S ' V A ,Qty Y f ,fjgwf 1 M Y? ml l l X ' f :al , JI-: ,W ll xx AND THE WINNERS ARE . . . Noel Buchnaan at left, vice-preside-ntg Barbara Hale, Sccrctaryg and Wick Alexander, president, came out on top after all seniors, votes had been polled. ' 'If"w' ' "' s 11: 9 " - I, , 235 ,Af .kv X - s " -' , FT ' ,' h - h I ff if-. w ee w ees T 9 Ty T Q' t , i The elections were climaxed after .f weeks of campaigning with primaries ,K and run-offs. All positions were hotly contested with the lucky ones pictured , on this page. i wah.. 1'-T .357 X f ' T ty u-"1 gi. U M FHINK AND VOTE . . . And the juniors BUT LIFE WENT ON . . . The week ofthe TOTEM POLE, MAYBE?? In their first big hollghlr voted Bild 0181223 J00 Willilllns. af elcclions wasn't all play as Lois Redd, right, high school election, the sophomores chose UP, Pfesidenli TUYIOY BB-95931 ViC0'I'Y-'fsidellfi and E. L. Ellis receive advice from Mrs. Grif- as the leaders of their class Billy Walker, fecu- md June Ginn, Secretary. Iith for their semester hook reports. terj, presidenlg Gene Cox, vice-presidcntg and Dolphia Dawson, secretary. 20l L TWO BITS, FOUR BITS . . . A group ol hungry sophomores pool their NOT MY FINGER - - - David HUM. left, and Edwllrd Glenn "dig" money to get the cake pi their choice, their favorite cake with Harold Short supervising yesrningly acting - auctioning Mid-October activities hit full swing with a Thespian play and the Allied Youth cake bake. The cafeteria overflowed with bidders, auctioneers, cakes and money. From this sale, over 3120 was raised to send delegates to the Buck Hill Falls, Pa., con- vention. Prize of the evening was the publication's pastry of a football field that sold for 317. The Thespian production drew many laughs from the audience as well as adding cash to their fund. il 3, TAKE A CHANCE . . . Janet Harrison peddles cupcakes to add to AY's cause. Digging down for money is Morris Carter, left. Inside each cupcake was the buyer's "girl oi his dreams. GOT A MATCH? . . . "The Trysting Place" was the year's first dramatic production. Involved in the trials and tribulations oi young love are, left to right, Dennis Bruton, Ann Gaidry, Bob Ford, and Janet Harrison. 202 link '.r WHERE'S THE RECIPE? . . . Jerre Lewis wields the as, left to right, Nancy Windsor, Jackie Reeves, Paula Ann Aldrich, Sandra Hartman, Davie Ann Bechtel and Hart reach for their slices. . Bobby Graham, Sandie halfback, is nailed by an after going for a gain late in the Odessa game. Spooky i AMEN . . . Many handy, dandy Sandie hands rise to bolster thc team's spirit at the pep rally prior to the Odessa game. WELL, SUH . . . "Bill Stern" interviews "Odessa Coach" Cooper Robbins to obtain pre-game information on the Broncho-Sandie Game, Dennis Bruton and Richard Bryant, respectively. WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR . . . Odessa players congratulate the Sandie players following their 27-6 victory. BRRRRR . . . Early risers attend the noon supplementary pep rally down town before the Sandie-Bronx: grid clash. oh, oh - odessa Wet grounds were supposed to hamper the Bronc's passing attack, but the Sandies just met a better team. Fifteen thousand hopeful fans huddled in the stands, praying for a miracle for the Sandies, but Odessa burst forth in the last half with four touchdowns and a 27-6 victory. 203 -1115 'l WHEE, GOODIES . . . Future Homemakers try out their culinary skills with a special box supper for that extra-special "Dad," The cafeteria was the scene of the banquet :md festivities. goblins - goodie girls Halloween was a day for all Amarillo High School students to "paint the town red," and this they literally did. With box suppers and' costume parties. A good time was en- joyed on this night for the ghosts to howl. v 1 l DOUBLE-DOUBLE . . . M. J. Rodgers cast u Halloween spell ovcr a lighted pumpkin. The magic powers must have had far-reaching ef- fects, lor it won Eugene Rutland first place in a Texas High School Press Association photography contest. l ,Q im . , Ai. V, ' ' W.:-L.. f5::,,s.,V .- I BE IT KNOWN . . . Jackie Reeves, Area President of F. H. A., and PLACE THE 1:-ACEQQQ I , , Dm, Hodge ,md virginia P,-3,-we were two!! SBIR NCISOII 100k OD 89 MUYUY 5- B- "Bud" CUYUS 538115 U Pmclama' the Press Cluhbers at the Halloween Sandstorm folding party a tion setting forth for one and all-National Future Homemaker Week costume ball, Members were dressed as songs, in Amarillo. - 204 'W ah -abilene On a slippery, wet field, the Amarillo Gold- en Sandstorm was defeated by the Eagles of Abilene 53-6. Some of the students were for- tunate enough to travel to Abilene with the team, and came back with the words, "At least they didn't skunk us." - N . 1 xl 4' ' , X t 1 1 - SIT DOWN SERVANT!!! Bobby Graham is asked by n host of Abilene Eagles to join them in looking for four-leaf clovers. Dimly seen through the rain are Duane Miller and Wick Alexander. IT SEZ HERE . . . Sandie Booster tags read "Annihi- latc Abilene", and these yelling four add their voices to the din. 5 WAS THIS TRIP NECESSARY??? Walter McNew, game warden, reads a spe- G0-SANDIES-G0 , , , Sandie pepleadefg dash down cial hunting license for eagles as the big three of gridiron fame look on. Smll- the aigle and to the left, heading for the stage. Led ing, left no right are Hemhel Smith, C. R. Daffern and Robert Frazer. by it-nil blazer Jen-e Lewis, Nancy Windsor and Sahmn Stubbs follow. fi e -' ' wwzmv' I rg . QW . ' wa K , 5 M QQ, ,gs wg, , J. X .., ,N x - '21, f X, we MSN wp W B, A 454' A ,mmk 13? W ,iw -sa lf? 1, s, -ef 613' . BON!!! Uglicst Man Berkley Kauf- rld holds the golden orb of office, and his wish to be kissed by Queen s arilyn Mabry fulfilled. Seen around e sides are Jerry Ingham and John nrquhuar. 1' FAMILY PORTRAIT . . . The lucky winners pose for their picture, holding symbols of power spitoons and nose gays. Flanking first place Berkley are left, Ray Peters, third, and Don Chattin second place winner. ugh - ugliest The Press Club sponsored the first AHS Ugly Man Con- test, with night-long festivities and fun, beginning with a chili banquet in the cafeteria. There the candidates were introduced, and speaker R. B. Norman made a few ap- propriate remarks. The banquet then adjourned to the audi- torium, where each ugly man entrant performed. The next night the Ugly Man Dance was held. All candidates were presented prizes and the lucky winners were announced. Prizes ranged from dancing lessons to free shoes, and were donated by Amarillo merchants. Each club in AHS selected one of its "handsome" members to participate in the con- test. The contest was one of the highlights of the year . . . with the winner Berkley Kaufhold making the sum- marizing statement, "This is the first thing in my life I've ever won." L YHEN FLOWERS BLOOM . . . Inhsling deep- FANTASTICALLY TRIPPED . . . Ballerina C. R. Daffern is supported by partner his bouquet of assorted carrots, onions, and Shirley Fnutt in one of the esoteric acts of the Ugly Msn Show. The spectator in the orseradish, runner-up Don Chattin holds his lower left is not a contestant, but n bored judge. ertificate and prize list. Second place is pret- V good after ull. tsl? -Q ,V pit' ' -Q iii-nge, IFPS' KW-- ll X J .Na THE CREAM . . . Ugly Man entries pose naturally for a shot of their early morning planning session. munchin'- marsh III Chief publicity stunt for the contest was the cherry pie- eating contest held in the cafeteria at noon. The sequence at the left shows the contestants lined up, eyes on pie, hands behind them. Second left shows Don Armstrong slovenly looking at the remains of his pie. The last two show winner Stanley Marsh III waiting patiently for a victory kiss. Master of Ceremonies, jackie Cain, is in the 'H-. backgro und. H I ,V UFVM as V o I 'X v ti I if 1 1 4' 'RQ' '- f if , lg - 'ir-,R , a, FBI ,-2 X - I ' 'I A ,fry . JY' ' ,ax . . . OF THE CROP . . . Stanley Hoeffer, center, and Jeff Wilson applaud the win- ning pie-eater. Don Armstrong shouts, "I wuz robbed!" but the decision stands and Marsh III wins. Bk n A351 be .2 Wm. it , ,LEPA O6 a A ,449 . , W P 5 L -1 .N r -x . A . ,Q ,L-,ug--r-:fn-1 ... , , , r l I 117-gr--. D! . '. - T""' ' ' ' ' -T- "3 f r .. -'.'f'K-21:62 T m.,.s..,, , W i x f af' ' t " r-.rms 1. K div-Q. 1 i - , l w ....-4. Ikw' - . .J"'e- l PRINCIPAL R. B. NORMAN . . . During American Education Week, Mr. Norman welcomed many parents to A. H. S. personalities- parents Every year AHS takes time out to show the par- ents how their children are progressing and the environment in which they are working. American Education Week is also the week in which our ' Queen is crowned and patriotic speakers visit our school and make us realize what a grand country - we live in. y t f Af HERE COMES THE FLAC . . . Lott to right, C. J. Humphries, Monte Rosen' NOW, THAT'S A PRETTY DRESS!!! Trying out for the wnld, and Mr. Norman pose for n picture n!t0r Mr. Humphries' speech on thc curonntion is strictly for senior girls. Here, some gf the sp. Flag in junior-senior nssembly. niors admire the others ns they wait for their turns. 2l0 -W? coronatlon hlghllghts paddling the poodles Alaska couldn't have been any colder than the Amarillo-Borger game. Few people could bear the cold and many listened to the game on the radio in nice warm homes. The students were at Amarillo Stadium though, and after the Srindies warmed up and beat the Bulldogs 20-14, we didn't mind the cold. 1 9 -'aw - x 5 lr, i i P i , l JI ul ' -fm-3.. gf, .,,.u,, Q ' ' ,MH e ' 'fl5f"lQKs:hifs " ' i. ' l ig Hg. 1 1 "Hi vs Q . 1' r , -345' -., l lk ggi -4 if it - A ual,-va. V , .rf-Gif f"vqg,. ' i -1 '..2 115 ,- ,. . , , 1, v I 'if-fdfkgx , A -fgm??f'1ff! A A yn, N' -5' . ' - Aa-L BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE . . . Late in the 3rd quarter of the Amarillo-Berger game, Borger's 43 went one yard before he was tackled by -David Kent Q-141 who was aided by Bill Reid QBIJ. Y I e .. cheer for their team. 2l2 GENE BROWN . . . A loyal Sandi fan who believes the Sandies can, put in a few words for the team nt th pep rully preceding the Amarillo-Borge game. HOW IS IT UP TI-IERE??? Sandics in the balcony SANDIE CHEERERS . . . Go Sanclies, Beat Burger are mln- chants oi those, among Carroll Collier, Miles Childers. nnil llen Yr-anger. f ., it f-fr. xi? sq.. AKE MINE ONE-WAY . . . A. H. S.'s delegates to the Allied Yonlh Conference at Buckhill Falls, nnsylvanin, left to right, Eileen Jacobson, Rosemary Quinn, and Jamey Saunders, purchase their tick- s for the long ride. Jamey was elected national president of Allis-il Youth at this conference. -A J. 'f 1 it 'al ' trips - - treks This was a week for trips as three separate groups made their journey for different occasions. The journalism De- partment traveled to Denton for the Texas High School Press Association Convention while three AHS notables attended the A.Y. Conference in Buck- hill Falls, Pennsylvania. A shorter ex- cursion was made by Mrs. Davis and a group of her students to see some chinchillas. at Denton. In the background holding his campaign are, from left to right, Nancy Hannon, Vonnc Ccil With- and Anne Collins. - r - -- - - ,:4,...,--- '-1 - -'i....,,......--- J " v A, ,Wil --- """" , ,- , -few., ' :Y V' ,, -..-,- ..,....---:sv SPELLED BACKWARDS IS . . . Front and center FOUR HUNDRED WILL MAKE A COAT . . . Mrs, Davis' English classes Gilbert, candidate for president nt the T. H. S. P. A. trek to a chinehilla farm to study the :mimal's habits and ways. 2l3 I 7.,,: 8, l Q ' l , s . x' 'f l A fff'i"4W fs r A if. f its f Xu. 1 X 5' .Mil ml! ,mf rs xx rc. .... 5, lfgxigg ll ff Kham VS bluff N ... x , 4,5 PX gwxi-MX S, :Le- , fm ' -V ,, V .. , . , H A. gi, '-, .j 4 ,, I Lg. ' ., , f X-.X iff, ij . qw . gf A. Swv' be ef 1, 1. 5 -, 24" "5 ,W-v. x . ,. : 1' ,Ax nl- - fxe. , . uf?-J,--' Ugg. 1' ,x 4, ' Kal, J., in A M -i f"'?-ii-V K ZVJJSX: -:XIX Qi lr . -.. . 1,-r. 1 ' -'fr 1,1 63:11 "lg , sb.. I-., H , 'X'-T Q ':f.'.'l" Q-f1'f.j"' 'vlf' ' ,iq 7,1 4 13,-.wg ,Lv Y X-.QE -2: . . r' ,A 4 1li'V".9,'fl.ffi' X ,f 1:-r , , r Jr, -' 4 . . 3--,g y ex.: - .-11-ws -,N ,LA f 1'-iw ' 2 Q il' ,Elf ,Q'-fzllxflef ri' xml li I K e if ,MZ ,tw-4 M 15 e -- f if A' ,wi ' A: sm., r "ifP'ei'N'1, , BEFORE . . . Spirit showed itself in more ways than one when cheerleaders and students worked day and night to build our bonfire. WOUNDED IN ACTION . . . W'hile working on the bonfire, Sharon Stubbs, n Sandie cheer- leader. was hit with n flying: board. This wus the only time we saw her si! still. n -f-mall' 0l'CH . . . We coul4ln'l oxen get close io il. fun - fightin' -fires It was here, our last football game of the 1953-54 season, Amarillo vs. Lubbock. The old rivals, the old feud. Who would win? We had worked all season for this game-the football team and the team behind them, us. The bonfire was a honey and the pep rally was-well, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the band played "Oh, AHS." But we were ready. FIVE O'CLOCK BEAT LUBBOCK . . . The sentiments of every Snndir-. . . . David O'Keefe J. - " AQ. . A af Er. fm'-'! 51. X 3 A if f H. f Y 3 Q Ki' N, 'i ENQ- - 1 . x! I ,,-L 2 I.: wi' 143 fa -iw, v : rs. -Us asqf 4 fe 1 ,rg I. 1 ,U -K. X ak KICK-OFF AMARILLO T. D. local - losers These two pages might well be dedicated to our Sandie football team. And then, too, they might be dedicated to the Sandies in the stands who wanted their team to win so bad. When we lost some important games and knew our chances for district were out, we didn't give up. We kept thinking about winning the last game of the season. We just knew we could win. But it came and now it's gone. Our seniors on the team have played their last high school football game. All that's left is a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, and a few pictures. These pictures on these pages are of just a few Sandies, but pictures could have been taken of every student in the stands and they would all look alike-we all felt. PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME, HONEY . . . 2l6 Fx, A . la- lvl E.. ,. U NO EXTRA POINT F PN. LUBBOCK T. D. AND EXTRA er 5' , v GET HIM ANOTHER ONE FOR Q MISSED 5, -ag., ,t WE MADE IT .Q'-4- ' - E VL GOT T0 WIN . ' 'hz 6. MISSED THEIR EXTRA POINT AMARILLO 12-LUBBOCK 13 SEE YA' NEXT YEAR lucky - Iubbock When the first touchdown was made for Amarillo we thought "This is it, the year to beat Lubbock." It wasn't that easy and the Westerners came back with two touchdowns and one of their tries for extra point was good. The Sandies never gave up, and before we knew it we had another touchdown and a chance to tie the score. Some of us laughed and yelled and screamed, and some of us just sat down and cried. We were so happy and proud of our team. Then it came, we were going to try for the extra point-our chance for revenge for the games we'cl lost to them in past years. We missed. That was all. The game was over, the season was over, and for the seniors, their last football game to be played for their high school. One thing was good though, even if we did lose-we were, are, and always will be Sanclies of Amarillo High School Cand we scared Lubbock "half to deathuj. Z 521122 ' 32121 q , ALL TOGETHER NOW . . . The members of the Amarillo Golden Sandie Band put on n half- time show at the Amarillo-Lubbock Thanksgiving Day football game. mtg Fla, H - f fn 7 , Q 41111 'Z . ' 1 . 'gmjgi S lj."-1-Vfsfl , 5 ua- ' i .QQ ' V, 'lg rl" ' ja ---- ' 'f?f'1T? ,721 " 924: V 'T 'if A -4 A .. --nu- W-ff 1 1? Sw? gg: Q 'si A514 'fr - my , H . Qifflfwg ,,, v-'wwf :Las 3 1' . - - ,gay-" , 5-E f , ,,., .. 'A 1 5 U1 . f ffw' .5: , 7: -. .gg nu. -. -1'--W -51. Zu . E ' 11,1 7. 3' 3, j Y Vj:i5..:,F1 Q L, gygvu, ..',. ff,is,:i ,Y 4 T :w . . 'fi I- , 1 P . .----V , .dw hmrhlfq . A -5-AQ xi f3,?5fgg ."'5' 'gf' E' . p - ,3j?i,Yr+-fa. '31 ' I 1 xi ' -9-f.C?4 iff: a, ,I , ,znigfd . 1 Q ' 'Gr f all " P 'lf . , 4 . S . I 1 Q V -1 x , i . F 'TEQEJQQA 'qi -1 ' .i.f.--5:-,..Jfq,,,4-r-w'Q?11w,-- r' V - . A A r - .-41 gf rag: 1 -1. '- ra mix , Y ., V,,: , . -S 4 -QPF.. V P, . h,Y, V Y 2- 1,355 ' wr: 1' T, 5,4-g M ii h,---A' w2,:3f52 ful. ' ' -I'- ' yi, 3? 1 . .W-, ,D V H: I lp, 3531, an-W?-'Rf--,,1+z.Lg,N,.A. 3 "1 41 is- 'f '. ,FQ .5 v-ulffg, ' ,fa 1 ,. 4, mb, , , g9,n I , su W ,D - 1 X Q 5, .J jf - fl I: f -1""q"f1', . 1 Kg I ji VXI ' " - A095551 t . W V52 , W? t-its 'f.if:f.1ff 1 :ff ' if , LylqL""-EL -1 wg. . ,Y ,wudf Q. U., rfigyf s.f.j:f W,wf:, .f 3 H. it kim' h ' ,QIQHJ '-'.- ff-3 fi? 1 .gm 'x classmates - chattin' To most students, some weeks are just average weeks with nothing out of the ordinary happening. However, somebody is always doing different as happened this weekend. It was filled with various instances like a Hi-Y Conference, a ski club meet- ing, falso other meetingsj, an unusual play, and a novel doing for some, make-up. Life isn't so dull after all. BYE BYE HI-Y . . . Preparing lo attend the Hi-Y Youth in Government Meeting in Austin arc, from left to right, Tommy Pace, Carter Kelly, Johnny Nichols, and David Dine. l' JP flwv ON GUARD . . . Mrs. Whitwortlfs first period ilramatics 30 class present a play "Tho Rivals" for So V X x on Qi E' 'D' -B L- 1 ,. X, I phomore I VIADAME CHAIRMAN . . . A typical Ski- THIS AIN'T BROADWAY, BUT . . . A dramntics class, under the skillful supervision Club meeting. Note the look of intense inter- of Mrs. N. N. Whitworth learns the art of make-up. st on the members' faces. Assembly. Q5 Q ll -. I . .7 ,Z J-A X .X ', +5 ,V TOTE THAT CANDLE . . . C. R. Dalfern, perched on ledge, and Roger CANDLE-STICK MAKERS . . . Nailing. glueing, assembling Williams, on the banister, beluy candles and anchor them. are, left tu right, C.. Daffern, Carolyn Husbands, C. Kincaid, THE CANDELABRA . . . The candles, assembled and glowing, illuminate the front of the building. 220 Wilson and Roger Williams. candles - As part of a special Christmas pro- gram, the art, music and publications departments co-operated to furnish dec- orations and carols for the people rid- ing down Polk Street at night. With art students building the can- dles, choir members singing, and pub- lications people arranging the details, the Christmas caroling was a big suc- cess. Choir members sold candles to pa- trons and spent countless Yuletide hours caroling for the purchasers. Hot punch and mittens were the or- der of the day. 