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Alwood High School Woodhull, Illinois ai, QXXQQ3Rfx V -' in M A' ,ef A. ' ,,. is ' ., M A , ,'1 2 . . Q Sandra, Susan, Carolyn and Lou' lcome visitors to Woodhull Centennial Parade. The Senior Class presents to you the key to the centennial edition THE I958 ALBUM AUGUST 28 Vacant Halls Closed Doors mpty Desks Qulet Floors AUGUST 29 Poundmg Feet Screechmg Chalrs Shoutmg Students Crowded Stalrs THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS OF EDUCATION IN THIS COMMUNITY HAS BEGUN Curriculum Admlnlstratlon Llnderclassmen Freshmen Sophomores Juniors .lunlor Hugh Actlvmes Athletics Graduation Seniors We registered for the new year Physics, ag, bookkeeping, math, home economics--which shall it be? Our first year in our new build- ing began here in our bright new office as we made out our final schedules for the new semester. We had new hopes, new ambitions, new intentions, and some of us even had new clothes. In contrast, a few weeks before, visitors and homefolks had registered for the centennial celebration in the lobby of the old Woodhull High School, the oldest building in the unit, which was completed in 1895 and is now deserted and quiet for the first year in its history. These folks had come to reminisce, to renew school and community friendships, to gaze for the moment into the past rather than into the future. Many of them entered whole-heartedly into the spirit of the occasion and appeared in clothes of another era. Weech's Sophomore English C1 In English And then our work began In Latin aug y's atin II C1 In Library Future scientists, Mr. Browning? Duane, Carole, Ed and Sandra seem very chemistry minded here. In science and In math. Mr. Behnke's Algerbra I class is very happy with mathematics this morning. Mr. Mi11er's U.S. History Class In histor , industrial arts and in t ping. Tom Gould and Jim Krueger leam a thing or two from Mr. Hainline Sophomores struggle with asdf jkl f N-v-1 KM vipy t Miss Snapp directs a sewing session with her sophomore and junior home ec girls. In Home Economics We Noticed the Contrast Between the Old and the New- Her old-time costume is betrayed by her knowing look as our centennial visi- tor inspects the modern gadgets in the kitchen area of the home ec room. iqnvf Jim Nelson, Steve Descamps, Harvey Carlson and Rollin Swanson demonstrate the modem methods of testing soil. and in Ag We Studied the New Methods Rather than the Qld The old-time threshing demonstration drew a crowd at the centennial, but we wonder if these gentlemen would want to go back to using that method of harvesting grain. 9 ? 2 x w f liz 1 1 if 9 Q i W ..,,,.,,. 44vx'7, , 'ji' wr.: f 9' 1 '7 3 .Q U H. ' !-1, - fn B4 'V i 1 ' 5.341 af W., W . 31' 4 'v f f'1 Uf? H1 W if 4 3 L 1 X 4 lp ,Q X 1 ' ' ' I I K Xa 3 1 I 5 I., g S, ' v J 5, ,ky l s, J Q I 3 I K I CI E . Xi -sp vs. 5 Q... Q sw , -Q.. LL Many years ago a teacher's du- ties were much different than they are today. Early every morning the teacher had to enter a cold school- house and fire the furnace, sweep the floor, clean the blackboards, and attend to other duties that are now done by janitors, besides the regular teaching duties. These days are now gone by. There are many former teachers in the A1Wood community who cherish these days in their hearts. Miss Sophie Taylor, a former music teacher, has guided many residents of this community in their first attempts at leaming their scales. Although she is now retired, she holds the education of toda 's ou.n Y Y 8 people in very high esteem. In order to encourage scholarship she annually presents S100 to the valedictorian of each graduating class. On behalf of the AlWood stud- ents we would like to thank Miss Taylor for her continued interest in developing scholarship. dministration Administration and faculty wives, Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Riggle donned these old-time costumes for the centennial style show. Mrs. Riggle's gown is the one worn by Mr. Riggle's great-grandmother at her wedding in the early l800's. BEN DOWNS Presldent JOHN WEECH DAVE SWANSON Board of Education Just when drd our new school really or1g1nate9 Was lt w1t.h the engr neer s frrst drawmg? Was lt wlth the bu1lder's f1rst buck? No rt was w1th the f1rst foresrght and plans of our school board the group of men who represent the people of our commun1ty A c1t1zen's c0'rnm1ttee was orgamzed ln 1954 Wldl the help of thls c1t1zen s comm1ttee and the admlnrstratlon, the school board stud1ed the crowded cond1t1ons 1n our school and drscussed plans for a new school that would best Slllt our needs They worked many nlghts t1ll very late hours w1th no consolatron other than the knowledge that they were do natrng a wonderful servrce to the communlty of today and the posterrty of tomorrow We are mdeed lndebted to th1s frne group of men We can show our thanks to them by our apprecratlon and constant care of the flne f2C1l1t19S whlch we have today LESTER SWIHART YQ RICHARD BAILEY HOWARD JOHNSON T, L, MCKEE ' 4 VA 'AW o ' 4 V Vin a , . 0 I . . , 7 'Q X A l ELMER F ISCHER DON METZCER Superintendent Principal Mr. Fischer and Mr. Metzger had a very busy year getting the new school set up to operate smoothly. All the grades, except the first three, moved to new or different buildings and rooms in t.he fall of '57. By foreseeing many problems that might arise they soon got things running on schedule. They can look on the year of the big change in Alwood with pride in a job well done. MARJORIE MORLAND BARBARA SWIHART Secretary to Mr. Fischer Secretary to Mr. Metzger 13 DON METZGER Prmclpal fwlth John Weber, archrtectj Mathematrcs Faculty BARBARA ROGERS WALTER MINDER IRENE McGA UGHY Varsrty Football and Track Coach, 7th and 8th Boys P E BONITA SNAPP DOROTHY SWANSON ALBERT MILLER Home Economrcs Commercral Hlstory Jumor Varslty Bas ketball Coach 14 J . . . . l English III, Girls P.E. General Science, Junior English IV, Latin, Librarian. l957 58 M D HAINLINE RICHARD CEIGER Assxstant Pnncxpal Indus Agriculture tnal Arts JANE WEECH ESTELLE MILLER GENE BEHNKE Englxsh I and Il 8th Grade Choral Musxc Mathematxcs Varsxty Foot Home Economlcs ball Basketball and Track Coach RUTH MASON LOUIS BROWNING DON RIGCLE School Nurse Home Nursing Scxence Band 15 K5 1 u - , - . - I D ' i ' ! y . . . TNR W Q1 ALICE SI-IETLER 7th Grade 4 DON ROBERTS Pnnclpal 8th Grade Junior Hugh Facult DOROTHY MOTT 8th Grade MARJORIE JOHNSON 7th Grade I98 They planned the book and worried about deadlines. Album The assistant editors were assigned to special sections. The junior editors got into practice for next year. The Staff Co-Editors: Delmond Johnson Judy Edmund Society Editors: Susan Bell Donna Jo Nelson Dorothy Lambin Faculty and Classes: Helen Anderson Kay Murdock Art: Tom Could Sports: Dick Horner Kdnt Lindsey Duane Bodeen Dale Walsten Photography: Allan Johnson Advertising: Barbara Elliott Judy Ringberg Gary Wing Ed Gullstrand Pat Nelson Selling: Joyce Nystrom Karleen Larson Nancy Bugos Helen Wright Junior Editors: Richard Larlson Barbara Jones Karen Kingery John Krueger Nancy Mason They sold annuals both in school and to our boosters. These centennial parade entries of the different modes of travel in our area in past years indicate the different stages of the life of an underclassmen at .i1Wood. The freshmen, shown by the covered wagon, have a lot to look forward to when they first enter high school. Newly out oflunior High, they are un- used to electives, the various organi- zations, and the other differences about high school. The sophomores, depicted by the horse and buggy, are also new to high school this year, but they have been preparing for it, especially during the past year. For the most part, they like high school and all of its differences. They