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Co-Editors . . Shirley Krueger Nancy Ingram Business Manager . Wayne Kapple Photography . . Peggy Johnson Richard Hambleton Faculty Advisor . Mrs. Swanson 1954As a means of thanking you, Mr. Fischer, for six years of devoted interest and guidance in our school life, we dedicate the 1954 Green and White to you.Lester Swihart (f3oard 4 ddducation Howard Johnson John Whimpey Chairman Dave Swanson John Weech Secretary F ranklin Carlson Russell Bolin ALPHA ELECTRIC HARDWARE CO. Floyd Krueger, Prop. Alpha, 111.4EUGENE BEHNKE Coach, Advanced Mathematics, Economics BERNICE ANDERSON English IL Girls P.E. IRENE BODEEN Home Nursing, School Nurse 5Chic Anderson, Asa McFarlin, Clarence Luallen, Mary Luallen, Howard Like. John Bubon, Leonard Hazelrigg, Jack Epperson, Logan Steirs, Byron Weir, Carl Hougland. MR. TRIGG Custodian ALPHA NURSERY Landscape Service H. G. Wirt Alpha, Illinois 6 MRS. ELGSTRAND SecretaryQueen and King After the ball PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS They Have Made This Booh Possible BARTON BROS. BODY SHOP ALPHA TV AND RADIO ALPHA OIL CO. LUALLEN MOTOR SALES COWSER JOHNSON ALPHA ELECTRIC HARDWARE ALPHA GREENHOUSE ALPHA NURSERY DR. H.N. PICARD MCKEE'S DINER BRIGGS MACHINE TILING JOHNSON CARLSON JOHNSON HARDWARE ELECTRIC R.L. FLEHARTY FARMERS STATE BANK DR. W.N. NEWTON WOODHULL DISPATCH KELLY'S BARBER SHOP ARLINE'S MILK BAR ANDERSON REXALL STORE CROUSE ANDERSON ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. BUBAN DRUG STORE JONES GARAGE WOODHULL RECREATION WOODHULL MOTOR CO. BESSIE'S BEAUTY SHOP SWANSON SONS DR. J. V. WAITKUNAS H.B. CARLSON (CARLSON GROCERY) WOOLLEY'S WOOD SHOP SHROYER MOTOR SALES KATHRYN HUGHES BEAUTY SHOP VILLAGE CAFE MARIE STRANDBERG BEAUTY SHOP THE CORNER STORE CLARK'S HARDWARE SINCLAIR STATION-WOODHULL TEXACO SERVICE STATION-ALPHA FARM BUREAU STATION W. J. NELSON SON OPHIEM GROCERY (E. LUCAS) BUBON'S SERVICE STATION CLEO MCLAUGHLIN BROWN LYNCH SCOTT LOWERY'S MARKET HI'S ROLLER RINK WOODHULL CO-OP GRAIN CO. NELSON LINDSEY PETERSON-WALLIN-KNOX CLARKE'S STANDARD STATION LYMAN GUSTUS THANKS We wish to extend our sincere thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for us to publish this Yearbook. This includes the students, the organizations and classes who sponsored their own pages in the book, the merchants, faculty, school board, Mr. Metzger, Mr. Fischer, and Coach Behnke. Also, many thanks to Jerry Hawkins, our photographer, who took most of the pictures for the Yearbook, donating his time and equipment. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954A MESSAGE FROM MR. METZGER TO THE SENIORS The publishing of a high school annual is no small task. It involves all members of the Senior Class in raising the necessary funds to finance the project. The annual staff and their sponsor, Mrs. Swanson, have spent much time collecting and organizing the material. This year book brings to you in print and by the recording of pictures a very good account of the many phases of your high school life. During the twelve years of your formal education, your parents and teachers have played a very important part in your physical, mental, and moral development. Although upon being graduated you will become increasingly more self-directing, it is the desire of your school that you continue to look to it for guidance in attacking the perplexing problems which you are soon to be called upon to face. 8 Senior In the fall of 1950, approximately 45 students started their last year in the AlWood Junior High at Alpha. Officers for the classes were 9A-Wayne Kapple, president; Richard Underwood, vice president; Fred Bivens, Secretary treasurer. 9B-Peggy Johnson, president; Shirley Krueger, vice president; Alice Gustafson, secretary-treasurer. Gary Harwood and Shirley Krueger were elected royalty for the annual farewell party for the freshmen with Wayne Kapple and Peggy Johnson their attendants. Upon journeying to the Senior High in Woodhull, we gained Don Beachler and Charles Miller. We lost Fred Bivens, Owen Polousky, Jim Ward, Kenneth Alexander, and Evelyn Barman. Class officers were Dean Fischer, president; Shirley Krueger, vice president; Peggy Johnson, secretary; Patsy Holdsworth. treasurer; Leo Swanson, reporter; Rich Underwood and Wayne Kapple, Student Council representatives. We sponsored a party in the middle of the year, "Cupid Capers. " Shirley Krueger was chosen as sophomore attendant to the queen. The class officers for the Junior year were Shirley Krueger, president; Dean Fischer, vice president; Peggy Johnson, secretary; Sid Rutledge, treasurer; Gary Harwood and Richard Hambleton, Student Council representatives. The additions for the year were Dolores DeRew, and Marlene Taylor. We lost Jane Cole, Leo Swanson, Bill Rednor and Patsy Holdsworth. The main highlights for the year were the class rings and the Junior-Senior Prom. The theme for the Prom was "Neptune's Court. " Another highlight for the year was the Junior play, "Susie the Siren. " The play provided money for the prom. Our Senior year's enrollment stayed about the same as the last year except for losing Dale Fields and Gary Harwood and gaining Janice Lundblad. Class officers were Richard Hambleton, president; Sid Rutledge, vice president; Peggy Johnson, secretary-treasurer; Wayne Kapple and Richard Underwood, Student Council representatives. Elected as the Homecoming King and Queen were Richard Underwood and Dolores DeRew. Dean Fischer, Peggy Johnson, Pat Kness, Shirley Krueger were the attendants. The class play selected was "No More Homework. " As this goes to press we are hoping the play will be a success. We also hope the Senior Highlights will be a success this year. All of us hope that the rest of the classes enjoy their senior year as much as we have enjoyed ours at AlWood. Compliments of DR. W. M. NEWTON, Alpha 10LEONARD ANDERSON "Ike" Football I; Football Manager 2; Annual Staff 4. DONALD BEACHLER "Donnie" GEORGE BECK Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3. FRANCES SCHNOWSKE "Frannie” F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Chorus 3,4; Paper Staff 4. VIRGINIA GREENUP "Ginny" F.H.A. 1,2,3.45 Project Chrm. 3; Recreation Chrm. 4; G.A.A. 2, 3,4; Library Club 3; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Mixed Ensemble I; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,45 Ensemble 3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Shocker Staff I; Class Play 3,4; Pep Club Officer 4. MIRIAM DAHLSTROM F.H.A. 1.2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,4; Pep Club 4; Chorus 1.2.MAX DAVISON Football 3,4; Track 3; Class Play 3.4- DOLORES DeREW "Putt Putt-Chorus 1,2,3; Class Secretary I; G.A.A. 2,3,4; v- Pres.. 4; F.H. A. 2,3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Class Play 3,4; School paper 2; Annual Staff 4; Queen 4. DONALD