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D l 4 fair 4 I M N . 4 55 9 V W N l I 's 4 1 K O2 XX CG KQX Q Q X f ,Hyni x PX . Q X QW 4 M 'ia V W f ,4,,i, if lv: .Am N 'xf 2 M X , A MW .Q L f ! ff k , X az Hiram 1939 O HIQN JQW bono fi? 31 2?-N Q70 Co-Editors Co-Business Managers KENT BARNARD LLOYD FORD and and PAULINE DURRETT YVONNE STEVENS Editorial Sponsor: MISS CATHERINE CHAPMAN Business Sponsor: MISS MINNIE FEIERABEND Printed and Bound by RUSSELL STATIONARY COMPANY Amarillo, Texas Engravings by MCCORMICK COMPANY Amarillo, Texas Senior Photos Courtesy Globe-News NG OF ISI RI C f L H If 19 MO ilk.. X Ng. Xx ,X XXX X X X N x e XX XXX eq Q Xx ,XX x V NN X X xgfxixkfxfii-XX 'NS'22?+5SfwXX x33Nl'SXYXW'Qi5:XX X ea X e v-e,Xx Xx X eeekx iQ'9XxNxxN'x XQXX axqvxg XXXNXN x'bSxN'Q ibxwxwd NSXxXX+++e'XxNsX N+XXxXvxXxeS+x+. Pfbxxxxbxxiq its NbXxXXvXxNexiiSK bQ++'x"XxN'SXxlQSg 995x9xN,QSxNX5Qq eggswkmx + XX xxlxhbxxvk X X X QAQQ XXX Qes X X xvxx Sx XX xx Xxx:-WSW' X xxi'x:'xSxwN 'xi X Sxxvxw XXX ' X'FXxNXxX9ix SX X Xxexagx s gx XS NMS' XNRXNSW xexhx X , fl is f X 4" ff ,- X I f fx w ,f K, fy ,f fyxff Ll 'f , , X Z ,JB NX X X HX S X ,.,. X X SN x x ,XS ,X 2 ZTO S61 , f ,jf Ayd' ff xl 'X X X Fx XF Xxf x 3 X GX 1' Q. X X sw ,ses ll . V x .13-T LJ , N 'X x Q X A XQSX, . I xXx wwe JN XX " X' Lk SSSS X X 'qv ' Af. I x S' QRS S xls 'JN .qwx .14 V X V X V . ,U 1 X X wee 9 QNX NX X x if f 1 v w r I iw- qjuf I . ,f A I , f', 'L N ' X ,f K I -X-.MCA XX s 1, -:X -X.X,. , 1 2' ' X r 1 ' we, ff BMX xx x 'Q f K " 'Xvgvz 'ii ,596 xXX XXX X ' . :-.vw wr , k xxlxbx QQQ Q , W, XX' - X' X X 'wax I- If .f ,X Xeu xxNxsQQ -V 5,12 -X X Q I Q X , X I 'K XQX NNN f. ff X X' I f I ' SN XX XX XX1' X X ' Q ,xx x X ' X X I X x HSN "if I' f I Q-QV x xqe Qx Q ,I vw ' XX "X ' ff f' X xx Xxgx V fr ,H x x x Ky A L I My X X f X x J , 'Ll Q X xx ' I HM Z XX f X, 3 A A TI I RK TH PU E B HALF CENTUIQY LIC SCHOOLS IN AMARILLO Publ' AMA lcd L 1, L fr- '99 K .J-4 ,X X' if-X I .a .wt 1-u 'X 1 X v f Ei i" 1 'X f H K 1 f, X -4 44 1" da .yi 1 .X IC , '91 if i lf. 1 Ali vi' gif' j li- Q. yi O I-HG A I-IS xaullo, T CI-IO OL E EV SF fi y 1 l ,n ,v 131 fl gy lik f-1 lil. 519 2 l ew l tl g if txxxi I XSFQ fl wg: fif 'ff y ,N h 4 '1 2 'f 4 5 .. Z5ig1.SlQlfh Nh ,A Q 3 5 .-1 ',1"l',AfX we -1 wx , 12' ,,f'1'-fm., -3 x Nix .f - .4 y . J T'Jz-fffff'f'fll3'T"'?7'YX XNN ,A ':4'31ll'9 it 'ai' ,A-,ef 1 ,N ff-1 uw Aw .fm ,ax A rf 51' fr,-1 ,fdif-Wi-.2l' ' Ns. " Cas". 0:--1. ' , M if .V 1" We - 1. i'7QQ'2'x 4"1 lf If I -'f's'a',t' ff ' 'Y 4 lfa"i"'- f Q.. +'2E?'51l 5 V Y ' keg MJ J W is NH 1 V 1 ff' NSNVN- X-Yfftl., W'i'HIll3f'Q1"T"'1i 'll , ' 'L Ni Wwe.: "'f5l2if'+f-U 'l.l f W- f n A5 wif J A'4 Y-w"f"24V ' ' 1 15 gg! 'Sim 530 fsw.,,g,,,gg, x x, .qu s f rg fifif wmflff f' I xg wx W it ' .g,zQ.,' , si. ,., asv' The schools of Amarillo have had as varied and color- ful L1 histor as our cit , our state, and our nation. Half a Y Y u t I century ago the young con1n1un1ty of Amarxllo estabhshed its first schoolg as Amarillo grew in size and importance, that school developed into the modern, efficient system of toda . The staff of this Golden Anniversar edition of Lal Y ' Y Hiram has endeavored to hnlc to ether the old and the new, g . and to Preserve for the student body a COf11Pl'Cl'1Cl'1S1V of this golden year of its histor e record y. ll V L ea'z'mfz'0fz To Miss Maggie Avent, oldest faculty member in Period of loyal service, the staff of the 1939 La Arrow dedicates this volume. Though great changes in the school have come about during her twenty-three years of service, there has been no change in her loyal adherence to the Principles of lcindliness, helpfulness, and understanding, which have endeared her to her associates. BQ OK X S XSS. Sv xSg SN SS xSS N SS S S SS SS SS SS, ESX SSX N KN SSX Six ,X ff A, ! , f M' K 1 ,K 1 N Ss f J X 1 X' x SSX K 'Z XX 1 M AN-1 x fx f X 1 X SS f K X Se x V Q x SSX f 1 SN X 214' Jw ZW eg 'RSS 4' xewy W X sik M 5 rp QM " :Q fl NS? V-L-J fy' Xilgxlgx ' "1 'l SX f l f 1 X! rf f xgx SSN 1 Ny jk SXQ fx X X ff f X X AZ .W Q wif fydzx x 4 ' -E . ""' 1 . X W 4' '31, I ,w - , f f V 4:..s 'NSQ ,V ,,xfg-V. 64-Q35 I . ..1 ' 1 X cf-1 , xg: A 4, 1 " X x " . " f9 1 KN I 1 Y r I f E Nw ,Nfl X X Q , ,V S KS Q-'14 ' ' ' x f N x " ' uk . L - I Q' v A! hw Il fr X , ., .f 5-Jw ' Sf. WjFzw'f4' kf 71 BQQ I-THE B002 H-CLASSCHQ BO 111 -A SE OL OK 5 T1-1 IV- LE "'- V, 9 25 l ,V 89 ,710 5 ,IIS l 1 KX. ,f 1 . X - ffxfwwlxf KF K 1265 K wkxv 9A X1 V Y' v at ,X 9' ,Sy X N sax WIA 31 1 f-+5 1' xxx 0 A x9ixkx iv mx N xxx N7 xx K X WSQX 1 X a l 5' w A, R I 1 If I . , 1 l 1 1 L 1 lr l l , X 1 V- Y l , X 1 7 . N.. ,X . f' 'K 1 ' if x X X. jf ,, A , , Isp, l X ' , - ae lc' -.env xx 7 Q 5.9" .off-." ' 1 ". , ff - fv x 239 J ' f 4 ' :- 'ht . NS fr 9 Q yx -Wa-' - :IW ' ' N X Q' X - ,J ' , NQEAX Aw I T ,, .1 S ,' 1 " . 7 -was-1 .- . - fs 1 ix xxx ,, ..-,f, 1. - .- , , A I 1, . 'SSN ' 11 .eT e.Z1M1f .s'f'e DARK I1 I- SN l Q 1 : N. . 'ex W - if I zz.s'fmiz'0m FIRST DIVISION PAGE: First schoolhouse in Amarillo, erected in Old Town as a courthouse. Note the additions and the bell tower ,,..... .page 9 SECOND DIVISION PAGE: First graduating class of AI-IS, I894. Composed of Misses Mary Brookes, Eula Trigg Qnow Mrs. W. DK Twitehellb, Daisy Martin Cnow Mrs. Thomas Curriej, and Flora Mc- Gee ,,..,,......,.,,.,,,.,.,,,,,...,,,.,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.......... ,.,..,, P a gc 25 THIRD DIVISION PAGE: First football team in the Panhandle, Clar- endon College, 1903. Mr. Hiram Sweeney of Amarillo was a member of this team ,...,,..,.,,,.,i,,,,,,,,.....,,...,,.,,,,i...,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, page 89 FOURTH DIVISION PAGE: One of the first ears on the Western Plains. Mr. Clifton Oliver with his 1908 model Maxwell, the first with 11 front instead of il side crank ..,, .,,,,. v.,. i,,r.. ...., .......,,., .....,..,.,.,. A . p a g e IOS FIFTH DIVISION PAGF: First family of Amarillo, Mr. and Mrs. I-I. T. Cornelius, pictured when they were married at Bxyson, Texas, in 1880. They became Amarillds first citizens in june, 1887 .r.. r.r...,,.,.,i,.,,, p age IIS 4 X 1 w H T115 Sflaool ir 'k L A A A. I-I. S.! Ch, A. I-I. S.! ALMA MATER We'll sing your worth o'er all the earth- Welll sing your Praise tonight, Qf schools you are the best. To let you know whereler we go In books of fame we,ll write your name, For Black and Gold welll fight. Oh, A. I-I. S.l SANDIE SONGS AND YELLS A-M-A-R-I-L-L-Oooo You Sandiesl Fite 'eml S-A-N-D-I-E-S Rock 'em, gang! Sock lem, gang! Rock lem, sock 'em Sandiesl Yeaaaaaa, Sandiesl Fite 'eml We want a touchdown! Hear them sing We want a touchdown, That's the thing, Iust let some great big bruiser Husky and tall Carry the ball In no time at all We'll have a touchdown, And when it's over Let us hear you make some noise S-A-N-D-I-E-S We want a touchdown, boys! H FIFTIETHA Is everybody happy? Well, yesl Is anybody unhappy? Well, no! Letls give the locomotive And give it to 'em slowl Rah, rah, rah, fitc, fite, fite, Qrepeated 5 times with increasing tempoj Sandiesl Here we come, two by two? Our boys are gonna shine tonite. You'll be blue when we get thru- Our boys are gonna shine tonite. Chorus I know it! Indeed, I know it, brother! I know it! Wheel Our boys are gonna shine tonite! Sandie spirit never dies-- Our boys are gonna shine tonite. Hit 'em with your elbow, Sock 'em in the cyc---- Qur boys are gonna shine tonite. Pagexo NNIVERSAR dmz'm'5!miz'0n Charles M. Rogers, Superintendent R. B. Norman, Principal M. A., Texas Technological College M. A., University of Texas Mrs. Gervis Taylor, Dean of girls Lauchlin McNeill, Dean of boys Commercial instructor Social science instructor B. A., West Texas State Teachers' L. L. B., University of N. C. College Page II E D I T I D N 'k 'A' 'k L A A I R D S Muffy C. M. Allen: Diversified Occupations B. A., Southwestern University Mrs. C. P. Atwood: English M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Maggie Avent: Mathematics, Home Eco- nomics B. S., West Texas State Teachers' College .Miss Marion Barnes: English, Social Science M. A., University of Oklahoma C. M. Black: Assistant Librarian M. A., University of Texas R. C. Boulware: Commerce M. A., Southern Methodist University Miss Betty Bridges: Commerce M. A., Texas State College for Women Mrs. A. L. Brint: Social Science M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Iewell Brock: Science M. S., Texas Technological College Mrs. Dorothy Brokaw: Social Science M. A., University of Texas Mrs. I. N. Browning: English, Iournalism B. S., Coe College M. A. Browning: Distributive Education B. A., University of Texas Miss Catherine Chapman: English M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Oretha Iane Cornelius: Speech M. A., Northwestern University Eli P. Cox: Commerce M. A., North Texas State Teachers' College Mrs. Lela Crossett: Social Science M. A., University of California Miss Minnie Feierabencl: Social Science M. A., University of Chicago Miss Celia Feinstein: Commerce B. A., Mississippi State College for Women AA Page I 2 I . F,p1-nav:-uANNlve:RsAR tf Miss Maude L. Fletcher: Art M. A., Columbia University Mrs. Elizabeth M. Fly: Home Economics B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College Mrs. Ewell W. Fowler: Home Economics M. S., Iowa State College XV. H. Gordon: Science M. A., Texas Technological College Thomas H. Haynie: Physical Education B. A., University of Texas L. B. Herring: Social Science M. A., University of New Mexico V. R. Howard: Speech, Social Science M. A., Colorado State College of Education T. G. Hull: Manual Arts, Assistant Coach B. A., Simmons University Miss Icie B. johnson: Commerce M. B. A., University of Oklahoma Miss Mattie Iordan: Physical Education B. A., West Texas State Teachers' College Miss Anna May Klapproth: Latin, English M. A., University of Colorado H. M. Laughlin: Social Science, Assistant Coach M. A., University of Texas Miss Nellie lane Luther: English B. A., University of Texas Howard W. Lynch: Social Science, Head Coach M. A., University of Kentucky Mrs. Alice Gibson McDavid: English M. A., University of Colorado Thomas H. McDonald: R. O. T. C- M. A., Texas Technological College George E. McWhirter: English M. A., Texas Technological College I. Wayne Middleton: Social Sciences M. A., Colorado State College lk Page13 EDlTIQN'kiri'LAAlRClSA M. S., Texas A. and M. Mrs. W. E. Murrell: English ff B. S., West Texas State Teachers' College Mrs. D. I. Neill: English B. S., West Texas State Teachers' College Miss Ouida O'Neal: English M. A., Peabody College Miss Mable Rowan: Music M. A., West Texas State Teachers' College Miss Cora Russell: Spanish ' M. A., University of Southern California Miss Louise Russell: English U University of Southern California M. A., W., Mrs. C. C. Shaller: Mathematics M. A., Texas Technological College Miss Velma Shows: Commerce M. A., 'Tulane University Miss Dorothy Staley: Librarian B. S. in L. S., University of Illinois Miss Ruth Ann Tolbert: English, Social Science M. A., University of New Mexico Hugh Underwood: Mathematics M. A., University of Missouri ca Mrs. C.' C. Walden: Science M. S., University of Southern California C. A. Wallace: Science M. A., Texas Technological College Robert S. White: Science M. A., Texas Technological College R. F. Williams: Commerce B. A., Southern Normal University Waid Scott Willis: Science B. S., Texas A. and M. V Miss Kate Wilson: Mathematics M. A., Southern Methodist University Oscar Wise: Band, Orchestra f . M. S., Oklahoma A. and M. Mrs. Lee Brown: Registrar Miss Cora Avery: Clerk, Office of Registrar AB ,,,-,.,.,,.., itimiiehfi FIFTIETHA NNIVERSAR me Knew: mf r STUDENT CONGRESS Officers: Henry Seaman, President, Max Neal, Vice-President, lWartha Gene Vv'illiams, Secretary, Pat Humphreys, Sergeant-at-Arms . , . Bond issued by the Congress at 151 each. The sale of these bonds amount- ed to more than 551,000 for the P. A, System . . . Mr. McNeill, sponsor, discusses a measure with the Con- gress . . . lylr. Norman compliments the organization on its work . . . lvlr. Norman at the control cabinet of the new Public address system, Project of the Congress. CONGRESSMEN Andrews, Bill Bandy, L. Barker, Jimmy Barnard, Kent Beacon, Wanda Beaver, Haskell Bechtol, Roy Beck, Harley Beyer, Bonnie Jean Blake, Betty Blasdel, Jimmy Branson, John Brown, Dean Brown, Virginia Burgess, Merlene Butler, Helen Byassee, James Carr, Evelyn Carter, Bill Page I5 Clark, Mary Coffee, Freda Colley, Nancy Belle Corn, Sue Davis, Allyne Davis, Lewis Deliries, Lera Bell DeGrassi, Winnette DeSautell, Bill Dial, Bobby Dillon, Brien Doche, Mary Lucille Durrett, Pauline Dye, Dickey Edwards, Bill lislick, Janie Ifarmer, Orlena Ifarwell, Frances Vlenniken, Richard liord, Lloyd George, Bryce Gill, Lee Roy Glenn, Jim Grady, Annie Griggs, Jim Guleke, Jim Hale, Billy Hallmark, Sara Beth Hendrix, Carl Hess, Wallace Hobson, Bob Hollingsworth, Geneva Holmes, Mary Virginia Hoover, Dorothy "Inward, Floy Howell, Woodrow Howren, Mary Humphreys, Pat Moore, Gwendolyn Hunslev, Mary ElizabethMorris, Dorothy Johnson, Joyce M. T. Johnson, Johnson, Ray Johnson, Sterling Keen, Clay Klingensmith, Mary Laeefield. Louise Leach, Howard Leslie, Edna Mae Lloyd, Elizabeth Lynch, Frances McClendon, Margaret McGregor, Donald McKenzie, Margaret Maltsberger, Dewey Marlart, Jack Moss, Ted Neal, Max Parton, Girline Paxton, Louise Ravey, Jean Reed, Dean Rittenherry, Dorothy Robbins, Grady Rusk, David Scott, Barbara Seaman, Henry Shelton, Odessa Shields, Auldon Short, Tom Spann, Nell Storseth, Eddie Terry, James Thompson, Bill Thompson, Sudy Thurston, Truman Vinyard, Marjorie VValker, Jack Ward, Bettie Warner, John XVllll?lIl1S, Carolyn Vs7illiams, Martha Gene Winchester, Bob Woody, Eva Marie Word, Walter Minnich, Mary Seiber, Bill ,gas Younger, Betty i - i ,- ,579-ii51' ' fffia' ..a..a------Q.,-.annex-..- :sim '-13 5 ..a:-A-fm-M Sis Ti We :QA . s,,f1g.,ga,',3.a.-a,.,A .V -,..,...f - f -et .. f' A - 'f ea a 1 , f .Lf EJ fa. The La Airoan staff wishesytoexpress 1. BILL ANDREWS - Popular- class favorite for two years-co-cap tain-elect for y39 Sanclics-tall, broad- shouldered half-back-leader in Stu- dent Congress-junior-member of dance committee-lots of personality and spirit. 4. MARTHA GENE WILLIAMS -Musical - curly-headed runner-up for senior favorite-accomplished pi- anist-member of Honor Society- secretary of Student Congress-sweet, babyish voice-pep leader. 7. LEONARD IANSEN - Likeablc -La Airosa feature editor-Kandicl Kamera Klub president - extempo speaker-light hair-gray-green eyes -always doing something useful- high scholastic average-progressive senior. as I .AHS for their cooperation in selecting 2. GRACE ROGERS - Vv'itty - tennis, golf, and swimming champ- goocl actress-specializes in imita- tions-sings alto in trio-pep leader -senior-known as "the life of the party" full of that good ole "AHS Spirit." 5. K. K. BIGELOW - Handsome -tall, dark-basketball and football player-A and B student-wants to be an aviator-senior-Sandstorm staff member fformerly of the Spotlightj -ipoplllafipllfty gfffelil eyes. 8. PAULINE DURRETT - Intel- ligent-Co-editor of 1939 La Airosa- ardent football fan--extempo speaker - dependable - Student Congress member-pleasing personality-makes and keeps friends easily-broad shoul- ders-brown-haired senior. its appreciation to the faculty of the 'WHO'.S WHO students, 3. BILL DESAUTELL - Literary -unusually large vocabulary- noted for poetry and words to songs -Saud- storm reporter-one of the leaders in Student Congress bond sales---president of the glee club-senior. 6. IESSAMINE GRIMES - Talent- ed-actress and speaker-Methodist minister's dotter-has a yen for Shakespeare-good dancer-senior vice- president-has a major role in contest play-attractive brunette. 9. BILL THOMPSON - Athletic -chosen half back on Associated Press all-state team-Sandie co-cap- tain and signal-caller-goes out for track-5' 9"-light hair, blue eyes- on basketball team-very much a cut- up-popular senior. Page 16 IF-'TIETHANNIVEQESARK 1. MARY STACK - Vivacious- pretty brunette senior--queen of AHS - warm, low voice - member of tennis team Q smooth dancer - pep leader for two years-ROTC sponsor Ewen honors in declarnatmn-peach- es-and-cream complexion. 4. KENT BARNARD - Brilliant --won cup for declamation at Abi- lene-co-editor of La Aimm-straight A student - planning engineering course at colleve next vear - deep, D t ' . - pleasing radio voice-whiz at tennis -a senior. VVHOS WHO IN AHS 2. A- V. BRYAN--Modest -- pep leader--"jitterbug" - interscholastic league declaimerfaniong the smarter few-short, blond senior - makes friends easily-knows all the latest jokes-talented tap dancer. 5. ADA ALLISON - Capable - small, clarkenaired senior--former co- editor of Santlstorm -- member of Honor Society-goes for malts in a big way-tiny feet-has ability and willingness to accomplish the hardest task. 3. DOROTHY MORRIS -Friendly -junior favorite-always smiling - knows and speaks to everyone-ment ber Ways and Means Committee of Congress 7 nicknamed "Gussie" - schooldbe- YVOI'kS PHY!-IlfI1C Ollf of comes enthusiastic about whatever she does. 6. BRIEN DILLON - Versatileh- can tell you anything about world affairs-first-string basketballer - ex- tempo speaker-hobbies are swimming and tennis-jokes with all the teach- ers-tall, good-looking senior-has a million dollar smile. 7. IOHN CORN - Ac- 8. IANE PARRlS - Ac- 9. HENRY SEAMAN - io. IUNE FOX - De- curate-best rifle shot in tive - member of twelve Distinguished - president pendable - class editor of school - ROTC lieutenant organizations at school - of four organizations - Lu Airosa - blond, blue- and member of the rifle senior favorite-actress and studying to be a minister eyed senior - accurate and team - ambition is to be interscholastic league de- -won honors as a member conscientious about work- a good chemical engineer- quiet, bright senior lad - candid camera enthusiast and expert. Page I 7 claimer - member tennis team-does well everything she attempts-the typical "Beauty and Brains." of the debate squad-tall- ish senior-unusual sense of humor - possesses a great deal of poise and tact. Moco's right-hand lady - friendly-win line for high graduating honors IK B 35 i' ? EH! 'At if 'A' L A A I R U S A LA AIROSA EDITORIAL STAFF FIRST ROVV: Co-Editors, Kent Barnard and Pauline Durrettg Class Editor, Iune Fox, Feature Editor, Leonard Iansen. SECOND' ROW: Assistant Editors: Sara Beth Hallmark, art: Larry Stitt, sports, Ma1'y Dean Nall, art, Scott Bledsoe, mechanical drawing. THIRD ROW: Assistant Class Editors: Nlildred Willis, Kathryn Vogel, Dorothy Io Sullivan, Dlickey Dye, art. The editorial staff wishes to express its appreciation for special work done by the following students: Iimmy Blasdel, Iohnny Bryson, Ray Iohnson, Hugh Cunningham, Ierold Knox, Calvin Hill, Iessamine Grimes, Gilbert Knox, Dorris Collie, Peggy Stack, Lloyd Ford, Bill Andrews, Eleanor Stinson, Elizabeth Rollins 1 Yvonne Stevens. To Mrs. Fly, whose commodious room with its large sewing tables frequently was con- verted into a composing room, the staff is particularly grateful. AA Page 18 5 lF'T!ETHANNlVER5AR l. pcntlablc. looks on thc lincs Page I9 LA AIROSA EDITORIAL STAFF AT WORK 1. Co-Editors Pauline and Kent discuss a layout. 