think of next year's class rings and class play. The juniors, shown by the old car, are the old pros of the underclass- men. Having been sophomores in the old high school, they were unprepared for the big new high school. They dream of next year when they will step into the seniors' shoes, and even farther ahead to what the future holds for them. On the heads of these young people is the responsibility and hope of our country's future. Their education is the goal of all at Alwood High School. Llnderclassmen 1 1 Jrm Anderson Jacquelrne Anderson I Freshmen The most Jean Vennerre Presrdent Robert Carlson Vrce Presrdent Lorna Bland S ' Kenneth Barman ,,,, Karen Bredburg Randy Barman -wi' aff 1 Gary Barton Relda Caulkms Coe Bloomberg Elizabeth Connelly J 1m Browmng Loretta Johnson Student Co1mc11 Lanora Drake Carl Carlson 4-if Nancy Enckson Gaylen Ellrott June Erlandson Roy Errckson Alrce Frscher B111 Green Barbara Johnson Rxchard Guldenzopf 110 Dons Wmd Ronald Homer Betty Metzner Kendall Johnson Carol Munson Though our members haven t held down many posmons of lm portance thrs year we have taken part rn school hfe rn a brg way though mamly as followers Our class clarms the largest membershrp of any rn hrgh school One thrrd of our class members were on the honor roll the frrst se HICSICI' 20 to say the least Robert McDowell Sally Pople Tommy Nelson Sandra Shattuck Jack Nxmrxck Don Johnston Student Councll Mary Sundburg Don Olson Karen Swanson Dale Peterson Shtrley Swanson B111 Rmgber Judy Thayer Mrchael Roller Ellzabeth Walsten Archre Samuelson Joan Watters Terry Strandberg Nancy Weech Rodger Taylor Maryetta Whrmpey Charles Lindsey Secretary Mary Hughes Treasurer Conrad Lundblad Susan Plunkett Lester Zuxdema Sandra Murray Rhodes Liggett Reporter I l 2' 6 W- ffl it We selected Kendall Johnson and Doris Wind to represent us as attendants to the homecoming king and queen. Many of our class members belong to the extra-curricular groups and are learning how to step into the shoes of the upperclassmen when Olll' Illfll COTHCS . 'mf Joan Briggs Terry Bohn Diane Bodeen Ronald Buban Sophomores Second John Anderson President Diane Bushnell Vice President Judy Bowman Harvey Carlson Judy Cathcart urs Corlrs ga. Manlyn Barlow Student Council Jerry Creek Pat Clarke Steve DesCamps Vlrgrnra Guldenzopf Daniel Cenrsmo Virginia Hammond Gary Hammerlund Cormie Henrrkson Jim Krueger Florence Johnson Robert Litton Susan Johnson Mike Lowery Ellen Lenz Don Neer The sophomores were the sponsors of the annual Valentine Dance which was their biggest project for the year. Diane Bushnell Connie Nelson and Janice Aden were selected by freshmen and sophomores to be the junior varsity cheerleaders. Lanny Turner and Janice Aden were selected to be attendants to the homecoming king and queen. 22 step of the top flight Janet McLaughlm Janrce Aden Secretary Treasurer Reed Hughes Reporter J rm Nelson Nancy Mrller Tommy Noy 45- Rollxn Setterdahl Donrta Peterson Johnny Peterson Shrrley Munson Conme Nelson Student Councrl B111 Stull Mrlly Rex Carohne Pople QW Tommy Smrth 439 f Ahce Vancrl Rolhn Swanson Darwm Swanson Nma Rhodenbaugh Ronald Zurdema Georgra Wells Lanny Tumer Karolyn Watters Marvrn Taylor Karen Swanson Ona? Joan Brrggs was the Recreatron Charrman on the FHA Staff of offrcers whrle Drane Bodeen served as Charrman of the Pubhcrty Book Karen Swanson was elected Treasurer of the Pep Club and Re porter of FTA We welcomed four new members to our class thrs year Janxce Aden Lours Corlrs Vrrgrma Hammond and Vrrgrma Guldenzopf 23 3 . if. 'R . 'MJ' . I 5' k . ol I A X-W 'V--V,:V- ar 1 ' h X, -QQ A . 5. 1 Tommy Strandberg a n Q, 'rr Y ' , 531 T ' A Q x ,.s . V V , fv ali ff - - 'Y Minsk'- f, 4 Judy Kessinger Don Johnson MQW ,4-nv' ' 'Eg Roger Sherrard Kay Johnston l 1'1- Nancy Mason Jack Lambin arty. Junior Jim Bailey Lavona Anderson Gene Barchuk David Browning Patsy Flack Russell Drake Dean Hanson Bonnie Murray David Johnson Gary Kness Sandra Lee John Krueger President Mary Sherrard Vice President Richard Carlson Secretary-Treasurer Don Litton Karen Kingery Reporter Phil Huff Student Council Representative Carole Diggs Student Council Representative Dale Sundberg 5 Class Charles Lenz Barbara Jones Robert Lucas Richard Maher Bonnie McCaw Richard Mason Gary Munson Louise Elliott Perry Ossian Bob Scott Mary Lynn Smith C V ' Ds. 1? if 3 'Off'- ., I -qu 'YZ orvs. 'TJ 'L Virginia White Roger Setterdahl QNO picture availablej Richard Nystrom Bernard Verscha Barbara Snyder Keith Walker Q' . 0-not ' A -.F N ,Q Juniors Take Tame for Everything Geiger's little helpers. No man's land. Another win for AlWood! What a party! Speak of the devil King and Queen for a night Wallflowers Our homecoming skit won first! J Hic!! Always hungry. Working hard on play programs, N Lefty and Farmer science and shorthand. r I N I pt SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President - Jerry Gould Vice President - Larry Bolin Secretary - Duane Bodeen Treasurer - Dale Walsten Reporter - Pat Nelson Student Council Representatives - Delmond Johnson Larry Plunkett 1 Seniors The outlook for high school graduates of today is as much dif- ferent from that facing the early graduates of our community as the newest of the new autos, the Edsel here, is from the covered wagons of the pioneers. Those graduates knew nothing of Sputnik or missiles. It took several days to travel a distance by horseback or wagon. lt now takes only a few hours to travel the same distance in an automo- bile, or a few minutes to travel the same distance in an airplane. In order to attend high school many years ago, the students had to walk many miles. Today buses take us to and from school every day. Living conditions of one hundred years ago cannot be com- pared with those today. Television, telephone, and radio were un- known. The scientific age has brought with it many good things for mankind and also intensified problems of defense and survival. Our forefathers had to learn to work with their hands to survive, but as we look ahead we see greater and greater demands for skilled workers and for knowledge of space, rockets, and of things of which the pioneers never had heard. Our school curriculum necessarily is undergoing changes to keep up with these times. Already math and science classes have become more popular among the lstudents. We seniors are realizing this year of our graduation from high school can't mean the end of our edu- cation, but only the beginning of an entirely new education in learn- ing to live in this world of new developments every day. A HELEN ANDERSON Senior Award Winners This year Helen Anderson received the honor of being chosen to represent the Class of 1958 as the win- ner of the Daughters ofthe American Revolution Award, and the American Legion Good Citizenship Award. Duane Bodeen was the boy chosen to receive the Ameri- can Legion Good Citizenship Award. Helen and Duane were chosen on the basis of their dependability, service, leadership, and unselfish loyalty to American ideals. Seniors To Be Rather Than to DALE CAULKINS Football 1 Basketball 1 DUAN E BODEEN Seem LARRY BOLIN Chorus 1,4 Officer 4, Class V President 4, FTA 3 Football, Basketball 1 2,3, Track 1 2 3 MIKE DRISCOLL Football 1 Swimming Team 2, Track 1 DOROTHY VANCIL horus 1,2,3,4, FHA 1 2, GAA Pep Club 2 3 4 Donna Jo's locker stacked agam, Leroy? JUDY EDMUND Chorus 1 2,3,4 Ensemble 3 FHA123 GAA Pep Club 2 3,4, Annual Staff 3 4 Co Edrtor 4, Honor Socrety 3,4, Secretary 4 Paper Staff 1 FTA 4 Offxcer 4 Class Play 3 CHARLES HAMMOND mae Club 1,2 3 EDWARD GULLSTRAND Chorus 2,3,4, Bmsemble 3, Minstrel Show 3,43 Class Play 33 Annual Staff 45 Football 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3, Manager l,3. JOHN HOUGHLAN D Band 1,2,3,4gFFAl,2,3g Football l,3, Track 