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1 w .., f , N , f 1 'Ml QL! fi' ruff 2 f - 'MJ' ' x fy .,.,41'+f '-V C1 N 4 X: fe I J'f"Q L A I! I ,f , W' ff -7.91: ' L'S'a?5,9:, ,W-,W -- """"M' ' ,. , - -fa' ' A -RM" f ' 1' ' TABLE OF CONTENTS Admlmsfreflon Classes Clubs Spods DUN DAYS In Memory of Ed r1Mederos Sl December 4,1952 ' ' ' ...... 4 , e ......... 8 fikbxl ZVVL4 ' Campus Review ...... 38 T3 'if 4 Q ' f f rd. -N, T 1 -f -I 4 T' 1 X. 'xi' k..f YW 1 NM T T A BOB OXSEN Sfudem Body Preddeny "bg 8,84 wi W 'wh . NM-X Home 'Ecersz Dolores Newberry, Eieanor Codex, Nancy Schmidh Betiy O'LouqhIin,PaffMCMahon,Jan1ce Dooley. My y www MW Aff:-yn We widening 'pure of Mme and Mfr: Yew 5'Q'1'a :ime1.f?'1e f1w?v+l,fwf KDQN fm Chan Nerf W53. TWQUQF We warm gal? fwfx Cfifq, We sharp. Cflap wlffw qiqaya fmfi ffyifffa: fem niqhfs We VQTJQC fwecfaafs ff Armani' Vfiefy Join? Ufiffw r'5'q?1 Schoof p3Q"ti25V"C,fT Calfzgr- mia, are feqfariy vQQv.ff3H by 225 '2fKJf7F?P'2, 'Pm program, are padced wifh 980 i1m'z+fQP:5 acgmi- days of Qurrlcuium and dub afg?EvE'fEef' AVx+6?'v."1- Eng week was gay w?-W1 fiancee and sm?" eve' H Sa wwywzf Yhe Dons defea? Livermore E H Vervees Sharon Griffws Noe? Eqqe Pa! Doolev Lcqis Schafer A Alloc Hehzn Aviifa Caro! Dehw, and M3ke Wgv?Son aNel1d We Chvivmas Alumni Dame 1. I953 5 ii I 1. fly' I. M- f" fi ff 'Q'-Riffs' Good old Pal! For 25 years Vice-principal George Pal- ferson has been loved. He's a hound for allendance- and always gels his man. Willard Anderson, our prin- cipal, helps us schedule ac- fiviliesand curriculum. He's a "cornhusker" from Ne- braska. Diane Andrade and Wini- fred Barrell are fhe high- Iighfs in our smvolh-running office. Wilhoul fhem we would be "losf." Diane's pafience and Mrs. BarreH's conslanl allenfion fo delails are indispensable. Daniel Pons is the manager of mainfenance and friend fo lhose who need help. fo fhose who need help. Abramo Regalia, 20 years af Amador, is the "keeper" of fhe main building. His flag raising and relrealing is a classic habit. Waller Lonsdale is a bus driver and cuslodian. NNW.. N...,,M-..,,,, Www-M-M ----v...,,N J .M,..H..4m,x . ,. W ,W ,, , M M-.M , - . W ww-.,..,,M,-,N,, i rl llll .-...... ' jr f l l l Q -M-....., iw ff f A le ,ing educalor, a promofer of all lhings for our welfare, and a man ol qreal brains is ' Q V , 1 I J Fr L. Lucas, our "Super," He's a "Cal" man-a Cinder experl ar Hia? . . . The Board of J ,l. Aff", 'eL""J 46l'1TruSfig5 include: John Ruppelg Henry Moller, Presidenfg Frank Lucas, Superinrendenrg John .iq 1 ff Busch, Clerk, Willard Anderson, Principal, Alan Henry, Edwin Burr. Zidffkll , if 5 Assisling our excellenl Board ol lruslees is a lending edncnlor, 41 promcler :ul .ill llwings lor sludenl wellare, and a man ol greal bfdlflr-Fl'r1I'lli L. Lurae. The Bfwwfl in Cludes: John Ruppel, Henry Moller, Pre-sidenlt Franlf Lucas, Jolwn Bun? Clerk' Vkfillfird Anderson, Principalt Alan l-lenry and Edwin Burr. Bon pour' Helen Vardon leeches languages and has lived in the Sf Mary s College was proud iusf as we are of Neil Sweeney lands from which fhey came Knox College and Sorbonne in head coach and 'teacher of English He s boys counselor loo Paris shared in her basic lraining. FACULTY Roberf Frilz, San Jose Sfale, leaches aulo mechanics, industrial arls, and ceramics-his vocalional hobby. Tom Carlin is our "brandy" from the USN and San Jose. He shares his fime wifh ihe elemen- fary school musicians. Then fhere's the keeper of business education- June Sfoerkel-furning ou? fulure secrelaries wilh her "Cal" lraining. A "Big C" lefferman is Donald Seaver. He coached the line in foolball, "A" leam in baskefball, and laughl P.E. Al Thorson is fhe Ag and F.F.A. big shol. His equipmenf and animals are his pride and icy, See him on his fraclor? The girls love him, lhe boys love wha? he leaches. Mafh, science insfruclion is lhe forle of Donald Fraser. Choral work is supervised by William Lopez. He's a San Franciscan from "Slafe" in lhe same cily. Slanford sent Robert Mattson fo us. His social sludies classes are full-his sporls efforls con- finual, The oulslandlng leacher and second mofher of her boys From Salusbury England, in exchange wilh Jane Hunninghaus, is Marlorie Schoen from Chico and San Francisco Slate Her comes Dorolhy Milk Her youlh, vivacify, and charm are a de- classroom is a 'oy lo all llqhl lo sfudenls and teachers alike. 3, 'f'lfEz'w'Y zfiligsi? .Xi In fhe beaufiful new home economics building Calherine Nuqenl from Chico Sfale reigns supreme. Her banquefs are scrumplious. Slaqe design, play direcling, publicalions, Frosh social sludies, and Senior advising keep Eslher Arrasmilh cu? of mischief. E Q The Fufure In Action L Si' Z Aw .P-...X C,S,F. SEAL BEARERS HT Marian Mold? Mary Befh Shamblin, LEFT TO RIG : , Elaine Easfman. Seniors scanning frie disranlr horizon wifii iwopeiui wishing riearis-Juniors crowding Hwose of N53 wiilw ' ' ' -i nd resiiqe--Frosiw gushing wifirm curiosiiy and ombi+ion-- drearris . . . Sopiif, exuiimg in 'rlrieir new ou p sprouiing, frying Weir wings. ELMER R. AGUINID iCommerciaii Gonzales Union High School presenled us wilh a slar guard in football. Elmer played baskelball and also earned his Block "A." His poslers have adverfised many class evenls. HELEN ANDERSON lCommerciall Helen is deslined for a commercial career. She has been a very aclive member of G.A.A., parlicipaling in afler-school sporls, and has found enioymenl in choral. GLEN BABBITT lColiege Prep.l He has been an eager parlicipanl in Sludenl Council as Sfores Accounlanl, Alpha Era Sigma and Drama Teens. He earned his Block "A" and played loolball. CHRIS BERATLIS lAgricul'lurel Chris was presidenl of lhe sfudenls. Drama played a paramounl parl in his high school life. He earned his Block "A" in foolball and was F.F.A. secrelary. RUBY BORGE iColiege Prep., G.A.A. played a prominenl parl in her high school years. She was Sfudenl Body Parliamenfarian and aflended the U.N.E.S.C.O. Conference al Sfanford. HANS BONDE iAgricul'rurel "Pollsy" was Block "A" vice-presidenf. He was an oulslanding lackle in foolball and played baskelball one year. He served F.F.A. as sfudenl council repre- senlaliye. NORMA BREWER iCommerciail Choral was one of Norma's inreresls. She was an en- fhusiasfic member of G.A.A. and look an aclive par' in many decoration and posler commillees. EUGENE BROWN ilvlechanicsi Gene played foofball for iour years. He 'took a lry af baskelball for two years, "A" Iellerman was he and a member of lhe Drama Teens. JAM ES BYRD lGenerail Scollsdale High School in Arizona is where Jim trans- ferred from. He was a good end in foolball and earned his Block "A." His well-made poslers were appreciafed. RONALD CASTERSON iCollege Prep.l "Cas" was our radio enlhusiasl. He has his own setup al home, Ronnie also found time fo lake part in the Spanish Club, Alpha Ela Sigma, and C.S.F. CLASS CDF l953 DONALD CAVESTRI lAgrlcullurel The sporfs of baslrelball and football were greally beneflfed by Woppos parhcnpahon He donaled hrs efforfs an Block A and Fufure Farmers of Amerlca fo lhe beneflf of bolh clubs DOUGLAS CROWE lCollege Prep l ELAI JAC As assoclale ludge Doug showed ludlcual lalenls He was one of the besl oulflelders In baseball He was Block A secrefary and a member of A E S band and Spanush Club NE VALERlE