Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX)

 - Class of 1946

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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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yy? wwf 3 DWKW ,+ NSQX X' M! 05, Qfwxy WMM? y Mig AW Q33 Kyiv My My WW Q QgfwqU?xl'M ah W MAME N, . SX N if 01, NSY "?f,,gff,l.M"M' 3 3 r 'J Qfbg,-2k1,ZM,T,.,,V.fq 2 55 ' ,gf , Q ,J Wwfyigf aiffrww L To Qaf - ' , W QQ K We w ,Q MWWHQ MfQ?- fvfpffpf 3 0.,QQ,6ff:' fl ,,g1f,,L!N Q E Ni ,Q My AQMMQL my M J V my S -X 'Ml 5159, v i S M 3 nd! 'yaww R ZX- fb Q mf ,Q w ' Q5 S ww ' 3 . CQ . E Nj. 5, R W peg, f 5 M 19,wv'2M.f KM-UL X ff-me x wAi7e,,,,fQ A GR ji . 1'2fa 4rfi,j L g, ,!p,,,Q, ... 5 1 Qi, , ,V ' ' ' I 733 L-AICLL-. Q3 A. Q if xv XS gi Q Sf .L Q29 Q3- h E W T: '-. , , ,A ' 2 gl 3533 El X3 23555 ' 'tk X713 5 Ng 1,1 Q Agfa-7 0 ' 1 If ' 0 I: x Q , A-oc! .ff-1144-f' -Aagf J- ff gg ' f HIGH :L KSC , .f J! U 1 ' f 50? ' f 35,000 'X I "f,,4,4 . Y H R 1 I F Hifi: V i 1 I, 1 -y 1 J' Q3 5 5 ' "7 K N ffm! I ye if J ., A ik Sl-.RV1Lxh -WN I Y, fi JK W? 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A f , I 1? 1315111111-1 "W , L: 5 4 1 , M-,WMI 1 1 3 .11 A 'Q SX 11711111 f 1-if ,ff 1 ' V 5 1- 1111111-.1111 191 , 'W ji-1 J 12 Y 1 T 1,1 11 11 W1 11 11 K 1 G! 11 .1 1 ' K -A' Q. ,nj MQ' fi ,dw ' X 1111111111 11- MNH, 'L 1 Nw' 11 . A . X 4 , gg" V ,gh .N fg.1"9 W 14,:3:.4Xg 1 Q If v . ' I "5 " gf My 1 '11 g 'w ll 1 A V A 3 v K X X156 , ' xg 5 qs' 11 Q11 A 1 1 1 , M W .7751 6 F if. M .J 4 an mv ' 1 w ML. x AH, A X ! M 5,,.n1-1-,Q ,kv K U , 11 .. KL 15g . N fvTMQ': , 1+-fl, EW 1, '12 N N HM Y U, '1 ,,L,,,,,.x X AMW M. .fn hx , 4, I A, I, W ., .ff A 'Q Q 4,v1.k J 4 E415 L :ig 'xg W X iv if 5-' n e V WR ff fs 4 V N55 .3 QM, 1 bv i . .-, .. 3 1 6 ft if 3 3 2 S 4 5 if A . , ,.,. ., ,X ,,, , - n , f f gf f , ' I, ,X I, V' If . jf VX . . y A if 4 ff' 1 , 'I ' V f ' QQ i ,Vfug 'V -V Q by ypwsffff vdYfffQfJ - s - X . ' ,X . 5 ' ' ' J - ,- .114 - , ,Z fffff ,ffg,!wfff ffM,.. I I 1 . l ,gig -'I iljvf A I 1 . A9 MM if M Qnnong, wono Ei W A ' With a tear, we give you this volume S, l ot events for 1946. The tear? ln every if heart there is a swelling ot love as we turn , backthrough the pages ot our school year. f ' l We shed this tear not in disgust for a slip 'P V1 l -V here or a failure there but tor the mere ioy ot giving to you a record of days you LGI have lived with your friends. A ievvel ot Q if 4 memory there is within, so turn the pages - """i-' one by one and treasure with us, a love H of lite and a feeling of pride. Perhaps s Y, ' x 'Q , X a tear will brighten your countenance. i 5 S l . il . .2 V N 5 l I Vw l ur M' ' L . ,J I I , v WNV K N - 3 S N ' . ,-N fl xx I O 1 3 5 l .3 W 5 v V V af! X Jeff T gferg? MM 'TESESS y ye , ofiqggy M Tys T To You 4, . y T .78 E713 www Q Thes de.hTs'oT!-X. 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School Life 1 Aolverhsemerwfs aj ,rx f IX , 9 . 7 si 1 N gif 95 i J diff k -022,45 . ' JU! . 'ir Qyf 3 gi V 5 f hw Q 1' fam 'HW' , T W Agik QR, I ,t-gggi w15.'QQ was F5 -, ff x A f'nag.f""vl ' j iw as 1 QQ Q 3, win... ' Q . yi if q'f?Q'm , ff., W, sw- . . ff., 'Lx ffm Qvixf -8+ ' fuk 3 A631 Qi-f"' r a gAq.a.!f'P'?i,i ,rf fe MQ: gk ww wmv M ,, L ,, , , , ,Mfegf ,-L-- , ., . x WV, ,. . W, 4, M' X 1' M Ae., ' P' if ' ,Vg .Lf ' ww N , K 3 ' ,f ' 7 W , ry' J yw if UT, Khin fa., -,Kin kr 2. 3, , ' y' M ' " an , K. .L Eli A W Q, A 1 .Q il Q X! 59 - W MJ M' ' w f mf, W-Q! , A .W ' , . W, , "3 'W . .. f A, kg. .bww W, 4 ,ESQ W. -Tzu? - 1 f K J ,f F + - 'W-55 ,Wy A ,V-4 -wwf fv. :QM - ,,......-fo-'mmf git! ...4-.1-.nw .......Q W M -mf ia, my 4 . X .1 W, M 'W' 4. Q , 'K any Y . .., , 7-w,'f 'kr aw f A ,Q ,. Naam 5, AQ- .fi X Kf'Q1 I' . -. , f .f .-f J' Q! 1 , :74?K ,N h J' V24 ' J! M7 QQ!! Ziff if f ab I' My-If ' " U'L,- ' if , " aim fi iff' faiaf' fwff' f' 1 Y ,f 1-2' 'iikff' .M ff' ff J N Q !J,,! fl If ':lij!,,"" M 6 gh!-wVj,f fy.Q-fffl J J J x A if 1 ff SV iw Sw Zvi lffiii f 52555 ,NQLV Xu 1 ffl' ff? 'Q N ,Af ix 'Mk 'Q N ' x f V-, v 3 on Q , Lxubf-I f ' 1 M! NX Jfgffgf Q X' , I 1 X Q , 1 I f, . 1.1 ' 9 fri W, Wi? Gur Administrators , Si S i Qt 1? Y . qc. pm? 1 I n l l u e n c e a n G To the students and faculty of AHS Greetings: Soon the gong will sound again bringing to a climax another eventful year in the annals of AHS. The year ending is the first you have known as high school students when the world was at peace. Now, there is a truce for bloodshed and carnageg but the fight, so far as this generation of youth is concerned, has iust begun. The struggle for peace never ends. It is our hope that the graduates of i946 have learned to think for themselves, and that they have been disciplined in the peace of unselfishness that will enable them to establish and maintain a vvorld understanding and fellowship that may endure for generations to come. We congratulate this student body for many worthy accomplishments in both curricular and extra-curricular fields of endeavor, We commend you for your splendid cooperation and loyalty to the many traditions of AHS, and we vvish for you the very best that life holds in store. I4 Advise Us I5 Miss Cormen Ulm, Sophomore Counselor Mrs. W. B, Burkliolrer, Senior Counselor Miss Minnie Feierobenci, Junior Counselor Mr. R. A- Selby Direcior of Secondary Curriculum ond Guidance Mr. Cliorles M. Rogers Superintendent , r' K .5 .ff 5, x Sf - ff . " '75 L 'Q u And Govern .wNd,,,,,.,uavv-vw-U" Second Sc-mcsfef' Aislsfcw? p"!V1C!fDC1N WV, IW. 1.. fXxA4,lTIT6f?I'if,' Decm of GUM, Mrs. Gervis Tcrylor' f n F I OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Lee Brown Regish ul' 7e!lc1 IXAUH Horton Hmm Lee Croom -Q-,.,,,...-v----V 'A FNS X -g-u-nnd,,,,..-,qp-vw- From Day Miss Joyce Johnson Miss Belvo Fosrer Mrs. ldolee Lived Ubroriclw Library Clerk Price Mr. E. H. Cobb Mr. C, C Jones Mr. X-Wen O, Taggart Miss Giodys Gombill Miss Vodo Bom ,Y s. Q' To Day Atwood Barnes . Bond Bridges Mrs. C. P. Miss Marion Miss Dorinda Miss Betty Brierly Brint Brock Browning Burkhalter Devin Mrs. Robert Mrs. A. L. Miss Jewell Mrs, J. N. Mrs. W. B. Mrs. Robert F Donald Donnell Dryden Evans Feierabend Feinstein Mrs, Sue Miss Marie Mrs. Clyde Mrs. Julia Miss Minnie Miss Celia Foreman Fly Galdfincli Gordon Gress Hall Mrs. Dorris Mrs Eliz. A. O W H Mrs G, W. Miss Lu Alma A Mgr " , 5 x x WIDUCMHS 4 . 'lf ., ,. - ' "L .1 as. v ow we O 4 flxreuovisxcfa l 5 0 l H 4-4 l i q l -A--v Horrison Hoynie Miss Myrtle Mrs. Thomas luilier lyncli Miss Nellie lloword VV Nelson Oaks Mrs Allif- Miss MoyBelle 1 r Hull T. G. McCune Miss lrene Reeder Miss Flberiinw Johnson Josserond Klopprolh Miss lcie Mrs, Morgoref Miss Anno Moy Mclluvid Mercer Murrell Mrs VV A Miss Jessie Mrs. W. Y. Robe: ls Rodgers Rowe Miss louru Mrs Mobel Clyde ll. Sovoge Sholler E. M. Mrs. C. C. Shows Miss Adelle Underwood Hugh H. Whifworfh Mrs. N. N. Russell Miss Louise ,J Russell Miss Coro J., . W-'lo-Q ,H-Q, AQ! Shows Southern Toylor Tolberf Ulm Miss Velmo Mrs. Corroll Ruperf A. Miss Ruth Miss Cormeri Wolden Wolloce Wollis Wesbrooks Whinnery Mrs. C. C. C. A. Miss Glodys Miss Glodys J. C. Willioms Wilson Dicken R. F. Miss Kofe Miss Louise They Govern S7 o QW I My ,sm-wfw"1f'1'U And Control Senior Officers President Vice-presidenf N Secrefo ry Junior Officers President Vice-president 7 Secrefory , K Sophomore Officers Presidenf , Vice-president Secrefo ry Jock Seoie Cnorlie Houston Bobby Snooks ,, Bill Tolley , Don Sforsefh Peggy Dryden Soni Affebury 7 Louise Irwin Cioire Winsor - .p r Wsviiecf X X. f" Z , f j!jt X x A ff , 1 J it-3 9 .f V7 Z 'ff kv? X! YL f ff fi XJ! g 1 X 'X J N I f X V9 rl ff if l f ffa . lf, IH W J fi - f H ly! ,if 1' W7 f x JJWW ff , Wg 1 .. Vx ? N 111 ' X! X THE ,i A x l,..i f sENioRs its l946 'R - Kelli Abraharnson Addington Aldridge Alexander Alexander Allison LeRoy Sophia Pat Frances Virginia Betty Allm Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Mercedes Barbara Betty Marylou Tlwelma Wanda Archer Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong Bailey Luto Bob Helen Mary Rae Nell Roy Bob 26 vi Bailey Jo Anna Bailey Baker Joe Barbara SENIORS Baker Ball Margaret Lynnwood i1wf'AU's.J ia 42 ., .J 'W' X' r 1 E A Ai T s "-F if I .i 9 W ir, ,- .. I Ziff ' X2 agliifwiirf i. "5 Q Xfgiqliggivgk i tI.jg':,"5A J A , E385 A - ,I - ..,... L :..:-:,1:r5p:.:zg,2:,- X 'rx- 2 Jw ' an N1 3? 1 N as R BMW M Www 4 " 'f""!' Barber Zelrna Ba rton Gladys Bell Belly Gay 27 Barnard Barnes Jolwnny Alice Bass Beard Viola Amaryllis Bell Beeler Lois LaRue Ba rrefi Barrett Jack Maxine Beattie Beck louanna Carlos Ben neil Ben neil Belly Jean Jacqueline ' sm ui, Ba ndy Don Barfleli Virginia Beck Raymond Byers J. R. ,nf SENIGRS 1946 'b . S vt 11 wyfiisr 3 e A112 wW.m.1. ,mum el wi? ' is S x aw " ,L .M v I .2 A .mg yy. me 'ik +'VlK lilclwell lowes Hl-gmlxenslnp Georgia Erfzdlord Uermlm Billou Alfred Blevins Fern Brainerd Belly Bishop Gloria Blythe Plllllip Brannon Milton Blow Eddie?- Bock Riclwoffl Brown Edwfffrd Blake Glorlfm PROYPWTZ Dionw ow n JO AIU w Blnnlgenglqlp flmwlei l N I Pwcmmf on l2Osemnfw l5VOwr'w lx-'lvflllflfl SENIORS Brown Buchanan Buchanan Burk Burke Burnett Wayne Edsel Franklin Billy Cecil Harold - K 'Q 4 , A- - - ' X rv ,Q its ' K " C 'f5'i:":- L T "' 1, ' Q ' F . , f we ---- ' I Iii .- 'ffi - Q31 "" """l' 'EYE ' '3 3 Q Q ' A , is 'FEES J ' Q mi .gg K f mf A K iq : sw - . , 1 ,v,, 595 A N ' K ..,. ff C . fv!'w,W1.i , C ,i .,,. 9 ti y , , ,Vg W 5" ' 'l ' ' to ii I , 9 f . . , Q - Burnett Kathryn Carlton Dorothy Cassle Betty Q9 Busby Byers Yvon ne Joa n Carrithers Carroll Florence Paul Cato Champion loe Matt Byers Joan Carter Virginia Chase Dorothy Camarata Campbell Tommy Bettye Carver Casey Fern Clitforcl Chick Chilton Thomas Bonita MQ., l Msg! i , I . i sENioRs ll 551 V 1946 Ti: i f i Clriism Roy Clouse Carolyn Cooper Be-Hy Christian Clark Donald Evelyn Cogswell Collier 'Naialie Mary Cooper Cox lock Nellobetli Clay Lee Coridreri Wandci Cox William Clement Clemmons Jessie Carol Ann Connell Cook Keith Virl Gene Craig Culwell Mrwfe Gordon 30 SENIORS Curtis Dain Davis Davis Davis Davis George Jim Ardell La Dean Mark Modeile 4 ,.f'f'i ' " , fi E" Z , fi v :Lam rw? C ' 1-'ag-, all 35 2 if "3 in 4" wg AW f .Si 5 ' 1 WWW? Aff Wffiw . .A gr ,fwfr ff? W ' 5 , Q if E 3 , fears v 4 rr Day Don Deririey Tiielmci Dovviivy I helen 31 Day J. B. De Saiiieil Texas Dulu- l'Jfirrifiiy Deaw Dan Dial Katlirvii Duke Iwarielfici Deari Ouida Doiari Joceia Fisemberg lac lf Dehrier Pa? Dormeii VVayne Eldrifiae Priiilirie z mr' iv. .... f, , .r Lugz QQ ' "-' I 5 fy: 3 ' -, '-V" ,M r'We:,ssaegf,,5l-191 ' Demic George Dougriiy Harry Flkirigtoii Ami SENIORS Q? M, -u-save 1946 i "" 1 l , .. ff- Q ,,, I ., ii S if N , .4 Y - lux, X 3 ii i fix ww ' Q, if Fllioil' George Fulyoiik Owiiiriiii Fislier ,l D Ellis Trovis former Kemiefli l'lomil4en Avon I lfly Marion Fcirro Louise Fleming .lockie Q' V ' Ni NM QS i A. Engle Domiio Fouske E rri wi ci Lo U Flynn elim Enoclis Buddy lerguzori Vero Fomcly Koflileeii Esfopinol Loys Marie Fesser lvlilclrecl lr- :Fd George D Ford Gladys ww, F? gif-0 L,-V G we F if jg . 