2. Class Editor Iunc, tlic official typist, 21CCLl1'21tC and cle 3. Feature Etlitor Lconarcl typing during a spare moment. 4. Sara Beth draws wliilc Larry Qsports 5. lvlary Dean worlis on her sketches while Kathryn checks class lists. 6. Scotts the guy who ancl stuff. 7. Dorothy Io ancl Dickey work amicl flash bulbs and glue lvottlcs. 8. Maniial labor. 55. 1 i -film, A QQ- h '- f drew ,Q v .ff-1. if 3 . . 'L' g,. ,.... W- ...,..........':2-4 A a.52vc.,-93 2623. J.: , Q . Q ff ,Hg 1 51 2 I LA AIROSA BEST SELLERS FIRST RONV: Lloyd making one of his 103 annual sales. Yvonne ehalks up another point on her sales reeorcl. SECOND ROW: BEST SELLERS OF ANNUALS: Lloyd Ford, Yvonne Stevens, Sterling lohnson, Irm- my Blasclel. THIRD ROW: Lloycl adds another sale to his record. Iimtny approaches a merchant to buy an acl. Best sellers, Iimmy and Sterling. FCURTH ROW: BEST SELLERS OF ADS: Ray Iohnson, Yvonne Stevens, Iimmy Blasclel, Atl-seller Ray at one of his favorite pastimes. L E Page zo ' . '. ::..,,:.+ ft17.....,...e,.,.,,.,.,.M Purge Lfl AIROSA BUSINESS STAFF Lloyd Ford, Co-niimger Yvonne Stevens, Co manager Ray Iohnson, Assistant Mgr Iimmy Blasdel VVinncttc De Gras: Brien Dillon Frances Farwell Kathryn Farwell Sterling Iohnson Anita Logan Ioan McCormick lane Parris T. L. Roach Grace Rogers Elizabeth Rollins David Rusk Geraldine Sims Mary Stack liclrlic Storsc-th Kenneth YVheatley E E D I T I D N 'X' 'k 'k L A A l R D S A FIFTIETHANNIV he Zsfory of ur SM00! On this golden anniversary of the schools of Amarillo, many of us pause to wonder about the history of our organization. Let us, then, go back to the beginning-to that time when Amarillo consisted of only a handful of buildings set in the middle of a seemingly endless area of level plains. Amarillo's first school was a private one, established in 1888. The school board was unable to secure a building that first year,of the townls existence. But in the summer of 1889 the county built a one-roomed courthouse over in Old Town, northwest of the present site of Amarillo. For a time this building was used as a combination schoolhouse, courthouse, and church, it was later sold-or donated-to the school board for five dollars, and moved midway between Old Town and New Town. This new location is now the block between Eighth and Ninth, Harrison and Van Buren, only five blocks from the present location of AHS. Amarillo grew so rapidly in those days that before an addition to the school house could be completed, another was needed! Finally it was decided that another building must be secured, for it was impossible to make more additions to the old one. lt was also necessary to secure a new site, because it rained more in the "good old days," and the schoolhouse, located in a huge shallow lake, was surrounded by water so much of the time that the pupils had to wade through water and mud puddles until the sidewalks were built on stilts! An old saloon was purchased and enlarged, but it too soon became crowded. The problem was solved temporarily in IQOO, when Amarillo was incorporated. Then the city was able to vote a bond issue for a city hall, which was immediately converted into a schoolhouse. The new location was the present site of AHS, which to most people of forty years ago seemed halfway to Canyon, since there was nothing south of it and even nothing north of it for half a mile! By 1903 the pseudo-city hall, commonly known as the "Red Brickf! was crowded, and "chicken coops," as the pupils called them, were used to accommodate the overflow. These little frame structures helped, but there were still too many advanced students. As a result, Amarillo Independent School Dlistrict was formed in 1905, and a brick high school was constructed at Fifth and Iohnson. This first high school build- ing is now the Iohnson Street School. In 1911 a bigger and better building was erected at Fourteenth and Polk. Central Iunior High now occupies this building. ln 1913 came our first football team! By 1915 the old strict academic course had been supplemented by a broader curriculum which includ- ed science and domestic art. From that point AHS really began her growth as an institution of higher learning. However, in 1918 an epidemic of flu, then called Hgrippew or "influenza," hit Amarillo, and the schools were closed and the buildings used as hospitals. About that time the school population again spurt- ed upward, and in 1921 the first unit of our present high school building was erected. Except for the armory, built in 1930, and the northwest wing, added in 1937, AHS was completed in 1926. ln 1922 the first athletic coach was hired, since that time Amarillo has been a football town, loyal to its team, win or lose. This tale of improvements was climaxed in 1937-38 by the inauguration of the twelve-year plan, which is being adopted by the more outstanding schools in the state. The faculty and equipment have kept up with the times. Though we are again crowded, building improvements are being made and other changes planned. A strange career, that of AHS! She has been a courthouse, a saloon, a city hall, and a hospital at one time or another in her fifty years of existence. But one thing about AHS never changes: her ability to stay at the top in both scholastic and athletic fields. There is no alternative, she must go forward, for the loyalty of all those who have ever attended the institution demands that she continue to progress. l-Ierels to Al-IS on licr golden anniversary! Ab A Page 22 ...Em 5 - a . a1k.,'-sb:qf E R S A R Y CORONATION of HER MAIESTY, QUEEN MARY OF THE HOUSE OF STACK Ncmvcxllbcr' 8, 1938 is age 23 E E D T I U 'k i' if L A A I R D 5 A A5 A-HK ...J l FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY Classes ,341 'Sf -il P' CC wi RQ il lu! 2' 2' Z 4 I P Ld P- u. LL fm fl I' PHI' IOP Ol" TH15 ST,-HRS SENIQR CLASS OFFICERS 5 1 ,.,, , ,,., M ,L in 'Mw,, 5 . ul? 'wk iiggair f, f f f ,'EQ 35 , 6' , 1. ,f f- vig- Z. . , S, ' Eddie Storscth, Prcsidcntg Mac Io Wixlxl, Sccrctary-Treasurerg Icssamiuc Grimes, Vice-President. Page 26 Page 27 ABBOTT, I-IUBERT Sandies '37, Yann. Coach '38, - ADAMS, BILL Band, '37, '38, '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Honor Soc. '39, Los Viaj. '37, '38 ALDRIDGE, BETTY ALLISON, ADA Pep Squad '38, Sandstorm '38, Co-Ef1- ,391 Honor Soc. '39, Who's Who '39 ALLRED, NEULAND AMERSON, LORA MAE G. R. '37, Orch. '38, Hostess '39 ARKER, ALFRED L05 viaj. '38, '39 BAILEY, LILLIE MAE Volley Ball '38 BAKER, CARL Sandies '38, Tumbling '38, '39, Operet- ta '38 BAKER, MELBA Pep Squad '37, '38, Los Viaj. '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39 BAKER, PEGGY IEAN BALDWIN, HELEN G. R. '38, Operetta '38 BALL, MARY TAYLOR Pep Squad '37, Pep Leader '38, '39, La Airosa '38, ROTC Spon. '38. '39, Bat. Staff '39, Dance Com. '38, Internos '37 BALLOW, FRANCES G. R. '37, '38, A, C. '39, Sandstorm '38, '39, Honor Soc. '39 BALTZELL, DORIS BANDY, CLYDE Yann. '36 BAKER, RUBY BARNARD, GEORGE BARNARD, KENT Stu. Cong. '39, ROTC '38, '39, Honor Soc. '38, '39, La Airosa '38, Co-Ed. '39, Who's Who '39, Thespian '39, Declam, '39 BARNARD, PAUL Track '39 BARNES, CATHERINE Thalian '37 BARNES, IOI-IN Band '37, '38 2 BARNETT, KIRBY BASSETT, IONE l G. R. '37, '38, Shorthand '38 BATES, GERTRUDE 5. H. s. B. A. '37, '38 . BATSON, BILLY ' R. O. T. C. '37 BEARD, OTIS BECHTOL, ROY Basketball '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '38, '39S Hi-Y '39, Honor Soc. '38, '39 BECK, HARLEY Sandies '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '39, Honor Soc '39 BELL, DOROTI-IIA BELL, EUNICE Thalian '38 BELL. MARIE G. R. '38 BENNETT, BETSY ANNE Pep Squad '38, S. H. S. B. A. '38 BENNETT, LOUISE Los Viaj. '37, '38, Forensic '38 BENNETT, ROSS BERTHELOT, PAUL Band '38, '39 BETTY, ELMER BEYER, BONNIE IEAN Stu. Cong. '38g Amer. I-list. '37g Glee Club ,373 Hostess '38, '39Q Operetta '38 BEYER, MELVIN Band '37, '38, ,391 Amer. Hist. '37g In- ternos '37q I-Ii-Y '37, '38 V BIGELOW, K. K. Yann. '37g Sandies '38, '39g Honor Soc. '38. '39g Basketball '38, '39, Track '39, Who's Who -'39 BISHOP, MARGARET Pep Squad '37, '38, Amer. Hist. '37 BITTICK, IEULA MAE Page 28 Page 29 BLACKWELL, CLIVE BLAIR, DWAYNE Band '37, '38, '39 BLANK, CLIFTON Band '39 BLANKENSI-IIP, RALPH R. O. T. C. '38, '39g Los Viaj, '38, '39 BLASDEL, IIMMY R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39S Rifle Team '39, Kan- Kam. '38, Stu. Cong. '39Q HOYIUI' Soc. ,393 La Airosa '39 BLEDSOE, SCOTT Hi-Y '38, '39, Kan. Kam. '38, La Airosa '39, Honor Soc. '39 BOST, IACK Hi-Y '39 BOYD, EDDIE Yann. '38g Basketball '38 BOYNTON, ROBERT Sandies '38, '39, Basketball '38 BRADLEY, ANNAS BRAND, FRANCES Thalian '37 BRANSON, GUILFORD V Band '37 BRANUM, IACK Tumbling '38 BRANUM, IIMMEY Pep Squad '37, '38g Volley Ball '38 BRANUM, LA DENE BRAUCHI, VICTOR BREWER. LAWRENCE BRISENDINE, ED R. o. T. C. '38 BRITAIN, BETTY Pep Squad '37, Thalian '37 BRQADSTREET, 1012 R. 0. T. C. '37, '38 BROMERT, LINUS JK 41 -K 7' II 4 I1 I! hl P Z Z 4 I I'- Lal I" ll. Ll. 41 il C P- E 4 I I H 5 Z Z 4 I I- U If la. D. BROWDER, BILL BROWN, ADA VIOLA BROWN, DEAN Stu. Cong. '39 BROWN, FRANK Div. Occ. '39 BROWN, IOE Band '37, '38g Los Viaj. '38, '39 BROWN, RALPH BROWN, VIRGINIA Sandstorm '38, Co-Ed. '39, Pep Squad '38g Stu. Cong. '39, Honor Soc. '39 BROWN, WANDA BRUMMETT, PEARLBEE G. R. '37g Internos '37Q Hostess '38 BRYAN, A. V. Forensic '38, Nat'l Forensic '39, Pi Delta '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39g Debate '383 Declam. '38, '39, Who's Who '39g Pep Leader '39 BURCH, IACK Clee Club '38 BURCH, LOUISE BURCH, MARIORIE G. R. '37, '38g Stu. Cong- '38 BURGESS, HELEN Forensic '37g Pep Squad '37 BUTLER, HELEN Pep Squad '37, '38g Stu. Cong. '39 BUTLER, RUBY BYRD, CARL Sandies '38g Track '38 CALDWELL, BEI I Y Pep Squad '37 CALDVV ELL, RAY CALLEN, CORDIE CALVERT, GLYNDOL Band '38, '39, Orch. '39g String Quar. '38g G. R. '38, '39 Page 30 Page 31 CARPENTER, GRACE C. R. A38 CARR, EVELYN Stu. Cong- '38g G. R. '37, '38g Hostess '39 CARTER, BILL Stu. Cong. ,392 Internos '38 CARTER, VERNON CATES, WAYNE R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Rifle Team '38, '39 Amer. Hist. '38g Hi-Y '39 CAUDLE, PEGGY CELEY, PATRICIA CHEATHAM, LOUISE CHILDERS, IACK Tennis '37, Basketball '37 CHILTON, DOROTHY IO Opcrcttzx '38 CHRISTIAN, EARLE Band '38, '39 ' CLARK, DORA DEAN Pep Squad '37 CLARK, LA VERNE CLARK, MARY Stn. Cong- '39 CLARK, W. Z., Jr. O T 3 7 mer. Hist. '36 R. .,C.'6,'3gA Forensic '36 CLAYTON, GINGER Pep Squad '37 COBB, DONNALEITA Pep Squad '37, '38, S- H. S. B. A. '37 Hostess '38 COCHRAN, EILEEN Band '38, ,395 G. R. '38 COFFEE, FREDA Band '37, '38, '39g Glee Club '38g Stu. Cong. '39 COITEY, MARGIE Hostess '39 COFFMAN, CAROLYN Pep Squad '37 Operetta '38 +I +1 41 P' E 4 95 E hd If Z Z 4 I I' Id I- Ll. Ll. COCIJILL, WAYNE R. O. T. C. '37, Glcc Club '39 COLE, JOYCE Pep Squad '38 COLLEY, NANCY BELLE COLLIER, z. C. R. 0. T. C. '38, Hi-Y '39 COLLINS, BEN R. O. T. C. '36, Amor. I-Iist. '37 COLLINS, TOM R. O. T. C. '36, '37g Rifle Team '37g Amer. I-Iist. '37 COLLINS, VIRGINIA CONDREN, DON Golf '37Q Tumbling '38, '39 CONNELLY, PAT Szmdies '37, '38 CONOVER. URSLA LEA 'l'l1JIlIilI1 '58 COOKE, XVILLIAM Yziuu. '38g Basketball '39Q Pep Lcarler '39 COOPER, ITLOYD Baud '37, '38, '39g Stu. Cong. '3Sg I-Ii-Y 58, 39 CORN, IOI-IN R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Rifle Team '38, ' I-Ioum' Soc. '38, '39, Wl1o's Who '39 CORNELIUS. IACK CORY, ED R. O. T. C.. '18 COXVIDREY. IANE CRAXYFORD. IENA I.EE C. R. '38, Tlmlizm '38, Opcrctm '37 CRAVJFORD, HALE R. O. T. C. '38, '39, Bat. Staff '39, I-Ii- C1zAw1foRD, iiamia QZROUCI-I, El.IZABli'I'l-I '59 Iizuul '38, CRQW, MORRIS ia. 0. T, C. 337, 738, 139 Page 32 Page 33 CRUDGINGTON, PITTS Band '38, '39, Basketball ,392 Stn. Cong.. '38g Hi-Y '38, ,392 Golf '38 CRUMBLEY, NADINE G. R. '38 CURL, DON ' R. O. T. C. '38, '39 DAMMIER, CHARLES DAMMIER, CHARLOTTE Hostess '38 DANSBY, DOROTHY DEAN Shorthand '38 DAVIS, ALLYNE Stn. Cong. '38, Los Viaj. '37 DAVIS, EMILY DAVIS, LEWIS DEASON, MARTHA DECKARD, MARCIE Thalian '38g Vollcy Ball '38 DECKER, MARTIN DeLAHOE, CAROL G, R. '38 DENDY, 1. M., Jr. Band '37, '38, '39g Stu. Cong. '38 DENMEAD, DICK DFNTON, MARGARET G. R. '38, Los Viaj. '39 DCSAUTELL, BILL Operctta '38g Stu. Cong. '39g Glcc Club '38, '39g Sandstorm '39, Who's Who '39 DIAL, MORRIS Band '36g Hi-Y '36 DIAZ, MAXIMINA Los Viaj. '38 DILLON, BRIEN Hi-Y '38, ,391 Pi Delta ,38Q Honor Soc. '38 '39, Band ,37, '38, ,39Q Basketball '38, '39 Nat'l Forensic '39, Who's Who ,39 DIXON, EDGAR LEE Kan- Kam. '38 y DIXON, MARY HAZEL Pep Squad '38, Stu. Cong. '38, Thalian '38, Hostess '39 DOCHE, MARY LUCILLE Pep Squad '37, '38, Pep Leader, '3QQ Stu. Cong. '38, '39 DODSON, BYRON DONALD, BETTY ROSS DOSS, KATHERINE DUKEMINIER, DORRIS DURRETT, DELMAR Hi-Y '37, '38, '39, Internos '37Q Amer. Hist. .38 DURRETT, PAULINE Co-Ed. La Airosa '39, Sandstorm '38, Pep Squad '38, Pi Delta '38g Stu. Cong. '39g Honor Soc- '38, '39, La Airosa Class Poet '38g Forensic '39g Who's Who '39Q Extempo. Speech '39 DUTTON, DOROTHY IANE Pep Squad '38, Stu. Cong '38, Internos '38, Dance Com. '38 DYE, DICKEY Pi Delta '38, OnefAct Play '38, '39g Stu. Cong. '39, Nat'l Thespian '39Q La Airosa '39 ECHART, HAROLD Band '37, '38, '39g S. H. S. B. A. '37 Q EDWARDS, BILL R. O. T. C. '38g Div Occ '39 EISENBERG, RANKIN R. O- T. C. '38, '39g Yann. '38 ENGLISH, ARRA G. R. '37, '38g Shorthand '38 EPPERSON, RUTH Glee Club '38, '39 EUSTACE, EMMETT Tumbling '38 EVANS, IACK FARMER, ORLENA Cv. R. ,37Q Band '37, '38 FARWELI., FRANCES Pep Squad '37, '38g Honor Soc. '38, '39g Internos '37, La Airosa '39, Stu. Cong. '39 FARWELL, KATHRYN Pep Squad '37, '38g Pep Leader '39, R- O. T. C. Spon. '37, '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39g In- ternos '37 FAVOR, BILL Page 34 Page 35 FICKE, HELEN FLEMING, DOROTHY Hostess '37, G. R. '37 FLETCHER, C. W. S. H. S. B. A. '38g Hi-Y '38, '39 FLOWERS, L. E. Div. Occ. '39 FORD, LLOYD W. Sandie Mgr. '38, '39, Yann. '37g Basketball Mgr-. '38, '39, Stn. Cong. '38, '39: La Airo- sa '39 FOWLER. BOB FOWLER, IRENE G. R. '37 FOWLER, MAXINE Thalian '38, Glec Club '38 rox, IUNE Honor Soc. '38, '38g La Airosa '38, '39, Wl1o's Who '39 FRADY, LUVINA FRANKLIN, IACK FREEMAN, JOE Yann. '38, Track '38 FREEMAN, PAULINE Pep Squad '38, Operetta '38 FRENCH, DON FRYE, BARBARA GARLAND, DALE R. O. T. C. '38 GATHINGS, ALICE EAYE GIBBINS, CLYDE GAMBLIN, GURNELL Orch- '38, '39g R. O. T. C. '38, '39 GIBSON, THOMAS R. O. T. C. '38, Rifle Team '38 GILBERT, CLARENCE GILBERT, DENA BETH GILES, MARION R. O. T. C. '38, Track '38 GILL, INEZ G. R. '38, Volley Ball '38 GILL, LEE ROY I-Ii-Y '38, '39, Tumbling '38 GILLETTE, EVELYN G. R. 38 GILMORE, KENNETH Sanrlies '39, Yann. '38, R. O. T. C. '37, .38 GLENN, IIM Debate '39, Stu. Cong. '39, I-Ionor Soc. '39 GOGHNAUER, TONEY Boxing '37, '38, '39 GOULD, MARY EVELYN Hostess '38, '39 GOULDY, BETTY Los Vizxj. '38 GOVVDY, RAY Sandies '36, '37, '38, Basketball '38 CRADY, ANNIE Tlmlian '38, I-Ionor Soc. '39 GRAY, GERALD Yann. '38 GRAY, LORETTA Band '38, '39Q Shorthand '38 GREEN, RAY Office-:r's Clnb '37, '38, '39, Yann. 37, ' ' ' ' ' R O. T. C. '37 38 Sandras 38, 39, . , ' , '39, Bat. Staf '38, '39 CREGC, CHARLOTTE ANNE Pep Squad '38, Stn. Cong. '38, Hi-Y Sweetheart '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39, Glec Club '37, Hostess '38, Opcrctta '38 GRIFFIN, IESSIE Stu. Cong. '38 GRIGGS, IIM R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Bat. Staff '37, Operetta '37, Stu. Cong. '38, Glee Club '37, '33 GRIMES, IESSAMINE Pep Squad '37, '38, Honor Soc- '38, '39, Pi Del- ta '38, Nat'l Forensic '39, La Airosa '38, Sr. Vice-Pres '39, Who's Who '39, Declam. '38, One-Act Play '39 GROOM, GENE Band '38, '39, Kan. Kam. '38 GRUVER, MEDWIN LEE Operetta '38 Page 36 Page 37 HALLER, IACK Band '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '38 HALLMARK, SARA BETH G. R. '38, Stu, Cong. '39, La Airosa '39, Honor Soc. '39, Los Viaj. '39 HAMMOND, IMOGENE GULEKE, JIM Stu.. Cong, '39Q R. O. T- C. '37, '38, Rifle Team '38 HAMMONDS, LOUISE G. R. '37 HARBISON, FLORIENE G. R- '37 HARDIN, MADELINE HARMON, IACK R. O. T. C. '36, '37, '38 HARRIS, PATRICIA Band '37, '38, '39, G. R. '37, Amer. Hist- '38 HARRISON, MARTHA GENE Pep Squad '37, '38 HART, NEIL R. O T. C. '38, '39, Sandstorm '39 HARVEY, PAULINE HASTON, GERALD Sandics '38, '39, R. O. T. C. '38, Hi-Y '38, Glec Club '38, Operetta '38, Yann- '37 HATCI-IER, RUSSELL Sanclies '38, '39 HAYNES, LOVELL l-IAYS, MARY IO Thulian 37, '38 HENDRICKS, ORAN HENDRIX, CARL Band '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '39 IIESS, IOHN R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Rifle Team '38 HESS, WALLACE Band '37, '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '38, '39 HESTIIR' ANDREW R. O. T. C. '37, '38 Pep Squad '37 HETRICK, 1oHN HETTLER, HELEN Sm. Cong. '38 HICKMOTT, HELEN I-IILKER, FLOYD HILL, B. F. Rifle Team '38g R. O. T. C. '38, '39 HILL, CHILTON HILL, I. CALVIN R. O. T. C. '37, '38g Div. Occ. '39 HILL, RUBY FRANCES C. R. '37, '38, Hostess '39 HILLS, MARY KATHERINE Pep Squad '38g Thalian '37, '38 HOBBS, LYNDON Boxing '37 HOBSON, BOB Stn. Cong. '39 HODGES, FLOYD R. O. T. C. '38, '39 HODGES, IOHN Yann. '37g Basketball '38 HOLCOMB, EARL HOLMAN, IAMES Sul. Cong. '38g R- O. T. C. '37, '38 HOLMAN, TOM R. O. T. C, '38, '39Q Rifle Team '38 HOLMES, RHEUBEN HOLT, CLARENCE R. o. T. C. '38 HOPPIN, DOROTHY HOPSON, CAROLYN I-IORTON, WALLACE Tumbling '39 I Page 38 HOUSTON, 1. A. HOWARD, FLOY G. R. '38, Stu. Cong. '39, Thespian '39 HOWELL, MARY RUTH HOWELL, WOODROW Stu. Cong. '39 HOWREN, MARY Pep Squad '38, Stu. Cong. '39, G. R. '39 HOWZE, DOROTHY Pep Squad '37, Hon. Society '38, '39, Hostess '39 HUCKABY, HAROLD HUDSON, BERTIE DALE HUME, MARY MARGARET Pep Squad '38, Amer. Hist. '38, Hon- or Soc- '39 HUMPHREYS, PAT Yann. '37, Sandies '38, '39, Track '38, Stu. Cong. '39 IMMELL, WILMA Operetta '38, Los Viaj. '38 IACKSON, ANNA LEE G. R. '37, '38, Operetta '37 IACKSON, 'KATYQ RUTH Amer. Hisxiszg Los Viaj. '38 IANSEN, LEONARD Kan. Kam. '38, '39, La Airosa '38, '39, Who's Who '39, Honor Soc. '38, '39, Nat'l Forensic '39, Extempo. Speech '39 IASTER, WINIFRED G. R. '38, Thalian '38, Hostess '38 JOHN, MACK IOHNSON, CATHERINE Glee Club '37, Operetta '37, Internos '38 IOHNSON, RAY C. Stu- Cong. '38, ,391 Kan. Kam, '38, '39, Glee Club '38, La Airosa '39 IOHNSON, RICHARD R. O. T. C. '39 A IOHNSON, STERLING Inter. Art '38, Debate '39, Stu. Cong. '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Kan. Kam. '38, '39, Honor Soc. '38, '39, Pi Delta '38, Nat'l Forensic '39, La Airosa '38, '39 IOHNSTON, MARY RUTH Qdeceasedj Operetta '38, Glec Club '38 Pue 39 IONES, DOROTHY Hostess '39 IONES, JACK R. o. T. C. '38, '39 IONES, OLETA G. R. '38 IONES, TAYLOR R. O. T. C. '37, '38, Hi-Y '39 ONES THOMAS I , Hi-Y '38, '39, Kan. Kam '38, '39, Basket- ball '39, Honor Soc- '39 IONES, WINNIE RUTH IORDAN, ESTHER IOSLIN, LA VERNE G. R. '37 KEARNS, LEO KEITH. IOHN KELLER, IACK Band '38, '39 KENEHAN, IAMES KENNISON, IACK R. O. T. C. '38, '39, Rifle Team '38, Glee Club '37, '38 3 KENNISON, IOHN Clec Club '37, ,381 Operettu '37, R. C, '38, '39, Rifle Team '39 A KENYON, IACK KEY, KARL Boxing '38 KEY, MARTHA Pep Squad '38, Pi Delta '38 KILLIAN, GEORGE KING. MATTIE LAURA KIRK, VVALLACE Amer- I-Iist. '37, R. O. T. C. '37 KLINCIQNSMITIJI, MARY O. Pep Squad '37, '38, Pi Delta '38, Cong '39 Stu. Page 40 l KLINGER, MURIEL KNOX, GILBERT Debate '37, R. O. T. C. '37, '38, Internos '37, '38, Forensic '38 KUNKEL, ALTHEA Thnlian '37 LACEFIELD, LOUISE Stu- Cong. '39 LAIN, MAXINE Thalian '371 G. R. '37, Hostess '39 LAING, MARVIN Basketball '38 IATVIB, BILLIE ANN G. R. '37, Los Viaj. '39 LASETER, GRADY Band '38g Deelam, '37, Science '37 LATHAM, GENE Div- Occ, '39 LATSON, AGNES ROSE Pi Delta '37 LAUDER, VIRGINIA Pep Squad '37, '38, Internos '37, '38 LAWRENCE, LOVELL Amer. Hist. '38 LEE, IOI-IN Basketball '36, Boxing '38 LEITNER, VERNA Band '37, '38, '39, G. R. '38 LENE, ODELL Yann. '36, Glee Club '39Q Boxing '38 LEVERITT, BETTY Forensic '38 LLOYD, ELIZABETH Stu. Cong- '39, G. R. '37, '38g A. C. '39Q Hostess '38, '39Q Honor Soc. '39Q Sandstorm '39 LOCKLEER, LeROY R. O. T. C. '38, '39 LOEWENSTERN, HUGO, Ir. Bnntl '37, '38, '39Q Golf '38, Los Viaj. '38 LOFGREN, ROBERT Sandie Mgr. '39 LOGAN, ANITA S. H. S. B. A. '38, Thalian '37g Operetta '38, Pep Squad '37g La Airosa '39 gf' 41 -?