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--an-1 1. --nil, 4- -1 5'---.f---in - ,. 'ZFYYSYBWIET' M , ' v u W V ,,.-.Qy-oQ"""" ,Na ...of"95"N4'?7'3' " 113551 r.::g :ix-sans: .aeacxwg .,-vial , ,-X 1 IKE ... - vl-1, f -u':n..u.a-a-. YA- ,. .- ., 3 1 1' """"'PK'??" , f.f-.....,, i..,--- f , 4 -- Lf -,: f .. -F Q 'ji - -.--QM-"F , 'Af -4-6 719,-,V ' W Q L 4 . . , -- 1 5 ,.-:Nm X T' . lid' -,--an 4 ,- gtk IIA.-. - - ,,.. 5,rf,,-u-a-ati A-. .. ...m....x .-B ...1-.Q-,g?g,t3,?5.fE:.x,.s- , 1 -N -sp if 4 .1 n- ""l'eY'1 J Q .g .X qx Nw shi! . Q, Q. K 1 P w. -xv H .1 Qi M 1 Vi 'i -4 1 1 1 J 4 3 .Q 3 l 4 1 i i ! i 4 i 5 ? l Y "'WV"1 7 J ,ft , 5 . 3 l ll s 1 1 Nl .N 5 ' Q, N i,l 'P VM 1 HA. W 1 W5 ,pf-f Corcnado's expeclilion receives blessing of vicesop and SlGffS out in quest of lhe seven golden cities of Cibola. Ba Hirosa Published by The Student Body of Amarillo High School Amarillo, Texas W- e is L- o Q- r 1 ag. J M I s ' i . i A F v ' ' X 5 , V . , I5 . . 1 v . . 5 Q r ,. F xx 1 I x it J P Y' -W' ' r . a , i ,I N y Q. b 1 R ,l M I N X X sta 5 ' " ..,f. if ' to . , 'fm ' x , ' 1' Q of f r 4 4 l . I W' fr ' 4-5 0. QJVD Jg ffj i ' r 4 V Y l 5, v ' z" ' r l 1 l JU K if r l A ,Q 1' Us 5 f.-' 21 r - 0 1' i ' d 'N ' Q, 4, m r . I y ' ' Q' 1 ' r. l L L .-no 4 , ' .' W. u l , 1 -i Q I l 4, ' 4 The Expedition wanders through iraclgless forests and is harassed by floods. Foreword Rumor spread among the Indian encampments along the Plains. Strange men were coming--white men, clothed in mail, with plumes floating from their helmets. Coronado, the first white man to penetrate the northern part of Texas, moved a vast army of men in the summer of l54l. l-le was led by the Turk, half-breed, who told glowing tales of the golden cities of Cibola. Coronado failed to find the cities of gold, however, because they were but fanciful. The La Airosa of 1930, within its pages, records the tale of a glowing year of happiness and work and achievement, sometimes too easily forgotten, too often left only to the imagination. This is a year of reality, pictured here--it is not fabulous like the golden cities of Cibola which Coronado sought in vain. ""W'P'1 X I J fx' Q , Q . 1 1 .X , Nl' i F ? fi 1 . Q, u t I I L --M 4 fa "" ...ML T ,b ,. ,I HRK, - i' - A u fN ,6x. H 4' -0 9 Mean! Sa.. 3'-.:'S1-f" ,. Scxcl-bv Z' NK. Q r 0 "' "" "-X Q. ' Ll. , V I 4 'I ' I x f wrmf N X Wm 5 , ' , -1, . 2 J w uyn xl n 5-any I 1 1 x M 1 1 "T ' ., , - J , 'Y M I A . I 5 ' 4 . -L I 5 I Coronado's expedition views buffalo and great plain for first iime. Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES SCHOOL YEAR SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS i i ' . 1 mqmlm -N 17 ,' Sl . i 5 X ml N aint , S ' ' i' 5 f' QW " . 1 " M' 4'- -v 'nn m,e+-0,1- 9 -fr '- i i N w ' i W i if t j i K Z1 'ti hx .', 'f" 1 4 A .W H , , iy 1 v .' f -W 'i 5 Dedication i. L y A' L' i Q 'fe ii A. To i Q if X y R.B.NORMAN ' , Endeared to the heart of ' f- every student by his con- stant effort to introduce true sportsmanship, higher morality, and greater effi- ciency into our school life, we, the seniors of 1930, dedicate this book. 4 'When o'er life's rocks and crags you roam- A Lighthouse to guide the wandered ho e." "O'er mossy banks, cool Ivaters spray 2 9 9 A welcome on a summers day. ,sr.1ua.nLQ. immramxi' cz lax: :dm .zzxiiv :yu A 714 .-:Um "Serene and still lhc waters flow- A balm for feverecl care and Ivoe "Our city - from a bird's eye view, The 'city of roses' - and gladness, loo ,fa I A ,.--5 xx ,I diy? ., fish wf's"",l if Wy ' t"'m, W "Out in Nalurc's garden stands A Lighthouse to guide the wanderer home." Ur f 5 A 'WSJK7' 2+ ,W Y.YY. Y..,..,.--..,...-,,-..-,.,.-,,-.-,,,, :LW Af: ,- ,Y,,,., .,,...,. .- ., -.,.-...,.-. ,, M5 um 'bf -f .. , .i,::L,..1..x.gxLxw.:4..gxv.hQf' ,, ,gnglx -. ,.,,, 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 8 H 1 1 1 1 2 E I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 HI P a ,.' -, ,Kun I- I 4 Yam O is x 'F fl vfsne . Y Q. t F 5 1, VM 1 4 QW N f ufN'm 40- Q K' 4- 0 'P A-aQ1b'3'J' 9 lg, i I 5 'uf Q - 1 i I N if ' Y N X . S, x Q i K Z nfl W i Nm X A 5 X 5 1 11 , 1 X w X X agile if Q., X ' I Rig ' M. X , ' 1 i M , 1 Q L . -D . W if ' ' oi - ' ' 1. 51 ' 1' g ' x W f -A b X o 6 i i ' ' ' s 4' N ' ' ' ii Q I W : I i v v'4 4 , 4 K5 +V, , U N i U ii N L ' . r A 1 ux X -4' ,' i i' s W. 1 ' P' A i , x 'I . ' is 1 i Coronadols expedition sighis fabulous cities of Cibola on a high rocky mesa. Coronado christens cities "Granada" N . . . fldmlnlstratlon N , 1 -:Av :mhz ' -. PeA!B,QSe1,'932i Wfmf 1 To the Students of the Amarillo High School: My connections with you this year have indeed been very pleasant to me. It seems that the students in the High School are developing a better attitude toward their work and toward their responsibilities. This, of course, is very encouraging to me. We hope that you will be just as happy during the years to come as you have been in the High School. In selecting your life work, plan happinezs as part of your success. The high school of today is a great democracy, wherein you learn to live with your fellow men, and your adlustrnent to social conditions is an important part of your edu- cation. You have an opportunity in this democracy of becoming a better citizen for r tomorrow, by being a better citizen today. With best wishes, and azsuring you of my great interest in you, I am Sincerely, Wktttivfllkxtvcmllv Fbwef 1 Page Nineteen . ' ' " K ' --T af f 03,116 -7 ax f in. ' Pai T - -Y iA XigQ545 i19g C. M. ROGERS Supervisor R. B. NORMAN Principal If v i , f '?i' f ' ' , ,Y 7'7" i -W ' ' R i 4 . .4 '7 l " n E THE BOARD UF EDUCATIQN W. A. MCINTOSH G. G. ORDWAY Superintendent President DR. D. ROACH HENRY S. MILHOLLAND DR. W. M. CURL FRANK M. BUTLER GEORGE M. WADDILL Secretary B. C. D. BYNUM FRED E. YOUNG Page Twenty-One Eli. .'fi+s? I rQ:i?'e- 1' LA AIRO SA' I -mi u ,,,,.H-,.,.......,,.,...,., : l l THELMA O. SMITH Mrs. CARLYN QUICKSALL LOUISE RUSSELL B. A., M. A. B. A., Baylor U. B. A., Kansas U. T. C. W., Columbia U. English English English MAUD T. BECHTEL ORETHA CORNELIUS B- S-, C0e,C011ege B. A., South Texas S. T. C. Enghsh Public Speaking Mrs. FLORENCE ATWOOD CORA RUSSELL Mrs. W. E. ROUTH B, AU Baylor U, B. A., Kansas U. B. A., W. T.. S. T. C. English Spanish Spamsh ' Page Twenty-Two .-e m ' gpmm rw.-' -' .rj ' "1 X M ' T' A .n Y . C I 'K C iiiAi5Q5,Ali,932. masssamaer 4490 1'2" EX HRX ANNA MAE KLAPPROTH CHRISTINE STUCKEY MINNIE FEIERABEND B. A., S. M. U. B. A., T. W. C. B. A., Baylor U. ' Head of Latin Department English Higtgry SZ Latin i LAUNCHLIN MCNEILL Mrs. VERA DAVIS SHINN F B. S., Davidson College A. B., W. T. S. T. C. LL. B. University N. C. History History LESLIE JOHNSON KATE WILSON W. VINEARD B. A., L th C 11 B. A., S. M. U. eXaS - M, A, illvigilonsijn eg? Mathematics W. T. S.'T. C., B. A. L History History Page Twenty-Three V .- v - vw rv- -J yj-" i , .,,., . T A gf.iQaQI'-159-EK:fA1eJfse5:ZQ.:5fJ-5:1 AIQSIQI f q Y N f HUGH UNDERWOOD M1-S. C. C. SHALLER MAGSQSEOOQVENT B. s., B. A., Missouri U. B. A., B. L. Mathemazics Mathematics Baylor U., Texas U. It T' fi' A . . , '..'X.. A at txt. aevef.. :Q an J. B. CONRAD E. R. CARVER B- A- S- W- State Okla. U., M. A. Teachers College W. T. S. T. C., B. A. Mathematics MERT MCCOLLUM LENORA WALTERS HELEN WORLEY ' Supervision of Cafeterias' B. S., W. T. S. T. C. B. S., C. I. A. Home Economics Home Economics - Page Twenty-Four - w f ffff . . '. 7 " -iff ff " . . ' iii, . LA AIROSA- l93o l OSCAR WISE CARRIE BOLEY J- L- BEHRNS B. S., .Okla. A. 8z M. North Texas State Mathematics Manual Training Teachers College, B. A. Military Training Music S. M. U., M. A. Art R. S. WHITE W. H. GORDON Texas Tech. Columbia U. State Chepburg Texas U., Tulsa U. Science Science OPHELIA C. WESLEY Mrs. C. C. WALDEN C. A. WALLACE Texas U., B. A. B. A., W. T. S. T. C. Phillips U., Okla. U. U. Chicago, Ph. D. Physics Miss U., B. S. Science Page Twenty-Five fj'0f'Hl1'HlrB!i-35.23 ' ' -1 Ja.. Z-NL J.x'Lf'.f ld? -V -, - - 'rv -- 7 -".u - - - - - qv 1 1 -I' - ' ' ' , .,A.,, , , A 'vip-er31k1wnLf'+1lfd.,.:',-.Q fA AlgQ5A5AqQ34 1 f f I BERTIE WARREN CORA AVERY ANNA W. BUTLER B. A., Texas U. Librarian B- A-, C- I- A- science Pep Spgmsor English ,, s f MARY VIVIAN CECIL URSULA ANGELL R. F. WILLIAMS Texas U. B. S., C. I. A. B. A. Southern S. M. U. Physical Training Norman University English Commercial ' F fE Yi Page Twenty-Six Q . , A . N ' fT' ' 'Q ' X ' . 4 . A ! ' , . v Y I Y I I MVS' G91'ViS F- Taylfil' E. C. Potter Mrs. Corrine Rountree B. A. Mary'Nash A. B. Colo. S. T. C. B. A. Tulane U. Dean of Girls Commercial Cgmmel-cial Commercial 9 . Marshall May Russell T. Smith T. G. Hull B. S. Centinary College, La. B. A. Austin College B. A. Simmons Asst. Athletics Coach Athletics Coach Manual Training Coach V 1 1 2 ff . -if f Q - s 'W-nv-1 . ff '- -"""' ' '-'K-wx' ,' Q 4 I l Y x i B 's xi' ' ' . . W v ' Q , 1 O O s. I WN, N - ' vf'v'm 40- 1 1 'U 4'-0 'D M9499 9 15 ,JJ 3 P 0 Q 5 , LM I I K M Y Q' 4 i X X' x Q I M x SA b i x fp x' x A-, xxx ' ' , xxx I 5 Nw 9- ' 1 ,, H V 'Q 2 ' v Q . gl i .' i i Q2 L, - - -" -In 0 , P I ' I n i x G .N :Y C' F Yu X , an v i i ' i i i M v 4, i qw 1 'X , k t I '- X wV N E .4 1 t F,-A ug N -I ,' r 5 at T X il f 4 " tm: ' F 1 X ' A-fler finding "Granada" was only a small mud vil- lage, Coronado rebuffed incl Turk for his gross exag- geralions concerning ine so-called "Cities of Cold." lass S 4 ' 4 s hi! s V x N. N 4 Q-CQ Ms 1 V fxufii 'N 'fini 'Q IP 0 9 4:1 Q49 9:...L fwom' fx .H W-Q W .. , Q 1 1 2 t . X Q ' I ' E 5 n X NNN ' A N- M K Q 5 b Q 1 X -.V- ff I - H' "".u Mx ' ' 1 X xxx i x ,, I .. ,. 4 A A u 0 gh :. l s " ' N 51' .IL h e .t ' 5 : 1 ,i ff I A 1 in j 4' f XFN Y s ' ' ' 1, Q0 l ' 4. 5. :IMLS 1 I' Seniors q ,+I ,+A W L5 gAA.,g9,545,Q Paile Thirty-Two 1 Choral '27, '28, Gym '28. WARD HUDGINS 'C Class Officer '26, '27, Football '26, '27, '28, '29, Track '27, '28, '29. CHRISTINE DYCHE Inter Nos '28, '29, History Club '27, Gym '27, '28, PiDelta '28, '29, '30, Pres. '30, Annual Staff '30. DOROTHY NUGENT Honor Scioety '28, '29, '30, Pres. '30, Choral '29, '30, Pep Squad '29, PiDelta '30, Annual Staff '29, Editor-in-Chief '30. BURL BUFKIN Yannigans '27, Football '28, '29, Basket Ball '29, '30, Track '29, '30, Philos '27. FRANCIS BAIR Football '28, '29, "A" Club '28, '29, Track '28, '29. DOROTHY MCDONALD Los Viajeritos '29 ALICE ARNOLD Music '27, '28, '29, '30, Choral '27, '28, '29, Orchestra '27, '28, Inter Nos '27, '28, PiDelta '29, '30, Annual Staff '30, Honor So- ciety '30, JOE FORD Yannigans '28, '29, Philos '27. R. C. NEELY JR. Hi-Y '29, Pres. '30, Philos '28, '29, Pres. '30, Annual Staff '29, Bus. Mgr. '30, Physical Science '28, Pres. '29, Inter Nos, Pres. '29. DOROTHY JO BUSH Choral '26, Gem '26, '27, '28, Pep Squad '28, Annual Staff '29, '30, PiDelta '30. FRANK HOMER RANSBERGER Pep Squad '29, Sec, PiDelta '29, '30, Honor Society '29, '30, Vice Pres. '29, Annual Staff '29, '30, E. M. BLACKBURN - HijY '26, Football '27, Track '27' 7'-.Saw MJ-if Yo. f5i'3c'?S'. X . 'Q 1 ass .w- 1.0 'sp ,. r 'llf '52.4WSB61WDiF --M , "ww-' ' 'H - - -' .' Q.,-..-.. A14 7... . ,Y A, .. -- . , .. . G 1 A.. - 8 A LAAIROSA-1930 , MAN WRIGHT ' fm ' A A F , - I Forum '27, '28, '29, '30, Jr Hi-Y " Y . ' '27, '28, '29, Pres. '27, Sr. Hi-Y j '29, '30, Business Staff La Airosa '29, '30. Y MARY LOIS RAY Choral '27, '28, Physical Ed '27, 1 '28, Tennis '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad 3 '29, Inter Nos '30, Annual Staff '30 ROSEMARY BOOTH f PiDelta '30, Honor Society '30, - Debate '28, '29, '30. LIONELL CHILDRESS Physical Science Club '29, '30, Sandstorm '30, Hi-Y '29, '30, FO- rum '30. A , BEN ANSLEY Baseball '27, Basketball '28, '29 '30, Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, Officer '29 Roughnecks '27, Philos '27, ELLEN LUCY SHORT Spanish Club '28, Pep Squad '30 MARY LUCK Pep Squad '28, '29, '30, Football Sponsor '29, Jr. Favorite '29, Yell Leader '30, Honor Society '30, PiDelta '28, '29. l l FAIRMON DEE , Physical Science '29, '30, Forum , '29, '30, Hi-Y '29, '30, Basketball i '29, f30. j - 1 i CHARLES WRIGHT , ' Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '30, Forum '29, '30, Physical Science '29, '30, Sandstorm Staff '29, '30. , 3 l ROBBIE D. SIMPSON Q PiDelta '30, Choral '27, '28, '30, Q Parthenon '28, '29, History Club t h 27. , I ' 5 .- 4 DOROTHY WIARD , f , 1 'P-: Pep Squad '29, , in -. ' P JOY WAGNER 5 2 O , ' 1 Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, Physical Science -'- l '29,'30,SandstOrm'29,'3O,Debate 1- L A "'9 , E i29, '30, Forum '28, '29, '30. Us V LHIXQKP 53 .Q-?'J 3f'f31'uua 1 1 l A i V Page Thirty-Three 1 '-- ' ' ' v rv - . .., , , , , A "- , A - - ' ' 'f' . - - -1P'fb J- m v - 1 "A"" L3 5Q fw15,,i L""s'z'if'5+fG2.."'.f.2c , ,. L... ., ,,-..-,.., ,..,.,. ,.,,,.,,.., ,,, . , Y l l l l I E v 7 .-, K . g ., 1 I ' V I 33 I , T , , Q 3 , i , i 3 r . ' I l Y 7 '-' - : z' 2 2 E i ' I ' ff I 1 , .. -. .. 1 ' 4 ' sew , N ff S 4 L f. N , , , , E I I L E ! l Q 1' L :- s ' 1 1 f 3 3 Page Thirty-Four 1 1 - I ,L IEORGE SHORT Football '26, '27, '28, '29, '30, 2: Track '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y '27, '28, Architectual Club '27. JO ELLA VAUGHAN Inter Nos '28, Sandstorm '28, '29, Pep Squad '29, PiDelta '30, La Airosa Staff '30, Honor Society '30, Fine Arts '30. VIRGIIQIA DAVIS Eulalian '28, '29, '30, Choral '28, '29, '3O. STANLEY MARSH Sandstorm '29, '30, Bus. Mgr. '30, Philos '28, '29, '30, Pres. '29, Hi-Y '29, '30, Honor Society '30, Pres. '30. C. B. WILLIAMS Band '28, '29, Hi-Y '28, '29, Gym '27, '28, 129, Philos '27L EVELYN CREWS Physical Education '28, '29, Choral '29, Parthenon, Pep Squad, Lyric Club. FARRIS SEARS Pep Squad '29, '30, Choral, Girls Debate '29, '30. DONALD WOOD Hi-Y '28, '29, Glee '28, Physical Ed '27, '28, Physical Science '29, '30, Childress Hi '26, '27. WILLIAM RODGERS Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, Physical Science '30, Philos '30. FAUSTINA WOODRUFF MARION GROSS 4 W. A. A. '28, Spanish Club '29, -,Tl Pi Delta '30, -3 3 if LLOYD FARNSWORTH -:Q ' .. Band '27, '28, '30, Orchestra 'ZSTL-. FEM 'fvf.??i",1m'Li3w't.lEI,,'i2L'fT':7fS'2.fQXs,T7i 'Tea I I X l w 1 l x C 1 v I , v I ' 2 -L +? 2 f ' L A gaipglnoskipliop 1 "' 'Eff' ' A F- Q' ,F 'TSZLQCQNPI ' J PEGGY HILL I, T-: Sandstorm Staff '30, Pep Squad '28, '29, '30, History '28, Gym '28, '29. ROBERT DYCHE Rough Necks '26, '27g Gym '26, '27, '28, Philos '27, '28, Hi-Y '29, '30. JESSE REEVES Track '29, Hi-Y '29, '30, Yannigans ' , '29 WINIFRED FLETCHER Basket Ball '27, '28, Thalian '29, '30 FRANCES PARKINSON Physical Science '28, '29, History '27, '28, Pep Squad '29, '30, W. A. A. '27, '28, '29, '30, Volley Ball '28, Basket Ball '26, '27. BILLY CHENAULT Hi-Y '28, '29, , I 0 , . CLARENCE SIMS i CHRISTINE WEATHERALL Choral '27, '28, '29, '30. GLENNA LOU FAIREY Pep Squad '29, '30, Choral '27, '3O,' Thalian '27. DAMON AVERY Forum '29, Physical Science '29, ' I I I ' 1 PAT GOODWIN . E : 1 ELIZABETH SCARBOROUGH - '- it Choral '27, '28, '29, Girls Debate 17' , nz.-1285 Lyric '29, Physical Science 'fig " 1P352FTmg"'fEfIQe5 'vf31'w4,I, 1 ' T Page Thirty-Five 4' 131 ' P 7 - ' i f ' i s f cf f 09, 24-. ail Z3f'Yf"""""iZ'q'U P fi -sftefifiasw. ' a.,,,f,.Q E'frA,g,lpgQJ5g5,i93,51 sa '1 ' '47 I "IQ .7 pf Y Y Y I I Us , 3 N Page Thirty Six RUE PAULA PARCELLS Q Class Officer '26, Pi Delta '27, '28, ' '? '29, Pep Squad '27, '28, '29, Gym '27, '28, '29. JACK KRETSINGER Forum '24, Hi-Y, Pres. '27, '28, Sandstorm '30. JAMES RITTENBERRY Band '27, '28, '29, Orchestra '28, '29, Hi-Y '28, '29, Annual Staff '30, Tennis '28, '29, Physical Science '29, '30. HELEN PHILLIPS Pep Squad '28, '29. KATHRINE KIRK Choral '27, Pep Squad '29, Pi Delta '29, Inter Nos '28. HARRY BIVINS Hi-Y '27, Football '28, '29, Inter Nos '28, R. O. T. C. '28, '29. MEYER LANDAUER Larned High School '27, '28, Foot- ball '28, '29, '30, Basket Ball '28, '29, '30, Choral '30. MARY ELIZABETH TRIPLETT Thalian '27, '28, '29, Physical Ed '27, '28, Pi Delta '30. BETTY BIVINS Pi Delta '28, '29, Pep Squad '28, '29 MARVIN WALKER Hi-Y, Physical Science. ROY PARKS , - U ANNA RUTH DENTON - ll Gym '26, '27, Spanish '27, Pi Delta '28, Pep Squad '28, '29. : : 7 awlfil wawmvaqri ' Gb? Jfr5Q4 1s'L5f'BA9h?1lQ5Wf H X ' 152.415-3JBN5F'lW'9'3!! ,.' A ' " , J' ,, , if TIA AIROSA-1930: 'wl..w+r wwf-cw ' , JIM, A .Q,AA- ,AAI +Ie,,,..,w,,..,,,,-,-.,,.,,.,-,,,, 5: JAMES DAILEY I I Hi-Y '28, -29, fso. - I OLIVE BUTLER , - I 3, I Choral '29, '30g Spanish '2s. Ezz' -f,q , EEEE , EE E A I I Q I LUCILLE MARTIN I Choral '27, '28, Parthenon '29 ' '30, Pep Squad '29. BEVARD HARGRAVE Track '3O. LOLA DELL GILBERT Home Ec. '27, '28, '29g Choral '27, '28, '29, wb ALLENE BENNETT Choral '27, '28, '29, ELVA HODGES History Clubg Science Club. , I . GLADYS MORGAN Inter Nos '28g Parthenon '293 Hon- . or Society '29, '30. CLIFFORD FLANDERS RUTH GREEN A i I A I 1 l 1 VIRGINIA ANDERSON " Choral '28g Gym '27. I I A J. R. MORGAN 5 f 1 Biology Club '29g Physical Ed '27g 'i Physical Science Club '30. N 1 M id. YTV - 1' , , A fcf.qI'L275.055?aVf?'JSi"gSii4'-54.15 Ygjefua, 9 A 1 y A NWFP Q H-W M-Mijn , A Page Thirty-Sevexr! . f ' . F y n y ' ' K' jg A vii i' f l - ii fgyd yfff n A xiSJ:.:fit."'k-6.3.-?'f.1u.?',,.e,"Ij.Q LA Amo SA- I93 5 i , , ,, K .- -,-.. HW. ... , ..-W ,. ,... , . , if L " ' I A ' ' 5 EORGE PARR A v p I Hi-Y '27, '28, '30, Glee Club '28, -1 , 9 L, L :-1 '29, '30, Science Club '29, Physical I E V. 1 ' , Ed. '27. i 5 IDA GAIL TAYLOR f 5 W. A. A. '28, I29, Girl Reserves 1 ..,,: '27, '28, '29, Proctor '29, Wichita, I 4 If , Ks. '28, Pep Squad '30, La Airosa f ,,. t - 4 I , ,Q 30- 2 i ERNESTINE SMITH I 9 Gym '28, Physical Ed. '28, La Airosa '30, Q , ROB ROY BEEMAN 1 Hi-Y '27, '28, Science Club '29, '3O. .. i i Y 3 9 MARY TOWNES 5 Q I Pep Squad '28, '29. 1. l - - ' THELMA MATHEWS 2 Girls' Debating Society '27, '28, Choral '27, '28, Basket Ball '28, ,-7 Pep Squad '28, '29, '30, Physical 7 . Ed. '29, '30. I HENRIETTA FLESHER ' Canyon High School '27, Home Ec. ' 28, Pep Squad '29, '30, Choral E '28, '29, '30, Honor Society '29, '30, I MOZELLE BECHTOL Home Ec. '28, Parthenon '29, Pep Squad '30. . PAULINE ROGERS , BILLY DICKENSON 1 Band '28, '29, '30. l ' m I , . L : V Q JAMES STONE 5 3 , ' 3 Inter Nos, Hi-Y, Sandstorm. Q f L . , Q EILEEN ROBERTSON ' g I - - Physical Ed. '27, '28, '29, Basket : : ' . ' A , . . -- Ball '27, '28, '29, '30, Volley Ballkg- , El . . 7 - 5 Q ' " '28, '29, '30, Choral '3O. .. 45" ' - .:. "' 1 1 ' . . ' , I I f -ITV v , ' . s a,h1,"N5w"of '?-v ASQXRZM. f Page Thirty-Eight A , w ff fif' T " . V, ' 'f l ' . I '- . .. . ,J ...,- H "" f , . . ,. - . ,R I ' P' 7 t K ,' I. LA AIROSA' 1930 a saws sf'wT?g3':ff' 5 -at gwxbxxxxxl xsvxk 5P,yxMN il -ng an-1-r '- .Jr T it 1- ARA TILLINGHAST Y if ,K r F A T72 Choral '29, Pep Squad '27, '28, '29, '7 2 l , Home EC. '29, Basket Ball '29, ' Volley Ball '29, Tennis '29. ss ,, JIM CLAYTON W I ' Foot Ball '26, '27, '28, '29, Basket :'2 Z ' Ball '27, Track '29, '30, "A" Club T '28, '29, '30, - ' 'if ,1 'd x 'K '1 ii RAYMOND HOLLINGSWORTH Physical Ed. '27, '28, '29, R. o. T. C. '28, '29. VIRGINIA McKIRAHAN ' Inter Nos '27, '28, Pep Squad '28, 29, Choral '28, '29. DOROTHY EAST Parthenon '29, Orchestra '27, ' Band '27, '28, Lyric Club '28, ' '30, Honor Society '29, '30. 28 29 ROY KNUPP Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, Tennis '28, '29. sw a, as ' ' a aa K, J. N. CHILDERS Glee Club '27, '28, '29, Science Club '28, '29, Physical Ed. '26, '27, Yannigans '29. CATHERINE ALLSTON Physical Ed. '27, Choral '29, Pep Squad '29. Riga as s ' 5 K . ? MABLE BLACKBURN A ' Girls' Debating '27, '28, Pep Squad I '28, '29. ' I MEREDITH KENDRICK Hi-Y '27, Yannigans '29, Band ' '28,'29. - 51 1 E , f M, L ORVILLE STEWART , , l lf: Football '29, Debating '28, Span- V, L -- ish Club '29, '3o. '21, - I Q1.LALAH STIDGER ? I Q ' 'r i f A i7,Choral '29, Gym '28. M-7 I ' A-, 2.5 E a .ff ips:-a".w,e-fmsaivezms 5 I 7 R A 1 1 A Page Thirty-Nine -3 ,. , Y " ' Svvvqg-1,7 423 ' . . 'U -fG'1La- "Ji 4l'f'sL- . ix 8, ' 8 ,C css, Y ,s,.m,,,,.f 2122 I , f' s2,, A as ,,,,g-ai E . 1 K , I -,1.,,m,.,m. f,,A.BQ5A.lg34 Y Y l I I Page Forty . ., -if - ' 1 'Ca OTIS PETTY .- Band '27, Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, Span- ish Club '29g Philos '29, '303 Physi- cal Science '30, R. O. T. C. '29, La Airosa '30. KATHERINE DUNCAN Pi Delta '30, Honor Society '30, Sandstorm '28, '29, La Airosa '30, Pep Squad '29, Tennis '28, '29, Choral '30, Inter Nos '28. JOHNNIE HOLMAN Gym '27, '28, '29, '30, History '27, '28, Thalian '28, '29, Pep Squad '29, '3O. 'WILLIAM STACK CARY DOWDLE MARY LELAND SMITH Debating '27, '28, Pep Squad '29. JOSEPHINE YOKELY Girls' Debate '28, Parthenon '29, '30, Gym '30. RUBY EARL SMITH Spanish Club '28, '29. FRANK LAWLER Band '29, '30, Physical Science Club '30. MARY HELEN SNODGRASS Home Ec. '27, '28, '29. EULA MADGE ANDERSON FANCHER ARCHER Science '28 '29 '30. C, awfcivh ffl? xv. , w i", "f l ' P ' i s ' WW .il f, - - .r v - - f I H I -' ' I ' 0 T -I. LA Amosl- l93o I 4v" k "" ' 1 , kvxspxv 5xs-x sskxxrbsgk, F xi ' 7' f i . W 35 F I W' TQ W , AAA, I T, 1 A. J. REEVES 1 f h ' I ' f ""' . , , - GERTRUDE HIGINBOTHAM ' Physical Ed. '28, '29, Inter Nos '28, , Q . 1 Pep Squad -29, Pi Delta '29, fao. y I "+' I WILMA BEEMAN Pep Squad '28, '29, '30. DONALD WINEINGER History Club '27, Physical Science '30, Gym '30. , FRANKIE ATKINS Gym '27, '28, Inter Nos '28, '29, Sandstorm Staff '29, '30. RUTH BLANTON PHYLLIS CLINE Choral '26, 27, '28, '29, Physical Ed. '26, '27, Thalian Club '28, '29. JIMMIE EDWIN ALLEN Choral '27. GORDON GILL Band '27, '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '27, '28, Military Training '29. BETTY MCLAUGHLIN Choral '27, '28, '29, Pep Squad '29, '30. ELIZABETH JAMESON - Pi Delta '30, Inter Nos '28, '29, Lyric Club '29, '30, Orchestra '29, '30, Choral '27, '28, '29, lf- MORRIS LOEWENSTERN L -- Orchestra '26, '27, '28, '29, Band N- ' -1 ' '29, '30, Glee Club '26, '27, '28, '294 - M ""Basket Ball '28 '29. l I ,ff 19E9?Q' mgm'u 1 P , P 1 Page Forty-One E.. rx I 1 S' 'I I .ci g?J""7 33" 2 EP-'Gf,,i1 9 "'?N":i'f"'. gi H, --1,,.m,...f. -+.q,f..Q LA AlROSA'IQ30, 3 9' 7 ' ' 2 GENE MEYER P E C ' ' Football '27, '29, Glee Club '26, I "E ' '27, Hi-Y '25, '26. i LOUISE COE f ' Pep Sqpad '27, '28, '29. f I . A ' ' if EE WILMA PATTEN .-:., ,:, Home Ec. '27, '28, Thalian '30. - ALFRED GLENN L Hi-Y, Yannigans. . KATHLEEN WADE 1' . Thalian '28, '29, Pep Squad '29 if '30, Gym '26, History Club '26, '27, 1 LEVADELL COTTON Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30, Choral '27, '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad '29, '30. EVELYN HAMMOND Pep Squad, Physical Ed. '28, W. A. A. '29, '30g Basket Ball '29, '30, Volley Ball '29, '30. DOROTHY REEVES Pep Squad '28, '29, History Club '27, '28g W. A. A. '29, '30. G. Q. BURNETT Band '28, '29, '30, Stage Electric- ian '29, '30. KATHLEEN CARROLL History Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Physical Edg W. A. A. CORA LEE CARTER Q Choral '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad '28, ' '29, '30, Gym '27. -U FINIS MOTHERSHED : : C -, Hi-Y '29, '30, Sandstorm '29g Inter '- - 'Nos '29. Q fc E..m'f5YLl 7'S7i5ef N. 5 i - v 5 E,-Rage Forty-Two . i 5 fi 'P 'J ' X' G. 1 3 cc i E: A-M7 I I A llrl I 'Q-A Y 7 . . ,. LA AIRGSA' 1930 . Og ... F. t Y r ,-T ,W f Y Yrwf H ww ' ' 'E I 3 ' - " kh.,i. T ' , ' I .V hzb' RUTH STONE 5 is N Inter Nos '27, '28, PiDelta '29, '30. we ' q 'Q V" z ' i ag ,.:+ N ' ELMER HARRIS ' ' Hi-Y '27, Track '26, MARVIN BRUMMETT Physical Ed. '26, '27, '28, Band '29. DRUCILLA EXUM . Sandstorm '30. ELSIE LITTLE 2 I " ' Gym '28, Choral '29, PiDelta '28, , H " '29, '30, Pep Squad '29. ' j 'il '-.' 2 I if 'I' I. 3' OTHELLO HENVILLE Band '27, '28, '29, '30, Orchestra ' ' '28, '29, R. o. T. C. ' K JIMMIE BYNUM Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '30, Physical Ed. " '27, '28, '29, '30, Philos '29, '30, Pep Squad '28, '29, Science Club '29, Sandstorm '29, '30, "--: " I , FLORA SIMPSON Pep Squad '28, '30, Choral '27, '28, 3 I - '29 q 'wi SUE ALICE SIMPSON Home Ec. '27, '28, Pep Squad '28, '29, Pi Delta '29, '30. I WALDON STITH Track '23, '29, '30, I BOB REEDY ' ' , 3 I Hi-Y '29, '30, Band '27, '28, '29, I 5 L '30, Science Club '30, Honor So- , E A Q: ciety '30, Annual Staff '3O. V ""' 'uv T Q I MILDRED WILLIAMS 3 I 3 R 1 Choral '27, Inter Nos '28, Pathen- 'L f 'SF 'i ,, ' 31 on '29, Sandstorm '29, Pep Squad 3- I ' '1 S" iff' V, ' I N V, '30, Honor Society '30. 'Z C - ' ,Q -'- " ' 3 ,J l.0'52x'2-"I,I."".I'f'Q?I.5.0"v'3gkws P - I A " I up up k q, , V Page Forty-Three . T' .' " ' ff' ' . '- '1if"T' '- G u Os h. , nh... ,, ,--5.4. iv---2 1, -M .-.-3. ,- Q 5g,gA.,.3Q5r5 195 , T LE-LA HUNTER H-A Choral '26, '27, Pep Squad '29, '30s 7 'T , Lyric Club '27, '28, '30, Spamsh K W N Club '29. if i gf . ' .5 FLOYD WATKINS Q l Band '28, Forum '29, Yell Leader ' if '29. PAUL CLARK Forum '27, Hi-Y '28, '29, History Club '28, '29, R. O. T. C. '28, '29. LORAINE SKAGGS History Club '27, Choral '27, '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad '29, '30, bate '28. De- ONETA THOMPSON Home Ec. '27, '28, Thalian '29, Choral '26, '27, Pep Squad '29, '30. CATHERINE RODGERS Choral '27, '28, '29, Lyric '29, '30, History Club '29. i GWENDOLYN PERRY BERYL HIXSON Trinidad Hi. 4" Band '28, '29, '30, Hi-Y, Class Of- ixw fiCeI' '29, Glee Club '28, '29, R. O. if T. C. '29, Forum '29. x 'iw at ,. +A MILDRED HARVEY ,.5?,,c Delphic '28, '29, '30. WINSOME COOK ' Choral '27, '28, '29. ? H. T. DOWD JR. Physical Science Club 30 2, .i..imfi,.fswE,-f.z"2fsf iafwiize. . Page Forty-Four ' ' - 'V-""f"1'? " m""' ff l ' " H9 . r - 552 Yu' I I '-T' " ,, -F' 1 ' - .r -' f ' T 1 -1 W ' u was 0. p Mnigpqgkwlpggg mann-sn. as T' ' WILLIAM PEARCE i Basket Ball '29, '30, Tennis '29, '30, Hi-Y '29, '3O. Y KATHRYN PARR Pep Squad Leader, Choral. - EDITH LOU MCGEE i Choral '27, '28, '29, Pep Squad I '29, Debating '27, '28. TOM CASTLEBERRY Hi-Y '26, '27, '30, Physical Ed. '27, Physical Science '30, Track '30. RHODA ABEL Inter Nos '27, '28, Choral '28, '29, Pep Squad '28, '29, '30. CLEO BOSWELL Spanish Club '27, '28, '29. 1 BEUNA HENDERSON 5 Orchestra '26, Thalian '27, '28, '29. PATRICIA BLASDEL LUCILLE HENDERSON Gym '27, '28, Pep Squad '28, '29. HAROLD BIGELOW Science Club '29, '30, Pilo '28, '29, BOB SELLS Philo 27 28 29 30 Physical Ed 28 Track 28 Tennis 29 Span is 29 30 I - -' 'ATHRYN GORMAN 'T' ,Spanish '29, '30, Gym, Home Eg I if 19 to f2'f'.,I.'fK'.ZmQ!3'w3l'w.I, 7 ' Page Forty-Five 4.E'Q7W1'ilnB9-1-5Xk.2E! 7 X f38l?lF1f:'K '56YL :IQ 7 . . , .. , . -, - . P . -- , . A -4 . : . ,U ,, ,, ,, , U .,,, ., . , , ui., ,....i, A.. .lm . 1--A-on-f'.e , . i1J -se::. i,u .. Mi"f'j3.f,.t LA Alnosu-li e 1-g,,,.-,-. , ,i "' , L A "-2.9 . f 'Q Z1 x QQ P1 ' Jen, of -f' f m n it 3 ' 1 Page Forty-Six - , -L. an an 'X BERTRAM JACKSON r 1 Football '28, '29. F-S JANE HARTY Choral '27, '28g Pep Squad '28, Pi Delta '28, '29, Sandstorm '29, Honor Society '29, Class Officer '28. GENEVA REYNOLDS History Club JACK LEMONS Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, History Club '29, '30. MARJORIE WARREN Lyric Club '28, '29, '30, Spanish Club '28, '29, Physical Science '29, '30g Choral '28, '29, '30. MARY KOLLAER Pi Delta '27, '28, '29, '30, Thalian '27, '28, Choral '26, '27, '28. CAROLYN PATTON Bushland RUTH ROLATER Allen High '26. ISHMAEL ELY Philo '27, '28, '29, '30g Latin Club '29, Band '29g 'Science Club '30. ESSIE JEWEL MEEKS Sandstorm '28, '30, Eulalian '29, '30, Physical Ed. '27, '29. EVELYN BENNETT History Club '27g Ukelele Club '28g 4 Glee Club, Physical Ed. '27, '28, wg '30g Sandstorm Staff '30g Pep L 1 Squad '30. ' WILLIAM GRANT 1 - , 1 Yannigans '30, 'T' - , ., , S, 4a"29"53?u-'54'm'Ybl'2LY?3?2itG.3'T 'vm V V 5902 ffa Q 'gp x , . . .A,, g l .41 ,4,... i jr ' ' .r v -- ,. A i54ig,QgA:,i,933 ahhh-'innhhi-and of-' - ID-ABETH HARMON ' ,, ' , . - , T.: Pi Delta '27, '28, '29, Choral '26, Q '27. " i ALBERT LOCKHART Pampa '25, Yannigans '27, San- dies '28, '29, Hi-Y '29. JOHN TOLK Hi-Y '29, '30, Physical Science '28, Q '29, ' REBA RAFFKIND Pep Squad '28, '29, '30, Choral, Physical Ed. '27, '28, '29, '3O. JUANITA FARRELL History Club '28. DAVID PARK Band '27, '28, '29, '30, i .JACK ROACH Philo '28, '29, '30, Band '27, '28, '29, '30, Hi-Y '29, '3O. ANNA MAE JAMESON Home Ec. '28, '29, '30, Gym '28, '29, '30, 'Xl' , LILLIE MAE MOORE Physical Ed. '26, '27, Gym '27, '28, History Club '28, '29. FRED TEED Basket Ball '29, '30. WILLIS AVERY Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, Forum '27, '28, V '29, Science Club '29. P ' "'TEXAS ROSE DOSHIER Choral '27, '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad L 73 '29, '30, ,.. M -, i ,,, ' 'f,,E',fA: :"' ffl fx IA 8 If i .