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Cs WMMMZ? my io XAMW q J 1 L M M W' QMWQWWW E NK SX ESX FQ SA Q N W N SE SY iam E if Q Y- A S sig ESQ ' E R k , A Mums? 'x .. , , x X xx Q X, .f 1 lY ' me 5,,,' 4011, - L WM. f -. jwM7ZfjZ,,i,L7iZ9Q,g,,A Q. Yi uaizpxiigw m L n n m o s n 4 I M '7' 3 ,QW WWZWJWQQ X f W X. ,Q 1 ' R Q fx xx' if X C ES fy N 34 xx 5 Q X N 593 gy H535 fp W 1 . W?-THE CQf'w'fffJSfzWf'f"f!. mp-lbfii, JM TZQWQQIAAFF D WWf 2, W I W . 5pEI'E5fXBEND M ffyyffw fp, JK! My ig MW 2 ffm Wgjfyfyw My f E325 L, -A TTnY Y VYT W T T f- I 0 llf' TLQ ix, alll X ' JJ. I , ,,i I' 54, e",,,,,f I Y ilgof., iiifcif A EQQIT ' ' ' if ' 'w 'FTS' ld! Ilxiijl T I Ilflll Ifllwibllfliyi II I W MI W T SA ,aww . f CC dc' I I l Tm 42 , I PUQA .!'i!,kkt?,Q,J-fi.-if I l ,. KT U 2 1 I To Q353' '29, Era X I ' Qi' 53 Ti 0 J THE SPIRIT OF AMERICANISM IN A. H. S. A EDITION ii "l PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE '- Y To The Flog of The UniTed SToTes of Americo, ond To The Republic Tor which iT sTonds, one XT Y noTion, indivisible, vviTh LiberTy ond JusTice 0 , 1 for All." tl '. Jil b This Theme wcis chosen os one which Truly reflecTs 'K 'I J The spiriT ond heriToge of Americans in Their Q . - N' ' homes, in Their communities, ond in Their schools. . 'B 3" Published by THE STUDENT BODY OF AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL Amorillo, Texos I , we A fi ficmfc Q cl if 2 Z i Ili I I C X Qfgfjfiie L A-V gy ,,-fx I xx ww!-J 12 QS ' N - M f W, Nw ,WW gamma GMQ yi b X? A, X . ' Xybx , Nc j vV A W AALT lt ? f:g 3 5 t.TQY N , L FS 1 fQ g K fi fo vim W . KS A X Wo? ff f WW Y N U X X X XT. X ,X . x K N N xi 5 X, 'x Q XA xl K 4 N X x . N Nk .X I fy. N X s. 5QruIfy 2 HMMHWMMW. f ' 2 - , Seniors 3? .I L3niors .,. - " 3 Sophomores.w..g....!Q,..Q......+. 85 SporTs....hT 5 .JOY Orgonizofions ..,.Q.-..........,...,.'f I 3 ' kSTude1iHLife A mw'k A -..-...............,....,..i x 9 ,xx Q. F x . 1 . Q- Q: , , . , . . T 5 N - J X' A. N' ' ' S. ., . s 1 V . U , I X Q , ' N .I N . -N ,, - . . NJ 0 x K 1 . X: : .J . , x -. ix ' ax X ' I - . x n Y gi Q is R35 iii? SN? 55, 5 Si wiwg if 3 v X XXX Q , 4 W? fa , , Q ,,, X r . 1 T . WvA-...A.-. A pl wff"fQ .- 11 4.1 l'f""'lo' A , ?f, 'll' A- 1 "Al 1 1 ' A, dfvoaf ffl ,Q ' 4 I . s ' Y 1 , ' A x 'Q An-nd L,., ' 'Af " ' M . fy . , 1 f , 1 , Q' .P" Q. . I' -." I X .fini ,-lv A du, I .9 7" 'f--fjff rf-eff JAH, Wf?',!,f.ff , 5,4 iw! -2- A. H. s. K,,7,lffrf!l-iff' gif 4A fry t, ,JJJLW A. H. sl oh, A. H. 3.1 xp- Wwvy ,WWA We'll sing your promise Tonighf, xx X . . Q 'N AA E sg 1. i ll 5 To leT you know where'er we go . For Block ond Gold we'll fight VVe'll sing your Worfh o'er oll The eorfh- Of schools you ore The best In books of forne we'll wrire your nome, Oh, A. l-l.S.! SWNNO l!'5-9.A,Q.fL Ygwvoomm hw-6-x5-gqgk-f Xf X x J l W "OI: Tl-IEE I SING" bww l l Jfvanwywfcmwffwjaywwjykw ' awwwwb MVWMW DEDICATION To that wondrous spirit ot patriotism this book is given. To that spirit which stirred Patrick Henry to give his well-known orations tor liberty, to that spirit which made a mere silversmith ride as it possessed by a demon over hill and dale, to that unknown quality existing only in our imagination, but to us just as real as the thought ot Santa Claus, to that which urged Washington, Lincoln, and other tarnous patriots of this great land to do their deeds-to their works an to them, we ot the LA AlROSA staff, rnbly give this as our contribution to and or W at they gave us. V ' 'Q , 1 . i s"f i . P 1 . .Xt X x ill X ' i KJ "lv J i 'f U' i f l , i 4 XJ j j i WW ,gf Mwwfi yy Www? WQMVWW MTVN 9 W 1f2W ,,f WMQWW fri! J' WW fd Z! C Amr., vvkwlw Af' . XL-NM-Jvfffw ,A .,.V...M. h f,Mlw2MNfiQQ'V 'A""M" frm-L4.,flf-NXn.,aAf. Gi. faMA:,.,,,:. 'Lv iw? . -f7C!L,..,0x,..,...n fl, ' V X yi-,, " ! , J f J K- . . gi! -J f'.f.f'ff'V"'-fs, X . -' .V -f Sf ' 1 ff' H, ff' ,V-I ,2g,J.f' ,f"' I-ff'-f ' 1 Y "X 'IZ ""-fgw . , , -sf f J V! X . 'fy'-ff .Z-f L' '-f ' if W , - ., 1' f ' V ' 2.1 . ' , - ' , .iff J' I ff,-ff' J ff' f ' .1 7'-Q! 1 "' J ,ill I , f J X OCCASIO E EMBER fU"f ' V! 1 1 1 CORONATION The Queen .... bless her! The coronqTion hull wos pocked wiTh loyol subiecTs who hod come To see Their queen crowned. ln come The courT procession, led by The qugusT lords ond The lovely lqdies, Tollowing Them were The noble dukes ond The bequTiTul duchesses, qnd bringing up The con- vocqTion come The orisTocroTic princes ond The eminenT princesses. AT lqsT inTo The hqll come our grdcious queen, Queen Pc1Tricio. l-low dignified she proceeded down The oisle To The siogel There she wqs given her scepTer ond crown. ThoT lqsT scene, ThoT of The queen wqlking Through d conopy of swords, mode o mosT bequTiTul sighT. ThoiT dey musT be qdded To our book of memories. li H-mg, lCharacTers: From left To right: lHarold Thomas Sue Kuykendall lBiII Jenkins jEvereiT Boland Janice Westmoreland Mary Ann Hall Irvin Wall Elaine Johnson lBilIy Sfarsefh Gaynor Van Shaw John Reynolds Betty Knight Robert Bigelow Peggy Woodson Dick Cline R. B. Norman James Franklin Queen: Patricia lVlcClarney LeeRoy Boyfer Dean Wrighf Billy Keith Irwin Wilda Williams John Andrews Nancy Caldwell Ira Lee Maxine Deason Frnesf Rogers ilvlildrew Sfinson 'Bill Jolly Eleanor Adams Frank Williams lPat1y West lFred Brady Virginia Johnson l '13 l I V L l I l i 5. l l l l llc CHRISTMAS PAGEANT A spirir of reverence . . . a wish 'ro share our blessings . . . a beauiiful Chrisrmas pageani never To be forgorren . . . CAST OF CHARACTERS: Par McClarney, Mary Ann Hall, Mary Ann Dudley, Barbara Boyce, Elaine Johnson, Gladys McGlasson, Louise Walker, Barbara Pollard, Jane Gordon, Joyce Saunders, Berry Roberts Adelaide Horton, Le Wayne Stroud, Ernes- Tine Wanser, Bobbie Jean Williams, Brownie Longabach, Maurila Fly, Sammy Deal, Eugene Stephens, J. T. Kisner, Elmer Sfroup, Garland Trimble, James Richardson, J. W. Snyder, Alfred Daniel, Donald French, Kenneth Duggins, Virginia Bowman, Dick Cline, Malcolm Dever. T4 -5X cHoRus f Jllfpfif Cx! . f ,7'T' 'Y 'I if OUR GIFT TO THE CHILDREN'S HOME POPULARITY BALL of 4, .r ,fx I Brillionl evening gowns . . . Flowers ond perfume ond occdsionollv sfordusl in soff hoir . . . Remember The Populorily Boll? Thol wos glomour, wosn"r iT? And when The closs fovoriles were inrroduced, everylhing wos glmosl Too wonderful When IT wos over, you wondered whol people did who never orlended A. l-l. S .... didn'T you? l6 SENIOR FAVORITES "Pe-THQ" Pcffy Wesf "JovioI" James Franklin .X JJ fy fl I 0 A '9 qu,r' nw.,,6 EQ lf, . If J f' A, rj !',,.,'L5TJ,.fj0 "BeoUTiful" fp Bobby E!kins Ya JUNIOR FAVORITES IIB - - Dick Cline jqfk 0 xx SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Smiling" Shirley Jackson Boshfulu Billy Keillw Irwin ELECTION DAY i. The original fish story. Q. Some Thought it was funnyg some -- 3. The long Trek beck To his sect 4. The suiT's goocl-looking-on him. 5. Confoozin' but omoozinf 6. She ioughed,-must be Q friend 7. IT's going over big. 20 MILITARY BALL Whoi o highi . . . Soii music . . . 'EighT To o bor" ond o slick floor, Too . . . vvhoi o highT . . . Arid Those sweei IiTTIe hoihihgs I whispered To you . . . Ah, vvhoi o night Thoi highi wois To me. . .A red IeT'rer doy in The colehdor of my memories . . . Thof glorious night of The Miliiory Boll . .. QI CAVALCADE OF MUSIC Drums rolling . . . Cymbels clashing . . .The Ccuvalccucle of Music before our eyes . . . From The STohe Age scene-humorous isThe home Tor iT-To The moclerh- ess of The sophisTicc1Teel Club Mirmor . . . lT was oll immensely enioyoble . . . 22 CACTUS CAPERS A musical "hiT' '... CacTus Capers . . . PresenTecl by our Music DeparTmenT . . . A program given To The singing of "WesTern" music . . . Music ThaT seems To linger on, never grows old . . .The cliTTies made popular by The nomaols of our plains. . . The finale WiTh a saluTe To Uncle Sam and To John Bull broughT To a close on occasion long To remember . . . ,vm iff?f2i5Wf2fwf3f y ififf 09 ?1jjf3,r,figij01M!yy6yWy WQMWMMM 6 ,QPKMSZALKJQ wwf? fTfPj'Y 2W gf ff WJ QJWWQQM My ff We W N D ADMINISTRATlON in rt gif is was -aims 1 CHARLES M. ROGERS R. B. NORMAN R. A. SELBY Superintendent Principal Director ot Secondary Curriculum M. A., Texas Technological College M. A,, University of Texas and Guidance M. A,, Oklahoma University JOHN WAYNE MIDDLETON MRS. GERVIS TAYLOR Assistant Principal Dean of Girls Dean of Boys Texas History, Commercial M. A., Colorado State Arithmetic College of Education B. A., West Texas State Teachers' College FACULTY MRS. C. P. ATWOOD English M. A., Texas Technological College MISS MAGGIE AVENT Mathematics B. S., West Texas State Teachers' College MISS MARION BARNES English M. A., University of Oklahoma R. C. BOULWARE Commerce M. A., Southern Methodist University CHARLES BREEDLOVE Science M. S., Southern Methodist University MISS BETTY BRIDGES Commerce M. A., Texas State College for Women MRS. A. L. BRINT Social Science M. A., Texas Technological College MISS .IEWELL BROCK Science, Mathematics M. S., Texas Technological College MRS. DOROTHY BROKAVV Social Science M. A., University of Texas MRS. J. N. BROWNING English B. S., Coe College MRS. W. B. BURKHALTER English M. A., West Texas State Teachers' College MISS CATHERINE CHAPMAN English M. A., Texas Technological College ELI P. COX Distributive Education M. S., North Texas State Teachers' College MRS. VIRGINIA CRABTREE Librarian B. A., University of Texas MRS. LELA CROSSETT Social Science M. A., University of California MISS JULIA DEAN Music M, A., West Texas State Teachers' College MRS. SUE DONALD Home Economics M. A., Texas State College tor Women ALFRED R. DONNELL R. O. T. C. West Texas State Teachers' College 27 new TAF FACULTY MISS MINNIE FEIERABEND Social Science M. A., University of Chicago MISS CELIA FEINSTEIN Commerce M. A., Columbia University MISS MAUDE FLETCHER Art M, A., Columbia University MRS. ELIZABETH M. FLY Home Economics B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College W. I'I. GORDON Science, Social Science M. A., Texas Technological College THOMAS H. HAYNIE Physical Education B. A., University of Texas L, B. HERRING Social Science M. A., University of New Mexico CHARLES A. HERTEL Journalism, English M. A., University of Colorado V. R. HOWARD Social Science M. A., Colorado State College of Education T. G. HULL Manual Arts, Assistant Coach B. A., Simmons University MISS ICIE B. JOHNSON Business Administration M. B A., University ot Oklahoma LLOYD H. JONES Bible A. B., McMurry College MISS ANNA MAY KLAPPROTH Latin, Mathematics M. A., University of Colorado ROSS H. LARSEN Mathematics, Assistant Coach M. S., North Texas State Teachers' C H. M. LAUGHLIN Social Science M A., University of Texas MISS NELLIE .IANE LUTHER English B. A., University of Texas HOWARD W. LYNCH Social Science, Head Coach M. A., University of Kentucky MRS. ALICE GIBSON MCDAVID English M A., University of Colorado ollege FACULTY ROY MILLICAN Diversified Occupations M. A., Southern Methodist University MAURICE W. MITCHELL Shop, Auto Mechanics M. S., Texas A. and M. MRS. W. E. MURRELL English M A., Texas Technological College MISS ELBERTINE REEDER Librarian B. S., University of Illinois MRS. PAULA REEDER Physical Education M. Ed., University of Texas MISS MABLE ROWAN Music M. A., West Texas State Teachers' College MISS CORA RUSSELL Spanish M. A., University of Southern California MISS LOUISE RUSSELL English M. A., University of Southern California MRS. BERTHA SHALLER Mathematics M. A., Texas Technological College MISS ADELLE SHOWS Commerce M. B. A., University of Texas MISS VELMA SHOWS Commerce M. A., Tulane University WILLIAM RUSSELL SMITH Science M. S., North Texas State Teachers' College MRS. MATTIE SORENSON Physical Education B. A., West Texas State Teachers' 'College WILLIAM L. STUCK Science M. A., Colorado State College of Education AILEN TAGGART Commerce M. A., Columbia University MISS RUTH ANN TOLBERT English, Social Science M. A., University of New Mexico HUGH UNDERWOOD Mathematics M. A., University ol Missouri MRS. C. C. WALDEN Science M. S., University of Southern California 29 RN. 4 Q x-A its ,E fi? tm... me wp- i 15121 Mfwfff FACULTY CHARLES A. WALLACE Science M. A., Texas Technological College MRS. N. N. WHITWORTH Speech M. A., Northwestern University ROBERT F. WILLIAMS Commerce B. A., Sguthern Normal University MISS KATE WILSON Mathematics M. A., Southern Methodist University OSCAR WISE Band, Orchestra M. S., Oklahoma A. and M. MISS JANE WOODRUFF Speech M. A., Texas Technological College MRS. LEE BROWN Registrar MRS. W. A. EWING Secretary to Mr. Norman OFF THE RECORD l. Miss Vlfllson in o rofflim' good Cort Q. Foculfy members visit Gloucester Moors. 3. Mrs. Brokaw sur- vels Comodo. 4. Teocjlwers try new punishment. 5. Mrs. NNl1iTvvorTl1 rodioles sunshine. 6. Miss Rus- sell exploins The comfouncl complicofeol comorfious ol Tlwe verb, 7. "Mumps," mumloles Mosfer Monitor Mr' Midcllelon H llvll Vvolloce wollops what? 31 TO THE STUDENTS OF THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Dear Friends: It is a distinct pleasure for me to have this opportunity of extending to you greetings and best wishes for the continued success and happiness of those of you who will continue in High School after this year, and for those of you who are leaving High School this year the greatest measure of success and happiness in your endeavors after leaving High School. This is a time which challenges everyone of us, both adults anc' boys and girls. It is a time when you should put forth your best effort to render such service to your country as you can now and to make the best use of your time in preparing yourself for the challenges that are coming to you in the near fu- ture, as citizens of our beloved country. New ideas and new issues are developing. New calls are coming for men to carry on the fundamental ideals for the establishment of which our fathers paid dearly in toil and sacrifice. These calls are coming to you now and in the near future. Will you respond to these calls by making the best use of your opportunities today? Quoting from Josiah Royce: "When you are old . . . however memory brings back this moment to your minds, let it be able to say to you: That was a great moment. It was the beginning of a new area . . . This world in its crisis called for volunteers, for men of faith in life, of patience in service, of charity, and of insight. I responded to the call however I could. I volunteered to give myself to my master-the cause of humane and brave living. I studied: I loved: I labored, unsparingly and hopefully, to be worthy of my generation." Sincerely yours, Chix. M Rogers Superintendent Amarillo Public Schools Greetings: The year l94I-42 is one of history making. Despotical tyrants have forced our peace lov- ing people intc war which promises to eclipse all previous wars in cruelty and destruction of property and life. It is doubtless extremely difficult for the youth cf today to envision even the slightest ray of hope for the blessings of peace, prosperity, and high standards of living that have been enjoyed in our country the last two decades. This is no new experience, however, in the life of nations. Not many generations have past in the world's history that youth was not called upon to face outlooks similar to that which it faces today. The problem of winning this war is great, but the problem of establishing a world order that will prevent the recurrence of such a war is relatively greater and more important. The principal challenge to the youth of today is to develop intelligence and to muster courage adequate to solve this problem of peace and a new world order. The accomplishment of the above task is not irsurmountable. With emphasis upon character, with unfaltering faith in the destiny of right, and with the intelligence with which our youth is by heritage en- dowed, nothing is impossible. Faith is paramount. To place the blame upon the former generation for your oresent plight avails nothing. After all, your fathers have given you the best part of the globe upon which to live. Your heritage is unequaled in the world. You have cause to be proud: you have much to preserve: you have much to accomplish. We exoess sincere faith that you are made of the stuff that temporary defeat will not stop short of the realiazticn of your worthwhile goal for a world wherein right- eousness peace, and plenty for everyone may prexail. Sincerely yours, R. B. .Nbrmmz Principal 32 STUDENT CONGRESS va ',. I:-1 , 3 x -is JAMES FRANKLIN TRUETT HULL SHIRLEY MAXFIELD President Vice'President Secretary ll ll 59' ll I ' 0' FRONT ROVV1 Bobby Lynn Johnson, Betty Moore, Mary Frances Russell, Juanita Sharp, Mary Kathryn Barnard, Suu Kuylcendall, Betty Knight, James Franklin, Jean Chandler, Gwen Ely, Shirley Maxfield. SECOND ROW: Gene Rutledge, O. D, Thompson, T. VV. Holman, Charles Adams, Sant Bowen, B. R. Jones, Jolin Andrews, Billy Meadows, Eugene VVilson, Edna Houston, THIRD ROW: Mr, Herring, sponsor, Truett Hull, Fred Brady, Earl Ham, Edmund Starkey, Dick Gifford, J. E. VVrenl Ray McCaus- lancl, l, C. Oakley, Grady Cooper. LAST ROVV. Fred Sclidenstranq, Dirk Madison, Charles Hughes, Dawson Bray, Don Franlfs, Jack Couley, Joe Bob Mol'Jley, Leonard fowrlf-n. y 33 LA AIROSA EDITORIAL STAFF THOMAS MOORE IRA NAE BARRINGTON Editor-in-Chief Assisforit Edifor CHARLES HUGHES Sfoff Photographer RAY COOLEY Liferory Edifor PATTY WEST Sfoff Typisf GENE CLARDY Art Editor NELL COLBY MARY NELL GIBSON Assisfonf in Office Assisfonf in Office LA AIROSA BUSINESS STAFF QQ? ELAINE JOHNSON MARY KATHRYN BARNARD JOAN MARSH BETTY KNIGHT Co-manager Co-manager Advertising Manager Assistant Manager 455, , .