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 - Class of 1923

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Amarillo High School - La Airosa Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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AW: its 3325 'QR 'Z'-""--11'-5 srflf-' 'gt 3 ,Ci T, Q., - J ...N X t -Qj-"'- W4-s +sx.srKQQ2s"'9"ix -X 5: 4,4 ssskrlie g X A- I a, - . 'Qkfflk they .X gtk I Ks-gf e .,-4 ,dl 1 HE T .ffl f'N,,Y A E all , ' -'-.. g..,,X A 1 H In ' it Irlllflflllnl It 'W'- - A N .-A l '! sa: U lm lllgrnl rl -:mfr is as arssggaes HE PURPOSE. OF this ooolc is to make olcl, young thin and fat recall pleasant memories of the Old A H S m the bears to come Kind reader we get aw ay to tmow vour bricks The Staff has woikecl hard and to It is clue the world of credit. To all who have helpecl including facu ty members, and pupils we desire to extencl a million tons of thanks. We worked hard-but it was pleasant work to por- tray the life of the heroes heroines princes ancl vil- lians of Old A. H. S. l-lere s joy to you all, and for a bigger and bet- ter 1924 La Airosa, for every clay in every way, the Olcl A. l-l. S. is getting better and better. ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL. : dorrit judgghyoht- .too harshly Jswb. qwaat until M RUB113 BAKER, Editor-in-Chief. T. B. DAVIS, Business Manager. f. ,y .'.-X ,K K . ,... .m l A From lfVhcre VVe Have flown. jj U La .fm-asa 1923 'U LZ Pace Ninety-Four ,g, ---gg? " -C-5 ... f' . I-21: J, K n X - X --SSMWQQQQTX X. SOEY' s i M N NLG' -f'gif5's--f mf- "--f+-- I S ff few X kL, M- S T2-A -X -. x I 1 i i i i I Q l A 1 l I I 1 i I i First Class Service. Q FRESH l"l.OWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS- 1 - I 5 I 3 AMARILLO GREENHOUSES i E 4th Bc Jackson St. Store 419 Polk St. 1 I i s.MC7?7bCfS Florist Telegraph Delivery Associations" ! : 5 l T I : -i------ ------------------- -----------------------L D1 II La .Hivoscz 1923 Page Ninety-Five 1 1 -, X. k .Ng ily" NN -- ' f -U 'Xf:,'L.. X , 'ijxxf .N K ,Ay I La .Hirosa 1923 'IYUZ Page Ninety-Six I I ., ,S QL- H If TN.. . -ww - -Q .X Fx I TH--'--"--"'-----'---H-'----f--n----- - -w----1-- ------ .-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.1. 2 I I KUPPENHEIMER STYLEPLUS I S U I TS S U I TS I - 2 I I : i Rah rah raI1 I I Toot toot toot I : I I : i Go to AIIen,s I For Your Suit. I I g I I I I v I I ALLEN S g I MEN AND BCYS STORE I Amarillo. Texas. I NIETY CAPS KEEN SHOES I I I I 3 -nvI1ll1n -11111111 nn i-1-1111111111 n-1u1..- E I I B H. A. NOBLES, Prcsidenl. M. C. NOBLE IIC Pr szdcnl H. C. STANLEY, Sccrclary 5. Treasurer. I NOBLES BROTHERS oRoo3R co. I I WIIUICSHIC Grocers I I Main House i AIVIABILLO. TEXAS. I Branches At : I PLAINVIEPV, DALHART, I'-ARI'VEI.L, LUBBOCK, MEIIIPHIS. : I ' : I I i . .g..-..-..-. - - ....-..-..-......-..-...-.. ...... ..-..-..-.....-.....-..-....-..I. Q1 If La .fm-asa 1923 'II U:- Fags Numan'-be Q 315 l ,, ' W., l ! l l I 2 l L Spalding Athletic Goods l Are official for every sport. We furnish every- l thing for. the athlete except the skill and muscle. 5 Spalding goods can be 'bought in Amarillo i I only at l E 2 I Q NUNN ELECTRIC CO. E g 417 Polk Street. 5 3 l 3 I ' i - 'M-H ------------------------ '-H-B' l l l l i l I We Thank You E l l For yo r patronage and will be back next year i ninth better service and values than ever before. E i t l KERR'S SCHOOL SUPPLIES 5 l I i l I Q - .l -..-..-..-..-..-.....-..-..-..-..-.. ....... ..-..-..-..-..-..L.-..-..-..Ll .il U La .Hivosa u M1923 ll Pace Ninety'Eight ,l,l..i - 111,111 .l.,,...... .--.--. .- - .-.,..-....- ...,,...-.... ------------- .--. l Q 3 . Amarlllos Most Exclusive Store 5 FOR LADIES AND MISSES E We feature Hart Shaffner and Marx Coats ! for Women. Also Peggy Paige and Arthur Q Weiss dress for Ladies and Misses. See our beautiful Pattern hats, made by Ra- nak Regina, james C. Johnson and Mclme i Chekanow. THE LADIES STORE i 517 Polk street. Phone 724 Z Q I . l -..-....-....-.... --------. . -. -------------- ..- FIRST NATIONAL BANK I Amarillo, Texas. I SECURITYSNSERVICE 4th and Polk. Since '89 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SOLICITED '!' l i i i t t t vmm --., Mmmm -..,.... --mmmmmHmmmmi Qt H La .flirosa 1923 QU 135: Page Xinety-Xiztc .-13K x K - I V - ' . lx Q is isa mf- ' 2. I A' , l .g..-..-.. ..-------.-....--.--.----- ..-up I I I I I I I I I E. BRYANT CO. I I I 1 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS APPRECIA TE OUR CANDIES. I I I MERRII3 WINNIE WINNIE Q I I I : I I ----- -------- -------------- - - - I I I 2 U. "Ay want some whiskey. long I would have kissed you." Bcotlegger: "What kind, Old Crow?" "Con ' heavens, wasn't that you. i i U. "No, Ay don't want to fly. Gimme A. 'hat stuff went to my head. squirrel whiskey Ay just want to hop B. "Poor stuff. It won't have any com- i : around a little bit. pany there. I I I i He: "Do you believe in free love? Always put off at night what you are I She: '.Gooclness, no, charge them at going to put on in the morning. s least a few hoxes of canclv several . . : I , - ,I ' ' VVIfe: "Our new maid has sharp ears." I thcateis' and automobile Hdes' Huh: HI noticed that the doors were all i "If I had known that tunnel was so scratched up around the lceyholes. I I I : l I ,.-.-. ..,,.....,............... I 1 I I I ' I I I I 3 I MAGNOLIA GASOLINE I I Peppp as a High School Grad." I MAONOLENE MOTOR OILS i E and Greases. I E THE DEPENDABLE LUBRICANTS. Q E The finest filling Station in the Panhandle-9th ZS: Polk. I W. O. GATTON, Manager..PANHANDI.E DlN'l5ION. I I . I I E111 'mtg gg l1Tl l illill'-ini H La .Au-asa 1923 'U Pane Uno-Hundrccl l" ' ' ' - -v. . 1-1 - xxx ix -N A Q XA fM.u,,,,x,' I Y-- 7 l ., - -l- Rx .'w4xmij'Y's :K ,LL .. Ai-Q x J..- 1 LU' Rv., Y--.- A A ,V ., X -. A - an X ,Avi . I - NA- HN 'k , ,, Q ir v- A .-... -q K K WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PA TRONACE A Z L AA E BUTTER Q ,Af WHY NOT GET THE BEST- 4 f' A 5 - 51 5' L 5 O 5. , AMARILLO LAUNDRY A Kwitcherkikkin, Phone 22 or 2222 J .i..-.-..-..-..-..-.......,.-..-.....-..-..-. ..... .-..-.L-....-.-.-..-..-..-.l 'I LU La .flirosa O 1923 U UL.: Hu-1:1 ,uf L' l A T Vit? so QT- 5 E "A" A A 4- I I I I I Q The .... AMAR1LLo DAILY NEWS I I I "THE NEWSPAPER OF THE PANHANDLET I IN NEWS I I IN CIRCULATION i IN ADVERTISING The Stubs of Your Check Book Tell a Story I The stubs of your check book tell a story. They tell where your money I went, whether it was spent wisely for needful things or wasted for luxuries. Each one forms a little chapter in the record of your affairs. I You can trace your progress in the story they tell. Do you realize the value to you of a check book which giyes you a permanent record of all bills paid? i It encourages a methodical handling ol your affairs and leads the way to success- Have you a checking acount here? I THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE I AMARILLO, TEXAS. I I N. BEASLEY, President. T. E. DURHAM, Vice-President I I I 'f' fm II La .Hzrosa 1923 TU e Iifundrerl and Two 1 u1u1u1n.1n1n.-...1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 ,1..-...1.g.--11.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1.i.1..1q.i1,,,.1.,1,1.1.1...1..1..1..-....1..1,.1i.... Wlien Eve ate that apple, ,Some girls of our acquaintance IVIISSES TAYLQR LA DIES REA DY- T0-WEA R, MILLINER Y NOVELTIES 603 Polk Street. Amarillo, Texas. THE EXCLUSIVE PAINT HOUSE Wholesale and Retail PAINTS, XVALL PAPER, PAINTERS SUPPLIES. GLASS F LORMIIN PAINT COMPANY A Texas Corporalionj 7I5 Polk St. Phone 427 -.U-.un1.u1i.n1.m1m,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,...1..,,1,1..1,,,- "You'r Fired", cried the janitor to the She wished at once for clothes- Ifurnice. She: "I wonder what would make my bread rise?" I-Ie: "Dynamite" Need apples just like those. A. "Gosh I'm embarrassed, I gotta patch in the seat of my pants. B. "Don't let that bother you. Think how you would feel if it wasn't there." Teacher: 'Wvliy when I was a boy I could do problems like that any day." Pupil: "Them days are gone forever. -rin1un1un1uu-..un1uu1un1uu1nn1H111yiU11..41I.I.-nu1.m1...1M1W1..ii1..u1....1...1..11.1..1..1..1...- O.RL. Gulbransen Player Pianos Sonora Talking Machines Come in Iet us entertain you. I I7 W. 7th, fpiano Iwuningl Phone ZIQ5. 4. -...-..-.........-.....-...- .. -.-...-....-.rr-...-...-....-..-..-....-. - - -.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..5. XXf:.fK V' U 't:.,.QlX.. 1 - Mi 1' ... IL Vdqgrtgeffii art, iq I I Nw- x jj If' La .Himsa 1923 '21 7735: O e Huiicler and Three QT: ' f -Q' f. -15' fm1f33,fG3S.fmL +' M-1 Ss- X 'RFQN Q--MS! V' MR. I-I. G. WILSON Q1 If La .Hirosa 1923 U Ui. Page F e 1 ! I T l I i i L i ! I 4 2 FOR ANYTHHVC ELECTRICAL l see ! . 5 FINKLEA ELECTRIC COMPANY 5 1 608 Taylor Street. Phone 128 l l 1 i -..-.u-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. ..... ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.....-..-..-..- A 7 A1v1AR1LLo HOTEL 3 A I , A , E ,', iii l Q I Q i?oo l M 's5T ,lf-1.5. 1 E 1 in-x g , -is ragjgglil g The Place l7Vl1CTC High School Banquel. and Purlys are Held. Z 5 -------n- -.--..-..-..--..-.u-..-..-..-..-.. ------- .------n----u-v-- I f i i l o IVIGRROW-THOMAS HARDWARE CO i SPORTING coops. E "See Doug." s 1 F A I I . 5 A .i...-,.-..-..- - ....-..-..-..-..-..-.. ..--... ..-..-..-..-.........-..-..-..-..,. U Ca .Hirosa 1923 'U r llunllrbfl :mfl lfwur 'N ,Yi-C-gym ,, , E ,:j' W A j f X V - -wkoogmwfx Ik . 9 f'.5w.f1.o . 1 xx . . I X km To nooo T - no T 1- +u--u--u-wu-u--l-u-n--u- - 1un-n- n- - - u-.--u- 1- 1- 1- I- -..-. ... .-..-.....4 .!. I l i 1 1 MAS 2 G E 2 I - Q O' T' 1 f I 2 ! 1 X TEXAS M. 81 M. CO. Q B BOTTLED SODA WA TER- CLEAN, PVHOLESOME. E Phone 366 -H5 Taylor Street. 5 H 1 To Q 5 -u.-M-., ........................ g l . Compliments AMARILLQ GAS COMPANY 11 If La .flirosa 1923 'U Onoe Hundred an-I Five -QX1 ws-.1 5- '. 5 ' u . X Q K .1 , .1 . L I - wg, V v-W Xa y,11k'Xs..1. :-K X . NX 'lilill-ll-II1IIl1ll1ll 111111111111111 ll1Il1ul1u-11:1 1 11:1 rEiHii6MEUEE7.ifffE5it l l l l l l l Fat Ladyg "Please put some oil in my Q car." l ,l Clerk: "All right: heavy?" 2 Fat Lady: "Fresh thing! I'll not get l any oil from you." I Women may be a puzzle but few men 2 are willing to give them up- ! Wihen Woman was made out of man's I rib some one pulled a boner. ! l I ,.n1uu1nu-,1nn1.,,,1.,,.1,m1, 1 1 as - lflfill turn your house into a Home. "Do you Odessa?" Odessa what? Odessa 'ittle bit.' 1 Every man has his price." Yes, and every woman her figure." nu "Paris has fallen," bashfully hinted the maiden as she saw her escort's garter fall over his shoe tops. ....1un1n,1 1u,,1un1un1n,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1...- Q THE PALACE OF SWEETS ! Malfers of highest Crude Home Candies, Light Lunches, Hot 51 Cold Drinlfs. l- Cigars CS: Tobacos.-Come and See Us. I! 41 l Polk Street. Phone 2207 l l l ' -....1 1 1 1..n1u1...1M1.lu1m.1in1...r1M1M1..,.1,...1...1....1....1.,1,,..1.,.1...1...1 1 1 1...... l PANHANDLE LUMBER CO., ! E.. H. PETTY, Mar1age1'. ! Phone 70. E SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO L VISIT OUR PLAN BOOK ROOM 1 at 6th and Tyler. I I -5...-B..-.. ---------- ni-..-..-in-.U-i ----- ...-.........-.....-....- . H La .flivosa 1923 U One Hundred :md Six 1 n1nn1nn1nu1nn1nn1un1u1 1 1 11:11- 1un1 V"""""""'t""' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '"""""""'"""""""""'T l 1 1 1 j. THOMPSON PRODUCE CO., Inc. 1 T Esfabizshea 1910 E j Wzwzmze -- 1 FRUITS - VEGETABLES - NUTS - CANDIES. i Amarillo, Texas. 3 1 5 i 1 i l Ei- E- ' T The Future of Amarillo and the future of 1 - its coming citizens will be closely identified with ' the developement of its great Industries. This large industry aims to be a leader in I the industrial developement of Amarillo. T l T l T l Q ! L i ! : i l 2 CITY LIGHT Sz WATER CO. T ! 1 1 1 I L i 4 -i---------------- ------ ----------------- ------------------------'-U--+ Q1 U La .Ativosa 1923 U K. Une Hundred and Seven 1 E..-..-......-,..-...-..-..-..-.....,.-.....,-....M-,,-....-...-.,..-....-,M-....n.,....-..-..-,.-,.-.,,-,,,? f , CUNNINGHAM FLOWER SHOP 716 P0lk.W2407-0Q West Sixth Sr. f PHONES l08I,Z790. Flowers for Graduation and every oher occasion. Q Q -P-PP-M ------ fooo - 'ooo - oooo - oxfo - P- oooi - oooo - oooo - iooo -P- oooo - oooo ------- P I 1 DRY Gooos -, , RIQADY-To-WEAR ,W NOTIONS L l"3 !4l'VATl0N-wiped, 61 5 P P P' Pg ,P 'N?f'fU"fff,C- S l P P U seiinelllw P E xl, Y ' A flncurpunwmi I i 1 YV ' 371 DEPARTMENT STORES i i 701-3 Polk Sheet Amarillo, Texas .SHOES MEN FURNISHINGS ! ' 1 i Q I ""-"H-'M - - ' ' ' ' ' 'E' " """""' ' 'um' 'u"""" ' ' 'www' l 1 Q ! Q I I 5 THE HOME OF DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS 1 . I EDWARDS STUD10 Q 5093 Polk Sr. Phone 700 E Q 0000 , 0000 1v1CD0NAL0 AUTO SUPPLY C0 2 Sm and Polk Street. 1 "IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR AUTO." Q ACCESSORIES ':- OILS -:- TIRES. Snappy Gas , S ,iw U La .Hzvosa 1923 U mi fi rmfg H1 'v1- Ire-lan-1 Eiglu ta --Just. if V--if . fy N f., -' X . xiii iie- I. x- - IQNN Qt.-.rv . H ,A 1' A. , 4 nk .. ew- f -i- I xl- .Iss N .. -1, -5 T x U T"-"" --------- - I- I- -- -i -- -----I - '--- -1- - -.1 -- -.I -..-..-.,,!, I I I I-Ie: Iflust one more clear: just one steel magnatef' I more like the last one." ,l- 1 HD : I She: "But there isn't time, You must edcwr' O yoll Pxped me wget i leave in ten minutcsl yiour Iroolift and Ivring tliem to you? i T h D M u H Qtuclenti It sure would be conven- 1 eac er 2 Take tlus sentence. I-et tlic rent. I cow out of the lot." What Mood? ., K, . g T pupil. f-The COW-H blue? Did any olwifou ever study any musical instrument. X A. "Is slie an attractive girl? He: "I stucliecl tlie plaonograpli. I B- A'Ctto Iac-I SIie's the daughter of a "Are tlierc any absentes here today." -In-I-I ----- ll.. - .l.. - ,.l, - ll.- ..,. - .... .. ..., ..ll- ..,. -..H-.,.-I.- .,., ..,..- .,,. - i,.. - - -.-.-..-..- 5 wi-2 wiLL Mme vouR BOND I I I I I I I ANYTHING INSURED AGAINST EVERYTHING i I -nni-ntiring-uni:min1111:u-1nuinu1:1ri-uninnin111nniitu1nnyuuiunium1inix,itii1llui4iii1.nin1un1nr-if-11nn- I U DBEBRDTHER5 MIJTIJR. EAR CULLUM iviorok COMPANY, im. Q1 If ' La .nu-050 I 1923 It Une Itnxxdrt-I :Jiri N 'j B Q, , ,N-B,,,I Q of V- .--oxf , 1, :A fog-,', LN, 5 UMRXN -' XP Q "'QNiX-iff,-xx MX- 5- .. I' . Iv' I TffiT1Lt.,:'I5 M K I X - Q, W' ' ' 'PU . .....g! Ax xX 3I 3 Polk 'Q' l I I You can'l make a mislalgc if il's a Paramount Picture. ISSIO THEATRE 997 I Exclzmiw Home in Anrarillo nf Parwrounl Pictures, I CONTINOUS SHOWS D,-IILI' I TO II P. M. I PIPE ORGAN MUSIC 1 4. S If ifs Pictures You Hfant To Sec, Co To The Mission i I "Ama1'illo's Distinctive Theatre." - If ifs u Purmounl Piclurc, ifa lfrc Best Show in Town. g I 1 I MM----------------------mmHmmI PHONE I CNE-ONE-THREE. Amarillo, Texas. ftf-QZQQQQN l I I Q CC ' ' 77 Q Excluslve But Not Expenslve I I I II itll Unc Huntlred and Ten La .fm-0541 1923 'U I Ail. . i rl -..J I A- Q-Q .wwf f Y .V A tg-Q. Y N Y .ng I ' R, ,XA Q VX"'l- . .XN.E 'XJ 'Qi' . ' 'Y I' Ea X H71 N' jXILXl, K" ,kJ I 'ti-, .JXAWS ' xI"'3"'-ii' A T ,XM ,IMT Ml , 'LX Nr" .I I ix I ., IX ' ' I +,,..nII.. 1 1 1 ..