'er V I J X f Af I f I ,X .f T wi KVE A HAND . . . Four smiling lads and n lass combine forces on one l1omeroom's x. The boy left is Dean Carpenter: right, Mike Hall. CCIl1S '- officials and children from the home. At left, smiling, is Prin- 0 WHEE, CANSH! Admiring the many boxes of cans are some cipal R. B. Norman. The students of Amarillo High School have a drive to supply the 's Home with food. Originally housand-can drive, it has grown pro- bigger as the years go by. have responded wholeheartedly the occasion, and AHS gifts keep the well supplied with food for nearly XX 5, ,f ear, then another year rolls around i WW we're ready to give to the children I 'D ' A 1 l H?" be 451- 'ff BOY! SPINACH . . . Looking at their fu- FORWARD, MARCH . . . Lined up in the girls' gym, boys from each homeroom mnkv mcals are three of the children. ready their contribution to the Childrcn's Homo. 22l Sf' 'Q -. . tif! SILENT NIGHT . . . Pictured' is ri portion of the Bel Canto Chorale, lcd by Mr. J. Fryhover, carnling in the cafeteria during the Yuletide season. singers - sawing - signs During the Christmas season, all of us were engaged in some type of activity. Some of us decorated doors for the Student Council Contest, while others made decorations to be put up anywhere We could find room. Those in the Bel Canto caroled consistently through the holiday season. We were all good little boys and girls because Santa Claus was comin'. 1132 ig vr',?Z'.'f 'S 1 -W -' ' t 1, ,ZZ-gf' sg' f J I' 'Q I F l f l ,..f t '14 gnc HA' ,f ' AX CAREFUL, THATS MY FINGER . . . Sawing carefully around a pattern of a reindeer HAVE A COOL YIJLE . . . Gloria Slullenborg is seen prepar for the Polk Street decorations is Kenneth Pace ziiilctl by Sara June W'elcli. ing mum ll5's rntry for thv Stuilvnt Cuuna'il's Door Dccomtiat Contest. 222 OOH-AH . . . The Sandiaires, popular junior quartet, provide part oi thc floor show. Left to right. they arc Joe Williams, Kenny Atkins, Larry Roberts and Johnny Gilbert. HOLD ME . . . Don McC1enny and Elizabem Din- widclie get into the spirit of the thing at the Y-Teen . . . . tl S Fl k B ll. Highlighting the Christmas season was the Y-Teen spon- sponsme now A e n sored Snow Flake Ball. With music by the Sandie Swing- sters and formal attire appropriate, everyone had fun. The decorations followed the snowflake motif, with all kinds of patterns being hung from the ceiling. The dance was a well-planned festivity and the floor show was something to see. The dance was held in the high school cafeteria. if ,ff tl f , 2 we t ff A, ,Jef ,L il if 5 MU' f ' fl' ,Q Hx ' WI-FRE BEHIND THE SANDIES . . . A bunny hop line travels at-ross the floor. Iden- GO' MJXN' G0 , , . Clmclung 3 My and 3 snowflake, tilicd from left to right are C. R. Daffern, Suzanne Norman. Hcrsliel Smith, Susan McCra- gn unidentified girl lightly wllirls around the floor, ry. Dick Cordell, Flo Ann Miller and Buddy Whilwlrxz. Peering outward is LaVoyda Kimbell. 223 tm-P 4- 1 x".'?'.ix x ' lf. n ,4- HERE GOES FIFTY CALORIES . . . Greedily stuffing themselves on popcorn balls are, left to right, Peggy Lowe, Larry Hurt, Philip Folsom, and Nancy Hannon. press - party As did most organizations, the Press Club held their Christmas party during the holiday season. This occasion was held at the Range Riders Recreation Hall and was well attended. Guests of this party were members of the Bel Canto Choral group. A SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE . . . Judy Speer the guest book at the Press Club Christmas Party Marion Buckley and Peggy Rhoden look over her tler. feast was held and all members of both groups stuffed tliemselves with turkey, ham, and various other goodies. Games and singing provided the rec- reation. They lived happily ever after. YEA FOR OUR TEAM . . . A group of Press Clubbers happily take voice as they emerge as victors in one of the many games at the party. 224 BUT PM NOT BEETHOVEN . . . Con- nie Duncan ardently plucks out chop- sticks as Jerry Ingham looks on inter estingly. Q 'rf' E:-:Y:,f'1qg64-1321. fir' . F1 R -- ,' ixwx J..- CONCENTRATION I ' l JUNIOR PHYSICISTS . . . the regular early morning physics confer- ence was held dnily in the front hall. Checking answers by slide rule ure left to right, Miko Hull, Don Katz and Ronnie Claiborne. Ai' , if o N xo C 6 W Wk test - takers A -5 The picture story around the edge shows a commonplace experience in AHS. Top left, Anne Collins is going strong at 1:10 A.M. studying for a test. Finally lapsing into "" sleep, left center, she enters school, bottom left, completely L filled with information. As soon as she is confronted with 2329" the test though, below, her mind is a complete blank, and another promising "100" bites the dust. -. ,J fri-1'7'l Q' .Pin -ff" .-mf? 'fiesxif f ,, 1: ' ,N I '-'ein REST . . . fp '-1 l Aehhbw -Zo - 'Z 5.67 mf "B K U H mn 2 ' Q . , K xr A In ! w i . -t , 2 ff gg. 1 l , "lr ri ,fl Ali' ' 7 If of J ,gggf N0lll'I CONCEN'l'liA'I'ION . . TOTAL BLANK . . . the enxl. ' Q 'Q Ci. Fr' Fx 1 A v Zu.--. .V f. :,' - .. ' ., , .. Q . fu., .- , .:.4 .. . .k, ,- xf' -. I l"'1.A. f'14:'..1kQi:7i-" ' 5,111 K '. ' T ..'. ' V A' ' --'- GOODABYE, SANDIES . . . Seniors, top row, left lu right: Booty Curtis, Juc Irvin, Robert Frazer, Ronnie Claiborne. Bo Graham, C. R. Daffern, and Wick Alexander. Middle row, left to right: Paul Gilbrcath, Wallace Smith, Dale Wynn. Spooky Canova, David Kent, Rill Reid, Sammy Olivo, and Jodie McCarthy: bottom row, left to rightg Duane Miller Harold Short, Jack Meyers, Morris Cnllic, David Hunt, Ed Glenn, and Gury Rny saw their last action for A. H. S, against Lubbock. 'F salute - in sandies Q .'m'.ffiii A i C Sandies, we salute you, the team who l-,- was beaten by the score but never in spirit. Always ready for a good battle and always a team. This page could be called just a bunch of future and exes, but it isn't, it's a bunch of members of that team we were proud of and that team the '54 class will always keep in their memories as THE AMARILLO T GOLDEN SANDSTORM. The next pagefeatures some of the award winners who received these non- J .. 1 full ors at a football banquet given by the Sandie football players' mothers and fathers. NEXT YEAIVS B055 Ml-HN . . . Sole:-ti-tl by the sqnuil during spring lrainiug to bc next yenr's captains are Sandy Lynch, standing, captain, and Kenneth Stephenson anal Dzlvill Bechtol, co-captains. fPhoto courtesy Amarillo buuilni News-Glnlw l . 226 xf F 1 .A 1 'Q V "' Ek X 1. ga 1. 'lex N .- x ' x- if 45 51 - 1 , lf.,l L , JF .Y ff' W 'A .-.ogy Q 5X4 95 'N if . N' ' P747 , 'TPS ER? ll ', K 45' 4 'lf l. A .,Y' ' af " im 1 QM: I k.,i i . f HN SPENCER TROPHY WINNER . . . Given for the first Rims lu ALL-STATE GUARD . . . Robert Frazer, our Sandie Football Captain, 'lineman of llu: year, the John Spencer Trophy was presented lo reserved the honor of being elected to the All-State Team for the year ie McCarthy ut thc annual football banquet. 1953-54. , ' 3 ' N ,N -, ' , LQ ,j'.A',v'5 1155 , YM ?-'55 ri 1 " or Y - xii ,. is L, . , , V ., ., , U 2 ,.-aww 'SWE' 4+-fi -.Q-1gIfe,Ef ll . ggi ' 4 Jil-', 2 ,W y N 7953 0 .Ewa l ' l Ugat h lgiilillzlw, -- FULLBACK f was selected as the most valuable Football Amarillo l-lnglw School l l L K1 PM Eibjj Q1-gg? iw ' fF.E'T :fs It ,. Ke- lim-+f-l.-aw.,1-f:'f--awrfgl -' X1,-'nl-'-112-'-JnLHrkzfnirP'2's,'9'f"m1'rf.' :T'!:FgwEmEN'34f?ninw1'z1:d7nIr'?4 zdjfniflaein X MOST VALUABLE SANDIE FOOTBALL PLAYER . . . NEED VUE SAY MORE? 227 Q "ji, N A 1 .. , ski thrills ,X I -1 I 1, A, Q?-, ? s'5l5:",NiqfA UST RESTINC . . . Skiers Robert Cnwan, lc-ft, Carroll Cullivr unil Duviil If-rr-haul, right, luke xi short hrr-nlllrr. .inf TIME OUT . . . Catln-rcrl around the fire at the lodge arc, lc-It tn ririt. .A sie Morris, Dnrntlxy Smith, Kay Alexander, Jimmie Catlin. Mary Sue Gihsun and ,loan Class. snow - skiers Favorite week end vacation spot of some Szmdies was Santa Fe. There they could take skis in hand and roam gayly over the hills, with the clean mountain air and sparkling snow to make the occasion unforgettable. Although many students go with par- ents and friends, A.H.S. has a ski club which holds membership in the South- west Ski Council. Albuquerque is an- other favored spot for this winter pas- time. -. -lsihf' . , .-fgyiihl. hi- i 'wr fflfti gs,-,F ,,. GOING UP . . . All set to board the ski lift and head u hill arc, left to right, Bub Smith, Charles Rittenbury, Hill and Miles Childers, -1-,- , V3 ik! p thc Gene 24.3 1 ffl "w ' 'Tl Mgr- GOIING DOWN left to right Harriet Ixendall Charlotte Wcrtz Dorothy .ind 'Klan Sue Gibson tand prepared on Beginners Hill Surveying the scene below lad V Y- 1-1 v., ur 1 4.4. skiers Cathcx .,-r, 4 DROPPED SOMETHING . . . Marilyn Mnhrvy, lcfl, anrl LaVoytla Kilnbcll llulp Daviennn Bechtol with he-r bindings. 229 campus carousel All around the campus many strange sights can be seen, but to students of A.H.S., they are everyday happenings. Everyone has certain little odd jobs he likes to do and studies he must pursue, On this page are various pictures of students in the fields of study they choose. Amarillo High School has many vo- cational facilities which rate our school among the top schools in Texas. We have an auto-mechanics course and a metal shop which has all new equip- ment in it. Our journalism department has just purchased Z1 printing press on which much of the school printing jobs are done. We have a wide field of elec- tive courses in the field of speech and boast a new girls' gym on the third floor of our building. T if' fra 'Ui 5' in ,.-.s..-.- AlN'T HE SWI-1ET??? Gary Cobb and Johnny Gilbert, crack reporters lor the Sund- storm, compose a story for the sums: publication. ' N 1- 4. 4. Aa! , , . , , ', ' l I' - 'IO THE YICTORS . . . The winners ol the annual Lions Club debate REMBRANDT AND PROT-ECE ' Painting posiers nr we prev conlc-st were Jimmy Birkrneyer and Marilyn Malncy. tion week are Ronald Brightwcll and Rapid Robert Crump. FUNN I'LL SAY . . . Watulxing the tryouts are the opervtlu directors, left to right, J. H. Flalllers, Miss Tc-nnic Thompson mul J. Fryllover. In tln: foreground is .Inna McGraw. iii? H5 L: 5 LL .A Y fig' trials - tribulations The many trials and tribulations of operetta rehearsals were repaid a thou- sand times by the performance. Every afternoon for many weeks, the auditori- um was filled with talent of all kinds. Others had their problems as demon- strated by the picture in the lower left. To produce the operetta the speech, choir, art, commercial and publications departments joined forces. Mr. 1. H. Flathers and Mrs. N. N. Whitworth directed the speaking parts in the oper- etta and did a wonderful job with the inexperienced members of the cast. Miss Tennie Thompson and Mr. J. Fryhover directed the choruses. Bill McCrary was a big help on all parts of the operetta. QW' A D X 'iv ff? I WISH I WERE SINGLE . . . Getti nga taste of nuptial bliss in u. mixed homemakiug class, two of the boys try their hand at wash- ing and drying dishes. 23l A Life ,ex sensational soc .t Xl e 4 1 HAPPY? WHY NOT?? Left to right, Carolyn Woods, sopliomoreg Ann W'ilson, sopllomore runner-upg Don Myers, junio M. J. Rodgers, junior favorite: Bob Crump, junior fuvorileg Kay Alexander, junior runner-upg Wick Alexander, seni runner-upg Barbara Hale, senior, Rosemary Quinn, senior, Eileen Jacobson, senior fnvorileg David Kent, senior: Je Lewis, senior runner-upg David Boclitol, junior runner-upg June Ginn, junior, Taylor Bassett, junior, Szirnncll Hunt! The annual Popularity Ball, which is sponsored by the La Airosa Staff, was held Saturday, February 6, and featured the presentation of the favorites and those who followed close behind them in votes. The dance was given in the high school girls' gym. E '5 -5, r lll 5 A f'-N -1-. 11 -. -Q 'X T Q i JN' . ' . v0 ' - Mi ' . um' W-'L H l . Q55 ' Pf2,E.G-53' .M ai-nemo ...H by J -r PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT . . . Marion Buckley and Johnny Gil- FLAT??? No, Bobby Brady wasn't signing off, he just li-nd the pa bert, right, had the lends in the floor sliuw nt the Pop Bull. of llic villain in the floor show. 232 mp aturday ga ,,. la W F W miurg Buck llumscy, sophomore faivorilcg Palsy Pearce, soplmnmrr- fuvorilcg Arnie Duncan, sopliuxnore and Donna Penr- xn, soplmmoru, were the lop four couples of their classes elect:-rl by popular vote. No! piclurcrl is Robert Frazer, senior ivorilcg Jac-kia Collier, scniur unrl Billy Walker, soplmnmrc runner-up. The dance floor was so crowded we coulcin't move. Before the dance the staff gave a dinner for the people to be presented and the members of the cast of "Porgy and Bess," who gave a cutting of their night's performance. The dinner featured fried chicken which carried out the Southern theme. 1, i wr '2- e- 44 Q57 I I 'alt , , --MT . V , ..- , , :!""?SZm'1' -, , -4- '-. PRACTICE . . . Members of the cast for Saturday nighl's cn N0 COMMENT . . . Someone had to do the dirty work and here are worked long and hard perfecting their songs. two dirty workers, Bcity Bnrnnrd, left, and Nancey Hannon. 233 fu gg! ,. V li - - ,Il .Li :img g3.iwg g L gs- 9 , Q ' n v-' 1 C Gnn0UnCEmenf A . l ef x ILUCKY ME . . . Eileen Jacobson is quite surprised at becoming senior favor- ite with escort David Kent looking at the whnlc proceedings rather stxsviciously. favored - few The highlight of the whole favorite announcing is watching the expression on the winners' faces. Here are pictured some of the lucky ones, each surprised at his good fortune. M. J. Rodgers, on opposite page, is clapping for herself out of sheer joy. . ff, like - sf :KW NOT ME . . . Buck Ramsey has a huril lime believing the svluction, but yes, he is really sophomore favorite. USED TO IT . . . Robert Frazer blushes xx bit when his name is revealed as senior favorite. He has been his classmates' choice for three straight years. w lpn. 'ibm . , E-K ,rg .ini . ew- ,f.. - . X 1513" VHA 'Q' W' ., 8... . K ' I ,f RISE UP AND SHINE . . . Bob Crump probes inr support when he is announced as junior favorite. 235 .sA.s n i l it M 'ru sg li 1 4 -1 . Q, H "Lg-Lia-Qezrii. -5 ' l....,., . -.- T5-?.n.EmE A ,, V V l ,J ' X frliilifgl.'.S,i,g-.fjgz .A V, L --ii-on Y Y: Y , i ' 'xt f mi' ni-- ,r ' . y sz llflw 2 figqbx Presenting . . . X5C'ho are the favorites. Out of this group, no one could even guess who the favorites were, and exclamations of surprise and pleasure burst forth from the audience and candidates. SENIORS . . . We arrive ul the finale of the favorite salute, with our senior class president to boot. We now present the lovely Miss Rose- mary Quinn, her escort? !hn!'s Wick -- look at 'em grin!! 236 If , JUNIORS . . . One more couple 'fore the se- SOPHOMORES . . . A real gone iors have their say, the guy's a big wheel in yours next tu view, !hcy're both an vice-presidentish way. The gal's the sccre- -got nice frames. too. So you look r tary of this class sl1e's in-Step oul, Taylor over Irom their heads to their socks. lt's Bassett and June Ginn. Wilson and Gene Cox. T ' if - I A .- ' 1, -' . Q l I I V X , Q, J 1 I l 7 ' . I I ,i A fa? I if t e . t I 4 -t it 1 fe A 1' elif -j-53:-: we ,gigs t . 1 - 7' i iiiet f 9.45-, IVIEE-OW . - . Spurling Life. alias Bobby Brady. lvlls ull. wllfnivg FSE YOURS . . . Porgy, Johnny Gilbert, tells Bess, Marion Buckley, he crowd llml "lt ain't necessarily so." llxat "I'sc your man." The setting was the front of an old Southern mansion. Here, the publications players put on George Gershwin's immortal "Porgy and Bess." Playing the title roles were johnny Gilbert and Marion Buckley, with Bobby Brady portraying Sportin' Life. .lm vga WELL, l'LL DECLARI-L . . . Sc-wing up the fish net ure, left ln right, MASSA-5 W DE C0LD.C0LD GROUND , , , Gene Cox, Ich, anll 'CEZY Rhmlcll. BPU3' Gfdllillll. C0l'Hli'2 DUUCIUI, Sll3l'0n SWCYISUVD PCHLZY Robert Echols, juin in on llxc chorus, while Vonnc Coil Willil-rsjlonli lunlcr and Norma Slilt. :ulmin-s passing ji-I plana-sfo: something. 237 the Sandie C i ff? x bumping borger After Borger, Jackie Collier and Kenneth Hutto exemplify the pride of Pampa, Jimmy Bond. 9 5' "Nx . AA.51, Q, FAREWELL CRUEL WORLD . . . Shown try- ing to arouse thc Sandie spirit preceding the games with Berger and Pampn is John Robert Cain. Spirit was running high this week when we played the two most crucial games of the basketball season. Friday night we took on the Borger Bulldogs. We beat Borger 56-52. RIDING .lilCll . . . Hoislml lu the slmulilers ui enthusiastic Sandin- ians after lllc vilclnry over Burger, Bill: Farrell riilvs tn the dressing in style. 238 The game see-sawed the first five minutes of the last quarter, but then we took the lead and kept it. We knew the Sandies could beat Borger, and they didn't let us down. For that matter, they clidn't all season. They played their best and won every game that was with- in their power. Big night comin' up. What were we thinking??? Beat those Pampa Harvest- ers ! l l Pictured on the next page are just a few of the loyal Sandie fans. 4 fi. 5 M HI!!! Seen whooping it up at the Burger Pep Rally arc, from left to right, Don Rogers, Kenneth Huttu, Billy Hale nad Spooky Canova. THE MUSIC . . . Mr. Norman interrupts the Borger Pep Rally an important weather bulletin. .J-' fifffff-'f K5 THREE . . . Mr. Rupert Taylor, Mr. Maurice Mitchell, and 2 ,-.ffix xxx x Ward, Burger High School business manager, discuss the ap- ' ', X game between Burger and Amarillo at Canyon. 4 X Ax ,X X PIC, NEW l-'ACES . . . Sandia- fans give their team support WHAT'CI'lU DOIN'? . . . Sandie cheerleaders Jack Cain, on ladder, Burger Rally. and Shirley Fault put up one of the many signs that were hung around the halls throughout thc year. 239 SSW BEEF-BEEP . . . Members of the band added to the enthusiasm of the cheer- ing section ut the West Texas Field House. ff 1 TENSE THRONG . . . All through the game. lnxed. Rosemary was very pleased with Don. 240 W C CLAP YO' HANDS . . . Not only girls cheer ed for the Sandies. Everyone wanted them win. muffed memories If we had beaten Pampa, we could have won state, but the score was Parn- pa 43, Amarillo 42. We were ahead the whole game, and every Sandie just couldn't believe that when the final whistle blew we were the losers. One point, one game, one season, one state championship. were ahead, but never re- N0 BOND ON THIS BOY . . . Ronny Harvey fwrtln bnlll goes high into the air for a shot while Jimmy Bond C521 mul Jack Collier f211J come in for rebound 1011 9 'Q' F 1 1 ,fx -cs 'SQ I! 'N if-5 X f f 5? - "" - 'S - ' , ,X .. ,, 6 ff' aw I 1e i I LX.--I 1 lv, ,w THEY PAINTED SCENERY . . . Members .foi the 3rd Period nrt class who :lid the art work for the oppretta are, left to right. Glenda Laney, Jean Curlcr, Pat Moore, Wanda Strong, C. R. Dnflern, Sheila Cole, Mr. Clarence Kincaid, und Janice Wilson, seated. Not pictured are Carolyn Husbands. Darla Hawkins and Joe Bob Kelly. back boosters Before the operetta was ever presented, help came from many departments of the school to aid in the production of the Fortune Teller. These students are always behind the scenes working and receive very little recognition. On the next page are members of the cast of the "Fortune Teller." 1,., 9 4' L ,- 1 X' A U THEY HANDLED TICKETS . . . Members of -nib:-" the commercial department took care of re- , W ccipts :mil sale of tickets. HE PRIINTED l'HOGliAllb . . . .luhnny Gil- THEY PLAYED THE Pl.-KNO . . . During u her! ilonm-fl his print:-r's apron and printed erclln practices, Elizabeth Lynch and .l many nf the programs nevilecl for the operctln. Farnswnrlh vi'ere always on hand to aid t xlircclnr. 