-.- A H .. ,.,. . . 5 3 as H 'Em " X M ,D yz, if .WZ 'L , W im? pw via L4 P ROW B den Rae Barfield Adelle Bentley Donna Boyd Burr Cory SECOND ROW: Joy Florey, lVlC1I'ry Anne Hall, Adelaide TO 1 our , , , , Horton, Grady Howard. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Luker, Shirley Maxfield, Pat McClarney, Joe Bob Mobley. BOTTOM ROW: Bob O'Keefe, John Reynolds, Marlha Wingate, Billie Woods. BEST SELLERS OF ADVERTISING MARY KATHRYN BARNARD JOAN MARSH ELAINE JOHNSON MARY ANNE HALL BEST SELLERS OF ANNUALS BETTY KNIGHT PAT MCCLARNEY BURT CORY MARY KATHRYN BARNARD The business staff expresses sincere oppreciotion fo Doris Shields for her voluoble Ossisfonce in The LO Airoso subscripfion campaign cmd her work on The Populority BOII. 36 SANDSTORM . ,MM U' wr 5 . T I, Trying ro boicmce the books. 2. Ordedy confusion. 3. Am unusual sight-ol! or work, 4. The hustle ond bustle is ter rlfic. 5. Trying To mee? the deadline. 6. The plutocrof. 37 I 1 1 1 X11 ' fu xx " ' 1 S ' X r 1 X XJ JA sy, xx ' 1 x h . , f , 1' " 5 I ' I I I Y Q' N .I 1 1 1 1 P ,S V 1 xi"'mLQ.,, xx 1 LEEROY BOYTER BILLY STORSETH Preside-nf Vice-President BLJRRELL COLLINS Secrefory . 52 ST' 6 'N' X F f 1 rv AARDAL, BERNADEAN Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Dis- tributive Education '41, '42 AARDAL, WESLEY Distributife Education '41, '42 ABEL, CARL Yannigan Football '40 ADAMS, MARGIE Ken Klub '41, '42, Vice-President, Advisory '41, Treas- urer, Advisory '42, Tennis Club '41, lnternos '41 ADAMS, ELEANOR Horseback Riding '41, Vice-President, Advisory '41, Junior Usher '41, Library Representative '41 ALBRIGHT, GRANT ALLISON, JIMMIE R. O. T. C. '41, '42 AMERSON, CLIDE Ycnnigan Football '40, Yannigan Basketball '40, Tennis '40, '41, Vice-President, Advisory '41, Sandie Football '41, '42 ANDERSON, JUANITA ANDERSON, MINNIE Basketball '40 ANDREWS, JAMES Ken Klub "41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Hi- Y '41, '42, President, Advisory '41, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Saber Drill Winner '41, Rifle Team '41, '42 ARMSTRONG, JIM Forensic Society '42 ARMSTRONG, LOVVELL BAKER, ELAINE Band '41, '42, Orchestra '41, '42, Tvvirler '42, Flag Bearer '42 BAKER, EUGENE BAKER. GEORGE Yannigan Football '41, Sandie Football '42 BAKER, GERALDINE Vice-President, Advisory '41, '42 BAKER, LEE ROY BAKER MARY Band '40, '41, Distributive Education '41, '42 BALAND, EVERETT Hi-Y '41, Distributive Education, President '42, President, Advisory '42, Student Congress '42, Critic in English '41, '42 BALL, ARTHUR R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Forensic Society '41, Treasurer, Advisory '42, Vice-President '42 42 BALL, BEVERLY Vice-President, Junior Closs '41, Horoseboclc Riding '41, '42, Forensic Society '42 BALLEVV, DOROTHA Glee Club '42, Secretory, Forensic Society '42 BALLEVV, MURL Boxing '39, Treosurer, Advisory '40, '41, Forensic Society '42 EANGS. GORDON BARNARD, MARY KATHRYN Hostess Club '40, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Tennis Club '42, Lo Airoso '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Congressman-cnt-Large '42, Vice-President, Forensic Society '42, Thespion '42 BARR, MARY Eugene, Oregon: Sophomore Fovorite '39, Secretory, Sophomore Closs '39, Glee Club '39, Amorillo, Distributive Educotion '40, '41, '42 BARRINGTON, IRA NAE Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Secre- tory-Treosurer, Advisory '41, Secretory, Forensic So- ciety '42, Lo Airoso '41, Assistont Editor '42 BASSETT, CLYDE V Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Yonnigon Bosketboll '40, '41, Sandie Bosketboll '42, Trock '42, Forensic So, ciety '42 BAUCUM, GEORGE Snndstorm '41, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Chain- bor of Commerce '42 BEARD, CARROLL R. O. T. C. '41, '42 BEASLEY, MARY MARGARET Library Representotive '42 BEASLEY, MILDRED BEC K, MARILYN BECK, ROBERT Bond '41, '42 BELL, GLENNA F. H. T. '41 Tri-Hi-Y '42 BENNETT, PHIL BENTLEY, ADELLE Secretory-Treosurer, Advisory '41, Bowling '42, Lo Airoso '42 BERG, TiMMYE EVELYN lnternos '41, Reporter '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Secretory, Ad, visory '41, Archery '42 SERGMAN, HERMAN Tennis '40, '41, R. O. T. C., '40, '41, '42, Secretory, Advisory '41, '42 BERRY, BESS EVELYNE volley Boll '40, '41, F. H. T. '41, Tennis '41, Hostess Club '42 BERRY, VVILMA Forensic Society '40, One Act Ploys '41, De- bote '42, Tennis '42, Archery '42, F. H. T. '42 43 i 'ii Q .g1i.. .Q,.f f I fs 3' 1. VW? it Ref 1 X. ,us J 4 .. ,nw . is ,,.,.,,,. . Q fu . .M . - .QQ-2 21" : gf if 5 X ,ww- ,AQE ! , - ' , 1 .. gg,-, 3 ZEIEQ If fi-if A 3 L I '3 ef M sf. S VKX' '. 'ZF-.:I' sm ' 'iff f 5 X' -we Nm f Y' T :., S Wg? E 1 l.:, BEVILLE, ALLENE BEYERS, EMMETT BICHSEL, VIOLA BIGELOW, ROBERT Yannigan Basketball '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Sandie Basketball '42, Vice-President, Advisory '42 BLACK, GENE Band '41, '42 BLACK, ROSEMARY BLACKBURN, GERALD BLACKWELL, PUNCHIE BLYTHE, BUDDY R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Track Team '41, '42, Rifle Team '41, '42, President, Advisory '41 BOND, WANDA Abilene, Texas, Treasurer, F. H. T. '40, Home Econom- ic Representative for Who's Who '40, President, Ad- visory '40, Amarillo: Ken Klub '42, Internos '42, Honor Society '42 BONES, SAMMIE KATE Student Congress '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Forensic Society '42, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '42 EONNER, BILL Plattsburg, Kansas: Football '40, Track '40, N. M. M. I.: Football '39 BOREN, RACHEL BOURASSA, DONALD Roseburg, Oregon: Football '-40, '41, Basketball '40, '41, Class President '40, '41 BOVVMAN, BOBBY BOYCL, BARBARA Internos '41, Horseback Riding '41, R. O, T. C. Sponsor '42, Los Viaieros '42 BCYCE, JOHN Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Sandie Manager '41, '42, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Rifle Team '41 BOYD, DONNA lnternos '41, Forensic Society '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, La Airosa '42 BOYD, EVELYN Chamber of Commerce '41, Treasurer, Advisory '42 BOYTER, LEEROY Student Congress '39, '40, '41, Track Team '40, '41, '42, Yannigan Football '40, Yannigan Bas- ketball '4O, '41, Sandie Football '41, 42, Presi- dent, Junior Class '41, Junior Favorite '41, Presi- dent, Senior Class '42 BOZEMAN, CECIL R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Rifle Team '41, Swim- ming Team '42 44 BRADY, EARL Hi-Y '40, Diversified Occupation '40, '41, '42 BRADY, FRED Yannigan Basketbkall '41, Ken Klub '41, Presi- dent '42, Student Congress '41, '42, President, Advisory '41, '42, Secretary and Treasurer, Advis- ory '41, Los Viaieros '42, Honor Society '42 BRAY, DAWSON R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Track '40, President, Advisory '41, Student Congress '41, '42, San- die Manager '40, '41 BRAZIEL, BETTY Secretory, Advisory '41 BR I NGOLD, BLANCHE BROACH, BETTY Secretary, Advisory '41, Secretarial Club '42 BROADDUS, GWEN Secretary and Treasurer, Advisory '41, Los Viaieros '42 BROOKS, LEONA Volley Ball '40, Captain '41, Manager '42, Presi- dent, F. H. T. '42, Tennis Club '42 BROOKS, REED BROOM, MYRTIS Vice-President, Advisory '41, Library Representative '42 BROWN, CHARLES BROWN, DEAN Boxing '40, '41, President, Advisory '41, Band '41, Librarian '42 BROWN, LILA LEE BROWN, T. C. Scndstorm '42 BROWN, YVONNE Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Glee Club '40, Dis- tributive Education '41, '42 BROWN, YVONNE BROWNING, MARY Los Viaieros '42 BULLOCK, JACK lntromural Basketball '40, '41, Forensic So- ciety '41 BUNDRANT, ED BURCH, MARY FRANCES Hostess Club '41, F. H. T. '41, Secretary '42 BURDEN, MARY 45 A""5" 5-im iw , . MAT? ll' ' ' 2 ' ,,. , ,,., 4 2 .Wal 5 W .2 -'.. . 5? lil 152' 5 i 5. Z 3 Lb, ei ' ww fgiffxligi s. 'J ' Sw Exim Sl , .www sftw.-455' "1 5 A 'Q "" 2225? H . 4 .I ww 9 . Axim 1, I Ji fi ' . BURGESS, CHARLES R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Swimming '-41, Treasurer, Advisory '41, Debate '42 BURKHAM, CHARLES BURLESON, GEORGIA Baseball Team '39, Bowling '41, F. H. T. '42 BURNETT, LUCIA Hostess Club, Secretary Treasurer '42 BUSH, JIM BUTLER, NELDA Horseback Riding '41 BYNUM, BRADLEY R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Rifle Team '40, '41 CALDWELL, GLORIA CALDWELL, NANCY Ken Klub '41, '42, Los Viaieros '41, '42, Tri- Hi-Y '42, Forensic Society '42, Tlwespian Club '42, Bowling Team '42 CALDWELL, T. M. Diversified Occupation, President '41, '42 CALVERT, RUTH MARY Band '41, '42, Secretary of Band '41, '42 CARAWAY, ADAH RUTH Bowling Team '41, Librarian Representative '42 CARLSON, NORMA Tri-Hi-Y '42, Chamber of Commerce '42 CARLSON, WALTER R. O. T. C. '40, '41 CARR, BOB CARTER, DOROTHY CARTER, JAMES Yannigan Football Manager '41, Sandie Foot- ball Manager '42 CARVER, Eowv CHESHIRE, CELESTE Abilene, Texas, Girl's Reserve '40, Back o' the Curtain '40, Amarillo: Treasurer, Advisory '40, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Library Representative '42 CHILDS, JOHN Yannigan Football '40, Sandie Football '41, '42, Sczndie Track '41, '42 CLARDY, GENE R. O. T. C. '40, Sandstorm '42, La Airosa '42, Movie Club '42 46 CLARK, HUBER1 CLARK, J. W. Yannigan Football '39, '40, Yannigan Basketball '41, Track '41, '42, Sandie Football '41, '42 CLEGHORN, PAT Glee Club '41, Sandstorm '42 COBB, MELVYN Glee Club '40, '41, '42, Vice-President '40, '41, Vice- President, Advisory '40, Los Viaieros '41, Boys' Quartet '41, '42, Extemporaneous Speech '42 COBERLY, VERLEN Band '39, '40, Glee Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Vice- Piesiclent, Forensic Society '39, Reorter, Music Appreciation Club '40 COCHRAN, DALE COFFLN, JANIE Ken Klub '41, '42, Los Viaieros '41, Horseback Riding '41, Vice-President, Advisory '41 COHEA, Bll.LlE Ken Klub '41, '42, Treasurer, Honor Society '41, '42, lnternos '41, '42, Tennis Club '42, Archery '42 COLLINS, BURREL Sandie Football '40, '41, Captain '42, Sec- xretary, Senior Class '42 CONNELLY, ANDREE F. H. T. '41, Tennis Club '41, '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Archery '42, Bowling '42 COOPER, CAROLENA Tri-Hi-Y '42 COOPER, GRADY Student Congress '42 COOPER, MARILYN Los Viaieros '41, '42, Hostess Club '42, Sandstorm '42, Thespian '42, Forensic Society '42 COPELAN D, LESLIE COR BELL, CECIL CORNELL, MIRIAM Tennis '41, Archery '42 CORY, VIOLA Los Viaieros '41, Forensic Society '42 COVEY, JOYCE Orchestra '41, Horseback Riding '42, Sand- storm '42, Thespian '42, Forensic Society '42 COVVART, BETTY President, Advisory '41, Student Congress '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Los Viaieros '41, '42, Honor Society '42 COX, LEROY Panhandle, Texas: Football '39, '40, '41, Basket- ball '40, '41, Most Popular Junior Boy '40 COX, MARY LEE Junior Usher '41, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Los Viaieros '42 47 , we' .W ,, X., BLM: fr- an-. 45? 7 W p .zvlv M .-.,, a is rf 'Q -isis-E 5.1: 4 'Si If CRACRAFT, GRACE CRAWFORD, VAUGHN CRAFT, BETTY Los Viaieros '40, Forensic Society '40 CRAIG, ALICE CRAIG, ANNE Bowling '42 CRAWFORD, OLIVER CRAWFORD, ROBERT CRIST, EARL CRITES, HAZEL CRITTENDEN, JOY CRITTENDEN, ROY CROWELL, WINIFRED Diversified Occupation '41, President '42 CULLUM, ROY ANN Horseback Riding '41, Treasurer, Advisory '42, Sec' retary, Forensic Society '42 CUNNINGHAM, JAMES Bend '40, '41, Camera Club '41, '42, Student Proiectionist '41 CURRIE, GEORGIE BELL F. H. T. '41 CURTIS, SUE Distributive Education '41, Secretary-Treasurer '42, Forensic Society '42 DALE, ROBERT Yannigan Football '41, President, Advisory '40, R. O. T. C. '40, '41, Tennis '41, Hi-Y '42 DANIEL, ALFRED Band '41, '41, R. O. T. C. Band '41, '42 DANIEL, LLOYD DANIEL, RAY Sandie Football '41, '42, Track ,51, '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42 DANIEL, REX Sandie Football '41, '42, Track '41, '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, 42 48 DARN ELL, INEZ DAUGHTEE, CALVIN R O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Rifle Team '41 DAVIS, CARROLL DAVIS, CHARLES R. O, T C. '40, Glee Club '41, '42 DAWSON, LLOYD DAVIS, JUANITA l'. H. T, '42, Los Viaieros '42 DEASON, MAXINE Ken Klub '41, '42, VEcefPresident, Advisory '41, Presi- dent, A Cappella Choir '42, lnternos '41, '42 DEAVER, BERT Boxing '39, '40, '41, Yannigan Football '40 DECKER, DOROTHY F. H. T. '41, Secretary, Advisory '41, '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Tennis Club '42, Los Viaieras '42, Archery '42, Bowling '42 DENNEY, KATHERINE DEAVER, BETTY JANE DEVER, MALCOLM DICE, JANE St. Mary's Academy: President, Sophomore Class '40, Senior High, President, Secretarial Club '42, Chamber of Cornrnerce '42, Honor Society '42 DICKSON, BILL Sondstorm '39, '40, '41, Debate Team '39, '40, Band '39, '40, Drum Maior '41, Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Honor Society '40, '41, '42, Forensic Society '40, Thespian Society '41, '42, Student Congress '41, '42, Dance Committee '41, '42, Junior Rotarian '41 DILLON, JANICE Chamber ot Commerce '40, 41, Glee Club '42, Secretarial Club '42 DISHON, LYNN R. O. T. C. '41, '42 DIXON, ROBERT Wellington, Texas: Editor, Annual '40, Publicity Manager, Junior Class '40, Male Quartet '40, Slfetch Club '40, Kress, Texas, Male Quartet '41 DOANE, REGINA DOHERTY, BILL GENE Tennis '40, '41, '42, Band '40, '41, '42, Orchestra '41, R O. T. C. Band '41, '42 DORMAN, MYRON Basketball '41, '42, A Cappella Choir '42 DOTSON, CARL 49 DOUGHTY, J. T. R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Vice-President, Advisory '41 DOWLEN, LANDON Chamber of Commerce '42 DUDLEY, MARY ANN Tennis Club '42, lnternos '42, Forensic So- ciety '42, Archery '42 DUFFIE, LEWIS DUNCAN, MELVIN DUNLAP, CLOE TEAL Reporter, Tri-I-Ii-Y '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, Reporter '42, Secretory- Treasurer, Advisory '41, Library Representa- tive '42, Secretarial Club '42, Hostess Club '42, Sandstorm '42 DURKEE, MARION Ken Klub '41, '42, Los Viaieros '41, '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Honor Society '42 DYKE, JACK EAGAN, BUFORD EDELMAN, DON Band '41, '42, R. O. T. C. Band '41, '42 ELLIOTT, BETTY JO lnternos '41, Sandstorm '41 ELLIOTT, JUDY Ken Klub '41, '42, Treasurer, Forensic So- ciety '4I, lnternos '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Tennis Club '42, Honor Society '42 ELLIOTT, ROBERT Band '41, R. O. T. C. '41 ELLIS, ANITA ELLIS, JEWEL Secretarial Club '41 ELLIS, WANDA LEE Band '41, '42, Orchestra '41, Flute Quartet '41, Hostess Club '42 ELY, NORMAN R. O. T. C. '41, '42 EUBANK, BOB EVANS, PHYLLIS Band '41, '42, Tri-I-Ii-Y '42 EWELL, ROBERT Bond '41, Hi-Y '41, Treasurer '42 FARMER, ELAINE Forensic Society '41, Secretary, Advisory '40 50 FARWELL, FENTON R, O. T. C. '42, Camera Klub '41, '42, Intramural Football '41, '42 FELTER, ISABEL Hostess Club, Vice-President '41, President '42, Forensic Society '42 FERGUSON, CHARLES Diversified Occupation '41, '42, Los Via- jeros '41 FIELD, ROBERT Orchestra '41, '42, Forensic Society '42, Thespian '42, Ken Klub '42 FITZ, CLOVER 'Sophomore1 FLANDERS, BARBARA Treasurer, Advisory '41, Secretory, Advisory '42, Chamber of Commerce '42, Archery '42, Secretarial Club '42 FLEMING, JOYCE Hostess Club '42 FLEMING, MARY FLOREY, JOY Horseback Riding '41, La Airoso '42, Foren- sic Society '42, Thespian '42 FLY, WALKER R. O. T. C. '40, Diversified Occupation '40, '41 FOREMAN, PHYLLIS FOWLER, LOIS FRANKLIN, BETTY Ken Klub '41, '42 FRANKLIN, BILL FRANKLIN, JAMES Sandie Basketball '41, '42, Sandie Trock '41, President, Advisory '42, President Stu- dent Congress '41, La Airosa '41, Senior Favorite '42 FRANKS, MARIE Student Congress '40, '41, Secretory-Treasurer, Junior Class '41, Forensic Society '40, Vice-President, Ad- visory '4O, Distributive Education '41, '42 FRANKS, RUTH Secretary, Advisory '41 FREEMAN, LA VERNE Volley Ball, '39, Choral '40, '41, Hostess Club '41 FRENCH, DONALD FRENCH, ROBERT Tleespian '42, Extemporaneous Speech Winner '42 FRIOU, ROYCE Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Los Vioieros '42, R. O. T. C. '41, '42 51 :if 2 iw K?" Eggs!! - ::. I - A IV , if Hai' sw P W' W I W 1? of we K 3 1 6? gr ' , :5,.ii' X ' :"P ' "': 5 i s' My FRISBIE, ERNEST FULKERSON, IRENE FUQUA, CONNIE Horseback Riding '41, Swimming Club '42, Tennis Club '42, Thespian '42, Forensic So- ciety '42, lnternos '41, Treasurer, Advisory '42 FYFE, BOBBY JOYCE Vice-President, Advisory '41 GARDNER, REYNOLD Librarian, Band '41, '41, R. O. T. C. Band '42 GASWAY, JACK President, Advisory '41, Student Congress '41 GENEVA, GLENN GEORGE, JAMES GHORMLEY, BETTY Swimming Team '40, '41, Secretary '41, Bowling Team '41, Forensic Society '42 GIFFORD, DICK GILBERT, BETTYE Distributive Education '41, '42 GILES, ESTELLE GILL, DORTHEY GILMORE, DOROTHY Hostess Club '41, Archery '42 GLASS, ANNIE MAE Treasurer, Advisory '41 GOODEN, ERNESTINE Student Congress '41, Hostess Club '39, Ken Klub '42, Library Representative '42, Secretarial Club '42 GOODMAN, WALLACE Band '41, '42 GRAY, ANNA RUTH Hostess Club '40, Chamber of Commerce '40 GREEN, BILLIE GRACE F. H. T. Secretary '41, Vice-President '42, Tennis Club '41, '42, President, Advisory '41, Secretary, Advisory, '42 GREER, MARY JO I 1 GRESHAM, LEO 52 GRIMLAND, BILLY GROVE, ZELLA F. H. T. '41, Forensic Society '41, Tri-Hi-Y '41, '42 GROVES, GEORGE Band '39, '40, Assistant Drum Major, Twirler '42, Forensic Society '41, R. O. T. C. Band '42 GRUHLKEY, DICK GRUVER, DALE R O. T. C. '39, '40, Vice-President, Advisory '42 GRUVER, EMMA LOU GRUVER, GLEN Diversified Occupation '40, '41, Boxing '42, Intramural Basketball '42 HAGAN, ETHEL HAGEMEIER, HAROLD Band '40, Yannigan Basketball '41, Sandie Basketball '42 HALEY, J. c. HALL, MARY ANNE Horseback Riding '41, lnternos '41, Ken Klub '41, Vice-President '42, Honorary Society '41, '42, Secretary, Advisory '41, La Airosa '42, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '42, Dance Committee '42 HALL, NELSON Secretary, '41, President '42, Advisory, In' tramural Basketball '41, '42 HALL, PEGGY Glee Club '42, Girl Quartet '42 HALLEY, DOROTHY Tennis '42, Bowling '42 HAMBLEN, THELMA Tennis '41, Golf '41, Volley Ball '42 HAMILTON, GRACIE HAMLETT, JO ANNE Memphis, Tennessee, Secretary, Sophomore Class '40, Amarillo, Horseback Riding '41, Bowling '42 HAMMONDS, NORMA Los Viaieros Vice-President '41, President '41, Vice-President, Advisory '42, Chamber of Commerce '42 HARBISON, ORVILLE HARE, RALPH Forensic Society '41, Vice-President, Advisory '41, Sondstorm '41, '42, Diversified Occupation Re- porter '42 HARP, RAYMOND 53 I ' A LL- HARPER, BILLY HARRIS, JIM TOM R. O. T. C. '40, '42, Intramural Football '42 HARRIS, PEGGY HARRISON, RUTH ANN Vice-President, Advisory '41, Student Congress '4i HART, LEEILA HATHAWAY, EDWARD IJAWKINS, JACK R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Assistant Pep Leader '42 HAYHURST, NITA Forensic Society '41 HAYWARD, BETSY Tri-Hi-Y '42, Horseback Riding '42, A Cappel- la Choir '42, Tennis Club '42 HEATH, ROSS HEFNER, HORACE HENDERSON, HELEN JO Basketball '41, Junior Class Play '41 HENDERSON, JEAN HENDRIX, LOU ELLA Secretary-Treasurer, Advisory '41, Treasurer, Ad- visory '42, Archery '42, Forensic Society '42 HENRY, IMOGENE F. H, T. '41, Band '41, '42, Forensic Society '42 HENSLEE, HAROLD Los Viaieros '42 HERRINGTON, HUGH HESTER, GILBERT R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Yannigan Football '41 '42, Yannigan Basketball '41, '42 HEWETT, RAY R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Hi-Y '40 HIGGS, MARY LOU Internos '41, Secretary-Treasurer, Advisory '42, Archery '42 HIGHTOWER, JOYCE Ken Klub '41, '42, Secretary, Los Viaieros '41, Library Representative '42, Honor So- ciety '42 54 HIGHTOWER, ROSE MARY Tri-Hi-Y '40, '41, Sandstorm '41, Chamber of Com- merce '42 HIGLEY, JAMES HILL, BETTY LEE F. H. T. '41, Vice-President, Advisory '42 HILL, JAMES Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Honor Society '40, '41, '42, President, Advisory '42, Student Congress '42 I HODBY, JUANITA HOBGOOD, LA DON ". xy HODGES, FRED R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Yannigan Football '41 HODGES, MARY HELEN HOGLAND, VIRGIL Student Congress '40, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42 HOLLINGSWORTH, OPAL Distributive Education '41, '42 HOLMES, JOLLY Intramural Basketball '42 HOLT, CLIFFORD HOLT, NINA DELL HORNE, LOIS HORTON, ADELAIDE Honor Society '41, '42, Glee Club '41, '42, Forensic Society '41, Junior Usher '41, Thes- pian Club '42, La Airosa '42 HOSKINS, DWIGHT HOUSTON, EDNA Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Volley Ball Team '41, '42, F. H. T. '42, Student Cong- ress '42 HOWARD, GRADY Tennis Team '41, Golf Team '41, La Airosa '42, Sandstorm '42 HOWELL, FRANK R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Orchestra '40 I-IUCKABY, MERLE Yannigan Football '41, Forensic '42 HUGHES, CHARLES Band '40, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, President, Camera Club '42, La Airosa '41, '42, Honor Society '42 55 HUGHES, CHARLES Yannigan Basketball '40, Sandie Basketball '41, '42! Orchestra '40, Track '42, President, Advisory '42, Student Congress '42 HURD, LA VETA HURD, SYLVAN JACKSON, ELENE JENKINS, BILL JOHNSON, BILL Intramural Basketball '41 JOHNSON, ELAINE Secretary, Advisory '41, Horseback Riding '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, Secretary '42, Dance Committee '42, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '41, '42, La Airosa '41 Business Manager '42, D. A. R. Representative '42 JOHNSON, NAOMI Bond '41, 42, Orchestra '41, '42 JOHNSON, VIRGINIA RAY Secretary, Advisory '41, lnternos '41, Arch- ery '42, Forensic '42 JOLLY, BILL Yannigan Basketball '40, Sandie Football '41, '42, Sandie Basketball '42 JONES, AUDREY lnternos '41, '42 JONES, JUANITA FAY JONES, PAUL JONES, VVANDA Ken Klub '40, '41, Tri-Hi-Y '40, '41, '42, Tennis '40, Volley Ball '40, Secretary-Treasurer, Advis- ory '40, President '41, Distributive Education '41, '42 JORDON, ELIZABETH Band '41, '42, Band Queen '42, Vice-Presi- dent, Advisory '42 JORDAN, ROY JULIEN, LILLIAN Ken Klub '41, '42, Student Congress '41, '42, President, Advisory '42, Los Viaieros '41, Sand- storm '42 JUNELL, TURNER Boxing '41, '42, Diversified Occupation '41, '42 KAUEHOLD, ROSS Ken Klub '41, '42, Los Viaieros '41, '42, Glee Club '42 KEATON, LAWRENCE Hi-Y '40, Band '41, '42, Vice-President, Advisory '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '40, '41, '42 KEEN, BOB 56 KEEN, EDD Hi-Y '41, Distributive Education '41, Forensic Society '42 KEGANS, TIM R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Rifle Team '41 KELLEY, DICK KELLEY, WINONA A - Ken Klub '41, '42, Reporter, Hostess Club '41, '42, ' Library Representatives '42 ,. if KELLUM, J. L. 'U' KENNEDY, BILL KENNISON, FRANCES KENNISON, NOLA MAE Hostess Club '41, '42 KENYON, PAUL R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Yannigan Football '41, '41, Library Representative '42 KHOURY, JIMMY KILLION, KEITH Forensic Society '42 KILLION, LOWANNA SUE KING, CARL Secretary, Advisory '40, Sandie Basketball '40, '41 KING, TED Distributive Education '41, '42 KIRKPATRICKI KATHRYN JANE Internas '41, Secretary, Advisory '41, Arch- ery '42 KNIGHT, BETTY Student Congress '41, '42, Horseback Riding '41, Vice- President, Advisory '41, Congressman-at-large '42, La Airasa '42, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '42, Library Rep- resentative '42 KNIGHT, CLYLAS Bcnd '40, '41, Track '41, '42, Sandstorm '42 KNOTT, JIMMY R. O. T. C. '41, '42 KNOX, JOYCE ANNE Swimming Team '41, Bowling '41, '42, Glee Club ,42, Secretary, Advisory '42 KUYKENDALL, SUE Los Viaieros '41, '42, Debate '41, '42, Forensic Society '41, Student Congress '42 LAMBDIN, AUDREY Ken Klub '41, '41, Honor Society '41, '42, Swimming Team '41, Student Congress '41, Los Viaieros '41 57 Q s I! sr i - 42 it 3 9 I W .WSMQ .W S Fw as- - -- X. f' 1 F . , ,., VZ:. ,:., I 'ee wwzi U 'T Q., . 5 " 63 in ggi ' f izfb 'A Jie! 5 f -1 ' Q: ,.A, R ,: 'fiimg-f1'QfZ? ...V E , 5 K 'fr 1-2 . ..... '-' 27, 21 , .N .. 1, . K N 1 L 1 , 1. 1 .lf "- 1: Val" .f 1 'ww fi sp N L? ' 233153 1 Q EEF 2 S .aim 1 ' ,A LATHAM, BYLLIE JANE Chamber of Commerce '42 LATSON, BILL LATTIMORE, ANNIE LOY Chamber of Commerce '42 LAUDER, RUTH lnfernos '41, Secretary '42, Orcheslra '41, '42, Glee Club '42, Chamber of Commerce '42, Honor Society '42 LAWRENCE, .JERE Ken Klub '40, '41 '42 LEARD, ANON Golf '41, '42 LEARD MILBURN LEE, CLYDE Thespian '41, '42 LEE, IRA Forensic Society '41, Glee Club '42, Extem- poraneous '42, Thespian '42 LEMASTER, DEE LENTZ, .IOSEPHINE Forensic Society '42 LIEBERKNECHT, LORNA Sandsorm '41, A Cappella Choir '42, Los Viaieros '41, '42 LINDSEY, NELL Volleyball '41, '42, Bowling '41, F. H. T. '42 LODEN, NANCY LOHOEFER, KONRAD Yannigan Football '41, Sandsiorm '41, Intra- mural Bciskelball '42 LONGSTRETH, GERRY F. H. T. '42 LOONEY, CLIFTON R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42 LOVELAND, RALPH LOVELESS, CLARENCE Band '41, '42, R. O, T. C. Band '41 LUKER, JEANNE Tennis '42, La Airosa '42, Forensic Society '42 LUPHER, BOBBIE Tennis '41, Archery '42, Bowling '42, Tri- Hi-Y '42 58 LYNCH, BOB Secretary, Advisory '42, Intramural Basketball '42 MLALISTERI CHARLENE Bc-vvling '42 MCCARTY, EVELYN JEANNE Ken Klub '42, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, President, Interrios '41, Secretary, Advisory '42 MCCLARNEY, PAT Student Congress '41, President, Advisory '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, President '42, Presi- dent, Internos '42, Extemporaneous Speech '41, State V.'inner, President, Glee Club '42, President, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Queen '42 MCCLURE, JOE BOB Yannigan Basketball '40, Sandie Basketball '41, '42 McCRlMMON, DON Band '40, '41, '42, R. 0.11. C. Band '42 MCGEL, BLANCHE Reporter, Advisory '41, Sandstorm '41, '42, Volley Ball '41, '42 MCGEHEE, TINEY Hostess Club '41, '42 MCGILL, JEANNE Forensic Society '41, Distributive Education '40, '41, '42 MCGLASSON, GLADYS Horseback Riding '41, Archery '42, Los Viaieros '42 MLKECHNIE, ELIZABETH MCKINNEY, ALBERT Band '41, '42, President, Forensic Society '42, Camera Club '41, '42, Swimming Team '41, '42, President of Bond, '41, '42 MCKITTERICK, MARJORIE lnternos '41, Tennis '41, Music Appreciation '41, Glee Club '42, Sextet '42 MCLAUGHLIN, ELMER MCREYNOLDS, MARY Student Congress '40, President, Advisory '40, Hostess Club '41 MCSWAIN, MILDA Tennis '41, Secretary, Advisory '41, Archery '42 MADISON, DlCK R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Student Congress '41, Hi-Y '40, '51, '42, Sandie Basketball '40, '41, '42 MALON E, JAMES MANASCO, ZELMARIE F. H. T. '41, '42 MANSFIELD, B. F. MARABLE, GERALD '59 ,fc Q 'QT W, " -.4 'S w. Q 'ia 1 NK xo ,kj .ov the lu ,Q ' 'ir Q me 'P 1 B+' 3, 'W WN .-,- . Q' 1 532 ,Z W, Z ,, - E as ., YT'13" V. will MARC UM, HOY MARSH, JOAN Vice-President, Advisory, '41, Tennis '42, Ken Kiub '42, Forensic Society '42, La Airosa '42, Hon- or Society '42 MARSH, JULIA Tennis '40, '41, '42 MARTIN BILLY MARTIN, JACK Ken KIub '41, '42, Secretary Treasurer, Advisory '41, Hi-Y '42 MASON, DICK Intromurai Football '40, '41, '42, Los Via' ieros '40, '41, '42, R. O, T. C. '40, '41, '42, Rifle Team '41 MATHEVVS, HENRY MATTIXI JOY Tri-Hi-Y '41, '42, Glee Club '42 MAYES, DOYLE Intramural Boxing '41 IVIAYNE, ALICE Horseback Riding '41, Archery '42, Internos '42 MAYO, FRANCES Ken Kiub '41, '42, Student Congress '41, Vice- President, Advisory '42 MAXFIELD, SHIRLEY Ken KIub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Junior Usher '41, President, Forensic Society '41, Student Congress '41, Secretary-Treasun er '42, Dance Committee '42, La Airosa '42, Secretarial Club '42 MEADCIVVS, BILL MEDART, CHARLES MEDLIN, LYNN MENDEL, JULIUS Band '41, '42, Flute Quartet '41, Los Viaieros '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '42 MEYER, NANCY LOU Horseback Riding '41, Dramatics '41, Secretary- Treasurer, Advisory '41, Sandstorm '42 MEYERS, VV. A. Sandie Footbali '41, '42 MIDDAUGH, Cecil MILLER, JIMMY Orchestra '41, '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '42 MILLER, JOHN LAWRENCE Band '41, '42, Flute Quartet '41, Orchestra '40 '41- Hi-Y '41 60 MILLER, KATHERINE MILLER, MAXIE MILLER, NOLAN MILLER, T. Diversified Occupation '41, '4 X . MiLLicAN ossie f"l,f,f,L1.iifL4' , iv! Yonnigan Football '41, President, Forensic So- ciety '42, Secretary-Treasurer, Advisory '42, Sandie Footboll '42 MINCHER, PAUIA F. H. T. '42 MIXON, CHARLES MIXON, LEWIS MOBLEY, JOE BOB Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, President, Chamber of Commerce '42, La Airosa '42, Congressman- at-Large '42, Assistant Pep Leader '42 MODE, GEORGIA LOU Horseback Riding '41 MONTGOMERY, HELEN Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Cham- ber ot Commerce '41, Secretarial Club '42, Libro- ry Representative '42 MONTGOMERY, RAYMOND Hi-Y '42 MOORE, GERRY Volley Boll '41, Sandstorm '42, Hostess Club '42, Tri- Hi-Y '42 MOORE, THOMAS Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '40, '41, '42, Assistant Editor '41, Editor '42, Lo Airosa Moores, Tom MORROW, GENEVA Secretary, Advisory '41, Choral '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Hostess Club '41, Los Viaieros '41, '42, Honor Society '42 MOSLEY, MAXINE Forensic Society '41 MOTLEY, .IEAN MURPHEY, JEANE MURPHY, KENNETH MYERS, BOWIE 61 M-rex X fm ., I f .RWQQ ' : . l .. sf , . .,,., I . 3 . .,:,: ,.:,,. . f T53 t Sim . , .,...,.. lim A , ss I Z ii . 5 ' y 55 X I T' 1' Q , ' ' . .tes ses, 1 1 me I . ...,. L. E? if .- -.22 5 " q VA.. E "-" .':V. Ti 'L T 'E .. :.: .E.,: NELSON, LA VERNA NEW, HAROLD NEWCOMER, MARGARET Internos '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor So- ciety '41, '42, Forensic Society '42 NEWMAN, PAT Hi-Y '42, R. O. T. C. '40, '41, Sergeant-at-Arms, Foren- sic Society '42, Debate '42 NOBLES, EDWARD Vice-President, Advisory '41, Rifle Team '41, R O. T. C. '41, '42, Debate '42 NUNN, RUTH OAKLEY, J. C. Yannigan Basketball '40, Champion, Intramural Box- ing '41, Captain, Intramural Basketball '41, '42, Stu- dent Congress '42, Boxing Squad '42 ODELL, ERNESTINE O'DELL, JACKIE O'KEEFE, BOBBY Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Band '40, '42, Tennis '41, R. O. T C. '42, La Airosa '42, Student Congress '41, I-lonor Society '42 OLDFATHER, EUNA RUE Declamation '41, Ken Klub '41, Parliamentarian '42, Treasurer, Advisory '42, Los Viaieros '42, Sondstorm '42, Honor Society '42 OLIVER, LEON R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42 OSBORNE, JIMMIE LOIS Hostess Club '42, Los Viaieros '42, Honor Society '42 OVERTURF, FRANCES PALM, RICHARD Hi-Y '42 PALMER, JACK Intramural Basketball '41, '42 PANKRATZ, CARL Band '41, '42 PARK, JAMES R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Forensic Society '41, Intramural Football '40, '41, '42, President, Advisory '41 PARKS, JIM Distributive Education '41, '42, R. O. T. C. '40, Rifle Team '40, Student Congress '41, Secretary, Advisory, '41 PARK, WANDA Tri-Hi-Y '40, '41, Secretary, Student Congress '40, Forensic Society '41, F. H. T. '41, Sandstorm '42 PARR, BILL R. O. T. C. '41, '42 62 PARSONS, JOAN PAUL, LA VADA Ken Klub '41, '42, Glee Club '41 PAYNE, WILLA JEAN lnternos '41, Forensic Society '41, Secretary- Treasurer, Advisory '41, Vice-President '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42 PELZ, BENNY R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Intramural Football '41 '42 I PENNINGTON, KATHERRYN Distributive Education '40, '41, Tennis '41, '42, Golf Team '42, Bowling '42 PERRYMAN, KATHERINE Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Sandstorm Business Manager '41, Tri-Hi'Y '42, Internos '42, A Cappella Choir '42 PHILLIPS, ORIE PICKETT, ALMA JEANE F. H. T. '41, Hostess Club '41, Tri-Hi-Y '41 '42, Bowling Club '42 PICKETT, CALVIN PIPPEN, LUCILLE Baseball Team '39, Student Congress '41, Volley Ball '42 PITTS, H. O. Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Los Viaieros '41, '42, Chamber of Commerce '42 PLUMLEE, DENNEY Forensic Society '40, Contest Play '40 PRICE, JOHNNY Yannigan Football '39, Ken Klub '39, '40, '41, '42, Honor Society '39, '40, '41, '42, Yannigon Basketball '40, Sandie Football '41, '42, Sandie Basketball '41, '42, Sandie Track '40, '41, '42, President, Forensic Society '42 PRICKETTI PAULINE Glee Club '41, F. H. T. '41, '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42 PRIEST, WILMA F. H. T. '41, Secretary '41, Treasurer '42, Advisory, Tri-Hi-Y '42 PRINCE, DOUGLAS PYEATT, BILLY PYEATT, DAVID Hi-Y '41 PYEATT, .IEANNE Treasurer, Advisory '42 QUATTLEBAUM, GLENN Tennis '40, Yannigan Football '41, Yannigan Bas- ketball '41, Track '41, '42, Sandie Football '42,' Sandie Basketball '42 RADEY, KEN R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Honor Society '41, Vice-President '42, Hi-Y '41, '42, Advisory President '42 I 63 N 5 fri gtk N I N :fi r A ln . gr , ,g, in , A-,gs-H v plain 'WW' Qswhlgi K. f vi, X 5 . 5 vi RAGSDALE, MALCOLM RAMEY, HARRIET Swimming Team '41 RANDALL, GLEN F. H. T. '41, Swimming Team '41, Glee Club '42, Forensic Society '42, Bowling '42 RASMUSSEN, EVALYN Distributive Education '41, '42 RATLIFF, LUCY MAE Glee Club '41, '42, Sextet '42 RATCLIFF, TED REEVES, EDNA Secretary, Advisory '41, Tri-Hi-Y '41, '42, F. H. T. '41, Tennis '41 REYNOLDS, JOHN Ken Klub '41, Sergeant-at-Arms '42, R. O. T. C, '41, '42, Swimming '41, Tennis '41, Honor So- ciety '41, '42, Rifle Team '41, La Airosa '42 RICE, KENNETH Hi-Y '42 RICE, ROY RITT ER, GEORGE ROACH, FAYE F. H. T. '42 ROBBINS, OSCAR Yannigan Football '42, Sandie Football '42 ROBERSON, J. D. ROBERTS, BOB ROBERTS, NORA MAE Band '39, Baseball '40, Volleyball '41, 42 ROBERTSON, AUBREY Champion, Intramural Handball '40, Tumbling Team '39, Track '40 ROBERTSON, BILLY . ROBINSON, JOHNNY R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Forensic Society '41, President '41, l Vice-President '42 Advisory -X ROBINSON, ALINE RODDY, LURINE Student Congress '39, Secretary-Treasurer, Advisory '41, Honor Society '41, Ken Klub '42, Tri-Hi-Y '42, Secretary-Treasurer, Cham- ber of Commerce '42 64 ROGERS, ERNEST H1-Y '41, President, Advisory '41, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, One Ac? Ploy '41, Pep Leader '42 ROSS, ELLEN ROSS, ROBERT ROYE, NAD1NE Glee Club '41, Forensic Sociely '41, Hosress Club '42, A Coppello Choir '42 RUBOTTOM, WANDA RUDELSON ANNA RUFFIXER, VlRGIN1A RUSHMER, GORT RUSSELL, RUTH RUTH, DOROTHEA MAE Porfoles, N, M.: Secretory-Treasurer, Sophomore Closs '40, Glee Club '40, Roms Tole '40, Amarillo: Secre- mriol Club '42 RUTLEDGE, GENE lnfromurol Boskefboll '42, President, Advisory '42, Sludenf Congress '-42 RUTLEDGE, WAYNE Bcmcl '41, '42 SALMON, GLENN SALMONS, JEAN SANDERS, INEZ SANDERS, ROYCE Ken Klub '41, '42 SANDLIN, TED Tennis '42, Sergeant-or-Arms '40 SATTERFIELD, MYMA SAUNDERS, BILL SOWELL, LA VERNE SCARBOROUGH, JACK 65 v. -Q' ' WWI' .Zn in , 1 ff? W' I eg 1 1- if - a:f.f':r:. 