-mI...Im,Im1nn...IIn1IIu-IIn1nu1IuI1Im...Im-..III.-.II.I-.m1...1-.m.-mI.-II..-.11..-....-.........1.q. 2 I WILLIAMS SIGN CO. I I OUT DOOR ADVERTISING Ik COMMERCIAL SIGNS. I -uninn,nn1uu1IIu1IIu1un--Im-nu-Im-Im1un-Inn.-IIn1IIII11Iu1mI1uII1uII-u-nu1mI-an-u-I-nf--nu--un-v- I HARRY HOLLAND I "SMART WEAR FOR MEN" E 510 Polk Street. I ' 'I' ' 'IItI"I'HI'II'IEtI'ZIEI"I'I"III'R' ' ' T' ' 'CI' I I 1 HO UR I I BATTERY SERVICE I I EIf.?i2i'5E..-...- .... - .... - .... - .... - .,.. - .,.. -..-...-..-...-...- ..,. -...-...- .... ....HIE.IYii..T3EEg I I I IMPERIAL BARBER SHOP I I SER V1CEJTE1EIkI'SI5I.E,EISES I R. R. NATION AND j. J. RICHARDS. Props. f UNEXCELLED CROCERY SERVICE I I NORBORN HARRIS GROCERY I I We Give S 15: H Stamps. ll Phones T43-403. IIO-I IZ West Sixth St. . ..,. -..-..-..-..-..-..-.,.- .... -..-.,.- .,.. -..-.,.-,,.-...-...- .... -...-..- ..,. -..-..-..-...-.,-..-..- I LINDSAY-DOUBLEDAY DRUG CO. I OUEIEITII. SERVICE, .4cCURAcI'. ! I WE DELIVER T i2..E:H2.,EE:E.E...- .... - .... - .- ..,. - ,... - .... -..- .... - .,.. -..-.- .... -.- .... -..-..- .1?Emi..ifi I ' 1.3 I I I Ifffgr T. IVI. CALDWELL CO. I I AUTOMOBILE EEECTRICAI, EQUIPMENT I JUST PHONE IOOEEAIVIARIEEO. I M-W-m-m,-n,-,,,-,,,,-,,.,,,,,,-,,,,-,,.., ,,,,, - ,,,, - ,,., - ,.., .. .... -...-...........-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- I OLYMPIC BARBER SHOP I I , "THE BEST OF SERVICE" . . M - . IS ouI . Otto 616 POLK O. I. EEVERITT I giq,...,,,,,-,,,1,,,.-U..1m.1un-un1nn-uu-nn1Iw-I1fI- Ill' 11m1I'l'1l'l'1""1""1""""'1"'1"""""""'"1"1"1"f' JI II La .Hirosa 1923 If Ml. One Hundred and Elew ,,l,,.,l.T-.- . CJ w A. ,Q ,K TT-3.9-aS1qq4ew'?ifT4 A Sir R-NEA-1 XDQOO. TR-Jixm-.- A S S, Nxxfxkm- 1' ' it 41 .f ,ig E, , Nl- Xi.. . ku-.-ff-K -x X I 1 ul' in 11-111 ll 11111 n1u 11111 uin-lui-1:11111n1ll1ul1Il::u1an:nlu!a I I A ! I For Your Graduation and Vacation l DRESS OR HAT Sec Our Smart Popular Priced Lines. E MONTGOMERY BROS. 607 Polk Phone 718 2 i l E ! I T AMARILLO HARDWARE CO. Z THE MOST COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS IN THE CITY. l 502 P0114 Street. Phone 306 l l 1 ! ..1.nLn.1-nil- 1TiiTi1111111T1 n zlii 1 1 1 nvuvu- Z l ! DWIGHT M. NEWBY CHARLES H. HOPPIN T PANHANDLE HARDWARE COMPANY CENERAL HARDDVARE, QUEENSVVARE 6: SPORTING GOODS T 406 Polk Street Phone I9I l ! . I 1.-in -111 u-n-nn-u--n1nu1u1nn 111111 u1n1nn1un1nn1nn-nina-un--finaly If La .Hi rosa 1923 IU I Ii 1-I ax1d'1' Ie iii Li:-i:TUwf'4v'Y3 VT we jx I ffkfggiivflgf N :W mx .Le W A f' 1 .............................-..-..-.....-..-.- .. :A 1 A.: :Eg K ! I 1 I 1 E ! . 1 I E STETSON I-IATs 7 MANHATTAN SHIRTS. I REINY S I POPULAR CLOTHES SHOP. 1' Society Brand Clothes. Bostonian Shoes. I 1 . V! . I Q 1 -' nu-an-H' ----"'-"'------ "M-""" "' 1 - E I PANHANDLE MOTOR COMPANY g DISTRIBUTORS 3 IVIAXPVELL AUTOIWOBILES AND TRUCKS 5 1 CHAI.I1flERS A UTOIWOBILES : li Complete Sloclf I1fIaxnvc'II and Chalmers Parts i Z Phone 141 71 1 Polk St. ' L -..-....-....-........- -I... .... - .... .- .... - -..- .... - ....-I.-I..-.I-...-...-..-I--...-.II--.-..-..-.M i I - I 1 1 1 IF You WANT THE BEST GROCERIES, Q Phone Us Your Order. 1 LAINGS THREE STORES I 1 QUALITY 5: SERVICE AT MODERATE PRICES. E 4.--I.--..--... - .. .. .-I-..-...-.-. -..-I. ----- - -..-......-....-.........-...-..-..g. MJ. .jlizosa 1923 T1 One H d i I-,l 'I'11irtecII Yi:-L-7 X H- ' A- , tw Q S-1 sag 5 X: W w- High School Buildfmf jg H La .fm-asa 1923 'U gr FIX - I. 'I l ... 'NY xv, B' ix X 'Nj -QV Y 5 +' :i::i 'V :ix 1 ' -T 5: V -31532357 -':'T7:?::T 15l+:li!59ffl3l?lllB7'lf?1l?-lui 3' E' l T I - G L , I I 514 POLR STREET PHONE 646 STEIN-BLCCH and COLLECIAN CLOTHES 5 Florsheim and W. L. Douglas Shoes, Holeproof Hosiery for Men, WomIen ancl I T Children. Stetson and Connett Hats. T Hgaaquartel-S for UCOLLEGIAN JUNIOR" SUITS I I I I E ---.- -. ------ .- -.- ---- I ------------- ..- I ! I - I Q : ! l H I l OUR BEST ADS ARE NElV'ER WRITTEN i E People Hfear Thaw. E i l I PANHANDLE STEANI LAUNDRY : "THE BIGGEST AND BEST" L 2 Q PHONE 244. I E i ! - I WHITE gl KIRK i THE PANHANDLES OLDEST STORE, Est. IS97 l Z The Place to Buy Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, e ! Millinery, Dry Goods and Shoes. T l - PHONE2. I l . -i--1--I ------------------------- ---------l- gil U La .Hi rosa 1923 ll ne lllxnllv-ul mul Fourtccx x ug F I :fm ix ,. 1 -1-1,-ki.,-I --SRXKSQ3-x2QgkfkXg'5S,.'f2?.'. , an X is nl. 9- is ,,v,.,, kQ.,.M..... N -' " Asx?,1p,,,1'?4!'- fix.. , g,.. 224 W" ,x ' ' :L Tn' A VA- -ff-fyr.-,,-.ffv . ., ,Y , , ,f,45.q. , . - , f, 3'3" AJS 4 gf, time .LL X ' ,b,jQ!, fm' -y 1. 7' , ,,:.f,4 , ,IM j rf J 5, , ,ni ' Q EDI TI La .Hi rosa 1923 One Hundred and Fifteen One Hundred and Sixteen .. , . ,ep . - -'ff ' - A ' , --I . . -' . f Q' QA" 1 I , A. Ng. , fx? W, I 4..-..-..-..-...-..-.,.-..-...... ..-..... ........ .. ... .-,.-.,,!. I 2 I I I I I I I I Q T I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I WE ARE INTERESTED IN I-IIC-I-I SCHOOL BOYS AND GIRLS. I OUR STUDENTS LOAN FUND PROVES IT. I I I I AMARILLO ROTARY CLUB I I I I , I i FRANK RYBURN, Presfdent. LORIN DRISCOLL, Secretary. I I I I : I I I I I i I T I i I i I i I i I i I i I i I f I i I i I i I..--. -----.--..------- ..-..-I--..-..-..-..-.-----.-----II If La Jllvosa j 9gQ3 ' UL ,k gn f ffsgft -I--I-M --------- -- -- ------- A --------- ---H+ E I ! - 1 E I i l Q Q! l l i l I : 3 i : 'mis BANK .-.. l I : I . .. . ! f' Cannot praise too highly ' the Amnrillo i Public Schools. There is nothing reasonaole it 5 will not do for the children. ' l ' Completion of Public school work is the i Wg' most important accomplishment in the lives of , :gg - W -,, ', :min . . . , i most people, because it teaches confidence in W lim is llenvselves, in recording success instead of fail- r !f hif.i,.i?, Mill Mig? ure in the first important undertaking. I fr 1:4 'Ilan-. -.' I-1 Wi I . ,1 f 0-C2wt'r ' Q . 2 F N- Fw.. iill Start a bank account here as the next im- ' l L' - ' rig-E.s'v fL l 5 jf Mlllmi portant step. 2 l l : E i? 2 2 L 1- :4.y1.-.-fb., -M I 2 i 2 i GUA AN Y STATE BAN L 2 I E I S l i -1-...-...- - - .. ----- ------ - - -- V- -A ----- --------+ QI If La .Hirosa 1923 Une Uunired and Sex , i .1 l 5 YQ--Q -fi ' s whhgiau , L ,QQ x 1 5- - X V l ' gf n Nsefekiir K 1 W- HK l +11-nn 1-1--111-- fm-nn-im-un-nu-nu-nn 11::11111-1 uinnlp Q i i Awnings i ' Are a Comfort and necessity. Vve manufacture Awnings in our own factory. ! Many patterns on hancl at all times, select yours now. : We represent the Gold Meclal Camp Furniture Manufacturing Co. We rep- ' resent the lcy Hot Vacuum Bottle Company. Tourist Supplies of all kincls. 5 I . 2 l Aivii-time TENT at AWNING co. 1 3l9 East 5th Street. Phone 2l70 I l s 1 ' l , -n....,.n- .. -, -----. - ------- , ------- -at-...- i l BLACKBURN BROS. Clotliiers. i I 2 i T POR TRAITS Ol" A SPEAKING LIKENESS l GRAY PHOTO SHOP l Il s l Koclalc finishing and Commercial Work. 5 Q 108 E 7th. Phone IO4 i l 2 Q ! 3 L I 1 i ! i ! g 7 5- --1--M ---- ---------------...-- .. ..-...-..g. .il ll La Jlirosa 1923 U Ui in Iltiiiflrcvi and Egliteen '-k-- vm -- -I . 14-Fx . -Q ,M K ,S ,J x u H.. ' 'fu W.-M Y - s I xvl.. - V-M XA M ' A K I ?u-u-u- --.--.---.------n ...-..-..-..-..-.--ug. ' 1 I 5 i 1 : E i l V 3 1 ! ! ! l i ! I THIS SPACE g COMPLEMENTARY OF I GREEN BROS. CO. I I I l I 1 1 +..f...-..-...-..-..-..-.......-...-..-..- "-"-"-"-"-"---P QI U LQc1.fIiz'o5a 193 1 Una' Uuxhirr-f ..11-i Nur:-Iccti -+wwmI K W :X - jgxiygf g 5 ' i,..f1j4 I f- T ,x - WV - Q . pk- .M IBMTM. jjj If La Au-asa 1923 O e Hundred and Twenty ,.i '1" -T K .T -r ut- CQ, N M - 621' .Y 1 .QI ' K , X ...1.l.XXxX Q 'V ,xx s.xiq'::1xLlx.Xb 3-N ' -L lJiX. Q 'fjg 1 , Axgtfxi.. - :fu-nl1u 1 1 1u:1uu1an--nu-u 1---1-11111111- n-n-n-n--mini!! I T l 5 l 1 l i i l i i i I i 1 i l i l GFIYICERS Fon 1923 i R. C. johnson. President: B. Coe- Vice-President: E, Spann, Secretary i R. W. Duren, Assistant Secretary 1 C. M. l-lumphrys, Treasurer 1 T E. Spann, District Trustee: Ford Brandenburg, Past Pres- i ident. f i E Directors--J. D. Hancock, A, Bush, Rev. S. W. Hayne, C. S. Pryor, i B. C-ilvin, W. C. Irvin and l... A. Wells. l I l l ff' vi.. l i ll sl l 2 5 l KIWANIS CLUB International i 2 OF AMARILLO i Dedicated lo Constructive Civic Service on lim lllollos "We Build." V:- . 1 l i L I l 1 l I ! E l ! i l i ! T 1 i +'---l-- - - ---- -...- .--------- .. . -.--.-.-.--...-..-.+ ig H La .fm-Usa 1923 'II Pl. Onc Ili ired .2 d T I I I -.,.-.,.-,,-,,,,-,n-,,,,,.,, ..,... -------- . -..-,? OUR DESIRE-M I I IS TO RENDER THE BEST SERVJCE I ROSSIBLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS AND TO ALL MATTERS ENTRUSTED TO OUR CARE. WE SHALL BE PLEAS- ED TO MEET OR CORRESPOND ' IVITH ANY WHO CONTEMPLA TE MAKING A CHANCE OR OPENING NEVV ACCOUNTS. I I The .... AMARILLO NATIONAL BANK - I I I I I I CITY DRUG STORE III Wall Puper Paznls, Kodalfs, Sporting Goods. EVCl'lJIIIIflg in lI1c Drug Siore.' I BIGGEST DRUG STORE IN THE PANHANDLE. I I I I I I I I I -I..- .... -I..-I-- .,.. -I-,- - -I ----- In-Ju-W - -I..---I--I-I---I-I. If Ca .flirosa 1923 E ,-?f7x rv-C'U-X, hr, ,gf V f -- 4 ? vx.k+QL , erq5c.:t,SM. ., - - 3-T mt.. .su ' ,gk -lg-------..-.....-..-..-.. ....-.-.---- ------.---------n -f---Qi? 3 l g , A i l OUR BANK is YOUR BANK--- l 2 l l 1 1 l l l I 2 Everyone here is at your service. we are happy to l i 2 serve you- I I T . . . . . l i 2 An intelligent, progressive bank service awaits you i here. There is at your commancl, our time, attention f and experience, as well as good mechanical equipment g to give you safety, accuracy and promptness. l ! : l ! l l I ! 1 l AMARILLO BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY i ! le 3 1 1 l 1 i l 1 l l l l 1 . l i 1 l i l i I . I l . I up -,.-..........-u--..-.......-...-..-..-,..- .-. .. 1 ....-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-....,-..-..-.+ H U La .Hirosa 1923 U F. O e Hundred and Twertty-Three -Tr f 1' ' -,..-C' U. ' ,. fl 1 Sf . . XQQNWXL iw -. ., -'B ., X r U 5 xx ,X .x Y , Y . - x 'A xr.. I WILLIAM A. MCINTOSH , Superiniendent "Reflector of every human interestg furtherer of every democratic cause: encourager of every generous act." La .flivosa 1923 L' 7.J Page Seven One Hundred and Twenty-Four x if -A T ' ,, CJ, yn tif' --. :SN W dh Y ? .-?. NX,,XK"Q MX X slug 'Vvx ' tsl 1 NS? xqk hh It t?t.,i5x.1.i.l N Q' x in N x x 5 X T A - ff? 'T .. Ulm... 'W' X .T I 'Fi-'---H ---- ---- ---- - - - - -....-..-..-..-.. .... ..-..-.,!, TRANSPORTATION MEANS PROGRESS T T T T T T The Santa Tre is earnest in its desire to assist in the ! development of tlie Panhandle-Plains country. T The facilities of the Traffic Department are at the disposal of its patrons in their problems of Transportation. T Constructive criticism and helpful suggestions are most ! cordialfy invited. T T T T T T Q T. B. GALLAI-TER, T T Cenerul Freight and Passenger Agent. T F. A. LEHMAN, T 1 Vice President and Cencdal Nfanaqcr. E Amarillo, Texas. T . : T 1 i T i . T T ' T T : T T T .T xlvlf NTT? I tilt- rw- I T A ' A ' T ' sqm? sgrta? T : 'PII-w-I-I-ll ----------- ---------1-- ' '-"'-"-Hi' jail If La .flirosa 1923 IU K Une lltrmlfe-T and Twenty-FIV: l 4 1 . Qiffsvsesgfkiil ef- ,gi'f my so .xx ..?- ix pl M' ' .X 'T-is 'k "5' X-xx il- I s--H------H-------I------------------------------------------- - - - --------I+ l ! : 1 5 PIGGLY WIGGLY I I Q Saves House-Keepers lVlany Dollars 5 join The Thrifty Hundreds that Throng Our Stores Daily E E Come To Piggly Wiggly' l'Vhere You can Cel Clean fresh Croceries at Lower il g Prices. i l 5 .l.-..- -..-......-..-..-..-,l-...-..-..-..-..-,.-..-,,-M.-..-..-l.-l.-s- - - -i- 1 I " i 1v1ooRE..PosToN co. - is "THE STORE PVITH THE GOODS" i E Corner 7th and Polk. E 5 "The Busy Corner" e 1 Merchandise of Quality at Lowest Consistent Market Prices. It l l 1 ----i- - --M---'--m-M-M-w-f--i--u----h-M-,---i- -W--M-was-M-P -i-i--i-Li- 1 - l ! ' l 1 Buy Quallty Foods 1 g Only the Best in Coca' things to Eat, Find their may into our store i ' i LIGHTLLEAN AND WHOLESOME Q Q I Q 13.81 M. MARKET ii T l Phone zo: 602 Polk. 1 -....,.,-....-....-....-. - -.-...-i.-,.-..l-i.....--..--.1.....l-..u....,.-.... ..-- .......-M..-....-W.- i E Eslahlished 1904 i I TROY LAUNDRY l ' l I IVE MEND YOUR CLOTHES I we ZE4'lQ131l531f 221325 3 5 Q WE USE sofr WA TER C 2 PHONES 42 and 124. 5 l l U 'F'-""" ---"'-- '"""""'-"-"'-"'-''-" ------- -'-----------'I' l, l .il U La .flivosa 1923 U Une Hundred and T entY-Si! 1 1'Y .SSX X' ,Lui lxxua A151 A Q X Basin 4 gl 'Kim '!"'-"""1"""""""'1""'""""1"1''ilI"-'Iwill-TI"I1II-IIl1lvI1ll--ll1In-nl-an-nu--11 1 1 1..1,..1.1,? i THIS SPACE DONATED BH 5 I l DR. L. W. BETOURNAY I OSTEOPA THIC PHYSICIAN 81 SURCEON. i Rooms lZ'l3 New Fuqua Building. I I I l -'--M-M-n--M-'-n-----------'m-----------.-..-..-..-...........-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- I LOVING PRINTING COMPANY i "YOU DOIVT HA VE TO WAIT" I II2 West Seventll Street. Amarillo, Texas. l I -..-..-...-..-..-...-...-........-..-..-...-lilI'.f'i.ffl..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- I l : 1 AMARILLO CONFECTIONERY I l BEST COLD DRINKS IN THE CITY. : FRESH, HOME MADE CANDIES EVERY DAY. 2 l -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...TE..TfE'.TiXEi:-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- -..-..-..- i DR. L. v. CRADIT i OSTEOPA TI-IIC PHYSICIAN ANID SURCEON. i i 235-2fmljlfifkburgtnxaulldlng. OFFICE PHONE 681. H O' e al RES. PHONE l663. l 'M-M-'H-M-"NH MW1ZI'7:S'TDV?J-'Q5I5n7i7E'E'l?TfS"-'TH-M-FI I Kum-an-Glt-um I Q WE BUY EGGS AND BUTTER gl GET TI-IE HABIT KUNI-AN-CET-UIVI ! -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..E222if9...-l.f.E:lfifi..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- ' N. 5. GRIGGS Funeral Dlrector 81 Emlaalmer Q PRIVA AA21?0Ul,A NCE i ' ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-..ff3i..-..4..-.-..-.,..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- I I I THE VANITY SHOPPE I l "A BEAUTY AID. FOR E-VERY INDIVIDUAL NEED." I L . Weycarry a complete lme of- Tollette Specialties of Character and Prestlge T I wluch delight our customers and brmg them back to our slwoppe. s i 606 Taylor Street. Amarillo, Texas. Phone 720 g 1 -..-...-...-..-M-.... - ..n-...-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- : B 81 B. i g NEWS STAND I .g...-..-.. .... ...................-..-..-..-..-..........-..-..-.......-..-..-.....-.......-..