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.KW ,Kia 1 ' I ' 5- X f , ,., -x,,, S,-M W! , xl f X ' .4 1 D ' I . '--M . ,,,- 6 A X e mf, 1. 1 9 X ,,,gf' K, ,Qi-5: .-.,.-2 . .I W E ,f 'E f, I 'Q ,. .- 'L I 'F'-,, XSL W xx "' X V 1 I A 9 2 s X i - L S 1 3 1 ,. , fu 1 .. "I A li' U My Q 4, ...f f I4 D4 il, NV' 1, . . j, aM ' f ,W,W l 14-4' 14, ,,,.c,,4.aMw4nli6 gmwviwnffdhhqwwwmd a'a""7"' M 4, 'au"' V -WV V X we Jw V+? fi XXV' Cv Y-V Fu , XJ' kv JJ y DJ gr' Xvf fy xx U XP' JAN dv , f SX y V jk I M5 Wffz 'J u 'P' L W L b f 1 If 5 V 4 1 My-f bv, 'JV' I M W My M f7 ' N LL X rw 5 K' lim 4 J, .1 L 20 x I ,X K JL, f J' V 40 ff VZ, 1 M Ly' lr' fall! J , " ' L JF ,W if N Q' 'I Y ' if' Q J Gjvdf IL! 1 j C x V L L . 0 1' XF N' 3 f if J X f L 'XJ Lk L 0 A , ' J ' 0' l ff! JVM WY 'fwfr My 1952 EW DON DAYS . fl' 1.1 9, VW M '- 1 4, .Wo 6, ' L w'f ' W' M 212321311 if r' NN! f xxxiqxlxiv' wus I! if X.. I f' lf, F 3 V PUBLISHED BY ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF AMADOR VALLI I I x E T ! I Z C If I UNT UNION HIGH SLI-IOQL PL1 ASANTON CALIPGRNIA DAY SI IL S3111 11 1 11111111 11111 111 sg 1 Nur 1111s11111 111 11s sp111t1x IS ISL 1s1111 L1111A11L111x1l1111 1111s " IIL 1111 111111 11111s .1111 f11111s p111p11111u111 t111 snow 111 1 9 5 2 ur IIL g1IX 1 N 111 puns, 11 11111111111 1111 LFISILS 11 71 ILIN 1111 1 11111111 I1 1 1 1 LI 111 X1,1111111111., 1111 1 111.11 f1111t 11 1 111 IllI11Lk1I11I IS 1 mx 111 1511 111 1 111 111r p11XSlkl1p NK 11111 5111111111111 1 1111111 1 ll 1 s11111n111 1 11111 1s111 1111 XLII' VN 111s1 11111 1t1lN 1 9 U 1 1 1 - : 1' 4 1 1 ' 1 1 4 1 154111-t1 ' 'l".I f X 4 1 '--f-up' '1 1 ' '1 11111 11151991-92. 11,11- 199--1',".' I C " 1, ' ' I xuf '14' gs" 111' 1 1 ll'l1x'1 I' S1'rr41, .11111 1 1 ' j 1 A 4 -'s 4 1 ' 431 ' f 1111- 1111"'1fXs1 1.10 ' -14.41g1141'11's,. .'j1 '1' j4 11 " 1411 1101 1' 1' A- s. 4 fC.l1' 111' -yp4111s11111 4 11 j '1 ' 1 1 1 '.'A '4 141111. A 2' ' " .1111 " 4 11 " 1111 ' 4 " 1 ' . ' "' '-,1111111-1111111wi11 1gp.1gcs,lS111i1wi111--1.1111. ' 'N ff BASIL PRESENTS ir M f,f,.S X: DELORES ANN NIARIE The Autumn ueens campaigned in the usual Amador spirit to compete for ruler of the Halloween Carnival. Delores Newberry, crowned at a royal ceremony- was victor over Wandgl Yancey, Sheila Hansen and Ann Marie Riebli. Class president Frank Viada was King for the night. Many new students were present when the class of 1955 climbed shyly up Amadofs steps in September to be greeted by Basil and their appointed student counsellors. FRESHMEN FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Wilkinson, J. Taylor, J. Seel- ey, L. Oxsen. B. Reasoner, D. Rierson. SECOND ROW: D. Helgesen, G. Oxsen, A. Riehli, N. Tunelli, R, Rahello, J. White. THIRD ROIN: M. Mc- Cracken, P. Wheeler, R. Trim- ingham, Ii. Regalin, J. Mucias, B. Tonelli. FRESHMAN OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Trim- ingham, Gordon Burnham, Rose Teczun, Frank Boscarello, President Ann Marie Riebli. lfltliSllMEN FIRST ROW, left tu right: C. Iiutup. C. Marquette, J. Mello, I., Newberry. J. Nehel, D. Huey. SECOND RUIY: J. Hilton, J. Lenning, R. NIcNfahun, O. Lutz, B. I.. Harris, S. Palmer. THIRD ROYV: Nlr. Holden, H. Ililtun, NI. Martin, R. Nlcliinley, H. Hudgdun, I.. WW Y Mena. NEW' STUDENTS FIRST ROIY. left tn right: L. Smith, D. Huey B. Huey. SECOND ROW: J. Crowe, L. Y. Bur- row, R. Nlcliinley. 'Q ,far C W 0,9 0 ' 15" r Q NEW STUDENTS FIRST ROW, left tu right: C. Marquette, P Stout, C. Tescher, G. Magpiong, S. Maratas. SEC UND ROW: J. Ohlson, B. Strickland, T. Carroll D. Rierson. F'RESllMl2N FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Clark, L. Garcia, G. Burnham, D. De Tata, F. Boscarello, B. Bauer. SECOND ROW: P. Arrasmith, H. Avilla, S. Gritlitts, J. Casella, R. Cordova, H. Galanida. THlRD ROW: Mr. Mattson, J. Crowe, I.. V. Burrow, J. Duffy. R. Guascu, G. Cairo, T. Carroll. .nk aar- STUDENT COUNSELLOR I ONIMITTEE STANDING, left to fight J. Turner, A. Hur- ley, E. Snyder. SEATED: D. Burnham 'X :Es Q BOYS' BLOCK A FIRST ROW. left to right: N. Andrade, F. Yiada, S. Crowe, Y. Lund, D. Crowe, SECOND ROW: B. Cortez, VY. Bonde, S. Diios, J. Corege, E. Brown. FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Andrade, F. Viada, S. Crowe, V. Lund, D. Aileen Hurley, spring :md fall student body president, welcomed Freshmen and new students. Her well-planned program, accelerated by her top-flight officers and coun- cil, was to make 1952 one of the finest in Amndorys history. A new handbook containing state laws, school rules and Amador methods was presented to each newcomer by Bob Oxsen and Don Burnham. NEW STUDENTS FIRST ROW, left to right: J, Bridgeman, l.. Patterson, D. Munson, G. Snlac, SECOND ROW: NI. Carter, J. Wuoding, Nl. Brittson. THIRD ROW: J. Rierson. G. Fluitt, J. Carroll. Q . Q- 'i af" uw 'Wy new .N.m. www Ti ! 'A nu.. fm . e gl- , , Hs . ,'EQ , X-...X vuaaiax ut'm.isv l ""' ii ' I'n'xidi'n1 is iff' X 3 i ima. .x1.l.isNlncii .53 , Vive'-preside!!! If ' if 1.4 .v 'fi .fl nox nvxxiixxi vicrroii 1.l'NIJ Judev Judne NlAllYANN Glfllili Serrrfizry CliClI.l.X IIICKS Trmlsrzrer Y. HENIJERSON Ihrliznnenlurifm WAYNE BONUE Srurex .wlrrountunl IIESE two boys and -Iunerose Schlosser assisted by Mrs. Ar- rasmith and Basil, directed student court activities for the fall: Don as student body judge, klunerose and Bob as assistant justices. Attendance problems were removed from court jurisdiction, leav- ing various other misdemeanors to till its calendar. Meanwhile student body government was concerned with prep- arations for the annual school carnival, the biggest financial success in Amador's history. NY'ith the student council in supervision and with the diligent and conscientious efforts of XY'ayne Bonde and Basil. floor plans, booth construction, and committee arrangements were devised. The Student Body also extended extensive participation in the founding of an E.B.C.A. Student League Association. Aileen Hurley became its secretary. The purpose of this new organization was to enlighten member students on problems prevalent to them all. The constitution of the Purple and Gold was altered by several amendments. Inclusive in these was the addition of a student body otlice of Historian. Sophomore -lanet Grithth was the first ap- pointce. Basil cast his "Yes', ballot with the majority of Amadons to lengthen the term of treasurer to one full year, then returned to the polls to adopt a set of regulations governing the Student Council which helped to unify that organivation. STVIJENT COUNCIL S'l4ANlJING, left to right: .