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Willol eane The Yearbook Staff would like ro honor Mrs. Willodeone Carlson who is retiring from her teoching position ot AlWood High School. Mrs. Corlson taught Business Education and Consumer Education courses for over twenty yeors. Many of her students hove gone into the Business field os o result of their early training with Mrs. Corlson. Mrs Corlson was always eager to expand her training in order that she might pass more information on to her students. In this, her lost year of teoching, Mrs. Corlson worked with local banker Marvin Watters to establish on Applied Economics doss. This group learned business principles by establishing their own company. The participants greatly benefited from and enjoyed this octivity Mrs. Corlson sincerely cored about her students, their activities, and problems. We wish her o happy ond enjoyable retirement.August 25 First Day of School 20 Junior Class Chili Supper 26 Swing Choir Try-outs 21-23 Semester Tests 29 High School Football Kick-Off Night 23 End of Semester September 1 Labor Day—No School 26 Grade School ond Junior High 3 Bond Marches in Monmouth Beef Recognition Night Porode February 4 High School Girls Bosketboll vs. 4 FHA Section Roily Alexis—Parents Night 15 Spirit Week Begins 5 Swing Choir Performs or Lutheran Church IS Homecoming Porode 14 FHA FFA Valentine Donee 19 Homecoming Gome vs. Alexis 21 Senior Class Pancake Breakfast 20 Homecoming Donee Close-Up Rummage ond Bake Sole 25 Swing Choir Performs or Elementary School March 2 Art Club Art Show in Orion Count Puloski Day—No School October 4 Bond Marching Festival or University of Illinois 8-14 Close-Up Students Go To Washington 7 Spanish Club Foil Banquet 10 Spanish Honor Society Induction 14 Class Pictures 14 Moth Contest at Mocomb IESA Solo Ensemble Contest or Pearl 18 Bond Marches in DeWitt City 22 Sophomores Take A5VAB Test 23 FHA Doddy Dote Nite 24 End of Nine Weeks April 3 End of Nine Weeks Senior Hog Roost 6 FFA Banquet 30 Report Cords 8 FHA Style Show November 1 Jr. High Donee 10-20 Easter Vocation 4 Jr.-Sr. High Foil Choir Concert 25 Solo Ensemble Contest ot Alwood 18 Football ond Volleyball Awards Night Prom 27-00 Thanksgiving Vocation 29 Alwood Invitorionol Track Meet December 2 FHA Dote Night Junior High Conference Bond Festival 11 Christmas Program Practice May 6 Junior High Choral Festival 14 Christmas Program 7-9 FHA Store Conference 15-19 Orion Boys Basketball Tourney 14 Jr. High Trip 22-1 Christmas Vocation 17 Chamber Choir Performs or Clover Chapel Senior Trip January 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Day—No School 29 31 Baccalaureate June 2 Groduotion JoiceS Of Authority School Board Members, front I to f: J. Edmund. M. DeSufter. C. Voll. G. Miller Bock D Swanson—Pres. D. Curry—Sec . H. Corison High School Office Workers: IV Sonders. Principal T. Yorde. D. Burton Unit Office Workers B Elliott. Superintendent W French. J Bloomberg Sroft Front Row L to R Don Sloter. Kent Johnson. Dob Anderson. Mike McCoy. John Dergo. Dove Holmes. Trumon Nehls. Fred McLoughim Dock Row Ellin Weover. Dorb McNeil. Roe Ann Coldwell. Noncy Frerkes. Koy Kiddoo. Cindy Sonders. Willodeone Corlson. Donno Gericke. Vicki Corison Mory Peterson. Dork) Peterson. Koren Clork Missing Drlon Holl. Jim Dloir. Jeff Hester. Ron Hoburg 7 School Nurse Muriel Fronds checks student Lorie Porter son Ron Hoburg prepores for another doyBekind cenes The cooks and custodions ore responsible for keeping the school working from doy ro doy. Pic. 1—Cooks Ann Minder ond Derry Nelson. Pic. 2—Evening cusrodion Dorrell Dorman ond daytime cusrodion Harold Coulkins. Pic. 3—Mr. Yorde ond Harold pose for o picture in the lobby. Pic. 4—Substitute cook Rhonda McMeekan ond Ann Minder prepare another tasty meol. 10Jomey Adorns i Debbie Doykx Jennifer Emonuei Debbie Granger Dovid Johnson Sondl Borrley DonokJ Dehm Kristen Anderson Josh Boinbrtdge Angle Bormon Kim Dowers Chuck Dushneil Libbey Clough Jessico Engstrom Chris Frye Chris Goiney Drion Good Tim Good Michoel Jockson Tommy Jockson Jeff Green Erin Kempln Krys Kidd Chosify Keever Shone Kelley Srephonie Johnson 12Dennis Mertderh Becky Mllehom Mlchoel Morlond Jennifer Nelson Chris Srelnes Debro Serrerdohl Mickle Romon Jennifer Schultz Tlffony Norberg Deon Otto Melonle Rehn Mork T using Lori Word 13 Soroh McLoughlln poses for o picture while Kristen Anderson concentrates on the gomeCjrade Uso Nosh. Joson Costello and Shelby Lor-son look through songs ot the Jr. High donee, while Mickey Borth watches. 4 4 Jill Codson 9 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Mickey Barth I 6 Troy Codson Mark Borders Kim Chodson Joson Costello Tommy Genlslo Potty Grobowskl Mott Moss Shelby Lorson Bdon Codson Jennifer Oocdo Robin Lowson Aoron McMeekon April Mertdeth Peter Mlley Aoron Miller Kelly Miller Leo Moyers Uso Nosh Brandi Nelson Kevin Nichols Scott Olson Lode Potterson Stephanie Potterson 14Jomle Stickle Orod Tofllnger DeAnn Toyior Wode Wesseb Sfocey White Rhondo Wlbon Srocey White ond Jason Costello donee of the Jr. High donee Kristen Wirt Jeff Wofford Soroh McLoughlln. Srephonle Potterson. Kristen Wirt ond Heother Schnell of the donee 15 Jr. High Student Council: bock. I to r. 5 Potrerson. H Schnell. K Miller. S Lorson. J Corison. J Costello Front I to r K Sunberg. D Lorson. K. Anderson. J. Doinbndge. D Johnson ond D Plcord ■MiOff to a (food Start Seventh Grode Volleyball: Bock row. left to right Don Slorer, Coach. B Mllehom. M Rehn. S. Johnson. J Engstrom. J Nelson, S McLaughlin T. Boughmon. K Anderson D Serterdogl. A Larson. Ro. Peterson. E. Kempln. ond Ro Peterson. Monoger Front row. left to right M Roman J Schultz. L Clough. K. Sundberg. D Lorson. T Norburg. A Bormon, H Pruett. H Sfllle. C Keever. ond S Henry. 16 Eighth Grode Volleyboli Bock row. left to right Don Slater, Cooch. K. Wirt. B Nelson. L. Potterson. T. Genisio. J Corlson. L Nosh ond Stocey White Monoger. Front row. left to right. 5 Potterson. K MHIer. J. Setterdohl. S Lorson. ond K Chorbon.Jr High football includes, front row, left to right: K Nicholas. T Good. A McMeeKon. S. Kelly. C Stelnes, D Ditch. J. Lombin Second row: P. Miley. D Carlson. 