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liLLitilili ii.l L.lili mitialvt Faculty Seniors 5 11 Underclassmen 31 AtnlAftrft . . . 39 Organizations 57 75 Jr. High 85 AlWood Jr.-Sr. High School Woodhull, Illinois 61490 1987-88 Special thanks to Sherri Taylor and the WROVA Reporter for supplying some of the pictures used in this issue. The title “AlWood Album” was used as a title of AlWood Yearbooks in the 1950’s and 60’s. We used the title this year to remember our past and our heritage.2nd hour coffer break. Freshmen hang out al a dance. Aaron McMeekan clowns for the camera. Jason Mol burg and Andrew Carlson lookin’ fine! Jessica Miller dances. Study Hard! Peter Miles lakes a cat — oops! puppy, nap. 2The pig awaits its (ale Angel and Treaa pose lor the camera. Physics laba are phun! FFA member suffer through initiation. Jennifer cruise home. Smile pretty. Aaron! Tana looks great on FHA initiation day. AA 4 Angie and Tracey make great aandwichea. 3August January 25 First day of school 15 End of First Semester September 18 Martin Luther King's Birthday 26 Varsity Boys and Girls Pack the Gyi 7 Labor Day 29 High School Open House February 28-Oct. 3 Homecoming Week 12 Lincoln’s Birthday 13 FFA and FHA Valentine’s Dance October 2 Homecoming Came—Cambridge March 12 Columbus Day 6-12 Close-Up to Washington, D.C. 13 School Pictures 7 Pulaski Day 17 Band Participates at DeWilt 9 Henry Stark Art Contest 20 PSAT 15 Daddy Date Night 22 ASVAB Testing 18 End of 3rd Quarter 23 Teacher Institute, Music Booster Chili Supper 19 Art Club trip to Chicago AlWood and Winola Football Game 22 Choir Spring Concert 27-31 Volleyball Regionals 23 Mexican Banquet November April 2 No School Teacher Conferences 1 No School Good Friday 9 FHA Daddy Date Night 5 Spanish Honor Society Induction 10 Fall Choir Concert 12 Jr. High Musical 11 Veterans Day 13 FHA Salad Supper and Style Show 14 Jr. High Dance 21-23 FHA State Convention Art Workshop at Bradley 26 AlWood Invitational 15-21 National Education Week 20 Basketball Tip Off Night May 21 Speech Contest for Junior High 6-7 Musical 26-27 Thanksgiving Break 11 Class Elections, H.S. Girls Sectional 14 Prom, Knox College Galesburg December 18 Music Awards Night 12 ACT Testing 20 Jr. High Awards Day Swing Choir to Bishop Hill 25 Track Awards Night 13 Unit Christmas Program 29 Baccalaureate 16-18 H.S. Boys Basketball at Orion Tourney 30 Memorial Day 22-Jan. 3 Christmas Vacation 31 Graduation 4FACULTYtlrlLLLL LLifUiL LiLLiLL t ttzaLitiLi L'LLl tjMi intt This year's School Board members were faced with many difficult decisions. First among these issues was consolidation with Winola which was dropped in December. The Board also plans district budget, reviews policy, and is the communicator between district residents and school personnel. We thank them for their service to the community. Picture 1: Back row — Mark Johnson, Maurice DeSutter. Harvey Carlson, and Duane Curry. Front row — Carol Eiker, Greg Miller, and Connie Vail. Pictures 2 and 3: School Board Members discuss important issues. 6Top left picture: Principal T. Yard? on his birthday. Bottom left picture: High School Office Workers — R. Sanders, and D. Burton. Top right picture: Unit Office W orkers — B. Elliot. Superintendent W. French, and J. Bloomberg. Bottom right picture: This year one of the administration's greatest worries was the leaking roof. 7Rnu I: Truman Nehls, Dave Holmes. Ron Hoburg. and Dan Staler. Rnu 2: Kent Johnson. Jim Blair. John Dergo. and Rae Ann (Tidwell. Ron 3: Mary Peterson. Nancy Frerkes, Donna Gericke. Darla Peterson, and Steve Lemon. Row 4: Karen (’.lark. Brian Hall. Bob Anderson, and Vicki Carlson. Not Pictured: Ellin Weaver. Cindy Sanders, Gail Terhune. Barb McNeil. Fred Mcl iughlin. ami Mike McCoy. Picture One: Mr. Anderson works hard at school, too. Picture Two: Mrs. Terhune takes time out of her day to jump rope. 8VLLL' tlil l LltV Picture at right — Bus driver Patty KJundt waiting for students. Other bus drivers include: Benny Anderson, Doris Barman, June Bolin (Special Ed. Driver), Herschel Elliot, Gloria Peterson, Maurice Peterson, George Strand, Ervin Youn-gren, Rozella Youngren. Middle Pictures — Left — Jerry Shannon our night janitor. Right — Harold Caulkins our daytime janitor. Picture at bottom right — Cooks Ann Minder and Betty Nelson with the flowers they received for National Hot Lunch Week. 10SENIORSIrLatt 111 lb LLLliL: LatV 1 LLLlL: The Senior’s trip to Great America was Friday, May 27. The bus left from the high school at 6:30 a.m. and returned at about 10:00 p.m. Vie stopped at McDonalds on the way to and from the park. It was a nice day and everyone had a really good time. Pic . Mike Henry and his stuffed animal wave at us from the bus. Pic 2: The senior class gets together for a picture after supper at McDonalds. Pic 3: Before leaving. John Spicher. Dewain Peterson. Paula Clough, and Angel Fmanuel pose for a picture. Pic 4: This is one of the fun. yet wet. rides at Great America. Pic 5: Kurt Barman takes pictures during the break at McDonalds. IStLliltilit Lj.Lit! LlLLtLi Baccalaureate was held on May 29. Rev. Sue Wintz gave the Invocation and the message to the Seniors. Seniors, Merideth Willett and Todd Greenman gave scripture readings. Paula Clough led the psalm and Jayne DeSutter gave the Senior Prayer. Accompanists during the service were Rae Ann Caldwell and Mike McCoy. The Baccalaureate committee came up with a theme of hope for a better tomorrow. The class motto was “The Future is a World Limited by Ourselves.” Top right: Junior Ushers: Tara Kempin. I.iesl Picard. Chad Johnson, and Colleen Haake. The ushers participated in both Baccalaureate and Graduation ceremonies. Top left: Rev. Sue Wintz. Middle right: Speakers Jayne DeSutter, Merideth Willett. and Paula Clough. Seated is Todd Greenman. Lover left: The Senior banner. Ixtuer right: The flower arrangement of purple and gold irises was donated by Patty Cow-ser. 19Graduation Ceremonies for the Alwood High School Class of 1988 were held on Tuesday, May 31 at 7:30 p.m. in the Walt Minder Gymnasium. Thirty six Seniors completed the graduation requirements. Invocation and Benediction were given by Father Jeff Perron. The crowd was welcomed by Kim Vroman who thanked family, faculty, and friends for their support. Speeches were given by Eva Ford and Andrea Bergstrom. Paula Clough read the roll of graduates and diplomas were awarded by board member Maurice De Sutter. A touching moment in the ceremony came as he awarded a diploma to his daughter Jayne. The class presented a gift to the Yearbook Staff for the purchase of camera equipment and also presented thank you gifts to the class sponsors Darla Peterson and Brian Hall. Upper left pic: Valedictorian. Eva Ix rd and Salutatorian. Andrea Bergstrom. Upper right pic: Father Jeff Perron. Mr. Yardc. Mr. French, and Maurice De Sutter Jr. Above: Speakers at Graduation were Paula Clough. Brigette Wirt, and Kim Vroman. Middle right pic: The High School band played the processional and recessional. Isouer right pic: Some Senior girls get ready for graduation. 20IJpftrr left pic: The High School Choir sang “Saying Goodbye” and “Maybe Someday” al graduation. Upper right pic: Brigette Wirt presents Mr. Hall and Mrs. Peterson with tokens of appreciation from the Senior class. Middle left pic: Aaron. Kurt, and Bill can't wait until graduation starts. Middle picture: Mrs. Clark helps Angel with her cap. Above: Jayne and Chuck are congratulated after the ceremony. Louer left pic: Graduates march in to “Pomp and Circumstance.” 