Amador County High School - Skip Yearbook (Sutter Creek, CA)

 - Class of 1927

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Amador County High School - Skip Yearbook (Sutter Creek, CA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1927 volume:

..-N.. ' ,-Q A-.sanu I l 1 1 4 1 ' - . . .. -. I I . . " I I.. I I I , II,.I,ILQ:F1IIg,.II .I NLF, I. gf, III.,II,II,I II IIIII ,,I. IIA IFIHIWI - .,7.I-gI,...g,. I II .. IL .I-I. I I . . .- .. I. 1 ,-3i..:g.-L"i-'IF' '---ri if- 5. -1-11' -Q"41f,g':' ' w '?- ix-3 -S+ I2 1 .- ' -' f--..-. I -- 1-4.-I -ee, :"' f v ' ,Ie -.- - 1 .-1-1'-gdhrfr Is1'f.IQ.f,. ff'--.ln .',.- .-Ik, -. TJ I f.- '-w'-lag?-"-M Sl- ff- I g,,4'p.5 wk - .J...1-fp w -: -r vp .I.-. ,IQ I?--. 'F -72 Q,-. 1-Q' . 4 . s.1.',: fr - .. ,:-. -I- -,- 5.-, , - - I ,II .L-I-19'-u -. ---fi .4 , .,I If .-Q. ,,-:..- I- -' II. H. .- . 41--1 I :iv r .4 If-g.-I,-,-5' -fu :L-I E.,-E... .. - IIIIIIQIMI 'Qs'-.. 652-5 QF..-.I. I-.IIei,aiLII.I' I,,..II III.. . Ie,..If.,. .fII,I:IIIII,I IIII.I:II1.I5.gI IIQIIIIII-, .e'1'f?1,-I.II?7Ii,g..xII5I .--gy' -rj I -1 -,LI '13-gg, ,ptr-- -v - ff... I- "M I. ' --r-'::g1I.I" I-r -. .11-IQ,-.-I-+:II' Ing-w --,rye , ,' I..,j .. II -Ii Q- , " L IAQ' - - -S L- za. ' - " " IJ: 7 -", --' u 1' ev" 1 'f q k .- .,,-E. -,gi-1 3 'T ,i -4 'FX-1.1 lx' " '.-P-:,2':f,-1'-5 - :Ir-jj: :ai I, :1,, 'Ki'.!j'I.'F'f - .- .--Han IJIAY I'g'-IQLII 4 ITgLi ?4f':"""1 'im 5152 3- .AN K' .1 21 . --HH '13 .-i' " fir?-'W' gf' ,?'-:gpg 2"'.'f' .T - ' ..-- -1' .ff ffl :.?'x-1 .wyyirf HI-:'lf'-'!?13--'+lu-1l'-4--',-X' - finer 1'1 " I,- In '.'r.j51"x SFF-' Liga-H344-Lili?-lik''-'F-6i?gc45'w3-',41'f?f-iTE14f-igiif I-FT'-Q'7i:f1T,:iEQx..-.1v.'--ga.'E-f'-1?--:r'f'f,,+-.""'Q,S.5Q'I:gg 7Tfiii51FSig!I'.algiagI'3'f 2--2 lg.-f' '1" '1- "' ve - 'vi '-.- 3.1-274514-ff'--Q-v -1- 'L' P- '4' "Hi 'f:9":i- HT-5 "L iw- f.'-.5-"4-'Arn "'i1'V'-WV" -'?w"L1- w--"-- '- Rae'-U'-. -il-"K-11-+L. .ifftf " wx P .- ' - r' -.5 ' '-I ir- I-c -gf.-I"4'..-'NI--Q 'Q' ffl- .1 'it haf vw,-L4 -f-'ff-'-,Af '-,-J44 -.- mfg' 3--'1 3 .- Qllf,-.' ,'3f'5'fg- 11: :QQ50-?pIv--Q ---:QI-pvy I-..-.. 55 .. , .Q I 14 . .4-'I -- .-a',-g,.- in H- Q' ,f-,5'?"Qr--- H -1gP"I ----Q :'f5.',-AH.-T-gf' -- .---Ig,---' .A-gf, -A "5-If l-4. ,.-, f -. 3- -.-'Lf 1'L1II-1-'II2f'g,5v': 'M 1 gif. 3,-Q29 ee...q.I-g.,,I ' II.. -e. ---hwy " " "it--' -.- . 1' 1- ,, ff- .,-'-' I' ? WSJ- ' '3.'-' '.'g'-- hx--,Z --1. '.1 I 'RU' I' '52 1-Q J L! -",. ,.':'.'-I-' -'. -1 ' i.. -.-' ,.t7..-"w gg '- L Q' -I 4- 44,--jp., ' -I,5,,q3J'g5'fLe.w'I'-f:1'6fIlf',4 ,-E5,I.E'+g:- "LLM "y 'T'-II'-1,-ff.ifJ' -: -..,I.I:.,fi4,5-.1gf5fFS'Q.f1n.,,.gc.-"I ,,-',p,?-5-v4Qgj.-.'if'.5j-pb,-Skvg -iQI4". .i:'f7!'--'Ui Q .Ijj gf, 7. Ig: 7uL5'v.I7f-.I ' I!I.,.':4-I:-I--IZISL-I-Ilqg1-L :Iii 5--.Ifwx -I -I .WI-2i"IyI,,g,.,4, ,J- J 1 Q.-'r gI2i1SrI31".q4 iii.-.-,I -' .g.1EIgIniIE'w,I4iI.-A 5-I.u.,Jf-7:72. 'mL ...I , 3. IJ' if EAW '-'1'41f'L"' 1'- -iq ?7:f1--.-' hr'-ff-5"Y '17"f5'-F3 62?-xiii:-.H-1"h ."'-M331 '-4 - ii'.fsT'P-"1""'+,i- '-.- V51-QL.. 3.1--. 'z-..-f-'T'fT'f-!.'-W'f45- --Ig - ' '. L-'--eg' ' EEN'-'r'f9"'U TIE'-'FFFV' f'f'fTi1f.f-F-' ' -w .-+A -5.1-'11:"' ii'-F--'f!'f:C:TQ-:F'Jf3 - -5v??f1N- -1""gvf'F. ' ' ' 'ix ' 'LA '9' '?f1"'-'-f'f5'l?vii-'f'f'1iH'W1.115'--'iw-zf'??ffr152??l'l.'3-P55-f'f:f'fiJ--ffil? 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I IJ I IJEFI I 'II X55-::I.l .. - I'--Z-1L'r,.':-.--vit' 4'--1-iff.- - I -5 - xp.-"' 3- '-' - . --I ...f fi-HIE.. .. I- .P - .. II-.-.J '-.M . -" I.-1' -:.-- 26 '-...I.--'xe?n:'-!f-s55.,-...'1-.?I-- -aw -' 4 QI - 1 Q Z. . ' -5.52 'Im ,I II. .I l '1-'H:"'f.'.'2""-- -, L- .-f :'fr 4"-"' -- -gi. . 5 ' . ' '-Ji . ' .. "' -K :""' f' ' --gf -, - - . 'nj-'R-" :'L'." "E, 124.LF"i,-:.--fi"-r"' I "1?-VT.1'?,-:?'I.g:f- +3--1312-I:-'. - 'f3f?3i1'fw..:IIII a"',.3-1. iii'-Q.-iff'-"4 A -If--4. . .- "f'--'---ff .1 'P-If-f-ie.2-'--:.'-Ref-pug-+"-E '- .-r'--1-.1-iii . .-11jT I:f"L-ein'-f"2 -J5Q'2.',3-. - if 13.--J -L f ' I- 'B 'L' L. , an - A 1 4? f ef! X X A A ii x bl ,E Q THE slain? ANNUAL FWKHJCAWON 5Y'TYff STUDENTS CN? SUTTER CREEK ummm ru SCHOOL 1927 VOLUME ESE X it X Q' '9- 3? 5 x A H D2 'x QS Dedication For loyal effort and good will The pages of this book we fill, And dedicate the work we do To parent, patrons, friends, like you 5 rw L LYNCH. Ill - EEE - at , 5 5 B7 2 .4 . - 1 si ' P, ' ' Lg, Editorial ...... Faculty ....... Classes ...... Literary ...... Society ....... Alumni .....,... Exchanges Cnntents Athletics ........ jokes ...... Advertisements ....,.. 5 6 7f17 200.9 31'41 42 43 .....45"'51 ......52 5 ..5 f 5' l ll Editorial HIRTEEN years ago our high school was inits infancy. There was a. struggle for existence and sound foundations were gradually built in all lines of school activity. Soon after this high school passed into the childhood stage. This was the age of development and advancement. The school became recognized throughout the state and was placed on the list of accredited schools. The adult period was reached through further development and improvement. A new shop building with modern machinery put us on a competitive basis with other schools in the mechanical line. Entrance in the California Interscholastic Federation placed us on a par in athletic rivalry. This athletic connection pro' duced results and athletic fields were conquered. Now it remains for the students of the S1 C. U. H. S. to uphold these enviable records. Untiring persistency should be stressed on the part of our students in college. Our accredited record can be maintained by our student representatives in the colleges. Can our athletic record be upheld without a gym? We do not think it can. No school can be called modern without adequate gymnasium equipment. It is a vital necessity. As many as three girls have to share a locker in our small locker room. This condition could be relieved with a gym. The state requires physical education, but how can this be given without a gym? Long rainy periods during the winter prevent outdoor exercise. Basketball, the reigning winter sport cannot be given the necessary attention. Basketball is popular, not only in this vicinity, but throughout the nation. This year it was necessary to go to Ione to practice basketball, a distance of twelve, miles. The school paid out hundreds of .dollars to outside gyms. Money spent outside the community could be spent here, thus aiding our business men. Basket' ball pays not only for itself, but also for the other sports. An auditorium could be used for entertaining purposes, thus aiding the school in the financial end. The structure would be in constant use as the girls could use the building for physical education during the autumn and spring. The community organizations could use the auditorium for civic entertainment. Will our community respond? We hope it will. With these cold facts in mind our patrons and admirers should wake to this safe and sound investment. There never was a more suitable time for a gym than now. Why be backward? We have students coming from all outlying districts so this insures a high enrollment for the future. Our enrollment is steadily increasing. We do not propose to construct a high priced gym and we would not over- burden our taxpayers. A slight increase over last year's taxes would aid greatly. As tomorrow never comes there should be no delay. Neighboring schools of our size have gyms. For example, Galt, San Juan, Placerville, have theirs built while Elk Grove and Courtland intend to start build- ing their structures soon. Will our community answer the call? --The Editor. F irc fl i.v Rod D. Smith. A. B. University of California, 'l4. Principal. ' Mathematics-Algebra II, Geom- etry. Trigonometry. Glenn C. Ackerman, B. S. Oregon Agricultural College. '23, Vice-Principal. I Coach. Commercial. Helen S. Yancey. A. B. University of California, '25. Spanish. Latin. Civics. Economics. World History Helen T. Harper, A. B. University of California, '24. Sewing, Cooking. Art. Paul Moses. B. S. North Carolina State College, '21. Chemistry, Physics. General Science, Algebra I. Harriet Nfatchin, A. B. University of California, '24-. Orchestra, Glee Club. United States History. Marguerite Yancey, A. B. University of Tennessee, '24. Qnglish. Dramatics. Mark Landrum Shop. Auto Mechanics. Mechanical Drawing. , -1 M- I Lf.. fl -1e,:.y.f.+ 1 14, ifiwfhteQA-1-'En:.-1f+asgssu-w?:'vgi:'eg:1J'3vfsi2:v55-wg ,'.':51:m .. . fha-J, -Q.-..2.,lW -Q-G, M.-A,.L. V ,g,.m,,.Q,r.y,i.,u,,v J. A.. l , fx 1 r- , 'ixiffiifkfz-Vf'ifI5'.L? If SNP flwzff-QsA1'f:-3z'5r - 1, -Ag' f:.s9wx5ela-'ifzsj ' f-'!iE2'9:Qr.U:2fxTr2'bf33 - 1' -'q7'?5"2S1-igw 9fL'i--xifuwwx' ,jwfrf ' 'Ji' ' 'H ' :.!y-'Gif-,.?' - 1, , ' .7 ' "1 , '3"21'4 2-Z3E2"4" gif' 2- ,- -QMS " "ll '- 4, . A 1' , fin ' La- '. '--Us" 1 1?-: V L 'i::--'Wg E He, , -?f:Q:4::iyiLf ' ' . -J, in 'mf-:,,-54 - , , Sq. 55- -,..Lf'fi Ti-5'.f,3,, . Q .. 4 2 ..,..-,y:.e4x-A1--t- -, . , 1-sf 'wing,.,-11.,y,+yf-,11:r,fd Q':",,i+'- ew' ,, M cz' ' 4 gf?-f .si-16N455lg?.'5':K3:'-3, '1::rff'L9'e-'"f,1g-:g':gg-- U -' V -agwmiz v'f-,"' 1".V ,,'.5'4'Q ' g, ' 4 - - , Y Q, 'Q,.v,V2 , X' .igifigiili f,:+4iff?53w"1g?SfiN- b '- 0' "5Q:fief'i1fi2'ifi?5i- , 4. 2' Egff?N',E4Qx-52,1553 1 . '1733597"'i5S75""'iPEii' "L, " 4900 1 -5564 '-- T I Lf". A W ' -' Mm, Q., A - f A 5: 2 R Q "' -- 131965:-3 i.3g:z1,msw - 'L21'f 2 V 5:3 El: '-v',,1,- ' .zy sd . I . v -Qir' wg-' .' ,. af ' 433. m y , y-,x,n-- 41- . . .1 firms K' '-.f -422 f ' , gum: N ' 6,914 ' 3251? 'H '-"X . ,ggi - I-,Mx -,W TH wg . A X- ,f ,g,..f 45: ' . . . if 4 A :Nik ' , , :'.-wx ' I -. .- 4 K '1 YH qd , s V . . . , 1 -- 1: M -.1 '... 1-, 5' X: -Y-' Y .a - S .4 ww. " iz-1 3 -.W-Q' ' E ...ii 'xxx LX 1 kg. my -L .-.vm-tim -0 ' , W, w - 1 Sc:-en E ight IM E LDA DARLI N G Dramatics Club, '27. Glec Club. '24, '25, '26, '27. Class Pres.. '26, '27. Operetta. '2-5, '25, '26, '27. Hiking Club, '27. Typing Contests. '24. '25. Basketball, '24, '2'i. Sec. of Glee Club, '26. Senior Play, '27. AUGUSTA SIEBE Operetta, '24, '25, '26, '27. Dramatics Club Pres., '27. Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27. Class Vice Pres. '27. Orchestra, '24, '25, '26, '27. Basketball, '27. Lincoln Medal, '26, Senior Play, '27. GERTRUDE CULBERT Lincoln Medal, '27. Class Sec. and Treas., '24, '27. Basketball, 'Z-4. Operctta, '24, '25'. Glee Club, 'Z-I, '25'. Typing Contests, '24, '27, '27. Hiking Club, '27. Pres. Spanish Club, '27. MIKE BIOCINA Baseball, '24, '25, '26, '27. Football, '24, '27, '26. Football Captain, '26. Basketball, '25. '26, '27. Basketball Captain, '27. Debating, '2i. Athletic Editor, '25, Opererta, '27. Senior Play, '27. Dramatics Club, '27. JAMES ARDITTO Basketball. '27, '26, '27. Football, '27, '26. Assistant Joke Editor, '25. Assistant Business Manager, "26 Business Manager, '27. Class Vice Pres., '26. Student Body Pres., '27. Senior Play, '27. 9, Debating Team, '2S. ' MILDRED COBB Glee Club. '24, '27, '26, '27. Orchestra, '25, '26, '27. Dramatics. '27. Hiking Club, '27. Operetta, '26, '27. Tennis, '27. Senior Play, '27. JAMES PEROVICH Basketball, '25, '27. Baseball. '26. '27. "Skip" Editor, '27. Football, '27. I I ALTON CASAGRANDE Class Vice Pres.. '2-L Class Pres.. '25. Operetta, '25, '26. Football, '24, '25, '26. Basketball, '24, '25. Baseball. '27. Glee Club, '25, '26. Senior Play, '27. ALICE THOMAS Typing Contest, '25. Glce Club, '26, '27. Operetta, '26, '27. Dramatics Club, 'Z7. Annual Staff, '27. Senior Play. '27. MAYME GUNNISON Orchestra, '25, '26, '27, Baseball, '25, '26, '27, Dramatics Club, '27, Spanish Club, '27. Annual Staff, '27, Basketball, '27. Senior Play, '27. RAYMOND GARIBALDI Glee Club, '24, '26, Tennis, '25. Operetra, '26. Basketball, '26, '27, IVA MURPHY Dramatics Club, '27. Fashion Show, '26. Basketball, '27. Hiking Club. '27. Senior Play, '27. VIRGINIA YVHITE Basketball, '24, 'Z7. Dramatics Club Reporter, '27, Typing Contests, '24, '25, '2 Tennis, '24, '25. Baseball, '24, '26, '27. Hiking Club, '27, Annual Staff, '24, '25, '27, Senior Play, '27. Commercial Play. '24. Basketball Captain, '27. LESLIE LYNCH Orchestra, '26. Tennis, '24, '25, '26, '27. 