0 Good. J Green. D Otto, M. Hass. P Greenmon Third row: J. Wofford. D Johnson. S Obon. S Smith. S. White. M Morlond. M. Jockson Fourth row Mr. McLaughlin (cooch). A Miller. C. Gainey, M. Dorth. J Cosrello. J. Dolnbridge. J. Petrovich. Mr Anderson (cooch) Not Pictured M. Tuslng The seventh grode cheerleaders ore. bottom left to right: K Anderson. R The eighth grode cheerleoders ore. bottom left to right: S Lorson. K Peterson Middle E Kempln. S Johnson. Top D Lorson. Miller Middle L Patterson. T. Genisio. Top: S. Patterson 17Qel DU 7th grode. from row. left to right: J. Lombln. M. Tuslng. D Deltch, M. Morlond, J. Bolnbrldge, J. Green. D. Johnson Dock row: B. Good (mgr ), J. Petrovich. C Stelnes. D Otto. T Good. C. Kidd. P Greenmon. D. Pkord Not Plaured Mr Brown, cooch 16 6th grode. front, left to right P Shumoker. 5 Smith, L. Moyers, W Wessels. P Mlley. 5 Schllllnger. J. Stickle Bock row: Mr Holmes, cooch. S. Olson. J Costello. M Borders. A McMeeken. T Corlson. M Borth. S White7rh grode. front row. left ro right: S. McLoughlin, R Peterson. J. Engstrom, T Doughmon, S. Henry, K. Sundberg Dock row: K. Dowers. M. Romon. M. Rehn. A. Dormon. D Setterdohl. Mr. VonDeWolle. cooch. Not Pictured: J. Schultz. Dth grode. front row. left to right: J Corison, K. Wirt. 5. Porrerson, J. Setterdohl. S. Lorson. Dock row: Mr Starter, cooch. T. Genista. L. Potterson. L. Nosh. K. Miller (mgr.) 19Run Me D Dock row, L to R: M. Jockson, D. Otto, J. Green, D. Dehm, C. Stelnes, J. Lombin, T. Good, M Tusing, J. Boinbridge, D. Picord, M. Morlond, D Johnson, ond C. Goiney. Middle row, L to R: R. Peterson, A Lovine, J. Schultz, M. Rehn, K. Anderson, J. Engstrom, ond H. Pruett, First row, L to R: K. Bowers, S. Bartley, A. Barman, S. Henry, T. Boughmon, K. Sundberg, M. Roman, ond S. McLaughlin. Bock row, L to R: B. Carlson, P. Miley, P. Shumaker, J. Costello, A. McMeekan, A. Miller, S. White, W. Wessels, ond L. Moyers. Middle row, L to R: J. Stickle, L. Nosh, J. Carlson, L. Patterson, T. Genisio, R. Wilson, J. Peterson, ond S. Olson. First row, L to R: K. Miller, S. Larson, 5. Patterson, H. Schnell, P. Grobowski, ond A. Merideth. 20oCiiten Do Dili a! Front row. left to right R Peterson. 0 Milehom, L. Potterson. J Ciocco. J Setterdohl. P Grobowski. R Peterson D Lorson. S Henry. A Bormon. D Serterdohl 2nd row A Lorson. K Wirt, J Engstrom. S Johnson. M Rehn. J Emonuel. E Kempin. T Norberg. S Bartley 3rd row K Bowers. K Sunberg S McLoughlln. S Potterson. C Seines S White. J. Costello. J Petrovich 4rh row J Lombin. M Borth. P Miley. H Stille. M Romon. L Clough K Anderson D Picord. D Johnson 5rh row K Nichols. S Smith. J. Corlson. C. Goiney. D Otto. B Corison. M Jockson. M Modond Lost row J. Peterson. J Wofford, P Greenmon Front row left to rlghr J Emonuel. S Henry. T Norberg. S Bortley. M Romon. E Kempin. D Setterdohl K Sunberg. K Keehner Mrs Coldwell 2nd row B Milehom, R Peterson. D Lorson. K Anderson. R Peterson A Lovin. T Timberloke. D Gronger. L Word. A Lorson 3rd row A Bormon. L Clough. T Boughmon. J. Nelson. S McLoughlin. M Morlond. D Otto. C Keever. H Pruett. J. Engstrom 4th row K Wirt, H Schnell. S Potterson. J Boinbridge. D Picord. J Green. J Lombin. J Schultz. S Johnson. M Rehn 5th row T Corlson. A Mertdeth. J Corlson. K Miller S. Lorson L Nosh. J Costello. P Miley J Setterdohl 6th row A Miller. P Grobowski. R Wilson. R. Lowson. D Toylor. K. Chorlson. T Genlseo. L Potterson 21 JJomecoming T)he Spirit This yeor's Spirit Week was held on Sept. 14-16. Some of the activities included the troditionol holl decoration contest, when the Seniors changed the lobby into a "Beach Potty,'' ond the skit contest which the Seniors won with their surprise "rear" ending. The highlight of the week was AlWood's 40 to 15 victory over Alexis on Sot. Later that evening the donee, disc jockeyed by 97X's Phil Moicke, was cut short by on occidental fire alarm. Wc. 1; the football teom hitches o ride on the fire truck during the porode Pic. 2 the Cloth fomily enjoys the gome Pic. 0 Seniors decorated the lobby during Spirit Week. Pic 4 The rain didn't dampen the attendant's spirit. Pic 5: A gong hams it up before the camera during a time-out 24— it rJilie a 3 air ¥ The Homecoming Donee wos held from 8:00 ro 11:00 p.m. The students and their guests danced to the music of Phil Maicke. the D.J. The King and Queen were crowned at the donee by Kevin Elliott and Lisa Strange, 1985 Homecoming King and Queen. This year’s Homecoming attendants were: top, left to right. Seniors Dovid Norberg and Louro O'Tool, Mike Toylor and Jennie Brown: middle. Juniors Jerry Somuelson and Pom Ward. King Dovid Schnell and Queen Carrie Scott, Juniors Kurt Borman and Allison McVlerty; bottom, Sophomores Brian Edmund ond Stocey Bubon, Crown Bearers Austin Henry ond Erin Clork, Freshmen Joy Hepner ond Angie Fields. R S 1987 IHSA Solo G Ensemble Contest wos held ot AlWood on April 25fh. Students from 22 schools attended the event ond were judged throughout the doy on their vocal ond instrumental performances. We owe o big thonk you to Ms. Caldwell, Mr. McCoy, the faculty, the music parents, ond everyone who mode the doy o huge success! Pic. 1—Music parents serve lunch in rhe cafeteria. Pic. 2—Mr. Spicher takes charge of the lunch line. Pic. 3—Komi Keehner performs her piano solo. Pic. 4—Scott Clorke wolfs to sing. Pic. 5—Modrigol earned o second ploce for their performance Pic. 6—Steve Sundberg worms up on his trombone before his event. 2 ? k DL Wic'kt Prom 1987 was held on the Quod City Queen riverboot from 7-11 pm on April 25th. Prom colors were pink and ivory, and the theme was "This Could Be the Night". Couples enjoyed dancing below to music then went on deck to cool down ond enjoy the view from the boot. The prom wos quire o success ond a good rime wos hod by oil. Pic. 1—Some of the guys rake o break from dondng. Pic. 2—"The Blues Brothers" pose with DJ Phil Molcke. Pic. 3—Meridirh Willett shows off her sailor's hot. Pic. 4—Kathy Hoyle ond Shown Montgomery enjoy the music. Pic. 5—A crowd forms on the donee floor Pic 6—Kris Morlond kicks off her shoes ond takes o breather between songs Opposite page. Pic. 1—Requests for songs were mode throughout the night Pic 2—Jeonene Borman ond Brody Anderson take In the view from the top deck. Pic. 3—Luther Fors poses for the comero. Pic. 4—Paula Clough and John Splcher enjoy the donee. Pic. 5—Tina Randall sirs with her dote during the donee Pic. 6—John, you look so debonoirel Pic. 7—Prom '87 wos o night of loughs, good music, ond memories for everyone.31Dke n9U Conti nue5 This year, for the first time, after-prom was held ot the Moline YMCA. There wos something for everyone, including: ping pong, pool, swimming, rocquefboll, basketball, movies, and food. Pic 1: After-Prom goers enjoy refreshments Pic. 2: Dona Larson tok-Ing o breok from racquetboll Pic 3: Pouio Clough ploys ping pong Pic 4 Laura O'Tool ond David Schne peek over the edge of the pool. Pic 5: Shonie Sanders. Mork McCurdy, ond Andreo Bergstrom playing pool Pic. 6: Trocey Sommers ond Pom Ward lake a breather between activities. Pic 7: John Splcher and Brod Good In the rocquerboll court. 