21LlLliLLtLili tlilLLLlit—lrUtt L.Lr it L.L. Other Awards Army Reserve, Schol ar A ihlete: Pam Ward, Todd Greenman Holland Lindsey Scholarship: Mark McCurdy Illinois Stale Scholar: Merideth Willett Honor Trophy: Pam Ward Minder Aicard: Brad Johnson President's Academic Achievement: Merideth Willett President's Best Effort: Brigette Wirt John Philip Sousa: Holly Hepner National Choral Aicard: Paula Clough Fields Aicard: Kim Ringberg Eva Lord Valedictorian Sophie Taylor Walsten Award Illinois Slate Scholar Andrea Bergstrom Salutatorian DAR Award Illinois State Scholar Kurt Barman American legion Good Citizen Award FFA-DeKalb Award Sportsmanship Award Hi LiLtiLM Mike Schtcartzkopf Member Class of 1988 1970-1983 We th ink of you as one of us even now. We remember the moments we shared, and the lessons we learned because of your life.tLiLi.LLl.Li. LiLatt Kurt Barman: My glass it not largr. but I drink out of my own. Andrea Bergstrom: I still haven't found uhat I'm looking for. Paula (’.lough: sorrou shared is but half a trouble, but a joy that’s shared is a joy nuulr double. kale Diffenhaugh: It is prosperity that gives us friends, adversity that proves them. Jayne l eSulter: Half of our Hies are spent uishing for tornorrou and the other half is remembering yesterday.Chuck Ihkeman: People forget hou fast you ditl a job, but they remember hou uell you did it. Rrad Good: My only limits are the bound-aries of my imagination. Angel Emanuel: Memories are the pictures that ue carry in the heart dear and precious keepsakes that ue treasure from the start. Angie (rttod: Follou your dreams and discoter the mttgic within you. Trtdd Creenman: Our minds need relaxation and give way, unless ue mix uith work a little play. 24Era Isord: Ideals are like stars. You uill not succeed in touching them with your hands. Hut. if you use them as your guides, and follou them, you uill reach your destiny. Brad Johnson: Some people pay so much at ten turn to their reputation that they loose their character. Mark McCurdy: Uhat people say behind your back is your standing in the community. Angela Lindquist: What could have been is better than u hat could nether be at all. .Allison McVictty: True friends are the people who talk nice behind your back. Holly Hepner: Music u heard with the ears, understtsoil with the heart. 25Peter Mile : Nothing is impossible if you don't have to do it by yourself. Detrain Peterson: Those who think they know it all are ten annoy ing to those of us who do. Aaron Petrovich: I live my life like there's no tomorrou. 26 Tim Norland: You only go around once, but if you work it right once is enough. Mike Plunkett: Heights were made to be looked at not from.Kim Hr mirk: What you are is God’s gift to you, uluit you ftecome is your gift to Cod. Kim Ringlterg: One of the real joys in life is having friends and keeping in touch with them. Jerry Samuelson: In my high school days I’ve had dreams of the future: plans, experiences, and possessions. It’s time to make those dreams a reality. 27 John Shannon: Oh, Hell!John Spicher: It is quality rather than quantity that counts. Meridelh Willett: We uere bom utth two eyes, but with one tongue in order that we should see twice as much as we say. Stere Tread way : I think what is important is not so much where you stand, but in which direction you are going. Pam W ard: -iir each day so that you w ill neither be afraid of tomorrow nor ashamed of yesterday. Brigell Wirt: Dreams are best uhen they are within our reach, but still just beyond our grasp. Kim Vroman: No one would chtnise a friendless existence on condition of hat ing all the other things in the world. Dawn Worden: We should be content with what we have, but never with what we are. 28tliliLLlt LliL-llU. Kurt Barman — Football Student Council 4, FFA 1,2.3,4. officer 2.3.4. homecoining attendant 4. Bill Berghegrr — Football 1.2, Basketball 1,2. Track 1.2. Workstudy 4. Andrea Bergstrom — Volleyball 1,2.3,4. Track 2,4, Student Council officer 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. officer 4, Spanish Honor Society 2,3.4. FHA 1.2.3,4. officer 1,2,3.4. Section officer 2,3, State Nutrition Peer Educator 3.4. Spanish Gub 1.2,3,4, Musical 1,2,3. Chorus 1,2,3, Ensembles 2, Chamber Choir 3. Class officer 2.3,4, Close-Dp 3, Yearbook Staff 2. Basketball stats 1, DAK Cood Citizenship Award 4. Paula Clough — Track 1.2. National Honor Society 3.4. officer 4. Spanish Honor Society 2.3,4, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. Musical 1.2,3,4. Swing Choir 3,4, Chorus Ensembles 2.3.4. Chamber Choir 3. Rand 1,2,3.4. Ensembles 1,2.3.4. Football stats 4, Basketball stats 2. Track stats 2.3.4. Jayne DeSutter — Track 4. Football Cheerleader 1. Basketball Cheerleader FHA 1.2,3,4, Spanish Club 1.2.3, Musical 1.2.3. Chorus Ensembles 3, Homecoming Attendant 1.4. Queen 4. Kate Diffcnbaugh — Spanish Club 1.2. Office Aide 3.4. Library Aide 3. (buck Dykeman — Basketball 1,2,3,4. Musical 3. Chorus 1.2.3,4. Workstudy 4. Angel Emanuel — Track 4. FHA 2,3.4. Spanish Club Art Club 4. officer 4, Musical 1. Chorus 1. Class officer 1,2.3.4. Office Aide 4, Yearbook Staff 2.4, Basketball stats 3. Angie Cood — FHA 1.2.3,4. Flags 3. Spanish Club 1.2, AVC 3. Workstudy 4. Office Aide 4. Library Aide 4. Brad (jood — Football 3.4, Musical I. Basketball 1,2,3.4. Workstudy 4. Spanish Club I. Chorus 1.2. Todd Greeninan — Football 1.2,3.4. Basketball 1.2.3,4. Track 1.2,4. Student Council I. National Honor Society 4. Spanish Club 1.2,3, Chorus 1.2.3. Class officer I. Close-Dp 3. Mike Henry — Football Basketball 1.2. FFA 2.3,4. Holly Hepner — Track 4, Spanish Club 1.2,3. Art Club 4, officer 4. Musical 1,4, Chorus Ensembles 4, Band 1,2,3.4. Ensembles 3.4. library Aide 4, Track stats 2.3. Basketball stats 2.3.4. Football stats 4. Brad Johnson — Football 1,2.3.4, Basketball 1.2,3.4, Track 1. Student Council officer 4. Spanish Club 1,2.3. Chorus 1,2. Angela Lindquist — Track 1.2.4, FH A 1,2,3.4. Spanish Club 1.2. Eva Ix rd — Basketball Cheerleader 1.2.3, National Honor Society 3,4. Spanish Honor Society 3,4. FHA 2.3.4, Spanish Club 1.2,3.4, Drum Major 3.4. Band Ensemble 2.3, Chorus 1,2.3,4. Ensembles 2,3,4. Chamber Choir 3, Musical Cl a— officer 1.2. Yearbook Staff 2.3.4. Mark McCurdy — Student Council 1.2.4. FFA, officer 2.3,4. Spanish Club 1,2, Homecoming Attendant 4, Basketball Manager 1.2.3. Allison McViety — FHA 1,2.3.4. Spanish Club I.2.3.4. Flags 2,3.4. Musical 1.2, Chorus 1,2,3, Ensembles 3, AVC 4, Homecoming Attendant 3, Yearbook Staff 2. Football stats 4. Peter Miles — Football Basketball 1,2. Musical Swing Choir 1,2,3.4. Chorus 1.2.3,4. Ensembles Workstudy 4. .Aaron Molburg— Basketball FFA 1,2.3.4. officer 3.4. Musical I, Chorus 1.2. Tim Moriand — Basketball 1,2,3.4. Student Council 2.3.4. Dewain Peterson — Football 1.2.3,4. Track 1,2,3, Yearbook Staff 4, Spanish Club 1. Art Club 2. Library Aide 1,2. Aaron Petrovich — Football 1,2,3,4. Track 4, Homecoming Attendant 2.4. Mike Plunkett — Football 1,2.3.4. Homecoming Attendant I. Kim Remick — Basketball 1.2.3,4, Track 1.2. Spanish Club Art Club 4. officer 4. Musical 1.2. Chorus 1.2. Ensembles 1.2, AVC 4. Office Aide 4. Yearbook Staff 2. Kim Ringberg — Basketball Spanish Gub 1. Art Club 4. Jazz Band 4, Band 3.4, Ensembles 3.4, Workstudy 4. Jerry Samuelson — Football Basketball 2, I FA 1,2, Jazz Rand 2. Band 1,2. Homecoming Attendant 3. Close-Up 3, Gass officer 3. Curt Shannon — Football 1.4. Musical 1, Chorus 1. John Shannon — Track 2. Workstudy 3,4. Tracey Somers — FHA 1.2. Spanish Club 1.2.3. Art Club 4, AVC 4. John Spicher — Football 1,2.3.4. Basketball 2. Spanish Club 1.2. Musical 4. Swing Choir 4. Band 1. Chorus Basketball Manager I. Steve Treadway — Basketball 1. Track 4. Spanish Club 2.3. Kim Vroman — Volleyball FHA 1.2,3.4. Spamsh Club 1.2.3. Flags 2.3,4. Chorus 1,2.3. Class Officer 3.4. Homecoming Attendant 2.4. Football stats 4. Basketball stats 1. Pam Ward — Basketball 1,2.3.4. Volleyball, Student Council National Honor Society 3.4. Spanish Honor Society 2.3.4. FHA Spanish Club Flags 2.3.4. Musical 1. Chorus I. Workstudy 4, Close-Up 3. Homecoming Attendant 3.4. Mended) W illett — Track FHA 2.3.4. officer 4. Spanish Club Musical 1.3.4. Chorus 1.2.3,4, Fjisembles 2.4. Band, Flnsembles 1.2,3, Yearbook Staff 2,3.4. National Honor Society 3.4. Spanish Honor Society 3,4. Student Council 2. Basketball stats 2. Football slat 4. National Honor Society officer 4. Rrigette W irt — Student Council 3. National Honor Society 3.4. officer 4. Spanish Honor Society 2,3.4. FHA 2.3,4, officer 4. Spanish Gub Musical 1.2.3. Chorus 1,2.3. Ensembles 2, Band 1,2,3.4. Ensembles 1.2.3, Class officer 1.2.4, Library