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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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gfia-vw 1fLo,,7"'7f4f , H X H 'L M' , Wwjvv D70 g'bho'f,4-zlf' 2w,f+wfwf?9W '7 : Q F11 "'w" 1 H Q Af BAT lu 'Nxt X? W 25 K' X N ,g g 9 J fwfr f V g ,214 'V' N li im X X qw wfjlfi, Q0 Sw Z jW M wM2Q Qwwfw mm Qsiiffifv WZQ? if-sffwifbggw if .EV Q SKF 503,95 Q2 335 X555 QE gf Qw qfwW Mg3L my MM! QQ vwwmv 6 , A? , g5f2MgdQH EK fx 5 ' . E?ifY ZWJQQQ, cQ'i:ii3.l3 is A but A as .vim P Xkikf W5 S 4 I xg, ' K U A I , ' ff!! J' ' my K . C ff' ff GOQ, Q Ci" :J -EA dw V , I W M 2 1 f df, p . - LJ,-I ,f" 1 5 g f E . f My ft ' gfjfjff' ,' . 1 A 5 UZ -P' UU J, .f yi "4' MMI? NK f f 1 I If - ' x V X f I ff X Xxx X X , , V' If f ' X JJ' 49' fr 'I X X92-xo f' ff if ag' D X - x 'W 1 7 I- ' xv . qu NX '- WN A I I I I ,f ,NX K :E xx fl I ffl 7 X, I I . . Mn-T11 NW H K 1 bf ,X T M EWQNQE !' X ,f XXI 5 . M X , 13, 0 .Q 'A NX' 4 X' "Sis A533 , "" f TNQ XS f ' A BTW- A V 'Q X' 2' 'J ," xxx- . . xx X W X v ' ,Ji '5 J -N SX . S fx f X E , I 1 , - A vw 1 X , nf 1 if Q ' N f M A f if , f N L xx lx '41 .il I 1 ui 'L . W Xxx Q! Nl N 'l ' 1 , ' I 'fin If ' 'wx -3 fl ,f 'sf ,f X E NN I I ff NA7V.4fO:l?l6SQf,-, Z. r if X, A I . x X Nyx X - Jgjffjvz Q ff, X Y,, A - lf 'ff 'X , 1 H" 'f YK Y : s 1f'-- .. V bijlefb 4? 3? fi llf f f Q . K N 2 i x i 'A xxx X w iv-1 14' - i X - K, - . ' I 1 , .I - , lx 4,--lil f Vw : lx, ffK-'Qff5 :53Q5SS N ' 4 ' 'sims kay,-Wi,-,Mi , A fry Y nik . Y- :Jw 'Ui-f' br. MM! W, -. X ww- wf W f gif' 1-'ssl dba gx Q, tri Y'I1J'L'5"J'l , I 1 5 1 1 A53-5, , 9 " , -'.,f1p ' ' I I -:fHf5j,LZiS':f .,,,,:,.f - 'A I AP ' ,L?f Q'4'iQf ji gi?gf .!?, ll r - ' ' .U I V' , A ' ' xp: A 'is V If JF ' ru ' N - -, X I af' K rn 1' Q V A yu 1 1, qi, 4 f I I , 'Ku Name f - N sv 95' V 1 gf' Adclre5s....:f' X dn ILLO E an . ,W-XM,M'w'j.U: ,sz.fwf M -A ,WN V - mi M J lb. 1 Q-' ,N w"",L.f'f f.:-f"" M 'f 'W:i 1, - 'Q 454, -lzgkl A X ,. ' f' 1 3 ' H L,-T 37 14 fi '--AH' W- --:Q N 1 V - -:LJ " , , ,v g V MQ, - . giglia- j, -R. -' , -....+-......l1,, , hvkin. an -'11, ' , S- L i KY ' AQ K Y HV-WZ., 5 ' -- . Y, ,L:.'I.L.7'A" ' ' 3: ,.. ' Jf,.,-,-1-'LJ' ""' -i?,,,-f'l' X ..h , ,--f9'T111+:S-'4'i1,,- ,. 511 -- Y ' 44 ' , in , jv 3:5 fb 73" J ,I riff - V'-S L , V ' , pfvagf Lf'l40! ' ' ' M- ' ,M, f, , -in ' " -X' Q53 A gif! jg! VU' . 1, ' QW! . L -,4,gffff'f 1. , .f ' f J ., 5 1, f -5' I , 1.01 - , -.,-3 5 ! J 3 J ' . ,. 5 N 1 f . f - 1 'ff k .1 l I 1 IJ, ' ' f 1 , M I A ' wfyyf ' "U fi ff' 5 ' f A . 'X My .M ,aft .1 M V J' Mr' YY R f , Q Qlifbf -H' J' 'J ,f -fi' v""A M 'J ,V 7 5 i 'Zvi' ' X 6 4 M' Avi: HQ' , 2 K If y 1 ,V K A., ' in f X 1 UG W sf' ', Q -xxx, ,xx V' ' --Q 4' '-1 ' fri . Q , sf x ff .-5 xx ,T I WE f x X fp f J J 1 7 QM'4f2 XX, f J E X Eg' 25' I N gk 31 Q E t 1- fl 4-L' 1 X ,f f, fb il gf? Cb 3 1-52" I i wifi' if YVEQ4 li-- i - f - , ug , - -L - 2 1 - l tex-1 sc:-xooz, ig vV',1,f.W. ff. 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O J' ' I I -by 2 ,pw - fvv' I J' i 5 mtl, QFP ffl I 6 5 J H x filing O J X QHWW FO WOR For our 1951 LA AIROSA theme we have chosen the most colorful saga of our country's history, the West, and its repre- sentative character, the Panhandle cowboy. We have attempted to depict this West Texan as a typical reminder of this wonder- ful land from which sprang the customs, traditions and Spirit of A.H.S. We hope that we have captured all the memories, both great and small, of the events of our days in the "Friendly ity." X J :C ir F. ul' Q h , ,li-ff' ,S .1 ' X, f Ar ,Lv K: " ,, A , 1 1 ,L a v I Q 5' 1 f " s . " , 1 S O Qwmffi WWW 'V Vf73?7"""Zy We Qzeffffpiz WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK . . . To one whom her fellow workers respect because she is careful, understanding, and has a sense of humor, whom her husband cherishes for making home a pleasant place, and whom her students love and honor for giving so freely of her time, her way of making physics problems simple and interesting, and her sincere interest ineach one of her students and the entire senior class. To this lovely person, Mrs. C. C. Walden, we affectionately dedicate this book. i Q gl!! gf :QQ W F , nv' AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL-195 1 1 ,foxy 5 I .A , ,If,4r,'B-B61 M ' 1' ' f . ,lj v J A . ff' V, . A ,1 I ' 1 , .' 1 7, ,!l,,'if1,!14,, ' ,I , L,,,3J,1,,, fu ,y.,L4.ff f1L. -1 -1,.i.1.,g. My ji 1 I f ' f gl, 1,1 ,I , 2 vf 4. fi ' , 'i , ' ' - f A2 f 1111, I is A - ff Lia-'4f:g2,rg4f' ij j5..,Lg,df'5AL:iI ' K, ' 1 12 'Q A Y, fy' Wil lf' K ,, ', 1 -ftvcfi Cy 11 .Orff 34,1 , 5 1 I , J 5,7 U V' , 1, O TABLE OF CONTENTS A FACULTY ..,............,.........................,.................... Q2 ....,........... S SENIORS ........ ....... ...... 5 o JUNIORS ............. ....... . ...... 5 6 SOPHOMORES ...... ....... Q .......... ...... 7 4 CLUBS ....................... ....... - 94 PUBLICATIONS ........ .......... 1 zo FAVORITES ......... ...... .......... 1 5 o R.O.T.C. ................... .............. .......... 1 5 4 MUSIC ............... ......... ........ .......... 1 6 4 SPEECH AND QAMA ...,..... .......... I vs SPORTS ...... G ......,............. .......... 1 86 STUDENT LIFE ............ .......... 2 34 ADVERTISEMENTS ......... .......... 2 54 O O Y ,fi 4'l,'3lf- CJ Q I ' 7 acultg A ui, ns snow .--. us - nn-4, 1 .safes ' Y lluln. nl mm ,cuss 4-up ..i, limi? '-2, Dunumnuti. -1--.-........u l!1llllllll .- I KI IIIIIIIIIKKK ill!!-lllillluillllk il .-m1-mvm-- In u small! xiul 1lullIlluIXlRXlllNl1r ...,-n.....- ... .mn . 9 up ll mn nm lilillllhluf' 9125. ln -""2' A . . lt-.1 X CXKIX "L'5E-Z.,-n-uuuuxh, -I nnsngg.--an ,, .- . -2-5 .,n- ns ,Blau 1110102 X- --'J ':.1.......m .,.:: gf ,-......... il K--ggQl!!!!E!!?9 iF' J .nnn ??.l 'Q '::x!4KE' Te-1301 ag H? X--'Q XE 4,-f' 4Q?f ' A 'I I 4 . ...ah I f I f A :K- f - 11111, IIIQC. 'xl 1 twin Q.. - .X--M 1-...B IIIXIINI ,Q -lli ii! 1 ff u 'illi- .5- nn x.. ...- ES ""' ' 5155-L CIIQIIIIQ li qu -5 51: nu -n,- as , iggqil-.-X gi ij!! an 12 .if .,15"f"'- X 40" X ,g - X I 'el ' Que' " ' 1: il -la I ws :' nf. : -:-' Tx' it X " 3 . E k X to 5-,Q X NF' ' 2 ' i ' f' x "jx if C x . J .1 ,S i ,iff , A oss: A U f 1 7 '. fg ' , 1 if ' u-I"':' Diff'-iff' '- 'vfffyizri ...,- .L At -- 8 x , f, -s,a9E3qL':- ' ,-,, Q, ' "1-- . eg-- . 'f'a':::q.'.e 'Q g.?:fff?,f.'3:. r Q xraii' 51. 4 '::. -J-fi, up I N 6 Q' A in , "' nv O' '. I , QA! va Z-gf-N ' 9 , 7 'X 7 9 bk fWfx f V r ll"Q,?P U ' W ff R li! WM W4 WN4 R I Am 'ZW mf? f A9 M 54 WMM40 ---...1 " H A If" M W, T O39 sw" Cy' ,pp X . if BC-" ow qgglw we Nolfh ICQ Q le e to have Z1 o dthe sl-e 1'OUhQ'SqZo 6I"?11CYih' 5-5129, aj'-3235 belglfo Seead a 'eh' Smead- 'fe 'Ps been -'fzyehty happy hafob ' Jw, ge, Siqflfe, 131117 Mile 'tis s big 1-Qqch to let a Pe Ili, Us hope .Poo got 521.8 -shit-G of' the Vtyttills. I' een th-JQIJ' what Q he!-Q' oflhabel-Ich-s We toolr OP51- oat this Hqlytee-. 491.13 he toolr o"e1- hz-Qqds 12-oh 14' Hobs-too '-Q, izooe 'oth ovzte e fefwl-oQ11v111e 11 441 ohne .rea em ttez-s dfdf, 't QQSQI-6 qs r 651-e herded foto the oottih' lot, it 's 1-eslzgts of' 'what olo, old 6'Q1,4Z1'e 1'-ati combs:-stfoh, QQQ' e bit ol' helg 1-617611, bllqoh o' 01-ittel-s. fkwehbee sow We has few dake .... 665 so t-6911-' 01-Sus? LQ like a lfzothel-l too. . . . . . C-libs: .ills -P04 61-22111 ' llez- ste-QP ol: 47,053 P lfiet fill . Jlx-soo. 'YQQQ ogles Q-oo ol- 110 bllb Qishtaf ole oh of' Ib-fe hooz-llhess to QQ-l Pe is bed lo 6 ll, C66 ess chill' lb 01-ess oat e ol' the t the Way pz-OQQ' of' t 8 s 0'-Yqe to 's oth 1-fb ssl' ' Izfll ' bas 'fad e s -st t ' .- 'WY abolz 41290 the 61'-9 112, 1- time 1- feed QQQ' ez- s ooh 17' 5 Joes doo 032- 1206 fzzo he 6 99 aces -'71'Y1- -Pe Po 'Phe do tr- tb ,ol-eaqs. -sf ig- you o see sooo s, dehoc-1-sc.-.13 Ivo:-1+ e foe- sooh ez 'tzld you Q-olzqo' with 5eQ' ifget the Qs g we lopfred you we:- got Q lot o 'pllz-ee per- oeht, I 136211. 51711 the I'eeQl11' A-et l1'o1flQ' lvfiqts to QI-'S oz-op ol' 'iz-l ' el-, I gotta hay? ' 12 I look Opel' foe Qjls Q' see 17 ' ' -iz? boss .fjgt hash beef: mio ' QQQ' as cz-op is goflqa owe Jfolz 0 Zffze " 'YQQ' J I-ops qojt o e bl-e e P We t 1470 1'lfJ' J' 'U Cie to szqzf oo ' fb GQ! fy! 'ffe' Qs I-01117 sho ls' fob e l1t o' folloflzjh' Qkloofq' . es, J ,olzt oh ' QQ, 'SQ M, tivo Q11 01 6' Q10 .0585 I-I-fiqge G-If. 11 eoflf 'Ei-e Qt ter-s 1-e J- ge o -400' 1 gb QKQ0. Pr Z1 'ir-OQQ h' toch- -PS0-4'O17S eq does 0Ve1-. 1? Q' t-'21-eee owls bg Q1-e QQQ' ' s. Got Glu? 2511 I' to QQ Net 101 oelaber- t 12 ff! ess I is D. I 6006 Q' I Sbbehejo Q' 661-e, 56-s things '94-eo Us Qgvhty JIQQ1-eolQ's. . . . gfzlilf l0'2e6'O01e this God ZZ- pr-fee stoolr oleezb ' that 's ohe of' the setebao-Irs a S '1'-iJ'I1'3:g'llI-e it olzt Jfol1'T'e OW Jfollz- WSJ' Q1-OQQQ' Qhfi E638 Jeaz- 's 25, 917615 Ver' their tl-Qjls lead. I Jost he tr-Qfl-S' you leave fihd 'till oolbe high to enlzge. h't he seseeih' sohe ofyoo again 'til the hj fzooe ofnrba get caught Io oo blleeiz-ds ago' 1' ' hope. fl-oo hofv 'tsl theh that esoh of' you of-f v .oastlo-es 'Utd lolehty of' silt licks ago' 0001 '30 101251 -9017061-, A-sep those sffqole gl:-ts tj 6' ell to ttez-s fjod , olefir- Ivete:-. 81251 8 W SBW . oz- , F51-eoaq -4.15161 SP-Q40 49' an 5411141-IQ, 1166528.40041 0,745 M QOQSIPQ oo:-s1f14,rG'4,sr4,r 4414'9l4LQ 7'4"l'43 51001544 ff Q-"QQ few we: It ' fl 6 '9hQ' Ooh' tie? its Seb thizleblaelo ' olo- 1-Q19 'iz-OUQQ' I 6 CHIEF ASSISTAN TS Mrs. Haynie, dean of girls, is a friend to every girl in AHS. Her helpful sug- gestions are welcomed by girls seeking her advice or counseling. Her untiring efforts, backed by ability and under- standing make her, not only an advisor, but a friend. Mr. V. V. Kniseley A.f.fiJm11! Pfizzcipfzl Texas' U. Mrs. Thomas Haynie Dean of Girlf Texas U. Mr. Kniseley, in his first year with the Sandies, has proved his capability in dealing with students and their problems. Those who know him-know his sense of humor and congeniality. His unselfish effort is poured into AHS to make it a better place through discipline and under- standing. i These nine men, giving generously of their time and effort, are responsible for pleasant school conditions. Although far too little acknowledgement is made of their help to the community, school, and the individual student, the school board works with untiring effort for a better school district. Selected by the public, these men are of the highest quality in dealing with the full load of responsibility. Members of the school board from left to right are: Gus R. Roberts, C. Lane McAfee, H. Sim Kelly, E. M. Blackburn, Bob P. Wilson, George M. Waddill, Herman Smith, Charles M. Rogers and Herbert Willborn. Mr. Charles M. Rogers Superinlendent of Sclaoolr Pferident of Board SCHOOL BOARD Mr, E. M. Blackburn, jf The counselors have one of the most difficult jobs in AHS. Problems of schedules, jobs, social relations and family relations are brought daily to them. Mrs. Burkhalter sponsors the Student Council and Miss Ulm sponsors the Future Teachers of America. College requirements and help in arranging schedules is a daily duty of theirs. Students seeking jobs and information are met with a sincere desire to help. R. A. Selby, Assistant Superintend- ent, also is in charge of guidance and secondary curriculum in both the junior and senior high schools of Amarillo. COUNSELORS Mrs. W. B. Burkhalter Miss Minnie Feierabend Miss Carmen Ulm Senior Counselor junior Counselor Sophomore Counselor ohnson, Miss Joyce Texas Tec b Penn, Miss Lucyle TS C W LIBRARIANS The librarians here are helping students select books, only one of their many duties. Mrs. McCuan, regis- trar, is distributing mail and Miss Henderson, Mr. Norman's secretary, is mimeographing. Mrs. james is filling the thousands of attendance records of students in Mr. Kniseley's office. SECRETARIES Mrs. Twiia James Mrs. Helen Mfcuan Miss Lois Henderson In pyramid formation are, back row-Miss jane Williams, Annette Hurdg front row-Melody Starks, Sally Bivins, and Carolyn Reynolds. Williams Miss Jane WTS C Foreman Mrs. Dorris TSC W A GIRIJS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT These shots of the girls' P.E. classes give a cross section of a few of the activities. Familiar "chalk talks" help girls' apprehension, while actual games and tumbling develop coordina- tion and skill. Under the capable guidance of Miss Williams and Mrs. Foreman, the girls receive a well balanced program for mental and physical development. CMWN ENGLISH English Classes are planned to give students a basic understanding of our own language and a foundation for foreign languages. A student reads a theme before the class, acquiring skill in reading and composition. The other stu- dents are looking at the workbook which provides actual problems to be solved. Alexander, Atwood, Crawford, Mrs. Nelle Mrs. C. P. Miss Irene SMU Texan Tech TS C W Davis, Mrs. Hazel WTSC Dillingham, Miss Faye Oklfz. U. Donnell, Miss Marie Okla. U. DEPARTMENT The development of the voice in speaking, gives the students more vitally alive personalities. This group of students is studying com- position for practical use in speech and written work. English classes in AHS teach grammar, literature, spelling and vocabulary. Johnston, Metz, Russell, Mrs. Anne Mrs. Jeanne Miss Louise George Peabody Okla. U. USC Schoen, Mrs. Marian Baylor U. X, x M. Wilson, Mr. W. C ETSTC Special talents, have a wide field for expansion in AHS. Shown here, the dramatics class re- hearses for a new play, which will be fun for the school and the actors. Practice in speech makes students express themselves better in other subjects. The journalism class under Miss Whitmore studies page layouts for an issue of The Sandstorm. Miss Ellie Whitmore Mrs. N. N. Whitworth I8 Mr. H. Flathers SPEECH Colorado U. Miss Jessie Mercer DRAMATICS Baylor JOURNALISM a' t Zhu NK -A .Hr ,9- Wiffonfin U. N 01'1lJwe51fern Busy at work, the music department of AHS is one of the best in the state. The intentness of concentration is felt as Mr. Emmons re- hearses the orchestra and Miss Thompson skillfully develops voices in one of her many individual workouts. Mr. Rowe puts his band in one of the top ratings as he drills them in marching as well as playing. Rowe Mr Clyde H Thompson Miss Tennie Miss Roberts is explaining the steps a bill must take to become a law and Miss Tolbert and her class are discussing the early expansion of the colonies. In AHS, world history, American history, American problems, government, consumer's education and Texas history are offered. Brierley, Mrs. Sybal Texaf Tefla Brint, W Mrs. A. L. Texas Terk Crossett, Mrs. Lela California U. Evans, josserand, Lynch, Mr. E. T. Mrs. Margaret Mr. Howard Colorado U. WTSC Lexington U. 1. wg 111W ii ii Parke Roberts Sn der Tolbert yr a Y x 7 Mr. J. O. Miss Laura Miss Laura Miss Ruth Ann Colorado State Texas U. Texas Tech New Mexiro U. DEPARTMENT Both the dramatic and factual sides of history are developed in AHS. Here two students are learning about current events through the American Observer, an aid in present history being made. The latest charts, maps and pam- phlets are being used to give the students a clear cut picture of past history that will offer a basis for looking at the future with clear ideas. Wallis, Miss Gladys SMU Zobisch, Miss Clara Oklahoma U. -Q Left to right are jean Duvall Fred Way Mrs. Crossett FOREIGN LANGUAGE The foreign language department in AHS is composed of Latin and Spanish classes. These courses emphasize the understanding of our neighbors to the South and the effect of Latin on the English language. These students are studying a map of ancient Gaul. ,.u Annis, Miss Francis C I .A8zM 0 0 HOME ECONOMICS The home economics classes not only learn the arts of cooking and sewing but also personal grooming, home decoration, first aid, home nursing, and budgeting money to run a household. Mrs. Pevehouse is instructing one of her students in using the hemmer on the sewing machine. Jennings, Mrs. Sue WTSC Pevehouse, Ballard, Klapproth, Wallis, Mrs. Lola Miss Viola Miss Anna Miss Gladys Texaf U. WTCS Colo. U. SMU ai? .nugg- . z N N. ' 4 g la ' E 2 I One of the newest classes in AHS is drivers' education where the student shown here is learning basic rules and regulations before attempting to control a car. First hand experience in working on a plane is teaching this boy more thoroughly than books alone ever could. He works under the D.O. program. DRIVERS' EDUCATION DIVERSIEIED OCCUPATIONS DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATIQN VOCATION AL AGRICULTURE N x . on W Cannon, Davis, Diggs, Howell, Mr. Ray Mr. R. H. Mr. Oliverff, Mr. C. T. NTSTC Texas Terk ETSTC WTSC F . Qt ta t,.v..,,L jg?- 'N-.. Swettman, Mr. Herman New York U. Walden, Mrs. C. C. USC Wallace, Mr. C. A. li . . Texas Terla , 1 A The science department is one of the most interesting to Sandies. Above, Mr. Swettman's chemistry class performs an experiment, while behind them on the blackboard is a formula worked out by the class. Mrs. Nelson's biology class gets a closer look at everyday things as well as the abnormal species. Here students study leaf structure in books, then with the microscope. A A Hammit, Kaye, Nelson Rodgers Mr. E. L. Mrs. Atlanta Mrs Allie Mrs Mabel IV TS C U S C Texas U WTS C Boswell, Cox, Hall, Salkeld, Mr. I. M. Mrs. Gladys Miss Alma Mr. Dan WTS C George Peabody Texar U. . TCU Sanders, ATHEMATICS Mr, E. G. Texa.r.Tech DEP RTME T Savage, Mr. E. M. Texay U. S Shaller, Mrs. C. C. Texaf Terk Underwood, Mr. Hugh Mirfozzri U. Wilson, Miss Kate SMU The mathematics department gives the students a closer look at intricate and complicated math. A practical side prepares students for future work in many fields, while the other side provides a foundation for college math courses. Here a student is applying knowledge of graphs and the other is being instructed in equations. A cross section of math is pre- sented in AHS, including algebra, solid geometry, plane geometry, business arithmetic and trigonometry. Q Q Q ,K up , If k,... f ,U il I I ..,. . .,. ,.'., r .-,. .1 .,-, . - I f V' , ' , Eu' 15: 5-ffi f, 2N"?'fT -i??i:"5f9'5fQQ . . .1 , 311 3, 'i i'-'F' is V -, f 1 f. f tigiflfgfjfre 5 .Qi Q 3 .4 a 1 Q if 2 Six 35 32 2 Q tr Q e ff 3 Z 2 Q 53 S? a 3 31 +12 Q: Q .fi Q2 2 S fr 2 at as 22 is 51 .1 B M f ai rf Q P 1 Shows, Shows, Miss Adelle Miss Velma Anthony Bowman Braudt, Mr S G Miss Lurline Mrs. Corrah Texas Tech C010 U WTSC COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT The commercial department of AHS is thor- oughly developing the students for a successful career in the business world. Here Miss Adelle Shows instructs a student in accounting and tabulation. Mrs. C. Braudt is helping a girl at a typewriter. Bookkeeping, secretarial train- ing, typing, shorthand, office practice, business English and business law are offered, Bridges, Miss Betty WTS C Texas U. Tulane ART BIBLE MECHANICAL ARTS SHOP Practical application is the main theme of these classes. Mr. jones explains and demonstrates linoleum block printing in this art class, where the most modern methods are being taught. Mr. Taylor here helps aboy with a problem on the wood lathe, one of the basic principles. Boger, Taylor, Dr. Roy Mr. Rupert A. M6M1zf'ry ETS TC Hull, jones, Mitchell, Pool, Mr. T. G. Colorado State , . in-N Z A rjfws. M :. elf if 0 Mr. C. C. Mr. M. W. Mr. A B Columbia U. Texaf A8cM Texas Tech Tlx. E 1 5. M. N... fi my A ?9l, ' in if . yi 2 R ig, gin? 3 ,Q E goo A LIE v a C . 