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 - Class of 1957

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Alwood High School - Alwood Album Yearbook (Woodhull, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1957 volume:

, 'Jhe Hlwood Album 05 1957 --, 3 fs. fl. We'ue done oun beat Published by Senior Class of ALWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Woodhull, Illinois We hope we'ue pleaaed qou. Co-Editors: Shirley Jones, Carolyn Litton Business Manager: Jerry Mason Advertising: Society: Carol Horner, Janet Holmes, Dorothy Setterdahl Music: Jean Hughes Sales: Photographer: Don Dahlstrom Sports: Roscoe Lowery, Jim Anderson, Richard McDowell Junior Editors: Features: Ardirh Elliott, Carol Green Glenn Magnuson, Ronald Hayden, Bill Wing, Jerry Krueger Myra Loveridge, Judy Kingery, Pat Lucas, Ruth Nelson Judy Edmund, Helen Anderson, Delmond Johnson. Dick Horner Building - 'Jhe watchwofzd Z1 1. ,, at filwood in l956 - 57 SLOWLY THE WALLS INCHED UPWARD V AN .T fa-I Q fx . " ,,- 1' Sq, M. TT". 'Q -I! Compliments of FROM THIS SMALL BEGINNING ON MARCH I, T956 LENOX STUDIO ,T Moline, Illinois , , AML UNTIL JULY 2 Q 40 5 sf., Q54 M 4, , Ymw Wm 2,1 A - Aqswff A ,, wg ,L , ,NX-mm. QJMLQ, . Yrkiif ' - L. . 1'YQfsf,T'gfr?W' ve Agkzijaww wwf , W, ' , M"z+'?,,. fx, .i5',a.,Rf,Q.,,5mm.-. .V V. 3 , - M.-, . tif? +233 ' W W 3 'Q' 2 1535 'Z' QW ' ,. ., f F gg, fi 9- . as ix 1 Dedication v . KS , ,pf lv . g,Ks In heartfelt appreciation of his unselfish leadership toward attaining the high goals which he has made and kept throughout the years in the roles of instructor and coach, we, the Senior Class, wish to dedicate the 1957 "AlWood Album ," a 5 f 4 'Q 12 Q gg as 2 .L ' Q fc ,ff 2 Q Y 5 9 Q S 1 t 1 , 41 Q L E5 1 Q til ' "3L 1 fi 5 S Q 5 .ex-if 5 E ig il 3:55 f Z I x 5 is 3 K 5, 1' 2 ?,Ev"r at " 1 QQ ' 5 51' . , 3 z . i i 3 2 i 2 , et .57 '41 i iii 1 SFA? . 5 ,ai ?,f,-Q 2, 2 1 Xl lv 5 4 Q A 51 it 5. iiiq it Q Q Wi 2 3 iii Y if 4. 'Q at 'gg lx l 'i l 1 if s i jeg Q it Q Q fl if Si ,mi 525 4 G f l Q Q F wi P' S t z i 5 2 5 i is 4 S K 5 'P :S 1 'i 5 t k 2 f 2 1 K 1 c B F I SENICRS We musf conhnue To bunld upon our fund of knowledge If we are fo succeed an that world which we ore about fo enter. e:fQlUixQ7 nie Ufflflfgqig .-:t.. . . . Janice f.1L,C.11fi, , -Pre we ,e-. ' , Thlflrl. lwrig '.1r'. . . JLgu1!!1.g.., . LJ. I-1l1.,m::1LEu1.gQ. . . K,,1r.'1GuL-1. L 1fQfiY.'S2 , , , , IIIIUQCIIQ X'.1m'il Myra lmxurldgu D.14.R. 14 wand Winner: Carolyn Litton was honored by being chosen as the Daughters of the American Revolution Award winner from the Class of 1957. She was chosen on the basis of her qualities of dependabilty, service, leadership, and unself- ish loyalty to American ideals. Caro1yn's main extra -curricular activities include being a member of F. H. A., annual staff, Pep Club, chorus, G. A. A., and Student Council. She was president of the junior class and vice-president of the Blackhawk District Student Librarians. She is co-editor of this year's annual and is a section officer in F. H. A. She was a member of the junior play cast. After graduation Carolyn plans to attend the Moline Public Hospital School of Nursing. JIM ANDERSON Chorus 2, Football 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3. 4g Annual Staff 4, Newspaper staff 1. HAROLD BARTON MAX INE CARLSON Chorus 1,2, 3.4, F. H. A. 2,33 G.A. A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. DON DAHLSTROM F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. President 4, F. F. A. State Band 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 33 Annual Staff 4. BUD DOXSEE Basketball 2, 33 Football 3, 4. Compliments of Compliments of WAYNE'S MOBILE SERVICE THE COFFEE CUP AIPIWU Woodhull -vs c1f"ff BEVERLY EDM Chorus 2, 3. 45 UND G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, ra, 4, Pep ciub 2, 3, 4. ARDITH ELLIOTT Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextet 2, 35 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. Officer 2, 3, F. H. A. Secretary 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council President 1, Student Council 1, 2, 35 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 1,45 National Honor Society 3, 45 F. T. A. 45 Class President 1, 25 Class Play 35 Queen 1,45 Queen's Attendant 2. 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3.4. LAURA FRANKS Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3.4, G. A. A. Reporter 35 F. H. A. 2. 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Majorette 3, 45 Student Librarian 2. CAROL GREEN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextet 2, 35 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 25 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Paper Staff 1, 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 35 Majorette 3, 45 Student Librarian 45 F. T. A. 4. RONALD HAYDEN F. F. A. 15 Football 1, Manager 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show 45 Chorus President 45 Class Play 3. CAROL HORNER Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 porter 35 F. H. A 3, F. H.A. Vice 2.3, 45 Pep Club JANET HOLMES Chorus 1.2, 3, 45 Sextet 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Publicity Book Chairman 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3.4, G. A. A. President 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Vice President 25 Student Council 35 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Honor Society 3. 45 Queen Attendant 4. Sextet 2, 3, 45 Class Re- . 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. President President 45 G A. A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Treas- urer 3, 45 Class Play 35 Newspaper Staff 1, 45 Annual Staff 45 Band 1.12, 3, 45 Cheer- leader 1, 35 Honor Society 3,45 F. T. A. 4, F. T. A. Officer 4. JEAN HUGHES Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Society Treasurer 45 Chorus Assistant Accompanist 3. 45 Annual staff 45 Class Play 35 Paper Staff 15 Mixed Woodwind Quartet 2, 3, 4. Compliments of FARMERS STATE BANK Alpha 'it it Arr" ,, 1 X5 T? SHIRLEY JONES Chorus 1,2,3,45 Sextet 2,3,45 G.A,A, 2,3, 4, G,A,A, Treasurer 35 Pep Club 2,3,4, Pep Club Officer 45 F,T,A, 45 Honor Society 3,45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 3,4, Editor of Annual 45 Newspaper Staff 1. GLENN KAPPLE DENNIE JORDAN Basketball 1,25 Class Treasurer 2. Chorus 2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Football 1,25 Track l,2,3,45 Minstrel Show 45 Class Play 3. JUDY KINGERY Chorus 1,2,3,45 F,H,A. 2,3,4, F,H,A, Treasurer 3, F,H.A, Parliamentarian 45 G,A.A, 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Student Council 2,35 F.T.A, 4, F,T,A. Vice- President 45 Majorette 1,25 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 1,45 Class Play 35 Honor Society 45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Queen's Attendant 1,3. E LARRY KERRICK Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,35 Band 1,25 Class Treasurer 3. JERRY KRUEGER Band 1,2,3,45 Brass Sextet 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1, 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 1, Student Council 3, Class Play 3, King s -""" Attendant 1,3, King 4. 'hi DEANNA LAMBERT F.l-LA. 2,35 G. A,A, 2,3,4, Pep Club 2, 3,4, Class Play 3, Chorus l,2,3,4. GARY LEE F.F.A. 1,2,3, F,F,A, Reporter 25 Student Council Treasurer 15 Football 1, 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Class Play 35 King's Attendant 2,3, 4, King 1. Compl imenfs of Compliments of CRAYCRAFT-FAGN ER KELLY'S BARBAR SHOP AGENCY Alpha Woodhull CAROLYN LITTON Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextet 2, 35 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. Officer 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Recreation Chairman 3, F. H. A. Public Relations Chairman 4, F. H. A. Section 10 Recreation Chairman 45 Student Council 3, 4, Student Council Secretary- Treasurer 45 Annual Staff 3, 45 Annual Editor 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 D. R. Y. Vice President 35 Athletic Banquet Chairman 3, 45 Class Play 35 Class President 35 Stu- dent Librarian 2, 3, 4. MYRA LOVERIDGE Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Sextet 2, 35 Double Mixed Quartet 25 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Rc- porter 45 F. H. A. 25 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 F. T. A 4, F. T. A. Secretary 45 Honor Society 45 Class Treasurer 35 Annual Staff 15 Student Librarian 45 Class Play 3. ROSCOE LOWERY Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 25 Brass Sextet 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 35 Brass Quartet 3. RONALD LUCAS Football 1, l. PATRICIA LUCAS Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Project Chairman 45 Student Council 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. Vice President 35 Class Play 35 Paper Staff 1, 45 Annual Staff 4. JANICE MCCURDY Chorus 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. 2,35 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Sextet 25 Class Play 35 F. T. A. 3, 4. DON McDOWELL Basketball 15 Football 1, 45 Track 1. RICHARD McDOWELL Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball lg Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Society Secretary 45 Student Council 4. Compliments of Compliments of BROWN-LYNCH-SCOTT RCLLAND LINDSEY Alpha Woodhull 'Vina if GLEN MAGNUSON Football 1 3 4 Class Play 35 King's A endant 4 F F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. JERRY MASON Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society President4. orus 1 2 3 4 F.H.A. 2,3,4, F.H.A. Historian 3 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1 3 4 Honor Society 4. RUTH NELSON Chorus 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Chairman of Public Relations 3, F. H. A. President 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Parliamentarian 3, Pep Club Student Coun- cil Representative 45 G. A. A. 