Aide 3, Yearbook Staff 2.3.4. Chamber Choir 3. FHA Section Officer 3. Dawn Warden — Spanish Gub 1,3, Workstudy 4.UNDERCLASSMENdMMijE ttULL L L' LlLtLILLzL liltLiHV Kelli Anderson Jennifer Bainbridge Jeanene Barman Gail Barton Erik Bergstrom Greg Bloomberg Stacey Buban Tom Champion Brian Edmund Jill French Dan Griffith Colleen Haake Mike Haffner Davida Honaker Chad Johnson Tara Kempin Bryan Kidd Jarod Lambin Brad Loveridge Lisa McLaughlin Melissa Martens Tina May Michael Moore Joe Moyers Trisha Norberg Ron O’Tool Jeff Paul Rodger Peterson Lies! Picard Shanie Sanders Stephen Shaffer 1-oretta Shannon Mark Shumaker Doug Sides Jeff Smith Tim Strange Steve Sundberg Cyndi Swanson Tiffany Swanson Ted Treadway Kent Vail Craig WillisLLLLLLiLULL L VL 1 LUL'LLVLLIi Amy Bainbridge Tana Beck Dan Brown Ty Charlson John Ciaccio Jamie Coyle Karla Creek Thad Curry Tresa Emanuel Angie Fields Brian Fritz Cheryl Good Jay Hepner Kathy Johnson Shannon Kelley Jennifer Kness Gina Lambin Jason Lawson Matt Leng Michele Martens Danny Miller Jenny Miller Jason Molburg Paul Morland Tammi Neville Mike Patterson Andrea Peterson Ryan Peterson Shelly Peterson Bill Phipps Jennifer Rehn Stacey Remick Jennifer Sargent Mike Schillinger Jeff Schultz Dee Dee Spicher Not Pictured Deana Epperson Bob Miller Kathy Portague 34L-li-UfclLLUal. L.LU iLliVL. LlLlrtl tlrLLLLL LLUU Tony Adams Mickey Barth Mark Borders Andrew Carlson Brian Carlson Jil Carlson Troy Carlson Kim Charlson Jennifer Ciaccio Jason Costello Tammy Genisio Patty Grabowski Monica Harmon Matt Hass Shelby Larson Aaron McMeekan April Merideth Peter Miley Aaron Miller Kelly Miller Leo Moyers Lisa Nash Brandi Nelson Kevin Nichols Scott Olson Lorie Patterson Stephanie Patterson Jason Peterson Steve Schillinger Heather Schnell Jennifer Setterdahl Patrick Shumaker Shane Smith Jamie Stickle DeeAnn Taylor Robin Watson 36IrLatt lillllrtilit; K LULL Halit Freshman: Shelby Larson — President, Heather SchneU — Vice President, Lisa Nash — Secretary, Jason Costello — Treasurer. Sophomores: Paul Morland — President, Kathy Johnson — Vice President, Andrea Peterson — Secretary, Thad Curry — Treasurer. Juniors: l-iesl Picard — President, Trisha Norburg — Vice President, Erik Bergstrom — Secretary, Jeanene Barman — Treasurer. Seniors: Andrea Bergstrom — President, Kim Vroman — Vice President. Brigette Wirt — Secretary. Angel Emanuel — Treasurer. 38ATHLETICSiUPp U lillL-lrlit: VLL LLi VB VCDE lilijlilililiiB The J.V. Volleyball team includes, left to right: Managers J. Rehn. and S. Peterson, L. Patterson. A. Peterson. A. Fields, A. Bainbridge. L. Nash. D. Spicher. M. Martens, Coach Mary Peterson. Second row: T. Genesio, T. Neville, J. Setterdaul. J. Carlson, S. I arson, K. Charlson, K. Miller. K. Wirt. Front row: K. Creek, S. Patterson. The J.V. Volleyball team had a very successful season. They finished with a winning record. Top left picture: Set ’em up. Spike ’em down. Knock "the opponent" to the ground! This was a cheer made up by the volleyball learns to boost school spirit before games. Top right picture: Aces prepare to return a serve. Bottom right picture: Karla, Tammy and Andrea at one of their numerous practices. M)1st row, I to r: S. While, A. Miller. D. Brown. S. Olson. B. Carlson. A. Carlson. 2nd row: J. Wofford, M. Barth. D. Willett. J. Schultz. T. Charison. J. Coyle, 3rd rou: Aaron McMeekan. K. Nichols. B. Fritz, J. Hepner, S. Smith. 4th rou: Mgr. M. Leng. Coach Hall, Coach Schwarzenlraub. Coach Blair. Mgr. M. Patterson. The Fresh-Soph team was short on numbers this year with only thirteen or fourteen players suiting up for most games. This shortage caused the team to get off to a slow start. They lost the first six games and only scored fourteen points during that time. Then the team finally began to yell and the offense in particular took off. We won the next two games, we went in overtime, while scoring sixty-six points. The final game against Toulon was a hard fought contest in which the Aces came up just a little short, and lost by six points. Although the win-loss record was not as good as the team would have liked, the players all gained valuable experience and are looking forward to next year when that experience will certainly help them become a much stronger team. Pic. 2 — The Fresh-Soph team stretches and prepares themselves for the game ahead. Pic. 3 — Mr. Schwarzenlraub watches as AlWood fights for a victory. 41UiUiJfcLW ULLLL LClLL LilLLLt'Lt tlrliLLi uivu oj tLatniic The volleyball team had a very successful season with a record of . Becoming Conference Champs was one of the major highlights of their year. Pic. I: Back Row, I to r: L. Shannon. F. Ward. K. Vroman. S. Sanders. Middle Ron: T. May manager. L. Picard, L. Mcl ughlin. T. Swanson. A. Bergstrom. D. Peterson, Coach. Front Rou: J. Barman, C. Haake. S. Buban. M. Martens. Pic. 2: Captains Andrea Bergstrom and Liesl Picard shake hands with members of the other team. Pic. 3: This year’s seniors were K. Vroman, P. Ward, and A. Bergstrom. 421'liliVL.aLL Lint uvt lil t ailL. lifcMfc Pic. I: Seniors pose with their awards at the Fall Awards Banquet. Top I to r: M. Plunkett. A. Petrovich. K. Barman. T. Greenman. Bottom I to r: M. Henry, J. Spicher. Pic. 2: All of the football games start with a player breaking through the spirit hoop made by the cheerleaders. Here Kurt Barman breaks through as Heather Schnell and Gail Barton hold the hoop. Pic. 3: The Varsity Football Team includes: Top I to r: ('.oat h Blair. B. Fdmund. T. Treadway. J. Paul. B. Good. C. Shannon. (' oach “S”. Middle I to r: B. Johnson. J. Moyers, D. Peterson. T. Greenman, K. Barman, M. Plunkett. M. Leng. Bottom I to r: Coach Hall. J. Wofford. S. Sundberg, J. SamueIson, J. Spicher. A. Petrovich, M. Patterson. In August, a small but committed group of Junior and Senior boys began practice for the 1987 Varsity Football Season. Through heat, cold, and rain, through illness and injury, the team prepared for each Friday night encounter. Though their season's record was disappointing, their efforts and that of their coaches will be remembered. 44Pic. 1: Teammates form a block for Senior fullback Mike Plunkett. Pic. 2: Todd Greenman just misses a reception under pressure from a Winola defender. Pic. 3: Senior Football team members include: M. Plunkett, T. Greenman, K. Barman, D. Peterson. Bottom left to right: C. Shannon, B. Johnson. J. Samuelson, J. Spicher, A. Petrovich. Pic. 4: AlWood Varsity Team members plan strategy. 45M . LrUtLfc The J.V. girls Basketball Team played to a winning season under the direction of Coach Dan Slater. Many of the girls also played on the Varsity Team. Congratulations on a great season. Picture at Right: Jennifer Rehn and Tammy Genisio watch for the ball. Belou;; The team returns to the bench after a time out. J.V. Team members include: Front Ron-: Michele Martens, Jil Carlson. Jennifer Setterdahl. Stephanie Patterson, Kathy Johnson. Karla Creek, Jennifer Helm ai Mgr. Jennifer Sargent. Back Rote: Coach Dan Slater. Shelly Peterson. Angie Fields, Lorie Patterson. Tammy Genisio, lisa Nash, Kristen Wirt, Coach John I -n 46J.V. Team Members include: Front Row — Shane Smith, Patrick Shumaker, Ty Charlson, Paul Morland, Jason Costello, Scott Olson, Andrew Carlson. Back Row — Coach Lloyd Schwarzentruab, Jason Molburg, Mark Borders, Aaron Miller, Matt Leng, Troy Carlson, Thad Curry, Jeff Schultz, Coach Steve Lemon. 47L1 afcfcLWLrLIiLt laiLli aLWitU-lilrl: The Varsity Girls Basketball team was led by returning senior letter winners Kim Ringberg and Pam Ward and were supported by juniors and J.V. players. The 87-88 season was the strongest yet with many girls gaining experience and fundamentals. Returning team members are looking forward to a strong season in 88-89. Pic. 1: Lisa McLaughlin dribbles down the court. Pic. 2: Loretta Shannon takes a shot. Pic. 3: Tammy Genisio tries for a basket. Pic. 4: Jill French plays wearing her knee brace. Pic. 5: This year’s senior members: Pam Ward and Kim Ringberg. 