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I xi g nu 'U' r Di, x Don Days 1975 volume 44 Amador Valley High School Pleasanton, California Edited by Jim Lauderback and Becki Verduzco 1 ,W 11 5 an 12-107 1446 48-74 76-106 108-L41 142-217 218-249 2505255 1 1 High School, four years of new experiences. Each year taking us down a different path. You might say it was similar to a trek through a supermarket, grabbing a little bit here and a little bit there. You never know what's coming up next, a dance, a test, or maybe a new friend. Be it sports, music, or whatever your interest. high school seems to have it somewhere, much like that supermarket you'll find it if you look. So before that final checkout p fill your basket high with memories to last your whole life through. m.. introductionl 3 I . 1' .fi if . 'Q Q 2 introduction A ,E 4.3!-fwfL."4 6 '1 1 A M 1- H, N- Y, Five days a week I take a trek along the aisles of knowledge gi iii? M, U Lai 1 We J" ri introduct My shopping is for 71... I introduct .ug :- 'fi NLMU bonus buys which USE I'll remember my whole life through troduction A In meats I'll build my body strong to keep me trim and vigor. introduction Ag 1 7 V m E , in K 11 ff r'---xr-stir-+..2 f mn o ' f" 4 E lk ' df.-...- tl 'ig n 'TF f?" ,L-5 K, f 1 . fer - - E' if -1 Q if gi? 3 From the shelf I pick out cans to build my Nosing my way to the produce mart I fill 41 F' ii 'D Em ffQ'qft rf? et. r interests further my basket higher. .-m ion introduct I 9 I '11 . gk As my trek comes to an end and bakery doors elose behind I think of the aisles I've passed wondering what's in the i'uture's hands I introduction L a I approached the cheek out stands, the line was long and, standing hard and as I hear the register ring, I sing, for tl1ere's no more eells, Ringing bells and no more year end flings. introduct io " 'f MN df' i . K 733 " f l, J , I 5' S W Canned foods Mg 0wW'fHQ . 52? 1300 and Q v .AQ 'Siem af A JS' A 4 if 2 4, . A , it L f ff g AQ Hg . QF 2' 7. 'lg 5 ' 7' 'ima' . 3 1 yi, V Canned foods ,wg V 5252? Q va e , L N t ' . E ' V john William Linda S5011 Afedt Ackermen Alexander Allman ri , lu ii il BLM! T H: I 1 .1 " Ast I " A '1" - V ' J.: q is ,MQ W g Pam Da-vid Laurie John Anderson Anglin Archer Archibald 3 ' "'+ f . V aen ' . Lisa Todd Mary Lorrie Baker Balemi Ball Barber ..,, ff s -A , A . niii - i :Fil "', ' ff" - 'r . 3511- ,. . - ,m V--1 .i ,gp 'xp I sr Dina Gary Doug Tiki Barnard Barnett Bank Barron .. I e 54 4. ., i i , ' ' it ' . if ,S 'ig 7 A ' ' ' . ala ' - Peggy I Beth Debra Betty Barsottz Bartrh Bartlett Bates Q, ?z - ' if y T fs- 1 2 ' L' W 1' Q Kirk Rene Cindy John Bates Bautista Beam Beatty E if .ff H W ""' , t , K ii ' y issiii Diana Kathy Chris Kathy Bechler Bekmer Bendix Bennett Marion Fdflfy Bennett Bergeron Quill 84 Scroll is the honorary fraternity made up of students who are in journalism. They are juniors and seniors who show an outstanding ability in journalism and who are in the upper one-third of their class. Last year were 11 members, six of whom graduated. The remaining members are Mike Bailey, Steve Mona, Debbie Bridgman, Carolyn Reinke, and Jim Scharber. The new members were presented pins and cards at the Awards Assembly in May. The members also participated in an EBAL Write-Off contest held at Livermore High. Above right: Senior Tom Lohmann studies bar files of Amadons. Above left: Ben Camb measures page for layout. Below: Amadon editor: staff members read journalism publications to ke. up with current events. afra- nmanship at its est A 'ls if A ff! A W x.. I W A L X-Q., :: .-- - Above left: Don Days Events and Senior editors LeeAnn Thomson and Sue Wilson prepare deadline materials. Above right: Pat Jones staff photographer checks fresh prints. Below: Veteran Quill and Scroll members Debbie Bridgmun, Steve Mona, and Carolyn Reinke compare notes on competing newspapers. 145 Quill 84 Scroll rg A 1351 If. Li'-f' ' , iliiw .1 z . it , A Lt. .. Sl 3 .w fu 'iff if f -5' ,rv ws, Sf-fi . ' . -'- " ' fa! 1 n i .:. ., -. ' A. A ' ' 155. QTTA 'gi l 'S A is ' ,,. , A., I v. i f y ' i?i?,,,LQffii'iQ f : isa-W. , ,, -f Tim Berkley Mark Bevilarqua Y BME B, fx .iiwzsrfw I Mark B ernardi o . Gerry Rhonda Berwick Bethel! .. ., , ,. it ,Q 459592 -,Q - 51 ., K 2:.':',., 1.1 - f 1 1. V 1-fy, s- ,.- -4 ,-1, . '-3 ,L s ' V 'few , ' . 5 - , V' 3 v , , I' W' f . ff :LW .. QL ,Lx R : 'S' I , Mr ' ""' . Yff'?!11.."4F 1 11 f U - - ww, -v.a,,-,,,,1rH - giww fwztgqr- u 1 ""'Pi"rl wyswo ' Jim Billings Eazlfv V 'f'f'f",f!'f1v7: Ron Bonde Kim Bledsoe """ 2' lm B H- . 1 , f -f: '11-sr r ' V- iff, W' ' ' 1,4 . if-2.518 -'rg , af , . ' -1, .V, W 5,2 ' 'Eg Dennis Boring r I 'kqwxx 'lp 8 ff f s 4' :M ' .- K:f?E'.sQ . ' x Barb Bradley Toni Branch Kathy Brady V iii? K ' M:-TIE" .w -f ,Q f e f 4 A . e ' ' g' 1 3 I if : . , yi, .1 -. Qu- - "-rr' W 5 . 6, . I2 V f 3 4 4 Doug Brannan a Bill Brockman Broshious R0b?fld Roger Brothers S gy ' Dwiahl foe Carl Donna BTUWH Brubaker Bruns Buckley -- A 4 X-. f fi B' 4 , 'Z 4' 1 ' - Q.. an H-f1'1s', 'iii , 8' wall' ns. Rifk R011 Mary Brian Burroughs Burton Buflwvifh Caldwell ,fly ,T if-' s 9541 ' 4' , B Deborah Callon Tina Cam pana Karen Cannon Ben Carnbra ,,:, , .wk ,,,.L. ,g,, iz K Cindy fl lyli 17' , 'T' lls Bill CdPizzelli I W " 7' Carlin 1 1 ,Q . ' 'B ., f' .QQ 4? fi? hkijeg-.s.'i"?2 rin on th ullaln ". With a mixture of bright costumes, good leadership and helpful suggestions from their advisor Mrs. Denny, the Drama Club concluded another year of fun and activities. Throughout the year, the forty members, led by the club's president, John Clark, brought enjoyment and laughs to the community and Amador students. They entered a car during Homecoming, entered a room in the YMCA Haunted House, which won iirst prize of 5100, sold tickets for their annual turkey drawing at Thanksgiving, and supported all Drama productions during the year. The group also gave small productions during the year. The group also gave small productions for veterans, and helped in the Pleasanton Library book sale. To be able to provide entertainment for all, and have fun too, was the goal set by the Drama Club, and together, the members fulfilled that goal. than Opposite page: Upper right: Drama Club President John Clark, keeps things running smoothly. Below right: Drama Club adds to the school spirit with their Homecoming car entry. Above left: Brabara O'Brian listens to ideas given at a club meeting. Below left: Drama Club's advisor Mrs. Dermy gives help. - x Dflllllil Club lm I 1 ' .Ea 1 l As. s 's - mb . .. to .1 t - i iijj-if -. p , , g N . ,Jr j, X. ,Y K lg 4 .t H at . F -ff,'11ff12 - A , ' Q ' . .- V - ,ni I , ' AkL.' ' 2 L- M I . .--mat ie, il -5 Calrene Ken Adrienne Mitch Carlson Carney Carr Carroll .. f'-: . A. V - .-5g,,g::i wa, .if fe, - Q- . 1 ' if ? L ' : - lll e s a -- Q 5. Louie jim Maggie Paula Casterson Castillo Castro Castro I 1 c a l' ' . l .. Q, 1 K ' K get I ."' A 's th - 35" -- ,- , 3, . 7 xi z H if ,V .ff if ijgp . s , iffy A . r esfx. I Pam Sue Steve Richard Chandler Chapman Chruchill Circle lf? ' t J ltli , l 7, .-glgfs-1 f " t -, 1+ - gt. ,-: .3 5' 1 5552 Gail Dave Mark Reed Chzr-Held Clark Clark Clawson 555 v ar V we ,, .R - A .H ia I LW . 'gg Mark Bruce Launa Sue Clemens Coensgen Coles Collins , eff' wt if, a-a-fi: 'fa-'-1' fix" ri I 241' 'f 'i fti ifn-Wi? 2 F 1 " t Y' fit? ff C : t r ,Q . 1 s 1 . L E if :era , - , 1 .""' , ,1 , , , "'- f- . , Mx ,flie r k V f -',.1'.Y".x 1.5 jon Sharon Bill jay Connolly Connolly Cook Cooke 4 .Q t . 1. is fi f.. ' 21 ' fl . f 5, jill Mike Carole Mike Cooper Costa Cowan Cox Barbara f- 5. 'W j H 1 fo 'L 1 1 85" Crggmgr Crall 2 ' 57 , J l if The FFA is an organization called the Future Farmers of America. It was founded in 1928 and has been active in the valley for many years although it has only been co-ed since 1968. The local Pleasanton branch has about fifty members and meets every month in G-4 at Amador Joe Martin is the current president. Regional meeting are held to encourage youg people to participate. Since 85 percent of the members are form farm communities livestock programs are an important part of FFA. The members participate in special events such as the annual Alameda County livestock division. Below: Mr. Morton with some of the club officers. 1 Q uture farmers ince ' ez Frank Avilla thinks about future plans. it f xx i 9 3 3 if 5. gl K is Above: The 1974-75 F.F.A. members. Below left: The club officers Sheryl Athenour, Maryann Camppiotti, Connie Handley, Frank Avilla, and Joe Martin. Below right: Charlie Cutchens sells pumpkins. go ,Gm Kawai 4 Q?-.Wi i , 'Wiki fn- FFA 1 , Q p....p . M A X7 Z . D fi: 4, Y W A ,F IPAQ! H Q 5 . is X -I ,L In M , xy K X H, K. 1 ig Tina Michael Kip Gordan Criqui Croteau Cullimore Cummerzr zi, , ,V,, at 'D f ig: ' ' fl S 1 'L,' V "h' . N 1 y Q in ff Mgm t! S , .uiitfaa Tiz Dave Thomas Erick Curtice Dahleheim Daley Dauldson l k:'k H 5' 2 37' will 'V'k 7 V I . Q nu i , i A If ll . D K K, 5, N 4 if i lf Michael Karen Steve Dave Davis Davison Dayton Decarnbra llal :., ' , '.' ' 'iq 'eil -..V 1 w I Y -f 'I' LlVLk"' W 5 ia? , .3 4 V, H 4' rf i 4, 'Xl ' R ob erta Karen Lori A nn Decoy' Delaney Delaney Dickinson A. . L,,. i V R, ll',' . K We llla 1 f ' llle fe kr X 1 jenny Nick Kim Chuck Dignan Dircala Doane Dodd A "" A V - r .- l fe 'ef g we ev Q- , -Vf L ,f I ,, ' ,if 'iii 'f il Q . X. w. fig , 1: f -lf Teresa Ben Scott Diana Doussett Dover Downing Duffy ' All' L ti't W A lt , 'Q' 9 9 L., 'Mya V, y ' Si ,c,h sf' i tg, K t L tccc A . ,, S t r .W -' f ' I 4 In . , 'X Greg Margee Steve Greg Duncan Elkzrd Elliot Elmore Tom Q- A l rr Swv E lsnab A lllll It li ' Englebfkk t .1 ', if With only fifteen members, the Computer Club came up with new ideas. In November, the club had a speaker from the Rad Lab and gave the members new ideas for new games and how to program them. The computer club meets twice a month for meetings and usually meet in the computer room everyday. The members were President Ken Rose, Head Supervisor Russ Lord, Supervisor Brett McGinnis. Other members are Richard Woelffer, Paul Gettner, .Tosh Bruggs, Mike Davis, and Larry Frisa. Wu: N E ectronic brain program homework Right: Dale Werner uses pencil work for computer calculating. Left: Mike Davis shows action on typewriter. Below: The 1974-75 Computer Club. . . Tw --.1 Computer Club If I lf - as f ' - .Snr T ' ' .' J ,N , E f fohn Mike Cathy Turdi Erdman Esco Evanson Fadden ' "A"'. ' Q , 1' i' "':' ' 'Z '51 , , "'k 5 ' :AI s V . 1 -vf I S ,',,, M .M ,V:, 32- ,A X Robert Wendy Ann Sandy Fake Farris Farwell F elts er 6, in if Q21 fe 5" K4 .yj.:'j f', .Agri A 2 I E.. i f .. , - Q as . -45, r. 1 is H e , E i p X if ' ' H , fl C Torri Laurie Kevin Carolyn Fernandez F :fer F itzsimrno ns F lezkcher 1 k",,' elly 13.7 gy -,,Vk K p , I I ,j:.gpg., , -:gui A VV , XI In F4 , H A 5 Coleman ' Maelea Denise Fred Foley Folger Fong Fongul l"'l' V Q, AIVA I I ,. e eeel e - W 'ix ft 'i g ,X as Q Todd Nancy Lori Dave Fort F oster Fountain Fowler ,,,, - C , -3 t- ef f rr leee S L it ' We V 6 K it hy ' A , f J.. -Q QTL' ., C W Mark Larry Clark Marti Franklin F risa Fuller Furtado -A h-,. i ik R ,Fl. L,.., . ' , if t han iii. Cathy jamie Rick Kathy Gadd Gaekle Gamage Gane Richard jody Garcza Ga-rehime 'A -ef An on eed h lp Mrs. Selwyn, in the Career Center, can help you to find any information you want about a college, university, or a career in any field. The Career Center in its third year has an abundance of information on entrance requirements, grade point average, and cost for almost any college or university in California. The Center also stocks pamphlets and books on different fields such as mechancial, science, clerical, computational, sales, art, verbal, and social science fields. Its located in the Counseling building. Above: Mrs. Sewlyn watches over speaker from behind her desk. Below: Army ROTC Officer Rusaki explains basic principles of the ROTC program to Rick Curry. 1 I nw ,.....,. rr 0 Above left: Mrs. Selwyn explains some information about college to a student. Above right: Officer Ruskai explains benefits of Army ROTC program to students. Below: Students listen to a speaker from one of the colleges in the Career Center. A A 1 5 -'Y N M A 1 ,-5 -nn. i 145 A l rgvi Career Center Z3 I K A 7 . . l f 1 . W ' '1' 5 A f M 1 1 " V- L ' : ,,:E'7' C "i'ri'79 5341523 Kathy Dame Mike fill Garibaldi Garo n Garrigan Garter ,,.A 'K" "4 - ' " - r rrll or " K- 5 K z e D -I . it - gf 9 24:22, ,I Steve Nick Deborah fodi Gikznnini Giglio tti Gilpa trick Glass - . "" ' " . n ,z iiiiiff -", A :r has sK:.1:K K :QAM A4 ' 1 A Y A ,self .K AK , j 1 MK 'Q A 2,4 ,A 'ffi A ' ' , .A v 7 . ' 1 A , ' Hr k hyper, K. ' ' A1 I yr V , Q 79 ' 5 , ' . Smal: K K-HWDAKA Sereia Cari Lynne Phillip Goldsmith Gomar Goodrich Gordillo I E V. H Y M M, iiil 'K W, 2 iw ' ..i:':S,f -fff , V - 1 iii it K KK 2. : 'f"f5: ' w ,614 r Randy David Donna Kevin Gordner Gordon Gowan Gray I ,Ly I , K K A H ff, K K 'f i , 'f - if L L K I ' t 'r'. Mega,-" ywf Y ' I f gf Q r ra td r f tak 'ttf Kathy Scott joanne Peter Greenhaw Gregory Griffin Griffith A K K r ' ' A he -- A-Z. K , rr 5 '- 'I ' . . rf -gift AA A , A AAAAKQ A 3,7 z A VLVLV A K K K or 'tKa Kelly Gully l Chris G eorge Haas Don Haag Rhonda Hale M "Q lv fit 1 . I Mark jim Donna Hall Hall Hamilton Hanson Greg - A " I janet Hardin A ff AAAA Hard in jx Ji, Above Advrsor Mr Larry Moore cannot belreve what they w111 do next Rrght center Presrdent John Hemphrl leads the meetrng Left center Karen Metz partrcrpates rn the meetrng. Below. C.S.F. members. '-4.4, 's,,k X Q' AAA. Y M on , mu. Kr ,Kerr-K Hr .ff A li fi A We g CSF Shows Their B's and A's The 1974-75 California Scholarship Federation was off to a great start this year when they picked John Hemphill for president, Sheryl Athenour for vice president, Kerry Curtis for secretary, Tom Athenour for treasurer, and Karen Metz for historian. And advisor Mr. Larry Moore. To make money the members sold candy making 3400. In November the annual Sneak Day took place. The member went to visit San Francisco State College and saw Airport 75 and went for Italian food. Twenty-five seniors were eligible to be life time membership. They received a gold seal on their diploma, and a life time membership pen, a certificate with their diploma, and will be place on the Deans Honor Roll and will be eligible for a state scholarship. CSF 25 I I ' :Xz- TP1 . t 'ii ' It t 973 ' . t ti 'fi' V "',' l , H. I - ,, fi' ' rl. ' 1, 15 1 ' ' f H IV 134.1 , , . 7 r N tw x l In .m S X A i 5 w ith s, . Michele Diane Mary Sandy Harding Harless Harris Harris . J m,,, A ' e , ' f ' A tr - Q' '45 lu f r - - "' f r . A LMA V ZLVVV , Q Y ,,1,, . .R AAZV In J J r it f . it 31 Steve Frank Lou Erik Hartshorn Hatch Hatten Hayes E g ,KV gy K A..,V S . A V 5, Ed Susan Cindy Eric Heagen Healy Hegger Heim .-A , - .. . -a. S -z .. PM . kk A Q A ii f Lisa julie Lee Pam Helms Hemming Henry Herbst " " 'll'l , V i df It 1 H' , W' W to ' ' lrre .fir i .sf I .Q , 5 , i 2 ei ' Q , - iff Kurt Paul Lori joel Herrmann Heston Hickman Hicks 4 l" K E f A lkl S , il 3 A L W , E I: , K F ." :' . ' ! In 1 th s f 'B ' - ,y . ' i . 7 Ye,-0' Kathy Mike Marla Toni Hill Hill Hoff Hoig lai' ekl,a . es. it .sz e sa- , - . 522155221 T222 " - - R uss foa nne Peggy Peggy Hohler Hollister Holm Holton Richard Lynnea Hostetter Howard 1 . f " ig, , kli ' ioe f I.:., A 1 4, f 32 XY 1 me fasfl Above: Once again Amador's Marching Band makes it to the Denver - Raider game. Center left: Banner girl Leah Fairbrother leads marching band across the field. Center right: Carol Anderson doing her routine shows form and style at Raider game. Below: The band Waits in dugout for the start of the game. Led by Drum Major Torn Laird, the Amador Valley "Golden Don" Marching Band gave another spectacular half-time show at the OaklandlDenver football game. The band with' precision marching and superb musicianship entertained a sellout crowd, Nov. 24. The applause snatching songe were "Action Fanfare." "From This Moment On," "El Cumbancherof' "M arch Grandiosof' "Slaughter On 10th Avenue" and an outstanding rendition of the "Star Spangled Bannerv by trumpet soloist Richard Curry. z ' 1 ,ea . ., A N' f X ' 1 .ig ' " it rigs it 1 ., :Q 1 4 ,ya .A Ill V ea :ml la! Q if . -lik Above: Sign tells it like it is. Center right: Clarinets perform "Grandioso." Center left: Joy Cousatte t rls her flag. Below left: Tom Laird thinks about the half-time show. Below right: Band watches game from dugout. Raiders L 2,751 I V .. lo lo 2 l if Rick Lauren Howard Hoyle l fn l l. V I gg. J .r, A ,. k V -I A .. , 1 fl, janet Alan jacobson jarwls 125 222325 xg N , ' . .. w:-+ V 1. , N f" if Paul johnsen Pete john X if f ' - V ff ' Z ggs ,. ,fi ,- -': 5,231 5- ' Chris johnson Della johnson l . in 1? - an s sl Mike johnson Lenore johnson ,I r A 17 ','. if -31, , N ,,,..,f""M W, ,l l , ' ft ' ' ,. fp 1 is Lori Hunter ,. 1- Q ' , ' WWE ll , -. NVQ,-' 3 Z 'f' D W , -K ' sf Q A ndy j ensen 1 5 -"' IE- V . I ., fs XV Tom johnsen , , 5 i . a-,ki , Gal johnson Russell johnson - J in ., his 5 , in e. an , do if Darla Hyder K ll i t l E2, K Teresa j ira Andy johnson in IM l 6 fr' l 1 f 1 Q 4 'J , 5 u z' johnson V lg. fa- - ,M if Q Pat jones be H? 'l es Jeff jordan Matt Kendall David Krill s uv Sharolyn Kahler M N t ua 11 1 . li! - N john Kent Tezhy, ,- , l .1 ,.,,-wisgfgyffs f--z, l ,Z -f.'.. L,-M1 lg . ,, 4. Kathy Eileen Kallenb erg Karney 1 is Brad Kathy Koeneman Kreidler 0711 5 f ,, r L v x X T g g -:S Kuh ns , i ' . ff K . - gi :Q X N " ' ' Left: Anders Roman and Koen Jaspaert attend a Foreign Exchange Club meeting. Below left: The smile Reija Antila cast showed that she had no problems adjusting to school in the United States. Below right: Kay Asukura seems to have enjoyed her visit to this country. W s ur frlends from broad This year we were proud to have exchange students from many parts of the world. Reija Antila was from Finland, Itsuko fKayj Asukura was from Japan, Anders fAndyj Roman was from Sweden, Alvaro Zambrano was from Columbia, and Koen Jaspaert was from Belgium. All of the exchangers were as active as possible in school activities and got to know the American ways. Some of them got involved in extra-curricular activities and sports. Their counselor for the year was Mrs. Swanson, and the faculty advisor was Mrs. Miller. Right: Andy Roman finishes his soccer game with an air of satisfaction. Below left: Reija Antila shines a pleasant smile. Below center: Alvaro Zambrano relaxes at lunch. Exchange in 29 I l ' air, W tim' my ibiii. their S inanwgt t ei 1 i do . , , L . 1 'F - I . .. g '54 xi -at x Wi 5 y K X I t Karin Elizabeth Brad Bennie Kulink Kurtz Lackey LaFever 1 wg K:,g 5 2 Vg 5.5 .tgasssize QW i -it t , ,. is! N Tom jeff Sharron Ron Laird Langer Lannin Lapp it i etasfq 5 wsu W ,L 1, - ia 4 5 .,,. i Y Yi ' Q f 3 I l IJ xx , ,1-' f . Cindy Kristin Linda Kevin Larson Larson Lehman Libert LLLL W VLLLL' ' , ' X A 2 2441 1Q51 l ,ggi 'Q S te , 'E F X . 1 , 1 - in S jeannie julie April Sue Lienhart Llghtell Lillegard Lovell . , M- ,,-- , , . x.. ' 'l:" 3 . , ' V t ., sl . . it 'iff . M 7 5.41 in-vi k an X0 gf' LL. C 'Nw'-, L Lyn Ric Mary Steve Skip Lum Luoma MacDonald Maine wait? ,C t tes, . Z 15: -2, f,,: :gas C , if-QI! Sr Ji x tg- "' "' I Q, rig if g,. I L S t riifra e- j. if XX Kathy Lynn Andrea jane Major Malotte Marco Martin mf h 4,.. iq , gy E 'I I all f .,., 4 ' - ks V. ,.',.ix,, -f a - .4 N -,gy x , I-ff' tfjfc-5 ' 2 f ,fists 15 Lowaruz Lynda Kevin Steve Martin Martin Magee Matthews Maureen Q 1 ' Barbara Maxwell 'We is i-eg i.. 'X S tlli fn 3 J 1, 601' A i May Below left: Ski Club advisor Mr. Dabney watches as members pay money. Below right: Vice President Caroline Eastment counts out money from candy sale. Center: Ski Club members listen in on future events. Above: Members discuss money making ideas. r . 'wear Jag , firm 5 H 1 ata? - wit :-s' fit, sau' :fra-igiigif 155:59 ZEETIL 552513 :Qi -:SW 312-if It MLM The Ski Club got off to a good start with n after game dance on Setpemb er 20 which rought in 5250. The club had a Car Wash n October 6 which gained S100 more. A andy sale on October 9 netted more money or the club. There were 65 members in the clubg44 of hom went on the club's first trip to eavenly Valley and Kirkwood Meadows. The advisors this year were Mr. Dabney nd Mr. Estrada. President was Nancy Kline, ice President Caroline Eastment, and Treasurer Nancy Jennings. ae, 6 Ps traverse Center: Members of the Ski Club listen as Nancy Kline announces plans for trips. Below left: President of the Ski Club Nancy Kline writes down points and names of members. Below center: Cheryl Eiden, Sandy Francis and Lorri Wentworth talk about the fun they're going to have on one of the upcoming trips. Below right: Nancy Kline takes money from the candy sale. Mg. x 'P of - x 1 6 Gnl 's slopes , SkiClubl 31 l if 1, E L A 5' Km U , A 1' L K 71 ,,L,,. x f ,, lf? 55325.-Zgrv lf.: 1 Qs: 2 .M 1 T : -vw 1' viii'-Ifswzw w ' S f S S 8 an " 9' E . m,,,,,,,.-mfu-M f, l Debbie Bruce Colin Sam M cC'leary M cD onnold McDermo tt M cE lligo tt N . 'ri A' ww -el ff -..-:fgavfw 'L ' fi ,,V,......,4 7 ?54f f f, f , AW .X L . , fx lf Q Bret Mich elle Cathy McGinnis McGreevy Mchugh 5315.512 .... 1 :,,,,r, gm Q 3 . .Act A Lf K X I V,e,. I f ff: R obxert M eHugh Y- jf' 'Li zi 4 5 nv. 1, in V - ks' , 'f 1 3 . E Larry Mclnemey ff If 'E ,,,...k Brian Kim McKenna McLeod 'Q' l e 'K i"',1il in Adam Meier ,Af ., Vicky M ichaud Randal Keith M eddaugh Mike M erwin M essinese ' fx Ken Mich elini SN p K QV'- V, .. I Us Q ' . . 'Yv- ' 2-5. ,K S, A ,JI h ' .. Il Warren Miller . , Q' , Garden Mondragon Mark M orriso n Tony. Millard rf: W 55" If fin? 5, a .5 , lp.: S Y ,x .. X my ' Terry . M 0 nser Kim Meuter sir if 1 1 -if-1. K -iv Sandy Miller 2, sv .A Tammi Miller gg. 1 V ,ml--',: . f M :fe far, ' :ar msfgi, Jw! 3, ar f if , S teve M 0 ha tt y lgy . : S Greg Mona ' fu ' . :es 5 V --my .W X ,. Q. M 1 '44 Anita Moreno it Heather Morgan Reed Morrow 1 -' Q ' K c lear , K .,1-:kwin like 'Li -fr'-'11 rw? ,fx S 5 4 Aw f ifmi ,,, , ,f,.m:,1.W N, ,, A.,,f sm, Salt Dogs ancho r ashore The sailing club had its all time low 5 V , attendance. So the sailing club made some changes. Instead of going on various sailing trips this year, the club stayed ashore. They decided that it was too much responsibility for one advisor to take: therefore, it was run from a more educational view. The club saw movies and talked about how to run and maintain a sail boat, and how it was to live on a sail-boat. They also took field trips to boat houses to see how they are built. The advisor was Ms. Howe. Opposite page: Above center: Ms. Howe, being herself, is advisor for Sailing Club. Below center: Sailing Club takes rest while planning. Above left: Sailing Club discusses future plans. Below left: Sailing Club clowns around at meeting. Below right: Sailing Club looks for interesting sailing objects. fa. Sailing Club AA 7 Z , , .1 'fr , , Ms wifi 5 'ix L, .VJ .K - --ry - 1 jennifer Morse :N..,,:,, .... -.,, . fi:?f!rE :!:3zz ' .- 'Q- if, K ' ' e f ' '- Mitch Myall W,h' yyzz: ,-': A Sy-hx :... it V J Steve Newcomb I in - . 'X sf A lzlson Packard ' 3 ff I , ' . li K J ,. ii, -N 1, jo Moschetti Kelly M oakley L ' '.,. 'Zio rl ' " P 5 -' 41:'f'ff:.aa: ..i:, WL - Robert Nagata Roger M akaga wa Carla Nobis .M Bonnie Noble f,.ies,.,. 1 1 R P ff 5152 ,,- .o,.o gi . A Y in f . 'V lik' ,Wes Don Palmer Tom Pao -A t r A . i - .sr it E ' e . . 2."'1x ' Cherie Parker Carol Parlin Roxanne Partridge f all I. f 7 35 ig. ' --i 1. Lv M ,, , . 