DOUBLER "Dub" SHIRLEY DOXSEE "Socky" Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sextet I; F.H. A. 1,2,4; F.H.A. Reporter; Newspaper 4; Class Play 4. DEAN FISCHER Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Student Council 2, 3,4; President of S.C. 4; Class President 2; Class Vice-President 3; Annual Staff 3,4; Class Play 3,4; King Attendant 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4. GAYLE CRAWFORD Chorus 3,4; F.H.A. 3. AUCE GUSTAFSON "Gus" F.H.A. 1,2,4; G. A. A. 3.4;F.H. A. President I; Class Officer I; Student Council Treasurer I; Class Play 3,4; Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,4; Girls Chorus 4; Ensemble 4; Sextet I; Mixed Ensemble I; School Paper 1,4; Pep Club 4; Parliamentarian 4; Library Club 2. CHARLES MILLER "Chuck" Annual Staff 4. GERTRUDE HENDERSON "Gert" Chorus 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2.3,4; G.A. A. President 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4; Librarian 4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 4; Library Club 2 NANCY INGRAM Chorus I; F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; F.H.A. Degree Chairman 4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff Editor 4; Annual Staff Editor 4. GARY JOHNSON "Curly" Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Library Club 2; Class Play 4. PATTY JOHNSON F.H.A. I. 2, 3,4; F.H.A. Treasurer I; Publicity Chairman 3; G.A.A. 2, 3,4; G.A.A. Officer 4; Girls Chorus 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Band 1,2,3, 4; News Editor I; Pep Club Sec. 4; Library Club 2; Librarian 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3,4. Compliments of DR. J. V. WAITKUNAS Woodhull, 111.RICHARD LUCAS "Pete" RICHARD HAMBLETON "Spike-Football I, 2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Track I; Class Play 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Class Pres. 4; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff I. JOHN BREDBURG F.F.A. 2,3,4; PaPer Staff 4 SIDNEY RUTLEDGE "Sid" Football I; Football Manager 2,3,4; Track Manager 2, 3,4; Track I; Band 1,2; Chorus 1,4; Class Treasurer 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Annual Staff 4; Basketball Mgr. 1,2, 3,4; Class Play 3.4- ROSE TAYLOR G.A.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. Treasurer 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,41 F.H.A. Song-leader 2; F.H.A. Degree Chrm. I; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4: Ensemble 2,3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1.2, 3,4; Sextet I; Mixed Quartet 3,4; Play 3,4; Band 1,2.3,4; class Officer 3; Trumpet Trio3,4; Pep Club4; Pep Club Vice-President 4; Library Club 2; Annual Staff 4; Librarian 2; Chorus Librarian 4; School Paper I; Brass Ensemble 2,4. RICHARD TAYLOR "Dick"VERNON SPIVEY "Gurnie" Football 1.2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Track 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2.3,4. G URN IE JORDAN Shocker Staff I. WAYNE KAPPLE "Dope" Pres. Student Council I; Class Pres. I; Class Play 3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3, 4; Vice-Pres. S.C. 3; Annual Staff 4. LOUIS KNESS "Pat" Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball I; F.F. A. 2,3,4; King Attendant 4; Paper Staff 4; Library Club 2; F.H.A. Officer 3; Football Co-Captain 4; All Conference 3. SHIRLEY KRUEGER Class Vice-Pres. I; Student Council Vice-Pres. I; Chorus 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4; Class Play 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; Class Vice-President 2; Queen Attendant 2,3,4; Student Council Officer 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4;Class Pres. 3; Brass ensemble 4. ETHEL KUGLER Chorus I; Annual Staff 4; F.H.A. I, 2,3.4; Paper 4; Class Play 3,4.ALAN PETERSON Band 1,2; F.F.A. I,2,3,4. DORIS PEARSON Chorus 1.2,3; F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; G.A.A. 2; Paper Staff 4; Class Play 4. WANDA SANDERS Chorus 1,4! F. H. A. 1,4: G.A.A. 4; Class Play 3,4; Paper Staff 4; Reporter for F. H. A. MARLENE TAYLOR Band I; Chorus 1,2; Girls Glee Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; F. H. A. 4; School Paper 4. CHARLES THUUN "Chicken-Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track I; Class Play 3; School Paper 4; Annual Staff 4. PEGGY JOHNSON Class Officer 1,2, 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2, 3.4; F.H.A. Officer 1,3,4; G.A.A. 2; Pep Club Pres 4; Cheerleader I, 2,3; Annual Staff 3,4; Class Play 3, 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus accompanist I; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Queen Attendant 1.3.4-RICHARD UNDERWOOD "Rich Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1.2,3,4; Chorus 2.3,4; A. 1,2.3,4; F.F.A. Officer 1,3,4; Student Council 1.3,4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Band I; King 4; Class Officer 1,2,3.4. RICHARD WELCH JANICE LUNDBALD Orchestra I; Choir I, 2, 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Class Play 3,4; G. A. A. 4; Pep Club 4; F. H. A. 4; Chorus 4. WESLEY WHITE "Wes" F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4; Football 3,4; Basketball I; Paper Staff 4. GEORGE WRIGHT Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Play Cast3, 4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4. KEITH UNDERWOOD F.F.A. 1.2, 3.4; Basketball 1.2; Football 2; Chorus 1,4; Track I. Compliments of JOHNSON HARDWARD ELECTRIC Woodhull, 111.2). Peggy Johnson has been chosen to represent AlWood High as the Daughters of American Revolution Award winner. Points considered in making the award were dependability, service, leadership, and unselfish loyalty to American ideals. Peggy has been an honor student and engaged in many extracurricular activities during her high school career. These include F.H. A. , Chorus, Class Plays, Year-book staff, Cheerleader, Band, and a class officer each year. She also is very active in church work and in 4-H activities. Peggy has been Homecoming attendant every year. ? . —senior Activities Our Senior class officers for '53-'54 were as follows: President, Spike Hambleton; Vice President, Sidney Rutledge; Secretary-Treasurer, Peggy Johnson. The student council members were Dean Fischer, who was president, Shirley Krueger, who was secretary, and Spike Hambleton, Richard Underwood, and Wayne Kapple. Mrs. Edward Swanson and Mr. Metzger were our class sponsors. Gertrude Henderson was our representative to Girl's State at Jacksonville, Illinois, in the summer of '53. Peggy Johnson was chosen as our D. A. R. representative. At our homecoming festivities Dolores DeRew and Richard Underwood were chosen as honored royalty with their attendants Peggy Johnson, Pat Kness, Shirley Krueger, and Dean Fischer. The Senior class float depicted a large wooden shoe with the theme "Woodenshoe know AlWood would win. " The Seniors also had the concession stand that night at the game. The "Senior Highlights of '54" was held March 26th at the Senior High. We chose "No More Homework" as our class play which was presented April 29-30th. Naturally the play was a success, being under Miss Becker's direction. Our main money-making project was picking up corn. Our class motto was chosen: "Make a success of today and you need not worry about tomorrow." Our class flower was the white rose and our colors navy blue and silver. Compliments of cleo McLaughlin Alpha, 111. Compliments of BROWN, LYNCH, SCOTT Alpha, 111. 18LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Richard Underwood, Max Davison, Ethel Kugler, Sidney Rutledge, Patty Johnson, George Wright. SECOND ROW: Rose Taylor, Nancy Ingram, Gary Johnson, Virginia Greenup, Dean Fischer, Shirley Krueger, Dolores DeRew, Alice Gustafson, Richard Hambleton, Miriam Dahlstrom, Doris Pearson, Shirley Doxsee, Peggy Johnson, Pat Kness, Wayne Kapple, and Janice Lundblad. EXTRAS: Gertrude Henderson, Marlene Taylor, Frances Schnowski, Gayle Crawford, Gurnie Jordan, Richard Taylor, Charles Thulin, Alan Petersen. SYNOPSIS OF PLAY Probably every high school student has dreamed of being principal for a day! "No More Homework" is the successfully tested and colorful account, suggested by a newspaper story, of what actually happens when circumstances propel three students into the roles of principal, vice-principal, and school secretary at Ames High School. It all begins because Principal Lundquist just has to be away to speak at the State Principal's Convention. Miss Dill, regular school secretary, has a terrible cold and insists on going home for the day. Then Mr. Ames, school board president, decrees that tne student council officers shall take over for the day. And that's how Pamela Jones becomes acting-Principal! She gets off to a bad start when, in trying to buzz the janitor, she rings the fire alarm bell instead. Then she has to decide whether to stand behind an unpopular teacher and whether to keep the school's star athlete out of the State Basketball Tournament. Not the least of Pam's worries is good-natured "Buzz" Bailey, acting-vice-principal, who grandly advises a gossipy student that "There will be no more homework!" Then there's Faversham Lightly, Jr. who would rather sleep than eat--and spends most of his time doing both! To add to Pam's grief, the "home ec” teacher is late; and Shalimar Ames, her hated However. . . complications are convincingly resolved in the end. Shalimar's conspiracy to implicate Pam in the robbery of the play-ticket money is exposed, much to the dismay of her pompous father. Even the audience finds itself playing an unexpected part! rival, turns on her honeyed charm to lure the reluctant "Buzz" into taking ovei the class--with some truly astonishing results! And finally, with the school play, "Rusty Wings" set to open that very night she loses the key to the trunkful of costumes. 19ClGVN ACTCLASS OFFICERS: Jim Bergstrom, Bill Krueger, Janet Holmes, Carolee Murdock. The class of '55 began to play its part in history in 1951-52 in spite of the fact that they were only "green freshmen. " Student Council offices were held by Anne Harwood, Marcia Rehn, Cynthia Fleharty, and Barb Swihart. During this same year Carolee Murdock left R. O. V. A. to join the Junior High at AlWood. The football, basketball, and track teams made good showings even though they didn't make the top, and they improved greatly from time to time. Jim Diffen-baugh, who received a broken collar bone, was the only accident victim of the athletic season. The Student Council sponsored their annual "Farewell Freshmen" party. Bill Krueger and Anne Harwood reigned as King and Queen over this event with Jim Diffenbaugh and Marcia Rehn as attendants. Wanda Nimrick moved from this school district during '52-'53 to go to Winola. The class gained four new members, Clifford Franks, Phyllis Gardner, Marian Leafgreen, and Dale Phillis. Class officers were Dolly Spivey, Barb Swihart, Cynthia Fleharty, and Anne Harwood. Mr. Riggle and Mr. Browning were class sponsors. The sophomore attendants to the Homecoming Royalty were Marcia Rehn and Roy Willett. The sophomores got a blue ribbon on their Homecoming float. They also sponsored a formal Valentine dance. During the '53-'54 school year Anne Harwood left the class to go to Galesburg High, and Wanda Nimrick returned to AlWood. This made a total of 41 in the class. Bill Krueger, Jim Bergstrom, Carolee Murdock, and Janet Holmes were class officers; Marcia Rehn, Paul Kronsted, and Bill Frantz were representatives to the Student Council; and Mrs. Hancock and Mr. Browning were class sponsors. Bill Krueger, Dolly Spivey, Roy Willett, and Marcia Rehn were Homecoming attendants. The class again had a first place float in the Homecoming parade. At the time this book went to press, the class was working hard on their play and their penny carnival. Compliments of WOOLLEY'S WOOD SHOP Woodhull, 111. Compliments of MARIE STRANDBERG’S BEAUTY SHOP Alpha, 111. 22junior C (ci55 f- (ay. FIRST ROW: Paul Kronsted, Barbara Swihart, Richard Bloomberg, Cynthia Fleharty, Bill Krueger, Jack Perry, Marcia Rehn, Bill Frantz. SECOND ROW: Janice Bodeen, Marlene Lucas, Janet Holmes, Marvin Palm, Phyllis Gardner, Carol Litton, Wanda Nimrick. THIRD ROW: Charles Underwood, Clifford Franks, George Bloomberg, Dolly Spivey, Gayle Johnson, John Thulin, Jim Bergstrom, Philip Cathcart, Harold Caulkins, LeRoy Willett, Bill Morland, Barbara Cushman, Carolee Murdock, Doris Carlson, Ruby McDowell. "Teen Time" a three act comedy, was presented at Woodhull, December 2 and Alpha, December 3. The play was directed by Miss Becker. Special numbers were presented between acts. CAST: Wendy Meade, a girl with a problem, Cynthia Fleharty; Mrs. Meade, her mother, Janet Holmes and Phyllis Gardner; Mr. Meade, her father, Marvin Palm; Babe, her young sister, Wanda Nimrick and Carol Litton; Marietta, her girl friend, Barbara Swihart; Tim her boyfriend. Bill Krueger; Darby, his pal, Richard Bloomberg and Paul Kronsted; Harley, a rival, Jack Perry; Gay, a pretty menace, Marcia Rehn; Miss Denning, a good friend, Marlene Lucas; Mrs. Nash, a business woman, Janice Bodeen; Milligan, a policeman, Harold Caulkins; Gus, a repair man, Jim Bergstrom; Nona, a career girl, Carolee Murdock, Barbara Cushman; Wilbur and Tiny, high school boys, Gayle Johnson and John Thulin, Bill Morland and Philip Cathcart; Callie, drum majorette, Ruby McDowell and Dolly Spivey; Jake, a teenage boy, Roy Willett and George Bloomberg. Compliments Compliments KELLY'S BARBER SHOP ANDERSON REXALL STORE Agent, Orion Cleaners Drugs-Fountain-Jewelry-Paint Alpha, 111. Jean-Otto-GertPaul Kronsted David Barton Herman Beck Jim Bergstrom George Bloomberg Philip Cathcart Harold Caulkins Barbara Cushman James Diffenbaugh Shirley Doubler Cynthia Fleharty Clifford Franks Bill Frantz TEEN Phyllis Gardner Janet Holmes Gayle Johnson Kent Kessler Richard Bloomberg Janice Bodeen Doris Carlson Harry Carlson FARMER'S STATE BANK Alpha, 111. 