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n " r n ' ' ■ " P b ;.j.: V9tV [vV .V r ) -. F oreit ' or d Since 1930 with the first volume of the Amorillo College Palo Duro, the students of the college have endeavored to publish an annual yearbook. With the cooperation of all con- cerned, we, the staff, sincerely wish that you may enjoy the 1947 Palo Duro. I ' .1 ' Dedication To our librarian, Mrs. E. Al Baggett, who faithfully devoted eighteen years in serving Amarillo College students. Order of Books I. Buildings II. Administration III. Classes IV. Features V. Organizations VI. Athletics VII. Candiis VIII. Advertismg: r i| ' . " • r r itJi ::t ' Gymwasxam v-. Vocational Buildim Cam ms Vkw Southwest Entrance of Ad Bitilcliiig . ;. ' ' W - . » - ' v Ai Student Wmon Amal View of Campis I r I ♦ ; T T I i hi I CI " I In ■ I ' .ii %• 5ti»tt Union. fi Hi ■ %. ' I 1 r - Aenal Vieu of Campvi I ••I|«lllllllfl44|fl l x ' H ijtf tfiik . ■■» ■ A A « --rrf Message to the Students I count it a privilege to address a few thoughts to you in this issue of the PALO DURO. At the year ' s end, the eighteenth in the history of the college, may I congratulate you for the successes you have thus far attained. I should also like to express my appreciation to the entire student group for its wholesome attitude and cooperation in the many problems the year has presented. The largest enrollment in the history of the college has taxed our human and physical resources to the limit. Some conditions hove not been ideal, but you have shown patience and sportsmanship just the same. We have been able to add to our physical plant six classrooms containing thirty- four hundred square feet of floor space and a student union building containing twenty-six hundred square feet. Our faculty has increased to forty persons. The student body has averaged around 925 students in the day and evening classes. Yes, we have grown in the physical aspect. We trust we have grown in the intellectual and spiritual phases of life as well. A well-trained and dedicated faculty and an interested and happy student body should see excellent results in these latter areas. Our work in the college is facilitated by a generous and interested College Board supported by an enlightened and interested public. With this support we can go forward to still greater achievements. However, students and faculty cannot play the game of life successfully unless they know where the goal posts are. To know the goals of life is to give definiteness and meaning to all of our activities in the college program. The only limits of our realization of a greater tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us meet with confidence, courage and Intelligence our problems which currently arise. This done, then the college, as well as the individuals who make it up. need have no fear for the future. a. -9 1. t - - i A. M. MEYER, PRESIDENT B.A., M.A., Indiana University Ph.D., George Peabody College A. ' ' I ' iP ' ' BOARD OF EDUCATION Led to right; A. M. MEYER, President of AmariUo College; GEORGE M. WADDUi, Secretary Business Manager; AVERY RUSH: BEAUMONT STINNETT; W. W. GIBSON; W. B. GUNN; J. B. BRISCOE, President of Board; J. W. MODE; (not pictured) R. P. PABCELLS, Vice-President of Board. MARION MILLER Registrar B.S , Weal Texas Stale College IGNNIE ROWAN Ubrailun B A., Texas Christian Unlvarslly MA.. West Tiias State College B.S In LS.. University ol Southern CaUlornIa BETTY CMADIT MASON Assistant Registrar H A . Unlveialty oi Texas I. ETFIE I. BAGGETT SCHARLEEN BARKER Librarian B.A.. Southwestern University BS.. Columbia University M.A.. University ol Texas Speech B.F.A.. University ol Texas B.S., MA ADELE BARNES Natural Sclerjce B.A., Texas State Colleqe lor Woisen , North Texas State Teachers College FRED H. BROWNLEE Trade and Industry IS.. Colorado A. M Colloqe LORAINE BHUCE Malhomatlcs B A., West Texas State Collo je M.A.. D.Ed.. Colorado State Colleqe ol Edu r-ntlrn ROBERT PAUL CARTER Physical Education B S. In P.E.. University ol Notre Dame MA.. Columbia University SB RscrtO- VJSOt r Ib fc V mr ' BHV C. A. CLEMMONS Photography Member of Pholographere Society of America YA Te»a» ' k c 7 . EDNA COY Social Science B.A., M.A.. Unlverilty of Teias RUSSaL C. CURTIS Piano and Music Theory B.M., Zoellner Coiuervalory IVAN rREDERICKSEN Radio Graduate of the School of AdvatKwd Dec- tronlce. Leiliv;lon, ' ol AuBita INEVA HEADRICK English B.A.. M.A., University ol Texas FOLSOM D. JACKSON B.A., B.M., Soulhweslern College M.A. Oklahoma A. M. College ARLES ' ■ ' ■■ wSr - ' o M :;? ' ' " ssZ " " - Slate Colle ,. ik LUCILLE KING English B A., Southwest Texas Stale Teachers College M.A., Ph.D.. University ol Texas CLARA C. LINDERHOLM Business Admlnlslralion B.B.A., University ol Colorado MA. Colorado Stale College ARTLE ) LYNN Malhemallcs B.S.. North Texas State Teachers College M.A.. Texas Technological College I ALICE MARSHAa Physical Education B S., Texas Wesleyan Colleqe WJSLETA NUSS Forelqn Lanquaqea . University ol Wisconsin B.S. I GARNER S, ODELL BIbl B.R E.. BTh . Auburn Tlieologlcal Samlnary WILLIAM A PATMAN Poralgn Lnn juaQ»» B A , Watt Teius Sttita Collag M A . N illon il WiilvBiilty ol Mexico CHARLES H PUCKETT Englnaartng BS. Southam Mclhodlal University M A . Tsias University I I 1 I Billy RAY SMAa EngUsh B A., WmI Taicn Stat Collao MA, University of Tmtn JOHN E. SMITH, IR. Chamlstry BS , Texas Technological Colloge W. HOLMES SMITH Englnaaiing BCd.. Eoalam DUnola Slot CoU g MA.. G9org« Peabody College LEE UNA SULLIVAN Business Adminisircition B.A.. Baylor University M.Ed., University o( Texas WILDA H. TALBOT Business Administration B.A., University of Nevada M.S.. Oklahoma A. M. College Co e 3« S JOE F TAYLOR Social Sclanc MA.. Wail Taiai Slal CoU g« RUTH S WARD Engliih and lournullsm B A . M A . Univotslty ol Toiai BERTIE WARREN 0 »ml»lry B A . Unlv«r»lly ol T«ia» MS t ' nivotsliy nt ( hlco«o I - J D 1 LLF. UNA bULLlvAN Business Administration B.A.. B - ' yIoi Univeisisy M.Ed University cl Texas c STUi5 ;. -kLb-yr if A. M Sovhomorc Class Sovhomorc Class Ojficcrs Fred BrokcsUouldcr , President Ins Duncan Gihhs, Secretary Bert MattUcws, V ice-pre sident AbBOTT. ROBin . , .r: .. .: Bala Phi Gamma. Ranqer Stall HOCHESTtR. NEW YORK ADAMS. RICHARD BuslnMS Adm AMARILLO. TEXAS Slqma Alpha Delta ADERTON rU.IS Archiie :turo AMARIU.O TEXAS ALVEY. NELLRITA Music Alpha Phi Omega. Choir ARCHER. MARY Pie-Law Sigma Phi Chi. Choir. Ranger Staff AMARiaO, TEXAS AMARiaO, TEXAS AUTRY MARY Liberal Arts AMARIUO TEXAS BAILEY. JIMMY Engineering Sigma Alpha Delta AMARiaO, TEXAS BANGS. GORDON Engineering AMARILLO, TEXAS BARTON. IMOGENE Spanish AMARILLO, TEXAS Kcrppa Delta Chi BASOM, WYOMA Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXA. S.C.A. BEENE. BILLY Business Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAS BLACKMAN, RUTH Nursing AMARILLO. TEXAS BLOZAN, LOUIS Psychology LOS ANGELES. CAl BOND. MARTY Home Ec. AMARILLO. TEX Alpha Xl Omega. Inlramurals BOND, WILSON Business Adm. AMARILLO, TEXA; BROKESHOULDER. FRED Engineering AMARILLO, TEX President Sophomore Qass. Editor Palo Duro, Beta Dt Gamma. Beta