1 3 fel: Li l , Q., fi A . A A f - - if ' 'J Y . X ,tif ,K K Hull, Lynch, Matney, Whinnery,. Mr. T. G. Mr. H. W. Major Carl P. Mr. john C olomdo Store Lexington U. WTSC N ortlaeaslem BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Boys' P.E. develops physical and mental abil- ities. Here football and basketball are being instructed to give the boys a better appreciation and skill in these games. RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS The ROTC, one of the best in the country gives boys a real understanding of leadership and discipline. This organiza- tion is among the top groups in the molding of minds and bodies. Here a boy is instructed in the mechanics of a gun in use. X -5 1 ' ' "5 ' -Ap i g , 1t'XiWf?.k ,ox f 1 A' Q , SCHOOL WORKERS The many custodians and caretakers keep AHS in order and are responsible for most of the good care of our school. Here the cafeteria women and the custodians are Performing a few of their many duties. AHS would be much less attractive if it weren't for these faithful Sandies who are friends to the students as well as to the school. Senifb f , W ,WX - ,f ir V ,2?f.-X if - f o ,Af V I f, If f' 'f X X ,fr ' - Ml ' f-"V A' '1 f r-' ' f' 1 X X - 1-I A I -1, A I'rz,g,'F'!.j Ieggvl izgtggtz ,,,,,f. N - ' x- 4-f--zgwalvll X f- - QQ? Q!-Z'f7:3g5'4MZh , ...Aki-y ff , ' yr 1 ..a::x- Qzfxzr 30115, Q!!! C1 l-.Ygrjqg K 7-'wg--f f , - , M27 7 . , it if -,. Qjgg V, X fi J fif fffi , 21195 livgyf ff f Q1377. f X1 1 ,ff f ,,z- ,X f + 5 :fi x 4 f ' N , V yr H Y! X , If xx g if-, 'E1 Y K ff M, -1, 'K Ky -f-ff, A 'kg-jg' xJ "",'f"'--L-:-Li - W 417' Z h::'S.....E- S-,iw f' ':..:.,. d- G,-,C- il in "' 7 sw xx? .v-.2-f"" N- ,Y - vim I Aff, ' -' R ' E'-L".- :i., -1'-rilail. - 30 WXIIBW' .IKM f ,Z if fi "L ' f M 4, ye, I t I i "' ygi K .lu V , , M J' I f fifdu 1 E! 5 f, '. 1 ' 1' 'L' by -' L! U! 3,5 ' 1' 'f I . 4' dxf -3 rdf! 4,1 W !y7Nf,,.Xqf7: K X f ff' ,.f X' 5. f X 1 55 x ff Q -327+ ff X I Z I 4"" 'Z "NM H' -S 5 ' 4 -if-, 3 Y dl, Af ' ' , -.,-- - -ix-M-,vi L gf, - 1n:rf"" 'Mi -.............. xg 3I :Q-QT" , , .,1-?,,,-- , iy if E f Q 6 -.fl B A -AV K N M ing A Q. g,1r.WX, X f 7 ,ms-sm - X35 -feel x s SEN IORS ABOYTES, JUANITA ADAMS, GERALD ADAMS, KAY' Honor Society Allied Youth Honor Society AID, SANDRA ALBERT, J. T. FHA ROTC 3 I ALBRIGHT, DALE ALLARD, CLYDEEN Thexpianx Allied Youth ALLEN, DURWARD ALLEN, jo ANN ALLEN, MARILYN ALLEN, NEAL ALLSTON, SUE D0 Student Council Allied Youth Honor Society Honor Society ARLIE ARMSTRONG HERBERT RoY BAINS, DARRELL Sandie Football ARREZ, LUCY AUSTIN, VIRGINIA BAILEY, BETTY BAILEY, RAY Los Viajero: Allied Youth DE Club ' ' 33 - 1f..fI-WI. .112 7 A BAIRD, ROBERT BAKER, JIMMY Sandie Football 33 Capt. Golf Team BALLEW, GARLAND l BANKI-IEAD, LARRY Intramural! Choir - 3 SENIORS l Y A B L is 57' 'mf BARCLAY, BETTY BARNARD, TOMMY BARNEY, BEVERLY Intramural: ROTC Choir f Happy New Year. . . ! BARRON, RAY BARTON, LETA BASDEN, JERRY BATES, JAMES D0 FHA Baseball Boxing fmt 991' BEALL, BILL BECHTEL, ROBERT BEEBE, CHARLES BELL, BETTY BENESCH, jo D0 Sandie Band Sandie Band Allied Youth Cheerleader , REM I , 1. BENNETT LEROY BENTLEY LONA BENTON RALPH BERRY BETTY Allied Youth ROTC Lieutenant FHA BTNGHAM, PEGGY Bel Canto Chorale if 34 BIVINS, SALLY BLAIR, LAMELVA BLALSDELL, BILLIE BOGER, BETTY Bocas, CAROL H0'Y0f 5005611 FHA Square Dance Allied Youth Honor Society :p le e g A X5 J K ai Eg A- 'L I' 47 'ii -'iff BINGHAM, RA! Trarh : 1 '.':.. A . BOHN, B. J. FFA SEN IORS d f - - l BOONE, CURTIS BOOZER, JUDY BOWLIN, KATHRYN A long dreame 0 Senior 1-mg Armed Servifef LA Busineu Manager Allied Youth BOYCE, DELPHA BOYD, JOI-IN BOYD, R. C. BRADLEY, HAL Allied Youth ROTC ROTC Hi-Y BRANI-IAM, LAVELLE BRANSON, BOB BRANUM, DENZEL BRAZIEI, MARVIN BREEDING, MARGARET FHA Honor Soriely Hiflory Major DE FHA -irsilsmnsi In1:1551 Evfwkilskwiz'-. .I"--is-Lie, .I . .ii"f . , ,--ff:-Ig1azIIf11IIRi,f: 7 fr- If f-:IQ If - ,-+,,-g - .. I-:Mike Lk W, Q , I, ..,,. ,I ,,-I ,.5,,,,5,ig,,5II I . ..,,.. U Nil . I' , ' fiflgfw I-afava , ' -I-,SKI ,. Iwwg H - -. I A I K . ., 5: E ., , , X Y R R I ,S -vau- - . , , ,Wi f, , '- Q1 -YI R I 1 -5 f. I . K ew I k i .42 eI I , .. , I , , WILLETTA BRITTON, ANN BRITTON, NORVAL BROCK, LONNIE BROMLEY, WESLEY BROWN, ARLEE DE DO Honor Society Allied Youilv Sandie Band LANELLE BROWN, MAR JORIE BROWN, PRUDENCE BRUCE, BOE BRUCE, ROBERT BRUNER, ALISON Hixtory Major Bowling Club ROTC Sponfor 35 Bel Canto Clzorale ROTC Bel Canto Chorale ,Iqggggu,I-,wI1fgg,I,eIII,f I,?IqR,jIm1 ff-- .ww - K 'Ll affix la! we ,ffgzm-'II ,.,, . Is 5 T5 Q' 5 - I U I -1 -ff 55m,fIII5fIIIfI,I 5: QRS y-433,51 -f , . f . Q49-251,55 , ,gm A yI,g I . I 5, Q 2 2191951 , ' U ffl. , . H Lf - , :Ig . I , I I 1 f. I , ill fi R I ' I , , ' 1 . I. I, ,. , ' r F I SEN IORS BRYANT, ROBERT BUCKLEY, FORREST BURAL, VIC Square Danre Club Baseball BURCH, IRENE BURNETT, DOROTHY BURNS, HAROLD BURSEY, Commerrial Honor Society I DE Honor Society T 7,5 BURSON, EARLEEN BUTLER, ANNA NELL CAMPBELL, SHIRLEY CARDEN, EVA CARI-II-E, EUGE Allied Youtb Bel Canlo Chorale Honor Society Gif!-V Spam Boyr' 5P0flJ CARTER, BILL CARTER, LA DONNA CARTER, SANDIE CARVER, SAM CASEY, KENNETH CEARLEY, Sandie Co-Caplain FHA D0 FFA Prexident Sandflorm . ,, ' 'Ii as .B :B CHAMBERS, BETTY CHAMBERS, DOUGLAS CHANCLER, FAYE CHANDLER, POKEY CHAPMAN, jo ANN CHASE, PAUL Student C ouneil Sandie Band Boxkezboll 36 Boxing Honor Society ROTC ? SENIORS CHILDERS, HOWARD CLANTON, HARVE Sandie Football IILCOTE, BEITYE Sandie Band Math Major 0 I QAA a , , :' J. I 'gil ,qyig Q , , i CLEEK, TOMMY Hi-Y LAYTON, CAROLE CLEVELAND, JOE offife Workn DE Wffffj 'J' 15 I. Ll , Li' I - - " ' ,E Q 7 sf ,.... , fygsz, wgsgggl L- S 1 ' yy, . K, lf. 1 W, - , Q I R l A QA fi: X , 1 , 'I --4 fi I ,, 1 ' " 5, I ' " f' . ,I+ gf E ax 4 l A ,I .I il-fu Q5 ,Ii ' . ' ':.: ,eg ' ' ,L i iz :W , ooo aooa A I X 4 ig-HH." A :'i'1L,QE 11 :Ty Q f 1, 'If ' Lf, . fit?-Ff,,,: :W f i OLLIER, PATSIANN COLLINS, JACQUELINE CONNER, JOHN Tbexpians Allied Youth Bd!!-'bdll LARRY CORNELIUS, CAROLYN CoX,' ARA . Baxknball Allied Youth LA Awww Edfwf BILL CROW, MARY DANIEL, JOY Malb Major Sandie Band Allied Y014fb Y , .. I, I gi 37 COBURN, EMMETT D0 Coolc, CORRINE COOK, WANDA Allied Youth FHA f , of-II. we A --In 'Tin "'f ,2, :i - ,.:. - QW - '-E. 'N A ie I, Q, -: v vfmfkaszi.. 5 J 5 -I 15154111 E ai? H4 Lg? 53 A I 1532 Z' 'G I ' 4' EU qi A 5 f Q I, ., . 5? R., 0 I Cox, JEAN CREWS, F. T. Bel Canto Chorale Editor La Airosa Cox, CHARLES Foolball DANIEL, SHIRLEY DARNELL, JOYCE DAVIDSON, JERE Honor Sofiefy Hirlory Major Sludem' Counril I SENIORS DAVIDSON, MAX DAVIS, JOAN DAVIS, MAHLON ROTC Lieutenant ROTC Lieutenant I t I Hopeful Saunders continues V campaigning in this expres- S If SVR Q F ' LY? SIVC POSC. DAVIS, MYRLE DAVIS, PAT DEAN, BETTY ANNE DEERING, ROSEMARY Bafehall Cheerleader Bel Canto Chorale Tennir Team A pw, ,nl ,ei 1 I I ""' in L : I A K iw g l.., A , 4. 3 :i,. A A . . .L DELGADO, CELIA DELLIS, VIOLA DENMAN, BETTY jo DENNEY, JOHNNIE DEVIN, GENA Loy Viajero: DE Orrhenra Student Counril Honor Society . .Q S i Q H I he 2 DODGE, MARJORIE DODSON, DARRELL DOGGETTE, ERNEST DOROUGH, LEWIS DUBOSE, BOE DUNCAN, BETTY JEAI Tumbling Team VIC Club Baiehall Hi-Y Allied Youth E DUNCAN, DALE EATON, PAT EDWARDS, HELENE ELDRIDGE, MARY BELL ELLIOTT, EDDY ELLIS, CHARI Allied Youth FHA Internoy 38 AHS Orrhextra Boxing FHA SENIORS xi , 1 NVQ, i A 1 , X , 1 EMBRY,-IOHNNY ETHERIDGE, R. C. ETHRIDGE,MARJORIE d ' ' H Trark Inframnralf Inferno: ,INT - Bobby, a typical Sandie, is found at the wee hours of the morning still cramming for exams. - ,LAM If H , ,. 5 yy, .. . sesii ,- 1:24 -' ' ' Egelww- if - .2 K , D A Z. ESTES, BILL Wrextling EUBANKS, NORMAN EVANS, DEAN EVANS, LEON Sandftorm Staff Mall: Major Football FARLEY, RAY FARRIS, BILL Sandie Band Boxing FEIERABEND, SI-IIRLEY FERGUSON, MARY FIELD, MARY Honor Society FHA Choir FLEMING, PAULA FLYNN, MIKE Allied Youlb Bel Canto Cborale wi ifwifggi g f, -nge' FORD, CAROL Offire Worker RS 'I L' f, .fe-ff? Xz:fS,fg'aZ" - ' 4' 1I I S FORRESTER, CARROLL FOSTER, BILL FOSTER, BOB Sandie Foolball Intramurals' Prerident Science Club 'l'S A li'i ' l A ,I, ZZ. . I S' 1 ' A Siolrs ' I ..,,,. gg IV is V - , ,L :,.. 74,,f,, .1,. l 1. f I1 I -': 4' L i, , " -' K 7 ' ' "ww ,FOWBLE, MARY Fox, PATSY FRANCIS, BILL FREEMAN, TED GABERT, ELIZABETH GAEEORD, FRENCHIE N FHA Bafketball Sandie Football 39 Bel Canto Chorale Office Helper Intramural! I it 11 'bw 9 E Us d I, . -t GARRE, BILL GARNER, ARTHUR GARNER, ETHYL Intramural: ROTC Adjutant FHA GARRISON, JAMES GATTEN, PAUL GEORGE, CONDE GEORGE, JAN: Boxing Allied Youth DE 2 21 2 ' I 5 I GILBREATH, PAT GLASGOW, CYNTHIA GOETTSCH, LON GRAHAM, DAN GRAHAM, JAC! Allied Youth Student Council Intramurals ROTC Lieutenant Sandie Foothah GRAY, FOREST GREER, PAT GRIFFIN, KAY GRIEEITH, DEAN GRIEEITH, DOROTHY GROUNDS, Sandie Band Allied Youth Muxic Intramural: Allied Youth Bel Canto 'fi-S21 H , . ' us GUYER, DICK HACKLEY, STALEY HAIL, BARBARA HALL, DOROTHY HALLEY, CHARLOTTE HAMILTON, Sandie Band DE 40 Lo! Viajerox Y-Teen: Allied Youth 1 3 . I . SENIORS LIAMEL, EMMA LUE HAMPTON, CLAUDE HARE, PAT Bafkelball DE Track Manager EIARPER, BETTY HARPER, LES HARRIS, BRUCE HARVEY, MYRA Choir Sandie Band DE Honor Soriety a 5 'K if S ,A . 5 . , L U I, '3 s ii I A R 3, ,EH 313-I -V ., , , 1-:A '."1..L.:E,-:If . 425 MSX '52I5,l'v 31,-f K 71. ll - iff'-5i3eafi,:f---rgjuiifii ,of , 1-,pm -X :-:mn-I: HEATI-I, WELDON HEDSPETIHI, CLAUDE HEI-'NER, TED ROTC Prefident S wingxterx Eglsaifffilii fr QQ-5 -:g,j::2'fzQ.55ffi1R2 5 QfEaz,I9 ws Ima:-Rf :fy -1 fi :gg N, I .I ssgi- I fisf , g if -jfzii M: tvfif 'KW' 1:,,g- 'A- -gs R, -Q, we A 7 , ., .W l i ,ff ,H S, ., . , . A lie, ,kr, 5 ,E ,g,, I ga gg, 5:1 :E VI, if 3 gh .T wig? fin , .Riff-,,A5,, -I. Q, , , . an . -:A K K , -. wg R In ,gn .H I ., ,, ,Vi sg, Y' uf ' V V' -kigszjs A 1 I I I A X HIcKs, ALVIN -IENDLEY, jo HELEN HEss, PAULA HIPBS, BQBBY HIcIcERsoN, BETTE ' Vzce Pr d t Thefpiam ef' en Bel Canto Chorale Clan Sandze Band FHA is 1 Rf In gs X 5 5 E fel 2 is E HILLIER, RONNIE Student Council A n L APPL F ,T I2 f 2 f Ig LLAU, 'IINSON, MARY ANN HINSON, WANDA HODGES, JERRELL HODNETT, BOBBY HOEFER, CHARLES HOLMES, JIMMY FHA FHA ROTC 4' Intramuralx Sandie Band SENIORS LEE A V ' ME iffy T .Q L 7,377 -iw 5 i' J HOLMES, PEGGY HOWARD, NITA HOWELL, DOROTHY FHA Allied Youzb FHA IS Nita beaming at Harold or the flowers he has brought for the dance? HOLLINGSWORTH, CHARLES HOLLOWAY, CLARA FAYE HOPKINS, MATHA HORRIGAN, STEVE Tmfk AHS Orflgeym Honor Society Swimming Team HUBER, KATHLEEN HUCKABEY, ODESSA HUKILL, SARA HUMMEL, HAROLD AHS Orrlzexlru LA Typifl f f . ' YL- q Lim W- lL -S HUNGSBERG, ULRICH Student Council W A u 4 Y we .1 HURD, ANNETTE INGERTON, DICKIE IRELAN, ALICE IRION, WELDON ISAACS, JOHN IVY, MARY LOU Allied Youth Ski Club Honor Society Choir Preyidenz Honor Soriezy Tbefpidnf 5 WR FA L 33 Q 1. r X ,ww-' IV: E 9 42 JACKSON, EDWARD JACKSON, JEANET JACKSON, MARCELLA JACKSON, MARLAN JACKSON, PAT JAMIESON, HOW Tnzrk ROTC Sponxor FHA Honor Soriely Choir SENIORS I- - ' frS2w,f4.f 1: I:5iZE52'f::.2'f: 'Z : :'f"' 1 ELI 1 W I . tv-My 1 I . gi . f zffLQfi,., 'S . ..,A if A 0 . '1 ' J WE.-",. .vwggg ,Eggs 1-gg: -E. JOHNSON, CLARENCE JOHNSON, JAMES JOHNSON, JO DELLE Corrigan Week - It's the D0 Allied Youzb girls? tum to pay! J BILL rark Manager KIKER, LATRICE Honor Sociely 'iwssiff-I2 :IS-be I-Q JOHNSON, NINA JOHNSON, NITA JOHNSON, NOVELLE JOHNSON, TOM DO Honor Soriely Bel Canto Chorale ROTC Captain In JONES, JIMMY JONES, KENNETH JONES, OTIS JUDD, WENDELL KAUFHOLD, MARION D0 Orcbeylra Sludenl C ounfil VIC S' Saw 1,- .,:-.swung ' S i'9j-I, . :yr , rl KEETCH, GORDON KEMPER, CLOIS KELLY, STEVE KENNEDY, JEANNETTE KERSTEN, BETTY Boyr' Spoftf FFA ROTC DE KILLION, CLINT KIRKPATRICK, CHARLES KIRKPATRICK, KNOX, DAVID KOERBER, KAROLYN DE Bel Canio-Chorale 43 PATRICIA DE - 5 Allied Youth A ,.,, I... , I5 ,. SENIORS If 5 51 ,F I - 1,55 5 x I ,Q f 1 I 2 -sv-sw Ie E we I ,sf 1 KOERBER, KATHRYN KRABBE, DONALD LANE, MICKEU Square Dance LARSON, RICHARD LASHIER, BILL LATI-IAM, MILBURN LEDBETTER, j Sandie Band Vice Preyident Ken Klub FFA f. A1 53- K IW, f gg -f ,ygfui qyg-1ILz In f, gin: rf 515255 my ,. .1 K I If J ixk ., X .Q I ,R If 1 --:. . A ' I LESTER, CHARLES LEVINE, JULIAN LEWIS, BOBBIE LILES, R. C. LINDSEY, BEITII Allied Youth Sandie Baxhetball Allied Youth Honor Sotiety LINKENI-IOGER, GAYLE Locx, TED LOCKHART, TEDDY LONG, Coy LooPER, KATHERINE LOWRY, Sandie Baxketball Track Sandie Band Wrextling FHA D0 LYNES, PATTY LUNDGREN, TED MALLOY, DONNA MARGOLIS, VIVIAN MARKS, LARRY MARSH, 1 Y-Teen: Secretary Allied Youth DE 44 Lo! Viajeros Sandie Bafehall Student Council SENIORS DAN MARTIN, JAMES MASK, BARBARA Trarb Team Sandstorm Staff Y-Teenx Q PAT MASTERSON, JERRY MATHES, MARY ALTA Ywlfb Bel Camo Cborale FH-'A MAYES, JACK I memo: EUTIVA MELTON, DOROTHY MERCHANT, JERRY MILHOAN, ERMA MILLER, CHARLES Commerrzal Sandze Band Sand1e Swmgrlerr Ken Klub Sandie Band IDA MILLER, JOYCE MILLER, ROBERT MILLS, JACKIE MITCHELL, DAVIE Ken Klub Allied Youtb VIC Club ROTC Lieutenant 'O' 2 Mi' , S Q 'ki +5331 we W iii sw uw W, ,KD .sf 'vw 1 -if 'f ? 5'15' 4 - Lil .W 'RIM-7. , I ps s Z , I , f f- ' .sy I5 . "WL - ' , 2 : " Eqvglj gaei ff A5545 SE 'Q ' f Efi ilii- ffl Aw J' SQL, 55,3 12219 . , QQ 5?.:fz1mQf 11 "S 1 , egglifd gg, , ,,,,Y, M ,,,, I ,. ,, I 2 X4 if di ag ww ii., I 2 J gi? is MITCHELL. EARNESTINE DE Club GORDON MOCK, BRYAN MOCK, CORNELIUS MOORE, EDDIE CARL MOORE, JEANINE MORELAND, JAMES ROTC Mawr Orchestra Sandie Manager 45 Boxing Allied Youll: Intramurals SENIORS fp ,QSM F 1... MORELAND, MADGE MORGAN, DUANE MORGAN, HELEN A Allied Youib Baxeball FHA N f '- .E fig -f 9, I - V2'Q:' sg' 5 MORRIS, JOAN MOSYLEY, BEN MOSELY, MARGARET MOTLEY, MAX Kid Day proved that we're Sandxtorm Staff Sanalze Manager DE Club Sandie Band really just kids at heart, MOUTOS, Gus MULHERIN, DARLENE MULKEY, JERREL ROTC Captain Allied Youib Sandie Football MULLINS, PRlsc1LLA MUNDELL, JOY Honor Society - 1 E - A - ,EE W ff- 'R . A o MUNN, NEILL MURPHY, CECIL MURRY, IDA Wrextling Choir MCCARTY, FRED Yannigan: MCCRARY, BOBBY MCELROY, -ww V -fzfxrfwf: W ' W' ' ' 0 'iiffff . W 'i an ,K W1 Sludent Council QF? + is if Je Y ,K 5 'bv- LBU 5 'LT' , ' in 4555 f Bw 2 M Q 1 , A ' Y, M 2 5,1 E fgffftk A A -Y . .us G, A L ' . ' . 1 F- "fi21H- A i Y, A 1 1 . fl 3525715 .. ..... .. M. ., gag L.,. - . , iw L gp f I ,fx fi g. f f " 3 ,32 - Q, dx A O' I Y S L K 5 1 : . - 'V K MCKEE, PAULYNE MCKINNEY, NELSON MCLAUGHLIN, LEOTA MGMEANS, BOBBY MCNEELY, ROBERT MCMENNAMY, G Allied Youll: 46 Boxing VIC Club VIC Club LEN SENIORS 57. "iff 'V' i' -1 K, ,. il I :Ta , '2 - :1'::,-22:22 They're with the Sandies - win or lose. MCSWAIN, SIDNEY DO D0 I- Q MCREYNOLDS, MCPHERSON, OLIVER MCPHERSON, SUE ROBERT D0 Square Dance MCWILLIAMS, TOM NEEL, HARRY Sandie Band NEELY, DAN ROTC Captain - ' I ' ' ' ,, -I I- . - ,f f2Ef,II,fE, If-:assi im ' I 'v 'f ffyiffzmflrs 7' ,hQ.'g':T5E.LZ."- .3 ' 2.2445 . ,g - I.: f- -I ' Rvzsxgiiilwxgifgfgq R5 gigs ,A,. , , E, ., I VA . M. i f ff , I' f?',,, 1, 51 f A' if , , ij ., g 235 , T 3, "3 , ,. L. A ,gf llm ., , ' '45 '5 'V 2 km , xii K 'li-if :-' : QQQE -' K. ' 45 I if ' - , ,XI 1, J Q' Q Q5 QQ ly R Y i I get R, 'HR 5 - I , II I . f' S 5 Q' 'LEE 2 f S L If A ,..., EM M iam, -L - 5 , ,. v vw. .E igs, 2, - ' , f L.: NEELY, JEFF NEsE, DONALD Sandie Bafketball Sandie Football NEUSCH, ZONA Serrelary Training Club ' fvvifsg' YW , -- fi I I 3 , ggg. , Q ,.v, , AWA , ze, xii' ' I' . gf' NUTT, DAMON ODELL, GARNER OGLESEY, DENA OLIVER, CARO Studenl Counril Bflikelbdll Choir D0 Queen LYN 3 -vzsfsggv NEWMAN, CHARLE Cheerleader mimi ix! -7 O'NEAL, DON Bel Canto Chorale ,.,, .,,. , ,mu I ff i!'1i!'ll Aol! ' 'WOW' Hmm, ,. . - - in W I., ,, I M . LIL., ,, ., .- Y, QW. I L2 s NICHOLS, GENE ORR, BILLY Bareball SARAI-I OSBURN, BOBBY OVERSTREET, BILL OWENS, SALLY PAGE, DORIS PALMER, LOUIE Flllllff Twflveff Tlaefpianf FFA 47 Y-Teen! Future Teacher: Bvxiflg I SEN IORS 4 5 Ll .57 Q 5 I: Ei - ' ci 2 I . -1 ,E , mei mx .Aw-212 I E,H,5y1 PARKER, CHARLES PASCHALL, JOYCE PATTERSON, EDWAR ROTC Lieul.-Col. Allied Youtb Hg PAVILLARD PATTERSON, MARTHA DAN BILL' PAYTON, ELLEN PERRY, MARLET1 Ready Wriierx . Allied Youth Sandie Band Honor Soczeiy PETTIT, JOANNE PHILLIPS, MARY PICKETT, BOBBY PITTMAN, STANLEY PoPE, ROTC S ponsor ROTC Drum Major FH A POND, DICK PoND, DoN POPE, LOIS ARLEEN POSEY, AUDREY POSEY, DORIS PRATT, RosE Sandylorm Bowling FHA Honor Society Allied Youth FHA PURSER, ,IERREL PUTNAM, CHARLES RAINES, BEVERLY RAINES, Bos RAMSEY, JERRY RAINES, ROTC Lieulenant ROTC S ponyor 48 Clyoir Prexidenz Studenl Council Sandie 11 fx SENICRS REEVES, Bos REICHERT FRED REYNOLDS, CAROLYN D0 Club Tennu Allied Youth '-2?-V ,Q ilfkg .X X55 ,E EE? .ELAN X' 4 N Q3 WEEE - ul? 1 f W L- 5,4233 1 iii E ' FE 1 , Sa E' fsfifzgi: S , L, ,ki .. .S , ,Q s K4 LS , -5? ii? ei tie, N3 mg' . ff ROBERTS, MARGARET ROBBINS, JOHNIE SADLER JIMMY SALMON, SHIRLEY SANDERS, E G SANFORD, DORSET SAUNDERS, JOE Allzed Youzb Allzed Yaufh 49 Sandze Foazbal! ROTC Preudenl Semor Clan SENIORS 4? g Magi SAVAGE, SCHMIDT, RUEUS SCHULTZ, FRED MARY KATHRYN Cheerleader SCOTT, EUGENIA SCOTT, TABOR SELIGMAN, GERALD SELLERS, VIRGINIA Debate Track R0 TC DE ,I .MR The Amarillo Market, Sandie hangout, is the scene of a shag line following a football game. SETTLE HAROLD SHACKELFORD, MAE ELLEN SHANE, SAN li 'Wa l DRA SHANNON, BARBARA SHANNON, JEANIE Ken Klub Y-Teens FHA Student Counril ig, t J .f .,,. K- , I .zi , -', 1 ,.., if . , ,Si L. A I A . K . X1 ii, hir, K Haig. 5 SHILE, SANDRA SIDES, MARTHA SIMMONS, DONNA SMITH, BARBARA SMITH, BILLY Future Teacher: Allied Youth Chair DE FFA SMITH CLAIRE SMITH, CLYLL SMITH, JERRY SNEED, THOMAS SOUTHWOOD, JOHN SPAIN, Preszdenl Sk: Club Prexidenl Intramurals ROTC Captain Bel Camo Chorale 50 SENIORS SPARKS, BILL STAMBAUGH, BILL STANLEY Boxing STARKS MELODY STIDHAM, WANDA STENSAAS, LARRY STOCKTON, Ken Klub STOUT IOANNE STOVALL, GENE STRAI TARKINGTON, SONDRA Offire lWo1'ker 1 . 9 I gt v if if if if 3 T, MARY KATHRYN Allied Youlb TAYLOR, MARION THOMAS, ALICE JEAN THOMAS, LEROY THOMAS, ROSE MARIE THOMPSON, JULIA THOMPSON, RICHARD THURMAN DOROTHY r Senzof Clair Honof Society 5' L05 Viaje,-01 Pfejjdem Ken Klub Alhed Youth xii SEN IORS TODD, NORMA JUNE TOMLINSON, TOMMY TUCKER, EDDIE, Bel Canto Chorale Yanniganf Sandie , Y - ' . -'- ' -M, A Q2 Q, vp ' xi E T URLEY, ROY LEE TURNER, BILL TURNER, NORMA TWADDELL, BOB VIC Cluh Track Allied Youth Bel Canto Chorale X f,V h A '- lll ii- Nfrif ,,'fS .:A. . Tl .. f' Lvf'-: ' L gig 3 b A L V X ,.w,E 1? M REERN A . 