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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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K, Lf 9- I - ' if r I - ya pg, f ,f , Mi! 3' F or . W ' KMKMBU5 M5 wiki? of My ff , 'S wil . W ff 6. WWQ Q QQA1, 7 f ff' Q KT! 3 fplllm frv A. 74 f I j Q3 ' 06Y'W4f"X - X ,QOL if .Z a., 3 -.:L:,,,,', -:M W' ' Efzfifw X .f 4 I 1 SW? . ' T6""W'f'1"x",I' ,. . QK-Q7 VW VP X K J S V K . -- X --:- SSX xv!! x ,X N, wk" " K """' ' ' " 'f , , .L.- .. . -.,,.. f,, 4 .,.,-, , dm A ,Q A A ?FjT,g-,ff J Q,GHfdf if W ff Qwaww , . A ,Sf ' 'AA V- l 'Q Qkglinfgvofjsfmfx 23 M 5' gli-3N9'5Y5D am XM' N? 38 Q3:l7Jf'f" Ziff AJ-cdzm 3 Simyw ' M 5 'f Q fffff Q35 yiyfxwwy X Www V M S W Qkfy, - Q3 fp U09 W Q My M M '55 JK i my AK WZM Wf' ' la.. 11. - l" fc 1 fx 52 vf iY1NiA.,5gb. libel 'Q 9-" -ANL I' U if C, ia 'b dd Qt" 1 .xlikozi a . x -Q 1 5. . N 1 Q I . V . UL Q 05 B Published by ing I , Fit ,A La Airosa Staff 5 I' Je. J ll 0 " 4 A 'll H'hSh 1 971 fntpbif mam 0 ig c oo 11. I, L1 1 Amarillo, Texas 0 4, L' 84' V' ' fl 'Il li "ll1l!, ,fflli ,il - - ' Q V ,x , My lf, I ' is j J if -ac. I IL- 1 1- .fl If ,f ' ' Q - ' , 2' F f -N ' 1-, 3 ' ,.,1i',vQ1i fi, I l ' 1 ' 1' J, ,4 V ' 'I V YV 'V V f ' 1 lr 1 i 1 'fl' VVIK1, F T ggi? P ' fa e 4 L. V 1 :B-L S if V ,, 1 q 1 i . ll - Q If ,jf S ' . ' , i fi -. X uf fu ' '11 1 ' 1 7 1 1 1 Y Q ' ,ik A iw it :UiJro.thy Saddoris, Blclficxi' . Q 1,2215 1 Claudette C1'aig,lBusiness lvlanager 4' Misp Dqrinda E. Bond, Publications Adviser , ,fvka L,-'A' N" I l l ' "A I I l l HV1 W1 llXXl lltl 1 I1 1 1 J 7 i f ix OPQLUOI' Every year from homes scattered throughout the com- munity, hundreds of Amarillo youth join the host who travel the Great Highway through AHS. To be sure, the road has its rough places, but any Sandie will agree that most of the way is clear and smooth. This book at- tempts to catch and hold many of the memories of events and little everyday happenings along the Great Highway as they were lived and witnessed by you, the ,J W . Traveler of 1949. gk ' I S 'D H I I Q N Q ,.f - 3 W. fb., "5 Y V4 1 sv Y, ' 3' S .X Q, A i K ii X, K L. X e ,ii Ik r, fix an l' Kr l 1 I , 1, C :N W 4 s , Confenffi T a Men at Work P L L L L L Faculty Amarillo High School Limits L L L Classes Soft Shoulders P L L L L L L L L L L Personalities Detour P P L L L P L Clubs Government Property is it L R. O. T. C. Theater Road L L Speech, Drama Stop, Look, and Listen L Music Reserved for the Press L Publications Caution, Sandstorm Area L Sports Loose Gravel LLLL P L P Student Life Business District L Advertising W R X k M, 2.0 X A X xv-x N, 5, 5 A i- - , swwsjafx V 2 L-X .L X lA,i,?LZ,s '-xx XPgsx-,s-sLL, Qi f ff. 4 f 'V' al t f,f ,vf fq S 5 . KJZ 4 X "giT23bX ' ' L, ks ,Vx YY Y i , W ,a, A, 2 "' ' ' V 1 rw 0, .Y . KIA.. " 'T' 1 ,tx . 1 jg ffl! J: ii '11 ii L g . 'Ln DQYE ii F' so - if 6 N-.U iw :QA 1. fmeabcafion ik .fda we fool' ALICA flwougA our year aa frauedm of fke greaf Aigkwag fArougA .fdmariffo ,High ,sjclzooz we uifiigdf euialence fkaf 0Lll" lllflfg A115 A8811 lflflffle 5Ul'l,l'li0l" Cl,l'L6! OM!" roar! Jmoofhef A, man, 1,040 Am fmuedvl Lefm M. jf id fo tim peopfg, with our an fefe af grati- luale ww! Jeqmz a,0,0m-iaffon, lla! we clecbcafe Mig, our .fa Jdzmm of I94 9. Looking northward from Ninth-Polk Street at night. uf. E E 2 is P' f ii E Q' 3 3 -R 'E N E . J". f .5 fl J y Q IXI ,VP I is ' fy QQ ' Y . x D ' of J ' " yi, Y V' N l fl C K J .SC I' r 1 s 1 l I I b ieve' inarillo School as a place of opportunity. I believe , ' it 'e tion for zest work, fair play, and loyalty to the best Up intere of the y of any corninilnity. I believe in the idea pro- clai d in its o, "Scholarship, Sportsmanship, Service." I b ve in its ioor y lihaditions: clean sportsnianship, high scholar- ip, respect for 0713593 obedience to law, and cordial co-operation 5 with the fdc y-a a niinistration. NJ J I-S ff s I,,ther e, believe it is any duty to my school to support it loyally 'WU Qind I efend it against all opposition. f 1 in mari 0 .Mg Shoo! Potter County's first court house, a two-room frame building, became Amarillo s first school when it was opened for a seven months term in 1889. In 1894, Amarillo High School proudly held graduation exercises for the first graduating class of four girls. V With this modest start, the Amarillo School system grew both in number of students and new buildings. From an eight-room red brick building located "in the country" at Twelfth and Polk Streets, the school was moved to Buchanan and Johnson Streets. In 1922, after being located in what is now Elizabeth Nixon Junior High School, the Senior High School moved into the first unit of the present building, which cost S220,000. The second unit of the high school was completed in 1927 at a cost of ilS235,000. Much new building was done from 1927 to 1930. In 1930, the first unit of the armory-gym- nasium was erected. Several additions, much work, and many dollars have all gone in- to the making of our school as we know it today. gateway lid fricf ia- ,,,A7"VLz .1 I ,. lxxx Q gf - f fwf Xxxgxlxfe A . 1 ly Z K S Z I X- X ---.ff - -j-j'j"',5-I ff! ii K 41 Lf' X 'Q C Q ,ff KAN Y Cm X N gi Qckx fy MEN RK ff ,Qi X S X j?.,,H'.M B. ? fl N. , ,415 4gg3E32 JT --K7 ff x- xX0lXfxf A X - ,Xing i fff X x N xx lj J "sit n f 'lf' x Xxx, -T DAVE Q ' 1- Boss XS-f 4Si -if -Q- ff!-lf' ,, 1,1--4-' Y A To the Students and Faculty of AHS: To those of you who have just begun your journey over the road through AHS, to those who are midway, and to those who are nearing the end of the journey, I extend sincere greetings. There are many stations along the road. Not all who travel this way will observe all the stops. New stations established this year, and at which all who travel this way will want to stop, are the Honor System and the new Sandie Stadium. Not the least in importance, of the many stations along the way, is the long list of worthy traditions established by the pioneers who blazed the trail for the smooth road which it is now your privilege to travel. There are many stops on the road which you may not observe nor recognize, but one may not fail to observe nor to recognize these worthy traditions with impunity. Credit is due this student body and faculty for more firmly establishing the many worthy traditions of AHS. We would issue a challenge to this student body and its successors to make the way plainer with landmarks of Scholarship, Sportsmanship and Service. Congratulations and thanks to one and all for your accomplishments, your cooperation and your good will at this, another mile stone along the way. Now in keeping with the principles of choice as expressed in the Honor System, we submit: ca To every 'num there openeth A Way, and Ways, and a Way. And the High Soul climbs the High Way, And the Low Soul grapes the Loiv, And in between, on the misty flats, The rest drift to and fro. But to every man there openefh A High Why, and a Low. And every man deeideth, The Way his soul shall go." Sincerely yours, W n R. B. Norman, Principal Charles M. Rogers A. R. Bivins Superintendent of Amarillo President of Amarillo Public Public Schools School Board This group of public-spirited men have unselfishly donated their time and effort to the formulating of policies and the administering of the affairs of the Amarillo Public Schools. We of AHS sincerely thank them for making our school life more pleasant and profitable. The members seated are: H. Sim Kelly, J. B. Briscoe, A. R. Bivins, H. Herman Smith, E. M. Blackburn, Jr., VV. B. Gunn. Those standing are: Charles M. Rogers. R. A. Wilson, George M. Wziddill. 261116 M. L. Matherly, the assistant Principal of A. H. S. is a great inspiration to the entire student body with his enthusiastic support. Those Who know him are familiar with his sense of humor and easy conversational manner. His job, being one of the hardest in the school, requires patience and under- standing in dealing with the students of A. H. S. Mrs. Thomas Haynie became Dean of Girls this year because of her outstanding abili- ties in Working with the students of the school. Her friendly and helpful sugges- tions are invaluable to the girls who come to her for advice, and her untiring efforts have made her deserving of this position. 0 5190960 age we M. L. Matherly Mrs. Thomas Haynie Mrs. Helen McCuen is of great ser- 115. vice to the school in her position as W W registrar in recording grades and attending to the many business transactions. Miss Miiiiiie l"eiei'z:l3eiid: Mrs, liifie Bilrkhiilteri Miss Cziriiieii Ulm The councilors are ready at all times to aid iii scheduling courses. evaluzitiiig credits. and iii giving advice on the dittereiit colleges and their entrziiice requirements. R. A. Selby Miss Jewell Mc-Caskill. ' Visiting Teacher H. A. Selby, the X . f iw--img, director of Sec- onclary t'irricu- liim and Guid ance, plays an important peut in the admmi tration ot school system f f E -'U in 'f""3f ' fi A 'wg . ls- I :Z ' our . Mrs. Twila Jzimes and Miss Lois Heiiclersoii. Office Sevretziries xx 'W nfs TX, Y, X is 535 3 gh Q ig: iz,- g Ga, Ylm. if is 3, sf ff X fa Wzilhf if ,resale 'ln Ffyff , af Q -V ff' as 4 1 Thief? W it 7' X irq D' M ,f oreign anguage This department consists of classes in Spanish and Latin. These courses offer not only the opportunity to learn the language, but to learn the customs of the countries also. Klapprcth, Miss Anna M361 Ballard, Miss Violag Wallis, Miss Gladys aaasi T i i - T it si a i i me '.'i ,. " A i - i rarr ilrrr s Q :..a sf is Oligfafg .. ' 1 --" or si -:..,:j,.z2 ' ' Johnson, Miss Joyceg Penn, Miss Lucyle The library is one of the most at- tractive rooms of the school. Study halls are held here and students find it very helpful because of the many new books and available references. Browning Mrs Maud Schoen Mis Marion Atwood Mis C P Ciawloid Miss Irene Dillingham Miss Faye Donnell, Miss Marie .ga 2l9al"fl'l'lQl'll The English Department is Very im- portant in A. H. S. Fine prose, poetry and drama, along with thi essential grammar points make English more Varied and interesting These classroom shots show the planning and Work done in prepar- ing a successful course in English. ui lVfcDaVid Mrs. Alice Davis, Mrs. Hazel Metz, Mrs. Jeanne 531 Wilson, William C. Russell, Miss Louise Johnston, Mrs. R. B. IUQQCA ana! tibramaficd elaarfmenf Courses in speech and dramatics offer students ample opportunities to prove their abilities in speaking and acting. These courses prove to be very interesting and worthwhile. Whitworth, Mrs. N. N Flathers, J. H. Mercer, Miss Jessie Bond M1ssDo11nda Jones C C Boger Dr Roy it . 2' R 0lfLI'l'l6l LJIWI, These three electives prove to be very popular among the students. Being educational, creative, and in- spirational, they lead students into new fields of knowledge. MM, Aff , 3' t ,, ,gi M if WafAemafic:5 elaarfmenf ww, L f R ig .fs ' HJ-H Boswell, J. M.g Cox, Mrs. Boweng Johnson, Miss Leta Shaller, Mrs. C. CL Sanders, E. G.g Savage, E. M., Underwood, Hughg Wilson, Miss Kate The Mathematics Department has an excellent course of study with a choice selection of teachers. From first year algebra to trigonometry, math courses offer a good back- ground for college work and further studies. The scientific program in AHS is very well developed. Courses in biology, chemistry, and physics are well planned and very helpful to students interested in these fields. iv Vialden, Mrs. C. C.g Wallace, C. A.: Kaye. Mrs. Atlanta: Swettmen, Herman ' H52 M is. cience elaarfmenf Hammit, E. L., Jing Nelson, Mrs. Allieg Rodgers, Mrs. Mabel ,Mabry efoarfmenf Crossett, Mrs. Lelag Brint, Mrs. Nancyg Brierley, Mrs. Sybal Josserand, Mrs. Margaret Lynch, Howard W. Parkey, Joe O. The History Department in our high school supplies varied kinds and types of history. Studies of World History, Texas and Ameri- can History, American Problems, and American Government help students to realize what makes the U. S. so outstanding today. fm ,-. iw fs A QXLQM miss -351 N fxf' ls"'f5fM if f 2.Ql,55X4f:ffifffj7 Roberts, Miss Laur a Tolbert Miss Ruth Ann In these informal classroom shots, you see M .'.". i . il ef 5' ,. X Miki' various phases of the study of history, and "" " the interesting manner in which it is pre- if sented- Wallis, Miss Gladys 7 r ,. I sta Jlgygjgi Zobisch, Miss Clara ' A Evans E. T. Jr. f 4 Q if Snyder, Miss Laura - ommerciaf.-S-Zibelaarfmenf These subjects help to prove skill and accuracy in preparing for Work in school and after graduation. They are of great practical value and the modern machines and methods used make them even more enjoyable. ,fri . M, I 5 ingk ..,- X Qi -:Ei ii? , eg a is cy a- , ' LMA ifxlfg Anthony. S. G.: Shows, Miss Adelle Braudt, Mrs, Corrahg Shows, Miss Velinzi Bridges, Miss Bettyg Bowman, Miss Lurline M.. , . f-11, ibidfrigufiue glclucafion iuerfiigeal Occuloafionfi Growth in industry, honesty, and service is the motto for the students taking D. O. They work part time, putting to practical use the know- ledge they have gained from this course. -1 M Cobb, Howardg Diggs, Oliver Distributive Education teach- es students salesmanship, business tactics, and relation- ship between employer and employee. ome conomiczi i Annis, Miss Francis Jennings Mrs E C Pevehouse Mis Lola Clothing and foods are two of the most practical courses offered for girls in- terested in planning a home. Interior decoration, planning meals, and child care are but a few of the interesting units of these subjects. These typical classioom pictuies taken in foods and clothing labs shovs students working on their proiects l at l I A XX The courses in mechanical arts are of a creative nature and of much value to the boys in future businesses. Their well-done projects are valuable and make it worth- while for all their time spent. Hull, T. G.g Mitchell, M. W.g Taylor, Rupert A.g Pool, Archie B. ,ir R Weckanica .fdrfri The pictures on this page show the boys working on their pro- jects in shop, metal work and mechanical drawing. T? 'X . , f-F' ., AM ' " 5,1 Mg .. A :'1"1 -'A"V,. . U6 LC X I is i Q, -qi H. 6 in " 2 f ju ,Q , "" I 1 ,... Dicken, Miss Louiseg Rowe, Clyde .glld ffulnentdf Orchestra and Band are courses offered for students interested in playing musical instruments. The training group gives pupils special help in learning the funda- mentals. These pictures show some of the worth-while instructions given to the music students. I rf 1, I Y - A R ' Xl ,.-,.,, - M -:,,: ., g W. ,- . Xf ,ME . Evans, Mrs. Julia Deang 'Mm Several choirs are available in AHS for persons interested in singing. Various types of music, public appearances, and contests give choir members an interesting subject which brings much pleasure. Thompson, Miss Tennie These combined groups gave excellent per- formances, and through mutual co-opera- tion produced "The Mikado" this year. In an effort to create the yuletide spirit, the seven hundred songsters assembled on Polk Street, entertaining throngs of Ama- rilloans. ogfi Aydicaf glclucafion 5' 5' 3 5 f ' X Gamblin R. D.' Lynch, Howardg Hull, T. G Whinnery: John Knot picturedl Boys' P. E. is a Well-planned course, including all kinds of athletic ac- tivities. Inter-class basketball and football games, along with other competitive sports, give them good team spirit and develop sportsman- ship. Wi Qi' 519 Ayfiicaf glclucafion i is Williams, Miss Jane Foreman, Mrs. Dorris Girls' P. E. has a varied program of activities including basketball, vol- leyball, tumbling and soccer along with the less strenuous sports of ping-pong and badminton. The pro- gram also includes informative health lessons. In the picture, right, Mrs. Foreman is shown demonstrating the correct position in handling a basketball. In the picture above, Miss Williams is shown in the dressing room, checking the roll. l Rb? ezierue Lcerd rauung 01,06 if-In In the picture below, Major Matney is shown giving direction to the colonel of the Corps for a military maneuver. The one to the right shows the Major checking the accuracy records of the rifle team. Matney, Carl P. The R. O. T. C. is one of the best organiz- ed military training units in the state. It trains boys in discipline and leadership and gives them high standards for moral living. '11 Hiking, 'QQ The above picture shows our custo- dians and matron. To the right and below are pictures made during the lunch hour in the A. H. S. cafeteria. 3400! mfL2P5 These workers give of their time unselfishly and render much service to the school. Their friendly atti- tude makes them Well-liked among the students of A. H. S. gf' Kfdrid ,fdlff is ww, N.5iE0,ffNEQ XQEJQ R. 1 ,fi X 1555 ' Q15 V -3 ,X Q 9' ' lass 'Z '4g'f A ,ia j xfk M 5 'y,?QU"'5K flu, 0 Q qv' Q-pg' . v Cf 6 W 'ET' Pl uf' Zzqgwrxc gy, I 9 Q- gay Eiga Jog, ' tor? be Zfbtllkk . - 5 Cc 5 fa.: Q2 JP .. " 1 ' "'- X 9 ,E fak e fwNf'f'-Q - 1 1 gg., 'Q M fr ' ' ' E'Zkf-.Zinn-Liga 1 mr, A L X b 1. 7 .1 u yi! rv? g' . C11 f ry -1 .- f. I Q5-ffw: - Q F wwlh ' f' M 3533 3 1-Q-f, ev-f,,,922i f' A'1A"'LLl' HBH L'3gL 1 632 I f if SCHUU L Tr"1g-Lgj WE ! '- - IMITS ' ' 5 'Zta ?f+4,1' f w 6 g A7 ff X 'Q g xsx ' '749 X iff-N ff' X ,Xf- f-j..- g1---env, 'Y-li . Y 3b 3 ji ,gil loving emorg VVe dedicate this book to our beloved teacher and com- rades and to the ideals for which they lived. milestones are the years, And now and then Ilierc-'s at iollgate when you buy your way vfitli tears. stretches broiid amd fur. llut ut larsl it leads to il golden town wliere Miss Dorimlzi Elizabeth Bond golden huusw me' jig. .,, HM - i1i1,.,u ,ow f-111510 141111121 Carolyn Lee Kelly' Rolnerr Clayton Lucy llrlflfzllrf J. ltjjil - flfmlb 35. llyfly .lfllbx .Zn-I, lljkfl - ,lllnll J-C. l1!f1x They say that life is za liigliway and its Its zx rougli road mid ax steep road and it ff tgp omore gfadd Umm Harold Swindell .... ..... p resident Nita Johnson ....M -vice-president Katherine Bowlin --- ---secretary ev-.. X Xi A PAVEF1ENTx XXXXK f ,Wmxxxxx XX CI? X X I I 51? - ff - C 7., -.SJ-"... 113.-y -it pf S untitqtllm K-A mupllu 453 muum luuulln' QV? .mmlnl A 'x Ballew Garland Bankhead, Larry Barclay, Betty Jo Barker, Gordon Barron, Ray Barton, Leta Faye Basden, Jerry Baskett, Joyce Bates, James Beall, Billy Beasore, Ronald Bechtel, Robert Beebe, Charles Bell, Betty Bell, Dick Benesch, Jo Bentley, Lona Bentley, Ruth Benton, Ralph Berry, Arvilla Bichsel, Marvin Bingham, Ray Bivins, Sally Bivins, Zella Mae r'-Vey EL -1 so ' I :-:EE "' Y-wniswgf if gait 7' f 30,94 0l'l'l 01125 Abernethy, Pat Aboytes, Juanita Adams, Kay Aid, Sandra Albert, J. T. Allard, Clydeen Allen, Durvvard Allen, Jo Ann Allen, Marilyn Allen, Neal Allison, David Allison, Kenneth Alward, Alvin Arnason, Tommy Anderson, Arlie Anderson, Ida Arrez, Lucy Audry, Joyce Bagwell, Elbert Bailey, Betty Bains, Darrell Baird, Robert Baker, Iva Baker, Jimmy 3'-fe .QOIHAOH1 OPQJ Black, Willie Ruth Blacksher, Jack Blair, La Melva Blaisdell, Billie Boen, Billy Lee Boger, Betty Boggs, Carol Boozer, Judy Borden, Janet Boren, Alta Bowlin, Kathryn Boyd, John Boyd, R. C. Branham, Lavelle Brannan, lla Fern Branson, Bob Branurn, Denzel Breeding, Margaret Bridges, Willetta Britton, Ann Britton, Norval Brock, Lonnie Bromley, Wesley Brooks, Julia Mae Brown, Arlee Brown, Bobby Brown, La Nelle Brown, Leamon Brown, Lois Brown, Marjorie Brown, Marlene Brown, Prudence Bruce, Bob Bruce, Robert Bruner, Alison Bryant, Dusty Bryant, Robert Buckley, Forrest Bural, Gene Burch, Irene Burnett, Bonnyc Joyce Burns, Harold Burns, Kenneth Bursey, Nancy Burson, Earleen Butler, Anna Nell Byrd, Roy Caldwell, Kennet 30,04 0l'l'l or-eo Campbell, Shirley Capwell, Eddie Carroll, George Carter, Bill Carter, Sandie Carter, William Carver, Sam Casey, Kenneth Cearley, Sue Chambers, Betty Chambers, Douglas Chambers, Pat Chandler, Bill Chandler, Fairy Chapman, Jo Anne Chappell, Eugene Chase, Paul Chavez, Mary Elizabeth Chilcote, Bettye Chism, Betty Clanton, Harvey Clay, Ernest Clayton, Carole Cleek, Tommy an MW , Coffee, Ollie Collie, Travis Collier, Nelda Collins, Bert Collins, Jacqueline Compton, J. D. Condren, Pat Condren, Virginia Canner, John Cook, Beulah Jo Cook, Corrine Cook, Joe Cook, Wanda Cooney, Larry Cooper, Karl Cornelius, Carolyn Cox, Ara Cox, Charles Cox, Jean Crawford, Jimmy pn Creek, Verna Crews, F. T. Crist, Charles Cross, Neal Doggette, Ernest Dorough, Lewis Du Bose, Bob Duckworth, Joyce Duncan, Betty Jean Duncan, Dale Dunlap, Wanda Durham, Grady Lee Eads, Pat Easterling, Mary Sue Eaton, Pat Eck, Jimmy Edwards, Helene Eldridge, Mary Bell Elkins, Petty Elliott, Bob Elliott, Eddy Elliott, Howard Ellis, Charlena Louise Emanuel, Louita Ernbery, Johnny Estes, Bill Estess, Raymond Etheridge, R. G. SOFA. 0l'l'l0l'85 Crow, Mary Cunningham, Bobby Curry, Derrell Dalton, Harvey Daniel, Joy Daniel, Shirley Darnell, Joyce Davidson, Jere Davidson, Max Davis, Dolores Davis, Grady Davis, Joan Davis, Mahlon Davis, Myrle Davis, Pat Dean, Betty Anne Deering, Rosemary Delgado, Celia Denman, Betty Jo Denney, Johnnie Sue Denton, Jack Devin, Gena De Weese, Valerie Jo Dickerson, Audrey Franklin, W. L. Freeman, John Freernan, Ted Fuller, Marvin Furr, Carolyn Gilbert, Elizabeth Galforcl, Frenchie Gardner. Virginia Garner, Arthur Garner, Ethyl Sue Garre, Bill Gatten, Paul Richard Gayarre, Francis George, Conde Mari George, Jane Gilbreath, Pat Glasgow, Cynthia Goettsch, Lon Graham, Dan Graham, Jack Grant, Marjorie Gray, Forest Dale Greer, Pat Griffith, Dean 50,94 OW! Oferi Ethridge, Marjorie Eubanks, Norman Evans, Leon Farley, Ray Faulkner, Leo Feierabend, Shirley Ferguson, Mary Ruth Ferguson, Toney Field, Mary Stanton Finley, Alvin Finley, Calvin Fleming, Paula Flynn, Mike Ford, Carol Foreman, Dayne Forrester, Carroll Forsyth, Frances Foster, Billy Foster, Bob Foster, Kathleen Foster, Myrna Fowble, Mary Francis, 'William Franklin. Billy Six 'QP SOFA 0111 ored Griggs, Leslie Grounds, Neal Habern, Calvin Hackley, Staley Hail, Barbara Jeanne Hall, Billie Hall, J 0 Ann Halley, Charlotte Glynn Hamel, Emma Lue Hamilton, Bettye Hamilton, Kenneth Hampton, Claude Hardin, Lois Maria Hare, Pat Harper,Betty Jean Harper, Les Harris, Bruce Harris, Robert Harvey, Myra Harvey, Frank Hawkins, Ervin Hawley, Kenneth Hayhurst, Nancy Ruth Haynes, James Heard, Doris Heath, Weldon Hedrick, Wayne Hedspeth, Claude Hefner, Ted Hembree, Kathryn Hendley, Johelen Hess, Paula Jane Hibbs. Bobby Hickerson, Bette Hillier, Ronnie Hinson, Dean Hinson, Mary Anne Hinson, Wanda Hoare, Robert Hodges, Jerrell Hoefer, Charles Holloway, Clara Faye Holmes, Jimmy Holmes, Peggy Holt, Georgia Hood, Warren Hooks, Neva Hopkins, Matha Ann 50,04 OHL 0l"6?5 Horrigan, Steve Howard, Jimmy Howard, Nita Howell, Dorothy Marie Howerton, Richard Howington, Dwane Huber, Kathleen Huckabey, Odessa Hunter, Gene Hurd, Annette Ingerton, Dick Irelan, Alice Irion, Weldon Isaacs, John Ivy, Dorothy Jackson, Buddy Jackson, Carlos Jackson, Edward Jackson, Jeanet Jackson, lVIarcella Jackson, Marian Jackson, Pat Johnson, Bill Johnson, Billie Jean Johnson, James Johnson, Jo Delle Johnson, Marion Johnson, Nina Johnson, Nita Johnson, Novelle Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Virginia Jones, Kenneth Jones, Mary Zell Jones, Otis Judd, Wendell Kale, Nelda Kaufhold, Marion Keaton, Billy Joe Keesee, Teddy Keetch, Gordon Keffer, Marvin Kelly, Billie Kelly, Steve Kemper, Clois Kennedy, Jeannette Kersten, Betty Jean Lester Charles Lester Henrietta Levine Julian Lewis Bobbie Jewel Lewis Pat Lightfoot J lck Lightfoot, Richard Lightner Charlene Lindsey Betty Linkenhoger Gayle Linley Dewey Lock Ted Lockhart, Teddy Long, Coy Looper, Katherine Lovelady, Harold Lowry, Robert Lundgren, Teddy Lynes, Patty McCain, Glendell McCain, Raymond McCarty, Freddie McClenny, Joyce McCormick, Martha 30,94 OWL 0l"6J Ketchum, Georgia Ann Key, Montye Kiker, Latrice Killion, Quinten Kilman, Danny King, Thomas Kinkade, J. L. Kirkpatrick, Charles Kirkpatrick, Pat Knox, David Koeber, Karolyn Koeber, Kathryn Krabbe, Donald Lackey, Bill Lamberth, Ronnie Lancaster, Bobbie Lane, Lloyd Lane, Mary Langford, Elolen Larson, Richard La Shier, Bill Ledbetter, J. H. Leigh, Scotty Lemons, Sue Mathes, Mary Alta Mayes, Jack Maynard, Gloria Meeks, Eutiva Melton, Dorothy Jean Merchant, Jerry Merrell, Mellie Faye Merrick, La Nelle Milhoan, Erma Miller, Charles Miller, Joyce Miller, Ida Miller, Robert Millican, Dorene Mills, Jackie Mitchell. Davie Mitchell, Ernestine Mitchell, Gordon I' Mitchell, Jack Mock, Bryan Mock, Cornelius Montgomery, Bill Moore, Eddie Moore, Jeanine , 'Rt -A .