Phi Gamma BROWN. ALFRED Business Adm, AMARILLO. TEX, " BROWN. JAMES Pre Law AMARILLO. TEX. ' Si ' imi Alpha Delia r BRUMMrrr, CLAUDIA Pre-Med AMARILLO. TEXA- Gamma Theia Oii. PholoqraiAy Oub BULLOCK GLEN EiKjineorinq AMARILLO, TEXAS Phi Theta Kappa. Si jma Alpha Delta BURKETT. PHYILIS Nursinq SIOUX CITY. IOWA COLLINS, ETHEL Religious Ed. AMARILLO, TEXAS CONDREN. DON Engineerinq AMARILLO, TEXAS Sigma Alpha Delta DACUS, PATSY Business Adm. AMARILLO, TEXAS Phi Thela Kappa. Sigma Phi Chi DEITIKER, ROENA Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS Phi Theta Kappa. Kappa Delia Chi DENNEY. ESSIE LEE Home Ec. AMARILLO, TEXAS Alpha Xi Omega, S.C.A., Photography Club DURRETT. ELDON Enginooring AMARILLO. TEXAS i hi Thoia Kappa. Sigma Alpha Delta IGLESON, PATSY Libf.tal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS :;igrna Phi Chi iLLlOTT, lERRY Engln»arlng AMARILLO. TEXAS III Thold Kti| fxi. Sigma Alphfi Delia ILLIS, NLVA Liberal Ait» AMARILLO, TEXAS i ' hi Thoia Kappa, Kappo Dtlia Chi, Sophotnoi Favoriiu CARLTON, JOHN, JR. Liberal Am AMARILLO. TEXAS CARROLL, LUELLA Art PANHANDLE. TEXAS CARTER. BILL Business Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAS jaiFEif e Chi ' (Crr32GM CAVENAR, ELLEN ANN Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS Sigma Phi Chi. College Players CLAYTON. ANNE Liberal Arts AMARHi-O. TEXAS CLINE. MILDRED Nursing ARTESIA, NEW MEXICO IC3KW i .TEWi EWING. RUTH Journalism Alpha Xl Omaqa kRlLLO TTXAS FAIREY NORMA Sociology AMARIU.O. TEXAS FAIRrV PARKER Engln««rm« AMARiaO. TEXAS SiQma Alpha [ b1io. B«la Phi Gamma FARWEIX. FENTON Bu»tn©sa Adm AMARiaO. TEXAS B«la Delta Gamma FORD. COLLEEN En jme«nng AMAR1U.O, TEXAS Sigma Phi Chi. College Players FOTHERINGHAM. BETTY Music AMARIUO. TEXAS Gamma Thela Chi FOTHERINGHAM, NELDA PreMed. AMARILLO, TEXAS GARDNER. REYNOLD. JR. Engineering AMARILLO. TEXAS GAUT. MARY JANE Pre-Med. AMARILLO, TEXAS Sigma Phi Chi. S.C.A., Phi Thela Kappa, Beta Phi Gamma Pale Du:- Slaff GIBBS, IRIS ANN Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAi Sigma Phi Chi. Beta Phi Gamma. Ranger Stall GODWIN, BERDENA Art AMARiaO, TEXAS Alpha Xi Omega, Choir, Beta Phi Gamma GOODEN, ERNESTINE Nursing AMARILLO. TEXA. GRADY. BILLYE JO Business Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAf Alpha Xi Omega, Choir GREEN. CHARLENE Business Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAc Gamma Thela Chi GUNTER. GENE Chemistry AMARILLO. TtXJ : HALL nii-K Science Beta Delia Gamma. Badger Club GROOM, Ti XA. HARMON, lACK Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS DQWDY, ARLENE Nursing MANGUM, OKLAHOMA HEARD. ANNA LOIS :OWARD, MYRTH Business Adm. AMARILLO, TEXAS .1 Thela Kappa, Siqma Phi Chi, Choir ■JBER, MILDRED Nursing HAPPY, TEXAS jHNSON, LAWRENCE Engineering AMARILLO, TEXAS jSSERAND, jo ANN Nursing AMARILLO, TEXAS lUETT JANE Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS Kappa Delta Chi, College Players, Beta Phi Gamma, Ranger Stall KEENEY, MARISA Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Phi Chi •■|:RSEY, VINCENT f ' lo Ixjw AMARILLO, TEXAS KING, FRANCILLE Chortimlry AMARILLO, TEXAS KIRK, lUANlTA Mu.Min.i FORREST. NEW MEXICO Ihl Thela Kup|xi Nursing PAMPA. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS 5S3=- HENSLEE. HAROLD Pre-Law Beta Delta Gamma. Junior Varsity HIBBETTS, ZANA Soc. Science AMARILLO. TEXAS Phi Theta Kappa. Alpha Xi Omega HOGGE, WILUAM Engineering Phi Theta Kappa. Sigma Alpha Delta HOLBERT. NELDA Gamma Thela Chi History HOLBERT, RAY Busmess Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS |l HOOK. CHARLENE Business Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAS Fhi Theta Kappa, President Kappa Delta Chi. Beta Phi Gamma. College Players HOUCK, PEGGY Liberal Arts AMAROIO. TEXAS Sigma Phi Chi. Choir HOWARD, JAMES Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS KOLLAER. EMELIA Gamma Theta Chi BualnMS Adm. AMARILLO. TEXAS KRING. TERRY Pre-Low LOVINGTON. NEW MEXICO B«la D«lla Gamma LEACHMAN. PATSY Gamma Theta Chi Bualnoss Adm AMAROIO, TEXAS LONG. DAN Sixth Column Enqlnwrlng AMARiaO. TEXAS LYNN. JEANNE Alpha Xi Omeqa Pro-Mod. AMARnXO, TEXAS McCAUSLAND. RAY Tau Delta Pro-Mod. AMARILLO. TEXAS McCURDY. I. a Business Adm. AMARILLO, TEXAS McCUTCHAW. MORRIS Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS MATTHEWS. BERT Engineering AMARILLO, TEXAS Stgma Alpha Delta. Band MAYS, BENNE Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS Kappa Delta Chi, College Players MELENDY, HARRY Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS Choir, Male Quartette MELER, CHARLENE Liberal Arts FT. SUMNER. N.! Sigma Phi Chi MERCHANT. MARILYN Journalism AMARILLO TEXAS Kappa Delta Chi, College Players. Beta Phi Gamma. Ranger Staff MERYDITH, BETTY Journalism HIGGINS, TEXA. College Players, Beta Phi G6mma, Ranger Staff METCALF. JUNE Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS Alpha Xl Oihega, Palo Duro Sloil. Future Teachers of Amen ca. Beta Phi Gamma MILLER. BETTY Liberal Arts AMARILLO, TEXAS Kappa Delta Chi MIXON. ANITA Music AMARILLO. TEXAS Alpha Xl Omega. Palo Duro Staff, Choir, Beta Phi Gamma. Ranger Sinll MOORE. ORAL Engineering AMARILLO, TEXA gy , P !.!ORGAN. MARTHA Languages AMARILLO. Kappa Delia Chi, Phi Theta Kappa. College Players TEXAS :.!OSS. EDNA Nursmg PADUCAH. TEXAS W k4 :;ALL. MARY ANNIE Liberal Ails AMARILLO. SCA. TEXAS ■1 5? .. H PAVILLARD. I, D. Business Adm. AMARILLO, TEXAS Beta Delia Gamma PETERSON. MARY Nursing CANADIAN, TEXAS POWELL EULA LEE Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS Gamma Theta Chi RASOR, SHERMAN Business Adm. CARLSBAD, N.M. Beta Delta Gamma REED. NELDA REED, NELL ]T RHOTON, TOMMIL •rima Phi Chi Nursing Nursim AMARiaO, TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS MAhii I . . tixa: ;;K1PW0RTH, PAULINE Nunmg SHERMAN, TEXAS : MITH, DOUGLAS Pro Med. AMARILLO, TEXAS lAxth Column, Phi Tliolti K ' lpixr NEFF. EDITH ALENE Nursing HAPPY TEXAS NEW. HAROLD. JR. Engineering AMARUXO TEXAS Sigma Alpha Delta NIX, DUDLEY Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS NUNN, WILLIAM Engineermg HEREFORD. TEXAS OBRYANT. RUTHIE Business Adra. AMARILLO. TEXAS Sigma Phi Chi, Phi Theta Kappa OTT. MARION Engineering Sixth Column, Badger Club AMARiaO. TEXAS u uaafe aii TiPPS mii TUCKER. lEAN Phi Thola Kappa Nurstng FORREST. NEW MEXICO lo.ia s TURNER. LORENA Nursinq AMARIIXO. TEXAS Affllo.iaAs ' Bm.mfi iA«iiijO,mA2 6Niiiii. nil n SHAMROc-K. TEXAS 7fl ' ?• ' ON. MARY DURau: liberal Arte AMARiaO.TEX Pill T . • 1 Koppo Bfin pill Cttiima .