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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Cover

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-'e"--- v --N---e ., ,, .- -r,5,, M ig. A y it g A KZ?-g:i1:.-11,8-ai, ,.v , 1 ,, .-, .A W A- F nun. ,.,:VL.'A Q ' fe 'ff' '--:ha ,5L,.- . ,is-:ug if imp-, .. ,, . MMA' i M:-f f.1?5?'7ifff:..iT Tflaifgrsfbeef I ' "' x I r A 7 fieefe " mflellfe Ss, , ,1 A ff'--3 3 +ff'f1fJ3l'::4,,:if'1-4 gg :f?1+,e-: -1-r f.--v-:: .:.'.: 5,7 f' " Q i i l il , ,Q 5 Q ll "Hoyt, I want you to sit down in front." said the teacher. 55 lv Y ul cant' said Hoyt, "I ain't built that way." X' Ray: "My brother is so strong that the other day he tore up a pack of card! 2 iz' if? with one hand." Q X Lon: "That's nothing, a chap l know rushed out of the front door and tore 5 3 3 up the street." V' r 5 ,-1-li l Q l I 3 l It was a busy day in the butcher shop. The butcher yelled to the boy who helped l him. 4 , l "Hurry up, john, cut off Mrs. Murphy's leg. weigh Mrs. Jones' ribs and slice Mrs. 'ki johnson's tongue." l ii e "-'E 1 l Peggy: "Will you call me early in the morning?" l 1 fl Ellyn: "No, it might wake me up." k ,Q l -..--T- . I The night was dark and stormy, I never will forget l z When the train pulled into the station v 1 rr The bell was wringing wet. FQ 5, Carl M. "Why clidn't you answer my note?" 5 Q2 it Johnnie L. "I clidn't get it and besides I clicln't like some things you said in it." 5 Q li -1- , Q ,i , 4 rl "John's a fine shap. l-le takes things as they come!" 54 "Yes, he took my rubbers yesterday!" fl , A pole cat is an animal you kill with a pole n' the longer the pole the better. lg ii ' -it. ill ll . Let's be gay X iz While we may r il And seize love with laughter , 1 lj I'll be true as long as you A ri And not a moment after. Y .1 1 ,l ' , ,I 'ln 'Y History teacher: "Now, who can tell me what the ruler ofg Russia used to be l I . I called?" lj N' I "The Czar", bellowed the class. ' li li 3 "Right! and what was his wife called?" , l "The Czarinaf' two or three ventured. ,H i l "Good," said the teacher. Now. I wonder if you know what the Czar's child- QI? f ' ren were called?" ,ill l J ll There was a long pause, then one bright student fEllynJ piped up: "Czardines!" l' il' ll 'L A --T ai V' Mr. Hinds in Chemistry laboratory: "If this experiment were to fail, we would lf ' all be blown sky high. Now come closer so that you will be better able ti' follow me." ll .5 Ili , 1, , Ai f ' .I 1 up 11+ . e ogg as ' Ninety-Four V v V Y Y v md-raiwgi r. l 1 i ll li X - E i. r w 1 it TAKING WAYS 5 i 1: lil I 5t,,v,,, ...JI-F,-2,-.-..,.. --.U -.. .,.-- --1--1--+1 -asf,-J-1, -A -+ 'MffLi1-i--f--- A 2----23 'L fl "41--f2-P- A .xl ' ' r A I V , kv - . S-.....-L-Lg-4 Qc.. ,vm-:jf 1' Y, ' 3 7 -,s,-13.1Y-Y:-....-V Y1.f...2::I:,, :f,,,,::,,4a LZ., A - . .4-Z Ninety-Five l J l l il in I .V Q G ,. , , FIFTY YEARS AGO E IMAGINE Willie Mclntosh with an all day sucker lf il Grady Wilson learning his A. B. Cis Lily Humphreys a dainty delicate lassie I Gordon Hinds reciting "Little Boy Bluei' Maggie Avent learning to walk Cora Avery riding a calf Alma Mays riding a tricycle ' Anna Klappworth jumping rope. Charlie Rogers playing Marbles Berkley Vaughn dressed as Lord Fauntleroy Mrs. Brint on roller skates. Gervis Taylor in her cradle. Mr. Lackey pulling a toy train. Dana Harmon crying for her rattle. y, Theresa Bucy growing tall. A 'l on! The Lightning Bug is Brilliant H , And he hasn't any Mind: i He wanders thru Creation X N With his Headlight on Behind ll Ben L. and Charles H., after they had been SML Rogers office for playing hooky. Ben L.: "Mr, Rogers uses good grammar doesn't he?" Charles H.: "Yes, but his sentences are too long." AMONG OTHER IMPOSSIBLE, TRY TO IMAGINE-. Margaret Rasco not giggling I 5 Jewell Ballard walking fast l Troy without Mary Yourself clapping with one hand ' 1' Oscar Anderson making love , Ray Boyles in a dress suit j Alvin Daves drawing wine out of an empty flask , Wave Westbay trying to live on beauty . ll Any one falling on his back 'and breaking his nose U i Albert Wyaw dissipating , .4 Hershel Tadlock a dwarf . ji George Ray as a sheik. A fox sleeps but counts hens in his dreams, - 1 U --, i,- Nature can not jump from winter to summer without a spring, or from summer to fi ly winter without a fall. ll . H li il l . 1' :img 'M' 'x"'-" "" "" "-"1""-"-iw" M1221 " "f' 'T 'Z' K' 'f'.11f"1:mifAh' 'Af""" --H-H--77 if- ' ji LC! ,!l11'f,1Sc1 1924 E51 fnifiety-Six? ' 'Y' ' Mi-'VY' if i J 'mx-' Al i ' V in 5 ' V' Ah ' " ll,-nA'---M -- Y f - -N 'rag - Xi Q i i r I li I i ii ,, ,. l k. fs ir ,r 2? l, if 1 .5 El ll U1 sg' ii rig, 11 .IA sf ii, lu i I. r l lvl Mfrs, e fe . :Arg - gi' 1 ..',f'-L 'l ' ' 'siwgxir K ' FIFTY YEARS HENCE ii IMAGINE ll Frank l-liginbotham peddling bananas ll Julia Jones as a Prima Dona i Carl Miller as a horse doctor ,lo Billie Roberts keeping house on the banks of the Jordan Ellyn Dickson a social reformer Gus Thomas supporting Clara Marjorie Neely as an old maid Thad Ansley as a beauty specialist 1 ,Jennie Mae Daniels a chorus girl Windy Nicklaus a dancing master l Nancy Works attending Windy's dancing school Corrine Tipton curling Willie's hair 1 Frank Howard as a millionaire ' Earl Elkins training little tigers Q Regene Gilvin a nun ldelma Conoley a toe dancer . I l f ln air we heard the battle cry To Arms, to arms, ahoy! The darts of Cupid swiftly fly 3 And Mary won-The Siege of Troy. li ' Out in California Along the ocean beaches :' You're apt to find a lemon there Nl? But oh, the Sonkist peaches! if Visitors: "ls it ever dry here?" gi Student: "Couldn't say, m'am: l've only been here three months. A small boy went into a dry-goods store and asked the price of collars. .Clarkr Two for a quarter. Small Boy: l-low much will one cost? ' i Clerk: Fifteen cents. I Small Boy: Well, I'll take the other one. I g --i r ' Charles Green: l'Mary, did the grocer have pigs feet?" Mary Nobles: "I don't know, he didn't take off his shoes while l was there." i ...-l l E Say have you seen a man around here with one arm named Smith?" i. "I don't know, what was the name of the other arm?" I Teacher: "Girls you must leave the room." Girls: "Yes m'am we didn't intend to take it with us." I Mr. Hinds: "Charles Mac. this is the third time that you have looked on Mary's Z Y paper. , c - 9 - - N l Charles: , 'Yes slr, she cloesn t Wl'llB very plainly. E or a a-w,fs-:s- ss.. A A fc-Q Ninety-Seven V 11 r :A-as -. 33..- gm E. Tswfggbgrslaa . .-, . 11:1 .LL5sQ'?'3f'3w1' 1 f-gzigz. 4'-gskfgi-+wEf1gR"'a"ig'. l ' A PUPILXS IDEA OF GRATITUDE f V I am grateful to whoever is responsible- That I don't have to go to school all my life. That Mr. Mclntosh is not my father. Q! 1 That it cloesn't ram more than every other day. il? vi That I'm not a school teacher. - lr lfli That Mr. Wilson does not try to make a bright remark very often 52 7 That six weeks exams clon't come once a week. That I'm not a freshman. Ig A That girls don't always walk backwards and sometimes choose another place than 'i the stairs to conduct their conversations. if E, That I know more than all my teachers together. ll That Latin is a dead language. That I have a good set of teeth. ll That Miss Klappworth never makes use of sarcasm in disciplining her classes. j That English teachers don't compel us to read all of Milton. ,l ' That we have the sacred privilege of lynching those who persist in relating anti- i quated witticisms. 1' HL That bananna pies exist. v li That "Pop" Hinds likes candy and will allow its unrestricted mastication on due ir ill 'N 1 payment of tribute,on the basis of fifty percent. That ignorance is bliss Chlspecially beneficial to the Happiness of jim Lumpkin., ' it That teachers are sleepy and near sighted. ll That in Hershal Tadlock, we have at least one classmate whom no one can look A .5 down upon. l lil That Frank Howard will soon be in jail and we will no longer be irritated 'by E his silly giggling. A That I don't have to write any more "funny" remarks for this Annual. l ll T it --ee 7 l X FAMOUS FACTS BY FOOLISH FOLKS E ll Leonard Sharp-"Oh lets play 'hookyl ". I H 1 Richard Nunn-"I was named after Richard the Lion-Hearted. l . Elwood Phillips-nl have a contract to play with Sousa in l95O." l Nlarvin Twaddell-"Our annual will rival any of Shakespeare's productionsf 'L Robert Teed-"Amarillo High was too small for my intellectf' ll Ray Boyles-"Oral themes are the delight of my life." 1 lVlervin Ford-nl ship tin cans to my cousin Henry." l Wave Westbay-"Demosthenes hasn't anything on me." ,, U Paul Hare-"I am a good Easter symbol." Nj Aeleen Cooki"lVly name has been in prominence since the world's Creation." ll' Esther Loving-nl make the world go 'roundf' l, Eugenia Willie Vvhittingtoninvvitty witticisms work wonders." Q T, Lilly Mae Hackler-"I am pure, sweet and white."-may be. Y li Y .1-.i- ' THREE ACT TRAGEDY - I lst Act. Bull and two toradors L Znd. Act: Bull and one torador V, 3rd, Act: Bull. Q, 'tl if .Wii,3l?5ff?!,?5si55.iiiifilcfiii?f?3'ii7i ill. Ninety- Eiyht .fe-7- I+-7-F - Y,L.,,' 1,1-K 4 - HY .A I ' X Y K' J-QY me 35S-H5-fx. 1 Q-I nfufrrl ,,..-, K. X' QR , .. "-:i+X' . ., xx Q ' , fi: x-.KA ,. 'Ti ,s ,.., - . e-5g4.'l"'T" ' -1- x, ....e..i...ei.u...s..jx.1f.-e .. .4 it ' The other day I Went up to the Library to Study for a Quiz and I went Up to the North end Where I NVouldn't be Disturbed And two Girls came Over where I was a1.d KOIVIIC KOLLUM Didn't offer To do anything So I decided To take the Matter into My own hands And I turned Around and asked Them wouldn't They please Stop talking and I had hardly Got the words Out of my ll ,5 , xl Geometry Teacher: "Say, john, your father must be an athlete." ' I john "How's that?" V Geometry Teacher: "Well, he cer- tainly raised a dumbellf' ' lt l hear he's a self made man- well he certainly loves his Creator. -' ' l "Have you helped support the an- , nualf-W" ' "Why no-it has a staff." l Boss fto High School student ap- plying for a,job:j "Yes, l need a 3 hoy. Do you smoke?" l I High School Student: "No thanks l r Sat on the Mouth 'till Chairs back some one tapped Egiiayou can treat me to an ice cream l Of me and Me on the -- E They started a Shoulder and A CLOTHED INCIDENT Behive of I turned .. l I She: I want you to come to our 'Q L Choice scandal Around and it house party with me." l in . l il Wlxich I was the He: Thanks. ls it fornlal, or 5 '3 shall l wear my own clothes? . Ortli-nrilv Floorwalker and ' l. 'l NVould have she had tt A li Wanted to Lime card in First lirother: "How do you spell Fi phthisls? i l Hear' but Her hand which Second Brother: "Just as l d-n 4 That: qtziz- She said wouldrh llleaselu lg ll 30 l looked I please fill out I I f Around and And that if FITEHCHEY in Geography! "And HOW 1 , - , l th ?" t Thought maybe! That was my Elerhertowiwlphaelyy iso Eievjrileeen elives l The Flocr- Third offense I next next door to us." 5 V u Walker ul' the Had better not come i ' I T,'l ld T2 k f th , ,, , I n Um'-Y Won 36 O e Little Boy: Look ma, the circus ll MOP fhfffl and lflbfafY- has come to town: there's one of the g She wa-, looking I ask you, flvwnsf N I I if , l H . , I Ma: Hush, darling. thats not a 2 Right at Amt Llfe clown. That's just a high school stu- Themt, but she He-i-ck. dent. 'Y li I l. l l l tl me -,,, ,, ..,,,h,-..-., ,-,,-,-v. .--f---V..- -tw Z., iw- f wage. - - f 1 il I .. Y' ,. , rp t at l t Le: ,elites ff. wrf::r,r4e y t ,J ' " - . 7 4, - . -W-in-I A W.-Tim I ' Y I Ninetyllxlfnei , s, ..-5, y ,:'gf-:i,i' .' rr 1 l 4. F .. , QQ li 'sl ll H . if rl , ! ri E5 .Y qi, 'S i ., N I , Q' 11 4 l l 1 f is l 1 l if 1 W .C A , if 3 ll: rl L, fxpe- .X ll l! It , l 1. V 1' ' l. gl gl, if Ii gr gli A li H l i ll , r. , 1- .ri . 7- ,. . .Q - . , ... . ., J . W , L ,X I L ,Y r- A ., N, Hufi, K, k,,...s1-fs- . -3 'ji,g.Laxx.y-'Ska 'E' if ,,V,-MIWLY1 ,Ll 'W ,TM -tif... -iff xt e x V433-gf ilijp' f ' 3 ' "3 -' K 1n.gZ-fg.fLAli1.., ass: -k , Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining In later years when our paths have partecl only in La Airosa may we all meet again, the class of '24, and recall faces and friendships and happy days gone by in clear olcl A. H. S. That this book pleases you now and proves a lasting treasure is the sincere wish of every member of the Annual Staff. We thank each and everyone who has assistecl us in our effort to make it a work of art and a joy forever. Peggy Masterson-Editor-in-Chief. Charles Green-Business Manager. ,X A X N 'ji- i l 'T ll lk 'L Jr ld ,M-l - , V., Y, ..., ,,..., ,A L. .. .. A v -at - - -- M All if .fic .Airbags 1912.-ig p 'aw ' " L, One undred l Z 1 l 1 l l I 1-W. I! 1 1 1 IE 11 1 1 l 1 A . C""" " Q Y l l 1 I i ? 1 1 1 I I S L ' First Class Service. 1 A FRESH FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS. E 1 1 1 1 AMARILLO GREENHOUSES Q 4th al Jackson 51. V Store 419 Polk 51. E! li '1 1' "Members Florist Telegraph Delivery Associalzons 1 . 1 1 11: . , -3..T.,1+-fL,f.:11 , , Y, . H '- 1 :L-QWW1 1 .1 , .1 guna ,Elgin M-V .-L33-4 - 'gf 1 3 N . , F -' ' I 1 1 ' 'L' 4 One Hu dr d '-- ,. ' ' ' - '- . ff- E-A X f f , J. ' N T3 R -'.fQ3Q,. ff .,:inLE.,I,.1--Q5-5i'A"v'i"" , 1-E- .4 ,f , we , I' 1- ,.?,:,,'l. Q g.g"f3I,A: 'U' 4 :xi 2 ,J , f' J , 'f""G3?' , ..,. ,E-,:,:,:,5g,,,S 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .......'...'.33......I5...'.,.....J....'...'.'.l.....'........-..,L.,-4-,-A-,-.---,-3.-,-A-l-A-, ANEW YELL---TRY IT ' agzg ZIP, ZAP, 2001, I KUPPENHEIMER SUIT, 55 DING, DANG, BOOZEL, coco SPORTY SHOES, IF You CARE-GET EVERYTHING YOU WEAR ALLEN'S, ?ELEN'S, ALLEN'S. ' UVV! "' I ............................. ......'....,,,,,,,,,,H,UUH --... .'...,,.-...U.............'.,............................................... .................,... ....... , PANHANDLE STEAMQLAUNDRY 5 "THE BIGGEST AND BEST" If PHONE 244 I I isis P i , 5:31 I . I Il f ......... .......... I ' I -Z I-I-24-!'2'I'Z'Z'Z' 5 I ' Q Ti I E f IE I I I 21'TTWif'T 11: -f'3fILfQI59.E I IJQZQE I JT One Hundred-Two ! 1 ff., 4.-..-.. ------..--.-- ..-. me i T 2:22 54" ff' : :3:3 M xi ss- - TELEPHONE WoRK 1 1525 'gi 1 i asf ' X if if 1' ci T :ii ' ,,,, N -bf' g ts ean - 2553 vena' 'Q XX fp' 1 , . l 5231 '- ,mls--, If-N if I Its Interesting llj' l - i Irs Wen Paid i sk 5 N 'i I III: l E 5 ' T lt's a Dignified Occupation :fi , , A , I :fzf - I Your Associations are Pleasant fiff , x i 3, if II " Promising Prorncfons 112: , 0 g T l... i , , 3 U 'X X . Z 3555 X X N I 4 I li i i -' .2..-...- -...-..-..-..-...-n-...... ----- ..-S ,E I Whenever anyone mentions telephone work, their first ' i thought is of the operators. And this is justly so. V l There is no more efficient, loyal and enthusiastic body of young women to he founcl anywhere. i Did you ever watch the operators coming from the tele- phone exchange at the encl of their clay's work? They are a congenial happy lot, reflecting the pleasant nature of their work. We would like to show every girl of Arnarillo High School through the Amarillo exchange. The office is at 6th ancl Taylor Street, and Miss Edna Hickey, Chief Operator will wel- I come you any afternoon from two to five. , it ,GG-9HoNEG7Z2 s .gg 45 3 5 li 'Q Q.: ' i 5 mt fa 2:5 I ' , SYSTEM :iz .T 1 1- 5' 12: 1 gl it e gl , 'Q NBELUVG' P. .! f 122 I Ii Southwestern Bell Telephone Company if t 'I 9 lf E55 i f I ri -f ll 55 I 1 fe is , ltr..ft"fi'f,r it iff lg One Hundred-Three 0 5 6 4 4 'V A OICTBIWYBU 0125 4 CLASSE5 A POPULARITY 9 ATHLETICS 'i FACULTY Q HUMOR ADVER TISEMENTS A Q 4 WW eb 9 4 2 ,T 1 5 9 A 4 A Q 4 0 4 A 9 4 '-' Q. A . 5. tv LH X ,f - '1 eg. -eemfiffgQ-Q"'f:ggif'fi2 'W . Ysj seeg 52 X? ......x g JARRETTS FASHION SHOP l WOMEN'S WEARINC APPAREL Exclusive, But Not Expensive PHONE 864 Amarillo, -:- -:- -:- Texas. THE FAIR THEATRE Finest Theatre West C. R. SUI.L1vAN,Manager Pictures-Vaudeville Playing to more School Children than any other Theatre in Texas JOKES Teacher, "Kirby-where's your grammar?" K. W. "Oh! She is home sick ahedf' "Is Rockfellefs money tainted?" "Yes in two ways" Tain't yours and tain't mine. First Boy: "Say kid why is a cautious, prudent young man like a pin? Second boy: "Because his head prevents him from going to far." Teacher: "Have you completed the lesson you missed?" Student: "Yes I have made them up." Teacher: "Sounds like it." . , E 434 WW, I J-As! eff Zf'L'f? Si lite, - , , ,- . One Hundred-Four Polk Street Grocery and Market I309 Polk Streel-Phones 3064-3065 BEST SERVICE IN CITY Try us one month and be convinced JOHN VETESK, Market R. R. SMITH and C. S. I-IATCHETT, Groceries Opposite fr. High School . .............'.'.....I...lvl.-.I.-.',.....l...I...l...'...'...'.'.....,.'....... When you see a bashful Senior Blushing scarlet in the face Every time he pulls his watch out There's a woman in the case. Qverhearcl in the Cafeteria "Farewell until we eat again." Pop: "Name a liquid that won't freeze' Elwood: "Hot Water." "To remove moisture from a sponge place on a senior essay." Dry- I-Ioyt: "It was in a prison that leather shoes were first made out of paper." "Tadlock what are the most unsoeiable things in the world?" "Milestones-you never see them together." FIRST NATIONAL BANK Amarillo, Texas. SECURITY 6: SER VICE 4th and Polk Since '89 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SOLICITED One Hu 'xr nd d ORDWAY--SAUNDERS CO We sell all lgimls of INSURANCE anal BONDS and give only One Class of SER- VICE. Our name on pour policy is a seal of Protection ' PHONE 55 As near to you as your phone POOL DRUG CO. jus! What Your Dcolor Orders Phone 740 -:- -:- Phone 2276 A mdrillo Hotel Bldg. Miss Klappworth: "Translate, "Rex fugetu Stuclent: "The king flees" Miss K. "You should say 'has' in translating perfect tense, Student: "The king has fleesf' At seventy miles, Drove Bobby Flynn A tire blew out And he blew in! From the time you were born Till you ride in a hearse There is nothing so bacl But it might have been worse. So Smile! - --. -Y . -- 7--f----W-Y W VW..V e4-g--AA ii-2.-1 - . W. Y .......e.-,-...-.. L 'IH' -f fi ,.,, ee. 1' ,V ., Q . a.,, ,.e, . igioifffi, gy?