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767' ffjem WW MZZXM MVQPJM N jj in if My fjfgwf ff' M M M Z1 Y W MQW M M , jf, , W V A 1 . ' ef A ,WWW ik f M NX U' ' yy 5, ,N V M i L yyfm wwf F f 5 X 3 , if I x 1 ' f ! f , flz ' y 'f . , ff - 1 O . G v I ' u We present- From the green Fertile landscape of our valley To the jewel-oak-studded Hills of our varied terrain A poetic reminiscence Of memorable days At Amador High in Pleasanton, California! Our Table of Contents - In this l954 yearbook. Wisdom . . - Go Forth Blowing Scarf ot Stars Flash of the Game 311 dba The recorded events of a year m A poetic entre to the rolls oi memory Directed by Co editors Geraldine Gray and Eleanor DeTata 9 7954 . 5 . . 10 . . . 24 Youth ls Ours . . 42 Q, S JJ' 52215 .QE 322, if :ala . rr' ' S2 M Q k V A f 'wiiesfsa , X x I Q 365 12, . vim, 7: af .-'31 r 1-f -f rw' IA.. 1- v 5 x if f.:' vs 5 1 if 4 91 Q I ln' ,- 5 5 J ft? 'ggi iv, Hi EQq L1'f5 .f'. .L f ,J 3 ff:- if 5'f3l,H14,s:f?, , .nu:'.L.m, ' Hun ' ' ' - f 1. , -51 v O 'O ,u gm it rl , Q ' v Q, Qin I A I Always giving their atten- tion and efforts to us, are Mr. George Patterson, vice-prin- cipal, and Mr. Willard An- derson, principal of Amador High. - Mr. Edwin Burr, Board of Education. These are our friends and constant helpers. Mrs. Wini- tred Barrett. Mrs. Diane An- drade, always smiling, an- swering our questions, and serving the school. Ag, Mr. Dan Pons, Mr. Walter Lonsdale, Mr. Karl Klutts, and last, but not least, Mr. Ahramo Reqalia - they are the polishers, keepers, bear- ers ot the banner, and as- sistants to all. In fields where hate has hurled Its force where folly rots Shall be unfurled Small as forget me nots CU :id ,fi i W W . .-..4-..w-waunun-uu- 'ii ll ls -qn-nf Our board of education, Iohn Busch, Henry Moller, Alan Henry and John Ruppel are led by superintendent Donald Eddie to torm a first-rate school district. Edwin Burr appears on the opposite page. A spirit of cooperation - Neil Sweeney, head coach, is the symbol of cooperation not only to his teams, but his classes. Filled with the spirit ol giving - Helen Vardon shares with her pupils the art of speaking the language and understanding the customs of ioreiqn countries. 3, Like a queen in wonderland - Catharine Nugent reigns supreme as keeper of beauty and mistress of home-management. The eternal and worthy knowledge - Esther Arrasmith teaches in the field of iournalism. Good-natured, always smiling - Don Seaver. A team basketball coach. can be seen on the gym floor with the boys or in a classroom with eager freshmen. The creative hand and mind - Robert Fritz can be seen under a car, teach- ing industrial arts. or iorming a vase 3' CHEMISTRY Future scientists and college hopefuls are these students of chemistry - LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Salcc. T. Iorgensen, P. Wheeler, R. Triminghum, L. Oxsen, Mr. Green. SPANISH Buenos Dias! These students of Spanish learn by conversation- LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Gray, S. Crowe, R. Moldt, K. Whitaker, Mrs. Vcxrdon, L. Wauhcxb, P. Henry, B. Vertrees, I-I. Snyder, D. Dutrcr. CERAMICS Mr. Fritz's quidinq hand forms clay into beautiful pottery. These are the boys who will some day have such a skilled hand - HOMEMAKING The Future Homemakers of America say, Toward New Horizons - LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Riebli, D. Terra, Miss Nugent, L. Gibson, N. Schmidt, L. Ruposa. si Drama the expression of life - Mr. Lana The grand the turmoil the steady buzz helps the students of Amador express lite Iune Stoerksl teaches her students the right through stage design and directing. and wrong of good secretarial practice DRAMA These are the actresses and actors who someday hope to reach stardom 3 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lune. B. Iones, E. Oxsen, N. Coreqo, I-I. Flutters, L Peterson. AUTO MECHANICS Grease monkeys, mechanics, hot rods, all are on the minds of these auto shop fellows - LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Pudwill, F. Bosca- rello. A. Iensen, D. Mills. LIBRARY Yes, you can even find M. Mar- tin and Ii Nebel in the library at Amador. Klmmm, A second mother to her boys - Mar- iorie Schoen teaches everything from cooking, cabinet making, personality development. to the three R's. .A - I Master of the agricultural team -- Bl Thorson can be seen riding on a tractor. shearing the sheep. and in- structing the 1-'.F.A. M1150 W7 R 4 W .ir gr Science is the world-Wil- She returns from jolly liam Greene instructs tu- England - Ian Hunning- ture scientists in many haus once again teaches courses. P.E. 1' 'fa ty .,.. , ,ya The sparkling rhythm ot Lift your voices to the sparkling notes-Tom Car' - William Lopez and lin hears and helps the choral make sweet budding musicians. 9 ----------At the second hour, it was as if one said. Hn Jmflz, And the winter constellations thai are like patient ox-eyes Sank below the white horizon ozt the north. Iohn Gould Fletcher in DENNIS ALLEN NICK COREGE STEPHEN CROWE ELEANOR DeTA'I'A ,fl 11+-'P SENIGR U1 UD CAROL DQVOR IANICE DOOLEY CLARENCE DUTRA W 'I r HICARDO ESTRADA LOHRAINE GIBSON HELEN FLATTERS GERALDINE GRAY IOANN GARCIA IANET GRIFFITH DANFORD GELLEBMAN IEAN HENDERSON LOIS GIBSON PHILIP HENRY YT' LO CD 114 I s. 'C CLASS fw My pk V7 N1 LO CD 1-'I , As 'im Q N A' .x ,Q ff' W N ALAN JENSEN ' CLAUDIA MOYOT CHARLES KING SHARON MCCUMBER TOY ANN LEITOH EMII. OXSEN DONALD MILLS RONALD PACANOWSKI RITA MOLDT LOUISE PATTERSON CLASS SENICDR 1 5 RONALD RAPOSA BARBARA REASONER BONNIE HEASONER IOSEPH RIEBLI I LOLA PETERSON IACK PONS GLEN PUDWILI. SENIGR V THERESA ROSA IERRY SALAC NANCY SCHMIDT FRED SCHAFER I x X WJ Wx ELIZABETH SNYDER DELORES TEHRA DONALD TONELLI if 'Y CJ j-F ' s I WILLIAM VERTREES FRANK VIADA MICHAEL WATSON I.aVERNE WAUHAB KENNETH WHITAKER THOMAS ZAHO PROM STAGS FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Crowe, P. Arrasmith. SEC- OND ROW: N. Corege. I. Macius. THIRD ROW: B. Byrd, M. Kyes, R. Regalia, G. Schoen. LO GD . ,-. CLASS rv dctw Derrnrs Allen tMechanrcsl Denny has beer' busy du rng hrgh school vears partrcrpatrrrg rn sports 'rl was seen on the baseball dramond football freld and baske call court Nrck Corege CMechan1csl Nrckre was an a trve member of Block A and enroyed Drama Teens He ok part rn Mel ody lones Wolves and My Srster Erlecn Stephen Crowe tCollege Prepl Stephen the All Amerrcan Boy was a lrfe member of C S F a baseball and band mern ber a representatrve to Boys State and a wrnner of the Foley Award Eleanor Anne DeTata CCollege Prepl Ellre spent a tern as ludge of the student body co edrtor of l954 Don Days member of Block A and won the l-hgh School Poetry An thology A ard twrce Lorrarne Grbson tBusrnessl Lorrarne a devotee of band busrness and