-..1. gl H La .Ai rosa 1923 TT One H udrcd mtl 'Iwemv-:ex ---1-li I " , M -I-. -' - -l- -1 'il I ''vswlfgi'YN-U,I"15'Tk'Ifu'Q if L "N S...- ---4' V T..--e . K f . T, . N. sv . ffm . . K ' ll X ' xiii I S, Vi' 'I""' """'"""""""""' """"!' : I I I E I I H. L. SMITH Qi I ,IEIVELRY 'Sz SPORTING GOODS DIAMONDS 81 WATCHES I Sporting Goods. The largest Stock of Guns and Ammunition in the Panhandle. I Hand Bags and Suit Cases. Buy, Sell and Trade New and Second-Hand Musical i I Instruments. Exclusive Dealer in C. G. Conn Band Instruments. F I 112 East Fifth Street. Phone 1306 j Amarillo, Texas I I I : I I I T 1H-H------I--I------------------IT I I I I I I T SMITH at PARKS I ODORLESS CLEANERS GENTS' FURNISHINGS STRAYYORD CLOTHES FOR YOUNG MEN I I I4-I I6 East Fifth St. Phone I949 IAITIHYIIIO, Texas i I I I I I I ' -------------------------- I-M I I T I I I : ' I I CHEVROLET I I F E ' I I ' I i or comlca ransportatlon I I Day bp dup in every wav, It pays to drive a Chevrolet. ERWIN CHEVROLET co. I Wm8FMmm 7 l . I I 2 I X I I ll---M ------ .H--H----1--I ------------- H--,I-.H-..--nn-I jp II La .Hivosa 1923 II One Hunflrefl and Twenty-Eight ll is - ' N' Y CJ 5-sf -,V 1" 1, ' I , K-"' T i., NNWA-Nh Mk-. fill X' X 2,51 jxiik 1-jnkgwlmxv -fxslcf' .lh,, ., lx .R X, mb. u ' ' .X St I .g.......... ---..-.. .............. . ....-......-..-.--.I I 1' 7 I 5 X I , I at I . Y nunm ' I 1 I Enfligu ' i " ' It t 1 2 I ! I 5 I I I Q Cars in which Dependabilily. Ease and Economy of I Operation are embodied together with Smartness of I Appearance and Comfort. i : i Our prices are non: below pre-niar lvasis. g I I TONEY CHISUIVI I I DISTRIBUTOR I ! I i S E E Young Ladies and Gentlemen of Av arillo High Scliool. I I I As You are alwou! io enter info Business or professional life tlorfl over loolr i the many advantages Of .Lll?lE'lI'lll0. Your old lzonie town. Ire' lived liere Since 1905 Ii and hope io be liere lo deal with your grand elrildren. CHAS. L. GREEN I i I I I I I H 'e on no f- " I I I I OUR SERVICE JS FIRST CLASS Q , I I I I THE LEADER BARBER SHOP. F I 508 POLK STREET. 7 : i I 5 , vim-qu-nn ------ u--u-nu-n-ll-in-uv -------- -""-""""""-"'-"L Q K .Ca .Hirosa 1923 U One Hundred and Twel1f!"N if .-ages?-ke 5 'J A f A. 1 3 xlfilhg XX ie! .N zz.. 'Fixx M gt F- -. ----- ------u-n ------------------ u--ng. i EE-13,2 .,, i l r l illllltltiirfil-sg-.Z Q s.7ic!lJQ2Ql l lA , '92-f - ! 1 f 1,6 j l i ALL together, every ounce of energy smashing ahead, that's the way 1 you win on the field. ! . . . . 1 All together, your brains and ours, your college spirit and our enthusl- astic, efficient organization, that's the way you produce annuals which score IOO plus. Every hour of your time and every dollar of your money work - for your highest success- ' . . l fHCome to see us. Visit our lvusy, modern plant. Make our store your headquarters in Amarillo. 111 Write us. Xve like to work with you in person or by mail. Let us tell you ways and means and plans which are making other puhlications succeed. USSELL an OCKRELL 1 Zb?2Panhandle Printing Qi 1 "Our Business is to Help Your Business" ! 'ru-706 Polk sr. AMARILLO, TEXAS Printing. Books. Slalioncrp. Cifls. Office Supplies. AMARILLO E e ! 1 5, '55 l r -9 : I' HE .,i ' ,, ' J f 47 g . A V., STORE si , ,, 2 " 5' : l ! ! I I .1 1 ,,,..,,,i,.1,, 1i111 n1n1n1l 11111 uiniu-on-ll-1 1 1'-H1010 La .Hivosa 1923 'U gtg ir -Y ? , Vcj- , ,, ,g -' - W f W - uf- 1 , .fT'lT." alQSxw2f,'ggizg Q f -at Q,- 1.-. 4 . ll'l. -'M W L W ,,,, . V g Y 4 ff , N- ff- 4? MW- f -7- , , .lg H , ,X ,-1, ,YV , Z- , , 9 5 K .5 1 iz A -L , . ,f, an 1444-7 K:-v-"' ,Y . , .. N . , Y i-zi.:"f:1 ' li- , X , f 1 ""T."1..:p'A':' -, --.E f - -- 1 Y a - ,T L H- . . ,. 5 fri 4 fl?- lx , ..,, - ,. f- , A 1 Ubi! ZIi"'K 2 . I , . , ' r ' - 4 , , . JLt?,4L 'af ,. 17, J' 7 ,. , ' W: Y ,,,,4,,,, ,, Y Q 2 X if :ifffvi 522645 M5014 11 If ff: .flivosa 1923 U + f..":'qx f i lm H La .,jN1z'o5a 1923 s ' U , - 5 , a1z3k e13fa,f3f3-315293: i W A S , 1 I I F! xl W I Q p . E n ' 4 E l ,' . 5 n .e E A 2 S 'J A a n L V Z1 i S . Q X E n H 2 4,7-Q, , Efsgj 3 U1"r'11.s'1ry CfCd.lCS OCCIULYLIL CEXPICSS' . . l es 1deals1nthe1r most charmlng Con- 5 ggriliiffw? E ,. M R 3 eepuons: Arhsfry makes the lmaglna- , be X g tlon to sqar a thousand years lntolthe we ij 31551 I 5 i "s-V -J l future: it amasses fortunes..bu1lds r mfs V castlespopqlates nat1ons,beaut1hes our 1 gQi'f7f2gH 1' QL every day hle, and hnds1ts noblest ex- 1 :fy QE 3 presslon ln the modern annual. -L -1 fi ,E T Weaare arhsmls-the creato rs of' , lf?Qg5'i33J5 artistic year books. 1 fa as fa fa 3 fi W , , Nasa K N fs ,-'.1 . me ' 'Tw -X ff , X 'a A. " WIS !'i:,:ifW4 ' ' Lg Q" IX ' Q7 Qifafm' f.g3?iQf-5 'QNif3'5ifEW 5i , -45 7' EQf'5LpM'EW,f5'f. Q' Q A ,N Wgvxxivw 75553: .?,v Q. --xii , RJ -f . 3 . V Ltr! , .fn XJ 1 .M eg--,f ,,,x,4'i'mQgM2V if F N, ,nfgw-A f ,- , , f ug., C., 'W' - - . .aa n ' 'A ' Jn! "' x XX 'Q 'v ' 'TJFI AKA! .-1!,,I1,f1',,Qf,. rfwfig-1iWA'Mij.iJ-K-A IT ' C ' Uiitj lqfklgl jpfl, 3 7,5 la 11 :' 1 H ' - 'N ' 151 1, SOUTHWE TERN E GRAVING CQ. ij , FORT WORTH "' DALLAS -HOllS'TON g ,L- . M e QQ 1---a ' V rs .' fa. ' - 7 a- .1--fr - .-f -f. 1,-f a-.s a -wx -Nxessf e 1: ea X. X X-':' .,54', XL T lr ,.. f Q r. g? - 'faux N 5,791-1-1 N, CHARLES M. Rooms Principal "Interpreter of tlze student body: Strengthener of loyalty! promoter of patriotism and citizenship." La .Himsa 1923 I Q Fight Li? 6 F P14 U' i r J - ' , . x I . .' .. fr., ' im? N K ' , . 'b 0' . ' 1' ' . Q. A Ile.. 9 . lgfzf -7. "ff paw ' ff' ,, v .I ig, . 7 V Wy, .W if 'I an A, 'V x ' -1 . - ' 4 I ' ' L 'V 2 .- F , 5'f':4!,'z .1 1 I . , Qu A ir rf ,- ,"9-'!a.. ,, . , , . 1. -5 kf -, .If-1 , ,gr . -'Hp Q FU, - 0 f .k " ffnf, 1. .QQ '1 . .ugl Q I ' 4' . -: . .1 5 . , ,N .M , 6,5 , ' -Q34-'-: ' ' n ' 9 x 5 Q ' 1 3 P A I . . s . I .V-'h' '." A3 ' 7-fr-1 4 t - .9 , . !',". 5.5: .Ll -jx . s ,51'7' 1 . 1, - ..Q,. 5' N 0- .Y 0 I ' r I fins, , I Q E wi ' .J Q 1- S ' :rf-1 'F' 'If 4 ,-'. lv - bww' C U af." ' 1. 'V 1 , "ou U A W. X42 , 5 . JF 1 '-.n . 1 V li" 31 4 ' 'V-" I' 1 L ' s ,. .I 1. ., uw Q-,, . N N 'I Q 0 .QF ' 0 'uid'-L'-Ll.: 0-'ro' V 'tidy--xJ'l1'AL 1 19- 'E 'f 'IL -L P P, I fr 21? 0 ,gr 11 'E 7. ff' .-lr' -"' --an . '., , i I. hi- 4311 Q . lr-ll 1 ll-Lg llT1n.'.-i- 'I il . 'Z' 5' P' ol Klutz. Tn! I I4 ll' 1P'gf'7-' -Q 1' '-32 1 If ' ..- I' -v"'I 0.1 ':'dL" -'la' 0 .o!1-- 'nik I:-. 4.1 I ',1' In iff". -1-4 .oh-L I 11 -'wvd' 0.3.0 f 531' H u- ,R- : ? I, B' .4-E-1 q' + b 'L I o I o rs ,A,,., ..,,. ...,. - m- N 1,.,,, !.,.., ,. ...,:,. J... .. :.:,!.Z , .. " ' A.-.M v- 1 -ww.. ...M-. - f I--1. . .......1. 1. f ,.-.11 . , 1 fn 4 V .- 1 v ..-,.,,. , , 1 . ,rf -Y 4 -kwa. 1 . Eu... f g 4 4 I . .hiiizf ' ,Q sis-if--F-Q. 'S MQ . A-1:-11i,.A1,L. :nuke ,. , -, . . A r L,-h4jNgMW MR. l.ACKEY-,----- . A MRS. TAYLOR ...... A. B B MR. WISE ........ .- . S. Miss Buer ........ A. B MRS-. QUlCKSALL---- B. Miss WlLKiNsoN .... B. A. Baylor Unrversrty ......H., ,. ........,.A.... English A. University of Denver .......... - -... ' zfzrffyvx :fx T15 'W' ' f' ' .e ':1'sff. -:fr 542544, . 2 651.19 L' . f s if . 1 - rn R . z,fwff-g- ifff. a J 3' 4 ' g,,. , A. fr 4 .4 ,- at -. x 4,4 X . .3 ' - f A J. em ., '- . -952 'I ff' rifle r i wi H 7171... 1 -f f" 5 J ' . ' -6' . f. , 1225 . A ',.'gf4l-f' wa- f . 5 ,gf f- , ' W. Q , . .' - ' 'L' . iz ' - 1 . 'Z iw' , .lf . 1 f V f '-'f - fl J -1' ': A '. Z g , R - ff A.. . Tf?'?'? 'Q 3 ' ' . , 1 JE! .- .rd 4.0 an ' 4 E l , , fvf' 9 - ' .' :Q-Q : , - , ,-ex . 11? rw '5' 02 . M - ef.. f . .. W. - . :M-.xi in is .A V I . ' 3 - lm. STM, .,V. . .23 'f-Qkf? 'i f' 'fi sy "J 7 1 .".3t.,g. ,Q-4 ' .. 1 ---- -- --"' V V1 - -:L ,u ' . W 1 N3-3,., .. ,436 N, 4 fic, my L ,,-,-,v-A Science B. Southwestern University ....,... - --,, . Mary Nash College --.. ....... . .-..--Business Branches Oklahoma A. 61 M. College ........,,. iwanual Training . Texas University ,................, Business Branches e ,e,. .... S faanxsh I1 If La .Am-asa 1923 Page 5 s if we v if xi C..-...... T N arg. 'W . vi,-N 1, Y .np ,X ,x - , N-4-ew .ww-::""'.e'k Ike M X E 'vi -if-:iii - X , N"--' - -if 1 me A f -ii xx f..r,,,.'3'1fj:T'?f'5n'1- "F 1 - ' A . .2"-'x'! s', :""'Q f 43.4 5-y3'f'TQ.:"lff' 'NY V " QW i'i:?fj,f:f , , - iv Q,"37g"i'L"':?1QQ-Ji ' ' .MM . .1 P ,,.',.3,lL?.g,!-',- 4, .rv i 'J I ' 11 . . i 1 ... Q i. i ,,!- V 1 X. tl L . f L13 e 1- G it Ru",-J..-..--QQ .- ,-g44.1L... i A.,. .-.'..p.-g.LI:.gQ2lL..:A- MHS. HNRMON ,,..f! furry School ol' Expansion ,,,,,,,o,, ....... ...... M L1 sic Miz. XVIALLIIN ,,,, Noith Texas State Normal College-, o..,. W ....,v Science MISN NIAYS ,, ,-,.B. A. riirinity Univei'sity,,,, ,...., , .,-,,,.,....-. English MIX: NVIIQUN ,M .N B. Southern Methodist University-, ,,.--.o,. Alathemalics Miss LANDI5, , -H H. 5, Unixeisily of Missouriw - ,,o,,... ,-H-ul-Ionic Economics MISS VlRl3IN,f - X. B, i31iyioi'Uniwrsity ,.,,,,,,,,,, ---,--, - ,4 English ff I "'i,f'lQ -,Vg fi' fi, 6 ,- La Jlirosa 1923 'U I L fin xx' xy ,' - . Y . v . ' . e,,,,Y , Q6-,-'SX I 1 -'v:gf:'n Iv?-. li x. .fa fbi fi .-36 he? EHS . 125. .. e , MISS HUIIIPHREYS A... -B. A. University of Texas ,,......., 7 . --e. ..,,A.,A History MRS. BRINT ......,. A. B. Trinity University ....,,..,. ,..,. H islorp MR. WlI:SON-,- ,... B. S. East Texas Normal College .... ,, Mathematics MISS AVERY ,... ---Southwestern University ,.e.....,. .,..,, L ibrarian MISS GILBERT ,..,.., B, A. Texas Christian University .,.. .,,S.,,., E nglish MRS. MOORE,-- ,,--B. S. College Of Inclustrial Arts .... --- Home Economics , . f- ,. Q ,Q .N E. - -1 -J. 4 fo+9"" U ,Anal S it-53? li X JIU La .Hi rosa 1923 Page Eteven -' .N --- ' ' A- ,Qi 1.43" 'N 1' M ,-....-BNN. -. X f -X Q "' ff- 7221. if.. -. X 'tlbmkfikrsg QM Mffrf 1. V4- A -7. MR5. ,ATXYOODQ , ., B. A. Baylor Universityu- .......... English MR. BICHAM . .,.g.,, B. A. Baylor University--- B Civics Si History M155 KLAPPROTH .,.. B. A. Polyteclmic College-,,- --- ---- Latin M155 MCC!-LE ,.,.... B. A. Colorado College ,.... ...... E nglish MR. BAKER ,,,, ,--,B. A. Trinity University ,,,.... ......, S cience M155 AX'EN'I --, ..., Vlfct Texas State Normal ,,.. --- Mathematics fx N All F- La .Hivosa 1923 U E Pale 'I' xx 1-lx e 4-NXQS' I -- T' ,Xu Yi r ' C ' -K' ,xK X by Sw sl i5,,t I Miss JONES ........... ..B. S. College of Industrial Arts ...... -- Ho ne Econqmics MR. I-IINDS ..... - ..... B. A. Texas Unlversltyu ....... ....... - - SCICTICC Miss RUSSELL ..... ..,- A . B. University of Kansasuu ..... ..... L anguages TOPICS IN BRIEF fAn extension of this department appears daily in the school! With apologies to the Digest For want of something better to do, one rainy clay, Mr. Mac measured the ground between the old and new buildings. Two i'Cannon balls" blew in about Christmas. We hear they are of first class metal. Recently seen in a local paper: For sale :-One great big red heart, in perfect order-Vaughn-Amarillo. Miss lVIcGee thinks as much of nouns and verbs etc. as anyone else does of his Grandma. "Class Strikers" are usually found willing to loiter around. the City Pharmacy and City Tailor Shop. Some students are determined to prove that they are too busy to study, even if it takes all their time to prove it. Green is a local color around the I-Iigh School. All the knowledge pupils swallow is good for their constitution. Specialists are working on the extermination of the Uflunkingi' germ. Between the advancing tribes of Fish, and the stalling Seniors there is naturally a "Ruhr" end collision. f ' JI II La Jlivosa 1923 Page Thirteen 19' 0 - Q , X' . Tw, -MH WY? 1, ,rap 5 -rfb ' f Uv CLYQ' Qljxmwi xii, -"' gave W 'ff , -f.-ff .. N ,L ...wa 4 .. .1 .N Q' f P- '- -' -Lf-Nr'5'f:'?':x1gSf?gf MH M ,, fx X, ii!! U La .Hi rosa A 1923 ze Fourteen U M J 'i'-' 12,, - A :U----xx ffi mx Af' 'ff - , I -ivxwwt .gQ.3'Xi-,"'f ,. P'--Lf' 'ff' I-ll 'A ' 'mf -M 'X W k , -- S-, N Q, v NX: Q I V f I 1 4-4.1 I 1' -Hg. M V4 F y ij, f E3 ,Q Q4 ""' , l Z! X'S""I f x., X511 XX! R 9 51 If La J1iz'o5 a 1923 U Ui Page Fitteeti .,i.i--1. :QI La .Hirosa 1923 ' 55, , .- 'Qi' Y-A HALLIE ADAMS ....... "Snoolf.s' Springfield Ill. '21 Chorus '20g Y. W. C. A. '21 Eulalian Literary Club '22 Orchestra '20, '21, '22, '23 Choral '23 . Pres. Spanish Club '23 MALLIE ADAMS-, ...... "Toots' Springfield Ill. '21 Chorus '20, '21, '22 Y. W. C. A. '21 Eulalian Literary Club '22 Orchestra '23: Choral '22 IRENE ADAMS---Q ...... "Bus' Chorus '21, '22 Spanish Club '20, '21 DORTHY ALLEN ........ "Dat' Chorus '20, '21 Choral '20 Class Historian '23 Vice-Pres. Class '20 Ze Sixteen II IU ' V' . - - .z... -' -5 W. ' V-5 1. . ' L-L' l -1- T A. .KM I l I l l I E ROBERT AXTELL ..... , "Aide Science Club 'I9, '20 ' Pliilomatbean Club '2l, '22 Hi-Y '22, '23 Tennis '22, '23 Orchestra ,l9, '20, 'ZI Bancl '22, '23 RUBIE BAKER ,...... "Muddy Basket Ball '21-'22, '22-,23 Captain Basket Ball '22-'23 Football ,22 Forum '22, '23 Science Club '2l l-li-Y '23 Editor-in-Chief La Airosa '23 VERA BASSETT .u..u., "Topsic Y. W. C. A. 'l9 Latin. Club '23 Spanish Club '23 Tuorvisni BEAN ..u.uu.. "lr5ie' Y. W. C. A. '19, '20 Chorus '20, '2l Sec. Camp Fire C-irls '20, 'Zl Botany Club 'l9, '20 Parliamentarian C. W. A. '22 '23 D713 La .Hivosa 1923 U D L ini-. .-. . v 3 61 r l ' x 7 f. I . 4' il y., y'5-'WQQQW 1" :.1, 1 ,l .gg t , '--1 Mmm Lore BENNETT Buble WCA Z0 rom BOLANDER Lan ze W A Polly Anna Cluo ZI l'lELF.N BoxxlER ....... Clicral Club 23 Dramatic Club Z3 HARDEN BOHLESE-- Forum '2l, '22 Pres. Forum '23 Football '22, '23 Baseball '22, '23 Cleo Club '23 Sec. Senior Class '23 I-Ii-Y '23 Billge "Dave iii? ,, 7 , ' f -'-1 CQ gm . -' . K V - vu -f E - NA- .i I - 2 al' ' s Y I 2 FK- I' 8 Yr- F 1-"2 ' .. - U'3ff-l 4 "Q: ll . ' l ,l.: -,,-1 A hw. ' rf ' s ' ki, ' ,- KP . - k'p21v .Wy r l fr' " "" " "fl-15 .gi-1' g H- gp" " ' ,'-.','4-ifw ,Y ,H - . .izzl J..-s W gl . V V, , .25 5 5, r - V . 4 . .- A , , ag.-,Q .Q f 5. b A ' ' vj,.-3,-X, I.- N 3 V V' i . 4-if l 1 ' , V I .. . A f l Y K A' '2-I- V 1 ' h ' lx . . . . , li A f l 3 I Q V , ' . l f 1 . I . l . ' ' 1' 4 I , l P , V F . ' f ' L ' ' 1 ' n 1 fs - . - 5 LL .... if , ' ' ' , , 5, g X. . C. . Zl I I ' :' 1 5' V 1 , . I . 5 . I ' r . v l ' I E 4 I I I I I I I 6 : .. . l 5 , I A V- YL,-E' .,-wymvr: "--- 1,1-f-g,,E. - W. ...i --f- f -r -- vii , rl Via. .,. J ,. ' ff' : H ' N.,-rl g,' W-ly r".