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THE ALWOOD ALBUM PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS 1960 ALWOOD HIGH SCHOOL WOODHULL. ILLINOISWe of AlWood are fortunate that our community is situated in the heart of America. Ours is primarily an agricultural area--few of us are not within sight of the familiar and essential cornfield. Appropriately, AlWood is a member of the eight-school Cornbelt Conference. Yet. we are near enough to large cities to be affected by the manufacturing industries. And ours is a land of frequent and violent weatner changes. We are truly aware of the coming of the seasons. In this AlWood Album we present life at AlWood High School in 1959-1960--who we are, what we do and where we do it. 2CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION........................4 FACULTY...............................7 CURRICULUM........................... 11 SENIORS..............................15 UNDERCLASSMEN........................23 JUNIORS........................24 SOPHOMORES.................... 28 FRESHMEN....................... 30 JUNIOR HIGH.......................... 32 ATHLETICS............................ 35 ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS.....14. 45 INDEX................................67 Our school in winter 3REGARDLESS OF SEASON THESE FOLKS . . . BOARD OF EDUCATION: Dave Swanson, Richard Bailey, John Weech (Secretary), Ben Downs (President), Dave Edmund, Lester Swihart, Ralph Rice. Our board members and our school treasurer, Anna Padavich. are not often seen around school during our actual working day. However, they are very important to our school operation. Members of the board are seven men actively engaged in the business of farming. They represent all four comers as well as the center, of our school district. Many hours are spent by the board members on school problems. Some of them attended school board conventions to find out about school planning elsewhere and how to prepare students best for the demands of the present-day world. Anna Padavich School Treasurer SCHOOL SECRETARIES Catherine Diggs Secretary to Mr. Fischer . . . graduated from Rock Island Business College . . . two daughters . . . hobby is sewing. Shirley Kay Murdock Secretary to Mr. Metzger Recent AlWood graduate . . . member Henry County Rural Youth . . . hobbies are horseback riding, swimming, skating.SAID, “SCHOOL 180 DAYS AS USUAL" The school year 1959-60 marks the completion of twelve years of operation for the AlWood Unit. Therefore, this year’s graduating class has the distinction of being the class which began its education in the first grade at the time of the formation of the AlWood Schools. History books will record the achievements of our country in striving for world peace and international understanding, but this book will record the history of a significant year of our life spent in the AlWood Schools. Consequently, we are indebted to the Editor, her staff, and advisor for their efforts in planning and preparing this year’s AlWood Annual. For years to come we will be turning the pages of this book refreshing our memories of our school activities. --E.E. Fischer . . . has been superintendent at AlWood for eleven years . . . two children . . . enjoys all types of sports . . . received M.S. from U. of 111. . . . spends summers planning for next school term. DON METZGER PRINCIPAL . . . M.A. from U. of 111. . . . one daughter . . . enjoys spectator sports and painting (with a four-inch brush). From the time a student enters AlWood High until he graduates, many lasting friendships, experiences, and much knowledge have been gained. We urge all students to take full advantage of the excellent facilities which the AlWood Community has provided for you and the sincere attempt of every faculty member to maintain a high quality of instruction and guidance. To the seniors who are graduating, we trust you will become not only the THINKING men and women, but the ACTING men and women of tomorrow. E.E. FISCHER SUPERINTENDENT 5 --Don MetzgerPEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES LOGAN STIERS These are the important people who keep our building and grounds clean and in order, keep us warm and well-fed, and see that we get to school safely every day. JIM HILLER MABEL FINLEY, BERYL PERRY, LIZ ANDERSON FAY BELL, CHIC ANDERSON, ASA McFARLIN, EVERETT WARD, VIRGIL BODEEN, HOWARD LIKE, DALE GOOD. JOHN BUB AN, AL MASON, PAUL NELSON, SIDNEY WALKER.FACULTY TRAINS US IN MANY FIELDS Gene Behnke Mathematics, Coach Ruth Bloomberg Latin, English III . . . Monmouth grad . . . secret ambition--to get rich ... 3 children . . . hobbies--shoveling snow, mowing grass hobbies are needlework, reading, cooking . . is grad of Knox College, as is son . . . active member of Lutheran Church Louis Browning Science Richard Geiger Agriculture graduated I.S.N.U. at time of first electron studies . . . began teaching and married when nylon was new . . . has 5 children graduated U. of Illinois after Navy duty in World War II . . . lives on farm with wife and 3 children . . . enjoys golfing 7THEY ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE US M. D. Hainline Industrial Arts American Problems Irene McGaughy Librarian, English IV spent summer at Family Camp in Jacksonville with family . . . enjoys reading poetry aloud (when alone) . . . secret ambitions--to be a dean of women; to sleep till 10 every day Carol Hardin Girls' Physical Education has just begun teaching . . . enjoys sports--horseback riding . . . secret ambition--to be a college professor Ruth Mason School Nurse, Home Nursing vacations in Florida . . . daughter Nancy recent AlWood grad . . . hobbies vary from sewing to stamp collecting 8OFTEN THEY MUST CRITICIZE US Don Metzger Mathematics M.S.--U. of 111. . . . one daughter . . . likes reading, spectator sports, painting (with a 4 inch brush) Estelle Miller Vocal Music would like to do grad work at U. of Colorado . . . enjoys sports, good music--jazz or symphonic, trying out new recipes Albert Miller History, Coach is interested in Civil War. Chicago Cubs, and Walter Minder General Science, Coach studied with 3 colleges and the Marines chocolate cake . . . summer school at Marquette four children . . . hobbies are fishing, golf, and U. in Milwaukee . . . relaxes to good music truck driving 9THEY HAVE INDIVIDUAL INTERESTS TOO Don Riggle Instrumental Music another Monmouth grad . . . two children . . . hobbies are a dog and baseball . . . manages Little League team Diana Riley Home Economics first year of teaching . . . also a recent bride . . . Delta Zeta Alumnae member . . . loves to travel Dorothy Swanson Commercial three Swansons at AlWood this year . . . did substitute teaching in Arizona last year . . . likes to read and travel . . . present hobby is the Annual Jane Weech English I. II staunch defender of rural life . . . active in community projects . . . two daughters . . . graduate work at U. of Colorado 10CURRICULUM INCLUDES ENGLISH AND LATIN Mrs. McGaughy ready to show a film to English IV This year both Latin 1 and II were offered to students. This stresses the increase of interest and importance in the language field. The Latin students were amazed when they discovered how many of our English