-X. Riebli. lf. Ue Tata. J. Griffith. R. Triniingllam. F. Yiadu. S, Crowe. B. Nfchlahon. B. Adams, B. Koze, J. Wooding, R. Halverson. IJ. Otto. C Beratlis. Sli.-5t'I'EIJ: J. Turner, B. Uijos. J. Henderson J. Schlosser. ASSOCI,-X'l'Ii .IUIJGHS I.IiF'l' TU IIIHIIT: Arty Nlcfinrty. Igilfhilfll York. .Iunernse Schlosser, Huh Uxsen. Coming out on top of the Spring election was Chris Beratlis as student body president. During his administration a new activity system was introduced. The juniors presented their Prom by transforming the gym into .1 heavenly Hawaii. The Sophomores crossed the Atlantic to Ire- land for the "Big -lie," the annual Sophomore Hop. Iiesides the dances and parties the student body members found themselves preparing to speak on behalf of the teenagers in serious aspects. A Speakers' Bureau was established to convey a request for a Youth Recreation Center, and students canvassed the area speaking to all civic organizations. Meanwhile student activities continusd as usual with Victor Lund, Barbara York, and Art McCarty in the Justice department- Vic acting as judge. Iiinally, activities for 1951-1952 were concluded with the School Picnic, and Senior Ball both at the Old Hearst Ranch. Thus the year of great rains and snows leaves us with many happy memories. S'l'l'lJIiN'I' COUNCIL CHRIS IIIiRA'I'I.IS l're'xidvut DONALD NIANIZ Viet'-presidvnl I'.-KT MCM AI ION S4'1'n'tury NI A R I A N NIOLIJT Tr4'uxur1'r RUBY BURGE l'arlinmen!nrian GLEN BABBITT Slures .4rco1mt1n1t FIRST RUYY, left to right: I". Yiuda. X. Hurley. H. .-Xllender. P. Arrasmith, IJ. New harry, J. Griffith, K. Wihituker, II. Burnham. SEIIUNIJ RUNY: I'. Ilerutlis. Ii. Kona P. XIeNI1xhun. R. Hiller. TIIIIIIJ RUNY: R. Halverson, II. York, R. Iiurife. X. Riehli. C. Iieratlis. .I. Corepie. all Wfi - 'UK 'nv '5- XFN X'Cfi4ll'U- 'gk'-'Tift' .IL-xisun. Ru!-5 Rnrpic und Harlan Nluldt pm- Hurham Rcuiuncr and .lsmn l.uc:1S nt the lnicmscnpu- in hiulugg ff Nidc nl rhv phxsicx lub. 7 Q Q ' Y ff , 3, 4 x, X JJ' J ,N - - wa, W, General Science kccps Caroline llutup. l'nuI Arrusmith und Hulen John Butz. Tony Lopez and John C N,-XI.iJ I0 Sli .Xxillu hun. their shop ,BIMM 1 ik at unify li MISS .I NNE Hl ICIJNNIN HOIJDIZX MRS. NI,XR.lORlli SHOEN hm Lx K' . U w . 'V ' Q K fu kk 4 I O3 av Q ef Q1 urria arc shaun at work in r. Sum.-ncx Ixclpx Ifrcshmen an Ifmilish, Ifdilur Ilnrlwcnu lfllu, I'Imrm1rupI1 Ifditur Cluudin Inu: und Nluku-um I dxcrtiaing Ifdilnr I'uul ,Xrmslnitll uurk un 1052 llnu Days. XVII SXIIZIQNIAQN HRS. IiS'I'IIIiR ARR XSNIITH N . 'f: ..,, . "I L, Hwy -. I. 1 ' 5 - I w w, 'f'qQky!Llg12, , ' .L 1 ,.4 'X E , ,Mgq A+' I , af, I ' SZ-gy ml' Rv , ' . X W I 551. 'ffl IIIIJXI xs I1 xlcl.Ix Niles, Hlil.l4,x X XRD , 4 I I I I, 1 f II W--.f Y ff' Ronald Caslersnn and John Pidnli work on radios. Ham announcer Dick Simnnscn on Station WNMJMS. X A typing class hard at work. Gloria Nlagpinng, Sylvia Maralas and Sue Hamamotu in Olfice Practice class. ASIL is proud of the extensive and fine curriculum offered at Amador-one of the best in secondary schools of its size in the state of California. College preparatory, nie- chanics, commercial, homemaking and shop were the courses offered. A special class was presented for the first time this year. Taught by Mrs. Schoen, it proved to be a big success. Her well equipped room and friendly attitude made it .1 bright spot and productive place for visitors and enrollees alike. The Ag department under Mr. Thorson made many improvements in its equipment for the pastures and animals. A creative writing class, an experiment for this year, was the source of good study and extended reading. English classes were under the guidance of Mrs. Vardon, Nlrs. Arrasmith and Mr. Sweeney. Mr. Mattson was an addition to the social studies department this year .ind also coached the Varsity basketball. Miss Nugent traveled to other schools, studied plans and helped to develop the plans with the architect for the new homemaking building which should be ready for the fall semester. Mathematics and science were taught by Mr. Patterson, Mr. lfraser, Miss Hunningliaus and Mr. Holden While Mr. Carlin and Mrs. Shaw made progressive steps in the music de- partment. L , I 2 f . K. N NUGENI ALFRILD EBRSON V RWUBERT Nl.-k'l"l'SON JUNE S'l'OIiRlxIiI. LUIS S!! 'Km . HOMEMAKING DRAMA MATH XXX .,-A LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Lenning and Betty Lou LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill .-Xllender, Chris Heratlis LEFT T0 RIGHT: Emil Uxsen and .lean lltn Harris. and Dun Burnham. dersnii. fi 458 THE DMINISTR No organization just grows. Basil found that out without much thought. He soon saw, in his ram- blings around Amador, that the good curriculum and student activities program is the product of planning on the part of Amador,s excellent superintendent, Frank L. Lucas. Mr. Lucas and his school board have spent many hours watching budgets, approving supplies, okaying ideas and looking over building contracts and plans. FRANK LUCAS Superintendent SEQRETARIES Diane Brown Mrs. W'inifred Barrett LEFT TO RIGHT: hir. Alan Henry, Mr. John Busch, Mr. Edwin Burr, Mr. Henry Moller, lVIr. Victor Lund. ,sw TORS UF AM DOR The fruit of their labors is obvious to any alert Wan- derer in Amador's bounds. To Mr. Lucas, our friend and superintendent, the Don Days stif and its representative, Basil, do respect- fully dedicate this book-the Don Days of 19 52. The courtesies of Mrs. Barrett and Miss Brown make the business in the office run smoothly. Basil is ever grateful to them for their help. Mr. Georgis and Mr. Von Moos have been replaced by Mr. Carl Kutts and Alfred Richmuth. M R. VVILLA RD ANDERSON Principal CUSTODIANS Nick Von Moos, Abra- R g I. . VIQN before school opened in the full Basil witnessed the new turf repeatedly punctured by the sharp ClC1llSOfll1ClJOI1S who were under rugged train- ing regulations. Coach Holden .md his staunch Air Force sup- porters worked on s:l1'ategy and new plays. Good playing was the highlight of the searon. Liberty took the football crown while the Dons assumed third place. Nevertheless pride and spirit, within both the team and the student body, ran high and hopes for the championship were postponed until autumn, 1952. VARSITY SCORES Emeryville , C.S.D. Livermore San Ramon Liberty 42 1 J I a 'Q fr' fx 5 Wi-rr hi p wr ,sw-ggjgfsw .,,,,.e..4 Q H . MQ, 5. T. ,1 5.- ,, f ian HOLIJIEN, Head A. V. 6 0 14 6 0 38 20 6 7 40 AIR CORPS SUPPORTERS WITH COACH SWIEENIZY LEFT TO RIGHT: Sgt. James VS'illiums. Lt. Kenneth Knnz, Major L. B. Nlelilruy, Nlr. Neal Sweeney. I 4' A Ioaeh LV . 's San Ramon Livermore San Ramon San Ramon San Ramon HS UID ul' use H731 The xnrsity in action. A. V. 7 0 6 12 0 7 7 0 0 20 LEFT T0 RIGHT: Captain Sulli'-an and Hr. Nlattsfln. if VARSITY FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Babbitt, P. Henry, R. Rogers, R. Cortez. D, Nlaniz, I.. Harris, A. McCarty, J. Pidoli. SECOND ROW: R. Miller, YY. Bonde, R. Cortez, E. Brown, R. Dijos, F. Yiada, N. Andrade, J. Corege. THIRD ROIV: Mr. Sweeney, D. Cavestri, R. Vl'hitaker. J. Aguer. D. Gellerman, VV. Allender, D. Burnham, K. Slough, Mr. Holden. J.Y.s FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Guascn, D. DeTata, G. Burnham, L. Newberry, J. Nehel, F. Chavarris, R. Estrada, H. Hodgdon. SECOND ROW: C. Beratlis, N. Corege, J. Chavarria. P. Arrasmith, J. Rierson, R. Lopez, R. Rea- soner, E. Oxsen, H. Yancey. THIRD ROW: J. Riehli, B. Tonelli, D. Gellerman, T. Zaro, D. Allen, G. Fluitt, J. Macias, M. YVatson, Mr. Mattson. The Parks Air Base presented a 10 year trophy to the school. The name of the player of the year, Robert Miller, was the first to be inscribed on it. Bob received it at the Sports Banquet on November 20. Mr. Mattson was coach for the newly organized Junior Varsity. The experience of the -I.V.'s should be a noted fact on the turf next season. Mr. Sweeney assisted Conch Holden with the varsity as line coach. The 1951 season saw great improvement in such players as Robert Miller, Waiyfne Bonde, Raymond Dijos, 'ki' Arty McCarty, Lee Byrne, John Pidoli, Neal Andrade and Don Maniz. , I7 n SPORT Y BASIL if ak 5.1 X! KEN WAYNE The Winter Season The Winter Season! Icy winds blasted snow-capped Mt. Diablo while Amador's star athletes Bob Miller, Don Burnham, Wfayne Bonde, Kenneth Slough, and Basil took time out to enjoy Christmas activities. Footballs were put away. Basketballs lay silent. On stage Mrs. Arrasmith of the Drama Department directed preparations for the annual Christmas Play which was written by our own Lee Byrne, Donna Leitch, Claudia Love, and Diane Elliott. EADING roles were taken by Bill Allender, XVanda Yancey, and Chris Beratlis. Mrs. Shaw's choral class sang hymns in a Church sequence. Superb sound effects and lighting were displayed on the battlefield in the most expressive scene in the play. Meanwhile, Los Amigos Amadores began arrangements for La Fiesta de la Navidad. It was held in the music room with the traditional pinata and all the trimmings. At that time numerous packages were donated by club members and delivered to Russell City School by Adviser, Mrs. Vardon and her third year class. AUTll0RS OF CHRISTMAS PLAY TOP TO BOTTOM: Lee Byrne, Clau- dia Love. llonna Leitch, Diane Elliott. Joe Corege stands guard while Chris Beratlis and Bill Allender attend Don Burnham in the Christmas Shflxv. Nludern Church Scene frvm Christmas show. w 5 f'5 , WWW, f. .. --W--W wwf' W" K N-qu 'WH ri I Kew M532 I-1RI1bH5I.-KN OFI'ICI'.R5, second aemeater, left tn right. N ice-President, Paul .-Xrrngmithz Treasurer, Bonnie Rengnnerg Secretary, Helen Uulunidu: President, Ann Nlurie Riehli, LOS -XNIAIN IRES FIRST ROW. left to right: B. Sparks, J. Turner. J. Tlmrson, R. Kost, J. Schlosscr. C. llickn, Xl. Nloldt, IJ. Leitch. ll, Iilliutt, J. Galaniclzx. SECOND ROVV: K. Sic- Cracken, I.. Cairn, R. Bnrgc, G. Bahhitt, IJ. Burnhnm, -X. Hurley. S. Hansen, B. Rule. B. Xlchlnhnn, P. Nlchlalmn. Nlrs. Ynrdun. TIIIRIJ ROW: G. Janeen, R. llnlvurwn, VY. Bnnde, B. Allcnder, If. Pong, IJ. Crowe, Nl. Gigfer. J. Ruwhurg, B. Adams. R. Simunscn. N. Kn- drudu, B. York. LOS A NI AIJORES FIRST ROW, left to right: IJ. Ilutra. J. Griffith, A. llernandul. Snyder. I., Patterson, J. I.ucna E. Ile Tutu. I.. NVnuhuh, SHCOXI ROYV: il. Iiluitt, B. Ycrtrees, R. Nloldt. Nl. Carter, J. Gray, J. Ri- erson, S. Crowe, If. Yindn. R. listrnda. THIRIJ ROW: Whit- aker, NI. lYatsun, I'. Henry, lx. Slough, ll. Allen, Il. Tunelli, R Cnslersnn, Nlrs. Yardnn. i 4, 90' JANET GRIFFITII, Student Body Ilistnrinn ANN Nl,-XRIE RIliBl.I. Basketball Clin-crlcnder JUNIORS FIRST ROW. left to right: E. Eastman, S, Hz1nsen,S.Dijoa,E. -Xguinid. G. Brown, A. Hernandez, N. Rrcwer, J. Galanida. SECOND ROW: G. Babbitt, J. Aguer, R. Castcrson. II. Bonde, IJ. Crowe, H. An- derson. R. Rorge, S. Hamamoto. THIRD RUVY: Nlr. Frazer. I.. Bartholomew, D, Cuyestri. li. Jensen, J. Garibaldi, E. Pons, R. Iialxeraon, C. Rcrutlis. .IUNIORS FIRST ROR, lelt to right: Nl. Yan Nlalrc, C. Iescllcr, NI. Shumhiin, J. Ohlson, B. Slvurks l'.Sto-11.15. NIa1'p'ong, S. Nlvrutzzi. SECOND ROW: R. Wicksteed, V. I.und, B. Truhlood. R. McCracken, Ii. York, C. Love. I'. 