EASTMAN lcommerclal Effuclency keynofes Elalne s schooling and fulure She was Sfudenf Body Parllamenlarlan an officer In C S F and A E S Elaine allended lhe Glrls Leadership conference was class valedlclorlan K GARIBALDI l Mecha mel Jack holds down fhe forf In regards lo audlo adver hslng He has been a qreaf help wllh eleclrlc flxlures Jack has found enloymenl In parhclpallng In J S A achvlhes Sue came lo us from Roseville Jounf Unuon Hlqh School A ES CS F and GAA recelved her a lenhon She became an ardenl supporler of The Ama don and Don Days GEORGE JENSEN lCollege Prep l George was a rabld baskefball performer The exfra curricular achvuhes fhal received hus consnderahon ancluded the Spamsh Club C S F Alpha Era Slgma and Srudenl Councll VlCTOR LEO LUND JR lAgrlcull'urel ART Sludenl Body Judge Lund was lhe able presldenl of F FA He was class vlce presldenf and presldenf and a fervent supporfer of A E S C S F band and Block A McCARTY lCollege Prep l Tralnlng as sludenl lawyer prepared Arly for ihe responsublllfy of assoclafe yudge He fransferred from Livermore and helped Amador defeal' lhem ln fool ball He earned hrs Block A In football I ' 1 SUE HAMAMOTO lcommerciall . . . ., . . ., . . . ' l- KATHARINE MCCRACKEN lCommerciall Kay conhibured To The acfivilies planned by The Spanish Club and G.A.A. She found choral an ex- cellenT diversion. C.S.F. and A.E.S. also enioyed her membership. 72 XPATSY ANN MCMAHON lGenerall I4 r A , 1 i., Wdhf' X lr, PaT expended parf of her Iiveliness as STudenT Body SecreTary and as a member of G.A.A., F.H.A., Span- ish Club and band. Her excess animaTion made her a good cheerleader. GLORIA MAGPIONG lcommerciall Salinas Union High School was The school from which "Glo" Transferred. She was a greaT helper in G.A.A, and A.E.S. The phoTography in Don Days was ably execufed by "Glo," DONALD MANIZ lf-Jenerall As vice-presidenT of The sfudenf body, Don proved proficienT. He was a leader in Block "A" and F.F.A. He won The drama Technicians award for '52 and The Parks Air Force Base foofball Trophy. SALVADOR MARATAS l Mecha nicsl Sal Transferred from Salinas Union High School. He was a parTicipanT in baskeTbalI and band. His amuse ing carToons have decorafed many of our school ad- verfisemenfs. SYLVIA MARATAS lCommerciall Sylvia Transferred from Salinas Union High School in her iunior year. As secrefary of The Junior Class, she was efficient She made an arTisTic conrribuiion To The Junor Prom. MARIAN MOLDT lCollege Prep.l BEN A Two-Term sTudenT body Treasurer, presidenT oi The Spanish Club, C.S.F. seal bearer, saluTaTorian, a pasT officer in A.E.S. and C.S.F. was Marian. The Foley award and Girls' STaTe iunior honors. OBREGON lGenerall The Amadon and Don Days were forTunaTe when Ben came To us from Phoenix Technical School. His arTis- Tic Taleni proved useful in adveriising for The Carni- val and Senior Play. BETTY O'LOUGHLlN lhlomemalingl BOX F.H.A. reaped many of The benefiis of BeTTy's par- Ticipalion. She was F.H.A. reporTer and alfended Three convenfions. She also played indusTriously in G.A.A., serving on many commiTTees. OXSEN lCollege Prep.l His experience in Boys' STaTe prepared him for The role of sTudenT body presidenT. Bob was an associafe iudge and belonged To Block "A," A.E.S., C.S.F., played fooTball and baskefball. CLASS OF IQ53 EUGENE PONS ICoIIege Prep.I "Gene" was iudge ot Studenf Court and active in Student Council. He was a successful pifcher in base- ball and enioyed the activities of Los Amigos Ama- dares. JAN ICE ROXBERG ICommerciaII The band knew Janice as both presidenf and treas- urer. She also was in G.A.A., Spanish Club and Drama Teens. Choral was enriched by her presence also. LILLIAN SANCHEZ ICommerciaII Ample proof ot Lillian's liveliness was evident in her animated performance as cheerleader. She was a member of Choral and G.A.A. Her dramatic talenfs were proved by her role in "The Hills of Eire." LOUISE SEELEY ICommerciaII Louise helped construcf the decoration for our Junior Prom. She was a member of G.A.A. and Spanish Club. After-school hours are spent in fhe Creamery as a founfain girl. MARY BETH SHAMBLIN ICommerciaII Mary was our freshman and sophomore queen. She is a C.S.F. seal bearer and an active parficipanf in G.A.A. as vice-president. Secretary and treasurer were offices held by her in J.S.A. PATRICIA ANN STOUT ICommerciaII Transferred from Torrance High School, Torrance, California, Pat turned to F.H.A. activities. She helped serve many of their dinners and to decorate for them beforehand. BILL TRUBLOOD IAgricuItureI "Whitie" was transferred from St. Joseph's High School in Arkansas. He proved to be a valuable player in football and basketball. He was a member at F.H.A. and Block "A." JOAN TURNER ICoIIege Prep.I Our school rallies were conducted by Joan as vice- president. She was a representative to Girls' Lead- ership Conference. Our class won with Joan as queen. 415 MARY VAN MATRE lCommerciall Four years in G.A.A. prepared Marv for the Presi- dency of Block A. She was acfive in J.S.A. and Drama Teens. Sfudenl' Council in her Senior year proved lime-consuming. BARBARA BUNNELL YORK lCollege Prepl Barbara was Presidenf of our F.H.A., Sfale Parlia- menlarian and Seclion Vice-President She acled as associale iudge, was a member of Block A, and a J.S.A. leader. ANGIE HERNANDEZ lCommerciall Angie played The clarinef and saxophone in the Band. She furfhered her inferesl in choral, and was an active member in G.A.A. and Spanish Club. KENNETH SLOUGH lCommerciall Foofball, baskelball and baseball played an impor- fanf par? in his school years. He parlicipaled regu- larly in Drama Teens and was a member of Block A and Spanish Club. Don Maniz receives Parks award from General Parks. Glen Babbill and Claudia COVTEI in "Aaron Slick." Tex and Sharon, and Pal and Don are served at alumni dance by Elaine. L MES or l953 LEFT TO RIGHT Mary Belh Shamblin Elaine Easlrnan Glen Babbllf Chns Beraflls Joan Turner Ken Slough Ronnie Halverson In The Blshops Manfle LEFT TO RIGHT Seniors Mary Van Mafre Barbara York Arly McCar?y, Don Manu, and Ruby Borge In lhelr play Elame Eastman was lovely as Mary In the "Chrlslmas Sfory " Chrns Berallls unferpreled Jo seph and Darla Helqesen a doveseller x 1 r' E .- ' 'I 1 l" 'f J I - .. - l AU . I ,IJ L ' I I 1 H ,pri 5 T if I l X 4 f Lx 'JT va -1 KM A 'K lj' 3 'KH 'lm 'Wig wr We VlCTOR l UND '41 EUGENE BROWN SUE HAMAMOTO BEN OBREGON PAT MCMAHON BOB OXSEN MRS ESTHER ARRASMITH MR DONALD FRASER FINAL MEMOIRS ln SepTember oT l949 56 breaThless anTlclpaT :ng Fresnmen arrlyed aT The sTrange buT Trlendly halls oT Amador Our TnrsT week knew The cLsTomary scorn oT The upper classmen buT we soon won Their respecT by helping Them un school aTTalrs Our Freshman pncnuc aT The HearsT Ranch was The TursT oT The now Tradlhonal HearsT Ranch plcnucs Hans Bonde and Barbara York were The key leader In our successTul hayr de and dance lhe Coleman Foley award was a new honor besTowed on The school In our Freshman year Since ThaT Tame Don Manlz Barbara York lvlaruan lvloldT and Ruby Borge have clalmed Thu award The Spider Crawl was The crowning achueyemenT oT our Sophomore year For The TlrsT Time an year who had relgned ofer our Freshman year again ruled as class queen AT lasT we were Juniors We were no longer ln experienced Sw ylng palm Trees made by Gene Pons and George Jen en and llTel ke Tloor To celllng murals produced by Joan Turner PaTT McMahon and Sandra Hansen TransTormed The gym lnTo a place oT exoTlc breezes and Troplcal romance Tor A NughT un Parad se Chrls BeraTlls emerged The TlrsT STudenT Body PresudenT TosTered by our class Senior Joan Turner reigned vrcTorlous over The Halloween Carnlval The TlrsT Tlme our class recerved Thls regal honor A Tlurry oT preparaT on heralded The Bnshops ManTle The TlrsT Sensor play To be presenTed nn Th Tall Tnnsel and TlrellghT lenT To The homey aTmos phere oT The Alumnn Dance aT ChrnsTmas lvlary BeTh Shamblin Flame FasTman and lvlarlan MOldT re ceweo The cherished possesslons oT llTe member shnps nn C S F WnTh Tears In our eyes and anTucnpaTlon ln our hearTs we The emalnung 40 received our diplomas and now look Torward To accephng our place ln com munuTy aFFaurs wuTh alumna ThaT have preceded us Y i' 4 A xr ' use T T R-if an H .115 T . vt. A i f f -. F Ts- xl Xl?