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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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LA AIRDSA lf, f - '- 1 A f X ,w-1S,MxU1f 'Q XMIM! ' l." X Lil rv A I s X 'ft I ' ' - If :K Z j 'uY'C'v "4 I gl N ff X' x X lp! N V1 Ki Q 8, A M M l Wjl' I M, ww 9'N"r X 1 x A W 1-. Q, , .1 pf '3- Q' 03 f"jLilLM,4v'yfj W Q W9 if N Isl SMX? u My N S , 5-5 M If I5 gs' Q' 1 -L: - ywpym E ' ' ESX? 4- fy Nj. FR ' fi' , P- 5 x, X fi i Ni 1 :kr fa-, Q, R 1 y xv! 'AI N63 'F ' f f M EX J r ' E K , XX Si R yy Kb ' app 3? is ix Q5 ' 5 x 5 3 Vg NQVQQ 12 -'-- 'ew -r 1- . ,-1, ' . - . ,. ""' 'Q 9' 112- . " 1rI',' 1-41. ':sr:..M , -1 , , . -. x .n'pl-4 M V V -qwlwl 1 .f J--.v:u:,:'1.::!i,5-,--: -.-wx iihx , .wx-'Q""""' ef-'fi'fY'N N' u . mwfw, wiv, A ox in WMM P '-W OM -W. O' '1 .fx- Z A X06-:ASX 'e."" Xlows C, -QQQNQQ-xtxhgdfd 05" 'OX jffkf ffiffzfw I --C x an-ni 1 Sam- 7+-AVP". v-v-'0'Q40""+'3p9-LQ Oo.,lJ2b 0044 X Q2 Ll X 3,-f-.r A 3 SE' gave fm Q www 35d7fppQa-f-...... I Vwfw W3?f"fg,ffgJy "L" FX "" 'Xxx 5WffWi5""U" ,ff vim 5 . 'B X QW M 'wfpwwvd wwv . N fm.D -Lo W Q- + f ALJ 1. AL,-541.17 Ap.. , J 4- -Q Aaqw My va MW ...- 114. 2 ,AAU , v....Y-,, X M Wi -2 J 44 -fd --W... ,mgff-'vw .- N-gqfm-qv W A , X519-yvxrlwrf-f2:"'2avfY 57112, a 5 -J .gf 4 3. .J . gif: vw 3 My till L J. 'Vo ..--.. . pw 419-1:11 in J :Y -,gwjrwl - ' . E Q. .R . Q, . A,, T i Q . fi svfiitv f 1 .n.'diq.1 ,x xkvk 353.-...H . . L50 ,Q - .. , : z 'T " , -" 1"""Qf'?? EQf" 1q. " f " -,.j?i2.ffm-i+"Lu5'i'. ff. f JJ ' g- Qvf 'ifgiQigf X'- ' ' 'N f . ' . . - . 1 . .' .fm ' .K . ' A Q ., , .K 4 . .- ' . "f'qfjg.fv.:'fg1?i f K . , v,Qv.xe,,g :,,G...A,v .1.Qe: ,, z 5 f.f1. 13afgfif- f . . ..,1qg,,.,g, ,. . k 1 y Q Neg . I 1 . "gli-5z'g,c3QQ' - 4 -A 1- ' mr f'-.-W5 'gb- , 3 v za:-'agg"14qLi3QI-fgsfff ,, Ssfsff' L , . W F- A .v -if-1, 1 . ' -X .+'::piw ' 0" ' m , jr- gut. . .QW vk ' gg.. v . EL . ' - . - ' - gk g Q. - - . X' 5:1 .mfg 'Q ' .-- f Y. . 1 - 1 , UX I - LQQ. fav.:-3 - - Xrxjfw' Leg ' If W li 1 ' -. ef Q4 Q :liars - , ' Qi Mlflif, '-f-552' ' N M I . , ff - - X . ' 6 T . j.. ,.,LQ-'fzxyfigffs 'f . 'S s '.-QA. .. '-Sf Ai Q . - M 5 . ,V ,Q . . , 5 . TAG V W if X. 7 'if A 'F . .. . . Qy-V 14' :y a - ' 'L ,. gg. 'sf , ff ' M .- 5-2.42 ,.-W ,f"T.jisXQggrygs,57i ' 5 - . x W -sLQXag.??lfkQx .fgifi ' - . .. 'flawffi-552.21 .4 W v -A ,"f.:5S'i94:,,ffF5: 1 Tfirfixfy' . .. 5 -fy. , C-' K 1733. K ',1 . ' 1 - ' A . 'lsrfp . ' ' . V--,ww-44'.x, 'f X ' I -.551 :Lift "EL, . asf A V A A ,gz 1 ' V ' .- wa. -K:,gfN:E'R,g,- - we-uk: if. -. ,- . v.' .fzfsasrffz Q A ,- 'XL .3 '.,,5,1gk'gN.,w7fQ,aR.f553. . i , ' . . w iv? -31 v . ' ' -1 A' . ' 4 . "ff by 4,15 . , . ' ' . - .4 "7 -h - 1 X XA . . . Shag, X fy , ' if A , ., - . MJ ' Y. 0 1' I . U' - dl "6 K 1 . ' . QMS ' ,ff LQ 2. Md :Eg rr: ,. ff' Y .fb A- A., .- M-.- .. . .. -gmgL..f,L,1 . Ui -' . Q by jgxm' ,Om,3p..,fj.Z?oAQ5.:.A:Zlqt2.Lw41 fMae,bWfcf4,J1e.1,.1:.,,.zfL GQQJWJ qygfwuw g.,QdQgZ,,,,,,,d 2Ib- m W,fzfmm306,Qj3MfW D1 2-M-LQMAA Wav!! ! QQ ff ww ,ff M Q! fb ?-91 pf fa fff Q9 W QCA?-'var wx, 33 wc!-'i'f6Qffff12 V ,5ff9'f ywfggwfiff QW? x fgjijijfg X4 Q d 'pyjf' 5 N S S . -2 ' QI Opp N '3 ,"v Ax - when 0 9 0 0 ' ' 2 -0- 'Q ssxNNX. "Ou ' X QYjQ9"g'9g6??9ff WS? Y iw X 'w S. 4' X4 xtxf'Ksg..- .ss-urn K 1' i . lllllll' xnxx w f Nusa: aff?-D 089593 Ffwyyy gf? 11 , Mft! ,L J Uwfffjiwffl v-55? ' iff A M QV . ' W Hwgwjfflofdfjzziq, xii-yr E' . ,,,L1,ffV",0fD A ,iz dfo ww W' ' M' L A K if Aff? ,puff f Q . fp, -Zigi MPSF? X6 A Li in - 0 PRESENTED BY LA AIRGSA STAFF AMARILLO SENIOR msn-1 SCHOOL AMARILLO, TEXAS Q ' ' 7 1 pw. . 5 , N , ., Q x . I 1 i 4 1 1 aj , l I 4 1 N ' 1 'J 1 , 'J' A , V I ' 1 I W ,-J .v v x I I 1 I 5 i- ,, W lv I Dao. DW. - Qmq,gL 'Tvvcl MQW -bw3lB:lfA.Q5lucMQim.,by,A,f awww are QQQUWI5-m,1KDyQo4a1,w,5 cof2QeQ12.?f'lQel CAMO-Tlewx Tm' Odafo mgrqslchocol a53Estr ttempt ' each day to teach us honor and loyalty, to strengthen and to prepare us for the greatest test of all, the examination of life, we humbly dedicate this book. goat www M JW 0 N 0 Sb 0 Io aww M911 X Hugh Schook tha xjcaonfbook -For 5948 CLYXA vvdch Us 'bhdy XXOQQ, ihat xi vnu. +' ff' YZSGH Ing.. f Q . . . . to the, ff? Kqnd, co? FXmavLLLo , ' Q .. X5 a,c,compXL.sYx pts pun' poscz, of QYOVKCLWNQ 'UWC C3fX1o'rx5 of' Scu'xcix2,Xa'nd. o. stor Lncludbng - j'VV'?'hf 6Q0'7"7',2'W'5Z ffswwabgwyx D' EWMJA ,-4,w,,,d ' 2 Q X FQ 3 E Offjgw 3 2 5 Ng hed by them Airosa Staff 0 I Ng XE U ' t3ZTjjijjjjjj,' fQjj 'ggg5gggg'aQiiliZi A X2 Q E 'X - -- ---, Dxrecto-r 0fP ations Q ' x 2 Q , M 5.35m Qmfixgisi aw W7 t i ,W N jffffwwfffff' Her Majesty the Queen . . . .4v"""-rd ....A-"1-'Qf,,--' Her Royal Advisors ferfigwiagx I y qi The Realm of Sandieland . . S 'i j' R 'in fi Her Royal Guard X 5951, 4.61: Her Royal Entertainers . . Her Royal Publishers . . . Sq R :MN ' li ' , C :W ,g g Celebrities ofthe Realm . . . R 6 . .1 Her Diary . . . 1,'Lx ,,-9- Jgx my -P - Q Upholding Her Honor . . . 'EB -sf Q 35 f 7 8 'N Her Royal Societies . . . Y 7 lg Q71 N1 Q 1' 1 1 ' Q Her Loyal Supporters . . . d N the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred forty-eight, p Queen Ann ruled Sandieland in a manner most sedate. . With her royal advisors, so wise and true, An idea was formed that prospered and grew. Liberty and union this new idea embraced, On the honor of the realm daily life was based. With usual cheerfulness and enthusiasm, too Each Sandie subject faced responsibility anew. This system of honor involved privileges for all. Its virtues were proclaimed throughout each Sandie hall. Each subject was made guardian of his own personal needs, And had only to answer to his conscience for his deeds. Though a proclaimed success as the year's end drew near, Its real worth is to be realized in a future year. In citizens alert, conscientious, and honor bound A world of brotherhood and peace can be found. f Her Majesty the Queen w 1 Royal The featured highlight of each year is the election and Coronation of the Queen of Sandieland. Excitement ran through the air this fall as AHS's loveliest lovelies floated down steps in filmy frocks in the try-outs for the Queen's Court. Duchess Nancy of the House of O'Brien Duke Curtis of the House of Carter Duchess Virginia of the House of Carter Duke Don of the House of Anthony Duchess Jacqueline of the House of Funderburg Duke Edwin of the House of Hill Duchess Barbara of the House of McCullough Duke Denny of the House of Willis Duchess Barbara of the House of Lee Duke Robert of the House of Jones Duchess Shirley of the House of Neely Duke Charles of the House of Parr Court A committee composed of several faculty members chose the attendants and weeks of practice followed. On the ap- pointed day an all-school as- sembly was held and amid beautiful flowers, lavish sur- roundings, lovely ladies, and handsome men, Ann Hulett was crowned Queen of Sandie- land. Lady Mary Elizabeth of the House of Briscoe Lord Morris of the House of Estess Lady Ann of the House of Dodson Lord H. K. of the House of Stanfield Lady Bettye of the House of Singleton Lord Jim of the House of Biggs Lady Joanne of the House of Whittington Lord Ford of the House of Madison Lady Marita of the House of Fields Lord John of the House of Evans Lady Dorothy of the House of Broaddus Lord Oliver of the House of Barfield I Entertainers DeLois Utterback Betty Burkhalter Marcella Hall Lord High Chancellor R. B. Norman President of the Council Bill McSpadden Princess Claire of the House of Windsor and Prince Clifford of the House of Bradley from the Land of the Senior Class. Princess Sammijeanne of the House of Nunn and Prince Perry of the House of Browder from the Land of the Junior Class. Princess Doris Jean of the House of Fowler and 'Prince Bo of the House of Oliver from the land of the Sophomore Class. Heralds Jack Hon, Kenneth Bailey, Lewis Lindsey, Don Blackburn Guard of Honor Jim Tidwell, Reece Lawson, Norman Sullivan, Jim Frank Reynolds, Basil Walker, Merrill Wilmeth, Dick Anderson Pages June Jones, Shirley Bowles, Emma Lou Page, Barbara Carpenter 4 Ballet Dancer B Wanda McMurtry Violinist Betty Basom , Her Royal Advisors k il Vi .::'-1'-3 40, Q, I E? 5 5 RMI! i I l Principal R. B. Norman Our Lord High Chancellor with our faculty too Led and guided us wisely through. School Board Governing and directing the realm of Amarillo High School, the School Board serves capably in handling the problems of the schools of Amarillo. Its members are chosen by the Amarillo public. The job which the board undertakes each year often proves to be trying and full of responsibility. The school board membership was filled with men of the highest quality, leaders in our community. Dr. R. P. Parcells, J. W. Mode President H. Herman Smith George Waddill A. R. Bivins W. Gunn Beawmont Stinnett Jerry Briscoe School Officials R. A. Selby is a familiar figure to all Amarillo students. As director of Secondary Cirriculum and Guidance, he is an important member of the school administration. Mr. Selby is also in charge of all guidance tests which are given to junior and senior high schools. The Superintendent of Amarillo Schools, Charles M. Rogers, obtained his position in 1935. Coming to our school administration in 1922, he has capably and untiringly Worked up to the position which he now holds. Understandingly, Mr. Rogers Works with AHS to afford harmony and advancement among all the subjects of the realm. 6 fini ifjfxyhy X' Wvrlf i M. L. Matherly, Assistant Principal of Sandieland has one of the hardest jobs in the school. Though he has been in AHS only two years, he has proved himself to be a capable and efficient manager and a friend to every Sandie student. 1 l ,X X. Three smiling, interested faces to Whom we can take our problems and seek advice, are the counselors. Much help is rendered by them in obtaining for us scholarships and information about various colleges. Ji! f T A N J X X i i X, l X 7 SGHIOI Counselor Mrs Eff1eXBu halfilzlg Jun or Counselor, Miss Minnie Feierabendg Sophomore Counselor, Miss Carmen Ulm Our beloved Dean of Girls, Mrs. Gervis Taylor, leaves with the closing of the 1947- 48 school years She is retir- ing after thirty full years of service to Amarillo High S c h o o 1 students. Another will occupy Mrs. Taylor's desk, b ut another could never occupy her place in our hearts. f X lx A3-x 'JN , N ll is K I f fi sf To some of you, thirty years may seem like an eternity. Yet it can seem like a short time. In September of 1918, I began teaching in Amarillo Senior High School. To me it seems a very short time ago because I have so enjoyed my association with its ever-changing pupil and teacher personnel. It is a matter of regret that the time for my retirement has come. A teacher's work offers many compensations other than salary. It affords daily contact with the best of American youth, many of whom are an inspiration. - Every time I read a paper I am interested in news of you, whether you have married, had your first baby, or entered your first business venture. I am gladdened by the success stories of boys and girls whom I have watched through high school. Sometimes though, I am saddened by the failure of others of you who have been in our school. In the years to come, I shall still be watching for news of you. I am going to believe you will be using your influence and example toward making this a better and saner world for other boys and girls. Don't disappoint me. Best wishes to you all, Mas. GERVIS TAYLOR Anthony, Mr. S. G. Business Atwood, Mrs. C. P. English Ballard, Miss Viola Spanish Barnes, Miss Marion English Boger, Dr. Roy Bible Bond, Miss Dorinda Journalism Boswell, Mr. J. M. Mathematics Braudt, Mrs. Corrah Business Bridges, Miss Betty Business Brierley, Mrs. Sybal History Brint, Mrs. A. L. History Brock, Miss Jewell Chemistry Browning, Mrs. J. N. English Burkhalter, Mrs. W. English Cobb, Mr. E. H. Distributive Education Cox, Mrs. Gladys Mathematics B. 1 it .:. ...,, , . K .li ..E.E-'EE.:.:.::.E,:. .I :::-ga, -'-, , N S X X 6 1 4' X N. is s ass i si X X up ggx xXx, if X - ..-:e:21:s:. ,QR 'Q N ,. :::--:-: 2: .gg ' '- ,.-,N ,vs:5g:5 jx, A x X N sm, Q X .w 1'2"-Q.:,:afS:a:2-111: " I J - -' -,rr E"'52-.-1,2':E'i2--Ii'E-E'Ef-13535:IFF iSE"2.EEE:'fEFiE:'5::1E'EI:EE' - 1 ,:f..k3 51313 : 151.-.:--5--35... ,:.:..,--:f-sf-: :55:,.g.:-g:Igx:,:55555E51-3-gg,:: ' " -'32 ' . , . , . .. ' 'I ggs., iii' its-vme,,1,E' f:- .ie '23, fSsf:i:f:f:S52 ' - T 'E 3'5'if-:f E.: -.35522''if-51"5"-:IIE-E'E5::a5::v F 'tif'--E",::'-5i52"i1, 1 ,gI.5Z2fi.:-I?- -zisifif-:..:-i 11' K , 'I .egif . .... ,..-. . .t,.. .,,- I . - ,. , K ,ze-:,.g'.:.: .. K Qsgif-Q t Crawford, Miss Irene English Crossett, Mrs. Lela History Curtis, Miss Anna Mae Home Making Devin, Mr. Robert Diversified Occupation Dicken, Miss Louise Orchestra Dillingham, Miss Faye English Donnell, Miss Marie English Evans, Mrs. Julia Dean Choir Feierabend, Miss Minnie History Flathers, Mr. J. H. Speech and English Foreman, Mrs. Dorris Physical Education Gamblin, Mr. R. D. Athletics Gordon, Mr. W. H. Biology Hall, Miss Alma Mathematics Hammitt, Mr. E. L. Biology Haynie, Mrs. Thomas Civics Mechanical Drawing Johnson, Miss Icle B. """ t S xiii .,..x Jones, Mr. C. C. Art J osserand, Mrs. Margaret Texas History X N S X X S . X 3 wk '3:"-:Z'C:35t- McDav1d, Mrs. W. A. .... X X s X s Lynch, Mr. H. W Head Coach English Matney, Major Carl P. ROTC Mercer, Miss Jessie Speech Metz, Mrs. Jeanne English Mitchell, Mr. M. W. Shop Murrell, Mrs. W. E. English Nelson, Mrs. Allie Biology Parker, Mr. C. P. English Parkey, Mr. J. O. Civics Pevehouse, Mrs. Lola Homemaking Pool, Mr. A. B. Metal Shop X tt, is X .k gs 5 .. ...s.., ,.,, N Q " f i' 4ff: . - . : . ---'-- . - . ..:-4:.1:-- .wx-:--1 dk . .f N ' .-I Eur: --'- .::, 'Q2:2:v:- N- .- - .:,.:..,..:f.:.. suis. 1 '-3:2'f"2" ' .5'5as:5'ii: ' ' V' .,., .31 , hz.: X .. Q- .: I.. ., , . Roberts, Miss Laura Civics Rodgers, Mrs. Mabel Biology RoWe,.fMr. Clyde H. Band Russell, Miss Cora Latin Russell, Miss Louise English Sanders, Mr. E. G. Mathematics Savage, Mr. E. M. Mathematics Shaller, Mrs. C. C. Mathematics Shows, Miss Adelle Business Arithmetic Shows, Miss Velma Secretarial Training Taylor, Mr. Rupert A. Shop Terry, Mrs. Sally Home Economics Thompson, Miss Tennie A Choir Tolbert, Miss Ruth Ann History Ulm, Miss Carmen English Underwood, Mr. Hugh Mathematics -"" ' ' -Q1.1 L . 5 l :--- :1 " " : "" 'i "'- - - Wallace' Mr' C' A' lz s 'Q WIISOH, MISS Kate ' ffiii ".': :E-1:-.lfliii . Chemlstfy 1 , i Mathemafws ::":'i 1.,: W ll' M' G1 fi a . a IS, 1SS 2 YS sg , : ." e ' " W1ls01'1, M r. W C - .f.'1'x1 . Hlstofy 21Q :::: -lri Hlsfory g size,-f:.q.fjfv.,. ,i-Z, Qi- . .'.: . U WhitW0Yth, MKS- N- N- Zobisch, Miss Clara 51390011 History Williams, Miss Jane Physical Education , 2. Q O R' TQ E Xl ,jx uf Miss Joyce Johnson Q Miss Lucyle Penn Head Librarian Assistant Librarian 4 The Realm of Saudieland For our class discussion this reflection is castg First seniors, next juniors, then sophomores will pass As we survey the realm of AHS at the conclusion of an eventful, pleasant and successful year in its epochal history, we are reminded that every citizen in this democracy is a King or a Queen. Our motto might have been "Every man his own masterf, for great progress has been made in the development of those important essentials to strong character and worthy membership in a social order through indi- vidual responsibility and self-discipline. Our newly adopted Honor System, though only in its infancy, has already stamped its mark upon us in a most wholesome manner and to a marked degree. The student body and faculty of AHS are to be commended for progress made this year along several lines. The sportsmanship, manners, citizenship, loyalty, spirit, friendliness, and responsiveness to worthy appeals has been noted both by ourselves and by frequent visitors. Definite progress has been made for a wider spread of our pupil activities program. Our guidance and counseling services have been expanded and 'made more effective. Increased emphasis has been placed upon attention to indi- vidual needs of pupils, and conscious effort has been directed toward adapting our school program to the life and needs of our community and our state. These and many more evidences of our progress are most gratifying and we ofer our sincere con- gratulations and hearty thanks to all who have contributed to this progress and our mutual happiness. In this materialistic and disturbed age, our concern for you is that you always remember that the true values of life are spiritual, possessions within the reach of us all, that among these are our constitutional freedoms, and faith, love and tolerance. Now in keeping with the theme of your annual and in the language of royalty, "I hereby crown all of you as Kings and Queens of the realm of Amarillo High School, in the year of our Lord 1948. Receive this crown of honor and joy. May God enrich your hearts with his abundant grace and crown you with queenly virtue." Sincerely yours, R. B. NORMAN, Principal Senior High School After three years of friendships, never - to - be- forgotten joys, and a few sorrows, mingled with work and play in Amaril- lo High School, seniors find themselves at the crossroads of life. For some, school days are a closed book. Some will carry their fine Sandie spirit into the best uni- versities and colleges in America. There may be a tear or two as diplomas are distributed, but smil- ing faceswill look toward the future with hearts full of courage and dreams, and memories of past school days in AHS. President .................. Clifford Bradley Vice-President ..... 