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Student Office Secretary 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Class Play 3. JUDY RHODENBAUGH Chorus 1 2 3 4 Chorus Vice-President 4 Band 1 2 3 45 Girl's Sextet 2, 35 F. H. A. 2 3 4 F H A Chairman of Projects 3, F H A Treasurer 45 G. A.A. 2,35 Pep Club 2 3 4 Pep Club President 35 National Honor Society 3 45 F. T. A. 45 Class Play 3 Student Librarian 35 Newspaper staff 1. DOROTHY SETTERDAHL Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus Secretary-Treasurer 4, Class Vice President 1, 35 Student Coun- cil Secretary 1, Student Council 15 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, G. A. A Secretary 35 F. H. A. 25 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Secretary 3, Pep Club President 45 Athletic Banquet Co-Chairman 2, 35 Band 1, 2. 3, 45 Brass Sextet 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextet 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Newspaper staff 1, 45 Annual Staff 45 Queen's Attendant 45 Class Play 35 F. T. A. 4, F. T. A. Treasurer 4. RICHARD STRAN DBERG IMOGENE VANCIL Pep Club 45 Student Librarian 3, 45 Girl's Sextet 35 Chorus 2, 3, 45 G.A. A. 2, 3,4. Compliments of ALPHA ELECTRIC 8. HARDWARE Alpha MONTE VOSS Basketball 2. KEN WATTERS LAWRENCE WARD F,F',A, l,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Track 1, 2,3. Football 1,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1,4, Track 2,3, Honor Society 4. BILL WING GLENN WIND Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, F,F,A, 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4, Class Play 3. F,F,A. 1,2,3,4, F.F,A, Treasurer 2, F,F.A, Secretary 3, F,F,A, Vice-President 4, Student Council 2,3,4, Student Council Vice -President 3, Student Council President 4, Class Play 3, Basketball 2, Manager 3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Section Ill F, F,A. Sec- retary-Treasurer, Annual Staff 4, JACK ZUIDEMA Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 4, Football 1, Basketball 1, F,F,A, l,2, LEROY CATHCART Football 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JOHNSON G.A.A.g Chorus, Pep Club, F,H,A,, F,H.A. Parliamentarian 3, Junior Class Play 3, National Honor Society, News- paper staff 4. Compliments of ALPHA FEED St FARM SUPPLY Alpha Compliments of MARlE'S BEAUTY SHOP Alpha PICT AILABLE Senior: 'Jalenta some or us WERE Musicims, or ON ----- E OR ANOTHER KIND Our marimba player, Jack Z. and his "crazy" Music? No, Don is Judy Rhodenbcugh horn impersonating Elvis. Some spaghetti and meat balls - - - "But that's a matter of opinion." says Patsy as an afterthought. A -Q! I M? of us could cook--especially We all knew that Shirley, Jean and Carol would graduate if SOME OF US OB- they'd only study a little harder SERVED WOODHULL'S CENTENNIAL IN A BIG WAY Lee, Anderson, Wind, Jordan and Roscoe admires the beards of Ron We could even smile Cathcart began observing H., Mr. Geiger and Jerry. when leaving study Woodhull's Centennial early in the I2 hall at 3:30. year . """'vm... I J""' 'Q W-Q HF -A -Q QQ 1 4' of esp-n ww MW 'HQ'- K X 'Qu '9f'N. Larry Bolln Kay Murdock Leonard Schnowske Barbara Elliott Tom Gould 'Jheq John Hougland Larry Plunkett Martha McDowell Delmond Johnson Terry Swanson Janice Slmkms Larry l-'ammerlund Donna Jo Nelson Kent Lindsey Karleen Larson E f fJ . M H ' Q 7 if " X '?Ff ff rf, Ls -Q E 1 4? J re W ' ' 'fs w,l,t lf xr J E tm-L rf ,tw J L J J ' if hi Lge iwf"' L... llyui Jr. Eff M M, ,, Q, to ' 'Emil - EU: l ' gwxfil I Y? wi qi ' VW LL-1 r-"Hr 5 My t Jw my ' 'a K' ' X ' X f K E a lm I " yt 4 , y Ay y y A A Q, y 0 . . pak Fiat 'Li' 4 :E :al I ,wt V I . , 4 , X ,i ,M A, ,Ll X , --far' I . l X rs? J Q E an or - ys' E A 'gg 75- ' W ' kwa , , f..:h,----'rf1 , rv,- , rt. 9 aw, A , , upff-M fs H 2- " If E "ff L " T Half - use rf to J 1' xf gl' J v X iff' s 1 W A .A X 1 s 53 l 2 V. It np y s L37 ' WVL L.. f 1, 5 gx ' 4.3, , -'ll '19' bn 'W-'11 fy . . , f 3-. ' . A 1 ca s ir.. FV s 1 1 A-1 'ff' 'I ' L f l rr. lax J, L tj '1 ' T-'--3 ' :fi ' f ,us --I' 'S r-cg, ffyhxl xx' C? In ,Q I4 ! of 'iff' 'LJ Jerry Gould Dean Morland Dorothy Vancsl Gary Ning Duane Bodeen Tom Page Joyce Nystrom Larry Taylor Patrlcla Nelson Edward Gullstrand Judy Edmund John Pollock Nan , Bu-gas Rlchard McCurdy Judy Rlngberg Leroy Johnson Helen Anderson Francls Stull Susan Bell Garry Peterson ha ue Gary Halsted Bob Neer Laura Brinker Jerry McDowell Larry Loverldge date Twlla Taylor Jlm Brmker Helen Wright 5 " , -0, ar '?' 1 A8 'BV '41 rf . n , f' l' I I " L' gi gl . 'A V v . 1 ...Q L L .gy y sf' . 4 ,Q X ' J js-2 l ar A " ' L Jw .1 A A A 'R ' 1 ,A i ,y V Ag.. j vi j VU 'LJ' fly My if 7 ' f 89+ L L' '-1 fs L, J 4-ij y '17 ' 3, . -f, I B lr I ,Y '53 1 . L as Q 4 lm dl? J ' J A 'A l' ki J' ' if lf Q L' ' Leroy Luallen J L' J LQ? 5 ,lyy V , ' ILQQfv5s'wT'W L, - 'gy' L "" h'rr A :QL f ss- . ? L y Q 6 - 5 5 I ,S k .I 4 I gt 1 .J -I 1 L Q3 L fl " - H '1 . L , V 3 L V L ., - - 3 .L W 1 wi fl Q? A 'ik X ' fiif 'X sv '75 J N 'I e ' x- : 1 f ' . z fe i f Lf . L l J in xv 'yea 'B ,. X X 1 1 9 5 I I ' i i L ' 1, 3 klaj 1 L R ' "J 3 -+Q:?L.L L he :lk :N b L b A ll fflxl W li l xl J ' ' w Shlrlene Taylor Dale Caulkms Cletus Johnson Dorothy Lambm Loren Swlhart Mnke Driscoll Da e Walsten Richard Horner Barry McVletty Al lan Johnson f'- Nm X 44 Pk W f JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS I 4 53-5" 423531 Dick, Duane, Helen, Pat, Dale, Dorothy, Jerry Diqnitq ia taboo at Wlinatnel Show W as Yardstick, Cornball, Vitalis, Jigsaw, lnterlocutor, Hambone, Suntan, Eyeball, Trigonometry. W Having trouble, Chorus Line?. The chorus, under Mrs. MiIIer's direct- ber I9 and 20 to large audiences. lt was the first time such a show had been undertaken here and it was a great success. The iunior class sponsored the annual Penny Carnival on January 26. The Tunnel of Love, Fun House, Variety Show, etc., kept patrons busy and happy during the Big Profundo evening 6 ion, presented the Minstrel Show on Novem- 'Penny Canniual if F p K, 3. ,sy ,L .gzf't'-1,',g'q:.5 Elvis Presley IPD "Please buy some tickets or a balloon say Shirlene, Nancy and Judy E, Recognize these gentlemen? They don't look very amused, do they? Compliments ot Compliments of ALPHA GREENHOUSE '7 WING AND FOSBURG Alpha John Krueger I Phlllp Huff 't Lousse Elliott V7 Rlchard Carlson Carole Diggs 'Jheq Roger Sherrard Carol Jordan r- , 5 Dean Hanson Mary Sherrard Dole Sundberg Shane 'G O Richard Nystrom "' M' Nancy Mason Charles Lenz Judy Kessmger Davud 'ohnson ,-9 CLASS OFFICERS TOP LEFT TO RIGHT Phnlnp Huff Reporter Richard Carlson, Vnce Presudent CENTER LEFT TO RIGHT John Krueger, President Roger Sherrard Secretary Treasurer BOTTOM Louise Elllott Student Council I8 A F I ,,. ,bio -iw, I 2, , 1,3 4? fs " ' ' 'f- 'Q I . xr L I es T- rf' X 1 N V A X ,Q 1- ' 3 ' . ..,"' 'I 'if E I I -ig" I 3 ,1 O .QI LT g I X .1 AVVA . .l-,G .8621 W i 2, A. .Qi ,., 'I J y I q 1 I 0 . I I . . - ' . , : ' 1 u , l I U . T Gene Barchuk Donald Llfton Sandra Reedy Richard Maher Mary Lynn Smith Jack Lambln Barbara Jones Bernard Verscha Vlrgmla White Keith Walmer Donald Johnson Jlm Barley Karen Kmgery David Browning Karen Richards Russell Drake Bonnie McCaw Barbara Snyder bary Munson Lavona Anderson Robert Lucas Bsnnle Murray lucnard Mason Sandra Lee Perry Osslan Kay Johnston vary Kness Patsy Flac Roger Setterdahl are J -44' "i' Wu' ,Q r--'15 A .ff 9 ,mx 'W T' fk ij Wir' 4? ,nv aim' pu, V7 .rg fir ,iffy fQlIU5 ps. M., 'Q alex f-- A -Q f gy Nu-1 N! 'I9 I . ' I ,,. vq 'iv if r A '. 5 L L . , ' H ' ' 'M L -'1 CJ' 4 U -f f f' ii , f I F' , 1 4, ., M ,af is A 'K L, X - L y y Q ' f ' , 5 .1 Wzll 'X lf I t ,. , 7 .,r, lfffli 'V . . . . . -vi ' N ,. L. 44 f - 1 B if 6 X M is ' , W P s 'Q- A W, X R X 1 , Q . . A A y , 4 . 1- 'Q' I v A. , J , in . 3 A f ,qv SV! A' I 5.4 A , ' 'X . . ,Z B f-Q N 4 L" "1 .. -A 1-heqliu W' L L M 2 t?f, y2g1if gg X Q A f A. I Q 1 l K Bob Scott , ,gw L W L '3 A f' - -Q, -X !v."-I 3 y K N- ' X I b I Ns ev - X ' f 'f f J . , x l X lystkikx f, 5 N ' V 57 I g 7 ,V , P, V x ' A :T ' .B 2 : , . V, x X if I ,Q ... ' nf ' '. N I " l ' tr ' , .. , -, i b E S Xb- T I ,V 1 Q ' K ,df . - B I F fl . L 'B W- gzhiz, ' 1 'sf .- v Q ' 'le i' f 1 . .T E' c K: in A' 'K ' - I 1 .1-A . - p'N ' L. -- K A , V V' ' V We ' 4' K! . - S , y V, ' ,- , i XX . s,' . , 'f 1 gl aff fl: t ,ls 14lWood'a Wlaaten Wonkmen Rich McDowell Secretary Jean Hughes Treasurer Judy Rhodenbaugh Vice President Jerry Mason President "To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students at AlWood High School" is the high aim ofthe AlWood Chapter of the National Honor Society Having been In existence only two years, this society now has 39 active and graduate members These members have been chosen for their accomplishments in Scholar ship Leadership Service, and Character To become a member is the highest honor a high school student can receive For this reason the National Honor Society serves as a desirable goal for the students May lt continue ro provide Inspiration for the betterment of character, as well as grades L TOP Duane Bodeen Rxthard Horner Dale Walsten B1ll Wing Kent Lindsey Rlchard McDowell Jerry Mason Larry Plunkett Dean Morland CENTER. JBUGI HOUTIBS Judy Nelson Ruth Nelson Myra Loyerldge Judy Rhodenbaugh Judy Klngery Pat Nelson Susan Bell Ardlth Elliott BOTTOM Shirley Jones Judy Edmund Joyce Nystrom Helen Anderson Jean I1llEJllCS Dorothy Selteruahl Donna Jo NSISOH Barnard Elliott Carol Horner THE WOODHULL DISPATCH Compliments of Your Hometown Newspaper SHROYER MOTOR SALES , fy:-At: Q, ,, N, A if il it V xi' 1 Woodhull Centennial Year--l957 20 Woodhull, Illinois 3 ? R s af :fx Vi . 