-i 41 if 3' E 4 M Ci N 5 Z Z Si I I- hi F' la. LL w lei 591, I . gtiiggfgiiegfz -zvmgfgxff ' W e at . f vfdfij 55" ' - .. 'Iii-R seg' Q. t,.I.-JH. 211511 'L51' If fx ' f:!:,,,.-53-1 ,Uv .JQMQB LONGSTRETH, WILLIAM LUCAS, MARGARET LOUISE G. R. '38Q Forensic '38g Hostess '39 LUDDEN, LAURENE Pep Squad '38g Volley Ball '38, '39g G LUMPKIN, BEVERLY Shorthand '38 MCALISTER, HARRY MCCARLEY, LOUISE Sandstorm '39g G R. '38 MCCARTT, VIRGINIA Pep Squad '37, '38 MCCLENDON, MARGARET Stu. Cong. '39g Honor Soc. '39Q Hostess '39 MCCLUNG, MARY BETH Band Queen '38, '39g Stu- Cong. '38g Honor Soc. '38, '39j Amer. Hist. ,37 MCCONNAUGHEY, ELAINE G. R. '38g Hostess ,39 MCGAUGH EY, WANDA MCGILVRAY, IUNE Glee Club '38, '39 McKEE, HAROLD R. 0. T. C. '38, '39 MCLEAN, RICHARD R. o. T. C. '37, '38 MQLEMORE, ETHEL MCMURTRY, BUD MCWHIRTER, ELIZABETH MABERRY, MARGERY ANN Amer. Hist. '38g Honor Soc. '39 MALTSBERGER, DEWEY One Act Play '39 MARRS, LOUISE MARTIN, BETTY Thespian '39 Page 4 MARTIN, IIMMY Golf '38, Sandstorm '37, '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '37, '38, '39, Kan. Kam '38, '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, R. O. T. C. '37. '38, '39, Honor Soc. '37, '38, '39 MASHBURN, ISABELLE Pep Squad '37, '38, S. H. S. B. A. '38 MASON, BUCK R. O. T. C. '38, '39, Rifle Team '38, '39, Hi-Y '38, Los Viaj. '39 MATTHEWS, BOBBYETTA G. R. '38 MAULDIN, STANLEY' Sanclies '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, Sr. Class Fav. '39 MAYNARD, CURTIS Band '38, Hi-Y '38, '39, Kan. Kam. '38, '39, Science '38 MEDART, MERLE Hostess '39 MENDEL, HARRIET MEREDITH, SAMMIE MEYER, BUDDY Band '37, '38, '39, Sandstorm '38, '39 MILLER, ELIZABETH MILLER, IAMES Glee Club '38, '39, Amer. Hist. '38g San- Clies '39 MILLER, WILLIS Band '38, Basketball '39 MINNICH, MARY LOU Hostess '38, Stu. Cong. '39 MITCHELL, MARY DALE Girl Reserve '38, Pi Delta '38, Los Viaj. '39 MOLYNEAUX, GORDON Amer. Hist. '38, Glee Club '38, '39 MONARCH, BETTY Glee Club '37 MONTGOMERY, THOMAS La Airosa '38 MOORE, ALENE MOORE, VIRGINIA MORRIS, LOIS MARIE Glee Club '37, '38, Los Viaj. '38, '39 MORROW, CLIFFORD R. O. T. C. '37, '39, Hi-Y '38, '39 , MUNN, BOB R. o. T. C. 38. H1-Y 37 MUNSON, BETTY MYERS, ELIZABETH S. H. S B. A. '38, Stu. Cong- '38 NALL, MARY DEAN Essay '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39, Clee Club '38, '39, Operetta '38, La Airosa '39 NEAL, MAX R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Stu. Cong. '39, Pi Delta '38, Officer's Club '38, '39, Forensic '38, The-spian '39 NELSON, DOROTHY NICKOLS, PEYTON O'BRIEN, BETTY IANE Pep Squad '37, Hostess '38 O'DELL, HAZEL O'DELL, VESTA Glee Club '38, '39 oDoM, TERRY R. o. T. C. '38 OGLESBY, MARIE G. R. '38, Operetta '38 OLIVER, IACK OWENBY, ROBERT Track '38, R. O. T. C. '38, '39, S. H. s. B. A. '37, '38 OWENS, KATHRYN PAGE, 1. C. Yann. '37, Boxing '39 PALMER' IRA MAE PANGLE, WELDON Glee Club '37, '38, '39, Opererta '37 PARKS, IACK Yann. '37, Sandies '38, Glee Club '37, Op- eretta '37 PARRIS, IANE Pep Squad '37, Debate '37, Declam. '38, '39, Poetry '38, Stu. Cong. Honor Soc- '37, '38, '39, Pi Delta '37, '38, La Airosa '37, '38, '39, Nat'l Fo- rensic '37, '38, '39, Thespian '39, Who's Who '38, '39, Sr. Class Fav. '39 337, 381 Page 44 Page 45 PARTON, GIRLINE Stu. Cong. '39, Thalian '38, Hostess '39 PATE, MARY MARGARET Honor Soc. '39g G. R- '38g Glee Club '39: Debate '39 PATTON, CYNTHIA Pep Squad '37Q Clef: Club '37, '38, '39, Amer. Hist. '38' Operetta' 37, '38 PATTON, LEON Los Viaj. '38 PAXTON. LOUISE Clce Club '37, '38, Operetta '37, Stu. Cong- '39 PEARCE, ARTHUR PECKHAM, ALICE G. R. '38 PEERY, HUBERT Boxing '38, R. O. T. C. '37, '38 PEERY, RUBY BETH PENDERGRAFT, R. L., Ir. Tumbling '38, Pep Leader '39 PENDLETON, NILES PENNINGTON, GERRY G. R. '38 PETERS, VIRGINIA ANN Pep Squad '37 PETERS, WILMA G. R. '38, Debate '39 PETERSEN, ERICK R. 0. T. C. gs PHILLIPS, DOROTHY Amer- Hist. '37g Internos '38, Forensic '38, Pep Squad '37, '38, Honor Soc. '39 PHILLIPS, FRANCES Los Viaj. '38 PIERCE, MARGUERITE PITMAN, BILL Band '37, '38, '39 PITSCHKE, BETTY Pep Squad '37, Glee Club '37 PITT. OPAL if 41 4K 7' 1 4 ll I! ld P Z Z 4 I I' U I" la. la. I if if 1k if M 4 G! 1 hi 3 Z Z 4 I is ld' F' LL i L PITTMAN, JACK, If. POTTER, PAUL Band '37, '38g R. O. T- C. '37 PREDDY, BILLIE IUNE Tennis '38, '39g Volley Ball '38 '39 PRICE, MAXINE Tennis '38, G. R. '38 PRIEST, AUDREY IANE Pep Squad '37g Los Viaj. '38g Honor Soc. '39 PRINCE, ERMA Opcrcrra '38 PRIVITT, MARY QUEST, RALPH Tennis '39 QUINN, BILLIE Glee Club '38, '38g Operetta '38 RADEY, ROSS T. R. O. T. C. '37Q Rifle Team '37Q Amer. Hisr. '38 RAFFKIND, ISABEL Pep Squad '37, '38 RAGLAND, BOBBY RATCLIFI2 IERRY Band '37, '38, '39g Basketball '39 RAVEY, IEAN Pep Squad '37, '38, S- H. S. B. A. '37, '38, Stu. Cong. '38, '39 RAY, ARTHUR Science '38 RAY, IEANNE Internos '38g Glcc Clulx '38g Honor Soc. '38, '39 RED, VIRGINIA E. Valley Ball '38 REED, RAYMOND REED, ROY Band '38, '39 REEVES, BILL RENEROIE' BETTY G. R. '38 Page 46 Page 47 RICE, YALE HARVARD Sandies '38 RICH, VIRGINIA G, R. '37 RICHMAN, MARCALEA G. R. '38, Thaliau '38, Hostess '39 ROBBINS, GRADY Stu. Cong. '39 ROBERTS, CONNIE Band '38, '39 ROBERTS, SALLY Forensic '37 ROBERTS, THANE Saudies '39, Track '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39Q Amer. Hist. '38 ROBINSON, WILSON R. o. T. c. '37, gs RODDY, EARL Opcrctta '38, Glec Club '38 RODGERS, MARTHA Band '38, '39, Forensic '38, Hostess '39 RODGERS, MARY G. R. '38 ROGERS, ED Band '37, '38, Rifle Team '37, '38, R. O. T. C. '37, '38, I-Ii-Y '37, La Airosa '37 ROGERS, GRACE Pep Squad '37, '38, Pep Leader '39, One-Act Play '38, Pi Delta '38, Iuternos '37, La Airosa '38, '39, Who's Who '39 ROGERS, IACK Stu. Cong. '38, R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Bat. Staff '39, Div. Occ. '39, Sandstorm '38 ROGERS, IANET ROLLINS, ELIZABETH Amer. Hist. '38, La Airosa '38, '39, Honor Soc. '39, Shorthand '39 RONEY, IACK Hi-Y '38, '39, Baud '38, '39 ROPER, GEORGE Track '37, R. O. T. C. '38, Rifle Team .38 ROUSH, DONA Pep Squad '38, Thalian '38, Hostess '39 ROYAL, EUGENE ROYE, EREDA Glee Club '39 if 'il 6 F Bal' 41 W3 GZ Lsl Z' Z Z 4 I lf' DJ -vy- I' lv.- LL fin me ss, nf 'fbdif I I fin J -I -"cm ., . , 1,1927 Y-3 ig -, :s,i,l51'?55iZfz?Z'f .- eg3l,:gf'ggf.'gg, '4j.Qif15'S"2.l5"Q-s. 4. .. ' 'K il I 7- M 4 UI I hl 5 Z Z 4 I I" ld P ls. ll. E RUSH, AVERY , Band '37, '38, '39, Hi-Y '3', '38, '39Q Kan. Q .QM Kam. '38, Debate '39 X - 2 . S RUSH, YVONNE ' I Pep Squad '37S G. R. '38, Hostess '39 RUSK, DAVID Stu. Cong. '37, Kan, Kam. '38, Pi Delta '38, Honor Soc. '38, '39, La Airosa '38, '39 RUTLEDGE, GEORGE Yann, '38, Sandies '39, Track '38, Honor Soc- '38 '39 SALMON, R. D. R. O. T. C. '39 SANCHEZ, ANASTACIA SANDERS, THOMAS Honor Soc. '38, '39, R. O. T. C. '37, '38, Offi- cer's Club '38 SAUNDERS, FREIDA 'W Honor Soc. '39 SAVAGE, MARY KATHRYN Thalian '38 SCARBOROUCH, ALFRED Track '37, R- O. T. C. '37 SCH AER, CLEM SCOTT, BARBARA Pep Squad '37, '38, Pi Delta '37, S. H. S. B. A. '37, Sandstorm '37, '38, '39 SCOTT, MILDRED Honor Soc. '38, '39, Thalian 38 SEAMAN, HENRY Yann. '39, Stn. Cong. '38, '39, Honor Soc. '38, '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Internos '38, Who's Who '39, Debate '39 SELLERS, VELMA Oporctta '38 SEWELL, EXVART SEWELL, G. I. R. O- T. C. '37, '38, '39 SHACKLEFORD, LOYD Sandies '39 SH ELTON, ELLEN SHIELDS, AULDON Stu, Cong. '39 SHINN, HARVEY R. O. T. C. '38, '39 Page 48 Q. ACRT. TOM rlclc '38, Baskcrlmll '38, Siu. Cong. '39 SHUDDE, FRANCES Ivtcruos '38, Anzcr- Hist. '38g Pep Squad '37 SIBLIQY. TH ISDA Olwcrcttn '38 SIEBIFLS, BONNIIT . 3 , C R. S71 Stu, Cong. 38 SIKISS, VVILFORD R. O. T. C. '37, '38, 'PQQQ Track '38 SILVER, MARIORIF SMITH. FLOYD O. T. C. '37, '38, '39 SMITH. DOUGLAS R. O. T. C. '38. '39 SNIITH, HORACE 4MoNs, IIM SIVIITI-I, IUAIXIITA Thulinn '38 SMITH. NOIEL SVIITI-I., RAY Lgs vmj '38 SMITH. VIRGINIA Hostess '38 SMYTH, DOROTHY IO Psp Squad '37, '38 SoRI7LLIi, FLORENCE U Cquncl '371 Stu. Cong. '37 SPANN. NELL Pep Squad '37, '38g Stu, Cong. 'VQQQ Amer. Hisr. '38 STACK, IVIARY Pep Squad '37g Pep Louder '38, '39, Ten- nis '38, '39, Declam. '37, '38, '39, Vollcy hull '37, R, O. T. C, Spon. '38, '3gg Pi Delta '38g Soph- VicefPres. '37g Ir. Secy.- Trcas. '38g L11 Airosu '38, '391 Ir. Class Ifuv. '38g High School Queen '3QQ Honor Soc. '39g VVho's XVlw '38, '39 SFALLINGS, VANITA IRENE Opererm '38 STALKNER, FRANK Kan. Kam. '38g Hi-Y '37, '38g Intcrnos '37 STANFORD' T. VV. Boxing '37, '38g Shorthand '37Q Rifle Team '37Q R. O. T. C. '37 4: -ar ar P nt 4 U1 I! ru P Z Z 4 I I-' MJ I- h. Ll.. 41 41 +I. 5- M 4 UI LZ ld D Z Z 4 I I' bl I'- U. Ll. gg-N '-4" Rami 1, 'M fe Q- -? . iss,- arg? ff :ff-gf f"L..+?1' 3131. .yn .1-A-af. STANLEY, IOHN R. STEPHENSON, DONALD Band '38, '39 STEVENS, YVONNE Amer. Hisr. '38, La Airosa '38, '39, Hon- or Soc. '39, Shorthand '39 STINSON, ELEANOR Stn. Cong, '38, Pi Delta '38, Hostess '37 STINSON, GENEVA G. R. '37, S- H. S. B. A. '37Q Operetta '37 STITH, DOROTHY Thalian '37', '38 STITT, LARRY Hi-Y '39, Los Viaj. '38, '39, Golf '38, '39, Ln Airosa '39, Honor Soc. '39 STOCKER, HELEN Thulian '37 STONE, CATHERINE Band '38 STONE, RALPH Band '38, Clce Club '36, '37, '38, Operet- UI '37 STOOPS, RUBY DELL Band '39, C. R. '38 STOOPS, THELMA G. R. '37, '38, Band '38, '39 STORSETH, EDDIE Stu. Cong. '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Internos '37, S. H. S. B. A. '37, '38, Forensic '38, '39, La Airosa '38, '39, Soph. Pres. '37, Ir. Vice-Pres. '38, Sr. Pres. '39 STOVER, BILL Los Viaj. '37, '38, Honor Soc. '39 STOWELL, DOLLY Pep Squad '38, Hostess '39 SULLIVAN, AVA LEE TANNER, GENEVIEVE G. R. '37 TANNER, MARIORIE TAYLOR, BETTY Pep Squad '38, Internos '38 TAYLOR, DOROTHY G. R. '38 TAYLOR, HOVVARIJ Page 5x TEAS, MARTHA Pep Squad '37, '38, Amer. Hist. '37 TERRELL. IACOLIN TERRY, GERALD Band '38, '39, Los Viaj. '39 THOMPSON. BEN THOMPSON, BETH THOMPSON, BILL Saudics '37, '38, '393 TfHCli '38- '39? Basketball '39, Stu. Cong. '39, Who's XVho '39, Los Viaj. '38 THOMPSON, C. D. THOMPSON, NEAL THOMPSON, PHILLIP THOMPSON, RUBY THOMPSON, SUDY Pep Squad '38, Stu. Cong- '39, S. H. S. B. A. '38 THOMPSON, GLEN THORNTON. RAYMOND Basketball '38, Yann. '38 TIGART, ORVAL Yann. '3714S8l'ldiCS '38, '39, Glce Club '38 '39 TIMMONS, BASCOM S. H. s. B. A. '38, R. o. T. C. '37, '38 TIMMONS. INA BELLE Thalian '37, G. R. '38 l TIPPS. HAROLD Los Viaj. '38, '39 TRIPLETT, IACK Tennis '38, Sandstorm '39 TODD. VIRGINIA Band '38, '39, G. R- '38 TURPIN, ANNA LEE TURPIN, ROBERT y TWADDELL, LORlilgL1E UKENE, IENE VANHOOSER, MARY Thalian '38 VERNON, IACK R. O. T. C. '37, '38g Yann. '37 VINEYARD, ROY R. O. T. C. '37, Rifle Team '37, Kan. Kam- .38 VISAGE. BILL R. O. T. C. '38, '39 WADE. CHARLES WAGONER, CARLOS Tumbling '38 WALFS, VVILLIAM Band '37, '33, '39 XVALKER, MARGARET IANF XVALKER. SAM R. o. T. ci. '33, '39 XVALTERS, I. W. XVARD. IUNE Hostess '39 WARD, ROY WARNER. IOHN Yann. '38, Saudies '3QQ Track '38, Bas- ketball '38g Clee Club '38' '39, Stu. Cong. '39 XVARNIIR, IOHN DAVID R. O. T. C. '38, '39 XVATKINS, CEORGANN Debate '39, Nail Forensic '39 WATSON, BILLIE LOUISE G' R- '37, '38 NVEBB, 1. E. R. 0. T. C. '37, gs XVEBB, MARVIN Yann. '38, Sunclics '39g Glue Club '38g Op- crctta '38 NVEBB, WILMA Glee Club '39g Operetta '38g Hostess '39 Page 52 Page 53 VVEHRMAN, ARTHUR WELCH, OLIVER WESCOAT, REBA WHEELER, WALLACE WHITAKER, IEAN Pi Delta '38, C. R. '38, Honor Soc. '39, Tluespian '39 WHITE, HELEN IEAN Pep Squad '38 WHITE, ROBERT Basketball '37, '38, '39 VVHITE, WANDA WHITED, TED Band '37, '38, '39, Glee' Club '38 WHITEHEAD, PEARL WHITELEY, LYNN WILKINSON, MARIORIE Honor Soc. '39 VJILLBORN, GARDNER WILLIAMS, MARTHA GENE Pep Squad '37, Pep Leader '38, '39, Stu- Cong. '38, 39, R. O. T. C. Spon. '39, Honor Soc. '38, '39, Pi Delta '38, Internos ,372 Ir. Pres. '38, Wh0's Who '38, '39 WILLIS, MILDRED La Airosa '39, Operetta '38, Hostess '39 WILLS, NORMA Amer. Hist. '37, Operetta '38 WILSON, BILL Track '37, '38, R- O. T. C. '37, '38, Rifle Team '37 WILSON, BOB R. O. T. C. '37, '38 VVINCHESTER, BOB R. O. T. C. '37, '38, '39, Officer's Club '39, Stu. Cong. '39 WINEIELD, VERTREECE Sfulclies '37, '38, Basketballl '37 WINN, MAE IO Thalian '38, Sr. Sec-Treas- '39, Honor Soc. '39, Debate '39 WRIGHT, ED R. O. T. C. '37, Boxing '38g Tumbling '38 WRIGHT, KENNETH R. o. T. G. '36, s. H. s. B. A. '37 WRIGHT, OLETA G. R. '38 WRIGHT, THELMA Thalian '38 YARBROUGH, NELWYN ZIMMERMAN, GERALD R. O. T. C. ,37, '38, '39 VVINTERS, SAM Internos '38, Yann, Mgr. '38g Sandie Mgr. '39 WOLFINGTON, ALMEDA WOOD, WANDA WORD, FRANCES G. R. '38g Glee Club '38, '39 WORD, WALTER Band ,37, '38g Stu. Cong '37, '38g S. S. B. A. '37 WORSHAM, KENNEY R. O. T. C. '38, '39 A father sees E1 son nearing manhood. What shall he tell that son? "Life is hard, be steely be a rock." And this might stand him for the storms and serve him for humdrum and monotony and guide him amid sudden betrayals and tigl ten him for slack moments- "Life is a soft loam, be gentle, go easy." And this too might serve him. Brutes have been gentled where lashes failed. The growth of a frail flower in a path up has sometimes shattered and split a rock. A tough will counts. So does desire. So does a rich soft wanting. Without rich wanting nothing arrives. Tell him too much money has killed men and left tlem dead years before burial: the quest of lucre beyond a few easy needs has twisted good enough men sometimes into dry thwarted W0l'l'l1S. Tell him time as a stuff can be wasted. Tell him to be a fool every so often Hl and to have no shame over having been I1 fool, yet learning something Ollt of every folly, hoping to repeat none of the cheap follies, thus arriving at intimate understanding of a world numbering many fools. Tell him to be alone often and get at himself and above all tell himself no lies about himself whatever the white lies and protective fronts he may use amongst other people. Tell him solitude is creative if he is strong and the final decisions are made in silent rooms. Tell him to be different from other peooln if it comes natural and easy being different. Let him have lazy days seeking his deeper motives. Let him seek deep for where he is a born natural. Then he may understand Shakespeare and the Wright brothers, Pasteur, Pavlov, I Michael Faraday, and free imaginations bringing changes into :I World resenting change. He will he lonely enough to have time for the work he knows :Is his own. Carl Sandburg's lines from Tbe People, Yes are used by special permission of the copyright owners and publishers, Harcourt, Brace 8: Co., New York. Page 54 , QW J '-my Q, . A 7372" ws 'if ' will Q N29 r K 7 I a , J sf A l 5 ,. , W-94 cyfw " 'if A 1 f 'ik X: 9 xv we 5,-za. it :gs ,gf EEME3E:.:i. ..,, -'-' Q4 1. -, f-aifeqi 4 ,ff v, I 3 4 f A Q 94" 5 f Q eff? W vis f, 2, y xg? 4 gg W V s , W 32? X , , +32 30 4' A 'N A, mf qi Yo Q E Q , 4 s Q, i 5 gb S, GL 'V' .ai E"- Emi QW. li. La. x 1315 EAQQQK , ,M,n w fxlll I llL'I4L'5 lluw lltu' SL'lliUI'5 Page 56 ' . , . .Q 1' nn: , :PJ-' More Seniors off-guard -B1 +I +I 7' EZ 4 UI E Ill P ..Z. Z 4 I I' hl Q 1- I-I. lL 653533 X Page 59 ONE MORE FLIGHT TO CLIMB IUNIQR CLASS OFFICERS lack Ma1'latt, Vice-Presidcntg Carolyn Williams, Secretary-Treasurer M. T. Iohnson, President TOP ROW Aardal, Oliver Adams, I. P. Adkisson, Audrey Albright, Lorene Albritton, Zeona Aldridge, lack Aldridge, Io Ann Aldridge, Phyllis Alexander, Iessic Ruth Allen, Dorothy SECOND ROXV Allison, Dorothy Amos, Cussie Anderson, A. L. Andrews, Bill Andrews, Dale Annis, Leon Ansley, lane Apple, William Applequist, Thelma Armstrong, Edward ' THIRD ROW Arnett, Sara Beth Ashby, Lirmie Sue Bailey, Evelyn Bain, lack Baird, Walter Baker, Boone Baker, Eugene Baker' Louise Ballew, Wilson ' Bandy, I. L. FOURTH ROW Bardwell, Billie Barker, Iimmy Barker, Scharleen Barkley, Charles Barnes, Betty Barnes, Lucille Barrett, Annabel Baskin, Weldon Bassett, Wilbur Bares, Iames FIFTH ROW Bautisto, Genece Beaver, Marion Beck, Billie Ieanne Bell, Bobby Belles, Peggy Bennett, Ethel Irene Bennett, Rex Bennett, Yvonne Benyon, Betty Biggers, Clifford BOTTOM ROW Biggs, Ray ' Birge, Iohn Bisbee, Martha Bishop, Black, Billl Blackman, Cherie Blackwell, R. Blake, Betty Blake, Kenneth Blasingame, Roxie Marie TOP ROW Blessen, Virgin Boarts, Marguerite Bockmon, Bette Bogard, Guylyn Bohannon, Warren Bomar, Charles Boney, Russel Bonner, Frank Boren, Myrle Bowling, Iohn SECOND ROW Boyce, Margaret Boyd, Mary Io Bradley, Bob Bradley. loan Bradv, lvfarie Braniblett, Betty Io Brannen, Fern Branson, Iohn Brashear, Monte I0 Brauchi, Mary Alice Page 61 THIRD ROW Bringold, Docia Broaddus. Waylie Brooks, Bobby Brooks, Geraldine Brotherton, Wanda Brown, Brown Brown, Brown, Brown, Clxa rles Frances Geneva Harold Robert FOURTH ROW Bruce, Manzanita Bryson, lohnny Bufkin, Sam Bullock, Winston Bumstead, Bill Burgess, Merlene Burks, B. Burleson, Catherine Burleson, Georgie Burns, Virginia FIFTH ROW Bush, Betty Beryl Byes, Louise Callaham, D. T. Camp, Frances Camp, Mary Elizabeth Campbell, Earline Campbell, E. Campbell, Maxine Cannon, Russell Cannon, Willie Lou BOTTOM ROW Cantrell, NVillie Caraway, Margaret Cargill, Emmitt Carr, Fred