• MARiaO. TEXAS WARREN. MARY Liberal Arts AMARILLO. TEXAS Ph i Theta Kappa. Be ' a Phi Gamma. College Players ■WEBSTER. ANNE Liberal Arts •iWll Thela Kappa. Alpha Xl Omeqa WEEMS, TROY loumallsm AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS WEISS. MARY lO Liberal Arts AMARiaO. TEXAS Kappa Delia Chi. Phi Theta Kappa. Student Council. College Ployors WHICKER. lANE Liberal Arts AMARIUO. TEX Kappa Delta Chi WHITE, EUGENE Engineering AMARiaO. TEXA. Sigma Alpha Delta WIGGINS. DICK Business Adm. AMARILLO TEX; Sixth Column. Badger Varsity (Co-Capt.) WILLIAMS. DALf: Pre Law AMARILLO. TEXA Beta Delta Gamma, Badger Club. Badger Varsity WILLIAMS. DICK Pre-Law AMARiaO. TEX. ' .. WINCHESTER. Bia Pre-Mod. CLAYTON. NEW MEXIC WINDHAM. EULA Business Adm. AMARILLO. TEXA WOLF. lEWEU Nursing CLOVIS. NEW MEXK WOLF. BILLIE lEAN Nursing CLOVIS. NEW MEXIC Freshman Class t?ji Freshman Class Ojf ccrs Wlut Putf, Vuf ' pf.SullMt Pat [rtii ' .sDH, l v.sultMl Jo Ann Brown, Sccrdary -KUi. WYhTli: ADAMS EDGAR ADDINGTON. SOPHIA ALBUS ALICT THERESA ALDRIDGE. PAT AUEN. JOHN B ALLISON BETTY JEAN ALLM. MERCEDES NAZARETH. TEXA AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO TEXAS BAILEY. JOE ALLEN BAKER. LEE ROY AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO TEXAS AMAROXO, TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS T PAKEF MARGARET ANN AMARILLO. TEXAS 1 i 1 f rAKCR VICTOR AJ .ARILLO TEXAS ■ i BARKER. BOBBIE FRIONA. TEXAS 1 w PARLEY AULDA AMARILLO. TEXAS ] ► BEARDSLEY. MARY MARTHA AMARILLO TEXAS . BELL. BETTY GAY AMARILLO. TEXAS 7) BELL, JIMMY AMARILLO. TEXAS i BELL. LOIS AMARILLO. TEXAS BENNETT. JACQUaiNE AMARILLO. TEXAS j.ijgriT, 5.-5. DC K-CSOS ft :i KTSSi EXFJ A o ■ - C.llii; ™01IA,If,;: ' ' ' ' ' iii.iSUi MiO.lUj lAiullu, lUAi MEO,in. i ATOfteSJ BRADEN. WILLIAM IR BRADFORD. DOROTHA BRAINERD. WILLIAM BBAMPirrr HrNRY BRITTEN. DOROTHY BROADDUS. CHARLIE BROWN, lO ANN BROYLES. SAM BRUNER. ROSS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS GROOM. TEXAS AMARILLO TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS BRUNNIER. CAROLYN BUNCH. BILLY FRANK BUNCH. T. O.. IR. BURNETT. HAROLD BURNETT. ROBERT BURTON. BRYAN BUTLER. FRANK BYERS. lOAN BYORS, lAMES GROOM. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXA: AMAROiO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXA; AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS COBB, NANCY COGSWELL. NATALIE COLLINS. DALE II COOPER. MARGARET CORNELIUS. D. P. WINSTON-SALEM, N. CAROLINA GRAIL, BEVERLEY f;RITES, CHARLES •III VIH ' ' I ' -11. IH CULWaL, GORDON AMARILLO, TEXAS GROOM. Ti:XAS AMARILLO. TEXAS DURRETT. MARGARET EASLEY. GENE ELDRIDGE. PAUUNE AMARELLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMAROXO, TEXAS MIAMI. TEXAS AMARnXO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS . .m FRENCH, DANIEL GARBUTT, JOHN GAUT, ROYCE DARREL GEIJEVA. GLENN GERMANY. JOHN GHOLSTON, DON GIBBS. ROU.A ALTON GOODNIGHT. SYLVA GOODWIN. f-AHY C. IR AMAHIU.O. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO, TEXAS AMARIUO, TEXAS ■V iio.iai! UWSl5.i,( o,iaK ifflw,ims ijii: m to.ims GOODWIN, lAMES giAY. UlLAND. IR GREGORY. HAPOLD GRIGGS. BOX CTUVER. WAYNE GUNTER. RANDOLPH HALL LOUISE HARDIN. HAYDEN HARRIS. BILL AMARILLO. TCXAS AMARILLO. TBCAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS CLOVIS. NEW MEXICO AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS ■ air J hJik HASSELL, FORREST HASSELL, SAM HELTON, GERRY HELTON, GORDON HENRY. Bia HESS. BETTYE HIATT, ROBERT HICKMAN, STAN AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS ADA. OKLAHOMA AMARttiO. TEXAS AMARnXO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS HORNE. BETTYE JO HOUSTON, OTIS HOYT, NORMA HUBBARD, GLENN HUBBARD, NANCY HUDGINS, IVAN, JR. HUGHES, WiaiAM E. HUa,GENE AMARILLO, TEXAS COLBY, KANSAS AMARILLO, TEXAS PAMPA, TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS HUGHES, BILLY MURRAY AMARiao, TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARIUO, TEXAS HICKMOTT. FRANK AMARILLO. TEXA- 1 HIGGINS FRANQS C . IR 1 AMARILLO. TEXAS f ii-0 HIGHTOWER, MAURENE AMARILLO. TEXAS p , W Hia. BLTI ' L TUUA. TEXAS p3S» ' ?A HINSON, BONNIE AMARILLO. TEXAS IJjSS CHi HODGES, MARIORE AMARILLO TEXAS ptlOIDL HOGAN. RICHARD AMAHOi-O, TEXAS fm. HOLMAN. HERSCHEL, JR AMARILLO. TEXAS pmM HOLT. CLIFFORD AMARILLO, TEXAS mxM WL! nil; lAtLO.iatj; ).mi HUME. HELEN LOUISE INMAN. HAROLD RAY IRWIN. LEOTA lAOCSON, PAT AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS O-OVIS. NEW MEXICO AMARILLO. TEXAS JETFRESS, CHARLES EDWARD AMARttiO, TEXAS lOBE. LOYD L JOHNSON. DOROTHY ANN JOHNSON. LLOYD JOHNSON, MILLARD MELVIN JOHNSON, STANLEY HUGH AMARILLO, TEXAi I JONES, FLOYD BENNETT AMARILLO, TEXy- JONES, GEORGE W. AMARILLO, TEXA. ; JONES,- GRIFFIN LEWIS AMAREXO, TEXA.. JONES. HOPE BOISE CITY, OKLAHOMA lORDON, NOBLE AMARILLO. TEXAS JUETT. BILL AMAROXO. TEXA; KEEN, EDD TOM AMARILLO, TEXAS KEEN W R AMARiaO. TEXA. KUYKENDALL, CAROL LAMPE. WiaiAM LAWRENCE. ROLAND LAWRENCE, RUTH LEAVEUE, lAMES LIDIA, BILLIE )0 AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARIIJ-O, TEXAS ummo, lAtLo IBlAs ' .ibas IQJi IIOAS MEG.B!; MEaims ESION, TEXAS aO,lEH5 UTTLE. LOUISE LONGSTRETH. MARY LONGSTRETH. WiaiA. LOVELESS. CHARLES LOWE. EVALYN LUSK. ROY McCUNTOCK. JAMES McGEE. JACK McGINLEY. ROLAND AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS PANHANDLE. TEXAS v ; " AMARILLO, TEXAS uvll AMARILLO, TEXAS r AMARILLO, TEXAS «N- ' fe ' - AMARILLO, TEXAS W - r McGINNIS, CHARLES MALONE. JAMES PAT AMARILLO. TEXAS McMENNANY, DARLENE AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS MARABLE, GERALD LAWAYNE AMARILLO. TEXAS MATCHETT, ROBERT MATHEWS. HENRY MATNEY. DORIS MAYBERRY, JAMES MELLER. HELEN AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS SHATTUCK. OICLAHOMA MOORE. CAMILLE MOORE. GRACE MOORE, MARGARET ELLEN CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO MORTON, CHARLES MOVE, coaiE C. AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS MURCHISON, JOSEPH DANIEL AMARILLO, TEXAS MYATT. NORMA LEE NELSON. LUCILE NELSON, LIGE McLEAN. TEXAS MIAMI, TEXAS AMARiaO, TEXAS MERRICK. REX S. MERYDITH, PEARL MILLER, JOHN MILLS, GUY DUNNAM, IR. MOCK. LINDALIE MONAGHAN. DAN MONZINGO. CARL MOORE. ARTHUR AMARILLO. TEXAS PERRYTON. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO. TEXAS :-:5,Tfi CS30CB.a AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS M . OKK, C AMARUXO. TEXAS EiafflNV — .1 ■■ ' - l,IEy; IMl NmiE. MARTHA NEUERBURG, THELMA NEWMAN I R. OCHSNER. WINSTON OLIVER, BARBARA OSGOOD. CHARLES OWEN. CHARLES PELZ. BENNY AMARILLO. TEXAS HOOKER. OKLAHOMA SHAMROCK. TEXAS HERMANN. MISSOURI PRICKETT. NORMAN AMARILLO. TEXAf AMARIUO. TEX; ODESSA, TEX,V ROSE, LANELLE ROSS. lACOULYN ROSS, S. E. RADEY, ROSS RARDON, CARYL RAYBURN. MORRIS REVILLE. Bia RILEY, EDWARD RITTER, GEORGE ROBERSON, lACXE BELLE ROBBERSON. JOE FRANK AMARILLO. TCXAS CANEY KANSAS AMARILLO TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS o SKGSS ' SKIKJ ff.©C AMARILLO. TEXAS J . ROUSE, GEORGE RUSSEU. WILLIAM SANDERS. FRANCES SANDLIN. TED SAUNDERS. JOE SHAMROCK, TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARIUO. TEXAS AMARiaO, TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS SCHOENHALS. GERTRUDE DARROUZETT. TEXAS i ii CHUUXH. L ' - ' H-THY SCHUELEF. ELENOR SCHULZE. GENE SCHWALLER MARY BYRLEA SCOTT. BILLY B SCOTT. DsCOURCY SCRUGGS. CHARLIE SEWEa. MAPLE SHARP. DONNIE FBIONA. TEXAS FRIONA. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS SISSOM. JOHN E. SMITH. BETTY SMITH. O. B. AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS AMAfllLLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS HOOKER. OKLAHOMA FORT WORTH. TEXAS SMOOT, WILLIAM TANDY AMARILLO, TEXAS SMYTH. GUY PITTS AMARiaO, TEXAS SPAUDE, ARTHUR I . IR ROGERS. ARKANSAS THOMPSON, DOROTHY THOMPSON. lUNE THORNTON, GEORGE TINSLEY, CHRISTINE . ' Atl DYKE. ANITA VAN SHAW, MARTHA 7EIDT, WILLIAM SPEIGHT. WESLEY SPENCER. WILLIAM SPOON. BILLY STEPHENS. DELBERT STODGHILL. WILL ALLEN AMARUXO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS MEMPHIS. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLQ, TEXAS HOUSTON. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS l v » . ffl J Ai -fii J AMARILLO, TEXAS AMARILLO, TEXAS STINNETT. TEXAS BORGER. TEXAS AMARILLO. TEXAS AMARiaO, TEXAS WILSON. ROBEPT WARNER AMARILLO. TEXAS WISE, lAMES CHARLTON AMARiaO. TEXAS ACKER, BERNICE Nursing NAZARETH. TEXAS CULPEPPER, ROBINA Nursing HEREFORD. TEXAS -WITT. lOELINE WOMACK. IIMMY WORSHAM. BILL WORSHAM, KENNY WRIGHT, DORIS ZANCHETTIN. LOUIE AMAROJ-O. TDCAS CROSS PLAINS. TEXAS AMARILLO. TIDCAS AMARILLO. TEXAS MIDDLETOWN. VIRGINIA AMARILLO. TEXAS MATHEWS. WALTER AMARILLO, TtXAS SOPHOMORES TYLER, ROBERT Pro Mod. AMARILLO, TEXAS Tau Delia, Ranger Stall Cross Section oj Sludcnl Life Registration in the gym. Will they make the goal? Why didn ' t the army rrnistor this way ' ' f. The college bookatora la eiyjoylng ita new home in the Union. Teas -- Alpha to Omega The student council provides a mixer. A test already ' A busy hour with business machines. Watch your P ' s and Q ' s! I Ju«t a lot of atatic Atomic Bomb? Mr. Baker, Mr. Gunter, and Mr. Cole--our friendly and ht-Ipful custodians. Congressman Worley visits with Presidint Ml ir be- fore his assembly address. Sissom makes niaftic. Speech D -|jartinrnt ' f. rntry ( ir Stair Onc-ncl I ' lay Contmt. l,unch at the cafeteria. An aiternoon siesta. Let ' B have a coke! A Union Lounge bridge session. Night class in radio. Termir al course in metal trades. Wrf Our (ulurc engineer . A library assignment Watch the birdie Do, re, mi Easel, brush, water color. f 0 rf Elxpression in art. Seeing the Badgers off to sunny California. A Badger pep rally. The faculty ferns support the Badger " California or Bust " campaign. Beginning of a session. Dark magic. Weatcrn Jamboree Subscription, please? Copy dettdline. Students visit the Globe News. Eddie II I Happy dayl ¥ J i " ' ' - m i i F E L %m ( — H Li M ' H«ppy y i P ♦ . Nominations lor Aiiuinllo Colloqo beauties cunio from the student body at large during a genercil li iioii :t|) [od by iho Student Council. Photographs of the six highest ranking notiiinoos wore subniiltod to Phil Spltalny lor llnal selection. The sophomore and Ireshman lavorites lor 1947 wore elected by the respec- tive classes. ■ V I 1 Bicii((v jN[()iniiUL s Anita Vail Dyke m hnozcnc Barton Bantt) ' ] [onnncc5 ; Cliarlenc Hook Margaret Btri I . Kelly, Freshman Favorite rcshman Favorite c E P r I z F T I ; i c « 1 . ' Alpiui X9 Oineaa Cdna Coy Sponsor Anne Webster President June Metcalf Secretary I Jerry Kirkwood Vice-President Berdena Goduin Treasurer Marty I.ou Bond Essie Lee Denny Thelma Denny Kuth hlwing Hilly J,, -,r-,.iy .Sylvd ' ioixJiUH ' il ' niin lliMjttt: Juan I ' .mK lent Jean Lynn Anita Mixon Camille Moore ? Inn ) Kathleen Pinkerton Laverne Taylor Dorothy Thonnpson The Alpha Xi Omega sorority was organized in September, 1945, with ten charter members. This sorority is a reorganization of the old Alpha Iota which was discontinued during the war. Membership is by invitation only and is kept by maintaining a C grade average. E na Coy is the sponsor. GAMMA THETA CHI Gamma Theta Chi was organized in February, I 940, under the name of C. Q. C, and was changed to a Greek letter sorority on October 20, 1940. The sorority was organized by Mr s. Agatha Shaw, under the direction of Dr. J. F. Mead, with twelve charter members. Membership is by invitation only. Mrs. Wjlda H. Talbot is the sponsor. TALBOT, WILDA H., SPONSOR HORNE, BETTY JO, PRESIDEN BEL, GREEN, CHARLENE, VICE-PRESIDENT HOLBERT, NELDA, SECRETARY TIPPS, MARGARET, TREASURER m A 1. 1. MS, MERCEDES COGSWELL. NATALIE ALLISON, liETTY CLEMMONS. CAWOL ANN I PRESIDEX BELL. BETTY GAY GILBERT, RAMONA HESS. BETTYE KEITH, LOIS REASURES STONE, OOROTHY STONE. FAYE VETESK, MOZELLE VICK, NANCY MALE KAPPA DELTA CHI Kappa Delta Chi, the oldest social sorority on the campus, was founded in 1929 with Mrs. Al Baggett as sponsor. In 1947 Miss Scharleen Barker became sponsor. It has been one of the most socially active sororities in Amarillo College. Kappa Delta Chi pledges are presented at a formal Christnnas dance. Other annual traditions are a fall tea, an Easter breakfast, and a spring coffee. Scharleen Barker Sponsor Charlene Hook President Roena Deitiker Vice-President Jane Juett Secretary for 1946 Mickey Merchant Secretary for 1947 Martha Morgan R»»norter ' nt Aldridgt Neva lilllis Lli.-.abfth 1- ar r ' nt Jncknun IMllir J.) l.ulln Hrnni Mny« Mary Jo PhiUips Emmalee Prichard Luia Marie Super Martha Van Shaw A T-y Jo Weiss Mot pictured: Virginia Alexander Imogene Barton Dot Wagoner Aa Ann Ruth O ' Bryant President Marisa Keeney Secretary Luta Bob Archer Lucille King Sponsor Si Hia Plu Glu Sigma Phi Chi, recently changed from Sigma Iota Chi, has been on the Campas since 1930. Membership is by invitation only and is kept by nnaintaining a C grade average. Annual social activities include a tea in the fall, presentation dance, mid-term luncheon, and spring fornnal . Lucille King is sponsor. Mary Archer Betty Willis r Colleen Ford Vice President Jo Anne Brovnn Fallen Ann Cnvcnnr Patsy Daci I ' nl Prhiirr K«lhrvn Dinl I k Pat Egleson Barbara Fowler Janie Outhridge Caut Iris Duncan Gibbs Gerry Helton ■If Marjorie Hodges Peggy Houck JTV jfg m- t ' am •r ' ' -»L 1 rts f W ' Tommie Rhoten Norma Hoyt Mary Longstreth Carleen Melt Frances Sannder Gene Schulze Anita ' an [ ,ki Freddi. ' W.Tlkc .vnDiill Charles H. Clawson Sponsor Beta Delta Gamma Leroy Thompson President Because the Lawyers were made up to a great extent of returning veterans this year, no informal initiation was required. The purpose of the fraternity is to create and maintain a spirit of good fellowship among the members and to foster athletics and social gatherings. The new members were welcomed at a stag dinner in November. A Turkey Trot Dance was sponsored by the Lawyers on November 27, 1947. Boots Cooper Sgt.-at-arms Bill Gannett Treasurer Carlos Hinkamp Secretary l¥ Bill Brainerd I- rnl Mrokrshoviliirr i npsot Koss Bruner Pete Cornelius John Cunningham Fenton Farwell Dick Hall I Gordon Helton J Richard Hogan James Kile Percy Lehman Roy Lusk Billy Martin 1-a f , - T fi Henry Mathews L Ed Nobles Benny Pelt Sherman Kasor r 9 f ' ?? f F iii L. P. Riggs Monte Craig Bob White Herschel Holmnn John Allen Floyd Bingham OFFICERS Consulting Engineer Lowell P. Riggs Chief Engineer Monte Craig Junior Engineer Bob White Recording Engineer Herschel Holman Finance Engineer John Allen Demolition Engineer Floyd Binghann SIGMA ALPHA DELTA The Engineers ' fraternity was organized atAmarillo College in 1932 to foster interest in the profession of engineering. Its membership is open to students enrolled in the department of engineering. Meetings are held at regular intervals, and practicing engineers are invited to speak on subjects of professional in- terest. Trips to industrial plants are arranged and a professional spirit is encouraged. This year the Engineers are con-iposed of the largest number of mennbers in its history. The Autumn Ball was sponsored by the Engineers in October. An initiation banquet was held in January. The Annual Engineers ' Ball was given in March. p. P r ' ■■ f ?