3, Mitch Pam Elise Patton Pereira Perry 3 t M , " if . -'asv ' 'wr ,. 13- ' 5.5 S Qwiilf K Q , ,jg N -- N, xg f x 1 gg QW, K ,A in , jizz Phillips Enrico Rolirneno Tim Piper faoquenette Pla 4 is X 2 fi - f . V. , ,,,,, Agp Maureen Mulhearn 7 x .' 4 . fi' 14 if ,ett L ii Arleen Nervo ' if - ,V 4,1 ,L ,V, .i K , ..,, ,t,.. , 5 lf-1'Zi-1"'f" !3f'-27 e1'i Dave Norton of ' . V . Marty Parese S 1, Cathy Pasut 1 2 r 8' ' ' . 5 ,I . ..,: z - sz 3: ' l, - 3 5.14 . 5 v w, x ' V We A is julie Phillips se, l , D' lr is 1'-A 331, ' 9 if 2? , 1 i Stephanie Podliska Roxanne Pope Ms. J ockette . Above 1974-75 girls Block A officers. President Darlene Carlos, Vice President Jo Ann Griffen, Secretary Kerry Curtis, Treasurer Becky Canessa, Historian Nancy Ales. Below: Adviser Miss Cheree Heathershaw. . ! Z .ig The 1974-75 Girls Block A got off to a big start this year after not being at Amador since 1961 thanks to Sophomore Darlene Carlos who decided to start it up again. Miss Cheree Heathersahw became their adviser. After they got things on there way the girls picked their officers who are President Darlene Carlos, Secretary Kerry Curtis, Treasurer Becky Canessa, Historian Nancy Ales. The group has 15 members. Their goals were to raise money for girls athletics and to get recognition and representation for girls' athletics. its E 3 1 A riflrigtiggf 5 it xiii Above: Girls attend Block A meeting. Below left: Girls Block A sport girls txack. Below right: Girls work on constitution. .- gms b1ockA 35 I I 0 - Dave Potts ue Qu znn Lon Olmghouse 5' R zcky AA ro n Pru neau Py fer oan Quinlan Kathy Bonnze Q? 'law Sharon Qu md zrn zl Frank Holly Oglesb y Okzns Debbze Orlando Ostrander Raghnd 1 A Ll Mark Mary Crazg Rakestraw Rakestraw Ramos e R assle Nancy R einking Torn Raymond Ralph Raper aters s ak up The Debate team was very successful, no only in local school tournaments but in tht state and national tournaments as well Every year the class picks one topic t4 debate on all year This time with the hell of Jack Ogden the club director, the clas chose to debate on the subject 0 presidential and vice presidential candldatef The members had a lot of fun preparing ans expressing their own ideas on the topic Last year the team only entered one loc league, but this year the team wanted to d more travellng so they entered two league The National Forinsic League and h Coastal Forinsic League This way e travel to other areas Krzs Ronda Redeker Reeve Otto Pattie ue Rzbary Riebli Roach Terry R ob b en if it en Rogers 'Ate-same f :eww , . - Has:- asfbiizef . ':s.1. Ynez Rosales an fm ' n Q . W Above left: Debate advisor Jack Ogden. Above right: Paul Howard reviews his notes before his speecl Mmk Annette Above center: The debate class waits for the next speech. Above the 1974 Amador debate team. Rogers Rocks ' 2 .ry i En: A l .g i , Frank A VVRVI Rose 'Q' ! .yr I lv vw : - .... . masks' xx H ,.. M... ..... t.,..t,.... J par Q0 ' +1 x N 1 f' N--v0h t -:unusua-.... Below left: Curt Hall listens attentively to fellow classmates. Below right: Jeff Parks and Eric Bidstrip observe and record on classroom discussion. Above right: Richard Calton observes debate in process. Above left: Betsy Hill and Teresa Jackson take notes on lecture. K debate - '::: . ni I ,.., . ' '.k' kk,'L ik' " " "tf-'FS I "-L"L - .1 K . ,QW S it .V ' V 1 Jr .,. 3. ' fx 'E f- t " 'fi' .. 4 ., , , r il X . 71 . I ' f jeff Ken fudy Nancy Rose Rose Rosenbaum Ross elf- I 1 Q ..i,., it .xr-n-' f - ,1 . . Fi? .12E13:'.1rfr,,5crrlpii:gi !i:11::Z1i2EEl::iEE1f'ESr::,: G eorge Russell 3 5 .,,c. 5g. . -- , Dave Samudousky t bk .. . M:e.v.,, 4. :P ::,, s 621 f -f e 4, ,K 24. itil Linda Savage S Dirk Schinkel Scott S chrezb er ... , . k . ee 1, m 'Q' 'me 'elf 939 1 I i u 1 ' Mike Seed Dave S zngleto n ie Linda Saari Jeanette Sanchez f f . 1' A .tw 'Q . 1 . R ob in S awa tz ky . 7 ' Qg j: I 4 K L, ,A any . ra , 1 David Schneider s A J , 5, .V i J Cindy Schupp . ff . .f tk K .KN Tracy Shoemaker Ei. 'xt 't Casey Dave Safreno Sage I5 f,, L, . W S'1a ,.. tg Af ' .Q N., -gi., ,. .11 i E: I jim Phil Sanchez Santos I ,'VV ki I U I . X. Jeanne Karl Scharber Schell 'T' 7 5 ' ' h' , Wife' - L e I . ', All ' 's Brian Shelly Schmer Schoendiest f- 41 . 2 "'l .'k3"- 1 . If pig? l ni - Va l i . ' ' - Mike Kathy Scott Scribner T ' siffaf . g sh. 7' -M 41' I E. Cathy Peter Silva Simms Carrie Skjelstad f Block A is an organization limited to athletes who have earned a Varsity Block letter. The purpose of the group is to promote unity and excellence among it membership. Mr. Bush and Mr. Mortara were the clubls advisors. The leader of the club this year was Rob Lundgren. The invitiation in the fall brought many spectators to the quad. An annual event sponsored by Block A was the Donkey Basketball game held in the spring. Above right: Dave Finn takes a break and stretch during a meeting. Above left: Phil Dillenburg all Steve Vaughn listen in closely at a meeting. Cent right: Mark Allen and others talk between classe- Center left: Mr. Bush and President Rob Lundgn confer about some upcoming events. Below: Blo. A members meet in the quad for initiatic ceremonies. 5 . hs-Q-'N'iNs. . Y Q, ,Y Jocks get blocks Above left: Greg Mona listens with others at early morning meeting. Above center: Mark Hunter, Randy Peterson, and Bob Beaulieu pay close attention to what is being said. Center left: Mark Allen starts his own movement. Below left: Mark Kendall shows what sports can do for your bustline. Right: llarold Zosel, Stan Wright and Mike Goodison participate in the initiation ceremony. 0' X4 .4 2 I smear gin' ' as gi ll ,Lf fl I I Block A 7 Z l r i, Curt Smith his x Elgin Speceal S ii joA nn e S ta nley A 5 in V: ek me ls- Dan Straface Sandy Stutsman Alan Symocox Mitch Taylor LeeAnn Thompson S6 We ' .f l 41 T' I . 1 5 Kirk Sm ith sed' A Rande Spica eff , nr' A ltd? I s Ken Stauffer Elii 1 K it X4 .sg ' ss, ! , jack Stevenson 'ww Michael Sutton V , in 5' Randy Talarico if K 1 1 3, , 5 il' L, E Jeff T Terry e ' ,N Q3 , f if ,V J , ww-il Tres S md er Sharon Spomel -, will .. ,L - .spstgszl U-mm I mi. y T S it :rn Mike Strait if 5 Scott Stewart S lk 4 xx 9' sf? E- l Anne Sweeney W. A:- Amy Taylor 1' .. A A ' Lt- gs rw QW ,V ,,ii J julio S oto ., 'ima' john Spotorno A 52523 is i Becky Stratton . ,oo,L it ,Q E ! ' 4' Laura Sturmer 1? 'K Q' Dana Swegart A ndy Taylor A w ,. Q 3 .5 A , f si. . , will Linda Thomas 314 l ' 5 il 1.1 1 , ,Q g H li 4 7 x 7' i L is X 5 Karen Thompson Rick Thompson Above: Mr. Ogden explains a layout to the stagecraft deparment heads. Below left: Mitch Carol listens for the cue to turn the lights off. Below right: Chuck Dodd tells Andrea Carr, "Not that! This, you .... ," Stage ands wanted" if-f . rex a . is 5 fxrf Above: The 1974-75 Stagecraft Class. Below right: Mitch Carol exlaims, "Oh .... " Below left: A yell oomes form Ann Gilchrest as she is about to drop something. Are you quiet on your toes? Can you stay calm in an emergency? Does the following sound appealing to you? You are back stage, It's seven-thirty with only forty-tive minutes to go. The' crew is making last minute adjustments. Seven forty-five, front stage curtain closes. The audience starts coming in. Seven-fifty the nervousness builds. You here a call, 6'Everyone in the gym, Stagecraft tooli' As you get into the gym the circle is forming. Mrs. Denny, Mr. Ogden and the student director are all in the center. The circle is complete. Mrs. Denny says, "Thank you, now get out there and have fun with it." Eight forty-tive, que to start and 'fAmador Valley High School Presents.. . 'i The play has started so far so good, everything is going smoothly. Itis a long scene so the running crew takes a break. Then it happens, an actor hits a flat, the lighting technician and a stagehand jump. One of the other stagehands comes through the door. The lighting technician yells, "Get running crew inside NOW!" The flat is soon fixed. All is going Well once again. Act Two comes rolling around. It's scene change and here comes the next problem, the hinged flats aren't standing. "Get someone on stage to hold them up." It's all over, time to get some relaxation at the cast party. A Stagecraft lm 41 I I 2 it is X Tv y,,,,,,, L it fc:- I H47 5 1 Steve Thompson A m Ta i K Tm? 4. Q 3 M Ka thy To hill Lorna Trimm er X . ., T. , - .M 4 Q.. .. w , VK -. X L , .ig L jim VanSlyke s S ..':. .ss:x:. .ii Wi Q K x Q L r ei Q, . jo Thurman si. V' 23 g S fi 8- ii Dan To lvtvar fi Sr W L L il- S 44 W ,, ,r xy Matt Toth L esli e Vegas L iz Tinga 1 1 YAJ,iQLf5'V Lani Toman we is . Q x . ' ag, .2 -L, Q 3 A we Q Steve To ckey , A H, is , -14 V , .. Sig K 35: ft, S I Y Tom To nelli " Yi A! ,sf . - , -fly' L. . A Sv. I K, . 'M fl., , we i "M ,. i r fx 5 M jenny VanDreser . Mgt Kiwi ,, jean VanS lyk e . ' F mt Q :iii ..: , tw. -f f - A -'V J I V fir "'l 5 Y ' Af' lv s 4 ff-ur ' ,L 4, " 1 , ' ' ". -. ill' 'rnfilhl . Kathy Verna n Kim Vickers . Q F L 'K K H it 1 V M ' Efjir. X R ,, A 53, W Q .fu 1. , . Y, . -3 .E dp, :e f . ki 1gh3-If an Q eey, K X . A . Q. L 5 1 r filly: joe Vinton .5 U, H 55 Q ui? Q: 'IL ,f swf gf, ' -N .qi 8 gi, ,L Danny Wallace jane Wade ':3,'E?h5:I:::.E:TQ. , Q. f FFF? e ll 'lf'-F: ' li 2-ff: . was Michelle Wallace ff-'H iq V f. .ilk Q 2, f . Sy Q. ..., gif li ii Lg, . ay ' 4 Cs, ' k qx fx- we ee wx E ric Wash ingto n Ka thy Wegner f . ,wx Pat Weaver ju lie Wagner Richard Wall ,,,A: ith! It X f, I ia e if .: ., 94 .ff kr. . W N3 'E , ' up X ,, Cr! I H ig, g : ., 5 1 Fi Leslie Walls Vivienne Walk er ""f -tl-' ' ' n 5 I L K A A XI l . K A H A i. Q if C aro lin Web b ..,,, U -.. Jax A L " -' 1 -, -1'WQ'2 i M -. . : , T 1' ' A l ,Ali Doug Webb Kevin Welch ecutive Council unite id IIS Q wg. Us 4 'S S B 1 tr .5-is . pix zg., "kH1""f Activity, ideas and action best described the 1974-75 executive Council. Under the leadership of President Art Brannan, those selected students concerned with a smooth student government. strived to achieve better contribution from students and the construction of a fair constitution for all. Putting representative boxes in all Social Studies rooms, the completion of the student store, A-Mart, and the appointment of an Athletic Commissioner, Ed Bevilaqua, were some of the accomplishments made by the Executive Council. Officers in the Executive Council consisted of Art Brannan, president: Mike Bailey, vice president: Liz Cowan, secretary: and Sue Henderson, treasurer. Opposite page: Above right: President Art Brunnan. Below right: Ideas and issues are reviewed at Executive Council meetings. Above: Vice President Mike Bailey, gives his views while Secretary Liz Cowan records them in the minutes. Below: Members of Executive Council: Row 2: Cindy Hegger, Abby Kortan, Sidney Roberts, Kathy Smith, Art Brannan, Sue Henderson. Row l: Mike Bailey, Kirsti Kile. Julie Martin, Pat Gill, Liz Cowan, Debbie Bridgma n. inc' ,X X 'f P ik . Exec. Council I I : ,. if 21555 15 r " a of yf 1 H Y 5 A 1- . .. - ' ' ki I -M 1' 'gg' ,jeg Qs . I asfyf M-f j f 5. ' ':: ' K f A L A nkkk X in K L- ' K - Pat Sue Kim Patrick Welman Werner Wheeler Whelan , href - Wi ..--- e - 1 i .Q e " l K ,L,. I I 4- ,. ' ' ni ' ' ,,., A Charles Cathy jeff Cindy White White White Wigginton I ,vm A :., in E XV: i vj-Z It Wg, I I kr if - f ix E fi l Greg jeff Michael Craig Whifley Williams Wilkey Wilson W ,Wy , ik, Q r. C ,if C 5' R is i 'E is I A a ii y 3 yy X ' 5 ,:"' 1 i,--L V "ff f3Ei'7i57H W -,,. sgpf, f QQ 5 4 Kelly Michael Rich Linda Wilron Wilson Wilron Wirnmer Sophs set for action Right: President Mark Zevanove. Below: Paula Vargas, secretaryg Rob Cook, vice presidentg Cathy Delaney, class representativeg Mark Zevanove, president LoreLee Lasson, treasurer. agtgtiaywm Amierfa. ' Female run c ass Above right: Freshmen Class President Robin McCole. Above left: Freshmen Officers Teri Pyper, vice presidentg Jean Bowleski, secretaryg Teri Pompilio, treasurerg and Tina Thompson, class respresentative. Below: The class of 1978 show their spirit. W , Q. an 1, ,.,.,,,,W, " '1 - K. e - pxsmf :- K giqxgf Q ,u its . ,F 1 ,N-2 ,4 X 1 Erika Wipfli if S -Ciao! uf -.. "iss N -'llffa R ob Yack ley Lori Zimmerman 4 .- -is y. 1 4, W, 5' bv F R 5 X 5' W 4 fi . 5 .f-- if ' f Rhonda Withoft x l ' 1, 1 Et Dane Yarbrough Q 'MQ .. ,ss 2 is 3' , . . Q sa W 1 is '31 - ' .. Q ' W: . ,Q 4 eps- " U 11-if A 'Q " l .. K yi Q Big K - Li k 1- f i A5 V, joan Rita Wolfenberger Wolfram Q L, B 5 '? , , jan Carol Yeaman Zara ' ..,. , ., 37 ',:LL ii, Harold ,. -LLL Zosel unior C ass fli s throu ln Homecomin ,ij Above center: The 1974-75 Junior Class Officers. Below left: Beth Bartch, nominee for Junior Princess, and her date Tres Synder relax at the Homecoming Dance. Below right: The Junior Class President was Cindy Hagger. Seniorsfl eck- ut .m sqm .' 'QNX tw 1 '-warm. M rn ' S -' V .. al' The Senior Class held their annual events this year and the big turnout was encouraging. The first of many events was the Senior Breakfast. In February they held the Senior Spaghetti Feed. Spring brought along a Severe plague of senioritis and everyone was anxious for the Senior Banquet, Senior Ball and the infamous Senior Sneak Day. After all the fun activities were done and over the Seniors settled down to business in preparation for the Baccalauerate and Graduation ceremonies. Then it was off to fun all-night party given by parent of fellow senior classmen. Above left: Senior Class President. Cathy Vaticano, planned an exciting and eventful year. Above center: Steve Mona, Representative for the Senior Class, went to Legislative and Executive Council meetings. Above right: Greg Amaral, vice presdient for the Senior Class, talks at the first Senior Assembly. Center: The 1974-75 Senior Class Officers. Jr. 8t Senior Officers 47 I : ei gr-I :' f 7 I G .. it Q.. tie W e -- L 2' IL 'sb' - V ml, iq ieea A r ,, fa ,1 -' 2 M ,fr f YW , r egti i1tliQif2zit?iffi12iEfiQ ' fi we 5 Kris Wayne Kathy Frank Aaker Aboussleman Abreu Agaman Karl Peter Ray Michele Aitken Ales Aley Allec . fs ' gli, a i- ,r . 5 , N, KRW Fl .. A' A .. I I 1. 3. 'fe ggaJ'x,I'f,.f EQAQV 1 :FK WK FW ua an r Mark Sue Jeff Greg Allen Allen Alves Anderson A .. , , p . E : ky K , in F A, f . ..., A 5:3 A rrl -1 it 6 i ,f r 1'le John Andy Shawne Greg Anderson Andrews Arbuckle Arnett x '44 i W X, Tom Steve Brian Athenour Atlcinson Aujo Patrick Authier 'A -t Y E '- ,jr 2 RQ Jeff Cindy Allison Fred Baca Baer Bailey Bailey 1 1, Steve Susanna JoAnne Kim Bangert Babuelos Baptista Barber rir' 'rit ' 7 David . aa Cindy Barnhart fre, VY, Basso 7 ,il raesfe A 1 i m . tl ,l g il 53 .35 . : i ,vyr ff i A Girls Glee is a beginner class for girls who are interested in singing. The class is open to freshmen through seniors. The class has been doing fund raising projects so they can raise enough money to go to Mexico. Some of the various projects are selling Christmas cards, candles, washing windows, and ads. During the year the class sang at the Veterans Hospital and the elementary schools. They also competed against other high schools. The class officers are Janet Despotakis, Chairman of Fund Raising: Lisa Croteau, Class Representative, Jonie Corage, Secretary, Cheryl Covington, Chairman of Coffee Clotchg with Mariam Wain as advisor. Above right: Mrs. Wain smiles through off key notes. Center right: Patty Taylor, Joni Corege, Cheryl Covington, Nancy Faris, Lisa Rege and Lisa Croteau show their singing ability. Below right: Girls prove singing is "good for the gut." Opposite page: Above: Mary Rakestraw, Jessica Salo, Denise Hostetter, Nancy Faris, Cheri Funk and Patty Taylor sing along with Mrs. Wain. Below: Girls Glee hold a note. Far right: Girls Glee officers: Joni Corege, Janet Despotakis, Lisa Croteau and Cheryl Covington. Sing! It's good for the gut girls glee E 1 p 1 I I I I gl- g r .QI , ... a . . ,,:-i 1, S111 r le r' J ll ' A harmon Bauer Bauhofer Baysinger Beaulien A-Cappella is the art of singing witl h" music. Amador has one of these grc y g y which this year had a very successful sea p ha y They went to the Renanisance Fair 'er' September 28, which they practiced H Martha Steve Bill Larry Benjamin Bennett Belvilacqua Bianchi safar i , p Z.. t it ei Brett Jon Bob Steve Bigger Bigley Bishop Blalock A . 1 A I J' M eg 5 ,. , ,. r e s a f,. A M :vgg 5 ,,ggr,. l , Susan Brad Jean Bob Bobosky Boldrini Borton Bower J . Yi f Marco Lynne Terri Jon Bowers Bowling Branch Broshious M .W ag vr-, A ffggilni P f as ikiillllllll lx Ted Mike Bill Linda Brownlee Bruns Burns Calderon -, 5 t.r :V T i gn. tffrfe -- ," - gr. Sv - R Q, Wg ' X l K fl". ' ki Brian Doug Wayne Becky Calkins Callon Campiotti Canessa . ,T .. , Capizzelli J, N Capps Vx 4L,,.. Ri u , month before school started. They sung i the Jazz Band on November ll, they v to the Jazz Choral Festival in Reno in A they went to the Choralrama on May l al with Dublin High and elementary school Pleasanton, they hosted for the first tim Amador history the California M Educators Association Bay Section Chl Festival. There was between 50 and choirs from the Bay Area competing awards on April 26. The group had some fun raising evi such asg painting numbers on curbs houses, they sold resurrection plants, had a coffee and cake booth every nigh night school, they went Christmas caroll and they sold Christmas cards and canc Above: Dianne Hoppner, and Dori Somersett during a break. Below: Wendy Faris, and Il Lehmen play the piano during practice. Above: Mona Long, and Kim Longman sing as they watch Mrs. Wain. Center left: Diane Heppner, Joane Quinlin, Sue Sturmer, Maelea Folger, and Jodi Funk take a break from practice. Center right: Stephanie Smith looks over her song. Below: Valerie Carrigan, Gwen Wendel, Mona Long, Kim Longman, Dori Somersett, and Jodi Funk sing during practice. a cappella ' :m i e Q- i , ,rg r 4 I ' ri I f. , C ' X . ' Q 3' C C pie r .ft-:Z E-51:3- Darlene Susan Kim Valerie Carlos Carlson Caroline Carrigan 'C ,,, X ' ,Q ' gi Vaiyll if w 1 Vgkg 'xl K kk kkrr ii', V ly Bill Catherine Dewey Jim Carson Cassidy Chaphe Cheney i s we C r 31 Frank Debi Keith Hope Christian Clark Clay Clemens , ,. x V r X an P S E ' ' A if gss555s5H-E-3-Qiiii:-:ails-.-.', .. s ,, C. r Hal Jeff Lori Marian Coburn Cochran Cochran Coensgen - -, it ' as 4 Kathy Jim Wayne Joni Cohan Collie Corcoran Corege , Q. .59 H " is ,Lx Marie CaraLee Colleen Brenda Cornez Corwin Costello Cox g 1 L X C ,., Q , ,Ar 'li' Q al ' N x jf, 1, Cheryl Kevin Charles Richard Covington Craig Creed Critchfield Dave 'A IA .fin Lisa Cross A Croteau xr if Above left: Elgin Speceal sings the blues. Above right: Jeff Green gives it all he's got. Below: Serenna Goldsmith sing out loud as part of the trio. A -,L 7122? Al' am, W1 Q 1:0 jg, VH .,..A1ff, i so a- U ff 2 . ,asf Q it , ,W ffm, fmr,.5 3 4 ."t '- K!" f 1 in . W fuller, - Af. - f VB N374 'V A gl M! Y V- , 'J W V r Q , 5 VF Q I Swag fps I ni I' 1,1 . f , , sag, 4 1 in XT' 'rf N T 'rf A inf, wa. Q W Y if . If 1' as pi I it rf ii 'ii v. Meng C F 3 x,i,.i,e,-, by Q 5, HQ!" ,N f P Q f " we r K1 I ii - f sa . 3 f., , Q .L 3 A Q Breathe ll ' 9 9 Carmel is beautiful in the spring especially for the vocal ensemble class. The class members sold Christmas cards and candles to raise money for their trip. The class was taught by Mr. Miriam Wain second period. The group sang in the Stockton Music Clinic, Amador choir prorams, and at Christmas time they did a program called H.M,S. Pinafore. Above left: Michelle Tannewberg listens to music played by Cathy Evans and Roxanne Partridge. Below: Mary Frapwell and Steve Cranford sing it like it is. fix .,4-we r if! , .JEWW vocal ensemble I I : ' A ' , . ,M ,. Q Pam Steve Mike Terry Colvin Compton Connolly Connors KE 3 sg ,g gf2e I ,- V' 4 VI.: ir, f i 'eiii-'iii Zeb: Keli Robert Jeff Mike Conover Cook Cooper Crow irkk . A V oyee ' rrnr 5 . , " . D-92" f fav Q H if if gff +R ff A - ,-.55 ,, A X ' E . L Lynn Cher Charley Mark Cruse Cupps Cutchen Danska X wer. , 5 sv Q V I - er i x i W 1" ' i 1 is Wroww-N ,sr lr Rick Camille Kathy Kathy Dayton Dealy DeFreitas Delaney f x' Visa 2 1 :V Y V Z Ks 1' Rick Chris Althea Dave Delucchi Deprater Despotakis Dougherty r rro'e y ,, ' WV ' w,, ,rr. 'Q 1 .pf fi J Af' iii' as .- 4 Terry Jim Bruce Corrie DuBord Durden Ehrlich Erker E ' i .r,, i Q ' i ,fwWg wig i, QQRC-ff? ,iww 'l i ff faw2wfw ,lrr eee fri lov R RQ K' Arai mfr N ?.u i K Donald Vernon Leah Jeff Evans Fabry Fairbrother Fara 'X Karen J Mitch Farrel FaIriS l m d0r's sin in Madriga s Wg Above: The Madrigals: Row 1: Madonna Baronger, Julie Wagner, Joan Quinlin. Row 2: Ken Enos, Chris Heinbaugh, Joe Revak, Kevin Venter. Below right: Mrs. Wain accompanies at the piano. Below left: Chris Heinbaugh, Joe Revak, Rich Keith sing in harmony. V madrigals . i l"5?'l 'iff 7 .11 ' is I 'Q' is E 5 ,ft 1 as ,X M x V, , at ..V, ... . .. ' 1,' K ' PES . ., " E552 we , tt.. 1' f s d R , 'QI , ' 'A .. 92' 49. at fi 'lv .Wx R- 'L a. to ff Wilsfk-a '. ,k, 2' .rl We A Debbie Randy Betty Jo Laura Fiemer Felts Ferguson Fernandes i 1. . , in 'A A V L N I I aa . "4 ' j'5Q5iQff , , setgfxfwmws Y owe 'tC'iF?'-Wftiif' it 3 95 David Lynn Robin Ellen Finn Fischer Fitzpatrick Fleming ,ki V T ttte z E ' ' 5, , p Joyce Mike Chuck Dwain Fong Fontes Fowler Fowler T if ":: G zzu -' QM at ? o :es -M rt ' i L rro 1 R who , gg, ,N Zt., ' ix I T vi 14 Danny Kathy Cheryl Kathy Franco Frisa Freund Fry it , 1 t A L "" ' ,:.,b if ,,,,.. , , 1 .., "'o-. S ,S t Aa' '- Randal Lee Wendy Michelle Fuller Furey Gallagher Garcia , . VV AE V J L ig ,, -, F S K I' fp .ef 'Z S - gg L xx, 1' Q f, 'fi f ni, ,d Rick Dan Denise Pam Garcia Garlock Garlock Gartin A ' ei' :ZK , E ll' fi Z ist 'dggazst N a?E dd'tt I 'tt' 'l'-d' H 1 ' . ii, . Yr' E lv" 4 N. :A , . ff' V 5 I 1 Rocky Debbie Paul R Rick Geller Getman Gettner Gigli John T In Cass Gilchrest e - ,1,.-,b 1 7 Gimbert archin and 'IP The Golden Don Marching Band rocked on this year by taking a first with their float in the Homecoming parade. The float was titled "Amador Band Rocks Onf' It was made to look like a pile of rocks, with various members ofthe band pulling it. The Band had a very good season playing at events. They played at the Raider game on November 243 they played at the Cal State game, by request, on November l6g and they were alloted SIX minutes in the football game half-time show against Livermore. Above: Rich Curry plays the trumpet during halftime. Below: Row 1: Steve Newcomb, Matt Traini, Charles Baratta, Row 2: Dale Werner, Kelly Gully, Rick Maynard, and John Beatty play the drums during practice. QQ ' A A Above: Mr. Campana marches with the Band during the Homecoming parade. Center: The 1974-75 Golden Don Marching Band. Below left: Flag girls, Banner girl, and Majorettes parade down Mains St. Below right: Norm Jensen, and Dave Norton play trombones during practice. ,..,f' , ,fy -Avg goldendonband I 57 I I : gl el- 3 X r fi ,- ,. A- ' .A fr, 5 'f . . I . ' , if - it f rf f, tai it qi ' if K f -,Qi ' t xr!! 2 N W 1. Mike Goodison Bill Grasb erger .gsgiga ,-V..-..,. , :'- . at ts if-C Mike Gugliemo Donald Hall its Em .S aa Si Mike Hansen R .ff , fs-iii ff' , Bill Hawkins get ,pa .. 1 . af -F P 5 1, fa Doug Henry Alan Hill 2 ,v, " i Grace Gordillo ' f., ' . . jk 1 ie R if Rodney Gray - , ,arf 21- 'V 4 ,Q z S , 7 . . Janice Hales Jennifer Chris Gordon Grandon H 35:11 I... ...V ff . , 2 2 1. . Tammy Jennie Grittani Gualandri '--' ' 2 , i 3 V, gmail! .,. r , 1-. A ,ti 1, gfii--ww, . L -' Y Er' 3 Hwy s lx Mark Hahn David Hagerty 'C 'f 7 fll- , ,. . ' " 'Iii lf? cg 4 1 K t ' ,gt . ki A B + x, ,- V ' , wif , l K A f . . , A A Kurt Hall it 1 4. 