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pring..........................47 Jnderclassmen..................55 )rganizations..................63 unior High.....................85 acuity.........................99 1985-1986 AlWood Jr.-Sr. High School Woodhull. Illinois 61490School Calendar August 23 23 September 2 4 11 20 October 7-11 7 11 12 First Day Of School Football Kick -Off Night No School. 1 Jibor Day High School Band Monmouth Parade FHA Rally Senior Hog Roast Spirit Week Swing Choir tryouts Homecoming Parade Homecoming Game vs. Winola Homecoming Dance 14 15 16 19 22 25 30 November 1 6 8 9 12 13 14 19 20 22 28-29 December 5 8 18-21 19 20-Jan. 1 January 16 17 20 22 27 February 10 14 15 19 22 March 1 3 11 13 22 25 27 April 5 6-12 12 15 16 19 30 May 2-3 4 12 17 18 21 29 No School, Columbus Day School Pictures JV Varsity Volleyball vs. Alexis. Parents Night University of Illinois Marching Festival Spanish Club Banquet Varsity Football vs. Galva, Parents Night HS Volleyball Regionals End of 9 Weeks FHA Daddy Date Night No School. Parenl Teacher Conference Speech Contest in Geneseo Football Volleyball Awards Dinner HS Choir at Elementary School Tip-Off Night for Basketball Jr.-Sr. High School Open House Choral Festival at Cambridge Swing Choir Performs for Senior Citizens No School. Thanksgiving Christmas Program Practice Christmas Program. Swing Choir Performs at Maxwells Orion Tourney Swing Choir Performs at Alpha Methodist Church No School. Christmas Vacation Semester Tests End of Semester No School. Martin lather King Jr. Day Swing Choir Performs at Jumers, FHA Officers Interview at Annawan Senior Cap and Gown Measurements Jr. High District Night JV Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Toulon. Parents Night FHA FFA Valentine Dance JV Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Cambridge, Parents Night HS Choir to 1SU Solo Ensemble Contest at Sterling FHA Trip Basketball Awards Dinner. Henry County Spelling Bee at Cambridge Section FHA Rally at Annawan Benefit Night Spanish Honor Society Induction End of Nine Weeks Sr. Pancake Breakfast Close-Up Program Spring Dance FHA Style Show Spanish Club Banquet Organizational Contest Jr. High Band Festival Musical Student Council Softball Tourney AlWood Invitational Track Prom Baccalaureate Music Department Recognition Banquet GraduationGenevieve McKee This page is lo honor Gen McKee, a Latin and English teacher at AlWood High School for over twenty years. Her warmth, enthusiasm, and energy is credited for keeping the students interested in the Latin program. She has also been involved in the production of countless musicals. Her caring and understanding touched many—inside the classroom and out. Gen always considered the student’s feelings just as important as the academic lessons. She was known affectionately by all as "Mom” and "Grandma." She will be greatly missed by staff and students alike, and the loss of her presence w ill be felt by everyone. 3ta‘Wli it Was Happenin' 85-’86” World News---------------American Hostage held on TWA Jet in Beirut Reagan-Gorbachex Summit in Geneva Halley’ Comet Return (Kinda) Apartheid in South Afica Cheap Gasoline (80 ) Aid to Nicaraguan Contras considered U.S. bombs Lybia in response to terrorist attack Khadaffi linked to Terrorist Acts Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Diaster Live Aid People------Bruce Springsteen Whitney Houston Madonna-Sean Penn Bill Cosby Molly Ringwald Michael J. F ox Sylvester Station Hulk Hogan Pee Wee Herman W hoopi (kddberg Tom Cruise National News—Reagan’s Surgery for Colon Cancer Censorship of Rock Music Indebted Iowa farmer kill self. wife. banker 1st National Holiday Honoring Martin Luther King AIDS Scare Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes—Killing Crew Extra Strength Tylenol removed from Market after tampering Al Capone’s Vault opened—Nothing Found Prince Charles Princess Di xisit U.S. Hands Across America—Farm Aid—Fund Raisers Fads-------Paisley Apparel Swatch watches and paraphernalia Miarna Vice “Look” Levi 501 s Unshaven face Floral Apparel Bermuda Shorts Hawaiian Clothes Untied High Tops Air Jordan Basketball Shoes Bobljed Hair Deaths-------Konstantin Chernenko Orson Wells Yul Brynner Laura .Ashley Rock Hudson Robert Crawford Space Shuttle Challenger Crew—1st school teacher in space. Christa McAuliffe Flo Hyman—Volleyball star of ’84 U.S. Oly mpic team James Cagney Joe Mateika Sports --------------- Chicago Bears—Superbowl Champs Kansas City Royals—World Sene Champs Ferdinand—Kentucky Derby inner Jack Nicklaus—Winner of Master at age 46 Bobby Rahal—Winner of Indy 500 Pete Rose breaks Ty Cobb hitting record William “The Regngeralor” Pern J.V. Volleyball Conference Champs Varsity Boys' Basketball—Conference Regional Champs David Heady places 2nd in Stale for High Jump New Crow’s nest put up T.V.------Miami Vice Moonlighting Cosby Show The Colbys Return to Mayberry I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years loiter North and South North and South Book II Growing Pains M USic-----Super Bowl Shuffle Money For Nothing (I Want My MTV ) Tears are Falling Home Sweet Home—Motley Crue Artist Against Apartheid—Sun City Rain on the Scarecrow Why Can’t This Ik Ixive Some Like It Hot Shot in the Dark Separate Lives Live to Tell How Will I Know Movies-------Back to the Future Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Rocky IV Pretty in Pink Iron Eagle The Color Purple Cobra Top Gun Out of Africa White NightsHonored Seniors l.isa Strange—Valedictorian. Honor Trophy. John Philip Sousa Band Award Greg Ward—Salutatorian Kevin Buban—American Legion Good Citizenship Award Kevin Elliott—American Legion Good Citizenship Award, DeKalb Award Jeff Mahler—Holland Lindsey Award Inger Bergstrom — D.A.R. Award Tammy Schwarlzkopf—Wall Minder Award 6Kerry Bateman: There is no indigestion worse than that which comes from having to eal your own word . Inger Bergstrom: What you are is God's gift to you. what you become is your gift to God. Kevin Creek: It doesn't matter what other people think of you. because you are you. Diane Bloomberg: It’s a great deal easier to forgive an enemy after you've gotten even with them. Kevin Buban: The strong-minded man takes the rough times and makes them a learning experience. Sherri Creek: Friends come and friends go. but Carrie Culligan: Don't stop believing, memories last a lifetime. 7Tony DiToro: God helps those who strive to help themselves Kevin Elliott: The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one. Jeff Eskridge I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. Cherish Mie memories of Savor Wit jop of iodau fturlwifte promise of James Hoyle: Words say so litle. but emotions hangr the future 8 Sarah Johnson: Ignorance is when you don't know anything and somebody find out! Mark Jones: I deserve a break today—from McDonald ! Joe Kness: I'm into total affection, not being Lon Krueger: Half run lives are penl in scared if you never please me. wishing for tomorrow, the other half is in wishing for yesterday. Jim Kessinger You get what you play for. Carolyn Lawson No. you never get any fun out of the things you haven’t done. Susan Karnes Leafgreen oSxttd. (oA io Imorrut fiWt for ike slors £ook aftecUAhuA aboin it Tlte fuiurr is oursMemory is die common bridge vial beeps our beads ui ioack ornl hungs we booed ovea $o mie I Gail McVielly: We ourselves can not go back in time and do the things we’ve done before, but to live and live for so much more. Jeff Maher: Somebody still cares about quality. Scott McMeekan: When you become satisfied. ou stop striving to be number one. Kim Martens: Why be normal? Michele Moore: A truth that’s told with bad intent. beats all the lies you can invent. Karin Munson: To understand a person is to look beyond the bad and focus on the good. Tammv Painter: Don't tell the world what you can do . . . show it. 10Michele Petrovich: Once I loved them; Sometime I will mis them. NEVER will I forget my high school days. weareik eyes of f hnys yd unseen Ue are-iitef dream. Erika Picard: Get a good grasp on things while you can, because before you know it they will slip through your fingers. Tonya Portugue: Anyone can Start’ , but only the thoroughbred will “Finish ". Mike Price: The light of life is easily drawn; it's often dark before it’s Dawn Jacqueline Pruett: Silence is the genius of fools and the virtue of the wise. Mike Richer Darrin Reed: You can never appreciate what great treasures are yours until you’ve lost them forever. 