socral behavror played the clarrnet rn the Dons Band for rallres and parades She was gay and happy Geraldrne Gray CCollege Prepl Gerry became co edrtor of Don Days an actrve member rn Block A F H A and Span rsh Club an actress rn Melody lones and co charrman of the 1953 Carnrval lanet Grrffrth tCollege Prepl Trme meant nothrng to lan when she partrcrpated rn Student Councrl A SB Hrstorran A S B Parlrarnentarran Spanrsh Club Presrderrt F H A A E S and the Senror Play lean Henderson fBus1nessl lean spent a busy trme partrcr patrng rn actrvrtres concerned wrth school sprrrt She was head marorette and yell leader Her dancrng was entoyed rn the Chrrstmas show THE IUNIOR PROM LEFT TO RIGHT K Whitaker P Barnes A Iensen G Ccuro F Haynre B Recxsoner E Oxsen C Thatcher G Cano L Mourterot R Reasoner M Abrogcrst at the lunror Prom Carol DeVor lBusmessl Carol was a member rn good stand rrrg of the Band Club for four years was actrve rn sports as a member of GA A and Block A and worked on the Don Days lanrce Dooley fCollege Prepl lanrce transferred from Brloxr Senror Hrgh School rn Mrssrssrppr She had great abrlrty rn the freld of sports as rndrcated by Block A and G A A Rrchard Dutra lCollege Prepl Drckre was qurte a student around the halls of Amador He was an assocrate ludge member of C S F actrve rn l S A played B basketball and Won the Bank of Amerrca Mathernatrcs Award Rrcardo Estrada CCollege Prepl Hrs forestry experrence was an lmportant rtem rn hrs lrfe Trade school seems to be the marn thrng on hrs program at thrs trme Helen Platters CBusrnessl Helen transferred from Central Hrgh rn London England She played the part of a southern cutre rn the Serrror Play Offrce practrce was her forte IoAnrr Garcra CBusrnessl Grrls Block A was loAnn s pas trme but she was actrve rn Band and Student Councrl She showed great sprrrt as yell leader for the basketball season Danford Gellerman CMechanrcsl The auto shop was Dan s favorrte spot at school One could frnd hrm rn Student Councrl Block A and class events where he served as Presrdent Lors Grbson CBusrnessl An rnterested partrcrpant rn the frelds of musrc homemakrng and offrce work Lors gave all of her spare trme to those endeavors Phrl Henry CCollege Prepl Phrl the crooner exercrsed hrs vocal cords as Block A Presrclent member of C S F and player on the basketball court and football freld Alan Iensen tAgrrculturel Alan has already made plans for the future to attend Davrs Hrs work rn auto shop and agrrculture was precrs and won htm the Bank of Amerrca Vocatronal Award Charles Krng fGenerall Charles transferred from Lancaster Hrgh Lancaster South Carolrna He was rnterestecl rn Jour nalrsm and became busrness manager of the 1954 Don Days loy Ann Lertch tCollege Prepl loy Ann transferred from Notre Dame Academy rn Alameda Upon enterrng Amador she became a member ol CSF Student Body Secretary and IS A Donald Mrlls tMechanrcsl When students watched the foot ball team rn actrorr they saw a lrttle fellow who ran lrke a streak of lrght Halfback Donnre carrred the ball to many touchdowns Rrta Moldt CCollege Prepl Rrta was outstandrng She was a seal bearer rn C S F won the D A R Award played rn the band won the Hockey Award and the Bank of Amerrca Lrb eral Arts Cup Claudra Moyot lBusrnessl Lrttle Claudra could easrly have gotten lost rn the halls she was so short She wrll someday become an excellent homemaker wrth her experr ence rn F H A Sharon McCumber tHome Economrcsl Sharon transferred from Medford Hrgh Oregon and became Student Body Vrce Presrdent and Senror Class Presldent She was leadrng lady rn the Senror Play . 1 T - 1 1 . l . . 1 1 ' A 6 I 1 . ' V . , 1. 1 , C 1 . 11 11 11 11 . . 11 1 1 - - - 'Q - , . .1 11 . H rr rr rr 1 r1 1 - 1 ' ' x - 1 1 11 1 . 1 . 1 1 . 1 - - -1 , . . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 . 1 1, 1 1. 11 1 11 - 1 - f 1 . ' 1 ' 1 ' : . 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 - 1 . . 1 11 11 . 11 11 - . . 1 11 11 - . 1 1 - . , - . 1 ., . 1 1, I 1 - ' 11 1 11. . . . . . 1 1 11 11 1 - - -1 - - - 1 . 1 11 1 1 11 1 . I 1 1 1 1 ll ll . ' , . 1 1 - Emil Oxsen fMechanicsl. Emil might be headed for Broad- way. He was active in Drama Teens and took versatile parts in Melody Tones and My Sister Eileen. Ronald Pacanowski llndustriall. Ronnie transferred from Blue Island High, Blue Island, Illinois, in his senior year. He made a good stagehand for drama and worked on The Board backstage. Louise Patterson CCollege Prepl. Louise transferred from Our Lady of Mercy High, Burlingame, California. She was active in Spanish Club, F.H.A. and enjoyed participation in drama. Lola Peterson lCollege Prepl. Lola, our songbird, was active in choral and band. Her spirit bubbled and took form as a cheerleader and majorette. She played well in Melody lanes. lack Pons tBusinessJ. The band needed a good major and found one for three years in lack. He was Don Days adver- tising manager in 1952 and editor of the Amadon the same year. Glen Pudwill fMechanicsJ. Glen spent his time working on the stage and in plays. He played the policeman in My Sister Eileen. He took great interest in auto mechanics. Ronald Raposa CBusinessJ. Ron transferred from San Lo- renzo High School. He not only belonged to A.E.S. but spent much time on the baseball diamond, playing in the outfield. Barbara Reasoner lBusinessJ. Barbara represented our school in many parades as a pompon girl. This gave her membership in the Band Club. She was a member of F.H.A. Ronald Reasoner fMechanicsl. Basketball and automobiles were the main school interests of Ronnie. He was an active participant in the hot-rod Blockbusters. Ioe Riebli fAuto Mechanicsl. The band will certainly miss Ioe and his rhythm on the drums. His game of football led him to membership in Block Theresa Rosa tBusinessl. A cute little secretary Theresa will someday make. She has had experience as F.H.A. and G.A.A. Treasurer and Secretary. For trimness she belonged to Block Gerald Salac fCollege Prepi. Ierry transferred from Wash- ington Union. His all-round personality won him friends and his spirit proved worthy cs Student Body President and in Block Nancy Schmidt CHomemakingl. Becoming a good home- maker is Nancy's goal. She was a sports enthusiast as a member of Block Class activities and A.E.C. kept her busy. Fred Schafer lCollege Prepl. Freddie was Vice-President of the Freshman Class, an F.F.A. member and was seen on the basketball court. He had a part in the Senior Play. Elizabeth Snyder fCollege Prepl. Liz may become a great writer. Her poetry and ceramics achievements won her the Bank of America Fine Arts Award. She was in Block Spanish Club and A.E.S. Delores Terra fHomemakingl. A stitch in time saves nine was her motto in Homemaking. Her garments were well tai- lored. She was active in