Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX)

 - Class of 1941

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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1941 volume:

.H , 'L hmQ 7' ' X' " W5 A Q' , f J f - 1 lg W ,U f ,Vw fo 1942 WW ,WP gzwfyfgdffy 0 , S 3 M, I J K ' ff J ,mf , da? ff-ffff f, ,f i164f1ffffW ' f f f !65fZ ! V . Q in ' N 1 A 4 , ,,4 , wfffm C giQ1.L,.4l-lf3Z 7 ,gamma QJA4-fvf WMV ' ' V -- '4'934'73ff? 1. -iii-.ifiiif 99 ,!2g,4,4,Q.f LM , 9 M' W aj a-AVL, ' hp I, au,-L,f E '1 , A , lii?'-2259 LCA!! fl Q t - fob -l . -,' 4K ,"'f4V V.-96406. . , I ig -- ,f 1 1 l , ,, , V M . ---,,,..,fX-N ' NNN? ,J ff- VU U7 51 WN ax F , X! . W . ' my , i ,W X! QQXJ' X 1 M .b , 5 M xkqsyf V'-5: N M X0 M ' ifvfw 2 ,,,,, N .L ,,,,,' '..: M zgi , .4,:faM ,,,, L,:f , L1,x Q Lvllxh , 'L,QfZ""a0J!j76w! 'af Z.e2ff"-4"'Z"'f . - X V K ',,,.z4ff" final' h V "AS E 5' . XZ! f Q X7 75-'ff'-f Jfwyyyo , if I fi www, WM Lf'-f5Qf6W"' 1 - A f K - ' ,G A ' X f i! va, W sn f " ' Q , 'QV . K , !,?2,.4,oxf 'f',,l,siT',g,1'!Y. ?C-ff .N . ffffg. , M f 79,lff,w- 'J '44 ""'T'f - la Gqizoza I Jwnafsan clfufzcfzacf gzofzfy-C9115 f -. ,M gd' a ' ' , . L, ,A AV 1 4 4, Sur NANCY EVERLINE Editor PAT DEVINE Business Aifnnnger MRS. W. B. BURKHALTER Editorial Sponsor MISS MINNIE FEIERABEND Business Sponsor Printed and Bound by RUSSELL STATIONERY COMPANY A rrmrillo, Texas Engraved by MCCORMICK COMPANY A marillo, Texas Senior Photos Courtesy GLOBE-NEWS Amarillo, Texas 5.4 1 ix I I' ,Ai-A N "cfYLS,, GLA u Q T R' - '2 . , 5,9 Q4 IQ '-f mr' .PQ m O YVX v .dl-Q . A sf-153 F Y". 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' if" Q,l 3 l X , I - v V" X X 11 I 1 'N X l ul . -Q-' X C N l tx .,Y,,.,bY, , TCG 97' L-17, EQ .HF'5'YF1" h -1 X, fs ' ' '12 J . 1 at f -be 'wi , 'Y . , ' tag A 5 15, ,lf .1 AQ ich . 2 1 X . ' I f", ' 1" .1 J ff - K" , C" .. Q , . ' 1 l or ii- TJ uv E xxx? X xi Y Y F 5 -5 vc' 7. 5, M 67012551261 Faculty - II Seniors - - 25 f N ' . 'SJ Iumors - - 59 5 Soplmmores f - 75 Fi: X LIES 111 A. I-1.5. - 85 V x.f Sports - - - 97 V, Activities - 1 I3 " Features 131 f b, + X - K X K f 1 Xa , X , .4 ,L -Lp XX Z! A L ,L - :SZ 04 . .,,,z....,.- 5.3, .,. s 1- va. ' 5 ' ""4'f24i:1.g.,ff' N q.'m.'s:,, I . .- x-mv . 1 I f l . , . f gf e2a4.f..a.i-..a5,,,'ov,,Lf 6,-,fill 3.0.4 .f uf fb-QQ v,1fo4foo', Jff- f,,l!G.f,4J, f Q I vi, 37.4--4J fd fC,Yd.e,f.4,ZQ :. ,4f4f 14X.AaQ, f.1M4c4 My -ffl' -56 MAY' Q44-WHf..z.,f.w,4.x if - ., -Jg-Y, I 3332 A. H. s.1 oh, A. H. si kkxjkd X We'll sing your Praise tonight, Q24 - ' To let you know wl1ere,er We go LX XXQ, For Black and Gold We7ll fight. fx I V, XXX? We!ll sing your Worth oier l ' ' all the earth- ' NX ' Of sclnools you are the best. ,ef ' ln books of fame Weyll Write X your name, Ula, A. H. S.l xx Maier? 15? pjafffffrycff' .lfrf f-Q Xl f' MIL' . , -.Q ff , I . ' 5 Mm mmf, A I Q M A u mmm? if Q 1 ,W WW.W, A ,,W, , M , A ' in I V V A E3 33 mwzg 12514 ,L Aff , -,.,,,,,',,,, Nm. .... 7" Wm, 'A4'1'lf A, W1'M"!' W' W" 5 ' Wo? 3?53'fl42f'?'Z2 3539 'Wag'-55355 'fkw Q , 9f3fjtfZ'1fi 'H 3912356 in 437-H was e Di V NM ,WW Atl WM we MQW gm 4334? X Qmxgwgw. M 4. A -,Hag .,. 5 3... .5 :I i g: ..,.,...,: -55 -gig :gi :: -55 ar ,. ,, . :,.g.f,.,..-f-Q.-.u .. ,.... , I 5 -53.5 y ' M Ff'2f1f???FWW2kz9:EkHGQ6iXsEmmWWQ4i E 7 ,.:pg?5,aN-'Wfz:::1"W 4 :gn- sf' Y Q. ,WY , ' ,. 2:2 2 2 is 6 M -1:14 WNW .W ,, . .- .-,. 1 , :- VW' N ' aff w s-.2,f,:::,-:g.:::.:g5-4-a::5,- A xy, iS AASJY Q. i 4 Q Mwwx mm wax WWWQ Q, 1? mm ,Nw-1 .MW FW-. 1. .uf I i 4 J 3 1 4 cqjminiafzafion Charles M. Rogers 1 R. B. Norman R. A. Selby Superintendent Principal Director of Secondary Curriculum M, A., Texas Technological College M. A., University of Texas and Guidance M. A., Oklahoma University Qbgmi Mrs. Gervis Taylor Principal, Dean of Girls f Dean of Boys Texas History, Commercial M. A., Colorado State Col' Law lege of Education B. A., West Texas State Teachers' College 12 acuffly C. M. Allen Diversified Occupations, General Occupations B. A., Southwestern University H Mrs. C. P. Atwood English M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Maggie Avent llflathematics B. S., West Texas State Teachers' College Miss Marion Barnes English, Social Science lxl. A., University of Oklahoma Albert H. Berg Commerce M. A., Columbia University R. C. Boulware Commerce M. A., Southern Methodist University Miss Betty Bridges Commerce M. A., Texas State College for Women Mrs. A. L. Brint Social Science M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Iewell Brock Science M. S., Texas Technological College Mrs. Dorothy Brokaw Social Science M. A., University of Texas Mrs. N. Browning English B. S., Coe College Mrs. W. B. Burkhalter English A M. A., VVest Texas State Teachers' College Miss Catherine Chapman English M. A., Texas Technological College Eli P. Cox Distributive Education, General Occupations M. S., North Texas State Teachers' College Mrs. Virginia Crabtree Librarian B. A., University nf Texas Mrs. Lela Crossclt Social Science M. A., University of California Mrs. 'Sue Donald Home Economics M. A., Texas State College for Women Alfred R. Donnell R. O. T. C. West Texas State Teachers' College I Qsfeaslaj Miss Minnie Feierabend Social Science M. A., University of Chicago Miss Celia Feinstein Commerce M. A., Columbia University Miss Maude L, Fletcher Art M, A., Columbia University Mrs. Elizabeth M. Fly Home Economics B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College W. H. Gordon Science, Social Science M. A., Texas Technological College Thomas H. Haynie Physical Education B. A., University of Texas L. B. Herring Social Science M. A., University of New Mexico Charles A. 'Herrel Ioarnalisrri, English M. A., University of Colorado V. R. Howard Social Science M. Ag., Colorado State College of Education T. G. Hull Manual Arts, Assistant Coach B, A., Simmons University Miss Icie B. Iohnsoill Business Administration M. B. A., University of Oklahoma Miss Anna May Klapproth - Latin, Algebra M. A., University of Colorado Ross H. Larsen Remedial Arithmetic, Assistant Coach M. S., North Texas State Teachers' College H. M. Laughlin Social Science, Assistant Coach M. A., University of Texas Miss Nellie lane Luther English B. A., University of Texas Howard W. Lynch Social Science, Head Coach M, A., University of Kentucky Mrs. Alice Gibson McDavid English M. A., University of Colorado Thomas H. McDonald Assistant Principal in Ahsentia Captain, United States Army M. A., Texas Technological College M. W. Mitchell Shop, Auto Mechanics M. S., Texas A. and M. Mrs. W. E. Murrell English M. A., Texas Technological College Mrs. D. I. Neill English M. A., Leland Stanford University Miss Elbertine Reeder Librarian B. S., University of Illinois Mrs. Paula Reeder Physical Education M. Ed., University of Texas Miss Mabel Rowan Music M. A., West Texas State Teachers' College Miss Cora Russell Spanish M. A., University of Southern California Miss Louise Russell English M. A., University of Southern California Mrs. C. C. Shaller Geometry, Algebra M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Velma Shows Commerce M. A., Tulane University Mrs. Monroe E, Sorenson , Physical Education 5 B. A., West Texas State Teachers' College Allen Taggart Commerce M. A., Columbia University Miss Ruth Ann Tolbert English, Social Science M. A., University of New Mexico Hugh Underwood Mathematics M. A., University of Missouri Mrs. C. C. Walden Science M. S., University of Southern California C. A. Wallace Science M. A., Texas Technological College Robert S. White Science M. A., Texas Technological College Mrs. N. N. Whitworth Speech M. A., Northwestern University R. F. Williams Commerce B. A., Southern Normal University VVaid SCUII Willis KSYIAIETI LIC' B. Texas A. and M. Miss Kate Wilson .llrztlvemrztics . M. A., Southern Methodist-'University Oscar XVise Band, Orch extra M. S., Oklahoma A. and M. Miss lane Woodruff Sveecb M. A.. Texas Teehnologi Mrs. Lee Brown Registrar Mrs. Orville Thornburg, Clerk, Offiee of Registrar Miss Inez Hill Secretary to S11perUi.for.v 16 cal College Ir. TEACHERS-OFF GUARD 'AAunt Emma" Mrs. Browning, Deep in a Dream C. A. "Calcium" Wzrllgncr Note: Read Blackboard "All This, and Heaven Too" The Oxford Student in Our Midst He's in the Army Now! I'd Know You Anywhere Mrs. McDavid, the Senior Counselor '7 STUDENT CONGRESS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER R1ley Iones Prexzdent Clyde Fuqua Drucilla Adelmann Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Harold Harlow Howard Fisher Sergeant-at-Arms Parliamenmrian ' SECOND SEMESTER Drucilla Adelmann Carl Sawyers Pat Devine 1 Bill Edd McLaughlin President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Parliamentarian 18 STUDENT CONGRESS FIRST SEMESTER FRONT ROWY Howard Fisher, Betty Cowart, Charlotte Richardson, Pat Devine, Harold Harlow, Riley Iones, Drucilla Adel- niann, Clyde Fuqua, Martha Starkey, Mary McReynolds, Mary Lou Edwards, Bob Skaggs, Mr. Herring-Qsponsor. SECOND ROVV: Eugene Wilson, Betty Iane Wheat, Betty Io Gray, Maxine Beeman, Bcttyc Thompson, Loraine Daniel, Betty Turner, Helen Garrett, Billy Io Srorseth, Rex Williams, Lee ROV Boyter. THIRD ROVV: Gene Turner, Carl Sawyers, Margaret Howren, Anne Trotli, NVanda Stevens, Florine Walters, Ernestine Good- en, Shirley lwlaxfield, Pat McClarney, Alice OlBryan, Sue Corn, E. Wren, FOURTH RONV: Bill French, Bob Buntin, Donald Chamberlain. lvlildred OlNeal, Dorothella Ingram, Anna Frances Baker, Bill Edxl McLaughlin, Harold Huckabay, Boone Baker, Marion Ott. LAST ROW: G. A, Tomlinson, Iack Gasway, Fred Brady, Billy McCully, David McKinney, Hugh Gouldy, Morris Beck, C. E. Nance, B. L. Morgan. SECOND SEMESTER FRONT ROW: Nancy Everline, Pat Devine, Ruth Ann H3ffiSOll,i Audrey Haynes, Sammic Kate Bones, Virginia Bowman, Carra Lou Stone, Marie Franks, Margie Speed, Chris Reynolds. , SECOND ROW: Anne Troth, Frances Mayo, Yvonne Reynolds, Lucille Pippen, Margaret Eckel, Audrey Lambdin, Drucilla Adelmann, Helen Garrett. THIRD ROW: Lillian Iulian, Betty Tolleson, Margaret Newby, Mr. Herring-sponsor. FOURTH ROW: O. D. Thompson, Carl Sawyers, lim Parks, Truman Vineyard, Iames I-Iill, Truett Hull, Ed Sharp, Tom Bill Welchel, B. L. Morgan. LAST ROW: G. A. Tomlinson, lack Cauley, Eugene Wilson, Robert Wheatley, I. C. Claughton, Emmett Fuqua, Bill McLaughlin, Bobby O'Keefe, William Martin, Dick Cline, Milford Lott. 19 LA AIROSA EDITORIAL STAFF Nancy Everline Thomas Moore Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Wanita Forsyth Charles Hughes Bettie Thomsen Staff Typist Stuff Photographer Art Editor The staff expresses sincere appreciation to Ira Nae Barrington for valuable nssisraiice in the La flimsu Office and t Howard Fisher for serving as cartoonist for the yearbook. 20 LA AIROSA BUSINESS STAFF 'QM' Pat Devine Ierry Kern Phyllis Knox Truman Tom Vineyard Business Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager TOP ROW: Iames l-'runklin, Hazel Husted, Elaine Iohnson, Mary Kritser, Marilyn Luker. SECOND ROW: Odell Mathis, Jimmy Moore, Bynum Morgan, Eclwartl Nobles, Rachel Ann Patterson. BOTTOM ROYV: Carl Sawyers, Charles Simmons, Pat Smith, Cassie Stephenson, Tennessee Whittenburg. 21 BEST SELLERS OF ANN UALS Pat Devine Phyllis Knox Truman Tom Vineyard Bynum Mo g l BEST SELLERS OP ADVERTISING Tennessee Whittenburg Elaine johnson Mary Kritser 2 SAN DSTORM The Sandstorni Editorial Staff Pauses for the Cameraman Co-editors Gordon Tompkins and Virginia Hester The Sandstorm Business Staff with Mr. V. R. Howard, B f Ad . F .d M . Sponsor Iusr e ore visory on ri ay ornmg Mr. Charles A. Herrcl, Editorial Sponsor, Looks On Future Reporters and a Sundszorm in the Making 23 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ing...