Carter, Norma lean Carter, Uell Casey, Marian Casler, Helen Causey, George ' Cazzell, Dick an if +1 r- ur 4 an m H P Z Z 4 I I- U P' LL Hi ll. F TOP ROW Chamberlain, Donald Chambers, Monette Childers, Bob Chilton, Charles Christian, Lewis S. Clark, Ada Marie Clark, Blanche Clark, Clyde Clark, Ellen Claxton, Loretra SECOND ROW Cleghorn, Dorris Belle Cleveland, Dorothy Clifton, Sudie Mae Clutter, Dorothy Cobb, johnny Coberly, Verlen Cohea, Rosemary Cole, Charlotte Cole, David Cole, Tom Tl-HRD ROW Colgrove, Rogene Collie, Dorris Compton, Frances Conger, Tribble Connelly, Gwendolyn Cook, Dorothy 1 Cook, Harlene Cooley, Lewes Corbell, Cecil Cowart, Tom FOURTH ROW Cox, W. Cradit, Betty Rose Craghead, Geraldine Craghead, Ruth lane Craig, Harold Crawford, lack Crawford, Ioe Croom, Genice Cross, lack Crownover, Doris Gale FIFTH ROW Crump, Katie Cunningham, Hugh Dammier, Pauline Daniel, Suella Daniel, Warren' Daniels, Hazel Davey, Iames Davis, Ada Davis, Billy Davis, Butonne Gold - BOTTOM ROW Davis, Eugene , Davis, Iena Beth Davis, Leon Dawson, Betty DeFries, Lera Bell - DeGrassi, Winnettc Duke Dehner, Rose Mary Dendy, Stanley Denham, Maxine DeSautell, Irma Hazel TOP ROW Dial, Bobby Dickerson, Maurine Dickinson, Margaret Dodson, Delma Doty, Claude Duke, Christine Duke, Thomas Dumas, A. Duncan, Dorothy Dunlap, Caroline SECOND ROW Dunn, Loretta Eason, Iohn ' East, Mildred Eastland, Roy Esker' Nelda Edelman, Lee Anna Edquist, Paula Elkins, Bettie lean Elkins, G. W. Elliott, Earl Page 6j THIRD ROW Ellis, Billy Elmore, Inez Ely, Carol Engman, Marguerite Eslick, Ianie Etheridge, Esrel Evans, Billy Evans, Bobby Ewing, Robert ' Eyler, Nelson FOURTH ROW Fanning, Olive Inez Farmer, Ed Farmer, Iames Fergeson, Virginia Ferguson, Virginia Fesser, George Fielding, Ray Fields, Lewis Finnell, Billy Finnell, Bobby FIFTH ROW Flanders, Bob Flenniken, Richard Ford, Phyllis Foreman, Dale Foreman, V. W, Forsyth, Wanita Foster, Claydean Foster' Patricia Franklin, Mary Elizabeth Frederick, Earl BOTTOM ROW Freeman, Aubrey Fulton, Mildred Lee Fuqua, Eleanor Gardner, Naomi Gardner, Wyvonne Mae Garland, Arthur Gear, I. B. George, Bryce Gibbs, Margaret Gibson, Evalyn is -E1 -K 7' U 4 U! EZ ld 7' Z Z 4 I F' ld I" la. LL TOP ROVV Gibson, Hazle Giles, Annie Giles, Leroy Gill, Charlie Gill, Helen Gill, Iohn Gilmore, Francis Givins, Iohn Glovier, Mary Elizabeth Gochnauer, Barney SECOND ROW Gochnauer, Dorothy Godsey, Dewrene Goforth, Dick Goode, lane Gorman, Bob Grammer, W. C. Grantham, Iames Graves, Ernest Gray, Dorothy Green, George THIRD ROW Green, Margot Greer, Rushton Gregg, Iustine Grider, Verlagail Grier, Darwin Griffin, Mary Io Griffin, Raymond Grisham, Darrell Grooms, Richard Hail, Clinton FOURTH ROW Hainze, Frank Hainze, Tommy Hale, Billy Hales, Bettye Hall, I.aVonne Hamilton, Irene Hamilton, Paul Hare, Helen Hare, Ralph Harlow, Harold FIFTH ROW Harmon, Bob Harper, Mary' Ruth Harris, Ioyce Iune Harris, Nell Harris, O'Dell Harris, Raymond Hart, Norma lean Harwell, Roy Haston, Dixie Hatcher, Victor BOTTOM ROW Hatchett, Earl Hatton, Lorena Hawkins, Dorothy Haynes, Gene Hayworth, lean Hayworth, Roy Heath, Mary Helen Heddin, Iulia Henderson, Nancy Henry, Frank Page 64 'Ii OP ROW Henry, Mary Louise Herbert, Geraldine Herring, Earl Hess, Charles Hester, Margaret Hickenbottom, Gracie Hickenbottomn Vivian Hickmott, Ed Hicks, Iames Hill, Billy SECOND ROW Hill, Dick Hinds, Clint Lee Hinerman, Tommie Hitch, Bill Hodges, Iimmie Hodgin, Bill Hollingsworth, Geneva Holman, Ionnie Lee Holmes, Virginia Holt, Charles Page 65 THIRD ROW Holton, Eris Honea. Iames Hoover, Dorothy Ann Hopkins, Pat Horton, Oneta Houston, Doris Houston, Ellen Howard, Gib Howe, Clarence Howell, Virginia FOURTH ROW Howze, lean Huddleston, I. M. Hunsley, Mary Elizabeth Hunt, La Nelle Hunter, Carl Hutchens, Maxine Ingram, Cecil Isaacs, Norman Ivins, Frank Izzard, Bob FIFTH ROW Iaekson, Edna Earl Iacobs, Joy jameson, Carroll Iaster, Lucille Iohnson, Betty Iohnson, Gradie Iohnson, lean Iohnson, Ioyce Iohnson Millard johnson, M. T- BOTTOM ROW johns Iohns Johns on, Ted on, Truett ton, Raymond Iones, Billie Faye Iones, Cecil Iones, Dick Iones, Laurel Beth Iones, Maxine Iones, Ruth Iones, Waunice r s -11 1, r sr, wg"-az, : V ' 6. . t 7 I USTT 9,1 555555 MV? TOP ROW Iones, Wilber Ioslin, Burrel Iuetr, lean Keeling, Carroll Keen, Bob Keen, Clay Keller, Val Kelley, Esther Kennedy, Vera Kenyon, Dora SECOND ROW Kenyon, Doris Kern, Iimmy Kerr, Bernard Kilcrease, Ora Lee Kilcrease, Russell Kile, Richard Killgore, Emner King, Iune King, Lee Knight, Douglas THIRD ROW Knox, Ierold Koesjan, Barbara Kruger, Mona Laing, Robert Lane, Mar ie Langseth, ?7eNoy Latham, Dorothy Lawson, Roberta Leach, Howard Leavitt, Jack FOURTH ROW Ledbetter, Dale Lemmon, Robert Leslie, Edna Mae Levine, Rita Lewis, Cordon Lewis, Lorraine Lieurance, Dick Li ht, lack Liiins, Stanley Likins, T. S. FIFTH ROW Lilley, Bunyan Linn, Roberta Lee Long, Henry Longstreth, Iohn W., Loper, Elaine Ludclen, Ioanne Lum, W. BH Ir. Lynch, Frances Lyon, lack l'VIcCain, Gladys BOTTOM ROW McCarty, Evelyn McCausland, Illll McClain, Lendon McClendo11, Betty McCormick, Ioan McCuistion, Alma lVIcEntire, Dub McGregor, Donald Lee lVIcKenzie, Margaret McKenzie, Vora Dell Rage 66 TOP ROW McKinley, Helen McKinney, David McManus, Ray McPhail, Ioan McRae, Curtis McSpadden, George Magnuson, Viola Manning, Bob Nlanning, Cecil March, Ianey SECOND ROW Marlatt, lack Marsalis, Don Martin, Alton Martin, B- Martin, D. Mason, Dorothy Mathis, Maudena Maxfield, Frances Nlayer, Dick Mays, Taylor Page 67 THIRD ROW Mead, Bettie lean Mt-dart, Erwin Melson, Geraldine Mercer, Ernestine Miller, Lowell Milton, Bill Mincher, Arloe Mfincher, Willa Deane Mitchell, Selmah Mobley, Iane FOURTH ROW Molyneaux, Russell Manning, Catherine Montgomery, Iim Bob Moore, Don Moore, Gwendolyn Moore, Kathleen Moore, Norine Moore, O. W. Morgan, Betty Morgan, Margaret FIFTH ROW Morris, Dorothy Moselev, Norma Lee Moseley, Shirley Mott, Clyde Mott, Vivian Moye, Grace Mnckleroy, Richard Munson, Phyllis Murphy, Ruth Murphy, Thomas Leroy BOTTOM ROW Murray, Elman Nance, Billie Neal, James Neece, Eugene Neely' Florence Nelson, Donald Nelson, Finley Nelson, Mary Newman, Bill Nisbett, Ida Lou SECOND ROW Phillips, Clarence Raney, TOP ROW Nix, Norma Noland, Gene Norvell, Betty Nussbaum, Lorene OlBrien' Peggy Odom, Oris Offord, Durwood Ogg, Lester Ogle, Nadine ' Oliver, Billy Ott, Harry Pamplin, Adrian Patrick, W. M. Payne, Otto Percell, Betty lean Perry, Ernest Petersen, Lillian Petlieram, Alice Io Phillips, lames THIRD ROW Pike, Marie Pippen, Hazel Pitschke, Dick. Pitt, Leona Fay Plant, Hester Plecler, Flave Pointer, Ferma Pool, Roberl Porter, Robert Powers, Carol FOU RTH ROW Pratt, Mary Presley, Bill Prince, Agnes Priolo, Frank Pyeatt, Pauline Pyeatt, R. T. Pryor, Mary Radey, Harvey M-, Ir. Verna Mae Ratcliff, Marjorie FIFTH ROW Ratcliff, Maxine Ray, Margaret Redusy Williani Redus, Wilma Reece, Penny Reed, Dean Reeder, Willover Reeves, lack Reynolds, Iuanita Rhodes, Althea BOTTOM ROW Richardson, Richard Ricketts, Lucille Ricks, Lillian Dairc Riner, Bill Risley, G. Rittenberry, Dorothy Roach, T. I.. Robb, Margery Roberts, Athelia Roberts, Terry Page 68 TOP ROW Robinson, Mildred Roddy, Betty Roddy, Lavern Roland, Max Ross, Chester Ross, Oneitta Rubin, Mannie Rury, Everette Rushmer, Gorton Russell, Bob SECOND ROW Russell, Louise Salver, Willa Dean Sammons, Dorotha Sanders, Audrey Sanders, Bert Sandlin, Robert Satterwhite, Ieanette Scott, Elou Scott, Guinevere Sexton, Royce Page 69 THIRD ROW Shannon, Margaret Sharp, Marie Shaw, Mary Louise Shaw, Mary Nell Shelton, Loctta Shelton, Odessa Sherrill, Billy Shiver, Clayton Sibley, Wayne Sieber, Bill FOURTH ROW Silverman, Billy Simmons, Bill Simpson, Elby Sims, Geraldine Sims, lack Singleton' Neill Smith, Betty Lou Smith, Buic Smith, Edna Smith, Elmer FIFTH Smith, Sritith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, ROW Emma Louise Evelyn Frances Hobart I. Roy, Ir. Laura Mae Louise Myron Russell Victor BOTTOM ROW Smith, Wilmoth Sorrels, Bob Sowder, Elmer Spann, Gayle Steel, Billy Bob Stephens, Thelma Stewart, Arline Stinson, Donald Stiteler, Polly Stock, Charlotte l l I i f s s Q fi X TOP ROW Stocker, Ruth Kathleen Stout, Billy Strickland, George Strimple, Lila Beth Sturch, Mildred Sturch, Nina Lee Sugg, Tommy Sullivan, Dorothy In Sullivan, Prestene Tankersley, Louise SECOND ROW Tarter, Sanford Tarwater, Bill Taylor, lack Teakell, Flossie Terry, Iames Thomas, Helen Thompson, Alvah Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Thornto n, Elsie THIRD ROW Thornton, Luella Thornton, Virginia Throckmorton, Rubie Thurman, Lila Thurston, Lucille Thurston, Truman Toombs, Iune Treadwell, Doyce Verlon Trimble, Earlene Trimmier, Don FOURTH ROW Troup, Virginia Tupin, Loraine Turner, Edna T urner, Glen Turner, Iuanita Upton, Iames Van Buskirk, Moureen Vance, David Van I-loose, Ola Mae Vaughan, Lillie Mae FIFTH ROW Vaught, Martha Veazey, lvaughn Vernon, Mary Louise Versyp, Lewis Vineyard, Howard Vinyard, Marjorie Visage, Frances Vogel, Kathryn Waldrop, R. Walker, Helen BOTTOM ROW Walker, lack Walker, Neva Marie Walker, Tommy Walters, George Wallace, Fay Walton, Louise Wanser, Wanda Ward, Bettie Warnix, Frances Watkins, Clayton 267 SECOND ROW 9 BOTTOM ROW TOP ROXV Watkins, Lucille Watson, Iimmie Watt, Iames Weatherly, Cleon Webb, Bette Webster, O- C. West, Daniel Wheatley, Kenneth Wheeler, Genevieve Wheeler, Louise Whitaker, Less Whitchurch, Gilbert White, V C111 Whitehead, Ruby Whitten, Wilbanks, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Merle Fred Carolyn Clarence Frank Martha Page 71 THIRD ROW Williams, Willie Nell Williamson, Ioe Williford, Billie Wilson, Garland Wilson, Leslie Winfield, Helen Wolfe, Malcolm Wood, Douglas Woody, Eva Marie Word, Tom Work, Rheafern Worsham, Roena Wi'ight, Ioe Wright, Manseine Yates, Loleita L. Young, Dean Young, Robert Younger, Betty Zion, Allen Belle Znkav, Sidney 1 FOOLIN' AROUND' WITH THE IUNIORS IUNIORS IN VARIOUS MOODS 'K if 41 P' I! 4 9' 1 hl P Z Z 4 I l' bl I :- ll- ls. ff? W Q? IUST STARTING UP SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Dick Anderson, Secretary-Treasurerg Ierry Kerns, Vice-Presidentg Peggy Stack, President f ef 4 xg P 5 Igyexf 33, ,J ,ff . MA.-' i., -.,. IE' A wwf ,W .. V V, ,.- gf ..7:. i W , H-1 - li-,-1 as " liigfg' S. ' Yfii 37,13 -xanax Abbott, Clifford Adams, Beatrice Adams, Dorothy Adams, Glenn Adams, lane Adelstcin, lack Adkins, T. R. Albriht, Fannie Ruth Allen, Travis Bradbury, Calysta Altsmau, Charles Anderson, Dick Austin, Billy Bacon, Valeria Baggett, Byron Baker, Carmelita Baldwin, Hope Ball, Arthur Barkas, Mickey Barkley, Freddy Barnard, Dorothy Barnes, Lee Barnes, Opal Barton, Betty Io Battenfield, Viola Faye Beard, Robert Beaver, Haskell Beck, Morris Bedenk, Robert Beeman, Iack Bee-man, Maxine Bell, Betty Bellows, Mary Frances Bennett, Phillip Bennett, Ierry Berry, Beverly Black, Mary lane ' Blankenship, Georgia Blessen, Edgar Blessen, Melvin Bobo, Marjorie Bohannon, Helen Bohannon, Wyndel Bosworth, Pauline Boyter, Richard Brady, Ruth Bringold, Bette Broacldus, Imogene Brock, Beulah Brown, Billie Brown, Currell Brown, Florene Brown, Louise Brown, Philip Bryan, Eddie Buford, Tommy Buutin, Bob Burch, Charleene Byassee, Iames Caldwell, Iohnie Carver, Luther Celey, Leslie Certain, Dorothy Cleveland, Doris Collette, Eulene Cooper, Priesley Cooper, Tommy Copleny Bob Corn, Sue Cox, Iuanita Crafton, Kelley Crawford, Bob Crawford, Iohn Crowe, Wayne Cruson, Iewell Culpepper, Virginia Curtis, Lucille Daniel, Henry Daniel, Lloyd Daniel, Loraine Dansliy, Ierry Davis, Freezla Davis, Lloyd Davis, Sam Dawson, Iuanita DeFries, Catherine Denney, Ernest Dickerson, Marjorie Dollar, Marie Dotson, Paulire Dowlen, Lanion Drexler, Lorraine Duke, Foy Duniven, Mary Frances Dutton, Helen Early, Norma lean Eastland, Betty Echols, Lee Evelyn Edwards, Hudson Edwards, Iimmy Edwards, Mary Lou Elliott, Iessie Elliott, Marguret Eubank, Ierome Evans, W. C. Exposito, Fred Fanning, Io Fevgufoit, Mildred Ficke, Ma rga ret Files, Benny Ford, Corinne Foreman, Mary Foster, Indie Foster, Raymond Fowler, Willlllil Francis, Ieanne Freeman, I-I. I-I., Ir. Fulton, Norma Kathleen Garrett, Harold Garrett, Helen Page 77 'Il 'IK -K P I! 4 UI I! ld 7 Z Z 4 I I' Ld I' IL 'F . 41 'OK 41 P M 4 U! I H P Z Z 4 I I'- Ll! I' ll.. IA. Z. 'iv ' qw -, ' New Q A25 'SW' fr is flggf ' iff?-'jg ' , Kfllglf, J whwygg Jam f--Mia? -f 'law -. vlfglgx, H ii, Garrison, Leon Gathright, Margie Ghormley, Glenna May Giles, Tommy Golden, lack Gooden, Ernestine Goodman, Christine Goodman, R- Greathouse, Myrle Gregg, Roby , V Grooms, Dorothy Gruver, Dale Gwyn, George Hagan, Ethel Hall, Ellen Hallmark, Clara lean Hamilton, Iimmie Hamilton, Iohn Hamilton, Margileriete Harrell, I. C. Harris, Peggy Harter, Herbert Hays, Dorothy Hembree, Loy Hester, Virginia Hickenbottom, Florence Hill, Mary Sue Hillburn, Lee Hogan, Clarice Holbrook, Iimmy Holland, Curtis Holmes, Jolly I-lolt, Betty Holt, Willard Hopkins, Robert Lee Horne, Carlton Houck, Mary lane Houtchens, Kenyeth Huckaby, Harold Hulen, Helen Inman. Mary Pat Iackson, Lillian Iarmon, Frances jenkins, Dorothy Iohnson, Ioan Iones, Frances Jones, fanice Keith, Ruth lane Kellar, Iewell Kelley, Dorris Keller, Eugene Kern, Jerry Ann Killion, Lowanna King, Anna Mae King, Ima lean . Kirkham, Barbara Kirksey, Earl Kronbeck, Frank Kropff, Clarence Landrum, Billy ' Page 78 Lawrence, Charles Lawson, Anna Lee, Nathalene Le Grand, Lula Longabach, Gene Lott, Milford Lott, Wilford Loveland, Vern Lucas, Billy Lyons, Frances McCarter, Charlene McCully, Billy McDaniel, Danna Lee McDonald, Iean McDonald, Virginia McLaughlin, Elmer McLemore, Dora Lee McMahan, Clifton McMinn, Marie Martin, Willianl Mason, Iean Meredith, Minnie Metheny, Alton Meyer, Milton Miller, Bobbie Marie Miller, Wanda Minchaca, Lucy Moore, Mark Moore, Nell Morrison, Iames Morrison, Melvin Morrison, Vera Morton, Elizabeth Mosley, Berry Moss, Ted Murr, Donna Belle Myers, Iohn Neal, Hazel Nelson, Billy Newby, Margaret Nicholson, Ioe Norman, Peggy Garvcr Oakley, Mary Lee O'Dell, Iacqueline Oglesby, Lucille Oldham, Waneta Oldham, Wanette O'Neil, Mildred Ott, Richard Page, Fred Partney, Herbert Pearce, Iean Pearce, Laura Perry, Edward Perryman, Gordon Phillips, Wallace Pierce, Barbara lean Pittman, Helen Poling, Mary Grace Powell, Ansel Page 79 :F -K 41 -K P I! 4 KD IZ ld 3' Z Z 4 I I' Ld I' li. lt. v f l ,'1feif:a.,g2,-1' ii, '.:i4'rli-., ,Ls fff fe ,' , . it 2 , . ja, El -g. l ii 41 il 7' E 4 93 E H D Z Z 4 I F' Ld I'- ll. la. Prince, Girton Priolo, Roy Privitt, Rita Io Ramey, Harriet Ray, Ted Reagan, Florine Redding, Billy , Rice, Zenna Beryl Richardson, Charlotte Roberts, Delbert Roberts, Dorothy Nell Roberts, Nlarion Robinson, Edna Mae Robinson, Gordon Roddy, Cora Lynn Rodriguez, Gloria Rogers, Warner Rose, Lloyd Ross, lack Rowan, Martha Io Rury, Orville Russell, lviildred Sallee, lack Salyer. Lalvloyne Sanders, Audrey Sanders, Clifford Satterwhite, Frances Scarborough, Bernice Schoonovcr, Charles Sellers, Don Sellers, Frances Sewell, Iimmie Shea, Maiiciie N Sheppard, Ralph - Sherrill, Kenneth Shinn, Rosabel Sides, Nlaxine Skaggs, Bob Slagle, Edgar Slagle. lvlary Small, Arrena Smirh, Betty Sue Smith, D. Ross Y Smyth, Peggy Snow, Adalene Sparks, Nadine Speed, Bettie Ioe Stack, Mzlrgaret lane Stafford, Hilbert Stanford, Betty Io Stanley, Phillip Stephei Stevens ison, Helen on, Raymond Stiles, Emma Gene Stone, Summe Carra Lou rs, E. Tate, Arthur Taylor, George Thomas, Lorean Thomas, Margaret lane Thompson, Iack Tibbets, Sammy Lou Tomberlin, Alma Townes, Margaret Trimble, Earl Trimble, Edsel Trout, Willa lean Tubbs, Chelsea Tubbs, Eula Male Tnpin, Melba Turner, Billie Louise Turner, Grace Vaugh t, Da tie Vick, Charles Virden, Wynema Wade, Betty Lynn 'N a gner, Margaret Wakefield, Gordon Walker, Calvin Walker, Margixrite Walters, Florync Watson, Eugenia West, Dick West, Jean Wheeler, Billie Marie White, Bertha White, Cecil White Evarnae White, Iames Whiteside, Roberta Wilkins, Ieanne Wilkinson, Betty Iane Wilson, Betty Io Wilson, Helen Vkfilson, Horace Woolley, Panlena Wright, Frances Wright, Laverne Yeager, Virginia Zischang, Nelleen Fae Page 81 SOPI-IOMORES TURNED LOOSE , x W SANDSTORM STAFF 1, Virginia Brown Pcdclliif Papers. 2-3. Business managers, Iiznmy Martiii and Barbn1'z1 Scott. 4-5 Iournalism studcnts in Sandstorm office. 6. First scmcstcr co-editors Ada Allison and Virginia Brown. 7 Assistant editor, Frances Ballow. BATTALI ON STAFF Front row: Licut. T. H. MCDYOIIQIIKI, P. M. S. and T.g Hon. Licut.-Col. M:11'y Taylor Ballg Hou. Majox' K21IllI'yI1 Farwwcllg Hon. M2ljOf Bhry Stnckg Licut,-Col. Ray Grccn. Back Row: 1Wajor Iimmy Blasclclg First Licut. Hale Crawforclg First Licut. Iolm Corng Captain Inck Rogcrsg Ivfajor Bob XKIi11ChCSlICl'. Centcr and Bot! tom Pictures Companies A and B. page 85 COMPANIES C, E, and F 'X +I +I 5- E! 4 UI I! ld D' Z Z 4 I I'- ld an P lx. LL. if ' 7. 'agllln' H Xi 1234 ik, ii vig., , ...'-w 3' igvv. - 4 ,135 , '55'??5i'iEi7Za:5f3f-'1" i f Ally il' 'Ph WI 'lulfgilef 'ii liz C PART-TIME VOCATIONAI. CI .ASSI-TS Trmle nnml lnclnstrizil Division ---- C. lVl, Allen, CTU0l'KllIlLlI0l' HE21I'l1 Wluile You l.e11rn" Class Roll: Paul Baker, Clifford Biggers, Iolin Bowling, Dean Brown, Frank Brown, Ucll Carter, Ben Collins, Pat Connelly, Billy Eclwarcls, L. E. Flowers, Iolmn Givens, Barney Gocliniuier, Toney Goelmauer, Bob Gorman, Ricllarcl Grooms, Bob Harmon, Eugene Haynes, Calvin Hill, Robert Hopkins, Willarcl Holt, I. R. Horne, Ierold Knox, lack Leavitt, Gene Latham, Cecil Nlanning, Russell lVlolyneanx, Bill Reeves, Mannie Rubin, Royce Sexton, Wilmotlu Smith, Howard Taylor, Alvah Thompson, Thomas Walkc1', Ioe Williamson. Qcontinued on page 1645 'K 'k -K 7' I! 4 B1 IZ ld If Z Z 4 I I- hi I' Ll. LL. Uistributive Education Division - - M. A. Browning, Coordinator I. Gum Labels from nizlrking mzicliinc to merchandise . . .. 2. "Qver the Counter", in the Domesties section in Laboratory . . . 3. Reference study for lesson sheets in related subjects period . . . 4. "Over the counter" for the China section in Laboratory . . . 5. Flossie Nlannequin all dressed up in DE Store Win- dow . . . 6. Mrs, Consumer gets a fitting in shoes . . . 7, "Over the Counteru for Ready-to-Wear and Millinery. Ccontinzfzea' on page 1645 'K 'k 'K P- E 4 ll I! ld D Z Z 4 I P' ld I :- IL ll. 1- 1' A w.?,:g.l ii ffl lefiw yu Bi 4 LD lf! ld Q? Z ,db I PM L13 i pw. Lx. E Ls. 1 . 5 1, 'R 'F A '2v:'?fr9a 421, M59 ,X rx x M ,gf r- f qv.-if 1' J 1? 'Y if , .. ':l'2'V:1. ff.: " 3, . :L 'I ST' ef: ug i-fa21Ef1g,5,?' 1 ff ai Qzqwzig-?3, 'Q 45215 ff- A A f ,Ag . 