words actually come from Latin. The first-year students spent much of the school year learning the mechanics of Latin. In the second-year classes the twelve labors of Hercules and the Gallic wars of Caesar were studied. The English department has worked together very closely this year. All of the teachers, especially in high school, have established a set of standards by which to teach. « Tape recordings and film strips have served as study aids for the classes. Each student is required to read at least six books a year and report on them. He is encouraged to read challenging material. As research is necessary for English classwork, a special orientation session to acquaint freshmen with the library has been introduced. All seniors are required to write one research paper. We at AlWood are proud of the advancements that have been made in our English and Latin departments. Sophomores preparing to read a play Conjugating verbs in LatinMATH, SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES Freshmen tackle Algebra I. Our math department is growing to provide the necessary mathematics for engineering. Four years of math are now available--algebra I, geometry, advanced algebra and trigonometry, and college algebra and solid geometry. The algebra I and geometry lay the basic foundation of mathematical knowledge for the advanced two years of math. From these last two years of math come the engineers and physicists of AlWood. Of the students who have taken advantage of the fourth year of math, 36 per cent have gone into engineering study at colleges or universities. The science department is offering general science, biology, chemistry and physics. General science covers the three basic sciences--biology, chemistry, and physics. Biology involves the study of plants and animals, and physiology. Dissecting animals is a favorite sport here. Chemistry concerns the study of the elements and how they combine. Valences give our future chemists present headaches. Physics is the study of energy and how it is measured, used, and produced in our everyday life. Our social studies department consists of American problems, world history, and U.S. history. In these courses we study the politics, economics, history and government of our own and other countries. Biologists seem interested. Mr. Miller's history class learns that new history is being made every day. THE 49TH STATEMUSIC, P. E. AND VOCATIONAL CLASSES Steve is happy in industrial arts! Soil testing in ag class. Vocational education classes available at AlWood are industrial arts, agriculture, home economics, and business education. Agriculture class content here would reveal our approximate geographical location as being in the corn, hog, and cattle feeding section of the United States. Again, we are typically mid western. Music is very popular here. About 60 per cent of the entire student body is in eitherbandor chorus or both. Physical education class every day is a must for every student at AlWood High, except for a medical excuse. Karolyn balances her debits and credits in bookkeeping. A small group can make music as well as a large one, if they practice. Girls' P.E. is no sissy affair here.STANDING: Mr. Behnke--Adviser, Karen Swanson, Pat Clarke, Judy Cathcart, Caroline Pople, Karo-lyn Watters, Judy Bowman, Nancy Miller, Mrs. Swanson--Adviser. SEATED: Diane Bodeen, Joan Briggs, Janet McLaughlin, Susan Johnson, Marilyn Barlow, Florence Johnson. Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Service. These are the bases on which National Honor Society members are chosen. They are selected by the faculty from the junior and senior classes after the end of the first semester each year. Later the new members are inducted in an assembly ceremony. Officers Joan Briggs..........Treasurer Marilyn Barlow .... -Secretary Susan Johnson........Vice President Janet McLaughlin . . . President 14SENIORSSWANSON, BODEENCHOSEN BEST CITIZENS Senior Class Officers President--Judy Bowman Vice President--Diane Bushnell Secretary--Jim Nelson Treasurer--Terry Bolin Student Council--Darwin Swanson Harvey Carlson The winners of the American Legion Good Citizenship Awards this year were Diane Bodeen and Darwin Swanson. These awards are based on their dependability, service, leadership, and unselfish loyalty to American ideals. Diane also received the Daughters of the American Revolution Award. 16HOMEWORK, CLASSES PARTIES, GAMES Terry Bolin Marilyn Barlow John Anderson Judy Bowman Joan Briggs Ronald Buban Diane Bushnell Harvey Carlson Judy CathcartPat Clarke Steve Descamps Joy Driscoll Dan Genisio Virginia Guldenzopf Reed Hughes Susan Johnson Florence Johnson Jim KruegerWE’LL MAKE ONE . . Don't laugh! This could be you! Robert Litton Mike Lowery Ellen Lenz Janet McLaughlin Nancy Miller Shirley Munson Don Neer Jim Nelson Connie Nelson Donita Peterson John Peterson Caroline Pople ■ Rollin Setterdahl Tom Smith Tom StrandbergTEACHERS, FRIENDS, MEMORIES Alice Vancil Lanny Turner Marvin Taylor Karolyn Watters Ronnie Zuidema Georgia Wellsmissing a ROVA game! WE DIDN'T ALWAYS STUDY How can they look cheerful so early in the morning? Santa, now I need a record player. The morning line-up. It looks like they just heard some sour notes Christmas dance close-up. In those days we were cute--and innocent. Bring on the food! 22UNDERCLASSMENJUNIORS WALK IN SENIORS’ SHADOWS TODAY Jim Anderson Kenneth Barman Randy Barman Kendall Johnson President Ronald Horner Vice President Gary Barton Lorna Bland Karen Bredburg Jim Browning Carl Carlson Robert Carlson Re Id a Caulkins Elizabeth Connelly Lanora Drake Gaylen Elliott Nancy Erickson Roy Erickson June Erlandson Richard Guldenzopf Linda Holdsworth Mary Hughes Barbara Johnson Loretta Johnson Don Johnston Rhodes Liggett 24THEY WILL BE LEADERS TOMORROW Charles Lindsey Alice Fischer Secretary Treasurer Betty Metzner Carol Munson Tom Nelson Dale Peterson Susan Plunkett Sally Pople Bill Ringberg Mike Roller Archie Samuelson Sandra Shattuck Kathy Speas Terry Strandberg Mary Sundberg Karen Swanson Rodger Taylor Judy Thayer Jean Vermeire Elizabeth Walsten Joan Watters Nancy Weech Maryetta Whimpey Doris Wind Lester Zuidema 25Is that the best you can do, girls? Doesn't it taste good, Don? Our alert (?) class president Hurry! Put your horns away (the ones you blow.) Save some for the others, Mike.JUNIOR PLAY CAST iMeg, the eldest.................................................Karen Bredburg The (Jo, the playwright..............................................Joan Watters Little Women (Beth, the housekeeper.............................................Karen Swanson (Amy, the artist....................................................JacquelineAnderson Mrs. March, their mother........................................................Nancy Erickson Mr. March, their father.........................................................Mike Roller Aunt March, Mr. March’s elderly sister..........................................Mary Hughes Hannah Mullet, the cook.........................................................Sally Pople Mr. Laurence, wealthy neighbor..................................................Ronald Horner Laurie, his grandson............................................................Don Johnson Professor Bhaer, a German teacher...............................................Kendall Johnson (1st girl........................................................Nancy Weech Neighbors (2nd girl........................................................Lorna Bland and (3rd girl........................................................Loretta Johnson Friends (4th girl........................................................Judy Thayer On April 8. 