41: . ' g.A-- M - 1 :TF x ' I 'rift 1:1 :vii 'f 'W f ' .2 .1- .,.. , ff -"' 2 ,521 . , f 'E' if 1. 1 1 3 --Q X W. 1. ,qu-4 3 -ff are lm -3- r 'vs 'N was 'wan ,V "www .:. :g-E, . my wc.. 1? . 5 S -U .if .Z Wh. :iz Eg "5':.v .wk 2 f 2 I ' g Y ax qv mf? owe I , 2,813 4 we iles 551, SCHELL, BILLY R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Secretary, Advisory '41, Sand- storm '41, '42, Hi-Y '41, Secretary '42 SCHNEIDER, SHIRLEY SCRIVENS, WANDA Reporter, Advisory '40, Vice-President, Cham- ber of Commerce '42, Tennis Team '41, '42, Secretarial Club '42, Archery '42 SEALE, DANA Tennis Team '41, Bowling '42 SEELY, MARGIE SHARP, ED President, Sophomore Class '40, Sophomore Favorite '40, Student Congress '41, Yanni- gon Football '41, Yannigari Basketball '41, Sandie Football '42, Sandie Basketball '42 SHETON, BILL SHELTON, TOM SHELTON, WANDA SHOCKLEY, WINNIE VEE Tri-Hi-Y '42, Volley Ball '42, Hostess Club '42, Secre- tarial Club '42 SHORT, EARLENE Student Congress '40, President, Advisory '40, Sondstorm '40, Sergeant-at-Arms, Advisory '41, Pep Leader '42 SHRUM, LEONA Tri-Hi-L '41, Los Viaieros '41 SIEDENSTRANG, FRED President '41, Secretary '41, Advisory, Ken Klub '41, Secretary '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Congressman- ot-Large '42, Hi-Y '42 SIMMONS, MARGARET Secretary-Treasurer, Advisory '40, Chamber of Commerce '41, Sandstorm Representative '41, Los Vioieros '41 SIMS, OTHO Ken Klub '41, '42 SINCLAIR, LAWRENCE SISSOM, JOHN E. SIZEMORE, NELDA Secretarial Club '42 SIZEINAORE, WANDA F. H. T. '42, Glee Club '41, Choir '42, Forensic So- ciety '42 SIZEMORE, ZELDA Secretarial Club '42 SMITH, EILEEN Glee Club '40, '41, '42, Girls Quartet '41, '42, Forensic Society '40, Thespian '41, '42 66 SMITH. EURA PAULINE F. H. T. '41, Tennis '41, Secretary-Treasurer, Advisory '41, Hostess Club '41, Tri-Hi-Y '41, '42 SMITH, FRANCES Secretary-Treasurer '41, Sergeant-at-Arms '42, Advisory, Horseback Riding '41, Forensic Society '42, Debate '42 SMITH, LILLIAN SMITH, PAT La Airosa '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Bowling '42 SMITH, SARANNE Forensic Sociey '-42, Bowling '42 SMITH, THOMAS Chamber ot Commerce '42 Q SOUTHWORTH, BILL Yannigan Football '40, Hi-Y '40, Sandie Football '42 SOWEI.L, LA VERNE SPARKS, NADINE SPEARS, O. C. Boxing '40 SPECK, ROMA DALE F. H. T. '40, '41, '42 SPECTOR, KATHRYN Tri-Hi-Y '40, '41, Vice-President, Advisory '42, One Act Plays '42 SPEED, MARGIE : , , .,... I , ,,. Student Congress '41 fi My lx -' STAMBAUGH. DARLENE . 31 . .,,, Reporter, Advisory '40 gr -' 4 " .n ' g s: STANLEY, NELDA ' if-is 'F-,g., J Q Ken Klub '41, '42 "1 , g 5 3? .. 5 ntl 5' Q ' STIDGER, GEORGE STINSON, DONALD Hi-Y '39, Glee Club '39, President '41, Vice- President '42 STINSON, MILDRED VVl'ieaton, Illinois: Glee Club '41, Assistant Eclitor of paper '41, Pep Leader '41, Ama- rillo: Bowling '42, Thespian '42 STOCKTON, BECKY Honor Society '41, '42, Internos '42, Chamber of Commerce '42, Debate '42 STOCKTON, LOY Hi-Y '40, Forensic Society '41, Camera Club '42, Declamation '42 STORSETH, BILLY Student Congress '40, Vice-President, Junior Class '40, Vice-President, Senior Class '42, President, Advisory '41, Honor Society '40, '42 Vice-President '41, Ken Klub '40, '41, '42, Yannigan Football '40, Sandie Football '42 67 STORSETH, GLADYS Secretary, Advisory '42 STORY, ROBERT STOVALL, THOMAS Band '42, R. O. T. C. Band '42 STRIMPLE, ESTELLA JEAN STRINGER, J, H. SUTTON, GENE Sandie Football '40, '41, '42, Tack '40, '41 SWAFFORD, BERNICE Tennis '41, Golf '41, Valley Ball '41 SWEET, GENE Yannigan Football '39, Sandie Basketball '40, Track '40 SWIFT, WAYLAND Band '41, '42, R. O. T. C, Band '42 TADLOCK, RICHARD Yannigan Football '41, '42, Yannigan Basketball '41, Sandie Basketball '42 TAGGART, THURMAN TARVVATER, BILL TATE, RUSSELL Boxing '42, Track '42 THOMAS, JACK THOMPSON, INA LEE THOMPSON, O. D. Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Student Congress '41, '42, R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Tennis Club '-43, '42, President, Advisory '42 THOMSON, CARLTON Yannigan Football '40, Choirr '41 THORN, MATHA TOLLESON, BETTY Hciseback Riding '41, Student Congress '41, Junior Usher '41, Forensic Society '42 TOLSON, J. B. TOMBERLIN, JACK Yannigan Basketball '41, '42, Yannigan Foot- ball '4l, '42, Manager, Track '41, '42 6B TOMLINSON, G. A. R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Rifle Team '41, Student Congress '40, '41 TOMLINSON, KENNETH TRENT, RAYMOND TRICE, BARBARA Tri-Hi-Y '41, '42, Hostess Club '41, Secretary-Treasur- er. F. H. T. '41, Pep Leader '42 TRICE, DOROTHY Tri-Hi-Y '41, '42, Hostess Club '41, F. H. T. '41, Pep Leader '42, Vice-President, Advisory '42 TRIPLETT, JEANNE Band '40, '41, '41, Ken Klub '40, Los Via- ieros '41, '42 TRISLER, BOB Yannigan Basketball '41, Yannigon Football '41, Sandie Basketball '42, Sandie Football '42 TROLINGER, CHARLES R. O. T. C. '41, '42 TROTH, ANN E Student Congress '41, Horseback Riding '41, '41, President, Forensic Society '42 TUPIN, LOUIS JR. TURNER, ARTHUR Student Congress '39 TURNER, DOROTHY Hostess Club '41 TURNER, GENE TURNER, GEORGE VAN PELT, DOROTHY Tri-Hi-Y '41, Treasurer '42, Chamber of Commerce '42, Secretarial Club '42 VAN SHAW, GAYNOR Junior Usher '41, Secretary, Forensic Society '41, Vice-President '41, Secretary '42, Advisory, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Sandstorm '41, Editor '42 VEAZEY, LLOYD VISAGE, JEWELL WADDILLI BONNIE WADDILL, GORDON Ycinnigon Football '41, Track '41, '42, Sandie Football '42, Vice-President, Advisory '42 WAGHORN, GEORGINA Glee Club '41, F. H. T. '42 69 ,BQ WALKER, DOROTHY WALKER, LENAMAE Hostess Club '41, '42, Valley Ball '42, Sandstorm '42 WALL, IRVIN R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Sandie Football '41, '42, President Advisory '42, Student Congress '42 WALLS, JIMMI E LEE VVANSER, BONNIE Band '40, 41, '42, R. O. T. C. Band Queen '42 WARD, cEciL R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, Intramural Football '40, '41, '42 WARDLE, FAYE MARIE WARE, CHARLES R O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, One Act Play '41, Pep Leader '42 WARE, NEAL R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42, One Act Play '41, Pep Leader '42 WARNER, BERT R. O. T. C. '41, '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor So- ciety '42 WARNER, JIM Sandie Football '40, '41, '42, Sergeant-at-Arms '4C, President '41, Advisory, Track '40, Intramural Boxing '40, All State Guard '41, Glee Club '40 '42 WARNIX, JACK R. O. T. C. '40, '41, '42 WARNIX, KATHERINE Basketball '41, Los Viaieros '42 WARREN, LAURA WATSON, E. J, Football '41, '42 WATSON, K. BERT Yannigan Basketball '41, Hi-Y '41, R. O. T. C, '41, '42, Sandie Basketball '42 VVEBB, GARY WIGLEY, MARCELLA Tri-Hi-Y '41, Secretary '42, Secretarial Club '42, Hostess Club '42 WELCH, J. D. WEST, PATTY Horseback Riding '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Honor Society '41, '42, Junior Usher '41, Vice President, Forensic Society '42, La Airosa '42, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '42, Hi-Y Sweetheart '42, Assistant Pep Leader '42, Secretarial Club '42, Senior Favorite '42 WESTMORELAND, .IANICE Columbia, Missouri, Blue Triangle '41, Pep Squad '41, Verse Speaking Choir '41, Ama- rillo: R. O. T. C. Sponsor 70 INHEATLEY, ROBERT VVHEATLEY, ROBERT FOWLER WHELCHEL, TOM BILL Sandie Football '41, '42 INHIDDON, MARY F. H. T. '42, Archery '42 WHIDDON, PAULINE Tennis '41, Archery '42, F. H. T. '42 WHITAKER, LOIS IRENE WHITED, BETTY Secretary, Advisory '40, Glee Club '41, '42 WICKHAM, MARGARET Glee Club '41, '42, Junior Usher '41, Treasurer, Infernos '42, Library Representative '42 VVILEMAN, JOYCE CERTAIN Tri-Hi-Y '40, President, Advisory '41, Cham ber of Commerce '41, Sandstorm '42, Sec retarial Club '42 VVILKINSON, HAROLD WILLIAMS, BILLY JOE Diversified Occupations '41, '42 WILLIAMS, DOLLIE F. H. T. '41, Treasurer '42 WILLIAMS, FRANK R. O. T. C. '39, Band '39, Tennis '40, Yannigan Football '41, Track '41, '42, Sandie Football '42 WILLIAMS, JIM Yannigan Football '41, '42, R. O, T. C. '41, '42, Basketball '42 WILLIAMS, LOUISE WILLIAMS, REX Yannigan Fooiball '40 WILLIAMSON, DOROTHY WILLIAMSON, VERNELL WILLIS, MARY ANN Dlainvievv, Texas: Secretary, Advisory '39, Spanish Club '40, Typist, Ploinsman '41, Typist, Plain View '41, Debate '41, Speech '41 VVILLSON, PAT Forensic Society '41, Tennis '42, Sondstorm '42 WILSON, DORIS 71 ' ' WILSON, DOROTHY WILSON, FAY Vice-President '41, Los Viaieros '42, Arcltery '42 WILSON, JIMMY R. O. T. C. '42, Los Viaieros '42, Sanolstorm '42 WILSON, LA vor WILSON, Loiasisi WILSON, ROY R. O. T. C. '41, '42 WINCHESTER, BESS Ken Klub '41, '42, Clnamber of Commerce '41, Host- ess Club '42 WINGATE, MARTHA Junior Usher '41, Ken Klub '41, '42, Horseback Riding '41, La Airosa '42 WINK, LUCILLE WINKELMAN, JOHN R. O, T. C. '41, '42, Yanriigan Football '42 WOODS, BILLIE Bond '40, Vice President, Advisory '41, Secre- tarial Club '42, La Airosa '42 WORD, TOM WREN, J. E. Student Congress '41, '42, Boxing '40, '41 WRIGHT, BETTY WRIGHT, CLIFFORD Intramural Boxing '39, '40, Basketball, Cap- tain '41, Sanclstorm '41, '42 WRIGHT, DEAN Keii Klub '41, Treasurer '42, Tennis '41, Junior Class Favorite '41, Swimming Team '42, R. O. T. C. Spon- sor '41, '42, Dance Committee '42, Honor Society '42 WRIGHT, MARSHALL WYATT, OTIS YEAGER, JOAN Kansas City, Missouri: Treasurer, Hestia '42, Critic Literary Society '41 ZELSMAN, BOB Sandie Football '41, '42, Ken Klub '41, '42, Hon- or Society '41, '42 72 1 l. Tl'1ey're studious, it says here. 2. Women, women, and more-no, there's one boy. 3. Learning to balance the books and vice versa. 4. You are now looking ot the tuture - - er, - - eh, something. 5. Books, books, everywhere, but not a minute to study, 6. Tl1ey're just learning. 73 7- --- ! f f H ' fx - ff, I' 411 1 fl! V W A ' f ff 0 f IV' flM.:,, .. f I . L 'V lfilfwj fyyjyffy mmf! f Af, I ,,. f I ,v '1. ff f , T Q!!! - N f A ' ,Ljrji I A M Wffbf g',i,!'jPf,f4yAfQW I P 01101 fi lf: W I U f K 'P Q32 'H 2. 11,2 1 -yea . E 2 WMA? Q. 'QW v QQQN AP' Wkffw W Y W Q ,p I 51777539 if 1 W Wiggjf Ziff? ,eff if 7.221 ' x If ix bf' - Jw , , n Q .I A X 1 , ' s I 4, X11 ffviiw u X , 'kv ,I x 5 , , " x llv 'wi' .' .swf 'Y""' 3 .ull J - 5 vM'A' 'Af' J wx Maxi 11. :MJ R .. L if DICK CLINE REGINA JENNINGS President Vice-President PEGGY WOODSON CECIL STGKES Secreiory Sergeonf-of-Arms 3"- Albertson, Dorothy Allen, Laura Altsman, Nelson Ammons, Douglas Eugene Andrews, John Archibald, Dorothy Baird, Maxine Ballew, Lavoy Barker, Melvin Barnard, Bill Barnes, Jimmy Barrett, Charles Baskin, G. W. Jr. Bayousett, Steve Beckwith, Emer Belcher, Charles Belcher, Florence Bennett, Beatrice Bennett, Marie Billau, Phillip Bittick, Doris Blades, Desmonds Bledsoe, Kathryn Plessen, Jimmie Board, Yvonne Bowlin, Raymond Bowman, Virginia Brooks, J. P. Brown, Dorothy Brown, Henry Bruce, Orphahue Cain, Dorothy Cameron, Don Carlson, Bill Capps, Betty Myrle Cassas, Phyllis Castle, Mattie Castleberry, .lan Cauley, Jack Childs, Bill Cline, Dick Cloninger, Roy Coffee, Doris Connell, Betty Zane Connell, Jack Cooke, Gwendolyn Cooley, Ray Cory, Burt Cowden, Leonard Cox, Henry Cunningham, Mary Catherine Cupp, Royce Curry, Sterling Cutler, Dorman Davis, Marie Davis, Mary Ann Deal, Sam Denton, Joe Dial, Bill Dickson, Herman Dishon, Peggy Duggins, Kennth Dyke, Ruth Easterday, Wayne Edwards, Janie Elkins, Bobby Evans, Clifton Everett, Nell Everitt, Mary Farris, Reba Ferguson, Wanda Floyd, Millie Mae Foreman, Doyle Foster, Joe Fowler, Mary Elizabeth Franks, Dori Fullington, Frank Gaddie, Arnetta Gout, Darrell Gilbert, Tommy Giles, Anne Bell Giles, Tommy Girard, Delbey Graham, Ray Lynn Gray, Billy Gray, Lelland, Jr. Creathouse, Betty Joyce Greathouse, Netty Loyce Green, Edith Green, Vivian Grier, Wesley Grider, Bill Griggs, Nina Hamby, Beatrice Hamic, Joyce Hardin, Thomas Harp, Vera Harrington, Aline Harris, Charles Harris, Virginia Hastie, Naomi Hasty, Kathleen Haynes, Audrey Hays, Maedell Hayworth, Darwin Henderson, Lester Hensley, Mary Margaret Hester, Robert Gilbert 79 1 1 'DU .tv fy. dis: if , M. 'H M x E SW 3 2 i he 1-1: .- '2' fi E my ,V Q ' all V Y, E nerr . swf U "1 ,P wig-1 -is ,Qi in IE: A Sw W ir' - '11 "ii O re"'.? H' 3 qi... Hiatt, Bob Hills, Lloyd Holland, Cecil Holland, Frank Hull, Truett Humphers, June Hutto, Dorothy Hysmith, Billie Jackson, Roberta Janszen, Bill Jennings, Regina Johnson, Bobbie Johnson, Harvey Jordan, Joyce Jupe, Fred Keith, Donald Kelley, Leota Kendall, Bill King, Marcus Kisner, J. T. Kittinger, Elbert Kunkel, Oran Kyle, Rose Mary Lamb, Vifinilrecl Lane, Ruth Latta, Gwendolyn Laughry, VVillard LeGote, Richard Lehman, Eldon Lemmon, Betty Lindsey, Sammie Lloyd, Dorothy Loyelady, Othel fAcCandless, ,Kate QMGCoIIurn, Pete 'l " McConnell, Mardelle McDowell, Amos McLemore, James McLeroy, Charles McPherson, Mary Maples, Joeline Maples, Mamie Marcum, Coy Marshall, Dorothy Al Martin, Dorothy Mashborn, Betty Mathews, Dorothy May, Dewey Meaclor, Calyin Meador, Layoice Meler, Charlene Mickey, Robert Montgomery, Nada Moore, Betty Moreland, Shirley Morton, Dan Muldrow, Dorothy Mulkey, Alton Murchison, J. D. Neusch, Herman Nobles, Bette Norwood, Harry O'Bryont, Grace Oliver, Jean Owen, Charles Owens, H. R. Page, Nelson Palmer, Rotha Parker, Addie Parker, Minnie Belle Pa rtain, Betty Pearson, Mildred Perkins, Bill Peterson, Fred Pettey, Lue Ethel Pierce, Beth Pippen, Opal Pollard, Thelma Potter, Donna Powell, Jimmy Prother, Joetta Price, G. H. Prince, Tom Raffkind, Morris Randall, Jimmie Reynolds, Yvonne Rhodes, Neil Richerson, James Richerson, Rae Rivera, Carmen Roberson, Olene Roberts, Betty Roe, Earlene Rogers, Calvin Rutherford, Helen Sadler, Loveta Schaffer, J. W. Shafer, A. C. Shaw, Raymond Shelton, B. W. Shelton, Jeanetta Shepherd, Fulton Simpson, Alice Sloan, Smith Smith Smith Smith Bl Betty Jo Aubra Connor David Geneva gs. ip .W f , ,, wmv .5 was , .X al lg: , ei . 'A as .. ' 2 get . A :gf .- J .... ,J U, Q . V ik: izikfee ,u 4 5 7 f5'!.' :gy 1 if -' :' X , i A.: , .J 2 iiffe J l new Q- .E .gi X .. . I ,M i ' x Qty? fy ,.., yy ..... f 11541 4' Q., Q, f , is 1.1 I 1 Y rw , M . A,1, v .v-.-- , ,K . - Es' 5. 653.2 Q .iv . 1 ':'::.. ,, ., W we V.w14z, sf Ewing sr -V 'TI ii ' Q ' -f LQQAQAQI Smith, K. Smiih, Wynon Snider, J. W. Spaulding, Doroiha Speed, Billye Siambaugh, Eloise Stephens, Eugene Siock, Calvin Siokes, Cecil Siroup, Elmeil Suggs, Virginia Tanner, Gerald Thomas, Floy Thomas, Harold Thompson, Charles Thompson, Lydia Thorpe, Bear! Trimble, Pele Troup, .lack Tucker, Sherry Turner, Furd Turner, Lillian Turner, Ray Uhrich, Fred Underwood, Grady Upion, Bob Vanderpool, Louise Vineyard, Jack Vinyard, Ruby Walker, Grady Walder, Sue Wallace, Betty Walls, Clifion Waliers, Lahoma Wailcins, Donnie Weafherly, Mary Elizobeih Weaiherred, Kathryn Webb, Belly Lou Welch, Joe Whiie, Beiiy .lo White, Evamae Wi lbanks, Robert Williams, Dick Williamson, Bobby Wilson, Betty Rue Wilson, Eleanor Sue Wilson, Edwina Wilson, Eugene Winters, Raymond Woodring, Leo Woodson, Peggy Wrighi, .lerry Young, Billy Young, Relda OUTSTANDING STUDENTS I. Elaine Johnson, Daughters of the American Revolution representative, 2. Gaynor Van Show ond Joyce Jordan, won third place in editorial writing and news story writing, respectively, in press contest. 3. J, C. Oolkey, voted the most valuable player in intra-mural basketboll. 4. Robert French, placed first in boys' extemporonous speaking in the Lubbock High School lnvito- tion Tournoment. 5. Mory Nell Gibson ond Peggy Woodson, ploced first in debote at Lubbock. 6. Jean Bechtel, placed second in girls' declomotion ot Lubbock. ,Z .-M.-A xgfu-Q,c,,,5f,V,l, A? -4-f h ,I If I i jftfog Ziff-4 'L 'tj f , ' I !!.fA,y.x ,,.f fl-fzsoxzgf K A! ,4 7' , pfbgvyj ft -c.,-1 -VL! S 83 w Q , 1 'g,j",:. x .vw .Ms-A , ff - f 5 Q' f 'V TJ?-9 ll x ,X 11+ .-L4 QA M QM 4 mwgmgw, CYSwN:, M,9 - t Nuke - - .Q X 5 51jbf,Q,gQ,Qk Q51 mms, N My 'W ' 2-f NA' '5- 1 at ,N',,,QN-- -' "" X Q-K TAJL- A-,L.,.,gyl., ,S QS MN' Kg, lb' 'b Q -YW ' - Q' M- HP' ' I My 545' FQ-53-XFBQQ fvqjwuvu if wk Of 133 SMA M, QW A . , J' V ' r y A ff' Lf Vw-Jglf M1 JM! ,M . ' ' aff LD df -.WW ff i VK, Q in JL ,VLV AM lf' 'll' ww -W 'NU ,, My 1 ,fx v ' s.,' ' V If dxf, . . jk I X ff ,u .U 1 4 x X Lu , X s J 'vig r 51 V x JR DMWW Wpwbnfzto ,ul-0 tgfxiip MJ W, gum iwj' .ly 1 Nj? ,Viv f yfgmdjff ff V if fMlq!"