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 - Class of 1927

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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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4 4 '4 ,. I 4 4 4 4 5 'ni 4 1 fax Am -.4 ?N ag X X - 4 X, 4 , ' 'HN1 34 S. - v x ' N EN .4 -4 X5 W ,iq -3 qw 4 .yr ,ANN ' x --- M 4 4 K !"' ' 4 4 L A A R O SA 4 1 N K it .4- .4 4 4 1: N, l 4 1 4 4 4 A 4 I 1 '-. ,.. ff T f QE? I -1 71511 I .. f iozniii -- - 'J 45155-M' . 9-.lfTi'?'?Q ll A Qlfll COPYRIGHT I 9 2 7 AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL AMARILLO, TEXAS JOSEPHINE M. TOWNSEND Editor GILMORE N. NUNN Manager i N'-5- x XS PURE RD To the eyes of Youth the Future is a fabric Woven of the rose-colored threads of happiness. It is the Wish of the staff of the 1927 La Airosa that in the Afterwhile these pages may bring you a memory of the Past that Will likewise be rose-tinted, and gleaming with golden rifts of glad- TICSS. DESIQATIQN In the weaving of character he has employed the golden threads of integ- rity and purity, measured by the silver yard-stick of Christian manhoodg in loyal devotion he has taught others the patient art of Weaving. We, the Senior Class dedicate the ' l927 LaAirosa to ' VV. A. Mclntosh Qs, afffy , 'v ' ggi : , 6 A. M f . 'life L.. ,Q LL- , V A z a s N- V - . T' 3 N. Q 1 fk KM 1 L- 1 ? Qf 7' N 3? "' - 1 --....,,A,, s....' 557' 'T -55. Maw , Vw- xt. .K Tv 'Lim my 15552 As, .3 SE: ' is QE: mf W 1 Q Af? .yn is . 'ii Ou Zfzgh School Page Eighteen School When school's last essay is written And the last proposition is proved: When the last tardy slip is taken And the last demerits removed: When the last exercice is translated And the last book report madeg When the last exam paper is graded And "D" ceases to be a low grade: When the last chapel lecture is over And the last classes begung When the last pep rally is ended And the last football game won: When the halls no longer are crowded And pressed by hurrying feetg When study hall wispering is silenced And school lovers cease to meet: When the last track meet is over And the last race has been rung Then will our school days be over For Youth is ended, and Life begun! -Pearl Duncan 7'i W 'I' M F fx, f , WLA N Lg' 1' vfili f li f H! X WA 1 X , L, f I-2' 'rv W iq N x " f ' ' A, ,IQ '14 fy,-,W f ,QM f' f W V , V . H, f - Arg -1 XV s ,X bf ll - lk ? - ! xv ,Yi Q -,, x'2C V if 7?F' -- ' ,fgifff X , '-f 'WWW fg- ff if '1'Y'ff1- P Xxx A -1 1 -V ' ',,f2f'fl ' T Q :Ei P f?if?'l"'1 5 P'?f'f ' -f 5 ' " - , ,'f-ffla : , fl I Aj -f if - 'iris f 1 I-eggs, 'Yr .-X : Y WW E?-:F , 1 Q..-..,, 5339... -- -fi? - M Y 53222, V 4:-iw.-ff, 'Lf' 'E 5-in .--22' .fi2ff'S- 2:11 ,img-arp' f '- f- 4 . , K'-V' .1-,Q-:' 1, -E-G. .. MT' 'A 5' V1-1 f ,izivi X f "5 QQ 5- A -QL 1 ,Y ""',Y"': Eg, fi ' . A - V - - --' 53i35'f ,fs-75 f 4' ., .,1?fiitZ X7 2515 V if f , fffffl?-efQ'SfmvQa,'7 vx ff 'TM' ,,:1ijig, 5 Qezyf df tf X f .f f"-'F f Q' ' f 2 W, X .Q f f f' 'lrl ' l CULTY TO CHARLES M. ROGERS Principal of the Amarillo High School, we dedicate this page be- cause he never spared himself to help a studentg and because he is just and fair in his decisions He has won a place of high esteem in the hearts of all the student body and faculty. To him we extend our heartiest wishes and congratulations. Page 'Twenty-Our' -. ' ' fv- I .vfrfak ll .' N sl X ' sn 3 - X X .'x Miss THELMA SMITH MRS, CARLYN QUicKsALL Miss Louisa Russui. B. A., M. A. B. A., Baylor U. B. A., Kansas U. T. C. W., Columbia U. English English Head of English Paper Advisor Eulalian Sponsor Mus. C. P. ATWOOD Miss ORWLLE HE,XDRlCK Miss MARCELL,X WA1.KER B. A., Baylor U. B. A., Texas U. B. A., Texas U. English English English Coach of Girls Basketball Pi Delta Sponsor Public Speaking Page Twenty-Two Miss MARY ViviAN CECIL ALBERT V. JENSEN Miss KATE WILSON B. A., Texas U. A. B., Deslvloines B. A., S. M. U. English Head of Mathematics Mathematicp :N , ' a .X X l , I 1 K I I 'lxllfl ll MRS. MAUDE C. DE MA1NE Miss MAcc1E AVENT Miss ZELMA RED B. S., M. A. Peabody B. A.. W. T. S. T. C. Colorado U., Wesleyan Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Sophomore Sponsm Page Twenty-Three - f' . V '. ' x -1- ' ' 1 1 ' l I i xg-Q Miss CORA AVERY C. G. TRUlT'I' A. B. HAYS Southwestern B., B. A., Simmons Librarian MO. S. T. C., Baylor U. Hisiory, COACH Of Senior Sponsor Head of History, Social Football, Basketball Science - and Baseball r . . is .sd Miva. VARA DAvis Si-:INN Miss lVI1NNis FUERABEND Miss BiaRT11a WARREN A. B., W. T. S. T. C. B, A., Baylor U. B. A., Texas U. History History, Latin Science Freshman Sponsor Juunior Sponsor Pane Twenty-F'our .ll X , V . A 1" ?Qr?'lai. 1: i1'1ff!?.i6 ' :5l55'.f'A'53vs",' ' .v-0+ so -loux G, DUTTOX Mass .-Xxxlrz TQLAPPROTH B. S.. N. Mexico Lf B. A.. S. M. U. Science Head of Lalin v Asif. Coach of Football Latin Club Sponsor W ancl Baskelb ll, -. ' l .2 Miss Com Russau. B. A., Kansas U. Head of Spanish .M wi Mas. XXI li. Roum Mus. C-saws F. T,n'LoR MISS Yoxxa WVATSON B. A., NV. T. S, T. C. B. A., Mary Nash B. S.. N. E. Mo. S, T. C Spanish Head of Commerre Commerce l':urc Txuniw fum ,QR MRS, E, A, BAUQH E. C. POTTER G. F. HARMs A. B., Hastings College A. B., Colo. S. T. C. A. B., Friends University Commerce Commerce, Spanish Commerce Miss BEULAH BRADLEY Miss HELEN WORLEY OSCAR WISE B. S., C. I. A. B. S., C. I. A. B. S., Oklahoma A. Bc M. Head of Home Economics Home Economics Manual Training Director of Band Page Twenty-Six ' 1 t T. G. HULL Miss VENTURA SMITH H. G. WILSON B. A., Simmons Music Diploma, C. l. A. Texas U. Head of Manual Training Heacl of Music Hi-Y Sponsor Asst. Coach of Football and Basketball, Coach of Track AN APPRECIATION We the annual staff of 1927 wish to extend our most gracious thanks to the faculty of Amarillo High School. They have been most considerate and willing to cooperate with us. They have shown the greatest patience and leniency towards us. It is our hope that the future staffs may have the pleasure of as much consideration ancl neeclecl help from the faculty as the La Airosa staff of twenty seven has had. N. Page Twenty S x Udffe Me dnofher' ' fQuestions submitted by faculty of A. H. S., Supt. Mclntosh: Who is superintendent of the Amarillo schools? Mr Rogers: What does A. H. S. stand for in Amarillo High School? Miss Avent: If 2 and 2 when added make 4, what is the sum of 2 and 2? Mr. Jensen: What shape is a square? Miss Bradley: Is a flat felled seam flat? Mr. Dutton: Do chemistry teachers ever teach chemistry? Mr. Hays: On what date did the war of l8l2 take place? Mr. Hull: How many yards are run in the 220 yard dash? Miss Headrick: Was the leading character in Scott's "Lady of the Lake" a man or woman? Miss Klapproth: Who wrote Homer's "Odyssey"? Mrs. Quicksall: What was Edgar Allan Poe's middle name? Miss Welch: Wl1Ht,S the number of the first song in the book? Mrs. Taylor: What sex is the feminine sex? Miss Walker: When delivering an address should you talk out loud or whisper? Miss Cora Russell: In what country did Spanili originate? Miss Loetscher: What color are green leaves? Miss Smith: Who went on Gulliveifs Travels? Miss Watson: How much time was given to that I5 minute speed test today? Miss Louise Russell: Wlio wrote lVlilton's "Paradise Lostn? Mr. Truitt: What Presidential Campaign had the slogan: "Keep Kool with Coolidgen? y-Eight x cr f fs K x f x I A I fx 'X fx. fNQf ,X fx X f ' N ,K A N S "-1'-imr'ff:,.2,... ..5:,:.f.. , . .. ., - .. 47- , - 1.-nj---1,. ..,,,, -2-I-ff - any'45rf"-S53Qf:jf1w5Q3z:yE?4+,vp1.:g... Am '-"iv-.iff 5-, 5- r,,2,,:rQ:'32,1:w9f.QA-Up: -,J-""" X. ,.. .A A.. .f 'I .gef Q--wg.-M., , , , E 1-Lg ,x,,.3.N fn:-. ,,,w.,,- 4. V 4 LN.-2' M 1 , u.,J A pan, 41 ,pa ,,M?L:y,n,.1y,i,1.,.',tajQ..5AlQq5fi,.',x:iEi,V 45 . vvrvgx -N Q. fx .,, ,N , , x ,V f -A .-1 ax -9.1: . .mc Q-' ,x 4 -um, 5... fiwirif. flvffifiykmizfsfwh M ff fd -A v -. -L x axis ,s '-Y-"Erji"9"Qe'Nx Q KV' -4 ,i Nr' -'Z -rv-"H N-f 3.4 FN x WCM 32 sf 'ff ' Y " ""N'r J'- 3. D., 1 ... 1 'rf Q-mf 3'lfN,f' f s..:.r-- Jef QL- W- f y w .fvfwf 1, wx. 1 'A' ff., 4-., ,K V: ,. J. wa , :dn wr A ,, , yy, ,b F :fs-I 53- A. kgs. m, ,-w, H A 'gg' ' fd. ,My A .Q , 1 - R 43, W, -1 f A ,f ,fn ,M Q 744. Ck + I -:"'v gf' Ka w '- -K Xb, X f' , xc. H f .fx "' w-ff ,, f R rt 'vw x N ww. 'P 14.4 'W ,:.,,Q.x, N, ls.. J Y 11.1, A " ' "s M' KI vw .fs " ,A .:5,7S,q..: 15, f .xv Cm' ---f f,.v.1,v xv-'1' r -'f "I-1-'Pwi' " X -1 , J., f. lm f 'S .A y"'4"' 1 X ,g'1L.-v N' 'ff 'Q 1 y.. N -Y, R V2 v ,zu 1,-1 v. hr, 1, in -H, . kwa,-CA ,.,.-1,134-f, 5. ,wg -Q 4,35 933'-"af qw- ,..,, f ,vu F, ,. .aff f Ang' , :,,1,. A .U ral' 1-1 I 5- ww v Aw 1, "1 X wg ,-M'F,t 4 JH" 'xnxx , ,,-1 -. z V 5,4 1 Q. -'ff ' -sv , 44, -,..- 5- gn' ex.-ff, .-v, ,ff -4, V .'s1j,1,f:g.5 new .,-,,,.1.1L,. . t. . ia. ,, , , V 'wi' 'li' "I- Y A 'aiitliff .A m"L,-i'f',?.,: "" riff: .- -1:9-ff.-, , . Y- ., ... 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H!! 4 an L .. 2 x-va, Q.-I-114 X 1 V1 'K-PM-K Url W H Cf." 'G Alf: Lf WE? SX if 'Nhfik fl if r Q' '?"" " ' 'kg y fx. 'Q .,ve',""1'i-:J S i "1 If lk 'lff N' x -" few! X V X "4-f.-.-'cv ff- X X X .bx X. CLASSE .+ w i l 1 w W w Y I SENIOR II JUNIOR III SOPHOMORE IV FRESH MAN MARX' Louisa ASKEW fBootsl Physical Culture '23, La Polemista '23, Pi Delta Literary '25: Pi Delta Dramatic '26g Class Officer '25, Choral '24, '25, '26, Tennis '26g Class Officer '27, BLANCH ARCHER Spearman Hi. GIZRALDINE ALBRIGHT Uerryj Orchestra '24, '25: Junior Choral '26, Senior Choral '27. WALTER BARLOW Physical Culture '24, Philo '26, '27: Annual Staff '27, FRANK BARTON Hi Y '25, '26, '27: Track '25, '26, '27, Forum '26, '27, Football '26, "A" Club. CARTER A. BASSETT fAnthonyJ Football '25, '26 Capt. '26, Base- ball '24, '25, '26, Capt. '26s Basketball '24, Hi Y '25, '26: Class Officer '25, '26. .c xx J l l 6.5 2. r l ' E. S I l ,' 'G Q P .i,. ,, , l f' 1 r 3 j 5 v , .sv 1 3 was 5 A3 I 1 1 aa . Q. l .,-x ir, l is l givqsi i I Q E '20 eff l l . l s 1 2.......................q2-,,, e ,ml 1 BEULAH BENNETT Physical Culture '27. CLIFFORD BENNETT Texlioma I-li '24, '25, '26. .AGN1-QS BERRY Choral '27, Altus Qklahoma Hi '25, '26, EARL BISHOP Rostrum '24g Forum '25, '26, ,275 Tennis '25, '26g Football '25, '26g Basketball ,263 Debating Team ,261 Hi Y '26, ,27g Pres. Senior Class '273 "A" Club '27, ANN ALLETA BLACKBURN Choral '24, '25, '26, ,273 Peppers '27: Physical Culture '24. INEZ BOCKMAN Choral Club '26, '27. MAYDLLLL BOONL Choral '25, '26g Pi Delta Dramatic 'Zfg Peppers '26. ALBERT Borsa Clsutherb Class Pres. '243 Rostrum '25: Glee '26g Track '26g l-li Y '27. EARL E. BOYLES fE.ppj Baseball Mascot '23, '24: Football Mascot '23g Baseball '25, '26, '27g Football Mgr. '26g Football '25: Forum '25g Hi Y '26: Class Offi- cer 'Z4g Pres. "A" Club '26: Hi Y Police Dog '26. LLNNA BRYANT Latin Club 'Z6: Choral 'Z7. CLEO BURK Inter Nos Club '26g Choral '26, '27. MABEL BUSH Choral '25, '26, '27, J V , , 5 N ,. -x ,lf-f sz., if YN- -4' iff , , I V It fue lXll MILDRED CAIN Spanish Club '25g Eulalian Club '26g Choral '26. HARRY CALDWELL Tennis '27: lnter Nos '26, '27: Track '26, MARGARET CALDWELL Choral '27g Eulalians '27, RUTH CAVANAUGH Choral '25, '26, '27: Physical Culture 'Z4: Inter Nos Club ,24. MARY CATHERINE CHANDLER Carrizozo, New Mexico. ERNEST!NE. COE CErnieD Choral '27g Pi Delta Dramatic 27. T C1ARLAND WELDON COLLINS flVlablej Rostrum '24: Forum '25, '26, '27g Hi Y '26, '27: Glee Club '26, '27 FLORENCE-I CONNOR ZVEWA VANCE COTTON Choral '25, '26g Glee '27: Pi Delta '2-4. l'lAZILL COULSON CTootsJ Flwm-al '26, '27, K.A'rHLr+:N CRAWFORD lVlount Ayr High Sclmool, Mount Ayr, lowa '23, lTlLlNRY CURTIS Pliilo '24,"25: Hi Y '24, '25 '27q Track '26, '27: Delta blg. ' r iii T I 7. I . "J" 1 l O. . A ?g,.Lli! l"l"'f'i, ur.O . ' R Q T' If N OX. l T JOHN DANIEL C-lee '26, '27g Forum '26, Latin '26. ENA DAVIS Basketball '23, '24, '25, Home Economics Club '24. CATHERINE DOHONEY Choral '24, La Polemista '24, Pi Delta Dramatic '26, '27, Ass't. Art Ed. '27, EDWARD DOUD Hi Y '26, '27: Group Leader '27s Tennis '26, '27. LII,I.IAN DUNCAN Choral '27, FELIX EMMETT CElixJ Rostrum '23g Physical Training '23g Track '23, '24, '27,: C-lee '23, '24, '25, Delta Sig. AUBREY FAIREY CAubJ Glee '23. AUDEAN FAIREY Hi Y '25, '26, '27, Baseball '26 '27, Glee '26: Rostrum '23. BILL FLENNIKEN Philo '24, '25: Glee '25, '26s Hi Y '26, '27: Tennis '25, '26: Capt. Tennis Team '26, '27: Delta Sig. LUCILLE FOWLKES NOBLE FOWLKES Philo '25, '26, Class Officer '26: Lost and Found Room: Glee '23, '24, '25, '26, '27, PAULINE Fox QPollyJ Eulalian '26, '27. Baseball '25, '26: Football '26- 1 li. RICHARD GALLE CDickJ Hi Y '24, '25, '26g "A" Club '26: Track '26, JOHN GILLIAM Hi Y '25, '26, '27: Glee '26s Rostrum '24. ELEANOR GIST CEllyJ Choral '26, '27, Inter Nos Club '26g La Polemista '25: Pi Delta '25g Pi Delta Dramatic '26, Pep Squad '25, What Next '27. JAMES GOLDING Hi Y '25, '26, '27, For-um '25, '26, '27. BLAKE GOIIDON CPennyJ JAMES L. GORDON Hi Y '26, '27, Glee '26, Orches- tra '24, '25, Declamation '26. NINA GRABENER Chorus '23, '24, Choral '25g In- ter Nos '25. DICK GREEN Rostrum '24, Glee '25, '26, '27, Hi Y '24, '25, '26, '27: Class Officer 'Z7. JACK GRIGGS STANLEY HACAN fStanl Glee '24, '25, '26, Track '26, '27, Delta Sig. :ARTHUR HAMILTON Forum '24, '25, '26: Hi Y '25, 26, Football '25, 26: Track '26, '27, Baseball '24. THERESA HAMILTON fTiddyJ Inter Nos Club '25, Pi Delta '26: Choral '26. In in 'EX ox,5'a Q a 1 .ax , RUBY HARPER Espanita '25g Choral '26, ESTELLA HAYDEN Eulalian '25, '26q Choral '26, '27 ROBERT Hooxcs WILL HOSKINSON Hi Y '27, BILL HOWELL Band '26, '27: Hi Y '26, '27. BEULAH HUFF CBillj Choral '26. DOROTHY HUTQHINCS Physical Culture '23g Accompanist Choral Club '24, '25g Accompanist C-lee Club '25, '26: '26. Pep Squad EDGAR KANOUSE Hi Y '26, '27: Philo '26. ELIZABETH KELLY Basketball '26. S1MoN LUMPKIN CSO La Polemista '24: What Next '27. ETOILE LUMPKIN Uohnnyf La Polemista '24g Pi Delta '25, '26, '27: lnter Nos Club '26. ELBLR1' LLOYD Band l25. -!.M.'--,.:- .... l fad' -ml 1 xxwsl do ll . fl l l l l l 1 l 3 l lQ ! x .J Gus LEFTWICH Dallas Academy '24, '25g Hi Y '26, '27g Tennis '26g Track '27. RUTH LEFFORGE La Polemista 'Z4g Pi Delta ,255 Pi Delta Dramatic '26g Choral '26, '27, LANE MCAFEE fCiceroJ Forum ,23 '24, '25, '26g Tenni: '25, '26, '27g Football '26g Class Officer '25: Staff '27g "A" Club '27 SARAH MANSFIELD ClVlitzieD GMA MARTIN Fort Wo1'tl1 '25g Eulalians '26, 'Z7g Choral '27. ELIZABETH MATHis Chorus 'Z4g Pi Delta '24: Class Officer: Choral '25, '26, '27g Pep Squad '26. WIL'I'0N MATIH EWS ELLEN MAY ELIZABETH MEYER fBetty5 La Polemista '24g Pi Delta '25, '263 Class Qfficer 'Z6g Inter Nos Club 'Z5. ,G C ' J I , J . v I I 'c ,VN 1 II 2263550 , wfwfa , 'Is W I I 'Q Q f I , X ,fr sz I lgiffjfgvftz. f i ' I For L O M ,.,:,,:.: 1 7X 4 -..