11Greg Remick: A man who never quits is a man who will succeed. Class Motto Vernik voice of today And Ifichope of tomorrow l,eif Robinson: Behind every great man, there’s a guitar. Tory Sanders: The way to a mans heart is through his Auto Parts. Tammy Schwarl kopf: A friend is there to lend a hand, and to give you love, just when you need it the most. CfdSsMwer-Ivory Carmtm. lipped in peach Stan Sotelo: Life is a party and parlies weren’t meant to last. David Scott: Where there is excitement. I am easily found.I.isa Strange : Give mr a c hallenge ami I'll inert it with joy. Greg Ward: Man of few words, mighty in mind. Craig Yarde: l eam from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them. Sherri Tailinger: It doesn't matter what’s on the outside, it's what on the inside that counts. Todd Wofford: If you have never failed, you haven’t done much. Class Colors Teach and Xvoru Dana VanDeWalle: No rule of success will work if you don’t. 13Senior Index Kerry Bateman—Volleyball 1. Track 2. Cheerleading 1,3. Yearbook 3,4, Officer 4. National Honor Society 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4. Chorus Ensembles 2,3,4, Chamber Choir 4, Chorus Officer 4, Musical 1.2.3, Band Band Ensembles Jazz Band 3.4. Band Officer 4, Districts 3,4 lnger Bergstrom—Volleyball 1.2,3,4. Basketball Stats 1, Basketball Manager 2,3, Track Manager 4. Spanish Club EH A 1,2,3.4. Local Officer 2.4. Section Officer 2,3,4, State Peer Educator 4. Yearbook 3,4. Officer 4. National Honor Society 3,4. A.l.E. 2, Library Club 2.3. Chorus Chorus Ensembles 2.3.4. Musical Diane Bloomberg—Football Cheerleader 1.2.3. Basketball Cheerleader 1,2.3,4, Cheerleading Captain 2.3,4, Spanish Club 1,2,3.4. Officer 2,3, Yearbook 3,4. Officer 4, National Honor Society 3,4. Officer 4, Work Study 4. Library Club 1.2.3, Officer 3. Student Council 4. Chorus 1.2. Musical 1, Homecoming Attendant 3.4. Class Officer 3.4 Kevin Buban—Football 2.3, Basketball 1,2.3.4. Spanish Club 1.2.3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. Officer 4. Golf Club 1.2.3,4, Officer 3.4. Student Council 4, Chorus 1,2,3.4. Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3,4, Chamber Choir 1,2.3.4, Chorus Officer 3, Musical 1,2.3.4. Spanish Honor Society 3.4 Kevin Creek—Football 1,2.3.4. Basketball 1,2.3.4. Track 1, Spanish Club 1,2. Officer 1, Yearbook 3,4, Chorus Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3.4. Chamber Choir 3.4. Musical 2. Band 1.2,3,4. Band Ensembles Sherri Creek—Volleyball 1,2, Track 1, Spanish Club FHA 1,2.3.4, Work Study 4, Chorus 1.2.3, Musical 1,2. Flags 3.4. Class Officer 1 Carrie Culligan—FHA 4. AVC 4 Tony Ditoro—Football 1,2.3.4. Basketball 1,2.3,4, AVC 3, Homecoming Attendant 2 Kevin Elliott—Football 2,3,4. Basketball 1,2,3.4. FFA Officer 2.3.4, Golf Club 1.2,3,4. Officer 3,4, Student Council 1,2.3,4, Chorus 1,2.3.4, Chorus Ensembles 2,3, Chamber Choir 1,2,3.4. Musical 1. Homecoming Attendant 3.4. Class Officer 2.3, National Honor Society 4 Jeff Eskridge—Football 2. Band 1.2,3,4. Chorus 1,2,3 Craig Genisio—Basketball 1,2.3.4, Track 1.2,3,4, Work Study 4 Chris Haake—Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3.4. Chorus 1,2,3.4. Chorus Ensembles 2.3. Musical 1,2,3.4. Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4 David Heady—Football 1,3,4, Track 1,2.3.4. AVC 3 James Hoyle—Football 1.2,3. Track 1,2, Work Study 4. AVC 3 Sarah Johnson—Spanish Club 1,2,3.4. Library Club 1.2.3. Musical 3.4, Band 1,2.3.4. Band Ensembles 1,2.3.4. Spanish National Honor Society 3,4, National Honor Society 4 Mark Jones—Football 2, Track 1, Spanish Club 1,2.3. Chorus, Chorus Ensembles 1,2.3, Chamber Choir 1,2.3.4. Musical 2.4 Jim Kessinger—Football 1,2,3.4. AVC 3,4, Student Council 1,2.3. Homecoming Attendant 1. Class Officer 1,2.3 Joe Kness—FFA 2.3. Work Study 4. Musical 2.3.4, Band 1,2,3,4. Band Ensembles 1,3,4. Jazz Band 1,2.3,4 Lori Krueger—Volleyball 1.2,3.4, Basketball 2.3. Cheerleading 1. FHA 1,2.3.4, Officer 1.2, Work Study 4. A1E 2.3. Officer 2. Library Club 2,3. Officer 3, Chorus 1,2,3. Chorus Ensembles 3, Musical 1, Band 1,2,3,4, Band Ensembles 3, Jazz Band 3,4. Homecoming Attendant 1 Carolyn Lawson—Spanish Club 1.2.3,4, FHA 1,2.3.4, AIE 2.3. Library Club 1.2,3, Chorus 1.2.3,4. Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3.4. Chamber Choir 4, Musical 1.2, Flags 2,3,4. Flag Co-captain 3, Flag Captain 4 Susan I-eafgreen—FHA 1.2. AVC 4, Library Club 1.2. Chorus 1.2.3, Chorus Ensembles 1,2,3, Chamber Choir 2.3, Musical 1,2.3 Scott McMeekan—Football 1.2.3,4. Basketball 1.2,3,4 Gail McVietly—Library Club 1,2.3 Jeff Maher—Basketball 1,2,3.4. Track 1.3.4, Work Study 4. Musical 1, National Honor Society 4 Kim Martens—Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4.Track 2. FHA 1,2,3.4. Flags 2,3,4 Michele Moore—Spanish Club 1,2,3, Yearbook 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Library Club 1,2. Musical 2.3. Band 1.2,3,4, Band Ensembles 1,2,3,4. Class Officer 3 Karin Munson—Spanish Club 1.2,3. FHA 1.2.3, Chorus 1.2.3, Chorus Ensembles 1,2, Musical 1. Band 1,2. Band Ensembles 1,2 Tammy Painter—Basketball Stats 4, FHA 4 Michele Petrovich—Basketball 1.2.3,4. Track 1,2.3.4. Art Club 4 Erika Picard—Volleyball 1,2.3.4, Spanish Club 1.2,3,4, Officer 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Officer 4, Student Council 1,2, Chorus 1.2,3,4, Chorus Ensembles, Chamber Choir 2,3.4. Chorus Officer 4. Musical, Baud 1,2.3.4. Band Ensembles, Homecoming Attendant 4, Class Officer 4. Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4 Tonya Portugue—AVC 4. Art Club 4 Mike Price—Football 1,2, Basketball 1.2. Track 1.2, Work Study 4, AVC 3 Jacqueline Pruett—Track 2. FHA 1.2, Library Club 3 Darrin Heed—Track 1.2. Spanish Club 1,2. AVC 4, Chorus, Musical 1.2.3 Greg Remick—Football 2,3.4. Basketball 2. Track 1.3.4 Leif Robinson—Football 2,3.4. AVC 3.4 Tory Sanders—Basketball 1. Spanish Club 1. FHA 1,2,3.4. Work Study 4, Chorus 1,2.3. Musical 1, Flags 2.3.4 Tammy Schwarlzkopf—Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Basketball Track 1,2,3.4, Spanish Club 1,2.3. FHA Officer 2,3,4. Section Officer 3.4, National Honor Society 3.4. Chorus 1,2,3,4. Chorus Ensembles 3.4. Chamber Choir 3.4. Musical 1. Band 1,2.3.4, Band Ensembles 2,3,4 David Scott—Football 2, Work Study 4. AVC 4 Stanley Sotelo—Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2.3.4 Lisa Strange—Volleyball 1,2,3.4. Basketball 1,2.3.4, Track 3,4, Spanish Club 1.2,3,4, Officer 3. Yearbook 3.4. National Honor Society 3.4, Officer 4, Library Club 1.2.3, Library Aide 4, Student Council 1,2,3,4. Officer 3.4 District Officer 4, Chorus 1.2,3,4. Chorus Ensembles 2,3,4. Chamber Choir 4. Musical Band 1.2.3,4, Band Ensembles 1.2.3,4, Drum Major 3.4. Band Officer 4. Homecoming Attendant 3.4. Class Officer 4. Spanish National Honor Society 3.4 Sherri Taflinger—AVC 4, AIE 1, Chorus 1.2 Dana VanDeWalle—Basketball 1, Spanish Club 1.2,3,4, FHA 1.2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. Chorus Chorus Ensembles 1.2.3,4, Chamber Choir 3.4. Musical 1.2.3. Band 1,2.3.4. Band Ensembles Jazz Band 2.3.4. Districts 4 Greg Ward—Football 4, Basketball 1,2,3.4. National Honor Society 3,4, Work Study 4. Student Council 1,4 Todd Wofford—Football 1,3.4. Work Study 4. AVC 3,4. Library Club 1 Craig Yarde—Football, Track 2.3,4, Chorus 3,4. Chamber Choir 3, Band 1,2.3.4. Band Ensembles Jazz Band 1,2,3.4. Homecoming Attendant 3.4“Looks Like We Made It’ Top row. Left to Right. Chris Haake, Kevin Elliott. Greg Ward. Leif Robinson. Diane Bloomberg. Middle row, Mike Recher. Kevin Creek. Mike Price. Darrin Reed, Joe Kness. Craig Genisio, Jeff Maher. Kevin Buban, Craig Yarde, Scott McMeekan. Tony DiToro. Jim Kessinger, Karin Munson. Tonya Poiiugue. Michele Petrovich, Carrie Culligan. Erika Picard. Sherri Creek. Tammy Schwartzkopf, Susan Karnes Leafgreen. Sherri Taflinger. Michele Moore, inside car. Kerry Bateman. Front row. Lori Krueger. Sarah Johnson. Lisa Strange. Kim Martens, Tory Sanders, Dana VanDeWalle. Carolyn Uwson, Tammy Painter. Gail McVietty, Inger Bergstrom. Front row, lying down. Mark Jones. Jeff Eskridge. David Scott. Stan Sotelo, not pictured. Jackie Pruett. James Hoyle. David Heady. Greg Remick. Todd Wofford. 