! WMM ,J I 1 ,f A M5 BILLY KEITH IRWIN BILLY LYNCH President Vice-President WILDA WILLIAMS Secrefory Aardall Raymond Adams, Charles Albrighf, Jayne Albrighl, Wauldine Allen, John Allen, Pal Allgire, Hazel Allison, Arthur Alsobrook, Max Allison, Lesler Amerson, Sadie Amos, Jack Amos, Jerry Anderson, Bill Anderson, Jack Anderson, Melva .lean Andrews, Charles ApplequisT, Carl Archer, John Robert Armstrong, Anna Lou Armstrong, Jack Ashpaugh, Harold Alwood, Sherman Autry, Donna Baker, Barbara Ballard, Sammie Ballew, Juanita Barfield, Bourdan Rea Barger, Leroy Barker, Margaret Barley, A. G. Barnetl, Billy Barren, Frank Barrington, Mahdeene Barron, Travis Batson, Anna Rene Baftenfield, J. E. Battin, Glenna Lee Bearn, Marion Beavers, Edna Bechlel, Jean Beck, Elna Rulh Bedenk, Mary Ann Bell, Dorothy Bell, Nell Bell, Sandra Bills, Kathleen Bird, R. F. Blackburn, Charles Blackwell, Lloyd Blades, La Una Blair, Torn Blake, Lloyd Blank, .lean Blankenship, Asa Blessen, Ruth Ann Boaris, Bernice Bogard, Billy Boon, John Boulware, Bill Bowen, Sam Byrd, Mary Jo Boydslun, Alice Boyter, Emma Lou Boxwell, Barbara Bradbury, Irene Bradley, Dwight Bray, Jayne Britt, John Brock, Betty Brodie,, Nina Lee Brown, J. L. Brunson, Martha Brush, William Bufkin, Frank Bunch, T. O. Burch, Bascom Burdine, Anita Burdine, Eli Burgett, Roy Burke, Eugene Burkhalter, Jean Burnett, Eula Jean Burnett, Robert Burns, Bob Burrough, Carson Bush, Paul Caldwell, Billy Caldwell, Bonnie Caldwell, Dean Cannon, Elbert Cannon, Jimmie Lee Corder, Alvin Carmack, Charlesteen Carter, Lyndol Case, Nancy Casey, Clara Lee Castleberry, Vivian Cates, Don Cavinl Lois Cathey, Betty Chambers, Mary Florence Chandler, Jean Cherry, J. R. Chesshir, O. B. Chilton, Rhea Chowning, Henry Clancy, Ray Clark, Billie Jane Clark, June Clark, La June Cobb, Doris Cobb, Morris Coble, Merle Jo Coffee, Bobby Coffey, Miriam Colby, Nell Cole, Richard Coleman, Norma Jean Coleman, Nova Colville, Billy Compton, Jean Conners, Lona Lee Cook, Mary Louise Coontz, James Cooper, Halbert 59 my xl? 'ft t Cooper, Mary Elnora Copeland, Bobby Lee Copeland, Vernon Corbell, Betty Lou Counts, E. J. Cox, Bill Crawford, Irvin Crawford, Louise Crites, C. W. Crudgington, Jonathan Cruz, Antonio Cunningham, Fred Curtis, Edene Curtis, James Cutler, Leo Darnrriier, Wayne Daughtee, Eugene Davidson, Coleeta Alean Davis, Annabelle Davis, Le Etta Rae Davis, Loretta Davis, Mary Beth Dean, Harold Deckard, Charles De Fries, Mary Frances Denson, Hazel Dickens, Albert Dickenson, O. C. Diggs, Billye Dixon, Billy Dobkins, Hal Dodson, Donda Dollar, Wayne Dowlen, Lee Drake, Ellen Dunham, Alford Dunlap, Dorothy Dunlap, Perry Dunn, Thomas Dwight, John Easley, Gene Elliott, Betty Jane Elliott, Wes Ellis, Mary Elizabeth Elrod, Patsy Etheridge, Horace Estopinal, Audrey Moe Ely, Gwendolyn Evans, Annabelle Evans, Martha Jeanne Evans, Paul Everline, Jane Fackner, Esther Fanning, Bill Farmer, Bill Fenwick, James Field, Donald Fine, Betty Ann Finley, Darrel Flores, Bobby Floyd, Bettie Flynn, Patsy Foron, Joe Forbes, Tommy Ford, Colleen Ford, George Foster, Bill Foster, Martha Jane Fotheringham, Betty Jean Fowler, Joe Fowler, Vera Fowlkes, Flora Jane Fowlkes, Charles Fox, Frances Frampton, Mary Frandeson, Betty Franklin, Joe Franks, Mildred Frazier, Jeanette Freeman, Kenneth Fullerton, Mary Bess Fulton, Robert Gaines, Billie Louise Garrett, Beatrice Gear, Emily Geane Gebhart, Bernice Gee, Ivan Gentry, Bud Gibson, Haracine Gibson, Mary Nell Gill, Mary Gist, Alice Lee Glasgow, Charles Gloss, Ruth Gochnauer, Florence Golden, Faye Gooden, Katherine Goodman, Dovie Goodman, Lovie Goodson, Bill Gordon, Jane Gray, Mary Greenberg, Phillip Griffin, Geraldine Griffin, La Wayna Grimes, Gloria Grove, Arthur Gruver, Wayne Guillen, Atanacio Gunn, Frances Guthrie, Jennie Lee Haas, Clenard Haight, Alfred Hall, Bob Hall, Carroll Hall, Iris Hall, Joe Ham, Earl Hamby, Juanita Hamby, Onita Hamilton, Betty Lois Hamilton, Betty Lou Hamilton, Willis Hamlett, Mary Lu Hardin, Duane Harms, Mack 91 W e A .Si 1-222' 1 .sl we 4 L ,.r 151, Ima ' 'f :Z- F : ' ,,, is J 'ii ,..: ,. ,,.,.. , A My . -4 .1--' H 0 A A i f is l 55" fi' 'f L -:ii ' 1i::.., .' ' "" Q' t 2 l r k so in 5,496 4 15 K raw'-fi t of . ,mm , S we 4: 6 is Q fe my 5 wg- 40 Y.. 'QF' rs. mi gf YQ KA X 1 F' at ,wif 5 3 ' 5 4356. ev., .. .-,N 'IZ' ,,.. M ..... 1 ki amy, . t i l F' :LS Y, , W2 wi V, My A W w , w ,f fri, ggi, Q . Ki ef is ' j ,fe i L., 'Fi -- - . ywgivs, ' i W Harris, Betty Harris, Betty Jean Harris, Jack Harris, .lack Harrison, Bonnie Ruth Harter, Lois Harvey, Edwin Hasty, Frank Haug, Lina Hawkins, Bill Haynes, Glorice ' Hays, Galen Hearne, Ben Hedgecoke, Dixie Helton, Gordon Henderson, Doyle Hernandez, Hector Hewett, Dixie Hickmott, Frank Higgins, Mike Higgins, Norman Hill, Bob Hillierl Charles Hitchcock, Ervin Hodges, Jane Ann Holman, T. W. Holmes, Jimmy Holt, Anita Holzkamper, Robert Hooks, Robert Horn, Eugene Houston, Thelma Howe, Russell Huddleston, Una Hudgins, Ivan Hughes, Jerold Hughes, Reuben Hukel Virginia Hunter, Bob Hurd, Donnie Jean Huskey, Dorothy Husted, Betty Jane Inman, Sam Irwin, Billy Keith lrwin, Jack Jackson, Charles Jackson, Shirley Jobe, Loyd Johnson, Bobby Lynn Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Lee Jones, B. R. Jones, Billy Rual .lanes Bobby Jones, Dick Jones, Don Jones Elaine Jones Floyd Jones Joe Jones, lvlelva Nell Jones, Patricia Josey, Jean Kay, Barrington Kelley, J. C. Kelly, Betty Nan Kelly, Kenneth Kemp, Bobby J. Khoury, Helen Louise Killion, Kenneth King, Frances Sue King, Mildred Kollaer, Emelia H Konkle, Juanitg ,- KET Edith Krabbe, William L. Lamb, Nora Jeanne Lampe, William Land, J. R. Landers, Jack Landers, John Roy Landrum, Mollie Lane, Joan Lanham, Maxine Laseter, Jeanne Lauder, Ruby Lawson, Gene Leavelle, James Ledbetter, Lanello Le Grand, James Lieurance, Phyllis Linn, Kenneth Lottin, Betty Long, Betty Ann Looney, Roy Love, Peggy Gene Lynch, Billy McBride, Bob McBroom, Jack McCabe, Olen McCain, Ray McCarthy, Wanda McCausland, Ray McClendon, Thelma McClen ny, Robbie Loyce McClish, Maurice McCoy, Margaret McCoy, Valeta Jo McCrady, Milton McGee, Jack McGinley, Sonny lvlcllroy, Joe McLemore, Patton lviaberry, James Magerl Buddy Magnuson, William Maness, Merlin Manning, Reece Markham, Boyd Markham, Dorothy Marshall, Essie Lou Martin, Leona Mason, W. B, Massie, Billy Mathers, Vella Matney, Betty Lee Matthews, Bert 93 K -my , .Q ' ,if A f my -... .,.,, 3 z Y 1 ,M ,el- .F 1 ,I I .,.. , , kiwi? A is gg? Jaffysgi -9533 PM Q ,,,, N gilibsiiif if It i ,il ,ii i ll 'ililffl Q, A. H M K if ., M 5 fu-Y , . y f m-f ,,""' L 6' . lk ., V I . - Q. . I 3 VK ' 1 :.' , .L Q s I 2 K S ' ff 5 my if Av Y if M' Q L. wi . , M fm f"' A v , H : 2 Z .ef My 254 W ff .5 X 'QQQ t ,of , .Q ki l ' . Z ., In Z mr Y A , . Yfiiwf r X ag 5 V gf sn. ., N -I. .... .. '- .,.. W I: 3 -, "'i" - Q.. ' ' i ' Q A t if ti if" V F5 :f is -::-:, : tix - A - . W if l 1 : - 'Ftxv S. E l l l i C- , Pierson, Dorothy Meador, Robert Meredith, Billie Metheny, Arthur Middaugh, Peggy Miller, Orvil Mills, Dean Misener, Thelma Mitchell, Brian Mitchell, Crawford Mock, Ronald Montgomery, Elaine Monzingo, Carl Moore, Betty Mo re, M ry , 1 Moolr!fAJNlyrtle!J X Moore, Richard Moore, Virginia Moreland, Ann Morgan, Joe Morgan, John Morris, Michael Mothershead, Jack Mott, Jimmy Moye, Collie Muncy, Jane Murphey, Peggy Myers, Betty Jean Neal, Sidney Newby, Ross Nicholas, Zena Mae Nolen, Earl Norton, Elizabeth Ann Norwood, Bonnie Nugent, Bill Nutt, Edna Mae O'Dell, Ernest O'Dell, Junior Odom, Ralph Osgood, Charles Owens, Guy Palmer, Marcheota Parish, Juanita Parisi, Walter Park, A. L. Park, Bobbie Parsley, Katie Alice Pascoe, Maybelle Paul, Lynn Pavillard, J. D. Pavillard, Walden Pearson, Bobby Persall, Betty Jean Pevehouse, Jack Phillips, Ed Phillips, Elmo Phillips, J. C. Phillips, .lean Pierce, Doris Pierson, Christine Pitschke, Bobby Plymale, Lucy Pointer, Harry Pollard, Barbara Posey, Donald Posey, Jack Powell, Bernard Powers, Curtis Prescott, Mary Frances Price, Garland Price, Lou Anna Prince, G. W. Pyeatt, Gloria Randall, Margie Raney, Lena Ray Rankin, Marguerite Ratclitf, Buddy Ratliff, Mariorie Ravey, Bette Ruth Redding, Marvin Redus, Duane Reed, Nelda Reed, Nell Reed Wanda Reed Wayland Reese, Dorothy Reese, J. D. Reneau, Jonnie Restine, Patsy Reville, Bill Reynolds, Boyd Dean Reynolds, Dotty Richardson, Paul Richmond, June Rider, Kathleen Rigler, Bobby Rippey, Helen Roberson, Virginia Roberts, Cumo Roberts, Geneva Robertson, Margaret Rodgers, Joyce Rogers, Sue Roe, Darlene Roftey, June Rogers, Sandie Roland, Bettie Ronnebeclc, Bettye Roop, Judson Rosenbaum, Frank Ross, Charlie Ross, Verneitta Roth, Donna Jean Rowe, Ruth Rush, Chandler Russell, Mary Frances Russell, Ross Ryan, Alice Marie Sahli, Delbert Salyer, La Verne Sarrett, Louie Saunders, Joyce Savage, Esther Savage, Truett Sawyers, Johnny Scott, James 95 1 L 22" ' I f' ' rr ' lkgrx l -li. :se . J ef if wi r -W. J' 'f7:,'R5fi52I "!ISI17' i l 2 W , :sm al , 'iw 5, wi " 3, , i l E Scott, Lois Scrivner, Opal Seogroves, Raxie Shafer, Jerry Sharp, Juanita Shaw, Derrel Shelton, Bob Shepherd, Norma Reen Sherer, Ruby Sherer, Martha Jean Shields, Doris Shoup, Jay Shugart, Theodore Sikes, Dick Siner, Gene Sinclair, Kenneth Singleton, Verna Lou Sisemore, Martha Jo Smith, Anna Nell Smith, Betty Grace Smith, Betty Jeanne Smith, Billie Smith, Mary Smith, Mary Ann Smelcer, Mae Belle Snook, Glenmar Southern, Leo Spangler, Georgia Spann, Frank Sparks, Florine Sparks, Odessa Spears, Dolores Speck, Jane Speer, Lorene Speight, Wesley Spung, Lewis Stack, Virginia Stanford, Peggy Stanley, Bob Stanley, Don Starkey, Edmond Steele, Frank Steele, Melvin Stewart, Dorothy Stockton, Betty Stoddard, Jimmie Beth Stoops, Stuart Stroud, Lawayne Strueber, Mary Lou Sullivan, Bill Sullivan, Jerry Sumerlin, Bettye Sutton, Delores Swayze, Melba Swenson, Wilmyra Tadlock, Travis Talley, Junior Taylor, Charles A. Taylor, Mark Taylor, Willena Thompson, Charles Thompson, Corinne Thompson, Hoyt Thompson, Johnny Thompson, Mary Nell Thornberry, Vivian Thornton, Emogene Thornton, George Tieman, Darlean Tigart, Frank Tinkler, Betty Tipps, Edna Marie Tolson, Doris Tomlinson, Margarette Tow, Wiley Towles, Billy Joe Townes, Jeane Townsend, Elwanda Townsend, Hazel Turner, C. A. Turner, Lucy .lean Turner, Neatha Turner, Willie Mae Tuttle, Gleva Tyler, Bob Van Ausdall, l-larry Van Valkenburg, Eleanor Vaughn, Larry Veazey, Alvis Velehil, Frank Vibbard, Calvin Vibbard, Ruth Vick, Bill Vick, Jack Visage, Ann Vogel, Virginia Wales, Veeda Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Kathryn Louise Norma Ruby Lois Wallace, Irene Wallace, l.. G. Walls, Ruth Wanser, Ernie Ward, Nell Warnecke, Billy Joe Watkins, Ray Weatherly, Roy Webb, Dean Webb, Glora Webb, Joyce Webster, Kent Welch, Bobbie Nell Westmoreland, Lou Wheeler, Clara Wheeler, Joy Wheeler, Wilma Sue Whisenand, Richard White, Eugene White, Jim Whitmire, Carrie Ella Wible, Zella Mae Wickham, Arthur Wicks, Wilburn Wilkinson, Marjorie 97 fw' its 3 Ei? ., , Willa rcl, Williams, Williams, Williams illiams, Williams, Williams, wamngh Lena Bobbie Bobby E . Loretta Naomi Wilda am, Emma Lee Wilmeih, La Verne Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wise, Wolfe, Jack Lois May Marcene Milton Ralph Roger Ronald Tynefra Rufli Jane Womble, Diane Worsham, Don Wray, Bob Wright, J. C. Wright, Roberta Wyre, Mary LaVerne Yates, Doris York, Mary Lucille Young, Myra Nell Young, Wayne Zimpfer, . I , . X jk! yf ff f -fe' ' . ylf W V A if, ,M 2 ' K - f l I , V1 i JJ fl V I 'if 7 V ,ij K , I 1 if D ,gy , f f ' off Z .JU 1' ' If , ,2- X lf X, I l , If 1' l f, - Moz, , , i I V f I VN . W A fffff A 1 LAX? JOM If 1 f KJ if r fl l J ,l L 'fly 1' ,-VV 1 Lf'-X 7 ' 1 if l - Tffxjj 1 1 X X f 5 K, I, if JJ-Y LXL, ff Jv "U ,--I gf F l lj' , X ' 1 , rf! f ,x J y ,J.Uf I fi f NX H y y f D l f' 1' U jf' . .N J' I yi J. f Margaret Jane , fy if iv 1. S1rolling. 2. Bob, Bob, cmd Bob. 3. See 1he birdie? 4. Sittin' pretty. 5. Coughfl 6. Now, you iclf one! COC SP 1 TS HOWARD LYNCH, Head Couch T. G. HULL, Assistant Couch 11 P N UK'-'wit ' mi, ,-Fw 53 xl 1 1 x .fig K' Q ff 4 L M Q Q A W 1 af 1 L ' 5 1 , fx :::::.-' Mcmogers: 4 ,Q ' 1 in .-,:. f1.e at ww LVQQWKQ W .Mfg , .V 'high my kt eww kk X , ...,. 41,553 .. , , P22435 heave - 39,1 Q1,g-gm: L, gif . R ,- A Mixer, gb 1 fzsiiwzpiyi SE -W ,ii wl y Lv' env-ax SME ii W L 9, 5 i I 1 1 I Q if . 'F 54 .. x " -"' .. . wwfwfv 'whfiwkfugw Q S A 1 ,lf + 1 Q Hg, 11 Q , jf ,fzwfffgeu 2::r- , MS' , ww, W' seg:- ,,,'11 fwfbwww,-, , Z ,,Qg,,1.5,n- ffm. aw" 'f'I::.:- I3-2:S"':-1, W kw ' ' , L -.. :.f::,:pfZ'-f-52: Wgi f-'-2 -' r f fl f I , ff '- 155351 f , my A i.,,wQ.e ,,j,ff,,adwf.xL'f.z M, John Boyce, Jo L WVQVQ ,nw . F 'fm' ,gnu ffm ,,,,-M1 ,Ln ,f H1 mes Co rfer, Nelson Page Qfgaizf SANDIE LETTERMEN Quoting the Coach: COLLINS, BURREL-l94l Captain two-year letterman-great leader-spark that kept the team going for eight games-picked on third All-State team and a member of the North All- stars-Senior. AMERSON, CLIDE second year on squad-improved as the season de- veloped-one of the best shoulder blockers on team-Senior BOYTER, LEEROY second year on squad-'Butch" was main-spring of backfield - carrying the main ball-carrying burden-also doing some kicking and passing- played good defensive ball-Senior. CHlLDS, JOHN second year on squad-"Bottle" developed into one of the steadiest linemen. CLARK, J. W. second year on squad-good center and line back- er in spite of lack of height-overcame his de- ficiencies by hard work. DANlEL, RAY two-year lettermon-handicapped by the change of positions, but developed into a good ball handler and passer-should make a great ball player next year. DANIEL, REX two-yeor letterman-handicapped by iniuries but gave a good account of himself-next year should be his big year. HOSKINS, DWlGHT first year-started slow, but developed as the season progressed-played great ball in Lubbock game-should be ready next fall. JOLLY, BILL two-year letterman-one of the best blockers on squad-rugged and ready-can be expected to develop into great end in '42. LYNCH, BILLY first yeor-turned out to be better than expected -in spite of an obvious handicap-two more years. MYERS, W. A. second year squadman-handicapped by switch from one position to another-should make a great tackle next year which is his natural position. l03 SANDIE LETTERMEN MILLICAN, OSSIE first year-developed into a line blocker and de- fensive player-in spite of experience. PRICE, JOHNNIE two-year Ietterman-"Little Giant"-if some of the big boys had the heart he had what players they could have made. QUATTLEBAUM, GLENN first year-one of the finest all-round backs-best kicker Sandies have had since Bob Clesson. STORSETH, BILLY JO second year-small but smart and aggressive- never gave up-played great game against Plain- view. SUTTON, GENE two-year Ietterman-great lineman in '40-never developed as well as expected as backfielder- was still a good blocker and linebacker. TIGART, THURMAN two-year Ietterman-great blocker-weak on de- fense-if overcomes that fault should do well in college. INALL, IRVIN two-year Ietterman-Captain-elect for 1942-good blocking back-expected to be great leader in '42, WARNER, JIM two-year Ietterman-great offensive and defensive player in spite of bad shoulder-will be missed next season. WATSON, E. J. second year squadman--played good ball at times-shows prospects of brilliance as a pass catcher and kicker. WHECHEL, TOM BILL two-year Ietterman-small but a scrapper-size was a handicap but he never asked for help-could take it and give it right back. WILLIAMS, FRANK first year-rabbit of squad-ankle iniury slowed him up at the end of season or he might have had better luck. ZELSMAN, BOB two-year Ietterman-one of the steadiest Iinemen should be ready for great season next fall. ICA ..- ...,., --.--- ,jpg-bf! -2'-' . K .V 'e, j"A'x . , .13 .,:,.. Z . ,f Q' 5- 'iv' 1 H if E lilgrgl :MEM g :Ef My i ulq v.: .L ,.,.L,. ,Di Q. x X q s L f r:-L r , r 'H' s , Q E L ff ' , i f .1 V.,,. 5 --":'r link? yggi R wQj ggii :II , W .,Ak q R 'W R LW vA" ,EB Qui .,-3 :5 x NW' fjz x 4.. K S .'- , E 51 -3 A I -N -N -I - :J , . ff- 1' "5 +5324 YANNIGAN FOOTBALL SANDIE RESERVES Andrews, John Armstrong, Lowell Boker, George Blessen, Jimmy Cline, Dick Hull, Truelt lrwin, Billy Keilh Meadows, Billy Owens, Guy Robbins, Oscar Shorp, Ed Southworth, Bill Trisler, Bob Woddill, Gordon Word, Tom Williamson, Bobby PEP LEADERS Our pep leaders . . . The Trice Twins . . . The Ware Twins . . . Earlene Short . . . Ernest Rogers . . . Fine kids, gave lots of time for us. 106 SANDIE BASKETBALL YANNIGAN BASKETBALL 107 BOXING SQUAD FRONT ROW: Dean Webb, J. C. Oakley, Hoy Marcum, Pere Trimble. LAST ROW: Mr. Hoynie, coach, Tom Word, Russell Tate, Willis Hamilion, Roy Cloninger, Mgr. TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: Torn Bill Whelchel, Bobby Zelsman, John Childs, J. H. Slringer, Lee Roy Boyfer, Johnny Price, Frank Williams, Ed Sharp, Ben Hearne, Richard Whisenand. SECOND ROW: Grady Howard, Sonny McGinley, Sammy Deal, Carrol Hall, Jimmie Allison, Ossie Millicon, Billy Lynch, Billy K. Irwin, Tom Blair, Buddy Blythe, Paul Kenyon. THIRD ROW: Jack McGee, Wes Ellioff, Rex Daniels, Harold Hensley, Gordon Waddill, Ray Daniels, Nelson Page, Buddy Mager, Doyle Foreman, George Boucum, Johnny Sissom. LAST ROW: Edward Nobles, Jackie Tomberlin, Fluff Myers, Bradley Bynum, Arthur Ball, Don Edleman, Dick Cline. lC8 GIRLS' TENNIS TE YS' TENNIS TE BOWLING FRONT IQOW: Nancy CQICIWGII, ,Irion Blank, Chorieen McAIIisfer, Pof Smith, AdeIre Benfiey, Sorcmne Smith. SECOND ROW: Joyce Knox, Anno RudeIson, Dona Seole, Glen Rcmdoll, Joy Mcmix, Betiy Glwormley, THIRD ROW: Aliie Craig, Anne Craig, Miss Bridges, sponsor. SWIMMING TEAM 'ZW 1 xx v. 'flax l.f2.1.fvU- 1 D s D J 1" I. vt T GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION I I I. Terrors ofthe Court. 2. They toss Q mecm puddle. 