-.,.W,,W -7,1 , ' .il 'iz' 1 .,r'?"' QW. : ws -"I: nf, - 3? ' r-api, t-hi 7 W VU tm SOFA OFM. area McCracken, Virginia McCrary, Bobby McKeever, Ruby McLaughlin, Leota McManus, Helen McMeans, Bobby McMennaniy, Glenn McMinn, Glenn McMurphy, Laveta McMurphy, Vona Lee McPherson, Oliver McPherson. Sue McReynolds, Robert McSWain, Sidney McWilliams, Tom Malloy, Carroll Malloy, Donna Margolis, Vivian Marks, Larry Marsh, Betty Martin, Dannie Mask. Barbara Massey, Patsy Masterson. Jerry 30,96 0l'l'l 0re5 Morehead, Sara Moreland, Madge Morgan, Helen Morgan, Duane Morgan, Paul Morris, Joan Mosley, Ben Mosely, Margaret Motley, Max Moutos, Gus Mulherin, Darlene Mulkey, Jerrel Mullins, Priscilla Mundell, Joy Ruth Munn, Neill Murray, Helen Murry, Howard Neel, Harry Neely, Dan Neely, Jeff Neese, Donald Neusch, Zona Newman, Charles Newman, T. L. Nichols, Eugene Nichols, Ray ' Nutt, Damon Odell, Garner Oglesby, Dena Oliver, Bo Oliver, Carolyn Orr, Billy Osborn, Sarah Bess Osburn, Bobby Overstreet, Bill Owens, Sally Page, Doris Palmer, Lewis Parker, Jacquetta Parrish, Alex Parsons, Gary Paschall, Joyce Patterson, Edward Patterson, Martha Pavillard, Dan Bill Perry, Marletta Phillips, Edward Phillips, Jo Bett Y OIQAOW1 ore5 Phillips, Mary Phillips, Naomi Phillips. Vivien Phipps, Olen Pickett, Bob Picrce, Bobby Pinkley, Royce Pittman, Stanley Plunkett, John Poindexter, Robert Polvadore, Wanda Pond, Dick Pond, Don Pope, Evelyn Pope, Lois Arleen Posey. Audrey Pratt, Rose Ann Price, Don Purser, Jerrel Putnam, Charles Quinn, Judson Raines, Beverly Raines, Jerry Raines, Bob Ramsey, Jerry Rankin, Claudell Rapp, Audrey Joyce Reed, Jeanne Reese, Edwin Reeves, Bob Reid, Don Reid, Gerald Reynolds, Carolyn Reynolds, Verle Rhoads, Jo Deane Rice, Joyce Ringley, Ann Robb, Joan Robbins, Johnie Roberts, Bobby Roberts, Eddie Roberts, Gwendal Roberts, Margaret Ann Robinson, Gary Rodriguez, Joe Romano, Joe Rood, Carl Royse, John Simmons, Donna Simpson, Floyd Sims, Joann Sims, Kenneth Sisk, Bob Slater, Bill Smith, Avent Smith, Barbara Smith, Claire Smith, Clyll Sneed, Thomas Southwood, John Spradling, Jerry Ray Sparks, Bill Sprouse, Lee Iva Strambaugh, Bill Don Stanford, Pat Stanley, Patsy Starks, Melody Steffens, Lorene Stensaas, Larry Stewart, John Stockton, Richard Stoddard, Virginia SOFA Olfl area Rudd, Billie Rutter, Billy Sadler, Jimmy Salmon, Shirley Sanders, E. G. Sanford, Daset Saunders, Joe Schmidt, Rufus Scott, Eugenia Scott, Monty Ray Scott, Tabor Sellers, Virginia Shackelford, Mae Ellen Shane, Sandra Shannon, Barbara Shannon, Jeanie Shannon, Liawanna Sharp, Arthur Sharp, Wilma Shile, Sandra Shirley, Joy Short, Otis Shroff, Norman Shumate, Betty Trafton, Ronald Travis, Wanda Fern Tryon,Gordon Tucker, Eddie Turley, Roy Lee Turner, Norma Turner, Robert Twaddell, Bob Tyler, Tommy Tyree, Carla JO Underwood, Manuel Upchurch, Bill Upton, Mary Ann Vanderpool, Virginia Van Nostrand, Mary Ann Vaughn, Dan Vinyard, Greta VVadsworth, Eugene Walker, Lawrence Walvoord, Joann Wansley, Kenneth Wardle, Rowland Warner, Ardy Warren, Archie 3010A 0l'l'l 0l"Q5 Stout, Joanne Stuart, Bob Sullivan, Joy Summar, lVlaurine Swindell, Harold Tacke, Margaret Tarkington, Sondra Taylor, Frank Taylor, Marion Thomas, Alice Thomas, Jean Thomas, George Thomas, Leroy Thomas, Pearl Thompson, Julia Thompson, Mary Thompson, Richard Thornberry, Kenneth Thornton, Dorothy Ann Thurman, Dorothy Tisdale, Pat Todd, Norma June Tomlinson, Tommy Tozer, George 30,04 0l'Yl 0I"Q5 Watkins, Ann Watson, Betty Watson, Yvonne Weatherly, Margaret Ann Weaver, Catherine Webb, Clifford Webb, Donald Webb, Walter Weems, Tommy Weiszbrod, Tommy Weksler, Lois Ann Wesley, Charlie Wesley, June Westerfield, Pat Wheat, Don Wheeler, Roberta White, Ada Catherine White, Don White, Earline White, Jerry White, Jo Ann Whitehead, Edd Whitehead, Jean Whitten, Loyce Elaine Whittenburg, Jimmie Wicker, Robert Wilcox, Estelle Wilkinson, Barbara Wilkinson, Bill Williams, Carldene Williams, Glenn Williams, Raymond Williams, Ruby Williamson, Janelle Willis, Bette Willoughby, Charlene Wilson, Carole VVilson, Don W'ilson, Edward Wilson, Patsy Witt, D'Aun Wolflin, Gretchen Wood, Bill Wood, Rue Nelle Woodall, Oleta Woodall, Vernon Woods, Jimmie Woodson, Barbara 30,04 001 0l'05 Wooten, Jackie Worley, Hattie Wrather, Alice Wright, Clauddell Wright, Joyce Wright, Lacey Wright, Mary Jim Wynn, Louise Young, Barney Parker, Charles Bingham, Peggy Kaufhold, Marion Simpson, Helen .X4 Mayef' Ong These to be thankful for: a friend, A work to do, a way to wend, And these in which to take delight: The wind that turns the poplars white, Wonder and gleam of common things, Sunlight upon a sea gull's wings, Odors of earth and dew-drenched lawns The pagentry of darks and dawnsg Blue vistas of a city street At twilight, music, passing feet, The thrill of spring, half joy, half pain, The deep voice of the autumn rain. Shall we not be content with these Imperishable mysteries? And jocund-hearted take our share Of joy and pain and find life fair? Wayfarers on a road where we Set forth each day right valiantly, Expectant, dauntless, blithe, content, To make the great experiment. -Author Unknown J , Q unior add Umm Jack Barnwell WH,,.. - ...... president Don FitzGibbons ...... r---vice-president Mary Margaret Hulen r....,..r secretary ff--bv! 4' A A , J M.. 1,,i.,. , , 4,,i-ww-.,. , PM N4 Www if .r r , r r , Mr , M fx I . ,A .4 ,,,. f , x Y . ,4 ff' 1 4,4 X .f ,f lv 5' f .MI 2 f 7 , I 4. A,a1 55: N a- NARROLJ . , 5 X 3 , f ' l r I A 5 y A 1 BRIDGE A 4' X W .Q i 1 1 -. PL X : 1 E . E X Q . lv N -.1 'A U H, I , ,.-: ' -x J .2155 I K -5 :I5 . ' - S 5 ::: ' .1 'iii :I7Z:5 1:3 -,:...i . ,-:- - - 55' U P 61141. 1. -----:.. -. .....- . - ,::?'E7:I ' ,-gn.,-:gg -. --.,...--H ,, --' .L'::Zflf -' -3-1:-z:::::' ..:. .::::':::"' ':i::' - "J2:Ir' "'f2..." --:':, ...... 24. Wo- vq. .::-!L--T -75 Bailey, Travis Baird, Kay Baird, Sidney Baker, Betty Baker, Jerry Banta, Henry Barker, Tommye Ellen Barnard, Tommy Barnes, Carole Jean Barnwell, Jack Bassett, Lois Ann Bates, Barbara Bates, Virginia Bean, Bonnie Mae Beck, Jerry Benesch, Tom Benge, Etta Louise Bennett, Paul Berry, Bob Beverley, Bobby Biggers, Margie Bilderback, Toby Billingsley, Roy Bills, Charles 'WH' unior-5 Abbott, Carlyn Aboytes, Pete Adams, Kathleen Adcox, Henry Lonzo Adkins, Winston Alato, James Aldridge, Jack Alexander, Moody Allen, Bettye Allen, Maurice Amidon, Norman Anderson, Lora Andrews, Charles Andrews, Jimmy Anglin, Betty Anthony, Bob Anthony, Jim Armstrong, Herbert Armstrong, Jimmy Arnett, Bobby Arnold, Beverlee Aulbach, Joan Bailey, Barbara Bailey, Kenneth uniom Blackwell, Buford Blackburn, Don Blair, Juanita Blassingame, Rose Lee Blythe, Barry Bockman, Barbara Bond, Kennedy Bonner, Barbara Bowles, Shirley Bowling, Gerald Boxwell, Nancy Boyd, Don Boyett, Jack Bradford, Bill Brady, Bill Brinson, Mary Evelyn Broadolus, Bernice Broaddus, Maxine Brooks, Beverly Brooks, Bill Brown, Jo Ann Brown,Lee Ann Brown, Louise Brown, Peggy Www Bruckner, Ann Bruner, Evonne Buchanan, Jerry Bullard, Kenneth Bulloch, Don Bunch, Merle Burdine, Rouena Burnett, Joardis Burnett, Mildred Burns, Thomas Byars, Derema Byrd, Beverly Caldwell, Barbara Campbell, Gene Campbell, Horace Carlile, Eugene Carlton, Anne Carmack, Lajuana Sue Carpenter, Barbara Carpenter, Neal Carrington, Johnny Carroll, Louise Carter, Jimmy Carter, Phyllis union! Carver, Betty Carver, Max Casey, Marlene Cason, Dorothy Catterton, Jaynet Cave, Pat Cernohouz, Janet Chambers, Sarah Chaney, Carol Chedester, Juhree Chesney, Joyce Cheyne, Bill Chism Eall Christian. Demaris Clark, Audean Clark, Norma Clark, Pauline Chilclres, Catherine . ,. . A Clark, Tom Clark, Willis Clarke, Marvin Clay, Windell Clement, Bobbye Clement, Jerry 'qi' D IH R,f fiat 3' r I' sa, f- if wa rd ,.: . A .. . Wy W is L X' MW W l Clement, Wanda Clouse. Ann Clymer, Loy Coble, Bettie Coburn, Emmett Coffee. Ethel Oliver Coffman, Don Cogswell, Jerry Cole, Barbara Sue l Collier, Patsiann Collins, James Collins, Sue Colvin, Billy Ray Combs, Bob Conger, Joyce Cook, Preston Cooke, Peggy Cooper, Jimmy Cooper, Joyce Cox, Mary Alice Craig, Bonnie Crawford, Jack Crisp, Raymond Crofford, Jimmie Drake Floriene Duffy, Joyce Duke, Phyllis Duncan, Dee Duncan, Lowell Dutton, Rheta Dwight, Barbara Dycus, Bill Dyer, Harrison Eastham, Bob Ecker, Janette Edwards, Betty Edwards, Frankie Lee Edwards, Joyce Edwards, Patsy Edwards, Tom Elliott, Donald Ellison, Mary Elsey, Bob Ely, Betty J 0 Ely, Freda Estes, Homer Eustace, Darlene Evans, C. A. uni om Cross, Laura Crouch, Joan Crow, Jimmie Crow, John Curb, Della Mae Curtis, Helen Curtis, Tommy Daniel, Doloros Daniels, Ruth Daniels, Sue Davis, Betty Davis, Dorothy Davis, Jack Davis, Jerry Davis, Louise Davis, Warren Day, Pat Dean, Garland DeFee, Dorothiann Denton, Lewis DeSautell, Glen Doche, Leon Dodson, Patsy Dove, Beverley uniord Farmer, Jim Farrell, George Farris, Bill Fowler, Tommy George Farris, Virginia Faulkner. Max Ray Faust, Billy Joe Fegett, Elsie Ferguson, Douglas Fitz-Gibbon, Don Florence, Sylvia Flores, Jessie Floyd, Melvin Fogerson, Tommy Fong, Don Jack Forbus, Jimmy Ford, Gilbert Ford, Kenneth Forister, Bette Ann Fort, Helen Foster, Amelia Foster, Galen Fowler, Doris Jean Fowler, Galen Fowler, Kenneth Francis, Robert Frazier, Mary Alice Frisbie, Jerry Fry, Gayle Frye, Billy Fuller, Shirley Ann Fulton, Jean Gabert, Johnnie Gaines, Joe Gallas, Don Gallegly, Dale Garner, Bobby Garner, Mary Lou Garrison, Bobby Gatlin, John Dav Gaut, Kenneth Gaut, Shirley Gibson, Bill Gilbreath, Nelma Gillespie, Beverly Gillespie, Larry Gilley, Sandra Glover, Billy id NG we we-5, uniom Gower, Richard Graham, Weldon Gravestock, Barbara Gray, Barbara Gray, H. M. Green, Darlene Green, Earl Green, Harry Green, Jerome Green, Jimmy Green, Pat Greene, Annette Griffin, Betty Griffith, Emily Grimm, Edwin Gross, Grant Gruver, Tom Guess, Norma Gunderson, Bill Guyer, Dick Hahn, Alfred Hall, Bryan Hallman, Kathryn Ham, Dale H' Ee ':f,. . vm? fi Q 1, :- -:-1, .........- : :..:. ..,:.: ,L :5 .,,.,,N t 'PQM ., stag Q' P 'li aw gg 12 LH' 1 get . aww ' 3 Hamill, Hallie Hanna, Lowell Harbin, Bob Hare, Carl Harrison, Bobbie Anne Harwell, Grace Haynie, Sue Hayworth, Don Hefley, Worth Hefner, Richard Herrington, Audrey Hicks, Wiley Higgins, Arthur Hill, Billy Hill, Don Hills, Nanette Hinton, Nancy Hodges, Dean Hodges, Jackie Holden, Billie Mae Hollinger, Jeff Holt, Charles Hon, Jack Hook, Marladene uniom Hooten, Bettye Hopwood, Bruce Houck, Joan Huckaby, Earnest Hudson, Edna Hulen, Mary Margaret Hulen, Patsy Irvin, Doris Irwin, Billy Earl Irwin, Vern Israel, Clyde Ivy, Jo Ann Jackson, Darrell Jackson, J, A. James, Ethel Jensen, Martin Jessup, Louella Joe, Emily Johnson, Beatrice Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Frances Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Imogene Johnson, Marianne f-izww gl , ,ai Johnson, Melba Johnson, Merrell Johnson, Shirley Johnston, Kay Jones, Bobby Jones, Claude J ones, Don Jones, Joye Darlene Jones, June Jones, Shirley Anne Juett, Winona Kay, Virginia Keith, Clark Keith, H. B. Kelley, Nita Kelly, Joanne Kelly, Wayne Kent, Diane ,M-,. Killebrew, Mary Jean Kimbrough, Harris King, Jean King, Jerry Knight, David Knight, Joe Lowe, Roy Lowery, Bill Lyvers, Judy McClure, Donald McCormick, Joan McCoy, J. C, McCubbin, Jorene McDowell, Frankie McDowell, Patsy McGinley, Doyle McGuire, Mary McKee, Paulyne McKinney, Wanda McKinney, Warren McKitterick, Nat McKnight, Charlotte McKnight, Larry McMahan, Betty McMahan, Donald McWilliams, Lula Malin, Patty Mallett, George Maloney, James R. Marsh, Linda uniom Knox, Reita Koenig, Billie Koontz, Peggy ww 1 S: tif E f " N Krahn, Carroll Lack, Arvel Ann Lacy, Charlette Lane, J 0 Ann Langford, Carl Lankford, Vera Lawson, Jack Leachmen, Darrell Leavelle, Bettye Ledbetter, Gene Lehman, Olan Leithouser, Colleen Lemmon, Beverly Lemmons, Lynn Lemons, Jimmy Lemons, Weldon Lewis, Mary Little, Mildred Lively, Dean Looney, Joanne Loveless, Carolyn it 1 X Moore, Patsy Morehead, George Morgan, Bill Morgan, Don Lee Morris, Joe Morrison, Raymond Moseley, Joe Moss, Jimmy Mulkey, Reba Mullins, Orville Munday, Carolyn Murphy, Nancy Myers, Jo Nell Nance, Beverly Naylor, Bob Nesbit, Harlen Newby, Jack Newman, Bonnie Nichols, Bill Noland, Carol Norman, James Northern, Lily Mae Notestine, John Oakley, Gwen uniord Martin, Bettie A. Martin, Eefty J. Martin, Nellie Martin, Wanda Martin, William Mathis, Charlotte Mead, Peggy Meador, Jake Meetz, June Messer, Vestel Middleton, Don Miller, Billy Miller, Glenna Jo Miller, Ralph Mills, Gaynelle Mitchell, Dell Mitchell, E. G, Mitchell, Sam Mixon, Gayle Montgomery, Betty Monzingo, Shirley Moore, Doyle Moore, Mary Nell Moore, Patricia Ann uniom O,Brien, Bettye O'Dell, Myrl Oheirn, Donald Oliphint, Dolores Ortiz, Adela Overton, Imogene Owens, Bobby Owens, John Page, Emma Lou Palmateer, George Pamplin, Charles Park, Donald Parker, Patricia Parsons, Wayne Paschal, Pat Patton, Wanda Pennington, Don Perry, Norman Persall, Richard Peterson, Frank Phillips, Eldora Phipps, June Pinson, Wade Pitt, Geraldine ,Y an fi -GTV' 4 Zflfiii. Plumlee, Rosemary Poling, Walton Pope, Patsy Jean Popham, Lula Fern Posey, Doris Poss, Fay Powell, Dell Cleta Powell, Virgil R Powers, Ann Praeger, Otto Priolo, Charley Proffitt, Helen Putman, Mary Ann Quiett, Patsy Quinn, Buddy Quinn, Joan Quisenberry, Pegg Rainey, Joyce Rasmussen, Stanley Rawlings, Bill Ray, Betty Jean Rea, Leona Reed, Bob Reed, Elizabeth Y uniorfi Reed, Tommie Ruth Reeder, Ann Reese, Jerry Reeves, Charlie Reid, Billye Jean Reiter, Carole Reneau, Sylvia Ann Renegar, Jo Ann Renner, Don Rentfro, Jerry Reyman, Tommy Reynolds, James Rhodes, Gwenn Rhodes, Wanda Richards, Gleeana Riley, Eula Faye Robberson, Carol Roberson, Steve Roberson, Walton Roberts, Deanie Rogers, Bob in ,K Rogers, Wayland Romano, Helen Roots, Betty Lou ima? Jr- 1- 'GIF X-'Viv Rowe, Charlene Rutledge, Norma Ryan, Betty Jean Sahli, Sara Joy Sain, Ann Sample, Jayne-e Sanders, Juanita Sanford, Susan Saherwhite, Gib Schmidt, Suzanne Schooler, Ronnie Scott, Reba Seale, Bo Seiberling, Beverly Self, Don Setliff, Don Seymour, Charles Shellhouse, Dick Shellhouse, Shirley Shuffler, Rex Sills, Jim Sims, Billy Singleton, Edean Slagle, Sam Surratt, Maezelle Swayze, Hazel Swindell, Suzanne Swink, Marvin Taylor, June Taylor, Meda Taylor, Vivian Thomas, Bonnye Thomas, Genett Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Philip Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Jim Thrasher, Joan Threet, Don Tinkle, Tommy Todd, Joan Todd, Patsy Townsend, Doris Trimble, Juanelle Tryon, Sue Turner, Bill Turner, Joyce Twaddell, Becky uniord Smith, Bill Smith, Dan Smith, Maxine Smith, Richard Smith, Sammy Smith, Spencer Smith, Walter Smith, Billy Lloyd Smythe, Paula Snyder, Kathryn Spalding, Warren Spearman, Glyn Springstube, Wanda Stanford, Jesse Steed, Charles Steinbock, Wanda Stoddard, Stanley Stoner, Harry Strait, Mary Kathryn Strange, Ed Stroope, Lanora Sudbury, Kenneth Sullins, Bob Sullivan, Margie '17 if wmv Williams, Joe Williams, Lavell Williams, Myrtle Williams, Peggy Jane VVillia1nson, Jerry Wilson, Francis Wilson, Nancy Wing, Dean Winn, Don Winsett, Mary Wiseman, J. W. VVixom, Pat Wolfram, Walier Womiche, Carmel Wood, Monte Ray Worley, Letha Wortham, Martha Wrather, Doris Wyatt, Torn Younger, Frances Lee Zeck, Gladys Zweig, Mildred Hill, Herbert Dalton, Wayne 4:-gg 'vb if w? uniord Tyson, Milton Vaughan, Joy Venable, Ann Vermillion, Carroll Vetesk, Carolyn Wagner, Betty Wakefield, Rheadell Walker, Joyce Wasson, Melva Watkins, Bob Weatherman, Roby Webb, Dorothy Wedgeworth, Rex Welch, Avis West, David West, Nelda Whiddon, Robert Whitaker, Virginia White, Alden White, Chick White, Clara O'Lee White, Marlene Wilcoxscn, Vera Ann Willborn, Skipper l 5 enior C arm Omar, Bill F kl' .... ,- ...... p d t Alsie D d -.---- p d t D thy S dd t y 7 , CROSS 9 + .----1' R0 ns ' I WW W If xr ' . MSA, A eniorzi Adair, Maxine Nnliuiml ll4HIIll' Shri:-ly Adams, Joanne llielrilrntivx- lfrlllr-:liiolx Allison, Margaret llnmf- l'Ivfum1x1i4'x Xlnjm Allred, Duane ling 9 Spun tx Alsbrooks, Nova Nzlliwnnl Iffmm' Slrviwly Alward, Merle Slinlinif Vlulv Andersen, Betty June l"uIl1rn- 'l'v:l1'l11-rs of AIl1A'lll'2l Anglund, Marcia I"uI1m- 'lll2l1'llK'I's nl' .Xlllll1'lI'il Archer, Richard Rlzxlllzlmznivh Nlujui' Arrington, Johnny Yw:11im1:1l illlfll'I4U'l2ll Vlulm Ashby, Gene llixlmy llzxjor Aspgren, Ronald thllf 'l'4-am Autry, Bruce K1-11 Klub Baird, Margie Kr-n Klub Baker, Mary Ks-11 Klub Barnard, Bob ni-Y Barnes, Fay Jean SKIIIHYU Dnnw- Vlub Basom, Betty 47n:l11's11':L Bateman, Bill 1:.1r,'l',4' mild lt ml Baucum, Nell 'I'l1.-Npizuu l'r1-xi4l4-nt Ah, a senior at last! With joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces, Faye Taylor and Bob Eastham order their senior rings. Donna Blair also is pleased that she will finish school this year. This sweater with the "49" on it, proudly displays this fact to her friends. Beck, Harry Sandie Football Beeman, Billy Sandie liamcl Beene, Beth Nlntlianintir-s Major Bell, Barbara A Cappella Choir Benton, Phillip Boxing Bilderback, Bob Sandie lfootlmll Bird, Billie Joyce .X Cappella Choir Bird, Kenneth Dive1'sifivd Occ-upaxliou Bivins, Margie Ln Airosa Stuff' Bivins, Myda lla Airoszl Slzxff Blackburn, Carolyn A Unppcllzi Vhoir Blackwell, Yvonne History Major Blaine, Beverly ,Xeolinn Vhoir Blair, Cherry Salndstolin Slnff Blair, Donna Sznmlstorin Stuff Blair, Marvin ic. o. T. C. Blanchard, Edna Tlwspians Blankenship, Beth A Czwppvllfl Choir Blasingame, Mitzi National Honor Sol-irly Bledsoe, Hugh History Major Boadway, Frances Szmdstorin Asst, lius xm- .,.,. Bone Lee lt. l. L. falptzlin Boss, Dave Publication Art Staff eniom en lord During the football season, the Student Congress Members are seen rushing around in the halls selling football tags to the students and teach- ers. Student Congress Member Pat Kurten is using his prestige in selling his tags to Peggy Pope and James Kimbrow. School spirit surged in every Sandie as football season advanced. Don Fletcher and Tom Fother- ingham hurry to buy their tickets from Mr. Savage as they plan to make their senior year the best of all in A.H.S. Bourland, Joe Xl2lfll2llll2Ifl1'S Rlzxjur Bowers, J oy Girls' Sports Bowlin, Corinne A C':lppz-lla Cflmir Boyd, Ann Girls' Sports Braden, Bob Szxmlif- liaselmll Brady, Mildred A Villlllvllil Ulioir Branam, Jim Sandie Bnski-tbzxll Breeding, Glenn llislribulivo l'Icli1m-:Irion Brooks, Dale Xl2llll2lHlZlllCS Rlujor Browder, Perry .l1'. Vlzxss l'rvsiilvnt Brown, Delores 'llistory Major Brown, Bob Square Dano- Ulub Brown, Dorothy .X Cllllllflllll Vlmir Brown, Elmer lPix'e1'sil'iwl fl1't'llIl2lll0'Il Brown, Glenna Sqiiaro llauwn- Vluli Bufkin, Mary Helen Nzltiomnl llfmor Srwi1'13 Bural, Lee Saxmlio liquid Burnett, Roy Sandie Iizisliviball Burrough, Kate Skating Ululy Bursey, Suzclla National llonor Soviefty Busby, Ima Jean Ut'l'ive XYOl'kt'1' Buster, Melba Buthker, Stan Buys' Sports lloml- lirmioixiif-s llzljox Buttel, Jerry Blallivniatim Major Butterfield, Dorothy Kon Klub Byers, Bill Boxing Bynum, Sue CUIlllllEl'Cl2l1 Majm' Campbell, Laird Radio Club ' Carthel, Charles Histoiy Major Carver, Larry Histm y Major Cato, Paul Sandie Qliaml Cearley, Douglas lnlraulural Foollnlll Cearley, Neal Ii. 0, 'l', U. Chambers, Douglas History Major Chambers, Laura Lee l nt vrnos Champion, Chrystelle llistory Major Chamn, Eddie l'l1ysin':ul l':lllll'2lflU!l Clack, Will-Lina fll'1'll4'NtI'Zl Clark, Connie National Honor Sm-im-ty Clement, Donald IlIst1'11b11tivv I':flllt'2lTIHll Clemmons, Kay Lynne lin-11 Klub Clifton, Jimmy 'I'l'ilt'k Coffee, Bettye National Honor Sovim-ty on eniom en iam Coggin, Morris Sandie lgilllfl Cole, Tom Samlii: liand Colvin, Lloyd .X Calppvllax Choir Connell, Bob ltoxing Conner, Rita Vlmir Cook, Frankie lmll1sl1'i:ll 'l'1'z1inimr Vluln Cook, Virgel Orvlwstlsl Cooke, Martha .X Vzlppi-ll:1 Choir Cooley, Betty History Major Cornelius, Richard Samliv liaml Counts, Virginia fill! Vollk-vlmll 'l'i-'un Crabtree, Gloria llixw-1'siI'In'fl Ovwlipzxlioii Craig, Claudette Lai ,XIVUSZI Ilus. Xlgr. Creamer, Bill Assl. Cllt'l'1'lCilllt'l' '47-'48 Cretsinger, Georganna llislrn 5' Nlujm' Dammier, Bettye li, 0, 'l'. C. Spmlsur Dammier, Joan K4-n Klub Darnpf, Evelyn .lrl Rlznjm' Daniel, Louise Xzztionzxl llonm' Svwii-lp Darden, Alsie Se-lliol' Vim' Pros, This year two new figurines, Varsity Vic and Kampus Kate, have been added to the goals to be attained by students of A.H.S. Carolyn Kelly and James Garner were the first two to be honored for their leadership, citizen- ship, and service in our school. They were nominated by their classmates and the final se- lection was made by a secret committee com- prised of students and faculty. Darnell, Maxine Choir Daughetee, Marjorie Orrliestrzi Queen Davis, David Diversified Occ-np:1tion Davis, Donald Sandie Band Davis, Jack Sandie Football Davis, Noah Sandie Football Deadwiley, Bobbie Lynn Girl's Volleyball Team Devenport, Dean Distributive Edu:-ation Dew, Rozella Basketball Team Dickinson, Jeter R. U. 