1960, the Junior Class presented "Little Women" adapted from the immortal novel by Louisa May Alcott and directed by Mrs. Ruth Bloomberg. To add reality to the setting, the entire cast was costumed in fashions similar to those worn in the early 1860's--the time at which the story takes place. Prompters: Elizabeth Walsten Alice Fischer The little women and their mother busy with their sewing.SOPHOMORES ARE AT THE HALF-WAY MARK. Ronnie Barman Ronnie Bateman Shirley Bowman Lynn Bredburg Dorothy Connelly Linda Davison Dale Edmund Linda Edmund Mike Edmund Phyllis Guldenzopf Barbara Hammerlund Terry Hampton Larry Hanson Rosalie Huff Carl Johnson Gloria Johnson Bonnie Larson Janet Larson Bob Lee Richard Lenz 28GETTING READY FOR THE TOP FLIGHT w Richard Peterson Treasurer Randy Larson Student Council Representative Willis Kirkland Student Council Representative Sandra Lindsey Judy Litton Kathryn Litton Ann McCurdy Neal McMeekan David Maher Dorothy Maher Ronald Meridith Patsy Molburg Mary Ann Nelson Merle Norburg Karen N v Robert Overstreet Donna Pugh Robert Sipes Larry Smith Dean Sullivan Loretta Turner Beverly Vancil 29BEWILDERED FRESHMEN SWAMP SENIOR HIGH Frances Huff President Jeanine Engstrom Vice President Janice Nelson Secretary Terry Anderson Richard Arnold Judy Bailey Robert Bainbridge Leland Barlow Kathryn Bolin Ruth Bolton Richard Borg Judy Brown Danny Carlson Norma Carlson Mary Lou Charlson Eugene Clarke Richard Collingwood Patricia Diggs Allen Elliott Mary Erickson Larry Evrard Virginia Flack John Hampton Steven Hazelwood Judy Holdswortti Barbara Johnson Joe Johnson Jennifer Jones Dennis Kerschieter Shirley Larson Sherill LiggettBUT WILL BE THE YOUNGEST CLASS NO MORE Shirley Swanson David Roller Paul Shepherd Treasurer Student Council Student Council Linda Litton William Locke Larry Luallen James McCaw Calvin McLaughlin Eugene Merideth Gary Miller Richard Miller Rickey Moe Clifford Montgomery Lois Neer Bonnie Nelson Clarus Nelson Ray Olson Sally Page Marlene Peterson Shirley Pitts Diane Rice Carol Seaton Jerry Shannon Wanda Spencer Andrew Strandberg Larry Swanson Donald Swihart Gary Taylor Noel Voss Diane Wilson Lyle WindEIGHT R, ROW I: S. Munson. T. Picard. R. Thayer. D. Barman. K. Nelson, S. Taylor, G. Sherrard. ROW II: C. Cole. C. Lindsey. E. Johnson. R. Zuidema, T. Edmund, R. Swanson, D. McMeekan, V. Setterdahl. ROW III: B. Larson. D. Henrikson. J. Rogers, H. Greenman, B. Lucas, M. Isaacson. D. Hayden. ROW IV: Mr. D. Roberts, S. Lundeen, K. Horine. C. Johnson. C. Paul, C. Genisio, S. Humphrey. M. Johnson. EIGHTH GRADERS ANTICIPATE HIGH SCHOOL Dorothy Mott . . . has always lived in Rio but likes to travel . . . enjoys bowling, golf, flowers, books. Don Roberts . . "hobby" is farming . . . member of Air Force Reserve . . . grandson Stephen is pride and joy. EIGHT M, ROW I:C. Johnson, T. Allison, J. Wing, D. Lundahl, J. McVietty, C. Lawson. ROW II; R. Peterson, L. Vanover, S. Vancil, C. Ingram. L. Thayer, G. Murdock, J. Hammerlund. ROW III: Miss D. Mott, S. Dye, D. Sullivan, B. Ward, C. Kessinger, S. Hernstrom, D. Doubler, G. Miller. ROW IV: R. Johnston, K. Otten, S. Franks, B. Plunkett, D. Anderson, C. Anderson. S. Peterson. N. Cain.SEVEN S, ROW I: S. Lowery, G. Swanson, S. Merideth, K. Taylor, B. Seaton, R. Minder, L. Moe, R. Carlson, M Schnouske. ROW II: J. Taylor, W. Rice, M. Walsten, D. Nelson, L. Langston, C. Carnes, J. Dahl, R. Pitts. ROW III: Mrs. Shetler, D. Brewer, J. Ryan, G. Carnes, K. McLaughlin, V. Bowman, J. Wirt, J. Swanson, B. Peterson. ROW IV: J. Bork.W. Carlson, R. Johanson, L. Sipes. R. Barton, A. Bateman, R. Clarke, R. Johnson, J. Molberg. SEVENTH GRADERS FORGE AHEAD Alice Shetler . . . received A.B. from William and Vashti College . . has three grown children . . . four grandchildren are one of her hobbies. Marjorie Johnson . . . native Woodhullite . . . is doing graduate work at Western Illinois University . . . hobby is bowling. SEVEN J, ROW I: G. Olson. M. Whitcomb. L. Kling, N. Bredberg, R. Genisio, D. Calmer. K. Miller, Z. Link. ROW II: R. Engstrom, J. Bainbridge, D. Bowman, G. Lambert, C. Peterson, R. Engstrom, P. Johnson, C. Rice, P. Cowman ROW III: K. Bubon, K. Edmund, C. Downs, J. Bolin. C. Swartout, J. Dahl. C. Jones, D. Bubon, J. Thorp, M. Johnson. ROW IV: R. Collingwood, J. Taylor, R. Frantz, D. Otten, M. Beasley, D. Lundahl, W. Arnold, W. Metzner, R. Carlson.EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM ROW I: Vernon Setterdahl. Steve Humphrey, Jim Ham-merlund, Roger Johnston, Gregory Miller--manager. ROW II: Dennis Anderson--manager, George Sherrard, Chuck Lawson, Dave Lundahl. Craig Anderson. Dennis Barman. ROW III: Mr. Minder--coach, Sidney Peterson. Bill Plunkett, Chuck Paul, Noel Cain. ROW I: Dan Lundahl, James R. Taylor. Ronald Pitts, Gale Olson, Scott Lowery, Duane Curry, Gregory Miller--manager. ROW II: Dennis Anderson--manager, Galen Lambert. Rodney Minder, Ronald Eng-strom, Michael Walsten, Jerry Dahl, Dennis Barman --manager. ROW III: Mr. Minder--coach, Russell Collingwood, David Nelson, Jett Bork, Richard Frantz, James A. Taylor. ACTIVITIES START IN JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL ROW I: Vicki Bowman, Joan Wirt, Mike Walsten. ROW II: Carolyn Rice, Kathy Edmund, Russell Collingwood, Dan Lundahl. ROW III: Craig Anderson, Jim Hammerlund, Dave Lundahl, Sid Peterson. ROW IV: George Sherrard, Barbara Larson, Steve Humphrey, Mr. Roberts, Chuck Paul. EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Cheryl Lindsey, Barbara Larson, Diane Henrik- son, Tanya Picard. SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Vicki Bowman, Carolyn Rice, Peggy Johnson, Joan Wirt.ATHLETICS ONE REGULAR, EIGHT LETTERMEN RETURN ROW I: D. Swanson, T. Nelson, R. Zuidema, R. Taylor, D. Genisio. R. Carlson, A. Samuelson, K. Barman, R. Horner, B. Ringberg, R. Buban, J. Peterson. ROW II: R. Litton, L. Turner, R. Hughes, J. Anderson, B. Paul, R. Swanson, K. Johnson. M. Lowery. M. Taylor, R. Setterdahl, J. Krueger, C. Lindsey. ROW III: Coach Behnke, R. Carlson, C. Carlson, S. Johnson, C. Nelson, C. Montgomery, L. Hanson, D. Kerschieter, D. Swihart, M. Norberg, W. Kirkland, L. Wind, H. Carlson. VARSITY SEASON RECORD CORNBELT CONFERENCE ALL-STAR TEAM A1 Wood Second Team 8 .... 