16 Senior Class Officers: Left to Right. Secretary. Kerry Bateman, President, Lisa Strange, Vic President, Erika Picard, and Treasurer, Diane Bloomberg.“You Oughta Be in Pictures” 18 - 19Baccalaureate was held Sunday, May eighteenth in the Wall Minder Gymnasium. Pictured at right are speakers Dana VanDeWalle, Carolyn Lawson, Mark Jones, and Pastor Michael Wintz of the United Church of Woodhull. Below left are Junior Honor Guards Dana Larson, Kami Keehner, Carrie Scott, and John Otto. A special choral selection, "Hold Thou My Hand”, was presented by Kevin Buban and Erika Picard, below right. The Graduation committer helped plan the Baccalaureate and Graduation ceremonies. Members are. Left to Right. Kevin Buban. Erika Picard. Diane Bloomberg. lx ri Krueger. Usa Strange. Carolyn Lawson. Inger Bergstrom. Kim Martens. Kerry Bateman. Dana VanDeWalle. Michele Petrovich. Tory Sanders, and Craig Y'arde. 22O • 1 UI" rp • • 999 senior Class— Day 1 nppin This year’s Senior Class Trip lo Marriotl’s Great America began at 6:00 A.M. Friday, May 23rd. We had a nice wait for Tony DiToro. We finally departed at 6:30 A.M. Even though it was rather cool, the entire class enjoyed themselves. There were a lot of scary roller coasters, but for the less brave people there were water rides and merry-go-rounds. We learned a little more respect for Mr. and Mrs. “Dukes" Clark when they saved us from a “WILD” band of baseball fans. We returned home around 10:00 P.M. 23“Celebrate” Graduation for the class of 1986 was held Thursday. May 29th at 7:30 PM. The senior class all sang their senior song—“Look Ahead.” Mrs. McKee read a poem at graduation in honor of her “graduation.” The class banner was designed by Michele Petrovich and constructed by Kerry Bateman. Lisa Strange, and Inger Bergstrom. This year the Valedictorian was Lisa Strange and the Salutatorian was Greg Ward. 24Mr Yarde. Pastor Charles Sampson. Mrs. McKee, and Mr. French all participated in the commencement ceremony. The junior ushers this year were Kami Keehner, Dana I .arson. John Otto, and Carrie Scott. Diane Bloomberg. Kerry Bateman, and Frika Picard were also speakers at graduation. Michele Moore and Lisa Strange are thrilled about graduating. Tammy. Diane. Kevin. David, and Stanley all celebrate Some senior “Dudes” relax before the big moment. Lori Krueger shows a big smile. Mrs. McKee helps Mike Recher with his flower. Carrie Culligan and Karin Munson can’t believe it’s over. 25“Alive and Kicking” . . . Homecoming 1985 28 Spirit Week was held during the week of October 7-12. The Student Council sponsored the special dress up days and class competitions. This year the King and Queen were announced on Friday afternoon and reigned over the weekend’s activities. Congratulations to Queen Lisa Strange and King Kevin Fliiotl. A highlight of the weekend was the Football Team’s VICTORY over the Winola Jets. 1  On opposite page—Pic. 1—a group of Sophomores cheer. Pic. 2—Jayne DeSutter imitating David Lee Roth. Pic. 3—David Norberg, John Otto, and Pat Shannon sing for their class skit. Pic. 4—Dana Larson and Terri Borders fixing the float after the big rain. Pic. 5—Carolyn I awson showing off her lovely outfit. Pic. 6—Scott McMeekan. Jim Kessinger, and Craig Yarde jam during the skit. Pic. 7—This car set off the 50 s theme for the Seniors. Pic. 8—Deana Goben and Kami Keehner show their crazy hats and sunglasses. Pic. 9—Cyndi Swanson, Aaron Petrovich. Tiffany Swanson, and Steve Sund-berg model their togas in I atin class. Pic. 10—People relax at the dance. On this page—Pic. 1—Craig Yarde. Lisa Strange, Dana VanDeWalle, and Sarah Johnson show their theme day outfits. Pic. 2—Friends dance and have fun. Pic. 3—Kim Martens drinks out of the bottle. Pic. 4—Mike Taylor, the rebel, leading his classmates in a cheer. Pic. 5—A group of Freshmen pose for a picture while working on their float. Pic. 6—Bridgette Wirt shows us her favorite hat. Pic. 7—Jon Wofford makes faces while Colleen Haake eats the jello. Pic. 8—A group of Juniors enjoying their skit. Pic. 9—Some Junior High students enjoy the dance. 29Celebration Pic. 1: Freshmen l.iesl Picard and Sieve Sundburg. Pic. 2: Sophomores Kim Vroman and Aaron Petrovich. Pic. 3: Juniors Nellie Nice and Dave Schnell. Pic. 4: Crownbearers Joy Carlson and Joel Hester. Pic. 5: Juniors Laura OTool and John Olio. Pic. 6: Seniors Diane Bloomberg and Craig Yarde. Pic. 7: Seniors lisa Slrange and Kevin Flliott. Pic. 8: Seniors Erika Picard and Jeff Eskridge. The Attendants were nominated and voted on by their classes. King and Queen were announced early at the pep assembly on F riday. The coronation took place at the dance, Saturday night. J 2 30“Bang Your Head” Varsity—Back row: Coach Schwartzentraub. Coach Hall, K. Re (nick. L. Kora. S. Clarke, R. Dykrman, M. Miley, D. Portugue. C. Yarde, S. McMeekan. C. Rcmick, K. Klliott. J. Otto. T. Wofford, T. Bain bridge, J. Hoyle. S. Charlson. Manager J. Shannon. Coach Blair. Front row: Statistician M. Taylor. P. Shannon. I). Heady. T. Voss. D. Norberg. J. kessinger, T. Ditoro. R. Brown, S. McNeil. G. Ward, L. Robinson. Manager G. Bloomberg. 32 Fresh Soph—Back row: Coach Schwartzentraub. Coach Hall. A. Petrovich, S. Sundberg, J. Wofford, K. Vail, S. Shaffer, T. Champion. K. Barman. M. Plunkett. M. Henry, J. Paul. C. Shannon, Manager J. Shannon, Coach Blair. Front row: R. OTool. B. Edmund, T. Greenman. D. Peterson. J. Torres. J Spicher, B. Johnson. J. SamueIson. G. Bloomberg.“Keep It Up” Varsity—Back row: Coach Peterson. I. Bergstrom. K. Martens. T. Borders. L. Krueger, E. Picard, L. Strange. C. Scott. Front row: C. Paul. K. Morland, H. Picard. Li. OTool. I .a- OTool. S. Brown, J. Brown. Fresh-Soph—Back row: Coach Peterson. K. Remick. M. Martens. A. Bergstrom. P. Ward. Manager K. Vroman. Middle row: C. Haake. J. Barman, L. Mcl.aughlin. L. Shannon. Front row: S. Sanders, L. Picard. 341,6Let’s Hear It for the TEAM’' Pic. Top Left: Back—T. Norburg. N. Nice, J. French. Front—T. Kempin. G. Barton. J Bain bridge. Pic. Top Right: Nettie shows off in a routine. Pic. Bottom Left; Cheerleaders perform their skit. Pic. Bottom Right: The gang visited KIIK-104. 36“Use It Or Lose It” Varsity—Bark row: J. Otto. K. Kllioit, J. Maher, C. Omsk). S. McMeekan. J. Taylor. S. Clarke. Coach Hester. Middle row. Manager J Shannon. I) Norberg, R. Brown. C. Ward. K. Bukin. T. DiToro, Manager M. McCurdy. Front row: Statisticians H. Hepner, M. Willett. P.CIough. T. Painter. 38 Fresh-Soph Back row: Manager M. McCurdy, B. Good. T. Greenman. K. Bergstrom. A. Molburg, K. Vail, J. Paul, J. Wofford. Manager J. Shannon. Middle row: C. Dykeman, J. Spicher. J. Samuelaon, S. Sondberg, T. Morland. M. Henry, J. lambm. Front row: Statisticians P. Clough, M. Willett. H. Hepner.