5IcNIahon. THIRD RONN: Mrs. Arrusnwitli, N. Ixoopman. J. Roxherg, NI. Nloldt, A. NIcCarty, K. Slough. J. Turner, R. Lopez. SOPHUNIORES IIIRSI' ROXY, left to right: J, Grfffiths, li. Heinz, D. Nlills, C. Dutra, J. Lucas. J. Garcia. li. De Tutu. J. Henderson. SEC- OND ROXV: G. Fluitt. J. Pons, P. Malies. D. Uellerman, N. Corege, NI. Carter, A. Jensen. I7. Cunningham. R. Baxter. THIRD ROW: Miss Nugent, P. Henry, J. Bridge- man, D. Allen, L. Harris, R. Estrada, S. Crowe, R. Nloldt, ll. Gray. SOPHONIORES FIRST ROYY, left to right: E. Snyder, D. Post. B. Strickland, I.. Patterson. L. Wau- lmh, D. Newberry. D. Terra. D. Munson. SECOND RUYY: N. Schmidt. Bar. Rea- s.i,net'. T. Rosa, I.. Peterson, I7. Viada, F. fi"l:u'ur G. Sulac. lf. Uxsen, T. Zaro. THIRD ROYY: Sir. Sweeney, XI. Watson, J. Richli, K. XYI1itzlkur,G. Pudwill, R, Rea. soner. D. 'I'onclli, J. Rierson. Ii. Vertrees. sux 1 '-1--1 ,, , rs JUNIOR OFFICERS JUNIOR OFFICERS Il'I'I 'IO Rll H I: Jean Galanida, Chris Beratlis, Putt NlcNlulmn. LEFT TO RIGHT: .Ioan Turner, .lean liiilunidl Maratas. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS SOPHOMORE OFFICERS FIRST ROW left to right: Jean Henderson. Eleanor De Ttata. Bill FIRST ROWS left to right: Janet Grillith, La Xtrnv. NN iuhih kin Xertrees SECOND ROW! Ilan Oellerman, Frank Viada. Whitaker. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Ile lata ASIL introduces the class of "U," the juniors-a group of students eagerly partici- pating in Student Body activities. They have presented an outstanding prom as well as producing several student leaders. First place winner in the Daughters of the Golden XVest Speaking contest was Barbara York, and a student body representative to the East Bay Student League was Arty McCarty. Class members on the Speakers Panel which broadcast in April on KLX were Joan Turner and Barbara York. N0 lon er newcomers but now ri hr at home the So homores have been dubbed bv 3 3 P . Basil as the class most likelf to succeed. Their dance, the So h Ho which was a Sta I , P P S et-to ether, has been saluted as one of the best dances of the 'ear. No other class in school 3 8 I has their enthusiasm and spirit. if 4 X - K l Q Ill lb M im XI ll 1,1 FCTURIE HONIIQMAKIERS OF' AMERICA FIRST ROXV, left to right: R. Rahello. J. Mello, D. Newberry, J. Clark, I'I. Calanida, J. Galanida. SECOND ROW: I,. Wnuhe, D, Elliott, D. O'Brien, D. Leitch. I.. Allec, A. Riehli, .I. Lenning. THIRD ROW: N. Koopman. J. Thorsnn. L. Smith, D. Otto, S. Gritlitts. H. York, B. Iioze, M. Giger, Bliss Nugent. CHORAL FIRST ROVV, left to right: L. Smith. I., Cairo, D. Munson. D. Huey, .I. Hilton, B. Dijos. SECOND ROW: E, Eastman, M. Shamhlin, .I. Sclllosser, D. O'Brien. B. Mchlahon. B. Koze, Nlrs. Shaw. THIRD RONY: B. Adams, N. Andrade, A. Hurley, H. Yancey, J. Vending, R. Tinga, A. V'ilkins0n, H. Anderson. OST homemakers are slaves to winter drudgery but not our Future Homemakers of America who held an impressive initiation within their chapter in traditional style. Under the supervision of their faculty adviser, Miss Nugent, they have acted as a service organization for student functions by preparing and serving dinners to over five hundred people at the Junior Statesman Convention and Sports Banquet. At a convention held in Asilomar, Amadcr's delegate, Barbara York, was elected parliamentarian of the State assembly. Recently a Spring Tea and Fashion show were projects. But winter brings to mind the coming of the sparrow, a song bird, which immediately suggests our Choral class. The chorus has displayed its vocal talents to the Pairksahk Base. student body, and various other groups. Mrs. Shaw, Soprano for the San Francisco Opera Company, directs class activities which are expected to include the formation of a ree- ognized Choral Club. u 1 .,., IDR XXI X-'I'I5IiNS SNIUKIiSCRIiIiN IIRST RIMM leIt to right: IJ. Leitch, XY. Yancey, II. Axillu. II. I.IfFT T0 RIIIIIT: Chris Ilerutlis. Hill Allender. Wanda Xaneey Hotup, NI. Yun NIzitre. II. Garcia. II. Sparks. .I. While. II. Huex, IJ. llliutt. If. Cunningham. II. Baxter. SECOND RUYY: B. Nlchlullon, I".-XRNIIiIi'S ll.-Xl'IiII'I'l'fR ii, liahhitt. S. Silui, II. Ilerutlis. Xl. Best. IJ. King. P. .-Xrnismitli. gpx'l'l:U left to right. limi, whim yynnd., yancu John piduli I Duffy. Il Iiurnlium. .I. Pidoli. TIIIRIJ RUXY: NI. lliger, Mrs. L 1 4 ' ffxyn ycffjhi' H.. K. thsl 'lj' Xrrusmitll. Il. Otto. I.. Ifairu. J. Wuuding. K. Xlclsinlex. W. Iionde. S A I' A ns gmt H' umm Hug! Ix. Sluilgli, If. Brown. II. Cortez. II. Allender, I. Ihrne. HAND FIRST RUXY. left to right: J. Clark, Bonnie Iieasuner. I.. Wkiiillzlh. I Seelex. II, Heinz. IJ. lleliiesen. Iliirhara Reasuner. J. Henderson slit U 1 I NIJ RUXY: J. Griffiths. J. Ilarciu. ID. Ile Tutu, If. Smderi Iii tnderson. Ii. Ile Tatu. TIIIRII RUXY: I., Cairo. II. Pos. '. I.u . t X nd I Riersnn. .I. Ruxherg. II. NIuldt, I3Ul'RTII RUYY: P. Henrx. R. l IJ I A I,urteL. . Jssull. .I. Nlucius. J. Riehli. NI. Best. Xlr. Curlin. Shakespeare once said "The pl.1y's the thing," and our Draina Teens .ire impressing that statement upon all who witness their performances. In