-, ', N, . ,, , ' E' -...U -+4 ' 1 1 f ' l 1 ,:7,., ,. I, 1-lu, A - W., , , .. , V. W V. . E---Mig La Jlivosa M oE19?3 E Page Eighteen ,' 5 . fl I l BARNEY BRADY ..... "Cornfield" Forum '20, '21, '22 Pbilornatliean Club '22 Basketball '20-'21, 'ZI-'22, '22- '23 Hi-Y '23 GFRALDINE BRowNrNcLj'jerry" Y. VV. C. A. '19, '20 Spanish Club '20 C. W. A. Club '22 Girls Debating Team '23 HCRACE GILBERT CAMPBELL Red Clee Club '2l, '22 Track '22, '23 Hi-Y '23 T. B. DAVIS -,,. .,.,. ' Teddy" Sophomore Debating society '21 Annual Staff '22 Bus. Mgr. La Airosa '23 Q1 U .Ca .Hirosa 1923 'U Pais X 3 - 'E 12-3 I ' v NEWTON RIGGS ....... "Rose" Forum '2I, '22, '23 Hi-Y '22, '23 Science Club '19, '20 , .ANNIE MAE Rinmcs .... "Sue" Y. W. C. A. '19, '20 Red Cross Auxiliary '19 Basketball '20 Polly Anna Club '20, '21 KATE CRUDGINGTON .... "Katie" Y. W. C. A. '21 Ckorus '20, '21, '22 CLYDE DUGGER .... ----"Dug" Science Club '19, '20 Philomathean Club '22, '23 I-Ii-Y '22, '23 II La .Hi rosa 1923 aze Twenty -1 T Muvwf-wi ,K I-1 l l 'Q GEORGE B. DoUBLEDAY--"lsl1" Forum '22, '23 Hi-Y '23 Glee Club '2l, '22, '23 Most Popular Boy '23 FERN FOOTE ........ "Cheese" Farwell High School '20, '2l Basketball '20, '2l Eulalians Club '22, '23 AMY CHAPPELL Gl1.1.w-"Aim" Y. W. C. A. '20 Grchestra '20, '21 Chorus '20, '21 LEILA GRABENER ..,... "Crab" Y. W. C. A. '20 Polly Anna Club '20 Eulalian '22, '23 II La .H i rosa 1923 'H UT. Page Twenty-Gne i. sigw x"'X,',k5"'Mg' I ,c Q' W BENNIE? GRnENH1LL---"Beanie Hi-Y 'l9, '23 Forum '20, '2l, '23 Philomathean '22 Treus. I-HY '23 'fmck '22 C-lee Club '20, '21, '22 MABEL GRUNEP- - ---. "Malice Y. XV. C. A. '19, '20 Polly Anna '20, 'ZI Eulalian Literary Society '23 if i NORMA GUR17----..,,--",7Vig' 4' Literary Club '23 Spanish Club '23 Annual Staff '23 LAURA RUTH IRVIN-.---"Punlf Y. W. C. A. '20, '2l Chorus '2l, '22, '23 Campfire Girls '20, '2l Athletic Association '22 Dramatic Club '20, '2l X, f 2 "1 '.' a s "o' , "'S""":" 4 K Z E If La .Hi rosa 1923 -'U P e Twenty-Two ' ,ll-l-. ...-11-1 C ,Ix, U, f ? jlm f ., ' " i ir' W 'lnQQ.W" 5 N ix xx Science Club 'ZI EUGENE JORDAN ..... Forum '22 Plilomathean QU, '21 Hi-Y '23 Sec. Hi-Y '23 Diftrict Debators '23 Student Council 'Zl Phiicmathean Club '22 Latin Club '22 Ckorus '23 B, FRANK .IoNEs ....... "Beef Basketball '21 -'22, 'ZZ-'23 "Con: JAMES I. KENDRICK ..... hllgep IRENE KRABBE ......, ,"SIin' QI K La JI i vosa 1923 If 77: ge Tu 3 L!r1.1-.Vhl :dum lv-I I. l 5. . I- P, I I ' ' - ' 'F' 'Tl' f , I -. F i Y'h I . 1, . ii, C J I 4 - , -I v'1 I : ,, P-' "A Page 'Five Cn Q ll T gms., in .X . I o mf" l l , , 1 'J .r- 1 +- 1 i , . y i I I :L .'::?f.. -I'I?5E'ftf'.EfE:, DF Xxj!-I--1-E LANDIS- -ufudgenw V "Puny , Pres. Senior Class '23 Pres. Glee Club '23 l-li-Y '23 Baseball '23 Sec'y Plwilomatllean '22 Forum '21, '23 Science Club '2I Cap Rocl: Staff '20 V Student Council '2l Pres. Fresliman Class '20 2 W. T. l2EACHMAN-"Fire Toppy I Vocational Club '20 Science Club 'ZI I LEEN LINDSEY ....,. "Sallie' Y. VV. C. A. '21 Campfire Girls '2l Choral '22, '23 HELEN Livscoivus ...... "WarZ' Y. W. C. A. '21 Chorus '2l, '22, '23 Choral '2I, '22, '23 my-Four La .fzivosa 1923 'U .........-.Max-5.57 Gin ,P -Ai? 1 --A -V fY MAIDA ALMA MCAFEE--"Mac" Literary Society '19, '20 Dramatic Society '20, '21 Y. W. C. A. '19, '20 Eulalian '22, '23 Athletic Association '22, '23 Pres. Eulalian '23 LA VERNE McNEu.LY--"Alva" Choral Club '20 Y. W. C. A. '21 Eulalian Club '22 PRENTESS MATHIS- .... "Burke l Forum '19, '20, '21 1 Pbilomatbean '21, '22 Hi-Y '22, '23 -n 1-1i-Y Reporter '2 3 BEN MEADZW .......... "Mac" . Forum Debating Club '22, '23 . Debate '22 Science Club '21 1 I1 H La Jlirosa 1923 '11 Page Twentv- F Y inf," ,bum f- ,I-S5 ,fi-ii, ' X . 1 'QT if ' gi. 7 1 ' ' ' A LILLIAN NET:-iERToN---"LiIIy Wichita Falls '20 Camp Fire '21 Student Council '21 Pres. Dramatic Club '23 LILLIAN PARKS ....... "Bobby Summerfield High '21, '22 C. W. A. Literary Club '23 CLYDE PRXCE .-.. "Pak Perkins' Tres. Freshman Class '20 Forum '21 Vice-Pres. Philomathean '22 Hi-Y '23 Ring Committee '23 WILLARD REINHEIMER-"Rainy" Sophomore Debating Society '21 Vocational Club '20 Science Club '21 ge Twenty-Si U La .flirosa X 1 923 13103 "'-"" E f'b-,C-if ,TL 'EJ L,-. NE... ' " ,E 51-1 .EUQENE RICE ......,. "Cena" Forum '22, '21 Science Club '21 JERRY JOHN RITCH-- -"Fa1-mer" Winle1's High School Hi-Y '23 Forum '23 XJERA ,IANETTE ROBERTS "Vidge" Sanger High School '20, '21, 'ZZ Sec. C. W. A. Literary Club '23 EVFLYN TENNESSEE SCHRIBER ltslimlv Y. VV. C. A. '20 Dramatic '21 Eu1a'ian Club '22 i JJ U La .An-asa 1923 U , Page Twentv 2 ill '-'-- .al - X., RTS:-fu . 'X xr ' Forum '22, '23 Hi-Y '23 Basketball '21, '22 Football '22, '23 Baseball '22, '23 Annual Staff '23 Tres. Senior Class '23 Choral Club '23 Eulalian Club '22 PAULINE SIMMONS .... Cheyenne Wyoming H 'ZI 'ZZ Eulalizim '23 Y. W. C. A. '19, '20 Camp Fire C-irls '20, '21 C. W. A. Club '22, '23 WILLIE MAY SHAFFER---H AIANIE SINGLETON .--... " RAYMOND KAUFMAN .... "Bus mspussvv igh '20, jane" Page Twenty- Eight 3 U La .Am-Usa 1923 'H Bill' C4 -.4 3 'A I .. TH Wgjff' S,,,,.jgLxi..wx Lf . . .I . I CATHERINE SMITH .-.,., "Cat" Y. W. C. A. 'l9, '20 Campfire Girls '20 Dramatic Club '22 Sluclent Council 'l9, '23 lVlILDRED SMITH ...... "Millie" Eulalian Club '23 Y. W. C. A. '20, '2l Spanish Club '23 Choral Club '23 RUTH SMITH ....v.... "Punk" AY. W. C. A. 'l9, '20 Dramatic Club ,20, '21, '22 Camp Fire Girls '20, 'ZI Chorus '20, '2l, '22 FRANCIS SPANE,- ,. . -"Franlgie" Choral Club '23 Eulalian '23 Dramatic Club '23 l 11 UQ. La .fziwsa 1923 'U Page Twenty N .--..-i- ,, 4 - A QQ -5 "E 'l . .T "RV R , lx ilk, , - ff-X., 532.-xx X. , Y 9 4 -l-l -fxfgg-Q XM X aw. xx.. . Nwflg' .-1 ., ' EQ:,i' Q3?l K4 L in xx Wx ,.- - .. --- .-. -- . .... . ..... - . .. . r . .ry 1. , l H IVIARTHA Y. XV. Chorus I Choral 3 Spanish I I I n I I ...J BRANNLJN STICRNEY Mfldlarcic 'I9 C. A. '2I, '22, '23 '23 Club '23 l'll2I.EN MARGARET STORY "Fable' Canton High School '20, '2l Cltorus '20, '2l Spanish Club 'ZZ Sec. Choral Club '23 Dc-NA LD T AYLOR- 2 - -"Breeches' Forum '20 Science Club '2l lVl.L'-.RCIQS TWADDELL 2... "Marlg' Phfomathean '22 Hi-Y '23 Art Editor La Airosa '23 age Thir! II La .Hirosa 1923 LU IU-gi ,11-Q lliil-1 g.,.....t1, 1 2' T E1-iT? f +ve-M-Sk -rx XM 1 1 1 Y. W. c. A. '19, '20 Polyana Club '20, '21 Botany Club '20, 'ZI Pomona High School '21 Forum '23 Football '22 Hi-Y '23 Science Club 'ZI FRVD WARRLN ,..,.. "Freddie" Clee Club '22, '23 Forum 'Zl Philomatbean '22, '25 I-Ii-Y '23 ADRILNNE JXTIEBURY- ,-.1H0l1ClJSUL'lflCvl Y. XV. C. A. '19, '20 Vice Pres. Sophomore Debating Club '20, '21 Eulalian Club '21, '22 Yell Leader '22, '13 Choral '20, '22, 123 Vice Pies. Choral 25 CLARENCE VVINE .e.e "Hf"hi5lfey" CLARA WALLINQC- 2 2 -"CeiIing" If La .H i rosa 1923 U Page Thirt ' i-.1 ' K UA ,- .. Y-., 'pic Sl, Liga fr H, , .3 1- ,lc . 7- gk-4 . :X 'Q I-J .xl..3AwiiTXNh"'-'- at T 'Ns "W ci., ' X A ' ' ' SENIGR HI TORY. EN IORS! Oh yes Seniors. Four years ago who would have thought it? Upon our entrance into high school the teachers sighed at the apparently hopeless task, and called us little Indians. "But mighty oaks from little acorns grown, behold the fruits of their labor. Vve entered a hesitant but ambitious band of Freshmen and looking ahead we saw that the land we would traverse was divided into four parts, all glorious to our eager eyes, for far in the distance towering over all, were the lofty Peaks of Knowledge, our goal. Anxious to begin the journey, our chiefs and councelors De Witte Landis and Louie Daniel, beckoned us to follow them to the white man's land. Arriving at the edge- of the painted desert, we stopped in horror for before us lay only a barren waste. Still more terrifying was the sight cf great bundles of duties, deposited on the far side of the desert by those dreaded semi-civilized Indians, the Sophomores, to be added to our already heavy packs of Languages. Mathematics and Sciences. Amazed but courage' ous, we pushed on until, feeling a need of new inspiration, we held our first and never-to- be-forgotten "pow wow" at the "Famous For Foodl' oasis, the Amarillo Hotel. The whole tribe participated in this and all reached the second lap of the journey where we assumed the position of fearless Sophomores. New leaders, Eli Curtis and Dorothy Allen arose to lead us through our joys and sorrows, So that our great, great grandchildren might he spared the wrath of the Sun God as we had suffered it, we planted around Big Chiefis Wigwam a number of shade trees. Upon gaining our second destination, we dared to sea rch out the third, which to our satisfaction would be reached by patl's through valleys and woods of unsurpassed beauty. Happy Juniors. Commanded by Tall Chief Dawson and our faithful Sun Tribe maiden Alice Curtis, we reached the threshold of the last stretch between us and our goal. Before leaving the valley, De Xvitte Landis and Alice Curtis summoned us to the high calling of Seniors. Having strengthened ourselves by eating dried prunes fexamsb we worked with such vigor that our determination was so manifest that we were permitted to dwell leenceforth within thc grand wigwam, the New Amarillo l-ligh School. Nlore- over it is whispered that the junior tribe is preparing for us a great feast. When our journey shall have culminated on the heights. each member will go out from the last gay' "pow wown, promised by our elders, into new and broad,-:ij paths, little savages no longer but dignified graduates ready to assume in: the near future the responsibilities of citizenship. Class Historian DORTHY ALLLN. La Aivosa 1923 Pane Thirtv-Two -' :--fy' ff ---..C-3 ..-x,,""' ,fix g "I- - 'KD Q Ml., Qk, ,J -Aww-me2:+"Is rx fs., IJ 1- HM f N -'Y' - Nw -sr X' --L wh. . :W 11- 'X ' I 1 I I " K' 'NY' QC" ' I ,, KX I I A f F. 7 lf.. a sx,-A I I N. ..,., -if ' 'af I L-Al l il' , W' ' ",,i4'?1 I X I 17 NN ' I , 'W 'I l II i I X Z I I I XXX I wm v m I V 5 If I Ip I II JUNIOR I I N Pam' Thirty-Four ' 2Y---f- K -2 ' X 1 git- f 4'-F2 i Y A 'A iwffiwgs-x'1'kfm.x'?11 ' X-J-21'2N, - " Nb- N.. , H - 22 . HX- AN. ' ,xy WA 2 l y Q .T1l,gQ, ANSLEY llnml -1 -fr YlYl,XN ,-XDAKIS Y U' l' .Xl '21 llmulc 22. '22 llcilallmtvon '22 S1-.wnlwlu Kflnlv '2 .XNfx'.XIllif. ALLEN 'k XY, if X ll U-clv-:Nivx '2l 22. 'IJ 4"l1o1.1l '23 farm: Fire lllifli '21 Slulem Council '21 fennlf flul! '22 l..z Num-3 Nall '25! -,,-., Y.. 11' - -, -.., -'!I-X C'flRlN,X .XEBOTT I1 lu 1 77 '93 lfRL'lTl. IKIMXCKBURN llziwr-lnll '22 l:0!'lllu '22 l ll- H 2 ' lf'l'T.X lTl,lCKlNGl'lANI Vlwmrill '22 l'lvmuN '22 llmxuzltln' 4-'luls 'Lf' l-.ulnllfm '23 ll.xZlll. BARTON Q llIlY'I':l'4 RULES 1.11-. xml, -,, -.. l'lxil.m:u!l1eav1 '22 '23 Ili-Y '23 4 -ZlCl,I-A HOLES llvmu- "" llrral ""' -- H 1 -- RHI!!-.RT BRUWNIZ Furnm '23 fllcc Klub '22, '23 ll: Y ""' XYll.l.lli BENNETT 'Vmrk '22, '25-I, Vaptain '23 lklskctllnll '22 ' lli-Y '23 i l Rn' nm'1.Rs I Fm um' '2f1i : l' ootlrzxll '22 liggchall '22, '23 fa .Hirosa 1923 FIV . "N -- T D - 'ff A. .Im TDEIJIA l"ONflI-EY ' Spanish '23 FRE!! tj! DRNIiI.I'1I'S Hi-Y '23 KATHERINE CURI. Spanish Club '23 MARY FRANCIS CARIPBIiI,l. Y, XV. C, A. '19 C. XY. .X Literary Society '23 XYlI,I.IARI C'R.XXVFC7R'lJ Forum '23 II1-Y '23 IfI.IZ,XIZFTH DAILY l'I1f.uL1s '22, 'III EI LEX DICKSON x'huruS '2J1 frmwp Fire thrle '21 Y, XY. V, .X. '21 Secfy ,Innmr Class '2.. IHlN.XI,U IP F.XLI-ER Pres lIi-Y '23, '22 Kllec l'luh"2Z2 Fish Hfficcr '21 RI"IfI'I FREIZKIAX lkmlmu Sprung: High '21, '22 Iiulzllian 'ICI FLUYDE GARWQ DOD Fish Officer YL Souh Ufficer 'LL Hi-Y '23 Y - REGFNE GILYIN Vhorub 10. '21 fhoval '22 '23 SIVIHISIT H Cluh '23 l amp Fnre Girls 'Z30 . EIIXV.-XRD GIBBON Orchestra '21, '22 I La .Hivosa 1923 Page Thirty-Five w Punt Thirfv-Six I'N'9N.'XLl'1 HVFF Ufcntur High '21, '22 Phllomathearu '23 FIx.XXK'liS II.-XLI. Ilryan High '22 Nl.XRlZ,XRI-IT LUL'ISli HARRIS Urcl1est1'a '21, '22 l.1I.Y MAE ILXFKLER Urclmetra '21, '22 Vhorus '22 FRANCIS DAVIS Spanish Vluh '23 INK HAY IIUPKIXS Y XV, L' .L '21 1211021.15 '23 l1l'21l'llill1C Vluh '2 TI'.XN1T,X IHZNIJFRSHN Vlmorus 21. '22 Orchestra '21, '22 Vhoral '20 '21 EYIZLYN l.l'IPlv.XRTH HEEL Vhorux '23 Y. XY. lf .X. '20 liI'11'.XRll KING FSTER IJIYINC ,Xnrmal Staff '23 MARY FI.TZ.-XHIZTII l.EIlFllR'l'P 141101114 '21, '22, '23 Choral '23 l5EURl2Ii S. l1Cl,IiLL.XN Forum '23 ii i-...-f.: V' X ifj S- If n 531' 4 " 'V x g . V ,N : QQ' 9" 21f M ' 1 Kl"l'H NIM '.XR'l'N EX' lPI'.hhX Rl.Xhl lzkrl lk .Xmmal Staff '23 k'u111pfirc '21 X' XV C' X "'l Yicu-I'rus Ulais '22 V VQXRI. XIII.I.I'.R I7mm11 '2H fllcc flulr 'USL XIAXNX' lil.IZ.Xl"li'I'lI Xlcl.lil.I. X'L!IUlrfil'U fhrls '20 t'l1m'L1s '21, '22 l2l.X',X NlAXl'I.ll1X X. XX' V. .X '21, '22 FILXNK IIIHIIINIZI l'l'H.XK1 Flnwu ""' ' :Ii-X' '23 -., AXl.X'.X I? Xl lR'l'lIl'l"l'T Vrrx Fuxwwx '2II Ili X ""' XX'lNF1iIl,U NIL'lil..XL'5 Hnselyall '22. 'FH Fvutlwall '22. '23 liguskclhzlll '22l fam. Football '2' RI.X1i-IHNIQ Nlilil.X' 3' xy. uwx, 'gg t'm11m1e gurls -1 U LXKIEF- 'PARKS Ui-X' 'Lb R.XX' PJXRR Hi X' "' LUCILLE P,-XYNE r i Z 1 XY La .Hivosa 1923 Pa: C Tlxirtv-Seven Pane TI-irty-Eight XLXRILXRET VIRGINIA RASCO 1111 fun L I UILXINE REEX' 'S 1. ,la FR.XNL'lS ' 1' I' 4'l III' 5 'L V Y 51.123 RI3QX'Nm'lL 3 .URAINIY SIIII I.- , V .1.'ITI.'i sm A101 S 'I VERDIE MAY SAMS I v xlyxx 'FIIORIPSON M 5122 ' TEE .gm '- , 1 'LI 1 fr' 'II' .Ilixf 5. '. h1l,vm:nhez 'LL SIILHIISII fl ' 'L 'Y XINNE 'I'II" .' 'w' mia " f 'III ,x ix LL u 1 1, I.lXN.X ' J fu 1' - ,irIsY'21 Y, XV. V. A, '21 ' Id X' X 'I ' N l RICET 1.111 ,flu F I 'U III DS X XX L X 'Ir I ' LY XIX I IITII X XX I X 'U II u 1 lI1X ' I7c-rum .Il R1 I RI' Il III X '. Ilulx " '. i' INLIMIII ' In nm . I l'NIIII 'IXIIIIHK In II ll 1 ' I I hath Il " ' I' v an I' I uh W1 I III, 'IIIN Nl JI 'I llux I 1 I1. rw " IUI 'IHI Ix X XX l X u u Maf- - u vw- - N N' ' " , 'N.EX3'F-'- if f Nw-:...+fl u"'Tgs:g:w. -4 Xu. 1l'Il.XIiI.ES GRICICN Tli-Y '23 lfl1ilmu:n!!u-ml '22 ble. Klub J., I.H'l"I'II31 XVRIHHT HIi'.Xl'l31 XYAXLKICR XV .-X '21 lrnvul I lull '20 Stuflent Vuuucil 'Zi lfulalian L'lul- '23 1 I..XR.X Wuufr Y W. 41 .X, '22 T"Ul'XTAIN XYURKS Forum '21 La :Xirrwa Smff 'fl UIEC Klub 'III I:O!'Hl11 'QZI Hi-Y Flulw 'L NANCY XYORKS v Fish Beauty '21 GEORGE XY.XI.Tt'YN XYKJC3liOI'IZll Club '21 IHPXQX LEE XYITT l'h'nnA'alic l'lul,v 'QQ KHZRLVE YOVX12 gl"3I'liSl1 Club '22 ULEX B.-XKIZR IILY '23 V1,1gL'1sI2 PAu.uER .Xll1Ict'C 5gm1':l,r1' 'fl '33 Faq'-Imomm-x'e Beauty '12 .XLIQEN COOK Vhorus '23 Szramsh Clulw 23 501111 vice-pres. 3' 4 La .An-asa 1923 PT-A Page Thirty-Nine f--Viifs ' ' sk-wr T 'Sf-. il Y , -I X ' we X' Tr 'Qi xxx: 1:5 ., " ami'-' ix SE? xx. Q , Q? Y XLQSMVL ,X .K-C: N- NN- 7 Ju IOR HISTORY IT HAS BEEN three years since we juniors entered high school. Three years, that have been full of labor and success. Now, as we look back over that space of time, we discover that the Class of '24, as it proudly entered high school, one hundred and seventy-three strong, was indeed a "green" bunch of freshmen and we realize how much we hare learned. We had many good times the first year, in spite of the fact the other classes regarded us as mere children. The class party, supervised by Mrs. Atwood will be long remembered as a very successful affair. With our motto: "The Elevator to Success is not Running: Climb the Stairs", and our president -I. C. l-leyser, we success- fully passed the pitfalls in the path of a freshman. ln the fall of '2l our class again assembled in high school to repeat the successes of the year before. This time the class was composed of one hundred and eighty-three students Windfield Nicklaus was e'ecled its president. We were as proud as any "soph" could be, emphasizing it with the motto: "But a Soph is just Right." We passed that year after much hard work together with fun and again welcomed vacation time. September ll, 1922 found this class again in high school. this time as juniors. At a class meeting in the fall, Windfield Nicklaus was again elected president. There have been few class meetings this year as it was so crowded and inconvenient in the old leigh school, however, we mean to make up for lost time, now that we have the beautiful new building. We intend to make the Amarillo High School, a school recognized throughout the state and our class a credit to that school. MERLE YOUNG Historian. GW- eff-frefvilrff-+4Q.w.4 43 'ttigfqfffgegfwseflyf ,lflrgbgismfj Cgl L35 zieeszeif-rg.