242 an , J' 1 - ,. -i ,,A I WEH : 1 . wtf, FORTUNE TELLER ' , W Comic Opera in Two Acts My. Agx" g4' 'W - 'lff A, V 'P - , y ' f QVERTURE M 'I 66: 1 if , V. Moderato maestoso "U X'-X A Y -,H me H td ,ips Q' ' 'Il 'o -V X' .f ? IT l V ' J U L - i o 'SN A K , AL -is T l A Q. F V f, l:' A 'i'A'?'f fir ' j SR -S if lv p - ,les'Xxt,lf4yW- , fs 1- , - , ' 1 c If I J, alla mnreia Eff?- nu mnnw tu 1 BUT THAT WAS IN THE PLAY" . . . Marion Buckley took leather fan d crying towel and made an all-star performance out of the purt of Mme. ompon, displaced opera star of yesteryear. 4 P: "?i'W' P :A .rl EQ du ,Y 7,4 Q ,Q '1 1 as mi.. 2. -g ' Leaf? A-sf 4 . ' f 1. ' ,M 'ii 1 if '? , 'uf View. Rx :LL K g , 14 7' rr" 'fl-.' . by , A ww- fn- at x ' v - -. ' ' 1 1- 3-: JS: .YW W . , . V if .-A-di , 1 , f .1 fl v-Hs ,,-2 IS YOU ALL GOOD LITTLE GYPSIES . . . ,. 533-P' SAY UAH!" . . . Closing the "Fortune Teller" second act, McGraw, Vfallcr Johnson, June Wilson and Glenn Askew. members who also sang in this final:-tin. scene one, are Seth Curlin, Jann Not pictured are several chorus Sharon Swenson is the gypsy in this set of scenes. At top, she is joined by the chorusg center, she is admired HJ by Wick Alexander: at bottom, she pauses from the wild and free forest to tell Bob Brady's fortune. f5he's ax fortune tellerl . 243 A , T.-.-1 SLOWLY I TURNED . . . Prior to the reprisals, this little scene between the Count :mtl the ballot instructor takes place. Dennis Bruton is the Ballet Master nntl Gary Ray is tllc Count. Others on the set are gypsit-s, gunrtls. ballet 1l311Cf'f5- et al. Cupid is pictured in the bird hath. players - politics - palmistsi "The Fortune Teller," a two-act operetta by Victor Herbert. opened a three night run on February 18th, Two casts presented the production on the first two nights with an all-star cast closing the run the final night. The plot of "The Fortune Teller" centered around a lottery ticket. with the setting at the Count's estate, Members of the sophomore, Aeolian and Bel Canto choirs sang the chorus and leading parts. Members from the AHS orchestra accompanied the troupe under the direction of Charles Emmons. ACK YOUNG LOVERS .,., 4 I mp M-C gandm Han. OUT OF HIS ORBIT . . . Wick Al- CRAZY MIXED-UP ROMANCE . . . This pa man and Glenn Askew, 311.513, winners who cxunder, boy's boy portrays the hal- found in each other's arms are Bob Brady an I-,layed the mmangjq lends- Bl-low me Don let master, nnrl is in search for n pot Lnticin Gillespie. They sang love songs an Armstrong and Sharon Swenson, gypsies. Uf EOM- 590159 H999- 244 df 'I HAT some which GREASE, LIFT THAT EYE-BROW . . . Karcne Weeks eyes of Sandra Freeman in preparation for the gypsy closed the show's first act. Drama students applied the for the actors. Miss Tennie Thompson was executive director, J. H. lathers was dramatics director, and Mrs. Thomas Haynic as co-ordinator of all departments. Mrs. N. N. Wluit- orth was in charge of technicalities. Commercial students nder the direction of Miss Alma Shows handled the books J ticket problems. Art students with C. C. jones and ce Kincaid designed and painted scenery. Rupert A. 's wood shop classes constructed the scenery. This was eighth annual operetta for Amarillo High. ft lllliii ::,'i?EEi5? it N ' eff 'E 'ESS 4 .t N 432335 ' 1:53511 ,wifi L H 3 w ' 23 ' if H 1828 I YOUR FORTUNE, SIR? . . . Carol Cain played the title role of the fortune teller on opening night. In the production, the gypsies some- times stole and they told. Carol played opposite Ervin Sandlin, her gypsy sweetheart. ...ts WI V 513- ga- Yr' It , .'l'Wx1,4 inf: FOR PICKING . . . Freddie McKee, left, and Townsend played thc gypsy puppn and nmlnmn. lln-y hold thi- gold wnteh they have taken from 5 . fa:-7553? .. LOOK, MOM, PM DANCIN' . , . Sharon Swenson, is followed by Wick Alexander Bill Smith and Don Armstrong in one of the shuw's highlights. Each male has just presented a dance for the lady's attention. Sharon is dressed for a wedding ther ownj member nf the guard. "It's turned green with en- which never takes place. This show had no wedding march, it's in another opera by nn-ntionr-tl. WUBUCT- ' . f PING-PONG . . . Jean Herrington, left, and Joy Farnsworth enjoy ax game of ping-pong. lfg .AM it 'A' i i .ARCHERY . . . Little Robin Hoods. Margerie Troutman, lei Catherine Prince slmw they can hit thc- bullseve BEND THOSE KNEES!!! Catherine Prince left, Jean Hcrrimtun and Dolphia Dawson practice their set-ups BADMINTON . . . Dolphia Dawsnn practices on correct form, THATS THE WAY - - - All fight- l0l'S TU' 'il again- 246 .ie W me wart 1452154 N H 153: r , Iwi. RAMAR OF THE IUNGLE??? No, members of Student Council, left to right, Glenda Laney, Kay Alexander, Karlen Bruner, and Mike Hall, prepare to decorate for the Jungle Jump. simple - scenes Throughout the year the girls' gym classes go on. Their sports range from ping-pong, archery, bas- ketball, volleyball, badminton, 'and tennis. Then very special things happen like the big dances, ball games, trips, and just being with friends. Toward the end of the year, seniors' thoughts turn toward gradua- tion and juniors thoughts turn toward "I'll be a senior next year." Every year this happens, but to each of the classes it's all new and means another slip toward growing up. But the poor sophomore is looking forward to being something besides a poor sophomore. He doesn't want to wear a ring or order announcements, he just wants to be something more than a poor sophomore. J 2 l Jr TE an we if I LIKE DIAMONDS BETTER!!! Davieann Bechtel, right, Hugh Bob Curry, and Jackie Reeves, juniors, chose their class rings for next year. 247 Ill Ill 4 HYMNS . . . Every morning along with thc devotion, some students in A. H. S. sing or play the organ. Here a group of madrigal singers from the Acolian choir 'xx TP l prepare their hymn for the morning service. Q' PRAYERS . . . We of .-X. H. S. are thankful. We join with the world DEYOTION . . . Wallace Smith gives the devotion 0 11131 g cy in prayer 248 dent of A. H. may start the day right. - two thousand - thanks Life in Amarillo High School wasn't all mental training. Every morning of the year Mr. Norman would say, "Now, let's all give our reverent attention to the morning devotion, which we did. This started each day right. This is one of the things that will keep Amarillo High School in our hearts forever. :A 'I Q' A'.' gi ,,AI -151751 ' ,"' Ti' I Q Y, A .Tn memonium . . . , -.-. My . Ag. in fa. L' 4-Z: .ui 14, ,, ' 1.-X f ,-.,. fu' - .a,r+:up. .JZ 7" " A Y 11 hr 1 . ,, - 'WM51-1' ' .1,w:'q,a' '14, if af' J 1 ln 1 ' 5: ' ..1lH'g' .A ' 41 is -2 .-,' '- -ax-41. .Z- 4 J - -' M . N - 1: L-ji, ' V H l ,,- k'.' ' Tw QT J .. .lm -Y sf . ,,u.r.ff: 4' ' 1, ,x rf :M QfYe whose hearls are fresh and simple Who have fairh in God and Nalure, Nho believerrhaf in all ages very human hearf is human, 'haf in even savage bosoms ' 'here are longings, yearnings, slrivings :or 'rhe good ihey comprehend not 'haf rhe feeble hands and helpless, 'iroping blindly in 'rhe darkness, fouchGod's righ+ hand in +ha+ darkness Rnd' arevlifred up andsfrengrhened . . . 1 . r ' 0 , . 1 ' . 1.4 '. - 1' 5 Ijg '., h U -5, ' f 1-sf lf w'.1,.'- pfv- I in WX' . , 1 xf yy , W' .15-N, M.. f " "uf f , ,. . HQ rl, fl --U' -e -315 Rf - -- ,- ,gf 4' un! it -V sf It ,1 6 ,A Q! V or 3. . ,. . ' ulbifx - all I Y mr-' 'J 4 hi ,K Q 1'3- 5:11 Y" Ji vi. '21 mm,-.. 'Wiz - L ...J-L.,:vL 1, AT.l HOW .- M.. ...Y - ,-4 .,.- --LL ,, QQ,-fi-l'Hi', ,' 24.1" 5' 44 . ' gf-.ff-5 '1 . " , " '.-. , -., A,-V. : ,EQ-... X 4, 'iz FD.- fu.:-:X 1, . .. ,1 , X "Af A Y . , ' .' ' . .. M-F It -N ,F ' 'Q tw v , ' ' W. J Jn. 'T-in 1. ff, V, ii. i 63 7 - ., iff' , 4 ' -V ' . , " '.iHg:.1L-,"-M11-,,2 'Q' gm' r 1. ,. , +A K M '45-' 'K-1 T' -'k.4WF'-Hkavf' Wg 5' -V 1- 'rf 22 fag,-2 .:f.'?, , d t ' ' ,HM 51, ,-0 .M -vw L., Yami'-fk 's.gQl,ggl' Y ,Y Y 12 N I 1 ww-' HWM 6 . 1 bf -A ks ' f 5.5 'w,,,j . VS- 'Simi N ag, ' "w ' 'Z -f'wf-fWf3wH ' ' ' R -- If ' ,N:fJ:fA'5:-'L-JQVTJWQQJ W' , -,.... , ,A,.,.i142di'nglqgg,+,:.?i, b, g f V ,,i,L eqfmugxxig A1 15 i' 'Q' u 7 ,. x li 'fJ" Hf fr--f' fL'Egf l P1 H E HHH: 5 '15 EEE was f E121 E1 .-f-M EE - f sf: C flf , .4 nl . Ml L if V I . 4.1 wk ' J rf! u"'A al ,. ' -'4e,:'+U"'f - Lf A -ff SR v L gem!! -ui" sf?" 'M 'x qs 511- -' 1 . -,.. ' .. 0, 'nf i 1 J ' Q. "A F ,,l,:,, , www " ' u. ' ' Q , 43 jf... -'lj' H ,, .A-' 2, -1 1 ' -'nz mf! mu M 10 1, pig, 4, -,454 ':l'11 !' 7?.Z, ru L,Efm,!m..1,g .ea fmwin. -1 H 4 Jw.-ca AM , ,1 If 'SM -41,4141 15.7-f lfx. -1 L abil-NM! 1 , f Z ,f 4 i' ' 1 "L 1. S , ' 1 3 'U .1 E " f" ' L : -' 1. A ' Y Av 'q 2 ' Ca. . ' 'L " P' Q , - C Q -a x 0 , - - "5 ex' - -Q- Q i - , 4 ' , X Y t- S 14 'idk A F H K' E A-A ' ' J r' A A 1- ' ,, 1 K 1 a- 4 l ' ' -lv " 4 A I-. Y :M " 'A'-4 . . 4 , qc, K .J 'K - ' ' 9 A , - , - . .ti "fn 3 1 -1 4 -S-' 1 1' , 1 A E-'Q ., X" A X O 'H xv. Ki. liz' If I 'C' T135 CONGRATULATIONS Q CLASS OF '54 - f 5 Your Newspaper LIGHTS The Way 'Io FREEDOM e b I e II fR'gh'I' e Ihe p se I I S I EE I I ff I. ly X 165 WA . . . NX V . x As an Am rican you are free +o Ihinlr and acl for yourself. Bul' unless A you also had 'Ih righ+ 'Io Irnow Ihe +ru'Ih, 'Ihese freedoms would e Y? Xb? meaningless. This righl' is guaranfeed fo you by 'Ihe firs'I' arficle of 9 " y 4 +h Bi o I s, which eslablish d 'Ihe Free Press. I+ is also urpo I W I of your newspaper 'Io bring you Ihe 'I'ru+h. You'II find a wealfh of ' I ' feafures and comics 'For your IlghI'er momenfs, 'I'oo, In . . . I AMARILLO DAILY N EWS AMARILLO GLOBE TIMES AMARILLO SUNDAY NEWS GLOBE Congrafulaiions F F Seniors 81 HATCHER R. L. RATLIFF V. E. STRIMPLE Q FREE DELIVERY 4 I 0 E' IOIII bfh and Tennesse Phone 6-534I I gi., ... When fhinking of china. silver, or crysfal, fhinlc of . . . VAN A. B RU N ER I60b Washingfon "Say I+ Wiih Flowers" Compliments BUTHKER'S FLOWERS of G AMARILLO GREENHOUSE 900 Jefferson Phone 2-2239 F RI E N D MAXCR DRUG Fisk Building Phone 6-82 I 4 L E.. gf' - ,-.-:.3,,.. fs -.1 -- NAA- ,L.f,,.s,, .A - . ,, Av ,rv 9207 shop 31 WHITLOCK FURNITURE 2807 W. 61'h Phone 2-IOI4 Com plimenfs o'F WARD TRANSPORT CO. Serving Texas and New Mexico Pefroleum Transpor+a+ion CASTLEBERRY'S DRUG Fasi' and Friendly Service Phone 3-4623 3600 Line Pho 2 65I I Feafuring smarr ' ,ea,,,,,,,,,,ea,and MOBLEY CLEANERS accessories for all school girls . . . A Gracluare Cleaners Accessomss SHOP GUa'a"+eeS QUa'i+Y - Ph 69392 wb Polk 5'JT3ev3.0fLi4 SML" FII Waiches Diamonds Jewelry Repairing HARTMAN'S JEWELRY IIO E. 8+h Ave. Phone 3-4686 S+. Chris+opher Medals Senior Rings I I -"ii e fm -l - i f ff! I 2. I -- A? or eo ,Z .iii 'T i-I f .L jp v WXSXXXXXXXX -9 Q Xilllxxirxwl .lj Q f Q Reddy's v Not Always ff Up A Pole! I ,g HE NEEDS - HN ' .L 1 - ,ig - Ch '+ l B - Dieigllliflsechanics Q . lm! Draffsmen I ,SA ' Engineers n Eleciricians :J lg Machinisfs , ' Slorelceepers id l ' Q Welders I I 8 Accounlanls ' -1 Snenfgraphers 4. ' X l F C 5 Ctfrlnfjfomefer Operafors I f ,ll CQ nsoov Kuownn Phofographers j 5 ' Salesmen 1 I X I A lf you'd lilce fo feam up wilh Reddy, iusl' call Public Service personnel deparlmenl'-Phone: 6-620I. You will be given an inlerview and every courfesy. L nlleuc sin VICE:-:T 9 SOUTHWESTERN w ,f NICHOLS PAINT 8: Complimenfs of WALLPAPER STORE, INC. LINE AVENUE Ar+'SuppIies Picfure Framing '23 W' wh Phone 2-8368 Phone 2-2165 38I2 Line A asey arpet 0. "Carpe'l' Makes i+ Home" Telphone 3-I78l 9l4 Polk S'Iree'I' AMARILLO, TEXAS I One of The Heri+ages of Our Wesi' f T -, G fy L7 YN " .I NATURAL GAS wsgf f' AND THE A 535' A , SILENT gre" .' i'm,5f.e, ,f ' -- BLUE FLAME I, . I L nik Working Dependably and I 7' W! fi., ,III n Ib- Economically in AmariIIo's I My, ,pJ 1 In t:I'- 'L k u X' I. Homes I J Businesses 3, , H . Indusfries 5 V AMARILLO GAS COMPANY 1 going Io college Fall . . . You'lI fake nof SI1orI'I1an . AMARILLO SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Complele Secrefarial Course before affending Coll GRADUATION is 'lime I'o Ihinlc of Learn Hy-Speed Ihis Su 9 es e . . . also "brush-up" wok d I 800 J fferson Mrs. Bess Orr Foringer Phone 2 3594 FREEMAN'S FLOWERS NUNN g 8 I 0 Washingfon PITONS 2-4352 W SUPPLY STUDIO CORPORATION KODAK FINISHING FINE PHOTOGRAPH 1222 w. lo+h r I... E A Moana '- FOR THE "' P EA .,.- qc, re fm , The Shamrock Oil and Gas Corporation Amarillo, Texas GASOLINE-MOTOR OIL Cvmpnmenfs MOTOR INVESTMENT of COMPANY CARL CULWELL, MGR. Five P0il1f Dl'iVe'll1 401 a+h Ave. Phone 2.4309 5 HALL DRUG ,,yE: .,Q-- Phone 6-9835 FF- e if pe,, , , CALL L OF AMARILLO ' MURRY WATTS Q- . gy STUDIO L ' For Por+rai+ Appoinimenfs 609-B Taylor Phone 2-2756 80l Soufh Georgia Phone 3-743l JOE B. JOHNSON COMPANY PLUMBING AND HARDWARE Con+rac+ors Repair Hardware Hand Tools Appliances Housewares Sherwin-Williams Painf Reni A Floor Sander Giffs Baby Furni'rure URR DDD Serving the Panhandle for Over 50 Years "There is a FURR FOOD STORE near youd" Furr Food also serves Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado 220 E. l0+h S+. S. P lk 2222 o 3l8 W. Ibfh Sf. 507 Georgia S+. 3522 Line Ave. 4I8 N. Fillmore I602 Washinglon Sf I0 I 9 virginia S+. 2220 N. E. 8'l'h S'l'. l0+h and Grand S+. I4I 8 W. 36+h If H"s Elecfrical . . . Call BRYANT ELECTRIC COM PAN Y Phone 2-6742 605 Washingfon Congratulations Seniors MEAD'S FINE BREAD KEENY BAKERY I402 W. l5'l'h Phone 3-5083 Inc. T yi i S 'ih Box l930 Phone 2-2293 Amarillo, Texas The Name To Remember When Furnishing Your Home Q 'gawk Q44 GL J ix T " Complimen+s E10-have-6,f Best Wishes of ,Ji from REPPERT-BEEBE j' eil-4.1 " KW: 21? Ck LUMBER COMPANY KTLHERRING , , e er .HOTEL '23, Li-LR Bzi-:Jbe+ Yards and Offices af 24Il W. 6+h QQ,s,,-,,,vQ6L2 phone 3-3301 I Amarillo's Fines'I' 'T FILLMORE at 2nd TELEPHONE 3-43 I AMARILLO, TEXAS L40 AMARILLO COLLEGE A Public Communily College Eslablishecl in l929 Celebraling lhe 25+h Anniversary during fhe currenl' college year OFFICIALLY ACCREDITED BY: The Soulhern Associalion of Colleges and Secondary Schools The Universily o'f'Texas The Associafion of Texas Colleges MEMBER OF: The American Associafion of Junior Colleges The American Council on Eclucalion Texas Junior College Associarion Texas Public Junior College Associalion Texas Associalion of Music Schools PURPOSE: To Serve All,Ci+izens of Pos+ High School Age. CURRICULA: Liberal Arls - Pre-Professional - Velerans Courses - Vocarional - Terminal - Adull Courses - Disfribulive Educalion Courses 'For Employed Adlulfs - Acceleralecl High School Courses for Adulrs - Business - Home- ma mg. PLANT: Modern and Well-Equipped A'H'end Amarillo College and Save 1'he Difference A. M- Meyer. Pl'9SldefIl Marion Miller Porfer, Regislrar J. B. Davis, Dean Phone 6-5245 Phone 6-6275 1 STYLE - WISE . . . . . s+uden'ls may desire fhe suif modeled in lhis picfure. I+ is a Univer- si1'y Guild in grey flannel wi+h confrasl- ing blue slaclcs. l'l is especially slylecl for young men for fall. Flannel is +he number one 'fabric for fall. So boys, when you're shopping for your col- lege wardrobe, remember fo shop THE HUB. l 604 Poll: fi . lrre I Af! " asus a' 'l 1 5 i ,- i4 -,x ,f v l if' 2 fl' 'vgjjj JU ,ff J' Aff QW! ' ll V ' ,AMY My!! f Mfg WMM QYQJYW coMPl.lMENTs B f1fr.y,j7jf,,,g Wm , f B AMARILLO 0131 W! pfhlvjlf AUTOMOBILE ifiAM,Af5 ,EM DEALERS Sjwy ASSOCIATION Amarillo Molor Company Bob Cruclgingfon, lnc. Bob Fuller Mofor Company Dock Coffey Ponfiac Don Mclvlillian, lnc. Garner-Randall Molor Company Hedgecoke Mofor Company Kei+l1 Molor Company Meyers Mo+or Company Plains Cl1evrole'r Company TruiH' Buick Company WiH Molor Company Remember-You get a better us from a new car dealer! ed car 1 1 l 1 l i- i I ' ICE LOOK UP TO . . . BORDEN'S I 1 .-...-...T. Jones Lester's "FriendIy" Shoes U Three Loca'l'ions +o Serve You Bakery and Cafeteria I 908 poll, A Treai' in Things +0 Eai' J 301 1 W. 6+h 415 B N. E. 8111 1221 Polk Phone 6-5770 I Compliments DENVER-AMARILLO of EXPRESS KENNETH'S MEN'S WEAR 325 W. 6+h 6118 1 , 'XM - 11111 iQ1!lllN2.llUl ily'-El U , fu- -1.1 u .341 . v m My d I "Y -T' . - UQw'fi r s .N .. "?9':'2'7iQl1, ,, -, Tjf Q ljllllllclgll A+ Graduafion Time . . . Any Time The Pause That Refreshes EE' HGH Al OIG - u VETESK MARKET BAGCT AND HARDWARE GROCERY 205 W. I6+h Amarillo, Texas for -fea+uring- High Quali'l'y Merchandise l Wofferman's "Good Things fo Ear" Prime Mears, lmporfed and Domesfic Foods Specializing in Gifi Packages 807 Poll! Phone 4-53 I8 DIAL DIAL 940 940 CBS IN AMARILLO "The Stars' Address" FAIRMON DEE JOHN E. GOODMAN Western Business Supply PARTY SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS SOCIAL STATIONERY Phone 2-8333 208 W. I0+h Kearns Grain 81 Seed Company Operaring INTERSTATE ELEVATORS I9'Ih S. Johnson S+. Hearing and INTERSTATE GRAIN CO. I90I E. 3rd NUNN ELECTRIC COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Carrier Ven'I'IIaI'Ing . Air ConcIi'IionIng Equipmeni' I2I E. 2nd S+. DeGrossi - Scott C g ! E1 , HOLLIS B. DEGRASSI MARSHALL W. SCOTT FOR THE HOME-AUTO - BUSINESS GEORGE H. BATES Phone 2-6767 706 Wesf l0fh Keeny Bakery COMPLIMENTS of H CII1Cl Y 1402 W. ls+h Phone 3-5083 l GATTIS AND CLENDENIN SHOE STORES 5 Corner of l6fh and Van Buren 805 Poll: Wolflin Village SHOES FOR EVERY OCCASION ll, ooasn ,G . N E l B . E l f 65111655 6 EQKS B 6 F! OFFICE HELP WANTED Urgenf demand for office help. An average of five calls for each of our graduafes virfually assures employmenf. Sfreamlined courses pre- pare you in only a few shorf' monfhs for nice posifion wifh pleasing fufure and big pay. Phone 3-3745 605lf2 S. Taylor I Save Gunn Bros. Sfamps ---2"?2':Q"t"- , 'zawagpfgh for 2"ff?!2i1f . t Beau+ifuI GIHS T . 597 P BR . 25 GU N N OS :rf 'W 7+I-I and Harrison WE GIVE DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY DAY! 5.9-52' Wed IOH1 GIBBS CLOTHIERS 5I6 Polk SIree'l' 'Q Ready-Io-Wear M'II' I mery STORE Shoes Line Ave. a+ Bellview 8I'h aI Jackson 705 Polk Phone 3-2886 Phone 2-4367 HOMER RICE - OWNER o ooh- .'o 0 0 , 5' . 0 0 - . , I 0 ,4 DINING SA 0 If RI I I ,..-,EEE E E e a ff' I" II? I"I 705 N E EIGHTH AMARILLO TEXAS 1 Y? JIQN ., g Y L yfi Hcgfjxbl '1 ll X2 1 " x ff' , f1"625.s' Z .. " ,ax I A . 