5 R. , 1 " A 3 T. G. HULL, Assistant Coach-HOWARD: LYNCH, Head Coach. Managers: SAM WINTERS, ROBERT LOFCREN, LLOYD FORD Coach Lynch took over the Position of head coach in 1937, when Blair Cherry resigned to accept a po- sition at Texas University. Coach I-lull also began his service as assistant coach at that time. ln 1937, they led the Golden Sandstorm to the District I Championshipg in 1938, they finished a hard season with only one defeat, that at the hands of the Lubbock Westerners, who later went to the Texas schoolboy finals. Al- though these two years were I10t ones of championship for the Sandies, the coaches and the team were just as deserving as those in years gone by. The three managers are the boys who did a lot of hard work and got very little credit for it from the general public. Part of their job was to keep up the spirit and morale of the team, in doing this task they suc- ceeded admirably. SUMMARY OF Tl-IE 1938 FOOTBALL SEASON Sept. I6-AIllll1'ill0 I9 Paschal High, Fort Wo1'tli -0 Sept. 23-Amarillo 33 Austin High, El Paso-7 Sept. 30-Amarillo 6 Classen High, Oklahoma City-7 fThis game was later forfeited by Classen because of the ineligibility of a Playerj Oct. 8-Amarillo 0 Capitol Hill, Oklahoma Citygo Oct. I5-AI'1'13I'lllO 20 Norman-7 Oct. 22-Amarillo zo LHIUCSHY7 Oct. 29-Amarillo I4 Pampa-0 Nov. 5-Amarillo I3 Borgffl'-7 Nov. 11-Amarillo I4 Plilil1ViCW-7 Nov. 24-Amarillo I9 LlIbb0Cli-29 H39 SANDIE LETTERMEN BILL THOMPSON - named All-State halfback in recognition of his sensational broken-field runs, which were climaxed by a roo-yard runback of a kickoff at Lubbock, Thanksgiving Day-called signals from the tailback post and served as co-captain of the 1938 Golden Sandstorm-specialized in "story- book" finishes. , ' YV., GERALD I-IASTON-played a dependable game at tackle-chosen for several of the sportswriters' All- District I teams-co-captain with Thompson, the only returning let- termen from the Sandies of '37- one of the hardest men on the team to block Ollt. STANLEY MAULDIN-smaslv ing center full of the competitive spirit of football-chosen second- team All - State guard for his vi- cious defensive work as line-backer -popular both on and off the gridiron-in on every play in ev- ery game-big, powerful senior with a promising future. BILL ANDREWS-delayed by injuries in early season, but over- came them to earn praise as a crashing line-plunger-elected co- captain for 1939-acclaimed by many as another Bob Clesson. BOONE BAKER -Red-headed, clean-limbed backfield man who took over when Andrews was hurt and performed in an excellent man- ner-junior who plays for the love of the game. HARLEY BECK-small, fast, starting guard-one of the hardest workers on the squad-blond se- nior with lots of fight-started as reserve in '37-intercepted pass in Plainview game. ACTION PICTURE That versatile and nimble-foot- ed Corbell goes up in the air for n scoring pass in the Lamesa game. SANDIE LETTE RMEN Thane Roberts holds the ball. for Cecil Corbell on the practice.f1eld. Bill stands ready to receive il plltlt. On the home stretch. The radio announcer Of the games claimed that Stanley get bigger every time he bent over the ball. 1 "The Blazer" during the Pas- chal High game on one of his long-distance runs. ROBERT BOYNTON - hard- running half-back and one of the hardest tacklers on the squad- took Corbell's place at Lubb0Ck and turned in a brilliant perform- ance-senior. R. A. BOYTER-tangy, tough end of the dependable type-WHS hurt in the Borger game and Sat on the bench a good deal of the time as a result-turned in several sterling performances. CLYDE CLARK - a hard - driving junior who proved that he was a worthy substitute for Bill Th -- ompson always on the re- ceiving end of the clubhouse jokes about his Clark Gable ears. CECIL CORBELL - left half- back-cam ' ' e into the line-up late in the season following recovery from a major operation-started for all of the conference games- cool-headed, brilliant player. ' CHARLEY GILL-fiery, smash- mg, starting guard who is to be co-captain next year-often mis- taken for Richard Kile, another good-looking Sandie-brother to the captain of the '36 Sandies. RAY GREEN-dependable tackle who had the stuff needed when called upon-came up via Central, Yannigans, and the Reserve San- dies of 1937. SANDIE LETTE RMEN BILLY HALE - freckle-faced tackle who came along fast and developed into a real football play- er-junior lad-willing, determined when practicing as well as when playing for keeps. IIMMY HODGES - green at first, but a capable regular for most of the year-played his guard position like a veteran during the latter part of the season. PAT HUMPHREYS -- red- headed first-string end -- a good pass receiver-6' 2" of fiery spirit and enthusiasm for the game- slated by many opponents as the man to keep an eye on--senior. DICK IONES-Ychunky guard who started slow but developed into a regular before the end of the season-will return for the ,39 Sandies-the clown of the club house. Tl-IANE ROBERTS -- second- string end who developed into a great pass receiver-helped to save the day against Lamesa by work- ing in cahoots with Cecil Corbell. ORVAL TIGART -- blocking back-the man who "mowed 'em down" to make a path for the ball carrier--short, well-built - quiet, likeable fellow on the practice field-always on the job. ACTION SHOT R. A. Boyter catches a long pass at one of the night games on But- ler Field, despite the attempts of the Classen player to interfere. if1""11f'q,'?uff. 'Q ' ' ,A+ 1. F. hi N, f 'Y L. F7 ri- 4 5 Leiter ,, 5 in ,,l,, 5 ?Y'i1'i ' . Wm X5 P' QW .. emma gg, 'LW J' yirjt Ju-rm H1351 11127 ligifiejfz- ,gf ' .. 55 f ki 2? 5. li RESERVES TOP ROW-Carl Baker, back, K. K, Bigelow, center, Carl Byrd, back, Iohnny Cobb, back, Kenneth Gilniore, center, Harold Harlow, back, Russell Hatcher, tackle. MIDDLE ROW-Dick Hill, tackle, Truett Iohnson, end, Richard Kile, back, Lee King, end, Dub McEntire, back, Iames Miller, tackle, Ted Moss, tackle. BOTTOM ROW-Frank Priolo, guard, George Rutledge, back, Loyd Shackelford, tackle, lack Taylor, end, Roy Ward, guard, Clayton Watkins, back, Marvin Webb, end.' I YANNIGANS FRONT ROW--Bob Buntin, manager, Sam Bufkin, Charles Lawrence, Fred Page, Iames Watt, Ioe Crawford, Malcolm Wolfe, Elmer Smith, M. T. Iohnson, Ir., Hester Plant, Bill Bumstead, manager. MIDDLE ROW-Garland Wilson, Lavern Roddy, Elman Murray, Gene Noland, Alton Metheny, Don Moore, Burrel Ioslin, Otto Payne, Kenyeth Houtchens, Philip Brown. BACK ROW-H. M. Laughlin, Coach, Dick Cazzell, Clarence Phillips, Hudson Edwards, William Redus, Benny Files, Charles Vick, Dick West, Lendon McLain, Thomas Duke, Bob Izzard, Roy Priolo, Hubert Abbott, Assistant Coach. ' Page 94 T3 i E - ? 5 f I Zi Q. si !' Z ii L ! si 1 5 5 GENTLEMENS GAMES 1-17. Don Condrcn, Clyde Clark, I. G, Ri5ley, Hubert Abbott, Larry Stitt, Hubert Abbott, Clyde Clark and Larry Stitt practicing their golf , , , 8, Girls' termigg Ian.-5 Pan-ig, Billie Iune Preddy, Mary Stack, and Grace Rogers . . . 9, Gen- tlemen exponents of tennis-Front Row: lack Ross, lack Verl101L Edgar I-CC Dixon, E- C3mPb9H: D011 Moore- Back Row: William Martin, W, C. Mcclighy Thomas longs, Ralph Quest . . . Io-14. W. C. McClisl1, William lvlartin, lack Vernon, W. C. McClish, Don Moore, Thomas Iones. Page 93 TRACK TE AM, INC. I. Amos 'n' Andy try to outrun each other . . . 2. B. Gear prepares to throw the javelin . . . 3- Russell Smith flies through the air with the greatest of ease while pole vauliing . . . 4. Jimmy Barker and Richard Muckleroy try their feet at hurdling . . . 5. The track team lines up for inspection--Front Row: Richard Muckleroy, Iimmy Barker, Scott Bledsoe, Pat Hopkins, George Rutledge, Don Curl. Middle Row: Hubert Abbott, Managerg Russell Smith, lack Lyon, Bill Thompson, Stanley Mauldin, B. Gear, H. M. Laughlin, Coach. Back Row: Bill Adams, Pat Humphreys, Ed Rogers, Paul Barnard, Z. G. Collier, Horace Smith, Ierome Eubank, lack Franklin, Raymond Reed . . . 6. B. Gear, M. T. Johnson, Paul Barnard, and Dick Gaxzell with Don Moore behind wait for the truck to take them to practice . . .7. More sprinters-lack Lyon and Raymond Reed . . . 8. Russell Smith and Ierome Eubank wait their turn to pole-vault . . . 9. Stanley Maulclin puts his shoulders behind the discus. Page 99 GOLDEN SANDSTORM Coaches: T. G. HULL and I-l. M. LAUGHLIN The Sandie basketball team of ' won the "Bi " Cham iou- 9 ship, a coveted honor on the Plains. This record was superior to any made by a Sandie team in several years. 5, Robert White, ground-covering guard . , . 6, Stanley Matil- diu, another excellent guard . . . 7. lack Childers, straight-shooting forward . . . 8. Bill Thompson, short, fast forward...9. Yanni- gau Basketballers+Top Row: Dick jones, guardg Dick Hill, center, Billy Hale. guardg R A. Boyter, guardg Lee King, guard, Boone Baker, center. Bottom Row: Bill Hitch, forwardg Thomas Murphy, forward, Clyde Clark, guarclg Dub McEntirc, forward, Tommy Buford, for- V,'klI'fl. BASKETBALL TEAM I, Brien Dillon, high-jumping center . . . 2. Roy Bechtol, out- standing forward . . . 3. First String of the Big Five Conference Champions: Roy Bechtol, forwarrlg Robert White, gnardg Brien Dil- lon, eenterg Stanley Mauldin, gnardg lack Childers, forwartlg Bill Thompson, lorwarrl and general substitute . . . 4. A. H. S, Sand- storni personified: K. K. Bigelow, forwardg Brien Dillon, centerg Stan- ley Maultlin, guarclg Robert White, guarcig luck Childers, forwarclg Pitts Cruclgington, guurclg Thomas Innes, centerg Willis Miller, gnarclg Roy Bechtol, fnrwardg William Cooke, gnarclg Ierry Rateliff, fnrwarclg Bill 'l'liompsnn, forwartl. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Page 102 A5fz'w'fz'e5 ,,, ,X Ti v .xi .V fl -., .. E rr, I :S ,. ,, iii Q., 5. iii X A K, ,i5, , , .rt P , .A INS N fs ,psYW'iMWny,iAg' X cliff 11' ,, 2.51 , g 1 rx fir? ,w x 53:2 , ,Q K' U, ri "mm My , KWWL 3 wr LP MIXED CHORUS FRONT ROW: Miss Rowan, director, Iune MeGilvray, Mary Dean Nall, Louise Russell, Lois Morris, Margie Coffey, Laura Mae Smith, Wanda Wood, lean Hayworth, lean Trout, Vesta O'Dell, pianist. SECOND ROW: Sudy Thompson, Mary Evelyn Gould, Guylyn Bogarcl, Vera Kennedy, Wanda Wziiiser, Ernestine Mercer, Prestene Sullivan, Genice Croom, Lorelle Twaddell, Norma lean Carter, Mary Ruth Iohnston. THIRD ROW: Donald Stinson, Ted Whiterl, Ioe Freeman, Billie Quinn, Lowanna Killion, Wilma Webb, Trilrble Conger, Mary Margaret Pate, Bill DeSautell, Iolrm Warner, Hilbert Stafford, Orval Tigart. BACK ROW: Wayiie Cogdill, Lilbern Lemons, Clayton Watkins, Cordon Molyneaux, Iohn Kennison, lames Miller, Ver- len Coberly, lack Burch, Phillip Bennett, fOrchestra listezl on next pagej Page 106 TOP: Marching band in action at Pampa Game. BOTTOM: A. H. S. band . . . Oscar Wise, Director QBand personnel listed on page III, ORCHESTRA Qpicture at bottom of opposite pagej Reading Left to Right: Mr. VVise Qdirectorj, Sanford Tarter, Melvin Blessen, Lila Thurman fbackj, Billy Landrum Cbackj, Dorothy Allen, Louise Cheatham, Charles Chilton, I. Roy Smith, Beatrice Adams, Harold Echart, William Wales Qbackj, Thelma Stoops, Catherine Burleson, Patricia Harris, Russell Kilcrease fbackj, Loretta Gray, Dick An- derson, Virginia Todd, Earl Hatchett Qbackj, Clyndol Calvert, Russell Boney fbackj, Freda Coffee, Doris Belle Cleg- W horn Qhackp, Henry Daniel, Iames K. Grantham. Page 107 R XX R5 QHMQKX , E If IVE ' if if ,ig fi E uv , W A XM ' ,V . QA! NATIONAL HO NOR SOCIETY TOP ROW: Bill Adams, Arla Allison, Melha Baker, Frances Ballow, Kent Barnard, Roy Bechtol, Harley Beck, K. K. Bigelow. SECOND ROW: jimmy Blasdel, Scott Bledsoe, Virginia Brown, A. V. Bryan, Clyde Clark, Iohn Corn, Brien Dillon, Pau- line Durrett THIRD ROVV: Frances Farwell, Kathryn Farwell, Iune Fox, Annie Grady, lim Glenn, Charlotte Anne Cliiegg, Iessamine Grimes, Sara Beth Hallmark. FOURTH ROVJ: Dorothy Lee Howze, Mary Margaret Hume, Leonard Iansen, Sterling Iohnson, Thomas Innes, Elizabeth Lloyd, Margery Ann Maherry, Margaret Mclllenclon. FIFTH ROW: Mary Beth MeClung, Iimmy Martin, Mary Dean Nall, lane Parris, Mary Margarri lkue, lhiiolliy Phillips, Audrey Priest, Ieanne Ray. SIXTH ROVJ: Thane Roberts, Elizabeth Rollins, David Rusk, George Rutledge, Thomas Sanders, Freida Saunders, Mildred Scott, Henry Seaman. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Stack, Yvonne Stevens, Larry Stitt, Bill Stover, lean Whitaker, Marjorie VVilkinson, Martha Gene Williams, Mae Io Winn. Page IOS ' H1-Y 'TOP ROW: Mr. McWhirter, sponsorg Bill Adams, Roy Bechtol, Ray Biggs, Scott Bledsoe, Iohn Branson, Wayne Cates, George Causey, Z. C. Collier. . . SECOND ROW: Pitts Crudgington, Henry Daniel, Brien Dillon, Delmar Durrett, Iohn Eason, Robert Ewing. CENTER: Charlotte Anne Gregg, Hi-Y Sweetheart. THIRD ROW: Roby Gregg, Frank Henry, Sterling Iohnson, Taylor Iones, Iirumy Kerns, Clifford Morrow. BOTTOM ROW: Eugene Neece, Harry Ott, Avery Rush, Henry Seaman, Donald Stinson, Larry Stitt, Kenneth Wheatley, Clarence Williams, Ioe Wright. OLDER BOYS' CONFERENCE 5 The Older Boys' Conference, directed by Grover C. Good, State Secretary of Hi-Y, convened at A. H. S. on February 3-5 under the auspices of the Southwest Area YMCA and Hi-Y clubs of the Panhandle. Noted speakers elaborated on the conference theme, "Finding Christ in the Boy Next To Megl' in addition, the delegates met in numerous discussion groups under the direction of prominent leaders of boys. V Officers of the 1940 Older Boys' Conference were chosen. Among these officers were Leroy Romerez of Slaton as president and Kenneth Wheatley of Amarillo as vice-president. A feature of the conference was the Hi-Y basketball tournament, which was won by the AHS Hi-Y club. Another interesting event was the banquet of delegates, followed by a big entertainment with 300 Amarillo girls as hostesses. After the conference came a note of praise from the Wichita Falls Hi-Y for the friendliness of Amarillo and its Hi-Y: this is in a measure an attainment of the goal of the AHS Hi-Y. LATIN TOURNAMENT In the spring of each year throughout Texas, district Latin Tournaments are heldg on April 1, Amarillo sent her rep- resentatives to Wellington, where the Panhandle tournament was held this year. This tournament consists of two divisions: the essay and the test. Contestants in the first division were Dorris Collie, third year, Phyllis Aldridge, second yearg and Helen Dutton, first year. Their essays were sent to Dallas to be graded. The delegates who took the tests at Wellington were Dorothy Phillips and Carl Hendrix, third yearg Margaret Thomas and Mary Lou Edwards, second year, and Harold Huckabay, first year. Winners in both divisions were announced at the Latin Tournament banquet in Wellington, April 1. Page 109 exvfl? 601710 - S 'Y 5 fi 'K TN Q T9 rl 4 ,R lrvb ,. A , 5 ,- ' .X l NATIONAL THESPIAN TOP ROW: Scharleen Barker, Kent Barnard, Dorris Collie, Doris Gale Crownover, Dickey Dye. SECOND ROW: Iessarnine Grimes, Floy Howard, Dewey Nlaltsberger, Betty Martin, Max Neal, BOTTOM ROW: lane Parris, Mary Pryor, Grace Rogers, William Sieber, Iean Whitaker. NATIONAL FORENSIC Chapter 606 TOP ROW2 KCHU Bfimafd, Ralph Blankenship, A. V. Bryan, Brien Dillon, Pauline Durrett, jim Glenn. SECOND ROW: Iessamine Grimes, Leonard Iansen, Sterling Iohnson7 lane Parris, Mary Margaret Pate, Wilma Peters BOTTOM ROW: Avery Rush, Henry Seaman, Mary Stack, Eleanor Stinson, Georgann Watkins, Mae Io Winn. INTERSCI-IOLASTIC LEAGUE TOP ROW: First Team Debaters: Henry Seaman, Avery Rush, Georgann Watkins, Mae Io Winn, Alternate Debaters: lim Glenn, Sterling Iohnson, Wilma Peters, Mary Margaret Pate, Boy Extemporaneous Speakers: Leonard Iansen, Brien Dillon. BOTTOM ROW: Girl Extemporaneous Speakers: Pauline Durrett, Dorris Collie, Boy Declaimers: A. V. Bryan, Kent Bar- nard, Girl Declaimers: Iane Parris, Mary Stack, One Act Play Contestants: Dickey Dye, Dewey Maltsberger, Iessa- mine Grimes, Mary Pryor. SPEECH ARTS ACTIVITIES The Speech Arts department has participated in several contests this spring. At the Lubbock tournament on February 18, A. V. Bryan won first place in boys' declamation and Kent Barnard, third, lane Parris won second place in girls' dec- lamation and Mary Stack, third, Leonard Iansen placed second i11 boys, extemporaneous speech. The debaters also did well considering the fact that they forfeited one round because of a bus breakdown on the way to Lubbock. The Abilene Tournament results were: Kent Barnard, first in boys' declamationg lane Parris, second in girls' declamation. The debate team also advanced well up the bracket of forty-three teams. The city contests to determine interscholastic league contestants were held March 9 and 16 in declamation and extem- poraneous speech respectively. The district contest on April I4 and I5 took place at Canyon. Also occurring in Canyon was the region contest April 22, winners from the district attended this meet. The State contest was held at Austin May 5 and 6 among winners of regional trophies. MEMBERS OF AHS BAND QPictured on page 107, FRONT ROW: Ed Rogers, Mary Beth McClung, Loretta Gray, Catherine Burleson, Buddy Meyer, Harold Huckaby, Vir- ginia Todd, Freda Coffee, Martha Rogers, lack Ross, Warren Daniel, Victor Hatcher, Pitts Crudgington, David Mc- Kinney, lack Haller, Patricia Harris, Thelma Stoops, Glyndol Calvert, Director Oscar Wise. SECOND ROW: Hugo Loewenstern, Walter Word, Harold Echart, Bill Adams, Howard Leach, Orlena Farmer, Dwayne Blair, Iohn Barnes, Dale Ledbetter, Floyd Cooper, Robert Sancllin, Earl Christian, Rushton Greer, Arthur Garland, Francis Gilmore, Elizabeth Crouch, lack Cross, Robert Brown, Frank Williams, Sidney Zukav, Stanley Dendy, Clifton Blank. THIRD ROVV: Ted Whited, Bobby Fowler, Wallace Hess, Cecil Ingram, Gene Groom, Irene Crawford, Bill Pitman, B. Martin, Russel Boney, Edward Armstrong, Elmer Sowder, Verna Leitner, Peggy Harris, Iessie Elliott, Verlen Coberly, Dorotha Sammons, Beatrice Adams, Russell Kilcrease, M. Dendy, Iim McCa11sland, Brien Dillon, Dick Lieurance, Paul Berthelot, Lorena Hatton. FOURTH ROW: Avery Rush, Carl Hendrix, Ruby Dell Stoops, Dorothy Sullivan, Billy Davis, Genece Bautisto, Annie Giles, Eileen Cochran, Roy Smith, lack Roney, R. Goodman, lack Beeman, Tommy Hainze, Ierry Ratcliff, Eugene Neece, Gerald Terry. BACK ROW: Donald Stephenson, lack Keller, Myron Cooper, William Wales, Iames Grantham, Bobby Brooks. Page III A 1. at I Bk 'f1Y:3"' i I I , . I -t 'QA- M A 5. ' EQB u p '-A:j'-:'? C2 .VJ V' LOS VIAIEROS TOP ROW: Alfred Arker, Ralph Blankenship, loe Brown, Betty Rose Cradit, Margaret Denton, Virginia Ferguson, Sara Beth Hallmark, Earl Herring, Bill Hodgin, Doris HoustonQ Mary Elizabeth Hunsley. SECOND ROW: Katy Ruth Iackson, Ima lean King, Billie Ann Lamb, Rita Levine, Lorraine Lewis, Buck Mason, loan Mc- Cormick Lucy Minehaca, Mary Dale Mitchell, Lois Morris, Elman Murray. BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Smith, Peggy Stack, Larry Stitt, Mildred Sturch, Nina Lee Sturch, Gerald Terry, Harold Tipps, lack VValker, Eva Marie Woody, Nelleen Zischang, Sidney Zukav. M 9 .-, . s.,1f', . . Va .-V.. :Vs f -.:" ' '22 VV ' .,,,. ...,.. .1 " ' 2. ' " "" " """"' t""""""" ' "" "" ' ' ff' .. . 