2. l 29 f V DOROTHY LAMBIN Chorus 1 2 3 4, FHA President 1, GAA 2 3 4 Pep Club 2,3 4 Officer 3 Student Councrl 3,4 Sec retary Treas 4 State Conventron Delegate 3 Queen's Attendant 1,2 3 4 Cheerleader 1,2,3 4 Lxbrary Club 4 V Pres 4 Student Lrbrarran 3 Class Play 3, Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 LARRY LOVERIDGE Chorus 2,3,4, Ensemble 3 Mmstrel Show 3,4, Foot ball Basketball 1 SUSAN BELL Chorus Double Mrxed Quartet FHA Band 1,2 3 4 Brass Sextet 2 3 Horn Quartet 4 Wood wmd Qumtet 2 3 Gul Sextet 2, Quartet 3 Honor Socxety 3 4 Treas 4 FHA Offrcer 1 3 Pres: dent 4, Sect Off 4 An nual Staff 4 Pep Club GAA 2 3,4 Off1cer 3 Class Play 3, FTA 3 4 Treas 4, Stu Lxbr 3 State Conventron Delegate 3, Lrbrary Club 4 LOREN SWII-IART FFA 1,2 3 4 V Presldent 4, Student Councll 1 Class Offlcer 1, FHA Heart Throb 4, Football, Basket ball 1,2,3,4, Track 1 2 FRANCIS STULL Some days Home Ec class was lrke th1s Half the senror glrls are enjoylng the Chrrstmas party T HELEN ANDERSON Chorus 1 2,3 4, GAA 2 3 4 Reporter 3, Pep Club 2 3,4, FHA 14, Paper Staff 1,4, Annual Staff 3 4 Honor Socrety 3,4, Lrbrary Club 4 GARY WING LAURA BRINKER Annual Staff 4 FFA 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 FHA 1 Football Manager 1 The rest of the senror grrls enjoyed the Pepsr LEROY JOHNSON Football Basketball 1 popcom balls and fudge too GARY HALSTFD Band 1,2,3 4 Football, Track 1 Basketball 1 2 4 NANCY BUCOS Chorus 1 2 3,4 Double Mrxed Quartet l,2,3, Solo 2, Cheerleader 1, Class Play 3, Pep Club GAA 2,3 4 FHA 1 z 3 Annual Staff 4 FTA 3 RICHARD HORNER Band 1 2 3 4, Honor Socrety 3 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Sports Edrtor 4 Student Councll 1 3, Secretary 1, Class Offrcer l,3, Basketball, Track 1 2 3 4 Football 1 4 DUANE BODEEN Chorus, Boy's Quartet, Double M1X8d Quartet, Band 12,3 4 Sax Trro 3 Sax Quartet 2,3,4 Mrnstrel Show 3 4, Student Councrl 1,2 3 4 Presrdent 1 4 V Pres 3, Class Pres 1 2 3 Secretary 4, FFA 1 Honor Socrety 3 4, Class Play 3, Track 1 2 3,4 Basketball 1,2, Football 1 Statrstxcran 2 3 4 KARLEEN LARSON Chorus, Band 1 2 3 FTA 3 4 Lrbrary Club 4 Student Lrbrarran 3 4 !2! 1 . 31 .nr LARRY TAYLOR Football, Basketball Track BOB NEER Football Basketball Mana ger 4 mm Q57 4 ,S ,-. , .Az q Ar s-1. t . ,, I 1,2,3,4i King 1,40 , We're hoping for maidrites today. . . l ' 121 v ' . 1 S . 2 ' W, 6314: J 1 1 n' P I ' - ' 5 I S 3 1 ' - 9 ' . 5 i 1 ' S 1 ' ' l 2. X . I . . I Y 2 2 I 5 3 2' I 1 x45 u . n ,4s , Q - MARILYN VERMEIRE Chorus 1,2,3,4, FHA 1 3,4, Offrcer 2 3, GAA 1,2 3 4 Offrcer 3, Pe Club 4 Class Offxcer 1,3 Sweetheart Candrdate 3 FFA Sweetheart 4 Class Play 3, Queen's Attendant 4 Paper Staff 4 DALE WALSTBNI Chorus, Boy s Quartet, Double Mrxed Quartet Band, Brass Sextet 1,2,3 Mmstrel Show 3,4, Barr tone Solo 1,2, Brass Quartet 3,4, Chorus Pres 4, FFA l,2,3, Reporter 3, Class Treas 2,3,4, Honor Socrety 3,4, V Pres 4, FTA 3,4, Officer 3,4, An nual Staff 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 1 HELEN WRIGHT Chorus 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 1 FHA 1, , GAA 2 3 Pep Club 2,3,4, L Club 4, Student Lrbrarran 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Class Play 3 xbrary JERRY COULD Chorus 1 2, Band 1 2,3,4 Student Councrl 1,2 V Pres 1, Class Presldent 14 V Pres 2 3, Kmg' Attendant 1,2 3,4, Footba Basketball 1 2,3,4, Track D l But fellows, you ll have to be satnsnfred vnth RICHARD McCURDY Band 1,2,3,4, FFA 1,2,3g Football, Basketball 1. soup and salad today DONNA JO NELSON Chorus 1,2,3,4, GAA 2 3 4 V Presndent 3, Presxdent 4, FHA 1 2 3,4, Offlcer 1 4, Paper Staff 1 4 Student L1brar1an 3 Llbrary Club 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Cheerleader 1,2 3,4 Class Play 3 Honor Socrety 3,4, Annual Staff 4 FTA 3 Offrcer 3 KAY MURDOCK Quartet, Band 1,2,3,4 Double Quartet 2,3 Chorus Treas 4, Mrxed Woodwmd Quartet 2, Woodwmd Quar tet 3 FHA 1,4,V Pres 1, CAA 3,4 Pep Club 3 Offlcer 4, Student Lxbrar ran 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 1,4 DELMOND JOHNSON Double Mxxed Quartet, Band 1 2,3,4, Brass Sextet 4 Brass Qumtet 3, Mxnsttel Show 3,4 Student Councll 1 3,4, Class Offxcer 1,4, Honor Soclety 3,4, Presx dent 4, Annual Staff 3,4 Co Edxtor 4 FFA 1 Class ay 3 FTA 3 4 Offlcer 3 4 Football 1,3, Track 2,3 BARRY McVlETTY Chorus 2 3,4 Mmstrel Show 3,4, Football l 2 Basketball l KENT LINDSEY Band 1 2,3 4, Student Councll 1 Treas 15 Class Offxcer 1, Annual Staff 4 Honor Socrety 3,4, Kmg' Attendant 3 4, Football Basketball, Track 1 2,3 4 , . . . . 1 5 I ' 1 5 . ' ' 1 1 1 ,D 1 ' - . . , ' ' , 1 'l 1 s 1 ' 1 . 1 1 ' 5 . 141 1 ' 1 1 S ' 5 1 1 l ' Chorus, Double-Mixed Chorus, Boy's Quartet, . 5 . s , 1 . 1 . ' , S ' 5 ' - ' ' . I I s .747 ' . , , , . ' P1 s , . . ' ' 1 5 ' 1, . I 33 DEAN MORLAND Honor Socrety 3 4, Basket ball 1, Football Manager ALLAN JOHNSON Chorus, Boy's Quartet Double Mrxed Quartet, Band 1,2 3 4, Mixed Clarmet 1 2 3, Bass Clarmet Solo 2 Mmstrel Show 3 4, FFA 1 2 3 Class Play 3, Annual Staff 4 Football Basketball Track 2,3 4 LEROY LUALLEN It can t be' But yes rt rs' Jerry on crutches over tournament trme JUDY RINGBERG Chorus Double Mrxed Quartet 1 2 3 4 C1rl s Sextet 2 3 FHA 14 GAA 234 PepClub23 Class Play 3 Annual Staff TOM PAGE Football l,2,3,4, Basket ball 12 4 Track 1 2,3,4 JOYCE NYSTROM Chorus l 2,3 4, FHA 12 4 Offrcer 1, GAA Pep Club 2 3 4 Honor Socrety 3 Lrbrary Club 3 4 Presrdent 4 Annual Staff 4 FTA 3 4 Offrcer 4 Lobbyrsts '7 TERRY DEAN SWANSON Football 1 PATRICIA NELSON Chorus 1 2,3,4, Offrcer 1 FHA 1,2,0ff1CEI 1, GAA 2 3 4, Pep Club 2,3 Offrcer 4 Student Councll 2 4, Class Offlcer 2,3 4 Honor Socrety 3 4 Queen' Attendant 3, Queen 1,4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4, Student Lrbrarlan 2 3 Lrbrary Club 4 SHIRLENE TAYLOR Chorus 1,2,3,4, FHA 1,2 3,4, GAA 2 3,4, Pep Club 2 3,4 Lrbrary Club 4, Student Lrbrarran 4, Paper Staff 4 LARRY PLUNKETT Chorus 1 2 3, Boy Quartet 2, Double Boys Quartet 3, Mmstrel Show Band 1 2,3 4, Clannet Quartet 3, Class Play 3 Student Councrl 4, FTA 3,4 Pres 3,4, FFA 1 2 3 Honor Socrety 3,4, Statrs tlcran 3 4, Football 4 Manager 1, Basketball 1 CARRY PETERSON TWILA TAYLOR Chorus 1,2 3,43 FTA 3 4- Chorus 1,2 3, GAA 3- FHA Football 13 Track 2,3 1 25 Pep Club 1,2,3, FTA Manager 1 4. . CLETUS JOHNSON Football l,2,3,4g Track 1,z. MARTHA McDOWELL Chorus 1,2 3 4, Pep Club, GAA 2 3,4, FHA 1 LEONARD SCHNOWSKE Chorus 1,2,3, Football, Basketball 1. ii 'Wav Homeward Bound BARBARA ELLIOTT Chorus 1 2,3 4 GAA 2,3 4 Treas 3, FHA 1 2,3, Stu dent Lxbrarran 4, Llbrary Club 4, Honor Soclety 3 Pep Club 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Class Play 3, Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 LARRY HAMMERLUND Honor Socrety 3 Basket ball 1 Football 1,2 3 4, Track 2 TOM COULD Band 1 Z 3,4, Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 Basketball l 2 3,4, Football l 4 ROW I: Kay Murdock, Susan Plunkett, Jackie Anderson, Helen Anderson, Nancy Miller, Betty Metzner, Karen Swanson, Joyce Nystrom, Dorothy Lambin, Barbara Elliott fomittedl. ROW II: Virginia White, Kay John- ston, Sandra Lee, Barbara Jones, Mary Hughes, Karleen Larson, Susan Bell, Pat Nelson, Helen Wright, Donna Jo Nelson, Shirlene Taylor. Library Club President .... Vice President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter ..... Parliamentarian This year is the first year we have attempted to organize a Library Club at AlWood, and we are rather proud of its successf We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding and well-equipped library. We have a total of 21 student librarians in our Library Club. We meet approximately once a month to discuss ways of making money, ways of improving our library and to answer each other's questions about shelving filing etc. In October, 1957, Helen Anderson and Kay Murdock represented AlWood at a meeting of the D R Y This is an organization composed of all the Library Clubs in Rock lslanD, MerceR and l-lenrY Counties At this meeting Alwood was selected to choose a president for D.R.Y. Kay Johnston was elected by the AlWood Club members and she will be installed as president in April, 1958. The Library Club will send two librarians to a Student Librarians' Meeting in Decatur, Ill. This meeting ls to promote a better understanding and appreciation of books and to become better acquainted with authors Are all librarians bookworms? No! Here are three whom we caught far from the library shelves. Barbara Elliott, left, models the dress she wore during the centennial celebration. We wonder if librarians of fifty years ago looked this chipper. Kay and Helen, right, got busy in December with bring- ing some Christmas spirit into the library. We caught them coming down the hall very purposefully heading for the li- brary showcase with this Christ- mas tree. -M ,Y fi? 