• ' iHi M Mh r iKI p n r t Richard Adams Jimmy Bailey Glen Barley Clement Birkmcyer Bob Brashears Bill Braden J. L. Brown Glen Bullock Dean Caldwell Merlin Clark Don Condron Cordon Culwell Frrd Drbbrecht Eldon D irrrtt Jerry Elliott Parker Faircy Bill Field Doyle Foreman Reynold Gardner Ed Cerkin Randy Gunter Sam Hassell Bill Hogge Harold Inman Charles Jeffress Loyd Jobe Stanley Johnson Bob Jones Dick Jones Bob Kemp Charles Loveless Bert Matthews Jimmy McClintock Guy Mills J. D. Murchison Lige Nelson Harold New Harry Norwood Charles Owens Hal Pitts Norman Prickett Doug Prince RosB Radey S. E. Robs Delbert Stevens Travis Tadlock Frank Washburn Bobby Weems Eugene White Oliver Wright r P G ' P p r p r» p jp n t D. f (jT O p p 9 bcri not pictured: Don Edlrmann. John Smith, Bill ColviUr Mrmbcrs not p SIXTH COLUMN The Sixth Column was first organized in 1940 with its chief purpose being the promotion of fellowship, social life, and sports. During the war the Sixth Column was discontinued. This year the Sixth Column was reorganized with W. Holmes Smith as sponsor. Holmes Smith Sponsor Anita Van Dyke Sweetheart The Sixth Column sponsored an Annual Barn Dance in October of 1946. At Christmas the members of the Sixth Column contributed $75 to a Christmas Milk Fund for a needy family. In connection with the purpose of the organization the Sixth Column enters a team in each intramural event. Officers for the Second Semester President -Dick Kelly Vice-President O. B. Chesshir Secretary Warner Wilson Sgt.-at-arms Donnie Sharp Members not pictured: Bill Perkins, John Britt, Bud Gentry, Billy Moore, Pat Babb, Charles Snow, Jack Anderson, Willie Wilson, Stan Hickman, Bill Hankison, Jimmy Bell, Moon Ott, Bill Lampe, John Cameron, Bill Baker, Bert Ballengee, Charlie Trolinger, Don Byers, James May- berry, Warner Wilson, John Rogers, A. L. Rogers, Bill Anderson, Richard Bock, Al Hannaford, Reuben Noel, and Adrian McClish. Tom Duke President 1 ed Sandlin Vice-President Sonny McGjnlcy Secretary George Thornton Sgt. -at-arm» .1 4 Hoy Bnker Hud Cnmpbpll O. B. Chesahir Koyc Cupp Bill Foster Ivan Hudgins kornton Chiarleb ' -J=.H k Bill Harris Billy Hughes Jim Perkins Bob Hiatt F rancis Higgins Gene Hull Dick Kelly : r .i ii Jack McGee Collie N ' .oye p 1 % . d L adL i Don Posi-v Oonnu ' ' -h.T Doug Smith Guy Smyth S. L. Storseth Dick Wigfjirv ;upp TAU DELTA The Tau Delta fraternity was organized at Amarillo College in September of 1946. The first official meeting was held on Tuesday, September 24, 1946. The twenty charter members were: Tony Martin, Bob Andrews, John B. Allen, Bryan Burton, Charles Broaddus, John Cavin. Dale Collins. Bill Dixon, Bill Dial. William Highes. Bill Juett, Kenneth Lanham, Billy Pat Moore, Ray McCausland, Winston Ochsner. George Pratt. Gene Polk, Joe Frank Robberson, Lee Simmers, and Bill Worsham. George Jones Phillip Blythe Bill Worsham Joe Cato Harold Dean Vernon Miller John Cavin Joe Frank Robberson Joe Blythe Front Row: Don Franks Johnny Allen Bryan Burton Lelland Gray Bill Hughe Back Row: Charlie Broaddui Ronald Janitrn Bob McMillen Don Cholaton H.U Jucll Jimmy D««a Bill Veidt Land Wall Jop Cato Billy Pat Moore Lloyd Johnson George Demic Don Oliphant George Pratt Eddie Blair Winston Ochsner Charlton Wise Carol Kuykendall Jinnmy Dees Bill Veidt Billy Pat Moore Joe Taylor George Pratt Lloyd Johnson George Demic Eddie Blair Don Oliphant Sponso r Joe Taylor President Gene Polk Vice- F resident John Cnvin Secretary Treasurer Sgt.-at-Arms- Bryan Burton John B. Allen Charles Broaddus Prospective members were invited to a ' Rush Smoker " on September 26. A " Fall Dance " was given on October 19. The formal initiation for the Tau Delta pledges were held at the Country Club on November 7. A Christmas formal. ' HolidBy Homecoming Dance " was given on December ZS. Another " Rush Smoker " was held on January 30. The Tau Delta fraternity enters a team in each intramural event. The Tau Delta football team was in- trannural champion this year. Charles jelfress President Wyoma Basom Secretary Richard Adams l and From an initial membership of eight, the band now has thirty-six members. It is under the direction of Mr. Charles Kiker. Besides par- ticipating in several assemblies, the band played at all of the home bas- ketball games and went to Plainview for the game there. The most outstanding activity of the year is an annual spring concert. Usually there is a featured soloist. This year Mr. Russell Curtis was the soloist. Jinr my Short Vice-President f r Se;di Marjorie Hodges Social Chairman f- s T Barbara Anderson n Jacqueline Bennett Gordon Berry ir r?5 f dM ri 4 Joe Cnto Clinton (;inik Mt nt r . in l Nelda Fatheringham Harold Gregory »A Gene Giinter Bert Matthews Don Monoghan J. R. Newman W, M. Snrtoot Patrick Veazey OncUe i ui The Amarillo College Orchestra is directed by Mr. C. M. Kiker. Ramona Gilbert is the accompanist. A spring concert is the annual function. Annamae Brown was a soloist with the orchestra, and Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Arnold were also featured in the concert. Picturrd lr ml«-lt to rightare: 7,ana Mibbitts, June Brown, I -a Vcrnc Taylor. Annamae Drown, fcUdon Mc- Cullom, Alfred Skoog, Pauline Eldridgr. Betty Basom, Ramona Gilbert , Cha rles Steed. Wyoma Bacom. William Jones. Gene Gunter, Joe Cato, Charles Jeff ress, Harold Gregory, CM. Kiker. Director, and Bert Matthews. AMARILLO COLLEGE CHOIR TTie Singers of Amarillo College were organ- ized in 1931 as the Balladores and Balladattes. The group took first place in the State finals un- der that title. The Annarillo College Choir won first place in the State Contest of Junior College Choirs in Waco in 1940 and in Fort Worth in 1941. The quartettes and soloists from the Choir have gained recognition for their ability as en- tertainers. All positions are achieved by com- petitive tryouts from the entire enrollment of the College. Folsonn D. Jackson Director Bottonn Row: Martha Nettle, Annamae Brown, Laverne Taylor , Mar issa Kcnnpy, Johnnie Trimble, D. P. CorneljuB, William HogRr, l oren Hightower, Berdena Godwin, Anita Mlxon. Middle Row: Myrth Howard, Aurice Vernon, Dorothy Johnson, Mercedes Allm, Jacquelin Ben- nett, Richard Adanns, Alfred Skoog, Harry Mrlendy, Paulina Eldridge, Barbara Fowler. Top Row : Joeline Witt, Mary I .ou Wt-ilrniiian, Betty Fothr ringhaiii, hVank Hiitlcr, tddieWitt, Donald Maclntyre, Floyd Jonrs, Harold Dran, Fern Carver, Martha Morgan. Accompani»t--Rannona Gilbert Young Ladies ' Quartet Dorothy Johnson, Aurice Vernon, Fern Carver, Jane Whicker Male Quartet Johnnie Trimble, Horry Mclendy, Alfrrd Skoog, F " loyd Jones College Players OFFICERS President Lou Westmoreland Vice-President Charlie Snow Secretary-Treasurer Aurice Vernon Reporter — - Marilyn Merchant TheAmarillo College