1 i 'Q 2 1 .. . I! ,iw ,MQ " 1252 , kk' 'V WA I K ' ,wa ' ' 1 MJ, me f , wwf' r,,,, v ,,,,wW.,. V I nv-""' DON ALD E. METZGER PnnCKP ,, gm 'fri , K 'X gn I 3 J, Owl D D flnchitecta f D' A-.... EL R Supgm MER FISCHE IVCIILICM f' .1 175 MARIORIE MORLAN D School Secretary BOARD OF EDUCATION, SEATED: John Weech, Lester Sw STANDING: Howard Johnson, Dave Swanson, Curtis Walslen iharr, T. L. McKee, Richard Ba1ley. Compliments of LOWERY IMPLEMENT COMPANY, Woodhull 21' ww. . ,., C ,N 1 Mix 2 'EEQQQQQL7 Q ' af 2 wi g , .bf We aim to 'Jeach BACK ROW Karen Rrchards Jamce McCurdy Joyce Nystrom Nancy Bugos Carol Horner Twrla Taylor Mrs McGaughy Carol Green Donna Jo Nelson Ardrth Ellrott Shrrley Jones Barbara Jones Bonnre McCaw FRONT ROW Delmond Johnson Dale Walsten Dorothy Setterdahl Susan Bell Judy Rhodenbaugh Myra Loverrdge Karleen Larson Judy Krngery Larry Bolm Larry Plunkett F T A wlll lead the way To a new and brlghter tomorrow Hand rn hand across the land We are burldrng youth today Symbolrzed rn these words IS the arm of the Future Teachers of America Thus national orgamzatlon IS strrvmg to create more mterest un the teachrng professron an thus country s hugh schools for today s students w be tomorrow s teachers The Anne Sullrvan Macy chapter of the F T A was orgamzed here at AlWood thas fall Although ut IS a new club, It already boasts a membershnp of 23 members One of our members, Ardrth Elliott, was elected corresponding secretary ofthe drstrrct F T A at nts fall meetrng rn October Some of the members have done some practrce eachrng" at the grade school durrng short absences of drfferent teachers ln thus way they are beginning to ake their part In bulldmg youth today STANDING Dale Walsten Delrnond Johnson Larry Plunkett SEAThD Donna Jo Nelson Dorothy Setterdahl Carol Horner Judy Krngery Myra Lovendge Compliments of Compliments ot SANQUIST BARBER SHOP 23 DR W M NEWTON Woodhull Alpha l T . . . . I I I I D I I I l I I 1 I I 0 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . u ' ... . . .. ,, 1 . . . . 1 . . ... . .. Q . . . . 0 s ll . all I . . ... . . .. . . . . . . .. . 1. ... . n - . . . . . -1 - - , 1 ' I . . . , , 1, - 'u-- ll l , . 1 1 1 . - 1 ... BARBARA SWANSON English II Girls P. E. 'Jheq Wane Gun .2 ....-u.a-q sfsukfev- A .W , GENE BEHN KE Coach Mathematics Economics RICHARD LSEILQER Ailriculture ESTEl.l.E MILLER Ciioral Misic gp 3 .44 g,,',..nw- 1 W Q J. ff -4 'S Patiently and carefully our teachers have endeavored to build our structure of knowledge higher and Higher. They have shown ns how to apply the facts we learned in the elementary grades to new problems and life situations. Besides their regular teaching duties they have sponsored our other activities in the following ways. Mr. Metnger is the advisor for the Student Council and senior class, as well as being the general overseer of all of us in his capacity as principal of AlWood High School. Miss Snapp finds her spare time well occupied with affairs of the F. ll. A., Junior class Qwith its prom and carnivalj and Pep Club. Mrs. McGanghy, as our librarian, oversees our reading and research facil- ities everyday of the week. She also sponsors the newly organized F. T. A. organization. Mr. Behnlie is well known r-,Q ' Compliments of Woodlwll 24 wooonutt Moroiz COMPANY School 'ionemen for his extensive actixities as our coach, and he also helps keep the sophomores in line as their advisor. Our ag teacher, Mr. Geiger, sponsors many activities connected with his department. The chief ones are the F.F. A. and the AlWood Calf Clnh. Our senior faculty member, Mr. llainline, serves gms the assistant principal. Miss Barbara Swanson directs the plays and also is advisor for the sophomore class and the G. A. A. Our yearbook sponsor is Mrs. Dorothy Swanson, who also serves as a senior class advisor. Our science teacher, Mr. M. D. HAINLINE Browning, is a junior class sponsor and a I Industrial Arts co-sponsor ofthe testing program along with Mr. Metzger. As seniors we urge all nnderclassmen to take advantage of thc all-aronnd school program represented here. IRENE MCGAUGHY English lll and IV latin N, DON RIGGLE RUTH MASON Bdlld 54.1001 lwnrse Home Nursing DORO'l'llY SWANSON COlllrllCTClJ.l oableets C? LOL lo BROWININLJ 5L1t. ice Compliments of Compliments of VILLAGE CAFE JOHNSON'S HARDWARE 6 ELECTRIC Wooclhull 25 Woodl-,UH 0 0 f Qunion H iqh flctiuitiea FRESHMAN BASKETBALL i956-57 SEASON RECORD First Team FRESHMAN FOOTBALL, ROW ONE: I. Krueger, T. Strandberg, T, Bolin, B. Stull, J, Peterson, M. Lowery, B. Simkins, M. Taylor. ROW TWO: D. Neer, D. Genisio, J. Creek, R. Litton, H. Carlson, Al Wood C0mbVl'3L5G M. Nelson, T. Noy. ROW THREE: J. Anderson, R. Hu hes, R. Alwood Golvc Zuidema, G. l-Iammerlund, T, Smith, L. Turner, R. Eubon, R. Alwood Winolg Swanson, R. P1tts, KR. Setterdahl, NOT IN PICTUREJ AlWood Orion AlWood R.O.V.A. AlWood Cambridge AlWood Winola AlWood Galva AlWood R.O.V.A. AIWood Canton lOalesburg Tournamentl Second Team AlWood Cambridge AlWood R.O.V.A. AlWood Cambridge AlWood R.O.V.A. FRES HMAN FOOTBALL i956-57 SEASON .RECORD FRESHMAN BASKETBALL, ROW ONE: D. Swanson, L. Turner, R. Hughes, M. Nelson, J. Anderson, I. Krueger, R. Zuidema, R. Setterdahl, R. Swanson, G. Hammerlund, R. Litton. ROW TWO: D Neer, J. Creek, S. Descamps, T. Bolin, I. Peterson, I. Nelson, B. AIWood Orion Pitts, T. Noy, B. simkms. B. stun, R. Buban, Mr. Murder. Al Wood Winola Al Wood Cambridge AlWood Winola AlWood Orion STUDENT COUNCIL, ROW ONE: C. Lundblad, C. Lindsey, J. Browning, J. Litton, C. Rhodenbaugh, J. Watters, R. Carlson, R. Larson, W. Kirkland. ROW TWO: Mr. Roberts, R. Liggetl, R. Hughes, K, O'Deay, L. Edmund, A. Vancrl, M. Barlow, M. Nelson, J. Anderson, R. Zuiderna. Compliments of Compliments of l"ll'S ROLLER RINK 27 ARLINE'S MILK BAR Alpha Woodhull Wff ww ,,,, f , ig :lx it . ' 4 ,J-.r gf . at 'K 1 JI 1 f fi 1 'ii ' X 1 ff .f 06 -'F -7, S -:Z -Q ' B X 1 M , " kv ,g fl -sffzz 'l rag' J '11- -Q 119' xl?-Q"f , 1 ' . , 1 9 " P JK 1 . Am Y", 3? 4. rv "' .145 K, l t .... x 4 .f'Wu, - :T Il V fl Compliments of WAYNE FALLINE Woodhull x 'Z J .5 y Nw. -45: sg. f John Anderson Marilyn Barlow Diane Bodeen 'Jheina Ja 'I-lutune The Class of 1960 will have Terr Bonn the distinction of being the first Jud Y Bowman class to graduate from AlWood Y High School that has never at Joan Briggs Ronnie Bubon Diane Bushnell Norman Lowery Janet Mc Laughl in Harvey Carlson Judy Cathcart Ellen Lenz Robert Litton Pat Clarke Jerry Creek Susan Johnson Jim Krueger ur . 1. -.Y ,yj-X, Steven Descamps Joy Driscol l Reed Hughes Florence Johnson 28 tended class in the old high school building. , 1 W4 1 f Z , , , X4v.:,1,L,V1li,.15fV55i, ,i 255 I I -4 ,A . ff 1' , ,, 5 , 5 J : 1 , l ' -. fs . A. 1 ' gw ,... - Ir! I 52 - A - A 52' fi sw -5 XL X Daniel Genisio Gary Hammerlund Connie Henrickson Martha Hesse Compliments of DON 'S CLEANER Woodhull 'is- Karolyn Watters georgia Wells Ronnie Zuidema he F if ff if W qx 4 5 B 42 si . 'N 1 s Q gm' l f ii x 'Q f yj FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Karen Swanson Connie Nelson, Karolyn Walters, Diane Bodeen. 1" ?f' W W i' S-any V Q. on J., "ef Lnk ' -PS' F L. - 'Ef A fi ni I 1 Johnny Peterson Robert Pitts Caroline Pople Mil lie Rex Compliments of PAT'S SERVICE STATION Woodhull Rollin Swanson Lanny Turner Alice Vuncil Nancy Miller Shirley Munson Darwin Swanson Karen Swanson Don Neer Connie Nelson Tommy Stranclberg Bill Stull Jim Nelson Mike Nelson Bill Simkins Tommy Smith Tommy Noy Donita Peterson Nina Rhodenbough Roll in Setterdahl 7'- ,tkfsi 3, 'au fl V P711 S 29 ,ga i . M l ,4 x a 2 , -S . N kit! 41.5 ' 7 4 f .eh rf"f' YT' .i 3 li I N . i i lk Ar. fa gi -- "' ,ary , I X , f, . LQYQVX L W W n , , wif 1: 5 ' li . l ,I 2 Compliments of PAUL CARLSON :S SONS Carpenter EL Concrete Work Lynn Center 9 . QW' FIRST ROW: Carl Johnson, Gary Barton, Coe Bloomberg, Charles Lindsey, Bill Ringherii, james Anderson, Conrad Lnndblad, Robert McDowell, Dale Peterson, Toniniy Nelson. SECOND ROW: Nancy Erickson, Eliaabeth Conley, Karen Bredherg, Judy Thayer, Joan Watters, Alice Fischer, Lynnette Wright, Betty lxletzner, Sandra Shattuck, Mary Snndberg. THIRD ROW: Mr. Miller, Lenora Drake, Shirley Swanson Linda lloldswotth, Maryetta Whinipey, Sally Pople, Lester Luidenia, Kenneth liarnian, Roy Erickson, Donald Johnston, Kendall Johnson, Roger Taylor. CHEER- LEADERS FIRST ROW: C. Barton, J. Browniiig, B. Ringberg, R. Horner, C. Lindsey, C. Lnndblad, B. Anderson, R. Baritian. SECOND ROW: Mr. Miller, D. Iohnston, A. Saninelson, K. johnson, K. liarinan, Linda lloldsworth, Sandra Shattuck, Shirley B. green, K, 05.335-y P, Strange, C, Bloomberg, Munson, Joan Waiters. FIRST ROW: Don Olson, David Bushnell, Robert Carlson, Kit O'Dcay, Caylen Elliott, Ronnie llorner, Mike Roller, Jinx lirownnig, 'licrry Strandherg. SECOND ROW: Karen Swanson, Loretta Johnson, Carol lxlnnson, Lorna Bland, Susan Plunkett, Mary Etta joles, Nancy Wccch, Relda Canlkins, June Erlandson, Carl Carlson. THIRD ROW: lxhss Mott, Norina Brinker, Elizaheth Walsren, Doris Wind, Barbara johnson, Mary Hughes, Bill Green, Randy Barnian, Archie Sainnelson, Bill Pollock, Rhodes Liggett. Qxfkm Compliments of Compliments of C.E. MCLAUGHLIN 30 CLARK'S HARDWARE Alpha Woodhull Ba Que!! FIRST ROW: Robert Stpes, Merle Norberg, Larry Hanson, Larry Sntith, Mike Edtnnnd, Robert Carlson. SECOND ROW: Dennis Kelly, Ruby Neer, Pamela Sholl, Ftttn lNlCC11l'dy, Patsy Molberg, Indy Litton, Bonnie larson, Shirley Bowtrtan, Mary Ann Yoennt, Stephen Johnson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mvtianghy, Neal McMeel4an, Daxid Maher, Bob Snyder, Lots Kenny, joyee Marshall, Loretta Turner, Linda Edntnnd, Kathryn Litton. CHEER- LEADERS FIRST ROW: G. Simkins, L. Smith, L. Hanson, W. Kirkland, M. Edmund, B. Reedy, R. Carlson, M, Norberg, SECOND ROW: Mr. McGaughy, R, Barman, S. Johnson, N. Mcrvleekan, D. Kellv, Bw. Lee. B. Snyder, D. Edmund. Patsy Molherg, Indy Litton, Linda Edtttnnd, Cartta Rhodenbattgh. FIRST ROW: Randy larson, Rohert Overstreet,'hard Lena, Richard Peterson, Gary Sintkins, Willis Kirkland. SECOND ROW: Bill Reedy, Carita Rltodetthatngh, Rosalie Huff, Mary .