'fkbzfi Q 5 Y 3 1 i Q Q jizizi - 57550. 5 Lx -in-3, If . 31' x 2- lf' f xii, N S I lv 4? my .J 1H1x,1n'L?xwf 9,5 cl Raitt: 6 'N r' r 6 'G .. Q V if fe y 4' 1 B Q ,. 2 ' 4'-z ' 31 HEY' ' v .Y 30 u' -.fain 3 UW H ' gum g', 2? grin 6.4 U X 'f vw.,, f 'Q Q -Q. ,ig 2, Wei -I, U , Q Q ZA ,-TW' nz ki fx'r H , A 'ir' x .A b V f 1 'i 45 Y F gi , 4 .m., . I. 52 ,ww fn I , iw-N . ff' ,,. A Sf Lyfm, Q x ! I 'A ' 4 13 'if IL fi f-ef 5 , . 4 4 2+ in wa- - f ' K ' 4' ' ' f' 5 - Q4- .mu 5 ' JL., - Q 0 Q . li g . .if ig? ' 192' , E1 A x f' X A Q 4, 1 1 Q ',.f' K .1 'J wx :gif-' Wk . h X f ah ' ,AH t Q all: Risk! Ei. 2 in 1 '. 1- -mm fag I P , f' f 4 A A ilHov1Q'i ' 4 . - , 8 -f if H, 15 ' Xa 'm WE . if A wi X - F' o 9 f F 1 ' . fra ., -. .. I V. ,J-1 .. 1, 721 , .. Iii 1 f 1- ' Ks 1 5? .- M ig A , H 33. ,, 1 . 4 .- .. v ik, QV . , ' A , , A. A . 1 , 6 Q :iz Jai S l 9 ' 1 ,L il, Vida ti Q A Q xx . E Q I fx F 5? '- ff - , i ' J M., I ,awk 5 I Q 9 5-,fa A ' , Activities around our town were varied in the summer of '57, Pictures here indicate that much activity before, during and after the centennial parade was necessary on the part of young and old alike to make it such a success. School groups, churches, business houses, individuals, and community groups such as Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc., united in the idea that We must make this the biggest and best celebration ever. And they did! In September we came back to school and it was off with the old and on with the new as we enjoyed our extra curri- cular pastimes in our brand new building. Activitie Helen, Shirlene, Sandra Lee and Bonnie Murray Henry County Rural Youth Float. 'Y s r- ,Q gMfggt,CE is XXX LEFT to RIGHT: Larry Plunkett, Phil Huff, Duane Bodeen, Delmond John- son, Sandra Lee, Dorothy Lambin, Carole Diggs, Connie Nelson, Mary Sherrard, Jean Vermeire, John An- derson, Louise Elliott, Pat Nelson, John Krueger, Richard Carlson, Mari- lyn Barlow, Roger Sherrard, Elizabeth Walsten. NOT IN PICTURE: Don Johnston, Jacqueline Anderson, Lor- etta Johnson. Student Council STUDBNIT COUNCIL OFFICERS: President .................. Duane Bodeen Vice President ............. Richard Carlson Secretary Treasurer . . . .... Dorothy Lambin One of the Student Council projects this year was the erection of a flagpole in front of the new high school. Each of the four high school classes contributed money toward it, but as we can see, the brawny student council members here contributed the elbow grease. They are Roger Sherrard, Phil Huff, Richard Carlson and John Krueger. Student Council elections were held in the fall. Each candidate spoke for his running mate. There were four parties and some lively speeches. Before homecoming, we held a Sunday afternoon dinner meeting and had smorgasbord in Moline. The meeting was quite productive. Homecoming was postponed a week by flu but was a big success anyway. Six delegates and our advisor attended the Pekin District Student Council Conven- tion at Pittsfield. There we got some good ideas. M X N1 'W ' f 1 Homec mirig P957 , f ' V Dedication Program Music ..... . AlWood High School Band March, Manhattan Beach .... Sousa-Walters Overture, The Crusader ...... . . Buchtel Suite, American Heritage ...... . Ployhar DONALD RIGGLE, Director Invocation . . The Reverend Mr. John C. Wanamaker Pastor, Alpha Baptist Church Welcome . . . Donald Metzger Principal, AlWood High School Presentation of Building . John Weber, Architect Acceptance . . . Benjamin S. Downs President, Board of Education Appreciation . ....... Duane Bodeen President, AlWood High School Student Council Music ..... AlWood High School Mixed Chorus Battle Hymn of the Republic ...... Arr. R. Ringwald ESTELLE MILLER, Director Service of Dedication . . The Reverend Mr. Harry Lundblad Pastor. Woodhull Bethany Lutheran Church Introduction of Guest Speaker .... Elmer E. Fischer Superintendent, AlWood Schools The biggest day in the history of the AlWood Unit was November 10, 1957, when t.his huge crowd gathered in the gym for the dedi- cation services for the new high school. The lobby was resplendent with beautiful baskets and bouquets of flowers for this occasion, as were also the offices dining room, and several of the classrooms. Dedicatory Address . Dr. Conrad Bergendoff President, Augustana College Music . . . AlWood High School Mixed Chorus Bless This House ........... May H. Brahe Choral Benediction .......... Peter C. Lutkin ESTELLE MILLER, Director Ace Staff Editor , . . . Helen Anderson News . . . . . Kay Murdock Marilyn Vermeire Twila Taylor Sports . . . . .Donna Jo Nelson Dorothy Larnbin Features . . . . Helen Wright Barbara Elliott Shirlene Taylor Society . . . . . .Martha McDowell Dorothy Vancil Advisor . . . . . .Mrs. Swanson , We Put the News in Writing As in the past, the Typing II class wrote and published the Alwood Ace. We have tried to put to- gether some of the more interesting events which have happened here at A1Wood Highr Our goal has been to acknowledge the smiles and the tears, the hard work and the rewards, symbols that will, now and in years to come, be ever lasting memories. Our paper has been a success through the contributions of the different classes and students. Duane Bodeen wrote a sonnet for our October issue. Shirley Munson wrote a Christmas poem for our December issue. It is through the efforts of people like these that we have been able to publish a school paper. Donna Jo, Helen and Kay team up at the Sophomores are often solicited for help in mimeograph for one of the messier jobs of stapling the paper. Here it's Ellen Lenz, Vir- putting out a school paper. ginia Hammond, Joy Driscoll, and Pat Clarke The A1Wood Future Farmers of America Chapter strives to develop leadership among its members in order that our farmers of tomorrow will be capable of carrying out their responsibilities. The Chapter sponsors a Parent and Son Banquet. It sends delegates to the state and national FFA conventions, to the International Livestock Show and to Leadership Training School. Our Chapter held a record-breaking boar sale with the top boar selling for 35150 and 41 head averaging 3100, Our Parliamentary Procedure Team placed first in Section III competition over five other schools. Each year a state judging contest is held at the University of Illinois. Our fatstock judging team came within a few points of placing among the top ten teams in competition with 225 other ICSITIS. 