-.EM .. - ...M A. , ., , ...A -.5-1 Af - Jak- ,, CLASS QFFICERS SCUD REDUS Presideflt DICK ANDERSON Vice-Prexidcrzt 27 BILLY BOB BAKER SC'CI'C'ffIf3l fT76d5I1fUf ,.....,, ...4...,,....... f1"!fMA:f'KZ'?f4fZf7U7ff"' , gf f' 4 y 1 E2E.ff4f"jz7l-it-fLAnL"ff Qfdfwfmmv bg ff L ' afpidfmaf iadvfdfzj 'Bal-1-AL! aC'Zff7"EfJ+f6'56fP I Y 04-'PVIV5 fifvwmu ianlktff " ,Lak fs ",qV mm Samui? L69 Q , 2 V ,jj I 5,,,g,,,..X A -0:1-f Pyafdcawg 354w'?uA'7MMJ ff7f:'wm . WLZWJ gawwq VZ 'W 6, Q xi A W WCW GW REEL. WQEP51-1 CLD5.2,,1::J5f:.f' 077 a.A,a9nL, I 1 r n P F x 1 1 w 5 L km VWWMK A, E' D wus 6. A v , ,,,..,. 1 .A w k . Q0 , .A .. 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With beauty born It now will be enhanced by grace acquired With each new year that takes you nearer to Maturity. And at its side there walks Young manhood, proud and strong, to whom will be Bequeathed the torch of liberty flung to Them from a weary and a lonely hand. Their trust is one that grows but greater with Each Passing year. Where will the ones who now Watch closely oyer you, evlry Precious hour Before you step across that threshold through The open door, where will they see you when, Years hence, your chances gone to change their course Your lives are molded into permanence? This is a Prayer for you who are so young, Whose beautiful shoulders will so soon be brought To bear a burden borne so long by those Whose lives are spent a little more each day. So, womanhood and manhood, lift your hearts Together, keep that smile and laughter which Are priceless, let your universal voice Be heard above the angry, bitter quarrels That tear the heart of all mankind to shreds. So go! Walk through that open door and please- Remember that-life has to offer all That you desire to take from out its store Of wonderful and boundless gifts to man. BETTIE ARBUCKLE 'W 1 i WVSQKX CLASS GFFICERS LEE ROY BOYTER President BEVERLY BALL Vice-President 1 MARIE FRANKS Secretary -Treasurer T ,J . ,..,.,,.,, H . gi n- 1 4 .asf ' me - ,is ,Aga 4-Ei? 5 , , 'Q f , i 'N JUNIORS saliva Aardal, Bernadine Aardal, Wesley Abel, Carl Acuff, Cleon Adams, Eleanore Adams, Margie Agee, Betty Albright, Grant Alexander, Clifford Allison, Iimmie Altsman, Nelson R Amerson, Clyde Anderson, Minnie Andrews, james Andrews, Iohn Angelo, Billie Armstrong, lim Armstrong, Lowell Atkins, Dwayne Baird, Maxine Bagot, Don Baker, Elaine Baker, Eugene Baker, George Baker, Le Roy Baker, Mary Baland, Everett Clyde Baldwin, Barbara Ball, Beverly Ballard, George H. Ballew, Dorotha Ballew, Murl Bangs, Gordon Barnard, Mary Kathryn Baron, Robert Barrett, Charles Barrington, Ira Nae Bassett, Clyde Baueum, George Beard, Carroll Beasley, Mary Margaret Beavers, Allene Beck, Bob Beeler, Mary Bell, Glenna Bennett, Marie Bentley, Adelle Berg, Timmye Evelyn Bergman, Herman Berry, Wilma Beville, Allene Bichsel, Viola Bigelow, Berle Robert Binkley, Violet Bishop, Bittick, Doris Black, Black, Gene Rosemary Blackburn, Gerald Blackwell, R. Blackwell, Punchie Bland, Bob Blassingame, Troy Blessen, Iimmie Blythe, Buddy Blythe, Ioe Ir. Bond, Wanda Bones, Sammie Kate Boren, Rachel Bowlin, Raymond Bowman, Bobby Boyce, Barham Boyce, lohn Boyd, Donna lean Boyd, Evelyn Bovter, Lee Rov Bozeman, Cecil Bruily, Fred Bruum, Wava Braziel, Betty Dee Brewster, Malvin Briiigold, Blanche B-roach, Betty lean Broa dzlus, Gwen Brooks, Lenoa Brooks, Reed Broom, Myrtis Brown, Dean Brown, Lila Lee Brown, T. C. Brown, Yvonne Browning, Mary Elizabeth Bullock, lack Bundrant, Edwin Burch, Mary Frances Burden, Mary Burgess, Charles Burleson, Georgia Bush, jim Butler, Nelda Caldwell, Gloria Caldwell, Nancy Caldwell, T. M. Calvert, Ruth Mary Camp, Max Campbell, Bettye Capps, Betty Myrle Caraway, Ada Ruth Carlson, Norma Carr, Bob Carter, Dorothy Fae Carter, Iames Carver, Edwy Castle, Mattie Laura Certain, loyce Cheshire, Celeste Childs, Iohri Clark, HLIBCFC Cleghorn, Pat Cobb, Melvyn ' Coffin, Ianie Cohea, Billie Connell, lack Connelly, Andree Cooper, Carolcna Cooper, Grldy - -+5 IUNIORS ,M fn, IUNIGRS ""Q'W 3 KK 5 We we 6 6 uw? mm .vs- ,WW we in ,X 1iA A.,.:., W ,1,, , Q in lk , ' J FA gf if x 1 J' Y' 'Q Sr ia Cooper, Ice H. Copeland, Vernon Coplen, Bob Corbell, Williain C. Corneil, Miriam Cory, Burt Cory, Viola Covey, Ioyce Cowart, Betty Cox, Henry Cox, Iinimie Ann Cox, Mary Lee Cracraft, Grace Marie Craft, Betty Crawford, Oliver Crawford, Robert Crawford, Vaughn Cricler, Ellison Ir. Crist, Earl Crites, Hazel Crittenden, Ioy Crittenden, Roy Cullum, Ray Ann Cunningham, Iames Currie, Georgie Bell Curtis, Mary Beth Curtis, Curtis 1 Sue Winston Dale, Robert Daniel, Alfred Daniel, Ray Daniel, Rex Darnell, lnez Daiihetee, Calvin Davis, Carroll Davis, Dennv Davis, Iuanita Dawson, Lloyd Deason, Maxine Deaver, Bert Decker, Dorothy Denney, Katherine Dennis, John Denton, Ioe Dever, Malcolm Dice, lane Dickson, Charles Dillon, Ianice Doane, Regina Doherty, Bill Dorman, Myron Dotson, Carl Doughty, T. Duncan, Melvin: Dunlap, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Kc-ndol Durkee, Marion Dyke, jack Dyke, Ruth Easterclay, Russell Edelman, Donald Edwards, Hudson Edwards, Margy Ellis, Anita Ellis, Iewel Ellis, Wanda Lee Elliott, Berry Io Elliott, Indy Elliott, Roberr Ely, Norman Eubank, R. N. Evans, Lewis Evans, Phyllis Ewell, Robert Farwell, Fenton Fauske, Glenn Felter, Isabel Ferguson, Charles Ferguson, Charlotte Field, Robert Flanders, Barbara Fleming, Ioyce Fleming, Mary Maxine Florey, Ioy Foreman, Doyle Foreman, Phyllis Foster, Ioe Fowler, Lois Franklin, Betty Franklin, Bill Franklin, Iames Franks, Marie Franks, Ruth French, Donald French, Robert Friou, Royce Earl Fulkerson, Irene Fullington, Frank Fuqua, Connie Fyfc, Bobby Ioyce Gardner, Reynold Garrick, Grier Gasway, lack Gathright, Margie Geneva, Glenn George, Iames Ghormley, Betty Gifford, Dick Gilbert, Bettye Giles, Estelle Gill, Dorthey Gillies, lean Gilmore, Dorothy Glass, Annie Mae Goodman, Wallace Gray, Anna Ruth Gray, Harry Green, Billie Grace Gresham, Leo Grider, Billy Kervin Griggs, Nina Grimland, Billy Grove, Zella Groves, George Gruver, Dale Gruver, Emma Lou ,i K' , ES Q 1' f . ' .... . fi va s 2 in 3 lb N Q S fy , 5' ik , 15 fi Q . - ,E Q . 1 .rqxiri N ' ---- ' . 4 aa . .. ,,, W me .Z M y J .,, a 33, ew 'fi' 2 ' ar,,ag'f"1'7sW1 MH' gi C f are vw . .,:. Q M.. , f. za. A3 , X- if - x F .. vig, if milzw 4 . ,. -N'-. . ..,:.f:-1 , a:-im-:a5':f'::f - di. 1, ,ga fa 'R v'-k-- ii W' "" 7 . - ,, - ..,., - r , ,..,.. Y YE in K K 4 l , ra: ' , , f KG? 4 41 'W N i 1, 1, ' LE iv V A ,E b.., V f f: .,-,' ' . 1 Eff' " - Wig? :, IUNIORS Equus--,fwnw 'wsu -w-ww 41 f .1-wvmw,-,..,, ,..-..,, . ,me , an ,- -'Y-. "N wx, ., Z .vm V y A , ,A,A,.,.,.,..,.. In M AI A L in , q Q 1-, gi '-::, , ' Z ' -IA-,A,,,: , , . 1-- f if ' 'li ' "' A ' " I iw if "' exegesis-R sfiirs. JUNIORS L C .3 2 5'5- l 1 if .ww mm if .::., Z, :,, ,Z W 8 3 . .Y ,ij ' i my :,, P' . -.: I .f ...'- 2 gg, J . '- 2 B' Ef l ii i "A' i I " 5 5 QI ' N' '- ""2 1 1"-'e: ef , ff' , . Gruhlkey, Dick Gruver, Glenn Hagemeier, Harold Haley, C. Ir. Hall, Mary Ann Hull, Nelson I'-lull, Peggy Halley, Dorothy Mae Ham, Ada Bennett Hamblen, Thelma Hamilton, Gracie Hammonds, Norma Handcock, Lonnie Harbison, Orville Harp, Raymond Harp, Vera Harper, Billy Harrison, Ruth Ann Hayhurst, Juanita Hayward, Betsy Heath, Ross Hendrix, Lou Ella Henry, Imogene Henslee, Harold Herrington, Hugh Herron, Dorothy Mae Herron, Harold Hester, Gilbert Hester, Gilbert Robert Hewett, Ray Higgs, Mary Lou Hightower, Ioyce Hightower, Rose Mary Higley, Iames Hill, Betty Lee Hill, Iames Hnbdy, Iuanita Hobgood, La Don Hodges, Fred Hogland, Virgil Holland, Doris Holland, Frank Hollingsworth, Opal Holmes, Iolly Roger Holt, Clifford Horne, Bill Horne. Lois Ann Horton, Adelaide Hoskins, Dwight Houston, Edna Howard, H. Grady Howell, Frank Huckaby, Merle Hughes, Charles Don Hull, Truett Hurd, Sylvan Avondon Ianzen, Bill Ienkins, Bill Iohnson, Elaine Iohnson, Naomi Isaacs, C. Ivey, C. S. Iohnson, Virginia Ray Iolly, Bill Iones, Audrey Iones, Iuanita Fay Iones, Wanda Iordan, Elizabeth Ann Iordan, Joseph Iordan, Roy lulien, Lillian Iunell, Turner Kaufhold, Ross Keaton, Lawrence Keen, Edd Kegans, Tim Keith, Leora Kelley, Wiiioiia Kellum, L. Kendall, G. Willis Kennison, Nola Mae Kenyon, Paul Khoury, Frozine Khoury, Thomas Killion, Keith King, Clifford King, Marcus Kirkpatrick, Kathryn Kittinger, Elbert Knight, Betty Knight, Clylas E. Knott, Iimmy Knox, Ioyce Anne Kuykendall, Sue Lain, Lucile Lambdin, Audrey Lanier, Patsy Lanning, Dorothy Latham, Byllie lane Latham, Io Ella Latson, Bill Lattimore, Annie Loy Lauder, Ruth Laughry, Willard Lawrence, Iere Leard, Grady Anon Leard, Milburn Lee, Clyde Lee, Ira Lemaster, Dee Lentz, Iosephine Lieberknecht, Lorna Ie Lindsey, Nellie Lindsey, Sammie Loden, Nancy Lomax, Geraldine Long, Calvin Longstreth, Gerry Looney, Ierry Loveland, Ralph Loveless, Clarence Luker, Ieanne Lupher, Bobbie Lynch, Bob McA1ister, Charlene McBride, Ina all .Jef w ma MP? :gg I 'g ..,3,, , -: -, i ,, H IUNIORS MMG, LL L, cv McCarty, Evelyn McClarney, Pat McCrimmon, Don McDaniel, Danna Lee McGee, Blanche McGahee, Tiney McGill, Ieanne McGlasson, Gladys McKechnie, Elizabeth McKenzie, Evelyn McKinney, Albert McKittcrick, Marjorie McPhail, Waiuda McPherson, Mary McReynolcls, Mary MCSwaii1, Milda Malone, Iames Manasco, Zelmarie Mansfield, B, F. Marable, Gerald L. Marcum, Coy Marcum, Hoy Markham, Beulah Marsh, Ioan Marsh, Iulia May Marshall, Marie Martin, Billy Martin, lack Mashburn, Betty Mason, Dick Mathews, Henry Ir. Matrix, Ioy IUNIORS Maxfield, Shirley Mayes, Doyle Mayne, Alice Mayo, Frances Meadows, Billy Robin Meclart, Charles Medlin, Lynn Mendel, Iulius Meyer, Nancy Lou Meyers, Lee Meyers, W. A. Mickey, Robert Micldaugh, Cecil E. Miller, Aubrey Rayburn Miller, Gilbert Miller, Iimmy Miller, Iohn Lawrence Miller, Maxie Miller, T. Millican, Ossie Mincher, Paula Mixon, Charles Mixon, Lewis Mobley , Ioe Mode, Georgia Lou Montgomery, Helen Montgomery, Raymond Morrow, Geneva Moore, Gerry Ellice Moore, Thomas Mosley, Maxine Motley, Iean Mulkey, Alton Murphy, Kenneth Murphy, Leroy Neece, Nelson, Floy La Verne New, Harold Newcomer, Margaret Newma Nobles, Nunn, Oakley, n, Pat Edward Ruth I. C. Odell, Ernestine Ogg, Ted S. O'Keefe, Bobby Oldfather, Euna Rue Oldham, Howell Gene Oliver, lean Oliver, Leon Owen, Ello ise Palm, Richiird Palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Pank rat Hazel Iack W. E. z, Carl Park, Iames Park, Wanda Parker, Dorothy Parkhill, Eula Mac P arr, Bi 11 Parsons, Ioan Partain, Berry Paschall, Margaret Patterso n, Er-nest Paul, La Vada Payne, Willa lean Pelz, Benny Pennington, Katherryn Perryman, Katherine Phillips, Orie Pickett, Alma Ieane Pickett, Calvin Pickett, Kenneth Pippen, Lucille Pippen, Opal Pitts, I-I. O. Powell, Iirnmy Price, Horace Prickett, Elizabeth Priest, Wilma Lee Prince, Prince, P yeatt, Pyea tt, Douglas Iohn Billy David Pyeatt, Ieanne Racley, Kendrick Randall, Glen Madaline Rasmussen, Evalyn Ratcliff, Ratcliff, Ray, A1 Reeves, Reynold Ted Lucy Mae Edna s, Iohn 'WW IUNIORS X Rice, Kenneth Rice, Roy Ridgeway, Bob Ritter, George Roark, Velma Ruth Robbins, Oscar Robersen, D. Roberts, Bob Roberts, Marioxl Roberts, Nora Mae Robertson, Billy Robinson, Aline Roddy, Lurine Rogers, Ernest Ross, Ellen Ross, Robert Ross, Rosalie Roye, Nadine Rudelson, Anna Grace Ruffner, Virginia Rushmer, Gott Russell, Ruth Ruth, Dorotha Mae Rutledge, Gene Rutledge, Wayne Salmon, Glenn Dale Shovel IUNIORS Salmons, lean Sanders, lnez Sanders, Royce Sandlin, Ted Satterfield, Myma Ruth Saunders, Bill Saunders, lack Scarborough, lack Schell, Buiy Schneider, Shirley Scrivens, Wanda Seale, Dana Sharp, Ed Shelton, Bessie Mae Shelton, Bill' Shelton, Tom Shelton Shirley, , Wanda jean Deane Shockley, Winnie Vee Short, Shrum, Earlene Leona Shugart, Marvirene Siedenstrang, Fred Ir. Sikes, Maxine Simmons, Bob Simmons, Margaret Sims, Otho Sinclair, Elmer Sissom, Iohn E. Sizemore, Nelda Sizemore, Wanda Sizemore, Zelda Smith, David Lee Smith, Eddie Smith, Eura