7 ' 'ya x Howard Harrow ,far ,.n.. ' : A ... if it tim Q, li L H f Ken Hayes ,mr at - - K 4 w 225 L Tr 5 7 QM ggi lf, L- W? P fa 2 wi, f , if Swv, if at A iw, 5 as if X 7 K xi , me 'had' Kim Henry 1.--527' "Ti ff 3. ' ' ft . -' I . il Don Hansen Ann Hamilton A H - A ., f.. . A ' t s.'i it-' m y 4 ' fm, N . V f. YQ ' K i 1 i Kevin Hart Ken Hart ff .- J . er .57 rm Chris Heinbaugh Elaine, Heinzel , rii in iryr, llee A is fi , al i ' , Z .-w L . ' Tom Hempill Kathy Hickey Right: Trumpetors Steve Churchill, Rich Curry, Layne Williams, and Bob Hartman. Center left: Kim Henry accompanies on the piano. Center right: Mr. Lepiane explains principles of good music. Below: Nick Discala and Bob Viera practices on their saxophones. viiz plrlted azz and rocks on At the half time show at the Dublin game the Amador Jazz Band received a lot of popularity. Because of the refusal to let the Golden Don Band march in the half time show, the Pep Band ledtby Mike Bailey walked across the field playing a favorite tune, "Have You Ever Seen a Lassie." The crowd was in an uproar. Now, nobody dared to refuse the band permission to play at half time shows. This year is one of the greatest for the Jazz Band. With the appointment of Mr. Lapiane, the new assistant director, the band started off with a big bang. The Jazz Band made its first debut at the Open House and then prepared for the CMEA Festival in February and the Reno Jazz Festival in March. Left: The brass section belts out a number Row 1: Bob Hartman, Layne Williams, Mark Rogers. Row 2: Mike Bailey, Brian Lawlor, John Fitch. Center: The Jazz Band at their finer moments with K. Henry, C. Barotta, J. Hempill, M. Hagerty, N. Discala, M. Bailey, S. Churchill, B. Viera, B. Lawlor, R. Curry, T. Laird, J. Fitch, B. Hartman, T. Sekany, L. Williams, T. Campana, and M. Rogers. Below: Saxophones pipe out music with Nick Discala, Bob Viera, Tom Laird, Tammi Sekany, and Tina Campana. jazzband L 59 I I : 3 i Karen Tim Heddi Holder Holman Holzer s .15 ,,,. - ':""' 5 ,v,, ,U . gs-,A XX Lori Matt Tracy Hopkins Howarth Hubbard -. I i J r r r r',, I . 5:1 ' ,J NK ". A J dl Mike Linda Chris Humphreys Hunter Huntze I I Q ' J 'l I .r , 1 J' n . Lorraine Sam Tressa Jarvis Jorgenson Johnsen Karen Jones ' . 1 J fi' 9' Mar k Kendall Greg Kime Ken Krebs fi. . Q H A r NW fr -"fi: , 3, f - nf.. ii C Becki Hoover il 's x -3 Chuck Huddy a t l N.. f Hans Imlig Pam Johnson Sandy Michael ' Mican Joplin Kapp Keck 9 1 ' A f :H 5 1 Ken Mike John Kester Krikorian Kimmer .y."' K ::,, Al 'J V' .,., ff ? B . 1, f . 0 ,V I . ' tiara- .e r ., -if Q I A Karol Robert Bob Klein Klingenberg Koopman 'A , James 4' '53, ii Kreidler V' W . , -:: kr- , r Don s rings up another inner Above left: Kent Round looks around the campus for possible creative photos for Don Days. Above J , right: Ann Gillcrest shuffles sophomore mugs. J' Below left: Cheryl Eiden researches copy. Below right: Ted Brownlee thinks about ways to improve the darkroom. H, ff' qi la- S :Q in . K , ., w-. A New ideas in design highlighted the 1975 Don Days. The 23 staff members were busy the first week of school deciding on the co-editors of the yearbook. The staff choose Jim Lauderback, 1973-1974 co-editor, and Becki Verduzco, a three year staffer. During the summer Becki and Cheryl Eiden went to Cal State Hayward, Yearbook Conference by the Bay, to learn about new techniques. Becki and Cheryl showed their new talent by taking second and third places in yearbook design and copy at the conference. Their trophies are displayed in B-8. After determining leaders of the class, the second week of school was taken by selecting section editors: Kevin Littrell, Clubsg Lee Ann Thomson, Events: Jim Scharber, Sportsg Ann Gilchrest and Sue Wilson, Seniorsg Pattie Riebli, Mugsg Photo Staff, Ted Brownlee, John Fitch, Kent Rounds, Frank Heimg and Cheryl Freund and Lorna Trimmer Business Editors. Above left: The 1974-75 Don Days co-editors Becki Verduzco and Jim Lauderback. Below: The 1974-75 Don Days staff. . 61 don days .ws 5' , . mi- . za' l . Y- ' 1 H" . Qt E f 71 vt VSV! 3 'W Kerri David Loretta Karen Kremers Krickaum Krill Kuhlenbeck 'Z A r . at it ,M ' 9 5 I B' ' I-vi '. Y , .Ax ,gl - I :ah K I Q Pam Heidi Lorilee Mark Kunn Kulink Lasson Lauer , N . V S ' if I I 1 A ' ff il . e . Tammy Pat Travis Janet Lawson Leach Lee Lehman inaa 'ZQ- . ' iaaaaii 'M - . , .Ml g- A .. T f r :" i :QT g 1' ff ' ,- 4 er fi-i H' .M a.m..,..a.,-M--A J " .W , 35 ' . K A if .1 -A-fn-t Kelly Mary Debbie Kevin Leonard Lester Lloyd Loan ra. v1,. im p 'f , A f 1 ' 'E Q - L. i'i gp it ' ' ,n 3 , t 'N X, Q f' K " ' if if l E., wig Steve Danny Kim Carmen London Lowe Libert Linicicome ,,,, .1 I . , i , 'A . ' 1 A W N Z - , f be 9 J f "" , 1 i' 7 V aa i . iaa e ei . M ,L L1 k Vyvk. v eaa, fi. X 4 f Horace Maureen James Shelly Lingley Mahoney Marty Massa .J, L-g Q -kiy A g s ,l y ' it 'T fx x , K D I R rf l . Kelly Kelly Richard James Matern Matijevich Maynard Mayo Reed gr..-4 Julie McCleary V 7 H McCleary . 55253553 E15 Check out with th Amadon This year the Amadon Staff put out the best papers in Amador history. The paper was alwaays full of controversy with such subjects as male chauvinism, senior probation, and the cross countryls team demand for equal recognition. The staff under the strong hand of Editor-in-Chief Steve Mona, put out a good paper every Friday for the enjoyment of the student body, Just like last year the staff was again mostly males. Page Editors were Carolyn Reinke, Jim Scharber, Teri Schwab, Debbie Bridgman, Paul Mclnnis, and Dawn Skarset. Above: Carolyn Reinke looks for her paper. Below: Steve Mona and Debbie Bridgman discuss deadlines. - 'T' .. -:ei,:i'1:-.- ff xiii x 5: lfiwrgmf Below: The 1974-75 Amadon staff. Above right: Ben Cambra takes a moment to laugh. Above center: Pat Jones talks about a paper with Mrs. Davis. Above right: Jim Scharber listens in on editorial meeting. un- in rw, 5 tix lvgd' Q A-In amadon 63 I I . ir - t L 5 -' L, iii ff .L 'xl fu - 5 f ,Q.f ' 9,3 -Q - -'f .1 'A .X f f S A . k, 3, M y if 37 is S S ---' S Lf i is Henry Jeannie Denis Chris McCrory McCullough McDermott McDonald Steve McDonald S 'in n gk! wk 'i' I Anne Tom McGloin McBuirre V L1.niEE 5 S K E I ,J-, ' li ' ' ,f,,.,1:wf! ' ,I M wry T I Scott Marilyn Louise McNamera McMahon McPherson 5 -252 2: :., . . . , , Us n fer S 1 S 'ls ,rx ' A 'ig' lx? 1 , ' - .4 Q, 2, " i V lv ' i x N 'fi , , ' TN. A A! I K . f-aifff ' L 2 so ,V 9. ll , f 'QM' ' fl, , " . 436' x 7' , Julee Belinda Susan Mencarelli Mendes Meyer . NM ' ' 1 , S " A r K - ----,, r M x 1. ' . ' it A if , ' J Ron Michelle Marilori Miller Mint Miskow 53,5 A i if , ,.. l,,,, Vyi I I -I .- V S M A 'x i 3, y , A Charles Leslee Robert Mobley Mohutt Mori Jane Catherine Robert Morgan Morrell Morse Brad Mustoe ,,, A -1' 'a ' . Scott McKinnon if Q55 4 , 'X Amy Meier L4 ,V ign- , I fr ' li Eric Miller A as '-:7 .22-gig, a L ,Q ,r I , WK' . . 4 5- 4- I -i? 26. 3 .ge ,: Jim Mitchell Eiiik "' Qs J tb 1,,.,, HX' we , Tami Moore 15 . 9, , 1 sr ll 'Uv' 5 rf vi, ef ff. X Patrick Murphy Jennifer Myer Varsity heerleaders ake and bake vi? I H3 is . We 1 54 r , 'L at if 6 .mf 3 npr. ,H The 1975 Varsity Cheerleaders were Lauri Jo Howard, Carolyn Reinke, Jo Moschetti, Margee Ellard, Pam Perreira, and head Pat Gill. During the summer the cheerleaders worked at the County Fair handing out questionaires to raise money for their uniforms and cheerleading camp fees. Then the squad traveled to Santa Cruz for Cheerleading camp. They won a superior trophy and spirit stick. The cheerleaders came home from camp with lots of new and good ideas and displayed their talent at games and rallies. Opposite page: Cheerleaders do their favorite cheer uyou bit off all you can chew." Above left: Carolyn Reinke and Lauri Jo Howard happily practice routine after school. Above center: Lauri Jo Howard eyes football team at Homecoming rally. Above right: Cheerleaders practice hard after school. Below left: 1974-75 Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Jo Moschetti, Margee Ellard, Pam Perreira. Row 2: Lauri Jo Howard. Row 3: Pat Gill. Row 4: Carolyn Reinke. varsity cheerleaders KA65 l Angela Narango , . . ,:,,,,,3HI1,, ,, A I 'fn AZ? .M f Y, J had it IX A, 1 f. 'i 1 ff Pete . V. ,.v , 4 A ' "'f' ' ' ' M ' . ,,,. H ft. a2'W W we have Nefertiti Ron Nelson Nicolson Negron a, ,g., A Aka any a W2 ,geea ,xaeg ffsy M1 ' .V T Q A 6 .Q ,,A X , I ...nd Steve Bill Darleen Dave Nielson Norton Norton Norvell P' ,,,l, slll f t ,,ll la w -V ff 4 1 3, ,,,, . 'tfwl' ' ,, . , N M" fl afifiv-, f 2. 45 fx" Laura Terri John Brenda Novacek Nungesser O'Brien O'Dell 'f th tw 1' ' " -3- " "' gi' -.. 1 " aww Qwfwmmik . Q , V K Pam Shaun Jeff Jeannie O,Dell Oertwig Olinghouse Oliver , tw ri' - L , . Q V Viyyz Yi . , 52 j,bt,p y Q5 , Mike Debbie Mike Neal Ornellas Oxsen Panska Parsons ,.i, ,. . . t ff . iss . ,,', ... ..... .... mx is l N w, " M, 3 I -1 4 i L ',.1" ,H 3 1 email! yn ,lkw t 2 t Larry Joe Nancy Jim Partlow Pacheco Pasut R0be1'tS . K 7 ,I , V K Q at ,L 34' - f it Bl, Van Pat Pam Margie Roberts Pattesgn Patteson Peck Steve Peck Patton A , H ,.,. . 1 . A Laura - 4",- w f , . K - Young spirit "Q The swirling of purple and gold pleates characterized the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Equipped with new routines learned at camp this summer the girls cheered to raise spirit among the rooters. At the camp, the girls won six ribbons, three superior, two excellent, and one outstanding. Each individual won a superior rating overall. The girls are Head Debbie Lloyd, Colleen Costello, Hope Clemens, Robin Fitzpatrick, and Mascot Katie Spooner. Above: Katie Spooner watches anxiously. Below: Sue Carlson and Colleen Costello cheer with the crowd. 'V ai., '1 fs- , wxx t . Above: The 1974-75 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Row li Sue Carlson, Katie Spooner, Colleen Costello, Row 2: Hope Clemens, Robin Fitzpatrick, and Debbie Lloyd. Below right: Robin Fitzpatrick thinks of someting funny during a routine. j.v. cheerleaders l gnu- ,......-ani 75? i F wil- lax Q Q5 te .figs z X Man Judy Dawn Kerry Pearson Perrigo Perry Phibbs ' Vrz' T' 'ff " lie, ' 'Ti ' iii P -is . . 1. A 1 it .- Q I - f , E, lag., K ' Y 1 Nh X 6 J wi Susan Gary Greg Steve Pillow Piper Plumb Pratuch fy , .,' :.,f e -f - ,. , V-- ES ' 1 f. i x ' T ' . -r 'U r ef ,a V.. ... J T -' 5 lrlq A r t . gg. . .Q -Q . s, Y fi...-L: ' L. J his . ., AA -r . , ,X ' t, 'vii iiilgfiwiii-' i ' "'- W-in..ufH'lwEif Lisa Stacey Kevin Ann Pruett Purington Pyfer Pyper T. llhl . . J . 'X 6-je. V , 1 Q, ,, . . ' 1 Q in by ei 'A , K" Y ' ' 5 . f' Diana Joanne Shelly Bill Quindimil Rademacher Randall Reeve LH, V... T 5 :VV V . i s .V E , gb .. A a V A 'K M , I 1 4 Ixi- W! M -' - zz' ' A t. .. Liga Amy Kathy Joe Rega Renard Rhodes Riojas rrf. 1.16 fvvflz ,2v,,, 2 rye, V --" V,.::.r-'1 1 ' ..,.. d'ld-"'l 2-:. zz' ' . . .Mr ,. , , if Martin Cindy Cindy Jill Rivera Roberts Robertson Robertson f' We 2.. ' .. ' 'T' :.f A-at if l ,ss, L57 -. : 5 E' X Q' f :j g 'f I H . : Susan Frieda Linda Bill Robertson Robinson Robinson Rose Steve Mitch Roth Round if . A 1. .... ? ihr V gg.: v Fro ln C eerleaders pour out th Plrlt The Freshmen Cheerleaders thought they had a foolproof method of raising money for uniforms. They put up a booth at the County Fair Parade, but disappointingly earned only eight dollars. The five girls who cheered at all the frosh football and basketball games were lead by Lori Gottschalk every Monday and Wednesday for practices. They were chosen a week before school was out last year, after attending a cheerleading clinic for two Weeks. The other cheerleaders were Lisa Leach, Diane Valdex, Karen Regwick and Amy Roberts. Above right: Amy Roberts and Lisa Leach practice for rally. Below: The 1974-75 Freshmen Cheerleaders Row l: Amy Roberts, Lisa Leach Head Lori Gottschalk. Row 2: Diane Valdeix and Karen Redgewick. Opposite page: Above left: Karen Redgewick and Diane Valdeix give a pretty smile. Above right: Head cheerleader Lori Gottschalk leads cheer. Below: Frosh cheerleaders practice new formation. rg Wt vi It Q ww N r fi. Q31 1 ,4-W'lE'M 1.53 freshman cheerleaders wg Julle Tlm Rounds Russo Qurto S chacht fn Car Schoendlenst View Q Steve Serockr Glna Shearer Wayne Smgleton Kay Smder Dean Sta matrs 'Wk Nancy Schlnkel Ahson S cherer Sandy Seymour Z Krm Shrpley u Y Steve Slosek Mrke Sonnenschem Jessrca Sa u Frank Schmldrg 6 if Gary Seholl John Sevo L B Stephame Sldman Danny Sandoval 5' oe Schmltz Dave Sebahar wmv? Es Steve Shamblm A Kathy Srlva fx-N Mark Smrth W? 1 Katy Spooner Steph Smlth Mlke Sprenkel Skrp Sta nsbury ,1 A sf F Q E I Q as :yn-'fx UQ f get ii 61 ,WMS . if., , - S M we Q if With a new look this year, the Pom Pon girls have new yells and routines. This year at a cheerleading camp in Santa Cruz, the girls came home with a spirit trophy and many individual ribbons. Head Pom Pon Sydney Roberts and Mimi McKay are the only seniors on the squad. The remaining girls are Cathy Gadd, Julie Hemming, Nancy Reineking, Robin Sawatsky, Jo Thurman, and Cindy Wiggington. porn pon l ., ., wrzssw'-1 -wwf rg , ra, Q- s an f..,:..e:, , as .. Us ,, t . , . ,,,. . ., S ' it , ks2sss:S2riZli??fiiii'A Q W . tt Greg Brian Sue Sue Stockinger Story Suggs Swadley . i"Xif,i" ,f 1 l , ' 'Wu Mike Carol Mark Michelle Sweeney Talbot Tandowsky Tanneberg .V .. ,,f, W . M r 'vit . .Q A R -is -- A Wim ' ' Patty Mike Mark Daedru Taylor Thomas Thrailkill Tinga 'X f TMTT ' T - i iv I 'E' M W I c W I X 1 J or. , in lr Cary Andrea Matt Susie Tracy Traini Traini Trimble . A F lr' . . - ' x A at 1 5 V f " -Q 3. r xii l xi! , H, , in , 5459 H gary "if WI .S LaDonna Linda David Mark Tye Valentine VanNordan VanDyke n VV.V, I' - V V ' ' , 1 riiiei s it ssr Wi' ' is Eric Mary Paula Scott Vargass Vargas Vargas Vaughn ,E Q Q ' " rr " 3" r Eff . ,fr ff ia f:4E5:.f.::sliQ1 rmilifirfafe X", f .- Ken Jim John Judy Voget Waldren Waldren Washburn Girls Sp ll Amador Don With only two seniors on the squad, the Varsity Lettergirls are in the spirit of things. They have participated in football and basketball games. During the summer, the girls went to Santa Cruz to learn new kinds of yells and routines. When they came back, they had received one excellent second place ribbon and three superior first place ribbons and also won two spirit sticks. Above right: Stephanie Podliska yells at crowd. Below: Marie Cornez and Debbie Gettman practices routines. s r.t. raw Q w ,. Us U... tt.. M . ., ware 7 rr. A ww- ,,,.7W.,.-fn-,Q ri, 'ata 2.1.5, Y 5 f L af ag , Q I M in . -' ,E ... l ' f K 1 m e all N y 1 xy W 4 y. . gG ' i..., In June, five Junior Varsity Lettergirls were chosen to do the yells routines at football and basketball games. They are Debbie Gettman, Janice Hales, Kelly Williams, Alsion Sherer and Marie Cornez. Two of the girls went to Santa Cruz to learn new yells and routines that were seen at activities. When they came home, they had earned outstanding, excellent and superior ribbons. Above left: The 1974-75 Junior Varsity Lettergirls. Center left: Head Varsity Lettergirl Kristi Kyle. Below left: Debbie Gettman, Marie Cornez, and Kelly Williams practice cheer. Above right: Alison Sherer shows new cheer. Center right: The 1974-75 Varsity Lettergirls. letter girls r l if Z t f f gs' w 1 fi ,. 'ififfslwl . f -4 " 1' .,r, 'rar 7.5 " vig: e ' 1, Y' ig , ,- ', 3 S ,J a ,W V!" fn? fy S5 ,, ' . ,, 2-If 'Lf ' Q Robin Wasser Brian Weese J M 'f Kelly Williams tr .Q s Mary Wipili We 1. Herbert Woelf f er Cathy Bryan Waugh Craig Whitelock 2 Michelle Wilson wg , , f x Bob Witke 15921693 ew '. A Y- ilu. 5 , w K X' - A f 'fi up Z S3 Richard Woelffer ,fr ty 1: I, km Riff' 'L , 2 f W ' is gi 5 1 W, if , K a , 2 is M 5 s EEL Sf mr Gary Weber 45 ' e i-:ffl " Q, - -r. x. as .v?! , mgisfvzif 'H' s 1 -fu tb L 4353 L JW Q f Mike Wilcox -b Q rl Z " ' in i gf f 'L I 4, . mi . , ' Sharro n Wilson Debbie Witke W ga 2 E J it-,Q f 5 J J r t- - 5, 42315. - is k ,E in Brooks Wong 7 2 69 ' new E- , E fe-be , W ,M V Mark Zaro Zevanove Zinser f1rW'..1,:wc. V' it , F952 iiii" 'ili ' Sharon Trophi Stowe. take th ake Above: Sue Collins practices routines with band led by Drum Major Tom Laird. Center: Donnettes discuss positions on the field. Below: The 1974-75 Majorettes: Sue Werner, Sue Collins and Kim t g.- if , EN vw, lk fi 1- ' :".wff ,-,, .. ,. .., I, jg . J I ,ge 'gf ', 5. - fi-if 3 - -4 i - , V , - I an 3: 5 iq I -as-Y 3 .. V111 If 1. Hg rg as Il' 2 f M D f, . -.. fi age , 31,14 .... Q -Qi?" - sw- ,4 Q92 'K 4 .1 3 1 . H ' H- .f L ' . ' '75 ' if K ' Eg 1 fir o i - wa : 1 1 V . 9395. ,x ,gr ,gm at f, ,nf A ,ki , ,iii-. A Q, is J ' , Qr x I 221, TL J . , A . my ,, I Lk ggg fwr if 3, W I .. E, f A f I I y wawswia LQTE? K 5 ugh ' 'amps ' M , ' if Q 5 ,gp 25. J I pf?i5ffife?3?H - ' ff- ., W' i i f-5: ' ,I l L , r t :fig ' Above: The 1974-75 Donnettes: Row 1: Paula Vargas, Carol Anderson, Beth Bartch. Row 2: Barb Crall, Lynnea Howard, Joy Cousatte. Top: Lori Archer. Above left: The head Donnette, Carol Anderson practices routines. Center right: The Donnettes practicing a new routine. Below right: Paula Vargas and Sue Werner practice fourth period with the band. It seems you would hardly be able to see the Donnette Squad through all the ribbons they received at the Santa Barbara Camp last August. Totaled up, the girls brought home 24 superior ribbons, 4 excellent ribbons and a superior trophy. The girls had bake sales and rummage sales during the summer which brought in the money for camp. The Majorettes and Donnettes practiced everyday with the band, fourth period, and had plenty of after school practices. The fantastic girls were invited with the band to perform at the Cal State Hayward game on November 16 and the Raider game on November 24. The 1975 Donnettes were lead by Senior Carol Anderson and the Majorette head Junior Sue Collins. :Eg is.. . . ,, . . .,.. , .: . ,. ,.,..,s,, 5, ,S F . My Q, . ge, V 6 xg .. , .. ,Q .e rg W ii sig ., j..--is.. was are K Je if : .. , .fy - . ,, -.t ' if 'ff l ., f .S K . , 1 Xi I . e SP u .1 ' K - f 'li' .1 ., " ,rr ,I 7, f' 1 5 . 3. me X l 1? Si ew 1 Y tw H X A Q9 3 -A , e advnntffefi A . , K I WW, .y I .A h 5 ,W ...,.u,.: 1-wf - , 41 ' Irv - E-far, '7"i'.,-1-vawstf ,. ' , ' ' ' s '? .f . -.P met? 1 v X- ..l..l . X fi I W 7 ei lg ,Q mg I pf Wayne A boussleman -- f l, N 1 were I ,v 0. . . Q12 ev " Eels. 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W 'V '.,,, i grl is l , ..., L ii? K ik Eric Bzklstrup jeni Bonham G eorgia Billings if ,sf Eilillfsei a. QQ? 7 , L fr , Y g K f K W, i. 1. 5 ai ri X, , .fa g l n e 71 a F, Matt Bishop sm- -if-5-':a2f::: : - .3 .gig - l i Q X A . L his as . E ax, Essay.. .s , K E A rf 'V -al, i as ag f Yr ' i 3 31 3 ,,. Q . . 7. if Ann Ales fi ..:: t , is ei 1 Qw,g ,,. fe R3 L ' -517235 7 - ' fi, V l X Leonard Baine , fesflggfem 'Z il "J K l.., ,me fr.e,r,,.l ' ' - ekff.ses1fes fi jim B arso t ti .Ml .W .... H .,:.. ,. .. ,,. .. 3 1 ly i 15' fs K 5 l X 5 al A - - ' we K is 3 U! Barbara Beatty A s Wendy Behrbaum is , xv- g , n K ,, li Pam Bettraige W ' +1 fis,,.4i2?isll 22 . . , ,. wg H71 . -A Z .maj-ggi - Vi we f A SaHy Bob osky Laura Booth is 515553 WN Above: Karrie Phibbs smiles pretty for a picture with the varsity cheerleaders. Below: The junior varsity cheerleaders stand in line with the mascot Katy Spooner. rit groups lead the way ,,. ' . R IH Scott Bowyer David Jeff Bopp Borden . ,:,,ea,: '- ' as ,,-L,-1 .V 3 so Q M4- 1 lm- -, - gm S F4 Cowie? -H L A 1 f 'ng f. - :. : ' f- S ?:Z. "!5,,-, l e 5. . P A ' ll if 5 ' , f g W , ' z f' 5 ' ,i ws. K T 2, ' 552 Kevin Brown Marietta Madonna B rew er Bringer V , 'L ,Si A V Z? A is w H .Ig . . 1. V ,,,, ,Q W . . 1, X ge. l 4 g 4... . gf .flair wif? iiifaff ,fiiiifii 5546? . wi3l55?5 ' :: . ,-121 5? ' is ' X K - B - :F 1. M v- - - f ai- 'EQ :las Q . - , ,. lu. H - Paul Campana Sue Richard Callon Calton A w e an-gall, Bw " ' grqffiqfirgzfi . '5 1 ' 'L' z W F - S ll no 55 S11 K Wiz gh iw, lf . Terri A rma ndo jean Campbell Cano Carson , nfl? is . N. ' kr . f ' 5' ,,'. L N 5' jim Cindy Lloyd Cecaci Chandler Chapman ' if- ' nf.. ref? 1 . , . Q M, , 5:55 gy 'Z - -11. , In Steve Cleland Donna Clark Matt Ciesielski ' .. sn ' - .. 'hai 1' ' GQ' a . in .ffl , L, fgfgy. , H ,wfws . ,tl.1l --..:. . -... 1, 'ta't I 512 L , ' ,, A -fin iw S teve B rendtinger j osh B mgge S tu art Carnpb ell .l N john Casterson if K . ,Q Ci. ,. ..-A iv rj ,. Q , . u , , frliw. ,--Q, Kevin Ching Pam Coburn , , ','-, ,.- . Q :-.. ,. : M.lm f.,5,,-1, 'z lf f- 'Semi' - ' - w L : Lfiifi , K -V 2 r'-'ELI , . my ,QW K Y , , S, - g lag, 1 t gi? - sg. , .- " A I , . 2 1 ' ff. '5 ' N Q- S . l 2' Y 0 l K ' f W1- if l ffm! -W - off . Laura Gail Pat Coe Coensgen Cohan Anne Connolly , f ,,5ii.:,, L , L 1 ' R Karen Coleman Cathy Connolly Above: Club advisor Mrs. Miller. Below: Club secretary Terry Pyper writes down notes on one of the meetings. .aw-ff Even with their late start, the French Club, under the advise of Mrs. Miller and Mrs, Zach , had an active year. President of the club was Elizabeth Sheperd. Vice President was Linda Valentineg Secretary was Terry Pyper, and Social Chairman was Jeanie Dignan. There were 15-20 members in the club, only two of them boys. The club had a car wash which didn't turn out as expected sinse only two members showed up. The club had a field trip where they went to a French restaurant and a French movie in the spring. Above left: Renee Yandell listens in on a afternoon meeting. Below left: Vice President Linda Valentine talks about upcoming meeting and events. Below right: Club President Liz Sheperd. Does French Club eat snails? french club L? Q9 I if . X . k Q . .s f X . . M it Q ..., .M ww .., L ..... f 1 rr.. r john john joe Maria Cook Corley Correia Correia ,... o,.'o C if 'QM ...I 1,-J Lyn Susan Paul Dion Corrin Cowan Cowden Cracraft C r C' ,K . on no v 'o'--.- . . ' .,:,,. a ' ll", , s 1. -. ,,",- 'I i - o'-' H A ,www "' V, -IEE, if K- I - ' af .t Dan Denice Steve Chris Crall Crall Cranford Crook ,,.. ,., . M. Sw q ..A:. P nooe " f i 1 L' I L ui i . s - L-'o lll Erin Brent julia Miko Cruse Cullimore Cunningham Curtis aoArr"L , -evl - .L 1 . - fy .Q J. f A-',- '- p g f fi ,h 574' l X Kp .ww M- wi 2 Q- Tia at I-1. ga -irswfwxa-,fella , , 2 Dan Mario Ken Terry Dahlheim DaSilva Davison Defreitas l i " . as eCC . 3' , P rur i if A Mike Kris Robbie Kevin DeLaMater Dekzney Duiio Ditchover ya . 4 S' f . , . AAEl.A' V iL .I ,,,a1 is 'X f ' .5iiii3?1T2v1af'h Y? , Mark D onna D ebbie A ngela Dougherty Dresden Drummond Dubanski Karen A .I R oger Duffy . Edfflh Hb fr ir r , kj , ll sters post s'g This year's Pep Club has helped in many ways to promote spirit at Amador. They have sold various items such as spirit ribbons and buttons. The Pep Club gathers several times a month to plan and paint posters for school sports. Some of the members of the Pep Club also serve as a 'secret pal' to the members of the sports teams. r l Below: Pat Kidd and Sydney Roberts support an spirit at Amador. !.E...... , Left: Member Sharon Connolly gives opinion. Right: Advisor Miss Winter. Below: 1974-1975 Pep Club. LURQQW X3 gf? jf! "?Si5M sa fig' 'F' wg' E. l Fi pep club L, p IV. lfi, . . ,,, qi ,S L I p , V im, M - i .fs C A . as g,. wg Q . ,V ie ,, L V F 5 mf" Mig K 54 I " :F .i i Dave Dianne Valerie Valarie Edney Edney Edwards Ehrlich . ' si ,K . r 'I' ' t George Ray Loretta Lisa Ellard Elmore Erdman Estrada ':", I . , ""' s, W lrlll iii 'ft as it t lllllll ' s it 1 ,ii r A12. 