'ng WW Upper Right--This year we have a well- equipped laboratory with facilities for testing milk and soil. Phil Huff and Keith Wall-ter are shown above with some of the milk testing equipment. Left--Loren Swihart is showing Gary Kness how to operate our new saw in the ag. shop. Right--Each year the AlWood FFA enters a Speaker in the Section III Public Speaking Contest. Last spring Bill Wing entered the contest and received first place honors. He then went on to the District con- test. Below are the winners of the 1957 FFA Soil Judging Contest. The contest was held at Geneseo with nineteen teams competing with AlWood coming out on top. All six of the AlWood team's individual scores were. among the top ten. N99 Is that hard on your feet? Oh! What men we had for dates that night ! Our first money-making project of the year was a lunch stand at the FFA Calf Sale on September 21. We sponsored a sock hop on September 27 after our football game with Sherrard. On October 19 we were host to the Section 10 FHA fall rally. Approximately 350 girls were here. On November 20 we enjoyed games and refreshments when we invited our fathers to Daddy-Date-Night. At the FHA-FFA Christmas Dance on December 14 Marilyn Vermeire was named FFA Sweetheaxt, and Loren Swihart was named FHA Heart Throb. This year we invited our parents, brothers, and sisters to a family potluck on Jan- uary 15. Bob Ringberg entertained us with several movies. Patches and tears seemed to be the style at the Sadie Hawkins Dance on Marcy 21. Square dancing was a main event of the evening. On May 14 our mothers were special guests at the annual Mother and Daughter Tea. The mem- bers modeled clothes that they had made during the past year. The new officers were installed. We also had several night meetings during the year. At all our home basketball games the fans found us at our coat check stand. The King and Queen along with the Presidents. All of our families together. My what a huge crowd' 'Wrtrmmln l GAA OFFICERS President .............. Donna Jo Nelson Vice President . . . ..... Sandra Lee Secretary ..... .... C arole Diggs Treasurer .... . . . Louise Elliott Assistant Treasurer ...... . . . Nancy Mason Student Council. . . .... Mary Sherrard Sponsor ........ .... B arbara Rogers G O Q O ROW I: L. Anderson, B. McCaw, C. Diggs, L. Elliott, B. Rogers, N. Mason, K. Kingery, J. Kessinger, M. Hughes, K. Bredburg. ROW II: M. Barlow, J. McLaughlin, F. Johnson, J. Aden, M. Sherrard, C. Munson, K. Johnston, N. Erick son, E. Walsten, K. Swanson. ROW III: C. Nelson, D. Bushnell, C. Pople, V. Guldenzoph, M. Sundberg, L. Holds- worth, L. Bland, L. Johnson, J. Vermeire, P. Nelson. ROW IV: S. Johnson, D. Peterson, J. Edmund, J. Nystrom, M. Vermeire, S. Bell, I-I. Wright, D. Nelson, D. Lambin. ROW V: C. Henriksen, K. Murdock, I-I. Anderson, J. Ring- berg, J. Driscoll, A. Vancil, D. Vancil, M. McDowell, J. Cathcart, E. Connelly. ROW VI: K. Watters, P. Flack, K. Swanson, M. Rex, S. Taylor, R. Caulkins, L. Drake, B. Metzner, M. Whimpey, S. Shattuck, S. Swanson. ROW VII: S. Lee, B. Snyder, M. Smith, V. White, B. Jones, J. Bowman, J. Thayer, S. Pople, J. Watters, J. Erlandson. ROW VIII: G. Wells, J. Briggs, S. Munson, P. Clarke, D. Bodeen, D. Wind, B. Johnson, J. Anderson, A. Fischer, B. Elliott, S. Plunkett, S. Murray. Plaid skirts and blouses, jewelry, odd hairdos, and pails, made GAA initiates feel like con- victs from jails. X 4 Relaxing in the cafeteria after the game, we Hop in our socks and dance to the blues, was found, the girls eating cube steaks, not uttering 2111 GXCUSE I0 take Off Our SCh0O1 Shoes. a sound. On Monday evenings to the YWCA Bombardment is a game of skill, After this, we For an evening of fun and play. needed a Pep pill. Ta 53 Junior Class Presents The Boarding House Reach The Boarding House Reach, the first play to be held in the new Senior High School gym, was given by the juniors on November 15,1958. The play, directed by Mrs. Barbara Rogers was a great success. For a long time, thirteen-year-old Wilbur Maxwell had wanted a bicycle. When his father was called away on a business trip and persuaded his mother to accompany him, Wilbur got an idea. He and his pal, Hercules, would open up a boarding house to earn money. So he phoned in his ad to the newspaper and, sure enough, there was a big response. Unfortunately, Mr. Max- well had forgotten some papers he needed, and he and Mrs. Maxwell came back in the middle of the night to find their house occupied. After a lot of excitement about bank robbers, at which time Mr. Maxwell was dragged off to jail by rough-and- tough policeman Connolly, everything was straightened out, and Wilbur finally got his bicycle, CAST Wilbur Maxwell, age thirteen ....... Roger Sherrard Hercules Nelson, also age thirteen ..... Perry Ossian Betty Lou Maxwell, age fourteen ..... Karen Kingery Connie Maxwell, age seventeen ....... Nancy Mason Bernadine Smith, Betty Lou's friend ..... Carole Diggs John Maxwell, father .......... . . John Krueger Janet Maxwell, mother ........ . . . Louise Elliott Aunt Mary, Mrs. Maxwell's aunt ..... Bonnie McCaw Limpy McGuire, a guest .......... Richard Carlson Nora, Limpy's wife .............. Barbara Snyder Herman Ninety-volts Jones, beat-up pug ........ Dale Sundberg Roughhouse Ruby, Herman's wife ..... Kay Johnston Mr. Potter, insurance salesman ....... Gene Barchuk Lucy Bums, a virtual walking encyclopedia ........ Barbara Jones Mrs. Mott, never says a word .......... Sandra Lee ' d iumished Egzgggon, Jimhgtixjgkf Connolly, rough and tough plain-clothes man ....... The dance billed Qi K2Ydeen7 Sandra 1 er Setter' Phil Huff cts li Con Duane BO on, and R g Prompters ....... Mary Sherrard and Judy Kessinger gon Johr1SY0n' Kagen SW ans Johnsonz ey Mm in new' dahl lN0t ff' r. , hurl nm nv Seniors Present The Perfect Idiot CAST Margaret Tennyson, mother ...... Jackie Tennyson, her youngest son . . Rhodora, the maid ............. Roger Tennyson, father .......... Walter P. Latherby, soap manufacturer Daniel Tennyson, the young genius. . . Arthur Bamard, high school principal. . . Miss Baker, a teacher .............. Linda Bamard, daughter of the Barnards . . . Jeannie Wilson, Jackie's girl ......... Aloysius fPuffQ Witomski, star athlete . Carla Carlson, Puff's girl ......... Policeman .................... Dr. Hackhorst Von Borf, a psychiatrist . . . Miss Booth, a newspaper reporter .... . . Barbara Elliott . . Duane Bodeen . . . . . Susan Bell Delmond Johnson . . Larry Plunkett . . Dale Walsten . . Kent Lindsey . . .Helen Wright Donna Jo Nelson . Dorothy Lambin . . . Ed Gullstrand . . . . Pat Nelson . Charles Hammond . . Allan Johnson . . Joyce Nystrom Play d. reacheireggpr, Barbara R Snack I 'ta Sn .0895 Peanut butr3fJP, indulge igilfiolme ec . 9, F . favoflte The Perfect Idiot, by Eunice and Grant Atkinson, was presented by the senior class on April 11. It was directed by Barbara Rogeis. The scene opened in the Tennyson home on a sunny afternoon in spring. Dan Tennyson is a brilliant boy, much smarter than his seventeen years, but he proves to be The Perfect Idiot. While appearing in a television commercial he insults the sponsor and makes Mr. Latherby, the manufac- turer, furious. Dan withdraws from all his clubs. But this doesn't work because Jackie and his friends want Dan to tutor Puff, the athlete. Dan agrees to tutor Puff when he finds Puff susceptible to hypnosis. He has to rehypnotize Puff be- cause Puff loses all interest in sports, and Mr. Latherby becomes curious and tries on the earphones to the hypnotism set. The play becomes more hilarious every minute as Mr. Latherby hops around the stage thinking he is a rabbit. Dan hastens to revive Mr. Latherby. Finally, in the third act everyone is straightened out, even though Mr. Lath- erby once again insists someone is trying to steal his parsnips! 55 5' yy? if ff I , 55 V lrfllfl f , if ,, J ,,,A: 3, ,V 4 x , VmV, , i x I f .X t , . 4 1 W ' 1 1 . 'g43. ,W ,V V , X' X ' v . w '--- ig f I 'K X N'! 'am l . . f x . 4 -,,,x ' rf.. A Y A X - wf Q: Y lxf, .es....... ,XX , . M Vx- V 3X w f ' M' Q-Q ' f f in , Y .', 'M - an I V' x ' Vlnx w.,Xfflw'N,'.v1.XtN1 xy v -QI- L I V334 W -' 3 . , MW V, 1 X 1 . w, FN X' M . - - A l mm 1 1, .. 