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? A S L f w w Q3 , A w EWG ... , ' -54351 -4, M 'H :.Iif.!'1'J-f:u'gq1'.:-is - i .3 L. 'fl 1 I'.' U -. ga' Q Q -'4-Q ' . on ' . 5- :gt :aff- 1 . . , -17' . fig". .: ' Y 'JWI-, . . . . -'31 . V It-7 ' 'ia at We v . .14 Q .-,351-1'-gfir.j.' '12 3.5-' 1' 'flu u o 1 '."- ff' ff , 1-il -V gf' .- ' 1: -1'-3 it- .1 gi ...Lg - . 1 I t in 1.5, '. 3 6. - v -Qu --' 'Q , ,, ,g-L ' '- :1 ' .- w 1-1 :I 0-1 K Q1 I , fi 1 L-. ' 7,521 5 1' as-iy 1-7 1. N 'ri' . " ,- - ' ,-' P19 ' ? an .', 1:1 a.. , .'-,, -, Q, -f' :ff lx QQ.-igg.. .. -g xy . -.-,l'1,. 1575- - ---,..,.,. ,- .Q 'Q' .,-fl 'YV . 'I 'nl'-5 I., I-1- ." '':i"1'.-,4w:f3Q,:.:g,'i-5.f.441:4 ,fa -' ,g.:4":' 'X , ' ' ' ' " ' -1 '-f 53:1-1, . , f .. , . v . 43s, r 0 'li?'5F- 1 -1- :z ,qlg hall Q z If ,-' 1 4 4.1, ., ' l 47,1 11,1 IL .. ' qw. , 1,2-:I S, N, g '3'-N . . 1" ," '7 ff 1 ' ' ' iifffii- lx . .1 QS- 1' X 5-'F ag fi' I '. ' " Nf -4. - Sr.-I-1--2 f' 1' ig? rr--'.'1'f' J A 'u . 1 r -gag,-'jgtg'?E ,1' ,' 45? 'I 'UQ , TL- . ' ,I If' -sl lg -,, 2 I: a , -- ' Q' 1 ' ' I, A5115 u s f ' I' 1 'nz 16" f7!'L, 1 ri 1' f' i- 1' f - I ' - ," f, ,gqmgef 0 J 4 fuisy-up vu 5 ,,1' 1,1 4 ' s 2 0 9 L , . I if , iv, ,ff " A T" ' ?r -,.- J, , -, , -sl' 1 ,z.-if-" ' 3 "U ' " ' ' .-2'3" Q ' ' L Q., J" "R . W u 9. A s '-, - 29 ' " s mf- 1 X- ,, ,' 1 ' ' xxx 'kb X Ng f w x 'x x , - ' F s. . Arr, , . '5f53'1f-Z'i'I1 .-"'v-'.'-":'..'.,-, f..'-. ., I , ' . .. 9... VN i NAME ADDRESS ' ."f1f',- . 592 115:55 "'IQIif5551 . .',-' v'.-' :ffff Amarillo High School- 1952 05 Page 2 Photo Courtesy Amarillo Times-By Lester Hlilliams orewor The Amarillo High School continued to grow in 1951-52. The familiar red brick building on Polk Street took on a different appearance with the addition of four classrooms and a cafeteria along the south wing. V N We watched expansion of our alma mater, saw the walls of steel and brick rising sturdily dur- ing the summer and fall and got an idea. Taking our cue from the builders around us, we chose construction as the theme of the 1952 LA AIR- OSA. We've spent a year putting this book together, picturing at every opportunity the construction here in AHS - the building of friendships, knowledge and memories during the past year. We hope yozfll enjoy Volume XXXVII1 of LA AIROSA. The Editors Eclitor-in-chief ' Joe Benham Associate Editor Martha Schultz Business Managers Barbara Pearce Pat Frost AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL Amarillo, Texas Page 5 : r ' QA... ,Y Y 777 f f ' WWW The Amarillo School Board pictured 'lt a bi-weekly meeting. Standinv left to ri0'ht: Ceorge Nl. VVaddill 'md Chas. M. Rovers adwisors' Gus Roberts Herman Smith Sim Kelly. Sefttecl left to rivht: Herb Willborn Lane NIC Xfce VV. N. Durham, Jr., R. A. VVilson. Chas. M. Rogers R. A. Selby S11pe'Vinte1'zde1zt of Schools Assistant Sujaerintenderzt of Schools v li 'E ...a Page 4 E s l S E 2 . 2 5 I l S2 E I 1 E The seven elective members of the Amarillo school board and two school board advisors are charged with the responsibility of making the decisions necessary for operation of the Amarillo Independent School District. The board convenes on first and third Mondays of each month and at other times subject to call. ge5 R. A. "Bob" Mfilson Sclzool Board President' ADMINISTRATION V. V. Kniseley Director of Cmwiculzzm w w S 1 lfilllilbbih ,,..,.L. , as ......,, . ,,,...,.. .....3O Jifhior 60 C LUBS. ..,....... .. ACTIVITIES... ....,... I Music .... . 17 Publications... 1 4 Spe ech 8 Dramatics.. PORTS ........ ............. .......... Z C. ,..0m0.b.,, , w.H, . ........... . .. ...,, .... ......... 2 6 Sophomore 82 FAVORITES ..... 6 STUDENT LIFE 4 ... .,.. . S ., . H.-H -- -- M 1 . M '- - . .Q..... oo o N 1 i Q , Q 4 442 5' f 4, gi . mr: lm , , ff 2 1 4 , A M -M M , 3 V w , . V' 'W V, i W Q Q zz I PW - - - '-2:a:s:sw ,V-v 'W ,S ,W X -.-.,.::::5:a:2v"iQ.,::,g:.,:,:,.,.:,, . W M K X , L , ..:.EE5:E.-AE: ' 4 , , by . " 'Q X.. V W' ' . N, W 1. x W M Y N Vw- -www' wmv ' . - . . -',' -. , . , -.. , . . , . '- . 1 , , Q ., . .. , ., . . '- ' '. - uf. ' .-. . , . . . . - - , - .. - - . .- ' . - . .. ' .. . . -. ., - . . 0 . . ' . - ,. ..- . .- . - '.- . .. - . ,.. - . . :I ,'. ". . ..- - ,.' , . ' . - ... -- .-,' ,. LX. ZS S I I mum, 666 ofv 661202061 0 1,112-06. 0 48 '16 QOGGQQ 80661114113-4,11 4'174Ql44Q 7?'l'4S f,,QJ'2Z,,fZZ"Q""' 41611 4 1.95 F66 lbcbbf abd 8111 01661111516 3 7612129 01111519 O11 166 01111111116 0111619 161611661 Jalvg 80660659 601110 P116 0011116612 6y 166 611170616 0111666 H16 6 6066611111616 1110616 1211 111016 111111101-1 Q J' 6-96 66611 6 671061161166 66111 11 1116 10 166 GQI' Q61 QIJQ' 612 110016 O61 J' of 4211111 111011111 IO GQPQ' 166 6011110 of6a12111161 a IO 6017066 166 1116061661660 a61,111og1666 P12176 166 6011 611611617 IO F66 11191611291 16112 dll1l22611I1C'f?l21i161 10 16066 of '11 6384 as 1666661-6 16 16.91 016 QQ! IQYGQQ J1' 1116 12117 162 1 061 1001116 6ygofQ'66 61611111 -1161167 81620666 coo 01-4 ofa11 300, 10 A 1116166 6-16 '11 QQGPQIIL 120' C' Cf? 'IQ' gr of ' 6 C6 l11YQ' 616 -sys gh? 166 -?Q'6 6 6f 11860 of6a11111161 6123 16611 66116 Q -aQ96Q' H1116 166 UGSQQIJ' 616 ofc6a1a61615 o1'111111Qf of F6863 11 111611616 1101 111661661 1116 01 619 661 oIf61 610036 of OCZ '72 '22 1019116116 10 166 61a0'o1"CQ .'Lj4O-10 1211 1616 +25l66QQQ' 6111476111 6oQfp QIJQ' 13611191 12,1 16616 1961161006 60430616110 1110661616 1616 -9661616121661 F01 1616 -360' 661616 GXQQAIGS co 1511 611 Q0 166 4619 616113 J 6111 111061 511616161 02,6111 go IO 166 fo1661 131 1061111 01- 1016261 166 6100181 611111616 601116 ' Q16 111011111-S1112 191166 11,0 116 Ifafl16Q'gb1?sg 131 136 6191661 6101666 660' dollje-in 061 111661661 1663, P11016 H1116 11111616 01 60Qj 166 611171761 16 661117 1' C012 H 6511106 6 01116 12 661111 62 1vO1Pf11f1f1f 0011611661166 0066 11 Page The assistant principal has one of the most diffi- cult jobs in the school. It requires much patience, dili- gence, an easy conversational manner, and humor. Mr. Howard Lynch, our assistant principal, has all of these fine qualities. He maintains his position in an enviable manner which makes it admired and respected by the entire student body and faculty. MR. HOWARD LYNCH Assistant Principal FGREMEN The Job of dean of girls is similar to that of assist- ant principal, requiring many of the same abilities and personality traits. This position is capably filled by Mrs. Thomas Haynie, who is one of the busiest mem- bers of the faculty. Aside from being dean of girls, she is co-ordinator of activities in AHS and president of the Amarillo-Potter County Unit of the Texas State Teachers Association. Her quiet charm and good humor make her help- ful suggestions invaluable to the girls who come to her for advice. MRS. THOMAS HAYNIE Dean of Girls Page 12 The counselors fill an important role in the every- day life of members of all classes. Their duties include the routine of schedules, credits, and much academic advice. Moreover, there are the endless personal problems with which students confront the counselors daily. Their genuine interest and thoughtful suggestions make working with them a pleasure. MRS. W. B. BURKHALTER Senior Counselor SECTION BOSSES MISS MINNIE FEIERABEND junior Counselor M MISS CARMEN ULM S Sophomore Counselor LIBRARIANS iT'W3 NM H A 'ylfillg ' Wx lfll l M A Q' SECRETARIES wi x T50 f I , T7 3.523 J Q16 Shown above, members of the sixth period Friendly Miss Jane VVilliams, better known gym class build pyramids as one of the features as "VVillie," is shown checking roll and chatting in the tumbling unit. with the girls. Girls' Physical The members of the Girls' Physical Education classes under the guidance of Miss Jane Williams and Mrs. Dorris Foreman devote two and three periods a week to activities such as archery, ten- nis, basketball, tumbling, volleyball, bad- minton, and ping-pong. At the begin- ning of the year, the girls troop to El- wood Park where one group shoots, then hunts for arrows while a second group at- tempts to master the art of a good back- hand. When the weather turns cold, the girls jp ffl' .z, t. Education report to the gym where they tumble and build pyramids. The best tumblers become members of the tumbling team, which presents an assembly program. Following tumbling, comes basketball. After a few weeks of games within the classes, intramural teams are chosen and the battles rage for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior championships. Other sports follow in close succession and by the end of the year memories of fast action and heated games overshadow the thoughts of bruises and sprains. 4206 Lp. ff .. A Q Page 15 'o Mrs. C. N. Baker U. of Okla. Mrs. C. P. Atwood Texas Tech English The English Department of Amarillo High School is the largest department of the school. Although Sophomore and Junior Eng- lish are required, a great many students go on to study Senior English. Miss Irene Crawford TSCW Mrs Hazel Davis WTSC Miss Faye Dillingham Mrs. Josserand's hobby is collecting U. of Okla. ?f1'1EfIi1l,1CS. She is pictured with part of Miss Marie Donnell U. of Okla. Page 16 Department The courses are planned to give stu- dents a basic understanding of the Eng- lish language through the study of prose, poetry, and drama, along with the ever essential grammar and composition. Mrs. Vada Hall Texas Tech Mrs. Anne Johnston George Peabody Mrs. Mary Martin WTS C Miss Lucile Morton SMU Miss Louise Russell USC Mrs. Davis says that cooking is all she 1135 time for when Son B0b'S around- Mrs. Dolouise VVhite Mrs. Marion Schoen U. of Okla. Baylor U. Mr. Wfilliarn YfVilson E TS TC Mr. I-I. Flathers Speech - Dramafics - Journalism U. of Colorado Miss Jessie Mercer Baylor Among the most popular courses offered in AHS are those of speech and dramatics. Sophomores can begin with Speech 20 and continue on through their entire high school career indifferent fields of speech. Examples of'speech courses offered are: dramatics, de- bate, radio and interpretation. Another of the un- usual courses offered is journalism. Students produce The Sandstorm and receive practical experience in several phases of school newspaper work. Page 18 ui VVhen Jack Frost blows Mrs. Burk halter knows it's time to get out the rake Mrs. N. N. Wfhitworth Northwestern Miss Ellie Whitmore TSCW Music Department Mr. A. M. Autrey NTSC Miss Tennie Thompson i Wrsc I The Music Department of Amarillo High School is one of the most active of the school. From within the annex come the sounds of the practicing choirs at almost any hour of the day or night. Only through these long hours of practice are they able to win the acclaim given to them by all who hear them. Approximately five hundred students are taking . . . th' 1 t' . Th' 1 b th -Miss Penn, one of the artists in our Olsuciairitllliljfcillqlilgsiie artslenirge num er proves e midst, shows one of her landscapes. P P Y P ' ff? IO Mr. Charles Emmons Southwestern X A v' I x ' X is is Q sf X lp I, MTS- Sybal Bfiefley Mr. II. O. Parkey Miss Laura Roberts Texas Tech Colorado State U. of Texas "ForeV' yells "Pro" Norman as he sends a drive straight down the fairway. Social If a Sandie should wonder about the history or topography of Lower Slobovia or more about our gov- ernment here in the United States, he can learn this in the Social Studies Department of AHS. The patient teachers strive to bring us knowledge from near and far. They have contributed much to the high stand- ing of our school and are constantly trying to bring us a better understanding of our nation and other countries. Mrs. A. L. Brint Mrs. Lela Crossett Mrs, Margaret josserand Texas Tech U. of California WTSC i Miss Laura Snyder Texas Tech Studies Through the years the history department of Ama- rillo High School has been known as a very interesting and educational department. lfVith The American Observer, and similar weeklies, the Social Studies teachers acquaint us with the current events that are so important in these uncertain times. The department offers such courses as American history, world, history, civics, Texas history, and many others. ,.,,A, 4 ,c . '--- as is gases,stsggatgsmesfarsgsgsisafsgtfi2sg,zaastga2t,aits:,sg3s sgiilfiqgsiv 1413 iiihitiilhiflfiiy Sfivllcliiilfisidls,'ki5?E557f?3-S3g9i'N55Q 59 'li Jtfwsfzsesmsffwisl- tags-,sf is -V-,Www s,fs,s,,,fMA,tA -s,fwtfgaSme1sf?'s ssffsag1gsggtsss5a,,ssw,, ..s,.fw3,2t.ya,wg,,,, rms gysiigiwfv13k4YwSfsl5i9Yg3z1s,zfe 'si:f?gg?5ftGEg53f11ggg5Q fifiseidgksbsxgaiggr x 2552:-' - Wggeg-swiwg-2,18 1 ' s"' M W" , ' I5',.:,,',.,1: ' f- 'z, 55:11:12 swiss 1.:sa.jsZQ fgfgg- H59 Q , fusstisissgiggii gi f gssgqfgt 4-fr., K "5fsgj?5Q'e"ff . .,.,,r .,,. fs , 1 as gg ' . , 1 1 4-its , -ix? ?? .. fa-:fy:f':tz:a?ggfvsgfH4 if -ff f ., 2- t fn-n,,Mvas: :Y 391555395 , H , Eff.,- 4.2 at f ,fS'i'e :f ,'f2::::vspg,3fNf3gsPg 3L?f"P3Y'Ni,ff., 3i5"' z':" " :'." ff'.-1.41" fQ557-5'il9S2l??'i3YiiS, at ,V 'W as ,, Ktfstviw gs f f, t s--f -' if ,. i,., K N523 me ..t G T K as s?,,,.Lt,,2stfm,,,q Q+ . gg ti 5 ,- Q R Qi fi? if, K X 3 gyda E L 3 -su, yeas X, aidsggmgsi 1 i x 2 W , A f.t.w,11g,, awf- gts i 5 Q 5 I at gm F K 3 is Ea 1 f Q 5 5 s as 9 xg as ,F K , ssh, 6 at W siyafgi this is W if signi fy ,lx M3955 sg? si 5 1 f el LS M ,.,. .7 fi i W , , MS Q7 at Z Wifi 1' fliiyfgisl' fl 5 nE131i.i'lfSH'V' Rise ' s 'L wats: if sswesffz fs 1 . .Q is 5 i 5 , Eltfgfk I' -fl'11'Q-I is ullliifly ' 1 . 1,2 :V af 9- "?"'t'575E3l:fii:-':S::f 1 :sim I trxfi',fQ'i??5i5,i'f if-f,Q3'Hi 9 -1'3 ' n1'.s .KA i ff.: .if :-11.323 1 fli3XXlQK?2J?9?,?52i7l5l 1W'Si5',Q5f 54 .:-.- " 'if f 7 Lfls 5"::14,:'5 :':. w' i'Et1 iX532g5ZI1S5ifA'Q r. f 'S25?t-ai 31? Aff 12 fan: gm-isU-sw,'s?M52,1, 535 3 mam EW 'witfxiftgeftswl 'K' S-Wv15i1?4s16tgtsi'te 4 : ll Sis ! ?5gf5gc?Lf5g7i5?'X ,5Y5f:Ew: i,l5vfg5i?l ,'gasLg1JS1fifJ'+Eglti Z +1 5i'i5il2W S ' 5 Miss Ruth Ann Tolbert U. of New lllexico ww es tafikiiiqsgsfizgsassgfygs ' Sis vef3QW?Q2ls5ii2iiiZ: t,, ls . .QQ , ms 1 5e3Qa53ifzx3ysfif.,,s,, ,.,H.,A ,. ,,,,.q.,,,?f.,,,4,, ,..,., ,V ...,t f -aww v,v. . .,.-- -',:,- 5 :.., . ..:: efgq . -- :,1fQ.:.t2g::f: 53,5 1 K ,. ,tt-,,,-.5:4s..v tail-Qitstszis, -iw I 'fl I . ' fix-sw,-izgfiv g'1','fF"':' 'gf A 2 H 1lfi95fEZ!9s?5a5 Pi-if-f:'1flf 5 L' ' ' -. 'wfwlspweaafs 521' -- ' - I, ,R-4 1'a ':um123'gl? ffzffffiwaftzszv he i -1.-Es ' Exit ezgssaaasfsifgafig, gm, f,,,-at ,. Q ,1fU1:stf.p isf?s- si W:-vw' 'awww ,t- as sy3'fs,'ffi- HS: Q5 '2f::fx55lFW.swz-ASM t. -.5-, .f - Qi ,L Z-me .Wa A S , iffy-121 ' ws-Mfqsf?f1 ',.2+"f -ia ,f 2':f'f 1 lf' 1 lrtA,, I ,fgc M 1 ' 'T v -L f 'WW 5 A it -L , ,. -W - -,h- my , :.,,3f:i ks- K . X Miss Gladys Wallis SMU at Q E E 35 WVonder what Mrs. Haynie does with all those grapes she grows in her back yard? Miss Clara Zobisch U. of Oklahoma Mrs Sue Jennings Miss Francis Annis Mrs. Lola WTSC Colorado A8cM U. of Texas Home Economics Department "Quick! Get that iron off that skirt." "For heaven's sake! Don't use salt instead of sugar!" Girls just beginning homemaking drive teach- ers crazy. A few weeks spent in this worth- while department, however, and everything is running smoothly. Boys as well as girls have been taking Home Ec. for the past few years. In addition to the arts of cooking and sew- ing, students learn personal grooming and budgeting. "Sic semper tyrannis!" or "Buenas Diasg" are common phrases with the students who are members of the foreign language depart- ment of Amarillo High School which offers courses in Latin and Spanish. The Spanish classes learn about our neigh- bors to the South, their language, culture, etc. while the Latin students learn of the influence of the'Latin language on our modern English. Latin is often taken to meet requirements for entrance into certain colleges, while our geo- graphical location prompts many others to take Spanish. Foreign Language Department Miss Anna Mae Klapproth U. of Colorado WTSC Miss Viola Ballard il ., l" - ' , ..-- .Q l ,il ' ,ii-' 14..- 3 gf I l IIE!!- F 1 K lf I ii. - an t t f me 1 y -D I --, K Y 4. - , sx -f , Q swat Y - oz- my :- Q - K ' I Q 1 Drivers Eclucatlon Vocational Agriculture Dlstrlbutlve Eclucatlon Diversified Occupations Mr. Oliver Diggs Mr. C. T. Howell ETSTC WTSC Miss Gladys Wallis has a doubly difficult Mr. Anthony has an unusually confusing assignment as she teaches both world history and job because his first period class includes both first year Spanish. typing 41 and 32 students. R. H. Davis Mr. Ray Cannon Mr. John Whiteley Mr. Sam Henry Texas Tech NTSTC ETSC NTSC Mr. M. Boswell Miss Alma H311 WTSC U. of Texas Mrs. Bowen Cox George Peabody Mathematics Department Mr. E. G. Sanders Texas Tech Mr. E. M. Savage U. of Texas Mrs. C. C. Shaller Texas Tech Members of the La Airosa staff under the sponsorship of Miss Whitmore spent their Christ- mas vacation working diligently to meet their first deadline. Mr. I-Iudgh Underwood U. of Missouri Miss Kate Wilson SMU ov 'V x ' ' "-ELM' lf 153: Li 5, 5 Mr. S. G. Anthony Miss Lurline Bowman Mrs. COUH11 Bralldt Texas Tech U. of Colorado WTSC 'i Commercial Department .sf :N " Mrs. C. C. Shaller and Carol Meyers are shown .discussing the probabilities of line "X intersecting SKY!! HO!! Mrs. L. W. Patton Miss Adelle Shows WTSC U. of Texas i si ,i N sw swgeggysigvygwfw:rwaf, -get ffitgeswiigrifgifgisihisitf rsh K 12r?fg'?ers?is9f4?fJi.Veils Qwwiif'5vi2sQS5i?2f,ii-gil 2 ' ?Sia?fQisg22g,Ws5Sf1giw5 -A " ,M if 2. 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Hackers, spseiq Wrimers Club, 106103 H S teachef, USGS the Yecofd ax m 5 abihty wich the brush as we a hom che audio yds deqiluguigg che pen. in msxrucung Xue S9602 C H5 - Mr. A T . B, P001 exag Tech U, W, ,,,. , Wk 6 KA 127.598 ,M M" Ti!! lei? 592-5:' 'M . , V ff'5iv,ige,qE!,ffi1gg555 'vifgfwyyg L, A ff"f'Wi?figLizQ?f.W W"M2?iig!31isw gi N W 153124 iii - yiewi f1g,'1zgs,x5g-5f,g-f,z-- fggwggvw --JesP55ikk,3,fQg, mn ,H , .. it L - , , Elf 53.3 ' 1 1 ' V ' a ilsiggimgey 55 QQ 35 Qmgej, J ! 1 653 ef, W Mmwmi JMMF5 M Q nf w il '--k I 21 Lgwffm Q K Y 1 QL- H K .. .Swag 4933. QS,Qfq,fw ., ' ' 7 : -E Y , ,, ,I-flaibilagkiffr Swv W , S w v ' ' ii ,Mg?5V?fY . Q , A su wggvgf ' . , 3' - 95- ,- g,fK,5f4s5? :f U ief 'f1.-mf , K . -- me i - f- 'ff4:gsg?fMpasi,sff ,gil .:.. W. ., L- , -.k,.. 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Hull Colorado State Mr. Frank Guess cf. of Texas Major Carl Matney WTS C Mr. Sam Pecchia U. of Minnesota ETSC WTSC Boys' Physical Education Shortly after workmen made the final checks on wiring, etc., faculty and students moved into the new cafeteria. SENIUR S S if Q if fi Ks 1 s Ka 1 ve 3 5 s 5 5 L 5 E 2 3 Z Q 1 K E 1 I S EZ5ikE!:,Lfi"fin,-5EtE1S9Af:i3Si x -?335'iH?:5IEESJ?E332EiifzfkiiifFizwfilgiilffiii'NFZ775'Ei-'V??"f'1frf 'fi'f?LliiY'FVl f , I- Q' i 'f - ' Qin . . MMM , ' A ' ' ' ' ' --9 Closs of '52 NGLIN, DONALD VIC Club TKINSON, JIMMIE DELL Cheerleader AILEY, ALMA DELL Square Dance Club AILEY, DON Gym AINS, JUAREE FHA AKER, DELORES Y-Teens AKER, GORDON Cheerleader ALLARD, BILLY JOE Orchestra ADAMS, BILLY JOE Sandie Baseball AD KINS, ALLAN Honor Society ALBRIGHT, JIMMY Sandie Football ALLEN, BOBBY Intramurals ALLTON, RONNIE Swimming Team ANDERSON, BARBARA Allied Youth ANDERSON, KAY Intramurals ANDREWS, RAYMOND DO Club BANES, JIM BOB BARBER, JOYCE Honor Society BARGER, MEREDITH Scmdslorm Staff BARKER, BILL ROTC BARTLETT, BARBARA Secretarial Training Club BARTLETT, BILLY BATEMAIN, FAYE Honor Society BATES, EDDIE If lf 5 it ik l sei 'G r 25 Class of '52 BECHTOL, BENNY BIGBIE, CLIDA FHA BITTING, JOHN ROTC Captain BLACKXVELL, GENE VIC Club BLAKEVVAY JUANNELLA FHA BLANTON, MARJORIE Honor Society A BLASINGAME, BARBARA DE Club BLASEINGAME, DOLORES FHA BLAIR, BETTY Texas History Club H i-Y BEEMAN, ROB ROY Sandie Band BELL, 'DERRELL VIC Club BENHAM, JOE Editor La A irosa BENNETT, RAYMOND Sandie Football BENTON, REBA DELL FHA BERG, BOB " Sandie Band 13icHsEL, MARVIN VIC Club . BLAISDELL, BOBBIE Secretarial Training Club BLEDSOE, REX History Major BOEHNING, CARL DE Club BOLES, TRAVIS Thespians BOREN, MARGARET BOSS, MARVA ., ,.,,FTA BOXWELL, BEVERLY ROTC Sponsor BOYD, FRANCIS BOYD, TOM Sandie Basketball BRADFORD, DELORES Sandie Band BRADLEY, SUE National Honor Society BRANNAN, COY DO CLUB BRANUM, GLENNA BREVVER, KENNETH VIC Club BRITT, DARWIN BRITT, SUE Bel Canto Chorale Closs of '52 Allied B ROCK ELIZABETH Inu amui als BROOM I-I EAD RITA Youth Los V BRUNE BROYVN BETTY Student COUHCII BROIVN SHIRLEY iajcros R BARBARA Texas BRYAN HlStOYy Club T jor FFA Allled BRYSON MARY ELLLN X outh BUCKNER, RON NIE Dramatics BULL, STANLEY Sandie Football Captain BUMPUS, BARBARA Ken Klub BURKIN, DICK DE Club BURNS, BOBBY ROTC Captain BURT, DON Director Sandie Swingsters BURTON, JENNY LEE Allied Youth BUSWELL, WRAYTON ROTC ' BUCHA NAN, JOAN Page 33 BUTCI-IER, WAUNETA ROTC Sponsor BYARS, MONA DE Club BYRD, BOB Sandie Track BYRD, ROY CALDWELL, NANCY JO Secretarial Training Club CALDWELL, SANDRA FHA CAMPBELL, WINTON DO Club CAMPSEY, JIMMY DE Club Class of '52 CARDINAL, CAROL Choir CARLI LE, MARY AN N FHA CARON, ROSE MARIE Ready W1'ite1"s Club CARTER, BEVERLY Bel Canto Chorale CARVER, JIMMY President VIC Club QATES, JANIS FTA Club CAVENDER, YVONNE Bel Canto Chorale CEARLEY, IMOGENE Student Council CHAMBERS, FLORENCE CHANDLER, JERRY DO Club CHAPMAN, KENDA Ken Club CHILTON, LELAND CARTER, CHARLES Sandie Football CARTER, DON Sandie Football CARTER, MAYNIE Allied You th CARTER, PAT Y-Teens Page 34 C oss of '52 COFFEE, NANCYE National Honor Society COGBURN, PEGGY ANN Allied Youth COLE, DENISE ROTC Sponsor BETTY COOLEY COLLIER, JAMES National Honor Society COLLINS, BILLY DEAN Wrestling CONANT, DONNIE CONNER, MARY COII'11IIC1'Cl2ll ,ge 35 CHURCHILL, SALLY National Honor Society CLEEK, CAROL Student Council CLEMENT, DEWAYNE DO CLUB CLEMENT, JOHNNY CLEMENT, JORENE Texas History Club CLEMENTS, JAMES Square Dance Club CLIFT, EARL Square Dance Club CLOUD, BILLIE FHA COOK, BARBARA FHA COOK, DON Glee Club COOK, RICHARD DE Club COOKE, BILL Sandie Track CORMACK, BILLY Thespians CORNELIUS, CARROLL Bel Canto Chorale CORNELI US, KENNETH COX, DARLYNE FHA Closs of '52 ' DAMPF, BEVERLY Bel Canto Chorale DANIEL, KATHERINE Secretarial Training Club DAVIS, BOB Bel Canto Chorale DAVIS, JI M MY Sandie Football DAVIS, LAVONA DE Club DEAL, ELISE Student Council DEAN, JAMES Bel Canto Chorale DEPAUVV, BYRON Allied You th COX, HUGH Sandie Football CRANFORD, JO ANNE Allied Youth CRONISTER, JERRY Ready Writers Club CRUMPACKER, JO ANN CURRIE BETTY CURTIS, STEVE Sandie Football Manager DAILEY, MARTHA FTA Club DALTON, NICK National Honor Society Page 36 DIER, CAROL Thespians DOGGETTE, FAE DONLEY, EUTON DONLEY, EYVONNE FHA DON NELL, TOM Sandie Football DOROTHY, RICHARD DO Club DOWELL, TOBY Sandie Basketball DOVVTY, BILL Sandie Basketball DRESSLER, OVA FAY Gym DUD LEY, JOAN Ken Klub DUNAVANT, DORRIS National Honor Society DUNCAN, CHARLOTTE Student Council DUNN, ARLENE DUNN, PAT Allied Youth DWIGHT, JERRY Tennis EARLY, RUBY Science Major Clcuss of '52 EASTWOOD JERRY VIC Club ECK, .mimi DE Club EDVVARDS, COLLENE Tennis EITNER, SHIRLEY English Major ELKINS, WALTER ROTC ELLIOT, BETTY Sandie Band Twirler ELLIS, JIM MY Allied Youth ELY, DON Sandie Basketball ELY, MARY LOU National Honor Society EMANUEL, ROXETTA Sandie Band ESQUIVEL, RAMONA FHA ETHERIDGE, JEANNE ROTC Sponsor EVANS, BILLY EVANS, JIM Square Dance Club EWING, DON DO Club FAIRCHILD, RICHARD Page 37 if ass i I 'izfii ? Eiiv iiiii l ,,.,,e ,,e ,, I 'F Class of '52 W f i, FAVER, IRENE FHA FELTS, JACKIE L11 Airosa Staff FERGUSON, CHARLOTTE Sandie Band FIELDS, ARTHUR Sandie Football - FIELDS, PAT DE Club FINLEY, ALVIN FITCH, BILL Bel Canto Chorale FLORENCE, TRUMAN VIC Club Class of '52 ILOYD DELANO DL Club ONC FLORLNCE National Honoi Society OSTER Cl-IAN FFA OSTLR LARNIE Thespi ans OSTFR MARGARET 'OSTER WALTER Prcsidcnt Bel Canto Chorale FOIVBLE RALPH Slide Rule Club FOYVLER GER ALD FRAZIER, MONTIE Sandie Football FREEMAN, RAYMOND DO Club FRISBIE, JOYCE FHA FUQUA, PAT Smzclslorm Staff FYFE, JACKIE Sandie Football GAHN, MARY ANN National Honor Society GANGYVERE, NANCY National Honor Society GARRETT, CHRISTINE Secretarial Training Club Page 39 GARRETT, KENNETH Sandie Band GASSAVVAY, YVANDA Thespians GEORGE, JENNIE