-f'T, Q 55 'M .. . . bi I I-5' . W1 J The Soph Hop was a success. Mary BeTh Shamblin K .. . . Q V.. . . gl 4 T ' e . gh . . ' R FIRST ROW, Iett to right: E. Detafa, J. Leitch, S. McCumber, P. Jones, J, Lucas, J. Garcia, E. Cor PRESIDENTS fel, J. Henderson, SECOND ROW: Mr. Sweeney, N. Coreqe, J. Griffith, Lois Gibson, D. Mills, Bev. Heinz, Lorraine Gibson, B. Baxter. THIRD ROW: P. Henry, D. Allen, R. Estrada, P. Malies, S. Crcwe Dolores Newberry' Sieve A. Jensen, J. Dooley, J. Grey. VICE-PRESIDENT D I N FIRST rzow, left to figmg L. Peterson, T. Rosa, E. oxsen, E. Snyder, D. Newberry, L. wauhab, D O mes ewbw' Terra, C. Moyot. SECOND ROW: Miss Nugent, T. Zara, R. Moldt, M, Rodriques, N, Schmidt, B SECRETARY Reasoner, F. Viada, J. Salac, F. Schafer. THIRD ROW: K. Whitaker, M. Watson, J. Riebli, D. Tonelli Jean Henderson R. Reasoner, G, Pudwill, J. Pons, B. Vertrees. TREASURERS Theresa Rosa, LaVerne Weuhab JUNIOR CLASS Performance is the key word ot this busy class. Their Prom, "An Ocean Dream," was a sensation. Janet Grittiths and Gerry Gray supervised the decorations that teatured a grinning tluorescent octopus and a bubble blowing mermaid. The orchestra was captured in a giant clam shell. Jerry Salac, Frank Viada, and Kenneth Whitaker were among the clan ot athletic aspirartts who proved outstanding. Scholarly accomplishments were achieved by Dolores Newberry, who was President ot CSF., and the other members who belonged to Calitornia Scholarship Federation and Alpha Eta Sigma. Kenneth Whitaker was the big "Exec" with a crew ot able assistants which included Sharon lvlcCumber as Vice-President, Joy Ann Leitch as Secretary and LaVerne Wauhab as Treasurer. The class was anxious to take the reins and lead the school to honor and tame. ww l s 3 i qi! PRESIDENTS FIRST ROW, lefl fo rlqhl: N, Tonelll, S. Palmer, J. Taylor, J. Seeley, R. Teczon, M, McCracken, R, Rabello ' ' J. Mello, B. Reasoner, T. Lopez, SECOND ROW: Mr,Fril1, L, Oxsen, J. Nebel, R. McMahon, R. Obregon Ray Rogers' Reber, Tnmmqham L. Messa, A. Riebli, S. Wesf, L. Newberry, L. Raposa. THIRD ROW: Mr. Malfson, M. Marlin, J. Macias, L WCB-PRESIDENTS Shaffer, D. Schleye, R. Trlmlngham, R, Reqalia, P. Parks, G. Oxsen, H. Yancey, P. Wheeler. Richard Guasco, Don Delala SECRETARIES FIRST ROW, leff fo rlqhl: Mrs, Schoen, L. Garcia, H. Ayiila, R. Banks, J. Clark, D, Defala, F, Boscarello, Joan Devon RoS'eTec1on H, Galanida, J. DeVor. SECOND ROW: F. Chavarrla, J. Casella, J. Baker, J. Hilton, D. Helqesen, S, Grif- fifls, D, Arnold, R. Cordova, H. Burkhardf. THIRD ROW: H, Hlllon, T. Haynie, H. Hodqdon, T, Jorgensen, TREASURERS R, Byrd, F. Haynle, P, Arrasmilh, R. Guasco. Jo Ann Baker, Frank Haynle SOPI-IOMORE CLASS of quiel rnalunng. If is lhe year when sludenls are nol The Sophomore year is one En lhe imrnediale eye ol lhe public. Our Sophornores have slienlly laken lhe lead in many sludenl body affairs. l-lelen Avilla ano Darla Helgesen were parlicularly nole- worlhy in Drama. In Junior Slalesrnen, eager eadr: fls included Paul Arrasmllh and Joan DeVor. They came ?or+h wlrh a "Sock Hob" exrraordlnary under fhe quidlnq hands of "Ir-lelqlef' Ann lvlarre Rlebll and Ray Rogers. Troy and Frank l-laynle were prohclenl rlarlicipanls ln baskelball and baseball. W.. me FRESHMAN CLASS Wilh a pre-school picnic ai ihe lairgrounds lhe Freshman class was duly iniroduced io iheir respeciiye siudenl counselors. Thus, lhese boys and girls eniered Amador unafraid, aequainied and ready io assume ihe responsibiliries ol ihe Class of l956. Ronnie Paulo was Temporary chairman before lhe eleciion oi oiciicers was held. Shirley Rogers, Gayle Cairo, Carole Dehn, Susan Look and Pal' Walson served well in lhe Dramafeens. Margery Bernard was a leader in many lields. Susan Loolc repre- senied ihe Freshmen on ihe KLX Youlh Town lvleelinq oi ihe Air. ,fawf PRESIDENTS FIRST ROW, left fo riqhf: G. Kosl, R. Corlez, C. Lucas, B. Anselmo, S. Look, A. Lara, sl J D I B bi, Demeyer, F. Demeyer, T. Fisher. SECOND ROW: Miss Sfoerkel, L. Lund, J. Barham, ' env Dug ass' O ones Corona, M. Bernard, I. Lara, G. Hansen, C. Dehn, S. Easlrnan. THIRD ROW: G. Bax? VICE PRESIDENTS C, Casferson, A. Larson, D. Baker, J. Douglass, J. Griffills, B. Heinz, W. Clark. FOURTH R . ' ernor, B. Fullerlon, B, Jones, T. Fisher, R. Andrade, A. Caldeira, L. Fraser, K. Hansen. Sylvia Easlman, Arnold Caldeira , SECRETARIES FIRST ROW. leff fo rwghlz V. Schleye, G. Monfellano, J. Rossi, E. Wicksfeed, D. Salac, J. Waller, C. Jean Santana PM Dooley Websler, J. Sanlana, S. Rogers. SECOND ROW: V. Sober, C. Siewarl, A. Oswill, D. Walson, F. Teixeira, ' A, Robertson, B. McRae, K. Slanley, J. Wasoski. THIRD ROW: Mr. Seaver, P. Wafson, D. Oswill, E. Marlin, Richard Teczohn, R, McCoy, T. Plalo, J. Von Moos, Mr. Thorson. FOURTH ROW: M, While, J, TREASURERS Neilsen, R. Paulo, A. Simnson, N. Mendonca, G, Schulh, M. Zaro. Susan Look, Tom Plafo Service Roundup of Champions Frank Viada, Jean Henderson, Berf Fullerfon. WS WW: ' 'gf' xx -Q. 1 wwf. ., ,.,.mwmW +4 M Mold! A Roberhon, Mr. Fritz, LEFT TO RIGHT: . , . S. McCumber, P. McMahon, J. Chavarria, R. Borqe. I 15' sf class "Don Days" rafing-The Choral serenading Sfudenf qoverwmerw sefa The pacewnaflona nr - ' ors-budding dramafisfs and sfaqe producers-acfive duh wifh OH re-fraims sibofers dmm fhe hon '41 Judge EUGENE PONS The hrs? serneirer of Qrudenf qoyernmenf srarred or' wrfh Boo Omen ar Me conrrok and Joan Turner as Ass sranr Tecnnmcman Mary Berh Sharnbhn was ead of correspondence ano records whue Marran M Nor bcsred herseh wr h hnances The Carnuvas wa ser rnro mohon and oroyed fo oe a brg succeg wurh more prohr rhan any precedrng year SpecuaY as erhbr es were a Pew oo rcy and sncluoed Rubrnoh and hs yuonn a Maqrcman Marrrnbaxsjr and Accor olronrsr The Srudehr Louncn senr B b Qxfen Gere Pom aro Heancr Defare ro rhe Ea2 Bay Smfery Conrro' ouncr Ruby Boroe yaQ sponsored To The U N E Q C O Conference ar Qranford The Sfuoenf C uncn endeo up s Qenwes er wrrh an hulanous week end ar Squaw Va Wey Assoclafe Judge ELEANOR DETATA Assocnaie Judqe DOUG CROWE STUDENT STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW Ieff fo roqh? J Ma s Grfffh R Borge M an Mafre D Newberry P McMahon B Jones SECOND ROW K Slough S Crowe D Manlz B Trlmmgham R Habverson V Lund P Wafson R Mold? Vice Presudenf Joan