22-f2f2:'222:fi,: 'EI-F' -- :I . .-,VZ "z : 3: 1 .V,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,. 221.2222 V... ,.,.. ,.,,.,, , ,,.,., . , ,,,,,,,, ., ,.,,.,. ..., ,.,,.,..,,,,. ,,..,..,....,., ,W , , ,. . ,,,, - ' """"' "" ' ' ' """' " ' "" " "" ' " 1- "' W ' ' " ' P 289 ' 2. ,, X 11? ' .M si, .- 'i 'iid WS? ' .,.,.V., V. wr' ,,,,, . N 'EV sg 2. ' P i . .Z emi 2525251 :I I:E5EzE35E5E5E:5'f Jw' we .. . . ff Va X V V - ,. .. . oi' A A 4 igizf .. V ,V . 335 .... . . .V+ A Q ga e ' 'yy if 9 1,1552 F1EIE21:Iy2EIi'.-II +2752 :I 415555:-EIEIEIE-513225: ' .TI :--'QEEEEZEEI,'j'j:,I5E51'Ij' 525 ':V:I-'i,:,.5ig-'-i-:V"'j" ' rs 'B N. s it .... :.Z'I'I 5 ...... ,. .. ' ..... 1 '.':i.j.j'-ji::'fF r K it, 'L , '4!E:Ih .:':5.::-. ": ' ' "i'if'i5: :, Y -' " " 6 'YK sf Q2 if N 4mW:': ' " Vs s r ,.,. , ,, ,. .,.,, ...., . . , . , , . Q1QQag..QQQQQx v ,. M G IQ, , Q , Q V - . , . , Q t ,. , . . . ,. . A-wma QV Q4-,.,,gagV ..y:q,,7:V E QQ Q ., .. QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQ , H -utll QQ QQ Q Q Q , Q Q Q . .. s. . . :Z .. Q, Q QQ Q Q Q Q me 2 ,Q 2153, . .. s .wQQ5Q Q Qs., m V- 'V -V --'-- Q U A ...... . . M243 Q MM . ai ii . . li? ., V . - -.:. ...,....t, ,,-. . V ,.:,-V V :,. V .,:,,5 :,., .-r.: , .,:.:..:.:..,. , M :. . ,,, ,:,,:,. ,,. . v.y,. - - ,.,.,,,,,., ,.,. ,...,. , .,.. , .,..,. . , ,..,,,,, .,. . N ...... iff M" I" " "":"':" 'm' ' 5,' V- V - V ..., 1 V , X' 2. .Qai'im'?1S2.V . 1 5:3 sf -e Q V- as- in ,., it 1' ww gf S' wi i MQ l ::E::2"112:21fr' .,,., . . ..,,, , .,a,, Q ,,.,.,....,,,.. . 51 . 'I "'f"fI ' ig fl ,Via W R 'f 1:52a '-" -I :- - V. - V.. .- 2 . ,S Q va .- Q gay, 5 sau if 9 A 'Qs 1 4 as fi 5 P553 5 li 2 'Q' Q? T at ,.,. ,.,.:.,.,.,,., -.-. , :":::::-:-::-:-' 1 ' -- :aaa ., X e..-1:-.. if- . as 1, ,WQQQ 'IL' Q. Q. : . . Q , .. . xx , V - QQ , V ,. Q , MQ 'V:.. -: ' V ----- 1 V Vs . ' aa "" ' 2. ' ' ,,.. ' E z:t55:a::: 'JI' ' ""' era .V -. " X' ' 5 ..:-V -" :2...V v- f ..:2':"' -' ' V ' "" 'fe' fr-2:-' f5l'r"- 552:52 1Er:r:-:::':-:--Vfiifff-"Gr - ---- : -'-1:25 . I-I1ESE':1Ei:'f".E" J-'t .FIEIEIEIEI-" "CE-ESEZEII' -:IEISEI 4. . :fEr:-:fEIE1IS13I , ':'E1"' :21f:2:k "' ""f'1:T:S:E 'I"E'E2EEv:2-" "'I":IEE111-I-iifir . ' "" 'kiss' '29 'I 'sz' ' " . "" ' if -' I -' ""1 V- ' ' ' ' ' :Q ...,, : :5.511E5,.'-EEQEI.Z:""':Eif1I:EEE5EE5EK . ,,,,,,, Q, :er-: , Q6 Q - fi? ffgf -,- - ' :.--.' V -... . . ..... ,:,: -:::-r:: - - A ,.... X .... . V. r ----.:.:,' if . . Q Q . Q V " " " ., . Q V Q - Q Q QQ QQ QQ Q Q .' Q Q QQ Q j , j Q' .' Vai Q,,Q.V.'VQQ Q :V. :g.gQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ . .. Q Q Q QM .. Q , . Qi QQQW . . Q . Q Q Q.. L it QQ. ,., . ,QQQZQQL .. QQ :QQQ im. '.:.:r ' ..:a:. a .. , 5 s:5:,::- i A .1 i Z i- V- .Vg ' ' . Qg gf " fl , Q ,gm-. -115155, ': , ii Q , ji - Q ,Q ,,,, , i . . V '- V SS " - , - . - ' ""' : -' 'S - ""' f '--- ' Q - '--- : ' Ii .Q ""- . - QQ Q Q . Q V, Q QQQQQQ ,. Q ,. . Q. . ., Q QQQ Q Q , , ,Q Q Q., .... Q QZQ. Q V -'----A V . . . " ' - """"" z H Vs " V . " 5 ..... . Q .rfj Q .,,: fQQQ ,Q Q QVQZEQEQQE QE'1,1..,:,E- Qg:I'.':'?QQQ fx 5:35 4, :QQ QS' Q:QQ 3 Q",Q Q: - QT, .V i, - I ' ..... .- ggi se " " " "" ' - ' ' " f"" ' ' "" Q ' .. ., QQ W . - QVQ Q - Q fi-V:QQ,:gQ Q. " Q V' , .... 5' 'i i ' L' i ' i .' -. ,Z' "" ' r" 'ii' ' ' " ---- . ' 3? ..,.1 . gm Q: V V .- V - 1-"rg sag, ., X Q ' ,. ,:.,:V--,-: ----- V .,z,::2V, .':. 1-1 V- :- -A W Lf ai.. -. . e ' " , - ,. ,... "" 2 3 .... . Q QQ Q' Q Q-VQ " ' V ' ' ' "--e 53: V .,.,,V,. ' - ' " 1 . ' . -V ': , - . V ' ,. -ig ' V- ' . ' 'L I.: 2. U .." .. "i:-:": ' - ' f- .. ' .. A Q Y 1'- ,..: .:. . Vi: - .. i'iiSV: W " Qx ' 5 I . ' " . ,QQ Q if V Q , QT ' , V, " . - .. .- V- V- -' -'i' '-'- - . "A J V V- i 'V-V'-' : 'E " Q HOSTESS CLUB TOP ROW: Dorothy Allen, Mae Amerson, Beth Arnett, Eula Mae Bittick, Bonnie lean Beyer, Ruby Butler, Evelyn Carr, Dorris Belle Cleghorn, Margie Coffey, Charlotte Dammier, Mary Hazel Dixon, Lee Anna Edelman. SECOND ROW: Dewrene Codsey, Mary Evelyn Gould, Frances Hill, Oneta Horton, Ellen Houston, Dorothy Howze, La Nelle Hunt, Anna Lee Iackson, Dorothy Iones, lean Iuett, Maxine Lain, Elizabeth Lloyd. THIRD ROVJ: Margaret Lucas, Ioanne Ludden, Betty McClendon, Elaine McConnaughey, Merle Medart, Lois Morris, Norma Nix, Girline Parton, Pauline Pyeatt, Virginia Reid, Marcalea Richman, Athelia Roberts. BOTTOM ROW: Martha Rodgers, Dona Roush, Yvonne Rush, Dorotha Sammons, Virginia Smith, Charlotte Stock, Dolly Stowell, Mildred Sturch, Nina Lee Sturch, Juanita Turner, Iune Ward, Wilma Webb. Page 112 2 il Ci 1 X 5 x rrfiwf.. - .K -. 1 , ,, . A Vf - 1 - 53 RIFLE TEAM FRONT ROW: Robert Lemmon, Hugh Monroe, Toni Holman, lim Guleke. SECOND RONV: Iolin Corn, Floyd Smith, Ed Rogers, Iimmy Blasdel, Richard Iohnson. BACK ROXV: B. F. Hill, lack Iones, George Walters, Lieut. McDonald, M. T. Iohnson, Flave Pleclger, T. L, Roach. ACE COTERIE TOP ROYV: Fannie Ruth Albright, Linnie Sue Ashby, Helen Baldwin, Hope Baldwin, Frances Ballow, Betty Blake, Georgia Blankenship, loan Bradley, Glynvlol Calvert, Willie Lou Cannon. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Cohea, Evelyn Gillette, Floriene Harbison, Floyd Howard, Winifred Iaster, Dorothy Iones, Ima lean King, Billy Ann Lamb, Verna Leitner, Elizabeth Lloyd. BOTTOM ROVV: Mary Dale Mitchell, lra Mae Palmer, Marjorie Ratcliff, Mary Rodgers, Geraldine Sims, Nadine Sparks, Helen Thomas, Neva Marie Vlfalker, Louise Walton, Roberta Whiteside. Page II3 , ,,.. HJ- W., M wiki, 017 oe I N ' A ul THE BOXING SQUAD FRONT ROW-Billy Sherrill, Clive Blackwell, Ray McManus, B, Gear, T. W. Stanford, Otis Beard, Ed Wright, Kenneth Sherrill. SECOND ROW--I. C. Oakley, Gib Howard, Dean Brown, D. T. Callaham, Paul Barnard, C. Page, Melvin Beyer, Ioe Brown, G. P. johnson. THIRD ROW'-C. D, Thompson, Curtis McRae, Martin Decker, David Cole, Arloe Miiicher. FOURTH ROW-Ioe Wright, Clifford Abbott, Venoy Langseth, Don Curl, Iimmie Barker. BACK ROW-T. H. Haynie, Coach, Howard Vineyard, Iohn Birge. Each passing year finds the boxing matches becoming more and more popular. The school year 1938-1939 was no excep- tion, and T. H. Haynie and his mitmen are to be congratulated on the many fine bouts and attractions which they put 011. Page 1 I4 l IN ACTION WITH ROTC 1. Lieutenant MeDoi1altl and Hale Crawford loolc on anxiously . . . 2. Battalion drill on Moiiclay. .. . 3. The three eomely honorary officers, Nfary Taylor, Kato, and Tvlary . . . 4. Kent apparently finds something funny about something . . . 5. Physical clrill by cadets . , . 6. Gosh, the Lieutenant eertainly looks peevecll . . . 7. Blue Nlonclay march, again . . . 8. Cadets Hale Crawford and lack Bain waiting to usher fans at Butler Field. E Q 5 If C wif I 3 AX- a ug. 5 fr gfgwgx 'K A Ki' ciolmge X mfzzrw S "Q 12 if if 55 is J 51 Ea K 2 E ff 15 i .3 gg Eg ,xg ,, T K, .- 1 SENIOR FAVORITES-Stanley Mawldin and fame Parris IUNIOR FAVORITES-Bill Andrews and Dorothy Morris 1 mi? 5 M N ' ' Q , . ,, K F-" E J 1 xx 0 ' , SOPHOMORE FAVORITES-Dick zflmlerson and Peggy Stack RUNNERS-UP FOR CLASS FAVORITES TOP ROW: Bill Thompson, Martha Gene Williams, Mary Lucille Doche, Cecil White. SECOND ROW: Pat Humphreys, Mary Elizabeth Hunsley, Dorothy Latham. THIRD ROW: Eddie Storseth, Dean Reed, Cora Lynn Roddy, Ted Moss. FOURTH ROW: M. T. Iohnson, Dorris Kelley, Ierry Kerns, Dqmald Stinson. BOTTOM ROW: lack Marlatt, Dick Iones, Dick West, Lloyd Davis. 4, Nw.. i. in .,,, 'li - rfwno "'N:ws1:s-zwiuf, ' if fi Z Rl 2 21 1 il fi i gil v 'Q-1 4..,, . - v f. 'R wg f. ,fe ,cf V .,,.. -A X5 i., .,, -rw inf' MLQ, . , -, 1, ff 1, lx -.wi we if ff ff ix W, Vr,,,, ,Aj ,1',..4 -Y 4 f fb iii ' POPULARITY BALL A tradition became firmly established in A. l-l. S. when the second annual Popularity Ball was presented by La Airosa on February II, 1939. I The gymnasium was decorated with pastel pink, green, blue, and yellow streamers draped from the center of the ceil- ing, and with long balloons of corresponding colors. Billy McEachern's orchestra furnished music for the ball. The class favorites were formally presented to a large crowd of high school and college students at II o'clock, when the dancers followed them into a grand' march. Pictures of the favorites who were announced are on the preceding pages. EXPLANATION OF FOLLOWING PAGE 1. Senior favorites nominees on the stage during election in assembly. 2. junior favorites nominees, likewise. 3. Sophomore favorites nominees, ditto. 4, la Airosa staff decorating the gym for the ball. 5. Bill blows up balloons till he's black in the face. 6. The dancers look on while Ine Qher head was there, but Iohnny missed itj accepl-s the honor of senior favorite. 7. Lloyd at work at a thankless tsk. 8, Mary Elizabeth and Ralph glide along to MCE3CllCfl1l5 music. 9. Dean and Bob seem to be doing all right, too. yo. Twelve o'clock-and down go the balloons and decora- tions. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 4 4 1 . KIRK DRUG STORE 1 4 Best Wishes for Class 1 Ol 39 COFFEE ' Visit our Fountain 700 W. l6tl1 - Phone 9835 It's Really Fresh ' v 4 I , 4 L--- , , vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 4 4 Compliments of I v r P r er ' PANHANDLE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS K A Splendid Laundry Shirt Service 3 b P 201-3-5 Pierce Phone 2-2277 i v'vW1vvvrvwvvvvvvrvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvIWW-rwvvvvvvrvwvvvv X Compliments of 3 The Bank That Favors Savers E N 4 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF AMARILLO 1 4 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I 1 AA5JAs.4A441ALA.:AAAAAx4.:LAAAAALAJAAAAAAAJAAAA1AAA4.44.44 Page 122 ? ' 1, 'Qigif 5 , , ,Q x 5 9 Qs ,sk 2? - NW,-J af 44- 9 -::n,:-:M i 2 Qi ,fr We my 1, if Wilt wrt ,tl 2 HT , YSLQF We 1147? I 5-L er " J! T O 1 ls P r V P r .X S V71 vvvv rvw v v v I 4 P ' 4 P A 1 r TJ 1: ll .llll bf -illlfl '3?9':,fiIfllfE,.,. A , ui ---4- .gxK,:Iln.: ' 4 V5 l "'wQ-'lrl31Fl".ai' ,f 4 P H! fl., EW GQ- ! u?Fi"f!fIiQ . +4-'-Isl-tg W iiV3l1f'lq'i'Ll 4 r fl is If 1 ' jg gag ge It lHMWLV -'31HLQQf,M!' x 4 l l 1 f Nara ef- w e ' iran" H? if 4 I if grass iq 'g gi a' 2 it 315 1, Dr 3 Miff lin! igyigf-5,1 El i ni 2 lilil llzlej i-.ggi 5, 5 -25 F ' 1 -4 vt f 4 w 4 MG -,Fw -' KX-slit , r llllQEl. 'xEL1v:w, "Lx,. xg P P P P P I The off1eers and employees of the Santa Fe P Railway extend congratulations and best wish- es to the Class of 1939. I H. B. LAUTZ Vice-President and General Manager P M. C. BURTON 4 g General Freight and Passenger Agent ' AMARILLU, TEXAS I P P 4 P 4 b 4 -Ulu Page I24 I-IOW'D I GET IN THIS FIX? 1. Silhouette QBOIJ Izzard and Margaret C. Boyce, 5. 2. Owwwl--Aw please, Rubin! 6 3. Wonder if it's polymerized? 7. 4. And we PFOIIIISCKI we wonldn't use this picture. 8. 9 . Ha- fgulpj -Hal- fgurglej -I-Ialpl! IU. Look what Ijclclie has, even thouvh Laura Bell and Dzrothv II. And if it isn't Miss herselflv I Iannie reaches for that shoe lace. Swing it, Nell! And on a tombstone, too! Don'r look now, Elizabeth, but- do seem rather surprised. 12. "After all, doesn't a guy have any privacy around here? grins Gene as he daintily steps into the shower. xg. lvlarv in a hnrst of CllKl'lIlSI2lS111. Page 125 1 l is SEE OPPOSITE PAGE 1. I-Iow's it goin', Moco? 9. You tell 'em, Lyon! 2. The Sheik, alias M. T. Io. Pardon me if I seem to stare-j 3. Iimmy seems eager to grab her. II. Mellerdrammer: Doche to Shiverz 4. On the sunny side with Mary Io Griffin "Unhand me, you beastll' Q 5. Eisenberg with that see-ir-was-like-this expression. 12. Oh, waddaya mean, taking my picture 6. Haw! Anyhow, Genie liked it. 13. Hello, evabody-I-Iow yawl? 7. Iohnny Bryson, "the greatest journalist of them all." 14. Stuff like this made Eddie's pop mayor. 8. Well, now, here's what I think- 15. 'Smatter, Robert? , ..vvv vv-v vfvvvvv Y Y -- Y Y Y Y YY Y . 4 4 Q V 7Wl 7'0ES' ' Alf' ,- WU WENT HUUSEF RNISHIP5 I I P 4 4 DOUBLE DIP COLONIAL KITCHEN I I Kid I-Ieadquarters The Swankiest Eating Spot 4 Both Old and Young in Amarillo Ice Cream, Drinks, Sandwiches and Our Prices Are Right 4 P 4 , tl d P lk Ph Vx' l Ph - 8 .1 1Flffin1 1 ff .irrrrriii fnff FIIZ1 1 1 -11271 1 1fi5fl'ft1'1 1 1111 ?Tif131ZCi1: , YYYYY It Y Y Y YYYYYYYYY Y Y Y Y Compliments ot ' IA' Phone 4251 , 5 I MAR1zoN Co. Ladies Ready-to-VVear I Phone 2-0643 705 Polk I P I Flowers For Every Occasion l AMARILLO GREENHOUSE 3 E P. H. Buthker, Florist 605 Taylor Street ' ' iVf5IZN'1'GPIT'r'RANs'15iiii L 'SQ sv eo.f'1'55f ' 'iAmarilloIs First Vloversw b Agents for ALLIED VAN LINES, INC.,l World's largest long distance 4 P HIOV1I'1g COITIPEIHY 4 108 Taylor Street R. C. jordan, Pres. ' Compliments of I TEXAS M 81 M 3 ---AI I Page 126 W ' 0 0 1 E Page 127 z 1 mf ,. IX 5 :A T- ,K T F l . at jf Y. ik' , . 22 , 'ki F -as 4, if Y Fi X M It LQ YK le X I T4 . Q -, ,-L ,lik If Q 135 ff. -'.- -X +5 fm 1 fl ill 35 llffl w. L,. T1 , il M, all ie ir' Lzlgh King THE Y or Progremf Polk Street, fifty years ago a Wagon trail, is today the ALWl1ite Way of the Plalnsnl Your Public Service Company has always tried to keep abreast of the electric service needs of Amarillo . . . has constantly cooperated to see Amarillo become the best lighted city of its size in America. T Southwestern BETTER LIGHT-BETTER SIGHT PUBLIC SERVICE T Company Page 128 Page 129 GOIN' PLACES x,w. I .f,i,N 'fi' E ,, , ,ff 1 z I i Qi 2 S 5 F 5 5 e 5 5 4 f S e ? E 2 Q ? E z s S 3 Q THEM WUZ THE GOOD OL' DAYS! Page 130 WHAT WITH WIMMIN DRIVIN1 PLAYIN', SHOOTIN2 SPARKIN2 STANDIN' OR SITTIN' IN THE STOCKS. A ' s X- 3 Q A is 5 hx 5 gf fi 5 3 if . .Z-R f 'Q-L :pd , . ,fs 1, K " 'f'1wg-wif X 'Q' fs 55 QT ll tr A N xt if 5 is :ga '.- 4 ls fi E 5 an c. X, K ,fi ',fi-Efifhfr iw. W ,J fwffwmtx gf '33 ff 'ibfmrws fr- sfa fe I W it: Ri? 5? ...Q s 1 Y 4949- f l"rv-v1"rv1"'t ""' 'v1""71"7'V7'7W V771 Y l MAXoR Dnuoco. l "Two Convenient Storesl' Sandwiches - Lunches - Soda l Dial 6256 Dial 8214 v v No. l, 500 West l6th No. Z, Fisk Bldg. 1 l ..i..............i ..i.... ---- --i ---- Miss Fletcher: The picture of the horse is good, but where is the wagon? Eleanor S.: Oh, the horse will draw that. BRIEN 'S BRAINSTORMS Daylight saving is founded on the old Indian idea of cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it on the other end to make it longer. Many students are like coffee-98W of the active ingredient removed from the bean. Worry will make anybody thin-except those who worry about getting fat. One reason why men can't understand women better is that they have only one lifetime to study the subject. Every young fellow should have in mind that the day will come when he will little as his father does now. know as If a conscience could be surgically removed, in many cases it would bc classed as a HIIDOI' OPCIHUOI1. Betty Gouldy fat the almond counterj: Who attends to the nuts? Pat H.: Be Patientg l'll wait on you in a minute. V vvvrv-wvvvv r V E E Qui' Sincere Congratulations and Best VVishes ' to the cnass Qf 1939 AMAR1LLo NAT1oNAL BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page I32 el 'wvrwvvrwvvvvvvrwvvvvv+vvvvrvv'vvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvv vvvv- ORDWAY-SAUNDERS COMPANY Loans - Bonds - Insurance l Amarillo Bldg. Phone 2-228l I V I ,AAA--AAAAAAAQAAAAAQRAAAAAAAA YAAAAAAA AAAA--AAAAAA...,A-,-, M. T. had just come back to school after a trip to the Grand Canyon. "How did you enjoy yourself, M. T.?'l asked Dean R.. "Oh, it was all very beautiful, but you should have seen the Devils Gorge!" UM. TJ" reproved the shocked Dean. "You shouldnlt speak like that of your friends. Probably the ride and the fresh air gave them an appetitefl Georgann W.: Of course, you understand l want my shoes comfortable, but at the same time good-looking and stylish. Clerk: Yes, lN4a'am. l think l understand perfectly. You want threm large inside and small outside. MANN BAKERY E b Delicious Malted Milk Bread ' 504 N. Fillmore Phone 9ll9 4 3 1 The Pictures You VVill Want Tomorrow I You Must Make Today I E WILSQN CAMERA STORE I 818 Polk If it pertains to cameras, we have itl Phone 2-111 1 You're Always Welcoiiie at WALGREI-IN'S ' We specialize in Good Food served Clean and endeavor to give Courteous Service E MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT WALGREEN'S E 800 Polk Amarillo, Texas Lvifvvvvvvvrvwvvvvrvwvvvvrwvvvvvvvwvvvvvrvvvvv P P I Meet Me At ' TAYLGR'S MARKET 5 store NO. 1, 404 Taylor sr. store NO. 2, 7111 si Tyler 11 Phone 6369 Phone 2-2266 I SEARS ROEBUCK Sz CO. , Your Family Store in Amarillo E Polk at lOth Phone 2-3273 r ,P,A-A----:-A-------- A----.A AAA--i-AAiAAAAAAAA Page 133 bv 1 3 s 4 1 i K D a ln ,QJEQ ef 45' S 'C 1-.,. will 4 THA 544-455, , , , . I vvvvvvrvwvvv vvvvvvvvvvv-rvvvvvvvv FURR FOOD A Panhandle Institution "I am never happy unless I am breaking into songf' said Ray C. boastfully. "Well, why don't you get the right key? Then you wouldnit need to break in," said the bored Dede. P E IVIrs. C. C. Cunningham i'Say It Witlii Flowersu W. uBillU Beechler 3 I CUNNINGHAIVI FLORAL COMPANY ' I AMARILLOIS LEADING FLORISTS v One Loocation Telegraph Flowers 4 v . . 4 g 2511 VVest Sixth Amarillo, Texas 1 v Ready-to-Wear 0 Q Millinery E PAYE S. GORDON KITTY KERRIGAN 3 v "The Shop All Women Know" 4' I-Ieroine Maxine P. Cfranticallyj: Is there no succor here? Cecil Cfrom audiencej : Sure: I paid two bits to see this show. The band practice was in full swing, but something had gone wrong. IVIr. Wise glared at the Cornet player. "Why on earth did you leave off playing just as we got to the ch.orus?y' "Well,'I retorted Cene G., Hon my music it said 'Refrainf so I didfl Iack R.: Why didn't you shave this morning? Raymond T.: I did. Iaek: Well, next time stand closer to the razor. Connie R.: I saw the milkman kiss you this morning, Mary. I'll bring the milk in myself after this. Maid: It won't do you no good, miss. I-Ie promised not to kiss nobody but me. E I-IAGY, HARRINGTON, Sz MARSH Our Best IVislies to the Staff i ol I.a Airosa and to This Year's Ciiraduates Page 136 MORE PEP! BETTER PEP! FLOYD V. STUDER A ' LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES ' ' Since 1918 AMARILLO ' TEXAS HOBNOBBING WITH THE' TEACHERS . Now Miss Tolbertl . 7. Guess the Lieutenant doesn t know its . Abe and . Wayne-two of a kind. duty at Butler amusing while dancing. 9. Whew! What a bite Mr. Norman! . Instructions from Miss Bridges. . Mrs. B. attacks exam papers. . That very pretty Mrs. Atwood. A , Gosh Coach ' this a wild party! Q . And Mr. Wallace-just a mass of molecules atoms' . Sour expression Mr. Howard o something and stuff. - rude to point. Field. f-no THE ACCESSORIES SHOP For Your Accessories Hose, Gloves, Bags, Hankies, and Costume Jewelry 607 and 816 Polk A 544.4 A AL4.444.4 Ag4.4.z 4444 A I , 1 u . A 2 I Q 3. Miss Cornelius and Mr. McWhirter find 8. Conversation in the speech room. 4 IO i J 5 II , , as 6 , I2 Q Q n f Qi .L ' , ,-,. H H 4 4 1 4 Fox DRUG co. E Amarillo owned C Compliments of 3 H. E. LQNGABACH Sales Agent For Underwood - Sundstrand 108 W. Seventh Ave Typewriters - Adding Machines Phone 4892 I 4 -.