-'inn Nelson, Sandra Lindsey, Karen Noy, Janet Larson, Ronttte Httrtnan. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Shetler, Gloria Johnson, linrhara llannnerlttnd, Dorothy M.t?.er, liexerly Vanrtl, Mtlce Johnston, Ronnie Btttentan, Bolt Lee, Dale Edntttnd. Shel? Com WOODHULI Wonder what they're cooking up now? We wonder if Deanna, Maxine, Laura, and Senior athletes who were born one year Myra were actually as interested in the too soon to get to play basketball in Alwood Ace as they appear to be. Seniofla Sn Review lllnn Our senior yeor found us following the blueprints of countless other senior classes--sometimes working sometimes locxfing, but olmost olwoys enioying They're taken!! Judy N. and Janice ourselvess the new gym. McCurdy are especially interested in Beverly says, "My, this new dial "The American Home. " telephone makes all my telephoning , .f s,,s ,im , K V Wil .W -- f ,I f- M-sssiliifwtlfes e.'t4,.:s V '-W--at taught Leroy C. that his car, And in his quiet corner in , plus below zero temperatures, the cage, our coach 'lllls dee snow, didn't mix calml ' relaxes amidst his r' very well. many treasures, Compliments of ALPHA T.V. AND RADIO, Alpha so much simpler." S BUS DRIVERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Everett Ward, Al Mason, Asa McFarlin, Leonard Hazelrigg, Byron Weir, Fay Bell, John Buban, Bud Epperson, Harry Becker, Chic Anderson, Howard Like. Alvin Trigg Charles Memner if , ,Ja . . 'Nw Q Mx Penaonnel 4,125 X 1 n .1 ff, , , 1 gf 4 . , 1 ' . 'V aguvvv' 35" .4311 . ' COOKS: Mary Norberg, Beryl Perry, Liz Anderson. Compliments of Compliments of -N.. .,..- WOODHULL RECREATION LUALLEN MOTOR SALES Chic, Liz and Jack 34 Woodhull flctiuitiea 2 Building friendships that will last a lifetime AlWoodians and their parents, friends and alumni got together for an evening of fun in October to get the social season under way with the Homecoming Dance. We invite you to look us over as we participate in special interest groups which include homemaking, athletics, farming, government, journalism, music and teaching. fluat 'Jhe '3acta, Pleaae Publlshlng a paper gettung all ofthe news, meetrng cleacl llnes, lntervnewung people, runmng off pages upon pages on the mrmeograph machine, staplmg typing and retyplng sounds pretty much luke a drudgery To the staff members, thus gob means much more than samply extra work to do It IS learmng how to say the right thmg In the right way, learmng to work wrth people and learmng to get along wrth others WVK The ACE IS publlshed by the office PIHCIIPC class THE STAFF CONSISTS OF Edxtor Dorothy Setterdahl News Pat Lucas Jamce McCurdy Features Ardlth Elhott Carol Homer Soclety Carol Green A.rt Judy Taylor Sports Judy Kmgery Judy Taylor Advisor Mrs Swanson Compl :ments of Compl :ments of BARLOW S TOWN 8. COUNTRY MARKET BELL S DRIVE IN Woodhull Woodhull 36 I . . I . . . L AL I 4. 2 I ,M Wg! , - . : ' . 1 . , ' 9 . ' ' . 5 ' . : . 5 . ' , 3 ' , . . . . I I The Student Council IS a very active govern ment run somewhat on the basls of the government of our country The members of this organization set the pace for all the other students by discussing and acting on their problems and carrying out other prolects during the year Our Student Council has flfteen members, and lt meets regularly during the slldmg period, once every four weeks Being president of Student Council IS the hugh est honor that a student at AlWood can receive, and Bull Wmg, the one who was best qualified, was elected to thas offnce He IS ably assisted by Vlce President, Duane Bodeen and Secretary Treasurer, Carolyn Lltton One of our malor prolects for the year is Home comlng, which IS carried out In a bug way at AlWood Other prolects carried out by the Stu dent Councll are the presenting of four assembl programs, taking part In the football and basket II concessions, picking up lunk In the sprung, attend mg State and Dlstrlct Conventions, and the fall and spring meetmgs of the Cornbelt Conference, buymg refreshments for the students at Christmas and on the last day of school, exchanging assembl programs with other schools In the conference, parliamentary procedure class, Student Teacher Day, and Intramural sports between the classes With all the outstanding co operation by the student body, the Student Council at AlWood Hugh has completed another successful year Carolyn Lrtton Secretary Treasurer Bill Wlng President Duane Bodeen Vice President Bill Wing Richard Carlson Richard Horner Richard McDowell Louise Elliott Duane Bodeen Carolyn Litton Ruth Nelson Glenn Magnuson Dorothy Lambin Roger Shertard Jerry Gould Patsy Lucas John Krueger Qnot picturedj Kenneth Watters and Delmond Johnson Student flnchitecta y ellis 4 3 if 'gs 6 t3 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Gould, Dorothy larribiri, Glen Magnuson, Dororliy Serrerdalzl, Carole Diggs, Jerry Krueger, Ardirlr Elliorl Dale Sundberg, Janer Holmes, Gary Lee, Pat Nelson, Kenr Lindsey. -YN ot ,JP "U sag' V "r'f2'si.i -L Dorothy, Ardrrli, and Janet. Ulf: ll 94? Carole, Par, and Dorothy. Homecoming I 956 We won owl game We manched and cheened 'Jhen danced till midnight WU? 14 Cane of Spninqtime This three act comedy was presented by the Junior Class at Alpha, November 7, and at Woodhull, November 9. The play was directed by Miss Swanson. Special numbers were presented between acts. CAST: Bob Parker, who is continually being involved in unusual situations, Dale Walsten, Mr. Parker, Bob's father, Larry Plunkett, Mrs. Parker, Bob's mother, Barbara Elliott, Betty Parker, Bob's sister, Pat Nelson, Dickie Parker, Bob's kid brother, Duane Bodeen, Gwen Anderson, Dickie's "flame, " Nancy Bugos, Joan Abernaker, the principal's daughter, Donna Jo Nelson, Eddie Abernaker, Joan's brother, Ed Gullstrand, Louella, the Parkers' maid, Susan Bell, Mr. Abernaker, the high school principal, Delmond Johnson, Mrs. Brunswick, Mrs. James, and Mrs. Hill, members of the P.T.A., Helen Wright, Dorothy Lambin, and Judy Edmund, plain-clothes man, an officer of the law, Leonard Schnowski, and Miss Bright, lady from the zoo, Judy Ringberg Shu Ciuq Synopsis When Fred Hastings spends more money than his parents believe he is earning, when his friend Larry Madison attempts to get his chum out of hot water, and when an eccentric little lady of eighty decides to play football, any attempt at trying to preserve the sanity of other casual observers becomes futile. Fred's mother, Cora, is planning a birthday party for Fred's girl, Nancy, but when two strangers, beautifully feminine, appear, in the persons of Gloria Patterson and Lois Corwin, the plot thickens, indeed. Fred is doomed! His iob as model for Glamour Girl Cosmetics is about to be revealed: but leave everything to Larry, Larry insists. Gilbert Hastings, Fred's father, is furious when he learns of Fred's modeling iob. Nancy isn't sure how she feels about it. Julie 'l'ucker's chief concern is being able to keep the pup y Larry has bought for her on the installment plan. And that's when Mellinda Whipple, that wiry bundle of energy, eighty years strong, appears. The birthday party? lt turns out to be something slightly less than an open house affair, with a Mr. Danbury looking for local T.V. talent, Bill Sterling looking for his girl, and Melinda Whipple looking for enough space in which to make a touchdown in football. WOODHULL CAST Fres Hastings, Gary L.: Cora Hastings, Janet H.: Gilbert Hastings, Bill W.: Nancy Graham, Ardith E.: Larry Madison, Rich McD. : Julie Tucker, Judy K.: Gloria Patterson, Carol H.: Melinda Whipple, Jean H.: Lois Corwin, Judy N.: Mr. Danbury, Glenn W.: Bill Sterling, Larry K. lO in Alpha and April Senior class play presented on April of Barbara Swanson. I2 in Woodhull, under the direction f l ff 4 7 ALPHA CAST Fred Hastings, Jim A.: Cora Hastings, Carolyn L.: Gilbert Hastings, Ronnie H.: Nancy Graham, Dorothy S.: Larry Madison Roscoe L.: Julie Tucker, Shirley J.: Gloria Patterson, Carol G.: Melinda Whipple, Judy R.: Lois Corwin, Maxine C.: Mr, Danbury, Glen M.: Bill Sterling, Bud D. 