-In I 1 if .vw 'x IVIADELINFI MILES IONA IVIILLER Clkyy MARJORIE MILTON ..,, Chorus '23, '24. I I 11+-QE-mfs -J I L I OLIVIA MITCHELL Physical Culture '23, Class Offi- cer '23, La Polemista '23, '24, Pi Delta '24, Pep Squad '25, Ac- companist Choral Club '25, DORA MOORE Choral '25, '27, Espanita '25, JIM MONROE Hi Y '27, Roughneclcs '27: Philo '27, Culee '27, Sanclstorm Staff '27. MARY LUCY MONTGOMERY La Polemista '23, '24, Pi Delta '24, '25g Pi Delta Dramatic '25, '26, '27, Choral '24, '25, '26, '27. l.,UCIL.LE MURPHH' fCillej Physical Culture '23, '24, '25, '26, Choral '24, '25, Pep Squad '25, '26 ELIZABETH NEELY fl..izD Pi Delta '25, Pi Delta Dramatic '26, '27, Choral '26, '27. lVlEi.iNDA NUQEN1' Choral '25, '26, GILMORE NUNN LSmutJ Hi Y '24, '25, '26, '27: C-lee Club '25, '26: Yell Leader '26, '27, Class Officer '25, Staff '26, '27: Senior Play: Delta Sig: Physical Culture '23, VELMA O'BRIEN Eulalians '26: Choral '27. HENRY O'LEARY CO Henryj Fort Smith High, Muskogee '23. LUCY WILL PARKS fBillieD Physical Culture '24, Choral '26, '27 MELBA PIPKINS CTweetumsj Pep Squad '25, '26g Choral '25g Inter Nos '25, '26, Pi Delta Dra- matic '25, '26, '27g Choral '25, '26, '27, '11 f-Ah l lc o 1 W2 --Q FRANCES POWELL CPa1J La Polemista '24, Pi Delta '25g Choral '25, '27g Home Economics ,Z4, '25: Pi Delta Dramatic '26, '27: Staff 'Z7. MILDRED REDMAN Choral '25, '26. LOIS RIDINCS CShortyJ Choral '24, '25, '26, '27, Eu- lalian '25, '26, Physical Culture '22, '23. FRANCES ROBERTSON CLankyj Choral ,26, '27, ALMA ROGERS Pirate Yell Leader '27, Choral 'Z7. ROY ROSE CHRISTINE RUSSELL Physical Culture '24g Choral '25, '26, '273 Las Trohaclores ,265 Pi Delta Dramatic '27. ELMA SANDERS NIARYIN Sissoivi Portales, New Mexico, '24: Philo '25, '26' '27s Hi Y '26, '27: Glee '26, '2 7. LILLIAN BLANCHI-L THOMPSON Pi Delta '24, ,25, 'Z6: Choral '25. .,6 A . QI. VV. TIIvIIvIoNs Delta Sig ELIZABETH TOLLESON Orchestra '24, '25, '26. IN -A f W si, I I ,W T ,, 'M:::A::f '---- -',-:- 5 A W Q i E E La T , X . XXM. 31 QD'- I Y . K , N ,H X XE 5. v - X -,X :Xxx mt jo TOWNSEND Mt. Carmel Hi '23g Pi Delta '24, '25g Pi Delta Dramatic '25, '26: Class Qfficer ,252 Ass't. Editor La Airosa '26g Tennis '263 Editor-im ChT f La Airosa '27g What Next? ie '27g Pep Squad '25: 26. ARTIE XXAUGHAN -7' 7 . wifi!" L' ,wv'.., " 9.5.75 Vi EUGENE UVINIARD ,, ' Glee .'27gf' Reughxlxleck '27g El Paso High. LIZONA VINYARD Euiaiian ,273 El Paso High. BLANCHE WALKER Orchestra ,25, '27g Physical Cul ture H243 Wliat Next? 27. A LYDA MAE WALKER Inter Nos Club '26. 3 . .". r: 3 'R 10 Q M Sl 4 to '79 fs Y Xb WINONA WARFORD Choral '26, 'Z7g Physical Culture '24 4 . ' i Q , 5 1 N i s f 1 3 X 1 s 1 f i E l l WAL'I'ER WARREN Glee '24, '25, '26, '27, I l DESCMOND WEATHERFORD Tj Choral '27g Basketball: Ft, Wortlr Jr. Hi '24, '25, '26, l 6 I nl ll' RAYMOND VVEATHERLY fl LELAH WHITAKER l Q E Choral '25, '27: Pi Delta '27. " f l , F z LL ll lr ALWARD WHITE , 5 gg Hi Y '26, '27g Group Leader '27g , Orchestra '26: Rostrum '23. ' V, if ' N g 6 ff , ' 5 fl l LW r 2 ........,,,.., ""A 1 M 'T Alvlll Y" lfeff, X,' Q LJ R 70 E , 1 I DORIS WILKINSON Choral '24, '25, '26, '27. GRE'l"fA LLL WILLIS Spanish Club ,251 Physical Cul- ture '24, ELIZABETH WOOLDRIDGE CLizJ Choral '27g Plainview High '26 Vvhat Next? '27, LEON YOCHAM Track '265 Basketball ,265 Pan handle I-li '23, '24, NIEIL Yows I-li Y '27, SAM LEMONS Delta Sig. V 'Na 'f N X M X AZ X ' , X if 1 jf X, Q W , V ' ku i ill f JUNI R A WA 7 Q A 3 1 X P' V W 5 QW K a X N H w V 0 ea K 1 zmzbr Clary 19.27 OFFICERS HAROLD NUNN - - - President BONITA CAZZELL - Vice Presrdent MARGARET CHESTNUT - Secretary Ross LARSEN - - Treasurer Fifty-Four ONE MORE YEAR We have one more year to run in the race, To add our points to the score Of the clear old school that has sponsored us For the last three y-ears or more. There is one more year of running straight With head and shoulders high, And feet pounding steadily on the turf As we pass the mileposts by. In the race we have run in years gone by Some few have fallen away And some have stumbled and staggered on Growing stronger clay hy day. And now with the finish line looming faint In the gloom of the unknown year There's a heartening in the running ranks, An exultant, murmured cheer. Oh we'll run straight on in the year to come We'll run straight on to the end And when we are gone, the dear old school Will count each one as a friend. -Eula Lee McKnight. Zi GLENDORIS ABBOTT Choral '25, '26, DAWN ADKINS Pi Delta '26, Latin Club '26 FRANK ALLEN CHankJ Philo '24, '25: Hi Y '26. WINIFRED ALLEN CVVeeneD Philo '25s Track '24, '25. COLMON BARNHILL Tennis ,26, '27. GEORGE BATES Hi Y '26, BLANCHE BEAUFORD HAROLD BENNETT Hi Y '26. .IILANNE BLANCHARD Physical Culture ,261 Cho- ral '24. HELEN BLANTON JULIA BOYDSTEIN Basket Ball '24, '25, '26: Choral '24, '25, Pep Squad '24, Spanish Club '24, I fty ALDA Lois BRAUNIG Shreveport, La., Choral '26. FANNIE SUE BRASUEL ESSIE BREWER BOB BROWN Okmulgee, Ckla. WILLIAM BYNUM I-Ii Y '26, '27. T. M. CASH Declamation '25, '26: Fo- rum '25, '26, Hi Y '25, '26, TOM CASTLEBERRY BEVERLY CATE Albuquerque l-li '25g Latin Club '26, Pi Delta '26, '27g Clioral '27, BONITA CAZZELL fBobD Basket Ball '24, '25, '26, Choral '24, '26 Vice Pres. 24, '26: Pres. '25, Pep Squad '25, '26g Tennis '26, '27. MARGARET CHESNUTT Chorus '25, Pi Delta '26, '27, Latin Club '26g Class Officer '27, LUCILLE CHILDERS Tulsa I-Ii '24, '25, '26. EVELYN CLARI4 NlARGARE'1' COLLINS Choral '24, Latin Club 225: Pi Delta '26, MARGARET COOK Orchestra '25, '26. EDNA CORNELIUS Basket Ball '24, '25, '26, '27, Pi Delta '26, '27, Peppers '26, '27. MAURFCE CRESENS Choral '26. lVlAXENli CRESENS Choral '26, CHARLE JEAN CULLUM Choral Club '26, '27g Pi Delta '26, '27. RAYMOND DANIEL GRACE DAVIS HOLLIS DE CIRASSI Physical Ecl, '26. HAROLD DONNELL Hi Y '26, Band '26, Physical Ed. 'Z6. 'WIFE I? .I...,,,!, 'H il 16" il: lx FRAN C ES ELLISON Muuo FEIRABEND Hi Y '26g Glee Club '26. TI-IEO FERGESON E. B. FINCHER Pres. Inter Nosg Forum '25, '26: Sec. '26: Hi Y '26. ELIZABETH FLANDERS Choral '25, '26, l'lEI..ENE C-ALLAHER Pr D43 '25, Eulalian '24, ' ,255 Spanish Club ,255 Choral '24, '25, '26g Pep Squad '26, '27g Tennis '26, MILDRED CAUT Choral y24, '25, ,263 Bas- ketball '24, '25, '26s Pep '25, '26g Tennis '25. DICK GIBBON Crlee '24g Forum '25g Hi Y '26q Track '26, HERMAN C-RANNIS Band '26g Rough Necks. DORTON GREEN Hi Y: Hi Y Band. MARY ALICE GRIGGS WINSTON GROCAN Philo '24, '25s Hi Y '26, '27q Track '26. JOYCE GROSS Orchestra '24, '26g St. Louis Hi '25. FRANCES HANCOCK Class Officer '25: Physi- cal Culture '26. EV!-ILYN l'lIGlNBO'I'HAM Class Offlcel' Cwhorus '25g Latin Club '26g Pi Delta '26: What Next? '27, LOUISE HOH1. Tulsa Hi '25, '26g Intex' Nos '26, JOY HOLLAND Pi Delta '26, '27, l..OUlSli HOGAN Basket Ball '26, PRLHAM HOPKINS Roughneck '26g Choral ,245 Hi Y '24, ,261 For- um '24, '25g Glee Club '26, AIESSIE MAE HYDEN Pi Delta '25, '27g lnter Nos '25. HARHLLL INCRUM .AxRDA'l'H JOHNSON ,y,, ff M'0'vLf LEILA JONES Physical Culture '26, '27 .ALLYCE KELLY CHARLES KENDRICK Band '25, '26, '27. CLAUDE KENNETT Ross LARSEN Class Officer ,263 "A" Clubg Football '24, ,265 Basketball '25, Baseball '26. JACK LEVERITT Band '24, '26g Hi Y '26, '27. HAROLD LONG VVALTER Lori' Clarendon Hi '25, '26, CHARLES LOWNDES CChiliJ Philo '24, '25: Hi Y '26, '27g Glee Club '26, '279 Staff '27g Roughneck '26, Delta Sig. OTIS MASSEY ENID IVIAYER Choral '24, '25g Physical Culture '26. DOROTHX' lVlEL'I'ON Choral '24, '26. JACK MELTON Track '26, '27, Class Meet '26, Hi Y '26 '27, Class Poet '26, l-UCILLli MILES Oklahoma City l-li '23, '24, '25. MABLE Mirvis Chorus '24, Latin Club '25, Pi Delta '25, '26: Physical Culture '26. VVAI,.'l'ER Mrrc H ELL SHARPE McCULLOuOH Track '24, '25, '26, Hi Y '24, '25, '26, '27: Staff '27, Rough Neclcs '26, Class Officer '24, Delta Sig. RU'l'll MCGEIAI VVILLIAM MCIVER Hi Y '26. 1 , .1 i,f" - EULA LEE MQlfNlGH'l' H Choral '25, Latin '26, Pi Delta '26, in 1 Club ' '27 Class Officer '26.,,f v MARY MCNEILL lVlURRliI..L NEELY Philo '24, Forum '25, Glee '23, '24, '25, '26, Hi Y '26, Delta Sig. fee 29 aux v jsssuz Nl-LLSON Basketball '25, '26, '27: Pirate Pep Squad '26, '27. HAROLD NUNN Football '25, ,263 Basket- ball ,263 Baseball '26: Class Officer '25, '26. FAX' OlBliIEN Pi Delta '25, '26, Music '24, ,251 Wliat Next? '27, EDWARD PEARCE Football '25, '26, Track V253 Baseball '26g Bas- ketball '24, '25, '26, Glee Club '24, '25, Pliilo '25: "AH Club '26, School Quartet '24, '25. BILL PERDUE MARCLARET PUCKETT Spanisli Club '25, Latin Club '25, '26, Pi Delta Dramatic '26g Staff ,27. KLNYON ROCRWELL Track '26, ,275 Football '26 LRONA Rowe Physical Culture '24, Bas- ketball '25, '26, '27g Pi- rate Pep Squad '26, '27. GIKAHDON SALLEP1 Philo '26, '27: l-li Y '26 '27, Latin Club '26, '27 w LAw'RENcL Si-im l-li Y ,263 Forum l26. lVlARCARE'I' SHEERS Wicliita Falls '25, Girls Club ,255 Latin Club '25. WINIFRED SIMPSON Cl'Io1'al '24, '25 CORNILLIA SMITH CECIL SMITH CFatj Glee Club '22, '23, '24g Baseball '23, '24, '26g Basketball '24: Football '24, '26. REOOIE SNEED Bradley, Arlcansasg Band '25, '26: l-li Y '26. MARY SPANN DOROTHY S'I'AI.u1Y RAYMOND SUMMIQRS I-li Y '27. juI..IAN TADLOCI4 Football '26. CxliR'l'RUDE 'TAYLOR Peppers Pep Squad '27, L S. TAYLOIQ Hi Y '261 Forum '26, BARIQIJVI' THOMPSON Philo '24g l-li Y '25, '26s Track '26. I WF 2 III j ah I K .Q J' 21 ii 1 I 'Y , 4 4-I I if I ,. ' 775751 , h we ff sf I st It gf -Qs., , LILL, CARMEN THOMPSON lnter Nos Club '25: Chor- al Club '26g Peppers '26, GLADYS TOWNES Latin Club H263 Choral '27, KENNETH TRAVIS Football '25, '26, Basket- ball '26, '27, Baseball '26, '27. THELMA TROLINCER Choral '25, '26, Latin Club '25, '26 MARIE TULLY Pirates Pep Squad '26: Eulalian Club. MARGARET TUTT Choral ,24, ,253 Orches- tra '24, '25, WILL UTTERBACK Glee Club '26, '27, LAURA VJADE Basketball '24. BERNICE WHEELER JACK WHITLEY Band '27. EDNA C-ALLE w N 1 f 'U v gig? fi W + Q ,N x V My fr! W7 M m f W 112' J? ,gf y X V RK V? f W1 W Y Q ASN g TQ 'J fx N ,V Ex f Q W LY Su.. if 1 W f X X AQ x ' S N ff . . SUPIIZOIIIOIW Cyllff 1927 OP FIVI-IRS HIQRMAN CONKLIN - - - - 5 Presidcnl BIZTTY C1I5T - ' Vice-Presidenl WAIRD HIQDQINS - Secretary BI-1'1"1'x' XV!-LBSTIZIQ 7 Treasurer 'I'I1li5OPl'l5 Olf '27 VH plncv in my il'C'fl!4Lll't' clwsl, TIM- memory of school days lnlvsl, And lock with a golden key Wl1e1'cX none but rnysvlf may sw. Y e m nd WEWCII I am lon Q0 c nl. sad and bluc, The The -.-...v-...Q-.-2--J-..A-Q-'L'Z'.C..-I' ......q.-.---.-.-..................,. .JM .212 ,W Q 4 Q :aww " Q: Q 21 I v2l2 f-309 xy, 706 207 106 1. -smggvags. -4,1-s. r QNX LP, :"':""""""":4':'N"' .t wx zifv -5 Svl? M .4.... -..-.':':'si- Q.- 'JT ' .W Q: ,K , 1 Imam- Siu 4 ,Q 44 20 HBH!-21151855 9 fy-rligrm, Illv-1101 211 3 a:.-au...?ji.".3.u'a:ra35 . .. -.... .J""..B2L..... X -........--xv.--.3 212,-III' ZIO OUR CLASS Sophomores! Four-hundred Sophomoresl And Sophomores we're proud to be! The Seniors have the worries of the annual. The Juniors have the trouble of the Sandstorm, while the Sophomores have their good times. The Sophomore class of '27 is well organized. Uur motto, "Not there, but Climbingn is one of the best ,cause thatls the one we chose. Our flower is the beautiful lilac and our colors are purple and white. The greatest event during the year was perhaps our sponsor, Miss Avent. Our Avent and our mothers gave us a picnic which took place under the trees of beautiful Box Canyon. Everything was ideal and every one had a wonderful time. As a whole, our year has been very pleasant and we have all enjoyed being Sophomores. V-HB6-tty Crist. l':1p:e Sixty-Nm SCHOOL PEP! , 946- dew Q11 ,V ,W -, Ano we -mr. ww? :K-. , fmt. ru. Even woms I - 'BIS' mm-A :rea 1-nm A , X A I I . 'mx Z: + ' '-f-'N-+C , E vfv . ik ' ' f ,yew w sae -rue m 'So you Ani ofa I - K' to c E A wa new D A wnvckso --191 Vg 1,7 Egg! GM' 1-an .ma fH . ' E. :ssoas V mes. 'fc 984' 'K L, . A aff W9 , in S-S-'bit HER! HE f a , " 2 -v - Cbmzahazf -r ' .. ,f ' ' V y , , S5 xxx I :A-'QF , M TH! F' DKDYBALL Sumo - HSN? ' ' I : V! " , . ai i1fP ,LQy4 1 f , 1.0,-Q I -Qrhhsif ',,, Qi 5' .Ji G C fx N x, K Q ' Y . 3 Xi " 9 Q, ' 3 o QI v A A X Y 5 9 R ' . J . O A , Q v 5 ii ' :Pk f 31:9 5, 4 xx p . 'gi ,v1 x If 15 n L, v I I ,I ,J 5 Q 'rl' an f 9 U N4 'f f - 12, 4- A 1 Q. X 'K i Q ,, X x an . X ' fxXX g z caves :many 11, 'X H I ff, 6 , ' '1 f M 3, LN... -:X .A , , 4 P M 3 ' 2, " as K L. A' fw N , Q 3 7' .Q fi' KE 'M' fag ,M ,. , L...k fc 2' Elan Q ,My Q L V . 9 K 5' , " 1 , JW LM 'x 2 Q V0 hw . Page Seventy W ,v im- V,,' Q H I M M1 3.-Zz. it xl M J H wg ' gr XV s VN -3 N xl fy: fr J if N X 1 fl N A 5 V w A -' N ax X W 'G W xx 4 . gi , X W ', 24 'AQ-1 S 11 " xg ' 4 .TSN X I' xl J! 1 X N M! My ' . if f ig! FRESHMA Freffzmmz Clan 1927 OFFICERS BEN ANSLEY - - - - President CHRISTINE LANE - - Vice Preszdent BESSIE BIRDWELL - Secretary RACHEL LOVING - Treasurer ge Seventy-T THE FRESHMAN To live for the joy of living, To woncler at all tl"l6t,S new, Respecting not God ancl respecting not man Confusing the false and the true. To bridle and balk at laborg To enter, whole-soulecl, into play: To gradually open olazzlecl eyes On the light of a broader day-- 'Tis only a stage in the making of mang 'Tis a step along the way. IO6-WI02 5-M108 7V 307MW2l34-30 The Freyfzmefz of ,27 ln order to become good Sophomores we must be good Freshmen: and in order to become good Juniors we must be good Sophomoresg and in order to attain the dignity of Seniors we must be good Juniors. The Freshmen have certain goals they must attain before they can be Seniors and enjoy the privileges of Seniors. Not only have we set our goals for our high school life but for our life beyond. We have tried to establish the right sort of habits, to keep before us high ideals and to win the respect and friendship of our teacers and class- mates. We have given our support to the school papers, athletics, etc. We have accepted our part gladly in making our high school one worthy of our loyalty and pride. -Bessie Birdwell. l Page Seventy-Four -- ff y f , Q5 gf A V , my FAVGRITES Pzlgv 5 5 ff l f 52 JW M ll 3. 1 ,gi g 1 Af f -W '1'-, Q, 4 U . ,fl Q 5 , x ,... -.1 Q- .gr , , ,- I I l lvl I I I ff x,,1 is ..- ,I X a k E aa . v Q 4, ,.,...-:5 ' ,M "" "" ,, H4 1-n., ,, ui.. - .,.. "S" ,, ,7 , ,,, ..,. 2: F' .....- -.......:.r...- ' Q. L. , 4 S YW ,-.-..... x s....q. --,TN L new--...Ewa M.. -N, ' s I 1 TN I l"5f ix ' vA-', 51'.4k?i5fYfi 5 ,'. ',- 1?-f f:.A f. ".' "l'7"7,f ' ff' ,L'.. V .jjj-F?g'Lf54,la,'Tg,.Q34xgfi? -'.',' "" . 