-5,-1 E. 5,y5wgi9 Ui La Jlirosa 1923 'U E I I' ty -'Y Q-T175 -- YY-'Qjuixf , YT- 1.3" J, ar .Q Q5 h ' 5x1 J'K5sX-,Qglxsvlk fix .P .N Q uf. Ni X nfw., - ,' ' Ml ...Y .-Tf"", 1 - "'bLi' L Qi-fx. ix -X 22. A' XX - A, fu 1- - -'A' ' Qgjq 4.1. QX 5 71 ' , W7 me fb X 1 W2 N R lrjflj XY Q qw W - 4 NG lx ff l 1 f v' xl ff N I 'Kg Bi I - M Q"-fig, L ' . Q Q Q5 ,x ff FS ,N W ' X ,f,, - TIT '52 , 1 . 1 X Hr Jr: rn f ff 15 lyk ff va ,f jk.--M, 'I f f-' .f,j-X -ffxyrk , - x, Y .Xvxw ,,. fy! . 1.445 -jg if Ji . 9 ??'Qf 'i,,,4gi:1? 22231-fvfw Q, Xxff Af?iZ22'f'::f?'ff fdfy 94 Z tvfff D' f!4,f f , ,fffx !Zb'M,faf"l7'f7177V:79' '7 V r N H La .Hiziosa 1923 TI P'1 -1 f W' ' 'iggjg iiwfff' 2' I 'iwmrasim 11 . 5,3 A La Jin-Usa 1923 ,U L l"Z:L'f- Forty-Tu 0 . 134.4414 .. l- fA W A H '35-X l ,MK ,.Q Q' , , X 1 V--4--Sx :'1+4Ngw7rf'X LA M fv. A- VKV- J I II La An-Usa 1923 'U -i-- ' ii -M' ?+C-5 mggf ., M ig,-. ffm H 5 Q 153, 9 , ' ' ' A Page D .J mu :umm l ggi' N -JN? 51.532 ,rgliid T... CLASS HISTORY NE HUNDRED and eighty nine of us entered the Ship of Destiny in the autumn of l92l. None knew the Path of Experience but all were wiiling to, try. Xve gradually absorbed a few rules and several important prirciples fzut no on: felt alarmed if we tallied in our sleep for Latin, algebra, and Spanish were glosts of the night. . We anticipated throwing ncicg in study halls and whispering sometimes too but after staying in afternoons -l-FEL CURTIS for misbehaxior we solemn'y changed our minds. We SUFI' PfL'5l5l""l began to realize that school is not a House of Play but a House ot Knowledge. And some day we would be glad to say that we were graduates of A. H. S. 'iliis true we were scattered to the four cornera of the earth, some to the old red building, but we were not altogether insignificant, for our boys played well on the athletic teams and were exceedingly proud to send Billie Childers to Canyon as winner of the Declamation Contest. Xve are delighted to be in the new Building and we are endeavoring to make our record among the highest ol all classes. CLASS ROLL Ewerctl Allard lVlildred :Xldredge lVlargnret Aleinus .lolrnnie Anderson tfliraheth Andre Bruce .Nshcraft Vllilliam Atltison 'lhelina Barnes lfula Barret Agnes Beasley Ruth Bennett Ruiry Billev hrcel Blackburn Mary Blackburn Hoyt Boles Lawrence Browne Xvalter Browne Grace Browing Emi Buckingham Wanclti Cates lftheline Cantrell lilira beth Chandler liiitherine Chandler Powell Qonib-s 'llelma Qoolt lfunice Cooper Drew Crosse! Tliosnas Cruihlielal 'I'-vel Curtis ,level Cox Opal Daniel lueille Davis Nvilliain Daxis Henery Dewey Clarice lliclqon Eli .ibeth lxliiclff-ii l"r:inces Ada Diisaon hflarlai Duncan Nell Dllfhet' Franz Dyche Willie lVlay Dye Milburn llasuin Virginis Egbert 'Wilma Ellia Alga llvens Ruth harley Earl Flagg Walter Fly Mervin Ford Ridhard Ford lack Fu-qua L. H. Fuqua Betty Garner Myrtle Gaut lVla!',io1ie Elillam Helen Goodnight Tim Cristy fa .Hivosa 1923 Page Forty-Four gi? . , , v, fx. XPA, X Mary Gross james Gruner Irene Hagan Johnnie Halley louise Hamilton Dorthea Hand Clara Harman Edwin Harris Elizabeth Harris Fred Hayden Elmer Herrington I. C. Heuser Helen Hitchcock Ruth Holman Venna Holt Margguerette Hooper Mary Hopkins Mary Hoyal Margaret Hudson Gerald Huff Eunice Hulen Josephine Ingram Tobert Jamison lulia Jones' Evelyn Keel, Robbie Lee Kemp T. B. Kennedy Arms Killough Ben Lair Nlellie Laseter Paul Lefforge Stanley Lehman Aubrey Lemons VI. W. Lemons Elden Lewis Vlartha Lindsay Vlyra Lena lloyd Esther Loving Mabe Lynas Edward Martin Dauline Martine Peraline Martin Elva Mauldin Ruth McCartney Kate McCravey Gladys McDowell Kathryn McGregor David Mead Katherine Miller Mary Miller Florence Moore Leota Mulkins Francis Mullinix Theidore Nicklaus Mary Nobles Roderick Northern Leonard Nunn Richard Nunn Samuel Nutting Estelle O'D'onald Ada Bell Pace Alma Pace Bessie Pace Ray Pair Eddie Parks Elizabeth Peanilard Lewis Pennock Opal Pickens Mierclonut l'ittman Xvilbur Pittman Earnest Poling Alfred Pollard Mary Porch Ray Reeder Ralph Renison Rebecca Renison Vivian Retherford Albert Reville Archie Richards john Ridings Katherine Ridings Paul Ridings Margaret Roberts Lois May Rodgers Ethel Russell Loyse Samms .lean Sanders -lames Sellars Mary Jane Short Vera Sizemore lmogene Slade lfrnestine Smith Francis Smith Helen Smith Josephine Sooter Paul Stanley Earl Stitler Orville Stone Robert Straiter Ruby Street Charlotte Stirrett Afbertis Taliaferro Harold Taylor Nancy Teel Rodney Thomas Royce Thomson Daniel Thompson Mattie Timmons Marvin Twaddell Bernard Vaught Dean Waddill George Waddill Kirby Walls Raymond Wliitington Earnestine Williams Vivian Williams jewel Wilson Hazel Winc1i.gei' Louise Worrell Albert Wyatt Lois Young Merle Young Virginia Young La .H i vosa 1923 TL ag 4 P F S YVYM 1 f N , f , .b W--fu..x,f 5' ,, ' , +A w-9 ' ,fa . X X vQzg.Xxgggf:'v'g :Q , , uf K 1, xx A, ML V .. rv ' u .vi4""" ' A ' kr Xx I ,X - XXV-w-, fa . 'map .lr ' A I I N -- R WRX' 'R L- . If-Q f 1 A x K KX I --ll L:::I:T1 l 'hi Ii' UI ,V Mi IFE- " Q.-Q.. ,LL-I: 1- -f 5.-ieesbb V l S J v - ,, 1 4 1 -- I ' 5 L' ll C 5 ix flax E E- ' in - 1 . .r N. .f E A.!ali'H3' '- :-A fn L5 '- - ' ' ' Qtfitgfeggiiifaslt :'- f u5i!J!:+2J1.'a4 1 wif' .11 . I , E1 ff' I I l I 1 L! 0 Q ..: 'W 1? - 5.f-' La .Hiz'0Sa 1923 P1zFo 5 - , ' 'lv-f' T ' " '- YQ. ,, W' A 1 4, , --Q r , H Q --wa W v X W- f wax. , , , x x ' X xx -Q -xx .x -, -,q .x.L...,i, ' - x x . - - -.kk - ' -" " f 1 A 3,5 w- u -w W Mx.. .N -xy Qt S .. - v i r , llllllllllll 1 1 W' """""" WV . I ,7,,,,,, X 1 45, 1 . . O Paar Fnrrv'Evz ', . 5 E' EFZUIIIIIIII f g, g g awnlllllllll fff. 3 Eluaillllllll ' ' -t --A , ,,.-V ',..l,'2f', - ,... . ' .-. H-. 4. - A .-..,' . -.L. g..,",g 910 Q' lZQQJHyosa y- hr A 1923N f - M ' X ix -1 - T7 Mw xr'- La .Hivosa 1923 Pan,FtN --if-SXQS ' gi- lt- -- , , 1-- 'W .- c: , .ur-4 s , - A- CLASS HISTORY E, THE CLASS of '26 seem to have stepped into the world of learning at just the right time, for at every turn in the road we have found beautiful new buildings, erected, we like to think, for our special ben- f-fit. When we first sallied forth to learn our la, c's and 2. Ts, the Vvoodrow Wilson building had just been completed, and here we spent many happy, fruitful days. When we had fully mastered the work at Wilson we cast ahout for new fields to conquer, and, lo, Junior High had iust been built. Nvhile the conquering here was not altogether a cnesided affair, and the "board of education" was occasionally used to emphasize the rules, we finally passed muster, and in 1922 were ushered into one of tfe finest High School buildings in Texas. And now we are Freshmen! Xvhat a delight this would be if we could only assert ourselves. But no, "Freshmen", we are told with contempt, "should be seen and not heard." This has been dinned into us from all sides. Seniors, Juniors, and even Sopho- mores, until we have learned it well. even if we do not believe it. The Sophomores, if We remember corrctly, were the ones that administered the spanltings at the opening of school. Some of us were deemed too small and insignificant to be given even this consideration. This was. "the most unltindest cut of all." We are here and we are going to be heard from. Although frightqied out of our wits. we "passed" safely through that terrifying ordeal, the mid-term examsj and while to the Faculty it may not yet appear what we shall be, we are secretly determined that when we attain the dignity of Seniors. we will be the biggest, brightest, and best bunch that have ever gone forth from Amarillo High. l EARL SADDORIS fa .Hivosa W1Q23 Page Fifty 1 ili , A rr SS..Tv.xs..k f 'Q""'mT ' erne Anderson uth Ansley ertrude Arno! Claudie Baily Denis Baily Walter Baily llesworth Baird orothy Baker orrene Baker Wilma Baker Vl. D. Bartlett garter Basset harles Basset Mae Baumstark Glenn Bell Ruth Bell Vlelvin Bene-sch Ethel Burnett Saxah Bell Bennett Vlary Bisbu Harry Bivins luanita Blackwell Damon Blake Helen Blanton Elizabeth Boles Thomas Bowles loe Boyer Earl Boyles Harry Brasher Sidney Bridgeman :lea Bridges" .- Leone Briggles .. Murry Britt' Ura Bisckman Glen Brooks Ruby Bryan 'Sybil Buckingham Elizabe'h Bunten Leta Mae Caldwell Vlary Ardis Cambell W. L. Cannon Robert Capell Frank Carter May Cazzell Brernel' czhandlel' Gladys Chestney Lelie Clark Catherine Coble Curtis Coble Odell Cole Elwood Collier J. C. Collier George Colling Charles Conner ,Iakie Cooper Juanita Cooper Fred Cornelius Louise Crawford john Crews Charles McAffee Carleen McChristian Jane McCullough Junfield McDonald -Iessie Mcllroy Roy McGee Martha McNew Mary McNew Clarence Mcpherson Dolla Mcpherson Robert McQueen Paul Meador Susie Meador Rufinia Meek Herbe t Miller Virginia Molesworth Lymon Molyneaux james Montgomery -leffie Montgomery Audrey Moody Hazel Moody Charles Moore Ioe Moore Mollie Mulkins Louise Nc-al Alma Nethr-rton Georgia Nickel Albert Nicolson Gayncll Nicolson George Nicolson l. E., Norton VV. R. Nulp Stanley Nunn Alames Oaks Xxililliani O'Bricn Doro'hv Oden Elaine O'Ferrcll Henry O'Leary Margaret Park Leslie Parker Helen Parr Francis Patterson Willie Patton Xvilliam Peak Clmarics Pederson Elwood Philyps Lonnie Pickins Hattie Shear Rav Crowley Rex Crowley Allienc Crvidgirifston Hershall Crumoy Clvff Crump All-ent Cullum .lames Curtis Dorothy Damron Frederick Daniel ,lohn Daniel Francis Davis Louise Davis Howard Dees Rowland Delamar George Dewey Alesse Dickey Curtis Diggs -loe Dilday Ellen Bailey Dixon Walker Dixon Mary Dodson CLASS ROLL Dorothy Duncan Winnie Duncan joe Durham Fred Dysart Nlyrtl-r t'irlwards lklargaret Egbert Felis Emmett lldgar Exum Louise l7.xum Aubrey Fairly Thomas Fairly Clary Feierabend Alfred Fields Beatrice Floyd lohnnie Floyd Dick Fly Victor Formby Dean Foster jack Foster Pauline Fox gloss Franks Fay Freon Faye Games Robert Garnet Gcvrge Gaiwood Thelma Garwood Floy Gibbs Aubrey Gibson Geen Gibson Lutie Giles Wiilliarcl Gill -lohn Gilliam Josephine Gist Leo Goodrich Fonestine Green Richard Green Glenn Gresselt Xvinona Griggs Mat'gare! Short Douglass Simmons Archie Pitt Earl Pitts Gertrude Place W-Jrth Pnlott Tom Ponce Vivian Poweii W'inrfie Proctor Lex Ray lames Reece leannetta Reece Tass Reeder Mildred Reeves Edie Richards Fred Richards Lois Ridings Louis Ridings Georgia Risings Alma Roach Looney Roberts Lucile Roberts Ruby Robinette Bertha Robinson Elysees Robinson Samuel Rogers Jack Rogers iVlilton Rosenblum Flora Ross 'lim Ruse Frances Rush Earl Sadores lflma Sanders Opal Schufield Thomas Seay Frederick Sewald Kaleta Simmons lVlarnir- Simpson Frances Singleton Charles Smith liilmer Smith X'i'tor Smith XVilda Smith Mildred Solomon Viflymaii Socket Donald Spann Vt-ltnzi Sparks Nelson Grimes Mills Gruhlkcy james Gwyn Gail Hogan Mary Hall Dewitt Halley Xiil:lre'l Hammer Paiilinr- Hammond Iennt Harmon Virginia Harris Xenon Hayden Allen Heater Bob Higinbotham Virginia Hill Helen Herbes Carmine Hogan tithe-line Hogan Ernest Holman Galen Holman Robert Hooks A. Hoover Vernon Hoyal Charles Hudgins Ruby Hudson Lula B. Husky Carmine Johnson james Johnson Leta johnson Nullie Johnson Melvin Jones Edgar Kanouse Yerdie Keene Roy Kerr Lois King Xvillie Kinkham Lucile Kline Thelma Klock Geraldine Kretchman Fred Krug Grace Krug lack Kuykendall Clifford Lain lohnnie Landis Francis Latta Burma Lee Lillie Mar: Lesl-c Frances Letsinger Bertram Levy Ray Lindsey Frank Little Allien Lively Clyde Lively vlohn Loser Vivian lvlarshall Xlvillie Mae Mazshall Eugene lVlartin Burnice lVlartin Ruth Mashburn Leona May i-lil lied Spugle Vi gic Spillers Xlie Spur Mary Stone l"lorence Strickland Rowland Stiller lfarl Strickmzn wiilliarti Strut-' lobo fitrfrlclanrl Dorotliy Taylor i,awren:e Thomas Martha Thorn:-.s Odissa Tho-nviilfl Thomas Tliomrson Cencil Thurm-in Edtvin Thurman Agnes Timm-:ns Pauline Timmons ,lessie Tomlinson Lloyd Towns Arvis Trickler Donald Tiollinger Mary Tuell Lveret Turner Harold Turner james Utterback Loyd Vance I. R. Verplanke Mary Vineyard Vera Vladc Ehet Wialker Rex Xvalling james Vvard Clarence XVard Nvillie lVlae Nvard Raymond Xveatherley Mildred Webb Marbelle Nvestfall Relia Nxvheat Lahroy Wlhite Roy Xvilliams Ray Viflillis joe Nvilson Rector Xvimberly Lottie Xvright Lymon Xvright Ray Young Qt tt La .Alivosa 1923 Page Fifty'One Pane Fifty-Two 4 X I I 1 3 I L I A- i TI I xg YXEQXE in-Y X1 ,X Alia!-.f aillbigf... . ,Tfdd X - 1. I - AES? K ,. .L ..-U -em. X -k X WWW g K I I 4 T CLUBS V' If La .Hi rosa 1923 if- Ihxr lf: tx-14511: -e I , 4 JL' 5 C, gp '11 ' r ffffa- W, K, . ' , 155 i - , x I .--'J vt- ,Ja T, Q. 5,7 -, .., fl, ., . I 5' H ' s A, sf- , - 3' 0 0 .' 1 ' It--' - I ir. I 6 0 5 :Q ,- X.: ' '.'i'E,, f - ,V H "., -' fag.-po. y-31 .:,.,, U. git 4-.1 'rv -M,,'g.1' A -J295 ' -""i1fL-'.f-'53 ri ,351 . I'-fiyfg ' 'fff'-ig x ".7v' 1 'X-PM V151 , T152 " .. 'FTW 1 . '47-' ,vw -4" Q .1 f -... 1' ,. 1--. . -1 .in EFL. '."r 31, "-25 .. X ' , Y ,tg '?- A' V . F: H uv-s' ' A ' " N ' In V A x 'u , , gf. f 1 fn . 'Nl , . ,x . 1, .ra .3 , 4 .jj 'LI La .An-asa 1923 'U IU P vc Fifty-Four - - f ---Cm ' 41' " ' ?l.. - jj- N 'LL' " ,X gt I- 1 1 ' -'--- ll ll at f F1 . figiifll- ' "' UTY? , . Q , . A . . 1 S ' , M ., ... ........A.... ,..s...4.......l---..s THE BOYS GLEE CLUB MRS. HARMON Sponsor IDEXX-IITTE LANDIS President The C-lee Club of l923 is the largest in the history of the school, having a total of fifty members. Under the able leadership of Mrs. Harmon, this club has accomplished great things in music. This organization is very active and has taken part in a great many activities. It presented a Negro lVlinstrel on December I6, which added greatly to the fame of the club. The members of this club participated in the music memory contest with a credible showing and also contestedl in the Music Festival by singing, "The Anvil Chorus" from "Il Trovitoreu. A Mexican play, "Pepita", is to be presented bv this club on May I6 and from present material it is slated to make the hit of the season. Q1 U La .Hivosa 1923 Page Fzfty-Fu 1 l ' 7 Aff- tt.. - ' " ' ' W 5555555 555555 ' 'ii Z QSZASSIIEZI II ll 3 - M --- '2.....' "a .