ROTC Sponsor GIBBONS, ALLEN DE Club GIBSON, FRANK State President VIC Club GIBSON, ROBERT GIBSON, YVANDA DE Club GILBREATH, BILL Sandie Band Closs of '52 GORDON, QlOHN National Honor Society GORDON, MACK Sandie Football GRAHAM, JAY ROTC Captain GRAHAM, LADON Ken Klub GREEAR, ANN Sandstovm Staff GREEN, -11 M MY ROTC Lieutenant Colonel GREER, MARGIE National Honor Society GRIFFIN, CLIFFORD FFA GILES, MARTHA FHA GILL, BARBARA GLASGOVV, SIDNEY GOFORTH, DON ROTC GOLDSMITH, JACKIE DE Club GOLDSTON, DOC ROTC GOODVVIN, DONALD DO Club GOODWVIN, KATHRYN FHA Page 40 3- 1' E- z 1 x Class of '52 GUYER, JACKIE FHA HAGLER, ROBERT Texas History Club HALL, JO ANN FHA HALL, VAN Sandie Basketball HALL, VVHITNEY Allied Youth HALLEY, LUCILLE Bel Canto Chorale HAMBY, RAY HAMILTON, CAROL National Honor Society GRISTY, PATSY La Airosa Staff GROUNDS, BARBARA GROVES, GENE ROTC GRUHLKEY, SALLY FHA GRUMKE, DVVAYNE ROTC, Rifle Team GRUPE, CAROLE National Honor Society GUNN, DAN Sandie Football GUNNELS, MARK Sandie Baseball Page 41 HAMILTON PHYLLIS Sandstorm Staff HANKINS, JOYCE Allied Youth HANNA, RONNIE Bel Canto Chorale HANSON, GLENNA HARBER, JIM Sandie Football HARMON, DAVID Sandie Band HARRAL, DENTON HARRIS, ROBERT Class of '52 HEIENS, BILL Sandie Football HENDRICK, CHARLES ROTC HERFURTH, VIVIAN Ollicc Assistant HERRINGTON, SHIRLEY National Honor Society HIGGINS, ANITA Allied Youth HIGINBOTHAM, CAROLYN National Honor Society I-IINKLE, CLINTON Sandie Football HODGES, JOE DO Club HARRISON, ANN Bel Canto Chorale HASLEY, LAURIE ELLEN Sandslorm Staff HATLEY, FRED HAVVKINS, BYRLENE FHA HAVVLEY, IRENE DE Club HAYNIE, SHIRLEY Allied Youth HAYS, PAULA Bel Canto Chorale HEARD, DONALD DE Club HOLLAND, PEGGY FHA HOLLINGSWORTH, JERRY HOLLOYVAY, BILLY VIC Club HOLLOYVAY, CECIL Swimming Team HOOD, VELMA DO Club HORTON, SI-IERYE HOWARD, FRANK Orchestra HOVVARD, J. VV. Art Major HOYT, CATHERINE Los Viajeros HUDSON, BOBBY Sandie Basketball HUFF, SUE DE Club HUFHINES, GLADYS DE Club HUGULEY, ADA MAYE Secretarial Training Club H U KILL, SARA HUNT, DONNA Allied Youth HUNT, JIM Intramurals JAMIESON, SHIRLEY Allied Youth JAYROE, JIM M112 ROTC JEFFREY, NANCY Thespians JENKINS, JOHN Sandie Basketball JOHNSON, CECIL VIC Club JOHNSON, DALE Allied Youth JOHNSON, HOLLIS Bel Canto Chorale JOHNSON, JERRY VIC Club ss of '52 Commel cla Sandie Bas Sandstorm Y BILL FFA JAMESON FH A ACOB BILLY Sandie Ban HURT SANDRA Secretarial Training Club INMAN CHARLENE I Major IRVIN PHILIP Sandie Track IRYVIN MICKEY ketball ISRAEL LTHEL Staff MONTYE d Drum Majoi Page 43 JOHNSON, MARTHA Allied You th JOHNSON, ROBERT ROTC JOHNSON, ROY Men's Choir JOHNSTON, KENNETH Sandie Football JOHNSTON, VON Allied Youth Class of '52 JONES, ALICE ANN Allied Youth JONES, JIMMIE JORDAN, ANN LIBBY Allied Youth KERN, HARLEY FFA KERR, BOB Men's Choir KILP, ANITA KING, TOM VIC Club KIPP, BARBARA Allied Youth KLEIN, ALICE La Airosa Circulation Mgr. KLINE, M. L. Sandie Basketball KOERBER, MARVIN Sandie Swingsters JORDAN, TROY Bel Canto Chorale JUETT, BARBARA National Honor Society KARR, CARTER Sandie Baseball KAY, LAURA Allied Youth KEENOM, EMMA DELL FHA KEFFER, SUE National Honor Society KELLY, SARA Student Council KENNEDY, JERRY La Airosa Sports Editor Page 44 Gazing at their wedding rings, mid-terin Salutatorian -lean Pope and Valedictorian Joyce Frisbie discuss plans for graduation. candidates in the race for AHS queen were Carol and Clarice Tate. Thcir smiles definitely show heartfelt happiness. Sheila Starks mixes punch for an Allicd Youth party IDCIOI mug lOl Ill Alllul Youth p nity them sludnnts have fun is will ns own SCIVICL to L 1 C school An IITIPOIUIIII exent m the hfe of Lvcry acmor IS the umg when axcl IQCS 'uc lcvcalcd H010 LOl1lbC Rodgexs md Barbarl Bumpus consult M15 C C VVald0n, SCIIIOI co spousm .Closs of '52 LEONARD, SHIRLEY Bel Canto Chorale LETCHER, GLORIA Bel Canto Chorale LEWIS, SHIRLEY Sandstorm Stall LITLE, GLORIA Allied Youth LOESSNER, GAIL Allied Youth LONG, LETRICIA COlI1lIlC1'Cl?ll Major LONG, VERNON DE Club LOVELADY, CLETUS Allied Youth Page 47 KOESTLER, ALFRED Sandstorm Staff KOONTZ, BILLYE Ken Klub LAFALIER, THOMAS Sandie Football LANE, SHIRLEY Art Major LANGFORD, NINA De Club LARUE, EDWARD Sandie Baseball LASTER, CAROLE DON FTA LEMMON, BILLIE DE Club LOVING, DAN Sandie Football LOYVDER, GAY Srzndslmvn Staff LUCERO, MARGARET DE Club MACRANDER, JIM ROTC MANLEY, VERLIN Wrestling MANNING, JERRY Sandie Basketball MARSHALL, BILL MARTIN, BOBBY Sandie Baseball C css of '52 MARTIN, LYNN MARTIN, NATHAN Orchestra MATHES, IVA PEARL FTA MATHIS, DONALD Student Council MATTHEWS, J. B. MAYBERRY, jo ELLA MAYES, CHARLES DE Club MAYS, J OANNE Allied Youth MEREDITH, CARROLL FHA MERRI MAN, MAXINE Sandie Band M ERRI MAN, PAT Orchestra M ETCALF, JIM Allied Youth MILLER, NADINE Allied Youth MILNER, JEANNE DE Club M IM S, CAROLE Allied Youth MINTER, NORMAN Orchestra Page 48 MONTGOMERY, DAWN MOORE, BARBARA Art Major MOORE, BARBARA MOORE, BOB Sandie Football MOORE, EDDIE DE Club MOORE, JANE La, Airosa Staff MOORE, JEAN Bel Canto Chorale MOORE, SUSAN Allied Youth MORELAND, ALLURA -IO Secretarial Training Club MOREMAN, BUDDY Bel Canto Chorale MORRIS, BILLY Hi-Y MORRIS, TOMMY Sandie Track MOSER, MAX ROTC MOSS, KENNY Sandie Track MULHERIN, GUY Sandie Football MULKEY, CHARLES Student Council Class of '52 MCCUTCHEN, TOMMY Men's Choir MCDOWELL, MAXINE FHA McKEE, BOB Stage Assistant MCGOWEN, LEONA Choir MCINTOSH, BERNIE FHA MCKINNEY, JIM MY Sandie Baseball MCLAUGHLIN, JOE Sandstorm Sports Editor MCMINN, GLENN MUNDELL, JOY FHA MYERS, DOROTHY Ken Club MCCLENNY, ODELL DE Club MCCLURE, NAOMI FHA MCCOY, ROSALIE DE Club MCCRARY, BILL Thespians MCCRARY, BOB MCCRAYV, MARION DO Club Page 49 MCMULLIN, KENNETH Sandie Football Co-Captain MCNEIL, MAU RICE ROTC MCNUTT, BONNIE The Sandstorm Editor NANCE, SHERININ Bel Canto Chorale NELSON, BARBARA JO Y-Teens NELSON, ELAINE NEWVMAN, CECIL Math Major NEYVMAN, T. L. O'RAND, EDMAN ORTIZ, ADAM Bel Canto Chorale OUSLEY, ANN . Y-Teens OVVEN, NANCY OVVENS, JUANA REE Allied Youth PAINTER, JIMMIE Cheerleader PARKS, ROBERT National Honor Society PATTERSON, GERALDINE DE Club oss of '52 ICKLAUS TED Orchestra ORRID BERT HA DE Club ORWOOD NEIL Sandie Basketball DLLL RONALD ESCHCER KATHRYN Texas History Club LDHANI PAT Secretarial Training Club LIVER RAY E Club L VER, ROY DE Club Page 50 C oss of '52 Symbols of graduation, the cap, diploma, and annual, remind every senior of his happy experiences while in high school. 1 E 1 VVRIGHT, YVILLIAM Slide Rule Club YATES, GUY PAUL Thespians YOUNG, VVANZA LEE Commercial Major THOMPSON, VVANDA Orchestra just Kids: Carol Mims, Jurhee Speer, Alice VVhit- field, and jackie Fyfe pause with dolls and teddy bears on Kid Day, the time when seniors don their pinafores and short trousers for one last glimpse of childhood. Closs of '52 . " 2 we 25 POYVELL, JACK Sandie Band PRESTON, BILL DE Club PRINCE, NINA PROCTOR, RICK Sandie Baseball PRoFnT11JANET Secretarial Training Club PROVUSJOAN FTA PUTMAN, EVELYN FHA PUTMAN, VVILLA FHA Q3 F 6' Page 52 PAVILLARD, MARY DE Club PENINGER, JEAN PERKINS, JOHNIE Boxing PHILLIPS, TERRY FFA PIERATT, SUE PITT, LU CY Snndslorm Staff POOL, JOE Texas History Club POPE, JEAN Ken Klub ANN WW PUTNAM, CHUCK Allied Youth OUARTERMAN, GEORGE Num? QUINN, BRADFORD DO Club QUINN, JERRY ROTC Sponsor QUI NN, PATSY Allied Youth RALEIGH, BEVERLY DO Club RALEIGH, JIM Sandie Football RAMIREZ, ALICE Ken Klub RANKIN, LAFAUN Choir RATHBUN, PAUL REED, ROGER Sandie Band REED, VIRGINIA Bel Canto Chorale REID, B. DON Sandie Band REID, GERALD VIC Club REID, MAXINE DE Club C oss of 52 RENEGAR, SARAH ROBERTS, ROY RODGERS, LOUISE Allied Youth ROWE, LYNDON Sandie Band ROZELL, LACRETA Secretarial Training Club RUSH, NANCY ROTC Sponsor SAVAGE, CONNIE SAXE, HENRY National Honor Society SCHOOLER, MAURICE Allied Youth REYMAN TEDDY Agrlculture REYNOLDS, VERLE DO Club RHOTON, MARY ANN Ken Klub RICE, JOYCE RICHARDSON, DONALD ROBERSON, RAY GENE ROBERTS, CHAR MANE Orchestra ROBERTS, REID Sandie Swingsters Page 53 SCHRAMM, JANE Square Dance Club SCHULTZ, MARTHA La Aimsa Ass't Editor SCHWALLER, EMILY A FTA SCHIVARTZ, LENNIS SCOTT, ELIZABETH FHA SCOTT, HARRY ROTC Cadet Adjutant SELEC MAN, GWEN Cheerleader SHARP, SUE FTA SMITH, FLETCHER ROTC SMITH, LINDLEY Sandie Track SMITH, LINETTE ROTC Sponsor SMITH, MARTHA ANN Thespians SMITH, NORMA FHA SPEER, JOCELYN Volleyball Manager SPEER, -I URHEE Thespians SPENCER, CLARIS Sandie Band Queen CJSS of '52 SHEW, JERRY FFA SIDES, .IERRY ROTC SIMMONS, BUDDY ROTC SIMPSON, BETTIE FTA SINCLETON, DON Choir SINGLETON, DON ROTC SMILEY, SUE SMITH, DOVIE FHA Page 54 Class of '52 STYNER, FAYE Allied Youth SULLENBERGER, HAL Sandstorm Staff SULLIVAN, JOE Sandie Basketball SUTTON, GWEN DE Club SUTTON, STUART ROTC TALLEY, ANNA DE Club TALLEY, JERRY DE Club TATE, CLARICE AHS Queen SPENCER, JOHN Sandie Football STANLEY, RAY Ken Klub STARKS, SHEI LA Cheerleader STEPHENS, THOMAS FFA STEWART, TED National Honor Society STOCKER, JOAN DO Club STODDARD, VIRGINIA FHA STREUFERT, SIEGFRIED Student Council TAYLOR, MARIAN Bel Canto Chorale TEBO, LEON DE Club TERMEHR, EDDA THOMAS, DIANE Tennis Team THOMPSON, BOBBY THOMPSON, LLOYD Ln Airosa Photographer THOMPSON, LOIS FHA THOMPSON, MARY Closs of '52 TRIM MIER, SUE Allied Youth TRYON, GORDON VIC Club TULL, SALLY Swimming Team TURLEY, ROY TURNER, TOMMY Swimming Team TYLER, BILL ROTC TYLER, SUE FHA UNDERYVOOD, HELEN DE Club TH REET, HAZEL JO FHA THURMAN, JOYCE THURMON, STANLEY Bel Canto Chorale TO M LINSON, ROBERT TOVV, BETTY jo TREDVVAY, GAYE Office Worker TREES, RANDALL TRENCH, PAU LINE P1L.wG VAUGHN, BOBBY Allied Youth VAUGHN, DANNY Sandie Band VEAZEY, FRANCES DE Club VVADLOWI, PHYLLIS Choir YVALD ROP, DON Sandie Swingsters VVALKER, -IIMMIE DON DE Club WALKER, ROY ROTC YVALKER, ZERRELL Sandie Football WALLIS GERALD Sandie Band WALLS VELMA Ken Klub VVALTON BARTHILDA Allied Youth WARREN SAM Sandie Band WAY, FRED Sandie Football YVEATHERLY AN N Allied Youth WEBSTER, JAMES FTA WEILENMAN GLORIA National Honor Society VVHITAKER, HELEN Allied Youth VVHITAKER, SUE Allied Youth VVHITE, IVA DELL FHA WHITFIELD, ALICE Bel Canto Chorale YVHITTINGTON, JEAN Swimming Team XNHITTINGTON, KENNETH Sandie Basketball WILDE, ZELPHA WILHITE, ROY DO Club Class of 52 WEISZBROD ROBERT Track WELCH VIRGIL Sandie Football VELLS CAROL 'VELLS JAMES VIC Club VEST DELOR1-.S VVHEATLEY ROBERT Sandie Band WHEELER, KAY Allied Youth IVHISENAND, RAY ROTC Page 57 Class of '52 VVILEY, JACK INILLIAMS, AMA QIEANE Sandie Band WILLIAMS, GENEVIA DO Club WI LLIA M S, -IO Allied Youth VVILLIAMS, NANCY Allied Youth WILLIAMS, VVANDA Y-Teens WILLIAMSON, TRUMAN VIC Club WILLINGHAM, DON Thespians ...,11 :..l ::,,- A .,.,,. I , , el I 4 WOOD, SUE FHA WOODALL, FLORENE WOODALL, LORENE XVOODARD, TALMADGE FFA XVOODBURN, DANA YVORD, IRONIA Commercial Major XVRIGHT, CLAUDELL Wfrestling VVRIGHT, SALLY FTA 'N Q5 . . ,.,., . s, sg if ls ,QL A 4 F71-ii? i R 4 T 'V A m if N sag V, " A I "" i ,:1'-"lf: Q I Q ':-- . . ' ,,,,,, I A ..,.,,, . , .. '--:-:: - 65 XNILSON, EDVVARD ROTC IVILSON, SAM Sandie Track WINBERG, MYMA SUE DE Club WINE, JIMMY National Honor Society WINTER, JIMMY DE Club XNIRTZ, JOE Roro IVISE, TOBY Sandie Track XVIT1-IERSPOON, BILLY Sandie Football Page 58 SENIOR ACTIVIT ADAMS, BILLY Honor Society 45 Ken Klub 3, 45 FTA 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 National Athletic Honor Society 45 Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 Sandie Baseball 3, 4. ADKINS, ALLAN Los Viajeros 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Gavel Club 25 Platform Club 3, 45 Masque and Gavel Club 3, 45 Debate 3, 45 Student Council 45 National Hi-Y Convention 35 Hi-Y Youth Government 2, 3, 4. ALBRIGHT, JIMMY Sandie Football 3, 45 Hi-Y 35 Sandie Basketball 35 Sandie Track 45 Ken Club 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. ALLTON, RONNIE Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, BARBARA Allied Youth 3, 45 Los Viajeros 4. ANGLIN, DONALD VIC 45 DO 4. ATKINSON, JIMMIE DELL Cheerleader 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 4. BAILEY, DON PE 2, 3, 4. BAKER, DELORES Y-Teens 2, 45 Choir 2, 35 FHA 2, 3. BAKER, GORDON Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Texas His- tory Club 45 Steering Committee 35 Head Cheerlead- er 35 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. BALLARD, BILLY JOE Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Sandie Band 2, 3. BARTLETT, BARBARA FHA 25 Bowling Club 35 Allied Youth 45 Secretarial Training Club 4. BARTLETT, BILLY Allied Youth 25 Ready YVriters 3. BATEMAN, FAYE FHA 25 Student Council 35 FTA 45 Allied Youth 45 Secretarial Training 45 Ken Klub 3, 45 Honor Society 4. BATES, EDDIE ROTC 4. BECHTOL, BENNY Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Football 35 Choir 25 Hi-Y 4. BEEMAN, ROB ROY Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Science Club 25 Internos 25 Swingsters 2, 3. BELL, DERRELL VIC 3, 45 DO 3, 4. BENHAM, JOE La Airosa editor 45 Bel Canto 35 Aeolian 25 Quill and Scroll president 45 Thespians 3, 45 Honor So- ciety 45 Allied Youth 45 Varsity Vic 45 Texas History Club 45 Los Viajeros 25 Sandsrorm staff 2, 3,45 Operetta 2, 35 La Airosa 2, 3, 4. BENNETT, RAYMOND Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Track 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Athletic Honor Society 3, 45 Choir 2. BERG, BOB Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. BITTING, JOHN ROTC Captain 45 ROTC 2, 3, 4. BLACKYVELL, GENE DO Club 4. BLAIR, BETTY Y-Teens 25 FHA 2, 35 Allied Youth 45 Texas His- tory Club 45 Internos 25 Doubles ping pong champ- ion 3. BLAISDELL, BOBBIE Choir 25 Allied Youth 3, 45 Secretarial 'Training Club 4. BLANTON, MARJORIE Ken Klub 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Bel Canto Chorale 3, 45 FHA 23 Allied Youth 45 Student Councal 45 IES. GAA 45 Square Dance Club 2. BLASINGAME, BARBARA Los Viajeros 25 Basketball 35 DE 4. BOEHNING, CARL DE 3, 45 Choir 2, 3. BOLES, TRAVIS Thespians 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Ken Klub 3, 45 Allied Youth 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Footlight Club 25 Gavel Club 25 Operetta 3, 45 Contest Play 3, 45 Stage Hand 3, 45 President of Thespians 4. BOREN, MARGARET FHA 25 Creative Yvriters 35 Sandstorm Staff 3. BOSS, MARVA Sandstorm Staff 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 35 Choir 2. BOYD, TOM Sandie Basketball 3, 45 Hi-Y5 Allied Youthg FFA. BOXVVELL, BEVERLY ROTC Sponsor 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Los Viajeros 25 Ski Club 4. BRADFORD, DELORES Sandie Band 2, 3, 4. ' BRADLEY, SUE Honor Society 3, 45 Ken Klub 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 45 Student Council 2, 35 FHA l, 25 District VIC Sweet- heart 2. BRANNAN, COY Footbell 25 DO. BRANUM, GLENNA FHA 2, 35 Ready YVriter's Club 3. BREWER, KENNETH Baseball 35 DO 45 VIC 4. BROCK, ELIZABETH FHA, Girls Intramurals 2, 3. BROOMHEAD, RITA Y-Teens 25 FHA 25 Allied Youth 4. BROWN, BETTY FHA 25 Student Council 35 Allied Youth 2, 3. BROVVN, SHIRLEY FTA 2, 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. BRUNER, BARBARA Square Dance Club l, 25 Texas History Club 35 Fl-IA 3. BRYSON, MARY ELLEN Y-Teens 25 Honor Society 45 Allied Youth 45 Texas History Club 45 Choir 2. BULL, STANLEY Yannigans 25 Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Sandie Track 2, 3, 45 National Athletic Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Student Council 25 Steering Com- mittee 2. BUMPUS, BARBARA Ken Klub, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 45 Gavel Club 2. BURKIN, DICK DE 4. BURT, DON Sandie Swingsters 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Ken Klub 2, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 35 Slide Rule Club 3, 4. BUSYVELL, IVRAYTON ROTC 4. BUTCHER, WAUNETA ROTC Sponsor 45 Internos 3, 45 Science Club 35 Y-Teens 45 FTA 4. BYARS, MONA FHA 25 Choir 25 DE 4. BYRD, BOB Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 National Athletic Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Voca- tional Agriculture 25 Allied Youth 2. CALDWELL, SANDRA FHA 2. CAMPSEY, JIMMY DE5 Vocational Agricu1ture5 ROTC. CARON, ROSE MARIE Creative Writers 45 Inter-Club Council 4. Page 59 SENIOR ACTIVITIES .... CARTER, BEVERLY Bel Canto Chorale 45 Allied Youth 4. CARTER, CHARLES Sandie Football 2, 45 Track 25 Allied Youth 2, 3, 0. CARTER, DON Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Choir 25 Hi-Y 2, 35 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. CARTER, PAT Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 FHA 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. CARVER, JIMMY Pres. VIC Club 45 VIC Club 2, 3, 45 Pres. Square Dance Club 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4. CAVENDER, YVONNE Aeolian Choir' 25 Bel Canto Chorale 3, 45 Choir Queen 45 Orchestra 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Sec. FTA and Queen Schoolmarm 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Contest Play 45 Student Council 35 GAA V. Pres. 45 FHA 25 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Homerooni Sec. 2, 4. CEARLEY, IMOGENE Choir 25 Ken Klub 2, 45 Volley Ball Team 23 Stu- dent Council 2, 45 Treasurer of Student Council 4: Allied Youth 2, 45 Honor Society 45 Secretarial Training Club 45 GAA 4. CHANDLER, JERRY Intramurals 25 VIC Club 3, 4. CHAPMAN, KENDA Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 45 Los Viajeros 3, 45 Y-Teens 45 Ken Klub 3, 4. CHURCHILL, SALLY Los Viajeros 25 FTA 3, 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Ken Klub 45 Honor Society 4. CLEMENTS, JAMES Internos 2, 3, 45 Square Dance Club 35 Ski Club 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. CLEMENT, JORENE FHA 25 Internos 2, 35 FHA Pres. 45 Texas History Club 45 Interclub Council 45 Office Worker 35 Homeroom Sec. 3. CLIFT, EARL Football Intramurals 2, 3, 4. COFFEE, NANCYE Honor Society 45 Bel Canto Chorale 3, 45 Ken Klub 35 Thespians 3, 45 Allied Youth 45 Y-Teens 25 FTA 45 Ski Club 45 Operetta 35 La Airosa Staff 2, 3, 45 Footlight Club 25 Intramurals 2, 3. COGBURN, PEGGY Allied Youth 4. COLE, DENISE Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 FHA 2, 3, 45 ROTC Sponsor 4. COLLIER, JAMES Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Ken Club 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Platform Club 3, 45 Gavel Club 25 Student Council 45 Debate 45 Home Room V. Pres 3. COLLINS, DEAN Wfrestling 2, 3, 45 VIC 4. CONNER, MARY FHA 2, 35 Basketball 25 Volleyball 25 Square Dance Club 35 Y-Teens 25 Home Room Sec. 35 Office Work- er. CONRAD, WVAYNE Mfrestling 2, 3, 4. COOK, DON Band 25 Choir 2, 3, 45 Bowling 25 Men's Choir 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. COOKE, BILL Track 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Choir 35 Bowling 3, 4. COOLEY, BETTY Choir 25 Y-Teens 25 DO 3. CORMACK, BILLY Baseball 2, 3, 45 Bel Canto Chorale 3, 45 Quartet 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Texas History Club 35 Choir 2, 35 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 National Athletic Honor Society 45 Student Director of Soph. Choir 2, 35 V. Pres of Home Room 2. CORNELIUS, CARROLL Choir 2, 3, 4. CORNELIUS, KENNETH Los Viajeros 25 Intramurals 3, 4. COX, HUGH Yannigans 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Operetta 25 Sandie Foot- ball 3, 45 Athletic Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Allied Youth 4. CRABTREE, GIENDA Choir 25 Allied Youth 3, 45 FHA 2. CRANFORD, JO ANNE Allied Youth 45 Intramural Basketball 45 Square Dance Club 4. CRONISTER, JERRY Los Viajeros 2, 35 Texas History Club 3, 45 Choir 25 Creatixe Writing 4. CUNNINGHAM, JIMMIE Intramurals 2, 3. CURRIE, BETTY FHA 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 4. CURTIS, STEPHEN Hi-Y 2, 35 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 VP of Student Council 45 Football Mgr. 2, 3, 45 National Athletic Honor Society 45 Jr. Class Pres.5 Steering Committee 2, 3. DAILY, MARTHA Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 FTA 3, 45 Internos 2, 35 Platform Club 35 Office Worker 2, 35 Assistant Di- rector of Operetta 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Square Dance -Club 2, 3. DALTON, HARVEY Squaie Dance Club 25 DE 3, 4. DALTON, NICK Honor Society 3, 45 Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Internos 2. 3, 45 ROTC Officer 4. DAMPF, BEVERLY Bel Canto Chorale 3, 45 Los Viajeros 25 Aeolian Choir 2. DANIEL, KATHERINE Choir 25 FHA 25 Ken Klub 25 Texas History Club 4. DAVIS, BOB Choir 2, 3, 45 La Airosa 3, 45 Quartet 3, 45 Thes- pians 3, 45 FTA 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Contest Play 45 International Vice-chairman at Allietl Youth convention. DAVIS, JIMMY Ken Club 2, 35 FTA 2, 3, 4. DAVIS, JIM Football 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y, Allied Youth 3, 45 Slide Rule Club 2. DAVIS, LAVONA Choir 25 DE 3, 4. DEAL, ELISE Choir 2, 35 Y-Teens 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Los Viajeros 25 Student Council 45 Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Office Work- er 4. DEAN, JAMES Bel Canto Chorale 3, 45 ROTC Rifle Team 3. DEPAUYV, BYRON Intramurals 45 Allied Youth 4. DOGGETTE, FAE FHA 25 Intramurals 3. DONLEY, EYVONNE FHA 35 Intramurals 3. DONLEY, EUTON Choir 2, 35 Intramurals 3. DONNELL, TOM Football 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. DONOVAN, ELIZABETH DE 3, 4. DOROTHY, RICHARD VIC Officer. DOVVELL, TOBY Basketball 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 Choir 25 National Athletic Honor Societv 3, 4. DOVVLEN, STUART I Track 2, 3, 45 Football 2. Page 60 SENIOR ACTIVITIES. DOWTY, BILL Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 4. DUNAVANT, DORRIS FHA 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 2, 33 Student Coun- cil 2, 33 Student Council 23 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Area Officer of FHA council. DUNCAN, CHARLOTTE Y-Teens 23 FHA 2, 33 Footlight Club 23 Science Club 33 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 FFA Sweetheart 4. DUNN, PATRICIA Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Square Dance Club 33 Choir 23 Los Viajeros 2. DWIGHT, JERRY Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Gavel Club 23 Tennis Team 3. EARLY, RUBY FHA 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 23 Science Club 33 Texas History Club 3. EDVVARDS, COLLENE Tennis 43 GAA 4. EDWVARDS, HERMAN ROTC 3, 4. ELKINS, TVALTER ROTC 2, 3, 43 Lt. 4g Texas History Club 43 Dra- matics. ELLIOT, BETTY Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 2, 33 FTA 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 4. 151,1,.1s, JIMMY A Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 3. ELY, DON Class Vice-President 2g Aeolian Choir 23 SIIDCSPIHHSQ Allied Youth3 Basketball 2, 3, 4. EMANUEL, ROXETTA Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 FTA 33 Sandstorm 3g Skating Club 33 FHA 2, 3, 4. ESQUIVEL, RAMONA FHA 2, 3. ETHERIDGE, JEANNE World Geography Club 2g Y-Teens 23 ROTC Sponsor 43 Allied Youth 4. EVANS, JIM Square Dance Club 2, 33 Vocational Agriculture 2, 3, 43 Vocational Metals 4. FELTS, JACK Ski Club 43 Internos 3, 43 La Airosa 3, 43 Sandstorm 4. FERGUSON, CHARLOTTE Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 4. FERGUSON, KATHERINE FHA 2. FIELDS, ARTHUR Sandie Football 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 33 43 Choir 23 Men's Choir 33 Vocational Metals 4. FIELDS, PAT DE Club 4. FINLEY, ALVIN ROTC 23 Allied Youth 3. FITCH, BILL Student Council 33 Internos 33 Ski Club 43 Operetta 43 Bel Canto Choral 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Tennis 4. FLORENCE, TRUMAN Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 VIC 3, 4, FONG, FLORENCE Y-Teens 23 Ken Klub 2, 33 Los Viajeros 23 Science Club 23 Honor Society 3, 4. FOSTER, EARNIE Footlight Club 23 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Thespians 3, 45 FTA 45 0fChCStr21 2, 3, 4g Organist 3, 43 Devo- Eiorii liirector 43 Student Choir Director 43 Operetta FOWLER, GERALD VIC3 DO3 Choir 23 Basketball. FOWBLE, RALPH Intramural Football 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 American Junior Red Cross 4. FRAZIER, MONTIE Football 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 Science Club 3. FUQUA, PAT FHA 2, 33 Bowling 3g Sandslorm 43 Allied Youth 43 Counselor Office 2, 3. FYFE, JACKIE Football 2. 