9.5 CLUB I P ht lh H. G. WILSON ALLEN HEATER - DICK GREEN - RICHARD GAIALE ROBERT STRADFR Hi- Y OFFICERS GILMORE NUNN - - LEONARD TATE - NOBLE FOWLKES - FRANK BARTON - BILL PERDUE - AUDEAN FAIREY - - EDGAR KANOUSF. JOHN GILLIAM - ED DOUD - - JIM GOLDING - ALWARD WHITE ROY KERR - - - Sponsor - President - Vice-President - Secretary - - Treasurer - - Reporter Sergeani-at-Arms Leader Group 1 Leader Group 11 Leader Group III Leader Group IV Leader Group V Leader Group VI Leader Group V11 ,Leader Group V111 Leader Group IX Leader Group X CIOMER JONES - Store and Los! and Found Room PH- YAr!z'wlfz'ef The Hi-Y Club of this year is not only the largest in its history, but it still is, by far, the largest club in Texas. Mr. G. C. C-ood, the State Boy's Work Secretary of the Y M. C. A. says, "Amarillo has the Best club in the State." The club started work this school year with forty-eight old members actively engaged in the work. At the present writing, we have one hun- dred eleven regular members with an Employed Boy's Unit of eleven mem- bers. The club has a waiting list of Sophomores from which choice pros- pects will be taken to form a nucleus for next year's work. This year, a very active fourteen piece band was organized with Marion lVlcClure as director. This band has played for all the Civic Clubs here and has been on the air a number of times. The club has sponsored a store in connection with the Lost and Found Room this year. ln addition to supplying boys for the store and Lost and Found Room, the club has supplied boys for bell, office, police and lockerroom duty.. The membership stands ready at any and all times to render service. Fifty-two delegates, including our Band, made the trip to Ft. Worth to the Older Boy's Conference this year. The Hi-Y Club has furnished leaders in all the school activities. One business man said, "The Hi-Y Club is the biggest and best club in our high school." Page Eighty-Five l The Inter'-N05 Club Miss KLAPPROTH - - - - Sponsor "Labor omnia vincit H The Inter Nos Club was organized for the second time at the beginning of the school year l9Z6-1927. Under the able sponsorship of Miss Klapproth much has been accomplished by the twenty-five members. The club was instrumental in securing the moving picture "The Last Days of Pompeiin. The proceeds of the picture were used for the Latin Tournament which was held April I. Part of the Club members made their public appearance in a playlet "ln Gallian presented before the Parent Teachers Association and part in the Uvestal Virgin" taper drill. IEL' Nighty-Six q1 -un-1...-N i Pfzzfomzzfhzkzlzf MR. TRUITT - - - - - Sponsor The Philomathian Debating Club of l927 was organized Sept. I6, 1926, with the purpose of promoting all branches of public speaking. W. A. Criswell and Thomas lVletz served as presidents. The sponsor was Mr. Truitt. ln the Philo-Forum annual debate, held on February 24, the Philomathians won the silver loving cup offered by the Lions Club. Later, on March I8, Robert McKinney won first place in Ex Tempore Speaking. A Forum-Philomathian banquet was held March 4, at l-lotel Herring. The Philos have a large increase in membership over last year. They are spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club, Page Eighty Forum MR. JENSEN ---- Sponsor The Forum was organized on Sept. 16, 1926. The purpose of the club is to instruct the members in debating. lVlr. Harms filled the position as sponsor until he left us, then Mr, Jensen was appointed to take his place. The boys have shown much interest in work this year. Cn l-lallowe'en the Forum held a joint party with the Philomatheans. The girls attended. The Forum-Philo banquet was held March 4, at 'the Herring Hotel. The boys chosen to represent the Forum in the Inter-Club debate were Earl Bishop and Frank Barton. 1 Nin 1- ty 15 l a Sfrzkzg Ezzywfffzlv LORNAINH WPgLc'1f1 ---- Sponsor A String Ensemble was organized this year to take the place of the orchestra. It has played on several occasions and has been very favorably received. Pzlxc Ninn! y-Om' 5 i c,AMfs.,.ns-as In Bam! OSCAR WISE - - - - - - Director "Music begins where a spoken word enclsi' The Bancl has done a great deal for the school this year in creating school spirit. It has taken part in every ball game, rally, and school parade. The band not only took part at these games ancl ralleys but gave a number of con- certs at the Municipal Auditorium, took an important part in the Panhandle Music Festival, and furnished music for the Tri-State Track ancl Fielcl Meet, ancl the May Festival. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR! W.A,CR1sWELL - ---- President PAUL SMITH - - Secretary Page Ninety-Twn Glee Club LORRAINE WELCH ---- Director The Boys' Glee Club, under Misswelch has shown great progress in the past year. There were fifty juniors and Seniors enrolled during the last semester. The Boys' Quartet was composed of Gilmore Nunn, first tenor, Garland Collins, alternate first tenor, Dick Green, baritone, Earl Bishop, first bass, Noble Fowlkes second bass. The Boys' Glee Club furnished most of the boys for the cast of WI-he Gypsy Rover," and all of the male chorus was composed of boys from the Glee Club. Page Ninety-Three T Q ,.-.- no- SUIIZIOI' Cfzoml Cfub LORRAINE VVELCH - - - - Director The l926-l927 Senior Choral Club of the Amarillo High School was very sue cessful, clue to the strenuous efforts put forth by its supervisor, Miss Lorraine Welch who came to Amarillo during the first semester from Lawton, Oklahoma. The Club participated in many social activities and has broadcasted several clif- ficult and varied programs. 1 5, Yncty-Four .ff K . fi ga- 1 , Q Zll1Z.0l' Choral Cfzzb Mondayfwednesday LORRAINE WPL,ci1 ---- Direclor The Girls Choral Club consists of one hundred and six. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Their activities for the year have been great ancl beneficial. The Club has given radio programs and the Seniors, with the aid of the Clee Club, Orchestra, and Choral Club, presented the operetta, "The Gypsy Roverw, March ll. Pagv Nin rf i ufzzbf' Cham! Club Tuesday-Thursday LORRAINE Weccii ---- Director "Music hath charms" This is the first year Amarillo High School has had a director who devoted her entire time to the music department. The result of this arrangement has been most satisfactory. Due to Miss Welch's untiring energy the Choral Club has made an enviable record. The Club has given two radio programs, and assisted in presenting the operetta. "The Gypsy Rover", March ll. Page Ninety-Six Y, 6' 9' Club MR. HULL ---,-- Sponsor 2" N' 3951? 5:-1-Af ga The "A" Club was organized at the first of this year with lVlr. Hull as sponsor. Its main purpose was to give the athletic a more important place in the mfnds of the students. The "A" Club started with I5 letter men but when the football letters were awarded its membership was increased. Old letter men of A. H. S. were also in- vited to join the organization. OFFICLLR5 EARL BoYLi:s - President ALYDEAN FAIREY - Vice-President RICHARD GALLE Secrelarju-7 reasurer DICK CALLPI - - - bt-rgeant Pairs Ninety-Sn-vt-u 1 K Yf ,L V Pepperf Miss WATSON - - - - - Sponsor The "Peppers" were organized early in September with Miss Watson as sponsor of the club. The Peppers attended all the football games and baseball games. The uniforms were golcl sweaters trimmed in back with black Ubobbien skirts and golcl jockey caps with black bills. The yell leaders for the year were Dorothy Fowlkes and Azell Boone. go Ninety-Eight Rough ZVMEJ MR. WILSON ----- Sponsor The Rough Neck Pep Squad was organized by Nlr. Wilson with Gilmore Nunn as leader. The club had a successful year and made a good impression with its yellow shirts, recl bandannas and lusty lungs. Pam- Ninvt y -Nim- 'HY' 5 i Pzmfef Miss BRADLEY - - - - - Sponsor The Pirate Pep Squad was organized a short while after the football season opened. Alma Rogers was elected yell leader and Helen lVlcMurtry assistant yell leader. Miss Beulah Bradley was selected as the sponsor of the year. We feel that we have helped our team in every way possible and it is our sincere hope to keep the spirit we have created in years to come. Page One Hundred ,, X . f 1 J km- lluxulrn-mi Um llHll't'4f Tx Xu virv-mi Thrm-v Lcz Azrom Sm MEMBERS jo TOWNSEND - - - - GILMORE NUNN - CHARLES LOWNDES - SHARPE MCCULLOUGH - - MARGARET PUCKETT - CATHERE DOHONEY - WALTER BARLOW - FRANCES POWELL - LANE MCAFEE - - ------ - - Editor-in-Chief Business Manager - Ass't. Editor Ass't. Buss. Mgr. - Art Editor Ass't. A-rt Editor - Senior Editor Humor Editor Athletic Editor The staff of the 1927 La Airosa acknowledges thanks to the following, and feel that they helped a great deal in making our book a success: The West Texas State Teachers College for the engravings of Palo Duro canyon: The business men of Amarillo for their enthusiasm in our schoolg The faculty for their kind considerationg The school body for their cooperation with usg The following girls for the time given us in hand 'tinting the annual: Frances Powell-Head of group. Margaret Sheers Dorothy Staley Catherene Dohoney Adeline Trigg Etoile Lumpkin Betty Gist Adeline Lumpkin Simon Lumpkin Louise Hohl Nina Grabner Mary Louise Askew Betty Meyer Cynthia Lumpkin Lillian Blanche Thompson Elizabeth Neely Zallee Williams Miss Bradley for the use of the Clothing room: And Louise Hohl for typing our copy for us. I ,L One Hundred Four X 1 gl'-250 pf, in -If-"-' en, .,6.Y1,,, Y' -.Q x ,L I xr. 1: It , -tri ' Qg,-.iyp Q'l'Hl3fS5' N' i 'L. I yfu 1'-A v w , r.,..:T':j1"7t 1-7- rs ,.5'Q2S.i4-tj, gsjrjrhhffj, ,Q U:-,,. , 3,1 , f U ' 41-.fifg , V 9?.."L ' Y '- " .-fg'- ' f, N fs- Ag 91 ' J .9 1-.? A'."4M',.' A '. - If xg-Ji, x 3' ff A . iii, L." 10, .4 Iva Jawa ,vi -tijjgg ..:af4w mf '-fggn., . I 5- :uf . 'Fi' .,,1',iv . f' 'xl-. -'qv--qfgiv .1'wf:iff, ,-Zgf' . .. . '- '1, Q V 1 - -, ,VK - , .,,el-xg,-Qf.ffxf,1QAijf1'k:5 7-,, P ..v'f 'L I-nn! Q Az I ,X 'Q '- . J nq ' s no v 'hm' 4 5 : - ', ' ,aa .f an ,..-Q-,-' . if' .K 1 an :Q ' Q "4-wtf -29 " " .1 x. SN, . 3: X A Vx .Q ,fx ,ficvl 'f Q hi! U ' -lb 'LX' 'Nl' 'ol , 4, . , ,,. ,I ,.. 41 K Q 3 4' 'Y 'z Y. '1 ! ,,.,,f NJA.. .4 lf., . 'Q' qv- 1' . 'J n A sf ,, Q Q Q ' 0 7 s , N W ,1-.nv y x , 4 K- X ' k ' 'a ' 'B q': 1, I 'I 57754.15 Fu 4 , . . N - '1..,,.o, .Im , ab . ,L ' Q If , ., io' ,fit ', ' ,Xie f A l 6 ' fl - ,1,- A - 1 ' . 'g' f 1 1 . if 'Jo ' -' , . - I If , 5 v' ' ' ,QA n jl ,. 1 X 5,1 I I1 . 4 on . . , , g 'lzqbf' 1 'HVNU fra' +A H. ii-.5 ' ' -, . 5 .' Lu fix mf , 1, ,JL ' BX 1 , ' 1' .- " 64 In - ,xgogg Qf Q, 1. . r- I . -- 51 ' 24, " at-' 5 I ? nl 4 .+I A '2 G-'af F -ff'-www 'T' V Z' v X 4 , 1 f- 7 -- 51, '--- . if my -E .'?wf"'3JL X Lil?-'SL rx 'Z-M-. 1. . , -- , ' -. A if mmf 5 V ' vi I J . ,zzz .5 ,fl f 'ffggfqaggjgiii Q 'Q' ' Z pi. , of 'V " " ' ,134 .xt 2 Mf ,, -ff T fm X J 4 A -- ,A -rghn L4 35 - Z-E YE - L :?A?:i.-Q11 - N 1 : f -- . V4 f 2511 - ' 1? W' Yifigx - , f - :Q fix jjxr , - .gif . L ,J-I ff Q q-'M r' SCHOOL LIFE Page One Huuvlrf-d WY" Calendar SEPTEIVIBER Ho hum! Letis see this is September isn,t it? Wasn't there something we'cl planned to clo this month? What was it? Oh yes this is the month we kinda thought we'cl go back to school. Well here we are. - We begin to find which teacher we would rather have by the lessons they assign. The clans and cliques are slowly gathering. Soon we'll know who's who. First foot-ball game with Chilclress and we won of course. 'Ray for the Sandies! Hot dog! Holiday for Tri-State, 'Nether game with Canyon here. Too bacl Sanclies, but they beat you only a point, OCTOBER -Great excitement. Mr. Mac fell up the steps. Game with Tucumcari. Not so good. -Extra!! All Juniors and Seniors ordered shot by November l0th and I5rh respectively. ' -False alarm. They're only supposed to have their pictures taken for the annual. -Remember the huclclle system! -Nothing unusual, just school. -Better luck next time Sanclies. -Pep meeting. We get lectures because of lack of it. -'Nother rally and more lecture. -See I told you so. We beat Lubbock 3-0. 1 L, Hundred Six NOVEMBER 1 llfhe Scliool's still here and we are too fin body but not in spirit.j 4-We work up a little pep before the Plainview game. 5QThe game and defeat. I0-All Juniors shot. ll-Armistice Day-a half holidaysa parade. -a foot-ball gamewmore fun! I5-All Seniors shot. Gosh what a relief. l6--"Last Days of Pompeii' at Junior High. Proceeds go for Latin Tournament. l9-.Big rally for Lubbock, our old rival. Z0-Lubbock just went and took all the joy out of life. 23-The day is cold and dark and dreary It rains and the wind is never weary. 25-We continue to lose foot-ball games. This time to Memphis. DECEMBER 2.wTl'Ze last game of the season is ours with the l9Z7 Sandies carrying off the hon- ors. All old men were not allowed to play. 3-Hi Y boys in Fr Worth havin' fun. C-r-r-r! 4-Chemistry sharks generate chlorine No casualties reported. I4-Big annual drive. Speeches, posters and all that goes with it. Henry Curtis and Sharpe McCullough both have sore throats from yelling. l5-Sale still on. 17--Vacation!! Plenty of sneezes and sniffles and every one returns tired, but happy. Page One Hunndred Seven JANUARY 3-We're here again. Seems as if this is the place where we all loaf the most. l0-Some Frosh boys blossom out in long pants. fSanta must have had a few extra pairs., ll-Revival of Learning 'Tis sad but true-.exams are coming. Six weeks tests are bad enough but now we truly suffer. l7-They're here! Oh gosh! 24-New semester and many different questions are heard about the building, as, "Did you pass?" "Oh goody, I beat you. I made 77." 26-Nothing more can happen. We haven't recovered from "mid-terms" yet. 29-Basketball game with Clarendon. FEBRUARY 5-Basketball again and victory. 9-The weather is the only interesting thing to talk about these days and its awful. ll-Game with Panhandle who bravely nosed out on us. Popularity contest opens. Every one excited. l5f-Second game with Panhandle and they were victorious again. Preliminaries in Popularity contest over. Much rejoicing and also much sorrow when the boys look at their pocket books. I8-Finals in contest begin! Much borrowing going on. 22-They're over. Everybody happy--that is most everybody. 28--Nothin' more this month. page One Hundred Eight. MARCH 2-Track training well under way. 4-Forum-Philo Banquet at Herring. Even the girls were present I!q"Gypsy Rover" presented at auditorium. No injuries sustained. 22-Second annual drive. Sharpe and Henry have sore throats again. 30-No spring vacation for us. Tight wads. APRIL I-April fool and Latin Tournament. Z-Tri State Track and Field Meet-dust, oh my! 7-All the Seniors in their second childhood today. I5-Baseball game with Hereford. Z!-Sophomores stage a wild par--oh goodness, I mean a picnic at Box Canyon. 22-23-District meet at Canyon. Amarillo took first place and Barton was high point man. See you at Austin, Amarillo. 30-Fourteen sweet young things appear at school with question marks on their cheeks! What next? MAY 3-Mr. Jensen gives all his classes a lecture on "Undue Familiarity in the Halls." 4-Gilmore Nunn and Felix Emmett receive severe chastisement for shoving the girls around. Naughty, naughty. 6-May fete. Spring has came! I2-Juniors loosen up and entertain us QSeniorsl at the Palisades. A good time was had by all. , 23-lllustrious Seniors and their high ideals! 27-Another year gone! ! ! Page One Hundred Nine i Page Une Hundred Ten 111E s11N11s1o11N MAGAZINE SECHQIL G, fv Y S110 1 1 1 EP ...A-1 Ui P15 LGST AND FOUND '71 1 O, . 1 1 7 11 1. 