-.,....-.-......--.. A , , ..-...---...-....... ,. .,,,,, , ,, , 1..--.-. ...atm -- we e-.ev - THE CHORAL CLUB MRS. I-IARMON, Sponsor REQENE GILVIN, President The Choral Club of the Amarillo High School was organized with 38 members. This club presented i'Yanliie San", on November 24, which was met with great favors and applauds from the audience. It also gave a recital on December' 2, which was a great success. They contested during the music festival week, singing "Voices of Xvoodsu hy Ruheinstein and 'Shoogy Shoo" hy Wlatson. They appeared with the hoys glee club in the operatta 'iPepita", which made the music department and instruction famous all over the Panhandle. This organization has also been active in social life, giving a masquerade party on Halloween at the Ciilvin Home and a kid party on Valentine at the home of Miss Opal Owens. La .fm-Usa 1923 'U Flftyfiix s is N T7 cvs ssc f sf " - 3-1-at-:' 'af ..-:..:. . . ' , ---'31 s We .... 4,3 '- g 1. l l 1 5552 'wgfjpt -. le vt- :W iw ,vf5f'ffgjygiw' 'GA R s --s f. A .. ,. -x .- i ww, n - .. , -... . .. .. THE IRL, CHORUS MRS. HARMON, Sponsor. The chorus classes of the Amarillo High School supervised by Mrs. Harmon are composed of 87 members, which are divided into four classes, two beginning and two advanced classes. This department of music has developed very rapidly, studying musical forms and folk music the first of the year and correlating music with other fine arts in the latter part of the year. They had charge of the Music Department during the school exhibit and demonstrated great ability along that type of work. This club won the hearts of the students when it presented an Operetta, "The Stolen Flower Queen". This type of club is a great benefit as it devel- ops great quantities of singing talent, which otherwise might never have been discovered. I H La .flirosa 1923 Page Fifty-Seven - l' 'V+ X el,--N--1 ...1Q' " 'i.,1R' , 'A x "'-' .-.sexe me at . . 3 .safest fx N YN xg-xx-.,. egg-f., mx .K X at I THE BAND MR. WISE, Sponsor Under the able leadership of Mr. Wise the hand this year was one of the best in the history of the school. Although it was not such a large band it was at every athletic event and any player can say that it had more power to make him fight than anything else on the field. The Band is to be commended for its faithful service at all the foot-ball and base-ball games. He-re's to the progress of the Band in IQZB. Here they are, and they're all good ones! Mr. Wise ..,, .--Trombone-Conductor Byron I-lal'ey -- ,- ,,.... Solo Cornet John Brand .... - ---Solo Cornet Paul Lefforge , .,.. Solo Cornet Verde Keene f , ..,, First Cornet Howard Dees , ,-M,,,, ,,,-Seg0nd Comet B05 A-Xiell -- YY.. -,--,,,--l:il'St Clarinet Ben Lane -- -e-.-B-flat Soprano Saxaphone Clifford Lane ...,,. ,,.. C Melody Saxaphone Glen Brooks a.....e F irst Trombone Mr. H. B. Vaughn e-, ---N-AA-------Tuba M. XXX. Lemons .,,. .--- B ass D1'um 1511165 CUYUS ..... ..,.. S nare Drum La .Au-asa 1923 U U age fifty-Eight Qt If .Q :fc-'ix--wif , 'f.':'i" ,- es. '. r- 1 M ifQff'-s1 Swift. Q 1 , 1 ' 'PJ'-wg H31 Jw - M, , ,- ,YM W , M- M4 THE ORCHESTRA MRs. HARMON, Sponsor ANNABEL ALLEN, President This year's orchestra has certainly been a peach, for everywhere it has played it has received high praise and commenclation. The orchestra is composed of the following instruments: First and second violins, Double bass and cello, Cornets, Trombones, Saxaphones, Piano, and Drums. The organization has played for Business lVlen's Luncheon's and ap- peared on the Armistice Program of the Hanson Post of the American Legion. The orchestra has played for all the Club and Choral Events and in addition to this has broadcasted for the Daily News. Ir appeared during the Music Festival Week. The orchestra has been the spirit in the social life of the school. Indications all point to a real orchestra next year. La .flirosa 1923 Pag e Fifty-X -+--ii, Yi 5. if-GIA , , 21,11 1 5-2 Ta .-Assesgwssres , T s -gil S- I s Txsggsf is Scewgvk-as -i. ssc ...- .- -- - n m .H - ,Q 'Fw THE EULALIAN DEBATING SOCIETY Miss Mms, Sponsor LALIE DODSON, President The Eulalians got a late start this year but came through with flying colors. With lVliss Mays as sponsor, to whose capable guidance it owed its progress, the club has advanced rapidly along the road to Literary success. The purpose and aims of the Eulalian society have been accomplished through the faithful efforts of the members and sponsor. Each member feels that she has reaped a great harvest of benefits from the lesson taught in the society. The Society has progressed very appreciably during its two short years of existence and at the present rate will soon be one of the leading girls' societies in the state. La .flivosa 1923 Page Sixty 'U E .TC-Ji ' Tx' TTKML--2' Qgwlmms ' I 'A TXSNSLT-.i wits LS is li T if 3 Ere I ll I ll THE FORUM DEBATING SOCIETY Miss GILBERT, Sponsor HARDIN BOYLES, President The Forum organized in the fall of 1922 with more pep and enthusiasm than ever before in the history of the school. At the very lirst meeting of the year the Forum's officers were elected and plans were made for a party. V The Forum has never 'been without a good program the' Christmas program being especially enjoyable. Music at these programs has come from many sources some being furnished by i'Wai't's" orchestra some by the Hquartetten, but most oil it furnished by the wind. ln social events the Forum leads the school having put on a great party, an incom- parable picnic, and an unbeatable banquet. At the present time certain members are plan- ning to buy football sweaters by putting on a benefit dance. qw C ful The club is represented in the District Debate in the person of Robert Tgedqwho by the way is one of the hardest working boys in school and well does deserve the privi- lege of representing his school. The Forum has gone far in the accomplishments of its purpose this year by the benefits the members have derived by participation in the programs. l'lere's to the Forum of I9Z3 bigger and better than ever! JI II La .Aft-asa 1923 t Page Sixty-One i.i.....l- . "i--T" l ii sr N f-CJ Nm' ' 'l fiiyw JM- 'lf X .-,AAXQ-1 QQQ' 'h Nkvftt s .1 ' .- Q' Xsk,.Nb..f-"'f.S69 .eggs ,. - xr' N K 5. Xiwiirrfxe 5? in x',1"Zgfsss5'5',S-fmffigi ' 5 Qt .T NY' gif A ' ,. M . . Miss THE DRAMATIC CLUB LANDIS, Sponsor ELLEN BAILEY D1xoN, President The Dramatic Club of llte Amaril'o High School was organized Octo- ber l922. The club is under :te supervision of Miss Landis. The purpose of the club is to create in the girls a feeling of selt confidence, so they may be able to speak before any audience at any time with perfect ease. In this work we also take up the study of plays and the interpretation ol characters. The club has given many interesting programs this year which have not only been entertaining to its members but educational. La .flirosa 1923 Paze Sixty-Two at Civ ' seem I ,. f ' X ,, Q.. -tg Q T ,xg xx :LZ 511' 1.1 if 'J .J:1...f... :'. U ,.-- , ifhif. ,..., -.. Q. ,fa ......-.. rr .. 1 s' 5.2 . .,lgi2r' . , it THE PHILO DEBATING CLUB ski MR. l"llNDS, Sponsor l-lOYT Boris, President The Philos started the year with but two or three old members and with a new sponsor. All tlie new members were green in the workings of a Literary Society. Hoyt Boles was elected president and the club went to work with a will to make a real society. Thanks to the untiring efforts of Mr. Hinds and the diligent work of the new members, the club has enjoyed one of the most suc- cessful years in the history of the school. In social events and athletics, the club has established no great! prece- dents but in good programs, benefits, and progress, the Philos have heaped a great harvest. La .Hivosa 1923 Page Sixty-Three . J . ' ' f 5 . - P :lekfuff .J v - " '5 .L 1 Y. -. - - Z-L . 1,2 Q. ' .,- .,' N- Sars'-fszifi'-' 1 if ,- -4,411 'gf ?g4:F.,-', 'Q - .. 5 r n -. ,-, i , . . -"fu J -. K., y -Q 1.910 Q- gif,-, - -:,:.'u': .as if , ..-.. A , 4 . J, ff -x,. 1 r 'Q . 'Q "-'v O: , , L I , N74 , , 4 QV ., .1 'Q His ,, . M, 1, Q'-:g ' 1: .'f-. .Q, A f:,,..-k .. -ev' , -,Hz-F S ' 3 . 1.5.4 ! 105 I 'il -3 . O Z . 3- fl.,-J gif-Vg fll . I Hyfr. 1. TVN-J., ,ff 1- fl. Mg 5, l, I A 4 'Q 'QP' ." , . ' .X -S ,'l-iv ,vi ,LW 'l'. ' fx' "a. off . , - ' , VN I . ji . f R ,ls '?.f A rf- .m. .n Q , ff? A '4 .uf , 5. - :LL uct- x 4 X' ' ' 45. E 1 27.21 5 : Q "1-"-1...i' W ' X Yi--C-Q GA .f , LV F 4 " T' My . A 1i esswssgssssfg S I ti I IW ii 1- E 5' r U ,: -a . - ' ' -f.,-- Y -xr .1-t . , ' . , t. ' , . .1 ' .- we " .r rv fi- " 1-f"s.l---ffve. -- at THE HI-Y CL B MR. NXIILSON, Sponsor DONALD FALLER, President In the fall of l92l, Amarillo High was asked to send? a delegation to the State Older Boy's Conference at 'Vlfichita Falls. The following boys went on the trip: Donald Faller, Eugene jordan, Robert Axteli. Leonard Sharp, and Bennie Greenhill: This trip was the foundation of the present Hi-Y Club. In the fall of 1922 the I-li-Y was organized with Mr. Xvilson as sponsor. The boys who were in the first delegation were elected officers, Donald Faller. president. Since that time the club has been steadily growing. The club has a unique system of programs which is a unified study of the sub- jects assigned to each group of boys. This system has been made a success largely on account of the untiring efforts ol the Sponsor. The club has taken part in a great number of social events during the year the main event being the banquet it the l-lotel Amarillo in observance of the National Father and Son Week. A lecture by Dewitt NlclVlurray was listened in on by radio. This ban- quet was a novel occurrance and the club hopes to continue this next year on a larger scale than ever. The club raised its quota of twenty-five dollars for the Asiatic relief fund in fine style and has readily and willingly donated to every cause for which it has been called upon. The Texas Older Boys' Conference met in Dallas, January 26, 28, inclusive. Amarillo was represented by nine boys and the Sponsor. The Club wishes' to thank the following establishments who made the trip possible: Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, and Real- tors Clubs. Here's for a bigger and better l-li-'Y in 1923. La .Hirosa ' 1923 Page wcty-Four --111-i i X G 5-V, - --1, K' f H W v .lbxxkfw lbw QA X .. xk 1 u Y ,iff f ff f-51f4f,ib 1 AJR' "'.Xf !flQl 3 w! G,j,f"?1:"' f ' "1': Q mf ffffrff " 2, ? -Qvliii' f y + M :fa . 1 A, X 'ffl' 3-fgjx X 'X . I f 95-Q4g'5g fbfx ' Q 1 ix Q 62 W K '.:S:,' ' 1.1 0845. N f We i ni gf. 'Q 2:51 xx UQIOI N '1 'pd 1 sg? 'lfw Q s ,' In , .I H ,, f K fm jr 7 4 2 f ,. . fp' i", Q F 'Nh 'f -Q-7 mf! 11 f f U05 ,J-f Q A P, . W .VM is f E ff 27 X 2 , X JW 1 QYWSQA N gf. sf i . u N M 11 K La .flu-asa 1923 U Pisa rxxrxwl we n I PEGGY MASTERSON most Popular Girl' 1. - s HALLIE ADAMS Cwukegt C119 Page Seventy X - V -2- -5 'i' , ,,, ' ,, . 'il X-53 -X , " . lx U t .A V Z,fA,NS?QY,kk lYg'.HlvKt M Jigtfg,-fJQkifx --.L 1. U '+V . K iul Tk ' ,K y ,-by I Zigi, , Qs , ...,... f 'J LR 1 Ek f Af QQ fd P i' 'g.u-2- ' -' wigiir' :Q A P -, i 5 Lil N f ll lWJ'1JfLT.lllQ S" JJ ian X Eli ,ff gal a I X . fi K X x X sw E, ' , I X-2 jf -- - U N , Q-- X 54 xx ' l X X V' 31 H La .Hivosa 1923 Ilia' Qex'y:xtyf1,"z1S T fx m - em E V s rr THE RESUME OF THE EOUTBALL SEASON DURING THE season of l922, the Golden Sandstorm played fifteen games. Ten of which were High Schools and the rest with college teams. The C-olden Sand- storm finished in eighth place in the lnterscholastic League, in which two hundred and sixty-five started the race for the Championship of Texas. The credit for the successful season should be given to Coach A. S. Douglass. Doug came here at the beginning of baseball season of '22. He pub out the team that came within one game of winning the State Championship in baseball and then came back in the fall with one of the most successful football teams the Amarillo High School has ever produced. September l9. The Colden Sandstorm opened the season with the Clarendon Col- lege Bulldogs at the New Bivins Stadium. The game was hard fought throughout, as the score indicates, the Bulldogs finally winning by a I3 to I0 count. The stars of the day were Hayden and Capt. Nicklaus of Amarillo and Jackson of Clarendon. September 23. ln the second game of the season, the Canyon Normal Yearlings defeated the Sandies in a close game by a score of 9 to 6. This game introduced night football to the plains country. The game was marred by costly fumbles on both sides, which might other wise resulted into scores. September 25. The C-olden Sandstorm took their first victory of the season from the Ouymon Oklahoma High School by a score of I5 to 6. Both teams played steady. consistent football: few long gains or spectacular plays were made. October l. The Colden Sandstorm took their first interscholastic game of th-e season from the Farwell High School by a score of 5--l to 6. After the first few minutes of play the Sandies took things in their own hands and beat the Farwell Boys in every style of play. October 7. The Sandies continued their long string of wins by defeating the Dal- hart High school by a score of 40 to 6. The game was more interesting than the score would indicate and at times the Dalhart Lads would prove themselves to be somewhere near in the class of the Sandies. October IO. In the third interscholastic league game of the season, The Sandies defeated the Claude High School by a score of 53 to 6. The Sandies used' every style of play very successfully and had the game their own way most of the time. The Claude team had a very fast backfielcl which at times dealt misery to the Sandies. October l3. The Golden Sandstorm got revenge for their defeat administered by the Clarendon College Bulldogs earlier in the season by defeating their Younger brothers, The Bull Pups by a score of 25 to 0. This game was only a good practice game pre- paring for the Baylor Came. October 20. The Golden Sandstorm continued its long string of wins by defeating The Baylor Freshmen by a score of 3 to 0. This was one of the hardest fought' games of the season. ln this game the Sandies showed that they had Championship material U La .flirosa 1923 'll I iiix-Tug -1.-.le VT W 5 . -f - N I, T-Ii?-. -fy x-U -N U SV?