- d Six 1 """'Lf"1"" ' "" VY' M to ,snr r- 'Tl A ., z- "F O -Qff--.tiP's , th - -- - - -iv. ' The exchange of photographs at graduation time has rightly become a universal custom, because it provides a graceful wap of actfnowteffging friendships. In order that those who expect your photograph may not be disappointed, phone your photographer now. GR Y PHOTO SHOP Compliments AM RILLO GAS CO. , ' .. ,S 1, . ,K ,,+,,.-..-,,....,,.. W Y -63. Y,,.1..-ff-,-ff---1--11.iT .M ,ti- t .fr44,,:'gl.ffQEQ,Q,t. We 153411 at ,e One Hundred-S HJ W L X N. 5 -fi i . . .., ,. ., ,M . , . , .Hi ,. . -A-'mf ' " NP rf' -------wx zu- ' " ,, .-YH f- --3,39 ' Y .X .- vq. . I 1, .Q One Hundregl- Eight X- ffm' 1 if -'L X Q UIQ- il -f 11.1" . af? - A-- A 1 mls. 414,-, ,, .W JL .Y-A-V ,..,,..-.. , v,.w,aJW Ah r of e 83 Will Graduate L T night .....,., ve A class oizegls win receive diplomas m the Aliiarillo High school at 8 clock this-evening when commence- ent exercises are held at the Munici- l Auditorium Dr Paul W. Horn. esulent of Texas Technol gieal college, ll deliver the commencement address. The program will be in charge of W. Mclntosh superintendent of schools. iplomas will be presented by T. W. tten president of the school board. .American Fantasie Lebani, by high I orchestra ntrance of seniors Invocation audience' standing. 10 Amaryllis Ambmse and lm Old l Stream by girls' choral club. Salutatonan Jennie 'slat-llamcts. fa! Hungarian Dance Lo. 6, and tbl, erture by the 'orchastra Valedictorian, Eugenia Whittington. Trombone sumo, Evening Star, Wagner, Oscar W'ise. Address D1 Paul W horn. tal Nancy lee, Adams and tbl An- Watson, by boys glee club. N ,Bresenmtion of scholarships. entation of diplomas, by T. W. bong I can Legion, Crosby, bythe or- lvli will receive diplomas are: 4 Ml! W Allen, Glen Baker, Willie Hoyt Boles, William Crawford, . I Ei I . - K . S ' v . , I .X I ' ' I X 1 , I . A . ' 1 V . I- , . V V iii 'Q 2, . '- , - ,l 4 , , . .I . - 4 -v . mn. . . Nl , , r, 1 N.. . 7. it L 4' .- - V, -is 11-- 1 . t l ' A ' I 4' -I1 ' .. ' Q ' ' I -1. Eli Curtis, Alvin Daves, Edward Gib- bon, Jack Golding, Paul Hare, Frank Howard, Qonald Huff, Troy Kelly, Ed- ward King, Louis E. Lahm, James Lumpkin, Lynwood Lyles, Bert Mc- Lanahan, Carl Miller, Vvinfield Nicklaus, Charles 0'Ferrall, George Ray. Albert Reville. Herschel Tadlock, Sam Thomas, Augustus L. Thomas, Wave Westbay, Pat Whittington. Alleta Abbott, Hallie Adams, Vivian Adams, Annabel Allen, Adreinne Attebury, Vivian Brady, Mary F. Campbell, Mary Chandler, Idelma Conoley, Aileen Cook, Alice Curtis, Elizabeth Daily, Jennie Mae Daniel, Frances E. Davis, Ellyn Dickson. Doro- thy Erwin, Frances Evans, Violet Ford, Ruth Freeman, Regene Gilvin, Lily Mae Hackler, Frances Hall, Margaret L. Harris, Juanita Henderson, Evelyn Hood, Ina Hopkins, Martha Hulen, Julia Jones, Margaret Joplin, Maurine Kil- lough, Lillian Kretsinger, Mary E. Led- ford, Esther Loving, Peggy Masterson, Ida Mae McClure, Audrey Moody, Mar- jorie Neely, Louise Palmer, Mary Pol- lard, Margaret Rasco,.Jo Billie Roberts, Mary Bess Satterwhite, Victoria Scan- lan, Marietta Stlrratt, Mable Street, Lucille Sullivan. Corinne Tipton, Johan- na Tolk, Grace Walker, Clara Walling, Eugenia Whittington, Jessie Mae VVo- maick, Nancy Works, Lela Mae YV" 'ht and Alma Phillips. X 14 I " 1 . X A .4 , . .A.,, 17 pieces, genu- ful designs. One Drug Store. ware silver sets, cream or salad from the Pau- , 1 kettle, 1 rice . 1 stew pan, 1 chased from the ny hat at Celeste est in hats. One fails, 8x10 with Shop, 108 E. 7th graphic Brownie for each district. V2 Polk St. 1 lo nine dollar iereng designs to eiving sets, local the Drive and do for mgnest vote m unstrlct Five. D Regular Star Tddring Car as Special prize to gg to any district with the high- est vote after the Grand Prize Car and the five dis- trict cars have been awarded. Winners of cars to pay freight and Gov- emment taxes. ' ub cribers' DDDBEBRIJTHER5 MDTDR. EAR CULLUM MOTOR Colm. 110 W, STH. STREET PHONE 161 A GREAT CATASTROPHE. A boy Never can tell which way a pin is going. A book It points one way, and heads another. Q E521 Scientists say that men with small feet Back neglected sometimes have a tendency toward insanity Hunk expected Mr. Rodgers seems to be safe. HOW Sweet is love 'll say Porter, .did ,you find S50 on the But Ch! how bitter floor this morning? H To love a girl Yes suh--Thank you suh. And then not Eiffel' 'Somehow she reminds me of a dove." "Yes, she is pigeon toedf' "I sleep with my gloves on, that is what makes my hands so soft." on foo333 Hmlilim-Do you sleep with your hat , . . . IVIORROW-THOMAS HARDWARE CO. ,, ,.,,,,,- , . Y 1 A A Y - :-,--. ,. - -. V if , E ,fn " Jil? , , Q E EEE, - ' One Hunl fi X HT- , ..-.,:Y.,,e F' - - , TM. ' 4 " "v":f'-'-Y .114--Y - . ,.,,. ,.-5, ,, ,, -' -s . - 533: .fs .4 4 . 551 1 1 'f fmilfsusl-isffgffn ef .,?f:':ti-ffsfssgfei- 3ii'f-Qsfssg.-tffffseefrmsssl - A+: Fl -'-:W -- 'Q-ii':'11i'f',' fl.-"rw" ' ufl ,, 41 157i-w',C'A iilcgvti-'!' 5 -Q L,-met ---W a...A, ' ' ' 'lk--'fm' Qs -- -Q -1 - US. - Q . 4+-,Vg ,sigh , WY Snug, .:. :::,g4,1, ,, gi, L fini,-L L lg, - V Z4:.c.M L...4 Q l l l 3 , 1 -1-: l y ,' 53: For Your Graduation and Vacation " s-v , 4 '5 DRESS OR HAT See Our Smart Popular Priced Lines. n 'gl l Momco ERY BRO. I 607 Polk Phone 7l8 E l E131 E525 F l I l . - r . J 1 T ,- X. .I l . lf ,l Joe and Molly for a walk dxcl go, gl :jl il They decided to take a trolley 'il The sun was very hot to Joe ll l 'Twas also Hot Tamale. If .I Miss Wesley: "Now Aclerienne clon't cook spaghetti too long-ten inches is Q ll long enough." .5 'J , ' Major to green cadet: "Go to Major Wilson and get five yards of skirmish line." fl 'l y ' fl Returning to Major: "Wilson says get some spotted paint for the targets." 1 'Z Cushing Senior: "Oh! Mrs. Zuicksal I want to thank you for all the knowledge 5 K 3 you have importecl to me." 5 I Mrs. Quicksal: "That's all right, it was a mere trifle." rl X "" jfI:jf1fjf:2121111122Z:1:Ill:IQIf:Ijf:I:f:f:I:f:f:2:I:I I:IzfjfjxljfjljI1III:III:III1III1IQI1I1IQI1IQI22:11If2I:I:III:I1:jf:If52212:Z:IQI:2:I:1:1:I:Z:IjI:2:I:I:I:I:I:Z:IjI:I:I:I:IjI:IjI: 5 Q AMARILLO HOTEL A i a gag: l l 1 ',.V , fl h ' u, L :ESE Y' si 1 fy, if 'l f r f- : rgg1 rEsi'lH,!s g f--J as , 'F " I-I' A. -fall-pw l,,l f, fha",-1 3.1. 1 11 f ,lnlliliq ..l, " li' ENE 'A f -:-: li w lllll l if Q to ffff l it Y is sg S -1 . J f 's ' A -s s- " :ss , -- si'--' I - ' C-in ' - ' if g' ll "The Place lflflziiife School Banquets and Parlys are Held I li 232:12I121212321ZglglglilgfjgfglgI:Iii1121323IgZ32532323231123212322212:2:I3232121211322I12:25I2221312112:IQI:Iglgfgfglglglgfgfjlj15:22I1I1Ijj:I1I3I:I:I2:12:23Z3I:I:I:Z:I:I:I'I'I'.'. I'.'2"I 2245? l ii 3 il .g l :fargo g Tai ":s siffdsi 6 'i'g.f.ii-v-p5: f f e as A of e e :fl ll ,me egasglaffgfi eee. W , ee IW.: ml s- One Hundred-Ten H ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' i "3 " ' " " ' ' ' S " ' i 'L " I 4 I l You can't matfe a mistatge if it's a Paramount Picture. ll f gc. 313 1 Polk f . I S S I 0 Phone THEATRE 997 H Exclusive Home in Amarillo of PUfG77I0UHf Pictures CONTINUOUS SHOWS DAILY I TO II P. M. PIPE ORGAN MUSIC "lf it's Pictures You Vffant To See, Co To The Mission" Amarillo's Distinctive Theatre." If it's cz Paramount Picture. it's the Best in Town. Ross D. ROGERS, Manager THIS BANK-.--M fm ,.c, I' X' f??5f? iii' Q5 Cannot praise too highly the Amarillo Public 335: 5 ff Schools. There is nothing reasonable it will not do for the children. Completion of Public school work is the ' f f ,E f senate, wt' ' , . - l' h ' h 1' f :jg I 5 ,Y Lgelgubiiliiwz M1 most Important accomp is ment in t e IVES 0 2+ , most people, because it teaches confidence in Qzf: 1 .f will themselves, in recording success instead of fail- ff: Q A ure is the first important undertaking. l ' I ,N U1 It . :Az- l 1 Start a bank account here as the next lm- 1312 I I H it i 1 ,ft stlzlf , f i portant SIGP- li sis? s ' 2312 i i '- , eff?-v: .. -:A' ' f-""."-:g.1"'f.'f2 'T-f J" ' "Vcc "' into "'Lj'm" 'Q' A'T"'T' k"A"' A' ' ' 'f 3" ll I 1 IF- .1 F"'1'i"f-:Q f"'i'-fi ' , -94 -e A - -- A A A-1-we , U ,, ,-i ,Qjga 0. LH :g,.i.-,-4..Y.,f...-I1.73.,7.z,,::c,,f:g1:,1im-.Z,3.,2,-...,,..,h --,.,....:g4.2.:.:.,.:,,e -i. , , .. One Hundred-Eleven IX A! -' ' 'f 'W " f'rv:m:ArQr.ik1' . 'E .alia -sew:'.f-A. ,::..1"vf'E' Hg - ,AL.-3,fgggp11g.p54:5i1v-Avgggjg-,'1 5. F3 fi. 0 Q Lf . .C 1-if est 1 MRS. GERVIS TAYLOR ln appreciation of her who has given freely of her time and I effort in the welfare of the high . school and whose charm of man- i .4 K5 ner and personal interest have made her dear to us, we the class Z Y of l924 dedicate this volume of La A irosa, Q ,fi ..,. ai' J Q 4 , .Q i 'TTT DWIGHT M. NEWBY CHARLES H. I-IOPPIN PANHANDLE HARDWARE COMPANY "The Home of Direct Action Cas Ranges" EES 11 GENERAL HARDWARE, QUEENSWARE Sc SPORTING coops 5 406 Pon. Street Phone 191 Q 1 if 1 "Are you hungry." 1 "Yes, Siam" "Come on I'll Fiji." l "Does a hen sit or set?" "Don't know, but when it cackles. it is lying or laying." ., Soph. "Did you ever take chloroform?" Fres. "No-who teaches it?" "Which New England state has two capitals?" asked the teacher X I Jack B. "New Hampshire" was the quick response 1-I l Teacher: "Indeed,-name them." I B. "Capital N. and Capital H." N l f I '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. H j". 1 PANHANDLE MOTOR COMPANY yy I I l l, 'DISTRIBUTORS I l l l W MAXWELL-CHRYSLER AUTOMOIBILES I 1 ll ' l . Complete Slack of Paris ll! ' A. o. 1 , . I, Phone 141 711 Polk sf. 3.3. .l , . . o . , I 1 S: '-232123122gZ:2"""gfjZjZgIgZjIgZgIgI"-"' 1.3.g.g.g.g.g.'.'.'.'.-.'.'.-.'.'.'.' 4 l 11 1 l I lr inf' 'A 4, . ' ' 'A ' Y K 7' 7 QQ Q- "": L A W 'fbfvggi l ' f Pt 1' ff vv-.,f-- F F' 19- nfl, If - 'M roi Ao.. Nfl.- 'o.. A L A 4 X' reaixmve is " ix' ' ' , 1 I I l i I 1 I I fl l fi 1 A We are the Exclusive Agency for the Columbia Crafanolos We will Carry a Complete Slack of all Popular Records at c,cr,cc, ,.c,.r.l,,c,cc,c 4Pl5llN:P3ll9PQi- Marvin T. taking a Spanish test Miss Brown: "I-low do you spell that word?" Marvin: 'fl clon't know only it has an 'i' in it." Miss B: "No it's blind." They add to your troubles They subject from your pleasure They divide your attention And multiply like --???? "Say, Zeke, what will you take for those bathing girl pictures?" "Don't know as l want to sell them, I kinda like to look at 'em myself." Judge: Prisoner. the jury finds you guilty. Prisoner: That's all right, Judge. I know you're too intelligent to be influenced by what they say. ..,i,...,...,.,...,.,.,.i.,...,...,.,.,...,.,...i...,.,.,.,., ,...,. ,.i., .,.,.,.,.,...,.,...,.,. ...... . Panhandle of Texas and Eastern New Mexico 405-7 Fillmore AMARILLO, TEXAS Phone 2629 W, Y -, -Y.- A ----N -- ---A - f- A f -N-1: .S f -x, Q .-- ,. :W ,A A -Y V Y ae- 1 -f-e i W- ' A ew- ee so l-A A-e-A-'frnfH1mdfar'frhife d dFu WHY NOT GET THE BEST- HAVE IT MASTER CLEANED 4000 SA TISFIED CUSTOMERS AIVIARILLO LAUNDRY Kwitcherkikkin, Phone 22 0r2222 WE ARE INTERESTED IN HIGH SCHOOL BOYS AND GIRLS OUR STUDENTTS LOAN FUND PROVES IT. AMARILLO ROTARY CLUB DR. RUE P. PARCELLS. President Ross PHILLIPS, Secretary ft Ye ga 2 ' 52' s 11 fa? TRANSPGRTATIGN MEANS PRGGRESS The Santa Fe is earnest in its desire to assist in the development of the Panhandle-Plains country. The facilities of the Traffic Department are at the clisposnl of its patrons In their problems of transportation. Constructive criticism and lielpful suggestions are most corcliaily invitecl. T. B. GALLAHER, General Freight ana' Passenger Agent F. A. LEHMAN, Vice President and General Manager. Amarillo, Texas. 5 ' 5 fi S5958 S2956 ii '.'.v.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. One Hundred-Fifteen iii ' Ag... 5 7 V ' 1' 5' x - - ' -' , V.. X l i fTwo negroes talkingj Sot. W. "My brother sure was a dumb "What are you doing?" guy." ' "Reading the want Ads." Puckett "f-low's that?" A "But you are looking in the fe- Sot. They had to burn down the school to l male column." get him out of the first grade." l "Well! Ain't my wife a female???" l . Getting out an annual is no picnic!! If we print jokes folks say we are silly- if we don't they say we're too serious. If we publishoriginal matter they say we lack variety-if we publish things from other papers, we are too lazy to write. If we stay in the annual office we ought to be out rustling news, if we are rustling news we are not attending to business in the office. So what in the world is a distracted staff to do anyway-like as not someone will say we swiped this from an exchange- So we did----l ll The Staff. Mrs. Taylor submits: Dear Teacher: ' Please excuse Johnny for being absent from school yesterday, as he fell in the 1 mud. By doing same you will greatly oblige his mother. - Poetry from Miss Virgin's English class. fMore truth than poetry.J our schools are going To rack and ruin The children are losing Control over the teachers. As I think of the old school house My eyes fill with tears I never went near it For seventeen years. This old world we live in Is very hard to beat. We get a thorne with every rose, But ain't those roses sweet? "Say did you know that they were feeding the Elephants moth balls at the circus." "No, what for" "To keep the moths out of his trunk." 4: U.R.Stung. K E R. R. "Do you know how rats get into houses." J. s. "Naw" l R, R. "Yep that's it." Two Scots were fishing, but were new at the game. , "Got a bite, jack?" "Naw, answered Jack, "I don't believe my worm is half trying." ' . 1" r--sf-. 'I-I-,j 1 5 .-. -V. K: s . 4, X.- -.-- ,Nos ,JAVA -eis2Hsms-eafsmmf-- -as----I A- - ste- -- A --:sis A-vb - -M--W-sf' .'J.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'. "What has by man been done, man can do. Men have saved fortunes, you can too." We maintain that if you trade at WILLIAMS DEPARTMENT STORE Corner Polk Street at Seventh You will have well started on your road to Success We specialize on THE BEST MERCHANDISE FOR LESS MONEY COURTEOUS, ZAPPRECIATIVE, SERVICE. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'-.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .' AMARILLOAMQQRILLO SCHOQIESOUE Polk sr. FLORENCE W. CROSS ::g: CHINA ARTISTS SUPPLIES OIL PICTURES JEWELRY if DICKSON DRUG co. PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Phone 2600 6065 Polk St. J 4...-ul-,-5,-,-,','.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'J.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.:.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.-.: Tanglez "Oh, mother, I made a hundred today." Mother: "Fine, what in?" Tangle: "Fifty in English and fifty in Geometry." Mary A. C. "You remember telling me that you told me you hunted lions ' in Africa?" i Leonard S. "Yes" M. "Well, I read that there are no lions there." I... S. "Quite right, I killed them all." B. C. "Well what did she say when you proposed to her?" A. D. "I didn't propose. Before I got started she said she loved Emerson, Poe and Longfellow, and what chance would a boy like me have with three other fellows. . .,.. Def- ' f f"lff-TI L , One Hundred S t I i V 'NJ W f ' W 'rg g,.g,,A,-,,A,A,,, M, ,, .Nh-H-.M-gn,-H V- I I 1, Ll ' ' I 92 One T-Iundred-Eighteen Phone 322 B. 81 B. NEWS STAND 3: "Snow VVI1ile Pop Corn" it Sher My father is a doctor, so I can he sick for nothing. He: My father's a parson, so I can he good for nothing. One absent minded professor was ideal from the student view, "John, when was the treaty of---" he began. "Why, I'm absent today, professor," john interrupted. "Ah, pardon me, Miss Smith, will you answer the question?" CITY DRUG STORE BIGGEST IN THE PAIVHANDLE Sporting Goods Department in charge of the Sand- storm Base Ball Coach A. S. DOUG-LASS. IF ITS IN THE DRUG STORE, WE HAVE IT J One Hundr d N t 70615 P0114 7'-' in 1 One Hundred-Twenty Y. , . , .... .V ,L - A The Store of Quality ,. my .,..,. A .KQ-?.'q,qfy1 gl- Lf.-. v,.y gf. ig.. sf"'X NN NCQ' 'iiff 'aa.,. 1 , bf 4- ' -wa: , . ,fgff 1 -', . ,, . . ff-gf-'fi x K . . 14:2-: ' si - -, 'L V' f ' ' I,-i2 ,ff-f?2f4i Xs:k" 'J,'f ' ' Nuff 1awfpd?l2W4sQfEmi-7YQx ,s.i" L'-f' S Hi ig., XJ," I gram - j,f' 3- L s"i f K+, 45' H515 5523155 ' 4. . q1?'12'2?"' ff A ui? ' iii i ' ' ' 1' . 223' - - fs. 1 if i ISE ,-.gil-,g.,,, 1 f l.- f , TQ b e -2,451 'i" H'a""2-- ' , A qminx l - li! if! '. LJAGWUBRUQ-0 --2--37.7 KBl!9N.uuQ "ll1!!!Al'.g4,1 , 5- ETH : ig ,..wfiifZ f'iHvi m:l:grml w if , 5 ' gl 1' -1,2 5' ., :y" . ' f' " 1. 5 , uni, 3:5 f"g jL1F..iL,L-- gg '?f1iEQQe2i2gggiE 5 ':i"'i-4 -'-Eggglrrg 7 :QT tu l-- - , F I E CLOTHES REALLY HELP A MAN A LOT HEY set him apartg give him an air of distinction, a prosperous look: in business. in professional fields, in col- lege-anywhere-5t's a big help to "look like somebody" BLACKBUR BROTHER .H A mink LLLH,--LLLL Ua3EgMA,Lm,-,m!4i3 IVIISSES TAYLOR 3.5 Specializing in Stylish Slouls Q w3PdkS. AmmWmTmm.H ':':':':':':':'fliizillil':Ql2i'if':'Zf2':':fil'Q':'lliliiiiiiflfillf:'ifi:Qiff'5ll':'iHIQ'ifil25:':':iifQ:':'QI2HiS2fifxiilifif'l':ifi:QIZ'il'Zif'i'5f her poorest neighbor. UNO, I didnt' said the poor neighbor. causticallyg "but l certainly thought he would if he ate another bite.' Cwhen Mr. Martin comes to class four minutes latej Students: "Oh heck, here he comes! Mr. lVl.g "Oh fudge, they are still waiting for me." Belle: Shall we tango? Hoppe: lt's all the same to me. Belle: Yes. I noticed that. The average boy's idea of a hypocritical girl is one who does not like him. SERVICE lVIclLROY'S Table Supplies IF lT'S GOOD TO EAT WE HAVE IT ,ni Phone 2929 712 Polk 5555 One Hundred-Twe QUALITY nty 4 ' '1- ' vf fQ -Ug1f'i "" "E f -cPf'T"'i fiifi or :if" 111: I Hmpwl MQW aww '-'- 3 ' ., ':a':' f ?15 M ' 5 E 1 : :ei5 5 'r w - : 'f' -" - : : f: 1: 1 2 2- 2 2 : 2-is a'-...,.,.., In completing their eclucation, the future housewives of the community are taught to cook with AMARYLLIS and GREAT WEST "FOR BETTER BAKING' flours. Why not continue your education through the years that are to follow, by keeping GREAT WEST and AIVIARYLLIS "FOR BETTER BAKINGH flours in your kitchen? Over 9054 of the housewives of AlVlARIl-LO are using either GREAT WEST or AMARYLLIS fleurs in their homes. BUY IT FROM YOUR GROCER-HE I-IAS IT Great West Mill 81 Elevator Company AMARILLO. TEXAS, U. S. A. O H dr-ed-Twenty-Two WILLIAMS HARDWARE CO. SPORTING GOODS AT THE RIGHT PRICE isis f?Fl?.2'?FI. If 9115... ................... . ..,.. PI19.P1?..?4.5 5555 5. ,.f.:.1.1 :.,,:.:.,,:,:I.,:,:.1Tf.:..O,,.,. . .,.l.:.f . . HSIVIXIRT IVEAR FOR MEN" 510 Polk Street. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS. I. If you consider her wise--say it with sage. 2. If you think her cold-say it with snowdrops and friesias, 3. If you Clesire to marry her-say it with a poppy. 4. If you think her sweet-say it with a ctxnclyuxrf 5. If she imprfsees you as sad-say it with .vccping willow. 6. If 7. If she seems a Hprunes and prismsi' sort of girl-say it with primula. 8 If she is happy, joyous and glad--say it with gladioli. . you think her a sour sharp tonguecl olcl maid-say it with snap dragons. Catnip and a century plant! -1 as ' A - You never can tell, satcl the bandit as he shot the on'y witness to his crime. AIVIARILIO HARDWARE Our Molto is "Be Courleous and I-IeIpfuI lo our Customers ALL KIIVDS OF SPORTING GOODS Everything for the Housenvifcfs Kitchen ana' the Carderierfs Carden Phone 306 502 Polk I -A - -W One Hundred-Twen ty-Th Odorlcss Cleaning and Pressing-One Day Service SATISFACTION GUARANTEED E. LEE SMITH ,pgp YOUR TAILOR if Phone l949 II4 East 5th, j. W. CGLLINS DRUG CO. POLIQ. AT FIFTH PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS A newly landed son of Erin was gaping along a New York street when he chanced to turn into the office of a lawyer, thinking it was a store. He was considerable im- pressed with the fine furnishings, and approaching the only occupant of the room, a man busy at a desk asked: "Could you be telling me what you sell in this fine place?" "Certainly," was the retort, uttered in an impatient tone. "We sell 'hlockheadsf' The Irishman looked around and nodded in understanding. "Sure you must have a fine trade, "I'm thinking." he commented politely, "I see that you have but one left." "When your pa uses that paddle on you, doesn't it make you sick?" "Naw. He tells me that's the board of health." "THE STORE WITH TI-IE GOODS" Corner 7th and Taylor "The Busy Corner" Merchandise of Quailty at Lowest Ionsistent Market Prices. , ,.., O H ndred-Twenty-Four , X . 4 -. XX Q. , i , xx - X Q 1 Y X x X X 'Z ' ., . . "6 X X XS if' 'ala' ' I x i - f . I m""' QS" --I 'T 'l' ,J L Q ,2'q' "'- 5 .W . 5 If 1 fly! XX ., ,- if "3'l 4 ,iv 1'1"-" ' aes.. aw if -oodgg it,--,Q ' 0,9 N X we: - . . uf W -V M ' QM ? Z ......., Y X, ,J G' A' 0 rv -s if C'-1 I "'i,f, I QGXQ fit' ca' R ,cg an K . M ,kim Q0 152229 N 'N qigffoffik pgs" 'iQV,4'o'vZ'l il: ff' ':5t'n' "'l -be 5 Z XX fz- -?i S 17. 'A -Ji,fd",i"'i'. T A f H Y vw forn N X N 0 XX? , ' FARM ,x X 1 J' 2 fflw A, I' Cbrvy f 7 'QL in N 1 1 I .1 if -faq! . X . f..:,-. ,, ,x l "' -. Liq ' 4:33, Q' J' ' . 6' SJ-g25'--Q. Liff Y ' rv- Y:- l 2 L 'f X ,D xx ' . . 'V f-iq? N X X X " ,1 ' -- - ' --.ggrtfiqxixx -E, X320 .4. bfi" S X f,.? . , 1 f " xi S - V -,Q -xiii. jg-gb. fi f+,- f . H-W" i--- 3.3 -:-.:: 'Q' - .xml L-,-4. , Mg2gi fL? ,gfgi2? -A, W- ' me ' 'Hd n d r7eH -Txvgai y Q 1- -- f X f 1 1 1' XX X 111 ' 1 11 xnxx f 1 , !1R 1 X if 11 1 11 f SQLEQ4 X1 X, f X X ' kk g 1 'aw 'Q 1 N u f-X 1:-X f N N 1 K X 5xXx gqxx fi N -X QNX S511 'Q' 1 X x PX-X Y N: in if XX X , 1 1? f 11 1115316 S X Wx K 1 Y X X X ,..f ' 1, ' ii , '51 X X- X XX 1 11 1 . X1 5 T112 N T ' 1 Xi Qi I 1 HPS 3 sw? ' RX K S1 2 . S X N lx lxv S 2 X xtxvx 1.4 , .X - L 6, -- fa 'ix N ix XX M 111111115 1 -s f W ' 11" 11 X " - ' V , f f , IIIIIIIIIIIH ' 111111 , 1, ff If 1 Qi' 1? 11 ,E f ,S rw X .W 1 X- MQ. , Q54 3 H Cn.-X Ysw, X- -' 5 is ' '55 X 5 -- 1 1 Q fzfx 1 X xl lx K ,K NN , 'Wx 1 Y X 7 A X In NI11',:ff1lV JH' 1 1 1 X 1 - 11 191 11 1111 ' F? -, .r-in , 1 ,' N ff E, X1 A 111 11111 11 1, 1 9 112 11' 111161111111 1, - W1 V 1 in I ' f I! f-X X X i 1 1 X1 ws, 1 jfn X 1,1 -1:11115-ijigg 1 ff 'N A I ' N X "1 - .13 1 X X, 'gs Q X AX 1, I 1 13 1 X Y 'Q X ' RVAi4fY9 , 1 A fo" rf WX f X' r XX x ji .1 ' 1 1 1 H112 QQ 1 1 .' ' I One Hundredffwenty-Six ' -" r", 7 531-r, .0 ,A , , 1 f. , MY-:,..f: - .- '.- --M-.AJS - -, .17 .ur-. . - ja.. 1 , A nty FOR QuaIity and Service PH ONE 746 1234 or II6 II7 1308 Tyler St. I800 Taylor St. LAING GROCERY CO. A THE HOME BEAUTIFUL + FOR FURNITURE 704-706 Polk St. FIN15,!155H,ELE2T5QIQLC0- I 1 MISSES and WOMENS FASHION FOOTWEAR r I A I , , ' .1 606 Polk Street THE CHILDRENS SHOPPE I Everything For Kiddies 41 MR. M. C. GUERRE ' I note to every mun's success, , We can dress you properly E. D. GREEN MEN S FURNISHINGS 5 If 4Q3:T:gTiT?Q?:iTT:figT:TTf:Y:123:3:f:f:?:3:f:3:f:f:f:f:3:f:3:f:?:5:f:f:5:f:f:f:3:f:i:1:f:IS:3:3:7:3:7:I:Y:5:3:5131I:113:f:1:Yr1:Y:5:5:1:1:1:i:Y:5:Yr5:11YQ?Zggzgziziggggizizgig T 5 5 so rg? ,QQ ff Feairivenirfrglrvf To "L Hgfff M MW" 6- E III We Sell A :ff ELECTRIC and WA TER SERVICE I I 4 1 I If Ii , u I 1 Also ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CITY LIGHT 81 WATER CO. '95 .A .'.' 'Zi '.'. Q . . . 'Z-I Q . '.'. .A '.'. '.'. . . I "Well, I do declare!" said Thomas Jefferson as he signed the Declaration of In- dependence. I-le: Negroes rarely attain fame. She: I don't know about that. You hear a lot about Black Jack. Sign on the back of an old gentleman who had chronic fainting spells: "If I fall on the street and am taken to the hospital, do not operate. My ap- Rsvfiiffi.l?.sYS..bFSv..rP.fP9XSf3..ivriefailrefadxufi ....................................,................ fi? T 1 I I . , A lVl1stletoe Butter and Ice Cream LA' 55: "TI-IE ARISTOCRATS or THE DINING TABLE" I Ifl I3 I ' I! E323 J.. 5" ai ' 'I if I' I In I Il If 1515 H I :I 9 I I I ff' I If ff I it T A ,Ti-'T,Tf.T One Hundred-Twenty-N Al T i I I il A1 ,, 1 g l Ii 53:1-:Q i 9 H T OUR BANK is YOUR BANK-W X Everyone here is at your service, we are happy to serve you. A An intelligent, progressive bank service awaits you here. There is at your command, our time attention S525 ' and experience, as well as good mechanical equipment 2152 ' to give you safety, accuracy ancl promptness. AMARILLO BANK B TRUST COMPANY A Baseball-H L :iii 4 Footlmall-M All Sport and School News You'll Find ii in THE AIVIRILLO DAILY NEWS THE EVENING POST jlccs- SALESMAN SAM- BARNEY coocua 1 AE, , ,, ,,.,,,-,,-, , WB- -,-.-,, - ,A-1 ,i ,, 4 ,.1A..-..-'-"'-"- One Hu d edTh ty -5 A i-- -A -.ez 1-ff.i:,f..-11:5-,Q ,,,fg, -V-.MV-f ivy REGENTS ...., .-,-,. , W Bo-Ah just heard dat dey done found Napolean's bones. Rah-Faw de lan's sake! Ah did not know he wuz a gamblin' man. Ma-Buddie, how did you get that black eye? Bud-I was protecting a little boy. E Ma-That was a noble, son. Who was he? Bud-Me. "I have a chance for the track team." "Why, are they going to raffle it off?" Little Willie, in a playful mood, was caught by his mother when he was chopping playfully with a hatchet on the old grandfathefs clock which stood in the hall. "Willit, what are you doing?" asked his mother. "Just whittlin' away the time," was the answer. BOYS When You Need a Hair Cut IMPERIAL BARBER SHOP SHOES--WO+MEN'S WEAR "Always First to Show the New" Mail Orders Promptly Filled 512 Polk St. Amarillo, Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ,W ,.. W ..N.., . - H ' one Hundfed-Ti1my.o ..-. .. , ,.,,, -.0-, 4,-g , Y g ,,-., ,R-----f Eight PALO DURO "One of Nature's pictures from the wonderful art gallery of Cod . , ,- -4 mx - ' A V"" "A" V- fg- ,J 1. ' -' V f '- -Y ' A ' ff .xi-w' -1 x ' ' 'Q ' L, so 5 A I I , w . M . A Q! I 1 V4 ' 1 V T" fx , ! . X ' A ' A 5 mm . lata' Ljxrs 1 'Y i X ' -1 K ' X 1, l H 'fx - X .- L V nf! Q fp wnnllf I I ' -ff .. V3 A Guru- xr K - - K X ' X' X 4 f' f F5 V 421 F x A i -X , ' - LQQQ VLQH5 ' Q 0 , r . - P ' - 'fag i - lf? - 11 ' :QR 5' I Z ' 1' "W" ' A . .7 1 L V Xx :Vi X E3 N E t f 2 NT a X. Liv' f ,V gy , Q ! f fn' 1, ,Km L f A L' ,, V . , 1 XX bm-f 'xts f :gg i X' EN .5 MQ, R 3 ohzfrfrzfr - Ig - 1, ji ff N, j l q i 'M' F . Q 1 M, N 5 f 1 K Gy jx , Q EC- xr , i 1 vm 55- Q 4 E ' Qeb 31,6 ' fv k, 2 is E f gy ,Ee il 'A ' ' .rn on ff Q EMA!! "I 2 W' Ji on' Q fi 111' L L? f 513 ,f: w4 If ., ,A , , . rgzgkl-f.g::g-EL Ng, WY 'f ' ' ' " " Y A " ', : ,,,,,,- Y 1 Y Z, MA!- One Tlundred-Thirty-Two t E 1 J. A I. T I 1 . 4: Ts if , 'I Tl H 4: if 1 is IT 1? 4 si Zi I! ,1 ii TT li T E2 ,i S , J Victrolas and Victor Records All Music Memory Contest Numbers in Stock T SPENCER-NUNN ELECTRIC CO. w . I 51 f 417 Polk St. Phone 79 T 1 Ii., 4 6 X A Q? o C Q' BOTTLED SODA WATER CLEAN, HEALTHFUL and WHOLESOME DELICIOUS and REFRESHINC rgzgzgrgzgi 0 L, , ldnhlw.,-..,,-,,,,,,, MA ,,,,,,,w, , ,,,,, , ,H ,V ., . ,. . . ,W 111 ' rw Y ,W To Oe H d dTh tyTh -0 ,,,.. v-,V,,,, ,, Y ,.W,,. . ...WH , ,, THE AMARILLO GLOBE The onIy Afternoon Newspaper in the Panhandle Carrying FULL LEASE WIRE ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORT "THE NEWSPAPER WITH A SMlLE" Our Aim is to Grow Witlm the PanhancIIe "Did the operation cost much?" UNO. 'The doctor gave me his regular cut rates." VViIIie--Vvhat is a collision, Pa?" Pa-A coIIision is what happens, son, when your ma drives the car. A Chink truck driver recently presented the following bill to the college: "IO goes, I0 comes at 50 cents a went. 55. .3.5.A.....I..fl...'.I.I...I5.D5.I-lf..I.I-..i..-..l-l....Q'.'.,.'.'...'...'...I...........I.3....'...'.'...'-A... .'.....,......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . ...... . . . KERR'S For 'School Supplies and Lunches gg IF IT Is A SCHOOL ARTICLE-WE HA VE IT 2222 Phone 999 1308 TYLER .... 3.3. . . , L - W 4.1. 1 1 ' 9 if One I-Iundreat-II'hirtysI"o1irrwY Eimpv-A 'EY-HHH I N The Palace of Sweets ls the Place for Eats We Can Give You Anything in Refreshing Drinks Phone 2207 411 Polk si. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.-.1'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' "How is your blonde?" "I can't say much for her. She's rather light-headed." Judge-What is the charge against the young lady? Officer-Running about the street costumed as September Mom, your honor, Judge-Thirty clays hath September! Soph: I was over to see her last night, some one threw a brick through the window and hit the poor girl inthe ribs. Fresh: Did it hurt her? Soph: No, but it broke three of my fingers. "Is he polite?" "Say! That guy takes off his hat in a phone booth before he calls central. Buy Your Shoes THE BOOTERIE 252 I I 212: l 509 Polk sf. Phone I6I3 .'o li xr ! , K .., 411' , X 1., ...AJ ,...4.-- -to V H - Z'Z'Z-If-I-. -Z-Z'2-I'Z-Z-Z'Z'Z- on mono...- ,. Aa: --A- i fone Huoafea.'r1Gny.F S o C 50t?llflrlNlSgWADDELL IVIUTOR COIVIPPJNY i .P EVCLUSIVE READY TO WEAR iff Sole Agents For ALLEN A, BLACK CAT HOSIERY 505 Polk slleel Amarillo, Texas foe M. Moblcy Ren Henson Edison-l've discovered why a girl is always late for a clate. A H l ln' V 'l th t And wh for sooth? Co um 131 erl y, ou ar a sage. y Eclison-She's been looking for her invisible hail' net. Judge-Officer, what is the charge against this girl. Cop-Cruelty, your Honor, She was caught lashing her eyes. Prof. Give me a sentence with the worcl "Boycott" in it, used correctly. Pupil-Farmer Jones chased his son and didn't catch him until his boy caught on a wire fence. CAS, OILS, TIRES and ACCESSORIES, MOBILOILS U CAS, OILS, TIRES and .ACCESSORIES Sixth and Tyler Streets Phone 332 ll.ll.,...,...,.........,....,..........,l...,,....,.. .... .l.. ,..,,.,.,,l...,....,...l,l..ll.l.ll...l....,.....l...ll...Wil...l..........ll.....l..l.......,....,..l.,...,,.m, 3-3 lui.,-lil llillllilllli- nil..-E-ll.i.ll.i. ,.il,4lil,llil,!Nllil lliuili. --E lllillllil .lil ll.. ..i .5 hi llil lli ,li .li -. .E l.i ll. .li l-E ui. Li. llimlil rlillvli..lli.-llillliimlirwil llilriiii-iiiiltiiviiiliiiilliiif-iiiuililliillhi -:- PANHANDLE MUSIC co. 55 511 Polk St. Records-Sheet Music-Player Rolls-Pianos-Grancls-Player Pianos HOME OF THE VICTRO-LA '.'. .A .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 1-7. A- WALL,-,sew TV-F - v -, v:Kf 5 gm , 7 ,L f 1 we 4 1224.34 lol Af H d aTl1:ys 'fig ' 4 M it, DRESS WELL How do you appear to your classmates? A good appearance is an asset. We have the wearing apparel that will help you qualify for your tasks. fBillJ Cwalterl CLOTHING FURNISHINGS 408 Polk Street ON HIS LAST LEGS Pawnbroker-Sure. I'll give you 52.50 for your wooden legs. But whats the idea of hocking anything like that? Cripple-Doctor's orders. Pawnbroker-l went to see him to find out how to get rid of my cold, and he told me to soak my feet! She-Who is that man wearing a black robe? ls he a chimney sweep? He-Naw, he's a Ku Klux Klansman from Pittsburg. Mother-Mary, aren't you getting too big to play with boys? Mary-No, mother. The bigger I get the better I like 'em. Nothing will save more coal next winter tl an the price. NONE TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL r. rr?r9rr.evf1r ,4,70.i ., it I I I .I .. . I ' 7 If its from THE RICHARDS C 604 Polk St. Where Wom en Who Dress Best Buy IFS Right ,.,2C' gy VW4 - L4 Spf r U W 7-1. One Hundred-'ll dk t "iff" B H-Q3 fig L, ,. gy, ,si ijgi',,2' 1 , .fu - , -,f ',f,,-A, ,,.. rj-WH" ' ' ,LBJ J A ,.,,. W ..Y..,., Y 'MA ,. 4'-X e'iX 53495 , xx Q1 WGFW J ' 1 WV' X '-liigf, XM-f'l K X ff 1 6 ' ! WZ A , R Q f Mfwj M.-tiff' ' Maxx Sgvw 5 ,f-53' X I QW W A THE j 7Z77P7PfS5' CSI f 1 :E 1 2 f Egh s I WHITE Sz KIRK THE PANHANDIIES OLDEST STORE, Est. l897 The Place to Buy Ladies' Ready-to-Xvear, lVliIIinery, Dry Goods and Shoes. PHONE 2 ss I'm earning S30 a day now." Isn't that great! Are you really getting 530 each day?" Oh, no: I mean S30 a day once a week." "DicIn't I meet you in New Orleans last winter?" Donit think so-I was never in New Orleans in my life." "Neither1 was I-It must have been two other fellows." u She--Hello, Jack, how are you? He-Wonderful, thanks. She-Well, Ilrn glad some one thinks so. She-Don't you think that talkative women are the most popul He-What other kinds are there? The tightest man is so stingy he never even entertains doubts. E. Is. SMITH fcwelry-Musical Inslrumenls-Sporting Goods Trade Here Because YOU GET A SQUARE DEAL AND SATISFACTION EVERY TIME ar? Hz E. Sth Phone 1306 Ifflalch and jewelry Repairing .. Q g vi if E One IIundre cl-Thirt , . . ,- .., , I-, . i j .6 f.'s.:Q, .. . ., .1 :tr b -Af 3 ' Y Y YY Y Y---'--f -?--in V V Tfff- -- A- -.- Young Ladies and Gentlemen of Amarillo H. S. Providing Comfortable Homes and Stores in which to live and do business has been my specialty for a long time: I either rent them or sell them. When you need something in this line come to see me CHAS. L. GREEN n "Lost ten bucks on "Nothing Doing in the third race yesterday. "Your own fault! It's foolish to bet! H l've never made a bet in my life." "The devil you haven't." "Want to bet?" Music-Here's your vaccination song. Writer-Whatdaya mean, vaccination? Music--It didn't take, "The moon is wonderful to-night. Really, we should use it." "Oh, what's the use?" He-Shall I bring my tuxedo? She-This is a ball, not a smoker. He-fangrulyj-Do you ever have a thought in your head? She-Cabsentlyl-Really, I haven't the slightest idea. .'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'-'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. RADIO TR ES C O--CLEA R TON E-PA THE Full line of parts and sets. Prices on sets range from 525.00 up. Free assembly instructions to those who desire to "build their own. .'.'.' The lVlcDonald Auto Supply Co. ' I ,.,J' ..-TMI, .. . ,, V -.X . V e,,lL+-J , V V W, ,ew V . Y..-f,,?:1,-:Z Ze, fr- -in-f Y l 4,11 Qfr'll'iQ1 'S nz ifligfir Lg l .,Jf . , , ,. , , , . Y., , 0.3.2, Ani- I ,L 2-.Ave ,4., --,44,Y,,,YYY , Wk N 7- ed-Forty Y Q .1 it l i I l l f l 3:T:f:7:Y:3:1:3:3: ..f:f:7:f:5 ..... 3:f:3:5:3: ............. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. - ll Letis Go Swimmin, Amarillo7s ole swimming hole TRICTLY A FE AND ANITARY THE "NAT, V San Jacinto Heights Phone 303I Alaclc, alas! This space is dedicated My girl is gone, to Phillip. I feel forlorn, Phillip who? I lack a lass. Phillip Space. School Supplies Lunches Drugs Toilet Articles AT i 3 HIGH SCHOOL PHARMACY V LE T-U S-SER V E-Y OU 35: 1305 Polk street Phone 2899 l i ii 1352? f 13950 ii ii. ,,ie M ' gli in -g W -M one Hundred-Fairy-0 .., . .avriihl I L HFina's tongues in lrees, Books in running brooks, Sermons in stones, Cood in everything." LJ! .,1,..U .A . 4 - w 'Z-E'3Il'3..L4..llr-01. " "' ,'-' u 1, . -5" ' x K vlfiffij-T15 1 x x x 4 1 L . l, W ,. Y I i ll 'i il :I Vx , 2 S-1'-1" ' Jag ' :TQ fQ'LQf' WMA MiMAln: V .V -A -x'1A-rfL4:2'? 5 1SgY--f-fH--f--- f----S-H4543 One Hundred-Forty-Two 514 Polk St. "LEADERS IN FINE CLOTHES" Alder-Col'egian Clothes Florsheim Shoes ,,.., ..!,.,9 ..,...5..., ,,!..., .,!,.., .rf .., ..!.... U. .., r, M., ,,. ,,.,.,.,.. ,,.,,,. M. U, .,. N. . .,. ... .,. ... .,. .,. ,. r. .. . . . l An army surgeon was examining a cow-puncher recruit. "Ever had any accidents?" UNO." "What's that bandage on your hand?" "Rattlesnake bite." "Don't you call that an accident?" "Naw: tlie dam' thing did it on purpose." Artsfwhat do they do with all these skulls? ...!Y!sf71P9f1Y'f11fS..f299ff!le.f9PR1..I..SHs??.- ........ ........i.......,i.,.......,... .... . . Before you purchase your NEW SUIT. see the largest selection of Fine All-Wool Patterns exer shown in the Panlandle. At a Saving to You of I0 to S15 ALL UNE PRICE Any 2-Piece Suit S25 5-PIECE SUITS 5529.50 First Class Tailoring and Perfect Fit is Absolutely Guaranteed 40916 Polk PATTON, The Tailor Amarillo, Teas -74-a,,:,:-, --L - 71: -, .-f f,:e- fL-++- L+ --- - - -feb f- - V ,,,,,,, r ' ' ' ' T f' FC 2 '. ' ' .' ' rg A , f:f"f'?fG 3 1 ., Q - - S, ,, v ,, ,, ,,m,, X.,-,,,,.4 - -,--Pray---f ---- - ---14 - - a-- -4- 4 - O Hundre ff., d-Forty 3 ,.,. tl ' . ,. .Y -iq. --L:-i -, W , ,ar R., Yi fel-LT' -Q.--A - ,,.-,r.4 Qs- ,- yt ,V Y- H, A., yu V,,,,,, WA -.5 A - -A t , r, V - A ' 1 'pf W "L ' ' , ' ' .,. -' .67 f X - A Raw VL' rain?-A ,I h , 'SWR 1,7 ,V ' we--' ' "" "?P'fH' , ,- if, R or 43. 1 4 f- , , ,, r T?--A-117g . .Y-:L-hen, , --5,-fwfwfr 7 Af: f I 54, If I if Q? ....... ' -Z-I-I-C-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z- -Z-I-Z-Z-Z'Z-Z-I-I-Z-Z-I-I-I-I-I-I-I'I-I-I-I-DDC-I'I'Z'I-I-I-I-If I-I-222-I-I-I-I-Ii-Z'I'Z'I-I-1-I+!