7 5. ::: I ! U T' W 1 1 yi -"'s--:P In o complex world . . . clear minds to solve its problems AMARILLO CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION AMARILLO NATIONAL BANK AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congratulations from S. H. KRESS AND CO. Curtis Blind 81 Linoleum Company' 700 Pollc 3l3 Van Buren Phone 2-8345 Phone 3-3789 Insist BROOME on OPTICAL COMPANY Dispensing Opticians rg anei' IIO West 8th Fislc Building Ice Cream 23 YEARS IN AMARILLO Q A Royal Portable Typewriter is a "must" to the student who cares. Ask us about our convenient and easy A 4 4 AJ 4, 41.4 A! RENTAL PLAN- s'rA1'laNEnv cn. PRINTING DIVISION' 50' FWIHOIE IETAII. STOKE bll TAYl HUB MOTOR LINES II09 Gran? Phone 4-5388 AMARILLO, TEXAS Serving Hereford, DimmiH', LiH'Ie'FieId, Muleshoe, Levelland A Whitney Co. FW'?'I'U I PRINTING AND RUBBER STAMPS E I602 Monroe Phone 6-906.I .rms AMARILLO SINCE Im REID STRICKLAND, Builder "For Your Ideal Home" Phone 3-5063 3229 CrocIceH STYLE HEADQUARTERS SHOP FOR MEN THE CLOTHING CORNER buuuono :mourns AL, ' Amarillo Fisk Bldg. 50l Poll: C I' + ' I omp 'men S OVEN FRESH of HILL LINES, INC. BEST wIsHEs ly ,ff KTQCTZCE Amarillo Ice Co. Baked While You Sleep Honesi' 'Io Goodness GOODNESS Tays+ee Bread COX SERVICE STATION Your Friendly Phillips 66 Sfafion 3500 Fillmore PI10f16 3-7533 OLDHAM GROCERY NO. 2 i1 . l, I5O0 W. I5'rh Phone 6-6676 Our Business is NUTS CANDY and GUM O BRIGETTE BROCK, our exchange sfuclenl from Germany, i sponsored by +he clownlown Kiwanis Club. GALLARNEAU BROTHERS Vending Machine Operalors GENTRY IMPLEMENT CO. CUSTOM SERVICE LAUNDRY Massey Harris Farm Machinery TeCImI'SI"een Dry Cleaning Highway 60-Easl' Phone 2-096' 8'l'h al Jefferson Phone 2-7664 J. W. HILL FURNITURE COMPANY 'SKC 9ll Polk DWIGHT STUBBLEFIELD CO. Complimenfs of O G. E. JONES EI 0 C I Draperies 0 Bedspreads 0 Curfains eclnc O" nc' Piece Goods 0 Linens I Trimmings Amarillo Borger ' 7I0-7I2 Taylor WILLIAM F. FORD Headquariers DRNE ,NN LUMBER COMPANY Phone 3-4306 I707 W. 7I'h AMARILLO, TEXAS 400 N. Fillmore Phone 2-3855 The Power of Leadership Is Yours Wi'I'h Chrysler O CARTER MOTORS 308 Pierce AMARILLO, TEXAS c pl + dcg+l+ 1' Hme Senior Class SOUTHWESTERN INVESTMENT CCDMPANY TOPGRADE INSUBJANCE xl' Amarillo Texas I08 W. 9+h Ave. Phone 530i The Congrafulafions Harris Co. fo +he Finesf Schoo in fhe Soufhwesf of Amarillo SANDIELAND 8l2 W. I0+l1 AMARILLO, TEXAS from The Finesl Moior Hofel in flue Soufhwesf Complimenfs of SOUTHWEST CO. of TEXAS Farrell Manor 500 Tyler Ph' 3-2873 Luxurious Guesi' Rooms for fhe Mosf Discriminafing Clienfele Difribufors of BARBER ancl BEAUTY l00 N. E. Bfh New Hwy. 66 SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT AMARILLO, TEXAS Bes'I' Wishes SoRelle Moror Company Tenih a+ Fillmore Finesi' in New and Used Auiomobiles FoxwoRTH-GALBRAITH LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Maferials 9II W. 5+h Ph. 6-8263 AMARILLO'S EXCLUSIVE PIECE GOODS CENTER II6 Wes+ 6+h Ph. 6-8603 AMARILLO STANLEY'S BOYS! Buy Your R.O.T.C. Uniform and Sporfswear a+ ARMY AND NAVY STORE 20I Easi' 4I'h Phone 6-6403 CLOWE 81 COWAN INCORPORATED REYNOLDS I I Plumbing ancl Piping COlT1PlIIT1eI"I'l'S Cornpany of . . . I I I 205 S. Croclce'H Phone 2-3547 I I I E Where Your Credii' is Good- I AMARILLO FURNITURE CO. Amarillo's Big Friendly Furnifure Sfore NO INTEREST- NO CARRYING CHARGE SERVING THE COMMUNITY BEST wifh I I MUSIC O TOP COMEDY 0 SPORTS 0 DRAMA O NEWS 0 EDUCATIONAL SHOWS KFDA Radio KFDA-TV I440 on Your Dial Channel I0 AMARILLO, TEXAS TEX-AIR Banner Bowl Oxygen and Aceiylene Manufaclured in Where We All Med AMARILLO 2lI Buchannan Ph. 6-8277 902 Monroe Ph. 2-0298 . Home - of - QW 7?- , We wr Fo.- S. Young Men TROLLINGER-SMITH 5l2 Polk S'l'. Sunse+ Bakery ROYAL CROWN Your Handy Shopping Cenler COLA Call Us For Your NEHI FLAVORS Birfhday and Special Orders lOur Specialfyl Amarillo Texas 2730 Plains Blvd. Phone 4-87I2 AMARILLO PHOTO SUPPLY, LTD. Everyihing Phofographic l28 Easf 71'h Phone 2-78I2 EARL A. DUNN -A A..A SUMMER couases "'-' McDOWELL and WARDLE for High School Q S+uden+s '1'1: LVII PAIEV A U Alh, f i Acme Qualify Painf SAN JACINTO Wallpaper and Supplies BEAUTY scHooL 1302 w. a+h Ph. 3-6628 ' "'A'4 A A P' AMARILLO 27I5 w. b+h Phone 6-6l35 BURWlCK'S DRIVE INN Soff Ice Cream Malfs Th he - e shakes son Drinks 55, 62472dfff4 5" Wifi Qfx 54-' b ndlybfwnidfif Sandwiches fP'5g6i.E?R'Xl'gh looz N. E. a+h Congra'iula+ions 'From OZARKA WATER CO. Disfribwlors of Pure Spring and Disfilled Wafer i405 W. 6+h Phone 4-5050 For a BeH'er Home . . . call PAUL KING 2200 Julian 4-2072 Bivins and Company f AIR CONDITIONING CAFE EQUIPMENT STORE FIXTURES ' I Phone 2-308I I304 W. 8'Ih I f gofcfanzifg 2 DAIRY FOODS PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS 2409 W. 7+h Phone 3-4658 Monreprovlr mAvEL I I 'IZ by V. ov ND THAN ANY umm rlmusronrmon svsrm I DQ A I 1 P 43 I ,ff WMI Q' sl V414 - I III' 'I -'K-III "Cu your r x w' local 'y ' Greyhound -lg . I t' gen for - K! " f'-'Q' ' , T com Iete I ' E information" Make MUNDAY-COOPER LUMBER CO. Headquar'rers for BUILDING MATERIALS HARDWARE D PONT PAINTS 34I7 FII Ph 4-286I FIRST in 6 - : :v C -- . s ' 1 ... 52355 Q Q mu. no 4 255 A 2551, 5 ff, :fig I QV ,. gtg? It 15 W' PM 'I vfffjff A754081 gf!! 414-21 2- cd Gfefw vo'-17 - nnunnDL1.g.z Ofcffffffjfw-fi ,-f'r7 Z7 '21 'RE QUFIDP 'X ,IIA f 'J , " Xi gyydzic. 11 . ,ff , 164 zo: sour:-I PIERCE X, f--A f My PHgZE 2-2277 FIRE OSGOOD rWxxmSgpg2DSQEAG51vp MONUMENT co. 212 L sTHIs?Eg5'?gTgnENE Moot- I Buchanan ' Phone 3-66l4 Casrlalfy-Sureiy Garlin Consumers Glass Cooperarive Co. 3-I 758 Associare 206 Grani' M. 8: L. Transfer and S'rorage Co., Inc. Phone 4-5263 E. F. fMiclcl Leachman, Presiclenf Third and Grani' I g5,,m Celebrafing R.B.N. S 25 Years O 'Xu Rn T rmansubeleb ff. we gems hrgugh th into 'phd A.,--'yn-'P' s el' ."--. e Y . F C W'-i.f'f"',i.v,ar" , ff'1:L"-earsf.. fn Spin, ,,',1"bfmaS 3'9" 2921653155-55-' J?FM.'1e,f,::' -W'-112 --R Chin., Pho!! vl ,4' ,-- ,mi uf' 5-f - .,.,"g ' A A H mm A" HU Chiqflflffffif Rsafyf' -f'...-vu.:-4' ,Q L,"--...': ...4....Z.'2'.fi..'.?." " K- - -- -W ..- Jyw 0' ,Huw ',.r N. Wu. ,g xa17u,:4- N,:.,..1'l35 i1f'T.'7"..41""","Ng4'h1 W--.f.4Ti21,iq,, , -J '--e 1 A , . ...W . . .,.. ,, , . . I-.JZ Nvfman thleffks 3 !Q'4A5'.L....15 "ff" , 14 .-3 'XS- F5F'hi"f'5-f":-fu, to BC, on-'FCA 'Nothing Too Good ls Slfigfm :C'iJiL1'2T,fT.?iif7I gf "" .2 ' -me--::,r'-. 'ff S '- ,,,..,..,:.,....... .r..,,,..,....,,....M...,,.,t..,.,...., .li H -- y. v:'5'55'-.,,,"'-'--.f"".'57Y.',f':Y1Q"fu"1.' H'.E'i" :"5 'zur Ek ,--g' -if .LJ ,,.:.... Q-,, . 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Your Sfudeni' Newspaper 4'-Qgry-1'.'f7"'-H "wr:-'f.:'rf,f'-' mr., '-'I-'Pu ICQ5-5',q,-,Cgr--mg: gm,-A ,:r11....1'::.'-Lu., " "' """r""'Wf"--G ic.-.:'Qf5:"f.-e-,:. if-'1jl?55r?ETE:Zi I P' "-. 1.. . i':.:H:A?12-43-:ll-f""-'.Z4'm-.... ,Q-.,- ,M 1 The Finesi' in Por+rai+s EWELL JENNINGS PHOTOGRAPHER O Phone 2-8637 IOO9 W. l0'l'h AMARILLO, TEXAS IPI. NX I CHICKEN 'I'I',QiIj' IRS 593, gy I I' +++++ + I ++ ++ in me ROUGH 35 Specially Boxed To Take Home O JONES BROTHERS VILLAGE RESTAURANT 4I3 N. E. 8+h Phone 2-676I Bes+ Wishes HARRY HOLLAND MEN'S STORE LARD ELECTRIC CO. 500 Polk I208 W. 8'I'I'l Ph. 2-3923 Complimenis of DCRY DETTON OFFICE SUPPLIES SPORTS ARENA and EQUIPMENT -TRI-STATE FAIR GROUNDS- 6+I1 and TYIGT Ph- 3-332' ALWAYS YOUR BEST VALUES PALO DURO ice co. 3+ .N Kaffe' :aio W. o+h Phone 6-6082 ous Taylor Phone 2-1246 CompIimen'rs of PLAINS PLUMBING CO. York Air Condiiioning 1 I30I W. 7I'h Phone 6-6375 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY CECIL BARKER and SON Q MACHINE SHOP CompIe're Au'romoIive Machine Service We Specialize in Moior Rebuilding 6I9-Wesf 4'I'h Phone 6-9988 8I8 Po,IIc 206 W. I6Ih AMARILLO F1 f ' Q!-qmx orrlce EQUT MENT T. X TIVX7 X f L5 5' 7I4 TAYLOR STREET 7l4 TAYLOR STREET Amarillo, Texas rea 3600968 OWENS FURNITURE COMPANY 600 W. IOH1 Phone 2-6706 T 8: M MoTor Co. GUY MULLIN CHARLES TADLO.CK IIOI Polk Ph. 6-90II ADAMS, FLOYE Ken Klub 45 FHA 2. ALEXANDER, RICHARD QWICKJ Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 FTA 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Steering Committee 45 Sandie Track5 National Athletic Honor Society 3, 45 Operetta 2, 45 Varsity Vic 45 Speech Senate5 Who's Who 45 Favorite Runner-up 4. ALLISON, MARTIN DE 3, 45 AY 25 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Sandie Track5 Sandie Wrestling5 Oper- etta. ALLRED, MARILYN Internos 25 Y-Teens 25 FTA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 4. ALLTON, DAVID Sandie Wrestling. ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 FHA 45 AY 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, DONNA MAE Bit and Spur 25 FTA 2, 35 FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council 45 GAA 2, 35 La Airosa Staff 25 Sandstorm 4. ANGEL, DAN AY 45 Sandie Football 3. ANSLEY, ANNE Internos 25 FHA 45 Y-Teens 45 AY 2, 3, 4. ARCHER, TOY Los Viaieros, 25 DO 3, 45 VIC 3, 4. ARDEN, GLENN Quill and Scroll 3, 45 FTA 35 Slide Rule Club 25 Hi-Y 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council 35 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Sandie Band 25 La Airosa Staff 2, 3, 45 Sandstorm Staff 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 35 Varsity Vic5 Vice President, ILPC5 Editor 1954 La Airosag Who's Who 4. ARMSTRONG, DON Thespian Club 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Bel Canto5 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Contest Play 45 Corona- tion 45 Bel Canto Opera 45 Islanders Trio: Sophomore, Junior Quartet5 Bel Canto Madrigal Singers 45 Choir Student Con- ductor 2, 3. 4. ARRINGTON, JOAN Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Gavel Club 25 Platform Club 3, 45 Bit and Spur 25 FTA 3, 45 Creative Writers5 AY 25 Square Dance Club 25 Press Club 3, 45 Sandstorm Business Manager 3, 45 La Airosa and Sandstorm 2. ASKEW, GLENN Thespian Club 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Bel Canto President5 Choir 2, 3, 45 Quartet 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Sandie Follies 25 All-State Choir 45 Bel Canto Madrigalsg Coronation M. C. 45 Bel Canto Opera 4. BAKER, WYNELL FHA 2, 3, 45 Sergeant-at-Arms of Council 45 President of GAA 4. BALLEW, RAYMON National Honor Society 45 Gavel Club 45 Internos 45 FTA 45 Bel Canto5 Sandie Band. BARNARD, JIM Science Club 45 AY 3, 4. BARRETT, IONIA DE 4. BARRETT, JERRY DO 45 Sergeant-at-Arms D05 AY 2, 3, 4. BARROW, JOYCE DE 45 Library Assistant. BATES, JOAN MARILYN Los Viajeros 25 Bit and Spur 35 FHA 4-5 Creative Writers 45 Science Club 3: AY 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 45 His- tory Club 3. BATES, WAYNE Senior Hi-Y5 Bit and Spur 35 FHA 25 VIC 35 Swimming Club 25 FFA 25 Orches- tra. BECK, JANELLE Bit and Spur 33 FHA 2, 33 AY 2, 3, 4. BENSON, CARL Senior Hi-Y5 AY 45 ROTC 25 Pan Ameri- can Student Forum 2, 35 Science Club 33 Creative Writers 3. BENTON, CORALIE Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 FTA 25 FHA 25 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Secre- tarial Training 3, 45 AY 2, 3. 4. BERRYMAN, SUE Student Council 25 FHA 2, 3. BIPPUS, L. DALE Hi-Y 2, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Bowling 25 Square Dance Club 25 San- die Band. BIRKMEYER, JIMMY Thespian Club 45 Platform Club 3, 45 Stu- dent Council 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Operetta 25 Speech Senate 45 Debate 3, 4. BIVINS, NANCY Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Thespian Club 45 Gavel Club 25 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 FTA 2, 3, 45 Senior Y-Teens5 AY 2, 3, 45 Speech Senate 45 Speech Assembly 4. BLACKVVELL, JOE Senior Hi-Y5 Bit and Spur 35 FHA 25 DO 35 VIC 35 FFA 25 Orchestra. BLASINGAME, DORIAN LEE FHA 45 DE 2, 3, 4. BLASSINGAME, WILLIAM JOHN, JR. FTA 25 FHA 25 VIC 45 AY 2. BLEDSOE, PEGGY Bel Canto. BONNER, JEAN Ken Klub 2, 5, 4, AY 2, 3, 4. BORUNDA, SERGIO HESTOR FFA 4. BOYD, BILL Hi-Y 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 2, 35 Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 45 National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4. BOYD, SALLY Ken Klub 3, 45 Internos 25 AY 2, 3, 4. BRADY, BOB Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Steering Committee 35 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Bel Canto5 Sandstorm 3, 4, Editor 45 Operetta5 La Airosa 35 Speech Senate 45 Who's Who 4. BRANDON, MARILYN Los Viajeros 35 Student Council 45 FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 45 Swimming Club 4. BRANUM, LARRY Los Viajeros 2, 35 DE 45 AY 2, 35 Sandie Wrestling. BRAZILE, CHARLES Hi-Y 2, 45 DE 35 President5 AY 45 Bowl- ing 45 Square Dance Club 45 Bel Canto5 Sandie Track5 Sandie Wrestling. BRIDGES, PATRICIA Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Internos 25 FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 4. BRILEY, SUE Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Internos 2, 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Senior Y-Teens5 Science Club 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council 2, 35 Press Club 45 La Airosa 2, 3, 45 Operetta 25 Sandstorm 3, 4. BRITTING, JIM Los Viajeros 25 FHA 45 VIC 45 FFA 2, 3. BROCKS, BRIGITTE Senior Y-Teens5 Bel Canto5 AY 4. BROOKS, IVEEN FHA 2. BROOKS, MARY BELLE Student Council 25 DE 3, 4. BROOKS, WENDELL Sandie Wrestling. BROOME. SHIRLEY Ken Klub 3, 45 National Honor Socie Los Viajeros 25 Bit and Spur 35 FTA 2 42 AY 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 4. BROSIER, GLEN Los Viajeros 25 FHA 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 Sw ming Club 35 Ski Club 45.Boy Scouts, BROWN, BILLY Hl'Y 2, 32 AY 2, 3, 43 Swimming C 2, 35 Intramurals . BROWN, GORDON VIC 35 FFA 2. BROWN, LA DEAN FHA 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4. BRUTON, DENNIS Thespian Club 3, 45 FHA 45 AY 3, ROTC 2, 3, 43 Operetta 4. BRYANT, RICHARD Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 VIC ROTC 25 Press Club5 Sandstorm Busin Manager 3, 4. BUCHANAN, NOEL AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Baseball 2, 3, 45 tional Athletic Honor Society5 Senior V' President5 Intramurals. BUCKLEY, MARION FTA 35 FHA 2, 3: AY 2, 3, 45 Press Cl 45 Bel Canto5 Operetta 45 Sandstorm 4, BUELL, BRUCE Slide Rule Club 2, 3, 4. BURKETT, JAMES FHA 45 ROTC 2, 3. BURN, RUBY Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Bit and Spur 35 FT 25 Y-Teens5 AY 2, 3, 45 Bowling 45 Squa Dance Club 3, 4. BURNETT, JANE FHA 25 Orchestra. BURNS, CYNTHIA FHA 45 Internos 2. BURT, JANE Gavel Club 25 Sophomore Y-Teens5 Secr tarial Training 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter--Clu Council 45 GAA 2, 3, 4. CAIN, JACK Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, Internos 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 S Club 3, 45 PIESS Club 3, 45 Sandie Trac 45 Sandie Band 25 Orchestra 25 Cheerlead Cr 3, 45 Coronation 45 Sandstorm 3, 45 L Airosa 45 Who's Who 4. CANOVA, SPOOKY Kell Klub 2, 3, 45 Student Council5 Hi- 2, 3. 45 AY 3, 45 Sandie Football 3, 4 Sandie Baseball 2, 3, 45 National Athleti Honor Society5 President of Sophomor Class5 Sophomore Favorite Runner-up. CARDER, BILL Los Viajeros 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 AY 2, 5, 4 Bowling 25 Sandie Band. CARPENTER, DEAN Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Socie 45 FHA 45 Junior Hi-Y5 Square Danc Club 2, 3, 45 Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 4. CARTER, JEAN Bit and-Spur 3: FTA 35 AY 2, 35 Secretary Square Dance Club 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4. CASSTEVENS, HELEN FHA 2, 3, 4. CAVENDER, NELDA JO FTA 2, 3, 45 Sandie Band 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Queen of Orchestra 4. CHEEK, BETTY JEAN FHA 2, 35 Science Club 25 Choir 25 AY 45 GAA 2, 35 Square Dance Club 45 Corona- tion 2. ERRYHOMES, OVETA A 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Training Club 3, Bel Canto Choir. HESHER, PHILLIP Y 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, ROTC Drill eam 2. HEYNE, JANE hespians 3, 4, Gavel Club 2, FTA 2, 3, A 3, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Swim- ing Club 4, Choir 2. HILTON. DARWYN Y 2, 3, 4. HRISTY, JUANITA HA 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 5, 4. LARKE, LEROY i-Y 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4. LEEK, JEAN en Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society , Internos 2, Student Council 5, FTA 2, , 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 5, 4, Inter- lub Council 4, Swimming Club 3. LEGG, BEN os Viajeros 2, 3, Slide Rule Club 2, cience Club 4, AY 2, 4, ROTC 2, 3, OTC Drill Team 2. LIFFORD, RUTHEDA ANN HA 2, 4, DE 3. LINE, DORIS HA 2, 3, 4, Bit and Spur 3, Secretarial raining 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4. LOUETTE, EUGENE HA 2, Senior Hi-Y, DO 3, VIC 3, Swim- ing Club 2, FFA 2, Orchestra. OKER, DELORIS HA 4, AY 4. OKER, JOEL RAY O 4, VIC 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, andie Wrestling 2, 3. OLE, SHEILA en Klub 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Inter-Club ouncil 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Press Club 4, heerleader 3, Class Favorite 3, La Airosa o-Editor 4, Kampus Kate 4, Who's Who. OLLINS, CHRISTINE it and Spur 3, FHA 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 4. OLLEY, GERRY Y 2, 4, Sandie Band 2, 3, 4. OLLIE, MORRIS Y 2, 4, Sandie Football 2, 3, 4. OLLIER, CARROLL Student Council 3, 4, Alpha Hi-Y, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3, Ski Club 3, 4, Sandie Track 2, Golf Team Manager 4, Operetta 2. COLLIER, JACKIE Student Council 4, FHA 4, Zeta Hi-Y, AY 2, 3, 4, Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 4, Sandie Tennis 4. COLLINS, JERRY NEAL DO 3, 4, VIC 3, 4, Sandie Wrestling 2. COLVIN, MARY ETTA FHA 2, Sophomore Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto. CORBITT, SHARON Secretarial Training 4. CORDER, DAVID AY 3, Sandie Wrestling. CORDER, TROY AY 3, Sandie Wrestling. COVINGTON, BARBARA FHA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Choir 2. CRABTREE, ROGER FHA 4, AY 2, 4, Sandstorm 4. CRANE, BETTALU Thespian Club 3, 4, Los Viajeros 4, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, AY 4, GAA 2, 3, Square Dance Club 4. CRAWFORD, BEA FTA 2, FHA 4, AY 2, Bel Canto, Or- chestra, Organist. CRECELIUS, GEN Sandie Wrestling. CRERAR, DORIS Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, FHA 2, AY 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto. CHISLER, WILMA JEAN FTA 2, 3, 4, FHA 4, Bel Canto. CURLIN, SETH Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Thespian 3, 4, Los Viajeros 2, Slide Rule Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, Bel Canto, Speech Senate 4, Stagehand 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Varsity Vic, All-State Choir. CURTIS, BOOTY Student Council 2, 4, FTA 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Sandie Football 5, 4, Sandie Basketball 2, 3, Sandie Baseball 4, Yannigan Football 2, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4. CURTIS, SANDRA SUE FHA 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4. DAFFERN, CLARENCE Ken Klub 2, Student Council 4, Future Homemakers 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3, Sandie Football 3, 4, Sandstorm Staff, Sandie Football, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4. DANIELS, JACK Sandie Baseball, National Athletic Honor Society. DANIELS, PRESTON DE 3, 4. DARLING, PAULINE FTA 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4. DAVENPORT, CHARLES Junior Hi-Y, AY 3, 4. DAVIS, BOBBY FTA 3, AY 2, 3, 4, Press Club 4, Sandie Football 2, 3, Sandstorm 4. DEAN, ZACK ROTC 2, 3. DIAL, MOLLY Los Viajeros 2, FTA 4, FHA 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto. DINWIDDIE, ELIZABETH Los Viajeros 2, 3, Bit and Spur 3, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4. DORKERY, LARRY FHA 3, VIC 3, 4, AY 2, 4. DOGGETT, NANCY FTA 4. DOI-IERTY, RAY Los Viajeros 2, 3, AY 2, 3. DONOHOO, VIRGINIA Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, FHA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, ROTC Sponsor 4, Sophomore Choir. DUF ER, EDDY DO 4, AY 4. DUNCAN, CONNIE Quill and Scroll 4, Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Bit and Spur 3, FTA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 2, ROTC Sponsor 4, Press Club 4, Sandstorm Staff, La Airosa Staff. DUNCAN, DEALA Ken Klub 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Senior Y-Teens, Science Club 3, AY 2, 3, 4, Press Club 4, Sandstorm Staff 3, 4, La Airosa Staff 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2. DUNIVEN, NEAL Gavel Club 2, 3, Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, Slide Rule Club 4, Science Club 2' AY 2. 