Turner Presn dent Bob Oxsen Secrefary Mary Beih Shamblin Treasurer Marian Mold? Parllamenfarlan Elamne Easiman Siores Accounfanf, Cvlen Babblfi' GOVERNMENT The gavel was passed from Bolo Oxsen lo Ken Whiralcer. The Juniors roolc Their place in The gov- erning organizalion wilh eagerness. Vice-Presideml Sharon Mccumber was responsible Tor The exchange assembly wirh San Ramon and The Air Force Band presenralion. Joy Ann Leilch as Secrelrary and La Verne Wauhab as Treasurer, loolc over lheir respon- sibiliries wirh The help of rhe Seniors. The Sludenl Council sponsored an exlensive safely campaign. Ar Amador rhey framed parking regulalions and supporled The Block A when lhey painled The lines in The parking area. A special assembly was planned for The Grammar School. Bicycle safely was emphaf sized The Srudenl Council discussed plan lor rraclc and held Tacilihes which were a welcome addihon ro The sporrs curriculum ASSOCIATE Judge ROSIE TECZON Judge RITA MOLDT STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW Iefi fo ruqhf R Borqe B McRae J Turner J Grufflih S McCumber R Mold? SECOND ROW H Galanlda J Lelfch L Wauhab E Snyder J DeVor E York THIRD ROW D Gellerman M Warson R Halverson D New berry B Oxsen F Vlada Vice Presldenf Sharon McCumber Presldenf Ken Whrraker Secrefary Joy Ann Leirch Treasurer LaVerne Wauhab Parlramenfaruan Elizabeih Snyder Sfores Accountant Mike Wafson 'K' fr. if A ,uv .2 d jx, rf' -,..,,. WWW DON DAYS STAFF AMADON STAFF G. Magpionq, photography ediforg R. Borqe, copy ediforg J. Turner, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Baxfer, handbook edilorg P.Arrasmi1'h, adverlisinq edifor-in-chiefg B. Obregon, Theme editorg S. Hamamolo, Typisf. G. Babbiif, sporfsg J. Pons, advertising. Display of Isl Class Honor Rafinq, i752 Don Days. LEFT TO RIGHT: JOURNALISM CLASS MVS- A"f55m'fl'. -loan Tumef- FIRST ROW, lefl Io righT: B. Baxler, S. Hamamofo. SECOND ROW: J Pons, G. Magpiong, R. Borqe, M, Watson, J. Turner, P. Arrasmith, Mrs Arrasmilh, G. Babbifl, B. Obregon. PUBLICATIONS The TirsT early morning program Tor one small group oT Ten Amador sTudenTs was Journalism. The yearly lineup of producTions included revising The school handbook and planning and publishing The Amadon and Don Days. lvlrs. EsTher ArrasmiTh was The Technical DirecTor and assisTed when The agenda became overcrowded. The handbook was ediTed by Barbara Baader, while The whole class combined eTTorTs To produce The Amadon, each Taking a Turn as ediTor. The sale OT Don Days adverTising presenTed a more diTTiculT problem. Jack Garibaldi and Paul ArrasmiTh were Two non-journalism sTudenTs who combined eTTorTs wiTh Jack Pons and Glen BabbiTT To sell ads To The +own merchanTs. Mr. Viada's Television was used Tor The division pages. C.S.F. ond A.E.S. An unidenlilied wriler lells us, "When a man succeeds, he does il in spile ol every body and nor wilh lhe assislance ol everybody." Amador! aspiranls for scholasric honors are learning a praclical every day applicalion of lhis rule. All ol rhe classes are represenled in bolh honor groups. The Frosh have 5 in CSF. and I6 in A.E.S. Sopho- mores were represenled by 7 in C.S.l:. and lo in A.E.S.: 7 in C.S.l5. and I5 in A.E.S. was The grand 'rolal lor The Juniors. The Seniors 'rurned up wilh I2 in AES. and 7 in C.S.l:. including lhree life members of California Scholarship Federalion: Marian Moldl, Mary Belh Shamblin and Elaine Easlrnan. FIRST ROW, Iell Io righl: H. Galanida, B. Reasoner, J. DeVor, S. Hama' mofo. SECOND ROW: J. Leifch, D. Newberry, J. Lucas, M. Shamblin. THIRD ROW: P. Arrasrnilh, L. Oxsen, V. Lund, E. Easrman, D. Defafa. FOURTH ROW: R. Moldl, B. Trimingham, T. Jorgensen, S. Crowe, Mrs. Vardon. FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righlz J. Clark, J. Garcia, G. Maqpiong. SECOND ROW: K. McCracken, P. McMahon, J. Turner, R. Teczon. THIRD ROW: B. Verfrees, R. Borqe, B. York, E. Snyder. FOURTH ROW: B. Oxsen, P. Henry, R. Casferson, H. Hodqdon, G. Salac. i I 1 I ,.-r FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righl: B. York, D, Newberry, M. Shamblin, D. Walson, J. Lucas, H. Galinida, B. Reasoner, J. DeVor. SECOND ROW: R. Moldf, M. Moldf, E. Easlman, N. Eqge, J. Leilch, S. Easfman, S. Look. THIRD ROW: V. Lund, P. Arrasmilh, L. Oxsen, S. Crowe, T. Jorg- ensen, B. Trimingham, C. Casferson, G. Jensen. FIRST ROW, lefl fo righf: O. Luf1,C. Lucas, L. Wauhab, J. Mello, H. Avilla, L. Garcia, R. Corlez, J. Garcia, J. Sanlana, G. Maqpiong, S. Hamamofo. SECOND ROW: K. McCracken, T. Plalo, D. Delala, J. Von Mocs, S. McCumber, J. Turner, R. Teclon, F. Teixeira. THIRD ROW: B. Jones, T. Haynie, F. Haynie, P. Dooley, D. Dufra, D. Helgesen, P. Walson, E. Snyder. THE CHRISTMAS STORY M, Moldt, A. Riebli, N. Corege. R. Halverson, N. Corege, C. Beraflis, E. Easfman, A. Riebli, C. Dehn, M. Moldf. AARON SLICK FROM PUNKIN' CRICK FIRST ROW, lefl fo righf: P. Barnes, J, Henderson, K. Slough. SECOND ROW: C. Corlez, C. Babbiff, R. Teczon, P Dooley, S. Look, P. Parks, B. McRae, R. Halverson, P, Arrasmifh, J. Turner, G. Cairo, D. Helgesen, B. York. DRAMA TEENS "The show musi go on." and Amador's own lhespians have done iusl lhal. "The Chrislmas S+ory" was a pageanlry of color and beaulilul songs porlraying rhe iradie lional Chrislmas lale. Elaine Easlman as Mary rendered Three solo numbers. The lhirly-iive sluclenls in sixlh period drama were conslanlly working on shorl plays lor assemblies and special programs. Don Maniz was chief slagehand and saw 'rhal all lhe properlies were properly cared for and lcepl in good repair. Kennelh Slough and Darla l-lelgesen +ried our lheir skills in ihe Broadway success "My Sisier Eileen." "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams and "Raggedy Ann and Andy" were lhis year's Barn Thealer produclions which were sponsored by Drama Teens. LES AMIS FRANCAIS I-lelen Galanida was elecled presidenI ol Amadoris newesr club, Les Amis Francais. Aller or- ganizing Ihe group and wrifing 'rhe consfilulion under The sponsorship ol Iheir adviser, Mrs. Vardon, lhe ollicers were chosen. Dolores Newberry, Noel Egge and Sylvia Easlman compleled The officer sIaI'I. The sfudy of French cusloms, arl, lileralure and song in an exlracurricular vein is lhe purpose of the group. CHORAL Mr. Lopez Took over Ihe choral educalion ol Amador in Ihe fall oi '52, The accomplishmenls of 'rhis group were displayed in lhe 'Chrislmas S'fory" and "Aaron Sliclcf' Qlher service was rendered lo local groups desiring special music. They performed af Baccalaureale wiIh excellence. Elaine Easlman, formerly unlcnown lor her ex- cellence in vocal soloing, did a lromendous job and charmed many audiences. FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riqhf: J. Hilfon, W. Clark, E. Deiafa, R.Tec1on, J. Lucas, D. Newberry, S. Eastman, H. Galanida, D. Salac, J. Sanfana. SECOND ROW: B. Oxsen, L. Shaffer, P. Parks, J. Pons, P, Arrasmifh, A. Larson, N. Egqe, L. PeIerson, J. GrIffiHs, Mrs. Vardon. CHORAL FIRST ROW, Ieff fo right A, Hernandez, M, Shamblin, L. Gibson, N. Brewer, E. Corfez, S. Marafas, L. Sanchez. SECOND ROW: H. Anderson, J. Roxberq, E. Easfman, R. Obregon, B. York, K, McCracken, L. Seeley. .mx fi Hg 2 s ,ii A . I V lf. 'XXX I IW? Pk' .X , W fx .LK . X 2 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righl: F. Chavarria, R. McMahon, J. Nebel, G. Burnham, J. Taylor, V. Sober, T. Lopez. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thorson, A. Caldeira, C. Eeratlis, C. Casierson, G. Oxsen, G. Cairo, B, Trublood, V. Lund, THIRD ROW: D. Caveslri, D. Maniz, M. Marlin, J, Nielsen, J. Bull, M. Rodrigues, A. Jensen, JUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, Iefl Io riqhf: L. Paflerson, E. Defafa, J. Lucas, D. Newberry, H. Avilla, L. Wauhab, S. Easfman, J. DeVor, r- S. Look. SECOND ROW: F. Viada, J. Baker, B. York, J. Griffilh, J. Hillon, E, Snyder, J. Grifliffs, J. Leifch, S. Mc- Cumber. THIRD ROW: M, Walson, P. Henry, R. Triminqham, H. Hodg'don, T. Jorgensen, B. Verfrees, R, Halverson, P. Parks, P. Arrasmilh. FFA. J.S.A. The producls ol prospeclive aqricullural sponsors As lelevision waves radiale lrom lhe broadcasl- are lesred by our Fulure Farmers. They combined ing slalion, so our Junior Sralesmen make Their lheir ellorls wilh lhe Fulure I-lornernakers lo pro- ellecls known all over California. Slale olllices held duce lhe I-Iarvesl Ball. Viclor Lund was lhe chiel ol oberalions, advised by Allred -lhorson. by Dons included Paul Arrasmifh. associale iuslice, and Barbara York, ediror Golden Gale News. Joan Lucas, Ronnie I-lalverson, and Peler Parks allended lhe Slare meer in Bakersfield. SPANISH CLUB A Iouch of foreign armosphere is supplied by Los Amigos Amadores. La Fiesra de Navidad gave us all a Iasre of enchiladas and Spanish cus+orns. The ac- IiviIies for meefings, planned by BIII Verrrees, gave Ihe members an idea of Spanish dances and hoIidavs. F.H.A. Cooking and sewing play an imporIanI pari in visuaI educarion on IeIevision. Qur Fuiure Home- makers Iearn aII 'rhe Iareslr 'rricks of The culinary and dressmaking aris from 'rheir adviser, Cafherine Nu- gent The IooIbaII banqueI was one of Iheir exCeIIenI gourmef erforfs. LOS AMIGOS AMADORES FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riqhf: J. Turner, L. Pafferson, E. Defafa, L. Newberry, H. Burkhardf, D. Defaia, J. Clark, J. Lucas, P. Jones, L. Wauhab, Bonnie Reasoner, J. DeVor. SECOND ROW: P. Wheeler, G. Grey, L. Oxsen, J. Casella, R. Borge J. Griffifh, B. York, K. McCracken, J. Roxberg, A. Hernandez, P. McMahon, E. Snyder. THIRD ROW: R. Casferson, D. Crowe, S. Crowe, G. Babbirf, A. McCarIy, R. Halverscn, T. Jorqenson, H. Hodgdon, B. Verfrees, R. Moldf, F. Viada. FOURTH ROW: R. Triminqham, K. Slough, G. Jensen, B. Oxsen, E. Pons, M. Wafson, P. Henry, D. ToneIIi, R. Esfrada. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, Ieff fo right B. McRae, G. Hansen, D. Terra, L. Wauhab, L. Garcia, G. Kosf, B. Anselmo, H. Galanida A. Lara, G. Demeyer, F. Demeyer. SECOND ROW: Miss Nuqeni, A. Oswill, P. McMahon, S. Griffiffs, L. Pafferson R. Teczon, S. McCumber, J, Clark, J. Leifch, P. Jones, D. Newberry. THIRD ROW: G. Grey, N. Schmidf, B. O'Louqh- lin, R. Obregon, J. Baker, L. Messa, B, York, J. Griffiffs, T. Rosa, J. Griffirh, Barbara Heinz. swing i If ,I '5 1, A KDCDE g Athletic Nevvsreel Frank Haynie, Darla Helqesen. 5 if Eg ,N wail' N-.M Don Maniz and Bob Oxsen fighf for fhe ball af lhe Livermore game, while Frank Haynie and Ken Slough wail for rebound ,Q M I my 1 inf QQ? fag 4 M 4 'E ff? ll 4 'ned coaches-llle lovable Amadorls lreslw green lurl-llwe "live ' on flue maple Courl-our we. -,ral one from England-fflwe worfhy recipienls of flue coveled Block A--+l'1e Sluggers of fl1e lworselmide . . . I . K3 1:31.15 glixf ,xiii ' ARTY MCCARTY '2.:..f ., -f ii-iifi-:- qfz. ' gig' "" . , Q 4 . A '.:rg'.,:gr.:f '-21:2-:gre X JERRY SALAC . W gm, av TV .. , , Q! . "" r '-1 J , Q 2, . HANS BONDE I V F fi ELMER AGUIN FOOTBALL l952l For lhe lirsl lime in six years, we delealed our rivals, Livermore. The rigorous preclice and lreining inilialed by Coach Neil Sweeney and Assislanl Coach Donald Seaver produced a le-am wilh slamina and enduring spirir. VARSITY FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: F. Schafer, E. Oxsen, C. Beraflis, J. Salac, E. Brown, E. Aguinid, J. Byrd. SECOND ROW: K. Slough, A. McCar'ry, D. Allen, F. Viada, B. Trublood, N. Corege, D. Mills. THIRD ROW: D. Guasco, D. Gellerman, D. Maniz, P. Henry, D. Caveslri, J. Macias, J. Riebli, H. Bonde. JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW, left lo righl: J. Chavarria, N. Mendoza, R. Corlez, C. Lucas, K. Slanley, V. Sober, T. Lopez. SEC- OND ROW: A. Simpson, R. Paulo, R. Chavarria, B. Jones, D. Oswill, T. Plato, R. Andrade. THIRD ROW: D. Defela, F. Chavarria, B. Fullerton, A. Caldeira, C. Caslerson, J. Douglas, J. Nebel, L. Newberry. Roberr Malfson, Neil Sweeney, Don Seaver Paul Arrasmllh, James Waller 19 2 10? I 16 . rg sure! ii , Gi VAT I I ..'r ff i ... I. ihrnil, 2. Our J.V.'s, under fhe diredion of Roberlr Mafrson, upheld our school's honor admirably. Ahhough we were again deprived of The EBCAL championship by fhe Liberiy Lions, our hopes for vicfory in 1953 are soaring. VARSITY SCORES J.V. SCORES A V A V Benicia ,,,,,,,, San Lorenzo .,.. Newman .7,, S+. Elizabefh San Ramon.. Livermore .. C.S.D. .... , Liberfy ....,... Emeryville ., Varsity de ea ,fmwnmmw -M.o.,,W,.,M..v.-Wwwwmm-wm,. ...wwf-. - W San Lorenzo San Ramon.. S+. Elizabelh San Ramon., Livermore ., Livermore .. Ml: Diablou Mr. Diablo., San Ramon.. KENNETH SLOUGH r 1 EUGENE BROWN DON MANIZ FRANK VIADA i BILL TRUBLOOD DON CAVESTRI CHRIS BERATLIS i BASKETBALL rf. My il The gym resounded wiTh The cries of specTaTorsg on The courT, Ten eager boys vied Tor The ball To earn The ever imporTanT poinTs. This scene was characTerisTic OT every baslceTball game This season. SomeTimes Amador wallced away wiTh vicTory in Their hearTs. OTher Times They squared Their shoulders and wallced away proud, even in deTeaT. When all The games were ToTaled Amadons A sTring ended up Third. Ken WhiTalcer was hailed as high poinT man wiTh 29 poinTs. Championship qualiTyll ThaT was our B Team under The coaching oT Coach Robe-rT lvlaTTson. Jerry Salac and Franlc Viada sparked Their TeammaTes To a one-cleTeaT season. MR. R. MATTSON MR. D. SEAVER FIRST ROW leff To ugh? B Oxsen, G. Jensen, D. Allen, K. Slough, J. Byrd, F. Haynie. SECOND ROW: B. Trublood, R Chavarria, M. Walson, P. Henry, B. Obregon, RAQQLMSL FIRST ROW left to r gh? R Paulo R, Reasoner, F. Viada, T. Zaro. SECOND ROW: R. Regalia, Mgr., A. Simpson, R. Byrd, J. Nobel, N. Corege. BASEBALL The cold and biling winds of winier deparied and were replaced by lhe placid and blossom-scenled breezes of spring. Maniz, Allen, Frank l-laynie and Gene Pons lined up on The mound and sen? couni- less balls hurling info fhe milfs of Norman Mendonca and Lewis Shaffer. A complele new lineup of sporls raised lheir faces 'rhis spring. The school sfarfed leveling our lirsf lraclc and lhe boys began pracficing field evenfs. Wreslling and fe-nnis became popular inlramural aclivilies in Mr. Seavers' physical ed program. Livermore-Pleasanton on fhe maple courf. Baseball drill in locker room. Acrobafic practice lakes Frosh time in P. E. 5? FIRST ROW, Iefi fo righlz K. Slough, B. Oxsen, J. Macias, D. Crowe, S. Crowe, R. Halverson, F, Viada, R. Guasco, V. Lund, J. Nebel. SECOND ROW: Mr. Seaver, D. Cavesfi P. He r J. Ri bl' D. All n D, M ' G. B b 'Y A r, n y, e I, e , amz, a bil, . McCarty, E. Brown. FIRST ROW, Ielf lo righf: M, Shamblin, J. Garcia, D. Newberry, M. Van