-2. 4, ,, f lf f 3557593.55 Q- Y-ms 2 ' ' Page Forty-Seven 1, , , . 1 A 1-v ' V- h h . ' ff 4273 ,- '-wr M Q - .,-- V I--4'-but -- ' - - 4-had 1 ' ' A-4 -- --,..,.A- 1-.,,.,, , 'K 7, A ' A" rapgllpggggb 195 . 'Tm 'T WALLACE NEAL - Hi-Y, Physical Science. EMOGENE STANFORD Gym '28, W. A. A. '28g Choral '29, '30, Thalian '29, '30. FRANCES MCNEILL Pi Delta '30, Parthenon '30, Inter Nos '28, Choral '27, Tennis '29, '30. ERNEST ARCHER Baseball '27, Physical '29, '30, LOUISE SHEA Parthenon '28, '29, '30. LOIS RHEA Eulalian. i i i 1 l VIVIAN COOPER Choral '28, '29, '30, Spanish '28, Eulalian '29g Pep Squad '30. ANNA RACHEL CASE Gym '28, '29. WARREN YATES Hi-Y '29, '30, Spanish '29, Physi- cal Ed. '28, '29, MAXINE GRANT Pep Squad '30. RUTH MOBBERLY History Club '28, '29, '30, Choral J '30 ' -1 QLARRY SCHURMAN 1' Maberly High School, Philo '30g 5' -f -Physical Club '30. il ' W L 2'Cc5?5M0b'igYu' LQ7B?3??9XQ'-CWI ? Page Forty-Eight ! , . w W?bf"' '- ' 7 1 " 5. riqgiqprqglilblggg J.. J . DOROTHY WRIGHT ,Choral '29, '30. REX PHILLIPS Football '29, '30, Forum '26, '27, Hi-Y '26, Los Viajeros '27. JOHN D. DAVIDSON ,Sandstorm '27, '28, '29, Philos '27, '28, 29, '30, Physical Science Club, Junior Hi-Y '26, '27. VERNA JO VAUGHN Choral '27, '28, '29, '30, Lyric '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad '29, '30, Sand- storm '29, '30. DOROTHY ERHARDT Home Ec. '28, '29, '30, Biological Club '29, Choral '28, '29, '30. J. T. SISEMORE ,Band '26, '27, '28, '29, '30, Orches- tra '26, '27, '29. JUDGE WILLIAMS Hi-Y '28, Forum '28, Gym '28. ELIZABETH MCMILLEN Choral Club, Debating Club, Pep Squad, History Club. THELMA RUTH McREYNOLDS Pep Squad. .ROY FARNSWORTH Band '28, '29, '3o. WARREN WOODS Hi-Y '29, '30, Forum '28, '29, '30, Debate '29, Latin Club '28, '29, '30. LULA RAYE MOORE Pep Squad '29, Q- 1- V gffzfimfeaffwmfxhw M, if 5 , 0 Q mf H Page Forty-Nine " 1 ff" ' . '- -iv-r N -1 - -h e- . " ' " " " Y - if - R ' Y ' ' -- U- - Vi l--,V , ., A ,.,,v,,, W xv A 7' 07' S s 7 HELEN BAKER - Choral '28, '29, Pep Squad '29g Pi Delta '30, WILL BUTLER Tennis '29, Glee Club '27, '28, '29. RAYMOND REYNOLDS Basket Ball '28, '29, '30, Football '29, '30, Hi-Y '27, '28. CLAUDINE MOORE Pep Squad '28, '29, Pi Delta '28, '29. A 3 KATHARYN MILLER I i ii' Lyric Club '28, '29, '30, Thalian , QM Om , , '29, '30, Choral '28, '29, Gym '29. Q , ' -' ' P ALDON ROGERS Track '26, Glee '25, '26, '27, '28, R. O. T. C. '29, '30, Hi-Y '27, '28. ZED DOSHIER JR. Annual Staff '29, '30, Philos '29, '30, Hi-Y '29, 30. DOROTHY LOUISE RUSSELL Inter Nos '28, '29, Pi Delta '309 Sandstorm '30, Choral '28. JANICE COWDREY Thalian Club. GORDON CREAMER Band '27, '29, Orchestra '26, '27, '29 CHARLES BORDEN J Pep Leader '28, '29, 1, QEDNA JANE HAYTER f M 1- Abilene High '27, '28, '29, Pep -j' , cw amlfiflvt-5SE3'1'3L:.fS7Q5QIQg-I , 1 I Page Fifty , , L L if e, , i f , 4 1' 1' e -3 ,Squad '30. l 3. oi AIROSA- 1930 "ff cy -- - M V. A i A G ' -if I ' f VERONICA SHELBY C T ' A 1 T- ' Choral '28, '29, Thalian. V I l' RAMON WILLIAMS A Track '25, '27, Hi-Y '30, La Airosa '29, '20, R. O. T. C. '28, '29. 1 . N l ALAN SHEPARD Football '28, '29. '30. LOUISE HOWARD .- --f- : Biological Science '28, '29, '30. HELEN PATTON Latin Club '28, '29, Thalian Club '29, 't-30. LORAINE PUTMAN Orchestra '26, '27, Choral '28, '29, '30g Eulalian Club '28, '29, '30. FRANCES OLIVER Pep Squad '29, '30, History Club i fm, Choral '27, fzs. BESS GERALDINE KIRVEN Parthenon '28, '29, '30, Orchestra 20. W CLETA BURROW Choral '24, '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, ' Physical Science '29, '30. ROLAND GOULDY Hi-YQ Spanish Club. FOSTER PETERSON y Band Major '30, Phoenix Hi '27, '28, fzsa. , , 3 W, MYRTLE MAUDE MUNN za M 1 , V ' ' Spanish Club '28, '29, '30. - , - Qf1,,g55T1,'fQ.'cof3QqE5l:f33f5, my T ' A S -,7-4 J I 1 V Page Fifty-One , , 4 F , I ' " f '. .. c e? 'W' 29 5 - c 'PrE '?f , , gi N lf ' ""' LA AIROSA- 193.5 ,,. ..-,,,,4..,,,,,,,-,.44-. : X, is ' -,A -. A ,, S ju, 31' I 1 FRANCIS HAYNES Y l i LUOILE SPOONTZ p In S 2 Physical Ed. '27, '29, Sandstorm I 130. l HOWARD BAGWELL Science Club '29, '30. he PEARL HERRING I V, '12, p Spanish Club '28, Pep Squad '29, iinii 5 3 5 EULINE PARTON Rf' Gym '28, '29, History Club '28, 1295 Pep Squad '29, '30. I HELEN KENNETT E Thalian Club '29, '30. I l RUTH JUDD i Home Ec. Club. R 5 , ' JOHN MILLIGAN . A 1 Basket Ball '26, '27 3 Physical i 5 : O 3, Science '29, '3O. A V PW, 1 I , ii M V5 'i ' V' . LOWELL HAVERTY i ' f Choral '29, '30. g Ex n , ' THURLEY STONE J , Choral '27, Parthenon, Debating, ,tu l Sandstorm '29, '30. 5 . If C E -- l , V, I l V T ff f lr ,Al,.l O,,,c, ,O , O , f .ami 51 l 7QfQTmw Q Page Fifty-Two Y GSE ' "'.JEE9i5l'i'L!' ' ' ' X ' " 'W " ' ' -' 'Q ,. W A , y H Q", A H ' y . , if-L'.4l5.3'JBHi!lWlYQb3 . "" ug go sry ,l,93p? i KA A C -- f ,3K,'i'..Vf ' , - , f '- MARGOT SHAW ' Science Club '28, Lyric Club '28, '29, Pep Squad '29, '30. MARIE ALBRIGHT Pep Squad '28, '29, '3O. MAYNARD JOHNSON Band '29, '30, Orchestra '27, '28, Manual Training '29, Hi-Y '30. JACOB ROCKWELL Band '28, '29, '30, Orchestra '29, '30, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, Glee '28, '29, '30. EVELYN CLINE History Club '27, '28, Home Ec. Club '28, '29, Choral '28, '29, '30, Pep Squad '29, '30, Physical Ed. '29, '30. ROSA MAE PANGLE Choral '26, '28, '29, Spanish Club '29, Biological Science '30, FRANCES BENSON Basket Ball '26, '27, Physical Science '28, '29, Pep Squad '29, '30, W. A. A. '27, '28, '29, '30, GLADYS SLAUGHTER Latin Club, Pi Delta , Choral. ALMA JAMESON Choral '28, '29, Home Ec. '29, '30. 3 ' MARGARET SCARBOROUGH N. Choral '27, '28, '29, '30, Debating t 1 L Club '28, Delphic '29, Pep Squad 1 ' '27, Lyric Club '29. F- 1 LLf'1.QxsffQ.:.zmf'2',+'r.Jf me if i ,Q--ev . wg ,4 A, I F az mn? -. . .4 Q Q. 1 + Q , 9, , -ff" 7' :?f"?2as?7 3i'ss S -1 We 4 QE? 1 3 nr A V253 F l o l ak' . Page Fifty-'fhree ' " f . .. 4" 5 9 : 99 ? . - A 'A' iitti to Lt - Q 5fAArgQgA-193 5 TO THQSE OF YOU VVHO "DID BIDE A WEE" You young folk come in endless stream Till graduation sets you free. And we're thankful for those fruitful hours When with us you did ubide a wee". We hope that you have learned while here That the basis of earth's greatest wealth Is your body clean and strong The symbol of one's perfect health. r We hope that you have learned each day From lab, and books, and folk to find That this, our present high tide day, I Is but the result of inquiring mind. 5 We hope that you have learned 'ere now ' The value of a human soulg . The essence of a heart that's right Is after all man's highest goal. We hope that you have learned somehow To call your neighbors friends and brothers- That the highest happiness in life Is just what we can do for others. And so C-od's speed to you who go Since graduation sets you free. And always we'll be thankful for The hours when you did nbide a wee'. Mrs. Shinn. Page Fifty-Four g T i B H HH W EEQ W X ' " if Q 1 MM f I -V 3 3. I 1 5 F5 5,1 . --fmfmt-U -Mme : LA AIROSNIQ3 - -1, R '-vikl, - u MARY BESS RANSBERGER - Q , x x x l 1 x x JAY U. KIRKMAN ' WATROUS BABB . N DORIS' CULTON LONNIE B. SWEENEY PEARL BROOKS JOHNNIE DAVIS INEZ HILL CORA SOUTHARD ELIZABETH CONNETT THOMAS HOFFMAN J. D. HINDS HAROLD SMITH MARY UTTERBACK MARGARET POOLE 3 A L FRANCES RIDLEY - ff f N , -O ,.AA L A C Qbb!L5Ymz Q-9 C'-I FW ' T Page Fifty-Six Y V Gb? .lfcii-IE-Hf2h1rw'L5z3l3'h'5lQ5Yf A " ' 1S2.H53lB6i'lWBY1T3L3 ' - - . . -., . ,, . N . . . . ,4, ,'.., v ., ,W , . ,,', .-. ..- L . 41. . - .. . - . 'N . . , - . ,- . , 4 gA YAqgQg,A1 l93p A " W2 E651 L, f- f BERNARD 'MEYER JESSIE PIERCE MAURINE HALEY LOUISE HARRISON RAY PARKS CORDELL PAVILLARD ELIZABETH TAYLOR CHARLOTTE ALLEN IMOGENE PORTERFIELD O. W. HARRISON .L W. GWYN ae- LENA MAE GORMAN VERNE SMITH DOROTHY MEREDITH MAURINE TROLLINGER 17- ! N ALICE GREEN n..if - 4 f935aTT2'ff'. 'f,H'EEL'v'39QfwE D Page Fifty-Seven V A L A I " I ' L +'-'K+ Afww-A A wif'-A 1 N ir ....,. A 0 '-Lmaiewnc 411,30 LA AIROSA l930, 'Uhkag 32, LL ...............,,CT55-"'5E 'E ,4,, A I I '- -'-'O' MAUDE DRUMMOND JIM MCKNIGHT VIRGINIA LYNCH H. CLAY THOMAS I EVELYN MARSH JOHN MORGAN EDITH GREEN CHARLES MARTINI BONNIE FAY BENNETT MARY ADELL MINER GEORGIA MAE BRYANT HOYLE GRIFFITH DELLA LEE KIDD ' I5 ARLIE HUDSON I xx." ...I -, 5 ' ,. . ' Z.. -If MARJORIE RED I L DOROTHY STOVALL if , A I 1 .MW vOQwff,.Q.O1'v.f6f4afQfQ?, Fifty-Eiglat I Q ' . 'I v"J'r.o " ' lm' "Un 5' " 'X ' ' W 9lW3'lB4l!F5fWmlXh.E QS , I LA AIRKO ggi IQRIJ l I I 1 ' MARY VIRGINIA MILLER A fl? STELLA BOLES I V. V CHARLOTTE BERRY JOHN MONTGOMERY CLAYTON POWELL MILTON BENNETT OPAL LEE VVOFFARD EVA NEWMAN LUCILE SHEERS JOHN ADAMS EDWIN MIMS MURRELL NUTTING , MABLE RUTH CRESENS GWENDOLYN PRESELY ' MARGARETTE WHITE I FF A " f935-sI'Q2'.f'.,I.'CK'IEi'04W31IfuR, 7 E I Page Fifty-Nine " f - LI " 7 Wi 'E ff'-I , , - ' " L... 'zdsi Qg'3.:1:J..f-'Z :Kvfi.fxi'.ffQH LA AIRO SA' I93oQ f ," , ' L 4 K , . L-, ,,.-,QQ . A V . . , MARY LOFTIN ' JIMMIE PAIGE ' I Y TOM LUMPKIN MARGARET ALLISON MARY JANE STENGER MORTIMER DENTON HOLLIS LUDDEN JR. J. L. WITT LOUISE DOCHE RUTH VIRGINIA PERDUE SAMANTHY STANLEY EDITH BELL LEWIS' NEWTON PITTMAN CARLTON WHITE VIVIAN CUTTER FRED KELLEY 3? i JOHN HENRY HODGES ,i SW Qbglimwy 1.10, 2 Page Sixty y 6152 Jfbi-lGHb1n.!1'BK5lh'5it!5'Q' 's523W3BM'fW'UiF -r- - - R -v - 1- - N' . . . . , . , .. , 4- V 4. , .V -A , ,- 1 , ,- A 4 L . 4.4. , . , - .. , ' K ' . . . 4 .. . M . . 4 . H' A " "nun" wg- H- -- - A-V .f 4 , . N.- , ,. U, ,Y 4 M ,H N -- .L R' TI' MMA A A 1A,ArR,QsA,L'9SeHA A , ?' A HERMAN DEES WINSTON PENNOCK SARA MORELAND MAXINE HARDY MILDRED PAVILLARD BILL ASKEW ' MARY VIRGINIA HALL JUANITA DURHAM DICK STANLEY NELL COLLINS MARTHA GREENING BOB BRANDINBURG RICHARD BARRY HOLLIS SCHRIBER GENE BENHAM 1 -: MORRIS ZUKAV ADAIR BARLOVV Q 1 wi '1.03.Si72'7C'1..K'.5E?454u5if3L'v1m, 5 I l i Page Sixty-One ' ' . . - - - -.., I . .,- V - Z ' I 7 ' ' I ,L ' I f . 9" " " 5 '.1'5 I - LLL..L, , . L" , '? ,, ,...,., A L HZ I:- ':29'k:i'ui7l-L"D- ,- AMAA. Q LA Amo SA- I930A BILLY BURGESS , JCE HANCOCK DOROTHY STREET MARY ALICE HILL BERTIE MAE PARKER WOODROW ERICKSON IDELL DURRETT ,HSS CLEMMA RUTH FAIREY 'Eli 34' PAULINE WRIGHT DYCHE KELLY GENE GALLE NANCY WAVE HARRIS GERALDINE MCDAVID JUANITA PERKINS ORVILLE SHALLER f ERMA MCCORMICK ij A JUANITA SIMMONb T J A I Y A ' C AME HK-WE7' x'.k"T5fS2fG.X N. Q Pave Sixty-Two U ' fi' " L 7'9" -' .if ' "HY" Q - F Q '? . "' "hw" ' """"" ' I. -- 1. -1..A V- ,,, .. -A .A , ,.-,,:,.1 E U --fbumw cI..f,.Q- EF-AIAAlgQA5,5-gQg9 A 11 J-:1 -1 I , . .1-Q EL NEWTEN BABB 3 , 3' JACK BUSH ' I I v r E BEULAH MAE MIRACLE 2 x I RUTH ELIZABETH COOPER , MARY CROCKETT EVERETT COFFEE ' RICHARD THOMAS LENA MO SER LOIS ODEN MAXINE MAUPIN JIM WHITFIELD l l HARRY WARREN I BEVERLY MCCULLY A DOROTHY PEAKE i BILL PITTMAN - 5m f" LAVERA JONES I Q L - if I - " ' S IE HARE - --'A .- Et GU S TQ ,.,,. 2.1 'S-A f I 5 I- iff -1' . JJI' A I gf 51953 W'? 'u5 ifwviux 9 JL,4 I , I , L- V Page Sixty-Three k GSX A 'I fran-lwrramnzsrmwiemsvr I ' 'emiibxluaiffram ov. ,,. - .. -,, , N .. .. ,,...., . ...1 . ..,,, ,,,-, .1 . L- .,.-. H .- - W f LA AIROSA- IQ3 1 w tiff 5: MILDRED HARRIS ERE y SARAH VETESK f X g , 1 GENE NEWSOME 2 ' g DONNALITA SCOGGINS EDRA MALONE l I I i 1 NORBERT MOTCH U RALPH LEMONS FRANK DOHONEY A i E EILEEN MAULDIN i MATTIE LEE CAZZELL I ELEANOR SHEPHARD BILLY HAIN LOIS DONOVAN MARY LOUISE STEWART DOROTHY JOHNSON DOUGLAS DIXON ge GOTTFRIED ELO E - Yui9E7'fffl97S7Q59I 2 jf V Page Sixty-Foul' I 5'2W', " 'Q " X ' A " A 352 ---1, A H ,- '- ' 'A ' " A -f q -: ww- D551 39 ggi 1,939 V JH' 7- T1 ' 3 LOUISE REYNODS JOYCE SHAFFER N H. P. SCARBOROUGH I DALLAS BURWELL ADDO BARROWS EFFIE BUTLER CLARA WHITE CLARICE BAKER PAUL DECKARD VIVIAN YOUNG SIDNEY DELL DEES JOE SEARS KATHRYN BARTLETT GERTRUDE PENNIGER DOROTHY HEADRICK Y 3 E- LLHERBERT GIFFORD A1 CARL COOPER 1 ,d:I3HL9?5a TWV- 6u I 1 , . lp 1 Page sixty-Five F1 E O OO O ,O ,O "I . W H ' , M M g JJ ,,1, H L3 O , , J -A,m,.L-Q,- ,RAM LA AnnOsA'n930O A A , 44, ,4,, 4 ,S T , ' MARSHALL BROWN BURNETT ROBERTS f I ' EVELYN WADDILL CLEO WEST LOIS MILLER 'S 'X j sp, 5 JACK NELSON hm CLARENCE ROYER M C A HAMPTON CORNEIL g JUANITA MQGEE W l QA LILLIAN GREEN gf! ! ! MARAJO GILBERT ' X SHELDON MITCHELL Y V IRMA BANKSTON 2 HAZEL BOWDEN H - A E-xg MILDRED MCMILLEN QR ,"L I ,-'- -'effigy 'I A RRR A H ,Q , ,LUBEN JOHNSON f - "' 7g'11i.2. w e A ' Ifi:',I:I'E' : if A1 II,UTHER COOPER 5, ST,. -: - M A Q 5- .. , 5 YS Am'B!Li:ypUt -J9-RQt9- KR, 1 1 Pafze'SixtySix , 'mf ' HJ u"q'V"1 3 P1 ' "C " - "" """' l""k5Y!K - , 1 KL 4 Q K , .L ' P ,' y 4 5 b ' 1 X if V Q.-' -l -Lev qlxxs ' , x ' ' I 1 YQ . A X N ' , an -' x I- -'- . V' ' ' Q . X Q5 1 R N Qin - , I 1 L' JP. 1 ' 4 in aa QA-all 9 6 W 9 if h ' XM ,F f Q J .. . 6 N1 AVA ' 1 . 1 G. av i X' - ' ' f v X " 5 lp f 4 A I ' Q x -"' . : 1 A l .QD 41 I x ' 'f T ' 02 ' " i A mx , ' Q' . 'A -y V frylkvyl 1 JW! ' B K ' my " I E' N N K ' ' si xv l . 5 111,116 J I g x x M N ' JI, g.: a'."fl1m.:' f - ,N ' at r gy l'f"lIlumn1n, - X I l X j 4 . ' uw Ni I lllllll' - .,..,,, ,f X Q M 5 LJ '-- - gi ,Q P 1 X 1 I "fE.H"9 Sophomores . . S1112-?wf5Q""'h5'fIfD.L-D.,"5fw?'U,f,.Q ELA Amo SA- 193 ' ' A I :T - .': 1 BILL PATTON L I ' f'A f .ff lvi, I Qb - ,FQ A A, ,Q .':H g HELEN MODE I FLOY SPARKS S .,.',, -- I -5 , '- if I ELIZABETH CRAWFORD ' L ' ' - -EL f 1, I ERNEST MILLER 'Ii ,, A fvz. I LIS . ? OHAPPEL OLOY 1- WILLIAM ARNOLD , , ,.: MARIE WOODS E ... 1 A V ELEANOR WAKEFIELD HELEN MCKIRNEY sie q IVON BOXWELL V ' I If HAROLD DALE ., ..,. Q M F ua - V E, , DOROTHE FROST -s N ,: A - N 3 if x KENNETH WHIPPLE LEIGH FISCHER . in jejE'R HM.. X k MARGARET MICHELSON DAHLIA WEST ELSIE BELL 1 ii A 1 f XXV: DULIN MCGOUGH , , c IA A uf .--1w""N E1 Page Sixty-Eight Y 'v mbwl ' "'-X ' ' 'f gAA45Q5AfE. 932B UBDBT- AM-.LW 9 JB' A A V Y X T f MADCE WINGO A f DAVID JACKSON R b fi A' 1 EUGENE LBNEVEU ',E, A S ' 'A 'Af CONER GAUT JUANITA LARSON 4 JOSEPHINE TAYLOR ,, HELEN LEE KENYON V.A Q M RAYMOND SANDERS S E A , 1 Q ED PARSONS 1., Q f OAAO A ,Q 'QQ' BERNADINE NEAL BETTY LUDDEN E 4 wi' ' iff SARAH BETH DAVIS -','1 CHARLES WHITTINGTON LUDINE DUKE - , KATHRYN FOWLKES 3' ii MARY FRANCES MERRIMAN ROBERT MCNEILL ,QM K A I PAUL JUDD 5 Q A N Q CRETCHEN MAY i ,cf fP35AQ-C'4,A'CiY-lf5ZE53u3?wL 7 ' Page Sixty-Nine W . ff' ' "vw '- 430- wie - fmxafff. ' f H -' -- -- -' -f ' ' "" ' " '-'--'Hd' 3 , , JJ.. .. ---I+ ' "A'A' ' 'A A, ZIV --1'-,A'f'fIfe'I""wE'Q"V.'j1QI.fA. Q LA AIROSA- I930W LL Q BETTY NEAL WALDEN '-::'1 zi' :' A l A ,, V l,,: t I -A ' f if is ' FRED VAUGHAN ' RALPH NEELY I MARGARET EOWLER ,J " 'E L E TT ELOUISE MURPHY K, V , Q ' BOB RIOKS I I , . I ' WILLIAM ORDWAY 1 -- A . A f-A BETHENE WILLIAMS Q - MILDRED SOMMERVILLE RL A EVERITT CURTIS 'iii LA JUANAH WILSON If . V. MYRTLE MOORE ?I I LILL TIMMONS K Ex :jk ,I,21HI.LI . H if -W I I Q I YLLLYI LELAND TWADDELL ' GLENN PUNTNEY , x i 'E - LAVONIA WILLIS I W gf vglu Z h I I' Q I If I ww, I R. B. NUTT ' , N S MALCOLM WYATT I A I I I wg. I 3 Page Seventy 3 EILENE IIALES ' 9 I C, .A.Q9'L5wT,.f'PEX"2g'9,T'I:3TeifffJEq,1.f3R'Ql,', I ' , I . I A W"' ?f1 ' E lA AIROSAIQESO fr- - -'E ' , MILDRED HERB ST GLENN NEWBOLD BENNY STONE RUTH CATHEY ARA STITH ADA BESS JOHNSON ERNEST BATSON ESTHER PURV INCE ARLOINE THOMPSON NORENE BLACKBURN ROY GREEN DAVID ALLEN MURRY ELSON J. B. MATTHEWS JOHN ARCHER MARY LOU FLOYD DOROTHY PETERSON JANIE B. ROGERS 9' X R. . L iff' ' " fs E' 3' if wit ' , Q mf .. qi., svn z 4 2' at iffy' T A ., QJQf 5? A MGH if ' A' ' "'-' 4 Z. W WE, V ZJV, A gt V Jw - 5 MATT1113 WAVE GRAMMER ,VV : : + 19352 Tw'.Q-.,,,,'fa"-H In-Xfifim. 7 Page Seventy-One , E' 7 ' 'Fu ' ' . A f , -J ,Q, , -,imfwuq fQ.M,.Q g LAAlR05A-1930, . R 1 Y fu, lx I - I w f , IRVING WHITE X f A RRRNICE ARNOLD ' I JEANNE BUSH FLORENCE MCCARTY I RUTH COGSWELL f Q - ELSIE HOOTEN NM RZ 1 5 A R M gf 55? ARLEY COOPER C. T. BURCH EARL THOMPSON KATHLEEN PHILLIPS ESTER MOSER MARTHA KILLOUGH FLORENCE KAUFMAN WQAYNE DeGRASSE ' LAWRENCE CASEY MAUDE EUSTACE MARJORIE ROACH MARTHA ANDERSON 4 -? .5 ROY LEE BURCH : T - i' Y. ' Y RbRi0v?i.f 'afQ1saff,.I?,L:b, r Q Pane Seventy-TWO V 'R . L , ' 3"5 " f", ' X ' O ' O , O - mmm? . , IA AIgbQ5Al. 9391 I I, cf"-E' -1 '- ' -Q.. f 9 A WILLIAM DURHAM ' I , , . ' I VIRGINIA NOBLES VELMA LEE REDUS , 5 I 2 I . 2 MARY EXUM I I I . CLYDE BALLARD I BARNELL SINSON N BETSIE SAUNDERS l ' f I , EMMA JEAN BEARD 4 E JOSEPHINE WOODLIEF H LUCY BENNETT A . . , ,QEQAR DLE 'UH Q " 1 B Sf 'Y ,af Q A , .n I ' ':'hE . ROBERT OAZZELL q KY G ! A JIM BASSETT Q I L. E JOHNNIE LOUISE GILKERSON I A I JOHN VANDALE A ROOLf I N, DONALD FISH A - I W TOMMIE CLOPTON P Q::1.lR 'V' MARY ALICE OOPP H 11 MARTHA KRONBECK I H Y , 6 I I 1 5 ALICE VAUGHAN 5 Q I I I 33 fi if A ' J' 'L ff' ' 'y' yfJ.l2?Lf9?fiV-?.J.IXiQ'wail-I.Jff'tflQ!-mR3:?K.: X9 V Q I Page Seventy-Three I A -L 5' ' ' f -"' ' 'srasc miwsantm." . , ' is 1 f -'Qi 1 . Q.. , ., 3 . ,fn V ,L , ,, , 14 :iii A .1 5 if X r -i -A -,j, ..,,,. ,..- wiki! QT- ' Q 1 kg i . i x ' 7' A nxfNIf'14'I'x " 42,,Qb I 'i " K ' ' B . 1 X ,,, - 1 g .-+ ,N 'Q , e -A-. i q. 5 X ' au-. x -n,,- , . - A n . 1 14- N H211 I 1 v.- , J, v kx 4 ,A as 6 Y V , rv D gh 1. V W i i A 1 Q X K '-- .' V f In 1 - J' qqf, - fi Q Q. w 3 1 it '7 ,..9"o I Q, 'I li' - .V In 'U . V L N it -'14 1 L L- X X 1' i wi v in h 4 X ,- 4 4 Coronadofs expedition is halted by a deep river over which it was necessary to construct a bridge in order to reach the rich country beyond Tiguex. School Q ar li 4. G.: me n ""'i'h"1 J . 'W Q . ' ' K X WX' . QC! f v, 4 tl A --M 4 -s tm ,-. N-K A 1 9310. ug A xiii -0 9 4n2QJa 9h.1 ,K Ni I lx-,,,.. QQQLX- N-VO' r 0 ' X- ef 5 , LL ! - , Q 'I I . S y 4, mum A mn, i 5 .ix mi l - if L f. f. 1' 4 A . i , A 6 - .gw Xxflf U 0 J e Q -42 r K XX gibxbl Q 1 : X t . .' S : , A I 'ffl X Q ,, Q 5 ? v -I ,IX xf',, 1 f' . f A -iii . ' - f v AV- '. X KX1 4 N ' A,--+ 'Q' N .: ' -J " 7 'I I 5 1 Q 1 V . 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Sports J wf.. 3 , -. -- ,.,.,.., ef a LL n ' l - 9 , "' h Q q X - y. mu " ' 1 ,461 I E XXX . xv X eu7f' ir- I -.-V ' ,."'-M M 1 -g d If M QW ' " ' ' in an e+'P 2 X-1.55 X K va i f 1 ni 'Q 'N 5 'ffl WN I 1 gx. " 3 X QN, ., J ' i J ' ' Q.. K, 3, A ' V I . , ' 'Q .-4 'Y' ' 5. -14 ' L ' Q NN ' qs 'N 'Ae ' 1' I V h f'vl', N 05 v X11 , N, '1 , if 'ai ' M , aku .-Q V : 0 9 21.71 0 .j rl 6D 47 "' 4 ' fr g f fi H' Nwlfin. 'VA NN A E Football E12-f"'5'1'.:,,,f'c.:e ii'-'z5f'?m1il'f :uf Q f Ap la 1 N We are sorry that this is the last year Coaches Smith ancl May will be in Amarillo High School. They,ve been real sports, not only in the one sense of the word, but in ' every way. They're "regular guysn, we all think. We appreciate what they have done ' for us. and here's hoping that they will meet all the success possible wherever they go. Q f f 4, Page Om- Hunllrr-rl Six V rw- g ,af 1 1 T 4 -:JE U , 5 "" f i E I P LAAlB,QSAg,'.9Sef U 5"-Q1eHr"'M'fe"Q 2 I fr-:av 9' V: l NOBLE LAWHON CManagerD-All hail--Noble--as hard a working a manager as the Sandies have ever had. Always willing to do more than his share, and anything for fhe good of the squad. We are proud of you, Noble. MR. HULL, the Yannigan Coach, has shown himself an excellent official in bettering the Yannigans on the gridiron as well as the tennis teams. Z1 V l Page One Hundred Seven A r f ' . M ' iff . ,2Q1g, .- as - a s . R " "" 'A L, --...,a,..w. ,- Q E'Yl:A'Alal2.Q4SA:ilQ3 Page One Hundred Eight BILL GIBSON-I-Ialfback, 155 pounds, two years. This player, with a natural ability, has carried the mail as Walker carried it last year. A very hard blocker and tackler, in fact a real football player, an all district halfback. GENE MEYER-right guard, 163 pounds, Two-years. Gene is the old come back power after having been out two football seasons due to illness, but came right back, Played great ball all year. Meyer was a "never die spirit" guard. REX PHILLIPS-Right tackle, 180 pounds, One year. Rex developed fast, and by the Breckenridge ball game was one of the best tackles on the field. A good defence man and for blocker always ready to go.--Watch him later. MIKE MONTGOMERY-Left guard, 175 pounds, One year. Irish from a green rookie in September to a finish, one year man in December Mike was a thrilling scrapper for the Sandies. He was direct from the Yannigans--Watch him go next year. FRED NICKLAUS center, 185 pounds, Three years. Nick was the greatest center in Sandie foot- ball history this year, and his great play, both of offense and defense made for him all State. He was selected by every sport writer in Texas. Nicklaus has played his last Sandie game and some college will get one of the "fightn'st" boys in Texas. More power to you---Nick! , I I 'V m mV', ' . " 7 M - Vi 1 -ro g51.gigQsAfI532 1 WARD HUDGINS Quarter, 140 pounds, Four years. Cully, after being a half for three years, was shifted to fill the shoes of All- State Travis, and he did a good job of itg making the Sandies a real field general. Cully in col- lege will be one of the best. BOB WOODARD left end, 152 pounds, One year. Bob came di- rect for big city ball, the Oak- cliff Leopards, and demonstrated throughout the season the aggres- sive fight that made him one of the best ends on the team. A real "sock'em hustler." H 3 PAUL NOLAND Guard, 160 pounds, 1 x Two years. Hico, the young ter- - ror at guard was all that anyone I! would want in that position. No- W . E ' land was destined for big honors " N but a broken arm kept him from it at Breckenridge. Paul was a hustler from start to finish and will make an outstanding college man next year---voted the best guard in District. ALLEN SHEPARD Rightiitackle, 175 pounds, Two years. Shepard the old veteran of many campaigns was again the outstanding tackle of the field. One of the best in the district, always reliable---a real scrapper. JIM CLAYTON Left end, 177 pounds, Three years. Heimie was another veteran to finish his Sandie rec- ord, and throughout the season was a power of offense as well as defense. Clayton was very good in his new position, having been shifted from tackle. He was one of the best ends in the district. Page one Hundred Nine f 5 1 7 L , " I . l alff .-s "?eff?+., .g . A Y Min it '... . A' Tres 1 , -.e v L. .,... EPWWQTJ s............. ..?.H.TUf..Q Etnnlgaolsnjgioslq H . , . W. ,Yes ! ff:-125505 A JM 43 , , .AAF Vi ,. ,. 'E ' 1 .o . V? Q. , 41 . ., , A 1' I.. i 5 'ef Q A . fs 3 5 Page One Hundred Ten BUDDY BLANTON Left tackle, 210 pounds, One year. ,Buddy, like Bivins, was 210 pounds of power-- still green but always learning and at the end of the season was a real tackle. A boy who fought all year and gave his best. VERLON TWADILL Right guard, 178 pounds, One year. Tvvad proved that as a regular he could go, and he bids fair for as bright a future in football as any Sandie. A real boy, a fighter, and a real football player---that's Verlon. GEORGE SHORT Left guard. 150 pounds, One year. Talkie was one of the livliest fighters on the team, a guard who could pull out and block. One who could land the game,---too bad he can't be back for '31. FRANCIS BLAIR Right end, 165 C. pounds, Two years. Berry has one of the brightest futures as a college football player, We had this year, and if he continues the style of play, he will graduate into fast company, and he is a real end. L. DUNIVEN Halfback, 130 pounds, One year. The side step- ping runner of all runners. A boy who never fails to gain and a boy who can shake his hips. Second only to Bob Walker. A real little Halfback. . , O 'v i'-"W", ' 'f 'Nl Ylmug ' ...P- f' - ....-. .w A,AlBQSeg'. ABE LOCKHART Fullback, 175 pounds, One year. Lockhart was used as a blocker all season and did the kicking, something which he could do well. With more experi- ence Abe in college should rank with any of them. FRANK VAN NOY Fullback, 160 pounds, One year. Frank was a real hustler, capable of "going" at any time. A man who could always block and tackle and who will be a college ball player. JACK ALEXANDER Right end 185 pounds, One year. Alex came from the Yannigans into his own this year and played great ball all season. With another season Jack should become one of the greatest wing men in Sandie History. HARRY BIVINS Left tackle, 200 pounds, One year. High served as a substitute last year and played very little, but he came into his own making his letter and playing as much as any tackle on the field. BURL BUFKIN Halfback, 165 pounds, Two years. The Biff of the scoring power, the boy who carried the Mail to the goal posts. Bufkin was selected as second all- state half and rightfully deserved it. Biff is a hustler and a real ball player and luckily he will be back next year to carry on. Biff, no doubt, was the pick of all Dis- trict One for being the best block- er, carrier and hustler. .. -1. is LL 93O i E "-l:L4..B'ib4--EILJ-'l1n'f2:J'Cd-' ' r ---- 1 r 1 e , A 1 3...Tf":w,.'g ::' . ,Li -. -,g-,,,,,,r,gf-.H"' t s ' if ' k' A - 4. it AW 3? A if ' ' EET 2, V ' Q 5.-.. fiyy . i 3 'Q' ' ., . Z I i . .-,. K W., X R.. . - . gi 'g,,. W- f-3 f0.,fi?+'f3 fl , , wp., iv 1 ,r - , 2 'J 2' I - ,, ,1 ' QAM' Page One Hundred Eleven l Ax 4 . 4-1 . f i ' e f- , , ells E 'vii f efkf-5'-'1'5f'?+faicff'lT3-Q 5 LA Amo SA- 1930 ' te Q 1' -f--41.--A A444 ' 3 ' 1 l 1 ' A , -4 N THE, 'AU ASSOLIATIQN l l Y , BILL GIBSON W, A ,,, W, ,,,,Y, President , BURL BUFKIN.. .Y,,,K ,EM A !,,, -WW ,,,, Vice-president GENE MEYER ,TWA , 4,,,W,, ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Sec.-Treas. FRED NICKLAUS, ABE LOCKHART, ,,,Wielders of Fattened Board This organization has been working for several years and is composed of the boys who are letter men in athletics. lt helps to create the spirit of old A. H. S. and keep the Sandie spirit on high for the youngsters coming upfwho are yet to prove their Worth as athletes. The outstanding event of the year centers around the "A" Day, in which all new letter men are "chastised" in several ways. Then the parties etc. constitute other forms of entertainment. .. '7 . 1 ,. i , . C I 1 1 Page One Hundred Twelve 3 ' , l w i". ' 'f " X r " 7 ' 7 L? i ' T 1 rxaqgsqskigloso FRED NICKLAUS All State Center, Dallas News, Waco News, Tribune, Abilene News, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, and Port Arthur Globe, selections. Freddy f'Scrapperl' Nicklaus, easily the outstanding player on the 1929 Sandies, was rated All-State by all leading papers. Nick deserved every honor given him because if anyone ever did hustle, fight and put out, Nicklaus, acting 429 captain, certainly did. When the first game arrived and its history was recorded, and through each succeeding game until the bi-district game with Breckenridge was history, Nicklaus was putting out on offense and defense so much that his name was being mentioned in late October as the outstanding center of the Texas Inter- scholastic League. The curtain to his successful year fell at Breckenridge, as he played the greatest indi- vidual defense game any Sandie boy has played in the history of Amarillo football. It was Nicklaus here and there who was getting all the tackles, the same story as in the Lubbock game. The boy who got 75 per cent of the tackles. More power to this hustling Sandie wherever he may be next year, a man who will carry on in college, achieving all-conference or higher honors if anyone Ray and Rex Daniel are the two Sandie Mascots who have, for two seasons, safely piloted the wearers of the gold and black through their gridiron conflicts, Twins! Anne Howe! There's only one difference Rex has one gigantic freckle on his nose, this being the only way we have of knowing the one from the other. Theyyre two real, husky, four year old candidates for berths on the future Sandie teams, they have excited paramount interest wherever they have gone with the football boys, and who knows but that they frightened the old Jinx in each game. There's not a high school anywhere that can boast of such Mascots "de luxe" in spirit, pop- ularity, looks, or what have you. will Page One Hundred Thirteen f.........L.fT'f""Qf'11'ff"'r't'2'bf-Lsv SP4-A'FF9.5AZ!?? s AMARILLO Fl JOTBA LL SEASON .R ICS U M .E 1929 AMARILLO I3 NORMAN 0 The first game of the I929 season opened with Coach Muldraw's Norman, Okla., Tigers. The Sandies displayed exceptional early season football-defeating Norman, the Sandies met fifteen largest and most powerful teams in Texas and Oklahoma. Cully I-Iudgins was the out- standing player, making both touchdowns and being a general all-round star. The game was played before 6800 spectators. AMARILLO 32 OKLAHOMA CITY 6 Biff Bufkin led onslaught of five touchdowns to defeat the Cardinals of Oklahoma City, and also avenge the last "fifty-second" defeat of the year before which was 7 to 6 in favor Oklahoma City. This year en- tirely different. Sandies scored 32 pofnts and could have scored more. Bufkin slowed splendid form which later made his second choice for All- State. C-ibson, Nicklaus, Noland, Shepard, and Blair played good ball. AMARILLO I9 NORTH SIDE FORT WORTH 2 First game against a Texas team, Coach Smith,s Sandies met and defeated one of the outstanding high school teams of Texas. Again Bufkin was the offense Aceg Nick played a game of center which was to later help to make All-State. Blanton played nice ball. AMARILLO I ROSWELL 0 The Sandies were to have played Roswell but New Mexico for- feited' the game. AMARILLO 28 LIBERAL, KANSAS 0 The Cxolden Sandies defeated one of the best teams in Kansas. The game was much harder than the score indicated due to intense rivalry. I-ligh Bivins turned in a very nice game as did Jim Clayton and Blair on the wings. 