4 - ll'l - 'NX sf ai- Ce,' R ' E f AREE Rial 4 A A , TYLER, TOMMY T YREE, CARLA jo UNDERWOOD, VANDERMEY, DENA VANDERPOOL, VIRGINLI D0 Allied Youth MANUEL Loi Viajero: AHS Orrherlfa Aff. Vs is- , ff, E , ' if A VANNOSTRAND, MARY ANN VINYARD, GRETA WADSWORTH, GENE WALVOORD, JOANN WARDLE, ROWLAND WARREN, ARCHIE Allied Youlh DE Slide Rule Club Bel Canto Chorale Lo.r Viajerox ,V -6, mf- .. . T. . , E,q,,,,,s-g sl ie Q, 35 Y , f 5 Iil V K 55? is f e if ,it v 5 ifff 245 if Lf 4 fi WATSON, BETTY WATSON, YVONNE WEATHERLY, ANN WEBSTER, WILMA WEEMS, G. W. WEKSLER, Lois ANN Bowling Cluh Allied Youlh 52 Square Dante Cluh Honor Soriety 4 4' R Q 1 L 4 411, + Y W JY R2 mv SEN IORS ff? Av Q , AS f I ,. TSR, ' 2 WEST, DAVID WESTERFIELD, PATSY Boxing DE ' 1 R, I I WHITE, ADA WI-IITE, DON WHITE, EARLINE Allied Youth Secretary Y-Teeny . ' ' zusq. I 1, Q-if I ' 7535 ' I ' 'Qf,fgR:'.., Ese' ' , K f ,- Ei fl-12f'i,p . ' ,.., , ,. WHITE, JERRY WI-IITE, jo ANN WICKER, ROBERT WILKINSON, BARBARA WILKINSON, BILL Bel Canto Chorale FHA Student Council I If , ,.., ,,, .. Y. E-f Rv J.. '. A ' if ,SER il? I AE, A 15 IIIAA , X ., V 'So ,171 Wg? a 5' T' R-. CARLDENE WILLIAMS, GLENN WILLIAMS, RAYMOND WILLIAMS, RUBY WILLIAMSON, JANELLE WILLIS, Ken Klub Sandie Football Co-Captain Sdfldie Bfwd Buxiness Manager Sandstorrrl BETTE asus . gi, 1. W. Q , sf. Q, Li, CIIARLENE WILSON, BOBBY WILSON, CAROLE WILSON, EDWARD WILSON, MORGAN WINTER, BILL Band Queen Honor Society 53 ROTC Honor Society SEN ICRS WISEBROD, TOMMY ' WITHERS, JOHN WITT, D'AUN WOLFLIN, Barkelbull Square Dance Club Allied Youtb i. WOODALL OLETA WOODSON, BARBARA WOOTEN, JACKIE WRIGHT, MARY JIM WYNN, LOUISE YOUNG, BARNE Honor Society Wrexlling Secretary Training Club Secretary Training Club Honor Soriety SENIORS NOT PICTURED BELL,-IOHN CALVIN ELLIOT, CARL HILL, HERBERT OWENS, JOHN We seniors are about to leave the halls of Amarillo High School, but before we do, let us cast a backward glance over the last three years. In 1948-49, we entered AHS as sophomores. We were awed and proud of our beautiful building and our wonderful faculty. Harold Swindell proved him- self very capable as president with able assistance from Nita Johnson, vice-president, and Kathryn Bow- lin, secretary. We were proud to be a part of the school whose football team went to the state finals. When the last of May came, we proudly took our place in Amarillo High as juniors. E. G. Sanders, Ray Bingham, and Melody Starks led us as president, vice-president, and secretary, respectively. Finally came that wonderful day when we were upperclassmen. Yes, now we are seniors. Although we have long awaited this time, the pleasure is marred by the thought of leaving school. We laugh and say we are glad, but somehow our laughter does not ring true. Even though we are a little sad we are still upholding the dignity of our wonderful class. We elected class officers who we thought were capable of directing the senior activities, and when commence- ment comes, we want to be able to walk with pride from the school for the last time as a part of it. We will be back as years go by, to see teachers, friends, and the familiar halls, but it will never be the same. Take heed, sophomores and juniors, get the most out of Amarillo High School that you can, because you will not have many better times than you have here. Seniors, may your diploma help you gain success in every way. May you fulfill your high ideals without a doubt. May your friendships multiply daily for your happiness. Keep up your courage, never shirk or quit for you get from life only what you put into it. ..4w"'4"' D' 5...-w""' 2 ,M-uf" ' WY ,A ff' Pk In Memoriam NORMAN LEE SHROFF 1933-1950 SAMUEL OTIS CARVER 1933-1950 M' :J ' X X ,'ll, 5, , ff fly!-4? fQ5??fQ7 I - X , If in ' fff " 2 - -i- X X?iQ f' E We ' V '23-J-.'-f I , . f . ' p. , , I f' , II ' , ' -'fp ' ' V '. l K QQ ff' W "" df, " I ,' ,H nl l x. I 1 1 In -'-'.'.'.' I rn 'ff T I, , n ,-. :I lf! , I 1 ,lf , ' If , I v . V ' ' 17 "' ' 1' H 07' Z ff I ' r . 416 56 txlffi , av - Q1 .V C C Q Q X , X Q 2 5 " -A ....,. , X J I is 1 ffl 1 5 2 :R lf , I f V R 1-:Fi .--- A fx , K7 C r- N N .L RQ 'N..wff5s.,1i'1. wi. ., Y, ,x ,I . J -'M M- in iw w'!"11f?-..f'3ff-L2 p - . fl 4 gh as 9 I w.,n.,,k4.f'e 'Nf- 1-'ig i ...,,4S:,f" Q L my 5 QF: . MJ ,,.1,,,w 'I . Aw M '3 -,H I ""x! Gy, H.. iv L. -V, Q -.ff .., Lgiij I E, -L . L X155 L-ff H, .fl ff!! Y :nf L' , -.1 , 'f M QW -r4.,fid?Q n L. -X - ff? 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B+. f x Adams, Billy Adkins, Allan Albright, Jimmy Alexander, Delvin Alexander, Jimmy Allen, Bobby Allison, Harry Allton, Ronnie Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Kay Andrews, Raymond Atkinson, Jimmie Dell Aulbach, George Bailey, Alma Dell Bains, Juaree Baker, Delores Baker, Gordon Ballard, Billy Joe Banes, Jim Bob Barber, Joyce Barker, Bill Barnes, Jerry Bartlett, Barbara Bateman, Faye Bates, Eddie Bechtol, Benny Beeman, Rob Roy Bell, Bill Bell, Derrell Bell, Dick Benham, Joe Bennett, Raymond Bennett, Ted Bentley, Deward Berg, Bob Bichsel, Marvin Bieganowski, Betty Bills, Jimmie Bitting, John Blackburn, Gae Blackwell, Gene Blair, Betty Blaisdell, Bobbie Blakeway, juannella Blanton, Marjorie Blasingame, Delores Blassingame, Lawrence Bledsoe, Rex Bliss, Carol Boehning, Carl Boles, Travis Boren, Margaret Boss, Marva Box, Kenneth Boxwell, Beverly Boyd, Francis Boyd, Tom Boyd, Wynonah Boynton, Eddie ' Bradford, Delores Bradley, Sue Bralley, Peggy Bramlet, Kenneth Brannan, Coy 'EW . f-1 'fi 1 fi ., ff s Q 9 -- 4 rw mn, 1 5,:fi:ff-.,,2z- ,. 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V , y ' , , -,,, .fx I Chadick, Brooke Chambers, Florence Chandler, Jerry Chapman, Kenda Chilton, Leland Christian, Alma Christie, Cloydell Churchill, Sally Clack, Malcolm Clark, james Cleek, Carol Clement, DeWayne Clement, johnny Clement, Jorene Clements, james Clifford, Bill Clift, Earl Cloud, Billie Reece Cochran, Joyce Cockrell, Bob Coffee, Nancye Cole, Denise Coles, jim Colgate, Sammy -5 an Caldwell, Nancy Campbell, Winton Campsey, Edwin Campsey, Jimmy Capwell, Carlyen Carlile, jimmy Carlile, Mary Ann Caron, Rose Marie Carroll, George Carroll, Joyce Carter, Beverly Carter, Charles Carter, Don Carter, Maynie Carter, Patricia Carter, William Carthel, Marie Carver, Jimmy Casey, Norma jean Castleberry, Bobbie Castleberry, Phillip Cates, Janis Cavencler, Yvonne Cearley, Imogene a 2 11- 'ff ?ii3?f5,fSz,-sax-K A tsE'55f5' 2 v :E-.: L, ,.,, rxly . fx A , V fare? - , p 6,1 as Q B f ' E l ii! 'Qi C 5 , I :Qw,f'5i,rt.' if i C' A 5 X. 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Cook, Richard Cooke, William Cooley, Betty Cooper, Anita Cooper, Donald Conant, Donnie Conner, Mary Conrad, Wayne Cormack, Billy Cornelius, Carroll Cornelius, Kenneth Covey, Robert Cox, Darlyne Cox, Hugh Crabtree, Glenda Cretsinger, Betty JO Crofford, Billie Jean Cronister, Jerry Crumpacker, jo Ann 1 y Cunningham, Bobby gg, A , X Cunningham, Jimmie ,L W, r Currie, Betty r 4 ' , Curry, Derrell Curtis, Steve Daily, Martha ,SQ-3' , K tra ,rny C DMMHMW fuer 'fe Stairs fwwiw Dalton, Nick V lm Q Daly, Joe f"" 'E Y 1, ' 1' Qi' 'f DHmPf,Bever1Y S . - i1'1,, i, 5'-1 ' P 52 .,fr M, ' , "" M ilfi M' T it Daniel, BIUYC fi Ei'f"' L' f i 1 ' H A S S Daniel, Johnny it ' I X A in B Q' X a 'TT ' l B , r , Daniel, Katherine Davis, Bob Davis, Jimmy Davis, Joyce Davis, Lavona Davis, Melba Ann Davis, Stan Deal, Elise Dean, James Denton, Eloise DePauw, Byron Dine, Scott 915 XfW5ff'Egf"?'V"'l2?3'345?'EYiEi1QiF5f?i??5i75fii ' a, - "rE5255f7gf'Qfi5f? 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M ' - 5 rzir I- i Walker, Priscilla ' f - is , 'it Walker, Raymalee 9' Walker, Robert Walker, Lawrence Walvoord, johnny Watkins, Nan Way, james Joe Weatherman, Tony Weaver, Bruce Webb, Carol Webb, Charles Welborn, Leroy Welch, Helen Ruth Welch, Kenneth Wells, Jane Wesberry, Yvonne Wesley, Larois West, Billy West, Jackie West, Peggy Wharton, Wanda Westerfielcl, Stanley Wheeler, john Wheeler, Phil Whisenand, Ray Whisenant, Mary Ann , "W 9 V A 'm 5 ,X fi ,Q 1, it . 1 ' K if . at Y f ,-1 'fl ' Ex - P f if , wa K- 1. . 1 . ,Q ,. if 2' , f f t W ffff . fre, '3 5 L ' . . ' , ilsififff I ' .H 'L 5 " I 1 , 5 -W 'iz ' V' 5 " ' ' , , 3 sf? E1 as 3, , 5 , , . H ' N' ' ' ei ' -' - .bak im - ff ,' 5 e 'ef lf- if 2 A w--, 'fi w f . ,, K - " Qt, Q, ,- , PQ X I A Q 91 if 3 N for ' il y Whisler, Belva White, Bobby Joe Whitehead, Jimmy Whiteley, Wayne Whitney, Leon Whittington, Jim Wilhite, Roy Wilkinson, Bill Williams, Barney Williams, Carolyn Williams, Donna Rae Williams, Leota Williams, Melba Willis, Patricia Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Jessie Winter, Keith Witt, Karletta Kay Wohlford, Ed-Dell Wohlford, jack Wood, Barbara Wood, jan Woolsey, Darwyn Womack, Roger Adkins, Jim Allen, Robert Arber, Katherine Barron, Mary Lee Bishop, Pat Broom, Jack Chillders, Jeanne Christie, Howell Clark, Ellen Ruth Cunningham, Jimmy Duke, Betty Lee Garya, Mary Lou Glidewell, Norma Griffin, Jim Hamby, Joe Harris, Robert Louis Hicks, Bob Stanley Holman, Elzie Maurice SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Jackson, Kathryn Jezek, Dorothy Ann Johnson, Carolyn Phillip Jones, Wanda Kemp, Jim Don Koen, Nathana Beth Lively, Sue Lowery, Donald Lynn Lundegreen, Ida Fern Montgomery, Jeanette Moore, Bonnie Jean McCartney, Celia Oglesby, Barbara Parmelee, John Patterson, Jimmie Juanita Pittman, Ann Wrather, Janene Wright, Jean Wright, Melvin Wright, Ora Yates, Roger Yeager, Bob Yeager, Glenn Zachert, Leroy Zweig, Theodocia ea sw-Iff Qffiffi -,v i if -: 5 ' L 'l'e" . ,,. I ,,,,,g A Reed, Joan Riggins, Jack Ross, Roberta Christine Roop, Herman Shahan, Barbara Ann Simmons, Charles Edward Smith, Vivian Smithe, Shirley- Stephens, Carl Mac Taylor, Anne Travis, Dan Sylvia Turner, Bill Wade, Virginia West, Patsy Whitecotton, Helene Joyce Wood, Barbara lubs ,ff lk f X , , .ls L M jg 4 wx p 'I X X 4.P - A N X + Lffffvf-N LNXLQVL f ,M g F X X E 3351 'f f f 5 f "'11 , if KT, 7 , , 1, "W Y..- xk-u x,a?,.fs- :Wx - -Y x n..- 9.2 - A -hr'x.4-".r- ,,--J , Q.. Y--f --'us v 6 'x si! R 1 i Ng - .' ' fe ' W? y A we-fur' fi l Lv.. L,,.....-WW' 2 w I' Q90 , Officers of the Student Council are, from left to right: Patsy Stanley, secretary, John Isaacs, vice- presidentg Jere Davidson, corresponding secretary, Jerry Ramsey, president, Alice Irelan, treasurer, and Richard Thompson, parliamentarian. Mrs. W. B. Burkhalter is sponsor. The Student Council is a service organization and a representative body of the students. It helps enforce the Honor System and enters into school life by sponsoring numerous school events. 96 STUDE T COUNCIL First row, left to right: Mary Lou Ivy, Nita Steed, Janene Wrather, Jane Neely, Gwen Selecman, Carol Cleek, Margaret Jordan. Second row: Jimmie Painter, Damon Nutt, Jeanie Shannon, Elaine Ross. Jo Ann Allen, Margaret Roberts, Grady Ann Donnell, Darlene Mulherin, Patricia Reeder. Third row: Betty Chambers, Maralyn Budke, Wanda Lee Long, Carol Hamilton, Juana Ree Owens, Sally Wright, Nancy Adams, Sheila Starks. Fourth row: Teddy Reyman, Bill Fitch, Steve Curtis, Jerry Hibbs, Jean Moore, Jere Davidson, Darlene Wakefield, Prudence Brown, Mary Lou Ely, Sue Beery, Marianna Gross, Gae Blackburn, Sara Kelly, Mrs. Burkhalter. Fifth row: Gordon Baker, Patsy Stanley, David O'Keefe, Pat Davis, Shirley Herrington, Patsy Quinn, Faye Bateman. Sixth row: Bobby Hibbs, Ted Singleton, Bill McCrary, Neal Col- lins, Dale Fowlkes, Nita Johnson, Nancy Gangwere, Sue Bradley, Edward Butterfield, Cynthia Glasgow, Alice Irelan, Kent Gath- right, Tommy Turner. Seventh row: Jerry Ramsey, Gordon Todd, Doc Williams, Stanley Pittman, Ulrich Hungsburg, Joe Saunders, Carole Grupe, Bill Wilkinson, Lera Hudson, Billy Mobley, Yvonne Cavender, Bill Cook, Mike Flynn, Wendell Judd, Jean Duvall, Ronnie Hillier, Richard Thompson, Bobby Martin, Barney Young, John Jenkins, Kenneth Johnston. STEERING CGM ITTEE The Steering Committee is the directing body of the Honor System. It is composed of representative members of the faculty and student body. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Nelle Alexander, jerry Hibbs, Mrs. Hazel Davis, Sara Kelly, Gae Blackburn, Prudence Brown, Mrs. VU, B. Burkhalter, jerry Ramsey. Mrs. Lela Crossett. Standing, left to right: Lera Hudson, Miss jane Williams, Patsy Stanley, Gordon Todd, Marianna Gross, Darlene Wakefield, john Isaacs, Steve Curtis, Richard Thompson, Gwen Selecman, Bobby Hibbs, Carole Grupe. The chairman is Bobby Hibbs, and Carole Grupe is secre- tary. Taking part in a clean-up campaign promoted by the Steering Committee are Sue Bradley, Elise Deal and Carol Hamilton. 97 The purpose of Allied Youth is to present the scientific truths about alcohol and to interpret these truths in the light of their social and eco- nomic importance. Besides proving to the youth that there is a full and enjoyable alcohol-free way of life, A.Y. provides fun for its members through regular meeting and socials. The Amarillo post with more than four hundred members holds the record of being the largest in the United States, Officers of the club are, from left to right: jerry Ramsey, presidentg Carole Grupe, sec- retaryg Toby Wise, treasurerg and Bobby Hibbs, vice president. ALLIED YOUTH "Going-going-gone." Stanley Pittman and Bobby Hibbs auction off one of the cakes at the A.Y. cake auction which raised money that helped send jerry Ramsey to the Annual Planning Conference at Buck Hill Falls and the Mid-Century White House Youth Conference. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club was organized just this year. Besides holding discussions, seeing films, and having socials, the club has taken field trips to such places as Lane Ice Cream Company, Helium Plant, and Mann Bakery. The officers, looking at some scientific equipment, are, from left to right: Barney Young, vice president, Emily jo Schwaller, social secretaryg Carole Mims, secretary, Gwen Selecrnari, treasurerg and Bob Foster, president. Mr. Herman Swettman sponsors the club. SKI CLUB The Ski Club, sponsored by Miss Laura Roberts, was another AHS newcomer this year. The members, who are ski enthusiasts, meet twice a month to discuss skiing and its problems. In January a group of them took a skiing trip to Santa Fe. Planning another skiing trip are the offi- cers of the club: Nita johnson, treasurer, Claire Smith, presidentg Gretchen Wolflin, corresponding secretaryg Gayle Linkenho- ger, vice president, and Tabor Scott, re- cording secretary. Sponsor is Miss Carmen Ulm. FUT RE TEACHER OF AMERICA First row, left to right: Ann Harrison, Sue Britt, Emily Jo Schwaller, Carole Mims, Beverly Boxwell, Gwen Selecman, Marian Taylor, Patsy Gristy, Ann Ousley, Betty Elliott, Elaine Ross, Gail Stephen- son, Mary Jeanne Gray, Jonita Redman, Nita Steed, Belva Whistler, Miss Ulm. Second row: Juana Ree Owens, Sally Bivins, Carole Hamilton, LaWanda Hatcher, Lucy Amerson, Johnnie McKinney, Charlotte Ferguson, Sue Cearley, Leroy Welborn, Linda Lewis, Jan Rogers, Pat Starr. James Webster, Joan Provus, Denise Cole, Alice Thomas. Third row: Sally Churchill, Carol Ann Kellogg, Jackie Baker, Joan Brooks, Doris Gail Beverley, Beverly Robinson, Joanne Stout, Priscilla Mullins, Shirley Feierabend, Patti Puckett, Lattice Kiker, Joyce Rapp, Mary Ann Gahn, Joyce Miller, Jean Thomas. Fourth row: Elise Deal, Shirley Vetesk, Alice Klein, Nanne O'Keefe, Peggy Hill, Theodocia Zweig, Nancye Coffee, Diane Thomas, Shirley Daniels, Charlotte Halley, Paula Hess, Marva Boss, Shirley Brown, Joyce Prestridge. Fifth row: Sue Sharp, Gae Blackburn, Sheila Starks, Sara Kelly, Linette Smith, Arlie Brown, Ruth Kennedy, Billy Cormack, Donna Hunt, Iva Pearl Mathes, Maurice McNeil, Toby Dowell, David Ramzel, Douglas Chambers, Bill Winter. 'W A' i' fi? L" WW' Composed of students interested in teaching as a career, the Future Teachers' Club helps them develop s t u d e n t leadership and become acquainted with their chosen profession Standing around the Christmas tree that the Future Teachers' Club sponsored are the club officers. Left to right are: Billy Cormack treas urer, Shirley Feierabend, vice-president Bill Winter, president, Gae Blackburn reporter Mary Ann Rhoton, parliamentarian Sheila Starks, secretary, and Alice Thomas, historian Doing a Grand March are the members of the Square Dance Club. It looks like they are having fun, doesn't it? SQUARE DANCE CLUB The officers of the club are, from left to right: Velma Walls, secretaryg Geraldine Patterson, vice-presidentg jim Evans, presidentg Jane Schramm, reporterg and Ethel Sue Garner, treasurer. Executing one of the formations in the dance The Texas Star, are, from left to right: Bar bara Bumpus, jerry Basden, Terry Phillips Barbara Bruner, jimmy Carver, Louise Rodgers Bobby jack Hodnett, and Ladon Graham. F TURB HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Approximately three hundred students are members of the AHS chapter of Future Homemakers of America. These girls and boys, all homemaking students, have many projects including the presentation of a United Nations' flag to AHS. Officers of the Council are: Wanda Hinson, presi- dent, Nita Howard, vice-president, Jessie Parker, secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Higinbotham, parliamen- tarian, and Shirley Kline, historian. Sponsors of the club are Mrs. Lola Pevehouse, Miss Francis Annis, and Mrs. Sue Jennings. Pictured are the members of the FHA council, a representative body of all homemaking classes. First row, left to right: Shirley Kline, Lloyd Dean Byars, Nita Howard. Second row, left to right: Mary Ann Rhoton, Pauline Huff, Birdie Jean Turner, Sara Jean Shuffler, Melody Starks, Marjorie Brown. Third row, left. to right: Evelyn Loveless, Jessie Parker, Wanda Wharton, Arliss Long, Martha McCracken, Wanda Hinson, Carolyn Higinbotham, Ann Russell, Patty Gilbreath, Dick Guyer, Archie Warren. estlt TQ f. - .cg K ne. , ,Z X . .sa f FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The members of the AHS chapter of FFA are students studying vocational agriculture. These boys enter various judging contests and take field trips. The sweetheart of the club is Theodocia Zweig. Officers of the club are: Kenneth Casey, president, Donald Kimball, first vice-president, Terry Phillips, second vice-president, Chan Foster, secretary, B. J. Bohn, treasurer, jimmy Campsey, reporter, Billy Smith, parliamentariang Bill Ivy, sentinel, and Mr. R. H. Davis, sponsor. First row, left to right: Billy Smith, Bill Ivy, B. J. Bohn, Kenneth Casey, Donald Kimball, Chan Foster, 1. H. Leclbetter, Fredrick Keeter. Second row, left to right: Raymond Bohn, Harold Lanier, jim Evans, Leon Evans, Terry Phillips, joe Bryant, Joe Hamby, Bill Overstreet. Third row, left to right: Ray Milhoan, George LeGrand, Billy Evans, Dale Smith, David Sample, Talmadge Woodard, Robert Harris, Mr. Davis. Fourth row, left to right: Robert Parsons, Glenn McMinn, Max jolly, Tom Boyd, jerry Basden, jim Baird, Theodore Burk. Fifth row, left to right: Clois Kemper, Harley Kern, Robert Baird, Ronnie Hanna, Clifford Griffin, Bob Byrd. DI ERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLUB Officers of the clubs are, from left to right: james Garrison, vice-president and Glenn McMennamy, presidentg Verle Reynolds, vice-president and jimmy Carver, president. Pictured are Tom McWilliams, an auto specialist, and Mr. M. Z. Wilson, his employer. D. O. is a program in AHS through which students gain in- struction in various specific vo- cational fields and further train- ing and experience while actually on the job. Mr. Oliver Diggs and Mr. Johnnie Whiteley spon- sor the clubs. Davie Mitchell, dental laboratory technician, is working on some dentures while Mr. jack Vernon, his employer, supervises his work. Glenn McMennamy is an elec- trical wireman working at the Albert Lard Electrical Company. Arrayed in spring attire is Flora Gilbert, one of the models for the style show sponsored by the D. E. clubs for raising money to send six delegates to the state- wide conference in Houston. "May I help you?" asks Irene Hawley of Eddie Moore as Mr. Cannon watches approvingly. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATIO CLUB Officers are, from left to righti Hollis johnson, secretary- treasurerg Odell McClenny, vice-presidentg Donald Heard, president. " " 'W ' -"'-e ' " L'rvesereYeWm' Leota McLaughlin and David Knox decorate the show win- dow for Easter while Mr. Can- non watches. Through D. E., interested stu- dents learn about a career in salesmanship and about the out- standing qualities of a good sales- man while experience and train- ing are furnished on the job. Mr. R. T. Adams and Mr. Ray Cannon sponsor the club. 5 I05 . E The VIC Club includes boys enrolled in the me The club aims to promote better relations between the student and his future boss, and to encourage higher quality of work Mr. Archie Pool sponsors the club and B. J. Bohn is president DUSTRIAL CLUB 3 AL I 'd is vice-pre'si- VOCATIO First row, left to right: Gordon Tryon, Bill Ellis, Cecil johnson, Charles Cover. Second row: Wilburn Dodson, james Downey, Charles Stafford, Phillip Noland, joe Parish. Third row: Robert Miller, Gene Betty, john Fowler, Truman Florence, Kenneth Striley. t Buckley, Carl Gerbach, Tom King, Gene bert Bryant, B. J. Bohn. Fourth row: Forres Groves, Harold Lanier, Bud Kemper, Ro Gerald Rei dent and Nelson McKin- ney is secretary of the . morning class. Thomas King and Robert 1 Bryant are respectively vice-president and secre- tary of the afternoon class. Bobby Burns, Claudell First row, left to right: Wright, Herman Roop, joe Snead. Second row: johnny Daniels, Billy West, Leroy Zochert, Bobby Pickett, Mr. Pool. Third row: Gerald Reid, Thomas King, John Con- nie Baggett. Herbert Hill, 'Roy Lee k ner, Ron : Max Davidson, Allen, Staley Hac - Fourth row Turley, Cecil Murphy, Durward ley, B. F. Smith, James Gray, Jimmy Alexander. SE Officers of the club are: Rosemary Deering, presi dent' Erma M' CRETARIAL TRAINI NG CLUB gy The members of the club, comme - l l 'th ' t ' , llhoanj Vice, E11 various Y president, Gwendal Rob- erts, secretary. The spon- sor is Miss V elma Shows rcial students, assist teachers pes of clerical work and gain experience which elps them understand business relations more thoroughly. Mem bership is open to all girls who have had typing and h Left to right: Pat Gilbre Louise W ath, Rose Marie Thomas, ynn, jo Helen Henclley, Carlclene Williams, Barbara Liarsh, June Vfesley, Erma Milhoan, Miss Velma Shows, Gwendal Roberts, Rosemar ' y Deering. Left . a Bentley Odes Juanita Aboytes to right' Lon , sa Huckabey, Mary Jim Wright, , Ann Ringley, Betty jean Kersten, Zona Neusch, Joann Walvoord, Sally Owens, Lois Arleen Pope. l07 s orthand NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLAR HIP SOCIETY This is an organization for high scholastic athletes who qualify in the field of sports. The members must be eligible to receive a major letter in some major sport and must have an eighty-five average or higher. Mr. Howard L. Lynch sponsors the organization. First row, left to right: jimmy Baker, Toby Wise, Edward Jackson, Charles Cox, Tommy Donnell, E. G. Sanders. Second row, left to right: Darrell Bains, Stanley Bull, Hugh Cox, Richard Stockton, Bobby Hibbs, Raymond Bennett. Third row, left to right: Harold Swindell, Gus Moutos, jerry Ramsey, Bob Byrd, Bill Winter, john Isaacs. Not pictured: Ray Bingham and Dan Loving. PL TFORM CLUB The Platform Club is an honor- ary organization with national affiliation for juniors and seniors who are interested in forensics work. Elected officers of the club were: Barney Young, presidentg Richard Thompson, vice president, Eugenia Scott, secretary-treasurer, and Mike Flynn, assistant secretary-treasurer. Miss jessie Mercer is the sponsor of the club. Back row, left to right: Nancy Boyles, Mina Nell Fields, Marianna Gross, Mary Lee Green, Carol Kellogg. Second row: Nelda Harris, Marlene Haynie, Mary Ann Dysart, Elayne Steele, Estelle Summers. Third row: Lawrence Griffith, La juanna Krizan, Madolene Stone, Kenneth Gatten, John Ed Ekelund, Bill Allen. Back row, left to right: Mike Flynn, Richard Thompson, Bill McCrary, john jenkins, Allan Front row: Nancy Bursey, Gloria Letcher, Dorothy Burnett, Shirley Feierabend, Gail Loessner AEL CL B The Gavel Club is a speech or- ganization for all sophomores who are taking speech. The officers of the club are: Carol Kellogg, presidentg Mary Lee Green, vice president, and Marianna Gross, secretary. Miss Jessie Mercer spon- sors the club. I09 ATIO AL HO GR SOCIETY First row, left to right: Miss Russell, Sally Bivins, Bette Marsh, Roberta Wheeler, Jo Anne Chap- man, Nancy Bursey, Matha Hopkins, Audrey Posey, Jo Ann Allen, Bobby Hibbs, F. T. Crews, Miss Donnell, Second row: Jerry Ramsey, Alice Irelan, Shirley Daniel, Lois Ann Weksler, Dorothy Burnett, Sue Allston, Marian Jackson. Third row: Barney Young, Shirley Feierabend, Bob Branson, Shirley Campbell, Carol Boggs, Myra Harvey, Nita Johnson. Fourth row: Juanita Aboytes, Alice Thomas, Rose Marie Thomas, Charlene Willoughby, Arlee Brown, Betty Lindsey, Dan Bill Pavillard. Fifth row: Wendell Judd, Richard Thompson, Gena Devin, Kay Adams, Eugenia Scott, Ara Cox, John Isaacs. The members of the National Honor Society, who are nominated by the faculty and elected by a faculty council, sponsor weekly offerings for variousrworthy causes. They always strive to uphold character, leadership, service, and scholarship in all that they do. Sponsors for the organization are Miss Louise Russell and Miss Marie Donnell. Officers of last semester are John Isaacs, presi- dent, Jerry Ramsey, vice president, Charlene Willoughby, secretary, and Bobby Hibbs, treasurer. This semester's officers are: F. T. Crews, president, Wendell Judd, vice president, Sue Allston, secretary, and Kay Adams, treasurer. KE KLUB NEW MEMBERS-Seniors: Jo Benesch, Sally Bivins, Billie Blaisdell, Betty Chambers, Robert Foster, Novelle Johnson, Wendell Judd, Bobbie Jewel Lewis, Patty Lynes, Betty Ann Marsh, Sarah Osborn, Joyce Paschall, Dan Bill Pavillard, Gwendal Roberts, Sandra Shile, Rose Marie Thomas. Juniors: Billy Adams, Jimmy Albright, Faye Bateman, Marjorie Blanton, Travis Boles, Sue Bradley, Barbara Bumpus, Kenda Chapman, Sally Churchill, James Collier, Glynanna Doche, Mary Lou Ely, Florence Fong, Mary Ann Gahn, Nancy Gangwere, Ladon Graham, Ronnie Hanna, Ann Harrison, Laurie Ellen Hasley, Carter Karr, Sara Kelly, Gloria Letcher, Dorothy Ann Meyers, Robert Parks, Mary Ann Rhoton, Reid Roberts, Martha Schultz, Clarice Tate, Sally Tull, Velma Walls, Jimmy Wine. Sophomores: Gayle Austin, Rex Baxter, Doris Beverley, Nadine Brown, Maralyn Budke, Pat Bush, Ida Lou Camp- sey, Eugene Cavender, Warren Chapman, James Christo- The Ken Klub is an honorary organiza- tion in which membership is based on scholarship and citizenship. The mem- bers, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, must have at least a ninety average and must be good citizens of AHS. Pictured are the leaders of the club: Mrs. C. C. Walden, sponsor, Bill LaShier, vice president, Carole Wilson, secretary, Richard Thompson, president, Miss Ruth Ann Tolbert, sponsor. OLD MEMBERS-Seniors: Kay Adams, Jo Ann Allen, Neal Allen, Carol Boggs, Bob Branson, Arlee Brown, Alison Bruner, Dorothy Burnett, Nancy Bursey, Anna Nell Butler, Sue Cearley, Jo Ann Chapman, Ara Cox, F. T. Crews, Shirley Daniel, Gena Devin, Myra Harvey, Shirley Feierabend, Bobby Hibbs, Matha Hopkins, Alice Irelan, John Isaacs, Marian Jackson, Latrice Kiker, Bill LaShier, Betty Lindsey, Erma Milhoan, Priscilla Mullins, Audrey Posey, Jerry Ramsey, Eugenia Scott, Mae Ellen Shackelford, Jeanie Shannon, Alice Thomas, Richard Thompson, Lois Ann Weksler, Carldene Williams, Carole Wilson, Bill Winter, Barney Young. pher, Fern Crerar, Harold L. Daniel, Tommy Darnell, Joan Dudley, Toby Druin, John Ed Ekelund, Elaine Faulkner, Mina Nell Fields, Louie Flores, Hugh Dale Fowlkes, Emily Fox, Paul Garner, Kenneth Gatten, Bar- bara Gillespie, Bobby Greer, Lawrence Griffith, Marianna Gross, Beverly Hannum, Marlene Haynie, Marcia Hoare, Lenore Howell, Lela Hudson, Lera Hudson, Roberta Hunnicutt, Joan Irwin, Thomas Jackson, Stewart Johnson, Duane Jones, Mildred Jordan, Barbara Kent, Inavee King, LaJuanna Krizan, Bob Loughlin, David Lawrence, Gail Logue, Evelyn Loveless, H. L. Mann, Donald Mathis, Thelma Mauldin, Marilyn Miller, Bill Mobley, Dorothy Morris, Sylvia Mote, Ben Neely, Shirley Ann Nelson, Barbara Nix, Gay Ridings, Beverly Robertson, Gail Robin- son, Jan Rogers, James Ryan, Terry Savage, Glennda Scott, Dorothy Sluder, Carolyn Smith, Sally Sparks, Patricia Ann Starr, Nita Steed, Elayne Steele, Madolene Stone, Pat Stooksberry, Mary Lynn Sullivan, Nelda Tomberlin, Pat Tucker, Gerald Vinez, Ronnie Walcher, Bruce Weaver, Mary Ann Whisenant. Juniors: Allan Adkins, Patricia Carter, Yvonne Cavender, Nancye Coffee, Billye Daniel, Elise Deal, Jean Duvall, Betty Elliott, Ed Goddard, John Gordon, Margie Greer, Patsy Gristy, Carole Grupe, Carol Hamilton, Shirley Her- rington, John Jenkins, Kenneth Johnston, Sue Keffer, Bonnie McNutt, Jim Metcalf, Ted Nicklaus, Nancy Rush, Henry Saxe, Jim Settles, Ted Stewart, Diane Thomas, Gloria Weilenman, Alice Whitfield. THESPIANS First row, left to right: Nancy Bursey, Martha Patterson, Ann Harrison, Marian Taylor, Jimmie Mae Pace. Second row: Nancy Coffee, Sherwin Nance. Jurhee Speer, Wiindri Gassaway, Martha Ann Wilson, Priscilla Mullins. Third row: Eddie Tucker. Don O'Neal, Nancy Jeffrey, Sue Cearley, Dorothy Burnett, Judy Boozer. Fourth row: Stanley Pittman, Travis Boles, Weldon Irion, Dale Albright, Bette I-Iickerson, Mike Flynn, Sammy Colgate, Shirley Feierabend. Mrs. Whitxxfcirth. Fifth row: Bobby Osburn, Alvin Hicks. Norman Eubanks, Ted Nicklaus, Bob Davis, Bill McCrary, Ernie Foster, Jimmie Painter, Joe Benhairi. Thespians is 3. ClI'3.1TlE1flC l'1OUOr society fOr high Officers of the club are: Stanley Pittman, president School' It is Organized for the Purpose of Alvin Hicks, vice presidentg Dorothy Burnett. secre ' taryg and Shirley Feierabend, treasurer. Mrs. N. N Whitwortlm sponsors the club. developing a spirit of adtive interest in dra- matics. ILL D SCROLL First row, left to right: Joyce Carroll, Judy Boozer, Priscilla Mullins, Carolyn Higinbotham. Second row: Jean Duvall, Bonnie McNutt, Sue Cearley, Jo Ann Allen. Third row: Joe Benham, Carol Bliss, Ara Cox, Audrey Posey, F. T. Crews. Quill and SCr0ll is an international honorary Officers of 'the clul? are: Judy Boozer, presidentg journalism organization. Members must be in Aga COPE, jifecpresxdegutg Janel1eNW1l11gmson, sec- - . re aryg . . rews, reasurerg ancy ursey, re- the upper thlfd of their dass and have done porterg and Sue Cearley, parliamentarian. Miss Ellie outstanding work in publications. Whitmore is Sponsor of the Club. a,- Standing, left to right: jean Stodghill, Sue Cearley, Robyn Louise Town, Martha Patterson, Margaret Boren, Matha Hopkins. Seated is Miss Crawford. The Ready Writers' Club is interested in writing different types of literature for their own benefit and for contest purposes. Miss Irene Crawford sponsors the club. Matha Hopkins is the president and Judy Boozer is secretary. READY WRITERS' CLUB The Bowling Clubs give AHS enthusiasts more opportunity to become skilled in their fa- vorite sport. The boys' club, sponsored by Mr. C. T. How- ell, is a member of the Na- tional High School Bowling Congress. Mrs. Nelle Alex- ander sponsors the girls' club. II4 TBOWLING CLUB Left to right: Bill Berry, secretary of the boy's club, Joann Walvoord and Gwendal Roberts, respectively secretary and president of the girls' clubg Gary Robinson and Dick Pond, respectively vice president and president of the boys' club. The Footlight Club is an or- ganization for sophomores who are interested in dra- matics and its related fields. Getting acquainted with the equipment back stage are the officers of the Footlight Club: Pat Reeder, vice president, Elaine Ross, secretary, Ronda Sue Goyne, parlia FOOTLIGHT CLUB TEXAS HI TORY CLUB Some of the members of the Texas History Club in conference with the sponsor, Mrs. Margaret josserand, are: standing, left to right: jack Graham, Judy Boozer, Shirley Daniel, Audrey Posey, Charlotte Halley and Pat Hare. Seated: Howard Childers, Mrs. josserand, julian Levine. The Texas History Club of AHS is a junior member of the State Historical Society. All students enrolled in the Texas History classes may be- come members. Officers of the club are: Bill Carter, president, Howard Chil- ders, vice president, Judy Boozer, secretary and Jack Gra- ham, treasurer. :MS- Los VIAJEROS First row, left to right: Naomi Delgado, Celia Delgado, Lucy Arrez, Bette jones, janene Wrather, Patsy Fox, Sue Beery, Nita johnson, jo Alice Morris, Susan Moore, Mary Ann Van Nostrand. Second row: Mildred Jordan, Lenore Howell, Elaine King, Caroline Southwood, Gail Aikens, Shirley Chewning, Gail Robinson, Florence Fong, Ann Ousley, Gwen Riddle, Kenda Chapman, Sally Tull. Third row: Gloria Letcher, Miss Ballard, June Ricks, Patsy Riddle, Priscilla Walker, Mary Lynn Sullivan, Grady Ann Donnell, Emily jo Schwaller, Marianna Gross, Pat Stooksberry, Melba Davis, Hattie Delgado, Patsy Koontz, Mary Ann Whisenant, Fern Crerar, Ilah Coffee, Elaine Faulkner, Beverly Hannum. Fourth row: Bobby Nutt, Paul Garner, Bobby Ingram, William Feirabend, Bobby Lemons, Chuck Newman, Troy jordan, Travis Boles, Phil Wheeler, Billy Bryant, Leroy Welborn, Nathan Martin, Lynn Martin, Fred Reichert, Lawrence Knight, Ted Nicklaus. ,Saga iii it-i wa as - Los Viajeros, open to all students who have taken or are studying Spanish, is an organiza- tion through which members learn more of that language and the Spanish-speaking people. v ,i ,, Looking over some Spanish literature are the officers of the club. Standing left to right are: Lawerence Knight, president, Marianna Gross, sweetheart, Kenda Chapman, secretary, Ted Nicklaus, vice-president. Miss Viola Ballard sponsors the club. I TERNOS The Internos Club, sponsored by Miss Anna May Klapproth, is open to all students who have taken Latin or are studying it now. Inter- nos members learn more of the Latin language and the life and customs of the Romans. The officers of the club are: Henry Saxe, president, Patsy Stanley, vice-president, Alice Irelan, secretary, and George Quarterman, sergeant-at-arms. At the Internos initiation were the following members: Seated at the table left to right: joe Pool, Henry Saxe, Alice Irelan and Nick Dalton Seated first row left to right: Claire Smith, Gretchen Wolflin, Harold Grupe, james Clements Bill Gilbreath Bill Fitch Billy McKinney, Theodocia Zweig, Martha Daily, Linette Smith Seated second row Kay Adams, Ted Stuart, Pat Tucker, Ann Russell, Sally Sparks Standing third row Patsy Stanley, Ida Lou Campsey, Annie Clifford, Jane Neely Kay Farrell Miss Klapproth Elaine Ross Nita Steed, Sally Taylor, Barbara Gillespie, Emily Fox Standing fourth row George Quarterman, Myra Harvey, Ara Cox. HI'Y The Hi-Y is an organization of boys which promotes Christian fellowship and high ideals. JUNIOR-SENIOR HI-Y Checking business to be discussed at the next meeting of their Hi-Y club are: assistant secretary, Allan Adkinsg secretary, Darrell Bainsg president, john Isaacsg and vice president, john jenkins. Mr. joe Parkey is sponsor of the club. SOPHOMORE HI-Y ALPHA CHAPTER Using their charter for a reference to points of business are the officers and the sponsor of the Alpha Chapter of the So ho H'- p more 1 Y. From left to right: Ed Butterfield, secretaryg Mr. E. T. Evans, sponsorg Jackie Miller, vice president. Back row: john Ed Ekelund, chaplaing Donald Mathis, presidentg and Keith Winter, board member. SOPHOMORE HI-Y ZETA CHAPTER Planning a program for the next meet- ing are the officers and sponsor of the Zeta chapter of the Sophomore Hi-Y. From left to right, they are: secretary, Bruce We v ' ' ' ' a er, vice president, Ronnie Edwardsg sponsor, Mr. E. L. Hammitg and president, Richard Chandler. S I is X'-ff JUNIOR Y-TEEN CLUB Looking over the two record albums which the club presented to the pre- ventorium at Christmas are the officers of the junior club. They are, from left to right: Ethel Israel, vice presidentg Laurie Ellen Hasley, presidentg Diane Thomas, reporter, Martha Schultz, sec- retary, and Pat Carter, parliamentarian. The.. club is sponsored by Miss Laura Snyder. W f Y'TEE S Girls in the Y-Teen Clubs of AHS hold as their purpose the creation, maintainance and ,extension of high stan- dards of Christian character, throughout the school and community. X . SENIOR Y-TEEN CLUB Planning future activities are the officers of the club. From left to right are: Earline White, treas- urerg Patsy Stanley, vice presi- dent, Patty Lynes, recording sec- retaryg Audrey Posey, president, and Norma Todd, corresponding secretary. Mrs. Hazel Davis is the sponsor of the club, SOPHOMORE Y-TEEN CLUB Inspecting some new Y-Teen literature are the officers of the sophomore club: Barbara Kent, reporterg Sue Brown, president, joan Irwin, secretary, and jackie West, vice president. Miss Lucile Morton sponsors the club. H9 Publicatif ,ai L .. I ff ' ,X y Lf'-f XQci 5 i I Q LN fi' - i ff w 96654 ' QQ 5 f""" 9 C, I I A57 ' L ' m'.Q 'f 'We' R-iTQlT-7' ' 'W' X ,A 1 77 f W - X ,u f 0 I V V My 1lf W,w ,f 4 ' b EK 5 Wd L ff WW? - fm 2 f 5' P f . ,. ' J ! Ii 4 fl!.-Warp 5. F 335.2 41 l20 X 441414 ,NJ-x Z J! ,- K A., , , Z I 7- 7 lf A , A -1 J' 'i ,V g V 5li , t-if X '4 . f K V- f - F'-144123 g-ggg32Lq353,L?- 1522: f K I X 0a7gagqf::z:,qgggQ,f,,Z ,Jima - A " " -W"izw41:::5waff0i2as5i"'M , - ---.-- - -.--,,-.-.., 'fu I ,.- An, -.m,-,.'J,l' "5.,- --- ---19, Q-1... I N ,. ' ,.- iii, EU 125 5 WBIRVNR X' 'Tig'-X xx -7 fi- 'X X Miss Ellie Whitmore, right, publications adviser, was F. T. Crews, La Airosa's tall, good-looking editor greatly assisted this year by Miss Lurline Bowman, was always willing to listen to problems and offer co-business adviser. Both sponsors were ready in their suggestions to help the staff. His unassuming, pleas spare time to accompany the staff in all its activities. ant, tireless attitude made everyone want to work LA AIROSA Nancy Rush, right, worked industriously on the difficult music section. Elizabeth Wilson, left, a new- comer, and Nancye Coffee had favorites, one of the most widely-read sections in the book. Sophomores Pat Starr, left, and Marlene Haynie arranged the girls' sports section. joe Benham, left, a staff veteran, designed the boys' sports section and Bob Davis pushed the sale of student directories. Ara Cox seemed all smiles and remained that way for Hal Sullenberger, left, a first-year man, gave military the greater part of the year. Her cheerful, helpful shine to the ROTC section. Bonnie McNutt and personality added much to the success of La Airosa. jerry Kennedy stayed after school more than once on As associate editor she had much responsibility. their respective sections, faculty and publications. Carole Grupe, lower right, was ably assisted on the Compiling the detailed class section kept this quartet student life section by Elayne Steele. Martha Schultz, busy with scissors, card indexes and paste pots. Left upper right, assisted by Ada Ann Stephens, prepared to right are Dorothy Burnett, Lera Hudson, Lela Hud- club layouts. Maralyn Budke, upper left, had speech son and Sue Keffer. and dramatics. Robert Parks was the art editor this year. His position included executing the theme, drawing cartoons, and any neces- sary lettering or other art work. The many hours which are required to pro- duce one division page, however, are recognized by all staff members. The highlight of the year is the annual "Pop" Ball. Seen here are some of the students who helped with the immense job of decorating. LaAirosa sponsored the Popularity Ball with Valentine motif and dressed up Sandies. STAFF ACTIVITIES Folding parties are some of the more enjoyable activities engaged in by The Sandstorm Staff. Left to right: Arthur Garner, joe Saunders, Norman Eubanks Sue Cearley, Carolyn Higinbotham and Janelle Williamson. fBelowj Fondly dubbed "Ears" by his fellow shutterbugs, Scott Dine put in most of his spare time in the darkroom or on the other end of the camera. QRightJ Dick Pond took many action shots for various sections in- cluding Girls' Sports, and Faculty. PHOTOGRAPHERS QLeftj Bobby Osburn held the work- filled position of head pho- tographer. His well-done job included assigning the other photographers as well as tak- ing care of Favorites, Boys' Sports, and Publications sec- tions. fAbovej Lloyd Thompson, who was in charge of Music and ROTC sections, spent a greater portion of his time in the darkroom. I25 juniors Bernie McIntosh, left, Billye Daniel, center, and Joyce Carroll were girls' sports editor, exchange editor and proofreader, respectively. Sue Cearley, capable and hard-working editor, has served the Sandstorm well for the last three years. By mixing congeniality with her work, she has gained many friends. THE SANDSTORM Giving an athletic touch to the Sandstorm Staff, julian Levine has been sports editor for the past two years. Bonnie McNutt and jean Duvall, both juniors, were feature editors. In the background are some outstanding sports shots. . ya ggetr if gk..VVg ffm, as ff? wififi, .M A-9 Nancy Bursey, humor columnist, made readers laugh. As editorial editor, Carolyn Higinbotham voiced the staff's opinion and policy. joe Benham assisted the sports staff. ilnnnuq ,A a-:-. .ill 4 V i' 'if -'fa. Q ,.,, , . H . . , , WM! As news editor, Carol Bliss Was Cearleyis girl Friday. These Sandstorm staff members share many talents. Left to Bliss worked diligently, many long hours Outside right: Virginia Reed and Alice Thomas, news reportersg School mflkmg assignments' edltmg COPY' and Seeing Sleepy Stuart, cartoonistg Larry Marks, sports reporterg Nor- that Sandieland was covered by The Sandstorm. , , man Eubanks, cartoonistg joe McLaughlin, sports reporterg and joan Morris, typist. EDITORIAL STAFF Reporting busily for The Sandstorm, are the journalism students. Back row, left to right: Max Motley, James Martin, Don O'Neal, Charles Putnam, Emma Lue Hamel, Gloria Weilenman, Margaret Boren, Roxetta Emanuel. Front row: Chuck Newman, E. G. San- ders and Ann Greear , - ' 'Xxx' 2-N7 . -X, . . x ' ' ,I K Ill fd' Z-.Qs rl' 'CQ VIR' X yt -:"?