1 '4 7' 1 1, ,fkl Q51 5 E' ,525 ,nwzw N13 veivas' ' 1-S965 PI DEL1 11 CLDBX PRES BW, Y1 PL, 1011 . IW " 1 1113 1 Q91 , D '1 .wK' Yi 111 .ij 'S 6, 1 1 1, , ,111 11: '1 ' ----- Ig-LQ..1 H ' 1' 11 wg 1 fk-ho' A 1 1, hd .4 If - v---'-Q- Q 1 11 QUELTII SIGMA 1 1 f 1,-1, -i4?iR?!L-'0' " 5,55 Qi1 LA AIROSA Nov Ny NEAR com 'Q Q51 K" UI 1--1 1 Q 1 , f ff 1 1 'NRI WUI G A X- ,L Blake I' ,h,. ,HA A 1:11 E Aff ' Q N jk 3 1411. s'111u11,gi"' 4' ' 0? .IONS CUP 2 J, F1i1sP11lLEAI1l1!1U3' 1,1 hr Samhain m 1 0 1.5, 1112 X 1 as Q 1 0-5 CD F' 35 V CV U , 1331 S 1 '- 2 1 1 5 cs Z X011 '11 11111 0 A wx I 11111111 1 J 1 11 and 51111 I1 1 Q 1 I z I X 11111 C 11 1111 0 Q 'I N ' z Q-A 1 It 2, 1 "9 1 uw 4 'P 0 Xmln num g 111111 1121, A Q 111 1111 , Th 11 11 0 4 11 1 1 O 11 1 7 " 11 W N 1111 1 Q, J 11 Q L U H1141 K 111 1 1 11111 f 111 11111 .111 1110 11 g Z Y an 1 1111 zz , N 5 PU O 'Sw ll ' 1 L 15- H ai P 1 1 ' I n 3 OJ W Z Ia-I m ' W E in " 5 1 W W k Z 1 1111111111 Q 5 5111111111 Loan Y ,, Q: 'xhool V N F-A fund K CD 1 ' E Af , 1: 1 1 f ' f ' 1 0 P .x N Q V " I 1 211 1 Q v1 9 LJ 1 1 '11 1 2 E Q 1 1 Q 1 1' 11 11 1 K1 '1-A 11111 x 11 1111 1 'y -23 H d1A11I1111':1Ix1111I?1x1 6 M1 iz P' 1 Q il 1 1l1 11 11111111111 1 I O8 NIU m Y 1 1 HH YD M 11 k11111H11 YI 2 1 1 11 3 111111 111 11 11 11 1 1 m, ' 7 1.1 1 1 111 1 11 11 not, ,-I 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 K ,np 1 Z m 1 11111 111 1 111 1 1 1 1 11 1 ,1,, J ,Iv 11 11r1111'1 11 1111 1111 Sf' Q, 151211 .--31111 ,. i!"'v':111 - 4 155354121111 J -11.11 11111 1. I U H ilk! Yf i P e One Hundred Twelve ,ml . ROX!E'R,, CAST FOR G -r Sh e:s.93. "-'f: T255 1:2100 .-W: 3354: I4-fgi 30, M091 193 .Ego gg IU 65.1 Eg.. SNE ago 5-11,-1 fflz,-E .,,,o V5 E5 52:15 mU+5 ND 5-1 I-,412 .o C2413 gnu ascng B".-s-. LJELL, O ... .ICSW ...ME Zim :-"'OD QJQGJ CQ,I wi EQ? RUN? --cs V34-l ,U Sim sis TZLI-V1 EVJ U53 :ure 'Saf- ,jfs- 'viii gi.- :...U ZQE 03? 1-'Q--' Om? EU, EQ: :CBE aw 20 O "1 al 5 cn .-1 5- L5 'U CI ru of as Cl! Z O CD 'Te 5-4 o -c: U S4 .9 : :s '? uf :s im o .C LJ I U E E U 5 Q E 'cvs Lx. THE COLD TRUTH Once I dreamed, oh lover mine, You'd come upon a war horse fine, Sword in scabbard by your side, Claiming me to be your bride. Crusading knights are out of style, Lounge lizards beat 'em by a mileg King Arthur stuff won't go today, So l looked for you in a Nash coupe. Alas for dreams of maidens fair! Alas for things that never are! The neighbors know that my adored Calls for me in a stripped down Ford! COLLEGE FORDS l'm a wreck, but you drove me to it l've been retired, but l'm broke now. Shiftless, but not lazy. Nobody hurt in this wreck. Opportunity-still knocking. N THE SKEPTICS NOTES O Love is like a diamond - Dazzling and beautiful to the sight, But cold and hard to touch. Love is like a candlelight- It always flickers out when It is needed. Love is like the rim of a canyon- One look over it makes you dizzy, LOVE One step toward it meets with disaster. Love is like a mushroom- You can never tell whether or not it Until it is too late. Love is like a applepie-- A little crust And a lot of applesauce. is the real thing Pa ge One Hundred T ' l 15 32 P One llumlrecl l"o1u'Le ' W , NN 4 ! . I, N PNX K K N f' i N'l x N X " ' I gf-f' s -x ,R - 1- ' ,,,.:fs-f--'.1- , :, . ' , 11- -YE .,jL3,4 ?E,1n4, " WLM viii QW J"-1-Afvfi-'f if ,Az fl 5 1-'R' .WHL Af "' H Y X' , I N ,Q ,.. 1 .. va f M I Q -1 '- x f MQ 'SM ,. Q1 , f V3 Q -+ ,M.r.m-raw-1,wgu -QL -11, '42Qa:1Q??' f-in gy Y 'A' :il ,,.,, sfw 1-w 5...-,v,. mfx G 5, - ---- ' K ' L ' ' Ng 3 ,, , abpfv 4 -5 'Nl wr?-J MM Q Q. ,.Swf'wwv:: N, M5 wwf., ,avr ,,,?:,h4 vlggx wi Lk .hm M 1 ,,. ,ww 5 ul 1'- -x .L 1-1 , ., C A-,gg f 11. an -.mmm N52 'qdbkfwx .SU in U ,HX H- . -.,.- x-.,, ,N In w , ,wr P' fu M1 E399 Q W .A 4,1-,q4z3,.A,.v4' ,,, . ,: KL, X , A f ,, Q a x,h4w., A as"-gh ,x-.j V 'QC . -'A Q! .N A, 'lr P' kwa' 'wwe Lea: 'f 1 ' -H f'2:f?1f-wma X, .4 Mmm A , 9551, K E f475m' 'ffw f W ye- 1"'-R "1 -f.-Q' ' 'V + r -I lr- 1 ,-I A' L U ,2 wry xv-fx , an -qi f ,vu ,. A af W M -f my ian J vip ,asm N,M.c. " 4 1-:f-,QI J-. X- ,'-,UN ff-1 " "AQ, x 1- w fl 1'-1 ' 1 1,41 4 f. 1 fl A J Q, or -,.-wx J Aw. 4- A7.f:Q3:!,45-" AW S1-fc urn ' 'gifs W .fi rv.'q'f ? 1-. A w- 1. "" ' 1. M v- v min -5 .M M f -f jf., ,I f,-,3,..f .J-,,1,,g'q . am' .xr N - awmggvfzf-f ---A qi- ' 1yf,:f-q,:'+m:- Q..-an .:.Eez.e.. 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Q, , .- ::1,,,,.Q: 1 THLETICS . , an ,A azhgxm - . . :A ..,.5f- --g-,. - -.. ---3--4 .,-1 . 4, .f..,f,x 42 3 1, ' M .fit - , . . .1 .sig " --asv -rf .- - -. "-"--'-QLu1v'1: 'i::2,.g.:.1.L.: ,- 1- - g:.:f. 'ga-4 , ,. 4 . A ' - ,Q 4f.3,xw-?.y,4+,1,:,i3.' s z if a- 'z ' .,-'-" .si .??'w':':..' 5 gnu..-v . " " ,. . -1. . . - . - ' 21.555 ' gn- '-1.514-fp' fr-aff'-11.1 '11, 14 25. ,:':'?3'f?7?:f?"".- wflrswm.-. . , 9 ' M U -1-:L-kvEEE.-z:f11?'-few-fm. 21.4-wfh 4-,T .44 V ..., f 1 .3:5,,.,--4-,ST -V .ffff:.':1:-2 V .?"1N,:A.F,A-iam . . .- :Q ,- ..-:A -, --..'.'- f..-,5,4f-1: ez.. .X EF' " "---' fin- 235.3-' ."'?i,?a5f:frf."ff'f ' "T-1'-f54"' .-HL sn- f::.n'.-.' 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'1 A 5 9 . 3 4 W1 i ' f-5 , W sg X2 y Q 25 9 + ' , 5 gm, ig - A ,f cr ix XA , J ,Tg W N 6 X x E ' 5'w X l ' X ' X IE? f fx , I Luk! Q n ,AQ Q Football According to the percentage of wins, the Sandies of this year did not have a successful season, for, out of eleven games played We won only four. This apparent failure may be contributed to the following: lack of experienced men and lack of general cooperation. By general cooperation we mean that the Sandies cannot have a successful team until about one hundred boys come out for it We had a good coaching staff this year, but no coach can make a team in one year. Only three members of this year's team were eiperienced while some of the others had never donned a suit before. But eleven of these boys will be back next year and they are plenty good. We were never really whipped and we stood up to high scholastic standards, which is more than every team can say. With the experience received this year and with the proper cooperation the l927 Sandies should easily win the district championship and go far toward winning the state title and they will! Give 'em 'ell, Sandies! Page One Hundred Eighteen Football Rename A. H. S.-6 CHILDRESS-0 The Sandies took the first game of the season from Childress at Chil- dress in a hard fought game. Both teams were the intense heat and had it not been for Bassetfs consistent playing we would probab- ly have lost this game. However, the whole team did well considering the circumstances and we were certainly proud of this victory. A. H. S.-I 2 CANYON-I 3 Again the fast Eagles swooped down on the inexperienced Sandies and took home a victory. As before, the Eagles won with a passing game. In the first quarter the Eagles scored on a completed pass and in the sec- ond quarter, Brown of Canyon, intercepted a pass and ran 90 yards for a touchdown, piling up a lead which the Sandies were unable to overcome. The Sandies came back in the second half and made two touchdowns but were unable to kick the goals. A. H. S.-21 TUCUMCARI-27 The Sandies lost to this New Mexico bunch in a hard fought game. It was a see-saw affair from beginning to end although the Sandies out- played the Rattlesnakes in every phase of the game. Three were no outstanding stars, but everyone fought hard and deserved praise. Page0neH d dN t A. I-I. S.-42 HEREFORD-I 3 The Hereford Whitefaces met defeat in the first degree at the hands of the Sandies. They were outplayed in every stage of the game. However, the Whitefaces will be remembered for their huddle system which they had down to a fine edge. Bassett's punt returning and drop kicking together with the team's good playing won this victory for us. A. H. SA7 CLOVIS-26 The Sandies followed up their Hereford victory with a defeat at the hands of another New Mexico team. They fought hard throughout the game but with six regulars, Bassett, Larsen, Rockwell, Napps, Er- hardt and Rial, out of the game the Sandi-es were unable to check the sweeping end runs of the Clovis team Clovis later tied Albuquerque for the championship of New Mrexico. However, next year the Sandies are going to show the New Mexico team where their cactus is. A. H. S.-3 LUBBOCK-0 The Sandies won their first conference game from the Lubbock Westerners. This was a very hard fought game and had it not been for a 45 yard drop kick there would have been a different ending. In the first half the Sandies kept the ball nearly all of the time but they were unable to put it over and the half ended O to 0. ln the second half the Westerners put up a better fight but Bassett finally managed to boot one over the goal in the fourth quarter. The line did pretty work in this game and Larsen and Bishop deserve mention. I xr O H led Twenty A. H. S.-6 PLAINVIEWMIO This is the game that cost the Sandies the championship of this end of the district. The Bulldogs came here as the 'tunder dogs" and were fighting mad, while, on the other hand, the Sandies seemed a bit ovef- confident. However. they were not so over-confident that they did not fight-Sandies always fight!!-but they lacked some of the spirit that was displayed in the Lubbock game. Perhaps this can be accounted to ai break which Plainview had at the first of the game. In the first quarter, after the Sandies had forced the ball to Plainview's IO yard line, Bos- well, of Plainview, intercepted a pass and raced for a touchdown. ln the second quarter the Bulldogs made a field goal piling up a lead which the Sandies were unable to overcome. A, H. S.-7 VERNON-27 Although the score does not indicate it this was one of the best games of the season. The Vernon team did most of their scoring in the first half, for in the second half the Sandies displayed some real football. Time and again il looked as though the Sandies were going to win but always something happened to stop them. This game did not count in the interscholastic rating but nevertheless the losing of it hurt. There were no individual stars for every one played a good game. A. H. S.-7 LUBBOCK,-IZ Again the Sandies were defeated in the first few minutes of play. Lubbock received and marched down the field for a touchdown seem- ingly without intervention. In the second quarter Lubbock made another touchdown and the half ended I2 to 0. ln the second half the Sandies put up a better fight but were unable to make more than one touchdown. The Westerners were held scoreless during the last half mainly through the efforts of Bishop, who played a wonderful gamer Bishop played every minute of every game in the season and deserves great recognition. l'aH': Om- Hundred Twen V-Y-O A. H. S.-0 MEMPHIS I0 The Sandies were defeated this time by a one man team. Dennis, regarded by Mr. Hays and many others as the greatest player in the Pan- handle, proved to be a regular demon, making all the scores of the day. ln the first half he made a touchdown and kicked goal and later in the game he kicked a field goal. It seemed that the Sandies just couldn't get started in this game. However it is certain that Memphis couldn't have accomplished so much without their man, Dennis. A. H. S-9 PANHANDLE-0 The last game of the season was played by the l927 Sandies, for all Seniors and men that would not be back next year were not allowed to play. Travis, who will probably be quarterback next year, piloted the team like a veteran. This game was not very important except for the fact that it showed what kind of a team wie will have next year. All the boys did wonder- fully well considering everything and it looks as though we're going to have a real football team next year. Good luck, Sandies! Pag One Hundred Twenty-Two BASSE'l"I'-fwrtplain Quarterharlc "Anthony" played his last foothall with the A. H. S. this year. It has been said by many that Ciarter is one of the greatest aih- letes ever produced by this school and we realize now, how we will miss him in the years lo come. Wherever Carter goes we are sure that he will malce good and we wish him all the luclc in the world. BISHOP Center "Big Bishu was one of the greatest men on the team in hoth size and playing ahility On the defense Bishop was unexcetled but on the offense sometimes his passes were off. However. considering everything Bishop was one of the best centers ever produced by the At. H. S. and we're sorry tn have him leave us next year. LARSEN-Captain-elect Tackle Larsen was the most consistent player on the squad, He was in there fighting and coulcl be depended on in every case. Larsen will be hack next year and we expect great things of him. ERHARDT Tackle Erhardt was hampered during part of the season with a bad ankle, but when he was in condition he played a splendid game, Erhardt will be back next year and if his physical condition is all right he should make a great tacltle. A v it A v L E xxx I mgllti, 4:'lC':QL'iLF- J 'V 3 l X if .f k ?v4 , L , A F 1, Fw Q , ,, It fl Qs mffii' i 5 it its wt 4-. 6 . 1 Q3 . e Q l, ,, ts? t, S V L' i ii , ' H . V4 f L1 . Page One Hundred "l'wenLy-Three it :F e i ' misses, W"-f t H u mi red Tix only -tfour H.XMIt,'fON Guard Arthur was the littlest man on the squad! but in size only. He was a regular demon and had he been a little larger he would have accomplished much more than he did. This is l-lamilton's last year we're sorry to say. NUN N F.nd Nunn played full-back at the first of the Season but he was later shifted to end to take Rl8l,S place. He showed up especially in receiving passes and was also good on the defense. Next year Harold should malce a great showing. Pmncrg End Ed was one of the few letter men on this year's team. He was one of our best pass receivers and next year, with consistent training, he should show up well. ROCKWELL Halfback i'Ken" was about the fastest man on the team and if he had had more weight he would have made a real halfbaclc. He will be back next year and we expect him to be one of our best men. Good luck, Ken. Huocms Halfback "l'ludg" came here from California and made the team right away. He had plenty of speed and was especially good on skirting the ends and receiving the passes. He will be back next year. FAIREY Fullbaclc "Auh" did not start football until late in the offense at line plunging. It was not was a real fighter. He was especially good on the defense at backing up the line and on the offense at line plunging. It was not abiltty so much as "fight" that made "Aub" a football player. BORDEIN Fullbaek Borden was one of the best interference runners on the team. l-le could always be depended upon to get his man. Franlc was also fast and good on off-taclcle plays. Next year he should be one of our best men, DOEBBER Halfback "Doeb" played fooiball for the first time this year and did splendid work. He was plenty fast and hard and had he been quicker in getting signals he would have been a real player. Next year we expect a lot of uDoeb". v Q V ,-EERE, Q '-21,HN 4-1' -s 1 "V ' A A i Q g m .. . I .11 1, l A ,' i f 7 4 f 2 s 5 ' t QB l , .Q M V5 "W , , tis xx I ,K eese f t i t l Q E .1 nfl 23" ..f!i"' of is A, Ls , ,fit . r Q Q . s X X 1 if f . all . HT . fs. l ff ' f 1 f 'Jig ' ,V X , f ., 1 lift if 1 In tr at . ' f V- .ff H 'ff .fo '- 1 uv .Q i. . Q i f L . ,Q 1 5. 4, 5 --.ji -- t e 5 -..,,, Page Une Hundred 'I'wenty-I-'ivv la 'YU' if v T A A av A MMF' 3 if 541, r'4 M Q ft 'wi j X 4 e X Q ' ., 75' G vi. if t M J' V1 . l to f 1 -H2 ' i - i f . iii .I 1 3 5 gy f A G .. ts ' ' , ,B ,i assi' - DAQ its . . , Page One H undred Twenty-Six SMH!