1 O Hundred Fourteen H v I Y X . x w I I I I sl X ""A tfggisraqakl AMARILLO 47 PLAINVIEW 0 Going into the district race Smith's team met at easy combat in Plainview and won 47 to 0. The subs played most of the ball game. AMARILLO 85 QUANAI-I 0 Again the subs featured in the decided victory over Bradfordls Indians. Lockhart and Clayton were the outstanding players. AMARILLO I 3 LUBBOCK 6 The Welterners met a Sandie team badly over confident and under rating the power of the Lubbock squad, due to perfect block. Bufkin ran 50 yards for a touchdown on the second play of the game. Lubbock came back strong in the second quarter and played' tlie Sandies off their feet, scoring a touchdown by the aerial route. The Sandies, outside of Nick and Bufkin, were not fighting. Noland turned' in a nice game last half. Acting captain Nicklaus made three-fourth of Sandies tackles on defenze. The Westerners displayed wonderful defensive and offen- sive strength and showed the "fight-earnest" team that played Amarillo in l929. , AMARILLO 20 VERNON 0 Coach Smith benched several of his regulars and started substitutes in this important conference game. The final score 20 to 0. AMARILLO 26 ELECTRA 0 In this game the Sandies played in three inches of snow and really had to form as a machine to defeat the scrapping Tigers. The team as a whole functioned better than it had with the Oklahoma City ball team Bufkin, Gibson, I-Iudgins, Lockhart worked well in the back field. Clay- ton, Blair, Shepard, Bivins, Noland, Montgomery, and Twadell played nice games. Short, Twadell, and Montgomery were outstanding. Bob Woodward' played greatest game on the field. Page One Hundred 4J?G'431' l!'3I . T ' g vfilfxgv- g Aglg - g ffgxxlf' f' lwm-1' terse.. Q LA Amo SA- l93og Ygfteecs -2e1'rfrL?T5fso.Slf'Ef e"Q?J, AMARILLO 32 WICHITA FALLS 0 For the third consecutive year the Golden Sandies won the District Championship: and in defeating Wichita Falls proved that we were well worthy of it. The blocking of the team was very good, in fact a real machine was in evidence again. Twadell, Bufkin, Shepard, and Blanton turned in nice games. Bufkin returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Gibson and l-ludgins also carried the ball well. AMARILLO 0 BRECKENRIDGE. I3 In the bi-district game played at Breckenridge the Sandies were defeated I3 to 0, before N000 spectators. This game was to have been the greatest classic of the year, many hoping that it would be the equal of 1928 Abilene game which was one of the greatest high school games ever staged in Texas. Due to several down in the line and the backfield the Sandies played the poorest game of the year. Offering only a few times the display of the powerful machine that it was, ad- mitted by most every writer in Texas to be the outstanding team of the year. The work of Nicklaus and Bufkin was clearly above the play of the field. Both of these Sandies met all state that day. Van Noy dis- played excellent playing in the place of Lockhart. Clayton at end played the best game of the year on defense. I g One Hundred Sixteen N L - .L f 'fmWl',,s HJ ,,,I, ' , a s b 1 ll tx w ix u Q . 49 N520 F T x Q . 4 A 1 1 .-Q0 4 W' 'x . 1 ., ,y .I x ff XX W M! M516 Basketball , . . ,u,, , aa Y f A . u V ' L. vie fvf'e'r-5-?f'Mi'.fJT- Q21 ELA Amosfx- I93o1 rm '- ww-1-fa ei. ., Y ' Coach Hill came to us for tlve first time this year ancl macle the Basketball squad a f ri victorious one. His track team carried the District Meet at Canyon. Top Row: Hill, Coach, Reynolcls, Bigelow, Dee, Ansley, Bufkin, Pearce, Gibson. Middle Row: Borrow, Deflrassi, Cazzell, Powell, Barrow. Davis. Bottom Row: Daxis, Fenimore, Lanclauer, Teecl, Jones, Manager. I Y Pmri- Um- Hundri-4l lflipshleefn V g i, f: . ff -t ff f. f-ff 1.31. e f ' 'J fe . , MM A sAA4B9SAgi'9321 mmf 1 1 1 1 1 YANNIGAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row: Babb, Twaddell, Cazzell, Hardy, Kilgore, Van Noy, Hull, Coach. Bottom Row: Bailey, Kilgore, Wa1'ren, Vvilliams, Archer, Carter. , Page One Hundred Nmetf-en 16 we-'raurisi-muusxbm ' f 45459 -iv me Jew. E , .- - , - , r , . . , .. U, . , . . . . .9 . , . ,,- , - .., . . . -. . . - . , . F ' . . . . V ' 4. 'f . . - . . in! H ,e ,, U ,,,,, ,, , ,, . ,, A, ,A , A H , J.,-U, A-.Jun ,ssh,..e - Q - LA AIROSA193 Y f N ugrufa-dh Page One Hundred Twenty BILL MAC GIBSON, fGuardD Bill played regularly this year after several starts. He received his training in Jr. High and with the Yannigans and proved his worth on many occasions. HA ROLD BIGELOW, CCenterJ This was "Big's" first year of Basketball and he did credit to the Sandies at all times. Especially did he prove himself valuable against Durham, Okla. and against Follett at the district tournament. Big is noted for his "Art". BURL BUFKIN, 4GuardJ "Biff" was the only letter man to return for the '29, '30 season, af- ter starting at center, he was shift- ed to guard where he played a consistent game all season. He was in there fighting all of the time and could be depended upon to give his all for A. H. S. He will return for another year of competition. 1 , ' 'Q ' X ' . A r 'ii r -wr-ew-ffw'-M wwe: r are 1AAmosA-1930 W AKEN, FAIRMON DEE, fCenterJ Fairmon had a Wonderful spirit and played a good game. He showed fine headwork when act- ing as Captain and probably played his best against others. It is a pity he hasn't another year to spend on the Sandie squad. Luck to you "Candy Man". JOHNNIE DAVIS, CForwardJ Another half-pint of nitro-glycer- ine. If you don't think he is a fighter ask anyone who made the trip to the Pampa tournament. Watch Johnnie next year. BEN ANSLEY, CGuardJ Ben was big and shifty and was especially adept at taking the ball off the back board. He could be injected into the first line-up with- out weakening it a particle. Ben also received his training with the Yannigans. This was Ben's last year. Page One Hundred Twenty-One ' " 1"."W " rr , c , , ff lf 'A"A' -e Q 6 --f..-me-I -.elm Q- E-Innnggolsnjliogl 7 , I A Y . . MIKE LANDAUER, fGuard or For- ' Page One Hundred Twenty-Two wardj Little but loud. If "Mike" was six feet tall he would be the best guard in Texas. We hope he will grow about six inches before next year. FRED TEED, fForwardJ After serving on the Yannigan squad a year, Fred became a regu- lar this year. He was high point man for the season and was an inspiration to his team-mates through his fight. "Bodillie", as he is affectionately known, scored twenty points out of thirty against Spearman. He is coming back for another year. RAYMOND REYNOLDS, CGuard or Forwardj Raymond was a hard worker both on the court and at the table. He proved his worth to the squad on many occasions. His best game was against Durham, Okla., at Pampa's tournament. I VSLILLIAM PEARCE, qrorwardy William also came to the Sandies through the ranks of the Yanni- gans. He proved himself a good running mate for Teed and played his greatest game against Here- ford at the district tournament. Bill graduates this year. , . "l! 1i0 .' b , I -W " I I " I t ll vk' If s at can A amass. me , ..,h.c.,c..c,-.,,,,,.,,,, E, BASKETBALL RESUME The Sandies started the season off with only one letter man from last year's splendid teamg this letter man was Burl Bufkin. Around Bufkin was built as a nucleus, was built a team which went through probably the most ambitious schedule that any Sandie Basketball squad has ever undertaken heretofore. The Sandies played twenty-three games in all, winning twelve out of this number. Games were played with Spearman, Liberal, Shamrock, Pampa, Canyon, Panhandle, and Memphis. Two games were also played with the famous Athens High School which have been the National High School Champions for the past two seasons. The sandies entered the Panhandle Invitation Tournament and they were barely nosed in the semi-finals. In the District meet at Canyon a series of games were played with the District I champions and a game was won from the runners-up. Next year there will be three letter men back, around which a greater team will be built in which the sandies may have a good chance of becoming the State Champions. Some good material will come up from the Junior High Schools which will assist our basketball team. This is a wonderful record for a new coach, as was Coach Hill, to bring up a struggling one-letter man team to the victorious team that has just completed his most successful season. Much credit is due to Coach Hill for his untiring efforts in behalf of the Sandie Basketball team. I-lere's to a bigger and better season for l93l. Page One Hundred Twenty-Three 07 l2?L . i n .' 4 g - M df ? f l y id? , . if ...nt """ EJ: Ev -bar-"Z Js.1.'b:5:'E.,Ei,,f,.9. .Pj .. x1,f?3,,fs:v.i.e uE:'E La' A. H. S. Uh! A. H. S., Ch! A. H. S., We'll sing your praise tonight H .To let you know where e're you go For black and gold welll fight. l VXfe'll sing your Worth l 0'er all the earthg Qi schools you are the best. In books of fame We'll 'Write your name, Oh! A. H. S. 1 3 Page One Hundred Twenty-Four r ,y '? ff? . 'ff' .. -V, U ' . . . 4 Jf ""1V'1 1 I 2 I w ' , Q., .X Nl' .I N43 Niaw . -fu ,nk Q.. .M H WN Y Y ' N "4 ' HAI A - YN' Q, .-ns' 4- 0 , 43 9494 9:51 pk ARA if V H m----'P 9 f 1 ap -uwv---'-? 00 ve N MX ia 1l4ih I f'k' " f Q, XT P - ' s " "" 'Rx Q Q n Y K Q- ' 4' , X mx I A ' ' ww K X ,I info , K -.- A V' ' .. :A-Y 'lx f - 1 1 Qu ' -- , " 2' - + A, . - .. . x Y' C ' 5 N 4 Q .n ' : 1 ""' 4 7 1 ax f 4 ff . 4 3 Ly, -i 1 1" Q 2 inf X ' 9 , , 'Wff' . ' s " A if 'N s ' ff f- ' Z ' . E w M x f ,,1 5, X I 3, .2 K H' -L-.3 1 X K ,A Q 7 veff,,Ql,m5. Grack a- fee Lt LAA'BQse:19 Q 5 TRACK The Sanolies won an invitation meet at Pampa, took second in a triangular meet with Lubbock and Plainview, took second in an invftation meet at l-lereforcl, placed fifth in the News-Globe invitation meet, won the district I meet, won the l-ligh School Di- vision of the meet and went to the State meet at Austin. Three letter men reported for track from the 1929 squadg Alexander, Stith and Van Noy. Besides the old letter men, Bufkin, Howard, Warren, Hudson, ancl Bun- 'tin lettered this year. Other good men were DeGrasse, Cazzell, Barrows, Reeves, Finnemore, Landauer, Teed and Childers. Nearly all of these will be lost next year. , 'fe 5 e QI: 5 Ei ' 3 Page One Hundred Twenty-Six , l .oc F , t ,, t ' t t o ' 7' ' m f' Q BQ ggi xg D 3?.sJwE'7.'IZ.JLsrJ'f.3,'g- iiiiyfg .Nl V I v- 3 1 , , Y 1 x N . 1 4 N 1 1 z A 1 ' N I . . 1 . 4 - .iii L Lg 1 ' 5.2.-.A -j'.,y 1 I -1- - '-K af -1 , 1 ...Y ,Vw . N ,,:u,,,. V R' . L 9 fy Qi. , ,s ! Mi 2 s' I aff 3 ur! Q W' is V ,M D A - W fgfgff M . A , Lp - , FS .- if .5 'L' 'Q 2. fQQf',1fT - .Aw 'ki'.2f7klf', 5L ' . eff, r 1' x "fc-R if ' ff ' 'f-'Y ' Q 1 . , , f wwf' - . . A , ,W I 51 .J H, ' ,t l V ' ' - df nf' ly. V 1 4, rf - ,A 1 --5. f K a 4 , 1 - W -f 1 ' 1 1 i , 1 . .1 ' In Q! n ' 31 f 'Ez 1 effyrf px--H--+--........ -Q : E 3 X K ' '-xwzg, -' f - 14. af," ' - H, K, A wlt, N r Page One Hundred Twenty-Seven 1 , ii'Q7F1'HhB!-i5Xi.2E5 ' ' nf" Mule Af", -. w, ' 1 vr--v 1- 7 -U u - - - - - ' 1 'uv - - - 1 v . . -. . . - -. . f' . - .. , - -f. Wg . . : . . H, ,, ,, -, ,, V ,,., .,,, . , X ,. ,, , H ,MMU A,,,,H,, , s 1A .E 'Fi 91-fr ii'-25.'?ifst3'.H-.7136 iigtapalgnopsfgj 193 TRACK RESUME l Letter men in track to return for the 1930 season were Alexander, Stith and Van I Noy. Alexander was the only man to win a first place at the district meet last year. Several good men were uncovered in the various meets this year, however, and there Nere eight to letter in l930. Van Noy lettered again in the dashes and broad jump, Alexander in the high hurdles and high jump, Stith in the dashes, Howard in the broad iump and hundred yard dash, Bufkin in the relay, and Hudson in the relay. The Sandies participated in the following meets during the -1930 campaign-- lnvitation meet at Pampa, which they won, triangular meet with Lubbock and Plainview- second place, invitation meet at Hereford--lost by I l-2 points, News-Globe meet-- J Fourth place, District meet--won, Great Plains meet, and the State meet. There are some other men who deserve mention for their season's work who did 2, not letter at the district meet. Among those who deserve credit are: Decrasse in ' the mile, Teed in the half mile, Cazzell in the high hurdles, Babb in the dashes, and others who worked hard but did not place in any meets. Y Page One Hundred Twenty-Eight - , +'? f:f' c T ' c W", 'A 'f 3'5"'ff?mf"'N1f" 4 , .A 5 ' Q + -, v 1:5 K o . E K . It y A NXWNQHQMI Q, Y Vx xi S . Er Q .-Y 'K ' ,1 'rg X wi 3, QW : I fy ' 2- eu-A -f X. 55x . t AQ p., . A + 6 M x ' I I X M J- V' ,fl i J f Z as XGZS . ' v 5 Kd -a 5 y ,. ? , X7 f ,b . ' X, 1. --v 1 f f X9 is 'N "'.1 .14 5 NX .L ,f x ' l 4 4 4r mf M-:L-L, , -+:'- A : ,rf ga fwfw- W . L ' ?E'5infAM, Q3 Gennis 5Tl:AiAlaRQ?f5t: nga., TENNIS RESUME The first match of the year was played at Hereford on Friday, April 4. In the 4 singles, Pearce defeated Seigler of Hereford in straight sets, 6-2, 6-3. T Duniven and Butler, played first ranking doubles, defeated Ireland and Ireland, 2-6, 6-4, 7-5. On the same day, White and Umphres defeated the Panhandle doubles team at - Amarillo. Ordway and Newbo-ld dropped their match to the second-rankfng Pan- handle team. In the News-Globe Tennis Meet the fo'lowing week, Pearce went through all oppositfon to win the singles championship. l-le defeated Cantrell of Tulia, 6-l, 7-5, then Lewis of Perryton, 6-2, 6-2. The next day he defeated Nichols of Plainview, 6-I , 6-2, and in the finals, Robert- son, of Oklahoma Lane was downed, 6-I, 6-2, 6-3. In the same tournament, Duniven and Butler defeated Vega, 6-I , 6-0, and Sudan, 6-I , 2-6, 9-8, but were eliminated by Perryton, the district champions. In the districtmeet, held in Amarillo, Duniven and Butler were put out in the first round by Perryton. ffearce beat Clarendon, and won by default from Vega. The next day he defeat- ed l-lereforcl easily, and won a hard-fought match from Lewis of Perryton in the finals, 6-l, 6-4, 6-4. f e s T Page One Hundred Thirty 1 .E ' ' E - " X ' , E, If . .. ,L A A -X Lggqgqggipbgag WILL BUTLER CLAYTON WHITE BILL ORDWAY O. W. HARRISON JAMES RITTENBERRY IVIAURICE CANNON v 'K' r . , 4 xi I Page One Hundred Thirty-One "' " ff,--. -v-V f 1- W ' I -- i-ll-J i,w'2'f?f'T "1 f3?'Qfg'?" I "35ff?4A 'im fl I ,.-14. " '.m.., '-15.9-Ekrifkl-r'B1i:'5+r'34a!..,2'-'-an E- LA AIROSA' lQ30 Qmhsci -. Mfg, . L. , L fr L L 3 N fr HUGH UMPHRES BILL PEARCE Q- .ggx ith.: GLEN N N EWBOLD JACK HAYES C. L. DUNIVEN IRVING WHITE ii Page One Hundred Thirty-Two V L V ' L 'UQ'-1 o Q fl Q Q S , X 5 Wx ,, , L 0 , I f' .J V ' f y I , Q 5. I S '-w A 2. - I A U... --- --. egg F " ' - um - Q VA i fi I f rs h: MJ Q P ' ' lk ur 1 , Q LL ' E x N f W ' X' vg a ' " Q L if .I if . NN v 4-my 'lx x I h 15,1 i x ' L"" 'A "' Q Q X w , 'N G , a 1 1. L. I JP. 1 ' 4 ,A an U q . . S l M x m : 1 I V1iV,' '- ' M f 'A' J 5 M 1 ' Z X X f, ' 1 W4 5 ' x as lg U 4 4 0 W m my 4 1 n 58111 2 Ill n 1513 nw? Girls' Athletics PV A,. ,V,, . . l:A'AlaRQJSA.:IQQ1oQ swf- -A MISS URSULA ANC-ELL The W. A. A. is an organization that sponsors after school activities and sports for girls. Any high school girl is eligible to participate in this activity. Under the direction of Miss Angell the girls take up clogging, hiking, tumbling, tennis, interclass basketball, baseball, and volleyball. Points are given to those who attain a certain degree of skill in these activities. Letters, pins, and sweaters are award- ed for satisfactory work and the required number of points won designated for that award. Page One Hundred Thirty-Four 3 59 11 0 - 2 'T"!i- -' . ygifffpfqffe A Q 'jg LA AIROSATI93 1 1 SANDIES PEP SQUAD MRS. HUGH BUTl..ER,, , , ,, ,,,,,Sp0n:or The A. H. S. Sandies Pep Squad, organized and sponsored by Mrs. Hugh Butler, is composed of two-lundred and ten merrbersg the yell leaders being Mary Luck, Jimmie Paige, Katherine Parr, Anna Ruth Den-ton. Working liand in hand with the Sandie Fooiball Squad, the Pep Squad accompanied the team to Liberal, Kansasg Electra, 'l-exasg Vernon, Texasg and Breckenridge, Texas. As a pep squad, it has gained X recognition throughout all Texas and adioining states for its splendid work and co-operation. 1 1 E ff if l ' Page One Hundred Thirty-Five W . 5 3 . i' ' ' '- -iff M 4- frs fffi - Ei ,ZIV '-fl :Eze If-ffEf'?+1Qa...,Q'if5f. Qj E ldlgggglfggl mfz io1f" Afcgfbhovhore. 2 Pau? Om- Hundred Thirty-Six , or giggqsisigggnefvrmqvmo BASKETBALL RESUME Girls Basketball this year was restricted to inter-class competition. A great deal uf class loyalty was shown and a growing interest in class participation was exhibited. The Sophomores and Juniors were the first to meet in competition. Both teams played excellent games but the Juniors were victorious with the following score: Jr. L- - ,L ,,.., LLL L L L LLLL I3 Soph. LL, ,,,.., LLLL L Jr. LLLL L LLL LLLLL I8 Soph. L, The Juniors were then scheduled to meet the Seniors. The Juniors won the first Iwo games with the following score. Jr. L L L L, L-- L LL I4 Sr. Jr. L- I5 Sr. LINEUPS Juniors DOROTHY PEAK CCapt.JL L ALICE EVANSLL L L- L SIDNEY DELL DEESL-LL FLORENCE KAUFMAN L L, ARLEEN MAULDIN L, L EVA NEWMAN L LLLLL Sophomores MARIE ROBERTS fCapt.JL L L TWILLIE MAE GIBSONL LLLL MARTHA KILLOUGI-I ..LLL VERA MURCI-IISON LLLL LL MARY CAST- - --LL--LLL-LL JANE WILLIAMS LLLL-L .L..LL L --- L L L LLForward L L- LLForwarcI Jumping Center L L LRunning Center L LLL.LLLGuard L L Guard L L L L Forward L L L Forward L - L L Guard L LLLLL L Guard -LL----Guard Jumping Center CLEO HOLLINGSWORTH LLLLL LLLL R unning Center Seniors Tl-IELIVIA MATHEWS fCapt.J L -L LLLLLLL Forward - AILEEN ROBERTSONLL-L L.LL -LL. LLLLLL Forward' I RUTH BI-ANTONL L ,L L- LLLL Jumping Center ' GAIL BIVINS LLLLLL I LLLL Running Center 3 EVELYN HAMMOND LLLLL .......L.. G Hard F IVIARJGRIE. ALLEN LLLLL ---Guard Tl I Page One Hundre d Thirt f ' f ' sv L ea ve- w sr f s L g l AAIQOSA-1930 V m MYJZW 'Fam N Page One Hundred Thirty-Eight , 5 -L' E - ' if1 'f ' AQ LL rf 1eAA'iRQsA:,1Q3rQQ -J Q I VOLLEYBALL RESUME Volley Ball proved to be a very popular game for girls this year. The Inter- Class tournament created a great deal of class spirit and the competition to determine the championship volley ball team was very interesting. The teams were equally matched as to ability. The Seniors and Sophomores played first, the score of the first game was I5 to I2 in favor of the Sophomores, but the Seniors took the next two games with scores of I5 to I0 and I5 to I3. The Juniors met the Seniors as scheduled and the Juniors won the championship by only a small margin with scores of I5 to I3 and I5 to I2. LINE UP " Senior I Kathleen Carroll " Evelyn Hammond ' Lucile Henderson Thelma Mathews Frances Parkenson Eileen Robertson Gail Bivins CCapt.D Sophomore Twillie Mae Gibson Eileen Hales Ara Lee Home Helen Longstreth Helen Mode Katherine Woods Audrey McGoIcIen fCapt., Junior Dorothy Peake Sidney Dell Dees Eva Newman Opal Davis Mabel Whitted fCaptJ 1 Page One Hundred Thirty-Nine or I I ' " 'E w wf-"1 " ' ""A I I b lj l:A Afl gQg5i 193 Q23 0 rolhyw feafket Tennis Sqfancef UW,9XQ'L'llf Team, V Qzbflm' M960 .f-fwLLl1eMdf 4 ' Vzure O - Hundred Forty V A . +'? fff' ? ' TW" V, . FY M Ainosa-1934 i ' n f 1 1 f ' GIRLS TENNIS RESUME Greater interest was manifested in Girls Tennis this year than ever before. Miss Angell organized the team early in March and out of a great number, six players: Mary Lois Ray, Katherine Duncan, Fances McNeill, Thelma McReynolds, Twillie Mae Gibson, and Dorothy Peak were left for semi-ffnals. Considerable time elapsed between semi-finals and finalsg the final result Was vic- tory for Mary Lois Ray in singles and Katherine Duncan and Frances McNeill in doubles. Inter-city matches were next in order and matches were played every day for two weeks preceding the district meet at Canyon. Singles: Amarillo vs. Canyon 6-3, 6-l 5 Amarillo vs. River Road, 6-U, 6-I: Amarillo vs. Claude, 6-4, 6-lg Amarillo vs. Pampa, 6-3, 6-33 Doubles: Amarillo vs. Canyon 6-2, 6-Ig Claude vs. Amarillo, 6-3, 6-49 Amarillo vs. Panhandle 6-3, 6-4, Amarillo vs. Pampa, 6-I , 7-5. At the Canyon meet, April 18th and 19th, doubles lost to Follett in the prelimi- iaries with a score' of 4-6, 6-l, 6-4. Drawing Lelia Lake, singles won with a score 6-l , 6-0. Lipscomb was defeated 'iext wi'h a score 6-3, 6-09 Finals was a match with Claude resulting in the score 6-2, 7-5. The Amarillo representative, Mary Lois Ray, winning for the first time the District zhampionship. In the bi-district match, April 25, on the Amarillo Tennis Club courts, Lucile Stingle of the Pep Littlefield Consolidated Schools was defeated. Thus Mary Lois Ray won the honor of representing Districts l and 2 in the State Meet at Austin. l V Page One Hundred Forty-One J., .. Q . , ,. . .1,., -- ... , , ' -. -. 'Tv l f ' -'sifmann na . g ., f f mg -s. ga -wt as: .J - 'asa e-.. M lg. ' """'-X gn... -..,vm,.LQ Q00 iLA-AI-RQ4sA'I93AQ, Iggy v ' L ' 5 Page One Hundred Forty-Two 1 A 7 . 'J""'1"59 ?'4KI? ' x ' '- , , gn., 1-f -,ii -'J' N' ' ' -... 5 LA Amosa-1930 iosssnex-at 'r L ,-n inr..,,-.h.,.,h..,, -.. V F I Y I MINQR SPORTS The Minor Sports, Baseball, tumbling, and dancing, have had a place in the Gym this year for the first time in the history of the Amarillo High Schools. These indoor sports, sponsored by Miss Angell, supplied competition to outside interests and furnished interesting material for entertainment. Baseball proved to be very interesting to the participants. The girls played other schools and showed themselves worthy of carrying the name of A. H. S. through to victory. Tumbling and dancing furnished much pleasure as well as new interests for girls in gymnasium work. These two sports were the basis of many interesting programs throughout the year, especially for the Girls' Assemblys. We hope to create more interest in these activities next year. aj , Q Page One Hundred Forty-Three W., I S F'?'l8'Y' r ,I GLM ,ALB 1 f X f - Q-War-1 I -.- -Q ---" M A ----.mug ,- J f,,.. . A I x N x . x S 5 N xi- ' ' . I Mil' . v " Q , A 4 I 5 . 4 Wx N 'hw - ' QNWN 43, I Q 5 3 , . Q L , H, ' I K N 1 w X X fx, I ' X 5 X Y ill- K L-, - , ' V 5 ,' + m QW : " " .ff wa M w w- 9 f Q K 1' i A g 5 :w fl 7 +., Q. K 3 I f 1 no 4 , I fs " -' 'I . Tivo friars re ained behind after the expediiion re- turned from the "Llano Estacadon converting lhe In- dians and healfng the sick. Organizations EL ' rfggiggqggg-:gag Dorothy Nugent Mr. Vineyard R. C. Neely, Jr. Editor Sponsor Business Manager LA AI RUSA STA FF James Rittenberry, Alice Arnold, Otis Petty, Gail Taylor, Dorothy Jo Bush, Ramon Williams Mary Virginia Hall, Frank Homer Ransgerger, Ralph Neely, Christine Dyche, Mary Lois Ray. Beulah Mae Miracle, Sara Moreland, Ernestine Smith, Katherine Duncan, .Io Ella Vaughan. Zed Doshier, Geraldine lVlcDavicl', Bob Reecly, Martha Greening, Nell Collins, Eugene Galle, M ! ra Qt. V ,Z A .5 I it E i S 5' aft Rafi ' at I , - g ' , ,,,,,. . i f ff' t , W fa " a t af- I qi ,,.: . ,,..- H 'il xwj f Q f r . R 3 if Yi GK i1- " i f i W r K 'N ' L: Q4n9..1f g.Qg. N Page One Hundred Fort ml f f1x41A',,. ' M 77 at ' " 'g,Q?P: . ' .4 . 4 A y? HIE , lgjo IQQHEXQ. 1 f V 11? Hollis Schriber Mrs. Quicksall Stanley Marsh Editor Sponsor Business Manager SANDSTURM STAFF Jimmie Bynum, Drucilla Exum, Elsie Little, Jane Harty, Joy Wagner. Elizabeth Connett, Evelyn Marsh, Maude Drummond, Juanita McGee, Idell Durrett. Thurley Stone, Frankie Atkins, Doris Culton, Lucille Spoontz, Bonnie Fay Bennett. if K 5 'fi , K ,, r Wak- . I Y ,,., :wre 7 i M f saii a ff sis H ' x K ZFD fa W 1 7 ,Q , Y ' Page One Hundred Forty-Eight l ssfcvaaiafaaiiswzaxme " ' ' f P :en IX J' - -I f f r,-f -1, ur ' ' -" but ' ' ,'1 ' ,Jn-use-1 ann-nur' ,lan-aan: ua' , W-ff-S -.. - + --W. W ew Q H' ' E x ' I fNl9"'m""'435- N 5 " Q V V X, . 0 ' nv 'KN' ' my I 1,3 i K ' K 4 ' . ,' nu-IRS -E A - . ,- x . ' ' X Nb' ,J mi le ' H ' f f A ' r 4 9, ,k,VQ,y,43 9 6 1 szionee -N-V N 'VI r X? I BUNKOOQF M, If : Z "le,M,,, Bunk ""' T 'f"' f f 3 2 Q W NIL . v- +V , ff 1. cam wg ' ml .. ' ----.APPL Q ' K 1 N M, 42, K, SAUCHJ , 1. --f' 'H -iv X 4 cfggxtail-A N 41 Q " ' I is Z ' W 5 + HH 2 L5 Nag ' 4 ,Aj -1' I "W Glubs ,.-14. ' 'A A"' ' gA 5. g94545A:Q3 W Q g g X j- f , :SW W lr i M' A. A.., 7 , . V m .A,.KQ - . I LL,, Q iiz . A i 9 SSW' 0 N, ,K , V L iii R. ,EM M. :wb-Q f , ,.W f,U? un f m' Q' Q' +.. , K ,L J' A if f K fx 4 'ag 3 Q .Ax r xf -E3 ef" 41- 1 ' 1 is 4 L' O L ' M in :, :....vMf I x. 3' 4:- at "y X' M4 V 'Y 3 'Q .. Y Q s A xg. U t 3 A W x Q 2 3 S .3 S 'W ' s Q B 5 , wg ff W E2 K ,521 5 xxx if-, Ay Page One Hundred fifty 3 If - f' -L .W ,152 ' H ., ,:. Q N Y gg hm Q Xi H if Qi P XL B 'W s x x N gr . V. ffl :- Z Q QL 33 -is X -my 1 1' 1 ., mf- f H. 1? fig R . Q Fw at R A X Q' M 'xg A 'se -rf .. -Q. , my if .. 4,-Jn, fiffi , , ' " i""mW', ' 'Q ' ' ' W 'm""'N'-' taaiapqgalppg NAIIONAL norton socuqv 1 I Qu i HONOR SOCIETY STANLEY MARSH IDELL DURRETT JANE HARTY ROSEMARY BOOTH F. H. RANSBERGER KATHERINE DUNCAN FRANKIE ATKINS LOLA PASCOE OSCAR BISHOP RUTH ROLATER LLOYD FLETCHER HENRIETTA FLESHER JO ELLA VAUGHN BOB REEDY ELIZABETH JAMESON DOROTHY LOUISE RUSSELL ALICE ARNOLD MYRTLE MAUD MUNN DOROTHY NUC-ENT HOLLIS SCHRIBER GLADYS MORGAN JOHN TOLK CARL COOPER R. C. NEELY EVELYN CREWS THURLEY STONE JACK ROACH EVELYN MARSH EMALINE NOLAND JAMES STONE FINIS MOTHERSHED HONOR SOCIETY R. B. NORlVlAN,,,,,,,, W ,,,, ,L LW-- LLL, ,,,,,,Sponsor The Amarillo charter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1929 under the sponsorslrip of Principal C. F. Poole. The purpose of the local charter is to inspire the students to excel in sclolarship, to become leaders in doing special services for the school, and to attain a higher standard of character. N Page One Hundred F'fty-One , ,Q Q ' A 7 A . ' . ' . . 'i"7 V G - Qs ?-L ' i I iAAlROSA'l93 E 'hnr"va-r'se"'-"-in-' ' " f BIOLOQHCAL SCIENCE CLUB MR. R. S. WHITE, e- HW, -,,,eSponsor The Biological Science Club was organized in l9Z9 and membership was extended to all pupils of biology and boitany classes. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in science anal scientific reading, and to give the members training in club work. The club studies the importance of inventors and their inventions and clfscoveries. This stucly is carried on by means of weekly reports and gives an aclclecl interest to the scienti- fic classwork of the members. I 3 Page One Hundred Fifty-Two 1 l ,, , ,. . ,..A, - , . ',,., wg., :'-fi .,. g 'M x Pgbg Y f m + Q4 , , iw Q... . L4 ,moss-193 LOS VIAJERUS CLUBS MISS CORA RUSSELL 8: MRS. W. E. ROUTl'l--... Sponsors Los Viajeros Spanish Clubs, sponsored by Miss Cora Russell and lVlrs. W. E.. Routh, liave served to arouse interest in the Spanish language seldom obtained through routine clas:-room study. During the summer months the sponsors visited Spanish speaking countries and received a wealth of first-hand travel anecdotes and stories. These are blended into the weekly programs and the members are made to feel the atmosphere of the Spanish countries. Programs, as well as part of the business, are conducted in Spanish. Through the medium of these clubs it is made possible for the student to gain a valuable knowledge of Spani-h which he may not derive as pleasantly from his class- worlc alone. r I V w Page One Hundred Fifty-Three i 5 '-1f,s:f.:ru-e,' smss. Q fLl:A-AlAlaQlS,Q:!??4 THALIAN Miss LENORA WALTERL use or sponsor "Tl1alian" was cbosen as an appropriate name for the Home Economics Club as it was the name of tlie Greek Goddess of the Firesicle. The maior objectives of the Tlialian Club are to train the girls for worthy use of their leisure timeg to create friendliness between tbe liome, school and communityg to discover new interests and attituclesg to promote interest in Home Economicsg to furnish opportunity for right social lifeg to train the girls to be leaders in the communityg and to develop a sense of responsibility. C Page One- Hundred Fifty-Four , . -- - . 