32eciiioni, eciiions . . . Student council members ore the spokesmen of the school. Their Ideas and opinions Influence activities such os Homecoming, the spring softball tournament, and student life itself. Pic 1—Chod Johnson works ot the concession stand. Pic. 2—Mr. Holmes takes his position behind the plore. Pic. 3—The teachers plan their strategy between innings. Pic. 4—Mr. Blair films the softball action. Student council members Include, bock row, left to right: M. McCurdy, K. Voll. B. Johnson, N. Nice, C. Scott, M. McNeil, C Johnson. Middle row: J. Bainbridge, D. Larson, L. O'Tool, P. Word. B. Wirt, A. Bergstrom. Front row: Mr. Blair, C. Swanson. T. Chorlson. J Schultz, P Morlond, K. Anderson, G. Lombln, A. Fields, Mrs. V. Corlson. Not pictured: D. M Norberg. Mr. Blair ond Mrs. Corlson ore rhe Student Council Advisors.J£)edicateJ Jo xcede ence The AlWood Norionol Honor Society become on active organization when they received money ond elected officers. The 1967 NHS of- ficers are John Otto—president, Komi Keehner—vice-president, Lauro O'Tool—secretary, ond Dovid Norberg—treasurer The NHS held o breakfast for the foculty on May 6th In honor of Teocher Appreciation Day. The induction ceremony was held on Moy 20th In the high school library with speeches given by the officers. Mr. French, Mr. Yorde, and sponsors Mr. Anderson ond Mrs Gerlcke The current members served refreshments after the ceremony. New Inductees, bock row I to r: P. Clough, M. Willett, E. Lord, L. Fors, ond J. Drown. Front row: D. Wirt, S. Epperson, P. Word, ond A. Bergstrom. Current members: bock row I to r-. Mrs. Gerlcke—sponsor, N. Nice, Lo. O'Tool, H. Peterson, D. Norberg, J. Otto, M Miley and Mr. Anderson—sponsor. Front row: K. Keehner, C. Paul, LI. O'Tool, C. Scott, K Morlond, and D. Larson. 3533JI -America 6 A nieA Bock row I to r: M. McCurdy, A. Molburg, T. Curry, T. Voss, M. Bormon, T. Srronge, and D, Sides. Front: D. Miller, M. Henry, J. Lowson, M. Schillinger, IV Peterson. J. Schultz, ond Mr. Johnson—sponsor. Not Pictured Luther Fors. The FFA's activities this year included helping with the Valentine’s Donee, o petting zoo of the elementary school, gomes during FFA week, inltlorion of new members, FFA Bonquet, ond attendance or the Store FFA Convention in Chompoign. Pic. 1—Luther gives o speech ot the FFA Bonquet. Pic 2—The FFA officers: R. Peterson—Reporter, M. McCurdy—secretory, A. Molburg—treasurer, M. Henry—sentinel, K. Bormon—Vice-President, ond L. Fors—President. Pic. 3—Our FFA buddies! 36FHA members Include, bock row, left to right: A. Emonuel, A McVietty A Bergstrom, B. Wirt, B. Reckers, E. Lord, M Willett, K Hoyle, S. Epperson, J. Brown, N Nice, H. Peterson, A. Ingold, C. Poul, C. Diffenbough, B. Peterson. Mrs McNeil Front row: P. Word, J. Bombridge. J. DeSutter, A. Lindquist, G. Lombin, K. Vromon, S. Sonders, A. Boinbrldge J. French, G. Bortn, K. Anderson, T. Norburg, M. Mortens, T, Moy, K. Portugue, J. Miller, D. Epperson. The FHA s ocrivlties this yeor included organizing rhe Valentine's Day donee, attending rallies, initiating new members Doddy Date Night, and organizing the salad supper and style show Pic. 1—K. Hoyle. C. Diffenbough, K Snyder, B. Peterson, ond D. Honaker or rhe roily in Cambridge. Pic. 2—T Moy models ot the style show. Pic 3—Section officer roily ot Cambridge Pic 4—J. Miller models o prom dress. 37Top to Bottom, left to right B. Fritz. B. Miller. T Chorison. J Molburg. T. Curry. S. Kelley. J. Schultz. W. Vromon. E. Lord. K Vrornon. D. Worden. T Somers. T Norburg. L. Plcord. D. CulWgon. S. Treodwoy. A. Bergstrom. B. Wirt. A. McVierry. L. McLoughlln. S. Bubon. M. Mortens. E. Bergstrom. J. Torres. S. Sundberg. J. Poul. T. Greenmon, P. Word. A. Emanuel. G Bloomberg. M Moore. N. Nice, D Schnell, C Scott. L. O'Tool. M Toylor. J Toylor. K. Hoyle. L. Shonnon, D. Snyder. 5. Snyder. Mrs. Frerkes. J. French. $ Peterson. M Mortens. A. Peterson. K Johnson. A Fields. D Lorson. K. Creek. C Hooke. S Epperson. G. Lombln. G Barton. K Anderson. A Boinbridge. M Willett. C. Good. J Kness. T. Beck. D Splcher. C. Johnson. T. Kempin. J. Boinbridge. P Clough. H. Hepner. S Pemlck. ond T Emonuel Nor Pictured: D. Norberg. B Johnson. H. Peterson, ond J DeSufter. Treso Emonuel. Down Snyder, ond Stocey Pemick prepore enchilodas for the Mexkon Banquet 2—Mrs Frerkes gives orders while Jennifer Boinbridge mokes tocos. 3—Jeff Schultz. Joy Hepner. ond Thod Curry fiesto!Sponish Notional Honot Society. Dock row, left to right: D Witt. P. Word, P Clough, M Willett, A. Oergstrom. C. Johnson. Front row: D Lorson. Lo O'Tool, S Epperson, K Keehner, C. Scott, E. Lord The Benito Juarez Chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society wos formed to honor Sponish students who hove achieved three semesters of A s in their Sponish dosses. This year's induction ceremony wos held on March 10, 1987. The group enjoyed dinner or the Packinghouse in Galesburg and returned to school for the induction ceremony. As o momento of the evening the new inductees and their mothers received flowers. Following the ceremony, cookies and punch were served. Ptc 1 Mrs Frerkes, Toro Ketnpln. and Chod Johnson reate the ooth. Pic. 2: The seventh grode reading doss displays rhe cords they mode to take to the nursing home Pic 3: Members ot the society or their visit to Marigold Nursing home rotked to rhe patients ond gave them giftsThe AlWood Art Club, o member of the Rembrandt Society of the Illinois Student Art Association, participated In many activities. They attended Rembrandt workshops, raised money to purchase photography equipment, and took a trip to the Chicago Art Museum In the tree I to r R Peterson, M Potterson. K Hoyle, J. Pool, ond R O'Tool Front S Clarke E Peterson. A. Ingold. K Moriond. D Lorson. ond D WHson. In observonce of Fine Arts Week, the art students went to the Jeff Poul works with o printing machine ot one of the workshops elementory school to help launch bolloonsYeorbook Staff Bock row, left to right: K. Hoyle, K Keehner. C. Paul, M. Willett, E. Lord. Middle