24Bill Krueger Marion Leafgreen Carol Litton Marlene Lucas Lucille Lundblad Ruby McDowell Bill Morland Carolee Murdock Wanda Nimrick Joyce Ossian Marvin Palm Jack Perry Dale Phillis Marcia Rehn Dolly Spivey Barbara Swihart John Thulin Charles Underwood Betty Wadham Jewneel Walker DR. H. N. PICARD Alpha, 111. 25r rrT VI David Roberts Suzanne Pople Bill Taylor Barbara Lee Dale Willett Marsha Kingery Dennis Whimpey Sharon McMeekan Eugene Malcolm Frances Wells Bill Taylor, Treas. GaryFrenell, Sec. Peggy Green Teddy Plunkett Lucille Granger Russell Swanson Sandra Johnson Ray Litton Robert Krans Compliments of R. L. FLEHARTY Alpha, 111. 28Marvin Setterdahl Freda Peters Robert Peters Dolores McNeil Dewayne Magnuson Kathy Anderson Donald Norberg Bill Scott Bonnie Anderson Fred Brown Marsha Kingery, Pres. Dave Roberts, V. Pres. Raymond Brown Leone Charlson Keith Er lands on John Baird Gary Frenell Roger Carlson b r; I Compliments of COWSER JOHNSON Woodhull, 111. 29junior Jacufty DON ROBERTS Principal 9th grade CHESTER LUNDBERG 7th grade hallie magill 9th grade Home Ec. LUCILLE CONVERSE Art HI HAMBLETON Custodian 30 ALPHA GREENHOUSE Alpha, IllinoisROW Is Mike Frantz, Roger Sherrard, Karen Kingery, Mary Ann Sherrard, Carol Horner, Donna Jo Nelson, John Krueger, David Johnson, Duane Bodeen. ROW 2: Gary Monson, Ardith Elliott, Dale Walsten, Gary Lee, Judy Taylor, Bruce Anderson, Kent Lindsey, Dorothy Setterdahl, Loren Swihart. Icti ui itiei SIUDENT [OUldl The Student Council sponsors the school parties and money making activities for the student body. It provides the money for the cheerleading outfits. The Student Council assists in making rules and in formulating student government. ROW 1: Buddy Doxsee, Mgr., David Norberg, Gary Lee, Roscoe Lowery, Jerry McDowell, Jerry Krueger, Bruce Anderson, Jim Anderson, Glen Wind, Jack Zuidema, Dennis Jordan, Mgr. ROW 2: Darrell Nelson, Ronald Lucas, Donald Strandberg, Evan Melton, Ronald Hayden, Leroy Cathcart, Glen Magnuson, Donald McDowell, Jerry Mason, Walter Minder, Coach. BASKETIAIL The 1953-54 freshman basketball team played a schedule of games with teams of the Western Illinois Junior High School Conference, of which Al-Wood Junior High is a member. Compliments of Compliments of LOWERY'S MARKET HI'S ROLLER RINK Ophiem, 111. Alpha, 111. KNEELING: Managers Glen Magnuson and Jerry Mason. ROW 1: Jim Anderson, Jack Zuidema, Dennis Jordan, Glen Wind, Roscoe Lowery, Walter Minder, Coach. ROW 2: Donald McDowell, Gary Lee, Jerry Krueger, Rich. McDowell, Bruce Anderson, Glen Kapple. The 1953 freshman football team played a five game schedule with member teams of the Cornbelt Conference. They won three games and lost two.Judy Kingery Carol Horner Ardith Elliott Judy Taylor Janice McCurdy Donald Dahl strom Maxine Carlson Ardith Elliott Ronald Hayden Carol Horner Donald Strandberg Shirley Jones Gary Lee Myra Loveridge Leroy Cathcart Janet Holme s Carol Green Evan Melton Deanna Lambert Roscoe Lowery Carolyn Litton Jim Anderson Judy Kingery Harold Barton Judy Taylor Compliments of W. J. NELSON SON Ophiem, 111. 3remen Imogene Vancil Jack Zuidema Barbara Johnson Berton Peterson Linda Krans Donald McDowell Jean Hughes Ruth Nelson Bill Wing Joan Montgomery Jan Gibson Judy Rhodenbaugh Glenn Wind Judy Nelson Richard Strandberg Jerry Mason Nancy Page Glenn Magnuson Beverly Edmund Jerry Krueger Patsy Lucas Glenn Kapple Laura Franks Monte Voss Gary Sholl Buddy Doxsee Bruce Anderson Denny Jordan Ronald Lucas David Norberg Dorthy Setterdahl Donald Ward Darryl Nelson Richard McDowell Laurence Ward Compliments of SINCLAIR OIL STATION Mrs. Florence Anderson Woodhull, 111.EIGHT A, FIRST ROW: Jerry McDowell, Larry Taylor, Loren Swihart, Allan Johnson, Tom Page, Larry Plunkett, Clifford Carlson, Leroy Luallen, Russell Drake. SECOND ROW: Richard Horner, Shirlene Taylor, Karleen Larson. Judy Ringberg, Janice Simkins, Helen Anderson, Nancy Bugos, Sandra Henderson, Donna Jo Nelson, Kay Murdock, Gary Halsted. THIRD ROW: Jim Brinker, Larry Loveridge, David Doubler, John Houg-land, Jerry Gould, Tom Gould, Duane Bodeen, William Hampton, Advisor. CHEERLEADERS: Nancy Bugos, Donna Jo Nelson, Helen Wright, Dorothy Lambin. EIGHT B, FIRST ROW: Mike Frantz, Dale Caulkins, Leroy Johnson, Richard McCurdy, Gary Peterson, Gary Wing. SECOND ROW: Joyce Nystrom, Cletus Johnson, Larry Ham-merlund, Helen Wright, Dorothy Lambin, Pat Nelson, June Vance, Judy Edmund, Dorothy Vancil, Martha McDowell, Leonard Schnowski, Dean Morland. THIRD ROW: Delmond Johnson, Dale Walsten, Kent Lindsey, Barry McVietty, Larry Bolin, Gene Dollinger, Edward Gullstrand, Terry Swanson, Miss Dorothy Mott, Advisor. Compliments of JOHNSON CARLSON 34 Woodhull, 111.SEVEN A, FIRST ROW: Dick Gardner, Gary Kness, Perry Ossian, Richard Nystrom, Keith Walker, Dale Sundberg, Virginia White, Bob Scott, Donald Johnson, John Krueger, Roger Sherrard, Robert Lucas. SECOND ROW: Anita Yocum, Sandra Reedy, Carol Jordan, Patsy Flack, John R. Price, Darrell Montgomery, Eleanor Gardner, Richard Maher, Carol Diggs, David Browning. Bonnie McCaw, Barbara Jones, Karen Kingery, Chester Lundberg, Advisor. CHEERLEADERS: Carol Jordan, Karen Kingery. Carol Diggs. SEVEN B, FIRST ROW: Jan Wilson, Jack Lambin, Roger Setterdahl, David Johnson, Louise Elliott, Judy Kessenger, Sandra Yocum, Richard Carlson. Richard Mason, Jim Bailey, Bobby Pitts, Dean Hanson. SECOND ROW: Gary Monson, Karen Richards, Philip Huff, Jim Davison, Lavona Anderson, Nancy Mason, Gloria Doxsee, Donald Litton, Larry Nelson, Mary Ann Sherrard, Mrs. Alice Shetler, Advisor. Compliments of BARTON BROS. BODY SHOP Alpha, 111.D. E. Metzger, Advisor W. O. Hancock, Advisor OFFICERS: Shirley Krueger, Sec.-Treas.; Marcia Rehn, Vice Pres.; Dean Fischer, Pres. MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Dennis Whimpey, Paul Kron-sted, Bill Krueger, Wayne Kapple. BACK ROW: Marsha Kingery, Bill Frantz. Richard Hambleton, Richard Underwood, Sandra Johnson. Compliments of THE CORNER STORE Woodhull, 111. Compliments of CLARK'S HARDWARE Woodhull, 111.