1 .. . , l . , W fifff' r - ,. ', T" s A -f", W' - ,I-'if'I1'L,.s Y is :V . f F""f V ,'T"""7T"'!i' Nix-so A- ,A -Qf'fgggg-4+S+i AtROSA'I93gojg 'v-v - 13. I I 1 1 1 1 THE Ii. H. R. CLUB MRS. BRINK s-- , ,. , ,Sponsor This club, under the leadership of Nlrs. Brink, was named after one of the found- ers of Home Economics, Ellen H. Richards. She was one of the first to realize the need of developing good homemalcers-the necessity for teaching girls the wonderful possibilities in learning to be a good homemaker. The club motto is: "Strive for the Three H's of success, Health, Happiness, and a Headpiecef, The aims are to de- velop in the members, character, initiative, responsibility and cooperation together with realizing high ideas. U-Tn., 4 1,p sf ii 1 Page One Hundred Fifty-Fiv ' ' s-W ' e vfv fr- ' , -tr'?., 'Q .. ' QQ, la: -A v-'----- ' -- A' f" f-- - 1--f -- .. --r . WM at... . uwitg ,A fy J tlgglggpggg 1tQ34 TYPING MRS. CORRINE ROUNTREEL -ve ee ,,i-Spons0r The Typing Club was organized by lVlrs. Rountree for the boys and girls whose schedule did not allow for a full second year of typing, but who Wanted to keep up their typing practice. The Club meets each Wednesday and at each meeting the members were required to complete two aszignments. Through this club many bo-ys and girls have been able to become more efficient in their work. NJNFWN Z1 E Vmrc' One Hundred Fifty-Six i 1 . 1 A , c m mm . , be be " ....., L5Aigosg.llg9333e surfsf-f..-Y , r Y I SENIOR H l-Y LAUCHLIN lVlcNE.ll..l.. -- , ,tcsponsor The purpose of the Amarillo Senior l-li-Y chapter is to develop the spiritual life among boys and to serve the student body. The club sponsored several programs not only at the high school, but at various city gatherings. The district conference met in Amarillo in the fall and was most successful through the loyal work of the local members. The Lost and Found' Room is operated by these boys, and this service is given free of charge. The club encourages its members to give the school, the church 5 and the community its best and most loyal service. S '"f3'lii"l, I-Zziii-QW"-tggg Ziff . f, 1 Page One Hundred Fifty-Seven I 3 , ff g' ,. P M ' -g g' fiF"Z' Z- Qg i.,.l S:g fyS 'Eff E: , ,,..,. , , eeblaalbeowfbtgasvg tr SANDIIES H1-Y l LAUCHLIN lVlcNEll.,l..,,, ,, ,,,,, W Sponsor The first Sandie Chapter of tlie Hi-Y was organized in the fall of l929 by Mr. McNeill. This separate Sandie Chapter introduces a new feature in Hi-Y work, and causes much favorable comment throughout the state. It is believed that this plan will be adopted in other schools where the football boys are unable to attend regular Hi-Y meetings because of their scheduled training. The club was organized under the princi- ples of the Senior Hi-Y and proved very successful. P One Hundred Fifty-Eight, V fi Ni-4 1' Y MY P mmm? ' N FFP!! fu - + ' A ' -2 '?"5' ' , ." " 3.1 -.vt '. ' mt! .. Q' avg,-I b ,b o,,,, , -,, m,MMwW4MV,W ,A ,, NBsO5Al ,p93?a 9L,J,,+A. mmap v f 1 ' n YANNIGANS HI-Y LAUGHLIN lVlcNE.lL.L,,,e,, , z , ,A W ,,., Sponsor The Yannigan branch of the Amarillo Chapter of the Hi-Y was organized for the first time this year. Like the Sandies Chapter, the Yannigans l-li-Y was organized for tlfe boys wlfose football-training schedule would not allow time to attend the regular Senior Hi-Y meetings. The Club was organized under the same principles as the Seniorl-li-Y and carries out the same type of work. l i I l I l l E . l , Page One Hundred Fifty-Nine y f I 5" ' ' 'QW H M - -us e-4. e gg Lt ,- ,are Q. frA.pp,95l5 .gg i IUNIQR H1-Y LAUCHLIN McNEILL-,ccc ut, c ,, . -,.,,,,Sponsor The Junior division of the Amarillo Hi-Y Chapter has five principles as objectives in living: clean conduct in school and all public places, clean scholarship, I clean sportsmanship and clean living. The members are pledged to live up to these five ideals. The boys are trained through this Junior chapter to become better and more efficient members of the Senior l-li-Y. l i P Q Page One Hundred Sixty Q t " X ' t ' 'Q i t - W F' Y ff.-4, ' 4,-gi . , LA Amoszx-1930 5 ,-,,.,,-,,.s-s..,,,-...,,of W l Y INTER N05 CLUB Miss ANNA MAEA KLAPPROTI-It s s e s sponsor- The Inter Nos Latin Club, sponsored by lVliss Anna Mae Klapproth since its organization five years ago, serves to stimulate a lieener interest in the Latin language among its members. The Club name, Inter Nos, means "among ourselves". The motto, "Labor Omnia Vincitn, means "labor conquers allu. The emblem is the fasces, which is symbolic of power. The purpose of this Latin Club is to make a stucly of old ' Roman customs, to create a general interest in Latin literature, and to promote the class- 12 study of his language. 3 . Page One Hundred Sixty-Ono l 1 , i' A ' " f I is s 'WT e 'fri ?'+. , ag 4 v v Q 5 Hmmm ifpialpnopsfgj v I N X x ORCHESTRA MISS GERTRUDE ELLIKERS , W, Y , ,, ,, -Sponsor The High School Orchestra, under the leaclership of Miss Elliker, has a member- ship of thirty. Their work for the past year has been playing for assembly programs ancl plays, and broadcasting by raclio. The orchestra has a complete orchestration, and through this work boys and girls are taught a finer appreciation and knowledge of goocl music. E IE Page One Hundred Sixty-Two Q it JENJBREIQBAWBKSQWQ 'X ' 152..'5lCfFEH17- 'Qk?. . - . . -V . V - M' . . . - ,,. , .. , . .. , 1 ,. , , 1 v ,J A ,4 L . L-. . . ., . - . " . . - . ., , A A , A ,V M-,MY ,, ,AWN , ,, ,, , ,., , ,Ad , U , A4 A, Adi-'VM A' lT.gnnt ' ..., LA A.R0sA7iQss :S-mfs-H Tis H ,,,,-H ,,,x- xyskg k Vkyw. g gi: ' Q, , r Z Y 1 LYRIC MISS GERTRUDE ELLIKERW, , ,,s,,Director The twenty members of the Lyric Club were selected from the student body by individual voice try-outs. This girls' organization meets in the morning before school, thus showing their keen interest and appreciation in singing. The members of the club , sang on many assembly programs as well as for several civic organizations. They gained first honors in the Panhandle Music Festival in l929. Through this club the it girls learn to enjoy good music and have an added interest in their school activities. 2 g r J l V Page One Hundred Sixty-Three i 5-I ki fyb-. .QI-A rbldw. 'f1.xafE',f. . - e' ' ' -f ' ur W ' - "" - V'--f A-' - -H-f f ,..-,.,.,f....-.,,-,--g D Hflg Z'-15.9-Ee:2.1ei.fs'2'f,'5Af4..l t'-'-in LA AIRO SA' l93o3 " Y f SENIOR BAND OSCAR WISE ,H ,-.,, W ,, an ,u ,,Director The Amarillo High School Band, composed of about sixty members, has been organized for eight years. The band is a fine example for both individuals and other organizations to follow. High standards are placed as a goal and all the members work individually for the good of the whole. Whenever the Chamber of Commerce or the Amarillo Jobbers send out a trade excu1'sion, the band is always taken along. Professor Oscar Wise is the director of the Band and it is due to his untiring efforts that the organization has received so many outstanding honors and has reached its present high standing. Y Page One Hundred Sixty-Four 9 1 -,'? .f.e0 ' LL' ' -1 T"!b ' - " WPS Y " .if..":v . -V fJ r LA Amosfs-193 f V l V Y 1 V JUNIUR BAND OSCAR WISE,-,,.,. ,H ,,,, ,Wh ., --.,c-Director The Junior Band was organaizecl in 1929 by Oscar Wise. The forty members meet each morning at seven-thirty for their practice. The Bancl made several public appearances during the year and played in various contests. By means of this Junior Band the clirector is able to train boys for work in the Senior Band later. i Page One Hundred Sixty-Five b e , c ' or c, . , , ..,,. , V ff-4- - vigil? -'c :L t:'fi1eJct'e'Z ,'5,A2s!,,:.:i'.-.sfo I: 4 Y f I Y BLUE BUNNET SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB MRS. VERA DAVIS Sl-HNN, , , ,, , , 7 Sponsor The Blue Bonnet Social Science Club, under tlfe leaderstip of Mrs. Shinn, devotes its time to the practical study in various phases of history. The four outlines for cluh programs are: current events, local history, seeing the world and just for fun. Through - this interesting club its members are able to obtain a broader view and a more useful ig knowledge of history than they received from their routine class-room study. C I i Page One Hundred Sixty-Six f ' 6 11' 'T"5i" - Y' "Max ' ' -P' f Qi Argqgaiprggsiv-W-'ere-'avme m,..m..... fi Arfxxlcq HISWJRY CLUB 3 LESLIE JOHNSON, , , Sponsor The Alamo History Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Leslie Johnson, was orgarized in the fall of 1929 as a branch of the History Club of the previous year. Interesting programs are held on outstanding listorical events, important hstorical charac- ters and current topics. The requirements for credit in this organization were: at- tendance at thirty regular meetings, performance of all club duties to the satisfaction - of the sponsor, and one public appearance each semester. i f V X Page One Hundred Sixty-Seven If t Q 5 ' -' c , . ' ' Q' .' ' "' e " E - '?ri ?f , , E fbflyifjgf?-15..,:.' Qizeiclm:lfl.'5+ci.g,:.:i'.-.lfcfj LA Alpgg SA- lQ30,V Q.,-L 9, .n 4 asf. ' e e s -Q, 'r ef if-A .X K lr fp 2242 f .Ll PHYSICAL SCIENCE c1.UB pp MRS. C. C. WALDEN. ,Sponsor Y vm' . . . The Physical Science Club IS composed of members .ix I, X from both the chemistry and physics classes of the school. M fr The club exists primarily for the study of science and Nruffoi scientific research and for the purpose of rendering any pos- sible service. QQQ. yigiillffh During the year, programs of scientific nature have been 9 L . presented at the regular meetings. Nlembers have taken part :. in demonstrations and have made speeches on inventions Q I and discoveries and on special occasions outside speakers 1 have delivered addresses of scientific nature. Mrs. Walden, Q 11797 the club sponsor, is pleased with the work of the society T+ and believes that the time of the members has been well X! - spent. - WW' X i E- r "" 1 . 1 -A ' f ffggg-:4 if fl'apxu Um- Hundred Sixty-Eight. , x ff W.: P -1 - - --X-K . 1 4 E X ' ml lml m Q 7 . x 4 I NN - 1 - - J b .4 QA x V Sf- ' , , V- 34" A ' , N d X-'12 1 ' xi' 1 i 4 .2 Q 9 44 T ' ' 3 K X - IV I 5 X" ' 6 y " r 1 Q0 if ' . f tr nf ,,f, W ' ef, if . 1 A F - ' '- ,PX J' '- .1 V ., ' "GQ QA QP . A I H P fl, Y X L M . -M 4 , ' 6 X wx 'N A 'du 14 fr 5 D Q rs K ff I, . A W X 5 ' eq ggi: 'f military - A Y X I , A,,., V A Jai.-H-J hvigyrbffiiklqxm. fl .,,3::i,.?J. Q SA' A Gxxhlgi ' - MQ, .VE hgh ' rf Hu . 1 - COL. HAROLD O'NEAL Colonel O'Neal is a new faculty mem- ber this year. He has certainly taught his boys military training. We feel that Mr. O'Neal is a very competent Colonel, ancl we,re backing him. R. U. 'lf C. U l5lflClfRS COL. O'NE.AL Sponsor HARRY BIVINS , ,Major Captains: Floyd Watkins, Co. Ag Harold Dixon, Co. B5 Burton Roach, Co. C. First Lts.: Raymond C-lass, Co. A, Batt. Acljg Jay U. Kirkman, Co. B. Second Lts.: Whitman Fish, Co. Cg l-larolcl Mclntire, Co. C3 Rufus Ryan, Co. B5 Everett Coffee, Co. B5 Paul Clark, Co. Ag Ralph WOOftCl', Co. A: Ramon Williams, Co. B. 'Q x 5 'Qs .V Page Om- Hundred Seventy I g . 'f l-. R 1, R if , M Amosigs.. 1 f 1 THE N. C. O. CLUB COL. O'NEAl.. . . - - .,. , - , ,Sponsor The N. C. O. Club, a Club for Non-commissioned officers was organized during the lst semester. The purpose is to create more interest between the Officers and Non- eoms and also to prepare them to be Officers. The club is more of a social organization to get good fellowship among the caclets 3 v Page One Hundred Seventy-O . 5'-' .... ' . ir 1 ""7 Hici - "PFfi?f Jf,i21I?-12.5:""sa,.."'sc-1'i'2ZeE"9Ij,s,. Q EljAAirto45A'lg934 UCQMPANY AU Captain Floyd Watkins,,,, ,a.,,.,,--A.--.., ,,,. , T, ,,.. Company Commander lst. Lt. Ramon Glass - .C,,, ,,----Executive Officer 2nd, Lt. Ralph WooHer,,, ,, U Platoon Commander Znd. Lt. Paul Clark ,,,. , , ,,,, ,.-,. -,C-,,,, ,W Platoon Commander Jim Roach ..,C.. .--C, ,,,C ., C,,, ,W ,,., no C, ,WH ,,-,f-,,lst. Sergeant SERGEANTS Bill Billingmeier, Coy Freeman, l-larry Warren, George Hemphill, Bud Mandell, Ernest Miller, Richard Baker. CORPORALS Earl Barsh, C. l-l. Mason, Bill l-lain, Jack Taylor PRIVATES Stump Ashley, Glen Askew, Tol Avery, Robert Abbott, C. l... Cochran, Charlie Crouch, l-lampton Corniel, Grafton Cooper, Arden Cullen, Joe Demic, Robert Elenor, Frank Gordon, George l-larris, Anderson l-lolly, Howard l-lorn, Arden l-lerrin, Boyd Jones, Troy Jones, Leon Likins, W. A. Morgan, Alex Phillips, Ira Smith, D. Selman, Roscoe Rich, Cordell Pavillard. :I lg Page One Hundred Seventy-Two I A ' , ? :11?" of -, i W i' , Y", " i' .... ' fl- 5 X , I .IVI V iq- v !eA!B,QSa1.',932e HCOMPAN Y Bl' Major' l-larry Bivins,,, Captain Harold Dixon lst. Lt. Jay Kirlcmann, 2nd, Lt. Rufus Ryan, Znd. Lt. Everett Coffee, Ernest Batson , W, ,,,, , C, ,,-- SERGEANTS Loy Threadgill, John Van Dale. CORPORALS Haskell Brown, John Hodges, Jesse Reeves, Wallace Neel. PRIVATES MQKQQQ. Battalion Commander Company Commander C, Executive Officer Platoon Commander ,Platoon Commander WW ,,lst. Sergeant Elmo Gotfried, Floyd Bradford, Bernar Brands, .lack Colby, Harold Dale, R. Dever, Paul Elder, W. Farley, Ed Freeland, Clifford Flanders, Roy Green, O. W. Harrison, Maurice Narwood, John Price, Jack Prewitt, Ray Sherwood, S. D. Spillers, Dick Stittler, Orville Shaller, Doyle Tyler, Joe Yeargain. fS':2'5Q i'Z-1265-5-E-5. ia-wr! :anna M ef-:W:w, ::.qqi ., ,.. :..:.-4-- fxxafi , t. , ,- -V . . Ei.-f-'1'2'5gf3Q+.'5+:e-2 WW gg . 5 Y "image" mm' Q , i1'.a-rg-r..-re-:gem-4 32 ' 9' viii rrzerfsere, ..1-va.: L +:e2+z+:?z+:efze-2:5335 -z as-Mm 'un-an V Page One Hundred Seventy-Thr - -x-'.. I fi a I 2 0 . I EZ um ith,-A 9' -H:--H n-- ' fe 1-f M i -'M "- ---' :mei ' ,, ' f-1'-1 4 ..,,' ""' EIil.:1aQf:5...s-Etaxeruuww. M gg "Cl JM PANY C" Captain Burton Roach , Company Commander Zncl. Lt. Whiteman Fish , ,. Executive Officer Zncl. Lt. l-larold Mclntyre Platoon Commander Clarence Boyer lst. Sergeant SERGEANTS Ed Rogers, Crville Stewart, Glen Victor. CORPORALS 3 Arthur Eurthun, H. P. Scarborough. PRIVATES 5 Ralph Nletcalf, Jack Bevel, George Blasclel, Milton Bennett, Edgar Chamblljn, T Ernest Dearn, Gottfried Elo, Ducllin lVlcCough, Grover Mason, Carl Gray Arland E Rogers, James Taylor. r r x w Y ' 1 ' 1 i xr,3s:-:.:1':.r:':n'4 pa:-rm Wa f-xg,-It it Iago Une Huudrcl Seve ty-Pour 15 " .-1. ,Q A- -.dr ' a v rwr - .if ' Tx " ' T I 2- L K Q L h gl " msxmfmlmlmn '- ' 1 kg X A X ' ' QT-, fl X WDW f' -' QA: s - . - :zak ,n 'I 5 N i f p 5 y N? , - s g , v i X 15 , Q Q' JJ! I -fyf E . . ' - . 04. ,, ' ER X X' , . If 1,315 f mfg - f I Y X F-ffl 4f gflvw un Y Yml 1 A f SSA 9 N x ii" ,fffffj fx v , ' gg " PIC up fx 1:5 ,lx 1 "J-'WS -Al-ff X Speech-flrts l-L .Z 623-155.5w'f1fes.t"'dv.'5.-?,ni,'Q"i'j,f.. Q E1rA4A5lArgog1g: Q w MISS CORNELIUS MISS STUCKEY TRQPHIES Forum, 2 cups won 2 years out of 3, Presented by Lions Club. Philomatheon, I cup won 1930, Prezerted by Lions Club. Parthenon, won for 2 years, Presented by Kiwanis State Extemporaneous cup, won by Deiss, 1929. Philomatteon, I cup offered for City Beautification speech, offered to all clubs, Pre- sented by Hoo Hoo Club. Senior Girls Declamation Cup, won by Mary Elizabeth Adams. Senior Boys Declamation, won by Lemore Hill. E . 'F Pag One Hundred Seventy-SX V S w 5'4iE?f ' X ' . . 7 7' . ii Annosafif BESS KIRVEN LOLA PASCOE PARTHENUN SPEECH CLUB Miss Mary Vivian Cecil, e,e,,,,-- 7 W , , ,Sponsor Since its organization last year, the Parthenon Speech Club has taken an out- x standing place in school activities. Last year the debate team, Rosemary Booth and Lola Pascoe, defeated the Delphic Club team and won the loving cup offered by the Kiwanis Club. This team later represented the school in both the district and state meets. This year, with Miss Cecil as the new sponsor, the Club inaugurated a series of group programs with the purpose in mind of fostering better standards in public speaking. 1 N Page One Hundred Seventy-Seven , V -v i 5 ' -' , e ' C 'W T e ork fff . , fl LL l 'I'-if fAfw5'e-53' MH-U IgRfltAgAlARo4sA5Al4Qg4 5 V WARREN Wooos Jov WAGNER 1 FORUM MR. HUGH UNDERWOOD e sponsor- -' The Forum Club, one of the leading literary societies, has confined its study to Q all forms or speech arts. Speaking contests of different types were staged in the club but debate work was the cheif field of study and practice. l Debate contests were given each Thursday night and the club showed a great interest in the discussion and argumen- tative work. This practical experience developed many promising speakers and helped to give public speaking a higher rating in school activities. 5 i Q Page One Hundred Seventy-Eight , f '? f i e 'F' , "X ' e . e , e I A1-.,., , tt" .s i AAlROSA'I93oe oem warmed-Y fb- 1 I Y I 'Sari in-an PHIL ROACH oT1s PETTY PHILO MR. GORDON , 7, 7 , , , ,,,--,,Sponson' of extensive The Philomathian Literary Society has finished a year's program study in the art of public speaking and debating. Many contests were held and every member was given an opportunity tog ain practical experience in speaking before the public. Debate work was stressed and the club produced some very successful and promising speakers. The knowledge gained from the interesting and instructive pro- grams has aided its members in gaining a broader view of public speaking. 'il 'f 3 I Page One Hundred Seventy-Nine Vx 4,3 U .'5Xl1l".L'?i 5' .' " ' 'Fu ' fa '- - 42-A '-hi ff1xbE',,. . - 's' s' 's A' ur " s lull " s' - sz, ' ' gg 1 1 Iizfigf-v:5..,,..Es:'r'a:e5...z-Dgsig. f1aiffi'.ffQll ELA AIRO SA' l m':f '1 Hrarefifi-:..jH Hillhfimla at! r FRANCES McNEILI.. JOSEPHINE VVOODLIEF DELPHIC SOCIETY :I MRS. C. C. SHALLER,,,,,,.-i.-, ,,,, e ..,,,,Sponsor 1 The Delphic Society was organized last year under the leadership of Mrs. Shaller. This club is a literary society and the programs consisted of study of the various branches along that line. All of the interscholastic contests were entered by the different mem- bers, and several public appearances were made during the year. ln this way girls are taught the value of good speech and are given training along this line. i 5 ,f Page One Hundred Eighty ' E . V , e . A Y C " 9 4' f o T " c K' , lKAlROSAPIS3o1 fU....sf.,,, H, V PI DELTA MISS CHRISTINE STUCKEY. S Sponsor "The Club will come to order," says Miss Stuckey four sj:onsorD. "Hurry up, Christine," four presidentD--and Christine Dyche manfully takes here post in the center of the group of thirty-six Pi Delta girls. and then the fun begins. CE,ditor's note--creation of atmospherej Pi Delta members have studied make-up and stage craft, and have given plays. "Men are sad but necessary evils." Consequently, the Pi Delta decided it would have to have boys to help give the plays. Boys who have taken part in the plays are considered associate members. Outstanding plays that have been given by the Pi Delta are: "The Three Gifts," which was the contest play, and "Romeo and Juliet," which was given jointly with the Seniors. , Page One Hundred Eighty-One 1 . 7 ' . c , . ' S 713-Q" fsviefsff 'Wit'-' ,IQJQF-111kg L1e1.L'e'Zf:'Z,u4f,,:.5:'.-.sfoIl f 'l-A AIRQSA- IQ30q 'ZPL Elizabeth Ruth Virginia Jack Katherine jameson Perdue Kretsinger Duncan "THE THREE LIFTSH Contest Plan Page One Hundred Eighty-Two ' 'GSE' A ' "'J1e5H:!B1HblUkBK5li'5lE5Y? ' t" F X ' " ' 'W 's52.4W-556353095 .-v 4 rlarapeniggga ROSEMARY BOOTH STANIEEY INSIARSI-I 7 Cjuliet ROIHCO CAST OF ROMEG AND JULIET The Prince of Verona----- - ----, -------Bill Pierce Par1s----- .-- ffg. KM-- Montague- ,-- Capulit - .,,, An Olcl Man- Romeo- - - - - Mercutio - - , Benvolio -- -, Tybalt ---- --- ---,WWW Friar John --- Friar Lawrence Balthasar - - Samson - ,- Gregory ,, -- -, Peter-- ---- Abraham ----- ---M Apothecary -- Page to Paris Y R. C. Neely,-Ir. Ben Ansley B iifeilon Twadell Billy Dickinson W Stanley Marsh Marvin Brummet Herman Wright Joe For-cl Otis Petty Zed Doshier - ---- -Bob Reedy - - - Foster Peterson - ----Wallace Neil - ,--- Joy Wagner Billy Dickenson Jack Roach --C. L. Dunniven Page One H d d Lghty ,- .- fiiarggglgajirgg Y ...1 I ,,- I I 5 1 ROSEMARY LOLA WARREN JOY BOOTH PASCOE WOODS WAGNER DEBATE R,liSUl,fllf Date Side School Division Speaker Result I. March Il Aff. Childress Boys Uack Roach, fOtis Petty, l..o:t 2. March II Aff. Childress Girls floola Pascoe, fBess Kirvin Won 3. March I3 Neg. Hereford Boys Uoy Wagne1', fWar'ren Woods, Loft 4. March I4 Neg. Quanah Boys Uoy Wagner, Wa1'ren Woods, Won 5. March I4 Aff. Quanah Girls CLola Pascoe, CBeess Kirvin Won 6. March I8 Aff. Philo-Forum Boys Uoy Wagner, fWarren Woods, Uack Roach, fOtis Petty, Phi'o Won 7. March I9 Aff. Parthenon-Delphic Girls Cldola Pascoe, fBess Kirvin, flrrances lVlcNeill, Uosephine Woodlief, Parthenon Won 8. March Z0 Aff. Panpa Boys fjack Roach, CWHl'fCH Woods, Won 9. March Z0 Aff. Pampa Girls fl.ola Pascoe, fBess Kirwin, Won IO. March ZI Aff. Panhandle Boys Uack Roach, fWatren Woods, Won II. March Zl Aff. Panhandle Girls fl.cla Pascoe, fljrancis lVlcNeill, Won IZ. March 24 Neg. Canyon Boys fGerald Brown, fl-lugh Fischer, Won I3. March 24 Neg. Canyon Girls flsola Pascoe, fBess Kirvin, Lost I4. March 25 Aff. Hereford Boys fl-lerman Wright, fDamon Avery, Won I5. March Z6 Neg. Plainview Boys Uoy Wagnei', fW3l'l'CH Woods, Won I6. March 26 Neg. Plainview Girls fLola Pascoe, fBess Kirvin, Won I7. March 27 Aff. Lubbock Boys fjoy Wagner', fWar'1'en Woods, Won I8. March Z7 Aff. Lubbock Girls fl.ola Pascoe, fRosemary Booth, Won l9. April 2 Neg. Pampa Boys Uoy WHgHC1', cW81'f6H Woods, Lost 20. April 2 Neg. Pampa Girls fldola Pascoe, fRosemary Booth Won Zl. April 3 Aff. Canyon Boys Hoy Wagner, CWa1'1'en Woods, Won 22. April 3 Aff. Canyon Girls fldola Pascoe, CRosemary Booth, Lost ij P-as one H u ed rfzigmy-Four g g. fa. sewn, .im 2.421323 X tjigiztragqgrirggp v V ew J. Deiss Lemore Stanley Mary Elizabeth Hill Marsh Adams 23. April 7 Neg. Panhandle Girls Cl..ola Pascoe, fRosemary Booth, Won 24. April 8 Aff. Memphis Boys fl-lerman Wright, fDamon Avery Lost 24. April 8 Aff. Memphis Boys fl'lerman Wright, CDamon Avery, Lozt 26. April 8 Neg. Olton Girls fl..ola Pascoe, CRosemary Booth, Won 27. April 9 Neg. Childress Boys Uoy Wagner, fWarren Woods, Won 28. April 9 Neg. Childress Girls fldola Pascoe, fRosemary Booth, Won 29. April 9 Neg. Perryton Boys Uoy Wagner, fWarren Woods, Won 30. April 9 Neg. Perryton Girls fl..ola Pascoe, fRosemary Booth, Won 3l. April 19 Aff. District meet Boys Uoy Wagner, fWarren Woods, Won 32. April I9 Aff. District meet Girls fl..ola Pascoe, Rosemary Booth, Won Declamation Mary Elizabeth Adams ,--,,.,, H W .. ,. ,gg City Winner Declamation Lemore Hill ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Wt, T, W . ,, ,,,,c District Winner Debate N, fLola Pascoe,, fRosemary Booth,,. , District Winner '29, '30 Debate Uoy Wagner, fWarren Woods, . , . ,District Winner '29, '30 Oratory Warren Woods .S .--Mn , .t , District Winner Extemporaneous Speaking, Stanley Marsh ,, . ,W District Winner Extemporaneous Speaking, Diess, ,. -- .. State Winner '29 l Page Une liumirr-nl Nix-:hly l' ' e f ' ' . e. " i f- e '?e. ?f-. ,gi ' E x o 'I N f S Q q 5 KX Q I an-l-' i -'-. - M- 'sk i N- W Qliq g ., yn I ... V all ' 4 in V as Q T. V 'MA-A-Ali Y V- gn-- uw 'N --Y ' w f "if 7 Q9 if 1, Lf . 1 L g 3 .t -45 7, - 'X '41 , . ' ', f y y ' ez W , w 'iff-'11 5' gfvf' VJ fr YEVE-ullnjwqb I humor and flds XNHYN-ER--NOSIR' '5Avq7f-- NYESMR M , MEAHM, ARENT You A FRESHMN4? NOSIRQQH-f f gf Y ' QQO.- SECONDS -To PLAN! " - -L 1 -a 'W I INTERQEPT A LONG QOQG FORWARD PASS 3. - OHW-H os YA J7 AND DASH 9'637VD5 How wonnerirul. o'o 465, X ' ' Down -rms FIELD A Q. or vouNlCKU O A FOR A Toucn- - , ' ' Q 5, 43 Qown-...M N QV 'Sp X X X E . JUST AS Tl-XE :Q Q, ,- S Xk Q1 2 GUN snow-.9 ' -1' ff-1 j'f'," 'N Q .1 Uhr I Ulf 1 . .l . 'rd . " f?'Q5' E1um .fff t ' l'a'l ' lf Ill X N2 'Htl I 4' 0 ' u V - ,, , I , X 'Qi NG: 13 r W. 4.-a , -ull yi Q ' f ff f N ff Q' l I - ' I 1 I I I ' i. X f x is -1' X OFFICE ,VI rf. O VV 3 r"W FN 4 oo "Sv A' 4. T 5:5 ' ' 3 l 1' , OARD or-' EDUcATloN ..,....,., , 1 ' "' HAs A MEETING M '37 7 may jaws 6 W" , N Aasjfmb .i It QL-op l I wilik. YA ' no .jul i - ' W ' H W' S i -- li? f " F "'1 'lj K ' ' T'.r11M1 I . ' M ' .MW CALENDAR l929-30 Sept. 9--School starts with a hefty bang-- ulVlr. Mc" falls up the steps! Sept. I6--High School Band left today on a trade trip to Tucumcari and Liberal to be gone three days. Sept. I8--So, we have had two meetings in assembly. Mr. Norman, our new Principal presided and made himself acquainted and as result everybody has a new friend, Mr. Nor- man in person if you please. They say he New STUD,-NTS. likes football. Hooray, for the Sandies! QFENKOPLAR fff' -f -A Sept. I8--The band boys came back today uAvE'Qfl':Af 'Q' AMEM' from their trade tri ever member re orted to p"i22::1icf" 7,91 35 P, Y P PR ' 0 ' have tried to capture a girl in each town. Some lilo A S suceeded-others didn't. james Rittenberry be- an-R .-.N X S ing one that did, gave his list as Katherine from KW 'W I Kansas, Olive from Oklahoma, and Mary from New Mexico. . l A M I Sept. I8--Two entertainments were given in ,QQ - y-was the auditorium today, one the magician, DeVon A - and the other a Black Mask play called the gf ...,. V "Hidden Guest". ON Sept. I9--Our first pep rally--what enthus- , W You cgi iasm--our motto today and tomorraw is, "Beat if cm? ij Ncsman,i'9 H Yoff T C if Q l ept. -- i- icers raining amp was 42,2415 --4! held at cus Canyon. A A ' Sept. 23--Clubs are being organized this Q N N week. Q . Q C f, FN ' 7 0 9,5 "" Sept. 25--As the. Philo Debating Society has A " 2 "' "' '1f'. been properly organized the members took a few minutes off today and accompanied "The l"loly VNOW My FRIEND ,, 1 9 j Philo Snake, 'Exzemaf for an annutl airing, AN EgGt,4,.q A fl- '9 Sept. 29--Folks, we have beaten both of ?ff,ffT'ii"ff,2 Q 0' 1 Oklahoma's crack football teams, Norman and DF 5 1 W X6 0 Oklahoma City. They haven't anything on us nigga- I V 1 . yet. Ross ' Q ' Oct. 2--"Sandie Special to Liberal is where ca you belong Saturday". We all believe that, 5 B too, because most everybody is going to help C the Sandies be victorious against that place ,.b, where they grow bigger and better Wheat far- 'N - - mers. All that keeps some of us from going YJ - ff, " - " M, - lV:":lis the 54.25. I a g! 'yu if Oct. 8--This has been initiation week for the SWIU ,fp if KE? f E new members of Pi Delta Dramatic Club. Now, you have no idea how embarrassing it is for these innocent little lambs to be compelled to ask a certain sheik teacher of ours for a date to a ' prize fight, and the funny thing is that if he had not been told in advance it was only a joke, he l?2aw?,g+Ql! .55 gift' - V t?f'- 1 gg? X 331, ff sasgrxr wjjg ig? Q is pffdfl 1 would have accepted. Page One Hundred Eighty-Nine Get. l0--Congressman Marvin Jones spoke to us in Assembly this morning. We High If School students can't express our emotions without using a little slang, but we think he is 'V f O. K. October. I2--North Ft. Worth came down "" i".i , to lat us beat them in football. .- Oct. l4--Hi-Y members are being initiated this week, and We sometimes think we are dizzy Q I when we see about a half dozen boys coming dcwn the hell with their shirts on uhind part , A D ' H before,, and ilamlng red ties around their necksg l ,,:3,XUG-L,fiDllg?MD but We wake up to realize that some more poor '-vounc oeNvuEMEN pledges are being tortured and embarrassed. ' Oct. I8--New members are being initiated into the Spanish Club. Q .. 1 ul 9 l 1 a l 'S Oct. 25--Pi Delta gave lits first play in as- sembly this year, "The Travelers." 'J W x Q .X iv XX! , 3 A M55 ia, 1' Nov. l2--Horses its cold! l'lo Hum! ,tt Everybody's so sleepy. That Special to Ver- A JS non didn't get home until 1:30 and the sand- 1 . 