3. If you have time to notice, the game is shuffieboord. 4. Fi day for the photographer, 5. Some rocket! 6. The fieIcI of bottle, III ff, ' .X .9 digg 'Wo' 7 If - HONO-R SOCIETY ,f -O,., J A A R' A Y X if ' ROSTER: Bernadean Aardal, James Andrews, Mary K. Barna'd, lra Nae Barrington, Timmye Berg, Robert Bigelow, Wanda Bond, Sammie Bones, Fred Brady, John Boyce, Donna Boyd, Celeste Cheshire, Billie Cohea, Betty Cowart, Ray Daniels, Rex Dan- iels, Jane Dice, Bill Dickson, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Marion Durkee, Judith Elliott, Mary Anne Hall, Joyce Hightower, James Hill, Virgil Hogland, Adelaide Horton, Edna Houston, Charles Don Hughes, Truett Hull, Elaine Johnson, Lawrence Keaton, Ruth Lauder, Joan Marsh, Shirley Maxtield, Evelyn McCarty, Pat McClarney, Julius Mendell, Jimmy Miller, Joe Mobley, Helen Montgomery, Thomas Moore, Geneva Morrow, Margaret Newcomer, Bob O'Keete, Euna Rue Oldtather, Jimmie Lois Osborne, Katherine Perry' man, H. O. Pitts, Johnny Price, Kendrick Raoley, John Reynolds, Fred Siedenstrang, Rebecca Storktoft, Billy Storseth, O. D. Thomp- son, Gaynor Van Shaw, Bert Warner, Patty West, Dean Wright, Bob Zelsman. A. H. S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 499- as Asa.. FRONT ROW. Lovetta Sadler, Bess Winchester, Rosemary Black, Joe Mobley, Dorothy Gill, Betty Wright, Wanda Scriyens, Miss Johnson, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Jock Dyke, G. H. Price, Geane Gear, Lawana Killon, Norma Carlson. THIRD ROW: Dolores Spears, Dorothy Van Pelt, Landon Dowlen, Jane Dice, Annie Loy Lattimore, Barbara Flanders, Thomas Smith. - . FOURTH ROW: Tom Moore, Darlene Roe, Ruth Lauder. Q vLLU..r,,l-' A,--1 ' QV. , A J l I4 KEN KLUB ROSTER: OLD MEMBERSeBernadean Aardal, Margaret Marie Adams, James Andrews, Mary Kathryn Barnard, Ira Nae Barrington, Timmye Evelyn Berg, Rosemary Black, Kathryn Bledsoe, Wanda Bond, Sammie Kate Bones, John Boyce, Donna Jean Boyd, Fred Brady, Robert Bigelow, Wava Braum, Celeste Cheshire, Nancy Jane Caldwell, Doris Coftee, Billie Cohea, Janie Cottin, Betty Ann Cowart, Patsy Ruth Cox, Ray Daniel, Rex Daniel, Sammy Deal, Bili Dickson, Maxine Deason, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Ma- rion Durkee, Judith Elliott, Robert Field, Betty Jean Franklin, Royce Friou, Mary Anne Hall, Joyce Hightower, Edna Houston, Truett Hull, Virgil Hogland, Robert Irving, Elaine Johnson, Ray Martin Jordon, Lillian Julien, Ross Kouthold, Lawrence Keaton, Winona Kelly, Audrey Lambdin, Evelyn McCarty, Pat McClarney, Joan Marsh, Jack Martin, Frances Mayo, Jimmy Miller, Thomas Moore, Geneva Morrow, Joe Bob Mobley, Shirley Maxtield, Julius Mendel, Helen Montgomery, Margaret Newcomer, Robert O'Keefe, Euna Rue Oldtather, Kathryn Perryman, Harold Pitts, Johnny Price, John Reynolds, Kendrick Radey, Royce Saunders, Fred Sieden- strong, Otho Sims, Pat Smith, Nelda Stanley, Billy Joe Storseth, O. D, Thompson, Gaynor Van Shaw, Patty West, Martha Wingate, Bert VVarner, Bess Vtfinchester, Dean VVright, Bob Zelsman. Sponsors: Miss Nellie Jane Luther, Miss Jewell Brock. 5 I i L P13 NEW MEMBERS: Charles Adams, Bill Anderson, Anna Lou Armstrong, Jean Bechtel, Jean Blank, Jean Chandler, Merle Jo Coble, Bobby Coftee, Nell Colby, Jonathan Crudgington, Fred Cunningham, Jane Eyerline, Easter Fackner, Jeannette Frazier, Mary Bess Fullerton, Horacine Gibson, Mary Nell Gibson, Jane Gordon, Glorice Haynes, Norman Higgins, Sam Inman, Billy Keith Irwin, Shirley Dale Jackson, Regina Jennings, Lloyd Jobe, Bobby Lynn Johnson, Billy Rual Jones, Kenneth Kelley, Frances Sue King, Lanelle Ledbetter, Peggy Jean Love, Billy Lynch, Bert Mathews, Ann Moreland, John Morgan, Jack Mothershead, Bill Nugent, Ralph Odom, Guy Owens, Patsy Restine, Cumo Roberts, Joyce Rodgers, Ruth Rowe, Mary Froncess Russell, Easter Savage, Mary Jo Sizemore, Glenmar Snook, Frank Spann, Dolores Spears, Mary Lou Strueber, Wilmyra Swenson, Mark Taylor, Virginia Vogel, Kent Webster, La Verne Wilmeth, Tynetta Wilson, Jane Wolfe, and Margaret Jane Zimpfer, IIS ,, 1Y HOSTESS CLUB FRONT ROW: Tiny McGehee, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Nola Kennison, Isabel Felter, Joyce Fleming, Wanda Lee Ellis, Bessie Winchester. SECOND ROW: Marsalla Wiedly, Gerry Moore, Winona Kelly, Lena Mae Walker, Marilyn Cooper, Bess Evelyne Berry. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Fly, Sponsor, Betty Brock, Nadine Roye, Betty Murrel Capps, Lucia Burnett, Jimmie Lee Osborne, Laverne Freeman. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF TEXAS FIRST ROW: Leona Brooks, Florence Gochnauer, Nell Ward, Betty Hamilton, Jerry Ann Sopher, Georgiana Waghorn, Pauline Prickett, Zelmarie Mauasco, Georgia Bell Currie, Mary Frances Burch. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Donald, Sponsor, Kathleen Bills, Gloria Jane Webb, Joyce Jean Webb, Yvonne Reynolds, Paula Jane Min- cher, Wilma Jean Murphy, Georgia Burleson, Vera Harp, Maxine Beard, Mary Whidden. THIRD ROW: Betty Moore, Roma Dale Speck, Billy Grace Green, Barbara Baker, Inez Darnell, Dolly Williams, Joye Crittenden, Dorothy Archebald. LAST ROW: Nellie Lindsey, Edna Houston, Nancy Case, Pauline Whiddon, Milma Berry. H6 HI-Y FIRST ROW: Robert Montgomery, Robert Wheatley, Patty West-Sweetheart, James Andrews, Robert Ewell. SECOND ROW: John Sissom, Jack Martin, Ken Radey, Billy Schell, Jim Bush. LAST ROW: Pat Newman, Fred Siedenstrang, Curtis Polm, Kenneth Rice. SOPHOMORE HI-Y CLUB 5 A A K we 'W in 'e M fs ,A FIRST ROW: Bobby Flores, Ray Watkins, William Campbell, Galen Hays, Harold Dean, W. Russell Smith, sponsor LAST ROW: Richard Moore, James Coontz, Bill Gooclson, Don Stonley, Bert Matthews, il7 9 f TRI-HI-Y FRONT ROW: Anna Ruth Gray, Lurine Roddy, Edna Reeves, Dorothy Trice, Pat McClarney, Pauline Smith, Mary Kathryn Bar- nard, Winnie Vee Shockley, Cloe Teal Dunlap. SECOND ROW: Willa Jean Payne, Carolena Cooper, Kathryn Perryman, Marion Durkee, Barbara Trice, Norma Carlson, Relda Young, Mary Lee Cox, Lorna Lieberknecht. THIRD ROVV: Joyce Hamic, Doris Coffee, Margaret Wickham, Nancy Caldwell, Dorothy Van Pelt, Wilma Priest, Judy Elliott, Phyllis Evans, Dorothy Marshall, Faye Wardle. LAST ROW: Pauline Priclcett, Kathryn Bledsoe, Marie Bennett, Mrs. C. C. Shaller, sponsor, Dorothy Decker, Andree Connelly, Bobbie Lupher, Marcella Weigley. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: Jean Chandler, Melva Nelle Jones, Ruby Lauder, Gleva Tuttle, Patsy Elrod, Colleen Ford, Juanita Sharp, Nell Ward, La Una Blade, Betty Lois Hamilton, Lona Lee Conners, Elizabeth Ann Norton SECOND ROW: Miss Adelle Shows, Sponsor, Wilda Williams, Florine Sparks, Donna Jean Roth, Virginia Vogel, Verna Lou Single- ton, Cole-eta Davidson, Kathleen Bills, Nona Coleman, Jane Ann Hodges, Peggy Gene Love. THIRD ROW: Lanelle Ledbetter, La Verne Wilmeth, La Verne Salyer, Darlean Tieman, Louise Walker, Roberta Wright, Cumo Roberts, Betty Jane Houston, Eunice Faye Williams, Jane Wolfe, FOURTH ROW: Edna Mae Nutt, Helen Louise Khoury, Bobby Lynn Johnson, Betty Grace Smith, Wanda McCarthy, Vivian Cas- tleberry, Mildred King, Mary Lou Streuber. LAST ROW: Nell Bell, Merle Jo Cable, Betty Jeanne Smith, Doris Pierce, Jean Townes. MOVIE AND CAMERA CLUBS FRONT ROW: Charles Andrews, Joe Mcllroy, Billy Nugent, Gene Clardy, Charles Adams, T. C. Brown. LAST ROW: Denny Plumlee, Jack Landers, Bob Wray, Mr. Gordon, sponsor, Bill Jenkins, Loy Stockton, Bill Kinclall. THESPIAN 'ft el' S FRONT ROW: Robert Field, Mary Ann Dudley, Nancy Coldwell, Adelaide Horton,, Joy Florey, Mary Kathryn Barnard, Celeste Cheshire, Dorothy Al Marshall, Kenneth Linn. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Brown, Jean Bechtel, Kathryn Spector, Connie Fuqua, Mildred Stinson, Donna Boyd, Betty Roberts, Mrs. N. N. Whitworth, sponsor, Lou Anna Price. LAST ROVV1 Edna Mae Nutt, Robert French, Patricia McClarney, Bill Dickson, Jack Dyke, John Sissorn, Eileen Smith. Members not in picture: Lucy Ratlitf, Mary Elizabeth Weatherly, Euna Rue Oldtather, Nancy Meyer, Donna Boyd, Bobby OfKeete, Earlene Short. il? LOS VIAJEROS FRONT ROW: Travis Tadlock, Euna Rue Oldtather, Betty Cowart, Katherine Warnix, Lawanna Price, Eunice Fay WiIIiams,'Co- leeta Davidson, Jimmie Lois Osborne, Cora Russell, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Jane Wolfe, Ross Kauthold, Julius Mendel, Jean Blank, Dalien Tieman, La Vada Paul, Lorna Jean Lieberknecht, Mary Lee Cox. THIRD ROW: Max Alsobrook, Norma Hammonds, Nancy Caldwell, Bobbie Lynn Johnson, Marilyn Cooper, Mary Browning, Relda Young, Joyce Hightower. FOURTH ROW: I-I, O. Pitt, Jimmy Wilson, Audrey Lambdin, Katherine Miller, Fay Wilson, Juanita Davis, Marion Durkee, Mary Lau Strueber. FIFTH ROW: John Allen, Harold I-Ienslee, Fred Brady, James Maberry, Lina Haug. I FRONT ROW: Jane Everline, Patsy Restine, Wilda Williams, Phyllis Foreman, Charles Adams, Evelyn McCarty, Timmye Evelyn Berg, Jeannette Frazier, Mary Frances Russell. SECOND ROW: Nave Coleman, Margaret Wickham, Bettye Elliott, Shirley Jackson, Maxine Deason, Katherine Perryrnan, June Richmond, Wanda Band, Anna Moreland. THIRD ROW: Miss Anno Klapproth, sponsor, Phillip Billau, Paul Richardson, Judith Elliott, Billie Cohea, Margaret Newcomer, Becky Stockton, LAST ROW: Jack CauIe,', John Morgan, Margaret Zimpter, Mary Nell Gibson, Juanita Konkle, Betty Jean Smith, Joan Yeager. Members not pictured: Audrey Janes, La Verne Wilmeth, Mark Taylor, Jack Mothershed, Jonnie Dean Reneau, Ruth Lauder, Billy .also , 1- it Lou Armstrong, Joe Mcllroy, Irene Wallace ,iLl. ,, SECRETARIAL CLUB MEMBERS: Blanche Bringold, Betty Brooch, Kitty Cunningham, Jane Dice, Janice Dillion, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Barbara Flanders, Clylas Knight, Shirley Maxfield, Helen Montgomery, Frances Overturf, Dorothea Mae Ruth, Wanda Scrivens, Nelda Sizemore, Zelda Sizemore, Winnie Vee Shockley, Dorothy Van Pelt, Marcella Weigley, Patty West, Billie Woods. LIBRARY SERVICE OR!GANlZATlON FRONT ROW: Juanita Hamby, Melva Nell Jones, Dorothy Martin, Celeste Cheshire, Helen Montgomery, Jean Compton, Jane Everline, Nell Colby, Harold Dean. SECOND ROW: Margaret Wickham, Joyce Hightower, Winona Kelly, Phyllis Foreman, Cumo Roberts, Aline Harrington, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Dean Brown. THIRD ROW: Jimmie Holmes, James Mayberry, Myrtis Broome, Betty Frandeson, Mary Elizabeth Weatherly, Ernestine Gooden, Adelle Bentley, William Magnuson, Elbertine Reeder, sponsor, l2l X, GLEE CLUB I FIRST ROW: Ruth Lauder, Mariorie McKitterick, Dorothy Jean Martin, Donna Potter, Kitty Cunningham, Miss Mabel Rowan, di- rector, Glenn Randall, Peggy Hall, Eileen Smith, Valeta Jo McCoy, Lucy Mae Ratlitt. SECOND ROIN: Thelma Pollard, Jay Mattix, Joyce Knox, Patsy Mae Flynn,, Lawanna Killian, Mariorie XA!ilkinson, Betty Cathy, Anna Rene Batson, Lois Wilson, Betty Vvhited. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Ballew, Jean Salmons, Jan Castleberry, Billie Jane Clark, Marie Bennett, Gwen Lotta, Janice Dillion, Pat McClarney, Betty Moore, Adelaide Horton. FOURTH ROW: Judson Roope, Gene Lawson, Charles Davis, Verlen Coberly, Bill Fanning, Bob Keen, G. W. Boskin, Ira Lee, Melvyn Cobb. LAST ROW: Bobby Kemp, Carrol Hall, Rhea Chilton, H. R, Owens, Donald Stinson, Edward Hathaway, Ross Kauthold, Philip Bennett. MEMBERS: Roy Burgett, Myron Dorman, Donald Field, Arthur Grove, Bil- ly Keith Irwin, John Mor- gan, Collie Moye, Fred Siedenstrang, Mark Tay- lor, Carlton Thompson, George Thornton, Donna Jean Autrey, Glenna Ruth Bell, Barbara Box! well, Betty Brock, Betty Myrle Capps, Coleeta Da- vidson, Le Etta Roe Da- vis, Maxine Deason, Ha- zel Ruth Denson, Donda Dodson, Betty Jean Fa' theringham, Betty Ann Fine, Frances Fox, Emily Gean Gear, I-lorocine Gibson. A CAPPELLA CHOIR , Alice Lee Gist, Ruth Gloss, Betsy Ann How- ard, Patricia Jones, Jean Josey, Elizabeth Johnson, Betty Nan Kelly, Frances Sue King, Nora Jeanne Lamb, Lorna Jean Lieber- knecht, Betty Ann Long, Martha Lois McCorter, Elaine Montgomery, Kath- erine Perryman, Gloria Pyeatt, Betty Ruth Ravey, Sue Rogers, La Verne Salyer, Betty Grace Smith, Wanda Sizemore, Betty Jo Stockton, Betty Tinkle, Neatha Turner, Tynetta Wilson. 5 Q 1 .a .e BAND wfTT MEMBERS: Max Alsobrook, Wesley Askew, Elaine Baker, G'enna Lee Batter, Phillip Billau, Billy Bogarcl, .lim Boggs, Dwight Bradley, Jayne Bray, Jerry Briscoe, Eula Jean Burnett, Ruth Mary Calvert, Morris Cobb, Alfred Daniel, Eugene Daughtee, Bill Dial, Bill Doherty, Don Edelman, Wanda Lee Ellis, Phyllis Ely, Martha Evans, Phyllis Evans, Joe Foran, Hugh Farmer, Reynold Gardner, Beatrice Garrett, Darrell Gaut, Dick Gifford, Ruth Glass, Wallace Goodmen, Bill Goodson, Nina Griggs, George Groves, Iris Hall, lmogene Henry, Bob Hill, Peggy Warick, Russell Howe, Reid Hughes, Donnie Jean Hurd, Betty Jane Husted, Elizabeth .lor- don, Cecil Langmack, Bob Leachman, Lanelle Ledbetter, Eldon Lehman, Merlin Maness, Bert Matthews, Albert McKinney, Julius Men- del, Maurice Meredith, Richard Moore, Lynn Paul, Walden Pavillard, Margie Randall, Marvin Redding, Dotty Reynolds, Neil Rhodes, Paul Richardson, Bobby Rigler, Helen Rippey, June Roffey, Wayne Rutledge, Delbert Sahli, Myma Ruth Satterfield, J. U. Schatter, Jane Speck, Stuart Stoops, Thomas Stovall, Elmer Stroup, Billy Toombs, Raymond Trent, Jeanne Triplett, C. A. Turner, Fred Llhrich, Alvis Veazey, Veeda Wales, Donnie Wanser, Kent Webster, Zella Mae Wible, Eleanor Wilson, Rue Wilson, Ruth Wise, Boy Wray, Dale Wright, J. C. Wright, Robert Wright, Oscar Wise, conductor. H ORCHESTRA 1 . ..... ..-...A..,........ FIRST ROW: Orie Phillips, Virginia Roberson, Anna Lou Armstrong, Jonnie Dean Reneau, Kathryn Walker, J. C. Wright, Jimmy Miller, Ruth Wise, Phillip Billau. SECOND ROW: LaVada Paul, Virginia Vogel, Lorene Speer, Melton Lepard, Phyllis Evans, Helen Rippey, George Groves, Zella Mae Wible, Imogene Henry, Veeda Wales, Bert Matthews, Lanelle Ledbetter. LAST ROW: Jane Everline, Ruth Lauder, Elaine Baker, Lloyd Veazey, Dan Morton, Oscar Wise-Conductor. IQ3 DEBATE TEAMS - EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKERS T,lx F!RST ROW: Mary Nell Gibson, Peggy Woodson, Becky Stockton, Margaret Barker, Kathryn Spector, Mrs. Coffee, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Leo Southern, Dorothy Lloyd, Frances Smith, Bill Jenkins, Robert French, Kenneth Johnson. DECLAIMERS - ONE-ACT PLAY CAST 2? ,W "Y 'T'- , -I 1 -5 -:RV FL . ,., .,,.. 1 7 f ,fi ,. Tit..- -1 ,E -. .A Q - - I . K -fl--2'5f2f' i. 3 :FEE i , ., .. . I WZ. A I ki.. 11 .,,v .4 . f ...Z ,,.., . ,. iii ., Xq. 1 ,E-.: -,,--: A S ' Xl 1 tif?i?'?TQ ,fzfiiisg-was..,e, FIRST ROW: Jean Bechtol, Jeanne Luker, Doris Cobb, Dean Brown, Jack Bullock. SECOND ROW: Judy Elliott, Pat McCIarney, Bobby O'Keet'e, Alice Craig, Johnny Sissom. THIRD ROW: Connie Fuqua, Edward Hathaway, Lay Stockton, Mrs., N. N. Whitwarth, sponsor ROTC - STAFF OFFICERS AND COMPANY A TOP PICTURE: FRONT ROW: Lieutenont Donnell, Cadet Colonel Irvin Wall, Honorary Cadet Colonel Elaine Jolinson, Cadet Lieutenont Colonel Dawson Bray, Cadet Coptain G. A. Tomlinson. LAST ROW: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel James Andrews, Honorary Codet Lieutenant Colonel Dean Wright, Cadet Lieutenont Colonel Arthur Ball, Honorary Codet Lieutenant Colonel Janice Westmoreland. 125, N ROTC - COMPANIES B, C, AND E ROTC - COMPANY F BATTALION DRILL AND TARGET PRACTICE TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION I. Another T. Edison. 4. He knows what he is doing. 2. The closs Tho? works, 5. Does he? Yes, 3. A wizord of The formulas, 6, The modern method of FJUIIIFIQ your nose to the grindstone I28 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION l. The entire group. 4. The cash register is prociicolly ringing now 2. A window disployer dehnce. 5. Wonnu buy 0 hot? 3. And such u pretty scnesgirl, foo. 6. A perfect Mend of Colors, 129 115- AMARILLO VS. BORGER Bolll VVhere's1he bull? off! 3 L e of 'iml GANGS is f 'xi' J if I. lf's either offer or before school. 2. You don'1 need o shove, buddy. 3. lf musl be wonderful To be carefree. 4. The future gossips ore of 5. A lively discussion. 6. It must be good, They're eofingif. 133 Hsu., IT again. aw... Fine Jewelry Railroad Watch Inspector Diamonds Watch Repair Service Watches Diamond Setting L. N. PITTMAN Phone 2-1419 Jeweler and Optometrist 510 Polk St. Father: lt's a good plan, my dear, to think before you speak. .loan lvl.: But, Dad, by the time I do that the girls have changed the subject. Nationally Famous Clothes for the Young Men Smartly Styled Togs for Campus and Dress Wear Phone 2-2904 604 Polk St. .IUNKIN DRY GOODS CO. "The Store for Yard Goods" 613 Taylor St. Amarillo, Texas LOW A CONVENIENT CASH PRICES - PR'Cff"T4U" - . TIME PAYMENTS l A Department Store for the Entire Family Mrs. Brokaw: Lto a student who is halt an hour latei: You should have been here at ine o'clock. Charles T.: leagerlyl: Why, what happened? I 'A ADKISSGTN-BAKER TlRlEMC67TD'D Tl TD The New ,Ei General A I 5 it Dual 10 9th and Tyler 6th and Louisiana "We Give S 81 H Green Stamps" Telephone 6231 Telephone 6922 1. The sun must have been shining. 2. They're being followed 3. ThuT's no smile! 4, WhoT's The matter? 5. He'II be busy Tonight, of home. 135 AMARILLO HOTEL TAILOR SHOP For Quick Service ond Good Work A. L. Corbin, Mgr. W COMPLINIYENTS OF POOL DRUG STORES IL N2.