474 A A .f- t K4 W WW A Q ai y -51 5 r I R F jeryl Nancy jane Sue Evans Faris Farwell Ferguson W 'ww' is--V ig -- tgp.,-.1a:v .gg J by M W L orie julie Kris A nn Ferrin Fisher Fitzgerald Flatley . -,., 1, K 9 zA:.,.J,.gf . K if ,i', an p ,, ,fm , 1: 'AL 5 Ak tel V ,A I . ia Q, ',V I ' ' F. V ' A' F .I 'f y .xr A :if -p it ,L Mitch Katie Rob Michele Fleenor Fleischer Elores Folger l c - if i ,,,1, "Ne ' ' Jil ,".a, 'TQ?7?1 3 A, ,f.-, is If 7 jim Linda Mary Carl Ford Fox Frapwell Frisch 5,5 Tk V3 W P Q xy , M 3 .tl la i . eai' R ill "'- fit t i t A Yccc ' Q i J ' 4 Cheri jodi Ken Patty Funk Funk Furner Gadd riei . ..',r . u C f yi Valerie -I I A Kathleen Gallagher ,t , K Garcia ,J-f2"'tnQx Le All 3: it t,., if i l nk f iii Agam The eight girls chosen to represent the Amador Asilomar girls from the Junior Class of 1976 Were Lori Barber, Joni Kuhns, Kathy Garibaldi, Rhonda Hale, Cathy Seniff, Rande Spica, Kim Wheeler, and Rhonda Withoft. These eight were selected to attend the Asilomar Conference held in Monterey on April 3-5 with Mrs. Purrington as their advisor. Rhonda Withoft was the candidate who ran for the Asilomar office. Much time' and preparation was needed to get everything ready-campaign slogans, were written, favors made and, of course, fundl raisers which made the whole trip possible. l 1 Above: Rhonda Withoft Candidate for Asilomar President. Opposite page: Above left: Asilomar girls enjoy getting together. Above right: Rande Spica, Asilomar member. Below: Jonie Khuns, shares Asilomar . . . away to Monterey QF' ! X "Q-., 'N'-1-H, .. yifmw .....J K Lmilomar E83 I ? :Y 5 J 5 K 4 rf 1. kr 2 . :N X M 5 if E , ,,L, L W, pl A l G ard ner . . e--,fs ef 9 G., S , A l ,.V l ffrzffxw me Hmm 1 , ff Q., ,Lorem-ifiwi 1 'il fff'Wf?f'f:fflf'f'f1 Jeff Getty sf 1 fig, ,.,, J . 5 .fm-v il' Z' wa-f .L 'K x fy ,Q - 4 ' Chuck Gilliam ' " 'fl' uf L e I 'I' ., - .. ' 4 gg 7 , N 252 if . an l S , lv K 25 Q-W' X Q P of f eff june Gardner Gaster feannie Geltz S ' ' aw 'K' we ' - we l - 'ages f .4 rr fn. fit!! .g b- ,' 'S , - 5. H M f' fi- e' ' rv-lf" - nw- -TM.-f , . 'M 'U ' SN -sie ll- I, in R 4. "4 , -W ,gig 15 'Q 3 v .K 1 f lf, f Ernie Gigliotti 11' fi , X -I Z' S 1 sw' me wg 6 aw fi 91 F wg Cathy Gillick Q Ms f, f H rw 7 1k ,S ,gi V1 wxf . ggi Wi Lia Golden Michele Goodwin Mary joanne Gillergerten il-1'f,-R?hL4f2'f.l-i f z , Gillespie 95 kg Sm K 4- ' Q K , it s. . W ,K , S 2 ' fe 1 'S Y T .ff l Mike Glass Y Ricky Goodrich . ' g , ' V ' A ' Qtr Q , gy - Kim Glover 4' 1 e L ori Gottschalk M , ,,.l, W , , K Z . . Q' i .. of V 3 , 55 f.. , , ' HE' ' "' ' I ' Ar' F' 'Y az, s V ' ' 'ff Q 'f,' f , , ,,, . ft- Chuck Carolyn Ken Cheryl Grandon Griffin Griffen Guest ,: .m:-5:3 , I4 5.53 ..,-E A 7' --gggj3:,g:: j ff. L-,f V' V , Af- H: j'f5.::sf,'g1:5+ 1 ' l at .. ai P ,. V1 Q f eaaiiaa .E ,V . ,if L - :ei fx' . f ' V I .cz A - d J . , 1 , ,, ,V I Q Q I H r, x ,. A k .E " 'fi 75' 4 5 K Z y A a ff, , 1 ,, L Donna Guglielmo ,. K , .. 4--ff' Carrie Halbrook Karen Hack Dan Hale Pam Hagama n Pat Hagerty z .:.: 2" y a 5!2,.,: 5 ' , '5":I':fQ.. 1. ' f ' f :fi z '-4523 l 'ii Linda Hallock A rles Hansen alll H Micheal Brad Hansen :A I Harper 4 5 H1 . 1 Leg Council pounds gavel leg ,, .Q rilara 5 Mk. W 1 if if I 4 S 'G Edie H arrzk 3' QW, .,f' .- z , - X 5 4 W' 1 ..1. .. , 4 if 6 1 s Erin Healy . H ,1,, new 1 75 ,fa ? 3 5 321555 ,gl ' 1 john Hennesy f 3 . ..,. in ., . ,. " I "SSS Scott 2 Hickman Lisa Hodges Diane Heppner i ..if::ii' . -, or 4 5 R4 H Rick Howard Pat Inglesby ,M 3' A' Q- f 2' a.. 'Q 5 W H 3353 wizfsavg Ja .mai if john H arris M. LL V' - ', ,f '- ,. gy f K' A X' is , K X sri 5' 1 G' 1' wg in ik xk ' .,, i . 5 .1 'rr . ' . 4 Q 'H 1 2 A, ,U Karrie Harris . ' 4 I ,- 5 1, ,K 1' . rfb- QK3sHi.,MJ, ' Qi-31' Y Wikia ' s E -' E Tom Healy - H - - Kern! nlllfsef a 9 1. if I S K is Qi' I . 2 W 2 4 ll Xi . gi Q Kathren Henninger Sue Heinzel 1. 2, 5. Q if , Q 3 .N s S . A 4 5 S. '13 R5 6 Nancy Henry Sue Halis Mark H emsath ,M Kg, S on M 2 ,fr H, i .f --an D C4 ef l 'x . ff ,.. g a Candy Hernandez f ig: , an nf: fax" ' ' 1. ...Ef f ' '. f 'f f.Laf1'.w . -- ' J ' Y 4 Q 3. i f 'Qi.lz1. 'I V , Cindy Hill m ay f if' ' 4, 55' gb 4 VE ' L Q Mike Hoff D enise H oster 7395ff43?PflV :Ht ff -5553 .uw iff-lixrfi fb' f ,, f f .,, . .:- .fs H V M, ' A' "FE 1 fm -. fx 1 1' K 'img -5. , gig X, 1 W Q2 S1 Yi ,f W H Fab? Bill Hoyle , A ,ggi , , , ,A ,, We I . , sm --mx , , U . gg., ' 5 r Glen Hill 'ff' 59' , , A 5 si LL A 1. Wendy Hinckley .SN Q, S heri H o ll ist er W Q : A f, kf.- :Hmm ' ' fi" ' 5 M .wg ' ,MW i Tom Hout jamie Holm Sheryl Hovis in N - . 'Wy- Q . 1 f Q as, 'H Y:-., an 1, i lub 5 ia 'A 'Iwi Kim Huckins , ,,..f,m.lWm 3 -1 Q, f, Karen H an t Mark Isozaki mx fix if M., , x"""'-W in ' iiff W , F ,ff fiat if fav nf' WD' kms' and comes alive Above left: Dave Anglin plays Cello. Above right: Pete John prepares his mouthpiece. Center left: Charlie Baratta, Steve Newcomb and Mark Hagerty talk about drum solo. Center right: John Fitch give someone the eye. Below right: Mr. Campana directs the Wind Ensemble. E 3: E Q Y, 'sr , f f. fuefftsiyf Q-Q t '3iz:awikes:??:efif1 ff ff f f f 5 FW,,,,,,N,MWM-N 5 , I 2 3 li 1 9 M S io, K 6 Ds. Under the direction of Jim Campana and Mark Lepiane, Amador's Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band have an excellent performance record for the 1974-75 school year. These two bands make up the Golden Don Marching Band. The excellence of the Marching Band is transformed into the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band who then perform in music festivals and concerts. Both bands came out on top with superior ratings in all their competitions. A :"imi', Q i ,i sw-iff., f' f S '?wdet?ei,s, 5tfi - A M, ,Q A wi concert band 7 I 'K Af 5 an i Teresa jackson gow J : ly M ' E ,Z . M . H, Egg , 7. 4? wa F 11 1 Teresa j ensen Patty jacobson if fl W 4 f' ,l , W ig , M ..,, 1 .. ,-, . . 4. .... V ., ,H X 4 3 1 if f K Sharon jewel Michelle jarnagin ff? "" ,. Darsi job in sg 9 :bf 5 .- ik l l , IZ.. , 'M 2 7 . f V Ik 'nf-P' Us .. 5 Llll 5 David jeffers Faith johnson 'E'si'5.i.'.Tfl0sz-:FCEHLCl' ' ., eff-'if 2' lf. 4-5' f iff' ,, wif?-' L . will A 1 . of , W - ' ll.' ' L -'-- ,, . ' ' , 1 ,ffdf 4 ' f Y +L? r 'I I - I gg y . V, az, 4 -lg" e e' ' ig, 7 '- S, A ki ,, QV , xy! ,, 'si . K , W w 2 2 Q , - 11 Kevin Kim Lau ra Mary johnson johnson johnson johnson . ' 1 l ,ojo ,Ll K ,L t Y .4 iQ . f f Sheri johnson S ff 4 'L Stan Kemp j , 'sb, - 3 , ff -fs 5 if' f e 1 Holly K ehres A C if ,W , I - ' R ich Klein Tom Krebs Lindy jorgenson V ff Chris Kearns -na:-.. . ' f L ara. ,I -.l I I Jeff K ester Evan Kahler I jeanie Kean ,Z ' , ., .ka , Cindy Kamitani W 1 S K f C9 . uf ? ' I 1 R ich Keeth 'Z se -F' ,By ,Q G J, N ,, . 2 'ri"x,,?l ,. .. ,Q , Q1 an -: , h ,, :EH .. wg-we w g, ,. -,Wy e ,,. ,f,. , ,,.,,,:-H, 1-5 if-in s 4. -S sf, ,K 1" ' 3 'Ziff N 5.- .. QSEK. 1 q H f mn 52 wiki' "J,-is , ' 'Y -'i 'Egg ik 1 J' si f ff -- iin5.1:7.5-5L,,g2i-ZgifabifjgsezwA V Steve K ester Ron Kidd 555515 .,25P'v,z.L: pZ.g1':iW'W1 .. 'Y "W ' 'S W 'P' s . ' A ff H .- , .f,- .,o. - ,V J ' W 71-ff ,' :f ,, 75 ' . . J Greg K nepp 5 .,,, my Kev in K ragen Carl Krause A . -i asfw, , - k l,.,,:, ,,,: Harry K rikorian , we W , 5,513 W- 5 S ,, In ,V M, Bandj oree brings unit Opposite page: above right: Amador's concert Bands listen tentively. Opposite page: below right: Amador students watch with careful eyes. Above left: Harvest Park prepares to start. Below left: Two trumbone players play with great concentration. Below right: Students wait patiently to begin. i nl?- 'Nu Friday, March 14, was the 7th annual Bandjoree. It was held in the boys, gym. Amador's Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band under the direction of Mr. Campana and Mr. Lepiane put on an excellent performance. The guest bands were Foothill High School, under the direction of Mr. Morefield, Harvest Park, under the direction of Mr. Gerloff and Pleasanton Elementary, under the direction of Mr. Spaeth. All three schools put on great performances. The money earned was divided up between the schools and will go for uniforms, scholarships, music and instruments. an ' f 2 . . . , ,. i. 'M ti r i f ..., kk -1 zr. c V . gp Q g r.f. so W if 5 bandjoree K li 'ff . 2 it Wi I : 1 Ina Kyser ,S i :S Qs if Q W , Q A A 525, swag Wa , , - sms 3-- , ii' fly. 4 , . Erin Larson . eww, 55, f , I., , , ,..,, M si , i . .I ' 4 - ,liiifws if lf fi :Y Qglfffxi ,K If 'f ,M if name TSM Don Lehman fri ' -1 'Hwvi . x.,X..4.:,. m -- I Kathy Long 1,. i if "', ,I - SX : ','l-' 5753.15 l y Q A - ':,k Kim Lowrey 'Q elm V. " sf si , , X. ,E Q . .Wa l W W Q 43? lu 052' A ndrew Lu tz A N, ,L Y , ',if97i if ,H xg ,xx li W Ria A Deanne Marengo Kelly M CC 0 le 5: i: ,P M Q L i -i v 'S' maj f Cathy Lafever 'sv -J - aarrqgz' X -.-- 1 - -g..:, ,am R , L S.. K y Steve Larson f 1, ali: 2 , H E jijgm f wifi 141 - aff ! ibm Q Mich elle Leveira M if 55 ,K 'Y 3 is 0 We Mona Long 4fV"'1f?iz??1fif -- A " .w-,iss -rv K la. 'N ., 5' Tobin Lucas mx. ,s -lll gf, ::.- , mm lin. Wei? Q. Debbie Law .,.. , x xx he Q W s A , 'i ' wr 1 A in ,I Lf N gl Brad Larson is i,, , , f mis , ll-E5 5 ' A.. 1 ni Q53 'l L . 'N I .Q K it it 4 gi Q il is vi' 'Q fa Lisa Leach Sandy Lince 4 'B-T i Q s-1 M 1, . , 3' in af, 4. ' sf Q s Q Kim Longway Kali I , Randall Lum ii,-I - ,i . es L ig M gl is Q 'lil k 1' fbi 5 2 4 3, f ii 1 x x in 1 H ., K is I Le.L ll.. L i Tom Maduell M arn ey M assa 73 M 4, Q Q We B -M mi ' 4 we V Rob Magoon -1, .isle .5 -Llqg,,.,g,j ,T , 5 L fl.-u"s"n'L-H ' -25? Mull Laura Matthews i '-if ., ii. 5 A f . H, I 3 3 We ti iw if Wg, -2 wk , - if K Dave Leek 1 'qw ,f A-g..i -. . 1 my -' lhxiflf A, ,,. i Jr e xii' x , ,Z Tom Litteral fi if A K? 8 fx lil 2, 5 Jeff Lovell v. ,Z 5 Q- 'F x A 5 nfs .12 ge 'deg V. -if, iii 2 .51 1, ef ,Q 1'9ffl,N' a. Karen Luoma ,ez 3, 1 ..,- 'als ' sf' - ., ii sk fl , EL .. ,B john Mara , sf, i f ,ggi -- fi Q .f Y , KP' 1 Ks ,l., 'ml 5 Pat McCleary Robin McCole A A Y .I if Y -932 i '- X ' 3 "' . Sv i, A afggzg Iii' 3 ssl' lili odl Above: A delegate from Iran discusses bills. Below: Mr. Zarcone points out Saudi Arabia. za, n . :tw Q1 .. .ss lege . t lfuw- ,sae eager fy-iiaf,..'aw.17-. .t ,aealsaiiwz-1 1 e 'Y w 7 e ' .iR53Sg3.tfL51s,:?:Mg , . f K ' we ,+V xr,-l'3.,f a1w. 7 T 392, f- 4 .' .:?' fi, F ' 4 I 4 LL, .L A , LWL. .. .., , : if 5:5 , S- ...Af fam. t. '::f35sa:'4:: .te- 2+ ma , . ,, ., , .fer - 'er-at N' V 1 rf ' -'W A Q ef: e. . -L M ' A Ti X . t ,r .. 1 ggi. at 1 . . A "W Above left: Toni Bebe, Reija Antila, Janice Ward attend orientation meeting. Above right: Reija Antila listens to a speaker for a bill. Below left: Toni Bebe, Mike Sernach, Reija Antila read over the bills. Below right: A delegate from South Arfice stands up to be recognized. For the third time, seven Amador students and Mr. Zarcone went to U.C. Berkeley for the Model UN. Five hundred students from all over California participated. There were some one hundred schools each school represented a different country. Amador students were representing Saudi Arabia. There were four different groups. The representatives had opportunity to talk for or against each bill presented and were able to make amendments. The UN lasted for three days, Feb. 28, 29, and March l. r ,, model UN "ffl 5557? TWZPEQY5 z i 75:41 , ff. ,M up X , 'Wa .. ,, . , 1. we F, my , R' V --'L if .' 1 1 MSS' , frat: siE'f--i- . g " 15255 ' . 'f ' 'fllkax - , get L, ' fa L Q .+ V, 1 I . .1 Jizz ...J L L ori M cD onahl i - like ..,,, ,, . if-1 I, X lei pf! is els l .pa :ss ' Hits Qa5.':f:1 'iz It xi ' fft"""7 J V ' ' iii? ' 05354 Karen McKinnon lzisfiev ' iz-. at fw " ' j 5? Sr E Scott Menry A sky ' kill f . . WX 2 gg N 5 l Ric M eyn 9 55591 2' , . gggyf Bret Miller :1"5i3?' , ,.. sua- . .- an if Ss , ,, ai xi . l been , lp Ka tie M cL aughlin Q :LJV M It ge, I it i ' ,lf , l fe? '5 Debbie Metz 1 tally Lygn ,, Q ,Rv .4 x N ki 1 I s john Michaud Mike Miller janet McDonald Sean M cEllieo tt rigid g a S 5 .EX 2, L if rift ,f ' ' 'E..r:,.::E,. iw! . ' ,JF N ' K - 5123525 are 'fza ,4 9: M 'r i 5535? wi 3125, W I s t fe-tif. i Wy t i, -2 5 UI 1.. it w 5 1. ,gem as liz ' s. ' K .gwbx Lisa McPherson Z- '.N,s Susan Mendosa K at .sl ,t 3 '1 ee-rf: ,N s f K' gi rg - ai rig' 7 , "4 1' 5 Q , f : ' K irk Metz K , 'z Pam Metz 2: f ,A , L '- k?iL:w,.se15sKvp,,3?,EBiLiu5. Mike R icci ,Q , sg i :Hn . ' Gila Q st 3. e , ., .. 5, ' sail .fb E. Ly nn Millard ,will Sm 1 s l- ks Q 1 ,, . it 11 .:L. ,. . on .:. S x X , if li to L a1tr.t, Mitch Miller Brian Mirto t., , A ww -, ,E .wa t -, 'xii-wwf ae- 7 K sz' -, ff :Ti x I fi' ' IS F axial? 'ig . ., . .W -..,.:e, at ., r, :- . - f. 7 gm 2 " ll- ' , ll 'N 1 U ' mfiiefi si in gpmwx -5 E ' e ntitle, ' 'fits .o.. . l la W' f kflfilf ' , ifififffll ' s 125214, - sw , , j5Q7gQvg:w:1st'::t::f:timely , EW Q H,-aaieufrlsiiffniswxz 4 sms FWSZASQFEZEEQ-:::..,isgg ", Q 2He1iswts:zasazfmer 5' Richard Mobley Gilbert Montellano N ,,,,f Kurt Moore Jeff Nelson Vince Mu ti x f if X . .E ... , L Ramon Montes Debbie Mooney .:lf,jj.SN 1 W 'L ' Fafgtg ff' - 5' as . - Aw.. 35 ' '52- , -. ,L V -J, , Q ' Q tlaltla Mike Necochea ' - . .2 ' L am d ' '-'wa 1-vis '. 4 f r , . ,A ,L M, xr, .rs r Andy Nelson Susan Nelson ,,.,.'-1' 4 fx: I have greatly enjoyed my first year at Amador. I am very interested in the subject matter and hope that it is reflected in my teaching. The students, faculty, and administration have helped to make my first year a success. Becca Charles mm'A' 'iQu--H v ..v, Above: Administrative Staff: Roger Dabney, assistant principalg June Winter, assistant principalg Tom Himmelberg assistant principalg Above left: Mr. l-limmelberg gives a helpful look. Above center: June Winter at work. Above right: Mr. Dabney enjoys lunch. .-Xmlministration .f . e .X e -.s if r 'lf 5 ,gg ...rig 5 ' ,ee Q if Q Peggy Nicholson 3 -,::-55.:v..- mf- ,K -k,V, L 9- QL ,gl We T, S X 9. lg ik x .. x . Elizabeth Norton 5 -gin, f s - M '-4 , 3 f sw is S346 ,Q 5 1 X joan O Brien '-x I? . . fig -, 4 wg . Q . L., S' I ' .J N we Q ,"m Chris Noland Ken Noble W "fig, 5 ::"' ' 4 Q . 1 . 'I 'rZ?:zf:5.j'z ,551 f ' f K .71 . lu M., ' ' ' seg .W , R W V ' .1 l f -X ,v ll A . ' john Norton Greg Novacek P 1 gf' H, o oo',, 1 fi . P A. kv Q f. if 'LB X "M, f 4 K V Huff H 'Y . Randy Okins Jeff Oster in Q. 5 .. . 3 " ' 1 , hx be if X 5 1- "The great law of culture is: Let each 1 ' become all that he was created capable of beingl' -Thomas Carlyle Joan Catrow Ken Northam E lg p . f, U -f ' fsg5,r: 5 '1:, ,. . rioo Y? . L ff-arg, V:-mg ,W 1 Barbara Ob rien , 1.e w,-for--l,.i 4... ,. X I S ries ' l I. -ae .. ' Ei' Lira Otte - ' ..: ' rr? sim fs- . lf . ui' 'k" 'FT . . . . , gl W. V "'7' SVS? ' 'W f' ' f K' . -M M "h' "vi K' ff.-2-. FW: 4- 'I 'A' :ii , , , r -M li. 1 f L l 2 .1 I .Y f r u . L i .X 1,k iq .gh fr A ' . rx ,Q r 4 , x f :jr wig .4 s x ' 1 ' S ' . was .r!N4?z Vick i Gregg R ich Gregg Otting Ox sen Pa irish Palm er if JWJ M er r fr W . . 5 " 4 . l f' --'f P ff' ' -"" -- '-" Mx .1 K N., AE 2 1" 'P Tim Pa lm er Jeff Parks jamie Pappas B rad Partridge ' V. ' V R A . ,He .. .mr .. ' , f-. , ' 'r . 1557! , I- -Q -W ' ri - f. ' K 2 . . f ' , 3' 1 , F41 s ' .fi 5' ' r rr ' "' ,.,,' 1 f 'W K Y - . - f . f 2 'X eg? is er ' as rf -A as .H 5 H -Te. ' . P I V is if Mark Patton jean Pawloski julie Pearson Dave Pfllflef Above right: Mrs. Joan Catrow, History. Center M.. left: Mr. Gerald Wifley, Work Experience. Center ,,v,-,-'HH' C . Q . . . i .V 1 l L V L' a'1' rrght: Mr. Paul Zarcone, Socral Studres. j... , V . in J W ' arer. . or -:Q H f -rer , , Gary Peck Carol Peters Ken Perkings David Perzk Laurie Permann . 75- ' fl .K'. l . A ' ff: A ff A Q C' ' john . 'rr 'e.s 3 Pflue V 11 -. ' 'f K r 1 X I ai! X we Variet of method park interest viwiff 6 ea f X 3' We Above right: Mrs. Ruth Koehler, Finance Secretary. Below right: Barbara Norton, Social Studies. Above center: June Vierra, English Aid. Above left: Counseling Staff left to right: Lewis Parker, Linda Alexander, Barbara Swanson, Cyril Bonanno, Dave Yandell, Head. Below left: Ken Jones, English. K ,Me wigs? A faculty I 95 KJI 1' T - - 1 U4 , if ei-r , .45- .ifg f iii - .H N' f .. " S - ' ' A " -' - r w ' . N, l' vf"i 'L :W A is 7 1 1 ,.k. if ' ,' 5 1 1 3 ' Q .' ' - X I' Shannon Brad Candy Robin Phibbs Pillow Pina Pina is ' .. ' nnnn f biii ' S S W to 1 l r iz. V I .+.,. A pi if ,sh Hg V .4 4 L. Thefew Bernie Lynn Sally P11067 Phi Plato Plo tts , 1 Tfffi Steve Sharon Debbie Pornpilio Potts Puff Purcell wt-2 -H we M - - , in-I ' , 3 A ' , Z L 1 . - it- 'ii J' it 'W' , Q A X R" ' Y 4 I I .' t l V51 john janis Renee Kevin Quackenbush Ramsey Rappaport Rega - ' 31, s 1 ,f elt ft A t f ,W ' J , gmt " t .t Q as an . i 4,5 'tx N, 5 S iudff L isa joseph Michael Reg11lad0 Renslow Revak Reynolds W e -S it R .,. Q l,-- A 'ii' l ' . ' I .5 5 T. W N1 L Steve David Amy Laura Richards Rivier Roberts Rodrigues ,, t , K Q up i Y, A ,. - . V W X - . ,' 6. A 2, i as ef' so ' ff , r , ,f 5 , ,J 1- 5 r Laurie Colleen Chris Doug R0geTS Rombough Russell Russell . 2 Q f M ich ell e U up A L arry Rom -W sam if in ' M A r acre' were I think the basic strength of our school is our faculty: they're hard working, strong anc care about their profession. Our student population is basically a happy group who seem to be content with their school. Our school needs some work to improve our qualityof education. We need a functioning student center open all day, for meetings and for lunch time activities. We need a planned noon recreation library and an audio-visual center. Simply improving our school grounds will not improve our education of our students. We need a new set of national priorities, more commitments, concern and money is needed at all levels of government and society. Cheree Hethershaw Facult form chool' ackbone l ni Na ll a- rr. rae . va.. ww . .. . L-f': 5' if Ieefrwzmf Above right: Mr. Mike Buettner, Science. Above center: Mr. Eddie Yang, Math. Below right: Mr. Joe Swift, Special Ed. Above left: Mr. Bob Athenour, Spanish. Below left: Mrs. Adele Denny, English, Drama. ' 5 we ,15- .L in W 1, I ? .. . ,Q5eM,,f ra, Y .e e ,. . . J . . fs of ' A , ,Aw . , wfxrwl ' . ,, 51 'vu fi lfavulty lv-VZ7, I f-,.. .3 .,vf i 1. R, fi Rick Rebecca Sanders Sandoval ,. ' r L--' I All A . .r A , if V MF ..... A ,. X e f ' l Kevin S antin h, H. . , - A -.-: EP i j: l .3 j w W- 53- vp? -N . - -3 less. in f - if 2 5.2 1, ew: :fin f Hr- .. ' 1 " . W . ,, ' nw! S ,. 3 L, fi 51- -as , j X fix Kim Susan Saunders Scheib .- mmf Terry Schmer 1- SWQM-FFT . We..-z4segi5,:s?jgifQffH. L K.. - 5.--I 55.53 1 l A W V - Tl . . f ri if frilfl , ' r ' " . . 12552 fe E if-. -5 , A ' as ip M - . n lg. , r li, Q ' ' S' ,f V Susan janet Schneider Schott mm-r .,.., reg . r - --fmmsf V . ,. 311.1 5 f gif -f -l. 5. M ' . if . vw, ,sl ,51 5 N. M ef S 5 M 2 X in I M W Chris Tom Scott Scruggs s ! : fm? it Steve joan Senden Seniff f ,V F mg ,f Perry Schreiber fi ..- - ., -r ,ng 15 4 sp 1 .-f, .yi .aes , ,. . ,W . Q, W. . .mi if A 5 Diane Seed . 5 rd .... EJ! S s Q ,gf ei Kathy Seniff K fl r -fr.. - -Q' if ' ' 1 M 1g1.rgyQg Efluw . . 'V n ' ' f. ., . 5... , 2 y I' 1 Q S, 7 -1:1 J fkf lf-iiiifri l Hs .'..,e'gf 1 , Jay Shindell Kathy Shutts Carl Sitts ,,..5.-,ig g , ,,. W .i ,c.c . K K A Q 'Viz J: ' V .Q i if kr .:,...- 'rl ft e we 5 an lx' H ,ii ,, V , S , ff . gf ' 'fx .. i W Tim Skelton Susan Smith W.. . ' - .y-Q, Greg Smith -.-., N K jean Smith 113 gr: - V, .VLV I. , ff, Q.. s ,, , - . , S.. sr s ' . ' 1 as 2 ' Wie 1 gmgfrgki, ri . gi- :qw-:,. , , .L A r we ,Q ., 2. ai ..l Ronnae Santos f -He-.11 Q -2 iii i ,S it 2. ' Ne" 'I 7 , 'rg ,- janice Schneider -773551 ie f' :Ee . 4, Or Jeff Schweig v.-2. .A VK . '1 'Y r ,f' '31 f--' -1. -fT? :ff1.' Kathi Seilheimer ,.. ff' . '45 ms.. W.. 5 1 1 1 .ififbgi ' Cheryl Sevo ii ,ggi J w ' sim fr -,f- . liz Craig Skarset ng Mark Smith Dorri Somersett Right: Mr. Jack Ogden, English. Center left: Mr. Bill Walker, Science. Center right: Mr. Tom Frost, Science. Below left: Mrs. Sally Miller, French. Below right: Mrs. Evelyn Moriguchi, Art. I am indeed fortunate to combine my love of French with my love of teaching - expecially with my Hamadorablel' students! Sally Miller if IE. , W. Tea ers stimulate du ation "For every man the world is as fresh as it was the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see themn - Thomas Hexley Joan Swift 4 2 3 f sf ? T ig 'jf-Qsf:?lf:V'?ilj1 ? , , ,wg I gy-I f 'Q g gigp f iwef - ii - , Sv H pg 5 y , L, V ,. R - .ii 1454, . 'JI Faculty J I I'- I S e ., fi .. w W. as " s ' 'L ' " ' - N1 Keen -. , T 1 Y-fs - ff- "' " 4 Vw ' A . T5 xv Q . -, QL- 2 MVN T f--' 1 f-- -K -" "" " ,. -- SWF at ' IV -, , - :Vi . ' Lag o gy- -3, . 7 I 1 V Rf, , 5' L f '..fc2v'.V x , M - W, W ,i Vg In .W U -, .Qi . as - ,f exgg we ,,,,.,. g Q Gail Souza 5 if 1 555' Valerie Steele Bill S prenk el V. 'z.1gfwlEtaE?g z zmiifs, Ve, Sf. Ronald Steward 4 V L.f. :S 1 .1-ta .N ,V--ww We? :if 34" 'is fi.-R-L Z Sam Stratton 79 . V G5 Z gi. a . . Sue Strumer . .R 5, . iifjf T .,, .K+ Donna Taylor .7--WM Lisa Thomas .gt T21 'B-I Xi - mage .WE .--,,.,,f " 1:51 . V eflwff- A. x Chris Thomsen A my Thorson W e at . to , . .3 . . Z, . , ,,.: ay few Mark Strickland .ne it 1 'fl .1-tiff-QGSK . ,-.a A.. V .,,3-,imgg .,,.. .. .Q kf.- we -me --Z Vtaw V as 5 FQ w , BV gt? Lat, 3' ,Y S 'han 'i Q Gregg S uggs ,, iw'-.g 1 ...imc Terry . V , A -s',,.::, H, f 1 ' t. lx Marc Thompson . if N U ' at ' s S hiela Tho ma s K Frank Sramatis V - 1. f1gegf,ga . 5 . K Rick Stewart a Q29 me 'T -W . x .gm james Strobridge .., Matt Sweeney :sw Y? ff x ' it fv- , i -- Gina Thomas Randi Lea Thompson 'a Q -V, 2f'W'7J- itat., ' 'Fe is A . 2 Tina Thomson sm t: . 2112 5, ELGNQE: " ' 'V .4 u 'lam . - t"59f.LWl-- .dim - 41 35:-'J' 'Q . 'Zim-q, J . .X asfa-r. new ' '- : 6751 i" V fiifl- 'I 1' ,, if.: , , Gene Stanley M 'fn ::,,gea:,e- . f. ma:- H, ., . me -'Q 1 T ff' JMX. .M 'iivlh V V V -ft.-rg, ,, Q U K ' 'vi , 'isff xi . .1 , 7 ' ' 5 5: A. 5 . jen ny S torrs t l ol i l yo yx ?"ig'Zffs VV S - a . , I - i Lori Stromer L A ffffz s.", 'gif A - V 'V Annette Tallman .,, Vie W Q X s Karen Tho mas - ' 'ii' ' N, ,ws Teri Thompson Mike Thornton Nina Tinga 6 njo te hin ' I think Amador High School is a great place to work, and I enjoy teaching very much. Bobby Jensen 5 eg. Above: Mr. Jay Risso Boys P.E. Center: Mr. Don Boys P.E. Below. left. Mrs. Bobby Jensen Mathematics. Right: Mr, Fred Wood Mathematics. I have worked closely with various school athletic teams and the classes of 3733, and t'76,, while at Amador. The Amador students are by far the best in all of the East Bay. We have a strong and loyal student body. It is exemplified by the strong school spirit displayed at rallies, athletic contests, spirit week, homecoming, etc ..... I have found that most of the students are very fortunate to have a teaching staff that takes pride and interest in what they do at school in the realm of education. Many staff members coach athletic teams, are club advisors and help in many ways with the total school program. All in all, I must rate the students and staff at Amador valley high School as super. Mr. Cooley ci.. T 7. I at ,t,t we av... rat '1 -N H., T""""-r r..,m.m""'h-rw. , "eff-ww... rw Hmm'- Above left: Miss Wendy Herzog, English, Mr. Phil Pierpoint, Agriculture, Mrs. Anne Dunkley, Special Education, Mr. Jim Hollingsworth, Auto, Mr. Dan Lufkin, Mathmatics, Mr. Steve Mortara P.E., Mrs. Rebecca Charles, Art, Mr. Richard Canfield, P.E. Above right: George Cooley, State Requirements, Below left: Mr. Tony Bright, English. Below right: Ms. Donna Howe, English. , ra.lu1f,' l HH-I .,,lf,w . K s -IQ , 'W . M we W R ob Tu rnb ull ' , M, ,K L V 73 Q 1. Mlm fi, - ,X 'M r 3 an ,f : , . X Glenn Van Wink le J, uf- r, U if' f , we , Z. . , Al "'k K :ga . 