Pauline Smith, Frances Smith, lane Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sowell, Sparks, Spears, Harry K. Lillian Myron Pat Saranne Thomas LaVerne Nadine O. C. Spector, Kathryn Speed, Katharyn Speed, Margie Stambaugh, Darlene Stanley, Nelda Ioyce Stidger, George Stinson, Donald Stokes, Ed Storseth, Gladys Stover, Mary Lou Strimple, Estella jean Stringer, H. Swafford, Bernice Sweet, Gene Swift, Wayland Tadlock, Richard Tanner, Gerald Thomas, Harold Thomas, lack Thompson, Charlie Thompson, lack Thompson, Leola Thompson, O. D. Thomson, Carlton Thorn, Matha Tolleson, Betty Tolson, B. Tomb, Charlotte Ann Tomberlin, lack Tomlinson, Kenneth Townes, Rollie Trent, Raymond Trice, Barbara Iean Trice, Dorothy Dean Triplett, Jeanne Trisler, Bob Trolinger, Charles Troth, Anne Tucker, lean Tupin, Louis Ir. Turner, Dorothy Turner, Gene Turner, George E. Twing, Harriet Van Pelt, Dorothy Van Shaw, Gaynor Veazey, Lloyd Waddill, Gordon Waghorn, Georgina Wagner, Pernie Catherine Walker, Dorothy Walker, Lena Mae Wall, Irvin Wallace, Roy F L , Walls, Ii Wanser, Wa rdle, Warneek Warner Warner, Warnix Warnix Watson 7 y y Weigley, Whitake Whited, Whitehe Walls, Clifton mmie Lee Walsh, Bob Bonnie Ward, Cecil Faye Marie Ware, Charles Ware, Neal e, Thelma Bert lim lack , Katherine K. Bert Webb, Gary Marcella Welch, V. West, Patty Wheatley, Robert Whiddon, Pauline r, Lois Betty ad, Iacqueline Whittenburg, Tennessee Wickham, Margaret Wilkinson, Harold Willbanks, Robert Williams, Dick Williams, Dolly Williams, lim Roy Williams, Louise Williams, Patricia Anne Williams, Ray Williamson, Bobby Williamson, Dorothy Williamson, Vernell Willson, Pat Wilson, Doris Wilson, Fay Wilson, jimmy Wilson, La Voe Wilson, Loren Wilson, Roy Winchester, Bess Wingate, Martha Wink, Lucille Winkelman, Iohn Wood, Iuanita Woods, Billie Workman, lack Workman, Owen IUNIORS M Lee Wright, Betty Wright, Clifford Wright, Dean xvfighf, Marshall Wright, Robert Wyatt, Otis Yates, Bill Zelsman, Bob CLASSRGQM SCENES Ymfre supposed no bc atudviug, Neal 4 - cr - - An algebra claws Alflllllllllllllllg Qlook that one ll Cla' le: - - Oh ll -- - 4 -A 'lr 5 , 1 We lhls 15 ffllfllllaf lt clousu t look real Anvway, two people know the answer loo good to be true 73 1 E... 'f CLASS OFFICERS DONALD FRANKS Presiden t BOB HIATT Vice-President 77 MINNIE BELLE PARKER Secretary-Treasurer B395 gm fi.. , Q D., -V we r ma .1- :QM ,gan A we f. " n ., -5, 1 , rm - , a ii i SOPHOMORES , A Q ra.-,..., .22- Ammons, Doug Andrews, D. Archibald, Dorothy Bailey, Carroll Baker, Geraldine Ballew, La Voy Barker, Melvin O. Bell, Edwin Bennett, Beatrice Best, Ronald Bisbee, Mona Bledsoe, Kathryn Bowman, Virginia Nann Boyd, Virginia Brady, Margaret Brady, Ruth Elwanda Brooks, P. Brown, Dorothy Brown, Henry Bruce, Orphahue Brush, Thomas Brush, William Burger, Louise Burleson, Paul Byrd, Orphus Cain, Dorothy Callahan, Naomi Cameron, Don Carder, Alvin Carlson, Bill Casas, Felisitas Casey, Frank Casler, Dee Cauley, lack Childs, Bill Cline, Dick Coffee, Doris Condren, lack Connell, Betty Zane Cooke, Gwendolyn Cooper, Iacquelyn Cox, Patsy Ruth Cupp, Royce Curtis, Fay Curtis Iames Curry, Sterling Cutler, Dorman Davis, Annabelle Deal, Sammy Dial, Billy Diaz, Louis Dickson, Herman Dodson, Bill Dorsey, Armon Dowdy, R. Duffie, B. H. Dyatt, Io Ann Easterday, Wayne Edwards, Ianie Elkins, Bobby lean Eller, Kenneth Emery, Bruce Evans, Clifton Everett, Iacqueline Farris, Reba Ferguson, Wanda Floyd, Millie Mae Fowler, Mary Elizabeth Franks, Don Gaddie, Arnetta May Gathright, Grayson Gilbert, Tommy Giles, Anna Bell Girard, Delber Gollihugh, Roy Lee Graham, Ray Gray, Billy Gray, Lelland, Ir. Greathouse, Betty Ioyce Greathouse, Netty Loyce Green, Edith Clare Greene, Vivian Grider, Iohnnie Letha Grier, Wesley Grimes, Ray Hamby, Beatrice Hamic, Ioyce Ellen Hamilton, Willis Hardin, Thomas Harris, lack Harris, Virginia Harrington, Aliue Hastie, Naomi Hawkins, Arthur Lee Haynes, Audrey Fern Hays, Lillian Hays, Maedell Hayworth, Darwin Hemphill, Billy lack Hendricks, Lucille Herbert, Ferne Elizabeth Hiatt, Bob Higgins, Pat Hills, Lloyd Holcomb, Frank Holland, Cecil Hoyal, Durward Humphers, Iune Hutto, Dorothy Dell Hysmith, Billie Ingram, Douglas Irving, Robert Ivins, Harold Iackson, Roberru Ianzen, William Frederick Icnnings, Iohn Lee Iohnson, Bobbie Iohnson, Harvic- Iones, Iosie Mae Ioslin, Charles Iupe, F. G. Keith, Donald Keith, Iack Kinser, T. Kyle, Rose Mary Lane, Ruth Roberta SOPHOMORES 41 r -1 , ,1-',': KJ f ff , ra gi 'X-..w' K 'k " ,,.,-- , P , 'A we a N M S 1, S 1 1 if ., N l--,,- '. ,,'. , , ist gg5,ii,! Z' B E I E A E-5j" 1iv, K 1 fm 4 '5 , 393 SOPHOMORES Latta, Gwendolyn Lehman, Eldon Lemmon, Bettyy Lloyd, Dorothy Locke, A. L. Losson, Paul Lovelady, Othel Loveland, Vern McBride, Bob McBride, Pauline McBroorn, lack McCall, Bob McCandless, Kate McEwan, Ianette McLemore, Iames McLeroy, Charles Maples, Ioeline Maness, Merlin Massey, Lee May, Dewey Meler, Charlene Moore, Betty Morgan, Iimmie Morton, Dan Muldrow, Dorothy Murchison, D. Nensch, Herman Nickell, Edwin Nobles, Betty Norwood, Harry Pat O'Bryant, Grace Owen, Charles Owen, H. R. Ir. Page, Nelson Palmer, Rotha Pamplin, Mary Lon Parish, Voncille Parker, Minnie Belle Parker, Tommie Pearson, Margaret Peterson, Fred Perkins, Bill Pitts, Ianice Pierce, Beth Potter, Donna Price, Garland Prince, Tom Privette, Roy Qnintero, Manuel Raffkind, Morris Raines, Walter Randall, Iimmie Reynolds, Yvonne Richardson, Rae Richerson, Iames Rivera, Carmen Roberson, Olene Robertson, Aubrey Robinson, Fred Roe, Earlene Russell, Ross Rutherford, Helen Sadler, Lovetta Scales, Dorothy Scarborough, Irene Schulz, W. Shelton, B. W. Ir. Shelton, Ieanetta Shepherd, Fulton Sherer, Ruby Shumate, Ianice Simpson, Algonia Sinclair, Lawrence Smith, Alice Mae Smith, Conner Smith, Geneva Snider, W. Spaulding, Dorotha Stambaugh, Eloise Steele, Melvin Steger, Betty Frances Stephens, Eugene Stock, Calvin Stokes, Cecil Stover, Warren Suggs, Virginia Sullivan, Cuen Ir. Tennison, Calvin Thomas, Floy Thompson, Lydia Thornberry, Leroy Thorpe, Bearl Trimble, Garland Troup, lack Tucker, Sherry Turner, Arthur Turner, Furd Turner, L. Ray Turner, Lillian Joyce Uhrich, Fred Underwood, Grady Upton, Bob Utsler, Evelyn Vanderpool, Louise Vaughn, Larry Vineyard, Iack Vinyard, Ruby Walker, Sue Walters, Lahoma Wampler, Alice Watkins, Donald Watson, Dixie Rhea Watson, E. Weatherly, Mary Elizabeth Weatherrecl, Kathryn Phyllis Webb, Betty Loy VVebb Dean XVebb, La Vona Welch, loc WcstuaL, lfarlcali Wheeler, Harry Wilson, Eclwinu Wiluon, Eugene Wilson, Ralph Winston, Eudora Vtlinters, Raymond -'14 Woodring, Leo Woodson, Peggy Wright, Jerry Young, Billy Young, Relcla To the Students of A. H. S. I am leased to extend reetin s and con ratulations to the student bod for the suc- . P . .g H. ,g .Y ,, cess it has had this ear in the realization of tne theme, Livin To ether in A. H. S. . . Y . . . . 3 g . , The theme implies an essential quality of a congenial social group. The school is an im- portant social group. If life in such an important social group is to be characterized by ha iness and success, a cordial s irit of coo eration, ive and take, live and let live, must PP P P 3 g be in effect. No reater truth was ever s oken than that which was s oken b the Master g ' rc ' P ' au P Y Teacher when he said, No man liveth to himself . . . It is our sincere conviction that the student body of I94O-41 has established an en- viable record with a united front in support of its teams, a generous response to the appeals to higher principles of living, and in cooperating with the faculty in carrying into effect the rules and regulations governing the school. It has been the purpose of the administra- tion to allow the pupils as much freedom in the exercise of their inherent desires to play without the restraint of regulations as they themselves were able to exercise Without "step- ping out of boundsf, We believe that the principles of democracy prevail in A. H. S. to a greater degree than in most schools. We believe that the fine school spirit which prevails testifies to the correctness of this statement. Democracy, of course, does not mean licensed liberty. An institution without law, rules, or regulations is bedlam and anarchy. Laws in a democracy are more necessary than in an autocracy where the dictator makes the law as it is needed to satisfy his Wishes. lust as the uniformed policeman is the friend of the people, so is the law the friend of a citizen in a democracy. We Wish to extend our sincere thanks to the student body for the splendid coopera- tion accorded the faculty and administration throughout the year in all the efforts that have been made in behalf of a finer and better A. H. S. We also congratulate the staff and sponsors of the La Himsa for this splendid annual, the record of the activities and associa- tions of the life together of the citizens of this school. Sincerely yours, R. B. N ormzm 82 ., W4 J' Studyin? Margaret and Old Glory Three Wisc Monkeys Can This Be Thomas? Lonesome? Four of a Kind Scotch QAnd Sodaj Double Trouble Smile, Nadine Tabby Sue in Repose Wnitin' for the Mail QMale prcfcrrcdj Two Students QV:-:ry Rare, 83 x A 3 V l . . - i 1 , From left to rzgbtz lack Slay Brooks Wilsoii lane Cox Don Spikes lean Wilson Etheridge Cravens Helen lane Stephenson Bill Dickson Martha Starkey Clyde Fuqua Ierry Kern Dawson Bray Margaret Farwell Otto Payne Bynum Morgan Pat McClarney Iohn Mallett john Reynolds Scud Redus Richard Flenniken Donald Franks Minnie Belle Parker Ben Myers CORGNATION 86 Page: Barbara Boyce Queen: Alice O'Bryan Page: Elaine Iohnson Iames Andrews Lee Roy Buyter Beverly Ball Iimmy Minnich Mr. Norman Ernest Rogers Riley Iones Ralph Will M. T. Iohnson Morris Beck Margaret Wagner lack Beeman Mary Pat Inman Oliver Middleton Beverly Berry Burrel Collins Lynn Roddy Marion Ott Bettie Thomsen L'Tex" Oldham Ray Nutt Gangs 031503 Queen of -A CHRETMASPAGEANT CHORUS x 88 CHRISTMAS PAGEANT CAST or CHARACTERS Reader: Riley Iones Manger Scene: Pat lVIcClarneV Bob Beck lack Tomberlin Oliver Middleton Clyde Buchanan Dick Madisoxi Tommy Nance Priests: Ice Mohley Bobby O'Kccfc B-ert VVaruer Nations: Beverly Berry Janice lones Connie Fuqua lvfarion Durkec Phyllis Burnett l.urine Rorlcly Patricia Williams Virginia Newcomb Angels: Bettie Thomsen Dean Wright Alice Mayne Mary' Ann Hall Eleanor Adams Elaine Iohnson Tennessee Whittenburg Betty Elliott Gladys McGlassox1 Betty Campbell Opal Hollingsworth Betty Knight Annie Loy Lattimore Vices : lean Wilson Pat Smith Rana Henderson OUR GIFT TO Tl-IE CI-IILDREN'S HGME 89 POPULARITY BALL Lynn and Scucl look awfully happy-and no wonder! Howard introduces the Iunior Favorites And next the Sopliomoresz Betty and Cecil Under a canopy of ted and white. Part of the crowd at the ear's biv est dance. Gliclilw ulonv to the music of the Colle Yians 90 SENIOR FAVORITES UQ Lynn Roddy M fr 4' M WM My S lRd IUNIOR FAVORITES W1'ig1'1f Roy I SOPHOMORE FAVORITES 4,.,. WFHHY. . BVM ,?7,,,,, , ,, 7 ,, l ELECTION DAY Alice zuul Scml ElCCKlOl1CCl'll1g Billy Io, Billy Bob, lvfarcly aiul Dicl Clyde telling ull ulmut Riley and Vynetta K'I.ittlc Reflux"-Chocolate Propzigziliclall 94 x KID DAY Ain't They Cute? An Avalanche More Kids Blow Gum Artist Betty--Eating without Your Bib! You Czuft Kid Us-Those Arexft lvfurlmlcs The Lone Ranger and Colleagues NVhat Darling Children 95 QCA fir!-L0rrgjg01 ,ff f K f , ff ' " ""'-'ffl -P .JCAJLJ jf-' I, uf W J 505,00 fwrfxfylyfsard jtzivjf,-f..4 42 fM.:yr.vvC,4J 09-6 .fffo-011,12 .4-440 , M X ffflfvffozf 547' wyau ffbo-C ,fbi jffifj ygfcffccgcjfjg, fyffac, We ' f Y My ' J. 4 jd fha! .X JWKLZZQ, . 0-'X' K --- fffiif Q .fffpa-if Wmmmmmw 'GFLXN 'L' A41- 6-wz Q I -, ,, ,, .,,Q V.,,,L,, X H . . V ,L 'ffiafigiggkggie'+Qf?wg1Wf5 f-M ww, in 7 24 6 swamp 'Sf K . HOWARD LYNCH, Head Coach--T. G. HULL, Assistant Couch 1 ..,..... I ,,:-rw. - ' - If.