-1 PM M 1" ll If ' f yi , lf? I ?i , ' ' :Q S ' f-'ff-'ffl Z' t , 4,W'x5N ,fi fl flat K K Y 'fob 'f ' 'I f BU INESS LA AIROSA The busmess staff of the 1951 LA AIROSA was composed of the following persons: front row, left to rxght Barbara Pearce john Royse Bob Sanders Second row: La juanna Krizan, jackie West Bette Hrckerson joAnn Allen Tlurd row Lors Hedgecoke and Pat Frost. f1C:v Q- ff so ,S -fxgali' aloof t, M-A VN ,fix L '- ' ,vi rf f ' .-'Q 'K ff' rv "1-ring 5 j- ' N xi! i , 7' - f f , I .X gf., I A I N .W- i fax, 'Wil -A ul, J 'llivlg gary: ll 5, X - Y- 'X Qfiff ' X If L: x J V . 2 , - STAFFS THE SANDSTORM John Withers and Janelle Williamson, seated, held topnotch positions on the business staffs, Janelle being the business manager, and John her assistant. Odessa Huckabey was official typist on the LA AIROSA and THE SANDSTORM staffs and Arthur Garner kept tab of the money as bookkeeper. The other members of THE SANDSTORM business staff are, left to right Joann Walvoord, Marcia Hoare, Audrey Posey and Joe Saunders. "Audrey was the high salesman and second . semester business manager." Q77 GVOTI Q7 es irqsqfirwfvg Q9 DTT? -f go' - - r - T4'-i-+5131-.-2+2-1-:Q-1-2:A:-1-:-:-:+:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:Q-15+ ' ' ' ' ' ' E 1 W ra'-2:-5 J-J-Q31 rzvfw-f-"EAT---"" ,-f',.. , 'vm 52 ,:"'i'6 ' ii M fa? ' l?7a ' ffLQi 4, , A V" ' " M -FA - -r 87 ..if'g- A, - -J --,tf if -1 f .fs -1 Lxagaje,-QP? qw 1 F .-fd A ef- 1g rxpi, l30 3 OQM Q X73X95F'iL"Z5fQi.' fk"Hf:M ' 'Wil WW.7i5vZNT?75KFQm"T5ffY1'f-WWW 'fa Wil LliSZQWW?X1ffwJ22 .Q 'fm V :V A A ff: ,f . 55,1 v Vg, Tg. is ffm gt 31, Mg PEMJLQ ' 0 vwawmrexf fu- lex TOMMY DONNELL In nior MARIANNA GROSS S o pbomore Moe ZZ N ITA JOHNSON Senior E mmm- jz JERRY RAMSEY Senior CAROL HAMILTON fzmior U WADE MOORE Sophomore lv ----f- - mwwmyldfwm ,...N,..wwm.k...,,,,,i,,,.....,,..,.,W.,... ,,, , Left to right: Nita johnson, Rufus Schmidt, Pat David A H S CHEEP Sandieland's head boosters donlt want to set the world on fire-they just want to keep a bonfire of pep going all year. Besides their regular duties of decorating goal posts and leading the student body in their support of the team, the cheerleaders' were busy planning pep rallies and spreading goodwill and friendship from AHS at all out- of-town and local games. Billy Rutter and Mary Lou Ivy Aryiytanlr ordon Baker, Melody Starks, Charles Newman. ,EADERS In the spring of 1950, the student body of AHS elected six head cheerleaders and four assistants for the 1950-51 school year. They were chosen from the student body at large on the basis of personality, leadership, and ser5 vice to the school. I jo Benesch and Bill McCrary Affijfdllff 1 ykgfffgf l-11,.. , ' 3 .. ""a A 'K ,fe t 5 K i ' r .M . . Tv 3' I a' . m assi 5, fm ,HEI , I eliixff ,K ,, :Eg ff A fr, , 'Q Xa :ziS..F5:23L,:: Y' WH , if 'lkadffi E '52, .-., , Wx. , AR , . 1,4 ,I ,wg 1 -wx' 9-Q J- ,Q 'A I ,.x-, fum 54.141, . -fa V .fix fgysiifil - K . M' 55 s 'ivggx wi , V - L-'N3Tr'. -f 735' , " A Q wh ,, K Aff an ,M 51 A mv -. fn M2725 Curly hair, a friendly "hi," and a flair for poetry-that's RAY BINGHAM. Football and track rate high with this member of National Athletic Scholarship Society. Honors for Ray include sophomore favorite runner-up and junior vice president. As a sophomore he served on the Steering Committee. Vivacious SUE CEARLEY, Sandstorm editor, is known as "everybody's pal." FTA secretary, a member of Quill and Scroll, Thespians, and Ken Klub, Sue is president of PHSPA. She is a former member of Student Council and the Steering Committee. Besides giving endless hours to the school paper, Susie placed among the top ten in a state poetry contest. Scoring an excellent scholastic average, ARA COX holds membership in Ken Klub, National Honor Society, and Quill and Scroll, being vice president of the latter. "AB" has had much responsibility as associate editor of LaAirosa. Other spare mom- ents are spent in Internos, Allied Youth and Y-Teens, helping where she can. LaAirosa editor F. T. CREWS has become a sym- bol of the ideal Sandie because of his unselfish attitude. He is president of both National Honor Society and his homeroom, treasurer of Quill and Scroll, and active in Hi-Y, Band, Internos, and Ken Klub. F. T. is admired by everyone for his friendliness, patience and hard work. WMM Win Destined to be a schoolmarm . . . or antactress, SHIRLEY FEIERABEND finds the decision hard. She is vice president of FTA and an active Thes- pian. After winning first place in declamation at the 1950 Goodwell Tournament, she starred as "Juliet" in the 1951 contest play. One ambition is to see her name in lights on a Broadway marquee. Steering committee chairman BOBBY HIBB5' finds winning friends an easy accomplishment with his smile, good humor and real Sandie spirit. Bobby is vice president of the senior class and of Allied Youth and a former treasurer of Na- tional Honor Society. He is also a member of Ken Klub and the National Athletic Scholarship Society. Enthusiasm in AHS activities, talent in speech and dramatics, and a bright smile add up to BETTE HICKERSON. Her main interest is the Bel Canto Chorale. Thespians, Allied Youth, and Y-Teens also keep her busy. Her unselfish attitude has made AHS proud to claim her as one of its most loyal Sandies. Versatile fOHN ISAACS joins in many AHS activities. A member of National Honor Society, National Athletic Scholarship Society, and Ken Klub, johnny has an outstanding scholastic aver- age. He also is president of Hi-Y, vice president of Allied Youth and Student Council, Sandie gridster, track pole vaulter and 1949 sophomore favorite. As a sophomore johnny participated in basketball. fm 542755. ED IACKSON is an all-around fellow with enough ability for the Yannigans, Sandie football, and basketball, He dropped them in favor of track where as a junior he set two records. Besides be- ing handy with the discus and shot-put, Ed has high grades. A member of the National Athletic Scholarship Society, this tall blond guy is every- one's friend. Aided by her glowing smile and genuine friendli- ness, NITA IOHNSON has won many friends with her warm personality. She is a head cheer- leader, member of AY, Los Viajeros, Square Dance Club, Student Council, Ken Klub and NHS. She was chosen 1950 Los Viajeros sweetheart, sophomore favorite, senior favorite runner-up and Coronation attendant. Outstanding, especially in the field of art, is Varsity Vic, DAN BILL PAVILLARD. He holds a gold key, two certificates, and a. first place for his work in art. He also is prominent among AHS scholars with memberships in Ken Klub and National Honor Society. With a special interest in sports, he has the distinction of naming Ama- rillo Stadium. Active AUDREY POSEYKS' excellent scholastic standing admits her to Ken Klub, National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll. Her duties as presi- dent of both Senior Y-Teens and the Y-Teen Inter-Club Council and business manager of The Sandstorm take up most of her time. She works diligently for the good of the whole school. 5 '? t , 3: 3 -M ' , as Rishi! 'W x x xii ., .Li ..:.:g:: 355: vm . . :VN , r f.x? 51 is 3.5 I , fn AZ!! Personal charm plus interest in all AHS activities makes CAROLE WILSON a favorite. She has been a conscientious supporter of the Honor System and served two years as a Student Council represent- ative. Carole is a member of three honor soci- eties-National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll and Ken Klub, which she assists as secretary. Swish!! The crowd goes wild as BILL WINTER makes another sensational shot to win for the Sandies. Unanimous choice for all-district basket- ball team, "Willie" belongs to the National Ath- letic Scholarship Society, Ken Klub, Hi-Y, and Allied Youth. Being FTA president took many hoursg he also spent every spare moment promot- ing the Honor System. Talented BARBARA WOODS ON loves all phases of acting, radio work, and singing in operettas. "Babs" also has a definite liking for skiing. Her leadership was shown as assistant cheerleader, Allied Youth vice-president, and Future Home- makers president. She also holds membership in Thespians and National Honor Society., Being president of the Platform Club, member of Ken Klub, National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Masque and Gavel, and the Student Council makes BARNEY YOUNG an unusually busy Sandie. This well-known Varsity Vic brought AHS honors last year when he placed first in state extemporaneous speaking and also first in boys' debate at the Baylor University tournament. if Q .fi TM! if . H er Majesty The Queen Queen jeanet of the House of jackson ascended the throne of Sandieland on November 9, 1950. Her in- fectious laugh and sincere manner endeared her to the student body which elected her by popular vote. Queen jeanet's sincere friend- liness, helpfulness, which every good ruler should have, and her eagerness to serve each of her subjects is evident in the halls and social activi- ties of AHS. sr K . .is Qu -Q-, if ff? ,555 A-vis' my .4 3. ,, ff M mix.. . 2-iii.-1 P 'ffssf , , um -'mm h .,.. ,. 5' 4 Q ,,,, J . t., 5 f A I -.Q WWQJWN JS 5,325.4 ' -aa - . 1 111551 N Y Q fs ., 1, Q " 5 . . Q., . mpg. Qggfsw 5' 'Q 'X , :lik , 'AV is fi? 3 -4 3k ed? ewmm Q .hem jx W. W2 5- 3,3 53535 any M, ,M 1 5 . .- S A. 54' .-...M J, ,,.. M fig- '.4ii?rll.E?i' , ' . f - K X -My- Q.3TK .H K 1. W H X t 3 'f 1 v . .i ....s.31.1,f,.1 I-fl '. 1 5 it S, ,A , iPs2.xfigi.g5 g g25.gQ5g wfgb. 1 ,N . ' Q .6 .am M- :K - f 3 ,f qw .. ff--. K - . ,z " H' f L 4' ' A K ' K3glTff2sQ' f5E'iQsv5KK5 ii5QE,ggf" 1,343 A - . X .f Y f.jiu.f?g3Y:-e ffiflf-'?w1i.?ZK , , f 'Q " ' f N 7' sigix , 'MTW 5 1. it 1+ , 3 K: 5' if . . .--M w-iff , K K ffffw.. ,lh..1'fl?"' . ..,. e 5 ,. '-' K- . ' ' KK ii fig A N ,Q YZ- Kfffiflfil KK --IL ' Kim 7 I yiiffvfif 7 - .-ix 1: ia. K K . .. -. .V - V - , X 552 , . V. ,fl n X . . . S . , 1 Q k K K' Duke Harold of the House of Swindell, Duchess Nita of the House of johnson, Duch- ess Alison of the House of Bruner, Duke Ralph of the House of Benton. President of the Council Jerry Ramsey, Princess Kathryn of the House of Bowlin, Lord High Chamberlain joe Saun- ders from the Land of the Senior Class. wwf? 5602? Prince Gordon of the House of Todd, Princess Darlene of the House of Wakefield from the Land of the Sophomore Class, Princess Gae of the House of Blackburn, Prince Steve of the House of Curtis from the Land of the junior Class. Z 744 Qaaew Duke Bill of the House of LaShier, Duchess Mary Lou of the House of Ivy, Duchess Barbara of the House of Woodson, Duke Bill of the House of Overstreet. Lord Bob of the House of Stuart, Lady Melody of the House of Starks, Lady Norma of the House of Todd, Lord Max of the House of Motley. l50 Duke Bob of the House of DuBose, Duchess Lois of the House of Weksler, Duchess Prudence of the House of Brown, Duke Clyll of the House of Smith. fgfgnf dam? Lord Bill of the House of Winter, Lady Gretchen of the House of Wolflin, Lady jo of the House of Benesch, Lord Dan Bill of the House of Pavillard. Z 726 Qazew Lord Stanley of the House of Pittman, Lady Shirley of the House of Feierabend, Lady Carole of the House of Wil- son, Lord Don of the House of O'Neal. 1.Heralds: Marvin Koerber, john Ed Ekelund, Alvin Hicks, and Damon Nutt. 2. Lord High Chancellor R. B. Norman crowns Q u e e n Ieanet. 3. Earl Marshall: Richard Thompson. 4. Violinist: Gena Devin. M745 Kam 2 5 'S Q ,f Qi -A R.OfT. 33- .p- .1- l54 GI 2 CXA W W N N ' K sffgv, n My ff I ,ac-:f-gif. -, bf' 175 3 A1 ,f ' Q20 4' v 4'f"fa"vy, ltgfzjwlif XT' ,W .s-1.-.-ff.-'1- . , A K an wx "H 2.5-if ' 5- Nh '-:qu .4-2' f-A A I . :- Q 1 x ,J K il N - 'VN 4 1 I' VV 1 . H1 . . ,Q - 1 , I Y L .QI fzti iglxy ,ff . 11, ' 5' is . X , , ff? gm, K 1 . 5 ax mam QM? .p :TE S-2 rff XLX N l55 COMMANDANT OF CADETS Major Carl P. Matney Cadet Lt. Col. Charles Parker Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. jeanet jackson I5 " ' ff Un, 0 E3 1 . STAF u M530 xl Cadet Major Gordon Mijtchell Honorary Cadet Major Shirley Feierabend Lf I ' f f I 4 It V J ' 'sa-f - AW, 1 DFFICERS gf, o f Q7 cp I S454 sd I f I X, j BATTALION ADJUTANT PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Cadet Capt Arthur Garner Cadet Capt 'I T Albert Honorary Cadet Capt Ahce Irelan Honorary Cadet Capt Beverly Rames J 1 Lt. john Boyd Lt. Dan Graham A COMPANY Back row, left to right: Darwyn Woolsey, Delmos Hickmott, Bob Laughlin, james Dean, Bill Fitch, Joe Wirtz, Bill Stidham, George Quarterman, Roy Walker, Roy Burk. Second row: Don Singleton, john Wheeler, Vic Cadet Capt. Gus Moutos Honorary Cadet Capt. Mary Philli Oder, D'Nard Hemphill, John Royse, Edward Wil- son, Nick Dalton, R. C. Boyd, Norman Eubanks. . Third row: Dale Smith, M. Phillips, Alvin Finley, Bill Berry, Lawrence Griffith, Raymond Andrews, l Bill Tyler, Calvin Finley, Bobby Burns. l all Cadet Capt. Tommy Johnson onorary Cadet Capt. Prudence Brown Front row, left to right: jan Deahl, jim Suggs, Bobby Greer, jim Bains, Bryon Thinger, George Lokey, Don Collins, Billy West, Cecil johnson, jerry East- wood, Ted Hefner, jim Coles, Second row: Warren Chapman, Walter Elkins, Tru- man Williamson, Dwayne Grumke, Delvin Alexan- der, jerry jordan, Raymond Sharpe, Charles Johnson, Don King, Robert Allen. Lt Ralph Benton Lt Steve Kelly B COMPANY Third row: Ed Bates, H. L. Mann, Ben Neely, Tom Cartwright, Stuart Sutton, Jim Haynes, Gerald Sar- tain, Sam Norman, Terry Savage, Wilbur McCarty, Fletcher Smith, Gene Groves. Not pictured: Fred Cornelius, jim Griffin, Harold Lanier, jerry Sides, Kenneth Striley. ,.,.. Wm... 33 ' Lt. jackie Mills Lt. jerrell Hodges C COMPANY Front row, left to right: jimmy Chambliss, Frederick Keeter, Jimmy Altsman, Billy Fry, Luther Coursey, Richard Johnson, Leroy Welborn, Charles Under- wood, Ralph Wirtz, Bud Gordy, Bob Bruce. Second row: jay Graham, Robert Stoner, Guion Lindsay, jim Macander, Doc Goldston, Billy Allen, jerry Campbell, Fritz Elsey, Howard Jamison, Charles Hendrick, Max Rowland. Cadet Capt. Dan Neely Honorary Cadet Capt. Pat Stanle Third row: Lindley Smith, Tommy Matthews, Mal- colm Clack, Roger Holman, Maurice McNeil, Paul Chase, Harry Scott, Robert Harris, jimmy Green, Wendell Davidson, Jimmy Wine, Billy Brewer, Robert johnson. Not pictured: Clyll Smith, Gene Ditmore, Herman Edwards, Bill Hagee, Stanley Howard. i'i"'ln1.T"' i"l' ' 2 Cadet Capt. john Southwood ?Ionorary Cadet Capt. Claire Smith Back row, left to right: Bill Barker, J. W. Cox, Ray Whisenand, Robert Bruce, Bill McKinney, Max Moser, jim Jayroe. Second row: Gerald Seligman, john Bittings, joe Hawn, Bob Biggs, Hal Sullenberger. Lt. Mahlon Davis Lt. Max Davidson E COMPANY Third row: Douglas Barron, Don Goforth, jim Boyce, Bob Pickett, Buddy Simmons, joe Spears. Not pictured: Edwin Campsey, jimmy Campsey, Bill Cross, joe Daly, Bill Lomax, B. F. Smith, Bill Ivy, jimmy Hale. 4'-w-,v,.., ,av - , , 3 , ' f ROTC Cadet Major Gordon Mitchell and Cadet Colonel Charles Parker preparing lecture EXECUTIVE LIEUTENANTS Gerald Reid A Company Edward Patterson B Company Company E in the Labor Day Parade l62 ia' E..- ROTC RIFLE TEAM Top row, left to right: Charles Putman, Gordon Mitchell, Edward Patterson, Prudence Brown, T. Al- bert, Robert Bryant. Bottom row: Guy Lindsay, Roy Walker, John Wheeler, jim Boyce, Dwayne Grumke, Maurice McNeil. EXECUTIVE LIEUTENANTS Bob Bryant C Company Charles Putman E Company Officers Leading the Labor Day Parade Music W.,. 1 f N' 'v fvfkvviv 1 A " .. f 5 5 A I 4 Q U1 .I 41 f " . , ,iw1, lk I f 1 0 m f A M 1 Q9 x X, ,,,7 f 1f !W W! X f gf., I I-X U X N-Y! 1 .44. 1 .......... f .,,, :515 ' r W' ? QEIEIEEQEQEIEIZEQ:-. 'K , t... QNX- ' Z, ..,,.,. . xx , ':f: A ' I KKNZ-1-31315-2 'ff' 1 .12, f -f:s55:f" A M TY fm X .:fsss25fff,'f'--:-- 'N Z . . , ll zfwigya 24' lf X f XR' FFL 5 f gi f, f-X f f' f D :S f ff w ,f K iam K JXL 4' f f 1 G 'ww ,. Q J , ' ue D ,ff KY , 452: ,XX 1 .X gijyfj Q4 Z! N v ' rs, S, ff Ab. 5 ,ff QL f ,gff QQ M ,Vi j 1 PZ"'?fifQQ5fgg:'-2g5Y 1 ' J M" f' 'mari' ,CV ,E-Y A 4... 1,2 CX If 'di 'f X " K f ,1 Flrks First row: Anna Nell Butler, Alison Bruner, Hollis johnson, Dorothy Myers, Lucille Halley, Sue Britt, Carole Mims, Bette Marsh, Marian Taylor, Ann Harrison, Jimmie May Pace, Gloria Letcher, jean Cox. Second row: Beverly Carter, Novelle johnson, Louise Rodgers, Marjorie Blanton, Nancy Rush, Mae Ellen Shackelford, Kathleen Huber, Sue Allston, OFFICERS araa 'S' Clyll Smith Prefidenl jerry Masterson Vice Prefident Mike Flynn Secretary x kkk. Sh x. K .'t.' 5 'K , g Ria "'- ji' A ' f A ' 4 1 -. 