'Jo Banbana: The senior class feels that this activity section of our book wouldn't be complete without some mention of our member in absentia, who had a leading part in our iunior play last year, and was a member of F.H.A., G.A.A., Pep Club and Honor Society. From your hospital room this year you have contrib- uted many things to your class--interest in our everyday affairs, a supurb example of courage and faith to inspire us, and your fine artistic and literary contributions to our school paper and to the F,H,A, for its spring rally programs. Compliments Of Compliments of ALPHA OIL CO. LYMAN GUSTUS Alpha 41 We fine 'Jhe Builclena 05 -Homea ,lplfldft St'l"'WT'9i :IifITTItl: f M QZQWQFE by 'Daft' FIRST ROW: S. Taylor, J. Kessinger, C. Diggs, M. Sherrard, K. Johnston, L. Anderson. SECOND ROW: K. Kingery, J. Holmes, A. Elliott, Miss Snapp, R. Nelson, C. Horner, P. Lucas, J. Nelson, C. Litton. THIRD ROW: L. Elliott, B. Murray, J. Kingery, J. Taylor, J. Rhodenbaugli, S. Lee, N. Mason, B. Edmund, B. Snyder, S. Bell, D. Nelson, B. Elliott. "We are willing to be helpers and to learn all we can," a part of the national song, clearly stands as a guiding light and an inspiration to the F.H.A. as it strives to uphold its motto, "Toward New Horizons." With this purpose stationary in the minds of the officers and members, the F. H.A. began another year with its formal initation and its part in the homecoming. The Christmas season was highlighted by a Christmas Party and the annual Christmas Dance. As spring rolled around, major events as the Mother and Daughter Tea and the Style Show were held. The spring and fall rallies, the family potluck and F. H.A. week were other important events of this year. Being good helpers and learning has helped the F.H,A. look "Toward New Horizons." 5 FIRST ROW: fx. Elliott, it Nelson, X C. llorner, ,l. RllOLlCllb3.l1?1ll. SECOND ROW: J. Kingery, .l. All Taylor, S. Bell, C. Litton '. I ,, Holmes, P. Lucas, J. Nelson. QM Q? Mrs Paul Nelson Chapter Mother The F H A and F F A Chrustmas dance the Mistletoe Ball was held December 15 nn the gym Musrc was rurn shed bythe Maple Cnty Colonels Dorothy Setterdahl was elected F F A Sweetheart and recerved an F F A locket Glenn Wmd was elected F H A Heart Throb and was presented with an apron The famaly potluck held January Z3 was a great success Most of the famrlres were represented and the teachers and thelr famllles were honored as our special guests After a dellclous supper a program was presented by Mr and Mrs Edward Swanson wno showed slldes of thelr western vacation Daddy Date Nlght February 13 was once agam a bug hut Dancing, games a program hugh llghted by the appearance of the Four Aces, spelled fun for thus annual event 1:-.Q..lEz X '3utune Slanmena , L A , , F, F,A, OFFICERS Don Dahlstrom , , . . , President Glenn Wind . . . TICRSUICI Bill Wing . . . . Vice-President Dale Walsten , , Reporter Glen Magnuson , . , , . , Secretary Richard Carlson , , Sentinel Richard Geiger ,.,.,. Advisor The AlWood Chapter of Future Farmers of America strives to develop leadership among its members so that our farmers of tomorrow will be more capable of carrying out their responsibilities. It provides services to the surrounding community such as clearing farms of scrap iron and old wire, removing disease carrying pigeons, and testing the local farmer's soil. The chapter yearly holds a Parent and Son Banquet when various awards, won by the members of the chapter, are presented. The chapter yearly sends delegates to the Illinois State F.F.A. convention, Spring- field, the National F .F.A. convention, Kansas City, the Intemational Livestock Show, Chicago, and Officers Training Camp, Camp Hauberg. The chapter's motto is "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve." AIWo0d Calf Club Q9 , Dewayne Magnuson State Farmer- Each year our chapter chooses a member who has been outstanding in his school work and farming program to apply for the degree of State Farmer. Dewa ne was chosen to be our candidate and re ceived his degree at the State Convention in Springfield last June. Dorothy Setterdahl The calf club's first year proved a great success in both production and earnings for its members. The calves in the club totaled 72 and were sold at an average of 529.50 per hundred pounds. A steer sold by Glen Magnuson topped the sale at S50 per hundred pounds. The combined intake of the sale totaled 522, l75.32 and the net profit was S6, l50. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Johnson, Gary Munson, Bob Sherrard, Glen Munson Bob Sherrard, Glen Magnuson, Nina Rhodenbaugh, Carita Rhodenbaugh, 5 fimenica Dave Roberts State Farmer- Our President in 1955-56 made State Farmer in 1955, was elected Sectional Vice President in 1955, and was elected to office of State Reporter in 1956. Dave will be a candidate for American Farmer in 1957. Chapter Sweetheart- To promote greater interest in F.F.A. activities, our chap- ter initiated a Chapter Sweetheart. Scholarship, leadership, interest in agriculture, and appearance were considered when choosing Dorothy Setterdahl as our first Chapter Sweetheart. The AlWood Chapter purchased an interest in the Cambridge Swine Improvement Association in the interest of production testing. The object of this station is to develop hogs with a greater acceptance to the public and more profit to the farmer. They check the loin eye, back fat, and feed conversion. Marvin Setterdahl was the first member to test at the station. The AlWood Cha ter of Future Fanners of America contains in P its membership: State Farmers- Dave Roberts Dewa yne Magnuson Chapter Farmers- Marvin Setterdahl Bill Wing Donald Dahlstrom Glen Magnuson Lawrence Ward Glenn Wind Allan Johnson Greenhand Farmers- Jim Bailey Richard Carlson Phillip Huff Gary Kness Gary Munson Don Litton Gene Barchuk Candidates for Greenhand Farmer's Degree- Rollin Swanson Harvey Carlson Steve Descamps Robert Litton Mike Lowery Richard McCurdv John Hougland Larry Plunkett John Pollock Loren Swihart Francis Stull Dale Walsten Richard Nystrom Roger Setterdahl Roger Sherrard Bernard Verscha Keith Walker Richard Maher James Nelson John Peterson Rollin Setterdahl Bill Stull Darwin Swanson Sponta-'Iteminine Stqle The Girl's Athletic Association is an organization that creates the feminine in- stinct to turn to the fun and exercise of sports. Some of the activities we have en- ioyed are swimming at the Y.W.C.A. in Rock Island, bowling, skating at the Grand Roller Rink at Galesburg, and we have had baseball and basketball tournaments here in our school. All of this has been inspired by our new advisor, Miss Swanson. As we look back on our G.A.A. year we see a very successful year enjoyed by every member. FIRST ROW: B. McCaw, P. Nelson, J. Sunkins, M. McDowell, D. Lanibin, H. Wright, C. Horner, P. Lucas, J. Holmes N. Bugas. SECOND ROW: T. Taylor, K. Murdock, H. Anderson, B. Murray, B. Snyder, L. Anderson, D. Nelson, C. Jordon, J. Kessinger, S. Reedy, A. Elliott, M. Smith, B. Jones, P. Flack, S. Jones. THIRD ROW: J. Nystrom, J. Edmund, C. Green, D. Settetdahl, J. Nelson, D. Vancil, S. Bell, K. Kingery, B. Elliott, S. Taylor, M. Sherrard, K. Richards, I. Vancil, J. McCurdy. FOURTH ROW: J. Ringberg, B. Edmund, M. Loveridge, N. Mason, K. Johnston, M. Carlson, S. Lee, C. Litton, L. Franks, J. Kingery, J. Taylor, C. Diggs, L. Elliott, Miss Swanson. OFFICERS C. Litton J. Holmes S. Bell D. Nelson B. Elliott H. Anderson Q4 v rm .L r 'W ,I D X Qanq Cheen-'gn Snag 'YagXom, Snag mimngemg, fxmaxmn Ymxomm, Donna 'iagXom, Xlag mhnmaock, Haan Pmnaaison, Bonnie Snag iasskngem, Sanama Xleeag , shamg XGmee,n, Oomomng Semmemaama, mhamg Enemmama, Nason, m Saxon, Xankce Smmnkans, Mamvna 'nkcOovl em, nam xaoXmnas, Nancg Bngos. ROW M101 'iwlna momng Lamnbnx, Xaemn vlmxgnm, CamoX Xomaon, N4 'iyX95'E'. Snag Ng stmomv, Snag Eamnnna, Camo Xiangemg , Bambama Yahovm, Snmane 'iagXom , nna, Baan 'mfkncgaxf-,e,, 'nagma Log emxage, Xaancg mx, Lanma Hanks, CamoXe Diggs, mpnkse, wi Ya em Sa YX Oo RO Xiamen X Eamfa bang 9-ON O . BC-Vnnke, McCa , S-mason, Yamsg Lncas, CamoX Xaomn , Mnmmag , 'aambama Sngaem, Lagona fxnaemso , Rn, Bambama Xones, Qamsg Hack, Snxmwg Sonas, Oomomng Xl anon, Snsan Bah, Xlnth Season, Kxss Snann, RON ?OX3iL1Snag iimngbemg, Beg am g son, Snnama mee, CamoXgn Muon, Snag Qlooaen Cniag . Smm Snag Season, Xmnogene X1 ancXX, M Xlag Sonnsmon, Nauaxne CamX Xiamen Xlmcnamas, Xaxnce Nc Ehkomm, O REICER5 Nelson ' Dorothy La mb- m' MYTa A ch P ee C Wmflrigm sung Th LUB . Uff ' ' cf: 'UST I-EZ?-Ing, scho 5 Who? 1-he . ol would Y Ure not Se em No O bo ' no Sket ck OH bg o e t Wh games pr ur tea O yi whoa Ogrom mS GS I Thisteomsl d know S Gt Ourlall . We rEePPy'gmeS GH 'he Ome O ' ' Ilze 1- Libr I other h.s ears iusf C gk Gnd Gy' ever ' Y do Y. I Love ' H rldge Omer, SHDOIOU1 lfley Joy Setterd nes ahl . , Caro 1 ff? In ETHE' ' , 'J' YE 4 Wi? Nf' NWS Qq' Q- - 9 it-'0 ., J Qogoe ,f A ,ikg iw!! Sw L05 Harry" wmsree s 11.-.. THSHLLY CHEERN5 f F091 'TUE me races u! Viise ., 4'-, rx V BRE! .QR , ' I 4 Y,,v'1v,k, . f fi' I X WTA? 0 Qfo HQNE WE UAYLL Go! N W EEK BOYS OUARTET. Delmond Johnson Dale Walsten Allan Johnson Duane Bodeen BOYS QUARTETg Gary Kness Jack Zuidema Glenn Kapple Larry Loveridge 1 59366 E QU Pxliieefl axswffg an xi OWL on Daevi 5953 H9560 ED O owls 'ode ' onus' TRIO: wi was x,w0Bw?,0S' elm 9 cy Nancy Mason Dohnsoll' gall Karen Richards SYA9?Db?5?v' Kay Johnston Kay Murdock, Myra Loveridge, Ardith Elliott, Sandra Lee, DIRECTOR: Estelle Miller Compl imenfs of DR. H.N. PICARD BOYS' DOUBLE QUARTET: Barry Mcviettyl, Jack Lambin, Charles Lenz, Roger Setterda 1, Dale Sundberg, Larry Plunkett Ed Gullstrand, Phil Huff, Alpha QW sffaze A y V Q N. Aiiikwl' iQQiy.kI,m'hE ' ff,wLw,uax' ww ' ' ' ,L ' L, may i ig " igm-lg' ,' : '.,. V Q .Wm-ww will Wiwgmwummsi gg ff .mgmf QQ' 'fwgy "mE,i4.,.',,'- ll ff we f. hmmm 'ibut ' :uma gnu A- 4 f f'?u: .K 21" ' v K h " 1 -V K" A " Q35 ' ' , ' K f , ' ' Q' si , , f N r- f i ff? gm, w wx Mr x - - - x - , ' ii ' , . . v will - M ' ii, ' ' . . , A . . l V' I 1 . 