3, 4. DUNLAP, BILL FHA 4, DO 2, 3, 4, VIC 4. DUNLAP, CHARLES Ken Klub 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Slide Rule Club 4' AY 4. DUPRIEST, ROBERT Ski Club 3, Sandie Band. s 1 ECKER, SHIRLEY DE 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4. EILAND, DANA FTA 3, 4, FHA 2, 4, AY 2, 4. ELKINS, DICK FHA 4, ROTC 2, 5. ELLIOT, WANDA Los Viajeros 2, FHA 2. ELLIS, BILL DO 2, VIC 3. ELLIS, DON JERRY Hi-Y 2, 3, AY 2, ROTC 2. ELLIS, JAMES WARD AY 4. ELLIS, JEAN Secretarial Training 4. ELMORE, CHUCK Hi-Y 3, 4, AY 3, 4, Square Dance Club 3, Bel Canto. ELSEY, JUDY FTA 2, 3, 4, FHA 3, 4, Swimming Club 3, Bel Canto. ESPARZA, TERRY AY 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, Bel Canto. EWING, DAVID AY 2, 5, 4, ROTC 2, 5, 4. FARQUHAR, JOHN AY 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Golf Team 2, 3, 4. FARRELL, NANCY Internos 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 4. FAUTT, SHIRLEY Internos 2, Student Council 2, FHA 2, FTA 2, Secretarial Training 4, AY 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 4. FENDRICK, SHIRLEY Internos 2, Bit and Spur 3, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 2, 3, GAA 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, La Airosa Staff 4. FIELDS, PEARL FHA 2, AY 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto, Bel Canto Madrigal Singers. FIELDS, SHIRLEY FHA 2, AY 2. FINCHER, MELBA FHA 2, 3, Square Dance Club 2, DE 4. FISCHER, MARGARET FHA 2, 3, 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4. FONG, DON LEON Ken Klub 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Internos 2, 3, Student 3, Slide Rule Club 4. FORD, BOB Ken Klub 3, 4, Thespian Club 3, 4, In- ternos 2, 3, 4, President, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Inter- Club Council 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 2, 3, Sandie Football 2, Who's Who 4. FORD, LA VON Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Thespian Club 3, 4, Gavel Club 2, Bit and Spur 3, Y-Teens 2, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3. FORD, WAYNE DE 3. FOSSHAGE, HELEN MARIE Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Thespian Club 3, 4, Gavel Club 2, Los Viajeros 2, FTA 3, Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 3. FRAZER, ROBERT Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Student Council 3, 4, FTA 4, Hi-Y 2, President 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, 4, Sandie Football 2, 3, 4, Sandie Track, Class Favor- ite 2, 3, 4, Football Captain 4, Track Cap- tain 3, La Airosa 3, 4, Athletic Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4, Who's Who 4, All-State Guard 4. FRAZIER, DALE FHA 4, DE 4. 293 FRENCH, JAMES Ken Klub 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. FRIEDMAN, NORMA FHA 25 Creative Writers 45 Science Club 35 AY 2, 3, 4. GAIDRER, LARRY Hi-Y 2. GAIDRY, ELIZABETH ANN Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Gavel Club 25 Thespian Club 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Y- Teens 45 AY 2, 3, 4. GARRETT, BARBARA FTA 2, 3, 45 FHA 2, 35 Secretarial Train- ing 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 35 Bowling 3, 4. GATHRIGHT, VERA Gavel Club 25 Internos 25 Bit and Spur 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 25 Science Club 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4. GATLIN, JIMMY Hi-Y 35 AY 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Bel Canto. GEISLER, PEGGY JO FHA 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 25 Science Club 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Bowling 45 Choir 2. GENTRY, KENNETH Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 35 Press Club 45 Sandie Band. GHOLSTON, MIKE Quill and Scroll 45 Gavel Club 25 Los Viajeros 2,' 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Press Club 4. GIFFORD, GAIL Student Council 3, 45 FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 45 Choir 2. GILBREATH, PAUL Student Council 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Football 2, 3, 4. GILLEY, FRANK AY 33 Bel Canto. GODWIN, PHIL Sandie Band5 Orchestra. GOLLIHUGH, BERT DO 2, 3, 4, vlc 4. GOODNER, GAY Science Club 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Bit and Spur 35 FHA 4. GOODNIGHT, HAYDEN Los Viajeros 25 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. GOWEN, RALPH FHA 45 AY 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. GLENN, EDWARD Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Foot- ball 3, 4. GRAHAM, BOBBY Student Council 45 AY 3, 45 Press Club 45 Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Sandie Track 2, 3, 45 Coronation 4. GRAHAM, GENE DO 2, 3, 45 VIC 2, 3, 4. GREEN, CHARLES Los Viajeros 25 FHA 45 DO 2, 3, 45 VIC 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2. GREEN, JACK DE 2. GREEN, JANICE Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Thespian Club 3, 45 Gavel Club 25 Los Viajeros 2, 35 Bit and Spur 35 FTA 2, 3, 45 Senior Y-Teens5 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 4. GREENROYD, JERRY DE 2, 3, 45 DO 25 Square Dance Club 2. GREER, JIMMY Los Viajeros 25 GHA 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 DE5 AY 2, 35 Bowling 2, 3. GRIFFITHS, BILL AY 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. GUFFITH, ROBERT FHA 35 Hi-Y 35 DO 45 VIC 45 AY 35 Swimming Club 35 Sandie Wrestling. GROVE, EDWARD AY 25 Bel Canto5 Sandie Track. GUNDLACH, BILL DO 2, 3, 45 VIC 2, 3, 45 Bowling 2. HAMILTON, ALDA FHA 25 AY 4. HAMILTON, HERBERT VIC 4. HANCOCK, FREDDY Sophomore Zeta Hi-Y5 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Bowling Club 25 Sandie Track5 Sandie Tennis. HANKIN, CAROL SUE Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Internos 2, Treasurer 3, Vice Presi- dent 45 Science Club 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council 4. HARDY, ROBERT FHA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3, 4. HARPER, BOBBY Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 35 Sandie Band5 Orchestra. HARPER, DONALD VIC 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. HARRIS, WILIVIA Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Bit and Spur Club 2, 35 FHA 25 AY 3, 45 Bowling Club 4. HARRISON, JANET Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society5 Thespian Club 3, 4, Secretaryg Gavel Club 25 Los Viajeros 25 Student Council 25 FTA 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Speech Senate, Senate Secretary5 Operetta 2, 35 Contest Play 3, 45 Coronation 4. HART, WANDA Student Council 2, 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 45 ROTC 45 ROTC Drill Team 4. HARVEY, RONNIE AY 45 Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 4. HARWELL, KAY Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Internos 2, 3, 45 Bit and Spur Club 35 FTA 2, 3, 45 FHA 45 Senior Y-Teens5 Science Club 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandstorm 3, 45 Operetta 25 Choir 25 Coronation 4. HASTINGS, THOMAS Junior Hi-Y5 Sophomore Hi-Y5 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. HATCHER, SARITA SUE Los Viajeros' 25 Student Council 35 Bit and Spur 35 FTA 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 45 Bel Canto5 Choir 2, 3. HATCHETT, AVIS FTA 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation 4. HAWKINS, DARLA Bit and Spur Club 33 FTA 3, 45 AY 3, 45 Inter-Club Council5 Ski Club 3, 45 Bowl- ang Club 4. HAwK1Ns, VONDA FHA 5, 4. HAYMES, PHYLLIS DE 2. HAYS, JOHN LEWIS Sophomore Zeta Hi-Y5 Junior Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 DO 45 AY 2, 3, 4. HEFLEY, ROSEMARY FHA 35 AY 35 Bowling Club 2. HENDRIX, JAMES FHA 45 CO 25 VIC 2. HIETT, PATSY FHA 4, AY 2, 3, 4. HIGDON, LA NELLE FTA 35 FHA 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, :45 Science Club 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 25 Square Dance Club 25 ROTC Sponsor 4. HILLIN, WAYNE FHA 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Squ Dance 25 Sandie Football 2. HILLS, BEVERLY Ken Klub 3, 45 Thespian Club 3, 45 and Spur Club 35 Science Club 35 AY 3, 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3. HOEFFER, STANLEY Sandie Band5 Orchestra5 Sandie Swingste HONEA, CECIL E. B. DE 2, 3, 4. HOOKS, MAXENE FHA 2, 3, 4. HOOKS, WAYNE DE 3, 45 AY 4. HOPKINS, ELLEN SUE FTA 35 Senior Y-Teens5 AY 2, 3, 4. HOWARD, DEWAYNE AY 2. HOWARD, FRANKIE FFA 2, 3, 4. HUDGENS, RONALD Thespians 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Square Dan Club 3, 45 ROTC 2, 35 ROTC Dr Team 2, 3. HUFF, CLETIS FHA 45 AY 45 Secretarial Training 4. HUFFSTUTLER, RONALD National Honor Society5 AY 3, 45 Squa Dance Club 3, 45 Bel Canto5 Sand Track 2, 3, 4. HUGHLEY, LOUISE Bit and Spur Club 35 FHA 25 Secretari Training 45 AY 25 Bowling Club 4. HULEN, PATTI Student Council 3, 45 FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club. HULL, SAM Slide Rule Club 45 ROTC 3, 4. HUNT, DAVID Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Seni Hi-Y5 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Sand Football 3, 4. HURLOCK, RICHARD Internos 2, 35 Hi.Y 2, 35 Science Club 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 2, Square Dance 2. 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. HUSBANDS, KAROLYN Ken Klub 35 National Honor Society FTA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 GAA 3, HUTTO, KENNETH FTA 45 FHA 45 AY 35 Sandie Baske ball 2, 3, 4. INGHAM, JERRY FTA 3, 45 Press Club5 Hi-Y 2, 35 AY 3, 45 President' FTA 45 Sandie Basketba 2, 3, 45 Sandie Band5 Home Room Pres dent 3. IRELAN, SMILEY Square Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Sandie Ban IRVIN, JOE AY 25 Sandie Football 45 Sandie Track 3, JACKSON, TOMMY DE 3, 4. JACOBSON, EILEEN Ken Klub 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Stude Council 45 Bit and Spur 35 FTA 2, FHA 25 AY 2, 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 45 Stee ing Committee 25 Sandie Tennis 2, 3, Class Favorite 45 Who's Who 4. JOHNSON, BARBARA Los Viajeros 25 Internos 35 Bit and Spur FHA 2, 3, 45 Senior Y-Teens5 AY 2, 45 Bowling 3. JOHNSON, FRANCIS Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Pla form Club 3, 45 Internos 2, 3, 45 FTA 2 Creative Writers 2, 3, 45 Science Club 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 4. JOHNSON, JEAN JOHNSON, WANDA FTA 2, FHA 2, DE 3, 4, AY , l Canto. I-INSTON, JOE O 4, VIC 3, 4, AY 4, Swimming lub 3, 4. NAS, LINDA en Klub 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, uill and Scroll 3, 4, Gavel Club 2, Los iajeros 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, 4, A 2, 3, 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, el Canto. NES, FRANK en Klub 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, AY 3, 4, Steering Committee 4. NES, JOE HA 2, 5, 4. ATZ. DON en Klub 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Quill d Scroll 2, 3, 4, Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, udent Council 4, FTA 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Y 2, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council 2, 3, Steer- g Committee 4, Press Club 4, Sandie ennis 2, Sandstorm Staff 2, 3, 4, La irosa Staff 3, 4, Who's Who 4. UFHOLD, BERKLEY enior Hi-Y, Science Club 2, 3, AY 2, 3, , Ski Club 3, Sandie Baseball Manager. AY, SONDRA os Viajeros 2, FHA 2, AY 3. EATHLEY, LOUETTA avel Club 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 4, Y 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3. EETER, GENNA LOUISE it and Spur 3. ELEN, SHIRLEY HA 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 4. ENT, DAVID IC 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Sandie Tennis 2, , 4, Sandie Football 2, 3, 4. IRK, GLENN latform Club 4, AY 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, , ROTC Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Debate 3, 4. IZER, CAROLE ANN it and Spur 3, AY 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto, peretta 2, 3. ACKEY, BETSY os Viajeros 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, FHA 4, Y 2, 3, 4. ANEY, GLENDA LEE HA 3, AY 3, 4, Bel Canto. ANKFORD, ADOLPHUS Y 2, ROTC 3. ANNING, SHIRLEY onor Society 4, Science Club 3, AY 4, peech Assembly 4. ARSEN, LARRY LEE onor Society 4, Internos 2, 3, 4, Sopho- ore Hi-Y, Science Club 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, hoir Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Organist 2. ASETER, BARBARA Los Viajeros 2, 3, FTA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 2, Bowling 4. ATIMER, KAY Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, Bit and Spur 3, Senior -Teens, Secretarial Training 4, AY 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE, PEGGY GHA 2, 3, 4. LEECH, MARY ELIZABETH FHA 4, Vice President, Creative Writers 2, 4, Inter-Club Council 4. LEMONS, DORA LYNN FHA 3, 4. LEWIS, JERRE Student Council 4, FHA 4, AY 4, Square Dance Club 4, Cheerleader 4. LOWRY, NELDA FHA 4, AY 2, 3, Square Dance Club 3, 4, Bel Canto. LUNSFORD, BERL Gavel Club 2, Slide Rule Club 4, DO 3, 4, VIC 3, 4. LUPHER, DICK Student Council 2, 3, 4, Slide Rule Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 4, Science Club 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2. LUPHER, PHYLISS FHA 2, 4, Junior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4. MCANALLY, DELORES FHA 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Bowling 4. MCCAFFREE, JUANITA FTA 3, 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4. MCCARTHY, JODIE FHA 2, 3, 4, Sandie Football 2, 3, 4. MCCLENNY, DONALD RAY FTA 2, 3, 4, Slide Rule Club 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Sandie Football 2, Sandie Band 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3. MCCRARY, SUSAN Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, Bit and Spur 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, VIC Sweetheart, Swim- 'ming Club 3, Square Dance Club, Coro- nation 4, AY 2, 3, 4. McCUTCHEN, JAYNEL Ken Klub 2, 3. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, 4, Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, Bit and Spur 3, DE 4, AY 2, 3, 4, La Airosa 2, 3. McDOWELL, SHIRLEY FHA 2, 3. 4, AY 2, 3, Swimming Club 3, Square Dance Club 2. MCGEE, NANCY CAROLYN FHA 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Y-Teens, AY 2, 3. McKEE, BOBBY VIC 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3. McKEE, FREDDIE Thespian Club 3, 4, Los Viajeros 2, 3, Bel Canto, Stagehand 4, Operetta 3, 4. McKEE, LOIS Bit and Spur 2, 3, FTA 3, 4, Gavel Club 2, FHA 2, 3, 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3, Square Dance Club 4, Operetta 2. MCMEANS, JOANNE FHA 2, Secretarial Training 4, AY 2, Operetta 2. McMURTRY, ROSEMARY Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, Bit and Spur 3, FTA 3, 4, FHA 4, Stu- dent Council, AY 2, 3, 4, Aeolian Choir Queen, VIC Sweetheart, Los Viajeros Sweetheart, Junior Attendant to May Queen. MCNETT, JERRY FHA 4, Sandie Wrestling. MCNEW, WALTER Ken Klub 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Gavel Club 2, Student Council 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 4, Bel Canto, Sandie Track, Athletic Honor Society 3, 4. MCPHERSON, BI-LLIE NAN Sophomore Y-Teens, AY 2, Swimming Club 3, Square Dance Club. MCWHORTER, ROBERT Ken Klub 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Platform Club 4, Los Viajeros, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, FHA 4, AY 4, Square Dance Club 4, Sandie Baseball 2, 3, 4, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4, In- tramural Volleyball Champs 4, Intramural Football Champs 4, Yannigan Foot- ball 2. 3. MABRY, MARILYN Los Viajeros 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Secretarial Training 4, AY 2, 3, 4, ROTC 4, AHS Queen, ROTC Sponsor, Sweetheart Los Viajeros 2. MALACARA, ALBERT Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4. MANLEY, MAX AY 4, Ski Club 4, Bel Canto. MANN, JERI CLAIRE Internos 2, 3, Bit and Spur 33 FTA 3, 4, FHA 2, 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3. MARSALIS, NANCY FHA 2, 3, 4, AY 2, 3, 4. MARTIN, BETTY FHA 3, FHA 2, Junior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2. MARTIN, PAT Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Thespian Club 3, 4, Gavel Club 2, Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4, Bit and Spur 3, FTA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Inter- Club Council 4, Ski Club 3, Swimming Club 3, Operetta 4, Contest Play 4. MARTIN, MAYNAN FTA 3, FHA 2, Junior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2. MARTIN, SUE FHA 2, AY 2, 3. MASSEY, NOMA JOYCE FHA 2, 5, 4. MERCHANT, DAVID Hi-Y 2, 3, AY 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Sandie Track, Sandie Tennis, La Airosa Staff 2, Sandstorm Staff. MERCHANT, LLOYD FHA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto. MEYERS, CAROL Internos 2, Student Council 2, Bit and Spur 3, FTA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, ROTC Sponsor 4, Secretary Aeolian Choir. MEYERS, JACKIE Student Council 4, FTA 4, FHA 4, AY 2, 33 Swimming Club 3, Sandie Football 3, 4, Sandie Wrestling 3. MIDDLETON, VERNON VIC 4, AY 2, 3, Yannigan Football. MILHOAN, MARIE FHA 2, 4, Secretarial Training 4. MILLER, DUANE LEE Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council 3, Senior Hi-Y, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3, 4, Press Club 4, Sandie Football 2, 3, 4, Sandie Track 4, Operetta 2, Sandstorm 3, 4, Athletic Honor Society 4. MILLER, LAVORA JEAN AY 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4. MILLER, MARY ELOYS Bit and Spur 3, FTA 4, Senior Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 3, 4. MILLIGAN, PHYLLIS FHA 2, 3, Sophomore Y-Teens, AY 2, 3, 4, Choir 2. MILTON, LINDA FHA 4, DE 2, 3. MITCHELL, NITA Los Viajeros 2, Bit and Spur 3, FHA 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 3, 4. MOBLEY, ELLEN FHA 2, 3, 4. MOCK, MARVA FHA 2, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. MOORE, BILL DWAIN Ken Klub 2, Los Viajeros 2, 3, Creative Writers 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, AY 2, 3, Sandie Band, Orchestra. MOORE, MIGNON Los Viajeros 2, Bit and Spur Club 3, FHA 4, Secretarial Training Club 4. MOORE, PATRICIA ANNE AY 2. MORRIS, CAROLYN Bit and Spur Club 2, FTA 2, FHA 4, AY 2, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council 4, Orches- tra 2, 3, 4. MORRISON, JIM DO 3, 4, VIC 3, 4. MOTT, JOAN FHA 4, Sophomore Y-Teens, Science Club 3, AY 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 3. MOUTOS, STEVE Sophomore Hi-Y, AY 2, 3, 4. 