row: J. Rehn T Treodwoy, H. Hepner, J. French. Front row: Mrs. Clork (odvlsor), A. Fields, K. Creek, D. Willett. Every year the Yearbook sraff takes on the lorge responsibility of taking pictures, writing copy, ond meeting deadlines. This year was no exception; every Monday ond Wednesday offer school the staff gathered in Mrs. Clork’s room to prepare pages Our editors Komi ond Cheryl, also gove up many study halls to work on the yeorbook. We wont them to know we appreciate all they have done. Above pic left Typical yeorbook clutter surrounds Editor Cheryl Poul os she checks over a page, ond Ted Treodwoy as he types copy. Pic. right: Mrs. Clork mokes plans for yeorbook.Area Vocotionol Cenrer—Dock row left to right Joel Johnson. Tlno Rondoll. Terri Toflinger. Chris Sides, ond Corrle Dlffenbough Front row left to right: Shown Smith. Decky Peterson. Amy Ingold. Angie Good, ond Cheryl Poul Work Study—Dock row left to right Poul Edmund. Corrle Scott. Shelino Lorson. Rick Drown, ond Kevin Remlck. Front row left to right Troy Voss. Ron Dykemon. Ron Potterson. ond Mork Dormon 42Ron Porterson WoodhuK Pkuo Goroge e Worhi ng Seniors The Work Study Seniors divided their doy between the working environment and the classroom Mrs McNeil taught the students the basic skills of o job. Employees should be prompt, dependable, and know whot is expected of him. They should know how to take messages ond write letters properly. The students also learned about budgeting, credit, income tox, social security, ond many other things. Kevin Remtck Cornerstone Math Dormon OMI Rich Drown Perersoo WollloKnox Furniture Store Corrle Scott Voodhull Store Bonh Shelino L orson AlWood Ugh School Library 40Waking Wusic Bond: Front row. left to right: D. Goben. T Borders, L. McLoughlin. C. Swornon, T Kempin. G Lombin. K Johnson. D French. J Rehn Second row: E Lord. P. Gough. J Brown. H. Hepner. A Fields. S. Pererson. T. Norberg. K Anderson, C. Johnson. T. Swonson. M Mortens. M Miley. L Plcord Third row P Shonnon. C Scort. H Peterson. D Willef. A. Peterson. C HooKe. L Shonnon. J. Cioccio. S McNeil. M Toykx. K. Ringberg. K Keehner. I. Fots. T. Treodwoy. K Moriond. D Lorson. B Wirt. M. WHIet. D. Spicher. S Sundberg, J Otto. M McCoy Not Pictured U. O'Tool. Lo. O'Tool. J Bormon. J Boinbridge. J Kness. C Good. Chorus: Front row. left to right T Neville. A Peterson. K. Johnson. C. Good. P Clough. K Keehner. S Bubon. A Bergstrom. D Lorson. N Nice Second row: J DeSutter. T Moy. J. French. M Willen. L Shonnon. A Fields. J Rehn. B Wirt. T Borders H Hepner. E Lord Third row C. Swonson. C Hooke. J. Brown. K Moriond. M Toykx. D Norberg. C Dykemon. S Shoffer. S McNeil. L McLoughlin. L. Plcord. T Norberg. C. Poul Fourth row A Boinbridge. Me Mortens. T. Swonson. D Goben. J Poul. J. Toykx. S Clarke. M Miley. J. Otto. R. Dykemon. C Johnson. L. Fors. J Spicher. C. Scott Not pictured J. Bormon. A McVierry, U O'Tool. Lo. O'Tool. K Creek. J Boinbridge. K Snyder. H Peterson. K Vromon. K Hoyle 44JD0£n-J4V0 !! Bottom Row Pom Word. Kim Vromon. Allison McVlerry. ond Shonle Senders Second Row Jennifer Kness. ond Srocey Bubon Third Row Angie Good, ond Missy Mortens At Top Cheryl Poul 45'em or A 3nJ4, armon Senior Bond Members From row. left to right Terri Borders. Scon McNeil. Mike Toykx. Dona Lorson. Middle row Director Mike McCoy Komi Keehner. Deana Goben. Cheryl Paul. Kris Morlond John Ono. Bock row: Jennie Brown. Corrie Scort. Por Shonnon Mork Miiey. Luther Fors. Heidi Peterson Nor plaured Lisa ond Louro O Tool 46 Senior Choir members Front row. left ro right: Dona Lorson. Kris Morlond. Komi Keehner. Terri Borders. He»di Peterson. Middle row: Jennie Brown. Deono Goben. Kothy Hoyle. Corrie Scon. Cheryl Paul. Nettie Nice. Bock row: Joy Toy lor. Scon Ckxke Mork Miiey. Dovid Norberg Mike Toylor. John Ono. Ron Dykemon Luther Fors. Scon McNeU. Not pictured Llso ond Louro O'ToolSwing Choir Members: Fronr row. left ro right T Borders. C. Scott. K Keehner. P Clough. I Picord. Second row: D. lorson. J. Ono. M Toylor. L Fors. S Shaffer Third row S Oorke. J. Toylor. D Norberg. D Goben, K Moriond. J. Brown. C. Johnson. Jozi Bond Members Front row. left to right: T Swanson. A Paul. P Colburn. C. Johnson. J. Fors Second row T. Treodwoy. M Colmer. D. Colburn. J. Cortson j Otto. M Bolduc Third row T Guild. Director M. McCoy. I. Krueger. K Keehner. D Lorson. D Rhinelonder. G Colburn. L. Fors. J. Cioctio 47The High School Chorus presented o song and donee revue colled 'All American” on Friday and Soturdoy, May 1st ond 2nd. The students presented o variety of patriotic songs, quotations, and donee numbers. In addition, o barber shop quartet, other ensembles, clowns, ond Mr. Touchdown performed special numbers. To complete the evening's festivities, the Music Boosters offered on ice creom sundae bar for guests ond participants. A special musical ensemble called Chamber Choir was formed this year under the direction of Ms. Caldwell Members include: Bock row, I to r: Mike Taylor, Jeff Paul, Luther Fors, Scott Clarke, Cheryl Paul. Middle row: Llesl Picard Heidi Peterson, Jennie Brown, Paulo Clough. Front row. Brigette Wirt, Loretta Shannon, Tina May, Laura O Tool, Ar drea Bergstrom. Missing: Eva Lord.WQODHULL ILLINOIS  m Own f ersonaf t ememl) ranees Yearbooks ore picture journals of the school year. In future years, this journal will remind you of the good times ond the bod, the latest in fashion, ond the special moments of your year. To complete this journol, odd your own pictures, write down your favorite movies, songs, ond places, ond gorher autographs from your friends. We hope this page will remind you of your special moments. 