'l'. C. Doane, Terry R. o. T. C. Dolan, Jackie Boys' Sports Donley, Bobby Divx-rsifil-cl 04'L'll1JIllltlll Dorothy, Kenneth Aoolinn Choir Dowlen, Aurelia Los Yiujoros Dozier, Ruth Anne I nt ernos Dryden, Barbara li, O. T. C. Sponsor Durrett, Norma A Cappella Choir Eager, Jim Sandie Band Eckel, Katherine National Honor Sol-ivty Edwards, Peggy A Cappella Choir Eitner, Carl Shop Maj or Ekelund, Guy Dell A Cappella Choir en fora wi' 'Qui The election of class officers and the queen brought new excitement to everyone in A.H.S. Tryouts for the coronation were then held, and twelve radiant girls were chosen to be ladies and duchesses. The competition was keen and made eliminations hard, but it was only friend- ly rivalry because they wanted, most of all, to have a beautiful ceremony. Elder, Carolyn 'l'ln-spiams Eldridge, Marie ,M--ilialn Vlnvil' Elkins, Jerry 1'l14-1-rl:-:ull-i Elliot, Lawrence lhon' Ellis, Lyman llislmx' Nlwlnl' Farley, Barbara iv.-H Klnlr Fenno. Janice K4-11 Klnli , Ferguson, Sue - 1 .- Naitimml llmnix' So.-ivrx Fields, 'ri-lien , Q.,,. , . , lli1-ui'lQ-:ul--1- Fletcher, Don .X Vzilrliulllzl Vlnuii' Ford, Mary Ellen Iii-n Klub Foster, Janie ,Xrl Nlulloi' Fotheringham, Tom Xntionzul llonor Swi--ty Fowler, Dale History Nliljvrl' Fox, Claude Sandie lfmiiluzill Franklin, Bill Senior l'l:1ss P11-simlvllr Franks, Louis Szlnelie Fooilmll Fulton, Carl H, o. 'It ci. Gaither, Barbara A Czxppelln l"l1uir Galbreath, Bob R, o, '11 cy Galloway, Ann lrn .Xirosa Stuff Gangwere, Grant Rifle 'I'e:zin Garner, Elizabeth National Honor Society Garner, Floyd Vumltioiml Illilllbllllill Club Garner, James Sandie Football Captain Garrett, Billye Jean Squuru Dance Club Gately, Gene Student Congress l'1'esid1-nt Gilliland, Perry Sllllilfll Dum-Q Club G ilstrap, Joce Kvn Klub Gilvin, Eddie lntraunurall Football Gooding, Jack Sandie Band Gordon, Finney lloxing 'l'v:1n1 Goulding, Joe Sandie Fmvtlmll Grantham, Dale 1:. o. '12 Q. Gray, Bobby Sandie Band Gray, John linglixlx Major Greef, Carol A Uaxppellu Cllhll' Greer, Jene Squaw llznu-v Club Hadley, Don iz, 0. T. ci. Hale, Freddie Jean R. O. 'l'. C. Sponsor Haley, Bobbie Joyce S4-01'et:1i'izxl Club Hall, J ack A Cuppm-llzl Clnlir Hamilton, Amos K. 0. T, C. en iam XS if HA W yy - nah iw eniord 'rw-an -ff 3-Sew 'X fyy Hamilton, Neil lizisvlmll Mgr. Hansard, Fred liaisvlnlll Harris, Betty Lee lllw-llvsilil Harris, Doris .X liaippvllsr Choir Harris, Jo Ann X Vnppvlla Choir Harris, Paul Vliuil' Harris, Shirley Iloml- Iiwmmiixivs Major Hartman, Leona llowling l'luli Hatcher, Jimmy Y-mniU'4ui XI-fi' . ,.,. .,,. Hatchett, Martha .X l':1ppell:l Kfliuii' Haynes, Barbara Jean Miki- mul Nlznsque- Club Heath, Jim Nnrionail Honor Society Henderson, Jackye Home ECOIIKIIIUVS Major Hendrick, Jim Koi. Klub Hendrix, Bobby Orvlu-sti':i Henry, Harold Basketball Herfurth, Hazel History M ajm' Hinds, Billy Wayne O!'l'llCsIl'2l, Hodges, Kent Shop Major Holloway, Jerry Vmatioiull Industrial Club Houck, Bud Howard J Howard, Jeannene Howard, Jimmie Howell, Dolores Hudgins, Bobby Hudspeth, Celista Huff, Bill Hughes, Billy Hughes, Helen H Y, lllll'iI1llllI'2ll XV1'L'SfllHQ Hunter, Gene Hurd, Bobbie Nell Husbands. Harold li U 'l' K' C"l1mI'1il1 Ingram, J. L. Isaacs, Bob Ivy, Wahleah Jackson Jean Jackson, Ray Jamieson, Barbara Why the puzzled expression, Murton Judd? It seems you are in deep concentration. The task of selecting a college is difficult for most seniors because of the Wide selection from which to choose. These college catalogues form the pat- tern of college life and help each Sandie pick the college which best fits his need. The Senior councillor, Mrs. Burkhalter, is one of the busiest members of the faculty. Aptitude tests, such as the one she and George Shannon are discussing, is but one of the helpful things she does for the senior students. Holloway, Martha lli-'l'e1-ns Holloway, Virgil fll'4'll0ill'fl Holmes, Billy lizxsvlizlll Square lbzincc Club -. . 4L-'L .:. Lb:-1 , ames Mzitlxviiiutivs Major History Major H isiory Major Ken Klub Szxmlie C0'CilDTIIlll Yollcylmll Mgr. llivi-rsified fjL'l'llIJ1lllUIl lizlskelbzill R. 0, 'l'. C. Si r4ui isoi ulse Dale Hamlin- lizisn-bull Cfoiuiiiw-1'ri:1l Aliljlll' llistmy Major K. O, T. C. l"llIl1l'C llnuleiimkci s of A llllll ic:L A Czzppltlla Choir Sandie liand Sqimrc llzmve Club eniorfi As the strains of a hymn come over the Pub- lic Address, A. H. S. students unselfishly give of their money to support children in schools overseas. In this picture Dorothy Butterfield takes up the collection, which sometimes goes to other worthy organizations, such as the Red Cross or the March of Dimes. The morning devotional is a daily part of life in A. H. S. Lloyd Colvin is shown reading the scripture over the Public Address system. Jcffus, Ma ry Loressa lllslm y Kliljol' Jenkins,Britt l'11lllil':1ti1-ns Staff Jester, Joy X f"llll"Il'1 Vll ri" . ni. rl Johnson, Jeanene Sw-rctz11'z1l Training Vlub Johnson, Jim ,X 1':lppm'Il:l Vllvxir Johnson, Jimmy Vlim-x'lv:14lm' Johnson, Lloyd Ray Vol-fliivmzll lmlustxiul Vlulr Johnson, Sue .X Vzlpp--ll:1 Choir Jones, Bob li, O, 'l', if. 4':11vI:uin Jones, Joyce Choir Jones, Mary Nell .X Vzxppwllal fvllfill' Jones, Norma Vivien f1ll0l!' Jones, Sybil Jordan. Barbara Kiln Klub Jordan, Travis .X !:11up:-llzl llnm' Josey, Jerry Bntlolml llonlu' Nn'u'I5 Judd, Murton Sanlulil- linnrl Keeter. Dolores Los Vi:l.l4-rms Krirsey, Gene Sqn:ll'u- ll:lm'm- l'll1lx Kelly, Carolyn Szlnrlstulnl lfrlilur Killough, Nell Sllltlvlll l'm1:1w-ss Kimbrow, James Ks-11 Klub Kincheloe, Jimmie Sandie liznnd Q l .X ftillllwllil Vlmir Quwn King, Bill Buys' Sports Knight, Lou Ethel Girls' Bzislivtlnlll Krorner, Keith fllatliellizltivs Major Kunz, Fannie Lee Futiire Iloineniakz-is of ,xilllllliil Kurten, Pat Xzxliunzil 'Honor Society Lacy, Bob Szuldstoiln iitlitni' Lacy, Margaret Llmir Lancaster, Malcolm Ken Klulv La Rue, Darrell liaise-lvzlll La Rue, Glen Ibistiilmtiw- liiliivaulimrli Laswell, Pat IK. U, 'I'. l'. Spmisor Le Mond, Patsy I"uI11i'v llmiiwixrxlww Q of Anim ivan .x.,, Lernons, Catherine Vollvybzlll LeNeVeu, James Szlllrliw Vivnvtlrzlll Lindsey, Lewis Snmlim' lizlilrl Little, Jack liaxskvllmll Livingston, Ruth Sazmli' Iislizrl Lock, Jchn lliti-fume Logsdon, Sallyann Fiiliira- 'l'vm'liu-i's of Ann-i IV zi Love, Jane Uffiw' XYUIIQ1-1' eniom Lucero, Mary Louise Loy Nvi2ljlTOS McCa1eb, Morgan Sciviive Major McCartney, Don 'l'1'41r'k McCausland, Bob ic. 0. '12 mf. McCool, Susie A Czlppvlln Choir McCorrnick, George lf4'11 Klub McCracken, John XlZlTllPlllill,l4'S Major McCrury, William l5:ls4'b:1ll McCue, Bill Sim-ring Comniittev McCullough, Martha Lou lint :md bpm' Llulr McDonald, Nihla llllt'!'llUS Vlulr McDonald, Shirley .X Calppollzm Choir McGehee, Ruby Fulurv Twzlczlivrs of .llll4'1'lf'D, McGregor, Herbert Szuirliv llilllll Drum Major McKay, Art National Honor Soviriip Presiderlt McKinney, Joyce Orr-liestra McMurtry, Roberta Linskvlbzill McNeil, Marvin Sandie Football McNeill, Cortez rc, 0. 'li ct McPherson. Roy lliv01'xifii-rl Lli'l'llll5lllUIl The office girls help run errands for the prin- cipal and the counsilors and collect attendance slips such as Wilma Williams and Leona Robi- nett are doing. The Thousand Can Drive at Christmas time is one ofthe most gratifying projects We of A. H. S. undertake. This year, Miss Roberts' senior homeroom, in addition to food and canned goods, spend many hours fixing and painting old toys and shopping for new ones to make Christmas at the Children's Home a little brighter. McRae, Tommy Ilisliilmlivn- Ecliiczltlon Mager, Bob Iizlx-rims Maggard, Colleen 1'oroil:l1im1 Maness, Stanley Vlmii' Mansfield, Colleen .lvulizxix Clmir Maples, Norma Iiit1'zln11l1':il Girlsi Sports Marcum, Bud lioys' lIlll'2llIllll'2Il Sports Marshall, Helen .X ikiplwllzi Vlloix' Marshall, Jeanne 'l'llespizu1s Martin, Billy li, O. T. C. Mask, Amil .M-uliuli flmir Massey, Billie llirl's Sports Matkin, Barbara Xzltimlall lluuol' Suvil-I5 Mayo, Jean Nlllllvlli f'ol1g'i'vss Meadows, Jeanie .M-oliain Clliui' Melton, Beth A lfauppl-llzi Choir Melton, Mary Lou Ken Klub Merriman, Bob Sandie llzlml Meyer, Pat lnlernos Meyers, June Office Work:-1' Milhoan, George Nlzitlu-iiizitics Rlzijoi' eniom Milhoan, Lois l'lllTlll'l' 'l'if:u'li1-i's of .Xmm-rim-:1 Mills, Scott Hull' eniord This was the second year for the Honor System in AHS. Karen Thatcher was responsible for the drawing of many of the posters in the hall to help remind the students of their responsi- bilities. Raymond Stoneham adds his moral support as another poster has just been finish- ed. The girls who help the councilors are the ones who put up the Honor Posters in the hall. Mary Jo Watson and Helen Bufkin are two students who made that one of their responsibilities. Mims, David .X Capps-lla Vlioir Mitchell, Marion Yannigraus Mixon, Iris A Capps-lla Choir Mock, Carolyn Coimiir-rvial Major Moody, Charles Illailivinatics Major Moore, Bill Ilivvrsifiefl Omwiipnxtioiis Moore, Bobby Sandie Footliall My-l'apfain Moore, Jack ii. o, '1'. C. Moore, John 'I'rar'k Moore, Mary Elizabeth .lrt Major Morbitzer, Rod Ed llistory Major Morris, Joyce llistory Major Mott, Robert llivi-rsifivd Om-iipatious Mullins, Maxine Ilistrilrutivc l'lduc':llion Munday, Martha .S Uappi-lla Choir Munn, Mary A4-olian Choir Naylor, Bill li. O. 'l'. C. Neely, Doris Samlstorni Adv, Staff Nelson, Irving .X Cappella Choir Newman, Alene Malliuniatics Major Newman, Don Choir Nichols, Nancy Girls Tennis 'l'l'illll N ollner, Bob Sandie Football Norrid, Billy llistrilmtivv l'11llll'2lfl1lIl Nunn, Sammijeanne Junior Class SL'L'l'4'I2Il'y O'Brien, Lynn Queen lhullu-1'-111: O'Dell, Glenn Boxin: Odom, Nancie fjl'l'llL'ST!'2l Ogborn, Phyllis llislmy Hlaljm- Oldfather, Don A Czlppn-llu Choir Oliver, Betty Jean Student Coumess Oliver, Marka Ann Naltiswliul llolxor Sm-ivly Organ, Pat Los Viujeros Ortega, Augustine Los Yizljvlwxs Pxvwdr-Ill Ortega, Frances Alt Major Ostrander, Helen X f"lUIbPH'l fvllilil' Palmer, Junior liusvlmall Parker, Roberta llirlw' lniiunmzul Ilzlsk 'tlmzxll Parmelee, Jim A1-oliun Vhoir Patterson, Leroy IJistl'ilmtiY1- l'l1ll14'utioi1 Patterson, Violet Ili-Ten-ns Patton, Bubba l'rojvc'Iion NVUIIQ Patton, Wayne Sciollvv Major maar t Q52 eniom en fora Pavillard, Dean Bob Nzlliruml Ilunm' Sm-ivlx Perkins, Betty 1':ln11-V21 Ulllly Phipps., Jimmy llif-xpullw Pierce, L. C. Ii. U, 'I'. 1'. Pippen Jessie Girl! ,Yullvylwzlll 'l'n-:lm Pitcock, Pat Hirlx' Yullm-ylmll 'lvvillll Plunkett, William Hulluiw- lhmn-v Vluli Pope, Peggy Swivm-e Mzljm' Powell, Eugene .lwwliun Vlmir' Prateiy Genelle .Mwmllzlil Vliuii' Price, Judy .X 1':nlrpvlI:l Vlmil' Pugh, Wanda liil :Hill Spur' l'lull Purser, Jimmy llixrurf Major Quinn, A. J. Sumliv liaxml Quisenberry. lone Hlxlmy Hnjill' Rainey,Jez1n .M-lulinll Vlmil' Ralson, Hubert Nilllilllill .lthlvtiv lllmm 'wmlllx Ramsey, Carmeglitu llumv Iwullnluxlvza NIM Randall, Tommy xc u 'I' 1' Riltcliff, DOH Hzmnliw liauxlqvllmll Dances are an important social function in any school. Bettye Dammier and Bill McCue, Truett Fields and Frances Stone are having a Wonder- ful time, and no doubt are looking forward to the spring when the Senior Prom is held. Rea, Barbara Future l'l0Illt'Illillil'1'S of AIIl1'l'lK'll' Reagan, Marilyn 'A Cuppvllzi Choir Reed, Carlos llistributive l'lLl11c-zltion Reid, Bob :llt'i'll2lllll'ill lDl'2lXYill Major Restine, Jim ,Xl'Oll2lll Choir Rhody, Cherry llistury Major Rice, Bob Swing Band Richardson, Mary Anr A Czlppellu Ulloir Richman, Bill lieu Klub l"u1urc lIUll'I4'IIl2lli6l'S of Riddle, Jackie A1111-1 ical Ritter, Keith Slide Rule Club Robb, Janette A Cappella K'l1oi1' Robbins, Doris lJis11'ib11tiv4- l'lflll1'RlllOl1 Robbins, Helen Anne lwilllfbllill Hlmoi' Society Roberts, Doris Square lJ:111m' Club Roberts, Wanda lJist1'il1utive I'ldllK'illlOll Robinett, Leona lius Yiujvros Rogers, Don 'l'1-uuis Rogers, Lou Lynne Girls' Sports Ross, Dorothy History Major Ratcliff Richai cl I llll ls 4 atcliff C131 Q 11111 Ray Jane 11 lx en ford R. O. T. C. sponsors are important members of the corps, for these seniors add beauty as Well as efficient service to their companies. Beverly Williams and Freddie Hale are adjusting their uniforms with care, for the sponsors, as Well as cadets, must be correctly dressed. Sadie Hawkins Day strikes a familiar note in the memories of each Sandie. That is the time when the girls don their "Daisy Mae" clothes and the boys attire in their "Lil' Abner" cos- tumes. The girls chase the boys as Carolyn "Daisy Mae" Munday is shown chasing Bobby "Lil' Abner" Moore. Russell, Frankie A4-olian Choir Russeu, Edwin Vocational Metals Saddoris, Dorothy La Airosa liditor Sallee, Jack Boys' Sports Schell, Farrel Sumlit- Football Blrflllilykl Schickram, Rita H i-Toons Schlotz, Marshula lien Klub scott, Bill Sumliv Bunfl Seeds, Betty Joyce lieu Klub Shannon, George National Honor Society Sharp, Darrell Tlishwy lfzljor Sharp, Jarrell lliveu-si1'iml Occupations Sherrill, Betty f'0lIlIlll'l'1'lill Major Sieber. Charles Sandie lfootlnull Simpson, Helen 4l1'n'l1vst1':l Sinclair, Pat Girls' Sports Singer, Pat Los Yiujeros Sipes, Royce Vmwltiomll Club Small, Marilynn 0rm'l1vst1':l Smith, Don Srliifxrv Ilnm-e Club P1'osifl4-nt Smith, Joe Bob lllzuillmnzltivs Major Smith, Ken S4lll2ll'1' l5:xm'v Club Smith, Theresa Nell Comnwrrizll Nzljor Smith, Virgil llistory Major Smith, Virginia Girls' Volleyball Tezuu Spain, Floy Hi-Teens sparks, Bill Szlmliw Football Speed, James lntrzulxurzxl l-'ootlmll Spillar, Tommy History Major Stallings, Joan .X t':lpp4-lla Clinir Stapf, Lowell lc. o, T, C, Stark, Florence SZllldSl0l'Hl ,Mlvt-1'tising Stuff Steele, Eddie .llistory M :rjor Stephens, Bill llisiribulivu Hclllczllirui stidham, Alpha A Capps-llax Vlinir Stinnett, Sidney A t':1pp0ll:1 Choir Stockman, Neva lJivv1'sit'i1-nl llt'l'llDElIl0ll Stockton, Sherman 'Frau-k Stone, Eddie livll Klub Stone, Frances lm Airosax Stuff Stoneham, Raymond llistributivv lifliwrxtimi Strait, Bill limi Klub Strait, Joe Math Major en i om en ford C5555 ezmi-:are 54 F0 Kansa nm Striley, Jim llistory Xl iljlll' Stults, Doris llome- livolmxnif-Q NI zljor Styles, Janice llistory Nlnjul' Sullivan, Bob li, U. 'lf l'. Sutton, Jeanette l"llIlll't' llmm-nlziln-i'a of .xIll!'l'l4'2t Tate, Hadie lliwtorb' Major Tate, Mary Ella l I istory Nl iljor Taylor, Clifford lhlxinn-xx Nlxxjm' Taylor, Faye Girl! Slmria Taylor, Mary Dee llistriliuliw- l'I1l114':1tion Teter, Ann llislorg' Klujm' Thatcher, Karen li. U, T. V. Slmlisul' Thibodeaux, J. W. Salmliv Iizuul Thompson, Margie Offivx- XYu1'kvr Thornton, Pat llistory lilzljoi' Tidwell, Frances Hamlin' liznml Qin-vii Tilford, Pat Math Mujol' Tillman, Carolyne Avoliuxx Klum' Timmons, Peggy Ilomt- IC:-mnolxlim Xlnjm Todd, Mary Ann Qllvn-ii 1lI'.X, ll, N. Tucker, Terrence Turner, Elaine llivvrsifierl 04-viliizliiolis Underwood, Nancy Vandenberg, John is o '1' 1' Vanderpool, Dick 'l'i -11-k Vaughan, Bobby Vaughan, Wanda Vessel, Loyd Ibisrrilnutivw l'lllllt'2lllUll Virden, Pat Walker, Mary Nell Wallace, Travis Walls, Richard Walton, Neil Walton, Phyllis Im .xi 1-., Ni Hum, Stuff Walvoord, David Wardlavy, Kenneth I Warren, Barbara Watson, Ann Watson, Mary Jo Warren, Raymond "Class Reunion in '54". The '49 seniors will have many varied and interesting experiments to re- late when they return to the familiar halls of A.H.S. in 1954. Undoubtedly Marion Mitchell and Malcolm Lancaster are thinking about those tales as they put up the poster telling of this much talked-about event. Senior Class President, Bill Franklin, is organiz ing this groupfor planning the Class Reunion Enthusiastic ideas and suggestions were pro moted in order that this highly anticipated oc casion might become a reality. Towerw Ed1lGT16 l Treese Melba Tucker Bob Yovzitionail Metals l"utl1rv lloim-malkvrs of .llIl1'l'lI'El Boys' Sports Lai .Xirosa Aflvvrlisin Staff Suncliv Iiillltl Girls' Yollvybaill 'l'e:zn1 Szimlii- Vootlnill Slziiimfti .Boxing Sumlie Fonrtlmzlll Saimlii- lizlllrl l'11lilu-:mulls lius, Shui! Skating Club Student Uoiigri-ss Offivv lYul'kr'I' Skating liilllf eniom eniom Kid Day is one of the traditions of the seniors which seems to be most enjoyable, according to the smiles and pranks of Laird Campbell, Frances Boadway, Jimmie Howard, and Neil Hamilton. This gives the "little Kids" a day to act as juvenile as they once were. The issuing of caps and gowns makes a senior realize that his school days in A. H. S. are al- most over. Mrs. C. P. Atwood is helping these students, as she has for many years, in getting the right size. Webb, Jerry linsclmll Webb, Jimmy llistribntixw- l'lflur':1tion Weeks, Joan .Xeolimi Choir Welborn, Dolores Smgiluri- Ilamee Club Wescoat, Bill .X L':11rpvll:l lillilll' Wheeler, June Huy--l l'lnb Whidden, Lawrence H. o. 'lt rx White, Jim Oirlu-stizi White, Paul ,Mffllizlll Vllull' Williams, Betty Gills' Spmls Williams, Beverly li, U. 'l'. V. Spuilsui' Williams, Charles l lislm 5' Mzljui' Williams, Earlann U1 1-lu-srl 11 Williams, Ted Sqiuirv Ilalnw- Club Williams, Wilma Sfuilvlit 4'4n1g:i'ess Willis, J oan A Vsxpimllzi Vlioii' Wills, Pat lin .Xirosu Stuff Wilson, Billie Jean 111-14111-sim Wilson, Billy Joe linys' Sports Winberg, Max Iizxse-lmll Windsor, Deanie l'lll1i'1'lr':l1lvl' Winter, Charles xlIlfll4'Illilil1'S Major Wise, Jimmie Assistant Clivu1'l1-fulf-r n 7 SEIU? 5 Four years have passed!-Are these fond memories true, Or but my own illusion of the gloriousness of you? Of warm, light-hearted laughter that echoes in your halls And in vain entreats us to remain where comradeship enthralls? Days filled with happy learning, years, with fellowship, Pass slowly here before me, as memory's wine I sip. I see our study hall, where, behind our history books, We talk of love and football, and of how the teacher looks. eniord afeweff Will you remember how we cheered our champion team to win, And watch the Sandies battle through to victory again 'Z No swarm of surly Sampsons, or Hercules could hold Our boys from plodding goalward, led by your Black and Gold. And now, dear school, the band strikes that fond, familiar tune, Your song we sing this last time now- we part, you know, come June. And as we stand bareheaded, our brimming eyes caress The memory-waking scenes you hold- Farewell, A. H .S. UP Pauline Durrett 1938 La Airosa Walker, A. M. llistory Major Woodburn, Trousdal Sillllllt' Band Woods, Ruth Coinlnvrcizil Major Wooten, Eugene Boxing Wrather, Jim Yznuiigaui Footbnll Wright, Bee A Cappella Clioir Wright, Robert Sandie Buml Wyre, Nelda Girls' Sports Yocham, Reba Sanrlstorm Stuff Zelsman, Mary Louise National Honor Society Giard? Avenue K' I.- L X X KW W 'gvf Q xx f 'ffif M K-'-x I-if SOFT suouunsas KN I X Z f,.f iff :Ave fpfiig OSS A1 arg nn 0 fine .Monde of ueen of .Amariffo .gclloof Amid pomp and splendor befitting her regal position, Queen Mary Ann of the House of Todd received the crown and scepter of Sandieland on November ll, 1948. This was the outstanding event of the school year. - . 9, fx :gg mg. sl 1' ,L ,K mv- 4 . K Q, 5 W .xx ,,, J., U-,Wa2:zLi,avg:2-veiifialsimi'-Isafgifg M b A I , wi '4 ' g F QIZ'hi9E?fJ5'iQ2.8 ?I EK S Q W 1 19 4, N- :hm 1'1o111 111c LZIIIC1 1,11 1110 SQ-111o1' Qlzuss: l,,o1'r1 C11i11111JG1'1L1111 H111 F'1'z111k1111. P1'111n-css 1,f'1111 ol 1111' House oi CJB1'1e11, P1'es1n1e111 ot 11111 Coum-11 Gene Gu1e1y, D111'11LSS I':C11lE1 of 1110 House ol' H12l11L'1121l'11 esco1'1ef1 by Duke Do11 111' 1110 House oi' F1e1c11e1'. Duchess C'o11ee11 of 111e House o1' Mz1ggz11'c1 esco1'1ef1 115' Duke .1a1111cs ol' 11112 House of K11111J1-ow. Luciy NI2111' 111' 1110 House ol' K1lll111 11SL'171'1i'11 by Lord Bobby of 111C House of Mooye, Duc-hess 1jll1'111'11V 01' 1110 House of Sz1clc1o1'1s 8SC171'16f1 by Duke S1-C11 01 1119 House of M111s, Duchess 11111111111 Lou of 111e House of Me- Clullough esco1'tec1 by Duke Max of 1110 House of Wi11be1'g3. Duchess M211'11y11 of 111e House of Reagzm 6SCO1'1Ed by Duke 13011 of the House of Davis. 7 lfleelfl if Princess Mary Margaret of the House oi' Hulen escorted by Prince Jack of the House of Barnwell from the Land of the Junior Class. Princess Nita ofthe House of John- son escorted by Prince Harold of the House of Swindell from the Land of the Sopho- more Class. Lady Janice of the House of Fenno escort- ed by Lord Pat of the House of Kurten. Lady Mary Ann of the House of Richard- son escorted by Lord Jack of the House of Sallee. Lady Martha of the House oi' Munday es- corted by Lord Charles of the House of Sieber. Lady Sidney of the House of Stin- nett escorted by Lord Harry ol' the House of Beck. Lady Jerry of the House oi' Josey escorted by Lord Donald of the House oi' Ratcliff. Duchess Jeanne of the House of Marshall escorted by Lord Jim of the House of Hen- drix. ,ourf ,ff MQQFL Heralds: Lewis Lindsey, Jack Hon, Jimmy Baker, Stanley Pittman Honor Guards: Cadet Lieutenant Jeter Dickinson. Cadet Lieutenant John Van- denberg. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Bill liateinan. Cadet Captain Bob Eastham, Cadet Captain Bob Jones The stage with all its royalty was a color- ful array of beauty and elegance. I ,z ,LT uf My t A ,-Mp K? .5 pw , A - 7 ' G f lk! F ., Jpijzfnfwl tw! J I , , , . s.. . lf- , - ' ,J ' X 5 1 I A A N .