“Don’t Throw It Away” Fresh-Soph—Back row: Coach Dergo. L. McLaughlin, J. French. M. Martens, K. Remick. J. Barman. Manager C. Paul. Front row: S. Buhan. T. Kempin. K. Ringberg, P. Ward.The Varsily girls' finished with a 6-12 record. The Fresh-Soph ended their season with a record of"Leader of the Pack” This year's basketball cheerleaders did a terrific job getting everyone to cheer our guys to victory. They lead the spirit and the enthusiasm of the crowd. They did sideline cheers with the fans, floor cheers for everyone, and they continued “The Wave" tradition. The cheerleaders are: (Above) Back row—Diane Bloomberg, Kris Morland, Eva Lord. Middle row—Tiffany Swanson, Leisl Picard, Heidi Picard. Front row—Jayne DeSutter, Gail Barton. Picture at Right: The fans and Cheerleaders were behind our team all the way! 42Boys’ Basketball Takes Regional This year the AlWood Hoys' Basketball Team had a great season. They all worked very hard and it paid off. Early in the season they look 2nd place in the Sherrard Tournament. From then on they just kept rolling. In December they captured 1st place in the Orion Tournament. This is the first time AlWood has ever won the Orion Tourney. At the end of the regular season they entered the Regional Tournament at Alexis. They battled their way through to capture I st place and to become Regional Champs. This is the first AlWood team to win Regionals since 1958. From Regionals they advanced to the Sectional Tournament at Aledo. They faced the Kewanee Boilermakers and suffered a loss in a tough game. They ended their season with a 26-2 record. They had a 25 straight win streak, which is the longest winning streak in the area and one of the longest in the state. They had an undefeated 14-0 Conference record that earned them the Conference Championship. This is the first time a team has done this in the Lincoln Trail Conference. By the end of the season. AlWood was rated 9 in the stale In the Associated Press. Jeff Maher and Craig Cenisio were named to 1st team All-Conlerence and Honorable Mention All-State. Congratulations Jeff and Craig. Many fans in the community followed the team throughout the season. The local businesses made signs and posters to wish the Aces good-luck. Everyone wore green to the Sectional and some even painted their faces green to support their team. Congratulations to the players and to Coach Hester for a job well done. We love you! Above I .eft: Coach Hester getting ready for the game. Above Right: Opening tip-off of the Sectional game. Opposite Page: Scene from the Sectional. 44 3A“Let’s Go Crazy” Yearbooks are books filled with memories. To complete your book of memories of the 1985-86 school year, paste in your favorite pictures, write down you favorite movies or songs, or gather autographs from your favorite friends. Enjoy the memories!-S-BOWL SHUFFLE "MruN'f A i SPRING i6Run to You’ Boy Track: 1st Row—B. Edmund. E. Bergstrom. K. Vail. S. Sundborg, D. Culligan. C. Johnson. 2nd Row—D. Griffith. T. Champion. J. Paul. C. Willi , T. Greenman. J. Shannon. D. Peterson. 3rd Row—S. McNeil. R. Brown. I). Norberg, P. Shannon, M. Miley. J. Otto, J. Johnson. 4th Row—C. Genuno. C. Yarde. J. Maher. D. Heady. Girls Track: 1st Row—L. Mclauighlin. S. Sanders. M. Martens, J. Bainbridge, C. Campbell. L. Shannon. 2nd Row—M. Willett, P. Clough, T. Bramlett. a. Bergstrom. 3rd Row—I .a. OTool. K. Hoyle. Li. O’Tool, H. Peterson. 4th Row—K. Morland. H. Picard. C. Scott, N. Nice, C. Paul. 5th Row—Coach “Pete” T. Schwartzkopf. L. Strange. Manager I. Bergstrom.Bring Back Birdie” Albert Kevin Buban Rose ........ Erika Picard Jenny Jennie Brown Albert Jr Mark Jones Mayor Townsend Conrad Birdie Mike Taylor Mtobe Luther Fora Cary John Otto Mae Peterson Dana l arson Rose II Kami Keehner Reverend Sun Kevin Creek Effie Inger Bergstrom Marshall Stephen Shaffer Hogan Trisha Norburg House Manager . .. CyndiSwanson JrnnyV girlfriends: l.iesl Picard, Eva Lord. and Inger Rcrgslrom. The Boyfriends: Kevin Clark. Mark Miley. and Stephen Shaffer. Instrument Kid : Chris Haake. Kathy Hoyle, and Deana Cohen. Filth: Deana ( oben, Chris Haake. Kathy Hoyle, and Mark Mtley. (Cowboys: Kevin Creek. Chris Haake. Mark Jones. Luther Fors. John Otto, and Stephen Shaffer. Indian : Mark Jones and Stephen Shaffer. Sunnies: Heidi Peterson. Kim Vroman. Jayne DeSulter. Allison McVietty, Melissa Martens. Trisha Norburg, Colleen Haake, Tina May. Kris Morland. and Cyndi Swanson. Showgirls: Eva lx»rd. Andrea Bergstrom, Jill French, and Liesl Picard. Reporters: Mark Jones, Brigelte W irt, Stephen Shaffer, and Jeanene Barman. I emonstrators: Jayne DeSutler, Cyndi Swanson. Melissa Martens. Jeanene Barman. Coleen Haake, and Tina May. TV Technicians: Inger Bergstrom, John Otto, Allison McVietty, Jeanene Barman, and Coleen Haake. Kids and Townspeople: Kami Keehner. Trisha Norburg, l.iesl Picard, Eva lx rd. Andrea Bergstrom. Kevin Creek. Stephen Shaffer, Mark Miley. Kathy Hoyle. Chris Haake, Deana Goben. Kris Morland. Inger Bergstrom. Cyndi Swanson. Jill French. Allison McVietty. Heidi Peterson. Kim Vroman. Jayne DeSutler, Melissa Martens. Brigelte Wirt, and Jeanene Barman. Pic. 1—Erika Picard and Kevin Buban. Pic. 2—The entire cast of "Bring Back Birdie. 1. 50Rack row I. lo R: Dana I-arson. Luther Fora, Trisha Norburg. and Stephen Shaffer Front row I. lo K: Cyndi Swaiuon. Kami Keehner. and Inger Bergstrom. Jayne DeSutter. Melissa Martens, Cyndi Swanson. Mike Taylor. Tina May. Colleen Haakc. and Jeanene Barman. Kathy Hoyle. Oeana ( oben. Mark Miley, Mark Jones, and Chris llaake B.n k row L to R: (-had Johnson. Tom i-ane. and Joe Kness. Front row L to R Paula Clough, Sarah Johnson. Lisa Strange, and Lori Krueger. Not pn lured Carter Smith and Direc tor Rae Ann Caldwell and Orchestra Direr tor Rich Stodd. Jayne DeSulter. Kim Vrovnan. Allison MeVietty. Heidi Peterson. Kevin Creek. Tina Maya. Kna Moriand. Cyndi Swanson, and Colleen Haake. Kneeling in front: Melissa Martens and Trisha Norburg. Back row L to R: Kevin Creek. John Otto. Jennie Brown. Mark Miley. and Mark Jones. Front row I. to R: Stephen Shaffer, liesl Picard. Lord, and I nger Bergstrom. 51“Stairway to Heaven' The 1986 Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Rock island on May seventeenth. Prom began at 6:00 pm with a welcome from David Norberg, junior class president. I.isa Strange, the senior class president, presented the response. The Invocation was ready by Terri Borders, junior class secretary. Mr. Anderson gave the closing remarks. Dark Crystal provided the evening’s music.Picture 1: The junior gel ready lo decorate. Picture 2: Dark Crystal's music ha everyone dancing. Picture 3: Tim Bainbridge helps hang up the stars. Picture 4: Luther Fore poses for the camera. Picture 6: A crowd covers the dance floor. Picture 7: Mike Taylor lends Jane DeSutter his tie. Piclure 8: Couples take a break between songs. Picture 9: Kevin Elliott and Diane Bloomberg show us their best smiles. Picture 10: Nice shades. Stanley ! 53“Roller Skatin’ Mate’ After -prom was held at Skate Ranch in Milan between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. Picture 1: The chaperones had as much fun as the students. Picture 2: Jennie Brown is protected by her new bodyguards, Mark Jones and Diane Bloomberg. Picture 3: Terri Borders and Scott McNeil show off their matching outfits. Picture 4: Kevin Remick helps Brady Anderson across the room. Picture 5: Laura O'Tool gets ready to skate. 54 SOPER BOWL SHUfb VNDliKCLASSHEN"I Want to Party Like It’s 1989’ This year's Freshman class picked “Lale Night T.V.” as their Homecoming theme. They elected Leisl Picard and Steve Sundberg as Homecoming attendants. Their class officers (below) were Jon Wofford—president, Leisl Picard—vice president. Jennifer Bainbridge—secretary, and Kent Vail—treasurer. Kelli Anderson Gail Barton Erik Bergstrom Greg Bloomberg Stacey Buban Charlotte Campbell Daryl Culligan Brian Edmund Jill French Dan Griffith Colleen Haake Tom Champion Chad Johnson Tara Kempin Bryan Kidd Jerod l-ambin Brad Loveridge Lisa McLaughlin Melissa Martens 56Jeff Paul Rodger Peterson Liesl Picard Shanie Sanders Stephen Shaffer l oretta Shannon Above: Freshmen pose with their float. Right: Tiffany Swanson flashes a smile. Jason Torres Kent Vail Craig Willis ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE | [fSsfc | Jon Wofford“Drive” The class of ’88 found their sophomore year was full of good times and new experiences. They enjoyed participating in the Homecoming activities. Kim Vroman and Aaron Petrovich represented the class as attendants at the Homecoming Dance. The sophomores also began selling candy to raise money for prom. They raised over $1300 from these sales. The biggest part of their year was Driver's Education. The class gained driving experience in the new Celebrity. At right. Sophomores get together after a basketball game. Katr Diffenbaugh f) b r Chuck Dykeman Mike Henry Holly Hepner Kurt Barman Andrea Bergstrom Paula Clough Jayne DeSutter Angie Good Brad Good Todd Greenman Angel Emanuel 58Brad Johnson Angela I jndquist Mark McCurdy Allison McVietty Eva Lord Aaron Mol burg Officers are: Angel Emanuel—Treasurer, Eva Lord—Vice-President, Andrea