'nan i: corr ing around at the wrong time today. Nov. .40--P1 Delta presented a play today ' to the Club and to the students who have home LA?QE?Nii E LL THE room in the audtorium. Those who failed to 5 vnu Anti! it 1 see the said play could never picture what a " 'M romatic lover R. C. Neely is. The Tragedy 5 -at f 5 N I of the Wltole performance, however, was that pious little Gladys Slaughter burst forth with romantic enthusiasm until her dejected lover near- ly left us in tears. Nov. 27--Out for Thanks-giving Holidays-H A XA fefvfgllab We slrall all eat, drink, and be merry for Ex-1 ams are approaching us with worse than death. Om MOTHER' Dec. 2--Well, here we are all back again AH '-BUYS Bm-HERME sv ozPART If . ,X ind there Maint' nobody dead yet. l'm think- - - ing that none of us could ever look another res- ! , ,L pectable trukey straight in the eye again. But Tift N f 5 W -x g 1, "just wait until Xmas" and we'll all be wishing j g, ,' AN for the old bird again. That reminds me that ' My' it isn't but Z2 days until "X" will mark the 'lace where old Santa and pack were last seen. Boys you better look out. Do you ever wonder why some of these sophisticated litttle girls are so f u, 1 9? Y 5 L ja J fav" I sweet to you along about Dec.l until Dec 20-- ,tt not one bit later: I Aux-:,01 rw .,-' Dec. 9--Aw Gee. All of us are down in I 'TUE ffowgk ' the dumps todayg l guess it's because We lost i eunx-A the football game---but, Cherio, my dears, we J don't need to be so solemn, like we were going W qllll Qi at Q 0 X -d Y..-I DEQ? I 1 'lm l fmt , , t xt atmx to a funeral or something. We are mighty proud of our Sandies. lt's a wonder how W4 they kept those old bullies from tying them in LN 'S ij knots besides not letting them get much score. liilli ii M Page., One Hundred Ninety new :Amen vou 'Je recorded in this ancient history too, and that "M RETU ' T"""KS"" is the Hi-Y Convention. Tle whole thing was .Q W A a success and besides that the girls were given ,A M M ' a real treat. There were boys here, there, and X ED everywhere. R.. C. did things up in bright Epllors when he6ntroduced the famous Patrick " "' ' enry as an H ratorn. ? ' l Dec. 20--Dance is to be given tonight at the ,I Palo Duro Hotel in which all Juniors and Seniors may participate. Dec. 20--Out for the Christmas Holidays. A Jan. 6--School begins again after two weeks relapse. All of us have had such a wonderful :+ND1gsA-- ' 1555 'I' S 1 time during vacation but we wouldn't know Pjgfigffv 35, lLl 5 'f' Dec. 9--There is sotnething else that should ls - we 4' aff what to do if we didn't hate to go to school. 'QAffl',i2rfv2ir There is always a fly in the milk though, it Emoaolokfss , ,,, 51 won't be long until we have to take exams. YWCA Jan. l0--Yep the socials are going to be stop- . ped in the annual office from now on. I'll tell you what caused the whole rumpus, too. 2, Today is Mary Lois' birthday and she was be- , ' 'N Jr ad Valle N x 'ng plotted against by a few of her gentlemen Q 'RSV !W'l'lV2.QfiW'ilATE552"fi friends. The plan was to catch her in the of- 5 . WAT WHS 'D X bvxwlvtul . -. . . . Q, IV? ei, E 'ice and give her seventeen licks with a strap. k , H 4, gf Well, she was caugltt and there s ,where the V XI -1 ceremony took place and now we can t have any , H " V N 5 --i more company. ll ' Jeff? Jan 28--Exams are over---we all know ffl l V -f Will whetlser we are smart or dumb or lazy now. fy I 1 ' Jan. 30--The Popularity Contest is on. H gujllwg Those girls who are in the race are: Seniors, gg Christine Dyche, Alice Arnold, Emaline N0 land: Juniors, Ma1'y Loftfn, Louise Doche, and 1 Margaret Turner: Sopltomores, Sally Fowlkes, in Helen Mode, and Mary W3lkCl'. i Support your Candidate is the rage!! v Feb. 3--Pi Delta Banquet was l'eld on the g 4. night of the third and the girls saw "Their own e i Desires" at the Fair Theatre after feasting at the Capitol Hotel Dining Room. Everything i went very well regardless of the fact that Chris- tine lost the tickets. Feb. 9--These last two weeks have been one . 9 s 'QM aowtmfs .ve hot period of time. When all the candidates G-M. SAME ,,,S,DE wen. 1 WMO ARE YOU . , fggUfUggl,gf'5U,,,E5, jg5"r"f""f G0"f1Yj2'Wf"' for he Popularity Contest were introduced last fi 'Wi , 'QL , 'X' . week they were real knockoutsg in fact Helen ' 1 - o e was a sensaion. .rsr e Q 943 J' M d t' Cl' t'n Dyche won fi 5- from the Senior class: Mary Loftin, from the ' i Y X' T' Iuniors classg and Helen Mode, from the Soph- W l omore class. These Beautiful girls were in- f, troduced between acts of "Fast Workers", a gf A ,,.' , A play sponsored by the H1-Y. - ,,.:.aQn.iU, - Q-g1?.gu "vb ' Page One Hundred Ninety-Due Aka gill' QF .-1 ffff- 'V .c Feb. l4--Valentine's Day!! Tlhese uriiit- tached men are scarce on Valentine's Day. All we girls are just dying for a great big red box of candy but all we get is three week's tests. Several of Dan Cupids followers broke into print today in Dazey's Diary, but I won,t jot their names down because my life has been threatened. Feb. 27--Verlon Twadell sang today in as- sembly with Norbert Motch, accompanist. Oh how Verlon can warble those sweet notes which touch the hearts of many sentimental maids. Feb. 27--Something else thrilling happened 95il1UME Wm, today which excited a few of our flashing heroes. K E. Af,f0,,'L"'SEf,5 A socic PARADE--Needs a little expiana- ,,,llg0e,m sau , . . . , Qf c r iw tion, eh! Some of our innocent llttle Juniors K ZQJ Q came to school this morning wearing ankle socks, M -HwEmL ' and they were sent home immediately. But Emma-AH this is the best part yet: We can go back to Ml' X, our second childhood when the weather is warm- 4' if in er and wear socks, MAYBE. ' kwa ,rl A ' x ox in an . 773. . ?f" L td? -- .I ,BQ lVlarch 7--DelVlolay Dance was held at he P 6 E f d Shrine Temple for the young people of Ama- ! W Q l .H 4 1 4 A K .. T1 o. J , April l--La Airosa goes to press--l-low glad R I 1 we are! - f ffvt . . ' I V tr I ii - , - r A ?E2f 5?Eef'eM 5 FAST Expnmss L i fa. FOR 1' ff K U . ik . M50 -LA AIROSA ge Qnc Hundred Ninety-Two Gin? Erninalu rm TD mister: 1 f f 2 rjjisiE..fNihiJr..i1gf5EE Eaiistbrni i i is 1 e j is lNu..i,ei Ni, :Nia cmvwfgrl, M L I T T L E DAZEY SLAIN BY P R I N C E' A L Darling Diary, One luke warm day while waddling down the street, feeling fair and warmer and taking long and gainly strides I chanced to tripa 'gainst a tooth pick seriously spraining my left hind leg and sud- denly my eyes dropped to the hard cold pave- ment and making them go out like a light as I could not see to pick them up I was greatly and largely distressed but suddenly I began to inhale sweet essence of garlic. I knew immedi- ately that a man of war stood near me - of course I knew that it was none other than Colonel O'Neal. He graciously helped me to hot-foot it across the street. As I again began to pursue my path leaning on the mighty arm of the Colonel who was so charmingly smiling at me like a cat eating glue. fI prcsumedb I could now very distinct- ly smell the combination of Ben Hur perfume and some Lindburger cheese As he was a modern mind reader he had ap- parently read my feeble mind and he hastily thrust me from hs warm side and the following language flowed forth from his foaming mouth -"You lie-you liei you're a sneek and you know it" I was so het uD over his vile state- ment that I regainde my eyesight however all looked very hazey. He tried in vain to make up but I informed him that I would continue the path alone, he sighed and said. "Look down, Look down that lone- some road before you travel on." And about that time I fell in the gutter. Yes I recover- ed and am 0. K. but I was not recovered by him but by the street cleaner. He immediately began to sing "Muddy Water in the Street" so imagining my embar- rassment I trudged along silently when I suddenly came upon Dorothy Nugent - Poo Poo Pah Dooing-and lol along with her I saw Ben Ansley 5 the boy with a title of "Brick Yard Blonde" quite a contrast when Dorothy the "dirty" blonde. This is the seek and you will find! PEP SQUAD CODE OF ETHICS AS WE REALLY FEEL IT I shall consider my athletic opponents as my 'witterest enemies. I will always razz the opposing team when it appears on the field. I will always hiss the opponent who makes a good play. I will raise the dcuce when the opponents are calling signals tas they should use pantomineb. I will pray hard for immediate death to ensue Ifor an opponent who is injured in the game. I FACULTY SPINSTERS THE SENIOR REVEAL LONG CHER- ALPHABET ISHED HEART 7- SECRETS A is for Alice, who heads l "Why have you never ,marred'?'l the inquiring 1 reporter was directed to iask several of the mai- iden faculty members.-A lmomentus uuestion ln- deed- and a fairly Itouchy on to celibate I females. . iliut the inquiring Re- ,porter gridded up his lloins and did his bcst. His question brought lvarious reactions from ,thc female faculty mem- lbers. In one or two cases he was cooly des- misscdg in others the query was mem by evas- ion, indignation, laugh- ter, frankness, and even tears. is for Gertiefl believe NORMAN AUTHOR- IZES FRATER- NITIES Princpal Norman, of the Senior High School, today took the lead among principals of the nation in announcing that hereafter fraterni- ties would be tolorated in the high school. His actions were quite un- expected, according to officials of the frats. "Beginning next Sep- tember High School Frats will be welcome in Amarillo High. After a thorough study of the situation I have come to the conclusion that they are a boon to any good, progressing school In fact I cannot see how wc could do without them." "Interscholastic ath- letics will be done away With," he continued, and interfraternal ath- letics will take their place." "Fraternities also tend to produce better scholastic efforts among the students." The frats are violent- ly opposed to Mr. Nor- man's actions, some- thing must be done about it. I sixteen and never been kissed. li is for Betty and her cute little smile- sind J. N. Seems to think she's worth whle. C is for Cully, our big foot ball hero, 'Tis for Cully and Bill Mac we all yell and cheer for. D is for Drucilla or it may be Dorothy Jo, ones sorta tall and the other sorta low. E is for Eugene Meyer, a real good scout he loves many a garl. now don't let this out. Frat boys like F is for Tom, Jack and E. M. Bob, Joe and Billy and all the rest of 'em. G is for Gartie+I believe that it's Bill, yes-Bill is the one that gives her a thrill. H s for Hill, Peggy and Anna Ruth, they're Chums, so or Robbie D. and Rosemary Booth. I is for Ish- mal, whose last name is Ely he's tall dark and handsome and a regular guy. J is for Jane Har- ty so lovable don't You lfnow,when with Ruth, Elsie, and Bully she has never a woe. K is for maybe Kirk, Sweetness and intellect in them surelv doth lurk. L is for Loundes who can surely tap dance, and Jack I3untin's wit could throw you in a trance. M is for Marvin, he's fertair-ly good looking, N is for Nugent, sweet Dm-Othy you see. if it were not for hcr this llmlk wnuldn't be. 0 is for Oliver. who goes with Frances McNeill. iv-th bright and happvg theyler iust ideal. P is for Paul he runs with Francis Blair. when Francis is with Louise he has never a care. Q is for quiz and quiz means who. I'd tell you who. R is for Rue Pau- mv dear if I only knew who. R is for Rue Paula, who's nretty you konw, and Herb and Fred love her because Hunt for it. VERLON TWADELL, SANDIE STAR, COPS WIN FROM BRECK- ENRIDGE Makes Every Point, Completes Every Play, Is Whole Team Special to the Brain- storm. Breckenridge. Texas., April I,fPlaying like u mad man, one man from Amarillo High School of Amarillo, Tex. smote the mighty Buck- eroos and drove their haughty noses into the dirt. That one man was Verlon Twaddell, forward, guard, and cen- ter. He was literally besdcs hs flashing speed the whole team, and oe- side his flashing speed the balance of his team mates looked like grog- gy somnambulists. At the end of the half, the buckeroos held 26-4, but in the first few minutes of the last per- iod Twaddell got right. From then on there was no doubt as to the out- come. The high mo- ment ol' the game came a ball from the edge of when Twaddell snatched the Breckenridge bask- et, passed to Twaddell, who dribbled the length of the field and passed again to Twaddell. Tw- addell then took thc pass and shat seven baskets so quickly that the baf- feled lluckeroos hardly knew what was happen- in. Pointsfliuckeroos, 273 ' NORMAN IS NOW IN THE JUG FOR HIT- AND-RUN DRIV- ING Death of Sweet-thing Came in Short Time She Did Not Suf- fer Dazey Loved By All Hollis Schriber. "Sand- storm" Editor, to be Chief Mourner at Funeral Happy little Dazey, long known and loved by the students and fac- ulty of the Amarillo High School, was ground to death last P. M. un- derneath the wheels of Principal Norman's hea- vy Chrysler. To-day the student body mourn: Hollis Schriber. Dazeys best friend, is half in- sane with grief: and at least two members of the faculty face charges ol' being Hit-and-Run Drivers. The tragedy occurred about eight o'clock last night. Principal Nor- man and Prof. Rodgers were driving over to see Miss Fierabend on some business concerning a dog, when suddenly there came a shock and a muffled cry. "What's that?" asked Principal Norman, "Did we hit something?" "Probably a rock," Prof. Rogers was later reported as saying. Principal Norman Continued on Page 9999 These Seemor Linds is to See. Help You See All Thcre No longer need the tiny muscles of your eyes endure the tiring extra work caused by the inaccuracy of ordinary linds. SEEMOR OPTICAL CO. I s L ,. L. .,,. .. ......,... ,,..,.,,,, ,-- ., W. ,, , A. H. S. BRAINSTORM Entered as low-class matter at the postoffice at Anywhere A Try-daily Publication by the Literary Guilt of Amarillo SUBSCRIPTION PRICES For the year ..,.,.,,.,........... c ..., 310.00 For the vacation ..,.,.,.............. f- 10.00 JUST A COOD OLD- FASHIONED BOY The editor of the Brainstorm feels hiln- self quite fortunate in knowing a certain gentleman about school whose mind works an eight-day clock, nev- er mlssinir a ti.k and never making a mistake. We feel that most stu- dents should become acquainted with and an- preciate, with us, this marvelous display of mentality which is hous- ed in such a modest body. Last evening it was the duty of Stanley Marsh, business man- ager of the Sandstorm, to call on a young lady who is on the staff of that publcation. They were busily at work in her room when the lights flickered and went out. As the young lady went to f.nd some means of illumination, Stanley, displaying the greatest presence of mind which is recorded in history or otherwise, jumped to the table, tore the cover from the typewriter and began pecking away with such a vehemence that he broke seven of the keys off at the base. It was only his great ability to th'nk clearly when un- der a great strain which saved the day for lp' iself and the young lady. What a world this would be if there were more like him. He would know just exactly what to do in case he got a cinder in his eye at a hotel f're: he could tell a young lady just exactly what to do if she tore a runner in her hoseg why, gentlemen, he could do anything even on the shortest of notices. If he had a bucket of water and three men were dying of thirst, what would he do? I have asked him so as to pass ths bit of wisdom on to you. Would he give all of the men a dr.nk at the same time? Would he favor one by allow- ing him to quence his thirst fQrst and thus al- ' "' the others to suf- fer. Jo! Emphatically no! He said that he would rush down to the new- est and cheapest chain , GU? UL1 tgp lv"pQ!i That the radio in the auditorium is good. That it Presents the best in music. That it was put there for a pur- pose. It wasn't. In this, the last issue of the BRAINSTORM. We wish to present a guide for the dumbells. i.e. - freshmen. So many freshmen have the idea that they are sun- posed to follow in the footsteps of the preda- sessors. Quite natural, quite natural. The sen- iors are the bra'ns of the school - the fresh- men the sans. Take heed. ye members of the class of '34. Profit bv the exam'-le of those who have struggled be- fore you. EXCHANGES EXCHANGE Borger, Texas. Alice Arnold and Tail Taylor. two students of the locali .1 gh school, made the exchange today of a red and green dress. The exchange created r1u'te a sensation in the school, as each dress had beautifully designed accessories. It would be nice if such excel- lent imnrovements could be made in every school. LITTLE DAZEY fContinued from Pg. ll stooped the car and Deered back into the darkness. but he coull not see the frail body of l'ttle Dazey lying man- gled and torn in the road. They drove on. A few minutes later, Hol- l's Schriber came tread- ing along on his bicycle. Hearing groans, he hur- ried to the side of the str'cke'i maiden. In vain he tried to inst'll life into the languished figure, but the manglerl child dfed in his arms with one last wise-crack on her whitenezl lins. "Who was th'1t lady I seen you with last night, Hollis 'I' she began. But she was too weak to fin- "'h. There was a last flutter of the t'red eyes, a faint whisper 'rsm the brave l'ps. and all was over. With a scream Hollis fell faint- ing by the roadside. It was there that passers- by found them a few 'nfnutes later. When the tragedy came to the ears of the 'ocal authorities, an in- "estifratbn soon result- s". T' did not J'1if"lo'1g for the officers to fix the blame on Principal Norman and Prof. Rog- ers. At the present they are trying to get the charge reduced from first degree murder to man-slaughter: however, the prosecution' claims that it has witnesses to nrfive that they have both rnade threats against Da1ey's life. It is said that they have both stated that lttle Dazey was dumb and stunid and that they would gladly get rid of her. The funeral is to be held at the Schriber Home at .30 o'clock to- Wy-ri-eiv afternoon. Hol- lis Schriber will be the chief mourner. fEdit'r's note:-Those who read in this issue Iii-+I.. Da-nev's last diary perhaps the most scint- EIQEIZUIP Svvrtinu "HANDSOME" 0'NEAL By James Rlttenberry Good looking young men are always getting into troublefand Lt. Col, Harold O'Neal was no exception. Since his days of childhood-his high school days Harold was forever into trouble be- cause of his looks. There is a lim.t to all good things-Harold O'Neal went beyond the limit. He was xust too good looking. And now even in the war his looks were getting him nto troub"i. The Ca '-iin's sweetheart had jfillen in love with him. What was worseg ihe was a nurse and always managed to get in the same tart of the country he was inlincidentally the Captain was always there too. But once h's good l"ol's got h m out of trouble although at the time gldeal didn't want to get out. It happened like . s. "I need", said the Captain, 'A nice, guoilooking, man to do a secret mission for me, Who wants to be first?" "Let O'Neal go", said someone. "Good idea," said the Captain. So O'Neal wentffand he came back---but not for a Wh'le. After much weeping on the part of his buddies, rnany good byes on the part of O'Neal, and much laughing on the part of the Ca wtain fthe vlllain- h knew O'Neal could not get back al'veJ our hero started on h's journey, unmindful of the dangers to which he was exoosed. The first night out all was well, the second night didn't go off so hotfit started raining--the enemy -'tartel shellngfthe hero of our story started diving ffr shelter. And not a second too late for had he waited a minute longer a shell would Nhave fallen and O'Neal would have been the spot marked HX". So he dived into a shell hole- anfl then it h!1"pe'ie:l. Someone else was in this particular hole--fthe enemygtltree rf them. S0 O'Neael d'dn't last lflllilfill fact he dIdn't last at all. In five minutes he was a prisoner-and as safe '1 prisoner as any enemy coulil want. VVh"n they started taking hin to the prisoner camo Harold was haupy. He thought he would get to remain as a rrfoner in the camp until the w-ir was overfbut he hadn't counted on the commander's daughterfanfl h's good looks. He was brought b'-fore the ch'ef' hi"h Muckymuck. "Ti-ts make an example of him," suggested the cook. "We'll slice off his head and have brains to- night," sugir"'te'l some other barbarian. 'No we will not", said the ch'ef with great 'ef-ling. t'We wi'l hang him at sunrise." And 'hon came the daughter in the story. Ah!! Our hero was saved. If you had been there you would have knovvn it. The Lt. Col. knew it. He could tell it bv ihe strange fire in her eyes-by ghf- vcqving of h'-r breast. "I want th-it man", she said. Strange that vlurh simnle words should have such an effect. But it did. "O, KP, said the chief dumaflodgcr, 'You shall haw- hw-,gf "Make hash out of me, cook me, boil me serve me on toast, anything but that", pleaded our hero, but to no ava'l. S0 now the T.t. Col. was in a mess. He thought he concentrated, he meditated. he did everyth'ng he 'could think of-and finally he hit unon :1 plan. So he got the daughter alone. And he made his- tory. He called all his training in making love of his h'eh school days. his collese days-and he fed her the wrole line--and she took it. "Sweetheart", he concluded, 'If you really love me you w'll let me gn home and tell the mean old Captain that you will win the war in no time. Then when you do I'll come hack to you." So she consented and Harold O'Neal came back. llatingly clever contri- bution that has ever come from her diamond- painted pen-will do so with tears on their cheeks. One of the last af-ts of the little maiden was to turn in this copy for the "Brainstorm." i Poor, brave Lass! But let us say no more. Let us not heap coals of fire on the burning heads of her slayers. Their 0 W n consciences are torture enoughf ALPHABET fContinued 1ro.n Pg. IJ she is so. S is for SANDSTORM, the best in the land, To I-Iolli and the staff we extend a warm hand. T is for "Liz" Triplett, Thelma which is the best, no or Texas Rose, as to one knows. U is for Umphres, Hugh I be- lieve, his big words go through me just like a sieve. V is for Verlon, who sings like a b.rd, and Dorothy East is an- other one that's good to be heard. W is for Williams, Mildred's love- ly you know, the vali- dictorian honor will to her surely go. X is for Xerxes, or ole' Freddie Nick, our all state man brick. Y is for Yell leaders like Jimmie and Mary, who yell for our boys whether Tom, Dick or Harry. Z is for Zed, now he is all rghll- and in saying that I will bid you goodnight- E POSITION OF THTI-IE BRAINSTORM The Bra.nstorm is the only absolutely fear- less publication in the High School. We have fear of libel suits, no , we need not hide behind Mr. Norman when we see Mr. McIntosh com- ing, we never clutch few pennies every time we think of the courts, we are free 120 say what we mean and what is the truth. The truth is beauty and that is perhavs the -only claim which this issue can make for its being forced upon its innocent readers. We knew things about people that hold our pens These persons going around OUT so many so many we could no longer. have been with their heads in the air. and their hands in other peonle's pockets. This will bring th'-m down to our level. They are not perfect as every011E thinks, We have snent months of our valuable time collecting all Of this news and every bit of it is authentic-no half-way stuff with us We have spent money, we have borrowed cars, we have stolen pencils, we have snitched copy paper-we have spared ourselves no amount of pain to bring this to you. But we have done a neat job. We trust that you will appreciate o-ur efforts enough to aid us in spreading the news which we have brought to you after so much physical and mental an- guish. Every good Sand- stormian believes, or should believe. I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I Set Upon by Savage Lobo, Jack Kretsinger Amarillo Hgh School Writer and Thinker Saves Self by Power of Great Mind. With his head gory and covered with blood and one finger missing at the elbow, Jack Kret- singer, senior student in who has been twice dec- orated for bravery by the Boy Scouts, manag- ed to drag his torn and mangled body to the top of Box Canyon yes- terday afternoon. Tho' he was found in a seri- ous condition, he was still clutching his treas- ured ukelele tightly to his bloody breast. While being rushed to Blackburn's in an ambulance called from Canyon, Lionel Child- ress, his best fr'end and chief second, who was leaning over him croon- ing love songs, happen- ed to make a mistake in grammar. Jack, brav- ing the pain which his every movement cost him, jumped up with a frown on his frothy lins and, seeing Erasmus Tack an inspiring re- porter for the Amarillo News-Globe, began to tell his story in a man- ner which showed that he did not wish any Draise for himself in the least. "I snend my after- noons in rambling, pre- ferably alone, carefree and happy. over the hills and the valleys which I have found in the plains. I love to pluck my ukelele and hum songs to the birds and bees, the flowers and trees. Last even- ing as I was finishing the last strains of "When the Wolf Comes at the Door," fa com- position from the nen of Childress and Kret- singerl: I saw, bearing down upon me from the too of a mountain. a giant Lobo wolf with six feet. four eyes, and a forked tail. His ton- gm- was drinning saliva, which steamed as it fell to the ground in tnr- rents: his teeth were bared in an ugly, ivory I smile: and his eyes were spitting fire. "I had no fear. I must fight to uphold the honor and glory of ol'l Amarillo High School. N0 vicious creature should make the formidable Kret- singer, pride of his father and mother and one maiden aunt. give up the ship without a struggle. Tynical of the old Kretsinger fighting snir't which was donated to the fam- ily tree a thousand years ago by Cornelius Pithecanthronus Ere'- tus. who fought with tooth and toenail for his I I I I I I I I I I I DAZEY'S DIARY fContinued from Pg. D conversation I over- hearu. Dot said, "My how fast your heart is beating, darling it sounds like a drum." Ben answered a sigh, "Yes! that is the call to arms." With that Dot passed out of the picture. 