3, 43 Allied Youth 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Texas History Club 43 Track 23 National Athletic Honor Sociey 4. GAHN, MARY ANN FTA 2, 3, 43 Choir 23 Los Viajeros 2, 33 Allied Youth 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 4. GANGWERE, NANCY Student Council 2, 33 Ken Club 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 4. GARRETT, CHRISTINE Choir 23 FHA 2. GARRETT, KENNETH Band 3, 43 Choir 33 Orchestra 4. GARDNER, JERRY K Hi-Y 23 Band 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Sandie Swingsters 3. GASSAVVAY, YVANDA Y-Teens 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 Aeolian Choir 23 Choir 33 Bel Canto 43 Gavel Club 23 Platform Club 3, 4g Footlight Club 2. GEORGE, JENNIE ROTC Sponsorg Office Worker 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. GIBBONS, ALLEN VIC 33 VIC V. Pres. 4. GIBSON, FRANK Reporter of DO 33 State Pres. of VIC 33 DO basket- ball team. GIBSON, VVANDA DE3 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. GILL, BARBARA FHA 23 GAA 2. GLASGOW, BUDDY Football 23 Vocational Agriculture 4. GOFORTH, DON ROTC Officer. GORDON, JOHN Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2 ,3, 43 Ken Klub 3, 43 Hon- or Society 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Interclub Coun- cil 4. GORDON, MACK Track 2, 3, 43 Football 4g Allied Youth 3, 43 Stu- dent Council 4. GOODYVIN, KATHRYN FHA 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 23 Allied Youth 43 Choir 2, 4. GRAHAM, JAY ROTC Captain 4. GRAHAM, LADON Ken Klub 43 Allied Youth 43 FTA 43 La Airosa 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 Square Dance Club 2, 33 Y-Teens 23 Choir 23 Girls' Intramural 33 Office I-Vorker 3g Science Club 3. GREEAR, ANN FHA 2, 33 Sandstorm 3, 43 Choir 2. GREER, MARGIE Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 4g Masque and Gavel 3, 43 Gavel Club 23 Platform Club 3, 43 Choir 2, 33 Student Council 4g Allied Youth 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Reporter and Historian of Inter- club Council 43 Debate 3, 4. GRIFFIN, CLIFFORD FFA 2, 3, 43 VIC 4. GRISTY, PATSY Los Viajeros 23 Yffeens 23 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 FTA 33 Bowling Club 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Sandstorm 43 La Airosa 43 Homeroom Treas. 4. GROUNDS, BARBARA Intramural Basketball 4. GROVES, GENE ROTC 2, 3, 43 VIC 3, 4. Page 61 SENIOR ACTIVITIES. . GRUMKE, DINAYNE ROTC 2, 3, 43 Rifle Team 33 Allied Youth 43 Box- ing 2. GRUPE, CAROLE Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Sec. 33 V. Pres. 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 33 Steer- ing Committee Sec. 33 Thespians 43 Inter-Club Coun eil 43 La Airosa 3, 43 Scmdstowvz 23 Gavel Club 25 Footlight Club Pres. 23 Volleyball Team 2. GUNN, DAN Yannigan Football 23 Sandie Football 33 Homeroom V. Pres. 23 Homeroom Pres. 33 Homeroom V. Pres. 43 Senior V. Pres. 4. GUNNELS, MARK Sandie Baseball 2, 3, 4g Football 23 Allied Youth 33 Choir 23 Square Dance Club. HAGLER, ROBERT Texas History Club 4.. HALL, JO ANN FHA 2, 3, 4g Los Viajeros 23 Gavel Club 2. HALL, YVHITNEY ROTC 43 Los Viajeros 4, V. Pres. 43 Allied Youth 43 Ken Klub 43 Homeroom Pres. 43 Rifle Team 4. HAMBY, RAY Intramurals. HAMILTON, CAROL Choir 2, 33 FTA 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Ken Klub Secretary 43 Thespians 3, 43 Student Director Contest Play 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 GAA 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 Allyied Youth 2, 3, 43 Forensics3 Junior Favorite3 Runner-up for Queen. HAMILTON, PHILLIS Choir 23 FHA 2, 43 Sandstorm Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Allied Youth 43 Y-Teens 4. HANKINS, JOYCE Allied Youth 43 FHA 2, 43 Choir 2. HANNA, RONNIE Allied Youth 3, 43 FFA 33 Ken Klub 33 Bel Canto Chorale 4. HANSON, GLENNA Band 13 Choir 2. HARRAL, DENTON Choir 23 Los Viajeros 2, 33 Allied Youth 4. HARRIS, LA VAUGHN Choir 2. HARRIS, ROBERT Agriculture. HARRISON, ANN Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 43 Ken Klub 3, 4g Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Thes- pians 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 4. HASLEY, LAURIE ELLEN Sandstorm Editorial Editor 3, 43 Sandstorm Editor 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 3, 43 La Airosa Staff 43 Y-Teen Sec. 23 Y-Teen Pres. 33 FHA 2, 3. HAWKINS, BYRLENE FHA 2. HAINLEY, IRENE FHA 23 DE 3, 4. HAINLEY, JOHN L. ROTC 23 DE 3, 4. HAYNIE, SHIRLEY Allied Youth 4. HAYS, PAULA Choir 2, 3, 43 Secretarial Training 43 Allied Youth 4. HEIN, BILL Football 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 4. HENDRICK, CHARLES ROTC 4g Allied Youth 43 Ski Club 4. HERFURTH, VIVIAN FHA 2, 3. HERRINGTON, SHIRLEY Ken Club 2, 3, 4g Honor Society' 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Vollev Team 33 Senior Class Secretaryg GAA 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4. HIGINBOTHAM, CAROLYN Internos 23 Student Council 23 Ken Club 2, 3, 43 Sandstorm 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll Debate 43 Masque and Gavel 43 FHA 3. HIGGINS, ANITA Choir 2, 33 Allied YOLIIIIQ FHA 2, 3. HINKLE, CLINTON Sandie Football 2, 3, 43 Choir 23 Hi-Y 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. HODGES, JOE FFA 33 VIC 4. HOLLAND, PEGGY FHA 2, 3, 43 lntramurals 2, 33 Allied Youth 23 Y- Teens 3. HOLLINGSIVORTH, JERRY Choir 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 4. HOLLOYVAY, BILLY RAY VIC 2, 4. HOLLOVVAY, CECIL Allied Youth 4g Bowling Club 43 Swimming Team 3. HOOD, VELMA DO 43 FHA 23 Allied Youth 2. HORTON, SHERYE Orchestra 3. HOYT, CATHERINE Allied Youth 33 Los Viajeros 33 Square Dance Club 33 Bowling Club 2. HUDSON, BOBBY Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 4. HUDSON, RETA MAE Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 FHA 2. HUFF, SUE Choir 23 FHA 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 DE 4. HUFHINES, GLADYS Y-Teens 33 Allied Youth 33 DE 33 DE 4. HUGHLEY, ADA MAYE FHA 23 Allied Youth 43 Secretarial Training Club 4. HUKILL, SARA FHA 2, 3, 4. HUNT, DONNA Choir 2, 3, 43 FTA 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4: FHA 3, 4. HUNT, JIM Hi-Y 23 Square Dance Club 33 Intramural Football 23 Choir 2, 3. HURST, LEVVIS DE 3, 4. HURT, SANDRA Ken Klub 4g Allied Youth 3, 43 Secretarial Training Club 43 Sec. of Secretarial Training Club 43 Ski Club 43 Square Dance Club 33 Tumbling Team 33 Coronation 4. IRVIN, PHILII' Track 3. IRVVIN, MICKEY Basketball 2, 3, 4. ISRAEL, ETHEL Choir 23 Operetta 23 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Y-Teen Vice- President 33 FHA 2, 33 Sandstorm 33 Columnist and Exchange Editor 43 Quill and Scroll 4. JAMIESON, SHIRLEY Allied Youth 3, 43 Tumbling Team 3, 43 Swimming Team 33 Secretarial Training Club 43 Homeroom Sec. 43 GAA 4. JAYR012, JIMMIE ROTC Rifle Team 4. JENKINS, JOHN Student Council 2, 3, 43 Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 National Athletic Honor Societv 43 Debate 33 Allied Youth 4. ' JOHNSON, CECIL VIC 3. 43 ROTC 2, 33 DO 4. JOHNSON, DALE Choir 23 Allied Youth 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 FTA 43 Ski Club 4. JOHNSON, HOLLIS Y-Teens 23 Choir 2, 3, 43 DE 4. Page 62 SENIOR ACTIVITIES .... JOHNSON, JERRY VIC 3, 4. JOHNSON, MARTHA Allied Youth 2. JOHNSON, ROY Choir 2, 43 Intramurals 43 VIC 3. JOHNSTON, KENNETH Choir 23 Football 2, 3. 43 Student Council 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 4. JOHNSTON, VON Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 DE Club 3, 43 Visual Education Dept. 2, 3. JONES, ALICE ANN FTA 23 Manager of Ollt of town volleyball tean13 Allied Youth 4. JONES, JIMMIE Intramural Football 3, 43 Texas History Club 4. JORDAN, ANN LIBBY Allied Youth 2. 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2. 33 FTA 33 Ski Club 43 Coronation 43 Sec. of Homeroom. JUETT, BARBARA Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Club 2, 3, 43 Internos 23 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Square Dance Club 2. 3. KARR, CARTER Ken Klub 3, Pres. 43 Honor Society 4. l'res3 Stu- dent Council 43 Allied Youth 2, 33 Manager of Sandie Football Team 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Hi-Y 33 Choir 23 National Athletic Honor Society, Sec. 4. KAY, LAURA Square Dance Club 23 DE 23 Allied Youth 23 FHA Club 2. KEFFER, SUE Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 2. 3, 43 Thespians 3. 4, La Airosa Staff 33 Ski Club 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 Internos 23 Choir 2. KELLY, SARA Student Council 2. 3. 43 Sec. 43 Steering Committee 2, 33 Allied Youth 3. 43 FTA 2, 3. 43 Interclub Council 43 V. PI'6S.j Ski Club 4g Internos 23 Soph. Sec.3 Soph. Favorite3 Honor Society 3. 43 Ken Klub 33 Kampus Kate 43 ROTC Sponsor. KENNEDY, JERRY Quill and Scroll 43 Thespians 4g Ken Klub 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Sarzdstorm 43 Choir 23 Allied Youth 2, 3. 43 Slide Rule Club 43 Tennis 43 Homeroom V. Pres. KERR, BOB Men's Choir 3. 43 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 2. 3. 4. KIPP, BARBARA Choir 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth3 FHA. KLEIN, ALICE Aeolian Choir 23 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 FTA 3. 43 Los Viajeros 23 La Airosa 43 Opera 2, 33 Ski Club 43 Office Wvorker 3. KLINE, M. L. Basketball 2, 3, 43 National Athletic Honor Society 3. KOERBER, MARVIN K Sandie Swingsters 2. 3, 43 Sandie Band 2. 4. KOESTLER, FREDDIE Sandstorm. 43 Hi-Y 43 Ski Club 4g Student Council 43 Drainatics 4. LAFALIER, THOMAS Sandie Football 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 2. 43 Track 23 Men's Choir 3, 43 Bel Canto Chorale 4. LANE, SHIRLEY DE 43 Allied Youth 4. LANGFORD, NINA DE 2. LASTER, CAROLE DON Choir 23 Allied Youth 3. 43 FTA 43 FHA 2. LEGRAND. GEORGE VIC3 FFA. LEONARD, SHIRLEY gelg Czimto Chorale 3, 43 Los Viajeros 23 Operetta LETCHER, GLORIA Choir 2g Bel Canto Chorale 3. 43 Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Orchestra Queen 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 Platform Club 33 Page 6 Los Viajeros 2, 33 FHA Council 4g Allied Youth 3, 43 Ken Klub 3. LENVIS, SHIRLEY FHA 23 Y-Teens 33 Allied Youth 43 Sandstorm Staff: FHA Interclub Council. LITLE, GLORIA FHA 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 23 Sweetheart of VIC 43 23 Homeroom Pres. 4g Allied Youth. LOESSNER, GAIL FTA 33 Allied Youth3 Platform Club3 Square Dance Clubg Y-Teens. LONG, LETRICIA FHA 2, 33 Girl's Intramurals3 Y-Teens 2. LONG, VERNON Baseball 23 DE 3, 4. LOVELADY, CLETUS Allied Youth 4. LOVING, DAN Sandie Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Student Council 2: Honor Society 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 National Athletic Honor Society 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 4. LOVVDER, GAY FHA 33 Y-Teens 33 Allied Youth 43 Sandstorm Staff 4. LUCERN, MARGARET FTA 23 Los Viageros 23 DE 4. MACRANDER, JIM VIC3 ROTC. MANLEY, REX XVrestling MANNING, JERRY Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 4. MARTIN, BOBBY Student Council 3, 43 FTA 43 Allied Youth 4g Base- ball 3, 43 National Athletic Honor Society 4. MARTIN, NATHAN Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Los Viajeros 2. 33 Allied Youth 4. MATHES, IVA PEARL FTA 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 43 FHA 2. 3. MATTHEYVS, B. Science Club. McCOY, ROSALIE DE 3, 4. MCCLURE, NAOMI FHA 2, 3, 4. McCRARY, BILL Student Council 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Contest Play 3, 43 Operetta 3, 4. MCGRAW, MARION DO McCUTCHEN, TOMMY Choir 2, 3, 43 Track 33 Speech 2, 33 Dramatics 3, 43 Radio Interp. 33 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. MCGOVVEN, LEONA Choir 2, 3, 4. MCKINNEY, JIMMY Baseball 2, 3, 43 Science Club 2. MCLAUGHLIN, JOE Student Council 33 Intra1nurals3 Allied Youth 23 Szmdstorm Sports Editor 43 Sandstorrn 2. 4. MCMINN, GLENN Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 4g FFA 3, 4. MCMULLIN, KENNETH Football 2, 3, 43 Co-Captain3 Allied Youth 2, 33 Hi-Y 23 Councilman at Large3 Track 2, 3, 4. MCNUTT, BONNIE Sandstorm Staff, Editor 43 La Airosa Staff 33 Ken Klub 2, 3. 43 Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Y4Teens 2. MERRIMAN, MAXINE Band 2, 3, 43 La Airosa 43 Square Dance Club 2, 33 FTA 33 Texas History Club 43 Kampus Kate 3. MERRIMAN, PAT Orchestra 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Bowling Club 4. METCALF, JIM Choir 23 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 3, 4, Sec.3 Slide Rule 4. 3 SENIOR ACTIVITIES MILNER, JEANNE FHA 3, 45 Square Dance Club 45 DE 4. MII.LER, NADINE FTA 25 Allied Youth 45 Secretarial Training Club 4. MIMS, CAROLE Student Council5 Allied Youth5 FTA5 Ski Club5 Y-Teens 4. MINTER, NORMAN Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3. MOORE, BOB Football 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Baseball 25 Homeroom Pres. 2. MOORE, JANE FHA 2, 45 Y-Teens 2, 35 Choir 25 La Airosa Book- keeper 3, 4. MOORE, Y-Teens 2, 35 Allied Youth 3, 45 Student Council 35 Bel Canto Chorale 45 FHA 2, 3. MOORE, SUSAN Y-Teens 2, 35 Choir 2. 35 Square Dance Club 2, 35 Allied Youth 45 Sandstorm Staff5 GAA 4. MORELAND, ALLURA FHA 25 Allied Youth 45 Secretarial Training Club 4. MOREMAN, ERVIN Track 2. 35- Choir 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 4. MORRIS, BILLY Choir 25 Basketball 25 Internos 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MORRIS, TOMMY Track 35 Allied Youth 3. MOSER, MAX ROTC Lt. 4. Moss, JENNY Sandie Football 2, 35 Track 2, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 35 Homeroom Officer 2, 3. MOYERS, NELDA FHA 25 Los Viajeros 2. MULHERIN, GUY Sandie Football 25 Allied Youth 35 Choir 2. MULKEY, CHARLES Yannigan Football 25 Choir 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 45 Student Council 4. MUNDELL, JOY DE Club 3, 4. MYERS, DOROTHY Choir 2, 3, 45 Ken Klub 3, 45 Secretarial Training Club 45 Gavel Club 2. NANCE, SHERWIN FTA 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Bel4Canto 3, 45 Girls' Intramurals 45 Office Work- er . NELSON, BARBARA JO GAA 45 Y-Teens 45 Choir 45 Allied Youth 4. NEWVMAN, CECIL Math Major. NORRID, BERTHA Choir 25 DE 2, 3. NICKLAUS, TED Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Ken Klub 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Los Viajeros 2, 3 Thespians 3, 45 Declamation Contest 35 Boys' State Treasurer 35 Class V. Pres. 35 Speaker of the House at Hi-Y Model Legislature 45 Coronation an- nouncer 45 Inter-Club Council 45 Footlight Club 25 Varsity Vic 45 Debate 45 Platform Club 45 Square Dance Club 3 Contest Play 3. NORWOOD, NEIL Texas History Club 45 Basketball 35 Sandstorm 4. O'DELL, RONALD Sandslorm 2. OESCHGER, KATHRYN Texas History Club 45 Sandstorm 4. OLDHAM, PAT Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Secretarial Training Club 45 FHA 2, 3. OLIVER, RAY DE 3, 4. OLIVER, ROY DE 3, 4. O'RAND EDMAN DE 3. 4. OUSLEY, ANN FTA 2, 3, 45 Historian of FTA 45 Y-Teens 2, 3,-43 Sec. Y-Teens and State Y-Teen Officer 45 Los Via- jeros 2, 35 Librarian 3. OWENS, JUANA REE Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Tennis Team 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 41 Ski Club 45 Student Council 35 President GAA 4. PAINTER, JIMMIE . Choir 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Allled Youth 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Thespians 3, 4. PARKS, ROBIQRT Honor Society 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Ken Klub 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Thespians 45 Dramatlcs 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 La Airosa Art Editor 3, 45 Cartoon- ist for Sandstorm 3, 45 Student Council 2, 4. PATTERSON, GERALDINE Square Dance Club 45 DE 4. PAVILLARD, MARY ANN FHA 3, FTA 45 Allied Youth 45 DE 4. PHILLIPS, TERRY FFA 2, 3, 45 2nd V. Pres., Sec.5 Square Dance Club 2, 3, V. Pres.5 Homeroom President, V. Pres.5 Allied Youth 4. PITT, LUCY Sandie Band 25 Y-Teens 2, 35 Square Dance Club 2, 35 Allied Youth 45 Sandslorm 45 GAA 45 Home- room V. Pres. 45 FHA 25 Ken Klub 4. POOL, JOE Internos 2, 35 Science Club 35 Texas History Club 4. POYVELL, JACK Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Choir 2, 3. PRESTON, BILL DE 4. PROCTOR, RICK Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3. PROVOUS, JOAN FTA 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 45 FHA 3, 4. PUTMAN, VVILLA Los Viajeros 25 Allied Youth 3, 45 FHA 2, 45 Choir 2, 3. PUTMAN, EVELYN FHA 2, 35 Skating Club 3. PUTMAN, CHUCK ROTC 45 Square Dance Club 45 Allied Youth 4. QUARTERMAN, GEORGE Ken Klub 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Internos 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3. QUINN, BRADFORD Choir 25 ROTC 25 VIC 3, 4. QUINN, JERRY ROTC Sponsor 45 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. QUINN, PATSY Student Council 2, 35 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. RALEIGH, BEVERLY VIC 45 FHA 45 Choir 2, 3, 4. RALEIGH, JIM Sandie Football 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Choir 25 FHA 4. RANKIN, LAFAUN Choir 2, 3, 45 FHA 2. RATHBUN, PAUL Intramurals REED, ROGER Sandie Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Hi-Y 3. REED, VIRGINIA Choir 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 3, 45 Gavel Club 35 Los Viajeros 25 Sandstorm 2. REID, B. DON Sandie Band 2, 3, 4. REID, MAXINE FHA 2, 35 DE 4. RENEGAR, SARAH ANN FHA 2, 35 GAA 2, 3. Page 64 SENIOR ACTIVITIES. REYMAN. TEDDY Football 2, 33 Allied Youth 43 FFA 4. RHOTON, MARY ANN FTA 2, 3, 43 KEN KLUB 4g FHA 4. ROBERSON, RAY Choir 2, 3. ROBERTS, CHARMANE Orchestra 3, 43 Allied Youth 4. ROBERTS, REID Hi-Y 23 Allied Youth 43 Swingsters 3, 43 Ken Klub 3, 43 Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Band Council 43 Home- Eoom Pres. 33 Homerooln Treasurer 43 Los Viajercs ROBERTS, ROY Choir 2, 33 Allied Youth 2. RODGERS, LOUISE Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Los Viajeros 43 Allied Youth 43 Gavel Club 23 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 FHA 3. ROWE, LYNDON Sandie Band 2, 3. 4. ROZELL, LACRETA Secretarial Training Club 43 FHA 43 Square Dance Club 2. RUSH, NANCY ROTC Sponsor 43 Bel Canto Chorale 3, 43 Inter- Club Council 43 Student Council 43 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 La Airosa 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Society Secretary for 2nd semester3 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4. SAVAGE, CONNIE FHA 2, 3. SAXE, HENRY Internos 2, 33 Allied Youth 33 Ken Klub 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 4. SCHOOLER, MAURICE Hi-Y 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 4. SCHRAMM, JANE Square Dance Club 2, 3. 43 Science Club 2, 33 Y- Teens 23 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. SCHULTZ, MARTHA Choir 2, 3, 43 Y-Teen Vice-Pres. 23 Y-Teen Sec. 33 Y-Teen President 43 Ken Klub 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Honor Society Sec. 43 La Airusa 2, 3, Assistant Editor 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Inter-Club Council 3, 43 GAA 43 Kampus Kate 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3. SCHWALLER, EMILY JO Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 GAA 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 43 Choir 3. SHARP, SUE Los Viajeros 23 Allied Youth 3, 43 FTA 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3. SCOTT, HARRY ROTC 2, 3, 43 Thespians 43 Bel Canto Chorale 43 Gavel Club 23 Contest Play 43 Sandslorm 43 ROTC Rifle Team 43 ROTC Officer 4. SELECMAN, GWEN Student Council 4g Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Cheerlead- er 43 Ski Club 43 FTA 3, 43 Los Viajeros 3. SHEW, JERRY FFA 2, 3, 4. SIMMONS, BUDDY ROTC 2, 3, 43 ROTC Officer 4. SIMPSON, BETTIE Choir 23 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 FTA 4. SINGLETON, DON ghgir 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 23 Allied Youth 2, 3g Tennis SMITH, FLETCHER ROTC 2, 3, 43 ROTC OFFICER 4. SMITH, LINDLEY ROTC 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 4. SMITH, LINETTE ROTC Sponsor 43 Honor Society 43 FTA 2, 3, 4g A1- Iiffd Youth 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Internos 2, 3. SPEER, JOCELYN Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 49 VOHCY' ball Manager 33 FHA 23 Secretarial Training Club 43 Allied Youth 4. SPEER, Thespians 3. 43 FTA 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 43 Choir 2, 33 Y-Teens 2, 33 Gavel Club 2. SPENCER, CLARIS Square Dance Club 23 FTA 3, 43 Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Band Queen 43 Secretarial Training Club 4. SPENCER, JOHN Sandie Football 2, 3, 43 Texas History Club 4g Bowling Club 3, 43 Track 4. STANLEY, RAY Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Ken Klub 23 Bowling Club 3, 4g Men's Choir 33 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Home- room Pres. 3g Baseball 23 Track 3. STARKS, SHEILA Student Council 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 4g FTA 2, 3, 4g Ski Club 43 Cheerleader 43 Los Viajeros 2. STEPHENS, THOMAS FFA 2, 3, 43 VIC 4. STEVVART, TED Basketball 33 Sandie Basketball 43 Yannigan Foot- ball 23 Honor Society 43 Student Council 43 Allied Youth 43 Internos 2, 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 4. STOCKER, VIOLA JOAN Square Dance Club 23 Volleyball Team 33 DO 4. STODDARD, VIRGINIA Choir 2, 43 FHA 4. STREUFERT, SIEGFRIED Student Council 43 Hi-Y 43 Square Dance Club 4. SULLIVAN, JOE Sandie Basketball 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Athletic Honor Society 43 Student Council 2. 4. SUTTON, GYVEN DE 43 FHA 2. SUTTON, STUART Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g ROTC 2, 3, 4. TALLEY, ANNA Choir 2: DE 3, 4. TALLEY, JERRY Football 23 DE 3, 4. TATE, CLARICE Choir 2, 33 Ken Klub 43 Allied Youth 43 Secretarial Training Club 43 FHA 43 School Queen 4. TAYLOR, BARBARA Allied Youth 33 Y-Teens 43 FHA 2, 43 Choir 2, 3, 4. TEBO. LEON DE 3, 4. THOMAS, DIANE Tennis Team 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3. 43 Bel Canto Chorale 33 Allied Youth 3, 4g FTA 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 3. THOMPSON, LLOYD La Airosa Photographer 2, 3, 4. THOMPSON, LOIS Allied Youth 2, 33 FHA 2, 3. THOMPSON, XVANDA FHA 2g Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 2. THREET, HAZEL JO FHA 2. THURMON, STANLEY Choir 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Allied Youth 43 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4. TOMLINSON, ROBERT VIC 4. TOW, BETTY FHA 2. TREDWVAY, GAYE Intramurals 3. TRIMMIER, SUE FHA 33 Texas History Club 4. Page 65 SENIOR ACTIVITIES TRYON, GORDON VIC 4. TULL, SALLY Student Council 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 Ken Klub 43 Honor Society 4, Treasurer3 Los Viajeros 33 Swim- ming Team 33 Band Sec. 4. TURNER, TOMMY Football 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4g Allied Youth 43 Swimming Team 33 Men's Choir 4. TYLER, BILL ROTC 2, 3, 4g DE 3, 4. TYLER, SUE Choir 43 FHA 4. UNDERVVOOD, HELEN FHA 23 Allied Youth 33 Choir 3g DE 4. VAUGHN, BOBBY Allied Youth 2, 3, 4g Square Dance Club 3, 4. VAUGHN, DANNY Sandie Band 2, 43 Sandie Football 3g Orchestra 43 Bowling Club 3, 43 Men's Choir 3. VEAZEY, FRANCES Choir 23 DE 4. WALDROP, DON Swingsters 2, 3, 43 Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3. 