50WuscUounJ Fresh-Soph left ro right bock row Cooch Dloir. G Dloomberg. mgr; J. Poul. J Torres. J Wofford M Leng K Voil. D Griffith. T Chompion. $ Shoffer. Cooch Holl, Cooch Schworzenrroub Middle row D Drown. W Vromon. T Server. J Hepner. T Chorlson. D Edmund. S Sunberg Front row: M McCurdy M Schillinger. J Lawson. IV O Tool. J. Coyle. J Moyer, ond M Porterson. mgr Varsity left to right, bock row Cooch Dloir. M McCurdy. G Dloomberg. K Dormon, S Clorke. J Otto. T Greenmon R Dykemon D Porrugue M Miley. Cooch Holl. Cooch Schworzenrroub Middle row D Peterson M Plunkett A Petrovich. K Remick. D Schnell. D Norberg. R Drown. S Chorlson L Fors. T Dombridge. Front row T Voss. J Splcher J. Somuelson. D Good. D Johnson. P Shannon. M Henry S McNeil, ond M Porrerson mgr Fresh-Soph, top row. I ro r D Spicher. A Peterson. A Fields. A Dolnbridge. C Hooke, T Swonson, J Dormon. S Senders. L Shonnon. I McLoughlin. S. Dubon. Me Mortens. L. Picard Bottom row K Creek. K. Johnson. Me Mortens. Cooch M Peterson Vorslty. bock row. I ro r Cooch D Peterson. J Brown. K Morlond. T. Borders. C Scott. C Poul. H Picord Middle row S Brown. K Vromon P Word. A Bergstrom Front row Lo O'Tool. U. O Tool$am With Ohe ydces J.V. Boys Bosketboll Dock row. left to right Cooch Schworzentroub. M Shumaker. E Bergstrom. M Hoffner. M Leng. K. Voil. J Poul. T. Curry McCurdy Second row: J. Molburg. S. Sundberg. T. Chorlson. J. Lombin. P Morlond. J Schultz. Front row: A Peterson. C. Good. A Emonuel, Hepner 56 Vorslty Boys BosketboH Bock row. left to right: Cooch Hester. J Otto. T Greenmon. M Leng, A Molberg. J Toylor. D Norberg. M McCurdy. Second row: B Good. S. Sundberg. B. Johnson. D Schnell. IV Brown. T Morlond. C. Dykemon Front row A Peterson. C Good. A Emmonuel. H Hepner x J V Girls Basketball Bock row. left to right. Cooch Dergo. T Emanuel. A Fields. J. French. L. Shannon. Me Mortens. J. Bormon. C. Poul Middle row S Peterson. D Splcher. K. Johnson. Ml. Morrens Front row K. Creek. T Kempln. Vorsity Girls Boskerboll: Bock row. lefT to right: N Nice. C. Scon. L McLoughlln, Cooch Dergo. J. French. H Peterson. L Shonnon. Middle row Mi Mortens. K. Remlck. K. Rlngberg. P Word. Front row: U. O'Tool. C Poul. Lo. O'Tool 5660 Cheerleoding rryouts were held Moy 20. The contestants were required to do jumps, acrobatics, sideline cheers, and group cheers. They were judged on appearance, poise, smile, voice, coordination ond motion, ond pep ond enthusiasm. Chosen os footboll cheerleaders ore (right) top to bottom.- Jill French. Nettie Nice, Jennie Brown, Goil Barton, Trisho Norberg. Gino Lombin, ond Toro Kempin. Basketball cheerleaders include (below) bock row: Trisho Norberg, Liesl Picard, Evo Lord, Amy Boinbridge. Front row: Joyne DeSurter, Goil Barton, Gino Lombin. I un Jeam Jf un The 1966-67 Trock ream worked very hard preparing for the season. Though there were some illnesses and injuries, cold ond wet weather, both the Boys and Girls teams did well. The Fresh.-Soph. Boys cooched by Mr. McLaughlin won the Lincoln Trails Conference Title. This Is the first time that AlWood hos won this honor. Pictured obove ore the 1966-67 Boys ond Girts Trock Teoms Teom members indude Bock Row L to R: Scott Clorke. Kothy Hoyle. David SchneH. Liso O'Tool, Pot Shonnon. Nettle Nice. Rick Brown. John Otto 4th Row Merideth Willett. Scott McNeil. Lauro O'Tool. Dovld Nor berg. Come Scott. Dovld Portugue. Heidi Peterson 3rd Row. Loretta Shonnon. Ted Treodwoy. Jennifer Bat abridge. Jeff Paul. Toro Kempm. Erik Bergstrom. Cyndl Swonson. Mike Hoffner. Missy Mortens 2nd Row: Treso Emonuel. Mork Shumoker. Becky Reckers. Steve Sundberg. Llso McLoughlln. Tom Champion. Front Row Bob Miller. Angie Fields. John Clocdo. Gina Lombin. Jeff Schultz. Shelly Peterson. Orion Fritz. Korio Geek Pictured of Right ore Trock Cooches L to R: Jeff Frilchtnlchf. Doria Peterson. Fred McLoughlln. ond Willie Cole 62Senior Athletic StarsDovld Norberg: Foort oll, Doskerboll. Trock Louro O'Tool Volleyboll. Doskerboll, Trock JohnOrro: Foorboll. Doskerboll. Trock Heidi Peterson: Doskerboll. Trock Cheryl Poul. Volleyboll. Ooskerboll Monoger Llso O'Tool: Volleyboll. Ooskerboll. Trock Heidi Picord Volleyboll1986-87 Sports Results DATE FOOTBALL ALW OPP Sept 6 AlWood vs. Worren 0 22 Sept 12 AlWood vs. Orion 6 27 Sept 19 AlWood vs. Alexis 40 15 Sept 27 AlWood vs. Combridge 7 27 Oct 3 AlWood vs. ROWVA 7 20 Oct 10 AlWood vs. Wethersfield 15 14 Oct 17 AlWood vs. Winolo 33 6 Oct 24 AlWood vs. Toulon 13 16 Oct 31 AlWood vs Golvo 29 20 DATE VOLLEYBALL ALW OPP Sept. 2 AlWood vs Winolo 2 1 Rockrldge AlWood vs Rockridge 0 2 Tour AlWood vs UTHS 1 2 AlWood vs. Rlverdole 1 2 Sept 10 AlWood vs. Orion 0 2 Sept 12 AlWood vs Wethersfield 2 0 Sept 15 AlWood vs Westmer 0 2 Sepr 17 AlWood vs ROWVA 1 2 Sept 22 AlWood vs. Golvo 2 0 Sept 24 AlWood vs. Combndge 2 1 Wesrmer AlWood vs. Wesrmer 2 0 Tour AlWood vs. Winolo n 0 AlWood vs. Southern 0 2 AlWood vs Knoxville i AlWood vs. UTHS 2 '•'alt AlWood vs Winolo 2 0 Oct 6 AlWood vs ROWVA 0 2 °l Oct. 6 AlWood vs Toulon 2 Oct 15 AlWood vs Golvo 1 Oct 22 AlWood vs. Alexis 2 0 Regionols AlWood vs. Alexis 2f 0 AlWood vs. ROWVA 0 2 DATE BOYS BASKETBALL ALW OPP Sherrord AlWood vs. Sherrord 51 65 Tour AlWood vs. Knoxville 43 67 AlWood vs Rockridge 53 52 Dec 5 AlWood vs. Orion 43 65 Dec 6 AlWood vs. Worren 57 66 Dec 9 AlWood vs. Sherrord 46 61 Dec 12 AlWood vs Westmer 65 51 Orion AlWood vs Knoxville 50 62 Tour AlWood vs Aledo 46 60 Jon. 6 AlWood vs. Combndge 27 56 Jon 9 AlWood vs. Toulon 67 61 Jon 13 AlWood vs. Golvo 31 44 Jon 16 AlWood vs Wethersfield 41 49 Jon 20 AlWood vs Winolo 50 Jon 23 AlWood vs ROW A 55 66 Jon. 27 AlWood vs Alexis 47 51 Jon 30 AlWood vs Cambridge AlWood vs. ROWVA 42 60 Feb 3 44 55 eb 4 AlWood vs Golvo 54 50 Feb 10 AlWood vs Wethersfield 53 56 Feb 13 AlWood vs Winolo 55 62 feb 17 AlWood vs Toulon 52 |y,64 Peb 20 AlWood vs Alexis 60 45 Regionob AlWood vs ROWVA 49 47 AlWood vs Alexis 53 43 AlWood vs Knoxville 30 39 fl DATE GIRLS BASKETBALL ALW OPP Nov. 24 AlWood vs Abingdon 24 59 Nov 26 AlWood vs. Orion 14 75 Dec 1 AlWood vs Monmouth 16 60 Dec 3 AlWood vs. Westmer 29 50 Dec 6 AlWood vs Cambridge 33 74 Dec 10 AlWood vs Toulon 22 55 Dec 15 AlWood vs Golvo 47 45 Dec 17 AlWood vs WerhersflekJ 21 75 Jon 5 AlWood vs. Winolo 16 46 Jon 7 AlWood vs. ROWVA 15 46 Jon. 12 AlWood vs Alexis 31 65 Jon. 14 AlWood vs. Cambridge 14 45 Jon. 19 AlWood vs ROWVA 22 56 Jon 21 AlWood vs Golvo 55 41 Jon. 26 AlWood vs Wethersfield 20 47 Jon. 29 AlWood vs Winolo 34 66 Feb. 2 AlWood vs. Toulon 35 43 Feb 4 AlWood vs. Alexis 35 59 Regionols AlWood vs. Golvo 47 31 AlWood vs ROWVA 22 65 man Sake St and Amy Boinbridge Tono Beck Don Drown Ty Chorlson John Ciocdo Jomle Coyle Korio Creek Thod Curry Treso Emonuel Dee no Epperson Angle Fields Drlon Fritz Cheryl Good Joy Hepner Korhy Johnson Shonnon Kelly Jennifer Kness Glno Lombln Jason Lawson Mott Leng Michele MortensDob Miller Doony Miller Jenny Miller Jason Molborg Poul Morlond Tommi Neville Mike Potterson Andreo Peterson Ryon Peterson Shelly Peterson Cothy Portugue Jennifer Rehn Srocey Remick Terry Sorver PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Mike Schlllinger Jeff Schultz Dee Dee Spicher Steve Steines Wolly Vroman Derek Willett 71Kelli Anderson Jennifer Boinbridge Jeonene Oormon