- ,Q ., v ,4 ' ' ,Q fwfr M, ff Betty Basom, violinist: Earl Marshall, Tom Fotheringhznn. Ballet dancer, Annette Greene Entertainers: Jack Heath, Truett Fields, Sue Johnson, Guy Dell Ekeluncl Pages: Emma Lou Page, Pat Singer, Peggy Cooke, Freddie Jean Hale pf r' 1 I I Q 1 3 i f 5 2 3 S' 5 1' fl,-'TTT ,f pr W J '-"1 2 If 5 3 5 9 Ml YWQQ Q '?f"Ee"'i'i?fs Z3 iii E gil 'i A friendly smiie icippezi with flaming red hair spells, JOANNE KELLY wiwcii shores the spotlight of junior iczvori ite with DON FETZCJBESGN Dcifirfs EGSYMQQWRQ manner Chief weiizporm in winning friends, 5 5 NG-'FK 'X W iz ' W -.-i ., .... 1 and wi msc me gr: VI Q ree iw me - ii fiwafewivw 1 , 5 -' is .- 1 f Q 67 Q i . f' ' s-fifw. , , ' vwr...,. 'Hillman-gf, ii " , 'F 1 - ,. W ' W. 1 ,, 'D---......,. '-"-num-...,..,.., , """-'-----f """'-'-----n Q """"'----- 'WNW 'ws 3 1 1 A fgfiefvtsvmfm Qmmwzaiffw, P ,. . C , . Lag the imc Sami? we Dff3?f2ff sfwfzzggmf . M- ,. EQ?-E N 5GN gmci J i5!Xf'X.C., ffiwamtc 5x?fDhQ!T'UQY'C3 auorife unnem -up unior CAM Doris Jean Fowler Bobby Garner .1 E' A ,LAK if i E i J 2 .4 Q . X ' imma 2 i 2 ,Sim for CAM Mary Ann Todd David Mims 50,04 0l'l'l 0I'Q C6156 Pat Davis Ray Bingham . W a"f' km. Originality and vitality were characteristics of our Sandie Cheerleaders who enthusiastically led the yells at pep rallies and games. Beside the regular duties of decorating goal posts and cheering sections, these ten people were envoys of goodwill and friendship from AHS to out-of- town high schools. New yells introduced this year included the Sandie Bounce, the Amarillo Chant, and the popular Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho Chant. ailing UL 00l'L6L6!6'l" Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar. All for the Sandies stand up and holler! Head Cheerleaders are Deanie Windsor, Jerry Elkins, Beverly Gillespie, Bill Brady, Truett Fields and Jimmy Johnson. Mrs. Marion Schoen is sponsor. Assistant cheerleaders are Ken- neth Kohler, Cnot picturedb, Jim- my Wise, Marladene Hook, and Mary Margaret Hulen. 1 ls 'E A02 A0 Jin All A secret committee composed of ten members of the faculty and fifteen seniors chose the Sandies for the 1949 Who's Who section. The qualities of leadership, honesty, sportsmanship, dependability, citizenship, and service were the deciding factors in the final decisions. A meeting was held for the committee to discuss these qualifica- tions and each member then submitted his own private list of nominations. From these lists emerged seventeen seniors who are represented here as WHO'S WHO in AHS. CAROLYN KELLY Kampus Kate I, CAROLYN KELLY, was one of the most active girls in AHS. Carolyn was Honorary Major of the ROTC, second semester editor of THE SANDSTORM, Congressman-at-large, member of the National Honor Society, Ken Klub, and the AHS Tennis Team. As a preface to her chosen vocation, Carolyn is one of the charter members of the Future Teachers of America Club, of which she is president. BOB LACY Dry humor, quiet and speedy efficiency as well as warm personal charm mark BOB LACY, who first became a forceful leader of AHS last fall as editor-in-chief of THE SANDSTORM. Popular choice as Congressman-at-large fell upon him and he has been both Cadet Captain on the Staff of the ROTC and a company commander. Holder of a Varsity Vic award, he also has been a member of the National Honor Society, Ken Klub, Quill and Scroll and Hi-Y. 3, K i S 2 5 3 5. l 5-.. mu. -.. .... -we-. .K -sm. S ,. , ,,-....-,...:,Yi.5 -,, 1 , - N x U, ' 2- , Q:4w'1'W,'-Mqifiiz, Jszig msfw may . , . I .Q at , 1 s,:5'w"fff w1w wxwm ww? M232 M Q., W, fm. :S WT M ' W , ,WflgZ39f,4 b?ifN2i"m if " 312513533 1. ff gif 'M S 1 K ,vuLwsg.-.wimgsmvsffigf ,wmiwp-semi . lb f H ' M' 'M' fmmigv-q?gQsm5i.wH'i ,4,,,3.wm5syMfWw 'W 5 , - :...:e, ..,. : M-'K,,UM .1M Mpc ,-f-: N m? wwsmgli f . Q A' , . ww 553553553 1 .4 , ,N ,Me w ..:, af zlrf .. .25 :.f- J zzg. wk' xv-In 1. 1 X 1 Q :K ff Z.-1 X m sf. .S f ,ga V4 46 QL.: Q W? Q. A N-...N ,M 5 F, QS J fl' ft W'!hri,.. if wi ww! W1 S f' X ,- we await? 1. W, ' 0 :S GENE GATELY Being just one of "ole boys" proves the all-around friend- liness and abilities of GENE GATELY, president of the Student Congress, Gene is one of the Big Shots of the Hot-rod Circle, and a member of the National Honor Society. Ken Klub, lnternos, and LA AIROSA Staff. ART MCKAY Heading AHS's foremost honor organization, ART Mc- KAY, president of the National Honor Society, has de- voted his time to two distinct fields of athletics and to scholarship. Art played guard on the Sandie basketball team and was one of the champions ot' the AHS golf team. Also a member of the Ken Klub and Student Con- gress, Art's quiet, almost bashful, friendliness made him one of the favorite leaders of the Honor System and won him the position of Chairman ot' the Steering Committee. BILL FRANKLIN Standing out rand high-6'-l"v in the leadership of his class. is BILL FRANKLIN. president of the Senior Class. Bill used his height to the advantage of AHS by being on the first-string Sandie basketecrs. His activities in- clude the Honor System Steering Committee, Student Congress, National Honor Society and Ken Klub. ff' me 'IXUAO BILL MCCUE One ot' the "Chosen", BILL MCCUE was elected by the entire student body to the position of Congressman-at large and elected by the Congress to the Honor System Steering Committee. Bill is vice--president of the Honor Society and president of Kcn Klub. As the assistant edi- tor. much of "Willie's,' time is claimed by LA AIROSA. HUBERT RALSON Maintaining one of the record scholastic averages, HUBERT RALSON also split his hours between ath- letics and making a grade record. Hub played Sandie football and sprinted on the track team. National Honor Society, Ken Klub, and National Athletic Honor Society are the scholastic organizations to which Hub belongs. SUE FERGUSON Forever helping teachers in their grading and making credits for herself, SUE FERGUSON has participated in many activities above and beyond her hard Work. Sue graduates with twenty-five credits in Varied subjects. Her service and membership were in the National Honor So- ciety, Ken Klub, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Teens, Internos and THE SANDSTORM staff. She went to Girls' State in 748 for AHS. 1 4, , .. .A ,H ' Mix Q'f'35fi1a X Nz kiwi ww A X 2 N3 . 35' Q4 Nagy, bfi f gsfif me 2 XZ, fi x', WN, my ffixbl. Qi N' 191545 'wyk uf -Mx 'EY . KH, A f ff. xg r wg. C C . . X- 3. 1.4.4, - -- - nwmma... .9 3 B We Wim TRUETT FIELDS Ardent supporter of the "SouthH, TRUETT FIELDS yelled torth in spirit as one of the head cheerleaders. Truett is very active in Hi-Y tpresidentb, member-at-large of the Student Congress, member of the National Honor Society, Ken Klub, Quill and Scroll. Truett's military in- terests center in the ROTC, in which he is executive of- ficer ot the battalion with the rank oi' Cadet Major. CHARLES SIEBER "Big Sieb", as CHARLES SIEBER is known. has taken an active part in athletics, organizations, and scholarship. Charlie starred as Sandie center and has served as vice- president of the Student Congress, member of the Na- tional Honor Society, National Athletic Honor Society and Ken Klub. M ARKA OLIVER A stand out for two reasons ther service and hcr red hairb, MARKA OLIVER gave generously of her time to the Student Congress. She was one of the two delegates from the AHS council to attend the southern convention of student councils at Mobile, Alabama. As secretary of the Congress, she kept records and handled much of the business and activities of the organization. Marka is also a member of the Ken Klub and the National Honor So- ciety, as well as being elected DAR Girl by the faculty and Senior Class. lidfricf X X 1 a W X f Ky, ,R Q X f i I I f X H N5 ,ff KX K 5 G L f , X KX VJ! in XXXX Q ff Xxx f f J ff 'flfxf K N,f- ff' E Q --wx XXXXK X X X X X xxx, , 1 ff X X XJ IX Xi ' H X 'Q ff X ,SZ-X,, X , Xxx X J x x K V1 -X XX? XX 1 x I X XX X mi K w X wif 4 :I f 1 4 -i Wi UF n Ol ,HQ qi'-jgvx X rf 1 Qgkxx f Q! df Z 4... SQ, F .DAVE oss , N r Sfeering. omm iffee Faculty Mrs. C. P. Atwood Mrs. W. B. Burkhalter Mrs. Thos. H. Haynie Mr. Howard W. Lynch Mr. R. B. Norman Mr. M. L. Matherly Miss Jane Williams The steering committee which di- rects and promotes the A. H. S. Honor System is made up of bfudfffff seven faculty members, six Seniors seniors, five juniors, five sopho- mores, and two alternates for each group. This committee meets every Wednesday morning to discuss the Honor System and ways in which it can be improv- ed. Davis, Noah Franklin, Bill Gately, Gene McCue, Bill McKay, Art Sieber, Charles Juniors Brady, Bill Carpenter, Neal Haynie, Sue Hulen, Mary Margaret Kelly, Joanne OFFICERS President .,........ Art McKay Secretary ........., Sue Haynie Sophomores Abcrnethy, Pat Bingham, Ray Davis, Pat lsaacs, John Sanders, E. G. dlternales Seniors Dryden, Barbai Lacy, Bob Juniors Barnwell, Jack Coble, Betty Sophomores Hibbs, Bobby Ramsey, Jerry YJ Abernethy, Pat Adkins, Winston Alato, James Autry, Bruce Barnwell, Jack Beck, Harry Bingham, Ray Brady, Bill Brown, Prudence Carpenter, Neal Chambers, Douglas Coble, Betty Crow, John Davis, Pat Denny, Johnnie Durrett, Norma Elliot, Don Forrester, Carrol Franklin, Bill Garrison, Bobby Gately, Gene Grant, Margery Gray, Barbara Hall, Jack Harvey, Frank Haynie, Sue Heath, Jim Hibbs, Bob Hulen, Mary Margaret Isaacs, John Johnson, Jean Jones, Bob Kelly, Wayne Ketchum, Georgia Ann Kurten, Pat Lowe, Roy McCarty, Fred McCaus1and, Bob .S?lflJ8I'li C0l'lgI"l?55 The body representing the stu- dents in AHS is the Student Con- gress. They played a great part in establishing the Honor System and are continuing to uphold its standards. Through out the year they play an important part in supporting activity projects of the school. Officers President ,,.W. ,,,-..-,,,.-,,Gene Gately Vice-President A,,, ,, ,,,,, Charles Sieber Secretary .,,,,,.,. ,, ,,,,,, Marka Oliver Corresponding Secretary ,,,. ,,,,-,,-M,- ,,,,,,,s,,,,-,,-,Barbara Dryden . xx S McKay, Art Marks, Larry Monzingo, Shirley Mosely, Margaret O'Brien, Betty Oliver, Marka Pavilard, Dan Bill Philips, Mary Louise Poling, Walton Quinn, Buddy Ramsey, Jerry Ratcliff, Don Sanders, E. G. Shell, Farrell Sieber, Charles Stark, Florence Starks, Melody Stephens, Bill Thompson, Charlie Tidwell, Frances Weatherly, Margaret Wedgeworth, Rex Williams, Carldine Williams, Wilma Woodson, Barbara Congressmen -at-Large Creamer, Bill Davis, Noah Dryden, Barbara Fields, Truett Jones, Sybil Kelly, Joanne Kelly, Carolyn Lacy, Bob McCue, Bill Meetz, June Mcafiona agnolufifriaf CM M6mlOCI'S The Gavel Club gives stu- Abernethy, Pat Allen, Neal Boggs, Carol Boozer, Judy Boyd, R. C. Bursey, Nancy Cearley, Sue Cleek, Tommy Davidson, Jere Edwards, Helen Feierabend, Shirley Foster, Kathleen Hess, Paula Hickerson, Bette Howington, Dwane Hurd, Annette LaShier, Bill McCormick, Martha Malloy, Donna Merchant, Jerry Miller, Joyce Mullins, Priscilla Page, Doris Phillips, Jo Betty Ramsey, Jerry Rapp, Joyce Robb, Joan Rutter, Billy Saunders, Joe Shile, Sandra Sneed, Thomas Steffens, Lorene Stout, Joanne Thompson, Julia Thompson, Richard Tisdale, Pat dents opportunities in speech work in and out of school. Only Sophomores are eli- gible to become members. Weksler, Lois Gfficem Wflhamsf Carldene President Y ,Shirley Feierabend Wf110ughby,ChH1'1eHe Vice-president W , , Joe Saunders W1HfQfS,B1?1 Secretary ,W W Joanne Stout Wynn' Loulse Reporter ,,,, 7 W Sue Cearley Young, Barney Sponsorw , Miss Jessie Mercer The Vocational Industrial Club is composed of mem- bers of the Occupational Metals Class. It is the aim of the club to promote rela- tions between the students and their prospective em- ployers and also to give the students an idea of what will be expected of them in their future work. Officers President ,, , .Sammy Smith Vice-president , Terrence Tucker Secretary and Treasureig, , H , ,, , ,,Dean Bob Pavillarcl Reporter ,, ,W Billy Wilson Sponsor, , W, ,Archie B. Pool Members Arrington, Johnnie Collins, Bert Dodson, Darrell Eitner, Carl Fulton, Clifford Garner, Floyd Hammer, Albert Hulsey, Dale Johnson, Billy Lee Martin, Bill Neese, Emmett O'Dell, Glenn Pavillard, Dean Bob Reed, Bob Russell, Edwin Sipes, Royce Smith, Sammy Smith, Virgil Tucker, Terrence Wallace, Travis Wilson, Billy CM The purpose of this club is to train students in the use of the slide rule. This or- ganization is particularly good for those taking a great deal of math and science and for prospective engineers. The Skating Club was organized this year. The only qualification for membership is an interest in skating. t sgzafing Officers President , , , , Y , , Bill Nichols Vice-president, , , , ,Margie Baird Secretary r H , , Anne Carlton Sponsor, , Mr. E. M. Savage Archer, Richard Braden, Bob Eager, Jim Eckel, Katherine, Gately, Gene Gooding, Jack Grantham, Dale Albert, J. T. Alward, Merle Audry, Joyce Baird, Margie Bently, Ruth Brannan, Ida Fern Brown, Elmer Burrough, Kate Carlton, Anne Carmack, LaJuana Carter, Phyllis Carver. Betty Chambers, Pat Chism, Bettye Collins, Jacqueline Cooper, Joyce Cunningham, Bobby DeSautell, Glen Evans, C. A. 'mm my Shale IZA CM Members Kelly, Wayne Keeler, Dolores McCue, Bill McKinney, Warren Moore, Jack Moore, Patsy Patton, Bubba Members Ferguson, Mary Ruth Floyd, Melvin Franklin, W. L. Green, Harry Griffin, Betty Hail, Barbara Hopwood, Bruce Hudson, Edna Jackson, Marcella Lancaster, Bobbie McClenny, Joyce McGuire, Mary McPherson, Sue Mask, Barbara Mitchell, E. G. Morris, Jo Ann Murray, Helen Nichols, Bill Roberts, Deanie Officers Presidents, , ,Dale Grantham Vice Presidents Bubba Patton Secietaryr , , A, Helen Robbins Sponsor., ,,Mrs. C. C. Walden Richman, Bill Ritter, Keith Robbins, Helen Sadler, Jimmy Schell, Farrell Warelle, Rowland Self, Don Sharp, Art Sharp, Jarrell Simpson, Floyd Smith, Kenneth Smith, Virgil Steffens, Lorene Thompson, Jim Thornton, Dorothy Todd, Patsy Tyree, Carla Jo Wadsworth, Eugene Warren, Archie Warren, Raymond Weiszbrod, Tommy West, Nelda Williams, Beverly Wills, Pat Q37 fi- . ,- ATL C . .. ........L. jA85l9iCU'l Officers President , , 7, ,Nell Baucum Vice President, H Don Fletcher Secretary, , ,,,,,Connie Clark Treasurerw Tom Fotheringham Clerk ,, , , , , , Craig Ratliff Sponsor, Mrs. N. N, Whitworth Candidates for membership into the Thespian Club must show an outstanding ability in dramatics or speech. It is organized for the purpose of developing a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramatics. ,......g Old Members Baucum, Nell Clark, Connie Clemmons, Kay Creamer, Bill Elder, Carolyn Fotheringharn, Tom Fletcher, Don Harris, Jo Ann Josey, Jerry New Members Barnes, Fay Jean Bird, Billie Blanchard, Edna Bufkin, Helen Bursey, Suzell Colvin, Lloyd Coffee, Bettye Coffee, Ethel Cole, Tom 3 Gross, Grant Harris, Doris Howell, Delores Johnson, Sue Palmer, Junior Rogers, Lou Lynn Seeds, Betty Joyce Todd, Mary Ann Wills, Pat Adkins, Winston Bursey, Suzella Butterfield, Dorothy Coffee, Bettye Farley, Barbara Kent, Diane Marshall, Jeanne Parmelee, Jim Phipps, Jimmy Ratliff, Craig Schlotz, Marshula Members Fotheringham, Tom Gibson, Bill Gross, Grant Howell, Dolores Phipps, Jimmy Smith, Bill Starks, Forence Thompson, Charlie Ellison, Mary Yocham, Reba Ferguson, Sue This is an organization for stu- dents who are interested in speech. The members enter into such work as debates, and speech work as determined by the club. Pfafkfm CM Officers President, H U , ,, N , Suzella Bursey Secretaryn, , ,, Dorothy Butterfield Adair, Maxine Bateman, Bill Blasingame, Mitzi Braden, Bob Bursey, Suzella Clark, Connie Coffee, Bettye Eckel Katherine farailaasrr Fields, Truett Franklin, Bill Garner, Elizabeth Garner, James Gately, Gene Heath, Jim J osey, Jerry Kelly, Carolyn McCue, Bill McKay, Art Oliver, Marka Pavillard, Dean Bob Ralson, Hubert Rainey, Jean Robbins, Helen Saddoris, Dorothy Shannon, George Sieber, Charles Thatcher, Karen Tidwell, Frances Zelsman, Mary Louise Wafiona onor ociefy Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon character, scholarship, lead- ership, and service. Members are nominated and elected by the faculty. Officers President ,W U, MSW, ,,tArt McKay Vice-presidentl Y , 7 - an Bill McCue Secretary ,H , W W, , Y Karen Thatcher Treasurer, WW, W ,,,,,Dorothy Saddoris Sergeant-at-Arms,,,, Y Charles Sieber Sponsors Y, , W, ,,Miss Marie Donnell Miss Louise Russell Alsbrooks, Nova Autry, Bruce Boadway, Frances Bufkin, Mary Helen Butterfield, Dorothy Daniel, Louise Daughetee, Marjorie Ford, Mary Ellen Fotheringham, Tom Holloway, Virgil Kurten, Pat Lacy, Bob Lancaster, Malcolm McCormick, George Matkin, Barbara Munn, Mary Neely, Doris Schlotz, Marschula Seeds, Betty Joyce Stark, Florence Members Adair, Maxine Alsbrooks, Nova Archer, Richard Arnold, Beverlee Autry, Bruce Bateman, Bill Boadway, Frances Braden, Bob Broaddus, Maxine Brown, Lee Ann Bufkin, Mary Helen Bursey, Suzella Butterfield, Dorothy Byrd, Beverly Clark, Connie Clemmons, Kay Lynne Coffee, Bettye Coffee, Ethel Oliver Cross, Laura Crow, John Dammier, Joan Daniel, Louise Daughetee, Marjorie Dean, Garland Dove, Beverly Eckel, Katherine Elliott, T7onald"" Fenno, Janice Ferguson, Sue Florence, Sylvia Ford, Mary Ellen Franklin, Bill Garner, James Gatcly, Gene Gilbreath, Nelma Glover, Billy Gray, Barbara Griffith, Emily Gross, Grant Harris, Jo Ann Hendrick, Jim Herrington, Audrey Howell, Dolores Hulen, Mary Margaret Jensen, Martin Johnson, Marianne Joscy, Jerry Kelley, Nita Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Joanne Killebrew, Mary Jean Kimbrow, James Kurten, Pat Lacy, Bob Lancaster, Malcolm Matkin, Barbara McCormick, George McCue, Bill McKay, Art McKinney, Wanda Melton, Mary Lou Moore, Patsy Munn, Mary Neely, Doris Oliver, Marka Ann Parmalee, Jim Pavillard, Dean Proffitt, Helen Rainey, Jean Rainey, Joyce Ralson, Hubert Ray, Jane Richman, Bill Roots, Betty Lou Saddoris, Dorothy Sample, Jaynee Sanders, Juanita Seeds, Betty Joyce Sieber, Charles Shannon, George Springstube, Wanda Stark, Florence Stinnett, Sidney Stone, Eddie Tate, Mary Ella Taylor, Vivian Thrasher, Wilma Joan Tidwell, Frances Todd, Joan Whitaker, Virginia Zelsman, Mary Louise Zweig, Mildred Q11 Membership in this society is based upon scholarship and citi- zenship. The object of this or- ganization is to create enthusiasm for good scholarship and re- search . Officers President, , r, ,,,, Bill McCue Vice President, W , , , Jim Heath Secretary ,, , , Carolyn Kelly Sponsorsr , , Miss Ruth Tolbert Mrs. C. C. Walden lnitiates Adams, Kathleen Adams, Kay Adkins, Winston Alexander, Moody Allen, Jo Ann Allen, Neal Bockman, Barbara Boggs, Carol Brooks, Dale Bruner, Alison Bruner, Evonne Burnett, Mildred Bursey, Nancy Butler, Anna Nell Carpenter, Neal Cearley, Sue Chapman, Jo Ann Cox, Ara Crews, F. T. Faulkner, Max Ray Feierabend, Shirley Fotheringham, Tom JCM Garrison, Bobby Hamill, Hallie Harvey, Myra Heath, Jim Holloway, Virgil Hopkins, Matha Irelan, Alice Isaacs, John Jackson, Marian Johnson, Nita Kent, Diane Kiker, Latrice Knight, David Lachier, Bill Lindsey, Betty Livingston, Ruth McMillen, Lula Margaret Milhoan, Erma Oliver, Betty Jean Patton, Walter Phipps, Jimmy Posey, Audrey Fern Ramsey, Jerry Ray, Barbara Robbins, Helen Scott, Eugenia Shannon, Jeanie Thatcher, Karen Thomas, Alice Thompson, Richard Upton, Mary Ann Venable, Ann Weksler, Lois Ann Whiddon, Robert Wilcoxson, Vera Willoughby, Charlene Wilson, Carol Winter, Bill Young, Barney Yflafimm .Militia ww ociely Members Adair, Maxine Barnes, Carole Boss, Dave Bursey, Suzella Cearley, Sue Clark, Connie Craig, Claudette Farley, Barbara Ferguson, Sue Fields, Truett Heath, Jim Jenkins, Britt Kelly, Carolyn Kurten, Pat Lacy, Bob McCue, Bill Ray, Jane Saddoris, Dorothy Steed, Charles Wardlaw, Kenneth Yochum, Reba The Quill and Scroll is a na- tional honorary organization for high school journalists. Its qualifications are very similar to those of the Honor Society, including outstand- ing Work in publications. Officers President H ,, , W ,Jim Heath Vice-president H ,C ,Carolyn Kelly Secretary , W ,, ,Suzella Bursey Treasurer , W, H Connie Clark Sergeant-at-arms Y Bill McCue Reporter W , Dorothy Saddoris This is an organization for high scholastic athletes who qualify in the field of sports. It is composed of boys who have lettered in a major sport and who have an aver- age of 85 or more in their school subjects. Sponsor-Mr. Howard Lynch Old Members Clifton, Jimmy Franklin, Bill Garner, Bobby Garner, James Hill, Don LeNeveu, James Little, Jack McCormick, George McKay, Art Ralson, Hubert Schell, Farrell Sieber, Charles Whiddon, Robert New Members Anthony, Jimmy Bradford, Bill Davis, Noah Israel, Clyde Wyatt, David Qui! .Sim ecrefaria I I l"6l,Ll'lU'L Jig Officers President , , Mary Munn Vice-President Mary Ella Tate Secretary Ruth Woods Sponsor Miss Velma Shows Objectives of this organization are vocational competency in note taking, transcribing, and other secretarial duties. This experience will help members to understand business rel a t io n s h i p s more thoroughly. Bowling, Gerald Brown. Louise Crawford, Jimmy Dammier, Joan Forbus. Jimmy Gayarre, Francis Glover, Billy Gooding, Jack Bowers, Joy McKinney, Joyce Smith, Theresa Nell Haley, Bobbie Milhoan, Lois Tate, Mai-yE1la Harris, Doris Munn, Mary Taylor, Faye Johnson. Jeanene Pitcock. Pat Woods, Ruth Lasswell. Pat Prater, Genelle Wyre. Nelda Livingston, Ruth Roberts. Doris Lucero, Mary Russell, Frankie Graham. Osha Hahn, Alfred Hefner, Ted Huckabey. Ernest Huckabey, Odessa Jackson, Ray Jensen, Martin McGinley, Doyle Merchant. Jerry Osborn, Bobby Pond. Dick Price, Donald Sills. Jimmy Wheeler, Roberta The Camera Club was organized this year for the benefit of those who are interested in perfecting their skill in photography. Cl,l'l'l8l"Cl, LLL Officers President , , Jack Gooding Vice-president ,, Billy Glover Secretary , Roberta Wheeler Sponsor Mr. Herman Swettman 0:5 iajerofi Officers President W ,,Augustine Ortega Vice-president ,,,, , ,W W, W, O ,,Betty Joyce Seeds Secretaryn, ,W Maxine Adair Sponsor ,n,Miss Viola Ballard The Los Viajeros is opened to all of those who- have had at least one year of Spanish. The