14 ROVA Jim Krueger--End 14 6 Honorable Mention 7 18 .... Rollin Swanson--Guard 27 0 Rollin Setterdahl--Back 6 26 12 7 19 13 NAME Carries Yds. gained Av. yds. per play Passes attempted Passes completed TD'S Extra point Total Setterdahl 141 583 4.1 7 3 9 5 59 Turner 52 227 4.3 2 1 13 Paul 47 195 4.1 1 2 8 Anderson 29 61 2.1 14 2 Hughes 34 117 3.4 1 6 T aylor 1 Caught pass 1 6 Lindsey 6 14 2.3 Ringberg 2 5 2.5 Nelson 4 13 3.3 Olson 3 11 3.7 Team 319 1116 3.5 21 5 14 8 92 i 36FOR ’59 FOOTBALL SEASON LINEMEN: Reed Hughes, end; Marvin Taylor, tackle; Mike Lowery, guard; Kendall Johnson, center; Rollin Swanson. guard; Robert Litton, tackle; Jim Krueger, end. BACKFIELD: Bruce Paul. R. halfback; Lanny Turner, fullback; John Anderson, quarterback; Rollin Setterdahl, L. halfback. The AlWood football team started its first practice the day school started. There were eight lettermen and one regular returning from the previous year. The Aces went to ROVA for the first game of the season. AlWood came out on the losing end with a score of 14-8. On September 25, the AlWood gridders entertained Sherrard at the home field. This time the Aces were ready to go as they toppled Sherrard by a score of 14-6. The next game of the season was with Rockridge. The Aces did not seem prepared for this game. Rockridge rolled to an 18-7 victory. LINEMEN: Ronnie Zuidema, end; Rodger Taylor, tackle; Dan Genisio, guard; Archie Samuelson. center; Robert Carlson, guard; Kenny Barman, tackle; Ronnie Buban, end. BACKFIELD, Ronnie Horner, R. halfback; Bill Ring-berg. fullback; Charles Lindsey, quarterback; Tom Nelson, L. Halfback.GAMES WON AND LOST IN THE MUD AlWood linemen ready to help. Next AlWood traveled to Joy, where they displayed their true power. The Aces moved down the field five times for their touchdowns. AlWood ended with a victory of 27-0. On October 16, AlWood met its rival Orion. The score ended in a defeat for AlWood by a 20 point margin. The score, however, is deceiving. AlWood scored first and then Orion. From then until the fourth quarter no one scored. It was then that Orion rallied and won the game with three more touchdowns. The homecoming game with Cambridge was a success. The night was dreary with rain most of the time, but the Aces again rolled to a 12-6 victory. The Aces lost the last two games to Winola and Atkinson. Bruce trying to evade a Viking. » 38VARSITY AND J.V. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Sandra Shattuck, Janice Nelson, Connie Nelson, Patsy Molburg, Diane Bushnell, Linda Davison, Karolyn Watters. BASKETBALL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Diane Bushnell, Sandra Shat- tuck, Karolyn Watters, Connie Nelson. Whether posing or actually leading cheers, our excellent cheerleaders put on a very good performance at every game this year. All the varsity cheerleaders attended a cheerleading camp last summer and learned lots of new tricks. "Now see here, fellows. This is the way to win THIS game." Coach does his weekly washing! It's all part of the game. 39ROW I: Noel Voss, Dave Roller, Gene Merideth, Danny Carlson, Ray Olson, Andy Strandberg, Larry Luallen, John Hampton. ROW II: Terry Anderson, Larry Evrard, Larry Smith, Larry Hanson, Steve Johnson, Robert Carlson, Merle Norberg, Steve Hazelwood, Neal McMeekan, Leland Barlow. ROW III: Gary Taylor, Bob Bainbridge, Clifford Montgomery, Lyle Wind, Willis Kirkland, Clarus Nelson, Don Swihart, Dennis Kerschieter, Larry Swanson, Eugene Clarke. JUNIOR VARSITY DEVELOPS SKILLS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AlWood AlWood 0 . . . . . . JLova ... 0 26 ■ • 0 . . .... Corpus Christi .... . . . 0 35 • • 0 . . .... Rockridge ... 2 28 • • 6 . . ... 0 39 . ■ 0 . . . . . . Aledo . . 46 34 . . 0 . . . .12 38 • • 6 . . . . . R.M.A . . 0 55 . . 6 . . .... Sherrard . . 29 44 . . 44 . . 50 . . BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Knoxville- 30 AlWood 31 . . Monmouth . 55 ROVA ■ . • 38 44 . . Sherrard . . .45 Aledo • • • 54 48 . . Joy 64 Rockridge • .37 54 . . Cambridge 43 Joy .... •3,7 59 . . Atkinson . . .33 Orion . . . . 56 70 . . Winola . . . .30 Winola . . . 26 52 . . Sherrard . . . 50 Cambridge 33 41 . . Orion . . . . 60 Geneseo . . 54 36 . . ROVA . . . . 45 Atkinson. . .26 55 . . Rockridge . .35 ROW I: Neal McMeekan, Willis Kirkland, Larry Smith, Steve Johnson, Don Swihart, Larry Swanson, Coach Miller. ROW II: Bob Lee, Eugene Clarke, Merle Norberg, Larry Hanson, Ray Olson, Gary Taylor, Dennis Kerschieter.ROW I: Darwin Swanson, John Anderson, Bruce Paul, Lanny Turner, Don Johnston, Jim Krueger, Charles Lindsey, Manager Gaylen Elliott. ROW 11: Coach Gene Behnke, Reed Hughes, Ronnie Buban, Jim Nelson, Ronnie Horner, Rollin Setterdahl, Gary Barton, Manager Kendall Johnson VARSITY TIED FOR SECOND IN CORNBELTCONFERENCE VARST1Y BASKETBALL INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS PLAYER FGA FGM PCT. FT A FTM PCT. TP Turner ... 260 ... . . . . 96 . . . ... 65 ... . . . . .52.4 . . . . . 257 Anderson .... . . . 233 ... . . . . 88 . . . .37.7 . . . . . ... 147 ... . . . 98 . . . . . . . 66.6 . . . . . . 274 Johnston . . . 167 ... . . . . 77 . . . 47.1 . . . . ... 99 ... . ... 58 . . . 58.5 . . . . . .212 Krueger ... . . . . 235... . . . 67 . . . . 28.5. . . . .... 68 ... . ... 44 ... . . . . .64.7 . . . . . .180 Lindsey ... 206... . ... 68. . . . . 33.0. . . . .... 49 ... . ... 32 ... . . . . .31.9 . . . . . .162 Paul ... 125 ... . ... 17 . . . .47.2. . . . . . .71 Setterdahl . . . . . . . 43. . . . . . . .13 . . . .30.2 . . . . . . . 25 ... . ... 15 ... . . . . .60.0 . . . ... 41 Hughes . . . 75.0. . . . . . . 9 Barton . . . . 12 ... . .... 5 . . . .41.6 . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . 50.0 . . . . . . .12 Buban ....5 . . . 50.0 . . . . . . .11 McMeekan . . . 3 . . . . .... 0 . . . . 00.0. . . . .... 4 ... . . . . 2 . . . . 50.0. . . . 2 D. Swanson . . . 2. . . . Horner VARSITY SCHEDULE AlWood 36 . . . Knoxville 46 35 . . . ROVA 60 40 . . . Aledo 76 38 . . . Rockridge 40 51 . . . Joy 52 48 50 48 55 45 43 60 41 . . . Atkinson 34 43 . . . Monmouth 60 48 51 61 . . . Joy 49 41 70 52 . . . Cambridge 49 54 33 44 40 35 55 47 . . . ROVA 70 50 46 Don and Lanny scramble for a lost rebound. 42 SPIRITED ACES ARE SUCCESSFUL AlWood’s basketball season began where the football season's weather left off--under a very cloudy overcast. The Aces dropped their first four contests, a conference game with Rockridge included. The bad weather behind them, the boys caught fire and won their next three games. This spurt was highlighted with a 50-48 comeback victory over powerful Winola. The Aces opened their Cornbelt Tourney title defense with a 40-38 victory over Atkinson. After losing to Sherrard in the semi-finals, AlWood brought the third place trophy home with a 31-25 conquest of Rockridge. The second half of the season was initiated with a 41-34 edging of Atkinson. The next two games were dropped to Monmouth and Sherrard respectively. The Sherrard battle proved to be a 51-48 thriller. CORNBELT CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT AlWood 40 . . Atkinson . .38 30 . . Sherrard . 38 31 . . ALEDO INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT . 25 62 . . . 37 55 . . G-O . .43 50 . . Sherrard . .60 43 . . REGIONAL TOURNAMENT . .57 49 . . Joy . .37 60 . . . .54 42 . . . 