(Council Last fall Dean Fischer was elected to the highest office an AlWood student can attain--that of Student Council President. Stump speeches were given and they proved to be very interesting. Other officers elected were Vice-President Marcia Rehn; Secretary-Treasurer Shirley Krueger. Mr. Hancock and Mr. Metzger were the capable advisors this year. The Student Council Cornbelt Conference Convention was held at AlWood on September 28, 1953. The Illinois Association of Student Councils Convention, held at the Sherman Hotel in Chicago, was attended by Shirley Krueger and Marcia Rehn. They attended some very interesting discussion groups. Members of the Student Council this year were: Sophomores, Marsha Kin-gery, Sandra Johnson, and Dennis Whimpey: Marcia Rehn, Bill Krueger, Bill Frantz and Paul Kronsted from the Junior class; Shirley Krueger, Dean Fischer, Richard Hambleton, Wayne Kapple and Richard Underwood from the Senior Class. Dolores DeRew and Rich Underwood were chosen Queen and King to reign over the Homecoming sponsored by the Student Council. They also sponsored some of the stands at Basketball games. Compliments of ALPHA OIL COMPANY, Alpha 111.ML II I 1 Dean Fischer, Shirley Krueger, Pat Kness, Peggy Johnson, King Richard Underwood, Queen Dolores DeRew, LeRoy Willett, Marcia Rehn, Bill Krueger, Dolly Spivey, David Roberts and Marsha Kingery. Jk ornecornincj Dolores DeRew and Richard Underwood received one of the highest honors an AlWood student can get. They were chosen Queen and King of the 1953-54 Homecoming. Peggy Johnson and Shirley Krueger were the Senior attendants to the Queen; Pat Kness and Dean Fischer were the King's Senior attendants. Thursday night at the bonfire, Mr. Metzger and Mr. Fischer gave pep talks following the introduction of the players. Coach Behnke introduced the attendants and the King and Queen. At the Homecoming Dance the football players formed a guard of honor for the procession. Marsha Kingery and David Roberts escorted the King and Queen to the stage where Bill Frantz gave the welcoming speech and introduced the Royalty. David presented Dolores with her crown and Marsha presented Rich with the white football and his crown.CLARINETS Marcia Rehn Leone Charlson Marsha Kingery Patty Johnson Virginia Greenup Carol Horner Kay Murdock Allan Johnson Roger Sherrard Jerry Gould Jean Hughes Bill Scott ALTO SAXOPHONES John Krueger Janet Holmes Suzanne Pople Duane Bodeen TENOR SAXOPHONE Carolee Murdock BARITONE SAXOPHONE Marvin Palm FRENCH HORN Janet Holmes Baritone Dale Walsten Trombone Richard Bloomberg Marvin Setterdahl Phillip Huff 42tUKNEIb Shirley Krueger Dean Fischer Rose Taylor Dorothy Setterdahl Alice Gustafson Barbara Cushman Dolly Spivey Raymond Brown Roscoe Lowery SOUSAPHONE PERCUSSION Dennis Whimpey Peggy Johnson Donald Dahlstrom FLUTE Mary Sherrard Virginia White Paul Kronstead MAJORETTES: Judy Kingery, Judy Taylor, Marsha Kingery. 43 vi iffy § 1 FIRST ROW: Betty Wadham, Marion Leafgreen, Paul Kronsted, John Thulin, Suzanne Pople, Leone Charlson. SECOND ROW: Miss Gustus, Frances Schnowske, Gayle Crawford, Bill Frantz, Sidney Rutledge, Richard Underwood, Marsha Kingery, Alice Gustafson, Wanda Sanders. THIRD ROW: Rose Taylor, Barbara Lee, Gene Malcolm, Jim Diffenbaugh, Peggy Green, Sandra Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Lucille Granger, Shirley Doxsee, Keith Underwood, Dean Fischer, John Baird. Richard Underwood Peggy Johnson Rose Taylor Dean Fischer OUARTETTE Dennis Whimpey Compliments of CARLSON GROCERY H. B. Carlson Alpha, 111. Compliments of TEXACO SERVICE STATION 44 O. L. Music Alpha, 111.UHLS' CHORUS FIRST ROW: Rose Taylor, Barbara Lee, Suzanne Pople, Marsha Kingery, Sandra Johnson, Peggy Green, Peggy Johnson. BACK ROW; Miss Gustus, Gayle Crawford, Frances Schnowske, Leone Charlson, Lucille Granger, Virginia Green up, Wanda Sanders, Alice Gustafson. The music groups this year have been directed by Miss Beverly Gustus and accompanied by Dennis Whimpey. They have been very active during the year, having presented a program for National Education Week, a Christmas program and a Spring Festival. As this goes to press they are preparing to participate in the Cornbelt Music Festival at Cambridge. The various groups have also participated in several Church and organization programs during the school year. Rose Taylor Marsha Kingery Barbara Lee Lucille Granger Virginia Greenup Alice Gustafson Peggy Johnson Beverly Gustus McKEE DINER Thomas L. McKee Alpha, 111.FIRST ROW: Phyllis Gardner, Freda Peters, Suzanne Pople, Barbara Lee, Lucille Granger, Sharon McMeekan, Peggy Green, Delores McNeil. SECOND ROW: Frances Schnowski, Peggy Johnson, Mrs. Anderson, Marcia Rehn, Patty Johnson, Cynthia Fleharty, Sandra Johnson, Leone Char Ison, Kathlene Anderson, Marsha Kingery, Frances Wells. FIRST ROW: Nancy Ingram, Janet Holmes, Jewneel Walker, Shirley Doubler, Miriam Dahlstrom, Rose Taylor, Ruby McDowell, Virginia Greenup. SECOND ROW: Doris Pearson, Marlene Taylor, Caro lee Murdock, Barbara Swihart, Wanda Nimrick, Janice Bodeen, Doris Carlson, Shirley Doxsee, Alice Gustafson. THIRD ROW: Shirley Krueger, Carol Litton, Dolly Spivey, Barbara Cushman. Compliments of BUBAN DRUGS Alpha, Illinois 46 Compliments of WOODHULL DISPATCH Woodhull, IllinoisFIRST ROW: Carol Litton, Rose Taylor, Gertrude Henderson, Marlene Lucas, Sandra Johnson, Marsha Kingery. SECOND ROW: Wanda Sanders, Barbara Lee, Alice Gustafson, Dolores DeRew, Leone Char Ison, Sharon McMeekan, Mrs. Anderson. THIRD ROW: Virginia Greenup, Patty Johnson, Miriam Dahlstrom, Phyllis Gardner, Freda Peters. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Reporter. Points Chairman Gertrude Henderson . Dolores DeRew . . Barbara Lee . . Rose Taylor . . Carol Litton . . Patty Johnson The Girls Athletic Association held its meeting twice a month. After the meetings the girls participated in active sports. Our advisor this year was Mrs. Bernice Anderson. This year the points system was changed and the girls got three credits for each hour they were present at the meetings. Compliments of Compliments of SHROYER MOTOR SALES ARLINE'S MILK BAR State Truck Testing Station Woodhull, Illinois Woodhull, Illinois'Jutare JJt omen, FIRST ROW: Barbara Lee, Suzanne Pople, Marlene Lucas, Marcia Rehn, Alice Gustafson, Nancy Ingram, Marlene Taylor, Doris Carlson, Barbara Cushman, Ruby McDowell. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Gardner, Barbara Swihart, Carol Litton, Janet Holmes, Carolee Murdock, Cynthia Fleharty, Peggy Johnson, Virginia Greenup, Dolly Spivey, Marsha Kingery, Shirley Krueger, Dolores DeRew. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hancock, Rose Taylor, Wanda Sanders, Doris Pearson, Frances Schnowske, Shirley Doxsee, Lucille Granger, Patty Johnson, Miriam Dahlstrom, Freda Peters, Ethel Kugler, Sandra Johnson, Kathleen Anderson, Leone Char Ison, Gertrude Henderson. WOODHULL RECREATION JONES GARAGE Whitcomb Whitcomb 48 Alpha, 111.erd J A, merica OFFICERS President Vice President. Secretary Treasurer . Parliamentarian Historian Recreation Chairman Peggy Johnson Cynthia Fleharty . Janet Holmes Carolee Murdock Marsha Kingery Shirley Krueger Virginia Greenup Projects Chairman . . Ethel Kugler Degrees Chairman . . Nancy Ingram Public Relations Chairman. Dolly Spivey Publicity Book Chairman .... Dolores DeRew Advisor.............Mrs. Hancock FIRST ROW: Shirley Krueger, Dolores DeRew, Ethel Kugler, Virginia Greenup, Dolly Spivey. SECOND ROW: Marsha Kingery, Janet Holmes, Peggy Johnson, Cynthia Fleharty, Carolee Murdock, Nancy Ingram. The theme for our F. H. A. program this year was "Out of the Bag." Some of our projects and money-making schemes this year were a "Chilly Hop, " a Christmas dance, mother's tea and fashion show, and selling tissue shakers. One of our main projects was painting the girls locker and rest rooms. We sent articles to foreign countries and repaired toys for the Andover Luthern Home. We had a chapter guest night with Orion as our invited guests. Some of our programs were on The Use of Make-Up, Winter Bouquets, Teenage Driving, Date and Party Manners, Financial Problems, Travelling, Careers, and parents panels. All in all we had a very successful year. ■ MRS. HANCOCK Advisor MRS. LEONARD JOHNSON Chapter Mother ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. Woodhull, 111. CROUSE ANDERSON Woodhull, 111. 