1 ' f 1 ' sz f 1f5m -f ' n . my In ai iii duh 1 f 'H' I Z A ' ag .N' W, FI! . . , . , v 1 . .5 Et -A -I 5' ,, 'f ' L ! U at ,hixmr 47V Q Rn! .K N f." ' 1' "Ffa ' -9 .Q Q gk iw A ,fa 5 +V ' ".f X A A fl ff I-46 f' -'N ,!'1X f MX. 'f 'ffHf gq ' " Q K' l.-XX! ..Xjf.' ,. 1? 152' ff' ,ig-,px 'ffgwigw ,,, 1 - X59 xg , L2 xv I i'f Sf I u - , x is I .f K 9 4 J fi ' o 9 4 , 'E I, 5 f'fjf"X f Nay Uxx X X 2 1 a 4-P .2 M in V an W J. W K 4 i x' E 'Q' Af' , A bf - W fi 75 , nf E I N 3 Yf X , gf . .5 . U Af 1 Q K IQ ,,,,M.,M ,-. x 1 'QW '5 ,,7 ,fx ,Q ,V Sk. W: ',4 , 9 1 1 ws, . f' .fl R 3 ' Q" ., 14" A5 yi I K X 1 ig W' y G 3 7 ,A 4 X1 3 ,K we ,Q W1 ew 2 ,Y Q K .L w WF 5512: ff .T ff 1 fuk . Y 1 Z 1 4' ff!- ' ' f M4 an Z ' M M 7 2 wr :Q 2322 igiidiiiiiiiieaae s a:gf2:i "1 L Q Q2 Wifi 12,61 , hi? Y I, f vwgii 2 iz" 2- 25 w..M... gf -gvvf' S! 4-Vu. ,..- - Q Q H 'W -1 -2 ., ,sq , 1 I' WU 7,3 ' Lam QAL A . ' 4 1 k ' ' ' 1 . K 1 si ' jssx X 5 U 4 my fn mg . ff F -I 'qi V- .X ,1, FT - - -eQx,- A-n , f " ' ,9 "--n-n- ' if " 1 'S' ! 5 wood Free Thro Artists Trip Aledo lpn over ple-rods., .............. rion, while Alwood, traili-H of The season. clo: with a 75-35 shellackii rard. on's setback, coupler ' bombardment of Sk ked the Chargers from - s first place into a fir: ith Alwood: each squa even wins against a lr Sw vlecords, G0 Cambridge. one of the league's test teams, moved into a sec- -place tie with Orion i- Al Wood ops Aledv 65-60 T'tle Game at heffard Face Rocks At Moline BY DICK LOVELACE SHERRARD - Uncanny Zcuracy from the free throw paid big dividends for Al Aces here last night as the'f decision over Aledo gave th. Sherrard Regional title. Tha :them in the Moline Sectional. A I gm HW., Jw., 'loose with Three touchdown runslthey-re scheduled to meet Rc , ......t mtv Liles ame tied for the lead with 8-11 both easy ther 8 2 record 1 ollonl s.r"s9.' 7- dzpii A a,- 61' econds rema my points in the X , 6 action ' ent Lindsey one of the R rl Tn 6 bca n 113C four suc ses to enable de cambridge to erase its lt and pull ahead on Bill Wer fson s game winning bucket s brace of charity tosses on picked 2 Stftflg 5 to 4 0 N0 In 3 net Orion 5ll0C at the basket ces o missed a free throw as ' reigned supren A ons Re d S A Q5 W 00 all scol baskets out of a attempts plus fne free s for 23 pomts Gustafson again led his sonar' s whit ees T Fug WW in else ith S The two wins hike the Ace winning string which started l with the last game of 1954 I to ll straight. They were 8-0 last year. Gene Behnke, a builder of some rugged teams at Glad- stone-Oquawka before moving over to Alllood a couple of xealq back said before the for two games, one a 52-yard punt return against Winola. Jerry Krueger, veteran quarterback, has booted 10 out of 10 extra points, passed to two touchdowns and smash- ed for one himself ln leading the Ace offense which may be the best ln western Illinois lland next Thursday night. Twenty-seven of 30 attempts the charity line, includir straight, enabled the Aces tr lout an Aledo margin in H lscored and hi-lighted the th lo the season by Alwood o' ll ly l.. this fall l season opened that lt would be up to an inexperienced line as to hon f 1 the Aces nould Q los a n lTl0l'6 OVER' s romp Spontacope During i956 57 athletic season Alwood compiled a very respectable standnng in its conference Losing only one game in football, AlWood took second in the Corn belt race The basketball team finishing third in the league and established a 24 7 won lost record for the season, while taking both the Aledo Invitational ancl Regional Tourney championships The sophs took first place an the Cornbelt in both basketball and football and helped the varsity conslder ably in the season s final big games The fans deserve a lot of credit for making this a victorious season, and we look to them in the future or loyal support Jim Anderson Roscoe Lowery Sports Editors added to its lead ln the tomg -,,,g--n,--,fee--m.-,-- sion outscorlng the game against Atkinson a game 1411 and entered the which should see the Ar- e Kent Lindsey a newcom er has scored three touch 5 downs to tie Lee for top indl aor Ito ba successive free tus tLmdsey and a chncher by wrapped up the verdict an eglonal trophy for the playe Behnke Al ed to take a lU00d T lklngs T p 0 Olds hat w mlenslve rebounding Dy p he number of fouls on thi y hen of both teams had re le dangerous lei el so the tall l'ayed'l'arther out thar usua In the second half the E omlnated the rebounding along with Kent Llndse 'lid a fine J Aces F1 To Sfpeililr In Str ship this down Alexis Litu A second straight vear that has placed second in this tt Jerry Gould led the w with 19 points and Kent L do BELL-15" 1 a ln the l00P 1 ' 'V points while Jon gas with 3 0 league records I '1 s mee double fl f f gUI'9S A a more lm ss 0 s attack as Al 0 1ree throws n -l 3 first place D9f0le 1 :lace with Orion lp .aa Bob Lee topped demon Over Wmola on 11 buckets and Lindsay added pi ngured as the conference runner 19 points more Jerry Gould had WK e Aces as Lee scored 22 porn 5 1 2 WNQZOH 4 5 up in preseason ratings Thus img good mgh as he allled 14 Alwoods Aces exploded in the Wgod last two quarters of play to white i C C68 was Sherrard 340 after leading op E08 on 7 to 0 at the end of the firstfft .y Win ha lg Reynolds picked up its third wml' if',,,,.rSq,, rl al cl of the campaign by swampmg win 1 Tnlels M Q .mln less Atkinson 28 0 Next week will ' u mu n is make or break the Rockets hopes t""l" of a title as they square off Alwood continued to rollt ,, I f' 'ol i . .C ir' ' , ter- Q . ' 7 an 5 -1 B , Q, . ' ' ' V 1 S Tl .-- .Il ....... 'Mm - 4 .. on nn fan? nf- .rl il b t ' A i ,I V , l o to ad r- 2 ' ' - I V' I.- . -no V-1.6 I i I -lor e . . . 0 . . . 0 0 ' V , ' - ' I O I 0 I Q ...u . lex , v ... ' ' - - ' 1-Q ' an in... , 0. 0 v V 1 , t . . . . ,I V 9 L C , . . . , ' . -l, 7 ' ":' . . . D-l I ' f 1 . " . , . . Qt . . - , -D - P - Al - . . . F f , A - t , . o o O ' 1 , lnter- Al . -llast night, Aledo. :This W. 8- with .3 52-43 adlqll' their cf,-:,., . -Mau-Iscored 18. Fm: Aledq' Guy .' , - h ' ,,-A fm, ,H m. ' ' ' . 1 - - 14 K Q Y ,V I i 7 , h , ' ' l -I. A 'I ""' ' . ' ly ' . "- - 'K' I . , lf, M I ' . . T ,ff U ' ' -'.I'g I 1911-1... W .ll t . - . X "" ' 1 : Q - 'l I ' ' ' . his -sv 'gil - - ' t n 1 ' , ' ,, , li. .V ,M LA... ,.',-,, .. 1 l ' ' fi . 1 ....- Ms.-- ', ,,,, nent. """"' ' fl - 1 A 1 I l I I I I J l 1 1 .nn Goofball Jn Review ,WP Q -1 5. 43g- 5J,4U,,e, 4:2-5.35 52 sn 'REB E 2 FIRST ROW: Manager Ronnie Hayden, Richard Carlson, Dale Sundberg, Gary Kness, Allan Johnson, Perry Ossian, Delmond Johnson, Coach Gene Behnke, Cletus Johnson, John Hougland, Roger Sherrard, Tom Page, Philip Huff, Manager Bill Wing. SECOND ROW: Keith Walker, Jerry Mason, Ed Gullstrand, Glenn Magnuson, Glenn Wind, Roscoe Lowery, Jerry Gould, LeRoy Cathcart, Bud Doxsee, Jerry Krueger, Gary Lee, Larry Hammerlund, Richard McDowell, David Browning. THIRD ROW. Charles Lenz, Richard Mason, Loren Swihart Larry Taylor, Larry Bolin, Kent Lindsey, Jim Anderson, Ronnie Lucas, Don McDowell, John Krueger, Jerry McDowell, Jack Lambin, SCHEDULE AND SCORES September 14 21 28 October 5 I2 19 26 November 2 'Non-conference Glenn Wind Gary Lee Rich McDowell L. Taylor Roscoe Lowery Jerry Krueger Loren Swihart Philip Huff Jerry McDowell John Krueger Allan Johnson Jerry Gould Kent Lindsey Jim Anderson Cletus Johnson Prophetstown H' Winola T Atkinson H Sherrard T Reynolds T Joy H Orion H Cambridge T Rush- Car- ing ries 879 118 722 rszf 2:25 56 61 11 51 lu 26 29 11 4 IO 5 H 2 -3 3 Av. Yds Per Try 7. 6 8,2 5.1 0.5 51 0.9 2.7 2 4 -1 CORNBELT CONFERENCE STANDINGS AlWood Opp. Team 42 O Reynolds 28 O AlWood 66 O Cambridge 34 O Winola 19 25 Orion 33 13 Joy 51 O Sherrard 212 6 Atkinson FOOTBALL STATISTICS Yds. Adv. Punts! Passes Passes Pass Passes After Yds.! Att, Comp. Yds. Caught Caught Av, 2 15 8f317f 39.6 4f103f 25. 7 4 10 60 29 321 4 O 8 1 30 16 168 7 45 Punt ret Yds. I Av, 1Of238f 23.8 lfiufio 1f2!2 4f1Tf4.2 W L Tied Pct. 6 O 1 .928 6 1 O .2557 5 2 O , 714 4 2 1 .642 2 5 O .286 2 5 O .286 2 5 O .286 O 7 O .OOO Kickoff .X Kickoffsf ret, f TD'Sf Yds.f Yds.f Ex. pt. f Av. Av. Total ts. 3f34f1l,3 11f0f?56 12fOf84 1f25f25 3fOf15 Bfofld 1f7f7 -UUX24 4512081 4f45f11,2 3f28f46 46. 3 2f76f38 2f3Of15 2fOf12 4f1f25 l!8!8 4f125f31 I EW Bud Doxsee LeRoy Cathcart Right Tackle Right Guard Jerry Mason Don McDowell Left Guard Right Tackle s-L ,J Allan Johnson Delmond Johnson Quarterback Right Tackle I II' 1 s I 1 I Loren Swihart Left Halfback Dale Sundbe rg Left Guard Richard McDowell Roscoe Lowery Left Halfback '9 1, M11-J W. f 5. ,if rs B 4, L fn Kenny Watters Center Left End Cletus Johnson Left Guard Larry Bolin left End Kent Lindsey Left End ,mi Qu Dave Browning Richard Mason Left Halfback gli! E-Vi ' Hur! fa MCR Lambiu John Krueger Charles Lenz Center -,luarterhack left End Right Tackle flcea Wene 'Iouc will 83' ' Jerry Krueger Quarterback Co- Captain Tom Page Fullback li ,ff 'iw if -1 Ierry Mc Dowell Left Halfback arzff Roger She rrard Right End opa .gn owna if EZ- hull Jim Anderson Right End Jerry Gould Right End Larry Hammerlund Center Keith Walker Right Guard Phil Huff Fullback Glenn Wind Fullback Glenn Magnuson Right Tackle Co-Captain 'T John Hougland Right Tackle r-Qffi Gary Lee Right Halfback Ronny Lucas Left Tackle Ed Gullstrand Left Tackle Perry Ossian Larry Taylor Right Halfback Right Halfback -i..i Y- , u si ,. f,, - Au 3' li L Y' ', Richard Carlson Gary Kness Right Tackle Left Guard 'E gf? Q 1 '33 v. fi ,if x iiiv",v 1 .E Jiffy' AX ii"g ,L 1 5 A Aw 9 3219, 1' 5 ,4 7 qs A rig' 04.6 X ' 5 X ,Q A - ,Q -Q, I 4 K ,N X ., P' ' ,L PLWUU0 A '+f2'.'as. I of Kuna! ROW ONE Tom Gould Glenn Wind Dale Walsten Kenneth Watters, Larry Taylor, Loren Swihart, ROW TWO: Jerry Gould Gary Lee Kent Lindsey Jim Xnderson Jerry Krueger Roscoe Lowery, Coach Behnke, J U N I ,wana 917000 93000 R V A R S I T Y U40 .P 4 00 ROW ONE: Roger Setterdahl, Jack Lambin, Bob Scott, Don Johnson, Jim Bailey, Dave Johnson, ROW TWO: David Browning, Roger Sherrard, John Krueger, Dean Hanson, Phil Huff, Perry Ossian, Coach Behnke. ll x.