4 ....... Don Anthony Secretary ....... ..... N orman Lieberman Class of '48 . . . Baifield Oliver bindii lootblll Barkei Garrett lin Q 1 situ d Oi Lup itione Barnett, Billie Ruth Student Office XVorke1' Barrington, Robert Distiibutive Education Bartley, Kenneth Diversified Edin-:ition Bassett, Gwen Distributive lfdncation Abrahamson, Ted ROTC Rifle Teain Adams, Margueriete Student Woi kei- Allgire, Pearl Distributive Eduuition Allison, Frances Los Viuj eros Anderson, Dick ROTC Lieutenant Colonel Anderson, Peewee Boxing Anderson, Richard Diveisified Occupations Andrews, Jim Sandie Band, '.l'l0ilSlll'81' Anthony, Don Sandie Footlmll Archer, Delores D1 umatics Armstrong, Frances Advisory, Vive-President Arnett, Ann Student Congress Ashley, Oscar Congressman-at -Large Attebury, Sam Sandie Football, Collafptain Bagwell, Lavon ROTC Rifle Team Bailey, Bill Sandie Football Bailey, Virginia Aeoliun Choir Bain, Darlene Girls' Sports Baker, Skeets Sandie Band Baldridge. Betty Shorthand Contest Who's Who Bates, Carolyn Contest Play Beck, Kenneth Los Viajeros Beistle, Gilbert National Honor Society Belcher, Curtis Track Team Bemis, Jean Intramural Basketball Bennett, Leroy Slide Rule Club Benton, Don ROTC First Lieutenant Biggs, Jim Sandie Football Birkmeyer, Patsy A Cappella Choir Blackburn, Henry A Cappella Choir Blades, Frances Intramural Basketball Blair, Marvin Ro'rC Blanchard, Thornton A Cappella Choir Blanks, Bobby Sandie Band Blower, Geraldine Girls' Sports Boehning, Florence Future Homemakers of America Bones, Vivian Hist-List, Secretary Bonner, Betty Diversified Occupations Bradley, Clifford Senior Class, President Branam, Jim Sandie Basketball Sara Wescoat Active in many organizations, Sara has become a Well-known figure in AHS. Perhaps best known for her extemporaneous speaking, she won first place in contests in Midland and Goodwell. Also, in her Junior year, she Was a member of the girls' debate team which won first place in the state meet. Cheerfulness, capa- bility, and scholarship are keynotes to Sara's activities. Brannan, Geraldine Girls' Sports Branum, Bennie Choir Brewer, Ernogene Student worker Briscoe, Mary Elizabeth La Airosa, Editor Broaddus, Dorothy Lady in Coronation Broadstreet, Wanda Intramural Volleyball an if . N? ,. ,t I . , - Q ,fe 5 I F . :Fig S 5421. -Q - Af -e , Q -ei: -ft ' . '-ss, X- ., gi,-E, . W gif: ,F Q I , ' i X wet lf: - T X , at f l " ' WL 16 K i - ff: A 53 . f 1 ' " - sxwx A X f S , Brooks, Dick Satndstorin. Sports Editor 1 Brown, Beverly Student Congress Brown, Bobby Sandie Football Brown, Jerry Brown, Kathleen Girls' Sports Brown, Kenneth Intrzuuurul Basketball wills X x Nix . - . . 3 - -is S . ,, rf? , kiif ' Q K j- 3 -.wg I , X ., , , , , 151- -1 T- ' KSN. -- gf' 'F ' - " .- ' ' ff22'1i:Q5EiifiiQ5.g ,Et X Who's Who Brown, La Una ROTC Sponsor Brown, Nllary Holneinuker Brown, Owen Baseball Brownell, Robert Sandie Band Bruce, Juanita Sandie Baud Bruckner, Benny Ken Klub Buckner, Nancy Girls' Basketball Bunch, Bessie Ellen Future Hlllll91llilkt'l'S of America Burch, Tolbert Boxing' Burk, Lee Roy Student Worker Burke, Rosalyn Drauuutics Burkhalter, Betty Cougressinzln-at -Large Burnett, Tibb Boxing Busby, La Verne Volleyball Team Bush, Don ROTC Rifle Team Butler, Patsy S3lldSfOI'lll, Reporter Bybee, Bill Senior Favorite Byers, Bill Boxing Cain, Wendell Intrnnniral Basketball Campbell, Garland ROTC Second Lieutenant Dick Tharp Dick's name can Well be affiliated with the "Voice of the Honor Sys- tem." His untiring efforts in estab- lishing this new form of self-govern- ment and maintaining his member- ship in the National Honor Society have made him a prominent figure in the halls of AHS. Cave, Phyllis Shop, Sem-ret:u'y Cheves, Betty Girls' Sports Christy, Jimmy Diversified Occupations Claybrook, Kathryn Distributive- Education Clayton, Bob Sandie Football Cloud, Hershel ROTC Coats, Jack Ijllilfl-F0l'lllll D4-lmte Team Coffman, John Sandie Basketball Cole, Marion Truck Team Coleman, Wayne ROTC Collier, Bill SillldSi01'lll St aff Collins, Buck Diversified OC't'll1lililtll1S Colville, Gene Intrmnnrnl Football Connellee, Rodger ROTC Cornelius, Tuck Diversified Occupations Cox, Margetta 'ri-i -Hi-Y Crist, Ruth Student V'orker Cunningham, George Lai Airosa Stuff Curb, Lois Future Homenmkers ot' America Davis, Betty Jo Sec1'etm'iul Trziining XVork Carder, Charlyn Intramural Volleyball Carter, Curtis Ken Klub Carter, Harriet Orchestra Carter, Virginia Ken Klub Carver, Jay A Cappella Choir Catterton, Josephine Assistant Clieerleader English, Carla Student Officer XV0l'kE'1' Enochs, Helen National Honor Society Estess, Morris Sandie Basketball Estridge, George Ann ROTC Evans, Sandie Evans, Golf Sponsor Billy Football John Davis, Bill lliversifiecl Occupations Dawson, Sally Girls' Basketball Decker, Rene Los XYl2lj9l0S Deitiker, Mantie National Honor Society Dew, Leo Dial, Dolores llistributive Education Dodson, Anne Congressinan -at - Large Dudenhoeffer, Rebecca Student Office lVoiker Dudley, Bobby A Cappella Choir Duncan, Billy lntramuial Football Eads, Earnest Squaw Dance Club Easley, Pat Dra matics Eastham, Jeanne Illfl'Zlll1lll'2ll 'Volleyball Eckhart, Jimmy Yannigan Football Edelman, Betty George Square Dance Club Edwards, Gloria Advisoiy, President Edwards, Rosemary National Honor Society Eitner, Steve Boxing Ellis, C. A. Sandie Basketball Elrod, Laura A Canplwllzl Choir Who's Who Everline, Ann National Honor Society Fancher, Henry Farmer, Bobby Sandie Football Farnsworth, Carl National Honor Society Farrell, Jimmie Sandie Footlmll, Manager Farwell, Nancy A Cappella Choir Field, Marita Thespian, President Fields, Nancy A Cappella Choir Flack, Dolores Choir Flanagan, La Verne J Intrmnnral Volleyball Ford, Charles ROTC Foreman, Donnie Sandstorni, Reporter , Fowlkes, Sherrie Square Dance Club Fox, Gladys Student Office lVoiker Funderburg, J ackey Dum-liess in Coronation Fuqua, Jack Sandie Basketball Gardner, J. B. Sandie Football Garner, Gary Cheerleader Garrett, Harold Sandie Football Garrison, James Rofro Clifford Bradley An absolute asset to our high-school, Clifford has made great steps as Senior President and Student Con- gressman in placing AHS on the road to self-government. An all- around athlete, representing our school in football and boxing, he is a Sandie to be Well-remembered. Gilbert, Bette Louise Girls' Sports Gilbert, June Student Worker Glasgow, Jack Sandie Football Gleason, Bob A Cappella Choir, Manager Goettsch, Billy Intramural Basketball Goodnight, Johnnie Tri-Hi-Y Goodson, Bob "Four Hits and a Miss" Goodwin, Dorotha Intramural Basketball Goodwin, Joyce Student Office Worker Gose, Jan A Cappella Choir Gray, Gloria Choir Greef, Nancy Jo A Cappella Choir H , K.. 5: -r:::5g:5.' Q , - K ' -3',".y::, 'g , - , V G .i ,,,, i ...l K 5 Who's Who Green, Joy Student Congress Green, Wanda 01-eliestra Grimland, Patsy Page in the Coronation Gruhlkey, Lee A Cappella Choir Gruhlkey, Ramona Student lVox'l-:er Gusler, Jack ROTC Rifle Team Hagan, Ed Sandie Football Haggerton, Charles Boxing' Haggerton, Harrison li ox i n g' Hall, Marcella Assistant Cheerleader Hamm, Mary Frances Girls' Basketball Hammonds, Lucile Girls' Sports Harper, Tommy lllioir Harr, Colette Choir Harris, Mary Anne Thespians Harter, Lorraine Sandie Band Hatfield, Glenn Sandstoim, Make-Up-Editor Hawkins, Dene Ilramaties Hays, Ray Sandie Football Hays, Stan Student Congress Sam Attebury One of the best-liked students in AHS, Sam has shown his abilities as a football player as Well as a schol- ar. Membership in the National Ath- letic Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Ken Klub denote his abilities as an all-around Sandie. Sincerity and real friendship are a keynote to Sam's fine character. Hogue, Patricia Tri-Hi-Y Holley, Helen Cheerleader Hollinger, Lewis XV1'estlin g Hopwood, Shirley A Cappella Choir Howard, James Hudgins, Tom ' Ken Klub Hughes, Claire Drainatics Huguley, Veta Aeolian Choir Hulen, Patsy Intramural Volleyball Hulett, Ann High School Queen Humphers, Clara Gavel Club Huneke, David ROTC Hunnicutt, Calvin Intramural Basketball Hunter, John A Cappella Choir Hurdle, Lawrence Choir Husband, Barbara ROTC Sponsor Husband, Douglas Sandie Football Husbands, Harold Ince, Nikki Sandstorm, Photographer Ingram, Collene A Cappella Choir Heard, Jean Ken Klub Henry, Melba Student Congress Hibbetts, Beverly A Cappella Choir Hickmott, Thelma G irls' Vollevball Hill, Eddie National Honor Society Hoefer, Bob Track team 41" Kellogg, Walt Sandie Football Kemper, Truman National Honor Society Kennedy, Donald Urganist Kenyon, Dick National Athletic Honor Society Kersten, Helen Secretarial Training Work King, Earnest T Irwin, Louise Clwerleadvr - Jacob, Nedra .Dl'2llllilil1'S Jacobson, Jackie Sandie Football J ayroe, Melvin ROTC First Lieutenant J ersig, Shelby Los Yiajeros J obe, Lewis Sandie Football. Manager Johnson, Carl Future Teachers ot Alnerwa Johnson, Laverne Girls' Sports Johnson, Marie J Student Congress Johnson, Norma - Secretarial Training YVOrk Johnston, Betty Jo Sevretarial Training' Work Johnston, Jay Rowe Jones, Barbara Girls' Sports Jones, Bob Advisory President Jones, Carlos A Cappella Choir, President Jones, Nina Ken Klub Jones, Ruth Ann Sandie Band Journey, Hurshelene Sandstorin Columnist Keahey, Betty Sandie Band Keffer, Thurman Who's Who King, Mary Alice National Honor Society Klein, Gene Golf Knight, Bobby Boxing Kohler, Kenneth A Cappella Choir Koontz, James YVrestling Krahan, Jack A Cappella Choir Lamb, Arthur Sandie Football Lamkin, Kenneth La Munyon, Jimmy Pepsi Cola Scholarship Lawson, Reece ROTC Captain Lee, Barbara A Cappella Choir Leggott, Robert ROTC Le Grand, Fred Leitner, Robert Lemons, Don Sandie Band, Drum Major Lemons, Helen Aeolian Choir Lemons, Warren 11 o'1'o Lesan, Bonnie Student Office XV0l'kQl' Lester, Curtis Sandie Band Levy, David Distributive Education l Betty Burkhalter Singing for three years With the A Capella Choir, serving in the Stu- dent Congress, and writing for the Sandstorm, Betty has been of great credit to our school. Her pleasant smile and personality reveal her prevailing friendliness. Lewis, Carole Girls' Sports Lieberman, Norman Sandie .Football Lill, Jean Intramural Volleyball Linker, Bob Cheerleader Longest, Bobby National Honor Society Louaillier, Alfred Loveless, Dick A Cappella. Choir Lumpkins, Shirley Student Congress Lyle, Bob Sandie Football McCaskil1, Garvin ROTC Major McClung, Melvin Boxing McCluskey, J uanda Girls' Sports McCormick, Don Golf McCullough, Barbara National Honor Society McDoWal, Mae McGee, Carman Tennis McKinney, Bill A Cappella Choir McMi1len, John Lee ROTC Lieutenant McMurtry, Wanda Sandie Band McNee1y, Don McSpadden, Bill Student Congress, President Madison, Ford Sandie Football Malin, Joann Mid-term, Valedictorian Mann, Gilbert A Cappella Choir Manross, Howard Martin, Betty Distributive Education Martin, Joe Baseball Mayne, Bud Student Congress Mays, Gary Sandie Football Meacham, Billy A Cappella Choir Meredith, LaVerne Student Office VVorker Merrick, Loretta Dramativs Dick Brooks Dick has shown us his abilities as not only a musician, but also a speaker and humorist. His Wit has, at one time or another, touched the ears of almost every student and teacher. Our loss of Dick will be an- other's gain. Mitchell, Mildred Choir Mixon, Allen ROTC Moore, Barbara Girls' Sports Moore, Bobby Sandie Football Moore, Gene lntraunurul Football Moore, June Girls' Sports Moreman, Jo Ann Secretarial Training XVoik Morris, Richard Orclicstrn Morrison, Jack A Cappella Choir Moss, J essy A Cappella Choir Mott, Laverne Hom Plllfiktll' Mott, Robert ROTC Moyer, Sherman A Cnppolln Choir Mulkey, Rita Nntionnl Honor Society Nance, Bettye J 0 A Cappella Choir Neely, shiriey i R OTC Sponsor Nelson, Elaine Ln Airosu Staff Nelson, Tommy Tennis Newell, Earl Nichols, Sally Tri-Hi-Y Merry, Bill Sandstorin, Reporter Middleton, Jerry Sandie Football Middleton, Jimmie Intruniural Football Miller, Frances Szmdstoi in, Advert isin Mitchell, Charlotte g Stuff Senior lflavorite, Rn nn er-n p Mitchell, Joan Student Office XVoi ker l Peek, Glenna Faye National Honor Society Peffley, Ruth 0lC1lPSfl'El Perkins, Elsie Gavel Club Phillips, Bob Boxing' Phillips, Jack Phillips, Sidne Y wifi? XYXXXX x A fs? Nichols, Shirley Norman, Robert Distributive Education Norwood, George Ken Klub N ugent, Joy Advisory President Nunley, Marie Volleyball O'Brien, Nancy Cheerleader Ogg, A. T. Distribntive Rdum-ation Oglesby, Jimmy Vocatiomnl Industrial Club Oliver, Wayne Olivo, Marie Orr, Harold lla sebfill Palmer, Dan Bnsebnll Palmer, Junior llzisebnll Parish, Lee Rye Park-er, Carolyn National Honor Society Parker, Helen Assistant Ililirnry XVorker Parr, Charles National Honor Soviety, President Patterson, Frances Distlilintive Fidncntion Payne, Robert Pearson, Donleta Volleyball Team Who's Who Sec1'et:11'ial Training YYo1lc Pickering, D. J. A Cappella Choir Pinkerton, Adrienne Square Dance Club Pinkston, Barbara Choir Pippin, Louis .Xeolinn Choir Pitts, Joy Pond, Billie Potter, Earl Bert ROTC Rifle Team Proffitt, Sue Dramaties Provus, Edward ROTC Puckett, Nancy National Honor Society, Vice-llresident Pritchard, Jacquie Student Office xVOl'k9l' Pyeatt, Douglas Int1'znnni'ul Football Raines, Joanne Volleyball Ramsey, Wanda Aeolinn Choir Ratliff, Jerry Rea, Dean Square llnnee Club Rea, Earl Vocational Metals Reaves, Frank Reed, George Reed, Howard Shirley Neely Outstanding in scholarship, un- doubtedly Shirley has set a goal which will be almost impossible for her successors to equal. As a mem- ber of the National Honor Society and Ken Klub, she has maintained one of the highest averages to go through AHS. Shir1ey's Work in the Steering Committee has also been commendable. l Reese, Cloyce Tri-Hi-Y Rehmeyer, Ted 1co'1'C Reid, Dick ROTC Rifle Team Renfroe, Barbara Retherford, C. W. 4 -H Club Member Reynolds, Jim Frank ROTC Captain Reynolds, Mary Ellen Sandie Band Rice, Bob Diversified Occupations Rice, Dorothy Intrznnuinl Volleyball Rigdon, Billie Student Office YV01'ke1' Riggs, Van Robbins, Bobby J XSNQ' Xin it .fr -.: , , R .- :Jil 255:-1 ' ,ENN-' "If '1EE: FFF' :KET - ' . o '- i, 'sg,'f5fi" 'i 11 ' s"" ' ,. rs , K 'K - 'wi "" , ...,5543:E:E:E:I-ehgzrzgzg:r:,:-'- .1 - ' - ':g:r5E.E' .LI . -5 , -,-5:5:z5:,5,.3:,:+g:1,Qw:,5t5EFi:" '- .,:4: iw- . ' , . K 1 1 .1 - 2 1- ,- 5212:-I..ifEEE?'fE'35Ef5:551.:I:.5,2E5I"-:ale J I I f I3 . - 1 , , .. .xxx - ,. , . - X Who's Who Roberson, Billie Sandstorxn, Assoviate lildifox Roberson, Jackie lien Klub, Secretary Roberts, Jimmie 'Wrestling Roberts, Joanna Roberts, Linton Robertson, Bernie Square Dance Club, President Rodgers, Jack Ken Klub, Vice-President Rogers, Donna Choir Rogers, Virginia :X CIIDDPHDI fllnniv Ross, Marion lilx-Serviceman Roush, Donald Boxing Roxwell, Naomi Girls' Sports Rozell, Dorotha Los Viajeros Rozart, Herbert Sandie Band Rudd, Robert Ro'1'C Rudelson, Harry Ken Klub Rumbaugh, Henrietta Student Office XV0l'k0l' Rushmer, Anne National Honor Society Russell, T. H. ROTC Sanders, Paul Boxing George Bob Vick Working diligently as editor of THE SANDSTORM, George Bob has placed before the eyes of the students the untiring efforts of the staff. Besides being a member of the National' Honor Society, George was outstanding this year as Cadet Captain in the ROTC and as a loyal booster of the Honor System. Sharp, Jim Sandie Basketball Short, Charles Short, Thelma Orchestra Queen Sims, Bill ROTC Band, Drum Major Sims, Sammie Boxing Singer, Carol Student Officer XVorker Singleton, Bettye Lai Airosn, Editor Sisk, R. o. Distributive Education Smith, Alan ROTC Smith, Bettye Jo Student Officer 'Worker smith, Bob Debate Team Smith, Gene Flight Club Smith, Lou Nell COll1ll1t'l'0l1ll Club Smith, Nancy Ken Klub Sparks, Raymond R OTC Speed, Kyle Intrmnural Football Spencer, Bill Sandie Football Spillar, Tommy Stanfield, H. K. Duke in Coronation Starks, Pat Lu Airosa, Advertising Stuff Scholtz, Joan Scarth, Jack Truck teaini Schmidt, Charles National Honor Society, President Schultz, Marian Colnmercinl Club, S Schulze, Anne Ken Klub Seewald, Jimmie ROTC Rifle Team ecrctairy Triplett, Jay Turner, Bobbie lla Ail osa Staff Turner, Donald Boxing Turpin, Joe National Honor Society Urnberger, Donna 'iw i-Hi-Y Underwood, Billy Student Worker Stevens, Donnie Clieerleader Stevenson, Walter Los Viaierus Stewart, Kathryn Drainatics Sullivan, Norman ROTC Captain Summerville, Bill ROTC Sumpter, James Advisoly, Vive-1'i'esident Swank, Bill Tennis Tarter, Wayne Taylor, Betty Student Office XVOIRGI' Taylor, Keith lntralnural Football Tharp, Dick Steel ing Committee, President Thomas, Bill Ken Klub Thomas, Pat Shop Thompson, Richard Los Viajeros Thurmon, Laura Girls' Sports Tidwell, Jim Debate Teznn Tilley, Eddie Tumbling Tinkle, Bill Baseball Todd, Mary National Honor Society Trimble, Kenny R OTC Who's Who Utterback, De Lois A Cappella Choir, Queen Vaughan, J. R. Track team Vaught, Glenn Boxing Veazey, Louise Vick, George Samlst orni, Edit or Vincent, Jack Sandie Basketball, Manager Vogel, Dorothy La Airosa, Advertising Staff Volle, Sandra Student Office YVorker Walker, Basil Mid-term, Salutatorian Walker, Gladys luternos Walton, Neil Sandie Football Watson, Doyle , Sandie Basketball Webb, Floy Senior Favorite Webb, Helen Volleyball team Webb, Kenneth lntramural Football Weisz, Robert A erolian Choir, President Wells, Joe Cheerleader Wescoat, Sara lun Girl Wheeler, Betty Aeoliau Choir Wheeler, Janie Drainaties Mary Elizabeth Briscoe Denoting' her ability as a dramatist, Mary Elizabeth has given us many fine stage performancesg however, her accomplishments do not stop with acting, as she was an excellent editor of the 1947 LA AIROSA. Her likable manner and smile create a friendly atmosphere. 1 White, Clyde NVrestling' White, Curtis Intramuial Football White, Shirley Girls' 'Volleyball Whitten, Lynn A Cappella Choir, Acconipanist Whitten, Ver Nelle Aeolian Choir Whittington, Joanne SillldSl0l'lll, Feature l-cl tom Whittington, Richard La Airosu, Photographer Wilder, T. P. IllIl'illlllll'lll Baseball Wilkison, Gayle Sandie Band Wilborn, Elaine National Honor Society Williams, Bill Student Congress Williams, Eugene ROTC Williams, Harold ROTC Captain Williams, Leon Williams, Ray Los Viujeros Willis, Denny Sandie Football. Co-Captain Wilmeth, Merrill Los Viajeros Wilson, Bob Sandie Basketball Windsor, Claire Runner-up for Queen Wink, Thresa Girls' Sports Witt, Scotty ROTC Womack, Buddy Diversified Occupations Woods, Dick Sandie Football Wooten, Eugene Boxing Wright, Gene Sandie Football Yarbrough, Jimmy Yeager, Hylasue RIOTC Sponsor Young, Delores A Cappella Choir Zenker, Charles Track team Zweig, Helen La Airosa Staff The second and next to the last year in Amarillo High School, the Juniors find themselves in the middle stage of between "little" sophomores a.nd "big" seniors. However, a year of campaigns, elec- tions, dances, school work and contests passes quick- ly and the Juniors are sud- denly faced with the amazing and long aspired prospect of being seniors. President ................... Perry Browder Vice-President .... ........... D avid Mims Sec1'etary---- .... ..... S ammiejeanne Nunn Class of '49 . . . Bartley Eweldene Baskett, Marjorie Basom, Betty Bateman, Billy Bates, DeVerne Baucum, Nell Beck, Harry Beeman, Billy Beene, Beth Bell, Barbara Benton, Phillip Bevers, Bettie Bilderback, Bob Bird, Billie Joyce Bird, Kenneth Blackburn, Caro Blackwell, Raymond Blackwell, Yvonne Blaine, Beverly Blair, Cherry Blair, Donna Blair, Juanita Blanchard, Edna 3 Blankenship, Beth ,,.,,' Q, X fs sf'-X . ,zg-I-. - K- ., . .L ,1-.. , :,,,-xg. -- X 1. . N - K-:':f:5'.".