49Ju lure armers ROW 1: Vernon Spivey, Raymond Litton, Richard Underwood, Harry Carlson, Jim Diffenbaugh, Wesley White, Keith Underwood. ROW 2: Bill Hancock. Advisor, Leonard Anderson, Bobby Krans, DeWayne Magnuson, Clifford Franks, Charles Underwood, Richard Welch. ROW 3: Fred Brown, Bill Taylor, Gary Frenell, Keith Erlandson, David Roberts, Russell Swanson, Marvin Setterdahl, Bobby Peters. Five members of the F. F. A. Chapter went to the National Convention of the F. F. A. in Kansas City, Missouri, last October. They were Wesley White, Clifford Franks, Richard Welch, Bill Taylor, and Richard Underwood. Maurice DeSutter, a past graduate, also attended. The annual Boar Sale was held October, 22, 1953. Grand champion sold for $125, and belonged to Glenn Wind. Marvin Setterdahl had the Reserve champion. The F. F. A. boys had a popcorn stand at all the football and basketball games. Plans are now being made for a Parent-Son Banquet to be held in the spring. Last June, at the F. F. A. Convention held at Champaign, Richard Underwood received the State Farmer Degree.JJl, merica F.F. A. OFFICERS: President, Richard Underwood; Vice President, Harry Carlson; Secretary, Bill Taylor; Treasurer, David Roberts; Sentinel, Keith Erlandson; Reporter, Russell Swanson. Maurice DeSutter W.O. Hancock, Advisor Alan Peterson A graduate of AlWood in 1952, Maurice received the American Farmer Degree in Kansas City last October. He was one of 336 boys of the National Organization to receive this. An F.F. A. boy is not eligible for this award until he has been out of school one year. This is the highest honor given in the National Organization. DEKALB AWARD WINNER The DeKalb award is based upon three things; Scholarship; Supervised Practice Projects; and Leadership Activities. This year Alan Peterson was the winner of this award. 51we . »vll ' pleasi thet w that of year? be a lit operativ member e spys arou. us are our action!. TRIP TO CHi Nineteen foo Coach Behnke atten inois-Nebraska foo last Saturday. Others amo wont with were: the w who ''r. Hegwood, Kr. Rigrie 8 5I S Mr. Browning, who drov and bus. NOTICE k,ceGlElaHon,D ' Si KNOTNGi Ptt Ktesv, UmBetgsuom-. YAailetve Uica . TED. ROW v. Wanda Nttumpey.Uu. Swanson. ataYvx; Gemude Heude on. Sandeiv, Uotw Peataon-, Dak PVvVUas. ROW .« J Do„ee-. t el 1 Geo W . ROW Stance Scta0 -. « TYmta. ROW V.WesYe WYute. -«e hour? -»a i "" J b 0 3n ? t k then hour tn° mad ««e-sh ?Use it; is nut:sr°rk vss « the f'OS t of X3 rnalr “win e promises to spend Beginning with the next issue we would like to public letters to the editor. A box will be placed in the typing room for students to place thoir letters in so please male use of this opportunity. Ve reserve the right to accept or reject any letter that we consider unfit for publication. SO much "axa. spend Do we’ Ye!™ n °ur homework. Yes- we dc hove good intentions, but when Julius LaRosa is on television, well, the homework will always wait. VJe are all guilty of doing this at one time or another and yet we know we should not. The time lust seems to slip by and nothing gets done. The wasting time8 habit is a hard one wut when you are able to break, hut wnen j have the XAlnBr°oVcoaled accomplish- feeling ment an qut wee be bes no o, 52FIRST ROW; Virginia Greenup, Ruby McDowell, Carolee Murdock, Phyllis Gardner, Janet Holmes, Peggy Johnson. SECOND ROW: Gene Malcolm, Rose Taylor, Dolly Spivey, Barbara Swihart, Carol Litton, Barbara Lee, Suzanne Pople, Lucile Granger, Leone Charlson, Marlene Lucas, Doris Carlson, Barbara Cushman, John Baird. THIRD ROW: Patty Johnson, Gertrude Henderson, Alice Gustafson, Freda Peters, Dolores DeRew, Shirley Krueger, Miriam Dahlstrom, Cynthia Fleharty, Peggy Green, Kathlene Anderson, Sandra Johnson, Janice Bodeen, Marsha Kingery, Marcia Rehn. The AlWood Pep Club is a new organization founded this year for the betterment of school spirit and to aid the cheerleaders. A special section was set aside on the benches for the Pep Club at all the home games. The Pep Club proved to be a worthwhile club. School spirit grew by "leaps and bounds" until the championship football game when AlWood came out second in the Cornbelt Conference. A bake sale was held Nov. 14, 1953. As this goes to press the prospects of the AlWood Pep Club look very good. OFFICERS: Patty Johnson, sec.; Peggy Johnson, pres.; Virginia Greenup, reporter; Rose Taylor, v. pres.; Doris Carlson, treas.; Alice Gustafson, parliamentarian. Compliments of VILLAGE CAFE Woodhull, 111. 53 KATHRYN HUGHES BEAUTY SHOP Alpha, 111.Sportsco The AlWood athletic season of 1953-54 has been a success not only from a standpoint of winning games, but also for the satisfaction that the players and fans derived. It would be difficult to single out a "high point" in either football or basketball. Winning second place in the Cornbelt Conference in football, compiling a season record of five wins and two losses in conference play, defeating Orion in basketball to earn the "Golden Ear, " the league traveling trophy--all were highlights of this year's activity. However, the greatest thrills a boy receives while participating in athletics are not included in won and lost records. The records will be forgotten in years to come. But the memories of playing together as a team, the constructive criticisms given by the coaches, the long, hard practice sessions, the smell of liniment and rubbing alcohol and sweaty suits, the lumps and bruises, the feeling you get when pulling on a uniform before a game--these things are remembered by athletes long after they can recall the scores. The old saying, "You get out of it what you put into it" holds true in sports possibly more than any other activity. The members of this year's teams, from the beginners to the varsity, worked hard to improve themselves. The results are shown in the record books. At the time of this writing, track season has not yet started, but if football and basketball are any indication of the future, the cinder squad will also be highly successful. A