5 f Ford Foreman Fofheringham Fowler Franklin James Scarborough Nelda Jean Barbara Louise Fritts Delbert Gibson Wrinrjlfi Gooden Margaret 33 Am: Q ei: .. N53 1 V iss .Q f -wi Gaines Laverne Gilbert Ramoncl Coodnighf leon Gamblin Bernie Jo Giles Pauline Green Flvard Garner Edwin Glasgow Betty Grimes Junkie ,. F was George Richard Godwin Gene Griines 'Sue Germany John Golf? Fyfllyn Groves Nlililfffil 75? if ,Q T X .f-'- ,sl L SENIQRS I Xgeigl. X ,leaf SNS'-'HUGH .. : L Gunter Gufheridge Randolph Betty Rufh Hardin Hardin Kenneth La Verne Hatch Haylwurst Barbara LaVonne Haight Hugh Hargrove Clwarlofie Hays Billie ,- ,wr ,iq 2 3, r r 5 .ww Hale Jimmy Harr Thelma Helion Geraldine NVQ Hamby Hamilion Eugene Jerry Hart Harvey Tom Gwendolyn Hendley Hensley Shrewder Maxine 34 Higgins v v- Y. 'f, Herring Herring Hess He-velone Donnci Lillion Befiye Corol June SENIORS Hiclwiciii lliclwiiiii DOVlCl Siclii 41? -mv -6' N 4 M 'EW M59 I ,, 5 fn EJ 5 Nino Moe Holi Mory Houston Mildred 35 Hinson Hinion Hobgood Bonnie Boyd Billye Hood Hooten Hoover John Billy Joanne Howell Hubbard Hudson Bene Noncy Bill Hodges Holi Moriorie Jone Horion Houston Korleene Cliorlie Hudson Huguley Shirley George SENIORS 1946 Q fn' S., gl I 1 Wo? "':' W E fwgkv ky s x Wm A -' we-f I 4 iw Q ,- is 'S' i 1 HG Hume Louise .logo fm rie- lee lolmson Dorothy Arm eel. ' nn. 5 Q iw -ink , . , " 'F' m ie, A, x 1' N97 l-lunfer Jock .lOSlt?lL Delowlz lolumm lklvvnrfl i QM, rv x 1:,""v , I gf W D H Q? f,f7"Wf-vp ggi, 4 . 1 l ,,gf3A WA . F S f NMQQ ,Ax 7 www' lngrom Dolores luster Violet lwllrmm loll lfeelll , X . Q5 XlA' lzzord Morilyn Jenkins Billy l1'rllIlzoD I P. A l mr "K"""'w 1 .Y-.N aff X . S W H Q-agar 121' ,,,,,,,.W f .K .. ,. Mmm .ff-N . M, 4' .wfw - A Wwp Joclcson Pol Jolmson ll'-NPI ly lf Illllhfxll l.l1,1y1l 'WIP' E' Jogo Almo lolmson Hflllllll lllmfff. lrepll T36 Jones Jones Jones Juoit George Lois Foye Roy Lee '15 41. '4 Cy' Bill km 1 L, wf"MW -we js ill .IW W if SENIORS Koy Clworlee Keirsey Nellie Loo ig 1' 4 ' ,V ,,, ?iig?iig .... I L , L .-egifzzzzz .:'1: " Z?L ug . f Keiflw Billie Kile Jomes Kuykericloll Corol 37 'KJV Ke-iili Lois Killian Derling Kyle Velmo Kemp Robert Kirksey Norway Lomb Cleo Kendrick Priscillo Klipsiiiwe James Lomb Peggy ,ff , Kerr Borboro Kro blue Belly Roe Lomldri Corol '?,w i.ii .:'? .. v.,' 1 igggpff 1 Khoury Joliri Krolblbe Doroilwy Moe Lorwcl Plwilip SENIORS 1946 F iQ Qing ,wwf Nw Lauder Howard Lidia Billie Lookingbill John L, 'visa Lawrence Ruih Lirle Mary Love Jim Leavelle Harold Little Louise Loveless Charles Lee Eloise Lokey Ted Lowe Neal LeGrancl Juanita Long Neatha Lynch Louise Lemons Maxine Longsfrefh Mary Lyvers Ma ry Frank 38 SENIORS Mc'Car ley McCarvm McClanal1an McClendon McClinioclc McCoy Margaret Maxine Ramona Ben Jimmy Lesier magnum fl' ff ., J i A ...- ,. ,-:-.-, A i ,..... ...., . 1-:Q-::f.., 1.i-:-in-.. " vw f' ,NH ff? if 1 f 1 P ,Q r Qi? , ' QQ 11 4, 18 X we ir, ff? V . , f ,. .Y ,, 3,,1ggE, ' ' ,, McCue Kemper Maclntyre Donald Martin Billy 39 , 111 we ww. A, , , McDaniel McGuire MCMennamy McMunn Jimmie Marina Darlene Bobby Malmburg Mann Marslwall Marslwall Rita Flaymancl Doris Jean Verna Lee Martin Massie Maiclriefl Mafney Frances Rae H. L. Roberf Doris ' me if Ne, ag. McNeil Arlen Martin Betty Mauldin Rex SENIORS 1946 . Q x W ,K s . Nw I w 'N Q W my . lV'lfTC1l'lOW5 Bolo by lvlon lx lmclullfg Morgor Vonllcr Q mmf" ,Q-, fi 5 "'l'?' 9 Y 4. 1 NS? qw I 'Si K N Meolcs Emmo Lou Momorclw Dol is Morrill Pllillp G Mellon Bobby Moore Comille Morris BGTTB1 'GH' Mefllemy Mills Arlorwe Guy Moore Moore Billiy Pot Graco Morris Morrlsoxw Sonny Jimmie A ""' f Q ?"lNl7 J H3 wud? Mirclwoll Jimmie Morgcm Form MO rloar Q,.lml'lCeS J SENIORS Moser Morley Molf Mullcey Mun n Murr Lonnie Fern Leno More Don Belly Morie l l ' Q lL4....i.... , 4.1-.. -f ,. ..,-... - . Murr Nolon Norllwcun Pofsie Orsburn Solly 41 Neol Emrno Jo Nusslinounm Bernice Orfiz Onle Nelson Anno Oclwsner Ann Podenf l-lelen 'IW 3 . 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Sl i ,..V: at Phipps Berry Prueh Everel Peecl Kolhryh Pickens Boone Puclceil Groce Reed Pofricio 42 SENIGRS Reese Reese Renlroe Rice Rigclon Riley Loretta Martha Bob Clarence Fay Pat 5 'CX' "W" Riggs Marjorie Rogers Barbara Rymer Etta Foe A3 fm vb Roach Clarence Rook Dorothy Sanders Francis aww 421 , ..,. 3 ,A X Robb Kathryn Rowell Roddie Sasser Rat Roberson Roberson Roberson Jackie Belle JoNell Roberta Rowland Royse Rusk Phyllis Roberta Brian Schvvaller Schulze Scott Byrlea Gene Gene SENICDRSS 1946 Scruggs Chories Shrott Gerold Small Dorothy Secxle Jock Simmons Dorothy Smith J. C. Seitz Ente-stem? Simpson Mohtord Smith Mary Kclthryh SGWQH Mo ple Sihdoir Elsie Smith Vero fl. si z Zia 21 - ' QR Q ,g::55'g,'f zz' wx Sharp New Slade Jimmie SlWOOk Bob 1 ,. - ' ' .. Il 211005 ls. , :.:.. X. .v .tw , .. . Ls, Q5 Shelton Dorls Slocm Beatrice Srtorgross Evllly 44 Southern Eurwett Sponn Bt!! 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Am, I Wotson Betty White Bob Willis Betty Lou 4 Webb Weerns Wells Wells West Cloys Bobby Lo Hondo Mory Betty White Wilkinson Wilkinson William: Willitigbczri Elvo L, Lou Ellen Dorothy Arlettc Herbert Willis Wilmetii Wilson Wink Wise Howard Winifred Bette Anno Ciioritori SENIORS Wise Doris Young Clarence 1946 Wise John Young Roland .5 .,,,. 6 I Witt Wixom Word Joeline Louis Jock immerrnon Scott Clark Dorothy De Courcy Coroiine T ,ffxff i -'..?":g:':' ,A ff: ' -liar.. " , - Wright Eidridfge 48 lr 5KQ.CiX?' y X if is tic., 5.53m We who are graduating in this year 1946 wish to express our feelings of gratitude to Mrs. C. C. Walden and Mrs. C, P. Atwood for their efforts in aiding our last activities as students of this high school. The resultant of,our efforts as scholars was computed by Mrs. Walden this year in the same manner as she has calcu' lated senior averages in years past. It is her calculations that determine the scholarship standing of every graduating senior. Our last activities as seniors-banquet and exercises- were planned and arranged for by Mrs. Atwood. She has, for several years, arranged these activities, and this year being no exception, the activities were well planned and executed for our pleasure. ,W aw 1955-'jiw' 5 QI HLIVQ4' x ,A . 5 .f . 4 1 o Q I '-Q 5. 1 N .m . "f X 1-fb 4- xv Qu Q , K K . X , . K. . , ,, , ., ,... muf..,,,,, .N ,.mx....,,,m1..A N,.L..A...4:.Lm..f,.2., A.,, .,,.j,wg,i.4,. ,.. .....L.i.L..,.k..k...-, .. ,--Wk J 4 '- f , f, K fkf if p Q A .f fr? lzx .li If 4 'Zi 4fS' V -Fffx' k .1 f , In V: K K X V 'N 77 ' ff' -1 S., .Vf J" ygfggf' N "f7'ffsY- u gf . .,?i-VE., . - if 0 ,W , 4-ff . - Q w N ! I NN V X N X We X f ' If I I fi W ' X , I 2 V F wr? f Ziff' Z f 3 f ' ,iff fl f' 55 R 2 f I Ti J, X n - , mix, fu ' . YS, X x x, fill! oeC 2 V7 23 iff? ' f 1,15 1 f " ' KN ,151 ,f 1,lf5,! - f i THE JUNIORS Abston, Juanita Adams, Bruce Adams, Dowel Adams, Louise Adcock, Mildred Adkisson, Leola Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Jeannene Allman, Frances Altsman, Lee Amason, Bobby Anthony, Beverly Appleby, Addison Armstrong, Louise E 2 21 N sr- X Au ., , .:f,,3: ,w s E s f 4 .WML f, s i I3 W H :F w'l'f1Hn ,:-. - :2-. W ..., -ws , fm, ' ia , Q , Q "' V7 2 A 1 5 W 1 F 5 Arnn, Dean Ashley, Barbara Attebury, Bill Aulbach, Adele Austin, Charles Austin, Joe Autry, King Avary, Orviline Bachman, Nancy Bagwell, Clayton L Bailey, Melvin Bailey, Randall Baker, A. .l, Baker, Bettye Baker, tvladellne Balmain, Leslie Baltzell, Arline Barbee, Billy Joe Barnard, Jean Barnard, Joe Barrett, June Basom, .lack Bassett, Roy Bates, Henry Bates, Jay Battin, Dick Bauman, Bobby Beernan, Vilma 5? eRoy Belcher, Colleen Bell, Curtis Bell, Mary Lynn Bennett, Charlie Bennett, Richard Benton, Billie Benton, Jack Bergman, Margaret Billaw, Beverly Billingslea, Harold Bitting, Betty Black, Bill Black, Lester Blaclcsher, Betty Blackwell, Jack Blasingame, W. L. Blessen, Frances Bloodworth, Lloyd Bocock, Nancy Boehning, Florence Botts, Claudia Bowlin, James Bradford, M. C. Brady, Ray Breedlove, J. Douglas Brewer, George Brewer, Mildred Bromley, Bertha Brooks, Barbara Brown, Barbara Brown, Catherine Brown, Jeannine Brown, Kathleen Brown, Preston Brummett, Merita Buchanan, Carl Buford, Edith Bullock, Billy Bulloch, Max Burch, Jim Burgess, Jean Burnett, Tibb 53 0 s. ff W w Eg, is if ,, M A L. nl, 1 D s. 1 if . ': gg., 'L ' :-as. . , . 'Q in 5, . , , X ljwuf We . ik Q . . . -gc agmgji. .fi NJ V , Fx X sz' . i Q g I . SS . ... Z i S i V s 5 gi I r 'L 4 L rm -ei 3 s . - l' Ami.-:. ' l ' A 32 J gf .. A 'K -L ' ee -Q? it .tl, '33 1 All it JA 1 '-':: .z':,2.3:, B L is ,ew ,.-e 'R :-, - , , rd M .L ' . . av . .M I I A gi . . . t , 1 i.---., ' , - ..,.. ,. ' Z7 7 ' . Q -- . , ,g ZX . v , , i Lg? . f , My . g f. I , -ri. ,min - ,.. t W f w S Q C yr My Y A X E inns: MA .WNW tive gsm... 9 K W. ,gil iw' at fi i '54 J aiding!! X N J w 533' . I J-H-S1819 ff 'N' gif my .lj V, Q Coin, Bill Campbell, Glen Cannon, Juanita Cantwell, lla Fern Carl, Betty Carmack, Billye Carroll, Doris Carter, Billie. Jeanne Carter, Jimmy Carter, John Carter, Shirley Carver, Juanita Caserta, Stephanie Cavin, Guyle Cawthon, Mary Alice Cernohouz, Laddie Certain, Bob Chenault, Billie Cherb, Margaret Cherryhomes, Frances Chowning, Betty Clark, Aileen Clark, James Clark, Jackie Clark,, Rosemary Cleghorn, Billie Clement, Bobby Coble, Clarence Cochran, Rosemary Cole, Romaine Colling, Betty Collins, Harland Conant, Winfield . Condren, Charlotte Connell, Charles Coontz, Grace Cooper, Margaret Corder, Gene Covey, Doris Cox, Betty Cox, Donald Coyle, Sadie 54 Crone, Melvin Crumpacker, Neva Cummings, Elma Lynn Currie, Bobbie Cusick, Claire Dobbs, Beth Davenport, Billy Davis, Bette Davis, Homer Davis, Sid Davis, Vera Nell Davis, Wanda Lou Decker, Vernon Dees, Jimmy DeGrassi, Annell Denton, Bob, Dickson, Dave Dixon, Winsori Dodson, Peggy Donovan, Patricia Drake, Jimma Dryden, Peggy Dudley, Lorelei Duling, Rod Durrett, Margaret Duncan, Kenneth Dwight, Bob Edwards, Earlene Edwards, Gordon Elam, Duane Elgin, Evelyn Elledge, Jim Ellis, C. A. Ellis, Frank Elliott, Dick Eubank, Mary Evans, Thomas Everitt, Joyce Farmer, Bobby Farr, Nila Jean Faulkner, Beatrice Ferguson, Dan 55 'lu-...- wr SHA -, , F " 1 I S Q 'Wgvi f : in ---. . gk if ix .2 ':"i A M4 all 4 "' F '."' 