'S ,f r A t t taar ' F 4 t M BEL CAN C Clarice Tate, Sherwin Nance, Virginia Reed, Latrice Kiker, Margaret Ann Roberts, Peggy Bingham. Third row: Carol Boggs, Diane Thomas, Alice Whitfield, jurhee Spear, Alice Thomas, Joann Walvoord, Betty Dean, Carldeen Williams, Yvonne Cavender, Shirley Leonard, Elise Deal, Nancy Cof- fee, Carol Hamilton, Norma Todd, Patsy Stanley. QUEEN Patsy Stanley HOR LE Fourth row: Bette Hickerson, Mike Flynn, Don O'Neal, Roy Roberts, Jimmie Painter, Doyle Purifoy, Carroll Cornelius Adam Ortiz, Charles Kirkpatrick, Sammy Colgate, Walter Foster, jack Powell, jerrell Mulkey, Bill Fitch, Bill LaShier, Jerry Masterson, Bob Twaddell. Fifth row: Bob Davis, QUARTET Kenneth Box Adam Ortiz Doyle Purifoy Walter Foster REHEARSAL Ronnie Buckner, Kenneth Box, Bob Bruce, Neal Grounds, Forrest Buckley, Billy Cormack, Robert Wicker, Stanley Thurman, Corney Mock, Paul Chase, Beverly Dampf, Maur- ice McNeil, Charles Mulkey, Bob Byrd, Ralph Benton, james Dean, Joe Benham. Not pictured: Reba Duke, Ted Freeman, Clyll Smith. CHANTERS Directed by Miss Tennie Thompson First row: S. Mote, N. Harris, J. Dodson, B. McCarty, C. Rhoden B. Gillispie, S. Nelson, P. Willis, E. Holloway, L. Williams, K. Shelton, M. Newman, D. Berry, K. Casey, V. Brewer, S. O'Heim. Second row: S. Touchstone, B. Smith, S. McCracken,iD. Cauld- well, J. McKinney, L. Amerson, P. Fox, J. Scalia, J. Mays E. Short, D. Mills, M. Whisenant, B. Travis, C. Haskins I. johnson. Third row: B. Turner, F. Jackson, E. Wilson, G. Logue, F. Crerar B. Bruce, G. Morris, E. Roper, L. Moretnan, J. Wilson S. Hicks, R. Cotton, E. Fox, S. Smithie, M. Kilhourne, W. Martin Fourth row: R. johnson, M. Bohn, S. Valentine, P. Stooksberry, C. Kellogg, P. Koontz, B. Gwen, E. Lewis, D. Scharder, B. Lemon D. Gill, N. Bourne, J. Pierce, L. Burnett, L. Byars, D. Smith D. Sludder. Fifth row: I. Jackson, F. Childers, K. Roberts, R. Womack B. Williams, I. Taylor, B. Moore, R. Walcher, C. Shelton S. Johnson, D. McCullough, T. Pace, J. Lewis, E. Cavender: R. Schultz, T. Smith, H. Nall, B. Ingram. Not pictured: B. Cormack, B. Crouch, F. Elsey, J. Kemp, D. Reid H. Turner, K. Winter, T. jordan, J. Carroll, M. Gross, B. Holla baugh, J. Reed, B. Wade, B. Perkins, I. Murry, B. Moore. : f u a SOPHO CRE tr 2 5 Q if l HOIRS AEOLIAN CHOIR Directed by Miss Tennie Thompson First row: E. Cox, J. Wrather, E. Langford, G. Hurd, S. Elliot, J. Brooks, M. Gray, G. Donnell, L. Hudson, L. Hudson, S. Chew- ning, B. Jones, B. Ashmore, J. Hoggins, L. Howell, J. Neely, B. Whisler, C. Southwood, N. Steed, C. Smith. Second row: P. Walker, E. Jenkins, M. Dysart, C. Nunn, D. Beverley, S. Beery, B. Robertson, S. Hazelwood, P. Puckett, E. Loveless, D. Curtis, S. Brown, M, Gross, M. Hoare, P. Reeder, D. Ryan, M. Sullivan, J. Ricks, E. Ross, N. Hamill. Third row: P. Riddle, H. Turner, N. Clark, P. Bush, D. Fowlkes, D. Wakefield, T. Zweig, G. Ridings, S. Shuffler, M. Clark, N. O'Keefe, B. Bruce, M, Harvey, E. Faulkner, P. Frost, J. Mel- ton, I. Coffee, J. Baker, V. Moore, G. Riddle, T. Cavin. Fourth row: C. McMurtry, N. Watkins, P. Mills, B. Sanders, T. Singleton, T. Northcutt, E. Jones, L. Egleson, S. Norman N. Collins, J. Thomson, B. Yeager, B. Bennett, W. Feierabend A. Bailey, S. Vetesk, Q. Dickey, B. Weaver. Fifth row: D. Lawrence, J. Ryan, W. Moore, B. Allen, J. Brewer W. McCarty, B. Moore, H. Scott, S. McCartney, S. Johnson D. Putnam, T. Savage, J. Lewis, B. Wilkinson, E. Cavender L. Flores, K. Gathright. Not pictured: R. Edwards, B. Fry, J. Hollingsworth, D. McCul- lough, J. Parmalee, D. Singleton, G. Todd, E. Foster, D. Fowlkes, B. Berry, L. Byars, J. Gardner, J. Montgomery. v 1 THE HARMONIZERS Directed by Miss Tennie Thompson First row: K. Witt, J. Gardner, B. Reeves, D. Baker, W. Taylor, C. Benton, P. Wfest, C. Roberson, L. M. Rogers, J. Jansen. Second row: B. Perkins. A. Singleton, N. J. Swafford S. Gibbs, J. Clanton, L. J. Cutler, N. Brown, P. Smedley, S. Bain. Third row: C. Fowler, F. Childs, L. Bates, C. Johnson, G. Graham, A. A. Stephens, E. Stocker, P. Gunnels. Fourth row: L. Egleson, L. Schuneman, J. Whitehead T. Druin, B. Crouch, R. Caddell, R. Parker, D. R. King G. Lokey. - Not pictured: V. Coursey, J. Hess, T. McCutchen, W. Tuck- ness, S. Westerfield, G. Grey, J. Gilmore, L. Blackburn P. Bush, A. M. Craft, N. Glidwell, J. Jerrell, W. Jones I. King, T. Smith, V. Smith, A. Taylor, G. Robertson, J. McCarley, H. J. Keith, C. Broadus. SOPHOMORE CHOIR QUEEN Darlene Wakefield 1 TUNE SPLITTERS Tommy Cavin Billy Cormack Wade Moore Gordon Todd Leon Egleson Kent Gathright Neal Collins Bobby Nutt THE TROUBADOURS Directed by Miss Tennie Thompson First row: S. Bower, S. Chappell, J. Howard, J. Owens, D. Lewis, J. Wright, W. Long, M. Folson, B. Pollard J. Abdullah. Second row: J. Taylor, R. Capell, P. Hill, J. Fowler J. Wood, M. Clark, P. Armstrong, P. Childers, L. Amerson P. Vermillion. Third row: N. Sublett, J. McKinney, S. Bowers, L. Burnett F. Buttell, J. Christopher, G. Thornton, M. H. Johnson P. Morgan, C. Williams. Fourth row: K. Roberts, P. Fenberg, R. Forrester, J. Camp- bell, S. McCartney, R, Jolly, B. Mobley, T. Matthews D. O'Keefe, L. Bates. Not pictured: J. Baker, S. Berry, C. L. Braddus, S. Chew- ing, N. J. Clark, G. A. Donnell, D. Fowlkes, P. Fox P. Frost, C. Green, L. Howell, B. Jones, P. Koontz D. Morehead, J. Owens, S. Vetesk, T. Zweig, D. Beverly L. Holly, B. J. Gwyn, B. Ashmore. . J First row: juaree Bains, Jane Schramm, Barbara Cook, Dale Albright, Weldon Irion, Ida Murray, Willa Jean Putman. Second row: Earleen Bursen, Bettye Hamilton, Carol New, Pat Jackson, Joe Dailey, Ray Robberson, Nancy Jeffrey, La Faun Rankin, Betty Harper, Mary Fields. BAROQUE Third row: Donna Hunt, Beverly Raleigh, Neal Grounds, David West, Erwin Morman, Bryan Mock, Bob Raines, Ruth Kennedy, Rose Ann Pratt, Ada White. Not pictured: Peggy Bralley, Barbara Nelson. SINGERS Direrfed by A. M. Autrey First row: Barbara Kipp, Anita Higgins, Susan Moore, Kathryn Goodwin, Leona McGowen, Billie Cloud, Dena Oglesby. Second row: Paula Hays, Norma Turner, Carla jo Tyree, Martha Schultz, Clydeen Allard, Wanda Gassaway, Louise Wynn, Phyllis Wadlow. Third row: Nancy jeffrey, Willeta Bridges, Calvin Finley, Alvin Finley, Freddie Bryant, Eddie Elliott, james XVebster, Mary Lee Wilson, Wanda Hinson. Fourth row: D'Aun Witt, Guy Paul Yates, Don Singleton, Norman Eubanks, Beverly Dampf, jerry Hollingsworth, Lewis Hurst, Troy jordan, Don Cook, Bill Chandler. Not pictured: Corrine Cook, Pat Kirkpatrick, Tommy McCutchen, Martha Sides, Larry Bankhead. N aagbty Marietta The all-school production, "Naughty Marietta," with music by Victor Herbert, brought scenes of old New Orleans to the stage of AHS. The production was under the expert leadership of the directors: Miss Tennie Thompson, H. Flathers, and A. M. Autrey. Other teachers assisting were Mrs. Thomas Haynie, Charles C. jones, Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, Charles Emmons, Rubert A. Taylor, Misses Adele Shows, Ellie Whitmore, Betty Bridges, and Francis Annis. The AHS Orchestra played the operetta score and Dixie Dice directed the dance routines. There were two complete casts with an all-star cast performing on the third night. ,Jag all 4-'qv' xii, A 'Wg , M if' ff , K ,ww A. H. sw. GRCHESTR First row: Gena Devin, Gloria Letcher, Marilyn Miller, Nathan Martin, Charmane Roberts, Mary Bell Eldridge, Sarah Osburn, Mae Ellen Schackelford, Bryan Mock. Second row: Betty Jo Denman, Gay Nell Ridings, Bobby Allen, Carol Bliss, Myra Harvey, Elaine Kaether, Wayne Godsey, Frank Howard, Kathleen Huber, Bill McCrary, Fred Childers, James Collier. Third row: Ted Nicklaus, Novelle johnson, Eugene Wads- worth, Joyce Prestridge, Elizabeth Montgomery, Bob Branson, Doris Page, Ray Vermillion, Danny Colley, Douglas Rittenberry, Dale Fowlkes, Charlotte Ferguson, Betty Elliott, Patricia Green, Carlos Moore. Q Fourth row: Norman Minter, Virginia Vanderpool, Roberta Wheeler, David Harmon, Richard Rowe, john Gordon, jack Powell, Dean Upshaw, Pat Merriman, Robert Bechtel, Douglas Chambers, Earnie Foster, Bruce Weaver, Gary Robinson, Guy Paul Yates. Standing: Kenda Chapman, Richard Larson, Roger Reed, Peggy Kirk, Wanda Hubbart, Kenneth jones, Mr. Emmons, james Whittington, Billy Joe Ballard, Harlene Horton, Mary Bohn, Gail Logue, Dorothy Morris, Wanda Thomp- son, Clara Faye Holloway. Not pictured: Don Black. 4 L. ,f' , 333 i in sf OFFICERS Ted Nicklaus Prefident john Gordon Vice Prefident Betty jo Denman Secretary ORGANISTS Carol Bliss Sue Allston Roberta Wheeler Earnie Foster Margaret Breeding Kay Adams Harlene Horton The AHS Orchestra is an organization that gives enjoyment and entertainment to the students of the school and the people of Amarillo, Among their concerts this year members performed in the coro- nation and the operetta, "Naughty Marietta." Many of the musicians participate in the Amarillo Youth Symphony. ORCHESTRA QUEEN Novelle Johnson Kaether, Godsey, : George Melton, jerry Gardner, John Gordon, Richard Rowe, Roberta Wheeler, Leon Whitney, Billy Foster, Van Ford, David Harmon, Roxetta Emanuel, First row: Bill McCrary, Fred Childers, Elaine Nancy McCollum, Willie jean Duvall, Wayne Marian Jackson, Frank Howard, jr. Second row Aulbach, jr., Charlotte Ferguson, Dorothy jean Dale Fowlkes, Leslie Harper, Veda Speight, cat mm:arfmMe.ewtira:Mr.awget. -mann-1 ,..f ,tw-taaQsQ.ww,s.f .I-fiif,:tiQy,,gpy5sgrul Y fLeft to rightj Billy jack jacob Afrirlant Drum Major Claude Hedspeth Bettye Chilcote AMARILLO GOLDE Anna Faye Tucker, Sally Tull, Rob Roy Beeman, Kay Adams. Third row: Delores Bradford, Celia McCartney, Carl Hedspeth, Douglas Rittenberry, jo Helen Hendley, Damon Nutt, Alvin Hicks, Gary Robinson, Charles Miller, Sam Warren, Allan Adkins, Nancy Boyles, Bob Berg, Maxine Merriman, Ann Britton, Jerry Merchant, Charles Beebe, Staley Hackley, Don Black. OFFICERS Eddie Tucker Vice Prefident Kay Adams Serfelary Prefident Trearzzrer F. T. Crews Repgrlgf TWIRLERS Bettye Chilcote Betty Elliott tanley Pittman-Drum Major harlene Willoughby-Queen ANDIE BAND Fourth row: Danny Colley, Don Waldrop, Addie Sullins, Ray Vermillion, Marvin Koerber, F. T. Crews, Hamilton Harrison, John Ed Eukland, Buddy Wright, Billy Fielden, Ruby Williams, Don Reid, Bobby Haley, Edwin Gifford, james Hagameier, Claris Sgencer, Tommy jackson, Loyce Hedgecoke, Billy jack jacob, Harry Neel, Don Burt, Robert Bechtel, Douglas Chambers. Fifth row: Mr. Rowe, Charlene Willoughby, Stanley Pittman, Billy Jo Ballard, Donna Wil- liams, Wynn Lou Taylor, Eddie Tucker, Claude Hedspeth, Forest Gray, Mary Crow, David Ramzel, jack Powell, Bettye Chilcote, Betty Elliott, Lyndon Rowe, jess Sellars, Othel Pirtle, Reid Roberts, Billy Gilbreath, Roger Reid, Max Mot- ley, Richard Larson. Not pictured: Chandler Foster, jerry Ford, Robert Wheatley, Jerry Clark, Ray Farley, Billy Fair- fax, jimmy Holmes, Reta Mae Hudson, Eddie Ireland, Marletta Perry, Gerald Wallace. K A, ama QQJQWQ gal, Gt - A -D, . hir , . lc? gf I 2-GQ KSN Q X kt fl" fi-' X La? Q !,,..- 1' ,., 52 A h Q." ,f 'ix 4. I 510. x X I f E hh Jim 'Q EQ Z X , X , f -4..,. , 1 gr x K .,L , 715 X pg. . W. .4, kim 4 J-' K -B f - -s A 1 sec , 5 , i U Q , 1 . ,W ', '1-,Q ZA:-,fy f w , I, ,A ,I X 1 X . u .':'-1 i ,4 ff' M . .:' '1 5' ' -, , , " If 5 Al N , ' 'g 5' I - :fi X 4 ' - lm, FQ, V I lfiixi ,4 .AWA-:',g' -.- 5. 'I' S. K! 1+ ' .J - '- r Q: 42 ' - :,f::,-',-'.-::':':':55 . E' y l ,I 1: , , , A f . If I '4-Q-.f-5.-1f:j'.f :..:-j.,,:,5':..,::: I, A f' F' ' "4 ',! " '55fS:':-:':':'f.-::- "7 .'.'-'5':'i3'-'f'.5K- " ' c ' -'Gi'-H' f"i'ff.:i'fff.:3f ff -,'B:i1"''HT-'-'-:f-'Q'--..,'- , 1 :J-'-:.'f-::f5:. y.x-.-f:.--r--'J--.'.-,-,--.: , ,.,,?x5,f2:-'-j:::"''-'-U-"H-'.'-'-in-, 5 ' ' l 1 153:-1 ! ' ' I .:,-1-3:z251:3'r. 'Q-.3 ' X55 l 1 f,xfE.1.y':'j,-,f.? 5, 15-,,..,,,.:Q. 5- -..-f.z--"-.1 , , - ---Lt:-1,-.-.: ' . -1,-'..-gg: a ,, -1.1-.'.-,-,Ja . . ,g'.:.'3g'.'.','-. ..z' 1 ll Q-,-..l,-,L-,gg -v ,, ,Qi-f-.vtrru ':. ' Q - v -1-,'.'.2-y.'.',gx "':::. 51,-, - .: ' g,:.'xgf1j.. , - :.::-" -:gang - I-,.',.lf-.I-, ' g:.' .-Ugg.: I :.33:R.?:,E? '....:.:.::5:.::.::'. ,., tr- - -,':.'E1'.',g? .. ":f,f::jj,-:::'.-, U A " ' ':':'f2f.fff:' :f:'f'f:fif55ff'-?:'f'- ' - F 'L N 5 I-2-En' ' ' .ii r- . '.f.'-'ff::1f5:ff ff:. 'V'-xx 5 '::f5.'.'-'5:':.'5f:. -:5f::-'5.-.-fs , . X 5 5"3'i:?Ii 'P-T' -:.'!-':'Ji 5:.'-'-'.::- ."r5 :JF-if' .gg..x:,' ' '. 3-:Q V w -::.A-g:.-': - 5 il.:-f:.:v,E.-.' ,-5:55 M 5:-....5.:.:.J... - E . I ',..'7:...y g.,-gl,-. 3 -- -'..:g:...-gl ::,..::g: 5 V ,..y,,. ,. 1-,., -,::,.-1' 1. 'K - -5.4" -'-1:-2. ., , ,I . ...... A J ' W I ' Pg l 14 E-w .L 5 lf- Y ,I hx f' x 2 X k 'I , ff' , :Z J ' 'fl' I 4 ' xW wa! iq.. Us ONE ACT PLAYS The dramatics department of Amarillo High School, headed by Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, presented many plays for the student body. Among them were "Romance If a Rarkelf' "A Weddifzg," "TMJ Night Shall Parr," "The Tryfling Place," and "Whe22 the San River," Shown at top left, Barbara Woodson finds the surest way to make Alvin Hicks forget his gun in a scene from "Romance If a Racket." In another scene from the same play Mary Lou Ivy and Mike Flynn show surprise at the astounding statements of Stanley Pittman. joe Saunders and Wanda Gassaway are shown in a scene from the serious play, "When the Sun Rireff' Bobby Osburn and Joe Benham are shown dis- covering the hiding place of Robert McGee in a scene from the hilarious comedy, "The Tryyt- ing Place." 5' gi. x X BEFORE AND AFTER These 'lon the spot" pictures show what goes on behind the scenes and the finished product. Martha Daily, Bette I-Iickerson, and Carol Hamilton try out for a play to be presented by their dramatics class. Learning the art of make-up are joe Saunders, Travis Boles and joe Benham. A sunrise representing the dawn of mankind's understanding is viewed by Jimmie Painter, Nancy Jeffery, and Travis Boles in the Dra- matics 30 presentation of "This Nigbl Shall Pafrf' Fitting action to words, Bob Raines, Bill Fitch, and Bill McCrary rehearse for a part in a play. RY EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKERS AND DEBATERS Miss Jessie Mercer, director of the extemporaneous 'speakers and debate teams, pro- duced fine speakers through her conscientious work. These students participated in Interscholastic League speech activities as part of their regular curriculum. Taking notes on current events are Allen Adkins, Gloria Weilenman, Bill McCrary, Margie Greer, john jenkins, and Gail Loessner. QHidden is Toby Wise.j Nancy Bursey reviews her debate notes as Dorothy Burnett, Robert Foster, and Sally Biv- Barney Young, Richard Thompson, and Eu- ins listen attentively as Neal Allen makes an genia Scott look on. extemporaneous speech. RADIO A D I TERPRETATION Mr. J. H. Flathers, head of the radio and interpretation division of the speech depart- ment, ably instructed students in interpretive reading and phases of radio work. His students presented assemblies and took part in special programs presented by clubs. Dramatizing the radio play, "The Necklace," are Steve Kelly, Dorothy Burnett, Don O'Neal, and Archie Warren. Mr. J. H. Flathers records the voices of Clyll Practicing "Cartwheels" before the microphone Smith and Sherwin Nance as they read scripts. are Gerald Adams, Kathleen Huber, and Ted Lock. CONTEST PLAY "Romeo and julia," by William Shakespeare, was chosen this year as the contest play for the Inter- scholastic League. It was presented in' true Shakes- pearean style with no curtain between scenes and very little scenery. The romantic leads were taken by Shirley Feierabend and Bill McCrary. Top left are Don O'Neal, Bill McCrary, Alvin Hicks and Ted Nickalus. Top right are Don Willingham as Friar Lawrence and Shirley Feierabend as Juliet. At left is the balcony scene with Shirley and Bill McCrary. In the lower left picture are Ernie Foster, Sue Keffer and Shirley. Practicing on the stage, from left are Ernie Foster, Travis Boles, Don O'Neal, Shirley Feierabend and Bill McCrary. SPIRITUAL PROGRAMS The Speech Department also presented programs of a more spiritual nature. Each morning one of the students read the devotional. Shown above is Nancy Bursey. On Fridays Dr. Boger read the International Sunday School Lesson. In a scene from the Thanksgiving program Ray Whisenand is shown as Abraham Lincoln and Tabor Scott as a freed slave. Jimmie Mae Pace appeared as Mary and Sue Cearley as the angel in the Christmas pageant. Shepherds were Raymond Andrews, joe Saunders, jimmy Painter and Norman Eubanks. Sport f '-5 -,..,-., ,,.. 6,14 . , - z E , x .WM " jyfpj xxx Q 'W ""'T2E 'f I jA - .12 'f' .',-- , , 11 J' in Y. Q, ff 134 pi-f.... X A ' 1 X 2 X ff' ' ii- f ,. i'2!c'F""1'f' f X X E.. " Y - ..Q -.- 1 1 J ', 'P ' v 111215222223 e5 i2E2?2?2- ,. ' ' I '1ff?ff5F52fff5f5ffffs., r. 1:15552F5525f55f5fff2f5Sf255f525 ' E 'Z-3i31g-1- ., .1-gigiji -L.. 'gfgrg .4.. Ig5.j.g.- ..3-3.325.315333.32325-31531:-3.3 Zififili xiffifffi K f '-1,4 'E' '53E?2?2i1:. l1.2?2E513E3'.jiEff5f 1 - - 'A"' 'h V' f' 'f jk 1 X ' 'I X 3271552521 I 'V P .-:-g15:?:Ig:':I Ig :1gIg:-1-5.5:-Q, ' J f F W ' ' "A' A "" Tlffifffrififififfiffffififrffifffrififriif.' f 'Ei' ..,..., N"f,,y 1 ' -if' "" i5"f Zh: Q , ff f '1:11:2:3:111211111111311112:3:1:12:2:1o2:a:111':af Lf, f fl A qx :1:1p1211:1E521'1I' 55-'ff"' -4'gg2:1E3LQ59 f ,A 4-Q 'Z'-2',l Q' " E9 12-'5'.5'f: ' .-L ' i ' Qk13Qb:Xs ,? ,..,f4fwQ' Q X Y f ..i'lfi?el5g:g1,,4,3.'2,4,-' --' ff V -- - xr-f - 5 M 1x 2'2?3T??.4fg 'fff-5?-,. 7 I ff- 21221229 ,Q fi ff f' ?'T- .. ,,,. 1 W fi' ,fl ,, fu A N A 7, f xx 'I ' f y , aw ff NN!! V X45 l87 1 1 . , E e . . 5 . 6 as fail' Q 0 uv , .Mi A Q x-. 9. xx V. .JK . N. Q Q. 1 di, gf., 571 If ,is 8 an .R J W ,' .af- ? A S Kr' 4 fx., .5 New , 3- mm, ,W-, A 4 -. if .1 M ia Af., 3 3 , . Y' W gf Q29 H, F , 2 9? ,V'. 5 W . 473-Q , Xff, :?'vq,,'?'Wi Ab! gg, .LL 1 "f x.. 54 W. if f '4.. , V QI, , .Q my jf. ' if -wg, i qi ., ,. , . "iw ' if wi 4. kk 'X 'X' 2- ,wifi ., in 'isyb ,xy ww . A .IT 'cw . ,M +1 ,A , 'J , . 1 51 ...ff New-an , , ,,., . J- 1 95" A ,V . 'rw'-4 -an fx iw , .2 f .1 ' 'FF W fzf a.,f.x . Q . 5. LM f K4 J' , .4 . 4 - K' N ,,'. . if 4 .1 , ' s Af: - i :QW V L H. ,ram I Z L' , I - .- . fx 5, X.,- 3 Q I' A ,r . A f ..1'fM ,Q iv' , ,N K xi 1.-why 1 "' 1 ' f!.f4"' 4. ' K ..v.'.k i . far' .Y j' , N W ",,.j.,, , J N--.1 .4 . Pi U -j,,,.NQJ K If 4rf.4gy.Q1,. ws Q-x:"- Jw, 9:1 L. ' -. ' , , wffzgvn L 1 L mx K. 3, .L . .kgrrxk K L-f.?.T,.ra 4- , ., xfVi.,,,,'r sf, , . 3 A . Y f 1 , ni. N, ' x I -M75 .- V e X 1.5, 7 f S 3501.1 A K ' Q . fn 5 A -1 . W, i ,gwmgiii ,, cl. Hugh Cox-Back Stanley Bull-Back Jackie Fyfe-Back Zerrell Walker-Back jimmy Albright-Back pf 4:5 .I , , 'ff' Q27 I f X - -, A J l ,125 A '7 'lil f " Q 441' I I . ', ft-xlibs 4 'Wy ' , PZ 'ff' I fffl I J Tommy Turner-Back .Q l Bill Heien-Back Billy Witherspoon-Back Ray Bingham gets an assist from Richard Stockton as he crosses the goal-line against Sherman. erry Raines takes off for a first down against Pampa. AMARILLO-1 2 CHILDRESS-6 The Childress Bobcats proved a tough opponent for the Golden Sandstorm in the season opener. Tommy Donnell provided the games big thrill when the Sandie tailback went 67 yards off tackle to score on the games second play. Donnell also scored Amarillo's other touchdown, going over from the three, midway in the second period. AMARILLO-6 ABILENE-40 The Eagles of Abilene avenged a 1949 defeat by the Sandies with a 40-6 stomping on the Abilene home field. Leon Evans saved the Sandstorm from a complete white- washing when he scored from the one yard line in the final period. Co-captain Doc Williams went out of the game when he aggravated a shoulder injury for the first casualty in what proved to be an injury-packed year. AMARILLO--21 PASCHAL fFort Worthj-27 Showing definite improvement over previous play, the Golden Sandstorm ran up a 14-7 halftime lead over Fort Worth's Paschal Panthers. The second half proved the Sandies' undoing, however, as the Panthers ran up 20 points to come out on the long end of a 27-21 score. Tommy Donnell tallied for the Sandies in the first quarter and fullback Leon Evans scored Amarillo's other two touch- downs in the second and fourth periods. Donald Neese con- verted after each TD. AMARILLO-34 SHERMAN-7 The Sandies knocked the Sherman Bearcats from the ranks of the undefeated with a 54-7 win. The victory pulled the AHS squad up to the .500 mark with a 2-2 record for the season. Kenneth McMullin led the Sandie offense with two touch- downs, and Ray Bingham, Stanley Bull and Jerry Raines added six points each to the Sandstorm scoring totals. Donald Neese converted after three Amarillo scores. The Sandies' defense was improved over the earlier games, as the Black and Gold defenders intercepted several crucial passes. -'mea , S i l s V' A ' The window, where so much equipment was handed out, forms a frame for the Sandie man- agers. Front row: Ben Mosley and Corny Mock. Second row: Carter Karr, Steve Curtis and Benny Bechtol. Tailback Tommy Donnell tallies a first down against Childress in the season opener, as Kenneth McMullin goes down throwing a block. mgpwm, s V ld I94 Virgil Welch-Back jimmy Davis-Back Bob Moore-Back Captain Harold Swindell-Center Fred Way-Center Darrell Bains-Center ,Q-'-In Teddy Reyman-Center Willy: - . A 1 Dan Gunn-Center QL Richard Stockton-End Don Carter-End jerry Ramsey-End in Jing, .M johnny Isaacs-End Carroll Forrester--End Clinton Hinkle-End Pursued by a pair of Westerner defenders, Tommy Donnell takes off for a first down against Lubbock with a 20-yard gain for the Golden Sandstorm. Toby Wise-End William F rancis-End AMARILLO-1 3 VERNON-0 Showing the best defensive play of the year, the Sandies shut out Vernon 13-0 for the season's first whitewashing of opposition. Wingback Ray Bingham tallied both Ama- rillo touchdowns, one each in the second and third periods. Donald Neese converted after the second touchdown. Full- back Kenneth McMullin compiled a punting average of 41 yards in four tries and Tommy Donnell led the ball carriers with 86 yards in 17 attempts. AMARILLO-0 LUBBOCK 20 Amarillo and the Westerners played one of the yearls top defensive games through almost three quarters before Lubbock scored three quick touchdowns in the final 13 minutes. A Tommy Donnell pass, intercepted with 20 sec- onds to go in the third period, was turned into a Lubbock score. The Westerners added two more touchdowns in the final quarter to sew up the contest. The Golden Sandstorm got the most severe shock of the season just before the half when Captain Harold Swindell suffered a split spleen which took him out of action for the season. X si 4- Almost the whole Sandie squad gets into the act as Ray Bingham makes a first down against Borger. Left to right are Bingham, Darrell Bains, Bill Carter and John Spencer. 