preview of the coming track campaign is included in this section. A review of the accomplishments of the past year would not be complete without paying tribute to the coaching staff. It has been said that a coach is no better than his team. No doubt that is true, but it is also an established fact that a team is no better than their coach. Mr. Behnke, assisted by Mr. Hegwood, has worked long hours teaching not only fundamentals, but the principles of good sportsmanship as well. The spirit of the athletic teams has been tremendous. This is due to cooperation onthe part of the cheerleaders, the Pep Club, and the older fans, in attending the games in defeat as well as victory. Any ball club will play better before packed stands, rather than empty bleachers. The future of AlWood athletics looks very bright. The varsity of tomorrow--the junior high school, enjoyed fine seasons. The seventh grade lost only one game during the entire basketball schedule, including winning the Cornbelt Conference lightweight tournament. The eighth grade, playing strong opposition from several larger schools, won many more games than they lost. This year's crop of freshmen includes several boys who will undoubtedly form the nucleus of a winning varsity team in coming years. Dean Fischer--Sports Editor George Wright--Assistant 56Coach Gene Behnke was born in Kewanee and attended schools there for his preparatory education. After his graduation from Kewanee High School, he served for two years in the army. Mr. Behnke continued his education at Monmouth College, majoring in physical education and also finding time to participate in football and track. In his senior year, coach was captain of the football squad. He graduated from Monmouth in 1951, and coached and taught at Gladstone-Oquawka High School before coming to AlWood this year. Mr. Behnke is married and has one son. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Wanda Nimrick, Barbara Lee, Marlene Lucas ASSISTANT COACH Dan Hegwood HERNDON'S GROCERY I Woodhull, 111. LYMAN GUSTUS Real Estate Alpha, 111.BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Thulin. Mgr., Bob Krans, Dale Willett, Russ Swanson. Bill Taylor. Charles Underwood, Ray Litton, DeWayne Magnuson, Jim Diffenbaugh, Mgr. SECOND ROW: Vernon Spivey. Dean Fischer, George Wright, George Beck, Pat Kness, Richard Hambleton, Max Davison, Dave Barton, Gary Johnson, Richard Under wood. THIRD ROW: Coach Behnke, Jack Perry, Bill Krueger, Harry Carlson. Keith Erlandson, Dave Roberts, Harold Caulkins, Clifford Franks, Paul Kronsted, Wesley White, LeRoy Willett, Sid Rutledge, Mgr. FOOTBALL 1953-1954 SCHEDULE AND SCORES CORNBELT CONFERENCE STANDINGS AlWood Opponents TEAM W L T PCT. Sept. 18 Wyoming there 0 31 Orion 7 0 0 1.000 Sept. 25 Cambridge here 13 6 A1W ood 5 2 0 . 714 Oct. 2 W inola here 20 13 Sherrard 4 2 1 . 667 Oct. 9 Atkinson there 25 6 Atkinson 3 2 2 . 600 Oct. 16 Sherrard here 6 20 Winola 3 3 1 . 500 Oct. 23 Reynolds here 14 0 Cambridge 1 5 1 . 167 Oct. 30 Williams- there 50 6 Reynolds 1 5 1 . 167 field Williams- 1 6 0 . 143 Nov. 6 Orion there 6 27 field Conference Games Compliments of LUALLEN MOTOR SALES Woodhull, 111.CLIFFORD FRANKS Junior--Tackle; Numeral--3 JACK PERRY Junior--Fullback; Numeral--2, Letter--3 RUSSELL SWANSON Sophomore--Halfback; Numeral--2 RICHARD UNDERWOOD Senior--Fullback; Letter--2, 3, 4; All Conf. 2nd Team Fullback 3 RICHARD HAMBLETON Senior--Center; Letter--2, 3, 4; All Conf. 2nd Team Center 4 GEORGE WRIGHT Senior--End; Numeral--2, Letter-- 3, 4; All Conf. 2nd Team End 4 DEAN FISCHER Senior--Quarterback; Letter 2, 3,4; Co-Captain 4; All Conf. 1st Team Quarterback 4 BOB KRANS Sophomore--Halfback; Numeral--2 DALE WILLETT Sophomore--Guard Letter--2 Compliments of WOODHULL MOTOR CO Woodhull, 111. 59 Compliments of SWANSON SONS Woodhull, 111.DAVID ROBERTS Sophomore--End; Letter--2 WESLEY WHITE Senior--Guard; Numeral--3, Letter 4 LeROY WILLETT Junior--Halfback; Letter--2, 3 KEITH ERLANDSON Sophomore--Tackle; Numeral--2 PAUL KRONSTED Junior--End; Numeral--2, Letter--3 GEORGE BECK Senior--Tackle; Letter--2, 3,4; All Conf. 1st Team Tackle 4. DeWAYNE MAGNUSON Sophomore--Tackle; Numeral--2 HARRY CARLSON Junior--Center; Numeral--2, Letter--3 60 DEAN BRIGGS Machine Tiling Trenching PAT KNESS Senior--Guard; Letter--2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; All Conf. 1st Team Guard 3; All Conf. 2nd Team Guard 4 Alpha, 111.VERNON SPIVEY GARY JOHNSON Senior--Halfback; Letter--2, 3, 4, Senior--End; Letter 3, 4 Hon. Men. All Conf. Halfback 3 MAX DAVISON BILL TAYLOR Senior--Guard; Letter--3,4 Sophomore--Halfback; Numeral—2 BILL KRUEGER Junior--Quarterback; Letter--2, 3 RAYMOND LITTON Sophomore--Guard; Numeral--2 ALPHA T. V. AND RADIO Basil Jordan, Prop. Alpha, 111. DAVID BARTON Junior--Tackle; Letter--2, 3 HAROLD CAULKINS Junior--End; Numeral--2, Letter—3 CHARLES UNDERWOOD Sophomore--guard; Numeral--2BOTTOM ROW, L. TOR.: LeRoy Willett, Jack Perry, Bill Frantz, Charles Thulin, Wayne Kapple, Wesley White, Clifford Franks. TOP ROW, L. TO R.: Coach Behnke, Dave Barton, George Wright, George Beck, Dean Fischer, Richard Hambleton, Bill Krueger, Harold Caulkins. R [ $ [ R » [ S BOTTOM ROW, L. TO R.: Russell Swanson, Ray Brown, Bob Krans, Bill Scott. TOP ROW, L. TO R.: Dale Willett, Gary Frenell, Dave Roberts, John Baird, Ted Plunkett, Coach Behnke. Compliments of BUBON'S SERVICE STATION Alpha, 111. 62 Compliments of OPHIEM GROCERY E. Lucas, Prop. Ophiem, 111.RICHARD HAMBLETON Senior--Forward; Award-Letter HAROLD CAULKINS Junior--Center; Award—Letter GEORGE BECK Senior--Forward; Award—Letter BILL KRUEGER Junior--Guard; Award—Letter JACK PERRY Junior--Guard; Award--Letter NELSON LINDSEY Woodhull, 111. DEAN FISCHER Senior—Center; Award--Letter VERNON SPIVEY Senior-Forward; Award—Letter GEORGE WRIGHT Senior—Guard; Award--Letter WAYNE KAPPLE Senior—Guard; Award—Letter LeROY WILLETT Junior--Forward WESLEY WHITE CLIFFORD FRANKS Senior—Guard Junior—Center BILL FRANTZ Junior—Forward WOODHULL CO-OPERATIVE GRAIN CO. Woodhull. 