F.l-I.A. Donald Tonelli fCollege Prept. Donald liked his forestry work in the summer. During the school year his time was spent working on his car and in Spanish Club. William Vertrees fCollege Prepl. A future scientist, Bill ex- celled in experiments. He won the the state prize in the Handicapped Essay contest. C.S.F., I.S.A., Spanish Club and student affairs were his activities. Ian Griffith, Lola Peterson, Nick Coreqe and Mike Watson enact a scene in Melody Iones . Frank Viada fCollege Prepl. The one and only Sparky made a fine quarterback in football. Basketball and baseball completed his strong sports role at Amador. He belonged to Block Michael Watson fCollege Prepl. Scoop was our sports writer. He always covered the games with enthusiasm as a sports scorekeeper and wrote excellent articles for the Ama- don. LaVerne Wauhab fCollege Prepi. A business manager would have a fine bookkeeper if he employed LaVerne. She had the difficult job of Student Body, Class, G.A.A. and F.H.A. Treasurer. Kenneth Whitaker fCollege Prepl. Ken took office as Stu- dent Body President the last semester of his junior year. He acquired experience as Sophomore President and as a mem- ber of Block Thomas Zaro fGenerall. Tom had an artistic hand when he drew and painted posters. He was very interested in auto mechanics and was always working on cars or trucks. Fred Schafer and Helen Platters watch Emil Oxsen and lean Henderson struggle with Sharon McCumber. I SENICB ERS SENIOR CLASS Graduation night for the 47 Seniors meant the end of four years of studies, dances, parties, and sports. PFI The Freshman Picnic, supervised by Miss Nugent and Mr. Holden, was held at the Old Hearst Ranch. The Coleman Foley award was bestowed upon two outstanding students, Dolores Newberry and Bill Vertrees. The Big lig, a stag get-together, was a successful Sophomore Hop. Leading the students in scholastic ability was Stephen Crowe. Dolores Newberry reigned over the Halloween Carnival as queen and Mr. Sweeney became class adviser. Kenneth Whitaker and lerry Salac served as Stu- dent Body Presidents. The Iunior Prom An Ocean Dream, was a magnificent affair with mermaids, a giant clam shell, and a flourescent octqsus. A smart Senior Ball crowned four glorious years at Amador that will always be remembered by the graduating class of 1954. IUNIOR CLASS The Stars shone brightly the night the Iunior class presented its beautiful dreamy prom, Stardust Paradise. The gardens and waterfall behind the wall were enchanting. There are many outstanding scholars and leaders in this class. Ann Marie Biebli became Madame President. Paul Arrasmith was chosen Lord and Master of the student court. loe Mctcias proved his playing experience in football by being awarded the Parks Air Force Base trophy. The Iuniors have proved their ability in leadership and will surely take the lead next year not only as Seniors, but true students of Amador. PRBIDENTS VICE PRESIDENTS SECRETARIE TREASUHERS ADVISERS I Salas: and S McCumbor E. Oxun and I. Griffith I. Garcia and R. Raposa T. Rosa and L Wauhab Miss Nugent and Mr Sweon is eq WT.. v3 H JUNIQR QQ? . LO OU Q Yil FIRST ROW, lett to right: Mrs. Schoen, I.. Newberry. A. Riebli, R. Rabello, R. Teczon, N. Tonelli. S. Palmer, I. Mello, B. Reasoner, A. Spence. SECOND ROW: L. Oxsen. P. Arrasmith, I. Butz, I. Meuleveld, T. Uhrinak, P. Wheeler. I. Nebel, Tinga, I. Talbott, Mr. Lane. THIRD HOW: Mr. Fritz, M. Martin, P. Booker, R. Heqalia, . oqers, I.. Shatter, I. Macias, T. Iorqenson, H. Trimingham. IUNIOR OFFICERS First Semester Vice President, T. Haynie: Secretary, Ft. Teczon: Treasurer, A. Riebli: Presi- dent. L. Schaiier. IUNIOR OFFICERS Second Semester FIRST ROW, lei! to right: 5. Gritiitts, K. Byrne. G. Bunch, H. Avilla, M. McCracken Iensen: Vice President, K. Byrne. McMahon, G. Cairo. Boscarello, L. Garcia, I. Clark, H. Galanida. SECOND ROW: H. Guasco, R. Harvey: Burkhardt, D. I-Ielqesen, D. Beach, I. Baker, I. Hilton, O. Lutz, D. Arnold. THIRD ROW: Secretary, I-I. Galanida: Treasurer, B. Haynie, H. Hodgdon, B. Byrd, B. Jensen, F. Haynie, D. Edwards, L. Massa, 1. Casella, , ,X Q ,Q ll ff! If Cf ! my E I J N .W m I-IIE'-1 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Tony Fisher, M. Bernard, C. Dehn, B. Anselmo, G. Cairo, F. Demeyer. SECOND ROW: Miss Stoerkel, I. Bartram, W. Clark, L. Dorsett, N. Egge, S. Eastman, R. Cortez. THIRD ROW: C. Casterson, I. Douglass. R. Andrade, A. Caldeira, Tom Fisher, P. Dooley. S. Barthel. .. Q1 . 1 ,YI 3,57 I rt , I ' FIRST ROW, leit to right: D. Salac, I. Watanabe, I. Santana, A. Lara, S. Rogers. SECOND ROW: G. Hansen, E. Wicksteed, R. Marler, P. Terra. S. Look. THIRD ROW: A. Oswill, I. VonMoos, C. Stewart, F. Teixeira, G. Kost. OFFICERS First Semester Secretary, D. Salac: Vice President, B. Mc- Rae: President, W. Clark: Treasurer, I. VonMoos. OFFICERS Second Semester Secretary, I. Douglass: Vice President, N. Eqge, President, R. Paulo: Treasurer, P. Watson. 511 mmm, No lonqer Considered the small fry these Sophomores have begun to develop and show their ability in rnany of the hiah school activif ties and productions. The fall semester found Sylvia Eastman associate judae and Noel Eqae a cute cheer- leader. The football field had two eager beavers, Ronald Paulo and Arnold Caldeira, diaainq up the turf with football cleats. FIRST ROW, leit to right: J. Henderson, M. Zaro, H. Lenz. A. Larson, L. Lund, I. Griffitts, B. McRae. SECOND ROW: Mr. Seaver, A. Simpson, V. Sober. R. Paulo, D. Oswill, T. Plato, N. Mendonca. R. Teczon. THIRD ROW: T. I-Iammons, K. I-Iansen, B. Fullerton. G. Baxter, I.. Schenk. B. Iones, R. Chavarria, A. Robertson. 'I I' 'Xa , W I it l OFFICERS First Semester Secretary, I. Viada, Treasurer L. Githens, President, M. Haynie: Vice President, T. Fields. OFFICERS Second Semester Secretary-Treasurer, S. Thomsen, President, L. Githens, Vice President, R. Teczon. A new and exciting phase of life blossomed before these Fresh eyes as they entered their first year of hiqh school. Penny Sekany proved her artistic ability by winning the poster contest during the bond election. The band acquired a bass player, Eddie Tinqa and many of the boys played lunior Varsity football. Under the supervision of Miss l-lunninqhaus and Mr. Thorson the school picnic was an extravagant affair held at Elderberry Park. FIRST ROW, leit to right: B. Fullerton, I. West, C. Kolb, H. Cordova, T. DeVor, D. Banks, D. Anderson, S. Aochi, P. Aquinid. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thorsen, R.Mullins, I. Georgis, M Fuller, I. Quintana, R. Giger. C. Lonsdale, I. Davis, T. Corege, B. Balma. THIRD ROW M. Arboqast, H. Brewer, E. Gomez, T. Wotlord, F. Saenz, S. Garcia, D. Galanida, B. Beratlis, W. O'Brien, E. Bolton. FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Maniz, M. Nolan, S. Thomsen, D. Smart, A. McCarty, IoAnn Perry, C. Thatcher. SECOND ROW: P. Griliitts, P. Hewitson, C. Peterson, K. Snow, I. Uhrinak, B. McCracken, N. And- rade. THIRD ROW: C. Frager, D. Costalupes, P. Gronley, Ruben Teczon, I. Boscarello, M. Plato, E. Ti nga, W. Rivera. FIRST ROW, lelt to right: T. Cox, A. Macias, N. Reasoner, M. Rahello, M. Lenninq, P. Sekany, S. Watson, K. Wooton, G. Iunkin, P. Dehn, Joyce Perry, P. Magpionq, C. Tondag. SECOND ROW: I. Hernandez, Miss Hunninqhaus, L. Medeiros, I. Andresen, T. Fields. A. Caudill, R. Burkhardt, I. Hamamoto, G. Perry, M. Haynie, A. Moldt, G. Hall, I. Viada, E. Tucker. THIRD ROW: L. Larson, M. Kyes, B. Reinhart, I.. Maxwell, L. Githens, B. Hernandez, D. Craig, T. Drew, B. Soderlund, M. Hicks, E. Malies, A. Williams. ll X yttyt . .. ,. .... t ..,.... ...,.. ,... .1 ' f l 15936. ' ':'-:-.- 1 1.2-H .-:'1:-:r-: A .-:-: ff: E' lll lll llllllllll 45 1? 5 ,.. up ' H , ' ., Who is the runner in the skies, With her Blowuzq, SCH!!! of. Steam, Rnd our earth cmd sun hovering like bees about her blossoming heart! Icnnes Oppenheim 5 Associate Iudges S. Eastman, D. Dutra Vice President S. McCumber, Secretary I. Leitch Treasurer L. Wauhab, Stores Accountant M. Watson, Parliamentarian I. Griffith. Historian B. Reasoner ZF... Iudge Eleanor De'I'ata and President Ierry Salac FIRST SEIVIESTER The Student Government got off to a booming start with li 'E Ierry Salac holding the gavel as President, while Eleanor DeTata, ludge, passed sentence on Violators of the constitu- tion. Sharon McCumber was Vice President for the second consecutive semester and LaVerne Wauhab did a wonder- ful iob as Treasurer, assisted by Secretary Leitch. Traffic rules, pedestrian and traffic laws, were supported by the students. The student body officers became Control Officers. The student council members under the supervision of Mrs. Arrasmith spent a glorious week end at Strawberry thus ending their term of office. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW. left to right: I. Salac, N. Mendonce, T. Plato, W. Clark. L. Wauhab. S. McCumber, K. Byrne, H. Galanida. SECOND ROW: B. Vertrees, R. Triminqham, I. Riebli, S. Crowe, N. Coreqe. L. Shaffer, H. Moldt, M. Haynie. President Ann Marie Riebli. Iudge Paul Arrasmith SECOND SEMESTER Ann Mdrie Hiebli took ottice os Student Body President. Pdul Arrosmith, with two copoble ossistonts, Ierry Douqloss ond Morqie Bernard, ruled the court. A courtesy proqrom wos instolled by the president ond her copoble officers, Rosie Teczon, Bonnie Beosoner, Helen Golanido, Iohn Tolbott, ond loe Mocios. The purpose ot this wos to help the students understand porliomentory procedure and to be considerote of their tellow students. The student council discussed plorns to invest in d new sound system for the ouditorium ond qyrn ond the drdpinq of the oruditorium. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW. left to right: K. Byrne. D. Salac, H. Platters, H. Galanida, H. Teczon, R. Paulo, P. Sekany, N. Mendonca. SECOND ROW: T. Hoynie, K. Whitaker, G. Salac, E. Snyder, S. Crowe. I. Riebli, L. Githens. Associate ludqes I. Douglass, M. Bernard Vice President R. Teczon, Secretary B. Reasoner Treasurer H. Galanida, Stores Accountant G. Oxsen Historian I. Santana. Parliamentarian I. Talbott S mkdmd. BOND CHORUS L. Polerson, H. Lenz, N. Eqqe. A. Rlabli, R.'l'oczon. K. Byrne. S. McCumbor, E. DoTu!a. HIGH WINDOW S. McCumbor, E. Oxson. N Congo. I.. Patterson, I Griffiih. WINTER SUNSET B. lonnn. M. Bernard M. Zara. I.. Wauhab. G. Gray. Mrl. Arrasmilh and E. Da'l'ala an moolinq lo discus: linal plans lor our Don Days. L. Wauhab. C. King, L. Puller- son, M. Hicks lace linancial aspects of annual produclion. H. Lenz. D. Craiq. M. Watson. B. Soderluncl. C. DaVor com- pan papers from other schools. G. Gray and E. DcTala. co- odilors of l954 Don Days. FRENCH N-n 99' I-I 1. ,. 2 4, LES AMIS FRANCAIS French Club FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Eqge. D. Salac, I. Santana, H. Galanida. SECOND ROW: R. Teczon. P. Arrasmith. I. Talbott, L. Shaffer, S. Eastman. FIRST YEAR SPANISH FIRST ROW. lelt to right: Tony Fisher, M. Bernard, C. Dehn, I. Mello, G. Cairo, S. Look, A. Lara, S. Rogers. SECOND ROW: I. Douglass, T. Plato, P. Dooley, R. Teczon, W. Clark, L. Lund, G. Bunch, R. Cortez. THIRD ROW: I. Macias. P. Booker, B. Fullerton, I. Meuleveld, T. Uhrinak, Tom Fisher, A. Simpson. LOS AMIGOS AMADORES Spanish Club FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Oxsen, I. Casella, R. Moldt, G. Gray, P. Wheeler, D. Dutra, L. Newberry, H. Burkhardt. I. Griffith, L. Patterson, E. Snyder, E. De- Tata, I. Clark, L. Wauhab, B. Reasoner. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Vardon, M. Watson, P. Henry, R. Estrada, F. I-Iaynie, D. Tonelli, K. Whitaker, D. Allen, T. Haynie, S. Crowe, H. Hodqdon, F. Viada, T. Iorqenson, B. Vertrees, R. Trimingham. , t , fff Ill llll IUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, leff fo right: L. Patferson, E. De'l'afa, M. Barnard, C. Dehn, S. Look, D. Salac, I. Sanfana, S. Rogers. SECOND ROW: F. Viudu, N. Eqqe. I. Talboll. H. Lenz, S. Griffitts, S. Eastman, I. Leitch. I. Griffith. THIRD ROW: M. Watson, P. Henry, H. Hodgdon, B. Vex-trees, P. Ar- rasmifh, I. Douglass, P. Dooley, D. Dutra. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, left to righf: G. Cairo, I. Nebel. N. Mendonca, I. Andresen, M. Plato, B. Bei-atlis. I. Henderson, M. Fuller, T. Lopez. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thorson. M. Marlin, R. Paulo, I. Barti-am, E. Martin, C. Casterson, B. Iones. V. Sober, A. Caldeira. FUTURE HOMEMAKEHS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, left to riqht: C. Sfewari, B. McRae. H. Avilla, L. Garcia. I. Mello, B. Anselmo, L. Wauhah, H. Galcmida. F. Demeyer, C. Moyot. SECOND ROW: Miss Nuqenf, I. Leitch, L. Peterson, I. Griffith, L. Patterson, R. Teczon, R. Rabello, G. Kosf, I. Clark, S. McCumber. THIRD ROW: M. Zaro, I. Griffitts, A. Larson, L. Messa. I. Baker, A. Riebli, K. Byrne. S. Griffitts, T. Rosa, N. Schmidf. f, P 'P JSA., FPA , 5 Cl-IGRAL on With a Sona in My Heart could be the theme of both the Choral, which is under the direction of Mr. Lopez, and The Golden Dons, under the direction of Mr. Carlin. The music of these two groups fills the air at football and basketball qames, assemblies, concerts and parades. The beautiful blended voices ot the Choral and the harmony of the band provides enjoyment for all who listen. CHOHAL FIRST ROW, lelt to right: M. Lenninq, K. Wooton, R. Rabello, C. Dehn, H. Avilla, P. Sekany, I. Mello,k,,?9p. T. Coreqe, B. Balma, M. Nolan, I. Davis, I. Santana. SECOND ROW: M. Zaro, P. Dooley, L. Peterson, . qqe. L. Messa, G. Hall. R. Marler, E. Tucker, M. Arbogast. G. Bunch, C. Peterson, S. Eastman. BAND FIRST ROW, lei! to right: S. Crowe, A. Moldt, L. Gibson, B. Fullerton, A. Spence, I. Hamomoto, E. Wicksteed, S. Thomson. A. Simpson, D. DeTata, K. Stanley. SECOND ROW: I. VonMoos, B. Iones, W. Rivera, A. Macias. E. Malies, B. Hernandez, D. Edwards. H. Moldt, K. Snow. L Lund. C. DeVor, S. Garcia, R. Cortez, D. Oswill. G. Perry. THIRD ROW: T. Fisher, T. Plato, B. Ienlen. O. Lutz, R. Mullins, R. Chavarria, Ruben Teczon, P. Watson, I. Boscarello. C. F. S. Courtesy, loyolty, dependability, ond qood scholarship ore the ideals which these C.S.l:. ond A.E.S. students set tor their qool. Mony students were rnemloers ot A.E.S. Leodinq the rnernhers ot CSF. were Presidents Stephen Crowe ond Rito Moldt. The students enjoyed C1 doy oit trorn their studies in the tcrll crnd held ci swiin rninq porty ot the Hoyword Plunge. They hod cr joyous tintcv thus provinq that studying does poy. ALPHA ETA SIGMA First Semester FIRST ROW. left to riaht: F. Teixeira. C. Dehn. H. Avilla. I.. Garcia, I. Mello. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Vardon, L. Messa. E. Snyder, R. Teczon. I. Leitch. S. McCumber, R. Rabello. THIRD ROW: A. Iensen, T. Haynie, C. Casterson, T. Plato, F. Haynie, I. Riebli, I. Salac, N. Schmidt. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION FIRST ROW, left to riqhtz H. Galanida, B. Reasoner, S. Look. I. Santana. S. Roqers. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Vardon, D. Dulra, N. Egqe. S. Eastman, I. Von Moos. R. Cortez. THIRD ROW: P. Arra- smith, B. Vertrees, T. Iorgenson, R. Trimingham, S. Crowe, L. Oxsen, R. Moldt. ALPHA ETA SIGMA Second Semester FIRST ROW, leit to right: E. DeTa!a, G. Gray, R. Teczon. L. Garcia. I. Santana. S. Watson, E. Tucker. I. West, C. Kolb. SECOND ROW: C. Dehn, R. Giqer. I. Perry, I. Perry. L. Wauhab. I. Leitch. I- Henderson. THIRD ROW: D. Galanida, R. Cortez. I. Pens, P. Watson. S. McCumber, N. Schmidt. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Garcia. N. Egqe, H. Avilla, A. Moldt S. Thomsen, P. Sekany, S. Look. B. Reasoner. L. Messa. SECOND ROVV: H. Platters. I. Griffiths, I. VonMoos, T. Iorqensen, B. Rein- hart, G. Hamamoto, H. Galanida. E. Synder. 'IHIRD ROW: B. Vertrees. D. Dutra. R. Triminaham. L. Oxsen, I. Talbott. R. Moldt, Mrs. Vardon. FOURTH ROW: P. Arrasmith, I. Riehli, S. Crowe. You take the color cmd Jlaalz. ng. ffm Hama, And the human gardens of rose-lip girls. And all the pageant thai waits the cull As the toe drives imc the waiting ba11.--- Grcmilcmd Rice TURF Coaches Bill Green Junior Varsity Neil Sweeney and Don Seaver Varsity IUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW lelt to right A McCarty T Fields Ruben Teczon D Coslalupes E Tmqa E Martin T DeVor H Cordova SECOND ROW I Uhrmak T Fisher L Githens M Plato R Mullins V Sober E Gomez C Caslerson THIRD ROW T Drew K Stanley C Fraaer B Iones M Kves L Medexros B Beratlxs R Cortez VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Martin, T. Fisher, Richard Teczon. R. Paulo. N. Mendoncd. H. Guasco, D. Mills, D. DeTata. SECOND ROW: Tin ana er: E. Tinqa, T. Uhrinak, R. Rogers. F. Viada, A. Caldeira, W. Clark, R. Byrd. I. Talbott. TI-I O : . acias, I. Riebli. P. Henry. I.. Shatter. R. Reqalia. R. Chavarria. I. Nebel, A. Simpson. Even though they lost a good many men through graduation, Coaches Neil Sweeney and Don Seaver built up another football squad tull ot determination and tight. Despite winning only 3 games during the season the boys showed plenty of hustle and ability. Victims this year were Newman 26-6, Tracy, l9-O, and Emeryville, 26-6. Twelve boys made their block this year. GRIDIRCDN 'sr' LO CD vit ACTION AT LIBERTY Coach. team and spectators wait with expectancy at Liberty kick-oti. Highlighting the season were two outstanding honors. End Ioe Macias, junior, Won the annual Parks Air Force Base outstanding player of the year trophy, and guard Raymond Rogers placed on the All-Northern California first deten- sive tearn as a linebacker. Hopes for an excellent turnout for next year are evident as only tive seniors were on the 1953 varsity edition. These were Denny Allen, Philip Henry, Ioe Riebli, lerry Salac, and Frank Viada. ik? ix3'i?p .'f Q: ,..., Q iv, M4 W Eg' IM? 'iw,kg t sf 325 K X wi 1 A W Zi - 35 Tpri ..i., , A QA 3' 'Elf' Q fygg sf l. gh F 5 ga y Z M iii 'N ff? jggalgijfv Af f wx ..V, XM E W V 5 X , , , .N ,vW,,,,, A V if ',, fi. ck Qw.,,,mM'H M 3 X ,, A A , fi gffifgif 1 , f 15 7 4 V +wM QQQWV XA? X 55 x , ., 5 ., ig' y 'Y 5 4 .mf 4 W m Lag , Q 5' g W 'T W .': . ,, 275- , '25 ' 'Q , w?A1i V E If Q Q Q W , Qi ,W , ' - A X 1 xg F . 5' W , ' N- ' - ,, A Q ' af Q43 A ' , Xa ri u Aff 'QT' ' nun-Q K Q 4 as ,gr , W W, f ' X an 4 ,gi 'gg ' .L 2 f' Qggi fda Q hmm. V,.,.,. ,W ' f , A . K wb 5? ,mi S H -f Q, M . . . f A :wif Wlwm fy'- -f ' rg- .QA -5' f W 'if' . 51 fQu- Wk Mm W, Q , an W , ' in ff A yi, iw W mu fwwxw. 5 N -, ah? if , i, 5 M A In E? -.-,, , U Q.--,.,wm.Wq--:Sum ' ' 'H mum-f, N. F1 DIAMCDND NINE U3 1: o D-4 CD TRACK LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Rivera, R. Teczon, T. Fisher, L. Medeiros, K. Stanley, R. Regalia, I. Talbott, H. Cordova. The Don's baseball pennant hopes went soaring at the start of the l954 carn- paiqn, as coach Don Seaver was greeted by some 30 aspirants on openinq day. More than half ot the crop were rookies and they played their part in the title chase. Early victories included Hayward I.V., 2-l, and Lick-Wilmerdinq, 5-l. Coach SWeeney's thinclads were out in full force this year and they held their own in the first meets in which they participated. OUT!-'IELD BASEBALL-INFIELD , FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Casterson, D. Do'I'ata. P. Gronley, R. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Paulo, R. Regalia, R. Guasco, I. Hiebli.'I-'. Mullins. SECOND ROW: I. Douglass, T. Uhrinak, M. Kyes, B Haynie, D. Allen. ' ' Iones, R. Haposa. M us. P. Wheeler. G. Gray, I. Griffith, T. Rosa, E. Snyder. THIRD ROW: D. Gu d H R Mold! I Dooley N Schmidt FOURTH ROW' S Crowe R Paulo N Coroqe H T J s me J N bel FIFTH novf. P. Animimh, T. Haynie. L. shquel, E. rmyni.. 'n. napbsd, J. nieslfiiiii' ROW: Mr. Seaver, I. Macicxs, P. Henry, K. Whitaker. D. Allen. These Amador Dons and Donnas have excelled in sports thus enabling them to Wear a Block A. The tollowinq students were initiated into the club during the Spring semester M. Watson, R. Baposa, B. Paulo, N. Mendonca, I. Talbott I Uhrinak A Caldeira, R. Chavarria, T. Fisher, P. Gronley, I. Boscarello, D. Teczon Byrd 6-28 26-6 13- 1 9 U-25 U-26 19-O 6-46 26-6 6- l 2 BASKETBALL Livermore 40-54 Emery 52-36 Liberty 53-50 San Bamon 43-54 Cal l3O's 52-39 Livermore 4l-58 Emery 44-43 Liberty 48-44 San Ramon 45-41 .d. These are the girls who took the lead as G.A.A. oiiicers: Secretary, Theresa Rosa: Vice President, Elizabeth Snyder: Treasurer, I.aVerne Wauhab: President, Rita Moldt. Field Hockey is a sport all the Donnas at Amador enloy. This was taken on the field ol play during one of their games. The hockey team was composed ol these ' ' HOW, lett to right: C. Moyot. qirls. FIRST N. Eqqe, I.. Wauhab, H. Teczon, M. Bernard, M. Habello. STANDING: E. Snyder, ll. ' N. S hmidt, I. VonMoos. Moldt. M. Hayme, c .Y va s fu-X v Q-u,m.f .1 Q. is Q 9-kL.QM,q,, M A. fe , ,f 41,2 L at ix,-5, K X 'J . f ry K J xg, 1, -f 3 ek A .L . , X X 9 'K 1,5 . X- x px' J'-N: up Q eww .. ,Q,,lf..u, 1? , f N, e N a 1 ' hr Q el ' 9 'X bfi' a 4 9 is Ku.