60 fs, 1, IW: l I f I ,Xi 1. , -Q14 M .Q ' Q nr- mf- .- K --, ,D ,, V A - - .fa . W U.. .. afar 1. , .. Q. . .rw . Sandstorm end Donald Carter sets up a touchdown by taking a Tommy Donnell aerial in Amarillo's 34-7 upset of the Sherman Bobcats. IT ix AMARILLO-O ODESSA-41 Continuing their mastery of the Golden Sandstorm, the Odessa Bronchos handed the AHS squad their second straight whitewashing, this time to the tune of 41-0. Odessa tallied 21 points in the first period and added 20 more during the contest as they effectively spoiled the game which had been dedicated to the Sandies' injured captain, Harold Swindell. AMARILLO-0 PAMPA-28 The Pampa Harvesters ran the Sandies' scoreless streak to 12 straight quarters as they won the district title for the second straight year with a 28-0 whitewashing. The defeat climaxed one of the greatest build-ups of school spirit in the history of AHS, including a week of pep rallies, a bonfire and parade. AMARILLO-7 BORGER-1 3 Amarillo's Gold-and-Black footballers scored their first touchdown in four games in their Thanksgiving meeting with Borger Bulldogs. Hugh Cox took an 18-yard jimmy Albright pass in the second period of the Turkey Day conflict to end the Sandies' scoring drouth and afford some consolation for the 15-7 final. Donald Neese made the conversion to complete the Amarillo scoring. Co-Captain Doc Williams-Guard Co-Captain Bill Carter-Guard Bobby Hibbs-Guard Charles Cox-Guard Thomas La Falier-Guard Arthur Fields-Guard S Muvvv Kenneth Johnston-Guard E. G. Sanders, diminutive Sandie wingback, throws a key block as Richard Stockton takes off after receiving a jerry Raines aerial. Al Q jimmy Raleigh-Guard l-. ,W ,,.....-..-.L Montie Frazier-Guard Howard Childers-Tackle Jerrel Mulkey-Tackle lk Neal Allen-Tackle jack Graham-Tackle john Spencer-Tackle 'x xx X X HGH 'O - , Dan Loving-Tackle E Robert Baird-Tackle and Kenny Moss-Tackle Danny Vaughn-Tackle jimmy Harber-Tackle AMARILLO-20 PLAINVIEW-7 Howard Lynch sat out his last game as head coach as the Golden Sandstorm ended the 1950 season with a 20-7 win over the Plainview Bulldogs. Ray Bingham scored twice, Leon Evans added the third touchdown and Donald Neese booted the two extra points as 21 Seniors wore their Sandie uniforms for the last time. 1 rt: ,n,. nan A A 'Il Top row: Managers Benny Bechtol and Carter Karr, coaches Lynch, Whinnery and Hull, managers Steve Curtis, Cornie Mock, and Ben Mosely. Fifth row: john Spencer, Howard Childers, Neal Allen, jack Graham, Kenny Moss, Dan Loving, Bill Carter, Bobby Hibbs, Doc Williams. Fourth row: Kenneth Johnston, Robert Baird, Richard Stockton, Kenneth McMullin, Donald Neese, Darrell Bains, Donald Carter, jerry Ramsey, jimmy Raleigh, Charles Cox, Montie Frazier. Third row: Hal Bradley, jimmy Albright, Tommy Turner, Zerrell Walker, Billy Witherspoon, Bill Heien, Toby Wise, johnny Isaacs, Clinton Hinkle, Danny Vaughn, jerrell Mulkey. Second row: Tommy LaFalier, Arthur Fields, Ray Bingham, Leon Evans, Teddy Reyman, Dan Gunn, Bob Moore, jimmy Davis, Jack Fyfe, Virgil Welch. First row: Willie Francis, Stanley Bull, Carroll Forrester, Tommy Donnell, jimmy Harber, E. G. Sanders, jerry Raines, Fred Way, Hugh Cox, Raymond Bennett. First row: Ewell Parker, Bruce Weaver, Larry Hunter, james Christopher, jerry Hibbs, David Gill, Roger Yates, Billy Joe Shires, Jackie Miller. Second row: Wade Moore, Edward Butterfield, Gary Thornton, Alan Roberson, Leroy Bennett, Kent Gathright, Leon Egleson, Dale Davis. Third row: Richard Forrester, Roddy Dement, Carroll Shelton, Ymmigvms' 1950 Football Season YANNIGANS OPPONENTS Yannigans ......... ..,,. 7 Boise City ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yannigans ...... ........ 1 3 Borger B .,,,. ,,,,, Yannigans ...... ........ 2 5 Borger B ,,.... ,,.,, Yannigans ...... ..... O Canadian ,,,,,.,,, ,,,,. Yannigans ....... ,r,,.... 4 0 Plainview B ,,.,, ,,,, Yannigans ....,. ,,,...., 5 9 Wellington ,,,,, Yannigans ....... ....... 1 9 Price .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 8 Yannigans ....... ........ 2 6 Pampa ,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, 1 3 Yannigans ....... ..... 6 Lubbock B ,,., .,,,.,, 1 4 - ,-,,. . r .,. user Rob Schulze, Maryon Bilderbaclc, Charles Brown, Louis Flores, William Armstrong, Fourth row: Victor Morgan, Dwight Ubben, Barney Williams, James Thomson, Nelson Bour, Billy Mobley, jerry Flynn, Warren Tuckness. Back row: Coaches Salkeld, and Matney, managers Phillip Ince, Jerry Gross and David O'Keefe. Dan Salkeld Head Yannigan C oarlo 51. , y QHYSEII vHYs.rn fa 9,1613 Z -J" s. 1:11 qsgclxllffg fiffygm r INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS-Front row, left to right: james Spinks, Frank Toland and Bobby White. Back row, left to right: David Horn, Charles Fincher, Charles Hood and Bobby King. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS-Front row, left to right: Bill Holloway, Rob Roy Rogers, Richard Fairchild, T. L. Newman, Jackie Fairchild, Garland Ballew, and W. Howard. Back row: Bill Stambaugh, George Melton, Manuel Underwood, Morgan Wilson, Clyde Vaughn and William Wright. 4,1 I. s Zi ' ! . QQ A B' . . ,g f V q L W W .,..i R .si B' 5 . M 1 in I if .L 3. 4511156 llllY5.fll. gilqv G F A ' Sffii? '33-r ' gigs, 5 8 5 III W QE ,giv WU , Xfiw in Jef f Neely-Forward joe Sullivan runs into a handful of opposition as he tries a shot A against the Gruver Greyhounds. Bill Winter-Center The Golden Sandie basketballers under Coach T. G. Hull placed third among the four teams in the loop as district 1-AA completed its last year. The Sandies will compete in AAAA classification in the 1951-52 season. The Sandies opened the year by beating Odessa and fin- ished up with a win over Price College, but there weren't enough victories between the two as the squad rolled up a record of 10-11 for the full season and a mark of two wins and four losses in the district standings. The Hullmen were victorious only over Plainview in con- ference play, dropping two games each to Borger and Pampa. The Sandies threw a scare into Borger, district champs in 1950-51, before the Bulldogs pulled a 41-40 win out of the fire in the first meeting of the squads, but that was the nearest they came to beating either Borger or Pampa. Bill Winter, six-foot-four inch Sandie center, placed sec- ond in the district scoring with 84 points for the year. Winter was the only letterman back from the 1949-50 edition of the Sandstorm. john jenkins came in ninth in the loop's individual totals with 40. The Sandie hoopsters dropped in 269 points during the year against conference foes, compared with 258 for the opposition. The Black-and-Gold cagers tallied 902 points over the full year, against 888 for the opponents. if 2, lk 1'-5 fp ii I 65159 X 1 'if , B ' w f i .cu , ' f f 1 W ff X 'JE Q71 Toby Dowell-Forward Mp 16 jyl, MJ! "j,l,.ffH'9f1 SANDIE SCORING IN DISTRICT Bill Winter .................. ........ 8 4 john jenkins ........ ....... 4 0 joe Sullivan .........., ........ 3 5 jim Settles ................... ....... 2 0 Gayle Linkenhoger ...... ........ 2 0 Melvin Wright Harold Swindell john Plunkett Bobby Hudson ....... ........ 9 jerry Manning ....... ........ 5 M. L. Kline ........... ........ 4 Toby Dowell ....... ........ 3 Darrell Bains .....,. ........ 2 Bill Carter ........ ........ 1 jeff Neely ......,. ........ 1 jim Settles-Guard joe Sullivan-Guard Melvin Wright-Forward john jenkins lets fly under the basket after eluding a pair of Odessa defenders. john Plunkett-Guard 3 Q 5 S Bill Winter gets an assist from joe Sullivan as he takes a Darrell Bains--Center Phillips rebound for the Sandies. Bill Carter-Guard john jenkins--Guard s mf ai 1 'ID X. X X 4 ' M 2,0 f V ff 'f ' ' ' 4 . Q . x GJ, Civ jerry Manning--Guard john Withers-Center M. L. Kline-Forward Sanche Coach T G Hull takes advantage of a tune out to gxve the cagers some last- Bobby Hudson- Front row: Richard Chandler, Neal Ellis, Charles Ott, Ted Stewart, Zerrell Walker, Mickey Irwin and Tommy Darnell. Back row: Kenneth Whittington, Van Hall, Bill Dowty, Tom Boyd, Neal Norwood, jimmy Albright and Don Ely. ny,, Sandie Sophs E' lf 5--s ' ,,.T..'-afS':.-:- I 24 ,,-nf' fb if as X, . 15' . 1 L .. U45 -"WM if " if 5-'D' L w T-ff-325 + f ' fifif ,fir 'hi V J " 'f' ' 7- fl In I .1 xv Q 'v F' -f1,i'. L ' X 1'g"'i"7 P- ' X lu -5 , --,-- - I , -- y V. Q I1 '2 ,t 210 i . Upper left: Dean Collins works the set out with Upper right: Cecil Brown applies the high wing pin Cecil Brown. to Claudell Wright. Center left: Bill Estes and Coy Long grin as Long Center right: Gus Moutos Works the hip lock on applies the short arm drag. Jackie Wooterr. Wrestlzug . . . Lower left: jimmy Moutos applies the high wing Lower right: Bob Foster and Rex Manley in the ride to Benny Hollingsworth. referee's position. julian Levine-Guard jim Settles and john jenkins fail momentarily in their role as Sandie defenders against Pampa. Harold Swindell finds it tough keeping the ball away from a pair of Phillips Blackhawks. Harold Swindell--Forward 'W 5 1 QQ 3 Q 1 1 fr? W J 15134 35 , ,, . :,. 5, 1wE,:vE,. , 4 ,r .f m.. - 162:23 35g4f1gf'i fn,..f:,1"fl Xa: w - 4,1 A -,gg wf : K ,f vm ' K 1 T "EQ 1951 Track Team . . . Front row: Bill Cooke, Ray Bingham, John Embery, Kenneth McMullin, Hugh Cox, Billy Witherspoon, james Christopher, Ed Goddard, johnny Isaacs, Don Trickey. Second row: Stanley Bull, Toby Wise, Edwin Reese, Ed jackson, Howard Childers, Ed Taylor, Bob Hodnett, Stuart Dowlen, Donald Carter, Bob Byrd. Third row: Ted Lock, Delmos Hickmont, Mack Gordon, Carroll Shelton, Phillip Irwin, Ronnie Walcher, Hugh Knight, Sam Wilson, Gayle Linkenhoger. Back row: Coach Whinnery, Manager Pat Hare, jerry Raines, Tabor Scott, jeff Neely, Herman Turner, Winton Campbell, jack Rigdon, Manager Bill Keaton. Mile Relay Team-Stanley Bull, Toby Wise, Donald Carter and Bob Byrd. HIGH JUMP Bill Cook SHOT AND DISCUS Ed jackson 880-Toby Wise SHOT AND DISCUS Howard Childers , ,w , Mf-,,1mf.",.- fy' .,,J.,wfq,'-f BROAD JUMP Billy Witherspoon HIGH JUMP Hugh Cox Kenneth McMu11in goes ahead in the HURDLES POLE VAULT Don Trickey MILE RUN Stuart Dowlen POLE VAULT johnny Isaacs 880 RUN Ray Bingham QQ ,QWAQQA ll Vhzinbieii , ,- - 4 x Lb Q 1sO?3 5 1 , az., -. xl ,X ff- .' QVFLQ-' 0.3.5 fr, 4 k R YVfCM of Q f 0 N S lf' J 5 ..., .X 1 W Vx v - f YW-1 .f xv 'fy' Jimmy Baker George Aulbach, jr. lf r J X.,. ,sJ MIL .. .A .wh Front row, left to right: Bob Yeager, Richard Stroud, George Aulbach, jr., Bob Sanders, jimmy Baker. Second row, left to right: Bob Fausett, Hollis DeGrassi, Don Gatlin, Rex Baxer, Jr., jimmy Russell. bk BASEBALL 5 ,f 'e X.. 1-14 g ll iii il 'N-nil' Q lil 4 Upper row: julian Levine, pitcherg E. G. Sanders, 2Bg Billy Orr, 3B. Center row: Roddy Dement, pitcherg Melvin Wright, OFg Lewis Dorouglm, pitcher. Lower row: Harold Swindell, OFg Bill Dowty, OF. Upper row: Reuben Palacio, pitcher, Mark Gunnels, OF, jimmy McKinney, pitcherg Billy Cormack, ZB. Second row: jerry Bar- ret, pitcher, Larry Marks, OFg Chuck Newman, pitcher. Third row: jerry Bas- den, pitcher, Carter Karr, 5Bg Terry Phil- lips, OF. 'fn 3, ff -X ,-e,g,s:9 " A Z,-,,:,,f,f,,V , , .- .f W, . -F mm: , Top row: Phillip Nichols, IB, Toby Druin, catcher, Billy Adams, catcher, Gler Yeager, OF. Center row: Howarc Jamieson, pitcher, Bob by Martin, SS. Bottom row: jackie Miller, IB, B. Mat- thews, OF. . 5 1 l SINGLES-Terry Smith DOUBLES-Bob Kerr and johnny Perkins 5 . ' . Front row, left to right: jimmy Walker, Terry Northcutt, Carlos Moore, Don Stensaas, Terry Smith. Back row, left to right: Don Singleton, jerry Hollingsworth, Stuart Johnson, johnny Perkins, Coach Xifilliam C. Wilson. Hi Efr?si59Ei,iLl35 '1siif,5QiT2iSiie? INTRAMURAL WRESTLING CHAMPIONS-Front row, left to right: Benny Hollingsworth, Eldon Lewis, Cecil Brown, Verlin Manley, David Gill. Back row, left to right: Gus Moutos, Cecil Murphy, Coy Long, Wayne Conrad. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS-Left to right: Fred Reichert, Dean Evans, Billy Morris, Rex Bledsoe. x 9 s rn .n +- "r'V::: ,r.Qr bD'R'Q,f HYS. Eli. 5 L . N4 2275 ' xv, I Ln -K.. ,K . :fb .N Q ,. V - 525333924151 'Mesa VJ if ,gg K Az, .W ., Hari Q 1 H TENNIS At the close of the tennis tournament, Prudence Brown emerged as singles champion. Memb Owens CTS of the Sally Taylor and Diane T h o m a s represented AHS in doubles. , G A olnas angen M053 tennis tea Beth S y Prud U1 are: allde e'7Ce .IU-3 rs flmeelingfrown, 'gi Ree . an 6 VOLLEYBALL The f. Bert !I'Sl' Stn. Carry Bell ng out-of You er. pronfune W -gown V ng, 1' row esley R olleyb H : 05611, 3 l'6'3 7 H Thy D 71 Was Gr!-lngton 661-,ng C Om pose , B511-ty Igfhgy of EV 1683110 anglve 3 Cafd Wskl. FQ, M 611, , wan ayllfe 2 a Le Evelyn Short, jan Rogers, Myrna Loy Clark, Patsy Koontz, 6 Lucy Amerson, "Sissy" jordan. Front row: Wynonah Boyd, Carole Mims and Alice Ann jones capably Maxine McDowell, jo Ann Stocker, Sue Hazelwood made performed their duties as managers. up the second string. -----:annum--ws.. 'ww1 Mw-MN- TUMBLING . g, ' ht' Bam Blame US ' - ei, W, lei' to Qrewng ZNLMY -A Bottom iggxxks, Bans, TOP 'ow a PYYAYYXX . 7 Pansy C lox Bogg A. gtumblefs EifmCai0le ggdieionxfid K n s 1 - i - M2223 tludtgrfxtsllalls' Shdigliarline W 0 i V . d C, aihw:?,M:,30rxe Do Z LOW ' Clowns Earline White Mary Lou Ivy and Velma Walls ' ' ' . . ' v G performs one of the most difficult tumbl 3'farjCir1e1Dodge amuse the student body with feats as she dives over Shirley Jamieson, Carole Gruglg elf we Y antics- Betty Cretsinger, Betty Lou Gwinn, and Kay Witt. Beverly Boxwell and Linette Smith pull their arrows from the target as Glynanna Doche watches. Who got the bull's-eye? This same junior trio looks in top forrr as they skillfully aim their shots. Archery was presented in AHS for the first time this year. This ancient beautiful art haf already found its way into the hearts of MISCELLANEOUS its my PWM' Lola Christal leaps for the ball in a fast-moving basketball game. ,,,.Z -ffg ' f ,I ,fd-' xx ,,,.-.,- . I X 1 f 'j E, 5 . ,,,."'I-'5- 911' 41 t if W L Although not a strenuous game, ping-pong A speedy return comes off the mallet of Sandra seems to be quite enjoyable to Jacky Baker and Hurt as She teams up with Judy Boozer in a Sue McPherson. set of ping-pong doubles. PING - PONG AND BADMINTON i N Xll! Jig' I 1 . , gg ., N Qt-, X 1 I 'f f X 3 4 rg wx , iff? i5 - fy nl' 1' ' 2 In an exciting game of badminton, Carol Hamilton hits the "birdie', as Maynie Carter looks on. A Marjorie Dodge-Captain Joan Davis joan Robb Betty K Gwenclal Roberts Patsy Fox Lona Bentley oann W The Scorchers lived up to their name by burning the Devilettes to become first place winners. UN IOR - SENIOR BASKETBALL Runners-up were the Devilettes led by Betty Bieganowski and Yvonne Watson. Pic- tured from left to right are: Katherine Daniel and Yvonne Watson, Emma Lue Hamel, Rosemary Deering, june Wesley, Betty Bell, Betty Bieganowski, and Wanza Lee Young. Y ,W ,,,, pls ,J lil The Things, composed of girls from Miss Williams' third period class, emerged as second place winners. From left to right: Frances jackson, captaing Shirley Peake, Jan Rogers, Quincy Dickey, Sara Shuffler, Pat Farquhar, Grace Hurd, and Mary Newman. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL The Speedettes, from Mrs. Foreman's second period class, were the sophomore winners. Sue Smith, Captain Llola Christal Joyce Tuckness Virginia johnson Charlene Benton Lovella Payne Yvonne Wesberry Edwina Langford S ,S Sfif 4 .,,,,i M c ' ""' l Sim S gfr- M l '-A' I e ff l Sfuden NM ' .Qi fp mg f 1 EQJEQQ? W f -- "" ' 1 N ,',,2, 1?1 - . ia - If Q vim? 4 + N' f Lf If If q ' X- ,, Jia, f ,,-4.4 1. 5 ,x 2 1 55- 1 f -1 QL! --"""" F A UN l " - nl ' ff A - 41, Ig.-:EQN 7 ,I x s A, 46 l-mf' fx k- QfSl'- 4, V V WM ! X "N Y ff X .,,k ' fl' S X' lf ' 1 , ,f- ' 5' X Q 'S ,X pf 'Y-rg 2' -,fc , U:-.LQ ffl' X I + IL N EX J! ,L-17 V JXXMX V ' "X- J? ffl! 4 -'A l ffff' 6365 ri M x,+L-,-,.,-- ,, Qatar to it A5 S. x X .. I 7 SMXAXQS ez otball gum ell? YU beet C' The Start Even from that first cheerful "Howdy" on the opening day of school, AHS stu- dent life was sprinkled with a conglom- eration of football games, dances, and a spirit of youthful enthusiasm. Varsity Vic and Kampus Kate for September, john Isaacs and Maxine Merriman First day of registration, with jeanet jackson and Mr. Wilson. mares' t 1. 3 . w All At the Printer's Prom -Miss Printer's Ink fBobby Osburn with Bob Davis oe ,pf Benham, and Q25 the Sandie Swingsters. jean Whitting t 0 n and Marion Taylor at the Tri-State Fair. Wk. Q'4 i X ,wif . . Elections . Varsity Vic and Kampus Kate for October, Harold Swindell and Gae Blackburn Stanley Pittman and Charlene Willoughby lead the Sandie band in the Kid Day parade. YEA SANDIES!!! Pep rally for the Lubbock game. ME' is ,, -g,-uw 1 H 'i 1 .Ma S W, An! ,iw ia 1,281 li? 5-,sv ,J , .. X QW, Q, Mitra 1 3 Q, jg ifameflw Election time in A.I-I.S ai ff rf .00 Parades . . . Football Tommy Cleek, Gayle Linkenhoger, Ed jackson, joe Saunders, and "Sleepy" Stuart-on their Way to Lubbock for the football game. Beverly Boxwell, Sheila Starks, and jim- mie Dell Atkinson sing at the pep rally before the Sandie-Vernon game. Members of THE SANDSTORM staff are enjoying refreshments after folding R55 the paper for distribution the next day YOU' ,wflf Bonfire . The Sandie supporters exceeded all pre vious records for pep and spirit just be fore Pampa game-time rolled around. Varsity Vic and Kampus Kate for November Dan Bill Pavillard and Patsy Stanley After attending the bonfire, these Sandie boosters await refreshments at the Amarillo "Market" Students go all-out for the team as they rally in front of the Herring Hotel following a parade down Polk Street. l w Pep Rallies . S-A-N-D-I-E-S, yea!!! Melody Starks cheers the team on at the bonfire pre- ceding the Sandie-Pampa game. Oh, you Sandies!!! is the battle-cry of these football enthusiasts. and Loac One of November's most memorable' events was,the Allied Youth's comedy "mock" coronation, presented as an as- sembly program to raise funds to send its president, jerry Ramsey, to two youth conventions, the national AY convention in Buckhill Falls, Pennsylvania, and the Mid-Century White House Conference in Washington, D. C. With the boys dressed as girls, and vice- versa, the "mock" coronation of the queen of the fictitious PSHS QPullman Switch High Schoolj was a hilarious presentation. Here is Sandie Carter es- corting Corny "Cornelia" Mock. , - H ld th Sandieland never saw 3 queen like AHSS. llfamieg Tis-Sl:ZsStf:Jle"hE1? ?t?l21Vl'vl:3HhjubleCti . -' " ' trowm . ,, ,, Stepter at. Pullman Switch' Here lilidiwaijl Childers and Dan Loving, and hCf honor as "she" is accompanied by pagCS, 1 1- 1 'A -..J Alvin Flfllev. Q...