6.'27 Nine L Tcn GLENN NANCE Tennis, '26. Annual Staff, '27. Football, '27. Student Body, Scc. and Trcns. FRANCES BENEDETTI Hiking Club. '27. Glue Club, '24, '25, '26, '27. Opercttn, '24, '25, '26, '27. Basketball, '24, '27. Baseball, '26. Typing Contest, '25'. Drnmatics Club, '27. Vulley Ball, '2-1. Senior Play, '27. HENRIETTA MARKS Typing Contests, '26, '27, Operetta, '25, '26, '27. Hiking Club. '27. Dramatics Club, '27. Basketball, '27. Glee Club. '24, '26. '27. Orchestra, '24, '26, '27. Annual Staff, '26, '27.,, Senior Play, '27. ELVA SHEPPARD Orchestra, '26. Hiking Club,"27. Typing Contests, '26, 27. Basket all, '27. Spanish Club, '27. Baseball, '26. ALBINA GARIBALDI ' Operetta, '25. '26, '27, Dramatics Club, '27. Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27 Typing Contests, '24, '25, '26 Baseball, '26. MERVYN BENNETTS Basketball, '27. Baseball, '26, '27. Typing Contest, '25, '26. Tennis, '24, '25, '26, '27. EDN A PRI TCH ARD Typing Contests, '24, '25, '26 Opcretta, '25, '26, '27. Baseball, 'Z6. Basketball, '27. Glee Club, '25'. '26, '27. Dramatics, '27. Senior Play, '27. V Q DORIS DONOVAN Typing Contests, '25, '26, Sec. ol Spanish Club, '27. Basketball, '27. Dramatics Club. '27. EDDIE LEVAGGI Opcrctta, '23. Football, '25, '26. '27. Basketball, '25, '26, '27, Baseball. '27. Tennis. '25. Senior Play, '27. LORRAINE ARDITTO Typing Contests, '25, '26, Glee lub, '24, '26, '27. Operetta, '24, '25, '26, '27. Glee Club President, '26. Basketball, '24, '27. Baseball. '24, '25, '26, '27. Tennis. '24, '25, '26. Annual Staff, '27. Dramatics Club, '27. Hiking Club. '27. Senior Play, '27. GERTRUDE FOSTER Vicc'President Dramatics Club, '27. Opcretta, '24, '25, '26, '27. Basketball, '27. Hiking Club. '27. L ' Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27. Orchestra, '24, '25. '26. Typing Contests. '27. Annual Staff, '27. Senior Play, '21, :J MARIO RAFFETTO Stage Equipment Mgr. Opcrctta, '24, '27 Sznior,Play Stage Manager, '27. Senior Play, 27. IRMA LUCOT Class Secretary and Treasurer, '26. Operctta, '24, '25, '27. Dramatics- Club, '27. Basketball. 24, '25, '27. Hiking Club, '27. Typing Contests, '25, '26, '27. Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27. Senior Play, '27. HELEN DEAVER Hiking Club. '27. Basketball, '24, '27. Baseball. '24. Volley Ball, '2-1. E lawn Senior Prophecy ERVYN BENNETTS, formerly America's most noted court reporter, had but recently become private secretary to the Honorable james Perovich, U. S. Ambassador to Heelspoints. The press told how the choice was based on the efficiency of the secretary as shown by his hav' ing won the world's championship in shorthand, but Sir james and Mr. Bennetts knew another reason-a friendship which had endured from high school days. As the two men sat in the Embassy one evening, each reminiscently seemed to be thinking of the other. "You've changed lots, Perry, old boy. Even now I can hardly believe you are grey, 'and that Vandyke of yours marks you as a diplomat, certainly-a conf firmed bachelor too." "Well, Dick, when a fellow is old and grey like you and me he begins to wish he had married, doesn't he?" "But listen to that radio news-'Mr. Mario Raffetto, the fancy bootmaker, has retired from business. Mr. and Mrs. Raifetto and family will return to their sum' mer home in Naples. Dear old Pete, we knew he would rise high in the world." "Listen to this news. 'Rich oil fields found on farm at Davis, Californiaf Why that is where Gertrude Culbert went to live. Whom did she marry? I don? quite remember Dick, but I think his name is Mr. Chisel." Some more radio news-"Frances Benedetti has been made the head telephone operator in New York. I always thought she would be a chief operator some dayf' "Did you get seats for the opera tonight? I am so anxious to hear Americas Song Bird! Don't you remember Henrietta Marks? She went to Europe to cultif vate her voice and has since been acclaimed 'America's Silver-Throated Soprano'." "Oh yes, I received a paper from home today, and I found a few articles about some of our classmates. Listen to this one: 'A famed chemist makes startling gas discoveryf I always thought Raymond would be a chemist, for in the Chem. course he always made 'ones' And here is a good one: 'The White House finds a famous cook in Alice Thomasf Donxt you remember her wonderful 'Kupt' cakes which we always bought in High?" "Perry, look at the front society page of this paper, it looks like a girl with whom we used to go to school. Well, so it is. Miss Augusta Siebe, whose mar' riage was one of the most brilliant social affairs of the year. -We always thought she was destined to live in one of those little cottages at Electra." "Here is a piece about Doris Donovan. You remember her, don't you, Dick? She has placed a bill before Congress making St. Patrick's Day a National Holiday and the Honorable Leslie Lynch has presented it. I suppose Leslie has acquired more nerve since his divorce from Helen Deaver." "Oh yes, Perry, I remember reading about james Arditto, Amer-ica's noted law' yer, winning that case for Leslie. It's no wonder he can argue, for he surely used every opportunity to train himself for that in civicsf' "Oh Dick, I see where Elva Sheppard left for China where she is going to take up missionary work. I hope she will have better luck than the missionaries of the last few years." Tzuelfsc "Read this one Dick, old fellow. 'Miss Mayme Gunnison has been added to Flo. Ziegfleld's Chorus' Well, well, she always was a graceful, smiling young lady!" "Oh! that reminds me Perry, that yesterday when I was looking over the marriage licenses I saw that of Edna Pritchard of Plymouth. You remember her, don't you-that shy little girl with the curls? She always vowed she was going to be an old maid." "What circus is this paper advertising? Can you believe this? just think of Glenn Nance, my old pal, as manager of one of the world's greatest circuses. Here it says, 'Be sure and see Mike Biocina, the medicine man and marvel of all ages'.l' "Oh yes, Dick! Let's look at the comic section of this paper. 'Tillie the Toiler' has changed I see, to 'Bina, the Stenof Can you believe it? Why it's no other than Albina Garibaldi from Drytown who has become so great that she is even featured in the funny paper. Well, well!" . "Look at this ad, will you? 'Annual sale on at the Manassero and Lucot Chain Stores, Conte in a rush and avoid the ear-ly.' Poor Irma always said. she was going to be a school teacher but love proved too great, I guess." "Look at this Dick-some Plymouth news! 'New hotel erected in Plymouth- Alton Casagrande, proprietorf Oh yes, he resides in Plymouth-ever since his marriage, you know-!" "Well Perry, the women of this age are surely dare-devils. Listen to this one! 'Woman aviator dares the Arctic regions unaccompanied! The first woman to accomplish this feat!' Would you believe it Perry-nobody but our little friend, Imelda Darling. I've heard so much about her airplane, the "Mooney!' I believe she is about to try her eighth venture at matrimony. Her old chum, Lorraine, however, has scorned matrimony heretofore. She too, has changed her mind for she will marry her wealthy producer this spring. She has surely taken New York by storm. Her acting thrills thousands every nighteand she still carries a white poodle!" "Dick, will you please turn on the radio again, for it is nearly nine. I have been waiting all week to hear Iva Murphy, one of our old schoolmates recite. And by the way, she is going to recite 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew.' Just like her, don't you think? Say Dick! Who is that wonderful bass singer? Let's look it up in the radio book, let's see, nine o'clock, it will be page sixteen. Oh look! It is none other than Eddie Levaggi, formerly of Sutter Creek." "It seems as though most all our class has done something in the world. I forgot to tell you I had a letter from an old pal of mine the other day, and he said that Virginia White was in charge of the refdecorating of the White House. She always was very clever at artf-' "We are certainly finding out a lot of news tonight about our old schoolfmates. Did I ever tell you that I went to that wonderful concert- in New York, and whom do you suppose were the two attractions of the evening-Mildred Cobb and Gertrude Foster, and they were marvelous. They are now ranked among the world's greatest music artists. I can hardly realize that I could possibly have gone to school with so many famous people." -Lorraine Arditto, '27 . -Alice Thomas, '27 Th irrcrn Senior Activities HE Seniors, under the efficient leadership of their officers: Imelda Darling, A presidentg Augusta Siebe, vice president, and Gertrude Culbert, secretary and treasurer, are looking forward to various activities. "The Hoodoo" has been chosen as the class play and has the following cast: Brighton Early ........................................................................ Mike Biocina Billy jackson ..,............................ ............. J ames Arditto Professor Solomon Spiggot ......... ....... A lton Casagrande Hemachus Spiggot ................ .............. I va Murphy Mr. Malachi Meek ,,,........ .......... E ddie Levaggi Mr. Dun ...................... ......... M ario Raffetto Miss Amy Lee .............,....... ........ I melda Darling Mrs. PerringtonfShine ............. ........ V irginia White Gwendolyn Perrington-Shine ..... .............. A lice Tlfomas Dodo De Graft ......................... ......... L orraine Arditto Mrs. Ima Clinger .................. .............. A ugusta Siebc Angelina ............ i. ............... ........,,., M ayme Gunnison Miss Doris Ruflles ................ ............... M ildred Cobb Mrs. Semiramis Spiggot .......... ............... I rma Lucot Eupepsia Spiggot ................ ............ E dna Pritchard Miss Longnecker ............ ........ F rances Beneditti Lulu ............................................................ ...... ...................... G e rtrude Foster Aunt Paradise ........................................................... ..... ...... H e nrietta Marks For the first time a Senior class will have a farewell banquet. This will be fol- lowed by a weekfend trip to Yosemite. The annual Ball will complete our long-tofbe remembered Senior year. -Lorraine Arditto, '27, To the Seniors I see across the span of passing years, Towards the goal where darkness meets the light. I see your joys, your hopes, your gloom, your fears, The inspirations of your day and night. And when along the vista of the past, Your future life may not be all it seems, May happy memories of your school days last, And take you to your isle of pleasant dreams. -Rod D. Smith. F rice The llunior Class N August, 1926, we again entered our stately high school, this time not as timid Freshmen or joyous Sophomores, but with all the dignity of full-fledged Juniors. We organized our class of twenty-ive members soon after school started, electing Ronald Cox, presidentg Kenneth Kupfrian, vice president, William Perovich, secretaryftreasurer, and choosing Miss Armstrong for our class adviser. As Miss Armstrong became Mrs. Vesper soon after Christmas, Miss M. Yancey, her successor, became our class adviser. - When it comes to contributing our share to the schoolls activities, we think the school has no cause for complaint. We have six men on the football team, one on the A basketball team and one on the B team. Our girls also do well in athletics, and we have some good tennis players among both the girls and the boys. Our class is well represented in dramatics and in the art and literary departments. We have our part in social affairs too, as we are planning to entertain the seniors at a ball sometime in the near future. In would take much more space than we are allowed to tell you all about our wonderful class, but this is enough to show you that the Junior class of 1927 is a very good class. -Georgie Walker. Fiflecn The Sophomore Class N 'August, 1926, we found ourselves Sophomores and with a renewed spirit we started to make our class better than it had been the previous year. At the beginning of the year we initiated the- Freshmen who returned our kind' ness by entertaining us at a dance two weeks later. It was a "big night" for the Sophomores and everyone enjoyed himself immensely. Although we have decreased in our number of members since last year we have been well represented in the student activities. We have two football letter men and three basketball letter men. Several have indulged in dramatics and 'several are in the operetta. We also have a number of expert typists among our girls and a. large number are on the girls' baseball team. We have found capable oflicers in Delwin Poe, presidentg Burton Payne, vice presidentg and Avilino Sanchez, secretary and treasurer. We could not have a better class advisor than Mr. Moses. As our Sophomore year is now drawing to a close we are ready to give it up to those that are coming after us and take our place as Juniors. -Olive Hoskins, '29. S1 x iccu- The Freshinan Class N August 30, 1926, we, fortyfthree childish freshmen entered the dear old Sutter Creek High School. We weren't shown much respect at the initiation which took place two weeks later even though we were the . largest class in the school, but we were good sports and did everything they told us to do. Next year we will be Sophomores and then the Freshmen had better beware for it will be our turn. A At a meeting held to decide who would be our class oiiicers, Mary Payne was elected presidentg Enola Logomasino, vice presidentg and Kenneth Taylor, secretary and treasurer. Due to Kenneth's leaving school some time later, Ruby McKenzie was elected secretary and treasurer. i V Miss Matchin was chosen our class adviser. Our class colors are green and lavender. Our class motto is "Success has three S's-Start, Strive and Stick." We were largely represented in all activities by many members. Four of our girls, Audrey Stone, Winnie Spink, Mary Payne and Alethya Raab took part in the operetta entitled "The Nliddie Academy." In football we were represented by Cecil Phillips, Alfred Standridge, George Victor and Maurice Solari, and in basketball by Sheridan Richards, Alfred Standf ridge and Cecil Phillips. We were greatly honored when Sheridan Richards won a letter in basketball. Hee played on the second team this year but next year we expect to see him on the first team. Many of our freshmen girls have gone out for baseball. A team is being organized and they expect to play Jackson in the future. -Ruby McKenzie, '30. Satlanfn Eighteen LITERARY Lost Leaves From History Herewith are tales of bandit raids ln days when gold held swayg Prospector Jim has yarns to spin And necktie parties are no sin Though Joaquin gets away. An llncident in the Life of a Famous Bandit q young, blackfeyed, blackfhaired boy of nineteen came to stay with his sisters who ran a hotel in Mokelumne Hill. At first the sisters were de- lighted to have him with them for he was so jolly and good natured. But their joy was shortflived for they soon found that he was also wild and reckless and it was impossible to control him. Instead of being a help to them he was a constant source of worry for he was always in the neighboring towns drinking and gambling and sometimes quarreling over the card games. To all their entreaties urging him to give up the wild life he lead he turned a deaf ear, for was he not Joaquin Marietta? No harm could come to him. Had he not been told so by a very wise old woman in that beautiful town in Mexico from which he had come? So he continued his reckless life. One night, at a saloon in Sutter Creek, Joaquin accused a man of cheating in a game of cards. A fight ensued and Joaquin killed the man. He escaped on his horse, which was easily recognizable because of its peculiar markings. This was the first crime committed by Joaquin Marietta. A party was organized immediately and a reward was offered for his cap' ture. One evening, the sheriff, with a party of men, came into a saloon. They were feeling quite happy because they were on Joaquin's trail. A crowd of men were gathered around a table, at which a game was going on. Also, at the bar, men were gathered. By the stove another man was sitting with his feet propped against it. Apparently, he was asleep. His head was dropped forward on his chest and his hat was drawn down over his eyes. A cloak was wrapped around him and the collar was turned up around his face. "Come on, boys," the sheriff called. 'Tm treating tonight." All the men came up to the bar, except the man by the stove. The sheriff went over and gave him a slap on the back. "Wake up, man, 'and drink to the capture of Joaquin Marietta." The man started up and asked, "Has he been caught?" cub' "Not yet," the sheriff answered. "But he will be soon." "That's the way to talk, Bob,f' one of the men at the bar said. The sheriff and the stranger came over to the bar, and drank with the other men. One glass followed the other until all the men became quite drunk. In fact, they became so drunk that they did not notice that the stranger did not drink more than one glass. Talk centered on Joaquin Marietta and many were the wishes that he were there then. "If I had him here now," one man said, "I would tear him limb from limb." "Thash nothin' compared to what I'd do," another man proclaimed. "Fd take an axe and chop him into little bits." "Ho, you're all drunk," the sheriff informed them. The truth was that the sheriff was drunker than the whole crowd put together. "If you' saw him you'd all run and leave me alone to contend with him. And I'd certainly show him a thing or two." "Oh, would you?" The stranger spoke for the first time. "I am Joaquin Marietta. Now what are you going to show me?" All eyes were focused on him. He had a pistol in each hand. His hat was off and they saw that it was Joaquin. The sheriff started toward him, but Joaquin said, "A step nearer and you'll be dead." He shot at the lamp and put it out. A scuffle started but he escaped, and jump- ing on his horse, which was at the side of the building, he escaped the law a second time. It was wondered afterward why he announced to the sheriff and his party that he was Joaquin Marietta. The reason was probably because of his love for ad- venture. And also, the wise woman in Mexico may have been right-that he bore a charmed life. ' -Lillian Fontenrose, '28. J The Capture of the County Seat T seems that when Calaveras County was organized flater it became Amador and Calaveras Countiesj, the county seat was placed at Double Springs, a small town of but one building which answered for courthouse, saloon, hotel, and store. Jackson at that time was a town of about six or seven houses, and the inhabitants of the town wished very much to have the county seat moved to Jackson. ' I The people of Jackson were so eager for the county seat that they formed a plan under the leadership of Mr. Boynton to get it. This plan did not have any- thing to do with Elections and Acts of Legislature fby which means a county seat was usually changed, for that was too slow a method. This plan was to capture it. So one morning bright and early Mr. Boynton, accompanied by another staunch advocate of the county seat movement arrived in Double Springs, 7"1i'l'llf,V-1 walked up to the bar and invited all persons present to drown their thirst. The population of the town, or the largest part responded quickly, and the most im' portant person who was present was Colonel Collyer, who was very fond of good whiskey and would drink freely when treated. While one part of the delegation engaged the attention of the Colonel, who was county clerk and keeper of the records of the county, the other part of the delegation gathered up the records, put them in his buggy and left for Jackson. A small shanty at the foot of Court Street in Jackson had been prepared for the return of the delegation and the records. The records were placed in the courthouse and Jackson was now the county seat of Calaveras County. ' -Charles Tyler, '28. A Lynching Party MADOR COUNTY, in its early mining days, had a reputation for being rough. One of the many stirring events that took place in these days is the one I am now going to relate. This event happened about fortyfive years ago, in and around the vicinity of Drytown. Although this town doesn't seem to be very lively now, it was at one time a prosperous mining center. It was not unusual for small nuggets to be picked off the streets of the town. At the time of which I am writing there had been a number of robberies com' mitted in and around Drytown. Finally the daring bandits attempted to rob the hotel, but in some way became frightened and fled. The people followed them as far as possible that night and the next day a posse was formed, and the two bandits were tracked into the Black Hills which lie north of Drytown. After a thorough search of the hills the bandits were found hiding in a pile of rocks. A battle took place in which one bandit was killed and the other captured. There was no jail in which to keep the prisoner, so he was locked in the store for the night. About twelve o'clock that night a number of masked riders came and broke into the store, took the desperado to Plymouth flat, and there, with the aid of a clothes line he was hanged. -Walter Christiansen, i29. The Old Prospector Reminisces AMES CROSBY, a wealthy Los Angeles mining man was entertaining some friends at his country home in Plumas County. Crosby amassed his fortune in California in the 'eighties when he made a rich strike while prospecting in Calaveras County. Since then he had greatly increased his fortune by investing in various enterprises, mostly mining stocks. Crosby was a man about seventy years of ageg he was gray haired, good natured, and loved to tell of his adventures when he was a prospector in his youth. I rufy mo "So your son Henry has gone to Weepah to try and stake out some claims, eh, Jim?" spoke up Sam Higgins, also a former prospector, though he was now engaged in ranching. "Yep, he has gone out to try and make his fortune there, but I doubt whether he will have much success out there," replied jim. "You see, these gold rushes nowadays ain't like what they use to be, Sam. These fellows couldn't tell gold when they seen it. Why back in the 'eighties was when the real gold