1 : or l ., 'A if john Greg Tlhfu S 71371 t G S U.-ff ii Z7 MIA . Wi ' LQ 'M A 1, M45 f,.,o-he , G S ,L I 1 . Liz Dianne Sandy Umland Vagdix Van Daren W W , W S , if QV V ...:, ,WV x ,Vi W A 3 ,V gg Y' 1 f Y Tar 9 We A, ' ff ' 1,1 13 ,Jil , m 2 , Neleen Vargas -f H, Kim Vickers Nick Vaticano A-" ,. " l' 51 sl ' janet -Vickhair 1, It -1 is .i--. , , , S Rob Walker W S 23' 3? I. V ,K 3' Z 65:5-1' Ken Wandvik Kathy Wallis 11262, 1 -k" f ,ij famie Watson . 1' 7 e Kathy Wegner Debbie Werner Teri Wells 'fig " axe M, be Kevin Venter S J -"f A 5 ,':", .,,, Q a K ,A J -TQg:':i --" - R egina Viz zo lin i , ey , Lee Wallis w fi ,iz V -vlgsiggiafrv i , K P' , ii :rs ' 5 " il 4 we vw, -i B ev Waugh Sl Q' ,V xx- , ,, ' EW, , ,I em. 3 ,QW ,,, . ,, ,avg 5 . Q K H r V Gwen Wendell A ..,. ,fm 1. asm, . , .. hg- : W' 'Hx- nxx Q K xo L l ii ft. Kev in Vickers 1 3 mn, , f A sw Greg Volho ntseff mf ai- 4 1 A .K H v. k 1 QR janice Walter f fb 1, I V ,Q i 5 V , 'Jef Dehnay Webster .Q ,- ee K Lori Wentworth Sheila Whalen ,ima 3. ,I mf, 5 ie' J ie,i,, ll, T 5 1 ffm .4 wid.: K right: Mr. Don Underwood, Social Studies. left: Mr. Bob Holland, Social Stuides. Below Mr. Mike Geib, Social Studies. ,ai , ...,,.' Teachin still refresllin After thirteen years at Amador I can still say that it is a refreshing adventure to com to school each day to confront my duties and meet with students. On the subject of education I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we, as people, can be engaged in today! Don Anger gfpunun SM Above: left Mr. Phil Pierpoint Agriculture. right: . rf S 2-45 " iii? y i . rln, g it ...M fv at . 1, . e Mr. Don Anger Social Studies. Center left: Mrs. Berna Neumiller English. Mrs. Barbara Ziegenhals Mathematics. Below: Mrs. Clathel Zach French. Mrs. Vivian Straight. Girls P.E. gi u-5. Facultynullg, I 1 ,..-1- 'E I I ,,V.L ll .. ,KL,VL.. T, .1 K V " - f is -523 all 4 - 5 ' z l 6' . a " 'B f . si ' 'ff' Dave Vicki jim Linda Whipple White Wiggins Williams .K sg.. W 'As ' . 4 T . Tracy David Marjorie Toka Williams Wilson Wilson Wilson f I X M, LY 1. r wks- Wendy Sheryl Bill Witham Withoft Witke Amad0r's number 1 to facult "There is a time in every man's educati when he arrives at the conviction that en is ignorance, that imitation is suicideg that must take himself for better, for worse,l his portion, that though the wide universe full of good, no kernal of nourishing cc can come to him but through his tg bestored on that plot of ground which given him to till. The power which resides him is new in nature, and none but he kno what he can do, nor does he know until has tried ,... V' That says it all for me-the challenge, t excitment, the reward. I can think of profession I would prefer to education. Mrs. Va. Pat1 f Amador is really great! I really like the, school and students very much. The studen and faculty are very friendly and believe I will be here for a long time. Jim Hollingsworth Above left: Sherie Smith, Administrativ Secretary. Above right: Mrs. Virginis Patten English. Below left: Mr. Jim Hollingsworth, Shop. Below right: Mrs. Dorothy Davis, English. ts e iw Vi., ,,..r-4-HW' "'V"W"i'?'f?M'M-at C."""""" rfl I feel Amador High School is a superior school and I feel fortunate to be teaching here. I also feel fortunate to be going to Amador - it is a good high school to be attending in these troubled times. D. Foreman Above: Mr. Don Foreman Social Studies. Above right: Miss Lesslie Culver, English. Below right: Mr. Bob DeMeyer, Head Custodian. Faculty I 105 I' K , I 255 13, K 4 . f,, . V in 5 .ng Q' :ms ft. f. in '- r . ii - .433 A JJ., - C ,HM . t ' , -ww? - V , b t . x ' L ' 3 I XV .. I ' X f ., Shari Kathy julie Renee Wobfenb erger Wright Wulferdingen Yand ell 'gz' . KL ! ,.r, .K-5 A? .... g gi . 1. - f .- f ' . .fin ,'1, Q-. -Q ' . " f n-If' 31 , rserer is C 4 I 4 I .2 I 1 X I -xr - Howard Patti Steve Michael Young Young Zevanove Zito 1 " C 1 ' . 'K Q 4, r 21- the 1. in ...V xx Kristine Ernie Zosel Zumbach Ti' 106 lfauulty gf' Right: Mr. George Jacobson, Math. Center left: Mrs. Carol Buletza, Science. Center right: Mrs. Evelyn Williams, Business Education. Below: Cafeteria staff: Ida Kluker, Millie Mayhue, Mary Roce, and Jeanie Caparouso. wr . eq. X s . 'i,- ' it yearly Q- if - ,mmuk tritium ag r 3 ,K my , Y . 1 - f. :runs ' 'o 'W 111-muuu -f-.,-..1LQ-x- A 6.3 Fel ducation creates meanin t The Amador student should involve himself in reading, writing, and computational skills required for daily commerce with society. The ability to gather imformation and apply it in problem solving and rational decision making situation should be mastered. The ability to interact eftictively with other human beings cannot be overemphasyed. An important feature of a mature individual is his ability to direct his time to provide for both educational and leisure time activities which are personally meaningful. Also, the acquisition of skills and knowledge needed to pursue a meaningful career reflect the total education the individual has received. Amador Valley High School provides experience to gain the maturity needed for a sound mind and body. Proverbs 13:18 states the results of an individuals efforts. Poverty and shame shall come to him that refuseth instruction, but he that regardeth reproof shall b e honored. Bud Engle I' Y Above: left Mrs. Pam Marks English. Right: Mrs. Betty Rose Business Education. Center: Mr. Bud Engel Drafting. Below: left Mr. Harvey Hanson Social Studies. Right. Mr. Larry Moyer Business Education. Mr. Lew Parker. il07l Faculty ,si 7: -I . X -wzffiqf 1 - , ,. -"- 2 - My b I if , gggw aff . . . -7 ,ga W A .I 1 ' , A www "W 1 - ' J is 1 i . 1 54 ' if f A Y W ' ' fi T23 .x A ' ' TL i f F M,MS,f . N , X I if .4 --" - - 02.4. V fi t , ,- ' ' ff, 5 19 'A 5-!,Q3..,,.-7 ,eg M f!f":rv. , ' .EFA--5-if 'liiiffff '1 . ' ,, 5' :Iv-u. 3.5, , 'I A -. ,,,. , ,L.,, L f ,Q g ,gmt V . fp? A fu M MQ , M . g,kPfv-Qu,-1-I-l,.ff r Kfy fs. - -ax ,. Vi :lg 'f, -QBV-ff ' ,V , ,BJ V J - '-"1'.':5w',:f Z ' ' ,-5, ' 'f f' f , .Q -5 ' Q ' , 1 V ,-v,gx-ff-- ,, 9 ' Q ,- -FQ n.:.- V K YV, , 1' ':' 5 ' 1 - ...- V A . : X MX--N , W vi L 'LA55 t" I Us .W X Vg wk A w. Q I x'-QM 'I . M i- new f X X as ..W,,,.- a, . 1.024 wifi: - V, :',.Qv.S2v1:z !?' sz PS z we-eff M' ' Seniors ,z H IW .ri ,z ii 'R Gy. A , : , nf RX r W "f12 ' Ig! r L x..fs., Dane Aaker Judith ACt0l'l Barbara Affeldt Charlene Aitken Nancy Ales -'Zn -ar Mark Allen Janell Alves Greg Amaral 193179935 .X .5 in ff' A-W ,, nw i Q ,rrrr V Dave Ames Carol Anderson Gail Anderson r, A sf Wi! Mitch Angel Sue Angel Reign A116121 Senior QQf.f53Ea, :': san . . .fu :ff 'K .k I R 7 , ,LkL, YQMQ, I gi ., . Vg 34 51 Itsuka Asakura Sheryl Athenour Lori Auld 'QANV 'Gd Bill Authier Dawn Averel Frank Avilla an Jeanette Avilla Mike Bailey Marsha Bain ,rv X 'Ol , .A gl h.fA'- ef . , , ,. H Fc! K 5,4 Gail Baker Ken Ballard Charlie Baratta Camey Barnard Carolyn Barnett 5 I llll ,.,,- 1 I 1112:-I-I Sc-mars vm il 1 Kip U .3 B Lynn Barnhill Marty Bazar 3 Brett Beadleson Fred Beam Scott Beck if iw ,w Heidi Beckett Toni Beebe Greg Bellinger K A fre., . fiat QW! L B , julia Bennett Chris Beutler Ed Bevilacqua Pete Bigley Barbara Bird 9 Bl iw . W lf- 53 - A - , , ' 'N 1- '1 R Opposite page: Above left: George Mink and Debble Loyd X ' as converse. Below left: Greg Sonnenschein leaves cafeteria after lunch. Above left: Lynn Walters and Rob Lundgren eat lunch. Below left: Lunch can be very tiring. ks.. Riagg? fi Fr W 3 , E Q x W is . 3 Q? 'K 6 '-szwir ' N, as 4. , Shena Bishop Sharon Black S,f :yi-rs J ff. -vt. Linda Blalock Brett Bolderini Chris Bopp. E , '- . Q., , . .5 . F., . Jill Borton Jim Bowers Laurie Bowman Glen Bradley Bob Brandes 033:54 l Mary Brandon Art Brannan Debbie Bridgeman Sam Briggs Kellie Brooke Seniors 1'4"lTT Above right: Dave Krikorian breaks his meditating to look at friends. Opposite page: Above left: Sydney Roberts and Julie Martin at Executive Council leadership meeting. Above right: Typical bench warmers. A mf- is f Al Brown Laura Brubaker Barbara Bruns Karen Brunskill Colleen Bryant Todd Bullock Jackie Burgess Robert Bruns Ed Bynum Donna Caldwell in Senior ri l Cid Calija Claire Campbell Maryan Campiotti Pete Cano Michael Carroll ith a little help from . . . ., ir. -,K X rx - .r 4'-w i 5 3 l Lynn Cavagnola Bev Cecaci Debie Chapman il: .L A Scott Chapman Sean Chapman John Chavarria Susan Christensen Ruth Christian gk. 15 hm i M. 3 Sharon Church Sheryl Church M Dave Clabaugh I Carr Clifton Michele Coburn Senior I llvl Opposite page: Winner of Homecoming parade. Right: Patty Walker dreams of future. ?i -'fri Pat Coffee Linda Coffin Bill Coleman Susan Collie Michael Compton James Connell Carla Corniola Janet Corrin Ed Costello ,f , 2 JOY COHSHUC Liz Cowan Bruce Cox Rob Creamer Nancy Criqui ,X gilgvi Senior ' ' l l 7 friend 'mu new Kwsiiii ij' 5 K as .kg 'ii Daniel Curtice D lf John Cruz Richard Curry Kerry Curtis QM V - dl l K , f f i V-..k : v i Ken Dalrymple Tricia DaVidS0I1 Craig Davis Michele DeFalco Courtney Decker Deborah Dickey Sheri Dickinson Phil Dillenburg Jan D0naldS0n Robert Donleavy Seniors V, A l I ...E Sandra Downing Kim Dubord Roger Dunbar Kurt Dupee Bob Durden Z K - Carolyn Eastment Liz Eaton 'Wu- ilk' RTV? James Eccher Lori Edwards L... ,lf- , , I 713821 S1-n 1 X Cheryl Eiden Julie Ellard Ken Enos Angie Espinoza Jeff Fadden iors' in iii! ai if 'S nf Q, .- 27 12, - , N 5 3, . .,,: 4, K Mg,x.,g,,, irnnrra 1 1 Qi W' Opposite page: Above left: Seniors listen to speaker on Transcendental Meditation in the library. Below center: Charlie Baratta plays the bonga drum. ,li QF WI? ,paw Madeline F aria Calvin Faulkner Cathy Fee Nancy Feimer q k :sg A ,Lk K ,I W .,., I V VI -'H' ' 'I 2 r K Mariann Finch Andy Finn John Fitch Julie F leenor Eileen Flick ek' qv:--1' -ma tr'-y' Sandy Francis Deanna Frankson Mary Froemke Jeff Gaeckle Janel Gagner Svniur -I 1 lo . , V 'I . .ns l s an Us ,felis . G 3 s , egg wg f 4' mf! finish-1 2 as mm ' 'l ik Q 53152 W' .,.. ...,3gN.,,,,n L. ,, M. A-eff :' gf-,5 .. 5. . ss: 'fr -- 2' 5335 lxixiif g-M - offer. A -: . ,e -1:51-W,-i,.. Q-.f,w,,m. ff-f fm--Qgwwrang, -Q ,-: :a..,. ::- - , .-'fsct YE z... 'Sunni' ii"'11Y Ron Gardner Doug Garnhart Sheril Gellerman Gregg Geltz ' 31 ,W N r in , 5 Q5 Q, Q : ' f n if J ,f Claudia Gerloff Mak 32 sfwmw' Q lr x gg .... . G. ia,-:Q 1.,m.:' , I T Q e f , , ,,.. ---- Q -' gy mana. . my , ' swf MF - :' Mamas., '.. . -gag.-. ff Q, ,, - :-:-:seg - , -:ft -1 ' P me so '25-fm 1 ' ' , ,L I 1, , J -miami .,..1-r sz, -H-f .MM-. M K M , as Mau Bob Gettman Denise Gigli Ann Gilchrest Jim Gill fi V fa- 2-1 5, .za :TL1fliS1SW' L5 ,ik - :fi 1-pair MGX 'N M FSL., is vb e Q -M L - ' . - i"""'f as G , li Q Y i . ek L. ' A Pat Gill Kathy Glaser Sigie Goltermanr Pam Gomar Seniors Mike Gill Theresa Gonzalez Opposite page: Center left: Polorized people. Center right: Ann Gilchrest needs help. Below left: Jess Mecozzi frowns at cafeteria food. ll Geri Goodner .--N u M... 4, "'?:e-ff!! an is..""'+ a :W . Rf xx"-va. f ,Ml Q, L X M 7 i Chris Goodwin Lorraine Goodwin Wendy Gottschalk '95 David Graham Doug Gray Kevin Gray Kelly Gregg Donald Griffen i""'V we X Sharon Griffin Debra Grittani Pam Gulart Cindy Gunn Chris Gustafson Ss-niors - I LTV M? Ray Gwilliam g.. .i4..mw34'4f, N a , 2 . 5 g 1 -is ' E 1 A ., 41 . ,Q Q. 51 K . . ' 'f iii., ri L , 'Q ' K g . , L Q 1 L, L E A xt A bg! A , ,min fwfr , f -ff if ., K ' if , 7 , t -ji Qfjrf gf S I -v,L N ' 'ff s i ' 1 's , ' 1 L Vxrk i r ' . :r'ig ' K Qunfhfwnvfov K i H! , ifglqfiiyvififivsiygxiU? ry, 5 1 its ,?3i.,1?3'f- jan? , X5-.Q Mr' Kim Hack Mark Hagerty Gary Hall 'ie'-M' Jeff Hall Rich Hall Rhonda Hallum Dave Halverson Gary Hamamoto E- ' Valerie Handley Hans Hansen Philip Hansen George Hardin Craig Hardy Seniors 1. Opposite page: Above left: Tennis player returns ai serve. Above right: Ginger Wilson prepares to mount unevens. Above left: Ed Costello and Sue Henderson on enjoy co-ed volleyball. Above center: Wendy Sheldon volleying to opponent, Above right: Mike Sonnenschein serves the volleyball. Q " ifQj.", ' gp, are r '-1--6' '94 1' .W Winwm-K3 ,fr r y .H -W" 'MMM I , N..kL Q 5 iff 'i 'VI-Qi fill' auuq., illvr 1:1-iv' Y:-J 41 Kevin Harper Karen Harris Patty Harris Bob Harshman Brian Hart 1-15 V Qin 9 'iv' 1--A-fr 'hd' Dennis Hart Judy Hart Bob Hartman Victor Havelaar Sandra Hay 'lid' 'Qj'fj11-Y' Frank Heim Michelle Heim James HClt0n J0hI1 Hemphill Sue Henderson 7 Sl'IlllII'5 'N .IE 'WV Wy L.. W Deanng Henninger Cheryl Henery Stephanie Herlihy Valerie Higgins jeff Hine Norman Hodges Mark Holman Bob Holtegard Charles Holzer David Hoover Luanne Hoppner Steve Hovis Lauri Jo Howard Debbie Hudleston Seniors 1 4, X Center right: Senior student does math homework. Opposite page: Center left Sharon Church and Anna Negron work with advanced business machines. in wesym Vicki Hughes Mark Hunter Steve Ihnat Heidi Imlig Kevin Inglesby Nick Jacobson Sue Jaeger Koen Jaspaert Nancy Jennings Scott Jessup lv iw in ow, A -Q Dan Jones Rakill Karen 'QT-is Beth Kemp Don Kennedy S FTE? O! W I Below: Barb Santos works as short order cook. Right: Judy Talarico checks out customer. A .i --'tim fir 3 A ie. 4 W f-.. wi -.--- - 7 '2 , i A ii T'- .M 1, ,. . i .ie ,A sri W .,., ,ii N- 'Q Q? , ' 2 --'o 5,4 ,yi , . ,V 5 t. in , .K vi , ., . , V ,,,iwe2,. g x K' if um' 'S PFI M ,K ,. in 1 ,,,eari,t if 'Wir W, gxgm 'N ,ai M , W5 S uk , , if 1. ,,f7..t:r,g:wnwM,- A L-fftivh th '31 "-':,,.',,1:fw. f . M 7 K fr 31 ,seals 'sk if 3 -'Qs if . V ,.. M ., rrzi- V r.,r.,, it H L, ,. i 4 -" "" '- I f f' f, if f .Z K I f raw, , A. QQ- Q Q f K, Q ! x :K ., . .V . Q fa, aw. ' ,L , ,Q M ,Z , . ,, ,V ' .M-Nm.. L ,i i, . ..., ,.r. " ,. s - ' mf' . kg., . H N v. . q.,,k Lk my ., , ,, . -'wi - ' , f .. , ,r:. u lr, Lrz r . Vzk 3 , Q I V ,.,.,.:E,A,,, 4:., ,rr, ., .- i u ,i f i Q . '..: L '-"- l Z' we Q ,,.,. 2 A-' if we oorrrrr,r . K rr 5 tt K fi "-' Wifi, '.," k:" 1 Y ' M W ':L""' f. -A .. fg- ' rr, David Khoury ' Pat Kidd Kristi Kile if li cgg ,Ja O H Debra Kingston Sue Kitchens Nancy Klein Abbie Kortan Michael Krause Dave Krikorian Eugene IQ-uppa Judy Kugher Teresa Kucer Charlotte Kukahiko I ig6,:q seniors . fa 1 Gail Palowski serves ice-cream to customer. Sheri Lamas Don Lanini Mark Larson Jim Lauderback Tim Lawler Brian Lawlor Keith Libert Mat Linsey Kevin Littrell Tom Lohmann Michael London Teresa Lopez Louie Lopez Cathy Lord Russell Lord ful seniors ,Z 4127 Center right: Scott Chapman works for his daily bread. Below right: Debbie Grittani waits for customers. Shawnie Lovelace Pam Lowell Rob Lundgren Jeanne Maduell Diana Malcom X: 1 ,J Y f 4 Nancy Manousos Jim Marshall Jerry Martin ffiki-'fl' Joe Martin Julie Martin Cynthia Marty Tom Maxwell Robbie Mayhue Marty McCaslin seniors . 'S I i K Left: Dave Graham receives money for gas. Center left: Rick Roth adjusts bottles on shelf. . were 5 L N :- .4 I A VAKLV ! h Q Bill McCleary Kim McCole Pat McCroy Ie-ww is Z -Q 'fe' .sf fax K in ' fl 1 .:.. K if imma Larry McDonald Kelly McD0wel Annette McEwen ' 2 iiii . f mmm i 1 Www-er rrsr 'is' a lssll is or if ii li T ,,,, Y f age rlz f lrrs rar ii Paul Mclnnis Mimi McKay Anne McLaughlin 59" mx, 'mr' . Sam k M '1Qg...,.-"" Barbara McWilliams Jeff Mecozzi Jose Mentiver Karen Metz Patty Middleton ri-T. seniors B: ,I I : .- WY, Q H0 in 0 'H 'H 'll U H O! 'H H 'H Below left: Kent Rounds sit quietly alone. Below right: Seniors work busily in yearbook class. Q1 in 0 in 0 Steven Millard Kim Miller Jill Millspaugh George Mink Kim Mohatt il-f 'lf'--r' 1 Steve Monal Tom Montano Debie Mooney David Moorehead Mark Morrison irmf-4' X i MQW Scott Murphy Richard Nagata Anna Negron Colleen Norton Paul Norton seniors Q fi 1 v Yrivlfl Jeff Yparriguire waves to a friend. 'J we Terry Norvell V Nr 'EBM' ll,-mis Pat 0'Brien Bruce O'Dell Raymond Oertwig l Aer' rp' 6 'i ,re if is ji: wi Lf' 3 3 wi 3 is if r Qi r X ,K 45+ mf Lisa Osborne Donnie Otting Kathy Oyler Mark Paiva Liz Palmer msn mf' 437 Linda Parker Paula Parker Cheryl Patteson Gayle Pawloski Kim Peck YET seniors N 311 H H rm-az it . S A 5 P ,K K. V511 slag, 1 if 1 S , if ig ,Q , ,,g' S P S S K MX: -:, , ,L , f. A-.ww-N. ' 5,-awwe-Q-ai?:fi7'? f' 13225 6 ,w Q. ,1- .fisrwm-' , Aw i. 1 az 5- A miif ,w1'44:i,, 1w1-- Ufifyff-M. I I my,-'sax -kzjgasi -HU., ,1-, ' im I il - 2 ,IMA -A' ,L K gfmgix gi, 5 S A-wiv 'f 1 zwzarssr' 13 M .. ., ima at .ga i -2 WxW,.- , , Iiiifffgigj' --5,59 - ,, Q is 1 4 mi ,. .s,,25fssi:2f2Qm2 -f . . '-rf K 1,ar..mqf ,y,gfg,::f.1-.1-1 rig,M-is-I1-V-iaizg . U ies? if " Si . f j5221E57' 5 is M -I , K ,gi Qkggiwsz-f ' ,1if,- , . . , -yi , .arg-Qgg L-Bw ff , .. ,isfih-,fe P, P 1 V Q - A A K f , , .. if A . ,,.. Z7 A ' " ,. 'L P m.,, i ii A 1 P P' f Saw -'-h tr . , ,. 2, ,girl it P 1 'L 7. ' - 5-5 52 1 ' jgijfr " YLQZKE11,-YAFTQQ I ?Tf-iiiggbff 'wkfik ' 55 L 13- xx: . : ..,,. ijt-7qskg'f:??L Few ., X, f ' , M-: .,.g: . w ,, :s-fit ,laiiezkgis 1 f., gimqef ,.,.,. V 553 . '- ' mi -, - f .. gigiiiil in--1-f. :s"'f:'f:isf's..: mg M351 kyyky ,- '.--gffJ14:1,,Lsaai3gw1Qi222S1es2Lim K -S. -A -K ' V "--,mln .. 225..S5f 1f,gE,jg.P'l3-,, ff"'Z:: fi 1' EE T- yay, !'i'L-1fIQr'a143Q ,?i'3Vf'f,iT'97 2711? 5'E4JgW-ff"1531557-IQ?A-fS'5'fA:7EfStfL 'SLIM' 5, 1,-L,-W i?,2gfS:2Qs1a, MQ?tZ:v1f5s?W2"fA1-1Qegiksilfeiffiilqffiiiz-2:'.1-fENE?:21iifV2-fZ'fSi?Qf1?Eft5WlsPZY'A' Q Llwwcrftiwi' L, M L 113' 1 1 Wi' ' Zim' i . " i'E'?u1i"f,,rI-V f'S.f1P'j:-Q' l't?L'L '-"li: Qiywliiif V31-E.f5'Zr91l:rr: ilgiwciggifif UW I g P, Q S N . f " V , 1- 4 , S -f -V ' Q-:fi-,.:,--.: 1 ,Q g+',HaJ:pp:,,a1i. :gp W -- - liirf f ' - Randall Peterson David Phillips 'H Greg Pignolet Lori Plato Chris Podliska Virginia Pritchett Jamie Prince T.- : seniors 1 :Q 1 Ken Prince Pam Procopio Janet Purcell aron Pyfer Craig Pyper ieifrsw el ,afgL5s5Qggrg?fai142zrz is s,K,w,e3,5,.x,..r,,.n,.e,S.,m,m,,,,K awfazfivf-Q-,llama 2 ,Mms.r,1e,.m wx, W Pass fm was , W, QW, . wr ,1 , vwisiarrkiffrifggaaiimi Xl rj. -, fezfsgmgw-fragile:-W H N af. :mesa -axgirsaywux ami, 'Q-sir, ' . ' 5 , W W, .Q gg ,iw QSM' ,av 5 .- :isa .Q me ,. W -.f,f f ii' 551' I 5555? I E' :ily . 1 Q Kazaa , sr-f-+1 ff an A slgzxspigf :fbi 15355 , 71, 2 siizsgggsgw L Tiff f wiia s 459 'SJ ET: 's 5 lf' ' r WN 'iii R Opposite page: Above right: Greg Amaral talks to Senior parents about up coming events. Below right: Seniors class officers listen carefully to parents questions. Left: Cathy Vaticano speaks to captive audience. Raymond Rademacher Laura Radtke Brian Rakestraw Larry Rakestraw Mary Rakestraw lin. Earlene Randall Leslie Randall Valorie Redmond Guy Reger Fred Reichmuth ' was--dv H1 Q",a A l Carolyn Reinke Pat Repose Gary Richer Tamea Riches Michele Ridenour seniors Right: Spirit Week Cheerleaders, Kim Wood theadl, Pat O'Brien, Sharron Griffin, and Steve Mona practice cheers, not pictured, Stephanie Herlihy. Center right: Joe Martin stares into space. Opposite page: Above left: Ann Gilchrest and Sue Wilson discuss Senior plans with Mr. Dix, the ringman. Center left: Lorraine Goodwin relaxes on abreak. Gary Riley Stephen Robben Sydney Roberts Richard Rogers AI1del'S R0mHl1 Roquel Rosales Guy Rose Richard Roth ii' Kent Rounds Michael Russo Lynda Safreno John Salo Margaret Sandell V V13 seniors '1 W3 5 ,Z 6 V N. E af- f' A -I MEL l l Barb Santos Terri Santos U U H5 Nl Jacqueline Sawatsky Melissa Schaefer 6 G W. I is In Jim Scharber Eric Shell Carl Schirrmacher Lynn Scholl Anita SCh0tt . K. Teri Schwab Sherry Schweig Donna Seaver Charles Sebahar Keith Seibert seniors L1 I L ,ww Seniors adjust . . . Right: Ray Ortwig stops for a snack. Opposite page: left: Debbie Bridgman rearranges things. :.,,,, g Q it . es: in-" X Q . is as Lori Sekany Michael Sernach Virginia Severe Karen Sharp Wendy Sheldon Donna Shelton Marissa Shillick David Shoemaker .. mm v,.'A. -'-' , 'f ff : 92-f,f,gwfg:r 1 -'fi-N : ff ,-Jiggltlziiif-3 M 'Wx' L' 4, f , -no ' l if' .V 1 in i 1- if r 2. , A -W., " lui-Wi 1114 " K .. :V ,af L ---., : :V t :f ff . - VV I ,,.:, . ::. A ,,,v K : , r A -I 5 - Wendy Sibray Nancy Silva Ruth Silver Scott Smiley Kathy Smith It seniors . 'fl Barry Smith Greg Sonnenschein R Regina Speceal Andrea Spooner Andrea Sprowel Carrie Stack David Stauffer Saundra Stormer Jim Suggs Wu Randy Sulon Pat Sweeney Judy Talarico Robert Terry Cindy Thomas seniors 1 U Diane Thrailkill Richard Tiago vii' K . K Chuck Tockey Lisa Todaro U Michael Torgersen Michelle Torgerson David Torrano Mary Truffer Jill Tully 1'f"'l seniors David Turner Jim Turner William Turner Edward Van Mark Van D01-en 2 rss ag , if M5 5 X1- 2 ' if Jennie Van Dreser Susan. Van Nordan Joan Vargas Rebecca Verduzco Michael Varges Dan Varon Cathy Vaticano Steve Vaughn Greg Walker Jerome Walker Pat Walker Kim Wallis Barbara Walsh seniors I ' 'Iliff '? w Seniors cart out Joseph Walsh Lynn Walter Cindy Warner Jeff Washburn Janice Ward Lenore Welch Dale Werner Raymond Werner ?1. Keith Wesselhoff Doreen Whipple I .1407 N! seniors his ul u IA Jean White Betty Wicks Alan Wietecha -,.f,. X? gf , r Below: Jim Gill pushes carts for his pay. Right: Sharon Church listens intently to a friend. ,s,f'ffF2,'sa L, , I ,JP , V any ,A th' KWWL!! f:e:VE,5EJi5f'r 9'3g'W3f lusts, W 4? , , wi' ,Q- W3 Q86 Iii' ' ' A K i. ,f,:,,. Q-gg Q Wi?-l I af 5 gt, f 4 as gf: if 1 V5 ft. , Ml as Tw' I ' g Q gb , ,R ,,,,,7 ,,,,,r,, 5 3933. X ,, ji E92 ,,, 'Kr ae, ff I Eiiifffrif QS! ,ws facnzsa- as LQ - 5. ..,.-35, X' ' Q45 si, sw ff W M, rf 0+ '51- W W i at ff L. ag 492' if W rf Q J 35 N J. .Swv W gl 3 fr adn' 'Hy me W' if ' 12 "" - JW g J, sg 4: bfi E t t t . ,.:,,,.V :,. , . , ...I .5 ,A ,' :sta , J' 'YQ 3 .wif X' : " Q . 'f "PQ" .W A ,ly 5 g y , ,. as 2 f. km. J, 1 : Y 5 . swif- ,f: ,, -nv it it ,.,.. if X' .. .:J X., -1 I. H 5 V - f ni I 1 -- , . V. t - . t ' .. , . .- K-QU" 5 5 '1',s', - ,,,: 3, .. V im, 5, 5' ,,,,-- gm, f,,.w sw as ,, l A U f ,M ' -V 9 3 , - K -' ..t. 3 '- K I A , A .5 ,o :,:L H 'K 5 .,, 2113? ' ' , -' A' ' . r 3 y ett st 5 s e it X eett t W f " ' W k g in W' ' if K ' f' kL.i 5 its-f .g,., ---sa 1 .riifk pfyg k"- igafrsgr,f--':j5:,-ff . 7i'1 ' I ':": Qrv :.r-- 1 '.',- , W. t A - --.' 5 - 'iw g ,rtr ,eltet s.rt ttl, ltrttts sf t fret r Ginger Wilson Linda Wilson Y no-. Q55 is i ,. . V x , . ,wr pi .... an Q W' it Tom Wilson Dale Winlow Kim Wood Buck Wright Q0 Haus YQ: .,-f' lzsvf "'h...-f mr' .gd-an-A Raymond Wright Stanley Wright David York Jeff Yparraguirre Perry Wilkey " 1 ' -1 if V Sue Wilson Charles Wright Alvaro Zambrano seniors LAIQEJI I W Meats 1 -sn. MQ iv r K ix if wi. H ' .W,p14,: -xg- W ,A Jie .45 Meats 143 V'- Varsity 'ribs' eat bad odds and knees and wrist and Through injury and insult, the Varsity football team fought, won and succeeded in coming as close as six points of being a part of the EBAL Championship, losing it in the final, deciding game to San Ramon by a disheartening score of 29 to 23. The Dons, racked with injury upon injury, Were considered by experts to never get past their first game, after a stomping loss to Dublin. But behind substituting quarterbacks Pat O'Brien and Ray Werner, the team past it, and then some, as their next three games were winners. This brought Amador up even with Dublin in a tie for first. With the title resting on the defeat of San Ramonis tough defence and swift offense, the Varsity Dons gave the Wolves the best fight theyive had from Amador in two years. Unfortunately, penalties and turnovers hurt the Dons and forced them to settle for second place in the EBAL League. Disappointed, the Varsity football team still smiled, for they had proved the experts Wrong and proved themselves a team of strong determination and effort. A .'