-2 il V H. A. NOBLES, President. M. C. NOBLES, VfCe-Pfe5i.1enf 1 F H. C. STANLEY, Secretary 8: Treasurer. A Noeuss BROTHERS GROCER co. Q Wholesale Grocers E' Main House Yi R? AMARILLO. TEXAS Branches At PLAINVIEW, DALHART, FARWELL, LUBBOCK, MEMPHIS. I i 1 I: :-:- H 'ff rh - v 1+ r 4 ' 1' x 3 . r ,.j. us A , .A . . ' C-I .-.' Q 1.-. '.'. For Something Distinctivelp Individual in the E A Photograph Line. Co To 1 lh T 1 ' li g EDWARDS' ART sTUD1o 41 g a y of S525 Q if E Qi I P ,g.:.'.j.g.g.- i R A r I g.: W h f. leer, e , rg 34559555 1e25e'fR'R One Hundred-Forty-Four Qxgl Y "I stood up for you yesterday." "Thanks old man, I appreciate your kindness in not allowing people to slander me. "The Prof, was taking a vote on the dumbest man in the class. And I stood up for you!" Hey-My 'boarding house keeper says I'm the idol of her heart, Dey-Well, isn't that nice? Hey-Not when she lays burnt offerings before me at meal time. Narcissus-Loolcy here, Black Man, whut's you all gwine gimme for my birthday present? Black Man-Close yo eyes, honey." fShe did as he saidj Now whut yo see? N arcissus-Nothing Black Man-Well, dat's whut you all gwine git. Ashes to ashes And dust to dust I hesitate to close But I fear we must. 5255 - .t,, -fa S525 ' ' I i h,eXhi'f V. .Al Distributors AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT i gg ' tb. I I9 W. Stn Sz. 1 .2225 V, " TZ -Yi Amarillo, Texas Phone IOO 2:2 POOR FIDO Friend. frushing in to break the news,-Susan, dear your husband and little Fido 1 were iii an accident. , Wife-Good heavens! Have they been able to get in touch with a veterinarian 'i yet? ' She was pure as snow but she drifted. Waiter-Where's that paper plate I gave you with your pie? i Frosh-Oh, I thought that was the lower crust. 1. "Bue Igave you a dime only yesterday, my good man." . "That was for food. Now I need money for a dyspepsla tablet for over-eating. ' I Y .M JTTQ4-vm ,H 'LH LAL., +,,,,,3......1.le.e -.1 - :ew -,. - 1 e.. .L..4T-E,4....ti,s.,ilL " ri ff -,fi 'U"fI7 -'i te. gs-.. aa.. , ,- L -- , .-.ff .H ,-.-.-.. 1-us, '- J, -W -ef. f-EL One Hundred-Forty-Five 5 i l l , ll ll l li 'l 1 :I l sis l 2:1 ill E55 if gl ll 'l .5 -5 H - :Y Qf. ,. . ...-f V ,:,-1-.. I ' ' ' "ff l Amarillds Most Exclusive Store FOR LADIES AND MISSES We feature Hart Schaffner and Marx Coats for Women. Also Peggy Paige and Arthur Weiss clress for Laclies and Misses. See our beautiful Pattern hats, made by Nlclme Chekanow, Ranag of N, Y. and Kegina, K. C. -.l ll ,a l,l fl ol l ll ll ll l l l f ll A l Q Q .1 i il 'l ll , l n l 7 ol X :iz il. THE LATEST AND BEST GUARANTEED ll 1 5 THE LADIES STORE fl 517 Polk Street. Phone 724 l' :: 'I If l l :-: 7 ll DARNALLS CAFE l, if 1 Clean Wholesome Ealalules ,I Coolferl Clean and Served Clean 'l :gr 513 Polk sllool, Amarillo, Texas A I ll 3:51 :2:Z:2:2:I:2 fy u fl Did you 1 il Ever notice ll 3 l' That a popular 5: I l Girl, always wears l A, A very small hat, 4 Maybe it's due to cause If ' And effect. W T' l El T ll ll ll , X HHHlifCd-FOIEEY-siX .M x lt E OFFICERS J. B. COE, - --..- - President D. HANCOCK, - - Vice-President 1. E. SPAN, - - - Secretary C. M. HUMPHRYS, - - Treasurer 535 Kiwanis Qlluh internatinnal OF AMARILLO Dedicated to Constructive Civic Service on the Motlo:--"Wc Build." "'YP'-'-4f7- ---H f----'-"1" 'A' 3"""' -Q . -' k -- I ' . . . --54 AN , c ' -1 one c13m1afeaa1f6fEQ-'S' I ,S f -V f -M W ,Y -I ,ii sg- --f- 1, fix- ,, , .yy , , ' - ,Q E-- - ' T'-'T-A 'NTLK 45' 'f"' ' QT ,,: -7- 'Ai .Ng Mksrrwygg, tiff'Q'fi1,.,W.f1Asf1K'x'f4 'T ' 6. - ' 1 'I 'E' 'f'Lj,i,,,j - 5,1 fg LJCJT- nf wif,-'11f"' I "" h I -' O' visas ' 'T""!'N"""T"f - ,I I, I If I I I I1 START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT EI WITH THIS BANK AND ADD TO IT REGULARLY I I , I AND You WILL BE SURPRISED 2 AT TI-IE RESULTS ll I1 -I I, I 4 : ' -I 'I A ljanfz Account offers you a sofe and sane l way of reaching your goal-whatevcr it may Le-it assures for you the banIcer's lfll-3!'F'St IH your future welfarc' and it is at once the only E sure and ocpenclable way in which you may : ' obtain permanent success. S I i r Come in and lalk it over 1vIlI1 us. . . . . I I I THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE I AMARILLO, TEXAS I - I I I 3:45:55 I I I I . I I ' I I fx , 447, 4-- - v-M -V--1 Y f Y- ---W 'V -V----Y--f -fi v . fe , 11 WAI ,, Iv .' ' Y , ,.,..f I I 1 C ' , P W .. . L-, uh l l I 27. A Lgfrif' One Hundredforty-Eight Il I 'H ' - .wp 'fl' Sw Q. fkff. . VV 1 K 5, 1 1, i ,- x U. ..5. Y 1 ,LFS-ELA ,NJ -. x-4n HA 11 E Cans m XWh1Ch Dependabllny Ewse incl Economy of 3 cjlleliltlbfl ale e ou Cl to sth: ulth Smaltne X1 Uudrcn md Con out A111 IV IT ,.x Xl 1. xl! -onxmce you. w TGNEY CHISUM DISTRIBUTCR oo' VLBFKN S EN e n maya lf'-Pia1f1O ii O. L. TGLZIEN 81 SON MUSIC STURE Remember us when in need of pour Musical instrumenls or supplies it SONORA TALKING IVIACHINES II7 W. 7th. UDicmo Tuningl Phone 2195 AMARILLO MUSIC CO. O. V. XVRAY, Prop. w 3 5 ,. V I-jr:-:ii , .v.- 1 .47 , 'a Q1 ., Q., --f-- ., on--H L- - ,ff . Kr AM, K+. . K Q?-5-,Y-V, kr "' ., 4: 4. :E Y A'Q,H, ,W ZW, of : PARKS TAILGRING CO. H wHo's YO UR CLEAN!-QR Phone 352 710 Polk N No, Phinias, Joan of Arc was not the wife of Noah and neither is Scotland Yard a playground. Teacher: "Skeet tell me what you know about the mongolian race Skeet: "I wasn,t there-I went to the baseball game." Girl: "Did I ever show you where I was tattoed?" Boy: "No," Girl: "Well, we can drive around that way." ,Af .,,,,,7,l,,.-Y -,,,,..,.-...,.l-..--,X ,.Y,,.- fa nf I i l l 1 f I i l 1 i l gl I SQUTHWESTERN ENGRAY 1N GAm90M?5:NY .- - -I Q v f - 51 54, . V- -4 ml .IQTQ Llyfj ,.,. ,, ..,- .1-.A,,, .- N., .A ,N X, .A H.. ,.,- .,.A X, ff.- X., 1. BUILDERS of 'X' D 5 CTIVE A UA s f .,,l,.-v.f Y...,- -A -AJ ,, LK - -f+i-I ,I--v - .fn is I I I ,.---..,,..--.J I I, I :I EI Ii I I I I rl I Il II II I EI is I I I I J I 4 I 'I I II .I 'I I I II I I II I I I I, I I I 1 I Ten I I jf- -J MII, J,QEl J 9 . S 1' I I . ,f If . i , in i 4 . i. 'i . 1 x Y v' , "-1 X - All .' f-.,'w-N, Q s' c -, . 5 .fhwiiiif e QA . if -,f'l4I,,...n4Al L' K' I I ,. ', i.: f ,i , ' 'N 'v Your Book and Ours Your annual is the cnmplefesl and most permanent record of your school life. You are proud of if and you put all your energy info if In nirilge il reflect lasting credil on you. your clans. your fcliool, and your louin. And thal's the spirit in which our plant and all of us u ' here hanclle every detail of your work. We're keen to ir- Q Xi help you make the best book possible for your school. Be- .1 iw .l -11 -ii ,g i ' 'I' . i. A." 'f, Q- .-'..,'- f. .l ii, - ,ali - -,, ' ' lin' t'. I Q i , - .,. e. . ." i 1-N fi "' ' 1 " ' ' 1 . ' - - r -.i,.. . li ... . ., 1 i 'I cause your book is ours and your joy in the success of it is our joy and our surcess. Home the Place to Visit ' Our big day-light building across from the federal build- ' ing in Amarillo is a place you like to visit. And we like to have you here. Here is everything for every office. And in our book and gift department are hundreds of attractive volumes, of delightful things you would like to give-or to keep. .f t t I I .Fil 1 llil i llf 3 'J 'Iii il t J f l 'll l 7 fa ' ti . 1 l l VKX iii li ill' If 6"mM lhm QQ l -4 'l il llt . Fx rt llitxkllv xta M i Xvlli llvl Hi". I I I ix N I ri l ' Q xl . " . ff 1 ew . ll I 3 xx, ,- - fr . . V -N f 'I' t f 1 . ffggfll li , tx , 101 ': .ffrlll lt tt i if fl . Yi I I lf-I ,Ll ugh v I ' 1 - ' We W 'milf' X' I -1 J USSELL o OCKRELL llgl I bm Qi Panhandle Pfi'1fi'LlL G7 Q r ' "Our Business Is to Hein Your Business" i", I 615 TAYLOR S77 AMARILLO. TEXAS 5' --EE f . 5 ' .1 --':, l fi?fff li r .. L- - 'f, a 5. 11-eeff--1. i ,fl f- I PRINTING 1 ' if , j Booics 'iii --l'gf.flifQ . . t V ,Q , . . Disks -R Z- li. I' l V 4' Mi ..... l i h -V 5 3 .f Q I ei""1 l.'kiM' N I' 1 Giifrs , , - , .df x - H-f-ui. 2 . . , 4 -I 15.5 a r .1 'SD' li? 'l TYPEWRITERS '. L 4 'I 4 M'-5" fiffj, ' K ITL- 'i?Xs l f... i "" i f 1- " . i f CORQW T .- f 4 ' ,q,1f'f' SASZ il 155 ' - gggzmapfg-3, 1 ,A , 5 i- J? -'ec t . 'ii' " ?!g'Vf'Vi3f?55ZlZ"WETff?11 5. f 1 V .1 - f . . ,P pr f 7 l -'f 4afij' 'f7T5fXLI?R5?fff22i? f .: l " ,f 2 ' J. .1 ' ' Q - - i,,.b ,- 4 F Ei' -9' -. I .." 4j -., , - -' 'f f ,V l l l' A ,,:,.:,44nf-lT,f,... : V ff '-f- --- ----: Q-X ---fn.-r-vi-:xiii .Y-T11-4? -,--- . -Av .Y - --fv ,fx not .3 .:4'i.ito5o. 1 i '- af . : W W ---elm - -- . 7 - --Wg.-LA...--Q-.M -xo -M...-nf Y . ?' "" "'i""""""e", 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 -x.. A 'F 5 'ibilif LEAHV 1 1 il 11 -1 1 41' 1 1 1 1, 1 LTa ..f1zm5Q ri 15551 V 'wj 1 1 1 - '1 1 4?fan' 9 ' QLJ 4. vJ9"'b?' . XA' I " , . gy -AU A 1 F'-Cl'1,!PW"""'lx I-, Q .Q 4 ,hh . . . 5 X 5. "duff .Avg . 'L fg A '45 .,.. .1 4' -,QW , Q1 .' .ri- M?23" f W-T Og, I I 1 'ln " .-I 1 f.: I- VD' 'f,',f'x' 7 k"'2 .Ng Ai" Aft Vnqskg' Jr' '.' ' ' F --r'r,,h,.- sv. ' ' 'Q' 1 ,. . . . U an , ,4, MJ. .J 4 7 . . ,Q -.Pwgly fl:-cf. UW' if . rwm:ff-W-ffmf'A'1f""'A .. ,-"F"" 5537 W 551' O I 1 O I 1 W. A. MCINTOSH, Superintendent A man whose industry is inclefatigable to promote good schools. We pay honor for the inestimable gift of himself to the interest of A. H. S. i-L5 'Q1-1,.-Q'lQ' -A,,.-,-W, , ' A .A c ,.,,y,Q-,..c,,.4.Q'1.,,,l ii i, 4, 1 I ' v il Q, AL EV P H ix I 34 91 P 2? W vi :I V M H . V ll K x 1 I x i ., Bi 3 al ll ii I! 52 5? ff if i Q, I ,W C. A. ROGERS Principal 5 To a man of just decisions, whose presence creates Ii A order and cheer, and whose abilities are genuine we tender y this token of appreciation. gl I ' yi 3 l 1 ! i my K , H ,, Y ,. ,Mm . ,.-.. ,,,-,...A..--Y ., ..,A,, .--1. -..i.....,.1 W, ,..... 4 i it 'F-, .1,1,',nL,c:f'Z i 1 T7 A, cf: M We init 3 zu:-' 3- - , f---K:.,2L,L...?...L -,-.J4c,--- Tvveive L FWZ Q. Q u Qjisw ,L ' P 2 W r' Q Q . I LN , KQ NGN 'NI 'E 07, if ii ' I A , ,.-,., 1 , 1, H017 l sd 1 X avr? 8 FACULTY , , . , I Y Q ' n , . L , I 1 z ' I-QQ, .,.' r' ' In N .t .V,'+ A9310 A-ve' W, , an , 1' ,Il '5,nM,'. " 1 , ' 3" ' I x H, ' ' y I w K 1 , .M X Y ' I ' n 5 ' ' , 1 l' L 1' , 0 V ...V Y' 1 I ' 1 I W ' 3 10" Q 1 The Annual Staff of l924 Wish to Offer A Timely Tribute to MRS. CARLYN QUICKSALL. Whose tireless efforts and stimulating interest in be- half of La Airosa have been our inspiration, making pos- sible another edition of The Annual. Her ability and usefulness are not limited to the English department of the High School--but through this medium does she teach and encourage boys and girls to more ably and effectually ex- press true manhood and womanhood. "Honor and shame from no condition rise: Ac! well your parl. Ihere all the honor lies." MISS BROWN--A. B. Southern Methodist University: University of MISS BROWN-A. B. Southern Methodist University University of Mexicog University of Madrid ------ Spanish MISS BUCY-Ar. B. University of Texas - Business Branches r Fourteen sqm, , I lljsfs- . , H., -,s,,S-aA,-,..TJ:.S.S....s.s uw f I ML. C ...,.,.. -.... .....-,... ..w,.. ..,.....-.,,-P-m-f-r-.M-.,..g:v, ,.i...i.....,i, Y X .s - -..,.,,, g.,,'.,' ..-..-..,-,, .. ., X J1- N ...N ls....,Q..,.......,..Ex , . ' i - - - - - - Latin - - - English - Home Economics - History and English - - - Science Miss KLAPPROTH-B. A. Polytechnic Coliege - MRS. QUICKSALL--B. A. Baylor University - MISS LANDIS-B. S. University of Missouri - MISS HEADRICK-B. A. University of Texas - lV'R. VAUGI-IN-Nortlw Texas State Normal College Miss MAYS-B. A. Trinity University - - - ---f Engflislz ---' 'wif-M' 'Ti "W ""-""-"" 'i"'T' I"" H' ""'q'l" ' " W -Lui ,."!5:'UySCl n Ag fffim YM 4 ll dw Fifteen I,- " 'i 4- Sixteen R ' ' "NI Miss L. RUSSELL-A. B. University of Kansas ------ English MR. MARTIN-B. S. North West State Teachers College: Texas University-,Science MISS VIRGIN-A. B. Virginia Collegeg Baylor University - English and Spanish MISS AVERY-Southwestern University -------- Librarian DR. NUNNf-B. A.: IVI. A. Vanderbilt University: Chicago University: Student University of Texas: University of Leipsic - Mathematics MISS Av'ENT-West Texas State Normal Coilege ----- Mathematics AY Ah- - A S A, 4,-,,,,,,,,-A. , ,..,,..,.........----. -i ... M... ... .,,., .. -':.f...: . ,-L , ., - qi --ff-e Y V I "f "V .-,- I ... . , -. l I f ,S li i 2 25 5 A Jr gf All 5 . ii 1 ll l i Ff"lQgQ1f..lQfTQL, it r 5 K.-.-..-... W - A.-,,,--..,,,,, , i Z QU!! 4? . " -, -.A' J ' Hap' 4": ' 1 ' xgmgtgg It li SS, X MR. XVISE--B. S. Oklahoma: A 151 M College - - - Manual Training MRS. MARTIN-A. B. University of Texas - - - - - - History MR. LACKEY-A. B. Southwestern University - - - - Science MRS. HARMON-Currie School of Expression - - - - - Music MISS WORLEX'-B. S. College of lrzclustrial Arts: Columbia University -------- - Ho fe Economics MRS. TAYLOR-A. B. Mary Nash College ----- Business Branches ' v 1 I w -1 , a 1 I , , I I nge A-- -----4 ----f - --A-e .Q.1..z,.g.l,,f..,.Y. , ,V-....Y. , 1:1-,ec 1, fgfl.-:if-"W S ,Y 4 .SQ 210,55 .l1'JU1, La Y, ,:'-1. 'Sevesteen "M 1 -1 ' ' dit . i 5 . . .,, ., .., , . ,, , . iss..- - , Q.. f-N' -7 W ,553 ff - , H V .I , . W . V X' , 1 ,eva YYNA Y-,i,,-,J V . mf . Y. ..--s ,. ,- 4 .1 l , ' 1 i . A AL gmm- 1,-M,V,MA,,,..l-,.+..-44 . N t ts if 6 ll Yi i il ,Ji 5:3 , 1' it' V I K1 R ,I Q il i W I ' , 4' a w Q s il fi I I 'ir i i 1 MISS WELLS-A. B. Randolph-Macon Women's College - - Latin and English .1 MR. HINES-B. Af. University of Texas - -- - - - - Science X1 1 3 MISS C. RUSSELL-A. B. University of Kansas - - Languages 4 X , MISS HUMPHREYS-B. A. University of Texas - - History , 4 MRS. BRINT-A. B. Trinity ---- - - History Q! Y MR. WILSON-University of Texas ----' - - - - Mathematics V 11 i , i . 4 i. it , Q1 1, i t it f VX , . 'r it yi 1' Tl ' 'i gl . 1 - r i it 1 Q51 T' V7 it I git i the--lee -.-QQQL f - - i 'f-fit? ws--fu f-at-2 ,-SEETTSTT' Eighteen V g X QXXS-Y X ik 1 A259 Z7 9. If la Q Q, ,,. VZx4f .ffl 2 5. 1' G f ' N X X L fr? k TX '7 PQ' Q xl' Q Axe - Nw' RXQQYX 'Hx siQXX XX gb 4 X Y ,l X X X S 2 I' X :X v ef id' km I Y S ww ly.- 1! fl W fi ' l , J!! yy f I ,N Ls:-5-E,f.,,,, I 1 cf , 1-Q fmrf J, -Ag - -2 li fm!! wg- V. 4a 0,5680 SENIORS fx - , I Nineteen t' ,.......... A..- ,A M ?l L V Z I l l .. t N, l. 1. tl t V i w,,3--U-. . Q .S Q , f -.f .A r A ',i1vcs.:.3wKQ.3:5Lg. - fa s--- - Sw - . -f A - -- Emi V, A ' ' 133: lil, M. Y. W. C. A. 'Zlg 'ZI Botany Club NANCY WORKS Baslcet Ball '21 Student Council '21 Vice Pres. Freshman Class Pres. Home Economics Club '24 Camp Fire Girls '2l. l'lERSl-IEL TADLOCK Basket Ball '2lg '2Zg '23 Track '22g l-li-Y '23g '24 Spanislm Club '2l Philo Literary Society '22, WINFIELD NICKLAUS Pres. Soplmomoreg Junior: Senior Classes Captain Foot Ball Team '22g '23 Base Ball '22g '23, '24 Basket Ball '22: '23. JUANITA HENDERSON Orclaestrag Chorus: Cltoral '2l: '22g '23 Y. W. C. A. '2l Treas. Junior Class '23g Tennis '22. il l'lOYTT BOLES C-lee Club '22: Pres. Hi-Y '23 Pres. Pliilo '23: Debating Team Glee Club: Forum: Hi-Y '24 Yell Leader '24 Debating Team '24. 1924 C werity La ,Ili z'osa" '-W, ,-4:3 4. MARY FRANCES CAMPBELL D '2l Chorus '22g '23g '24. , 1 V V g-V-2-1775- N- :F-Q-Q, :M .4 - Z jf' I M X'7"kA ' ----SXERYQMQ Qgugsg QM sm- A 3 QA.-sf., 3' E-.40 ,T fm C--ilu W: AI L' 4' ' ' We MARGARET HARRIS Campfire Girls '2l Chorus '22g '23 Orchesfra '23 Choral '22g '23g '24, MABLE FRANCIS STREET Campfire Curls '2I Choral '24, JOHNNIE REGENE GILVTN Cwmpfre Crirls '2l Spanish Club '23 Chorus '2lg '22 Choral Club '22g '23g '24 President Choral Club l,EONARD SHARP Philo '22 Forum '21 Glee Club '22g '23'g '24 Foot Ball '23 Hi-Y '22, L IL :JAN KRETSINGER T. ALBERT REVILLE Hi-Y '233 '24 Orchestra '2Ig '24 Forum 23: '24 Philo Literary So- ciety '22: '23, 'l 4. H l La .An-asa 19242 Twenty-One V A J - if .4 ri , . Q.. 2 ,Lf - 1. , .LLl..,+,. R R 11 -R '7L"Ai"-W ll Y, W .L 3 ,i -Lf KEY...-Y-.---4+-ff L ig, 1 . . . ' rv L. X , L I l L A ' I il L Ju " 1 1 MARY Briss SATTERWHITE Panhandle High '21 Choral Club '22 Austin '23 Choral Club '24 , Home Economics Club '24. 1 I l LUCILLE SULIVAN Science Club '2l Campfire Girls '2l Spanish Club '22 Chorus '24. ' DOROTHY ERWINA Sioux City, lowa '2l Omaha Ne- braska '22 Eulalians: Home Econ- omics '23. CARL WESLEY MILL1-:R Forum: Glee Club 23: '24 Hi-Y '24 Basket Ball '24. ALICE CURTIS Sec. of Class '20 Choral, Chorus '22 Pres. Junior Class '22 Vice Senior Class '23 Y. W. C. A. '20. ' iw: AUGUSTUS L. THOMAS Forum 'l9g '23 Track '23 Hi-Y ' '24 Spanish Club '24 Clee Club 24 i 'I .3 1 ii i L i i 5, 4 Y' I X ii L , L L -L -LLL H - - ' " ir I "5 -" L L L., LL L L LLL L .L LL.LLL.LLLLLLL.LL fm LLLL.ggL...- Twenlty-Two 4 . MAURINE KILLOUGH Campfire Girls 'ZOQ '2l Treas. Sophomore Class '2l Home Eco- nomics Club '23g '24 Chorus '22: '233 '24. Bos TEED Basket Ball 'ZZQ '23 '24 Track '2l: 'ZZQ '23g District Debaler '23 Fo- rum: Hi-Y '22g '23g '24 Glee Club '23: '24 Class Officer '2l. FRANCIS EVELYN DAVIS Spanish Club 'ZZZ '23 Choral '24. EVA THOMPSON Post Graduate Chorus '20, '2l, '22 '23 Campfire Girls '2l, '22 Botany Club '22 Choral '2l, '22, '23. VIX'lAN ADAMS Chorus '223 '23 Y. W. C. A. '2l ' Baslcet Ball '23 Orchestra 'ZZQ '23: '24 - I., X. I EVELYN I-IooD f Eulalion Literary Society Spanish Club '23, '24 Chorus '21, '22 Chorus ' '22, '23 Dalhart High school. Q l i I 1 ' TTWHCYC I f. " ws .' ., -4-4 '- ,Y 47 4 .lf LL-,Z ,YA AY -L, ,,.,Y, -- IX--A-W -A - --- Y Twenty-Three , , . , I Y Q ' n , . L , I 1 z ' I-QQ, .,.' r' ' In N .t .V,'+ A9310 A-ve' W, , an , 1' ,Il '5,nM,'. " 1 , ' 3" ' I x H, ' ' y I w K 1 , .M X Y ' I ' n 5 ' ' , 1 l' L 1' , 0 V ...V Y' 1 I ' 1 I W ' 3 10" Q 1 'ivffffi-1 A ...If C.-. 'I Y To . . - l ' Q11 ff' 'iii 12 .fgffif 'K' -'X I I II ll I ill j il ll all I I: 7 l l'l l . I l II W 3 l . I I l k N. l INA MAY HOPKINS Y. W. C. A. '2l Dramatic Club '23 Chorus '23g '24g Choral '24 Eu- lalian Literary Society '24. DONALD I-IUFF Philo Literary Society '23 Forum ,243 Glee Club '24 Hi-Y '23g '24. VICTORIA SCANLAN Y. W. C. A. '20 Choral '23, '24. ALLETA ABBOTT Dramatic Club '2l Chorus '2lg '22g '23 Choral '24, ALVIN V. DAVIS Channing High Schoolg '2l: '2Zg '23 Glee Club '24, JENNIE MAE DANIEL Y. W. C. A. '2l Chorus '22, La .flivosa 1924 Twenty-Four .g-.1--i..