Bergstrom—President, Brigette Wirt—Secretary Tim Morland Dewain Peterson Aaron Petrovich Mike Plunkett Becky Reckers Kim Remick Kim Ringberg Jerry Samuelson Curt Shannon Kellie Sullivan Kim Vroman Pam Ward John Shannon Meridelh Willett 59Summer of 69 The Class of '87 can be very proud of their many accomplishments. Their busy year began with Homecoming. They spent a lot of time creating posters, a float, and a skit on the theme of Songs. They were awarded first place in the class competition. At the Homecoming Dance, Nettie Nice, I .aura O’Tool, John Otto, and David Schnell represented the juniors as attendants. Also during the year, the class began to think more seriously about their future. Some visited colleges and took the PSAT and ACT tests. Their biggest accomplishment was the Junior-Senior prom. The class sponsored car washes, bake sales, and other activities to raise money for the prom. Although they were very busy, the Class of '87 can look back on their junior year and smile at the good times and achievements. Junior class officers: Secretary Terri Borders, Treasurer John Otto. President David Norberg. Vice President Heidi Picard. Tim Bainbridge Mark Barman Terri Borders Sandy Brown Shane Charlson Susan Epperson Luther Fora Jennie Brown Rick Brown Paul Edmund Deana Coben Anita Craves Kathy Hoyle Amy Ingold 60Joel Johnson Kami Keehner Dana (.arson Shrlina I .arson Kenny Tim McCann Scott McNeil Mark Miley Kris Morland Nettie Nice Erik Olson laura OTool Lisa OTool John Otto Ronnie Patterson Cheryl Paul Becky Peterson Pat Shannon Chris Sides Shawn Smith Kristie Snyder Joe Taylor Mike Taylor 4 Troy Voss Not pictured: Julie Billiet and Terri Tafflinger 61•"n riMs AAOQ“Super Bowl Shuffle’ Top row: Mr. Anderson. K. Kllioit. J. Maher. G. Ward. K. Buban. and Mr. Md.aughlin. Second row: T. Schwart kopf. E. Picard. D. Bloomberg. M. Moore. L. Strange. K. Bateman, and I. Bergstrom. Third row: S. Johnson. C. Scott, Li. O’Tool. K. Keehner. H. Peterson, and M. Miley. Front row: D. Norberg. D. 1 .arson. Ij». OTool. K. Morland. N. Nice, C. Paul, and J. Otto. Students are chosen for membership in the society based on their scholarship, leadership, character, and service. During the induction ceremony, current members give speeches on each of the characteristics. The sponsors are Mr. Anderson and Mr. McLaughlin. Inger gives a speech on leadership. Erika passes the light of knowledge to new inductee. Jeff Maher. 64“Wanna Be Starting Somethin’ Student Council President is Carrie Scott, Vice President is Lisa Strange, and Secretary Treasurer is Kami Keehner. In the picture below, Joe Taylor and Carrie Scott show some of the money the Student Council made for Sheri Fields at the annual Softball Tournament. Sludrnl Council member include. Top row left to Right. D. Bloomberg. C. Ward. K. Elliott. K. Buban. L. Strange. 2nd row Left to Right. Mr. Blair. K. Keehner. N. Nice. D. Norberg. J. Taylor. S. McNeil. C. Scott. Mrs. Carlson. 3rd row Left to Right. P. Ward. M. Willet, T. Morland. B. Johnson. A. Bergstrom. Bottom row Left to Right are. J. Wofford, K. Anderson. T. Swanson. C. Swanson. Mr. Blair and Mrs. Carlson are the Student Council Advisors. 65“Borderline’ Spanish Club includes: Front row— Mrs. Frerkes, D. Bloomberg. H. Picard, C. Scott. N. Nice. D. (.arson. T. Borders. K. Diffenbaugh. A. Good. Second row—S. Snyder. G. Barton. T. Kempin. k. Morland. C. Paul. J. Brown. C. Haake. L. Shannon. T. Somers. Third Row—L. Strange. S. Johnson. S. Creek. I). VanDeWell, J. Spicher. P. Clough. H. Hepner. A. Kmanuel. k. Remick. Fourth row—C. Haake. M. Moore. E Bergstrom. M. McCurdy. T. Greenman. A. Bergstrom. J. DeSulter. A. Lindquist. A. MeVietly, E. Lord, B. Wirt. Fifth row—L. Fora, I. Bergstrom, k. Vroman, P. Ward, M. Willel. G. Bloomberg. Sixth row—C. Johnson. T. Champion, E. Picard, k. Buban. C. Yarde. P. Shannon. Snyder. S. I .arson, k. Hoyle, k. keehner, S. Epperson. Pat Shannon steals a peak at Nettie Nice stirring taco filling during the Spring Mexican Banquet. The Spanish II students went to the Elementary School to teach the younger children Spanish traditions. Spanish Club treated themselves to a Mexican feast at Chi Chi's in Moline to celebrate their accomplishments and the end of the year. M. Miley, S. Clarke. Seventh Row—J. Paul. J. Taylor. M. Taylor. D. Norberg, k. Brad Johnson making sopapillas. 66 kami keehner and kathy Hoyle strut Mexican style.“We Are the World” I) 1 .arson. P. Clough. P. Ward. Mrs. Frerkes, B. Wirt, A. Bergstrom. The Benito Juarez chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society was established at A!Wood in May, 1981. membership in this society is based on academic scholarship. A student must earn an “A” in three of his four semesters of Spanish to qualify for acceptance into this honorable group. As a member, students are eligible for scholarships and other awards. 67 la OTool. S. Johnson. C. Scott. K. Buban. E. Picard. L. Strange. K. Keehner. and S. Epperson.“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” 2 Pic. 1—3rd row L lo R: Mr. Kolb. Tim Strange. Aaron Molburg. John Carlson, Rollie Peterson, Troy Vos . Mark Barman, and Erik Olson. 2nd row: Rodger Peterson. Mark McCurdy. Doug Sides, Kevin Elliott. Kurt Barman. Jerry Samuelaon. Mike Henry, and Joe Kness. 1st row: David Norberg. and Luther Fors. Pic. 2—A few of the “wild n crazy” guys at the Valentine’s Dance. Pic. 3—2nd row: Mr. Kolb. Luther Fors. Kevin Elliott, and David Norberg. 1st row: Mark Barman. Troy Voss, and Kurt Barman. Pic. 4—Mark Miley. Scott Clarke. Shawn Smith, and Rick Brown at the Valentine’s Dance. 684 pic. 1—4th row: Mrs. McNeil, Kerry Bateman. Carrie Culligan. Sherri Creek, Kim Marten . Tory Sanders, lx ri Krueger, Dana VanDeWalle, Inger Bergstrom, and Tammy Painter. 3rd row: Becky Peterson. Carrie Diffenbaugh. Kristie Snyder. Susan Epperson. Kathy Hoyle. Amy Ingold. Anita Craves, Nettie Nice, Chery l Paul. Jennie Brown, and Heidi Peterson. 2nd row: Becky Reckers. Angela Lindquist. Jayne DeSutter. Pam Ward. Kim Vroman, Eva Lord, Mendeth Willett, Andrea Bergstrom. Angel Emanuel, Angie Good. Brigette Wirt, and Allison McYietty. 1st row: Melissa Martens. Shanie Sanders, Trisha Norburg, Jill French. Jennifer Bainbridge. Gail Barton, Charlotte Campbell, and Tina May. Pic. 2—During FHA Week the girls being initiated, had to dress crazy and say the Creed. Pic. 3—Tory, Kim, Tammy, and Inger munch during Home Ec. Class. Pic. 4—Andrea, Inger, and Tammy before the rally at AlWood. 69“We Work Hard for the Yearbook' The Yearbook Staff has worked very hard this year to produce a good yearbook. The members' jobs include planning and organizing the contents, choosing a theme, taking pictures at school events, laying out pages and raising funds to support the yearbook. During the year, members stay after school trying to meet the deadlines on time. We all owe these people a big THANK-YOU for all of their work. The yearbook advisor is Mrs. Clark. Picture above . Lisa Strange and Holly Hepner look through some pictures Se nior yearbook members from top to bottom: M Moore , k. Bate man. I. Bergstrom. S. Johnson. L. Strange. I). Bloomberg. Top row l ft to Right: I. Bergstrom. [). Bloomberg. K. Bateman. L. Strange. M. Moore. S. Johnson. Middle row Left to Right: I), (.arson. C. Paul. K. Keehner. A. Ingold. J. Brown, k. Creek. Bottom row Left to Right. H. Hepner. A. McVietty. E. Lord. M. Willett. B. W irt. A. Bergstrom. J. Bainbridge. J. French. 70“Color My World” library Aides—Left to right: l ori Krueger. Lisa Strange. Tammy Fainter. Dewaine Peterson, Daryl Culligan, Becky Peterson, Susan Epperson. Art Club: l ft to right: Back row: Ron OTool. Jon Wofford. Daryl Culligan. Dan Griffith. Jeff Paul. Scott Clarke. Tim Strange. Front row: Beckey Reckers. Terri Taflinger. Tonya Portugue. Michele Petrovich. Amy Ingold. Kristie Snyder. Dawn Snyder. 