-3. V35 gg, . ,,5':,,,1Efi:' ' ,, Adair, Maxine Adams, Joanne Adkins, Mickey Allison, Margaret Allred, Duane Alward, Willard Amus, Edith Andersen, Betty Andrews, Frances Anglund, Marcia Arrington, Johnny Ashburn, Tola Ashby, Gene Aspgren, Ronald Autry, Bruce Bagnall, Barbara Bailey, Kenneth Baird, Margie Baird, Virginia Baker, Mary Barnard, Bob Barnes, Fay Jean Barrett, Kenneth Barron, Doris -Q: --1: wk , Bledsoe, Hugh Boadway, Frances Bone, Lee Boss, David Bowers, Joy Bowlin, Corinne Boyd, Ann Braden, Bob Brady, Mildred Bralley, Bill Breeding, Glenn Brooks, Dale Browder, Perry Brown, Delores Brown, Dorothy Brown, Elmer Brown, Glenna Le Brown, Lee Ann Brown, Robert Bufkin, Helen Bunch, Merle Bural, Lee Burgess, Carol Burnett, Roy N f X "-' , , .53 ' . w .... T R. K X?" se X T XX X XX x X X X 1 . .ra X gs' Q f . .'I,f'1'555E . -. .- 1- x-sg: rr? T: 1, 5555 :- 551.Qf'f ? ff g .XX sw K... , . essss ti ,i1,1 iii IP1 ' X x Q X w xx x v Fx , X X t X C x xx wx 5 X X x apr. . gmt . fag- -- K J S-. 1 . 'S' i- 1-II:-'P X Q Q X X X ""X2:i ,Six Xaess X X N, Q S X ,N X X ., ' Q, .X 'XFN ix X X X QSN X ,Q X is X XXX XX RX xx X A "-' X X X S x t xi X 1 X s X l S X N J X x X 1 Xx X 1 XX -.. . t K- ,.:. 1 - I i ! X as X x X XX X if XP xg X , X st X X 5x S422avi-X5I1?i'iff - , : .... Wk - . Burrough, Kate Bursey, Suzella Busby, Ima Jean Buster, Melba Buthker, Stanley Buttel, Jerry Butterfield, Dorothy Bynum, Sue Campbell, Laird Carlile, Leota Carroll, Leroy Carthel, Charles Carver, Larry Cason, Dorothy Castleberry, Kay Cato, Paul Cavin, Jimmy Cearley, Douglas Cearley, Neal Chambers, Laura Lee Champion, Chrystelle Chapman, Joan Chapman, Lorene Cherryhomes, Geraldine Christy, Elaine Clack, Will-lina Clark, Connie Clark, Kitty Clement, Donald Clement, Wanda Clernmons, Kay Clifton, James Cline, Gene Coffee, Bettye Coffee, Bill Coffey, Laquetta Cole, Tom Colvin, Lloyd Colwell, Clifford Connell, Bob Conner, Rita Cook, Frankie Lou -NX. . ...,.. in 'iilrzzsi I. at Q . ' ' , i ii ss, i ii'i G . f . x Y. , .A .... b ,Wi . X , 1- K-:I-fl-f1ie:.s: ' Q., -X .,., X - .. Q ' t M , . , , .Q .K . K -gg' ' xgix-,rg-, - . tv ' fi-'i 'i-' - , - X t,,-- - -'-' Cook, Virgel Cooke, Martha Cooper, Dois Cornelius, Richard Cossey, Allene Counts, Virginia , fi? 1 .. wi ' . "" I "" --Tfffsi'-., ,. - 55,325 +13 -"' 'ziqxzfr-'rar-,','ff ':I9E2SE1.f,, Hg-.-'ffk":-: xE'?i13 . 1? irE .5 X va f-ff: P . su - -s . wx. Q- - .1 XS " R-fav-six:-If 1' X me ,-i.,,.:.5:--: . , it A X Q X xv X N S , R , X . x x XX , X X X X X Q Crabtree, Gloria Creamer, Bill Crisp, Raymond Crites, Mary Dammier, Bettye Dammier, Joan Dampf, Evelyn Daniel, Doloros Daniel, Louise Darden, Alsie Darnell, Maxine Daughetee, Marjorie Davis, David Davis, Donald Davis, Jack Davis, Noah Deadwiley, Bobbie Lynn Denney, W. C. DeSautell, Glen Devenport, Dean Dew, Rozella Dickinson, Jeter Dillon, Jerry Doane, Terry Q X X - X. , x XS X x X . S X S ax: .X X . meoullllhl x1X..Q: ' Q I M X .. "SEE, Qjlm, , k i R X.,:.a -:.-.,' Q -' 1 :R 5 .AS ? Ferguson, Sue Fields, Truett Fleming, Harold Fletcher, Don Ford, Mary Ellen Fotheringham, Tom Fox, Claude Fox, L. C. , Franklin, Bill Franks, Louis Fulton, Clifford Gaither, Barbara Galbreath, Bob Galloway, Ann Gangwere, Grant Garner, Elizabeth Garner, Floyd Garner, James Garrett, Billye Jean Garst, Richard Gately, Gene Gaut, Kenneth Gill, Richard Gilliland, Perry s i r Nix Q X KK R XX 2 A N X S X xXX X ws XN X v ::.:,: fzj. .,., a. ' S X ,L .4 Q, X X x X.. X X. ,Q . i,gg, w Q - , .Q S X s X XX X F x X s X Q XX X X Y S X XX N S S X X Q ser X X X A xx ,X X N H. -. R. XX S i Xa Q eXX,-Q W f W AMW! f Qty X Z 4 1 Z f 442 V F, ! W! V 1' W? -1, A X- , is-me . W4 X . ,D ,,,, ,-k' I . Q, A ,X -Q , Xi. w .K .ik Vs- K we , K X ,. ,Z W I 470 L Z if X dl' ,V..,H i 1 ,ff ,Wy 4? ,f df!! ' ' ,v,. .M If VV ..,, f fm ' WWW ' f SX' x ., JRSFQW ,.. .zifixs i K '. Sis ,X .,.kk - "-X, 112: 5,.i3:r1E1." :H .,.- '::2:2? XS ,aw amass' - e a wgr wma, ar " 3-,- ""i 'Q' f fx - :X .- .,'.- ., '.-. .r1'frs:a'r?s'-'z5Q 'f- RX-,K . 5 i :5:s.., , ., X SX X X 54- L., :Q-:s-' sX f:' Neil, . .-..:.:.X.:4 - .XX--Xa ss. Dolan, Jackie Donley, Bobby Dorothy, Kenneth Dowlen, Aurelia Dozier, Ruth Anne Duncan, Bob Durrett, Norma Dryden, Barbara Eager, James Eckel, Katherine Eastham, Bob Edwards, Peggy Eitner, Carl Ekelund, Guy Dell Elder, Carolyn Eldridge, Marie Elkins, Jerry Elliott, Pat Ellis, Lyman Elsey, Bob Eubank, Betty Farley, Barbara Faus,Rosa Fenno, Janice i 5 1 r 1 X X, X 2 awake , N S X X ,, X , S ix xx X X X ...-M X ji , . 2-sf., , .rwgsqsesy-f ' -.45 .X :fy iXs:.E, : 3,5-,Z-. .jg :5:. 551: 1 :xii :as 'rrfifrags ,-fi if xii:-Z' .Inq -:E-I - ' 15: -Q. - ,r -' X "il u ,'f':"','f:i:5f5fT:-' . ,Ny -YJ. -. .:. '.f?.,3,.f,:.',5,:. E., , f . ' 1- sf. 2.3 ,::.:,.5 N sag - 3-'asf . X .rrr N x X sw X ,X wi , X X . , ."T'f.,.x W., .Q .. ,,.,. S P X X X X X x X N N X X0 X - -Q . X . ..., i . . 2Ea? .f5:a:a:i:eQE,'a2 ' - X xwx x 5 X X S X X xx X XB I X, ,Q Q ,A , .... , ,. s ix xg B A 4: "', issag. Ns x Harris, Doris Harris, Jo Ann Harris, Paul Harris, Shirley Hartman, Leona Hassell, Wilma fE55l552 E5EfQ',:I::: .,., 1 'Q if X J Q , s P --'. X K . ,:.::f.:, 37 ' X X5 XX X X K it X ,X X aaa X X S S X X X XXX X, i X E X80 NS ,X X R X X . X xxbx 9 X X ,K it 'i' X SS J Q'a' 1 X X ' - , a N Gilvin, Eddie Glenn, Billy Gooding, Jack Goulding, Joe Graham, Lynn Grantham, Dale Gray, Bobby Gray, H. M. Gray, John Greef, Carol Green, Leroy Greer, J ene Griffin, Mary Louise Griggs, Russell Hadley, Don Hale, Jean Haley, Bobbie Joyce Hall, Francine Hall, Jack Hamilton, Amos Hamilton, James Hamilton, Neil Hansard, Fred Harris, Betty 'X X . , , ,,..,,.... ,. .ws Hastie, Wilma Hatcher, Jimmy Hatchett, Martha Haynes, Barbara Jean Hayworth, Billy Bob Hearn, Charles -X.: - . , X X , s- , Hearn, James G , B ,,, Q ,X 's,.'i Q, , tb Qtkkzn Ei. -h .3 Heath, Jaflk f , ,rf Q52 . ? ,. ,isz s ,,., at in Heath, Jlm 5 - Iffs izi iis'i . B Henderson, Jacky ' , 'l" ' J ::-: ... 1 is -If ,I-5 K "d' ,LW 'i" 5- ii f'- ,.f--fag: Hendflck, Jlmmle e L , ,, ii . f 1 s e .,is' Hendrix, Bobby g , P ,:,, s ZQ, ' ll 2 i aff 2,' as ,X Henry, Harold Herfurth, Hazel Hinds, Billy Wayne Hodges, Carrilee Hodges, Kent Holland, Claudie x X lb X x X KA as X K X 1 f A X at , X Q , X , XX x X A X R XX aiiaa X t Holland, James Holloway, Jerry Holloway, Joan Holloway, Martha Holloway, Wayne Holloway, Virgil Holmes, Billy Holman, Billie Hopper, Barbara Houck, Hoyt Howard, J eannene Howard, Jimmie Howell, Dolores Hudgins, Bobby Hudspeth, Celista Huff, Bill Hughes, Billy Hughes, Helen Hulsey, Dale Hunter, Gene 5 Hurd, Bobbie Nell Hutchison, Betty Isaacs, Robert Ivy, Wahleah XX X X X xxx XX km X X , X X X :NNN :si-ss ,1'!S:f-PX. :Q ' s sis,-gas sgf j g Yu, -,-,X fs' A , W e X .Q xg" 1 nys XMB? 4. 55 ' i-is J, 1 xg Q sig: .31 xl :-is ifwxrr .fax . is Rx X vntvifk -Q-' M- H x x X Jackson, Jean Jackson, Ray James, Donnie Jamieson, Barbara J effurs, Mary Lou Jenkins, Britt Jester, Joy Johnson, J eanene Johnson, Jim Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, J imzmy Johnson, Sue Johnson, Lloyd Jones, Bob Jones, Mary Nell Jones, Sybil Jones, Lavonia Joyce Jones, Virginia Jordan, Barbara J ordan,, Marvin Jordan, Travis Joseph, Mary J osey, Jerry Judd, Murton Keeter, Dolores Keirsey, Gene Keller, Carol Kelly, Carolyn Kidwell, Richard Killough, Nell Kimbrow, James King, Bill King, Jack " X --,Filip Xi Ej5X'55Xi2?Qgj?E:EQ. 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Bo Oliver Vice-President ..... ............ B ill Brady Secretary ....... ..... D oris Jean Fowler Class of 'SO . . . 3. 1.5, fQ, 3 N.. X :,, . ,,..,:::f:' -:9 1 K K is N ,.,.A. ' " """' i X 'A I X- J . if ' S - '- ' Eff Q K 5:5255-, " " ' J A -2-:: - Y - . MM , I D ,I MWWNN. W .,.,, , was arty A.. LY. ' nn.. ' ' .v,, X V' "fi: . :':1'fE25'3: A N 5'1" " 5' . ' ' , A 1 -. ft n H A -'k' -.-.- '-.E :5:5'5:-. 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Boyd, Donald Boyles, Sadie Bradford, Bill Brady, Bill Broaddus, Bernice Broaddus, Maxine Brooks, Beverly Brooks, Bill Brown, J o Ann Brown, Louise Brown, Peggy Brown, Mary Lee Bruckner, Anna Ruth Bruner, Evonne Bulland, Kenneth Bullock, Don Burdine, Rouena Burnett, J oardis Burnett, Mildred Bushee, Dick Byars, DeRema Byrd, Beverly Caldwell, Barbara Caldwell, Kenneth . ,X Campbell, Gene Carathers, Mary Carlile, Eugene Carlton, Ann Carmack, La Juana Carpenter, Barbara Carpenter, Neal Carrington, Johnny Carroll, Louise Carter, Jimmy Carter, Phyllis Carver, Betty Carver, Max Casey, Marlene Catterton, J aynet Cave, Patricia Cavin, Emma Cearley, Zaola Cernohouz, Janet Chambers, Sarah Chaney, Carol Chesney, Joyce Cheyne, Bill Childers, Catherine i 3 --Q .h z r X z i i XX ' .. ' - ' " E252 ,XS ,r . 's i -, . :gb E K X, 5N,,..,a,,,. - X --'sw' -- t T N .ag -1- N I ' 1, ,ie . 1 -'- 5, ,:., wg-rea x X X X X X XX X gx 5 E w X X K Wxx m is Q.. t . ,1,- E X- ,381 ' -.', 2 xi, 5 . 4: ::' ,. 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M, , f x N S XX xx X X X x R s R is X X . .. .:fg:s5,L H at A gb ,ef Q R M, , X K -1 .XM '- ,:,, :,-Z H Curtis, Tommy Dalton, Wayne Daniels, Ruth Daniels, Sue Davidson, Jerry Davis, Betty Davis, Dorothy Davis, Jack Davis, Jerry Davis, Louise Davis, Warren Dawson, Mervin Day, Patsy Dean, Garland De Armond, Stella Deckard, Don Dees, Gayle DeFee, Dorothianne Denton, Karl Ditto, Margaret Doche, Leon Dodson, Patsy Dove, Beverly Dovel, Milton 5' , , Newell' W..qQ N R X X X s X X N X I xx gk X ,,., X ,Q X sa MX gr., k N xt X X , X s ,.. 1 H i si X ,X EX xxx? XX QQX X N Xx Q c X rrtt . . NS s N , Colvin, Billy Combs, Bob Conger, Joyce Cook, Preston Cooke, Peggy Cooper, Jimmy D Cooper, Joyce Cooper, Karl Cowley, Robert Cox, Mary Alice Craig, Bonnie Craig, Claudette Crawford, Jack Creek, Verna Crofford, Jimmie Crone, Delbert Crone, Evelyn Cross, Laura Cross, Ruth Crouch, Joan Crow, Jimmie Crow, John Curb, Della Mae Curtis, Helen .-Nl, X X X X X , x Y X 5 x ix S 1 1 X x s ,N X 5 E K We X X QR X X Qs S X Qi X is ,N 'QW vxwmwwundh-my ,,,,5, ,F .. X, s Farrell, George Farris, Billy Farris, Virginia Faulkner, Max Ray Faus, Harry Faust, Billy Joe Finley, Melvin FitzGibbon, Don Flack, Betty Florence, Sylvia Flores, Jessie Floyd, Melvin Fogerson, Tommy Fong, Don Forbus, Jimmie Ford, Gilbert Ford, Naomi Forister, Bette Ann Fort, Helen Foster, Amelia Foster, Galen Fowler, Doris Jean Fowler, Galen Fowler, Tommy t .1 F ,... . 31 I X S x X X Sim Oi Ex NX w N wx x X 0 , Q? X A we SQ . X E " gl EESEQEE l . S f K F, X J ff. E . 'fi l. I? Xratwaxtx Drake, Floriene Duckworth, Joyce Duffie, Lucille Duffy, Joyce Duke, Phyllis Duncan, Dee Duncan, Lowell Dutton, Rheta Dwight, Barbara Dycus, Bill Eastes, Edith Ecker, Janette Edwards, Betty Edwards, H. T. Edwards, Joyce Edwards, Pat Elliott, Carl Elliott, Donald Ellison, Mary Ely, Freda Ervin, Betty Jo Eustace, Darlene Evans, C. A. Farmer, Jim I ztl ,awww l X X 2 N we ca M fx tw ,N 'Ei 1 .:Q235Q3E:::XsiE1"5' x XX 5 X X X NY X X X no X x W X - ,H --,., - X N N mug! XX ' ' .'i::.'Z:-gist XSS X X :XXX xx? sd' .,2' Francis, Robert Frazier, Mary Alice Freeman, John Frisbie, Jerry Gene Frye, Billy Fuller, Shirley Ann Fulton, Jean Gabert, Johnnie Gaines, Joe Gallas, Don Gallegly, Dale Garner, Bobby Garner, Mary Lou Garrison, Bobby Gathright, Charlette Gaut, Shirley Gibson, Bill Gilbert, Bettie Gilbreath, N elma Gillespie, Beverly Gillespie, Larry Gilley, Sandra Gilstrap, J oce Glover, Billy 'I ' ETS ri -. ' ' X3.g:,:.,.,,,,,.. V. ' X 554, ' EX. XX NXQSS F . X XXX 3QXE:5. 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Q -'-- i X X Gower, Richard Goodwin, Sally Ann Gordon, Finney Graham, Weldon Gravestock, Barbara Gray, Barbara Green, Darlene Green, Earl Green, Harry Green, Jerome Green, Jimmy Green, Pat Greene, Annette Griffin, Betty Griffith, Emily Griggs, Leslie Gross, Grant Gruver, Tommy Guess, Norma Gunderson, Bill Gunter, Joyce Guyer, Dick Hall, Bryan Ham, Dale X N kv x QR XXX X NX ASXXXFXX Hamill, Hallie Hammer, Albert Hanna, Lowell Harbin, Bob Harrison, Bobbie Ann Harry, Carlton Hassell, Mary Lou Hawthorn, Max Haynie, Sue Hayworth, Don Hefley, C. W. Hefner, Richard Hernandz, Olga Herring, Melvin Herrington, Andrey Hester, Billie Hicks, Wiley Higbee, Kenneth Higgins, Arthur Hill, Billy Hill, Don Hill, Herbert Hill, John Hines, Skip 'X X X NX X X -5 wx X Q .rp-rzglmgg N R X X X X w -asf - I::.-ss.s.1f:a1..55ze-gg X - - x x 'F'-1':' 'iz-wif:a:.a.-..zX.,-2 I -I' ' ' . 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McCubbin, J orene 2 Krabbe, Donald Krahn, Carroll Lack, Arvil Lackey, Bill Lane, Jo Ann Lankford, Vera Lawson, Jack Leachman, Darrell Leavelle, Bettye Ledbetter, Gene Leithauser, Colleen Lemmon, Beverly Lemmons, Lynn Lemmons, Jimmy Lemmons, Weldon Lewis, Dorothy Lewis, Mary Litle, Mildred Lively, Dean Looney, Joanne Lovelady, Harold Loveless, Carolyn Lowe, Roy Lowrance, Louise McGinley, Doyle X " .q McGuire, Mary o.... A , up ' McKee, Paulyne i f vvan f J McKinney, Nelson lqe 4 E McKinney, Wanda J :,:: if .',.. zzv, :,,y, Z McKinney, Warren bi fflfl Vll,l: in 1 C , I iql V y"' I . y Ii ax McKitterick, Nat McKnight, Larry McMahan, Betty McMahan, Donald Mialin, Patty Mallett, George i-138147: Maloney, Jimmie X if Marcum, Thomas Marr, Nancy Lee Marriott, Mary Marsh, Linda Yum , PON X if 2 annie vw .EQ I L Y ybbk 3 I . we ',.l , lv h M Sa i . A J "r.. IV V Marsh, B111 or 1 , 5 2 'Z ' .,,. !,. 1 -. ,, i,,v--.M...e- - . num l Era X Martin, Betty A. Martin, Betty Martin, Melva Martin, Nellie Martin, Wanda Martin, William Massey, Billie Mead, Peggy Medlin, Maxine Medlin, Violet Meetz, June Middleton, Don Miller, Billy Miller, Glenna Jo Miller, Ralph Mills, Gaynelle Mitchell, Dell Mitchell, E. G. Mitchell, Sam Mixon, Gayle Monzingo, Shirley Moore, Barbara Moore, Doyle Moore, Emma Q5 X ,ts - '5'iX:XX, Q' X N x X X X 'N 4 XX 5 ENN s X X Q X XXX S S X x XX XS XS 1 X X X -Xsrf gXsfr:, 'S K 'K .yi ' :' gg: ,. X-fx as X -X X ,-'- . X XXN'-:Lib l, sa., Xa.. '21, I Six" wiv 1 Vx, X X , X t as Q X X 1 X , XX S X X XX X Xxx-fg . at 7 i X X X X swf -1, i 533: Xxx 41 0 ZW bbw f f 4 wW'ff f j J , pf ,f 1 f A , f f ' , ff ff 1 X W 7 W f y f f ' ff X 7 X I .. 1 1 J I W W I ff I , W f , 5 XZ X 4 I X If , 'f5:Q!:..i'? f, f X 1 ff I W Of, ffff' ff4 lg ii 1 , X ,flips :....X , t X X N XQSQXX S Q X N as X as, Q. .4 5 X , -N-:www-Xfxi A-r-:as-messy . 'misss K fl Sfbbzwi ew- X ':X X as X XX, EXXQXE: 5 Ig"'. ' 'ffl S2552 X,.j5Xi, 5 X 'QX??NX5'XXNQ 1353. 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C. Roberts, Jimmie Roberts, Muriel Dean Robertson, Jo Ellen Robertson, Mary Bob Robinson, Leon Roche, Mary Rodgers, Marie Rogers, Bobby Rogers, Wayland Roots, Betty Lou Rowe, Charlene Rozell, Mary Alice Rutledge, Norma Ryan, Betty Jean Sahli, Sara Joy Sain, Ann Sample, Janie Sanders, Eugene Sanders, Juanita Rainey, Joyce Rankin, Claudell Rasmussen, Stanley Ratliff, R. V. Ray, Betty Jean Rea, Leona Reed, Billy Reed, Tommie Ruth Reeder, Ann Reese, Jerry Reid, Billie Jean Reiter, Carole Reneau, Russell Reneau, Sylvia Renegar, Jo Ann Renner, Don Reyman, Tommy Reynolds, James Reynolds, Raymond Rhodes, Gwenn Rhodes, Wanda Richards, Gleeana Richards, George Riley, Eula Faye -fs-. we , J. r.f..s,.g-ef. , -: 4 ' P 51:1 ., :fi 1 -' H it:-1- 'il' EIIIQSS., ,,.. 4 +5-Q2s:, Iii - . --:112:1' 13123 1: r- :f-'-11:1-:5.,.f: IE: ,TP fffif ' 2:2- Smith, Dan Smith, Maxine Smith, Spencer Smith, Walter Smythe, Paula Spalding, Warren Spearman, Glyn Springstube, Wanda Stambaugh, Janelle Stanford, Jesse xi ..,,.4 , ff' KM -.f1rEEE5E::g: 555, j "2Ef22g5:fg5'E If rig:-5:""5-riff E 12125. E:-if Ng: ::L,g.j:-, X f- '-: 2 1.1.2 . .,,, H ,.,.,.,,,,..,,..,. ,.,.:.,.: ...- -:. A, 5.1, :,. aa-::51:3,:..p,,5,53g .S3i::g:5:,: ,. .. x -,:'.'-.-ae. . 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E Steed, Charles Steinbock, Wanda Stephens, Bill Stephens, Ross Stoddard, Stanley Stone, Frances Stoner, Harry Strait, Mary Kathryn Stroope, Lanora Sudbury, Kenneth suiuns, Robert Sullivan, Margie Surratt, Maezelle Swayze, Hazel Ns Sanford, Susan Satterwhite, Gibner Schmidt, Suzanne Schooler, Ronnie Scott, Monty Scott, Reba Seale, Bobby Seiberling, Beverly Self, Don Setliff, Don Seymour, Charles Sharp, Art Shepherd, Janie Shuffler, Rex Lee Sills, Jimmie Sims, Billy Singleton, Edean Sisk, J earldean Slagle, Sarnrnie Small, Marilyn Smith, Albert Smith, Billy E. Smith, Billy Lloyd Smith, Cleo .. - 8-:':,. '. -' 7"':4. .' 5 W: 1 . , at +2 -If '- . J ' 4,29 3 .- Nx N53 gmt x K Swafford, Robert Swindell, Suzanne Swan, B. R. Swink, Marvin Tatum, Dowell Taylor, Frank Taylor, June Taylor, Vivian Thomas, Bonnie Thomas, Genett Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Philip Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Jim Thrasher, Joan Threet, Don Tidwell, Sam Tinkle, Tommy Todd, Joan Todd, Patsy Townsend, Doris Trimble, J uanelle Tryon, Sue Turner, Betty xxg but E or - X X 'Grist - ..,. . ki x ,, , Q N xg is 4 X 'rza 1 1"' 5 D P "' .. - . ,4lV-' - . .-.,., K -f 'isis X 'Wm '.ar ril' as: : ' :Tw Www, W-.M 'Nllvx Nx aaiit ,,., fi: Turner, Joyce Turner, Robert Twaddell, Becky Tyson, Milton Ubben, Betty Van Camp, Jimmie Vaughan, Joy Venable, Ann Vermillion, Carroll Vetesk, Carolyn Wade, Billie Wagner, Betty Wakefield, Rheadell Walker, Bobby Walker, Joyce Wasson, Melva Watkins, Bob Way, Emily Webb, Donald Webb, Dorothy Wedgeworth, Rex Welborn, Dolores West, David Whisenant, Edith Whitaker, Virginia White, Alden White, Chick White, Clara White, Marlene White, Mary Wilcoxson, Vera Wiley, Rita Willborn, Skipper Williams, Joe Williams, J uanelle Williams, Lavell Williams, Myrtle Williams, Peggy Williamson, Jerry Wilson, Francis Wilson, Frank Wilson, Nancy Winn, Don Winsett, Mary Wiseman, Ann Wixom, Jane Wixom, Pat Wolfram, Walter ww.-.wwaww ,,,.,,..smNww..,,.,.,,,x is 3i1'r.ig,"ggu -- 4-1:::1:v.-:2Ni4EEI'E:-1, .V .-1-:izrmm-aw , 3-wx aw ..,.,. X . m WSRSQ XX , N X Y X 'XXX NK x X X 31 X it s, X X as X- :,,,., XX X , Q., X M X R , xt, wx X N N X wi N Q . N SQ X NQK x X X ....,, N ' .,,. N' 1.3131 Q , K. 1 r. , 15 - -- - ii., . .5 -'ff ' ,-".' ,,--, X Qt Q Q 9 X XO 9 , , X s , 35' X 55' N is Xfi , x X X X N ,S fi N lx X' 'ffy J, -- N xx .gag X -"' - r aw- ,. v3i.+,-1- ., 3 ,.,,...,,,,,.,X,,,.w " . ,jj:j:g53:,-2--:-:1:- -.i k . 'W-w-...,,., ...,. 'mr X Q.-.4 5: Q ,s - 5vQ ?: Ia .L 'X' ' TXMIX:-f ii-":i?::' :: . i "': 51, .,,, , xiii, 1:55211 x3 'E'22. ::. 