rushes was on. There was not a lot of that fake booming like there is nowadays. There was none of that movie stuff ini them days. We didn't know what a movie was. "I'll tell yuh, Sam, when I made my strike in Calaveras, near the little mining town of Angels Camp, times were much different. H Them was the days when everything was wide open, and men fought, gambled and drank heavily. This was when Mark Twain, the writer, was up in this here region. I got this scar on my right hand in that there place. My partner joe Anderson and I were prospecting near Angels then. It happened that one day in June we rode into town to git supplies. Of course the lirst place we visited was the saloon. After getting a few drinks I went to try 'my luck at cards. There were two gamblers from Frisco who were winning all the money. I was losing pretty heavy. I was down to my last few nuggets when I caught one of these fellows, cheating. I pulled out my gun and made him get up. We searched him and found a bunch of extra cards in his pockets. In the meantime this other fellow tried to escape. He had just got to the door when I seen himg I motioned for him to stop. At this he drew his gun and Hred, shooting me in the right hand. He was caught right outside of the door and brought back. The crowd was going to lynch the two crooks but a few of us proposed that we strip them of the money they had cheated us out of and drive them out of camp. So we stripped them of their gold and gave them some supplies and drove them out of camp. "Well, Sam, have some more of that ginger ale-that's the best we can get since prohibition was enforced. I'll tell you, .this will serve the purpose, but I'd like to have some of that Scotch we had in the olden days just the same." -William Perovich, '28. ' w 'l'1a'v:lty lln e ly-four These Spinsters Sarah Jane Anne, my maiden aunt In love did fall with Mr. Grant And nightly prayed that he'd propose, So each day dressed in Sunday clothes. One rainy night he paid a call So all us kids parked in the hall, 4 And thru the keyhole each would peekg We'd laugh and laugh at my aunt's sheik. They sat upon the davenport, Close side by side, one tall, one short. Then presently we heard him say, "Will you be my bride in May?" We received the greatest shock To hear my aunt say, "Well, why not?" Then all us kids at once agreed 'Tis sure some life these Spinsters lead. -Alice Thomas, 727 Miss Mary Lee A very ine lady has just come to town, The finest you ever did see, Decked out in bright jewels and gay silken gown- They say she is Miss Mary Lee. Upon the wide ocean, for many a day, She sailed in a gallant large ship, And though she was such a long time on the way She never grew tired of it. Her waist is cut bias, her hair is cut straightg Her plaid skirts are up to her kneesg She's always the same, be it early or late, She's as pretty,-as pretty can be. Her lips, they are red as the rose at our gate, She's a girl men like,-but women all hate. -Ruby Canvin, '28 A Radio lFantasy Y brother has been experimenting with radio transmitting sets. When he started he was Enancially embarrassed to the extent that all he could afford was a Sfwatt transmitting tube. This was a great pet of his so he called it Maggie. Sometimes he ran Maggie without any voltage at all, and sometimes he would use so much voltage that Maggie would quiver and become almost exhausted with heat. Whenever she was like this, she was a queer sight to behold. One night when I was waiting patiently for Maggie to quiver, my brother decided to get a station out of the United States or tolruin Maggie in the attempt, so great was his delight when he raised a "ham" in China. Maggie could not enf dure the high voltage and the Chinese language so she gave a groan and "went west." A My mother was beginning to get disgusted with the litter my brother made over Maggie fthis little bottlej and decided to put an end to the foolishness. She came after my brother with an uninvitingflooking switch. My brother became frightened and climbed the mast supporting his antennae with my mother close on his heels. The higher he climbed, the higher she climbed, 'til he reached the top. Unable to go farther and his distorted mind deceiving him, he looked below and thought he saw a lake. He then spread his arms gracefully, and took one of the most perfect "swan dives" I have ever seen. He should have known better because there isn't a lake within one hundred and fifty miles of our home. But alas, his lake proved to be only a concrete sidewalk. I rushed to him thinking he must be dead. I could even imagine I saw his soul as it Charlestoned OH: to a nearby cloud, to the twang of his lyre. A I was so frightened that I must have fainted, for the following is all I can remember. I seemed to see Maggie parked on one downy cloud while my brother was sitting peacefully on another. "Maggie," cried my brother, recognizing his old bottle. Yes, it was Maggie, his first 5-watt tube. As he gazed into her pale face he must have wished they were starting all over again for he said,- "Come back to me, Maggie, I'll never treat you like that again. What a thrill we had when we raised BVD in Jackson less than four miles away and what joy when we worked PDQ in Los Angeles. Then with ever increasing work on your part, together we woke LUNG in China from a sound sleep and you became a martyr." But Maggie replied, "I gave my life for you willingly, but I hadn't been dead an hour before you married a '5O'watter." "Maggie, come back to me and we will smash every tube in the shack. Can't you believe in me?" sobbed my brother. Then she sighed, and throwing her wings about my brother she said, "Yes, Lew, I believe in you but I can't go back. At your present sleepless pace it won't be long until there's another job for the undertaker. Then we will be in Ham's Paradise together, where there are no' complaining neighbors, bum ists and fading Signals-H -Henrietta Marks, '27. 7'rm'nly I Momls Birthday OBBIE sat looking thoughtfully at the calendar. "Gosh, only two more weeks until school! Why it's the eleventh already-the eleventh of August -now what is the eleventh anyhow? Didn't I hear of that sometime be' fore-? There is something that comes on the eleventh and-and-sure! It's Mom's birthday! Today is Mom's birthday!" Five minutes later Bobbie was still perplexed but the problem was a new one. "What can I give her? Let me see now. She has candy and everything she needs in the house." All of a sudden Bobbie broke out of his deep thought and leaped into the air-'Tve got it! Sure enough. She always did want one! A stand for her fern, just the thing." He was going to give her just the thing she wanted and he was going to make it himself. He ran to the old shed and began looking for material-and if he wasn't blessed! "Why look at the top of that old soap box, won't that make a swell top-and there are two brooms. Why, just cut those handles in half and there you have four good legs. Things certainly are coming my way." ' Bobbie closed the door and began work. After many thumb bitings and muffled "Gosh Dams" he had the legs and top ready to be nailed together. "Why not have a second shelf put on it? The other end of the soap box would do for it." ' As Bobbie was in the midst of his work he heard a knock on the shed door and a long drawn out "Ofh! Bofbfbie! He peered out of the door- "Come and play ball with us." This came from a boy Bobbie's own age. "Aw beat it, can't you see I'm busy?" hotly retorted Bobbie and at this he slammed the door in the bewildered boy's face. At last Bobbie's project was finished and he backed off a few yards to survey it. To Bobbie it looked magnificent-because-he had made it What he saw was: four legs, no two of which were the same length, and a square top across which stared "Crystal White Soap." It stood about two feet high. The second shelf about one foot from the ground could not be called level, in fact it would takc growing moss to stay on it. "Gee, it sure is swell-won't Mom be pleased?" just then Bobbie heard foot- steps on the walk outside. He quickly picked up the stand and put it behind the coal bin. "Bobbie, what on earth are you doing in here?" Turning he saw his mother. - "Oh-well-oh, nothing. just looking around for some of my old balls in here. Guess I'll go up to the house." . Bobbie ran into the parlor and started reading a book. Soon he heard his mother moving around in the house and decided he would sneak out through the kitchen. Here he paused momentarily-his eyes fell upon one object in the room, the woodbox. Bobbie blinked and gulped for there he saw four round sticks that were once broom handles, and two flat boards. On one of these he read in glaring letters-"CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP." -Douglas Cavagnaro, '28, I unty- A Girl and ll-ler Dad A girl and her dad on an outing trip- There is a glorious companionship! Traveling along under open sky, Watching the fleecy clouds drift by, Across the stream that rambles along, Over the stones, ever singing a song, And the father is teaching the youngster gay What life has taught him, as they go on their way. Queens nor kings, to this girl can compare, With the gentle father who walks with her there. And the greatest mind of the human race Not for one minute could take his place. The father finds out, to his heart's delight, That his daughter is fit for the future fight. And they travel on in the selffsame way, Forever happy, forever gay. A girl and her dad on an outing trip- Builders of life's companionship! Oh, I envy them, as I see them there Under the sky in the open air, For out of the old, old long-ago Come the summer days that I used to know, When I learned life's truths from my father's lips As I shared the joys of his outing trips. -Virginia White, "27. Dawn Stars fade from sight, the sky grows light, The hush of coming morn draws near, The early birds sing loud their cheer, And Lady Moon sinks out of sight. The faint streaks in the sky grow bright, The tall trees whisper things unknown, fThings no one knows but they, alone,j Then fade the mysteries of the night. The -Sun creeps from his eastern bower, His bright rays peer upon the earth, Then open up the sleeping flowers, The birds sing loud their joyful mirth, The world will sleep for many hours, Unconscious of the dawn's rebirth. -Henrietta Marks, '27. Twenty- A Party at Home NE Friday night as I closed my Chemistry book there was a longing in my heart to go somewhere, just where I did not know. So I sat staring at the blank wall. The door opened and my mother came in with an invitation to a party. I was glad to get this invitation even if it had been delayed. I slipped into my mother's room and after dressing and kissing her goodnight I hurried down the hall. This sofcalled party was just a few doors away. When I rang the doorfbell of Mrs. Bedroom's house, her step-children Bert and Bertha Pillow came forward and ushered me in. Nearly all the guests had arrived but they had not started to play any games. Mr. Bolster was busy talking to Miss Chair. Miss Looking Glass told me very frankly just how I looked. She always tells everyone that even notices her, just how he looks and never exaggerates anything. Mr. Mattress and Mr. Springs were talking to the twin sisters, Cora and Dora Sheet, about the last election. When I entered, the twins smiled and offered me a seat between them, and though they were quite cool at first they soon became very