.kr if 7 5 .az in-'351Q9?fg'?X 2243 , LI I , 75' , 5' . 5' rig., ' J M' Q .gp , e ,gs veggie 1ff4gJ Varsity Football qv A --y. .. 'WH' 'Y-N ., p.: -N , ,imply--miie-ix Ng ,Q iv XL V. I WM A p A W .W wasp yu, W, 5- 3 4 e K, K A , X " -1 s V ., . i i i - '--fy. -1-Q., W . ff K- .gg 5, -ex.. ,, . A K 5, ...VM K Wk,. Ji. k ' - .. . 3 - -, - 2 - , V K ' t fan- g 'V-- 'I -'ra ir g- I .. A f.'- .- Q in -- 1 it t M .A 'W A' . .. , - - . .ff r-- V N . .4 ' ,fn -. ., x , 9, . -Q Opposite page: Above right: Mike Goodison 6263, runs behind double protection. Below: Amador defense erouclies for the kill.Above: Amador football games receive many fans. Below left: Offense includes a great block by Craig Hardy. Below right: Amador Dons bury opponent. ip Varsity lfootball I 45 'rig if J Q. fd' in '5 -0' p N. ly f,.,,. . if +I V w get . if 1 1 Ol ,rw,w. W9 I 46 I varsityfootball mn A3 x 4 M 1 WY Af,fi I wif' 'as :Jam as we ' ,A 1, Mase.,,a-159.4 Q S 3 W x' . r Above left: Perry Wilkey assumes his defensive position. Above right: John Cruz bursts up the middle against Livermore. Above right: The Dons defense drops College Park runner. Above left: Bruce Bynum wraps up a Hayward runner. Right: Ray Werner goes up for the pass. i-I wwf RM, ,V Q.. . UF . ,,, 'kiiifiriir Ni. A eg. ,... on h .v. lar' .f ,Q - W gi- 1 fwfr.. U ... 5 t ,St . , ".,g., K ,gi Lyf, , -af. . Above left: Ray Werner steals a Encinal pass. Above right: Ken Carney breaks lose on a 47-yard punt return against John F. Kennedy. Above center: The 1974 Amador defensive team. Left: Ray Werner breaks lose as John Cruz follows. Above right: Randy Sulon pitches off to Mike Goodison. varsity football L -i l " i cnsity football Above right: Coach Wood shows disappeared in an early season game. Center left: Ray Werner moves in for the tackle against College Park. Center right: Fullback John Cruz takes handoff from Ray Werner. Below: Ken Carney goes for a short gain against John F. Kennedy. I 148 ,I varsity football 21 19555 xy me . ,... igirafgi- V 1 , .,wK!5f" 'M .4-A u-.ww-4 ff Above left: Bruce Bynum persues Livermore's Wayne Perry. Above right: Ray Werner tried in vain to make a catch. Center left: Ken Carney applied stiff arm to a Hayward foe. Center right: Wide receiver Ray Werner goes up high for a catch. Below left: Perry Wilkey, Craig Hardy, and Ray Werner break through halftime poster. J V pig skinners gra Like a shopper who bought a loaf of bread at half price, only to find the bread is rotten, the 1974 J.V. Football team had a season of success and failure. The Dons sported a 4 and 3 record, good for a third place finish, and a 5-5 over all mark. Under the leadership of Coach Chuck Foreman, Amador enjoyed a four game win streak that was finally interrupted by Granada and San Ramon. The San Ramon game was one of the finest on any level anywhere. In that game, the Dons drove down to the Wolves, one inch line the clock ran out. Offensively the Dons were lead by John Sevo, who lead the team in scoring as a quarterback and place kicker. In one game he turned in such an outstanding performance that Coach Foreman said, "It was the best offensive game by one player since Rich Kanef, When not handling the ball Sevo handed off the Ernie Zumbach, a freshman, who was called upon constantly in short yardage situations. Defensively Amador was lead by Captain Dave Sebahar, who controlled the defense from his middle line backer position. 1 4 Q r S I 5 f 1 . at W.-f 1- f X ea gif:-'E-1'f , if .,., . sf E fs 5511 1 I' ff ... J .yy ,ya A asl ev. J 3 2? ,,,,,,,,. f 1 .. v w. -H saw:-.a?iff4::",g': " 2 Ht' at 'W 7 wa.. .tr ,ww I r a iw- rmlfr ':.F2'1.:'5'.:' ami I -- Q, -' i Ta WE 2 Q , 525 . - , is .... M' ' '55 h i f . .ae,e,5sai Above: John O'Brien tries to break away from a Monte Vista foe. Center: The 1974 Junior Varsity Football team. Below: The Amador offense gets ready. l M JV Football ' 1 L Above left: Dave Sebahar and Hams lmlig knock down a pass. Above right: John Sevo fires a pass. Left: Joe Paeheo takes off on the kickoff team. Below left: Jeff Alves is brought down after a short gain. Below right: The Dons rejoice after u victory. S-wx . i., I -fr 'Wrap' Q, H' A. Q , We V i i oL,il ' .W , ' ' ,A f "fl aw i W if i rf I V V Ur fi . V -- -Y :www , gm, ,WW ' ,Ji J . 5 z rw 'c 35 U gl, ,, "L 3 , .,,:: MJF, , ,,k. W1 l l gd-wr QL! JVlfootball D251 I 7 so A i gg. unior Varsit ouffl s for third 'ff My --2 . -- - Q it f::-' Q '-f' ' ' 1 E N ,Q ,ag . ezrvaf .g' s sm - -H S: W K 7 1 s -RJR-4 x K -Q......,., K in JV Football 'S'ssQ1ss2szses11fzi1 f 1. W , I 4.- ii ' i W , t ..,,,,L.L V ,V , fee, , ta ' it t it at-F :S " it 11 'K k',, f' W." A. 2, ' ' we Above left: J.V. players break halftime sign as cheerleaders root them on. Above right: Kurt breaks up an enemy pass. Center left: Dave Bo gets wrapped up behind the line of scrimmax Center right: John Sevo fakes a pitchout. Belt- left: Mike Kapps breaks away from San Ram opponent. Above right: The Don defensive rush is to late as the Dublin quarterback gets the pass off. Above left: Chris DePa.rter turnes the corner for a big gain. Below left: The Dons special teams record a blocked punt. Below right: Lee Furey throws block for Mike Krikorian. it JV Football 15,3 r, ,,, ro hfreeze fun htlnrd Like a housewife given a free shopping spree at a supermarket, the 1974 Freshman Football team spent much of the year, running around with mixed success. Under the leadership of new Coach Rich Canfield the baby Dons enjoyed a 4 and 3 record. Amador scored big victories over Foothill and Granada by the score of 22-0 and 21-0 respectively. The Dons other victories came against Monte Vista and California by 14-13 to 14-6 margin. Pat Inglesby held down the quarterbacking chores. He spent most of the time handing off to Kevin Ching and Glenn Hill. Ching was one of the leagues best runners as well as one of the smallest. Defensive standouts for the Dons were Mike Hoff, Bart Beadleson, and Paul McC1eary who consistently turned in fine performances. Although the Dons were hurt by the lose of two freshman who moved up to J.V. the team still managed a third place finish. Above right: Steve Kester is thrown out of bounds after long gain. Center left: Glenn Hill is brought dovsm after short gain. Center right: The refrees untangle a big pileup of Dons and Mustangs. Below right: Kevin Ching breaks throug halftime sign. I 154 ' Frosh Football .oe at ga t .x,: it M ,A 5 W, A ,: . , 1 sig: T. . Q L ig A ,Bit I mg Q ri, 1 ,wb-at a " s e . is Y Q - , 1 t L iga' 'g' QJUEQ' A 71 L 52 Q? T'f"58 . "3 , i gg , 1 as fl M : ,-V: . ET- X I . is-f' - g V , ' ,- -- - ..., . , A .U K ,I - : Q 1 L 1 ::: , . 'I 1 W, I -V ' 3 2 :gt . l il 575 19 rag legs 3, ga H- gg, .ge f Q. :xii- af-. :. ' . " 4- Z i S f'9' lQj,1. . V.. ,wa ,wwf ' ' - -...Q , 1 '-"' N.. t' i l A".. t s . to s ' 1 aat' :.- - 't ",- f " t ai A , r . ... y . ' Right: The 1974 Amador Freshmen Football team. Below left: An injuried Don is helped off the field. Below right: The Dons move at the snap of the ball. Center left: Amador's punter gets the punt off just in time. Below left: Amador kicks off against Monte Vista. Below right: San Ramon awaits the kickoff. 1 ': K .1 9 " 4 Frosh Football I ' - 7 Gymnasts swipe title again Completing their second periect season in a row, the Girls Gymnastic team again captured the East Bay Athletic League crown. Coach Vivian Strait helped the girls meet the challenges of league competition without losing even a single match. The coach even cut her honeymoon short to prepare the girls for a meet. Veterans of the team competing in the intermediate group were Joanne Griffen, Sandy Stutsman, Mary Ball, Linda Parker and Paula Parker. In the beginning group Leah Fairbrother, Brenda Cox, Gail Baker and Carmen Lincicome took honors. Outstanding members of the novice category were Leslie Baker, Lori Gotchalk and Shelly Goodwin. Above: Girls Intermediate Gymnastics teamg Mary Ball, Paula Parker, Linda Parker, Sandy Stutsman, Joanne Griffen and Ginger Wilson. Center right: 1974-75 Beginning Gymnastics. Below right: Shawn Arbuckle compliments the Novice category with Chinese splits. Below left: Carmen Linicicome as she prepares for the unevens. swan l 156 Nl gymnastics ir gymnastics E41 1 Varsit netters sweep up EBAL title with SIZZLING success! Whoever said, 'gMay the best team win,', had to mean the Amador Varsity tennis temn. Chmnps to the end, the nenem HteraHy oubsnmshed, oubvoheyed, and out-dazzled the other teams to bring their league season to a sizzling, undefeated record of 10-O. As an active member, and the first girl to compete for the Varsity team at this school, Wendy Shddon nwde Amamn mums history. The closest game, score wise, was Amador's first meeting with the San Ramon Wolves. The match was close and the Dons needed one more win to clinch it. The stress was all on Sophomore Dave Finn, who had to play a third set The season may have been over, but their Winning wasn,t, as Amador swept the courts at the EBAL League Tournament, October 25. Taking Gold medals were Andy Finn, lst singles, Mark Allen, 2nd singlesg Dave Finn, 3rd singles, and Rob Lundgren - Jeff Yparraguirre, Doubles. A ,gp 8, is Q 'U kiawfrig, 'A avizffli' 913 1K,f,,f V L, Q, X ' 5 'fwfiiwl-ww.,-r Q W, N , ,KV A USU! fe ww A Q if -,f wr at r .gr me we 'frvsufnwwmf -If 4' .al a-..- -1 N 99 5 Above left: Art Brannan shows his great form as he returns a volley. Above right: Andy Finn makes one of his burning forehands. Below left: Coach Anger looks on as his team warms up before match. Below right: Bob Brandes CRD and Rick Burroughs wait to see if opponent will get the ball. Opposite page: Above right: The 1974 Amador Varsity tennis team: Row 1: Gary Barnett, Andy Finn, Wendy Sheldon, Rob Lundgren, Doug Brannan, Row 2: Jeff Yparraguirre, Ron Lapp, Bob Brandes, Mark Allen, Row 3: Coach Anger, Steve Giannini, Rick Burroughs, Mike Bailey, Dave Finn, Art Brannan. Below left: Wendy Sheldon returns ball as Gary Barnett watches. Below right: Jeff Yparraguirre bends down to return difficult shot. unior MSIZZLERSU tie for . . championship Below left: Coach Zarcone gives a team member suggestions on his forehand during practice. Below right: Concentration is the key to success on backhands. - xg' i , 1 A , 5,5353 , ,.,lx:, ,hk-ik zki ,,i, ,i.k I , i , , - n, 5 I . H A."1Fi:,'1e1?Qflii:' , -151525259nTfs23iIl?'f-,f05 , '- i f.2fF2,':fif z 1 , . 1 , 1 'K - tlet " l 5 i nteie 1 iiii f eiiee T .ntii ini e i.ei tieieiln netl ili iii T 1 1,Li F 5 0091111 0 .,,., . , .,,,. 5553 It e:5wa,e,l, ,.,. 1-lggrz, ff:'ft1'1f,: rr .5 . , fri 2 f 7 1 ?if535g?3iQ at ., i fn, Z . , -f - ,.t, was 1, K re,s,f,z,: ,k,,., N, I, tr -:eg,ff2z,-,L, . , rw ff-- wifi. at-aw, ,.,, ,A fry me--gs,,3V, r- wifis21atf5z,f,,-Sa.:M Q-:,,fg: f 1, z4f:,gfwgae3rz,f1fq f 4gf-,msgfgsggretfff. K, . ie, 221:95 , AL,t g - .L W, , E . ry I Tennis Behind the optimistic leadership of Coach Zarcone, the Junior Varsity tennis team tied for the Junior Varsity Champiohship. The tie with Foothill High, was decided in their last match. The Dons needed that wir1 or else the Falcons would have been the single champions. Fired up and ready, the Dons never gave Foothill that chance. They completely burned themselves into the Championship by shutting out the strong Foothill team. The Junior Varsity team ended their season with tive wins and one loss. That loss came in the first meeting with Foothill, which was the hardest game the Dons faced. The hard fought match ended as Foothill succeeded in winning the one point that decided the tinal score. a via 1 f f Eg t ggl rg so ay i t or W-suv WW lifll t mfr KNEE ft, 1 I I tllwlt Wttliltllat'ili git fl ull untill t rlrttllrltlttittlmar Mxflttlilillllltllilii an Tillwl x s 4 Q K K v Q ' Q r .. 1 S K ' Q , A 1 K k '71 . , X 5 Above left: First serves are important for a winning team. Above right: Doubles mate looks on as Tom Athenour returns ralley. Below left: Tense feeh gs are g at during close S R match. Below right' Tom Athenour watches as opponent's ret flys t of bounds. I ning l me r -mai, t af a 2 .- L Flm-:mis In-lfll I :1 This years girls tennis team was coached by Mr. Paul Zarcone. The team started their long weeks of hard practicing at the frist of February. Out of many girls who went out for the team only the twentieth best were chosen to represent Amador. The team had their first pre season match against a womans and did very well. Their season officially opened on April lst. girls tennis 3 A ff' mr na RR 2f:xf'M QM 'E WM,, if 'K 4. w , . -gi Girls volleyball team kee s the ball off the round fx we Nilfdf' ' 'iii ,1 Nw:-. s I 1164- z I volleyball -. 'Y .f W-,--1 W. s, M' as .ah- Hoopsters 0 for victor Walking into the well lit girls gym with the unstable broken down bleachers you can hear the voices of the few fans who attend the games, but above it all you can hear Coach Lottie O'Neil yelling directions to her team. Meanwhile the team is getting impatient with her orders which they don't understand. Even with all the hassle Amador got it together in time for victory. At the game's end the fans all leave, the broken bleachers are put back against the wall and the lights are turned off. Once again the girls gym turns into just another dark room. Above: Amador varsity basketball team with Coach Lottie O'Neil. Below: The junior varsity team smiles. ,. . a y 1 W :ag team S :f...1Si'ffgzes,1 ' " iii 7't' 2 , Q f, ra ,.,. K I 166,:,,l basketball gms ,si The Girls Basketball teams did very well in 1975. Both Varsity and J.V. tied for the EBAL title. This was the first time the team gained the title and the second consecutive time for Junior Varsity. Theie team was led enthusiasticly by Lottie O'Neil. . 1... A ,,,,,.Nwss- Ig -f he we f in gl s rf. .Ad .- MBL age? I J ,ua pm 4- ...- Sf: ,Q . .if X 4 S." Right: Cindy Hegger goes up for a rebound. Far right: Donna Seaver looks for somebody to pass to. Below: Sheryl Withoft beats Livermore on a jump ball. Below right: Angie Clark dribbles the ball around a Livermore player. Below left: Sheryl Withoft takes a shot. Below left: Jean Borton goes for a lay up. Below center: Coach Lottie O'Neil gives the Varsity a half-time pep talk. V girls basketball l 167 l Varsit swi ln stitle VARSITY BASKETBALL LEAGU E GAM ES Amador S6 56 .,gVkk. :Li , 65 58 '73 58 si T ,Q 58 ' 43 64 Livermore Monte Vista Granada Dublin San Ramon Livermore Monte Vista Granada Dublin San Ramon Qpponerit , .g" y ,iys 1 53 46 51 48 Lf' -,."'."- .74 42 36 With injury plaguing the Dons throughout the season they still managed a second consecutive E.B.A.L. title. First came the loss of Andy Finn tearing a knee cartilage and missing the first nine games. Next the Dons lost the fine outside shooting of Phil Hansen, a three year letterman and all-league guard, who broke his ankle in the first game of the second round against Livermore and was out for the rest of the season. Following the loss of Hansen, Amador lost its first league game in two seasons against Granada. The Dons nineteen straight league wins being just one short oftieing the record. The Dons played one of the toughest preseason schedules around playing some of the state's finest teams and taking its own classic title. The Dons had some fine individual talent with Andy Finn, Jeff Hine, and Phil Hansen being chosen as all-league. Rich Hall and Rob Yackley played outstanding all around games with help from Mike Hill, Ed Costello, and Jim Turner. I 168:,,l varsitybasketball my W 1 711 I f' - 4 ,S . LGx,,Al, View Q, ,- A ff 1 M- " ff ' 'Q 1 :N .:gv .. C 4 H ii Q 1 ,A i ,S N .. so ' , ' V, lf ' -' -. 2" - r l . l iat l sin l Wrfl A ' Qgg Q " 'E A -1-1 A ,...,,.' , , if f 2 ' 4 ' H ,s :V lf i :':: ' A A l , x if W 4' :L 3 W 1, , ' S V. f lag, , , 1 I M -"L' ' ' J! si wg . it , 3 fiff'i?ai,ugJ 'f5isE"S:'::'?::'s: lg? it E l fs x ..m,,,,...,.--""' V K H zzzl enl A Above left: Andy Finn out jumps Ed St. Claire of Livermore. Above right: Jeff Hine stretches for the ig f g ball. Left: Jim Turner puts a lot of thought into his " f shot. Left: Andy Finn puts up an easy shot. Above: Phil Hansen lofts a pass. iaar la is af varsity basketball I " N h E x Above rrght J1m Turner takes a shot at the basket whrle Rob Yackley tights off St Josephs defense Above left Phrl Hansen takes a shot Below left Mrke H111 goes for a lay up past St Josephs Below rlght Rob Yackley shouts past St Josephs defense Above left Andy Fmn guns over Lrvermore Above center Rxch Hall and a St Josephs player concentrates hard on a free throw Above rrght: Jeff H1116 goes for It past Llvermore Below left Rob 1ty basketball ,l Ja Vees out bargained for third Suffering through a roller coaster season, the Amador Junior Varsity basketball team gained a 9 and ll ledger. Under the leadership of Don Underwood the Dons earned a 8 and 6 league mark, good for a tie for third. The Dons could only muster one victory in preseason but improved that mark in league play. The Dons were lead by John Sevo, Sam Jorgenson, and Chris Deprator. All three turned in strong performances that were key to Amador victories. Sevo lead the team in scoring, and was honored by being moved up to varsity for the TOC. Amadorls most impressive wins, were an upset over league champ Dublin, and a 49 to 48 last second win over San Ramon, that knocked the Wolves out of the title race. an-0" Above right: The 1974-75 Junior Varsity Basketball team. Above left: Don Hall looks for someone to pass off to. Above right: Jim Yackley sets up the play for Amador versus Livermore. Right: Nick Gigliotti passes off to John Sevo. jv basketball E . K r Kigdmvh ffl sinus p ppp A s we it tr' ss A mf I xx A fg 7" ,a. eg, Y f fxvkjif- wt Top left: Dave Van Norden watches teamates shot drop. Top right: Nick Gigliotti goes up for rebound surrounded by Foothill players. Above left: Coach Don Underwood rallies his troops. Above right: John Sevo puts up a shot over a Falcon. Left: Sam Jorgensen goes for a rebound of a free throw. lx lmskvtbzill I 1 t + Frosh cagers hurt by lnflatlon Playing like they were on a pogo stick, the 1975 Amador Freshmen basketball team bounced to a up and down 8 and 9 record. The first year Dons came off a 0 and 3 preseason record, to muster a third place league finish with a 8 and 6 marker. Lead by first year Coach Dan Lufkin, the Baby Dons were at one time in the thick of title chase, but a 65 to 31 shellacking at the hands of San Ramon, wrecked all chances. Amador was lead by Kris Kearns, Paul Campana, and Mike McCleary. All three standout offensive performances with Kearns leading all scoring. -.. V1 'NM' Above right: Rick Klein fires up a shot from the top of the key. Above left: Paul Campana brings the ball up court. Above right: Paul Campana starts the fast break for the Dons, as a sparse crowd looks on. Right: Pat Inglesby shoots a twenty-footer. Far right: Chuck Gilliam drives in for an easy layup. 1 4 frosh basketball I W ,:m,Q1w, hge, :max by W ,Q W H M 5, ,A,, sr -',-. A !'Nf2?"57'- M if Y, , my fm yffif N, ,vw 1' . ' X. fn is af ' HR. - stiql X S.. Q ' if 45: ' -.,,sNs-N.-i .wwf 3- ,. ,J-"'Ss i .i ,,,.-r4"':!' x gg 15, ,, ,ww xs"'lN,x A 'K Top left: Paul Campana goes up to block a shot. Top right: Rich Klein puts up a layup. Above left: Glenn Hill passes off. Above right: Paul Campana puts up a shot from the foul line. Left: Amador guard Paul Campana goes up for a layup. jx'l1ask4'Ib3ll in H I its Girls sprint unofficiall This year's girls Cross Country team wasn't approved as official girls sport this year, but will be in '75 season. So the nine member team had to participate unofficially. The most important meet for the girls was the San Ramon Invitationalg they placed fourth. They also competed in the first annual girls North Cal meet, held in Cayote Hills which they placed fourth. Wendy Behrbaun was choosened most valuable player because she was the one that the team could depend on the most. Jacquenet Pla was the most improved runner since she was the most consistent runner. She started vary clos in the beginning of the year but at the end of the season was second place runner. Who was the one who gave the girls a lot of spirit? Abbie Kortan ex-cheer leader was selected team captain. Nancy Ales came in second in giving the team spirit. 176g-I Girls Cross Country '1 Above: The girls Cross Country team. Row 1: Above 1974 75 Girls Cross Country team Below Patty Walker, Kerry Curtis, Abbie Kortan, and rlght Amador runner shows stress Below left Nancy Ales. Row 2: Jacquenet Pla, Gail Coensgen, Abbie Kortan creates a sophisticated run Wendy Behrbaun, Ynez Rozales, and Janice Ramsey. Above left: Senior, Abby Kortan, was voted team saptain. Above right: Jacquenette Pla received award for most improved runner. Center left: Senior, Patty Walker, ran for two successful years earning a J.V. block letter. Center right: Nancy Ales did excellent this year receiving a varsity block letter. Below: A few girls on the team jog around the local parks. girls cross country Cross Countr llmbers up Tying for second place with Livermore, the Varsity Cross Country team initially had high hopes of taking first. Coach Bonannois harriers were in strong contention meet the team competed in six invitationals. The ten man varsity team was comprised of eight seniors along with one junior and one sophomore. The team captain was J oe Martin and Rick Pruneau was honored as MVP at the cross country awards ceremonies. The selection of Most Improved Went to Phil Dillenburg. Above right: Chuck Tockey takes a first at the Livermore meet. Far right: Mark Kendall runs the visiting course. Right: Phil Dillenburg practices before a meet. Above: 1974-75 Varsity Cross Country team. Center left: Rick Pruneau makes his move to the finish line. Center right: Joe Martin and Jim Helton jog the course. I 178-A' Varsity Cross Country -L .L 5 fa, wwf Wim I , f Mft www,-Sf was ' Q- T' "W, 'W' 'H - Varsity Cross Country U .1?9 'Is' f J Tired runners take breather ,Za fu 9.40, Q M K Y T551 JV cross country l Above center: Amador Cross Country team relaxes between events. Below left: Coach Bonanno gives team member helpful advise. Below right: Cross Country team members stretch out before long run. pw Above center: 1975 Amador Cross Country team. Below left: Team members relax after meet. Below right: Amador runners cross finish line. A 1 3 :er W i varsity cross country I 182 T e varslty wrestlers Unfortunately for the Varsity wrestling team, their determination wasn't enough to defeat the other teams in the league. Their last place standing was disappointing but the Dons didnit lose without a fight. Every member from Steve Potts in the 95 lb. weight class, to Rob Mayhue in the heavy weight class, put forth his best effort in determination and muscle throughout the seasons Despite the strong efforts, fate was against them, and their only win was against the Dublin Gaels in their last meeting. Coach Blanton stood behind his team, giving them continual encouragement. His optimism helped keep the team's spirits up even during the seasorfs darkest points. But every dark cloud has its silver lining and the Dons'l bright spot was the continual support given by Amador fans and students who came to all the matches and cheered on the Varsity wrestling team. Above right: Matt Kendall prepares himself to begin wrestling against Monte Vista. Below: The 1975 Varsity Wrestling Team, Crow 11g Rob Mayhue, Mike Krikorian, Ernie Zumback, Bennie LaFever, Gene Maxwell, Matt Kendall. Crow 215 Aaron Pyfer, Marty Bazar, Art Brannan, Rich Tiago, Dave Potts, Carlos Brown, Steve Potts. 