5 DPILEQ We have pjust found uot that VR. C. Neely sent his pants to the Associated Press. Miss Warren: "What do you do in case a person eats poisonous mushrooms?" Jane Harty: "Recom- mend a change of diet." Caller. "Who's the resnonsible man here?" Office boy II-Ierman W'rightb: "If you mean the one who gets all the blame it's me." Verlon Twadadell will now sing two little songs from the oper- etta. "Venetian Nights"g "Why was I Born", and "In A Gondola." Mr. McNeill: I walk- ed a mile and a half for that Camel. I thought he would never throw it away. Miss Smith: Mere- dith do you know any more jokes like that Tookey: Yes, teach- er. Same as before: Well stay after school. Otis: You should have seen Mary run the half mile last night. Petty: What did she run it in? Both: I don't know what you call the things. very existence, I fought. For three days and nights, I kent up the unequal struggle. When the wolf tired, he would craul weakly to a rat- tail bush and munch a fresh tail. As he was doing that I would dig carefully in the ground until I came to a bottle cf beer. and then I would drink thereof. I saw that neither of us would win. I do not like draw battles: They are so indecisive. So I polled my ukelele from its scabbard and began rehearsing my reper- toire. Jokes, songs, funny sayings, all sorts of wisdom, flowed from my lips in such a crys- tal sfream that the wolf lost his scowl. I I I I I I I I I I I I I FACULTY SPENSTRES fConLinued from Pg. 13 In the majority of cas- es the alacrity and pat- riess with which the lad- ies set forth their reas- ons indicated previous and frequent deep thought along the line suggestetd by the Re- porter. The annswer of at least two of the faculty women took the form af the world-old story of romance, a call to arms, a brave young lover who could not love his dear so much loved he nut honor more,-that grip- ping story of the lover who did not return from war - the Civ.l War it was in each of these cases. The In- quiring Reporter tip- toed softly out, more affected than he cared to admit. He found Miss Klapp- roth sitting alone in the Latin Room contemplat- ing with satisfaction the long blond hair of the scalp she had jerked off a necker. "Vv'hy have I never married?" asked Miss Klapproth ruminatingly. "Well"-and just here she was called to the phone. She did not re- turn. A brunette soph- omore who was waiting for a conference with the teacher shyly volun- teered: "I wonder why Miss Klapproth didn't marry? It isn't that she isn't interested in men. Why she is a collector of men's pedi- grees. She makes ev- ery one of us tell her the life history of the men we go with." But the Inquiring Re- porter wanted only first hand information. He sought the Clothing Room. "Why didn't I ever get married? asked Miss Walters, merrily hurling a flower pot at a giggling freshman." Now, let me tell you. Kid, it wasn't because I f'idn't have plenty of chances. See? Boy when I was in San An- tonio there was never a night I didn't go to some high-powered nlace --See? a night club or an onera with some fel- low designer or m'llion- aire, See? And one time, See? "But Inquir- ing Reporter could al- low only so much space to each lady: so he slin- ped out and secured an interview with Miss Louise Russell. "Why I haven't mar- ried-Yet?" quired the l'ttle brunette lady. The YET threw the re- porter off. It hinted of interesting disclosures. He re'1'hed for her left hand hidden in her lap. But nothing soarkled from the left finger. He waited but the romance I I he had scented was not forthcoming. He soon realized that Rus- sell had nothing to con- fide: she was merely bluffing. Disgruntleal he mount- ed to the gym. to see Miss Angell. Her ex- planation was br.ef. "I have never been able to talk," she de- clared. "Many weary hours have I spent try- ing in vain to think of something to say-r'in- ally, tired of having to make conversation, my lovers all left me. The last married a deaf and dumb girl. I failed to understand why I was such a conversational failure, for I read all of the etiquette books and did my best to make pleasant conversation I subscribed for every "How to Be Popular" book, but they never seemed to work. When it was my time to talk I always found myself speechless. And so the suitors dropped off one by one." As the reporter was leaving. Miss Angell called him back. "Of course I'm not very do- mestic," she admitted wistfully "But," with naive pride, "I can make delicious macaroons and a few other things. But I SUDWOSQ a m a n wnuldn't think he could live on macaroons and candy and salad dress- ing. even with poetry thrown in. Men are such husky fellows. with SUCH anpetites. I real- ly think, though. it was my shyness and diffi- culty in talking that ruined my chances. for I was wise enough to conceal my lack of culi- nary skill. "The report- er heartily agreed. He found Miss Bech- tol busily catching rain water in pickle jars and storing it away in her garage for future sham- poos. She courteously corked her bottles and came to the point at once. "It's my nassion for speeding." she said. "Men don't care for the snorting type of woman. I have tried 'rn break my self of reckless f'r'ving, but somehow, before I Ifnow it. the soeerlonieter of my 1914 Buick mounts to fifteen miles. And so-I speed alone." Miss Wilson broke into a gale of laughter "Var'ous reasons - a different one for each suitor. And I've for gotten most of them." Miss Bertie Warren, too. was brief. charging her singleness un to her extravogant use of cos- metics. The Misses Stuckey, Avent, and Worly re- fused to make anv state- ment. fbundrwguff Betty Bivins moved to Washburn receently. Joy Wagner was ab- sent from school April 1, on account of a se- rious case of absent- mindedness. Mr. Norman came to the style review, which was given by the Home Economics Department. April 28. He brought his young son with him and the people in the audience were so in- terested in "R. l3.'si' hair that they hardly noticed the show on the stage. Herman Wright was recently given 999 de- merits for "loafing". Louise Coe has been dismissed from school on account of laziness. Frank Wilson has withdrawn from school on account of cut finger. Jane Harty, a grad- uate of 1930, has gone to live at Muleshoe. i Stanley Marsh has recently entered the new Barber College. FOSTER-SIMPSON SENSATION It has been rumored that Foster Peterson has a method in his madness over Robbie Simpson: neverthe less the wedding of Mr. Peterson 8: Miss Simp- son at the home of Miss Simpson's parents, 22 06 Washington, Thurs- day night was quite a sensation. fPoor Rose- mary!l The bride was beau- tifuly dresse in red satin with green acces- sories. She was at- tained by weeping Rose- mary Booth, maid of honor carried a bouquet of white lilies, also by Misses Thelma Ruth McReynolds, Dorothy Wiard and Henrietta Flesher. Mrs. R, C. Neely formerly Miss Ida Gail Taylor, was matron of honor. The groom was attended by Mr. David H. Park of New York City. The rooms were beau- tifully decorated with red and pink geraniurns and with sunflowers. Mr. and Mrs. Peter- son are grad-luates of Amarillo High School and the marriage was a shock to all friends of expecting the announce- ment of the approaching nuptials of the groom Kr Miss Rosemary Booth at any time. The community ex- tends congratulations to the young couple and offers deepest sympathy to Miss Booth, also Misses Thelma Ruth McReynolds, Dorothy Wier and Henrietta Fle- sher who are all ex- fiance's of the groom and who are reported to still be in love with him. l l l l l 1 l RILLO SANDIES This marvelously ex- citing game of the sea- son was played in the Gym, home room periol. The suspense began when Mangus of the op- posing team made a 550 yd. dash, he became so excited over his success that he ran on out the door and down the street, shouting "the first touchdown ever made by the Bucka- roos". fHe stopped to flirt with the Sandie pep leader, Miss Taylor: he yould never have gone on but Gail seemed quite offended so he resumed his onward course: you know Gail never flirts.l After their most ever- getid player made his most ingraceful exit, MOST SPECTACULAR GAME OF YEAR PLAYED BY AMA- AND BRECKENRIDGE BUCKAROOS the game with broken hearts, because as Man- gus left, the young lineswoman took it upon herself to chase the de ceased. Being much of u. man chaser and all the players loving to be chased, the absence of the worthy Nell caused the referee to call a ten minutes relapse for the players to recuperate from their prolonged gasps, moans, and sobs. However. action was resumed when Hudgins CJimmie Paigel of Ama- rillo spit in Grahm's face of Breckenridge, and nearly drowned him. "Ye old fighting spirit" bloomed out and the Sandies launched forth Breikenridge continued to victory. 5' -5, S. ,I ggi ' sx. l S S s J ru . x 'K-.R 6 Q - s . Wa CC . -1 ...sell SMITH'S DANCING CLASS PRESENTS PROGRAM IN CHAPEL BUDDIE BLANTON JUDGED MOST GRACEFUL FRED NICKLAUS IS DELIGI-ITFUL The dancing class un- l der the personal direc- tion of Russell T. Smith presented a most inter- esting program in as- sembly Tuesday. Mr. Smith, who has coached dancing in the larger schools of the country, states that he has at last found an all round dancer. "Buddie Blan- ton," said Mr. Smith, "Is the most graceful held. What's more his dancer I have ever be- l l l l figure is perfect, no teacher could ask for more." One of the enjoyable features of the show was a Spring Dance by Freddie Nicklaus. Fred- die, it seems, must have had life training in this art. The delightful way in which he flitted to and fro andn in and out among the trees held the audience spellbound. He reminded one of a l I l l l l 1 5 l l l Much credit should be given the Sandies be- cause they won this football game. Since the whole student body realizes what a har' team the Sandies had to play, it has made the ball club a gift of seven- teen infant stray cats. To add to the glorious- ness of this victory we 'night mention that the opposing team is a vic- tim of leaeping dand- ruff. This is quite an accomplishment and dis- tinction for any team to claim. In any case dandruff, especially the leaping kind, helps a team along in any struggle. HURRAH FOR THE SANDIES!!!!!! faun gamboling in the forest, or as someone humorously put it, a trained seal jumping from box to box. Another beautiful dance was that of Burl Bufkin. Bufkin gave his own variation of that lovely skit called "The Dance of the Sev- en Veils". Burl has not the figure of Blannton nor the technique of Nicklaus but he put his performance over with a bang. Although he got tangled in his veils and sent the audience intoo histerics when he fell while trying to lean backward and touch his nose to the floor, Buf- kin did not lose his self conntrol for a mo- ment. He got out of his predicament as gracefully as even the great Nicklaus might have done. In conclusion the en- BETTER MEMBERS CLUB HOLDS YAST MEETING Mr. McIntosh and most of faculty jump at oppotunity for free meal when invited to last meeting. The better Manners Club of the Amarillo High School held its last meeting of the year lest evening in the cafe- teria. The entire fac- ulty including Mr. Mc- lntosh and Mr. Norman were invited in order to show them the im- Drovement the members have made since the be- ginning of school. A very delightful sup- per was served of spin- ich sour krout, hot ogs, ice cream, swiss cheezei, onions been soup, and a lot more that we can't spell. After a silent session of 2 hours in which everyone present did his best to ruin the ta- blecloth, Mrs. Quick- sall gave an interesting talk on "How to eat hot soup without blow- ing it through your nose." "When you drop Your bread and the cat gets it", says Mrs. Quicksall, "Do not act rude and uncouth and throw the sugarbowl at it, just place some liver for the cat and it will bring back the bread." After this those that could still talk gave spontanious speeches and the meeting ended with everyone throwing plates, cups, and even knives at each other and in fifteen minutes everyone was either un- der the table or laying prone upon the floor. A rush call was put they arrived 2 hours ces in town and when in for all the ambulan- later everyone was either out or gone out fast. A good time was had by all. VERLON TWADDELL fContinued from Pg. 11 Sandies. 303 Field goals: Twaddell, 303 Finnegan, 2: Buttercup, 9: Moon Mullins, ll. Free Goals: Twaddell, 63 Jiggs, 13 Teen 5. Substitutions -Sandies: Twaddell for Twaddell, Twaddell for Tweddell, Twaddell for Tweddell. Buckeroos: Moon Mul- lins for Jigs, Jigs, for Teen, McGinty for But- tercup. tire class gave an im- personation of a Rus- sian Ballet. This scene was very impressive and the special scenery used was wonderful until, owing to the clumsiness of a new pupil, Willie McGibson, it was jerked down in the middle of the act. I1 ' -h f 'TMQ' "A"' Y . . , SAg!E93e3,..-.......U H-EHTWM P 4 P 4 : YK-,T5 ' P 5' V g A ' I f :T ' Ta: , 1 5 1 :i ,l-I r -I! Y: Q ' U I f A T 4 5 iF' :'i: Q ., - T H' 3 4,4 5525 9 4 F'E?ig:' e LT1ElEfii'W 4, ,s a rp , 11 1-L b n, i A- -Y U Y fV,:fgl.1I"'lHfmi. 4 rsrsemnpgi ' ',Q. - , m.i-t1-w-- 3 ' - f ' ,1?1,L.i- 2i. X 4 .. . , 4 4 in I ' f Ask Your Mother , 4 - , 4 . 5 . 4 4 4 About ' GREAT WEST , and 4 ' AMARYELIS , FLOUR . L 4 4. 4 4 P 4 4 On Sale at Your Grocer's P b g GREAT WEST MILL 8z 5 t ELEVATOR COMPANY 5 5 E 2 N 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-Seven , ' X f J. 3 . f' ' " 1- ' ' . '- fi?"T f- IQ - o,f,w9,'. 5-l -- ' 'T 'T " -r- " ' 2 UL" -A-- '- "" ' ,... ' '--H113 1-44 . ' i . I 5 . r J , I . , g. 7 ., ri' H, -.,,.-mr.,-2, ,elmo - LA AlR0SA'lQ30q sa , f i "' "' ""' """' """" """f' l P 4 1 P . V r , , 4 E 4 , , 3 . i LIONISM : f 4 A I 1 V 4 l . 4 . . . . . 4 I Lions Clubs are non-polltlcal, non-sectarian organizations com- 4 4 I posed of representative business and professional men who feel an I P I interest in the welfare and progress of their city and community. 4 4 , Lionism promotes the principles of good government and I P I good citizenship. I 4 I Lionism takes an active interest in the civic, commercial, social I P X Z and moral welfare of the community. 4 ir 4 1 I Lionism unites its members in the bonds of friendship, good ' 5 . f : fellowship and mutual understanding. I Lionism is designed to further education, enlarge social and 1 V - . 1 . o 1 1 t civic opportunities, support the laws, dlrect public counsels, and in I 4 I every way make the lives of men better and happier. 1 P 4 4 V P i 4 4 P 4 4 5 LIONS CLUB OF AMARILLQ v Z '-4 I 4 l 4 l 4 P 4 v r 4 . . , 4 l 4 P 2 ' 4 - P 3 r f E l I ' l . ,A , 4 , 4 ,r 4 I' ' r--- ---- --- ---- --- 5 1 1 3 Page One Hundred Ninety-Eight V . " " fM F2W'. f .. .off , ?'....,'- is i AHIQSA1 lgljo VVILLIAMS HARDXVARE CQ. P 1 o 4 , Opposite Post Office I P I I E SPORTING cooos ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS I WE PHONE 2.1248 4 I, I 4.,------,,-,--- -.,iA---,----.---------------,-,,----------,., Meredith KK.: "I cacrried her books and bought her candy for a week--think I ought to kiss her? Damon A.: "You done enough for that woman already." Helen M.: A man tried to kiss me last night! Marshall B.: Did you slap his face? Helen: Yes, indeed! As soon as he got through. I Amarillo's Oldest Insurance Agency SPANN-R EAGAN CU. INSURANCE - LOANS - BONDS I IOO9-IOIO Fisk Bldg. Phone 2-1021 IA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A The true definition of a maltopolist is one who can own his cigarettes and smoke them too. Jean Bush: "Oh, you big, handsome brute." Whitman Fish: "Now, honey, you know I'm no brute." v vvvvvvvvvvvvv VYVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVYVVVVVYVVVVYYVV V Y V Y-7-1 V 77 I A Mutual Savings Institution Under State Supervision -055' ji" 'T-Mel: 52 .Lf , ,J t ,. l ,siafggmf L 4 ' It HANDL- f. ma -MQK X -Hnpqig. t ' Lp G , 5 f . . K . fi.: 133229 . 255-Q:.f..:,, . A '17, N X , "3iEt33"g:'i,f sQfFa?QN+fgiQ: 5Ey:fX?'35is!'2V " Q P f P n . ' I , Sixth and Po.k Sts. Amarillo, Texas g,AA,---------------- ------------.,,--- 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-Nine 4 it' " , '-wr an .,f- m f- , ..- -" ' " 'T lf ' ' "HS-f' ' ' ' "" ' N -:A-----'u.n.-A--- tggllgosgjziosl I NEW six I I The Uutstaiicling Chevrolet ' I of Chevrolet I-ligtory I A six in the price range of a four I ,PLAINS CH IQVRULET Cfjhl PANY 3 Amarillo, Texas 4 Jesse A. Rogers, C. l-l. Mason, Pres. 81 Gen. Mgr. Sec.-Treas. 5 li AAAAAAA AAAAA A A 1,4 Aiifill AAAAA Q.: 'AAAA AL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A Then there's the one about the Scotchman who bought two loaves of bread for supper and then sat in he suhway waiting for the jam. 'SVerlon T. has a wonderful xoice. l-le can hold one of his notes for half a minutefl Jimmie P: "That's nothing. l've held one of his notes for two years." "Shall we join the ladies?" "What do you think l am, a carpenter?" as lVlr. Vinyard: "Well, why don't you say something. Bill Pierce: "l'm waiting for history to repeat itself. as OUCI-ll The ntain difference between a girl chewing her gum and a cow chewing her cucl, is that the cow generally looks thoughtful. Don Woods: "Darling, will you marry me ?" Betty W.: "Have you seen my mother?" Don: "Y-es, hut l still love youll' W6,1'C tired, You think up one! t COMPLIMENTS , . i ---of the-i 4 P 1 v 4 v 4 P P P P 4 4 1 v 4 v 4 I' ' V gb r r 4 3 r AAAAA 4 Page Two Hundred 'K-or-0 A A .tar " 1- Q' S2.HC9BMdWUiF f e. V -- ' TQ' ' -' "a ' ,, ' ', f",f, , f" Esfgg M19 5A,iiTg3g ivvvlvvvv-vinlvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv DCHIIEE- BROTHERS Moron CARS SIXES and EIGHTS School Buses and Trucks CUl.l,UlXl MOTOR CUlXll7ANY, IHC. t Tyler at Seventh Phone 8247 r Chaperone: "Just saw a young man on the back porch trying to kiss your daughter." Mrs. Loftin: "Did he succeed?" t Chaperone: "No, he did not." 31 Mrs. Loftin: "Well, it wasn't my daugher, then." Hugh Currie: "What is the difference between vi lon and eight?" 'Z Hugh Umpliries: "See that girl? Well, she's a vision. See this one over here? E Well, she's a sfghtf' Prompt Attention W Given to All Banking Matters Entrusted to Us I Accounts Solicited ' i 1 4 THE 4 , AMARILLO NATIONAL il I BANK United States Depository 5 . Page Two Hundred One 1 I L , 4, 5 7 '-f f e re - o g - tm.. Q QLA AIROSA-1935 Phone 8823 505 Arthur St. CAhflElfS CANDY SUCCESSORS TO THE LOOMIS CANDY FACTORY Manufacturers and Jobbers of I-lig-11 Grade Candies-Fresh Every Day The Oldest Factory and the Newest Goods The Candy Makers of the Panhandle Since 1909 L----AAAAAAAAAAA---------,.--------.,--------.---- Ward H.: You know I am going to be married tonight? Rue Paula P.: Well, what of it? Ward: Woman, clon't take it so nonchalantly. Don't you realize that if I get married tonight thirty girls go back into circulation in the morning! Diner: I can't eat this stuff. Call the manager. 5: Waiter: It's no use. l-le won,t eat it either. ,-vvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv r 1 P i We Thank You For your patronage and we will be back next year with better service and values than ever before. I KERRS SCHQOL SUPPLIES P ,.,-,AA,--,A-,AAAAAAAAAA--------A---.------------ Cop: Hey, you're making forty an hour! Elizabeth S.: Oh, officer, l can't be--live only been gone twenty minutes. "Peanuts are fattening." 'il-low do you know?" "Why, look at the elephant." -vvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv -vvrvvvvvi HQMER SCARBOROUGH GARAGE AND REPAIR SHOP E "The Man That Knows How" Phone 2-1455 411 East llth Ave. 5 l Page Two Hundred Two 1 , ' 1 - '- 1 r 5 g ii AIROSA- 193 I ' ' ' N 'T i 1 ' P 1 I i 1 L GREA l ' ' 1 i WRIGHI SI ORES I f I 1 P 1 , XYhere Courtesy Prevails f an Institution of N. XV. Texas I P Since 1916 1 if i 1 ' y 1 V 1 Commercial leadership is earned not inherited. The public 4 I rewards a store in proportion with the service it renders. Our 3 , leadership is an example of the people's appreciation of our useful- ness to the community. 5 1 it ' 5 1 is i' ' l. + lf E Q P.-.-sz.. . , V.,-,-S41-1 -.V-1 e."?X A I li R -I LUWER GUST li AND SAI-HS SYSTEM, ' i Q : E LA Nz? fIJfl'72PfVYl"Q" N !'nefffJf,bz.4re PI-A 4 , 3 : Pffigiiiif WRIGHT fuizmiurzf s.MANurAciuRiNc co. P50022 if I . Q 4 r 3 , 1 ' 1 f in -, K: N 1 Page Two Hundred Thlieei A " 1 - -wi H Q .. -,s f-4 ,ipgjj-fL:'5',,i:'.i,:eL'-'z'5.'?,1.11.1i'.f,?fQ ELA Al R0 SA' IQEE L'- V I... T0 ?LfNH+-5245 PLACE WELL -ro swam BROUGHT ME To, THERFD BE GAME BLAHQ IN 'THIS HERE couumy f onmygmp Mfmo FOOLINE' ' No1.AND- How- , EVER -rms us Y f TWEEN QSTJ-LV-6, xNE'RE ON A FEDERAL.-N-' GAME RESERVE!! 2 GAIL DEAR .. A ULJUSMNNHATIS , WHY AREALL if WJLONG WITH VAN? Doigg-EFSJIZEJNOOT MEN ALIKE? 1 wowv wa' EVER ED is A- SOME ARE 1mPPoVE?A-'VEHFE .ug YA' BONES AN!! FEED A - WQRSE THAN Wivgowes-AN'E-Tnu., , 1 VA' DaN'T NO NUEHINN 6 ,M p S'P0SEfvYgQlLL fm GROUUQD ANIL AD K A DDEHS LIFE fi 1 L - 5:2 M' WORM ME T0 f . 0 on! f--THATS con vw-xv, DEATHN- 5ff5f"f':f MR M9 Awoorl ME A- ? 'J' iff TAKE IT-you YOU'HCIGARR- 0 IT FIPSTM - K EE ' ,E v KX rv - QE f 80 AMLES PER 5 ,,,, fy ,f l+oU RQ ,.,,,.,,, qi' J WHAT MOREK -p gf CouLD you gf- A A PAIR WANT? " 2 4s . o E W-Ll?-GS! , , 'a'- 'U , Aw f E X fff . 1 6 inf .,. itigig V z 5 E ,EQ 1' -:aw E E 0 if 31 ,. 5 E Q3 1 Page Two Hundred Four Q ,-9 1.0 ' ,. ' Q tw-' - .if ' "'- X ' ' T . Y-HL ti Amosn. 193.5 11 L .,.1ir.c,.,,g.-g.-,t.... ir .Z 1 vv vvvq 4 r l Q l 1 AN IDEAL r A A 4 I VQCATIQN 3 E FoR 1 , YOUNG 2 4 l ' 4 v 4 VVOMEN I I WEAVERS OF SPEECH - 3 - r l - , 4 P 4 4 I 4 4 Are you planning to work after graduation? If so, it will be worth while I - a o . 4 to investigate telephone operating as a vocation. The work is per- I I manent, the pay is good with opportunity for promotion to su- ' P E pervisory positions. Surroundings are congenial. Experi- , ence unnecessary. You earn while you learn. 4 P i I 4 See the Chief Operator at 8l5 Tyler St. between 8 a. m. 4 l and 5 p. m. for further information. 4 4 l 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 4 ' 4 4 4 .5 4 E ESOUTHVVESTERN TELEPHQNE 3 ' BELL Co. ' El. 4 f 4 4 . 4 4 i P ,'44'Pnour. 866' ' 4 ' 1 L--- A-,-,AAA A-- -A A-, X y Page Two Hundred Five , , 4 . .. 7 ' . ' " "w ,gfP'. . '9 7 X . . '?rF. ?f-. gi f 4 r 4 w A . -V,,YY . fpgj-'.:5'f',,.sg'f.:tra"'seSf'?,r:.ti"'f...lfc! f'LA AIRO SA' l93 Y , "Let tho Peacock Place Your Feathers" I f E THE PEACUCK BEAUTY SHUPPE f I No. 1 No. 2 , ' 209-210 Fisk Bldg. Santa Fe Bldg. I , Phone 4021 Phone 7135 ,li .A..A,AA.,AA ,A,, AAAAAAAA AAAAA,AA AAAAA,AAAAAAAAA, A A,AAA.,,, . I Mrs. Shinn fbeing introducecll: Ch, yes, l remember you. You are in my class, arenit you? Odell C.: Now, see here, professor, can't we still be friends? "Why are the days longer in the summer?" 1'Because the heat expands them." Mr. Barrick was bawling out Fairman Dee for not answering him. Fairrran: But I sliock my head. Mr. Barrick: Well, you don't expect me to eliar the rattle way up here, do you? Mildred P.: just can't resist a man in uniform. l-low's that? She got arrested again yesterday. Patient: I am suffering dreadfully from insomnia. New Physician: Oh, just go to sleep and you'll be all right. Charles Borden: 'SI want to leave the world better than I found itf' Floyd Watkins: "lt should be better after you leave it." Perry Belville: "Dad, what does it mean here by 'diplomatic Phraseology'?" Father: "My son, if you tell a girl that time stands still while you gaze into her eyes, that's diplomacy. But if you tell her that her face would stop a clock, you're in for it." "Joy hung his stockings up Christmas Eve." What did he get? A noice from the health department. "Pray why the large handkerchief?" "For crying out loud." Mary Virginia: "Did he threaten you when he kissed you?" Maxine l-lardyr "Yes, he said, 'lf you scream, I'l1 never kiss you again,.', Did you hear about the Scotchman who took his caviar in capzules so he woulden't acquire a taste for the stuff? Hollis: ul hear that Stanley had a nervous breakdown." Jay U.: "Yes, among his high school commencement gifts he received a pair of pink pajamas and a set of military brushes, and it wore him out trying to decide whether to '- go to Harvard or West Point." 1 Page Two Hundred' Six l YY X LA Ainosiigsg vvvrvvvv KILLQUGH 81 DAVIES Smart Clothes for the Young Man Stein-Bloch Clothes - Szhoble Hats - Florsheim Shoes V P P P 1.4-AAA ---AAA P P v ELECTRICAL GIFTS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED P I P E SOUTHVVESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE CU. P 5 P i-,AAAAAAAAAAAAALLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-A-AAAAAAAAAAAA Oscar Bishop: "Ought I to marry a girl my intellectual inferior?" Lloyd Flecher: "If possible, yes." He doesn't chew, he doesn't smoke, He never tells a nasty joke, He doesn't drink, he does not neck, He does not even kiss, by heck, He does not swear, he does not dance, He never gives the dames a glance, He keeps his pennies in his pants-- Mother: What's the matter with you, Elizabeth? Elizabeth Scarborough: Eyes tired. Mother: What terrible grammar! Meyer Lencleaur: "Did you see that skirt smile at me?" Fred Nick: "Yes, she stowed good breedingg any other one would have laughed." Employer: Look here, what did you mean by telling me you had had seven years experience in a bank when you were just graduated from college this june? Allen S.: Well, you said the firm needed a man with imagination. Old Lady: My, what a crowd'. What happened over there? . Cop: Man fell offa the roof. - Old Lady: Oh, dear! Was he hurt? 'Els Cop: Dunno yet. We only found one leg so far. ' w , Pwe Two Hundred Seven E i ri 5 7' o r L ' o r L L L'Z,r- it Drift?"-. 1 Lt 132 -3,15-,QE s:Q11:j,f.pZ Jillian Q 5 gal E? h MQQJI' 4 It J ' THE ' I KIXYANIS CLUB . l Ol? AhlARlLLQ . l I through its Vocational Guidance Committee, is ready to co-operate with the High School Students in every 1 I way and assist them in deciding on a vocation. I "WE BUILD" I P 4 : 4 x . , N Q r i ta -fr 1 E X3QNA1X6'Lllll . r 4 . V P i r P 4 A- - -AA Akkliitilfkilirlf if Ai .golf -.Vg-V.M. l::i-A-,--,4 Ferris S.: "Are you sure your folks know l'm coming home to dinner with you?" Mildred W.: "They ought to. They argued with me a whole hour over it." One guy's definition of a Scotclman is a guy who goes out to lunch early before his appetite developes. Francis B.: 'lYeah, that's what I said! l'm a fraternitl man and a gentlemnf' Louis Coe: "Listen you don't look like twins to me." "Wl1en did you break your engagement with Miss Cecil?', 'II didn't show up one night, and she wanted me to bring a written excuse signed by my mother." Have you heard the one about the Scotchman who was given a pair of spats and then went out and had them half soled? KlWOHdC1' where I got these dog hairs on my coat?" upuppy love, perhaps." Joe Procter: "I could go on loving you like this forever!" Margaret Trice: "Aw, go on!" Marjo1'ie Red, fat baseball gamejz And what are those men way out there for? Virgil Ballew: They're fielders. They catch the flies. Marjorie: I wish you'd quit being so sarcastic when I ask a civil question. . Page Two Hundred Eight s i ' " N' 'Y " " 'N " YQSLF' tfgyxrgyqgxlyrgsg 1 THE VANITY SHOPPE Amarillo's Most Exclusive Perfume Shoppe Phone 2-2729 61 1 Polk St. Sew Electrically-Free Demonstration SINGER SEXYING MACHINE COMPANY 508 Taylor St. Phone 2-1601 Amarillo, Texas XYITHERS PLUMBING CO. 412 Van Buren St. Phone 2-4255 THE MONOGRAM STORE The Better Store Clothing, Furnishings, and Shoes for the Whole Family 120 East 5th Ave. Phone 7118 504 Taylor St. Amarillo, Texas E Compliments of the TRI-STATE CANDY COMPANY AMARILLO, TEXAS 4 4 4 Exibe Battery Stating DEA CALDWELL ,N 315' ff,,il -' flrlmff gg .YIWHM X Phone 2 1103 4 Q , 4 4 3 Meet your friends at VARVEI, DRUG STOR "0pen all clay and half the night" Corner 12th and Polk 1 Phone 2-0161 4 NVILSUN XV. BALLEVV "The Utmost in Transportation" 1 Page Two Hundred Nine 5 L -J. C-'94 .eif.iIfJZ?-v1f'1"""'t"S'? t.sf1 .- teifffjf., Q ELA Amo SA- 193 i HCQNVENIENT CREDIT" ' I Wiz, ? Enables you to buy Nationally Advertised' Nlerchandfse f ' Q on Easy Payments Without any Extra Cost , f E , Xi. grow l ,ff .. 8th Bc ei Xxg X 5, Wi ' I 1 - Polk st. 'S 2' f4 t'l4 , XZ ling!! 'Z I I X ill 6 Bulova Watches Blue White Diamonds 1 I C- Hurst Complete Stock Lucky Wedding Rings If V of Jewelry Silver Ware Il V "Why didn't you answer when tle elevator man said 'up? "I thought he was having indigestionf' Mary Loftin:'s buy a marriage license and get married. Joe Ford: What, and give my right name at the Court House? 'Tve got a Sherlock l-lolrrth footh," lisped Otis. "What sort of tooth is that?" "Slooth." A stag should be called nobcdy's fool. Bully Parr: Last Week I bought a tire cover from you, and now I want my money back. Clerk: Why? Bully: I put it on one of my tires and hadn't driven ten miles before the blamed thing Wore out. Mary Bess: fat baseball game? Oh, look, we have a man on every base! Dorothy Nugent: Thafs nothing, so has the other side. "What do you mean by the Witching hour?" "Th2t's when your wife greets you in the early morning with, 'Well, which story is it this time?', Dorothy Stovall: ls Mr. Bchrns the sort of man you would want to introduce to your mother? Neva Dean: Heavens, no! She might want to marry him herself. Nell Collins: I feel like a nice, cool malted milk, how about you? Bob Brandenburg: I dunno, What's a malted milk feel like? Juanita Durham: "Were you trying to catch that street car?" Evelyn Waddill: "Oh, No, indeed! I was merely frightening it away from this cornerf' Jane Hardy: Why clid the coach take Gene Meyer out of the game? V F Elsie Little: The camera man claimed' that he didn't photograph well. Q Page Two Hundred Ten rs. t-e g. - :L J rw-' - 1- -v'j'.v Q - M- .. 4- lA AIROSA-19301 ummm-at 1 I v 4 4 P P P C. R. McAfee DR. L. K. PATTON D. A. PARK President Vice President Sec.-Treas. 5 TWENTY-THREE YEARS IN AMARILLO E A Quarter Million Dollar Investment In i It has been our pleasure to furnish your Fahtefs Homefwe hope Il , that We may soon have an opportunity to furnish yours. K I r b r '1 5 7 v ,Menu 1 Mrfvr HOUSE r11nN15HEPf'r' The lJ2l1'1l12l1'lfllS,S Largest Furniture Store Taylor at Sixth Phone 2-2293 I 4 4 UAW AAA---AAA-AAA 4 Page Two Hundred Eleven l ' . . '.:.f'3+ . 'qeefii'-f LP 1-l 1 n 1 Orr- MD - 3 ' g - H X V 1 , ,q, , flag? 2,5 ,Karel .i:?,A.g,:,::'...9feli4LA AlROSA'IQ30, fam! '. MaC:gs,,,.ar . F1 1 Y Y T, 4 1 P P 4 4 l HUXVARD f' 5. p : 1 I g .i..g,,lQf,,i.X L . In t 1. . '4- I ld l ,AAC li RN i """"Z?7vW, ' K l ' P '- "It ' , .V I ' "Q f Mews WEAR ,ru .e 4 : xruunlifllnn i 1 n humw! xufvglv 1 yrw:rmm:nm,,,,,, Illiih ' iZTfj, I ' 8 4 P V LK ' ' !9 ' Home of Friendly Five Shoes 1 TAYLOR AT 41h I T . 