-:-f "-:-1.2: V, :a,.:s:a : -5:a:,.,a.,::- . . .. - .55-,, 1ae.-,.g51z:a5Qg5g2ga:r..f,.,., ..., . .:,55g:a:z::-e,s5:f,.g., . i. 1--,-WML ..1,.,.f, ---- 1355- ,Hg-1:1 -an :.1,.:.:2:5a,::g1z:5::.g- 3. ,,-- - ,f . , -- -1,55-sg: ff' U f n A' ?f ".A V' X' iff' WWW W ' wmwmd' '!13Ef'- f' . ':':: . V "' .::i?'i:5:E:1:: L' af .,., V v'..,:f ,, v..:a'ff,.,:" Q, , H - ff ' " fi M in Managers: BOB BUNTIN, DELBERT BALLENGEE, JOHN BOYCE Assistant Managers: GENE NOLAND TOMMY WI-IITLEY 98 . BAKER, BOONE--Co-Captain Back - Senior - two-year letterman -most dependable man on squad- choseu on All-State squad. IOI-INSON, M. T.-Co-Captain Back - Senior - two-year Ietterman -chosen on All-State squad. BURDEN, PAUL Center--first year on Squad--Senior CLARK, CLYDE Back-"Little Giant"-Senior - spark plug of the Temple game. COLLINS, BURREL Guard-Captain-elect for 1941-steady and dependable. DANIEL, RAY Back-two more years of eligibility DANIEL, REX Back-two more years of eligibility. GREATI-IOUSE, MYRLE Blocking back-chosen on A11-Srare- Senior. GREEN, CHARLES Center--Senior-a fighting Irishman. I-IARLOW, HAROLD Back-Senior-spark plug of Temple game. I-IARRELL, C. Back-Senior?-ready to do his job. IOLLY, BILL End-two more years of eligibility. MARCUM, I-IOY Back-small but ready to go-Senior. MARTIN, WILLIAM Back - Senior - came through in great shape. SANDIE LETTERMEN Q '4 1. 9 I I . Q 4 I Q Q ig is 1 I R wg , , .::. Q. i wPi - :s::':. :. Stax I 1. Q- we Q if EQ 'ws' ' W. ,G sv 1. . :'1 msg I fr as 33. Q w as -. 1- -.:::' ' E sl 53 f may R bw f. Q 1: 1 Q 8 P 2 EQ Y sf We if 'Qywr E f i I E. . M w My .Q ,mg ,Q I.. - .- Q. XQQ1 I I 1 I .... wif? , - N ':.:. -. .,.- -' - ,.,, ..,. I VY,-::. 1155: Rabin . -M4 i K ,, S Q 1 ai si . rs ' EE . . -....-.-.. ............. . V. W . Iillpisi 5 .s 1 ws 46 5 'fi hf sm ,gg 1: Q52 if s, I sf' 1 f gigs. gf' . 5 wx 9 .S wg P P 225 M WWI "" MQ .. ""' Q X .ww L , ,. gain V ., ' I I . i f I 2. Z .M I si , .W N E . .w.',.,q., I : 1? 15- '- ----. '- 'i i . Ee A - ff , I--11:-1,-:: , ' gs asf '22, 2 - 0-'X If . Q 1- S "e'-::5z.::e.-fra: . -. 2 ..2:Q5Ef'5E: 1 if 2 A H , . I , ...,.., 5-if I :1:j:55s,. zfi .1-If .asf , .W .., ,,, .. . .,..,.,. lj .i 1 ::--a:ps.fz.g4..- I V .,.- -,:-',.fa,2fa:5g, I Q ,Q 4, . " ff ' ' x H Q Q s g P ,Sgr G sf' rg 5 is ab QM 1 he P N leg, sv Q K 3 I I Q I ' gy f .I i 2 V If ff yi H +- hir N . i It ' if G? 1 7 an we 5. My 'f IFS f 'T Mgr 5 I P 'S . 'if' Nilawffw ' I1 f -ge'-: :':.2: 3 " ZWQE2 ': -21. 1. - ' Q :gg , . t ' J frail I I f , 15 , V5 ,fr JI 'L all I .2 -K . 1 . fy :EQs,-f-Q-:-':psa.....:.,'f' 'ffm-:1i::z2.2E:. .:":iE:.ZE.'2?'r-f ag.. -.: .,'1,z.Eiggfzisfigffiisfri-.E-,ggi-5:g5:5'E5::j:'2I'I ,iw " ' -'f'2:'::.... f:E::!2Ev21E22f4: ""'5E" ' :122.,....., ykwg 3- 4 :g3:2f:':-'V 323,323 .,,...,., 1 Z- .,,. yi. I " fi ? H Q ' mf , 3 i H. Q g fx 435: f avg? x s , W in X -I i 1. M' 5. 4 I ik 9 9 Qs 'E+ 0 iz . . 2 HW I X 'Bi I ww A if . W 1 Manx 4 A E is A www A I 3 MV? Q M U2 I Q I 'KH' I si . . 'E . .. .g,.a,. 1' 1.5.5 V r we .. ...:. - -Q f.-. 5253. I I00 MOSS, TED Guard-Seniorfwns il power when he wanted to play. PACE, FRED GllilFlI-SCIIIOI'--PFQIHIIJIY our IIIOSC de- pendable lineman. PAYNE, OTTO Buck+Senior - picked on All-State squad PRICE, IOHNNIE Back-he wasn't scared of anyone. PRIOLO, ROY Tackle-the clown of the squad-but he can also play football. RE-jus, scum Enrl-Senior-:1 great . com petitor. SUTTON, GENE Tackle-some of the other boys made All-State on his work. TIGART, THURMAN Picked on All-State-one more year. VICK, CHARLIE End-Senior-came through in great fashion when he was needed. WALL, IRVIN Tacklehtwo more years of eligibility. WARNER, JIM Tackle-All-State squad - one more year. VVEST, DICK Iiml-Senior-ready and willing VVHELCI-IEL, TOM BILL Center-one more year-a scrapping Wildcat. VVOOTEN, W. C. End-On All-State squad - a pass- cntching fool. ZELSMAN, BOB Guard-two more years. RESERVES L, " 2: -if-5 ' , if ' J S ,V Q V w Q ,J 1- 1 R Y " 4 H I .f 1 gli' - 1 FEI -:-g'E2.' ,, 'L Y "a: W " is ,:.,: Z '.:, .i, .Ze ,.,. Q., .. M. H , .. 3. bg v H 545 322 . + ,B V Q 22 1 4 was., - . 4...-1 .-,.. : J W N ,W 45 T w ' R' V wi ,,v?2'.cI 'f . W zpaiiz' - I-Ava W4 ' -"" '- " . SQ gg: my 1 " "" ' "I3'I1, .f.- ,.,, ':.,iEZff?'3'5f'7 . - wi A ':::3.f23f5': Vi W I 51135 ., lv ia, 3 mm , 2 . .,,,. .... gigs .w Y , X 'iw Q TOP ROVV: Clyde Amcrsou Roy Buytc John Childs -azz'-1 , . .. -W. 2 . ....:.:.' 'W wav: . -. up fm., . , , .. ,, wwf, w2fz?,,::':.y-Y if My -I ':. ,. ,B H 9, ,ff ,E 3 .,.. .... , , ig 5 V4 gf ef A fig Q Z 3274 .. gg., . is M235 EMM, Q ff mg, 1 Q w i , JW 4 if .. ' ' ff ' aw., EY ,vw 3' Q 12 v 1 W 35' Q 5 if 'V X E. Sw .. H EgSE:f:' : , H1171 22 .. 7: 2. WH 5 . . - .-.5 .27 an " H121 2 Q 1 421-.yay A ff it , . V 151121 453327 M vziiiggz vi 'v 'W' :.5',5z..g2s' ' ' 1. W. Clark BOEIUIAONI ROYNV VV. A. ML'y'1'1's Billy Nelson Billy In Sumrxc-tll If, Watsclll YANNIGANS . .pwweeefif f f "-'-wrt twig kixywwmqwif -wW,mjw.M,.. . V K ,V I f h ,,... N Vs K N Mmww-1' wwfggq "" f E- E ' E,. V- M ...En A W A .. .., . . , .V.. f . ' E M ,X Q, N ' gr. ..V1 , r . , E --.A I A :I-nr : n . .JM ,, E . U '4'+" N:.:. ' L I M, mx ' . 5 K ,. -. . . . 3' ..... , 1 ' nh L. 1 X -K r 1. -5 ,Th W Q th - - ky f i , ' ' , X A V 5 A , 1,1 Ns , A' 4 W, M E M MV W 1 Wm. ' A' - L - .vi IX . 7,522 -4 fy E ' Fx Q 4 . l E," " . mf- " -'Q , 4. ' . J. ,, "A Q M' 'n,,."3,?" ,R 5' .- " ' V J 'Q fl-K-1. , -f fm :A -,554 fr , , .. ,.,. ' . - " X. - fi M A " -,gil gang , qmail :.jmm., . '.,,W,w AV E i - 'F' 1- .. E - . P V - V 1 V ' ai . Q , , f y M L f . A ,wr - .-., E V . .. M Y -Q Y ' 1 .- ' - - W V " A f "' . M. . '5 'E x f M' 5 P 2 5 . 1 if Q 4' ' 5 . -f " .-... 7 v ff. " :K -'fx f W ' . A ' H ' ' 4, , E 1' y 'J '! E ., -. ff' f xfifii x ..,, ' ' 1. ' J ne. . M . - N- , J , wif -' 1. - . - 5 . Q., S A .J E A. ., 1. . I .. I 5. ,A T ,I .se If ml . bg, .K .Ag . X .mg .,.. , fgign ,.':v :.. " 4 ' Mp. -:Q u f f- ' . .. 2 -- " ,S A if f ., . V ' K rf J 'M . ,,,- . I.: " W -R ' ' '. 2. .. 1' L. . 7 . ' .,., - A 1 f j ii . - f fm E' 1 , - '-'- - ----- D K v "-' . 3' -1 " f " 'nz V ' ' . M I . I 5 I M I : at E I V 1, I. -H Q .,.,, ,W . I I A V nw : I 3 A.: I. Y gg. V I zu.: .1 .E ,, .5 b V' . ,H I . -. W , Q W- . H , Q Z- .ry Y A , Q. t .. f- is A' H -V .-.' V, . Z. . Q. . 3.f,:vF,.- 'f- kf I W Vw. A- M H., L, , . , 'A . X 2 . 2 W IOI My ' A 1 .E 2 i s W EI Q, 'Q 1 5 6' Q sf 5' fx was K ff 4 'Fw il ,. J 1 A 4 BY 'K N 7' 2" if ' " " mf' Ezmfbff gg? 415324 M gg fl Q H , ,- ,f-gg' -is QQ K, 1 X -' -4 -wif r ,. ff ff N IK YW 1' N' ' 1 Q. 3' 5g5'r Q WEQE vw .0 . Q '22 Z, --xx 214 3: Hg , X .. L. i 4, ,fx . A ---v U - V., P-K ' fx If IN Qi N " 3. :.- , , Ni, X ., . X k , N rw ,T PNNK . ,-1 , wx ' gk! W ' .Xin-I f N fm , u Lib? f 52' X , Mi PEP LEADERS 1 "" A , 1 " j ' X 1- 5 , :,. H .I , . 1 fi 1 1111- Q 111.1 ..,E 111, 9 1 ,.... .1 .,.... I--:. ------ '. Mi r , 1.1 A , "3 "" Q W V -- -'--- 2. ..., . ,..,-..- 1.55-Z-If -I-1-1:-I . V -11: 2135555E1:gE:5::fz!,:2s:2i1,'15 - 1,3 Q, ".,,.E,g,: I . in b , . 1,1rj1::7,y.f,-ww n ' W, A A. i ,WAX sM4f311,.w:' 1 q'1f"'mm,, ,11 , .. e 1 1,:v1viEk2sxzw,h,,,11' 1. .,., .,,. , ,, ' 1511 ,. .,,. 41 .,,. ., ' .1115 :'i ,Z :s,-1 ' - 1'5- ,'-.- , :'fI 'E:-: .E , :1 1:1 -1: 1.1. .1 ' ---- fe, 1 1 W f l E .V.- ' 1 H .1.,., , .,.., ..,, .. . Q ., M Wi '45 , w glf?-5:-L , gd ' - ' ' ' wg ,,,. Q , .,7,.?, A 1 M N, ----- ,X ,J . H ,, I .M,3,,v253w,,,,, mf- ' 1 . .wwwz-1 ' I ',g41I,.g,5'155Z111g'f3' 11- V35 V AQMQM A 111,uf'1 1' 'U M , 1 . , 1 ,4 "1-1Ws'i5'1,f2 'fd' 111111 1' 'fffgi 1' ' Q f Q 1 .51 , 1 '11 fb W of fiw' V Q ' A ' 1 39' ,, -2-" 1,11- 5 1 wil A -zmgfi , 1,295 155: M 1 11 ,Mfg ?W'5W4gY'Y 1 hffiilci 5 'ff' V 4-ff , 5 ni!!! V1 vu GKOVI' PICTURIQ: 1111111 Iwiaxllctt, Lynn Roddy, Betty Sue Nlurphj. F1'z111cus I.yrn11s. Billy Bob B:1kc1', Dick Anderson "Dug fame" Xfallctt 5111- 111 ll burst of enthusiasm Dick, cx11111111cl111g czwrgv 1.1111-11' Lyom Ii. 'If and his s1111dow "Come 1111, c1'c1'ybody yell" 103 SAN DIE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW-Wimpy Hill, Moon Ott, Ioe Bob McClure, Robert McCartt, Bill Edd McLaughlin, Iohnnie Price BACK ROW-John Tolleson, Iamic Franklin, Dick Madison QCO-Captj, Carl King, Charlie Hughes, Myron Dorman Cecil I-Iolluncl, Boone Baker QCO-Capnj, Delbert Ballengee, Mgr., Coacbecl by T. G. Hull. SCHEDULE OF BASKETBALL GAMES Canyon, Illllllllfy 3 +Lubbocl4, Iflllllllfy IO Xljlainview, Ianuary I1 Dallxart, Ianuary I7 Clayton, N. M., lanuary 18 Wlmire Deer, lanuury F23 Dalhart, Ianuury 25 'l:l3orger, Ianuary 28 "'KLubbocl4, Ianuary 31 "':Plainview, February 1 Sgljampa, February 7 Canyon, February 8 'kl3orger, February I4 xljmpa, February I5 Hereford, February 21 Goodnight, February 21 Stratford, February 22 Dalbart, Fbruaiy 22 Lubbock, February 28 'Big Five Conference DISTRICT REGIONAL 104 Opponent Sandics I3 37 I9 22 ZI 23 I7 37 I2 I3 16 36 I9 18 26 25 I9 20 IO 31 20 I7 I3 33 I4 27 27 20 21 37 23 47 27 37 7 16 29 26 YANNIGANS i S 1 E ITRONT ROVV: lorry XN'rigl1r, Clyde Bassett, Incl: Ross, Lowell Armstrong. Bob Trlaler, Dwight Hoskins, Trnctt Hull, lack ,l4OIIllJQfllI1, licl Slmrp, loren Wilsclxl. LAST ROVU: K, Bert X,X'Y1ll9UIl, loln1Amlrewx, Glenn Qnurllcbzxnln, lfrnnk l'loll.1n4l, Ricl1zn':l Tacllock, Hnrolcl Hngexneicr, VV. Clark. lfrecl lirznly, Iloberr Bigelow, ll. M. Lllllgllllli couclr uoxmc SQUAD FRONT ROXY: Pere Trirnble, Tonnnv Bulkorcl, Fnrrl Turner, YVillis Hamilton. Nelson Page. Tommy Gilbert, Fred Ubrich Dean 'VVebb. SECOND ROXV: Rndv Plumnxlaer7n1muwer, Robert Kellv, A. l.. Anderson, Cecil Corbell, Iohn Hamilton, Bert Deavers Kenneth Sherrill. LAST ROW: Mr. Haynief--xpunsm'. Robert VVnlsl1, Benny Files, Scncl Redns. Troy Blassingame, lack Keith, Grady Underwood 105 , . "J . 1 TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW: Ira Lee, Clyde Fuqua, Clylas Knight, Phillip B3nnerr, Iuhn Clieurani, Don Spikes, Ernest Patterson, Stanley Tharp, Dawson Bray, Frank Vxfilliams, Melvin Barker. LAST ROXV: Ross Larsen-coach, lack Reeves, foe Denton, Rwlmert Mosley, Bob jordan, Iames Chisholni, H, Stringer, Dick Wesr. Charles Vick, Tom Bill Wclchel, Bob Buntin-manager. Henry Lklll5I,l'lll1l-f--COilCll. GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM FRONT ROWY Margaret Paschall, Iulia Marsh, Tabby Sue Walker, Berry Zane Connell, Margaret Wagner, Mary Par Inman, lean Wilson, Wanda Scrivens, Ianice Iones. LAST ROW: Margaret Dowse, Corinne McClure, Anna Frances Baker, Beth Pierce, Phyllis Burnett, Beverly Berry, Hazel Husted, Martlma Rollins, Ioycc Hamic, Mrs. Reeder--sponsor. x05 BOYS' TENNIS TEAM FRONT ROW: Robert Vlflicnrlcy, Bill Doherty, Glenn Quattlelsuum. Dick Timmons, Iohn Myers, VV. H. Gordon--sponsor. LAST ROW: I1 Ross Smith. Bobby O'Keefc, Clyde Buelwanan, K. Bc-rl NVntson, Billy Glasgow. GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM FRONT ROW: Nellie Lindsey, Dorothy Lloyd, Mary Iane Houck, Beverly Berry, Atliclia Roberts, Florence Ioslin. LAST OW: Miss Betty Bridges--sponsor, Ada Ruth Caraway, Georgia Burleson, Jeanne Wilkins, Helen Stephenson, Margaret Newby. I O7 PX sn' -' ,, 1,-.11-, b MK 5 '. 1 ,Y ,, , . . 1' ,'x if - 1:5 g,,,,ff kg, ww X 1 Y 55 5 fy, QHNDMS '59 3556 1270 fl .",v,X. , l 7 L. A X: MW . , .QQ " -s 31754 X X X F ' 53 1 ' F ? V Q L 'Q 46 .A 52,3 Y' ' x2 ii ix? ! ., ' 9 7 - Iv. A.. . I JJ- J 3 A ?.CL"'wx s Q 5 Rf, H, '- ,Vd , . . IA. , . ,ryfif 4' Fx 's A xl ,lv nj -, .1 Y' A .. X l'. T f 1 I, A Fa, Q JN ix F" f 53' H At' sf 'SHNDIES 'TI 755 '56 Ng n 4 x 4 .. .vm - LQ , .,'Q . . , X o "LQ , 3' , if 9 X '- L '76 4 1 xl . , - .1 W Q A .v ".,. 0:3 Lkfi , it 7 ' W V VA, . ., J., E222 W f'f'.y.1! 'f " I avi 2 "lx:-14' Lr , f QW BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION GQ-uf Swccr lllltl O. D. 