addition to Drama Night. an annual public affair which produced several line plays earlier in the year, the club has performed for student assemblies as well as Parks Air Base. The latter expressed its appreciation of the Drama Teens by spontaneously requesting .1 reappearancc. This organization also undertook another responsibility the sponsoring of L1 "Barn Theatre Production." All arrangements were made under their auspices with President Bill .Xllender in charge. "The Golden dons" band leads all of our parades with Basil conducting. This newly formed Band Club. which received orhcial recognition in the Fall. lhls been an active participant in student rallies. games and public exhibitions, Iior the first time club meni- bers are receiving insignia awards, Ginger Henderson was president. MISS .IAN HUNNINGHAUS G. A. A. SEATEIJ, left to rightx Betty Adams. Yiee-President: Beatrice Dijus. President. STANDING: liettc lNleNl:ilmn, Secretary: Nllriam Rest, Treasurer. GIRLS' BLOCK A FIRST ROW. left to right: B. Dijos. Nl. Giger. B. Adams, L. Allec, Eastman. SECOND ROW: NI. Best, A. Hurley. H. York, R. liiirle. THIRD ROYW: D. Garcia, B. Nlehlnllon. H. Rule. Nliss Hunninghaus. 7 HOCKEY FIRST ROW, left tn right: D. Newberry, .I. Garcia. U. Garcia. SECOND ROYY: L. Yhaube, B. Role. B. Alehlallon, L. Allee. THIRD ROXY: li. Adams. NI. Giger, A. Hurley, N1.Best, B. Dijos. BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left tu right: Nl. Shamblin. P. Nlchlahon. J. Schlosser, D. O'Hrien. M. Giger, A. Hurley. B. O'Lnughlin, K. McCracken. SECOND ROW: R, Borie. H. York, F. Eastman, R. Teczon. J. Galanida. S. Hamamoto, B. Reasoner. l'. Vl'heelcr. THIRD ROYV: -X. Riehli, .l. GrilTiths, .I. Garcia H. Heinz, DeTata, L. Wauhab. G. Gray, J. Lucas, R. Moldt. FOURTH ROW: M. Yan Matre, H. Andersen, D. Newberry, I.. Peterson, C. Dehlur, S, Grillitts, li. Cortez. AINUNG on the outsideg laughter on the inside. That is the description of the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association under the di- rection of Miss Hunninghaus. After this event, the first activity for the year, the girls turned their attention to school athletics. Neither frost nor sleet could hamper their undefeated champion hockey team-a three season winner. At the conclusion of the season the G.A.A. held a bean feed to name Leu Allec as Hockey Player of "S2." Meanwhile plans were underway for the i'Spring Swingf, the "girl ask boyn dance which was held on March 28. Wfayne Bonde was declared King for the night. The Girls' Block A steered the sport publicity campaign for the Student Body and worked with the boys on the Block A Dance. The Seniors won the basketball championship from the Juniors in a final play-off. IIUUPSTIQRS IN ACTION, TEAM Huh Hiller, Ihm Cavertri. Ken Slough. Ken Whitaker. John Frost, Joe Nlatlas, IIIII 'I'ru- hluud, Ronnie Reasuner, Kier- uld Salas, Frank Yiudn. "B" 'I'I..-XXI FIRST ROW, In-It to right: R. lluusco, II. Allen, II, Ile 'I'atu, J. Nuhul. G. Oxsen, J. Clmvur- riu, IJ. Rierson. SECOND RONY: NI. YYatson, II. Uswill. A. Jemen, N. Curegc, 'I'. Zum, Hr. Nlaltlsun. 'Q Y, ..... 1 f I A LW X ' V .'.,,., L in rf 3 I ,I I 1 mf' I QQ - f' 4 I' .1 Pie: 4 at a i Fm i f 5 "' , A 4,,A fl ,,Ii ,F 1 .Q ., 1 .. JI f I ix f f ki .I 1 "' ' , XX x 'Y I I 1 I I I ' x . . x 1 , y I ,fy 2 I -. . fs I. f f :Q ' 5'2" - N. . J I - X jx 5' :ii v ' , ' I g, ' It 5 ,f .5 W4 f' - f X, 2 f ,V a"' -f ' x , '7 gk I 4 4 W ..1 if- ,. it 4 Q J- G 4 si 3 t , 5 y x R 'X 4' I :I .f 'fi f Q I ' I1 I 5 4 I X xv 1- , I I ' I , , 1 A 1 - :IEE f M QLD l QXQX :ff BASIL QU01-E5 ,, M BILL BARBARA It Was Spring with its green meadows, robin-red breasts and apple blossoms. The season of poets and orators had arrived and Hnnl winners were announced. Poets Claudia Love and Sheila Hansen received honorable mention in the National High School Poetry Contest while Barbara York placed iirst in the local Native Sons of the Golden West Contest. Bill Allender was victor in the Lions' Club Oratorinl event. ii Nast vs? 316 Wm :Sa .Nf CXLIIJORNI-X SKIHOI.-KRSIIII' FEIJERNTIOY I-'XII I-'IRST ROW. Intl tu right: E Enstnmn. II. -Kdzlms. X. Hnrlcy. IJ. Ilurnhnm, .I. Schlnsscr SECUNII ROW: R. Ilnrplc. Il. N1:uI'11.'rrx, XI. SI1nmI'vIin, II. Yurh, II. Ycrtrucs. Y I.und. TIIIRIJ ROXX: XI. XI uI1.Il. 5. II.111wn. R. Xluldt, R, Catslorsrxlu, S. Ifrmw, Nlra. Ynrdmi. I.XI.IIfORNI X SIIIIOI -XRSIIII' I-LEIDER XTION SPRING FIRST ROW. Iuft to right: NI. Shzlmhlin. ID, Ncnhcfn, Sands Hanson. .I. 'I'Ilursnn. IJ Riursun. II. 1QnIa11ida1. II. Rcuswmur, J. Hulnlxidn. SECOND ROW: .l. I.uCns, .I. Schlossur Il O'IiriLn II W 1 :It E. Eastman. I'. -Xrrz1en1ilI1, lf. Ilirks. 'IAIIIRIJ RONY: Y, I.und. R. Hold! II. Triminghum, NI. N111Id1. NI. Rv.-st. S. II1mwn, Il. II11rnI1un1, I.. Owscn. IfOlTR'l'II ROW' R. Sinm11s:'n. II. -XLIRID5. R. ffnstvsr-1111, II. Ycrtrucs. Il. Riursnn. II. Allcndcr. T. .lurgcnwwn I.IzI'I 111 1411.111 'LA Prusidunt clmptcr n1cmI11:rs In clmrgc 1-I Rcplinnzll 11.5.12 ffonfcrencc. Hay 3. I952: ' " ' H: Juncrnsc Schlnsscr, Betty .-Xdums, .-Xilcvn Hurley and Ilnn Burnham. wi 1' 2? w .1KI.I'IIA ETA SIGMN IfAI.l. FIRST ROW. left to right: E. Eastman. J. Turner. M, Sham- hlin. IJ. Dutra. J. Grimth. E. Snyder. C. Hicks, .I. Schlosser. R. Rust. J. Galanida. SECOND ROW: II. York, Il. Otto. B. Adams. R, Mnldt. A. Hurley. SI. Muldt. R. Hnrsic. B. Yer- trc1:s.Y. Lund. S. Hansen. THIRD ROXV: NI. Watson. P. Henrx. Il. Cruwe, II. Smith, II. Custer. R. liimunscn, IJ. Burn- ham. H. Allcndcr, S. Crowe. F. Yindu. AI.I'HA ETA SIGMA SPRING FIRST ROW, Icft tn right: NI. Shamblin, R. Rust. Hansen. J. Thorsnn, H. Avilla, IJ. New- hcrry, Il. Riersnn, II. Dc Tata, II. Gnlnnidn. II. Rcasnner, J. Gnlnnidn. SECOND ROW: Ii. Cniru, I'. Arruamith, J. Turner, E. Sm dvr. C. Hicks. I.. Oxsen, II. Kozc, II. York. J. Gurciu. J. Schlnsscr, IJ. O'Iiricn, J. I.u- eus. THIRIJ ROW: R. Castvr- wn, R. Triminpzhnm. M. Best. .I. Ricrsnn, 51.f:ill'fCI',Il. Clark, I'. Mchlahun. Y. I.und. E. East- man. S. Hansen. NI. Mnldt. FOURTH ROW: R. Simnnsen. B. Adams, B. Vertrees, R. Mnldt. Il. Crowe, T. Jorgenson. H. Hodgdon. D. Burnham, B. AIIcnder. NI. Gigcr. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA BASEBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Cairo, R. McMahon, J. Nehel, G. FIRST ROW, left to riyfht: D. De Tata, D. Rierson, G. Oxsen, J. Burnham, G. Oxsen, J. Taylor, J. Butz, B. Truhlood. SECOND Nebel, J. Taylwr. P. Arrasmith. SECOND ROYV: Coach Koche, P ROXV: H. Bonde, T. Brewer, P. Beratlis. C. Beratlis, R. Halverson, Henry, R. Guasco. R, Lopez, D. Crowe, O, Fluitt. F. Viada. THIRD V, Lund, B. Custer. THIRD ROW: B. Smith, M. Martin, J, Aguer, ROVV: K. Whitaker, D. Allen. R. Reasnner, S. Crowe, E. Pons, D. D. Cavestri, W. Iinnde, Mr. Thorson. Maniz. JUNIOR STATESMEN .IOURNALISM FIRST ROXV, left to right: B. Huey, D. Dutra, L. Wauhe, M. Yan FIRST ROW. left to right: R. Sara, R. York. D. Elliott, P. Beratlis Matre. M. Shamblin, D. Newberry. SECOND RONV: J. Rierson. SECOND ROW: L. Byrne, R. Barge, M. Watson, F. Chavarria, R B. Vertrees, M. Carter, B, York, F. Eastman, S. Gritlitts, D. Miller. O'Brien, J. Schlnsser. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mattson. R. Halverson, P. Henry, B. Adams, M. Moldt, R. Borge, B. Allender, A. Hurley, F. Viada, A. McCarty. ASIL reviews Spring highlights- C.S.F. Central Regional Conference held at Hearst Ranch and hosted by Amador Chapter-Life members, Betty Adams, junerose Schlosser, Aileen Hurley, and Don Burn- ham and adviser, Mrs. Vardon, supervised convention proetedings-Alpha Eta Sigma- total membership of 52 including 34 C.S.F. members had a picnic at Redwood Regional Park. ,Ioe Corege, Future Farmers of America president, steered operations involving the Iiair preparations, upkeep of school farm, and coordination of Harvest llall--Baseball, coached by Mr. Mattson and Mr. Koehe, begins a successful season with Captains Neal Andrade and Bob Cortez. Amador's junior Statesmen of America went to the front at Sacramento State Con- vention lead by their State Comptroller and special adviser, Mr. LLICLIS--UAI111lLlOI'H goes to the press produced by the Journalism class. lm Huun ileen Hurley, .luck YK'nndinif lhll Xllendur. John ID ,mm Leitch. .lerrnlynn Thnruon Iunrnw Srhloner. .lnhn Pldnli iiyghaus, I hi-mas Lsrlin Basil hails the graduating class of 'SZY It seems just yesterday that we, the Seniors, were bowbedecked, lipsticked, and garlicked freshmen, giggling and eager to participate. Our freshman pic- nic supervised by President -Iohn Frost, was consid- ered the best in years which set our precedent of "Nothing but the best." Quickly we were Sopho- mores with a Dutch Theme for our Soph Hop and Bill Allender was actor of the year for his perform- ance in "Submerged.,' Now we were the "Big XVheels,'-the upper-half -"Juniors" with a -Iunior Prom behind us. Aileen Hurley served as student body president for two semesters. Suddenly it was here. Our Senior year with a full calendar of events. Sept.-Don Burnham is elected to the position of Student Body judge. Oct.- XVayne Bonde received special tribute on behalf of S.B. for his work with the Carnival. Nov.-Robert Miller wins football trophy. Dec.-Seniors helped write Christmas play. Klan.-Alpha Ifta Sigma named four life members of C.S.F. Feb.-John Frost is the Basketball player. Mar.-Senior class presents "Our Miss Brooksf, April-Bank of America names Achievement Award winners: Aileen Hurley, .Iu- nerose Schlosser, XY'illiam Allender and Darlyene Otto. May-Senior Sneak Day-Sunny Santa Cruz. june-Senior Ball, Qld Hearst Ranch. June 13- Graduation-Valedictory and Salutatory address. Despite the date of our Commencement exercises we Consider ourselves very lucky, for we know that we have received the gift of knowledge, friendship, and experience which makes us responsible men and women ready for the future. As we look forward Zonfideiptly to tomorrow, Amador, we thank you. 4 OF 52 l4E'I'TY .XDANIS College Prep: C.S.P. Seal llear- er: Scholarship Comm.: Sec.: Treas.: Yice-Pres.:,S.: Treats.: .l.S..-X.: Parliamentari- an: Yiee-Pres.: il.K..X.: Vice- Pres.: lilock ,-X: Spanish Cluln: Vice-Pres.: Pres.: Student Council: .Kmerican Legion Con- test: ,Nmeriean Auxiliary Con- test: Girls' l.eaLlership Confer- ence: l,ions Club Contest: Hand: Choral. XX lI.l.I .XXI Xl.l.liNIJl2li College Prep: .' .l.S..X.: Treas.: Drama Teens: l'res,: Drama Xward -ef "Sul'unerged": Student Bodv Vice-Pres.: Stu- - dent Council: Block ,-X: Foot- halli Spanish Club: Rand: Sen- ior Plat: Christmas Play. , ' ' .. ' - '- ...J '1 :.1i'e.2:1-Eilfc, ', 255:53 . N 4.. E.. A . V. :v.:- -:v-.-.av-:-ef-5 3.3,-.3 -'3 C. I.' ' . 3-I -" 2-I-It .2 M-:a , .gig NIIRI.-XXI BEST Domestic Science: Soph. Class Treas.: G..-X..-X. Treas.: Block A: Drama Teens: Drama Night: Christmas Play: Choral: Hand: Control Utficer: .-MES.: C.5.F. DON BLTRNH.-XM College Prep.: C.S.F. Seal Bear- er: Vice-Pres.: A.E.S.: Pres.: Treas.: Spanish Cluh: Pres.: Student Council: Associate Judge: Judge: Block .-X: Foot- ball: Drama Teens: Christmas Play: Drama Night: Senior Play: Boys' State. P.-X'liTY CLARK College Prep.: Transferred from Ha- ward: Drama Teens: Christmas Play: Senior Play: Choral: Hand: fl.fX.A. .'Xl,l.EC Commercial: F.ll..-X.: tl..-K..