-I Tackle A Fat" Smith is ano'her kid that loves foot- lvll. l-le is heavy, low, and not at all slow. Smith graduates this year and the '27 San- dies will miss him. CONKl.lN Guard Conlclfn was the youngest man on the squad 'his year. W'ith no experience what- ever he made the team on hard work alone. Conklin will he hack next year. FIAYDEN Guard 'Al7reddie" is just another chip off the old block. He did not play quite the game that Guy did hut he had the right spirit and eat asset to the team. Freddie will was a gr not he lnaclc next year. SPEAR Guard Clem was another "late find" that turned out for the hest. l-le played for the first time in the second Luhlaoclc game but there he showed his worth and was lettered at the incl of the year. He will be baclc next year. MCAFEE End "Cicero" played for the first time in the Clovis game. This was his first year out but he showed the right stuff and with a little more experience should have been hard to heat. We lose him this year. I-'LaNNii-QEN Halfbauk Bill played football this year for the first time. Hes a natural born athlete and if he will only sfay with football he'll make a real player. Bill has a wonderful arm and next year he should make our best passer. Coed luck. Bill. HAY5 Coach This was Mr. Hay's third year with the Sandies and considering everything he put out a fairly good team. He is a hard worker himself and consequently he makes the boys work hard at all times. To Mr. Hays we extend our best wishes and hearty coopera- tion. DUTTON Ass't Coach Last year ' Tiny" made his debut in Ama- rillo. He was a live man himself so he not only told the boys but he showed them. Here's hopin' that "Tiny" will be back next year. 1 1 sf K 1 K' I, I ' .4 . L ken... ig., .-Lili?" -X ' - 1 -22 . ix' Mx !! if I 1, I ' ,L , , 5 Qu 'limba 7-up 1 .T if n 4 7 , 'L if ' " 3 pf f ' 1' 'K L " 4 5 1 i . 4 , . l ,aes rf . in ' . 5"'., ' i F' I t- 3 iqigQgy . 'gg1: , z - ' ' K 1 4,1 I ' , ,je J Q 7 'imln Um ' t A 6,-,Lg Ewan' ... ..-. r ii .... P329 0118 Hundred Twenty-Seven QW CIC NTGP' manager HB1-fB80 K TSGKIQ Har 'same f 'nazfeaaw 'HP CvU2Y'd Caffa 1 ru qu arrorunofh Muir' EN41 TEJOKIO 15? ,Q fuwbaox, GQ A .22 lW"""'V 1 Qae ,K W 1 E x qv, ll 0 1. lx . ' f trauma" 0 mmsa.oK," 508031 EM A sua Guard 4ED C-.ward Har eacmf' nv- H 1: mired Tw:-nty-Iiighi ,ell .e 1 W-Q W 4 w y . A K X af Y X N , F r 3 IM W BASKETB LL x 1 X fh 2 f W H L , ' N XY 9 ZX 1 P, WI W v W' ,S UIQ K2 Ni x' " Bafketball Rename The basketball team of this year deserves great praise. Without a gymn and with very little equipment, the Sandies formed a basketball team that matched up with the best of them in this part of the country. Yocham, who was elected captain, was high point man, making 91 points. W. Larsen was second with 51 points and Travis was third with 28. The Sandies made 200 points to their opponents 132, winning 4 games out of 8. The last two games were played with Panhandle who bravely nosed out on us in both games. Next year the Sandies should have a real team. Most of the letter men will be back and for the first time in history the A. H. S. will have a gym. Luck, Sandies! Page One Hundred Thirty BORDI-LN Captain This was "Hanl:'s" second year on the track squad. He ran the quarter, was the last man on the relay' high jumped and hroad jumped. He will he back next year. B.-,Rrox "Vice-president" was the most depended upon man on the squad. He trained hard, worked consistently, and was always a sure scorer. Bartonls main event was the hundred yard dash, which he made in 9 4-5 seconds at Clarendon. He also ran the 220 and the low hurdles. Barton will be greatly missed next year. ROCKWELL This was "Ken's" second year on the track squad and he should show up well at the district. His main event was the l00 yd. dash. Rosa This was Roy's first year at traclc here. He is long and slender and is a good jumper. His events were the high jump and the pole vault. ft fl' Q' p . pg LLQPP i B IBEIFV "'f"?'f'1-. Lisle? ...- C..----"' an ,.,..a ,..... l g'k'x.,- -".3l-gg, ,. . 'A ' tt",. i - '-1 1 5 fa. -e . lf . .Q ',f.r an I -i---. tss s at tx t e is-i 1 Qt ' r sc N A L 4 e-1 1 I -- 21 1 , . K gf -A gi i hmy. .im i 3 1 s ci .. yp. fl hm.V . xref fi t"' i " iit' ' s V M6 .,,V 4 1. V. V it . , Wi t v- Y '35 in Hi .'.' K - i K . 4 K gg 5 s ii i 5- 7 t 1. t El , c .W M, -vs' l'ui:t- Utne Hunwlretl 'l'hirty-Sn-von ...A - is X 3 f. IB v A A. f 4 PB 3 'ii' 'f ' f 1 rllllltffi i 3 Z eel Will f Y 2 Q 5' 'S -asv " Wx? ,fx "'-7---. itllllltltnse - x -TE'-' 42. . si xg 1'-1 ti A xxx is f Q hi li. l .fl qi i e K 55 MQ 4 1. l I 5- 'fl ' - 'xy if ' Q - - If Y iz Q.. l I X-.1 L-fs' L. v ...f--'L-" r :X ,y f" g . I , Xt l s . V, r li N . it Vt A ' 5 Ii X, ' isis kwa Q X 5, ' A 5 , , ,f e 1 ... if , fi A " 7 Q f 5 ,' r ft . '. l L e fi fb.. ' h - e slest Page One Hundred Thirty-Eight Boyce Due to complications at the first of the season Nlnagsn was unable to come out until a few Weelcs before the district. He ran the quarler and should develop into a good man in this event. This is "Tags" last year. HAGAN "Stan" was a regular fire cracker. He was consistent, a hard trainer, and was seri- ous about the wok. "Stan" ran the 220 and the IOO, and was a sure scorer in each of these events. This is Stan's last year. HAMILTON "Ham" needs no introduction to the stu- dent body, because he's just the same old hard working boy. However, he has not done so well this year because of a bad case of measles at the first of the season. We're sorry to lose him this year. EMMETT 'ililixu was one of our best men this year. With 3 years experience and plenty of de- termination he should do well at the district meet. His main event is the 220. Elix will not be haclc next year. A W.. Q,-g NEW BUMP Vilas has one more year and hefore he leaves he should develop into a last track fy man. He was thi d man on the relay and V x"W"""" was considered as the mainstay in that event. CXRTI-LR This is "D1zzy's" first and last year of high . srhool lracl-1. He was a hard trainer and was 'k well liked hy all the hoys. "Daly" ran the 440. Qs- C.,,,, Bmw "Bake" came here from 'liulia and has done unusually we'l considering the fact that he is just a freshman. His main events were the iavelin thiow and the low hurdles. Q-,pa Iiusrr Although this was .lacks first year he has developed into one of our best milers. has 2 more years with us and if he will only slay with it he will he hard to heat. A L ir? 'Z Tj' ' ' , C: , ,E f . . , PIE f , V A . ' ' ' 2 a I . ' fa Tl FT fl! fi '- .... 'V X A , I .vu ..L L... . - ,, X s i Q Q s ' 1 'ti h if t Qi q I I lk' ., .s .1 I X R e Q Y' 1: i' WNW , 'J l r 5-'M '-' A ' sf at : -i sf r to get He Lil G L, Q rs e PW V ' , Q ' ,vi 1. : , f gi . M ya - - " f gh? ,,-.3 Q., Page One Hundred Thirty-Nine iff' , 'ef g tg 5 i ei M A I an 1 1, V.. N i ' l 1' H- f, t l K l F 'F l V fy f g is , f 3 E ' k1,V U f .f,-.' 1 H i ' f if .'.: 3, LV-,,L .-,'h- s I E' K 1. 4 I 5 itz 5 A , 5 txt x gg 5 , ' X iff 5' ill- li ' l l 5 t ' -j y AJ., - gif ' if 'f,.' ik: - V K , W 4 H i cf- 2 X 3 ' A I fag ',k'fk ' ,.,k I 5 . ills - 25' - L1,.1 l v 3 w X y 4 4 l V fa 'A N s ' fi' L , , X E 'l infix Es: x' X -- i ' -1 -1. Xia A vv, i t in is s y 'B k , , , tk v 514 1 f 5 y ez- y W j limi sf' 6 ,'-," if Fi "'-, 5 - --" Uni- Hu ntl roll Furl y MEl.TuN Considering everything jack was one of the best men on the squad. He was a hard worker and was liked well by all the boys. ,lack was first man on the relay. DOERLER This was HDoeb's" first year on the traclc squad and he has 2 more. His main event was the high hurdle. MDoeb" is plenty fast :incl ShlJuld develop into a sure SCOYPIZ ERHARIJT "Marv" was bothered at the first of the season with a bad anlcle but throwing the shot soon put this in shape. He is our best man in this I-vent and should even be better next year. Huncws 'Cullyu returned to Amarillo to be one of the best athlefes in school, He has 2 mote years and should develop into a real track man before he leaves. Cully was sec- ond man on the relay. ' XY. lmrerhx l'1.:umd uXxvC?Il'.'y1.. wltlx .1 llllr jr. Hugh mp:-rn f""' encr-. madf- Ilnc- lc-'im fmnx Nw start thu yum Elf' H415 21 'ugh SKUYFI' and slmxxvd good Hum work flu wl!l Fw- luamk nzxl x xr YOVIIAA1- Cfntfr Q aptam 'Alkyu was high point man lmolh this year and last year. He and Travis formed a nucleus around which a real basketball team XVHS rnulde. J C'1.,xHox Guard This NYHS Jlmvb Ins! yc-en' on the squad but he dfd surne good work. If " jlm n1H only stay with P1?i9kl'fI7'1H h N IH mdk . I Q' V ' C' il real plqyf-1. f li f u I, M W 1 4 5 A Y .1 ff 1 gf PX k N I N , Ax i' f' X ff A5 'f X J V X 7 V A N fl K x , M XI V V W Q X X1 , F Q '11 + TH CK Tfdfk Refzzme The Sandies started the season this year with 42 aspirants and with a good place to work in. After a few days training l'lull and Dutton arranged the first contest, a 2 mile run sponsored by the Clements-Young Co. This was held on Feb. I8 and was open to all. Charles Frazier took first place and John Gilliam took second. On lVlar. 4 a class meet was held sponsored by the Victory-Wilson Co. Barton took the meet with I9 out of a possible 25 points Borden took second place. The annual C-eorge Lindsay trophy meet was held on lVlar. l2. Schneider was high point man with Z4 out of a possible 25 points. Barton and Borden tied for Class A honors, each making 23 points. Mar. 26, the Clarendon lnvitation meet was held. Clarendon took the meet with 52 points and Amarillo was 2nd with 51 points. Taylor of Clarendon was high point man with 20 points while Barton of Ama- rillo was Znd with I5 points. ln this meet Barton ran the l0U yd. dash in 9 4-5. On Apr. 2 the Tri-State meet was held. This was the largest meet .ever held in Amarillo and there were many entries. Tucumcari took first place with 24 points, Childress second with 20 points, Floydada third with I8 points, and Amarillo fourth with I6 points. Mocus of Tucum- cari was high point man with I8 points. Barton was high point Ama- rillo man with l l points. Un Apr. Z2 and 23 the Sandies took the district meet for the sizth consecutive time. Barton was high point Amarillo man with 3 first places. ln the 220 Barton broke the district record. The relay team, consisting of Newby, Hudgins, Borden. and Melton, won first place and will rep- resent at the state meet. Barton, Doebler ancl Hagan will also represent at the state. Clarendon took second place in the meet with 27 points and Canyon third with 23 points. Two more meets, one with Garden City and one with Abernathy will close the Track season. l-lere's luck Sandies! l f. O H drod Thirty-S PEARCL Earl made the squad for the first time this year. He has 2 more years and we expect him to hecome a star half miler hefore he leaves. Amms "Hutch" was on the track squad for the first time this year. He is a hard worlcer and is an excellent prospect for next year. STRICKLAP-D "Mexico" came out for the first time this year and developed into one of our best field men. His main events were the shot put, the high hurdles, and she discus throw. He will he hack next year. SCHNEIDER Schneider was another new man here. l-le is a little fellow hut a hard trainer and was one of our best men. His main events are the half mile and the high jump. ,ya A 1,2- ,- A: SVN 4- ll' W' FN i 53 2 he ' ggi F r.s Q t Q X M M . my .ity ',v4 F i ffw Afn' i if 7' s ' iii ii if To ii , Q Qiff igif thi i C23 1 fi7'?Ww if tiec Qt li? istir W f iwggfiii l haf r i l gp ig? 1:51 l 5 i. - fysxf' - :I fs: 'Q K , L A , ' . fx , , . , g ggi As L 5 i E:l YZ 7 ogy y, A ky y 1 ' I' ft - Vwki P i .. ' 3' l E V gi, t if Q fi 1 ' l ? 5, 1 Q 1 ,Ps , s A 5 i Y v fg aioL4 gy? H fVF '2 t 3 M s A Page One Hundred I-'orvy-Ono Page One Hundred Forty-Two WILLIAMS "Pete" showed up as one of our best pros- pects for next year. He is a hard worker and a good trainer and we expect much of him next year. MCLECD Jack formerly ran the mile but he now throws the dis:us and is considered our best man in that event. jack will be with us next year. GILLIAM 'Johnnyh surprised everyone this year and turned out to be one of our best men. His main event is the half mile. "Johnny" leaves us this year. joivizs Manager "Gaston" was one of the best managers that a school could have. He was always on the job and was well liked by all the boys. Good luck, Gaston! 345 ' 55.4 3 pl 5 . L ,H ' E11 ' 1- .,,, ' I J ' 4' 7 ,-W ' 11, ,X Q ' , f Q-V 2 sg Hg 4, - fy ,dugg . HQ 5, R an Q 'auf "1 ki 1 9 3 W z 4 A F A f-- - M SQENES mom THE TRACK -vy- "?f-,,.,... ,., WWA 4' s Ji Page Un-: Iiuucirumi I-'Orly-'1'hreQ Q E f 'E '-I NIU :XD ' . l AIJAI i l,,:'jL4 A v A' . .. V I w . , . lil, , All I M Q D ., I -Q, . 1 V 4 .. ,M ' X ,.. Q. L ' 'S--1 ' -fQ-' - ' ' ,A,, , :.,,, M- D n, -4 Nm.. w B fi 'zgaiff A n RALLY ZIEEFELD FULLIE5 Fl iff! X fl 459522 Q , , I X . I ff 1 1 N I " V 'I X zqi' '- X N fi 4 W I r f 1 9 fx As. N X , X jk. Q V Er M KWWH f f -z . Vx 5 K+ A - 7 S. w SN N x I, J xl X ,Q w A 5 N + we W Y ,0 , V X! , Q 'WV' 1472? A v W ' x H1746 K ff 1, l l EMM ' u 1 4,4 ! fv.g Q J fM"" x W , 5 Tl H Nl POH1lFtF T67Z7ZZ.f Rename BOYS Tennis season opened this year with 3 letter men and 7 new men trying for the team. Captain Bill Flenniken got the boys working as soon as the weather would permit and consequently they were in good shape for the Tri-State meet. ln the tournament held McAfee won the singles and Barnhill and White won the doubles. The Tri-State meet was held on April 2. Both Amarillo teams were defeated in the finals, Miami winning the singles and Clarendon winning the doubles. On April 5, Amarillo played Canyon and won both singles and doubles matzhes. McAfee played singles and Bishop and Flenniken played doubles Amarillo played Panhandle at Panhandle on April ll. Flenniken and lVleAfee won the doubles but McAfee lost the singles to Williams. On April I4, Panhandle came here and played the Sandies. Barn- hill and White won the doubles and McAfee won the singles. In the District meet McAfee represented in the singles and Bishop and Flenniken represented in the doubles. Amarillo took the singles but in tlie doubles Bishop and Flenniken lost to Miami in the finals. How- ever, Flenniken will be back next year and we expect much of him. ge One Hundred Forty-Six Fi.i:NNiKi-LN Captain uCapt'n Billy" played on the tennis squad for the second time this year, Bilfs a won- der at tennis and if he had had more prac- tice he would have been unbeatable, He will be back next year and, what's more, he's go- ing to show the boys a thing or two. BLAIR All Blair lacked was practice. He had a meitn Serve and a good Mcldaughlan Stroke but he could not conttol them. However Francis has another year with us and he should make good before he leaves. Bisuov "Bish" was another man that could not give- enough time to the game. But never- theless, he and Bill showed up well at district and won second place medals. This is Bfsh' op's last year and we wish him the best of luck in college. MCAFEL This was "Cicero's'i third year on the tennis squad and he has shown the greatest improvement over preceding years. Lane played singles this season and we're proud lo say that he will represent us at State in them. Good Luclc "Cicero," T9 Q ,, 9:4 ,,,-fi H K4 i ,il 2 "'.w"'-?,f'4?f.. if Q assi i :saw ""'ll ? 