51 ' ,A U H X I lg, A -QI - f' ' If' '-1, ,r ni 1 If rl ' ui, A xyig-I-l ,E' ., L 'I 1 ' ' , X1 f V sf M 1 M w -v-V, 5 : Y X 4 wi L X A I ff ' 'sf 57' b 4 xvf B w -.4 K 1 R 425 W 'aa ' i . W 4 I . ' W X f ' ' , fl ' ' xl .J I 1 X yi I Xi, :gif , QQ, F' ' i gg Q .Q . ,f I. , I Q:-Q.. L, ' . s A 'M iq? I xnxx - ' .. I W k I f Q ri ,QCP ' i Q Y L 3 'K W ' ' U , Y A 9 , l x :J 5? 1 7533-Qu X X .xx ,f Ll , 5 ibn, , - ff--M . f 1 wffffg, x :rf W g f Ii mx, XM 'wok-v M M Wg., l Wlw , if - g -2 vm- ew. . ,mi . I 0 , y U if Xf's'3!, Q l . 4'-4' 4 ,rw . Q ' ' 1 .1-Q ' . . au 3 h..d-f j 5 ,Ml :img 5. . I fn , , -.Ii ff, 'wx A n , Y Q- - ,x,7 gi. Q I Wilt, , A ,I .Lg - '34 . :uk JM, ,I ,W Q 5 Q sf D ,L , U F is f PA ,, , -,fx 1 .f A! 55' sv IVAIV 1 km f F ,J a Y I 'X - ' 'WSH fv ' f?'lv-fi? 5 . f ,YV L , W, , 43 'dw . 'sf N f. W , , in I Q7 J '7 .- - V he N , -., TAI, J-M C1 sw ,., '74 f o 5 ig, - Q' . xlfzg '35 g,vv ' wif 0 Q wif QE' 4, 'Q ,, V q A ' :.- 6. J, r 4 'S Q . ,Q Qu Q3 .ig 'fi W rv M A Qfgfqovfbvjirbvy .-ff. 1' 9 4 K5 Q 1 ' ' .5 Q 03,3 Q Q Qg V,AW flE'9'Q 3' 'WV' N W! M f ' V' an 'uv f ,R Y at Ll 'fyW',,9jg 4535 WW? 'FF ' x Q ff' . . 1 i . ,Wk W W' . 4 Ov 0 9 u !,i K4 'Q-uv xg: OFFICERS ational Honor Society Delm ond Johnson ........,.. President Dale Walsten .......... Vice-President Judy Edmund . . ..... Secretary Susan Bell . . , . . . Treasurer FIRST ROW: Judy Edmund,Marilyn Vermiere, Joyce Nystrom, Donna Jo Nelson, Kay Johnston, Barbara Jones. SEC OND ROW: Charles Hammond, Helen Anderson, Nancy Mason, Carole Diggs, Karen Kingery, Mary Sherrard, Sandra Richard Horner, Kent Lindsey. Dale Walsten David Browning, and Philip Huff The highest aim of all students of AlWood High School 1S to be a member of the National Honor Society The members are selected by the teachers on the basis of character service leadership and scholarship The AlWood Chapter of the National Honor Society has existed for only three years. Fourteen new members were inducted this year, so we now have a total of fifty-three active and graduate members. May this respected and worthy organization continue to serve as a desirable goal to each student of our school. We hope it will continue to inspire students to improve their character as they continue to improve their grades. Lee, Susan Bell, Duane Bodeen. THIRD ROW: Larry Plunkett, Roger Sherrard, Delmond Johnson, John Krueger, Q 'F- . . ' ' X -f ' . . . . . 3 X 2 62 tumowvu.. 1' .3 XM ffl, 71 Y ' xX I l I Future Teachers of America The AlWood Anne Sullivan Macy Chapter of the Future Teachers of America boasted an active membership of thirty-two students. The organization enjoyed a busy year and received many honors. The Blackhawk Division FTA held a workshop on October 19 at Augustana College, Rock Island. Dale Walsten led one of the dis- cussion groups and served at the registration desk. Our Chapter received a great honor when a Sophomore, Karen Swanson, was elected Vice-President of the Blackhawk Division FTA. The election took place in Rock Island on November 4, with AlWood having the largest delegation present. Karen will automatically become the Blackhawk Division President in 1959. A large group of AlWood I-'I'A'ers again attended the next meet- ing ofthe Division which was held at Rockridge. The local Chap- ter was host for the last Division meeting on April 28. Each mem- ber who has attended the Division meetings has gained inspiration and better knowledge of the teaching field through the various discussion groups and speakers representing several different phases of the educational profession. When the Ivan Shannon family was burned out of their home just before Christmas, our Chapter bought gifts for the Shannon children. The gifts were delivered to the family by the members pictured at the right. Several of the members have done some practice teaching this year and, sometime this year, the Chapter was planning to visit and tour a college as this annual was going to press. All in all, with the capable encouragement of our sponsor, Mrs. McGaughy, our Chapter is creating must interest in the teaching field. ROW ONE: Elizabeth Walsten, Mary I-Iughes,Bonnie McCaw, Mary Sherrard, Nancy Erickson, Mrs. McGaughy. ROW TWO: Garry Peterson, Barbara Jones, Judy Edmund, Joyce Nystrom, Karleen Larson, Karen Bredberg. ROW THREE: Karen Swanson, President - Larry Plunkett Vice-President - Dale Walsten Secretary - Mary Sherrard Treasurer - Susan Bell I-Iistorian - Joyce Nystrom Parliamentarian - Judy Edmund Song Leader - Delmond Johnson Reporter - Karen Swanson Student Council Representative - Elizabeth Walsten Barbara Johnson, Alice Ficher, Jackie Andelson, Judy Thayer, Tom Smith, ROW FOUR: Judy Bowman, Janice Aden, Alice Vancil, Connie Nelson, Karen Swanson, Patricia Clark. ROW FIVE: Delmond Johnson, Dale Walsten Larry Plunkett, Janet McLaughlin, Nancy Miller, Susan Bell. NOT PICTURED: Edward Gullstrand and Larry Hamm erlund. Senior Class Wlll We the members of the class of 1958 being of sound mind and body do hereby make and declare this to be our ast will and testament, to be read on the tenth day of May, one thousand nme hundred and fifty eight I Helen Anderson, will my award winning personality to Mary Sherrard I, Susan Bell, wrll my ability to have a hand in all organizations possible to Lourse Elliott rn hopes that she won't be confused as I was I Duane Bodeen, will my office as Presrdent of Student Councrl to Richard Carlson in hopes that he will carry on the ideals of my administration I Larry Bolm, will my active membership in the Piston Toppers to Barbara Jones I Laura Brinker, wrll my pleasing personality to Patsy Flack, who already has this I Dale Caulkms will my daily attentive participation in American Problems class to Jack Lambin I, Mike Driscoll will my beautiful hair style to Bernard Versha hoping he combs it as well as I did I Judy Edmund, will my ability to transport my thoughts to the Unrverslty of Illinois, when I should be in English class, to Sandra Lee even though she has another college rn mmd I Barb Elliott, will my everlasting ability to make and keep friends to Carole Diggs who already has this We, Tom and Jerry Gould will our good naturedness and athletic abilitres to Dean Hanson Ed Gullstrand, will my gasoline bill for trips to Rro to Phil Huff I Gary Halsted, will my quiet ways to Dale Sundberg Larry Hammerlund, will my uninhibited answers in English class to Robert Lucas I Chuck Hammond will my love for Bill Shakespeare to David Johnson I Dick Horner, will my ability to just make rt to class as the bell stops rmgmg to Gene Barchuk, who rs already a good sprinter I, John Hougland, will my fabulous horseless carriage to any Junior who needs one I Allan Johnson, will my ability to collect purses every morning rn bookkeeping class to Charles Lenz I Cletus Johnson, will my position as ticket taker at all basketball games to Richard Mason, who probably won't want rt a second year I Delmond Johnson will all the wind it took to blow my sousaphone to Richard Nystrom I Leroy Johnson will the top of my convertible to anyone whose car It wrll fit We Dorothy Lambrn and Donna Jo Nelson, will our pep, vim and vigor as cheerleaders to the Varslty cheerleaders of next year I Karleen Larson will my good humor to Lavona Anderson who already has this I Larry Loveridge, wrll my chorus robe to Rrchard Maher I Kent Lmdsey, will my band uniform to Perry Osslan I, Leroy Luallen, will my pm setting ability to Jim Barley We, Martha McDowell and Twrla Taylor, would like to will our dlamonds to any Junior girl who doesn't already have one but we won't I Barry MeV1etty , will my Job as all around handyman in high school to Barbara Snyder I Dean Morland will my