1 AAAA, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,4 THE GRIEF OF A LOVE AFFAIR If you write the girl of your dreams a letter, it's too long. If you send her a postal card, it's too short and too conspicious. If your letter is sentimental, you're too bold, if it isn't, she gets angry and ditches you. If you call her up too often, you're a pest: if you don't call her often enough, the affair is over. If you talk too long, she is bored, if you don't talk long enough, she is offended. If you send her flowers every day, you're a spendthriftg if you don't send her enough flowers, you're a cheap- skate. If you try to kiss her, you're insulting, if you don't, you're insulting. If you try to he nice to her, she thinks you're too suaveg if you don't, she thinks you're too crude. If you act naturally, she doesn't like it, if you don't, then you're affected. Heaven help the stronger sex in an affair like this! Wonder Which Mary Mary had a little lamb, Given her to keep, It followed her around' until It died from lack of sleep. Dorothy Snodgrass really does believe that a saddle horn is a cowhoy's trumpet. A good way for a girl to keep her youth is not to introduce him to her girl friends. David Parks: I can't sleep with that light on. F Verlon T.: Why? : David: I'm not a light sleeper. Page Two Hundred Twelve , d fscf ' - 9 -1 '?"!i-' -' . x' A ' A' " Nr" ' e A'L: had-ff -' ' ua '- - ue -4- -J -A f- A-gf' if 7 .muff if Y Y P P P P P P b P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P V P P P P r r P 5 P P P P P P P P P r P r r P P r P r r 1 s L r L WHAT WILL YOU PUT IN THE PAPER? With graduation the first milestone in your life has been passed. Whether or not you attend college we hope that you will either stay cr return to Amarillo. We want you here and need you here. The future of this city depends on young men and Women, re- sourceful and' courageous as you have shown yourselves to be. Sooner cr later you'll break into print. Think about it a little. Why not plan your life so that in it here will be highlights that others will want to hear about. Perhaps you may run for public office, or go into business, or father some new revolutionary idea- whatever it is we want to help you get the recognition you deserve. We've plenty of ink and paper here at the Globe-News. We want to prirt some nice things about all of you. Won't you help us make it possible? You can! P THE DAILY NEWS THE AMARILLO GLOBE THE SUNDAY NEWS-GLOBE N v Page Two Hundred Thirteen ...L -.1- . . ,. . .- .., L 4 'f .y - s wf mf iAA1BQsAgf.Q3e3..........e U 1 r W-V+ . ,i,""'Y-" Y ,MNT ' so -c1,.sg3mcteC:,' ,n2g,.i'...Q fLA AIROSA-EQSOT -. C Washing, Alemiting, Batteries, Ignition, Generators Carburetor and Speedometer Service GAS, OIL., 81 STORAGE TIENTH STKE ET GA RAGE 306 E. lOth Phone 7541 H. M. Cruclgington, Prop. 4 A A I-4.1 AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAA 6 AAAAAAAAAAA A 'l And then there is the abient-minded professor who had the students write the exam queztions while he answered them. Dorothy l... Russell: wlo always spoke shyly, suddenly rose from her chair--'Twas not to make her views heard prompted this act alzsured, but to get off the tack that was there. 3 A 1 i I fl ' ,US -5 1' daifiiirff Lili" Q if HE ll "Amarillo's Complete Woman's Department Store" N P Corner 7th and Taylor l Prof.: Can anyone give an illustration of nothing? R. C. Neely: Yes, sir, a bladeless knife without a handle. Sunday School Teacher: Gail, why must we be kind to the poor? Gail: Please, teacher, because in these days some of them might become rich. Our own private idea of carrying a joke to-o far is for a professor to hum fiiievsierevovfvlierfeiValues'vvnnnnnNvvnvvvvvnniiiFoiisifeeii r . 1 , Womens ufbar EXClUSIV911' . Our Best Wishes to the Boys and Girls of Amarillo High School I WE APPRECIATE YOUR TRADE 1, L Page Two Hundred Fourteen . . f"ii Ef1f.'t 5.i: -I.,9 3, T W' 55 5. ', 3 " T f . .. WV ? -i n r Y W Auf, F' s .1 I ' ' q I -lr , t5gAlgQ5Ai,l,Qs3 l BRAZELTON LUMBER CQ. b , 4 Established in Amarillo 1908 K 1 P ' 200 North Fillmore St. Phone 2-l0l6 "Home, Sweet Herne" when he is writing the term exam questions on the board. 99-44-IOO per-cent. There are three classes of women: The intellectual, the beautiful, and the majority. Seasiclc Wife Cas off-'Bring is raising cainjz John will you speak to your son? Seasick Husband: Hello, son gvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv vvv v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrvv-' b ' A C.ooD COMPANY A Coon COMPANY IN WHICH TO INSURE TO REPRESENT 5 American Central Life Insurance Co. Floyd V. Studer, Superintendent N. W. Texas 635-6-7 Amarillo Bldg. ,k.,AAAA----AA4A4AA4444A41:v4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA44AA444AAA44AA4A, Bi'Q' Stevens, says that lie calls his girl "Babylon," because that is all she does anyway. Dorothy Jo: I avoid' chewing gum and cigarettes. Roy Knupp: I don't chew cigarettes either. Mr. Underwood: If you subtract fourteen from a hundred sixteen, what's the difference Fairman Dee: Yeah, I think it's a lot of foolinsltness, too. Qche Sf l 4 MASTER 4 CLEANERS 4 2 g 3 206 jgzzclazmm 495, - ' ' WLM' 43789 ' 4 4 4 .4-x..---- -A N Page Two Hundred Fifteen 3, -1- ' '.' - f 'rv - w .--4.- . . . . . . , ' , . s I! fy ,"' u ' I 4- , h Y Lzr - ' . W.. 4 "".. . 't,, . AA .- "- t affix - C 'Biff-., ., A-X A in LA4Al4FtQ,QA:Ai93 EAT Fm fl 1'-w"':f2n.'i?Qg?:.'9 g 1 MISTLETOE 'tv X fs, r .rr i rcia CREAM .fm .5 11555 in flfk META ',REAMEl?y I It is A FOOD fl ,Stein UTTERQ not a luxury. i I MIs'r1,1+:'ro1a CRIiAMERIIiS AMARILLO, TEXAS Zed D.: Did you enfoy yourself when you were a freshman at High School? R. C. N.: Did I! Why those were the happiest years of my life. "Take away the women and what would follow?" screamed the orator "Me", yelled Otis from the audience. Then there was the abzent-mindeed motorist who changed his oil every day and his shirt every 500 miles. E.. IVI. Blackburn: If you look at me like that l,m going to kiss you. Helen Baker: Well, I can't hold this expression much longer. They laughed when I sat down at the piano--I had forgotten to bring the stool. Ruth Stone: Was the last Woman's Club dance a success? Joe I-I: I'm afraid not. There were three girls who didn't get a chance to dance with me. J. N. Childress: I,m in love with the most adorable girl in school, but she's terribly vain Betty Bivins: How dare you call me vain. Bill IVI.: I have an idea I'm going to kiss you. Edabeth: The very idea! E Paul Nolan, fat the danceQ : nSee that girl with the checked dress?" E Frank Van Noy: "My gosh! Do they check that too?" - I..ela I-I.: 'sTeacher's pet!" Y? 3: Veronica: UNO! Do they?" 4 Vzugv Two Hundred Sixteen Y 3: "ESE 6? .ff. . o ' 9 .1 'ffl' ' - . Q" ' ' . ':'- nu- --h'-Lf'-'J '- ' ' ' r- ' ' -A - 4 "----se '- -A -f "A Quzgx- E'Qu.aip,5Qgf:,ir,153p POTTER COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY AMARILLO V I Dr. Aronson, S. I Dr. -Askew, W. L. I Dr. Bennet, R. M. I Dr. Broyles, S. K. I Dr. Caldwell, A. Dr. Crume, E Dr. Cultra, Geo. M. I Dr. Dunaway, E. T. I Dr. Duncan, R. A. Dr. Dutton, W. F. D.. Flamm, W. H. f Dr. Fuller, M. L. I Dr. Garces, E. I Dr. Gilkerson, Nan L. : Dr. Gist, R. D. I Dr. Hall, Neal I Dr. Hencliriclcs, W. I Dr. Johnston, E. A. I Dr. Jordan, D. I Dr. Keys, Richard I Dr. Killough, R. S. Dr. Klingensmith, W. R. E Dr. Latson, H. H. v Dr. Lemmon, T. R. I Dr. Lindsay, A. H. Dr. Lumpkin, A. F. 5 P : Dr. Marsalis, Don S. Dr. McGee, F. Dr. Miller, F. P. Dr McMeans, R. L.. Dr. Owens, Guy Dr. Ozier, B. Dr. Patton, L. K. Dr. Pendergraft, R. L. Dr. Powers, Evelyn Dr. Powers, Ceo. Dr. Prince, N. C. Dr. Puckett, B. M. Dr. Randall, C. F. Dr. Roach, D. Dr. Rolvberzon, Jason H. Dr. Royse, Geo. T. Dr. Rowley, E.. A. Dr. Shudde, W. Dr. Streit, A. Dr. Swindiell, R. R. Dr. Van Sweringen, W. Dr. Vaughan, H. Dr. Vaughan, Tom D. Dr. Vineyard, C-. T. Dr. Vineyard, R. L. Dr. Vineyard, S. P. Dr. Winsett, A. E. Dr. Wratlier, R. OUT OF AMARILLO I Dr. Carroll, W. A.-Claude I I Dr. Cole, Archie-Pampa Dr. Foster, Robt.-Groom 2 ' Dr. Hicks, W.-Hereford - r ' I Dr. Kelly, H.-Miami 3 I Dr. La Grande, G. F.-Hereford - I Dr. Martin, E.. A.-Pampa - b P . I I Dr. Martin, T. R.APantpa AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Dr. Dr. Dr Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Montgomery, W. C.-McLean lVlorris, E.. H.-Canadian . Patterson, A. M.-Miami Purviance, W.-Pampa Snyder, E. H.-Canadian Stewart, D. M.-Canyon Van Brunow, E. V.-Pampa Zeigler, B. A.-Shamrock Page Two Hu d d S t 2 , 7 7 , . ' . "W T 5 ? -C . '?F'l"" ,gi ,.,, fJ -e:,,.gic.:ll.i-U, ,' ,pl,E...c LA AIRQSA- lggavi azi fifig If .Elm ,Y ,.,,,.,,.,.,vvvvv, - .T vvvvvv , V v l -V1-' , -' ""'!XA ii!-i L 4 . ' "il fffi 1 " 'ggi'-?f"jfx -:'1'v,jgt 'I ' VX l il 6 - Q. i. . :pwi -f"- .-1- f-'f -sw -'--1' :....,' "-': in -'i V ., N' ' ' ' ' ' , -TQ-I?'1' ' l Tgglnlilo ev LAN i "' ' A T SA E3 r b P P P rvvv A vvvvvvvvv if?-ivvvv f I THEFSEAf6FEE6TEClION r 3 , E f . -V5 P A -N0 . i P Flre I , ACCldCHt qi : Tornado 'O ax Health 1 I Hail me S- Q 'P Liability r n , "1 . , Auto O E Q Bulgaly , Plate Glass , R ' X '. Compensation ' l ' ' B ds : Exp oslon C, on b V g,0,.,, Q I i , Q 'Ty i 55 519 E r --' l.. !, - Amarillo, Texas Phone 2-228l Amarillo Bldg. , GENERAL AGENTS NATIONAL SURETY CO. E 803 Polk sl. Established 1889 1 E. E. FINKLQEA P P P r P i b The Jewelry Store of the Panhanclle 'WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONACEH L44--x4.fAAAA AAAQAAAA 1 Page Two Hundred Eighteen . r '? f4' i ' 7 o n Q W?- , tg ,Qing Sli QQ Fmffwfmo .wi H -pwvvv vvvvvvviwvvvvvvvv vvvv-vv1vv'W"V'V'VT A Nation Wide Institution Q . K- 0 Quality-Always at a saving 717 Polk sf. Phone 6442 lNlClNflURTRY STUIJUD OF DANCING Ballet, Tap, Toe, Acrobatic, Ballroom Esthetic Physical Culture Dial 6472 402 W. l0th A, Aleniug E. B. Pendergraft PANPIANDLE FLORAL COBIPANY, IUC. Fisk Blclg. Amarillo, Texas , t zz g ' - 'Funk-g. STV.-1 Phone 4890 EXCLUSIVE WOMEN'S WEAR 619 Polk St. Compliments of GENERAL IQLECTRIC SUPPLY CORP. I 3 rc ovvwu noon H MUS? IV Y ll'lltDll..lLWV4lllIlllJ IUIRIEQSS eiwonrvimr Where Smart Clothes Need Not Be Expensive 725 Polk St. B. R. Solniclc, Mgr. FAMOUS LAST WORDS Mr. Berhns-"Left, Right, l.eft.! Mips Bechtol-"If you please, I will see you tonight about that book report." Mr Vin ard-"All rigl t, how niany annuals have you sold?" Mr Mr - y . Norman-"2 cletentions and I0 demeritsf' s. Quicksall+"Be sure and get your copy in on time." Mr. McNeill-"Now, honey--l'm from North Carolina." Miss Stuckey-"Little boy, I'm going to spank your hand." Mr. Mclntosh-"I want your heartiest cooperation." Page Two Hundred N t wwani-mm:-W-M ' ' of -1' G 1- U'-f fm EfAAlaI?.Q45A- 1933 COMPLIMENTS OF THE AMARILLO BAR ASSOCIATION AMARILLO, TEXASJ OFFICERS: R. C. Johnson, President P. R. Underwood, Vice President J. M. Oakes, Secretary-Treasurer H. L. Adkins H. M. Adkins Henry D. Akin I. H. Anderson R. K. Batten J. W. Bassett Wm. Q. Boyce Henry S. Bishop, Judge W. S. Birge F. M. Bralley, Jr. B. M. Britain Homer A. Calloway J. O. Cade F. A. Cooper Don H. Culton M. Cammack Don P. Chisholm H. H. Cooper Cleo G. Clayton J. W. Crudgington Don H. Culton Wm. A. Culwell J. W. Culwell J. B. Dooley Julius Dorenfield, Jr. Don Emery L. M. Fischer W. Flesher F... H. Foster W. E. Cxee, Judge Jas. O. Guleke Hallie lVlartin Harper Grady Hazlewood M. A. Hart H. G. Hendricks Vance Huff . W. Hall, Judge FU R. H. Hamilton M. R. Jackson, Judge D. L. Jackson R. C. Jolnson Harris M. Kimbrough C. H. Keffer Ross M. Lambdin A. A. Lumpkin D. E.. McGrath F. H. McGregor Lon D. Marrs Rhea C. Myers E. T. Miller A. M. Mood Sam B. Motlow, Judge B. L. Morgan S. A. L. Morgan Ben P. Monning Joe. V. Moore Wales H. Madden F.. O. Northcutt A. D. Payne Wm. T. Pheiffer Roy E. Prothro B. Cm. Puntney H. C. Pipkin John Reeder Alton M. Reeder C. B. Reeder H. C. Randolph, Judge J. W. Sanders H. K. Stanfield Riley Strickland George Shannon P. F. Sapp F.. T. Scott W. Leo. Sparks Ed. Slough A. Speer Simpson Ben H. Stone R b F. O as Otis Edw. Thos. A. Stone Thompson Tolbert rulove W. Thomerson F. Turner Hugh L. Umphres R. E. Underwood Paul E. A. o . O. D. Thompson J' . L. ' T C 4 4 4 4 E 4 f 4 , , 4 'I Henry L. Ford Wm. F. Nix P. R. Underwood I-,lgyd Fletcher Nelson . Underwood W, R, Frazee H. T. Neely Earl Wyatt S, E, Fish M. Oakes R. A. Wilson -Ing, Fu11ingim,Jr, Ochsner Works VV, W, Gibson Perry S. Pearson Fred F.. Young E, H. Gipgon Palmer Hundred Twenty 4 . 9 W " ?2iI5E?" ' . . . . . ' L , .rAr5Q5Af.g9E ..,..m.- MM.- vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw Compliments of 4 AMARILLO ' CHAMBER OF CQMMERCE and BOARD UE CITY DEVELOPMENT ' I r Mortimer D.: "This love business gives me a pain in the neck." Paul A.: "Maybe you are too athletic about it." Invenfgrz This, sir, is an epoch-making machine. Warren W.: Is it? Then let me see it make an epoch. He: What would I have to give you for just one little kiss? She: Chloroform. E Jack B.: "Why do you always comb your hair before you go to sleep nights F" Lowndes H.: "Well, some night I expect to meet the girl of my dreams." "Really, I can't play golf," the sweet young thing said. "I.don't even know how to hold the caddy." Billy D.: "What kind of dog do you want for your birthday?" Sara M.: "Chl I'd like one of those black-haired jass houncls I've heard so much about." Sally F.: "Did you make the football team ?" Mike M.: "No, they had one." ' Walden S.: "I can tell you the score of the game before it starts." Flora Simpson: "What is it?" Walden: "Nothing to nothing--before it starts." Miss Bechtol: "What do you know of the 'Age of Elizabeth?" Raymond G.: "Man, she will be seventeen next September." T A raw lx. c f ' A Pei cccc - .lei J-l1,.,.'d,.,,, J i- ',5i.X f - L1 . ..l.fiJ2l:w-Si az-ww-l . , 5+rw'...f.,--5:01 at LA AIRO SA' I93o 'Slot rv . -Jia. Mt-tc' ta L- t 5 - 1 YV t 4 ,g,,,,..t.f.g,.t-.1 ,,e,,,, - - - :YM.fAJ.,f...,,A..., X Q V. ,, .,.,, -.. ,.,, ....,,,,,-',,, , '7" 'i'- W "W 7'v'J'Q'3 lvf Q'-G9-9 v 4 'Y " " ' ""' 'A'v"" P Y r .......... ...,... . .. ' 4 X -.-.-.-.5:5::::,:5:52:Qif:E1212:2:2:Q:f2'5:"f:f:f:E:f:Q:Q:f:f:Q:f ""' f3:1:i:f:1:2:2:f:f:Q:3::. ll ...f.-.Az- 'fa-: ''IE!51515525553 :5 '5E53555555553233513E2512IEIEIEIELEISEEIQEQSM5 """""" - 4i" 2 ' i 3 : : 151E 4 i ' :f:l:1-'9:f:2:1:-:- -Eff 'Ei'51ZE5575S5E5E5E55:555713525355551EIEIEIEIEIE22515512151555f5:5f5:5E55I:: 52 l f ' ifaeeeafaf - 1 - f i X ' t222s2s2s5122E1f2 .5:5FZESSQEQEQSQSESEESSQSQE552252525252255312222EaE5EzE5Ei2i2E2i2 Elfiflii 5 EE ' 5553 '51EgE3ErE1E1E5E5E3E3E5Egigigigigi E5E5E5EgE5E5EgEgEgE3S gigfgfgrgg 11- ',.,115:515:5:g:5:-:, ,:,g:35E5g. 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E PANHiANDl,E LAUNDRY 3 I Phone Z-2277 I E A Department Laundry 3 I For Every Household Need l i "MASTER CLEANERS" 1 I "Uncle George - The Sandie Booster I I Manager I Girls are like examinations--they keep a fellow up all night worrying about them, and then ask the most foolish questions. It is easy to tell who iownes tlie car. The owner is the one who, after you pull the door shut, always opens it again and slams it harder. The girl who falls in love with movie stars is to us almost as hopeless as the cow that falls in love with the Bull Durham advertisement. Mary had a little lamp, she filled it with benzine, she went to light her little lamp, she hasn't since benzine. Harold Mclntyre: "Yesterday l saw five men standing under one umbrella and not one of them got a drop of water on hfmf' Texas Rose: "Big umbrella?" l-larold: "No, It wasn't raining." "A sentence with clismantlef, "I gotta love 'dismantle' I die." "You wanton wretchf' shouted Dick Stanley,--Hwantin, this, wantin, that--always wantin'!" f 1 Page Two Hundred Twenty-Two Q it Q? 1.0 o v T"!k- A' 'A " LW ni Amosfi- 193.4 f 1 C. B. RITTENBERRY General Agent ' Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., Fort Wayne, Incl. A Insurance Consultant specializing in business ancl trust insurance Over fl5700,000,000 in force No policy too large. No policy too small. Anyone insured from one day old to seventy years old l0l8-l9 Fisk Blclg. Phone 2-OSIS 4 4 4 AIWARIIJLQ PAPER CO. 1 I "Largest Jobbers of Scliool Supplies in the Southwest" 3 5 E 7 4 I 7th ancl Grant Streets Amarillo, Texas 4 1 I ---ng just You! 4 Mere ulikenessesn mean nothing to your friencls- Your Picture must have that elusive thing called UPERSONALITYH-Let us make your next UPERSONALITY PORTRAIT" 4 4 EDVVARDS STUDIO 5 4 4 l 606 Polk sf. Phone 2-2008 1 Page Two Hundred Twenty . .. . ' . iff ,es . . - '----, 3d.S'Q11ff'-15,5 farei..'1"dz5f'5.sliI...:".f...?c! f LA AIRO SA' l930, 'TU ?"iQ, P Y Compliments of the , AMARILLO DENTAL SUCIETY OFFICERS W. B. Stevenson, President B. Younger, Vice President F. W. Cubbage, Sec.-Treas. 1 l MEMBERS 1 Sam T. Arehambeau Fisk Bldg. Roscoe Bristow Amarillo Bldg. 1 Stewart W. Browning Fisk Bldg. F. W. Cubbage Eakle Bldg. W. M. Curl Fisk Bldg. W. I. Dinan Fisk Bldg. F. W. Dodson Fisk Bldg. C. D. Ewing Fisk Bldg. G. G. Ingham Fisk Bldg. F. Kelleam Fisk Bldg. sl. B. Landers Amarillo Bldg. W. R. Moody Eakle Bldg. R. P. Parcells Amarillo Bldg. E. H. Reedy Fuqua Bldg. R. L. Rogers Fisk Bldg. W. B. Stevenson Fisk Bldg. Bob Younger Fisk Bldg. jack Younger Rule Bldg. b r P P E .... Page Two Hundred Twenty-Four -- Qui tfigigqgiiigg,-, r' "" r B s 'A' . , , L li EE :I .PANHANDLE LUMBER COMPANY I lv 4 I Our Aim z.- P l P I If TO HELP IMPROVE THE PANHANDLE 1 g COURTESY 'I Quality Service 4 P MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA' Tubby M.: "That's,some crate you've got there." I-I. P. Scarborough: "What clo you mean by calling my car a crate?" Tubby: "Well, look at the eggs that ride in it." Mr. Vinyard: "What do you mean by saying that Benedict Arnolcl was a janitor ?" James Stone: "The book says that he spent the rest of his life in abasementf' Ishmal Ely: "I-Iow long coulcl I live without brains?" Harold Bigelow: "Time will tell." SAID THE LISTERINE BOTTLE TO THE ONION "Oh Breath, where is thy sting?" Bill Mac: fcalling up his girlj: "Hello, dear, woulcl you like to have dinner with me tonight?" Anna Ruth: 'Tcl love to, clearie. Bill Mac:"Well, tell your mother I'll be over early." JUST A VESPER HYIVIN Love me a little, Love me lots: I'll throw you flowers In flower pots. Central: Number please? ' Marvin B.: Number? Woman, I put in my nickle and I want my chewing gum! l P iz Two Hundred Twenty-Five sfovamvmuutsium " 1 ff - -tv" I f ' me-, .ma Hi? E1153?f ifLTLH?Z-?te5"'fj.v,. Q LA Al no SA- 193 - Q f V . ,E ,Em FU RMTURE T t That will add Beauty and Comfort to Your? , ' 'Q-W 4 Home, and be a Source of Pride Throughoutt I 'lk the Years to Come. I E 'f .1 3 ' Q y ' DRAPERIES - UPHOLSTERING 1' 'QAS I 4 .li , I "THE HOUSE OF COMPLETE SERVICE" 4 FAKES-PALMER FURNITURE CO. l Phone 9845 905 Polk St. 1 1 1 1 4 -------,-- ...... Ai, ,..,., ----ii-,-- ,- -r- .A.,.A.. ---AAAI l-low can you keep yourself warm at night? Reach for a blanket instead of a sheet. Wife Creacling her scenariolz During the witcliing hour of midnight. A white hand appeared out of the murky darkness. Two white robecl figures stole along the corridor and the clock suddenly struck one. Bored Husband: Wliich one? You know you own it - If the title is insured For TITLE. INSURANCE and Dependable Abstracts 4 ABTARILLQ ABSTRACT CO. C. D. Sears, Pres. I ll0 W. 5th Ave. Phone 2-229l b 1- ---,-- -A- Page Two Hundred Twenty-Six V GMX Jfe5!:l Jrw..'1'B89h'9lIQbYf 's52.5KC3'lBfIiF'lW5Fh.5 1 . , . , ' ,'r":, '.t"1," '-" wr ' - P - A .... .E .... .-,-- . e E A .. .. .... - ' , , E " 'Aid ' '-1-f 4 r 1 1 JJ r . . . ,. V' f - - . . .. E LA AIROSA' I93o 1 L 4 f 1 4 I . 1 1 P 1 f v 1 1 f 1 I I 1 I I I I I 1 P F P 1 I I 5 1 1 L 1 L 1 p 1 P X 5 L 1 y 1 5 V 1 1 1 HIGPI Llfewtlrljb UF I , YOUR LT ITIS Q, P 1 L 1 I The important events, the pleasant affairs, I 1 I the honorsA-when these come don't miss I I having yourself pictured in good photo- 4 E graphs. 3 P 1 1 1 L 1 Z 4 P 5 : 1 I RAY ivnoio snow' 4 I 4 L Home PortraitsNPanommas-Commercial Work I I 4 , 4 , 4 1 I 4 1 P ' I 5 1 J 4I r A A A A A A Y i I Page Two Hundred Twenty-Seven , 'T' 7 7 7 P' M ' . 'i"f' " ' - 05 9+ :fam 3,-i --Y -V - ----- ---X -- -V - -- - - 'Y ' -' A- ' " "" ' ' '---1-veew' " ' f'i., J .N':.vsb'k:f,af1:JA-LAB-v-+1-cfi,g.?.J.Q L11 Algglgfsi lggjpp li b b r I Chas. A. Fisk, President Ray Wheatley, Chm. of Board' Avery Turner V-Pres. I P Alvin Hill, Vice-Pres. and Cashier jno. Wheatley, Ass't. Cashier 1 I 1 1 AlVlARlLLU BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY Capital SI00,000.00 Surplus ancl Uncliviclecl Profits 385,000.00 If AMARILLO, TEXAS Q, r 3 r 3 r P P v lv-A A r ', o AXYOQQ Srl ef,g.:g:w ESTATE' "A REALTOR is a Real Estate Broker who is a member of a local Board having membership in the National Association of Real Estate Boarcls, an organization incorporated for the pro- tection of the public from unprinciplecl agents or brokers." AMARILLO REAL ESTATE BOARD P ge Two Hundred Twenty-Eight A l a n Q.,-34-N r s ' - j s 1 ' T i. E t5gAr5Q5Algr93s P P E I A1ua1'illo's Most Exclusive Store FOR LADIES AND MISSES . . 4 We feature ensembles and coats, also Peggy Paige and Arthur WCISS Dresses for Ladies and Misses See our Beautiful Pattern Hats made by Rawak and Dobbs Piece Goods and Notions 4 ' THE l,ADlES STORE 4 ' 515 Polk si. Dial 2-1914 E 3 3 vvvv Y fvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw 4 4 Amarillo Business College 3 1, Congratulates the class of l930. Your I-Iighj 1' School training has given you a Splendid back- I ground for whatever career you may choose. 4 If interested in a business career, you will want I to supplement your High School training byl intensive courses in business subjects. ' 1 OTHERS ARE SUCCEEDING ' Over 200 graduates of A. l-l. S. have attended: our college during the past 20 years. We 1 are better equipped now than ever to give youl superior business training. This is a National: Accredited Commercial School. I SUMMER SCHOOL ' 4 Visit our College in The C. L. Green Building, 4 just across the street from the Post Office. I Call for Mr. Wileman, or Mr. l-loyt. ' P r b Amarillo Business College I I H . "POSITIONS FOR GRADUATES C- - Wllsmanr Pfes- GRADUATES FOR POSITIONS" I Amarillo Buziness College r ......... ..... - -- ...........l................... I Page Two Hundred Twenty-Nine i ii' 'A - avr - -1 - -spree . Eggrd ""' " 'R "H" 'Ju-A ee- "' A- - -f fk J' - --- lx L4 iI4JZI'-vf7'f'.,.ss:""""'E'a:o-.H-S or-'f?j.f,. Q ITA AIpRQASA'llQQ4 'Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvrvz THE NUNN ELECTRIC COMPANY VICTOR and COLUMBIA RECORDS 425 Polk St. Phone 2-0616 BUY A S35 SUIT FOR 522.50 By Paying Cash-More Than 5011 Savings Shirtcraft - Nofacle Shnm I-IQIEIVIK Shun Compliments of VVIIQI, INT. BENTON Agency Manager -1 Bld n Amerfcan Central Life 636 Aman lo gl 5 Insurance Company Amarillo, Texas fi Dmsrnmurons or I AIR COOLED ,,,,,.,,,,,,. FINE CARS 5 V Y morgan cntms p FRAN IXLIN AIXIARILLO CQ. Phone 5313 300 E. l0th HERTNER PLUMBING 81 HEATING, Inc. Licensed Plumbers Agents For The Celebrated Wa1'd Heaters 41 l Fillmore Box l-4l4 Phone 7714 E Fine Jewelry Diamonds Watches " Local Watch Inspector F. W. 8: D. C. Ry Co. Santa Fe Ry Co. 1 I-NJHTTMAN I Jeweler and Urztometrist 5l0 Polk St. Amarillo, Texas Phone 2-l4l9 ' PANHANDLE MUSIC co. 1 511 Polk Street 5 Majestic Radios , Q" Chickering Pianos Victrolas I I 3 THE PIERCE STREET GREENHOUSES f Flowers for all Occasions 3 Florists Telegraph Delivery Phone 7117 - 1803-5 Pierce St. Amarillo Qi I .... -------- ----- ---- --- --------- . 4 P- gr Two Hundred Thirty l 4 LA AmosA- 19311 Dvtv ,- f-Jawa.-v i ii "H" 2 I BLACKBURIN BROTHERS CLOTHIERS l Established I906 3 V 810-812 Polk Street Amarillo, Texas 1 lan, AAAA.. AA..AA.A,A.A.AAs....AAA..AA..AA.AAA.. - -- ......A -g James Rittenberry says l1e's so fast that when he goes to a dance--he finishes each clance before the orchestra does, ancl gets to sit out the last part and rest. "Where are you going daughter ?" "Down stairs to get some water," "IH your night gown?" "No, in this pitcher." Ei f -vvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvv vvv vvv vvvvrvv Come and see the New OLDSMOBILE SIX ancl the VIKING EIGHT AMARILLU QLDSMOBILE CQ. , 810 Tyler St. Amarillo, Texas The true definition of a manopolist is one who can own his cigarettes ancl smoke them too. Jean Bush: "Oh, you big, handsome brute." Whitman Fish: "Now, honey, you know I'm no brute." E RITTENBERRY AND CARDER E ARCHITECTS I 1002 Medical and Professional Bldg. Emmett F. Rittenberry Macon O. Carder E Amarillo, Texas Page Two H undrea Thirty-one s i, JZl:"s152.5 2'fa1ei..'5s1zi:'3w2fri...2':.:'...5fc , ALLEN EARLY, Pres. 81 Mgr. J. D. THOMPSON, V. Pres. L. C. STEVESON, Secy. E.. S. BLASDEL, Director. 4 7 P P it ' DEFINED .1 Bachelor-Guy who didn't have a ear in his younger days. Prunes-Plums with inflammatory rheumatism. ., Cannon -A long hole surrounded with steel. , Detour-The roughest distance between two points. Dust-Mud with the water squeezed out cf it. Punctu1'efLittle hole which developes ten miles from a garage. Wind-Air in a hurry. Sculptor-A man who makes faces and busts. Sue Alice Simpson: "What is Francis Scott Key's greatest distinction?" Helen Phillips: "He knew all four verses of "The Star Spangled Banner." Dumb Dora thinks that ban is a group of musicians, cornation is a flower, and gun is the past tense of "golf Mr. Warren: "Can you give me an example of wasted energy?', Katherine Kirk: "Yes, telling a hairraising story to a bald-headed man." P 1 r r I co1v1PL11v1ENTs , REPPERT LUNQMWR COMPANY . it , lr r'l"f l 1 .Builders OP Q lg.g?5rfgr,...,,,131o W SIXTH sr lg good Homes " Qkone 8955 ' it . 1 ' i x V - .' ..... 4 Page Two Hundred Thirty-Two l , f Ti ff:f'f fb i T ' r . , -f". " . . . -fl I I . .1 Qfttifgrxliitosftriglgfg-12351 E'R:'e"f T FIRST NATIONAL BANK i Amarillo, Texas Security and Service 4th and Polk Since 89 Mr. Rogers: fabsent mindedlyl: "I regret I must declineg the pr low but I already have one." Maxine I-I.: "There was a panic at the theatre last night." Paul A.: "What, a fire?" Maxine: No, the place was suddenly plunged into complete light." Burnett R.: "How old is your grandmother?" lVlartha G.: "I don't know, but we've had her quite a while." Vvvvvvvv vvv vvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv P BECK BROS. I WE WANT YOUR SHOE WORK I WE DO THE BEST Page T H d d Th ty Th mm m . 5 ' .' A g ' -w r i f JM.-. :em QQ 2-1:5,,i sgkce il o1g,fi'.,.9lcl pl: 4 A141210 SA- IQ "EiQ,f ' Hirisiifzinbk' ' ' ' ' V HFLQ-Q H L GEO. S. writ: K. BOYCE L 0 ALL Kmos or 0 A LOANS I N S QIRQN C E Lomas td 8 A . A N mt sixmsr. AS. Vilpllllfl S Bonus a tease 5 Taken from Margaret Turner's Diary, l930 Mon.-Gene tried to kiss me again tonight. Tues.-He tried again. Wed.-Ditto. Thurs.-l-le said, if l didn't let him, he would drive the car in a ditch and kill us all. . Fri.-l saved six lives tonight. I'vwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v vvv vvvvvv vv P I ,r AlVlARLLO'S LOLDEST JEWELER HUGH NVHITCOMB Quality Jewelry I 618 Polk Street Dial 9737 r r "Mother, what is that tramp doing with that piece of Wrapping paper?" "Hugh, darling, that is an Amarillo High School graduate with his diploma. as Member Order Hail: We needs a cuspidor. President: V I appoints Brother Jones as cuspidor. I Compliments of E AMARILLO COTTON OIL COMPANY P I l-leadquarters for Cottonseeel Cake, Meal and l-lulls I t Call-W1'ite-Wi1'e us for prices f E Telephone 2-3340 L. D. 30 I Amarillo, Texas AAAAAAA - L? A 'Ill AAAA AAAAAAAAAA l f f 1 Page Two Hundred Thirty-Four ....... A ..... - . - .- . s. R0 5Alx,Q5, mol.-, sugar-.3 I 3 . N i ZXMER N STATE BAN 1 j UF AMARM-0 .qi - ffzvors Savers '- ' if " "" fig ' lf, 407 Pom Smear i Tenzm-sous 2-l26l THAT opportunities for zz life of service,hz1ppiness, and prosperity open up before each and every one of you, is the sincere desire of this in- stitution. But most of life's opportuni- ,- ties require money, if they '5 are to he embracedg and the 1 early building of a capital 4 i fun cl through systematic say- ing, may Well be the touch- Ziff stone to your success. Congratulations to the Class . of l930! 1 Z W ' if 59 1 1 -", s S ,ffl ' 'li't'.