-WY300 J 3 xl-w00o 13 L X310 Tom Gould Jerry Krueger kenneth XVSIICIB Ju mdcrbou Jerry Gould Dale Walsten Larry Taylor Glenn Wmd Roscoe Lowery Gary Lee Kem Lmdsey Loren Swrhart Baalzetball Statiatica Dan Hegwood, Assistant Coach Think we'1l wim? We'l1 try! We did' I 1956-57 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1956-57 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL AlWood 70 Williomsfield 52 AlWood 69 Williamsfield AI Wood 68 Knoxville 70 AI Wood 53 Knoxville AlWood 67 R. O. V.A. 69 AlWood 48 R. O. V.A. AI Wood 76 AI edo 61 Al Wood 55 AI edo 'AI Wood 47 Sherra rd 25 'Al Wood 68 Sherra rd 'AI Wood 87 Reynolds 54 'AI Wood 49 Reynolds 'Al Wood 76 Joy 67 'AI Wood 64 Joy 'AI Wood 89 Wi nolo 61 'AI Wood 66 Wi nola 'AI Wood 63 Orion 67 'AI Wood 59 Orion "AI Wood 79 Cam bridge 69 "Al Wood 59 Cam bridge "AlWood 80 Atkinson 65 fAIWood 62 Atkinson AlWood 65 Galvc 57 AlWood 40 Galva 'AI Wood 76 Sherra rd 35 "'Al Wood 57 Sherra rd "AlWood 95 Orion 71 'AlWood 75 Orion "AlWood 70 Cambridge 84 "'AlWood 47 Cambridge 'AI Wood 75 Reynolds 68 'AI Wood 66 Reynolds 'AI Wood 78 Jo 68 'AI Wood 65 Jo "AlWood 88 Atkinson 66 "AlWood 81 Atkinson 'AlWood 55 Winolo 75 'AlWood 78 Winola AI Wood 73 Knoxville 70 Al Wood 65 Knoxville CORN BELT CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT ALEDO INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT AI Wood 77 Winol c 46 AI Wood 79 GI adstone-Oquawka AlWood 57 Cambridge 62 AlWood 94 Reynolds AlWood 60 Joy 49 AlWood 53 Aledo IThird Placel AlWood 73 Little York IFirst Placel REGIONAL TOURNAMENT SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AlWood 78 Alexis 48 AlWood 51 Rock Island AlWood 69 Little York 62 Al Wood 65 AI edo 60 fFirst Placel VARSITY BASKETBALL INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Player SA SM SHOOTING7: FTA FTM FT7: Lee 477 186 397: 126 65.877: J. Gould 410 165 40.27: 149 61 .27: Lindsey 430 199 46 . 287: 174 66. 67: Anderson 274 105 38.327 123 61 .87: T. Gould 218 72 337: 69 78.267 J. Krueger 121 41 347: 45 82.227: Wind 81 32 39.57: 34 35.37: Sherrard 64 23 367: 47 667: 'Denotes Conference Games 64 Claaa Wall We the members of the class of 1957 bem of sound mrnd and body do hereb make and declare thrs to be our last w1ll and testament to be read on the eleventh ay of May one thousand nxne hun red and frfty seven Jrm Anderson w1ll my undyrng sense of humor to Dale Walsten who already had thrs Harold Barton w1ll my shy quret ways to Garry Peterson and Barry McV1etty Maxme Carlson w1ll my pepsodent smrle to Joyce Nystrom Leroy Cathcart w1ll my smash can to John Hougland 1l'l hopes that rt runs for hrm Don Dahlstrom w1ll my swoony EIVIS Presley ways to Kent Lmdsey provrdmg he s k1nd to my hound dog Bud Doxsee w1ll my curly harr and my Vaflety of shuts to Leonard Schnowske Beverly Edmund w1ll my ab1l1ty to attend all school affau-s to Kay Murdock to keep Alwood boomm Y Ardrth Ellxott w1ll my cheerleadrng abrlxty to Donna Nelson and Dorothy Lambm so they can lead the Aces t vlctory 1n 58 Laura Franks w1ll my baseball ab1l1ty to Pat Nelson so she ll be the frrst woman to play rn the World Serres Carol Green w1ll my long pretty harr to Dorothy Vancrl Ronnre Hayden w1ll my abrlrty to get my book reports rn on trme to Bob Neer and Tom Page Janet Holmes w1ll my abxlrty to wear a sxze 13 class rmg to any Junror gxrl who wants one Carol Horner w1ll my talkatrve ways to Tw1la Taylor Jean Hughes wrll m w1t and scholastlc ab1l1ty to Helen Anderson to lead the Jun1ors to further herghts Barbara Johnson wll my never fallxng coura e to the whole Jumor Class Shrrley Jones w1ll my love for a town 12 m1 es north of Alpha to Martha McDowell who also l1kes out of town boys Denme Jordan w1ll my black halr and dark complex lon to Loren Swlhart Glenn Kapple w1ll my love for out of town gtrls to Ed Gullstrand Judy Kmgery will my ab1l1t as a soda jerk to Shulene Ta lor who IS already learnrng the trade Jerry Krueger w1ll m love or Englxsh class to Francrs Stu 1 Deanna Lambert wrl my frlendly manner to Barbara Ellrott who already has xt Gary Lee w1ll my energetxc ways to Leroy Luallen Carolyn L1tton w1ll my vo1ce rn the pep sectron to Susan Bell to cheer the Aces onward Myra Loverxdge w1ll my ab1l1t to rod our Chevrolet to my brother larry Roscoe Lowery w1ll my love or a Wrnola glrl to Allan Johnson On second thought I thmk I ll keep II Patsy Lucas w1ll my bxg brown eyes and freckles to Duane Bodeen Ronme Lucas w1ll m love for readrng encyclopedlas to Rlchard McCurdy Don McDowell w1ll my sc1ent1f1c mmd to Rrchard Horner m hopes he 11 keep up my good record Rlchard McDowell wrll my famous speed to Leroy Johnson Glen Magnuson w1ll m wrsdom to Delmond Johnson and Dean Morland Jerry Mason w1ll my p ace on the honor roll to Cletus Johnson Jud Nelson w1ll my abrlrty to catch a man to Nancy Bugos Rut Nelson wall my desxre to be a nurse to Laura Brrnker Judy Rhodenbaugh wxll my band umform to Gary Halsted rn hopes that ll frts Doroth Setterdahl w1ll my abrlxty to get along Wlth everyone to Larry Plunkett Rrchar Strandberg w1ll my herght to Larry Bohn Imogene Vancrl wxll my Job as a WBIUCSS to Helen Wrrght Monte Voss w1ll my chatterxng manner to Larry Hammerlund and Gary Wrng Laurence Ward w1ll my love for ag class to Terry Swanson and Dale Caulkms rn hopes they ll make future farmers Ken Watters w1ll my good looks and brams to Larry Taylor Glenn Wrnd w1ll my ab1l1ty to keep trarnrng rules to Tom and Jerry Gould B111 Wrng w1ll my 0ff1C6 1n student councrl to Judy Edmund Jack Zu1dema w1ll my crazy horn to Karleen Larson Larry Kerrlck w1ll my lev1s cowboy boots and Texas drawl to John Pollock To our farthful teachers we w1ll MISS Swanson our dlrty P E clothes and unlearned basketball rules Mrs McGaughy our weekly speeches and the beloved Macbeth Coach Behnke all the broken trammg rules and ourselves Amerrcan problems Mr Brownmg all the broken test tubes and our constant grumblmg Mlss Snapp our mcredlble houses burned food and clothes that never f1t Mrs Swanson all of our typrng errors practrce sets and the last mmute annual deadlrnes we managed to meet Halnlme all the mrsplaced screwdrlvers wrenches hammers etc Gelger our quret trrps to Kansas Clty Metzger our class meetm s Rlggle our sour notes and ost musrc Mrs Mrller the holes from all the doughnuts we enjoyed ln 56 and 57 ln WIUICSS thereof we the sard class of 57 have hereto subscrrbed and affrxed our seal on thls eleventh day of May one thousand nrne hundred and frfty seven A D Srgned Class of 57 Wltnesses Mr Magoo Elvrs Presley Junror Brrdsmen MICKEY Mouse Club Members Compl imnets of Compliments of HUGHES BEAUTY SHOP ACE'S BARBER SHOP Al phq 66 W00dJ'1UH O I, , ' , ' ' . I, ' , ' ' . l, , ' " " ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' ' . I, , , . . . - .b I' , . , . . .. . I 0 . 1. . ' " . ' ' ' ' ' - I. . ' . ' '- Il . , . V .. . . l I, l . . ,... . . I. , . Y . . . I, ' . . . .. . . u I' , - .. lg . i 1' . y . . . - - l I. ' . ' ' ' ' - I, , ' - - ' . I' . I . . . . . . . . 1, , ' ly l ' - F. I. . ' ' ' '- I, . ' ' . If . I . . . . . I' . . .. I . I. . ' ' . I' . ' . . . . . I, Janice McCurdy, willymy diamond loops! one just like ity to Judy Ringberg. L ' . . .. . . . , u 1. ' . ' ' . I. . ' " ' " . 1, . - Y . I, ' . .. u L l . . . . . I I, y . .. . . 1' ., . . . . i l, . , ' " ' " ' , I, 1 . V . . , 0 I. . ' ' . I, . , . . . . . D I, ' ' , ' ' ' ' . T0 ' . ' . . . To , , , To I . . . I , D To , ' , ' . T0 ' . ' ' . . '. To . . ' , ' . - ' ' , T0 Mr. ' ' , ' ' . . . . To Mr. . ' . . . l T0 Mr. , ' . To Mr. ' , J ' , To . ' , ' ' ' ' , Claaa Puophecq CLASS OF 57 HOLDS REUNION AT HAVEN CLUB A reun1on of the class of 1957 was held recently at the exclusrve Haven Nrght Club Rrchard Strandberg the owner was host to the entrre class and your rovrng socrety reporter for the Da1ly Mrrror Carolyn Lrtton, was there enjoymg the event As I entered I ran rnto Glenn Magnuson who was wearrng hrs medal of frrst place wrnner rn a recent hog callrng champronshrp rn Crrpple Creak Mrssourr He gave me a sample of hrs prrze wrnnrng call to my delrght I decrded to look around for a whrle and rn dorng so I passed by the krtchen I took a qurck glance rnsrde and saw Leroy Cathcart and Bud Doxsee whrpprng up the delrcrous food for the event They told me that they now own half rnterest rn a pizza factory and are dorng a booming busrness whrle walkrng rnto the drmng room I met M.r and Mrs Glen Wrnd Glen rs a professronal stock car drrver and has never lost a race Mrs Wrnd the fonner Janet Holmes works at the track as head mechanrc The head walter Glenn Kapple showed me to a table at whrch Larry Kerrrck and B111 Wrng were srttrng Larry rs one of the promrnent frgures rn the Texas orl rndustry B111 rs hrs banker and also rs presrdent of the bulgrest bank rn Texas Dune Land Musrc provrded by Jack Zurdema s band, was enjoyed before drnner Jack has made several recordrngs whrch are popular throughout the natron I chatted wrth Kenny Watters whrle I enJoyed drnner Kenny runs the New York Water Works, Commonly known as Watter s Water Works Jerry Mason Rrchard