3 wrestling V they tried but . . . fs:-aux. Ati- 'QP' varsity wrestling L51 I I' Wrestlers tackle opponents The 1975 junior varsity Wrestling team Hnished the season with a impressive third place standing in league play. The junior matmen showed promise for a great varsity team next year in their skill and poise. Coach Canfield led the team and with his knowledge and experience continually gave them the little pointers and techniques they needed to Win. Mark Kendall, the captain of the team, was also a big contribution to the total achievment and ability exibited by the team with his consistency and determination. 70" I 184 i jv wrestling ' , alll '45 I .ywwan - 4, ww 2,:,:-n ilfssffk r if Lg: .f - '42 K K 1 jv wrestling Right: Brett Boldrini waits for the on coming ball. Left: Team member lights California for the ball. Below: 1974-1975 Varsity Soccer Team. Above Ken Carney attacks a low ball. Center left: A race with the umpire. Center right: Amador player heads ball to team mate. Below left: Amador player shoots for a goal. Below right: Bob Durden, manager. will + K- Q W. , if . T- - r A - - , .. K tial 1,861.1 V soccer 2 1 ll lll'l6S lllill' SGilS0ll tournament freshman Joe Corria tied a record by scoring five goals in one game. Amador was led by first team all-league Brett Boldrini. Brett scored a total of 22 goals in a non-league and twelve in regular season. The Dons were also lead by Senior wingers Don Otting, Ed Van, Junior Dave Norton and a Freshman Joe Corria. On the inside were second team all-leaguer Brad Boldrini and Rick Rodgers. The Dons defense was led by Junior Ken Carney, Pete John, Mark Rodgers and Lew Baine and goalies Allen Wietcha and Dave Schnider. The teams most valuable player was Brett Boldrini. Brett probably was one of Amador's key players this year. The most improved player this tear was Senior Don Otting. Don made a lot of clutch plays for the Dons. In the latter part of the season the best defense award went to Junior Pete John. Pete didn't take the game lightlyg he showed that by setting a foul record of 38. The most spirited award went to Junior Dave London. r in soccer ',Hl8f I V's sock it to 'em 'i " Above left: Peter Griffith kicks the ball past his opponent to a team mate. Above right: Amador player attempts to steal ball from opponent. Below left: Rick Stuart throws ball in bounds. Below right: Amador players position on the field. F11 128: g JV soccer is 1 974-7 5 Junior Varsity Amador Soccer Record Opponent 5 San Lorenzo 1 Dublin 0 Granada 4 San Ramon t T2 California 2 Foothill 2 Livermore 6 Monte Vista 2 Dublin T T03 Granada 6 San Ramon 2 California 5 Foothill 1 Livermore 11! Monte Vista Coach Cooleyls junior varsity soccer team for the 1974-75 season was by far the best in Amadoris history. The season record for the team was ll wins and 4 losses and finished the league campaign with a 10-4 record. At one time the team was 9 out of 10 games. Amador was the only team to beat the powerful Dublin high school team this year in league competition. The most improved player award went to David Perez. David was the top goalie and improved steadily throughout the season. Pat Cohan was awarded the most valuable players award for his outstanding play at his half-back position. Pat's constant hustle and neat desire was a major factor in the teamls success. John Castillo and Gregg Oxsen were the two leading point men for the team this year and were instrumental in the Dons scoring potential. Pat Cohan and Paul Cowden were selected as team captains this year. Above right: Amador player tries to gain control of ball. Above left: Amador player steals ball from opponent. Below center: 1975 J.V. Soccer Team. FV .4-,tv , 4 V 1, A .xv .- 1 VU' vu IX x r lvulb V Golfers putt it in fi Continuing the strong tradition and placing well in the D.V.A.L. Tournament, the varsity Linksmen finished the season on the winning side. Due to the fact that they didnit loose any men, the team was exceptionally strong. Returning were player Jack Stevenson, four year veteran Sam Briggs, Greg Mona, Randy Peterson, Bob Beaulieu, and Harold Zosel who missed part of the season due to torn ligaments in his hand. golf Practicing right along side the boys Girls runnin' read y nn,Z1h A 2 f M-o track team was the girls. They were coached by Rich Reinke a 1973 graduate of Amador and track star. .nf ff""'vw'-' 1'4"lT5f i girls track nf .L 'Q- N-Aa! Ji.. hr girls truck "Stag 4 r Q53 Track team 1 on the fleld The 1975 Amador Varsity Track team was a top contender for the EBAL title. Their coaches were Mr. Bright, Mr. Cooley, and Mr. Underwood. One of the top track men this year was Andy Finn who tied all school record for the high jump on the first jump of the year. Above left: Bret McGinnis participates in the pole vault. Below: Mike Mayes jumps hurtle. I 194 I varsity track E... sf an .bfi-rl M Q.. . , ,HQ . .V , ,--- Q- .f Ln- 1, 3 K 5 ' ,, X N. K , Vg .. W 3 .fl JW. .x :gig aux -.W "" V Q sf ,. k ' . : "pgs gr. f M LW 1- g x .g1.:'f ' il mhz - .. .. f ., 5-'hw N . ,f t 7 5 ' , , e , . 5 1 M H 43 r A 'L l r A --orbit' , fm y Q- ,V as M if Aff - A .. .,VA LA g4..l .,4 Q W . fl. Ml . . .l eeer 1 l or , . A ,. of A if 1-W "lv f' . Q., gif? -r A Q5 ff, X- 5 " ,W .5 , K r f g lv Ml. pf ii, , an ., f 1- , f N .W iw- fs. or ' we ,V A :ew-ww W ,. , eff . 24, 'gg A g f g q, , fffff f 7 p llfyl l - a- . . ' lr L A. J 2: , leel :1 A Sw M A ' fy ' . - M E- , ' l Q.: ' -j W aa an mv -mi if -T Li,-,rm MT -' lj' K. in K if . ' rgnwgzw' 4.w"Le-5 A 5. In wr., 'Q f.,-wmv -1 2' .' f Y ' ' A 1,61 , Q 'k. 'it A K . . ,V-f . I fm" " ' J r 7.M,.,,.., . .. f .. f ' 9 ' i """"l""1' if + .1 ,J rs YA. . Z is 'ff or if A' LY' wwf Q ,I lf Q' fur' ,di Y- L9 1... ff ri! uf mf i, .M as Q -w .1 Above left: Rick Pruneau takes a lap. Above: George Hoss does an excellent jump. Left: Perry Wilkey gets ready to start the race. "Hu , , , L. Q varsitytrack V1?5 1 -- J X1 Track team goes all out! 'l I, .196 i jv track , ,-,Ag :z- . "' EQ!!! A a , a a M y H Iii ia ElQ aaaa a a a Q. M Y ,W 4,,3w,g .4 , vs 9 W ...Ava-'rv'-....w--Q.. the season. , k ' Starting out with great enthusiasm was the 1975 J.V. Track team. The team showed unity and strong form early in 35 im, x, rsm A Q ge, 1 gli Wk 'Q A5 A . N di k ' H ,. ,. t ' I Wuxi , .it Si'L-Jaw Vf"3M"7x 1'3'9X r- J. . ' f,:Q ,WL - nf-is af f QQ 'B . 1. X... 5 "' I M f A Q . -HF ka 1 4 X K an jv track L 197 I I D 451.32 GF ww ldilgguj frosh track . j- 1 wx, if . ,K- ysi' . if A f 33 ....--2.2-V 1, Q 1, 'M' 1 or rr in ,mg - -V hkm g q E 5 T xi ' The Frosh Track team received quality training under Coaches Mr. Bright, Mr. Cooley, and Mr. Underwood. The team practiced long and hard and it showed throughout the season. T e 'ia "vii T nf ' Q ,. T- T , . - , . Q . ,f g .. .rl , V lg? r 4 , he pg, fe Sglffra or o .Kr . f- Q -5 5151.-f ,Mik- -L ' , . ., .. r, "Va- . rrr. , , r A .. -2+ ar ' W 'Q ,r K ,. ..- , xv, I M -wuwuam-Q--MWMA.. -. , I - K ag I aw gags af ag M 4 ,V W., -,Wg Q . at -4.7 . N.. wa fd! 'K an .. 1 ro htrack hows promi e 2 ,QNX N--...,,M wg frosh track Splash into action varsity swimming S is u ,ww E: . .. . .Y w.. - -.-sigmi, , X Q 1. QM , if 3, Y an Q f Q .af , -. -. iz -ff ,ii :H - 5: :e17 : : ,-:,,--....,.E,,: . , a,,4,f, . M gl M .i. ,fig ' f ' I-:EH " ' Mmm, W B' ' as I if f if F . ,.1 -: . N 7' 14 A1 ,fx xr' -wi .im 1? K. X -fx QB he rw, ,, dll 10' ,auf Out to regain the championship title, the 1975 Varsity Swin Team came on strong against all opponents. The team was powered by a strong line-up of veteran swimmers, including Jeff Gaeckle, Steve Mallard, Don Lanini, and Jim Connell. The team was led by Coach Chuck Volonte, who contributed his experience to their total power. QA 1 mi Nix varsity swimming 201 J .Vis tread water jv swimming 43 Coached by Chuck Volonte the 1975 JV- Swim Team leaped into the pool ready for action. Though facing tough compeition the team was consistently strong throughout the season. jv swimming lv2Q.3y f fl- Girls smas swim record The 1974-75 Girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Swim teams both captured second place in the E.B.A.L. tournament. The thirty girls coached by Linda Alexander really had great swimming ability, and they proved it when the varsity team finished the season breaking every swim record that had existed from last year. Amador had a lot of exciting meets, but the most rewarding one had to be when they wiped out San Ramon, who in the privious year had beaten Amador out of the first place title. Voted most valuable swimmer for the varsity was Katie Fleischer, a freshmen, who earned her award by breaking two E.B.A.L. records and being one of the top swimmers on the varsity team. Sue Robertson was voted most valuable on the .l.V. team she also did some great swimming for her team. Center right: Erin Larson concentrates on the next event. Below left: Kathy Cohan races to the finish line. Below right: Lisa Lanini swims toward victory. Below center: Amador swimmer prepares for her starting dive. Q ,Qf'?f1i'5:Zvs v 2 3 k V Y Y Z f .3 3 A V . , 2 5 5 S 1 I V' , E ., 3 r Q ii, ' ' i 1 .ffil f ' ., .i.gai,,,g , . ,.,.., . . ,.,,t I 204 i Girls Swimming FI X l c ' we . 5 , r f ' 5 K s. J X ., C, ,, yi "' I 5 JW' 5.4, Q E aww.. i' W Ea Above: The 1974 Girls Swim team: Row 1: Carol Parlin, Shelly Massa, Sue Robertson, Terri Cambell, Sue Heinzel, and Robin McCole. Row 2: Lynda Valentine, Linda Fos, Kathy Inglesby, Ilene Corney, Kathy Abru, Skipper Maine, Wendy Farris, Tammy Lawson, Janice Walter, Diane Garrin. Row 3: Donna Sever, Ann Dickinson, and Kim Viccers. Below left: Coach Linda Alexander. Below right: The 1974 Varsity Girls Swim team Row 1: Karen Sharp, Katy Fleischer and Kathy Cohan, Row 2: Erin Larson, Carolyn Fleischer, Lisa Lanini, Sue Lovell. Girls Swimming if L if-7 Y 933 sports 9.124 Sports in ction , 3. 'QQ s 1 'N5 F I A . 5 wk VW A . , . LAL- 5:3 ,:. .,.- ,J A k fm f,-f ww,-A., ., ' .5 .V " ' X ' Q A' ' -ww ' f ,. .. . , . ff K ' X f -- ., :""" V. A A f ,Q 1 K K' 'A L V ,QW if L uk:?'4"y - .vm 4 ,Q W. K ,ff - m . , wwe.,-'M K 'vivf 'S' "" V fp:-'f , m m 1 f f 'S"5:p L V, ,Q A 1 fa.-G ' f ,,,,.,Qnfi::rgQ 5151" 1 gu i, A xxx. 14 A -V Q - . nm, . 3' . . 'if iq Q, F21-W? an 5 , ,. x if Q X 3? 5 if K ,. Q -- ' P ML ?3slf 1-M" Q- sports Above left: Pearson shoots for a goal. Above right: Brett Bigger, Mike Ornailes and Mike Messinese struggle for the ball. Below: 1974 Varsity Water Polo team. Oppostie page: Above right: Danny Straface frowns when looses the ball. Above center: JV Varsity Water Polo team. Below right: Steve Pratuch passes other player the ball. 1 ff -at . " - f f. .. ,as-fel :-f ,,,V. ., . W W ,sv fm - , ,,g.,.. ,,.... ....,,.:..'t., J . .i,g?aaEz,-, - .,. ff Nt ..Qff':t. , Q Varsit Poloists natch title 9 ' , .. -- : N- W , V., L Q... ggg M -- T .5 - ., r - ve- -.f ' ' : -2 - :: -. -,"' Elm M A :Mf- . gsm- f . -the 3 :,gk ,,.1A . ., fig. 2 K K -fesfsmg QW 2 Jltwikv I 0 Waterpolo H1 - 2. v,,, ft., -f f- - Coach Volonte's Varsity Water Polo team played one of the most competive schedules in the three years existance, ending the season with a four and tive record. Amador squad consisted of three seniors, three juniors, and four sophomores who strove continuously throughout the games to keep the purple and gold afloat. Among the highlights of the season was the scoring capacity of team Captains Jeff Gaeckle and Steve Millard who constantly found the opposition's net for the high point honors. Eually effective at defense and offensive play making were forwards Mark Allen, Mark Bevilacqua, Matt Person, Steve Pratuch, and Brian Story: guards Bill Burns, Don Lanini, Brian Schmer, and goalie Ken Rogers who set a new Amador goal save record. Capturing team awards at the end of the season banquet were Captains Jeff Gaeckle, Steve Millard, MVP Steve Millard, MIP Brian Story. The Junior Varsity Water Polo team had the most successful season of any team in the history of Amador. The team composed a record of five wins, and five loses throughout the season. The team lost three games by two goals and another game by one goal. "We could have very easily been 9-l for the season, with a few of the right breaksj' said the Coach Cooley. Brett Bigger was the high point' man for the team and was elected team co-captain along with Dan Straface. Bruce Yparraguirre was elected as the most improved player this year. Jeff Blaca and Matt Pearson, Mlke Ornellas, Dave Leek, Ted Cook, Gregg Arnett, Mike Wilson, Dan Tolvtvar, Mike Messiness, Bill Bevilacqua, and Mark Bevilacqua all contributed to the success of this years team. Waterpolo I, 209 I V1 fy ,. fwfwf -5 r ..' am- gi . A A p V 5 WKWAMMKM, znl A qii 1 . I . 'IL S Back Row: Cathy Carr, Cindy Hegger, Kim Libert, Jean Borton, Lorilee Lasson, Coach Vivian Straight. Kneeling: Althea Despotakis, Jeannine McCullough, Angela Naranjo, Susan Tremble. I 210 8-I girls softball l . Glrl hit homerun In its second year in EBAL competition the girls' softball team did a good job of playing up to last year's undefeated title. The ten players picked for Varsity were Jamie Watson, Pattie Riebli, Debbie Oxsen, Deanna Marengo, Carmen Macon, Sue Perrigo, Sharon Black, Carolyn Fleischer, Robin Pina, and Sheryl Withoft. Five of which were returning Varsity players. Coaching their first year were Vivian and Warren Straight. Back: Debbie Oxsen, Sheryl Withoft, Robin Pina, Carolyn Fleischer, Coach Vivian Straight. Sitting: Carmen Macon, Jamie Watson, Deanna Marengo, and Cindy Aafedt. girls softball lx'231,Q I Varsity Baseball hits a homer Led by coach Don Bush to an impressive 18-0 win against McClymonds the varsity baseball players went on to have a winning combination. Half of the team was made up ofthe players from last yearls championship team. With the help of "Egore', the pitching machine the team could have batting practice every day without any strain on the pitchers. Seeing most of the pitching action were seniors Mark Larson and Ed Bevilacqua. 212 varsity baseball W K 7 L gil 1 A if W? it 15:5 1 QQQQQ . 55684 it its M awwmwss igl,smf5V an M 'se wk , mmf we . .fl V' . f I VV., , ' A ky V ky is ' 'Q' i. 1 wg? , 'N ' W X ig is Ms..- fel P Q, as me . I ,. gk-ii' T E, uf? XML' ' ik' mgiiwfsty.. fx, SEI M 1 .-,,. K Q Q ., , eiamsawf-,f K IQQYQSIIQQEWMP -f ,ygizmwyu f sgsfizsq 13ZTSii1QLi 'ir :Y ' 'kifllziif uw, igfewhiiiieffzss N xzw . Q K f- .:.,Lf1aff.ig:s, IL Lawn . Q5 K 15225212 sean? my-kgzif Q,-,E Qsiifi- 1 f- K Iiiffss 3155315 tw' 7Si?32E?5' . varsity baseball ,z 21,3 f .cr-,ra M., ,LM,W, , y up -v e s f -mam-pawiw ,3.w,,,5.Wr.,,,,v, .M ,, 1. 'W' fa X' 2. ' ,AL hifi: -I ' MVA ,gw""'5p ' V t un s' .wt -UQ y ,,.,.. V ikj .. i fw fsm wHu , -.. :,. , I Z, ' ,151 ,, ,-gm, .sq 5, I A: ,... gn ,Y I '1-eww, ' 55 my--,tain wit, Y ' '-f 3' il , V . 7-'A 4, z, jv baseball ' K Z A ill i Q-az-ufyf-1, , . 4,,,, Q . .,, , -, .fm-. ,--"2 'v.:?"-1f'L'2if"..':Qi: .gg ' :tfe:ft-.piggy -- Q .. ':,g Q?f,1s1Hzm " K ' Q ' f like Weff ,M ,, ,, ,Marg K ...., i 4 iff '-'t 'f",LL,jf ,-,f2+'WW'f7"H' J s , 3, .wwf bwff., Above: The 1975 junior varsity baseball team. Below left: Bob Koopman puts everything into his pitches. Below rightg Bill Bevilacqua forces player out at second base. Opposite page: above left: Chris Deprater keeps a close eye on the ball as he prepares to swing. Below left: Coach Brabbin gives Bob Koopman some pitching pointers during game. Below right: Rick Burroughs on deck waits for his turn at bat. av to arms, J .V. as ll comin' on! ,QRS-1Il...w K qs . v . KT' Y K9,,,,,,... .i.a.esl2t:21R4wf9"W-2 -14, ta, 'rw Strength was the force behind the 1975 junior varsity baseball team. The job of coaching five juniors, fifteen sophomores and one freshman was successfully filled by Coach Brabbin. Before the season began, Coach Brabbin had the hard decision of cutting seventeen members from the thirty-eight baseball enthusiasts who came out for the team. His final team consisted of twenty-one members. Positioned as catcher was Mike Hoff, an outstanding freshman. The pitching was contributed by junior Steve Giannini and sophomore Mark Goodwin. The outfield stations were held by juniors Tim Piper and Dan Straface and sophomores Mike Connolly, Rick Garcia, Steve London, Pete Negron and Scott Vaughn. The infield was closely covered by Juniors Jon Connolly and Tom Raymond and Sophomores Bill Bevilacqua, Rick Burroughs and Rick Dayton. Filling combination positions were all Sophomores Chris,Daprater, Sam Jorgenson, Bob Koopman, Jim Kreidler, Mike Krikorian and Jim Yackley. The season was full of determination and excitment as the junior varsity baseball team came on strong. 'jf Qfifi-W.8L'f4s its-D A E, j ,M -, ,,,,,, , ,. . f . . , ' 1-D"qlf,gmgi1""" .-f M--11, Q-.V Q f , -V if ty. .-5 . . ,. , U-W- ,pa 4.-- ,, 'H' , t . V155-.-. . 'Qin "t M- Ri, gf", Q ,, "54lfy'g,,"e F .3,l"'1'Nn jv baseball ro I1 runs th bases vhdbvfiff f' IT' ,uf 2 1' We -f'W,QS'fif-91 5-f"wLsS',3,meSib' if9,'6W"1"5M-'flsfgei3fFTviEiGM'.1'-if-'ZV.I-fS3???k:Vf'f1,--5Hz?-'-Q, I M :,-m,a.f- ,f ' ,. as - 5 i.,,,.w-z,w1fg ,fag,f,af+1 ,.,,,afg.,gyw .1 Safe, awww ,K-A we ,.wswewas-.iwage-15.25. we my ,..-,,.,. , ww- .: f.--gji, s 1 was jf-ce 1-, ..t,-iz -'.f, :- ' -ga - gm www iw.. fw-:Sy.ev1vaf-v ,aw-x , , ,, x v Q, E wmgaw ,a le-,ai- i , ,w.w,6wfWs.f M. 4, -,awaaayfg.Wi , -ae. . M W , if ,WL ,, an l ,av K ,f.-f ff i.iGe,w,SW.- ,,,af-.- -we V, -Mawr - --.,55:.,5.,: ::.,, .,:f4bw ,ig,m .. w-::,.4,.f New - sh, f X Ml eq.. gi g Mena, -sw . ff aw e: ,- New L. .fa , M X a, V L A A, . ,.5a,,,,t, Ui, fs. awww W., W em me ew- ? fa Wiiie wf " PH -- L if as Q in is a wi? -awww-Zgaaaeigmri,-is-ig33Ka.,1,3 3 5 as ,w r 1- - X L fl ff. 18-11 "T , H .. ' 'f:":- 12 72- flsbw :V 'i:f'-Silfi-'Gigi WW ' ' ' ' -,, -2: - -52, ' " " a ' . , Y ,S U " gp- M -W M 'WHMW .... 5 1 5 2 ---- , ,WW mal '- ' c 2 - wage xfaiiiewifsifaeezma-,Z-,.. - he " 1' ' ff --'K ' , ' ' ,YJ YU- i'-S-, V , 413 L5 9 V J iv- vwsijsi., il-l,19H5Fg,Q,:i'7'.il-i".i'.-' , . . 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SlilciiiliifeflkH12?65e:5:iGW'.5-bi-Qxsiiiai'l"1bfWLs-u5Kb9"Gmiwf2?.'- lah 1 : L -as-'few--N. ., .- a-.S--sm.4-4-Q-sawa-ff.aaf-lessee?qesggesiabgaaewkvaxfaeag if 2 . , .aMwew-5.Q.a.Q-mwfega-efg.4esssaviwa-wi?-qQfls1W?WwsiU. 2 5 '!-I f lf-.iwff.5-5-'Qat15.x-S-me-aaa-5:2255-fi:a.a-eff-55.4324-it5L--2ra.4-Q--asf-.W-seg,-Q-fgiiagefn Hfis-awiaggswi,-ana-g-.9 Q - waiffwfsaff. ,..,.e:,.fm1..8-W-ii.,-,m,,.wf,a-,hang .Sam-aa.a amuse, R am, xx X--ef.t,.q,, -- V.,-ww qsda A e jlsaf. alffgggaw.-aw ,ilal afga-aeaaaeaeff' ,M . Pi -K -' ..:a-s--e:S-'mfi.L.i-pau.:',esf,,1:g:1H'i:",g.fAf 13542 ,wmv-2 M:'gvvTiff.- :La-f-'Q7.,-f-a'2.,- . .a ,L fjlif 7fi".e,-Nag:j-w1fgg-wigwe-5::.g:g-5-f'?f.vf"gsi2z1g.if5T".i."'ISji"5:f,-.'.Q2fj.",5.-,fm . : V . :,5'-gt: '. f T.':jZfJ.c--5f3.:r. , ' 6-W1-'f'3if-Il-iff-L:fh:9'f:71',1f'2ii:QiitIY9R45:f'UJ:Q:5?1f,5i:ig+5:Ha-2 K " -Q 1 -ew W' -fffii?'f324-if-2-5:5'1'f5:L-HIL-" .. - , A ,,.f.,-M-Z-f..a-W ---ff f . , . , . W - H , g . . -,t ,Jw ,if.,-S-ff.a-ateww-w.,.a+wf,w1g ,, . g W ,.,,,,., . X L.i..sZ-U.-., ,.,..--m....,-fx,M-5--2 -f f...i..-ww-f, , , , . , ' aa ' .. ,. fe ,, - me .. '- --'L . ' " affix!-L' I!" "7 sir 1 3 -Q-'fjjls-!'fJ -- 34.-P' '-','?i:1I52f1z:a.L,--, " 2 5:51-ff-ksiiif-5-S-2'7i . if.. ig ifsz 1 5 --kl . ja ' f fil .Q-levi'If--if+fT'.:i-1'-ff?"V'-'z-'V Siiffiif--fx-1" hz?" -4-ii" .Q-z-'ffZ'.J-Wcf-.ak I ,'f.GQzf'f'fI55ffSzffI-lk:V ii-5-WT'-Q.3fif:'i-?i7lL5-f'W" - ' " L, . 5, t ' - jetmag, ' K , ,,,, f -m a ' aw- .aw ff I --asm 1 was .:.,-,,.t-avi., --1-fa -ft -fae- c . -. . . . 7-big .ff " K if -- f. Jaseszfgggfli-, V. -' in f -- " ' , 1 z 1, L, ,M , .. as we ,,gx,,N ., , ,, - ., ., , .. , ,,..- .. ,- f or .i. mn.: - ii pier? In .lgaaxtglgwi 2 W., bixgjsfv -W Vg. f f?I:'.5QSSi1Evhf-iii va W? an .,-k, - .- -k,.f,. fs- .,..,--, M..--,- ,HL Under the strong hand of new head coach Steve Mortara, the Baby Basemen looked good all season. Having a tough time making the cuts because of so many good players coach Mortara finally got a combination together to end up on the winning side of the scorecard. , frosh baseball - n froshbaseball 1,8227 I J VLH! ZQ8, W division produce 4 Q xl BW . v , ,,,. W W fu fe ad! Qi I Zim NL ky, , sf M1 1, A 7 may , , Aa fm. ,.....a" f 1 ,gi .- . produce' lwgzw I onfusion at mill With the ending of summer fun, and the beginning of a new school year, Amador students crushed into the girls gym to register for classes. Crowding into the gym, students literally ran to give class cards to awaiting teachers. Those who did not run fast enough were left back at the start with gaps in sche ,ules or two classes during the same hour. Some students stood in line for an hour to see a counselor for help with schedule corrections. The process took two days. On August 31, freshmen milled, and on September 3, seniors, juniors, and sophomores crammed for classes. All in all the Mill proved to be another challenge brought on by the new school year. Above right: Sophomores prepare to jam in the gym for classes. Center left: Sophomores wait patiently hoping that classes are not filled. Center right: Students sign up for science and math classes. Below left: Mrs. Miller and Mr. Moore wait for students. Below right: Jaoquenette Pla and Mark Rogers assist in Mill. mill r 1 On August 31, at 9 a.m. the tense freshmen anxiously awaited in the bleachers for the orientation assembly to start while the spirit squads put the finishing touches on a prepared skit. It was a hillarious skit characterizing freshmen at lunch. Following the skit, the freshmen hurried around trying to find their assigned tour groups for the mixed up tour around campus. From the tour the freshmen went on to meet their counselors. and at last, get their lockers. Thus ended a day introduction to life on a high school campus. lt was hectic, but it was the start of a new experience as a freshmen. Freshmen v. . Amador T is Above: Freshmen congregate on lawn for campus tour. Below: Freshmen listen attentively to their counselor. Below right: Freshmen await the starting of orientation. freshman orientation Al 7 :' Q il- Ziff 1'?f7'i ifth quarter activitie With the new system of distributing tickets this year dances were pretty sucessful. Some of the good dances were the Mad Hatters dance which was great and the Homecoming dance where we had Tommy and the Four Speeds in the band and Abey Kortan crowned as queen. There were several other dances after the games on Friday nights and they were really alot of fun. N Darin-s 3 l. , Above right: The band plays on at th Homecoming dance, Above left: Students pourin into the dance. Below right: Camara shy? Belo center: Cathy Abru gets into the music. Below left Leah Fairbrother dances into the night. ' I , "" ff ll V. 'IFE' gr 4 ,.,A, k.P 5 'lu P llryylr-gg f'We've got a team that can't be beat," was proved again as the Amador faculty cruised to a 55-47, victory over the Dublin faculty. Led by '4No Passi' Underwood, with 28 points, the Dons went in with a 35-26 half-time lead. With referees such as Jeff "No Whistlel' Hine and Phil "Blind Man" Hansen, the benefit for the track team proved to be successful. Rounding out the team for the "Dons', were "Lucas Tannern Lufkin, "Big Red" Cooley, "Hot Pastramil' Motara, and "Zarc the Narcv Zarcone. At the end of the third quarter, the Dublin Faculty almost saw the light as they were down by only two points with a score of 45-43. In the end, the Amador Dons once again showed their ability to win. -ff' ffhif.