46The Aledo Tournament behind them, the highly spirited Aces again resumed the role of conqueror. With consecutive victories over Joy, Cambridge, and Atkinson. AlWood's 44-40 hazing of Winola brought the college students home for the week-end play-off with Sherrard. The trips were in vain; not only did the Aces drop a 55-35 decision to the Tigers, but they finished the regular season with losses to Orion and ROVA. AlWood started the regional trail correctly with a 48-37 romp over Joy. This was great, but the oncoming path seemed tragic. The Aces now had to play the Tournament favorite, Aledo. Containing more spirit than two teams usually have, the Aces upset powerful Aledo, 60-54. Coach Behnke's Aces now had to conquer host Sherrard to advance to the Moline Sectional. After a barnburning regulation period topped with an overtime, the Tigers emerged as the champ. The 46-42 loss automatically shut down the AlWood basketball machine for another year. Ronnie looks for another ActIn October we watched the World Series on T.V. in the gym--if we had a study hall. Who won? The Dodgers grabbed it from the White Sox! Also, in October we had a big spectacular homecoming bonfire. Cheerleader Karolyn Watters is in the foreground. THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN EVERY DAY November brought Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie! Kay Murdock, our tiny secretary with the big appetite, admires it. Practicing became the hobby during February for ensemble groups like this quartet composed of Nancy Miller, Marilyn Barlow, Karen Swanson, Susan Johnson, and Pat Clarke, accompanist. All dressed up and no place to go except to school to observe Student Council sponsored Dress-up Day in December. They are Dale Peterson, Terry Anderson. Robert Bainbridge, Ronnie Bateman and Larry Smith. Substituting became Mrs. Metzger's hobby.ACTIVITIESROMANCE - SWEETHEART DANCE Crowning Queen Diane Bushnell and King John Anderson at Sweetheart Dance are Robert Carlson and Frances Huff. Attendants were Shirley Monson and Robert Litton. ENTERTAINMENT "The Old Soft Shoe”--Sandra and Marilyn Florence solos "Always" Ronnie B.. Elizabeth W., Alice F., and Paul S.. in "How High the Moon"poo o r ph FOR EVERYONE ROW 1: Georgia Wells, Karolyn Watters, Virginia Guldenzopf, Donita Peterson, Janet McLaughlin, Caroline Pople, Judy Bowman, Pat Clarke, Karen Swanson, Susan Johnson, Tom Strandburg, Darwin Swanson. ROW 2: Rollin Setterdahl, Tom Smith, Reed Hughes, John Anderson, Bruce Paul. Jim Nelson, Tom Noy, John Peterson, Lanny Turner. ROW 3: Mrs. Bloomberg, Marilyn Barlow, Connie Nelson, Shirley Munson. Joy Driscoll. drama - SENIOR PLAY “ONIONS IN THE STEW” Joan (Connie N.) says, "This will make me beautiful." Roger (Jim N.) gives Anne (Karen S.) her first orchid. The McDonalds are invaded by weekend guests. i We're having a slumber party!STUDENT COUNCIL LEADS SCHOOL Shirley Munson, Frances Huff, David Roller, Paul Shepherd, Randy Larson, Robert Carlson, Willis Kirkland. Kendall Johnson, Robert Carlson, Archie Samuelson, Harvey Carlson, Darwin Swanson, Connie Nelson, Elizabeth Walsten, Sandra Shattuck, Alice Vancil, Judy Bowman, Diane Bodeen, Alice Fischer, Jean Vermeire, Barbara Johnson, Karen Swanson. A meeting of the old and new members of the Student Council at the LeClaire Hotel in Moline last spring started the ball rolling toward better-than-ever student government. The Council planned several projects for the year 1959-60. The Council attempted to help the freshman class find its place in the high school with a Freshman Orientation Program. Mr. E.H. Case, Director of College and University Relations for John Deere and Company, gave an interesting address on "Your High School Record," the theme for the evening. Several assembly programs, including a safe-driving demonstration, a talk on India by Mr. Dean Fischer, and a fire hazard show were sponsored by the Council. As last year, AlWood traded talent and wit with Galva High School for a very enjoyable exchange assembly. Other projects supported by the Council included: an extra-curricular activities point system, a student-faculty committee, Dress-Up Day, and bringing a foreign exchange student to AlWood. Student Council Officers: Diane Bodeen, President Judy Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer; Alice Fischer, Reporter. Student Council Adviser: Richard C. Geiger 48VICTORY SETS PACE FOR HOMECOMING The 1959 Homecoming, sponsored by the Student Council, was a tremendous success. Everyone in the school became engrossed in the preparations and the excitement slowly mounted. The Homecoming really got under way on Thursday night when the organizations presented pep skits. The varsity cheerleaders won first prize as judged by some of the teachers. At the bonfire, Mr. Metzger announced the royalty. The queen, Shirley Munson, and the king, Jim Krueger, climbed aboard the royal convertible and led the snake dance downtown. Our luck with the perfect weather didn't hold on Friday, but we beat Cambridge in spite of the rain. To the music of the Royaltones, the alumnae and the students danced the evening away. The 1959 AlWood Homecoming was a long-to-be-remembered event. King Jim and Queen Shirley HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS: Robert Carlson, Linda Davison. Kendall Johnson. Kathy Speas, Rollin Swanson, Karolyn Watters. John Anderson. Karen Swanson, Chuck Lindsey, Alice Fischer. Lyle Wind. Janice Nelson. 49ROW 1: J. Briggs, P. Clarke, C. Bodeen, S. Munson, J. McLaughlin, C. Nelson, J. Bowman, C. Pople, D. Bushnell. ROW 2: S. Pople, C. Munson, L. Bland, K. Speas, E. Connelly, L. Drake, B. Hammer-lund, ROW 3: N. Weech, A. Fischer, D. Wind, J. Vermiere, K. Bredburg, L. Edmund, S. Lindsey, A. McCurdy, Mrs. Riley. ROW 4: R. Moe, J. Holdsworth, W. Spenser, N. Carlson, S. Page, J. Larson, D. Pugh, K. Noy, K. Litton. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: President, Caroline Pople; Vice President, Doris Wind; Secretary, Diane Bushnell; Treasurer, Alice Fischer; Parliamentarian, Janet McLaughlin; Chr. of Public Relations, Connie Nelson; Chr. of Projects, Karen Bredburg; Chr. of Recreation, Linda Edmund; Historian, Kathryn Litton; Student Council, Shirley Munson; Chr. of Degrees, Jean Vermiere, Chr. of Publicity Book, Nancy Weech and Diane Bodeen, Chapter Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Bodeen. i 50The Christmas Dance was enjoyed by all. The F.H.A. girls have been responsible for the Coat Check at all home basketball games. At the Section X rally which was held in East Moline, some of our F.H.A. girls put on a skit, based on the National F.H.A. Convention attended by Pat Clarke. Alice Fischer was elected Section X Parliamentarian. Our annual Daddy Date Night was held November 18. The Sadie Hawkins Dance was held March 25. The F.H.A. and the F.F.A. sponsored a Christmas Dance. Don Nelson, a disc jockey from WQUA, was in charge of the dance. Our annual Mothers' Tea and Style Show was held May 20. The officers for the following year were installed. Working hard in the Coat Check. Connie and Bob were our Sweetheart and Heart Throb. Dates with our daddies. 511st ROW: Sandra Shattuck, Connie Nelson, Joan Watters, Jennifer Jones, Judy Litton, Shirley Munson, Karen Noy, Shirley Bowman, Diane Bodeen, Joy Driscoll, Patricia Diggs. 2nd ROW: Linda Holdsworth, Marlene Peterson, Ann McCurdy, Kathryn Litton, Norma Carlson, Doris Wind, Linda Litton, Elizabeth Walsten, Gloria Johnson, Karen Swanson, Jackie Anderson, Judy Holdsworth, Mary Sundberg, Betty Metzner, Susan Plunkett. 3rd ROW: Donita Peterson, Judy Bowman, Judy Cathcart, Alice Vancil, Karen Swanson, Pat Clarke, Linda Edmund, Mary Hughes, Susan Johnson, Janet McLaughlin, Nancy Erickson, Frances Huff, Mary Ann Nelson, Diane Wilson, Dick Borg, Dick Arnold, Larry Luallen. 