121 I C. 73' ljflfirf. . ,.,. . Q -',' ii, i f as X X Q X N Q 0 C ,,' ,, ,,.:, ,N.,, .:., J, ..., ,,,.....,,,.. ' -P-v--- ,. S , ,,,,,. ,. :E.: -I " 1 .':r-a., ,C g ..f::M.5:N 255: s X X x Q wx is X B9 N Six X N , -Q X + X xxX xx X X Xa X X X Q, QQ N K i N N, X, X Rx, Sw X: X s 'SQ N 9 x s N X x x X x X X rs N, i XX at N ,Q XS was XX Jqs:1.::f:a1nxg.::,. " fi. ' IEL Y:-r ' .,sg:-W' I Mg,- ,X.g:-: ,,.jgf2gg"' f35:,E5 tgp, 5123: Nrgr ssg'-., .,:,:5s, -2:ssgs,,: 3.11 xg zf'-eu ' - -XJ ..:::' -sae' - , - " i TL., f , 2: K' E155 .. 2,5 .,.,., . ,Qu - r "-'::-'::3N:,g, 'N . . 1E5:I5Eiaq:,1:r555Em.E .,, ,, . .-gs., . 7 . as , , wit NN -:"'X E r-- .. ,.., . .:.+-x l- ,k ,xg---r ., ,535 X X wig , X S ,Q Q is Qs 1 X x X R X . , .. Q , X , X X Q 5 X, Q A 'Si NX XX 1 as Q SX s gi i X X X X ,Q XS Y l ,S W x bl N N N N as xg X wg LN Womiche, Carmel Wortham, Martha Wrather, Doris Wright, Lanelle Wyatt, David Zeck, Gladys Zweig, Mildred -iNR NSQSNQQ XxQiRxR NNiwN-W 'ff Yiiwfx Awvrxwcmrxxxw-xx-xxwxxxvm-xwxx-A A XXWM ww-xxwmxxxxx Her Royal Guard The Royal Guard parades lin a military manner Before them, "Efficiency" floats as a banner. Due to the untiring efforts of Major Carl P. Matney, PMS and T, the ROTC has maintained its rating of excellent, awarded to the Corps during Federal Inspection last spring. A vete- ran of several years in the army, Major Matney is Well qualified to perform his duties in dealing with the men. Although the inspection this year was even more strict than it was last year, Ma- jor Matney trained his men to the point that they received a better score than the 1947 grade. r 1 'GN Cadet Lt. Colonel Dick Anderson and Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Ann Hulett lead the Battalion throughout the year. Their know- how and intelligent leadership were largely responsible for the success of the Corps. Major Carl P. Matney recognized Dick as one of the best Battalion Commanders in the his- tory of the AHS ROTC. OFFICERS - Captain ...... . ........................ Morris Estess Honorary Captain .................. Shirley Lumpkins First Lieutenant .................. John Lee McMi1len Second Lieutenant ..................... Paul Sanders Second Lieutenant .................... Gilbert Beistle Armstrong, Herbert Baird, Sidney Barnard, Bob Banta, Henry Berry, Bob Coats, Jack Cogswell, Jerry Cooper, Karl Cooper, Jimmy STAFF OFFICERS Captain, Reece Lawson Company A Crow, Jimmy Jackson, Darrell Johnson, Floyd Leggot, Robert Fields, Truett McCracken, John Meacham, Billy Mills, Scotty Q Honorary Captain, La Una Brown Mixon, Richard Morgan, Don Lee Phipps, Jimmy Thomas, Philip West, Edgar Williams, Ray Williams, Kay Potter, Earl Coffman, Don OFFICERS Captain - -........... Harold Williams Honorary Captain .............. Claire Windsor First Lieutenant ................ Curtis White Second Lieutenant ---.- ............ Basil Walker Second Lieutenant --- .......... Jerry Don Bush Adams, Pain Baker, James Baker, Jerry Barrett, Kenneth Blair, Marvin Blythe, Berry Bone, Lee Carrington, John Cavin, Jimmy Clark, Tom Davis, Jerry STAFF OFFICERS Captain, Jim Frank Reynolds Compan B Doane, Terry Gallreath, Bob Gunderson, Bill Guyer, Dick Kinchloe, Henry Hearne, Charles Hunter, Gene Isaacs, Bob Johnson, Billy King, Jackie Lawson, Jack Honorary Captain, Barbara Husband McNeil, Cortez McNutt, Max Morris, Joe Naylor, Bill Peek, Kenneth Pierce, L. C. Roberson, Stephen Sullivan, Bob Vanderberg, John Wertz, Douglas Winn, Don Aldridge, Joe Andrews, Charles Bagwell, Lavon Baucum, Glen Benesch, Thomas Braden, Bob Carver, Larry Carver, Max Clement, Jerry Darden, Alsie Davis, Warren Company C Dickinson, Jeter Fulton, Clifford Gross, Grant Hadley, Don Hamilton, Amos Heath, Jack Hendricks, Jim Hill, John Henderson, Grady Huneke, David Johnson, Jay OFFICERS Captain .................... Merrill Wilmeth Honorary Captain ........... George Ann Estridge First Lieutenant ............. Jim Tidwell Second Lieutenant ............ Glenn Hatfield Second Lieutenant ........... H K Stanfield Keith, H. B. Lacy, Bob McCausland, Bob Martin, Billy Park, Donald Parsley, Donald Randall, Tommy Reid, Bob Roberson, Walton Spalding, Warren Threet, Don STAFF OFFICERS Captain, Garvin McCaski11 Honorary Captain, De Lois Utterback Abrahamson, Royal Allen, David Arnett, Bob Bailey, Travis Barnard, Tommy Bateman, Bill Buttel, J erry Boss, David Cearley, Douglas Cloud, Hershel Company E Davidson, Jerry Eastman, Bob Eitner, Carl Grantham, Dale Holmes, Bill Jenkins, Britt A Johnson, Bobby Jordan, Marvin Kendricks, Clinton Krahn, Carroll Moore, Jack McKinney, Warren Norris, James Reed, Kenneth Richman, Bill Ritter, Keith Stone, Eddie Stoneham, Raymond Smith, Bill Smith, Hugh Taylor, Clifford STAFF OFFICERS Captain, George Bob Vick -Honorary Captain, Shirley Neely OFFICERS Captain .................. Jack Gusler Honorary Captain ........ Hylasue Yeager First Lieutenant .......-.. Melvin Jayroe Second Lieutenant ......... Don Benton Second Lieutenant ........ Carl Farnswoith OFFICERS Captain .......... John Norman Sullivan Honorary Captain ..... Charlotte Mitchell First Lieutenant ........ Jimmie Seewald Second Lieutenant ..... Garland Campbell Second Lieutenant ..........- Joe Turpin Headquarters Company Armstrong, Jimmy Beverly, Bobby Bounds, Pete Campbell, Laird Cearley, Neal Collier, Bill Colvin, Lloyd Colvin, Billy Duncan, Lowell Faus, Harry Ford, Charles STAFF OFFICERS Green, Jimmy Gordon, Finny Huff, Billy Hahn, Alfred Holt, Charles Husband, Harold Jones, Bob Mitchell, Sammy Moore, John Nelson, Irving Parmelee, Jim Lieutenant Colonel, Dick Anderson l Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Ann Hulett Patton, Walter Payne, Robert Provus, Edward Reed, Dick Restine, James Renner, Don Scott, Bill Sills, Jimmy Tidwell, Sam Whiddon, Lawrence Lemons, Warren Members of the top fifteen of these sharpshooters pictured here are: Cadet Capt Jack Gusler Cadet Lt Don Benton Cadet Lt Lavon Bagwell, Cadet Lt. Jerry Bush, Cadet Maj. Garvin McCaski11, Cadet Lt. Melvin Jayroe Cadet Sgt Irving Nelson Cadet Lt John Lee McMillen, Hon. Maj. De Lois Utterback, Cadet Lt. Jimmy Seewald, Cadet Sgt. Kay Williams On the team but not pictured are Lt. Garland Campbell, Capt. Harold Williams, and Lt. Col. Dick Anderson. Rifle Team The Rifle Team of Amarillo High School closed this school year with a team total of 802 out of a possible 1000. These crackshots rep- resented our school in the 1948 William Randolph Hearst national con- test for small bore marksmen. First place in individual honors goes to Cadet Lieutenant Jimmy Seewall of Headquarters Company with 179 points out of a possible 200. Cadet Lieutenant Lavon Bagwell of B Company was second with 168 points, and Sergeant Kay Williams of A Company was third with 162 points. Firing was done from the four standard positions. Cadet Colon-el Dick Anderson accepts the Colonel T. H. McDonald Award Trophy from Colonel McDonald during a formal ceremony. Beginning this year, the award was to be given to the outstanding senior cadet whose name was engraved on the trophy. The winner was selected by a vote of his fellow cadets on the basis of leader- ship, character, reputation, and scholarship. Front row: Dick Reid, Dick Anderson, Garland Campbell, Finny Gordon, John Moore, Charles Fo-rd. Second row: Charles Holt, Jim Restine, Bill Scott, Jim Sills, Bobby Jones. Third row: Norman Sullivan, Irving Nelson, Lloyd Colvin, Don Renner, Bubba Patton, Laird Campbell. With eight wins and no losses, Company E won the basketball championship be- tween the companies. Head- quarters and C Companies finished in a tie for second place. These games were played after school in the High School Armory. RCTC Intramurals With games being played in Elwood Park, Headquarters Company took the ROTC football championship with nine wins and one loss, spearheaded by Finny Gor- don's touchdowns. Company E was runner-up with eight wins and two losses. Members of the winning squad were: Bill Holmes, Bill Bateman, Eddie Stone, Raymond Stoneman, Keith Ritter, Dave Boss, and Hershel Cloud. Her Ro al Entertainers X. 'N vkmff 56" ,fm 04 I x 7 + -f -gz- if f wg? ...-5g,,.-' Wifi. L ,- gg 'T-in Qu--Q '71'i,, ., ' 1, """'i' ,7 1 ' f.. . flv Harmony Singers Director, Mrs. Julia Dean Evans President .............................. Lynn Whitten Vice-President ......................... Charles Zenker Secretary ............................. Janet Catterton Treasurer ............................ Carolyn Munday Reporter ................-................ David Boss Stage Manager ........................ Marvin McNeil Allen, Bettye Beverly, Bobby Beverlin, Jeanne Bibb, Jerry Boss, David Burdine, Rowena Catterton, J aynet Cernohouz, Janet Chaney, Carol Christian, Demaris Coble, Bettie DeFee, Dorothiann Duncan, Dee Ferris, Virginia Faus, Harry Fleming, Harold Franks, Louis Gillispie, Beverly Gunter, Joyce Hall, Francine Hamilton, James Harrison, Bobbie Hodges, Jean Hollinger, Jeff Hopwood, Bruce Ingram, Merriwell Inman, Wanda Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Melba Jordon, Travis Lankford, Vera Leavelle, Bettye Lemmon, Beverly Lyvers, Judy McNeil, Marvin Monzingo, Shirley Morgan, Billie Mulkey, Reba Munday, Carolyn Notestine, John O'Brien, Bettye O'Dell, Myrl Park, Donald Rankin, Claudell Reiter, Carole Richards, Gleeana Scott, Monty Singleton, Edean Smith, Sammy Thomas, Bonnie Turner, Joyce Walker, J oyc-e White, Mary Whitten, Lynn Wood, Monte Wortham, Martha Zenker, Charles Harmonizers President ........................,........ Kay Baird Vice-President .......................... Jo Ann Brown Secretary .......................... Jo Ellen Robertson Treasurer .............................. Edna Hudson Adkin, Glenna Arnn, Joyce Baird, Kay Beets, Betty Bills, Charles Blassengame, Rose Broadstreet, Wanda Brown, Jo Ann Burgess, Carol Carmack, La J uanna Conger, Joyce Cornelius, Richard Craig, Claudette Daniels, Sue Dwight, Barbara Ecker, Janette Eustace, Darlene Fine, Clifford Franklin, Bill Hadley, Don Heffey, C. W. Hudson, Edna Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Jimmy Jones, June Joseph, Mary Keith, Clark Ledbetter, Gene Leithouser, Collen Lowe, Roy McCubbin, J orene Martin, Melva Northern, Lilly Overton, Imogene Renner, Don Richardson, Jimmy Robertson, Jo Ellen Self, Don Taylor, June Whiddon, Lawrence Williams, J uanell H. M. S. inafore v " J KAY A The splendid production of HMS Pinafore was attributed to the Work of all the choirs in AHS. Miss Tennie Thompson and Mrs. Julia D-ean Evans are to be highly commended for this outstanding musical attain- ment. Mr. J. H. Flathers, assisting with the dramatics, and Mrs. Lela Crossett, in charge of lighting, con- tributed to the huge success. f ' f g.5S A The Golden Sandie Band Three Lovely girls out in front add color and spice to our grand Sandie Band. Their pep and vigor are characteristic of the spirit of the band. The Twirlers are: Martha Jo Johnson, Janie Shepherd, and Nelma Gilbreath. ' OFFICERS President ................. Gary Garner Vice-President .... ..... T om Hudgins Secretary ....... .... F rances Tidwell Treasurer .... ...... J im Andrews The Drummajor, Don Lemons, was chosen for this position by his ability to direct the band and command respect of the members. Sammijeanne Nunn was chosen by popular vote of the organization. .- 'C'b-'wfvs-wwufffu' W1 M2 The Golden Sandie Band has established a reputation as one of the outstanding High School Bands in the South west. The Band's colorful performances between halves at the football games have become a popular feature vs ith sport fans. This organization contributes a great deal to the spirit and morale of Amarillo High School. Their annual spring concert and banquet have been established as one of the highlights of the school year. Oboe Betty Basom Flute Gary Garner Betty Jo Johnston Pat Wills Frances Tidwell Charles Steed Mary Reynolds Nelma Gilbreath Muriel Dean Roberts Anna Ruth Bruckner Eb Clarinet Curtis Lester Clarinet Benny Bruckner Jim Andrews Garland Dean George Mallett Donald Davis Jimmy LaMunyon Bob Merriman Tom Cole Bill Brooks Hoyt Houck Lorraine Harter Bobby Wright Martin Jenson Betty Edwards Peggy Jane Williams Peggy Quisenberry Richard Cornelius Bobby Blanks Mary Ellison Shirley Gaut Bob Naylor Jimmy Crofford A. J. Quinn Cornets Jack Hon Don Blackburn Lewis Lindsey Martha Chilcote Pat Paschal Winston Adkins Richard Bushee Kenneth Bailey Douglas Ferguson , Billy Sims David Walvoord Dale Gallegly Ralph Miller Willis Clark Horn Truman Kemper Louis Pipin Don Elliot Jerry Beck Otto' Praeger Sammijeanne Nunn Francine Hall Trombones Dick Brooks Sherman Moyer Trousdal Woodburn Robert Whiddon Ray Jackson Billy E. Irwin Jimmy Forbus Kenneth Sudbury Alto Saxophone Thelima Short Murton Judd J. W. Thibodeaux Billy Beeman Marjorie Green Tenor Saxophone Ruth Ann Jones Jack Gooding Baritone Max Ray Faulkner Jack Vincent Skipper Wilborn Claudell Rankin Bass Don Lemons Gayle Wilkison Herbert McGregor Charles Reeves Pat Virden Preston Cook Jim Eager Percussion Hurshelene Journey Tom Hudgins Juanita Baker Paul Cato Rex Wedgeworth Don Bullock Travis Jordan Ernest Eads Jean Neely Betty Hutchinson Herbert Rozet Bells Guydell Ekelund String Bass Betty Keahey Richard Kidwell Tympani Ann Everline Bass Clarinet Robert Brownell Lee Brual Alto Clarinet Wanda McMurtry Juanita Bruce Bobby Gray Bassoons Catherine Childers Nova Alsbrooks Twirlers Martha Jo Johnson Janie Shepherd Nelma Gilbreath High Sc ol Urchestra wi C0 ctor, Miss Louise Dicken -Q' STRING QUARTET Betty Basom, First Violin Donald O'heim, Second Violin OFFICERS President- ........ .............. T om Fotheringham Vice-President .... ...... L ynn Whitten Secretary ....... ..... N ell Whitten Reporter .............................. Don Hayworth Sergeant at arms ........ 1 ...... -- --Donald Davis Assistant sergeant at arms? - - ---Bill Creamer Stage manager and student dir tor ...... Richard Kidwell L ------- , ---- J 0e,Whijf-ehulgst Concert master---- .............. --1---Betty Basom Librarian .......... .......... N ancie Odom Queen .... ---Thelma Louise Short ORGANISTS Don Hayworth Richard Kidwell Lynn Whitten Donald Kennedy Mildred Burnett Gene Campbell, Cello Walter Wolfram, Viola Marjorie Daughetee Accornpanist P l ya 'F 1 .V QA Basom, Betty Breeding, Glen Bruce, Juanita Burnett, Mildred Carnpbell,Gene Carter, Harriet Carver, Jay Cherryholmes, Geraldine Childers, Catherine Clack, Will Lina Clark, Willis Cook, Virgil Creamer, Bill Dammier, Joan Daughetee, Marjorie Davis, Donald Dempsey, Joe Dozier, Ruth Anne Elder, Carolyn Fotheringham, Tom Fuller, Shirley Ann Gooding, Jack Green, Wanda Harris, Betty Hayworth, Don Hendrix, Bobby Holman, Billy Jo Hinds, Billy Wayne Holloway, Virgil Johnson, Carl Thelma Louise Short Orchestra Queen Johnson, Marianne Keahey, B-etty Kelly, Nita Grace Kennedy, Don Kidwell, Richard Kiker, Mary Lewis, Dorothy Mallett, George McKinney, Joyce Manrose, Howard Mask, Arnil Odom, Nancie Morris, Richard Morrison, Raymond O'Heim, Donald Pefley, Ruth Pate, Joe Edd Puttman, Mary Ann Reeves, Bonnie Simpson, Helen Small, Marilynn Short, Thelma Louise Springstube, Wanda Vermillion, Carroll Whitehurst, Joe Whitten, Nell Whitten, Lynn Williams, Earl Ann Wolfram, Walt-er Extempt Speakers Extemporaneous speech re- quires much time and study. The participants must be able to make a seven minute talk on any of one hundred fifty topics of national and international importance. The training ne- cessitates the development of fast and complete organization, sharp, quick thinking, and a good conversational tone de- livery. Bettye Coffee, Suzella Bursey, Dorothy Butterfield, Delores Howell, Jim Tidwell, Bob Smith. Jack Gusler, Ruth Peffley, Sara Wescoat, Bettye Singleton, Melvin McClung. Debaters Debate demands a complete and thorough knowledge of the subject under discussion. A de- bater must be able to offer a good case on either the nega- tive or affirmative side. This phase of speech work develops the ability for quick thinking while speaking, as well as pre- ciseness in exaggerating and exposing the details of facts. Two debaters form a team. is is I xblfzjxyqx 'xx 3. X Two of the radio speakers, Tommy Nelson and Betty Burk- halter, prove their point to millions of people, but they are also showing Amarillo that the youfh of AHS are progressing in the radio field. E X X r ' X Q .r., s si : X w as 'Yi,ii1:':QX. .Ag ff: :s Radio Speakers X The broadcasting companies don't have all the good radio speakers, for AHS has speak- ers that can do everything from announcing the news to singing commercials. Their ability has been proven by the "professional" way they took over one of the local radio stations, KFDA, for one day. These speakers have been on various programs during the year and have made us proud to claim them as students. ,'-.-.------- ..,v.., X ,. Drama Dramatics plays an important role in the student participation program of AHS. Drama classes are held almost every period each day. The only prere- quisite to the course lis Speech 20. Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, head of the dramatic department, is an able instructor in the course. Any person with an earnest desire to direct or act in a play, is given an opportunity to do so. Many plays are given each year in assemblies. Une play is chosen to be entered in the Interscholastic League Contest. The men behind the scene in this case are Nikki Ince, Jene Greer, Richard Whit- tington, and Norman Perry. These boys have Worked many long hours during the year, managing the stage scenery and equipment for various programs the Gpe- retta, plays, pay programs, assemblies. Her Ro al Publishers .. v"" J' .SN 9 -f' 4' u.'!0.4-ilk. 13, +5 ,,, wk 95.6 ' 4 " "'fJ',w QNX' WN? N' h U5- --- Wgif' 4-, f 7 -:-L-.