'X ,Z . Q- was sl , 'Q' . N e , E 'A '14 A A rg: . J m Ri' gig 'I as Page Une Hundred Forty-Seven i -s gg asv' fiiiiius iw,4'.E'f 'wma A 7 3 .,el4"":' I-'-aff" . ,411 if , if . ' - ' . 5 p me : . it ' , Y i ya if J 't F11 P11 it ii gy' simnt ss . Q- ' Q- 'V ' M ff ,A , NW 4 'B it t t 'X t xy Ya . I H . .L ,, P.4 it l . s .-- 1 tt l t . 'HQ' '-' , , 5 . , , r ,kyy . ' k ' Pause One lllltltlfttl For-ty-Eight A BARNHILL Coleman was one of the main singles con- testants this year. He and White were barely beaten out in the doubles division and then he was barely beaten in the singles. Coleman has perfect form and next year he should take the district and do much at State. A. Wm-re This was 'AAwlcward's" second year out for tennis. He is a consistent player and with more practice should do well. This is his last year. j. Wtiiru Johnnie was another tennis player that stepped into the limelight for the first time this year. He has good form and should de- velop into a real player before he leaves. Johnnie has two more years with us. Ltzrrwtcn This was Gus' first and last year in high school tennis. He was a very consistent player and was hard to beat. Douu Ed was one of the most faithful members of the squacl. He practiced consistently and could always be depended upon. We lose Ed this year. CAi.DwE1.1. Harry played tennis this year for the first time. With mote practice lie should develop into a good player. He is a senior this year. m , m .ilm L I -je-'..s"7"X 4 4'-""" WS. ,-,.,- -J-'ii-N HIP Tf 1-f-"""' ' L 3. llll ll -iz' Xx,,, N, 'AM ', ,, .. Zin' 13 5 FMS ,T-A - f 12 f fyw.-. H """'T'W"mT r Cayman Fifi-A X -, vit . NK., . 'B i rl! 5' i 12 PW " 1 , .. :A Vzige- Um- H1 imtr-Ant Forty -Nin 672721156 Rename GIRLS lVlrs. Atwood got her girls started in tennis at an early date this year and had them in fair shape for the Tri-State meet. "Boots" Askew won the singles and the right to represent in this meet and the district meet. Bonita Cazzell and Ruth Hogan won the doubles. Askew won the singles division in the Tri-State meet but Hogan and Cazzell, not being as experienced as Askew, were unable to win their di- vision. However, they got some excellent experience, which is essential in tennis ' Cn Apr. 5, Amarillo played Canyon. Askew won the singles but Cazzell and Hogan were again defeated. On Apr. l I Amarillo played Panhandle and won everything. This was the doubles team's first victory and it instilled some much needed con- fidence in them. The next matches were played at Canyon at the district meet. In this meet Askew lost in the final to Fallett, thus winning the second place medal. The doubles team was defeated in the second round. However, these girls did better than the number of wins and losses indicate. Girls tennis is new in this school and consequently the school has not made any provisions for it. Many times the girls had no courts to play on. They got as far as they did just on their nerve and on their feeling of loyalty to their school Page One Hundred Fifty gr- or ,3 I gt CAZZELL "Bob" was the hardest worker on the A4 squad. She could and if she lost she went down fighting. - 'L 4- She will be back next year and we expect -gqrw? much of her. ff'- Kim HOGAN Ruth came here from Montana and alihough she got a lale start she managed to make the squad. With Cazzell she went to district and did well considering everything. She will be back next year Asiuiw Captain uBooIs" played on the tennis squad for the Znd. year. She is a consistent player and is not afraid to hit'em hard. "Boots" 7 - senior this year and we certainly regret los- ing her. .-.K 73-auf? 7' Q aff Q , S--K' "stef-X ,,,.,f"'Xr - 'imm' ::.?.--- ' fs tg X P 1 always played as hard as she 'wa M 5-J r are r 4. :' 1 Ai . D Tyr , ky! q L -Q ' .P F ..yy . '?f?Ila-3? Q lb d 'Y Q 1 fx 1 gi., 5' f M :A W P3 'L v ..,. ZA P1 EH l'a1:c One Hundred Fifty-Ont FUUTBRLL gm, 1. 955 Paul' Om- Hundred Fifty-Twu """' 'X ..4 - , ,Q - Ek, mes, lg it , ,WY l , f f W 'A 9 5- X Q KK if f Q If L N f" ' K 5: S X j X .x L L' BASEBALL Bazfefmll 1365211116 Baseball season. started this year with four letter men back and about Z5 new men trying for the team. The prospects were good and Mr. Hays soon had the team in good shape. However a pitching staff and an outfield had to be developed 'before the first game could be played. Walker, a new man here, showed up good, and Larsen soon developed into our best pitcher. Aubrey Fairey, who was elected captain, held down the shortstop positon and kept the spirits of the club high. The team so far has done splendidly, winning 502i of the games played, and 3 of those games were played with our old rivals, the Buffaloes. We certainly hope that they can keep up this record and wish them the best of luck. I. A. H. Sl-4 Buffaloes-2 2. A. H. S.-9 Buffaloes-I I 3. A. H. S.-2 Buffaloes-I0 4. A, H. S.-I Childress-.I5 5. A. H. S.4I9 Clovis-Z 6. A. H. S.-I0 Floydada-3 7. A. H. S --I 7 Floydada-3 8. A. H. S.-8 Hereford-9 sg One Hundred Fifty-Four .LXUBREY FAiREYffCaptain Shortstop This was ' Kum's" third year on the squad and his second at shortstop position. "Kum" has an excellent fielding record and he still knows how to use the hat. He throws and hats right handed. Foss LARSEN Pitcher. First Base "Rosy" showed up this year as our hest pitcher. This is his second year with the squad but his first as a regular pitcher. Rosy played first when he was not pitrhing and filled this position with equal ahili-y, l-le will he hack next year. AlJDE.XN l:AlREYfPitcher. Field. First Base "Speed" played at several different posi- tions and he did equally well at all of them. His slow side arm hall seemed to baffle the batters and consequently he has many wins accredited to him. Audean is also a good hitter and we are sorry to lose him. XVAi.KER Pitcher Bob came here from Sherman, and al- though he got a late start he has since de- veloped into one of our best pitehers. He throws left handed but has right. Next year with more experience, Boh should de- velop into one of the hest. F2 v si A-Grim I an-1 le Ei- "2-f Q- 3' K-3- A A P4 E 2.3:-'H tt flsa-Q i -'qi : 75 r ' 54 . U i' PA 1 4 A QW.. i 3 I , i i 1 95:5 A 'T Q i , ti aw. 1 , .V Y kv Va V A e e Q If ' - - A f Q , :,E' ,ff '- 1 ,fd X, v-E Q n ' .3 l fix 5, V4 438 L V4 Q . v' J-12- 2 , I K --1. 5 -5-:1 5 I I Page Um- Humlrerl Fifty-Five 4 s f ., K, M V M K4 , VIS gk .2 llllll I' ' E '-" .f-42" L., 4 ?5"" iff' ID- ,-:' --f" V A v gf-x 'mum 1? as . i -B , 1 1 ii 3' ' -'fa ix i 2 s r ii lzii S Eigijf M t Vi V ' L4. 4 3,-sf ,M E urwwjh i 'Z ff? Page One Hundred Fifty-Six W. LARSEN Utility This was "Weeneys" first year out for high school baseball, but he showed up good, both in the box and in the outfield. He has 3 more years with us and should malce a real player before he leaves. He throws and bats right handed. BLAYDES Second Base hldumpyu came here from Dallas to be- come one of our best ball players. He is a good fielder and an unusual batter. although he weighs only ll5 pounds. He will be baclc next year. Bot'Les Third Base ulippi' was one of the 4 letter men on this vear's team. He showed up at 3rd, and was a good hitter. Epp throws and bats right handed. We lose him this year. Giasow Right Field "Bill Mae" seems to be following in the footsteps of his brotherfand he is certainly keeping up the record of the family name. He has two more years with us and before he leaves he should develop into even a bet- ter player than 'Slceetf' Good luck, Bill. TRAVIS Center Field This was Travis' first year as a regular bu' he played like a veteran. He is an ex- cellent fie'der and should soon develop into a gaod batter. Next year we expect much of him. NUNN Left Field "Numhslxull" played with the Sanders for the firs' time this vear. He is 2 herd worker and loves h'se'3all. He bats and throws right handed. Nunn will be hack next year. HAYIJEN Catrhei' This was Freddie's first year with the Sandies but he played like an old man at the game. He bats and throws right handed. Hayden will not he back next year. SIVHTH Catcher "Fat" Smith was a good catcher and a fast mcn. He was always cn the job and cou'd be depended upon any.ime. This is Smi1h's lzsl year. -19' A V AAI' :gf F MET' Jig-1 fffx gf S14 Hu. ff" 252' . A I ,V V . .7 Q-1 V Q v ,M i Y VK H 'vq M' .gi 2 'A - N H.,-,WT-. , S .. M fx' .2 Q y v A . ,ep--f' 4 .N V , V ' Q .W M 'Ai i FA L L "Zi, T L 7 P f 5 7- m""' - . Q ' fg , - "' z , ii A N ' .A A -e U , r .. ' - 'Q fu' I i , , . 2 ' . Page One Hundred Fifty-Seven lim 'RALLY Las Y 1523 if B! I X ai? 11 Mzmmmn 1 Qmlmk! n,?,g, RRLEY NEW ADDITION Q SE H1012 'PLAY ROSY SPIK , , -4. - F5 ff H ' K K ,X V H, a M D . KW yd A Cgx ,y, ,Q5Q - -,J ,A A If ,V YM' M if H, g-ww ,eff ggi " Q'4',',1f ' ' 'pgibr In I K fx. . 'wufbg' iA?V ,5w QQ? fQ g, 1 66 ' GUQK. ,D is tg ,sf V, 571 , - q fi ,T -,Lg ,Q ,f1f,zM,1Q3,i'?. k,ifg,:.'H,2 h '3 4, 1 +A L, QL If . fwfr ,H ,J-4 . f .. L gy . if b Y V 1 l f ' " ilu L K .4 if ,iq X5 ju. ' '96 -Lg? 1 f V , , Page One Hundred Fifty-Eight .- ,.. ,ff N 5 R 1"Nx , XY 1 f 'X -x WX H K 5' 'N fi fx f 1 R X sf! 1! CZ-EVN fx if X F fX 1 'X C N 4 Q f- ,f XXX 7 wtxgmzl'-Qu., -1 -vii: -E . .. W. LMT gn 5 mf .ei1 ' JMff- 313. .f V - .. - g , VY A 'ff 17 , ,. 0' -X meff-33, 35 'KKK- ,Q12 Egkq-xg 1 ,.-4 in ,mega . Q35-"Q -VL. Q- ri . 1'4" ' :W -my-Q wks .-'E1Aa ?i52Qf9' - , x- :J-N -5' ,eff ff W " . . -, ' - kwa-,ff-if , f! f 11 :- ilvf- Nf' ff W- 'V NL- . , - , W-fi, -,T I I- - ,. ir. Q1 24,5 5 m. ILV, "x,'-YN ,L HTI EMEHT .M Photographs for Memory for Good Wishes for Gift Acknowledgments for Your Club for Your Friends for The Newspapers You need them all the time! Edwards Studio Photographs Never Die Phone 710 604 1-2 Polk , . ,.... . .:.. - x'-' 1 V VV V K 1 V V V if AAV, Ii., A K A A A , A1 . ,'.' V- . A kKf.-L ',-f . I . 1.' "-k'1 L ' Y ' V . K . .L . K . K ah.V k,h. K ff K ' K xxw fii, k.k-k V -'I 7..- . - kkkk 1 , V ' m'fVf- fw , 1 'Kh 'V ' .h V ,h U 1-312342: V . '-C., A V C '-'Y ' 'V ffslii I sy ."'-v w E R.qwunuv::g::' XX . . IM . V ' . . ' f - -if fs, Q - K 5 4 M V V 'ff V f V 'A Q V l ' lr 2' V l ,, x, .5 S Q wg ' ' - -Va, V 1- . V - - W' ' V FN ' 'Q 'F'--iii ff - ,sf V LAQTFETLQQYAY A521231 gh p Q91, .. V- V- 1 , , W P , 'A MAH,Goom-azss V f ws M V - .sen V ' V A V-A0 , ' , , , 1, Spa nf 5 " , viii. ' s . V - ,gyw . 4 'Q Nj? ' L WN x A 5 V K ' E! 55' 0, ' 1 ' M gs' 'il 1-if' V .14 'Q ' ,QXi'?' ' A3155 ' -Swivi A ' X24 ' M,-gafc , M H V -h" V ' fl-' out - ' gk? ' H2 J" fi. .4 ,MW R551 3 Auvm 1 " 2EJYXBQ?El!S-,-xNAKE up X 9:5w?xE 9 082 mg-'u'a?:i: - LE - , , V31 ' N hwy-sxLE....iY Z P4523 if-3H:QEcf'xf7Evxg'As x- WE blfkx ,qv 1 X , - ' . -.-- WH ' 8 , 5 g , . t .i ' rn-'gg 4. - b, . Vg .A CARTOGNS V . V -V 1 GvQ,.,.,r,,,VX55 'v-ak? n-.V ' V Page One Hundred Sixty-Two We are ready to serve you with the largest stock of Sporting QGooclS In the Texas Panhandle Base Ball Tennis Track Foot Ball Golf Camp Equipment Guns Fishing Tackle Ammunition Whirl Goods Ruud! Sporlifzg Goods Co. Equipment For Every Sport 510 Taylor St. Phone 4410 , 4 ,- -, ' - A I M . A U A V ' ' ' I ' Q ..1.: ,Q ,.' I gi ' . 4' It I .- ...... fl, v f Gr, Q- Q x L- ba-4 W. rm V L. ! 'Mfr , AI " , , I A Wx ,hw 1 i fy F Tower of Sufccesg M 5 Star-gavgjng Crmjing . Q ,gfib Q my g ' NSQYPP' V ' QKQK YV Q Y 5961.6 , 00 , Camp Al clamp 1 L n in L ,y reit A -1 "A 4'B'r'clc't I I ' Sh A M Gwwfiei ' He, Page One Hundred Sixty-Foul' r A "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" 'l'l1zit':4 VVl1y It Pays To Have Your NVork Done at the ilmperial iltarhvr Shun R. R. "C'z1rrie" Nation Phone 2412 404 Polk St. X I Russell Biggs: Who was thct new girl vou were out with last night? Winston Grogan: That wasrft a new one, fjust an old one warmecl over. Our La .Airosa is a good annual, The school gets all the fame: The printer gets the naonfy. Butlthe staff gets all the blame. "We Insure Everything But Ashes" BAKER INSURANCE AGENCY Nl. D. Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Room 422 Phone 4617 F. E. Baker AMARILLO, TEXAS g 7 P 0 H11 Sixty NN M Qiwf-'Sa WALTER MITCHELL S NENHBERIE MIS ING ...Q PICTURES WALTER MITCHELL 1-0Hi1L5 Be A Booster For Amarillo and Home Industries IXSIST ON AMARILLO GASOLINE I MADE ix AlillARILIQ,O FROM AMARILLO CRUDE PRODUCED BV IXNARIIQLO MEN Amarillo Refining Co, Inc. Doroliiyr Do you file your finger nails? Olivia: Oh no, I just tlirow them away after I cut them. WOrRLD'S SHORTEST CONVERSATION upleaseli' "No," "Wly?" 'LBecause." ELLIOTT OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Exclusive Office Outfitters Adding Nlachines-Typewriters Desks-Safes Supplies Ground Floor Oliver Eakle Bldg. Phone 3666 I OHldS t QI R 514, M5 SITTIN PURTY v-""'?" 5 mm H45 KLM 11 GHUBHT W Q ELEHN UP Hurd M1 lh.Yr1o eS mr QW-Jxf.. 34" WWE! WT paw SHUULDERS E RHBBTER 5:5 'A ,VI .WM 5 AZ! f ' I 514 . if A E ' FUUD THEM Intl, TRUUBLES 9 113211 Q ap gnu if Q1 Q' b""".S1... HEHIN X Lu-iq s A "' , , Zi ' 1i',wQi ig, L. , ag R M-A. f 'Q . yi ,Q z LMT ii .1 -f Y f - A ' 7,"'1.' m'd,a'-tip Af ' W' 1 A, 1 'W' J xg K f It if-T-E 3 U f'Ji' g' H 4 1 f " W 'L , QF, , il- ' , A , m lv ,L , . . . C. C. . I rr' -gg' Nh 'ff ft? x - ' ft, A ' '9 ,,'I k I , 4 , ew t'gr ' f 1 . f, V i i: i g 5 "h V g Rn, , ty 'kv-9 V, . I A 5 Iv. I., 'A up 5 f . Lg, - , at Ulll ' ' r- , 'J FA 7 K ff K ' ge Q Q, . fvfff 10 . , M KW .. ,S fy 'FU . TTA' 7' :,ffA, A..aM k sl M+ f jf? ' ' fl .1-j-V xg I' it uf I 1 O H I IScventy-Two , ,N ,K .. f N w Gowns-Hats-QI,ingerie-Accessories 101-A li. Srcl St. Amarillo MISS VIOLET CRAMER Blanch Shaffer Georgia Thomas Expert Corsetiere Infants 6: Childrens Wear g N POEMSM Lives of foot-ball men remind us They have writ their names in blood: And in parting leave behind them Half their faces in the mud. The Charleston would have been a total loss if it had been invented in the days long skirts. I 5 CLEMENTS-YOUNG SPORTING and ATHLETIC GOODS Distributors of Rawlings Athletic Goods 305 Polk Phone 606 I l LX' One Hundred S ve nty-Th F mr- THE FALLS ff? 'x , f A,, . . V ,, X Qfff' " if . . f' "' 4 f 4 QV' k,', gElLmg 1 , 4. , ' ?:1.if:a1. -5' ' J Eff-Q S 'X ' L X96 IT? W WN' ' 109 fm 2 G gl? if ' JQgm ?h QP .,i M, "'. E . Ay, ,.-, 'f .. ztl ' -, 1ET"E.R 'N 'DIISSET1' U ,N JUMP DUTTEN ASLEEP HHS n J H I 1 Seventy-Four -f I The Country Club Terrace One of Ainarillols Most Beautiful Subdivisions "LIVE WHERE YOU PLAY" just South of the Amarillo Country Club Golf Links Planned and Developed by T. W. COTTEN Two halves make a whole, and tl'e fullback goes through. Scene-Descmond's well lighted parlor. Earl: What would we ever do if it wasn't for Edison? Descmond: We'd be having a good time now! Rockwell: .lust to think l promised my mother l would never be a football player. Mr Hays: Well youive certainly kept your promise. 