4g Bowling Club 4. WADLOIN, PHYLLIS Choir 2, 3, 43 Gavel Club 2. WVALKER, JIMMY DON DE 43 Texas History Club 4. WALKER, ROY Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 ROTC Rifle Team 2, 3, 43 Gavel Club 23 Student Council 43 Inter-Club Council 4. INALKER, ZERRELL Sandie Football 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2. WALLIS, GERALD Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 43 Orchestra 43 Allied Youth 4. YVALLS, VELMA Ken Klub 3, 43 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 23 Tumbling Team 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 4. IIVALTON, BARTHILDA Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 Y-Teens 2, 4. WARREN, SAM Sandie Band 2, 3, 43 Los Viajeros 23 Gavel Club 23 Allied Youth 4. IVAY, FRED Sandie Football 2, 3, 43 FTA 43 Track 2, 33 Tennis 43 Allied Youth 4g Bel Canto Chorale 43 Choir 23 Dramatics 4. VVEBSTER, JAMES Choir 2, 3, 43 Men's Glee Club 43 FTA 3, 4. IVEILENMAN, GLORIA Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Choir 23 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Sandstorm 2, 3, 43 Gavel Club 23 Platform Club 3, 43 Debate 3, 4g Texas History Club 33 Science Club Sec. 43 Los Viajeros 2, 33 Masque and Gavel 3, 4. WEISZBROD, TOMMY Track 2. WELCH, VERGIL Football 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, Allied Youth 4. VVELLS, JAMES VIC 2, 3, 43 Vocational Metals 2, 4. WHEATLEY, ROBERT Allied Youth 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 33 Sandie Band 2, 3, 4. WHEELER, KAY Allied Youth 43 Ski Club 4. VVHITAKER. HELEN FHA 23 Allied Youth 3, 4. INHITAKER, SUE FHA 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 3. YVHITFIELD, ALICE Choir 23 Bel Canto Chorale 3, 43 FTA 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 4g FHA 43 Honor Society 43 Ken Klub 2, 3, 43 La Airosa 23 Y-Teens 2. VVHITTINGTON, JEAN La Airosa 3g FTA 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 4. WHITTINGTON, KENNETH Basketball 33 Sandie Basketball 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 Coronation 4. WILLIAMS, AMA JEANE Sandie Band 4. VVILLIAMS, GENEVIA DO 3, 43 Square Dance Club 4. VVILLIAMS, JOAN Square Dance Club 23 Allied Youth 4. WILLIAMS, NANCY Allied Youth 43 Bel Canto Chorale 4. YVILLIAMS, WANDA Y-Teens 4. WILLINGHAM, DON Platform Club, V. Pres. 43 Thespians 3, 43 Contest Play 33 Homeroom V. Pres. 4g Debate 4. VVILSON, SAM Los Viajeros 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Bowling Club 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. YVINBERG, MYMA DE 3, 43 Allied Youth 4. WVINE, JIMMY Honor Society 3, 43 Ken Klub 3, 4g ROTC 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 FTA 43 Science Club 33 Slide Rule Club 2, 33 Radio Club 23 Rifle Team 2, 3, 4. WINTER, JIMMY DE 3, 4. WIRTZ, jon ROTC Drill Platoon. INISE, TOBY Football 2, 33 Track 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Allied Youth 2, 3, Pres. 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Choir 23 Honor Society 43 Ken Klub 43 Los Viajeros 2, 3, 43 Ath- letic Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Class President 29 Class President 43 Debate 3. WITHERSPOON, BILLY Football 2, 3, 43 Allied Youth 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Student Council 23 Square Dance Club 3. WOOD, SUE Choir 33 FHA 2, 3, 4. INOODARD, TALMADGE FFA 43 VIC 4g Square Dance Club 4. YVOODBURN, DANA FHA 43 Allied Youth 4. WORD, IRONIA Choir 2. NVRIGHT, CLAUDDELL Wresling 3, 43 VIC 3, 4g Allied Youth 43 Athletic Honor Society 43 Baseball 4. VVRIGHT, SALLY Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 FTA 2, 3, 43 FHA 2, 3. WRIGHT, YVILLIAM Intramurals 33 Hall Guard 3. YATES, GUY PAUL Thespians 3g FTA 23 Sandie Band 23 Orchestra 4g Allied Youth 2. Page 66 AUTOGRAPHS Closs of '53 Abbott. Grace Abdullah, Jennie Adams, Beatrice Adams, Carolyn Adams. Gordon Adams, Nancy Adcox, Billy Aikens, Gail Akers, Patsy Albright, Dona Allen, Duwaync Allen, Elva Altsman, James Anderson, Morgan Amerson, Lucy Armstrong, Patsy Armstrong. William Ashlock, Betty Ashmore, Barbara Austin. Gayle Bailey, Alyce Bailey, Bill Baird, jim Baker, Jacky Ballard, Curtis Barbour, Bobbie Barrett, jerry Barron, Douglas Baskett, Charles Bates, Larry Baxter, Rex Beebe. Parker Beery. Sue Bell, Lena Bennett, Buclcly Benton. Charlene Berry, Barbara Berry, Dottie Bertelson, Terry Beverley, Doris Gail Top row, left to right: Arley Bewley, Bob Biggs, Maryon Bilderback, Millard Bilton, Eddie Boynton, Douglas Bracken, Bobbie Brazille, Billy Brewer. Second row: Don Black, Linda Blackburn, Frankie Blair, Willie Blassingame, George Brewer, jimmy Brewer, joan Brooks, Larry Brooks. Third row: Mary Kay Bohn, Raymond Bohn, Buddie Bonjour, Eugene Booth, Sally Brooks, Cecil Brown. Charles Brown, Don Brown. Fourth row: Nelson Bourne, Jim Boyce, johnny Boyce, Pat Boyce, Dortha Brown, Nadine Brown, Sue Brown, Barbara Bruce. CI Top row, left to right: Bill Bryant, Darby Bryant. Marvin Bryant, Tom- my Bryant, Charles Buccola. Second row: Leonard Buccola, Maralyn Budke, Roy Burk. Charles Burks, Linda Burnett. Third row: Ray Busby, Wfalt Busby, Pat Bush, Edward Butterfield, Anne Button. Top row, left to right: Lloyd Dean Byars. Frankie Byers, Bill Bynum, Bob Byrd, jimmy Chambliss, Warren Chapman, Sarah Chappell, Shirley Chewning. Second row: Helen Joyce Byrd, Robert Caddell, jerry Campbell, Ida Lou Carnpsey, Fred Childers, Frankie Childs, Llola Christal, Helen Christian. Third row: Roberta Capell, Juanita Carroll, Tom Cartwright, Kathleen Casey, Alverna Christlnan. james Christopher. Helen Claon, Malcolm Clack. Fourth row: jerry Cash, Eugene Cavender. Tommy Cavin, Richard Chandler, june Clanton, Jerry Clark, Mary Clark, Nancy jo Clark. '53 Top row, left to right: Nancy Clarke. Myrna Loy Clark, Anne Clif- ford, Richard Cloud. Gwen Coble. Second row: Jim Coles. Danny Colley, Don Collins. Neai Collins. sum Io Columbus. Third row: lVayne Con- rad, jackie Cook, Don Cope, Fred Cornelius, Rcxan Cotton. s I Q mier. Top row, left to right: Harold Daniel. Judy Danner. Nora Darnell, Tommy Darnell, VVil- burn Dodson, Edward Dollisen, Grady Anne Donnell, Gregory Dorough. Second row: Bob Davidson, Melba Ann Davis, Dale Davis, Mattie Day, james Downey, Nina Drake, Toby Druin, joan Dudley. Third row: jan Deahl, Bo Dean, Maudene Denney, Hattie Delgado. Dan Duncan, Bill Dunlap, Geraldine Durham, Willie Jean Duvall. Fourth row: Roddy Dement, Quincy Dickey, Raymond Dickinson, Mary Ann Dysart, Clifford Easterling, Murray Edge, Herman Edwards. Top row. left to right Xfllgll Course Charles Covey. Eugene Cox Xlarv Helc Coy, Gene Creeelus. Second row lei Grerar, Judy Crosby. Bud Lrouch Benin Cruse, Donna Culuell Thnd 10 jirmnie Cunningham. L ll1l1'l Cutle Billie Dabbs. Curl DllllUlCll Sue Dat 1 I To p row. left to iight: Ronny lid- ards. hirle uth r. Kyle Farmer, Pat Farquar. Third 01... Fi iclds. 53 Leon Egleson, john Ed Ekelund, y Elliott. Fritz Elsey. Second row: Evans. Billy Fairfax, Jennie Fanch- Loy Faubion, Elaine Faulkner, Bil- elden, VVillian1 Feierahend, Mina l l 1 Top row, left to right: Louie lflores, Myrna Folsom, Don Fong. Jerry Flynn. Francis Frazier, Pat Frost, Billy Fry, Don Fuller. Second row: Van Ford. Richard Forrester, Bill Foster. David Foster, Betty Fulton, Dick Gallegly, Jeanne Gardner, Paul Garner. Third row: Carolyn Fowler, John Fowler. Donna Fowlkes. Hugh Dale Fowlkes, Kent Gathright, Don Gatlin, Kenneth Gatten, johnny George. Fourth row: Donald Fox, Emily Fox, Patsy Fox, Ray Francis, Nancy Gibson, Bill Gibson. Edwin Gifford, john Gilbert. Top row, left to right: David Gill, Barbara Gillespie, Shirley Glenn, Billy Gober, Jimmy Greer, Bob Greer, jack Grider, Lawrence Griffith. Second row: Wayne Godsey, Otis Gollihugh, Paul Gonzales. Kenneth Gordy, Beverly Grogan, jerry Gross, Marianna Gross, Harold Grupe. Third row: Ronda Goyne, Gene Graham, Charles Graham, Mary Lee Graves, Deedie Guess, Palsy Gunnels, Betty Gwyn, james Hagemeier. Fourth row: james Gray, Mary Jeanne Gray, Pat Green, jerry Greenroyd, Bobby Haley, jimmy Hale, Eva Halford, Nancy Hamill. CI Top row, left to right: Bob Hall, B erly Hannum, Joe Ann Hardcastle, je Harris. Nelda Harris. Second row: Ha illon Harrison. Mary jo Harvey. Be Hart, Carolyn Haskins, Lawanda Hat nie, Sue Hazlewood, james Haynes, C Hedspelh. "" .. V a M,-:.::,.a :: s: -aiaiaeaez: ., ,,,,, ,, ,.,,.. Q ,.,.. , .,.... , ' 'S er. Third row: joe Hawn, Marlene H' Top row, left to right: Loyce Hedgecoke, Nora Hefner, D'Nard Hemphill, joyse Hess, Roger Holman, jimmy Holmes, Patsy Holmes, Donald Hood. Second row: Jerry Hibbs, Delmos Hickmott. Bob Hicks, Helen Hicks, Darrell Hoover. Frank Hopkins, Lenore Howell, Pat Howell. Third row: Shirley Hicks, Jerrie Hill, Peggy Hill, Marcia Hoare, Don Howton, Wanda Hubbarl. Charlotte Hudgins. Lela Hudson. Fourth row: Janice Hoggins, Benny Hollingsworth, Gene Hollingsworth, Estelle Holloway, Lera Hudson, Bob Hughes, Pauline Huff, Roberta Hunnicutt. 53 op mu, left to tight. Ronnie Hunt- Grace Hurd. Bobby Ingram. Kay Eddie Irelan. Second row: Joan Frances jackson. Jimmy jackson. zrine jackson. Margaret jackson. row: Shirley Jackson, Thomas Althei icobson Pits ames jarrell. I Ji' h i :Ay J CI Top row, left to right, Beth Jenkin Anna Joyce Johnson. Carl Johnson Charles Johnson, Ina Mae Johnson. Se ond row: Joyce Johnson, Richard John son, Stewart Johnson, Mialler Johnso Forraine Johnston. 'Third row: Ralp Jolly, Doris Jonas. Arland Jones. Dual Jones, Eddie Jones. Top row, left to right: Hazel Jordan, Margaret Jordan, Mildred Jordan, Elaine Kaether, Peggy Kirk, Shirley Kline, Hugh Knight. Othel Knight. Second row: Fredrick Keeter, Helen Jean Keith, Carol Kellogg, Jerry Kelly, Patsy Koontz, LaJuanna Krizan. Charlene Laird. Bob Laughlin. Third row: Richard Kelley, Jackie Kelp, Barbara Kent, Pamela Ketler, David W Lawrence, Bobby Lemons, Faye Nell Lemons, Jean Lerke. Fourth row: Mary Alice Kilbourne, 'K David Kilgo, Elaine King, Inavee King, Clifford Lewis, Doris Lewis, Jack Lewis, Linda Lewis. JQ,Lufj,',f V, I , '53 Top row, left to right: Cary Liule. in Bob Lively, Gail Logue, Bill Lokey, xorge Lokey. Second row: Arliss Long. andalee Long. Evelyn Loveless. jackie mwery, joy Luck. Third row: Lovera xetkahans, Ida Lundgreen, Carina Me- 'oom, joan McCarley, Sheridan McCart- -v. Top row, left to right: Barbara Mefiarty. KVilbur McCarty, Doris McClure, Nancy Mc- Collum. Tommy Matthews. Thelma Mauldin, Jacque Mellon, Lajllan Melton.. Second royv: Dale McCullough. Gary Melieand. Billy McKinney. Johnnie Mcliinney. Ray Millioan. Dwaln Milligan. Delores Mills, jackie Miller. Third row: Carl McLaughlin. Monte McLaughlin, Carol McMurtry, jerry Malone, Marilyn Miller, Bill Mohley, Barney Moore. Billy .lack Moore. Fourth row: Barbara Mann. H. L. Mann, XVanda Marlin. jean Masters, Buddy Moore. Carlos Moore, Virginia Moore, XVade Moore. E A me l . 1 S1 f a1.,E ,,,. i 'ir' ' Top row, left to right: Lou Ann Moreman, Frances Morford, Delton Morgan, Dorothy Morris, jane Neely, Shirley Nelson, Lennie Newkirk, Mary Newman. Second row, Gwen Morris, Pat Morris, Sylvia Mote, jimmy Moutos, Phillip Nichol, Ray Nichols, Roy Nichols, Barbara Nix. Third row: Arthur Mosely, Tommy Mosely, julie Mott, Nelda Moyers, Bill Noland, Sammy Norman, Terry Northcutt, Charlotte Nunn. Fourth row: Dale Munday, Marietta Murry, Harold Nall, Ben Neely, Bobby Nutt. Shirley Oakley, Tony Oakley, Shirley Oheim. CI Top row, left to right: David O'Keefe, Nanne O'Keefe, Mary Ortega, Tommy Pace, Reuben Palacio. Second row: Mar- vin Parker, Raymond Parker, jim Parks, Robert Parsons, Lovella Payne. Third row: Shirley Peake, Barbara Pearce, Bar- bara Perkins, Bobby Peters, Owen Pick- ard. w left to right: Gay Ridings, joan Robbins. Dale Roberts, Roberts. Second row: Alan Rob- Betty Robertson, Cloie Robertson, Robinson Third row: joleen Rob- Llrra Rodgers, Jan Rogers. Edna Ll une Ross. Top row, left to right: Jayne Pike, joyce Pinkley, Othel Pirtle. Bob Pitcock, jo Ann Rat- liff, Betty Jo Ray, Boy Ray, john Ray. Second row Sarah Pittman, Barbara Pollard, Winifred Poyner, Joyce Prestridge, jonita Redman. Patricia Reader, Betty Reeves. Beverly Reeves. Third row: Patti Puckett, Dick Putnam, Alfred Pylant, Gail Quine. Percy Reid, Valda Rcnfro, Dean Reynolds, Cecil Ruth Rboden. Fourth row: Bonnie Raines. Ellen Ramsey. David Ramzel. Ken Randall, Lowell Richardson, june Ricks, Gwen Riddle, Patsy Riddle. CI Top row, left to right: Larry Rous Max Rowland, Ann Russell, Jimmy R sell, Raymond Russell. Second row: Doi Ryan, James Ryan, Fannie Sales, Be Sanders, Bobby Sanders. Third ro Carolyn Sanders, Clifton Sapp, Ter Savage, jo Ann Scalia, Shirley Scarber. Top row, left to right: David Schroeder. Bob Schulze. Lloyd Schuneman, Bobby Scott, D l Sl ller Beth Smith Bettv Io Smith Second row' Glenda Scott, Jessie Bobby Slaton. orotiy lc . , 14 . . Sellers, Welllxie Sharp, Barbara Sheehan, B. F. Smith. Byrdie Smith, Carolyn Smith, Dottie , . . . . . 1 Smith. Third row: Kay Shelton, Lynn Sherion, Billy Shires, Norman Smith. Terry Smiti, Shirley Smithee, joe Sneed. Fourth row: Evelyn Short. Charles Simmons, Marvin Sinclair, Ted Singleton, Caroline Southwood. Victoria Sowa, James Spalding, Sally Sparks. . W l 2. Top row. left to right: Bobbie Jean pears, joe Spears, Veda Speight, james by Alvll Q pmks. Charles Stafford. Seeond row: ll ,- .-213' 3 ' 3' Z? "'1' A ff? 5 atricia Starr. Nita Steed, Elayne Steele, '-'1' B. X Dil' ":' i l l': f e on Stensaas, Ada Stephens. Third row: . - fl' K lac Stephens, Gail Stephenson, Lynn b 'f"' 3 'et' X --:- .gg-f lx . V We . -e ':"' ff-f. my tephenson, Ella Stocker, Carl Stoddard. M a f : ,,,, E ll' I T T 5 VV ,.,,,, ' f ---:: 3 V' 1 .' S ':" "" ' 1 3 at ' .- n .,,.:, tl' '---' , 2211 fe E 1 We Top row, left to right: Jean Stodghill. Ronald Stogstlill. Madolene Stone. Robert Stoner, Wynn Lou Taylor. Barbara Thomas, james Thomas. Seth Thomas. Second row: Pat Stooks- berry, Jimmy Stover. johnny Stover. Kenneth Striley, James Thomson, Gary Thornton. George Thrasher. Melba Tipton. Third row: Naivaline Snblett, Addie Sullins, Mary Lynn Sullivan. jerry Summers. Gordon Todd, Nelda Tomberlin. Sharon Touchstone, Robyn Town. Fourth row: XVade Tate, lid Taylor, joe Taylor, Ioyce Taylor. jo Ann Travis. Don Triekey, Joyce Tuekness, TVarren Tuckness. in af ' . 2' e ' "iff 0 Zi 2: . My , :.. .,.:,:5 f .. Q 5. W, . , ,..vlll:: 5 I r -V I ., 1 G ....1 g :szzn Q V . gt 21 , . A i,, .: ,5 gi, Ellv V 3,.-:- V . f E J wwf Q . I 1 2 . .,,,,,,,,.. , , , Z ? W, 75,4 nv! iw fig y zy. ,,.,,,,, f zfzf e2s ""' Ezzzz ' .,,,. Q ,,,- 'zi , ,.,......, tttrx ? :"r. . . ...,, it , Q A Q K v . 1 5 mt.. w le fs 2 WM 063' wif, sew fWj Top row, left tolrightz Anna Faye Tucker. Bettie Tucker, Pat Tucker, Birdie jean Turner, Deral Wakefield, W'ayne Mlalden, Priscilla Walker. Raymalee Yvalker. Second row: Harvey Ann Turner, Herman Turner, Dean Upshaw. Charles Underwood, Kenneth YVarren, Ronnie Vlfalcher, johnny Walvoord, Nan Watkins. Third row: David Van VVinkle, Clyde Vaughn, Ray Vermillion, Phyllis Vermillion, joe Way, Tony Weatherman, Bruce Weaver. Carol Webb. Fourth row: Shirley Vetesk, Gerald Vinez, Maxine Wade. Darlene Wakefield, Charles Webb, Leroy Mfelborn, Helen Wlelch, Kenneth W'elch. Top row. left to right: Charles Wells Larois Wesley, jackie West, Peggy West, Robert Wlhaley. Second row: Wanda XfVharton. Don Wheat, john Wheeler, Phil Wheeler, Mary Ann Whisonant. Third row: Belva l'Vl'1lSl6l', Bobby Joe White, jimmy Whitehead. Leon VVhitney, Barney Williams. Top row, left to right: Carolyn Williams, Donna Rae Williams, Melba Williams, Rosell Mfilliams, Melvin Wright, Imagine Yarbrough, Roger Yates, Bob Yeager. Second row: Bill Wilkinson, Pat Willis, Elizabeth Wilson, Jessie Wilson, Glenn Yeager, Theodocia Zweig. Third row: KeRh,WVhnen BiH WVood,jan NVood,lAHce Sue WVoods. Foumh,row: Darwyn VVooBey Janene VVrather, Ora Wlright, Jean VVright. Page 83 STUDENTS NOT Se n io rs Alexander, Delvin Bell, Dick Cox, johnny Crabtree, Glenda Dalton, Harvey Delauder, Viola Dine, Scott Edwards, Herman Fairchild, Jack Fairchild, Kenneth Gardner, jerry Gilbert, Flora Hawley, john Holman, Buddie Hurst, Lewis Insel, Billy LeGrand, George Lovelady, James Lundgren, Ted Patterson, George Roop, Nina Scott, Bobby Sinclair, Ray Stambaugh, Bill Juniors Anderson, james Anderson, Mlilliam Bates, Eddie Berry, Frank Betty, Gene Blakeway, Juanella Buchanan, joan Buckner, Ronnie Burp, Robert Brown, Don Carter, Mary Carter, Viilliam Curtis, Dorothy Covey, Robert Drummond, Gail Gerlock, Carl Gillmore, Jimmy Glenn, Hollis Graham, Robert Hall, Jackie Hopkins, Bud Horton, Sherye McCracken, Martha McLaughlin, Albert Melton, George Morgan, Wayne Palmer, Donna Arlene Roop, Herman Schneider, Gary Settle, Don Thurston, Earl Trayler, Glenn Page 84 PICTURED Sophomores Althaus, Ava Dawn Amick, Helen Bennett, Leroy Bishop, Billy Dale Boyd, Betty Carter, Billy Childers, Peggy Cowsey, Luther Virgil David, Tommy Davis, Dale Edwards, Sondra Edwards, Mlesley Farquhar, john Haley, Loretta Hopper, Jackie Howard, Frankie Dale Hurst, Lewis Lokey, Phyllis Martin, Billy Mize, Ronald Peterson, Charles Lee Ralls, J. B., jr. Seymour, Geneva Stapp, Jack Surmeier, Marie peovio!Q ,MA Adi! In humble and sincerely appreciative recognition of those who have given "the last full measure of devotion," this page represents our mem- orial to the former students gf Amarillo High School kill- ed in the Korean conflict. The flag at half mast sym- bolizes our feeling of loss as we realize that they will not be back to visit the halls and rooms of their alma mater. But the words spoken by Winston Churchill in 1944 stand to lend us courage for the journey ahead without them: "Death and sorrow will be the companions of our jour- neyg Hardship, our gar- nzentg constancy and valor, our only shield. We must he united, we must be un- daunted, we must be inflex- iblef' UMUR Don B. Reid Spooky Canova , , P11351 01 amcy Saunders - Vfff-P1'HSifl Closs of '54 Adams, John Adams, Laquita Adams, Sondra Adams, VV. H. Alexander, Wick Allen, Bill Allen, Bobby Allen, Carol Ann Allen, Jimmy Allison, Martin Allred, Marilyn Allton, David Ahnquist, Francis Anierson, Rachel Ammons, Sue Anderson, Donna Ansley, Anne Archer, Toy Arden, Glenn Armstrong, Don Arnold, Gene Ashford, Edward Ashford, Barbara Askew, Glenn Atkinson, Kent Austin, Paul Bagwell, James Bailey, Doris Bailey, John Bairrington, Kathryn Baker, Inez Baker, Wynell Baland, Philip Ray Baldwin, Charles Balentine, Beverly Ballew, Sharon Banes, Billy Barger, Claylon Barlow, Bobby Barrett, Ionia Barton, Helen Bass, Clarence Bassett, Janelle Bates, joan Bates, Rance Bates, Wayne Be-arden Lari Cl de f i 'Y Y Beck, Janelle f is , L 6-"fl " 1 vi, ,, 'v Ez' fx' in 1 ie, 149 X ms.. Xi! i XX I Q S f 4m,,gf 'E . VG .Vx z mf y Brilev, Sue Briscoe, Harold Britting, -lim Brooks, Aloe Brooks, Iveen Brooks, XVendell Broome, Shirley Brosier, Glen Brown, Barbara Brown, Billy Brown, Gene Brown, Lallean Bruton, Dennis Bryant, Richard Buchanan, Noel Buckley, Marion Buckner, Barbar Buckner, Carol El 9 . 6 Q yi u - If ua- A--32, " Q-:sei-5 S :if V ' s .1 ' 1 'l 3 , ,- da 0 !,- fn, x. 'X , W M f Mwwvwm ., Q- , N C , ' -- I i f .,.,, . gm qf X V , I5 , ta. if 'V A w , , -':- . - - ,Iggy W vi J jf K tl ..., ,,.,, ' ,ff f .,.. l 2' t i ' ' ' f.I 15,1 3.5: 'f .,., ,. i - 'B' X KX Q - of .5 if gg . , if 4 fx s ,Xl . x f Q x, ' 'M ' 55:1 2. ' as .wal V, ,J ,m if- "" 1 45 ' 3' 5 Q' - ,,,, , 53 ,'VV 'gjfffg we -Q ivr- f :,,', it 9 kg v , .1 1 .,,. V .3 , - , i ' ..- Y .-: :I-I .':E' Class of '5 Bedwell, Carole Beeman, ,lean Benton, Coralie Berry, Dick Birklneyer, jimmy Bippus, Dale Bivins, Nancy Black, Patsy Blackwell, 'Ioe Blake, Howard Bledsoe, Peggy Board, Phyllis Bohanan, Clara .Io Bonner, .lean Boone, Bobbie ,lean Boring, Sue Boss, Bob Bostick, T. Van Dkye Bowley, WV. L. Boling, Marjorie Boyd, Bill Boyd, Sally Brady, Bobby Brady, Max Branum, Larry Bray, Bob Brazile, Charles Brewer, Anita Brewer, Nonia Lee Bridges, Patricia B W ' i -'-" -if ,gf Rig if ,tr W. .. 4,, it Jr 3 xv- ' Class of '54 Bumpers, Bill Burdine, VVayne Burkett, Ben Burkett, James Burn, Ruby Burnett, Jane Burns, Cynthia Bust, jane Buster, Joann Buttel, Fred Byars, Ruby Bynum, Peggy Cain, Jack Campbell, Donald Canova, Spooky Carder, Billy Cardwell, Twyla Ann Carpenter, Samuel Dean Carrigan, Billie Carter, Jean Carter, Susan Cartwright, O. C. Carver, Donald Casstevens, Helen Ruth Cavender, Nelda Chambers, Robert Chattin, Don Cheek, Betty 'lean Cherryhomes, Oveta Chesher, Philip Burt Cheyne ane Chilton Dai wyn Christy uanita Claiboi ne Ronnie Clarke LeRoy Cleek ean Cle g Btn Chtloid Rutheda Cline Dorls Cloud Henry Clouette Eugene Clyinore Glenda Cochran, Robert Cockrell, Jerry Dean Cody, Glynda Fayne Coffey, Robert Cogdill, LeRoy Coker, Deloris Closs of Coker, Ray Cole, jimmy Dee Cole, Mickey Cole, Sheila Colley, Gerry Collie, Morris Collier, Collier, Collins Collins Colvin, Conner, Carroll Jackie Neal Christine Mary Arlin Conner, Peggy Cook, Curtis Cooper, Bobby Corder, David Ro Cordcr, Troy Covington, Barbara Covington, Freddie Cox, Irolene Crabtree, Roger Crawford, Beatrice Crawford, Shirley Crerar, Doris Crisler, YVil1na jean Crocker, Billy Cross, Nelda Lorraine Crull, Beverly Clurlin, Seth Curtis, Booty y 54 Curtis, Sandra Daffern, C. R. Daniel, Jack Daniels, Benny Daniels, Preston Darling, Pauline Darnell, Virginia Davenport, Charles Davis, Bobby Davis, Dorothy Davis, Ron Davis, Shery Day, Marie Day, Teddy Day, Tommy Dean, Zack Delveese, Bud Dial, Molly Ann Elsey, Judy Ewing, David Farquhar, Lajuan Farrell, Nancy Farris, Moman Fautt, Shirley Fendrick, Shirley Fields, Pearl Fields, Shirley Findley, jimmy Fischer, Margaret Fisher, Waiida Flippo, Ernest Forbis, Jackie Ford, Bobby Ford, LaVon Ford, Wayne Fort, Jean Class of '54 Dick, Jimmy Dickens, john Dinwiddie, Elizabeth Ditmore, Robert Eugene Dockery, Larry Doherty, Ray Donohoo, Virginia Dowell, Patty Downey, Clifford Downey, Tommy Lee Dowty, VVesley Dufer, Eddy Duncan, Connie Duncan, Deala Duniven, Neal Dunlap, Bill Dunlap, Charles Dunn, jay Dupriest, Robert Eastham, Jerry Ecker, Shirley Elkins, Richard Eiland, Dana Eldridge, Vonne Elliott, Patsy Elliott, Vlfanda Ellis, Bobby Ellis, james Ellis, Jean Ellis, l!Villiam Neal Gatlin, Jimmy Geisler, Peggy Gensemer, Alan Gentry, Kenneth George, Franklin Getman, Roma Gholston, Mike Gibson, Verna Lee Gifford, Gail Gilbreath, Paul Gilchrest, Bobby Giles, Pat Gilley, Frank Gillmore, Jimmy Gleason, Carol Ann Glenn, Edward Gold, Bill VVarren Goldsmith, Curtis Golladay, Ronnie Gollihugh, Bert Goodner, Gay Goodnight, Hayden Goodwin, Pat Gowen, Ralph Graham, Bobby Gravestock, Virginia Green, Charles Green, Jack Green, Janice Greer, Donald Class of '5 Fosshage, Helen Marie Foster, Vilda Fowler, Allen Buster Fowler, JoAnn Fowler, Mack Fox, Janie Fox, Leroy Franklin, JoAnn Franks, Howard Frazer, Robert Freeggh, Gae French, James Fulton, James Gaidry, Elizabeth Ar Gaither, Jerry Gardner, Larry Garrett, Barbara Gathright, Vera ,Il Class of '54 Griffin, Jerry Griffith, Robert Griffiths, Bill Tom Griffs, Arlen Grove, Edward Guinn, Betty Lou Gundlach, Bill Gunter, D. Haddock, Rose Hagee, Bill Hagler, Don J Y Hail, imm Hale, Barbara Hale, Billy Hall, Jackie Hall, Mike Hall, Troy Hamilton, Alda f Wg 'iv f,? ,...,,, , , is rararr r Q ,.,,, ff, 5 2 if 'fr .:::.--- ..:... qunu ,, , gb f' , III: A 'E' 'W' :afieaia fi Q ,-Q"1 ZB2: ra2-'--" SV' ,,,.,f " A " if fi? 3 Hamilton, Herbert Hancock, Freddy Hankin, Carol Sue Harding, Jimmie Hardy, Robert Harrison, Janet Harrison, Joe Harper, Bobby Harper, Donald Harris, VVilma Hart, Wancla Harvey, Ronnie Harwell, Hastings, Hatcher, Hatchett, Hathorn Hawkins 1 Kay Tommy Sarita Sue Avis Carolyn Azalea Hays, John Haynes, Phil Haynes, Phyllis Elaine Heard, Carolyn Hefley, Rosemary Helton, jerry Hendrix, James Hickman, Marshall Hicks, Donnie Hiett, Patsy Higdon, La Nelle Hillin, Wayne Closs of '54 Hills, 'Beverly Hinds, Bob Hinds, Carmon Hisey, lflfinnie Hobbs, Jimmie Hoefer, Stanley Holland, Dolores Jean Holman, Shirley Holt, D. L. Holt, Edna Honea, Cecil Hooks, YVayne Hopkins, Ellen Sue Horner, Billy Horton, Carol Howard, Stanley Hudgens, Gene Ronald Hudson, Riceine Huffstutler, Ronald Huguley, Louise Hulen, Patti Hull, Sam Hunt, David Hunter, Philip Hurlock, Dick Hurt, Sharon Husbands, Carolyn I-lutto, Kenneth Ingham, Jerry Inglis, Pat Ingram LaDeane lrelan, Smiley Irvin, Joe Ivins, Herman Jackson, Dave Jackson, Tommy Jacobson, Eileen James, Juanita Jeong, Sunne Jett Jai es n I Johnson, Anna Kay Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Je Johnson, Billy Johnson, Francis Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Wanda Johnston, Billy gsm an m Kent David Keys Loretta Kidd Hubert Kilnian Charles Kimbrough Alic A Kimmins Kim King Carole King Thurston Kirk Glenn Kizer Carole Ann Knight Don Knotts Bonnie Lacy, Helen Lackey, Betsy Land, Pat Lankford, Adolphus Lanning, Shirley Larsen, Larry Laseter, Barbara Latimer, Kay Lawrence, Peggy Leaclnnan, Reid Leflar, Ann Lesan, Lynn Lewis, Joann Lewis Ierre Norma Pat Long Christine Bi WE DH 'Hx-. gf al is Closs of 5 ohnston oe ohnston Shel l1 OIIHS OHCS OIICS 01165 Linda Barbara Betty Frank ones Gai y ones ones ohnny oplin Carolyn OlCl21I1 Pat or dan Ray Katz Donald Kaulhold Berkley Kay Sondra Keathley Lovettfz Kceton oyce Kelly Jo Bob Class of '54 Lowry, Billie Lowry, Nelda Luetkalians, Joyce Lunsford, Berl Lupher, Dick Lupher, Phyllis MeAnally, Dolores McCal'l'ree, Juanita Mcllandless, Evelyn McCarthy, Jodie MeClanal1an, Nelda lNIeClenny, Donald Ray McCrary, Susan MeCutcl1en, Jaynel McDowell, Johnny McDowell, Shirley McGee, Nancy McKay, Mlilla MCKC, Bobby McKee, Freddie McKee, Lois McMeans, Joanne MeMinn, Dwayne lN'IeMurtry, Rosemary McNeil, Norma McNetl, Jerry MeNew, YValter McPherson, Billie MeQuary, Joyce NiCx'Vll0l'ICl', Robert L ' 55: 'I 'i Y' may , m 5' .. E fr X Q VK f .ws rw f M "" 3 I e 5. A M fi fy 9 -N ..,,,: D , L, 5575 ! elil 1' J ,,,, if 'mt A' ' rl::Q..i.:, V izi' i",,' ' -:, . A if fi 5" iiil Q It in 5 :., iiiiil H X ff Mabry, Marilyn Magness, David Malaeara, Albert Manley, Max Mann, Jeri Manning, Burt Manning, Colleen Manning, XfVade Marsalis, Nancy Martin, Betty Martin, Maynon Martin, Pat Martin, Pauline Martin, Sue Martin, Yvonne Mason, Donald T' K Massey, lN.nua l May, Betty . sex.