Players was organized in Septennber, 1940, under the direction of Mr. Don Clark. Each year the College Players has charge of the production of the drannatic presentations of the college. These presentations include the one-act play for the State Junior College One-act Play Contest and a three-act play in the spring. The College Players is also affiliated with Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatic fraternity. Front Row: Charlene Hook, Marilyn Merchant. Bennie Mays, Bonnie Fretz, Scharlene Barker (Sponsor) Middle Row: Asa Blankenship. John Sissom, Jimmy Short, Margaret McCarley . Lou Westmoreland Back Row: Don Maclntyre Front Row: Franc -« Lynn Townrs. Mary Archer, Norma Moyt. Collern lord. Robert .Sinclair, Aurice Vernon Back Row: I.orrn Hlghtowrr, Lindalic Mock, Ma ry Jo Wri»i.. Martha MorRan. Joe Bob Coble, Jack Kisenbrrg Members not pictured: Marian Saun.lrrr., Alirr n«rnrii. Luta Hob Archrr ■J. K. i Carter Sponsor Jimmy Bailey President Neva E llis Vice-President Mary Jo Weiss Secretary Bill Hughes Treasurer Eldon Durrett Charlene Hook Margaret Baker Jimmy Dees Grace Moore Student Council Delbert Stephens M rtha Van Shaw North West Texas School of Nursing jw- STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Ruth Binder, educational Director; Mrs. Wanda Reed, Director of Nurses; Mildred Huber Middle Row: Virginia McKnight, Phyllis Burkett, Margaret Moore, Caryl Rardon, Buena Walk- er, Ruth Blackman, Ava Jo HorswilJ M Front Row: Lou Ellen Wilkinson, Juanita Kirk, Thelma Neurerburg, Edith Fattor SENIOR PARTY - BUCKS TAVERN January, 1 ' M 7 l H Ruth Blackman . -jm . 1 Rita Smith, Jewel Wolf, Ernestine Gooden, Edna Moss Joye Close Nancy Cobb Dorothy and Eleanor Schuler The trip to Canyon Miss Binder Educational Director Robina Culpepper - Rita Smith Seniors " 1947 ' Miss Ratcliff Betty Willis St Anthonys School of Nursing Three Year Course Leading to R. N. and Junior College Diploma g|gA yr Pi I 1 « ' ii ' !vr " Wi SI Hsiii ,V!l ' Mm IT i k yf . MU if i. V « Q pi f « « • • » 1 x AMARILLO RADIO OPERATORS ASSOCIATION DON MAC INTYRE J. E. SMITH - SPONSOR WESLEY SPEIGHT BOB JOMES HERMAN KRIZAN BUD CAMPBELL GENE HULL NEAL LOWE JIM McCLINTOCK GORDON BERRY DICK JONES JOE FAUST DERLING KILUON HAL PITTS I £ I n. p. Carter George Gwyn Moon Ott Badger Club Thr Badger Club is an honorary organization composed of students who have been awarded the " A " {or completion in varsity athletics. The club has as its major objectives the promotion of better scholarship, the pronnotion of social ac- tivities, and the support of all college affairs. Pledges are nominated and elected to member- ship by active members of the organization. OFFICERS Sponsor R. P. Carter President Bert Ballengee Vice-President George Gwyn Secretary Lloyd Davis Treasurer Dick Hall Sergeant-at-arms T. I.. Fanning Lloyd Davis Carlos Hinkamp Dick Hall ' f%. i m Billy Martin 1 1 Bert Ballengee T. L. Fanning Dale Williams Richard Hogan Bettye Jo Hornc Lou WesliTioreland Harold Dean BETA PHI GAMMA The Upsilon Chapter of Beta Phi Gamma, the f ress Club, was organized in 1940. The frater- nity is one of the most active on the campus. The members take a leading part in editing the Ranger. Officers are Betty Merydith, President, Carlos Hinkamp, Vice-President, and Charles Jeffress, Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Ruth Merydith PRESIDENT ■ Ml Bob Abbott Fred Brokeshoulder Ruth S. Ward SPONSOR Joan Byers Carolyn Clouse Ruth Ewing !• . D.wi .-11 ( " ..iMt Pat Jackson Marilyn Mrrrhfttil Iiinr Mrtcnlf Anitn Mixon Jnnr Whicker Moore Iroy Wcciii I nlr Willinms FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION The Pedagogue Club, a chapter of the Future Teachers of America Association, was organized October 3, 1946. The purpose of this organization is to develop interest in the profession of teaching. Back row: Glenn Williams, Zana Hibbets Willard Gannett, James Howard, John R. Garbutt. Front row: K. L. Scudder, Adele Thompson, Byllie Moore (secretary) , Doris Matney (president) , Mrs. Linnie Redfern (sponsor) , Billie Jo Lydia, Myrtle Forson, June Metcalf. Not pictured: Dorotha Bradford, Joan Byers. Marian Saunders (vice-president), Frank Farris, Maureen Hightower, Jonnie Reneau. PHI THETA KAPPA The local Beta Eta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, nat- ional honor fraternity, was established at Amarillo College in 1 934. To be eli- gible for membership, a liberal arts student must be within the upper ten per cent of his class. The chap- ter takes in new members twice annually. Annong the yearly functions are two mid-semester for- mal candelight ceremo- nies, one convocation pro- gram, the sending of two delegates to the National Convention, and a formal banquet. Front row: Charlenc Hook, Neva Ellis, Durellc Thon-ison, Janie Guthridge Gaut, Anne Webster, .ana Hibbitts, Ethel Collins, Rowna Deitiker. Myrth Howard, Ruth O ' Bryant. Back row: Martha Morgan (Reporter), MissWjsleta Nuss (Sponsor) .T ravis Tadlock, Jerrry Elliott, James Howard, Glen Bullock (Vice-President), Bill Hogge, Gene Gunter, Eldon Durrett, (President), and Martha Van Shaw. Csroly h M EtorSe( STAFF Editor Fred Broke shoulder Assistant Editor Loyd Jobe Business Manager June Metcalf Feature Editor Janie Gaut Snapshot Editor Anita Mixon Art Editor Gerry Helton Photographer Bob Burnett Faculty Sponsors- Business Staff -- Lee Una SuUivari William A. Patman Joan King Dorotha Bradford Barbara Fowler De Courcy Scott Marjorie Hodges K vl U ■ ' ■• »ki r Siiivic Patwn )aii King iradloid Fowler cy Scott Betty Ruth Merydith Editor Second Semester 1 11. 4 Bob Abbott THE RANGER The Ranger is published bi-weekly, holidays and examinations excepted, by the students of Amarillo CollcRe with the sole purpose of giving news of the collci e to its students. Staff First Semester: Editor-in-Chief--Carolyn Clouse Business Manager--Emalee Prichard Keaton Second Semester: Editors-in-Chief- -Betty Merydith and Marilyn Merchant Exchange Editor-- Anita Mixon Business Manager--Bob Tyler Reporting and Business Staff — Bob Abbott, Joan Byers, Iris DuncanCibbs, Darrell Gaut, Charles Jeffress, Bonnie Kret z, Anita Van Dyke, and Troy Weems. Not shown are Chester Suddath and J. B. Baker. Mrs. Ruth Ward Sponsor Joan Byers Fat Egleson R. Darrell Gaut Iris Duncan GibVji, Charles Ieffres Bonni.- Kr.-tv Marilyn Klerchant , .. v4„«- ' Anita Mixon Makeup Editor lane Whicker Moore p ' .malee Prichnrr) Kenton Anita Van Dyk Trov Weems Pale Williams Mac Alsobrook Student Christian Association " To Know Christ and to Make Him Know " is the motto of the Student Christian Association, organized in September of 194 6. The club is open to any student Christian. Officers for the current term are: MacRichie Alsobrook, President; Eddie Witt, Vice President; Lindane Mock, De- votional Chairman; Joeline Witt, Treasurer; Eugene White, Publicity Agent. Garner S. Odell Adviser Eddie Witt Lindalie Mock Joeline Witt Eugene White Richard Adams Carolyn Bruner Essie Lee Denny Thelma Denny I ' nulini- hAdrid e 1 ' " ' l - l ( Travis Kill-. i Dnrrell Gaut Brrt Matth. I.iiclllr Nrl«on W. Allrn SlodHill Mnrthn Jo Williams Charlton Wise fci.