--- ' This mirror shows Workers who publicize our schoolg Fun is their reward, practical learning their tool. La Airo a Staff Editor Bettye Singleton Assistant Editors Mary Elizabeth Briscoe, Dorothy Saddoris Bobbie Lou Turner, typist, student life Elaine Nelson, typist, girls' sports Helen Zweig, typist, advertising Mary Todd, clubs David Boss, art Miss Dorinda Bond, sponsor of Truett Fields, art the LA AIROSA staff. Marlene Casey, art, advertising Claudette Craig, advertising Charles Schmidt, boys' sports Bill McCue, boys' sports George Cunningham, boys' sports Skipper Willborn, music Britt Jenkins, ROTC Carol Robberson, picture arrangement Patty Malin, picture sales. Bettye Singleton and Dorothy Saddoris grin happily as they mail a shipment of pictures to the engravers. I Working on the annual requires creative ideas and plenty of patience. At right, Mary Todd and Bobbie Lou Turner listen to an ex- planation by Mary Elizabeth Briscoe concern- ing a student life page. Varied is the work of the LA AIROSA staff. For instance, time must be taken each year to measure, count, and staple together streamers for the Popularity Ball sponsored by the staff. Busy at this job are Elaine Nelson, Britt Jen- kins, Dave Boss, and Truett Fields. A "Big Three" C o n f e r- ence was held quite often by Charles Schmidt, Bill Mc- Cue, and George Cunning- ham as they planned the sports section of the annual. Claudette Craig, Helen Zweig, and Marlene Casey pause a moment from their advertising Work to look over some new prints just re- ceived from the darkroom. l Performing the task of crop- ping pictures and typing y copy are Skipper Willborn, l Patty Malin, and Carol Rob- berson. All feet and no work--that's the policy of the board of big shots. So the halls of AHS creak at night! This fact was discovered by the girls of the staff when they held a slumber party in the girls' gym. Everyone on the La Airosa Staff and business staff plus a few other energetic persons turn out for the one and half day job of decorating for the Popularity Ball. S, p Y s p '-. X s , V gulf A' ix. e R , 1-. Charles Steed, a little guy with a big smile, was often seen this year here and there in the halls of AHS, carrying "Beezley Bub," the staff camera. Photographers 4 Sz: ' xi ,X- l Richard Whit- l tington was re- sponsible for many of the good pictures in this year's LA AIROSA. He . spent many 3 hours each day . s s in the dark room developing and enlarging. Arthur Lamb was the man be- hind the camera who punched the button for many y of the pictures in the LA AIROSA and THE SAND- STORM. Serving as Circula- tion Editor, Bar- bara Farley receiv- ed training and knowledge which will fit her for po- sitions 'of responsi- bility next year. Efficiently working as Makeup Editor for the bi-weekly paper of our school, Glenn Hatfield devotes much time to publica- tion work. With George Bob Vick he is shown checking over copy for THE SAND- STORM. The Sandstorm Staff Under the able editorship of George Vick, the Sandstorm staff has again put out a paper that ex- cels in all journalistic qualities. Gaining statewide recognition, THE SANDSTORM was presented the Award of Distinguished Merit by the Interscholastic League Press Conference and was ranked one of the ten best high school papers by the Texas High School Press Association. With a circula- tion of over ninety per cent, THE SANDSTORM exerts a powerful influence on the student body. Associate Editor of THE SAND- STORM, Billie Roberson ably edited and wrote in her journalistic style. Executive Editor-U- ..... Ge01'g9 Viffk Associate Editor--- -,,. Billie Roberson Editorial Board: Sportsmml--,--F M,.,,... Dick Brooks Consultant ..... .... B etty Burkhalter Features--- -M Joanne Whittington Makeup,-me ....... Glenn Hatfield Maxine Adair Dick Anderson Nell Baucum Patsy Birkmeyer Donna Blair David Boss Suzella Bursey Connie Clark Bill Coffee Bill Collier Guy Dell Ekelund Martha Field Donnie Foreman Sherrie Fowlkes J. B. Gardner REPORTERS Glenn Hatfield Jim Heath Clara Humphers Nikki Ince Britt Jenkins Hurshelene Journey Bob Lacy ' Don McCormick Bill Merry Mary Ann Richardson Tommy Spillar Nancy Underwood Kay Williams Deanie Windsor Bee Wright Reba Yocham Business Staff . Gathering around the business manager's desk, the business staff reports all ad sales. Melvin Mc- Clung gives them a pep talk and back to work they go, ready to sell the whole town! This year the staff are exceptionally hard workers and their co-operation is superior to past years. The attitude and determination of every one of them to sell advertising Ceven on Saturdaysj has made an annual possible for A.H.S. 's Two hard-working ad sell ers, Anne Dodson and Ken neth Waridlaw, sell a Well known business establish ment after giving them a non-resisting sales talk. N M9 N Celebrities of the Realm WNW My QM -9? QW S W AEi:fwMfj!M f7fW M3fW5 W W MW fffyf Ke - These favorites elected by popular voice Portray true democracy, the peop1e's choice Floy Webb Won the WelQ deserved admiration of her class with her smile, personality, friend- liness, and beautiful voice. She is one of those persons Who can be appreciated for the Wonder- ful entertainment she has given with her singing. Floy deserves the honor bestowed her by the students. Senior Girl Favorite 4 Along with his athletic abilities, Bill Bybee possesses all the qualities that go together to cause his class to elect him as their favorite. Bill shows his ability as a leader as well as a scholar in all the activities in which he participates. As a member of the National Honor Society, he maintained one of the highest averages in the graduating class. Bill left high school setting a goal which will be hard for those who follow to meet. Senior Boy Favorite A bashful smile on a friendly fellow will best describe the Junior Favorite, David Mims. Although a track letterman, David also found time for work as an active member of the Steering Committee and the A Cappella Choir. Quite unassumingly, David accepts, with quiet modesty, the honors bestowed upon him. Charmingly pictured here is the Junior Class Favorite, Deanie Windsor. Making many friends with her twinkling brown eyes, Deanie has become known for the industry with which she tackles the activi- ties in which she participates. Spending much time at her favorite sport of horse- back riding, the cute personality of this brunette truly designates Deanie as a favorite. junior Favorites F A friendly, loyal supporter of our high school, Sue Haynie was elected Sophomore Favorite. This cute Student Congress work- er did her share of ushering and selling tags. An extreme fascination for skiing called Sue to the mountains this winter with the desire to fulfill a life-long ambi- tion. The placement of the title Sophomore Class Favorite is attributed to the smiling personality of Sue Haynie. Becoming active in school affairs his first year in high school, Bill Brady was honor- ed with the title of Sophomore Favorite. A bass in the Aeolian Choir and an earnest salesman of tags for the Student Congress, "Willie" is looking forward to two more full years including participation in his two best-liked sports: basketball and foot- ball. It was his warm friendliness that ob- tained for him the position of class favorite. Sophomore Favorites Don Anthony was as much an asset to high school life as he was to the gridiron. Standing out with his cheer- ful smile and brilliant per- sonality, he won the recog- nition of the student body who elected him vice-presi- dent of his class, as well as runner-up in the popularity contest. In the close race for Senior Favorite, the runner-up was friendly Charlotte Mitchell Adored by all who know her, "Sug" lik-es most to be with people. An ROTC' spon sor, Charlotte enjoyed high school life in which she par ticipated whole-heartedly She will be remembered for her sweet smile and lovable disposition. Favorite Runners up Undoubtedly an outstand- ing junior boy, James Garn- er excels in the fields of scholarship, sportsmanship, and service. James' abilities as a student and friend equal his abilities as an all around athlete. Beauty and friendliness are a keynote to Lynn O'Brien Quiet in manner yet bubbling with person ality Lynn wins the hearts of her friends BO Oliver, the boy with a smile for everyone, and two more years as a Sandie, will really go places with his fine personality and basket- ball ability. Along with Doris Jean Fowler's friendliness comes her admirable work as a scholar, being a member of the Ken Klub. These were the pep leaders who helped rouse the Sandie spirit for the sports year of 1947-1948. Through their enthusiasm, AHS was rallied to make all games played by our teams, whether won or lost, an inspiring success. Bobby Linker, Louise Irwin, Gary Garner, Helen Holley, Donnie Stevens, and Nancy O'Brien Cheerleaders Throughout the year, Miss Marion Barnes ably sponsored the activi- ties of our cheerleaders, planning pep rallies and accompanying them to out of town games. Assistants: Marcella Hall, Josie Catterton, Bill Creamer, and Joe Wells. Her Ro al Societies . . O' NKMN ff ply F65 4 hiv ' f' f y 0' -4 xXlXXx ' thnx' 'qw NN-5569! 1 ,.,,j7.-3-- X xum ww' . NNN .. P 4 f a ""' XX I 9-E4'f: K qff'-5 ff fl! I' The clubs of our realm have for each of us a place, Providing hobbies, recreation, and fun for any taste teering overning Power The Steering Committee directs and promotes the execution of the year-old Honor System. Elected by the student body, the committee is composed of five faculty members, two ex officio members, and five representatives from the Sophomore, Junior, and Committee Faculty Miss Barnes Mrs. Burkhalter Mrs. Crossett Mr. Lynch Miss Williams Senior classes. OFFICERS Dick Tharp .......................,. -Chairman Shirley Neely ...........-........... -,-Secretary Mrs' Hayme' . -.............. EX Gfficio Members Mr. Norman Seniors Juniors Attebury, Sam Bradley, Clifford Brooks, Dick Neely, Shirley Tharp, Dick Braden, Bob Fotheringham, Torn Garner, James Kelly, Carolyn Mims, David X . :FD -xi 1 Qi .lv Yu . xg xx" i Sophomores Anthony, Jimmy Brady, Bill Garner, Bobby Kelly, Joanne Oliver, Bo Student Congress This representative body is the student governing organization of Sandieland. Establishing the Honor System, supporting the Activity Fund projects, and helping with the Evaluation Criteria were among its activities this year. OFFICERS President ...,...,............... Bill McSpadden Vice-President ............n..... Clifford Bradley Secretary ....- , ,................. Marka Oliver Seniors Bradley, Clifford Brown, Beverly Deitiker, Mantie Green, Joy Hays, Stan Henry, Melba Lumpkins, Shirley McCaskill, Garvin McSpadden, Bill Mayne, Earl Smith, Bob Tharp, Dick Turner, Bobbie Lou Williams, Bill Ashley, Oscar Biggs, Jim . Juniors Bateman, Billy Braden, Bob Burnett, Roy Clark, Connie Elkins, Jerry Garner, James Hansard, Fred Hughes, Helen Jenkins, Britt Marshall, Helen Mixon, Iris O'Brien, Lynn Oliver, Marka Ann Rainey, Jean Shannon, George Stoneham, Raymond Watson, Ann Windsor, Deanie Sophomores Berry, Bob Brady, Bill Carpenter, Neil Craig, Claudette Dwight, Barbara Farrell, Bobby Farrell, George Garner, Bobby Congressmen at Large Burkhalter, Betty Hagan, Ed Dodson, Anne Garner, Gary Holley, Helen Madison, Ford Gray, Barbara Hines, Skippy Irwin, Vern Kelly, Joanne McKitterick, Nat Mallett, George Moss, Jimmy Oliver, Buster Rasmussen, Stanley Sample, Janie Stevens, Bill Tidwell, Sam Way, Emily Wilcoxson, Vera Moore, Bobby Lee Wells, Fred Honor ational Honor Society Students are elected to the National Honor Society on the basis of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Ten per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the junior class are eligible for mem- bership. During the 1947-1948 school year the Honor Society sponsored a program to raise money for the care of two European children. This money was taken up once a Week during opening exercise. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ................ Charles Schmidt ........... Charles Parr Vice-President ............ Nancy Puckett ............... Bill Bybee Secretary ................ Charlotte Mitchell ......... Shirley Neely Treasurer ................ Marcella Hall ...... Barbara McCullough Sergeant-at-arms .... , ...... Jack Rodgers ............ Gilbert Beistle Attebury, Sam Bradley, Clifford Brooks, Dick Burkhalter, Betty Bybee, Bill Carver, Jay Enochs, Helen Barfield, Oliver Beistle, Gilbert Carter, Virginia Deitiker, Mantie Everline, Ann Evans, John Farnsworth, Carl Field, Marita Hall, Marcella Journey, Hurshelene Kemper, Truman Old Members LaMunyon, Jimmy Longest, Bobby Mitchell, Charlotte Mulkey, Rita Neely, Shirley Parr, Charles Puckett, Nancy New Members Hill, Eddie Rushmere, Anne Hulett, Ann Singleton, Bettye King, Mary Alice Tharp, Dick McCullough, Barbara Tidwell, Jim Edwards, Rosemary Parker, Carolyn Turpin, Joe Rogers, Virginia Rodgers, Jack Schmidt, Charles Smith, Bob Todd, Mary Wescoat, Sara Wilson, Bobby Wolfram, Phillip Vick, George Whittington, Joanne Willborn, Elaine Zweig, Helen Ken Klub OFFICERS President ............... Philip Wolfram Vice-President ............ Jack Rodgers Secretary .............. Jackie Roberson Parliamentarian ........... Sara Wescoat Sergeant-at-Arms ....... Charles Schmidt Sponsors ........ Miss Jewell Brock Miss Ruth Ann Tolbert Members Adair, Maxine Alsbrook, Nova Arnold, Beverly Attebury, Sam Autry, Bruce Baker, Mary Barnes, Carol Barfield, Oliver Bateman, Bill Beck, Kenneth Beistle, Gilbert Boadway, Frances Braden, Bob Broaddus, Bernice Broaddus, Maxine Brown, Ann Lee Brownell, Robert Brooks, Bill Bursey, Suzella Butterfield, Dorothy Byrd, Beverly Carpenter, Barbara Carter, Curtis " Carver, Jay Chapman, Joan Childress, Catherine Clark, Connie Clemmons, Kay Lynne Clifton, Jimmy Coble, Jan Coffee, Bettye Coffee, Ethel Oliver Craig, Claudette Crow, John Dammier, Betty Dammier, Joan Daniel, Louise Dean, Garland Deitiker, Mantle Dove, Beverly Eckel, Katherine Edwards, Rosemary Elliott, Donald Farnsworth, Carl Ferguson, Sue Field, Marita Fields, Truett Florence, Sylvia Fowler, Doris Jean Garner, Elizabeth Garner, James Gately, Gene Gilbreath, Nelma Gross, Grant Gray, Barbara Lou Griffin, Mary Louise Hall, Marcella Harris, Joanne Hayworth, Don Hendrick, Jeannie Herring, Melvin Hill, Eddie Hodges, Jean Howell, Delores Hudgins, Tom Hulett, Ann Jackson, Jean Jester, Joy Johnson, Mary Ann Josey, Jerry Journey, Hurshelene J uett, Minona Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Joanne Kelly, Nita Grace Kemper, Truman Killebrew, Mary Jean Kimbrow, James King, Jean King, Mary Alice Lacy, Bob LaMunyon, Jimmy Lancaster, Malcolm Lovelace, Dick Matkin, Barbara Melton, Mary Lou Mitchell, Charlotte Monzingo, Shirley Moore, Patsy, Munn, Mary McArthur, Mitzi McCormick, George McCullough, Barbara McKay, Art McMillen, Lula Margaret A Neeley, Doris Neely, Shirley Oliver, Marka Ann Parker, Carolyn Parm-elee, Jim Pavillard, Dean Bob Peek, Glenna Faye Peffley, Ruth Pitt, Geraldine Poss, Fay Profitt, Helen Rainey, Jean Rainey, Joyce Ralston, Hubert Ray, Jane The Ken Klub is an honor organization. Membership is based on scholarship and citizenship. Its purposes are to create enthusiasm for good scholarship and researchg to foster a wholesome school spirit, to sponsor active student co-operation in school govern- mentg and to promote a deeper appreciation of in- telligent citizenship. Richman, Bill Ritter, Keith Roberson, Jackie Rodgers, Jack Roots, Betty Lou Saddoris, Dorothy Sample, Janie Sanders, Juanita Schlotz, Marschula Schmidt, Charles Schulze, Anne Seeds, Betty Joyce Singleton, Bettye Shannon, George Smith, Nancy Springstube, Wand Stark, Florence Stinnett, Sidney Stone, Eddie 3 Stone, Frances Strait, Bill Taylor, Vivian Thrasher, Wilma Jean Tidwell, Jim Todd, Joan Todd, Mary Frances Tryon, Sue Way, Emily Wescoat, Sara Whitaker, Virginia White, Shirley Whittington, Joanne Willborn, Elaine Wolfram, Philip Wolfram, Walter Zelsman, Mary Louise Zweig, Mildred National Athletic Ilonor Society Quill and Scroll Thcspians Blair, Donna Greef, Nancy National Athletic Honor Society is an honorary organization. The membership is composed of boys who have lettered in a major sport and who have a scholastic average of 85 per cent or better. New mem- bers are selected twice each year. The achievement of membership in this organi- zation holds a place of high esteem in the minds of the boys of our high school. President ...... Vice-President ................. OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer ........... Attebury, Sam Bybee, Bill Bradley, Clifford Clifton, Jimmy Evans, John Farrell, Jimmy Garner, James Barfield, Oliver Garner, J. B. Hays, Ray ,Old Mem'bers Glasgow, Jack J obe, Lewis Kenyon, Dick Klein, Gene Lyle, Bob McCormick, George McKay, Art New Members Jacobson, Jackie Lamb, Arthur Jimmy Sharp -Jackie Jacobson Ford Madison Mirns, David Schell, Farrell Sharp, Jimmy Watson, Doyle Willis, Denny Wilson, Bobby Wright, Gene LeNeveu, James Madison, Ford Seiber, Charles Membership in Quill and Scroll is a covet- ed honor. The qualifications are much the same as those for the National Honor So- ciety, plus outstanding work in publica- tions. Those on the Sandstorm staff are required to have 100 inches of their writ- ing published in the paper before admit- tance. La Airosa editors are considered for membership. OFFICERS President ......................... George Vick Vice-President ................... Billie Roberson Secretary ........ -. ....... Mary Elizabeth Briscoe Reporter .................... Hurshelene Journey Treasurer ...... 4 .............. Betty Burkhalter Sergeant-at-Arms ................... Dick Brooks Briscoe, Mary Elizabeth Brooks, Dick Clark, C'onnie Dodson, Anne Farley, Barbara Old Members Burkhalter, Betty Journey, Hershelene New Members Hatfield, Glenn Lamb, Arthur McClung, Melvin McCormick, Don Roberson, Billie Vick, George Saddoris, Dorothy Singleton, Bettye Wardlaw, Kenneth Whittington, Joanne All dramatically inclined students of our school aspire to membership in the Nation- al Thespian Society. To be elected to mem- bership, the applicants must not only fill the requirements in the field of drama, but must also maintain high levels in character and scholarship . OFFICERS President ......................... Marita Field Vice-President ................ Tom Fotheringham Clerk ............ , ................. Ann Hulett Secretary ........................ Sara Wescoat Treasurer ................... Joanne Whittington Members Briscoe, Mary Elizabeth Dudley, Bobby Moss, J essy Brooks, Dick Funderburg, J ackey Neely, Shirley Carter, Virginia Harris, Mary Ann Parmalee, Jim Carver, Jay Hughes, Claire Peffley, Ruth Creamer, Bill Jacob, Nedra Smith, Nancy Dietiker, Mantie King, Mary Alice Tidwell, Jim Marshall, Jeanne ,B W, Service Autry, Bruce Barnard, Bob Bullock, Don Cole, Tom Coffee, Bill Fields, Truett Francis, Robert Gusler, Jack The Monday night meetings evolve around educa tion and entertainment through speakers, discus sions, and films. Each month a luncheon is held at the Herring Hotel. The club has charge of the con Hi Y cessions at the all-school dances. 