--ef sa Fsvxh T9 We XA , J 'S Q' ax , X9 W 1.1,- vu 'L' x ' A , , M ., 9 J 0 ' ,Jef 3 X' JK J W ,RE , 1 1 a J N9 Q Q J f 3 3 5 x S n N , Y W- 11. A ' ,P -' , qi, J X ' 1 , . Q X. s K x y Ji l 'Q X U f e 'x N ' ' ' ' AX ., T x iv .SA , V XV V x.J 1 --------I cum in love with all unveiled faces ' e e K' ' ' ' A, ' lseek the wonder-crtthe heari oimcm: - ' 1 ex K rf ,A I would go up to the for-seeing places. x 9 x .- a D , Q msg 1' ' While IA, 5, tum toward me for ca: space W I .iv A i xt J ! v J The marvel of your rapture-1iqhtediace! ' . K . t Y Sx 'x 5, ,. -' 'D S x, T A.rthurDcfvisonFicke g, N ks Y' - . e L - 1- 'f , f ff 'lm in ML- ' x sr ' Q Q . ' W A VF,,,.f:j'lw , f,ZJZ1.'LQ:'9x'11'ff'm M '- mi K s - 5 L Q 3 'LJXQ ,iv A, X-.qiml J. LAM 5.323 3 x Q sv-U K J x X , , ',f ,, X? N Aj ' 'x I ' ' I , IX gi X J xx - x Q,j X9 1 Q kv ra -Wet by Eleanor DeTaia It was 9:45 A.M. and I was working the early- bird watch out of Pleasanton. My name is Iohn Delucci. I'm a cop. On this particular morning I was standing on the corner by Hagstrom's watching the people go into the store. Everything was quiet and peaceful as it always is in Pleasanton. Iust as I was about to go across the street Mr. Edmands stopped me. He said that I should read the Times as there would be a big news story in it that afternoon. I suggested we go across the street to the Pleasanton Coffee Shop for coffee and do-nuts. We were sitting in the coffee shop when I heard a loud noise. My cop's nose told me to see what it was all about. I saw Alan Iensen drive up to Iirnie's Shell Station. He had a neat EPINIE BONNE Will Serve You at His CHEVRON STATION Main and Ray Pleasanton I OES GRCDCERY I5 St. Mary's Pleasanton 5643 set of pipes on the car that must have been bought at the Quality Auto Parts. As I started out the door to see why they were in such a rush I heard Dick Guasco yell, Hurry up because I hafta take a rear axle to Theissen's for expert welding. I walked over to the boys and told them to quiet down a little. About that time Iohnny Kids clamoux for candy when Mr. Gruno broke ilu For MacFarlane's Candies go to B U s D E P o T Henderson told Alan to get with it as he had to pick up some linoleum for his mother at Bob Koopman's. They yelled so-long to me and roared off down the street. It was 10:22 and I took up my stake-out in front of Iorgenson's Pharmacy. They were hav- ing a sale and I wanted to be sure none of the ladies got too rough. As I was about to walk For clothes with prestige, individual design and good value Sharon and Eleanor make their selections at PAT DIXONS Pleasanton's pretty store at the fits! crack during tho Fioslu Ncxvidcxd. I ORGENSENS PHARMACY Pleasanton 2171 into the store Bob Oxsen came tearing out. I grabbed his shirt and said, Well, young man, where are you going in such a hurry? They just received a new shipment of maga- zines at the Bus Depot. If I don't get some to take home to my wife Graham and Hitch will be getting some business. I questioned him and then let him go because I knew he wanted to please his new wife. As I was getting into my car I heard a sound like shooting coming from Viada's Home Ap- Don Regalia fits Nick Corege to a suit while Pete Christesen shows Denny Allen the real McCoy in smart shirts. Phil Henry drools over a new belt at CHRISTESENS Men's Clothing Pleasanton pliances. I smelled trouble and took off on the run expecting to find just about anything but what I did. Mr. Viada had just received a new T.V. and he was showing a newly married cou- ple, Darla and Dan Gellerrnan, how the tone would sound. It was now 10:47 and once again I started for my car but noticed a crowd of boys standing in front of the Pleasanton Furniture Store. I walked up just as Ken Whitaker said, We'd better march over to the Pleasanton Floral Shop right away and order the flowers for the girls. I'm a cop and cops are curious. I asked them what the flowers were for. jerry Salac piped up and said, The Senior Ball is only three days away. That explained why all the girls were in the Lo-Na' Style Shop that morning. They were look- ing for formals for the dance. It was now l 1:03. I was driving down the main street when I noticed jan Griffith coming out of PLEASANTON FURNITURE Hot Point Appliances 660 Main Street Pleasanton PINARD IEWELERS 635 Main Street Pleasanton Christesen's where no doubt she bought another shirt like the one she showed me last week. I waved to her and at the same time discovered I had a grocery list stuck in my hat that my wife had given to me. I drove down to Frudden's Market. As I walked into the store Mrs. Frudden called to me, Mr. Delucci, I've a message for you. Yes, ma'am, I said. Your wife called and said you were to go to Pat Dixon's Dress Shop and pick up a dress she bought and bring it home with the groceries. On my way to the dress shop I stopped and bought some paint thinner at Kolln's Hardware Store and then dropped everything off at the house at exactly 11:35. What's that, ma'am? You want to know how I knew the time. Well, ma'am, I'm a cop. It was 11:38 and I started to pound my beat again. As I walked up the street I noticed Gari's had a crowded store. Many of the teenagers were trying on suits just received. I couldn't figure this out because I knew they certainly didn't like to wear them. I heard Dick Dutra complaining and Phil Henry was saying, If it wasn't for my mother at and the Senior Ball I wouldn't have to even wear one of these monkey suits. Laughing I walked on up the street until I met my sidekick Walt McCloud in front of the City Hall. It was 12:00 noon and he was just coming on duty. We both had the beat that afternoon. Yes, I know I had the early-bird watch, but this is Pleasanton. McCloud said he got a call from Iohn Edgren and Sons. They were showing the new cars and wanted us to keep an eye on the show-room. Well, Walt, what seems to be the trouble, I asked because I noticed he looked a little pale and tired. The same old thing, lohn, answered Walt. Phil Henry is very cheerful to the customers. Al Runyon enjoys the l'1CIDpY Contentment of his patrons I-IACSTROIVIS FOOD STORE Main Street Pleasanton ARMSTRONG FLooR