295 MULLICAN, WAYNE DO 3, 43 VIC 3, 43 AY 2, 3. MULLIN, CHARLOTTE Internos 23 Bit and Spur Club 33 FTA 43 FHA 43 Sophomore Y-Teensg AY 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Press Club 43 La Airosa Staff3 Choir 2. MULLINS, SCOT' TIE Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 FTA 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43,AY 2, 3, 43 Steer- ing Committee 43 Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 43 La Airosa Staff 2, 33 Sandstorm 2. NALL, DAVID JOSEPH Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Internos 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 FFA 23 Sandie Band 2. NELSON, RONALD DO 3, 43 VIC 3, 43 AY 2, 33 FFA 23 Sandie Band 2. NEUSCH, ROSEMARY FHA 23 DE 43 AY 4. NORDYKE, NAN Los Viajeros 2, 33 Bit and Spur Club 3: FTA 2, 3, 43 Senior Y-Teensg AY 2, 3, 43 Swimming Club 33 Ski Club 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 All-State Or- chestra. NORMAN, SUZANNE Los Viajeros 23 Student Council 2, 33 FTA 2, 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Swimming Club 33 Bel Canto. NORTHRUP, HERMAN FTA 43 AY 2, 3, 43 FFA 23 Sandie Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4. NUTTER, DALE Ken Klub 3, 43 Slide Rule Club 43 Science Club 33 AY 43 La Airosa Staff 2, 33 Or- chestra. OAKLEY, BILLY JOE FHA 43 DE 3, 43 AY 2, 3. O'DELL, DALE DO 3, 43 FFA 2. OGLESBY, LOUISE FHA 23 AY 2, 3, 43 Secretarial Training. OLIVO, SAMMY Yannigans 23 Sandie Football 3, 4. O'NEAL, BILL DO 33 VIC 3, 4. ORTEZ, STELLA Los Viaieros 3, 43 AY 3, 43 Bowling 4. OSBORNE, COLLEEN FHA 4. OSBORNE, DONALD RAY DE 4. OSBORNE, GORDON Orchestra. PACE, CHARLES FHA 43 Bel Canto. PAMPLIN, DONALD fCORKYJ Senior Hi-Y3 DO 3, 43 VIC 2, 3, 43 AY 43 Square Dance Club 4. PARKER, SID FHA 43 AY 4. PASCHALL, CLIVA JEAN DE 3, 4. PATTERSON, HAROLD FTA 4g AY 2, 3, 43 Sandie Basketball 23 Sandie Tennis3 Cheerleader 4. PAYNE, MARION Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 FHA 43 Science Club 33 Inter-Club Council 43 Swimming Club 3. PEAK, JACKIE AY 2, 3, 43 Bel Canto. PENDERGRASS, ANN Science Club 43 AY 43 Press Club 4. PENNINGTON, LINDA ILENE AY 2, 3, 43 Swimming Club 2, 3, 43 San- die Band 43 Orchestra 4. PERKINS, LAVONA Senior Y-Teens3 DO 4g AY 2, 3, 43 Or- chestra 4. PERKINS, MARLENE Los Viajeros 2, 33 Student Council 23 FHA 4. PETERS, RAY Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 AY 2, 3. PETTYJOHN, BETSY Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 2, 3, 43 Gavel Club 23 Platform Club 43 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 FTA 2, 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Inter-Club Council 43 Swimming Club 23 Steering Committee 3, 43 Debate Club 43 Sandstorm 2, 3. PFEIFFER, VIRGINIA ANN Bit and Spur Club 23 FTA 23 FHA 33 Senior Y-Teensg AY 4. PHELAN, JANICE DE 3, 4. PIPPEN, LEONARD FFA 33 Square Dance Club 2. PITCOCK, NITA Gavel Club 23 Sophomore Y-Teens3 AY 2, 33 GAA 2, 3, 43 Bel Canto3 Aeolian Choir 3. PLUMBER, SHIRLEY FHA 3. POOLE, RITA Gavel Club 23 Los Viajeros 23 Bit and Spur 23 FTA 2, 3, 43 FHA 33 AY 2, 3, 43 Sen- ior Y-Teens. POWELL, MICHAEL Sophomore Hi-Y3 AY 2, 3, 43 Swimming Club 33 Bel Canto. PRATER, MILDRED ANN FHA 2, 3, 4. PRICE, RICHARD WALTER Senior Hi-Y3 Science Club 33 AY 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 ROTC 2, 3, 43 Rifle Team 3. PRINCE, CATHERINE Student Council 43 FHA 2, 3, 43 Sopho- more Y-Teens3 AY 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4. PRUETT, MARILEA FHA 33 DE 4. PUCKETT, SHIRLEY FHA 2, 4. PURCELL, GILBERT Senior Hi-Y 2, 33 AY 43 Bowling 23 Oper- gtta 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. PYEATT, JANET Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 FHA 43 AY 2, 3. QUINN, ROSEMARY Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Thespian Club 3, 43 Gavel Club 23 Los Viajeros 23 Student Council 3, 4g FTA 2, 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Steering Committee 2, 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Steering Committee 43 Press Club 43 Bel Canto Vice Presidentg Kampus Kateg Op- eretta 2, 33 Aeolian Choir Treasurer3 Who's Who 4. RAMSEY, LARRY Ken Klub 2,. 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 33 AY 2, 3, 43 Bel Canto3 Sandie Tennis 2, 33 Operetta 2, 4. RAPSTINE, PATRICIA FHA 2, 43 AY 3, 4. RATLIFF, MARITA Jo FHA 2, 4g DO 43 AY 2. RAY, FRANK Gavel Club 23 FHA 43 Sophomore Hi-Y3 AY 2, 3, 43 Swimming Club 2, 33 Bel Canto3 Operetta 2, 43 Choir 2, 3. RAY, GARY Thespian Club 43 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Council 43 FTA 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Sandie Football Man- ager 2, 3, 43 Sandie Track 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Speech Senate. REA, NANCY FHA 2, 4. READY, EDRIS FHA 43 AY 2, 3, 4. REAMS, FRANKIE FHA 2, 3, 43 DO 43 VIC 43 AY 2, 3. REDFEARN, LINDA Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Los Viajeros 23 Bit Spur Club 33 FTA 2, 33 Senior Y-Te Secretarial Training Club 43 AY 2, 3, 4 REED, BILL RAY FHA 43 AY 43 Sandie Football 2, 3, Sandie Track 3, 4. REED, JANETTE DE 4. REED, SHEILA MAE FHA 2, 33 AY 2, 4. REHMEYER, DON Gavel Club 23 Platform Club 33 Hi-Y 2, 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 33 Sandie B ketball 3, 43 Sandie Band 2. REID, DON BOB Gavel Club 23 FTA 23 FHA 43 Hi-Y 2, AY 2, 3, 43 Steering Committee 23 RO 2, 33 Secretary of Sophomore Class. REID, LARRY DON AY 3, 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. REID, MARY ANN Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 National Honor Soci 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 FTA 3, 43 Y-Te 2, 3, 43 Science Club 43 AY 2, 3, 43 S die Bandg Orchestra. RENTERIA, LUCY FHA 2, 3, 43 AY 4. RHODY, DORIS Gavel Club 23 FHA 43 Y-Teens 33 AY 2, RICE, JAMES FRANK DO 3, 43 VIC 3, 43 Square Dance Cl 43 AY 2. RINER, PHYLLIS Creative Writers 43 AY 2, 3, 43 Squa Dance Club 2, 3. RINEY, WILLETTA AY 43 FTA 43 Senior Y-Teens. ROBERTS, GAIL AY 2. ROBINSON, TOMMY Thespian Club 3,,43 Internos 23 Hi-Y 2, 43 Science Club 33 AY 2, 3, 4g Sand Bandg Operetta 43 Slide Rule Club 4. RODGERS, GENE AY 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 2, 33 Sa die Band 2, 43 Yannigan Football 33 Slid Rule Club 2, 3, 4. ROGERS, BETTY V. FHA 2, 43 AY 43 Representative to FH Council. ROGERS, DON Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 4. RUMANS, ROY DO 3, 43 AY 2, 3, 43'VIC 3, 43 Swim ming Club 3. SALMON, TONEY Los Viajeros 23 Student Council 23 FT 2, 3,43 FHA 4, AY 2, 3, 4. SANFORD, JENELLE FHA 2, 43 AY 2, 3, 4. SARGENT, DAVID F. Ken Klub 4. SAUNDERS, JAMEY Mr. AHS 43 West Texas Hi-Y President 4 Cheerleader 33 AY National President Buckhill Falls, Pennsylvania 43 Studen Council 2, 3, 4. SAUNDERS, PATSY Thespian Club 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 Stu dent Council 3, 43 Ski Club 43 FTA 2, 3, 43 Bel Canto3 Kampus Kateg Sophomor Choir Queen3 AY 2, 3, 43 Inter-Club Coun- cil . SCHULTZ, CAROL Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Who's Who 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, Presi- dent 3, 43 Student Council 4g FTA 3, 4,' -Teens 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club ouncil 2, 3, 45 Steering Committee- 3, 4, ecretary5 ROTC Sponsor 45 Press Club 5 Bel Cantog All-State Choir5 La Airosa ssociate Editor5 Choir Queen5 Kampus ate5 DAR Girl5 Miss AHS. COTT, JERRY HA 45 AY 45 Bel Canto 4. EELEY, SHERLY HA 2, 45 AY 2, 45 Sandie Band. ELBY, BOB hespian Club 45 Gavel Club 25 Science lub 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 45 tage Hand 3, 45 Projectionist 25 ROTC fficer 4. ELLERS, EDGAR E 4. ERRANO, TERASITA MARIE HA 2, 45 AY 45 Square Dance Club 25 ntramurals 2. ETH, BILL lide Rule Club 2, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Square ance Club 25 Yannigan Football 2. SHACKELFORD, LINDA RAY FHA 2, 3, 4, SHAFFER, MARTHA DELL FHA 2, 35 Square Dance Club 45 Choir 2. SHARPE, SALLY Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 FHA 45 Science Club 35 AY 25 Swimming Club 3. SHELLBERG, BILL Science Club 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 45 ROTC Drill Team 2, 3. SHORT, HAROLD FTA 45 FHA 45 AY 3, 45 Sandie Foot- ball 2, 3, 4. SIMPSON, WESLEY Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Swim- ming Club 2, 35 ROTC 2, 3, 45 ROTC Battalion Commander 4. SLATEN, DUANE Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council 45 Square Dance Club 4. SMALLWOOD, JEAN DE 3, 4. SMELCER, WILLIAM FHA 25 DE 2, 3, 4. SMITH, HERSHEL Student Council 45 Hi-Y 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Sandie Track5 Most Valuable Sandie Football Player Award, 1953. SMITH, JAMES FRANK Los Viajeros 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 35 Golf-2, 3, 4. SMITH, Jo BETH FHA 2, 3, 4. SMITH, RONNIE FHA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Bel Canto 45 Sandie Track 35 Sandie Wrestling 25 Sandie Band 25 Sandie Tennis. SMITH, SHIRLEY FHA 4. SMITH, WALLACE Student Council 2, 3, 45 FTA 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Football 2, 3, 4. SORRENTI, ANN Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Internos 25 FTA 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Bel Canto 4. SPARKS, WILLIAM GRAY DE 2, 3, 4. SPENCER, DON Thespian Club 2, 3, 45 FHA 45 Hi-Y 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 25 Bowling 25 Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra. SPENCER, ILENE Sandie Band, Queen5 Orchestra. SPRINGSTUBE, BETH FHA 2, 45 Secretarial Training 2, 45 AY 45 Choir 2. STAMBAUGH, SUE Bit and Spur5 AY 35 GAA 4. STEHR, ELBY DO 3, 45 AY 4. STODDARD, DUANE Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 DO 45 VIC 45 AY 2, 3. STODDARD, RAYMOND Hi-Y 25 DO 2, 3, 45 VIC 2, 3, 4. STOVER, DANNIE DO 3, 45 VIC 2, 3, 4. STRONG, WANDA FAYE FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 4. STUBBS, SHARON Ken Klub 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Internos 25 FHA 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 3: GAA 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 35 Sandie Tennis 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 4. SUMMERS, LA NELL FHA 2, 45 FTA 25 AY 2, 3, 4. SURMEIER, MARIE DE 2. SWANK, BOB Student Council 25 Hi-Y 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 25 Ski Club 3, 45 Sandie Tennis. TALLEY, TOMMY DE 3, 4. TIMMONS, BOB AY 2, 35 Sandie Basketball 2, 35 Choir 2, 3. TOLER, BETTY FHA 2, 3, 4. TOW, MAX DO 3, 45 VIC 3, 4. TOWNSEND, SANDY National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 'Inter-Club Council 45 Swimming Club 2, 35 ROTC Sponsor 45 Bel Cantog La Airosa Staff 35 Operetta 25 Sophomore Sextet. TUCKER, EVELYN FHA 2, 45 DO 25 VIC 25 AY 25 Gavel Club 2. TURNER, EDELVIS Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Bit and Spur 35 AY 2, 45 Square Dance Club 4. UBBEN, WILLA FTA 3, 45 Square Dance Club 25 Swim- ming Club 2, 35 AY 2, 3. UNLAUB, MARTHA Los Viajeros 45 Internos 25 FHA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 25 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4. UPCHURCH, TOM Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Internos 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 ROTC Drill Team 2, 3, 4. VAUGHAN, DON DO 45 VIC 45 AY 25 Swimming Club 2. VEST, VON DELLE FHA 2, 45 AY 45 GAA 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 2. VOTH, GLEN AY 2. 3, 45 ROTC 2, 35 Bel Canto. WALKER, JIMMIE National Honor Society 45 Thespian Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Sandie Tennis 2, 3, 4. WALKER, SHIRLEY ANN FHA 35 AY 2, 3, 4. WALLACE, ELEANOR Bit and Spur 2, 35 FTA 2, 3, 45 Secre- tarial Training 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Bel Canto, Operetta 35 Choir 2, 3. WALTON, SIDNEY Hi-Y 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 35 Ski Club 35 ROTC 2, 3, 4. WARD, RICHARD DE 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Swimming Club 2, 3. WATKINS, CAROL FHA 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 4. WATSON, ARELENE Gavel Club 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Majorette. WEATHERFORD, JOHN Swimming Club 2, 3, 4. WEBB, VIRGINIA FHA 2, 3, 45 AY 2. WEEMS, DELWIN WAYNE VIC 2. WEISZBROD, CHARLENE GAYE FHA 2, 4, AY 2, 5. WELCH, KAREN ANN FTA 45 FHA 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 45 AY 2, 3, 4. WELCH, SARA JANE FHA 2, 5, 4, AY 2, 5. WESTERFIELD, JACK Student Council 2, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 4. WESTFALL, BOBBY AY 3, 45 Sandie Golf 2, 3, 4. WESTMORELAND, JAVETTE FHA 2, 45 AY 45 Bowling 45 GAA 2. WILKINSON, JACK Hi-Y 25 DE 3, 45 Dusters Hotrod Club. WILLIAMS, BETTYE JUNE AY 2. WILLIAMS, BETTYE LOREE DE 3, 45 AY 2, 35 Square Dance Club 2, 3. WILLIAMS, DONALD Hi-Y 45 AY 3, 4, WILLIAMS, MARGARET Y-Teens 2, 35 Secretarial Training 45 Square Dance Club 2. WILLIAMS, ROGER FTA 25 AY 2, 3, 45 Press Club 25 Sandie Football 25 Sandstorm Art Editor 2, 35 La Airosa 2, 3. WILSON, JANICE Student Council 35 Bit and Spur 35 FTA 2, 35 FHA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Coun- cil 3, 45 Swimming Club 2, 35 Square Dance Club 2. WINDSOR, NANCY Los Viajeros 2, 35 Student Council 25 FTA 2, 35 AY 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 45 Cheerleader 45 Runner-up to Queen. WHITTEN, BILLIE FHA 4. WOOD, ALVA NELL Sandie Band. WOOD, D. L. AY 2, 35 Square Dance Club 25 Yannigan Football 25 Swimming Club 2, 3. WOODROME, ANITA RUTH FHA 4. WORMSBAKER, KEITH FHA 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Basketball 2. WRIGHT, HAROLD AY 45 ROTC Drill Team 4. WRIGHT, VIOLA GENELLE FHA 2, 3, 4. WYNN, DALE H. Student Council 45 FTA 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 San- die Track 3, 4. WYRICK, BILL Ken Klub 35 National Honor Society 45 Student Council 25 AY 35 Bel Canto5 San- die Baseball. YEAGER, BENN ALLEN Los Viajeros 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 AY 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council 35 Swimming Club 2, 35 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Bel Canto5 Golf. YOLLAND, BETTY LOU Los Viajeros 25 Bit and Spur 35 FTA 2 5, FHA ag DE 4, AY 2, 3, choir 2. ' 297 Abdullah, Emma-41 Abdullah, Polly-41 Abernethy, Gary-13 Aboytes, Andrew-68 Adams, Mary-41 Adams , Gary-68 Adams, Joyce-83 Adams, Vada-68 Adams Vinita-1 3 Adcox, Billy-13 Adkins, Morris-41 Aid, Frances-41 Aldrich, Marilyn-41 Alexander, Amelia-41 Alexander, Don-41 Alexander, Kay-41 Alexander, Jerry-4'1 Alexander, Richard-13 Allee, Joyce-68 len Selvia-41 Allen, Barbara-41 Allen, Bobby joe-13 Allen, Cul Allen, Allen, Allen, Lonnie-41 Marilyn-68 Allen, Marsha-41 Valen Raymond-41 Allison, James Richard-68 Allison, joseph-41 Allison, Martin-13 Allison, Merle-68 Allred, Marilyn-13 Allston, jan-68 Allton, David-13 Altman, Donald-68 Amato, Mary Carolyn-41 Amerson, Rachel-13 Amidon, john-68 Ammons, Sue-13 Amos, Billie-68 Anderson, Anderson, Charlotte-1 3 Donna Mae-1 3 Anderson, Dortha-41 Anderson, Harley Dee-41 Anderson, james-41 Anderson, Janice-68 Angel, Daniel-13 Anqlin, jimmy-41 Ansley, Ann-13 Archer, Toy Leon-13 Arden, Glenn--13 Argo, Ronnie-41 Armstrong, Don--13 Arney, Bet ty Carol-68 Arnold, Nancie Jane-41 Arrington, Edgar Eugene-6 Arrington, Joan-41 Arrington, William-68 Ashby, Glenna-41 Ashford, Barbara-13 Askew, Glenn-13 Atchison, Melva Joyce-68 Atkerson, Gary-41 Atkins, Kenneth-41 Austin Austin , james-41 , jimmy-68 Carder, Azling, Ernestine Ruth-41 Bacon, Virginia-68 Badgett, Emory-68 Bailey, Jack-68 Bailey, john Dean-68 Bailey, Turtle Melton-68 8 Ballew, Jane Sharon-13 Barclay, Olan Lee-68 Barker, Gerald-41 Barker, Sharlene-41 Barnard, Betty-41, 42 Barnard, Don-68 Barnard, jim-13 Barnes, Barbara Ruth-41 Barnes, Beverly-68 Barnes, Billy-68 Barnes, Marlene Lou-41 Barrett, Ardyth Luan-41 Barrett, Ionia Dean-13 Barrett, Jerry-15 Barnett, Sandra Jean-68 Barnwell, A. joan-68 Barnwell, A. June-68 Barron, David-41 Barrow, Joyce-15 Bartlett, ,Iohnna-68 Bartlett, Nita jo-41 Barton, Ira Porter-13 Barton, Patsy-68 Bassett, Della Janelle-15 Baskett, james Harvey-68 Bassett, Patricia Jean-68 Bassett, Taylor-41 Bates, Darwin Rance-13 Bates, Ernest Wayne-13 Bates, joan-13 Bates, Ron Alan-68 Battenfield, Thelma Evelyn-41 Bay, Mary Kathryn-68 Bayless, Bobby Wayne-68 Bearden, Ginger Sue Beavers, Lovena Mae-41 Bechtol, David-41 Bechtol, Davie Ann-41 Beck, Janelle-15 Bedwell, Jewell Dean-68 Beeman, jean-13 Beer, Don Eldon-68 Bell, Glenn Rex-68 Bell, Paula Ruth-41 Bellamy, Helen-41 Benge, Suella-83 Bennett, Derrell-68 Bennett, Sharon Kay-68 Bennett, Stuart Lee-68 Benningfield, Eldridge-68 Benningfield, Lois Marie-41 Benson, Carl-13 Benton, Coralie-13 Benton, Rita Yvonne-41 Benton, Thelma Lee-68 Barry, jim-41 Berryman, Wilma Sue-15 Best, Dorene-68 Best, jimmy-41 Bettis, Sharon-68 Beveridge, Billy joe-41 Bice, Loree Lynn-41 Bickett, Sharla Rae-41 Bieganowski, Frank-41 Bierce, Dorris Shirleen-68 Billington, Brazier Alfred--4 Bills, Ronald-68 Bingham, Eddye Louise-41 Bippus, Leon Dale-13 Birkmeyer, Roy james-13 Bitela, Frank Garsa-68 Board, Phyllis-15 Boegli, Roy Glen-41 Bohanan, Clara jo-15 Bohannon, Bruce-41 Bolich, Fred Allen-69 Boltin, Deana Ruth-69 Boney, Alvin-69 Bonner, jean-15 Boone, Bettis Belle-43 Boone, Yvonne Earl-69 Borden, Jack Phillip-43 Boren, Mildred jo--43 Bostick, T. VanDyhe-15 Boston, Jason Lee-43 Boswell, james Danny-69 Bourgeois, Geneva Ann-69 Bovie, Cynthia Ann-43 Bowen, Joyce Eva-43 Bowles, Anna Lou-43 Bowling, Majorie Sue-15 Box, Charlotte-69 Boyce, Franklin-43 Brown, H. Eugene-15 Brown, Harvey-69 Brown, James Charles-45 Brown, joe Bob-43 Boyd Bill-15 Boyd: Leland Gary-69 Boyd, Sally Dawn-15 Boyd, Sammy jo-43 Boyd Boyd Shirley-69 Yvonne Lucille-15 Boydston, Wilbur Fred-43 Boyter, jo Anne-43 Boyter, Robert Ralph-43 Bradley, Frances-85 Brady, Bob Dean-15 Brandon, Marilyn Ann-15 Branum, Larry Ralph-15 Bray, Darrell Lin-43 Bray, Mary Beth-43 Bray, Sammie Lee-43 Brazile, Charles-15 Breedlow, Jean Ann-43 Brent, Bob-43 Brenton, Donald-43 Brewer, Anita Lois-15 Brewer, Ardice-68 Brian, Beverly Dianne-43 Bridges, Alan Gerald-43 Bridges, jarrell-69 Bridges, Patricia Jean-15 Bridges, Robert-69 Briley, David-69 Briley, Sue-15 Brightwell, Ronald-43 Britting, jim-15 Britting, Leland-43 Britton, Donna jean-69 Brizendine, jon-69 Broadie, Lee Douglas-69 Broadstreet, Carole Sue-69 Brocks, Brigitte-15 Brogden, Malcom-83 Brogden, Troy-69 Brooks, Claudia Elaine-43 Brooks Mary-15 Brooks, Paula-15 Brooks, Wendell-15 Browning, Shirley-69 Browning, Tommie Max-69 Bruce, Patricia Lynn-69 Bruce, Sharon Kay-43 Bruner, Karlen jo-43 Bruner, Van Nixon-43 Bruton, james Dennis-15 Brush, Barbara Lou-43 Bryant, jedonn-45 Bryant, Howard Glen-69 Bryant, J. B.