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Amarillo Store Phone 3403 Upstairs at 905 Polk St. AMARILLO, TEXAS 1 0 Hundred Seventy-Six l Amarillo's Largest Distributor of Furniture Amarillo F urniiure 403-409-411-413-415 Taylor St. 0. Amarillo Second Hand Co. San Jacinto F urn. Co. Amarillo, Texas "Watch Our Trucks" x 9' Beulah Bennett wants to know if a neckerchief is the head of a college sorrority house. Barrett: "Where are you going?" Blanche: "Upstairs to catch up on some of my hack work." Barrettt: "But I thought I heard you agree to meet some of the boys in the hall." Blanche: "I did: it's work behind Mrs. Tayloris back!" f N Cie' A efzgiiieg ge ga ,az I fe it e ff , All E ' gg-5 PHONE g enial, 5 'lff 4"'lW'n in .a 5 6 5 5 M ggi. ,x 1 f V ff f ' - 'A f f B ...:: ' 'EET' ' E W FLYING DUTCHMAN SERVICE CAL FARLEY TIRE SHOP 416-418 Fillmore Pa ge One Hundred Seventy-Seven E ,. A s gpg- E li ' Gladla't'or-.A Sen, Caesar-Q 5 ,Atw fr 'k.v,,- nr, -,,, I 3 , A 1 . Musno- Dead' Doi' Mwsac, 'ng wonde r-. acid HKS Page' One Hundred Seventy-Eight f 5 Amazrillo Hardware Co. An Extensive Supply of the Nation's Standard Sporting Goods Phone 3600 502 Polk St. I Marv has a swarm of bees, .And they to save their lives, Must go wherever Mary goes, For Mary has the hives. lkey: Abie, your shirt tail is Abie: Out! Vere iss it out? llcey: Out vere de vest begfns. 0Lli. The Best Electrical Appliances of All Kinds The Best of Electric Service at All Times "Amarillo's Largest Electric Appliance Store" SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE CO. g J Ev One Hundred Seventy-N 6 5 mzlwndle Laundry PHONE 3000 A DEPARTMENT LAUNDRY FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD NEED "MASTER CLEANERS" Q I Elizabeth Tolleson: What are you thinking about? James L: Same thing you are. Elizabeth: If you do, l'll scream. Mr. Dutton was telling one of his classes a few things about elephants and in the middle of his talk he realized his class was not giving him the attention he should have. So Tiny severely said, "Now students if you want to realize a true picture of this animal l am telling you about, you must keep your eyes fixed on mef' f N BUICK Sales and Service Frost Motor Company "When Better Automobiles are Built Buick Will Build Them" Q 1 P ge One Hundred Eighty 5 35 WZ Hamm ga 4 mmm rf? gg i 5,3 '7 3 9 lie: ' n 4' I-1. A l . , ff " -fs L :fe gl-113' Aiifrul . 'SV- 'ft 1 3 0 ' !,.fL14 ff? ' Ki: " 0 ' 'I Ike gfdile Qxntnn ginuse gn fixrlmsitre Qiiifi fha? 522 nur line nf 15115 hefnrz selzriing gnu: rnmmenzzmeni irxmsmtis Htfhtrgune Can Zfgnlz zz lfliift glare fur Clnguzxen 204 W. Tenth St. Phone 1806 l-leni'570'l..eary: l heard you put your money into hee-keeping. Marvin Sissom: Yes, but l got stung. John Gilliam: l'd like to see some good second hand cars Dealer: So would l, young fellow. Mr. Potter: You read next. Miss Welsh: That translation was torn out of my book. Let Us Supply Your Building Material Wants REMEMBER WE HAVE Lumber, Lath, Plaster, Shingles, Screen Doors, Windows, Nails. Post, Builder's Hardware, Sheet Rock, Beaver Board and All Kinds of Builder's Supplies Star Lumber Company CALL US Phone 216 505 Jackson St. OUR TRUCKS WILL GET IT TO YOU PROMPTLY I Page One Hundred Eighty win YY- Sr-wb 'Bali Sud 1 .41 T' Q MW fi IYiicLUa1j Pzufo Om: Hundred Eighty-Two mi Ai ' Kzcido fx, ffm' ""'51Qw d 114-5'te,r' 'Fai' 'I f f H. A. Nobles, President M. C. Nobles, Vice-President A. G. Stanley, Secretary and Treas. Nobles Brothers Grocer Company WHOLESALE GROCERS Main House-Amarillo. Texas Branch at Plainview, Texas g 7 Lyda Mae Walker' wants to know if they put running water in a pig sty, could they call it a fountain pen? Hank: l thought you promised your father you wouldn't drink any more Murrell: Well. l didn't say anything about just as much, did I? Mr. Jensen: ls that your cigarette stub? Jim Golding: Go ahead, lVlr. Jensen, you saw it first. GIBSON BROS. DRUG CO. 209 E. Fourth St. DRUGS-CIGARS-DRINKS "Headquarters For The Sandies" Service-Phone l5-Courtesy C. C. Gibson "Skeet" Gibson Q Page One- Hundred Eighty- Business Phone 51 Res. Phone 3294 J. L. Summers HIGH CLASS SUB-DIVISIONS AND ACREAGE 1 10M West 6th Street "A Stranger in Amarillo for 27 Years" Who touches a hair of this old head, Finds a blonde's a brunette instead. Elizabeth Wool: I'm afraid to go down this street it's too dark. Sam Lemons: But, my dear, l'm with you. Elizabeth: Thatys why I,m afraid. Florence: Did you take a bath last night? Virginia: No, was there one missing? A. V. C. Inc. Useful Everyday Items You Need Both during your schooldays, and during each step in life, as you progress along, life's pathway. ASSOCIATED VARIETIES COMPANY, Inc. I pr O Hundred Eighty-Four f 217 Polk Street Phones 1540-4706 210-212 Rule Building Garage E. I-I. POWELL, Manager Taylor WASHING, GREASING, OIL. 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Nell: And then she woke up to find her kid brother pounding her feet with a flat iron. l've found out why Christine Arnot wears such light dressesg she's Scotch. f W Exclusive Agents for lrene Castle ancl Julia Hoyt Modes Ladies and Misses Rezldwio- Wear and Mzflzkzefy MARIZON COMPANY 705 Polk St. AMARILLO, TEXAS lg, 7 Page One- Hundred Eight Tolzien Alusia Store s uummp 1 ,,,mmnn,m ,. .nlvl p Now Represents the New "BRUNSWICK" 3 lg Q Have you heard the new 2 Panatrope? Epi Reproduction in its highest L im1....i..iE quality E .77 'K' 1' ' x"T' Come In and Hear It ,J'lW4-f,,QQXl Kimball and Gulbransen Pianos i Piaiio Tuning 713 POLK ST. PHONE 2195 S - On his way to church one Sunday morning a preacher stopped Vilas Newby and inquired, "Do you ever attend a place of worship, young man F" "Yes, indeed," replied Vilas with a happy smile, "l'm on my Way to see Bonita now!" Ruth Cavanaugh: ul feel like Minerva today." Margaret Caldwell: "Minerva who?" Ruth : "lVlinervous wreck ! " N C. E. KING Dry Goods-Clothing-Shoes Ladies and Gents Furnishings PHONE 2004 Corner 4th 6: Taylor Popular Price Store Amarillo, Texas ge One Hundred Eighty-Eight AMARILLO'S MOST EXCLUSIVE STORE FOR LADIES AND MISSES Wie feature Hart-Seliaffuer and Marx Coats For XVoiueu. Also Peggy Paige and Arthur 'XN'eiss dresses for Ladies and Misses. See our beautiful Pattern hats made by Rawak, and Regina. Piece Goods and Notions The Ladies Store 513 Polk St. Phone 724 0 BECK BROTHERS "The Best is none too good" BOOT MFG. SHOE REPAIRS Phone 544 116 E. Fifth FN g f P O H11 If htyN - Page One Hundred Ninety . JEWILLIMKEYOURBOND City Farm 1. LLtAt'iSe-0RRTAc:5,Q L 0 ALL Kmos or O LOANSI S EJDEFQN C E Lousy, A S zto E. sntm sriq MAmE,lg Expfitttvibnt szdo N S ANYTHING INSURED AGAINST EVERYTHING S "This ought to enlighten." remarked Blanche Archer as she pourecl on the peroxide. Even his best friend woulcln't tell him, so Rex Walling flunked a six weeks test. Lloyd Townes says: t'An I. O. U. is just another one of those paper waits." Oma Martin: "These peoplc named Relatives sure are popular." Velma O'Brien: "How come?" Oma: "Why every day the paper says someone has gone to visit themf' N CITY STEAM LAUNDRY PHONE 2526 l4000 Sq. Ft. Floor Space Try Our Service C. R. CHENEY, Prop. X 7 Page One Hundred Nin 7 1: by Cur Bank Is Your Bank Everyone here is at your service, we are happy to serve you. An in- telligent, progressive bank service awaits you here. There is at your command our time, attention and experience, as well as good mechanical equipment to give you safety, accuracy ancl promptness. Amarillo Bank and Trust Company Q 1 Eugene Vinyard: "All is not gold that glitters." Leona: "Why, what did you try to pawn?" Mildred Reclmon: "What do you know about the Persians ?" Frances Robertson: "Well they were a very rugged people." Cecil Smith says: "Theres one nice thing about Germany-it would be easy to make a mark there!" L N Portraits Kodak Finishing and Enlarging MURRAY WATTS STUDIO Phone 3638 607 Taylor P ge One Hundred Ninety-Two 7 Q f Ledbetter Drug Company Two Busy Rexall Stores Polk at Fifth Store No. I-Phones 48 and 49 Store No. 2-Phone 456 Amarillo, Texas "Well, l guess that went over big," saicl the ocean Voyager as he leanecl on the railing. Ruth Lefforge: "Have I powdered my nose enough to cov he dirt?" Christine Russell: "I think you've covered the grouncl. ' Judge: "The prisoner seems to have been clruggeclf' Irish Cop: "Yessir, I clrug him five blocks!" Compliments and best wishes to the Boys of Amarillo High School RIGGS Hirsh Wickwire The Finest of 402 Polk Braeburn Ready Macle "Better IVfen's Wear" Collegiate Clothes Clothes Page One Hundred Ninety Q Page One Hundred Ninety-Four f 'N The Rotary Club Of AMARILLO XJ 5 "He Profits Mos! Service Above Self" ' Who Serves Bas!" f 5 TAB? AMARILLO, TEXAS i1.. Directors: C. E. Gregg G. C. Saunders, Pres. C. Blackburn Q - - Rolla Townsend C. Blackburn, SVICC Pres. Allen Early Rolla Townsend, Secretary lgaaltnders H. Paul, Treasurer T. B. Gallaher M. Williams, Serg.-at-Arms P220 One Hundred Nim-ft F School ...... 'Siu Sub If . ,..' 'V xl. 'A ,, 3' Before :ZI jifterf H,w" --fh .LW . X ' I , Lust, Pine nun--- is--nmoinvs lnu , In 'Neg R 4 X '?EQ x 2 . , ' Q ' W'a.LK.'er-. Dear 'Mel 3 Page One Ilundred Ninety-Six ' t r 5 quam-, GL When Planning Your Home don't overlook the fact that quality luniber is essential to satisfaction. Lumber that has been carefully selec- ted, graded, and seasoned saves time in erection, ensures sound construc- tion and mates a better appearance. Our adfife 0f1PldI1.f is jhe. Ark us jiar it. E. S. BURGESS, Lumber M J Miss Klapprotb: Can anyone give the derivation of the word Auditorium? Agnes Berry: Yes-from Audio, meaning bear ancl Taurus, meaning bull. A place wbere you- lVliss Klapproth: That will do! 5 PHONE 352 307 W. 10th St. SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING CO. Better Dry Cleaning A Nl A R l L L O g I Pa gt- One Hundred Ninety-5 l f N "Ask The Man Who Owns One" JW. Timmons PACKARD and FRANKLIN Quality Automobiles Sales and Service 300 E. 10th St. Phone 391 K I A flat-tire is a girl wl'o is out of hot air. lVlan's eyes are like birds in a tree, they flit from limb to limb. Henry Curts' keacl is iust like a Y W. C. A. swimming pool-it's full of women Two kincls of girls: The one that rolls ihe eves. The one that eyes the rolls. GREER'S Your merchandise can be bought for less here, in our complete store for men, women, and chilclren. We have what you want and at reasonable prices. Greer's Department Store 4th and Polk Street k J P O Hundred Ninety-Eight Complete Drug and Fountain Service SPORTING GOODS AND VVALL PAPER City rug Store Biggest, Best and Quickest 515 Polk St. Amarillo, Texas Leon: May I print a kiss on your lips? Geraldine: No, you're just not my type. We're wondering if jonah's whale had halitosis. Inez Beckman: l want some new way to reduce. Beulah Huff: Try hydrogen, it's a reducing agent. J Mr. Rogers says i'You may leave brains, but you can't prove it." fBy geometry? You'll Enjoy Eating at the POLK STREET CAFE "Across From Amarillo High School" N :J J ZX ge One Hundred Ninety Y L f GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY WHOLESALE Auto Accessories ancl Shop Equipment 109-I l I West Fifth Street AMARILLO, TEXAS J Charles Lowndes: ls it proper to use opera glasses at the musical comedy? Fred Dodson: It isn't proper, but it usually shows good form. Some people say that absence makes the heart grow yonder and others say absence makes the heart grow fonder-for someone else. For Your Graduation Gifts Visit Elizabetlfs For Suggestions ELIZABETH'S LINEN SHOP Oliver-Eakle Bldg. 602 Polk St. 7 l Virginia l-lerbst says that brevity is the soul of wit and also of successful dressmak- mg. vc DICKSON DRUG "The Safe Prescriptionistn Prompt Free Delivery Phone 2600-1123 A. S. DICKSON 6065 Polk St. 4 7 H Bill Howell says his idea of an aristocratic plumber is one who calls his wrench pipe organ. 0 Auto Trimming and Upholstering 612 Tyler Street Phone 520 H J. D. CAZZELL 1 1 Two Humlrcrl f N FIRST NATIONAL BANK Amarillo, Texas Security and Service 4th and Polk Since '89 Savings Accounts Solicited I x 7 Virginia Molesworth says: Some girls can he compared to trees in that they get a new ring each year. Mr. l-lull, in the club house speaking to the boys who were running around very scantily clad, "For heavens sake put on some clothes, don't be so effeminateln N. S. GRIGGS 8z SONS Funeral Directors Ambulance Service "A Dignifiecl Service in a Sympathetic Way" Phone 250 ' Fillmore at Sth St. 9' Meryl Burton's plea on Foods exam, "lf there are any mistakes on this paper, they are absolutely unintentional." n Paul P. Sewell John G. Milam SEWELI.. DRUG CO.. Successors to Fly-Barton--Blackburn Bldg. 107 E. 7th St. Phones 704-705 ur "It's the little things that count in life," was Fanny's remark when she added the demerits, fthose little forget-me-nots the teachers enjoy scattering arouncl.j Opposite Post Office Sporting Goods. Tools, Paints and Varnishes WILLIAMS HARDWARE CO. PHONE 4770 1 Page Two Ifuml IO - I-IOS ZOO 31- 8 Xfl' My 'ff '!'R,R0 E X wifi lx 4' f 1i 45 Re'NF'1N'TOS5-K f H , f Y XZ," f X z in ff: 'KX X3 E920 1 Nw. i fm MR 'THUITT MR .DUTTO N v ll 1349 .1 r ih, Q Vgigyyfijfv jf 3 W OE N So N MEG Null HAY! f' ' -Q 'Xi V' x. V AX M Q! 4. A My.. Jim 5' 'WP ' .V af, , - lx, ' -,I , ' V ffm , fig., ' .,' K- ,'f',,. yn, ,. ,, A ' -1 g . i A Q, fu fx K Hx "-A -- - . 9 1' Y. k ' . ..Qf5- 9 7- -5 Q?'ef'f2' ' Mi?fu-lfU'Pf-'?7fflf Q2'f1,1i ' if W k' I A Sf A " A ' V fgew' ff 151' 'M' HH -1 x M .. Q ' Wm fwfr- P 'X--.1 ' 5 -"ff ff 2 - K- .. 25 K la if W lfffr, ,wwwe " " ,- ,,.v, . yf -I ff, . ,L ,M , ,,f- -,X -, . swf H if V1 ff' if-if , Q "9 V . I ff vi f N ifffffi . ' fi 1Jm1"fi ' ' - ' . 1 , I ry' 594 11-fm: 7 K Mlfixg A 7 4 ,f -, gg 5 My 5 I , I 'vry 1 ?ih.k 472:75 1 :gay K It K. . , J 1 ,gfiva-' - . V K K I , v 5 L, gfi.,f.A Q - Wifi" 1' gan A, f ' 4:',.'w' ,,,,,, . i,,w:i4Q V A A. - g, ' P: A- ' :ff f, J 'V 51' 'F' . . I , ' ' ' 5: f' ,gl - , , Ji -fu" ' V ww - P21119 Two 'Hundred-Two Buy Amarillo Dirt City Property Ranch and Farm Lands Oil Leases and Royalties Special Attention Paid to Property of Non-Residents . JNO. P. MATHIS Buy Panhandle Dirt National Bank of Commerce Bldg.-Rooms 5-7 PHONE I976 N R 7 Did you ever stop to think wl'at a hard time two cross-eyed people would have trying to look each other in the eye? 16 S8,500,000.00 Loaned on Amarillo Residences! 1'pI,000.000.00 Available at This Time! We Write FIRE and TORNADO INSURANCE And Sell REAL ESTATE ASKEW and SHORT PHONE es t I Ed Kanouse says that he has a cat and the only insidious thing about that cat is its name-Halitosis. LOOK FELLOWS-Tudor Hall Collegiate Clothes Knox and Stetson Hats and Everything for the Young Man LEVY AND SON Buy For Cash Phone 3264 Pay Less . 9 6 LOVING PRINTING CO. IO9-l I W. 7th St. AMARILLO, TEXAS "You Don't Have to Wait" Greta Lee Willis says: Some people couldn't even tell the truth in a diary. 1 P g Two Hundred IN I-IOSZOO vw, ' GPC N M . ,f , ,,,,, ' M U c . MISS QQ gg Qumru 91 W1 W xw 5511 , iz," , f":f,5'i W , I l Hllf, H .QXY1 " f'w's'?'