object of this organization is to create more interest in the language and a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking people. The purpose of this organization is to study customs, legends and historical events. The Internos club is opened to those who have had or are taking Latin. .gil feflfl 015 Officers President W W, V , Joce Gilstrap Vice-president, ,,,, Bill Brooks Secretary , , Y , 7 Joanne Kelly S OHSO1 D ' ,W , Y NWN W, W, Miss Anna May Klapproth jufure omema em 0 merica Members Bivins, Zella Bruckner, Ann Chandler, Jairy Collins, Jacqueline Condren, Virginia Cox, Jean Daniels, Shirley Deering, Rosemary Denman, Betty Eaton, Pat Ellis, Charlene Emanuel, Louita Fleming, Paula Foster, Kathleen Foster, Myrna Gilbreath, Nelma Hail, Barbara Hamel, Emma Lue Harvey, Myra Hinson, Wanda Irvin, Doris Jamieson, Barbara Kersten, Betty Jean Membership in this club is limit- ed to girls taking Work in the Homemaking Department. One objective of this club is to pro- mote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. Officers President, ,,,, , W Shirley Daniels Vice-presiclent,,,,,,,r , , Zella Bivins Secretary, , Us ,, ,, D ,Norma Turner Sponsor , a , Mrs. Lola Pevehouse McMurphy, Vona Martin, Betty Melton, Dorothy Jean Perkins, Betty Marie Perry, Marletta Phillips, Eldora Pratt, Rose Ann Rapp, Joyce Ringley, Ann Ross, Dorothy Sellers, Virginia Shannon, Barbara Shumate, Betty Steffens, Lorene Sullivan, Margie Tacke, Margaret Tisdale, Pat Turner, Norma T'yree, Carla Jo Underwood, Nancy Weeks, Eutiva Woodall, Oleta Wright, Joyce Q2iQ1t2.g, if 4 fitjlvifxft- , ,,,. Ns Abernethy, Pat Adair, Maxine Alsbrooks, Nova Anderson, Lora Andersen, Betty Anglund, Marcia Baucum, Nell Burnett, Mildred Byrd, Beverly Coffee, Bettye Coffee, Ethel Oliver Collins, Sue Creamer, Bill Foster, Amelia Kelley, Nita Grace Kelly, Carolyn Kiker, Latrice lfLtlfU"Q GHC 8725 The Future Teachers Club was formed in 1947 for the benefit of the students who are going into the teaching profession. The members gain valuable experi- ence and information, and are trained in leadership. Officers President, , WW, W, Carolyn Kelly Vice-president A, , W Y J, , ,,Sue Collins Secretary, , H, ,,,,,Peggy Quisenberry Sponsors W, U ,Miss Carmen Ulm Logsdon, Sallyann McCain, Raymond Mills, Gaynelle Moore, Doyle Morrison, Raymond Osborn, Sarah Bess Page, Doris Quisenberry, Peggy Raines, Jerry Rainey, Joyce Ray, Jane Robbins, Helen Anne Shackelford, Mae Ellen Small, Marilynn Thomas, Jean Todd, Joan Wheeler, Roberta cculaafion iuemihe Members Armstrong, Herbert Blair, Donna Bullard, Kenneth Clement, Donald Daniel, Doloros Darnell, Maxine Foreman, Dayne Johnson, Imogene Keirsey, Gene LaRue, Glen McRae, Tommy Mayo, Jean Morgan, Bill Mullins, Maxine Ott, Carl Patterson, Leroy Pope, Peggy Rasmussen, Stanley Reed, Carlos Rice, Eob Roberts, Wanda This club promotes an inter- est in the field of distributive education subjectsg teaches students how to become members of civic organiza- tions after graduationg and promotes better student ac- tivities. Two delegates are sent to the State Convention of the Distributor's Clubs each year. Officers President , , , , Bob Rice Vice-president , ,'Wanda Roberts Secretary , ,Maxine Darnell Reporters , 7Stanley Rasmussen Sponsorn , W ,Miz Howard Cobb Diversified Occupation is a co-operative training pro- gram between school and in- dustry. These students at- tend school only one-half of the day and spend the other half working in shops in the city of Amarillo. Sponsor u,,,,v,,, Mr. Oliver Diggs Members Adcox, Henry Barnard, Bob Bilderback, Toby Bond, Kennedy Breeding, Glenn Britton, Norval Brown, Elmer Carlile, Eugene Cooper, Jimmy Crabtree, Gloria Crisp, Raymond Donley, Bobby Gangwere, Grant Griggs, Leslie Guyer, Dick Hodges, Kent Huff, Bill James, Ethel Johnson, Buster Jones, Don McGinley, Doyle McKnight, Larry Milhoan, George Mitchell, Dell Moore, Bill Rogers, Bob Sharp, Jarrell Short, Otis Stockman, Neva Tilford, Pat Turner, Elaine Walvoord, David l eizbizifrigufiue glclucafion ow ing CM Officers President, H , H ,,,,Pat Kurten Vice-president , , ,,,Bob Mager Secretary 7 , H ,Leona Hartman The Bowling ganized this Club was or- year for the benefit of those who like to bowl, but cannot. It is the aim of this club to improve in some measure each mem- ber's ability to bowl. Baker, Jerry Bruner, Evonne Burns, Thomas Butler, Anna Nell Clack, Will-Lina Dammier, Joan Davidson, Jerry Denton, Karl Gaut, Shirley Grantham, Dale Hartman, Leona Johnson, Jeanene Keith, Clark Kent, Diane Kimbrow, James Kirkpatrick, Pat Kurten, Pat McCracken, John Mager, Bob Malloy, Carroll Malloy, Donna Miller, Joyce Mitchell, Jack Mulkey, Jerrel Sanders, Juanita Shile, Sandra Southwood, John i A Alward, Merle Barnes, Faye Jean Bates, Virginia Bivins, Margie Bivins, Myda Brooks, Bill Brown, Glenna Brown, Robert Bruce, Robert Bruner, Barbara Bruner, Evonne Bufkin, Helen Bulloch, Don Burch, Tolbert Buttel, Jerry Cooper, Karl Cox, Mary Alice Davidson, Max Davis, Betty Evans, C, A. Ferguson, Mary Ruth Florencc, Sylvia Floyd, Melvin Franklin, W. L. Ganett, Billie Jean 1 I Garner, Arthur Garner, Floyd Gaut, Shirley Gilbreth, Nelma Gilliland, Perry Greer, Gene Grey, H. M. Gross, Grant Hall, Billie Hail, Barbara Hardin, Lois Hedspeth, Claude Hickerson, Betty Houck, Hoyt Hudson, Edna Hunter, Gene Irelan, Alice Jamison, Barbara Jensen, Martin Juett, Winona Keirsey, Gene Kent, Diane Krabbee, Don Lightfoot, Richard Livingston, Ruth quafe CLIQCQ Officers President, ,, , Us ,, ,H , , , Don Smith Vice-President, ,,,,,Robert Brown Secretary, , , ,L , ,, , W Sylvia Florence Sponsors Mrs. Robert Brierley Miss Lurline Bowman Mr. Rupert Taylor This club is opened to all students interest- ed in learning organized, old-time dances such as square dance, the polka and the schottish. It is coached by Mr. Noble Fowlkes, noted expert. McMillan, Lula Margaret McGuire, Mary Milhoan, George Milhoan, Lois Moore, Douglas Moore, Mary Nell Morris, Joe Mouton, Gus Nichols, Bill Pavillard, Dan Bill Perry, Marletta Phillips, Eldora Phillips, Jo Betty Pitt, Geraldine Plunkett, William Posy, Audrey Powell, Alton Powell, Chockie Putnam, Charles Rainey, Jean Rainey, Joyce Rankin, Claudell Rapp, Joyce Reiter, Carole Robb, Jean Roberts, Muriel Rogers, Don Rogers, Wayland Satterwhite, Gib Scott, Eugenia Seeds, Betty Joyce Smith, Avent Smith, Don Smith, Ken Southwood, John Taylor, Marion Thompson, Julia Thurmon, Stanley Tucker, Eddie Twaddell, Bob Tyree, Carla Jo Virden, Pat Wagner, Betty Weaver, Catherine Welborn, Delores Wesley, Charlie White, Jim White, Marlene -U Senior and Junior Club Members Adkins, Winston Anthony, Bob Autry, Bruce Baird. Sidney Baker, Jerry Barnard, Bob Barnwell, Jack Benesch, Tom Bullock, Don Clement, Jerry Cole, Tom Cook, Preston Duncan, Lowell Eager, Jim Elliott, Carl Fields, Truett Fowler, Galen Galbreath, Bob Grantham, Dalc Gray, Bobby Green, Harry Gross, Grant Henry, Harold Hill, Don Holt, Carles Jordan, Travis Keith, Clark Lacy, Bob Lock, John MclVlahan, Donald lVloore, Doyle Nelson, Irving Oheim, Donald Schooler, Ronnie Scott. Bill Seymour. Charles Smith, Billy Smith, Dan Strait, Bill Swink, Marvin Thompson, Charlie Turner, Bill Watkins, Bob Woodburn, Trousdal Senior Officers President , , , , Truett Fields Vice-president, Y , , ,Irving Nelson Secretary-Treasurer, Charlie Thompson Sponsor, ,,,,, Mr. Joe. O. Parkey Sophomore Officers President , ,, , H , ,,,, John Isaacs Vice President H , , , Jerry Ramsey Secretary , Raymond Estess Sponsor , L, Mr. E. L. Hammit Loyal to school, home, and friends, are the boys who belong to this organization. The purpose of the Club is to create, maintain. and extend throughout the school, high standards of Chris- tian Character. Sophomore Club Members Allen, Neal Bains, Darrell Bagwell, Elbert Beebe, Charles Boyd, R. C. Brown, Leamon Carter, Bill Chandler, Bill Cleek, Tommy Crews, F. T. DuBose, Bob Estess, Raymond Forrester, Carroll Foster, Bob Harper, Les Isaacs, John Jackson, Edward Linkenhoger, Gayle McCain, Raymond Malloy, Carroll Neel, Harry Odell, Garner Ramsey, Jerry Rutter, Billy Saunders, Joe Thompson, Richard Wicker, Robert Wilkinson, Bill Winter, Bill Young, Barney 1 Alsbrooks, Nova Anglin, Betty Basem, Betty Alice Baucum, Nell Bivins, Margie Bivins, Myda Blackburn, Carolyn Blair, La Melva Boadway, Frances Brooks, Julia Brown, Louise Bruner, Evonne Bursey, Nancy Bursey, Suzella Curb, Della Mae Daniel, Louise Dowlen, Aurelia Ferguson, Mary Ruth Ferguson, Sue Fenno, Janice Flores, Jessie Foster, Kathleen Gaut, Shirley Gilbreath, Nelma Gilstrap, Joce Hail, Barbara Holden, Billy Mae Howell, Dolores Kent, Diane Key, Montye This club is a Christian organiza- tion, created to maintain through out the school and community high standards of Christian character. Officers President ,Dorothy Saddoris Vice-president e Y , , , W, Sue Ferguson Secretary , , ,Mary Louise Zelsman Treasurer , , Louise Brown Sponsor, Miss Adelle Shows i - .lend Lewis, Dorothy Litle, Mildred Lucero. Mary Louise McKinney, 'Wanda McPherson, Sue Morris. Joan Murphy, Nancy Murray, Helen Neely, Doris Patterson, Violet Pope. Lois Popham, Lula Fcrn Proffitt, Helen Rapp, Joyce Ray, Jane Reed, Tommy Ruth Robbins, Helen Robinett, Leona Saddoris, Dorothy Schickram, Rita Stefiens, Lorene Thrasher, Joan 'l idwell, Frances Todd, Mary Ann Tyree, Carla Jo Walton, Phyllis Wagner, Betty Watson, Betty White, Clara Zelsman, Mary Louise mmm., ZW f fffzff ff X- ff,,f l f X X - xxx KZ!! X rl ,f fy ff! ff . X! X X J Z 7 ff lf A,fif f, f ff if ff ff 4 ! Q,f' ' ' ' if I f l X , l- 1 , Xfff ff' X -Z7 I 2 ,ff-f "X X f fr!! X if ,X , f jg K X 'KV' V! J! J -it Y- ' Y - fix ,- ,Y ,W7 . if.-.l+v-7A-. f , - lf-4 li-2 i xW QS . ffl.. YY W V ,rl-' -. ,fd .N iEQl NU TRESPASSINE :GOVERNMENT 2-N PRUPE RTT QW, L, V, , , X ff xiii? b ' Ql ,Qf xL.2YN 7, 1' if 'Wi XZ f ,K S K, 2: -f' K lx X XK J if X x ni. Q e ,l J 'Ek-.2:Y!.' if ' 'A C C il' f if FZ' A wg nj X, ' Q ,A ww. . l TW NZ' Y .jx le X gill ',y',,l',1rjElp A , ,,..'!?'4',' MMU , X M, 5,f' xi' xii 'D .y't,sf' ii 2 Q .1 A3-gr Cadet Major Truett Fields H0l1Ol'2ll'Y Major' Carolyn Kelly fu, Ap," Cadet Lt. Colonel Bill Bateman Honorary Lt. Colonel Helen Marie Hughes l I ,- l ist! 5 ' of Lee Bone, Captain Beverly Williams, Sponsor ,4 a,m,,,,, Joe Aldridge, Sidney Baird, Tommy Barnard, Kenneth Barrett, Tom Benesch, Bob Berry, Bobby Bruce, Robert Bruce, Laird Campbell, Paul Chase, Warren Davis, Alvin Finley, Calvin Finley, Jim- mie Green, Grant Gross, Darrell Jackson, Tommy Johnson, Charles Kirkpatrick, Oliver McPherson, Don Morgan, Charles Parker, George Patterson, Dorsett Sanford, Phillip Thomas, Gordon Tyron, Archie Warren, Donald Wilson. N I Q X, tf by ' f 1 Clifford Fulton, Captain Lynn O'Brien, Sponsor H C0l7l,9al'lg T' Qs. J. T. Albert, John Carrington, Jerry Davis, Lewis Dorough, Dan Graham, Bill Gunderson, Calvin Ha- bern, Carl Hare, Ervin Estel Hawkins, Ted Hefner, Jerrell Hodges, Robert Isaacs, Billy Johnsoni Gor- don Keetch, Cloyce Kemper, H. B. Keith, Steven Kelly, Wayne Kelly, Richard Lawson, Oakley Leigh Jackie Mills, William Perkins, Claudell Rankin, Jim Sills, Bill Smith, Richard Smith. Spencer Smith Bob Sullivan, Glenn Williams, Tom Vfyatt. z.. if 'X Z9 ' xt ry' , 4, C V Harold Husbands, Captain Karen Thatcher, Sponsor C Marvin Braziel, Robert Bryant, Kenneth Burns, Max Carver, Melvin Floyd, Williain Franklin, Arthur Garner, Don Hadley, Alford Hahn, Robert Harris, Frank Harvey, Dwane Howington, Jerry King, Carroll Krahn, Eldon Langford, Charles Lester, Warren McKinney, Bill Naylor, Dan Neeley, Charles Pamplin, Donald Park, L. C. Pierce, Don Reid, Jerry Renfro, Steve Roberson, Joe Saunders, Bill Sla- ter, John Southwood, Tommy Weizbrod, Lawrence Whiddon, Edward Wilson. :MX pf Wji aipl wa ' X 7 l C' -- fa f I Bob Jones, Captain y A.: Kp wifi Barbara Dryden, Sponsor -llz l ' ,,. -. In lzl I, 6 50l'l'll9Cl,l'lg Maurice Allen, Neal Allen, Bob Arnett. Barry Blythe. Billy Colvin, Eugene Chappell, Torn Clark, Jerry Clement, Max Davidson, Norman Eubanks, Danny Kilman, Gene Ledbetter, Raymond McCain, John MCCI'3kGH, Davie Mitchell, Gordon Mitchell, Sam Mitchell. Gus Moutus, Morris Joe, Ray Nichols, Bobby Pickett, Charles Putnam, Walton Roberson,John Royse. Lowell Stapf, Donald Price, 2 I, lu x ax, xi 2? 1, -E Q ,. Bob Eastham Captain Pat Lasswell Sponsor i fir 1 l , u. Q .3 fyo L, 6 A. .,1. ' , .w " 4 f ' X if X -f' U s T wanna K9 tl ' " kk '27 ' . , f .,.. , , K y L, " q .Macguarfera omlaang Jimmy Armstrong, Travis Bailey, Henry Banta, Ralph Benton, Billy Boen, Dave Loss, John Boyd, Jerry Buttel, Neal Cearley, Don Coffman, Jerry Cogswell, Lloyd Colvin, Karl Cooper, Jerry Davidson, Mahlon Davis Ernest Doggette, Lowell Duncan, Bob Galbreath, Dale Grantham, Bill Hagler, Charles Holt, Lloyd Johnson, Robert Miller, Gayle Mixon, Bob Raines, Don Renner, Clyll Smith, Leroy Thomas. Lt Lol Biil Batemm Hon Lt Col Helen Nlftiie Hubiu Cadet M1101 Tiuett fi f'2 .7 . ' 2 3 . . . X GI ' af ' ' fa FiClCiSI-11011. Major Carolyn Kelly: Cadet Capt. Bob Lacy: Hon. Capt. Bettye Fimices 1..1IHl1'11LI Cadet Capt Hwrold Hiisbftiid' Hon Ciit K Tl C idet . . . C , . 21 . ureii iatcheri Major Curl P. Mzitiiey. ogeufenanfd L. C. Pierce, Jeter Dir-kiiisoii. Bob MCCziuslaiid, Lloyd Colvin, Jim Purmflee, Jimmy Phipps, Jim Heu- dricks. Tommy Randall. Bob Gzilbrcath, Jack Moore, John Vaiideiiburg, Lawrence Whiddoii. Douglas Wirtz, Mzirviii Blair. s 1 l 2 2 jkedilfe po .,0. I 0 pkg 2 Wu. 5 f A 677 ""1-0 5 T ,gfwli 2 satis,-f'5 2 nl EE 1 XA M: ,,i6'Q"fZ g?i1'f -'Eli-wf' Jw I A. 0 diff' .8 - - MQ-5'-.3 I "w:l"""W-W-,..,gi,7x-M , 6 -ff"Pl,r'a,N SN,..,x6L,,,-,4,-f-ffq-..wJ-f' ...,ff0I fx X X E .- . 2 - W!! D I ff diff? 5 f A X riff QfVff'L' 'j,MW Z gw X M! ,. cv", AN' - , up a S i 1-yy: W J,i,.? 0, f . 1135? 5 Q ! S 2 ,-,...,g'Nbl1, .,.,-., Ge, - Qfff4f,,0fZff SZ53"?fe lbelafe Vlforking away with such terms as tburdens ot' prospective, presump- tion, rejoiner, affirmative, negative, and Philo-Forum' are those aspir- ing to make the debate team: Dolores Howell. Grant Gross, Tom Fother- ingham, Billy Gibson, Dorothy Butterfield, NVinston Adkins, Bettye Coffee, Suzella Bursey, and Carole Barnes. iw- PAN H 4.04 Em Making their brains do a little overwork as they pre- pare for a workout in extem- poraneous speaking are Bar- bara Farley, Florence Stark, Don Hayworth, and Craig Ratliff. These studious San- dies show us how far a little preparation can help us go. Surviving stiff competition, Richard Thompson, John Isaacs, Jimmy Anthony, and Walter Wolfram were chosen to present their declamations before the sophomore assembly. After a great deal of debate the staff of judges made up of faculty members decided that Richard Thompson and Walter Wolfram should represent us in the state contests. fvfaw Students of Mr. Flathers' radio interpretation class en- joyed studying and drama- tizing radio plays and learn- ing the in's and out's of pro- ducing sound effects. The hilarious comedy, THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN, was ably enacted by Jerry Josey, Tom Fotheringham, Diane Kent, Jimmy Phipps, and Marschula Schlotz. 'Pr' fx.. , Iii ' STAGE MAKE UP Learning the art of make up is one of the favorite units studied by dramatics classes. Shown above are some ofthe budding dramatists of AHS as they transform their natural faces into those befitting old age and various other character parts. GIRL DECLAIMERS Armed with gestures, time limits, and phrases these four declaimers are aiming toward the state finals. Cherry Blair, Mike Flynn, and Barbara Gaither listen attentively as Janice Fenno orates. N' 'K was ..- . -' 1 ,,.-X .V if 'l:'C'9 .u fu .xgcfiuified Classroom work in dramatics includes learning the art of make-up as Well as that of acting, and the students en- joy seeing themselves be- come an aged old hag, a laughing negro, or a rosy- cheeked child. A true spirit of Thanksgiv- ing was projected into the thoughts of the student body by the pageant presented by Mrs. 'W h i t W 0 r t h's fifth period dramatics class. 60l'li05f The Speech Department, under the able direction of Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, Miss Jesse Mercer, and J. H. Flathers has created many opportunities and gained many honors for students of AHS. Pictured is Mrs. Whit- worth as she directs the work on the Contest Play. This year the Dramatics Department chose for the Contest Play Afteiwaids The play is a serious story of two youths who had to die to find themselx es The two casts weie chosen by Mrs. Whitworth. Those students working on the play are Frances Tidvx ell Doiothy Sad doiis, Truett Fields, Jimmy Phipps Roy Lowe Tim Restine and Don Fletcher udic grown A .ZX x X X , 5 -'s.-'- x-. -- W! B I v YQ ME' XXXX ? Lrvvwf T Q VA I-Xffl i F C4 ff I -1.1 SXYXXEX A ffhnfffiff fff 7ffff if X 'I -.- ff R X H' Y ,, ,- r ., f- I 'N 50, 1K-"" x Ill. g , NX ,- ' 0 -Q fo f x , ,K x -f- x D 'O 6 A' if Ill I , fff "7 f'l'r f XX 'K An A A WH X., L W f ffffff!ff!fMfff44W 1,211 --HH NX rf' ' lk ' ' " ' "ik" 'AX .-f'Lr1'-"LUN FKNN- L A Q KX 'X gba 1 - 0 KN Z 4 . Q 1' 5 , x , x , w , 6 ., ... 1' O N ' x 1 NN g' , X' z N' ,f x 4 X f I N. 2' , A A X X ,:Q2l', ' x N -3- , ' f m' Q A ww f" uv 05 ,0 Z X 'H' f X Cy N' f f X Q T Wx ' Q 4 N f A ,ff 'lg ffm f f 'HI f X , x- X ' X ' X DAVE BOSS lobby Hendrix Organists Betty Basom Student Conductor Don Hayworth, Kay Adams, Betty Lindsey. Cont-ei'tinzister Bt ttye C'ot't'f-0. President 7 7 Vice President , Secretary, , , Reporter , Lilnrarians , , Coneertmaster Student Conductor tbreliestra Queen , ,, ,Billy Creamer , ,Tom Fotheringham , Helen Simpson Mary Ann Johnson , , Nancie Odom, Roberta Wheeler Violins Betty Basom Carroll Vermillion Betty Ann Lindsey Betty Jo Denmon Billy Wayne Hinds Virgil Holloway Kathleen Foster Novelle Johnson Gena Devin Betty Harris Joan Dammier Virgil Cook Samuel Carver Eugene Wadsworth Violas Nita Grace Kelly Sara Bess Osborn Mary Bell Eldridge Mary Zell Jones Carldene Williams Wanda Springstuloe Flutes , A , Naneie Odom Betty Edwin Kathleen Huber Bobby Hendrix MymJem1Hm.VCv ,lVlarjorie Daughette Marie Eldridge The AHS Orchestra has given the students of our high school and the people of Amarillo much good music and varied programs this year. They played for the Coronation Ceremony and their players formed the nucleus of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, which gave three concerts. Music Clinics, contests, and their annual Spring Concert make their activities a full-time program. Their annual Orchestra Banquet is one of the highlights of the year. OFCA26 fl"Cl, ' Miss Louise Dicken V Director Cellos Oboe GGHiC3IT1gb0g Earlann Williams Mari ynn ma Raymond Morrison Bassoon MQQYEQEE Johnson Catherine Childers a Shackelford Tr m t Bryan Mock u pe S . Weldon Heath Kenneth Bailey I5 Jerry White F, Judson Quinn C Ifgloifsy Norman Shroff , El " Lcgvcfmeine French Horns Carolyn Elder Billy Creamer Billie Jean Wilson Piano Marjorie Daughette Mildred Burnett Julia Mae Brooks Clarinets Torn Fotheringham Doris Page Mary Ann Putman Robert Branson Robert Bechtel Virginia Vanderpool Roberta Wheeler Trombones Bobby Hendrix Kenneth Sudberry William Francis Percussion Helen Simpson Max Motley Marjorie Daughette Orchestra Queen Twirlers lu nlei Oliiceis Nelnizi Gilliruzitli PM N1 li s liie bi l iesidenl 'X iilun lu ld liininic Kinehcloe Nice Piesidan Toni Cole lictlye Cliilcoie Qc niet in Lewis Lindsu Herbert McGi'eg0i'. Drum Major ol' the Sandie Band, was elected to this position because of his ability in di- recting' the band and com- manding maneuvers. Spark- ling Frances Tidwell was made Band Queen by the popular vote of the mein- bers. These able leaders have added much to the success of the Sandie Band, Qboe Shirley Gaut Bayitgne Jimmy Holmes ---- -V----vygv we QOAIQI1 Sdntbe KCU16! The Golden Sandie Band has given many performances in varied fields of entertainment this year. Their spirited playing and colorful stunts made the halves of the football games more enjoyable. Other appearances on good-will trips and in parades have made the people of Ama- rillo and the Panhandle Region, as well as the students of AHS, aware of their presence. Band activities include their spring concert and annual banquet, at which special awards and honors are given to outstanding band members. Betty Basom Piccolo Charles Steed Flute Pat Wills Frances Tidwell Nelma Gilbreath Muriel Roberts Ami Buckner Marian Jackson Clarinet Garland Dean George Mallett Don Davis Jack Gooding Bill Brooks Bob Merriman Tom Cole Bob Naylor Jimmie Crofford Martin Jensen A. J. Quinn Bobby Wright Betty Edwards Peggy Williams Mary Ellison Marletta Perry Jo Helen Hendley Dorothy Jean Melton Staley Hackley Jerry Merch ant Hoyt Houck Alto Saxophone Murton Judd J. W. Thibodeaux Billy Beeman Kay Adams Bettye Chilcote Helen McManus Tenor Saxophone Nova Alsbrooks Ann Britton Baritone Saxophone Charlene Willoughby Bassoon Catherine Childers Joyce McKinney Max Ray Faulkner Skipper Willborn Avent Smith Claudell Rankin George Morehead Ruby Williams Horn Donald Elliott Jerry Beck Otto Praeger Richard Rowe Lcslie Harper Bass Clarinet Lee Bural Richardson Cornelius Alto Clarinet Bobby Gray Peggy Quisenberry Corn ets Jack Hon Lewis Lindsey Don Blackburn Kenneth Bailey David Walvoord Ralph Miller Jimmy Baker F. T. Crews Stanley Pittman Willis Clark Douglas Ferguson VVinston Adkins Charles Miller Ray Farley Damon Nutt Gary Robinson Percussion Arthur Garner Tommy Cleek Rex Wedgeworth Paul Cato Travis Jordan Don Bulloch Richard Larson Claude Hedspeth Max Motley Billy Hill Bells Guy Dell Ekclund Laura Cross Twirlers Pat Virden Jimmie Kinchcloe Bettye Chilcote Nelma Gilbreath Q s .51 R I 3 S if We Three Paula Smythe Marladene Hook Jo Ann Ivy Mrs. Julia Dean Evans Accompanist Officers President Kenneth Kohler Vice-President David Mims Secretary Judy Price Treasurer Billie Joyce Bird Reporter Martha Munday Manager Bobby Hudgins Three Honeys and A Bee Carolyn Loveless Jo Ann Harris Guy Dell Ekeluncl Bill Brady Martha Munday Accompanist A Cappella Choir Queen Sybil Jones Four Hits and A Miss Julia Dean Evans, Accoinpanist Jack Heath Don Fletcher Truett Fields David Mims Helen Marshall l Abbott, Carlyn Sue