4 OFFICERS Pres1dent--4 ....................... Jim Tidwell Vice-President ..................... Truett Fields Secretary-Treasurer ................. Jack Gusler Assistant Secretary .................. Fred Wells BOARD OF DIRECTORS Irving Nelson Pat Kurten Henry, Harold Hofman, Frank Holt, Charles Houck, Hoyt Keith, Charles Kimbrow, James Kurten, Pat Maness, Stanley Bill Coffee Trousdal Woodburn Members Merriman, Bob Nelson, Irving- Ratcliff, Don Schmidt, Charles Smith, Bill Smith, Dan Steed, Charles Strait, Bill Strange, Edward Thompson, Charles Tidwell, Jim Wells, Fred Wilson, Frank Wolfram, Walter Woodburn, Trousdal The Commercial Club is made up of those students who aided in putting on the com- Sponsor, Miss Icie B. Johnson B artley, Kenneth mercial demonstration at the Tri-State Fair Brown, Pfevefly last September. A banquet was held later in the fall by the members. Carver, Jay Johnson, Charles Kemper, Truman McCormick, George Morris, Richard Nichols, Bill Nelson, Elaine Parker, Carolyn Pearson, Donleta Peffley, Ruth Rice, Dorothy Schultz, Marian Schulze, Ann Smith, Betty J o Smith, Lou Nell Turner, Bobbie Lou Vincent, Jack Whitten, Lynn Zweig, Helen Distributive Education has as its aims: to encourage the use of high ethical standards in businessg to foster a deep feeling of the civic, social, and moral responsibilities of business to societyg to develop leadership in the field of distribution. Sponsor, Mr. E. H. Cobb Allgire, Pearl Bates, DeVerne Barrington, Robert Bartley, Kenneth Bassett, Gwen Brannan, Geraldine Brown, Kathleen Carlile, Leota Christy, Jimmy Clement, Donald Coffee, Laquetta Dolores, Daniel Dial, Delores Garrett, Royce Johnson, Marie LaRue, Hubert Levy, David Longest, Bobby Martin, Betty June McRae, Tommy Mullins, Maxine Nichols, Sally Norman, Robert Norrid, Billy Ogg, A. T. Oliver, Wayne Patterson, Frances Powell, Alton Reid, Donna Rice, Bob Roberts, Linton Roberts, Wanda Rushmer, Anne Sisk, R. O. Tucker, Bonnie Vaughn, Betty Vessell, Lloyd Webb, Jimmy White, Jimmy Womack, Buddy Diversified Occupation is a co-operative training program between school and in- dustry. The school furnishes the technical related instruction and industry furnishes the laboratory and experience on the job. Their motto is Growth in Industry, Hon- esty, Service. Sponsor, Mr. Robert Devin Anderson, Richard Franks, Louis Blackwell, Raymond Gangwere, Grant Bowen, Byron Brown, Elmer Gilbert, June Hammonds, Louis Carroll, Leroy Hayworth, Billie Bob Claybrook, Kathryn Collins, Edwin Cook, Franklin Lou Cornelius, Tuck Crisp, Raymond Darden, Alsie Impula, Dolores Jones, Don Johnson, Buster Knight, Bobby LeGrand, Fred Lemons, Helen Davis, Bill McKechnie, Kenneth Donley, Bobby Dorothy, Kenneth Ellis, Lyman McPherson, Philip Moore, Bill Mott, Robert Pair, Kenneth Patterson, Philip Payne, Robert Phillips, Jack Reaneau, Buddy Reed, Carlos Robinson, Paul Rogers, Don Ross, Marion Roush, Donald Stevenson, Walter Williams, Bill Winter, Charles Yarbrough, Jimmy Recreation Bit and Spur Developing interest in the skill of riding,'the Bit and Spur Club met on Wednesday afternoons to ride horseback. During these meetings, techniques of riding were studied and the proper methods de- veloped. The biggest activity of the year was an all day horseback trip to Palo Duro Canyon. Officers President ......................... Joce Gilstrap Sponsor ............. . .......... Anna Mae Curtis Allison, Frances Flack, Betty Tom Hibbetts, Beverly Brown, Peggy Gillespie, Beverly J ersig, Shelby Ann Crabtree, Gloria Gilstrap, Joce C Lyvers, Judy Elison, Mary Harrison, Bobbie Anne White, Chick awww Square Dance Baird, Margie Baldridge, Betty Ballard, Billy Joe Brown, Robert Brunner, Evonne Burch, Tolbert Burdine, Rouena Burnett, J oardis Carmack, LaJuana Chisom, Earl Connell, Charlie President ......... This club was organized in 1946 for the purpose of teaching students how to square dance. Members of the club Won second place in the National Square Dance Contest held in Amarillo during October, 1947. They also entertained at an all-school as- sembly. Mr. Noble Fowlkes is the coach. OFFICERS --- Bernie Robertson Vice-President ..................... Hoyt Houck Secretary ..e..... 1 .............. Nelma Gilbreath Treasurer .......................... Ernest Eads Reporter ....................... Sherrie Fowlkes Sponsors ......... i- ........,.. Mr. Rupert Taylor Cooper, Carl Dixson, Winson Eads, Ernest Miss Anna Mae Curtis Members Edelman, Betty George Florence, Sylvia Garrett, Billie Jean George, Richard Gray, H. M. Haggerton, Charles Haggerton, Skeeter Hodges, Kent Hulen, Patsy Q Hudson, Edna Hudson, Patsy Johnson, Jo Della Kiersey, Gene Livingstone, Ruth McCracken, Joan Milford, George Milhoan, George Mitchell, Dale Mitchell, Donnie Moore, Emma Moore, Ray Nell Perry, Sonny Philips, Eldora Pinkerton, Adrienne Rapp, Richard Rea, Dean Roberts, Doris Walker, Bobby Watson, Mary Jo Wesley, Dorothy White, Marlene Wilborn, Delores Ccvreers to Come This club was organized during 1947 for the pur pose of training the teachers of tomorrow. Member' help the teachers by grading papers and iunning errands. cachers Beverlin, Jean Marie Burnett, Mildred Byrd, Beverly Childress, Catherine Coffee, Bettye Coffee, Ethel Oliver Collier, Patsy Ann Cox, Margetta OFFICERS President ........................ Lynn Whitten Vice-President ...................... Jay Carver Secretary ....................... Virginia Bailey Treasurer ...................... Mantie Deitiker Historian ..... -- ............-... Richard Kidwell Parliamentarian ..................... Sue Collins Sponsor ...................... Miss Carmen Ulm Members Ekelund, Guy D Jordan, Barbara Goodnight, oh 'e Kelly, Carolyn Gruhlkey, Ra a Lamb, Arthur Gunderson, ' Logsdon, Sallyann Hodges, J ea McGehee, Ruby Holle le Milhoan, Lois Hunter, Mills, Gaynelle John a Morrison, Raymond Nelson, Elaine O,Dell, Myrl Pippin, Louis Rainey, Joyce Rowell, Naomia Sanford, Susan Virden, Pat Watson, Doyle Whitehurst, Joe U f ......,..-4 5-Q...--' Lewis, Carole Schmidt, Suzanne Future Homemakers of America OFFICERS President ............. Carrilee Hodges Vice President .......... Hylasue Yeager Secretary ............. Mitzi McArthur Reporter ........... Frances Boadway Sponsors ................. Miss Curtis Members Allison, Frances Armstrong, Frances Bates, Carolyn Benge, Carolyn Bivins, Margie Bevins, Myda Blackwell, Yvonne Blaine, Beverly Boadway, Frances Boehning, Florence Boyd, Norma Ann Brewer, Emogene Brown, Mary Bruner, Evonne Burrough, Kate Busby, Ima Jean Busby, LaVerne Clark, Pauline Cloud, Peggy Connor, Rita Curb, Lois Jean Daniels, Sue Ford, Naomi Fulton, Jean Gilstrap, J oce Griffin, Betty Harrison, Bobbie Herrington, Audrey Hibbetts, Beverly Hinton, Nancy Hodges, Carrilee Holloway, Joan Holloway, Martha Hopper, Barbara Howerton, Dorothy Ivy, Wahleah Johnston, Kay Johnson, Norma Jones, Mary Nell King, Frances Lee Mrs. Pevehouse With the purpose of building better homes in the future as an objective, the Future Homemakers were organized this year. The club is affiliated with the national organization. The special activities of the year were dinners and programs which were given at the regular meetings twice a month. McArthur, Mitzi McGuire, Nancy Medlin, Violet Mott, Laverne Neely, Doris Nelson, Elaine O'Brien, Bettye O'Brien, Nancy Patterson, Dorothe Phillips, Eldora Poss, Fay Rainey, Joyce Robinett, Leona Surratt, Maezelle Tate, LaVores Timmons, Peggy Turner, Elaine Turner, Bobbie Underwood, Nancy Vaughan, Joy Veazey, Louise Vogel, Dorothy Wasson, Melva Williams, Lavell Wiseman, Ann Yeager, Hylasue Slide Rule Mike e and Masque Gavel An organization of great help to future en- gineers is the Slide Rule Club. Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the members sought to learn correct use of the slide rule. President ........................... Bill McCue Vice-President .................. Secretary ..................... Sponsor ....... Andrews, Jimmy Bennett, Leroy Braden, Bob Gooding, Jack Green, Jimmy Charles Schmidt - -- -Curtis Lester -----------------Miss Alma Hall Members Lester, Curtis McCausland, Bob McCue, Bill Moore, Jack Parmelee, Jim Provus, Edward Richman, Bill Schmidt, Charles Sumpter, James Swank, Bill Willborn, Elaine To provide training and entertainment for beginning speech students, the Mike and Masque Club met every two Weeks. Pro- grams were planned that enabled the mem- bers to participate in every meeting. President ..................... Vice-President .................. Secretary ..................... Program Chairman .............. Reporter ...... Sponsor ....... Duffy, Lucille Farley, Barbara Fort, Helen Matkin, Barbara McC1ung, Melvin --- - Sam Tidwell Juanita Sanders - - -Gaynelle Mills -Barbara Farley ---------..---------Tommie Reed --------------------Mr. Flathers Members Mills, Gaynelle Proffitt, Helen Ray, Jane Reed, Tommie Sahli, Sara Joy Sanders, Juanita Sills, Jim P Thomas, Pat T'idwel1, Sam This sophomore speech organization holds their club meetings every other week. The programs consist of debates and round- table discussions pertaining to speech sub- jects. The main purpose of the Gavel Club is to develop an interest in speech among the sophomores. A President ....................... Claudette Craig Vice-President ...................... Bill Gibson Secretary ........................ Joan Aulbach Program Chairman ................ George Mallet Sponsor ..................... Miss Jessie Mercer Aulbach, Joan Adkins, Winston Barnes, Carole Barnard, Tommy Benge, Etta Louise Bowling, Gerald Brown, Peggy Bruckner, Ann Carpenter, Barbara Clark, Pauline Clark, Willis Coble, Jan Coffee, Ethel Oliver Conger, Joyce Craig, Claudette Daniels, Ruth Members Dean, Garland Dutton, Rheta Ellison, Mary Faulkner, Max Ray Florence, Slyvia Fort, Helen Gathright, Charlette Gibson, Bill Gilbreath, Nelma Haroson, Raymond Johnson, Frances Oliphint, Dolores Park, Donald Praeger, Otto Proffitt, Helen Reed, Ruth Reed, Tommie Roots, Betty Lou Sample, Janie Sanders, Juanita Killebrew, Mary Jean Smith, Spencer Lowe, Roy Mallet, George Mills, Gaynelle McKinney, Wanda Nance, Beverly Johnson, Marianne Stambaugh, Janelle Taylor, Vivian Thomas, Patricia White, Marlene Willborn, Skipper pholding Her Honor guru NNNXXXNN N Kb- J I, ,f' Z Z Z Z ff! m DAVE Z B055 X 1 x sf 9 'H . ., I . ,eo f 2 QR 1, 'ly 3 f Q- HN I 1 0 M Ilan? Wllhun, Fighting for our schoolg athletics train all, Preparing us to tackle life, undefeated at each fall Co-captains: Sam Attebury and Denny Willis Amarillo Golden Sandies 1947 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Amarillo Opponent 13 ...................... Childress .......-......-.,.,-,--- 7 6 ......-.-............. Abilene ...-........,....,,., ,----O 13 ....................-. Fort Worth Paschal ........ -- ..,.. -6 14 ...................... Denison .....-........,...,..-,,, 7 0 ...................... Odessa ...............-....-.. ,- 21 20 ...................... Brownfield .....-,......,,,.-,,,- 7 Howard "Bull" Lynch 27 ---------------------- Lubbock ------------------------ 0 Head Coach 34 ---------------------- Borger -------.----......-...... 0 21 ...................... Pampa .......................... 6 40 ...................... Plainview ...................... 14 0 ...................... Wichita Falls ................,... 7 First row: Jimmy Hamilton, James Garner, Jimmy Clifton, Bobby Hudgins, Joe Gardner, Norman Lieberman, Bobby Moore, Bobby Clayton, Harold Dean Garrett, Walter Kellogg, Neil Hamilton, Coach T. G. Hull. Second row: Jimmy Farrell, manager, James Le- Neveu, Oscar Ashley, Oliver Barfield, Arthur Lamb, Bobby Brown, Jackie Jacobson, Jim Biggs, Gary Mays, Bill Bailey, Paul Ben- nett, Neil Walton, Billy Evans, Farrell Schell, manager, David Wyatt, manager. District IAA Champions of John Whinnery T. G. Hull Backfield Coach Line Coach Third row: Coach John Whinnery, Lewis Jobe, head manager, Jack Davis, Jerry Middleton, Sam Attebury, Denny Willis, Hubert Ralston, Jack Rodgers, Glenn Spearman, Ray Hays, Noah Davis, Ford Madison, Coach Howard Lynch. Fourth Row: Raymond Rey- nolds, Bill Spencer, Carlton Harry, Joe Gaines, Gene Wright, Gene Sanders, Charles Seiber, Bobby Farmer, Clifford Bradley, Jack Glasgow, Ed Hagan, Bob Lyle, Don Anthony, R. V. Ratliff. gg, ggwrr 'N '.5fg- - '- gg' x .-:5+...1sq-g:g:'g.- -is , J 1 X i x Q. 1 . ::. -sy s., ,.g-:xi-I , g:.:-rr., .. :wk-:--1 if '-NIIIESE E-,er KE 'ful ' ' 'L:':?'-1- NN X' -Q Q1 g1:5gg5:5:g,. kXQ.3:55:j:j-: :j:jg5'15:,::k5y- i . . -r . . N ' ' ,K-xg. ,.:1, 2. 9: 'K 1. , Q. 25, . .,.. ,X X, N255 iifffxff.--' -xg' .- 'ififri QQ-.'i -2-5, Qwsggegzz i-is: -'Z-'gtg .::.sS:1:r H -, -1 ,1rf'E-QERIF "FE: 'I -- are 'fi' T-.-NS' .E ., .1552 Q -V: ' - 'ws' . if 33' 'Eli' ' 1 5 eg-,Q .gg y,..g:s -.,-1, .,at-..,: A- V f. ' xc .. :R f X e. ' - 1. - If. N is . . - . . O 'W' QQSFQXSQ X. .2 .I .w-'X:I:'.f',.f"- , VV! :Sly 'O 2115 ':':": Q' -' xx 4 535 sb ' ,li fz' ' 5:2521 :.EIEfEf:5:2.Qf.I:'ffl: .-.iz E xx-Mx x - .X -.,:.4,:,:--:..s...xE.- . F . . .mb .WY 'IEEIS' .... ' -'1 ,H WQQ F Q ik . ' R' W-. i 9 Ti.. ,.,,, ' -. ,, . ' i' ' .. SIE- gjfififffi: '59rYE!iI:-255: .. - 5 .lf'- . , 52512, M .- ..,. - - .1 1.:,s 'e - - - - 'Fi 11: i-1.1.3, 1- its A: f fee.: , p I ,'-:i'-5:1v5-a:.zj::- at 1 5. 1- 2-5, -. ,gi g1g.::g,g, .:.g',s',5-'31'ggfffggggjggggg,5.1,-si 'N ' ff,-1 mwrsz :.:.::5- "H .:...::':..e:fs-53:1 2s,::.:.:-xr...-,ee .,., "- , ' ::r5:s:.: '21 :gsreef:5-52112.2-:-:-:si-:?a.,.-sqm, .g,g..g.',g,M -f -, -- ,:5.:gg. f'i-2-:wg-.3-5--':::.' .Q ':f:s's:-',.X1-rafts Ed Hagah Tackle Jack Glasgow End Denny Willis Back Don Anthony Sam Attebury Gene Wright Guard Tackle Center AMARILLO VS. BROWNFIELD Opening the conference season with four victories and one lossg the Sandies came from behind late in the third period to trim Brownfield 20 to 7 at Brownfield, for their first conference win. The Sandies' initial score was set up when Bobby Moore slipped around his right end and drove 43 yards before being knocked out on the 5. Arthur Lamb rammed over three plays later for the six points. Not until the third period did the brilliant playing of the Cubs, spearheaded by Alton Marlin, strike pay dirt. He climaxed his long plunges with their first touchdown and the conversion, setting his team ahead 7 to 6. Then with possible defeat staring the sluggish Sandies in the face, they suddenly showed fire with two more scores with two successful conversions by Bobby Farmer, ending the night's scoring 20 to 7 for the first Sandie Conference ! Bob Lyle Back Arthur Lamb Back Bobby Moore Back win of the season. AMARILLO VS. LUBBOCK Running the string of victories over Lubbock to seven in as many contests, Coach Lynch's Golden Sandies held the Westerners scoreless for the fifth time. Although the Westerners didn't score, they did manage to put up a fine defensive struggle, especially in the first half. However, the excellent passing of Bobby Brown, the fine kicking of Jackie Jacobson, and the line plunging of Denny Willis, Bobby Moore, and Arthur Lamb spelled defeat for the boys from Lubbock, to the tune of 27 to 0. Jackie Jacobson Bobby Brown James Garner Back Back End 'fm- , ,273 X ,,, 1 ,WM "" W MQZ If ,31 c l f1,,,zfvMWW,,,fW,w?L-3199, I aw , f " If 7 V 0 9' X 37 I , Z.: ,.,,,,,,..,a,,,,W0, f ,,:2f43,vlv:3My V7 I ,,f Q ,' E f 35:11, 41 'f.XZfj,g 27 i J N ,Mx "" 'ff 'ff , . M .Q 45 . ,.,, 3 xt V W ' I f ' ' , e "-if iff" . 'V If f '- -,:,f., J 13 4 5, xxzfjkif, W, ."?'f?Y7E3E1vQ'1.f'U,-EF- milf. ,X ' 'V' "',','?1:, , f-' ' f , 'I ,, I 1, , A A .. ..,, 1 A l Jim Biggs Clifford Bradley Tackle End - XXX- ' Q X5 N X 'ii' 1 xx X- i 9 XY Xf S s a ' X N S , X X x S. . x . X .if 5 iv. qw -X Ford Madison Center 3 R X X X X, XX X si-X ywfzqrw- :X.,.e::i-X X vi -- X X X X X X RQ X X Q 5 X Ns X 5 X X x X X X N X X A Q X r X NX W S Ki XX 5 x fix 3 XXX S Q Ya V sw---ss-Q X mum-ues., 5 Q A ws XB XX linings smmwmmw -nu... NSWNWXNN mms WWNNNHNWYKNNWQN e Vl lQk ' ' !QNl WQQQWQNIQF l 'QlQNQQ ummm-X S auf ' me is s Bobby Farmer End . N, Swv x Norman Lieberman Back Bobby Brown C411 is shown after he just intercepted a Plainview pass. Clifford Bradley 1821 and Jack Glasgow 1817, Sandie ends, are forming interference for the elusive back who set up a touch- down. x W XX N X X Q XXNXXY XX , B dssssss ccc l l c X i X RW ,,s,ss,., ss f W X -X -56 1 x srwmmswwf ::esms:::wLlss'7-tab its "Sr, ww rmmessxswwwrsm.smssgewmrwmwslwescgf::QTINQQQQIXQQM RwwiimwsmasemssswNNW 4easesiiaaxcsxrfgqmawxu- ,grpgmgq WNQ wx wwe x X -6 xx-Q xxx K ji 'svxfffgxxk X i ,gif .lkf"I:. is .knk ..A, . -i be X X ,:,g,, -+- QNYN1-swxNy,cc,M Xtsxalxisgxgggywywymg get - 3 -:qi . X sf J'-5 3-irq-:: sw: aj: 1, , . 1 , wr x be N X X ' 'ix 'ixiYrtt:i:5:' ,1LS:.YSi1.-41 A -4 :: V ETTYWENXESN B B ww B V k xzssryzrtxzzzse' azzzswzmsvmwwm .Aww 1w,w:':msw:z1.1-1-ww'--W-'sssrgif WW xszwwwsmm -N A t mm:::1:gmx:em.V,sw.wx:-W-f-fx-Q ws A 5 M NXR ,. .s U . Q . , ss Wxswms, Kiasma- ' .lx at K mms ,. --'- t ' N e X . X N ,, . S X e Sm N W is ' NmsxsQ:1msa:sx xc X ., 1 EEN? 'I ...k , .L . XX S' - ffff: ff.:ssxfrv H vrEff+'+fN'N'St::c::esmass:swswwww www Q5 ' ' :N -is NNN lx xx l cc,sse, x iff'-,,.. :1:zzafs? . r e s iw N X Nw - fs:--X it M ,- 0 N'X' L"' N - -fffrf , s s - ifsif w sl ' ' AX .1 is 1 . .,X,w MWs sm Q XmNQm. 'txwf-N cs V Gi i ' 'E "Q - I N N N Ns: -,-- - 3-. -"- ..-ss'-,-'+ve - 'f SQA . iz' ' - . B SKA s sissy M .Ms . A 1..,, Q QA XQ . QNX. wwxw e X IQ.. 1 X ix, """""'X . xi' N' 'N ' iii w e i B NX -Q ixlwi ' lixxgwxii . xv ,QL .., .uw .5 . - - ., X sms, 'i . K Q-X . f i' 3. .. X 5.-My ,..L. Xt. QS. X Q xxvw .X , X - ,awww - X ,. isle' of - jfff i s P - T ' .. "'k ' H . fx z .. B '. - f' 1 f, X N -A 1 r s : 1.1-Qllrrp . -1 X ."' . ,Q -bf: -cg 'fx - 2? X i IF: 'I "" F' "" 35, K "5 xii ' 5 ,- , ,. .FN Yifsfs ii-f.i .is N K .x f X X X XNxi?1-ez lx - Q, ' .- ,-Qs: . ,.-X 'f-.g-,igi- km V ,,V,V,VVVVVV - ---- - X 1-1 xv - 1'-: ' ' X ., .1 -2 ,. -X X me ix N ' fp NW-' X 'K e. i W X 'T XQ'sgx,mf xkxk sc-exif ,S-qwssswlx QNX: x -, l i we Sd n Q. Lx,, X :gc N -955 . ffjT,Qf3N..S ggxwwswxyisxgx is.. W K . , X . stays A" " Q it cf L N is V X we .wNs ' f YSNXNQNN' N- ...,..' Lffolilff ,.,. ' ..... ,.,,. free,-FaiSsXXSSFiss-xilv s ' x .,-xwss Jimmy Hamilton C lt Harry Oscar Ashley Bill Spencer Oliver Barfield Back arfrglfillkle Guard Tackle Tackle T S d' 1 ,Bobby Moore C125 and Bob Lyle stop this Plainview drive, while Sam Atte- bdxrty Cgldllgognisribsto insure a stone-Wall defense. End Clifford Bradley Cextreme leftl was taken out of the play by a Bulldog blocker. S so Q Q Q Q .Xl . o 777, we , N YY, Y Y 4 4 . me . N., new nu.. nan -.N um.- ww. ,mum-s 011.