height and dark crew cut to David Browning I Kay Murdock, will my pleasant personality and musrcal talent to Kay Johnston who has both I Bob Neer, will my abilrty to grve pantomines in speech class to Donald Litton Pat Nelson, will my positron as homecoming queen to Roger Sherrard I Joyce Nystrom will my blue eyes and blonde haxr to Bonnie Murray I Tom Page, will my locker land on second thought all my booksj to any junior who will continue my studious attention Garry Peterson will my talkative ways to Roger Setterdahl Larry Plunkett will my posltion as president of l-'I' A to Bob Scott I Judy Rmgberg will all my former boy friends to Mary Lynn Smrth, who doesn't need them Leonard Schnowske will my antics in last hour study hall to Kerth Walker Francis Stull will my love for English class to Gary Munson I Terry Dean Swanson will my deep voice to Virginia White I Loren Swrhart, will my white organdy apron to Don Johnson Larry Taylor, will my blond crew cut to Nancy Mason We, Shrrlene Taylor and Dorothy Vancrl, wlll our Jobs as soda Jerks to Karen Kmgery if she wants two Jobs I Marrlyn Vermerre will my ability to make frrends rn a new school quickly to any new member of the junior class I, Dale Walsten, will my extraordmary ability to say something funny about everythmg to John Krueger I Gary Wing, will my spectacles to Judy Kessmger I Helen Wright, will my P E uniform to Gary Kness To our faithful teachers we will Mrs Rogers, all of our deflated volleyballs and broken baseball bats Mrs McGaughy all of our overdue library books and unrehearsed speeches Coach Behnke all of our first place trophies and our dirty towels Mr Browning all of our ragged workbooks and our dissected frogs Miss Snapp, our iron that never works and all the glue we used to make our model home Mrs Swanson all of our late lunch money and the annual deadlines we missed Mr Hamline all the chalk marks on the walls from throwing erasers and all of our leftover sawdust rn the shop Mr Geiger, all of our lively student council meetings and all of our deadly trips to Kansas City Mr Metzger, all of our leftover bus and game tickets and our agreeable class meetings Mr Riggle, the 'Lost Chord' of the First Movement Mrs Miller, all of our chatter during chorus rehearsals In witness thereof, we the said class of '58 have hereto subscribed and affixed our seal on this tenth day of May one thousand nine hundred and frfty eight A D Signed, Class of '58 WITNESSES Sputnlk Dennis the Menace Mortrmer Snerd Gina Lollabnglda 1 , , ' l 1, 1 1 ' 1 , . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . as , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' , - 1 .1 1 I 1 . 1 1 1 1 . I 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 D , 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . , . - . . . . 1 I I, .. D . .... ' , 1 1 1 1 1 ' I, I ' . , 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 . .1 1 1 , . , - , 1, . l . 1 1 ' 1 1 . , , 1 1 1 1 I 1 Y Y Y ' i I I I 1 I ' , 1 1 1 1 . , . I, Richard McCurdy, will the mouthpiece on my baritone--on second thought the whole baritone--to Bonnie McCaw. , . , , '. . 1 . . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 1 1 . I, 1 1 1 . , 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 I I, , 1 1 1 1 D I, 1 , 1 1 1 . , y 1 1 1 1 I I, , . I, - , . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 . , 1 1 , 1 . J , - I, 1 1 1 ' 1 J 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 l 7 1 1 1 . . To . . . To . , ' . To , . F . . I To . ' , ' . To ' ' . To . , ' ' . To I . . 2 . . . To t . . . . . . ' To . ' ' , To . ' ' ' ' . To . ' ' . . - , U . I , . . . , lass Prophecy The famrlrar refram blared from our supersonrc, three drmensronal color telev1s1on set Yea Mrckey' Yea Mrcke Yea Mrckey Mouse Club' As the roll call was taken by head mousketeer Ed Gullstrand who just recently replaced J1mm1e Dodd we heard the famrlrar names of Helen Anderson and Bob Neer who are now head m1ce Then we saw the famous ballet team of Donna Jo Nelson and Kent Lrndsey dance and recerve therr ears ' We turned over to the other channel to watch the news The promrnent news caster Dean Raymond Morland started off the news broadcast wrth a flash from Oak Rrdge Tennessee, where Dale Walsten and Delmond Johnson had just launched a rocket to Pluto wrth LeRoy Luallen the noted p1lot at the controls Next came a bulletrn from Kentucky tellrng that Larry Bolrn one of the most successful Jockeys rn the Umted States had just won the Kentucky Derby for the 10th strarght t1me A report came from Venus that Allan Johnson and Rrchard Homer had just clrmbed Mt Bodeen for the frrst t1me Thrs mountarn by the way, was named after Duane Bodeen who 15 the youngest Umted States Presrdent every to be elf cted Joyce Nystrom, the drstrngurshed lady skm d1ver who last week drved 562 1!2 feet rn the Atlantrc Ocean reported that she and Karleen Larson the owner of the frrst super sonrc sub wrll cross the Atlantrc rn ten mrnutes wlth thrs sub On the local srde Dean reported that Rrchard McCurdy the famous test drrver for the Krddy Kar Korpo ratron owned by Mlke Drrscoll and Tom Page had been arrested by Leonard Schnowske a well known polrceman rn thrs area Rrchard was drrvrng 10 M P H rn a 40 M P I-I zone So ended the news The next program on the a1r was Sergeant McV1etty of the Yukon a Marllyn Vermerre productron Starrmg Barry McV1etty It was a very excrtrng program We swrtched back to the other channel srnce rt was t1me for the ' S64 000 OOO Questron ' The qurz master Larry Plun kett was just preparrng to ask Gary Wmg the famous naturahst, hrs fmal questron rn the category The Prrvate Lrfc c the Ant Gary answered the questron correctly for S64 000 000 Then came a very rnterestrng commercral grven by Shrrlene Taylor She was advertrsrng 'Peachy s Peaches,' grown rn Ceorgra by Garry Peterson The next contestant o the program was Judy Edmund an authorxty on presldents We were sorry to see her mrss her flrst questron which was Th1s program was followed by Planet to Planet moderated by John Hougland That nrght they vrsrted Mars on whrch Dorothy Lambm has establrshed the largest bowlrng alley rn the unrverse We recogmzed Twrla Taylor as her head pm setter Susan Bell our forergn m1n1ster to Mars was bowlmg She told the audrence that the Martrans were becomrng more lrke the earth peoples and enjoy many of the same actrvrtres All of a sudden the prcture faded from our screen rnterruptrng our program Of course we called rn the best reparr man around LeRoy Johnson He frxed our set rn a jrffy and we tuned rn just rn tzme for the spectacular for whrch we had been wartmg The Unrverse Tomght ' Th1s program whrch has won awards for publrc rnterest was moderated by the renowned columnrst Barbara Ellrott The frrst stop of the camera was on locatron of the movre See1ng Double Starrmg the well known actors Tom and Jerry Gould We also recogmzed the stunt grrl 1n the movre who was Laura Brmker as she parachuted from a jet plane The camera next focused on the huge cattle ranch of Loren Swrhart the Bar S Whlle there a cowpoke by the name of Francrs Stull was rntervrewed I-le told of hrs plans to enter the rodeo at Cheyenne rn the near future The next scene to appear on the screen was a small mrlk bar on the corner of Green Street and Cheese Avenue on the moon Insrde we found Judy Rrngberg cookrng one of her famous green cheese burgers The rnrlk bar 1S run by Cletus Johnson who has a cham of mrlk bars on the moon The green cheese rs supplred by Larry Loverrdge who owns a cheese farm there Next the camera swrtched to the Moon Treasury Department rn the Caprtol Crty of Clurg Terry Swanson and Dale Caulkms engrave plates for dollar brlls rn the prrntlng department of the Treasury Helen Wrrght the promrnent New York hostess was