3ijgi,.'3gg', ' , if ll '-B222 A 'Q-W W2 .gm je ff Zliil , ff A , "" -- Q : lf , ,. , Y ff ft- 1 if l x i ...N -1 v-. - Q J X85 5 . ,WE 'N' . fn 'Q"M'T?' J -W ..... i '-fm "" ' 421 it ff Nix .C Y. X A' NY Q Q Q -. Wy i 1' ' N'-Aw, . Q .,, I 7 4 x fe- v .M W- " 144 V .W ..... if 412- N... sp-'iw ' .ve Q 'z-M? ?y.ff"""'y,.. , 1 4' 1.1: 4 . D i F l H A 'it " xr fc? ' 1 jk E K 1 Q I f W7 ka I X D 'Z X- ff ll -,.- 'rl ' ' Q 5 -Y ...K , , K MQW v,Q,,aK , , -'wif' Y are 'lm A M Fidler, Betty Jean Flack, Gordon Floeck, Betty Ruth Floyd, H. E. Fomby, William Foreman, Jerry Foster, Mary Lou Foster, Ralph Fowler, Barbara Frost, Robert Fuller, Marchita Fuller, Paula Fullerton, Jerry Furr, Charles Gabel, Jean Gaddis, Kathryn Garrett, Mildred Gout, Rufus Gibbs, Bob Gibbs, Fern Gibson, Joan Gilbert, James Gill, Alyie Glasgow, Jack y i i Glasgow, Jack W. Glover, Marjorie Gold, Hermine Godwin, Dick Gaettsch, Betty Jo Gragg, Billie Graham, Herman l Green, Martha Greer, Evelyn ' Guisinger, Margery Gusler, Frank Hagan, Ed Haggerton, Charles Hale, Benny Hall, Jimmy Hampton, Dick Hamrick, Jackie Hand, Jean 56 J Hardin, Dick Harris, Joan Harvey, Lois Hassell, Betty Haveman, O, H. Hawkins, Dene Haynes, Jimmie Haynie, Hal Hays, Billy Earl Hazelwood, Bob Heath, Delores Hedgecolce, Lou Ellen Henderson, Barbara Henry, Patsy Henry, Robert Henslee, Johnnie Hernandez, Josie Herring, Wayne Herrington, Peggy Hewett, Horace Higdon, Wanda Hildreth, Ed Hill, Deloris Hill, Edna Hill, Kathryn Hills, Ann Hodges, Doris Jean Hoffman, A. J. Hogan, Leland Hogg, Mildred Holcomb, Emma Lou Holman, Buster Holman, Charlie Howard, Jeannene Howell, David Howle, Bobby Hoyt, Norma Hudgins, Jack Hudson, Jimmy Hudson, Loyse Huff, Ruth Hull, Jean 57 . 1 L k H Q' W1 'VJ J. ,,,5i 5,,Q-:.z.. s ,W Q :Si-E' ? . T1 't 'Z MJ 5 xii wtgfa s if al if . V .. Ing Qs K i we Q -2. 06" 4' H.. is yy! f- ' qs' - s 5 has 8 -.... like ffmti, .H ' 1 ikkggkvs N J, A K "' ' ,. if 1 rf , K V, . 1 3 . 3-wr? fl A , 35 - . .,.,.,. , ' E ll 3' ,s,. N ' , J ,M ,. , .is ss J tial K Y, 4 'f1 " . "H: eq N i J is J www f ' if :,, .,..': ,Qi-, A M' 1 ya, ,f HF six gigs ,, , A- wma I If NA Hulsey, Lloyd Lee Ingram, J. L, lrvvin, Virginia Jackson, Bill Jackson, Marie Jackson, Lawrence .lackson, Mable Mae Jackson, Martha Jay, Wanda Jenkins, Dolores Jenkins, Margie Johanson, Claire Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson Burchell DeLores Ellen Floyd Nora June Joiner, Betty Jones, Doris Helen Jones, Eulolia Jones, Robert Keeney, Darliene Keetch, Pat Ketfer, Thurman Kellam, Mary Kellum, Judy Kenyon, Wayne King, Bob Kinsley, Irma Jean Kirk, Jasper Kline, Ann Knox, Geraldine Koenig, Helen Koogler, Helen Kretz, Bonnie Kuhne, Cecil Kuykendall, Viola Laceky, Jerry Lamb, Jim Lampe, Alma Leflar, Tommy Jo' Lemons, Lester 58 LeMond, Loree Lesan, Jerry Lester, Yvonne Leverett, Mildred Lewis, Hubert Lewis, Jimie Linkenhoger, Billy Looney, Charles Lovelady, Terry Leuders, Eddy Lyle, Bob Lyons, Jerry Lyvers, Harold McAdams, Joe McCarty, James McClenny, Charlsie McCool, Nell McCullough, Norma McCully, Betty McDonald, Fay McDorvell, L. G. McGee, Betty McGill, Bill McLaughlin, Alfred McMinn, Peggy Moose, Ruth Mann, Maurice Manning, Levora Manning, Lucille Mansfield, Frankie Maples, Theresa Marshall, Lynn Martin, Mary Martin, Thomas Moshburn, Doris Matthews, Mayree Mayes, Pauline Maynard, John Merrick, Bobby Merrick, Jeannine Merritt, Joanne Meyers, Frances 59 ling 9. 45 liver 'Mm ,...f4' .5 x 2 I it 135' . ivwwan-A 2' . ..,.. . .V Y W 1 Y - W .,., 6,5 .. -.,'- ""' .ff 572.2 flrl . 5 .. nr r l wrurxf' 3 i 1 ' 938 lg gf vs 'E ,137 as 23,2 P' lb Z : In :..?. In F , .P li, I Ziff . f V7 r 3, if wt E l K Wi Wi -1" Iirg i i . A In f rt , 1. ,,, 1 Q if if a Q fn s 4 .f S ,.,.., 2 252.5 H Z - -fz:.i::,-, ! , 5 +is,1:3,'Qr! V c 4 r Miller, Guida Miller, Juanita Miller, Wendell Milligan, Patricia Mills, Harlan Mitchell, Joan Montague, Keith Q53 We Lil? fi Z 'M Q f it N14 'iii' if 1 gk t ., ew Moody, Martha Moore, Belle Moore, Betty Moore, Bobby Moore, Bobbie Ruth Moore, Irene Moore, Lois Jean Moore, Norma Jean Moorehead, Frances Moreland, Douglas Morton, Bobbie Mount, Harriett Moyer, Christine Mullin, Pat Murphy, Connie Murphy, Johnnie Murr, Lena Mae Murray, Ellen Ruth Murry, Billy .N . 4, JA i f . A ,, 1 Y? 5, S F51 1 cf- M, A . ,.,.. ,QM mdk ii 1 if , , ug, Ye Nelson, Nick Neusch, Rita New, Robert Newby, Pat Nickell, Doris Norman, Bruce Northcutt, Ernest Notestine, Edmund Nunn, Arthur Ochsner, Jane Odom, Bobbye Oliver, Barbara Oliver, Wayne Ong, Nancy Palmer, Leta Faye Parker, Jackie 60 Parker, Margaret Parker, Raymond Patton, Pat Payne, Betty Pearce, Martha Pederson, Martha Pendleton, Julia Peninger, Ruth Perry, Ruth Phillips, Edna Plettner, Gail Plurnlee, James Powers, Athol Pratt, Joe Prolcop, Betty Jean Pyeatt, A. F. Quattlebaum, Nell Quisenberry, Doyle Ramsey, Ben Rea, Lee Roy Rea, Weldon Reagan, Jamie Lee Redfearn, Bob Reed, Elden Reed, Joyce Reeder, Dorothy M. Reeves, Geraldene Rehmeyer, Lee W. Rentro, Donald Renfro, Joyce Renner, June Reynolds, Fred Rhoton, Norman Riddlespurger, Billy Riley, Alveda Rinehart, Eugene Ringley, Gene Ritter, Danny Robbins, Bobby Robbins, Bobby Lee Roberson, Joyce Roberts, Billy 61 ,M gf- gig? gh r g ,Q-my gf- y 'H' K -I fn-,, WK 'ily A Z W3 ,. ' f K .Q .J A g. V . I -6' W- L , W 5 , '45 if J 2 ri: A Mi s ? J ""', L N V" , V I N. . I k"5hi,, . .1 we ff i 1 Q- - Q 1 P . V ':: P X35 is .Zi 75" A G b r ., .. 0' A, 1 seg ,Q 2 'F Q A 4 I '49 ' F if rf 'X 3'6" .fP"' ,118- :gg f qw -,,. :-E , , E 2 N, Em i if Q sf I ,, 3 -- EN S H in , . ,,.,, .,. fe 4s i K ,., ,ig 115.- L .gina- 491 E V Y' L 113 2' 7 ff, -, K ,, V, 23 rg" fi, gg V 0 Q ,A ' 'A 5:1 if . El, ' ,, , Z ffm, . ,, Y i 5 A , mzic' 'f U l Robertson, Ellis Robinett, Richard Lee Robinson, Herbert Rodenberg, Geraldine Romero, Leo Roth, Norma J Roush, Donald Rowley, Eula Jane Routh, Pat Rue, Bobby Russell, Horton Russell, Patsy Ryan, Dorothy Ryan, Joyce Sage, Ernest Sallee, Jimmie Sanders, Iona Saunders, Guyon Schwaller, Karleen Scofield, Lavern Scott, Gordon Scott, Kenneth Scott, Peggy Seeds, Charles Selvidge, Wanda Sellers, Edna Shannon, Billie Shaw, Kathryn Shelton, Billy Sheppard, Joe Simpson, Ernestine Simpson, Wayne Sims, Geraldine Sittel, Melvin Skapple, Richard Slagle, Gloria Slagle, Mary Slater, Trula Jo l Smith, Bettye , J Smith, David Smith, Billie Frances Smith, Doris' 62 Smith, Geraldine Smith Helen Smith Joyce Smith LaVerne Smith Lou Nell Smith Lyle Smith Mary Ann Smith William Snead, Roy Snell, Patricia Snyder, Doris Sorenson, Jimmy Sparks, Nathan Sparks, Ronald Spears, Phyllis Stark, Louise Steele, Pauline Stephens, Peggy Stidger, Oscar Stinnett, Laurel Stockton, Barbara Stoddard, Joyce Storseth, Donald Strickland, Jimmy Stroope, Doris Strueber, Mike Stultz, J. M. Sullenberger, Teel Sullivan, June Summar, Alice Summar, J. T. Swan, Le Roy Swann, Mildred Tadlock, Ruth Talley, Bill Thatcher, Ann Thawle John R Thomas, Margaret Thom G V pson, wen V V ,3fg,,,2,f Thompson, Tresa June Thomson, Kay YI - Thibodeaux, Jeannie H A, V 'iff ef ,ey ff? E J 63 iti , , is A '- is Q? Wan.. a,""', Q fi +5 ww ,wig ,qs jf, . AA' T .. T -, J f?13'fj.T t , ., J, f' ., 1 .,V.,.,A, . W 'M If- 1 f '-"-. A ,if f . we , ' .,A, , T ,gi ,A., ' -'Af -1'-: V A 1 SUN law is ! ,A,. , ,a.,,,,fm H-sz-'er 'mv fd? z rr , Thornhill, Jean Thrasher, Dorothy Thrasher, Marvin Thurman, Jack Tilley, Eddie Todd, Clifton Towery, Don Trimble, Bobby Trimble, Wanda Tucker, Tana Turner, Dessie .lo Turner, La Nora Turner, Treba Turpin, Thomas Twaddell, Margaret Anr Vahue, Ray Vaught, Joann Vaught, Kenneth Vermillion, Billie Voelm, Jeannine Voelm, Jerry Walker, J. W. Wallis, Jo Carolyn Wallentin, Geoffrey Waller, lvlarilynn Sue Waner, Charlene Wansley, Maxine Ward, James Warnix, June Warren, Geneva Watkins, Jeanne Watson, Bettye Watson, Ernest Weakley, Jimmy Webster, Brien Webster, Lura Weeks, Joyce Wells, Corinne Westertield, Billy Westfall, Joyce Wheeler, Eileen Wheeler, Kenneth 64 White, Betty White, Beverly White, Jimmy White, June Whitney, .l. M, Wilhelm, Frankie Wilkinson, Buddy Williams, Billie Joe Williams, Dan Williams Dorothy Williams Harold Williams, Mickey Williams, Ruth Williamson, Bob Willis, Denny Wills, Gene Wilson, I, ogene Wilson, fyargoret Wilson, Marjorie Winningham, Richa Wirtz, Laveta Wise, James Wiseman, Joyce Womble, Dorothy Woodall, Norvelle Wright, Frances Wright, Nanalie Yarbrough, Jimmy Yates, Cordon Yates, Le Queta Young, Bernice Youngblood, Lawre Zachary, Ruth Zimmer, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Naomi Brown, Jean Parker, Richard Pierce, Elmer 65 rd nce ,, , 'K '2 f -.,,. I W SLA: 0 'QZL3-"X -swf -9-vfwzfsnzafw .f . -. . - , 1, -f -, L " V ,. -- ' 4. 44 Q -- . -. ,- .1 - , 1- r'f4'F'!lTV!'P"rv Y A f --,, W. X1 F- , nf .-gv,-uw, , w,v-,..- Wt..-9 -. 'guy' .-,. ., g y if x 1- 'A' --f V f Q-T-ff . V 1. . f,,W- f fl fu A f.,-I -, :, I A -K .1id,33,1-Q,..,v,:,3,--,yu ,x , 5 ' .mi waz., ,- Y -, 1,4 1, M K ,ix -. A ,, A 5545140100 c0,m,CZm,,,f:m f2 Ng :mf 4Qvg,,,,,:2g Qag, ' wW l.l Jaap? ,,,,?5JZ4,f,e ,lad Avfulywelrvwd . 6 L2-. - Mwfgfl-4 L.,mhq5 A In ', ,: ,.....i..4.,4z4.-' .u4.L.L..u,..Qnw...-,m.e+g A ff . f . W l- ' af f fivfwpf 1 dw .. RX 'K B W 5 E'-'25 'MVR W 425 Q3 n3' -H r iii -9--fi ff 1, 1 - .lf iff' W CRX? OK. X F 1 ' 'EQ 1 x is if w f M W , P in 1 W KS 2 x wr 151, , D IX, I -Jijfj-iii-I'-in ' VV-, ' . , fm f F lx X VMI! ' X 1 lj U Qi ' J -if ' f ffm 7 f 3 ,4-, f ,y ii- K 1 1 Qfff ,- i-f-if A X! I' Q ' X :i?:1.1.Q - ' Y " - 'K ' Ffaerk , u Y 'N And Soplwomores is MY f I A ' f -, -,..L , A - ,Q KW W, llll Eg, it ig A 4 in vs if 2 Abrahamson, Royal Adams, Marguerite Alexander, Alfred Allen, Janell Allgire, Pearl Allison, Frances Anderson, Billy Don Anderson, Dick Anderson, Richard Andrew, John Andrews, Jim Anthony, Don Archer, Delores Archibald, Corarnae Armstrong, Charles Armstrong, Frances Arnett, Martha Ann Ashburn, Tola Ashley, Fred Attebury, Sam Avery, R. C. Paawell. lavon Bailey, Bill Bailey, Virginia Baker, Bobby Baker, Juanita Ralclridae, Betty Ballard, Jeanette partield, Oliver Parker, Garre.t Barnes, Royce Barnett, Billie Barrington, Robert Bartley, Betty Bartley, Kenneth Pcs' e't, Moriafe Bassett, Gwen Bates, Carolyn Beard, Dorothy Beck, Kenneth 'Re-istle, Gilbert Belcher, Curtis 68 Bell, Georgia Bemis, Wanda Benton, Don Biddy, Wanda Biggs, Jim Billington, Robert Bingham, Mary Bird, Kenneth Birkmeyer, Patsy Bivins, Betty Black, Frank Blocburn, Henry Blackwell, Lois Blackwell, Raymond Blades, Frances Blair, Marvin Blanchard, Thornton Blanks, Bobby Bolar, Marie Bones, Vivian Bones, Ted Bonner, Bettv Bowen, Charlene Bovdstun, Virginia Bracknev, Juanita Bradley, flifford Brallev, Bill Branham. Jimmie Brannon, Beraldine Briscoe, Mary Elizabeth Broaddus, Dorothy Broadstreet, Waiwda Brodie, Jesse Brooks, Dirk Broom, Nell Brown, Beverly Brown, Bobby Brown, Dickie Brown, Donald Brown, Harold Brown, Jerrv Brown, Kenneth 69 Q - a 6 5' ,,, 3 J, 1 L g X , :Ffa m"f"' QW sri r n M -.,- f W wi .,.... . -,,.,.. 