-l wfN.i.. W-. ........ W-t,...-H .. . , . .. , WNY ,.. . ,, , ,K , f Fun Bill Winter is escorted by Carol Cleek, and Mike Flynn squires E. G. Sanders in the "mock" coronation. Yannigans and friends gather at a party after a Yann victory over Lubbock's Cowhands. Left to right are: Mary Jeanne Gray, Dale Davis, Doris Beverley, Billy Wilkinson, Ronnie Edwards, Shirley Chewning, Keith Winter and Jacky Baker. YR NN! Us Christmas Parties . Varsity Vic and Kampus Kate for December, Barney Young and Nita johnson AHS's popular new assistant principal, Mr. Kniseley, leads carols at the AY Christmas party. "Camera-bugl' Harold Swindell attempts to "shoot" Mack Gordon, Toby Dowell, and Stanley Bull at the Senior Mothers Club dance. I ,E1 ,E W ??' Q 13-""' 6 iv I F6.!!3.:':L v l laik 1, I M' 1 ,eel , fW 4fTeQ f d f if Q , k s3"f+ffff Q 5--gf? MQW if 'wx g ,k.V 'f :QV Eff? Aff I kakg Y f I 9 vs +G -t, 9 .au Y 5 Q. V an f , , ,PH ,Q 3. f xg, . as ,Q , A , .ai 3 ,ti :W ll ,W nl kwin. QL- , L' ah. I di , X A 245 and Holiday Victory, victory" is our cry!!! The Plainview game found the weather cold but Sandie spirit high, as shown by Billy Rutter, jurhee Speer, and other football fans of AHS. ,QQ ust Begun Having cokes at the "Market" are: Mack Gordon, Stanley Bull, Dale Johnson, Bettie Simpson, Hugh Cox, Elise Deal, jerry Gardner and Bill Heien. Enjoying intermission at a holiday dance are: Glynanna Doche, Kenneth McMul- lin, Donald Carter, Sheila Starks and john Ed Ekelund. Giving food to the Children's Home was an all-school project. Varsity Vic and Kampus Kate for january, ' Richard Thompson and Ara Cox Taking advantage of the snowy weather are2Tabor Scott, Doris Posey, Jack Mayes, and Claire Smith. Skiing . . Skatin "Sherlock, if you have a magnifying glass handy, 1 l ti I .ms Y "No, Chuck, no!" cries jane Neely as Neal A 1' 1,1 TW fx md Snow. ,n see the Sandie track boys practicing! Attempting to skate on the none-too-smooth ice are Chuck Newman, john Isaacs, Sally Bivins, jane Neely, Sally Sparks, Shirley Nelson, joe Saunders, and Anne Clifford. cl Chuck Newman join in Covering her with Snow, Enjoying a winter ski trip are: Dan Bill Pavillarcl, Charles Kirkpatrick, and Dale Albright. iii? , rggfket .itt .--f y .-Q If E x 3? 'S 1 t, s' J. C , .,tr ,gba 1 -um f 4 QA g G' if iffvfb M. ft sr we A-Q 5 'I 3 1 K '. Q. .,.. 3 . .aww 1 LR ,wwwwm S ay P. ... -Q Q ff ,-., ,img-Sw . V- W E., 5 9 3 .a Nm f Mask .sr--., 1 i .--.,.... 1. 7 i l H..- l f x jane Moore La Airordr efficient booklseeper Hand Sparkplug of the Sandie Swingsters is its versatile director, Claude Hedspeth, who doubles as presi- dent of the Sandie Band. Having devoted many hours of his time to school service, Claude is both a talented musician and an all-around fellow. "Minute Men" administer first aid in. emergencies. Left to right are: joe Wirtz, Steve Kelly, "Doc" Williams, Monte Frazier, Norman Eubanks, jerry Merchant. On stretcher is Charlotte Halley. Not pic- tured are: jerrel Mulkey, Mack Gordon, Mahlon Davis. Wg, Enjoying candy and teddy bears are AHS ukiddiesn: Ida Miller, Ed Jackson, Bill Keaton, Rufus Schmidt, Jeanie Shannon, jere Davidson, Damon Nutt, Pat Masters, Patty Lynes, and jerry Raines. Tally - Ho! At the area FHA convention, Sue Dammier serves punch to Betty Chilcote and Nan Watkins. "Yum-yum," Damon Nutt, Jeanie Shannon, and Bill Keaton agree as they munch on their Kid Day candy. As part of the planning committee, Marie Carthel, Mary Louise Phillips, and Birdie Turner confer as they prepare for 2000 guests at the area FHA convention. "Stick-'em-up!" says Patty Lynes to Rufus Schmidt, Ed jackson, and Jere Davidson, as she plays a Kid Day prank. 1 gi MV? i W , 1 et f ' ffgiv 1 , -f '! ff Q7 f ,-4. ii. ' 4, 51 , 4 L., jg! Q ,ff 11' , 5 ' 4 TsS N I Q f M- 1 Q pf T '-E' x 1 ,S , , fl Q x d-' 1 ""' ,f ' X Kun 1 fb ffl, , K T3 Ss b Q ' 47? 'T Q6 - V ' - -'P-'S -g - l Xvr di ' g15Xiif5Q,,.'i14. H H 7 ,1' :-2-'Lil' T ' YSL' -2--'--X-,-V ,,..:f -.4-1'-'I l 1 ,..z-3 -..ff XZ. ,g ig ff , X""f, N Y Q A QR! A--ni"-' INX v T.. 3 I WWW W1 H pr V - r 3' :i X NX 4 - gxi C! N V g "fQ."Q "'1.:'l'g'-."x3s3ffN2 - h ' V If 'g' i ,' 1 31" ' A i Q' W f Q .. ,uf XTZQY ' fx Ain 'SIX 751, . gigs: ..A" H .92 -.-. 1 '.-.- R f .., L 5-h .-.- .. Jkxl-V' v-5 'H+ ffifxg- I Need Plenly of Hof Wafer! Bafhs, formulas, diapers, clollnes - Baby needs more hcl' wafer +han any one else in flue house. And ii' mus'r be clean Wafer -sparkling, crysfal clear. lns'l'all a clean, beauliful, new au+oma+ic gas waler heafer +l1a+ will give you all lhe clean hcl wafer you need for Baby - and plenly for +l1e resf of +l1e family, foo. You can'+ beal an adequafely-sized aulomafic gas waler healer! C YOU'LL GET IT Wm-I 615, Q PLEASE SEE YOUR PLUMBER OR GAS APPLIANCE DEALER Q, FOR AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATERS if ia Q MMMIM X 2' KGNC 256 l0,000 WaHs 7l0 on your dial 3 M. "YEA SANDIES" si rf BOB -Zh Zag Z CRUDGINGTON 6 M N V9 Studebaker THE AMARILLO TIMES 'The Times is Your Friend" CARS TRUCKS 220 W. 6+h 20I Fiiimore Phone 5386 PHONE 3-377I C 9 fi DINING sAl.oN f 1 sEA Foons "lf ii' swims 0 we have i+" f J U NN f f fi is i i E f Y fr ff N - 332 Q f ff V vos N.E. a+h v QQ FINE STEAKS I FRIED CHICKEN BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS - WALLPAPER FOR BEAUTY . . . FOR QUALITY 6' Earl Shelton AMARILLO PAINT 8: WALLPAPER CO. 9I0 Polk , Phone 9164 AMARILLO, TEXAS FURNITURE PAINTS-VARNISHES-WALL PAPERS ' APPLIANCES LINOLEUM-GIFTS-PICTURE FRAMING COMPLIMENTS ,Of PORTRAITS KODAK FINISHING COMMERCIALS ' Phone 2-2756 I 609-B Taylor Compliments of J. W. Hill VETESK'S MARKETS FURNITURE CO. zos WEST SIXTEENTH PHONE 2-2253 258 Mogrg Gssmith 0 Y UP COMPLIMENTS OF C. T. Floeck - John D. Davidson O. M. FRANKLIN OWNERS Body and Fender Work Painfing Us TWIN Framxivl:EOIK:l:hEEiIvitdEgnIng AMARMO' TEXAS MOTOR EXCHANGE SERVICE 40: N. Polk Phone 3-7447 VAN BRUNER DRUG I606 Washingfon Phone 2-3262 Q TROLINGER-.SMITH OOMPLIMENTS OF INCORPORATED LINE AVENUE Men's Wear 5I2 Polk Sfreef You will find fhe clofhes you like here. PHONE 2-2I65 38I2 LINE AVE. O CAMPUS TOGS CLOTHES O CROSLEY SQUARE SHOES O DENNIS SPORTSWEAR Gattis Cr Clendenin COMPEIFMENTS 805 Polk Sfreef POLL PARROT SHOES For School and Dress bfh and Jefferson Your Junior Dress Headquar+ers Gordon's 723 POLK Amarillo, Texas BEST WISHES From Lawrence - Kirby Company GENERAL INSURANCE A. B. Kirby, Mgr. Securi+y-Service-Savings 8I6 Harrison Dial 3-6I69 o Congraiulaiions 'From ff Emmmh S' H' KRESS 8' COMPANY Comple+e Home Furnishings 700 Polk 2-8345 8l2- I8 Wes+ l0'l'i'1 S+. Amarillo, Texas X iTiIeG Kiria SINCE :sw AA LN '- in an H WEST TEXAS' FINEST ii :jj H 'H T. I Avi vvvfmnl DEPARTMENT STORE 6TH AT POLK BAGOT HARDWARE : DIAMOND IMPORTERS AL ', Nafionally Adverfisecl Merchandise ai' fhe Lowesi' Possible Prices Diamonds I Luggage Wafches O Gif+s Silverware 0 Cameras BOXWELL BROTHERS Funeral Home Phone 52lI Taylor af Ninih FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE for 2 I years Ted Lokey TIRE COMPANY Shamrock Gasoline Seiberling Tires t ' Every archifeclural skill . . . lhousands of hours of planning and work . . . have gone info 'l'he new building of fhe Firsi' Na+ional Bank of Amarillo +o make 1'he Firsi' Nafional fruly "firs+ in banking service." Some of fhe special 'Fea+ures fhaf add +o comfori' and convenience of doing your banking ai' +he Firsi' Nafional are si'l'-down check desks, eleva'I'or service fo fhe safefy deposii' vaul+ in +he lower lobby, a parking lo'r for "Mo+or Banking," com- forfable lounges where you may resi' while you wail' +o mee+ your friends or business acquainf- ances. ' You'll enjoy banking a'l' +he Firsi Nafionall Open a savings or checking accouni' ioday. FIP. T ATIUNA Q V BA HUFAMABILLU "W 2UMM5mk 3 Q 6 THE AMARILLO GLOBE NEWS For Good Radio Good Luck 'lo lhe '50 - '5I Graduales l-lstenllng ARNHOLZ COFFEE CO. Cafe and Hotel Supplies 213 W. Six+h Phone 2-6729 l'l JoNEs "FRIENDLY" SHOES K L Y N Shoes for the Entire Family Always Friendly FOR MEN FOR WOMEN FOR CHILDREN CBS 940 KC Jarman Twenly-ones Acrobal' Forfune Forfunels S'l'ory-Book Valenfines Friendly-feens 253 908 Poll: Phone 2-9803 CARLTON - FLOREY An Amarillo Business Supporfing Your Amarillo lns+i'ru+ions FEATURING NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE COMPLIMENTS OF Pinkney Packing Company HEATH BEST wlsl-IES , Furniture PANHANDLE RADIO 524 Taylor Phone 2-5581 C0mPU"Y Amarillo' Texas 5oa W. lo+h Phone 9333 Army and Navy . Store Best Wishes Boys! Buy Your R.O.T.C. Uniform and Sporfswear af 20l EAST 4TH PHONE 6403 WEST TEXAS' OWN the AM va pl S the Manufacfured By The GRAHAM-HOEME PLOW COMPANY, INC. T Amarillo, Texas TELEPHONE 2-837I P.O. BOX 2050 Cunningham FLORAL COMPANY AMARlLLO'S LEADING FLORIST Established in l9l7 COMPLIMENTS OF MEYERS MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH I09 POLK , WHITNEY CO. Commerial Printing Rubber Stamps 25lI WEST 6TH PHONE 8259 609 HARRISON PHONE 906' HARRY HOLLAN Men's Clothing D'S 1 500 POLK FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Amarillo, Texas Featuring Sterling Silver .YSILI44-5 A airs TO EAT by eom-IAM LUNT WALLACE REED 266 INTERNATIONAL BARTQL U . Depository Member of FD. Compliments ot' AMARILLC NATIONAL BANK Your Bank of Personal Service Assets over Fifty-Million Dollors PonhandIe's Largest Bank i C CLACK Radio 1607 WASHINGTON AMARILLO, TEXAS ARMSTRONG TRANSFER 6' STORAGE CO., INC. I O3 Pierce Tel. 5374 Associafecl Wifh AMARILLO WAREHOUSE CO. W A E , 6 99 Polk Tel. 3-4385 H6 WEST SIXTH STREET Local and Long Disfance AMARILLO, TEXAS Moving FOR QUALITY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING GIBB'S CLOTHING CO. 516 POLK HOME OF FINE BRANDS Compliments of QMMZQ7' KEITH MOTORS CALL 22277 2oI PIERCE an HARRISON PHONE sm I COMPLIMENTS FROM PLAINS CREAMERY, Inc. 'A' Protected Dairy Products 18 T ylor Phon 4251 Home of Fine Appliances COMPLIMENTS of OSGOOD MONUMENT COMPANY Dependable Service Since 1906 l900 W. bfh Phone 3-Oblb 2701-3 Bu h Ph 3 6614 Amarillo' Texas 5 55" L55 QQGAQZEI , - X ' S 2 FURR FOOD STORES AMARILLO, TEXAS Besi Wishes fo I'I1e SENIORS G. E. JONES I ELECTRIC CO. Inc. 208- I4 N. Polk 2-5505 Mu Transfer and Storage Le+ Warehousing Help You THIRD AT ARTHUR PHONE 5263 RUSSELL STATIONERY CO. Books-Greefing Cards-Giffs Office Equipmenf-Supplies Prinfing-Li+I1ographing-Binding AMARILLO .'-' N- r X 1 .4, II 1 III I If QI' X 9 1 IRL 9 , HT - I - XXQ iff 'I' HIE I It LQKU v i f 7 2 T -T-T For Fast-Stepping Motor Performance A' SHAMROCK GASOLINES SHAMROCK MOTOR OILS SHAMROCK GREASES THE SHAMROCK OIL AND GAS CORPORATION Amarillo, Texas CONGRATULATIONS +o +he GRADUATING CLASS Nichols Point and Wallpaper The New KLlNE'S Disfincfive Apparel for Women bis POLK 123 WEST slxTH PHONE 2-8368 Follow The Sondies K A M Q MBS l0lU FIRE 0 To N. S. Griggs and Sons CASUALTY-SURETY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ambulance Service Fillmore Phone 3-43II JoNEs' BROS. SCHELL-MUNDAY co. DRIVE-IN f 1' ' Au+I'1orized Dealers ea urmg Wes+ingI1ouse-PI1iIco+Magic Chef CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH Anderson Gas Ranges-Easy I, k WasI1ers,Ironri+e Ironers Clilghin Q I InsuIa+ion ROUGH ' I Fla' v x S VISIT OUR NEW STORE I708 W. 8TH I I DIAL 2'836' Re .u.s. I:gt.0fTIT 9 AMARILLO, TEXAS 4l3 N. E. 8TH PHONE 8823 RATLIFF GROCERY and MARKET R.L. RATLIFF owne.-S v.E. STRIMPLE FREE DELIVERY SIXTH AND TENNESSEE PHONE 534I "WHERE VIRGIL AND LEE LIVE" . .- ........ . ....... .-. . . .-.f.'.-.-.- -----f--'- I- - - ' - 1 f 1' Q - - - ' - b - - 3 Grocery Siore NINTH AND POLK S ' Tsfwlg ,8.I PHONE 7227 Malted Mllk D -'T r.f: 2.53:7i.....s.1:5:5:5fs...Z.....5E, ..1.. :...Is2s5sEzEsE1Z. 1:2531 ..1'. c AI' Your Favorife qb? 2 i l Wi , "' 272 B REA D PLAINS CHEVROLET Congra+uIa+ions Comple+e Beaufy WT Graduafes Service N . . . When you finish school All Services bY Siudenis fx A .1 I you Think of your fu'l'ure . . . Undef SUPe"Vi5i0" of Z Ng' , Licensed Insfrucfors T' . . . When you 'Ihmk of Ig' insurance Think of . . . SAN JACiNTO N. c. IBUCKI LONG. een. Ag+. BEAUTY SCHOOL ' -Q if ,fax 9 PAN-AMERICAN 27:5 W. 6+h Phone 6:35 Go-cahffw Life 'nsufance C0mPa'1Y CHESTER c. MARTIN LENIAL B. MARTIN I8 W. l6'Ih Phone 3-6567 Educaiional Direcfor Business Manager Complimen'rs of Motor Investment WILSON BATTERY AND Company ELECTRIC SERVICE 40I W. Eighih Ave. Phone 2-4309 7I'h and Jackson Amarillo, Texas 273 PINVTIAF. . .'8' P0fVTlAF, , .'6' DOCK COFFEY Pontiac 509 Tyler S+ree1' Phone 2-5533 Amarillo, Texas Sporlshirrs Jacke+s Slacks Meei' Your Friends a+ WOLFLIN DRIVE INN Washingfon 8: Wolflin Clowe 81 Cowan, I n c. Qosmopolilun mc., 6 I 5 Taylor Amarillo, Texas THE MARIZON COMPANY The Best in Women's Apparel 705 POLK COCA-COLA CO. HUGHES STREET GROCERY "Quality Foods at Lower Prices" C. E. YATES P prietor ' Ph 9586 2025 Hughes st. H and Y B t B P d P p 9 CORNER SIXTEENTH and VAN BUREN E 818 Polk Street Phone 2-4162 275 W QE: COOKIES ii 2 o course, C554 elewue! :If J tv SMART X QR X . uk X f GRADUATE la mm aw ' Qimxv Q 5Zecz'zc1mZZq SOUTHWESTERN COMPANY as Yrzmxs or soon crrlzsusuxv AND Puauc ssnvxcs K FRIGIDAIRE Compliments of J . REPPERT 06 haw. nefnlsennrnon co. LUMBER CQMPANY 2I9 E. 7+h Phone 2-8335 P. L. REPPERT C.W. BROTT C.H. BEEBE GOOD LUCK SENIORSI 1 I I, I, Yards and offices a+ ! 1' f 2407-9-1: w. SIXTH Ave. OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 508 Taylor S+ree+ Phone 2-2236 POST OFFICE BOX 493 25 Years in Amarillo PHONE 8955 EAGLE PAINT CO. RATTAN 81 WHITE MUSIC COMPANY Be Wise EAGLEIZE 33I7 W. bfh PainI'-Wall Paper-Builders' Supplies Phone 2-29.2 5I8 Tyler Amarillo, Texas THE KEARNS GRAIN 81 SEED FOOD STORES HARRISON a+ NINTH PHONE 2-3237 COMPANY, INC. Wholesale and Rerail Grain Feed Seed Amarillo, Texas 277 COMPLIMENTS GF C""'P'ime"+S 0' Poe's LADIES' READY-To-WEAR PLUMBING and HEATING 500 W. ,wh 2-5,85 Phone 2-0693 Compliments of HERBERT A. lv1ARTlN WALLER DIGGS SERVICE smnom 6+h and Belleview Amarillo, Texas Pick-up and Delivery No. l bfh af Carolina Phone 2-5555 Washing and Lubricalion No. 2 2600 W. 36+h Phone 6505 Gas gc OH Tire Recapping Ll Gel Whal' U Buy 2,8 7wazz Ewa Accessories Shop SMART svonr sTYLEs ' B 4 and Accessomes are Polk s+. 601 Polk s+. A'-WAYS 'N5'5T ON l I "The Finesi' in Pho'I'ography" Lone's Edwards Studio ICE CREAM Sanfa Fe Building Tel. 2-2008 The Name To Remember When Furnishing Your Home !llc524fee2L, inc. lncorporafed l907 AMARILLO, TEXAS BROWNING Blue Print Company MORRIS BROWNING MANAGER COMPLIMENTS OF Ozalid Prin'I's Phofo Copies Haley Furniture Co Archi+ecis' and Engineers' Supplies II7 Easr Third Ave. 5I6 Taylor 2-4928 Phone 8462 Amarillo, Texas CQNGRATULATIQNS SENIQRS WESTERN NATICNAL LIFE INSURANCE CCD. A Home Owned Life Insurance Co. 919Ty1 St t A 11 T W Offices in the Principal Panhandle! Cities 919 Taylor Amarillo, Texas Phone 2-8323 POTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY Amarillo, Texas MEMBERS OF THE POTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY Sam J. Aronson Wesley L. Askew Robert P. Black Ben T. Blackwell Howard M. Bordelon Sam K. Broyles W. Q. Budd William J. Campbell Ralph Carroll Gaylord R. Chase T. P. Churchill Ralph Citron John H. Coffee Marion Cole J. J. Crume Fred J. Crumley Charles'L. Dale Margaret Davis William C. Dine lsadore Dravin Frank B. Duncan R. A. Duncan Kenneth Flamm Peter R. Garre Nan L. Gilkerson R. D. Gist Robert L. Gleason A. B. Goldston Frank S. Harkleroad Capres S. Hatchett Robert F. Hyde Dr. Harvey K. Jackson Dr. M. E. Jacobson Dr. H. F. Johnson Dr. James L. Johnson Dr Dr. J. D. Jordaan Dr Dr Dr. William R. Klingensmith Dr. William E. Laur Dr. H. H. Latson Dr. J. R. Lemmon Dr. Joe L. Lipscomb Dr. Early B. Lokey Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr. Weldon O. Murphy Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr. Evelyn G. Powers Dr Dr Dr Dr. Howard E. Puckett . Jerre B. Johnson . Francis J. Kelly . Richard Keys . Dan H. Loving . David M. Marcley . Don S. Marsalis . Wa T. Mok . William B. Mullins . Guy Owens . David M. Patton . L. K. Patton . Ralph B. Payne . John M. Pickett . W. A. Potter . George Powers Norman C. Prince . B. M. Puckett Isaac Rasco .. Emil P. Reed Howard C. Reid Jason Robberson E., A. Rowley G. T. Royce Woolworth Russell Charles B. Sadler Wilbur E. Scott Leroy James Shelton Roy C. Sloan Ernestine G. Smith A. J. Streit R. R. Swindell Edward F. Thomas Walter Van Sweringen John H. Vaughan G. T. Vinyard R. L. Vinyard George M. Waddill E. E. Walkes Jan R. Werner Royal Wertz William H. Wheir J. B. White A. E. Winsett Merrill Winsett Jones E. Witcher Horace L. Wolf Charles Wolfson J. R. Wrather 05 Complimenis of K F D A 1400 on your dial K F D A-F M I00.3 Megacycles Channel KAISER if FRAZER Dealer T Disfribufor BOB FULLER C . ongrafulahons Moron coMPANY ,O me Dial 3-2888 309 Pierce GRADUATION CLASS BIVINS STATE CHEMICAL SERVICE STATION Phone 4253 Third and Fillmore Amarillo, Texas The s+a+ion wi+h fhe big free Compliments of Your Friendly Bank AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Amarillo, Texas The leading liveslock bank of lhe Panhandle U.S. DEPOSITORY MEMBER F.D.l.C AMARILLO COLLEGE A PUBLIC COMMUNITY COLLEGE Esiablished AugusI', l929 OFFICIALLY ACCREDITED by: The Soufhern Associaiion of Colleges and Secondary Schools The Universiiy of Texas The Associaiion of Texas Colleges MEMBER OF: The American Associaiion of Junior Colleges The American Council on Educa'I'ion Texas Junior College Associafion Texas Public Junior College Associa'I'ion Texas Associaiion of Music Schools View of AdminisI'ra'I'ion Building PURPOSE: To Serve all Ci'l'izens of Pos'l' High School Age. CURRICULA: Liberal VArI's - Pre-Professional - Veferans , Courses - Vocaiional - Terminal - Aduli' Courses -f Dis'I'ribuI'ive Educaiion Courses 'for employed aduII's - Accelerafed High School Courses 'for AduII's - Busi- ness - Homemalcing. PLANT: Modern and well-equipped. 'ATTEND AMARILLO COLLEGE AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE A. M. Meyer, Presidenf J. B. Davis, Dean Phone 6275 Marion Miller Porfer. Regisirar Phone 5245 BEST WISHES FROM YOUR Oldsmobile - Cadillac Dealer Oche Sf GGY fismsrrznf CLEANERS 'gm AMARILLO MOTOR CO., INC. 406- I2 Buchanan S+. Phone 3-4378 8l0 Tyler S+. Phone 5287 7 I 5 Polk S+. THE HOLLYWOOD 285 Amarillo, Texas LYNMARKS You+hfully S+yled Budgel' Priced MOUTON LAMB SI59 Tax Included The 'Fur rage among +he Junior sei . . . The shori' young 32" sfroller of durable Moulon Lamb. The "required" i+em on your co-ed wardrobe for every "Mom +o Midnigh+" ac+ivi+y - hand-picked +reasure coa'r in silky, lighfweighi' skins, clear-foned in fhe rich logwood. A wonderful value in a wonderful fur. Budgei' or Layaway plan, a+ no addi+ional cost LESTER"S HOME BAKERY GARN ER - RANDALL Motors Inc. and CAFETERIA 20' Polk 2-5703 Cakes, Pies and Cookies LINCOLN MERCURY l22l POLK PHONE 5770 BEST WISH ES Meet Your Friends Beff I-GW WOLFLINABRIVE-INN MEN'S WEAR The Busy Corner 50 Polk 2020 Washing+on Phone 3-4l95 TANKS Willborn Bros. Co., Inc. J4 l05 Housfon Sfreei' Phone 2-43ll AMARILLO, TEXAS Swlwm 5 Hundreds ot thousands ot studen the natton wth treasure their 'faqlozfmarff ears to come. Y earbooks tor many y ts throughout d schoot admknistra- Thousands ot teachers an tors wetcome their 74li401'm4d6 Annuats as H t ot their Parent and Pubhc O UCC rekations p essary par rograrn. ve had a part in preservkng ents ot We are proud to ha ' 'ons and achkevem h mernor ies, tradttt K' 9 f America. schoots o the W ,,,q,-xw,.Yl-.. . . , Y,.,, ,.,Y,,, ,,Y...., wW iifggii Ei: iii M if ig R E5 C., N . . 5 N

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