4th ROW: Tom Smith, Neal McMeekan, Bob Lee, Larry Swanson, Rodger Taylor, Ronnie Bateman, Rollin Setterdahl, Don Swihart, Paul Shepherd, Ronnie Barman, Robert Carlson, Tom Nelson, Bruce Paul, Willis Kirkland, Clarus Nelson, Mike Edmund, Richard Peterson. WITH VOICES CHORUS OFFICERS Jim Nelson, Rollin Setterdahl, Susan Johnson, Lyle Wind, Kathy Speas, Bruce Paul. The Chorus started their activities this year with a very successful minstrel show. At Christmas they joined with all the elementary and junior high pupils to put on an impressive community Christmas program. The harmonizing of about six hundred voices, under the direction of Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Fischer, proved to be a stupendous under- taking which resulted in a thrilling performance for both audience and singers. Spring found them busy practicing for contests. Many chorus members took part in programs of church and community groups during the year and also sang in their church choirs. MUSIC1st ROW: Shirley Pitts, Mary Lou Charlson, Mary Erickson, Shirley Larson, Loretta Turner, Florence Johnson, Shirley Swanson, Jeanine Engstom, Alice Fischer, Diane Bushnell, Joan Briggs. 2nd ROW: Sally Page, Ellen Lenz, Karen Bredberg, Jean Vermiere, Loretta Johnson, Janice Nelson, Dorothy Maher, Bonnie Nelson, Patsy Molberg, Judy Bailey, Lorna Bland, Marilyn Barlow, Sherrill Liggett, Caroline Pople, Ricky Moe. 3rd ROW: Roger Miller, Calvin McLaughlin, David Roller, Diane Rice, Carol Munson, Nancy Weech, Rosalie Huff, Judy Brown, Kathy Speas, Judy Thayer, Karolyn Watters, Sandra Lindsey, Kathy Bolin, Maryetta Whimpey, Sally Pople, Barbara Johnson. 4th ROW: Terry Anderson, Randy Larson, Robert McDowell, Clifford Montgomery, Tom Noy, Darwin Swanson, Eugene Clarke, Randy Barman, Lyle Wind, Dennis Kerschieter, Larry Smith, Tom Horner, Gary Taylor, Ronnie Horner, Stephen Johnson, Robert Carlson, Jim Nelson, Don Johnston. BLENDING Mrs. Estelle Miller DIRECTOR Diane Bodeen, Pat Clarke, Shirley Swanson. Sandra Shattuck ACCOMPANISTSROW I: Alice Fischer, Caroline Pople, Elizabeth Walsten. Nancy Erickson. ROW'II: Marilyn Barlow, Judy Thayer, Willis Kirkland, Judy Bailey, Jeanine Engstrom, Janice Nelson, Roger Miller, Judy Litton. ROW III: Rosalie Huff, Connie Nelson, Florence Johnson, Sandra Lindsey, Nancy Weech, Carol Monson, Karen Bredberg, Ronnie Barman, Mary Erickson, Robert Lee. ROW IV: Gary Barton, Patsy Molberg, Patricia Diggs, Marlene Peterson, Norma Carlson. ROW V: Karolyn Watters, Judy Holdsworth, Archie Samuelson, Dick Arnold, Director Don Riggle. ALWOOD HIGH This year the band has increased to almost eighty members. The members of the Pep Band performed at all home football and basketball games. Eight ensembles and one soloist were entered in district contest. MARJORETTES Shirley Monson, Judy Holdsworth, Carol Monson, Shirley Swanson. Linda Holdsworth, Diane Bushnell. » 54ROW I: (Right to left) Diane Bodeen. Diane Wilson, Frances Huff, Diane Rice, Mary Sundberg. ROW II: Ronnie Bateman, Judy Bowman, Nancy Miller, Mary Hughes, Jackie Anderson, Loretta Johnson, Janet McLaughlin, Linda Edmund, Barbara Johnson. ROW III: Sandra Shattuck, Karen Swanson, Randy Larson, Paul Shepherd, Jim Browning, Steve Johnson, Doris Wind, Judy Brown, Larry Luallen, Mike Edmund, Jim Nelson, Joan Briggs, Charles Lindsey. ROW IV: Don Johnston, Reed Hughes, Rollin Setterdahl, Susan Johnson, Harvey Carlson, Ronnie Horner, Roy Erickson, Larry Swanson, Ray Olson, Kathryn Litton, Don Swihart, Robert Carlson, Gene Clark. SCHOOL BAND The band assisted in the Christmas program, the minstrel show, and presented a spring concert. Eight members (one sponsored by the Woman's Club and six by the Band Parents) attended music camp at DuQuoin, Illinois, during the summer. They were Nancy Miller, Randy Larson, Steve Johnson, Jim Nelson, Don Johnston, Diane Bodeen, Elizabeth Wal-sten, and Judy Thayer. DIRECTOR Don Riggle 55MUSIC CONTEST ENSEMBLES — Flute Quartet: Alice Fischer, Elizabeth Walsten, Caroline Pople, Mary Sundberg. Clarinet Quartet: Willis Kirkland, Sandra Lundeen, Connie Nelson, Judy Bowman. Saxophone Quartet: Bob Lee, Jim Nelson, Linda Edmund, Janet McLaughlin. Trombone Quartet: Larry Swanson, Rollin Setterdahl, Reed Hughes, Don Johnston Bass Clarinet Soloist: Ronnie Bateman. Brass Quartet: Don Swihart, Larry Swanson, Randy Larson, Paul Shepherd. Trumpet—Trombone Quartet: Steve Johnson, Jim Browning, Susan Johnson, Reed Hughes. Woodwind Quintet: Nancy Erickson, Naney Miller. Jackie Anderson, Diane Bodeen, Marilyn Barlow. Brass Sextet: Sandra Shattuck, Karen Swanson, Mary Hughes, Bob Carlson, Kathryn Litton, Don Johnston.PRACTICE, PERFORMANCE, APPLAUSE Girls' Quartet: Susan Johnson, Karen Swanson, Marilyn Barlow. Nancy Miller Soloists: Tom Smith, Steve Johnson, Florence Johnson Mixed Quartet: Judy Thayer, Randy Larson, Rollin Setterdahl, Sandra Shattuck Mixed Quartet: Frances Huff, Paul Shepherd, Ronnie Barman, Diane Bodeen Boys' Double Quartet: Mike Edmund, Jim Nelson, Ronnie Horner, Darwin Swanson, Dick Arnold, Gene Clarke, Larry Smith, Dick Borg Girls' Sextet: Kathryn Litton. Ann McCurdy, Karen Noy, Gloria Johnson, Mary Nelson, Rosalie Huff Mixed Double Quartet: Bob Lee, Willis Kirkland, Dick Borg, Ronnie Barman, Shirley Swanson, Karen Swanson, Mary Sundberg, Joan Watters Mixed Double Quartet: Ronnie Bateman. Gene Clarke, Don Swihart, Bob Carlson, Mary Hughes, Elizabeth Walsten, Alice Fischer, Loretta Johnson FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President . . . . . Vice President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter........ Student Council Sentinel........ OFFICERS Harvey Carlson Robert L. Carlson Robert Litton Robert D. Carlson Steve Johnson Archie Samuelson Randy Larson DOING TO LEARN Dan Genisio oiling mailbox stand posts. 58setting posts for Ronnie Merideth, Steve Johnson, Randy Larson, and Richard Peterson mailbox stands. This year the AlWood Chapter of Future Farmers of America has won many contests. Perhaps the greatest was the state extemporaneous speech contest in which Richard Carlson won first place. Also, we won the sectional parliamentary procedure contest with a team consisting of Harvey Carlson, also first place chairman; Robert D. Carlson, secretary; Robert L. Carlson; Robert Litton and Randy Larson. Last fall our soil judging team won third place with a team consisting of Randy Larson, Dan Genisio, Steve Johnson, and Ronnie Merideth. A COMMUNITY SERVICE, TOO 59 The finished product.STUDENT LIBRARIANS LEARN BY DOING ROW I: Nancy Miller, Joan Watters, Karen Swanson, Jackie Anderson. Virginia Guldenzopt. ROW II: Nancy Erickson, Jeanine Engstrom, Nancy Weech, Susan Plunkett, Betty Metzner, Kathy Speas, Sandra Shattuck. ROW III: Georgia Wells, Sally Pople, Elizabeth Walsten. Maryetta Whimpey, Mary Hughes, Barbara Johnson, Donita Peterson, Judy Cathcart, Marlene Peterson. Student assistant librarians learn the mechanics of library work while they perform a service to the school. Each spends one or more periods a week supervising the library and assisting other students there. The student librarians also arrange displays in the east showcase and keep the library neat and orderly. This year new draperies for the library were purchased by the Library