45, ..,- 5, Q V ....,, ,.:: -. U -I , ,Av:::ii. v:,,.Y3H M ,W A V , , ,N J . ,. ., ft 2 I- W2 --1 -- 12 ,if 1 Q ' 455' 'j+Q,ag1ZfZ?iL,'fi i fgsitggw - J is gi U nt 'wrap ,gm - V 3,4 V. f W 53 Q 4 'fp ffl 1' .. fp . . , .Wang ' , ., 4-,gg if X , V W X . . m.:..w., ,.,.- '- 1-1 31 . " ,,:2e, ' ' J ai, 5 , H ,, , , 4 V V.,.,f,, .,:,,.,..,. , A.,A, J, qlvlnyul , , ,,.. VV , hui.. ig: ,A- I H A Q .. , S, 2 "f al hfglfg J ' QF! Y .V 4 1 4- ' Y .3 - : A E In A f .. ' Y sf A rtri 4,1 'Y'7'T"' 1. if A , ri-5-f y , , r'l,,, 1 ,fl VM! .R F V ' V t Q' 'tw , ,fy -' 1 ki- A 'Y . V A,,A , . ,. W I A lf. I-,,, -t Q ii ' 'I ,ff , , r m 1 . ' " ' ' f ' 1 - Q gf ,ME ,ge A 'rv E . 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Gardner, Melvin Garner, Gary Garrett, Harold 72 Nfl Garrison, James Garrison, Joy Gatlin, LaVonda Gatten, Hugh Gout, Kenneth Gebhart, Vernon Geisler, Alvin Gibson, Marion Gilbert, Bobby Gilstrap, Joyce Gilvin, Eddie Girard, Ray Gladish, Harry Gleason, Bob Goethsch, Billy Gonzalez, Ascencion Goodman, Pauline Goodnight, Johnnie Goodson, Bob Goodwin, Joyce Gordon, Finney Graham, Fay Gravestock, Estella Gray, Corrine Gray, Gloria Green, Joy Green, Wanda Grider, 'Wene Grinlana, Patsy Grove, Patricia Groves, Evelyn Gruhlkey, Lee Gruhlkey, Ramona Guttey, Joy Gunter, Velda Gusler, Jack Haggerton, Harrison Hainze, Ceolo Hale, Jean Halford, Bennie Hall, Marcella Hammonds, Lucile 73 in if 1 1 ,Z fe- 4 X ,Q Jw wig .ff Q 9 ., 1 ug, ' we X Q ,i .- fi 4 ,ji ,,,. , , I wb P x 255 Y 3 sw V 'xl Q J i wg F Q l x . if ' ' V ' Y , in 4 in :Z ' ....... ig! Eff-f-M, "fig Q. X Z2 - ' - I., - ' ': 2 .:L' w ir! ' .-351: ,1- , i .. gg . , Q is I, A , M , Q 4 f if M Q 'ia Q , f J '51 5 4 V I . 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Murphy, Jerry Nance, Bettye Neely, Shirley Nelms, Mozelle Nelson, Elaine Nelson, Tommy Newberry, Jimmy Newell, Earl Newell, LeRoy Newkirk, Margaret Nichols, Sally Nichols, Shirley Nolan, Peggy Norman, Robert Norricl, Billy l 78 Lee Norris, Jimmy Nunley, Marie Oakley, Virginia O'Brien, Nancy Ogg, A. T. Oglesby, Jimmie Oglesby, Joy O'Keete, Kitty Olivo, Marie Orr, Harold Ott, Carl Overton, Vera Mae Page, Dixie Palmer, Dan Palmer, Junior Palmer, Leslie Parish, Lee Pye Parker, Bob Parker, Carolyn Parker, Helen Patterson, Frances Patterson, Leroy Payne, Robert Pearson, Donleta Peek, Glenna Faye Perkins, Elsie Peterson, Barbara Pettit, Johnny Pfeiffer, Alvin Phillips, Bob Phillips, Elaine Phillips, Jack Phillips, Sidney Philpott, Gladys Phipps, Jean Phipps, Nadine Pickering, D. J. Pierce, Jewell Pinkerton, Adrienne Pinkley, Virginia Pinkston, Barbara Pippin, Louis .79 .L , V ,Q ::s. .,sf..l. , QQ is , Y ZZ? ' - X ,T is it Y , Q, ff -:Q iss .J sr - f 1 5 s Xi I if L. H ix Yagi, V, 2, W. 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Sanders, Ruby Sapp, Stanley Schlatz, Joan Schmidt, Charles Schulze, Anne Schultz, Marian Scoby, Joe Scofield, Lois Seale, Tommie Seewald, Jimmie Sharp, Danell Sharp, Jarrell Sharp, Jirn Shayer, Jan Shelburne, Palmer Shipley, Elizabeth Shirley, Norma Short, Thelma Simmons, Don Sims, Billy Sims, Carroll Sims, Lorene Sims, Sarnrnie Singleton, Betty Sisk, R. O. Sizemore, Jeanne Skapple, Rodney Smith, Alan 81 A mai. ada . V... : .ggi In A--, :V- . Sf ,, A ,p ww, , ,V . 3 .nw 2 1... -. , . K '. ..., ' f gig K sl i zyzizi-VI' 1352 ':?Z'Zf:2','l: 55 '27 Smith J K ..:: 1 Q A ...,,,.,., v .ZW it Q f 7 5 4 sr Y 7. 1 wr 1 fa " 'K' Q 'Qi A 1 Q J If .. V- X. ,, ,,,.y.H ., , , .1 ,Af 7 S Q we ' ,tx :: jig: 1 ex- QL. :gi -" ii , S W y f ' ' 55,241 I jk 1 M I 5 - , ' 2 H: , 'E: ..,5 : A,2f,"t, " as Y as .,,A at qiigiiz we , N 4? M J Smith Alice Smith Betty June Smith Beverly Smith Bob Smith, Bobbie Smith Clyde Smith Gene Mory Alice Smith, Virgil Sporks, Jock Sporks, Roymonol Spencer, Bill Stontielcl, H. K. Stontorcl, Ben Stontord, Jone Stopt, Lowell Stork, Gerold Stcirk, Pot Stevens, Donnie Stevenson, Vvctlter Ftevvort, Kothryn Stockmon, Corl Stone, Douglos Strotton, Shirley Stultz, Hugh Sullivon, Bruce Sullivon, Edvvord Sullivon, Normon Summers, Potricio Summerville, Bill Sumpter, Jomes Swonk, Bill Swenson, Wilbur Tolley, Anne Toylor, Betty Toylor, Gene Tciylor, Keith Thorp, Dick Thomos, Bill Thomos, Donolcl Thomos, Pot Thomson, Mortho Sue 8? Thompson, Richard Thornton, Jan Thrasher, Ernest Thurmon, Laura Tidwell, Jim Tinker, Dale Tinkle, Bill Todd, Mary Trimble, Kenny Triplett, .'ay Tucker, Brooks Turner, Robbie Turner, Claudia Turner, Donald Turpin, Joe Tyler, .James Umberger, Donna Fay Underwood, Billy Utterback, DeLois Valentine, Vernon Van Camp, Elmer Vandiver, Laverne Vaughan, ,l. R. Veazey, Louise Vessell, Loyd Vick, George Vincent, .lack Viney, Ester Vinyard, ,Ioann Visage, Virginia Vogel, Dorothy Volle, Sandra Voshalike, Bobby Lee Walcher, Arlene Waldrop, Thomas Walker, Basil Walker, Dolores Vlfalker Gladys Wall, Paul Walton, Neil Warren, Loy Frank Watson, Doyle H 3 'Q , 15 ' Viz' L ":.' 323.5 ?4PJ:"7':' 1 I H- vlll ,,:,-:ff , if .L x "W, K . r 11 :Ln-1 :E Vwfzit .Jr 4 , 1 Q' "Q 4 Q i 'H-Q K 'fir QV Q' -r1f::y:: ii., ' g -'-- V, M -5 ..,:,-L, I f' if z i A wi r X p25 .. ., ,m"'r. 'fill ig , 'Q sw, , , f Q3wil'gf4,fa- g,1ft,,. is ffffifz K 1 Q.: 1 2' , A.. .u fm L f . sz . ,, no A -.g: '. 2 - T ir . , .f- Q? .mi Q ni 'V " sl' ' 2 A -me .- mf ,Mi , ., 7slQ?3g'f?HzYi?5 f WW! 'fxfiq 'ff-V, ,ff tis, r-r E5 it ,W Q. ' 5 ,, g , A--v- Wy 5- ,. WM, s ..,,., . ,, - A p N is 4 , 1, ,K use ,V M L" 5 limi? . nj, -. Xe ,. sri? ' Mau W V s if , A , , ,f , .QL - ,5 r .Z 1 3 , , , r '- - -1 , , 1-fl L 5 rw , .. 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Willis, Tommy Wilmeth, Merrill Wilson, Bobby Wilson, Kenny Winberg, Patricia Windsor, Claire Wink, Theresa Wise, Wanda Belle Witt, Scotty Wolfram, Philip Womack, Herbert Wood, Billy Wooten, Eugene Worley, Letha Wright, Avon 84 Wriglwi, Gene Wyne, Marjorie Yeager, Hylasue York, James Young, Delores Zwelg, Helen Ausiin, Pai Bailey, Dick lfailey, Joe Bates, Jane Byers, Bill Dudenke, Rebeca Goodwin, James Goodwin, Cary Graham, Maxine Jones, Bob Lee Kroner, Karen Land, Margaret Moore, Jean Norris, Louise Oakes, Nita Quigley, Margie Reddin, Beverly Riley, Edward Sid, Wak I Sniiilw, Leon Walker, Billie Watson, Sara Sb KK. r fx iss K? J ff qi, i Y 1, WE CHCDSE 4131- To Crown Pat Jackson Queen of A. H. S f ,Iv - , Q in x. 1 ,JM b YI 41, ,W . i1S.xH.,. V. ,, ,,,.,, 4 . .-, ,,.4m....,.g . . , ..: , 14957 1 l 1 I I 1 1 l I 1 v Y I .U ,, .X - -11 ,, 1 ,?'f'viizQ 5: 'I I L, Who Was Arlended By Lodies of The CourT LeTT To righTf Duchess Aurice B. of The House of Vernon, Duchess Jerry of The House ol Hon'rilTori,, Duchess Jocrn of The House ol Byers, PresidenT of The Council Louise Lynch, Princess Peggy of The House of Dry- den from The Lond of The Junior Closs, Princess Mory .lo of The House of Phillips from The Lond of The Senior Closs, Princess Claire of The House of Windsor from The Lond of The Sophomore Closs, Duchess Ann of The House of Ochsner, Duchess Lulci Morie of The House of Super, Duchess Billie Jo of The House of Lidio, Lody Korleene of The House OT HorTon, Lody lcindolie of The House oT lvloc, Lody Vero of The house cl Ferguson, Lody Borboro of The House of Boker, Lody Jone of The House of HolT, Lody Roberro cf Tho House of Royse. ' L, L Gehrrerheh of The CourT LCTT To right Duke Thorhos oT The House of Chrfk, Duke RouerT oT The House of NNhiTe, Lord Roymohd DT The House of Beck, Lord Vkfrlhom PoTrrck of The House oT Moore, Lord High CQhorrceLIor R, B, Norman, Prrhce SHT oT The House of Toliey from The Lorrd of The Juhror Closs, Lord C.horhherLorr'r Jock of The House TTT Secue from The Lohd oT The Sehror Goss, Prirrce Som oT The House oT Afrrebu r'rT, f from The Loud of The Sogvhorhore Ckrss, Lord Jimmy oT The House of HoLe, Lord Morne of The House ol Craig, Duke Rokrhd of The House oT Youhgr, ECM Mcrrshcu Jrrhhry Node, Lord fworr of The House oT Frohikeh, Duke CorLos oT The House of 'LhorhTorr, Lord Shrewder of The House oT Hcsrrchcyy, Duke Prryrrrorwd oT The House of :Tohru Dukf' Scfrrborough of The House oT Formhcrrr. W 7 , , 1 And to Preseni' As Favorites fafi5"' ,Ngo .455 X ,,. ,f a A . AQ up..-4 If 5 Virginia Irwin and Jack Glasgow VL, A-H-mx, V E, K ' at . ."' , -X sf ' V.4l"'A -fw"f'2 , 5 vdifksgffzf yu-X11 .W My I' A V k 4, A 1 I V, 4 1 , 4' V IFA Q V! L' " ' ,f,f,.f - Louise Irwin and Sam Afterbury ...av 'JN ff" ,, "V, fe A f-49" wr ,M-. ,f ,-dr, Runners Seniors Mory Jo Phillips Jock Seole Juniors Dorlene Keeney Horlond Collins Soplwornores Cloire Windsor l-lorold Deon Gorreil r .5 in We Ml ,- f . QV - , -ez I -5 fle-A, .i f Jwwriaww- Who's Who BNN Snorgmss '77 Unorkio SOXX51 Orsbum 1yfx'.59?CU WW OW if if Mom e Crokq Moriho Nf'onSh gs 41 K Wigan W2-W? Whois Louise Lynch Cloyb Weoo Who Eddie Johnson Pmsic Nc:rH1cuf1 Korfeene Horfon lone How W I1 o's JOCR SQUIE- POM COHOH Who 9 i Jackson 'IW JMM! rw - gig? i,WWjZ,55,WfM Zffmfwffzfdfgfffwn 4',1f70"""' My Qgfwfeaw Z?- f x fax , S 1 12 N , '4-lx? E If L xi!!! C X 'A ? x X K f ff rw, ,I Q X , ff 4 1111? '33 fx' . wg, X 11,535 jig 154 x 'X -wg X 7 at ,it N, fx , 3 X' XX :ff grgwzxx f 5 N R-y,f f.'4 'wffff Lf Q9 N 699 f xx r mu R N kg jj ff Y N " X gf? ,J X 1 i f X fi N x xxxix ' ,hgglfjfjz x XXX 4 .. ,xf. x XX? 'X X Xxx W1 I 5 f x 5' 1 f s X 3 XX A 1 F1 tix .i XXV! 5 Xxx, H I! f 1 X I N L--,,, M X f f U3 M "'7" fgkx jf! if f Z. f XX-,Y x ' W my 1 fft' D V.-Y-1 --f' - A M ' ' X 1' W 1'7m'f'h33'hQN'. lf 7 7 V awf.,'p2t5Zfzif'i37f3g Yap HEAD COACH W Af L 4 y 1 iq A LINE QQACI-1 N Howard Lynch My X T. G. HUH AY A " F 8 w w" V': f1V b f f f 'HHTR Bobby Former Goys Webb H L ,Ax f .5 , Jas... Wi' 6, 'z A Q I 5 3 5, 5? 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First row: Bill Aire-bury, Jcicla Seole, Corlos Thorniow, Donold Mullcey, Bill Sponn, Jock Thurmon, Bobby Boumon, Millon Bronnon, Florlond Collins, Wilioiwi lolley. QQ-I' .-+6 2. mlb . George Curtis Bob Denton Gordon Edvvorols Jockie Fleming Jimmy Hole Toilbock Cenier End Tockle Tockle ooTBALL On ine Bench ,fb f -1? , SX V, ""' ' K jf N N 1 ,, H X e v is ge? . in in 1 xr Y l' H1SEJlR! 1lK',,, 4.........1.... ,, .NN ff? Horlond Cowns Biil Anebury Bill Juetf Carlos Thornton Clworles I-1ousTon Tmlbovk Blocking Bock Guorci Tockle Fnd I o 5 I K. 27x Amorillo 7-Plainview O V fa LL .1 is 4 I wwf ,AJ L an Woyrwe Kenyon James Kile ArThUr' Lomb John Lookir1gbiNN Bob Lyle End End Fullbock Tackle Tackle FGCDTBALL AmmiHo 33 'Abilene TQ ll. ,1 Jack Hudgins Douglas Husband Edward Jolnnson J, R. Johnson Lloyd Johnson Blocking Back Wingback End Guard Guard J ff-2-5 .,,. l LJ f-' S2 x ,, A - ' Q r Amarillo Ql fBorger O W J J --l!h-- ' ....... ...iw gl... .