-. , sw-Esffie RAAA .W A A . .- fri 'gggb - ' fr. W ,xx I Yi agp MM NHS 'Eg r i i RUTH FREEMAN Dallon High '22 Eulalian '23. PAUL W. HARE Science Club '2lg '22 C-lee Club 'zan 2'4. FRANCES EVANS Pollyanna Club '2l Dramatic Club Zl Clwrus Club 22: '23, VICLET RosE FORD En-:lee N. Mex. '7l las Vegqs. N. Mex., '21 Basket Ball 'Pow '24. WILLIE SMITH BENNETT Scvznce ClIIb '2l Philo: Glee Club '22 Hi-Y '23g '24 Track 725 '23g '2-lg Capl. '23 Basket Ball '22g '23g '24 Foul Ball '24, jo BILLIE ROBERTS Chorus '22g '25 Basket Ball '23 Eulalian Lllera-'V Society '23 Sec. Eulalian '24 Dramnic Club 'Z-1. LL La .Hivosa 1924? F I 4. ll l I l l l l I I li ll I I Twenty-Five -.. - 1.- .. If ,,v, L... 'w'V'j' ' "Ji A' . I ..L,,,,,,, LL, ,TLMAWY , L ,,,,-,,1g?.,LQ?:' LOUISE PALMER Y. W. C. A. 2I Chorus '22g '23 WILLIAM CRAWFORD n Forum Debating Society '22: '23 Annual Staff '22 Hi-Y '23g '24- MARGARET JOPLIN Y. W. C. A. '21 Eulalian Literary Society '23. MARY ELIZABETH LEDFORD Y. VV. C. A. '21 Basket Ball '2I Choml '22g '23 Chorus '22g '23, WAVE WESTBAY Glee Club '2lg '21 Hi-Y '23' Glee Club '21 . CLARA WALLING Y. W. C. A. 'l9g '20 Polyanima Club '20g '21 Botany Club '20g , gl Pcirgmona California High School ' 1: ' . F- 'fwefltSrfSii"f +R +A?-Af -MA--AA-R+f U ,Y , , LL., .. . Y.. Y WV- .fL. 7 A:.......- .,1 , ..-KH 1 X ', A 4 ' A 'l g X X I . . , . y I I LQ I . I I ' 4 -..L 'lm W. M ' "Q3'fE.f xg... Ye: 551353 ,, -'sul' -X ,Q , . A, , ,iff 'W' ' -.Q:E-L " Kia.-f 1 m+,-- -- JAYBIE ELLYN DICKSON MARGARET RASCOE 'ZI Cutesi Girl '24. MARJORIE NEELY PEGGY MASTERSON Chief La Airosa '24. FLOYDE GARWOOD Spanish Club '23. JULIA ELIZABETH joNEs Campfire Girls '20 Y. W. C. A. '20 Chorus '22 Treas. Sophomore Class '22 Sec. junior Class '23 24. Campfire Girls '2l Y. W. C. A. C . Y. W. C. A. '2l Sluclent Council '2l Chorus '22 Sec.g Treas. Class '24 Campfire Girls '2l Y. W. C. A. '2l Vice Pres. Junior Class '23 5 Annual Staff '22g '23 Eclitor-in- i Science Club '2l Forum '24 Hi-Y '22, '23, '24 Freshman Officer '21 1-I H ,.-.-f1,F ..,..Y,,l - ' - .-..f.... -J Toi 5, L 54,7 ,A 1,356+-11 Twenty-Seven 1 , , -- -"i"'- " 'X 'ii 'D'--P D . , ' ' , ., f U 5, Q? ... ,, 4 9 - x w g. A L v? , YTY,iikg Vx- 'vi' i lr E ,Jar-A U l IDA MAE MCCLURE Campfire Girls '2I Y. W. C. A. '2l Chorus '22: '23 Choral '24. EDWARD GIEEON Orchestra '20: '2l Science Club '20 Hi-Y Club '23: '24. JOHANNA TOLK Y. VV. C. A. '21 Girl Scouts '22. AUERY LOVE MOODY Spanish Clubg Lilerary Club '2l '22 Basket Ballg Art Club '22 Spanish: Choral Club '24. MARIETTA STIRRAT Venice High 'ZI Eulalian '223 '23 Home Economics Club '24 Choral Club '24. KATHERINE CURE . Claude High '21 Freshman Lilerary Club '2l Chorus '23 Eulalian Lil- erary Club '24 Spanish Club '23. K La .Hivosa ' 19241 Twenty-Eight NSN 2 21-gif ' Y-V Qiq-FAA' QA' 'gk W' 1 - -.. 'd"Tt: , : T-"Qi i" V 'C' ' .X ly z me gs- SLC y- ink-'Q 'Mt xr l 1. L l l l MARTHA HULAN g 3 Shawnee, Oklahoma, High School EDWARD THOMAS KING Science Club '2l Hi-Y Club '24 l l GRACE A. WALKER Y. W. C. A. '20 Pollyanna Club '2l 1 Sluflent Council '2l Eulalian '22 F l-E.LA MAE WRIGHT Pollyanna Club '2l Y. W. C. A. '22 MARY MCLELLAN Chorus '22: Choral '23 Vice Pres. Home Economics Club '23 Campfire Girls '2l Capt Ball '2l TROY KELLY Wellington, Texas, '23 l Hi-Y '23 Football '23 Baslcelball '23 13l!WQQ52LmLL 2 1924' L Twenty-Nine . F-JW ., 4 ,-,... ,- ,Asp ' V- -- f fx me -:lf 1, va N. , V .. ga5f'i:f"' Y all nf Q ..f f- ii""Si4' if'9'u'n ATS JVM HF- l X' "' A gg - TN -Ale' bij- R-A - jpgtgqf ' QM, -,- -F-17 ' R ' . l'g.-gc: i ':i ' ','...-4-'C' , 1 Juli- H :4-Y--flu 1' 1, fi. f i FRANCES HALL Bowie Highschool Q Dallas High School GEORGE RAY Science Club '2l Forum 'ZZQ '24 IRENE I-IAGAN Chorusg Choral '23 F RANK RUCKER HOWARD Sophomore Debating Club '2l Glee Club '22g '23g '24 Forum '23 I . l l l MERLE YOUNG Q Meteor High '23 Spanish Club '235 '24 Eulalian Club '24 Home Economics Club '24 Assistant Coach Basketball '24 4 MARY POLLARD Y. W. C. A. 'ZI Chorus 'ZIQ '22g '23 j Choral Club '23g '24 I A Home Economics Club 'Z3g '24 I i 4 A1 l 1 -A A 'fe A 1 be 2 Efmnm aaaEEE'aa R 'WTMB' JEQI-7+Ha!FC7-3561 , A lggg-E. a. Tfirty I 1 1 ill 1 l 1 1 l 1 'l u ,I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 L L1 1 1 1. 1. .1 ia ll CORINNE TIPTON Chorus 'ZI Spanish Club '2lg '23 Eulalian Club '24 CHARLES 'O,FERREL rl-rack 'Zl Canton, Missouri Denver, Colorado JESSIE MAE WOMACK iVlcmphis High 'ZIQ '22 Spanish Club 'Z33 '24 Girl Scouts '22 ALEEN Cook Chorusg Basketball '22 XIKTE Pres, Class Spanish Club '25 ESTHER LOVINC. Y. VV. C. .X '2l Chorus: Basketball '22 Spanish Club '22 Ars't. Editor La Airosa '23 Senior Edimr La Aimsa '24 GEORGE BERT MCLANAHAN Track A23 Hi-Y '24 , .-.., ,, .,.?..,-.. ,I 3 1.1 - 4... ......-,,.Y..,,.,-I , . ,, ., . .Q . . 'F's"ff"-181' Il ITJQT1. i f - 1 --..-M3 1 1 - 3-fe---Q-ia-, ,W ,,, x- V , 4.. ' Thirty-One we----mf -f-1-RR--t .,.T5.i,..,,,f 1,5 i ff'-'-"'-" 5-AAT'35rv-5-A ESSQEQW H -' -N "R A E. i l i 1 tl l s A iv li li l i as 4 L, igmr - """'f,E1'l?f',ff'fE,io 'K' ESP EUCENIA WHITTINGTON Campfire Girls '2l Tennis 'ZI3 '2Zg '23 THAD ANSLEY l..atin Club '2l Forum '2lg '23 Hi-Y 124: Sec. Hi-Y '24 Baseball '24 l HAZEL O'BR1EN f l Y. W. C. A. '20 4 Chorus '223 '23 Choral '24 Economics Club '24 Latin Club '23 ,,.s. Lim MAE HACKLER Orchestra '2l: '22 Chorus 'Zlg 22 Choral '23 ,IACK BARN ES GOLDING " Forum Debating Club '2l Science Club '2l Football '22 1 '23 Hi-Y '23: '24 r""f!lEl'l Club '22 Forum Literary Society '23' l GLEN FRANK BAKER A Hi-Y '23 Football Manager '24 Hi-Y '24 ' orum iterary Societ '22 A F L y I l . ,, ..,o-n., ,. f'1I,,t5lf9.?!1,. E. R19 f Thirty E-fvo I ,.., U-as A Y. V T A Z. Ll K ,X ssfxesseesrefx Q3 X'-See , gfifvsta fro' I H NYT Egg.. "Nj K if' " It X'...I II L . II I ' I I' It I I I I I I , ' I I . I j. PATRICK WHITTINGTON I I Football '20g 'ZII '22: '23 I I Track '20 Baseball '20: '2I II N. M. Ivl. I. '20 I I Forum Literary Society '22 I FRANCES ANNABEL ALLEN I Orchestra '20g '2Ig '22 I I Annual Staff '23: '24 I I Choral '225 Tennis 'ZI I Y. W. C. A. '2I I Student Council '22 I I ELI CURTIS I Football '223 '23 I Baseball '22: '233 '24 I I Presiclent Sophomore Class '22 I Senior Vice President '24 I IDELMA CONOLEY I Campfire Girls '2l 'I Pollyanna Club '22 I Spanish Club '23: '24 1 I FRANK HIGINBOTHAM I Hi-Y' 23: '24 , Forum '23 Athletic Editor '24 .N I I h, CHARITY LEE JONES . U I I I I I I - I ' ' I I La Jlzvosal L 1924 Ia - Y YThirt?-'1'l1ree f-. : ...44 ELIZABETH DAILY Chorus '2.lg '22 Choral- 'ZZQ '23 Y. W. C. A. '2l Science Club '2l Spanish Club '2l ZELA Bouas Choral 'zlg '23: '24 Chorus '2l: '22 Campfire Girls '21 V1v1AN BRADY Melrose, New Mexico Dramatic '23 f- :4 q -rnmyeraaa' 'Hi' if' A L 'ie "ref Fe.-Y, 4 AWA., i A HI TORY OF THE CLASS GF '24 . I I E. THE CLASS of '24 began to live on a September morning in l92U. In a bliss- i' ly' ful state of embounded ignorance, we entered high school. We were ufishh and A we were proud of it. I am not acquainted with feminine methods of hazing but I ca" remember quite distinctly the reception that was given the boys of our class. According to the inconsistency of human nature our greatest desire was to become Sophomores and take our vengeance on the incoming class ofinnoqent Freshmen. 0n the whole our lives as first year students were full of mystifications and trials. We were the butt of all jokes. We were looked down upon and spurned by the disdainful upperclassmen. We did not care. I do not remember whether their insults tif a Freshman can be insultedl passed over our heads because we overlooked the opinions of others with stoical indn ference. or because we were too "dumb" to appreciate and comprehend their far from flattering remarks. Our party was a failurerfrom the viewpoint of the Sophomores since they did not succeed in breaking it up. ' As Sophomores we settled down to work f?l. We had become accustomed to high school life. He became indignant, when a strange Senior intimated that we were Freshmen. It seems as if the Sophomore' year is more contented and therefore less am- bitious than the rest. Sophomores have a faint desire to become Juniors but it is not so predominating as theirsatisfaction at reaching a calm after the storm of their Freshman days. In our Junior year we -dared to hope that some day we might become Seniors. To us, the only worth while thing th.e world was being able to look down on all the lower classes in school. It was during this year that the most notable occurrence of our career happened. At just that -period, shortly after the midterm examination. when a student realizes that he has finished only half of the year's toil, we were given a new interest in our work by entering the new high schoolfibuilding. The pleasant transition from the old school, made uninteresting by our familiarity with its everv detail. to the bright, new building. gave us 2 new degree of pride in our classes. I think one of the most enjoyable features was found in the movable chairs. There is a sense of deligft in being able t.o.unbe,nd one's knees from the uncomfortable angle of ninety degrees without painfully encountering a 'rshin breaker." , Wl1en at last we became Seniors, we did not feel as we had anticipated. We were not transportedinidelight at being the salt ofthe earth. It is true we enioyed snubbing the .Freshmen and sophomores. We also were pleased modestly to admit we were Seniors whenever an opportunity offered. Now that we have reached the goal of our highestuazmbitiqn-we are 'beginning to realize that there -are greater things to be done and higher ideals' to attaih. It inust be so t.hroughout lifes Whatever' peaks of success Q we may climb there is always a higherone for. us to, conquer.- "r For three iears we have had Windy Nlchlaus for pres1dent+the best president g,! X. any class couldwghave. - '.Weg have had the best time that any class could have. We 5 have learned'tas'inuch-,asyatrygclass couldf sAnd.,,we all agree that we are the best class g! QI that CVPIL frarneglwits diplomas. ' ,g M s- sb, . GEORGE RAY wi ' c vT'l'- 1. 5' ' 'l - s - I ll .1 ' , . ' X L i "ive-N -st' -in , fig' A il tl ll E ' ' ff: li L ie A-ses' ' fi - 'ee' T if 'he e left-,gn ...... ,ge . 111.1 1: 'Yr -.W -A .-,1 --..Q i If-fa--, z ,nutty Five 5 .ff r , 4, , V L L I X r 1 1 1 , 1 I 4 4 , 3 2 ' a I, 9 - U g l E ' af-MJ! QIN-vw-. i 1 ff uh' 'U f Ns 1 5 ima-n.-1AQL2j6Lw,,,,, 2 TTC?-f!1W?mf.zfgQ'B2g 2 ,55'Ji, 'kwin '34-ing? 'Q-.f.f"'f..e,-55 Z2':x::if'ff' r W 0 3 La Af:-osa, Q, - , , jI li '1 fi'-"EX ' M -3 ,Y . x A 5 X - , ., r fy , , " T, vi ff- ,, -,uf 44' ' ' ,Y,.-,Q,V- ,...,-, ,,,- .QXAK ,N 1, , ,. It Qjyxzvvlzll , X 1 I gtxy 15' J XX S-ni' i 5 0 -45-H ll.. fQ A 4 -x 1 '. , j,, in 1. " Y . ' 1' ,f-.el ' If :fa-ini v 5 'CF' L igsgssb x K? Sffif wg Q G F I ?,,. : .jki-In ? TQ 5 5 4 1 N 0 0 'N F J UNI ORS ,Af ""' ""' J, 1 fa .fm-asa '1904 A-1 v V 'I lirly ,l ,, w T l H1 L.-i-,m.L qu .fx Q I 13.13 Thiiw-Eight "iff '-"--V '-----!+-'-- -----A -- --. hr --.- 1' J i it 1 T "" 77 r'-Lfdiv-TL-wf4 iff 'il lr. E, Gi lt, .lik lil yi it ft ll lm it ,T ,,,, ENA SCHAEFER gf Chorus '2Ig '223 '23g '24 T Orchestrag Choral '23g '24 . Ef Rim-:ARD NliJNN W Forumg Hi-Y '23 Y Q i Crlee Club '22 HAZEL BARTON , Y. W. C. A. '21 T lg Eulalian '24 N 3 lVlAURINE TILLMAN K Pierce City, Missouri I r FRANCIS WAYNE SMITH Chorus '2l: '2Zg '23g '24 ' Literary Club '23 Physical Culture '23g '24 GEORGE WADDILL Orchestra: Hi-Y: Glee 'Club '23: '24 V ERNESTINE SMITH ,, 1 Vice President Classy Declama- 1 I tion Contest '2l: '22 l1 1 C. W. A.: Student Council '23 5 l JUNE KOLLAER Chorus '2lg '22q '23 Orchestra '23 I T IRWELL E. Cox X Chorus '24 ' li F CLARA HARMON Q l RUBY STREET l fs i KATHRYN McGmzcoR l' A Chorus '22 lg l I if if in 1, Pl 21 lf l' la ll 5 fl - 3 : l 3 in us ssss T I 924 ' H l . 'G,'s1:. ,xgg . I , K AIAMES SELLARS ' Football '2I: '22g '23 Forum '23'g Frlo '23 Glee Club '22 3 - ,MMLL 'LQNAS - Q. .S Baslgeigball '24 MYRTLE 'CAUT ' ff-A' ., -1' ,- LEOTA M,e,QE.'MuL1-uns LH f 'Zig '22q '23 , Ara 2' Eulalian '23g '24 .-Xcxrnfx ANDRE Covington, Oklahoma, '2Ig '23 Chorusg Choral '24 l CAROL C-Rscc Glee Club '23g '24 Hi-Y '24 ELLEN BAILEY DIXON Dramatic: Eulalian Club: Cho- rus: Declamalion P,xLfL STANLEY ' Forum: Ctlee Club '2l: '22g '23 HifY '23 GL.ADYS MARY Gnoss 1 Chorus '2l Eulalians '23 Clothing Contest '23 Sakxr-1 BELL BENNEIT l MYRA LLOYD f L Home Economics Club '23g '24 1 l .5 5 VLNNA Hou' S ' 1 1 1 1 . " -v 1 ! . . - I 2 ' ' f ,: , i 2 . Il fr ' I . 3 lil ill E t AQ -o'rfLQ:3fs-,L ,L.LL, otut L Thirty-Nine ll -'W N' itigfiwf 'iiffi nu, Qgijr 'fi-i to-Jgf' f- iz 'x ,LY TN .l.Ci'.+:L1,f-I Cl'rx- E Y all-.,.,,'i.l"'1 fl? 'JXL A f .iw-V X l l U 1 l l 5' 3 at gi ll E l i Q A! E li l i is l l +A i I 1 2 1 1 l X f QEXQEQAQ. s ' :JCR ,.,,5, f .-'q,..-,J"E.-2:5 ,ii in i A 4 ' ----7 W N.. l VlRGlNlA GR1c.c.s Temple High School Choral Club '24 POWELL Comss Hi-Y: Glee Club '24 Annual Staff '24 B. l-l. S., Atlanta, Ga., Zla 22 - NANCY TEEL Sec.-Treas., '22g '23 Chorus '22g '23 junior Editor '24 MARY WARE NOBLES Vice President Class '2 4 THELMA BARNES KIRBY WALLS Track '22: '23 Football '23 Hi-Y '24 RUTH BENNETT Chorus 'Zl ' Basketball '22g '23 MARY Anms CAMPBELL Orchestra '23g Choral '24 HELEN JEWYL BALLARD Spanish Club '24 Chickasha, Oklahoma, '23 DATIE RUTH FARLEY Basketball MARY JANE SHORT Y. W. C. A.: Dramatic Club: Spanish Club lVlARY EDITH HOPKINS Dramatic Club '23 Eulalian Society '24 La .Aiboia 2 1924 E Forty :- . C X- -- . . af- .. at . . x. -I'N. '- A jxxwoy --R,-X-r,,'a:, -.V , J ' is ,Q p....',. " N S if X '- +- -Q z.. -ya W E J l - -- Q59 f - b S' v Nw v-,W , W.. - K i xi ee R ri fi l i K f. 1 1 v i l DAN THOMSEN i Forum '2lg Hi-Y '23 Secy. Hi-Y '24 Annual Staff '24 ' ' 1 Lucu.LE DAVIS gl Vice President Eulalian Lilc'arv 'Z Society '23g '24 lv CHARLES A. GREEN 1 Philo '2Ig Clee Club '22g 1 Hi-Yg Asst. Bus. Mgr. '23g Bus. Mgr. '24g Treas, Hi-Y '24 i 1 gi .3 LouiSE WoRRELL 1' chorus 'ZIg Choral '22 Orchestra '23 1 ETTALAE QUISENBERRY Q Bowie High School ,j Choral Club '23g '24 TEEL CURTIS W Philomathean '22: Forum '23 Forum: Hi-Y '23g '24 Fresh. Soph. President. il HAZEL EVANCELINE WINEINGER Freshman Editor '2lg '22 i J ELIZABETH DoDSoN Dramatic: Home Economic '22: '23g '24 CCRLEEN MCCUISTIAN X Choral '23g Eulalian '22: '23 RUTH HOLMAN WILLIE MAE DYER V NELLIE LASETER i. X, 1: ll N in H U i La .H i rosa 1924 M M Forty-One 5 I 1 Forty 1 Mala, ,, ROBERT JAMISON GEORGE MCLELLAN Forum '20g '22g '23 Hi-YQ Glee Club '23 Basketball '2l: '22g '23 DOROTHY BAKER EDWINA HARRIS ELIZABETH CHANDLER BIILCE ASHCRAFT Giee Club '2lg '22 Philos '22g '23 Orcbeslrag Hi-YQ Glee Club '23: '24 DIXIE RIDING RAI' REEDER Football 'Z2g '23 Forum '23 Fm' HARRIS FLCRENCE MOCRE Dramatic: Choralg Spanish Clubs MARY ALMA PHILLIPS Fort Sumner, New Mexico Tennis '23 Basketball '22g '23g '24 EI.IzABE'rII BLACKBURN Home Economics Club '23g '24 ,....h...Q:-xr Y-,-A N EEE, A-EWWN-MWAM1 wwf' aaa' -Jia fr 'JA-' I , rr 39:22 f ' -Two g,...k3i --Jake' MOLLIE MULKINS Orcbeslra '22: '23 DCROTHY SMITH Chorus: Choral '24 Orclueslra '24 ELIZABETH PAv1LLARD Home Economics Club '23'g '24 EERNICE MARTIN RCBERT STRAIJER Glee Club 'ZZQ '23 Fcsrzzsr GRUNER Hi-Y '23: '24 CCOPI-:R Daw:-LY Hi-Y '23q '2-49 Glee Club WILLMM K. ATKINSON Owensboo, Ky., '21 Treas. Rostum Debating Club LCRENA BAKER MARY MCNEW Spanish Club '24 ELDON PITMAN DCRTHEA M. HAND Forts'-Th ree HM4,-' ,.vie -6- ,!. .,, 4, Hu. ,, 1... i V r -. yn W . ,' , 1 r 5 vw N f 17 ,, ,AA I W , ,,,, in I f 1 H! nl Ut FN LLIHAA' . ,A " M!! 'U I ' , .. 4 I ..+n, 1 'YV 'rffj ' ,jf 3' " ul il A ll In A I',r4 rw n'x A f" 'rv 'iv 'lf' Il' w2 , , 'Ax ,., , f V .- .- f':Q-- if ,L 'I Q I. X Q "- L , , I, V--J-70 -cfm: ,., - f ., -V if Y , - I - 4 f L I ,.,. KM, I . .., I I ,, ,L V ,M ,LL,..- - x,...........,.X --:Me L' I L: Q--:ff 1 I . - - I -1 -- 4" ,diff NW- , ffl' 4 fi, .i fIi1'i--"1 " L. A-Si. f' I I. l ll I I J EIzNI:s-IINI: WILLIAMS Chorus '2l 1 '22: '23 I Declamation l AUBREY LEMONS 'l Glee Clubg Forum '22 " Philo '2l DEAN WALLING Pomona. California, High Glee Club '23g '24 ERCEL BLACIQBURN Baseball: Hi-Y '22g '23 Forum: Clee Club '23g '24 MARGARET ALENIUS Boa BI1owNE Orchestra '21 Forum: Glee Club '22g '23 Hi-Y '23 OPAL PICKENS CIIARLES MCAFEE Forumg Glee Club '24 , DAVID MEAD Forum '2lg '22g '23' , Hi-Y '23: '24 PAUL K. LEFFORGE Hi-Y '24 1 -ICHNNIE LANDIS Secy. Eulalians '23 Clxorusg Clxoral '24 Dramatic Club '23 'I lVlzRvIN FORD II ll 5 R ll L , I l ' a Y I 1' 2 'gCQ'.H'iz-oscz 1924 Fort:-Four 'jw.:3,g- :MA sl: , Hg! wg, """' R"hY'N 'i5:'55f5'-A' -P' ' ' I I 5 l,,. he T T V-'..'Q,i, .11 -- V, M . ' ,L F A 1 i I i, 1, 13 I- 3 lVlARvl1w TWADDELL Q Q Hi-Y '24 Q Ari Editor Annual '24 '1 1' 1 !N, 3 GERALD PIUFF Forum: Tennis '24 1 Sec. Philo. '23 ? RUTH BUTT il , j BILL L1-:MoNs Q Orchestra '2Ig Band '22 T 1 4 CLARA Whoo Q HAROLD 'I-AYLOR 1 Philo '2Ig '22 5. Q Hi-Y '23g '24 5 A 3 IG T gr 5 I IVIILBLRN EASUM 1 Orchestra '22 It Hi-Y Clubg Tennis '233 '24 F il CARNEN CALLAHAN Bushland High School 1 X ELDON Lawns F A S 3 5 La .f1z,z'osa T 4 I .L I Forty-Five Taryn- SW, - 4 - . 14-'W " ' ' : .Yi ' .r.v'.1i .apr X .4 . . LV Bring. ug-'Ai,4,a - H.-'1 1. . 1 f ,... 'V --' - -- -7, , naw, K V i Y . ,Z L-Ilbltl X 'cis -- 1- ' T.. .,.. , . y JU IOR CLASS HISTORY E MOUNTED our camels, and our caravan started across the Desert of Learning. three years ago. The road was tiresome and long, but the inspiration of Wisdom was strong. Our Arab guides, Teel Curtis and Ernestine Smith, were patient, and few perished in the crusade against Ignorance. The storms were treacherous, but somehow later, the sun always shone, and the wind was abated. ' After struggling along, the road seemed to become better, and by the second year of our journey we were able to combat with the opposing forces more success- fully. Even though we felt quite insignificant, .others heard of us through the Dec- lamation Contest when one of our members won first place. 