COVERING KOOPMANN LINOLEUM Robert Bob Koopmann Venetian Blinds o Tile and Shades Free Estimates Phone 2467 COZY CORNER Phone 9988 304 Main Pleasanton, California PLEASANTON FLORAL SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 401 Main Street Pleasanton 739 Main Phone 2325 CENTRAL MEAT MARKET Fresh Meats and Poultry D. Deni, Proprietor NORENE M. KOLB OualityOrchids o African Violets Tropical Plants Phone 5620 563 Main phone 2196 525 Main L O - N G' 1oHNsoN 5. NIELSEN Style Shop Complete Automotive Service Phone 5519 WELDING o BODY WORK o PAINTING 743 Main Pleasanton, California Phone 5901 Box I2 eg ., 5 The kid Went through another pair of shoes and I had to take them to the Pleasanton Shoe Shop for repairs. The Wife asked me to stop off at the Central Meat Market and order some chops, last night the bathroom fixtures got stopped up and I had to call Mr. Mullins, the plumber, and Ernest Schwen is coming to dinner to talk over some real estate business. Had your lunch yet, I asked. No, because when I finished all that I had to take my uniform to the American Cleaners. Let's go to the Cozy Corner and get a big steak. It was 12:30 when we Walked into the Cozy Corner. I met Mr. Edmands again and he gave me a copy of the paper. The headlines were I loo Macias receives the Parks Air Force Base Award lrom Colonel Carpenter. AMERICAN CLEANERS 555 Main Street Pleasanton California REASONER'S BARBER SI-IOP FEDERAL MOVING AND STORAGE 685 First Street Phone 2362 VIADA APPLIANCES 720 Main Street Westinghouse and G.E. 549 Main Street Services Pleasanton California TI-IIESSEN'S MACHINE SI-IOP TV cmd Appliances Steel Fabricating Brazing 0 Welding Phone 5505 Pleasanton Home Phone 2270 Phone 2170 screaming, Senior Ball and Graduation Plans are Terrific. Listen to this, Walt. The decorations for the Ball were purchased at the Pleasanton Variety Store and the kids are holding their all night party at Don's in Dublin. No wonder they are all excited. Iust as We were finishing eating, Ronnie Paulo came up to the table with a troubled look on his face. Mr. Delucci, he said, you are always so very helpful. Where can I find an electric pop-up toaster for my mom's birthday? Home Ec'ers serve guest plates tor Awards banq st sus SP Q M E 4 ,f Q Y K ,,1,,,...,. W Q 19' YT'-'70 'fem 1 43 . i 1'i.., ,- 1 345 5 uf ' CVT f x R fy Y 3 XIX bg? Q K- we W-im, 3 i I az? x K I i,- -1.v-- I . fir. ' W ' 4 1 An f X .. A 5 W V airs wg y 2 5:4 gf: X 35 V Q' 1 ' Q' il- Q W ,?q' ' if 'A.: , 9 VV Vw' Q LA, Qwxlg MMWWA4 1 J, I , WE M 'X 3. 4 Scramble lor piiata rewards at Spanish Christmas attair. Carnival Queens: Sharon McCumber, Shirley Rogers, Kappy Penny Sekany won 55.00 on her Bond lssue poster. l-P PICTURED ON PAGE 48 at Bond Inue Assembly found the Dragnet crew in Watson with mike, Emil Oxsen speaking. Gordon and Dick ready. Nick Corege is at the piano. returns to watch ping-pong diq with ludy Clark: y Hodqdon, Susan Look, Dick Dutra. and J. Bos- carello at Carnival. Byrne. and Theresa Corege. near knocked me down. Walt and I jumped into our car and gave chase. It was l:50 when we caught up with the car which was loaded down with girls. I asked to see the license of the girl who was driving and then noticed it was Louise Patterson. I asked her what the heck was the big rush. Blame it on the gas I bought at Bonnie's Service Station just now, she said. Where are you going in such a rush? I asked. Margie Bernard piped up that they had just bought groceries at Ioe's Grocery Store and were on their way to the Signal Oil Company to order some oil tor Ann Marie's mother and then they were going to Santa Cruz. I warned them about their fast driving and then told them they could go. I suppose I should have been tougher on them, but I'm a cop and a cop gets sott hearted at times. The day was beginning to go by. It was 2:22 as I drove up to the Pleasanton Feed and Fuel. They had some plants I wanted to set out in my yard when I have time oft. Walt asked me to drop him ott at Charles Gales. He gave out a couple ot parking tickets ICI-IN I. AMARAL Real Estate o Insurance Pleasanton I0 St. Mary Street PLEASANTCN SI-ICE SHCP A. L. Cox 557 Main Pleasanton French Laundry Dry Cleaners Bob and Lee Mace, Proprietors Phone 5904 560 Main Street MRS. VERNICE BREWER specializing in ALTERATICNS Pleasanton 6l4 Main Street Pleasanton Coffee Shop 7lI Main Street Lena Reed Pleasanton QUALITY AUTO PARTS Automotive Parts Accessories Pleasanton 53 I Main Street Gruesome Viada looks detected in the Carnival barrel dip. Football yell leaders were Dorothy Salac. Shirley Rogers, and Babs Mcllae -.NN and had to appear in court and explain them. I parked the car in front of Iohn Amaral real estate office at 2:41. It was now close to 3:00 P.M. so I walked down to the First National Bank and made sure everything was O.K. so they could lock up. The little town was beginning to quiet down THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PLEASANTON Independent, Community Owned now as the kids were all going home. I stopped at the French Laundry to leave my uniform shirts and noticed that there was still quite a line-up in front of Iohnson and Nielson waiting for gas. There was a crowd by Fiorio's grocery store as I drove by at 3:15. I stopped. Two men OTHO KEEFE Real Estate o Insurance Phone 4440 645 Main Street HARRY AND IACK SHACKELTON distributors Signal Oil Co. Products KOLLN HARDWARE Hardware o Plumbing Household Goods o Paints and Oils Pleasanton Phone 4407 PLEASANTON FEED AND FUEL Pleasanton 801 Main Street E. E. ANDRADE Shell Service I. ANTONINI State Farm Insurance . Pleasanton 707 Main Street Pleasanton 15 Ray Street DIAMOND MATCH CO. CHARLES D. GALE Building Materials Insurance Pleasanton 145 Main Street Pleasanton California If you boys are looking for a good place to buy your clothes, go to that real zorch store, Gari's. Prompt service and low prices mark Gari's as the place to go. CARIS Men's and Boys' Wear 525 Main Street Phone 2100 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY PHYSICIANS ci SURGEONS HAROLD I. SHANKS GEORGE W. COLLINS OPTOMETRISTS NATHAMIE S. WEST IOI-IN T. VOLPONI DEN TISTS L. B. THOMAS W. W. WESTMORELAND VETERINARIAN D. C. HARTLE LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Riebli, I. Talbott, F. Viadcl, I.. Shaffer, I. Nebel. I. Mucias. seemed to be the center of attention which made me smell trouble, but I was wrong for the second time. The men were strangers in town and had just stopped to buy groceries. I heard one of them ask, Where can we get quick service for dry cleaning? Gerry Gray happened to hear the question and she told them to go to the Done-rite Cleaners for expert service. They turned to me and asked where they could see about insurance. I sent them to Otto Keele and then moved