McDowell and Lawrence Ward sat at a prrvate table Jerry Dean of Harvard College Rrchard a noted bram surgeon and Lawrence a profrcrent stock broker were drscussrng therr mterestmg professrons I heard a resoundmg commotron and looked around to see Donald Dahlstrom rn the mrddle of a crowd He was cam pargmng for re electron to Congress where he holds the record of erghty two hours of frlrbustermg In the crowd I notrced Ardrth Ellrott and Judy Krngery who head a charn of beauty salons across the natron and manu facture the latest styles rn toupees and wrgs Laura Franks was vrsrtrng wrth them about her new brand of square frankfurters made by her company Franks furters Incorporated Someone tapped me on the shoulder I turned to see rt was Shrrley Jones and Jean Hughes They are both recent wrn ners of a televrsron Qurz Show called The Unlucky Guess Therr subject was the habrts of the Amerrcan ant I had hardly found out whrch ant was of the smartest varrety when I saw Judy Rhodenbaugh and Dorothy Setterdahl who rarse kangaroos rn Australra enter They hada pet kangaroo wrth them on a charn whrch pulled them around rather than they leadmg rt around I saw a good lookrng very drgnrfred man dressed rn a tuxedo and when I came closer I found rt was Jrm Anderson He told me that he rs Dean of an all grrl college and that the age lrmrt was erghteen to twenty one He seemed to be good health and happy wrth hrs Job Jerry Kruger came by and I found he was coachrng the basketball team at the college where Irm rs Nearby sat Monte Voss and Dennre Jordon who were talkrng over therr sales productron for the last month They own the largest Cadrllac dealershrp rn the country Ronnre Lucas and Harold Barton stopped me just as I was gorng rnto the ballroom for the entertarnment Ronnre and Harold have Just came back from therr latest trrp to Afrrca The program began wrth a barrtone solo by Ronald Hayden currently wrth the Metropolrtan Opera Company Carol Horner and Carol Green sang therr latest hrt recordrng Who put the overalls rn Mrs Murphy s chowder whrch has just passed the mrllron mark rn sales Beverly Edmund went through her Jugglmg act for whrch she rs rntematronally famous throughout the world Deanna Lambert and Patrrcra Lucas presented therr trarned seal act whrch recently was on the televrsron show rg T0 The entertarnment ended wrth an oratron by Roscoe Lowery on the dangers of rcebergs rn the Artrc Sea Roscoe rs a Rear Admiral rn charge of Polar exploratrons rn the Artrc Sea for the Unrted States Navy I chatted wrth Janrce McCurdy Judy Nelson and Imogene Vancrl who are happrly marrred All they talked about was therr darlrng chrldren and therr husbands Gary Lee approached me rn the lobby and told me how he had broken the world s record rn the decathlon rn the Olymprcs recently held rn Moscow Russra Myra Loverldge and Ruth Nelson also stopped to Chai They Just sold therr patented left handed can opener for over one mrllron dollars Barbara Johnson and Maxrne Carlson stopped me and chatted about therr new resort rn Hawau They now have frfty seven resorts scattered throughout the world lust as l was leavrng I was Jorned by Donald McDowell who owns a taxr company Thrs company rs the only company wrth Cadrllac convertrbles exclusrvely rn the fleet So ended a very enyoyable evenrng Compl rments of Compliments of BERGSTROM SEED 81 FEED CO MCKEE DINER Woodhul I 67 Alphu ' . I . ' 1 1 , Y , . . . I . . . , - . . . . , ' . .. . . - . . . . , - . . . ' . . . . . . , , D ' . u - I 1 1 1 1 0 , . 1 1 I 1 ' - 1 1 . 1 . I I . . ' . . . . . . . , .. 1 1 . . , . . . , . I . . . . - . . . . -. ' 1 ' . - - - n - 1 1. . 1 . g . . . . . . . I ,,B. P..- 1 1 ' a - . . . 1 . 'lootatepa 'Round 'Jhe Click X I X 'Jhanka Thanks are in order for the many people who have made this year- book possible. The businessmen of the Community District 0225 have, by their contributions, aided us financially in constructing this story of the school year i956-57. It has been an eventful year and we have endeavored to preserve parts of it in our Album. Again, we have had to rely on the cooperation of all junior and senior high faculty mem- bers, students, board members, and administration. Our photographer, Mr. Lenox, has contributed most of the pic- tures, and has made a special effort to help us meet every deadline on time., THE CLASS OF 1957 68 RJLJ 7 4 ngxiffifv f r 1 -, , , I fx 1 G, Rememben when About 600 AlWood fans followed the team to the Wharton Fieldhouse In Moline to see them play Rock Island ln the sectional tournament AlWood won second rn the Cornbelt Conference Track Meet at Cambridge Although the track season comes too late In the year to be Included In the regular yearbook these track action shots were all snapped at that Cambridge meet Commencement - l 957 James Anderson Harold Barton Maxine Carlson Leroy Cathcart Donald Dahlstrom Wlllls Doxsee Beverly Edmund Ardlth Elliott Laura Franks Carol Green Ronald Hayden Janet Holmes Carol Horner Jean l"ughes Barbara Johnson Shirley Jones Dennle Jordan Glenn Kapple Larry Kerrick Judy Kingery Jerry Krueger Deanna Lambert .4 if if rv-Y F ,Q CLASS MOTTO Building for Tomorrow CLASS COLORS Aqua and Silver FLOWER Pink Rose 70 Gary Lee Carolyn Litton Myra Loverldge Roscoe Lowery Patrlcla Lucas Ronald Lucas Janice McCurdy Donald McDowell Richard McDowell Glen Magnuson Jerry Mason Judith Nelson Ruth Nelson Judith Rhodenbaugh Dorothy Setterdahl Richard Strandberg lmogene Vancll Laurence Ward Kenneth Watters Glenn Wind William Wing Jack Zuidema Janice McCurdy, class president, presents to Mr. Metzger the class gift to the school. The gift was a group of spring- flowering trees to be planted on the new high school lawn in memory of Barbara Johnson. Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi, Chairman of Department of Economics at Bradley University, speaks on "Shall We Survive. " Shirley Jones and Myra Loveridge receive their awards as valedictorian and salutatorian of the i957 graduating class. ,H , - ,ff H, .. , 1 V , -15,0 x - 5 4 I ' v u ' V Q., ' ,. , I .. . Y JAP f-rf 71 Carolyn Litton and Glenn Wind receive their American Legion Good Citizenship Awards from Clyde Peterson. Rhapaodq Jn Blue The seniors and faculty were entertained by the juniors at the annual junior-senior prom on 'fl ll . May TO. ll X Senior Belles The dinner hour ' ii li ' n:-""""',f-'--f"""n-Q Don, Sandra, John, Cletus Barbara Swihart and Bonita Snapp Semen 'Jfup The seniors enioyed two days in Chicago on May 24 and 25. Ardith and Judy K. braved the terrors of the parachute drop. Ready to go home? Almost! Qt--. Weary travelers Compliments of WOODH ULL CO-OP Nothing to do at Riverview? How do we get out of here?'? GRAIN COMPANY Woodhull 2 S iv V W . 4M Mfiaaifii Mm Wan'-'Tk . iw' L W' W All A 5 l fm 1 mi , , l Q Q0 W rv .g,3,g!I'W,z ,Q QB COMMENCEMENT-1956 John Baird Raymond Brown Leone Charlson Keith Erlandson Bill Evrard Gary Frenell Lucille Granger Sandra Johnson Barbara Lee Class Motto "OUR GOAL- -SUCCESS" Class Colors BLUE AND WHITE Flower WHITE TEA ROSE L. Donald Norberg Lois Peterson Suzanne Pople David Roberts Bill Scott Marvin Setterdahl Russell Swanson Bill Taylor Frances Wells Dewayne Magnuson Dennis Whimpev Eugene Malcolm Dale Willett Jerry Neer 70 EI ,Ml N 0 ia E -:ff yf 0 J ,nf NF X 2 . A HH.- V s 'Q wat. ., -41 X X Q. ,... Q, H l v R! Y QC' Q ' , ,0- 85 si ts , V 25+ R is is fi 115181 L , ' I Kc . 9' 'V Fi 2 ,- if 1-A . , 'rg' A3 A5 .5 "..- i 5 . --4 Q ' Q' A llllnil' ,Sk A Q 7. V3 M 'fi 'Q J . 5' Qs- mi 5 QW! fm . 3, Mn. ,W .,,. AIWood Album Supplement I957-I9 8 Here we are back again with our record of the last days of '58, Before we go on, we wish to thank all of you who cooperated to make this yearbook possible. The faculty members were very patient as we barged into their classes to get people for pictures. Almost everyone showed up promptly for pictures. To Mr. Lenox, our photographer, we give a special thank you for his many trips out here to cover special events. Be sure to attach these pages to your 1957-58 book and be sure to order a 1958-59 annual. Cornbelt Conference Track Meet Judy Edmund Helen Anderson Valedictorian Salutatorian Commencement Reverend Charles Willey speaking on "Generations of Giants." Jerry Gould, class president, presents senior class gift to school. Clyde Peterson presents D.A.R. Award and American Legion Good Citizenship Award to Helen Anderson and Duane Bodeen. 78 Charles Hammond receives award for twelve years per- fect attendance from Mr. Fischer. Helen Anderson Susan Bell Duane Bodeen Larry Bolin Laura Brinker Michael Driscoll Judith Edmund Barbara Elliott Jerry Gould Thomas Gould Edward Gullstrand Gary Halsted Larry Hammerlund Charles Hammond Richard Horner John Hougland Allan Johnson Cletus Johnson Delrnond Johnson Thomas Johnson Dorothy Lambin Karleen Larson Larry Loveridge Kent Lindsey Y 4 Class Roll LeRoy Luallen Martha McDowell Richard McCurdy Barry McV1etty Dean Morland Kay Murdock Robert Neer Donna Jo Nelson Patricia Nelson Joyce Nystrom Thomas Page Garry Peterson Larry Plunkett Judith Ringberg Leonard Schnowske Terry Dean Swanson Loren Swihart Larry Taylor Shirlene Taylor Twila Taylor Dorothy Vancil Marilyn Vermeire Dale Walsten Gary Wing Helen Wright Class Colors Class Motto Class FIOWGI' Scarlet and white To be, rather than to seem Scarlet Carnation 79 Junior-Senior Prom Evening in Paris Barbara and Shxrlene and then French wa1ter Muslc was by Ray Alfaro Kay, Helen, Judy, Manlyn, Joyce and Judy Pat, 511538, Helen, Dorothy, DOHH21 Jo

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