-X. llockev Stick Award: Routers Cluh. NEAL ANDRADE College Prep.: Block A: Font- hall: Spanish Club: Band. WAYNE BONDE College Prep.: Block A: Pres.: Football: Drama Teens: E.F.A.: Senior Class Vice-Pres.: Stu- dent Body Stores Accountant. LYNIDA CAIRO College Prep.: A.E.S.: Student Council: Spanish Cluh: Drama Teens: Christmas Play: Senior Play: Drama Night: Hand: Choral: G..-X.,-X. JOSEPH COREGE, JR. General: Block A: Vice-Pres.: Football: P.F..-X.: Pres.: Stu- dent Council: Nrar'-J Teens' Christmas Play: humor Play. R ALFI. CURTEZ Mcclninics: Block -X: Football: Band: .-X.Ii.S.: Christmas Plan. BOB CUSTER Agriculture: F,F.A.: Reporter: -LFS. DIANE liI.I.IOT'I' College Prep.: If.l'l.A.: llloclt A: Routers Club: Drnmn Teens: Nlajurctte: Christmas Plny: Author of Christmas Plan: Drama Night: Senior Play: Choral. DORLENE GARCIA Commercial: G.A.A.: Block A: Routers Club: Drama Teens: Drama Night: Choral: Student Council: .luninr Class Pres, VIRGINIA HENDERSON College Prep.: Band: Vice- Pres.: Choral: Student Body Pnrliamentarian: Student Coun- cil: G..-LA.: Rooters Club. CLASS 49' far' IO" ROBERT CURTEZ Nlecllunics: Illnck .-X: Football: Basketball: llascbnll: Dramn Teens: Christmas Plan: Dralnu Anardf "Subnler2cd": Spanish Club. Bli-XTRICII DIJUS Commercial: ILA..-X.: Pres.: Block A: Silver Pin: Gold Pin: Routers Club: Student Council' Choral: Junior Class Pres. .IUIIN FROST General: Spanish Club: linskct- ball: Student Council: Senior Class Vice-Pres.: Supllmnoru Class Pres. NI.-XRYANN GIGIQR College Prep.: Student Body Sec.: Spanish Club: F.ll.A.: Sec.: Trans.: Vice-Pres.: A.E.S,: Drama Teens: Drama Night: Christmas Play: G.A.A.2 Block A: Nlajorette: Band: Senior Play: Student Council. CECILIA HICKS College Prep.: C.S.F.: A.E.S.Z .I.S.A.: Sec.: Spanish Club: Sec.: G.A.A.: Drama Teens: Choral: Student Body Treas.: Student Council: Girls' Leader- ship Conference: Constitution Comm.: Control Officer. ISII.l.IH HLTEY Collepie Prep.: Transferred from Fresno: .l.S..'X.: Drama Teens: Sec.: U..-X..-K.: Spanish Cluh. RICA KOST College Prep.: C.S.F.: .I S..-X.: fi..-LA.: Spanish Cluh: Vice-Pres.: Hand: Sec.: Girls' Leadership Conference, DONNA LEITCH College Prep.: l7.H..-X.: G.-LA.: .-X.If.S.: Spanish Cluh: Drama Teens: Drama Night: Senior Plas: Christmas Play: :Xuthor of Christmas Play. ISETTIE NRM .-XHON College Prep.: G..-K..-X.: Sec.: lilock A: Yell Leader: Major- CHU. DOROTHY U'l5RIl3N College Prep.: li.A.A.2 J.S.,X,: Alpha Eta Sigma: Drama Teens: Choral: Hockey: Basketball: Softball: Volleyball: l3.lI..X.: Senior Play. GF 52 H09 'Vx .gn-. AILEEN HURLEY College Prep.: C.S.F. Seal Bearer: Vice-Pres.: A,E.S.: Yice-Pres.: Sec.: Spanish Cluh: Sec.: li.B.C..-X, Student Leailue Sec.: Foley Award: Mills Col- leilei Student Council: Student Court District Attorney: Stu- dent Body Pres.: Drama Teens: Senior Play: Don Days: Choral: tl..-X..-X.: Block A: Mujorette: Rooters Cluh: liand. BETTY KOZE College Prep.: .-LTRS.: F.ll..-X.: li.A..'X.: Block A: Pres.: Span- ish Cluh: Hand: Choral: Stu- dent liody Stores Accountant: Student Council. SALONIIC NIARTIN Commercial 1 Drama Teens: Drama Night: Christmas Play. BOB NIILLER General: Boys' Block A, Var- sity football, Basketball Pres.: Drama Teens: Student Council: Chairman Block A Dance: Christmas Play: Senior Play: Captain Football Team: Parks .-Xir Base Award. A A 'Q IFUN USXVILI. Mechanics: Band: Drama: Bas- ketball: Student Council Rep. DARLYENE OTTO Domestic Science: E.H,.-X.: Pres.: J.S.A.: Drama Teens: Drama Niliht: Christmas Play: Spanish Club: A.E.S.: G.A..-X.: Student Council: Editor Don Days: Amadon. BUDDY SATO Mechanics: transferred from Elk Grove: Journalism. SONNY SILVA College Prep.: Band: Oakland Tribune Reporter: Publicity Chairman: Band Drum Major: Junior Statesman: Drama Teens: Drama Night: Yell Leader: Prom Chairman, LOIS SMITH Commercial: transferred from Hayward: E.H.A.: Art Editor Don Days: Choral. JERROLYN THORSON College Prep.: C.S.F.: Vice- Pres.: A.E.S.: J.S..-X.: G.A.A.: Band: Spanish Club: E.H.A. CLASS 1, Wi, ,gf 5- ,aw--N KU' JOHN PIDOLI Mechanics: Drama Teens: Drama Night! Christmas Play: Senior Play: Block A: Football: .-LES. JUNEROSE SCHLOSSER College Prep.: C.S.E. Seal Bearer: Vice-Pres.: A.E.S.: Vice-Pres.: Spanish Club: Vice- Pres.: .l.S.A.: Sec.: Pres.: Drama Teens: Choral: Student Council: G.A.A.: Girls' Leader- ship Conference. RICHARD SIMONSEN College Prep.: Band: Spanish Club: Vice-Pres.: .-LES. WILLIAM SMITH Agriculture: F.E..-X.: Vice- Pres.: Reporter: Delegate to Convention of E.F.A.: A.E,S.: C,S.F. JACK WOODING College Prep.: Transferred from Hayward High School: Senior Class Pres., Varsity Football, Drama Teens, Christmas Play. VVANDA YANCEY Domestic Science: Transferred from Hnllywond: Drama Teens Vice-Pres.: Christmas Plax Drama Niilht: G.AA Senior Oueen: F.H.A. "Keep writing." "Yes, Miss Brooks!" Jerry Thnrsnn, Bill Al- lender. Aileen Hurley. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynda Cairn, Aileen Hurley, Diane Elliott, Tex Miller, Bette McMahon, Dnnnn Leitch, Durlene Garcia, .lne Coreplc and Maryann Giger produce sound elfects for "Lost Horizon." BACKSTAGE DRESS REHEARSAL: "Our Miss Bronksl' ff A L WW BASIL SHGOTS ff f If xl Q XIX "Lf . ? ,X BETTY DON JUNE ROSE The Summer Canchds The Summer greets 1nd Blsll congrltulltes Aileen Hurley Betty Adams uncrosc Sehlosscr md Don Burnham IS 1952 outstindmg schollrs Por the first tlme m the hnsrory of che h13.,h school there Ire more than two hfe members of CSF who were an 1rded the golden lamp pm and golden Sell These four hive elrned th1s honor by con tmued excellence md performxnce m Scholushlp throughout thexr hlgh school yelrs Jerry practices on Billfwhile the others in "Our James Dooley. senior from Biloxi. Mississippi. NEW ENTRIES Nliss Brooks" stand aghast. FIRST RONY, left tn right: Ralph Lahrado, Louise Don Cavestri. Phil