- and that it would talce a mighty good high school team to defeat them. Hayden and Ander- son were the stars of the day. October 28. The Sandies again dropped a slow and listless game to the Canyon Normal Yearlings by a score of I4 to 0. The game was very slow and many costly fumbles by both sides were made because of the strong north wind that prevailed all during the evening. November 3. The Sandies journeyed to Pampa on this date and played The Pampa High School to a 9 to 9 tie. This game was to determine the District Champion- ship and was hard fought in every quarter, neither team. gaining much against their opponents heavy defense. Hayden and Dawson were the bright lights for the Sandies, while Barrett and Wilson starred for Pampa. November II. The Sandies again battled the Pampa Harvesters to a tie by the count of 3 to 3, before a Holiday crowd of'25O0 at the Bivins Stadium. The game was featured by short passes and end runs on both sides. The game was hard fought throughout by both teams, showing they were in the game to win the District Title for their respective schools. November IS. The Sandies toolc the third game with the Pampa I-larvesters into their own hands and administered a defeat to the tune of Z3 to 6. The game was featured by the interception of passes by the Nicklaus brothers, by Ray Reeders punting and by the splendid line plunging of the Sandies' Baclcfield. This game made the Sandies District-Champions. November 25. The Golden Sandstorm continued in the race for The State Flag by defeating the Floydada High School by a score of I3 to 6. The first half ended 6 to 0 in favor of Floydada but the Sandies came back in the last half and made I3 points and held their opponents scoreless. Line p'unging and end runs featured the game. November 30. The Climax of the season came on Thanksgiving Day when Abilene I-ligh School defeated th Sandies by a 33 to 0 score. Although the game was Abilene's from start to finish, the Sandies never gave up and were still fighting when the whistle blew. This was not such a great blow to the Sandies after all because the Abilene I-ligh p'ayed for the State Championship, in which the Vlfaco High barely defeated them. QI H La .flirosa 1923 U Page Seventy Tl If-' -b of .. r" W P bflflis Q- ,Q O . 4 v ' x , K v 1 'r-Trl ll',gn :fp "V 3 Z iii ,. 'gf .-f - A - ff -ir. ,X . XE X -A L-gcfff ,vw f -r - . F ,gr tis' . OSCAR ANDERSON Left End Branch with his towering form and tremendous reach was the undoing of many off-tackle drives and sweeping runs started by the opponents. l-le was ag- gressive and fought every minute. Watch the big boy next fall. Eu CURTIS Right End lke was one of the finds of the sea- son. His "newer say die" spirit was a great factor in the success of the Sandies. Many were the times that llce was crying with pain but he just wot.tldn't give up the ship. A great boy he was indeed. WINDFIELD NICKLAUS Captain 6: Fullbaclf There is probably no person in the annals of foot ball at Amarillo High School whose name is held with more rev- erence than that of Winfield Nicklaus- a hero in every game, worshiped by the student body and willing to learn and he made good with a bang. RAY REEDER Full Back It was the third Pampa game that made Ray become a hero. His long spir- als soaring between 50 and 70 yards were too much for the diminutive Barrett and the Harveslers bowed in defeat for the first time. It was a great day for the San- dies and a great day for Ray. His won- derful toe brought victory. PAT WHITTINGTON Righl Tackle "Ole Ox" His steady and conserva- tive playing was a mighty cog in a fight- ing machine. He charged when it was time to charge. He sifted when it was time to sift. He fought always, A per- centage player who helped to place the Sandies on the long end of the score. La .fl i rosa 1923 Page Seventy-Four QQ JOHNNIE ANDERSON Half Back "No, 3 is loose again" Many were the times that the cry rang out in the Bivins Stadium. john was a wonderful exponent of broken field running. Not extremely fast but Oh. how elusive. ll was often said that John could pivot on a dime and give you nine cents change, a fighter? lncleed he was. EARL ELKINS Full Back Tige was the iron man of the Club. Smash! Smash. He could do this all day long and then come back for more. It was his beautiful interference running that made possible the long gains by the broken field runners. GUY HAYDEN Quarter Back Skipper was endowed with a million dollar toe. Twice daring the season Guy saved the day with beautiful drop kicks one of them going 45 yards and against the Baylor Freshmen he shot one over from the 30 yard line that proved to be the only score of the game. Smart, quiclc and a most likeable boy. He was a most capable general. BILL DAWSON Left End Uncle Bill the senior member of the club and the work horse as well. Bill was to the Sandies what Red Roberts was to Center College. When a hole appeared Uncle had to fill it and Oh how he could tackle. Dizzy and semi-unconscious at times he would tear into the opposition like a tiger. He wouldn't say quit and his "better judgement" marked his as the back bone of the team. RAYMOND KAUFMAN Half Back Bus was an ideal all-round man for the baclcfield. A quiet cool-headed youth who thought before he acted is the best compliment to pay him. He was per- fectly at home in a half position at full or at quarter. Buster was a key that would fit any lock. La .Azz osa 1923 Paze Seventx Fne as , RYE' ' P 5 N g X -K, 'gk HARDEN BOYLES Center No harder working boy ever don a gold and black sweater. One might call him a Trojan for he never slaclced for one second. Although he didn't play as much as some of the others he more than did his part when given the chance. He leaves us this year and our lcindest wishes follow him. JACK GOLDINC. Left Tackle Handicapped at the beginning of the season lack snapped into it with a most pleasing determination and ended the sea- son with brilliant playing. Another worlc- horse who was willing to learn and he made good with a bang, SLADE BASSETT Left Guard If there ever was a man who was physically handicapped Slades the boy- Fverything seemed to be against him but he would smile, throw his head in the collar and "mount em". A gfeat linesman lie was indeed. And a greater one he will be. . TED NICKLAUS Center Quiet. likable and conscientious. A most consistent type of a fighter. A per- son never faced a more brilliant career on the foot-ball field than does this lad. It was his first year with the Sandies but that bothered him little. He's smart and capable, At the center position he proved his worth. CLARENCE WINE Right Guard Sturdy, Xxfide awake and a bear for punishment. It can be said that Wine's playing in the line was all that can be asked of a man. Both on the offense and defense he stood out prominently. You might fool him once but that was all. Split buclcs were not in order while Clarence was in there. La .H t rosa 1923 Page Seventy-Six ..4c'-'Sxf-ff A f -39 --gf 5' Qty- h F ,'kTi,."" 2-s RESUME OF THE BASKETBALL SEASON THE l923 BASKET BALL team has made the best recorcl of any team ever put out 'by the Amarillo High School. With only a short time to practice. and under adverse circumstances they fought and won five games in five daysg thereby winning the Championship of district Number One of the Interscholastie League. Never before had Amariilo been equal to the task of winning the Championship. Our team had an ex cellent scoreing machine and a good five man defense. But for the illness of Brady, our stellar guard, the first Balls battle might have ended clifferent'y. The team scored 456 points to the opponents 346 as follows: A. H. S. 33 vs Battery B. .,,.-,,, , ,Y,,, Ls, 6 A. H. S. 32 vs Canyon Eagles -- .... 43 A. H. S. 63 vs Company C. ,E,. .,L, 3 5 A. H. S. 36 vs Goodnight .... ..,, I 9 A. H. S. 40 vs Love ..,,,, -,-.-27 A. H. S. 47 vs Hedley ,,- ..,. 22 A. H. S. 39 vs Dalhart e.,. ..., 3 5 A. H. S. 24 vs Ralls ,,,.. .,,, 3 I A. H. S. 41 vs Ralls -.. ,......, 37 A. H.S. 22vs Ralls,-,,, , ..,.,. ,,36 A. H. 5.41 vsSanta Fe ,-- , ,,.... ---,28 Total 456 Total 346 Total points scored by boys wearing the C-old and Black including two second team games are as follows: Baker ---- -- l99 Tacllock ,,- -.. I56 Alones - , . - 64 Teecl .... - - 4 I Brady ..... e- - l 6 Herrington .,- L-- I0 Nicklaus E , E 6 Pace - - - - 5 Bennett - - - - 4 Landis - - - - 2 Holman .... -M 0 Total -,- --- 503 D U La .Hivosa 1923 U Pace Se t C 'Q ' sg? nw .Mara -- R-T ilwmd s J. -tt. s. 'i l 1 1-IERSHEL TADLOCK Forward ' "Tad" was switched from center to forward, and made good with a vengeance He was an excellent running-mate for Capt. Balaer, being good from both the field ard the foul line. He should be unbeatable next season. B. FRANK JONES Center jones took up Ihe work of playing center with grit and determination and developed into She best center this high school has had in yea s. He was never out-jumped, and always gave his best This is his last year and he will be so ely missed. RUBIE BAKER Captain 6: Forward "Maddie" proved himself an able field general, and an excellent offensive man. scoring l99 of the teams pomts He won a place on the mythical All-Panhan dle team. Muddie has fought his last year for old A. H. S. and we wish hm suc cess in his future work. WINFIELD NICHLAUS Guard Sc Captain Elect "Nick" was full, of fight and pep at all times. He followed the ball well and wherever there was a mix-up Nick alwavs carve out with the ball. We look for great things from him next yea bath as a player and a Captain. BARN EY BRADY Guard "Bleury" was ihe steadiest and most consistent man on the squad. He fought three years for a championship, and Lreatly helped us realize this in his last year He will be greatly miss:-cl when the nex call for practice sounds. L'a .Hi rosa 1923 V Seventy- lfirzlit Usa. A ROBERT TEED Forward "Nell" made the team for the first time this year, which is quite an accom- plishment with such forwarcls as Baker and Tadloclc on the squad. H: has devel- oped rapidly and should prow a valuable man next year. ERNIE I-IOLMAN Guard "Ernie" came out for basket ball his first time this year. Being a natural ath- lete. he readily took to the game and proved a good reserve when Brady and Nicklaus were out of the game. He will be hard to beat next year. COACH WILSON "Coach" with only three weclcs to go, moulded together a fighting machine which was able to win 'he Panhandle Cham- pionship for the first time in the history of rur school. Next year with more time. we prophesy even greater successes TENNIS 1922. ROBERT AXTELL Captain "Bob" played tennis all Friday after- noon and all day Saturday in our dis- Irict meet emerging winner in the singles and runner-up in the doubles. He is back this year and looks be"er than ever. HALL AXTELL "Hall" represented the high school two years with his brother in the doubles. He graduated last year, and his steady and consistent playing will be ha'd to re- place. fDue to the fact that Hall was away 'o school when we took the pictures for this annual and were unable to get a picture of him., La .Hzlosa 1923 Page Seventy Nine -at fer f ,oc ffl 'fy me A -T5'3x'4W1-Qsxxssss Zio Y . gf y ,T W 1 E ,Q .. A'-1' if XS' E Q """E -tx se I RESUME OF THE TRACK EASON. HE SEASON of l922. - With only one letter man out for the squad, the coach faced the task of forming a team from some twenty green men. The first meet was with Canyon at Canyon, which we won handily. Next came a first and second team meet with Panhandle. The strength of their second team was over-estimated and too many good men were takdn from the first squad. As a result we won the second team meet handily, but lost the first team's meet by some six points. Next came the District Meet at Canyon. With two of our best men crippled, third place was our lot. At that, four men qualified for the State Meer at Austin. The season of l923. With all the old squad back this year and with many valuab'e additions we should have a winning squad. Qur first meet wih Claude, at Claude was won 'by a 82 to 48 score. This win speaks well for this years team since Claude boasts two of the best track athletes in the Panhandle. Next came our triangle meet with Plainvitw and Canyon during the "Tech" Rally here. Our own Sandies made more points than the other two teams together. We made 76 points to Plainview's 54 and Canyon's IS. In this meet Captain Bennett took from four places breaking all his former records on each. Tzdlock. the captain of last year, lowered his high-hurdle record two seconds. A sad affair was the straining of the sides of Munay Butt our best miler: and of lames Park our high-hurdler, and miler. This will probably keep both out of the district meet. The District Meet will be held the 20th and Zlst of April this year with such good men new as O'Farrall, Pace. Thomas, Molyneaux, lVlcLanahan and Bassett. In ad- dition to the injuries of Butt and Parks, Saddoris is having his usual scholasticf troubles. Teed has been placed on the debating team so will not be available. and Greenhill and Pitts of last year's squad did not report. This leaves about fifteen men from which to draw entries for the meet. Our total score this year is 265 to 150. With this entire squad available fornext year, and with our present coach in charge, we are going to put out a state winner in l924. just watch us step. La flu-asa 1923 'U g LE Page Eighty -30 -4- -Again 'Casa--f.. , 'K WILLIE BENNETT Captain Elect 'Bill" was always in the l00 Yard dash 200 Yard dash. 220 Yard low hur- dles. broad jump, and high jump. H-- was high point man, and qualified fo' the State Meet in the first three events. GILBERT CAMPBELL "Red" ran the half-mile and the mile. qualifying for the state meet in the hall mile. He should go great this year. if per sistency counts. COACH WILSON "Coach" developed a squad of green men into a fairly good team. With all men back we hope for a champion team this season, far better than the Team that he won the district meet with in I9Zl. HERSHEL TADLOCIQ Captain "Tad" took part in the l20 high hir- dlcs. high-jump. broad-jump and any other events, when another man was needezl. He qualified for the state meet in the high-jump. He should score many points next year. ELMER HARRINCTON "Elmo" entered the IOO Yd. dash. the 220 Yd. hurdles and the shot put. He qualified for the state meet in the shot put. He should develop into an excell-ln: traclc man this season, La .Hzzosa 1923 Page Fiqh: U Ile -+945 + 1680 - 'ff k A - T N LA .- -,.. 5 ,. N wi h - 4 . BENNIE GREENHILL "Bennie" ran the l20 high hurdles and was also number two on the relay team. At Canyon High School meet he scored in the 100 Yd. dash. VICTOR SMITH "Vic" ran best in the 880 Yd. dash and the mile. He ran his best at Panhan- dle. He will be hard to catch this year. MURRY BRITT "Monkey" understood both the half- mile and the mile runs. His best event was the mile. He will be hard lo beat this year. EARL PITTS "Susie" developed into a good l00 Yd. and 220 Ycl. dash man. With more determination he can make a good sprints man this year. EARL SADDORIS "Sadie" could do a little of every- thing. His best events were the l00 Yd., 200 Yd. dash, discus throw, and num- ber one on the relay team- He should be a good man this year. La Jlivosa W - yg-3551 vn- Papze Eighty-Two F . ' ,-. 