- X E I Ray Hays Gary Mays Billy Evans Joe Gardner Back End Tackle Guard AMARILLO VS. BORGER Claude Fox It was the Sandies' game all the way, after they scored their Back first six pointer with Denny Willis skirting right end for the tally to start the Sandstorm on its Way. The second Amarillo T. D. came later in the second quarter following a 52 yard drive sparked by Bobby Brown's pass. Farmer made the score and conversion. The Sandies struck quickly after the third period got under way by in- tercepting a Bulldog pass and running over two plays later. Willis threw to Clifford Bradley setting up the fourth touchdown which BiuBai1ey Lamb ran over. The fifth and last tally came when Bobby Brown End passed to Garner, ending the scoring for the day at 34 to 0. Farmer missed the last attempted conversion leaving his days average 4 out of 5. Every man on the Sandie bench saw action. AMARILLO VS. PAMPA With passes playing a very important part of this game, the Je1'1'YMidd1et0H Sandies came from behind in the second quarter, not only winning Tackle the ball game, but also the District 1-AA banner. Arthur Lamb plunged over for the first score, after a pass from Bobby Brown to Clifford Bradley set up the play. Second score in the Sandie books was also a pass play from Denny Willis to Lamb for six 'more points. Bobby Farmer made three conversions to make the scoring record perfect for the day. Both teams played faultless football, especially in the line. The superior weight of the Sandies helped James LeNeVeu them to Victory, but it was the superior football knowledge and End ability of the Black and Gold that made the score 21 to 6. Paul Bennett Noah Davis Jack Davis Jimmy Clifton Back Back Guard Back Joe Gaines Jack Rodgers Harold Garrett R. V. Ratliff Back Back End AMARILLO VS. PLAINVIEW Hubegggi'1St"n The Amarillo Golden Sandstorm blew into Plainview Thanks- giving day to beat the outclassed Bulldogs. Denny Willis spear- headed the Sandies' attack with three touchdowns from the 64, 63, and 29 yard lines. Bobby Brown intercepted two passes in the last half, each of which set up a touchdown and galloped 46 yards to a six pointer personally, after pulling one of Bob Boble's heavesg and Moore spent the afternoon grinding out important yardage for a Sandie team which refused to be stopped. Arthur Neil Walton Lamb scored one of the six Amarillo touchdowns and Jackie Jacob- Guard son romped to another. Blocking to perfection was responsible for the long touchdown jaunts. Thirty-two Sandies saw action in their last District 1-AA game, holding the Bulldogs to two touchdowns, while the Black and Gold rolled up 40 points. AMARILLO VS. WICHITA FALLS Many an over confident Coyote fan sat in solumn silence as he Nei1Hami1tOn watched the Sandies roll up more first downs than his home team. Tackle Little did most of them realize that one score and conversion by the Black and Gold would defeat the highly rated white shirts. The Coyotes opened the scoring with a 67 yard touchdown dash on their first play from scrimmage. From there the game was nip and tuck, both teams threatening several times. The Sandies camped on the enemy 6 yard line, but just couldn't push over. In fact the Lynch- men were in possession of the football for more than two-thirds of the plays in the game. The Coyotes' 7 to 0 victory gave them the Bob Clayton right to play Odessa in the State Quarter Finals. The loss closed End one of the most successful seasons the Sandies have had in several years, with nine wins and two losses. Gene Sanders Charles Sieber Bobby Hudgins Raymond Reynolds Tackle Center Guard Tackle l Walter Kellogg Glenn Spearman Willis holds while Farmer improves his proficien End Guard cy in kicking field goals. Arthur Lamb and Sam Attebury arrive to form interference for Denny Willis as he is being pulled down from behind by a. Pampa player. The Sandstorm Went on to win the game 21 to 6. l 4 1 David Wyatt Jimmy Farrell Coach Lynch Lewis J obe Farrell Schell Since 1940, it has been the policy of the Santa Fe Railroad to award the Victory Bell to the District 1-AA championsg and the Sandies, as such for the fourth consecutive year, again roll the bell into the realms of Amarillo High School. In previous years, the following schools have won the bell: 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 --- Amarillo --- Pampa --- Amarillo --- Pampa --- Amarillo --- Amarillo --- Amarillo --- Amarillo After another success- ful season of nine wins and two losses, being eliminated by Wichita Falls in bi-district play- off of the state play-off, players Denny Willis, Ed Hagan, Bill Srpencer and J. B. Gardner turn in their equipment to managers Lewis Jobe, D a v i d Wyatt, Farrell Schell and Jimmy Far- rell. Playing against strong opposition, the 1947 edition of the Yannigans completed their season by defeat- ing Matador, Perryton B, Wheeler, and Pampag losing to Borger B, Plainview B, Lubbock B, and the Price Cardinals, tying with Mem- phis. During the season, they mass- ed 120 points to the 91 of their foes. Kenneth Lamkin Rudy Gamblin Russell Griggs Co-Captain Coach Co-Captain First row Don Krabbe, Joe Goulding, Bill Sparks, Kenneth Lamkin, Co-Captain, Russell Griggs, Co-Captain, Harry Beck, Edgar West Jimmy Anthony Jimmy Hatcher, George Farrell. Second Row: Coach Gamblin, William Bradford, H. T. Edwards Bob Harbin, Junior Smith Joe Moseley Bob Elsey, Joe Moss, Paul Olivo, Nat McKitterick, manager. The 5A football team worked their way to the championship of the gym class- es. Their team was made up of Gene Colville, Charles Williams, Bill Wescoat, John Gabert, Walter Smith, Ray Warren, Bill Wilson, Tibb Burnett, Robert Weisz, Jim Roberts, Bill Rawlings, Bill Duncan, Bob Duncan, Carol Keller, and Jack Krahn. Under the direction of ' X e x , , Q x:A:,,, :ip ,,.. .,., X qqmq Z i X A .5-5 '- - . .. -5 COaChJ - Wh1nnelf'ty,b Ki X . n ' ,s Bnn' Dnnnnn' Fnnnk ,ns s , , i ,.s.,.g,gr' W'f.ffQQfl:g.i5ity ',.' elf '--e-" ,fr "11 . 1 ,.,q3,1,.: :ig 2:1' I ,,,,,,, L' R '- Reeves, Tom Edwards, e,, nQQ e p. faa Bob Harbin, and James Koontz take Wrestling championships in their respective Weights. Runners-up were Wayne Patton, Bob J o n e s, George Norwood, Jack Rodgers, Curtis Belcher, and Bud Marcum. 2? xi .BE525:25-gfhr'r-1-2-2-ga:-vm:rs5f-ss:11r1A:f::.:,:xg-1-:N X X X 2S'15?E:5' , X ,Y ..,. . S www x X x -- X. XI- -wwf: Nb--:.f.1.:' . ,, -4 .. - R:-1. -Mp:-1,-1' 1.1-vs:-:Q -' 21122:az.:f:sf:"s:s:::s:e:e:z:'..Q:ax .asb:1:1,:gz' :1:::22z5:5:s::2:1:::2e:255s5am2w2fEEE: X ,b,.w' ,.,x. .,.. QQQQQ -mmmwm KKK XX X N X 'Y Xxx N - A 4 ,:,Q:w,,.5.: NN P . ....... . Ng -33:5 -c-:--f-:-:v:4-zx: :2:2.: :':2: E5I5IEEI5IEI:I'IE252225??2i1"Yf2:Fk2:2:15'E ""'5:':" 1:9155.2:I5:1:I11:f4-:-:z-:-:::f+-z:1:::15f:'::: :1.r:f:v:11fs.r:r:.'s:rxr-1:2-S-r-rm--1-rx' W ..,. , .mwgwww ,.-.w:.g.p-gg:513:.,, ':::-4' .3 wi-x.-.:-1 .f:Q:I QQ:E,2:QfZ-.:E:fI-.:f:ff: 31.1. 1.5, 33:1-35:5:gg:555:Q:if-5:E:E1E:gg?Ej?1Ei1EI:E2225-E5I2E2E2:23Ef5E5iQ .. . .... . COACH T. G. HULL For the third straight year, Mr. Hull has coached his cagers to the state tournament at Austin and each time making a fine showing. This year Coach Hull, once again, proved his ability by turning a green squad into one of the most potent teams in the state. Little, Ellis, Brown, Sharp, Farmer, Watson, Bybee, Coach Hull Amarillo 40 ...,., 55 ...... 39 - ..,.. 39 - ..... 44 39- .,., - 37--- 61-- -- -- 58 - v... -- 40- ,4.. - 46,------ 33--- 38 ---- -- 32- v,.. - Opponent Quanah --- - - -- Gruver ---- Graham -- ---- Graham -- ---- Ada --- ..,.. ----. Ada ,..,,a,,.. ---- El Paso High ...... - aa.Ya El Paso High -.....- - ---- Woodrow Wilson CDallasD Woodrow Wilson CDal1asD Carlsbad rr,,r,,r,,. - H... Austin CEI Paso? .,., ---- Bowie El Paso- .... ---- El Paso H1gh----- --,-- Amarillo 34---- 64-.-- 39 --- 56--- 56------,- 40 44--- 67 --- 62--- 64 --- 40----,-- 49--- 53 40--- Opponent Lubbock ---- Brownfield ---- Phillips ----- Plainview Borger ---- Pampa -.-- . Lubbock --- --- Brownfield Plainview Borger --- Pampa --- Graham ------------ Graham - - -. -------- -- Crozier Tech iDallasJ 'BOX SCORE Doyle Watson ...-.-..----- 286 Jimmy Sharp -------------- 254 Bill Bybee -------....----- 206 Bobby Farmer .--------..-- 195 Bobby Wilson ------------- 179 C. A. Ellis ---------------- 117 Jimmy Brannam ------ -- ---- 26 Bill Franklin -------------- 12 Owen Brown ---.---------- 8 Wayne Holloway 8 Morris Estess -------------- Jack Fuqua ..-..--...-.--- Art McKay --------------- James Garner ---------- --- Franklin, Estess, Wilson, McKay, Garner, Branam, Fuqua, Holloway 7 5 4 2 Morris Estess C205 shoots for two more points against Graham in a non- conference game. Amarillo took both games in this series by the same score 39 to 31. Jim Sharp Owen Brown Bill Bybee Doyle Watson Bobby Wilson C. A. Ellis Doyle Watson leaps high in an attempt to recover a free ball in this game with the 1947 State Champions of E1 Paso High. The Sandies Won both games by scores of 37 to 36 and 61 to 50. Wayne Holloway Bobby Farmer Jack Fuqua Cagers Jim Sharp C211 and Bill Bybee 4241 jump for this rebound dur ing a. game with El Paso High. Bobby Farmer, who proved to be one of Coach Hull's most important players, shows real cage abilities in this play. Jack Little Morris Estess Bill Franklin Jim Branam Walt Kellogg Jack Vincent, manager I Sandie Branam goes high to make the counter. Jim was one of the heroes of the Pampa tilt, When the Hullmen squeezed past the Harvest- ers for their one point victory to forge ahead in the District title race. CAboveD Wilson and Bybee guarding under basket. fRightJ Coach Hull instructing squad in proper tactics. fBeloWJ Farmer shoots for two more points against Lubbock, o ..... il A A ' ' Sophs: First rowg Oliver, Garner, Higgins, Garner, Doche, Henry, Foster Back rowg Farmer, Ford, Ratcliff, Hughes, Carpenter, Francis, Sieber McKay. Watson makes another fast break Principal R. B. Norman A racks up two more points. Douglas Chambers, Thomas Marcum, Billy McLaughlin, Darrell Sharp, and Earl Newell won their way to the championship in the three-man basketball tournament. This is the team coming out on top of the round-robin tournament for the five- man intramural basketball championship. The players are Floyd Simpson, Darrell Sharp, Earl Newell, Douglas Chambers, Lee Roy Burk, and Bud Marcum. Sprinters David Mims and J. R. Vaughn await Lewis Jobe's signal , . 1 y r Coach John Whinnery It seems Lewis Jobe has his two assistants, Farrel Schell and David Wyatt, well under control. In the past three years Coach Whinnery has taken a handful of 'boys and turned them into a well-rounded track team. This season bad weather and injuries kept the squad from' progressing very much at first, but after rounding into condition, the team did remarkably well. Front row: Charles Parr, Bob Combs, Marvin McNeil, C. A. Ellis, J. R. Vaughn, Jimmy Andrews, Harrison Haggerton, Jesse Stanford, Jack Little, Neil Hamilton. Second row: Garvin McCaskill, Bobby Brown, Tom Hudgins, James Garner, Marvin Swink, Jimmy Lemmons, George Farrell. Third row: Claude Fox, Bob Hoefer, Paul Olivo, Charles Sieber, Hubert Ralson, Kay Baird, Bob Phillips, Sherman Stock- ton, Mody Alexander, Jimmy Clifton, Galen Fowler. Fourth row: Lewis J obe, head manager, Coach John Whinnery Robert Whiddon Jack Sallee, Bill Sparks, Gene Sanders, Wiley Hicks, Bob Dudley, George McCormick, Eugene Williams, Curtis Belcher, Marian Cole: Farrel Schell, manager. J. R. Vaughn, James Garner, Charles Parr, and Charles Sieber handing off the baton in the mile relay. J i m m y Andrews has good form as he goes over the low hurdles. Charles Sieber puts the shot for 45 feet. Coach Whinnery times Moody Alexander and Charles Sieber as they finish the 440-yard run. J. R. Vaughn, Tom Hudgins, and Gene Sanders prepares to do the Jimmy Clifton, Hubert Ral- Garvin McCaskill Working out for high jump. son, and Claude Fox, sprint the 880-yard run. in for a photo-finish. Jimmy Farrell Bob Hoefer Hurdler Pole Vault James Garner goes over the high hurdles. Charles Sieber tosses the discus While Bill Sparks is Warming up. 5-.1557 .. 5 .1 mmm X-:.-':':'SXX. fififll' 'Iv' 'i:E': :-:-:-:' rs:f:'-Isz, .2 .,-r':rs:2 X r 15.-11'-2--E:Y'. - 111124. X B X X X .s::.- Xie? :i'.:i--5 1212.5 'X'..:: X X X X . N-X Xrkzlga',512::.X I... :1'15:'.s"l sa, :Lf-a: ..-...r-gi ::a-ga. : if-11 a:12::sI:2: X ' J.. v1'133i.f.5 2--fr-2:3 Q 2IEI.1-'iY:2:p.EiE:2:-'-.f:: X al.-'P' N ': . .i'Ea.:2:.:TE .,,.. XX .,.,,,, . ..,,,... . . . .. 1 . " 5? X :a.::..-we -. ,X ssh.. X X X X X X X .:,:,.:.f:,-1 .... X ' I .kX,., . . . ,, 155.5 . . . . XX X ...3.5:5': NE.---155.XXX5: 5 ., V. .... 1 'il I fi 'IITIY 12 Q- .L ,.2 :.2 .fr-I.:-12 -s'5.::s'-f 1:z5iX..X .-::--:.--: : 5 - ':- ..... : wi.. 1gz5ggfg::3Sifsg.,.,'-X, - -1 'l'.5Si1'E fi.5Z52:?'NiEr.2:5.s: X - .-..1..1.Ise . ,,,. . . . X f'Si2'15'92i'fii NN X Quik QXXX xi X ONYX XXX X Xig X X XX Q X W x X XXX R xx -R X Sk as XX X X X XR X X X X Xi 5 X X X 3 XX .,., , ,... 1 . 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'51 . ll' Tiflx C X N 1 , if lxv,-. .:.gQ "XriTn?Qs-I-I.'..X,.' ..f..:.. . . . . . -,pt-. .L !-'?1P!IX:11v- -'A X- vftw- " - '- XXXXXX QNX Intramural Tournament With over one hundred boys participat- ing in the Intramural Boxing Tournament, the 1948 mittmen gave real performances of "leather slinging" in the new Sports Arena. Such sluggers as Sammie Sims and Johnny Hernandez Qrightl, Melvin Mc- Clung and Bebe Bitela flower rightj, and Clifford Bradley fbelowb, show real promise with their punches. CHAMPIONS: Front row, Wayne Parsons, "Skeeter" Haggerton, Mack Gordon, Art Martinez, Charles Short, "Lefty" Davis. Middle row, Bill Chandler, Jack Rodgers, "Doc" Williams, Jack Fuqua, Melvin McClung, Bobby Brown. Back row, Harold Orr, Sammie Sims, James Wortham, Clifford Bradley, Arthur Martinez, Morris Estess, Ray Hays. Intramural Winners RUNNERS UP: Front row, Art Sharp, Ray Arebalo, Warren Freeman, Al Smith, Earl Chism, Bobbie McCary, Alfonso Guana. Middle row, Johnny Hernandez, Kenneth Hamilton, Eddie Elliot, Tommy Gruver, Kay Baird. Back row, Wiley Hix, Raymond Reynolds, Gene Sanders, Eugene Wooten, Kent Hodges, Billy Duncan, Harold Fleming. After completing another season with the Yannigans, Coach Rudy Gamblin takes to the diamond to instruct players Harris Kimbrough, Arthur Lamb, Owen Brown, Bill Bybee and Harold Orr in proper pitching tech- niques. Spring of 1948 marked the first Amarillo High School sponsored baseball team in many years. In previous seasons the team was sponsored by the GLOBE-NEWS as the "Golden Outlawsng but now the SANDSTORM will have its own ball club,i under the able coaching of Rudy Gamblin, to participate in the District 1AA League. First row: Jim Sharp, Owen Brown, Joe Wells, Jimmy Branam, Dick Kenyon, Max Winberg, Jack Barnwell, Bill Tinkle, Harris Kim- brough. Second row: "Pewee" Anderson, Bill Braden, Darrell La Rue, Jackie J acobson, Arthur Lamb, Bobby Farmer, Bill Byb-ee, Harold Orr, James LeNevue, Dick Anderson, Coach Rudy Gamblin. Bobby Farmer Dick Anderson Jackie Jacobson Bill Bybee Owen Brown Arthur Lamb 'iPeeWee" Anderson Bill Tinkle Harold Orr Jimmy Sharp Jim Branam Joe Wells Dick Kenyon ' K - ,-5-',-In-2--'r:::r"fs:,:'-,ggQ-5-125,53i5,:5251q'-11'uri., , 4 c.n.f.i: ., ,..,, K, ,,,,.h,, X , ,,., , ,,, .-EP.5EE': if sw is 1:1-121 I-fm. ' 1-:fi 1: 1: x c.:2: :ie 12: 'fig ij,-'Erik ' QS",f3Qf1,5 zfffzfw X -sf,-1,s:':s X ,,55i,55,- .- szssg X 'riiiil E :I X Q iii-:1:"'!Tf -' - -I f .gf.i.''f.j-:5g,f5f5:- ,:, 12,12 ,-.rr.Q:-i g ,-:i3.E.Q'555:I.l.Q :IQ X -::.r 2322 ':5:r- ,:.-:zegg-ew 1a'f1'i5,g'i.:,:: 15 ,EM ,-'?E5f-f.f'.5' ffiiiffli.,,i':.:f,tf' ff' '5-Ii'-I"'w:'53N,-." ?:i:i-5"32"i Zfiyf-1:--I1 X . -gms' - gsaei-2 -sz " -rw-u.,w4,5Q:--, 1::g5.3:gr:1-' f-.- - ij.. ,.V. bb ss' v,-Qc,-,M--Q. ww'-w:,:g,' '- K .X i,..,,:: Q my Xi Sc X se ir' s ....",.. ix '- Y W' X-.1 . KKK N ,:v:.i5N Q.xS- -. N, c.- ,RW . ,A 2:-vu -vw-m x N -A W X. A -R Ms , Q - 2. . J .. . X -I.:.'Is1sz::QI..fI1'-A-wif N'-: . Q ,--QRS.-Wsrayws 3'X'N53Nf'--2'-s'Q::iQr -s-seq-+':-s'NN:-:N 2' X -' f'-'-Iffmw, .,ss5:'A.j .ffgw-, . N'l"b9-X1 J N ,-sgx., Q, pwvga,,-X5-AQ.-.-..,,sgsg--.s.s-.N-.l.-.-Q ..... s..w..As:..,:: - - f- ' X - ,. ywm New xwe.. 1+fs+mSx-x TPEEf:rw:2. fe:i?5ksrs.,E:'f'I f?v.r..Ti": v-4-.6 i . . Nic.. Gene Klein Art McKay Don McCormick John Evans On the green at the left are: John Evans, City Junior Champion of 1945, 1946, County Club Champion of 1946, Art McKay, City Junior Champion of 1947, runner-up in Country Club Tournament in 1947, semi-finalist in 1947 Amarillo Country Club Invita- tion Tournamentg and Don McCormick, First Flight in City Tournament of 1947. Such experienced golfers can Well represent Amarillo High School. Jay Triplet Gene Klein Don McCormick, Don Hill, Art McKay, John Evans. Bill Swank Jack Fuqua, Bill McCue, Bill Swank, Bob Garner, Fred Wells, Tommy Nelson, Bob Wilson, Marion Mitchell Tommy Nelson Though greatly hindered by rainy Weather and lack of experience, the boys' tennis team had a fine season under the sponsor- ship of William Wilson. Bob Garner, Tommy Nelson, Marion Mitchell, Bill McCue 1 It 3 QNQISNA my gaswwis wig .41-'F' K. NN X- wr New l INVINCIBLES One would think this group of girls were having a friendly get- together when playing basket- ball, all chums, all good basket- ball players. This season the team was defeated only by the Sharp- shooters. Just ask any Sharp- shooter and they will tell you the Invincibles can play basketball. Then look at the scores of the game and one will be more con- vinced: first game-Sharpshoot- ers 20, Invincibles 195 second game-Sharpshooters 30, Invin- cibles 27. The following girls played on this team: Mary Briscoe, Betty Burkhalter, Sally Dawson, Nan- cy Farwellj Nancy Fields, Melba Henry, Rita Mulkey, Nancy Puckett, Pat Starks. lunior-Senior Basketball SHARPSHOOTERS The team that can't lose! That is the way it seems to all the intra- mural basketball girls. The team and its name had its orgin three years ago, and the girls have won first place ribbons in basketball since that time. The sophomore year only one girl was lost by graduation, the junior year four girls, and this year the three re- maining girls of the first Sharp- shooter team will graduate. Many girls will draw a sigh of relief- now some other team may win the blue ribbon. The team includes the follow- ing girls: Marcella Hall, Mary Frances Hamm, Nina Jones, Louise Irwin, Lou Ethel Knight, Nancy O'Brien, Judy Price, Lou Lynn Rogers. LADY MARS This is one of the best sophomore basketball teams in the history of A.H.S. All the girls on the teams are from Horace Mann Jr. High School. From twenty-five sopho- more teams entering basketball intramurals this was the one un- defeated team of the season. This team is made up of: Rose Blassingame, Florence Drake, Barbara Gravestock, Jean Hodg- es, Wanda Martin, Pat Moore, Jo Robertson. Lenora Stroop. Sophomore Basketball ff fi ix'i"J'lkl'l.i'li f 1 f f 1 ,A V 5 Xp 5 is 9-' 0,5 W ff E '1 ff ! f s L " , ,S I M7' Y i- in , ' X Au. l 2 061 1 Q. Ugg' X I I VX. bt 4 X f L 'Jail - Y X l ' V l 5, N NL Q vs.. 1 if .Li 'A 2 U7 l LV' ' 5 . I K X 4: ' ., -H R pe QRHOUSEFLIES sf at Organized from girls in Miss Foreman's fifth period gym class, these girls are known for their "3V"' Cvim, vigor, and vitalityb. Defeated in the finals by the Lady Mars, the Houseflies are expected to furnish strong com- petition in the junior and senior intramurals next year. The Houseflies include: Mary Margaret Hulen, Melba Johnson, Beverly Lemmon, Judy Lyvers, Joan McCormick, Carolyn Mun- day, Mary White, Martha VVortharn. ' :az :xx-R.: Q Xxx. Q LQ .xv V 'WW W HW 4 S 62 s. S X . - i Q 1 5 :xii 4 1. -S 'I ' . 