1 li We had been guided so safely through the first fourth of our journey that the same guide was chosen to lead us through the second part. New enemies arose, but by the hardships that had gone before, we were strengthened enough to overcome them. Our foot-ball boys fought valiantly against robber bands and we heard that we had gained the recognition of the outside world. The girls of the home economics classes were not in the back-ground, for several prizes were awarded them for their skilled work- worlcmanship when delegates were sent to Fort Worth to the annual convention. After receiving these honors we were all quite proud: however we realized that since we had gone this far so well, we must strive to finish the remainder of our journey as victors. Kirby Walls was chosen as our leader, and we took up the third part of our travel unflinchingly, although we knew the perils that awaited. Again the talent and ability of one of our classmates showed themselves and John l..oser's essay o nthe constitution won first place. Our travel over this road will soon be over. Vife are not ashamed of our record, but we are striving to raise each day's labor to a higher level. As we near the end of the third part of our journey we see dimly in the future the rewards of labor, and the Oasis of Accomplishment. - , -Errnestine E. Smith. I : 1, , - . - f. . .. .. f . 1 --v - 14-'nf -: ie' :rf-' : -' 1 1.-:L - .W e "ni-VTr'.2:EJ ' -:Q-. r -e -. . 1-ff r sl T -l-.-,-.,,s.sQ.g.eg1f.fQ5a2Q.,,'4, f ...L Fortv Six 9 QNX 3 W l--J f-KF ini.. 5? 'f " -wr s ,' f. 14' N, 'V xkl A --ks f 7' 'Y ff ,, . nz J. gy x 'X' ,X ' , Q- x . N X ' V . UQ f xiii L- x,.f If , X A N ' fi 1 . j if -, Yr mf. f 7.115 1 5 ' SO PHOMORE 1' OTYYASCVCII l ll Jw g ............ ,.,-1....-.1.- '- 1 -..-' f- ' f- '73 ...Q c 'V . , P ,Title .Y 1,5 going .N V nj, -15 gi V73 ?S'jfll?l,g-ggtitjyqqsg-a3dCJX,.xx. " '13, ' -e -' ' . 411. . f fix 'if' ' M , -. f ' ., ,,--,.,.-gc, ..,..,., -,S . , H, ,, ,,,, , ,e ,c,,,,.,,,-..,,.,- V-,....-.r....s. -- ,BENQ If 2 A N Q-We wry, OPHO GRE HISTORY IN l922 all High School groaned deeply at the advent of another school of fish. ln all Amarillo High School History, there was probably never so raw a 'bunch of fresh- man flooding the institution. The witty sophs decided to pound a bit of knowledge into the heads of the younger generation. and as a consequence the poor little freshies underwent every form of torture from sneers to lashings. They resolv-ed to assert their independence. and held a meeting, the result of which was the election of Earl Saddoris for class president and a new- determination to brave all dangers, and to ascend to the elevation of Sophomore. Somehow the freshmen squirmed thru the exams, both midterm and final, and gloried in the new importance of being called Sophs. Then in '23 they again entered the lnstituuon of Learning. The teachers quickly became enthusiastic over their brilliance, and truly, these sophs exceeded all previous second year scholars. While as freshmen they had been coached and protected by Mrs. Atwood, Mrs. Brint and Miss Av-ent, they now were led by Miss Virgin, Miss Wesley and Mrs. Brint. These pupils had now learned the Art of Bluff. and usually got thrue exams. At any rate they're still here Next year they will be Jolly uniors and expect to keep up their good work of the past as well as furnish fun for the school We re not saying what we ll do as Seniors but we re willing to bet that when we do attain that height, everybody will know it Aileen Lively -M .-,,.-m...,-fg?c.2f?L!.'Q5a. ,,.....,.. .192.,..... Forty-Eight . . . . .-.1-.... . ' Qsgefiefe' L QQ t " Saw f'fflQlQ,fffi"i MK- 'ST'ix"s.'Yx- -'N es" W, ,L QC? i L, K CLASS ROLL -l l ., . R. L. Allston Frank Little Mildred Aldredge Burma Lee 1 William Atkinson ,l0l1Il l.-Oiel' Fern AIKlel'S0D Mary Frances Letsinger 1l 1 Waller Bailey Edward Martin Ruth Ansley Aileen Lively ll 1 Ellsworth Baird Eugene Martin Ruth Anthony Ruby Marlin I Meredith Baker Claude Mayes Louise Anthony Leora May l ' Nlelvin Benesch Paul lVleaCl0l' Geflftlde Armor Susie Mae Meador Harry Bivins ll-lerbert Miller Maxine Babb Clara lrene Meador l Ercel Blackburn james Montgomery Zafla Baldwin Rufina Meed 1 Damon Blake Carroll Moody Claudia Bailey Hazel Moody Russell Bowles joe Moore Thelma Barnes Gladys Moore Joe Boyer Carroll Morgan Ruth Bell Carleen McCuistion ' Glenn Brooks Charles McAfee lean Bisbee lane McCullough 1 Lewis Bullard lim McDonald Nelen Blanton Marjorie McGuire G. VV. Busch Clarence McPherson Ruth Brady Martha McNew V I Robert Cabell Bob McQueen Ruby Bryan lola McPherson l l Frank Carter Ted Nicklaus Ella Mae Bridges Louise Neal l Paul Chaney Marvin Nicolson G1'aCe Bmwhihg Gaynelle Nicolson l john Coble Merle Nicolson Loraine Baldwin Alma Netherton Jonathan Collier Morris Northcutt Pearl Burns xWilota Oden Cl-,al-leg, Conner James Oakes Lela Mae Caldwell Aubrey O'Farrall jakie Cooper William Q'Brien Grace Carter Elaine O'Ferrall john Crews Henry O'Leary Wanda Cates Margaret Park Thomas Crutchfield Lud Parker l-lllle Claflfe Lucy Will Parks james Curtis R. B. Parkinson Katherine C0ble Frances Patterson Frederick Daniel Donald Phipps Ona Vee Conway ,lessie Paxton 1 john Daniel Lonnie Pickens lewell Louise Cook Juanita Posey , Howard Dees Loyall Pitt ,ll-'nnlln COUPE' Jeanette Reece l Joe Dilday Robert Potter Mafy Ailene Cfuflgingt Alma Roach .loe Durham Ernest Poling Kalllellne Crump Sarah Robertson Reginald Dwight ,lack Roberts Frances Davis Lucille R'oberts Marvin Erhardt Ray Reeder E-Tm? Day Frances Rush 1 Felix Emmett Tass R'eeder Claflee Dickson Ethel Russell I Aubrey Fairy Ed Richards Mary Dodson Margie Sellars Gerald Fly Fred Richards Merle Dl-lnCan Margaret Short Mervin Ford John Ridings Wlnnle Mae D'-lnCan Hattie Shean Richard Ford Louis Ridings Mtfflle Edwards Frances Singleton Victor Formby -lack Roberts Wllma Ellis Mamie Simpson N George Garwood Kenyon Rockwell D0l'0lllV Erwin Wilda Smith 1 Blythe Gentry Merrell Rodgers Flora Louise Exum Mildred Solomon 1 Shelton Gibbons Homer Rowntree Cllallelle Floyd Velma Sparks l Xvillard Gill Thomas Seay Johnnie Lou Floyd Virgie'Spillers l john Gilliam Fredrick seeweld Gladys Fowler Mary Stone Go,-don Green Marvin Skipwhh Thelma Garwood Florence Striclclin l Nelson Grimes ll. M. Simpson Lulle l-lume Glles D0f0lnY Taylor tl Tim Gristy Charles Smith -l0SePl"ne. Glsl Odessa Thompson 1 llames Gwynn Donald Spann Belly Gflggs Martha Thomsen 1 Pallos Hart Arlie Speer Loulse Hamilton Agnes Timmons Hollis Harris Urlin Strue Pauline Hammond lessie Tomlinson Vl Harry Hayden l. W. Timmons Pqllly Hnlfls Margaret Travis " Allen Healer Lloyd Townes Nma Hlll Helen Tuell l Lewis Higinbotham Donald Trolinger Helen Holman Christine Vaughn Ernie Holman James Utterback Ruby Hutchinson Ethel Walker ll Donald Honey Lloyd Variee lfuln B- l'lU5l!Y Maurine Wallingford l Vernon Hoyal R. Verplank l05ePnlne lngram Rebecca Ware 1 Gerald Huff Rex Walling Leia Jbhnson Mildred Webb 1 Melia ICRC! Kirby Walls Calmena Johnson Marbelle Westfall l Roy Kerr Alward White Edlln Joslin Rov Williams l Paul KHUPP Shelby Willis ' l-0lS King Mildred Worford Stover Krug ,loe Wilson Katherine Kirkman Lottie Wright Clifford Lane Rector Wimberley lnez Kline Lois Young 1 Stanley Lehman Roy Young Thelma Klock y Bef? l-CV? Frank Yoal-:um Virginia Krug ' l l l, 1 La .Hzrosa 1924 If L' ty-Nin C W. ,,.- ,., .,., ,,,,,,, , Y ,J V L 1 1 1 1 11 51 '1 1, 1 M1 11 11 fl 1 1 1 '11 .11 fl 31 1 ,1 11 li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 ,1 1 1 ' f ' ffl' ,Ai j ,T 1 fs, ,ii'i7T'fLL-. Qin. "L'f:""' qi: 71:-,l ' ,KL--.74-ml-. .,,., , , L QS . 141' 111 1 '- . 1. 6 ' -1- 1..+..sia!, - , . . ,. . ,V - - - 'ff-M'1A -f -- --'W--N5 -ff'-Y, 1 11 1 "1 -1 A7 77 F10 ,qi '1 ' N'-, '11 f- V, 1 fr. ,M-ffffvf' f ,.1 ve-.rg 1 1 11 1, ll '1 '1l T1 111 V' 11 1 11 11 1 li 11 If 11 1' 1.1 1 '1 'N '11 lg 11 ' 1 Fl if '1 ' 11 11 1 1 11 1 11 11 ll 11 1 '1 1 11 11 1 11 1 11 11 11 if V1 51 1' 111 11 11 1 '1 11 11 "1 121 1 l 1 31 11 118 I 1, , 1 11 11 1 1 11 ,ii 171 1 1 'u 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 'J 1 11 1 1 1 J! 'P lg 11 '1 11 1 lf 11 7 .51 .11 11 1' 1 J 1' 11 121 11 31 Fifty Tx. Y.,, -75 JLEQE, ,,,,,v,,WiJQ1 Y V fo' X wr 'KX'- XR XX. , 5 ,A '9 5-95':.. 'Y N x g- N , L - HI" "' Q w ,z Q55 X N-' 'I' we E . I fu. ,I Q- I , - , wyt vm 'FY i ' , QL!" f 1, Y i -R f" .f C' :Q -U 24l.--Lf,.- Qi '1.- -J W5 gg, 1 X NVQ FRESHFIEN Ffty 0 lf Q f' sf. "-" i f:4-.a3a..::-1... -,gf-Ny x, , , 4 ri 2 ri ' l rl f l l, e Fl 5 ,gr TP J .I gl ll rr . I l li il 2 l ll l I " 1 l re 1 f, 1 , l G Q r l f l 2 E ia 'Ti tl r 1--N' ff "r 1 'ik r V- ,Q 1' .,.i..,. .rgbikvggqxh AAC -.N 04, K mr'C.1gip,,.?,f,5:g-53ec-- .x S---1. .lv-5. YQ, Y, Qs- Se -rr 'M 2- r+-, . fff-2+ -fa.--as-ff.A, V V W- .A- A . . - , ' .1 : - H ?Ti?i:EiE'3:E-i'5".g.L.'f+'s+?.-95 , J F RESHIVIAN CLASS HISTORY The Freshman Class of this year started out as "first grad-ers" in l9l6. Since then most of the members of the class have remained together. ln the grammar grades we were the pride ancl joy of our teachers, although most of us became entang'ecl in many and various scrapes we usually came out on top. Don't think we are not stucliousg many of the good grades made in A. l-l. S. are made by members of the Freshman Class. We were guided through the first year of our High School course 'by Albert Boyce: presidentg Elizabeth Mathis, Vice-president: and Olivia Mitchell, secretary. Vlfhen we graduate in l928 there will be weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth. The Faculty will say through its tears. "The best class we've ever had in old A. H. S. What on earth will we do without 'em?" . -Elizabeth Meyer. Wf Ca .Air-osa 1924, G FE"-Tw s-as 'Q 'f'f"'f.n,' B :T-9:-l se-we X " -1 35' ff iw -Y fi - ,,, .fit-FA.. BB XM Luigi 1 ix Xffngfr .X , , ,fl .sf xx.. B H- B B 'Moyenne is e 'L .-- it Joe Bailey Obert Baldwin J, R. Bankston VValter Barlow Frank Barton Carter Bassett Harold Ilettersworth Ruffin Baird Earl Bishop l-Iershal Boone Frank Barton Albert Boyce Earl Boylcs Harry llrasher Mark Brasher Fi-lney Bridgeman Slurray llritt Jack Brown Milton Brown Dillard Buckingham Thomas Buntin Guss Busch Otis Callahan Harry Caldwell V, L. Cannon Tohn Chumley Foy Colley Elwood Collier Garland Collins Felton Courtney John Crane Gordon Creemer Clyde Crumfp lVayland Dwight Louis Davis Bryan Deckard George Dewey Everett Dickerson Curtis Diggs Edward Doud Leon Ellis' Andean Fairey Francis Fancher Clary Feierabend Bill Flenniken Dick Fly Samuel Ford Richard Ford Horace Fowler Noble Fowlkes less Franks f James Gast Skeet Gibson lVarren Gilbert Jimmy Golding Durwood Gordon James Gordon Paul Gore RL C. Green Tack Gressett ' Jack Griggs lVinston Grogan Stanley Hagan Hatton Hall XVoodson Harris George Hardy Russell Harty Robert Hayne Frank Henderson Robert Hooks . A T. Hoover Pelham Hopkins Keith Horton CLASS ROLL Ernest Horn Robert Houck Charles Hudgins Oscar Jacobson Allen Joiner Gomer Jones Jewell Jones n Seth XVard Joplin Frank Jordan NVillia.m Jewett Charles Kendricks Roy Kuykendall Donald Ladehoff Clyde Lankford Ross Larsen James Lichlyter Harold Long Edward Matthews NVilton Matthews Yernon Meek Lyman Molyneaux William Moore Lane McAfee Marion McClure XVilmer McDaniel XYesley McDonald Carl McDowell Roy McGee Jack McLod Murrell Neely T. J. Norton Nunn Gilmore John Nutting lYillia.m Peake Edward Pearce XVilliam Perdue Thomas Pitt Erle Pitts Lex Ray Frank Redder Buford Reid Lloyd Robertson Earl Saddorid Arthur Siedenstrang ,lack Shaffer XValter Sipe Leo Smith Victor Smith Marvin Snelling Vi-vian Starnes Bill Stanford Rowland Stitler Tames Stockton Robert Sullivan Raymond Summers Toe Talcvich Tames Torrence Nathan Tate Paul Tipton Rodney Thorrias E. H. Tomlinson Herbert Turner Kennett Travis Leonard Tate Harold Tumer Paul Van Bibber Ross Vemon Alfred Vetesk VValter VVarren Herbert Watson Norris Weaver Eugene White Kinzer Willis Clell VVilson Lyman Wright NValton Zinn Virginia Agors' Geraldine Albright Della Pearl Allard filary Louise Askew Marian Atkins lVanda Baker Leona Baiv Ethel Bonnett Anna Let Blackburn Juanita Blackwell Inez Bockman Maydelle Boone Gertrude Bowen Ruth Bridenstine Tennie Broach Lenora Bruce Margaret Bruce Sybil Buckingham Mabel Frances Busch Edith Babb Mildred Cain Mattie Caver Marion Caviness Ernestine Coe Florence Conner Zuma Vance Cotten Kathleen Crawford Louise Ciawfbrd Juanita Davis Ophelia Dever Mildred Dobbins Catherine Dohoney Helen Duke Linnie Durham Dorothy Mae Elliott Mildrerl Frances Flynn Fay Foote Lucille Fowlkes Pauline Fox Elizabeth Garner Zella Garretson Floy Gibbs Jessie Gilbraith Eleanor Gist Oma Glenn Mary Goddard Dora Giles Katherine Gordon-Gummings Nina Grabener Patricia Graham Etheline Green Fay Griffith loanette Griggs Lile Guest Mary Gatl-fright Maxine Halbert Mary Hall Ira Haynie Ruby Harper VVinnie Hart Estelle Hayden Haley Hedgecock Evelyn Holman Thelma Hickman Pauline Horn Lula B. Husky Beulah Huff Dorothy Hutchinson Mary Ingram Audrey Tones Eunice Kendall Ola Mae Kennedy Edna Kent Aleyone King Edna Kolb, Geraldine Ixretchrnar Ida Lee Landers Mildred Largent Mae Frances Latta Ruth Lofforge Vivian Lewis. Etoile Lumpkin Alma Lynas Viola Malone Louise Mardis Ruth Mashburn Elizabeth Mathis Nellie McCarty Elizabeth May Sybil Milford lona Miller Olivia Mitchell XV1ldo Mitchell Lncv Montgomery Iilizabetli Iiloore Lula Moore v Annabelle Morris -.uciile Murphy El'1:n Mclifte I Xlary llclformuhs Eilitli McCubbins Ruth McGee Dais-.' Nash Elizabeth Neely T-lelinda Nugent Velma O'Brien Helen Parr Edith Phillips Fanny Phipps Dicie Pickens Lucille Pipkin Kathryn Pittman Luriie Potter Frances Powell Viiian Powell Lois Ridings Marion Roberts ! Mary Frances Roberts Flora Ross Carroll Rule Christine Russell Elma Sanders Opal Sehufeldt Leno Silverman Dorothy Smith Mary Smith Maxine Smith Nola' Smith Katherine Stidger Virgmia Stinson Florence Sullivan Juanita Tharp Lillian Thompson Mary IE- Thornton Ina Till Elizabeth Toll: Fern l'olleSon Verna iVade Blanche Walker l.ida Vllalker Grace Watson Viola. lVare Evelyn XVilev Doris Wilkinson Gretta Lee Willis Nell Wilson VVinona lVorford Grace Voakurn Ruth VVhite Viola West 3 S ii ,Ca Jlirosa 19241 Fifty-Three HM4,-' ,.vie -6- ,!. .,, 4, Hu. ,, 1... i V r -. yn W . ,' , 1 r 5 vw N f 17 ,, ,AA I W , ,,,, in I f 1 H! nl Ut FN LLIHAA' . ,A " M!! 'U I ' , .. 4 I ..+n, 1 'YV 'rffj ' ,jf 3' " ul il A ll In A I',r4 rw n'x A f" 'rv 'iv 'lf' fl 5K vf V 1' r?l - 1:2 ' V ll' , V. K Y K ...,:. il.: I ,V ,, 14: A H ,E A F 1 v 1 ' - 4,,,i,,,Q,,.g'f 54,--j qw-A .pf134,Y Q ..' 15. - -W - 1 -W -0- , ,':"'2 V 'N'-'Xl'-' T4xS.'T'w.a."'3 f ,Ev 'wg' . p , ' i ' cl 1 ty 9 ls! 4 P51 f '75 ff W , S , , 1 , , :N NX: X ,4 ,4 ,, af , fi: 5 I li gy . if 4 ' 7 w l i 1 E s i H .L-,pf -,- ,I ., Sf- - -1 -if ' "W WZ: L gg' iiffiwx, ff LL! Ji,41'QAS Q, A 1 , A1934 s YF ? Y u al A I 1 , w I I 1 v ii ,H + v l 1 Q i 5 . ? 1 9 ' 3 5 ke Fifty-Four i 3 WR CLUE5 -'Q W 1 F1 -:eyx.L...n...,,,, 1, .fml ,Qs ', -,:' r w "gig i u I I 4 I 1 , l I I P 1 i Y , .1 ,A-. .Y--V-V--Y . ,,-.. ,-.- ,,,,......,:, -- - Fifr Y V 8 -Five I 11 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 L..,,1,1 4 v 1 ...,....-..,.... .,......z.,.n... ...... . .AWE wwf V ,q A U t-, -,hid-,rea-3-ga 1 1 L...- A X J. X 1--1 ,Rr ..... A'Z3fQSEl 1924 1 RgMMMmQQ51 f'H""'1'i11 5,114 ij 1 12 : Q, 1 1 L if 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 'i 1 1 - 1 1 1 L F, 1 1 1 . Y .....m:iQIl, H11 " '1 1 dai' ,fe 11 1 ,vgl 1 J-1 'Ll nd 11 ,, 1 W 11 1 1 1 s4ff- 1 1 1 1 1 11 T11 1 1 11 ' 1 ',Qi 1 Fifty-Six .,.,..i..1.t.-. "-",sgg'.4..e,41.1-wasi"ig ,iffy -Y , 'VF-.-fF J ' - XIII, t"'- 'L 'bfi' -en- "U HI-Y CLUB HE Hi-Y Cub began this year with thirty-two members desiring to continue the work of the organization. At present we have seventy-eight boys enrolled. With the exception of twelve Sophomores, the club is composed of boys from the two upper classes. The Sophomores were talcen in during the second semester in order to form a larger nucleus for next year. The boys of the club aided materially in uputting over" the Northwest Texas Older Boy's Conference in Amarillo Nov, 30-Dec. Z. There were l09 local boys registered through the efforts of individual members of the club. More Amarillo boys registered at the conference this year than Dallas boys registered at the State Confer- ence in Dallas last year. Of the thirty-two entrants into the High School Declamation Contest, thirty were Hi-Y boys. Six of these are now scheduled to go into the semi-finals to represent the school. We fully expect a Hi-Y Boy to represent the sclool in the District Meet. The Club has revived the weekly high school publication, "The Cap Rock", after a lapse of almost four years. At present the Club furnishes all the Staff since it is now financing the paper. The oath of th-e Club is: "Upon my honor l do so solemnly swear that l will do my best to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high stand- ards of Christian living." The officers of the Club for this year are: EUGENE JORDAN - - - - President HOYT BOLES - Vice-President DAN THOMSEN - Secretary CHARLES GREEN - - Treasurer JAMES LUMPKIN - - Reporler FRANK HIGGINBOTHAM LYNWOOD LYLEE FLOYD GARWOOD WILLIE BENNETT - Group Leaders WINDFIELD NICKLAUS WAVE WESTLEY JACK GOLDING TEEL CURTIS RAY PARR - - - Sergeant-al-arms 3 FOUNTAIN WORKS - - Post-Master V 2 ye 2 ' 1 1 1 La Jlirosa 1924 Fifty-Seven leiftyiliight CIKHLAL ' The girls choral club has enrolled fifty-four members. They have sung on several concert programs. Contested in Musical Festival contests against neighboring town school clubs. Their most brilliant appearance was when they sang Pipes of Pan by Paul Bliss on the matinee program April 25th. during the musical festival. Together with the boys they will present the operetta, ln Old Louisiana" May 23rd. DANA THOMAS HARMON ------ Director MARY ELIZABETH LEEFORD - - President MARY BEss SATTERWHITE Secretary-Treasurer LILY MAE HACKLER - - - - Vice-President GLEE This year's glee club is the best in the history of the school. There are fifty- eight boys enrolled. They sang in concert. entertained the Parent-Teachers club and also the Rotary Club. They contest-ed in Music Festival contest assisted the girls in presenting Pipes of Pan, the Festival matinee, April 25th. And, with the girls, presented In Old Louisiana May 23rd. and sang on com- mencement program. DANA THOMAS HARMON Director HOYT BOLES - - - - President -C-Eo. WADDILL - Vice-President ALLEN HEATER - Secretary-Treasurer i-32, .,,, lil I ' ' - Fifty-Nine 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 i '1 11 1 11 11 ! 