-69 Bryant, jerry Edward-69 Bryant, Richard Amos-15 Buchanan, Charles Lloyd-69 Buchanan, Noel-15 Buchanan, Robert Ray-43 Buckley, Marion-15 Buell, Bruce-15 Bull, Jolly Leroy-43 Bunker, Robert Henry-69 Bural, Earl Lynn-69 Burdine, Emery Wayne-15 Burgess, Danny Lee-69 Burgess, Robert Neal-43 Burkett, james Elzo-15 Burkett, Robert Judson-45 Burn, Bob-43 Burn, Ruby Evelyn-15 Burnam, Christine Dolores-43 Burnam, Mabel Lee-43 Burnett, Beverly jean-43 Burnett, jane-15 Burnett, Judy Lenore-43 Burns, Cynthia-15 Burns, Helen Marie-69 Burroughs, William-69 Burrow, Patricia Ann-69 Burt, Norma -lane-15 Busby, Arlin Dwayne-69 Buster, Bob Austin-45 Buster, Richard-69 Butterfield, jane-69 Buzzard, Alvin Lee-69 Byars, Velma Lee--69 Byers, Charlie Edward-43 Bynum, Joyce-43 Byrne, Eleanor Gail-69 Caddell, Kenneth Dea-43 Caddick, Rosemary-69 Cagle, Daryl Ray-69 Cain, Carol-69 Cain John Robert-15 Caldwell, Jerry Don-69 Callahan, Frances Ann-69 Callan, jackie Anne-43 Campbell, Annalee-69 Campbell, Patricia Ann-43 Camp, Lynn Reuel-43 Canova, Denmar-15 Cantine, Scott-43 Cantrell, Barbara-69 Broom, johnny Ray-43 Brooks, Marilyn Ruth-69 Broome, Shirley Ann-15 Broomhead, Charles Alfred-69 Brosier, Glen-15 Cantrell Cantrell Cantrell , Billy Dean-43 , Lee Roy-69 , Minnie Faye-69 Capansky, jackie Wayne-69 Bill-15 Browder, joe-83 Bain, Beverly-68 Bivins, Nancy Sue-13 Brown, Alvetta LQDCHH-15 Bains, Car-1011-63 Bivins, Patricia Louise-41 Brown, Betty-69 Baird, Jane Garland-68 Blafk- Patsl' Ann-15 Brown' Billy Frank-15 Baird, Sybil-41 Blakley, Robert Lewis-41 Brown, Charlotte-69 Baker, Nancy-63 Blackwell, Doris Evelyn-68 Brown, Edgar Cordell-45 Baker, phyllis-68 Blackwell, SueT13 Brown, Elvatlne-6? Baker, S. Dean-13 Blair, Ray-68 Brown, Evelyn Marie-43 Baker, Waller,-68 Blair, 5ue-68 Brown, Frank.Leroy-43 Baker, William Cal-1.663 Blasingame, Charles Edward-69 Brown: Ffwkle JOYU3-43 Baker, Wynell-13 Blassingame, Dorian Lee-13 Bf0Wn, Ge1'ald'45 Balch, Dorlhy-41 Bledsoe, Peggy J0yCe,15 Brown, Gordon Howard-15 Carpenter, Richard Ken-69 Carpenter, Dean-15 Carroll, Cynthia Ann-43 Carroll, Doris Darlene-17 Carroll, Edward Lee-69 Carroll, Patty-69 Carroll, Sue-69 Carruth, Marilyn-69 Carson, Wade Leon-69 Carter, Charlotte Sue-70 Carter, Dale Angela-43 Carter, Emma Louise-43 Carter, Carter Carter, Carter, Carter a Ethel Lorene-45 jean-17 Gerry Virginia-70 Richard Earl-70 Virginia-70 Carte, james Morris-45 Carver, Donald Wayne-17 Casey, Casey, Bobby Blair-45 jack Verlon-45 Colvin, Davis, S Cashion, Betty-45 Casstevens, Alice-45 Casstevens, Bobbie Nell-70 Casstevens, Helen Ruth-17 Castleberry, Barbara Elaine-70 Cate, David-45 Cate, Norma-70 Cathey, Dorothy Linda-45 Catt, Anita -joy-45 Caudill, Suzanne-70 Cave, Sona Raye-70 Colley, Gerry Lynn-17 Collie, Morris-17 Collier, Carroll-17 Collier, jack-17 Collins, Alfred Perry-70 Collins, Anne-45 Collins, Bryan Houston-45 Collins, Carolyn Eugenia-70 Collins, Christine-17 Collins, Neal-17 Collins, Samuel Paul-45 Mary Etta-17 Cavender Cavender Chancler, , Finis Lynn-70 , Nelda jo-17 Kathryn Marie-45 Chandler, Lucy-45 Deason, JoAnn-71 Chaney, William-70 Chapman, Francis-70 Chapman, james-45 Chase, Anne-45 Chase, James David-45 Chattin, Don-17 Elliott, Wanda-19 Chavez Geroge-45 Chavezi Gilbert-45 Chavez, Victor-70 Chavez, Sinfo-45 Check, Betty jean-17 Cherryhomes, Oveta-17 Chesher, Phillip-17 Cheyne, Fay Jane-17 Childers, Miles-45 Childress, Donald-70 Chilton, Bobby-45 Chilton, Darwyn Gerald-17 Chinn, Zoe Rena-45 Christal, Llola-17 Christian, Bob Ray-70 Christy, Juanita-17 Chumley, Don-70 Churchill, jim-70 Cizon, Gordon Alan-70 Claiborne, Ronald Russell-17 Combs, Fred Wallace-70 Compton, Bob-45 Condren, Howard Byrd-45 Condren, Harry-45 Conner, Arlin Ray-17 Conner, Ila Elizabeth-45 Cook, Carolyn Sue-45 Cook, Charles Wayne-17 Cook, jimmy Mack-70 Cook, Marjorie Wren-45 Cook, Milton Wayne-70 Coonrod, Larry Wayne-70 Coons, Mary Gail-70 Cooper, J. C,-45 Corbitt, Sharon-17 Corder, David Roy-17 Corder, Troy Lee-17 Cornelius, Don-70 Cornelius, jerry Glen-45 Cornelius, Kay Pat-45 Cornett, Frances-45 Coston, Barbara Elaine-70 Cotton, Bob Don-70 Cotton, Glenda-70 Courtney, Dana Sue-70 Covey, jerry Lynn-70 Covey, Perrin Augustus-45 Covington, Barbara Jean-17 Covington, Bobbie Dale-70 Cowan, john Bradford-70 Cowan, Robert Taylor-45 Currie, Hugh Bob-45 Daffern, Clarence Robert-19 Daily, Harriet-71 Dalrymple, Margaret-45 Dalton, Pamela-45 Daniels, B. M.-45 Daniel, Jack Dean-19 Daniels, William Preston-19 Danills, Bill Ray-71 Darby, Sharron-71 Darling, Pauline-19 Davenport, Charles-19 David, Tommy-49 Davidson, Mary-47 Daugherty, Eddie Don-71 Davis, Bobby joe-19 Davis, Edna-71 Davis, jimmy-47 Davis, Ronald-19 harron-47 Dupriest, Robert-19 Dysart, Verletta Gayle-47 Eads, Paul-71 Eager, Kitty Doris-71 Eastham, jerry Richard-19 Eaton, Warren-47 Echols, Robert-71 Ecker, Shirley-19 Eddy, Don Lee-71 Edenborough, Harry-47 Edgar, Carol-71 Edwards, Elmer Lloyd-47 Edwards, Gerald Dean-71 Edwards, Robert Sandy-47 Eiland, Dana-19 Eitner, Donna Elizabeth-71 Elder, Wesley-71 Eldridge, Lynn-47 Elkins, Richard-19 Elliott, Robert-47 Daws a Garland Travis-47 Dawson, Dolphia Ann-71 Day, jerry-71 Day, jimmy-47 Day, Joe-47 Day, Teddy-19 Day, Tommy-19 Dean, Zack-19 Deason, Beverly-7 1 Deaton, Kenneth Ray-47 Ellis Berna Ruth-71 Ellis, Bill-71 Ellis Bill-19 Ellis, Bobby-19 Ellis, Dolores-19 Ellis Don-83 Ellis, Donald-71 Ellis, E. L.-71 Ellis james-19 Ellis, Gladys-71 Coward, jack Earl-45 Cox, Gene Arthur-70 Cox, Lawana-45 Cox Rose-70 a Cox, Shirley!45 Cox, Irolene-17 Coyle, Robert-70 Claon, Dimitra-70 Clark, Kenneth L.-70 Clark, Robert Davis-70 Clark, Robert Neal-70 Clark, Robert Yale-70 Clark, Wanda Gail-70 Clark, Windell-45 Clarke, Clarke, Alan Leroy-17 Joan Wilma 45 Clay, Patricia Ann-70 Cleek, Janet-45 Cleek, jean-17 Clcg, Thomas-17 Clement, Betty Rose-70 Clifford, joy Diane-70 Clifford, Rutheda-83 Cline, Doris Louise-17 Cloninger, Marjorie Ann-45 Cloud, Henry Austin-17 Clouette, Eugene-17 Coatney, Sanford Ellis-70 Cobb, Gary-45, 2 Coburn, Tom G.-70 Cochran, Clarence Newton-70 Cody, LaPaula-45 Coffey, ,Tommy joe--45 Cogdill, Leroy-17 Coggins, james Tyler-70 Coker, joel Ray-17 Coker, Novetta Darlene-70 Cole, jimmy Dee-17 Cole, Sheila-17 Crabtree, Ro ge r- 1 7 Crane, Bettalu-17 Crawford, Beatrice Gayle-17 Crawford, Bobby-17 Crawford, Carolyn-45 Crecelius, Gene-17 Credelius, Lois-45 Crerar, Doris-19 Crews, Paulw-45 Crider, Mary-70 Crimm, james-70 Crisler, Wilma-19 Crossett, Drew-70 Crotty, Pat-45 Crouch, David-70 Crouch, Ledia Ann-45 Crow, Myra Lou-45 Crull, Beverly-19 Curlin, William-19 Crump, Bob-45 Crump, Tommy-45 Crutchfield, Tommy-45 Curtis, Don-45 Curtis, Terry-19 Curtis, Sandra-19 Cruz, johnny-70 Cullison, Richard Allen-45 Culp, Patricia Anne-45 Culver, LaDonna-70 Cummings, Edith-70 Cunningham, Patsy-45 Curb, Claudine-70 Deaver, Joanne-47 Deaver, Roy Dean-71 Deckard, R. K.-47 Deckard, Sammie-71 Decker, Shields Bland-47 Deere, Donna Lou-47 Delashaw, Thomas-47 Dell, Carolyn Ann-47 Denmead, Donald Edward-71 Denton, Ann-47 DeVaney, Will-47 Dial, Molly Ann-19 Dillard, Glenda-71 Dine, David-71 Dinwiddie, Elizabeth-19 Dixon, Donya jo-71 Dobbins, james-47 Dobbs, Kathryn jean-71 Dockery, Larry-19 Dodson, William-47 Doggett, Nancy Ann-49 Doherty, Ray-19 Donohoo, Virginia-19 Dorsey, Patricia Ann-47 Dover, johnny-71 Dowell, Delle Frank-71 Dowlen, JoAnn--71 Downey, Stewart-47 Dowty, Grady-47 Dowty, Wesly-19 Dudley, Leon-47 Dudley, Orpha-71 Dufek, Barbara Joan-71 Dufer, Eddy-19 Dugger, Orel-47 Duke, Carol jean-71 Dumas, Richard-47 Dunavant, Kendall Dale-71 Duncan, Arnie-71 Duncan, Connie-19 Duncan, Deala-19 Duncan, jimmy Dan-71 Duncan, Pat-71 Duncan, V. J.-71 Duniven, Linn Neal-19 Duniven, Rodger-71 Dunlap, Bill-19 Dunlap, Charles--19 Dunlap, Delois-47 Durham, Bill-71 Durham, Bob-71 Elmore, Charles-19 Elsey, Judy-19 Ely, Frances-47 Ely, Ronnie-71 Epps, jerry-47 Epps, Wanda Lou-71 Esher, Larry-71 Essary, Terry-71 Eubank, Norma-47 Eubanks, Beverly Ruth-71 Eubanks, Stanley-71 Evans, james Edward-71 Evans, Patricia Gail-71 Evans, Sylvia-71 Evans, Terry Francis-47 Everhart, Billy-47 Everhart, Peggy-71 Ewing, David-19 Fancher, Peggie-47 Fansler, David-47 Farnsworth, Anita joy-71 Farquhar, John-21 Farrell, Nancy-21 Farrell, Richard-47 Farrow, Harold-71 Faurier, Anna-71 Fautt, Shirley-21 Felton, Earl-47 Fendrick, Shirley-21 Fennimore, Marita-71 Ferguson, Edna-47 Fields, Evelyn Coeta-71 Fields, james-47 Fields, Pearl-21 Fields, Shirley-21 Fincher, Melba Joyce-21 Findeisen, Bobby-47 Findley, Curtis-71 Fine, Arva-72 Fine, joe-47 Finley, Alice-72 Fischer, Margaret-21 Fisher, Eddie-47 Flack, Della-47 Flanagan, Don-72 Floyd, Ray-47 Fly, Iris-72 Follis, Ned-72 Folsom, Philip-72 Fong, Don-21 Fonti, Richard-72 Forbes, Winnie-47 299 Forbis, Jackie-47 Ford, Bettilou-72 Ford, Bob-21 Ford, Byron-47 Ford, Elmer-47 Ford, LaVon-21 Ford, Vernon-21 Ford, William Forrest-47 Fosshage, Helen Marie-21 Foster, Darrell-72 Fountain, Sandra-47 Fouse, Carol-72 Fowler, Allen-21 Fowler, Betty-72 Fowler, Bruce-72 Fowler, Harold Edward-47 Fowler, Henry-72 Fowler Virginia-21 Fox, Allan Roger-72 Fox, Edwin-72 Fox, Leroy-83 Farmer, Francie Dee-72 Franklin, Sallye-72 Franks, Della-47 Franz, jerry-47 Frazer, Robert-21 Frazier, Auther Dale-21 Freelove, Ernestine-72 Freeman, Sandra-47 Freeman, Verniece-47 French, James-21 Freudiger, William-72 Friedman, Iris-21 Frisbie, Franklin-47 Frisbie, Thomas-49 Fristoe, Gene-72 Fritts, Louis-49 Fry, Johnny-72 Fuguate, jerry-49 Fuller, David-49 Fuller, Judy-72 Fuller, Tony-72 Funderburg, Billy joe-72 Fuqua, Billie Louise-72 Fuqua, Luther-21 Furrow, Joyce-49 Gabbard, Phyllis-72 Gabert, Gordon-49 Gable, jim-72 Gaidry, Elizabeth-21 Gailey, 'Donna-72 Gaither, Phillip-21 Gallegly, Sharron-72 Gamblin, Gene-72 Gamblin, Terry-49 Gantt, Anna-72 Gardner, Larry-21 Garner, Keith-49 Garrett, Barbara-21 Garrett, Howard Tracy-72 Garrett, Loretta-72 Garringer, Vera-49 Garrison, Paul Gilbert-72 Gathright, Vera-21 Gatlin, james-21 Gatlin, Ruby-72 Gee, Wai-72 Geisler, Peggy-21 Gentry, Kenneth-21 Gentry, Patsy-49 Georgantones, Helen-49 Gerlach, Carlyn Lu-49 Gerlach, Louis Stanley-49 Getman, Robert-72 Gholston, Robert-21 Gibbs, Betty-72 Gibbs, Milton-72 Gibson, Clarence Wayne-72 Gibson, jim-49 Gibson, Mary Sue-72 Gifford, Gail-21 Gilbert, John-49 Gilbreath, Cecile-72 Gilbreath, Paul-21 Gilchrist, jon-72 Giles, Francies-49 Giles, Joyce-49 Giles, Patricia-21 Gill, Robert-72 Gillespie, Leticia-72 Gilley, Frank-21 Ginn, June-49 Glasco, Gary-72 Glass, Joan-72 Glenn, Celia-49 Glenn, Edward-21 Glover, Audrey-49 Glover, Enid-72 Gober, Robert-72 Gochnawen, john-72 Godfrey, Carol-72 Godsey, jim-49 Godsey, Martin-49 Godwin, Phillip-21 Goetz, Dolores-49 Golightly, jean-72 Golladay, Ronnie-21 Gollihugh, Bert-21 Gooch, Anthony-49 Goodner, Gay-21 Goodnrht, Hayden-21 Goodner, Judith-72 Goodrich, Nancy-49 Goodwin, Ken-72 Goodwin, Ina-72 Gordon, Ruth-49 Gore, Barbara-72 Gore, Sue-72 Gowen, Ralph-21 Gowen, Shirley-72 Grady, Jerry-72 HaaS, Mickey-73 Haddock, Thelma-23 Hagood, jere-73 Hail, jimmy-23 Hale, Barbara-23 Hale, Billy-23 Hale, Don-49 Hale, jimmy-23 Hales, Ruby-49 Haley, jerry-49 Haley, Mary-73 Hall, Bobby-23 Hall, Carl-49 Hall, Michael-25 Hamby, Margaret-73 Hamilton, Alda-23 Hamilton, Guy-73 Hamilton, Herbert-83 Hamlin, Alfred-73 Hamlin, Barbara-73 Hamlin, Royce-73 Hancock, Freddy-23 Hank, Teddy-75 Hankin, Carol-23 Hanna, Rosemary-73 Hannon, Nancy-73 Hannum, Sharon-73 Hansard, Charles-73 Hansard, Harry-73 Harbour, Patsy-73 Hardcastle, Donald-73 Harding, Jimmie-23 Hardy, Robert-23 Harlan, Bill-49 Harper, Bobby-23 Harper, Donald-23 Harp, Doyle-75 Harrington, jean-73 Harris Cordelia-73 Heineken, Eddy-49 Henderson, johnny-49 Henderson, Patricia-73 Hendricks, Wanda-51 Hendrey, Dixie-51 Henley, Teddy-83 Henry, Albert-73 Henry, Robert-73 Hernopont, Margaret-73 Herring, Marilyn-51 Herrington, Vivian-73 Hess, james-51 Hickman, Judith-83 Hicks, john-51 Hicks, johnny-51 Hiett, Patsy-23 Higdon, LaNelle-23 Higdon, Lucille--75 Higgins, Barbara-51 Higinbotham, .Ian-51 Hilgers, Harold-75 Hill, Gene-51 Hill, James-51 Hill, James Scott-73 Hill, Patricia-51 Hills, Beverly-23 Hindman, Helen-75 Hines, Ronald-73 Hise, Bobby-51 Hisey, Bill-74 Hisey, Winnie-23 Hitch, Lajean-51 Hobbs, Sharron-74 Hodge, Don-51 Hodges, Hodges, Calvin-74 Kathy-74 Hoefer, Stanley-25 Hoh, Edna-25 Holland, Donald-74 Grady, Mary-72 Grady, Sylvia-73 Graham, Aneta-49 Graham Betty jo-49 Graham: Bob-73 Graham, Bobby-21 Graha m, Catherine-7 3 Graham, William-73 Granger, jackie-49 Grant, Richard-49 Grant, Tommy-49 Grantham, Harrison-73 Graves, Leonard Eugene-49 Gravestock, Patricia-73 Gray, William-49 Green, Charles-21 Green, Dennis-49 Green, jack-25 Green, Janice-23 Green, Jerry-49 Harrisi Bart-49 Harris, Darrell-49 Harris, Nellie-49 Harris, Virginia-73 Harris, Wilma-23 Harrison, Billy-49 Harrison, Doris-73 Harrison, Gerry-49 Harrison, Janet-23 Harrison, joe-23 Hart, Marvin-73 Hart, Wanda-25 Hartman, Sandra-49 Harvey, Arther-75 Harvey, Donald-49 Harvey, Ronnie-25 Harvey, Hilliard-49 Harwell, Kay-25 Hash, Bob-73 Hastings, Thomas-23 Holder, Kenneth-51 Holder, Ramona-74 Holley, Everett Edwin-74 Hollingsworth, Benny-25 Hollis, Eddie+74 Hollis, Carol-74 Holloway, johnny-51 Holly, Duane-51 Holly, Verna-51 Holzkamper, Donna-74 Hood, Charlotte-74 Hooker, Charles-74 Hooks, Billy-25 Hooks, Maxene-51 Honea, Cecil-25 Hopkins, Ellen-25 Horde, Mickey-75 Horner, Billy-25 Horton, Ruth-74 Hover, Robert-74 Green, Pearl-73 Green, Wanda-49 Greer, Donald-23 Greer, jimmy-23 Griffin, Charles-73 Griffin, Jerry-83 Griffith, Caron George-73 Griffith, Gary-49 Griffith, Robert-23 Griffiths, Bill-23 Griggs, Arlen-21 Grigsby, William-73 Grimes, Ted-73 Grimes, Thelma-49 Grinstaff, Bill-73 Gross, Jeanette-73 Grounds, David-49 Grove, Edward-23 Grusing, Rita-49 Gundlach, Bill-23 Gunn, Amma Lynn-73 Gwyn, Gary Gordon-75 Haag, Jessie-73 Hatcher, Sarita-23 Hatchett, Avis-Z3 Harley, Richard-49 Havena, Sharon-73 Hawk, Joyce-73 Hawkins, Darla-23 Hawkins, Vonda-23 Hawley, I.aV0n-73 Hawley, James-49 Hayden, Georgann-73 Hayhurst, Louis Keith-49 Haynes, Phyllis-23 Haynie, Carol-73 Hays, john-23 Hays, Sharon-83 Heard, Carolyn-23 Heath, Alva-73 Heath, Juana-73 I-Iedgecoke, Garland-73 Hedgecoke, james-73 Hefley, Elena-23 Hefley, johnny-49 Heien, Carolyn-49 Howard, Billy-74 Howard, Bobby-74 Howard, Carla-74 Howard, Eudean-74 Howard, Frankie-25 Howard, Lea-74 Howard, Molly-74 Howard, Roy--25 Howell, David-74 Howell, Gary-51 Howell, Homer-74 Howell, jerry-51 Howes, Billy-51 Hubhart, Clayton-51 Huddleston, Jennie-51 Hudgens, Gene-25 Hudgins, Lois-51 Hudson, Amy-51 Hudson, Earl-74 Hudson, Edward-51 Hudson, Mary-51 Huclspeth, Kay-51 Huff, Cletis-25 I-Iuffstutler, Ronald-25 Hughes, Joe-51 Hughes, Lou-74 Hughlett, Yvonne-74 Huguley, Louise-25 Hulen, Patti-25 Hull, Sam-Z5 Hulsey, Arthur-74 Hulsey, Bobby-51 I-Iume, Clyde Keith-51 Humphries, Mary-51 Hunt, David-25 Hunter, Edgar-74 Hunter, Lois-25 Hunter, Phillip-25 Hunter, Ruth-74 Hunter, Saranell-51 Hurlock, Richard-25 Hurt, Larry-51 Husbands, Mae Carolyn- Hutto, Kenneth-25 Hyatt, Harry-51 Hyatt, Pat Ann-74 Ibarra, Conchita-74 Ingham, Jerry-25 Inglis, Carol-74 Inman, Joyce-51 Ingram, Darlene-74 Irelan, Smiley-25 Irvin, Dixie-74 Irvin, Joe Curtis-25 Ivy, Joe Neal-51 Jackson, Dan-74 Jackson, L. D.-74 Jackson, Jimmy-74 25 Jonas, Linda-25 Jones, Barbara Jean-25 Jones, Betty Jo-25 Jones, Bobby-74 Jones, Carolyn-51 Jones, Doris-74 Jones, Donald-51 Jones, Earlon-51 Jones, Elizabeth Kay-75 Jones, Frank-25 Jones, Gary-25 Jones, James-53 Jones, James Robert-53 Jones, Jimmy-55 Jones, Johnny-75 Jones, Juana-75 Jones Nancy-75 Jones Phillip-75 Jones, Robert Neal-51 Jones, Don-74 Jones Vestagean-75 Jones, Yvonne-7 5 Jordan, Jack-55 Kardell, Dick-75 Karr, Buddy-25 Katz, Don-25 Kaufhold, Beverly-25 Kay, Devin-75 Kay, Sondra-25 Keathley, Jane-75 Keathley, Louetta-25 Keenan, Charlotte-75 Keesee, Jerry-75 Keeter, Genna-27 Keeton, Joyceh27 Jackson, Tommy-2 5 Jackson, Willie-51 Jacob, Patricia-51 Jacobsen, Gerald-74 Jacobsen, James-74 Jacobsen, Eileen-25 James, Anne-74 James, Bill-51 James, F ranklin-74 James, Teddy-74 Jameson, Charles-74 Jayroe, Glena-51 Jeffers, Joyce-74 Jenkins, John-74 Jennings, Barbara-74 Jennings, Helen-51 Joe, Wo-74 Johnson, Barbara-25 Johnson, Billy-51 Johnson, Burl-51 Johnson, Charlene-74 Johnson, David-51 Johnson, Donald-74 Johnson, Farris-25 Johnson, Francis-83 Johnson, Gene-74 Johnson, Gene Arthur-51 Johnson, Jay-51 Johnson, Joleen-74 Johnson, Joyce-25 Johnson, Irma-51 Johnson, Lanny-51 Johnson, Loyd-74 Johnson, Monroe-51 Johnson, Myrtle-74 Johnson, Nancy-51 Johnson, Norma-51 Johnson, Ray-51 Johnson, Richard-74 Johnson, Sandra-74 Johnson, Violet Faye-74 Johnson, Walter-51 Johnson, Wanda-74 Johnson, Wanda Martha-25 Johnson, Joe-25 Johnston, William-25 Jolly, Freda-51 Kelley, Patsy Ann--55 Kolln, Shirley-27 Kelln, Wanda-75 Kelly, Carter-75 Kelly, Winfreci-75 Kendall, Harriett-53 Kendall, Corin-75 Kennedy, Charles-75 Kendedy, Lowell-53 Kent, David-27 Kerns, Robert-53 Kerns, Vinita-53 Kerr, Sondra-75 Key, Tommy-53 Keys, Terry-75 Kilgo, Willie-53 Killebrew, Joy-75 Kimball, Wana-75 Kimbell, Lz1Voyda-53 Kimbrough, Alice-27 Kimmins, Mark-27 King, Bonnie-53 King, Carol-27 King, Jessie-53 Kinslow, Jimmy-75 Kinslow, Joy-53 Kirk, Glenn-27 Kirkpatrick, Angela-75 Kitchen, Nelta-75 Kirlehen, Don-53 Kizer, Carole-27 Klein, Murray-75 Knapp, Clivene-75 Knighton, Donna-75 Knighton, Rhea-53 Kinghtstep, James-53 Knightstep, Norma-75 Knorpp, Jimmy-53 Knotts, Bonnie-27 Knupp, Robert-75 Koen, Chester-53 Koontz, Earl-75 Koontz, Travis-75 Krahn, Kay-53 Krahn, Ken-75 Kurten, Kay-55 Lockey, Betsy-27 Lacy, Alma-75 Lafon, Robert-75 LaFon, Robert-55 Lain, Patty-53 Laister, Betty-53 Lake, Donald-53 Laminack, Carol-75 Lampkin, Carl-75 Lance, Sandra-75 Lancton, Mary-75 Land, Patricia-27 Lane, Bailey-75 Lane, Frank-75 Laney, Glenda-27 Lanier, Robert-75 Lankford, Adolphus-27 Lanning, Shirley-27 Lard, David-55 Laroche, Robert-75 Larsen, Larry-27 Larson, Beverly-75 Lasater, Drena-75 Laseter, Barbara-27 Latimer, Day-27 Lawler, Bruce-55 Lawrence, John-75 Lawrence, Peggy-27 Leachman, Wallace-27 Ledbetter, James-53 Ledbetter, Karola-75 Lee, Carolyne-53 Lee, Jackie-53 Lee, Mary-83 Lee, Shirley-75 Lee, William-55 Leech, Mary-27 Leffingwell, Byron-75 Lemons, Dora-27 Lemons, Judy-53 Lemons, Judy Rae-53 Lemons, Wanda-75 LeNeven, Donald-53 Lenington, Margaret-53 Leonard, Ginger-53 Lewallen, Joe-53 Lewis, Dawn-53 Lewis, Emma-53 Lewis, Jerre-27 Lewis, Richard-79 Lewis, Venita-75 Liebsch, Gladys-75 Light, Charles-75 Light, Lillian-75 Lightfoot, David-75 Liles, Lois-55 Lill, Jimmy-53 Lill, Mary--75 Lilly, Cora-75 Lindsay, David-53 Lindsey, James-75 Lenville, Jean-75 Linville, Joy-53 Litle, Edna-75 Lively, Arline-75 Livingston, Elizabeth-76 Loar, Earl-76 Loar, Fred-55 Lockridge, ImiJean-53 Lofgren, William-76 Logan, Milta-76 Loggans, Donna-53 Logsdon, Jim fRichard J -76 Long, Bobbie-53 Long, Ethel-76 Long, Rebecca-76 Lovato, Pat-76 Love, Jimmie-53 Loveless, Lois-76 Lovell, Bonnie-76 Lowder, David-53 Lowe, Peggy-53 Lowery, Davis-76 Lowrance, Doyle-53 Lowrimore, George-76 Lowry, Nelda-27 Lowry, Richard-53 Loyd, Kay-53 Luck, Billy-53 Luetkahana, Evelyn-L76 Lummus, Jimmy-76 Lunch, Glenda-53 Lundergreen, Peggy-53 Lundy, Sammy-53 Lunsford, Berl-27 Lupher, Richard-27 Lupher, Phyllis-27 Lynch, Elizbeth-76 Lynch, Howard-53 Mabry, Marilyn-29 Mackey, Karen-76 Macrander, Gene-55 Malacara, Albert-29 Malacara, Josephine-76 Maloney, Jewel-76 Malson, D. A.