--t4,.-t,AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA A-- AAAAAAAAAA. vvvvrwvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvrvwvvv vvvvrwv3 E. B. MEYER I Amarillo's Most-Reliable Service Station ' Sixth and Harrison Phone 6064 3 Compliments of HOLLYWQOD DRESS SHOPPE 715 Polk Street Qur Yearly Message to All Students Thanks for your patronage-The best of good health and good luck and may I success and fortune smile on each and every one of you J. LEVY, Inc. 507 Polk Dial 6339 . SANDIE HEADQUARTERS ALWAYS A,..,,A---A.-,-A-,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAJAAAAA Page 138 ERS lTy0e I Nl? 1 '94 i f o I CLASSROOM SHOTS b 4 1. Don't look so glum, Iune. After all, the way 5, Watching the worm turn. to 3 marfs heart- 6 Man 21 head bent over a bug 2. Final outcome: Minus 5 words a minute. ' ,y , b .- 3. Ierry fthe camera hogj tries something daring. 7' Dom Gale tells em all a out lf' 4. Anyhow, Mary Louise is smiling. 8. Breaking La Pinata at the Spanish party. L' vvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvrv vvvv ir vvvv vvvv vvvvvvvvv "" ' ""f P 1 E. E. FINKLEA 3 ' The Jewelry Store of the Panhandle P 4 1 Your Patronage Appreciated ' 4 I 608 Polk Street Phone 729l 1 ' 1 , . I Compliments of lVlQNTGQlNlERY WARD 3 1 3 4 1 I 'V V' 3 LLXp,MS'B0 CE AGEN 1 4 wx Au. Kmns or QI 4 IIZISILIBQNCQE 1 : ZIZ E. SIXYH SY TCLEPNONE 4334 3 P ,L AAAAAAA ........, ..,,,A,,,,,,,,A,. A A A A A A A A A Dick l..lCllI'2lI1CC was putting a squad of marching band recruits through their paces. Try as he would, he could not get a straight line. P Finally, 111 exasperation, he shouted: "VVhat,s the matter wid yez? Canlt ye line up? All of yez fall out and take a look at the line you've madelw K I , ke Cream Your Only Home Owned Factory I TONEY CHISUM, INC. K Chrysler - Plymouth g Polk at llth Sales 81 Service Phone 5231 A Soft Drinks WHEN YOU'RE ON A DATE, lcc Cream CELEBRATE! Stop at the FARlNlER'S DAUGHTER DRIVE INN i l-lamburgcrs Sandwiches Phone 2-0128 "We don't eat our food, We sell it" 1901 W. 6th St. Page 140 --5'f f2'fr T' N iii ee e f ' fx V P P P r P vvvvvrwvvvvvvv vvvvvvv vvvvv vvvvrvvvvvvr-vvvifvvrf The Idea! C7077fZbZ.77dl'Z.0l7 f . P P ' 4 I For SMCO l H MCTORING 3 ' Shamrock I Polymerine Gasoline . I Try Them Shamrock Motor Oil 4 iq ? Products of 4 p - 'mf' THE sHAMRocK o1L AND GAS coRPoRAT1oN 4 r DL P P Iohn Corn fat dinner tablej: Papa, I ain't got no butter. Papa: Sue, correct your brother. Sue flocking over into Iohnis platej: Yes, you is. Girline P.: Well, I finally got into the movies. Margery Ann: I-Iow did you do it? Girline: Paid them a quarter. Dickey Dye: Yes, sir, as sure as I sit here now, I shot that old double-barrel at that flock of ducks and brought down five of them. Ierold Knox funconcernedlyj: Didnlt I ever tell you about my hunting frogs the other night? I fired at one, and five hundred croaked. the Avery: If you think two can live as cheaply as one, let's try it. lane: Oh, This is soi- Avery: You name one woman and I'll pick two men and lay you five to one on men. Amarillo's Most Exclusive Store For Ladies and Misses THE LADIES STQRE 515 Polk Phone 2-1914 X -----A-,,---,.,--- A -,,,-k- AA-,-,---A-,4-,--,A-,AA Page I42 A ,fi 1 .s fp? 7. , 1 f-.Nl N-K. H Y 23 N h . s'Mf"'7:: ..., A -W0-1.....:i'f"-. - , 21, 'jg x . . - A A "" '13'Eb '? -1 ff 1-A -A ev'-A . AQ.. ffm- X. 2 ' eff' .' E' EEE.-' -' 1 ' I i A X pf' s A ,Q 'ff' N if .ff ff- M-ff 5553 . ,..--f A ,. xafi'-,Q3 .,-+15-"vf1j1-' A. xe Me., .f . 1 8,61 1 ww' A if ff . 1. - A W A A 1, N AA 'i L 1 1- 1. 1- .. 1- .:. gg: 1- . -' A ' 1 Q .agua A. 1 ' Y ' . ,vs 'Ae .f'9.I4C? v3'2'T' -' "x A' . ,A .,". 1 C ' P ,,.1 1 i. ' " ' Afmgdmwwmf few -AJ3Mm4'-1'- wAV Aix 94- ---- ,. 1 l i: 1If",' A 'f ' A73 M 1 1- EY- A , ey Q it-56 .. .N-111: A- -1 . 1 " ' Q 1 1, mfg 5, 3 X 35? 2: 45-A . YA, A ,A A -A 1- A e 1 R 1915 .ia X gg f""jA2Af 525+ ' -Q ASH . 1:1 -ff' '- ' Qfq. y-35 A -ifigg., A. . -Q! gif- X ' ' N" ' ' 0 .. ,-' 3. . 1' A .ft .. f, B . Y if 1151- ' ' All - 4 1 1 A A 1- fzgfg S :ff ...BA ' .ff Y Qt ' jr. 'gf ,A ' 3 gf 1 A . 1 f M . . F .. lfii , 3'T""' A- fr 'A ,309 --Ag Aj -A - . . f -A : .1 x. Wy 'T ,bPV51'k'L.if 11- f . K' 9'N - . f4?g?:ff:i """ 1?i?'f'W - . U9 AA ' ' ,t,,q,3Q'gA,...n. if .. ., H - , 1 , 4 1 f A. X W wit .-Aw . J M5 Q .. 4 wf,?' ,,., fan--vmfivg, ' 'A A f if , 5- pw -Av A'-,Y AX Ui, ,,., A. ,-1 . 1 , ,H , A .-A. - -.A . ,sf .,..::A. H ,. V- 'K W-Q., ,. -iff, A SSX ZX ffl' XXX, . " ., A: 1:-135.,Ag:-- N A' H X' 535. -A if -Q ?-:fi , 'fe A ..f: 11. - .,.. - 1 2.2 l.. -19fA3g' K, M" 3 A- ,G .. .111 El' f, if , -1.-A1111 . 5-dis-1' f"2"i7.'11I if . gg-Z ? At f f' I 2:2121 Aff' if ' , . If - if VV ,A - t V- 1,12 EL.. Ag, 5. ......,, '-N5 93,11 A 'S2:'lfTL.Z" ' q A4f! 1 "" .Af Agway .kvxfgi A ,J A1 - Forward VV 1th Amar1llo U 2 Xi' iggrieqgirifiizi' H13-3 1 A A A. A . . 'ifi A A . A' 4 H MA wAfwmwHfwM-+A , . A 1 1 Q 5 f I 1, A A A Amarxllo s growth has been phenomenal A "x' V f 1 1 A A A A Q Q ir... P mam . . . nts future IS brlghtcr stlll. Your gas A a -K . .W xx A: I ' company must foresee such. progress H -A A - 'As A- Q 3-'A A-'-W A- Q sh 3 V. A and be prepared to serve the c1ty,s T ., A . 5 - 552335-':.g--3:1 largel needs. Slnce 1906 we have been ,L ,,... - K! .- eff AA.' AQQQAAQQQSWSQAAaQgQQeA?Qfm1 Q A Q1 ' Q' Q. jj A v ' ' ' ' 4 ij. eg S- ,fag 11. .,.S5R1:,.A11.. plannmg and buxldmg constantly 1n or- G55 V 1: . " ' -I .f .- 1.1, :. Q ,, 35.5Si9X ?Q,3g'g561.1? .E?: -fb, 4 A 1 A : V A z."A.1.1,g,A3,.z der to keep abreast of Am3f111O,S growth. A A Wi. A ,A 1 ff ' . f QQ. .1 . ..e.t,s.Mf,M f A ' ' 55429 4' ' A 1 H 11 A1 X VA 'fkapsq .QQQ-fW?455RiiX5f??i?f 4 'F' ' WT '1 AAW TQE A V 6' A .. A1 1 1 1 1- -A li i':1 ?2"Tf HDI' 0 as Um an A 2 ' ' . . 'A -. - , ...,. A, A I A ve,-A .. 1, ,,,., 13. . ,,:s we-:4A 5..w fi -6 gs 'A gg j I N atuml Gas--The Perfect Fuel . A, 3: Q AA- 2.333-A.,A-gA..,a., A Qglyfgjil.-1,41,.y .. " A .2 A. . M. . 3 515' '-" 1w4 Q . j,, E' .-.:. fgjsw ,,Q,X'4., 1352 11 ' A' 1 "1 1,,,H ..W.A,f 11.A fsmxm fwfewfJQaQQ?v -wwwwva rw eww mmmWywH.wHf FWHQ .ff 'YMQ55wkf . A f 72' A 1A ,Q lf."f"if"'fAf"3"'f-9- -: Af 'I' .' 3?-71-1?-f'5i5'fAW'21A vfi aiid -A " 4 A 1,.. 2121f'?12i-S3155 y flyitfff . Silk? 'Z A 1 'A - A A 1 " ' t. Q, W A, ,Q 'f fglfv' 1 A ' '-" 1' 9'-'T-?ffXJw-jf .wg 3, 'gl -V5 A 13 gs.jgSQ,f Z 1 152. A A A7 if v- AITAA 1' ' - Af 1. 1: . AA AA 1:1 : -- 'J A . . M -IA 1 M V M .:f' ' 14 25 X-s?'f2 gQQ fA'2A. 'f 1 I I A A I 1 A -A .1..1A. f 'A+-wx:-., ,,, :24.,A-:?A1A2x.w.wa. ,., A sz 1 A x, ,wg Ag4 :A . A. -msxff q ww. A' H gf ' . A. Y. ' " 1112. 55? Q.-1a . Kj :, 1. 1 1 A - .. ,,.,,. :,, . ' Q- ,- , ' .4-Aw . -4 . ,.., :1:"'A'o""' "w 4 ' A ' .f f x m """" J M. ' 1A ,,t ,.- 5 -, 4 :. -f . ,j.f' 1,4421 ' ' "I'I?I'f'V'?:1 CW-f'1P' exi f.-"" v??f" ' . '42 A M gg -,l, , 1. 1' j: "" ' - A -. . . ., Q, Q sn, J. -' "'12"-113-if-1 ,..t,,1,,w'1'-VAL' , . ,g,gg- '30 .-..- ., 6.f?4ffwm:,Y' ,:, 1. A' 5 A ' A- V V V V Qmmx,--1 Av A 1, A,,- a,.:,: 5 Q ,. ' ' , MQyg41a::1g 5,4 4 ?A1':"- 11' f'.'A' ZA: wo: :Z ,1 ...iff -.-,gt .-., A L.: --A- . .:f-vi , ,A w e -'g ' '- , 5 ' .1 .A f 9 Af..-2 fa . 1..1 A QA fMw.wAN'M' ".1'ff21-592:92-f?-Ww4wsfy:4mgZ5 -- A- AA ,1f::f:.-1 . fm ,f LA- A--. . .1 .A -'Af W A- A 1.1. :NAM-A-WMM,-:M A A A ---- 2 .A -Q. -A ,. ia, Af f f -A ,. 1 V1 -A .,,. V,,W,.,.,, AAM. -,A M, Page 143 5 . Q . vc' 'a ,s,,xV5R' TO I S -5 It i i' 60, X Q3 I v-1 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv If' IEWEI. POTATO CHIPS IEWEL SALAD DRESSING Greetings to our future citizens "There Is Vitality in lewel Products" JEWEL FOOD DISTRIBUTORS Phone 6490 Amarillo, Texas You may talk of signs of weather, lVIary had a little limp Of coming days you may singg And furrows in her brow. But when you sit on a good sharp tack, She couldn't wear a No. 2 Itis a slgn of early spring. But tried it anyhow. EXPLANATION OF OPPOSITE PAGE I' Noomtime trek to the Double Dip cP1ugI- 7. Congressmen selling circus tickets at a Polk 2. A brown study as ever was fpage Aleca Vfoollcottj, Streetbooth' 3' Mrs' Taylo' looks over her Schedule for the day' 8 Mr Brownin 's diversified occu ations rlass 4. "As ye sew, so shall ye rip." ' 4 ' A g P , ' A ' 5. Mrs. 'Walden and her prize pupil, Thomas. 9' I-lbmry glfls Ponder Over a book list' 6. judge McNeill gives a verdict. io. Betty Taylor in physics class. Nfaxz Why clidnlt you answer my letter? Scharleen: I didnlt get it, and besides I didnyt like some of the things you said in it. Sara Beth, the grocerls daughter, went to a masquerade ball and met her father there. "Hello, Dadf, she said. 'KI-Iow do you like my costume? Ilm a saladf' - "It,s nice, my dearfl replied her father. 'lBut haven't you forgotten the dressing? vvvvv vvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv vv v7vQ S. H. KRESS ci CO. Headquarters for School Supplies 700 Polk Street Amarillo, Texas 1 4 , f i' ' 4 0 0 ' Nor flow N012 ' 306 P0lK'PH0NEi1437I '3'5'2'l W.lG""Pll0Nf. 8256 ' MCDAVTD BROS. Dry Goods Home of Curlee Clothes-Vitality Shoes E 808 Polk ' Household Appliances WESTERN LIGHT 81 SUPPLY CORP. "Frigidaire"-Tappan Gas Ranges ' 410 Polk Street Phone 5384 Page 144 li fe 1 5 I ti Ki 1 -f" ,-me '-,, H, 1 I 4 ty. - . I ' , yeas: 2: '1 5 ,E ft s v A E W 5 Liberty P i 1 P I 4 4 E Intelligence 4 5 our E Nation's Safety BLANKENSI-IIP DAIRY Grade "AH Raw Milk Cream and Fresh Churned Buttermilk P. O. Box 41 Sisterls friend had come to spend the evening with the family and at the supper table the little brother, between mouthfuls, said to him: "Oh, Bill, you should have seen the nice soldier man that was here to see sister. I-Ie had his arm-H "Iohnny!" said Melba, blushing deeply. 1 4 I Looking surprised, Iohnny said, "Well, I was just going to say he had his arm-H "Iohnny,'l said his mother, "now that's enough from youfl Iohnny began to pout and said, L'Well, I was only going to say he had his arm-H "Johnny, leave the room!" said his father, very severely. Iohnny began to cry and moved slowly toward the door. As he opened the door he said between sobs, "I was only going to say he had his army clothes onf, I Compliments of 1 RULE BUILDING GARAGE Phone 9732 723 Polk St. Page 146 g 1 vvvrvwvvvv Compliments of PQTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SQCIETY Members I Sam Aronson, Uliver-Eakle Bldg. W. L. Askew, Rule Bldg. R. P. Black, Fisk Bldg. Ben T. Blackwell, Fisk Bldg. Sam K. Broyles, Rule Bldg. I. Ralph Carroll, Claude W. A. Carroll, Claude T. P. Churchill, Amarillo Bldg. I. Crume, Amarillo Bldg. r b F. Crumley, Fisk Bldg. P ' Geo. M. Cultra, Fisk Bldg. l Frank Duncan, Amarillo Bldg. E R. A. Dluncan, Amarillo Bldg. , W. F. Dutton, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Robert Foster, QHonoraryj, Groom M. L. Fuller, Fisk Bldg. Nan L. Cilkerson, Fisk Bldg. R. D. Cist, Fisk Bldg. Neal Hall, Fisk Bldg. I. W. Hendrick, Fisk Bldg. I. D. Iordan, Fisk Bldg. Richard Keys, Fisk Bldg. R. S. Killough, Fisk Bldg. Melvin K. Knight, Rule Bldg. W. R. Klingensmitli, Fisk Bldg. H. H. Larson, Amarillo, Bldg. I. R. Lemmon, Fisk Bldg. Dan S. Loving, Fisk Bldg. A. F. Lumpkin, Amarillo Bldg. Don S. Marsalis, Fisk Bldg. A-A-L4..4.:AAAA Frank P. Mille1', 324 Sunset Guy Owens, Amarillo Bldg. I. B. Ozier, 4231 W. Twelfth Louis K. Patton, Oliver-Eakle Evelyn C. Powers, Fisk Bldg. Ceo. Powers, Fisk Bldg. B. Nl. Primer, City Hall N. C. Prince, Fisk Bldg. B. M. Puckett, Amarillo Bldg. Bldg Howard Puckett, Amarillo Bldg. l. Rasco, Fisk Bldg. E. E. Reeves, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. D. Roach, Lucerne Apts. I. H. Robberson, Amarillo Bldg. E. A. Rowley, Amarillo Bldg. G. T. Royse, Amarillo Bldg. VJ. Shudde, Fisk Bldg. A. Streit, Fisk Bldg. R. R. Swindell, Amarillo Bldg. VV. B. Thomas, Fisk Bldg. W. Van Sweringen, Amarillo I. H. Vaughn, Fisk Bldg. G. T. Vineyard, Ollverliakle Bldg Bldg R. L. Vineyard, Oliver-Eakle Bldg. George M. Waddill, Fisk Bldg. I. B. Vvlliite, Rule Bldg. I. G. Wilbanks, Fisk Bldg. A. E. Winsett, Fisk Bldg. I. R. Wratlicr, Amarillo Bldg. Page 147 VVWvvv vwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv1vvvvvvvfivvv if I C. M. WILLIAMS Sz CO. 4 E Furniture and Floor Covering ' I Distributors of the Following Nationally Known IVIerch.andise I ' ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORSMMAGIC CHEF RANGES WARD FLOOR EURNACES AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT OF ALL TYPES 615 Taylor St. Amarillo, 'Iekas ' 4 kAA4.p AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA- 5 -A444 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -AA-44.4.1 Wlien Grace came to school one morning, the carpenters were working at the build- ing. After a few hours she saw them handling a very large piece of lumber. Running to her teacher, she asked, ulVIr. Lynch, is that the school board theylre putting on there now?H Martlia T. and Kato F. were talking over the 'Phone Both were discussing what they should wear at the coming Popularity Ball. In the midst of this important conversation, a masculine voice interrupted, asking humbly for a number. Kato became indignant and scornfully asked: UWITHI line do you think you are on, anyhow?,' 'LWell," said the man, "I am not sure, but judging from what I have heard, I should say that I am on the clothes linef, vvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrwvrvvvwvvvvvvvvv vvvvfvvvvvrw- KILLOUGH Sz DAVIES "VVl1ere Young Men Buy Snappy Suitsi' 516 Polk 44.444 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA44. Earl C., while staying at a hotel, complained to the Proprietor: "Your lunch today was terrible. I nearly lost my appetite." "SOP What was the matter?" "Well, I found a hair in the ice cream, a hair in the honey, and a hair in the applesaucef 'lYou did? Mlmmmmmni. That's funny. I can understand how the hair got in the ice cream. It came from shaving the ice. And the hair in the honey probably came from the comb. But what gets me is the hair in the applesauce. I bought the applesmyself and they were Baltlwinsf, THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMARILLO b Security and Service Since ISSQ Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I I ,..i.,..... i,,,,,,, ...... - - . . ,Q Page 148 Amavino Scfwwx in THQ, wider of 1599 snow faq recmss O Note as high as oclevx on We Rafal? lkivacel. S+wz,e'l' in x898 Pictures courtesy of 1'VIr.v. Thomas Currie, graduate of 1894 EXPLANATION OF OPPOSITE PAGE V 1. Armory under construction. 9. Lloyd, Pauline, Orval, and Marvin take 2. Zowee! A home run! time out to gab. 3. Batter up! IO. I-Iot dawgs! Food! 4. Andrew looks sorta puzzled. 11. 1,000 cans at Christmas for Children's 5. Tailie's pretty, too! but Sterling doesn't seem I2 SaIg,IorESlv,d this Picture get here? in-terested. ' ' ' ' 6. The end of a hectic day. 13' Iilate lurlch-I5C' Plezj, , , , , 14. Away -in a manger- 7. But morning comes again, inevitably. IS. 1-Icy to the World--1 8. Front entrance to A. H. S. 16. Politics rears its ugly head. VY' vvvvv v vvvv Pvi T i vv n- vvvfw vvvv vvvwvrvvv p . P 7 i i I -'ag , 1 2 E To this yearls crop of Graduates g We extend our best wishes Phone 2-2904 I 604 Po-lk Mother: Daughter, your hair is all mussed up. Did that young man kiss you against your will? Mary S.: I-Ie thinks he did, mother. ' Lieutenant-Colonel Green Con the rifle rangej: This bullet will penetrate two feet of wood, so remember to keep your heads down. Bill B.: Boy, I'm scared! I just got a letter from a man telling me he'd shoot me if I didnit stay away from his daughter. Tom I-I.: Well, all you have to dois to stay away from his daughter. Bill: Yeah, but he didnit sign his name. I yea, , The Faculty and Students of Amarillo High School li gwlk.. are especially invited to use our three new f B cl D R S v ' . ' it ance oom r L.: ...V Hu ff? 'Ulf anquet a K , fp:- - 11?E:'522if?rf:: .2 ' 22 .155 55 i f? if if 'Elf "1 :g,e,.:.1 . 2'5iSi' a P P P p ri V18 P P I THE NEW AMARILLO HOTEL I C. S. Pryor, Mgr. Lkkk- .---A-----,-,. AAAAAA vvvvv'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv-rvvWvQ E BLAcKsToNE DRUG 1 I 10th 81 Tyler Phone 6349 I Two Blocks from the High School 1 p ----.AI-------------------------.----A Page ISO 'MQ I WYQS l -cf Q TH Q Qs V l I I caxuJFLoURfwm1 GOQD PANHANDLE-PLAINS WHEAT 4 4 AMARYLLE I ,R V ' 5 and PURASNOW I y QFLQURE 4 'I X At Your Groeer,s I ,., 1 ' lVIiss Felerabend: What were Vxfehsterls last words? Ianie E.: Zymosis, zymotie, zymurgy. Ar a lecture Miss Cornelius orated fervently: "I-Ie drove straight to his goal. I-Ie looked nefther to the right nor the left, but pressed forward, moved by a definite purpose. Neither friend nor foe could delay him or turn him from his course. All who crossed his path did so at their own Peril. Wl1z1t would you call such a man?l' "A taxi driverfl shouted Roy Beehtol from the audience. Larry Stitt, one of our golf team, had lost his ball and was inclined to he annoyed with his caddy. 'lWhy didrft you watch where it went?ll he asked angrily. 'LWell,ll said the boy, "it doesnlt usually go anywhere so it took me sort of un- preloared-like." ,vvvvvvv vvvvvrvwvrvvvvvvrvvvvrvvvvv vvvrvvv-Yvvv'rI P 4 P ' 4 P 4 P 1160662 , A 4 I 660112 fel I E Ladies, Ready-to-Wear-IXfIIlline1'y and Shoes t Phone 9468 AIVIARILLOS SMARTEST SHOPPING CENTER 803 Polk St. I 'f 'rwzvvvxva vv..vvvvvvv..v vvqy Cornpliments of PLAINS PLUMBING COMPANY , I 917 Pierce Street Phone 6215 1' -A------------------- --------- ---AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Page I 52 6 vip lTx0 I W ' S 'Y 5 2 g 1' 60 'rx' U av 61130 4 "' ' ..AA , EXPLANATION OF OPPOSITE PAGE i SEEN AROUND TOGETHER . Robert and Genie look plenty lovesick. 8. Eddie Qlooking puzzled, or doubtful, and Mary . M. T. helps Eleanor along, or vice-versa. Elizabeth. Byron and Bill-that make-up and break-up couple. 9. Two blondes - Marvin and Dorothy. And we Miss Rowan and Whatever-his-name-is. thought opposites attracted. . lane and Avery discuss "where,ve you been all my - ro. Dorothy Morris meets Bill Qnot in schoolj for life?', . . lunch. Agnes Rose and Bud-old favorites. 11. Bill succeeded in shocking Melba. Not the unusual- Kato seems amused at whatever it is Carl is explain- V ness, but the unexpectedness did the trick . . . Note the ing. footing . . .H You match 'eml Book Fiend Cookie: Have you a book in stock called Mun, the Md5l87'.p Saleslady: Fiction department is on the other side of the store, sir. Porter: This train goes to Cklahoma City and points east. Barbara Scott Qtestilyj : Well, l want a train that goes to Pampa, and l donlt care which way it points. V ' Little Iimmy Martin, aged seven, had been taken to the zoo to see the animals. Star- ing intently, he stood before the spotted leopard's cage for a few minutes. Then turning to his mother, he asked: "Say, Ma, is that the Dotted Lion everybody wants Dad to sign on?', Mrs. l-laston sent her small son across to the neighbor's with the message that if it were agreeable, Mrs. Haston would call that afternoon. On his return Gerald was asked what he had said to the lady. "I told herf' he replied, "that if she would make herself agreeable, you would be over this afternoonf, VW vvvv -rwvv v vrwvrvvvvvwvrwvvv P r 4 P 4 P 1 P P Sun-Ray Meat Products P h P : PINKNEY PACKING co. 5 P P 4 Amarillo, Texas I I 4 P 4 : i f 1 Q v 1 : 5 P 1 i Heap-O-Cream Stores I Page 154 9 VER lTi0e I - 617 .s 5 fi fx A- fb 1 PASTIMES EXPLANATION OF OPPOSITE PAGE 1. "Slide, tenderfoot, slide," sings Curtis, as he heads for the foot. 2. Brrrr! Will Rogers Pageant sufferer. 