Anthony, Jimmy Baker, Mary Bell, Barbara Beverley, Bobby Bird, Billie Joyce Blackburn, Carolyn Blair, Cherry Blankenship, Beth Boxvlin, Corinne Boxwell, Nancy Brady, Bill Brady, Mildred Brooks, Bill Drown, Dorothy Bullock, Don Catterton, Jaynet Chaney, Carol Christian, Demaris Clifton, Jimmy Coffee, Bettye Colvin, Lloyd Cooke, Martha Durrett, Norma Edwards, Peggy Ekelund, Guy Dell Elliott, Don Eustace, Darlene Fields, Truett Fletcher, Don Gaither, Barbara .fd Kaiolaeffa GLOW Mrs. Julia Dean Evans, Dfreotol' Galloway, Ann Garner, Elizabeth Gillespie, Beverly Goulding, Joe Graham, Osha Lynn Greet, Carol Hale, Freddie Hall, Jack Harris, Doris Harris, Jo Ann Hatchett, Martha Heath, Jack Hook, Marladene Hopwood, Bruce Ivy, Jo Ann Irwin, Vern Jester, Joy Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Jim Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Sue Jones, Mary Nell Jordan, Travis Josey, Jerry Kelly, Carolyn Kohler, Kenneth Lankford, Vera Lehman, Olan Loveless, Carolyn Maness. Stanley Marsh, Linda Marshall, Helen McCool, Susie McDonald, Shirley Melton, Beth Mims, David Mixon, Iris Munday, Carolyn I l I Munday, Martha Nance, Beverly Nelson, Irving O'Brien, Lynn O'Dell, Myrl Oheim, Don Oldfather, Don Paschal, Pat Poling, Walton Price, Judy Reagan. Marilyn Reiter, Carole Renner. Don Richardson, Mary Ann Robberson, Carol Sahli, Sara Schlotz, Marschula Smythe, Paula Spearman, Glynn Stallings, Joan Stidham, Alpha Stinnett, Sidney Sullivan, Margie Thomas, Bonnye Wardlaw, Kenneth Wescoat, Bill Willborn, Skipper Williamson, Jerry Willis, Joan Wood, Monte Wright, Bee ,fc V2-33' uw ll- 'fmw Aeolian Choir Queen Nelda Vllest lr, President .......w..... Kenneth Dorfmihy Vice-President A.,nnn.n.,.,nn Jim Restine Secretary nnnnnn..,Y,.AA.,,. Mary Munn Tl'02lSLll'Q1' nnn,An.Mnnn,,,. Charles Reeves sex Four Flats Roy Lowe I Charles Reeves , . Don Hayworth Amn Mask P21111 VVY1110 Accompanist Jim Restine Student Director eogan CAOU' Director ..,.......... Miss Tennie Thompson Barron, Ray Bailey, Travis Bains, Darrell Baird, Kay Bingham, Peggy Bivins, Sally Blaine, Beverly Brown, Prudence Bruner, Allison Burnett, Joardis Butterfield, Dorothy Coffee, Ethel Collier, Patsiann Conger, Joyce Cornelius, Richard Cox, Mary Alice Daniels, Sue Davis, Dolores Davis, Dorothy Dean, Betty Dorothy, Kenneth Drake, Floriene Edwards, Patsy Eldridge, Marie Ely, Betty Estess, Raymond Garrison, Bobby Gravestock, Barbara Gruvcr, Tommy Hatcher, Jimmy Hayworth, Don Hinds, Wayne Hinton, Nancy Howard, Jeannene Howell, Dolores Johnson, Novelle Kiker, Latrice Lacy, Margaret Lane, Jo Ann LaShier, Bill Lemmons, Jimmy Lowe, Roy McGuire, Mary McKitterick, Nat McMennamy, Glenn Marsh, Betty Martin, Betty Martin, Wanda Mask, Amil Meadows, Jeanie Miller, Glenna Mock, Corny Moore, Doyle Morrison, Raymond Mulkey, Jerrel Munn, Mary Nesbitt, Harlen Norman, James Palmer, Junior Parker, Pat Parmalee, Jim Plumlee, Rosemary Prater, Genelle Rainey, Jean Rainey, Joyce Rawlings, Bill Reeves, Charles Restine, Jim Roberts, Margaret Rodriguez, Joe Russell, Frankie Rutter, Billy Sample, Jaynee Shackelford, Mae Ellen Simmons, Donna Smith, Avent Smith, Clyll Tillman, Carolyne Todd, Mary Ann Weeks, Joan West, Nelda Whiddon, Lawrence White, Alden Wicker, Robert Wilcoxson, Vera Williams, Carldene Wilson, Nancy Winter, Bill Wise, Jimmy Wolfram, Walter Clzoirififem President..- ..,,,,,,...... .,,. S a ,... WW J im my Farmer Vice-President ,A-----,,,,,,..,....--v.- Cliffortl lvellli Secretary w,M---,-.,,,,,,A,.,... v ,,. .f I Bettie Foble Treasurer ,,A...,,,,,A......,,.W,,,,, ---.-- Carl ltlllillti Reporter ee.... Stage Managers Librarians ...,, Accompanists- - --Wehc-,c,-,,,cc--,------Bob Hager Jimmy XVhittenburg, .loe Saunders Edean Singleton Kathryn Boyvlin Anna Nell Butler, Alice Thomas. Director ,,,e..A...,,,,..M.....7 S Abernathy. Pat Barnvfell. Jack Beck. Jerry Bell, Betty Benesch, Jo Bowlin, Kathryn Buckley. Forrest, Butler, Anna Nell Boggs, Carol Carter. Sandie Cernahouz, Jaynet Chambers, Betty Clark. Tom Coble. Bettie Curb, Della Mae Elliott. Carl Eubanks. Norman Farmer. Jimmy Forristcr, Carroll Gabert, Elizabeth Halley, Charlotte Harrison. Bobbie Heard, Doris Hetley, C. W. Hefner, Richard Hess. Paula Hickerson, Bette Hill, Billy Jackson, Edward Johnson. Melba Jones. Norma Ketchum, Georgia Keith, Clark Lane. Mary Leavelle, Bcttye Lyvers, Judy Linkenhoger, Gayle IVlclX'Iurtry. Roberta Mager. Bob Metz, June Merrick, La Nelle Moore. Patsy Beverly Lemmon Mrs. Julia Dean Evans Morris. Joan Murray. Helen O'Brien, Bettye Posey, Doris Reneau. Sylvia Richards, Gleeana Saunders. Joe Scott, Eugenia Shannon, Jeanie Singleton. Edean Stanley, Patsy Stoddard, Virginia Thomas. Alice Turner, Norma Walvocrd, Jo Ann Webb, Clifford Whittenburg. Jimmy Woodson, Barbara Wrather, Alice VVrather. Doris Brooks, Brown, President ......,.,.. armong ingem Vice-President ........................ Secretary ....-.....H Treasurer ............... .--- ......... --- Reporter ...... Stage Assistants Accompanists-- Librarians ..... Director ............ Julia Mae Marlene Bursey, Nancy Chase, Paul Condren, Pat Cook, Corinne Ferguson, Sue Field, Mary Ford, Carol Grant, Marjorie Hinson, Wanda Hodges, Jerrell Robert Poindexter -Carlos Jackson ----- Phyllis Walton Sue Ferguson Elizabeth Reed Ronald Johnson, Donald McMahan Julia Mae Brooks, Lorene Steffens, Vivian Phillips Joan Robb, Delores Welborn ,-,,--------Mrs. Julia Dean Evans Hurd, Annette Jackson, Carlos Johnson, Nina Johnson, Ronald Jones, Mary Zell Jones, Shirley Ledbetter, J. H. McDowell, Frankie MCMahan, Donald Phillips, Jo Betty Phillips, Vivian Poindexter, Robert Pope, Patsy Reed, Elizabeth Robb, Joan Smith, Claire Steffens, Lorene Taylor, Marion Tisdale, Pat Twadell, Becky Walton, Phyllis Weatherly, Ann Welborn, Dolores Wolflin, Gretchen Womiche, Carmel armonizem President ........,.............,,. Jerry Ramsey ----W--------.-------BOb Rice Vice-President .......... Secretary .............,........... Treasurer .... Librarians .........,..... -- ,Virginia Kay Jean Thomas Shirley Campbell, Betty Elkins Accompanist .........,...,......--. ,--.,M, Director ............e,.n.i..... Allard, Clydeen Bentley, Lona Dean Benton, Ralph Blair, Juanita Brannam, Fern Brown, Arlee Brown, Lois Bruce, Robert Campbell, Shirley Chandler, Fairy Chandler, Bill Cook, Wanda Daniel, Joy Davis, Pat Denman, Betty Jo Duncan, Dale Duncan. Dee Elkins, Betty George, Jane Green, Pat Hamilton, Betty Kay, Virginia Lynes, Patty McCarty, Freddy McKnight, Charlotte Merrell, Mellie Miller. Ida Moreland, Madge Moseley, Margaret Van Nostrand. Mary Oglesby, Dena Parker, Jaekey Pavillard, Don Bill Pierce, Bob Pat Greer Miss Tennie Thompson Nell Pond, Diek Price, Donald Raines, Jerry Ramsey, Jerry Reynolds, Carolyn Rice, Bob Roberts, Gwendal Smith, Barbara Starks. Melody Thomas, Jean Thurman, Dorothy Weksler, Lois Ann Westerfield. Patsy Whitehead, Jean Wilkinson, Billy Woodall.Aleta uneffea President ......................,.... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Librarians ............... Claude Hampton Norma June Todd Accompanists ...... -. ................. Director ..................... -.-- Miss Bailey, Betty Bruce, Bobby Burnett, Bonnie Burson, Earlene Cave, Patricia Ann Chism, Betty Collier, Nelda Collins, Jacqueline Darnell, Joyce Denney, Johnnie Deweese, Jo Ferguson, Toncey Jo Graham, Jack Gray, H. M. Howard, Nita Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Jo Dell Lancaster, Bobby Mask, Barbara Miller, Joyce Mitchell, Bonnie Notestine, John Joyce Darnell Jack Graham Hattie NVorley, Gladys Johnson rJo Dell Johnson Tennie Thompson Rhodes, Wanda Shane, Sandra Smith, Don Thornton, Dorothy Todd, Norma June Tvvadell, Robert Williamson, Janelle Wilson, Patsy White, Earlene Worley, Hattie President .......... Vice-President Treasurer .... CLUB fefd -La - Bobby Hibbs -------------------------- Nita Johnson --------s----s-----------L Nita Johnson Librarian .........,.w. -, H.........,,. Accompanist ...,.,wd,.......- -....-h Director ....,,.,.,. Anderson, Ida Lou Bankhead, Larry Burdine, Rowena Chambers, Pat Clark, Marvin Collins, James Cook, Beulah Jo Cornelius, Carolyn Cross, Bill Neal Dunlap, Wanda Eck, Jimmy Elliott, Eddy Ely, Freda Evans, Leon Flynn, Mike ------------Miss Glasgow, Cynthia Gilley, Sandra Grounds, Neal Hadley, Don Hamilton, Kenneth Hibbs, Bobby Huber, Kathleen Hudson, Edna Irvin, Doris Jackson, Janet Johnson, Nita Lemons, Sue McCubbin, Jorene Osborn, Sara Bess Overton, Imogene Paschal, Joyce --- Sandra Gilley Sara Bess Osborn Tennie Thompson Phillips, Mary Louise Pope, Evelyn Pratt, Rose Ann Reed, Wilma Jean Rogers, Weyland Shile, Sandra Sides, Martha Sprouse, Lee Steinback, Wanda Strait, Bill Sullivan, Joy Tarkington, Sandra Todd, Patsy Warner, Ardith Wilkinson, Barbara C6 ML...--. jlze 7!MiLac!o v ,...- "The Mikado", performed by the combined choirs, brought vol- canoes and cherry blossoms into the life of AHS. Under the superb direction of Miss Tennie Thompson and Mrs. Julia Dean Evans, three separate casts performed before six at- tentive audiences. Their excellent talents displayed all the Work they had done in preparing the operatta. Mrs. Crossett directing the lighting, Mr. Flathers the dramatic coach, and Mr. Jones the art director had the difficult tasks in making "The Mikado" a smooth running production. y 1' I, Ak x h pwA6'5:clfiQ:!i5 1 red xy ' I 'I 1 J f x x X ff! x x x,v::,f1'ffi11'ff.. x , f Qfxxfx5f ffl,', gggg mmm X - 4 1 xx f M7 ' I , x , 1 :Q i X K x 1 xx xx x . XX 5 lf ? I f Z' i fygglngn ' J 'For- 4 ' amass T ORDER :1? i 74 QQ P0LnCE J AE ' fifidf' k'fI.uuISIlIlU A' S a ,Airmm Although it was only September and the 1949 LA AIROSA was but a dream to most Sandies. the LA AIROSA Staff was busy making' lay- outs and plans. Margie and Myda Bivins contemplat- ed with Jerry Frisbie over the use of some new pictures just brought in by the photographer. While Pat Xlvills typed. Ida Anderson and Marlene t'asey proof-read the school directory which the LA. staff edits yearly. Sponsoring: the Popularity llall is one of the favorite staff projects of the year. Mary l,-ouise Zelsman and Brit Jenkins eagerly cut crepe paper in anticipation of the big event while Frances Tidwell visioned the elabor- ate decorations. Finding new picture layouts is always a challenging problem for staff mem- bers. Typical of the staff are t'arol Robberson and Frances Stone as they carefully cropped and arranged their pictu1'es. SW! adj' ., L' dll . 122 Oro C0111 mf" UAV . 9' 11 A 312 IP C1919 eq flo d 1791- 0711768 Hi WIZAQSSILSVFQ all F 1721 . Q, 152356 Coopgljf Jf Gr . CC Dllf atlo Us J OU: U Of Golf a Up . Gd 3110 L G1 Ov A AJR? Sfaff-914 U, OS ' U1 6 A to QV be Vivian Taylor and Ann Galloway stopped Beverly Byrd and Joan Todd admired the latest car :heir work to look over some pictures just toon of Dave Boss. ilown from the dark room. ala :gen 4 e. U f f 14, -,A: bhizv ,.,V.. q 5 af i ---A-, t mis, -V ....,- - - Z 4. -I A L fgf, X. t M U-:2.'fsw Wx' f,'I'.--,"'f7- ...-I Would you want one of these girls for your valentine? They stayed so long in the gym decorating for thc Popularity Ball that they just had to get some sleep. The members of both staffs are proud of their girls who can work so hard, sleep so peacefully, and he so cheerful at a dance all in two days and one night. The members of the sports stall, Don Elliott, Gene Gately and Don Ratcliff, stop work long enough to give a big smile for the photographer. With Bill McCue as the Sports' Editor, they worked many hours over individual pictures and action shots. The Sandstorm and La Airosa sent dele- gates to the Texas High School Press Asso- ciation which met in Denton December 3, 4, 5. They set off from the school in high spirits. pA0f0gI"6l,l0 7,8I"5 Charles Steed, head- man among the photog- raphers, was in charge of all picture making. David Knight was re- sponsible for many of the pictures appearing in THE SANDSTORM and LA AIROSA. Little Bobby Osburn was always on hand to snap the shutter for in- sistent staff members. Kenneth Casey worked many hours in the dark room developing and printing pictures. Gerald Bowling could always be depended on to get out prints in a hurry. Jack Gooding took his share of the load and Worked in the dark room many hours each week. .S76LI'lUL5f0l"l'l'l EMO? . K9 j ' xQam A C at-olF nmesyei v bind. - Q96 I- S9 i I getf in-Wil vm- lll-met we 1 'QQX' . 4- gr 4 X - hill View l , Q35 , AL VOX, had elim. and 'm 1 in . tirsttgi Second. tof Wlorking on the Sandstorm Staff calls for plenty of time. energy and patience, as any member will verify. However, the long hours spent after school and on Saturdays are repaid in full with fun and the satis- taetion of a job well-done. PHE SANUSTORM, a bi-weekly publication, is eagerly awaited by every member of Santlieland. 1. ia!! First Semester Sports Editor, ,, , Feature Editors , , Exchange Editor ,, , Club Editor, ,, , , Editorial Executive Pictorial Executive , , , , Cartoonist,,, , , ,, , Proot Reader,,,, ,, ,,,, , ,, Jim Heath Cherry Blair, Reba Yocham Carole Barnes Maxine Adair Britt Jenkins David Knight Dave Boss Nell Baucum Reporters: Bill Brady, Sue Cearley, Truett Fields, Billy Mae Holden, Marianne John- son, Bobby Moore, Clara O'Lee White, and Jerry Williamson. Second Semester News Editor, , , ,, , , , , ,, Bill Brady Sports Editors, , ,,, Jim Heath Columnist , , , , ,, ,, ,, , Truett Fields Feature Editors,,, ,,, , , Reba Yocham Connie Clark, Maxine Adair Editorial Editor ,,,, , Marianne Johnson Exchange Editor, ,,,, ,, . Circulation Editor, , , Club Editor , , ,,, , , Copy-reader , , , , ,, , , , Photographers , , , , Sue Cearley ,Carole Barnes , Jane Ray ,Nell Baucum David Knight Charles Steed. Bobby Osburn Cartoonist,, , , ,,,,,,,, ,,,Dave Boss Reporters: Winston Adkins, Bruce Autry, Mary Baker, Will-Lina Clack, Barbara Dryden, Sue Ferguson, Billie Mae Holden, Sue Johnson, Joy Jester, James Kimbrow, Pat Kurten, Bobby Mager, Helen Marshall, Carolyn Munday, Martha Munday, Peggy Pope, Carolyn Tillman, Clara O,Lee White, Jerry Williamson, Bobby Wright. t 9? 5 s 1 E 17 Phyllis Walton and Louise Daniel deserve lots ot' credit tor selling the most ads. Members 01' the Business Staff include Bill Gunder- son, Jimmie Kinchlue, Vivian Taylor, Joan Todd. Beverly Byrd. Priscilla Mullins, Frances Stone, Ida Anderson, lVlargie Eivins, Myda Bivins, Louise Daniel, Phyllis Walton. Warren Davis, Wanda Vaughn. Mary Ellison. udinedd La Airosa P'l1'lF'!ZM'6 wwdsiqaaww lin! Hg, A-, Claudette Craig, Business Manager of the La Airusa, had little trouble from her stall' because nl' her ability tu wnrk so easily with people. l-lei' willingness was an inspiration for all. X W' X ,wuts as ffegias-W ze,,..h...........,+ ,, 'fi' if!! Sandstorm All business transacted by the Sandstorm was in the hands of its capable manager, Suzella Bursey. Her assistant, Frances Boadway, was a Willing helper and always on the job. Members of the staff include Florence Stark, Doris Neeley, Helen Bufkin, Dorothy Butterfield, Carole Barnes, Vera Lankford, Jean Rainey, Glenna Jo Miller, Louise Daniel, Phyllis Walton, and Marlene Casey. if QF Axim Saorfa gjrounefa Xi 3X xX S X 1 XX' f Q XXX- fi 7 W X -5 K V1 xx ff kc, xy X R df 5 K MQ CAUTION hT Q 1 ' H f MW ,f SANDSTURM g , ,V ,ff 3 f F Xxx X, AREA M I , -.u.gv T. G. Hull Howard Lynch Basketball Coach Head Coach Line Coach John Whinnory Arthur Lamb Rudy Gamblin Track Coach Assistant Yannigan Coach Baseball Coach Backfield Coach Yannigan Coach Coacling .ga Q ,F 52 5? ug. yay xiii Qin., 5 QM' 'i ww 4. W WKQ auf W 1 M . ,mg W hw W M1 ' m ig'-C ' W Q ,M , Q M Nyuvrb 012' www ' 'f' J... W, ' L04 'Ummfr .av as Q. flmfdaf Aw i The other half of the Mc- Neil to Garner combination ran, kicked, and passed his way to All-American honor- able mention, All-Southern honorable mention, All-State honorable mention, and All- District honors. 1 ' WSif" . CO-Captain Bobby Hudgins showed himself to be the "biggest" little man in the state and gained All- State and All-District honors at guard. Co-Captain Bobby Moore, though held back by knee injuries, fought his way to All-State second string and All-District honors. marifo 0, ,Waco 21 Playing without the magnificient Garner, pass receiver, safety man, signal caller and defensive stalwart, and Fullback Claude Fox on the bench with injuries, the San- dies were conquered by the massive VVaco Tigers 21-0. The tremendous Tiger line opened up enough holes in the smaller, but hard fighting Black and Gold forward wall, to let Fullback Dick Parma and his mates tally three touchdowns. The first and third scores came after McNeil had punted short against the strong wind, while the second came on a blocked punt. Waco received most of the breaks. VVithout Gar- ner, the Sandie offense was badly crippled, noticeably so, and they were unable to control the ball most of the game as they had done in other tilts this season. Stand- outs for the Sandies were McNeil in the secondary, and Center Charles Sieber, Guard Bobby Hudgins, and Tackle Bobby Moore in the line. Big Charles Sieber was tl' greatest All-State honorab mention center in the histoi of Sandieland, He wa named the top center .i District 1-AA. 'QQ rs: 5 ' gil ugh s 1175 K fc-M .aw ssrsdmww ..ri nnsrw:r. ! My 7 :H I if 1 ' ,L ,1'Q,gV,,. .,.. i as s 1 F1554 - :rw fr 'ff wi t f A w , V H' S ,' I yi " mips? in ,..,A Q .,,. s ' ' 'V V ' if , -, "" ':" Iaptain James Garner is the first All-American produced by AHS. Topping his seasonls glory with All-District, All-State, A11- Southern, as Well as All-American honors, the blond flash also Won the Houston Post Trophy as the outstanding Texas High School Football Player of 1948. He was acclaimed by his teammates as The Most Valuable Sandie of 1948, to make a whole :hapter of history for the Golden Sandstorm. - .." " J ' ,: g',f Xl M! ---. e fi L94 " t 1 Q li. 5 is E 1 'D Q T .f X I , 3 ., M ff I Q1 V Q --f. L X . f I " X N f' l GS M' gg ' r ' - 0 fy! 2 .1 N 1 f' T it lm-l x K -XX ,ff FD rm'-H Y 'S ' is ' Q SX' xjJrEs A C " Qfj W Charlie Priolo Noah Davis Back Back Claude Fox Marvin McNeil Back Back Charlie Sieber Center Jack Davis Bobby Hudgins Guard Guard Bill Sparks Bobby Moore Tackle Tackle James LeNeveu James Garner End End .f4marifA 39, Cdifvlrefw 6 The Golden Sandies opened their 1948 football sea- son by smashing the Childress Bobcats 39-6 behind the dynamic running and passing of Tailback Marvin McNeil. The atomic senior With the Whip-lash arm, ran for three touchdowns, one on an 80 yard punt return, and passed to End James Garner for an- other. Reserve Wingback Jerry Reese scored another TD on a 33 yard jaunt, and Sub Tailback Louis Franks hit Reserve End Tom Curtis in the end-Zone for the other six-pointer. Guard Bob Hudgins booted three extra points. l I is .i noun -AMMMANMAAN ' V I Annnu-A .hum ,.. Looking behind the scenes, we find head managers Farrel Schell and David Wyatt keeping the team morale and equipment in tip-top condition. .fdmariffo f4, .xddidzne 0 Despite the fact that three scores were called back by damaging 15 yard penalties, the Sandies were impressive in rolling over the Abilene Eagles 14-0. The game was but two minutes old when McNeil pegged a scoring pass to Garner. A few minutes later, Quarterback Noah Davis rammed over from the two on a quarterback sneak. The game was much more lopsided than the score indicated. Hud- gins converted twice to make it 14-0. marifgz 21, padcdaf Mkrfdj 6 After being held scoreless in the first half, the Sand- storm blew hard in the second to roll over a rugged Paschal Panther eleven 21-6. McNeil accounted for the first TD with a 4 yard scamper around end. Minutes later he fired a 35 yard aerial to Garner for a score and quickly followed it up with another 48 yarder to the glue-fingered wingman. The auto- matic Hudgins spiked all three extra points. The Panthers marked up their lone tally on a 99 yard run with an intercepted pass against the Black and Gold Reserves. Tackle Bobby Moore was outstand- ing on defense. As Charlie Sieber stops a Lubbock back, three other Sandie defenders come in to make it final. 1 -- mz....ef -' - a wi. -A wsfwf it T1 With Bobby I-Iudgins still leading interference. .lack Newby pulls away from the last Bulldog Marvin McNeil eludes a Westerner as Charlie Sieber roars in from the rear to help him out. ,,.. ...l..,4 mariffo 33, Ooleyna 6 In the big non-conference tilt of the campaign, the Golden Team got revenge for three previous defeats at the hands of the Bronchos by soundly rocking them 33-6. McNeil and Garner put on a terrific aerial show for the capacity crowd, accounting for two scores and setting up two others. One of the passes was good for 60 yards. Fullback Claude Fox rammed one yard for one tally, and All-around handy man, Jack Newby, spun 17 yards for another, while Wingback Charlie Priolo marked up the first score with a slashing 35 yard blaze on a reverse. Hudgins again had a perfect day with his con- versions. mariffo 28, llflizoclrow Zugolfz f:zn,,ff.,,,y I2 Shelving their explosive aerial game, the Sandies stuck to the ground to roll over a big Woodroxv Wil- son team 28-13. Newby, subbing for the injured Fox at fullback, romped 34 yards for the first marker, and repeated for the third with a one yard buck. Priolo boomed around end 45 yards for the second tally, and McNeil punched over the last from the 3. The WVildcats struck after the half against the San- die reserves for two quick scores, but McNeil's TD put the game on ice. Hudgins again had a perfect day with his Conversions. aaa.. ge, x T s f f B ff X xL K If i i' . A fy A Ji X it " x ..A, -pa' as u - L , ' 9 '- Q Y kiwi 'Tw-W Jerry Reese Paul Bennett Back Back Hubert Ralson .Tack Newby Back Back Harry Beck Center Don FitzGibbon Doc Williams Guard Guard Glen Spearman Paul Olivo Tackle Tackle Tom Curtis Clyde Israel End End .xdmariffo 21, MOMIHEQKJ 0 The Sandstorm opened their conference schedule with a not-too-impressive 21-0 win over the Brown- field Cubs. Hampered greatly with four regulars on the sidelines, the Black and Gold eleven took a first stanza lead when McNeil ripped for one yard and a score. They upped it to 14-0 shortly before the half when Priolo snatched an enemy pass and waltzed 65 yards to tally. McNeil added the final counter by blasting nine yards in the last period. Hudgins boot- ed three for three extra points. Center Charlie Sieber played a terrific game on defense, making numerous key tackles. :I ' I W' y , rtia if l' lil I 1 t , , -.aA p ix TC 1 p A ..,,, 1 ,I in , W A--' Ei- I :..,: 5 yi my y x f X3 X5 Y '-:, xg f iF X IZI. , :EI , cn n n ' f l M X u X XXV, Q ifrx L , t'i Tgi'fJ5Xi7fiQgig xf f MMM, ff mi 6 0 3 3 , A ffbxfviwx 4 v A Q 0 wana 355- s l "AI ,ff A Q 'fog-f ilmvfigwl .6 by W 5 A 'JI E. G. Sanders Joe Goulding Back Back Moody Alexander Louis Franks Back Back Jimmy Moss E Cl X ,T 6 Bill Carter Bob Combs v'a-'Q Q Guard Guard if , G". A... Q A Carlton Harry Bill Bradford 2 2 in P- in I Tackle Tackle 1 l "', 1 Joe Knight George Farrell Q 1 jfwyf i'?'