71Chorus hi ♦ V I I Sit « f« Chorus Officers: Carrie Scott, Kerry Bateman. Erika Picard, Ms. Caldwell: Chorus director“I’ve Got the Music in Me' Swing Choir: Iz»ft to Right: J. Brown. K. Buhan. S. Clarke, C. I .a son. K. Morland. I). Coben, C. Johnson. M. Jones. E. Picard. K. Keehnrr, L. For . L. Strange. T. Schwartzkopf. K. Bateman. M. Taylor. K. Elliott. D. VanDeWalle. The Swing Choir performed for a number of local organizations including dates at Maxwells. Jumers. Alpha Methodist Church, and Cottage Hospital. The Jazz Band entertained both young and old at the Spring Dance with selections from the past as well as popular songs of the present. Jazz Band Members include: Top row. Left lo Right: J. Kness. C. Yarde. L Fors. Bottom row: J. Carlson. K. Keehner. K. Bateman. L. Krueger. D. VanDeWalle. 74“Drum Majors and Flags Keep the Beat” 75 Flag girls—Back row. left to right: S. Creek, T. Sanders, and K. Martens. Middle row: K. Vroman, C. Paul, and M. Martens. Front row: A. McVietty, P. Ward, and S. Sanders. Not pictured is Cpt. C. I-awson.The high school band and chorus have been very busy this year. Some of the band’s activities this year have included competing in Champaign, Illinois at the University of Illinois, competing in the Monmouth Parade, competing in Organizational Contest at Sherrard High School, and performing at the Spring Concert. Individually. band members may also have participated in Solo Ensemble Contest or been a part of Jazz Band which plays at the Spring Dance or been a part of the orchestra for the Music department’s musical. The chorus participated in the Lincoln Trail Conference Festival at Cambridge High School, the Choral Clinic-Festival at Illinois State University, competed in Organizational Contest at Sherrard High School and performed at the Spring Concert. Every chorus member had a chance to compete in Solo Ensemble Contest, be a part of Swing Choir and hold a part in the musical. In keeping busy, both organizations have worked very hard to live up to the standard of excellence set by students of previous years. They have done a very good job of keeping up with the standard of excellence set by placing fourth in the Stale Sweepstakes Contest. But accomplishing a lot has never meant all work and no play. 7677“Workin’ for a Livin’ 78 AVC—Row 1: C. Culligan. L. Robinson. T. Wofford. J. Kessinger. D. Reed. D. Scott. S. Clarke. Row 2: J. Johnson, K. Link, R. Patterson, S. Smith, T. McCann, J. WUlia, T. Voss, M. Barman.“9 to 5” Other Work Study Student : Craig Genisio at Woodhull Locker. Joe Knes at Martin OMI. Lori Krueger at AlWood High School. Mike Price at K-Mart. Greg Remick at Peterson-Wallin. Tory Sanders at Woodhul Hardware. Todd Wofford at Curry Farms. 1. Sherri Creek checker and James Hoyle stockboy at Jack and Jill in Alpha. 2. Jeff Maher works hard at Nelson Farm . 3. Diane Bloomberg clerk at Grossel’s Pharmacy. 4. Greg Ward teller at Woodhull State Bank. 5. Baby pigs at Nelson Farms. 796 ‘Through the Years” Inger Bergstrom: 4 Year Volleyball Diane Bloomberg: 4 Year Basketball Cheerleader Tony DiToro: 4 Year Football. 4 Year Basketball David Heady: 4 Y«ar Football. 4 Year Track. 2nd place Slate High Jump Kevin Elliott: 4 Year Football. 4 Year Basketball James Hoyle: 4 Year Football Craig Ceniaio: 4 Year Basketball. 4 Year Track 81Jim KeMingrr: 4 Year Football Jeff Maher: 4 Year Basketball. 4 Year Track Michele Petrovich: Basketball lx ri Krueger: 4 Year Volleyball Kim Martens: 4 Y'ear Volleyball. 4 Year Basketball Enka Picard: 4 Year Volleyball Scott McMeekan: 4 Year Football. 4 Year Basketball 82 Greg Reimok: 4 Year Football. 4 Year Track Lfif Robinson: 4 Year Football Tammy Scfmartxkopf: 4 Year Volleyball. 4 Year Basketball. 4 Year Track Ijsa Strange: 4 Year Volleyball. 4 Year Basketball. Track Greg Ward: 4 Year Basketball. Football •f M r1 m r Todd Wofford: 4 Year Football Craig Yarde: 4 War Football. 4 Year Track 83Sports Results Varsity Boys' Basketball AIW. Opp. AlWood vs. Warren 74 45 AlWood vs. Sherrard 39 59 AlWood vs. Orion 44 42 AlWood vs. Knoxville 71 60 AlWood vs. W'eslmer 71 38 AlWood vs. Orion 67 47 AlWood vs. Cambridge 67 48 AlWood vs. Knoxville 42 36 AlWood vs. Riverdale 53 49 AlWood vs. Sherrard 50 47 AlWood vs. Sherrard 54 46 AlWood vs. Alexis 76 46 AlWood vs. Winola 47 34 AlWood vs. Galva 55 47 AlWood vs. Toulon 61 47 AlWood vs. Wethersfield 70 39 AlWood vs. Cambridge 62 47 AlWood vs. Alexis 62 51 AlWood vs. ROVA 56 41 Varsity Football AIW. Opp. AlWood vs. Wethersfield 60 39 AlWood vs. Warren 0 12 AlWood vs. Winola 64 41 AlWood vs. Orion 0 30 AlWood vs. Galva 55 45 AlWood vs. Alexis 6 9 AlWood vs. Toulon 72 53 AlWood vs. Cambridge 0 6 AlWood vs. ROVA 61 44 AlWood vs. ROVA 6 20 AlWood vs. Knoxville 70 57 AlWood vs. Wethersfield 20 14 AlWood vs. Williamsfield 62 42 AlWood vs. Winola 14 0 AlWood vs. Kewanee 64 76 AlWood vs. Toulon 12 18 Season Record 26-2 AlWood vs. Galva 6 0 LTC Champions Season Record 3-6 Alexis Regional Champions Varsity Volleyball AIW. Opp. Varsity Girls Basketball AIW. Opp. AlWood vs. Orion 0 2 AlWood vs. Abingdon 46 44 AlWood vs. Winola 2 0 AlWood vs. Orion 41 52 AlWood vs. Wethersfield 2 1 AlWood vs. Rockridge 50 45 AlWood vs. Rock ridge 0 2 AlWood vs. Toulon 39 42 AlWood vs. urns 2 0 AlWood vs. Winola 36 32 AlWood vs. Riverdale 0 2 AlWood vs. Monmouth 50 64 AlWood vs. ROVA 2 0 AlWood vs. Sherrard 55 34 AlWood vs. Sherrard 0 2 AlWood vs. ROVA 46 79 AlWood vs. Cambridge 1 2 AlWood vs. Galva 58 34 AlWood vs. Galva 2 0 AlWood vs. Monmouth 27 84 AlWood vs. Winola 2 1 AlWood vs. Alexis 32 41 AlWood vs. Westmer 2 0 AlWood vs. Cambridge 23 84 AlWood vs. Orion 1 2 AlWood vs. Wethersfield 26 43 AlWood vs. Southern 0 2 AlWood vs. ROVA 39 56 AlWood vs. Knoxville 0 2 AlWood vs. York wood 52 51 AlWood vs. UTHS 2 1 AlWood vs. Cambridge 31 58 AlWood vs. Toulon 1 2 AlWood vs. Winola 55 68 AlWood vs. ROVA 2 1 AlWood vs. Kewanee 49 55 AlWood vs. Galva 2 0 Season Record 6-12 AlWood vs. Cambridge 0 2 AlWood vs. Alexis 2 1 AlWood vs. Aledo 2 1 .AlWood vs. Wethersfield 1 2 Season Record 12-11 84"Only the Young” Jill Carlson Troy Carlson Kim Charlson Jennifer Ciaccio Traci Frazier Tammy Genisio The seventh grade volleyball team hit it with their best shot. Patricia Grabowski Christina Haake Matt Hass Shelby Larson Robin I .aw son Aaron McMeekan 86Kevin Nichols Scot! Olson Brian Carlson shouting with a rebel yell. Ix rie Patterson Stephanie Patterson Jason Peterson Steve Schillinger Kim Charlson heard it through the grape vine. Shane Smith Jamie Stickle Brad Taflinger DeeAnn Taylor Wade Weasels Stacey W hite Kristen W irt Jeff Wofford 87Movin’ Up” The Class of 90 entered their second year of Junior High and participated in many activities of the Junior-Senior High School. Their class spirit grew as they looked forward to entering High School. Below: Pic. 1—Stacey Remirk smiles on her way to class. Pic. 2—A group of Eighth Grade girls talk beside their lockers. Pic. 3—Jay Hepner caught off guard. Pic. 4—Shannon Kelley dressed in costume during Homecoming Activities. Amy Bain bridge Tana Beck Dan Brown Ty Char Ison Cheryl Good Shannon Kelley Jennifer Kness Gina Ijimbin Jason Lawson 4 88Krista Mormann. Angie Fields, and Stacey Remick dress as moon martian during Spirit Week festivities. Matt Leng Michele Martens Jennifer Miller Jason Molburg Bob Miller Danny Miller Andrea Peterson Ryan Peterson Jennifer Rehn Stacey Remick Steve Steines Wally Vroman Tressa Roesner Mike Schillinger Shelly Peterson Kathy Porta gut Jeff Schultz Dee Dee Spicher Derek Willett Center Picture—Tresa Roesner and Jennifer Rehn participate in a volleyball game. Above—Andrea Peterson in Lobby. 89“If Looks Could Kill” Front to Back—L to R Row 1: D. Boatman. W. Weasels, M. Leng, J. Wofford. M. Barth. M. Schtlhnger. B. Fritz. Row 2: S. Smith. S. White. T. Chartson. M. Hass, S. Schillings. J. Schultz. B. Carlson. Row 3: A. McMeekan, S. Olson. J. Stickle. J. Hepner. L Moyery. P. Miley, A. Carlson. Row 4: M. Borders. T. Adams. J. Costello, K. Nichols, B. Miller. W. Vroman. J. Lawson. 90Front to Back—Left to Right. Front row: G. lambin. K. Creek. A. Bainbridge. T. Roesner. D. Spicher. K. Johnson. Back row: M. Martens, S. Remick. A. Peterson. J. Rhen, A. Fields, C. Good. Coach K. Kiddoo. Front row: S. Patterson. S. Larson. C. Haake. T. Genisio. K. Charlson. Middle row: G. Lambin. K. Wirt. K. Clark, L Nash. K. Johnson. Back row: J. Ciaccio. J. Carlson. L. Patterson. B. Nelson. D. Taylor, Coach K. Kiddoo. 91“Put Me in, Coach . . 