Club. The AlWood Library Club is a member of the D.R.Y. Library Association, composed of clubs from Rock IslanD, MerceR, and HenrY counties. Library Club Officers Mrs. McGaughy, Advisor; Nancy Weech, historian; Nancy Miller, president; Karen Swanson, vice-president; Donita Peterson, secretary; Barbara Johnson, student council representative; Mary Hughes, reporter; Nancy Erickson, treasurer. Maryetta and Donita busy shelving books.F. T. A. LOOKS TOWARD TOMORROW ROW 1: Darwin Swanson. Elizabeth Walsten. Pat Clarke, Florence Johnson, Jackie Anderson, Gloria Johnson, Karen Swanson, Rollin Setterdahl. ROW 2: Karen L. Swanson, Karen Noy, Kathryn Litton. Linda Davison. Ann McCurdy, Virginia Guldenzopf, Connie Nelson, Nancy Miller. ROW 3: Jeanine Engstrom, Loretta Turner, Karen Bredburg, Nancy Weech, Mary Hughes, Nancy Erickson, Judy Cathcart, Janet McLaughlin. ROW 4: Caroline Pople, Diane Bushnell, Sally Pople, Janice Nelson, Judy Bailey, Judy Brown, Rickey Moe, Mary Erickson. ROW 5: Robert Carlson, Tom Smith, Don Johnston, Gene Clarke. John Peterson, Alice Fischer, Diane Bodeen, Judy Bowman. ROW 6: Dave Roller. The AlWood Future Teachers of America, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Irene McGaughy, is a member of the Blackhawk Division Future Teachers of America. Every year the F.T.A. holds three Blackhawk meetings. At Christmas the AlWood F.T.A. gives clothes or toys to a needy family. President: Pat Clarke; Vice President: Rollin Setterdah; Secretary: Florence Johnson; Treasurer: Darwin Swanson; Historian: Karen Swanson; Parliamentarian: Jackie Anderson; Song Leader: Scrimmaging for the F.T.A. (Homecoming Nancy Miller; Student Council: Elizabeth Walsten: Reporter: skit). Gloria Johnson.ROW 1: M. Barlow, K. Swanson, J. Briggs, S. Munson, C. Pople, E. Lenz, J. Cathcart, S. Johnson, J. McLaughlin, F. Johnson, J. Bowman, J. Driscoll, D. Peterson, A. Vancil, V. Guldenzopf, Mrs. Hardin. ROW 2: B. Johnson, K. Speas, E. Connelly, L. Drake, M. Nelson, L. Davison, L. Turner, M. Whimpey, B. Metzner, L. Holdsworth, J. Anderson, K. Swanson, J. Watters. ROW 3: J. Thayer, L. Johnson, C. Munson, M. Sundberg, K. Bredburg, S. Bowman, L. Edmund, S. Lindsey, B. Hammerlund, P. Guldenzopf, R. Huff, S. Plunkett, J. Litton, G. Wells. B. Larson. ROW 4: S. Pople, J. Erlandson, N. Erickson, M. Hughes, S. Page, D. Pugh. P. Molberg, K. Noy, K. Litton, A. McCurdy, G. Johnson, B. Vancil, D. Maher, V. Flack. ROW 5: J. Vermeire, D. Wind, A. Fischer, N. Erickson, M. Peterson, B. Nelson, J. BaUey, D. Wilson, C. Liggett, J. Brown, B. Johnson, J. Nelson. D. Rice, F. Huff. ROW 6: C. Seaton, L. Neer, S. Larson, J. Jones, R. Moe, J. Engstrom, S. Swanson, P. Diggs, J. Holdsworth. L. Litton, M. L. Charlston, S. Pitts, K. Bolin. ROW 7: S. Shattuck, K. Watters, D. Bushnell, C. Nelson. G.A.A. OFFICERS President--Diane Bushnell Vice Pres.--Carol Munson Secretary--Judy Thayer Treasurer--Joy Driscoll Reporter--Judy Litton Student Council--Alice Vancil 62ALWOOD GIRLS ENJOY ACTIVE SPORTS G.A.A. is an organization that stimulates the feminine instinct to turn to the fun and exercise of sports. In the fall, the girls go on hikes and play soccer. In the winter they play basketball, go bowling, and do modern dancing. In spring the girls play baseball and go on more hikes. The G.A.A. put on a skit for homecoming entitled "Binky’s Beatnik Coffee Shop." They sponsored a sock hop after the game with Orion, December 11, and sold candy during December to make money. Freshman Initiation Senior girls playing soccer 63 Mrs. Hardin, the G.A.A. Sponsor After school bowlingCheerleaders: C. Nelson, J. Nelson, D. Bushnell, P. Molburg, S. Shattuck, L. Davison, K. Watters. ROW I: P. Clarke, D. Bodeen, J. Briggs, S. Munson, C. Pople, J. Cathcart, E. Lenz, F. Johnson, S. Johnson, J. McLaughlin, J. Bowman, J. Driscoll, D. Peterson, A. Vancil. ROW II: M. Barlow, K. Swanson, E. Connelly, L. Drake, S. Pople, M. Nelson, L. Turner, M. Whimpey, B. Metzner, L. Holdsworth, J. Anderson, K. Swanson, ROW HI: C. Munson, M. Sundberg, A. Fischer, D. Wind, J. Vermeire, K. Bredberg, S. Bowman, L. Edmund, S. Lindsey, B. Hammerlund, P. Guldenzopf, R. Huff, V. Guldenzopf, Mrs. Hardin. ROW IV: E. Walsten, B. Johnson, W. Spencer, N. Carlson, S. Page, J. Larson, D. Pugh, K. Noy, K. Litton, A. McCurdy, J. Litton, J. Watters. ROW V: J. Thayer, L. Johnson, L. Bland, K. Speas, M. Erickson, M. Peterson, B. Nelson, J. Bailey, D. Wilson. S. Liggett, J. Brown, B. Johnson. ROW VI: J. Erlandson, C. Seaton, L. Neer, S. Larson, J. Jones, R. Moe, J. Engstrom, S. Swanson, P. Diggs, J. Holdsworth, L. Litton, M. Charlson, S. Pitts. PEP CLUB OFFICERS Connie Nelson, President; Alice Fischer, Vice President; Jean Vermeire, Secretary; Doris Wind, Treasurer; Judy Litton, Reporter; Karen Swanson, Student Council Representative.FROM THE COLD FOOTBALL FIELD TO THE WARM, CROWDED GYM THE PEP CLUB CHEERS THE TEAM, “THAT’S ALL” The Pep Club this year has worked to carry out its purpose of promoting school spirit. The members have passed out programs at basketball games, sold advance bus tickets, and staunchly supported our teams. The club as a whole has had the conference banners cleaned and sent the cheerleaders to camp. As a result of its diligence, the club won second place for its skit on the night before Homecoming. The club's cooperativeness and willingness to spread new cheers helped to give AlWood its fine spirit. 65e r THEY TRIED THEIR HAND AT JOURNALISM EDITOR:...................... Nancy Miller ASSISTANT EDITORS:....................... Janet McLaughlin...............Karen Swanson Florence Johnson...............Marilyn Barlow Diane Bodeen................... Susan Johnson Harvey Carlson................. Pat Clarke Jim Nelson.....................Jujdy Cathcart SPORTS EDITORS:................................. Rollin Setterdahl................Ronnie Buban Darwin Swanson..................Reed Hughes SALES STAFF:.................................... Donita Peterson..................Jim Krueger Joy Driscoll.....................John Anderson Karolyn Watters BUSINESS MANAGER:..................John Peterson JUNIOR EDITORS:.................................... Karen Swanson.....................Kathy Speas Alice Fischer.....................Nancy Weech Junior Editors CLASS OF 1960 HONOR STUDENTS Co-salutatorian Marilyn Barlow Valedictorian Karen Swanson Co-salutatorian Janet McLaughlinAnderson, Jackie--24,26,52,55,56,60,61, 62,64,27 Anderson, James--24 Anderson, John- -11,17,22,36,37,46,47, Anderson, Terry--30,44,53,40 Arnold, Richard--30,52,54,57 Bailey, Judy--12,30,53,54,61,62,63,64 Bainbridge, Robert--30,40 Barlow, Leland—30,40 Barlow, Marilyn--11,14,17,22,44,46,47, 54,66,56,57,62,64,65,53 Barman, Kenneth- -13,24,26,36,37,51 Barman, Randy--13,24,26,51,53 Barman, Ronnie--12,28,52,54,57 Barton, Gary--24,54,41 Bateman, Ronnie--12,28,44,47,52,55,56, 57 Bland, Loma--12,24,50,53,64,27 Bodeen, Diane--11,13,14,15,16,22,44, 48,50,66,52,53,55,56,57,61,63,64 Bolin, Kathryn--12,30,53,62,63 Bolin, Terry--16,17,22 Bolten, Ruth--30 Borg, Richard—30,52,57 Bowman, Judy--14,16,22,46,48,51,52,55, Bowman, Shirley—28,52,62,64 Brcdburg, Karcn--24,26,50,53,54,61,62, 27.64.65 Bredburg, Lynn--28 Briggs, Joan--11,14,17,22,51,53,55,62, 63.65 Brown, Judy--17,30,51,53,54,61,62,63,64 Browning, James--24,26,55,56 Buban, Ronnie--11,17,26,36,37,41,43,66 Bushncll, Diane--16,17,39,44,47,51,53, Carlson, Carl--13,24,36 Carlson, Danny—30,40 Carlson, Harvey--ll,16,17,36,48,52,55, 58 Carlson, Norma--30,50,51,53,54,64 Carlson, Robert D.