-. , V - - ... -. . -gr V., -l-ii--.. .-...A-. 7 AA.- -.. . -...QA-A - H - - --M - 1- ,, ,JI Donald Srorsellw Mike Srreuloer Bill Talley Jack Thurman Denny Willis Guard VVinal3acl4 End Guard Fullback TEAM RECORD Amarillo i2 Childress , Amarillo 33 Abilene A Amarillo l8 Vernon ,, W Amarillo Ql San Angelo Amarillo ,, 427i Brownfield ,, Amarillo l3 Odessa, , Amarillo Qlii Borger Amarillo 7A Plainview Amarillo 33? Lubbock , Amarillo 24 Pampa , Amarillo 7 Wichita Falls 'Tfonlerence Sam Afiebury Milton Brannan Wayne Brown Edsel Buchanan Duane Byers Guard Tackle Tailback Blocking Back Wingback V Mg? EES' in .... .1 . , .... ,.... xA "' fu A Amarillo-Plainview at Plainview H f ,Y .,V,,,. , , ,E Li 1 Rex Moulclin A. F, Pyecm Fred Reynolds Billy Roberlxs Bobby Rue Tockle Blocking Bock Cenfer Enol Toilbock A . On a . y X N ' , ' w Q Q, J A Q 1 lyloking ll Hof for Pompo ii 'Ov-1 in V... Q ,Exe .Y 5 ,gf f ,V f 42" iv 411 + ,,,..-F., . . Dwsfaft' Kuf- fvya' an . -4 Front Row: .l. R. Vaughn, l.. D. Rornero, Rat Easley, Phil Morrill, Lawrence Jackson, J. B. Gardener, Dickie Woods, Norman Lieber- man, Chris Roberts. Second Row: Jack Benton, Bob Jones, Dan Palmer, Bud Wells, Dick Kenyon, Bob Clay- ton, Don Anthony, Gary Mays, Bob Red- learn, Bill Earby, Carlos lanes, Owen Brown. Third Row: Coach Whinnery, Joe Martin, Gordon Scott, Harold Dean Garrett, Bob Snooks, Clittord Bradley, l-larry Gladish, Bill Evans, .lackie lacobson, Bill Bailey, Bob Moore, Bill 'VlcKinney, Managers Eddie Sim' mons, Lewis lobe. Back Row: Bill Murray, Dickie Brown, Bob Hoeter, Bill Spencer, Ford Madison, Gene Wright, Milvin Sittel, Joe Wells, Dick Hayes, Bobby Brown, Bud Vaught, Ernest Thrasher, Rodney Skapple. Coach l. C. Whinnery David i-iiciqmaiw iifiaif Champion Joiwmy Barnard Virginia irwm Eiizabeflfi Aiiem Billie Jo Lidia Miss iviarioiw Barnes Vxfiiliam Farmby Joe Prafi Jane Hoi? Freda .lanes Cutstonding os on ottensive ond defensive guard Bill Juett was se- lected tor the tirst string All State Football Teom. emmqgk ' Wxippgyn, -Away ,np 'Qfdwwvgaw wi-ity-wzmw wmmwww 1 lgW"h""'V6lHlQ1ng.xe 'lf Num ia qgw, WW' 'Win Drag y Whliibifkfklw QM T4 if 1 ,I 1 MWGWW' 19 O i Chosen os o member ot the first string All Stote Bosketboll Teom, Poul Corroll ployeol guord on our squod. WF: Top Row: Jock Jocobson, Jimmy Siworp, Bobby Former, Biii Eiyboc, Don McCQo:'n1ick Bobby VViison Dickie Kenyon, Bobby Morton Second Row: Coocb T G. Hull, Jolwn Moynord, Edwcirci Johnson, ivicirk Dcwis, Jimmy forior, Por Sosscr Bruce Normoin, lock Secile, Bob fioyfon, Sfudoni Mciriciger Vifiiiiorn Fornby Front Row: Roberi Henry, Bobby Bouinon, Pool Ccirroil, Jeweii WicicDowoii, Lowxy VVQVYGS, Boonfv Pickens Jirrmy Code' Poi Scissei Jock Se-ole Bruce Ncrmc Moric Dovis IU Denny Wiiiis, Doyle VVc1Tson, Top Ten Denny VViiiis Pool Corroii Lorry Worfei Boone Picicins oi owe ii MocDovveIi iii xgffszli H U S T LI N G H 0 0 P S T E R S Vlilllbly 41 If ""lf ,j Pu! Scmsm Bruce Normcm Paul Ccxrroil Jimmy Ccnrfer Boom P Couch T. r S QCKQUQ DCVNUS VVMQCJS Qobcrt Hem ju 5 U.. , f m Q 1 4 4 ' y. Y li C Y.. '51 5 ' 21 V 1 l K . , 'Q 5 if 1 an- '61 M A ',.A.V Q , "f145 i?f JI E Racket S . CQUOUXS6 GUN? C ,Doon iw flfq, el? flxfr JUMX Tlvompmorn if ,F Mary Lynn Bell Poi Muifen Carmen NAFGGS k 3 , lx gzvfgiff, F" fi U 5' R. ,Km A , 'M -3 Q , 1. 1.6 , . ig., ,vw ,fy Rfk ,v ..x- Qf 07 J 95 GG Q M:,:'y bccw NCQ! Qum1'ebc1uu VCWETTCI Besfucm M. , x y c Zy,7,7 8 GU Wielders James Sounders io ode P 66009 A QS XA YESXW Ben Billy Jenkins Addison Appieby lnnies Saunders Frmfsi Norihruit w"wi f in 3 1. 1 Q 2 5 A: V U My pdf. A i w ? 4 3 41251 + v f 41 , W 4' W L, 14? ess f is mirage, A775 A 4 WW7 4 any W A? ,r KI WW " - If: 'I:'2:f' g.,E' rf' 'E"IEi5 ' Jimmy White Dick Hardin Bobby Wilsoiw Jimmy Farrell Tommy Nelson V' fix W, f wzMWWW5L . , 1 rf i Z XR Di! wwf SSS u rf dy wr zwffyg aekwfy ' 1 x m ww, 1 ,s we .' -vo - r' ., Wqrvmwmmwam was F " 1 W2 ,a. Mm - " W- W1 ,Mihai ' 'ww mmwkmwmgawd eq if Q-I--. . ihq ock row. Mitt Muggers Qscor Svdger, J, Q. Ever, CVHCVC! Ei-odey, 2231 Q-,,Tiel3U:'N,, Budd Wfilkinsorw, BH! ToNey, M, Cf BfC1cHCfd, Bobby K'-QW. VOM row: fxfkiny Quin 1' .ww ' ", My Vfrlor Hfwfil v T'c1qQcf11'?CrT, CML UC'V , Tig finiiz Spring Sprinters L-.W Back row: Middle row Front row: v Coach Whinnery, Bob Redtearn, Richard Winningham, Bill Spann, Bob Snooks, Rex Moulding, Don Maclntyre, Bill Tolley, Frank Curtis, Carlos Thorn- ton, Clifford Bradley, Ford Madison, Jerry Hopson, Frank Reoves, Coach Lynch. : Bobby Amason,lBill Bullock, Stan Hickman, Jack l-iudgins, Arlen McNeil, Bob Moore, Buddy Wells, Bob Brown, Bob Lyle, Jack Glasgow, Jack Seale, Melvin Sittle, Jim Eckhart, Dick Woods, Doug Husband. Lawrence Jackson, J. R. Vaughn, Howard Willie, Lloyd Johnson, Wayne Brown, Bob Hoefer, Brian Rusk, Harold Garrett, Dick Thorp, A. F. Pyeatt, Bob Phillips, Bill Evans, Edsel Buchanan, Norman Lieberman. 'SY-'R 5 in-1 Q5 M f' . gk' J bf if I f in 'uv su Y i 15 -X- Mat Maulers Cooch VVhinnory, Gordon Johnson, J. R. Johnson BoVovv1 Front fomx Rohm? Frosf, Kennefh Brown, Lloyd Vesseh Dick Thorp. Bock row: Gooch VVhinnory, E-oh Gibbs, Poy Chism, Gordon Johnson, J. R. Johnson Gym Activities ,vm ,fs f LCJ27 ZS' - Hblqyiliik SHARPSHOOTERS First Ploce Winners Morcello l-loyes Jone Ochsner Kitty O'Keete Phyllis Speors Gwen Thompson Louise Irwin Grace Puckett Noncy O'Brien The Amozons were the first ploce consolotion winners in the bosketboll intromurols, OUT OF TOWN VOLLEY BALL TEAM Elizobeth Allen LoVonne Hoyhurst Morgoret Porker lviozelle Vetesls Loretto Reese Deon Trimble Morcello l-loyes Kothleen Foncly Jeon Brown Dorothy Corlton Koy Thompson Myro Wogner Trina Tucker i3l , f DQAA QX0.,-A. -, M. Qx f K.: gl' A ' I ,j u N. mf , , , I ' 1 FSN.y" Qfp ex ff 'V K f Q 4 ,J Y Z' 2 A, -:5 , lj Q + x x.J 3 J ' T9 ' ,Qi 1 , W X JZ 1532 QC Vx f ' N EA lf ' . CQ, x 6 ,f"Xjf 42 H X XXX X119 X ' Mrk f-- ' Q X 'X !'::-1 wax ' P KN Mfyf ' J N 'X , -F L n,, f.g.+ , N fxxpv-Jixf M fi, . f- 'S' fl ' 'N X 1. 5, ,. , - X Y-Y ,A 74 L7-2 ' X A fff 4 v f f , ,f- --',f ,- f2' qff F l f T j 1ji,Q I Ei L, -f . Ev N Qf Y A ,al , if 53 .ff 2 . - ' , gf fff, KJ 'fi Q24 Wx, , I "ff F fgwf Wifi , if.. ' f' T 172' ,. JL' ,K ff-Q17 5: , I f - ' ' Si, 5 9 L " 7 2 fi ff ff 2 f 5 f '123' QW -V' ' ,U 'QD Ll :,f fgi, fl?- " 2f"' , fizffff ,,fQ.v ' f , , X, fri , V ff ,ff - f!,,f Organizations 3 xWm Student Congress Sponsor President e Vice- President - Secretory - Porliomentoricin - Byrleo Schvvoller Dortho Brodtord Clorence Rodch Joyce Smith Edsel Buchonon Pot Sosser Ndtolie Cogswell Cloys Webb Phillip Morrill Tommy Chick Louise Lynch Gene Schulze Billy Pot Moore Roldnd Young Monte Croig Donold Storseth Windy Conont Bobby Tremble Kothryn l-lill Sid Dovis Mildred Leyerett Jeonnene l-lovvord lono Sonders Richcird VVinninghcini Bill Atteberry Geroldine Reeves OFFICERS MEMBF RS Cloire Cusick Roseniory Cochron Fronces Wfright Joe McAdc1rns Douglos Morelond Roy Brddy Gilbert Monn l-lelen Holley Noncy Fields Dick Thorp Cdrolyn Jones Jirtiniy Forrcll Shirley Lunipldns Hczynie - Louise Lynch f Cloys Wfebb - Dortho Bradford Bobby Longest Joy Coryer Ted Bones Lo Uno Brown Borbord Lee lintrny LoMunyon Bill McSpodden -lorry Glodish Clittord Brodley Nedrci Jcicobs Elciine Nelson Jessy Mosse Jock Reins Jim Biggs Peggy Jones Betty Burkholter Mott Chornpion J. C. Eisenberg Ston Fliclcnton Jcine Holt Don Mullqey Woyne Brown Jock Rains Fred Reynolds Bill Sponn George Ann Fstridge I54 iw w 3 am E J!! fa we if Q E 3 National Honor Society MEMBERS Thelma Anderson Louanna Beattie Eddie Blair Kathryn Burnett Paul Carroll Eern Carver Monte Craig Scarborough Foreman Betty R. Gufhridge Jane Holt Karlene Horton Betty Krabbe Dorothy Krabbe Edward Johnson Lige Nelson Brien Rusk Gene Schulze Jimmy Slade NEW MEMBERS Johnny Barnard Dorotha Bradford Barbara Brooks l-larold Burnett Carol Ann Clemrnons Carolyn Clouse Ann Elkington Jimmy Hale Joanne Hoover Charlie Houston Loyce Hudson Louise l-lurne Delores lngram Freda Jones Nettie L. Keirsey ISS Jim E. Love Louise Lynch Frances R, Martir, Fern Morgan Venita Morgan Ratsie Northcutt Don Oliphint Elizabeth Rapp DeCourcy Scott Jack Seale Bobby Snoolc Billy Snorgrass Martha Van Shaw Arletta Willicints Roland Young Sponsor PVQS Gen' fL1llD Vice-Presifleiit v Secfetorx V - Treasurer' V Reporte Seraeant 'it A" ns Ll ll ERS Ol Louise Russcll 'ough Foreman - Eddie Blair Dorothy lircibbe Betty Krabbe Louanna Bettie - Liga Nelson N. A. H. S. OFFICERS President - - Don Iviulkey Vice-Presideni - - - Brion Rusk Secreiary - - - Edward Johnson Sam Aifebury Edsel Buchanan Jock Glasgow Jimmy Hale Jack Hudgins Edward Johnson Howard Louder Donald Siorsefli Denny Willis Bill Aveloury Paul Carroll Harland Collins William Fomby Don lvluikey Brian Rusk Jack Sedle Carlos Thornton 6 49" Second Semegle From row: RoyVc1l1ue - Loyse Hudson Befiy Burlclwollei' Bock row: Dick Robimefi Clifford -Brodley f- Vice-President - Secretory - - Treosurer - - President Sergeonf-oi-orms Dick Brooks - - Porliomenloricm Ken Klub 5E!l r',""l+i N, rf. S XZ 'N CQOLARSXAXV f First Semester From row: Dorlieme Keeney Gene Schulze Beltye Smillw - - lone Holt - Bock row: Rolcmd Young Kemper' lVlcCuo Morile Croig - Secretory - Treosurer - Reporief Poi'licm1emToi'icm - Presicleml Sergecml-of-Arms Vice-President OLD MEMBERS Alyce Joyce Holley Jolinnie Fay Cresvns Pol Jackson Karleeiee Hoflon Jim Dain Freda Jones Vera Mabel Ferguson Jim Slade Myrlli Howard Sylvia Martin Mary Jo Weiss Monle Craig Hurslielene Journey Carolyn Clouse Nellie Lou Keirsey Carol Ann Clemrnons Fay Rigdon Arlella Williams Billy Pal Moore B Palsie Norllwcull Belly Scott Ma ' rf x 9 xii S , Quilland Scroll i Ol'l'lCl'?3S lfresiclenl Billy Pal Mooro '-,"'ice-l3'reslcIenl Arlelfa Wfillionis Socreiary-Treasurer Ne-Tile Lou Keirsey heloorler Karleene Horlon dviser Miss Dorivda Eono NEW lylEMBlfRS Roseniory Cgocliran Lynn Marsldall Jean lirown Nonalle Wi'igl'il Bsillye Sniilli Corinne Wells il 1323 if 'J M ctf'irU"r'i TY N di .L J ffl wx in ANNE ,mme N1 y A Student Special Servic?? yr ' Jai GEHCERS President - - v Paul Carroll Vice-president - Edsel Buchanan Secretary - f Patsie Northcutt Treasurer f f Louanna Beattie Historian - - - Mary E. Briscoe Sain Attebury Johnny Barnard louanna Beattie Dorotha Bradford Clittord Bradley Mary Elizalaeth Briscoe l39 Edsel Buchanan Betty Burkhalter l-larold Burnett Paul Carroll Bob Clayton Rosemary