-.1JI IQSQI I 521.21 sos Po1.K sr. azz w. 16TH s'r. 904 Po1.K sr. PHONE 4371 PHONE 8256 SANTA FE BLDG. f W PHONE 2.5557 Dick C.: Since I met you I con't eot, I con't sIeep, I cc1n't drink. Borboro B.: Icoylyi Why not? Dick: I'm broke! Compliments of RULE BUILDING GARAGE Phone 2-1295 215-217 P0114 Thomas Moore: Chorles Hughes sure takes the worst possible view of everything Gene C.: A pessimist, eh? Thomcs: No, he's cw condid comero fiend., . J A - ' ff, QQ4,ff,fC-f , . fyrrffvv 'f' Miss RusseII:j UUICEQDSII bondno. -'VL' fe f' Eunice W.: B-cn-n-ci-neo-n-o-n--gosh, I con spell it but I don't know when to stop Best Wishes from PANHANDLE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING CO. Ross D. Rogers, Mgr. Compliments of if -2 ,li Envy I CREAM I II8 Taylor Phone 4251 .ip- ,f p of I. 2. 3. 4. KIDS WILL BE KIDS Ii? ' Q AQ t P S ,J fafilf ,.4u-n"'i-if , . wi 'KN 4 Now this Is good. 5. Swinging around , They con recIIy swing--both ways. 6. Disvibufive weights. Cufe, eh, whof? 7, And look whor we have here! Wheeeeeeeee I37 Y 'Y' E.. 5-5-if , Q 1 Mr , a,,l n - x.J I WILSON BATTERY 8. ELECTRIC SERVICE l Auto-Lite Batteries Compliments of DATE and M. Z. WILSON W 2IO West 6th Phone 2-4349 y They marked the exams so strictly, they tlunked him tor having a period upside down Com Iiments of r . 1, 3 p M P .... ' I A -'-,.1 5 L, SANTA FE BARBER f I ' ' ,. I " if .- 'M-'V " . .. 2 - Qf.." 5 i H ..Fsg K Q Air Conditioned -.-L-WH V -' -' f vs Q M " 1332. -2- I or Qygf' , ,fi ' .I Soft Water Service if 'I . . f' 1 H ., ' -W . I7 Years in Amari o ,pi .R A taxiway . yr ., f,.,k 1.1 K+ X P- f ii lfffg it 5' .- T. B. Daniel Owner . B, sv. P P ' Q. ..... ...,,'fi.. I Leroy B.: I don't like these photographs at all. I look like an ape! D Photographer: You should have thought ot that before you had the pictures take Compliments to the Graduates of I942 from AMARILLO HARDWARE COMPANY Phone 5318 807-809 Polk Martha VV.: Are you going to let that redhead get your boy triend? Betty K.: No. I'II dye tirst. run IQ .. OI 'z' Illiffign I r-'r '99 - Mtbis Hallie t' 7 UP PANHANDLE CO. D. E. McGlasson, Mgr. Always Use GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen Tested" Flour and RED STAR "Perfect Process" Flour Milled by GENERAL MILLS, INC. " A Home Institution" Amarillo, Texas l. "On the light fantastic toen lEng. 42. 2. She got him. 3, Swing it, boyl O. M. FRANKLIN SERUM COMPANY Hall Medford, Branch Manager 310 Polk Street Amarillo, Texas B 81 M CLEANERS Cleaners, Dyers, and Hatters l6th at Tyler Phone 8221 I-I ER Side! I'm the one that's going to do the housekeeping- the one he will praise, or blame, for how the place is run-so I want modern gas equipment for the 4 big iobs: COOKING, HEATING, REFRIG- ERATION AND WATER HEATING! HIS Side! I'm a crank about good cooking and I want our home to be attractive and comfortable, too -so I've agreed with Jane IOOCX: on a CP Range, Electrolux, Automatic Water Heater and Thermostatic Home Heating im THE DEBATE TEAM PRACTICING . BARTON'S GROCERY Superior Groceries and Meats Friendly Service 522 West Sixteenth Phone 7205 Qzsafirzga to the sfudenf body of T942 Z'1fXz5TGfZLllZf5I :Alaskan :Service Ruth Donaldson, Owner BOXWELL BROS. Ambulance Funeral Directing Phone 521 1 AMARILLO DUMAS y- -- l Th Mrs. C. C. Cunningham W, J, "Bill" Beechler CUNNINGHAM FLORAL COMPANY ' Amarillo's Leading Florists One Location 2511 West Sixth Telegraph Flowers Amarillo, Texas THE AMARILLO BOWL Bowling at Its Finest 1015 Polk St. Phone 2-5714 is During the preceding week mother was trying to teach Mary Nell table etiquette was her result: Mary Nell G.: Pass the butter! Mrs. Gibson: It what? Mary Nell: If you can reach if. l THE BATES AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds 606 Taylor Phone 6381 I Amarillo, Texas l l l l fl I l vi L M1 'Phillips 'pllilliPS l : f ' l ,. 4 l jiljJf"l,i.f-2" I I I J bit . 1 ,- aj' fly JIIJ y . if I Il Our Compliments to A. H. S. Graduates of 1942 PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO. GIRLS' BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL TEAMS President, Edno Houston Monoger, Lenoo Brooks Compliments of y JENKINS ONE-STOP SERVICE l Open All Night 17 Years Dependable Service i . aa... .-.W M W i Joe M.: l call my girl "Pe-och." Bob O.: Why? So sweet? Joe M.: No. She has a heart of stone. flair!--Yes Portraits can have it too! I Let us show you what is newest. l EDWARD S STUDIO i James A.: Everytime I have a cup of tea I get a stabbing pain in my right eye, What shall l do? PatS.1 Take the spoon out of your cup." Y E Y Y YPCompIiments of BRIGHT'S STUDIO Nunn Bldg.-Room 217 i Corner 5th and Polk Phone 2-1428 1 FURR FOOD STORES INCORPORATED I Your Guarantee of Satisfaction Quality Foods at the LOWEST of Prices I One in Your Neighborhood Joyce C.: Oooooh, Edward, I'd love to meet a snowman! Edward H.: A snowman? Why? Joyce: Because they just melt in your arms. The ,1.,-,. M ,H , ,am W , l DEE STATIONERY lFormerly Plains Office Supplyl ' 3 Bill Dee Phone 2-4323 A - Amarillo, Texas l l -. ,- ,, "We Seek to Serve" l RYNDERS JR. DEPT. sToRE Free Parking 3310 West 6th Ave. r. Compliments of MAXOR DRUG STORES No. 'l-'l61h 8: Jackson No. 2--Fisk Building Phone 6256 Phone 8214 mf The study hall .... The rendezvous for lesson-learning . . .Where new acquaintances are made and old ones broken. Compliments of CITY SIGN CO. 609 Harrison Sf. Amarillo, Texas V. M. Rippey B A L l. A R D ' S Dependable "Sec" Cleaners Phone 4397 T215-l2l7-T219 Polk ST. 145 iw? Compliments of POTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY Sam J. Aronson, Oliver-Eakle Bl W. L. Askew, Rule Bldg. R. P. Black, Rule Bldg. Ben T. Blackwell, Fisk Bldg. Sam K. Broyles, Rule Bldg. Fred J. Crumley, Fisk Bldg. J. J. Crume, Fisk Bldg. J. Ralph Carroll, 703 Harrison T. P. Churchill, Amarillo Bldg. Geo. M. Cultra, Fisk Bldg. Walter Dine, Fisk Bldg. Frank Duncan, Amarillo Bldg. R. A. Duncan, Amarillo Bldg. dg. W. F. Dutton, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Kenneth Flamm, Amarillo Bldg. Robt. T. Foster, Groom, Texas M. L. Fuller, City Hall Nan L. Gilkerson, Fisk Bldg. R. D. Gist, Fisk Bldg. A. B. Goldston, Fisk Bldg. J. W. Gustin, Rule Bldg. Neal Hall, Fisk Bldg. l. J. Haugen, Veterans' Hospital J. W. Hendrick, Fisk Bldg. J. D. Jordaan, Fisk Bldg. Richard Kevs, Fisk Blda. Melvin K. Knight, Rule Bldg. W. R. Klingensmith, Fisk Bldg. H. H. Latson, Amarillo Bldg. J. R. Lemmon, Fisk Bldg. Dan H. Loving, Fisk Bldg. A. F. Lumpkin, Amarillo Bldg. Hugh Lumpkin, Amarillo Bldg. David M. Marcley, Fisk Bldg. Members Don S. Marsalis, Rule Bldg. F. P. Miller, Fisk Bldg. W. O. Murphy, Fisk Bldg. J. B. Ozier, 4231 West 'l2th St. Guy Owens, Amarillo Bldg. L. K. Patton, 803 Harrison St. Ralph B. Payne, Fisk Bldg. Evelyn G. Powers, Fisk Bldg. Geo. Powers, Fisk Bldg. Howard Puckett, Amarillo Bldg. B. M. Puckett, Amarillo Bldg. N. C. Prince, Fisk Bldg. I. Rasco, Fisk Bldg. D. Roach, Lucerne Apts. E. E. Reeves, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. E. A. Rowley, Amarillo Bldg. Geo. T. Royse, Fisk Bldg. J. R. Robberson, Amarillo Bldg. W. J. Shudde, Fisk Bldg. Ernestine Smith, Fisk Bldg. A. J. Streit, Fisk Bldg. R. R. Swindell, Amarillo Bldg. Wm. B. Thomas, Fisk Bldg. Walter Van Sweringen, Amarillo Bldg J. H. Vaughn, Fisk Bldg. G. T. Vineyard, Amarillo Bldg. R. T. Vineyard, Oliver-Eakle Bldg Geo. M. Waddill, Fisk Bldg. R. F. Wertz, Amarillo Bldg. W. H. Wheir, Amarillo Bldg. J. B. White, Rule Bldg. J. G. Willoanks, Fisk Bldg. A. E. Winsett, Fisk Bldg. J. R. Wrather, Amarillo Bldg. Besf Wishes 'ro the Class of 'I942 AMARILLO BAR ASSOCIATION Compliments of AMARILLO DENTAL SOCIETY Stuart W. Browning, Fisk Bldg. W. M. Curl, Fisk Bldg. w. 1. Damn, Fisk Bldg. F. W. Dodson, Fisk Bldg. C. D. Ewing, Fisk Bldg. W. E. Gibbon, Rule Bldg. C. O. Hess, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Geo. G. Ingham, Amarillo Bldg. T. B. Jones, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. MEMBERS F. Q. Kelleam, Fisk Bldg. J. B. Landers, Amarillo Bldg. John W. Makeig, Amarillo Bldg W. R. Moody, Fisk Bldg. R. P. Parcells, Fisk Bldg. R. L. Rogers, Fisk Bldg. W. B. Stevenson, Fisk Bldg. B. Younger, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Jack Younger, Amarillo Bldg. I47 I K G N C THE GLOBE-NEWS STATION 1440 Kilocycles The NBC Outlet for the Panhandle At school for the first time, the small boy started to sob bitterly. What is the matter, Neal? asked the teacher. Please, Mrs. Smith, I don't like school. And I've got to stay here till I'm fourteen Don't let that worry you, said Mrs. Smith. I've got to stay here till I'm sixty-tive. Compliments of CARLTON-FLOREY GROCERY COMPANY AN AMARILLO BUSINESS SUPPORTING AMARILLO INSTITUTIONS Featuring Nationally Known Merchandise Dole Fancy Pineapple and Pineapple .Iuice Del Haven Canned Fruits and Vegetables Gold Bar Canned Fruits Melvin C.: lot dinnertr Dad, are caterpillars good to eat? Mr. C. Iseverelylr Haven't I told you never to mention such things at the table? Mrs. C.: Why did you ask that question, Melvin? Melvin: I iust saw one on Dad's lettuce, but it's gone now. Compliments of THE BANK THAT FAVORS SAVERS THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF AMARILLO Member of Federal Insurance Corporation YW- W Y I LA AIROSA STAFF AT WORK The snapping snooper prepares to snop. in this picture you see the editor reolly working. VVouldn't you like to dictate To her? Nell wields Q mean brush. i49 The business staff in c round-toble discussion. And you will find them like this every clay, too Quiet! Genuis at work! Thot's what we like, used receipt books. How to Guard Your Eyesight and get more OUT CF LIGHT ,LOW gg: . 1, bn n nn on . A N .X- I, ,, v if ,ziz X-'- I 1 ' V " X lt'S m0l'e fUl1 and less eyestrain Q when you sink back in bed wlth a book lf the bulb ln your pin-up is a 100-watt. Southwestern PUBLIC SER VICE Company R Compliments of POWDER PUFF BEAUTY PARLOR 2 Amarillo Bldg. Phone 4925 L- ,- l. Hof dog! No more lessons for awhile, of least not until 2. J. D. ond his Model T. Llt's really on A., but T, rhymes tonight. beftenxj Compliments ,X f . fl ll" . er l F1 ii T G , y ,- 1 , , Il T is T l f f , T T T li ICG nm ' , I ,bi -1- swab l597l1-- T V l A i s .Il iiQ"-145 36 : -Q Completely Air-Conditioned on - W .QL if fa I he - iiliii N , J All Floors l5l 'Emi Compliments ot l HARDEMAN-KING CO. "Millers of Merit" LORD'S Shop With Assurance of Quality Merchandise "Make Our Store-Your Store" 725 Polk Phone 2-2068 J. W. C.: My father is a brave man, he is. He killed tive lions and an elephant in Africa singlehandecl. James H.: Bosh, that's nothing, my dad bought a new sedan when ma wanted a coupe! Dr. T. M.dMontgomery H Mike Montgomerym K MONTGOMERY 8g MONTGOMERY y Doctors of Optometry l 703-4-5iOliver-EaklevBldg. V m?n Amarillo, Texasfw SPIKES-TRUITT PONTIAC COMPANY 909-'l'I Tyler Street Telephone 4201 1 Amarillo, Texas Alice M.: Oh, dad, how Wonderful it is to be olive! The world is too good tor ony- 'P thing. Why isn't everyone happy. Father: Who is he this time? Mannaw-7HuMAs HARDWARE COMPANY l l fr ...F 1 --- Q' WF- i34 A 'fi i. Dusty wods . . . 2. Rough ond tough. 3. Nice looking tree. 4. Refuse. 5. i wont on introduction! 6. Lei's go swim- ming. 7. A working mon. 8. A trio out looking. 9. Quite o loud. IO. Very impersonal. ii. Monoionous, isnfi it? 12. A mid-summer nighT's dream. 13. A victim of the summer hem? 14. l'd like Too, boyi! i5. Wiilw The green gross growing oli around . . . 153 1 iggio E or mangas creams ehsgess ggggj E E i YOUY X ky WaTches l Credit ff. V,7LfiJQX -Kfmi-T Silverware P Y Jewelry, Clocks Qs iCi' kno' 2133296 fwuiof L. O L, L, ,ss sw, ELQ'm,9.ndjQks O O , O O O Wendi oTriNoER's I WEST TEXAS SHOE SHOP T "Business Comes Where IT's Invited and l STays Where IT's Taken Core Of" i V i i if 'IT6 EaST 7Th T Donna B.: Do you know vvhaf TermiTes do? PaT M.: Navy. Donna: ThaT's righT. . i MCCARTT SUPER MARKET "CUT The CosT of Living" 1OTh 81 Taylor STS. Car Mechanic: Use your nood'e. lady. Use your noodle. BeTTy lvl.: My goodness, where is The noodfe? l've pushed and pulled everyThing Ise in This car! CongroTulaTions To The Class of '42 HOLLYWOOD DRESS SHOPPE 715 Polk i Phone 6921 l O ,sv ,s Ti TT A TTT T TTQET-ILTDSON P T T T TTT T T P PT Buili' To SERVE BETTER-LAST LONGER-COST LESS TO OPERATE CULLUM MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Disfributor Amarillo, Tenfasf W f W in i if J A natal.: - DI Kid Headquarters BoTh Old and Young 'I4Th and Polk Ice Cream, Drinks, Sandwiches Phone 5732 Congratulations to Class of '42 , DIXIE and JANE DICE I , Dixie Dice School of Dancing I. This is our school flag. Nice, isn't it? 2. The Drum Maier and ahe Queen ol the Band, as if we didn't know. 3. The are, as you should know, our two expert twirlers, 5 . Good Luck Graduates I in All Your Endeavors' I X up We Wish You Everything You Wish t Yourselves 1 ' """ ' ' Sandie Headquarters For Years Compliments of MAXFIELD DRUG STORE 201 west 6th Phone 7665 Amarillo, Texas I55 I BARFIELD LUMBER COMPANY I I Complete Building Service I T. J. Wagner, Manager FOX DRUG COMPANY Neighborhood Stores 2121 Washington I 4th and Pierce D ,, fa, 2 iw, , ,, ., W . 3520 Line Ave. A tommyhawk is what if you go to sleep suddenly and wake without hair, there is an Indian with. MOTOR TUNE-UP SERVICE BATTERY AND IGNITION SERVICE l CLARK DYE Fhillips 66 Service Station ' 2701 Line Ave, Amarillo, Texas fi?" T v T 'HOTT T Ti' T 'v I SEARS Roesucic 8m co. "Your Friendly Family Store" , W Y,YY Y ,, , , , W , , Y . v,,.v, ,. I I Amarillo's Finest CAPITOL HOTEL Amarillo, Texas 1 I I T TTZTTTT T A 20Q,,TmiQ.TfIfTTTTT Y I MCKNIGHT TRANSFER L. 3. s. co., INC. I R. C. JORDAN I Tiomiplimgits oti T 7 vi J. W. HILL FURNITURE CO. , 911 Polk I Phone 9012 W SANDIES .f I. Cecil never misses, very IHULI1. 4. Look at that Charles fake cn pam 2. Who? o mon. 5. ln ogoin for A. H. S. 3. Change the score, Ed, 'cause Jc1mie's shoo1in'! 6. Perfect stance, thc1t's what it is. I57 V KWITCHERKIKKIN i AMARILLO LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANERS - Harrison at Third Street Phone 8251 JONES-ROBERTS SHOE STORE S "Shoes for Every Occasion" 805 Polk St. Amarillo, Texas Telephone 2-2881 Donnie W. was taking his first trip on a train. When the conductor came through the car and called for tickets Donnie readily gave up his. A few minutes later the train boy coming through called, "Chewing gum!" "Never!" cried Donnie, bravely. "You can take my ticket, but not my gum!" Tw'vE'E'2W E '4g'f E 'E E' it 'W'iA ""Au"'A lwiwvi CRETNEY DRUG STORES The Panhandle's Leading Drug Stores l Amarillo-Pampa-Borger GUNN-HINERMAN TIRE COMPANY i , E, ,Www-at ,-N-Em...-.g Goodyear Tires-General Electric Appliances Jack D.: What are the three words most used by students? J. E. W.: iAtter a pauset l don't know. Jack D.: Correct. p,,,, ,A,, - , ,, nf, -..-.-..?g, i Ready-to-Wear 7 Millinery Faye S. Gordon Un Kitty Kerrigan TYPEWRITER SERVICE COMPANY 'l'l'l-B East Third St. Phone: 2-T313 Amarillo Texas Portable Typewriters Victor Adding Machines R. M. Kiclwell l We rent and repair all makes of typewriters and adding machines. w " SANDIE RESERVES XY ,ffxifi O I. Wimpy the Sharpshootor. 2. Glenn th Gladiator. 3. Two-bt t g od. 4 An p t the by t PIERCE STREET GREENHOUSE Flowers for Any and All Occasions T805 South Pierce Street Phone 7'I'I7 BORN WITH THE SOUTHWEST 8 9 SAFE ICE CREAM Made from Grade A Dairy Products AN AMARILLO INSTITUTION THOMAS BAKERY Home of Mother's Bread, Fine Cakes and Pastries 906 Polk St. Pho ne 2-3727 Billy Woods coming to her beauty parlor appointment 45 Did you take my time? Next Customer: I didn't have to. You took it yourself. minutes late: S AMRGCK Makes Mofory Sing! m we In H uf ? if on Quivmfninf, 3 4 9 lb' V N Su U9 ofa R 9 Landlord to lady seeking accommodations: Have you any children? No. Any dog, cat, or canary? No. Piano, radio, or phonograph? No, but l have a fountain pen that scratches. JANSONIUS NURSERY COMPANY K. Jansonius, Landscape Architect 1006 Monroe St. Amarillo, Texas OFF TO THE FAIR I. Aren'1 they good? Oh, Boy! 3. How did she get in Mere? 2. A Tour down the midway. 4, He's seem quite often in The hulls of A. H. S 161 Sun-Ray Meat Products Are Made in Amarillo-by Amarillo Workmen PINKNEY PACKING CO. Amarillo, Texas John B.: Hi, there! What are you doing up in my cherry tree? Cecil B.: Dere's a notice down dere to keep oft de grass. WAGNER APPLIANCE CO. Frigidaire Roper Gas Ranges Philco Radios 408 Pclk Phone 6919 Joanne H.: Daddy, who was Hamlet? Mr. H.: Aren't you ashamed of your ignorance? Bring me the Bible and I'II show you Congratulations WALTER IRVIN, INC. I LINCOLN-FORD-MERCURY Modern Transportation Second at Taylor Phone 4315 Congratulations from MURRY WATTS STUDIO Phone 2-2756 613 Taylor St. Always the Best in Entertainment INTERSTATE TH EATRES PARAMOUNT-STATE-CAPITOL-RIALTO I. What a game! 3. What do you think ab 2. Marvel of science ee and hear the game at one time. 4. Eggin' us on. Our Compliments to the A. H. S. Graduates of 1942 AMARILLO TIMES I63 MORRIS BROWNING IClass of I905-A. H. SJ COUNTY COMMISSIONER NO. I, POTTER COUNTY SOUTHWESTERN STORE FIXTURE CO. G. C. Matthews, Mgr. Designers-Builders of Store, Office cmd Bank Fixtures Factory to Store Delivery by Enclosed Trailer Van KUYKENDALUS "The College Shop" Paramount Bldg. Phone 2-1972 LAMENT I wish I were a kangaroo Despite his funny stances I'd have a place to put the iunk My girl hands me at dancesl Compliments of SOUTHWESTERN INVESTMENT CO. "The Friendly Finance Company" Taylor at 'IOth Phone 6378 Compliments of UJUZOU PANHANDLIQ INSURANCE AGENCY X Let US 50I"DIA"'NSUne You I INSURANC ton VERYTHING Taylor at Tenth Phone 6378 ffllfvl qu WATTA TIME! QQ vin:- 'a if Wm 4 J, 9 W 'Wy Id' Y. Around and around. 