+ 15 2' fm-N - Q5 ? gg Q1h J Q12 ,QQ I f 'SQ Alf" ' , 1 L ' QL '59 K LAY PRo'rm+ lgc T wo Hundred-1f'u ,5 N Complirrents of - 2- ,,-,Q CLOTHIERS 412 Polk St. THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Q Give a criminal enough rope ancl he'll tie up a cashier but give the younger genera- tion enough rope and it will keep on skipping. Margaret Collins: Why do they always give you such a long ticket when you fide on the e-ein. V, 1 BALLEW-SATTERFIELD GARAGE HUPMOBILE end REO Dependable Service Phones 734-ssso Third and Tyler sie. Dawn Adkins: Merely something to read on the journey, l suppose. l..alah Whitaker says: Never kid the judge The day of the court jester is past. Lucille Murphy: Do you walk home from rides? Sarah Richards: No, l ride home from walks. I ELK BARBER SHOP 1. N. ALLARD, Prop. For Ladies and Gentlemen "It Pays To Look Well" I 4152 Polk Street Amarillo, Texas l 1 Page Two Hundred S W PANHANDLE HARDWARE COMPANY CHARLES H. HOPPIN The Home of Direct Action Gas Ranges General Hardware, Queensware and Sporting Goods 406 POLK ST. PHONE 191 g 7 Axioms recently discovered: l. Recitation is the science of bluffing. 2. Zero added to zero, the result is flunk. 3. Zeros are always equal, tho they never coincide. 4. A teacher is a many-sided polygon and equal to anything. 5. A proposition is a general term for that which confronts the Senior at the end of the year. SUDDEN SERVICE STATION Gas, Oils, Accessories, Mobiloils ik Sixth and Tyler Sts. Joe M. Mobley N Gomer Jones: Did you bring home a remembrance of the Hi-Y trip? John Daniel: Yes I brought home some towels, a rug, a desk set, and some other small articles. .n 605 TAYLOR STREET AMARILLO GREENHOUSE P. H. BUTHKER 1 a Two Hundred-Eight THE PALACE OF SWEETS 411 Polk sf. Makers of High Grade Chocolates Light Lunches, Hot and Cold Drinks, Cigars and Tobaccos We Fill Special Orders For Parties PHONE 2207 "If lt's Candy We Have It" Gomer jones: Evidently you took a room at the hotel. John Daniel: No, I tried it, but I couldn't get away with it. Miss Klap.: This was the first time Caesar had made quarters in Pauline Rogers: I dicln't know he was a counterfeiter. Gau J. H. THOMPSON PAINT CO. Painters, Paper Hangers and Interior Decorators AMARILLO, TEXAS 1305 Polk Street Phone 3225W l Catherine Harrison: Can you tell me how iron was discovered? Olive Cooper: I think I read somewhere that they smelt it. Doris Wilkinson: Does the moon effect the tide? Alleen lVIcBee: No, only the untied. REALTORS GENERAL REAL ESTATE "See Us Before Buying" 105 W. 4th St. Phone 533 AMARILLO, TEXAS BRYMER 8: ATWOOD E Page oEa4.r1 X4 WHERE 15 SHE in .a. -.,,.gn FIPS.-4: iv- Hot get Page Two Hundred-Ten ,,-6 SPORTING GOODS J .WIl2w.2Q'weC1Q' RELIABLE GUUD5 AIRIIISUNABLE Prince Its easy enough to be pleasant When life fIows round and round, But the girl worth while, Is the girl who can smile, While her garters are coming clown. I fell for a shop girl, And she was a queen, As Iovely a maiden As I've ever seen But now that we're married, I think I was rash Whenever she sees me She always yeIIs, "CASH," For Economlcal Transportation PLAINS CHEVROLET CO. "Superior Service" SERVICE 902-4 Tyler St. Quality at Low Cost Phones 3737-3738 Page Two Hundred-Eleven f N POOL DRUG COMPANY As Near As Your Telephone Vlfith a Service That Serves Many Suitable Gifts for Graduates PHONE 740 PHONE 2276 Amarillo Hotel Building N U FAMOUS SONGS Vegetable Song: "ln a Little Spinach Town." Stalk Song: "Stalk About My Sweetie." l-lotel Song: ul-lotel Me You Love Me." Dog Song: Ficlo'nt Get The One l Want." Tattoo Song: "Oh, It Tattoo Be You." Tango Song: "Tango Rain No lVlore.,' Eskimo Song: "Freeze a Jolly Good l:elloW.' Bologna Song: "Tonight You Bologna To lVle.,' Four Wheel Brake Song: "For We'll Break The News to Mother." a Even in the Bible days we have proof that men preferred blondes by the descriptive passage "Let there be light " W 6 N ge cy 9 I Tull! Ph0neS2929 ' ' 7lZPolk st. Two Hun dred-Twelve f 5 It's The Cut of The Clothes That Counts SOCIETY BRAND CBill 5 CWalterJ ADAMS and PARR The Store of Personal Service 408 POLK St. PHONE 881 N I Fall had come and spring had gone. And ice was over allg I tried to run and make a spring. Instead I took a fall. lst workman: Vvhy did the labor boss fire you from that job? 2nd Ditto: Well, you know a labor boss is one who stands around and watches his gang work. lst: Yes, but what's that got to do with it? Znd: Well, he got jealous of me. People thought I was the boss. Zuma Vance: I'm going to Bond. Dick Green: Where is Bond? Zuma Vance: That's where all the whiskey is bottled. I N NUNN ELECTRIC CO. Orthophonic Victrolas-Victor and Columbia Records 417 POLK ST. PHONE 79 J Q I age Two Hundred-Thirte S X Page Two Hundred-Fourteen 5 E. LEE SMITH Tailored Clothes for Young Men Ociorless Cleaning Gents Furnishing 114 E. Fifth St. Phone 1949 AMARILLO, TEXAS x 9 Foreman on iob: Hey, shake a leg wid dat paint woik. Worker: Sav, Rowe wasn't built in a day. Foreman: I know it, but I clidn't boss cle job. Our l927 Custom Built Girl Legs by Steinway Bocly by Fisher Neck by the hour. Elizabeth Mathis: Every time l open my mouth, l am conscious that some one is dying. Lillian Duncan: Why clon't you use cloves? "And now, Johnny," said the geography teacher, " can you tell me what is raisecl in Mexico F' "Aw go on," replied the bright boy. "I know what you want me to say but ma told me 1 shoulcln't talk rough U ,A 5 BLACKBURN BROTHERS The Home of Hart, Schaffner or Marx Clothes Polk at Seventh PHONE 1061 AMARILLO Q J Page Two Hundred-Fifte L N 4 S. G. BURDINE 81 CO. "REALTORS" Oil Stocks-Business Property Houses--Lots W. C. Mitchell-C. C. Tacllock-C. E. McPherson F. E. Walker-S. G. Burcline fSalesmenJ "Call Us For Service" Q U' Eula Lee: I shouldn,t imagine l'd like to clate the quarter-back of the Here- ford team. Jessie May: Why not? Eula Lee: Why he would want to use the huclclle system too much. Fay O'Brien: I clon't neck. Sharpe: May I press you for particulars? Mr. Mac: If you keep on smoking you'll never grow up to be like me. Gilmore: My heavens! Give me a light. George Parr: Say what are you runnin' for? Gene Mayer: I'm going to stop a fight. George: Gee, who is fightin'? Gene: Me ancl another fellow. A beautiful horse is comparable to a beautiful woman--and yet you can't shoot a woman if she breaks her leg. f, 5 ANNOUNCING OUR NEW HOME 302 West 10th St. "Willard Battery Men" GLENN-LEDFORD ELECTRIC CO. Phone 100 M I 1. Two Humhed-Sixte 6 ' s MOORE-POSTON COMPANY "The Store With the Goods" Corner 7th and Taylor "The Busy Corner" Merchandise of Quality at Lowest Consistent Market Prices N I Bob Strader: I was drunk last night, Mr. Rogers. Charlie : Well ? Boba' Aren't you going to expel me? Charlie: Why I can't establish a precedent like that, we really must have some- body in school you know. Mrs. Taylor: Don't worry, little girl you're not any worse than your grand- mother was. Ann Aleta Blackburn: Yes, and that what makes me so furious. Thinking lengthens the life, says a physician. Agnes Hensel says she is wond- ering how some people live through their four years high school. Recently accepted suitor fto prospective mother-in-lawJ: Mrs. Neely the pretti- est, sweetest, and cleverest girl in the world has just promised to be my wife. Mrs. Neely: Congratulations Jack, but I thought it was my daughter you wanted to marry. 5 6 Good Style Furniture ls just as essential today as being fashionably clothed, or driving a late model motor car. Cash or Credit PALO DURO FURNITURE CO. Furniture-Rugs-Draperies 704-6 Polk St. Phone 768 Pam- 'Fwo TIlllllll'0l'l-Q t I f The Store of Better Values JACKMAN'S 607 Polk sf. Women's Wear Exclusive Our Best Wishes to the Boys and Girls of Amarillo Q We Appreciate Your Trade l-ligh School His kickings' good, l-las perfect form, And speed enough to spare. And when he comes out on the field, I'll say he is a bear. l-ler lcicking's good, Has perfect form, And speed enough to spare. And when she comes out on the stage I'll say she is some bare. So on the football field or stage, Stars aren't so different after all. And yet l'd rather have a say For which kind I am going to fall. f REGENTS SHOES-WOMENS WEAR "Always First To Show The New" Mail Orders Promptly Filled 512 Polk St. V Amarillo, Texas K 7 Page Two-Hundred-Eighteen 5 5 "Where Quality Reigns and Prices Please" MIME! .. Shoe' Store., A i.1P0l-KSREET 'T Footwear :supreme , AMARILLO, TEXAS U Barber: Shall I cut your hair close? Ella Baxter: No, please stand off as far as possible. Wayland Dwight: I-Iave you started to write your Economics term theme yet? Walter Warren: Yes I have the first 300 words already. Wayland: Goodness! Walter: Yes, I've taken the first 300 words from the dictionary. I'Il arrange them later. "May I come over to see you?" Audean, the baseball pitcher telephoned girl. "I'm not playing today, I have a sore arm." "Then why bother to come over," sweetly replied "Sis", Miss Smith: Artie your work is very original. Artie Vaughn: Yes mam, even the spelling is my own. When a man sows wild oats he usually raises cain. his f N WHITE 81 KIRK 30 Years of Faithful Service Ladies' Apparel - Dry Goods 1 Shoes PHONE 2 X I Page Two Hundre d-N E f Fife ORDWAY-SAUNDERS Accident Tornado Health Hail igmanCe-L0anS-Bonds Liability Allw An Old Reliable Agency Burglary Plate Glass Compensation Rain Phone 4000 II6 East 6th Bonds General Agents National Surety Co. t Wha' d' ye shay-flesh go up on th' roof an' have a drink on th' housh. r MANNEY PRINTING CO. Fifth and Florida Phone 3 3 8 3 3 We call for and deliver to any part of the city Out where there's parking space and rents are reasonable We can save your temper and at the same time save you money V Elizabeth Kelly: You said you knew something about carpentry, how would you make a Venetian Blind? Pauline Fox: That's easy, just stick your finger in his eye. L' Suits to Order S25 to S75 I... W. Patton's Fine Tailoring Cleaning and Pressing Satisfies Phone 238 Plant 603 Jackson St. All Work Called for and Delivered Estd. l9l0 by L. W. Patton Amarillo, Texas Two Hundred-T ty 5000 Sutis 1 W marillo aundry E KW1TCHERK1KK1N" Phone 3456 N K JK A "o 1' W Panhandle Motor Co. "'151 t111,u1.m5 Chrysler Automobile Compku Stock of 1':m1'1e PHONE 141 710-712 TAYLOR LE: PAN Y ll iff, Phone l28 J ill LEVERITT'S BARBER SHOP Excellent Service, Our Motto High CIass Barber Work Oliver-Eakle Bldg. Polk at Sixth 'Qi J ff I :fi LELA MAE BARNUM Phone 3277 OIL PROPERTIES Amarillo, Texas Residence l004 Adams Office 42-43 Smfth Bldg. Phone 2575-J Phone 26I6 we -s J of :fi J. W. CULWELL AMARILLO, LAWYER TEXAS IQ: J 'E :Rl F Patronage SoIicited I WALKER'S BARBER SHOP 2204 W. 6th St. Amarillo, Texas IQ: J! ni :Ip DRESS WELL Everything for the Young Man at R U B I N S 4055 Polk St. Phone 590 ll ILL Wy ge Two Hundred Twenty-Two STORAGE by the lgf3m11'-lJzmye-VVQQIQ-Nlcmth Xlfzxsulli 1 Greasiu Q 1? A Excellent Service at Popular Prices Gas Oil Walkefs Garage 4th and Tyler Phone 380 DUDEE BROTHERS MUTUR CARS CullumMotor Co. vm Tyler at Seventh Phone 3800 A CONFlDENTlAL?2eSv C R E DI 'r -' f Eff 9 WATCHES DIAMUNDS JEWEIRY CUNNINGHAM FLOWER SHOP Say It With Cunningham's Flowers I08I -- Phones -- 2790 2407-2409 West Sixth Street AmariIIo, Texas AMARILLO ABSTRACT CO. C. D. SEARS, Pres. ABSTRACTS OIL MAPS BLUE PRINTING DRAFTING ENGINEERING MULTIGRAPI-IING Phone I 198 I08 W. Sth St. H T HddT tySI Kar' Holepr-oof its an all wxnd, He man Beauty and, fha Beaivt . M mf ML-tclhn Two LiZ2i6,S. TU LLL F ' q - SQ 3 , K , , ! f ' Li , T wa fi. Papa- rIWf'1'lU!ldT I I' I .6 Crue ALISADES The spirit of Amarillo High Students has been a tonic to our city throughout the year. Nile have watched and cheered you in your football games. VVe have noted your scholastic achievement and the exhibit of your work accomplished. To those who graduate this year we wish you health, happiness and Ama- rillo spirit always. To those who carry on, we are with you in every enterprise and goal. As a last word we wish you to join us in making The Palisades every- thing we hope and plan for it. Q 1 1 i .sf an ,X The We Palisades a X Page 'Two Hundred Twenty-Eight Pizoiogrrzplzs Live F orefzfer 'ifb Graigj Pirioiro Simotp PORTR AITS--KODAK FINISHING ZS.: mme Portraits, Panoramas, Commercial XVork C. A. GRAY, Prop. Picture Framing, Framed Pictures Greeting Cards Photographs Tell the Story AMARILLO DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Students Patronage Solicited Drugs, Soclas, Sundries and Toilet Articles "Ama.rillo's Favorite Corner" Polk St. at I2th. Phone 2734 and 4385 Q McCARTY MOTOR CO. Inc. Distributors STUDEBAKER and ERSKQINE Motor Cars Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico 1, 405-l3 Fillmore St. Phone 2629-3242 sz L E. F. RITTENBERRY ARCHITECT 301 Blackburn Bldg. Amarillo, Texas "Architect for the High School" ge Two Hundred Thirty Vi. rqi rv. L 4 Hf2rbsT 4 iff - E. T. 'fx 2' 1? we William. Z, g '77 vvonnm :B"'9'3 L!?' A 4 1 V iw-2 A 4' L fe V. 3' . -N' 3 58,5144 si' ff 4 . widwvf f 1 L H mrklem, crew. Af' 3"-. I, ..,, , fii. VYWQWXXUM wi V? is L -I t K -I Ma ,. 1 1 is W 'Q.' I , K M V 2 -V W , --,. , 5 ' WHf5T'PI-PE RCN Tuoffbf-SD CUHCH L ' P832 'Iwo Hundred Thirty-0 PARENTS -- STUDENTS What is an education worth in dollars and cents? The College of Business Administration in Boston University found that a high school graduate earns between age eighteen to age sixty about 378.000, A College or Technical School graduate earns during the same period about sI50,000. Yale University finds that it costs on the average 556,790 to keep a student in that College four years. Parents, ask us for booklet, ulnsuring the College Education of the Child," issued by the National Association of Women's Clubs. Students, prepare to assume leadership in the business and pro- fessional world. Insure your life adequately-as a means of thrift and savings and protection, it has no equal. AMERICAN CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE Company FLOYD V. STUDER, Superintendent Phone 3460 403 Amarillo Building Josephine Crenshaw, Special Agt. Clay E. Thompson, District Mgr. Phone II73 Phone I 173 404 Amarillo Building 404 Amarillo Building W. W. Flenniken George Parr Leland Abbott President Vice- Pres Sec'y. 6: Treas f x Q - I Q ff 'I , 1 4' . V 4' LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE OUR NATION'S SAFETY Q I' 1 Hundred Thirty-Two. I-I. G. Windsor Construction Co. ENGINEERS and BUILDERS Ruilcler of the New Ynit of the AMARII,li,U HIGH SCHOOL BlClUlJCl' 'XSSOCl2liCll General Cont1'z1cto1's of America . Skill, Integrity and Responsibility Ulivei'-lfukle Bldg. Amarillo, Texas H ld h Th N THE HIGHEST CLASS of BARBER and TONSORIAL WORK to be Found in Amarillo -Our Motto- "Excellent Service" Amarillo and Herring Hotel Barber Shop N. Dieie Pickens: A million germs will live on the head of a pin. Mary C. Chandler: Thats a strange diet, isn't it? Leman Millrer had taken the job of painting a barber pole, hut before he could start work he had to find some striped paint. Miss Warr.en: l-low are matches made? Iona Miller: Matches are made in heaven. I don't know how. Miss Smith: Show how the word "plenty" is used incorrectly. Ed Doucl: I have plenty of money. HARRY HOLLAND "Smart Wear For Men" 510 Polk St. P g One Hundred Thirty-Four The standard by which all others are compared" Qxfra Mgsmimf 028323155 MISTLETOE BUTTER AND ICE CREAM "The Aristocrat of the Dining Table" Mistletoe CzIC8.1'I16I'i6S AMARILLO, TEXAS , V, P h

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