5. That poisonality grin would tell you that's Dillon 6. Bill Adams pauses fpunj for the cameraman. 7. Hanging on for dear life. 8 3. What'll youse gimme to spring yousc, Moco? , Eddie preparing for a swim. 1 4. Don't tell me this is ole jitterbug Huff! 9. Looks like a grand way to spend a vacation. - '- W G. G. LAING Grocery, Bakery and Market Phone 8201 H2121 Washington Street We Appreciate Your Business "Yassah," said the little darkey, "I'se named fo' mah parents. Pappyis name wuz Ferdinand and Mammyis name wuz Lizaf' "What,s your name, then?" asked Dick lones. "Perdiliza." E A L E ' S "The Spotlight Shoe Storen 805 Polk St. Amarillo, Texas Baby Ear of Corn: Mama, where did I come from? Mama Ear of Corn: I-lush., dear, the stalk brought you. Mrs. Walden: Now, lim, how can you prove that the world is round and hangs on nothing in the air? Iim Glenn: I don't have to prove itg I never said it was. Ralph Blankenship: Can you help me with this problem? Frances Farwell: I could, but I donit think it would be right. Ralph: No, I donit suppose it would, but take a crack at it and see. Deacon Iones was very ill. I-lis brethren were keenly interested in his condition. To- ward the end, bulletins were posted on the blackboard outside of the home. I a. m. Deacon Iones very much worse. 2 a. m. Deacon Iones sinking fast. 3 a. m. D'eacon Iones very low. 4. a. m. Dleacon Iones dead. Gone to heaven. The little boy read the bulletin and then added this: 5 a. m. Great excitement in heaven. Deacon Iones not yet arrived. 4 4 KGNC 1 The Globe-News Station I 1410 Kilocycles 4 The NBC Outlet For the Panhandle . 4 4 4 -454-,--A AAAAAA,-A-,Lankan-AAAAAAAAA-A-A----------.4-,aaka-,-A-A Page I 56 VACATIGN DAYS r Q ,k"' """""" I AMARILLG HARDWARE COMPANY I b Complete Line of China and Glassware E 807-809 Polk 4 W Pm-me 5318 Nlr. Gordon: Why are ,the days longer in summer? we Gllbert Knox: Because the heat expands them. A Miss Brock: When Water becomes ice, what 'change results? lack Marlatt: A change in Price. 4 , Mr. Cox Qto pretty typistjz Are you doing anything on Sunday evening, lwlary? Mary Stack fhopefullyj: 4No, not a thing! -Q U-fhen try to come early enough to get in' Z1 little practice Nlonday morning, will you?n W I b 4 4 4 IL' ""' """"" "" """"""' E It has been a pleasure to work with the "La Airosal' I I Staff of 1939. May we continue to be of g service to you. 1 MURRY WATTS STUDIQ 3 E 1 I ossss so ossooes C01Hp1imeHfS I M ' I ..s f C0mP1ffffflY Aif-COHditi0HCfl OH f A A ,M - - - r......... -- - li Page 1 58 NOTABLES AT A, H. S. TOP: Charles M. Rogers, Superintendent of Schoolsg Lawrence Hagy, best-dressed citizen of Ainarillog R. B. Norman, our Principalg Senator Tom Connallyg Representative Marvin Tones.. BOTTOM: Please pass the biscuits, Pappyl Molly O'Daniel takes a proverbial biscuit from her governor-elect father, wlule Governor Tingley of New Mexico looks on. VV- - vin Vugc .Dy l x i ,X L ll M 5 F X fi 1-J-"'l, - , ,V OWK, 3. sri, ,!": ff er, its in if i' 'HO I QXVE 9513? 5 'i 1 'f ' rx CHRISTMAS PAGEANT THE GUIDING STAR, Directed by MISS ROWAN AND MRS. CROSSETT Poefry age I. A SENIOR'S PRAYER Bill DeSautell O Lord, Ilve sought Thee oft before On bended knee at twilight hour. But more than ever now I need The guidance of Thy wondrous power. I fear the day when I step forth In this great world that I IUUSI faceg But, Lord, assisted by Your strength, May I accept my given place. May I apply the Golden Rule Of life along the trail I tread. Let me not strike at those who strike, But tl11'l1 the othei' cheek instead. And when I ani discouraged, Lord, Let me draw strength from the hearts of men And show a glad face to the world. Now let me thank Thee, Lord. Amen. II. AIN'T IT THE TRUTI-I? Victor Smith Lochinvar was a great lover, Cassanova, one of the best. Still there are several others In good ole A. I-I. S. If you'll just glance around, You'll see just what I mean. These fellas really cover ground- And they're just in their teens. But thatys the type the girls adore. They think boldness is best. lust try it out, and nothing more, 'Cause the girl will do the rest. Page 161 III BROKEN DREAMS Polly Stiteler There is a chamber in your heart Vfhere I may never go- A sacred shrine you've set apart That I will never know. We meet and steak of common thingsg Yet underneath, it all I know vour heart has taken wings And is far beyond recall. I watch you as you as you re ninisce Those lovely dreams you've lost. Could I replace that love you miss, I would at any cost. IV. THOSE VJE LOVE Louise McCar1ey They say the world is roundfand yet I often think it square, fo many little hurts we get From corners here and there! But Il1C1'C,S one truth in life Ilve found While journeying east and west, The only folks we really wound Are those We love the best, We flatter those we scarcely know, We Please the fleeting guest, But deal many a thoughtless blow To those we love the best. E-,vcps l'ryO . i i 60 9 1 l , "" F' ' ' ' I I Compliments of E i AMARILLQ DENTAL SQCIETY , Members, l li Stuart VV. Browning, Fisk Bldg. ' IJ B. Landers, Amarillo Bldg. 3 ' w. M. Curl, Fisls Bldg. A. A. Moody, Ffsls Bldg. 1! P w. l. olddd. Fisk Bldg. w. R. Moody, Fisk Bldg. 3 F. w. osdssd, Fisk Bldg, ' R. P. Fas-sslls, Fisk Bldg. 4 ig C. D. Ewfng, Fisk Bldg. F. l-l. Reedy, Blackburn Bldg. 3 ll VX7. F. Gibbon, Rule Bldg. R. L. Rogers, Fisk Bldg. ' V C. U. I-less, Qliver-Eaklc Bldg. W. B. Stevenson, Fisk Bldg. 4 T Geo. G. lliglwlrn, Amarillo Bldg. B. Younger, Qliver-Fakle Bldg. I T. B. lim-s, ollvd-Fdlds Bldg. Lids Ydddgsi-, Amd-1110 Bldg. 4 ' F. Q. Ksllsslssi, Fisk Bldg. ' 4 . 1 faleslady: These are especially strong shirts, sir. They simply lllflfgll at the laundry. hflr. Willianzsz l know that kindg l had some that came back with their sides split. Peggy: Dear, what is the true definition of E1 groom? s . I E . I Norris: Vxfliy, a groom IS a man who takes care Ol d llnb animals. The class had been instructed to write an essav on Winte1'. Before the beTan, hlrs. . . 1 . . Y . H Browning gave them a few hints, and among other things suggested they might introduce a short sara ra h on niivration. P B P in Floyd Cfs attempt read: ln winter it is very cold. Nlany sick people die in winter and many birds also go to a warmer climate. Motlier: Son, l don't want to see you running around with that wild girl anymore. lack Pittman: Aw heck, Ma, ---Sl ain't wild. Anybody can pet her. l5lCensored. Ralph Quest, a trying and flighty patient not long ago, asked the doctor how soon he would know anything after he came out from under the anesthetic. 'lWell,', the doctor replied, uthatls expecting a great deal of an anestheticfy vv vw vvvrvwvvv vvwv Colnplinlents of RED and VVHITE STQRES li- x.:-AAAA-ng-A-A-A L1-1.441AAA ALA-- Page 162 Qazionafizad School Annual planning And Engraving Service .C 'V n m' ZI7 EAST SEVENTH STREET, AMARILLO, TEXAS Page 163 PART-TIME VOCATIONAL CLASSES QConzinued from page 875 Distributive Education Division -------- M. A. Browning, Coordinator K'Earn While You Learn" COOPERATING AMARILLO BUSINESS FIRMS AND' THEIR TRAINEES: Amarillo Hardware Company: I-Iazle Gibson, Eddie Storseth, Verna Mae Raney, Bob Wilson C. R. Anthony Company: Iane Craghead, Mona Kruger Blackburn Brothers, Clothiers: Raymond Thornton I By-Lo-Grocery Company: Curtis Holland Daniel Grocery and Market: Suella Daniel Cal Farley's: Ray Fielding Fox Drug Company: Oliver Aardal I Q Furr Food Stores: Oris Odom Ti , I-Iunsleyls Paint Manufacturing Company: Dbrris Dukeminier V Stuart Iohnson Grocery: A. L. Anderson l Kerr Paper Company: Medwin Lee Gruver, Oneitta Ross Killougli CY Davies, Clothiers: lack Rogers Levine's: William Apple, Waunice Iones, Marjorie Vinyard Montgomery Ward 61 Company: Phyllis Ford, Margaret Morgan, E. Webb Morrow-Thomas I-Iardware Company: Evalyn Gibson Nut Products Company: Carrol Keeling I. C. Penney and Company: Iodie Foster Sears-Roebuck and Company: Yale Rice White QSZ Kirk: Frances Brown, Monette Chambers, Margaret Gibbs, Lucille Iaster, Pauline lVIcLaughlin C. M. Williams and Company: Carol DeLal1o Wilson Battery and Electric Company: Leo Kearns Zale Iewelry Company: Isabel Raffkind TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL DIVISION . . . C. M. Allen, Coordinator fContinued from page 86D COOPERATING BUSINESS FIRMS Amarillo Plains Body Shop. Al Reville Radio Service Boxwell Brothers Cheshire Radio Service Cowie Electric Co. Doty Wholesale Meats Dr. Pepper Bottling Co Gooch Engineering Edys Garage Edwards Studio Furr Food Stores Frank Davis Garage I-Iunsley's Paint Mfg. G. E. Iones Electric Co. Miller Printing Co. Morrow-Thomas I-Idw. Murray Watts Studio Panhandle Dry Cleaning Co. Plains Chevrolet Co. Rice Body and Trailer Mfg. Sears-Roebuck Southwestern Printing Co. Stuart Iohnson Grocery Standard Parts Co. Ted Lokey Auto Service C. M. Williams Co. Page 164 vvvvV1vvvvv vvv"Wv" AMERICAS FUTURE LIES IN ITS YQUTH Best Wishes to the Class of "39,' WINGED SERVICE P vvv-rvii-'Q vvvvvv v vvw ...Jin I , fCHEXROLET ' lj- ' Compliments of the E PLAINS cH1avRoLiaT co., mc. 2 I jesse A. Rogers, President 4 r 1 Q CllQ 8 5 g 5 I 4 MASTER 4 CLEANERS Q B 2 r ' fr -H' -T27 4 I 408 Qucganfzfz, SZ, ' ' ' Q vii i 1 I Licensed Sanitone Cleaner 4 Harley B.: Thinking of mc, dearest? Betty Nl.: Was l laughing? l'fn sorry. Dr. K.: Vlfhy were you kissng my dauqhter Nlary in that clark corner last night? Brien: Nona' that live seen her in daylight l sort of wonder myself. The following letter was received recently by 11 company which manufactures corn syrup. "Dear Sirs: Though l have taken six cans of your corn syrup, my feet are no better now than when l startedf' Dick Anderson: Say, Ted, did you hear about the big accident? Ted Moss: No, what was it? Dick: A man ran over himself. Ted: l-low? Dick: As l was going to school this morning, a man sent me across the street to buy him something. l told him l was in a hurry to get to school, so he mn over himself. Refreshing dow' ln Bottles gl Page 166 I vvvvvvvvvv v vvvvv v v Today's High School Students- To1norroW's Amarillo Citizenship 1 Greetings! , MORRQWUTHOMASlhUUNVARECO. 1 AA--- AALAAAAALAA ...AAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAALAAAAA i lVla1'y Lucille ffollowing reproof from motherj 1 Oh, Nlother, you are so early-Victorian! This is 1939, 11ot 1938! Sir Arthur Willert was visiting this country for the first time, and as he was driving along the highway, he saw a large sign, i'Drive slow. This means YOU!" The Englishman stopped in surprise and exclaimed, 'lMy word! l-low did they know l was here?y' ' """"' """"""'"""""""""' ' ' PIERCE STREET GREENHGUSE Flowers For Any and All Occasions 1805 South Pierce Street Phone 7117 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-l Mr. McWhirter had purchased a parrot, which was a rather young bird, and was trying to teach it to talk. He walked close and said in a loud, clear voice: "I-lellol Hello! Hello there! Helloln I-le yelled until tired, the parrot paying no attention to him. But when Mac stopped for breath, the parrot opened one eye and said, "Lines busyf' Mr. Willis called his biology class to order shortly after the noon hour. "Cnr special work today," he said, Uwill be cutting up and inspecting the inward workings of a frog. l have a frog in my pocket here to be used as a specimen." I-le reached into his! pocket, pulled out a paper sack, and shook its contents out on the table. Out rolled a nice-looking sandwich. He looked at it, perplexed, scratched his head, and muttered: "That's funny. l distinctly remember eating my lunchfl v v Qioriissoviii Qiixio 'Balchik' riiiiiv co." rs EN ERAI. lWyU DUAL1D t "Vile Give SSZH Green Stainpsw , 9th and Tyler Telephone 6231 , Page 167 if fi: id . Q if 1 L A 1-i 1 E1 1 eil 1 Rf it ...I 1-X .gf ,- Q ff F ef al .Y '-'f f- , - ,aff r ff ,t is Pi 3 A ,I Sgt, Qui IUST A LOTTA MUGS MUGGIN' SEE OPPOSITE PAGE 1. Sally at a football game--if looks would kill. 7. And where were you last nite, Buddy? 2. Hi, jimmy! 8. "You haven't got that old appealg you're 3. For once the annual office 'Vkey is in plain cold as steel." sight-red ribbon and all. 9. Moco peers cautiously around his specks on . Agnes Rose in suspense. the way to class. io. That Farwell technique. 11. Guilford and Nancy against the wind. 4 5. Taste bad, Eleanor? 6. Pretty molars you have there, Catherine. Little Billy De Sautell: lVlother, may l go to the zoo to see the nionkcys? lVlother: Why, Billy, what an ideal Imagine Wanting to see the monkeys when youi uncle is herel I Mr. Wallace: Pauline, what is the formula for water? Pauline D.: H-l-11K-L-M-N-O. A Mr. Wallace: Why, no. That isnlt what l told you yesterday. Pauline: Yes, it is. You said "H to O." Mr. Herring was giving a test in American Problems. One of the questions asked was, L'What was the quantity of wheat exported from the United States in any given year? After many minutes of consideration Leonard finally wrote: uI492f11Ol'1C.H AMARILLO OLDSMOBILE co. ' Dlclsmobile, Cadillac, La Salle 810 Tyler Amarillo, Texas Father: Now, Delmar, you've been at school a long time. What is the wife of an Indian called? Delmar: A squaw, Dad. Father: Good. And can you tell me what his child is called? Delmar: A squawler. --- vvvvvvrwvvvrvwvvvrwvvvvrvwvvvvvrvwvvwvvvvvvvvvvv V-' KEARNS GRAIN 81 SEED CO. Associated With Twelve Country Elevators Domestic-Export-Feed, Flour, Grain and St-ml Harry L. Kearns - Robert l... Yeager Phones 43384339 Amarillo, Texas S? sHERWlN'wll.l.lAMS 119 W. 6th Ave. Phone 2-1278 l mr: l Page 170 eww 1 I l l 1 I l l l l l li if is fl 1 l E R l , r. 51 1 l, . 5 5 ,?,t'f'gH9 V if ,pf Ki 4, ,.- . . 4, 'gl 11 el 9 F V , ' li-if Calendar of School Events 5 mu " is I IN si' ..- K rin J 'rl ?"f -ams- it .. '21221f' 1 if v-'A' s-'liyfk ., v F- F DK , xi' S 5' qjeaf 9 . f" "" 4, 'pic-Q 'G V11 1 - S 5 Q- Z UQ I , Sept. 1-2-Registration. Sept. 6-School starts. Sept. 6-May 24-Student Congress sells tickets to circus, plays, and what have you. Sept. 13-Election of ROTC sponsors. Sept. I3-ElCCIlO1'1 of advisory officers. Sept 16hFirst night football game on Butler Field QPaschall Highj. Sept. 19-Half-holiday for Tri-Stare Fair. Sept. 23-AHOfhCf half-holiday for Tri-State Fair. Oct. 6--Reception in gym for new members. Oct. 7WP. A. makes its debut in A. H. S. Oct. xr-fElection of three boy pep leaders. Oct. 12-First organized meeting of Student Congress. Oct. 14-Election of class offi cers and school queen. Oct. 22-First conference game QLamesaj. Nov. 8-Coronation of queen in asse mbly. Nov 8-Back-to-school night for P. T. A. Nov. 23-Lubbock pep rally Qbest of the yearj. Nov. 24-Sandies lose district to Lubbock QThanksgivingj Dec. zz-Christmas pageant and 1,000 can presentation. Dec. 22-Honor Society initiation and banquet. Dec. 22-1311. 3-Christmas holidays. Ian. 17-Mid-term exams. Ian. 23-Registration for second semester. Feb. 3-5-Older Boys' Conference in Amarillo. Feb. 4--Press meet in Canyon. Feb. 8-9-Election of favorites. Page 172 Page 173 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. io-Sandies beat Pampa to win Big Five 11-Popularity Ball. 15-Spring training starts.. 17-I8-Basketball meet at Canyon. 18-Speech meet at Lubbock. basketball championship. ' March 1+Football letters awarded in assembly. March 4- Speech meet in Abilene. March 6-Lubbock Glee Club in assembly. March 9fFirst edition of new Sandstorm. lvfarch Io--Teachers' meet in Canyon Qholida YD- March 22-Pep leaders for next year elected in assembly. March 30--Contest play in assembly. April 4-Philo-Forum debate. April 6-YP:-my program-Student Congress and Band. April 7-Io-Easter holidays. April I3-ROTC Federal Inspection.. April 14-15-District speech meet in Canyon. May May May May May May May 5-La Airosa comes out. 12-Senior Day. fij Kid day. Q25 Kid dance. Q35 Three one-act senior plays. I8-HOHOF Society initiation. 23-Senior banquet and dance. 24-Special assembly for awarding letters. 25-Commencement exercises 26-Schoolls out. CQ 35... vi m I g ... t 1 1 Tl- Q 1 , A '!.5, .- I P f an ' Q' a 6 ' 1 Z sf. ..1'Z e . DQ , 2 .f : I' 4 il, L v. , C Ei-' v . 'C it 1:5 t 2 tyxf sd , eff!! Z2-2' ' . arf "I Jef Q N'U Q: ,. 5 ' BW .U P Best Wishes to the Class of 1939 AMARILLO BAR ASSGCIATIQN FIFTY YEARS FROM NOW I wonder what weare coming to, Fifty years from now. I wonder what we'll think and do, Fifty years from now. I wonder how we'll eat and dress: Will we wear more clothes then, or less? We'll do some funny things, I guess, Fifty years from now. Our homes will he on wings and wheels, Fifty years from now. VVelll ask the wireless for our meals, Fifty years from now. VVe'll never sleep and never tire, Weill eat by proxy, think by wire, And all keep warm without a fire, Fifty years from now. Improved machines will wash the dishes, Fifty years from now. They'll do the job just as one wishes, Fifty years from now. Theylll wash and scald and dry them, too And Put them up like people do, Then sweep the kitchen ere they're through. Fifty years from now. No one knows just what may be, Fifty years from now. Welll all just have to wait and see, Fifty years from now. But this we know fnot merely guessj, The students all, despite their dress, Will loyal be to A. I-I. S. Fifty years from now. Page x4 O Q 0 s N I I 5' fs A fo 435-7 ,655-' '3-911. 45559. Q 3 ll 3 U i , il ,CIM N " f Q lil i jx ,' l V6 Q7 4 f u i it M 74' ' i We've l2un Qur Brand On A Lot OF Stock . . . including many fine year books for the schools of the Panhandle. As your partner in Producing La Airosa 1939, we have had the pleas- ure of working side by side with you to create a thing which is beautiful and which serves a purpose in your lives. As you take your places in business and as you meer the problems that require the process of Printing, may you look to us again as your part- ner, to lend our specialized skill and our equipment to the solution of the problems. 'A' RUSSELL STATION ERY COMPANY Page 175 T 5' ,, ,I 7909 ,Y ,L ,,. wk fl Tl is 'J -X -.' 1, ,if I r:. ,,, 4 fl ,. IN MI-MORIAM I L, 3, - 'K I ' 1 Vw! 2 I . J. x I Aux 1 3 I . X Mary Ruth ohnstou HUC I4 1922 Marcl1 29

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