5 A xx 'Q XS Q1 X qs x X X 2:9 f The important event of the year was the AHS Volleyball tourna- ment held April second and third with the Sandie girls as host to sixteen visiting volleyball teams. Second string: Mary Baker, La- Vern Busby, Helen Kersten, De- lores Knox, Marie Nunley, Jessie Pippen, Virginia Smith, Wilma Williams. Celesta Hudspeth, Mgr. These sixteen girls were selected by a committee as the outstanding volley- ball players in AHS. The girls are put in A and B teams based on their abili- ty and team play. Games are matched with other high schools in the Pan- handle. This year's sched- ule included t W e lv e matched games and two tounaments. First string: Tola Ashburn, Virginia Counts, Marcella Hall Barbara Jordan, Jeanne Marshall, Donleta Pearson, Pat Pitcock, Helen Webb. Fay Taylor, Mgr. 9 Champions of PingfPong and Badminton Hit the "birdie" and it is hit by these girls. This new recreational sport added to the intramural program, has proved very popular with the AHS girls. Ping pong is played at the same time as badminton, and the only problem with the girls is which to play? These are the Winners from all the girls physical education classes which offered strong competition. Badminton winners Were Nancy Fields and Melba Henry. Ping Pong singles Winners were Virginia Roger and Suzanne Schmidt. Ping Pong doubles winners were Kay Lyn Clemmons, Jeanne Marshall, Patsy Dodson, and Emma Moore. ' Fencing One of the unusual sports for girls in which several athletic enthusiastics participated was that of fencing. This extra cirricular sport de- velops in the participant quickness and alert- ness as well as physical condition and form- shown here are Ann Reeder and Suzanne Swin- dell as they seek to achieve the perfection of fencing. l K 1 z E C Tennis TENNIS SINGLES TENNIS DOUBLES Six girls compose the tennis team. In September any girl may enter a tournament to de- cide the six best players. These players are allowed to have sixth period as a tennis prac- tice period. The first of March another tournament is held to decide th e best three players out of the six to represent AHS in the Interscholastic League. In this tournament Nancy O'Brien, a senior, was first. This gave her the singles po- position. Carolyn Kelly, a junior, and Susan Sanford, a sophomore became the doubles representatives. These girls represented AHS in the district meet held in Canyon on April 10. The girls on the tennis team are: Carolyn Kelly, Nancy Nichols, Nancy O'Brien, Ann Reeder, Susan Sanford. Nancy O'Brien Susan Sanford and Carolyn Kelly Her Diary Ac Q Mbna fx E WH N594 Memories of school life long since past, Here in her diary will be kept to the last s Autumn Autumn brings such pleasant days Of glorious sunshine, of golden leavesg Voices and hearts are joined to praise The Competitive spirit in which each believes - .... ,:E5:s? Q ,:1,5:?. 5315 Q Q X 1 X X xr? ,,,A 3 ?m::,:,:.. gi, Q . -WMI.: .... W, x x :.::r.::,:k:: 45. - Q, ' N x k X ,Q N , Z aqrrssvx-: - -N ... ,... N , f '22, S222 .. ,,., ., i1:l'5?E'N-423:-23-:Q . 3.1. -51 g.:. , 15 'f K 23- :' . 2? Q:5:::!3:53SiE:ESSEQW, ,, , gg: ' .fr 4 .. .,.' M:53Qg5:1::g5::5g5gg5ff:3j .K . ,V - .1::,-3.5:-IEE 'f .. 'fffsf ""- N X I .... wg ., I w. ww? 1 ' . 1X1f'i2 xf: , X ,. ' ,, ,., -Q: ,553 152 " NRS N w X x:x:exg5?5:5i:5 A www Www- , . , X 'f , awp -Q:-:':f1:':+:w: -QnlQ.xwef.,: 1. September 21 . . Dear Diary, Along came the 21st of September and the first dance of the year. The La Airosa sponsored this dance to encourage subscriptions to the Student Directory and the annual. A big book repre- sented the 1948 La Airosa. October 10 . . Dear Diary, Football! Sam and Denny, our co-captains took time out in a typical corner of the dressing room to talk it all over. Our first pep rally sent the sophomores into ecstacy and seniors into spirit raising pep. The cheerleaders gave a good showing while Lewis Jobe shined the victory bell. Lf S X 7 'WNN XY ,X ww , X S s 1 X3 V Q ,SXQ GTX? If Q A XQ- ,Q-,xx N ...' xg., wg. X sw.. x X ww ! Nik N .v KN m Wx xwwwxxxxmmw xm WW Q Q.. X QS N x fwnllnri Xm lls. 135 x me 'R K E s mx? K S Y S., SSS Wm ,X mx R X WXX1 PX Q45 , I X N N www .,., . X KN X Xu x W 5 xxx mx X X X Wx X XX. Q. Q: EFX xQ N ,'IQ':EFi?EE51rE:Eii:YrE-SEESEZW ' ' ' ' ' I 1' "Ki: ,X .:.SQ.f5a2a2f2s2Nff X X1 . '5Ej1f?5IiE5X - , 1: ' mx Xxxx A Q 'S ., w . N x .Kgs -- fl' X I X551 Sikh . .: ---, X i Q Q S -2:1 X x x W ' Q-A T' L,L.',, STGQNH N9 x is x N if- x ,, ,,A, , 7, , ,MHZ ww N x ' S W5 ANN .Ngnzsb wi ,gp:1::MNg, .. M .-.-.,, . , S-- Mb,,..h:.h .' . Xfil Q if .. :1:.Q- '- , -N 25- ": -A . E:iI1f-,. .:. X X 5 X Qi xox SL N.. xy gm Q Q Yi 3 . ,.., in S Q -Sv Q ' h- -:.-X N X. xx ,, X -5X:2s:si:1,'2rigc2 ,. - Ns N , S X WX ,, , .5-ee , ,Z ,- .. .,.,., . . ,... , rfqijii if IIE N X .X X X X x , .R E.: -1--E555 xiii EV' ff 5,325 4NQ::f-5223 .. K A xx ., X Y X x -R SX X Y 5 S , m.m.kX Ql, , i.:5:g , v. Q +x xxx, mum i 3 November IO . . Dear Diary, This was the month of the Coronation. Tryouts were held, and all the ladies and duchesses were chosen. It was all quite thrilling and wonderful. There were elections of all sorts, and many delighted cries from the happy Winners. I t it -X yi X R f Q X X X. .N Q aa ,Lat X X , x S .. .. r. Nx ,qw x xx W, ,. wx -'-NNN 15.5 S -Q 5 . S Y' Q Q N -'I Qi Q' f- . mx V- X X X XX .K .1 X -is 1 ' Q2':iw,1s - ww' .gi-. 5 38 XXXQQAQ -'rrqx ----X X . Q? X Xgfhs ' '-1 S I x' 1:-. ,ff X S 2 x S . 1 A X .X 3 NNN, X S Q L"- g v,.., 3 5 Q X Q X 5 S , X X 5 . N x X i YS S f Q ., . ,qg.m' . xy ,Wy M. K K Lkgx Nw,.X N X v xx ,.-fb Q ' ' , wx WRX-:sift-1 vkx 'i--4 i Q :SE-EWY-'-fkNf'.f"fE 35. -. ' ' g m-mA. 5 ' mm-- , ' g - X- vkiq.::iw3g,-35-N31Aff. 1.1-'35:22.I-NiEW!'5g,'f5N 'f7"fFYf'- -SFA ff? 3 'v XXKX 5:5-N OX WYE Q XSN Q NX ' .L N Q X Qw " 'sz-. 5 Ak XS ' Q' if Q Q Q v k XX mx Q. X - Qwi xXxxN'wg1XM.NQN A 35-Ek X . b X s x v ' .. M . Q y X XM- , . W H M X -' . ,X.. is ' ' X ' X 'X X"' " SW Q Li ft Sv -..:.LXwN Q X Q x . ssw ' 5 K N- nw x t A A w- ' ' , ' ':,::s.,. '55 T-x-wx.--.-:. . .Q:I... KW. Nix Q "FX ' x "1" S, 13 1:-:Qi -- 'S ' X -S --qw t Y. - if ,- Xe-'ggi 'KN 1 Q. P " . ,, ,M :X N xv I X . K QW Q X , - -2' ' Q . ri. . N N X ' X N N if ' X . -W 'ir-'133.'.SSxx xmR 9 S R in x 11 -.X-k , XQN.,-gsxw.:,.wX k - V X X I -x 3- sf' .,:::-'kr,- ' N . K x '.Q.g:, .5 N t . :ark '-'-' X ' - - . ,. -X f 4 , ,- X,, . "" 5.5, wx wigiq, x if N I. xx ,. W.. Q M E N .DT g ' x NSBA. K g - " 1 X ' K x '-V" "P " . : . -S+.-,'-:+1....x::::-.-N " ' . X . - mwwwwy- U . XX , -, ---X f M x . , N - -"' , X ' ' . , . .:- f s:,1Af.N .:, .- w.,f-Q"m N " 1 A fiifx-31 'Xxx-Q N ,, M X, ..,,. ,, , . mx t 'P .. - x1 X WN 1 .les .s Q SQ X - X ' 3 November 29 . . . Dear Diary, I mustn't forget all the choir activities. The Aeolian quartett sang at many banquets and social functions while the A Cappella entertained guests and gave numerous programs. Winter As winter comes and the snowflakes fall Drifting silently clown each lane, A longing burns Within us all To be in the White outdoors again. 5 v x Q .Q-QYNQX :js , m xx X X N X was W M X xxx 3 x N ,NN- QS N S. - X ' .. ,. X TX. .gxr ' Y . X VX . x .fi-:six-51f,i:XQg - '-.x xc 9 ,.,.-.-,-,.. 5. , fig, Wwwlsawlx- - . . N... WG Mx .W N.. NNW pgg,gNw.N .. wwwv .xwxwwk N , .,.,x,,.., .Nxx, -. N...Nw.xN xx., wifi' mv --we M ..., N X N B xxx . .Q Q W.: Xfffflf- N ' :S .N X,,, Esktrffgg r x. Sf szgsg X , . L. .L EIFFIS-Q, ,:. 1555 , M a 3:- g S NX Ngksx k .wiv X S 9 NX x Q X N S w Xsx X 'EX .QR W ..,. .13 , X X X px. .WM Q......,..mwm...m Mmm- NN :jxw 1 0 -2-2 X. X - sw XX, K Xxx wnmnummmk - XX .X N. 1. 9 X .S , x X. K ix' .: M 52142 47 ' ,, f N? XPS F . .XX X x Hi :bi S K LX X X 3:53 X,E q ., S: X X X . , 2X X ,. X. K, QA N X -we sr , XS .. . S: Lg X N , X 515- X "Fi X... X X X X :X ...tx X X - Q: -. .3 . ' . -mf S XL - XX S X . . . .b NT F 1 w ,. f?s 2z. " ,. X in 25551-S f- fi X Q m X 'X T : x X XXXXX. X Sxgxx S " ' X Y X X X X xi X X X X X X X SQ - ,W . - Q52 .IX- X A ,mx SS ww xx: :uf :em wwmxm SQ NN fanua'ry18 . . . Dear Diary, We have been working very hard these few Weeks getting ready for our mid term tests, as you can see by the pictures I have collected. Some are sure exhaust- ed-just look at some of those expressions. wzelilhswx x.. 'tary X18 N ri 3 ss s w 10 X .QQXSNNX Xmas o N 'Nas X is ss X, 8 if .........w., A. X .bpwz N . -. X X., N DISTRICT CHAMPIONS AM HILLS 1947 GOLDEN SANDIES L NCB X X- Y. . .M ., . fx. . Kiwi .K i N , ,, X . Z1 W1 Hifi' Z Q , f "" I, f ' 'f"f 'W ., . fff' .f,.,4g,, '7' , Z3 ' , -A W ,fix-1, X of V , " A "" qw, jf a1zMg.:'-,av-,1V,1 cv ,,,,., f . l'wlZ,:g ,,,,, A.-A A.A.A W ,A gp -. , 5,. mfg ' 1 ' , 1 I-57 y V 1 ,,,,, 7, .. V A , A ,,v,A,. , A xy V: A '-1L:g.:aa1.,11 ,,'.. ,, ,w f ' vQ.f.-,?4j,::QZ' X -gl H 1551, K X ' Y XX 33,11 X .,,. D , .k -:Q.:s:.g, X XX wxfk X N XXX N x .. ,: Six . 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FLAMM, M.D 301 Amarillo Bldg. Committee on Public Relations and Legislation R. R. SWINDELL, M. D. Chairman 404 Amarillo Bldg. Members gf Potter Cozmzgf Medz'ca! Sociezgf: Samuel J. Aronson Wesley Lafayette Askew R. P. Black Ben T. Blackwell Sam K. Broyles James Ralph Carroll Thos. Preston Churchill Marion W. Cole John James Crume Frederick J. Crumley George M. Cultra William Clay Dine Urban J. Dowling Frank Benbow Duncan Robert A. Duncan Kenneth R. Flamm Peter Richard Garre Nan L. Gilkerson Robert Dennis Gist Alton B. Goldston James W. Hendrick Orval Nathan Hooker M. E. Jacobson Harvey K. Jackson Jeremiah B. Johnson J. D. J ordaan Richard Keys Wm. R. Klingensmith Harvey H. Latson Jefferson R. Lemmon Dan H. Loving David M. Marcley Don S. Marsalis Weldon O. Murphy Guy Owens David M. Patton L. K. Patton Ralph B. Payne Wilkes Armstrong Potter Evelyn Gas Powers Geo. L. Powers Norman C. Prince Bascom M. Puckett Howard E. Puckett Isaac Rasco Jason H. Robberson Elmer A. Rowley George T. Royse Woolworth Russell Ernestine Smith Wilbert Ewing Scott August J. Streit Raymond R. Swindell Walter Van Sweringen John H. Vaughan George T. Vineyard Roy L. Vineyard George M. Waddill, Jr. Jan H. Reinert Werner Royai F. Wertz Wm. Hugh Wheir Jesse B. White Amos Ewing Winsett E. Merriii W-inseu Horace L. Wolf James R. Wrather Honorary Members James B. Ozier D. Roach SEIBERLING TIRES SHAMROCK GASOLINE CURTIS BLIND and LINOLEUM CO. Colonial Venetian Blinds 81: Columbla Window Shades 313 315 VAN BUREN PHONE ssss aafzimp ' EASY! With a modern, automatic Gas Range built to "CP" standards - . And, the reason is because GAS offers a minimum of drudgery and a maximum of economy. Modern, automatic gas ranges built to "CP" standards are avail- able in dozens of makes and models. There's no clock Watching for gas turns on ovens automatically, turns off auto- matically. There's no wasted heatg you have instant response . . . the exact de- gree of heat you need. Ovens and broil- ers are extra insulated to prevent heat waste and keep kitchens cool. See Your Gas Range Dealer . fa, LESTER'S HQME BAKERY and SUPERICR FOOD MARKET CAFETERIA U , . Nenghborhood Convenience wnth Downtown IS SERVING YOU P H C k d F d t R bl P 1500 West 15th St t We Deliver 1221 P lk Ph 6676 GARNER-RANDALL FAMGUS MOTCRS, INC. CONEY ISLAND LINCOLN :-: MERCURY 415 POLK ST AIR CONDITIONED VLIIC 5 Kirlq WEST TEXAS' FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE CPSC J I , d'71, X A ,R n Q If if " I- HT! : , " , . 6th at POLK DALTUN AUT0 JONES-ROBERTS SUPPLY COMPANY SHGE STQRE PHONE 5215 108 POLK STREET Shoes for boys and girls AMARILLO, TEXAS 805 POLK PHONE 2-2881 Best wishes 9 to all graduates and we extend S personal invitatigng to make our stor WE FILL ANY DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTIONS your Store 1504 West 15th st. Phone 2-3793 Try our delicious sodas and sundaes i MEN'S WEAR Free delivery on prescriptions The busy corner 501 Polk HENRY BEVERLY RUDY BAUMAN BEVERLY-BAUMAN LUMBER CO. "WHERE THE HOME BEGINS" A COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDERS SUPPLIES 901 GEORGIA PHONE 2-8306 AMARILLO, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS COBB and REDDOCK The Store Eor Men AMARILLO, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF E 0 COFFEE-DAV1s UNE AVENUE GRAIN COMPANY CLEANERS Wholesale Graxin - Bonded Storage It A Fact-Clean Clvthes La 11L COMPLIMENTS OF HALEY FURNITURE CO. 516 TAYLoR 2-4022 HALEY ECONOMY STORE 401-403 TAYLOR 2-2405 FURR FOOD, INC "Courtesy Our Watchwordn v1 1 1 1 4 , A "'Y IIUQIH' 'Ile I GRAHAM Plgnnnv V , curses. 'ms sou. Ano imma V warns IN crux one orsnxnon With the Exclusive, Patented Graham ' Combination Chisel and Knife Attach- V ment. Fully adiustable to any depth. V Knives overlap enoggh to out all vege- ' tation. Q Ask for FREE-FOLDER and DEMONSTRATION 0 Prevents Erosion w 0 Lowers Plowing Costs O Gives You Higher Yields I0 Ft. Plow 54 Ft. Plow All SIZES . . . 8 T0 34 FEET Tlll PLUW THAT SAVES TIIE SOIL! Prevents Soul Blowing Prevents Erosion by Water Built to Last a lifetime 5 Self Sharpening Chrsels No side Draft ' M"""""""' by 7. Extra light Draft la s 8. Nothing to Grease U QV " U 9. Cuts Plowing Costs in Hal' ' " IO. Plows all Types of Lane' without "-- +o now comrmv, mc. Adwsfmems P. 0. Box 2050 ' Phone 2-8371 ' Amarillo, Texas I0 BIG ADVANTAGES 1. Doubles Sul?-Soil uioaswre 33 - 4. . D . 0. of '- .Q HARRY HOLLAND'S MEN'S CLOTHING O COMPLIMENTS WILSON DRUG UF HEATH FURNITURE 524 TAYLOR PHONE 2-558 316 East 10th Phone 826 AMARILLO, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS GUNN BROTHERS Compliments of CGMPLIMENTS H and Y 116 East 6th Featuring Sterling Silver 322 W. 16th by Gorham L t Wallace Reed PHONE 8256 Internati 1 Ba t DETTMAN ELECTRIC Q RK M--"'...:, -.-ll Lesson To- Member! It's an easy one to learn. lt's Worth learning. Long after school days are over, you'll be glad you did learn it. Qld eyes need good light even more than young ones. So . . . don't forget . . . BETTER LIGHT FUR BETTER SIGHT. SOUTHWESTERN nusug nigga was linxwzll ibrmlxerz frmzrnl 'lt-Inmz PHONE 521 l -TAYLOR AT NINTH 0 9 FUNERAL DIRECTORS , AMBULANCE SERVICE ws'Pe2k sm- ,muumlixu for 18 years a single purpose . . has guided the policy of Box- Featuring the latest styles un Well Brothers, the pursuance ' 2 Ladles Ready-to-Vvear of the unique creed of one Millinery standard of service . . . the Shoes highest, to all, regardless of financial circumstances E CLEAN FOUNTAIN SERVICE s BRQOKS DRUC5 Offices in the Principal Panhandle Cities 919 mysof Amarillo. rem Phone 2-8323 KRAUSE PLOW CORPORATION Builders of the World's Largest One-Way Plow 0 PLANT 8x OFFICE At 601 West Ave. D. 0 TELEPHONE 1680-1681 0 HUTCHINS-ON, KANSAS . COMPLIMENTS OF THE AMARILLO 6th AT HARRISON PHONE 4281 C4625 Amarillo Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Inc 711 South Lincoln Street INCE l909 is We've Run Our Brand Gm On A Lot of Stock As you take your places in business and as you meet the problems that require the 'process of printing, may you look to us again as your part- 1 ner, to lend our specialized skill and our equipment to the solution of the problems. ff Ssell RETAIL STORE 611 TAYLOR PRINTING DIVISION 603 FILLMORE AMARILLO GEo.H1RscH MAX ZWEIG A 6 e ea on .fdmarifgz inf 5' .Awning Co., .gnu "WE COOL THE SUN" 4th and Adams AMARILLO COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF of FAMUUS PIT BAR'B'Q MAYFAIR DRESS SHGP 704 TAYLOR 701 POLK AMARILLO TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS ' V THE NEW Distinctive Apparel for Women 615 Polk Y, r Q I SX -SX 9 A e fw-yn X :iv NN X e x 1 x A e M. he . e X , .Y Q K X R: k X ,r . Xl k my e A r A X Compliments from Your Friendly Bank MERICAN NATIONAL BANK AMARILLO, TEXAS Member F. D. I. C. WILLBOR BRO .C0. INC 9 101 Houston Street ---- Phone 2-4311 Amarillo, Texas COMPLIMENTS GF KFDA 1230 ON YOUR DIAL WERE Mov1NG sooN TO 1440 ON YoUR DIAL WITH X 5000 WATTS GF PoWER Congratulations to the Senior Class Alton's Pastry Shop 3404 W. 6th Amaryllis Beauty Salon 112 E. 5th Art Beauty Shop 2301 Fillmore Bailey Beauty Shop 1612 Jackson Baskett Brothers' Cleaners 1407-B W. 10th Bergman, Morris Bula Fay's Beauty Shop 610 Taylor College Beauty Shoppe 2119-B Washington De Grassi Brothers General Insurance Gerald's Floral 8z Nursery Co. 1616 Western Ave. S Herring Hotel Barber Shop 319 E. 3rd Hollingsworth Pharmacy UC J ohnst0n's Beauty Shop 408 W. 10th Jones, Loran Kenneth's Men's Wear 3215 W. 6th Kirk Children Shop 1604 Washington Lambie, C. S. Contractor Lee Hardware and Home Supply 1812 Washington Loewenstern, Hugo 315 Polk Peacock Beauty Shop Fisk M8zP Building Rehmeyer, Clyde Equitable Life Assurance San Jacinto Beauty School 2715 W. 6th Santa Fe Barber Shop Santa Fe Building Service Barber Shop 3300 W. 6th 118 E. 4th Ideal Barber and Beauty Shop Sherrill, Jim 114 E. 7th Lincoln National Insurance J eff's Beauty Shop Stinnett, Beaumont 613 Adams Amarillo Building qjwz' R352:.:WfgL,1' ,yy ifiif-+62 f1f2'QQ wif 42.4 a 2f4?Z ,ff QE Aka fy . QR , 3 + pfygff , xxx O .Sf .uv vig, 96, Q - sf gg-VKQVQ R'. ,Q,'-V ' all 5 ' ATV, FF . F E v I ? E F E l ifftfow mf? ww .m-..A,L-..,- A,,-...-. ,,.,..+,,-,.,.-, - ..,..4.....Q.-.,.A,,, ,Q ,,,,,,.-4 . A .,- M- - Vg -M - ' ----- '- -Q W W WMM M ff 650 fifwffiww iffffyw gtk '93 s 11 V- LA A I ROSA EGM? Q,,6?sf45jsW5+?CD1 ffV NyawMQw . gf K15?7P7?f1-3iiymQf asf g 1 EWMQQQQ W Q W WW? ff wa, M Uv 'X 9 1. 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