'lqlxcnnpson in Ll Table Tennis Tour- lIlll'LlIIlllI'2.ll Basketball Champions, 1q4u namcnt More Ping Pong Slmmixx' ur the Baskm IIO . rn- -v-it Iliff -ii X X. MQQQQB as , ig ifl 7 ,N I :N 1 MTR? zz EQ' Cr rx A T 2, '- cb ,, KHNDWS '54 '5536 4 12114 x X Q5 .w .. , 54,-ff F3 f M ,gyf p ffl fi N, ' "' I K, L DD G 0 X,- ' F , ,ff 'l f .- jj 'Z WI N f 2 gf, I ivilk Lx, S 1 ---fig 3 v .- 1 QW H ff K LQ!! - .gd ..,,,,..,..u-0""" - - , 'A U ,-. M., --A -A NATIONAL I-IONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROVV: Miss Louise Russell--sponsor, Carl Sawyers, Nell Matthews, Butts' lane VVhcat. Aileen l-Iathaway, Ixlargaret Anne Eekcl, Virginia I-Iester, Carol Shaw, Wzilirla Steve N.. lean Wilson, Mary Lou liclwartls, Phyllis Knox. SECOND ROVV: Billy Io Storseth, Corinne McClure, Floren :c Hfrkcnbortoin, Vxfauita Forsyth. Phyllis Burnett, Mary Pat Inman, Drucilla AClL'lI1lLlI1I1, Marjorie VVelCh. Margaret Farwell, Betty Lou Rulvinette, Ivlari' Kritser. Mary Stone, Virginia Hess. Katherine Carver, THIRD ROXV: IVlL1I'fllkISflll'liC'f'. Frances Iiairey, Nina Ozee, Narri' Ifverliiie. llar Devine. Anna lirauces Baker, Sue Murphy. Rachel Patterson. Ivlarilyn Lukcr. Betty Bell, Alice O'B'.i'an. Scu:l Ruins, C. Claughtou, Ray Nutt, Leon Garrison, LAST ROVV: Charles Simmons, Bill Seiher. Bill Dickson, Gord zu Tompkins, Leon Smith, Thonias Moore, Brooks WIlSOIl. Etheridge Cravuns, Iohnny Price, Boone Baker, Clyde Piqua, Delherr Balleugec. Marion Ott, Iaincs Amlrcws. A. I-I. S. CHAMBER OE COMMERCE 5 53 5 3 FRONT ROVV: Iewel Cruson, Ioyce Certain, Rana Henderson, lanici' Innes, Phyllis Knox, Iorlclle Harrison. lean McDonald, Bettye Britton, Bonita Snow, Bettie Thomsen. SECOND RO'W: Bill Yates, Lahonia Bullingron, Margaret loc Siinnions, Drusilla Arlelnian, Mary' Louise Vernon, Emma Lou Leitner, Virginia Pointer, Anna Frances Baker, jerry Dausluy, VVanira Forsyth, Louise Berger. LAST ROW: Riley Innes. A. I-I. Berg--sponsor, Tommy Nance. II4 KEN KLUB 1 ,, ,sl i , I ROSTER: OLD MEMBERS Ee:'1.1.lean Aardal. Drueilla Adelmanu, Anna Frances Bake Betty lu Beil, Byron Berthelot. Loretta M. Breeding, Yvonne B C. Claaghton, Shirley Cliite, Vynetta Cox, Etheridge Craven llrtherire Carver, Aileen Hathaway, Albert Henson, Virginix HL-ss, Virginia Hester, I lefkins, Phyllis Knox, Iere Lawrence, Harold Liston, Milford L Nell lvlattltews, Julius Mendel, Alton Metheny, Timmy Moore Rachel Patterson. Virginia Painter, Mary Crate Poling, fohnni , Betty Sue Murphy, Ray : Price, Kendrick Ratley, Sally Sirk, lohnitie Stott, Peggy Seale, Bill Seiber, Carol Sha Billy ln Stxirseth, liihn Tolleson, Cvordon Tompkins, Marjorie VV NVheat, Ruth Yows. Sponsors: Miss Nellie lane Luther, Miss eleh, Brooks Vyilsfun, lean Iewel Brock. , l,l33'LllD2lX'lS, Pat Dev 'DIL Marilyn Lulier, Cori ', Bnnire Balter, Mary Kathryn Barnard, lra Nae Barrington. nun, Clyde Buchanan. Plivllis Burnett, Bettv Iean Carter, inle, Helen Dutton,' Margaret Anne rsyth, Clyde Fuqua, Leon Garrison, lekel. lvlary Lou Eduiards, Nancy Everline, Frances Fairey. Mar later Farwell. Viauita Fo ames Hill, Marv Pat Inman, Dorothy nne MCClllfC,' Linnie Rose Martin, Nutt, Alice O'Bryan, Robert O'Keefe, Betty' Lou Robinette, Carl Sawyers, uv. Charles Siniiuous, Peggy Sinvth. Bonita Snow, Mary Stone, Wilsovii. Bess Vwfinchester, Betty lane l ROSTER: NEW MEMBERS Margaret lvlarlc Adams, james Andrews, Charles C. Barrett, Tiuunye Evelyn Berg. Rosemary Black, Kathryn Bledsoe, Sainmie Kate Bones, john Boyce, Lahoma Bullington, Donna lean Boyd, Fred Brady, Robert Bigelow, Vxfava Braum, Celeste Cheshire, Nancy lane Caldwell, Doris Anne Coffee, Billie Cohea, Ianie Collin, Betty Ann Cowart, Patsy Ruth Cox, Rex Dan- iel Rav Daniel 'Sarnun' Deal, Bill Dickson, Maxine Deason, Cloe Teal Dunlap, Nlarion Durlaee, Iurlith Elliott, Betty lean lirauklin, Alice Garner, Mary Ann Hall, loyee Hightower, Florenee l-lielainliottom, Edna llouston, Truett Hull, Virgil Hog- land, Robern Irving, Elaine johnson, Roy Martin Iordon, Lillian jnlien. Ross Kaulhold, Lawrence Keaton, Wiiioiia Kelly, Aud- rey Lamlxrlin, Evelyn McCarty, Pat McClarney, jack Martin, Frances Mayo, Iimmy Millei', Thomas Moore, Geneva Morrow, loc Bolv lxiobley, Shirley Maxliield, Dorothy Helen Montgomery, Margaret Newcomer, Euna Rue Oldfather, La Vada Paul, Kathryn Perryman. Opal Pippin, Harold Pitts, Iohn Reynolds, Rtwyte Lindsey Sanders, Fred Siedenstrang, Otho Sims, lane Smith, Pat Smith, Nelda Ioyce Stanley, Raymond Trent, O. D. Thompson, Ciaynor Yan Shaw. Patricia VV'est, Martha Vifingate, Bert Wzmriier, Dean Vwlright, Boli Zelsmanf I I5 TT" YT 5 3 7 1 ' A fail-IOSTESS CLUB , . f , 1. wggwbwpgazit , FRONT ROVV: Helen Gnihlkcv, Sz1ntz1LouNichols, Pauline Smith. Bilfllillll Trice, Dnrotliy Trice, Edna Reeves, Virginia Hess, Betty Lon Robiiietie, Hope George, Mary Beth Curtis. A111111 Ieane Pickett, lxllllll Ruth Gray, Xvilllilil Geer. LAST ROVY: Sliirlcx' Elrocl. lean lfVils0n, Vxlanclu Stevens, Mrs, Fly--sivoiisor, Mairj' Stniiu. Vllinifred Briizell, Blanche Mitcliell, Betty Sue Sniiih, Virginia Bylllllll, lane Adams, Helen B.ll'lillX, Nell Nlatthews, Aileen Hiitliuwiiy, Blanche Bringolcl, M111'f.' l51'z111cc-s Burch, l,llllllC Rose Martiil, Dorothy Turner. FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF TEXAS FRONT ROW: Nfary Beth Curtis, Alma Ieane Pickett, Dorothy ljkilll Trice, B11ri1411'11 It-1111 Trice, Ieanetlu Shelton, Bess Fogg, Joy Crittciiilcn, lean Tucker, Gladys Storseth, Wanda Sixe1111i1'c. SECOND ROVVr Vxfanda Cain, lane Adams, Wilma Priest, Mzixiiit- B111'ltus, Berry Hill, Puiiline I'iclae1'1, Ruth Hensley, Glenna Ruth Bell, Glen Randall, LAST ROXV: M1's. SllCDO1lL1lil-SPOHSOF, Geneva Sl1elton,Wa11Ql.1 Slit-limi, lxlyriis llI'UlbIll, Billie Ciimicc Cil'l't'!l, Frnmu Lou Gr11xe1', Lois Fowler, Vera Harp, Mary' Frances Burch. 116 I-II-Y FRONT ROVV: Mr. Allen Taggart-sponsor, Iohn Miller, Donald VVarkins, Gerald Blackburn, Robert Beck, Norma Curtis-HL Y Sweethealrt, Clyde Fuqua, Calvin Long, Alvin Careler. Harold Thomas, R, C. Boiilware-sponsor. SECOND ROVJ: Truman Vineyard, Iohn Sissom, Robert Ewell, Brooks Vlfilson, Ianies Andrews, Ken Racley, Aubrey Rut- ledge. Iiin Bush. ljnl Nlorris. FHIRD ROXX : David Tiivker. Cilderoy Tucker, Harold Liston, H. Stringer, K, Bert VVats0n, Billy Schell, Clyde Bassett Frresl Rogers. FOURTH ROVV: lfdrlie Cave. Cordon Tonipliins, Leon Oliver, Fred Brady, litheridge Cravens, Bob Vxfheatley, Marioll Roberts, Floyd FAST ROW: lack Whitc', Leon Smith, C. E. Nance, Riley Iones, Bob Simmons, Earl Brady, Thomas Moore, WQYIICY Rogers. TRI-Hl-Y B Q . N iii Vff 'W mf. . ND :sv as 'se 24511 Q, 1 X M573 Q X L f QNX! fi is i I 'L i Sv ea 9 mdk v-Ri! 'fl ll , FRONT ROVV: Mi's. C. C. Shaller-sponsor, Nelleen Zischang, Dorothy Lanning, Charlotte Richardson, Hazel Newcomb, Rat Devine, Carol Shan, Ruth Yows, Nell Nfatthews, Betty Lamb, Nlary Beth Curtis, Dorothy Trice, Edna Male Reeves, level lVlel.ean. SLCIOND ROXY: Dorris Kelley, Rosemary llightower, Guilla Mae Bancly, VVanrla Iones, Shirley Cline, Helen Alma Coker, Al- nta lean Pickett, M2ll'glll'L'K Howren, Mzireella Weigley', Barbara Trice, Pauline Smith, THIRD RONV: Nlargaret Amie Eckel, Zella Grove, Wallda Park, Nlarlha Rollins, Hope George, Gwyneth Elder, Bonita Snow, l.e.1la Reeder, Betty lean Carter, Irma Gwyn Burch, Ill1?Cl'l?lfVCy, FOURTH ROW: Neoma Shrum, Leona Shrum, Anna Baker, Rachel Patterson, lxflarilyn Luker, Corinne McClure, Frances Lyons. Blanche Bringolrl. Panola llankratz. FAST ROVY1 jean Wilscbii, l7orothy Van Felt, Winifred Arterhurn, Anna Belle Settle, Dorothella Ingram, Mary Stone, Virginia Hem, Nyla lrlarvey. II K, JR fi ' A A ii :Lak C7 ,f ' fx ilili ' sv, . ,N JM! 7 ., lr! 7 A C f I y L-4 X ' 'JC' T he GLEE CLUB FRONT ROVV: Pnl Clt-glmrn, Loy Stockton, Marilynn Horton, Margaret XYiclslu1un, Nlyron Dornian, l.UNY21llll2l Killion, Bon- nic Vifuclclill, Melvyn Colulu, Sully Sisk, Betty Vxllieat, Verlcn Cnlxcrly, Betty Vl'liiLccl. Margie Ciklfhflgllf, Lillmcrn Lemons, Betty lo Gray. SECOND ROW: Lu Vncln Painl, Mzxlucl Rowan'---director, Billm Dawn Smith, Marie Bennett, Suu Corn, Inlin Bowling, Milclrcfl Boston, Lucy Milk' Rutliff, Charles Green, Aclclnicla' Plormll, LAST ROW: Bcity Bringolcl. ll, R. Owena, Alice Garner, Dorix lit-ll Cflvglinrn, Donald Stinson, Betty Moore, Eliznlmerli l"ric'lcstt, Clinrlcx Dnvii, Eileen Smith. if SECREMIOAR IAL CLUB A 3 1 FRONT ROVV: Wznnlu liowlcr, Anna Ruth Lawson, Wallita Forsyrli, liutty Bringoltl, Miss Shows-sponsox SECOND IKOWZ It-:in Bnlilcr. Virginia Y.Viln1ctli, Loraine Daniel, ltllll MCl5I7Il1llll. litliel Easley. l LAST ROVV: CIlll1CI'lllL' Dulfrics, Vynctln Cox, Io Anna Brown. lfllnai Sniirli, Nadine Ogle, 118 TI-IESPIAN FRONT RCDWZ Carta Lou Stone, Betty Jane Wheat, Marie Dollar, Shirley Cline, Billie Bethune, Carol Shaw, Eileen Smith Helen Dutton. SISCOND ROVJ: Nina Ozcc, Nlargiicrite Smith, Sue Nlurpliy, lirances Lyons, Nlargarct Farwell, Alice OlBryan. LAST ROW: Clyde Fuqua, Howard Fisher, William Sciber, Ban Meyers, Bill Dickson, Clyde Lee, Riley jones. NATIONAL FORENSIC Riley Jones, Bill Dickson, Helen Dutton, Howard Fisher, Bill Sieber. I I9 BAND E 2 5 FRONT ROW: Nlyniu Ruth Sattcrfield, Harold Huckabay, Doi McCrimmfun, Mui-rlm Rollins, Vcrlic Gentrv, Iohn Miller, 1 Wzlliclzi Ellis, lulins lvlcnilcl. Bill Icnkins. I SECOND ROXV: Harold Vaughn. D. Ross Smith, Betty Barton. Nlzirx' Bukcr, Cin-urge Grcwcs., Barburii Max', Ruth Mary' Cal- Ycrt. linimu Lou Lietncr. Bonnie XYzinscr, Donald Edelman. Naomi lolinson, lxlnrrlui Smrlccv, Dorbtlw Allen, Alfred Daniel, Cliiydcuii Foster. I I THIRD ROXV: Robcrt 'NVrigl1t, D. L. Smith, Clarence Lovelesr. Frcfzl llhriclu. Ray' Nutr. Howell Olrlliznn, Tack Slay, XVallace ORCHESTRA T i i ' 2 1 -5 9: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: LuVadaPau1, Iuyce Covcy, Nancy Evcrlinc, Dale Lcdlwuucr, Oric Phillips, Edward l-lzxthawuy, Mar joric Welch, Put Devine, Betty lane Wheat, Timmy Miller. Brziirirc Aclumx, Elaine Bnkfr, Iolm Lanvrciicc Miller, Clay X20 BAND Blackwell, Robert Elliott. Clylzis Knight, lvlztrthzt Kelly, Bob 0iKL'L'liLx, Phyllis Evans, Alice Smith, Mz11'ie Marshall, lolut It-iuuugs, Burl Bean. Icssic Elliott, Elclou Lehman, Imogene l"lL'l1l'f', Beatrice Aclaius. FOURTH ROXY: Lawiriicc Keaton. Carl Pziukratz, Louis Smith, Billy Hemphill, Kzithlyn Terry. Robert Ewell, Reynold Gard- ner, Dnimlzl Vklzttlciils, Iamvs Clllllllllglllllll, C. Claugl'1t'u1, Albert lvlcliiimcy, Ruhert Beck, Bill Doherty, Dick Gofortltl, Rztyutoucl Trent, Wztylztitcl Swift, Wztllzlcc Goodman, Bill Dickson, Bob Wyatt, Vlfayuc Rutledge, Bill Latson, R. Ci00lll'llilll. George Vllyatt, Dick Gifford, lack Beeman. l,!X5I' ROXV: Victor Hutcltcr, Elztiuc Balier, Elizalneth Iordau, Lloyrl Veany. Bill Tihlns, lean Ilriplvlett, Dnvitl NIcKitmey. GRCI-IESTRA 3 S l eret 1 iili iiii I , -I ,R -::- ::! 1 I 3-'2 'v--- 2': 2 -,-- ::, ., . ',"'.,.- I ,vv, tlezm foster, Evclyell X7Vv2ll'l'Cll, lvlyma Ruth Satterfield, Os:zu' Wise- -comluctor, lack Brown, Billy ildurtar, Bill Doherty, Iimmie Lee XVilli1umou, Eddie Cave, Dau Morton, Iosephiuv Vxfrighi, Robert lfit-lrl, Hugh Herrington, Martlma Kelley, ltuues Cirguitlium, Burl Beam, Charles Ieukius. IZI ROTC OFFICERS AND COMPANY A 4 L. 122 ROTC CYOMIUANIES B, C, AND E 123 RCTC CGMPANY Pg RIFLE TEAMS A AND B I N Q I p N six , ,Q A , . F, t . Sf J 1 12.4 BATTALION DRILL AND TARGET PRACTICE 125 "N" iff'2-fI'.., 562 V' A 1,1 .,"' 'XL 'f 3,,,wf f N--ff? ' W Z ff LSff4,L771 ,C , ,ax f fv SB f' 'X' '. L jx 5 ,, L I 9 1- Qh 'z Eff 515 IE. ,f f4lrY,g JSHNDMS '35 '35 '56 H lg I .V X ff g ' ,4 ' --X 9, + 13 ,Q mlb X I l 5A i E13 , , ' X if i X 5 L x qv -' 0-5 'Q N ' iffx' V PN Vg- M i. 1-91? ' , P X ' ' . M T Pf435W I XA Flsiyjaf his s. 3 -1 115153 E x.x.".g1' l W . x fjww a Rx ' , V23 Qi 'f I., 'Hr--v. I A51--if-' ., -A-, ' . ,A 1 35 -,xr 'I 4 . . ,I J 1 ,ZH 5' ..f"' Y1 ETSQQX "+ ff M id., gf? ' Qil EANDQS '51 '55 '56 1794 ,f X .1 x ,,. QQ -ij-J . ug ,ff QQNNK sf J .. r rl IM. , . Ill ' It ' "J: K .' I . J K, Aff. ' G 0 A fr Q , :ff - . -s , -ff A s : ,' ' -. '5 J E ,ai J i ' - 5' ' ' ,sf , h XA? '-21.1 J ,J - - -3 - .f. . , W4 .