sociable. Mr. Comforter and Miss Blanket were telling of their experience as teachers. Miss Spread seemed to be the most attractive person at the party. She wore a silk crepe dress with blue and white stripes. Soon after I entered this circle of close friends I felt very comfortable. We played several games such as Turning, Kick, and Sawing Wood. ' After playing all of these games we took a trip to Dream Land and there we saw many Goblins and Fairies. -Iva G. Murphy, '27. The Rose and the Song For every rose of love men glean, In country lane or crowded street, Another rose, unsought, unseen, Ungathered, dies in its retreat. For every song the ages mold, In mellow notes and harmony, Another song of purest gold, Is lost as treasures in deep sea. But are they lost--the rose, the song, .That lived and died, themselves unknown, Can loveliness be had for long, Or death forget to keep its own? No, Father Time makes up the years, 'Til life finds perfect equipoise, And all the sadness of love's tears, Are lost in gladness of love's joys. -Frances Benedetti, '27, f 'ulv-vlgllt 'l Play the Game When the other side is winning, And the stuff is going wrong, And no matter how you battle There's no chance of going strong, Don't start to crab your fellows, Don't be the one to blame, just grit your teeth and buckle down, And fellows-Play the Game. When you just can't seem to rally, And can't overcome their lead, When the man who sprained his ankle Is just the one you need, When the good old bunch seems beaten And the team is stiff and lame, just call a cheerful word or two And fellows--Play the Game. When you see there is a chance to cheat, And no one would ever know, Remember, fellows, your team plays clean, So play the game and let it go, When you feel like lying down Though it brings your old school shame, Remember, fellows, it's when you're losing That you have to-Play the Game. Then when the show is over, And the other bunch has won, And all your dreams are shattered, And you feel your day is done, You don't feel very cheerful, But fellows, just the same, It doesn't hurt onefhalf so much If you know you've-Played the Game. -Ronald Cox, '28 Tw tg c Thirty I, . , Th irty-two EditorfinfChief ......... Assistant Editor .... Business Manager ......... Snaps ........ Exchanges ........ jokes ......... Literary ........ Calendar .......... Art Editor ....... Faculty Advisers Staff ...james Perovich ........Ronald Cox ...James Arditto Henrietta Marks ,Gospa Perovich .....Alice Thomas .......Mayme Riddle .........Virginia White Cassels .........Miss Harper, Miss M. Yancey 1. v' K 4,1 , Dramatics 7 r HERE has been a new opening this year for students who are interested in dramatics-stage lighting and costumes. A Dramatics Club has been organized under the able guidance of Miss Armstrong and has progressed very creditably. The officers are, Augusta Siebe, president, Gertrude Foster, vice president, Ronald Cox, secretary, Kenneth Kupfrian, stage managerg and Gladys Bernardis, costume manager. On December 7 the club put on a short one'act play, "Not Such a Goose," before the student body. Henrietta Marks took the part of the mother, Velma Galino, her daughter, Ronald Cox, her mischievous brother, Virginia White, Velma's friend, and Lawrence Burke, Velma's boy friend. This was a decided success and was very well played notwithstanding the fact that it was the first attempt. For the Christmas program on December 17, another onefact play entitled "The Social Outcast" was put on before the student body. Kenneth Kupfrian was the social outcast, Mike Biocina, the judge, Alice Thomas, the judge's adopted daughter, Gertrude Foster, her sister, and Douglas Cavagnaro, the sofcalled villain. The Dramatic Club was somewhat broken up by the departure of Miss Arm' strong but it is getting along very well under the guidance of Miss Marguerite Yancey. Under Miss Yancey "The Social Outcast" was repeated in Ratto's Theater on April 7. On the whole we are very proud of the advancement that the club has made in spite of the fact that this is its first year, and we hope to do some really worth' while work in this line next year. ..Maym5 Riddle, '28, Thirfy-th Glee Club S there were only about three boys interested in Glee Club this year, the Glee Club has been composed entirely of girls. There has been no beginners' Glee Club, as the class was too small to divide. We meet reguf larly twice a week for a period of about 45 minutes. We have done some good work this year, singing at several entertainments both in town and at the high school. At present we are working on Commence- ment music. A onefact operetta, entitled "The Middie Maids" was given Friday evening, April 8, in the High School Auditorium. It made a big hit with everyone. The Annual Boosters' Ball was held after the operetta. The cast of the operetta was as follows: ' The Admiral ......... The Captain ......................... The Engineer .............................. The Instructress in English ....... The Pastry Cook .................... Molly Malloy ......,... Careless Cary ......... Clurnsy Clara ............. Sympathetic Susan ....... Mlle. Pom Pom ............... The Authoress .................. The Stage Manageress ........ Orchestra .........Michael Biocina .............Albion Howe Kenneth Kupfrian ........Henrietta Marks ........Lorraine Arditto ........Augusta Siebe .........Velma Galino Payne .........Gertrude Foster .........Audrey Stone ..........Ruby Canvin ,..........Winifred Spink -Georgie Walker. UR orchestra, although smaller than it has been in previous years, has beenworking steadily and making much progress throughout the year. Work has been divided between classical, semifclassical and popular mel- odies. The orchestra has contributed to all school programs-those given on Armistice Day, Christmas, Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday. At the present time, numbers are being prepared for the Senior Play and the Commencement exercises. Thirty-four Th frfy-H116 , l' Art Department HIS year the annual art work has been made a class problem, and mem' c bers of the department have contributed all the material. There is no general motif but the plan is to have the several divisions and headings suggestive of their purposes. All of the students except Martin Shealor are in the first year art and the majority of these are Freshmen. Mary Payne designed and executed the Book Plate. She has shown remarkable improvement since the beginning of the year. Winnie Spink drew the Society division plate and autographs. Literary, Athletics, Jokes, Advertisements and the page in the calendar were done by Martin Shealor. Mildred Cobb, our Senior, designed and rendered the plate for Classics which represents Youth looking into the crystal of Progress, having the light of it shown upon her. Alma McFadden contributed the Finis. The pen and ink sketch taken from the photograph of the school, was capably done by Audrey Stone, who also made the illustrations for two of the pages in the calendar. The faculty and senior panels were designed and worked out by Doris' Castles, our Post Graduate. Domestic Science HIS year the Domestic Science class has been somewhat handicapped by having but a few students who took the course. However, under the capable management of Miss Harper it has done exceptionally well. Not only has this class prepared refreshments for all the .school parties, but part of the year they served hot lunches at noon, which proved to be quite successful. After the big football game between Sacramento and Sutter Creek, which took place at Sutter Creek, the Domestic Science class served both teams with coffee, sandwiches and cake. On March 30, they served all the visitors from the numerous counties who took part in the Mother Lode typing contest, held at Sutter Creek High School. I I ty-.tix Commercial HIS year opened, under the direction of Mr. Ackerman, with an enroll' ment of sixtyfive typing students. Although we lost several good typists and champions by graduation last year, everyone is doing his best to keep up with past records. Even though we have not entered any contests yet we have great hopes of winning honors in the Sacramento Valley and Mother Lode contests. As custom' ary, the Mother Lode contest is to be held at Sutter Creek on April 30, with about twentyfsix schools participating. Albina Garibaldi, one of our champions for this year has won a nibyfpearl pin, given by the Underwood Company for writing 87 words per minute. Several students have won certificates and medals already. Gertrude Foster in Hrst year typing has attained 60 net words, which is considered a very high speed for any person who has received only one year of practice. The bookkeeping and shorthand classes have enjoyed a very prosperous -year. The first year shorthand class, through competitive drills are attaining a net speed of 60 words on five minute takes. The advanced class have been writing a 90 to 95 clip. The interest in commercial work is very high and everyone working for more honor. Mr. Ackerman is giving a trophy to the student who shows the greatest progress in commercial work. Tl: irty-ra n I agar? . 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' Di!X ff fa5e5 117 aff ' jome 75 c7Cf45oh 19 Q0 6 1 mx ?0 29274 lffaffug ' !C7r47c77ccj !La0!o235 ff? fjkg he 6 6 ' 50. 7Zff.ffx0vanfA ewffeff-is MJ57r3aWor1.S 67 Mum, Jbeafa r ffyfrzfa ,trini- 3'-C1 glut K The Freslunan llnitiation WO weeks after school opened, a reception was given to the Freshmen by the Sophomores. The freshies were as meek as lambs, and many showed signs of dramatic ability in entertaining the audience and upper classmen. The Faculty put on a pantomime scene, which was a surprise as well as a pleasure to the audience. After the program dancing was enjoyed by everyone. - The Sophomore Ball O show their appreciation of the good time given them two weeks before, the Freshmen gave the Sophomores a ball. The auditorium was very prettily decorated, and dainty refreshments were served. November 7, 1926, the student body gave a big rally in honor of the San juan football game which was to be played the following day. The dramatic club ordered everyone to bring their lunch and to dress as "kids" The jolly time began at 6 P. M. The Freshmen built a huge bonfire and we rallied around that for awhile. This was followed by a few hours of dancing, which pepped the boys up for the next day. . October 31, 1926 was the date of our "Halloween Party," which was a huge success. The auditorium was beautifully decorated in Hallowe'en colors. Everyone came in costume, which added to the fun and merriment. The musicwas furnished by members of the school orchestra. A party was given on January 28, 1927. A small fee was charged for the benefit of the annual. Everyone had a jolly time. March 18, 1927, the student body gave a reception in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A program was furnished by the music department. Light refreshments were served, followed by a social dance. Thirty-mne x A gf' ,754 'Q 7 Df'cPnv077C fDf09 pf'c?56f97'-6 'B 'J' 'M ' fefafe 25-72, ofef77' I l f' lfiq !707' Qaffiia F f7CxAr157"1ov05 ff? rafvv. , ' ri Dramafc CRXQA gr-25Qfv7' ?-2 5oCfcPf Qo7E'a5Z"' X Wo Weeks V06077 17, E06 Of? L?oj,fG-500076 e ZJQOFS. I7 5072-fs 751157 gaskefbvffjaws fiaff K5 5a7'7"c?fj awp! We !0a.5e. 7707 Qwfe 5064 Q 800542, I M . 