- AMAfllLLO COLLEG[ mm CLUB Photography is beauty, happiness, culture, expression, and learning, but above all. photography is fun " . ° " ' George Eastman The Amarillo College Camera Club is one of the college ' s youngest and most successful organizations. It has succeeded because of the excellent photography course offered by the college. The club has had nu- merous activities, its largest project being a contest to determine the most photogemc students in the col- lege. This contest received fifty-two entries, thirty-six of which were photographs of boys. The winners of this contest are featured on the following page. Another important activity has been the securing of professional programs for the club and the photo- graphy class. The club is fortunate to have Bertie Warren as sponsor and C. A. Clemmons as advisor. First Semester Robert Burnett President Joe Bailey Vice-president Thelma Denny Secretary OFFICFRS Second Semester Joe Bailey- President Essie Lee Denny Vice-president Thelma Denny Secretary Ross Bruncr Carrol Kuykcndall James B. Baker Burton Williams Eddie Blair Luella Carroll Bortie Warren, Sponsor Joe Cato Bill Roberts Don Mannix John Garbutt Joe Bailey Thelma Denny C. A, Robert Matchett Chester Sudduth Claudia Brunnmett J. B. Landers Ivan Fredericksen Essie Lee Denny Clemmons, PSA, Advisor Jimmy Bailey PMOIOHtNIC COI-TtST Bennie Clyde Mays Jo Ann Brown Most Photogenic Girl Billye Jo Urady Jimmy Bell Most r ' h.)t.)Be-nlc Boy I.indnlic Mock aaa atm I w In n L E T I C " 5 3 T J ?r 1 Hennif Clyde Mays r Sr A-H Ann Brown mi: V «• Jij I ' may li . i 4. t 1 ' y " yp Radae Va iliidf Coach R. P. Carter Dick Wiggins (Co-Capt.) The season of 1946-1947 was a banner year for the Badger Basketball Team. The Blue and Grey hoopsters retained an undefeated record in Texas cage competition and thereby annexed the West Zone title of the Texas Junior College Athletic Conference in their first year as members of the league since 1936. On the basis of their victorious record the team was invited along with 15 other junior college quintets to participate in a tournament of national innportance the Western States College Tournament at Compton, California. Another significant item was the interest created by the hardwood sport, both in the college itself and the city of AmariUo. Whereas in 1936 only nine boys answered Coach Carter ' s call for the initial cage workouts, last fall 52 basketball enthusiasts reported to the coach for the opening practice session. Also for the first time in an undetermined number of seasons, the college gym was crowded with spectators at practically every Badger home game to attest to the interest of both students and the people of AmariUo. The scores for the season reveal a record of 17 victories and 4 defeats. Badgers Opponent Badgers Opponent 47 Wentherlord 23 46 Trinidad 36 46 Nrw Mexico Millt. Inst. 2B 39 Trinidad 48 (loss) 50 Weatherlord 19 62 Howard County 26 60 AC Alunrjni 3b 51 San Angelo 39 53 Moward County 3U 50 Wayland College 49 55 San Angelo 53 70 Cisco 19 41 John Tarleton 37 48 Nrw Mexico Milit. Inst. 56 5H Irinidad 38 55 k ' .astern New Mexico 64 (loss) 67 Wayland College 47 32 Compton 84 (loss) 66 Cisco 44 6,! Branch Agr. College 68 (loss) S4 Eastern New Mex haix;khs CO TOI Al S iT. ' o ( )i ' ri NKNrs roiAi.s 844 91 Glen Brotherton Pat Babb Jimmy Bell M,.u-,r VVillMl p T. L. Fa nning Dick Hall Shorty Gunnels Carlo Itinkami) Pair Wmi«m« 1 Doyle Foreman 4 Billy Don Martin Joe Moring r f %-s f Jame« Kile Grnc Hull J. C. Wilshire P Manager Bert Ballengee Pat Sasser —•m i n « ' (JollrKr supporters of Badfiera L Qu hUo VoAAAiu The Bodger Junior Varsity participated this season in the Amarillo A.A.U. League. They also competed in the Plains Commission A.A.U. Tournament. The team displayed a fine brand of basketball and showed steady improvement throughout the season. Winston Ochsner Bill Scott Trnvls Tndli.c t Kr Bill Gnnnett leHHii eam BB ■i ■ IH V ►. T H BlE Wm F Hh W 1 v ift - ■if J? ' si ( . ' . m V ri « ' B ► i Pictured: Doris Matney, Myrth Howard, Bill Reville, Colleen Ford, Hayden Hardin, Pat Jackson, and Carl Monzingo. Not Pictured: Dick Hall, Winston Ochsner, Don Oliphant, Dick Wiggins, Gordon Helton, Truett Savage, Pat Babb, Jimmy Bell, Willy Wilson, Vilma Beeman, T. L. Fanning, J. B. Baker, Jack Vick, Richard Bock, Jimmie Boggs, June Thompson, Monte Craig, Warner Wilson, John Allen, Jimmy Womack, and Norma Hoyt M-T ' earn OoIfRnthukiasta: Carl Mnn .lngo, Claudia Drummett, Ruth Ewlng. Jn» k Vu k , Jrr ry WrirlcK, Jimmy Ball«y. Pnt Jackaun, Lou WeBtmoreland, Tonn Duke, and J. Frank Mannix. I 1nxich ecuH I Pictured: George Austin, Bud Campbell, Charlton Wise, Bill Harris, Pat Babb, Jimmy Bell, O. B. Chesshir, Jack McGee, Rueben Noel, Bill Hughes, Sonny McGinley, Bill Foster, and Charlie Osgood. Not Pictured: Eldon Durrett, Dick Hall, Winston Ochsner, Travis Tadlock, FentonFarwell, Truitt Savage, Glen Brotherton, Bobby Weems, Joe Moring, Gene Polk, J. B. Baker, Red Killian, Richard Bock, Guy Smyth, Willy Wilson, I. W. Hudgins, and Don Posey. Alaita lia ke tJuUL eam W WINNERS OF THE WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Team Members: Anita Mixon, Marty Lou Bond, Billye Jo Grady, Dorothy Thompson, Billy Don Martin (Coach), Carolyn Clouse, Jean Fletcher, Jerry Kirkwood, Zana Hibbetts, and Thelma Denney. Dorotha Bradfo»d, De Courcy Scott ' Anita Mixon Mozelle Vetesk, Nelda Fortheringham, Jackie Bennett, Jean Darnell, Annanrtae Brown. WUNNI-.KS-Ul ' IN W0MI-:NS INIKAMUHAl. llAhKh: 1 MAI L Sigma learn mrmbrrfc: Marbnrn howler. Gene Schul .e . Marjorie Hodge . Jo Ann Brown. Myrlh Howard, [)uri Matney, Mary Lungiitreth, Gerry Hellun, Kllen Ann Cavnnar. Colleen Ford. Dorotha Bradford, Charlotte Hanaford, and Freddie Walker. H r Oh, for soRM stilts I But where is the ball? Add two more; Harold Is shooting. In or out--that is the question. %i lioa Uui ea4n Reuben Noel The boxing team encountered a team from Clarendon Junior College in a dual meet this year. The team has many talented pugilists. Those not pic- tured ard Charles Ferguson, Buddy §ond, and Ed " Sleeps " Nobles. Harold Renner Adrian McClish O. B. Che ' Sshir, Manager Bud Campbell I mjm I T I p r I mm li t -XUU 7. UOAK n% team c ico iii • om Clarcndor ' mer . I t J i . talenteo f t ' lists. Thcae not plc- .