4 " . t ',. ' "A . 41-.Y A t-,. -QQ!! , 1- 'N su nm A' jk ROBERT MCQUEEN "Bo" "Mc" came through with the IZO Yd. high hurdles, high jump broad jump, shot put, and number three on the relay team. "Bo" should go great this year. ALFRED FIELDS "Fritz" won his letter in the Pan- handle meet. His best showing was in the 440 Yd. dash, He should prove a good man this year. ROBERT TEED "Nell" essayed the quarter, the half mile, and the pole vault. His best show- ing was in the pole vault. KIRBY WALLS nBrick" threw the discus and put th: shot. His hurling was not as stationary as his name suggests. His best work was in the Canyon High School meet. LAWLESS LIVELY "Lively" was a good 440 Yd man, Hs ran this event, the E80 Yd dash and number four on the relay team. But for an accident we feel sure he would have gone to the State meet. i l i La .Himsa 1923.g g Page Eighty-Three UJLWMLL Jn. .f4Qg'1L ff. I O , s . , 4- .ff ..,.-.-... - T gl. V A. ,Ik illzl Airnaa 1922 1923 PUBLISHED BI' THE STUDENTS OF THE AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL AMARILLO, TEXAS, QI La Jlivosa 1923 U UI. Page Three l ' T ASQ- xv 7 f A- ,M. A RESUME OF THE BASEBALL SEASON DURING THE season of 1922 the Sanclies, mostly a green bunch with a new coach came within one game of the Texas lnterscholastic Baseball title. This is the greatest athletic achievement in the history of the school with the exception of the foot- ball season of l9l5 when Olcl A. H. S. lost the Championship to North Fort Worth High. Ir was a known fact all over the state that the Sanclies were a wonderful combina- tion of players. Taking these facts and comparing them with the facts that only one player was lost, ancl an equally efficient coach has been securecl. Also the year of ex- perience which is invaluable to the players. the possibilities of the present season cannot be overestimated. The season of l923 so far has been one long story of brilliant successes. The Sandies have overcome their conquerors of l922 in defeating Clarendon College two games by wicle margins. The team has an abundance of excellent new material ancl is setting a bigger pace for all the schools in the State. With all things tolcl and past accomplishments consiclerecl all the State may looli to the Sanclies as pace setters. l-lere's to you Sanclies. may you be accompanied by success wlieresoever you may go and in whatsoever you may undertake. The Season till this annual goes to press. March l6-Plainview 3 -,.. ,. .... A. l-l. S. 6 March l7-Plainview I3 ...s,s.. ---A. H- S. 29 March Z4-Canyon Yearlings Z- -A ...S A. H. S. I6 March 3l-Hereford 0-s.. ..c.. ,, s--.-.-A. H. S. IZ April 3-Clarenclon College 4 .-.. ..,-,A. H. S. 7 April 7-l-lereforcl l-l. S. 6 ,,,, ,,--A. l-l. S. 9 April llfCo. C. 142 Inf. Z---, .... A. H. S. 4 il II La .Hzvosa 1923 All Page Eighty-Four .iw kwxmrgggx ! S. " AUBRY GIBSON Oulfield "Skete" is the most consistent hitter in the entire Plains Country. and does not know how to miss them in the field. Xve rejoice as opponents wail that Slcete will be with us two more years. RAYMOND KAUFMAN Oulficld "Bus" has no equal in high school circles as a lead off man. "Yer Out" is the never failing cry from the grandstand when ever a fly ball is hit to Bus. This is Busters last year on the team. D. C. CANNON Coach "Bobby's" first year at A. H. S. has been unusually successful. He has an enviable record himself and his coaching prowess seems to be as great as his play- ing ability. Here's to his success. BERNARD VAUGHT Utility "Bernie" is the best utility man that any coach could wish for. lf Bernie studied in school as he studies baseball. he would make the honor every time. This is his first year with A. H. S. JOHNNIE ANDERSON Third base "john" figures that his middle name is hustle. There will be a big gap at third when Johnnie leaves this year, for third basemen of his type are few and far be- tween. La .Hzzosa 1923 Page Eight F BILL DAWSON Fzrst base Uncle Brlls timely hlttlng and daring base runnrng wrll be badly mrssed next year Hrs future rn Intercollegrate athletics should be a brwh one Uncle Bull our hats are off to you You have the undying gratrtude of old A H S OSCAR ANDERSON Pzicher Branch rs the other malnstay of the prtclunv staff Hrs greatest delight 15 to let a man get on first base so that he can cat h hxm off Branch has two more vears with the club DE WITTE LANDIS M anagcr rs one of the greatest Ill nuna ers you ever saw to see hrm m actlon IS the treat of a lrfetlme We regret to say that thus rs Puny s la t year wlth us as he rs one of our best supporters THEODORE NICKLAUS Pztcher Teddy IS the mamstay of our club Nvhen he flnrshes hr two more tears wxth the Sancltes he wall have rarv ccl Hrs name In the Hall oi' Fame for all time Eu CURTIS Catcher llce has been the terror of opposing base runners wxth hrs unerrmg whnp for two years Hrs supply of pepper never run out Everybody rs glad to lcnow that Ike will be ln the harness two more years Pafv Eighty-Six ws ull Tj 5 ur - E ' HX- .Nm U "Puney', or Ujudgejzas he is called La .Hivosa 1923 ll It it -1?-A as ...cs... --K ca , xfe.N!wl-Kxsbw-SAK ' " f MLW! Q i .. Mt..-... - Ali,-'e , TS Y A, ck I-IARDIN Bovuzs Catcher "Dave's" laclc of playing ability is made up in fight and pepper. Whether Lehind the bat or on the coaching line he is never Quite until the last out is made. Dave is beginning to show lots of stuff in the outfield. RAY Bow.:-Ls Ouffield "Rud". besides being the club come- dian is also its pepper box, Bud has two more years on the team and from the pzesent rate it seems he will be a go getter by that time. ERNIE I-IOLMAN Captain 8: Secondbase "Ernie" is the most powerful hitter on the club and he is also a great fielder. The next two years will find him deal- ing still greater misery to his opponents. GUY HAYDEN First Base 1 "Ruffian" has been on the club for two years and has never seen his equal on the initial sack. He is a scrapper from the woid go and is veiy dangerous with the willow, WINFIELD NICKLAUS Shortstop "Windy"' is a natural born fighter. he possesses a wonderful arm. he is a fine fellow. and he wields a wicked stick. Nuff Sed. Wie are sorry to say that Nick has only one more year with us. Good luck wherever he goes. La .fl i rosa 1923 LEM Pa-Ze Eighty Nexei 21- Ifiuhly-Ei +QsssQ e G--sq, asses. , ... .it :Jigga-LQ.5KamQf 533t?EQlJtRL!5E:elT School Openecl .,-..,,,,,,, -- ------------ September 1 1 F0l'Um Party -------. .... , , October 31 Choral Party .,g...... .....,. O ctobef 31 Better Speech Week Defeated Pampa -- -- U- Yanlci San .,..,.e --- M-- November 7-l4 November -- c,- November I8 24 Defeated Floyclacla -, ee- November 26 Defeated by Abilcllc . ---M Ngvember Negro Minstrel -,- ,.,,,,., e-v- D eeember 16 Senior Party e-....e -, -.,.,... mr-- December Zl Forum Picnic .,Y, v ,,e,,-,YYne4 -U january 12 District Champions in Basketball --, cc- February I0 Ellllallafl lVIaSC1UCl'8ClC ---Y--Y- - - - Y - February 1 FOFUITI Banquet ,.... HSN, ,,,,, -Y -3- February 131-llZill3.I'l Party .,---Y kv YY-,--gH 'Y-K - -- Febfl-lary Formal Opening ol' New High School .,.. -cc March 9 Music Memory Contest -...----,,,-- -4- Mar-eh 24 Style Show .,,,,.,,,,,,,, Ye -- an March 31 Tech Rally ,,.,,,.ev U- --nn April 4 Musical Festival 'Week ,,., f ---, April 9-1-1 District lnterscl'olastic Meet ,A -- April 20-21 School Exhibit ,,..Y,---- -- May 3 "Stolen Flower Queen" A, U- up- May 4 State lnterscholastic Meet cc-, ,--- May 4-5 Tilieplfanh --7' ---e-f--- - - ...,. May I6 U'O'CmdY ------e-- -c- May l8-l9 Baccalaureate Sermon - ,-Y,-- Y-Y- ---- M a y 27 Vacation -.-,,p- epee---p,Y-!e,-AY - - June 1 Senior: "What is the heightlx of your ambition?" Fish: "Aw he is about a heacl tallern' me." Principal: "Well, Hershel whats ol' your mind?" Hershel: ul was wonclering if Jonah were to come in anrl tell you he'cl been swal- lowecl by a whale, if youlol excuse him for being late." lst: Dicl vou ever take your car to pieces?" Znclz "No, It was a seconcl-hand one, ancl the last time l had it out it saved me the trouble." Teacher: "Rob, what is the preposition in this sentence: The horse was tiecl to the fence with a 'bricllef' Bob: "Bridle" Teacher: "Wl1y"? Bob, "Cause the briclle connects the horse with the fence." Chemistry Teacher, uvllhen 1'ain falls, cloes it ever rise again?" Stuclent: "Yes Sir". Teacher: "VVl'1en". Student: "Why, in dew time." Teacher: "That will do-You may sit clownf Q1 11 La .Hivosa 1923 11 Page Eighty-Nine . gm, 'XL '93-C N Xgxx uni-XB-IlsX.L"'!i - -G-,X I X ,. gr fm- 5 . B- xxg? A . . a as time, , 1 ...... N. . iiwiif rjygx .t ...f -J' --xxx -X V. 'xx Frida down THE WRONG HIM Father: "Daughter, what is your favorite Hymn?" Daughter: "The one you chased over the wall last night." Latin Teacher: "C-ive the principal parts of, to skate." Student: "Skate, slipperi, falli, bumptusf' History Teacher: "Hardin name all the presidents to date." H. B.: "I canit remember them all." Teacher: "But I could remember them all when I was sixteen." H. B.: "Yes, but they were only about ten then." Unlucky Days to see Mr. Rogers: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday y, Saturday and Sunday. Policeman Cto disturbing banjoistj. "Young man you must accompany me." He: "Alright Uffisher, VVhat'll ya shingf, Exams, exams, everywhere. And quarts and quarts of ink: But not a Teacher will leave the room And let a fellow think. A. "Have you heard Poeis Raven?" B. "No, what was he talking about." A. "Have you read Freckles?" B. UNO, mine are brown." Pa. "l had a note from your teacher this morning." Son: "Thats all right Pa I'll keep it quite." A. "Was Robinson Crusoe an acrobat?" B. "l don't know, wl1y?', A. "Well this book says that every evening when he finished his work, he sat on his chest." A. "Wliat's an assertive sentence?" B. "lt's one that asserts." A. iiWl13t'S an imperative sentence?" B. "lt's one that impertsf' "Pick up the silver ware, honey: and let's go home."-Heard at the Forum Ban- quet." HLOV string tongu Concerning one of Bus K. notes found by lVlr. Wilson, Frank Jones remarked. e is blind." Rubie Baker must be making money on the annual for he has a new pair of shoe S. Mr. Hinds in Chemistry. speaking of a poisonous liquid, "A drop on a dog's e would kill a man." La .Ai rosa 1923 Page Ninety SXS:?'HiEQgi'4'iQ.'Kf'is.f?f-gf.. . egg g -- SEVEN WONDERS OF THE AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL. . Senior Class . Tige Elkins Hair . Annual Staff . Edgar Exum . Fern Foot's Feet l 2 3 4. Pop l-lind's Self Control 5 6 7 . Nelson Grimes NEW BOOKS BY NOTED AUTHORS. -The Art of Running a Car .......... ,, .... W. A. Mclntosh Canning ..,.,- -. .....,.... ..... - -- Ray Reeder Hickory Stubs and their Use-- --- Johnnie Anderson Day Dreaming --- Cupid's Advances - Love Making .... T ----T Aesthetic Dancing --- Scientific Researches Love Thyself ..,,. l-low to Grow Ta'l Beauty Hints .... Peg-G-lVly-Heart --T T Rivalry ..,,.....,....,, - - - - - A Clyde Harris Raymond Kaufman Earl Elkins - - - - Evelyn Schriber ----- Ray Boyles --- Robert Teecl - .... Frank Jones Ruth Smith George Doubleday Bennie Greenhill How to Get By the Faculty --- .L.. Pat Whittington How to Master Football --- --- Douglas Simmons Name C,lGI'GCfCflSf7vCS Greatest Desire Dorothy Damron M...H ifurls .......,..... To be a Painter. Bennie Greenhill,,---- Sissy ..-.. Love the Ladies. Bill Dawson ......L Brilliant --- To get a Diploma De Witte Landis ..L. Powerful ..... -- To be President of US. Hardin Boyles ....L.. Goodlooking ......, To he a Sheik. Blanche Abramson--- Dainty ------ To eat Lots. Ray Pan- ----,,---- Muscular --- ---- To be Small. jerry Ritch --------- Cute --- To he a Jelly-bean. Hallie Adams ----- - Large -- To Be Like her Twin Sister. Peggy Masterson ----- Ugly --- To he Popular. Thomas Crutchfield-- Meelfness To be a College Graduate. Dan Thompson ------ Wild -- To be a Drunl-lard. Tige Elkins --------- 1 lxind ---- To be a l-leart-breaker. Willie Bennett--' ----- lAttractive - To become a Town Hero. Mary Chandler ,----- iBeauty --- ---- To Sleep Lots. Thgmgie Bean- --- iTalkative -- To be a Flirt. Q1 U' La .Himsa 1923 If Ui:- ge Ninet cw? 7 FIRE THEME One night in lune, Miss Cigarett had a party. She invited everyone, that she could think of, that had anything to do with the great destruction of the Unitedl States. After many enjoyable games of bond fires, and many pretty fire works the party as- sembled in the living room for a discussion of what each represented and what they stood or. "You may tell of your experiences, Mr. Cigarn, said Miss Cigarett. "Well I have been accused of many a harmful thing but I have been misused by careless people. When they are through with me I am thrown in a trash can or on the floor and naturally I start things burning, but if smokers would only think and be sure that I am out before they throw me down I would not be dangerous", said Mr. Cigar. "Next Miss Acetylenen, said Miss Cigarett. "As I am a new invention, people do not know much about me therefore I cause many tiresn, said Miss Acetylene. "But if I am kept in a tight tin boy and not allow- ed to come in contact with Miss Water' I would be very harmless." "ML Gasoline, I understand you have attacked and killed women and children. Is this so", asked Miss Cigarett. "Yes, I expect it is, Miss Cigarett, but it is not all my fault. I know I am, very explosive but if I am cared for properly I am very harmless. I help in the commercial business as much as possible. I am used for cleaning purposes and for running machinery. If people would only learn to be very careful with me I would not be dangerous to human lives." "Miss Match, what have you to say?" said Miss Cigarett. "I am carelessly laid around in the reach of the children and they strike me, then in this way I cause many a fire." "Mi: Electricity, you seem very lively tonight, what have you to say," said Miss Cigarett. "I serve the people in the best way I know how but on account of the connections and carelessness of the people leaving me turned on and going off and leaving m.e. In this way I cause numbers of fires", said Mr. Electricity. After hearing all of these statements the guests departed giving Miss Cigarett their permission to publish their speeches in a booklet on, How to Stop Fires in the United States. i La .AI i rosa 1923 ll Page Ninety-Two

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