48The Girls Varsity Team includes, from left to ng ,1. back rou: Mr. Slater (Coach). J. French. T. Gemsio. L. Patterson. L. McLaughlin. J. Sargeant. Mr. Dergo (Coach). Front rou: M. Martens. A. Fields, L. Shannon. K. Ringberg, P. Ward. J. Barman, and L. Nash. 49L aLitlfi I UtiJLi ULLt LLLtL tLzatL.ll This year was the first season for head Basketball coach Steve Lemon. The Coach worked to become familiar with the players and to find the right combination. Their season record of 3 and 22 does not reflect the excitement of many close games and last second losses. Pic. I: The team practiced hard. Pic. 2: Aaron Molberg protects the ball from his opponent. Pic. 3: Kent Vail dribbles down the court. Pic. 4: This year’s seniors were Brad Johnson. Chuck Dykeman. Todd Greenman. Aaron Molberg. Brad Good, and Tim Morland. Pic. 5: Steve Sundberg shoots a layup. 50Boys Varsity Basketball Tram. Back rou, left to right: Coach Schwarzentraub, M. Shumaker. K. Vail, T. Creenman. M. I eng, A. Molberg. F.. Bergstrom. Coach l enton. Front rou: C. Dykeman. B. Johnson. T. Morland. J. Paul. J. Schultz. B. Good, S. Sundberg, manager C. Shannon. Pic. at right. Todd Creenman goes up to shoot. Middle pic.: Brad Johnson goes for the ball. Pic. at left: Todd Creenman screens for Kent Vail. 51biiuuitLiiaiiiiitt: kbutojL tmuntULtii This year the football cheerleaders worked hard on making hoops and preparing cheers for the games. Even though the season wasn't as successful as everyone had wished, the cheerleaders kept the crowds enthusiastic. Picture 1: First row: Heather Schnell, Kathy Johnson, and Gina Lambin. Second row: Trisha Norburg, and Tara Kempin. Third rou: Gail Barton. Jill French, and Jennifer Bainbridge. Picture 2: Trisha, Jennifer, Tara, and Gail take a break from cheering to pose for a picture. Picture 3: The cheerleaders end a cheer with a mount. 52trtiVVa LlLi Cl IrLUiLliLLi.' “ The 1987-1988 J.V. and Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders include: (lop to bottom, left to ri htf C. I.ambm. J. DeSutter. L. Picard. S. I .anon. T. Norberg, C. Barton, and K. Miller. This year the cheerleaders sponsored spirit competitions throughout the basketball season to increase school spirit. The competitions included cheerleading. lip sync, and attendance contests. The Seniors won this competition and enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate their victory. 53IrLi Lil) VlitiLt LLat tlilrlrlittL-HL tL-atLIi Pic 1: This year’s senior track members were A. Emanuel, M. Willett, A. Bergstrom, T. Greenman, and A. Lindquist. Pic 2: Dee Dee Spicer bundled against the cold April wind. Pic 3: Kent Vail shows the hurdle form that qualified him for the stale track meet held in Charlston on May 27 and 28. He was also most valuable player. Pic 4: Patrick Shumaker hands the baton to John Ciaccio during a meet. 54Thr 1988 Track Tram. Back rou left to ryfht: M. Willett, A. Emanuel. T. Charlson. T. Krmpin. L. McLaughlin. M. Martens. J. Schultz. T. Greenman. 2nd rou: b. Patterson. H. SchneU. T. Geniaio, L. Patterson. D. Honaker. L Shannon. A. McMeekan. P. Shumaker. J. Paul. 3rd rou: C. Swanson, T. Treadway. T. Swanson. C. Johnson. K. Creek. G. Lambin. M. Leng. J. Ciaccio. 4th rou: J. Emanuel. D. Spicer. M. Martens. S. Peterson. A. Lindquist. A. Bergstrom, S. Smith. A. Carlson. Front rou: T. Champion. S. Sundberg, E. Bergstrom, K. Vail. M. Shumaker. J. Costello. Pic 1: Stephanie Patterson was the winner of the best first year award, sportsmanship award and tied with Michele Martens for most valuable frosh-soph member. Pic 2: Head track coaches are Darla Peterson and Fred McLaughlin. Pic 3; Todd Greenman. track captain and sportsmanship award winner, takes a break during a meet. 55ORGANIZATIONSYearbook Members: Front Ron: Holly Hepner, Angel Emanuel, Danny Miller. Rodger Pelerson, Second Row: Brigette Wirt. Eva Lord. Davida Honaker. Meridelh Willett, Donna Walker, Jenny Miller. In the tree: Karla Creek, Dewain Pelerson. All year, al least two days a week, the Yearbook staff has been meeting. This year the Yearbook staff was given a private room for its meetings. Mrs. Clark and the editors, Eva Lord and Merideth Willett have worked very hard to provide a great Yearbook. Special thanks to the dedicated staff members, editors, and Mrs. Clark, for creating a fantastic Yearbook. At left, pic. 1 — Brigette Wirt and Angel show off the new Yearbook room. Pic. 2 — The usual clutter of the Yearbook room. The Yearbook Staff would like to thank the Senior class for their class gift to be used toward the purchase of camera equipment for the Yearbook. We thank them for their thoughtfulness. 58fclUUdtVfc IiLLLLL Lliaiililitllll LlUL tl:Uli Llrl The National Honor Society is chartered to honor students for excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character. and service. Faculty members review applicants and select members. Induction ceremonies were held on Monday. March 28th at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library. In November, along with the Spanish Honor Society they sponsored a canned food drive. In May, the members hosted a continental breakfast for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The faculty sponsors of the National Honor Society are Bob Anderson and Donna Gericke. Pictures at left. Top: Mrs. Gericke and members prepare for the teacher appreciation breakfast. Middle: New members on the night of their induction. TV member of ihe 1987-88 National Honor Society include: Front: Todd t.reenman, Ted Treadway. Melissa Martens. Paula Clough. Tara Kempin. Tiffany Swanson. Jill French. Eva Lord. Pam Ward. Chad Johnson. Hark row: Lisa McLaughlin. Jennifer Bainbndge. Liesl Picard. Kim Rinberg. Loretta Shannon. Mendelh Willett. Colleen llaake. Bngrlte W irt. Andrea Bergstrom.Rou I, I to r: S. Sanders. Mrs. Carlson. Advisor. L Picard. P. Ward. A. Bergstrom. J. Schultz. T. Treadway. Mr. Blair, Advisor. Ron 2: J. Bainbridge. S. Patterson. A. Fields, S. (.arson. Rou 3: B. Johnson. S. White, K. Miller, J. Carlson. P. Morland. Rou 4: K. Barman. M. McCurdy, T. Morland, T. Charlson, S. Sundberg. This year’s student council was involved in many events. At the beginning of the year they worked hard on Homecoming activities such as: the dance, games, and Dress-up Day themes. They also held meetings to discuss the information on the Consolidation issue. Plans made for the Spring included elections and the Benefit Softball Tournament. Some members of the Student Council will be attending this year’s State Convention to gain new ideas for future years. In March, the Student Council sponsored a Benefit Night of volleyball and basketball games to help the families of teachers Brian Hall and Kllin Weaver meet medical expenses. At left, the Student Council making plana during a meeting 60■ V wr-- - —-------------------------------------------------------------- lack row: S. Schillinger. M. Patterson. D. Miller. J. Paul. R. OTool. Front row: H. Hepner. A. Emanuel. K. Remick. K. Ringberg. D. Epperson. J. Miller. D. Vibon. A. Merideth. The Art Club's activities this year included trips to art shows in the area. A special honor for the club this year was Tiffany Swanson's co-editorship of the Rembrandt Society Newsletter.In front from left — K. Vail, S. Sundbrrg. 1st rou• — J. Coaello, E. Bergstrom, T. kcmpin, C. Barton. C. I.ambin. A. Bainbridgr. J. Carlson. S. I arson. I.. Nash. J Setterdahl. J. Peterson. 2nd row — Mrs. Frerkes, R. Watson, J. Ciacco. R. Wilson. P. Crabowski. H. Schnell. K. Wirt, S. Patterson. L. Patterson. M Harmon. 1). Tavlor 3rd row — T. Treadway, T. Emanuel, T. Beck, K. Johnson, C. Good. A. McMeekan. M. Martens, S. Peterson, C. Haake. 4th rou — P. ('.lough. J. Sargeant. J. Rehn. A Feilds. A. Peterson, D. Spicher, T. Charlson, C. Johnson. 5th row — A. Emanuel. M. Willett, A. Bergstrom, B. Wirt. S. Sanders, T. Norberg. M. Martens, J. Rain bridge, h Anderson. K. Nichols. J. Stickle, S. White. 