everyone along. My day had finally drawn to a close at 4:00 P.M. I parked the car in front of the City Hall and turned the beat over to loe Curdy. It had been a hard day, but I enjoyed it because my beat was H Pleasanton. Miss Hunninghaus is crazy about her new Plymouth. Come down to Edgren's and See the New Plymouth for Yourself JOHN EDGREN AND SONS Admumstratlon Agumud Prlsculla Allen Denms Alpha Eta Sugma Anderson Dolores Anderson Mr Wlllard Andrade Mrs Deane Andrade Nancy Andrade Ralph Andresen Jack Anselmo Barbara Aochl Sadae Arbogast Myrna Arnold Dolores Arrasmlth Mrs Esther Arrasmrth Paul 17 2 Avulla Helen Baker Jo Ann Balma Barbara Band Banks Derrall Barnes Pat Barthel Sally Ann Barrett Mrs Wrnrfred Bartram James Baseball Basketball Beach Douglas Beratlls Bull Bernard, Margorle Block A Bolton Ellen Booker Paul Boscarello Frank Boscarello, John Brewer Harold Bunch Gaul Burkhardt Henry Burkhardt, Ruchard Burnham, Gordon Burr Mr Edwrn Busch Mr John Butz John Byrd Jnm Byrd Bob Byrne Kathleen Carro Gayle Cauro George Caldelra Arnold 30 38 1 27 30 31 22 27 28 26 7 INDEX Carlun Mr Tom Casella John Casterson Clyde Caudull Arnold Chavarrla Ramon Choral Clark Judy Class Sessions Clark Wayne Cordova Henry Corege Nnck B 12 17, Corege Theresa Cortez Rnchard Costalupes Davld Cox Trllb Craug Douglas Crowe Douglas 22 Crowe Stephen 7 12 26 Cal Scholar Federatlon Custodlans Davls Joyce Dehn Carole Dehn Pat Demeyer Fernande DeTata Donald DeTata Eleanor DeVor Carol DeVor Tom Dooley Jannce Dooley Pat Dorsett Leighton Douglas Jerry Dramas Drew Ted 12 26 Dutra Duck 7 12 26 Eastman Sylvla Eddle Mr Taylor Don Edwards Duane Esge Noel Estrada Rrcardo Frelds Tom Fusher Tom Fisher Tony Flatters Helen Football Frager Charles 22 28 23 36 32 36 19 27 23 36 French Club Freshmen Frrtz Mr Robert Fuller Mrke Fullerton Barbara Fullerton Bert Future Farmers America Future Homemakers Amerlca G A A Actlvutues aalanuda Davld Galanrda Helen 21 26 27 Garcna JoAnn Garcna Lupe Garcia Stanley Gellerman Danford Georgns James Gnbson, ous Gubson Lorrame Glger Rosalue Glthens Larry Gomez Eugene Gray Gerry Green Mr Bull Grrffnth, Janet 71328 Grlffltts Joyce Gnfflths Sharron Grrffltts Peggy Gronley Pau Hall Geraldme Hammons Ted Hamamoto, George Hansen Gayle Hansen Kenneth Harvey o Hayme Frank 18 21 30 Hayme Mrldred Hayme Troy Helgesen Darla Henderson Jean Henderson John Henry Mr Alan Henry, Phul 7 13 30 Hernandez James Hernandez Ben Hewltson Pat Hacks Morrls Halton Judy Hodgdon Harry Hunmnghaus Mass Jan 21 27 30 23 32 22 30 30 31 21 31 23 27 29 30 26 28 33 40 1 33 30 32 Comphrnents of HANSEN AND GIGER DAIRY CO FIORIO S MARKET and Food Lockers Phone 2167 31 Rose Avenue SCHEFFER S FOUNTAIN Pleasanton 608 Maln Street GRAHAM AND HITCH Pleasanton 706 Marn Street PLEASANTON VARIETY Pleasanton Maln Street PLEASANTCN ELECTRIC Electrlcal Contractrnq F1xtures, Radros and TGIGVISIOH Phone 5626 459 Mam Street A ', , 3 .,.......... 9,32 ,I I I U 30 , , 3, .,.e,,... 21,30 I , I ,,,,,.,.23 .. . 2, 5 , I 3. 22,31,33, 36, 39 ' , . 2.6, 7, 21 . 2 A . 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' ' , . . ..,.,,,....... 9 , -- H ,..33 23 ' ...... .,.,.,,.,. , 36, 38, 40 . 3 . , ,.........,....,.. 31 ' ,...... . ..,., .. 23 ,, 3 .,.,,, I ,,.,.... 22, 30, 32 4, .,.,,. ,3o ,, ..,, , ,,,,, ....... 2 ,32 R I ', ..,,,...... I, ,.,..,,,. is , .... ..., . . ,3,...,,, 3.....,,. 2 ,41 ' 1 ------- I f ,301 1 M I I , ,...... 21, 31, 32, 23 I 3 33 ---323132133 ' ' 3 ,..,,...., 33...,.,,,........,.....,. 2 ,32 ' ' 2 t 'r 1 5' 20' '15 U ' 17, , ,36, 37, 40, 47, 51 ' 2 ' '3 ' 'snzghzj A . . 2 3 38 - ----.----. , , , , , , ,,,, ,.....,.., , , , , Malies, Edward ...,,,....,.,..,...,.,,,.......,...... 23, Rea5 ne New 3 3 ' i 5 73 23 Uhfinakf Tom -----------e-e3 -33e333 - -21' 30136139 ' I ' IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII g 3 . ' A 'A ' 1 4 ,I . IIIIII3I36 I , .........,,.,,.3 .1,21,6, ,23 V ' ' ...3,.....33,.,33.3 33333 . .. 3.3.... 8,2 ,gg - -I ' -3 IIIII ' 2 3,7 8731.47 . ............ , , ,3 ,go , ............,,.,..... . ................ - - ' ' ' ' ' ' ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, , , , , , 3 , -,-,-.3.3--33. 2 2 e.,e. 23,3 't ' ' '33' 6'39'4' ' .... 17, , , , , ,4 ,sg . .9 IIII I I I 21 33.. I ..3........... 23, , ,II . . . I IIII I IIII II IIIIIII II , ,20, , , 1, ,IIIIIIII II jj 'i j ..............,.., ...,,. . , ,3 ,41 . 3 74 Hg ' ' ......., , , ,331 3 1 I I 49 3'333 e'---3'-- 1 6' 20' 3' 1 5 w , ......., , ,3 ,39 ' ' ' ' ' I I 31I 3 I 3 I 47 ,I ,, 22 , ........ , , , ,3 ,37 5 I I , , , , , ,38, 48 I I IIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIII I I 3 I 33 .............,. ...,.......... 2 2, 32, 33 I I ' I IIIIII IIIIIII IIII I I Ing I 30 I II II IIII IIIIIIII I I IIIIIIIII 23 , .,.,.. .,.,.,, , 23 , 3 ,,,, ,,.,,,.,.,,.,...... , , , 54 --...... , , , , , , -'-- 1 I I 1 I I I 2 ,32 , , ,26 ,3 , , I , , , , ,47, 5 ' IIIIIIII 7I I I I I I4 I4gI I IIIIIIIIIIIIII 22I I I3 I I , ,,.. , . ' ' Q...Q1QQfQfQQl.QQQl .... 111111111118 , .... ffm'A' 'f'f f'fffff'.f f 3,,,. f 22 ' ----23-2 , ,' ,' f ,' , I, I ' .. .,..,,.. ,......., ,..,, , . 14, 319 ' ., , , ,33,40,4, ,II I I , A AA ' ' ' I I 'P - 4 I' IIIII I IIII IIQ' IIII jjIIIfj I ' ' ,' ,, fl 1.3.1V..1'.i.....i23 II II IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 4 I 5 , , .,........,,. , .. .....,..., 23 N I I I f,I I I37I I II ..,............,.,......... , 8, , , , , 40, 51 , '27, ', Z , ..., , ..., ....,,,. 2 1,30 ' ,S ,3,, .. ,.,, 12 , ..,, I .,.,,. 23,32 ' .... ,..... 118 , ' , , , , ' ' ..... I 6, 7, 20, 31 , ' .. , , , ,36, 37, , .................,....,.........,,,,, ,,,. . , ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Mr. Robert Ozias, Lederer, Street and Zeus, Printers, Berkeley Mr. Earl Evans, California Art and Engraving Company Mr. Hal Matson and Mrs. Alice Smith, Photographers, 426 Seventeenth Street, Oakland To our good friend, the Bank of America Pleasanton, We extend our grateful appreciation.-500 Main. TRIPLE AMs G P dwl1RRe so er LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Corqqe, D. Mills, E. Oxsen, I. Hiebli, . ll 1 1 . G ll . Lff' if W, if WWW pl W WM fb M 7,1 ML , 33626 MZLQQTE5 M fm Zlilfjiw '27f,3i,1 ,fZZQijff,'71U, iiilffnwpff Aww Mfgiizifijifffl W Af 5,54 QQ fo 57 f JW N f 5 A .V J i A fdgj 'J PM ILL! 7,0 lf! F 'J' :PIM , 4, ' L L V MU' 0 ff! ,K IWVV M' lp ff 6 W MEM ,1'2U jf 1 QE Z7 ' -,LJ - , ' X '17 , X , . My ww? if ff , c xc!!! A f ,cnfv , , R C' 1 ' C , - , I f , W 1 f'K..GfiLO -. ' 7 U' ' 7 K 7 A 1 ' V 17- . K l ,I , f w x nmnw lunm. firm '3 My-J 6'7 51 ,WW 9,-M

Suggestions in the Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) collection:

Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 40

1954, pg 40

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