4 +I 5!795'fy.,' ' 32 QA L30 , 5cAoof 03 0117, !47a7"'f0Zjff7j! 04-eaoffdcff foofsf 7 5a7"7c2v'5 vgrs-7' rfcfafg X17 Agaafe-7'b0q 6697! Cxoarffah of!'7 'CO I5 X64 Dance 07' 5c:AQa04'jf1fex7 X if 56,!7E"Z7-H 07! Q' X' 164 .5u7E?f- bf-znjs fi-e 50600 Aoxwf vfifagov f0x7Q F65 POQF .' M 13 XZ' fxfzc afh PIO-?fNQ224 c?56'717?af g' 'VN' dfncofh 65 509 1914-sofa! goes 75 ,jgfvfafl fab if MQ cfa.-as of 77fef179 ier-fn 'f LN 25, 77655 63-m577afvg fesyxo-5 " I A Good fac? Ona! 144054 I ' f Q- 5447! w 27 fonffsfvfgf Ofwfaaf Acvyffvs ' il X5E!9fJf3 ' "IH ' ZK Q!! 0079 if Qprffv 74267-7 6a!f Jfacice 0500! gf-6217655 I .bf-afgiv Kg 5, 264:41 '99 9 5,6723 ".WL1.s'f677on.s 9 .ffuafrey --You d:?ffww !4fZf-7? 2 D4 1' gk P' X. 777571456 ' I 1, X4 SCAOQX 5745115 Kij 57ffZ W1 ' fifevfg 6'l7fR offer 7-46- N' -" 4- f77eagfci5. 'A f57 Qffgjqfre 777f'Q17af774f1"3. A 'Q 51471 A 0f"e5e!077414 07' V 'V + 566055 144064 AQWXKVGSS Qf 144566 of 769177 Y S l QI M , 'ZCZ f'Z71f !i9e1f'6c' 91414-11fe-5 X779 OA 177 f ' 552,49 C'fos5 f:v1c75'o14e5. 75 jenfof fafcfofes 7c5,?e14 1?ff"'f' ' A 629171 f'5 Qfa ! Qrefr - W 0146 gan? J01ZD.5,-TJOADS. V N 7 'ferefj 0 511905 5 16 1' 4 M V dffesehfgpafb 'N If 0!0f9re7'75 fe-3e'147E'c4 W Weffcafafe Wfffffsl-j!f'G!7 ' 4 7 3a5eDAaf 56905014 ff? Ffa ref,--5 game gfajfaf Mfgxfdrf 500 X64 50 775914 e'147T51'7?11Oe .ZZ146, Q14-0726211 gfjfgdff 941476 In 24? 5j01f7 144c2e7'7V0c14sQ14 f!7 50562 Ziff 111 A5f75!'- 07g 563!7f5f"6 9553 A gfffc 0175 M0157 Af'- zffafpf 0 I6-C9400 fdfganfar Zio!! Qllfefi gffjdhf f9fe5e?1477fffV 0 17 925, 46E,94,o7e14Ce1776f777 ff fgfefffeff M056-Q N5?Wf0f fxgwfff-f----,5-Cifoof 690475- , , '7 ff J f PI? I Alumni FTER a class graduates from high school its members scatter and take up their work in different parts of the country. It is always interesting to see what our graduates are doing, and it is of course especially interesting to the alumni to see how their former classmates are progressing. Those who are still going to school are: Amick Poe, Marea, Joe and Louis Fontenrose, Charles Soracco and john Cox, who are attending the University of California, Paul and Vincent Arnerich, at the University of Southern California Dental Schoolg Gard Chisholm, College of Agriculture, Davisg Lewis Casagrande, who is attending the College of Commerce in Stockton, Mae Daneri, State Teach' ers' College, San Francisco, Stanley Cuneo, Heald's Engineering School, Billy White, College of Pharmacy, Bayra Richards, Mills College, Doris Cassels and Waldo Barney, Post Graduate work. Clara Williams will soon graduate from Dameron Hospital. Some others are still in school, but are now in front of the class, in the role of teachers. Among these are Ruth Cox, who is teaching in Shasta County, Marie Gorman and Norine johnson, who are both teaching at Woodland, Hattie Berg at Pine Grove, and Helen Berta, in one of the Bay section schools. Roy Liddicoat is also in the teaching profession. Those who are working are: John Norton, with the Royal Insurance Company, Theodore Foster, employed in Chisholm and Socal's Garage, Sutter Creekg Arthur Bennetts, working in Amador Cityg Mary Cavagnaro, in the Post Office in Sutter Creek, Nellie Accampo, who has graduated from Munson's and is working in San Francisco, Adeline Kammerer, bookkeeper in Levaggi's store, Plymouth, Hardie Robbins, working in the cityg Ruth Thompson, Motor Vehicle Company, Sac' ramentog Irene Canvin, Remick Automobile Accessories, Winfield Merwin, who is working in Texas. Those who have remained at home are Franklin Daneri, in Sutter Creek, Betty Cook and Charles Kammerer in Plymouth, and Vivian Hoskins in Amador City. Those who are busily engaged as housewives are: Mrs. John Moyle, who was formerly Gladys Taylor, Mrs. A. Wilds, who was Irene Shealorg Mrs. G. F. Hays, fEsther Coxjg Mrs. Crotty, fHelen Downsjg Mrs. Lynn Barrett, fLaura Coxjg Mrs. Amiel Bona, fLouise Gillickj. Mr. Gillick is also a graduate of Sutter High. -Georgie Walker. F rty-I wo EXCHHNGES Dffusng HE students of the S. C. U. H. S. have found great pleasure in ex' changing annuals with different schools throughout California. We ex' tend our cordial thanks to these schools and hope that we may hear from them again in the near future. We know that our comments on the annuals will be received in the spirit in which they are given. "Sequoia"-Sequoia Union High School. ' A splendid annual! The best on our list. We can find no weaknesses. White and Gold"-Siskiyou Union High School. The Seniors of the different high schools deserve much credit for their efforts in publishing this annual, but it seems as though some of the schools have more to publish than others. The Yreka snaps and jokes are very good. Green and Gold"-Sonora Union High School. We would suggest a more attractive arrangement of snaps and a few more exchanges. Your Senior-scope is exceptionally good. You have one of the best literary departments on our list. NEI Econ-Lincoln Union High School. Your poetry is exceptionally good. Cn the whole we have no adverse criti- cisms to offer. Would like to hear from you in '27. u. n "The jacksonian"-Jackson Joint Union High School. A good year book, but more art and a larger literary department would make it even more interesting. ' . S Waukeen"-Hilmar Union High School. A few more exchanges would make your annual very complete. Very interest' ing athletic section. "La Perita'-Courtland joint Union High School. A very interesting book, but we would suggest a few more exchanges and a more attractive cover. Your athletic section is very good. Pine Crest"-Summerville Union High School. Another fine annual, although it could be improved by a larger literary def -f partment. Your cover is the most attractive on our list. Purple and White"-Madera Union High School. With a few more exchanges your book would be one of the best on our list. Wonderful literary department. The Tokay"-Lodi Union High School. Q Your book is one of the best on our list. The art and literary departments 'W are very interesting. p "Hex"-Woodland High School. . A M Clever jokes and interesting snaps. Come again. st ss u -Gospa Perovich, ' 8. Forty-three Farly-fa 11 1' :Z-L, 'fl' Z 3' il S f. lf, ff c:2o':'f go Jia.g?dL'.' ' ' 0 6 ff 955' a B " ' Q Q nf," Jin .fic G Z1 15 oeo v Y Q 0 051.515 'D 0 , 0 Q 634 r QD 93' if .3 ge 5-'cv Goo Go Ov 0,9 of qoog 9 xfly' 4..,g,. Mui... .1 ATHLET CS Forty-5':'c Football HE football season opened with five of last year's regulars gone. Pros- pects were not good as an entire new backield had to be formed and the line altered considerably. But with a large turnout and the adoption of the Notre Dame system of play under the capable coaching of Mr. Ackerman, we hoped to have a winning team. Our first practice game was with Preston on their grounds, Saturday, September 18. This game was the first so not much could be expected of the team. Never' theless Sutter Creek played a bangfup defensive game, holding the heavy Preston squad to one touchdown. Then next game was played at Lodi on September 25. The Lodi A team being a much heavier and faster squad, ran up 54 points. We were completely out of their class, so the loss did not mean anything to us. On October 1 we went to Galt for our last practice game. The score was Sutter Creek, 13-Galt, 6. The team was improving rapidly but had not yet reached their stride. F ty-s L On October 9 the C. I. F. season started with Sutter Creek playing San Juan on their gridiron. The teams were evenly matched so that neither could make much headway. San Juan scored two drop kicks which was enough to win 6 to O. Sutter Creek was handicapped by the regular fullback having a charleyhorse and no capable substitute to take his place. The Sutter Creek line' began to show its power in the very first game by holding San juan from a touchdown on the 3 yard line. Sutter Creek having a bye on the following Saturday made it possible to play Preston a practice game, October 13. In this game Sutter Creek outplayed Preston, although held to a 3 to 3 tie. On October 16 we went to Placerville for our second league game. Placer' ville put over a touchdown in the Hrst half on a long forward pass, but in the last quarter on a series of line plays and a short pass, Sutter Creek was able to put the ball over and convert to win by a score of 7 to 6. Sacramento "B" came to play at Sutter Creek on October 23. They made two touchdowns, one on a pass and the other on an end run. After that Sutter Creek settled' down and fought them on even terms, but could not score them' selves. November 12 was the date of the biggest and most important game of the year to Sutter. This game meant a great deal to Sutter as previously we were informed that the Sacramento team had to forfeit the game to us that they had won. So if Sutter Creek could defeat Jackson it would mean a triple tie in the league. The boys went into the game resolved to do their best to win. Un- fortunately we received two bad breaks that resulted in touchdowns for Jackson. One minute after the kickoff jackson punted and recovered the ball to score a touchdown. The other break occurred at the start of the second half. A Sutter man received the ball on the kickoff and dropped it as he was tackled. Jackson recovered for a touchdown. Outside of these two plays the two teams fought evenly. The final score was 18 to 0. Although the year's campaign was rather mediocre, Sutter Creek made a good showing considering the difficulties they had to contend with. Practically an entire new team was formed with a system of play that the boys knew nothing about. But they worked faithfully until they had a strong team. With but three members of the regular team graduating, things look good for a winning team next year. Mr. Ackerman deserves a good deal of credit for his work. Through his coaching and effort Sutter will be able to put a winning team on the Held next yearj The squad consisted of Biocina fcaptainj, Poe, Cavagnaro, Shealor, Christianson, Levaggi, Fistolera, Cox, W. Perovich, C. Tyler, Devore, Hale, Arditto, J. Perovich, Howe, Casagrande, Nance, E. Davey, C. Davey, A. Tyler, Morrow, Standridge, Victor, Estey, Payne, Sanchez, and Phillips. Forly-sc' n Basketball ASKETBALL started during December. Sutter Creek was handicapped by not having an indoor court. We put twoteams on the court, class "An and A new team was formed in the class "A" group as five of last year's veterans were gone. With two weeks practice, both teams played Galt at Galt on December 17. The "A's" lost by the score of 21 to 8 and the "B's" 29 to 2. The next game was with Courtland at Ione, January 7. Sutter Creek's im' provement was shown when both squads Won, the "AN team 17 to 15 and the "B" team 12 to 1. E Ione was our next opponent at Ione on January 14. Sutter Creek easily won both games although our shooting was poor. The scores were 32 to 5 and 36 to 7 for the "A" and "B" teams respectively. On February 1 a practice game was played with Preston. Preston did not offer much opposition as Sutter beat them 19 to 3. On February 4 we played Galt at Ione. This was an important game as Galt was leading the league in both classes. Both "A" and "B" contests were hard fought with Sutter Creek winning the "A" game 22 to 17. We lost the "B" game 20 to 19. February 11 we journeyed to Courtland for our fifth league game. Due to the smallness of the Courtland court, -Sutter could not show their stuff but managed to win both games, the "A" team by the score of 22 to 17 and the "B's" 20 to 14. E Ione was our next opponent on February 18. Sutter Creek walloped them easily in both games by the scores of 33 to 3 forthe 'lA's" and 34 to 2 for the "B's." At this point, just as Sutter seemed to be a contender for the league title, an epidemic of measles broke out in the school, of which two of our first team men were victims. This made it necessary to forfeit the rest of our gaihes and thereby lost any chance to win the championship. Both "A" and "B" teams played good basketball considering the fact that it was the first season of the new teams. Much of the success is due to Coach Ackerman for the teams' fine showing. The lineup for the two teams is as follows: First team, Biocina, fCaptain1, R. F.g Hale, L. FQ Levaggi, R. G., Garibaldi, C., and Christiansen, L. G. Richards, Cavagnarro, Bennetts and Arditto were subs. The second team consisted of Richards, R. F'.'g Sanchez., L. F., Perovich, C., Cox, R. G., Mannassero, L. G., and Phillips, sub' stitute. Por fy-eight Epgty-u in r Baseball ASEBALL is starting as the annual goes to press. There are two regulars left from last year's team but there is plenty of good material for Mr. Ackerman to pick from. His greatest worry is to lind a pitcher. Never- theless we expect to have a winning team this season. Below is last year's winning nine. e A. Poe.. ......... ........ L . F. J. Perovich ........ ........ S . S. F. Daneri .......f .... ....... C . F. V. Arnerich.. ....... ........ - .P. C. Kammerer ....... ....,.... C . P. Arnerich ........ ...,..... 1 fB. T. Foster ........... ......... 2 fB. A. Bennetts .......... ......., R . F. M. Biocina They were defeated by Jackson but won from Galt, Ione, Elk Grove and Court- land. It might be mentioned here that Courtland was runner'up for thestate championship. Faffy l ll-liking Club NE of the new clubs organized this year is the Hiking Club which has 30 members. Since the weather has been unfavorable for hikes none has been taken as yet, but every member is very enthusiastic over the plans. Lorraine Arditto has been elected president of the organization. The president is making plans for all types of hikes including moonlight hikes and a two day hike at the end of the term. Baseball RAGTICE for baseball was started late in the season this year, due to the bad weather. A few games will be played with other teams. No special team has been chosen yet but the following girls are trying out for different positions on the team: V. White, M. Gunnison, W. Deaver, A. McFadden, R. Esolo, R. Barney, H. Benedetti, M. Payne, Puckett, G. Perovich, M. Riddle, I. Berolotti, G. Walker, M. Milich, L. Stewart. -Mayme Gunnison, '27, Fifty-one XIX ,QQ ? 57 W .,.. -5 :elm - 31,02-2-", 7 f-"x .' Z-' - an.- -, 14 .1""4Pf raa. Irma-Did you kill any moths with those moth balls I sold you? Johnnie-No.. I tried for a week, but I couldn't hit one. 3 3 9. Helvetia fto Mr. Smithj-Have you two nickels? I want a pencil. Mr. Smith fthrusting his hand in his pocket for several penniesj-No, I am a married man now so I'm down to cents fsensej. -9 Q! 3 Mayme R.-Why did Charles put cornmeal on the floor? Walter C.-Oh, just to make you chickens feel more at home. Q Q 9 Miss Armstrong--James, I'll give you just one day to hand in that paper. h Jim A.-All right-how about the 4th of july? 9 Q S Miss Armstrong-Amelio, you mustn't say, "I ain't going," you must say, "I am not going." "He is not going." "They are not going." Amelio-Ain't nobody goin'? Q S Q Ronald-I lost my cousin's address. Winnie-Silly, write and ask her to send it to you. S Q 3 Freshie at football game-Who's that poor boy running around there, that everyone is yelling at? Senior-Hush freshie,-that's Kenneth Kupfrian, our yell leader. 9 S -Q Albion-Did you hear that Jimmie had six new lawsuits? Velma-Gee, he always was a classy dresser. 3 Q Q Mary flooking at a Latin Book, seeing "Passus sum Jam-Caesarius bonea legusj-Latin sure must be easy, first it says, "Pass us some jam, and then further it says something about Caesar's bony legs." 3 3 Q Raymond-Dad, you promised me ten dollars if I passed in school. Dad-Why yes. Raymond-Well, you ain't gonna have the expense. S 2 3 Burtoii-What do you mean by telling Marie I'rn a fool. Alden--I'm sorry, I didn't know it was asecret. Fifty-two Freshman-That Imelda must be well liked. Senior-Why? - Freshman-Everyone calls her Imelda "Darling," Q 2 3 Mr. Ackerman-Helen, did you make that face at me? Helen B.-No, sir, you just happened to walk in front of it. Q QL Q Miss Matchin fin Gleej-Henrietta are you chewing gum? Henrietta fswallowingl-No, just making out I am. b Q 3 9 Reyna-Now Sheridan, if you had only listened to me- Sheridan4I'd be listening yet. Q Q Q Annie B.-Isn't Alton a good catcher? Mary-He sure was when he caught you. S S 8 Elmer D's Mother-Why are all your grades so low this winter? Elmer-Well, after the Christmas rush is over everything is marked down. Q Q Q Doris D.-I wish I were half Irish and half Jew instead of all Irish. Frances-Why? Doris D.-An Irishman always wants a dollar, and a Jew always has it. S S 9 Bill-Who are the earrings for? Gospa-My cousin Amy. Bill-Aren't they rather loud? Gospa-Yes, but she's deaf in one ear. 9. 4 S What Could Be Funnier? Than Glenn Nance dancing. Lorraine Arditto, without sideburns. Henrietta not giggling. James Perovich not knowing his lessons. Imelda Darling. singing in a choir. Elva Sheppard flunking in a test. The boys calling Francis Benedetti anything but Bacon. Bobbie Jameson wearing rompers. 2 9. S You Never Can Tell Mike-There are a lot of girls that don't intend to marry. Charlie-How's that? Mike-I have proposed to several. 3 Q Q Helen--You told me to file these letters, didn't you? Mr. Ackerman-Yes. - Helen-Wouldn't it be saving time to trim them with the scissors? Fifty-Ihre Quite Unusual Mr. Moses-What is the shape of the earth? A.-Round. jim Mr. Moses-How do you know it's round? jim A.-All right then, it's square. I won't start any argument. -2 -Q 8 By this time every Freshman has learned these most important things of high school life: - 1-Not to 'Lcut" classes more than twice a month. 2-That the "Honorable Seniors" should be looked up to. 3-To join in with the rooting section. 4-Never to refuse a dance when asked. 5-That the Dramatic Club is not made up of musicians. 6-To "keep off the grass" when Charlie is around. '7-Not to walk around or talk in Study Hall. 8--Not to borrow powder puffs, combs, etc., from upper classmen. Q Q S Charlie, to Gertrude and Douglas, who are holding hands-Now Gertrude, whatever you do don't let him fall. 8 S! 9. Miss Yancy fin Spanish Classj-Now class, I shall skip about as I give these Words. Q Q 9 Mr. Moses-Now, pupils, name some of the lower elements starting with Albina. Fifty-fo 9 Q 3 , Now Kenneth, why did Caesar wear a Coronet? The English teacher said, Sleepily and wisely, Kenneth answered To cover his bald head. A a s ie Things That Never Happen The boys quit taking the girls handkerchiefs. The girls quit saying, "May I borrow your comb?" Walter Lane raising a goatee. ' Leslie Lynch spent a period flirting with a girl. Miss Helen Yancy wanted her picture taken. The boys quit saying, "Doris, don't talk so much," Alethya Rabb standing before a mirror making up. Wilma Butler was not writing poetry or jokes. 8 Q Q A Alas! 'Twas But Music Audrey fexcitedlyj-Did you hear "A Kiss in the Dark?" Enola-Yes! But I didn't think you wanted anyone to know about it." Nationality Will Come Out Henrietta Marks fto Mr. Richardsj-Give me ten cents worth of animal crackers but take out the pigs. S Q Q Somebody's Brother Says Early to bed and early to rise Keeps one's kid sister from wearing one's ties. Q S Q He'd Play Safe Ruth-Father's feet are so sore from walking around the ranch today that he can't use them. Ray-Then I'll be out to see you tonight. S S Q We Hope He Digested Them In World History-Why was St. Helena important? Esther-St. Helena was an island where Napoleon was lived in a miserable hut on "rocks'l until he died. Q S Q Lorraine Ai-ditto's Latest Song Hit My onefarrned boy friend made a nervous wreck of me. To Whom It May Concern Read this if you are popular. Some conceit. taken as prisoner and Fifty-five VEllTl3lfllllllS Peppy pictures make our book Interesting and newg Every group posed artfully Ranged with photos too Comes to life whene'er you gaze Even as those high school days. zzfromze Your owe Bank' l1IYou can start today by opening a savings account with a dollar. 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Rosensteel-Puliclx Printing CQWPNW DESIGNER , 625 EAST MARKET Srnem' PHoNE Sl S1'0cK'roN, CALIFORNIA Spvrialising in the Production of-Otiice Forms and Systems, Booklets, Catalogs, Brochures, School Annuals, Direct-By-Mail Advertising and Color Printing. Amador Ledger AND THE AMADOR RECORD Best Equipped Print Shop on the Mother Lode . PHONE 23 JACKSON, CALIFORNIA JOB PRINTING Spinetti Brothers FURNITURE-HARDWARE-GROCERIES PLUMBERS-SHEET METAL WORKERS-ELECTRICIANS JACKSON CALIFORNIA Si.ri'y I 6 is so or I El " 'll EIIIIVI S4 , iilll 'illllli l lll -ii --We Hllwfi 'l i l" 'l"" "1 il 'M - will ' 1: Qi' ff Wl4Q,iN:,'.l i N W V, h ,- IQMLQ 5 i W il l r l: wi ji ! 1 E itil, H L ig ' if i l liinliglgng lfl , TM- . , fil e:-1, -. .fp i, , I-I, ll Vim , I 'l' Q 23 15, i !r sls,,i rl I 1 U 7 M fr i i if mi. i ix :ll .zl XX- ll 5 kj, M.EH '1i X if affrf -umm :ll:u- Farmers and Mechanics Bank FOUNDED IN 1890 BY LELAND STANFORD 37 YEARS HIGHEST BANKING EFFICIENCY It is a departmental Bank, and Financial affairs in all their Phases are transacted. We are open for Commercial And Savings Accounts. We operate one of the largest Safe Deposit Vaults in Northern California. We specialize in a Bond Department And have specially trained Minds as Managers. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Farmers and Mechanics Bank EIGHTH--BETWEEN J AND K ---- SACRAMENTO THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE OF STOCKTON Extends sincere Congratulations to the members of the graduating class of the Sutter Creek Union High School upon their good fortune in completing a regular four-year course in a California high school. May we express the hope that each of you may he permitted to con- tinue your education in your chosen line .,...... J. R. HUMPHREYS, Manager.. ALFRED MALATESTA GENERAL MERCHANDISE FAIR DEALING PROMPT SERVICE AND GOOD GOODS SUTTER CREEK - r CALIFORNIA CA C '-I '-3 ITI 7, A. S3 U1 F O'-J Emil' 21' S OE 51. aagm Eiwf E235 Q x: 'UFI12 .DN ,UU I O Z ITS Z 2 Z U1 D1 7 KT! U 370 50 U ESUH, ED-Q S 5 2 5 to EOQ 20511 mCL 2 5 253 Kia 299 l 539- ' 75 '4 2 DH -4 .S'i.rIy-Ihr Meer at Om' Fozmmilz OUR ICE CREAMS AND DRINKS ARE PURE, HEALTHFUL, DELI- CIOUS AND REPRESHING :: :: Some Flavoring Syrups Are Good and Some Are Not. We Can Judge Them and Handle Only the Best. Our Store Is Cool. Come In and Be Comfortable. Morris 83 Siebe DRUGGISTS . SUTTER CREEK - - - - - CALIFORNIA C. E. Richards '25 TELEPHONE 65-J SUTTER CREEK. CALIFORNIA .S'1',rfy-fo fI6',6,f07l Brewery and Crefzmefy NOW MAKES THE ICE CREAM WITH THE BETTER FLAVOR DELICIOUS SMOOTH REFRESHING If You Are Thirsty TRY St1'0!1m'.f Qurllzy lJ7'l77l7.f XVHISTLE zz R. PORTER an PRUITCRUSHES an ETC..ETC. JOHN STROHM, PROP. U IP YOU ARE AILING ..ll1' EAT Golden Nugget Butter HEALTHFUL - PASTEURIZED - SANITARY IACKSON CREAMERY JOHN STROHM, PROP. W. KRABBENHOFT. MGR ATWATER-KENT RADIOS EDMOND SHOES W lzeeler Bros. GENERAL MERCHANDISE ALWAYS THE MOST UP TO DATE STORE HEADLIGHT AND Boss OF THE ROAD TROUSERS KENWELL ATHLETIC GOODS TELEPHONE MAIN 