- , , 1 is , . ---:::a.:.,.- S . .izgsgsiagsaw f a , N , '.:ff"I.-Efi: 1-.,.,.::w, - fy i sf - 4 V ..:.:.:.- ,,1..,.,:5:5:5:5:5:5:g,.-mb,7 A, - , . mls . .M .I Eflfi :FE liif- Q.: 122 'N' . ' '- :s .eg "'- ,Lf 1-Q'-Q -t ,se .-1 ' - -1 1 1 fm- ? l s at Y asm, 1' 'C .: f 'V ' A Y if .1,,,, :V: V qqvu f '.'. M , "" ..f:.::,.,.,.:v.p ' P 1 .-.... Qin 3? , K.. 3' A i 'W ui' Moore, Vina Moreau, -Iuanell Moreland, Alleta Morgan, Ulayne Morris, Carolyn Morris, Tennessee Morrison, jim Morrison, Rhea Nelle Mott, 'Ioan Moutos, Steve Mowrer, lNayne Moyer, Linn Mullican, VVayne Mullin, Charlotte Mullins, Scottie Munn, Bobby Murphy, Mike Myers, Ray Class of '54 Mayes, Sue Mayhall, Letha Maynard, Gordon Mead, Geneva Meadows, Mlanda Merchant, David Merchant, Lloyd Meyers, Carol Meyers, Jackie Middleton, Vernon Milford, Nancy Milhoan, Marie Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Duane Eloys Lavora jean Patsy Milligan, Phyllis Milton, Linda Mitchell, Anita Mitchell, Jackie Mitchell, Wilma Mobley, Ellen Mock, Marva Gail Moon, Johnny Moore, Moore, Moore, M oore Moore Moore Bill Danny June . Tom M argarette M ignon Patterson, Patsy Patton, Marjorie Payne, Marion Peak, Jackie Perkins, Donald Perkins, LaVona Perkins, Marlene Peters, Ray Pettyjohn, Betsy Pevey, Jackie Pfeiffer, Virginia Ann Phillips, JoAnn Pickett, Edith Ann Pinkston, Johnny Pippen, Leonard Pitcock, Nita Pleasant, Madonna Plott, Vivian M , TNI ,W . ,Z W k,,.,:,1 ,,,,,, , . ea f E. 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I.I'I,,,- .I -'I,.I,'-I.,'--,.I-I'I'I-...,,I'I-.I'I'I-.--I,,.-II.',-:.,.-.II'I-I-..-'I.I'I--I'I.'I.:-,:.,I,'-I-I-.-I-.,.'., -.,..-II-,-..--.,I,'IfI---. -'...I'. '.I" .. .'..,"'..I- I'-.....I'-,II--'...-' .-'.-----.I I.I-..-' - 'I,.-I--. ...'..I-..--..'---...I-,'--'-...--I ..-.-I. - -.I-I-,I,-I.I-II.:.,.I.-I '..... III-I-II,..I.I-I,-I.:.,.-,I:I.I-..-I-,I-I-II,.I,-I.,., .I.I-I ..,-.III-I-I.,.I.II.II-I.I-,,I,.:.I:...-.-I,:.I- -.II .I,.II.I.III-I.....II...I.I.-I..I- ..III.I....I-III..:I:I:-.:.,II.II-I.I.I-I..IIII,.IIva,:I-I'.I:I-I..,.IIIII.I,I.:II-,I1.I.I-I::1::I:,I: .I-II.II.I. II.::I,I.II.:I.I-I,,,.I.IA... I-I-I...-I-I'I'-I1,-'I-.J.,,,.:2:-I-I . .I.It,I-,I.I.,I...II'I'IfI-I-I.,,.I-I.I--...-I-.II --,.--. . III I . UA., ff! i149 ' . ii 'r ' 6 I Xi .J BX4 5 3 v lg 2 zq"'n C9 4 " U55 XM A5 0 N 'x fi is f X 5 N Q X7 f Q? ' H R SQ. A , 45 ,- l is JI! X f 5 l if ff + it fl ? 1. . j-24 I-V? ' . X S ,f - Zyl, . Z if if fjf Q' , , 1? 2. L q E Oueen C la1 ICC ol the House of Tate uas chosen by the populzu xote of the q3DdlC l'md student body to begm her IGIQH on Nl0wC111be1 15 l9Dl Hu POISC and beauty mede '1 ClCl1ll1l6 1111p1ess1o11 011 ill ol hu 1110 clesuc to become then queen LLQQVL Cdl' C9 0 If-A8 001,558 0 jalfe Page One cannot eas1ly oymlook ueen Cla1 ICC 110 111atte1 11 hat the otcas1o11 Mfhtthel 111 lo1mal O1 SPOIIS uczu she lS truly a queen helpful and ll 1CI'lClly N . Z " e - ' . , ' ' ' t . - I . V, .' . 'R. 1 ' A , ' , H ' 1 subjects as she told them of her llC2l1lUX'Rl'lll- . . - - v -, . 1 V 5- '- f f 2 iff mf 1 IV f f X ,f ,if X A.: Ny MW I ' r 2 " M Left to right: President of the Student Council John Jenkins, Princess Carol of the House of Hamilton and Lord High Chamberlain Toby Wise from the Land of the Senior Class. ammmii12sxmMs amz ... ,-wmftsssvw Oyd, Qlliff Left to right: Duke Joe of the House of Sullivan escorting Duchess Ironia of the House of VVord. Duchess Barbara of the House of Juett escorted by Duke Byron of the House of DePauw. I v' W ! f gi , A Q 1 ffm, 3 'T 1 , ' if 'f' f 5' . V F Ji rigid .ty J f,9MayfQ1wi,3w 6 Left to right: Duke Kenneth of the House of Whittington es- corting Duchess Virginia of the House of Reed. Duchess Ann Libby of the House of Jordan escorted by Duke Dan of the House of Gunn. Left to right: Prince Keith of the House of Winter escorting Princess Joan of the House of Brooks from the Land of the Junior Class. Princess Patricia of thc House of Jordan escorted by Prince Denmar of the House of Canova from the Land of the Sophomore Class. Left to right: Duke Bill of the House of McCrary escorting Duchess Maxine of the House of McDowell. Duchess Phyllis of the House of VVadlow escort- ed by Duke Don of the House of Ely. M 61, muff Left to right: Lord Don ol the House of Burt escorting Lady ton. Lady Gwen of the House of Selecnian escorted by Lord Trav- is olf the House of Boles. jean of the House of ver mozyb5f7 Left to right: Lord Harry of the House of Scott escorting Lady Sandra of the House of Hurt. Lady Nancy of the House of Rush escorted by Lord Lindley of the House of Smith. Left to right: Lord Dan of the House of Vaughn escorting Lady Jurhee of the House of Speer. Lady Nancye of the House of Coffee escorted by Lord Bob of the House of Byrd. x 1 W Mm, 2 E als? Nz ,W zz Qi' afled fy Lord Hifflz Chancellor D R. B. Norman Dancer Dancer Gail Aikens Elizabeth Gaidry GU ARDS left to ri ht' Charles Hendricks Jimmy VVine Walter Elkins , .,-1 g . ,. , , , Jimmy Green, jay Graham, Fletcher Smith, Gene Groves, Buddy Sim- IHOUS. M ggw ww il O ,, . if ' c xf an Q Q ,-.::. ::. ..f A 4515: -- W ww f 1 an v 4 ,Q ,WM as 0 ,N ' mul, M,-5 , av Q I ,ay cw , ' U XE 44 xii, '4 1 ' 4- , gf 5, ' f,X W sm: fix. 0 4 .W K- - 1 W .,., V' JWM,,,,.MM,w1 ' ' iz W-f-Lil ""' W "': ' M, XxW""'WW"N' ""' .F5 XM--""Y V Carol Hamilton Senior 6ll!Ol"lft8 Darlene Mfakefield Keith VVinter junior -171711-07' i I Page 118 Ted Nicklaus Senior lflfl'Ll'L6I"5 - I9 Spooky Canova Nancy Windsol' Sophomore Sophomore Page 119 Gwen Selecman Bill McCrary Head Cheerleader Head Cheerleader HSFLVLJ5 If0l"lf1fL Ronny Edwards Head Cheerleader Doris Beverley Jimmie Painter Assistant Cheerleader Assistant Cheerleader Page 120 David O'Keefe Sheila Starks Head Cheerleader Head Cheerleader CAQQIAAHL 8125 immie Dell Atkinson Head Cheerleader Carol Cleek Douglas Barron Assistant Cheerleader Assistant Cheerleader Page 121 A secret committee jointly composed of thirty faculty members and representative junior class members chose from the senior class these eighteen outstanding students. Foremost was considered their unselfish "Negative" and "affirmative" are familiar words to an outstanding debater, ALLAN ADKINS, who also finds time to participate in many other activities. In Hi-Y he has served as secretary and as delegate to three district conventions. the national convention, and Youth and Government in Austin. Allan is parliamentarian of the Student Council and a member of the band, Honor Soa ciety. Ken Klub, Platform Club and Allied Youth. KK NXXBXXK It takes little concentration to tell where JOE BEN- HAM'S interest is centered. Under Joe's able direction as La Airnsu editor-in-chief this book was published. He fills the office of Quill and Scroll president and is a columnist for The Sandstorm. One can always depend on joe. He is a member of Thespians, Honor Society and was in the Bel Canto Chorale last year. , :wg 5 -5, r-.1 as in V . I. Y ' 51 6 l w' . .J V wi re Wi. . ,, , . , . - if' V. li i 351 1 1 , if 'L tif, 'If --. - 'f fi- 1 1 'Ili ' -.1 i ' ' 1 1 gl. ' 215 "Qi, 'SY AT R? n O .2-1. gp. v. SP 2' - KL, tg, A ? f ai Pretty, lots of fun, and a girl you like to be with all fit YVONNE CAVENDER to a WIA". Showing her musical abilities, she is a member of the orchestra and the Bel Canto Chorale, serving as queen of the latter. This Queen Schoolmarm is secretary of the Future Teachers chapter and also serves as vice-president of the Girl's Athletic Club. Yvonnc's other activities include Honor Society, Ken Klub and Thcspians. and untiring service to AHS. Besides a high scholastic rating, other qualities given thought were leadership and character. So here they are - the eighteen chosen as worthy of this special recognition. You'll find IELISE DEAL always on hand with a smile. Elise has done outstanding work with the Stu- dent Council, especially with the adoption of the Sports- manship Code. Elise's other activities include Honor Society, Ken Klub, Future Teachers, Allied Youth, Ski Club and Yifeens. She has plenty to do since she works for both Miss Thompson and Mrs. Burkhalter. 'llalent plus energy plus enthusiasm add up to one of AHS's most active seniors, EARNIE FOSTER. Besides being head organist, devotional director, student director of the Sophomore choirs and a member of the orchestra. this Varsity Vic is vice-president of 'lhespians and a mem' her of both Allied Youth and Future Teachers. He will long be remembered for his roles in the three operettas and many plays. A flaming redhead with a flair for people and a good time sums up our senior favorite. CAROLE GRUPE. Everyone knows that she is one of the hardest working girls in school and has shown it by being elected DAR Girl and Inter-club Council representative. Carole's oth- er activities include Honor Society. Ken Klub. La Airosa staff, Thespians, and Allied Youth. of which she is vice-president. Last year she represented AHS at Girls' State. JOHN GORDON is a fellow who always seems to be at the right place at the right time. He serves as president of the orchestra and is a representative in the Inter-club Council. John has an active membership in Honor Society. Ken Klub, bandf and Allied Youth. He is al- ways ready with a smile to lend a helping hand. .. tl' . lvivirto Our man-about-school JOHN JENKINS cer- tainly deserves a pat on the back. john serves as president of three main organizations-Student Council, Honor Society, and Hi-Y. He shows his abilities as 21 two-year letterman in basket- hall, having made the all-district second team and the first team this year. john is also active in Ken Klub, National Athletic Honor Society, and Allied Youth. I Find the football team and there you find CARTER KARR, for Carter has served as man- ager for the team for the last two years. Be- sides this duty he has been busy as president of Ken Klub and secretary-treasurer of the National Athletic Honor Society. Versatile Carter participated in baseball for two years and last year made the second all-district team. He represented AHS at Boys' State last summer. Who SARA KELLY'S winning personality and wil- lingness to serve the school are only two reasons why she has won many honors including sopho- more favorite, sophomore secretary, Kampns Kate, ROTC sponsor. and representative on the Steering Committee and the Inter-club Council. She has been outstanding in the Student Council and was a delegate to the convention in Shreve- port. Sara is also a member of the Honor Society. Ken Klub, Future Teachers Youth, Internos. and Ski Club. , A llied Miss Electric Cookie of 1952, otherwise known as CAROL HAMILTON, is a very familiar figure in Sandieland. She has been runneriup for Queen, junior favorite and senior favorite. Energy-plus has enabled this pretty Kampus Kate to serve ably as secretary of Allied Youth and Ken Klub. and be a member of the Stu- dent Couneil. Honor Society, Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Girls' Athletic Club and Thespians. Page 126 ii kg : . 1. :P t-, .1 9- ,'- ' I L 1' 'f Q, E 'Q' if, :- . Fr' A bright-eyed girl with a yen for printer's ink is BONNIE McNU'l"'I', who has served ably as Sandstornz editor. Because of her Ollt- standing abilities she holds membership in the Ken Klub. Honor Society, and Quill and Scroll. She served on the 1951 La Airosa staff. Bonnie can always be depended upon to handle things with utmost efficiency. Although many AHS activities have claimed the talents of TED NICKLAUS, he has proved himself equally capable in many fields. Chosen as senior favorite runner-up, he is president of the Interclub Council, vice-president of the Hi-Y. and vice-president of the orchestra. A proficient speaker. Ted was elected speaker of the house at the State Youth Government and won second place in the "I Speak for Democ- racy" contest. He is a member of the Honor Society. Ken Klub, Thespians, and the Platform Club. His three years of untiring service lo AHS make ROBERT PARKS a truly worthy Sandie. Robert has given of his artistic talent as art editor for the La Airosa and cartoonist for The .Smzrlslorni and by serving on numerous com- mittees. His very high scholastic rating has made him a member of four honor societies. while his friendliness and sociability have made him a member of Student Council and Allied Youth. ix ,fr Eg' 't if " gwi.. -r .f Q E. 3: ,ef ' , -' Q. 3 H MARTHA SCHULTZ never seems to have an idle moment. She has been a competent La Airosa associate editor, a big job in itself. How- ever serving as Y-Teen president and Honor Society secretary has surely taken responsibility. Martha is a valuable member of the Interclub Council, Bel Canto Chorale, Quill and Scroll and Ken Klub. Her presence will long be re- membered in the halls of AHS. Likahle l,lNli'l"l'E SMITH is one of Al-lS's most wholehearted supporters. just look for a shining smile and there you'll find her. Her fine record has helped her achieve membership in the Honor Society. Liuette served as treas- urer of both Allied Youth and FTA besides be- ing an ROTC sponsor and a member of the Ski Club. AHS is certainly fortunate to have I.iIlCllC in its surroundings. Not only red hair but also a big smile and a ready wit make it easy to spot TOBY XVISE wherever Sandies congregate. Toby's many friends have proved their admiration by elect- ing him senior president, sophomore president. Allied Youth president and treasurer, Student Council representative, and delegate to the Southern Association Student Council Conven- tion. He has participated in track and football and is a member of the Hi-Y, Honor Society, and Athletic Honor Sociey. Page l27 . - '..' -,. 1 .'.'."."-- . .. U.. . .-. ., -. .". '-. fy. ... ..- -. . ...,.o.o. ..,,- , .,, . . - . . .--.. .. . ., ,.,. .-'. --. -l . - -. '- .-.- -.D .- -.-,- . -. - . - ...'.-, .- ,, . , U . . .- ..- .D-.-., -,. ..... . .. .. ..,.. .' .,- .,.--, ., ,-- ,-.,. ,- l... ,. . -, .-,..- .,.. ....-,..' ... , .-,. .-.. .,'. .-.-..,.-.-.,..', -H, -,-. --." . v ,,..- '.' .. ..--,.--.-'. . '....... .'...... ' '. '.---'-.HH ". '..f.-"'-' -.'.--..'-'.'.- .,....,...... .',-,---U.,-.,-....,.-..-,'..,.-,--,....--3,-.31-.--.,.,-J,-.'.,..1,1..-.-.,--.,.,1,,1'-..,',..-..'--'...1.-,-I ....'-. -..- ..-'--..'.".----H .,'- ,'-.'...-,', ...--'. .-,....',.--.-,'...-,- -- '. .,.-.- ... ....,...,.,-...-. ..-1. ,.-.-,...-.- ,....-.'. .-, -.-,. ., .,,.,.-. .., ,.,. .,1,, .i .,-.-..,,.,...- - . ...J ,.' ....... ..-. . ,, ...- -, .. .... . ., l ,,-,- -U-..,.-..,-..,-,..- .g. - - '-.'1- -,.--',-......' .'.--,-., .:.-Q .-'.- "" ' '..' . " u . '...-."' '- "".- -.-' .-' f..'.'-.'-'- ....,:.,. -, -.,,..,,' .,.. ,....... -., I, ,- ,---.,.,- - ,...., -.,. ,.., ...I-... , .,-'-.,-- i ,---. ...',....,:-...v ,..,--.'.',- .-.. -H-.,:-.--.,-....-.-.:, ..:.,.,...-,.,, U.--.,-.. .,..,.-.--..,-.,,.- ,.-,..-gg..-,..--.U ..'.,,-,..,.- , ., - -, . ...-.-., ., .. , , . ..- . --. .1 .,.,, ,I ., .,,... .'-,-.'. .'-s....-.'..--. "'.'.,'.-n . ,-.,-.,- ,.,..,-- ,'.-'. , . .. .,. ., , . .,.' .. .. . . . . ..,... ' ' . . ..-..-Q. ,.,-,.- - , -- ,.'. -..-.N ,-,,.-.-v -,'..- ,' , .'.-'-.," ' .'--...,...' -.- .- .-- -.'-' '-. -.'--'.'.-.-.-'.'- . ' .-'.'f -'. - .-. lp. '.,-., , v., -,-,. ,-.','. . -.,-, - . ,' ' '.,. --o -.-,..--, .','- .- , --- ,. -. . - . . . -. .. -. -. ., .,...- . -. . -. . .,,.-.... ,.. . , ,-..... -.,. . ....,...,,-, -..- -- , .-,.. . . ,.'..'.- . -.-.,.'.'-'.".,-,-.'- . ., . .5-.. . -, --,-,', .'-.'..-'.. 1...-'.', ."..-'.-,N .,'....,,..,"-.,',-.'. .'-,'.',-,'-,.-,:, .,..'.,'...,.:-,. -...,.:,-I - .3 . ..-.- '. '. --. -. ' '. . f . .-.-.. ., -.. -.. - .. . L I F E Xvgwab J + I C635 MLV'1..l J f E 1 ., s N Q M 53 M? 1. I X -1l'v N ' :pk ' ,- if W k y nz! Q I I 7 I W f f 'fb 5 14" 1 K l' ,ZZ XX 4 I ff f r f " A f 'f sf Y Q17 Carole Grupe. Barlmnra Juett, and Gwen Selecmnn. Dale johnson, and Elizabeth Brock enroll for Miss Irene Sara Kelley ut AHS' first dance '- the C1'2lH'f0l'CllS sixth period study hall. Drugstore Drag -- sponsored by Allietl Youth. "A-M-A-Rel-I.-L-O, GO, Go, Col" Sara Kelly and john Jenkins - Kzimpus Kate yell Sandie enthusiasts at the Sandie-Childress Varsitv Vic for the month of September gilmc - first of the season. their :'Typiez1l Sandie" trophies. l Allied Youth Members enjov re- 1.i'l Wade Moore trades at jar of freshments in the school eafeteriaiafter Sandie Spirit with Bob Davis for the the first AY meeting of the year. Plainview Bulldog at the year's sec- September Son QE? Master of Ceremonies Bill Mcllrary inter' Queen hopefuls, Denise Cole and Linetle 'iews petite Gail Loessner at the formal presenta- Smith, wave to the spectators as they ride around ion of candidates for Queen. the stadium at the Pascthal-Sandie game. October - the magic second month of school when things really went into full swing. There were football games, parties and dances, and the bon- fire to entertain the students. Beverly Robertson watches as Doris Beverly pins a Sandie Spirit Letter on XVilly lVesterner. X' o .-of eo +- A, i tr- : 0 O UQ fb r Q , of Q. l e X Yr' J' , A 0,96 X """' .L i M Yup Q , 7 0 A ' X cf X 'WVC want a touchdown. we really, really want a touchdown." sing enthusiastic Sandies at the annual bonfire previous to the Lubbock game while VV1lly Westerner IS ignited by the cheer- leaders. Kampus Kate and Varsity Vic for the month of October, Carole Grupe and Ted Nicklaus. admire their trophies. "You said I'd have every- thing," sings Janet Harrison to Bill McCrary at the Hi-Y Dance. Qlw 1 s Aloha" that Wade Moore is singing Steed 'lt the Bel Canto Clioralds Hal- dance 'Wklhat ani I hid?" Bob Davis and Jimmie Painter auction off cakes at AY's Cake Bake, Kampus Kale and Varsity Vic for the month of November- lilise Deal and liarnie Foster. Leaving for the Abilene game are jimmy Albright, Tommy Donnell, Fred X'Vay, and Kent Galhright. "Surprise". yell Bill Fitch, Sue Sharp, Dale johnson, and Ted Reymzm at San Angelo. lain x e-r"'1!-51, g Jim Boyce and his date, Sallx Sparks, are ewjoying a coke at the I'ara111ounl Vl1l1CEllCI'. fans Lhccr the departing 911111109 at the pep rally pre- Ledlng the Xlnlene game vl A Q7 The faces of Caroline South! wood and Edda Tcrmehr re- flect thc agony fell by all AHS students at the Tl1a11l:sgivi11g Odessa game. Beverly Boxwell, Sheila Starks and Jimmie Dell Atkinson Entertaining AY members with the song "Santa Claus portray Jackrinvlhe-Boxes at FTA's Christmas party. Coming L0 Town" are Nanne O'Keefe and Nan Y-Vzltki Page 136 Pill Reeder and Nancy jo Clark pe1'fcn'm a ballet dance while accompaniexl lay Earnie Foster. Obviously fascinated, Raymond Bennett and Roy Walker listen to a speaker at the Hi-Y Cou- xention in Austin. W 5 ff X ,ENN wif '-H. Donna Fowlkes. Theodoeia Shirley Nelson and Patti ccnnpare Clliristnlas gifts. A hit of political strategy lakes shape hetween Ted Nick- laus and Donald Mathis at the m'om'enticmn. Page l1S7 Crammiug for exams are Latin students Henry Saxe, Carol Mcklurtry, Barbara Gil- lespie and l-larold Grupe. .gf ' 0 0 0 O I I' Q :gk 4 t X ' v Two "backward" students at the Backward Dance "Here, try mine," says Gail Aikens to Charles Carter held by the YMCA Teen-Age Club. as they pause for refreshments after a movie. Since jaxiuary is the month for skiers, some AHS students "head for the hills." Palsy Fox laughs at her tumhle while Alfred Kocstler grimnces with pam. o 6 F Q! C Starting the new year right are Carol 1-lamilton and joe Benham-lIan11zn'y's liampus Kate and Varsity Vic. ,W f x ..,.,,, is 1 , , 'E Q 2 4 f EEN , 'E I ,I ,Wk 42, ' 1 X , :. 9 what Wim .fi Leaving for a tournament at Baylor are forensics students Carolyn After thc final curtain of thc operetta is rung Higinliotliam, Margie Greer. Marlene I-laynic, Gloria Wcilenman, Don clown, congratulations arc in order for the stars. Ex- Wll111Ug11i11l1f 211111 15111 Mfrlllcy- cited Sandies give their wlmlc-liearted approval. iff? ,Zi if! . ,i ,..5 Varsity Vic loi Tebiuaiy Robcit Parks ,.,.-f' i 5 The operctta is over so cast members celebrate at a party. HOW do they celebrate? XYhy by singing, of course! 2 is 1: Af' li' JU y N ,, S3 l L Kenneth McNIullin, Nan Vlatkins, Zerrell l'Valker. Alice Whitfield, jerry Gardner, Nancy Clark, Buddy Bennett and Elaine Ross watch the floor show at the YMCA's Y'Vestern Dance at Spicer's barn. P The new cafeteria is open! Among the 1 S ai J star attractions, being enjoyed by these sophomores, is the juke box with the latest popular tunes. Jamie Saunders refuses the coke offered by Pat Jordan while Don Reid, Virginia Donohoo and Roberta N'Vhitfielcl celebrate the opening of the cafeteria. i' N... x 44, V V 10 'l'he hustle und hustle ol' ll crowclccl cafe terizl is inonlentzlrily slilletl for the noon time invocztlion. Admiring their tiny Kznnpns Kate and Varsity Vie slzltuettes are jane Moore and Roy Walk- er. The two senior Sandies were chosen for the honor in March. The Steering Connnittee ol the Honor Society was reacti- vated in March. Pictured are the faculty sponsors. rlmirmznn Harold Grupe. Secretary, Mar' tha Schultz, und inemhers. "In the spring 21 young IIIZUIYS fancy . David Hunt and jerrc Lewis Sll2l1'C smiles 21 sorlzl. Spring! juniors look forwarfl to tlieii Senior xeu anal. of course, to Senior rings. Dale McCullough and Shirley Chewning admire one style while Gall Stephen son approves Sue Dz1mmier's choice. l , Q72 vw ' ki if ,, if ff Xa Sensi, do n Bridge" on the long awaited Kid Day Sally Tull, Don Ely, Juana Ree Owens. and Dan Gunn watch Sherwin Nance draw a hopscoteh court. A speedy game of leap frog is undertaken by jackie Fyfe, Bob Moore, Dan Gunn and Don Ely. The younger gCl'1CI'Hl1OI1 1I1CllllgC IH a game of Lon !xl1CC Nlntfleld hlxssfullv ignores the Struggle OXC1 teddy heal by Iurhaa Spcei Iuana Rec Oweni QH10lC md Bob Moore Q 'Q' Ut "Yon'rc only young once" so a group of sen- ior "kids" with their toys stop briefly to decide what to do next. -.-.G , . , ,g.,:, ,., - 1 ,. ,,. , ew' 2' f' ff f f Cr X 1l.'1i,.i,1' Wing: r :lf"' W . 1 . agp -.1 , U" Q x e I Climaxing their high ool career Steve Cur- and Allan Adkins tch as Whitney Hall mires his diploma. , . . u . Z, I, .f-El, fi", Z 1 ff I 1 f Z. . 1 - - - . , ." . ,.,- . ' ..v,.,- fu " ..- '.-. ..- .vo .-. '.-. ...- 'f .'. . . .,v ...H ,n-' .., '. e ,'.-.