Cochran Harland Collins Patricia Donovan Vlfilliam Fornby Jack Glasgow Jimmy l-lall Jimnty Hale l-lelen Holley Jane l-lolt Jack l-ludgins Virginia lrvvin Marilyn lizard Edward Johnson Charles Kay Jerry Leason Billy Jo Lidia pulse Lynch Billy Pat Moore Shirley Neel P utt Patricia Patton Julia Pendleton Fred Reynolds Dick Rolainett Jack Rodgers Gene Schulze Jack Sea e 'V Betty Singleton Jirniny Slade Don Storseth Dick Thorp Carlos Thornton Cloys Webb Sarah Vifescoat 1 K I L . . ' os Vtaleros W f x i W ,stir Q N' X Ny 1 1 ,,ff"l 6 -N..? FIRST SEMESTER CFFICERS Barbara Fowler - - - President Virginia Irwin - - Vice-President Peggy Dryden - Secretary-Treasurer Carolyn Clouse - - - Reporter SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Charlton Wise - - Q President Fern Morgan - - Vice-President Louise Irwin - Secretary-Treasurer Pat Henry e - - - Reporter Frances Alexander Leroy Morton Joyce Riddlespurger Dick Thompson Nanaiie 'Wright Betty Allison Elaine Nelson Eyriea Schwaller Jim Tidwell Hylasue Yeager Frances Allison Jimmy Norris Karleene Schwaller Mary Todd Clifford Bradley Margaret Baker Ann Ochsner Ann Schulze Nancy Vick Elizabeth Allen Jock Bggom Jane Ochsner Delbert Stephens Mary Jim Vincent Loyce Hudson Violg 55155 Patricia Patton W'aIter Steyenson Dorothy Vogel Carol Kuykendall touofmg Beotfte Imogene Pearce Joyce Stoddard Jeanne Watkins Jirrtie Lewis Vglyng Beemgn Ben Ramsey Margaret Stone Laveta Wtrtz June Thompson Eddie Blair Elizabeth Rapp Dick Tharp Charlton VVise Basil VValker Dorotha Bradford Betty Brainerd Merita Brummett Carolyn Clause Artnell DeGrasst Patricia Donovan Jimmy Drake Penny Dryden Evelyn Elgin Barbara Fowler Elvard Green I,oi5 Harvey f Pat Henry Jane Holt Louise Hume Delores Ingram louise Irwin Virginia Irwin Nina Jones Hursnelene Journey Terry Icyclady James McCarty Rarbara McCuIIougIt John McMillen lynn Marshall Thotnrrs Martin Guida Miller Petty Milligan Charlotte Mitchell Billy Pat Moore if tj ae Fern Morgan ttf Yes. 2 tt fe K P 31' 5 I. 42 ,,,, ,, , 5. L - A -' , lnternos Sponsor President Vice-President - f - Secretory ond Treosurer - Sergeant-ot Arnts - - Borboro Brooks Jeon Brown Betty Burkholter .Iohn Corter Glorio Cooper lo Von Ferrell Sherrie Fowlkes Johnny Goodnight Ceolo l-loinze Morcello Holi Phyllis Herrington Shirley l-lopgood Ann l-lulett lvlory Alice King l4l OFFICERS MEMBERS Betty Roe Krobbe Dorothy Moe Krobbe Fronces Miller Fronces Roe Mortin Doris Motney Shirle Neel Noncy O'Brie Corolyn Porkei' Helen Porker Noncy Puckett Evonell Qoiett Billie Roberson Eddy Loeders Shirley Lonipkins iyliss Klopproth H 'Vlorcello Holl - Eddie Lueders - Billie Roberson Rondoll Boiley Anne Rushmer Florence Sounders Jone Stontord Foy Stone Mortho Sue Thompson Bobby Trimble Rosie Wolker .lo Corolyn Vilollis Soiro Wescoot Joonne Vlfhittington Cloire Wiiwdsoi' Nlcirloiie Wyre Hi-Y ff s, Qaida f x. Bock Row: Jock Coors, Gordon Culwell, Bobby We-ems, Bkrrwell Soullwerm, Rowell Frost, Mr. Sovoge. From Row: Joe Colo, Jimmy Striclclcmcl, Gerald Sclwrofl, Roy lvkxlmlf, Dlck Rolrlm-ll Je-rre-ll Sharp, Billy Wesferfielcl. S lr? 'N Tri-Hi -y, 0l:l:lCEl2S Sponsor - - ---- !-X, Shows President -Af- Carol Ann Clemmons MEMBERS Vice-President ---- Darliene Keeney Corresponding Secretary H A Vera Ferguson Recording Secretary - - Mary Ann Smith Treasurer - A - f Francis Allman Musician e----- Gene Schultze CHAIIQMEN Louanna Beattie, Barbara Brooks, Cdna llill, Nettie Lou Keirsey, Gloria Slagle, Anna lee Clay, Carolyn Clouse 43 Anthony, Beverly Arnett, Ann Bass, Viola Bishop, Gloria Bradford, Dorotha Collier, Mary Davis, Modelle Fesser, Mildred Goodnight, Johnnie Gravestoclq, Stella Hess, Bettye Hogue, Patricia l-ludson, Loyse l-lull, Ruth lngram, Delores Jones, Lois Faye Jones, Peggy Johnson, De Lores Journey, l-lershelene Knox, Geraldine Lamkin, Carol Sue McCullough, Norma Mitchell, Mildred Moyer, Christine Rowell, Naomi Schultze, Anne Schwaller, Byrlea Schvyaller, Karleen Singleton, Bettye Smith, Bettye Smith, La Verne Smith, Vera Sullivan, Louise Sullivan, Sybil Swann, Mary Kathryn Swann, Mildred Taylor, Betty Twaddell, Margaret Walker, Rosie Wescoat, Sara Whittington, Joanne Williams, Ruth Secretarial Club Dorothy Vkftlkinson Betty Munn - - Maxine Lemons - Anno Lee Cioy Slnrley Hudson Delores Joster OFFICERS Moxine Lemons Petty JO Murtin Arlone Metltcxnoy - President - Vice President Secretory-Treosurer Frances Meyers Be-tty Munn Dorfttity VVtlLQil:'1r1 Cordon Culwell Fdward Johnson Bit and Spur OFFICERS Virginia Alexander Frances Alexander Ray Vahue Billy Linkerhooer Ted Lckey Kenneth Wheeler Mary Frank Lyvers Mark Davis Paul Carroll Jane Ochsner Barbara i-larch Barbara McCullough Burvvell Southern Ann Ochsner Lulu Marie Super Marilyn Izzard Gene Colville Bobby Weems - President Vice-Presideni Flighi Club OFFICERS Wing Commander - - - - - Hugh Haight Flight Officer - - Jerry Voelm Flight Clerk ------------ Eulalia Jones Front Row: Second Row: Noi Shown: Bill Cain, Jim Burch, June Metcalf, Lucille Hammond, Delores Archer, Jerry Voelm, Ted Lokey, Nathan Sparks. George Curtis, Eddie Blair, James McCarty, Guyon Saunders, Richard Skapple, Mrs. Walden, Hugh Haight, Roland Young, Lesler McCoy, Eulalia Jones, Randolph Gunter. Basil Walker, Rosie Walker, Gene Smifh, Gerald Shrolf. l4 Tlielnio Anderson Zelmo Borlner Virginia: Borileil Berry Jeon Bennett Jomes Birdvvell Lillion Herring Ed Hildretli Belly Hovvell Cleo Lomb Clorence Poirerson Beverly Forks VV C. Siollings, lr Doroiliy Tlwonipson Belly Jeon West l-le2rni'e Young Doroiliy Zirnrnernicin lerinne Allen VV. l, Blcissinniiirne Vvonclci Biovvin llJl,llillll Cannon Billye Corniock Berry Jeon Fidler Fmmo lou Holcomb Cliorles Holmon Dovid Hovvell Billy Hudson Borboro Kerr Peggy Mclvlinn Louise Norris Bobbye Odom Woyne Oliver Ruin Peninger Fdno Sellers Beoirice Sloon Peggy Slephens Billie Vermillion J. W. Wolker Betfye Watson and DO iw DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Sponsor--Hovvord Cobb DIVERSIHED OCCLJPAUON Sponsor-Robert Devin -,Z nll W, ., , - i Bolp Builey Glodys Borton Curtis Bell Lesrer Blockvvell .luoniro Corver Doris Jeon Cozzell Ardell Dovis Don Deon Dove Dixon Vvinson Dixon Duone Eloni Fronk Ellie Jim Flynn Billy Eorl Harp Doflie l-loyvvorrh Busier Holmon Jomes Holland Jimmy Hudson Colvin Hunnicuil Violet Josier Bobby Jordon Coyce Kirk Roberi Le-liner Clirifles Looney hen McClenclon Alired Mclouglilin Billy Neill lock Toylor Gerold Vineyorrl Vvoyne Wukeiielil lriye Wesiloll Beverly While lou Ellen Wilkinso .lorries York Vi ' of Q? s-0 5' 3 J mv JN M M Jlyzay mf of J J A5 eff Yywqdi ,V J iffifcf f Gigi! JWT yy Qi of 1.1 52,9 -'S' X f.r""T Xl I fx--'X C," 1 X5 1 ' JN X YQ! Jlq: R X X J Mwlx 16,1 E5 fxjfffg, XX Intl Xffiiggf-7,L41ff bf xff 'x ., X X X if Q6 Y f X aff xv' J K A fd ,. I? 141 Q x i--1 "f M U S I C E F F 0 R T S fa? 4---' B Q 5. . . By The Bancl 537 Y x .s Alexander, Frcmros Anderson, Borborcr Andrews, Jinr Bllllngslco, Harold Boker, Juonlm Brrsorn, Jork Bassett, Roy Blanks, Bobby Brooks, Dick Brown, Beverly Brownell, Robert Bruce, Juonno Bruckner, Bennie Bullock, Max Burnett, Kathryn Brown, Pclrliifr Cmo, Joe Cornolwouz, Lodrllc CO0nl7, ,lonwnwle Cunnnnngs, Elnrg klUSlCl4 Clorro Dc-nm, Georgr' Dk,lClli?',', Bolvlvy Dudley, Lorolm E-ferns, John Eods, Ernest Jr. Fosser, Milclrocl Fowler, Borlvrxm Frost, Roberl Furry Clmrles Garner, Gary Goodson, Bolo Groyees, Evelyn Groves, Mildred Gunfer, Rrrndolplw Huolgins, Tom Hcrrl, Tom Husliond, Burborcr Hensley, Maxine Howfrl, Horace- Hoyl. Norma Hrrrdln, Kennmlw lrwin, Frcxncos Jrrcob, Nerlrrr Jones, Rullr Ann ri f ' 2 jg Qvf Q' r ,ii is aw 5 5 5 Journey, Hurslielene lolwrison, Patsy Kealwy, Berry Kellem, Mary Kemper, Truman Kohler, Kenneth Kuline, Cecil La Munyon, Jimmy lommons, Don Losan, Jerry Lolcev, Ted McCarinei,, Carol McCarty, James McCue, Kemper McGill, Bill Mclvlarrry, VVanda Maase, Rmb Manning, lavora Marclwevv, Robert Merrick, Bobby Miller, VVC-nclell Moyer, Sliermcm l3l Mathis, Paul Fiopin, Louis Plurnlee, James Rice, Bob Robbins, Bobby Routli, Pai Rumbrougli, Henri?-Ma Shelton, Billy Slieonard, Joe: Short, Thelma Slwrofl, Gerald Sims, Billy Slaglc, Mary Snell, Pm Sullivan, Louise Taylor, Keith Vincent, lack VVebb, Cloys Wesierficlcl, Billy Vyillason, Gayle lNl'1eclcr, Kennolli Wise. Jolin 411' THE GOLDEN SAlNlDlE BAND Bobby Robbins Don lemmons Rmb Maase - Pai Romlw - - Mariorie Hodges Tom Hart - Y Norma Hoyt - Kemper McCue Frances lrvin - Officers Y - President Vice President Secretary Librarian - v - Reporier - Drum Mcmior - - Queen - Drill Masler Y 1 lwirle-r 1 r f - f xv 1 44 vp 4 ,M .1 14 ., . ,my .f,w,,., ,Mwcrfe -,.,,-. , f J F ff env: Q42 K 'fi wr ' in 'Qi ,,, ' f S gk.-,-2' v", .' ' .Q Z, - ' -, ,112-vm: , . . QQ' X ""' ,' gn wk A 5 f N QQ, 4 f- f ri 1 ,Y 5' K f ' ' . 1' , N 3 X , 3 . i fl, is ' mr I ff if MQ" .L - ' 7 ' Sea A ' - -:..,..-5 -' r '5 i42f",i'1p.f,2" 'f i V - Y' -si' M , if H ay f14Z,,:3:-,cr y V 5 if M' A gg., - : I-' f ' 1 fi f? ' Q 1- M ' rf ' " M r'-- an 2 f ' f , 'i ff' I '.L:'.. '- M V .g,zM,.f.. .,,.f 5 . A , ,.,.. ,Qin Q , w1f'f?f?"f'W"" f V- r f L1 , ffffr V - r 4 Y, A l A Cappella Choir Q ,, MAUM. ,,.,..,,.W,,,,-.,1,,,,, W, 14-Al M Jim v wp- .ff f Q m"l""'. , M.,, .X, Y. 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Thornton, Carlos Webb, Cloys Young, Clarence SECOND SOP RANO Bell, Betty Gay Botts, Claudia Brummett, Merita Clark, Caroline Cogswell, Natalie Collier, Mary Cooper, Betty Jane Dean, Ouida Gilbert, Rambna Howard, Jeannene Johnson, Dorothy Keeney, Darliene Keith, Lois Schulze, Gene - Queen - President - Vice-President - Secreta ry - Treasurer - Reporter - - Manager - Stage Directors - Librarians ALTO Beeler, la Rue Bocock, Nancy Bowlin, Rosemary Carver, Fern De Sautell, Texas Everett, Joyce Lee Glasgow, Betty Harr, Thelma McGuire, Martha Murr, Marie O'Dell, Mateel Sanders, Iona Scott, Peggy Shelton, Doris Stockett, Betty Thomas, Margaret Williams, Arletta BASS Bandy, Don Champion, Matt Flaniken, Avon Hagan, Edd Jackson, Bill Jones, Roy Lee Land, Phillip Mauldin, Rex Rains, Jack Storseth, Donald Strickland, Jimmy Willis, Howard Word, Jack Harmony Singers Allen, Janell Bailey, Virginia Ballard, Jeanette Barnette, Billie Ruth Bartley, Betty Jean Bassett, Roy Belcher, Curtis Billingslea, Harold Birlcmeyer, Patsy Bonner, Betty Boydston, Virginia Brovvn, La Una Brovvn, Mary Canter, Shirley Carver, Jay Carder, Gene Cox, Margetta Dean, Dan Dudenhaetter, Rebecca Dudley, Bobby Edelman, Betty George Elrod, Laura Farrell, Jimmie Flack, Dolores Goodin, Margaret Goodson, Bob Gravestock, Stella Grider, Beryldene Hall, Jimmy Hammonds, Lucille l-libbits, Beverly l-liclcman, Mildred l-lapvvood, Shirley June Ingram, Collene Johnson, Lauenne Johnson, Marie Johnston, Lois Jones, Carlos Jones, Carolyn Jones, Norma Keller, Carol Kralm, Jack Laceky, Jerry Lee, Barbara Lemons, Helen Lemons, Mary Lou Manning, Bonna Leta McKinney, Bill Mitchell, Mildred Mixon, Cheriy Moore, Barbara Morris, Melba Morrison, Jock Moss, Jessy Nance, Bettye Jo Noel, Rueben Oglesby, Joy Page, Dixie Phillips, Bob Pinkley, Virginia Pinkston, Barbara Ramsey, Wanda Redding Beverly Renfroe, Barbara Rice, Bob Robertson, Jackie Rogers, Virginia Schulze, Ann Seevvald, Jimmie Shipley, Elizabeth Sims, Lorene Singleton, Bettye Sittel, Melvin Stanford, Jane Stewart, Kathryn Sullivan, Norman Taylor, Betty Thurman, Laura Turner, Bobbie Lou Vincent, Mary Jim Walker, Marie Woner, Charlene Webb, Flay Wells, Corinne Wheeler, Betty Wheeler, Eileen Whittington, Joan Worley, Letha Yates, Gordon Young, Delores Zvveig, Helen McMillen, Margaret 754 Choristers Anthony, Beverly Armstrong, Louise Allm, Mercedes Baker, Bettye Barnard, Jean Bezner, L. A. Billingtan, Bob Blessen, Frances Bock, Richard Brewer, Emogene Bromley, Bertha l Buchanan, Franklin Buford, Edith Burgess, Carol Carter, Virginia Catterton, Josephine Cavin, Guyle Certain, Bob Condren, Charlotte Cusick, Claire Dodson, Anne 5 si-.