Henry and Sonny Dijns. Seeley, Pat Clark, Sally Ordoins. Hill Nlcfilary. YELL LEADERS SECOND ROW: Dun Schleye, Dick Watts. Fred Bette and Pat! McMahon with Sonny Silva in Miller. the air. Air Force An ard Winner Bob Nliller. Marian Nlllldl in the now at Patterson's. 40 Rent your food lockers, buy your fine foods, superb meats, and domestic supplies at FIORIO'S GROCERY STORE on Rose Avenue in Pleasanton. Selling Leasing, Fruits - Vegetables - Cold Meats 85 15 St. Mary's Street, Pleasanton Phone 5643 Lumix um1P,0pt,,,i,x 425 Main Street, Pleasanton Phone 5507 F f I Br' Pleasunl in Plzmxurxlorz or t ' 'i as C eanmg sen ce Exchanging Renting 555 Main Street Pleasanton, California PLEASANTON FEED AND FUEL 801 Main Street Pleasanton, California PLEASANTON FLORAL SHOP 735 Main Street Phone 2325 Pleasanton, California PLEASANTON PHOTO SHOP EARL PIN-ARD For fast photo service jeweler - Watrbrnaker Phone 5945 Roxy Theatre Building 620 Main Street Pleasanton, California . . Pleasanton, California CHRIS' 'ES iN,S All of the Dons of Amador Hi buy their clothes at Christesen's. Come on in and see Dode, Pete or Don about those new clothes you're planning to buy. Located on Main street in Pleasanton. Tm all x our bankmg needs, choose Pleasanton s home owned bank The FIRST Natlonal BANK of PLEASANTON Xlunlwu Index xl lkposll lnsurmu C oxpormon D XI DRX COODS ROSI HOTI I IORGI NSI N S PHARMACY mm LINIIIIUII lllflil 1 r nr L S ru MAYS DRESS SHOP x IIN RX uw x Xin Snr ex Q 1 xmrv I XXII INSUR X OTHO KI I I I' RI AI TY n 4 HERMAN G KOLLIN 81 SON llualxx ne plumlun md lwouseliolcl goods puntx incl oxls LISIIIIOII C1lll:0TI11l SLHFTI N S DI PARTNII 'N T STORY 5 r Lu Inr I IIN. 'NIL its Patrunlle CE N TRAL MEAT MARKET XIJIII Str et L l .1IlfOl'lll.i lor IISINOIIIIUIL elotlns for mll mln enl nn e TIIDIIX mlke xour seleetlons It WOOLQOCK S TOT N Teen 'Xl SU Pluslnton Cxlliolnu x Ill 4 I 01145319 SANTA RITA GARAGIS Sll CUASCOIrmpr1I Smtl Rlll Ruul .1 .ln I RNII BONNI L n CHI VROIN STATIQN - . f r I . , 3 Q I7 ewes O Sn . l Accexm ril I V F V , N lfuu xring I.1rgL-finll - ws .4 . 7 I , 1 nu-4 Nl.nn Sweet l'lc.1x,m1un, C ,mllfu i.1 .1Il. . -ll, I ' , I 'I iI.R I 411 . fn f c- I,I'.1S.1l1UlI. Cfl"1 mln IIF ll' .fr fu .lf 'I fm l.zH1u11x Q v H V Q Rl'Al. lSl.'Xl . 1. f NC I Culelxnm Sxxlcm luall H1 'N 'rx 1' H1 mm C 440 XIJIII Sum-ex l'le.n.1nl 11 0-li Slrecl I'le.1mn-m. LI.1lifurni.1 T . 1 j 1 j ya , - I I ' 1 ' 'L I IZ, 1 " Y A lbl ' 2171 1 ' - L ' -- 1 ,, Cf A' '1 i.1 . - ll ' ' Plkf. ,L L fl . A ,, A' 1 I N 1, ' 1 .I 41 I A T -X 1 f A J L "1 A S63 . ' I e' 1,90 Mlm fl UL-I l,le.xx.1ntm1, Cfllll- 'nm ,, , Pl '.lN.lIIl m , - N 5 I . ' ' '- - ' ,' A 5 th I ORl'f"'I Q QQ . ' : 1- ur .L I '. R ' ' ' I 'Il -.4 ,lg , '. . c 5 mn 1 , PI X I a 743 Jin ' 'ggi lg 4 , ,g if ' .L Q .' f H. 1 will s -rve yuug luis lioq 3 ,lm ' 3 Y Mg' .md R. v Plum. m YOUTH MEETING OF THE AIR LEFT T0 RIGHT: Doug Crowe, Paul Arrasmith, Aileen Hurley, Mike Carter, Barbara York and Bill Allender. NEW IiI.0CK A MEMBERS FIRST RONV. left 1.1 right: II. Truhlood, Ii. .-Xllendcr. A. Mellor x l.. Harris. SECOND ROW: P. Henry, Raul Cortez, J. Aguer Ilyrne, J. Pidoli. Good Luck, Class of 1952 Curtains 0 Draperies KAREN'S WALLPAPER STUDIO Pleasant 4409 420 Main Street Pleasanton PLEASANTON FURNITURE STORE I. A. WASSON, Proprietor Cuulpfvlf' Home FIlVl1iXbA'fX Phone 2092 660 Main Street GARI'S Complete Nlen's Furnishings S25 Nlain Street PLEASANTON ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting and Fixtures Radios and Pumps A. F. Andresen 459 Main Street Pleasanton SIGNAL GAS AND OILS CHRIS HANIFEN Cleaning, Repairing, Serving You. PLEASANTON VARIETY STORE 629 Main Street NV. C. liartseli Pleasanton DONIS OF DUBLIN PAT DIXON SHOPPE Dresses 0 Blouses 0 Lingerie 0 Hosiery Phone 2320 622 Main Street Pleasanton Basil buys the lixaminer and the Chronicle and ends up witli Fresh McFarlane Candy. Come to 64? Main Street, Pleasanton. BUS DEPOT MILLAINE BEAUTY SHOP VI Main Street Pleasant in California One-stop service for cleaning and laundry is made available to you by Bob and Lee Mace. Their sanitarily-equipped plant is open for you to see at S60 Main Street PLEASANTON FRENCH LAUNDRY ouia Hurtlmlnnwu announces the dunking of WYmnc Bundv Cfnrnixnl Out-cn 1.-ntrics: llclnres Ncwhvrry, Wtxvtdn N nnccy, Sllbilil llnrv-vm at the Carnixul. Ann Mario Riuhll. Bill Allcndcr nrncticus his technique nn lfurnixul Queen De- Cnstunuurs attempt at pinlnc :lt thc Kfurniull. lures Newherrx ' .lim Bridgeman. Dun flellcrmnn, Ray Rogers and Nick Curt-gc unrk in F.If.,fX For ornamental rock and buildin stone to make tour S . garden and patio perfect, Contact ARRASMITH QUARRY Sonoma Stone VIADA Phone 5793 Pleasanton SHEFFEPCS BAKERY at FOUNTAIN FORREST A' ADAMS 608 Main Contractor 44 AUTOGRAPHS 4 35, Sw? ij! LR av ,513 xg QRW XR . 67 45 N 1 Z 1 f , kr 5 wk , Z ,, , X, 3 b X 7 , 'ZA AUTCGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AC KNONVLI DCIMI NT 5 1WLI 1 L un S ut Zi faux prmtu liulv. LY liukglu mn mo IIHILI 4' Suumu mm . T , J . X : 4 N N11 Rml V1 cwl'.l9. I,-d "" , firm ' , ', "N, N11 l'i.1I'l Ifvnm, ci.llifUI'l1iLl Art CY l"Ilgl'.lYiI1g Cen. X11 HAI Mat , ph gtyl -6 ' 'Q I Sum-cl. U.1kl.1nd. -'ffl' ,.f '9",af A- A E' A .Q-, f F if Y . 2' 5,3 5 F . ,,,V - - if I ' Q gk "5-1-WN K S., 1 . sqm J' N 5 ' ,eg A , X -fe' 4 A' 1. . A V . -' N ..-' I 'I y ? ' . I I Q ' 6 l

Suggestions in the Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) collection:

Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Amador Valley High School - Don Days Yearbook (Pleasanton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 56

1952, pg 56

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