6th row — S. Kelly. J. Ciacco. L. Picard, S. Buban. L. McLaughlin. T. Curry, E. Lord. A. McVietty, P. Ward. 7th rou — J Wofford, T. Charlson, J. Hepner. P. Morland, B. Fritz, J. Coyle, J. Molburg. J. Schultz, W. V roman. M. Leng. T. Champion. Above — Jennifer. Tana, and Thad cook meat at the Mexican Banquet, tfighl — Angel poses for a picture at the Mexican Banquet. The Spanish Club holds two banquets every year. The spring banquet was the 25th Mexican Banquet. The Spanish Club held many fund raising events throughout the year. The money raised goes toward the Spanish Honor Society, Global Fest expenditures, and an outing to Chi Chi’s restaurant at the end of the year. 62Spanish Honor Society. Front Rou: to r: P. Clough. M. Willett. L Mcl.aughlin. T. Kempin. P. Ward. E. I ord. J. Rehn. J. Sargrant. D. Spicher. Bark Rou: S. Buhan. M. Martens. L. Picard. S. Kelley. J. Ciaccio. C. Johnson. C. Haake. B. Wirt. A. Bergstrom. Pic at left: Current members and charter member. Jeana Fora, prepare to serve the new members and their parents at the induction ceremony. Pic at right: Current members relax before dinner at Jumers and the ceremony in the school library later that evening. The induction ceremony for the Benito Juarez chapter of the Spanish Honor Society was held on April 5, 1988. The traditional ceremony was read first in English by a current member and then in Spanish by Mrs. Frerkes. New members, chosen because of their academic success, then lighted symbolic candles. 63FHA members include, back rou, left to right: T. May. J. French. M. Willett. A. Fmanuel. P. Ward. A. McVietty, S. Sander . B. W'irt. A. Bergstrom. E. Ix rd. Thud rou: D. Wilson. L. Patterson. T. Norberg. M. Martens. J. Bainbridge. G. Barton. K. Anderson. G. I.ambin. A. Bambndge. Mrs. McNeil. Second rou: J. Miller, I). Epperson. J. Rehn. A. Fields, K. Creek. K. Johnson. T. Beck, T. Emanuel. K. Vroman. First rou: A. Lindquist. A. Merideth. R. Wilson. S. Patterson, k. Wirt. J. DeSutter. The FHA's activities this year included organizing the Valentine's Dance, where a D.J. from 97X entertained the dancers. They also attended rallies, including one in Springfield, initiated new members and hosted a couple Daddy Date Nights. Left Pic.: T. Emanuel. D. Honaker. A. Merideth. J. French, J. Miller. K. Johnson. A. Fields, G. Lambin. T. Norberg, and T. Beck pose after attending a rally. Right Pic: T. Emanuel. G. I irnbm. A. Fields. T. Beck. J. French, and T. Norberg do aerobics at a rally. 64WUiitttfcfc 1 LcL.U LLU ULUULiLLIilrL LLl ftis lLt'lUfcl: fiarA r«M: to r, K. Barman. M. McCurdy. J. Schultz. A. Molburg. T. Strange. T. Curry. M. Henry. K. Johnson. Advisor. Front rou: I to r. M. Schillinger. J. I-awson. D. Miller. M. Patterson. R. Peterson. S. Olson. B. Carlson. furtONw;r or r A to agbicuituks AGfcSUfcNiSS COUCATION The Agricultural Program at AIM ood High School is divided into 3 parts as shown in the diagram. The program involves Organized Instruction in Agriculture classes taught by Kent Johnson. In addition, students are involved in various record keeping projects in crop and livestock production in the Supervised Occupational Experience segment. FFA — or Future Farmers of America — is an extracurricular activity whose purpose is to expand knowledge and skill in agricultural fields. Students participate in soil, crop and livestock judging competition and attend various meetings and workshops. A highlight for some FFA members was attendance at the National Convention in Kansas City, MO in November. 65LLaLiliLliLr tUltlili-LLL UllHiLiLl-lil HI Pic. at right: Workstudy students. Back rou: Brad Good — Curry Farms, Rill Bergheger — Woodhull Plaza. Chuck Dvkeman — Peterson Wallin Knox. Front rou: Pam Ward — OMI. Kim Ringberg — Woodhull State Bank. Dawn Warden — Hardee's. Pic. bclou: A VC: Kim Remick studying nursing. Tracey Somers — Nursing. Doug Sides — Auto mechanics, Allison McVietty — Child Care, Brad Loveridge — Auto mechanics. % r . I Mi 11 ► i L • 66bL.WrL.lili, WiLi.ll. IrliL-bt:, LlUL Li LitLlLLi.LrVL.Li., Lir, Popcorn and pork chop may not seem to have much to do with Washington. D.C., but for seven junior students and their families the three go hand in hand. Students participating in this year’s Close-Up program manned concession stands and sold pork chop sandwiches to help defray the cost of their week long trip to Washington. D.C. in March. At left: Students with teacher-advisor Nancy Frerkes. Front: Chad Johnson, Missy Martens, Jill French. Bark rou: Steve Sundberg. Stacey Buban. lisa Mclaughlin. F.rik Bergstrom and Mrs. Frerkes. Belou Left: Croup poses with the Capitol building in the background. Belou: Participants before take off from the Quad City Airport. 67The High School Concert Band had a very good year. The band, directed by Mike McCoy, received a Division Two rating at Organizational Contest held at Sherrard. Middle right picture: The band exhibits a preview of the music they will perform at contest. Bottom Right: Mr. McCoy will lose six senior band members due to graduation this year. They are seated: Eva Lord. Standing from left: Paula Clough. Merideth Willet, Holly Hepner, Kim Ringbrg. and Brigette Wirt. 68Ltiiiii't aiitaLiaM1 irLtLiii t lmogs u. Pic. I. 1987 Rag Squad. Back Rou. left to right. K. Vroman. A. McVietty. S. Sanders. P. Ward. Front Rou: S. Kuban. T. Beck. T. Emanuel. M. Martens. Pic. 2: Jennifer. Missy. Stacy and Davida practice a routine. Pic. 3: Drum Majors E. Lord and L. Mcl.aughlin and Majorette J. French. Pic. 4: Allison. Pam and Kim after a practice. Pic. 5: Lisa and Eva direct the band during a pep assembly.LLLlrLL tlrllliLL IrliLLU tllxlrt Lll Picture I: Senior Choir Members. Ron One: Merideth Willett. Jayne DeSutter. and Paula Clough. Rom Two: John Spicher. Chuck Dykeman. Eva lx rd. and Holly Hepner. Not Pictured: Peter Miles. Picture 2: Choir Officers: I-orrtta Shannon, librarian: Liesi Picard. President: Chad Johnson. Treasurer: and Merideth Willett, Secretary. Picture 3: The choir watches Miss Caldwell for a cut-off. 70t'ltLl LtlltUr LialiL-ltt izz Band Member Front from left: Angie Paul, Pally Colburn. Dana Anderson, Chad Johnson, and Jeana For . Rou 2: Ted Treadway. Holly Hepner. Dennis olbum. Jil (Carlson, and Monty Bolduc. Rou 3: Mike McCoy. Rae Ann Caldwell. Kevin Nichols, Gene Colburn, Kim Ringberg. Loretta Shannon. Kristi Bolduc, and teniae F.iker. Not Pictured: Marion Calmer. Swing Choir Members front from left: Cyndi Swanson, Kathy Johnson. Paula Clough. Loretta Shannon, and Ted Treadway. Rou 2: Tiffany Swanson. Missy Martens, Picard. Lisa M laughl.n, and John Spicher. Rou 3: Shannon Kelley. Derek Willett. Chad Johnson. Steve Schaffer, and Peter Miles. 71Pic. I — The entire cast of “Ducktaiis and Bobbysox." Pic. 2 — Pit Band members: Mr. Mike McCoy, Holly Hepner. Mer-ideth Willett. Kevin Nichols, Tiffany Swanson, Danelle Larson, and Gina lambin. Members not pictured: Shelly Peterson, Kelli Anderson. Kristi Bolduc. Rabecka Calhoun, Steve Sundberg, Justin Mooney, and Miss Rae Ann Caldwell. Pic. 3 — The Make-up crew: Stephanie Patterson. Kristen Wirt. Lorie Patterson. Karla Creek, and Jayne DeSutter. Pic. 4 — The Yellow Jacket Street Gang: Jeff Wofford, Loretta Shannon, Dee Dee Spicher, Ronnie 0 Tool, Jon Wofford, Liesl Picard. Jil Carlson, Shane Smith, and Shannon Kelley. 72“Duektails and Bobby Sox” was a musical presented on the evenings of May 6 and 7 by students of AlWood High School. Choral Director Rae Ann Caldwell and English teacher Vicky Carlson directed the play, while Band Director Mike McCoy organized the pit band. Unlike other years, cast members were not necessarily chorus members. The 1950’s set play depicted High School students and alumni the weekend of Homecoming. The big game was won by Alex in the last seconds, while old love was rekindled, and Curtis Jackson found a new musical talent in I .aura. The play was enjoyed by those who attended as well as those who participated. Pic. 1 — Missy Martens as Sandra, Peter Miles as Curtis Jackson. Pic. 2 — Wilbur and Bertha played by Chad Johnson and Paula Clough. Pic. 3 — Cyndi Swanson as Laura. Steve Shaffer as Alex. John Spicher as Felix, and Jennifer Setterdahl as Vickie. Pic. 4 — Schoolies: Patty Grabowski (from) Middle Lisa McLaughlin. Stacey Buban. Kathy Johnson, Andrea Peterson. Back Angie Fields. Michele Martens, Jill French, Jenny Ciaccio. Pic. 5 — Alumni: played by Tina May, Tresa Emanuel. Eva Lord, from. Standing Shannon Kelley and Aaron McMeekan. Pic. 6 — Victor Mall Shop Employees Tresa Emanuel and Colleen Haake. 