- Addington, Sophia V ISS Elder, Mary Farr, Nila Farwell, Nancy Fields, Nancy Fuller, Paula Garret, l-larold Deon Greer, Evelyn l-lall, Marcella Harris, Mary Anne Haynie, Hal l-leath, Delores l-ligdon, Wanda Faye Higgins, Nina Mae Hill, Edna l-lodges, Kent l-lughes, Claire Hulett, Ann Irvin, Frances Irvin, Louise Johanson, Claire Kenyon, Wfayne King, Mary Alice Lamb, Arthur Marshall, Doris Jean Massie, l"l. L, Manning, Levora McCullough, Norma McCully, Betty June McCool, Nell McMillen, John Lee Milligan, Pat Moore, Betty Mount, l-larriet Mulkey, Rita Nelson, Tommy Nickell, Doris Gates, Nita J. O'Brien, Nancy O'Keefe, Kitty Parker, Carolyn Pollard, Dorothy Phillips, Elaine Roberson, Billie Rook, Dorothy Russell, Nina Loyce Ryan, Dorothy Sanders, Paul Scoby, Joe Slagle, Gloria Ann Smith, Beverly Smith, David Smith, Mary Alice Snead, Ray lally, Ann Taylor, Gene Tharp, Dick Thatcher, Ann Utterback, DeLois Weeks, Joyce Whitten, Vernelle Willborn, Elaine iAfindsor, Claire Wright, Gene Vvise, Wanda Belle Wolfram, Philip Cox, Betty Jean Girls' Chorus ETS Betty Baldriclge Betty Bitting Nancy Bocock Francie Brackney Barbara Calvery Dorothy Ann Chase Betty Chovvning Lois Jean Curb La Dean Davis Dorothy Duke Betty Ruth Guthridge Barbara Hatch Jean Heard Ann Hills Marilyn lzzard Mary Frank Lyvers Julia Dean Evans Sponsor Lucille Manning Mayree Matthews Nell McCool Emma Lou Meeks Mildred Mitchell Marie Murr Sue Proffitt Norma .lean Shirley Dorothy Small Dorothy Stone Doris Stults Margaret Thomas Jeannene Voelm Sandra Volle .lo Carolyn Wallis Betty Watson And the Grchestra President - Vice-President Secretary - Librarian - OFFICERS Instrument Managers - Bailey, Joe Carver, .lay Gibhart, Vernon Gunter, Randolph Johnson, Carl Larson, Russell Lester, Curtis Monross, Howard Morris, Richard Nunn, Arthur Sheppard, .Ioe Westertield, Billy I57 Wise, James Youngblood, Lawrence Howard, Charles Armstrong, Louise Billow, Beverly Bruce, Juanita Carver, Fern Cleghorn, Billie Gooden, Margaret Green, Wanda Hodges, Marjorie Houston, Mildred Billy Westertield - Arthur Nunn - Pat Routh Charles Howard Randolph Gunter Joe Sheppard Johnson, Patsy Johnson, Ellen Jones, Betty Keahey, Betty Kirk, Dorothy McDaniel, Charlotte Mullin, Pat Pearce, Imogene Routh, Pat Speer, Juanetta Short, T. Louise Stockton, Barbara 1 ff f X X ZX Qi! f ' f ff X W f , hi' Aa-3 iz ff X , X! X Wx!! X fff X N4 M jf A 4 V 4 fl' WM! , f f, ,.,k , ff 52 ...X 1 ff , 4,-rf' 4 ' s- ' ff f ff f5 f' ' 0 " Xf ,ik 5 ,ff , .f f jlf ,, E I' ' f , . fffl? 5 X fi ,ff , J ' 4 2' "1' + a fi ' . L Q ,, I, In K r Xa 4 w G ?,K ' O R u M in 1, ' A wr , Q N .Q 'M gif z,Q 17 Q ff f yr ff f m f . Q, I K KN A Q? W N ,f i Q X, X 'I " fm 'Za- "L-xi? H f lj, qi .. :7 ' ff '2 IJ I' 4 V 1, . A1 ' 2 gy X227 ' 'N X v! f X' rf" 1 .,,f, 4 A AQ ff yt W ff I, lf f iff Q ' ff" N N Y 'f' Ig - IJ - gf, jf K f ff ' fi X ' f f " 5 ffiff gif X Lf f 5 7' x ff? ' ' X' 3 ,K , 1, 1,1 ' fl L I uw I . K l I I iqfe ' ,' N X 'V ff M . ,U "7 ff-,. V ff A nx 1 Q , , ff! i5 M u 44 'J f , 21+ E rf 1 '4-' ' ' lf' X JM, QQ f ' f 1 1 -' ' U" flgflf w ffxw ,N fl ' ,f L, -fifr 'I' ' ' ' N ,V ' '17 L I U I XIV K i 'rf 7:7 N X., f J! J A Rl N S I ,N ff: 5-K if , . fc ! 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Khoury Margarvt Ann Baker - Jack Eisenberg - Bob Bailey - Gordon Culvvell A Lester McCoy Company A OFFICERS Captain - - - - - - - - Don Bandy Honorary Captain - - Martha Van Shaw Honorary Captain - Joanne Hoover Lieutenant - - - Burwell Southern Lieutenant - - Gene Scott Lieutenant - - - Billy Linkenhoger Bailey, Randall Barnard, Joe Barrington, Robert Bennett, Charles Blanchard, Thornton Black, Lester Brown, Jerry Burk, LeRoy Cain, Bill Carter, Donald Carver, Larry Chaney, Roy Christopher, Richard Coates, Jack Collins, Bobby Lurrie, Buck CADETS Donnell, Wayne Eitner, Steve Elledge, Jim Elliot, Dick Farnsworth, Carl Gleason, Bob Gordon, Finney Hampton, Richard Hawkins, Dene Heath, Tom Hinds, Harry King, Bob Littleiohn, Bobby Lyons, Jerry McCoy, Lester McNeill, Corley lvlann, Gilbert Mott, Robert Murphy, Johnny Norris, James Pteitter, Alvin Puett, Curtis Reid, Jack Rinehart, Gene Ritter, Danny Romeno, Tea Royse, George Russell, T, H. Sanders, F. A. Simmons, Dan Shuttler, Jackie Sims, Wrlltei Srnith, Oron Sparks, Nathan Stone, Douglas Stultz, Hugh Stultz, J. M, Summerville, Bill Thompson, Dick Trimble, Bob Turpin, Tom Vick, George Voshalike, Bobby Waldrop, Thomn Wise, James Woltrrtni, Phillip . ,, mwwbwvm X""""M-wi Company B OFFICERS Captain - - - - - - - Billy Pat Moore Honorary Captain - - - - - Patsy Northcut Lieutenant - - - Bob Kemp Lieutenant - - Maple Sewell Lieutenant - - - - Charles Kay CADETS Adams, Bruce Bagwell, Lavon Bennett, Richard Bones, Ted Brown, Harold Christian, Donald Clark, James Conant, Windy Cornelius, Tucker Duncan, Billy Fullerton, Jerry Garner, Edwin Gilbert, James Hill, Jimmy Hearne, Charles Henderson, Kenneth Hester, G. A. Halden, Archie Joe Holland, James E. Holman, Robert Holstein, Frank Huneke, David Jordon, Bobby Laceky, Jerry Lemons, Walter Lookingbill, John Loveless, James Mayne, Earl L. MrMinn, Bobby Mclntyre, Donald Moreland, Douglas Morton, Charles New, Robert Parker, Dick Pratt, Joe Poindexter, Gerald Rehmeyer, Lee Rehmeyer, Ted Reynolds, Jim Rhoton, Novman Robbins, Bobby Robertson, Ellis Saunders, Guyon Seewald, James Smith, Bob P, Stantield, H. K. Stapt, Lowell Stevenson, Walter Sullivan, Norman Thrasher, Marvin Tidwell, James Triplett, Jay Tyler, James Vahue, Ray Webb, Kenneth Wltittington, Richard Wfilkinson, Buddy Willianis, Clyde Ray 162 Company C Captain - - Honorary Captain Lieutenant - - Lieutenant - - Lieutenant - Lieutenant - OFFICERS CAD ETS - - Hugh Haight Nancy Hubbard Schrewder Hendley - Jim Frank Love - Edward Brown Lonnie Moser Anderson, Dick Anderson, Bill Andrews, John J. Ashley, Oscar Barton, James Barbee, Billy J. Bagwell, Lero Beistle, Ralph Benton, Don Burk Bill I Y Byers, Bill Caraway, Tho 163 Y Blair, Marvin m G. as Cloud, Hershel Collier, John W. Connellee, Roger Cox, V. L. Culwell, Gordon Eckhart, Jim Ferguson, Dan Fuqua, Jack Geisler, Don Gonzales, Ascension Hazlewood, Bob Gooten, Billy G. Johnston, Jay T. Johnson, Jack Levy, David Lowel, Neal Leuders, Eddy Martin, Billy Don Mixon, Claude A. Notestine, Edmond Palmer, Leslie L. Parker, Bobby Peterson, Ray Prestridge, Bobbie Ramsey, Ben Rice, Clarence Riley, Edward F. Roush, Sylvester L. Scruggs, Charles Simms, Sammy Swanks, Wm. Andrew Taylor, Harold W. Thomas, Donald E. Turpin, Joe E. Williams, Kay Williams, Bill Willingham, H. C. Wilmeth, Merrill Company E Captain - Honorary Captain Lieutenant - Lieutenant - Armstrong, Charles Austin, Charles Autry, King Battin, Dick Benton, Jack Billington, Bob Brodie, Jessie Brown, Edward Caldwell, Brent Carter, Curtiss Casey, Clifford Colville, Gene Cox, Donald Davis, Donald Doose, Bill Ducan, Roy Enoch, Buddy Farrell, Jimmy Floyd, H. E. Tomby, William OFFICERS CADETS Grimes, Jackie Hoffman, A. J. Hogan, Leland l-lopson, Jerry Jayroe, Melvin Kay, Charles Leggott, Charles Larson, Russell Lawson, Reese Mann, Morice Meacham, Billy Moreland, Douglas Mclntyre, Don McSpadden, Bill Moore, Bobby C. Gliphint, Don Palmer, Leslie Patterson, Leroy Payne, Robert Quisenberry, Doyle - Bob White Grace Moore Jimmy Mitchell - Bob Taylor Robinett, Dick Rodger, Jack Scott, Gordon Sisk, R. C. Smith, Gene Sparks, Roland Strickland, Jimmie Swenson, Wilbur Taylor, Allen Taylor, Steve Tinker, Dale Thawley, J. R, Valentine, Vernon Williams, Harold Williamson, Robert VVhite, Curtiss White, Jimmie Wood, Billy Whittey, Jimmie Yarbrough, Jimmy Headquarters Company OFFICERS Coptoin - - - - - - Honorory Coptoin - Lieutenant - - Lieutenont - - - - CADETS Abrohomson, Royol Adoms, Dowel Bornord, Johnny Botes, Henry Blockburn, Henry Brolley, Bill Brewer, George Compbell, Gorlond Covin, John Cunningham, Richord Doin, Jim Dovenport, Billy Denney, W. C, Estes, Morris Ford, Chorles A. Ford, George Fox, Cloude 165 Gruhlkey, Lee Gusler, Fronk Gusler, Jock Heorn, Jomes L. Henry, Fred E. Jones, Jere J. Lemond, Robert Longest, Bobbie Lovelody, Terry McConn, Jomes McClintock, Jimmy Mcliechnie, Kenneth Mortin, Thomos Melton, Bob Messer, Lynn Middleton, Jimmie - Delbert Stephens A - Gene Schulze - Eddie Bloir - Chorlton Wise Pierce, Lee R. Provus, Edword Royburn, George Rigley, Horold Rudelson, Horry Sonders, Poul Schmidt, Chorles Shelbourn, Polmer Toylor, Gene Tinkle, Bill Trimble, Kenny Volem, Jerry Wolentine, Jett Wolker, Bosil Willioms, Eugene Witt, Scotty Young, Clorence And the Rille Team J. D. Fisher Douglas Moreland Jerry Volern Jack Rodgers Alan Smith Eddie Blair Dan Bandy Phillip Wolfrcini Hugh Haight Gene Scott Delbert Stephens Patsie Northcutt Richard Bennett John McMillan Don Mcintire Gordon Calwell Charles Kay Frank Gusler Edward Johnson Jack Benton Charlton Wise Kay Williams George Ford Thomas Martin Dick Reid Howard Willis 'Watt Champion Bolo Taylor Don Benton Billy Linkenhoger tired high in the Eighth Service Coni- mand Rifle Match and is high point man in the Corps, J. D. Fisher who ranks as high individual scorer in the nation for his division of the William Randolph Hearst Rifle Match. Prepare for Inspection M .W ' Q! 4 ,f'UvT ' A we Q X Xe ,x we ff, q WM ef:fiiNa - P rw 2 ,- A Y we fi T if I" 'Y Q V'?'y. f'3.i- 1 2 ,C e W-Q A A gg MSL 'Q -se-9 V .W ,X ,gizlv Q? xg' y X ff f S, -W! N bf Ni si A-:NX I fi X X 4K N-Q.,,,-P-LQ, x X, is lwwff-2:14 N N ' N xX XX XX f XX N xl ,x X X W X X xx X KN ,Q X -Xxx XQX I x XXX I iw 2? WX! 