-if-ii e .Q fi tt'e. Mfg X ff' Page Two Hundred Thirty-F1 e f F' QJ' :QQ .ua-H ' s -' " s ' I fo 'lx ff ,gi 9E'5"'v w,J"""'G"3"Zf""q"S'jff .fU.Ldf'.,- M.e...Q fm NROSA-nQ3 m p g. ' - I YTo Take Tins ONE 7' R"'1"' Y- I + f ' 4 JV . Q wx bug ... 6 . x J. Q 9 A 5-f -W f y, A 1 NV' - -0 'H - A -3 ymxwc 3 --- Qjras PETTV HELEN pr-yuups STANLEY MHRbH BOB H5599 .. I ayufm News - 1 , E ww 'Q 'l'I3w..,N W f """ - ' "' 'nu LK-,,!1P'!L,,gl ' Q 'w ' ' Nm + 4 1, cn , . ' .Buss , 914 S 'A ,J 4 ' -mf' dea f - 'J L ff W U- RFQ? , .Tlrmne BYNKNI DRUCILLA fixup, r-'mmm BRuM1eT MARGO1' SHAW , 3505 H0 bE FABLE5 g A V, -grflg tj.. ' El EQ l A Qi J, . Q 1 1 QL Fx Dona ,, tl!! ' H1999 PF .- I W LAWVER U: lil l ' R m V ' u I X! JVJARR EN W0 0 ns JN. c HIL D E R S KATHARUNE DuN CAN L 0Sf"V+" Y ,BOOTH ..- .N,,ghN-A-1, W A - f23,A .-,lj Mane" ef?.21-T-wal. G - 4311 1 0 - ' E Q qjgNf5? g,33 f y- S my N ,Q N . " " " "' " ' " -.-r. W ,gr om EAU1. ' QL Ag15 f"F'!.oYo ATKIN boR0'rHY E.As-r 'MI:EttAN5IA'-En I X nf . , "X 4 x F H M -IN GJ-X 2 A , A gf Q 2 i 7' X N Q frm ' -wrfsXZ.n- f 41 'H, -' - . 2 A af' ' . ', X ,1 1 V f '?'i--i'f-'f"l'f-I"f+2'-L-H-1 xf .m - :-. 1 s . ' ' N r ' . . .-F ., A 5 ' - f , , 'A QW XX r.A S' l . W If-, A-' ex , FAUQMAN DEE. 'Jo ELLA VAUGHPHN En.:zAsz'n-1 JAMISON JAMES Rxrranssumv ' J? . 3 . Q , qi.-Ni, X WCM- W ' ' - I ID :T1E'7 Q-1 6 X ' 1 il 5 MQEQEEK , LF UW.: 1 'S' ' ' ' :Ax - X EN X12 AP "WG A1111 -NA? -f'-"'T' xf Q A ,-.- - ' I H.. Nl: .f-Q. -si TUE SAFE - ' Y ' K EX . ' , . H 5 ., 14-' Q I DoRovnY RUGENT ' WARD Hunems MAYNARD KQOHNSON ' NNA Rum mron Mm ,, my EAT '1 K' i A 'f-if ,,, x - .Mp 1 - THE N S , -iii Y 1 fav? rjw iisei' -- - ha' sv gg'-'lu-y ?"" K '- . Y . if ,- F, X -i ill U gl :QW f':.::c., , QQ QQ Q Q , .' I A 1. - 1 , 2 1-ri :- 2 EIQQEST ARCHER ZED DOSHIER Daxoruy Jo bus:-1 an Guams. Page Two Hundred Thirty-Six i- , + '? f1?' f , f fiiwif q ' A . , , ij S LK Amo sn- rosa L ...L.,,,o,l,, x..x .,,... . -L L, vvvv vvv vvvrvwvvvvvrwvvvv l H. A. Nobles M. C. Nobles Y ' President Vice-President 4 4 I , 4 1 4 l ' J NQBLES BROS GROCER COMPANY ' P I WHOLESALE GROCERS 3 Main House Branch House Amarillo, Texas Plainview, Texas I May Your Efforts be Crowned With SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT P , ' 7 7 Y , CLOVVL 8: CQVYAN, Inc. AMARILLO CI-IILDRESS LUBBOCK ---Ai-,AAAA w A Page Two Hundred Thirty-Sev 2. . - it ' ff ' 511-. . A 1-ble - faves-. JA A LL if-l'fl,f'?Jgl'x.iS,,.Eeg5lfkJi.0'Zi:'5,Ni,,.1'.1.s:Ql Eyre lv '- We U r' D, A V v Y v v v Y v v v v Y l COIVIPLIIVIENTS of Southwestern General Electric Co. Amarillo's Leacling Clcthier MEYER 81 MEYER 8th and Polk 5 Let Us Complete Your Training by Making You a Certified Stenographer or Bookkeeper QV ELEBIING BUSINESS CULLEGE 4 Phone 6304 ' CLAYBRGOICS GARAGE Phone 7617 Night Phone 2-3160 Zl l Taylor Street 1 CLEMENTS SPORTING GGODS CO "Your Aihletic Ou! Fillers" Phone 6606 309 Polk St. 4 MCKNIGHT TRANSFER CQ. I08 Taylor St. Phone 2-3245 l 5 VVAGNER REALTY CQ. 4 l Developers of . I Sunset Park Wolflin Addition 3 L44.444..r AAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAA A Page Two Hundred Thirty-Eight -e m ' J u r"s1.' - .V "nv Y' ' 'ii' ., - K V Yk,,,V K ,,e, , V f E V H b Www ,,A,, H h,VA,3MnM, Q, A , 5' .. MH.. . iQAiAlROSA'I'itf3o I .c,, ,,,,-.,,,..-.,,h.... -J f XYHITE Sz KIRK i 32 Years of Faithful Service Ladies Apparel - Dry Goods - Slices Dial 8214 Contracting Fixtures Appliances mu. i l E TRIANGLE ELECTRIC COMPANY l J. C. HONEA, Mgr. , Phone 9950 - II5-A West Seventh Amarillo, Texas "THINGS YOU'LL NEVER SEE" l-lalf Pint 6 feet tall. Robert Dyche being on time to school. Dorothy Wright not combing her hair. Mr. Mac. not talking of "Extra Curricula Activityf Peggy Patton a brunette. Abe without F ern. Dorothy Jo with straight hair. Elizabeth Jameson playing jazz. Christine Dyche being- serious during a play. Paul Nolan not looking like a cave man. Mary Loftin without a boy around. Gertie Hig. In a hu1'ry. Mrs. Bechtel with her hair disarranged. Alice Arnold in a bad humor. . Dorothy Nugent not saying "Pooh, Pooh, Pa Do. Mildred Williams not knowing her lesson. "Do you like to go out with chorus girls ?" "Yes, the coarser, the better." Hoyle: "l've changed my mind." Bob Reedy: Well, does it work any better?" 1 Page Two Hundred Thirty-Nine C' . htcreefe . ieictffeer- "1i.i?'4...eL P P -we ,- Q M Amo SA- l93 r r x w AlNlARll,LU HARDVVARE CQ. We Carry IE An Extensive Supply lf Ig of the Natfon's Standard Sporting Goods Phone 8205 502 Polk sr. P V-- -A Vvvvv V P r r A guarantee of quality, SCYVICC and fair treatment A complete line of water well supplies P P V P E Dnypsrik MILL MFG. CO. WHOLESALE ONLY 98 Polk St. Phone 2-2241 Page Two Hundred Forty L QR, axsiggffgajs . g7I'T7f'1d""7 Aw' ""E+E"' 7" Y "WA "'Z"" "' 1 Y SUPPLYING THE PANHANDEE S With All Kinds Of i I FARM MACHINERY ' Motor Trucks and Tractors lN'l?ERNArl?lUXAl, HifXRX7lfSTlfR CQ. OF AMERICA flncorporated? ' AMARILLO, TEXAS 4 P 4 -AAAI Robert Dyche: "So you wear Spats? Ben Angleyz "No, that's my long underwear." "My brakes won't work. Would mind dragging your loot along the pavement a little?" Mr. McNeil: "Is that your cigarette stub F" Jack Kretsinger: "Go ahead, Prof. you saw it first." Elsie L.: "Did you ever break a date?" Drucilla: "Have I? Every one I've gone out with." "What do you tliink of these educated prize fighters?" "Not so good, the next thing you know they'll be trying to educate foot-ball players. Willis A5 "What were you doing outside of the l-lerring yesterday?" Charles W.: "I live there." Willis: "Where." Charles: "Outside of the Herring." - THE. LATEST EXCUSE. .f I 1 5 "You can't flunk me, professor, I'm insane 3 L Hollis S.: "I late dumb women." 1 Stanley lVl.: "Alma, a woman hater! When you are undecided as to the lesser of two evils always choose tlie best lookin. V Page Two Hundred Forty-One A . .. H . . .... ' f -if f fr - 'sw f - ,..-3.4. .L-..., , Q2 15,5 2 Cie Jul e'Z .'?J134!,.,fE'.f:Q f la 1 P P r P b P b P b b Belt Wishes to Amarillo High School PANHANDLE NTOTQR CUBHDANY J. N. Riggs, Owner CHRYSLER -.- PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Start Life Right by Owning a Chrysler Built Automobile 710-I2 Taylor St. Phone 4395 F--- Q-- -gg:-r- THE HU : CLAGTLJIEKS i 618 Polk THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS E S r P P P Compliments of LANE ICE CREAM COMPANY E 409 Pierce St. Phone Z-2715 Page Two Hundred Forty-Two V . .,. 'ir' I , V Q - 'A J ' Q, w ' C . 7------ Y- -A-M V'-Y-M A- --...nhrm .5 - - A - 'J-fi M 'I' I 1 A AIROSA- l93o T' I I I I I II I , I I' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I P r l,f""'IV, , A 5 I I fs 1 I X1 U' I1 I I - ,QQ-: iI EIfs'I'i1, .,f'.s-pf N . 'f h a I It I E 41 "- f "JU p ,,,f.I5If JH it 5 1 as E -'3?f"f'Ja 4 I AMARILLO, TEXAS P P P I 1 I GN. U jgh - A I , ,. --E.'s's-fs+ ,ffo Featurung Capltat Servlce Q. 4 P "THE FINEST HOTEL OF ITS SIZE IN AMERICA" 4 P zoo Rooms - zoo Baths ' 2 5' f " 3 ' All Equipmen and Furnishings Rank with the Finest I-Iotels of the World I Plenty of Rooms Rated at 32.50 and 33.00 1 I i v 1' , Il 4' . 11 X Page Two Hundred Forty-Three I R t ts f ' f I I ' f I f f : +I '?r?, f'E-L , EE?-sf?ss"ftfLTiE'e'I-?tei.'Q'.eff. QE taggigno sg ,, v v v v v Y E ' . l , ' why Not Get The Best? , Have Your Clothes Master Cleaned 3 5000 Satisfied Customers I ' AMARILLO LAUNDRY I P I and Dry Cleaners 1 f I ' 4 i "KWITCHERKIKKIN" DIAL 825 I l 4 4 4 ' 4 ' 4 4 4 r Ruth Virginia P.: "She sang that song in a haunting manner." Glen Mc.: "Do you tl'ink so?" Ruth Virginia: "Yes, there was just a ghost of a resemblance to the original air." Mary Jane S.: "Why did you cut the sleeve out of your coat?" Mary Norman: "So l could put it on without taking my books out of my hand." Juanita Simmons: 'Tm taking part in a battle of wits tonight." Marjory Roach: "l-low brave of you to go unarmed." Clive Butler: "Don't you want to be the kind of a girl people look up to ?" Effie Butler: "No: l want to be the kind people look around atf' Most of the small town girls who go to the city seeking a career, find one, but he isn't always tall and handsome. Kathryn Bartlett: "Has your brother come home from college yet?" Juanita McGee: ul guess so, or else the car has been stolen." Christine D.: "No boy ever macle a fool out of me." Dorothy N.: "Who was it then?" "Are You l-lungary P" uYes, Siam." - ll f Tlen Russia to the table and l'll Fiji." ,, "All right, Sweden my coffe and Denmark my billf, I ' T. Page Two Hundred Forty-Four i E : -4-1 15 ,s'? :aC' Z g3 .:n 9 5 i",1l L. 5 Df vrw C T Y V li . ' N .Q .s"x"' " "Mk "mi "' ' D A ' I' UMA ' ' A "' ' ' ' i' "' "'j"' 'Z MODERN AS YOUTH . Within the space ol a score ol years, the scope ol Southwestern Engraving Company has increased from the parent plant in Fort Worth to an organiza- tion oi nine plants. ' pioneering the Field in the introduction ol modernistic art, a personal service lbureau composed ol former college annual editors and managers, the lnudget and dummy system, and Field service men, the name Hgouthwesternn has be- come synonymous with art motifs that are distinctive, an understanding, helpful , , , ll , , ll service, and printing plates that print right. THE SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY FORT WORTH TULSA ATLANTA DALLAS HOUSTON SAN ANTONIO BEALJMONT AMARILLO WICHITA FALLS gxu qv Nlany new stalis turn each year to l 4 i S corps oi artists personalized service and en- 225 1 1 graving technicians For iresh ideas, newer layouts, "1iv'N All and modern methods in year poolc production. ' ' f e rayaqgqgafihe TALMADGE BEAUTY SHOPPE The exclusive shoppe of your neighborh ceive personal attention from exp ood. Where you will re- eriencecl operators. 4 P ,--,-,-AJ--- ------ ---,-AA---,-,--- AA--- -A--A-A--- ----- n K therine D with a can in her hancllz "What have you got? Jo Ella: fohserving a . Katherine: "A can of insect powclerf' ,Io Ella: "Oh! are you going to commit suicide?" ra us and left a tip. And there was the abse nt-minded Scotchman who ordered aspa g THE AUTO STORE I f the Automobile Everything or P ' Phone 6064 E. B. Meyer MOHAWK TIRES 6th and Van Buren P P.,A4-------------- FACULTY YELL Raw, raw, raw, Jaw, jaw, jaw, We'll flunk 'em all, I'law,i haw, haw! D ROOMY STORES 4 BIG WHITE, CLEAN AN 1 of CLARENCE SAUNDERS LLLLA Sole Owner of My Name of AMARILLO, TEXAS 4.L444.4.4.4.:A-- A-A s. 4.L.....s2.4. g re orty-Five Y 42 'I' M.-G53 ' - Pae Two Hund d F ' ' rv vp .n .1 - - . . . , V' l V I X G ' . .K ff Q ' - mee.. .Am " if" -" oo H' " W- 1. 1-: - ' --- I M. . - -- - V ... i Y?m,?i Ai b 5 :QE-',:2,9'I:'f,fe:Ez-E!i,'5+c24,,:5,?J.5:Qs!Eg:mAIARQQAZ Q 1 "BETTER BUILT HOMES FOR AMARILLO" 1 4 M. C. HANCOCK P Contracting. and Construction Co. Phone 7713 Office: 1018 W. Sixth '--t,---A P P 5 MORROVV-THOMAS HARDWARE COMPANY P 1 AMARILLO, TEXAS f WHOLESALE RETAIL Q r 1 Page Two Hundred Forty-Six I , ,+'?i?:i1P'N 1 - ' , L- -f' ,f ,,. U f ETXAIROSA-1939 Exclusive Fine Footwear Chic Model Dresses "STYLES OF TOMORROW HERE TODAY" T I Sanclies! Sanclies! We are o I mud' We are I FOI' YOU. For You. 5l4 Polk St. I I i MAJESTIC RADIOS .-- MIDGET RADIOS ELECTRICAL WIRING and FIXTURES AMARILLO ELECTRIC CO. 111 E. 8th St. A. J. Arnold Dial 2-3715 I 1 4 i COMPLETE STOCKS FOR EVERY OFFICE NEED Phone 2-2236 I ' -green 'OFFICE SUPPLYCO. , Ground Floor Oliver-Ealcle Blclg. Amarillo, Texas gf P ge Two Hundred F ty-S 1 J-' I -q i . W . ' T ' ' - ' na v . A"' LQ tAgArggQ45k5gr9g4Q at I BUICK - INTARQUETTE Sales and Service ' FROST MOTOR. COMPANY "When Better Automobiles are Built , Buick Will Build Them" v b p,,-,.,AAA--,.A--AAAAAAA.----------------- A AA- A- G. Burnett Cconfidentiallyj: 'iAm I the only boy who ever kissed you?" W, ea- ffranklyjz "No, but you were the first one ever dumb enough to ask that." Latin Confunctions, Dedicated to Miss Klapproth. Bite: Doggo-doffere-puppi-bitum. . Fail: Flunko-flunkere-faculti-ffxus. 1: Skate: Skato-skateere-falli-huntpus. Flirt :' Primpo-primpere-winki-caughtus. i it F. lVI..: Darling, wouldn't you like to sail away on a silver moon-beam--just , you and I together--toward tlose twinkling stars and where all is infinite, even in love, and we could dwell in eternal bliss far from ---- H I-Ielen B.: "Oh, I coulden't, E. IVI., not tomorrow. I have a date at the beauty parlor at four." Always put off at night what you are going to put on in the morning. Dorothy lVIcDonall thinks hallucinations is something her best friend Won't tell her about. Lemore Hill: "A batch of jokes I sent to Dorothy Jo were rejected as no good, but when I threw them in the stove, the fire just roared." "Mother", cried little Mary, as she rushed into the farm house. "Johnnie wants the hsterine. I-Ie's just caught the cutest little black and white animal, and he thinks it has halitosisf' '-vvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvrvvv VVILLIAMS HARDWARE CO. Opposite Post Office 3 SPORTING GOODS - ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS f y PHONE 2-I 248 2 1 Two Hundred Forty-Eight r t-H mm s v ew- - .ff , '- " 4 EK Amosm-1939 l LOVING PRINTING COMPANY I f I Il3 West 7th Street .- Amarillo, Texas 3 "You don'l have to wait" 3 Poor DRUG COMPANY 1 Amarillo Hotel Building Phone 437l l L at WYE 3 NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY I W. E. CORN, Mgr. l ll0 Polk St. Phone 7969 I 5 C Roy Greenhill H EW T Y Tu TY A Tleff TM. Neely 1 , NEELY-GREENHILL AGENCY 1 .g 4 4. Insurance for all needs I 1 P P r r 506 Tlaylor Street , Phone 6301 7 7 Y T 17 YW' Y TY W 1 Texas Mercantile 81 Manufacturing Co. Wholesale Confectioners 8: Supplies 312 East 5th street Amarillo, Texas 'Q I P .1V -v-MY rim YYQVQ 717 777777 Y W 4 I Compliments of f SAUNDERS IMPLEMENT COMPANY , 901 Johnson Street K' A Y ,- P WEAR CLEAN CLOTHES , by f KOHLER BROTHERS E Phone Z-2297 2918 W. 6th Ave. ,V P fl Tk W , - ' Phone 6453 812 Buchanan street 1 2 E f PLAINS RADIATOR 81 BODY NVORKS 1 Z1 4 j , Amarillo, Texas 4 1 : Tom Durham Joe Durham . :'l4.A.4.:AAAx4.r AAAAAAA AAAAA gf A451 AAAA AAAAAAAAAAA- A AA! 1 Page., 'Ilvvrb Hiiridred -FcirtyLNine ,. . ,, . , - , . . , . , ,, . . - tg 2 , i , 1 , , -ar . finale - ffaaiegra a ,-ea ,,,, ' , Y . l r g ' I Y 4 I GRW6' ETAIL e FIN ' MHIQILLO Dry Cleaning and Prezsing Satisfies Phone 2-0538 1 Established 1910 by L. W. Patton All work called for ' 603 Jackson St. and delivered Amarillo, Texas Ladies and Misses l gr ' READY-To-WEAR, MILLINERY AND SHOES RTARIZQN CQNTPANY 507 5: 707 Polk Amarillo, Texas ' CUNNINGHAM FLQVVER SHGP "Amarillo's Leading Florists" A Member F. T. D. A. and Am-tel-flo Direct Western Union Service ' Dial 8259 2511 West Sixth St. Amarillo, Texas ft f i f , K 5 Page Two Hundred Fifty V D W ?'5I5E5 ' X ' , D , f i1gg.naQgaigi53 w Y E THE NATIUNAL BANK OF COMMERCE CAPITAL 350,000.00 We solicit the Accounts of the Future 4 4 Business Men of Amarillo P P IW. O'Brien, Pres. Wm. O'Brien, Vice-Pres. 4 V Q - 4 rj. T. Moore, Vice-Pres. C. L. O'Br1en, Cashier 4 , IJ. A. Rush, Vice-Pres. A. Killough, Asst. Cashier I , 4 . 3 4 -. 1 , , 4 Q LA ,M ,U ,U AAAAAAA A, A..AA..AA..,AAA rUr,rr------1 Alice Arnold: "I-lerman says the thinks I'm the nicest girl in town. Shall I ask him to call ?" Mrs. Arnold: "No, dear, let him keep on thinking so." The hardest time for Margaret Scarborough to get up in the world is in the morning. Do you like corn on the ear? I never had one there. Herman D.: fhopefullylz "I've never seen such dreamy eyes." Mary Lois ffed upl: "You've never stayed so late before." Never, never break your bread or roll in 'your soup. "In Ohio they don't hang men with wooden legs." MNOT! "No, They use rope." Teacher: "Name a great universal time-saver." R. C.: "Love at first sight." 'E 2 . . .. . I i 5 Medicine Salesman: Ladies and gentlemen, I have sold six thousand bottles of this ' marvelous remedy'-and not a complaint have I received. What, I ask you, does that prove? E 3 Voice from rear: Dead men tell no tales. ' ' 5 James Stone with a date, Betty not talking to N., John Coy in a tux, Tubby f' Meyer a track star, Joe Ford witliout Joe Hancock, Mary Liz not wondering about Ramon, Dave Lane completely "Made up" with Rita. i Page Two Hundred Fifty-One I . ,fx , , , 4' S , 'C' .' " Y " " K' fd V Y F T tj" - Da fa.. ""' .2123-12,5f"c.flTf'fdaf5,'?f"Mi'95IQ'j. Q lAnQA55:1i5iiff 1 1 GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY Wholesale 1 Automotive Equipment ancl Accessories Estalnlizhed l9l0 Phone 2-0652 I I3-l I5 W. 5th E 4 --.4 vvvrvy Complimenting the Graduating Class of 1930 J. RAY 1 P 4 P 4 P 1 .,--.----PLA-,-tA-,--- ---AA-,-A--At,A,.,4 -v vvvvvvvvvv vvv vvvvrv P P P I The Cleanest, Safest, and Economical Fuel v ' AMARILLQ GAS COMPANY Cook, Heat and Refrigerate 4 With NATURAL GAS 4 4 Phone 4306 Third at Taylor E s , , V AAAAAAx4A44AAAA Q Page Two Hundred Fifty-Two , , U X 7 A - A ACIHHIEVEMENT Qu ikese pages your re: r corcl Zwes. you Zmave lei us 2: Mrougln Zine 'magic of priniirzg 2: carry your siory mio Zine jgying years .... RIUSSIEILILSQ GEDCEIMRIEILIL n Noland, Paul 11 1111 109 70 Nutt, R. B. 1 11 Nutting, Murrell Ordway, William 1 Park,-:David 1 11 Parks, Ray 11 11 Parks, Roy 1 1 Parr, George 11 Parsons, Ed 1 Patton, Bill 1 111 Pavillard, Cordell Pearce, William 1 Pennock, Winston Peterson, Foster 11 Petty, Otis 11111 1 Phillips, Rex 111 Pittman, Bill 111 Pittman, Louis L., 1 Powell, Clayton 111 Putney, Glenn 1 Reed Bob 1 11 Y, Reeves, A. J. 11111 Reeves, Jesse 1111111 111 Reynolds, Raymond Rittenberry, James Roach, Jack 11.11 1 11 1 Rogers, Burnett 1 Rockwell, Jacob 111 1111 Rodgers, William 1 ,,,,, Rogers, Aldon 11111 11 Sanders, Raymond Scarborough, H. P. Schriber, Hollis 11 11 1111 Schurman, Larry 11 Sears, Joe 1.1 1 11 11 Sells, Bob 11 111 Shaller, Orville . Shepard, Alan 1 Short, George 11 Sims, Clarence 111 Sinson, Burnell 1 Sisemore, J. T. 1 11 Smith, Harold 11 Smith, Vern 1 1 Stack, William 1 Stanle Dick y, -1 Stewart. Orville 1111 111 Stith, VValden 1111 Stone, Benny 111 Stone, James 1 11 Teed, Fred 111 111 Thomas, H. Clay 11111111 Thomas, Richard 11111111 Thompson, Earl 11 Tolk. John 11111111 Twaddell, Leland 1 1 3 11F'35'1'7fQ?'?fI1l93P Twaddell, Verlon 111 Umphries, Hugh 1111. Wagner, Joy 111111 Walker, Marvin 11 Warren, Harry 1 111 Watkins, Floyd 11111 Whipple, Kenneth 11 White, Carlton 111.11 White, Irving 1 1111 Whitfield, Jim 111111 Whittington, Charles Williams, C. B. ,,,, ,Williams, Judge 1111 Williams, Ramon 1 ,,,L 11 Wineinger, Donald A,,r Witt J. L. 1 1111111 Wood, Donald 11111 Woods, Warren 111 111 110 132 33 36 63 44 68 60 72 63 69 11134 49 51 41 60 34 49 Woodard, Bob 111.11111 109 Wright, Charles 111 33 Wright, Herman 11111 33 Wyatt, Malcolm 1.11 70 Yates, Warren 111 48 Zukav, Morris 1 61 GIRLS Abel, Rhoda 1111111111 45 Adams, M. Elizabeth 185 Albright, Marie 111111111 53 Allen, Chearlotte 57 Allen, J. Edwin 1111 41 Allison, Margaret 11 11111 60 Allston, Catherine 39 Anderson, E. Madge 40 Anderson, Martha 11 72 Anderson, Virginia 11 37 Arnold, Alice 111111 32 Arnold, Bernice 1 72 Atkins, Frankie 111 41 Baker, Clarice 65 Baker, Helen 111 11 50 Bankston, Irma 11 11 66 Bartlett, Kathryn 1 65 Beard, E. Jean 1 1111 11 73 Bechtol, Mozelle 1111 38 Beeman, Wilma 1111 41 Bell, Edith 1111111 111 60 Bell, Elsie 11111111 111 68 Benham, Gene 111 11111 61 Bennett, Allene 1111 37 Bennett, B. Faye 111111 58 Bennett, Evelyn 111 46 Bennett Lucy 111 73 Benson, Francis 111111 53 Berry, Charlotte 1111 59 Bivins, Betty 1111 111 36 Bivins, Gail 11 93 Y V YK 1 14' ' Blackburn, Mable 1111 Blackburn, Norene 1111 Blanton, Ruth 11111111 Blasdel, Patricia 111111 Boles, Stella 1.1 f111 11 Booth, Rosemary Boswell, Cleo 11,11 Bowden, Hazel 111 Brooks, Pearl 1111 Bryant, G. May .111 Burrow, Cleta 1111 1111 Bush, Jeanne 111 1 1.1 Bush, Dorothy Jo 111 Butler, Effie 11111111111 Butler, Olive 1111111111 Carroll, Kathleen 11 1111 Carter, C. Lee 11111111 Case, A. Rachel 111111 Cathey, Ruth 11111111 Cazzell, M. Lee 111111 Cline, Evelyn 11111 Cline, Phyllis 11111 - ff Coe, Louise 11111111111 Cogswell, Ruth 111 Collins, Nell 11111 111111 Connett, Elizabeth 1 Cook, Winsome 1111111 Cooper, R. Elizabeth Cooper, Vivian 11111111 Copp, M. Alice 1111 .111 Cotton, Levadell 111111 Cowdrey, Janice 111111 Crawford, Elizabeth Cresens, M. Ruth 1. 1111 Crews, Evelyn 11 1111 1111 1Crockett, Mary 111 Culton, Doris 1111 Cutter, Vivian 111 Davis, Sarabeth 11 1 Davis, Virginia 11 11111 Dees, S. Dell 111111111 Denton, A. Ruth 1111. Doche, Louise 111111111 Donovan, Lola 1111111111 Doshier, T. Rose 111111 Dowdle, Cary 111111111 Drummond, Maude 11111 Duke, Ludine 1111 11111 Duncan, Katherine 1111 Durham, Juanita 1111 11 Durrett, Idell 11111 Dyche, Christine 111111 East, Dorothy 1111 1111.1 Erhardt, Dorothy 11.111 Eustace, Maude 111 Exum, Drucilla 11 11 l X l 39 71 41 45 59 33 45 1 66 56 58 51 72 32 65 37 42 42 48 71 64 53 41 42 72 61 56 44 63 48 73 42 50 68 59 34 63 56 60 69 34 65 36 60 64 47 40 58 69 40 61 62 32 39 49 72 43 f Page Two Hundred Fifty-Four ' x-'f f-0 - LL " 'f"5b ' 1 ,QV ' "3 X Y " E . f -.-anl- .pq-- Y - -J L . 1 gA,Aqa,Q5A3n,93Q 1. Exum, Mary LLLL LL I Fairey, C. Ruth LLL- Fairey, G. Lou LLL-L.f-1 Farrell, Juanita LLP-- , Flesher, Henrietta LLLKK Flesher, Winifred LL Floyed, M. Lou LLL Fowler, Margaret L Fowlkes, Kathryn LLL. fe Frost, Dorothe LL- Gilbert, Gilbert, L. Dell LLLL Marajo LLL Gilkerson, J. LOl1iS9 Gorman, Kathryn L Gorman, L. Mae LL Grammer, M. Wave Grant, Maxine L-L- Green, Alice LLL -Y Green, Edith LLLL Green, Lillian ,,., Greene, Ruth L-LL.-Ld--I Greening, Martha - Gross, Marion ,,.. Hales, Eilene -LL-f Haley, Maurine LLL Hall, M. Virginia LL Hammond, Evelyn L Hardy, Maxine ,v.e. ,WL Hare, Gussie L .,.e Harmon, Edabeth L Harris, Mildred LLL Harrison, Louise LL Harris, N. Wave LL Harty, Jane LLLL, Harvey, Mildred LL Haverty, Lowell .,,, L L Hayter, E. Jane LLL LLL Headrick, Dorothy L L- Henderson, Beauna Henderson, Lucille Herbst, Mildred LLL Herring, Pearl .,..,,, Higinbotham, Gertrude L Hill, Inez LLLLLL., L. W- Hill, M. Alice LLLLLL Hill, Peggy LLLLLLLLLLLL Hixon, Beryl' LLL LLLLLL Hodges, Elva LLLL Holman, Johnnie LLLLLL Hooten, Elsie Howard, Louise LLLL Hunter, Lela LLLL Jameson, Alma L. LLLL LL Jameson, A. Mae LLLLLL Jameson, Elizabeth LLLL Johnson, A. Bess LLLLLLL Johnson, Dorothy L L LLLL- v Jones, Lavera LL LLLLL Judd, Ruth LLLLLL LLL. Kaufman, Florence LLLLLL Kennett, Helen LLLL Kenyon, H. Lee L LL Kidd, D. Lee LLLLLLL Killough, Martha LLLLL L Kirk, Kathrine LLLLL LL fKirven, B. Geraldine L Kollaer, Mary LLL LLLL Kronbeck, Martha LLL Larsen, Juanita LL LLLLLL Little, Elsie LLLL LLLLLL Loftin, Mary LL Luck, Mary LLLL. L L Ludden, Betty LLLLLLLLL Lynch, Virginia L L L L Malone, Edra LLL L LLLL Marsh, Evelyn L LLLL LLL Martin, Lucille LLLLL LLL Matthews, Thelma LLL L Mauldin, Eileen LLLL Maupin. Maxine LLLL Ma Gretchen Y, -W ---- - Meeks, E. Jewel L LLLLLLL Meredith, Dorothy LLLL e Merriman, M. Frances Michelson, Margaret LLL Miller, Katharyn LLLLLL Miller, Louis LLL LLLLLL Miller, M. Virginia LL Miner, M. Adell LLLLL LLL Miracle, B. Mae LLL L LL Mobberly, Ruth LLLL L LLL Mode, Helen LLLLLLLLLLLL Moore Claudine LLLL Moorej L. Mae L LL LLLL Moore, L. Raye L LLLLLL Moore M rtle y Y - 7-- Moreland, Sara LLLLL LLL Morgan, Gladys LLL LLLLL Moser, Ester LLLLLL Moser, Lena LLL LLLLLL Munn, M. Maude LL LLLLL Murphy, Elouise LLLLLL McCarty, Florence LLLL McCormick, Erma L L McCul1y, Beverly LLLLL McDavid, Geraldine LLLL McDonald, Dorothy LLLL McGee, E. Lou LLLLLLL McGee, Juanita LLL LLLL L McKinney, Helen LLLLLL McKirahan, Virginia LLLL McLaughlin, Betty LLLL McMillen, Elizabeth McMillen, Mildred LLLL McNeill, Frances LLLL McReynolds, T. Ruth Neal, Bernadine LL LLL Newman, Eva LL L Nobles, Virginia L LL Noland, Emaline L LLL Nugent, Dorothy L LL L Oden, Lois LLLLLL L Oliver, Frances L Paige, Jimmie LLL LL Pangle, R. Mae LLLL Parcells, R. Paula L,LL Parker, B. Mae LL LLL Parkinson, Francis LLLL Parr, Kathryn LLL L LL Parton, Euline LL. L Pascoe, Lola LLLL LL Patten, Wilma LLL LLLL Patton, Carolyn LL LLL Patton, Helen LLLLLLLL Pavillard, Mildred LLL Peake, Dorothy LLLLL Penniger, Gertrude LL Perdue, R. Virginia LL Perkins, Juanita .LLLL Perry, Gwendolyn LLL Peterson, Dorothy LLL Phillips, Helen LLLLL Phillips, Kathleen LLL Pierce, Jesse LLL LLLL Poole, Margaret LLLL Porterfield, Imogene L Presley, Gwendolyn L Purvines, Esther L LL Putman, Loraine LL LLLL Raffkind, Reba L LLLL Ransberger, F. Homer Ransberger, M. Bess L Ray, M. Lois LLLLLL Red, Marjorie LLLLLL Redus, V. Lee LLLLLL Reeves, Dorothy LLLL Reynolds, Geneva LLL Reynolds,-Louise LLLL Rhea, Lois LLLL LLL L Ricks, Bob LLLLLLLL Ridley, Frances LLLLL Roach, Marjorie LLLLL Robertson, Eileen LLL Rodgers, Catherine LL Rogers, Janie B. LLLL Rogers, Pauline LLLLLL Rolater, Ruth LLLLLL Russell, D. Louise LL Page Two Hundred My LL L L L L ' ' 42+ at-fLfLLL+LL L Minor Sports - L V A ....., A ,gpgf-'.:5',,,..9'-g's.:u...":-v5f'2u1j'.i'lc11 fnl-A AIRO SA- 1930, omit, '- ,.-L. - 5 ' Scarborough, Elizabeth Scarborough, Margart -L Scoggins, Donnalita -L- Sears, Farris -L M,,a,,, f Shaffer, Joyce L LLLLL- Shavv, Margot LL- LLL-- Shea, Louise L-L---LL- f Sheers, Lucille .,,,,,.. r Shelby, Veronica ------ Shepard, Eleanor M.a,,, Short, E. Lucy - ,,,,,.. Simmons, Juanita ----- Simpson, Flora simpilm, Robbie D. ..rr Simpson, S. Alice A.,A,. Skaggs, Loraine Le.,L.. Slaughter, Gladys ...LL Smith, Ernestine ---LL-L Smith, M. Leland LLLL-- Smith, R. Earl . L,,.L.. Snodgrass, M. Helyn --- I Somerville, Mildred ---L I 1 Stanley, Samanthy ---- Stenger, M. Jane L -LL-- Stewart, M. Louise ---L Stidger, Lalah ---L---L Stith, Ana ----- ------ Stone, Ruth ---L------ Stone, Thurley -L. ---L- - Stovall, Dorothy L ---- L Street, Dorothy LL---L- Sweeney, Lonnie B. -L-- Taylor, Elizabeth L-L--- Taylor, I. Gail ---LL--L Sanders, Betsey ------ -1 Southard, Cora ----- -- Sparks, Floy ----LL--- Spoontz, Lucile -L-- -LLL -' Stanford, Emogene ---- Tillinghas, T. Clara - Timmons, Lill L-L----- Townes, Mary ----- -L- Triplett, M. Elizabeth Trolinger, Maurine --L- Utterback, Mary --LLL- Vaughan, Jo Ella---LL-- Vaughn, Alice LLLLL- LL Vaughn, Verna Jo -- Vandale, John LLLLL--- Van Noy, Frank --LLL 111 70 Vaughan, Fred -.--- Vetesk, Sarah LLL---L Waddill, Evelyn --L-L- Wade, Kathleen LL-- LLL Wakefield, Eleanor - Walden, B. Neal -L---- Warren, Marjorie ---L- Weatherall, Christine West, Cleo ------L- West, Dahlia ---LL---- White, Clara -L------- White, Margarette -L-- Wiard, Dorothy -LL-L-- Williams, Bethine ----- Williams, Mildred L-L-- Willis, Lavonia LLLLLLL Wilson, La Juanah ---L Wingo, Madge --LL---- Woffard, O. Lee -L---L Woodlief, Josephine L Woodruff, Faustina - Woods, Marie --LL- .- Wright, Dorothy --L--- Wright, Pauline - -----L Yokley, Josephine ----- Young, Vivian L.- LLL- .LL Military LL---L-- 169-174 Speech-Arts --- 175-185 Staffs LL -------- 147-148 Alamo History LLLLLL 167 Band-Junior -L. ------ 165 Band-Senior -------L 164 Blue -Bonnet Social Science --------- L Biological Science 166 LLL152 180 Delphic L-L--------- E. H. R.L--LL LL------155 178 Forum ----- ----L--- Hi-Y-Junior -------L Hi-Y - Sandie L ------L Hi-Y - Yannigans L--L 160 158 Hi-Y - Senior ------ L 159 159 151 Honor Society -L-150- Inter Nos - ---L---- Lyric -L L ---- - ----- L 161 Los Viajeros ---L-L-- 153 ' 163 162 Orchestra L--L ----LL Parthtenon ---LL-L- L 177 Philomathean ------ 179 Physical Sciencec --L 168 Pi Delta --LLL----- L181 Tha1laH -LLLLL LL-----154 ' 156 Typing ------L----- SCHOOL YEAR LLL- Favorites L ------ -75-101 -L 77-82 School Life LLLL- . 83-101 SPORTS - L LLL- --L Boys -L-L-----L 103-143 105-132 Basket Ball ---117-124 Football LLLLLL 105-116 Tennis -LL L --L 129-132 Track -L--LL-- 125-128 Girls ---L---LL --133-143 Basket Ball L---136-137 142-143 Taylor, Josephine -- Thom son Arloine p , ----- Thompson, Oneta ---L L L... Page Two Hundred Fifty-Six HUMOR AND ADSL187-252 ORGANIZATION LL 145-185 Clubs L -LLL L-149-168 Sandies Pep Squad 135 Tennis ------ L 140-141 Volley Ball -L-138-139 W. A. A. LLLLLLLL- 134 as: -e ,Lf- ' : - vm- I Q- -'i l ' arf 3 1 1 ! I i i A 1 1 1 I 1 l 1 i 4 1 1 W l l i Ezffmg' 561,345 5 f AUfruc 1RA11H5 T Pure '1' ' Hundred Fifty-Nine Af , ' ' f w i f- I 2111-fM i1 'w2f"2Jf f+g?ff'Q LA A-lp-0SA'l930f wr ' AUTOGRAPHS 3 1 Pane- Two Hundred Sixty 4 .f- -' "H: 1 ---f - --'- -i, -, . -4 ' " lyxjyfl-gg-q 1 J "--ff' --r.- -A--if ' - lan-' " 2 69' ,74gf' 5m3-vw 9305 Q Jig. J,-ml. I3-Q9 S6125 65. i5'.2rf1i'Qki'-2242133149 ,

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