-76 Man, Jim-55 Manley, Max-29 Mann, Jeri-29 Mann, William-29 Manning, Burt-83 Manning, Colleen-29 Mansfield, Janis-76 Marcom, Margaret-76 Marsatis, Nancy-29 Marsh, Stanley-76 Martin, Betty-29 Martin, Donald-76 Martin, Gerald-55 Martin, Grace-29 Martin, Jimmie-76 Martin, Lloyd-76 Martin, Marian-76 Martin, Marye-76 Martin, Patricia-29 Martin, Roland-55 Martin, Roy-55 Martin, Sue-29 Martin, William-55 Mashbrun, Russell-76 Mason, Georgia-55 Mason, Lynda-76 Mason, Mary--76 Mason, Nancy-76 Massey, Norma-29 Masterson, Betty-29 Mathes, Howard-55 Mathes, Wilma-55 Mathis, Gene-29 Mathis, Jimmy-76 Mathis, Patsy-55 Matney, Iris-55 Matney, Marilyn-55 Maxwell, Mary-55 Mayberry, Joy-76 Mayes, Jerry-55 Mayes, Lyndol-76 Mayhall, Freddie-77 Medley, Wanda-77 Meek, Jimmie-55 Meek, Phillip-77 Meek, Wanda-29 Melbyer, Fred-77 Merchant, David-29 Merchant, John Robert-77 Merchant, Lloyd-29 Merchant, Myrna Louise-77 Merritt, Joe-55 Metcalf, Mary-55 Meyers, Carol Jo-29 Meyers, Jackie Earl-29 Meyers, Robert-55 Middleton, Gerald-77 Middleton, Vernon David 29 Milhoan, Ada Marie-29 3 Miller, Miller, Bettye jean-77 Miller, Dennis Ray-55 Miller, Duane-29 Miller, Flo Ann-77 Miller, Gary Thomas-77 Miller, Goldie-77 Miller, Janis-77 Miller, Jannine Jaton-77 Miller, joe Durwood-55 Miller, Lavora-29 Miller, Mary Eloys-29 Miller, Nelda-83 Tom Wade-55 Murray, Don-57 Murray, LaDonna-77 Musick, Weldon Bradley-77 Myers, Donald Dean-57 Myers, Jimmy-57 Myers, Millicent-57 McAlister. Charlie-76 McAmis, LaRue-55 McAnally, Dolores-27 McAnally, jerry-76 McAvoy, Delores jean-76 McAvoy, joseph Ernest-55 Milligan, Glenn-55 Milligan, Phyllis-29 Mills, Anna-55 Mills, Michael-77 Minnis, Dee Anne-55 Milton, Linda-29 Mitchell, Harlin-55 Mitchell, Nita-29 McBride, Joella-76 McCaffree, jettie Louise-76 McCaffree, Juanita-27 McCamy, Richard-55 McCarthy, Jodie-27 McCawley, Carolyn-76 McClain, Gene William-76 McClenny, Donald-27 McClenny, Edith-76 Netzeband, Carolyn-77 Neusch, Rosemary-51 Newby, Sharon431 Nible, Ruth-57 Nichols, Barbara-77 Nichols, johnny-57 Nichols, William-57 Nicklaus, Windene-57 Nipper, Freddie-57 Nix, Ruth-83 Noble, Delores-31 Noland, Charles-57 Nordyke, Nan-51 Norfleet, Frank-77 Norman, Joann-77 Norman, Sammye-57 Norman, Suzanne-31 Norris, Wayne-77 North, Gary-77 Northrup, Herman-31 Nutter, Dale-31 Paulk, Lana-78 Payne, jimmy-78 Payne, Marion-31 Peak, jackie-31 Pearce, Diane-78 Pearce, Patsy-78 Pearson, Donna-78 Pearson, janet-57 Peek, Eda-57 Pemberton, james-57 Pendergrass, Ann-31 Pendleton, Sandra-78 Pennington, Linda-85 Perkins, Donald-57 Perkins, Geraldine-57 Perkins, LaVona-31 Perkins, Marlene-31 Peters, Ray-31 Peters, Frances-78 Pettyjohn, Betsy-31 Mitchell, Virginia-55 Mitchell, Wilma jean-29 Mixon, Bobbie--77 Mixon, Nancy-77 Mobley, Ellen-29 Mobley, jack-77 Mock, Linda-55 Mock, Marva Gail-29 Monroe, James-77 Monteith, Maxine-55 Moon, Johnny-29 McCollum, joe-76 McCoy, Virginia-55 McCracken, Ila-55 McCrary, Susan-27 McCuistion, Richard-55 McCullah, Tom-76 McCutcl1an, William Frank-55 McCutchan, Jaynel-27 McDaniel, Myrna-55 McDonald, Naveta Scharlene-55 Oakes, Annton-57 Oakes, john-77 Oakley, Billy Joe-31 Oakley, Mary-77 Oakley, Melda-57 Oakley, Randall-77 O'Dell, Virginia-31 Pfeiffer, Virginia-51 Phelan, Janice-31 Phelps, Charles-57 Phelps, Roy-57 Phillips, Bettye-57 Phillips, Bobbye-57 Phillips, Charles-31 Phillips, Wanda-78 Moore, Bill-29 Moore, Chestine-77 Moore, Clinton-77 Moore, Jo Ann-77 Moore, Mamie Jo-77 Moore, Mignon-29 Moore, Nancy-55 Moore, Patricia Anne-29 Moore, Robert-77 Moore, Robert Henry-77 Moore, Moore, Thomas-5 5 Wanda .lean-55 McDonald, Tommy-55 McDonald, Paul-55 McDowell, Shirley-27 McFarland Bill-55 McFarland, Mac Elaine-76 McFarlin arquitta jo Ann-76 , M McFetters, Don-76 McGaughy, Robert-76 McGee, Connie Arlene-76 McGee, Nancy Carolyn-27 McGeehee, jim-76 McGill, Norman-76 McKee, Freddie-27 Moreau, Coma Ruth-77 Moreau, Coleman Dwayne-77 Morel, Jerry-83 Morford, Brady Earl-77 McGraw, Jana-55 McKay, joe-76 McKechnie, Nancy Ann-76 Morgan , Alice Yvonne-5 5 Morgan, Don-77 Morgan , Kendall Wayne-29 Morgan, Sandra Clarine-55 Morgan, Michael-55 Morin, Sammy-55 Morris, Carolyn-29 Morris, Edward-77 Morris, Helen-55 Morris, Tennessee-29 Morrison, jim-29 Morrison, Lloyd-77 Morrison, Robert Bryan-55 Morton, George-77 Morton, Marvin-77 Morton, Noble Ray-77 Mosely, Charla-55 Moses, James Lee-77 Mott, Barbara-29 Mott, Mary Beth-55 Moutos, Steve-29 Mouw, jimmy-57 Mowry, Muckab Loyd-77 ay, Don-77 Mulholland, Ethel May-31 Mulkey, Gene-77 Mullican, Robert Wziyne-51 Mullin, Charlotte-31 Mullins, Scottie-31 McKee, Lois-27 McKee, Patty-55 McKinney, Frank-55 McKenzie, Edward-76 McLain, Bobby-83 McLaughlin, Carl-27 McLaughlin, Yvonne-76 McLaury, Mary-55 McLean, Carol-76 McLeod, Billy-55 McLeroy, jerry-55 McMeans, Joanne-27 McMennamy, Linda-76 McMurtry, Rosemary-27 McNeil, Frank-76 McNeill, Melba-55 McNett, Jerry-27 McNew, Walter-27 McPherson, Billie-29 McPherson, Sharon-76 McSwain, Mary Ruth-55 McWho1'ter, James Lee-55 McWhorter, Robert-29 Nall, joseph-57 Nash, jimmy-57 Neal, I-Iershel-77 Neal, James-31 Neese, Regina-77 Neihart, Elsie-57 Muncie, Patsy-77 Munn, Bobby-31 Murff, Bobby Lynn-57 Murphy, Betty--77 Murphy, Lee-57 Nelson, Jessie-77 Nelson, Patsy-57 Nelson, Robert-77 Nelson, Ronald-31 Nelson, Sara-57 Ogden, Donna-57 Oglesby, Kenneth-77 Oglesby, Louise-31 Oliver, jimmy-83 Oliver, Robert-77 Olivo, Sammy-31 Olsen, Harlan-77 O'Neal, Bill-31 Oneal, Mary-31 O'Neal, Rodney-31 O'Rear, Curtis-57 Orme, Robert-77 Ormsby, Patty-78 Ortiz, Stella-31 Osborn, Gordon-31 Osborne, Colleen-31 Osborne, Donald Ray-31 Osborne, Ken-57 Ott, jimmy-57 Owen, Virginia-57 Owens, Anne-57 Owens, Pat-78 Owens, Virginia-57 Pace, Charles-31 Pace, john-57 Pace, Ray-78 Pace, Robert-57 Page, Patsy--57 Palmer, Harla-78 Pamplin, Carroll-78 Pamplin, Donald-31 Panclo, Bob-78 Pankey, Charles-57 Parish, Max-57 Parker, Gwen-78 Parker, Suzanne-78 Parker, Lorene-57 Parks, Clyde-78 Parr, Jim-78 Partain, Lois-57 Pate, Beverly-57 Pate, Pat-78 Patrick, Bobby-31 Patterson, Harold-31 Patterson, jimmy-78 Patterson, Sue-57 Patterson, Tommy-57 Patton, Anna-57 Patton, Marjorie-31 Patton, Wesley-78 Paul, Francis-83 Paul, Jimmy-57 Paul, Robert-57 Pickering, Alfred-57 Pierson, Louetta-57 Pinkston, johnny-31 Pipes, Richard-57 Pippen, james-31 Pitcock, Nita-33 Plumlee, Shirley-53 Plunk, Donnis-78 Plunkett, John-78 Pollard, Curtis-78 Pollard, Henry-57 Pool, Ray-57 Poole, Rita-33, Pope, Rex-57 Porter, Jimmie-57 Porterfield, Diane-78 Porterfield, Sharon-57 Posey, Mary-57 Posey, Randal-57 Potts, Elizabeth-59 Potts, Richard-59 Powell, Bobby-59 Powell, Mike-33 Powell, Peggy-78 Prater, Mildred-33 Pratt, Billy-78 Prescott, Virginia-78 Price, Richard Keith-5 9 Price, Richard Walter-35 Price, Ronald-53 Prickett, Kenneth-78 Prince, Catherine-33 Prince, Virginia-59 Pringle, Darlene-78 Probst, Sally-78 Proffer, Danny-78 Proffer, Iris-59 Prosser, Kermit-78 Provence, Peggy-55 Puckett, john-78 Puckett, Shirley-83 Puckett, Terry Gay-78 Pugh, Gene-59 Puleo, Jennie-59 Puleo, Mary-78 Pulley, Mary-59 Purcell, Gilbert-35 Purcell, Earl-78 Putnam, Zelda-78 Pruett, Marilea-33 Pyatt, janet-33 Pyeatt, Patricia-59 Quarterman, Bill-78 Sanfor Seyffe Quinn, David-78 Quinn, Rosemary-33 Quisenberry, Dixie-59 Quisenberry, Mary-78 Radcliff, Rex-78 Radney, Sammye-78 Raines, B. L.-78 Ramsey, Janette-59 Ramsey, Buck-78 Ramsey, Larrye-33 Rankin, Helen-78 Rapstine, Pat-33 Rathbun, Creta-59 Ratliff, Marita-33 Ray, Frank-33 Ray, Gary-33 Ray, Patsy-59 Ray, Roger-78 Ray, Gene-33 Rea, Nancy-33 Read, Ruby Nell-59 Ready, Jeane-53 Reagor, Tommy-59 Reams, Frankie-33 Redd, Lois-78 Redfearm, Linda-33 Reece, Bill-59 Reece, Bob-59 Reed, Bette Kay-78 Reed, Billy-33 Reed, Janette Marie-33 Reed, Pat-78 Reed, Sheila-33 Reed, Wanda jean-78 Reese, Robbie-78 Reese, Billy-78 Reese, john-59 Riley, jack Tom-59 Rinehart, Wayne-59 Riner, Phyllis-33 Riney, Willetta-35 Risdon, Frances-59 Rittenberry, Charles-59 Ritter, Margaret-59 Rivers, Betty-59 Roach, Billy-59 Roach, Mathew-79 Roan, Barbara-59 Roark, James Michael-79 Roberson, Bettye Jean-79 Roberson, David-59 Roberts, Jean-79 Roberts, Gail-33 Roberts, jimmy-59 Roberts, john-79 Roberts, Myrna-79 Roberts, Peggy-79 Roberts, Rita-79 Roberts, Patsy-59 Robertson, Dwight Gene-59 Robertson, Frankie jo-59 Robertson, Gracia-59 Robertson, Jan-79 Robertson. Margie-59 Robertson, Pat-79 Robinson, john-79 Robinson, Judy-79 Robinson, Merrill-79 Robinson, Rose-79 Robinson, Tommy-53 Rocha, Terry-53 Sanfor d Earl-79 Sanfordl Janelle-35 Sanford, jerry-61 d, jimmy-79 Sapp, Velma-61 Sargent, David-61 Sarrett, Terry-61 Sasueda, Benge-61 Sauls, Donald-79 Saunders, Jamey-35 Saunders, Patsy-55 Sawyer, Tom-79 Scales, Claudia-61 Schaffer, Darrell-79 Schmidt, Bill-79 Schooler, Phil-35 Schramm, Don-61 Schroeder, Sue-61 Schroll, Dorothy-61 Schultz, Carol-55 Scott, Bryan-79 Scott, Charles-35 Scott, Don-79 Scott, Jerry-35 Scott, Jimmy-79 Scott, Mattie-83 Seal, Marilyn--35 Seay, Celine-61 Sebern, Freddie-79 Seeley, Sherley-55 Seigal, Lindly-79 Selby, Bob-35 Seligman, Marcia-61 Sellars, Edgar-35 Serrano, Terasita-35 Sipes, Alton-61 Sisemore, Jess-61 Sitton, james-61 Smallwood, Jerry-61 Smiler, Bobby-'35 Smiley, Naomi-80 Smiley, Wilma-61 Smith, Allen-BO Smith, Alpha-61 Smilth, Barbara-61 Smith, Barbara Jane-61 Smith, Colleen-83 Smith, Doris-61 Smith, Bill-61 Smith, Bob-80 Smith, Carol Ann-55 Smith, David-65 Smith, Dennis-65 Smith, Don-61 Smith, Dorothy-80 Smith, Frances-35 Smith, Hermalyn-80 Smith, Hershel-35 Smith, Inga-80 Smith, James-35 Smith, Montye-80 Smith, Jerry-80 Smith, jimmy-80 Smith, jo Beth-55 Smith, Kenneth-61 Smith, Mary Alice-80 Smith, Ronnie-35 Smith, Shirley-55 Smith, Wallace-55 Snead, Bob-61 Reeves, Bill-59 Reeves, Dean-59 Reeves, Ernest-59 . Reeves, Larry-78 Reeves, Jackie-59 Regal, Janet-59 Regal, john Edward-78 Reid, Don-5 3 Reid, Don-78 Reid, jimmy-78 Reid, Larry-33 Reid, Ann-33 Reid, Pam-78 Reid, Wanda-78 Reid, Wanda Sue59 Rehmeyer, Don-33 Renfoe, Martha-78 Renner, Sharilyn-33 Rockhold, Judy-79 Rockwell, Eddy-59 Rodgers, Anna-79 Rodgers, joy-59 Rodgers, M. j.-59 Rodgers, Mildred-59 Rodgers, Steve-79 Rodgers, Gene-39 Rogers, Betty-35 Roders, David-79 Rogers, Don-35 Rogers, Douglas-59 Rogers, Earlene-59 Rogge, Esther jane-59 Seth, Bill-35 rt, Glenda-61 Rodriquez, Eunice-79 Rojas, Francis-59 Rollins, Bobby-79 Ross, Barbara-59 Ross, Mike-61 Ross, Juanita LnVerne-59 Ross, Margaret-59 Renteria, Lucy-33 Rethran, Jeanie-35 Reynolds, Derrell-79 Reynolds, Don-85 Reynolds, Kathleen-79 Reynolds, Marlene-83 Rhoads, jo Ann-59 Rhoden, Peggy-79 Rhodes, Donna jean-59 Rhodes, jim-59 Rhody, Doris-33 Rice, Edwin-79 Rice, Francis-79 Rice, James-33 Rice, George-59 Richards, Edward-79 Richardson, Douglas-33 Roush, Larry-35 Rowell, Anna-61 Rowell, Mary Francis-79 Royse, Marjorie-79 Rozell, Don-85 Rucker, Dene-61 Ruddick, Cordelia-79 Ruffin, Marvin Ray-79 Rumans, Cliff-35 Russell, Douglas-35 Russell, Hugh-79 Rutland, Eugene-61 Rutledge, Phyllis-61 Ryals, Chalene-79 Saddoris, Don-79 Sadler, Charles-61 Sain, Burl-61 Shackelford, Lance-79 Shaclcelford, Linda-35 Shaddix, Larry-61 Shaffer, Billy-79 Shaffer, Gerry-61 Shaffer, Martha-35 Shand, Karen-61 Shannon, Neal-79 Sharp, Melessa-79 Sharp, Robert-61 Sharp, Wanda-79 Sharp, Ruth Ann-35 Sharpe, Sally-79 Shattuck, Claudine-79 Shaw, Herb-79 Shelburne, G. B.-55 Shellburg, Billy-35 Shenk, Mary Lou-61 Sherrill, Adele-61 Shile, Linda-61 Shinn, Terrall-79 Shirk, Bobbie-61 Shirley, Joe-80 Short, Harold-35 Slagle, Natha-80 Slagle, Vera Ann-80 Slaten, Sam-35 Slater, Susan-80 Slemp, Delores-80 Solis, Don-61 Solnick, Brenda-80 Sommer, Shirley-80 Sorel, John-61 SORelle, Phyllis-80 Sorrels, Doug-61 Sorrenti, Floria Ann-35 Soule, Mary-80 Sparks, Pat-80 Sparks, Sheila-80 Spears, Gwen-61 Speed, jerry-61 Speer, Judy-61 Spence, Royce-61 Spence, Don-37 Spencer, Kay-80 Spencer, jerry-83 Spencer, Paul-80 Spikes, John-61 Springstube, Marcia-80 Springstube, Marion-37 Sprouse, Jerry-80 Stafford, Carroll-80 Stafford, David-80 Stamatis, jimmy-61 Stambough, Sue-57 Stamps, Pat-80 Stanford, Mary-61 Starkey, Frances-63 Steagal, Vicki-63 Richardson, james-79 Richardson, jasper-78 Ridenhour, Shirley-79 Ridenour, Janice-59 Ridge, Phillistene-59 Ridings, Betty-59 Rigdon, jimmy-79 Sain, Patsy-55 Salamy, Fred-79 Sales, Effie-61 Salkeld, Paula-61 Salmon, Toney-55 Sanders, Carolyn-55 Sanders, Delores-79 Rigdon, Virga-59 Riggen, Shirley-53 Sandlin, Leslie Ervin-79 Sandridge, Ranona-61 Slover, Pat-80 Slover, Ronald-80 Sibley, jerry-35 Sibley, Soja-80 Sigman, Vanis-61 Simons, Lillie-80 Simmons, Roy-61 Simmons, Carol-80 Simpson, Eugene-35 Simpson, Marion-35 Simpson, Mary-61 Sims, Florence-80 Sims, Marlene-61 Sims, Robert-80 Sinclair, Marie-61 Stehr, Elby-37 Stephens, Jimmie-63 Stephens, LaNeta-80 Stephens, Linda-63 Stephens, Marion-80 Stephenson, Kenneth-63 Sterling, Edwin-63 Stevens, Harrell-63 Stevenson, Douglas-37 Stevenson, John-65 Stewart, Billy-63 Stewart, George-65 Stewart, Glenda-80 Stewart, Ramona-63 Stewart, Robert-63 Sticksel, john-80 303 Stitt, Norma-80 Stoddard, Duane-37 Stoddard, Raymond-37 Stoltenberg, Gloria-63 Stokes, johnny-63 Stone, Billy--80 Stone, Sue-80 Stone, James-80 Stone, Robert-63 Storrs, Lois-so Stout, Glyn-80 Stovall, Betty-80 Stover, Dannie-37 Stradley, Chloe-63 Strange, jo Ann-63 Strong, Wanda-37 Stubbs, Sharon-37 Sullivan, Ann-80 Sullivan, Pat-63 Summar, Jaceena-80 Summar, Phyllis-63 Summers, LaNell-57 Summers, Fern-63 Summers, Georgena-80 Summers, Harold-37 Sumpter, Frances-63 Surmeier, Marie-37 Swank, Robert-37 Swartwood, Mike-80 Swenson, Sharon-63 Swink, Albert-63 Talley, jimmy-80 Talley, Tommy-37 Tankersley, Arthur-63 Tarbet, james-80 Tate, Carl-80 Tatom, Donald-57 Tale, Gene-63 Tatum, Lynn-63 Taylor, Belle-80 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Charles Eddie-so Charles-80 Gary-80 Ira-80 Taylor, jimmy-65 Taylor, Mary-63 Taylor, Mary jeanene-8 Taylor, Taylor, Teague, Roy-81 Stanley-81 B. Kaye-81 0 Teague, jim-81 Tebo, Peggy Ann-63 Tedford, Amelia-63 Tedford, Lyndell Carolyn Terbush, Nina-65 Terrell, Bobby-81 Thomas, Alvin-81 Thomas, J oAnn-63 Thomas, Maxine-63 Thomas, Tommie-81 Thomason, Dwight-81 Thomason , Kattie-81 Thompson, Bill-63 Thompson, james-63 Thompson, Mary-81 Thompson, Tommie-63 Threet, William-63 Thorn, Evelyn-81 Thornton, Sandra-81 Tidwell, Delora-81 Timmons, Bob-37 Titus, Patsy-63 Toler, Betty-37 Toler, jimmy-63 Tomberlin, Dorothy-81 Totten. John-63 Tow, Max--57 81 Townsend, Betty-81 Townsend, Janice-37 Townsend, Sandra-37 Travis, Mary Kay-81 Treadway, Ovida Margene-81 Trdut, Yvonne Annette-63 Trice, Bonnie-81 Triplett, Helen-81 Troutman, Marjorie-81 Tucker, Evelyn-37 Tucker, Richard-81 Tubbs, Michael-81 Turner, Edelvis-57 Turner, Ida Ann-63 Tunsford, Burl-37 Tyler, Jimmy-63 Ubben, Willa-37 Unlaub, Carl-63 Unlaub, Martha-37 Underwood, Pati--37 Underwood, Phyllis-63 Underwood, Travis-63 Upshaw, Barbara-37 Upton, jovetta-81 Van Doran, julie-81 Van Doran, Gary-81 Van Hoose, P. D.-63 Van I-Iuss, Mattie-81 Van Meter, Gail-63 Van Noy, jerry-63 Van Waskenburg, Mary- Van Winkle, jan-81 Vanorer, Velma-81 Vaughan, Don-37 Vaugh, Virgil-37 Vest, Donna-81 Vest, Von-37 Verklor, Helen-63 Vermillion, Joe-63 Verplank, Bobby-63 Vester, Willie-63 Vashalike, Betty-81 Voth, Edythe-81 Voth, Glen-37 Waddill, Mike W.-81 Wade, Jeanette W.-63 Wade, Mona-81 Wadsworth, jay-63 Waggoner, Barbara-81 Wagner, Cherry-Sl Wagner, Gary-81 Wagner, Kay-63 Walker, Adabeth-63 Walker, Billy Don-81 Walker, Billy Ray-81 Walker, Bobbie Faye-63 Walker, Carolyn-65 Walker, Dennis-81 Walker, Donald-37 Walker, Ernest-65 Walker, jimmy--65 Walker, Jimmie-37 Walker, Linnie-81 Walker, Shirley-37 Walker, Thomas-81 XX'allace Don-65 Wallace, Eleanor-37 Wallace, Gale-81 Walton, Sidney-37 Ward, Delores-65 Ward, Dick-37 Ward, Janice-81 Wardell, Bobby-65 Ware, jimmy-81 Warren, Barbara-81 Warren, Bobby-81 Warren, Fred-65 63 Watson, Martha-65 Watson, Sara-65 Watts, Gary-81 Way, Bob-81 Way, joe Tim-65 Weatherford, john-37 Weatherly, Ann-65 Weatherly, Curtis-81 Weathers, Luther-81 Weaver, Charles-65 Weaver, Mary Vaughn-57 Vfebb, Clara-65 Webb, Helon-81 Webb, Margaret-39 Webb, Mickey-65 Webb, Shirley-65 Weeks, Karene-65 Weems, Delwin-39 Weems, Laura-65 Weiszbrod, Charlene-39 Welch, Karen-39 Welch, Sara-39 Weldon, Gail-81 Weldon, Mark Anne-65 Wfells, Mattie Lorene-65 Wertz, Charlotte-65 West, Glenda-81 West, Kenneth-89 West, Maxy Joyce-65 Westerfield, jack-39 Westfall, Bobby-39 Westfall, Don-83 Westmoreland, Dean-81 Williams, Suvila-82 Williams, Timmie-82 Williams, Virginia-65 Wlilliamson, James-82 Willingham, Norman-82 Willis, Sylvia-65 Wilson, Ann-82 Wilson Betty Ann-82 VC'ilson Blantie-65 Wilson, Frances-65 Wilson, jane-65 Wilson, Janice-39 Wilson, jeff-39 Wilson, Marshal-82 Wilson, Molly Lou-65 Wilson, Paul-65 Wilson, Reba-82 Vfilson, S. E.-65 Windsor, Nancy-39 Wineinger, James-65 Westmoreland, Janette-65 Wharton, Valeta Mae-65 Wheeler, Dennis-81 Wheeler, Dolores-65 Wheeler, jerry-82 Wheeler, Rodney-65 Whigham, Sammy-65 Whippo, Buddy-82 Whisenant, Betty-65 White, Ann-82 White, Billy-82 White, Bobby-65 White, Darell-39 White, Ellen-82 White, Patty-82 White, R. T.-65 White Sharon-65 Whitfield, Roberta-39 Whitis, Van-65 Whitley, Henry-65 Whitsitt, Henry-82 Whitten, Billie-39 Whittenburg, Evelyn-82 Whietenburg, Patty-65 Wicker, Tommy-83 Wiegman, Sylvandia-65 Wilhite, Kay-82 Wilhite, Merwin-82 Wilkins, joe-82 Wilkins, Paul-83' Wilkinson, jack-65 Wilkinson, Sandra-65 Williams, Bettye june-39 Williams, Bettye Loree-39 Williams, Bernidene-82 Williams, Beverly Ann-82 Williams , Dorothy-39 Williams Donald-82 Williams Glenda-82 Williams, jackie-65 Williams Janice-65 Williams, joe-65 Williams Margaret-59 Williams Martha-65 Wing, Shirley-82 Winningham, Patricia Ann-65 Winstead, Nancy-82 Winstead, Theresa-65 Winter, Mary jane-65 Winters, Glenda,-65 Winters, Richard-82 Wirth, Bobby-65 Wirtz, Jack-65 Wise, Gary-82 Wfitcher, David-82 Wfitcher, Donald-65 Witherspoon, Alva jean-65 Witherspoon, Eva jane-39 Witherspoon, Vonne Ceil-39 Witt, Kenneth-82 Wolflin, Fain-65 Wood, Alva Nell-39 Wood, David-39 VV ood, Don-67 Wood, D. L.-39 Wood, Frank-67 Wood, Shirley-39 Woods, Annie-82 Woods, Carolyn-82 Wfoods, james-39 Woods, Lonnie-82 Woods, Ulands-82 Woodrome, Anita-39 Woodward, Robert-82 Woolsey, Betty jean-82 Wooten, Bobby-82 Worley, Floyd-67 Wormsbaker, Keith-39 Wrather, Ann-82 Wright, Bobby-82 Wright, Harold-39 Wright, Viola Genelle-39 Wfyatt, Larry-67 Wynn, Dalw39 Wynn, Kay-82 Wyrick, Bill-39 Yates, Kenneth Warren-82 Yates, Kenneth-67 Yeager, Ben-39 Yelton, Shirley-82 Yocham, Donna-67 Yolland, Betty-39 York, Ralph-67 York, Ray-82 York, Ronnie-82 Young, Elizabeth-67 Young, james-67 Young, Richard-S2 Yunker, Johnny-67 Ziegenhorn, Forrest-82 Ziegler, jim-67 Zimmerman, Warren Eugenegfi Tow, Pat-81 Watkins, Carol-57 Williams, Paula-65 Zimmerman, Walter-82 Town, Lisbeth-81 Watson. Edith-81 Williams, Roger-39 Townes, Terry-81 Watson, Josie-37 Williams, Roy-65 -V . W Y , .Y..,,,-- 774123. 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Suggestions in the Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) collection:

Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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