Malre, E. Delala, L. Wauhab, SECOND ROW: J, Griffllh, E. Easfman, B, York, R. Moldr, R. Borge. BOYS' BLOCK A GIRLS' BLOCK A The season has been packed wilh fun and work Tor our lellerrnen, They slarlred OTT The calendar wilh the Iradilional iniliallon, The Foolball Banquel was sponsowew Ioinlly by F.hl.A. and Block A. The Parks Air Force Troohy was Ofesenled lo Don Maniz, Block A Presidenr, for his oulslanding sporls- manship. The boys exe-nnplilied lheir school spiril by painlinq while lines and pedeslrian lanes in lhe parking area. A lor achievernenl. These girls have 'rruly achieved alhlelic recognilion. They have worked hard lor lheir chenille blocks and wear Them proudly. The Block A members lake lhe lead in Ihe G.A.A. aclivilies. Mary Van Ivlalre served as Block A chairman and worked in close co-ordinalion wilh Ihe G.A.A. Council. lvlay was wilness 'ro an exciling explosion ol lun, as only These girls know how lo have, during Iheir picnic and ini4ia+ion. G.A.A. Girls who have The will and abiliTy To geT Things done comprise This group. Serving The school is one oT Their biggesT goals. l-loT dogs and colces were sold aT The TooTball and basl4eTball games Tor The sTudenT body by The girls. The ice cream ThaT was devoured by The sTudenTs aT noon was sold by capable G.fX.fX. members. The Junior girls and Margery Bernard goT TogeTher and sold gummed labels To geT money To send Two Junior girls To The Girls' Leadership Comcerence. One musT noT TorgeT The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion deals mainly wilh aThleTics. They had Traveling Teams This year. The hoclcey Team Traveled To Napa and came baclc wiTh anoTher win Tor a 5 year undeTeaTed record. The baslceTball Team played San Ramon, Parks Air Force Women and Livermore. Several oTher baslceTball games gave The girls opporTuniTy To earn poinTs Tor The coveTed awards. The G.A.A. Dance was called "She-'ll Be Comin' 'Round The lvlounTain" and TeaTured I-lill Billy music. FIRST ROW Iefl To right: R. Teczon, D. Newberry, L. Garcia, J. Lucas, B. York, M. Shamblin, R. Borge, E. EasTman, J. Gr ffnTh J Garcia H Galanida. SECOND ROW: J. Griffiih, J. Griffiffs, N. A g Schmidf, R. Moldf, L. Lund, S. Easfman. FIRST ROW, Ieff To righfz D. Wafson, J. Grlf'flTTs, N. Egge S Look J S SECONDRWBYkCDhSE THIRD anTana. O 1 . or, , e n, . asTman. ROW FIRST ROW Ieff To righf: S. Hamamofo, T. Rosa, L. Wauhab, B, Heinz, P. Dooley, P. Wafson. G Magplonq SECOND ROW: S. Griffifis, J. Dooley, P. Wheeler, J. Griffith. MISS DOROTHY MILK tv'-I '.- 1 , 'i 'I' ' A 1: A Campus Review Gi Gur Friendly Advertisers Rosie Teczon, Helen Galanida. i 5 5. :nv----f eww YS 5 W, , CASUAL DIVISION G, Grey, J. Griffifh, L. Raposa, T. Rosa, L. Wauhab, L. Gibson, J. Clark, J. Henderson. The spirhed a+mospI'1ere of 'rI'1e crowd a+ games-I-IaIIoween queens in ro+a+ion-dassroom ac+Ivi+ies ' ' In I - I' IuncI1e-s on Ihe lawn. 'rhe kids sI1oppIng around Iown wl+Iw co-operahve mere an 5 ea mg KDON BUZZIN IT IS a warm sprung SaTurday mornlng 1usT The rIghT lcuno oT day To spend In SanTa Cruz Here comes a car down Mann STreeT IT Turns and pulls InTo The parlcsng IoT OuT Iurno PaT Ivlclvlahon VIC Lund Kay WIcIcsTeed and Chris PeraTIIs I have To go To JORGENSON S Tor some sun Tan loTIon says Kay To PaT Come on wlTh me PaT smiles and Tollows her across The sTreeT whale VIC and Chrns go on over To CHRISTESEN S To pur chase a baThung suIT OuT In TronT oT The sTore sTands a man yellung someThIng I wonder whaT he has To say Dress c:loThes Ievus sporT shIrTs sTep rIghT up Tollcs ThaT s PeTe ChrusTesen geTTIng In To The acT IT s The besT In Town John and Dode regard The cloThes CHRISTESENS sells In :Ts Tne shop go ID Harry Hodgdon and George Cairo rush madly In Tollowed by Dolores Newberry who Turns leTT ThaT s rIghT You guessed IT The Taclc Room PaT and Kay are lusT enTerung The drugsTore when They see Bobble ToronTo coming ouT H all Three chorus We re buying sun Tan loTlon whaT abouT you7 Oh BIII has a cold and I came down To have The prescrlphon fIIled haT The docTor gave hzm answers Bobble Coming ouT OT CHRISTESEN S who should The boys meeT buT Ruby Borge sTandlng IH TronT oT EARL PINARDS JEWELRY STORE Now I wonder whaT sne could have been loolcung aT7 Do you Icnow7 Earl has beauTITuI dlamonds Say guys whaT am I going To do I lusT goT a TIaT Tnre naven T goT a spare and have To be IH K 5' QI' 'C Hayward In halT an hour hollers Ben Obregon To Glen BabbITT and Jaclc Garabaldl Talce a bus man' RIghT here They boTh poInT To GEORGE WESTS GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT Laughing TogeTher They Cross The sTreeT Here come VIC and Chrns baclc To The car On The way Don Ivlannz aImos+ ran Them down In has hoT lITTle Eord Where oo you Thunlc you re goIng7 VIC yelled aTTer hum GoT To oeT some air In my Trres aT CHRIS HANIEEN S They re geTTIng mIghTy low and Tom Brewer as lusT The man To Tull Them The rlghT way awswered Don as he zoomed on down The sTreeT eager To paTronIze Don Days AdverTIsers And here IS Raymond Rogers sITTIng 1nThaT nrce PIymouTh wlTh head In hands DIsgusTedly he aTTempTs The sTarTer again BuT To no avail Suddenly his Tace brlghTens Tor he spues Two oT has pals They II nelp hlrn ouT They II Icnow IusT whaT To do Tor his car Hey There' Come over here a mlnuTe I need some help He calls To Don CavesTrI and Hans Bonde WhaT s wrong7 Guess I n'1usT be ouT oT gas Well IU ThaT case The place Tor you To go IS rIghT over There To ERNIES SHELL STATION The besT gas In Town Well push you Thanlcs pal I II do a Tavor Tor you someTImes Raymond sTeers as The boys shove hum To ERNIE S Ivleanwhnle PaT and Kay have been busy IITTIe bees From The drugsTore They conTInued on down The sTreeT To The LO NA STYLE SHOPPE To Ioolc aT The baTh1ng suITs They ThoughT They needed a new one There They nneT Angle Hernandez Tryung on som really sTunnIng suITs Tor graduaT1on Comnng ouT oT , . . . I I I IJ . .I I I II II I II I . . . . . . I I - .I . . . II I . . . I I I I I - II I . . . . . II I . I I . . . I . , . . I II .III . I. II I - I - I II II I I . . . I . .I I T , I I I I . II . . I I 1 . I I . Don Regalia serves Hans Bonde and I en ou a hrisTesen's. ' " I I. . II - I , . . II I . I - II . . I I, . . . I I . . J . . . . . I. , , . . I I . I . . II I II . , . . . . II I II II II II . . . I I G . . I II II I . II I I I , , e . . . . . There They meT Barbara Reasoner running down The way carrying a dress over her arm. They called To her and asked her whaT all The rush was abouT. "Jeanie has a spoT on her new dress and she has To wear iT Tuesday - I'm Trying To Think oT whaT kind oT spoT remover To buy." "Don'T boTher wiTh spoT remover-iT's Too much Trouble. Take iT down To The FRENCH LAUNDRY -TasT and complete service. LeT Them remove The spoTs Tor you." "I never ThoughT oT ThaT. Sounds like a good idea. FRENCH LAUNDRY is good." JusT as They were crossing The sTreeT To The PosT OTTice To pick up The mail They saw a huge pair OT anTlers sTicking ouT oT The window oT Bob Oxsen's converTible. All exciTed They rushed over To him as he came ouT of The PosT OTTice Where on earTh are you going To keep such a big Thing why even chopped up no home Treezer is ThaT big' Why Im Taking :T over To FIORIO S MARKET and puTTing :T in one of Their lockers The Oxsen Tamily is really going To eaT Tor awhile FIORIO