73Hi h School Music Students participated in Organizational and Solo and Ensemble Contests in the Spring. High School Solo and Ensemble participants include: Front Ron: Stephanie Patterson. April Merideth. Jenny Ciaccio. Chad Johnson. Sieve Shaffer. Holly Hepner. Cyndi Swanson. Jennifer Setlerdahl. Karla Creek. Bach Rou: Kim Ringberg, Loretta Shannon. Jill French. Tina May. Merideth Willett, Eva Lord. Melissa Martens. Paula Clough. Cheryl Good. Colleen Haake Junior High Solo and Ensemble Participants include: Front Rou Sarah McLaughlin. Erika Barton. Sarah Blaine. Jessica Miller. Teri Baughman. Debbie Setlerdahl, Robin Peterson, Allison Rehn. Stephanie Liljedahl, Bach Rou Kim Sundberg. Kristi Bolduc. Heather Pruett, Micki Roman. Chris Steines, Paul Greenman. Rabecka Calhoun, Denise Eiker, Stephanie Johnson. Danelle I-arson. 74ACTIVITIESVLU- IrtLltt LLLrllil Honda- Teacher's Kim TV Pif (!onmt brpnt. drconlmM irr judged; Wednesday Theme Day; TWsduv Punk or Opposite Sc Day. game in pm, Mr Terhune and Mr Dergo were announced aa sinner of I hr Kim The Pig Contest. hurt Harman and Jayne DrSuller »err announted aa Homecoming King and ( ueen; Friday: Green and While Day. Teacher’a Grub Day. Shit in gym. football learn defeated by (amhodgr (0-22); Saturday Homecoming dance 8-11 in gym with J. J. Scot! aa due yorkey Thr overall theme for spirit week, choaen by ihr Student Council waa “Rack in Time.” kWh cTaaa chone a decade the Senior . Si»tie , the Juniors. Fifties. (he Sophomore . Twenties. and the Freshmen. Thirtie The claaa with the beat decoration waa the Freshman. On Thuraday everyone waa dtamuard at two o'clock lo watch or participate in game . Some of the games were the jello rating contest, the obstacle course, and the lug of war. There were new groups participating m skit Uua year including the Spanish Chib and faculty, but there waa a lark of enthusiasm from the High School rlaaars. The freshman won skits and the overall Spun Week competition Top Rftu Kim the Pig Duplay. Top Left: Shelly and Michele show off theu twenties outfits on Theme Day. Might Middle Senior decorations m the lobby. loft Bottom Chad m the Junior “skit"'. Might Bottom: Mrs Clark holds the jetto while Mr lemon eats, in the Jello fating Contest rv 0 V ILL' KIS ii PIG? Jj A 01 € Ml PROCEEDS Un i 76ii LtOLUr liUrllt' L-'LLi. LLL.LiliLL.LiLLi.Lr Lilli LiUt 3 Pic. 1 — Senior attendants Kim Vroman and Aaron Petrovich. Pic. 2 — Senior attendants Pam Ward and Mark McCurdy. Pic. 3 — Junior attendants Jeanene Barman and Tim Strange. Pic. 4 — Junior attendants Trisha Norberg and Erik Bergstrom. Pic. 5 — Sophomore attendants Jennifer Kness and Ty Charlson. Pic. 6 — Crown bearers Jennifer Marlin and Aaron Willett. Pic. 7 — Freshmen attendants Jil Carlson and Andrew Carlson. King Kurt Barman and Queen Jayne DeSulter were elected by the student body. The results were announced Thursday at the pep assembly. The King and Queen were crowned at the dance on Saturday, October 3. 78IdUfcLttltat UtLlrLiaLi litaIdfct lll vat: taaaiiix' e anaiv The thirtieth annual AlWood Unit Christmas Program wo hold on Sunday, December 13th. The Elementary School students performed a cantata entitled "A Cause for Mrs. Claus”. The district's three hand groups performed as did the various choirs. As the finale, the faculty and alumni joined the High School Chorus in singing the "Hallelujah Chorus". Picture top, left: Missy Vail and Kevin Tusing as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Top. right: Jr. High Band students wail their turn at Friday afternoon's reshearsal. Bottom, left: High School Chorus members, faculty and alumni join in singing the "Hallelujah Chorus". Bottom, right: Miss Caldwell directs the Elementary students during rehearsals. 80u y LiiiLliVt ill ixiiiaL-Ltu:1muT- Gl V liLr VLLlUt“ The 1988 Jr.-Sr. Prom was held on Saturday May 14th at Knox College in Galesburg. The Junior Class and their faculty sponsors John Dergo and Mary Ellen Peterson planned the evening. The evening was warm and clear, a perfect evening for a prom and the College’s street dance which was held on the Square just outside. The evening’s theme was “The Best of Times.” The room was decorated in the colors of red, black, and silver. Each table held a centerpiece of candles and flowers. The evening began with a buffet dinner and dessert. As the guests waited for the music to begin, they enjoyed picture taking, complimenting one another’s attire, and conversation. The music and light show was provided by KI1K 104’s Jerry Pellateer and The Entertainment Source. Most people danced the evening away. As time goes by the prom goers will forget the nervousness of the evening and remember the scenes caught in their snapshots and captured by the Yearbook photographers. 82Prom al Knox College was followed by After-Prom, midnight to 5 a.m.. at North Gate Lanes. Galesburg. Those who came enjoyed bowling, pool, and dancing. After-Prom was sponsored by the senior class and their parents. Pic, lop left: Paula Clough lakes lime oul of bowling lo pose for us. Top middle: Kurl Barman and Missy Martens model iheir matching outfits. Top right; Angel Emanuel peeks around the score keeping table. Bottom left: Tim Morland and Scott Francis wail for their turns to bowl. Bottom right: Eva l ord shows us her bowling technique. 84 IIIIIIIIIIDJR. HIGHLiLlrLLtU lrLiti.L.1: L.H UlL: tliLlillL LJUIlilLj Jamey Adams Kristin Anderson Josh Bainbridge Angie Barman Sandi Bartley Teri Baughman Debbie Baylor Kim Bowers Chuck Bushnell Donald Dehm David Deitch Jennifer Emanuel Jessica Engslrom Chris Frye Chris Gainey Brian Good Tim Good Jeff Green Paul Greenman Sandy Henry Michael Jackson David Johnson Stephanie Johnson Chastity Keever Shane Kelley Erin Kempin Krys Kidd Jason l ambin Angie Larson Danelie I .arson Autumn Lavine Sarah Mrl aughlin Doug Melow Dennis Merideth Becky Mileham Michael Morland Jennifer Nelson Tiffany Norburg Dean Otto Rachel Peterson Robin Peterson Justin Petrovich David Picard Chad Powell Heather Pruett Melanie Rehn Micki Roman Jennifer Schultz Debra Setterdahl Chris Steines Sharon Steines Heather Stille Kim Sundberg Tina Timberlake Mark Tusing Iz ri Ward Not Pictured: Debbie Granger 86tlzL LLLtU IrLiiilili lULUit VUL: I-LlitV 'c L y Dustin Bannister John Barman Erica Barton Sarah Blaine Kristi Bolduc Rabecka Calhoun Cheryl Carlson Raymond Clark Joshua Curry John Dahlslrom Ronald Dehm Denise Eiker Joshua Engles Jeremy Epperson Heather Francis Marcy Fritz Chad Goben David Hartman Heidi Hartman Dawna Jo Hoyle Chris Jackson Paula Johnson Jodie Jordan Jonathan Knutsen Stephanie Lawson Stephanie Liljedahl Chad McMeekan Audi Miller Jessica Miller Kim Nash Jason Reckers Allison Rehn Kevin Schwartzkoff Denise Spivey John Sponenburg Mark Stille Michael Sullivan Sean Sullivan Angela Tapscott Carey Willis Not Pictured: Melissa RaineLLiLi ( tJL V fcJMIfiB Back from left: S. Lawson, D. Hoyle. R. Calhoun. D. Hiker. K. Bolduc. S. Blaine, C. Carbon, and Manager B. Mileham. Front from left K Barton M Kntz U Krane A Tapscotu C. Willis. K. Nash and D. Spivey. Back from left: M. Roman. J. Kmanuel. J. Kngstrom. A. Barman. J. Nelson, K. Anderson. M. Rehn and Manager B. Mileham. Front from left: S. Johnson. 0. (.arson. I) SetterdaW, R. Peterson, H. Pruett. K. Sundberg. S. Mrl ughlin and J. Schultz. 90Mr Anderson. IVfensive Coach of the Jr. High Football Tram, sums up the season by saying. ‘Small number, tremendous defense, evenly matched liLUli, tilVt Lillit- Rou I: I lor Brian Good, Chris Gainey. Shane Kelley. Chris Jackson. Dean Otto. Chad McMeekan. Rou 2: I to r Coach Anderson. Raymond Clarke, Jeremy Fpperson. Audi Miller. David Deilch, Chad Goben, Coach McLaughlin. Rou 3: I to r Chad Powell. Josh Bambridge. Jeff Green. Kevin Schwartxkopf. Micheal Jackson. David Johnson. Rou 4: I to r Justin Petrovich, David Picard. Chris Steines, Paul Greenman, Micheal Morland.The highth Grade Girls Ra»ketl all team includes: Bark Ron, I to r M Rehn, J. Kngstrom, H. Stille, A. Barman, Coach VandeWallc. Middle Row: I to r: J. Schultz R. Peterson, D. Setterdahl, S. Mcl aughlin, K. Sundberg. Bottom Ron I to r: S. Henry. J hinanuel 92The 7th grade team includes, to r. Back Row: J. Curry. J. Barman. C. McMeekan, K. Schwartzkopf. M. Stille. 