„ iisnr. R id(!v t. rid. Mid Ed " Sleeps ' n I O. B. Che »hir, Manager Bud Campbell s m. HBatsn 4 1 tf; I J J | 1 1 J Among- My Souvenirs t " My Heart Stood Still ' ••Strike Up the Band " ••My Sugar Is So Refined " ■«ft Fistol Packin K ' aiim S ' Wi r Wri Mp g.i m x - Pickle in the Middle and Mustard on the Top " M y s Rum and Coca-Cola ' •What Do They Do on a Rainy Night in Rio ' fclmbracpnblr You ' • - mong my sou - vm - Lr». — A Pretty Girl ' A pbo-to -gr»ph or two,- ••Dnisies Won ' t Tell ' " I Ain ' t Got Nobody ' m m I count them all a - part, sIP ' S Fil ni ii ' ' Furmyface ' ' Aint ' t Nobody Here But Us Chickens ' ' My Little Puckaroo ' AUing the Nnvnji My Echo, My Shadow, and Me ' " On the Boardwalks of A. City " " Three Caballeros ' " How Come You Do Me Like You Do? " M hin.l I h iHr SwtnHinR Doors " " All Alone " V r ' I Can ' t Begin To Tell You " " Don ' t Sit Under the Apple Tree " Might As Well Be Spring " Friendship " My Bill ' " Together ' Mcuidi ■ laA Need more be said? Bill Broden, Ann Hulett Billie Jo Lidin, Arthur Ball, Imogenc Barton Fr f AdverHalriR Sigma Sing Song More of the same Happy Gannmas Lawyer, hit mel Easy Kappas i Jean Darnell-Bill Hogge Mr. and Mrs. Oral Moore Bryan Burton-Helen HoUey Mr. and Mrs. Morris McCutchan Kenny Worsham-Betty Merydith Parker Kairey-Joan Darnell i l ,» M Mr. and Mm. Cha rlr » Mnllr ndrr I ' nt Aldriiigr-BlU Vick v r-Jack l.aing Frank Butler-Mary Longstreth Chris and Byron Tinsley Ruth O ' Bryant-Gordon Scott Bob Burnett-Margaret Stone Barbara Kerr-Bob Denton The Melendys O. C. Dickcrson-Jo Ann Brown Helen and Gene Gunter fll ■ H B JLW ' Gerry, Gerry, How Does your Garden Grow? " Ford with a Ford Beautiful DruciUa m June and Ragtime Annie Look pretty, Kirkwood! :te Cree l.lttle 1 oyd auntle oy C.KiTfi ' n Birthday Suit. iittleioT Hrummctt ' s ' 27 BuicV ■ ■ ' ■ it-ll ' Notice how this is done ' You see, it was like this ' If I do, I get a whippin- ' He dood it. He couldn ' t miss. Wantn You nnmf it. cMell Week Service with a leer-- I mean smile Two " girls " to every " boy " History repeats itself (in styles) Kin inriiy ' M(nr wnrWrr ' I Nvlons ? Um-m-m-m Members o; in- Mgrr.i Alpha Delta ' ' Sororit " ' ' Such finesse P She { ?) is lovely- She uses soap. ii iil JHBV s Ride ' em. Cowbovs Don ' t you believe ' em ' Silly Boy! The Madame has the cutest-- ■-And there they were. wl : HflBHr ' ' 1 ns A Bl . hes and Friends Some Net Wits Irium and Miriam ' . Ewii Mary Longstretch, Norma Hoyt Jo Ann Brown Chrmiritry, ■! ' wiinrir rf ui. I- our Ihin and ■ K11«« 1 Annamae Brown Ross Radey. W. T. Smith, Charles Owen, J. D. Murchison Ruth Ewing, Bob Tyler Loyd Jobe Joe Bailey Chuck Mallendcr Narcille Mallendcr In California I, a .: ' Bert Matthews, Mercedes Allm, Jackie Bennett r Bert BallenRee, WandaGraham Harold Dean, Bob Matchctt Mary Browning, John Khoury, Howard Kenyon Betty Campbell, Natalie Cogswell, Joan King Chris Kersey h rank hpann. liarb«ra Anderson 4 Gammas and friends Pete and Betty . Ibert As I was walking down the street 1 A.? » ,» " % Smiling Sigmas ' I Ajde ' " " I rnvclinn Charlene Green, Pat Keeton Barbara Fowler Billye Jo Grady Mercedcn Allri June MetcaU. Iris Ann Gibbs Betty Cope, Bernice Groves, Imogene Ycrby, Pobh Clark Louis Ann Dietz, Shirley Moon Mary Jo Weiss, Mickey Merchant, Neva Ellis. Innogene Barton - ' ' " L rJ E| TT IV i •(. ;■ 1 K H Auric Varnun, Annamae Brown, Loren l{||(h(ower •mi 1 J t ■ ! . -It I I W Anne Webster 7ana Hibbcts Jerry Kirk wood Billys- Ju cr. B Sis HeUon Well? Jean? No, that ' s my sister ' Oflc, " ' " ' Lu- fii. Ue»B Al| ha Gang A carliinil K i O. B. Jerry Zana Dorothy Smith Kirkwood Hibbetts Ann Webster Johnson Hassell They ' re all here Oral Moore, Strongheart Skij) .Sell l.nvprnc laylor Mobl C Inrk B«tty Copr. liDiigriir " i r r l V- ' The Leader in its Field ' As You Students, too, Have an Opportunity to Become w CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES PLAINS CHEVROLET CO, Jesse A. Rogers, President 212 East Fourth W. A. " Buck " Carter. Manager Phone 2-1237 B i H Y DRUG Where Friends Meet 322 W. 16th St. I AMARILLO HARDWARE H Hp JI M m sg f.%. ■ o B SS ' 1 The GLOBE-NEWS AMARILLO, TEXAS -m I Dumas Sti iInteritat PARAMOUNT STATE CAPITOL RIALTO I AUTRY ' S 118 W. 6th Phone 2-1922 AMARILLO, TEXAS Dumas Studio Phone 179 Official Photographers of the PALO DURO " Photographs Live Forever " I •11 I T3Gr€UfCS If Us BORDEN S It s Got To Be GOOD ' AMARILLO BUS COMPANY Soulhwestorn PUBLIC SERWICE Compantf I J. W. HILL FURNITURE CO. 911 POLK AMARILLO. TEXAS J ' KEEP TUNED to your favorite KGNC for the best in radio entertainment 10,000 WATTS 710 K.C. on your DIAL Future housewives interested in " kitcheneering " will actually be more delighted with the modern gas range than Mother was years ago when Dad bought her one of the first models. Gas is ideal for cooking, water heating, and refrigeration. Future husbands will enthusiasti- cally approve the low cost of a gas operated home. ( ynci uiw-( Ci C CONGRATULATIONS AND BESl WISHFS From Headquarters ior Sylish Men ' s Wear Thomas Bakery )m- WAV St. rliouc 2-3727 nmes ICE CREAM Amarillo limes HERRING HOTEL 600 Rooms 600 Baths OLD TASCOSA " An Exclusive Place to Dine and Dance " 317 E. 3rd Phone 5251 Phone 2-7812 128 E. 7th AMARILLO PHOTO SUPPLY " Everything Photographic " C. A. " Cy " Clemmons Amarillo, Texas HARRY HOLLAND MEN ' S STORE 500 Polk St. Phone 2-1418 HERTNER ' S PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLY WEST TEXAS ' MOST COMPLETE STOCK OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 114 West 6th Phone 2-1 111 FRANKLIN ' S Smart Style C entcr 709 Polk Phono 2-4165 FIRE U ' .i ' M INSURANCE ' ILLO. W ' Rm L CASUALTY SURETY FUH STORAGE Customer ' s Gormenta Insured Against Fire or Theft DOCHE CO. MASTER CLEANERS 408 Buchanan St. — Phone 4378 AMARILLO, TEXAS CLACK RADIO REPAIR 1708 WASHINGTON ST. M. S. CLACK, Owrner i| Wilson Battery and Electric Service AUTO-LITE BATTERIES Compliments of DATE and M. Z. WILSON 208-210 W. 6th St. Phone 2-4349 ■ l " ' . rr ■ b] 3 3 ' » n lAJafil - ■:- TalC -.-ifw ¥1 fp iSl ' ' %t f tf 1 v You Are Always Welcome at CRETNEY ' S The Panhandle ' s Leading Drug Stores Phillips Petroleum Co. E. C. Penry Jewelry Co. 313 Polk St. Diamonds - Watches Gcmstone Rings Mountings cui-i-i:i-: ,T RIALLY tHtsH " It I ' di s til l.dok Your licst. Vis-it Ymn liarhcr mid livatily Slioj) Often. BARBER BEAUTY SUPPLY l)istnl)ut(ir iiKLENK c:iJHris iNnrsiuirs ll.j-UT Wrst Scvciilli Phone 5361 Ull TvIiT Phone S361 ROYAL CROW N COLA Best by Taste 2 Full Glasses 5c MEET ME AT TAYLOR ' S MARKET THEY NEVER CLOSE Phone 6369 410 Taylor St. AMARILLO, TEXAS Hknky Thomson Benton King Thomson-King Company " INSURANCE SERVICE " ivyo vv. yth Avenue Phone 5 301 TOLZIEN ' S MUSIC STORE Everything Musical 8 I ' ) POLK PHONE 5 92n «■ THE DIAMOND SHOP Sam A. Fenberg Sons, Inc. " THE LEADING CREDIT JEWELERS OF THE PANHANDLE " BURKETT PAPER CO. 506 Tyler Phone 6363 CAL FARLEY WUNSTOP DUZZIT Our Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear Depariment is new and complete 320 Fillmore Phone 5321 E. L. SMITH Jewelry and Music Amarillo Band House Hand and Orclicstra Iiistniiiu-iirs, Supplies and HcpairMij I 16 E. 5th St. I ' li.)nc7180 AM AH I MX), IKXAS op iii ' :Ai riii ri Vi Ki:iRESHING RUSSELL STATIONERY COMPANY CLYDE BEARDEN S SERVICE STATION " RIDE WITH CLYDE " 2123 Washington Phone 6863 1 I HOLLYWOOD DRESS SHOP Amorillo, Texos whifeGN rl COSMOPOLITAN, INC. Complete Selection of HOME FURNISHINGS 615 Taylor Phone 2-1248 ELLIOTT-GREER CO " Everything For Every Office " 508 Taylor St., Opposite Courthouse Phone 2-2236 Amarillo, Texas I ' ANIIAMJl.l-. I.AUMJin- Pl.onr 2-2277 I y: luse 1m .; ;■• ;■ ' ; ■■ y ' ' " ' ' . V ( ' .• Si.. ' y ' ' ' V I •;• ,, ■■ ' ■-■■ ■-, i Vi , , V C '

Suggestions in the Amarillo College - Palo Duro Yearbook (Amarillo, TX) collection:

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