8lh Grade—Back row: Manager M. Patterson. B. Miller. J. Hepner. T. Curry. M. Leng. M. Shillinger. T. Charlaon, W. Vroman. Coach Holmes. Front row Manager J. Coyle, J. Molburg. B. Fritz, J. Schultz, P. MoHand, J. Lawson, S. Sleines, R. Peterson. 7th Grade—Back row: S. Olson. M. Borders, A. Miller, A. McMeekan. S. White, J. Costello. J. Wofford, Coach McLaughlin. Front row: Manager S. Shillinger. P. Miley, S. Smith, A. Carlson. L. Movers, W'. W'esse Is. 9266 . . . I’m Ready to Play” 8lh Grade—Back row: Coach Slaler. D. Spicher, S. Remick, M. Martens, J. Rehn, S. Peterson, Manager T. Emanuel. Middle row: T. Roesner. K. Creek. K. Johnson. Front row: G. l-amlnn. J. Kness. 93 7th Grade—Back row: L. Nash, T. Genisio, J. Carlson, L. Patterson, Coach Slater. Middle row: C. Haake, K. Charlson. J. Setterdahl. D. Taylor. Front row: K. Wirt, S. Patterson.‘‘Ain’t Nothing Gonna Breaka My Stride’' Jr High Bovs Track: 1st Row—D Boatman. J. Stickle. P. Milev. S. Smith. B Carlson. T. Adams. 2nd Row—A. McMeekan, W. Weasels. S. Olson. S. White. J. Costello. A. Carlson. M Hass. 3rd Row — J Coyle. J. Ciaccio. B. Fritz. P. Morland. J. Lawson. W. Vroman. 4th Row—J. Schultz, T. Charlaon. S. Kelley. M I-eng. D. Brown. B. Miller. R. Peterson. 5th Row—Coach Holmes. Jr. High Girls Track: 1st Row—L. Patterson. T. Genisio. K. Charlson. P. Grabowski. 2nd Row—J. Ciaccio. S. Larson. S. Patterson. J. Carlson. 3rd Row—A. Fields. A. Bainbridge. G. 1-arnbm. K. Creek. 4lh Row—S. Peterson. M. Martens. J. Miller. S. Remick. D. Fpperson. 5lh Row—Managers A. Peterson. K. Portugue. 948th Grade—Above: Gina Lambin, Kathy Johnson. Amy Bainbridge. Jennifer Knesa, Karla Creek. 7th Grade—Left: Top row: Shelby Larson. Middle row: Kristen Wirt. Front row: Tammy Genisio. Heather Schnell, Stephanie Patterson. The Junior High Cheerleaders worked hard to support the boys. They practiced once a week after school under the direction of their sponsor. Miss Kiddoo. 954‘There’s Only One Way to Rock” Band—Row 3: L. to R.—J. PelefOn, S. Smith, K. Nichols, I). Willett, M. Martens, J. Costello, S. White. Row 2: P. Miley, J. Ciaccio. K. Creek, S. Patterson. J. Carlson. B. Carlson. D. Spicher. Row 1—K. Wirt, S. Peterson, L. Patterson, J. Setterdahl, J. Ciaccio, j. Rehn, K. Johnson, G. Ismbin, P. Grabowski. Chorus—Row 4: J. Ciaccio, D. Willett, W'. Woman, J. Hepner. T. Curry, A. Miller, J. Schultz, P. Morland, J. Lawson. J. Costello, P. Miley. Row 3: J. Kness, R. I iwson. A. Bainhridge. T. Roesner, S. Remick, D. Epperson, K. Portague, H. Schnell, K. Wirt, J. Carlson, K. Clark. Row 2—K. Creek, D. Spicher, T. Genisio, L. Patterson. T. Beck. D. Taylor, J. Ciaccio. J. Rehn. L. Nash. Row 1—A. Agnich, P. Grabowski. J. Setterdahl. T. Emanuel. K. Johnson. S. Patterson. K. Charlson. A. Merideth.440 C 99 bing a bong Solo ami Ensemble—Row 4: L. lo R.—S. Remick, T. Emanuel. L Patterson. J. Rehn. K. Nichols, T. Curry, S. White. J. Schultz. Row 3: T. Roesner. T. Beck, I). Spioher, P Morland. J. Ijiwson. J. Coatello. P. Miley. Row 2: C. Lambin, H. Schnell, K. Johnson. A. Bainbridge. J. Eneas. J. Carlson. K. Clark. L. Nash. Row 1: K Creek, S. Patterson, K. Wirt J. Ciaccio, J. Setterdahl, B. Carlson. S. Smith. Speech—Row 4: J. Rehn. A. Peterson, A. Bainbridge. K. Johnson. W. Vroman. R. Peterson. T. Charlaon. J. Lawson. J. Molburg. S. Kelley. Row 3: T. Carlson. J. Wofford, S. White. J. Ciaccio. S. I .arson. M. l eng. J. Schultz. J. Kness, A. Fields. J. Costello. B. Carlson. M. Martens Row 2: J. Ciaccio. L Patterson. B. Nelson. L. Nash, K. Clark. J. Carlson. K. Wirt. H. Schnell, D. Taylor. C. Good. D. Spicher, S. Remick. T. Emanuel. Row 1: J. Setterdahl. W. Weasels. I) Boatman. P. Miley, S. Patterson. K. Charlson. T. Genisio, A. Merideth, T. Frazier. P. Grabowski. R. Lawson. K. Creek, G. Lambin. All Night Long” Front row left to right: John Edmund. Connie Vail. Back row left to right: Maurice DeSutter, Secretary Duane Curry, Greg Miller. Harvey Carlson. Maurice DeSutter at a board meeting and President Darwin Swanson at a basketball game.“Takin' Care of Business” Rhonda Sanders, Attendance Clerk; Tad Yarde, Principal; and Dinah Burton. High School Secretary. Barb Elliott. Unit Secretary; Wayne French. Superintendent; and Joyce Bloomberg. Unit Bookkeeper. Mr. Yarde and Dinah use the High School Office’s new computer. Dinah answers questions of students Troy Voss. Mark Barman, and Tony DiToro. 100"Working All Day” Left lo Right: Bus Drivers: Linda Shannon. Ervin Youngren. Herchel Elliott and Benny Anderson Custodian: Harol Caulkins Not available for pictures: Rosella Youngren and Gloria Peterson and bus mechanic. Jerry Thayer. 101"Teacher, Teacher, Can You Teach Me?” Faculty—Back row: Brian Hall. Truman Nehla. James Blair. Ronald Hoburg. Richard Stodd. Fred McLaughlin. Jeff Heater. Middle row: Dave Holmes. Vicki Carbon. Genevieve McKee. Barb McNeil. Mary Feteraon. Karen Clark. Cindy Sanders. Front row: John Dergo. Darla Peterson. Willodeane Carlson. Nancy Frerkes, Kay Kiddoo, Rae Ann Caldwell. 1025 Opposite page. pic. 1 — Mr . Clark practices her modeling. Pic. 2—Mr. Hoburg pauses to give us a smile. Pic. 3—A student receives help from Mr. McLaughlin. This page. Pic. 1—The coach takes a break. Pic. 2—One of the man faces of Mr. Dergo. Pic. 3—Mrs. McKee in action. Pic. 4—Some teachers observe the Homecoming activities. Pic. 5—Mr. Blair shows off his fashion knowledge. Pic. 6—Mrs. Frerkes poses in between tacos and enchiladas. 6 103104o C 1Index A Adams. Tony 86. 90, 94 Agnich. Angie 86, 96 Anderson. Benny 101 Anderson, Brady 54, 60 Anderson. Kelli 56. 65, 77 Anderson. Robert 64, 105 B Bainbridge. Amy 88, 91, 94, 95, 96, 97 Bainbridge. Jennifer 29, 36, 48, 56, 69, 70 Bainbridge. Tim 32, 53, 60 Barman. Jeanene 29, 34, 40. 51, 56 Barman. Kurt 32. 58. 68 Barman. Mark 60, 68. 78, 100 Barth. Mickey 86. 90 Barton, Gail 29. 36, 42, 56, 66, 69 Bateman, Kerry 7, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 64, 69. 70, 72, 73. 74, 77 Beck. Tana 88. 96. 97 Bergstrom. Andrea 34, 48. 58. 59. 65. 66, 67. 69. 70, 77 Bergstrom. Erik 48, 56, 66 Bergstrom, Inger 6. 7, 16, 18, 22, 24, 34, 48. 51.64, 66, 70, 76,81 Blair, James 32. 65. 102, 103, 105 Bloomberg, Diane 7. 16, 18, 22. 23, 24, 25. 30, 42. 53. 54.64. 65.66. 70, 78. 79. 82 Bloomberg. Greg 32, 56, 65 Bloomberg, Joyce 100 Boatman. David 86. 90, 94, 97 Borders. Mark 86. 90, 92 Borders, Terri 28, 34, 54. 60, 66, 76 Bramiett. Aaron 86 Bramlett. Tina 48 Brown. Dan 88. 94 Brown. Jennie 34, 51, 54, 60. 66, 69, 70, 74. 76 Brown, Rick 32. 38. 48, 60. 68 Brown, Sandy 34, 60 Buban. Kevin 6. 7. 16. 19. 22, 23. 24. 25, 38. 50. 64.65,66. 67. 74, 76, 77. 105 Buban. Stacey 29. 40. 56 Burton. Dinah 100 C Caldwell. Rae Ann 73. 102 Campbell. Charlotte 48. 56. 69, 76 Carlson. Andrew 86, 90, 92. 94 Carlson, Bnan 86, 87. 90, 94, 96, 97 Carlson. Harvey 99 Carlson. JUI 74. 86, 91. 93, 94, 96, 97 Carlson. John 68 Carlson. Joy 30 Carlson, Troy 86, 97 Carlson. Vicki 65, 102, 105 Carlson, Willodeane 102 Champion. Tom 32, 48, 56, 66 Charlson, K.m 86, 87, 91, 93, 94, 96, 97 Charlson. Shane 32, 60, 97, 105 Charlson, Ty 88. 90. 92. 94 Ciaccio. Jennifer 86. 91,94. 96. 97 Ciaccio, John 88. 94, 96, 97 Clark. Karen 102, 105 Clark, Kelly 86.91,96, 97 Clarke. Scott 32. 38. 60, 66, 68. 71. 74. 78 Clough, Paula 38, 48, 58, 66. 67 Costello. Jason 86. 90. 92. 94. 96. 97 Coyle. Jamie 88. 92. 94 Creek. Karla 88. 91.93. 94. 95, 96. 97 Creek, Kevin 7. 16, 18. 24. 51, 70 Creek, Sherri 7. 16, 18, 24. 66, 69, 75, 77, 78 Culligan. Carrie 7. 16. 18. 24. 25. 69. 78 Culligan. Daryl 48, 56, 71 Curry. Duane 99 Curry. Thad 88. 92, 96. 97 D Dergo.John 40, 102. 103. 105 DeSutter. Jayne 28. 42, 51, 53, 58. 66. 69 DeSutter, Maurice 99 Diffenbaugh, Carrie 60, 69 Diffenbaugh. Kate 58, 66 DiToro. Tony 8. 16. 19. 23. 24. 32. 38. 78. 100, 105 Dykeman. Chuck 38, 58 Dykeman. Ron 32. 60 E Edmund. Brian 32. 48. 56 Edmund. John 99 Edmund. Paul 60 Elliott. Barbara 100 Elliott. Herchel 101 Elliott. Kevin 6, 8, 16, 18. 24. 30. 31. 32. 38, 53.64. 65. 68. 74,81 Emanuel, Angel 58. 59, 66. 69 Emanuel, Tresa 88, 93. 96. 97 Epperson. Deena 94. 96 Epperson. Susan 60, 66, 67, 69, 71 Eskridge. Jeff 8. 16,24, 76 F Fields, Angie 88. 89. 91, 94. 97 Fors, Luther 32. 