- - n, John Jenkins, president of the National Honor Society, initiates two new members of the club at the candle lighting ceremony. Left to right are Toby Wise, John Jenkins, and Dan Loving. New members are nominated by members of the faculty and are elected by a faculty council. The four standards of the club are based upon character, leadership, service, and h l sc oarship. National Honor Society Officers of the National Hon- or Society are left to right: john ,G0rdon, treasurerg Martha Schultz, secretaryg Kenneth Johnston, vice-president: and john jenkins, president. The sponsors are Miss Louise Russell I and Miss Marie Donnell. A K F l E l Officers of the Ken Klub are left to right: Billy Joe Adams, vice-presidentg Carol Hamilton, secretaryg and Carter Karr, president. Mrs. C. C. Walden and Miss Ruth Ann Tolbert are the club sponsors. If gi A .W ,..,, V5 Ken Club As Billy Joe Adams assists Don Burt in signing the register book, Carter Karr ' d Hurt with her Ken Klub pin. Members A and Carol Hamilton present San ra may be seniors, juniors, or sophomores that have an average of ninety or above and a good citlzenship record. Student The members are, front row, seated from left to right: Marjorie Blanton, Sally Tull, Charlotte Duncan, Elise Deal, Carol Hamiton. Second row: Margie Greer, Lera Hudson, Maralyn Budke, Sue Dammier, Shirley Nelson, Sara Kelly, Sally Sparks, Nancy Vlfindsor, Carter Karr, Sheila Starks. Third row: Carol Meyers, Shirley Fautt, Althea Jacobson, Jonita Redman, Doris Beverley, Nelda Tomberlin Carolyn VVilliams R b , , o ert Parks, Bobby Martin, Donald Mathis, Kenneth McMullin, Hugh Cox, Bob Byrd. Fourth row: Approving a 1952 project, the council officers are, from left to right, standing: Sara Kelly, corresponding secretaryg Donald Mathis, sergeant-at-armsg john jenkins, president, Imogene Cearley, treasurer, and Allan Adkins, parliamentarian. Seat- ed is Carol Cleek, recording sec- retary. Mrs. W. B. Burkhalter is the sponsor. ...T , Council Spooky Canova, George Lokey, Jack Westerficlcl, Robert 'McW'horter, Ronnie Claiborne, Allan Adkins, Ted Stewart, Walter Foster. Fifth row: Paul Gilbreath, jerry Hibbs, james Ryan, Wal- lace Smith, Roy VValker, Tommy Donnell, Steve Curtis, Carole Mims, Mack Gordon, Gwen Selec- man, Mrs. Burkhalter, john jenkins. Sixth row: Booty Curtis, Bob Swank, Kyle Farmer, Sonne jeong, Terry Savage, Toby l'Vise, Joe Sullivan, Slegfried Streufert. Through the Future Teachers' Members pictured are, bottom row, left to right: Linda Lewis, Elaine Ross, Patricia Willis, Denise Cole, Joan Provus, Janene Wrather, jonita Red- man, Grady Donnell, Joan Brooks, Gail Steph- enson, Patsy Patterson, Kay Harwell, Miss Ulm. Second row: Peggy Hill, Gail Aikens, Shirley Nelson, Elise Deal, Diane Thomas, Sherwin Nance, Sue Briley, Deala Duncan, Louetta Keathley, Nancy Gibson, Jackie Baker, Wilma Jean Crisler, Nelda Cavender, Iva Pearl Mathes. Third row: Yvonne Cavender, Ladon Graham, Pat Bush, Sue Beery, Nancy Bivins, Janice Green, Doris Beverley. Back row: Earnie Foster, Billy Cormack, Billy Joe Adams, Bob Davis, Toby Dowell, Bobby Martin, james Webster. Future Teachers Club, AHS students explore the field of teaching of grading pa- pers, running errands, and by substituting for teachers at ele- mentary schools in the early spring. The club officers seated around the FTA emblem are, from left to right: Billy jack jacob, president: Ann Ous- ley, historian, David Ramzel, parliaa mentariang Yvonne Cavender, secre- tary: Sue Britt, vice president. Not pictured is Linette Smith, treasurer. Junior - Senior Hi-Y Looking over a club handbook are the officers of the club. They arc, from left to right: john Jenkins, presidentg Allen Adkins, secretaryg john Ed Ekelund, assistant secretaryg Ted Nick- laus, vice-president. The sponsor is Mr. joe Parkey. Hi-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and commun- ity high standards of Christian char- acters." Sophomore H i-Y Alpho Chopter Officers looking over plans for the meetings are, back how, left to right: Robert Frazer, parliamentariang Duane Stoddard, vice-presidentg Bohhy Brady, president: seated: Booty Curtis, secre- taryg Donald Katz, treasurer. The club is sponsored by Mr. S. N. Henry. Dale VVynn standing heads the H1Y this year He is assisted Jamey Saunders and B111 WVyr1ck vice president E. L. Hammit is the sponsor of club. N3 'W ' Sophomore Hi-Y U Zero Chopter 1110114 -..M M iiiwkl5?S5NSF?3MR?f'l 55W?iM.K-3WM?dH?4X?SW4WK6W? 4N- ' W94 Y-Teens "To build a fellowship of wornenland girls dedicated to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals-of ersonal and social living to which Eve are dedicated by our faith as Christians." Junior Y - Teen Club junior club officers are, from left to right: Shirley Oakley, secretaryg joan Irwin, presidentg Gayle Austin, treasur- erg seated, Gwen Riddle, vice-presidentg and Barbara Pearce, reporter. The club sponsor is Miss Laura Snyder. Sophomore Y - Teen Club Sophomore officers looking over the club scrapbook are left to right, back row: Margaret Williams, reporterg Beverly Cruel, secretaryg front rowg Marguerite Watkins, vice-presidentg Carol Schultz, presidentg Pat Walden, treasurer. The club sponsor is Miss - Lucile Morton. Senior Y - Teen Club Representatives of the Y-Teen Recognition Services are, left to right: Ann Ousley, secre- taryg Martha Schultz, presidentg Mary Lou Ely, parliamentariang Gloria Weilenman, re- porterg Pat Carter, vice-president. Mrs. Hazel Davis sponsors the club. 't fX5 ,V I 51211 , , ic ar loud, jackie Fyfe, Betty Blar, Mary Ellen Bryson, Kathrine Daniel, Neil Norwood. Seated: Joe Pool, Gail Loessner, Mrs. Margaret Josserand, Robert Hagler, Jorene Clement, Walter Elkins. Officers are Neil Norwood, presidentg Kathrine Daniel, vice-president: Gail Loessner, secretary. Mrs. josserand is the sponsor of the club. ding, left to right: Delmos Hickmott Barbara Thomas R' h d Cl Texas History Club Thespians Bottom row, left to right: Sally Sparks, Cloie Robertson, jurhee Speer, Ronda Coyne, Linda Lews ' is, Elaine Ross, Frances jackson, P t ' ' W ' ' " ' ' a ricta Vrllis, Elayne Steele. Second row. Mrs. N. N. Whil- worth, Mary Lou Ely, Sherwin Nance, Marilyn Miller, Yvonne Cavender, Nancye Coffee, Sharon Touchstone, jean Wright, Nancy Gibson. Third row: Wandalee Long, Billy Cormack, Bill Mc- Crary, Bob Davis, Carole Grupe, Sue Keffer, Wanda Gassaway, Carol Hamilton. Fourth row: Earnie Foster, Robert Parks, joe Benham, jerry Kennedy, Don W'illingham, Ted Nicklaus Travis Boles, David O'Keefe. Officers of the club are Travis Boles, presidentg Earnie Foster, vice-presidentg Ann Harrison, secretary, Nancye Coffee, treasurer, Sue Keffer, clerk. Mrs. N. N. Wh. V h . . . ttwort sponsors the club. 1 hespians is the honor society for students taking dramatics. , Quill and Scroll To become a member of the Quill and Scroll a student must be in the upper one third of the class scholas- tically and have done exceptable work in publications. The sponsor of the club is Miss Ellie Whitmore. Officers are Joe Benham, president, Bonnie McNutt, vice-presidentg Robert Parks, secretaryg Carolyn Higinbotham, treas- urer. gg 9 F 71' fi N, pk Jl'l sz Bottom row. left to right: Laurie Ellen Hasley, Carolyn Higin- botham, Elayne Steele, Maralyn Budke, Patricia Starr. Second row: Mina Nell Fields, Nancy Rush, Carol McMurtry. Marlene Haynie. Third row: Phyllis Hamilton, Gloria Hleilenman, Lela Hudson, Lera Hudson. Fourth row: Martha Schultz, joe Ben- ham, Robert Parks, jerry Kennedy. Officers of the Ready Writers' Club are left to right: Priscilla XValker secretaiy Ierry Cronister president' Francis johnson . I ' , ' ' g 1 . , , . , S vice-president. Miss Irene Crawford sponsors the club which was organized for the development of creative writing skills. ,AN J-G wi., fi, .. , ff - Lf 155 . .wal -I ,I my A ,f .,, A. ,F p f.'fL ,il , 6 s . jg x ' 'f f 1 V Q, Y "gR1.+'xk'! ww J' v . diiiw. , :SAM , , - , . H 2 ww f 1 " , : 1' i -,'i22vL?' i .M I . f 1 Sigh ,L.f' g g k . " 'W 5 A , i'L W ' . ,f M - ,fav wg W 'Q ew f il V .fffff N-f Y , .4 -,M Q, zz: wwf , 1 sg, ,, 5 ' -iw ' 1:1 'C EN' f X ,kg 5 5 42' 1 , sg. ff Y , e .wb K' .7 - W,,ik , , . . , 5 A K :fe f - - Q mfg, L ' Fw X x .- M 5, Vffvf We if x?'uz'?i-Af' "fry MJ . ,Mqf,.1,.f 'ff , Q' E11-f, ., ' Q mqf ,- King' s5i"3SQ 15,- A af' 2 ,V .. .. .P+ QXMQE sqgfggq 'X adv Q 5 xx xx,-. -:fat Q wiv ff 1, A an I -K 92.9 a 7 w W 5. ii:-Q 2 f W " f P f 455-M 'M -'S M Vg l ..,,- " . f,-Qwfy .f 11:15-1 ,, UWM: , .nw :a,f:ze'fi'1,a1f h ,Luv . . 52.4 'sf ,fgf fi 5254 ' fugfmifvi mf 4,512-'f, . 1 .1 f :,fsF,Q- V1 -gi .J-'QI5.E3g .K , -.'.,:1:3gf5 Tfiiugg-Qi a- ' 'E mi .?.,,.,, .. 'H - ' ,FEW Aw V' ' 'Ja' fav, '7'Q.S'MZ'l' ' 'iff-QQA lurk Qu, X , 2 Inler-Club Council The Inter-Club Council, consisting of a rep- resentative from every club in Amarillo High School, co-ordinates the activities of the Junior Red Cross in all organizations of each of the schools in Amarillo. Officers of the Inter-Club Coun- cil are. from left to right: Margie Greer, reporter and his- toriang Ted Nicklaus, presidentg , Carol Cleek, secretary. The vice- . president, Sara Kelly, is not pic- 1 lured. Miss Carmen Ulm is the ' sponsor of the club. " 1 l - L I . - 5 :r Members of the council seated from left to right, bottom row: John Gordon, Carole Grupe, Carol Cleek, Gail Aikens, Rose Marie Caron. Middle row: Paul Garner, Martha Schultz, Margie Greer, Carol Schultz, Sue Brown. Back row: George Lokey, Ted Nicklaus, Donald Mathis, Roy Walker, Frank jones, Ida Lou Campsey, Sherli Johnson. I A part of the interesting program at the club Christmas party was a trio which sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." The girls are from left to right: Althea Jacobson, Jackie Baker and Mary Jean Gray. I 1 l From left to right the officers of the . club are Toby Wise, presidentg Carole Grupe, vice-president: Carol Hamil- ton, secretary, Linette Smith, treasurer. Faculty advisers are Mrs. Mabel Rod- gers, Mrs. Dolouise White, E. M. Sav- age, Mrs. Mary K. Martin, J. M. Bos- well, Major Carl P. Matney, ,Mrs. Allie Nelson, Mrs. Atlanta Kaye and Miss Faye Dillingham. Allied Youth Allied Youth is one of the most important clubs in AHS and is by far the largest organization. Early in the fall, the AHS post ranked first in membership over all other schools of the nation. It is a charac- ter building organization whose purpose lies in teaching the harmful effectsof alcohol on the body. The teenagers who hold membership in AY really enjoy the regular meetings and the unusual socials. Bob Davis was the AY delegate to the annual planning conference at Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania. The club raised part of the money for his expenses by having a cake sale. The entire affair was enjoyed by all taking part in it. I I I 'I A. J ifni a.Qf?fH. w i ll X t w my-2-rf' t -4 Members of the Ski Club are left to right: Sara Kelly, re- cording secretaryg Sue Sharp, treaurerg Bill Fitch, presidentg Gwen Selecman, corresponding secretaryg Alice Klein, re- porter. Sitting on the floor is Freddie Koestler, vice-presi- dent. fi 3 is V1 Ski Club The Ski Clubis composed of student interested in skiing and its problems Each year the members take several trip to Santa Fe to use their knowledge o the art of skiing. Miss Laura Robert sponsors the club. .p l fq4Q?'Q 1 1 X 'ali-' N6 fe ' it r Z" Ma ,t 6 Z Square Dance Club 1'J'n 'S Several members of the club are left to right: Billy Gill- more, Dottie Berry, Raymond Bohn, Ina Mae Johnson, Stanley Thurmon, Susan Carter, Chan Foster, and Charlotte Duncan. Officers of the club are Jimmy Carver, presidentg Terry Phillips, vice-president, Ina Mae johnson, secretary, jane Schramm, treasurer, Louise Rodgers, reporter. Spon- soring the club are Miss Lurlene Bowman and Major Carl P. Matney. 9 HGWERS n1 ' .--9 National Athletic Honor Society This organization is for high scholastic athletes who are eligible to receive .f- a major letter in some major sport and have an 85 average or higher. The nsor of the club is Mr B1ll Defee. Officers of the club are Joe Sullivan, presi- dent Bob Byrd Qtrackj vice-president' and Carter Karr secretary-treasurer. Bottom row left to right: Bob Byrd track Toby Wise, Jackie Fyfe Carter Karr Toby Druin. Second row: immy Davis, Billy oe Adams, Bob Byrd fbase- ball , Bobby Martin, Harold Daniel. Third row: Raymond Bennett, Dan Loving, Joe Sullivan, Robert Frazer, Bill Mobley. Fourth row: Hugh Cox, John Jenkins, Toby Dowell, M. L. Kline, jimmy Albright. Fifth row: Leon Eglesori, Kenneth Johnston, Tommy Donnell, Billy Cormack. , I Q k . s t X Nw" Future Homemokers of America l he other dnmon of Homem ik Us is the sewing department lhf: lrest trtitle mule during the sur may he motlclul in the stylg show .xt the state md district tonxenuon n tie picture amove N rs. 'eve- h tse is helping two of the girls with their projects. FHA Council members, left to right: jzmele llztssettg Sue Dzimmier, Pres.g Beverly Cirogang Gloria Letcherg and Marion Buckley. Seated: ltlzt Lou Clznnpseyg Catherine Princeg Carolyn Heard: Phyllis Milligang and Doris Bailey. Not pictured: Sharon Hurt, veepg and Shirley john- son. ser. si 5-.4 One of the two divisions of Fu- ture Homemakers is the foods tle' partment. ln class the girls study the proper diet :incl cooking skills. lintertuining their mothers with tens and preparing dinners is the chief program. Approximately 325 students are memhers. Future Farmers of America M, .W K e me , R ,Q 1 Q L Y Y y J . wk. Members pictured are, back row, left to right: Mr. Sam Hen- ry, jackie West, jen- nie Fancher, Geraldine Patterson, Beth Smith, Mr. Ray Cannon. Front row: Martha McCracken, Frances Veazey, Mona Byars, Myma Sue Winberg, Jackie Goldsmith, Jim- my Winter, Ray Oli- ver, Dick Burkin. Distributive Education Club Students interested in the qualities of being a good salesman comprise the membership of the Distributive Education Club. More than sev- enty-five members obtain much' needed exper- ience by actual on-the-job training. W I t Xl ef Representing a part S 6 of the club's work is I the display window k near the DE class- ' " rooms. At left is an , FA S arrangement of 0, 'SNL V Christmas merchan- ,, P 'S ' dise. n ' V5 ' 1 2 ,, U .H Q mv, ,, ,V.,, .,,, z,s:f' , Ugly' . ' Tflwi f-Q25 u-,H - 'greg ,, ,ff-1,5-I-:mg 15,-5,-:,. - f .K :m5e1gpl,Q,'ei, 1 ,X - - N , - . ' ' - , -115115-ff -, sf- ' 35- af- W ,, M12 f fl--ff .QL .L k Q Jw , .-QQ ff is 14, " 'W - . - 1 , - - -W fm . ' -if ' ' xx, .K - -A --::,f ,+5' A- -1- , ', , -A , k f ffgffgsf-. Y ' ' 'f 51521 f ' x -K Qi 1 . ,S-'I 'T uw 7 m . ,, ,- . , 'ix 0 M ,wig 7 a 5 , M 1 ,G la 2, , , , ,Q VX 9. S' f A ' ' - ew inf.:-W' W fy ' , pg K 5- iti v yn- Az, A - 1 , - Q -2-filxixlz f,F!E?fi k UQ.. QA .- A-Yi 'Mic Af' L ILZL 1m V 'UAV 1- - 5-:-2. -1 ,ffmLf"-k','i':'1L5:1-in -aiwf' , ' 'Zi- 1 ' Jr Platform Cl The Platform Club is for juniors and seniors who are interested in speech. The mem- bers enter mto such activities as debate and decla- Secretary Marianna Gross takes minutes as Allan Adkins presides over a Platform Club meeting. The members are, from left to right, front row: Mary Lee Graves, Sue Dammier, Bill Mobley. Second row: Ada Ann Stephens, Lawrence Grif- fith, Marlene Haynie, Gloria Weilenman, Wanda Pictured members are, from left to right, front row: Susan Carter, jane Cheyne, Helen Marie Fosshage, Ar- relene W'atson, Lois McKee, Evelyn Tucker, Rosemary Quinn, Janet Harrison, Betsy Pettyjohn. Second row: jamey Saunders, president: Berl Lunsford, Mickey Cole, Linda Jonas, Elizabeth Gaidry, Mike Hall, Mike Gholston, Gavel Club The Gavel Club is mation. Long, Harold Grupe. Back row: Don Willing- ham, James Collier, Ted Nicklaus, Carol Hamil- ton, Margie Greer, Cloie Robertson, Carolyn Higinbotham. Miss Jessie Mercer is the spon- sor of the club. Don Rehmeyer, Don Bob Reid. Third row: jane Burt, Carol Horton, Shirley Puckett, Pat Martin, Edith Pickett, secretary: Beverly Cruell, Nancy Bivins, Janice Green. Back row: Terre Rocha, Ronnie Claiborne, Bobby Selby, Wvalter McNew, Donald Carver, Louetta Keathley, ,Anita Pitcock, Carolyn Husbands, LaVon Ford, vice-president. an organization whose purpose is to interest sophomore students in speech activities. ll! 4 A 1 I, Y 'W'-, . .-...-.-. . ........,1.'..' DP...-..'.....'.,...,,... ,-.-.-."'-.'-.- . -',..,.,""'.,'-.', -.,'-'.'..v '..,','..-.',' -.,'-." '.-. '.',. Un 'u ' 1 I. ".' u , . .., -.. -., ..- .,'.',-.., '-..-'.-I--. u-.. nun. ' ' ' 'n'n'w.' , . H .,".' ... '.-. . ln. -"' "'o.n'I', 'nv -.,-..-- ---.,-,..-,'-..- .,1-.1.-- ...',-f.......::- '-..',..,j ..--n.,"-1 --.. -.,, .."-.,". -.., ..', , y --'- ..-...xi ..-. , . ..-. ,-.,-,'-.- '--...,,".,'-...- ,-.,-,-..- '--.,,,'-..'.'-- .'-.'.-." "'...'-.'."' -... . -. . ... . ,. .- , .-.. . - . , . .., . ,,-. . E .f-'J' X Lf,4 'gg i f f 'NIXM MFXR 5, Za 2 lc, f L, X f . X A R 1 X2 'K , .D Q-Af ' XF' M QZZL-7 I I: u lf, ' l V gl' 4 Mm g 41fWU"'70' -27 X ,, 52 , X i 3, x fp- ,flwf Q? . rv, .zf A ,, 2 QSQQA . i ,K f -if , as f, ,Q Q ,my - N : :H A ,swf f Q 'xv fa , A -'?4!'La:"' 1 1 0 H . ' ' M1 'Q 5 , xp 1 4: Q t , . L1 1 ' fa Z' z Kb .K 5 ,K fax ,..1.,A-f, fa - JA X .y fizwgff 43 aff? ,Q Q W, , ,,, , V gm, wc- ,:1.1fmfi1.a ,I , if ,- Q , Us . f1f::e:5' , Q .,.f X , ,P f.As,fv,,i M ? M" I - lifsliiz- ffsfggfvii, ,g,gyi17,j1f,'Qj K Y , ., -fx ,L i w Y' ,, Q'-:.,1Q-fi" ' -ZC"fi u: .. 'i : A : .. ' f ""'?w,rX, f - if,5f4gfz,f,?,3- 1 A 'H " Qfwffj flwv 23 1- ff w5J'mw:f:2:f??r 1- Sp-,w,.fiEf2FEg, . L.,,k , Z- ,M,X,. L1 4 - :wif 'Jgfw ,N Y , X , I N v A . mn , W, M J A K, i I x 1 I Y i 1 A K r 6 I Q ' IV ffl m J W1 .ww Wh -.w,.m. 1 ig-1 sd QV wr i Q , ,455 ? f xi iw 3- MQ 5555 f .f 4 My X ' ff- f ,512 J v If F . J' LV.7 Vg. 3 g 1 .fm f 4 Bel Canto Chorale The major junior-senior choir the Bel Canto Chorale directed by Mr. A. M. Autrey supplies culture in Sandieland. In addition this choral group sings for various community programs and civic clubs. The long hours spent in train- ing and rehearsal by the choir paid off in invi- tations from other high plains schools for ex- change assemblies and occasionally longer tours to south Texas cities and neighboring states. I I I I 1 one of the main sources of entertainment and I Sandie Swingsiers The Sandie Swingsters, za Len- piece swing band, play for dances and other forms ol' en- tertainment throughout the Pan- handle area. ! i 2 S N'Vith precision, Billy .lack jacob, drum major, and Claris Spenrer, queen, lead the hand. Twirlers are Pat Loflin, Betty Elliott, Nelda Mc- Clzmallan, and Anna -Ioyce johnson. 3 ' f Bond Officers The officers of the Sandie Band are: Sally Tull, secretaryg John Gordon, presidentg Don Burt, assistant drum major. Or an music for mornin g g de- votlonals came from this sex- tet., Standing are: Mina Fields, Marilyn Miller, jim- my Metcalf, Beatrice Craw- ford, Carolyn Smith. Seated is Ernie Foster, head organ- ist. Orchestra Queen Sweet! Cute! These are the ad- jectives that describe Gloria Letch- er. Gloria spends much time prac- ticing her violin and is very ser- ious about music which has been her first love since childhood. ,-2 The orchestra for 1951-52 is ably led by its president, john Gordon. He is greatly assisted by Ted Nick- laus who is vice-president and Kenda Chapman who serves as secretary of the organization. mfltwfl .... "Sweethearts'r' with music by Victor Herbert was the Operetta chosen for this year's all-school production. Bringing colorful nineteenth cen- tury Belgium to life was a tremendous task for both students and faculty members. Executive director for the production was Miss Tennie Thompson. Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, Mr. H. Flathers, and Mr. A.' M. Autrey each proved themselves experts in their respective fields. Other teachers Rsisting were Mrs. Thomas Hay- nie, Charles C. Jones, Charles Emmons, Rupert Taylor, Mrs. L. W. Patton, Mrs. Lola Peve- house, Misses Adele Shows, and Ellie Whitmore. The AHS Orchestra played the score while Bill McCrary was in charge of all dance routines. PICTURE A-Dame Paula portrayed by Ann Harrison awaits the return of Mikel, a crooked politician, who is posing as her husband. PICTURE B-Elaine Ross as Princess Sylvia tries to prove to Bill Fitch as Prince Franz that married life can be bliss. Here she brings him his favorite book after making him as comfortable as possible. PICTURE C-Travis Boles as Mikel prepares to divulge a secret to Princess Sylvia, Elaine Ross. PICTURE D-Liane, Nita sreed, sings "Talk About This, Talk About That," to Karl, a romeo soldier portrayed by Wade Moore. H i 1 Sophomor Fifth Period Choir Left to right, bottom row: Shirley McDowell, Jo Ann Buster, Linda Shackelford, Avis Hatchett, La Nelle Sum- mers, Patsy Black, Lois McKee, Marita Ratliff, Mary Colvin, Mary Ann' Reid, Maynon Martin, Willa Ubben. Sec- ond row: Billie McPherson, Marion Payne, Vera Gathright, Charlotte Wilson, Pauline Darling, Joanne Mc- Means, Yvonne Martin, Sharilyn Renner, Wynell Ba"'r, Pat Giles. Third row: Margueriete Watkins, Vina Moore, Marjorie Patton, Sue Ann Paer, Peggy Ble Mignon Moore, Bonnie Knotts, Charline lNilson, Vilda Foster, Margaret Fischer, Phyllis Milligan,-Joyce Keeton. Fourth row: Gay Goodner, ,Riceine Hudson, Phyllis Riner, Anita Mitchell, VVilma Mitchell, Winnie Hizey, VVilma Chrisler, Eioys Miller, Joyce Johnson, Carolyn Sanders, Patsy Armstrong, Carolyn Morris, Barbara johnson, Bill Boyd, Ray Peters, Glen Brosier, Ronald Huff- stutler, Bill Bumpers, Jimmy Pollard, Tom Boyd, Don Reid, David Secrist, Larry Ramsey, Martin Allison, Phil Schooler, jerry W'hite, Donald Harper. Choirs Second Period Choi r Left to right, bottom row: Kay Harwell, Shirley Fields, Donna Anderson, Barbara' Garrett, Loretta Keathley, Sandra Whitehead, Betty Vvright, Carol Ann Smith, Coralee Benton, Dana Eiland, Barbara Ashford, Vonne Eld- ridge, Pat Dowell, Leona Smith, Sharon Stubbs. Second row: Janelle Beck, Janice Green, Patty Hulen, Evelyn McCandless, Karen Welch, Sue Martin, Barbara Laseter, vAnn Mfilliams, Gail Gifford, Rita Poole, Carol Schultz, Sue Briley, Juanita McCaffree. Third row: Carmen Hines, 'Nancy McGee, Ann Ansley, Carolyn Joplin, Beth Spring- tuhe, Nancy Milford, Von Dell X'Vest, Jeri Mann, Nan Nordyke, Peggy Geisler, Marilyn Mabry, Jane Cheyne, Alice Kimbrough. Fourth row: Frandie Reams, Evelyn Tucker, Clara Jo Bohanon, Sharon Newby, Don Knight, Ben Clegg, Raymond Stoddard, Lynn Moyer, Harold Summers, Hershel Smith, Wanda Hart, Sharon Hurt, Sheila Cole, Betty May, Carolyn Dowell, La Nell Higdon. Fifth row: Pat Jordan, Duane Stoddard, Jack Westerfield, Berkley Kaufhold, Marshall Hickman, Dick Elkins, ,Mike Powell, Jamey Saunders, Frank Ray, Ron Davis, Edward Glenn, Wallace Smith, Allen Poe, Billy Johnston, Ray Meyers, Rosemary Hefley. Fourth Period Choi r First row, left to right: Linda Milton, Eileen Jacobson, Sarjta Sue Hatcher, Pat Walden, Noma Lee Brewer, Elizabeth Dinwiddie, Deala Duncan, Susan McCrary, Charlotte Mullin, Carol Ann Kaiser, Wanda Johnson, Doris Bailey, Eleanor Wallis, Peggy Guievena, Janet Harrison, Betty Thompson, Nancy Marsalis. Second row: Anita Brewer, Virginia Grave- stock, Nancy Windsor, Tennessee Morris, Roberta Whitfield, Betsy Pettyjohn, Shirley Broom, Noma Massey, Norma McNeil, Shirley Fautt, Rosemary McMurtry, Connie Duncan, Wilma Wescoat, Janice Wilson, Marion' Buckley, Mary Ey- vonne ,. Weaver, Patsy Saunders. Third row: Janie Fox, Pearl Fields, Doris Crerar, Jean Beeman, Sondra .Kay, Carol Ann Allen, Oveta Cherryholmes, Shirley Johnson, Janel McCuteheon, Alice Wells, Virginia Donohoo, Betty Lou Yolland, Kay Yates, Suzanne Norman, Judy Elsey, Rosemary Quinn, Sandy Townsend. Fourth row: Carol Meyers, Barbara Cov- ington, Dorothy Roberson, Charles Pace, Glenn Askew, Terry Rocha, Jimmy Catlin, Ronald Nelson, Edward Grove, Duane Miller, Lloyd Merchant, Billy Max Hale, Max Woods, Jimmy Birkmeyer, Ben Allen Yeager, Nancy Bivins, Linda Rcdfeam, Floria Ann Sorrenti, Pat Martin, La VonaJPerkins. Fifth row: David Merchant, David Ewing, Reid Leachman, Berl Lunsford, Wesley Simpson, Don Houton, Frank Gilley, Bill Wyrick, Seth Curlin, Glenn Voth, Carroll Collier, Bob Swank, David Hunt, Jimmy Walker, James Jett, Wick Alexander, Don Armstrong, Jackie Peak, Hayden Goodnight, Sunne Jeong. Sophomore Choir Queen Sextette The members of this active group are: PATSY SAUNDER5 Eleanor Wallace, Nancy Windsor, Rosemary Quinn, Sandy Townsend, Janet Harrison, Rosemary McMurtry. Seated in Earnie Foster, accompanist. ,, ,,,,. ,...,,,,,,,,,.....,. ,M,,,,,or ,,,, W. .,...,, . a,W,Wt.o, r...,.., .,,,,,, ,,,e..,-,, ,,,W..s,,,,,,.,i-,.,,.,.,,M-,s.., n J . , ,, 1 :f R " 'KVA ,' rf- L Maia? -'fn 1 1-. 