28 - PLYMOUTH, CALIFORNIA Mother Lode Restaurant New and Up To Date BOOTHS FOR LADIES ITALIAN AND FRENCH DINNERS 122 WATER STREET- PHONE 211 - - JACKSON, CALIFORNIA P. H. Pennington and T. Weston ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE PHONE MAIN I - PLYMOUTH, CALIFORNIA .Sly C. Summa Co. O GENERAL MERCHANDISE 'E PHONE 41-SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA Compliments of Centra! Eureka Mining Co. ONE OE THE FEW CALIFORNIA GOLD MINES PAYING DIVIDENDS '33 Mrs. A. Spagnoli PINE CANDIES -iAND- 1 Q E C R E A M Miss Minnie Provis Notary Public and Public Stenographer SUTTER CREEK. CALIFORNIA ' JACKSON - - CALIFORNIA H A V E ATTRACTIVELY - Y O U R TAKEN BY Bozzsszmz CALIFORNIIYS LEADING PHOTOGRAPHER AT - SACRAMENTO SAN FRANCISCO OAKLAND 1021 K STREET 133 GEARY 1-144 SAN PABLO AVENUE Special Rates Are Always Given to Students and Graduates. Many Styles to Select From WE CARRY TUBEROSE BRAND The Best Grade at the Lowest Price , W. Lucot A SUTTER CREEK ---- CALIFORNIA 5 :lar I-Iigbee Motor Company LINCOLN - FORD - FORDSON PHONE I 0 JACKSON - CALIFORNIA W. P. Arditto GENERAL MERCHANDISE TELEPHONE 2-8-15 AMADOR CITY - CALIFORNIA Peters' Iackson Drugstore WM. J. PETERS PHONE 18 JACKSON A. Vela AUTHORIZED DEALER IN CROSLEY RADIOS JACKSON ------ CALIFORNIA ButterfNut Bread FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE BEST AT YOUR GROCER'S Gmvem Inglzlr STOCKTON ----- E - - - CALIFORNIA Sporting Goods and Sport Clothing D1sTR1BUToRs POR SPALDINC1 '25 GOLDSMITH R. E. Doan Company, Inc. STOCKTON WRl'FE FOR CATALOC' AL PODESTO EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL WASHING MACHINES AND SWEEPERS SOLD ON TIME PHONE 133-J JACKSON - ---- - CALIFORNIA 1 'V gf ' ' -'if--iris SUTTER PRODUCE FRUITS-VEGETABLES BUTTER-NUT BREAD-PASTRY SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA COME TO FRED ROWE'S BARBER SHOP SANITARY SUTTER CREEK - . CALIFORNIA BRIGNOLE ESTATE COMPANY DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 8 - NV DR. I. A. DELUCCHI DENTIST OFFICE HOURS 9 a. m. to I2 m,, 1 to 6 p. m. Other Hours by Appointinent SUTTER CREEK. CALIFORNIA - Compliments of Geo. W. Lucot SHERIFP COMPLIMENTS OI? Iohn R, I-Iuberty COUNTY CLERK Compliments of W. K. McFarland COUNTY ASSESSOR COMPLIMENTS OF Iohn I. Daneri COUNTY CORONER 1 :M 0 S 1 H55 I Orzeto Brotlzery Garage STORAGE 2 z : : REPAIRS 2 : : : SUPPLIES Service Station for K. C. B. Batteries CARS FOR HIRE OXY-ACETYLENE WELDING TELEPHONE 59-W . SUTTER CREEK ------ CALIFORNIA FOR GOOD BARBERING CALL ON H. E. HAYS TO PLEASE Blue Ribbon Barber Shop Walkmetkter' 52 Votafw ICE+HAY AND GRAIN A SUTTER CREEK - CALIFORNIA Amador County Steam Laarzafry LAGOMARSINQ BROS. PHONE ll-J SUTTER CREEK - - - - CALIFORNIA --,I .112-Li.-1,35 i ,Q S .412 aff' ' 1 S yjlj' 'jf 'ff - , s ffl fggiiffiQ5Q,9lga.gL:L:g-fm' Li '-19 3 -- , 15C -4, COMPLIMENTS OF DR. L. I. KIRKHOFF JACKSON, CALIFORNDX COMPLIMENTS OF RALPH MCGEE SUTTER CREEK AND JACKSON COMPLIMENTS OF 1. A. LAUGHTON COUNTY TREASURER R, J. SCOTT Palace Barber Sfwp ' SUTTER CREEK, CALIFORNIA CLEAN TOWELS SHARP RAZORS Sez'cuty4four Y' 1 I - - -4'-"-- r -E E ' R , Mrs. A. M. Leply FINE STATIONERY HAAS' CANDIES William E. Cook REGISTERED PHARMACIST PLYMOUTH 1 CALIFORNIA PLYMOUTH CALIFORNIA - 1 Iackson Tlre Shop Cuneo S GOODYEAR SERVICE STATION LADIES' 3 GENTS' TIRE REPAIRING FURNISHINGS PHONE 138-J PHONE 123 JACKSON - - - CALIFORNIA Dr. G. L. Lynch AMADOR CITY, CALIFORNIA PHONE IOFIZ Compliments of Sabra R. Greenalch COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS ...-M, E, Ei., ,Il .:- V - .I P I ' H -- ., E O, my 1 T e- - -- 1, . -: .'- - ,R,,:,ff 12---,IR f -'xg LP,--3.1. 5E'I'L'llf5'-fi'Z'2 jfrzrkyon Butcher Slzop CHOICE IVIEATS-FANCY CUTS REASONABLE PRICES THOMAS - PROP. JACKSON - - CALIFORNIA Compliments of IUDGE VICINI JACKSON - CALIFORNIA N I X O N ' S gutter reek Wie! Arrange for Your LIFE INSURANCE Protection Now! High School Students are entitled to the lowest premium rates and the broadest protection policies WE ARE NEW YORK LIFE AGENTS Life Insurance bought now means a Saving of hundreds of Dollars for you in later years The Iones Bros. Insurance Agency NV. P. JONES THOS. L. JONES "LIFE" WEBB BLDG., JACKSON, CALIF. "FIRE" INK NATIONAL HOTEL JACKSON CALIFORNIA T. W. WESTON FUNERAL DIRECTING - INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC PLYMOUTH - - CALIFORNIA Compliments of DR. NORMAN PLYMOUTH CALIFORNIA M. STAGI FRESH HOME-MADE CANDY AND ICE CREAM . T R Y 1 T JACKSON - - - - CALIFORNIA Dr. I. F. Wilson, D. D. S. OFFICE HOURS: 9-12-1-5 TELEPHONES: OFFICE, 115QWg RESIDENCE, 115-J DEPAOLI BUILDING - - JACKSON, CALIFORNIA Compliments of T. RYAN COUNTY RECCSRDER Shoe Shop WORK GUARANTEED ANGELO MEVI SUTTER CREEK - CALIFORNIA Briscoe City Pharmacy REXALL STORE PHONE 1 27 JACKSON - - - - - CALIFORNIA I COMPLIMENTS OF Walt Dur1can's IQ1'11'1 Pefondi Barber Shop SUTTER CREEK - - CALIF. PLYMOUTH - - CALIF IVhen in Plymouth Stop at the Fountain IVIrs. T. Perano PLYMOUTH - - CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. Kern JACKSON - - CALIFORNIA Alpine Garage O. E. HARREL 8 SON SHELL-GAS AND OILS DEALER FOR FISK TIRES PLYMOUTH ------- CALIFORNIA S Iackson Service Station MANEY CALVIN, PROP. REPAIR SHOP NEXT DOOR JACKSON -------- CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF A. L. Pierovich Attorney-at-Law JACKSON -..- - CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. IVI. F. Frandy JACKSON - CALIFORNIA F. L. Vogelis As I am intending to retire from business goods will be sold at bargains. 40 MAIN STREET-PHONE 123-.I JACKSON ------- CALIFORNIA Eighty L. L. Cuneo Iohn F. Steffen DEALER IN AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR GENERAL HARDWARE ATWATER-KENT RADIOS SUTTER CREEK - - CALIF. SUTTER CREEK - - CALIF. I Mrs. L. Gill FRUITS AND PRODUCE BREAD AND CONFECTIONERY SUTTER CREEK - ' - - CALIFORNIA Lewis Malafesfa WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA L glty Amador City Drug Store TELEPHONE IOPII AMADOR CITY CALIFORNIA AIVIADOR CITY GARAGE OVERLAND AND WILLH'S-KNIGHT SALES AND SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING AND SUPPLIES AMADOR CITY - - - - ---- CALIFORNIA ewzggz' Esmfe Co. MINING AND FARM SUPPLIES GENERAL MERCHANTS PLYMOUTH. CALIFORNIA A NEW CHAPTER IN DODGE BROTHERS HISTORY 'r , New otor A remarkable step forward in engineering accomplish- ment. A striking answer to those who have measured perform- ance in terms of cylinders. A masterpiece of simplicity, smoothness and silence. ZOZ more miles per gallon! 1527 more power! 202, faster acceleration! Pick-up, get-away and get-there! New standard gear-shift transmission - new silent- action clutch-balloon-gearedrsteering unit and twenty- four other important new features. Smart new lines and colors to celebrate the event. Dodge Bros. Agerzgf hisholm ck Social SUTTER CREEK PHONE 83 :tg N eVisfCamie Co. Distributors for Spazzzfdzkzg Our goods were used by Sutter Creek Union High School this year. SACRAMENTO, , , CALIFORNIA With Our Best Wishes I-Ieald's Schools are located in Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose. I-Ieald's Engineering, Automobile and Electrical School, San Francisco. M. E. Tucker PLUMBING - HARDWARE STOVES - AND - RANGES SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. P. S. Goodman SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA Milton R. Ziehn Fine Custom Clothing SUTTER CREEK - - CALIFORNIA 1 Amr T A M 'S V EXCXLUEIVEC AGENICY f Il ITIJ Of Ollflty OI' HART SCHAFFNER 'E5 MARX CLOTHES S T E T S O N H A T S FLORSHEIM SHOES THE IACKSON LUMBER YARD JACKSON, CALIFORNIA ALUMBER - WOOD - COAL HAY AND GRAINS PHONE 166-J J. PODESTO JACKSON, CALIFORNIA W. W. STEELE 1 I Learn Thrift While You Are Young The greatest lesson of life is Thrift. The young boy or girl who learns this lesson early in life may reach great heights. A Savings Account has been the stepping stone to achievement for every success- ful man or Woman. Open a Savings Account in -this bank now. Your savings though small will earn interest and will stand ready to help you when your school days are over and you are ready to start on your career. One dollar opens an account. Calyfornzkz L Ncztzbnal Bank and ' Calgformkz Trust Sfrllavazbzgy Bank IONE BRANCH IONE - - - - - ' - CALIFORNIA The Place to Buy and Get Your Money's Vtforth Phone Number Iackson Emporium Main 111 Ladies' and Childrerfs Furnishings-Snappy Foot Wear Piece Goods and Notions 13 MAIN STREET - JACKSON, CALIFORNIA Zobelfs EXPERIENCE I . ' EIGHTEEN YEARS OF MAKING World's Largest Mzllmery cuss analciub . Rings al4RdHl'ElIIl:lC9IIlEl'lfS Six Floors of Millinery 23 GRANT AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO Cups and Medals The T. V. Allen Company Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 810-l2-16 Maple Avenue LOS ANGELES - - CALIFORNIA Ifiglrt You Are Young Now: p You Will Be Old Then. A Youth is a blunder: Manhood, a struggle: Old Age, a regret: i. e., usually so, but not so with the Heald Graduate. He is trained to avoid blunders so that he may achieve in Manhood, and in Old Age be strong. healthy, prosperous, successful. Write for full information. eala' 's Business College AND SECRETARIAL SCHOOL LUKE W. PEART, PRESIDENT AND MANAGER K STREET AT FOURTEENTH Other Heald Schools: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, HeaId's Engineering..Automobile and Electrical School San Francisco. Have Money when you want it Open a Savings Account with the United Bank and Trust. Our Happiness Savings Plan brings you S500 by small weekly installments. Ask about it. United Bank AND TRUST COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA Member Federal Reserve System SACRAMENTO oFF1CERs E. C, PECK, Vice-President G. W. KRAMER, Vice-Presidenr F. H. CONN, Assistant Cashier A. H. BECKER, Assistant Cashier D. K. COLCLOUGH, Assistant Cashier R. E. RILEIGH. Assistant Cashier CHAS. B. BILLS. Manager New Business Department ty-mglal Business Training is n Sonniz' I In-vesnnenf BUSINESS TRAINING is paving the road to success for thousands of young men and women. BUSINESS TRAINING has no substitute-it is needed by everyone in every profession. The PRIBBLE METHOD OF BUSI- NESS TRAINING is based upon scientific principles of Guidance. COMPARE: Our Courses, our PER- SONAL ATTENTION to individual needs. F. J' PRIBBLE and. our placement of graduates in excellent Lflqngger POSIUOIIS. No two persons arc alike-Each of us has our own problems- Each of us can succeed, but to do so we need right training. Let Us Co-operate With You in Planning Your Career f B Kd K, ' i3,c,,,Q,,,z' HDMWMZQV my ' ' WW '40f-ffgffrv 4.1 ffvvf- Q f f 444,-,,9vbf,L2 Jeff We f Pmsnms Scn , 9F Busnmss 824 JAY STREET MAIN 2501 SACRAMENTO - - - - CALIFORNIA , L? Q Z Eighty Q Q7 .24-Z7 y iff 9494 9 iv .f -' ' Y 17 A fs f. K A 4 .K I XL.. X Qx2 2wf Hfff4f5ZQmmWf Egg W Qs? W wx? f '4-MQL1-EZ L'5f:,,,, kqgliii M -fwv-,Qff f. ' i1dlYuvlz Q, ' X Donffforgef Md 1.5! I 7 -'h.g,,4f' X h ' I -1 4 I ,cw y . If . ,Z-7 xi' ' Q I S , . .. , A jf I jaws an . l ' l , m oRA . KlQAL'l7 5-I K ' K5 ' - ,f,, clgl ,., ',f' Q'-11- Lf' C "L'7 5-fjlrf' "'-"Pvf - - A-, ' ,-,QQQV L ,E '- ! 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Suggestions in the Amador County High School - Skip Yearbook (Sutter Creek, CA) collection:

Amador County High School - Skip Yearbook (Sutter Creek, CA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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