.g 1 . End fy U End L ,. 1 .IZII we Q- M kv nw gv . X.,-1' lf'7L! RTP ilk? x .,.f J I Spf' ff! f --' fly: ..ff L-'Qi I I I fp' iff - l . cf ROQQEGTP af,?f A rmrrsfgbmwk . 'cK. Mbfteaqigjt Jas Y 1 ' H fr Q J. --I Cqif t QS! : - X QISTQYEX .jdmariffo 14, QZIMALOCL 6 iz, . X ,,., Q Z ---A:-'-v -5 wX'imt,.- x A .T K ln the hardest game of the season to date, the Lynch- 1 ' ' "":, . ' men out-lasted the Lubbock VVesterners 14-6 in a smashing ball game. A 69 yard punt off the toe of McNeil stopped on the one and set up the Sandies' , clinching TD. The AHS pigskinners took the lead i .. early by rolling 60 yards to paydirt. Fox bucked over from the 1, after McNeil galloped 50 yards to the 10. Hudgins converted. Lubbock fought back to 3 score and make it 7-6, the way it stayed until Mc- Neil's great boot. After the Vifesterners booted out W to the 27, the Sandstorm punched it over. Priolo skirted over from the 9. Hudgins again goaled. Hud- gins was the defensive star, Constantly harrassing the opponents with his great play. x ' . Eiga Q' Eff S50 Izli in I2 QzXaf'Il"lfc Travis Wallace and Nat McKissick, Sandie managers, keep the team supplied with the best of equipment. .fdmarifzz 26, Karger 6 Striking Via the airlanes once again, the Black and Gold ripped the Borger Bulldogs 26-6. The game was but two minutes old, when McNeil flipped a 5 yard jump pass to Garner for score number one. On the last play of the half, "Mac" again heaved to Garner who eluded the Bulldog secondary to go S3 yards to score. After the half, Fox boomed 29 yards for another, and Garner added the fourth by shaking off two tacklers, after taking a McNeil pass and go- ing 62 yards to score. Hudgins booted two extra joys. .xgmarifgz 32, pampa 7 Playing their best game since the Odessa tilt, the Golden Helmeted team plowed over Pampa 32-7. A five yard pass from McNeil to Garner accounted for a score the initial time the Lynclcmen had the ball, Pampa swept back to tie it up 7-7, but Priolo darted 45 yards to break the deadlock. Seconds later, Mc- Neil weaved his way through the whole team 63 yards to paydirt. A few plays later, he pitched an- other TD bullseye to Garner, and just before half- time pegged 60 yards to Newby. Hudgins added two extra points, and the scoring was over for the game, all in the first half. Sandie subs eagerly await a chance to pit their ability against Pampa Churlie Priolo knocks a hole in the Odessa backficld leaving Marvin McNeil :1 cleans field. SAQ ,IAl'l0l'y p0IMl'l'l.5 Captain James Garner and Co-captains Bobby Hud- gins and Bobby Moore ring out sweet victory. marifa 26, pfainuiew 0 The Sandies ended their regular season and also won clearcut possession of District by dropping the Plain- view Bulldogs 26-0. lVIcNeil pitched to Garner just before the half for the first sn-ore, and the Sandstorm pushed over three more in the final stanza while Hudgins kicked two extra murgfins. mariffo 12, Oclerma 6 In one ofthe best games in Sandie histcry the Sand- storm beat the Odessa Broncos li-CS. After a score- less first half, James Garner broke the deadlock by returning a Bronc punt 66 yards to go over untouch- ed. Less than two minutes later Garner intercepted at flat pass and carried T5 yards for another TD. The entire Sandie forward turned in at nizurnifiafent game in stopping Odessa cold. Sub Herbert Reilson showed great promise in filling' in for Claude Fo'-1. who was lost for the season the day before. A 1 ""' , in klr E,., .nvu i M . .. . X + aaa , .ex J 1 utuu a yy. . . NPN J at if 3321359 Nw? 'li ""' 1 li: lu' JF- -ff-,if 21:4 2i 35 Ray Bingham Joe Mosely Back Back Don Neese 'Walter Smith Back Back Harold Swindel Center Frank Peterson Tommy McWilliams Guard Guard VViley Hicks Tommy Amason Tackle Tackle Jimmy Anthony Robert Nolner End End .xdmarifzz 20, ibeniaon 8 Striking for three quick first quarter touchdowns, the Golden Team coasted to a 20-8 victory over the scrappy Denison Yellow Jackets. The game was but two minutes old, when passing wizzard Marvin Mc- Neil pegged a 52 yard scoring aerial to End James Garner. It was their thirteenth scoring completion of the season. Minutes later, Jack Newby raced back a quick kick 80 yards, and McNeil bucked over from the one for the other. Hudgins added two extra points. Unfortunately, only about a minute after he scored, the great Garner suffered a severe knee injury. W2 fl lfnqr . rf we i I 1 3.1 5 5 931. K. ' wx ff Q' ' xi? ' 4 X x . Xi i i - V43 T- lla ef? W5 f lo 7 "wi ei I 2 wi' f 'W' GI , 5 f i -it '---- 1 2 5 xftilie iii Q Ve X K L 51107 Twp i Roy Byrd W'arren Spalding Back End Jimmy Crow Center J Bob Bilderback Bill Estes 'M Tackle Tackle A X H Q Little Charlie Priolo is over for ai tochdown befure the Plainview Clelenclers know what lb LOIUIIIZB O V. ,, J' "H 1" ,l 'L-.1 wax' .a:,zw.sf fi A First row: Tommy Tomlinson, Sidney Baird, Paul Morgan, Billy Faust, Eddy Elliott, Lowell Hanna, Jack Mitchel. Second row: Manager Ben Mosely, George Carroll, Leon Evans, Myrle Davis, Jerry Raines, Claude Hampton, Charles Cox, Richard Stockton, Kay Baird, Bill Montgomery, Mark Gunnels, Manager Jimmy Hatcher. Third row: Assistant Coach Arthur Lamb, Ronald Johnson, Norman Perry, Neal Allen, Quinton Killion, Kenneth Hamilton, Ronald Trafton, Edward Jackson, Captain Johnny Isaacs, Bill Chandler, Co-captain Bobby Hibbs, Manager Lon Gotch, Coach Rudy Gamblin. Back row: Don Winn, Co-captain Jim Farmer, Bill Turner, Bill Francis, Jerry Ramsey, Bill Gibson, Herbert Hill, Carroll Forrester, Bill Overstreet, Tommy Reyman, Carroll Malloy, Arlie Anderson. 1948 yanliigan fl,0fLaff -Slam ,. Yanns Opponents 27 Texhoma, Okla. ,,.s,. 14 5 0 ...... Price ........ -- 6 39 ...... Matador .....,, -- 6 0 ..,... Boise City, okia. ...,., 32 0 Lubbock B ...... .,Y. 2 o ' 7 ...... Pampa B N.,. .-., 2 5 KJ W' 19 ...... Plainview B--- -- 0 12 ------ Perryton B --- .-- 0 INTRAMURAL BASEBALL CHAMPIONS-Back Row: Billy Miller, Bud Mareum, Hugh Bledsoe, Augustine Ortega. Front Row: Pete Aboytes, Darrell Sharp, Jimmy' Hamilton, VVayne Parsons. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS-Back Row: Bill Dyeus, Robert Brown, Roy Lowe, Jimmy Bates, P. D. Robinson, .lack Hall. Eddie Bob Stone, George Shannon. Middle Row: Dale Brooks. Irving Nelson, Keith Ritter, Jack XVooten, Charles XVilliams. Front Row: Howard Murry, Paul Gatin. H12 se ae PHYSJU' -l-'-"W k N A 2 awww' . mmm Wm WW., Mm, , 5 11 5 'Ea Jack Idtde' Bobby Garner Zin Little ,A , -- 154 Ford -- -, - --, 143 B. Garner - , - - 121 Franklin - ,- - 97 Maness -, , -- 65 Henry -- --- 47 Hughes - - 39 Foster ,- 20 Newby - -, 16 Doche , - 13 Carpenter - 12 McKay H 12 Ratcliff -, - 12 Burnett , 10 J. Garner Score - 5 -fdmarifyh Olalaonenf 31--- 53--- 43--- 52--- 39--- 29--- 44--- 32--- 47--- 57--- 41--- 17--- 53--- 67--- 51--- 30--- 41--- 34--- Gilbert Ford -----Crozkw Tech CDaHasJ-------26 ----Crozier Tech CIJaHasJ------31 ----CHassen ffbklahonqa CHtyJ ---1Hawen UDkMhoma Ciyb ----40 ----36 ----Rosweh -------------------24 ----EH PaSo--- -----35 ----EH Paso ---- ----33 ----Lubbock --- ----34 ----Phnnvknv -- ----29 ----Brownfkdd -- ----33 ----Panunz ---- ----Lubbock --- ----Phnnvknv -- ----Browhfhid -- ----Borger -- ----Panuna -- ----Borger--- ----Pampa -- ----37 ----25 ----32 ----21 ----31 ----29 ----39 --37 Bill Franklin ffflrf, "We Q 'ff l Q x I X A , '-""' 'lvl lhllxvlx '.,4 , , nllll? Z X il l , ' N lxxl , 1 ZVCI fr, QE ' 4' .X I T X XXQN X X Nl 71 K I-'Xxx -,AWA SX ff . - , 5 - fii IL T , -' "ll l Bill Hughes Stanley Maness Harold Henry Hobby Geiriier runs clown ai loose bull uiiclei' tlie basket while Gilbert Ford and Bill Hughes xxniil for ai Vebouiicl iii the final Berger game. Neal Clarpeiitei' Ari hui' Mc Kay l l Jack Little. cumpleiely hcmmecl in by Harvester defen- ders, looks for Fl receivcr. Leon Doche Don Ratclifi Roy Burnett Bill Rawlings Jack Newby , x X N Jack Little screens off two Pumpzms as he sets up aa Scoring pluy in Bur- ton Gym. f s fxyfxx ' fx ff ,, J Swfcv --Q Nffvifjx 'WX 5 , if X. A HL- ? .., xl X , x X Ss, Q XX - f KQQ XX x ,Rx . 12? X . if , , -wink--- 7 :iii ,, Ai-1-gi -'G'.,-Y-Lfilif- .iigf -...,, x ""Pf' - f ..,- f1:e-:AEL.A4-:QW , - -- s'ixfgiF??1H1 X ' N? 5 ,M , g if X anlev Maness and Gilbert Ford go high tike Z1 rebound from the finger tips of ll illdog, Bill Hughes stands by to assist. The Sandie basketball team this year has shown a relentless spirit that has never been excelled in the annals of Sandie basketball. Although they were unfortunate in not winning the District Championship, everyone who has seen them play will agree that they were up against very stiff oppo- sition from the start of the seasonffhe District Champion- ship this year Was an unusual three-way tie. in which all three teams were of almost equal abilityg and it was more or less a toss-up as to who would win the Championship. A toss was made, and it was decided that Amarillo would play Pampa. In this breath-taking game Amarillo was beaten by a narrow margin, giving Pampa the right to play Lubbock for the District championship. The dauntless Sandie spirit was ever present in the team this year, and the spirit of these boys will serve as a goal, which all future Sandie teams should strive to obtain. Vern Irwin Galen Foster Back Row: Darrell Bains, Raymond Estes, Dan Smith, Robert Francis, Jim Farmer, Arthur Higgins, John David Gatlin, Vern Irwing Second Row: Bob Stewart, Freddie McCarty, Don Hill, Larry Cooney, John Plunkett, Jeff Neely, David WVyatt: Front Row: Bill Carter, David Allison. Bo Oliver, Julian Levine, John Issacs The Borger Bulldogs seem to have lost their bark as Don Ratelii with the uid of Harold Henry and Vern Irwin sends the ball on it lziniiliar path for u Sandie Score. The Sandies are up to their old tricks in one of their three gain: against the Pzimpa Hurvesters. Gilbert Ford is making an attemt to rack up two more points while Bill Franklin and Bill Hughe cross their fingers. 'In 17 lC1'T: Trim Colc and H. T. Iidwziifis iii ai i'eI'Qi'Qe's pcisitirzii, Top iight .iaivkic Wornlcii pins llraiiqlzif FQi'gii,fiii ' Lou piiix fiX1iiL NILIMLIIN ddic left: J, O. Iarkvy flciiiriiistimes 21 ihww 'iii two wi'LsilQi's, Middle right: Cray q 3" - . ' dei' the waic-hfiil eye of 1ElLigL11ia Nichols. Lower loft: Jack B031 rides Aix-iiie Wzii'1'e:zi. Liiwei' right: Hiicidy Jai oi is being ilii'ww1i by Bob Hiirbiii. 5- .4f,fi5L EDIVY' I VA meafgn . . . Enfitinis in the IiiIi'aiinui'zil boxing Novice Division were' Fiisi New Herherl llill Bill Cailci Eli Llll' X. , . ' , ,' ' ccy 1 iolt. Duane Morgzin. Ted Freenizin. Dale Hain. Binwy Blythe. Joe Gaines: Second How. Kenneth Baiieli, Eugene Nichols. liielizircl Walls. Glenn O'Dell. Leiiiy' Miiilis, Don Mifldleion. Paul Morgzin, Dick Hell. C'lian'l0s Hoefeii Thirfi Row. Bill Nichols. Paul 1-Zenneit, Tommy Cul'llVSl'. Leon Evans. .liniiny Lemons. Jimmy Hanes, Roy Byrd, Ruynioncl Ijsies. Wiley Hiek: Back How. Phillip Benton Pill Siaiiifoixl Bill Sp'1i'lw Cl' lill P' ki " ' . . . L .. ixuce mn in. Ross Stephens. Ray Nichols. Pziul Salton. Cliairles Holi. Ffiitrziiits in the Iiiti'zmiu1'zal Boxing Experieneefl Division were: First How Myrle lJ2lX'lS. Lewis Peilineiy Jininiie Wise. Wayne Parsons: Back Row. Doe Williams. Jimmy Hamilton, Jack Hull. Kent Hodges. Jack Sullee. j6LC its JT"TKa 5 I I E iii- Back Row: Manager Farrel Schell, Coach John Whinnery, James Alato, Lewis Lindsey. Richard Walls, Jack Mitchell, Paul Bennett, Don FitzGibbon, Bill Hughes, Don McCartney, Jerry Ramsey, Warren Davis, Asst. Manager, Don Newman. Third Row: Ray Bingham, Har- old Swindell, Bill Sparks, Robert Whiddon, Galen Fowler, George McCormick, Hubert Ralson, Jimmy Clifton, Jack Newby, Sherman Stockton, Bill Winters. Second Row: Craig Ratliff, Mar- vin Swink, Jimmy Andrews, Irving Nelson, John Moore, John Isaacs, William Francis, Bobby Hibbs, Moody Alexander, Frank Taylor, Joe Mosley. Front Row: Dick Vanderpool, Bill Scott, Billy Rudd, Jerry Rains, Bob Tucker, Dale Gallegly, Jerry Reese, Richard Stockton, Gayle Linkenhoger, Bill Carter, Charles Sieber-Discus and Shot Put George McCormick-880 f. Marvin Swink-Pole Vault 3 + ' I- liftlfhxffj G X ui I, WG P X754 XXX ' X'- ,E " ' 47 , iftz l X -1. X XX H u Xp W XY t' Jack Mitchell-Pole Vault fV'Vi M572 t ij 1 Sprint Relay-Jimmy Clifton, Galen Fowler Bill Scott passes the baton to Ray Bingham Hubert Ralson, Jack Newby. lffgjx X will ' ,, 535 f,44 drip ft l N i X A IM it E .J V l e lllQ'5'Hi-'CE 3f1?f2?2i'iif2f4, WMI-1 fi! ff E 'sei-5.--L-1' ' ff? fe' 1 J 11..5i-'Q fi: ! Top men Scott Mills, Art McKay, and Don Hill exercise their link ability in these shots. 0 George Aulbach, Country Club pro, instructs the AHS Golf Team in the use of a five-iron. The members of the team are: Larry Bankhead, Sam Mitchell, Rex Shuffler, Charles Holt, Roy Mc- Pherson, Ronald Aspgren, Bill Colvin, Don Hill, Art McKay, Scott Mills, and Bill Garre. t,w A . wwu' , 1? Rmb, QL Aklxx nf N Wm.. . ,M W WSW, 2 'N Q . 'WWA 'Mi' Badedaf if-sf Joe Knight-Pitcher Clyde Israel-Third Base Jack Barnwell-Second Base 4 A yi ,AA. ,.4. A, ' 55,-ya Darell LaRue-First Base Dave Boss--Outfield James LeNevue-Outfield Harris Kimbrough-Pitcher Gene Hunter-Pitcher Bob Braden-Second Base W Fisk f'm,f k s 2 S , 4- ,g Walter Patton, Marion Mitchell, Bobby Garner, Neal Carpenter, Bill McCueg kneeling, C. W. Hefley. Singles-Bill McCue The boys tennis team under the direction of William NVilson had one of their greatest sea- sons. ln the process they left a Wealth of material for next year. Doubles-Marion Mitchell and Bobby Garner if 1 EA- Q Q, ' t'ei ttil ii ' will: i '91 at 2 . Tllflll egg-faeg UMM MJ. wgfllll iiF55'ff?i'55m'gN i gb' S 3165 ev 221 Ei Luigi ml? El WW fi M My ' WI gi lg wa" 519, e fm - IW! QW Exif? iw-W V M,nHi'4 Wg nw 4 New diva X I f x x be ' Q X DS N, ir A , ,gioorfzi , , 1 .,W,w,.,...X,,,,wm, ,JMX . Wawawvamigd Hn? -' Ong Intent upon an exciting game ot' ping-pong are four girls of Mrs. Fore- man's gym classes. Although ping-pong is often considered a quiet sport, any of the girls will tell you it can be extremely active. Class tournaments are held and the winners play each other for singles and doubles championship in a final tournament. ,naw The members of AHS tennis team are: Sylvia Flor- ence, Pat Davis, Nancy Nichols, Carolyn Kelly, Rosemary Deering. Joan Todd, Sue Johnson, and Betty Joyce Seeds. X Q Emerging Victori- ous from the tennis tournament early in March are: Doubles: Carolyn Kelly and Nancy Nichols. Singles: Susan Sanford l l enior- unior gcwkfgaf Also in the finals were two excellent junior-senior teams. This game marked a fourth consecutive Victory for the Sharpshooters, who were Judy Lyvers, Lou Ethel Knight, Beverly Lemmon, Doris Irvin, Lou Lynn Rogers, Mary Margaret Hulen, Betty O'Brien, and Joyce Turner. The Lady-Mars took second place honors in the tourney. They were Virginia Counts, Barbara Gravestock, Florine Drake, Peggy Koontz, Rose Blassingame, Lenora Stroope, Jessie Pipkin, and Pat Pitcock. hf......,,,,, B 37" F- . ' x N N-su 4 v 'KT 4 570l9A0l'Yl0l"e .A-br Bringing girl's sports into the spotlight was the final intramural basketball game held in the armory. The Sophomore title Was captured by the Smoos. They are Helen Murrey, Sue McPherson, Anna Nell Butler, Carole Boggs, Donna Malloy. Earlene VVhite, Joan Morris, Sue Clearley, and Janelle Williamson. Runners-up were the Blue Ribbon Babes. Maurine Summar, Oleta Woodall, Estelle VVilCoX, Toney Ferguson, Frances Foresight, Lenora Steffns, Jean Whitehead, Dorothy Ivy, Martha Patterson, and Betty Chism make up the team. .QTIJOOF5 . . Tumbling was done early in the fall of the year in all of physical education class- es. In spite of sore muscles, broken heads, and skinned joints, tumbling remained the favorite among sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The best tumblers were chosen to perform in several programs for the student body, and are pictured as they appeared on the stage. ymwwspvw. mWWwsw,. www, ' iw " ::g,' - gg., 359133 XR-3,3 "-E,qIEI.:K. " Q PN H ,www Q N Ja? "'I :, IIQII 1- V 3:3-gf"':,,'IfE:::: A - Q- R Q, ..., gig!-2 Xu-.Q fw wiht, ff 4,3 ki if X e 3 1 by Q Q ,M x me f 2 1 , - '1 WSJ ,bv Q 5 52 -HHH sw ,mf 1 wg I 552, , M 1 ff , 4, ., K s fgfawoun 01 Mgmt ,ffzzwg ywvfjfgp Www Hfj,,f'f',,.,Mf"f,"., Mff'lff"f,,fA3"'74f5!jJ2,f5ii'fM MM A U f 'Cm ff x , MQ fx 7 K' X Zf ' L xx N X f g ' f xx f X Q 4 F X 2 a g JN.. 1 W., 1, jf P- -so-ng Z N Jn:--xrgy..-g,,,,,,H.M - +-jul.-. 4. J. L S E x A I Eftxqxi X L Q.: I-tlpysloq.-4, -L. X -5. V ----Ni-. klp. It fl- 2 A Q. t as 5 gr-"N.gsT:,h ff - J- wi. xnxx--frf: K'3'Qulx'Ef5-L GRAVEI. -..:255"- Q- ff Y' x 1 ,f it - 3' - s.x" ,.-.M .4 -if-'affv 252 5? S: T"f:.3-' ' L NT1 A--ha --f, N fa C 1- Q 'M Jussi E' FJF' -A-1:4 'X Q. ef 'K eg ,ef ff 15 ,gfqwf 1 .c , 1 f 4 . , .-0 gr .. 26. e-1 1 e -- . - -"Mg 5: 6' ' -Sf' Q- 'Q' 'SQZQ-" 1 5 ,, will ,y c S - -uP' ff? gh n. f..:'3 ' ' 'f 15" - A- . A 0 'x"X ' A - - r ' 'ff fri! '49 ..- fx 19.-.w. . . - - , W -Mr M gas? -F '95 fig' g gi 6' J, " " " 2' .5"' 1-gs rf' 1 JI-. 1 ,Q-if ..S,,2-S. :ps . f - .H R 1 -- X qt Y 3 A,-- s.QF,g ea rg ,Q t' or ' f 7 ff, -. X :f R Xt ' 5 sc' .f .f Wm' ,Sf-.5 f'F-:QRS ff, - 1- 1 L - i.. .9 .wx .Q- I X 4 9 Epi - QQ ' w - K -FX " F ' , ' ,9,4" garaq mztm, 6 vQ,,9"' 7.27 , 1 QQ? ' Lfig-f ' ,a ' w qk1 of g ,sf :D -""' . -gf ' "N - ' ' f- I9 -A rr .".' fr ' Pr- . r e ' i Kg, .F V' G p v f' A "' f -2,4-F' gqipq u 'qv- f ff Q .',,gG"' f- 'SN ". " Q.: . of K f if fs- 465' 'wo s A 2' M' ,ww -.F sig - ' ' ,,-ff -ik Q12 , : J 4 r, , s - f v Qi I 9 1 , I 'S -4 322: SfQE?a2w"' -Q. V f dz K IIA C, ,li- 2 g , D ,iff 1 , .jwleaafggfllo The headlights of another car become visible down the highway and every- one waits expectantly to see who it zs. I'll tell you. It's a typical group of San- dies riding in an average car. They are discussing dances, fads, banquets, and the many other interesting things they do and see each year in AHS. Follow this group of cheerful students and see why they are able to adapt themselves so readily to all the ac- tivities of Sandieland. .5 in I, -- 'li w ..,. g - y .,,..: -, 45 nf.. - 5 Xa if ln E tiff? it iw Sckoof 67lll'0KKI'l'l elif Although it was a wonderful summer, September found students eager to see old friends again and to begin an- E other exciting year in A.H.S. Teachers were swamped by enthusi- astic students enrolling in various classes, and "steadies" could be seen V i - -P WNW www? il? 9 W if Xi hurrying to get identical schedules. The usual red tape of filling out regis- tration cards kept everyone busy the first few days. Choir tryouts were held, and classes were begun with vigor. pogfiw 65" 'ilk -.4 531 X :rig o H 1 GX W - . .:5iF. ik Y XR? Eh.. 'Q ' . .. mg Ea "" AKYZT' Y 'HR ' 7, OQ T HE 0414 H ' pffir Xixxxvlx V X T 1 ff lx ., ,- 1, .1 if mx . -- .--Q' ' X Xu 9-ow' ' , Qu - Ax'-1. 5:3:?1.- ' 4 Y I . V 7 I f 1 Es mnmxxxd Jg- fi lx, A X ,Z . I. ,.-, z3..1a:,nl', K The girls competing for queen were presented in an advantageous fashion this year. ln years preceding about the only qualifications for queen were popularity, scholarship, and beauty. But this year the girls not only had all of these requirements but displayed dra- matic and musical talents. They were introduced at the first of the assembly in semi-formal dress, and then the speeches and skits of other candidates for offices other than queen were given. Toward the end of the program the queen candidates were brought back in formal dress for an interview and to display their Various talents. lgogficri AHS Politics were launched Oc- tober 20, and many Sandies com- peted against each other for much sought-after class offices. Campaigning and voting help San- dies to learn citizenship and the value ofthe right to vote. There are no "shirkers" at AHS polesg every- body votes! The assemblies given to political aspirants were very clever and interesting. Every candidate was given a chance to show his abilities and skills. Colorful posters lined the Walls as enjoyable reminders of the coming elections. joofgaff gan-fare The goal posts decorated by the cheer- leaders in the traditional colors of the competing teams added a touch of festivity to the games. The support forthe team was felt not only at home but at out-of-town games as well when the cheerleaders, band, and student body marched through the streets oi' rival towns. The whole-hearted enthusiasm evident at the home games encouraged the team on to the state finals. Sandies enjoyed their own private cheering section at the north end oi' the field. Sancke sgoeciag Train leaving for Lubbock at 10:30. All aboard! And that Was a trip to re- member. The boys sang so "sweetly" that they lulled two fellow travelers to sleep. On all the trips Cowbells were a vital part of the equipment. The loyal Sandies Wanted to be seen and heard. Going to Fort Worth for the State Finals on the band buses must have been quite an experience. Here we see three members eagerly awaiting the moment for departure. 7 ,jvlerq ere, n very :UA ere Before each Sandie football game the man- agers and team ate their supper together in the cafeteria. Over tea and toast the ap- proaching game was thoroughly discussed. The whole world loves a lover Whether it is spring, summer, or fall. This fact was proved When, with rice and good wishes, the cheerleaders sent their sponsor off on a happy honeymoon. 