1 11 ,..i..,.i.-Q? f V M' is T- 1 y p A 1 I 1 , 1 1 1 I , 1 1 1 . pl 1 1 . 11 f - 3 1? 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 . . . 1 The Eulallan Debating SOC1Cly 1 Louise RUSSELL-Sponsor . Presidents for the year: 1 MERLE YOUNG LALLIE DoDsoN KATHERINE CURL. The Eulalian, a girl's debating and literary society, was organized in 1921 and during the past three years it has held interesting weekly meetings. The members feel that they have received some worthwhile training from their work in the club. U The Eulalians have had two enjoyable parties this year, and are planning a picnic in the near future. The club was represented by Irma Day and Hazel Barton in a debate with rep- resentatives frocm the Rostrum society before the Parent-Teacher's club at its April meeting. U La .Hivosa 19241 U Sixtv I I ivi-kilifiri . X gl-'A ,- l wi V l V 7.5 vx . 'I I . ' .1 s . '- 13" f' ini' 1 g A+ as tr . ' as A 'if ,,,,Mw.g,I if kklf- Y K Ti 'Y XA 'Y 'TWT .I The Forum Debating Society MR. MARTIN, Sponsor Q The Forum Debating Society began its work for this year on September 25. I923 with Mr. Martin as sponsor. Contrary to the usual custom, the club changed one of its regulations in regard to membership. The new regulation provided that any Junior or Senior in order to become a member of the club, had to make an extempo- raneous talk, choosing his own subject. This was only to start the training that the Forum affords on the first day the candidate enters. The officers elected for the first term. which was nine weeks, were as fo'lows: President, James Lumpkin: Vice-President, George McClellan: Secretary and Treas- urer, George Ray: Reporter. Royce Thompson. The officers elected for the second term, which was like-wise nine weeks, were as follows: President, Augustus Thomas: Vice-President, Carl Miller. The officers elected for the third term of nine weeks were as follows: President. Eugene Jordan: Vice-President. Augustus Thomas: Sec- retary and Treasurer, Edgar Britain. The officers elected for the last term were as follows: President, Sam Thomas: Vice-President, Donald Huff: Secretary and Treas- urer, James Lumpkin: Reporter, Gerald Huff. .As a result of the important work clone by the Forum in I923-1924 they were given the privilege of training and furnishing the debaters who would represent the High School at the lnterscholastic Meet at Canyon, Texas and possibly the State Meet held at Austin. Hoyt Boles and Donald Honey were chosen from the Forum to represent the High School. The Forum has held only one social activity so far this year. The event was held at the home of Charles McAfee. The residence was beautifully decorat- ed and every person attending enjoyed the social very much. A sister organization, the Eulalian Debating Society were the guests of the Forum at this activity. The Forum Debating Society has in its members' estimation gone one step further than any other year. La .Hivosa g 1924 att mi . II 1. II I I I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I, I li I I Ii II Ii I I I I V Sixty-On 6 .3 if' '." iMiii?EE?'iii4i"T?Ei? ,I 4,13 1' 2 I, .wigs Os :Nxt 'Jalan P . E Rostrum Debating Club Miss BILLIE V1RciN, Sponsor The Rostrum Debating Club was organized September 1924 for the purpose of training Freshmen and Sophomore boys in public speaking. Approximately thirty five boys enrolled as charter members. A committee was selected from this group to draw up a constitution providing in detail for officers, elec- tions, meetings, and programs. A great deal of interest is shown in the Tuesday meetings of the club as current or thought questions are debated, political and scientific subjects discussed, while the program is enlivened by jokes, readings, and musical numbers. The latent ability of these young speakers is developing rapidly. Of no small value is the annual January banquet held at the Amarillo Hotel for all club members. This gives training in toasts, after-dinner, and impromptu speeches. Guests and speakers for the nineteen twenty four banquet were Colonel E. O. Thompson, Mr. W. A. Mclntosh, and lVlr.' C, M. Rogers. The Forum had as other social events a swimming party, given as a reward for the club group having the largest percentage of attendance, and an annual picnic, at which members of the girls' debating club were guests. "A - 1 e A. m . aj5fffQfT g 19Za,A gtg I ., qixty Two 45, 'ZX ....-,-?s-,-:- r 1, g Y-A-."""Li' lfg f J ef' . 1 1 4 1 Q l l l l l I 1 I d,f' vc.-1 Qw Q - Tse- r-.1.?C, . - xrxd ESPANITA 4 h ,,,.s I 4 . ,, A-. , P! e The object of the Spanish club is to promote interest in the study of the Spanish language and to give more opportunity for speaking and hearing Spanish than the regu- lar classroom affords. Colors: Amarillo y rojo Flower: El clanel Motto: Aclelante siempre adelante President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - Critic - - Sponsors-Miss Fred Daniel Shelby Nvillis Eugene Jordan Carroll Moody W. R. Davis FUNCTIONARIOS lst. Term Carroll Moody Audrey Moody Fred Daniel Helen Holman Eugene Jordan Znd. Term Eugene Jordan Gus Thomas Frances Davis Frances Davis Miss Esther Brown es Ruth Virgin, Cora Russell, Esther Brown SOCIOS Florence Moore Aline Lively Merle Young Helen Holman Ruth l-lolman lclelma Conoley Jessie Mae Womack Zada Baldwin Wilma Richardson Mary McNew , Aisgxfi,--Y .H -.-Y--, .1 1, A ,-, Teel Curtis Frances Davis Hazel Moody Gus Thomas Esther Loving Evelyn Hood V V gi, W Y Vinidfwul - Q fl 7 ni f 'ffm' eu fr R ' s4,1-Qii- 4' filf f Ling.. ,W ff.,.::-.a.k.. - L ..- Sixty-Three ,TT ,,1,v.V,, T, vvjvw. V . .- . A '-TWH Y' 1 ,-.ple . x 1 1 , . . .s i 1 4 Q' l , J. . . r . f' , . ,I - f- . ' .f ,f,, - 'uf' ' ,..c . - ,, . , P N fr' ' V' '-i.H!.v K Ap D 41-' ll, 0 L .F-if-' u-,133-51' Vx v i ' ' - I- 7" P"'3"-V. -. .r un xl i..,l,A,:',.:,,." .'ggti' nkfiz-5'P4'5-1f4"i-,Q y X' 7 ' 4 ' "-5-'iafg--W urn? 't"f' ,q 'Qi -m,"' ,, F5 fa. , so in . Y ""'-1 Q """- is,f- eu: e - wfefe a. f - 's--- il - 'fel , fbi-i fkug, ,, 1 ZPL 1-ae 'ty' wk ly, it ' f A 2? t s-riffs: ' 4 f..,.. V 1 if--W f-fziezfg Em s Q ij:-2:22322 F s 'fi-:-9:5 r WSE 1 ii 1 if fl I l l tl 'e Yr gr 4 I It 1 3 La Polemista Literary Society Miss RUTH VIRGIN, Sponsor v 1 The La Polemista Literary Society was organized at the beginning of the first l I lv semester with Miss Ruth Virgin as sponsor. Although at first we had a rather hard , if time getting started, we came out on top in the end. r We have met every Tuesday afternoon this year: and most of the members have , ll been faithful in attending. The program committee usually had arranged for a de- bate. a current, and other topics of interest including the stories of the operas which ll were staged here last fall. lt During the year, we had, as our leaders and presidents: Elizabeth Meyer: Frances ' 4 Powell: and Frances Patterson. ll We have had several parties: and upon one occasion we entertained the Rostrum , ll Debating Club: but up to date they have not returned our invitation: however we are ' ll still living in the vain hope that they will. i ,l i l f tl ll . il t I V A 2 ln e l l 1 l , l I J-f T N ,-.Y ,, .W isis. f-: , mlm, '- l f- H Y ff - La Azvasa 192 It g I L fl nm. auf or or-'-'H s e so 41 l . lr ' W. v5 if Q -if 9 ".-W M Sire . ORCHE TRA DANA THOMAS HARMON, Director The orchestra has had a most successful year. Having appeared in concert on several occasians. And played the score for the Senior play 'i'Springtime" Also for the Cantata "Pipes of Pan" given by music department during music festival week And all commencement programs. LOUISE WORREL-Piano-Presidclil GERALDINE ALBRIGHT-Assistant Pianist Isl Violins Maurine Wallingford Z Catherine Cable Elizabeth Tolleson li, june Kollaer li Q5 R. Allston 21 5' Clyde Allard ll Znrl. Violins it lil Mollie Nlulkins l Qi? Dorothy Smith Ig 'Q james L. Gordon l Ll Cello l 'l Ena Schaefer l Cello-fc. meladyj I Bruce Ashcraft l - Double Bass l Frank Little l 9 il fl if r More , 1 Cornels George Vvacldill Harrold Long Clarinels Jimmie Curtis Nelson Grimes Alfred Velesli Saxapliones Clifford Lane Shelton Gibbons Reba McCormick Bells and Drums Marian McClure Trombone R. B. Parkinson Bass Saxophone Willie Mae Marshall .' E Q 'KAY , , lfxssriifyaii ,,,.,,,,il,,V, ,W ,WHQQ -f,5lI.! L .Ll . - .....--..Yv--1. . M , i 1 1 i i I i tk ll g, il -. 'I il ia l ! F2 .2 LL 11T:Lf""' Lg is 'NH is '-'g-,g1i In I 1 I . 'K -23:53 r A 1' A I . , ,A F . Q, L.- Amarillo Hlgh School Band I IQZ3-24. The band this year has been a strong power in furnishing zeal at the football games. It deserves eulogy for its faithful service and ability uncler the leadership of Mr. , O. Wise. X lst Clarinetsfjames Curtis, Alfred Vetesk 1 Zncl, Clarinetsfjake Cooper. Nelson Grimes l Soprano S-axaphones-Ben Lane, Clifford Lane, Reba McCormick. 1 Snare Drum+lVlarion McClure. Bass Drum-Edward Gibbon. Tuba.-George Garwood. V Baritone-M1'. H. B. Vaughn. lst. Trombone-Glen Brooks . ' 2nd, Trombone-R. B. Parkinson. li Solo Cornets-Harold Long, Howard Dees, Paul Lefforge, ll Zncl. Comets-Frank Borden. Robert Hayne, li Director-Mr. O. Wise. 1 4: sl 1 l, ri II --f-My --- V- f-'f - f -:- f " ""'r"""'L--A - ' o .1 ' 'P' ' 1 tySix L11 1fZi1i0Sf1 M 19? I . 1, -A -74.-F-, -4 U Aw J-Ly Sixty4S giiign I T I IQ? ,A+-'fII'II flfZW'f W I A ,I,IgLg,.f..,,,,m,L:2Qgg,g,, ,,,, I ,,,,,.-0.--,I I :I Q ' I I I I II , I I i 1 ,: I I: ,I I I If I 7I E. I I I ' II ' I I 1 I 'I I II II . , II I2 Il II 'L II I4 . I, 'I I I :I I I Ig I I II I I II 'I 1 fl I " II I I' II 5 II I I4 I I! I2 if I I I I I I , I If II I Ii II I II 5 EI If I' II I I I' I I i, II .I 5 I I I I I1 I III I I I W I I I I I I 1 f LJ if 4, .x -J ' S QZ -4 M1 '. L A .4- ., .fx , Q :qw P' .W,:, , , ffligla I x KW FOPQSQQ 1 K v 1 1 1 1 ,TT ,,1,v.V,, T, vvjvw. V . .- . A '-TWH Y' 1 ,-.ple . x 1 1 , . . .s i 1 4 Q' l , J. . . r . f' , . ,I - f- . ' .f ,f,, - 'uf' ' ,..c . - ,, . , P N fr' ' V' '-i.H!.v K Ap D 41-' ll, 0 L .F-if-' u-,133-51' Vx v i ' ' - I- 7" P"'3"-V. -. .r un xl i..,l,A,:',.:,,." .'ggti' nkfiz-5'P4'5-1f4"i-,Q y X' 7 ' 4 ' "-5-'iafg--W urn? 1 i ig 1 H Qw 'w V1 ,x , ,HA Q, , Seventy-Four Y ,Tir--F4-.g YA-TMA Q-- Q I- I ii ii Q5 A w Y 'r U I jx Ji lr Ia 1 U El IF ia li lx .I 'i 11 . 1. , li QI fi :I 11 H +I 5 yr LI 5: J ii gf 3 i f. 5. ii l , w 1 W, .v gr V W i, n fi I N Q35 M Ei.f.2'e5 12 --n QE! L fig X X N ' Q 5 X A K P", Q3 1 " P, X 1 vxqi J 'f Yr 4 f X 0,2590 ATHLETICS Resume of the Foot Ball Season A. H. S. 38 Clayton 0 ln the first game of the season we found out that we had a well balanced team to go through the season with. The result of hard work in practice could easily be seen. Our line plays worked to perfection and it seemed impossible for the Clayton team to stop our end runs. Troy Kelly, a new man, made several nice runs and was a great factor in our defense. Coach lngerton was well pleased with the team but this game only meant harder work for we were in the race to make Amarillo heard from and there were many mistakes to be rolled out, A. H. S. 7 Yearlings 7 Coach lngerton decided the team needed more practice and as no high school games could be obtained for this date we played the Yearlings. The Canyon boys were older and more experienced but they were lucky to get away with at tie score. Before the game was half over we scored a touchdown and Canyon hadn't even threat- ened. Toward the last a Canyon man jumped up out of nowhere and caught a pass for their score. Before we could get another score the whistle brought the game to an end. A. H. S. 63 Tulia 0 Tulia come up to take a "lickin" and they sure got it. The Sandstorm raged stiff defense. ln this game we tried our aerial offense. Herrington showed to the good during the whole game. We gained at will while Tulia was unable to penetrate our advantage throwing the ball and "Cot" Reeder made several nice catches. ln the closing period of the game some of the second team went in, A.. H. S. 0 McLean O ln this game which was supposed to be an easy one we came within an ace of being defeated. Quite a few of the regulars were not playing because of the failure in school work. The all-round playing of "Oxe" Whittington deserves special mention. He was the backbone of our defense, he seemed to be every place at once and his of- fensive work was far above par. All in all this game helped the Sandies out in the long run because it killed the over-confidence and caused the boys to bring up their school work. The tie was never played off because lVlcl.ean would not give us a return game. f g A. H. S. 84 . Claude 0 ,ln a game played for elimination only A. H. S. defeated Claude by a lopsided scoref The game was very slow and dragged through the three hours. The Claude team was game but they were outfought and outplayed at every stage of the game. The feature of the game was the line plunging of the A. H. S. backfield. Seventy-Six A. H. s. 45 Pampa 0 A. H. S. defeated her old rivals this year by the heavy score of 45-0. Pampa had mostly a veteran team but they were no match for the Sandstorm. Every man on the team did his part. The line opened up big holes for the backfield. Kelly was the big gainer of the day. His two 35 yard runs in succession played havoc with the Pampa team. ln the wliole game Pampa made only two first downs. A large crowd of rooters accompanied the teams to Pampa. A. H. S 22 Clarendon 0 ln a game to decide the winner of the district title we defeated Clarendon High 22-O. The big Clarendon boys were fast and knew some foot ball but they were no match for Amarillo. A big holiday crowd witnessed the game. A large number of Clar- endon fans accompanied their team to Amarillo. A. H. S. 32 Ralls 0 A. H. S. got revenge in this game for the defeat Ralls gave our basket ball team. Ralls won out over Lubbock and they were supposed to give us a hard fight, but the game was never in doubt but the "Sandies" were in exzellent form most of gains were made on line plays. The condition of the field made useless our aerial attack and end runs. A. H. S. 0 Abilene 48 As a year ago this game marked the grand finale to our football season. This was the most heartbreaking defeat sustained by the Sanclies in quite a while. Although out- weighed. the Sandies fought with all they had only to be overcome in the last quarter. It is true that Abilene scored in the second quarter but an injury to Kelly and the in- tense heat were great factors in their success. Then the fatal fourth-Abilene just seemed to get all the breaks and with some good football they made four touchdowns. It just couldn't be l'elped. There were no individual stars on the Sandstorm. Each man performed his duty as he had been told and the way they p'ayed is a glowing tribute to the coach-Rhodes lngerton. W. Nick'aus, Golding, Curtis. Kelly and Whittington playing for Amarillo for the last time did excellent work. This defeat was not such a disgrace as .Abilene later defeated otlrer clubs by lop-sided scores and closed the season by winning the State Championship. PROSPESTS FOR NEXT YEAR The prospects for next year are unusually bright. We lose Kelly, Curtis W. Nicklaus, Whihington, Golden, and Boyles but the boys tliat remain have 'resolved to go out and fight and bring the State Championship to Amarillo. The ffrst step to- ward this was taken when "Tige" Elkins was elected Captain. The Boosters Club composed of our loyal supporters down town, have been gathering material from out of town and have already secured two excellent prospects. The students of A. H. S. have also resolved to support the Sandstorm in every possible way. All in all it seerrs as if we are going to have a wonderful team next year. f,,,T.-, -,wvY ,V ..... , , ...ww W 5 I. . il: , .7 ',. ' 1-.fl ,, ,.i,,,. ,.,.. C Y -Y ----f --- -- --- -- - Seventy Seven ,,,. .km M, ,, Am, tml BERNARD VAUGHT-Halfback Little 'Bernien was the midget of the club. His size was no drawback to his fel- low for his speed and elusiveness made him our most dangerous man in a broken field. He could also buck the line with good re- sults. He could tackle with the best of 'em- XVINFIELD NicKLAus-Fulibaclf "Windy", one of the greatest athletes A. H. S. has ever known, has spent his last year among us. Whether called on to plunge the line or for an off-tackle play he always de- livezed. An infallible catcher of passes and a great defensive man. Here's to you "Nick" JACK GoLDlNc-Guard "Huck" is one of our three year men playing his last. He seemed to realize this was his last year for A. H. S. but, that it should be his best. Huck was a trojan for work, which combined with his natural abili- ty made him one of our most valued men. Bos MCQUEEN "Bob" is the big boy of the club. Shifted from any part of the line to another, he always filled the bill. He is big and rangy and an ideal player. . Kumar WALLs-Tackle "Kirby" was the find of the season. v From an inexperienced man he developed into a great player. He was quick to catch on and had the natural ability, therefore his place on the club. - EARL ELKINS-Tackle-Capt. Elec! Hats off to "Tige" our great tackle. Too much cannot be said about this player. He was always the "marked man" in every game. It would be difficult to say when "Tige" was at his best because he was always "right in there." l ' 2 lt w 1 I QQ,f-g....e..-x?..v - . , - . , Y - --sf 1-A--.---s?.f,, -f-.