—13,23,28,36,47,48, 49,55,56,57,58,61,40 Carlson, Robert L.--24,36,37,48,51,58,66 Cathcart, Judy—11,13,14,17,22,53,60,61, Caulkins, Relda--24 Charlson, Mary Lou--30,53,62,64 Clarke, Eugene—30,53,55,57,61,40 Clarke, Pat —11,14,17,18,22,44,46,50,52, Connelly, Dorothy--28 Connelly, Elizabeth--24,50,62,64 Davison, Linda--11,28,39,49,61,62,64 Descamps, Steve —11,13,18 Diggs, Patricia - -30,51,52,54,62,63,64 Drake, Lanora—24,50,51,62,64,65 Driscoll, Joy—18,22,46,51,52,62,64,65, 66 Edmund, Dale--28 Edmund, Linda - -28,50,51,52,55,56,62,64 Edmund, Mike —12,28,51,52,55,57 Elliot, Allen—30 Elliot, Caylen—24,26,41 Engstrom, Jeanine--12,30,53,54,60,61, Erickson, Mary—22,30,53,54,61,62,63,64 Erickson, Nancy—24,52,54,56,60,61,62 Erickson, Roy—24,53,55 Erlandson, June--24,62,64 Evrard, Larry —12,30,40 Fischer, Alice--25,26,47,48,49,50,53,54, Flack, Virginia—30,62 Genisio, Dan--18,22,36,37,58 Guldenzopf, Phyllis—28,62,64,65 Guldenzopf, Richard--24 Guldenzopf, Virginia--18,46,60,61,62,64, 65 Hammerlund, Barbara--28,50,62,63,64 Hampton, John--30,40 Hampton, Terry--28 Hanson, Larry—12,28,36,40 INDEX Hazelwood, Steve—30,40 Holds worth, Judi - -12,30,50,52,54,62,64, 65 Holdsworth, Linda--24,52,54,62,64 Horner, Ronnie —12,24,36,37,47,53,55, 57.41.27 Homer, Tom —12,28,53 Huff, Frances--12,23,30,47,48,52,55,57, 62.63.65 Huff, Rosalie--12,28,53,54,57,62,64 Hughes, Mary--13,24,26,52,55,56,57,60, 61.62.27 Hughes, Reed--11,18,22,36,37,46,55,56, 41.66 Johnson, Barbara E.—24,26,48,53,55,60, 62.64 Johnson, Barbara J.--30,62,63,64 Johnson, Carl—28 Johnson, Florence--11,14,18,22,26,47, Johnson, Gloria--12,28,53,57,61,62,65 Johnson, Joe--30 Johnson, Kendall--23,24,26,36,37,48,49, 65.41.27 Johnson, Loretta—24,53,55,57,62,64,27 Johnson, Steve--12,28,36,53,55,56,57, 58.59.40 Johnson, Susan--11,13,14,18,22,44,46,52, Johnston, Don--13,24,26,47,53,55,56,61, Kcrschieter, Dennis—30,36,53,40 Kirkland, Willis—12,29,36,48,52,54,56, 57.40 Krueger, James--11,17,18,36,37,39,49, Larson, Bonnie--28,62,63 Larson, Janet—28,50,64,65 Larson, Randy—12,29,48,53,55,56,57,58, 59 Larson, Shirley--30,53,62,63,64 Lee, Robert--12,28,47,52,40,56,57 Lenz, Ellen—19,26,53,62,64,65 Lenz, Richard--28 Liggett, Rhodes—24 Liggett, Sherrill--12,30,51,53,62,63,64 Lindsey, Charles—22,25,36,37,49,55,41, 42 Lindsey, Sandra—29,50,53,54,56,62,64 Litton, Judy--29,52,54,62,64 Litton, Kathryn —13,29,50,53,55,56,57, 61.62.64 Litton, Linda—12,31,53,62,63,64 Litton, Robert—12,19,37,36,51,58,47 Lowery, Mike — 13,19,22,36,37,44 Luallen, Larry--31,52,55,40 McCaw, James —12,31 McCurdy, Ann - -29,50,53,57,61,62,64,45 McDowell, Robert—25,44,53 McLaughlin, Janet--11,13,14,19,22,26, McLaughlin, Ralph—31,53 McMeekan, Neal—11,12,29,39,52,40 Maher, David—29 Maher, Dorothy--29,53,62 Merideth, Eugene—31,40 Merideth, Ronnie—29,59 Metzner, Betty--25,52,60,62,64,65 Miller, Gary—31 Miller, Nancy—11,14,17,19,22,44,50,55, Miller, Roger--12,31,53,54 Moe, Rickey—31,50,53,61,62,64 Molburg, Pat - -29,39,53,54,62,64 Montgomery, Clifford--31,36,53,40 Munson, Carol--25,50,53,54,62,64,65,45 Munson, Shirley--19,46,47,48,49,50,52, 54,62,64,45 Neer, Don—11,13,19,22 Neer, Lois—31,62,64 Nelson, Bonnie--31,51,53,62,63,64 Nelson, Clarus—31,36,52,40 Nelson, Connie - -11,19,22,39,44,46,48, Nelson, Janice—12,30,39,49,53,54,61, 67 62.63.64 Nelson, James—11,16,19,22,46,47,52,53, Nelson, Mary--29,53,57,62,64 Nelson, Tom—25,36,37,52,27 Norberg, Merle — 12,29,36,40 Noy, Karen - -29,50,52,57,61,62,64,65 Noy, Tom--20,22,46,53 Olson, Ray—31,55,40 Overstreet, Robert--29 Page, Sally—31,50,53,62,63,64 Paul, Bruce —11,20,36,37,38,39,46,47, 52.43 Peterson, Dale--13,25,44 Peterson, Donita—19,20,46,53,60,62,64, 65.66 Peterson, John—20,22,36,35,61,66 Peterson, Marlene - -31,51,52,54,60,62, 63.64 Peterson, Richard—29,52,59 Pitts, Shirley--31,53,62,63,64 Plunkett, Susan--25,53,60,62 Pople, Caroline--44,20,22,46,50,51,53, 54,56,61,62,64,65,45 Pople, Sally--25,50,53,60,61,62,64,27,45 Pugh, Donna--29,50,62,64,65 Rice, Diane--12,31,53,55,62,63 Ringberg, Bill —13,25,36,37,51 Roller, David--12,31,48,53,61,40 Roller, Mike—12,25,26,65,27 Samuelson, Archie--25,36,37,48,54,58 Seaton, Carol--31,62,63,64 Setterdahl, Rollin—11,20,22,36,37,38, Shattuck, Sandra - -13,25,26,39,47,48,52, 53,55,56,57,60,62,64,65 Shepherd, Paul - -12,31,47,48,52,55,56,57 Sipes, Robert--29 Smith, Larry--12,29,39,44,53,57,40 Smith, Tom —20.22,46,47,52.57,61 Speas, Kathy—12,25,26,49,50,52,53,60, Spencer, Wanda--31,50,64 Strandberg, Andrew--31,40 Strandberg, Terry--25,26 Strandberg, Tom —20,52,46 Sullivan, Dean —12,29 Sundberg, Mary—25,51,52,55,56,57,62, 65.64 Swanson, Darwin--11,15,16,22,36,46,47, Swanson, Karen J.--25,53,57,60,61,62, Swanson, Karen L.—11,13,14,21,22,44, 46,48,49,52,55,56,5 7,61,62,6 3,64,66 Swanson, Larry--12,31,52,55,56,40 Swanson, Rollin—21,22,36,37,49 Swanson, Shirley —31,53,54,57,62,63,64 Swihart, Don--12,31,36,52,55,56,57,65,4( Taylor, Gary—31,53,40 Taylor, Marvin—21,22,36,37,38 Taylor, Rodger—25,36,37,38,52 Thayer, Judy—25,26,53,54,57,62,64,65, 27 Turner, i-anny—21,36,37,38,39,46,65,41, 42.43 Turner, Loretta—29,53,61,62,64,65 Vancil, Alice - -21,22,48,51,52,62,64 Vancil, Beverly--29,62 Vermeire, Jean--25,48,50,51,53,62,64 Voss, Noel—31,40 Walstcn, Elizabeth--12,25,47,48,53,54, 56,57,60,61,64,27 Watters, Joan—25,53,57,60,62,64,27 Watters, Karolyn—11,13,21,14,39,44,46, Weech, Nancy—25,26,53,54,50,60,61, 27.66 Wells, Georgia--21,22,46,60,62 Whimpey, Maryetta—25,53,60,62,64,65 Wilson, Diane--12,31,53,55,62,64 Wind, Doris--25,50,53,55,62,64,45 Wind, Lyle—31,36,49,52,53,40 Zuidema, Lester—25 Zuidema, Ronnie —11,21,13,36,37AND SO ENDS THE YEAR 1959-60 IT'S DONE! The AlWood Album--I960--is completed. As we of the staff proudly hold our copies, we remember how much effort we put into the production of the Album. Now we know the pleasure of seeing our ideas in print, the pride resulting from a job well done. For months we worried, worked a little faster, and then worried again. Somehow, lost pictures were found, deadlines were met, mistakes were corrected at the last moment, and the aspirin supply wasn't quite exhausted. We thank the faculty for their cooperation and interest in our yearbook. Mr. Lenox has done a fine job as our photographer. We appreciate his services and suggestions very much. Finally, we extend our greatest thanks to Mrs. Swanson. For six years she has efficiently, competently, and interestedly guided the editors and staffs of AlWood yearbooks. May this Album serve to remind the Seniors of their last year at AlWood, and all of us of an important high school year. --Nancy Miller, Editor Finally, l wish to thank the Album staff members, who have done their part well, both in actual production and in selling the Album. They have attempted to portray life in a typical midwestern high school, and have had the backing of a very interested community. Dorothy Swanson, Advisor 68 

Suggestions in the Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) collection:

Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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