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This page is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Samuel Hugh Lumpkin, who, as a captain in the Medical Corps of the United States Army served his country and brought honor to his profession. He was a member of the "Lost Battalion," was taken prisoner by the Japanese in the fall of .lava on March Sth, l942, and died in a prison comp in Burma in August, l943. Before his death Dr. Lumpkin won the affection and respect of his fellow prisoners, both American and Australian, because of his hereoic sacrifices in administering to the needs of the sick in the camp. The Bronze Star medal was awarded posthumously to Captain Samuel H. Lumpkin. l-le is the only Amarillo doctor who lost his life in military service during World War ll. 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C-gb! vvill have oll-yeor qos oir conditioning thot will rnokr: your home Cool ond corntortoble in surnnierv Cozy in winter -ff plenty of hot vvoter Whenever you vvont it, from your outornotic Gros woter heoter -f onol your kitchen will be the lost vvord in beouty ond conveni- ence, built Ground o modern "CP" Gos Ronge with ornozing fingertip controls thot will inolae Cooking C1 delight - ond, ot course, o silent Gos Refrigerator. Yes, you Con toce the tuture proudly ond with conf lidence. in T am A A 1 MSX awww 'M , ,,,,,,,.-A-.-arf" Q -f,ff"'J',L A '..AA : 1 gf 1 A Ji A M 4f1,vWX?i: ' 'N-jwsw' - '-"H was STATE CHEMICAL COMPANY ,W-15 AMARILLO PAINT and WALLPAPER JUNKIN DRY GOODS BEERY'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP Phone 2-6559 628 Polk ST. Amc1riIIo, Texos Complime-nfs of BARRICK CATTLE COMPANY Compiimenfs QI WALTER IRVIN Incorporoie O d -" -V-NX -1 :S "": 2--. TQZY Ts it-r .. X ' . -4, . --A 7 lr tx 1 Y , . X g if . , -af ' .L- ,?'s I "PE f-1 ,:..-5 Y: 11.-J fv- E F? pg. 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"Bill" Beecnler CUNNINGHAM FLORAL COMPANY 25Il Wesr SVXTII Telegraph Flowers LINE AVENUE CLEANERS lT's a Faclg Clean Clorlwes Lasr Longer N-IIQEOQE ' AG ALL KINDS OF E of 1 N s UWRAN cr-3 A AND BONDS A 212 E. Gm sr. MARILLO . TEV' PHONE 4334 'IST' "ti, Hy A l,lFe LUCILLE SHOP Collaquiafe Phone 2-2465 38lQ Line Ave. Y CLEANING INC QCh9 Sf H 1MASTER'CLEANERg 4 42g53 f??IgL!a,L,QLL Ls'f, 3 - f,DZ,,e 4325 Complimenfs of The M E X I C A N IN N I Sixfh cmd Vcm Buren H 8. 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PENNEY COMPANY "The Home of Befier Values" .---q Dial Q-3245 For Details Your luiiiluio Deserves ilm Bos! R. C. Jordan, Manager Vans - Siorage Local and Dependable Nationwide Service Moving Since i903 H MAXOR DRUG Fisk Building ONLY ONE PAIR TO LAST A LIFETIME! Eyesight is their most precious possession. So protect their eyes with proper lighting at all times. When home work becomes tedious and the children begin to get sleepy before bedtime, chances are, it's the lighting in your home. Make sure you have the proper-sized lamp bulbg that the bowl is clean pq W and that the lamp is placed in the right i position to avoid shadows and glare. , v' A F21 Remember, they have only one ANNLXP 9 Nl i pair of eyes to last a lifetime, so Nw: - lyyiillihgk Zi' gjlF'Ofq protect them always. SOUTHWESTERN C 0 M PA N Y 9 Y +o + f W gy - ' ,A - is X? WAN, kg Q Q49 M x V- .f .L . .,.- - ' n W' . K ,wr , Viv,-Y..s,Xn.g lx Y kk . N f' fs" if, H4 H ui, 4 X cw? H355 ' ,,Qj, f flaky? yea n 1 lk" wr ug' . 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GRADUATES C BQN TON We Hope To Serve You BAKERY ' , RUDELUS CompleTe Furnifure ond Applionce Sfock HEATH FURNITURE 524 Toylor Phone 2-5581 Clarendon - Hereford - Ploinvievv - Amorilio Complimenfs of KITTY KERRIGAN'S MILLINERY ond UHUUITS 723RoikS1r-ze? AMARTLLO, TEXAS -1- 1 QVWWZT: ZYMR Jaw -' . --I-'fa' H SUJEET ole'- 'T+4-IFTI 1-snug 14 :QT- wkkf 35714 1,o'R.RW U-'W 'BST 4..ouE 4400 ---f -391 1: srn-L, ,G uCul0O-- E1 T , : "ii ff, 3 N, ' - , , -.f.:. H' 0:,.' in,-P' f L1-',-,f-ly -- ..,' . 41, A -' - f fl. .nr-.32 X fi fish. 1 ' "-"Zvi-. . ,-Eid! gm -5' T ff. - . jgh. ' 2, .' C, X ,QTL- XS. 4 X6 Num I ' ' .' A 'W X I 5 1 ,jf-nn-' -1 ' 1- . 'L-I ,v! T f X ,- on-g uf T ' T " N 3 I l F ,R .f X f I I 1,11 Jfi, 8 v .f ff . ,, T U , , fp, Q ' s Kish in W .ng ' ' 1' -lf .fmf..:, 4--,,.-f" -4 ', E f- "' -A,'1fg',1'- f T 4, B Complimenfs of , Compiirnenis of MCAFEE'S PLAINS DISTRIBUTING CO. The Ponhondle's Cldesi 421 West 4th Phone 2-3509 ond Lorgesf Furnifure Store i PANHANDLE Comphmems of VETERINARY HOSPITAL A Treofmeni Moy Be Simple HALEY FURNITURE CO. BUT o Correci Diagnosis Is Esseniioi E. F. LANHAM, D. V. S. 401-403 Toylor Phone 2-0405 304 Von Buren Phone 2-i6i8 wigmi HARRY HOLLAND'S MEN'S CLOTHING I DOO Polk Drink I TRADE MAM Compliments of DOUBLE DIP AMARILLO JUNK CO. Joe Seigel Congrotulotions onol Best Wishes Best Wishes PANHANDLE DANUBE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING CO. SOI West Sixth Avenue "Since l908" Ross D. Rogers, Monoger OIL CORPORATION , OXYGEN 4 Ace rue NE 1, f ,Ma-rdsvzfx, f wswmo suvvutis , TI-IE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY in AMARILLO 501 Eost Third Avenue Phone 8277 ja., Jlakldg HBFIIIGEHIITIOII C0 Frigioloire Roper Philco Ronge Rodio Kff-Rxrfi i Jf'?5K4?5t5? 'R " f it J! f 451421 f-1+ Kli .:ysgL4ggur' swiggf ,. I Qi UTTERLY NEVW BOYS! Buy Your ROTC Uniform ond Sporfsweor or The ARMY and NAVY STORE Our Porrroirs of The Younger Ser 201 ECIST 4Th PFWOIWG 6405 I fr f"'rf'T"!i?' 'Vim ff "rfrfr1rfjn"Wf5 In if Y !g"fcj17"j1gr'rggj?r 'P 3 p'f'011'T EDWARDS sruolo r 1"-'Yrrr rY5rQ',r1rrrrQ h r 'rarr.r4rrrffrgrg,' Sm Fe MQ- Phone 2-2008 r r rrrrrrrriirrrmIW YYYIHYPXWEYIY Y ' I N h: Y ur i ,fr y r rr r,r.rr.r r ,Yr ,,o, ,YW .V.- -"'A... 'W rr-- Q''!l2""A""M,WW IY Y' blll rl,r'f7'!?r1 if M 'I ffl: I . , ,. W -. X rl W . -' ' ri','p I4 ' I ,I X 5 5 1 4 r, 'YE' rhfhil Wig' ' Qf1?Qfrfeg ,ff -fqflbhwl 5, -' 4'1f-M5-,' f. 'W' I 7 ,4 Il-5' ,Lily 7' V. si ff: .. Sigjlhfrh:i0lfQ3Ai'.1Vf:v A' THoMPsoN-KING co. rg5,.'.r,,9rrg:,TX - , 5 ,wn34.,'4rrS1-4 PM rrrr Y ffifgg? 6 ' A 91 'Wg ' I,'g,' v' gf ' r' - 2 'k,:'- 3-1 'V H l .' I ' Ldvwrff ,,r ',f 1 4' 'f fff 4, h or jf ww J We 'ZW' fr f W af, my -Y WZ !,cdf7 W Q U' f' ,ffff , l If All K' d f ah Q o f fflv ' W Z? ff 'N 5 O 'M-,L 44, Vfff JWZEMA INSURANCE 'k Comphmenrs of 108 Wesr Ninth J. W. HILL Phone 5301 Furniture 911 Polk Srq Phone 9012 Congratulations! O LORDS AMARILLO OIL MILL COMPANY I 3 Qfsrsligsi 2 . . . 'rops Fon QUALITY C. M. WILLIAMS 8. COMPANY Q Conwpleie Home Furnishings 6 Distribufors of the Following Nafionolly Known Merchandise SERVEL OAS REFRIOERATORS MAGIC CHEF AND ESTATE RANGES BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY VVARD FLOOR FURNACE O ol5 Taylor Congraiulafions 'lr HYMIE CLAYTON lr 'SK X X I if '5.'y if "I X 4' 1, it X5 X I 2 . W I i - f f. 4fA'f,.,f 713 ' -I ,4.A w ' I I aff ' 3242 Eg A' A, l ' f - ' - Make Shamrock Your Brand for Gasoline and Mofor Oil THE SHAMROCK OIL AND GAS CORPORATION Amarillo, Texas 'A' CLACK RADIO SERVICE l70l Washingiom Sire-ei' Phone 2-I769 Sales and Service - Home and Car Radios 'lr ' Ci 5 2 axsizga DQ SX :fag EC T C I' H KU Y omp :ments From X , Ei X 5 SOUTHWESTERN INVESTMENT CO. The F riendly Fincance Company ,QQ ' f-S RQ K1 TRANSFER AND 'J -A' 3 E QKQ of alfa? Qs QKLHFQCP' "Let Warehousing Help Yofmfg 1562 7- fp 220 Arthur Street 'eff Q Compliments BARFIELD BOB CRUDGINGTON LUMBER i' Studebaker I l 7, R Q O I pygwgkyoj r Riffs' 1, . ' I ily? JJ. I 1 r,.V 'I' 4 T If 'IL : I I . Ae H 1 ' T A I JW lffy-ALJ. Complimenfs of Z Kiwi R' wvwcazglil I awful .fufffwnL64mJ V I 0 fidbf I W , 'T I N-03 '79 Amarillo College We invife you To consulf Us obouf your college needs OUR CREDITS ARE TRANSFERABLE I TO LEARNING INSTITUTIONS THROUGHOUT TI-IE COUNTRY 4 D -A- Amarillo Band House Amarillo College Amarillo Gas Amarillo Junk Company Amarillo Laundry Amarillo National Bank Amarillo Oil Mill Co. Amarillo Paint and Wall Paper Amarillo Times American National Bank Anchor Sport Shop Army and Navy Store Asia Grocery and Market Atkinson Drug Co. -B- Ballard's Barfield Lumber Barrick Cattle Eert Levy Bivins Service Station Bivins Service Station No, 2 Blackburn Bros. Ban Ton Borden's Boxwell Brothers Boyce, William Browning Blueprint Beery's Prescription Shop -C- Cal Farley's Capitol Hotel City Sign Company Clack Radio Repair Clayton, Hymie Clowe and Cowan Coca-Cola Consumers Coop. Crudgington Motor Cretney Cunningham Floral 239 Buy From ..D- Danube Oil Doche and Company Dock Coffey Double Dip Dupriest, Carl -E- Eclward's Studio Elliott-Greer -F- Federal Motor Trucks Florey, Carlton Freeman Flowers Foxworth Galbraith Furr Food -G- Globe News Gordon's Guaranty Abstract 8. Title -H- H 81 Y Drug Hagy, Harrington and Marsh Haley Furniture Harris, Eugene Herring Hotel Hill, J. W. Harry Holland Hollywood Dress Shop Hub Clothiers, The ..l- Ingerton, Potts Irvin, Walter -J- Jenkins Music Jones-Roberts Junkin Dry Goods -K- K. F. D. A. K. G. N. C. Kearn's Grain Kenyon-Gattis Kerrigan, Kitty These Kiker Photo Shop Kline's -L- Lane's Ice Cream Lester's Home Bakery Levine's Line Avenue Cleaners Lokey, Ted Loewenstern, Hugo H. Lone Star Motor Longchamp's Lord's Lucille Shoppe -M- M. 8. L. Transfer Maxor Drug Marizon Co. Marsh Electric Merit Mills Mexican lnn Moore and Smith Body Shop Marrow Tlioman Murray Watts McAfee's McCartt Su McCormick McDavid B McKnight per Market Co. rothers -N- Neal's Restaurant -gd Olver Si Wiggins Lumber Osgood Monument Panhandle Panhandle Panhandle Penney, J. Pepsi-Cola Phillips Pe -p- Advertising Laundry Veterinary C. troleum Pinkney Packing Co. Plains Chevrolet Plains Creamery Plains Distributing Co. Potter County Medical Society -R- Rudell's Russell Company ...5... Sateway Cab San Jacinto Beauty Saratoga Cafe Sears-Roebuck Seewald's 7-Up Shamrock Oil and Gas Sherwin-Williams Shields, Joe Spicer's Southwestern Investment Co. Southwestern Public Service Southwestern Store Fixtures State Cate State Chemical Stewart Floral Stroud, J. Ernest Sunset Stables -T- Thomas Dinner House Thomson-King -W- Western Light 8- Supply Wesley's Western Stockyards White and Kirk Whitney Printing Williams and Co., C. M. 'Nilliams-Campbell Wilson Battery Witt Motor ..Z- Zales W X I w X 6 7 'V x , kb KX' X! of 4 I, N 3 if W gl , X ED?- ' ' A0 . My fi WW MMM .W fb bl f'WO"22ffWf',,i,i 'Q all fiZ'i5ffff,5Z+? Eibwjgiikwy if Xi ? - dgfilfii Wawmj fx 3 SE SF gfgiigit Exgiggiiiif 5 Q 5 ,x z1?giQ3m2,jQQi is X1 fs ' X XIL 'fp' 164 if KWSWA Bviffffn L, Wfqfw ,Q ,Q Q., Jf' fp CM Af fn 'XX

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