-' --,-. ff, --- -..lh ....... - 2-f'?lQff.4i5f54e.,,- - ..,-l,9?'5 ,W ,k,.e,. Seventy-Eight TROY KELLY-Fldlfbdfk "Kell" was one of our new men. He hails from Xvellington but he slipped right into a "Sandy" uniform and made good with a bang. His work in the Abilene game was superb. But for his injury the game might have had a different result. ELMER HERRINGTCN-End "Elmo" was the greatest triple threat man in 'he histoy of A. H. S. His shot-gun '-'ss was a dead to all our opponents and he "ov'l'l also "tote" the ball. This is El- "1'r's first year. LEONARD SHARP-Halfbaclf ' Lon" was the clark horse this year. He -'-ned in with a vim and soon became one oc our most valuable men. His best wori was in 'he Ralls game. We are glad to know 'hat he will be back again next year. PAT NVHITTINCTON-Cudfd "Ou" had a wonderful influence on his e'm-m-tes. While "oxen was on his feet clubbing Ihe opposition down our line seemed to be impregnable. 'Uris man could always be depended on to do his pa't and much more. RAY Rr-:EDER-End Good old "Cohon". Always fighting, he never gave up. Xvith "Cath on the receiv- ing end many long gains were made. He '-'as esorciallv brilliant in tearing up the in- '-rference and downinq the man. j --ff:-Y-A A Wm- f-- - -- K- - La JZ rosa f fi f - 1 .Q 171: -. Q. Seventy Nl!! YB:-:H S 5,,:,alxi.:-lf-"" ., A' ,..-:i1., ' ""1'iiQf' A V . im WJXW .ix , ...-.W -s ,.,...s,.. .tu ..., . TED NlCKI.AUS--!'1dlfbdCk "Teddy" was our most steady ground gain- er and allround player. While not receiving a place on the mythical elevens which were picked, we are all unanimous in declaring him to be deserving of any honor which might be given him. ,Q ELI Curms-Center "Ike" proved a veritable demon on de- fense and offense this year. His passing was accurate, and his defense work deadly. "Ike" won state recognition on his ability to down the safety man in his tracks on the -punts. He was one of our men to obtain state mention. WILLIE BENNI-:1'r-Halfback "Willie was our speed demon. When he once broke loose all was over except the shouting. He was a great fellow, well liked by his team-mates. GLENN BAKER-Manager "Tally" our manager. Always on his job and a most likable fellow. Much of our team's success was due to the first class con- dition of the equipment which was so well kept by Glenn. RAY BoYLas-Quarterback "Bud" was our brainy quarterback. He was new to this position but in the Pampa game his work was very good. "Mutter" excelled in defense work and was a consist- ent gainer on the offense. We are sorry this is his last year Rl-:om-:s INc.ER'roN--Coach . Mr. lngerton returned to Amarillo High School to produce one of the greatest foot ball teams in her history. Receiving his coaching experience from one of the best coaches in the game, he knew exactly how to tell the boys to do. Mr. Ingerton deserves great credit for the work of this year's team sw, 3 L- -f9!5f054-L cccc - L 1924 I fl Eighty Resume of Basketball Season The 'basketball season began late and closed early this year. There being no high school gymnasium, the squad had to impose upon the good nature of Col. John B, Golding in order to get any practice at all. There was a wealth of good material out: over thirty-five men finished the season. Still we did not have adequate facilities for proper development of the material at hand. The first squad played nine games, winning four of this nine. At that they 'cored ZII points to their apponents IS7. We were defeated for entry into the district meet by Canyon High. which ultimately won the meet. Our squad entered a free goal pitching contest instituted by Beaumont Y. M. C. A. and came out victorious with a total of 258 cages. The team that represented us was made up of Teel Curtis, Lloyd Townes, Ernest Holman. Thad Ansley, Winfield Nicklaus, Elmer Herrington and l-lershel Tadlock. Three of these men were from the second squad. l . The points scored by our first team men in the nine games were as follows: Hershel Tadloclc - - - 58 Robert Teed - - 52 Troy Kelly - - - 40 Willie Bennett - - 27 Earl Stockton - - 20 Ernie Holman - - 9 Elmer Herrington - 2 ,lack Golding - - 2 Winfield Nicklaus J Roy Threet - - Total - - 2 l I 4' 1' 'A N C W Y' Eighty-One ,-,. . ,, , V. .. , . . 4 w X ls., fm. .err--1 f'+e"x'l., L. il.. .grin .. me -w., My V 1 1 1 ' 1 xl :lim-V YW--E rl . 'ixf NA lfvfiiifrfiflfiiiii.jL,,?-ii?i f ' il'1L'::i EJ "q, l w i, l I. , 131 " ll: uc gl 4', l W, rig li ly' 1 ,I 1 TROY KELLY-Fqrmard ' "Kell was a new man in our school this ' year. He fitted nicely into our system ol' I play and if it had not been for his injury , the story of our season might have been dif- i ferent. He is a senior whose loss will be ' I keenly felt. ' ROBERT Teen-Forward 'Q "Nell" proved a valuable man, being the N it swrest point maker on the squad. He has lx moved to California since the close of the I season and will not be back next year. , ix 1 1, I, 1' l l l. r Y pl if N, Qi HERSHEL TAn1.ocK-Center ' 5 'Tadf used his long reach Io good ad- ,, vantage, never being out-jumped. He was ll possibly the best all-round man on the squad. N -Q He is a senior and will be sorely missed an- V ofher year. 1 lt l J l lt ' t ,i ELMER HERRINGTON-Cudfd and Capt. Elec! , , "Elmo" in his first yeax on the team de- , veloped into one of the steadiest and surest l guards in the Panhandle. No more capable i leader for next year's team csuld have been W li chosen. ll A ' il ll WlNFlEl.D NICKLAU5-CUdfd and Captain "Windy" made us a fine guard and an ex- l Ll: cellent field general. He was always en- ,l couraging his men by bo'h words and ex- : amples. This is "Windy's" last year to wear I the gold and black. l v ,3 F9 l .. 14 55 E ia M Ii l E15 .i Qi ll lv lt ' 'x ff if - , K. . 'i ?:'Q1""'A'ST""'--"d-4A"'-1if "TfWW,AfN'AH-M" -if I -iw--i ' 'Wifi f W r si, J, .4.+2r,fi 15112: fl .lies rr s L QQ..- Eighty-Two i i ' i l ,i t 4 I 'l i . ll i ' V ., , . "i i, . ii , gif. t l if i ti I 1' ' 1 i i Y, Z if a.. WILLIE BENNETT-Forward "Bill" was an excellent understudy for Teed and Kelly as he easily showed when Kelly was injured. Being the fastest man on the squad he made a good roving forward. He will graduate this year. ERNEST HOLMAN-Guard uErnie" was ineligible the early part of the season, but when he did appear he played a leading role. He was fighting all the time, giving his best for old A. H. S. He should be unbeatable next year. EARL STOCKTON-Center "slats" had a hard time b eal-:ing into the line-up with Tadloek "on deck". When he did. however, he showed signs of making a worthy successor, Vife expect great things of him next year. H. G. WiLsoN-Coach i'Coach" worked hard with the men but was handicapped by lack of a gymnasium. His team could always be depended upon to present a stubborn defense. but could not counter the over-head game because of our low ceiling. THAD ANSLEY-Manager "Thaddeus of Warsaw". Thad was a general all around utility man. Whether it required an extra player. a medicine render, or what notg Thad could be depended upon to deliver the goods. This is his senior year. ..x..,--. ,.- . Q - --. -'tgqn-: A-:p.f"'--+--W f'---- -+----- A--- - - -:, it VLA J:-Air , -1-7 Eighty Three ,Q-me'-m.m'-x::uvr ,, f.w.gpyw'5,,g55-faL'mha5Kmne f.,.m .1 --- - W Elie QQ 'jlirosa 77ubI1'5heoZ by Che Sfudcmfy if Cjllmqrillo Hgh School 192110 E " '- ' , .U , e s N' , as ' - - J 'fr' Y zu ' t ,V ,. -.di ,. , . 1 . 'r Y 1 X' . GL RCSUITIC of Tl'E!.Cli and TCI1IllS Last year the track and tennis teams conquered all opposition in their district. Captain Bennett, along with McQueen, Tadlock, Herrington, Fields and Lively were the track representation to make the Austin trip. Captain Axtell in the tennis singles and Riggs and Jones in the tennis doubles represented us in this sport. The tennis men all graduated last year, but the track squad has more of its mem- bers back. X So. far, this year the track squad has been hindered by bad weather. However, time has been found to win two meets. The first was a dual meet with Claude. We won this meet 53 to 40. We entered ten men in this meet but six did all our scoring. Bennett was high point man, closely followed by Tadlock. The second meet of this year was a triangle meeli qt Clarendon, with McLean, Amarillo and Clarendon partici- pating. The Sanclies scored 62 ponits to McLean's 50 and Clarendon's 28. Again Bennett was high point men, making 20 points. He was followed by Tadlock and McQueen in the order named. Twelve men made this trip, but only seven scored. The "Big 6" of the track team is McQueen, Tadlock, Bennett, Herrington, Lawler and Miller. These can be counted upon to give a good account of themselves in the Canyon Meet April llth. and 12th. These, with six or eight others, are expected to repeat by winning the District Meet. On April l, just three days after the Clarendon meet, our "Big 6', along with "Mary" Lahm and the Coach journeyed to Abernathy to enter the All-Panhandle Meet. We won second place with 55 TQ points. Lubbock beat us one?half point for first place. Our team won seven first. three second, and three thirds. They had thirteen men to our six men and could score more second and thirds. H5 J-Ziz' C - 924+-if g Boa MCQUEEN-Caplain .,B0.. "Bo" runs the IZO and 220 hurdles the half-mile, throws the discus, and hroad jumps. He has another year with us and is developing fast. HERSHEL TADLOCK "Tad" "Tad" runs the l20 hurdles, num- ber four on the relay, high jumps, pole vaults, and puts the shot. He is the best allround man on the squad. This is his last year. WILLIE BENNETT "Bill "Bill" runs the l0O, 220, 220 hurdles, and broad jumps. He is usually good for four first places. He is the fastest man in the Panhandle. This is his last year. ELMER HERRINGTON "Elmo" "Elmo" runs the I00, number two on the relay, high jumps, throws the discus, and puts the shot. He is a hard, consistent worker. Next year will he his last. j'oI-IN LAWLER "Bifida" "Bidda" is a new man with us. He runs the 440 and number one on the relay. He is developing fast and will be hard to beat. He has another year with us. HERBERT MILLER "Herb" "Herb" is the only real ladies-man on the squad. He runs the 440 and numbers three on the relay. This is his first year at track, and we predict a fine future for him. ,LL T, L4 . ..,, ,GT L I La .Hzzoscz Zggffv ,Mug-,El Eighty Five if' s l i Z . K V i i '. 'i 4 r. Wv:::....- 1 . rn .,, -sw , ,,x.,1.,x , . - - .. .su 1 . ' . c,....-.g:.".xw- 4'-"11::L2Q i ., 'L U ' p X, .,x. S., fm.. -1 - T 3537... L., . WN, If ,,Tr,.--.-,.-. ' - A - .:.....-.-. ,ss .. , M3 t if -We - Us A - -E-s NL.,-f. ---Imsfmmsmgjsr LYMAN MOLYNEAUX "Mully" "Molly" never got really interested in track until this year. He runs the 220 and the 220 hurdles, and with consistent training can develop into a record breaker. Vicron SMITH 'iVick" "Vick" is the most earnest worker on the squad. He runs the mile and the halt'-mile. He has possibilities of developing into a good distance run- ner. DREW CROSSETT "Terrible" "Terrible" is out his first year for track and has made the squad in the half-mile. He should develop into an excellent half-miler. MURRAY Bmrr "Monlfcp" "Monkey" runs the mile when his side behaves properly. This side has held him down this year but we hope to have him in good condiion for the District Meet. EUGENE LAWLER "Little Bifida" "Little Biddan essays to run the mile. He has a good stride and with endurance will make a good man at this distance. This is his first effort at track. EDWARD GIBBONS "Mike" "Mike is a senior who has just come out for track. He runs the l00 and throws the discus. He has good possibilities ahead of him. T 'A i if W A jfffQ77"Q'5l 7. M Eighty-Six .. .. 1-, but 1 S .2 'K ,154 J QL" 1 Q '- aww.--. ...A l -Nerf, H 152. 'U r- -lx. H. G. WiLsoN "Coach" 'icoachu has been able to develop enough men to win two out of three district meets, and we fully expect him to repeal this year. LYNWOOD Lru-:s Manager L Lynwood makes a good "office" manager. He does the weekly grade checking and the score-keeping at the meets "to a queen's taste." Louis LAHM "Mary" "Mary" plays tennis singles for us and is captain of the squad. l-le has lost one close match this year but ful- ly expects to redeem this loss at the District Meet. GERALD HUFF "Carry" "Gerry" is one of our-tennis doubles team. He is cool and deliberate. and with "Tom" should made a good show- ing at the District Meet. THOMAS THOMPSON . "Tom" "Tom", along with Gerald, easily won their first match over older and more experienced opponents. If pos- sible. he is cooler and more deliberate than his partner. CHARLES O'FARRALL "Buzz" "Buzz", an old man, has not been able to practice regularly this year but has qualified easily for the dis- trict meet in the IOO yd. clash. This is his last year with us. Lu .Hausa IQZQA' gg, r Eighty Seven Resume of the Baseball Season The season has started in a pleasing manner. The win over Clarendon College followed by those over Claude, Abilene and Wichita Falls give us great hopes for the State Championship. The race has not yet narrowed down to the final issue but we honestly believe that when it does that the Amarillo Golden Sanclstorm will be in there fighting for supreme honors. A pleasing accomplishment of this year's club is the de- feat handed out to the Abilene Eagles. . A. H. S. 21 - - Clarendon College 4 A. H. S. 24 - - Clarendon College 4 A. H. S. I9 - - - Claude 5 IA. H. S. I2 - - Abilene 2 A. H. S. 22 - - Abilene II A. H. S. 22 . . - Abilene 5 A. H. S. I0 - - Wichita Falls 4 A. H. S. - - Chicago Cubs I0 A. H. S. I5 - - Wichita Falls 2 A. H. S. 2 - - Wichita Falls 0 C2 inningsl Eighty-Eight ,,, 44.- 1 i x X J he ir 5 i'F"" an F' if-'4 l I 1 X 1 1 ELI CURTIS-Catcher "lkeu was playing the best ball of his career only to break his leg in the second game of the Wichita Falls series. "Ike" is a beloved fellow among his srhoolmates and his hard luck is sin- cerely mournecl. RAY Bovuzs--Center Fish! "Bud" is another of our stellar out- fielders. His good nature and true sportsmanship have made him one of the most liked men of th esquad. PAT WHITTINGTON-Right Field "Ox" is the old head of the club. l-le shows wonderful improvement in every department of the game this year. l-le should make some college a good athlete next year. THAD ANsLEY-First Base "Thad" is the only new man on the infield, but to look at this young- ster field his position you would never realize this fact. He is especially brilliant in his defensive work. CARTER BASSET1'-Pitcher Carter is commonly referred to as the 'boy marvel". While being only I6 years of age Carter performs like a veteran. The only thing wrong with him is that he is lefthanded. at it H I P I il ii I ll il if ii lr ii 1 l i ii i , ii tl J 1 ii 1. fi La Jlzzosa 19241 Ji Eighty-Nine lil I he iL,TY' 1- ,, 3 it it 1 , J E l , ll il ' l it i i ll li ti l P f ii .L t '5 ,i 1... ii ,H Y v i i L. l V i I .H I l 1 1 1 t W , V4 N pub in Ligkmn , ,.., -1 ' -ft 4, Q, g ,,.........,.....,..,... ww -A - H.-.ffm 3332- ,' - - -5 , 'ff' 1. ---1-A 'f' Qt.....,.......m.A. X""QTf'5-'Psy-522, i1.5t,g..'me. 7'-3" 16,3 -A-Hfskggg 1 4,7 , V. K ' -Q ww," MA ' ' 14v...:1 .askin-em... .QV wok -w.fff,....l-Lf,aL...,,,e,,,.,.d ,glow 4-4M Q, , ,,,:.2..,,.,,,.L EARL STOCKTON-PliChEf "Stock" is the surprise of the seas- on. This lanky youngster has pitched some mighty nice balls and bids fair to take his place among the best pitchers in the state. TROY KELLY-Catcher "Kell" is a Godsend to the Sandies. After the injury to Curtis, Kell step- ped in and filled his place in a pleas- ing manner. We are sorry that this is Kelly's last year. Y TEEL CURTis4Uiility "'Bud" plays any position on the infield. He is quick to catch on and is always fighting. Next year should see him a finished player. "Teo" Nicicutus-Pilcmr-Captain "Teddy" was elected this year to lead the usandstormu to the State Championship. From all indications Ted is going to have a big year which means nothing less than the State title. Emma I-lor.MAN-Third "Ernie" is the bambino of the club. He is famed throughout the state for his hard hitting. Ernie has already been offered a contract by the De- troit "Tigers."' .Lf1.-J4'!!'9b0t - or ooot 1921. so , ggjfg Ninety is I ze K S 4, -,- 4.1 f Q.. i, , as , 1 ,V-L 'falls ., fi P, n 1 W, t it V... .,. juss FRANKS--Catcher Owing to Curtis's injury -less was shifted from the outfield to catcher. l-le has good form at this position and is a dangerous man at the bat. This is his first year. OLIN DOWLER-Pitcher "Mono" is another boy to depend on. l-le is large, has speed and a nice assortment of curves. In the game with the "Chicago Cubs" lVloco fanned three of their heaviest hitters. Quite a feat for a high school boy. WINFIELD NICKLAUS-Second "Nick" finished his high school ca- reer this year. His work around sec- ond base is a marvel. l-le also pounds the ball to every corner of the lot. AUBREY GIBSON-Left Field "Skeet" is the real ball player of the club. He never fails to cover the ground in the outfield and he is voted the most dangerous man of the club at bat. BERNIE VAUGHT-Shortstop "Pee Wee" was the able guardian of lhe part of the field between sec- ond and third. As a lead-off man he has no equal. l-le is remarkably fast and a good fielder. Gzcncz MCLLLLAND-Utility "Jug" is an excellent first baseman and outfielder. Should Thad or any of the fielders be out for any reason "Jug" could be depended on to play his position. W5 'i"'f""i"ii"'5'A' H 'J':3f7""'T'?'l'TT t it W7-L 1.11 fillysbflrrgl mgmdilff.l.a'fi..11?TWggQ N Hi Ninety One Z Xa 54 , ,f W , 1 5 , 1 L 5" Z- mfg?-'il . .- 5+ iv K ,1 K X Z e ,iii , N ff X :wh 1' 7 x f V . ' M H X I lrl. 5 v I' xg:-PTE , 1 1 , V iiixjigf '. sw R- ' Q11 . D,flf?K ' f?'F!4, fffw fsvgfjgjzf' . M f , if f 'Zu QfJ N, I ,'AXA...', b tk I 5 X! 'Q "V"Li'fiD 'mg 4 . 1 Qi? 5411.1 7 'buns V - V .-.1212-im. if - 'N o N1 A M X W 14 N Q ,. 1 I w Q- 1 G Lf f - I .,1 , A H AQ K ff-f ' 'Q my . T ff ' fe may Elnl? WNSNNQ. 'xA' , " 7' jj? ' . "I .auf X ws ne , 1-Q if U IU f R N: .w X3 -' .f-:X 1 Q gg, b , F . xtfv '1. " 1 N,.K.' ,N f ig? 13 - Q9 nk? ff kk -- w ,ff . , f mf- . X XS-is n a . ' SP f ' W - Q an A ,0 . Q- 1 I 'X f ,5 Q.'Q'f b af ,hQQ1 , .7 . if-f f A P' AWE k M M' ' Q' XY' I, "-fs? VPRTB1 an-LQ. wfggiih a- 5 Y J X' I gb , L g! ' - fy ' tp' 'E wx -4 '15 . f f' , W 1 .LQ ' 9 f W N-' f 99124 .K ' .f 'ff ,A. 1 95 , if ' 1100-fB,.ms,5RLf' M1 f ' - 19211 Ninety-Two xx Q

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