+A .' A .J r LOS VIAIEROS FRONT ROVV: Fav XVilson, Sue lillVliE'1lLl21ll, Beverly Ball, Nelrrn Zisclmng. Shirley Rui' Vxlilson. Dario Viinglit, Ninn Smel- cer, Doris Cloliliee, Viola Cory: Geneva Mnrrniv, Miss Corn Russell. sponsor. SECOND RONV: Normal I-l2lIlllNOlKlS, Betty Cowzirt, Nyln Harvey, lvlllff' Put Inman, Virginia Hess, Frances Fnirey, Margaret Simmons, Leona Slirlnn, lirxinccs Hightower. 'l'HlRD ROYV: Betty Io Bell, lxiniu Coffin, Nancy Caldwell, Betty Ixnxc XX'lllilllS0l1. lfuy Duke. Jeanne Triplett. Nina Ozee, L41 Vxnlu llzinl. LAST ROXxX'rf lirlixxiixl Vogt. Stanley Tliarp, Albert Henson, M2lX'F'l1 Cobb. liinmy T-flinnitli, Charles l7crgnson, Robert Irving, Annu lit-llc Settle. Nadine Swift. Carmen Rivera. INTERNOS QM FRONT ROVV: Miss Anna Mui Kliipproth, sponsor, Phyllis Knox, Drncilla Adelinann, Hazel Neal. Marjorie McKitterick, lean Sulnions, Pat MeClurney, Willa lane Payne, Mary' l.on Higgs. Innr Harvey. SECOND ROW? jucqueline XVhitelieacl, Nlargaret Dowse, lean VVilson. Mriri' SIUIIC, Ruth Lauder. Tiniiuye Berg, Phyllis Foreiimn, Evelyn lvlccariy, Evelyn Utsler, Sherry Tucker. 'l'HlRD ROW: Bobbye McCollil111, Panola Pankrzitz, Phyllis Blll'IlClI, Nl-il'gkll'Cl lickel, Llnrinne MCCllll'C, Billie Cohea, Mar- garet Newcomer, Mary Ann Hall, Iimmie Lee Williamsrixi, LAST ROW: Paul Hamilton, Clyde Buchanan, Bill Dickson, Howard Fisher. 128 KANDID KAMERA KLUB FRONT RONV: Dwayne Atkins, Fenton Farwell, James Cunningluiin, Chzirlcs Hughes, Donald Chanilzcrlain. LAST ROW: W, l-I. G0fClfJII--C0-SPOIISOF, LL-on Oliver, D. Ross Smith, Bill Icnkins, C. M, Allen-f--co-sponsor. F. H. C. ww? , WU, l 4 'KQV . 1 msn ,A Q Mtiln FRONT ROVV: Ciwcmlolyii Cooke, Janice Sliumate, Vivian Green, Maienlcll Hays, Virginia Bowiimn, Doris Coffee, Ioycv Hnmic, SECOND ROW: Donna Potter, Ianice Pitts, Beth Pierce, Ruby Vineyard, Cliarlcnc Melcr, Lydia Thonipson. LAST ROVV: Sterling Curry, Herman Dickson. 129 ffxf Smile. Girlf Beauty and the Beast A Big Splash Two Darling Dirnplm Goin' Home Tooth Pasrc Ad So-0-0-, Elsie Brad. Ed, Charlie-Loafing! '33 BC?l1I1iIXg Bcvcrh Pctilc P1115 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 19 41 La Airosa AMARILLO TIMES "The Panhand1e's Fastest Growing Newspaperw 714 Taylor Phone 4281 Note thc Rn-semblance Srmtn Fe Victory Bell Look, girls, a Man! Puff . , . Puff . . . Puff This ls So MllCh Fun l,i1ll5C'l4ll2lt Refrcshcs Hold Him, Girls 135 I we 1 ,' ? ,,,M f .fa if esme . 7 Ul' PANHANDLE CQ. D. E. McGlasson, Nlgr, Waitress: 1 have stewed kidneys, boiled tongue, fried liver, and pigls feet. Wayne E.: Donlt tell me your troubles sister. Bring me a ham sandwich. MARSH ELECTRICAL SUPPLY Wholesale Only 906-912 West 6th St. Amarillo, Texas .Phone 6307 and 6308 BOXXVIEL1, BRUS. Ambulance K Funeral Directing Phone 5211 AMARILLO DUMAS D U G H E Sz C O. Master Cleaners 408 Buchanan St. Phone 4378 Licensed Sanitone Gleancrs Dinner Guest: Will you pass the nuts, M1'. White? Mr. White: Yes, I suppose so, but l really should flunk most of them. ADKISSUN-BAKER TIRE CQ. The New Pl' sl.. if General ii Jill' l -,iii-F55- ' Ml" 1 ll'ff'lmJf' MWC Give S851-1 Green Stanipsn Telephone 6 9th and Tyler Telephone 6 6th and Louisiana 231 922 136 ,ww wa iw Q it if ,mf - Y 5, , 3 af ' K 5 N Y' -f Q 3' . E " W 'EL linker brings home tlu- bacon Arc lllL'5C guvs twins? Clvrlc Clark: The man with the educated toc. The cnnling event msts its blmnlow 137 CULLUM MOTOR COMPANY, 1NC. Dis rihu or HUDSON tBUIl.T CARS Tyler at Seventh Phone 8247 Compliments of HARRY F. LQNGABACH Sales - Sewice - Su lies Underwood Typewriters PPSundstrand Adding Machines 111 West Fifth Ave. Phone 4892 Bonnie W.: MMMmmml That popcorn has a heavenly smell. W. Z. C.: I-lasn't it? Illl drive a little closer. GUNN-HINERNIAN TIRE COMPANY Goodyear Tires-General Electric Appliances A Compliments of PLAINS PLUMBING CGMPANY 310 VVest 7th Phone 6215 Ice Bob NTC.: Wliatis that hump on your head from? Ioe Bob M.: Oh, I have water on the hrain and it just came to a boil. Air Conditioned a Plenty of Parking Store Noll! 9 , f.. N91 Space asttour No. 2 sos vouc- wont 4371+ an W.IG"'APH0NE use Ore Compliments of p p s ne Taylor Phone 4251 138 All for Fun Such Dignity Inst Friends 21711333 IGOM Vvhuf Cm' 1 DO? Stay Right in There, Howard. NEI Pkfglimy Please some Iam, eh, Kids? Wm Do You Think of This? " 1 ' Swccl Sue 'Tis said . . . Four's a Party Iwo Boys and Two GIFIS, So XVhat? VVarra Way to Spend the Day 139 KEARNS GRAIN K SEED CQ. Associated with Twelve Country Elevators Domestic--Export-Feed, Grain and Seed HARRY L. KEARNS ROBERT L. YEAGER Phones 4338-4339 Amarillo, Texas Compliments of TEXAS M 81 M Marcly F.: Wllat kind of lipstick do you like best on nie? Gtto P.: Oh, it's just a question of good taste! G. G. LAING Grocery, Bakery, Cafeteria and Nfarket Phone 8201 2121 Washington Street VVe Appreciate Your Business Iohn M.: Does your conscience bother you? Ierry K.: No. Iohn M.: Well, it bothers me. Droops A.: Cvee S. sent me u dozen roses. Betty K.: Fresh? Droops: A little, but his roses squared things up. Compliments of MCKNTGHT TRANSFER ls. X S. CQ., Tne. R. C. IORDLAN Compliments of SUNSET STABLES 15th and Georgia 140 Aminble Bettyc Ihppy Norma IH-mivc Bcrtj I3uulmlrfDipfDillirs IO' 2---4 Huw's Lhc Wfeathcr? Loafers Yum! Yum Superman, Cave-man I4I Boys .... Buy Your R. O. T. C. Uniforms and Sports Wear ARMY and NAVY STORE 201 East Fourth Phone 6403 BARTONIS GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS 522 VV. Sixteenth Phone 7205 Bynum M.: Do you think l ought to let my hair grow? Pat D.: Yep. Right down over your face. Mary Ann H.: Did you enjoy your canoe ride with Dick C.? Alice M.: No, he was too cautious. l-le just hugged the shore. KIRK DRUG STGRE Best Wishes for Class of ,4I COFFEE lt's Really Fresh Visit Our Fountain 700 VV. l6'th Phone 9835 Billy Io S.: l think you have on too much rouge. Ioyce C.: That's not rouge. llm just healthy. Billy Io: Then your left cheek is healthier than your right. "Colleges Studying Wild Life." Studying it? We thought they originated it. WOMAN'S EXCHANGE Home Baked Foods-I-lot Lunches Bread, Rolls., Cinnamon Rolls, Pies Decorated Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes, Party Cakes 1221 Polk St. Phone 5770 BARFIELD LUMBER CGMPANY CUMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE T. Wagner, Manager 142 Drum Major Dickson and Clylus Kniglur, Iicuv Burton, :xml Blilllll lXXlI'lCI'S, Ch-urge null lirutricc Band Queen Starkey Iulim lvfencicl --'- mrutring Iizmrl Scrgcanls Martha Kelley and Dorothy Allen, the girls who play the glockenspeils. Marvlning aluwn Pulk 143 ,r TN H. QM XQWV Graduates Today. . . Homemakers Tomorrow! W E congratulate you on your splendid achievements as students. It is our sincere hope that the success which has thus far attended your efforts will accompany you through long and useful lives-in business, in the home. We too are students. We are constantly studying and planning meth- ods whereby We can provide you the best possible Gas Service when your names are added to our list of customers and you start enjoying natural gas, the perfect fuel for- COOKING, HEATING, REFRIGERATION AND WATER HEATING Mwamia '44 1 . x . f -1.5 I, 'gif L :J E F F I K :E R, x-.X -..-3 X . A V N. f 1 wi 6? if x Oqv cr X I' li - ,QA 33raND iS :sf ss se, INR 'Y' , 'M-, "il- i xg? Q "fd,- f 1 - . . 17' 'Q ff . w gy" ' ax .1 ,g 1, . X4 '- if A C C! ,.f,, , r lv any ,gd ,-all ff- V2 ff f -1 .--. ,f . vw ,ff f 1 f . , ,th L.-. , ,.- AA , nn', W iq, A 1415.143 11: 11 ,. "Best Buick Yetn FRGST MOTQR COMPANY, INC Betty M.: Where do all the bugs go in the winter? Riley Search me. Betty M.: No thanks! lust wanted to know. Compliments of RED and WHITE STQRES QQTA il D D Q THE RQTARY CLUB ofAmari1lo Wishes to extend greetings and best wishes to the Senior Class of 1941 C. T. CROWE, President GEO. M. WADDILL, Secretary 146 A. I-I. S. GOES T0 Tl-IE PAIR NEGVH SHOW 1F99 Q if 'fm -if s it W ,Q s l f ' in 1, A Howard and Betty Some Fun, ch, what? Who's the Mau, Girls? Caught! Thrill of a Lifetime Liml-111301115 Wlluzza Matter, Bud? Stow I-liclin VVe See You. Aw, Girls, . I g. Gabbin, gals. I. 47 Always the Best in Entertainment TEXAS CONSOLIDATED THEATRES Paramount-State-Capitol-Rialto ORDVVAY-SAUNDERS COMPANY Loans -- Bonds -- Insurance Amarillo Bldg. Phone 2-2281 PIERCE STREET GREENHOUSE Flowers For Any and All Occasions 1805 South Pierce Street Phone 7117 "Please, sir, could I have tomorrow afternoon off?,' Cl '73 Ah, yes. Your grandmother, I suppose. "Exactly, sir, she is making her first parachute jumpf' CONGRATULATIONS VVALTER IRVIN INC. LINCOLN-FORD-MERCURY Modern Transportation Second at Taylor Phone 4315 Com liments to the P GRADUATES OF 1941 from AMARILLO HARDNVARE COMPANY Phone 5318 807-809 Polk 148 PLAYS Puttin' on the Pressure in "VVho Gets the Car Tonight?" Profcssor Dnolittlc in "flue Tanvlcd Web Don'r Take It So Hard, Helen. Speak up, Bill. Clyde Fuqua Cleaning the Flue. Rcmcmlmcr this from Hlvlystery Manorn? Dorucsricated 149 Q Ima' Ice Cream YOUR ONLY HOME OWNED FACTORY Mary K.: Have a good time last night? Pernie W.: Yeah, but take my advice and never slap a fellow when heys chewing tobacco Flying over the Bay of Naples, an air pilot turned to his passenger and said: "Have you heard that phrase, 'See Naples and Die?" "Yes," said the passenger. "Well,,' said the pilot," take a good look-the propellefs come off." Compliments of PANHANDLE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS A SPLENDID LAUNDRY SHIRT SERVICE 201-3-5 Pierce Phone 2-2277 A visitor was having tea in the Sisk home on Sunday afternoon when Sally came with an illustrated Sunday school Text card in her hand. "What is that you have, Sall'yP,' asked Mr. Sisk. "Oh," said Sally, "just an ad about heaven." i Compliments JENKINS ONE-STOP SERVICE OPenAllNight 16 Years Dependable Service "THE ACCESSORIES SHOPSH For Your Accessories Hose, Gloves, Bags, Hankies, and Costume Iewelry 607 and 816 Polk 150 Compliments of HARRIS FOOD STORES In Amarillo Since 1909 Carl S. Qto Betty Sue M., whom he is bouncing on his kneej: Do you like riding on my knee? Betty Sue: Not much. You see, I once had a ride on a real donkey. Compliments of DIC K S O N D R U G in Amarillo since 1909 Ladies' Ready-to-Wear-lX4illinery and Accessories Amarillo? Smartest Shopping Center Phone 9468 803 Polk St. Compliments of WOLFLIN STABLES E. E. Scott Phone 2-0301 Dick A.: I-lear about the fellow who invented a device for looking through a brick wall? Billy Bob B.: What 'does he call it? Dick A.: A window, sap! Billy R.: "Snerdi' F. hasnit serenaded under my window since Hector was a pup. Dorothy lsnlt that hard to explain? Billy R.: No, thatis why Father bought Hector. AMARILLO OLDSMOBILE CO. Oldsmobile, Cadillac 810 Tyler Amarillo, Texas I5I -.f I, V? , Elefirzbzh 6405 aka Us Free Moderii use of electricitv in American homes, stores, and factories enable us to do more in less time than any other People on earth. Learn to use electricity wherever it makes things easier, fast- er, and better. Southwestern V --1-i- PUBIIL' EEHVIFE -- - Comp any 152 MORE KIDS AT PLAY VYMX 'Qi 'W "Ki """ S+ .lf My '-In-Q W 9 5 Sweet Young Tlwingx You Name ll zmcl XVc'll Take It Swing Bully Aw, Shucksl Vw.: "nx1Cl'y" kids XYQ Three Xyilllil Time! 153 X X COMPLIMENTS X W i , Completely Air-Conditioned on N My Azz Floors Ernest R.: Say you love me! Say it! Say itl Say it! Gladys Mc.: You love me. SEARS RQEBUCK 81 CO. Your Family Store in Amarillo Polk at 10th Phone Z-3273 Kwitcherkikkin AMARILLO LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS Harrison at Third Street Phone 8251 Miss L. Russell: What is thc "Order of the Bath?" Iames F.: Pa first, then ma, then us kids, and then the hired girl. "Are you Hungary? "Yes, Siam." 