'ig- amass, Wi .!gal'lll0bL6 .!5dI0el"6 In the Well rounded program of activities Sandies really live up to their motto of scholarship, sports- manship, and service. Although it is not included in scheduled activities, one of the favorite past times is horseback riding. The dressing room at Butler Field has seen many 4'Sandie Greats" in its day. With the building of the new stadium next year, however, a new and more modern room vvill house the boys. Throughout the day, Workers at the Courtesy Table in the main hall were seen selling Sandie sweaters and stickers. Yale-Texas Tech-Harvard-Texas U-these were familiar Words to any Who stayed in the Counselors' Qffice for long. Mrs. Burkhalter had continual con- ferences With many seniors Who anticipated the pros- pects of scholarships. if ,grilling o!2gAf5 t'Which show would you rather see?" Every weekend Amarillo theatres were packed with fun-loving members of Sandieland. "How about getting a coke at the drive-in?" After the dances and shows friends met at the drive-ins and eating places to talk things over and compare hot rods. Graduates will never forget the good times they shared, 1lll fjlil I 1 X 65 QS wb ,"- -wx , -:ff seq , - ' . . vets 5 ' '4 Q' X .- I t 4,47 s X l R Q 4-N X I X1 X N X Q X f N 1 I fe N.N':::!! gE?33EE:gQX NI, i "Come on! Let's go the fair!" and so, many Sandies ate cotton candy, rode the ferris wheel, had their Weights guessed, and tried their luck in the shooting galleries at the annual Tri-State Fair. Many ambitious students entered exhibits in the Administration and Agricultural Build- ings while others enjoyed the matinee and even- ing performances of Tom Moore's t'Ladies Be Seatedf' X lj Mfg, ZZ 5 One ot the biggest events in AHS, the Foot- ball Binquet and Dmce climixed the foot- ball season It seemed stringe to see the boys vxeiimg cliess suits instead oi jerseys and shoulde pads The football pluvers vveie suiprised to see minmtuie tiguies of themselves in action on the field used toi table decor xtions. Included in the enteitainment it the banquet, a male ensemble sung a group of popular songs. The dance that followed in the girls' gym was a grand success. The clever decorations featured the circus motif, !f"""4---of CULJ EGUX The members of the AHS Orchestra enjoyed a banquet held at the Black- stone Hotel, March 4. An ensemble who called themselves the "HoedoWn- ersn entertained With several W'estern numbe1's. An old-fashioned phonograph played cylinder records with squeaky tones. Speeches were made by several school officials who were guests at the event. The crowning ofthe orchestra queen completed the program for the even- ing. Cin-ia fmafi Cheer The true spirit of the season rang in Sandieland when the students gave their annual gift to the Children's Home. Several weeks of preparation and planning were terminated in the Christmas program. Many Sandies shared the joy of the tiny tots who came to receive the gift, consisting of toys as well as canned goods. The carolers, snow faries, Choirs, and girls dressed in white formals and car- rying silver branches made the Christ- mas program a very impressive one. Ill P49 1 4,2 N' Cuiafclzi Cjorn er The season of hearts and flowers, sweethearts and cupids was highlight- ed by the annual Popularity Ball. The La Airosa Staff planned and pre- pared the decorations for almost two weeks in advance. Long hours were spent the night before and the day of the dance to decorate the girls' gym- Anxious Sandies admired the festive decorations featuring red and white streamers, cupids and hearts. The class favorites were spotlighted in front of a huge white satin heart. The Popularity Ball was truly an event to remember. '51 A ,W S U2 Y Wil No fond memories of AHS would be coni- plete without those of the Sandie dances, At the Red River Stomp and the lYestern Dance typical Western attire was worn. This was a contrast to the formal dances held during the Christmas holidays. Vari- ous other traditional dances were held throughout the year. also. .3 F. gif ,A+ SUBJ Siam, Two bands composed of AHS students-the Sandie Swingsters and the Melody Ramblers-furnished the music for many of these dances. Yellows, pinks, blues, and reds became a beautiful swirl of color as gay couples throng the dance floor. The pink-cheeked girls with their handsome escorts make pictures that will linger long in the memory of everyone. '1- ,Lb .gyanolie .SZnJafion.4 Perhaps the most popular assemblies were the rousing pep rallies held be- fore each football game. Clever skits were planned by the cheerleaders and carried out with the help of various members of the student body. Able assistance was acquired from the music and art departments. A popular group was the Sandiette Trio, composed of three girls who sang new words to old tunes. The clever and appropriate skit for Halloween revolved around the antics of three witches which increased the literary appreciation of the play "Mac- beth" which the seniors were study- ing. Jin Me .Siwfhghf Throughout the year Amarillo and AHS were honored by the visits of several celebrities. Popular with all was Bob Hope who brought his stage show to Amarillo. With Bob's show was the well-known singer Doris Day. AHS students, Diane Kent and Cherry Blair, thrilled at the prospect of inter- viewing two of our most inspirational speakers. Diane talked with Dr. E. Stanley Jones, world famous mission- ary to India, while Cherry is shown with Dr. Chester Swor, a prominent youth leader. All Sandies were inspired by the beau- tiful music ereated by Rubinoff and his violin. xgiantbn , ..!gI"0lfU'l6l To start its season of many activi- ties off with a bang the Aeolian Choir was entertained with a breakfast given by the A Cappella Choir. These combined choirs added entertainment and spirit to the Christmas festivities when they sang at Polk Street inter- sections one night in early December. Yes, school can be enjoyable, for the free period before school every morn- ing establishes many corridor court- ships. Lunch periods in the cafeteria provide a time for relaxation, good food, and a chat with friends. umlab in fke koala! Bang! Crash! Rattle! Squeak! AHS just wouldn't be the same and the boys wouldn't either if it weren't for the hot rods and jalopies. The owners could frequently be seen fixing and refixing and cussing and discussing them. It was always fun to buzz around town and "make the drag" with a car full of kids. The loud bangs heard in Mr. Norman's office Weren't Cwell, you know Whatj but often were only his trying to give the amateur golfers some pointers. We will never forget that AHS was "Visited" by Al Jolson or our student speakers at pep rallies and assemblies. -wwf gn ffona GILJ EDU115 It was just plain "corny" and the girls were really Usmoesn when they wished on the middle stick of gum. Oh well, girls will be girls! "Good boy!" Yes, all the 'tgood ole guys" wore Sandie booster tags on the leg of their levis, which was something new but really a great idea. Scarfs worn at the necks of blouses, with sweaters, and around the waistg and chokers, earrings, and identification bracelets were several of the Ways the girls chose to set off their personalities in 1949. Qs W Q Ns W 1385753 YE? Yi? ful 1535 HucSgIlQJ,AN if YN ag KI ISS, ., , ' 'nf -SXFXX iii i 76Z,567,yf ss QQ. ,wiv Eg E .,.. . 'flllll ff ff Q fg- XFX: 4 GOXA1' DY A WHAT S EA 5 B i A 'Y 9 S 6 5 ,f fp V fl 'K 2 VVhen the "New Look" found the girls wearing long skirts and peasant blouses, the boys just "stood up and whistled 'Dixie' ". Motorcycle boots for the boys and beaded rnoc- casins for the girls made a nice balance between loud stomping and noiseless steps. Moccasins and levis, plaid shirts and cowboy boots started a chorus of "Thumbs down!" from the girls, while the boys responded "Hands up!" to the sweaters of many different styles and hues. Frontier pants and embroidered Western shirts worn by AHS's cowgirls were quite the thing and really "Grade A". Ou! of file cfifkfofa 223044- The melting pot for snaps of all San- die activities is the edit0r's desk. The dancers just Waltzed their way right into the top drawer. The cheerleaders found their way out of the ring of admirers to perch in the first cubby hole at the right. and the members of the orchestra played their way right between the paper clips and a bottle of ink. , I l..:. I jaifgghfd The friendly attitude of the members of Sandieland is displayed in all phases of student life. The average car full of typical Sandies has passed on, and the tail lights grow dim in the dis- tance. The laughter and gay chatter of the students echo in our ears. The memory of these ventures will remain like a technicolor dreamg something vivid, something experienced. Bias., 'ww .ynvfufifriaf .Area if if .1 is .Y 1 sf ' if KW ,A 3 c W wa xv fx Q , If V, ff 'Z'-'A ,V ff A ff df, X , f uf X MfMzwf,,-M f-XXX My 6 PC EIEIDW BUSINESS DISTRICT wxxxlq 1, , Q R Nryq 3 K bv PAV m fx THE GREATEST SHOWS IN RADIO NBC AFFILIATE 10,000 Watts 710 on Your Di l BEST WISHES . . . COMPLIMENTS to all graduates . . . and We extend personal invitations to make our store your store Qf The 9 353G MARINE GRILL 1404 WEST 10th The Busy Corner 501 POLK 061119 Sf A l I 4 MASTER 4 CLEANERS 4 A o 406 Quclanan, 495, ' ' " SDLrze 4.378 Benjamin Moore Paints Wall Papers lg, For Beauty , . . For Quality all ' it e Amarillo Painl' 81 Wallpaper Co. 313 FOLK ST' 910 Polk Phone 9164 Diamonds Watches 6 Paints-Varnishes-Wall Papers-Linoleum Silver AMARILLO, TEXAS 2 gf Gifts-Picture Framing Compliments of PIN KNEY PACKING COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS e C fo th 9 N i or N COFFICE SUPPLY GRADUATING CLASS 714 T ylor Amarillo OOMPLIMENTS CHEMICAL of DATE and M. Z. WILSON CO. WILSON BATTERY and Al1APlffmQQjjXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE ith nd Jackson Amarillo, Teicaa CONGRATULATIONS AMARILLO HARDWARE CO. 807 POLK PHONE 5318 Your Gift and Sporting Goods Headquarters For Over a Thirgl of a Century Compliments of The FIRST NATICDNAL BANK Member of the FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CQRPORATION COMPLIMENTS BORDWELL'S Foon STORE of 31'I'iSOI1 at Ninth Phone 2-3237 MONUMENT COMPANY GROCERIES-MEATS-BAKERY Dependable Service Since 1906 2101 5 B h Ph 6614 COMPLIMENTS MURRYKYXQEHQEF SIIZCBIEINQREQS Phone 2-27 6 609-B Taylor COMPLIMENTS BOB CRUDGINGTON STUDEBAKER COMPLIMENTS and DRUG CORNER SIXTENTH and VAN BUREN Sam J. Aronson Wesley L. Askew R. P. Black Ben T. Blackwell Sam K. Broyles J. R. Carroll G. R. Chase T. P. Churchill M. W. Cole J. J. Crume Fred J. Crumley Wm. C. Dine U. J. Dowling F. B. Duncan R. A. Duncan Kenneth Flamm P. R. Garre Nan D. Gilkerson R. D. Gist A. B. Goldston J. W. Hendrick POTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY Amarillo, Texas Members of Potter County O. N. Hooker H. K. Jackson M. E. Jacobson J. B. Johnson James L. Johnson J. D. Jordaan F. J. Kelly Richard Keys Wm. R. Klingensmith H. H. Latson . J. R. Lemmon . Joe L. Lipscomb D. S. Loving D. M. Marcley D. S. Marsalis Wm. B. Mullins W. O. Murphy Guy Owens, -President D. M. Patton Medical Society L. K. Patton R. B. Payne W. A. Potter E. G. Powers Geo. L. Powers Norman C. Prince B. M. Puckett H. E. Puckett Isaac Rasco Dr. E. P. Reed Dr. Rex L. Rook . J. H. Robberson E. A. Rowley Geo. T. Royse Dr. Woolworth Russell Chas. B. Sadler W. E. Scott Edwin W. Smith Ernestine Smith A. J. Streit R. R. Swindell W. Van Sweringen R. L, Vineyard .J. H. Vaughan G. T. Vineyard Geo. M. Waddill, Jr.-Secretary Ernest E. Walkes .Jan H. Werner . R. F. Wertz W. H. Wheir J. B. White A. E. Winsett E. Merrill Winsett, -Vice-president H. L. Wolf J. R. Wrather J. B. Ozier, honorary . D. Roach, honorary BEST WISHES from your OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC DEALER AMARILLO MOTOR CO., Inc. 810 Tyler Street Phone 5287 BIVINS SERVICE STATION No. I Third and Fillmore Amarillo, Texas The Station With the Big Tree COMPLIMENTS OF VETE SK MARKETS CLACK RADIO 1607 Washington Street Amarillo, Texa EAGLE PAINT COMPANY BE WISE- EAGLEIZE Paint-Wall Paper-Builders' Supplies J. R. McDowell Frank Wardle 518 Tyler H. I. Stephenson Amarillo, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF DICKSON DRUG AMARILLO'S DRUGGIST SINCE 1909 PRESCRIPTIONS Our Specialty PROMPT DELIVERY 821 Polk Phone 7227 J. Ernest Stro 8: Co. 9, ud COMPLIMENTS OF . PLAINS Weldmg and P MB I1'1dust1'ial Supplies LU ING CO" Inc' Q, f p f,, W 3107 W. 7th Phone 6375 1 ,e p J1,.p3f p iff W fy WE , 'ff oiicev ig R COMPLIMENTS OF Q Q I-fig X ave Patsf-W1 Q p 1. 0. FREEMAN Q. ,f" p p p INSURANCE CO- Afll N. 12 1:11i 2121115511 izi 151 I U: Phone ' Complete Insurance Servlce 501 E. :ard Phone 8277 ACCJHSSCDRIES SI-IGP Gm.-,lk 115 West 7 th CQNGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '49 c HUGHES STREET GROCERY Enjoy Living More Through Music "Quality Foods at Lower Prices" TOLZIEN MUSIC STORE KIEVERYTHING NILISICALU E. YATES, PI'OpI'lQt0I' Paramount Building Amarillo, Texas Phone 9586 2025 Hughes St' MEET YOUR FRIENDS C. R. Anthony Co. at Your Friendly Department Store , DRIVE INN vos PoLK 1500 West 10th CONGRATULATIONS From GUNN BROTHERS 23 YEARS OF GOOD CITIZENSZ-IIP AND PUBLIC SERVICE GRN-uLATloNs.l K4 .T as Q 3 J 1 Q x. f i ' y ' Q May I join your relatives and friends in giving you my best wishes on this major occasion. As you enter this new phase of life let this remind you to call upon my services anytime to aid you in your future activities. REDDY KILOVVATT Your Elecric Servant SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIQMQQ-:R was PLAINS CREAMERY, Inc. ir Protected Dairy Products 118 Taylor Phone 4251 If it's new or different Bentleyys has it. The Very newest win ladies' ready to Wear Hmddy, A3fwA,. F EEDS-SEEDS PURINA CHOWS Phone 6213 Second and Tyler AMARILLO, TEXAS 1 VAN BRUNER Dock Coffey Pontiac AMARILLO, TEXAS 509 TYLER Phone 2-5533 Compliments of TOM 8: ROY'S GUN fs. KEY SHOP 210 6th Street AMARILLO, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF GOODIN G PLUMBING and HEATING SCOFIELD'S SUPERIOR I'ooD MARKET Neighborhood Convenience with Downtown Prices 1500 West 15th Street We Deliver COMPLIMENTS UF '--4 1 1 4.------- -.-.A.-.-.--- - Y --v:., V SO FRESH I QI, xv I I on ro' QQ SETEX 116 East 6th Y SO NUTRITIOUS ggi?-It Featuring Sterling' Silver .,,.. Q 'i . I V.--X xmwf it AI voun mvoms by emacznv sions QM" Gorham Lunt 0 . Wallace Reed lffllffp MM International Bartow Ml!!! The Seasons BOXWELL BROTHERS GREETINGS FUNERAL HOME Ph 5211 Taylor at Ninth FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE from for l8y nfflepposeh gddthplyf B ll B th th If ce of th q df tddt hght t ll g dl if l " - mstanccs Amarillo Best Wishes to All Students COMPLIMENTS OF KAISER-FRAZER If , DEALER-DISTRIBUTOR I , If , , L OFFICE SUPPLY Co. 508 Taylor Street Phone 2-2236 BOB FULLER MOTOR CO. We Service All Makes 24 Years in Amarillo 309 Pierce Dial 3-2888 okal SEIBERLING TIRES SHAMROCK GASOLINE RATLIFF GROCERY and MARKET R. L. RATLIFF Owners V. E. STRIMPLE FREE DELIVERY 6th and Tennessee Phone 5341 "WHERE VIRGIL AND LEE LIVE" COMPLIMENTS OF TROLINGER-SMITH DALTON AUTC EXCLUSIVE lV.lEN'S WEAR 512 FOLK Pl 5215 108 Polk st eet AMARILLO TEXAS CLCWE 8: CCWAN, Inc. . . .you'll find many smart junior fashions as featured in seventeen, charm, Vogue, mademoiselle including jonathan logan fashions at. . . lhlwood 715 Polk Street Amarillo, Texas --v V I Y Compliments of gommerciafprinfing ROBT. BRUCE AUTRY PRINTING 119 WEST Gth 113 W. Eighth 2-4309 Mifdzbng .xgnnouncemenfj Compfjm 1-IERRING HOTEL 600 ROOMS WALLER DIGG' S DRUG HOME OF OLD TASCOSA 6th at Carolina Phone 2-5555 Texas' Most Popular Dine and Dance if W'anda Vaughn is modeling a "Roth-Le Cover of Californiaf, Junior Miss fashion. From the Junior Miss Depaitment on the Spacious Second flooi of Plackburnls. -A' See Blackburn Q for a complete selection of wearing apparel foi Junior Miss I ow Ladies, and Men. BLACKBURN BROS. H i H i N Eiiti ii 114 West 6th Avenue gdmefld cgkdlfl Photographic Supplies Phone 2-1 1 1 1 WAYNE FARM AIR COMPRESSORS K KRAUSE ONE-WAY PLOWS ADAMS DISC HARD FACING SKILLMAN PRESS WHEELS SPRAYERS R 1 JEOFFROY PLOWS PLOW TRAILERS ESSEX SPRAYERS CHEMICALS A U ' TELEPHQJNE as-3203 Z is ' A..A Q D A . f1'. I AMARILLO, TEXAS Mew ' ffee it SAAA 1: S ? 2400 NORTHWEST EIGHTXH AVE. I . ,,..,, I W1 ARMSTRONG TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. Associated with AMARILLO WAREHOUSE CO. J. A. RUSH Wm. C. BOYCE CONGRATULATIOIN MCTCRS, Inc. S. H. KRESS 8: CC. 700 Polk 2-8485 L ncoln :-: Mercury CGMPLIMENTS OF AMARILLO TIMES 6th at HARRISON Phone 4281 FURR FOGD, Inc. "Cour e O Watchword rwwmm CCDNGEATULATIQNS SENIGES WESTERN NATICDNAL LIEE INSURANCE CQ. A Horne Owned Life Insurance Co. 919 Taylor Street A ll T Offices in the Principal Panhandle Cities 919 Taylor Amarillo, Texas Phone 2-8323 HARRY HOLLAND'S MEN 'S CLOTHING I 500 POLK TAYLOR'S PHARMACY We Fill Any Doctor's Prescription 1504 West 15th St. Phone 2-3793 Try Our Delicious Sodas and Sundaes Free Delivery on Prescriptions BUY WITH COHAJQHCQ 0 SERVEL REFRIGERATORS 0 BENDIX WASHERS 0 DEEPFREEZE HOME FREEZERS I CAPEHART RADIOS I FINE FURNITURE 0 GIFTS ssmopnkxiun mn. 615 TAYLOR AMARILLO, TEXAS CQMPLIMENTS OF CQMPUMENTS of AMARILLO KEITH MOTORS S17 HARRISON PHONE 5313 Band and Orchestra L Instruments CONGRATULATIONS i LANE ICE CREAM CO. Phone 7180 116 East Fifth Ave. 1201 vvest 7th 2-5531 Compliments Of WHITNEY ' ' PRINTING CO. am, 609-11 HARRISON PHoNE 9061 AMARILLO, TEXAs wsilstk Swat. - +1mo1Lt0n.'lEm . . 1 1 1 ' d ' Featuring the latest styles in Busta! Brom P16 mel Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Q Millinery Shoes SHBE STM-HE 818 Polk Street Phone 2-4162 ff-11 I Need Plenty of I-lot Water! CL T 4,1 Baths, formulas, diapers. clothes-Baby needs more hot Water than anyone else in the house. And it must be clean water-sparkling, crystal clear. Install a clean, beautiful, new automatic gas water heater that will give you all the clean hot Water you need for Baby-and plenty forthe rest of the family, too. You ean't beat an adequately-sized automatic gas water heater! , .. YOU'LL an IT wma wimeegfiff22as21DfiKNHE615AfE1ftf52511Qiefesivielfilwm fr COIVIPLIIVIENTS 6l,g!6l,ll" of SMART APPAREL , , ,J WITT MOTORS lol-foo Polk st et Amarillo 3 law Amarillo, T 6th and Jefferson CARLTON-FLOREY An Amarillo Business Supporting Your Amarillo Institutions FEATURING NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE ,gg PRICE FOOD STORE 9 Xl e t Ibth "Your Friendly Red and White Store" Phone 7 O5 l i A PUBLIC COMMUNITY COLLEGE Officially accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools University of Texas Association of Texas Colleges Member of: American Association of Junior Colleges American Council on Education Texas Junior College Association Texas Public Junior College Association Texas Association of Music Schools Curricula: Liberal Arts Pre-professional Business, Homemaking, Vocational Terminal Plant: Five modern, well equipped college buildings Faculty-Forty-three profession- ally tiained members Class-size kept to minimum Individual and group counseling -a special feature of the college program WHY NOT ATTEND AMARILLO COLLEGE NEXT YEAR? AMARILLO COLLEGE Amarillo, Texas Established August, 1929 Opening Date of Fall Semester - September 14, 1949 Phone 6275 MARION MILLER, Registrar Phone 5245 J. B. DAVIS, Dean Compliments of MARILLO NATIONAL BANK YOUR BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE ASSETS OVER FORTY MILLION DOLLARS PANHANDLE'S LARGEST BANK MEMBER F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS OF I ' COFFEE-DAVIS GRAIN COMPANY Buy Your ROTC Uniform Wholesale Grain M Bonded Stora and Sportswear 1901 East 3rd Stre t Amarillo T at the Your Friendly Polk Street Drug Stgre 201 EAST 4th VVQ do not ll l'q or Cl l ll l S l Ph U10 COMPLIMENTS OF 1440 ON YOUR DIAL KFDA-FM 100.3 MEGACYCLES CHANNEL 262 mf g C I Q FLOVVERJ' COMPLIMEINTS OF BILL SOUTHWORTH Fine, New and Used Cais PERSONAL SERVICE 1810 Washington Phone 2-4352 710 Fillmore Compliments of G. E. JONES ELECTRIC CO. INCORPORATED Uma Distinctive Apparel for VVomen 615 POLK ,........M...N. .i,, MX. i.., ..,.. .i,., , . ,. N- ,, C y . g, Wm,Wwwm:1wwwm,1x - Nwswwewfvafweegm 116 YVEST SIXTH STRET 313-315 Van Buren AMARILLO TEXAS Manufacturers of Colonial Venetian Blinds and Columbia Window Shades MCDAVID BROS Home of Linoleum :-: Carpet Cmllee Clothes Asphalt Sz Rubber Tile Vitality Shoes Stetson Hats EXPERT WORKMANSHIP sos POLK Phone 3-3789 ffl I I ' I I . smcf 1936 BUNU E' UNO'-EUM Co' TANKS WILLBORN BROS. CO., Inc. 101 HOUSTON STREET - PHONE 2-4311 AMARILLO, TEXAS Your Junior Dress Headqu t WILSON DRUG ' JUHUUN3 161 t10th Ph n 8266 723 Polk AMARILLO TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS to the FRIGIDAIRE GRADUATION CLASS foe Jhklclf, HBFHIGCRRTIOH CO. CAPITOL HOTEL Fenton C2iVII01', Mgr. Nh dt Fillmore Phou Q 8 CLEAN FOUNTAIN SERVICE BROOKS DRUG I I I f , " f V' ------ 'Q ' .K 2 Compliments from Your Friendly Bank AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK AMARILLO TEXAS Member F. D. I. C. -l.-1 MHZ Amarillo 7 1 Coca-Cola Bottling Co Inc 1 South Lmcoln Street IEC QKIFL WEST TEXAS' FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE Swap 1897 ,J K- fl X L 53 ll Ili . l IT, k II "K ua ni J f' 4: Il . HW ,Q 4 ul-if I ll' I I ' , " .N f L-gg" - Y' --W--E 'E '1 E f 6th at POLK Kwitcherkikkin AMARILLO LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING, Inc. Featuring the famous line of HARRISON at THIRD A MARILLQ, TEXAS MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR if Sportshirts if Jackets -Af Slack CONGRATULATIONS to the 48-49 GRADUATES ARNHOLZ COFFEE CO. CAFE and HOTEL SUPPLIES 213 W. Sixth Ph 2 6729 CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS AMARILLO GLOBE -NEWS Q 5 0 ZQV: L 0, 088 'QW ' ' ,QW ..1-A, ,i h :Wifi 4.:. Z. . 4 im., mil fl ' 5 M 1 qi. ONWARD WITI-I AMARILLO'S SPORT STATION KVAI HVOICING ALL INTERESTS" 9:40 K. C. 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Suggestions in the Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) collection:

Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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