4 ,.,, "" 35: x 2, Vw, , I V. M , 6 5-lg KM i . mf. -wgm . J ' mm- Q- 4 Vg, 1. ,,., fi " 5 1 51.41 ' ,Mm L' gg ,rxgjigf V ,ni . ami! erm fn. 4 L3 K, M 1 s vp f -. . R f N , HW' -"k "VER fn LMI? 3 ug", iili. Lf 1,, i ,ing X , I K me 8 , Af H 4 V I i 5512 G f m . V D , A A, A, W L fi f V fl Q S 'X' Q m ' QV, Lx. ,Q., Y 3 ,, Q: K ' 5. iv K M my A as .Q ' V , f,, A gag , wi , Y A ,V Q b ,- , A ' W . if gh ,f T553 ff rl fg ,V J gi ,f af, E Lf, X715 if i if ,r ,yi W 45 im if ,,. Q Q 5 se my A 3 1 , ,, . ,. ? 7,,,, A s . ' ' Q "" 4 ' - ' i, ,N A if 5 m 'A S' Mm PL N 5 ,.45""gg mm? 35, 425 s 5 H ' 'H f A . 7V','.' M w Q 'i Qi x ' w i . A 415 5 '15, 15, t Q , x 4, -Jr 5 4 .2 2, i g' gs -- Q, 5 ,. Q t , ., K.., L f fy , L' I4 . A N, QW 1 . X " 14 4? M. 1, f rl -, .X Y Q fl Q a 2 95555 59' 'W' if L 9415 Q , 3:2 5 ...qu-"""-f-u in ' V if f .K Www 1 Wi!! n ,li 4. f N .X WSE, ' Wal., The Two Editors Two of the busiest people in AHS are the editors of the school publications. This year Sponsors Standing with quiet authority behind the student workers were the faculty members pictured below. AHS publications sponsors l XX. . iiii reri Bonnie McNutt and joe Benham have been the guiding forces behind the paper and an- nual, respectively. were Miss Ellie Whitmore, left, editorial and business adviserg and Mr. C. C. Jones, art ad- viser. After Bonnie moved to Lubbock, Laurie Ellen Hasley, lower right, became' Sandstorm editor for the last six issues. -Photo courtesy Amarillo Globe-News cv Q D A A wa Q '05 ,, V4 , ,K 5 - x:'::s? - ' re: - mf ,gf J . 1 X Q if of X X X me ' 1 A A JP-. 3 ,V ,, .. K 3 S M ,M rw K' V- fm ,. m v -A 2- my ffm, g Q S ' 'if hii A K ,l 4 .W -, In 1, 'Vi 4 , -Si x H. .w i I 5121 ff' I V 2 W 51553 Editorial Staff Providing the annual with its finer, professional touches was Robert Parks, art editor. "Smiling through the sports year" for the annual were Jerry Kennedy and Scotty Mullins with boys' sports and Maxine Wade with girls' sports. Marlene Haynie, speech, and Pat Starr, music, seated left and center, discuss art designs with jack Felts and Linda Jonas of the art staff. Mike Hall had an "inside track" on his ROTC section. Bob Davis returned as public relations man while Alice Klein served as the circulation manager. Sandslorm Carol, McMurtry will be re- membered long for her spon- taneous self plus her news- editorship. Responsible for page editing, feature and editorial pages, respectively, w e r e Gloria Wexlenman and Laurie Ellen Hasley, both staff veterans. A littleman with two big duties was feature I . writer and circulation manager, Bobby Haley, Representing two Outstanding Sffmdstorm left. Buddy WVright assisted the sports and news umm' Consequemll' tW9 Outstanding Staff are Ioe Benham and Ethel Israel. Editorial Staff Reporters must have noses for news, and these noses clockwise are: Ann Greear, Veda Speight, Buddy Wright Hal Sullenberger and jerry Sports editor, joe McLaugh- lin, right, and assistant edi- tor jerry Kennedy publicized AHS sports. Sports columnist and writer, Maxine Wade, and a veter- an reporter, Billy Bryant, ex- amine a copy of their efforts, the Sandstorm, while think- ing ahead of columns and stories to come. Journalism- class members are, left to right: Meredith Barger, Gregory Dorough, Freddie Koestlergt Katherine Oeschger, Marva Boss, For- raine Johnston, Neil Norwood, jay Graham, Deedie Guess, jan Rogers, and Susan Moore. ,.. , A i I 5 I fi 5 If U v i 4 I 4 wr x .M .x1,ff.,2.5 mv- ,, . ...X , 'I . y m . 3 .1 EQ 755 1 A is ,V 3 - mf, a .M f we x :EBF g E V SQ LM the faces oi Freddie Koestier, Merriman alter- At a Sandstrom party , Susan Moore, Lucy Pitt, and Maxine eiiect extreme boredom and intense interest. nateiy r LOST IN A S A N D S T O R M Al-' 3Shown counting baiiots ior the "Miss Eiectric Cookie contest" sponsored by The Sancistorm are Kenneth Mina Fieids, Mike Haii, Myrna Folsom Gentry nne Cavender didates, Yyo watch home "Miss Eiectric and Caroi Hamiiton enjoy Lo economist Fern Carver prepare toasted sa f ' Cookie" can ' kes as they ndwiches. Lf BSCMETHING 'N THE W N D 5 , sv flip li nens r li Sidewalk superintendent Barbara Pearce advises Glenn Arden on the fine art of carpentry in preparation for the Popularity Ball. "Don't be glum, chum, there are more to only four hundred cut out!" Lera Hudson advises Pat Frost and Carol McMurtry as they cut out he Pop Ball. arts for the Discarded auditorium curtams find a new use as cov- ering on the presentation platform for the Pop Ball Maxine Wade and Bill Bryant are h ' them. S OWII V3CllUl'D11lg 1 x lsvffcnxnm + X 1-7' Q Am f 'f , mf ' J J 'Jeb -ws f L Ig' ik A . W M. .X - ngzwi. I , VA. . .X f ' -. -4 - ??ff:vr1'2'3 ff E Wifi? - 4 2, H- ,r , f 1, 33.,,xm 5 ,,, ,asf f , R., X.,. 5, f .Elf K F Qin .f , W .M ways E ' fi F- :mf an C l 'ff . X T E p a Comparing notes on the debate topic are senior debaters Carolyn Higinbotham, Gloria Weilenman, Margie Greer, Allan Adkins, James Collier, Don Willingham and Ted Nicklaus. Debate Excellent prospects for the de- bate teams next year are Marlene Haynie, Marianna Gross, Sue Dam- mier, Mary Lee Graves, Wandalee Long, Cloie Robertson, Lawrence Griffith, Harold Grupe and Bill Mobley. Extemp speakers Hamilton, Gloria man, Ted Nicklaus, Collier and C inbotham glance current magazines helpful information Radio Ronnie Hanna, Lynn Martin, and Tommy McCutcheon lend an attentive ear to the interpretations given various dramas by contempor- ary artists. Martha Ann Smith and Nancye Coffee practice reading poetry before the microphone to offset "mike-fright." Gail Loessner and Jerry Gardner record their voices to check their enunciation of words and to im- prove the resonance of their voices while Mark Gunnels operates the recorder. One Act Shown listening to the sta! of jerry Flynn. the hero in farce "Man in the Bowler Hat are Charles Graham and Ganlirighl as the villains. In "YVhich ls the YVav to lon?" jerry Kennedy that his wife Carole Grupe dead while Don Ely. his n and W'amlalee Long, nephews wife, look on. Applying make-up for roles in "Man in the Hat" are Kent Gathrigh ter Elkins. and an unidc member of the cast. In "The Wlomen Folk," edy concerning 21 hachelor a clloting family, Ronnie nerlreflects disgust at the havior of his aunt, Mary Ely. Plays The cast of "The Women Folk" included from left to right: Elaine Ross, Sara Chappell, Joyce Thurman. Frances jack- son, Mary Lou Ely. Ronnie Buckner. and Clqie Robertson. In a scene from the play, "All But the Truth." Mrs. Blake, played hy joyse Hess, tells Nancy jo Clark and Evelyn PLL!- man her disapproval of the story they printed. Nancy jo Clark and Sharon ouchstone struggle for the telephone in "All But the Truth," a play centering around college newspaper. Steele wheels on Marilyn to express her contempt fellow co-ed while Don watches during a scene Five For Bad Luck." 14.4 ,ad-In Contest Play Hard-working student directors ol' "Sim Stoops to Conquer," a period play set in the l78ll's are lilayne Steele and Carol H znnilton. .X universational scene featuring four of the male leads in the contest play pic- tures from left to right: David O'Keefe, Bob Davis, Bill Nlcflrary, and Earnie Foster. The complete cast, composed of nine characters, included, left to right: Ann Harrison, Earnie Foster, Travis Boles, Sue Keffer, Bill lNIcCrary, Yvonne Cav- ender, Bob Davis and Harry Scott, de- veloping the comic plot. Not pictured: David O'Keefe. Furnishing the romantic element, Bill McCrary, who portrays Marlowe, a bash- ful young man, makes love to Sue Keffer, a well-bred girl who is mistaken for a barmaid. Hi .gzsrwmw V Q' YK, J'YwkiifjirivLZi1Q'93'g,g?v1 - f . , -1, 4. ,,5,,,,,.,L,: if " 5 ' . v . . A Q A -...- . S L. 1 E - d.,'G.. k.. 11: v,.... l N N 6 AN wAL g PHC HC 'W X 1951 Football Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov Nov. Nov. Records Sandies 19 Childress 7 Sandies 19 Plainview 7 Sandies 25 Paschal 14 Sandies 6 Lubbock 47 Sandies 26 V Ysleta 6 Sahdies 40 Borger V 19 Sandies 41 San Angelo 7 Sandies 14 Pampa 26 Sandies 21 Abilene 1 13 Sandies ' 0 'Odessa 21 -- YVYVV ,, .1 ,1.t 1 1 1 be tt'4 4 f Q ' , f 4. '7-- . V2'l1! 1 fk ' v . gW'l'7'! 1 mtv, .H ffm "i 41 to ttct te. 1 , cct' 1 . ttt S , Co- - . W xxyih is awww ne' Yin ta,1"fm 60.0011 .dfffo C 900316 'A l 4 w I Q I 1 Z E 5 i 2 E 3 . 5 E 1 . Sondies l9, Childress 7 Amarillo's Golden Sandstorm ushered in a new era of football as they defeated the visiting Childress Bob- cats 19-7 in the first game of the year. Tommy Donnell, jimmy Albright and Kent Gathright unveiled Coach Bill Defee's new wing-T offense with a hustling attack in which Albright scored two touchdowns and Gathright the third. Albright, carrying the ball above, kicked the Sandies' lone extra point of the contest. Sandie Backs To gain the record our team possessed, the backfield had to be very speedy. Photo courtesy Amarillo Times Jimmy Albright ,wa Charles Carter immy Davis Tommy Donnell Robert Frazer Sondies l9, Plainview 7 Trailing 6-7 going into the fourth quarter, Coach Defee's boys scored twice and massacred Plainview's offense. The'Sandies undoubtedly presented some of the most spectacular blocking and tackling ever witnessed by pigskin enthus- lasts. Alongside all of this, the Gold and Blacks unleashed a passing attack which crushed the Bulldogs' chances completely. Scoring on gass- es were Mack Gordon and Donald Carter. on- nell ran the other tally through the middle from the one-yard line. Albright kicked the extra point. John Spencer cuts down three Plainview Bulldogs. Photo courtesy Amarillo Times ,lel Mack Gordon Jackie Fyfe Bill HCi6I'1 Kenneth McMullin Jackie Miller Bob Moore Raymond Bennett, back Carroll Shelton, back Zerrell Walker, back- Kenneth Welch, back Virgil Welch, bavk Sandies 25 Fort Worth Paschal The Golden Sandies exploded for two touchdowns in the final period to whitewash the well balanced Panthers 25-14. End Stan- ley Bull scored first on the P'anther's own deadly weapon, the forward pass. on the kickoff, Johnny Cozart took the ball in his own end zone and raced 97 yards to be hauled down on the Sandie 5. The con- version was by means of a pass. Tommy Donnell romped 35 yards on a pitchout for the second tally. Again the Sandies failed on Qthe extra point try. The Sandies led 12-7 at half-time. V The fourth quarter cinched the third straight win for the Defeemen, with Albright and Gathright- scoring. Tommy Donnell trapped by for Pampa Haruesters hind the line scrimmage. In t left foregrgand jimmy Albright ua in the background Stanley Ball. A x 3, S il anclies 6 Lubbock 47 The Golden Sandies, overwhelmed by the strongest team in the state, were able to score only once. The first two scores for the Westerners were made by James Sides who took advantage of .the first two of the Sandie fumbles. By the end of the first quarter the Sandies trailed by 20 points. At the half the score was 34-0. Amarillo's lone score came in the, fourth period after Fred VVay recovered a fumble on the Lubbock 2lf Jimmy Albright went on to pay dirt, but the extra point try was blocked. Jimmy Albright and ,WW,p,,mwmm, .Stanley Bull prepare to stop a Plainview player in the 'third 5 quartet' of play. -Photo Courtesy Amarillo Times Billy Witherspoon, back Louie Flores, tackle Monte Frazier, tackle Kenneth Johnston, tackle Dan Loving, tackle jackie Miller ends a Plainview 6 Bulld0g's journey as Fred Way The Golden Sandies rebounded from their one-sided loss to Lubbock to hand a similar loss to the Ysleta Indians. After a scoreless first quar- ter, jimmy Albright took the ball from inches out to score after a 79-yard drive. Donnell scored the next three touchdowns, one of these being a 65- yard scamper around end. Llharles Carter kicked two of the four possible extra points. Ysleta's score came mid- way in the fourth quarter when a Sandie fumble was taken for a 40 yard tally by jose Candielaria. Thus the game ended, the Sandies leading by a 20 point margin. comes in to assist. -Photo courtesy Amarillo Times jim Raleigh, tackle john Spencer, tackle Nelson Bourn, end' Stanley Bull, end Donald Carter, end Hugh Cox, end Jerry Flynn, end Clinton Hinkle, end Bill Mobley, end Warren Tuckness, end Sandies 40 Borger 19 This was one of the rougher encounters of the season with a total of 21 penalties being called and several players being ejected from the game. Donnell spurted o' :r rig'1t tackle and went 68 yards for the first score. On the Sandies very next play from scrimmage Donnell again went 95 yards on the' very same play. Leon' Egleson recovered a fumble for the next touchdown. Six minutes later, Mack Gor- don raced around left end for 36 yards on a fourth down play calling for ll yards. Kent Gathright scored the fifth touchdown on a beautiful 64-yard carry over right guard. Cox received an aerial from jimmy Davis for the final tally. Charles Carter booted four out of six possible extra points. Two Paschal Panthers drag down an unidentified Sandie in the Sandie-Paschal game. The Sandzes won 25-14. Barney Williams, end Richard Forrester, center Dan Gunn, center Alan Roberson, center Fred Way, center Sanclies 41 San Angelo 7 In one of the easiest tilts of the season, the Gold and Black surged past the largely sophomore Bob- cats and played everyone on the bench while doing it. Scoring for the Sandies were Kenneth McMullin Sanclies 14 Early in the first quarter the-Sandies trailed 12-0 but it was a different story at half time. Hugh Cox intercepted a Harvester aerial and with a flock of blockers raced 85 yards for the tally. Charles Carter converted. Shortly thereafter, Albright turned a pass play into an end run for six more. Again Carter boot- with two touchdowns, Mack Gordon, Robert Frazer, Stanley Bull, and Billy Witherspoon with one each. Charles Carter kicked five out of a possible six extra points. Pampa 26 ed the point. Coach Defee's football machine was un- able to get wound up again but they held Pampa's superior team to two touchdowns more. In statistics, Pampa led everything except passing. Amarillo hit seven out of 12 for a total of 78 yards. Sanclies 21 Abilene 13 The injury-riddled forces of AHS upset the Abilene Eagles who were in top shape. The Sandies rallied for 14 points in the,last five minutes and 40 seconds. On the injured list were Stanley Bull, Tommy Donnell, Page Kent Cathright, Robert Frazer and Hugh Cox. Star- ring for the Sandies was jackie Fyfe, the leading yard gainer with 108 yards on 13 carries. 214 J Rst X 022 ' ' ,JI Ip l f ' Ml I . 1 ,1- A AS' I WX Killa Virgil Welch and Bobby Graham cut down an unidentified Plainview man. VVilliam Armstrong, guard Leon Egleson, guard O wins and three losses. David Gill, guard Thomas LaFalier, guard Guy Mulherin, guatd The overpowered Golden Sandles fought valiantly as they met Odessa one of the strongest elevens in Texas Odessa's first score came wxthm the first six plays of the kick off Next came an interception - Odessa went on to score via jack Freeman Gene Babb went over for his second touch down of the day late in the third quarter. The final score came on the first play of the fourth quarter Rob ert Baker booted the extra point to complete his perfect day of four for four extra points. Thus the Sandie season came to a close boasting seven Season Grid fortunes -of AHS in the last three years have not been outstanding, but that remark cannot be said of the 1951 football squad, the "surprise team of Texas." Under the 'new tutorage of Head Coach Bill Defee, Line Coach Solon Holt, and End Mentor Charlie Watson, the complexion of Sandie football fortunes is changing for the better with the. coaching system's style. Captain Stanley Bull and Co-Captains Don- ald Carter and Kenneth McMul1in led the 1951 brigade of hustling and fighting Sandies through seven glorious wins and three not- so-glorious losses. Ten thousand fans watched the Sandies pull away from the Childress Bobcats, 19-7, in the opener at the stadium. This did not arouse the world because Childress is not in the same class with Amarillo. The following week at Plainview, a desper- ate passing attack in the final quarter paved the way for the second Sandstorm victory in the '51 campaign as they toppled the Bull- dogs, 19-7, the same score as the opener. The Plainview game seemed to have help- ed the boys' morale for now their spirit was devastating. On September 28, Fort Worth's highly re- garded Paschal Panthers were supposed to Summary stomp the Sandies, but our boys were hot that night and shellacked Bobby Hughes and Com- pany, 25-14 at the stadium. Then came the low blow. Lubbock's great 1-AAAA State Champion Westerners recov- ered seven Sandie fumbles and scored seven times to run over the Defeemen, 47-6, before a stunned crowd of nearly 20,000. Amarillo then rebounded to wallop Ysleta's Indians, 26-6, and still keep their winning ways by trouncing the Borger Bulldogs, 40-19. They kept getting a little stronger as they trampled San Angelo, 41-7, on Friday, No- vember 2. Pampa's big and tough Harvesters were scared for a half-time but then rebounded to toss the Sandstorm its second loss of the cam- paign, 26-14, before 10,000 fans in Pampa. The Abilene Eagles, backed by Joe Young- blood, were surprised as the comeback De- feemen upset the highly-touted Eagles 21-13, at Abilene. Turkey Day was not so good for the Sandies, as the big Broncs of Odessa rolled over the valiant Sandstorm, 28-0. This concluded 1951 football. But far as we are concerned, AHS probably will never see such a team with the "spirit," hustle and determination of the 1951 Golden Sandstorm. The Sandie Managers work for their letters just about as diligently as do the footballers themselves. Seen in their well known habitat, the clubhouse, are left to right: jerry Gross, junior, Steve Curtis, senior, and Carter Karr, also a senior. Bottom row, left to right: Bobby Cooper, Bruce Wea ver, Don Howton, Bill Reid, Henery Cloud, Frank Gillie, jimmy Holmes, Tom Moore, Curtis Ballard, Bill Seth, D. L. Wood, C. R. Daffern, Gary Ray. Second row, left to right: Spooky Canova, jerry Hibbs, Eugene Booth, Gary Thornton, Morris Collie, Wick Alexander, Wallace Smith, Bobby Davis, David Hunt, Bobby Ford, Booty Curtis, and Charles Brown. Third row, left to right: Jimmie Whitehead, Edward Glenn, Hershel Smith, Ray Myers, Jody McCarthy, Bill Bumpers, Roy Nichols, Robert McWhorter, jack Green, Hubert Kidd, Sammy Olivo. ' i Fourth row, left to right: Lynn Stephenson, Dale Wynn, Harold Short, joe Irwin, Paul Cilbreathe Duane Miller, Dick Putnam, Jackie Meyers, Leroy Wilbourn, Edward Butterfield. Top row: Coaches Frank Guess, Dan Salkeld, Sam Pecchia., "- ' 'if ' B Head Coach Dan Sa 1951 Records I Sept, 7-Yannigan Golds 6 ....,...., Canadian 7 Sept. 13-Yannigan Golds 26 - BOISC City 7 Sept. 13-Yannigan Whites 39 --- DU.b21S B 0 Sept. 20-Yannigan Whites 33 ......, Childress 0 Sept. 28-Yannigan Golds 35 .....-Y T-- BOVIHH 13 Oct. 4-Yannigan Whites 20 Price College 6 Cgt, 5-Yarmigan Golds 14 .- -.H------ POQUQCS 13 Oct. ll-Yannigan Whites I3 -- ..,.. Ph1111PS 7 Oct, 11-Yannigan Golds 7 -fM--fA--- M PZUUP3 6 Oct, 18-Yannigan Whites 7 ----------- Bofgef 5 Oct, 25-Yannigan Golds 14 ---------- - Bofgef 19 Oct. 25-Yannigan Whites 13 --e-- Pampa 8 Nov. 2-Yannigan Golds 0 ....,. Price College 6 Nov. 8-Yannigan Golds 0 ......... Lubbock 33 Nov 9-Yannigan Whites l3 ...., Pampa 13 Nov 17-Yannigan Golds 0 ........ - L11bb0Ck 7 Nov. 18-Yannigan Whites 27 ........ Lefors-B-Y 0' Page 219 eld Q. , " MP! gi ii X ,eff khkk 2' t g: 7.1 N x E 5 A INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS-Front row, left to right: Don Cook, Tommy Weizbrod, and Toby Druin. Back row, left to right: Gene Cavender, Billy Morris, Ray Ham- by, and Roy Johnson. Intramurals INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL, CHAMPIONS-Front row, left to right: Claudell Wright, Rob- ert Griffith, Jerry McNett, Bobby Alan, Dean Collins, and Ray Jordan. Back row, left to right: Bobby Cooper, Ronnie Smith, Charles Brazil, Cecil, Brown, Robert Weizbrod, and Lenny Newkirk. I 4 w o 1 Q x 1 Tohn Jenkins Guard Tom Boyd Center Bobby Hudson Forward Jerry Manrung Forward The Sandies Top Five, Player Points Jerry Manning ...W ..... 2 59 John Jenkins ,... ..... 2 51 Melvin WVright .o.. ..... 2 36 Tom Boyd ---.-- .... -229 Bobby Hudson .... ..... 1 65 Page 222 Q? ?i if 'f ,, wi . VJ 1 'Ku ' lib' M .E vin Wright Guard RlCh3Id Chandler Toby Dowell F orzuard Don Rodgers Center Guard Page 223 'NVQ Review for '52 The Golden Sandie quintet under Coach T. G. Hull placed fourth among the six teams in the district 1-AAAA competition. The Sandies completed their round robin schedule on Feb. 24 against Price College to give them 18 wins against eight losses. The two non-conference losses were to Classen of Oklahoma City and Tucumcari of New Mexico. Both losses came by a difference of 1 point. ln district play the Hullmen broke even with 6 wins and 6 losses. The Sandies were victorious twice over Lubbock and San Angelo while breaking even in the Odessa and Abilene series. The other four losses came at the hands of the two top teams, Pampa and Borger. District all star honors came to Sandie guard john jenkins, who turned in a good showing throughout the season. High point man on the Sandie squad was jerry Manning who put through 259 points while rounding out the 29 games scheduled. The Sandie lioopsters sank 1,411 points for the Black and Gold while their opponents fell short of this mark with only 1,183 points. foot-seven-inch center Tom Boyd out jumps unidentified Lubbock player in the first die-Westerner encounter. Head Basketball coach, T. G. Hull, led his boys to fourth place in the district. ' S" 31' digg? S I Ted Stewart Guard Ken Whittington Forward B111 Downy Guard Van Hall Center Autumn-hc, o FIL- MPaKe.!k 'Q , IG ' f X '4 lx U QW W AU L Joe Sullivan Manager Gordon Todd F ofward Kenh Wmter Guard M. L. Kline Guard Page 227 ::,w:ffw,frz,f11urwvm-wi xs11mm.nn1.m 1 al 4' ,, . .. ,- - A Y - f -xt., fl if X 4., J x -ep N 5 ,R gp v ' W. , ., , , , yi" . 1. , ,, Q I "v-1-A he N lgf .The Golf team consists of bottom row, left to right, Darrell Hoover, jim Smith, Gordon Adams, John Farquhar, James Christopher, and Bobby Westfall. Back row left to ri ht jerr Hill, Ben Burkett, Bobby Sanders, Rex Baxter, , f S f Y jimmy Russell, and Murry Edge. ,W 4, Y- G f, fs GOLF jimmy Russell putts on the green of the ninth hole at the Amarillo Country Club. Rex Baxter prepares to pull the l. Charles Brazil and Wayne Conrad. Bra- 2. Bobby Cooper and Bobby Allen. zil is using a sit-out for an escape. demonstrates a switch as an escape. Wrestling 3. Terry Smith and David Corder. Corder 4. Benny Hollingsworth and johnny is using a stand up as an escape. ton. Hollingsworth is using a cro ride. 5. Claudell Wright and Cecil Brown. 6. Verlin Manley and Robert Wright shows a hip lock as an escape. Weizbrod is in referee's position. Q 'MM 'A' I ' ' 4 Y wg, f. .mfms'..M..Ww....w.Wi .W--f .--...W .. .. . . 4 1 v, Bottom row, left to right: Billy Witherspoon, Hugh Cox, Bob Byrd, Toby YVise, Kenneth C Il Shelton McMullin, Don Trickey, Robert Frazer, Warren Tuckness, arro . Second row: john Curtis, Bill Cook, VVade Moore, Dan Loving, Eugene Booth, joe Irvin, Bob Yeager, Roger Yates, Terry Northcutt, David Lawrence, Gerald Vinez. To row: Ronnie Walcher, Bruce Weaver, Walter McNew, james Ryan, Tommy Donnell, P Stanley Bull, Mack Gordon, jimmy Albright, Kenneth Fairchild, joe Brooks. ' ' ' d C h Frank Guess. Standing. Manager Sam Wilson an oac Coach Frank Guess Sandie Track Team at f lil . f os V91 41, 9 9 , 'g VX xt 1 X, A fvfylx. s , ll W 'F W D ' I '.,. 4 gm f' 3 3 fn ' V5 "".-lad Warren Tuckness is shown above clearing 5 feet- 7 inches. In the upper picture, Hugh Cox clears the high jump bar with ease. Bill Cook, senior, was also a member of the high jumping crew for AHS. Stuart Dowlen represented AHS in the grueling mile run for the second straight year. O Albrzght seen below, is l the 88 440-yard dash-Bob Byrd searing a low 0-yard event from left to right Bruce Weaver, Walter .McNew a cl 5 71 erry Northcut. Members of the sprint relay team, from left to right, Kenneth McMullin, Robert Frazer M k , ac Gordon, Stanley Bull and Tommy Donnell. DUU Dyzu, gnu, JV, ---H 4 Glen Yeager, Phillip Nichols, Robert McWhorter, B111 vvyrrcn, wmv, ..