Goil Borton Erik Bergstrom Greg Bloomberg Srocey Bubon Chorlorre Compbell Tom Chompion Bnon Edmund Jill French Don Griffith Colleen Hooke Mike Heffner Dovido Honoker Chod Johnson Toro Kempin Bryon Kidd Jorod Lombin Brod Loveridge Liso Mcloughlin Mellsso Mortens Tlno Moy Mlchoel Moore Joey Moyers Trisha Norberg Ronnie O'Tool Sondy Otts 72Srocey Ofts Jeff Poul Rodger Pererson Uesl PJcord Sbome Senders Stephen Shaffer Lorerto Shonnonbunion St an J Out Kurt Bormon Andrea Bergstrom Poulo Gough Joyne De Sutter Kote Dtffenbough Chuck Dykemon Angel Emanuel Angle Good Brod Good Todd Greenmon Mike Henry Holly Hepner Brod Johnson Angelo Lindquist Evo Lord Mork McCurdy Allison McVletty Aoron Molburg Tim Morlond Dewoln Peterson Aoron Petrovich Mike Plunkett Kim Pemlck Kim Plngberg Becky Peckers Jerry Somuebon Curt Shannon Trocey Somers ABSENT PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE John Spicher Steve Treodwoy Kim Vromon Pom Word Merldeth Willett Brlgette Wirt Down Worden r PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Mead oj I lie (LluU Freshmon: Pool Morlond—Presidenr. Thod Curry—Treosurer, Korhy Sophomores: Jennifer Boinbridge—President. LiesJ Plcord—Vice Johnson—Vice Presidenr. Andrea Peterson—Secretory President. Stocey Oubon—Secretory. Liso McLaughlin—Treosurer Juniors: Angel Emonuel—Treosurer. Andrea Bergstrom—Presidenr. Jerry Somuelson—Vice Presidenr. Kim Vromon—Secretory Seniors: Carrie Scott—Presidenr. Uso O'Tool—Treasurer. Komi Keehner—Secretory. Luther Fors—Vice President, (not pictured) 76Komi Keehner: Valedictorian. DA.R Carrie Scott: Solutororion. Honor Trophy Award. John Philip Sousa A word Dovid Nor berg: American Legion Good Citizenship A word Nor pictured: Dovid Schnell: Walt Minder Memorial A ward Dono Larson: Dote Wolsren Memorial A word. Ralph Kelly A word Lurher Fors: DeKolb Award 76DrcxJy Anderson: Torally o droQ Jennifer Brown: Of oil the things you wear, your expression is rhe most ImportantSandy brown: Think oil you speok. bur speok nor oH you think. Scon Clark : An honest man is the noblest work of God. Carrie Diffenbaugh: Consider how hard It is to change yourself. ond you'll understood what little chance you hove of changing others. Ron Dyke man: Dreams do come true f you moke It rhor woy. Paul Edmund: It Is bener to remain silent ond be thought o fool than to speak and remove oil doubt 50Luther Fors; Are we having fun yet? Susan Epperson: Moke every day o learning experience. Deono Goben: There Is never o dream too big. nor o dreamer too small. 61 Amy Ingold: A fake friend and o shadow attend only when the sun sNnesKomi Keehner: Confidence is the first note in the song of success Dona Larson: Don't spend your doys stringing and tuning your instrument—srorr mohng music now Shell no Larson: To handle yourself, use your heod. To hoodie others, use your heart. 62 Scott McNeil: If you're gonna ploy the gome, you gotta leam to ploy it rightKris Mortond: A real friend Is one who helps us to think our noblest thoughts, pur forth our best efforts, ond to be our best selves. David Norberg: The problem with being o good sport b that you hove ro lose to prove it Laura O'Tool: Love knows no limit ro its endurance. no end ro its Trust, no fading of its hope. it con outlast onytNng. 63John Orto: The quollty of o man's life b directly proportional to his commitment to excellence. Cheryl Paul: The difference between stumbling blocks ond stepping stones Is the . 5es rhem Becky Peterson: You con only live once—but If you live right, once b enough Heidi Peterson: Being smart, bn't olwoys fun Rollie Peterson: When the rimes get rough, don r give up as long os there b someone who coresPlcot J: Never expto»r —Y'our friends c °n f oeec r ood your enemies won't £ rr on y woy. Kevin R mick: When tn doubr. Fire Our' Tina Randall: Smile first thing m the morning and get if over wtrh. Kim Rozzeii: You grow up the doy you hove rhe first real lough or yourselfCarrie Scott• A smite is a gently curved line that sets o lor of rhlngs straight Pot Shannon: A drummer is like the heorr. it keeps everything together by keeping the bear Chris Sides: My interest is In the future. become I m going to spend the rest of my life rhere Kristie Snyden Our future is Uke o shining porh of snow: Be careful how you treod it for every step win show Terri TofUnger. Holding on to what you hove is more important than trying to hold on to what you don't have John Willis: Life is just one big pony So live It os much os you con. Troy Voss: Rev it post the limit. 67Ml DJ4€ £002) 0J3 2)jyS Brody Anderson: Tim Boinbridge: Foorboll 1.2,3,4. Chorus 1,2, Muslcol 1,2, Lotin Club 1.2, Officer 2 Mark Borman: Foorboll 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3, FFA 1,2,3,4, Officer 3, Work Study 3,4, A VC 3, Bond 1,2 Terri Borders: Volleyball 1.2,3,4, Basketball Cheerleader 2, Spanish Club 1,2,3, 5tudent Council 1. Chorus 1,2,3,4, Officer 4, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir 4, Musical 1,4, Bond 1.2,3,4, Officer 4, Bond Ensembles 3,4, Class Officer 1 Jennie Brown: Volleyball 1,2,3.4, Foorboll Cheerleader 4, Sponish Club 2,3, FHA 1.2,3,4, Officer 4. Yearbook 2.3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Officer 4, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Chamber Choir 4, Swing Choir 2,3,4, Musical 1,2.3,4, Bond, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Madrigol 2,3,4, Homecoming Attendant 4 Rick Brown: Foorboll 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Trock, Work Study 4 Sandy Brown: Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Sponish Club 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2, Chorus Ensembles 1, Musical 1, Homecoming Attendant 2 Shone Corlson: Football 1,2,3,4, Class Officer 1 Scott Clorke: Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, Trock 4, Sponish Club 1,2,3, AVC 3. Art Club 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 1.2,3.4, Chamber Choir 2,3,4, 5wing Choir 2,3,4, Musical 1.2,4, Library Club 1,2 Corrie Diffenbough: FHA 1,2,3.4, AVC 4, Chorus 1.2, Musical 2, Bond 1 Ron Dykemon: Foorboll 1,2,3,4, Baskerball 1, Chorus, Musical 1,4 Poul Edmund: Foorboll 1, Work Study 4 Susan Epperson. Sponish Club 1,2,3,4, FHA 1,2,3,4, Sponish Norionol Honor Society 2.3.4, Luther Fors: Foorboll 2,3.4, Sponish Club 1,2,3, FFA 1,2,3.4, Officer 2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4. Chorus Ensembles 1.2,3,4, Chamber Choir 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir 1,2,3.4, Musical 1,2,3,4, Bond 1,2,3,4, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Jazz Bond 1,2,3,4, Class Officer 4. Modrlgol 1.2,3,4 Deono Goben: Volleyball 1, Sponish Club 1,2, Chorus, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4. Swing Choir 3.4, Muslcol, Bond 1,2,3,4. Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4. Modrigol 3.4, Augustono Honor Bond 3 Kathy Hoyle: Trock 1,2,3,4. Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. FHA, Yeorbook 2,3,4, Art Club 4, Chorus 1.2.3,4. Muslcol 1,2.3.4 Amy Ingold: FHA 2,3,4, Officer 3,4, Yeorbook 2,3,4, Art Club 3.4, Officer 4, Library Club 2 Joel Johnson: Trock 1,2,3, Sponish Club 1, AVC 3,4 Komi Keehner. Volleyball 1, Trock 1. Sponish Club 1,2,3. Yeorbook 2,3,4, Notionol Honor Society 3,4, Sponish Norionol Honor Society 2.3,4, Student Council 2.3, Officer 2.3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir 2,3,4. Musical 1,2,3,4, Modrigol 4, Bond 1,2,3,4, Officer 3.4. Bond Ensembles 1.2,3,4, Jazz Bond 2,3,4, Class Officer 2.4 Dona Larson: Trock 1,2, Football Cheerleoder 1,2, Basketball 1 Cheerleader 1,2, Sponish Club 1,2,3.4, Officer 3, Yeorbook 3.4, Notionol Honor Society 3.4, Sponish Notionol Honor Society 3.4, Student Council 1,4, Officer 4, Art Club 3,4, Officer 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 1.2,3,4. Chamber Choir 4, Swing Choir 1,2,4. Musical 1,2,3,4, Bond, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Jazz Bond 4, Class Officer 1 Shelino Lorson: Basketball 2, Trock 1,2, Sponish Club 1,2,3,4, FHA 1. Yeorbook 2, Work Study 4, Chorus 1,2,3, Musical 1,2, Bond 2,3 Kenny Link. AVC 3 Scott McNeil: Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 2. Trock 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1.2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 3.4, Musical 1,4, Bond 1,2,3,4. Officer 4. Bond Ensembles 4, Homecoming Attendant 2, Lorin Club 1,2 Mark Miley: Football 1,2,3,4, Trock 3, Sponish Club 1,2,3, Norionol Honor Society 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir 4. Musical 1.2,3,4. Bond 1,2,3,4, Bond Ensembles 4, Class Officer 2 Kris Morlond: Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Trock 1,2,3, Bosketboll Cheerleoder 1,3. Sponish Club 1,2,3, Notionol Honor Society 3.4, Art Club 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensemble 1,2,3,4, Chamber Choir 4, Swing Choir 3.4, Musical 1.2,3,4, Bond, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Jozz Bond 1,2 Nettle Nice: Bosketboll 1,2,3,4, Trock 1,2,3,4, Football Cheerleoder 1,2,3,4, Sponish Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 3, FHA, Officer 3,4, Norionol Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Muslcol 4, Homecoming Attendant 3, Class Officer 2 86Dovid Norberg: Foorboll 1,2.3.4. Bosketboll 1.2.3,4. Track, SponishClub, FFA 1,2,3,4. Officers, Notional Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Officer 4. Chorus, Chorus Ensembles 2,3,4, Swing Choir 4, Musical 1,4, Homecoming Attendant 1,4, Class Officer 3 Erik Olson FFA 1,2.3 Louro O Tool: Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1.2.3,4, Track, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Notional Honor Society 3,4, Spanish Notionol Honor Society 2,3,4. Student Council 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Chamber Choir 4, Musical 1,3,4, Bond 1,2,3,4, Homecoming Attendant 3,4 Lisa O'Tool: Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Bosketboll, Track, Spanish Club 1,2, Notionol Honor Society 3,4, Chorus, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,4, Swing Choir 4, Musical 1,4, Bond 1,2.3,4, Modrigol 4. Class Officer 4 John Otto: Football 1,2,3,4, Bosketboll 1,2,3,4, Trock, Notionol Honor Society 3,4, Chorus 1,2.3,4, Chorus Ensembles 3,4. Swing Choir 4, Musical 3,4. Bond 1,2,3,4, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Jazz Bond 4, Homecoming Attendant 3, Class Officer 3, Lotin Club 1,2, Officer 1,2 Ron Patterson: FFA 2, Work Study 4, AVC 3 Cheryl Paul; Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Bosketboll 1, Trock 1,2,3, Spanish Club 1,2.3, FHA 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4, Yearbook 2.3,4, Notional Honor Society 3,4, AVC 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 2,3,4. Chamber Choir 4, Musical 1,2,3,4, Flogs 2.3,4 Becky Peterson: Basketball 3, Trock 1. FHA 1,2,3,4, Yearbook 2. AVC 4, Art Club 4, Chorus 1,2,3 Heidi Peterson Bosketboll 2,3,4, Trock 2,3,4, FHA 1,2,3.4, Notionol Honor Society 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 3, Chamber Choir 4, Musical 1,2,3,4, Bond, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3.4, Library Club 1,2,4 Rollie Peterson: Football 1,2, Bosketboll 2.3, FFA 1,2,3,4, AVC 4, Art Club 3, Chorus 1. Speech Contest 1 Heidi Picord: Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Trock 1,2,3,4, Bosketboll Cheerleoder 1,2,3, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2, Chorus Ensembles 1,2. Musical 1, Class Officer 3 Dovid Portugue: Football 3,4, Track 4 Kim Roszell: Art Club 4 Dovid Schnell: Football 3,4, Bosketboll 4, Trock 4, Spanish Club 4, Homecoming Artendont 3,4 Corrie Scott: Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Bosketboll 1,2,3,4, Trock, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 3, Notionol Honor Society 3.4. Spanish Notional Honor Sociery 2,3,4, Work Study 4, Student Council 1,2,3.4, Officer 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Officer 3 Chorus Ensembles 2,3,4, Chamber Choir 4, Swing Choir 4, Musical 4, Bond 1,2,3,4, Bond Ensembles 2,3,4, Drum Major 3,4, Homecoming Attendant 1,4, Class Officer 1.4, Modrigol 4 Patrick Shannon: Football 1,2,3,4, Trock 4, Spanish Club 1,2,3, Chorus 3, Swing Choir 3, Bond 1,2,3,4, Bond Ensembles 1,2,3,4 Chris Sides: AVC 4 Shown Smith: Foorboll 1,2, AVC 3,4 Kristie Snyder: Volleyball 1. Bosketboll 1, FHA 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 1. Art Club 3.4, Chorus 1,2,4 Sherri Taflinger: AVC 3, Chorus 1 Terri Taflinger: AVC 4 Joe Toylor: Bosketboll 1,2,3.4, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Student Council 3. Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles 4, Swing Choir 4. Musical 4. Golf Club 1,2,3.4 Mike Toylor: Football 1.2, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Chorus, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4. Chamber Choir 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir 1,2,3,4, Musical 1,3,4, Bond 1.2,3,4, Officer 4, Bond Ensembles 4, Homecoming Artendont 4, Golf Club 1.2,3,4 Troy Voss: Foorboll 1,2,3,4, Bosketboll 3. FFA 1.2,3,4, Officer 3, AVC 3. Bond 1.2 John Willis: AVC 3 Tino Randoll: AVC 4 89 Kevin Remick: Football 1,2.3,4, Bosketboll 1. Trock 1, Work Study 4The Senior Closs Trip to Great America began at 6:00 A M. on Fridoy. May 29rh The moment we arrived. most of the class headed toward the American Eagle roller coaster. Others, who weren't quite so brave, took odvontoge of the sunny weather ond enjoyed the water rides. The most professional theme pork seniors fried out the newest ride called The Power Dive. It's great for onyone who enjoys hanging upside down. Whatever we went on, the entire class had a great rime. We returned home about 10:00 P.M with sunburns, some fuzzy friends won or the gome stands, and plenty of memories. Pic 1: The Senior Class gathers (or o picture Pic. 2: Sondy Drown ond Terri Borders discuss the events of the doy Pic 3: Joel Johnson relaxes on the bus. Pic 4: Oecky Peterson ond Korhy Hoyle take home their prizes Pic 5 After o long doy. John Otto takes o snooze Pic 6 The two Taylors show off their Teddy Bears Dun 3n 3L S, unBoccoloureare wos held Sunday, May 31 ot 7:00 pm in the Walt Minder Gymnasium The worship service was planned by members of the Senior Class with help from Pastor Miley. David Miley, Pastor of the Bethany Lutheran Church in Woodhull, gave the Invocation, Sermon, and Benediction. The scripture lesson was reod by Kris Morland, and Scott Clarke led the class in the responsive reading. Deono Goben read the doss prayer. Pic. 1—Junior Honor Guards Todd Greenmon, Merldeth Willett, Andreo Bergstrom, and Evo Lord with the Senior Bonner. Pic. 2—Pastor David Miley preached the sermon. Pic. 3—Mark Miley and Ron Dykemon prepare for the service. Pic. 4—Kris Moriond, Scott Clarke, ond Deano Goben participated in the service. Pic. 5—Pat Shannon, Tim Bainbridge, ond Scott McNeil talk before the service. (Baccalaureate 1987Cjraduation Arrived ! Groduorion for the Closs of 1987 was held Tuesday, June 2nd or 7:30 pm in the Walt Minder Gymnasium. The Bond directed by Mr McCoy, ployed the Processional ond Recessional Loter, the entire bond, including the Seniors, ployed "Exaltation”. The Invocation ond Benediction were given by Pastor Lorry Olson of the United Methodist Church of Alpha. Luther Fors. Senior Closs Vice-President welcomed the Class of 1987, parents, family, friends, ond fellow students. Next Solutotorion Carrie Scott, followed by Valedic-rorions Komi Keehner ond John Otto, gave their addresses. The entire Chorus song "Showing Us the Way”, ond then the Senior Closs song 'Goodbye Old Friend”. Diplomas were presented to the closs by Dor-win Swanson, President of the AlWood School Board This page Pic 1: Closs Officers Liso O'Tooi. Carrie Scon. Komi Keehner. ond Luther Fors por-ricipoted in the ceremony Pic 7 The Seniors proctice their song before groduotion. Pic 3: The Closs receives their diplomas Pic 4: Kevin Remick ond Mork Bormon get reody for Commencement Opposite Poge. Pic. 1: Uso O'Tooi presented o gift to Mrs Willodeone Cortson in honor of her retirement Pic. 7 Voledictorion John Otto. Solutotorion Come Scott, ond Voledictorion Komi Keehner presented speeches Pic. 3 Louro O'Tooi pins o flower on Rev Olson. Pic 4: After Commencement ponies honoring the Groduares were held oil over the community Pic 5: The Senior Closs of 1967. Remember Wk en o Lo CORN FlAKfc 98— 99World News Iron Gore AIDS Score TV Evangelists Scandals Gory Hart Scandal Daby M Custody Battle Marine Spies in Russia Teen Suicide Outbreak Voyager Flies Around World Iceland Summit U.S. Stark Attacked Movies Platoon Ferris Bueller's Day Off Bock To School Stand By Me Nightmare On Elm St. 3 Star Trek 4 About Last Night Karate Kid 2 Golden Child Crocodile Dundee Top Gun Secret Of My Success Songs My Future’s So Bright Stand By Me Twist And Shout Fight For The Right Nothing's Gonno Stop Us The Way It Is Jacob's Ladder Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Glory Of Love Keep Your Hands To Yourself Vlu year Vital Was Deorhs Liberace Danny Koye Cory Grant Dezi Arnez Robert Preston Todd Davenport Cory Sterns Dean Paul Martin Mr. Green Jeons Len Bios Rito Hoy worth Ground Squirrel Korlo Shot Down Diffenbaugh TV Shows Moonlighting Knot’s Landing Growing Pains Colby's Perfect Strangers Head Of The Class Cosby Show Family Ties Alf Mox Heodroom L.A. Low Sports Bears nominated for Grammy Mets win World Series Gionts win Super Bowl Michael Nunn fights in QC Sugar Roy bears Hogler Indiana wins NCAA US wins America's Cup Drug Use In Sports Crisis FR-SO Track 1st in Conf. People Michael Jordon Bill Cosby Bruce Willis Cybil Shepard Kirk Comeron Jon Bon Jovi Tom Cruise Rob Lowe Demi Moore Bronson Plnchot (Balki) Michael J. Fox Vonno White Music Groups Run DMC Bon Jovi Beostie Boys Bruce Hornsby And The Ronge Bangles Genesis Monkees Return Kansas Cinderella Raft Local News Plozo Robbery Consolidation Considered Graffiti on School Walls Eorthquoke Shakes Area Jennie Brown RR Days Queen 102L-ruiiin Cruising—we love it, porents hore if, ond McDonold's tolerates if. You know what it's oil about—if improves our social lives, tests the "coolness" of our cars, ond determines the capacity of our speakers Between the McDonalds' on Main ond Henderson in Galesburg, we scope for dotes, show off our cors. ond jam to our favorite songs. But, of course, we also waste gas, waste rime waiting for trains, ond try to shoke off geeks ond nerds. In spire of its drawbacks, cruising hos become o vital port of every teenager's life. NO PARKING PERMITTED AFTER STORE HOURS ccuo £ ru Bt IZZAWDf atroni Thank you ro the following Businesses for rheir donations. Alexander Lumber Co. Amy's Ponrry Bergstrom Seed and Groin Co. Ceramics Unlimired Cornerstone Dr. H. N. Picard Elio's Flowers Former Store Bonk Alpha F.S. Growmark Distribution John's Conoco Station Pererson-Wallin-Knox Tony's Plbg. ond Hrg., Inc. Willett s Welding Woodhull Land Development Alpha Reody Mix Barton's Body Shop Bolduc and Sons, Inc. Connie's Lakeside Boutique Dad's Drive In Restaurant Drs. Rehn ond Larson, P.C. Family Video Francis Insurance Grossell's Pharmacy Inc. H.L.R. Carlson and Sons Undo Vromon R. Phillip Steele, Arty. VanGerson Plbg. ond Hrg. Woodhull Hardware Store Woodhull Red Fox Woodhull Store Bonk

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