2nd Row: I tor, C. Coben. J. Knutsen. A. MUler. C, Jackson. J. Sponenburg. J. Dahktrom. The 8th grade team .ncludes, I to r. Back Row: Coach D. Holmes. T. (iood, C. Frye. P. Creenman. C. Steines. D. Picard, j. Bmnbridge. C. Powell. Front Row I to r: D. Olio, J. Petrovich, D. Johnson, D. Deilch, J. Green, J. Umbin. M Tusing, Manager M Jackson. LLLLrLi. VLiiOIrlS IrliLibLVUt The Junior High Track teams competed under the coaching of Ron VanDeWalle and Larry Esters. The teams began practicing in March and competed at meets in April and May. Records were made by Kevin Schwartzkopf, and Dawna Hoyle. The teams are complimented on a line season. Track Team members include: Top Right Seventh Grade Girls Team: Front Row: Denise Eiker, Jessica Miller, Heather Francis, Rabecka Calhoun. Bach Rou : Coach Ron VanDeWalle, Carey Willis, Dawna Hoyle, Marcy Fritz. Middle Picture: Eighth Grade Girls Team: Front: Debbie Granger, Autumn Lavine, Teri Baughman, Kim Sundberg, Danelle Larson, Stephanie Johnson, Sarah McLaughlin. Bach Row: Coach VanDeWalle, Kim Bowers, Angie Barman, Heather Slille, Jessica Engstrom, Rachel Peterson, Kristin Anderson, Jennifer Nelson. Below Right: Eighth Grade Boys Team: Front: Sandy Henry, manager, Michael Jackson, David Picard, David Johnson, Michael Morland, Jeff Green. Bach Row: Coach Larry Esters, Paul Greenman, Chris Frye, Chad Powell, Chuck Bushnell, Dean Otto. Below: Seventh Grade Boys Team: Front: Chris Jackson, Chad Goben, Mark Stille. Bach Row: Coach Esters, Chad McMeekan, John Barman, Kevin Schwartzkopf. 94LUV t LLLzLlU; IV Jr. High Chorus. Rou 1,1 tor: J. Schultz, S. Johnson. M Rehn. H. Pruett. M. Roman. Ra. Peterson. Ro. Peterson. S. Blaine. Rou 2: Ms. Caldwell. E. Kempin. B. Mileham. S. Liijedahl. T. Timberlake. C. Carlson. K. Bolduc. K. Sundberg. Rou 3: J. Miller. D. Spivey, R. Calhoun. D. Baylor. D. Otto. A. Tapscot. K. Nash. J Dahlstrom. Rou 4: D. Granger, A. Lavine, S. Bartley. T. Norburg. C. Goben, K. Schwartzkopf, J. Curry. R. Clarke, J. Sponenberg. Rou 5: L. Ward. D. Setterdahl. M. Fritz. D. Eiker. J. Barton. H. Francis, A. Rehn, P. Johnson. Jr. High Band. Rou 1, I to r: E. Kempin. D. I .arson. S. Johnson. M. Rehn. K. Bowers. M. Roman. Ra. Peterson. Ro. Peterson. S. Blain. Rou 2: B. Mileham. R. Calhoun. J. Petrovich. C. Sleines. D. Picard, S. McUughlin. K. Anderson. D. Johnson. K. Sundberg. Rou 3: D. Hoyle. J. Miller. S. Henry. A. Larson. D. Otto. P. Greenman. M. Morland. J. Engstrom. K. Bolduc. Rou 4: H. Stille, A. Barman. S. Bartley. T. Norberg, C. Goben. K. Schwartzkopf. J. Barman. M. Stille, J. Lambin. Rou 5: M. Jackson. C. Gainey. D. Setterdahl. J. Emanuel. D. Eiker. E. Barton. H. Francis, J. Curry, C. Jackson. 95Jr. High Student Council. Back Row, I to r: M. Fritz, Front Ron: D. Picard, J. Nelson, J. Curry. K. Sundberg. D. Eiker. E. Barton. A. Rehn. Middle Rou: S. McLaughlin. D. 1-arson. S. Johnson. H. Franc . Jr. High Speech Contest. Back Rou: I to r: R. Peterson. S. Kelly. M. Roman, K. Sunberg. D. I .arson. D. Johnson. D. Eiker. P. Greenman. D. Spivey. K. Nash. Willis, M. Stille. J. Curry. 2nd Rou: D. Merideth. M. Jackson. A. La vine, K. Bowers. J. Schultz. K. Anderson. S. McLaughlin. S. Johnson. R. Calhoun. J. Miller. Fritz. J. Jordan. S. Blaine, S. Ioljedahl. J. Reckers. 3rd Rou: R. Dehm, S. lawson, T. Timberlake, R. Peterson, B. Mileham, M. Tusing, J. Green. C. Goben, Sponenberg. K. Bolduc. II. Francis. P. Johnson. A. Rehn, E. Barton. K. Schwartzkopf. J. Engels. Front Row: S. Henry, A. Barman, T. Norberg. D. Granger, Tapscott. C. Carlson. D. Setterdaul. D. Picard. C. Jackson. R. Clarke. A. Miller. 96 £ nIrLU L LiL: 0.1i "GJ" The Junior High Cheerleaders were chosen in the fall of the year. Both squads of Cheerleaders chose their own uniforms and cheered at the Junior High Boys Basketball games. Gail Terhune served as the faculty sponsor and supervised their practices and chaperoned them at the games. Pictured cu top is the seventh Grade Squad. Members include: Front Stephanie Liljedahl, Jodie Jordan, Back Row Denise Eiker, Heather Francis, and Marcy Fritz. Pictured at right are the Eighth Grade Cheerleaders: Bottom Row: Heather Pruett, Erin Kempin, Rachel Peterson. Top: Danelle Larson, and Stephanie Johnson. 97'SMMt P1E+ITS AT ----beagan visits js 9Wy Pl ussp. TEBRVE PR®W "Li MUMMY IN KNOXVILLE CK 4? « » 2 GOODBYE SENIORS! si- r«s 4 MAILS AND BOBBYSOX ' QKflV RlftHUlELLS IDAS SOLD mr. bEM®'5®? «mro m'SBK FIRST YEAR % 1 4% tfSSgis A TAE RETORN 0 TAE MINISKIRT n-srsi tVI g Igl Uj = = s? IRAN-CONTR aLU LL.L UlLL La — VUfct' S! LlLLU. tlilLLt.. 2. Which teacher would you greet with 'Hola!'? 5. W hat is Mr. Hall’s favorite football team? 6. The pep band played for this 'stormy' CBA team. 7. The Jr. High teacher who kissed a pig. 12. How many seniors have been here since kindergarten? 15. This Alpha doctor retired this year. 16. Which teacher is in a demo derby during the summer? 18. W hat Woodhull business was sold during this year? 19. What type of car does Mr. McCoy drive? 21. W;ho is the most heavenly student at AlWood? 22. This new addition to the weight room produces many sore leg muscles. Answers on Page 103. 1. What type of sox were in this years musical? 2. Which teacher ran a marathon? 3. Who was the 1987-88 Homecoming King? 4. Who is our friend "Shamoo"? 8. What does Kent Vail and a ski resort in Colorado have in common? 9. AlWood considered consolidation with this school district. 10. Who is AlWoods new Athletic Director? 11. What is Mr. Blair's favorite toy? 13. In this class you are required to talk! 14. These are disected in Mr. Anderson's zoology class. 17. The organization that Mrs. McNeil sponsors. 18. Chosen school board president in November 1987. 20. Who were the conference volleyball champs this year? 21. Students who study off campus are a part of this program. Special thanks to Mr. Blair. Angel Emanuel and Holly Hepner for this puzzle. 101A Adams. Jamey 86 Adams. Tony 23. 36 Anderson. Rob 8. 91. 104 Anderson. Dana 92. 72 Anderson. Kelli 32. 62. 64. 83 Anderson. Kristin 86. 90, 94. 95. 96 B Bainbridge. Amy 34, 40. 62. 64. 77. 79 Bainbridge. Jennifer 3. 32. 52. 59. 60, 62, 64, 77. 79 Bainbridge. Josh 86. 91. 93 Bannister. Dustin 88 Barman. Angie 86, 90. 92. 94. 95. 96 Barman. Jeanene 32, 38. 42, 43, 49. 78 Barman. John 79, 93. 94. 95 Barman. Kurt 12. 16. 21. 22. 23. 44. 45. 60. 65. 76. 79. 83. 84 Barton. Erica 74. 88. 90. 95. 96 Barton. Gail 32. 44. 52. 53. 62. 64. 77 Barth. Mickey 36. 41. 77 Bartley . Sandi 86. 95 Baughman. Teri 74, 77. 86. 94 Bavlor. Debbie 86. 95 Beck. Tana 3. 34. 62, 64. 77 Bergheger. Bill 12. 21, 23. 66. 67 Bergstrom. Andrea 12. 17, 20. 22. 23. 38. 42. 43. 54. 55. 59. 60. 62. 63. 64. 77, 79 Bergstrom. Erik 32, 38. 51, 55. 62, 78. 82 Blaine. Sarah 74. 88. 90. 95, 96 Blair. Jim 8, 41. 44. 60. 104 Bloomberg, Greg 32 Bloomberg. Joyce 7 Bolduc. Kristi 71. 74. 88. 90, 95. 96 Bolduc, Monty 71 Borders, Mark 36, 47 Bowers. Kim 86. 94, 95, 96 Brown. Dan 3. 34. 41. 77 Buban. Stacey 32. 42. 62. 63. 67, 69, 73, 79 Burton. Dinah 7 Bushnell. Chuck 86. 94 C Caldwell. Rae Ann 8. 70, 71. 80. 83. 95 Calhoun. Rabecka 74. 88. 90. 92, 94. 95. 96 Carlson, Andrew 2, 36. 41. 47, 55, 77, 78 Carlson. Brian 2. 36. 41. 65 Carlson. Cheryl 88. 90. 95. 96 Carlson. Harvey 6 Carlson. Jane 92 Carlson, Jil 36. 40. 46. 60. 62. 71. 72. 78. 83 Carlson. Troy 36, 47 Carlson. Vicki 8, 60 Caulkins. Harold 10 Champion. Tom 32. 55, 62 Charlson. Kim 36. 40 Charlson. Ty 34. 41. 47, 54. 60. 62. 78 Ciscoio. Jennifer 36. 55. 62, 73, 74, 79 Ciscoio. John 34. 54. 61, 63 Clark. Karen 8. 21. 76 Clarke. Raymond 88, 91, 95. 96 Clough. Paula 12. 17. 19. 20. 23. 59, 62. 63. 70. 71. 73. 74. 79 Colburn. Dennis 71 Colburn. Gene 71 Colburn. Patty 71 Costello. Jason 36. 38. 47. 55, 62 Coyle, Jamie 2. 34. 41. 62 Creek. Karla 34. 40. 46. 58. 64. 72, 74. 