next seen She gave a commercral on plastrc lungs manufactured by Charles Hammond She sard she had been usrng Hammond Organs for years For the grand frnale the camera retumed to the Earth to vrsrt Universe Umversrty It was the mrddle of therr annual homecomrng celebratron The krng and queen Larry Taylor and Pat Nel son, when asked for a comment replred Rah' Rah' for U U ' Next the rovrng camera turned to the athletrc depart ment There we found the head coaches to be Kay Murdock and Gary Halsted They talked wrth enthusrasm about the star center on therr football team Larry Hammerlund Then we saw the cheerleaders Dorothy Vancrl and Martha Mc Dowell practrcrng up on some of therr cheers for the un1versrty's next game Th1s ended the program of the Unrverse Tonrght and also ended our evenrng of televrewrng whrch had proved to be very rnterestrng 65 , , y - Y, ' Y Y Y Y ' ' ' ' ll I ' V 1 Y Y Y 7 ' Y Y . , , . . , 1 ' 1 . , ' 1 1 1 ' Y . . . . , . , . . Y Y ' Y . . . . . , . . ,, . . A lf Y Y ' Y . , , . ' . . . , , , . . . . .... ,.. Y ' 'N rs buried in Grant's tomb? . ,, . . . , . . , , . ' v ' v ' Y ' 7 . , ,, . . , . . . . Y ' Y Y Y ' Y Y ' 1 ' 7 Y ' Y . , . , . , . ' v . , , . , , - ' Il ll ' ' , . . . .. - . . ' ' ' - . . . . H , Y n , . Here We Are-at Work and Play Moonlight Magic The freshmen and sophomores royally entertained at the all-school party celebrating Valentine's Day They spent many hours preparing a beautiful red and white false wall, the first of its kind that has been attempted in the new gym. Caroline Pople was the general chairman of arrangements. Karen Kingery and Tom Gould were crowned queen and king of this dance. College and Career Day Down to business again we find fbelowj a group of students from this area getting the lowdown on a career as an engineer, draftsman and architect. The instructor is Mr. William Appier, an architect from Rock Island. Alwood students included in the group are John Hougland, Jack Lambin, Bob Scott, Ed Gullstrand, Gary Kness, Cletus Johnson and Terry Swanson. College and Career Day is an annual project, sponsored jointly by Atkinson, Cambridge, Orion and Alwood. This year it was held here at AlWood on November 14, 1958. I v D Sports fvs I , uw 1 Wm ,- 4 E 5 egg . .f fm.. +'k 3v6::gV' M WW JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL--ROW I: C. I-Iammerlund, D. Neer, I-I. Carlson, R. Setterdahl, L. Turner, J. Ander son, R. Swanson, J. Krueger, R. Litton, J. Creek, R. Buban. ROW II: Manager T. Noy, C. Bloomberg, C. Lund- blad, R. Horner, T. Nelson, R. Carlson, M. Roller, C. Lindsey, M. Lowery, T. Strandberg, J. Browning, D. Geni- sio, Manager G. Elliott. ROW III: W. Green, K. Johnson, L. Zuidema, R. Taylor, K. Batman, A. Samuelson, C. Carlson, D. Johnston, T. Smith, Coach Minder. AlWood then traveled to Aledo to compete in Regional Toumament play. We came through the toumament by capturing the Aledo Regional trophy by wins over R.M.A., Sherrard, and Aledo. At this time we had compiled 29 consecutive victories and had gained the right to advance to Geneseo to face Moline in sectional play. The Aces started off strong and held a 13-8 lead at the end of the first quarter. At the half we slipped behind 18-15, and when the final horn sounded we went down to our first defeat of the season 49-29. We then placed six men on the Cornbelt Conference All-Star Team. This was the first time in Cornbelt history that more than the starting five had received positions. Much of the credit for this impressive record goes to the fine coaching we have received from Eugene Behnke, Walter Minder and Albert Miller, We also appreciate the fine turnout to all games by our loyal fans and cheering section. The Freshman-Sophomore football team came through with a successful football season by winning four, tying one, and losing two, During the basketball season the team won three and dropped seventeen, but we are certain they will come through with better seasons in the coming years. Now that the basketball uniforms have been put away, all the boys are looking forward to a successful track season, and have a very good chance to win the Cornbelt Track Meet. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-- ROW I: R. Hughes, J. Ander- son, L. Turner, R. Setterdahl, J. i.W0o 14 Krueger. ROW II: C. Lundblad, ywva 13 PEE C. Lindsey, D. Swanson. ROW III: K. Johnson, G. Hammerlund, L. Corlis, D. Johnston, R. Hor- ner, R. Barman, Coach Miller. . 21-- TY' MprNAor.r1s. W AlWood Points scored 251 First downs 111 Total plays 439 Total yards 3008 Rush yards 2007 Passes attempted 121 Passes completed 68 Pass yards 1001 Punts 11 Punt yards 335 Kick -offs 41 Kick-off yards 1302 Fumbles lost 7 Penalty yards 365 Passing percentage .562 Average yards per pass play 8.27 Average yards per rush play 6.31 Taylor J. Gould Lindsey Swihart Krueger Ossian Hanson Sherrard Huff Page T. Gould Opp. 50 48 428 1139 916 66 19 223 44 1359 16 609 8 150 .287 3.38 2.63 TEAM SCORING Football VARSITY SEASON RECORD AlWood 12 Prophetstown 7 47 Cambridge 12 25 Winola 6 47 Orion 0 51 Sherrard 18 6 Rockridge 0 44 Joy 7 19 Atkinson 0 JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON RECORD AlWood 6 Orion 19 34 Cambridge 0 13 Sherrard 6 27 Rockridge 27 20 Aledo 32 19 Joy 6 25 Winola 6 62 50 42 38 20 12 8 7 6 4 2 L 21 Sandia 61509 buh N6 Dorothy' liams Donna 'lo Carole Dlgg' , Basketball 1957-58 VARSITY BASKETBALL AlWood 64 Knoxville S1 66 R.O.V.A. 41 51 W omin 33 59 Aide g 47 'XX A 'F56 Sherrard 42 5 . 'P54 Rockridge 42 'F75 Joy 42 ,, .... ,, 4,55 Winch 44 CORNBELT CONFERENCE Now the situation is this, fellows- v57 Orion 51 'IEOUIIENEY 'ms cambridge 45 MW d I lm mel +57 Atkinson 49 00 48 Galya 43 50 JOY . 43 REGIONAL TOURNEY ,56 shenard 40 62 Ro-ckndge 43 fFirst Place, 155 Rock-ridge OIIOD AlWood 4144 Joy 42 87 R.M.A. 4,50 Orion 49 ALEDO INVITATIONAL 86 Sherrard +39 cambridge 22 TQURNEY 49 Aledo 4.50 Atkinson 41 QF1rst Placej '82 Winola 49 Alwood . wk ' 00 o ine Denotes Conference Games 58 Aledo 48 VARSITY BASKETBALL INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS PLAYER SA SM PCT REBOUNDS FTA FTM PCT. TP Off. Def. J. Gould 246 84 34.1 64 100 100 65 65.0 233 T. Gould 237 86 36.2 47 51 85 60 70.6 232 Lindsey 402 191 47.5 125 142 115 80 69.5 462 Sherrard 219 98 44.7 24 52 78 52 66.7 248 Krueger 146 56 38.2 24 73 76 52 68.4 164 Walsten 47 20 42.5 17 14 17 9 52.9 49 Hanson 250 97 38.8 79 100 84 60 71.4 254 Swihart 28 11 39.2 6 8 10 4 40.0 26 Johnson 19 2 10.5 11 4 9 2 22.2 6 I-Ialsted 3 0 00.0 2 5 7 5 71.4 5 Ossian 11 2 18.1 1 4 8 2 25.0 6 McCurdy 6 1 16.7 3 1 6 4 66.7 6 Horner 2 0 00.0 3 2 1 0 00.0 0 Taylor 15 5 33.3 2 8 9 3 33.3 13 Huff 4 1 25.0 0 0 1 0 00.0 2 ALWOOD 1635 614 37.5 408 564 606 398 65.6 1706 OPPONENTS 1352 440 32.5 254 418 580 401 69.1 1284 LKARSITY: 3 Dignbm. Donnindfi Lee D JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Adeis- JUNIOR JO Nelszm Oforhy AlWood Neko' Diane B VARSI-rf Carole 22 Knoxville 11- Ushnezll C 5 Janie 43 R.O.V.A. annie 6 37 wyoming 31 Aledo 32 Sherrard 37 Rockridge 33 Joy 45 Winola 44 Orion 44 Cambridge 32 Atkinson 61 Calva 35 Sherrard 47 Rockridge 38 Joy 33 Orion 31 Cambridge 57 Atkinson 47 Winola 50 R.O.V.A. LOREN swn-IART JERRY couuu LARRY TAYLOR 1-mibaek Fullback Halfback PHILIP HUFF Halfback KENT LINDSEY PERRY OSSIAN TOM GOUID Halfback End TOM PAGE F ullback ROGER SHERRARD End DEAN HANSON ALLAN JOHNSON JOHN KRUEGER RICHARD HORNER Quarterback Quarterback 4 Ol ': 1 I 5 Y I A 5 . fs . 5 I 1 J 7 .a Z 5 3 1 f . . , 1 Gridiron Specialists Jerry crashes ove rforaTD Loren sweeps the end Coach dreaming up Z1 play Taylor picks up yardage Lindsey slde steps past opponent nd I 74 ' , W' If , Ntgnxm. v x - -, fx .-,. , 1 ix. 'A x,,,f ll X4 if W... T Ni .1 Q3 U? ,fig H E ,W-f'

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