-mnu..,.,. A y 'ij ' faculty basketball 'F 223i-l I .Qs 'Q LJ' ff 5532 4-su, if , Q ,, 3 , ,.., as g ig f as ww If you happened to be passing by the auditorium on the night of Nov. 8, you would have been captivated by the sound of the Amador '4Golden Don" Jazz Band. With such songs as "A Little Minor Boozel, and "Groovin' Hardw the band left the audience in awe. Giving outstanding performances were Nick DiScala and Mike Bailey. As a special treat, the g'Sweetleaf Dixeland Comb o', directed by Layne Williams played NBasin Street Bluesl' and g'Weary Bluesf' Above: Nick Di Scala looks surprised. Center left: Mr. Campana talks about the night's selections. Center: Layne Williams looks on as Paul Mehling plays banjo. Center right: Mark Hagerty plays drum solo. Below left: Jeff Parks plays saxaphone. Below right: Kim Henry plays "Weary Blues' on piano. li K xIll5lk'-kliill I: 1 'iPass me the hammer. Anybody see the tape? Who has the blue paint?" Those were familiar conversations heard at the sights of the floats and cars, as committees and clubs put in many long hours to be sure everything was ready for the October 25 event. The excitement began with a rally and a parade down Main Street. Many post-graduates came back to see the events. Next came the football game against Monte Vista notching an Amador's win. During halftime, the floats and the winning car filed past the bleachers to give the people a final look before the winning float was announced. The floats themes were 'LBunny Hopping Through the 50's" Seniorsg L'Our Spirit is Sky High" Juniors: N77 Runs the Lineu Sophomoresg "Road to the Futurei' Freshmen. Seniors came in first with the Juniors in second and the Sophomores and Freshmen sharing third. The band had previously won the car competition. Their theme: "Rock Throudh the Times with the Amador Band." . . . Above right: The winner of the car competition, the band car rocks with the times. Below left: The Junior's float has sky high spirit in the Homecoming parade. Below center: The Freshmarfs float is on the road to the future in the Homecoming parade. I J homecoming at at Homecomin im an fbi? , , W .7 5 A. M, .W 7 A A A X M , is- A ' V , S - f 7 A ' iw i':"L'ffS1i 7 .. 1 - -- , V ' 1. 7 7, N' if 'R ,e '. on e if e on 7 A . J Q, , , E . di ,o f V - A Vi f Gm Q ,Q L M ,fi 'L 25154 Q Y Qf 3 ii i. jf is - S - It i - iff:fW'.f's,-xggyU , ii 7 Q - Q A 'Wil' 7 f '15, f- .,., " X Xml-fy A , 5' as if 3. j IQ' 1 ge. f B ,N , Q KZ EM-i x -K ,H .5 5 L, 2,5 L, . , ,Eg .. . .i K ' - 'f -, 1 hm - gl ' K , 4 ' if ,, .i M. .--g,f,,.f,..! gif- 3 ", if. ,,,Q-,--"""7 .af ,....w.f ,rl-""fi-V Above: The Winner of the float competition: the Seniors' float bunny hops through the 50's. fn Below right: In the Homecoming parade, the class of 77 runs the line. , he 227 homecoming ., is n :' 1 . . .With the excitement at its highest, the next event was choosing a queen and class princesses. All the nominees were line up, the moment tense, as the flowers were passed out. The princesses were announced first: Pam Coburn, freshmen princess, Marie Cornez, sophomore princess, Julie Hemming, junior princess and then ..... A scream from Abbie Kortan told that crowd who was the new 1974 Homecoming Queen. The other nominees were Kelly Gregg, Marsha Baine, Carolyn Reinke-Queen, Jo Thurman, Margee Ellard, Beth Bartch-junior princess, Marrianne Gellerman, LaDonna Tye-Sophomore princess, Karen Redgwick, Diane Valdix-Freshmen princess. The events of the day ended with a sold out dance. Rock Island played while students and post-graduates either danced or stood around talking about the excitment and memories of the 1974 Homecoming. x 'VV ""7' Above right: Nominees for Queen Carolyn Reinke, Kelly Gregg, Marsha Baine. Below left: Friends rush to congradulate the new Queen. Below right: The 1974 Homecoming Queen, Abbie Kortan. Opposite page: Above: The nominees for Junior ILE? .wi homecoming ,: 1 , princess: Jo Thurman, the new Junior princess, Julie Hemming, Beth Bartch, Margee Ellard. Center left: Sophomore princess, Marie Cornez. Center right: Sophomore princess nominees: LaDonna Tye, Marrianne Gellerman, Marie Cornez. Below left: Freshmen princess nominees: Karen Redgwick, Diane Valdix, Pam Coburn. .J .. IO 0 mf lo lf hom eco m I I-229W 7? QI . '3- 'll l 1 ' if ' I ??0,..I .. X -A ig: is Matchmaker Above center: Nick Discala, Jim Lauderback, Kelly Wilson, and Debbie Reeve harmonize. Below center: Jerry Carlin, Kelly Wilson, and Nancy Depiro decide whether or not to sit down while Nick DiScala hides. Amador's first play of the year was the 6'Matchmaker." The play opened on November 26 and ran through the 27. "Matchmaker', was totally directed by John Clark, a veteran drama student. Staring in the play was Jerry Carlin as Vandegelder, Nancy Depiro as Dolly Levi, Greg Arnett as Ambrose Kemper, Heidi Kulink as Emagard, Jim Lauderback as Cornilius, Kelly Wilson as Irene Molloy, Nick DiSca1a as Barnoby Tucker, and Debbie Reeve as Minnie Faye. Above left: Nancy Depiro and Jerry Carlin talk out problems. Above center: Kelly Wilson listens while Nick DiSmla and Jim Lauderback explain what their doing there. Below left: Kelly Wilson yells at Jim Lauderback while Debbie Reeve looks on. Matchmaker ,E IME Clif ...WV Q ew? Mi" . . s rs te ft xi'-0 K are Q 5 2 is 5 Fi if x .I ljlml Senior Breakfast .qi . Left: Not a dull moment. Center left: Andrea Spooner and Pam Lowell enjoy the antics of Santa. Center right: Beth Eaton grabs the meat. Below left: Milissa Schaffer helps with decorations. Below right: Jeff Mecozzi, our Galloping Gourmet. Opposite page. Center: Jim Scharber, Kim Hack and Julie Elard serve Seniors. Below left: Senior Breakfast result in a stuffed animal feeling. fi 'u Z' 'S W M .fy On December 22, at the Fairgrounds Cafeteria, another Annual Senior Breakfast was prepared, cooked and served with success, with the help of the Breakfast Committee. The menu was scrambled eggs, pancakes, suasage, grapefruit juice and milk. The entertainment was performed by Dave Ames and John Hemphil, who played Christmas carols as the Seniors tried to harmonize. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves when Santa joined us and brought happiness in his sack. This is what he pulled out: "Well kiddies, it's been a long trip but I was bound and determine to be here for the best Senior breakfast ever. I must say it looks lovely. I made such a rush trip I wasn't able to fill all the many requests that came from this group. So Ilooked over the letters and jotted down a few items that maybe Illl be able to take care of for you: For Julie Martin, whois always worried about her frizzy blues, A Toni Home Permanent. For Claudia Gerloff, who seems to always be in the need of them, a pair of personalized crutches. For Jeff Mecozzi, because he's so impressed with himself, a life size self portrait. For Alicia Truffer, who is a constant source of information and to assist her in gathering this information, an 8 line party line. For Kim Hack, who never seems to find a pair of shoes with high enough heels, a pair of stilts. For the Class of '75, a crowbar, to separate Patti and Max. And I believe it was Cathy Vaticano who requested a years supply of pencils and paper, for the constant moocher Dennis Hart. For Laurie Jo Howard, to help preserve her pep and spirit forever, a lifetime subscription to National Cheerleader magazine. For Greg Amaral, to promote his image as the class cowboy, to toy horse. For Toni Beebe, who has her share of feeling under the weather, an all expense paid trip to the nearest Kaiser Hospital. For Bruce Cox, so he can always have someone he can stay ahead of, a pet turtle. For Andy Roman, who has a hard time with our jargon, a dictionary of American slang. For Cathy Vaticano, an Italian Godfather, to help make the Senior Class some offers they can't refuse. For Cindy Thomas, who never seems to slow down, a lifetime supply of tranquilizers. For Bruce Bynum, who really stands out in a crowd, an express ticket to the Land of the Giants. For Carr Clifton, who has more than his share of the morning after blahs, a 25 cup coffee potf' Santa gave a gift to everyone, and told us we had the rest of the day free from school. S1-riiorltlrvakfast I 7.53 I If Above: Varsity Cheerleaders lead a cheer. Center left: A mother and son reunion. Center right: lettergirls show perfect form. Below left: .TV Cheerleaders do a skit about pom pon girls. Below right: Pat Gill portrays a typical Dublin players, mother. It rallies , I" 1 'Yell our cart out "Next we will have a skit..." If you attended any of the rallies this year this would have to be a familiar phrase to you. Performing at each rally were the donnetts, cheerleaders, lettergirls and pom pon girls. One rally included an exchange rally with Dublin. The Dublin spirit squads performed a skit with a take off from the game show "The Price Is Right." Ending each rally was lheplaying of our school song. 9 ' 'WA , L, t .ip K , -rf.. vi z " ' W' -, , . " tif' K ' , M., W.,-..,,,t-. A 7 . l A ar. I N 4 W . i I K .uf ' : . QP' 5 -s xf J S' 4V Qu. .. , ale 4- X 5. 5 1 3 1:13 Z ' fl - ii Qi Y ' . h xv' ' N, 'VP' Crum -ll . g , H a ff 2, N.- 5491 S nior The Seniors of '75, continuing their tradition of rowdiness, once again pulled it off by winning the Spirit Week Trophy. The Seniors presented a novel approach by having guys on the cheerleading squad. Friday was Senior Day, which started 'E is-, r-f. fx 'Winn ,..,p Ah, , 5 A , 5 'K ' ' Sticks Splrlt with the Seniors gathering in the halls and marching into the gym, chanting their song. The contest consisted of 4 girls drinking a can of coke and trying to burp the loudest. To top it off, was the sensational skit, smiliar .to the dating game. Carolyn Reinke had to pick a date between guys numbered 78, 77, 76, and 75. She choose number 75 and received 100 Hawaiian leis. ut The Amador 4'75" Spirit week was once again an success. The Juniors came out and did a skit with take off on the Newlywed game, and the Freshmen did a take off on the Wizard of OZ. Both had excellent contestg Juniors had a relay and Freshmen had a Big Wheel contest. Center left: 1975 Spirit Week Cheerleaders: Row 1: Mary Harris, Lori Hunter. Row 2: Diana Duffy, Stacey Purrington. Row 3: Teresa Dusseatt. Freshmen skit, Wizard of OZ. Fw r pzgz ,g fy y ' tat , ire 1 si'-:F -fi' 9 E gigabit -it ffiuvg -Quia-L51 - ' f - f " 'Ili WNW. V if ,gikvw M gf at' 'Fl O! .LN I I U V .4 4 Sift 5 Q M 5,51 Q Q f r , , J . W' my Y Y X . L, ,i il,-,ff 1 U m -Q" I 123831 spirif week Q5 f 'N ,. ww The annual Donkey Basketball took place on March 12. Returning this year was Lottie O'Neil who was the first women to join the team. The faculty rose to victory again over Boys Block A winning by 2 points. Above left: Mr. Brabbin guides his donkey down court. Above center: Andy Finn looks for ball. Above right: Mr. Lufkin shoots over Rob Lundgren. Center left: Player falls off his donkey. Below left: Players fight with stubborn donkeys. Below right: Rob Lundgren watches ball go in basket. don key basketball 6Ve vetee bblt' is re On February 26 the curtain rose on Amadoras second stage production ofthe year, the Velveteen Rabbit. This play chosen because of its large cast was all about a small stuffed rabbit where by the love of a little boy becomes real. In the title role was Nick DiScals, the little boy was John Clark and Nana was Stephany Smith. The play was directed by Mrs. Adele Denny and student directed by Nancy Ales. 'sa ' K K., K wif tk Above right: John Clark gets a new toy boat for his birthday. Above left: Nick DiScala the Velveteen Rabbit. Center right: Linda Blalock puts on make-up for her mama dool. Center: Mark Franklin the jolly clown. Center left: One of the 4 spelling blocks put on her make-up. Below center: The toys in the toy chest. 240 velveteen rabbit Y gn'-Q I fax Ki 2 is ii ,R fl li 1, 2 i. ef is iQ . if ' si 5? Z XS . 3' fi? i gi 35. v wah. f? E Above center: Cust of Velveteen Rabbit, Above right: Stepliuny Smith picks up after tlie Birthday Party. Below left: Stepliimy Smith gripes about Nzinzfs work. Below right: Bob llartmzm carefully applies his make-up. ip, velveteen rzilvbit ' 2x41 Ol o H Winning only one of three games the varsity basketball team had an appearance in the first ever North Coast Section Playoffs. The Dons started out their venture with a very convincing 58-54 win over the Hayward Farmers. Rolling on into the second game the Don hoopsters lost with a 56-49 decision to Bishop O'Dowd. Striving for a third place . finish, the Dons a ain lost a 41-39 heartbreaker to the Redwood Giants, but Amador did 8 prove that they were number l in something as they walked away with the trophy for the school with the most spirit. I ' 2 it 'Nm- Above right: Ed Costello goes for 2 past Hayward opponent. Above left: Pom pon girls salute our number 1 team. Below right: Jeff lline stretches for a basket. Below center: Jim Turner shoots over Farmers. Below right: Rich Hall strives for footing in defensive encounter. W1 24 NCS .Ji li -ft For the consecutive year, the Dons won the consolation title at the prestigous Tournament of Champions. With one lose to Redwood, and two very convincing wins over Lincoln and O'Dowd, the Dons rolled on to take the highest post any E.B.A.L. team has done in T.O.C. competition. They also were the first team in T.O.C'. history to take this title two consecutive years. Andy Finn was named to the much honored All-Star Tournament Team. Andy is the third one from Amador to ever make this "Dream Team." 1 ,f f ,- f lax 1, ,ea rw 7 4 nga ,., mt i ,"" Above left: Team discusses stradegy. Above center: Andy lfinn gets an easy two. Above right: .left Iline goes for a lay-up. Center left: Mr. Mohatt and team members pose for picture with consolation award. Below left: Andy Finn receives award for being a member of the 'I'.O.C. All Tournament team. ' Below center: Mike Hill thrusts for a two pointer. Below right: lid Costello stretches for a basket. TOC 153450. 1 w v ,5 n 1 i , e A 2 eg Q 5 0 ik ,J 3 554 .Y 1 ' 7 . 0' -ff M ,I 4.x I gf! 'E 1 A Q f f ' , Q ' ' i K C 9 P ,wwf if! I LL L Q l C Q90 G3 L 45: 'O 4 l l Q -vzmuz, .Ka ... X-:J -J J .J ,. .ks 4 .I ' we 4 ,.. X I I I , 4 I I ' . A '-1-Q' ' J A. UKQL -- Ar' i'fv--:"""'Q7""'x. """"q., ' ' . ,,,, 5 ' n ',,, . , ... - , - , U no-A i A - Q - -.-.- , -. R Q h ., ' . ,, , -U , fr- ' .. . a....-..-J-.-.......... '....,....1- :.. -- ' N Bonus Bargains -,Y-.Q 'QW 1 .... am-...ff-.f-ws -MA-. W,-..., ., - V -:W A -A ..: ,-1-:ill .r'c,Y,.rsrfv,,gn-v43,, -itghuxgv , , , W, ,- Y ,L 1A ,Q 1 'ids n gs I i Pleasanton Valley Barber Shop 2739 HOPYARD RD. B46-9835 COME AND SEE JIM AND AL ' .I THEY'LL MAKE YOU LOOK SWELL! I Compliments of Calyornia is oldest state wide sa vin gs association. efp95s s,,o - CITIZENS SAVINGS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION soo MAIN STREETIPLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA 94 TELEPHONE I4IsI 462-5995 - -- :I Amador Sports Er Hobbies COMPLETE IN ALL PHASES OF ATHLETICS BASEBALL, FooTBALL, BASKETBALL, TRACK WRESTLING, CRoss COUNTRY, ETC. SCHOOL AND TEAM UNIFORMS ATHLETIC SHOES - ADIDAS, TIGER, PUMA CONVERSE, WILSON, SPOT-BILT TENNIS EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING HEAD, WILSON, RAWLINGS, SLAZENCER MODELS, HOBBIES, AND ACCESSORIES AMADOR SPORTS 8: HOBBIES 1685 SANTA RITA RD - PLEASANTON 846-5480 41? -E?6Zr' ads . f- 1 OUR PATRONS SAY GOOD LUCK CLASS OF Dr. Donald W. Roberts George F. Pool Dr. Edward W. Schlies 566 CCNGRATULATIONS cLAss OF '75 ' ANTHONY VERDUZCO DENTAL STUDIO INC. "Young Man or Young Lady, Our Industry ls Looking For Young Talent, Consider Dental Technologyf 9 21636 Redwood Road Castro Valley, California 94546 581-7100 581-7126 l ANTHONY VERDUZCO PRES. J f allied brokers 3730 HOPYARD ROAD PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA 94566 TELEPHONE! 846-8116 Rea! Eolala Pubeaoiulalo A Congratulations Class of 75 NAYIONAL. ASSOCIAYVON Momhov F D. I C. P L E A S A N T O N C O R N E R O F MAIN STREET AND BERNAL AVENUE M M - I l - A K' f if 2"' J 1 ' L"' C ,..-- ,-L' 5 f fig V, ,, ,,,.., W L"' ? "M sssa I or ssss A J ek Po a 2 ff PS 2 s A09 le East Bay Office Supply 64 9 M A I N S T . P L E A S A N T O N 248 I ads H. , it 1 Sounds of Sherry 722 MAIN ST. 462-1434 RECORDS, TAPES nu :- AND CASSETTES w 1 THE LUNCH STORE THE MUSIC STORE THE ICE CREAM STORE THE MAGAZINE STORE THE MILK STORE THE SLURPEE STORE THE FOOD STORE "THE SUPER STORE" 4305 VALLEY AVE. PERRY'S WINES + LIQUORS 4301 VALLEY AVE PLEASANTON 462 3800 I522 RAILROAD AVE LIVERMORE 4 3, ,F -mxzon cumnc HOURS EVERY DAY 9 I0 FRIDAY + SAT 9 II FORMULATED ESPECIALLY 'FOR MIN S PERRY s HAS THE LARGEST SELECTION OF WINES 8: l.lQuoRs IN THE VALLEY K 'HAIR ANALYSIS IN DOWNTOWN PLEASANTON I M OF PLEASANTON GEUMETRIL' HAIR SHAPIIVG 8 STYUIVG FOR DISCRIMINATING MEN In WOMEN JILL -mow wAvlNG CONTOUR CUTTING "-" 'TINTING'DYEING 'STRAIGHTENING 1 F? FOR MEN S AND WOMEN S HAIR APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 846 9912 WM 'I64 MAIN STREET PLEASANTON FOR QUALITY USED GRAPHIC ARTS EQUIP INC OFFSET PRESSES LETTER PRESSES BINDERY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 75 "WI COMPOSING ROOM ENGRAVING Coast Prmtlng Equlp Co Inc 508 4TH ST I4I5 495 6010 N IVIERICAN CLEANERS 94107 555 MAIN ST PLEASANTON , UH W. pr I . 'QF I ' IX , 5 x. gf F " I L . I . ' ' 0 I A I 1 I HAIRI 1 I ' I l l 1 I I I 4 h M M 1 M M I T I I I A EII X fi ' - ,ff ,A I I I I I' I - ,. I - HIIF I I GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1975 QC Sage A we ' ,P 3 f 'OJ ,4 - B00 ks ,- 2 .I Q, 1 I 4307 VALLEY AVE PLEASANTON 846-8500 I I l 1 1 1 1 i ln, v-.,,..., ..f:,pq.,-,,, , , ....-..-....,V., W... H V.-Y . mv- Y ----W -- - - - - . - W --Y - -M--H .' V 11 A ' - , .gf 5-1? W 5 - .F--v ,, A4 FR KLI AVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION California's oldest 561 Main St.,Telephone 462-1331 Home Office: Eighth and Market St., San Francisco 'O .,,c J ?339fOf7Y RICHARD mx , Q ,,,O1 ,,.- 115 BURTON COURT 'A 5,17 f' ,,-- wl x -". DANVILLE, cA1.1F 94526 R f Ax PHONE! 1415, 837-B712 11, 1, fi' f' i -3 . Qhxwmnvmgff ,H MV , N 1 , R w E I: 1 H , 5,693 1 Q I if , gi, I fb sf i A-7? 4 21 ,,, A ,L Jostens OF CALIFORNIA CREATORS OF FINE CLASS RINGS, AWARDS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, YEARBOOKS AND DIPLOMAS 'Q N X H ,,,, X , , 5 1' ,, gif' , 1 ' -6 1"' WM H W. W ?-QE. fwffcii ,'mZ:1:.. , ' ' , M 1 A 'N' ,L , v V' 9 ' A F . ,. 1- f if w 680 MAIN STREET THANK YOU AMADOR HIGH SCHOOL FOR YOUR SUPPORT 846-4804 Q - 1 - - i - - 1 ad ' 1- -z- 1 an , , , 1 gif I Kee I Coleman - I I I . Studlo I I I I I I I I ' I if I " uv . If 2 ' - ""'-""' I I CFSBTIVB Yearbook Photography ". 57: J' 1-,,I 5' If- " ,mf 1 I 'H-I S 22128 MISSION BLVD ,Ig Q Fai I-IAYWARD 537 4667 l ,.,VV fi If my , V ' ALSO IN SAN FRANCISCO at SACRAMENTO I S, .ada In 4221 got X Bef .og SAID THE ACE OF SPADES TO THE QUEEN OF HEARTS nTHERE'S So MUCH 1 COULD SAY" 'IMY HOUSE OF CARDS HAS ALL THE PARTS TO EXPRESS IN EVERY wAY" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF x75 r '----unwuwa1vinmggJ WW HOUSE OF CARDS HCARDS FOR ALL EXPRESSIONSH zsss HOPYARD RD. PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA 94566 462-4244 DOROTHY'S PLEASANTON FLORIST 660 Main St. Pleasanton Congratulations to the Senior Class THE CHEESE FACTORY BANK OF AMERICA 830Mai"St'e7t T.,.. I 'EZAJ ads . . 5 I TRUST NATIONAL SAVINGS 8: ASSOCIATION PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA 530 MAIN ST. Pleasanton, Calif. Phone 846-2577 The Cheese Factory of Pleasanton ' in Santa Cruz 2-1620 E. Cliff Drive " in Dublin Rhodes Golden Hills 7898 Dublin Boulevard ' in Pleasanton 830 Main Street 4' ln Los Banos: Mission Tesoro Shopping Center - 1 l H CARATTI Mffffllllllg J EWE LE R S 793 RINCON AT PINE 447-2381 LIVERIVIORE SHOPPING QNAAI CENTER S I 'IG 9 E k ' E - ALSO A X X' IVIAIN STREET ly PLEASANTON EXPERT WATCH REPAIR LONGINES - SEIKO - BULOVA - ACCUTRON CUSTOM MADE RINGS AND EARRINGS KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS Free! EAR PIERCING WITH PURC 'IASE OF' EARRINGS WARREN WADE ART GALLERY T- If Vans XA I., Q CUSTOM FRAMING 14 ' I A A ITLVI I 1 .HIE JOSEF EIDENBERGER ' I -' t-IIA 1 'PI AND - I I I II ' AIA- it AAR KASIMIR ETOI-IINGS , A I, .J , I ' ,W ' 'f.g,':Q iQ, Ip' . EUROPEAN ETOI-IINGS 53g.'13.,4,,f? f 1 .I,"f-j,i..Qs.. ' 4 , LIMITED EDITIONS . T ' I ,Q-7515, I ' . - ,FEA 9 'Q ART SUPPLIES I, PH A "' V- rev' ir figiv I" -A V ,.' 2' 'wah' we 'LE' v,.,,f'A.,v,p ff' Ri' A I 459 MAIN ST. 462-1818 PLEASANTON I 1 I I I Congratulations to the Class of 1975 from 'A A , R Ihemosnnnnv : : 255. " ' 555134:g:-:.:!gC-:-:-a-,-.- -A - 2771 HOPYARD RD. INEAR AI.PI-IA BETA MARKET, PLEASANTON, CALIF. PHONE 462-1752 l 1 I .IIINTL 55 I I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '75 Koopmann Linoleum T1-1E STAFF of AMADOR I BOB KOOPMANN LICENSED CONTRACTOR - c-61-179233 TILE CARPET WALLPAPER I 401 MAIN ST. PHARMACY CARI.. H, SUNINER PLEASANTON 8I'6'Z"67 1763 santa Rita Rd. Phone 846-3261 Pleasanton, California Emergency 283-6576 300 good, stead jobs. IV 1'f1111v1'a1r1c111 and I't'p6i1I'IT'll'IT Cooks, eItvct1'1c1anS, mefhcal mdvs, rnvtw1114t1It1g1sts lI111111't111cIm1ss1Ic ma1r1t1111a11w men ILKTVII 1 X1 'T II:-11t 1r1strur:to1's, WIIII the' Iv-st 1'tqu1pmt-11t m1I1ta111abIQ, and fuII pay WIIIIU Wo'vo got over Iotus111co11s1ruut1o11, t1'a11sp0rtat1On,COmr1'1ur11Cat1Or1S,Computers Iwhs Iur pI1otoqrapI1ors, prmters, tr114'IctIr1vc1's, teachers, typ1sts, Ioizs for me1n,a11cIw11111f'n It Ins 1n E11ropv,Hawa11, Pa11ama,AIaSka1,tI1c1 Far East,a111I111st aI11111tf1:1y 111 th1'Statos 1,1 1 , , , 1'11'I1trd1n yot1t111I11tI1:'1uI1s Tram you wr-II, 111 good sc hools, 11111 It-1 vc111t1'1111 11,11 ads Ityf1111111aI1ty,wt-II1g1v1-youyu11r1'I1u1v1111I1ra111111q,andp11t1t IIIXVIIIIII41 ' 1 -y1111S1ry11u11 U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION -411 SOUTH L ST LIVERMORE, CA 94550 i TELEPHONE 455-T121 .--ff THE DOUBLE TAKE 641 MAIN STREET PLEASANTON FEATURING: PANTS, ToPS, AND LONG DRESSES Fon THE JuN1oRS AND CONTEMPORARY Miss 462-1400 - CONGRATULATIONS 8: BEST wlsHEs TO THE CLASS OF 1975 MAY HAPPINESS, PEACE AND SUCCESS BE YOURS IN THE COMING YEARS Q i BACK Row, 1.-R LAURETTA sEl.Bo, CAROLYN wol.F, AL WALBURG, RON MAGSTADT, KAY HESS, DUANE HESS FRONT Row, 1.-R GARY WRIGHT, RAE WINSLOW, Lucv REDO, Do'r'rlE: SOMERSETT, GAYLE JOHNSON Phone: 846-5642 ' geaufy WooL f 'PE f G3 , I 3 ex ' fa f.swn .., '03 ., f9'4f'A 'fi 4' HX . 3 214, . I 'U ' -I if M fa v . .'.' "v L , MGM!! 66014 616 Main Street Pleasanton, Calif. 94566 rfscun vnnooxs CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975 Warren M. Annis General Insurance Broker 99 W. Neal Street Pleasanton, California - Phone 846-3274 ' Wwe ' Z bf ii V ' 944 ' ou? Wlthout you tlus book 0v,llllll,t have Mrs. Dorot If Mr. Don Freem Q. 1 J hotys rom: E ' iwl63S53 on Tags 'I' rijvaxjy Helgd etelg Ijfyiffith 'QD Xxylike Bjiley J A: 'iv -Pat Jones ' and the 1975 Don Days S h Jim Lauderhac paris:-no-- 0'-' I- .mt hw! ......f-v 'M x - ' 3 Q N ,, , " ..,,,,,,...,..,f - . km A .... ....-.,,,, -,. W ...M -av -M ' Nsllecki Verduzco Baie Check-out. Your total is S 0 Vx Vr,.M- Y, 1 ,Q I. A, ,hwy ,-.1,..V,,,.,,.........w... 1. 4,-QL. .V Q ..- . - up 1 .L .W W V U - -gp.- W-af' . -1 W- w n 'REQ . .w . -ms ' k 1 f

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1975, pg 35

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