51, 53. 60. 66, 68. 74, 78 Francis. Muriel 105 Frazier, Traci 86, 97 French. Jill 29. 36. 40. 56, 69, 70, 76 French, Wayne 25, 100 Frerkes, Nancy 66. 67. 102, 103 Fritz. Brian 88. 90.92. 94 G Genisio, Craig 8. 16, 18. 24. 48. 78. 81 Genisio. Tammy 86, 91,93, 94, 95, 96. 97 Goben. Deana 29, 51,60, 74 Good. Angie 58. 66, 69 Good. Brad 38, 58 Good, Cheryl 88.91,97 Grabowski, Patricia 86, 94, 96. 97 Graves, Anita 60, 69 Greenman. Todd 32. 38, 48. 58. 66. 77 Griffith. Dan 48.56,71 H Haake. Chris 8. 16. 23. 24. 29. 51.66. 77 Haake. Christina 86, 91, 93 Haake. Colleen 34, 51,56, 66, 76, 77 Hall. Bnan 32, 102, 105 Hass. Matt 86. 94 Heady. David 8. 16. 24. 25. 32. 48. 81 Henry. Mike 32. 38, 58, 68 Hepner, Holly 38, 58, 66, 70 Hepner, Jay 88, 90, 92. 96 Hester, Jeff 38. 44. 102 Hester, Joel 30 Hoburg, Ronald 102 Holmes, Dave 92. 94. 102 Hoyle. James 8, 16. 18. 24. 32. 78. 79. 81 Hoyle. Kathy 48. 51. 60, 66, 69 I Ingold, Amy 60, 69, 70, 71 J Johnson. Brad 32. 59, 65 Johnson, Chad 48, 51, 56, 66. 74. 76, 77 Johnson. Joel 48. 61. 78 Johnson. Kathy 88. 91.93. 95. 96. 97 Johnson. Sarah 9, 16, 18, 24, 29, 51, 64, 66, 67. 70. 75. 77 Jones. Mark 9, 16, 19, 24. 51. 54. 74. 76 K Keehner. Kami 25, 28, 51.61. 64, 65, 66, 67. 70. 72, 74, 76, 77 Kelley, Shannon 94, 97 Kempin. Tara 36. 40, 56, 66 Kessinger. Jim 9, 16, 19, 24. 28. 32. 78, 82 Kidd. Bryan 56 Kiddoo. Kay 91. 102 Klundt. Patty 101 Kness. Jennifer 93. 95, 96, 97 Kness. Joe 9, 16. 19. 24.51,68. 74. 77, 78 Kolb, Gary 68 Krueger, Lori 9, 16, 19. 23, 24. 25. 34, 69, 71.74. 75. 78. 82 L Lambin, Gina 91. 93, 94. 95. 96. 97 Lambin. Jarod 38, 56 (arson. Dana 25, 28. 51. 61.64. 66. 67. 70, 76 I .arson, Shelby 86. 91. 94. 95. 97 (arson. Shelina 61, 66 Lawson. Carolyn 9, 16. 19, 24, 28, 74, 77 lawson, Jason 90, 92. 94. 96, 97 lawson, Robin 86, 96, 97 Leafgreen, Susan 9, 16. 24 I eng. Matt 89. 90. 92. 94. 97 Lindquist, Angela 59, 66. 69 1-ink, Kenneth 61, 78 Lord. Eva 42. 51. 59. 66. 69. 70. 77 L-overidge, Brad 56 M McCann, Tim 61, 78 McCurdy. Mark 38. 59, 66, 68 McKee, Genevieve 3, 25, 102. 103, 105 Mclaughlin. Fred 64, 92, 102, 103. 105 McLaughlin, Lisa 29. 34, 40. 48. 56 Mclaughlin. Teri McMeekan. Aaron 86, 90. 92, 94 McMeekan, Scott 10, 16. 18. 24. 28. 32. 38. 10682 McNeil. Barbara 69. 102 McNeil. Scoit 32. 48. 54.61.65. 77 McVietly. Allison 51,59. 66. 69. 70, 75, 77 McVietty, Gail 10, 16. 19,24 Maber. Jeff 6. 10, 16. 19. 24. 38. 48. 64. 78. 79. 82 Martens. Kim 10. 16. 19, 22. 24. 29. 34. 40. 69. 75. 77, 82 Martens. Melissa 34, 40. 48. 51, 56, 75, 76, 77 Marten . Michele 69. 89. 91.93, 94. 96, 97 May. Tina 51. 57, 69. 76 Mendeth, April 87, 96, 97 Mile . Mark 32. 48. 51. 61.64. 66. 68. 76, 104 Miley. Peter 87. 90. 92. 94. 96. 97 Miller. Aaron 87, 92. 96 Miller. Bob 89. 90. 92. 94 Miller, Danny 89 Miller, Greg 99 Miller. Jennifer 89. 94 Minder. Ann 101 Molburg. Aaron 38, 59, 68 Molberg. Jason 89. 92, 97 Moore. Michael 25. 57 Moore. Michele 10. 16. 18, 23. 24, 64. 66, 70. 77 Moorman. Krista 89 Morland. Kris 34. 42. 48. 51,61.66. 74. 76. 77 Morland. Paul 92. 94. 96. 97 Morland. Tim 38. 59, 65 Moyers. Joey 57 Moyers 87. 90, 92 Munson. Karin 10. 16, 19, 24. 25 N Nash. Lisa 97 Nehls, Truman 102 Nelson. Betty 101 Nelson, Brandi 87, 91, 97 Nice. Nettie 30. 36. 40. 48. 61. 64. 65. 66. 69 Nichols, Kevin 87,90, 96, 97 Norberg. David 28, 32, 38, 48, 60, 61, 64, 65, 66. 68 Norburg, Trisha 36. 51, 57, 69. 76 Nordeen. Max 101 0 Olson. Erik 61.68 Olson. Scott 87. 90. 92, 94 0 Tool, Laura 29. 34. 40. 48. 54.61.64. 67. 77 OTool, Lisa 34. 40. 48. 61.64. 76 0 Tool. Ronnie 29. 32. 57,71 Otto. John 25. 28. 29, 32, 38. 48, 51,60,61, 64, 76, 104 p Painter. Tammy 10, 16, 19, 23, 24, 38, 69, 71 Patterson, Lorie 87. 91, 93, 94, 96, 97 Patterson. Mike 89, 92 Patterson. Ron 61, 78 Patterson, Stephanie 87, 91,93. 94. 95. 96, 97 Paul. Cheryl 34. 40. 48. 61. 64. 66. 70, 75, 77 Paul. Jeff 38. 48,57.66.71 Peterson. Andrea 89, 91,94. 97 Peterson, Becky 61, 69, 71 Peterson. Darla 34. 48. 102, 103, 105 Peterson. Dewain 32. 48, 59, 71 Peterson. Heidi 40. 48. 51. 64. 69 Peterson, Jason 87, 96 Peterson, Mary Ellen 102 Peterson. Rodger 57, 68. 97 Peterson, Rollie 61. 68 Peterson, Ryan 89. 92, 94 Peterson, Shelly 89, 93, 94, 96 Petrovich, Aaron 28, 30, 32, 59 Petrovich. Michele 11. 16. 22. 24, 40. 71.82 Picard. Erika 11. 16. 18, 19, 22. 24. 34. 50. 64. 66. 67, 73. 74. 77 Picard, Heidi 34. 48. 60.61.66, 82 Picard, Liesl 30, 34, 42. 51. 56, 57. 76. 77 Plunkett. Mike 32, 59 Portugue, David 32. 61 Portugue. Kathy 89, 94. 96 Portugue. Tonya 11, 16. 24, 71 Price. Mike 11, 16. 24. 78 Pruett, Jackie 11, 16, 19, 24 R Randall, Tina 61 Recher. Mike 11,16, 19. 24. 25 Reckers, Beckey 59. 69, 71 Reed. Darrin 11, 16, 19. 24. 78 Rehn, Jennifer 89, 91.93. 96. 97 Remick, Greg 12, 16, 24. 32. 82 Remick, Kevin 32, 54, 61, 105 Remick. Kim 34, 40. 59, 66 Remick, Stacey 88. 89. 91, 93, 94, 96. 97 Ringberg. Kim 40. 59 Robinson. Leif 12. 16. 24. 32. 78. 83 Roesner. Tressa 89, 91.93, 96. 97 s Samuelson, Jerry 32, 38, 59, 68 Sampson. Charles 25 Sanders. Cindy 102 Sanders. Rhonda 100 Sanders. Shanie 29. 34. 48, 57, 69, 75. 76 Sanders, Tory 12. 16. 19. 22. 24. 69, 75. 77. 78 Schillinger, Mike 89. 90. 92 Schillinger. Steve 87, 90, 92 Schnell, David 30, 61 Schnell. Heather 87, 95. 96. 97 Schultz, Jeff 89. 92. 94. 96. 97 Schwarzentraub. Lloyd 32. 105 Schwartzkopf. Tammy 6, 12, 16, 18, 24. 25, 40, 48, 69, 74. 83 Scott. Carrie 25. 34. 40. 48. 61.64. 65, 66, 67. 73. 75,77, 104, 105 Scott. David 12. 16. 19.24, 78 Setterdahl, Jennifer 87, 93. 96, 97 Shaffer. Stephen 32, 51.57 Shannon. Curt 32, 59 Shannon. John 32, 38, 48, 59 Shannon, Linda 101 Shannon. Loretta 34, 48, 57, 66, 77 Shannon. Pat 28, 32. 48. 61.66 Sides. Chris 61 Sides, Doug 57, 68 Slater, Dan 93, 105 Smith, Shane 87, 90. 92, 94, 96, 97 Smith, Shawn 57, 61, 68. 78 Snyder, Dawn 57, 71 Snyder, Kristie 61.66, 69. 71 Snyder, Sylvia 57, 66 Somers, Tracey 59, 66 Sotelo. Sun 12, 16. 19. 24. 25. 53. 76 Spicher, Denise 89, 91.93, 96, 97 Spicher, John 32, 38, 59, 66 Stickle, Jamie 87. 90. 94 Steines, Steve 89. 92 Stodd, Rich 72, 102 Strand. George 101 Strange. Lisa 6, 13, 16, 18. 22. 24. 25. 29, 30. 31. 34. 40. 48. 51.64, 65. 66. 67. 70. 71,72. 74, 75, 76, 77. 83 Strange, Tim 57. 68, 71 Sullivan, Kellie 59 Sundberg, Steve 28. 30. 32, 38, 48. 56, 57, 77 Swanson, Cyndi 28. 51. 57, 65 Swanson. Darwin 99 Swanson. Tiffany 28. 42, 57, 65. 76 T Taflinger, Brad 87 Taflinger, Sherri 13, 18 Taflinger, Terri 71 Taylor. DeeAnn 87, 91.93, 96. 97 Taylor, Joe 38. 61.65, 66. 104 Taylor. Mike 29. 32. 51, 53,61, 66, 74. 76 Torres, Jason 32. 57 V Vail, Connie 99 Vail. Kent 32. 38, 48, 56, 57. 77 VanDeWalle Dana 13. 16, 18. 24. 66. 69, 74. 77 Voss, Troy 32.61.68. 78. 100 Vroman, Kim 30. 34, 51, 59, 66. 69, 75. 77 Vroman. Wally 89. 90. 92. 94. 96. 97 w Ward. Greg 6, 13, 16, 18, 23. 24. 32. 38. 64. 65. 78. 79. 83 Ward. Pam 34. 40. 59. 65. 66. 67. 69, 75. 77 Wessels, Wade 87.90. 92. 94. 97 White. Stacey 90. 92. 94. 96. 97 Willett, Derek 89, 96 Willett, Meredith 38. 48. 59. 65. 66, 69. 70 Willis. Craig 48, 57 Willis. John 61. 78 Wirt, Brigette 29. 59. 66. 67. 69. 70 Wirt. Kristen 87. 91.93, 95, 96. 97 White, Stacey 87, 97 Wofford, Jeff 87, 90. 92, 97 Wofford. Todd 13, 16, 24, 32. 78. 82 Wofford. Jon 29. 32. 38, 56. 57. 65. 71 Worden. Dawn 59 Y Yarde. Craig 13, 16, 19. 22. 23. 24, 29, 30. 32. 48,66.74, 83. 105 Yarde. Robert 25. 100 Youngren, Ervin 101 Youngren. Rozella 101 107We would like lo give a special thanks to these people who donated to the Year Book PATRONS Alpha F.S. AlWood Education Association Barton's Body Shop Bergstrom Seed Grain Dr. H. N. Picard Dr. Rehn Dr. Larson Ella’s Florist Evie’s Cafe Fanners State Bank of Alpha Grossell’s Growmark Inc. H. L. R. Carlson Construction Leroy’s Jack Jill Tony’s Plumbing and Heating Woodhull Dental Clinic Woodhull Telephone Co. Dad’s Drive In Friends Buban’s Service Station Connie’s Lakeside Boutique The Cornerstone Cowser’s Standard Station Maxwell’s Market Pat’s Styling Salon R. Philip Steele. Attorney at Law Rutledge Landscape Service Willett’s Welding Woodhull Co-Op Grain Co. Woodhull Plaza109Illaogelo. tIff-----------------------------------------

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