S has The TinesT groceries and locker service in These hyar parTs Say I lusT had a call Trom Eleanor DeTaTa saying she couldn T go To The dance wiTh me cause her dress needed To be cleaned ThaT s awful :T s Too laTe To ask any oTher girl To go DonTdespair my Triend you TorgoT The AMERICAN CLEANERS Thevll do a wonderTuI o Tor her answered PaT Here comes IiTTle Charles Lucas w1Th a very worried look on his Tace Gee Charles you sure look down in The dumps abouT omeThing whaT gives7 asks Richard CorTez Gosh my moms b1rThday is Tomorrow and I IusT conT know whaT To geT her Say ThaTs no problem WhaT do you Think Tue PLEASANTON FLOWER SHOP is Tor7 Why always give my mom Tlowers Come on I II go down There waTh you and help you pick someThing ouT for her Wed beTTer hurry up or Vic and Chris will be having a TIT says PaT Yes isnT ThaT gusT like a man They II swear They ve been waihng Tor hours when :Ts probably been only abouT Tive minuTes Oh well Jack Pons and Tom Zaro are having a InTTIe pow wow LeT s lnsTen To whaT They have To say lm going rlghT down To ERNIE BONNES CHEVRON STATION To geT a good lubricahon 'ob on my car They really give :T The works There says Jack I sure could sTand a pair oT Twin spoTs on This rod oT mine guess I II have To run on over To Hay ward and see whaT I can pick up sighs Tom You don T have To go ThaT Tar why gusT a couple oT blocks down The sTreeT is The besT place I know of To buy Tancy gadgeTs Tor your car Go righT on down To OUALITY AUTO PARTS They ve goT everyThing you could possibly wanT Say I never ThoughT abouT ThaT place Id beTTer geT going See you around somehme aT oTher spoTs whose owners buy Amador ads For all your banking needs choose PIeasanTon s home owned bank The First Notionol Bcmk of Pleosonton ' Member Federal DeposiT Insurance Corp TWTW PI T y T I . . .. ,. . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,, ll QF n i . I . . - .. .. , . . . . . I . - I - I b .. . . ,. . C . - . .. . I n J ' .I . . . . I . .I T I . .. . . , . -- . . . I . . . . . . , I I. .. . . . . . . ,. . . ., . . . . . . . . . . - - .- . , - . . . . ii. . . , . . . - - I. .... I Q I . - I. . , . I. T . . . . ., .. , , , .. f S' Fi ,.f- 'Ziyi - ' Y N, V .1 -I4-J, - ' ' A ' . K gg . - ' lim' . ' " . gk k ll I' II I: fs .fs 'I I . A ' 'ig' ' ' hw., 1- .., KL, , easan on's Home-owned Bank will serve . And here come Norma Brewer and Janice Roxloerg-lhey really loolc blue. "Gee whiz, here we have a swell parly planned lonighl and we haven'l gol any good records and we iusl donll have lime lo gel any," moans Janice. "l say-don'l you lcnow lhal PLEASANTON ELECTRIC CO. has some records? l've heard lhe lcids lallc aboul il. They have lols ol lhings down lhere-why nol records?" suggesled Norma. 'There's an eleclric roasler iusl lilae mine lhe-re," murmured Janice, 'land loaslers and irons, loo." "Well, whal are we wailing lor-lel's go down and loolc-'l And who's lhis rushing down lhe slreel-oh, ol course-Pal and Kay. You'd belle-r hurry up, girls, or you're going lo be lale and Vic and Chris are going lo be lil lo be lied. Male egolism, you lcnow. "Yes, yes, we know, Bul you iusl lceep quiel-you're only wriling lhe slory-we are supposed lo do all lhe lallcingf' Sassy, aren'l lhey? L TOP: Bob and Carol Lee lalk lo Don and gal al fhe Chrislmas dance. OPPOSITE PAGE-FIRST ROW: George keeps Carnival. boolh, Foolball sidelines. BOTTOM: Barbara chases cal, Ken lands on F.H.A. gals work in kilchen af banquef. SECOND ROW: Junior Jean head while Claudia and Darla sland aghasf. JV af alhlelic banquet. Henderson, the "handles" af foofball, Mr. RegaIla's rilual. THIRD INSERT: Senior Queen Joan Turner and Sophomore Joan DeVor. ROW: Frosh Elizabelh Wicksleed, afhlelic banquel ealers and speclalors, General Parks with Don Maniz and his award. FOURTH ROW: Janice and Jane? bob for balls, Don, Tex, Doug and Denny al Carnival. They run on over lo Chris' parlced car shouling, "Vic, Chris, we have lo gel some lood. Why didn'l you boys lhink aboul all lhese lhings lasl nighl when we had some lime? We're never going lo gel lo Sanla Cruz," lhe girls cry logelher. "Now don'l worry-we iusl saw Whiley lrublood and Shirley Rogers going inlo JOES GROCERY lo gel some picnic lood. So we gave lhem some money and lold lhem lo buy us some, loo, and lo come along wilh us. The more lhe merrier," soolhes Vic. And lhen lhey are oll in a roar ol exhausl, smolre and gravel -leaving behind lhem lhe sleepy lillle lown ol Pleasanlon and all ils wonderlul and surprising lillle slores. amid: my W fb-ww ff-, f ,WWW y 5 V A'-bird x -k .1 A . ,S V3 And lhen lhere's Ronnie Reasoner looking very glurn-seems he's having lrouble wilh his car- "See JOHNSON 81 NEILSON lor a complele overhaul," says Phil I-lenry. I'Come on," says Gene Pons lo Arly Mccarly, "lel's go gel lhe lank lilled up wilh Union Gas. UNION 76gon lhe corner ol Livermore road." VVho do we see looking in the window ol lhe PLEASANTON FURNITURE STORE? Joanne Seeley -now I wonder whal she wants lo buy lirsl--a lovely divan and chair sel or one ol lhree beaulilul break- lasl sels?. PLEASANTON FURNITURE has anything you wanl in the line ol houselurnishings. "Gee, I iusl bought a beauty ol a lishing tackle," says Jack Taylor. "Where did you gel il? I sure could use one. l've looked all over bul can'l seern lo gel iusl exactly what I want," says George Jensen. "Then you haven'l lried KOl.l.N'S HARDWARE-lhey have everylhing lrom nails lo glassware." . 5 B. Verlrees, S. Look, B. Oxsen, D. Helgesen, P. Arrasmlfh, K. Slcugh discuss the I8 year old vote over KLX Youlh Town Meeling, Central Meat Market ERESI-l MEATS AND POULTRY D. Demi, Proprielor 563 lvlain Sl. Phone 5620 DEPARTMENT STORE Mrs. Vernice Brewer Specializes in 690 Main Slreel Pleasanton, Calilornia 6l4 lvlain O T l'l O K E E I: E Real Eslale Insurance Phone 4440 645 lvlain Slreel Feed ancl Fuel Millaine Beauty Shop SSI lvlain Slreel SOI Main Slleeli Pleasanton California 5. You know if you iusl pul S5 a week in lhe bank, prelly soon you have a lol --and you'd be surprised how secure you Teel wirh lhal lillle nesl egg slashed away-and you'll know lhal should an emergency arise you can meel il wilhoul a qualm. For all your own banking needs, choose Pleasan- lon's home bank: THE FIRST NA- TIONAL BANK OE PLEASANTON. Member of Eederal Deposil Insurance Corporalion. Mary Belh Shamblin and Elaine Easlman gol lheur work exper :ence There, loo FIRST NATIONAL helps Amador kids an re o ers were nva ua e on sa e ro er es John Edgren 84 Sons CHRYSLER 84 PLYMOUTH Pleasanlon Pleasanton Shoe Shop Don S CIT DUIDIIVI sHoE AND HARNESS REPAIRING A L Cox Proprielor A44 Ma nSlreel nexl IOB I-I l'lallCo 4045 Dubim Boulevard Pleasanlon Calilornia I-layward California Pleoscinton Bokery Pot Dixon PLEASANTON 54l Main Slreel Phone 2258 BREAD AND PASTRY Baked Daily I-ley Pal where are you going now7 yells Don Down lo PAT DIXON lo see her new summer dresses She gusl' gol' some new ones in All righl bul please hurry Oh no' sighs Joan Turner Whal s lhe maHer7 asks Pal Barnes I lusl' remembered my suil needs laklng in and l clonl know where lo lake il lo have il fixed Jusl lake il lo MRS JANICE BREWER 6l4 Main Slreel She s a whiz al' allerahons Are you looking lor some new slyle clolhes Gordon Burnham7 Somelhmg new and diTTerenl7 Go down lo CARI