-..- .... , ' ' ' k G rmels, jerry Barrett, Toby Druin, jackie Miller. Kneehng. Vrrgrl Vaughn, Mar u CN' 1 Xifb' Ogiioa 366 apt oflfnf afgtolifn' 5310 500611 B A S E B A l L Left, Billy Joe Adams Catcher jerry Barrett Pitcher Noel Buchanan Bob Byrd Pitcher Shortstop Spooky Cdnova Bxlly Cormack Shortstop Second Base Left, Harold Daniel Third Base jack Daniel Catcher 3 2 E Z E E J S dk! Top row, left right: Robert Mc Whorter, second base: jackie Miller, first baseg Phillip Nichols first base: Reuben Palacio, pitcher. Second row: Ted Stewart, outfielderg Virgil Vaughn, third baseg Gary Thornton, outfielder. Third row: Melvin l Wright, outfielderg Bill Wyrick, pitcherg Glen Yeager, third baseg Kneeling, left to right: Parker Beebe, Bill Bailey, David Merchant, Carlos Moore, Ben Allen Yeager. Standing: jimmy Walker, Don Stensaas, Bill Wilkinson, Jerry Kennedy, Bobby Swank, L R arry amsey. w ennis be is im Oats 509 5 will .Sea . REQ vie . 5X9 S Wilsoge . ved- as CQCSVPXQSV' D09 - K9 ' s we YW he lo was 30 -we env of Y. WN Wx S Q X .von go?-an oubxe Q99 019 6 A 1- 595' it 00g get tb 05 b , hen- 959 B0 Geimlgfov Will' ana ,, , ,fr . '- .. - -g - be yyvfi '- ,ghlifqf an Q... '8li'a'S Elle A. , INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS--Winners of the intraf mural basketball tournament. Stand- ing, left to right are Billy Morris, Ray Hamby and Walter johnson, kneel- ing, left to right are Joe McLaughlin and Porter Crawford. Robert Milligan, right, steams to- ward second base as Robert Hardy awaits the throw in a warmup game for the intramural baseball meet. Miss Jane Williams, affectionately called "Willie," is a friend to all. She is known and loved for her friendly smile and pleas- ing personality. Mrs. Dorris Foreman, or "Foreman," takes an active interest in all her students. Her gay smile and friendly hello make AHS a happier place. Instructors, Volleyball These girls seem to be enjoying their active game of volleyball. Volleyball in AHS is a very active and interesting sport., lXIcnihc1's ol' this yc1n"s tumbling tcani arc, standing, lclt to right: La Nell Hig- don, -lanis Wilson, lillcn Nlohlcy, Alana-llc Bassett, Anita Slaton, -Io Scalia, Shirley llaniison, Yvonne lilclrialgc, Shirley Nlcllowcll, XfVancla Gassaway, Althca jacob- son. Sitting, lclil lo right: Gail Ailccns, .loysc Hess, Kay Neal, Sharon Stubbs, Vclnia NValls, .lane Sc'ln'annn, Patti Hulcn, Avis Hutcillctt, Lucy Anicrson, Pat Tucker. Badminton Tumbling, Ping-Pong l,f:rmre Howell and Pat Oldham takes a I I . few slmls at llle birdie fm' fl game of bad- laclfze Baker tries her Illlnd at ping pong. ,,1j,,ff,,,. The first place winners in the junior-senior volleyball tournament were the Los Diablos. Mem- bers of this team are: back row, left to right, Elizabeth Brock, Yvonne Cavender, Dorothy Morris, Jean Penninger, Nancy Gangwere. Front row: Estelle Holloway, Dorothy Sluder, Billie Dabbs, Imogene Cear-ley f' ,Q it l 2 Junior-Senior Volleyball The Youngins were second place winners. The members are: standing, left to right on the back row, Jane Schramm, Jane Moore, Maudene Denney, Florence Chambers. Front row: Euton Donley, Eyvonne Donley, Wandalee long. , f , .:,,, ,mi- ..,,,.,,,. .s,.-,,v.m.,a - .'QM,r,.,,mn1ftWs- .V if..,,rt,.,,,m,r-W1 a.t.,. .wv-,,.,. , i , W -1 il 1 ls ncy Gangwere Barbara Grounds Dorothy Morris C..- YT-,-1,,--j if Imogene Cearley Yvonne Cavender Junior-Sensor Basketball R ' , E. , .,,. 52, M ig . I if "roo , l f ll Slfffr Runners-u for first lace are standin left to ri ht: Ma nie P P gf S Y Diane Thomas, jurhee Speer, Alice Whitfield, Juana Ree sitting, Carol Hamilton, Carole Mims, Shirley Herrington, N kins, Emily Jo Schwaller. 1,, , h, ,S , , ,, TN....-.L-. C1..,1,,.. T l anW ng second place in the sophomore class were, mop row, left to Jane Burt La Vora Miller VVYTICH Baker Sophomore Basketball Mignon Moore Donna Mae Anderson, Alice VVells, Carol Ann Smith, Sheila Sandra Whiteheadg bottom row, left no right, Eileen Jacobson, Hulen, Shirley McDowell and Shirley Fautt. ' Vonne Eldridge Vera Gathright l Barbara Brown J Tennis Demonstrating her skill as a veteran member of tennis team is Diane Thomas who is valuable singles entrant. Members of the girls tennis team are, back row to right: Diane Thomas, Juana Ree Owens Edwards, Eileen Jacobson and Beth Sanders. ing, left to right: Althea Jacobson, Nancy Jo and Sharon Stubbs. Two of the doubles entrants of the tennis team Collene Edwards and Sharon Stubbs. This is first year on the team for both girls. These girls are entering tennis matches at O1 on March 28 and 29, the District Interscholastic l on April 4, and the Sandie Relays on April ll. Girl's Athletic Club Officers of the Girls' Athletic Club are: Juana Ree Owens, presidentg Yvonne Cavender, vice-presidentg Maynie Carter, secretary and Sue Hazelwood, treasur- er. Shown-above are Sue and Juana Ree. GAC letter winners are, bottom row, left right: Lucy Pitt, Wanda Gassaway, Shirley Herring- rbara Jo Nelson, Bobbie Blaisdell. Top row: hramm, Marjorie Blanton, Barthilda Walton, Moore and Imogene Cearley. letter awards were presented to Diane Nancy Gangwere and Juana Ree Owens. Athletic Club, a new organization in AHS, was for the benefit of girls interested in intramural W" ,-1 I 7 ,-If' J- n FF!-I l.- .-....n.,-.4 . 4 ,-..-..4 ......-: UE: :iz-1-1.1-: 2.2.1-Z..-.'...? ' . '....,..'.'.:.?..g.":... . , ...'.....',... Z . . . K ...I-l.-.-,:::n, .,..::::-., ..'.'.1z.:N.'-,Hag .'-'----..:.... Q . . . '.'.'."-10121 '.--- .-.'. '.' '.'-' , . . , ., ,......'., . '.,.-.,., o I uh, .. . ...- 43? Xf Z f WWW X . l ,lx F-f ' ' ,,.,.......,.'-. U,-..-.- X COMMANDANT OF CADETS Major Carl P. Matney EXECUTIVE OFFICER Cadet Major Jimmy Wine CADET COMMANDING OFFI Cadet Lt. Col. Jimmy Green Staff BATTALION ADQIUTANT Cadet Captain Harry Scott Honorary Major Wauneta Butcher Honorary Captain Nancy Rush HONORARY CADET COMMANDING OFFICER orary Lt Col Jennie George Officers MCDONALD TROPHY One of the most highly cherished prizes of all cadets. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Cadet Captain Buddy Simmons Honorary Captain Linette Smith CADET IN CHARGE OF TRAINING Cadet Captain Roy Honorary Captain Sara Aa 1? 35 Z I s it R I K,-ix M4 if 9 A 'J' - 14 fi it ir ' b Q YL '1 Q Bottom row, left to right: Allen Genseman, Thomas Up- church, George Lokey, jimmy Warren, Fredrick Keeter, Benny Daniels, Jimmy Hobbs, Billy Shellburg, Seith Curlin. Second row, left to right: Ray Whisenand, Reid Leachman, Edward Grove, Delmos Hickmott, Glen Ray Victor, Tom Shultz, Charles johnson, Billy McKinney, Don Goforth, Eugene Ray. Top row, left to right: Edward Wilson, Wilbur McCarty, Howard Thomas, Bobby Selby, Dale Munday, Joe Wirtz, james Fulton, Jim Boyce, Duane jones. Not pictured: Terry Bartelson, Marshall Hickman. Planning the wcek's events are some members of Company A, assisted by Cadet Captain Harry Scott, Battalion Ad- jutant. adet Lleutenant J XV LUX COMMANDER OF COMPANY A C lclu lieutenant Don Go 0 Cadet Captain -Iolm hitting ,dd Ilgufenam Stuart ,Honorary Captain lleanncr litllcriclgc' The stir of a bustling crowd, the rhythmic' heal of a band and thc ache of sore feel l'2lllSC the cadets to accept the responsibility ui' parades with mixed feelings 'l'hc ratlcts are given a stiff lest of their military knowl- edge. their appearance and their equipment every Mon- day hy thc battalion officers and sponsors. Cadet Lieutenant Walter Elkins Cadet Captain .lay Graham ff 1 Honorary Captain -jerry Quinn Q ' cadet Lieutenant r 4 COMMANDER or Ladd Lwurcmmr Charles Hendricks COMPANY B -Iimmic mlztyroe -mm-f in the year, the cadets learn to hold, use, and care for le properly. Demonstrating the correct firing position is eely, winner of the 1951 Saber Drill om row, left to right: james Burkett, Max Stephens, Philip her, David Ewing, Rance Bates, Wayne Hillin, Sidney Wal Jimmy Altsman d row, left to right: Wesley Simpson, Richard Price, Frank v LeRoy Clarke, jimmy Hail, Dick Berry, Warren Chap Top row, left to right: Larry Larsen, Glen Voth, Roger Iommy Matthews, Everett Neal, Whitney Hall Ben erry Campbell. X X, V tr . xf' XQx S4-' E r 5, Flag detail is an important duty of all ROTC cadets. It is their responsibility to see that the colors are raised and lowered each day, as demonstrated by jimmy Green, Harry Scott, Roy Walker and Jimmy Wine, standing left to right. Cadet Lieutenant Nick Dalton COMMANDER or COMPANY C Cadet Captain Fletcher Smith Honorary Captain Beverly Boxwell Cadet Lieutenant Bill 'T x gx -2 ,. Xt 4, 1 4 l I I XNA V fr. 'vw .Af - 5 C if rf' 4, . . Members of the Rifle Team are, front row, left to right, Harry Scott, Nick Dalton, Nancy Rush, Roy Walker, jay Graham and Jimmy Wine. Back row, left to right, are: jan Deahl, Gary Schneider, jerry Gaither, Whitney Hall, Richard Hurlock, jimmy Hale, john Wheeler, Max Roland, Wayne Hillin and Tommy Hastings. fPicture on opposite pagej .1 Z 47 C7, COMMANDER OF COMPANY E Cadet Captain Bobby Burns Cadet Lieutenant George Quarterman Honorary Cadet Captain Denise Cole Cadet Lieutenant Gene Grov 1 if 1 ,, 7 "" lx V , shoes are a prerequisite to a good-looking uniform for inspections. row, left to right: Jerry Eastwood, Jack Pevey, Marvin n, Donald Harper, Gae Freeman, Larry Bearden, jimmy 1 w, left to right: Richard Johnson, joe Spears, Delvin ' ' - I - H' if Bobby McKee, Emery Burdme, Dick Hurlock, Tom X-. ' Q , 1 J ' Q ll I V ,' row, left to right: jim Haines, Jim Macrander, Roy Burk P Wheeler, Bob Laughlin, David jackson, Murray Edge. ictured: Robert Pulley, lNayne Morgan, Billy Banes, Fred Robert Green, D'Nard Hemphill. QPicture on opposite I P l '.' . 1 1 p I l ' , l .1 l Fl . , Ill A A H A A .U ,::..:::.-...-.:::::::::: -2- P..-. . : D .-,. 1.' ,. ,.f . ..'. ",' " "'-I-:,:3Q.'.'-'-I-liQlj7:"' X fa af f '7' N 'iq ,f NU, i lf" x ,,-r' AL ,gwiawg ,912 NINTH AND POLK e 6-7227 BAGOT HARDWARE POLK PHONE 6 Hit 'em . Bust 'em Thct's ou Go Sandies Go Amarillo Gloloe News 9th 81 Horrlson Phone 6-6262 lt's Kline's for Choice Mouton-dyed Lamb . . The fashion favored fur for city or country, for college or career . . . coats that are carefully chosen for their lustrous tone, their dura- bility, their unexpected light weight . . . Fur Salon 2nd Floor o ef .' X ff 0 9 ,i Q . DINlNG mon 70SKll'l'll ,O X 0 ou wwvs cones-Awuul.l.o.11:xAs 0 RE OMMENDED DU CANHINES 0 C BY sAvE GUNN BROS. STAMPS IVINS SERVICE STATION FOR BEAUTIFUL GIFTS L , fyl?QNirj f E inf NO 1-THIRD AND FILMORE . 55' GUNN BR01-HER5 AMARILLO, TEXAS "Y, -T 7th and Harr1son We ive Double Gunn Bros Stamps The Station With The Big Tree g Every Day RUSSELL STATIONERY COMPANY 611 Taylor Street Amarillo, Tex ' Reference Books ' Dictionaries ' Modern Library ' Portable Typewriters ' School Supplies CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS STATE CHEMICAL COMPANY PHONE 3-4253 BORDWELL'S FOOD STOR 818 HARRISON PHONE 2-32 THE KEARNS GRAIN 81 SE COMPANY Operating Interstate Elevators 17th S. johnson Street and Interstate Grain Ca. 1901 E. 3rd GRAIN -. FEED - sun gzcfric Cgokng X x I I 1 I -5 4 C Sfands Inspechon! ' WJ ffffim f -a.,.itf I E 'Q' 'Z' wffagfi AS DOES EVERY SANDIE GRADUATE! nuniilf was if rtgu or oooh clrlznulur Ala PUILIC IIIVICI AMARILLO COLLEGE Your Public Commnity Col lege PURPOSE: To serve all members of the com- munitv of past-high school age. CURRICULA: Liberal Arts FULLY ACCREDITED 5fggfgfjf'On0l EXCELLENT PLANT Veterans Courses AND EQUIPMENT Adult Courses . Distributive Education Tul-HON ANP FEES ACCele.l'O1'GCl High School Courses for Adults . A A. M. MEYER,'PRES elephone 6-6275 Administration Bldg. STYLE HEADQUARTERS Compliments Of CFORAIEN HE cLoTH1NG CORNER 501 Polk REPPERT LUMBER COMPAN ZA:E'M'M"'S P. L. Repperi, c. W. Bron, c. H. Beebe Nationally Advertised Merchandise atthe Lowest Possible Prices Yards and Offices at 2411 W. Sixth ' Diamonds ' Luggage K P Watches ' Gifts n I I O C. . Silverware ameras Post Office Box 493 Phone 3-8301 qfmnwilldf Complete Home Furnishings 812- 18 West 10th Sm. AMARILLO, TEXAS SECURITY--SERVICE SAVING LAWRENCE KIRBY COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE A. B. Kirby- Basil Kirby Arthur K1rby J 816 Harrison Phone 3 6169 TROLINGER - SMITH MEN'S WEAR 512 Polk ' Street ' CAMPUS TOGS CLOTHES ' CROSLEY SQUARE SHOES ' DENNIS SPORTSWEAR HERBERT A. MARTIN SERVICE STATION Pick-Up and Delivery Washing and Lubrlcatxon Gas and O11 Tire Recappmg 6th and Belleview Phone 2 0693 4444 4 .444 4 4 AA ,. 4 4 I' .jx First in Service First in Facilities 4 H ww FIRST NATIUNA Qfiuigstyfisisrt YOUR JUNIOR DRESS VETESK MARKET 8. HETDQUARTERS GROCERY A 205 WEST 16TH AMARILLO, TEXAS 7 23 ,must M, AMARILLO. TEXAS -Featuring- p 9 A Compliments of H l I if rime Meats, Imported and Domestic Foods OFFICE SUPPLY CO Specializing in Gift Packages Established-1925 TANKS . . . .you're welcome- but octuolly they're our business. willborn b WMM: AMARILLO, TEXAS Phone 2-4311 IO5 Houston You Can Always Depend on Your Strong, Friendly HIHHRIHU HHTIUHHL BHHH KFDA Believes That The Community Spiritof Amarillo Starts With Her Schools. KFDA ABC NETWORK "For Listening Worthwhile-lt's l44O On Your Dial" KFDA ls The Only AM Station With an FM Operator "The Finest in Photography" HARRY HOLLAN D'S EDWARDS STUDIO MEN'S CLOTHING 500 Polk Santa Fe Building Tel. 2-2008 GATTIS a. CLENDENIN Z Z , 6 SHOE s'roRE 805 POLK A 116 West Sixth Street 1' Sh f S Qua lty oes or chool or Dress AMARILLO, TEXAS PLAINS CHEVRGLET CCD y I C . ARMY AND NAVY STORE omphments of BOYS! Bu Y ur R.O.T.C. U 'f rm wlT'r Mo'roRs Y 0 d Sp I 6th and Jefferson 201 EAST 4 h Ph 66403 MOTOR INVESTMENT WHITNEY COMPANY COMPANY COMMERCIAL PRINTING CARL CULWELL, Mgr. RUBBER STAMPS E gh h A Phone 2 4309 509 H Ph 6 9061 SHAMROCK Dials -Acflbn HI-OCTANE GASOLINES THE SHAMROCK OIL AND GAS CORPORATION o AMARILLO TEXAS b V I NBANK Benjamin Moore Paint - Wallpaper For Beauty - For Quality EARL si-IELTON AMARILLO PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO. Polk Phone 6-9164 AMARILLO, TEXAS Varnishes - Wallpapers - Linoleum Gifts - Picture Framing M 81 L TRANSFER AND STORAGE Let Warehousing Help You THIRD AT ARTHUR PHONE 6-5263 TTAN 81 WHITE MUSIC COMPANY l7 W. 6th Phone 2-2916 CLOWE 8. COWAN, INC. Pretty Joyce Tuckness models a black velvet suit, white hat and shorty gloves from White 84 Kirk's third. floor junior shop. Joyce works afternoons at White Sc Kirk through the high school distributive edu- cation program. Her pleasing personality and keen sense of style help her in the re- tail selling field - which she Wishes to pursue in college. White St Kirk SVXELL 'OTIIEIVWV 60S Japi-L Uld Sass-z SHO 9 8 DVI.LNOd 1 c o . CI N30 OD DVIlNOd AEl:I:I DIAL 940 DIAL 940 CBS N AMARILLO "THE STARS' -- ADDRESS." F HIIIHBIHU ,M 'Y 5f.scmwfQ gfocuaza DISTINCTIVE DESIGNS 112 West 16th Phone 3-7474 3-7475 Compliments of WALLER DIGGS DRUG STORE 6th at Carolina Phone 2-5555 O O ' A 'T' ua my rn... mm ALWAYS INSIST LUTIIOIIZID KIIPSAKI DIAL!! ON Q 2 706 POLK STREET AMARILLO, TEXAS 2 LANE's Ice CREAM 912 Taylor Phone 2-8323 AMARILLO, TEXAS 2 g5ftg:g:g:gg1g:gfg2g111:21I:2:21I:2.-.-.-f5:2:2:!:2:I:!:!:!:2f:ztt1:-:-2-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':g:g:g:g:g :-:1:1:-:-:-:-: :1:5:5:1:2:1:1:-:-.'. .-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-1-I-I-2-I-I-2+I-I-1-2:211:r:2:1:1:I:2:2:I:1:I:I:2:Z:2:1:I:I:1:1:1:1:1:5:1:1:1:-:-:-:-:- 'I-2'I:2:2:2:I: . . . :2:5:5:1:1:7:1:!:?:1:5:-. -:-:':-:':-:':-:-:-:-:-2-Z-IgI5I5I121Zg2:1:25212:1:2:2:2:2:2:1:!:!:I:1:I:I:I:5:1:T:3:1:111:1:-:-:':g:5:g:g:::g:5:5:1:5:5:gtg:g:1:::3:5:515:3:5:::5:5:g13:5:gI1I1.5.1.1-1-1-1-:Z:1:C:5:5:::::g:3:53:3:3:5I51g1gZgIgIgI11111I:I:i:2:I"11:I:2:1:-:gzrgzgzgz31gtgtg:g:gtg2gIgIgIgIgIgI3Ig111:151212:2:I:I:-:-:Q:-1-:5:1:5:g:::-15:-',.g2pg. Eg:S:S:?n'-'-'n'.'.'.'.'fa . .----. . . 4 . . A . 1 1 f . , ..-- ,-,u.-.s,-.-.-.-.'.'.'.' ...............,..... . ................... .........,.......,.... 4 . . . - . - .-.0:.S::g?:::::?b. 'glgigl' "-2313151522229 'e 'Hglglg' 91' 0111181109 . . . .i s -zzztzz Q , 4 .,.. ,... , 'V lf 5 NW! ,, A--4 -4v.i .1... W ..,.., , , .. A rfr'1 as , 55555955 It's Indestructibld 555 ir - ' :iiiiiil . H ..'5- 5" :.1.: "" v--,.-,'- ffl .,.,.v. 3:1:1:1: ,...-'5 'Q' ,.,.. - v-" :2I2S..:15r ":" ' ' im: ,.:.., :5:' :"" Q '5" gg , I ,H Auln Z .M 4.,. lik may It Pl0WS All Dellflls. ,,.,,,f , ,,1: Qb p g Yes, the Wonderful, new Graham-Hoeme plow will plow Q all depths down to 18 inches. It will do any job of deep gf 5 chiseling that you want to do, and the work complies with 9 ,W lrgC4t.,f' 'W government specifications. Also .... this new plow is 5 much heavier throughout .... notice the double beams, -5.3 double tongue and extra heavy, hitch. fHydraulic depth 5532255 O C" S control available See the brand new GRAHAM-HOEME 95.4 O Qx J ,.. '01 The 9 PLOW before you buy. Graham-Hoemo Plow Co., Inc. Dealer-'s Name Ilan sox aoso mon: 2-5311 ADLXISS rl-lonl AMARILLO, T:xAs Town, s'rA'rl QsigigigiggiggglElsiE:2:Z:Z:Z:ZiZ:Z:Z:I:1:I:I:I:I:Iii:f:Z:Z:I:Z:I:2:2:I:I:i:1:Z:I:f:f:I:2:f:I:!:I:I:I:I5KillI::5I:::2:C:I:l:I:I:l: :2:I:2:2:2:2:2:1:I:I12125:5:5152Y:5:52352225222SIE252E2E1E15152325152255151iii5EIE1EIEEEEEfiiririiiiilfliiilfiifi "" "" E d I "YEA SANDIESH FAST BOB CRUDGINGTON S E C E STUDEBAKER CARS --- TRUCKS 201 Fillmore Phone 6-5386 GUARANTEED Q11 NW 11W W EREsl-IER MEA1's W . 1 Q FRUITS P5'lllL1'RY Q SHOP v'la'2idETAsL X YOUR FRIENDLY S Q S - Q 3 T 2 Q . 5 'Z FOOD STORES FOR f EVERYDAY LOW PRICES 5 7 Why Pay More? A N gsstmi 1 7 if OVEN FRESH 2-i,l.AllS:GBROS W1 BAKER' THRIE1' STAMPS l fllw GOODIES law 'Z There is a FURR FOOD STORE In Your Neighborhood No. 1 ......... 220 E. 10th Street No. 2 --- ------- 2222 Polk Street No. 3 --- .... .318 W. 16th Street No. 4 --- .... 507 Georgia Street No. 5 --- .... 3522 Line Avenue No. 6 --- .... 418 N. Fillmore No. 7 --- .... 1602 Washington No. 8--- .... .---..,, 1019 Virginia No. 9 ....... 2220 N. E. 8th Street No. 10 ....... 10th and Grand Ave. 0 ..2- 411 ' ..-.r rm! Valuable Gunn Bros. Thrift' Stamps 112.4 ' A . - , . . ..- - Compliments of ARMSTRONG TRANSFER - WILSON BATTERY AND ELECTRIC SERVICE STORAGE co., INC. 103 PIERCE TEL. 6-5374 7th and jackson Phone 2-4349 URTIS BLIND 81 LINOLEUM WILLIAM C. BOYCE AVERY RUSH Associated With 313 VAN BUREN . Amarillo Warehouse Co. PHONE 3-3789 99 Polk Tel. 3-4385 V. L. TAYLOR Furniture - Appliances ll O Sf Gow 2200 BUCHANAN P ' :QflAsrER-c1.EANERs- 1 PHONE 3-4378 406-12 BUCHANAN STREET BOWMAN BISCUIT COMPANY OF TEXAS SUPREME BAKERS at johnson Phone 6-8226 Buster Brown Pied Piper SHELL - MUNDAY C0 9 SHBE STBPTE 1708 W. 8th 818 Polk Street Phone 2-4162 Q , Compliments of MURRY WATTS STUDIO PORTRAITS - COMMERCIALS Phone 2-2756 609-B Taylor The Nome To Remember When Furnishing Your Home Mc524fee2L, Inc. Incorporated 1907 AMARILLO, TEXAS TRUITT BUICK A , For Quality Loundry ond Dry Cleaning . . !901,n!wLnalL Ogzozncfry 201 Pierce Call 2-2277 HUB MOTOR FREIGHT SCOTT HATCHER DRUG LINES STORE PHONE 6-5388 . 109 GRANT AMARILLO, TEXAS 401 E' wth Tel' 6826 BEST WISI-IES FROM YOUR OLDSMOBILE - .CADILLAC DEALER AMARILLO MOTOR co., mc. 810 Tyler St. Phone 6-5287 Compliments of HERRING HOTEL 317 E. 3rd Phone 6-525 FREEMAN'S FLOWERS 1810 Washington Phone 2-435 DeGrassi - Scott Cog Z HOLLIS B. DEGRASSI MARSHALL W. SCOTT T. VVAYNE DEGRASSI GEORGE H. BATES FOR THE HOME - AUTO - BUSINESS PHONE 2-6767, 706 WEST TENTH AMARILLO, TEXAS GARN ER - RANDALL MOTORS, INC. 201 Polk Phone 2-6703 LINCOLN -1- MERCURY One of the Heritages f y of our West 6 'X E ff' ll NATURAL GAS 4J,1?5"f" ' 1 1 -T d the R' A' an 3 SILENT ' I pw 'F BLUE FLAME I ' W '-I -lj working dependably and Q I ,y ff, ' . -f ' -' economically' in AmariIIo's ,hx A HOMES. . . BUSINESSES . . .INDUSTRIES .fm CLACK RADIO Compliments of 1600 Washington Amarillo, Texas H and Y DRUG PLAINS CREAMERY, INC. CORNER SIXTEENTH and VAN BUREN PROTECTED DAIRY PRODUCTS 118 Taylor X Phone 3-4251 Amarillo Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Incorporated "The Friendly Store" HEATH FURNITURE MEN'S WEAR BOY'S WEAR 524 Taylor Phone 2-5581 HBOWHYH 500 Tom Sawyer Stein Block Palm Beach Clothcraft Jayson AMARILLO, TEXAS --Ulf in New we have UU-- Compliments From -f-1 LESTER'S HOME BAKERY and CAFETERIA CAKES, PIES, AND COOKIES Home of Fine Furmture and Applzances 1221 Polk Street Phone 6-577 Moon: 8. SMITH BODY Compliments of . T. Floeck OWNERgohn D. Davldson Body and Fender Work - Painting 'T Frame and Wheel Aligning Phone 2-2165 3812 Line Ave WRECKER SERVICE 1 N. Polk Phone 3-7447 RATLIFF GROCERY and MARKET R. L. RATLIFF Owners v. E. STRIMPLE FREE DELIVERY SIXTH ond TENNESSEE PHONE 6-5341 "Where Virgil ond Lee Live" THREE CHIMES MEAN, GOOD TIMES -QN..... 10,000 Watts on 710 NBC Affiliate Compliments of BLACKBURN - SHAW 315 E. 5th Phone 6-7121 or 2-3233 COMPLETE BEAUTY 'gg SERVICE '25 Offering training in all phases of culture. There's always a -X place for our graduates. SAN JACINTO 004 BEAUTY SCHOOL ""' 2715 W. 6th Phone Miss "Electric Cookie" cmd Attendants model ot the "coke" party of. . . . W ,Y fffxm 'Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS GOULDY BROTHERS FROM S. H. KRESS 81 COMPANY FEEDS - SEEDS - PET SUPPLIES Second and Tyler 700 Polk Phone 2-8345 asey arpet 0. ' ' Carpet Maker It Home' ' TELEPHONE 3-1781 914 POLK STREET AMARILLO, TEXAS EMPIRE INVESTMENT CORPORATION HA, GI AND CONVENTIONAL LOANS West 8th St. Telephone 4-1664 AMARILLO, TEXAS - I 1 MUSICAL ARTS CONSERVATORY 9 1710 Tyler street, Amarillo professional accredited music school with courses for the 'nn:r, the high school, and the college student culminating E Bachelor of Music Degree, w1sHEs You THE SUCCESS .IN THE wonLn AND THAT You ARE ER Too Buss' To HEAR on MAKE som: BEAUTIFUL Music .EACH DAY or YOUR LIFE. 'X ,:f""s' " X x lx EMM' AMARILLO, TEXAS Compl iments of POTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY L'...a .5 ... ifzm.- L ezrrusn C plflPAoNY on '1 Jbhl JOHN FARRELL LUMBER Complete Leathercraft Supplies Tooling Leathers AMARILLO, TEXAS Stamping and Carving Tools ' 34 B- Taylor St. Phone 6-9561 904 North Fillmore Telephone 2-4301 M A X 0 R D R U G FISK BUILDING PHONE 6-8214 EAT AT LYNMARKS BROWNING BLUE-PRINT COMPANY Morris Browning, Manager Ozalid Prints Photo Copies Architects' and Engineers' Supplies 310 Taylor St. Compliments of HALEY FURNITURE CO. 1007 Polk 403 Taylor PHONE 2-4928 4 LYNN 81 LYNN HANDMADE COWBOY BOOTS BEST w1sHEs 9 PANHANDLE RADIO I COMPANY AND RODEO BOOTS East 4th Ave. Box 1451 508 W. 16th Phone 6-9351 AMARILLO, TEXAS . I BOXWELL BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME COMPLIMENTS OF EYERS MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH FUNERAL DIRECTORS 109 PQLK AMBULANCE SERVICE for 21 years Phone 6-5211 Taylor at Ninth M , ,lux , JL, L CONGRATULATIONS FROM FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING STAR LUMBER CO. I A '11 , T QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS man O exas Featuring Sterling Silver by DUPONT PAI s GORHAM REED WALLACE TOWLE BART 505 Jackson Sfffff Phone 66383 INTERNATIONAI LUN1 AGLE PAINT COMPANY 2400 W. 7th AMARILLO, TEXAS Complete Line of Glidden Paints Wall Papers - Builders' Hardware e can't make all our friends customers, but can make all our customers our friends. HARVEY SOUTHWORTH New and Used Cars WHOLESALE - RETAIL 701 FILLMORE STREET Phone 6-6391 - 6-6392 COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON BATTERY AND ELECTRIC SERVICE 7th and Jackson Amarillo, Texas Guard your children's health with the pro- tection that a floor furnace gives when it is expertly cared for by .... HOLDEN APPLIANCE SERVICE "We warm the air inthe Winter and cool the air in the summer with air conditioning." VVe service all makes of household appliances 3710 W. 6th Ave. Phone 2-2385 f TZ by TT VT 'Q lf L45 , f f A ff, if we W xx W X E if XL Et: LLL. QQ QE QZQSX x W

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