'KDen Russia to the table and l'll Fijif' 'KAll right, Sweden my coffee and Denmark my billfl DRINK - U Q12 IN BOTTLES 154 WI-IEN YOU AND I WERE YOUNG Dick and A. I.. Anderson and Clara lean Hallmark Tommy XVl1itley I. E. Campbell Harry, Ir. :md Marion Ott Margaret Newby Beverly Berry Dick VVest Lynn Roddy Laura Mac Woodall Bernice and lack Scarborough Alice O'Bry,m Delbert Ballengcc Halen Stephenson 155 L. D. EDVVARDS A ent SINCLAIR REFIEIING COMPANY 1011 E. 3rd Amarillo, Texas Phone 6817 KILLQUGH 81 DAVIES CAMPUS TOGS---SUITS FUR YOUNG MEN 5 16 P0 l li BAND PIANOS juice, .f 1-urrms msmunfurs mam.. fm. -'-. Baldwlll IIsI'H5HIrIfll-11iII-- AHARILLU FDIAGI IJIHUSIC BLDG f" l47N ANUYYKIRISAS Accessories 4 i Howard 14th 56 Tyler Musical Heaclquartcrs, Phone 6 Mrs. Reeder: Is it safe to turn on the electric light while taking a bath? lane C.: Yes, if you pull clown the shades. Compliments of THE BANK THAT FAVORS SA VERS THE AMERICAN NATICJNAL BANK QF AMARILLO Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation K G N C THE GLOBE-NEVVS STATION 1440 Kilocycles The NBC Outlet for the Panhandle x56 Q Compliments of wr! T H E I, A is 1 .15 s s '15 O R R Sli Polk Dr. T. M. Montgomery Di-. 1. Mike Momgomeiy lVlQNTGOlN'IliRY Sz lNl ONTGU INT RRY Doctors of Optometry 703-4-5 Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Amarillo, Texas an What color clrcss will you wear to the ball?" 'LWe're supposed to wear something to match our boy-friencl's hair, so l'll wear black What will you Wear?" "I don't think Illl go. My boy-friend is bald-heacleclf' MQRRIS BRGVVNING QClass of 1905-A. H. SQ Licensed State Land Surveyor-Professional Civil Engineer President-Browning Blue Print Co., lnc. County Commissioner Precinct No. 1, Potter County AMARILLO PRINTING COMPANY Iob Printing--Publications-Catalogs Featuring Quality-Plus Service Amarillo, Texas ll2 East Fifth Phone Z-2857 I Said Mr. Wallace to the druggist: uPlease give me some prepared monaceticacidester of salicylic acidf' "Do you mean aspirin?" asked the clruggist. "That's rightl I never can remember that name." Compliments of SINGER sEW1NG MACHINE CGMPANY Amarillo, Texas 5lO S. Taylor St. Phone 2-1601 TENTIT STR'lil2T DRUG STQRE B. C. THOIVIPSON, Proprietor 522 West 10th St. Phone 9330 157 MURRDWJHUNIAS HARDWARE comwmv Truman V.: Please. She: No! Truman: Aw, please. She: No! Truman: Even if l cell you l love you more than anybody in the world? She: Positively no! Truman: Aw, but Nlorher, all the Seniors stay our after nine. THE FIRST NATIQNAL BANK OF AMARILLO SECURITY AND SERVICE Since 1889 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Mrs. Walden: Can you give me an example of wasted energy? Clyde C.: Yes'm, telling a hair-raising story to a bald-headed man. COMPLIMENTS OF CLOWE 8: COWAN, INC. AMARILLQ, TEXAS 158 1 F' fgff Nor Only Savage but Fiercr Braius Plus Brawn Those Fightin' Sandies Trouble in the Making V l C 'I' O ll Y M. Wlcla' 'lmuml lull All 159 urlmu' Thrill L Hbldlllldtl l Best NN ialieb t Class of '41 Mattie Hedgecoke Herring Hotel Pharmacy Electric Motor Service 81 Supply Company 35. '95 in Q Af' Z - . . , ..,. Srrurriny Their Stuff Such Enthusiasm! A'Zgm" Swift Gridiron Fans Coach Lynch NICC XVeather, Huh? Pep Irzulers 161 Off!! 35" DUTY PACKIN r COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Fresh Beef. Pork, Cured Meats, and Cheese Phone 4391 1809 N. E. 3rd Congratulations To Class of '41 DIXIE and JANE DICE DIXIE DICE SCHOOL OF DANCING "What sort of toothbrush do you want?'y "Lemme have a big onestheres thirty fellows in our fruterrlityfy BORN WITH THE SOUTHWEST a 9 SAFE ICE CREAM Made from Grade A Dairy Products AN AMARILLO INSTITUTION Miss Feierabend: Can any of you tell me what makes the Tower of Pisa lean? lack S.: I'm sure I don't know, or I would take some myself. Always Use GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen Tested" Flour and RED STAR "Perfect Process" Flour Fbtbkt X6 'Ihix3fI5'1'f2f5IiT2TfTff'sQ3lIflf'5SfiT"f'f3f"Q"'5''kV5XXRNxwXXW5XNYNXXXXXANXXNYXXYXXXXNQEBQYQXXI . M1lled by GENERAL MILLS, INC. "A Home Institution Amarillo, Texas IVICCLENDONS ENOCHS-KINNEY N"For Finer Foods at Lower Prices" 0. I No. 2 See he 3808 W. 6th 1500 W. 13th NEW FRICIDAIRE 2-3536 8023 219 E. 7th St. Phone 6989 162 K - X .. . V, - 1 1, xx X ,4 4 , iv K CDR X 'X X L, ,, X. k,xXx,x -ft. --5 - , . i. "M X K . . "f Vu? f K ' fgli' fe sm, 1 BBHWDTKSNQ :sf :ss :se HWY i .X 1' S51 Q 'ff .N 'xx ." 1 Sl , gg! ,f 4 .. . X -' v 1- - 'UQ U1 -.x hx ' 1 I .I 1 X , ' .' E" ' , if!! 'hit f-fi , 1' 7' w X ' 'R-71-3,0 I 1 -f v -. QM I . .1 1 I-1 A I - ,.z, f f ,, 'Cai ,ia ,fff ' .gk ,f, zkx ,f,.'4., , A N x 'E X . X l f ff, rf' 1:6 1 , s ' il, f'fs,f7 , f!- Aff ' W . 1, V,-1 " fx Pl J a 1 '4,.! S X. .' H11 E 5 X .LJ ,jj " NN, ff? ,Ax ,lv , '73 I . , X ,,,l ,, , . 4 fi' ' - Q J e iz , ' f I An f if Lv HARVEY SOUTHWORT1-I Wishes you the greatest success in life Oldsmobiles, Buicks, Pontiacs, Fords, Chevrolets In fact, I am your car broker. SOUTHWORTH MOTOR CO. Phones 6391-6392 701 South Fillmore Recently the inspector ofycity high schools came before a class of girls. He wrote on the blackboard 'KLXXX." Then, peering out over his spectacles at Dean W. in the first row, he asked: "Young lady, I'd like to have you tell me what that meansf' "Love and kisses," Dean promptly replied. Congratulations to the Class of 141 HOLLYWOOD DRESS SHOPPE 715 Polk Phone 6921 'Phillips 'Phillips Our Compliments to A. H. S. Graduates of 1941 PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO. 164 Color Guard Staff Officers Blue Mollcizly Again! Pass Review Such Class Ten - - Shun! 165 30 Years in Amarillo We are Proud of our record in Amarillo during the past 30 years. We hope for you as enjoyable next 30 years as we have had in the past. WILLBQRN BRGS. CO., INC. TANK MANUFACTURERS lOl-ll3 Houston St. Amarillo, Texas Mr. Underwood: If there are forty-eight states in the Union, and superheated steam equals the distance from Bombay to Paris, what is my age? Byron B.: Forty-four, sir. Mr. Underwood: Correct, and how did you prove that? Byron: Well, I have a brother who is twenty-two and he is only half nuts. E. B. M E Y E R Amarillo's Most Reliable Service Station Sixth and Harrison Phone 61064 R d 'J ' ' ea y-to-Wear of , Iymlmery Faye S. Gordon Kitty Kerrigan If a bo tries to kiss a irl and ets away with it he's a man, if he tries and doesn't et , Y , g g , 1 . , . . ,g away with it hes a brute, if he doesnt try but would get away with it if he tried hes a cowardg but if he doesn't try and wouldn't have gotten away with it if he tried he's wise. Congratulations from MURRY WATTS STUDIG Phone 2-2756 613 Taylor St. g 1 166 fy., , A , K, , s ,,., Y .M .. .. ...,,.,,:: .P 1- 1 ,SQV ,?""fT' 'M an H . . -., f lin . , I gngefa Q In ,ffm .I , V .,,. K h ' 'f 4. M11-"4 I .,', T' I ., f I I " f ig' 3. it' 'V . Q 51 A . 42, . in M A 3 V If M 3,5 mfg, ,WN NWN : Wm .,,. ...,. 4? T- .Zim 3 Y EEZ? 4 an A Birclk Eye View Vx armln the Bench In the Midsr of the Battle Nolan the Great Sranstxcmn A Ball Majf Have Its Own Ideas One XX ax to Take A Ixlan Out' 167 nip JOHN TAYLOR'S Assorted Homemade Candies Party Mints-Caramel Apples 511 Polk Mrs. Donald: Connie, how did you manage to get your pie so neatly crimped? Connie F.: Oh, that's easy, maiam. I just used my false teeth. M ' i Good Luck Graduates X1 X X in All Your Endeavors IRIX-W ,III ' ' , y Vxfe Wish You. Everything You Wish Yourselves k7ecf fllilffcrrnffclbw s -in-:iii in Sandie Headqziarters For Year.: "Porter, get me another glass of ice water." "Sorry, suh, but if I takes any mo' ice, dat co'pse in cle baggage car ain't goin' to keep Someone has observed that it takes a student twenty minutes longer to say what he thinks than to tell what he knows. Compliments of AMARILLQ DENTAL SOCIETY Members Stuart W. Browning, Fisk Bldg. W. M. Curl, Fisk Bldg. W. I. Dinan, Fisk Bldg. F. W. Dodson, Fisk Bldg. C. D. Ewing, Fisk Bldg. W. E. Gibbon, Rule Bldg. C. O. I-less, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Geo. G. Ingham, Amarillo Bldg. T. B, Iones, Oliver-Fakle Bldg. F. Kelleam, Fisk Bldg. I. B. Landers, Amarillo Bldg. Iohn W. Makeig, Amarillo Bldg. W. R. Moody, Fisk Bldg. R. P. Parcells, Fisk Bldg. E. I-I. Ready, Blackburn Bldg. R. I.. Rogers, Fisk Bldg. W. B. Stevenson, Fisk Bldg. B. Younger, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. lack Younger, Amarillo Bldg. x68 Sm ...n ., -me -' Vxfho Is HQ, Icrrv? Guin' Home BashfulP ' All Alone Tack, Ir. Now, Now! Nancy and Bettyc: Some Girl I Afraid of the Pooch They Satisfy PLUG! Down Yet? Compliments of PQTTER CUUNTY MEDICAL SQCIETY Members Sam Aronson, Oliver-Eakle Bl W. L. Askew, Rule Bldg. R. P. Black, Rule Bldg. Ben T. Blackwell, Fisk Bldg. Sam K. Broyles, Rule Bldg. Fred Crumley, Fisk Bldg. I. Crume, Fisk Bldg. I. Ralph Carroll, 703 Harrison W. A. Carroll, Claude, Texas T. P. Churchill, Amarillo Bldg. Geo. M. Cultra, Fisk Bldg. Walter Dine, Fisk Bldg. Frank Duncan, Amarillo Bldg. R. A. Duncan, Amarillo Bldg. W. F. Dutton, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Kenneth Flamm, Amarillo Bldg. Robt. T. Foster, Groom, Texas M. L. Fuller, City Hall Nan L. Gilkerson, Fisk Bldg. R. D. Gist, Fisk Bldg. I. W. Gustin, Rule Bldg. Neal Hall, Fisk Bldg. I. W. Hendrick, Fisk Bldg. I. D. Iordaan, Fisk Bldg. Richard Keys, Fisk Bldg. Melvin K. Knight, Rule Bldg. W. R. Klingensmith, Fisk Bldg. H. H. Latson, Amarillo Bldg. I. R. Lemmon, Fisk Bldg. Dan I-I. Loving, Fisk Bldg. A. F. Lumpkin, Amarillo Bldg. Hugh Lumpkin, Amarillo Bldg. David M. Marcley, Fisk Bldg. dg. Don S. Marsalis, Rule Bldg. W. O. klurphy, Fisk Bldg. I. B. Ozier, 4231 West 12th St. Guy Owens, Amarillo Bldg. L. K. Patton, 803 Harrison St. Ralph B. Payne, Fisk Bldg. Evelyn G. Powers, Fisk Bldg. Ceo. Powers, Fisk Bldg. Howard Puckett, Amarillo Bldg. B. M. Puckett, Amarillo Bldg. N. C. Prince, Fisk Bldg. l. Rasco, Fisk Bldg. D. Roach, Lucerne Apts. E. E. Reeves, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. E. A. Rowley, Amarillo Bldg. Ceo. T. Roysc, Fisk Bldg. I. R. Rohberson, Amarillo Bldg. W. Shudde, Fisk Bldg. A. Streit, Fisk Bldg. R. R. Swindell, Amarillo Bldg. Wm. B. Thomas, Fisk Bldg. Waiter Van Sweringen, Amarillo I. H. Vaughn, Fisk Bldg. G. T. Vineyard, Amarillo Bldg. R. T. Vineyard, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Geo. NI. Waddill, Fisk Bldg. R. F. Wertz, Amarillo Bldg. W. H. Wheir, Amarillo Bldg. I. B. White, Rule Bldg. I. G. Wilbanks, Fisk Bldg. A. E. Winsett, Fisk Bldg. I. R. Wrather, Amarillo Bldg. Bldg 170 SLANG FROM SHAKESPEARE A hell of a time. Dead as a doornail. Done me wrong. Beat ic. She falls for it. Not so hot. Go hang yourself. l hope to frame thee. How you do talk. If he fall in, good night. Mrs. Crossett Cto Don B. entering class latej: When were you born? Don: On April 2. Mrs. Crossett: Being a little late must be a habit with you. lim W.: Do you like short skirts, Gordon? Gordon W.: Naw, they get lipstick on my shoit when I dance with them. Eleanor A.: My instructor told me l rode as if I were a part of the horse. lean G.: Did he tell you which part? Granny: You girls are so useless nowadays. I rlon't believe you know even what needles are for. Best Wislies to the Class of 1941 AMARILLO BAR ASSGCIATION 171 Our Studio Is Known By The Customers It Keeps Santa Fe Bldg. EDVVARDS STUDIO "Girls were harder to kiss in your day, weren't they, grandpa?" inquired Robert Mc. "Mebbe, mebbef' ventured the old man, "but it wasn,t so blame dangerous. I never heard of a parlor sofa running off the road and smashing into a polef' Freshman: Mamma, may I go out tonight? Sophomore: Going out tonight, Mother. Home at ttn Iunior: Going out tonight, Dad. Senior: Ghight, Dad. I'll bring in the milk. Compliments of PEGGY Jo SHOPPE Dressmaking-Designing 1611 jackson Phone 4739 