S and see George aboul' whal' clolhes sull' yeu besl George will be glad lo accommodale al any lime The well dressed guys al The Senior Ball selecled NEW STUDENTS sl?" T ROW I ff f gh J bb C YIIY SECOND ROW Ted H d I bkRy HI A'Il dShiIyRg i Ibl fgppti 1 . , i , . . . ol . - - ii ll ' ll T ii ,. . .I . .I , . ' . .. ' if i ur f. I . g ' FIRS , e o ri 1: essie Hammons, Bo ie Hum ' ' B rne. : ammons, Canice Recklenwal ' ec, a Rogers. lheur clolhes al GARI S Lel George show you lhe way lo be a guy wulh lhe neal look I IU l can l do a lhlng wulh my hair' Il s gellung so long and I need a permanenl weeps Beverly Heinz Why don l you go down lo MILLAINE S BEAUTY SHQP and have ul lnxed She really knows whal she s dolng answered Barbara her sxsler SCHEFEERS sure makes grand cakes I ordered my molher s bnrlhday cake lhere and ul was delncuous' Thals where you ouqhl lo gel yours says Lmllan Sanchez lo Kalharune McCracken Who S lhus we see Ilmplng down lhe Slreel lhal Kenny Slough' Judy Clark all worried runs up lo hum and queries D d you gel hurl nn baskelball agaun Ken7 Nope' Losl lhe heel oll my shoe Going down lo lhe PLEASANTON SHOE SHOP and have Mr Cox lux Il up Besl shoe repau man In lown Ive gol all kinds ol anrmals running around my place and xl cosls a mlnl lo leed lhem because I have lo go so lar lo gel lhe lood Thal 5 Freddy Schaler mourning lo Denny Allen Then you haven l been lo lhe PLEASANTON FEED AND FUEL raghl here IU lown I never lhoughl lo look here lnrsl ne-xl lame III go lhere' Lels lake 5 and dash over lo DILAURA S lor a hamburger and collee belore we go home I m slarved Even sprung lever doesnl keep me lrorn being hungry and DILAURA S lood rs good Tell ll lo Sweeney' Your real eslale lroubles ol Course Loss and Neal Andrade consull WHITING 81 SWEENEY when lhey wanl lo unvesl lheur savings In real properly T'-IIESSEN S STATJE E'lx'E'k:1Il?s1's'LI'1?',bINoE MACHINE SHOP COMPANY 525 RAI'-ROAD AVE P'-'ONE 2' O I5 Ray Slreel Pleasanlon Calnlornua E'-EASANTON Ernest W Scbween VARIETY STORE REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 620 Main Slreel 5I4 Ma V1 Slfeel W E Barlsch Pleasanlon Pleasanlon, Calulornua JOHN J. AMARAL Reosoner's Borber Shop R EAL ESTATE 549 lvlaun Slreel IO Sl lvlary Slreel Pleasanlon, Calrlornua . . ,. . .. S . - , . I , , . . . , , f 3 . . ,. . - , I. I , . . . . . .. . . r . .. ,. . . , . A . ' v I . 'I . . . l . ' I Admumstratuon Aguunud Elmer Allen, Denny Anderson, Helen Anderson, Wullard Andrade Duane Andrade Ralph Anselmo Barbara Arrasmuth Esther Arrasmuth Paul Arnold Delores Avulla Helen Babbutt, Glen Baker Delmont Baker Jo Anne Banks, Ronald Barnes Patrucua Barrett, Wunufred Bartram James Baxter Barbara Baxter George Beratlns, Chrus Bernard Maryorue Bonde, Hans Borge Ruby Boscarello Frank Brewer Norma Brown Eugene Burkhardt, Henry Burnham Gordon Burr Edwun Busch John Butz John Byrd James Byrd Robert Byrne Kathleen Cauro Gayle Cauro, George Caldeura Arnold Carlun Thomas Casella John Casterson Clyde Casterson Ronald Cavestru Ronald Chavarrua John Chafarrua Ramon Chesla Eluzabeth Clark, udy Clark Wayne Cordova Ramon Corege Neck Corona, Danuel Cortez Claudua Cortez Eleanor Cortez Ruchard Crowe Douglas Crowe Stephen Dehn Carole Demeyer Fernande Demeyer Gabruelle Detata Donald Detata Eleanor DeVor Joan Dooley, Januce Dooley Pat Douglass, Jerry Dutra, Duck Eastman Elaune Eastman, Sylvua Egge, Noel Frkenbeck Joan Estrada, Rucardo Fusher, Tom F usher, Ton Fraser, Donald Fraser, Loyd Frutz Robert Fullerton, Bert Garcua, Jo Ann Garcua, Lupe Galanuda, Helen Garubaldu, Jack Gellerman, Danford Guhson, Lous Gubson, Lorraune Governor, Manuel Grey, Gerry 10 7 8 5 16 42 18 5 2 5 11 14 15 25 19 25 23 5 2 INDEX Gruffuth, Janet Gruffutts Joyce Gruffutts Sharron Guasco Ruchard Halverson, Ronald Hamamoto ue Hammons, Jessue Hammons, Ted Hansen, Gayle Hansen, Kenneth Haynue, Frank Haynue Troy Heunz, Barbara Heunz Beverly Helgesen Darla Henry, Alan Henry Phulu Henderson Jean Hernandez Angle Hulton Howard Hulton Judy Hodgdon Harry Humphrues Bobbue Jensen Aan Jensen George Jones Robert Jones Pruscrlla Jorgensen Thomas Kost Georgua Lara Aurora Lara Isadore Larson Aluce Faye Leutch Joy Ann Look Susan Lonsdale Walter Lopez Tony Lopez Wulluam Lucas Charles Lucas Frank L Lucas Joan Lund Loretta Lund Vuctor Lutz Drley May Macuas, Joe Magpuong Glorua Malues Paul Manuz Donald 12 14 Maratas, Salvador Maratas Sylvua Martun Ernest Martun Muke Mattson, Robert McCarty Arthur McCoy Robert McCracken Katharune McCracken Marjorue McCumber, Sharon McMahon Patt McMahon Ruchard McRae, Barbara Medelros Edwnn Mendonca, Norman Mello JoAnn Messa, Loretta Mulk Dorothy Mulls, Donald Moldt, Maruan Moldt Ruta Moller Henry Montellano, Gu bert Moyot Claudua Nebel Jan Neulsen James Newberry, Dolores Newberry Larry Nugent Catherune Obregon Ben Obregon Rebecca 0 Loughlun Betty Oswull Arleen Oswull Derrall Oxsen, Emul Oxsen, George Oxsen, Lee Oxsen Robert 2 17 23 19 27 23 11 16 8 17 28 25 26 4 8 121 28 28 26 24 8 18 29 2 3 25 23 27 42 31 34 29 44 Palmer Shurley Parks Peter Patterson George Patterson Louuse Paulo Ronald Peterson Lola Plato Tom Pons Danuel Pons Eugene Pons Jack Pudwlll Glenn Rabello Rosuda Raposa Lulluan Reasoner Barbara Reasoner Bonnue Reasoner Ronme Recktenwald anu Regalua Abramo Regalua Robert Rueblu, Ann Marue Rueblu oe Robertson Aubrey Rodruques, Max Rogers Raymond Rogers Shurley Rosa, Theresa Rossu Joe Roxberg Januce Ruppel John Salac Dorothy Salac Jerry Sanchez Lulluan 18 20 Santana, Jean 9 Fred Donald Vurgunua Schmudt Nancy Marjorue Gulbert Seaver, Donald Seeley, JoAnn Louuse Lewus Schafer Schleye Schleye Schoen Schultz Seeley, Shaffer Shambllun uvuary Beth 13 15 Sumpson, Allan Slough Kenneth 14 n der Eluzabeth Sober Vuctor Stanley, Kermut Stewart Catherune Stoerkel June Stout Patrucua Sweeney Neul Taylor Jack Teczon Ruchard 15 26 Teczon Rosal ue 23 25 Terra, Delores Teuxeura Frances Thorson Alfred Tunga Rudy Tonellu Donald Trumungham Robert Turner Joan 13 15 23 24 Trublood Wulluam Van Matre, Mary Vardon Helen Vertrees, Wulluam Vuada Frank Von Moos Joy Waller James Wasosku, Janeuce Watson Dora Watson, Muchael Watson Patrucua Wauhab LaVerne 1 Webster Claudua West Shurley Wheeler Pat Whutaker Kenneth Whute Muke Wucksteed Eluzabeth Wucksteed Katherune Yancey Harold 17 20 17 23 24 York Barbara 14 15 Zaro Marulyn Zaro Tom 7 29 2 2 28 3 2 9 7 7 .u,tsse.,,.... , , , 37 1 1 1 5 Q Q , .e,.ee.. 1 , ,18Z23, 31 1 P Q 7 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1101 32 '- .... jjjigjgggjgggifiiji ..,. 718' 32 1' ----- A 33113555 1 .,e....... e... ...,...,......, 1 , 391 ' 7 77 7 , ,,,,,,, ,ee,,,,s,,,,,,,, . 1. ,7 Y......,..,.e........,......., 4i 51 H , ,....,,ss,,,,.e ...19, 7 11 ---------A--fAe--------A--'------- ,,,,, 1 ..15, , 28, 29 , V-.---.,,..,....,,........ 1 , A,-e---'-4---'------e,--4--e.-.- 19, 32 , s 1. ,,,,,,,,A , ,' , 25, 37 , , -.f, ,f,...., ,,.......,..., 1 1 .19, , 1 ..,,,.,............,.,.,...., 19, 29 7 V H ,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,YV ------,v 4 5 , ....,,. ..,....,.. . 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Suggestions in the Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) collection:

Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 44

1953, pg 44

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