2. Just Too, Yoo ducky. 3. Wham? you doin' now? 4. How hsppy cmd corefref-. 765 5. The line up. 6. Con? they read? 7. Well 7 f C. M. WILLIAMS 8g CO. Furniture and Floor Covering Distributors ofthe Following Nationally-Known Merchandise Electrolux Refrigerators-Magic Chet 81 Anderson Ranges Ward Floor Furnaces and Athletic Equipment of All Types 615 Taylor St. Amarillo, Texas Little .lack Hornet sat in a corner, His radio tuned up high. He listened a ghost, then turned it oft fast, And said, "What a bad B. M. I." Compliments of FOXWORTH-GALBRAITH LUMBER COMPANY Phone 8263 5th 8K Washington St. Compliments of TEXAS M 81 M Waiter: Did you enioy your dinner, sir? Bourden Rea: Yes, except the dessert, that was terrible. Waiter: Did you have the plum tart or the lemon pie? B. R.: I don't know. Anyhow, it tasted like glue. Waiter: Ah! That was the plum tart, sir. The lemon pie tastes like paste. KIRK DRUG STORE Best Wishes for Class of '42 COFFEE It's Really Fresh Visit Our Fountain 700 W. 16th Phone 9835 AMARILLO GARAGE 8. STORAGE, INC. U. S. Tires Twenty Four Hour Service Texas Gas 3rcI ancl Polk 81 Phone 5271-5272 3rd and Tyler MERRILY WE BOWL ALONG 31 YEARS IN AMARILLO We are proud of our record in Amarillo during the past 31 years. We hope for you as enjoyable next 31 years as we have had in the past. WILLBORN BROS. CO., INC. Tank Manufacturers 101-113 Houston St. Amarillo, Texas Finest Beef Frozen Foods ZERO LOCKERS cmd COLD STORAGE First and Taylor Phone 2-5771 Texas Largest Locker Plant 'Ti T "We Cool the Sun" AMARILLO TENT SQ AWNING CO. Manufacturers of Awnings, Venetian Blinds, Window Shades Phone 9430 i Ei H? BARRICK CATTLE COMPANY Specializing in Quality Stocker and Feeder Cattle Office Amarillo Hotel Bldg. W. N. Barrick, Mgr. Phone 2-3113 Hugh H. Wilson, Office The preacher finished his sermon with: "All liquor should be thrown in the river," and the choir ended singing, "Shall We Gather At The River?" Dick M. crept into the house The cuckoo clock struck tour, He crept close to The clock Then cuckooed eight times more. fiq ' , Q ' ' I T ?1VT ,?T2 rl ' ' L iw WILL l V YWMAGENCYIAHS I A DIAL 9429 Benton's Paramount Lunch DOCHE 8: CO. Master Cleaners 408 Buchanan St. Phone 4378 Licensed Sanitone Cleaners A long list of girls. Oh, gui! Huddie. Writer, water, water. Tsk! Tsic! Three deep. A knight in cirmour. Going my woy? Here's looking of you. W- Me, wo. The comero is This way The iuckpoi. lim left oUT again. Top view. Quite Q load. Cheesecake. Oh, good! A working mon? Yes, yes. Compliments of PLAINS PLUMBING COMPANY 310 West 7th Phone 6215 Compliments OFMT f I I BIVINS SERVICE STATIONS "The Best in Service" 3rd and Tyler 3rd and Fillmore Salesman: Is your mother home? John R.: Yessir. Salesman: fatter knocking several tTmesI I thought you said she was home. John: She is, but vve don't live here. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMARILLO Security and Service Since T889 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of TEXAS STEAM LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS A Complete Laundry 8. Dry Cleaning Service Phone 7008 411 East 11th Ave MILLER 84 MILLER MOTOR FREIGHT LINES T101 Grant St. Phone 5328 STUDENT CONGRESS IN ACTION I I y pl Y this woy . . . 2. Ask the mon who knows one. .. 3. He k h T t II b t Soft Water Service does not cost. It Saves. Let us tell you about it SOFT WATER SERVICE CO. Phone 2-3012 in M 706 West 16th Compliments of HARRIS FOOD STORES In Amorilio Since 1909 l Complimenls of DANUBE OIL CORPORATION QOTA Rr 5 THE ROTARY CLUB Of Amarillo N Wishes To exte ol g eehngs oncl best washes , To The Semo Class of 1942 3 I H DAVIEC President GORDON K MORRISON Sec etc y l l ONS' Our Liberty I L I Intelligence J 'ln Safety DOWN WITH MONDAY Halt-chewed stocking---darn that clog! Prunes tor breakfast, dismal fog, Words that weren't exactly nice When l fell upon the ice. Unlearned lesson, English test l"Students, this is not your best"i Heaven, eliminate this blue clayg Skip from Sunday night to Tuesdayl Our Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '42 AMARILLO NATIONAL BANK Member ot Federal Deposit insurance Corporation vw,v, 0, L-, KEARNS GRAIN 8g SEED CO. l Associated with Twelve Country Elevators l Domestic-Export-Feed, Grain and Seed Harry L. Kearns Robert L. Yeager Phones 4338-4339 W kim? W M Amarillo, Texas Compliments of HALEY FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture RHEALEE HAT SHOP 801 South Polk Street Showplace of the Southwest SEAT OF LEARNING The lad was dull at school you see His dad took things to heart, He took the lad across his knee And there he made him smart! Drink 063' CC , In Bottles SMILING SANDIE SQUAD l. Our pride and joy. 4. Up, up, cmd owo-0-oy. 2. So near ond yet so for. 5L And another Wesferner bit the dust 3. Going down for fhe lost Time. 175' HAGY, HARRINGTON, 84 MARSH Producers ot Natural Gas, Motor Fuel, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Products Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I942 Dear Billy Joe: Come tomorrow evening sure. Papa is at home, but he is Iaid up with a very sore foot. See? Elaine J. Dear Elaine: I can't come tomorrow evening. I'm laid up on account ot your tather's sore toot. See? Billy Joe S. I Compliments of VETESK MARKET 84 GROCERY Particular Market for Particular People AMARILLO PRINTING COMPANY Job Printing-Publications-Catalogs Featuring Quality-Plus Service Amarillo, Texas I 'I2 East Fifth Phone 2-2857 Harvey Southworth Wishes you the greatest success in lite OLDSMOBILES, BUICKS, PONTIACS, FORDS, CHEVROLETS In tact, I am your car broker. SOUTHWORTH MOTOR CO. Phones 6391-6392 701 South Fillmore Compliments of BLACKSTONE CLEANERS Phone 7377 208 West 10th WS it A NW, -'31 7' I. Look at Bob O'Keefe slave and toil for his teacher, 2. Ah, yes, Now for an evening of relaxation. 3. BiII's really telling you off. BLACKBURN BROS. CLOTHIERS Est. 1906 Varsity-Town and Undergrad Suits West Texas Largest and Finest Store for Men and Boys E. B. MEYER V Amarillo's Most Reliable Service Station Sixth and Harrison Phone 6064 MARIZON CO. Ladies Rea dy-to--Wear Phone 2-0643 705 Polk St. Mrs. W.: lentertaining Truett H. at dinner with the familylz Sister, why didn't you put ci knife and fork at1'ruett's place? Patty: Dicln't think he needed it. You said he eats like a horse. i cf 7, Y, , I ' G. G. LAING Grocery, Bakery, Cafeteria and Market 1 Phone 8201 2121 Washington St. l l We Appreciate Your Business C Z 1 1 W C 'CP M l Credit To All Amarillo THE DIAMOND SHOP "Home of Sam's Club of the Air" 514 Polk sf. Phone 2-4319 l Mr. Wallace: You know that heat causes an obiert to expand and cold causes it to contract. Now, can anyone give me a good example? Rex D.: Well, in the summer the days are long and in the winter they're short, Compliments of CLOWE 81 COWAN, INC. Amarillo, Texas WE KNEW EACH OTHER WHEN l. Lila Lee Brown 2. Juonifo Konkle 3. Gwendolyn Ely 4. Fronces Kennison 5. Bill Dickson 6. Helen 81 Jimmy Khoury 7. Earlene Roe 8. Kathryn Spector 9. Marion Durlcee 179 l Congratulations and Best Wishes PLAINS CHEVROLET CO. "Plains Service, Serves the Plains Phone 2-T237-8-9 212 East 4th St. Grady I'l.: What would you say to a girl who's so nervous she iumps into the nearest man's arms if she's frightened? Burt C.: I'ol say "BooI" FE'Qmp'hhiQHfs of M McAFEE'S INC. The Panhandle's Oldest and Largest Furniture Store Miss Luther: Do you like O. Henry? Mary Kathryn B.: No, the peanuts always stick in my teethi Arthur B.: lat gun practicel Get ready. Aim. Fire at will. John W.: Which one is Will? in iCompIiments of A THE WILSON STUDIOS OF MUSIC ' "We Develop Artists' T013 Harrison St. Phone 7708 Adelle B.: Are you doing anything for that cold? Jimmy K.: Well, I sneeze everytime it wants me to. Compliments of GUARANTY ABSTRACT and TITLE COMPANY A. B. Jones, Mgr. KILLOUGH 81 DAVIES Campus Togs-Suits for Young Men 516 Polk 1. Suspended motion 2. Going up! 3. Coming down! Compliments of BROOME OPTICAL CO. Dispensing Opticians 315-16 Fisk Building Office Phone 6650 Residence Phone 4048 Compliments of PALO DURO MOTOR TUNE UP Bob J. Johnson Ed Putman TENTH STREET DRUG STORE B. C. Thompson, Proprietor 522 West 10th St. Phone 9330 SAN JACINTO PRESS Amarillo's Only Community Newspaper Modern Printing Department, Capable of Any Size Order 2812-14 West 6th Avenue W Phone 2-3491 SHAKESPEARE ON FOOTBALL Down, down."-Henry IV "An excellent pass."-The Tempest "A touch, a touch, l do confess it."-Hamlet "Let him pass but kill him rather."-Othello "We must have bloody noses."-Henry lV "But to the goal."-VVinter's Tale They always talk who never think. WOMAN'S EXCHANGE Home Baked Foods-Hot Lunches Bread, Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, Pies Decorated Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes, Party Cakes 1221 Polk St. M W i i Phone 5770 Oriental and American Rugs Chinese Hooked Rugs Established 1903 318 Polk St. A' Khoury' Manager Amarillo, Texas K 61 jf S 0715 FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS Retinishers, Upholsterers and Manufacturers of Fine Furniture 410 West 7th Ave. y M A V Amarillo, Texas Ww- HW Superman Comics. 8. i'm looking, too. Roil birds. 0. Yum, yum. Boo! IO. "All clone cmd lonely." Snow use. il. Bcxshfulness. Sissy IQ. A stock of beauties. "Deep in the heart of Texas" I3. Carefree youth. l'm thinking the some. 14. Close up. Aix The shy creature. So near ond yet so How do you do? Yes, you're in. Summertime. for-to the water Compliments of PANHANDLE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS A Splendid Laundry Shirt Service 201-3-5 Pierce Phone 2-2277 BARE TRUTH Girls when they went for a swim Once dressed like Mother Hubbard- Novv they have a different whim And dress more like her cupbodrd. 1 - 9 'ww IC E C REAM -Y. G .G ..,Y'lUQ"Q'l'2"1e 9llni'LTi?YG g. 4 ., ,G.. .lomes F.: How did George breok his leg? Bert W.: Well, do you see those steps over there? James F.: Yes, I see them. Bert W.: Well, George didn't. McDAVID BROS. Dry Goods Home of Curlee Clothes-Vitality Shoes il W 808 Polk Compliments of DICKSON DRUG in Amarillo since . e1?9?e. . Compliments of FLOYDE GARWOOD Class of '24 Compliments of WOOD-WEBB LUMBER COMPANY 1023 West 5th Phone 4366 I. The presentation ofthe scepter. 3. The queen is crowned. 2. The long, but honored walk. 4. Her moiesty, the queen. 5. Princess Deon. Compliments of SUNSET STABLES 15th and Georgia LiNE AVENUE CLEANERS 3812 Line Avenue Telephone 2-2165 Clean Clothes Last Longer TREE TT TT TT TT TT T T Jiusrc, f 5I.lPI'LllSJ' SIDQSIRUMINIS .I RADIDSVZNLH'-t Reeds - ' ' Acrosonic S1f'll'1QS 'AHARILLIJ CUllEGfllfHUS'lC BLDG. 1 I4TN A1lDTVLU!S'A, l'lCllT11l1Ol'1 Accessories Howard 14th gt Tyler Musical Headquarters phone 6766 Katherine P.: lNhat's the ditterence between a barber and a sculptor? Judy E.: I'II pass. Katherine: A barber curls up and dyes, and a sculptor makes taces and busts. Boys ..... Buy Your R. O. T. C. Uniforms and Sports Wear ARMY and NAVY STORE 201 East Fourth Phone 6403 Father: rcalling downstairsl: Young man, it's time tor you to go home. Albert MJ Gosh, but your tather's a crank, Father: foyerhearingw Well, when you don't have a self-starter, you need a crank POTTS INGERTON SADDLE SHOP Cowboy Boots Belts-Saddle Repairing-Chaps 329 Polk St. Phone 2-0439 Amarillo, Texas Compliments of HYMIE CLAYTON 6th and Tyler Phone 4411 ORDWAY-SAUNDERS COMPANY Loans-Bonds-Insurance Amarillo, Texas Phone 2-2281 LONG, LONG AGO ' ' ' swim JL. 1 se 'fi . ,J 1, Fay Wilson. 2. Miriam Corneil. 3. Annie Loy Laftirnare. 4. Betty Ruth Ravey. 5. Bill and Jack Hawkins. 6. Beverly Ball. 7. Pauline Prickeif. 8. Bernice Sparks. 9. Donald Edleman. 10. Jane Dice. 11. Mary Barr. 12. Nora Jean Lamb. 13. Joyce Covey. 14. Connie Fuqua. 15. Billy Keith Irwin. 16. Maxine Deason. 17. Melvin Cobb. 18. Billie Louise Gaines. 19. Elaine Johnson. 20. Aline Robinson. 21. Kenneth Linn. 22. La Vada Paul, 23. Ruth Ann Blessen. 24. Blanche Bringold. 187 FASHIONETTE and ACCESSORIES SHOPS SmcirT SporTs STyles and Accessories 607 8s 816 Polk Ivlrs. ATwood: Does your TaTher pray, Joy? Joy F.: Yes, Teacher, when we saT down To supper IasT nighT The TirsT Thing he said Was, "Good Lord! We've goT loeans again." A BRING IT ON Gaynor V.: "You oughT To Take chloroform." Duane R,: "Yeh? Who Teaches IT?" I I BOB CRUDGINGTON I Sfudelaaker Disfribufor 201 Fillmore Amarillo, Texas Phone 5386 vi' I Complimems of I , FlNLEY's CLEANERS I 319 East 6Th Phone 2-0903 Punchy B.: I wish I had a nickel Tor every girl l've kissed! Billy S.: Wham' would you do, buy a package oT gum? Ray C.: Did you know John is playing end guard on The Team This year? Ira Nae B.: End guard? Ray C.: Sure, he siTs on The end of The bench and guards The vvaTer buckeT. ComplimenTs of RED and WHITE STORES High School STucIenTs Are Invited To Sleep, Ecii, and Dance or AMARILLO HOTEL C. S. Pryor, Mgr. fCJ0l 6 f I Lodles Reody to Weor--Millinery ond Accessories l Phone 9468 Amcirlllos Smortest Shopping Center H 3037 Polk St. SEI-LJN? tram'-1 Mary Kathryn ond .toon show their "od permit." Joe ond Bob point out benefits of on od in the onnuol. Mory Ann ond Elaine wotch Mr. Gorwoocl "sign up." Burt ond Grody sign on od controct with Freemon's. Adeloide ond Mortho scsying goodbye otter felling on od. Doris "signs Up" 0 subscriber for the on- nuol. M 81 L TRANSFER AND STORAGE Phone 5263 COMPANY, Inc. Phone 5263 3rd ond Arthur St Bonded Warehouses--Amorillo, Texos l Cogblimentsrfot AMARILLO ABSTRACT CO. Abstracts, Title Insurance, Escrows 406 B Polk St Phone 8577 Ladies Rea dy-to-Wear F R A N K L l N ' S Everything for the 'teen Age Girl 709 Polk Phone 2-4165 i Compliments of RUSSELL JEWELRY CO. T23 East 5th St. Fhone 7406 Household Appliances WESTERN LIGHT 8m SUPPLY CORP. Tappan Gas Ranges 410 Polk St. Fhone E384 N N. s. emacs a sorxs l j Compliments of ARMSTRONG Tl?ANSFER, Si STORAGE l Co., INC. WAREHOUSES AT AMARILLO AND LUBBOCK, TEXAS Distributors of Wm. C. Boyce, Pres. Bonded Warehouses Manufacturers' J. A. Rush, Vice-Pres. T03 S. Pierce Street Merchandise C. S. Oliver, Secretary Telephone 5374 Amarillo, Texas AMARILLO VERSUS LUBBOCK ,,"' ig! W.,-"' S U uw' aj: ml Hn What goes up 1 come down, ond he wal I, 3. Nec: T l T T-T f T 'z.s.f-:males FLOWERS N Personal Service y 2119 Washington Phones: Day 2-4353--Night 2-1049 L VM iw WW i -Q I WVlAma!lQil'exas DOTY PACKING COMPANY 1 Wholesale Distributors of Fresh Beet, Pork, Cured Meats, and Cheese 1 Home of Golden Sandstorm Meat l Phone 4391 1809 N. E. 3rd Two Negroes who had not seen each other in tive years discovered each had been married in that time. "What kinda Woman dicl you-all get, Mase?" asked Rastus. "She's an angel, Rastus, dat what she am." "Boy, you sho is lucky. Mine is still liyin'l" l MARSH ELECTRICAL SUPPLY l Wholesale Only l 906-912 West 6th St. Amarillo, Texas M, g gg Phone 6307 qniesos l HARRY HOLLAND L Men's Clothing l soo Polk l , ,, , , f, LT, ,fm ,A f W-, ,CM Jamie F, bought an ice cream cone, he went outside to eat it, then carried the cone carefully back to the soda fountain, 1-landing it to the clerk, he said, "Much obliged for the use ot the vase." T YAccidVcgtT T E CVT' Xf T' Burglary was-BOYCE AG BOL, Wlndslorm ALL K1NDg or Plate Glass Surety Bonds l Automobile I MQEQNQE iT: d L- C T, 1 QIL 'TEX - y me mes Lizrglliglso lon 211 Ef,,31lQ--,fxiliofmfx .---iH?2if3?1,l of Insurance 300 East Tenth Ave. WOLFLIN MOTOR COMPANY Frank Wolflin De Soto 8g Plymouth Amarillo, Texas 2 O 02 Q J ui no 1 ' Q 5 Rr." J- va- WW: my 5205 W , .x.-A T949 If A Q 5 'N XX X T lll T lk! T Alf a T X 'X X ffl ' T by .X X X X x V y K 'X SXSFXQ liy Ii. 1 ,, III We've Cn A lQun Our Brand l.ot Cl: Stock . . . including mony fine yeor books Tor The schools of The Ponhondle. As your porTner in producing Lo Airoso l942, we hove hocl The pleosure of working side by side wiTh you To creoTe o Thing which is beoutiful ond which serves o pur- pose in your lives. As you Tolce your ploces in business ond os you rneeT The problems ThoT require The process of printing, moy you look To us ogoin os your porT- ner, To lend our specialized skill ond our equiprnenT To The solution of The problems. RUSSELL STATIONERY COMPANY 99 D XX xx XX. Q X S x' so Us XX b-gk. N X Nj X3 wtf M . . . in the design cmd construction of our submarines . . . battle cruisers . . . flying fortresses . . . and of countless other instruments of offensive war . . . is proving a telling factor in our nation's drive toward decisive victory! Like- wise the quality of the photo-engravings in this outstand- ing La Airosa has been a contribution to its success. Congratulations to every member of the staff, to Miss Feierabend and to Mrs. Burkhalter for their accomplish- ment! It has been a pleasure to have worked with them in the creation of this worthy yearbook. flbmuzi 217 East Seventh Avenue Amarillo, Texas ART 0 ENGRAVING O ADVERTISING 0 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY My K M ? 3

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