77 Curry. Duane 6 Curry, Josh 79. 88. 93. 95, 96 Curry. Thad 34. 38. 47. 62. 65 D 102 Dahlstrom. John 88. 93, 95 Dehm. Donald 86 Dehm. Ronald 96 Deitch. David 86. 90. 93 Dergo. John 8. 46. 49. 77. 83 DeSutter. Javne 12. 16. 19. 23. 53. 64. 70. 72, 76. 79. 82 DeSutter. Maurice 6. 20 Diffenbaugh. Kate 12. 16. 21. 23 Dykeman. Chuck 12. 21. 24. 50. 51. 66. 70 E Edmund. Brian 2. 32. 44. 83. 104 Eiker. Carol 6 Eiker. Denise 71. 74. 88. 90. 92. 94. 95. 97 Elliot. Barb 7 Emanuel. Angel 12. 16. 21. 24. 38. 54. 55. 58. 61. 62. 64 Emanuel. Jennifer 55, 86. 90. 92, 95 Emanuel, Tresa 3. 34. 62. 64. 69. 73. 77 Engels. Joshua 88, 96 Engstrom. Jessica 86. 90. 92. 94. 95 Epperson. Deena 61, 64, 91 Epperson. Jeremy 88 Esters. Larry 94 F Fields. Angie 34. 40. 46. 49. 60. 62. 64. 73, 77 Fora, Jeana 71 Francis. Heather 79. 88. 90. 92. 94. 95. 96. 97 French, Jill 32. 48. 49. 52. 59, 64, 67. 73. 74, 77 French. Wayne 20, 72 Frerkes, Nancy 8. 62. 67 Fritz. Brian 34. 41. 62 Fritz. Marcv 88. 90. 92. 94. 95. 96, 97 Frye. Chris 86, 93. 94 G Gainey. Chris 86. 91, 95 Genisio. Tammy 36. 40. 46. 48. 49, 55 Gericke, Donna 8, 59 Goben. Chad 88. 90. 93, 94. 95. 96 Good. Angela 3. 12. 17. 24. 77 Good. Brad 12. 16. 24. 44. 50. 51. 66. 83 Good. Brian 86, 91 Good. Cheryl 34. 62. 74. 77, 79 Good. Tim 86. 93 Grabowski. Patricia 36. 62. 73 Granger. Debbie 94. 95. 96 Green. JefT 79. 86. 91. 93. 94. 96 Greenman, Paul 74. 86. 91. 93. 94. 95. 96 Greenman. Todd 12. 17. 19. 24. 44 45. 50. 51. 54. 55. 59. 104 Griffith. Dan 32 H Haake. Colleen 19. 32. 42. 43. 59. 62. 63. 73. 74 Haffner. Mike 32 Hall. Brian 8. 21. 41, 44. 104 Harman. Monica 36. 62. 79. 104 Hartman. David 88 Hartman. Heidi 88 Hass. Matt 36. 79 Henry. Mike 12. 17. 24. 44. 65 Henry. Sandv 86. 92. 94. 95. 96 Hepner. Hollv 12. 16, 25. 58. 61. 70. 71, 72. 74 Hepner, Jay 34. 41. 62 Hoburg. Ron 8 Holmes, David 8. 93, 104 Honaker. Davida 32. 55. 58, 64, 79. 104 Hoyle. Dawna Jo 88. 90. 92, 94. 95 J Jackson. Chris 88. 91. 93. 94. 95. 96 Jackson. Michael 86. 91. 93. 94. 95. 96 Johnson, Brad 3. 12. 17. 25. 44. 45. 50. 51, 60 Johnson. Chad 19. 32. 55. 59. 62. 63. 67. 70. 71. 73. 74 Johnson. David 86. 91. 93. 94. 95, 96 Johnson. Kathy 34. 38. 46. 52. 62. 64. 71. 73. 77 Johnson. Kent 8. 65 Johnson. Mark 6 Johnson. Paula 88. 95. 96 Johnson. Stephanie 74. 86. 90. 94. 95. 97 Jordan. Jodie 88. 96. 97 K Keever. Chastilv 86 Kelley. Shannon 34. 62. 63, 71. 72. 73. 77 Kelley. Shane 86. 90 Kempin. Erin 86. 95. 97 Kempin. Tara 32, 52, 55, 59, 62, 63, 77, 79 Kidd, Bryan 32. 83, 104 Kidd. Krys 86 Klundt. Patty 10 Kness. Jennifer 34. 78 Knutsen, Jonathan 88. 93 L Umbin. Gina 34. 52. 53. 55. 62. 64. 72, 77. 79 Lambin. Jarod 32 l mbin. Jason 86. 93. 95 (.arson. Angie 86, 95 Larson. Danelle 72. 74. 86. 90. 94. 96. 97 Larson. Shelby 36. 38. 40. 53. 60. 62, 79 Lavine. Autumn 86. 94. 95 l iwson. Jason 2. 34. 65 I awson. Stephanie 88. 90. 96 Lemon. Steve 8, 47, 51. 76 Leng. Matt 34. 41. 44. 47. 51, 55, 62 Liljedahl. Stephanie 74, 88. 95. 96. 97 Lindquist. Angela 12. 17, 25, 54, 55. 64. 82 Lord. Eva 12. 17. 20. 22, 25. 58. 59. 62. 63. 64. 70. 73, 74. 77 Ix)veridge. Brad 32. 66 M Martens. Michele 34. 40. 42. 46, 49. 55. 62, 73. 76 Martens. Melissa 32. 55. 59, 62, 63, 64. 67. 69. 71. 73. 74. 77. 83 Mav. Tina 32. 42. 73. 74. 83 McCoy. Mike 71. 72 McCurdy. Mark 12. 16. 25. 60, 65, 78. 82. 83 McLaughlin. Fred 55, 77. 91, 104 McUughlin. Lisa 32. 42. 48. 49, 55. 59. 62. 63, 67.71.73. 79 McLaughlin. Sarah 74. 86. 90. 92, 94. 95 McMeekan. Aaron 2. 36. 41. 55. 62. 73. 79 McMeekan. Chad 88. 90. 93. 94 McVietty. Allison 12. 16. 25, 62, 64. 66. 69, 77, 82 Melow. Doug 86 Merideth. April 2. 36. 61. 64. 74 Merideth. Dennis 86. 96 Mileham. Becky 86, 90. 95. 96 Miley. Peter 36 Miles. Peter 2. 12. 17. 26.71.73 Miller. Aaron 36. 41. 47 Miller. Audi 79. 88, 91. 93. 96 Miller. Bob Miller. Danny 58. 61. 65, 77 Miller. Greg 6 Miller. Jennv 34. 58. 61. 64 Miller. Jessica 2. 74. 88. 92. 94. 95. 96 Miller. Kelly 36. 40. 53. 60 Molburg. Aaron 12. 16. 21. 26. 50. 65. 83 Molburg. Jason 2. 34. 47. 62 Moore. Michael 32 Morland. Michael 79. 86. 91. 94. 95 Morland. Paul 34. 38 Morland. Tim 3. 12. 17. 26, 50, 51. 60 Moyers. Joey 32. 44 Moyers. Leo 36 NNash. Kim 88. 90. 92. 95. 96 Nash. Lisa 36. 38. 40. 46. 49. 62. 88 Nehls. Truman 8. 77. 104 Nelson. Brandi 36 Nelson. Jennifer 86. 90. 94 Neville, Tammi 34. 40. 104 Nichols, Kevin 36. 41. 62. 71. 72. 77 Norburg. Triaha 32. 38. 52. 53. 62. 64. 77. 78. 79 Norburg. Tiffany 86. 95. 96 0 OTool. Ronmr. 32. 61, 72. 77. 79. 104 OUon. Scott 2. 3, 36. 41. 47. 65 Otto. Dean 79. 86. 90. 93. 94. 95 P Patterson. Lone 36. 40. 46. 49, 55. 62. 64. 72. 79. 83 Patterson. Mike 34. 41. 44. 61. 65 Patterson. Stephanie 36. 40. 46. 55. 60. 62. 64. 72. 74. 77, 104 Paul. Jeff 32. 44. 51. 55. 61. 104 Petemon. Andrea 34. 38. 40. 62. 73. 79 Peterson. Darla 8. 21. 42. 43. 55 Peterson. Dewain 3. 12. 17. 26. 44. 45, 58 Peterson. Jason 36, 62 Peterson. Rarbel 86. 90. 92. 94. 95. 96. 97 Peterson. Robin 74. 86. 95. 96 Peterson. Rodger 32. 58. 65 Peterson. Ryan 34. 77 Peterson. Shelly 34. 40. 46. 55. 62. 76. 79 Petrovich. .Aaron 3. 12. 16, 26. 44. 46. 77. 78 Petrovich. Justin 86. 91. 93, 95 Phipps. Bill 34 Picard. Antra 92 Picard. David 86. 91. 93. 94. 95. 96 Picard. Lies! 19. 32. 38. 42. 53. 59. 60. 62. 63. 70. 71. 72. 79. 82 Plunkett. Mike 12. 17. 26. 44. 45 Powell. Chad 86. 93. 94 Pruett. Heather 74. 86. 90. 95. 97 R Reckers. Jason 88. 96 Rehn. Allison 74. 88. 92. 95. 96 Rehn. Jennifer 34. 40. 46, 62. 63. 64. 77 Rehn. Melanie 86. 90. 92. 95 Remick. Kim 12. 17, 27. 61. 66 Remick. Stacy 34 Ringberg. Kim 12. 16. 27. 48. 49. 59. 61. 66. 70. 71. 74. 83 Roman. Micki 74. 86, 90. 95 S Samuelson. Jerry 12. 16. 27. 44. 45. 104 Sanders. Rhonda 2. 7. 83 Sanders. Shanie 32. 42. 60. 62, 64. 67. 77 Sargeant. Jennifer 34, 46. 49. 62. 63. 77 Schillinger. Mike 34, 65 Schillinger. Steve 36. 61 Schnell. Heather 36. 38. 44. 52. 55, 62. 77 Schultz. Jeff 34. 41. 47. 51. 55. 60. 62, 65. 79 Schultz. Jennifer 86. 90. 92. 96 Schwartzkopf. Kevin 88. 91. 92. 94. 95. 96 Schwarzentraub. Uovd 41. 44. 47. 51 Setterdahl. Debra 74. 86. 90. 92. 95 Selterdahl. Jennifer 36. 40. 46. 62. 73, 74 Shaffer. Stephen 32. 71. 73. 74. 77 Shannon, Curtis 12. 17, 27. 44. 45. 51. 82 Shannon, John 12. 27 Shannon. Jerry 10. 104 Shannon. Uretta 32. 42. 43. 48. 49. 55. 59. 70. 71. 72. 74 Shumaker. Mark 32, 51. 55. 77 Shumaker. Patrick 2. 36. 47. 54, 55, 77 Smith, Jeff 32 Smith, Shane 36. 41 Somers. Tracey 2. 12. 17. 27. 66. 77. 83 Spieher. Dee Dee 34. 40. 54. 55. 62. 63. 72 Spicher. John 3. 12. 16. 28. 44. 45. 70. 71. 73. 79 Spivey. Denise 88. 90. 95. 96 Sponenburg. John 88. 93. 95, 96 Steines. Chris 74, 86. 91. 93, 95 Steines. Sharon 86 Stickle. Jamie 36. 62 Slide. Heather 86. 92. 94. 95 Stille. Mark 3. 94. 95. 96 Strange. Tim 32. 65. 78 Sullivan, Michael 88 Sullivan. Sean 88 Sundberg. Kim 74. 86. 90. 92. 94. 95. 96 Sundberg. Steve 32. 44. 50. 51 Swanson. Cynd. 32. 55. 71. 73. 74. 79. 83 Swanson. Tiffany 32. 42. 43. 55. 59. 71. 72. 79 T Tapscott. Angela 88. 90. 95. 96 Taylor. Deeann 36. 62. 77, 79. 92 Terhune. Gail 8. 78 Timberlake. Tina 86. 95. 96 Treadway. Steve 12. 28. 62 Treadway. Ted 32. 44. 55. 59. 60. 71 Tusing. Kevin 80 Tusing. Mark 86. 93, 96 V Vail. Missy 80 Vail. Kent 32. 50. 51. 54. 55. 62. 79 Vroman. Kim 12. 17. 20. 28. 38. 42. 43. 69. 78. 82 Vroman. Wally 34. 62. 64. 77 W Walker. Donna 34, 58 W ard. Lori 86. 95 W ard. Pam 12. 16. 28. 42. 43. 48. 49, 59. 60. 62. 63. 64. 66. 69. 78. 82 Weaver. Ellin 61 White. Stacey 36. 41. 60. 62 Willis. Craig 32. 77 W illia. Carev 88. 90. 92. 94. 96 W illett. Derek 34. 41. 71 Willet. Mendeth 12. 16. 19, 28. 54. 55. 58, 59. 62. 63. 64. 70. 72. 74. 77 Wilson. Debbie 61. 64 Wilson. Rhonda 62. 64 W irt. Bngette 12. 16. 17. 20. 21. 28. 38. 58. 59. 62. 63, 64. 70. 77 W irt. Kristen 36, 40 W offord. Jeff 36, 41. 62. 72. 77 W offord. Jon 44. 72. 79. 104 Y Yarde. Tad 7. 20. 104And The Final Day Comes . . . The tests and grades are finish Books are put aside. Graduates don their caps and gowns, To receive a cherished diploma. Students and teachers alike celenrale A year’s goals attained. 

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