POTTS INGERTON SADDLE SHOP Cowboy Boots Belts-Saddle Repairing-Chaps 329 Polk St. Phone 2-0439 Amarillo, Texas IEWEL POTATO CHIPS IEWEL SALAD DRESSING Greetings to our future citizens. N 'There is Vitality in Iewel Producti' E JEWEL FOOD DISTRIBUTORS Phone 6490 Amarillo, Texas . Charles B.: l guess youlve gone out with worse looking fellows. than I am, havenlt you? CNO answerj. Charles B.: I say, I guess youyve gone out with worse looking fellows than I am, haven't you? Sis V.: I heard you the first time. I was trying to think. CREDIT TO ALL AMARILLO THE DIAMOND SHOP "Home of Sam's Club of the Air" 514 Polk St. Phone 2-4319 172 5 A-2 . X XN x-fx Ch' X .. x S E? ' liwmau EHNDQS ss : X Y! f x! ,JI Q . J, 1'-5 - fl' J 'T' 63 N' 4 ' L . gg Q -x 52g f Pfam sg , I ' A V 6 sv", ll O Qq '5f, r I JO x . ..x F rff ' ' .Z Tgg REM , ,, J LE ' , ,4 ff C, 11 R. B. MASTERSON ESTATE 'LA FRIEND" Compliments of FLOYDE GARVVOOD "Class of ,24n THELMA L. BUCKLEY Designer and Maker of FROST FROCKS Tailored Sport Clothes-Suede Iackcts4Turbans and Belts Phone 4543 Don S.: You may have other boy friends, but one kiss from me would make you Want switch. Bettie A.: Exactly, switch on the light. PLAINS CITIES FINANCE CO. A Complete Finance Service 113 West Sth Ave. Phone 2-3409 JONES ROBERTS SHOE STORE "Shoes for Every Occasionn 805 Polk St. Amarillo, Texas Telephone 2-2881 When do the leaves begin to turn? The night before exams start. lack W.: Dancing is in my blood, you know. Betty H.: Then your circulation must be bad. lt hasn't reached your feet! Compliments of PALO DURO MOTOR TUNE UP Bob I. Johnson Ed Putman CRETNEY DRUG STORES tiff' The Punbandleis Leading Drug Stores Wir" AMARILLO-PANIPA-BORGER .,.., ..,..,,, l.ll'Glv'i 'l 175 Try hamrock Polymerine Gasoline sa Lyfx UR Shamrock Motor Oil For Finer Motor Performance! Products of TI-IE SI-IAMROCK OIL AND GAS CORPORATION l'1CW Irvin W.: My heart is on fire with love for youg my very soul is aflame! Tennessee W.: Donlt worry, father will put it out. First Kangaroo: "Annabelle, wheres the baby?" Second Kangaroo: "My goodness! My pockets been picked." "Your I-Ionorf, said the attorney, "your bull pup has chewed up the Bible." "Make the witness kiss the dogf' grumbled the Iudge. 'KWe can't adjourn to get Biblef, Dawson B. Cdrilling Iuniorsj: Attention! Stand erect! Let your legs hang down! Nationally Famous Clothes for the Young Men MICHAELS-STERN CLOTHES o ENRo sPoRTsWEAR 0 KNoX HATS Phone 2-2904 604 Polk 21 176 l www 'ig M4 fm M R4 Piggy-buck! I isll-V Three Smart Girls Cuties Three of fl Kiml Gloomy Gals Oh, My! Pmiug Stop It! Mary lane and Clara lean Oh, Boy! Two Guys Screwball Leg Show Tasty, Huh! 177 IHARRY HOLLAND lXfIEN'S CLOTHING 500 Polk Little Butch B.: Why do you have an apple as your trademark? Youire a tailor. Tailor: Well, if it hadn't been for an apple, where would the clothing business be? "So your son got his B. A. and M. A.?', "Yes, but his P. A. still supports him." Q, SHAW-GRAVES EFEICIENT CLEANERS 613 West 10th Fred L. Shaw R. Graves WILSON BATTERY 81 ELECTRIC SERVICE Compliments of DATE and M. z, WILSON 210 West 6th Phone 2-1802 KAY and SONS Manufacturers of Kay-way Furniture Finishing-Upholstering Marie D.: Were you ever punished for going too fast? Dick W.: No, but I've been slapped. 9 HEAP-O-CREAM STORES 178 Mrs. Gervis Taylor, Dean Mr. C. M. Rogers, Superintendent Mrs. Orvil Thornburg, Ir., Secretary to Principal ADMINISTRATION ' is . .:-: : .S ?"""' pf- Mr'. R. B, Norman Prineipiil Mr, R. A. Selby, Supervisor Mrs. Lee Brown, Registrar UQ Mr. XVuyue Middleton, Assistant Principal Miss Annie McDonald Supervisor Miss Helen Kenyon and Miss Elaine Loving Secretaries to Superintendent Compliments of CITY SIGN CO. 609 Harrison St. Amarillo, Texas V. M. Rippey FURR FOOD SUPER MARKET Seven Large Stores to Serve You One in Your Neighborhood Edward V.: l hear the church you go to is. very small. Catherine D.: Yes, every time the Preacher says, "Dearly beloved," I feel like it's a Proposal. Compliments of ARMSTRGNG TRANSFER 81 STORAGE CQ., INC. Warehotzses at Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas Distributors of VV111. C Boyce, Pres., Bonded Warehouses Manufacturers' A. Rush, Vice-Pres. I03 S. Pierce Street Merchandise C. S. Oliver, Secretary Telephone 5374 AMARILLO, TEXAS I Soft Watewr Service does not cost.. It Saves. Let us cell you about it SGFT WATER SERVICE C0. Phone 2-3012 706 west 16th Compliments of RULE BUILDING GARAGE Phone 2-1295 215-217 Polk BLANKENSHIP DAIRY Grade "A" Raw Milk Cream and Fresh Churned Buttermilk P. O. Box 41 Phone Rural 40 180 fvIun NIQVQS Nfounmin Return Engagement In Action TI-IE DANIELS TWINS Then - - - - and - - - - Now :SL I 'ZEEIVZCUZ 5 FLOWERS Personal Service 2119 Washingtoii Phones: Day 2-4353-Night 2-1049 Ak4AR1L1.0, TEXAS sHERwlN'wllLlAM3 119 W. 6th Ave. Phone 2-1278 Itis better to remain silent and be thought I1 fool than to speak and remove all' doubt. Bill Sieber: It's going to be a battle of wits. Malcolm Wolfe: How brave of you, Bill, to go unarmed! Compliments of TEXAS STEAM LAUNDRY Sz DRY C ,l, E A N E R S A Complete Laundry 56 Dry Cleaning Service Phone 7008 411 East 11th Ave. KUYKENDALIXS "THE COLLEGE SHOP" Paramount Bldg. Phone 2-1972 Compliments of HARDEMAN-KING CD. "Millers of Merit" NICDAVID BRDS. Dry Goods Home of Curlee Clothes-Vitality Shoes sos Polk 9 182 I KIM' ,wb "I'l1c Call of the Cunyuxf' A'Aloug mlm Szuuu Fc Trail Smilin' ,I-l'1l'0llgllll "Shuffle Off nu Buffalo" Hit the Road" "Smiles" So Long" "You'rr the Ona" 133 M A R I Z U N C 0. Ladies Ready-to-Wear Phone 2-0643 705 Polk ANSLEY'S Steaks-Sandwiches We Never Close Curb Service 2704 VVest 6th Phone 2-3477 LEE BAILEY, DECORATOR We do it all-from the smallest detail to the complete furnishing- venetian blinds, carpets, furniture and accessories 121 West Sth Amarillo, Texas Phone 2-3376 The newest defrmtion of a half-breed is a fellow with a cold in one nostrxl. Another fellow who lives off the fat of the land is the girdle manufacturer. Compliments of HYMIE CLAYTON MCCARTT SUPER BTARKET "Cut The Cost of Living" 10th 81 Taylor Sts. Household Appliances WESTERN LIGHT 81 SUPPLY CQRP. Tappan Gas Ranges 410 Polk sf. Phone 5384 Compliments of POWDER PUFF BEAUTY PARLQR Amarillo Bldg. Phone 4925 184 + + + 1 + + + + + + + + '1' ' + V 1 + W-Q + Q 115 1? 117' K p-1 111 I-10 T111' 1FLlIIl111klI' 11111 saving MA 1111111 1s 111111w11 111' 11- c11111p1111y 111- 111'1'11s," w111'11 11111111111 111 131151- 111'ss, 1Il1g1ll, 111' 1'1'fw111'111'11 . . , . 'AA 1f1111111111y IS 1iI117VVll 111' 1111' 111101115 ll 1111-ps. 1111' 11111 111111 W1' 1111v1' 111111 111'11'111'g1'11 111 wo1'11 w1111 1111' 1111111111 5111115 of A1IlklI'111CJ High S1'111m11l, 1'1n11' l1IL'l' VL'llI'. lll P1'0C1llClllQ' 1111- CI1gl'2lVl1lgS 101' . 1 L11 A1l'1lSQl is ll 1115111111 1'11111p111111'111 111 11111' s1'1'v1f1' 111111 L'I'111lSIl11lI1S11ll3. C s I7 112181 S111-11111 Av1'11111 AI1lIiI'1111h, 'I'1'.1:11s T 1 1 s- . ME agl-IERE is 21 lot of satisfaction in heing your Partner on this annual. Itvs a big job in which we both eomhined our energy, our equipment and our ideas. We Worked together, and together we created a hook that you,re proud to call La flirosa and on which we are immensely Proud to Put the R S Brand. We hope as you come into the business world that our trails will cross many times, and that often you will call on us to be your printing partner in your enterprises. RUSSELL STATICDNERY CGMPANY mud "Ride, Temlcrfoot, Riden KKHCdX'Cl1 on Il Hilltop" "Love of My Lifey' 'lArisc, My Love" "ln the Cool of the Evening" "We Three" "You Know You Belong to Somebody Else 185 on Liberty + 'r Ge Intelligence ,i - Emmy bcllety Ben M.: Darling, canlt you see the love-light in my eyes? Norma C.: Certainly, every time l see you look in a mirror. Mrs. C. C. Cunningham "Say It Vlfitla Flowers" W. "Bill" Beechler CUNNlNGHANl' F LURAY, COMPANY Amarillols Leading Florists One Location Telegraph Flowers 2511 VVest Sixth Amarillo, Texas Accident Burglary Flff' Boiler Wlllclstorm Plate Glass Surety Bonds 1 Automobile am. 4 Qnmpensation Allied Lines. Liability i of Insurance DOUBLE DIP Kid Headquarters Both Old and Young lce Cream, Drinks, Sandwiches 14th and Polk Phone 5732 I. E. W.: If I had known that the tunnel was so long l would have kissed you. lane D.: Good heavens! VVasn't that you? C. M. VVILLIAMS 81 CO. Furniture and Floor Covering Distributors, of the Following Nationally-Known Merchandise Electrolux Refrigerators-'Magic Chef Ranges Ward Floor Furnaces and Athletic Equipment of All Types 615 Taylor St. Amarillo, Texas 186 iyy X 45? . X AF 1 73 I 6 f! if :hx i , A M Mx -X M JY dk X 'rm m2.JoNe9, M1z,s'Mm+ ee T n Q up vfuw A Dzuaerom' Meermfg Af' 'fi wr 'Z' - T' 9 ,N A ,QQQVKJ X Nw 1 1 if 51? 1 ffl 'J ' N N ,TW 'fA",, f' N X if? ' Q2 -1 L-,Eh K K ' x'Gm','r- ff"-:. f 0 , L 1 if f U, ' ' - fi , X 2 ,f LQMAQY fr !A W My ,f Q f wff f ff j K x 1 XA L1 If , wif af if JP W x x . 1 . Y R 5 4' gg XEQSN was yy M. W- , 59' yvffi' ' fi I PM L ff X W ,Y- ,ff Cay ,Mr+f1Jg,v. M N1 ,y ffxiyf s, ML V, f Q .1 ' f 99' V A 'S' 091 f 9s.wp.afwx YS J Q s 5 5 Qiffiw W f W M T87 Best Wishes from PANHANDLE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING CO. ROSS D. ROGERS, Mgr. B A L L A R D ' S Dependable l'Sec' Cleaners Phone 4397 1215-1217-l2l9 Polk St. Mr. Lowe Qto police witnessj 1 But if my boy was on his hands and knees in the middle of the road, does that prove he is drunk? Policeman: No, sir, it does not, but he was trying to roll up the white line. BLACKBURN BROS. C LO T I-I I E RS Est. 1906 V arsity-Town and Undergrad Suits West Texas Largest and Finrsl Store for Men and Boys David Mc. : Albert Mc. : Wlly do you like girls who stutter? Because it takes them so long to say s-s-s-top! Fine Iewelry PP' Railroad Watch Inspector Diamonds Watch Repair Service Watches Phone 2-1 419 I.. N. PITTIVIAN Iewcler and Optometrist Diamond Setting 510 Polk St. AMARILLO BAKING CO.,INC. BUWEWEEFEBREAD Phone 2-2405 Amarillo, Texas Compliments of W. S. N O R M A N 188 CONGRATULATIONS To Drucilla Adelmann Citizenship Girl for the Local Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution 1259 Margaret Eckel Who set a new record by making IOO'A on final examinations in five solids X Jen SUN-RAY MEAT PRODUCTSC PINKNEY PACKING CQ. Amarillo, Texas Mr. Norman: A professor formerly occupied this roorn, Miss Brock. I-le inv explosive. Miss Brock: Ah! l suppose those spots on the ceiling are the explosive, Mr. Norman: No, theylre the professor. CI'1ICCl HD NOBLE PAULK The Builders Supply Company - Paints, Wallpaper, Specialties, Linoleum, Glass and Hardware 518 West Tenth Ave. Telephone 2-1375 ' Amarillo, Texas Grocery clerk: I-Iere's your molasses, little man, now where is your money? Frank W.: Please, sir, in the bottom of the jar. Qur Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '4l AMARILLO NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION X90 i L, ,, , 7, 4. J, fy , K ., A, m VX-. XX 1 lj-lik Tx-s.. . q Fjif x,'NN'X ., 1 jfxfx A CNA AR K . E X ' V- A -'LA . 5' du, '34 '5536 IIVYHV s'frf' f ?? Qfgkh 7' S5 K, f.1f 17,3 . 1 , LH . -V ' rA I, Q G Q 'Jef-r 'Of' I . ,ff r . - -f ffl Y' ' '-31 '. '11-PT - 'Y - , 'tif' ,rx 5 Qfi1T3'?'f f Ki Fa fi -'Et 3 - 1 . X, , FLJQQ , cf. 5 Av .'.z H Jeff 1 ui , .w',. M ,..-er ,re , 41, -Ez Eewmfi 1 , , ! X I I w ,- , ' 1 ll' ' ff !M L I, V x '-'-A1-"iq 'AW f I I K I ,B f Y -1 ww , K Z. , ff'-Q Q J Q A 6 ', Xa fb Em, ' A ' + Rs .ff m - X-fXXx'x5 I 230 f Y n l XM l A I! XT ' I -I-I ' .:::l I I . . Hass: -Ili 3 ll -5555 , n' W . Xa ask X 3 firm? 'V EV . ,-'V S Y'k'w'W ABXXKQ SA Dlhf-rtcerlsorhjx O ::-'Ig he ::":ll Q42 "'-:Era fl . N QQ! 'Qing QCVLQCALQ Zfiw 9' f ' J M512 ?m, f ' . J E f 1 J fya, -qv 4 A W7 WK 32:59 b.2ij5fiJKQff MM f igjww J f X Wkxfffwfy J 1 gm ffzwg

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