111. DAVE BARTON Junior—Center; Award—Letter PETERSON-WALLIN-KNOX Furniture Dealers Funeral Directors Woodhull Alpha CHARLES THULIN Senior—Guard; Award--Letter1953-54 marked the third year that Sid Rutledge has been manager of football, basketball, and track. John Thulin, being just a junior, has served for two years. A manager's life isn't all pleasure. Of course they get in to all the games free, but they certainly earn it. It is a big responsibility to see that all the equipment arrives safely, and to answer the players' assorted whims. Therefore, a tribute should be paid to AlWood's two loyal managers, Sid Rutledge and John Thulin, 1953-54 VARSITY BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD SEASON RECORD AlWood 48 Knoxville 36 AlWood 28 Knoxville 65 ♦ AlWood 38 Cambridge 44 ♦AlWood 32 Cambridge 46 ♦AlWood 42 Atkinson 38 ♦AlWood 39 Atkinson 56 ♦ AlWood 47 W inola 51 ♦AlWood 56 Winola 36 ♦AlWood 73 Sherrard 70 ♦AlWood 55 Sherrard 53 ♦AlWood 73 Reynolds 51 ♦AlWood 54 Reynolds 22 AlWood 49 Joy 63 AlWood 42 Joy 63 ♦AlWood 65 Williamsfield 40 ♦AlWood 59 Williamsfield 32 ♦AlWood 64 Orion 62 ♦AlWood 46 Orion 70 ♦AlWood 57 Cambridge 46 ♦AlWood 38 Cambridge 51 AlWood 55 Ale do 77 AlWood 49 Aledo 46 ♦AlWood 49 Winola 58 ♦ AlWood 49 Winola 61 AlWood 66 Galva 69 AlWood 37 Galva 57 ♦AlWood 58 Atkinson 54 ♦AlWood 35 Atkinson 46 ♦AlWood 70 Sherrard 66 ♦AlWood 66 Sherrard 43 ♦AlWood 70 Reynolds 55 ♦AlWood 49 Reynolds 54 ♦AlWood 60 Williamsfield 47 AlWood 47 Joy 62 AlWood 67 Joy 65 ♦AlWood 38 Orion 66 ♦AlWood 61 Orion 72 AlWood 45 Knoxville 55 AlWood 79 Knoxville 54 ♦ denotes Sophomore Conference ♦denotes Conference games Competition CORNBELT CONFERENCE CORNBELT CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT BASKETBALL STANDINGS AlWood 56 W inola 60 Won Lost Pet. Orion 12 —T 7557 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Winola 11 3 . 786 AlWood 62 Little York 49 AlWood 10 4 . 714 AlWood 59 Keithsburg 62 Sherrard 7 7 . 500 Cambridge 7 7 . 500 Atkinson 6 8 . 429 Williams - 3 11 . 214 field Reynolds 0 14 . 000 Compliments of BILL FINDLAY -- JOSTEN'S Sterling, 111.L. to R. Rich Bloomberg, Wayne Kapple George Beck, Dean Fischer Rich Underwood, Wayne Kapple Bolstered by the return of nine lettermen from last year's squad, AlWood's prospects look exceptionally bright. Balance should keynote this season's squad, both in track and field events, as a great deal is expected from the current crop of sophomores. Of the returning lettermen, Kapple Spivey, and Bergstrom are proven dash men; Underwood runs the low hurdles and sprints; Max Davison scores points in the 880 and the mile. Field events are performed by Beck and Wright, who participate in the high jump and pole vault; Fischer and Underwood are broad jumpers. Dave Barton puts the shot and throws the discus. Dean Fischer George BeckMarcia and Wanda 67“Senior CL Will enior ia3S We, the members of the Class of 1954, being in our right minds, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament, to be read on the 14th of May. I, Leonard Anderson, will my ability to drive old cars to Jim Bergstrom. I, Donald Beachler, will my white shoes to Gayle Johnson. I, George Beck, will my fourth period study halls to my beloved brother Herman Beck. 1, John Bredberg, will my ability to ride in back of trucks to Phyllis Gardner. I, Gayle Crawford, will my artistic ability to Charles Underwood. I, Miriam Dahlstrom, will my book reports to Leroy Willett. I, Max Davison, will my quiet ways to Wanda Nimrick. I, Dolores DeRew, will my cheerleading ability to Jewneel Walker. 1, Donald Doubler, will my "secret love" to Paul Kronsted. 1, Shirley Doxsee, will my many romance magazines to Betty Wadham. I, Virginia Greenup, will my enthusiasm to Kent Kessler. I, Alice Gustafson, will my perfect attendance at Hi's Roller Rink to Shirley Doubler. I, Dean Fischer, will my scholastic and athletic ability to Marvin Palm. I, Richard Hambleton, will my girl friends to Bill Morland, as I will find some college girls on campus. I, Gertrude Henderson, will my knowledge of dancing to Paul Kronsted. I, Nancy Ingram, will my A's to James Diffenbaugh. I, Gary Johnson, will my "curly" hair to Herman Beck. I, Patty Johnson, will my ability to tame cats to Cynthia Fleharty. I, Peggy Johnson, will my many activities and offices to Janice Bodeen. I, Gurnie Jordan, will my dark complexion to Carolee Murdock. I, Wayne Kapple, will my romantic moods to John Thulin. I, Pat Kness, will my clean car to Kent Kessler. I, Shirley Krueger, will my ability to get along with people to Barbara Cushman. I, Ethel Kugler, will my bowling ability to Ruby McDowell. I, Richard Lucas, will my black wavy hair to Doris Carlson. I, Janice Lundblad, will my ability as a violinist to my sister Lucille Lundblad. I, Charles Miller, will my boots to Joyce Ossian. I, Doris Pearson, will my good disposition to Cynthia Fleharty. I, Alan Peterson, will my ability to play basketball to Bill Krueger. 1, Sidney Rutledge, will my sense of humor to David Barton. I, Wanda Sanders, will my ability to work at the Diner to Marcia Rehn. I, Vernon Spivey, will my laugh to Dolly Spivey. I, Frances Schnowske, will my diamond to Carol Litton. I, Marlene Taylor, will my blonde hair to Jack Perry. I, Richard Taylor, will my ability to park in front of a fire station to Dale Phillis. I, Rose Taylor, will my ability to sing to Marian Leafgreen. I, Charles Thulin, will my clean shoes to Harold Caulkins. I, Keith Underwood, will my ability to drive to Marlene Lucas. I, Richard Underwood, will my ability to take care of cows to Richard Bloomberg. I, Wesley White, will my ambition to Harry Carlson. I, George Wright, will my ability to argue to Barbara Swihart. I, Richard Welch, will my dark hair and eyes to Gayle Johnson.A Pepsi truck driven by none other than Beachler, Is stopped by the Canadian Mounty, Charles Miller. We pass "Pete's" Beauty Salon managed by Lucas--A place where our guides very promptly took us. In a modern establishment, George Beck is found. His ballet students not uttering a sound. Next door we see Alice Gustafson, It's a bachelor's home that she does run. Down the street is a famous dog hospital. Where the Anesthetist, Gert Henderson, does quite a little. Pat Kness, the Jaguar dealer, is doing good business, It seems that Woodhull likes Fords less and less. In Alpha we entered the Resort Hotel, Fran Schnowske’s services to us they did sell. In this dream another vision to us did come We do hope you won’t think us stupid or dumb. Nancy Ingram is dean of an embalming school With lots of talented pupils under her rule. Richard Hambleton coaches a girls' swimming team. Bikinis to him are more than a dream. At the Waldorf, Miriam Dahlstrom is seen— She's the connoisseur, and her taste is quite keen. On Hudson Hornets Dick Taylor places the sting But out in private, the Ford's just the thing. At Buckingham Palace is snake charmer Rose While round her the rattlers and cobras do pose. Doris Pearson has found quite the job. Designing Liberache's toothbrush would make anyone sob. Sid Rutledge, it seems, enjoys a good game As an African head-hunter, yet he still acts the same. Levi's Band has found a new gal And playing percussion suits Jan»ce just swell. Alan Peterson is now very famous As executor at Alcatraz, we're really quite jealous. Wanda Sanders, on a ship to Mars Is stewardess, way up there in the stars. To the manicurist at "Pete's" we stopped to say "Hi." There we found Vernon, and really a good guy. As cheerleading instructor at RMA Is Marlene Taylor, so cheery and gay. Chick Thulin is employed at Yale As professor of Home Ec., and he likes it swell. Designing uniforms for Waves sounds like great fun And at this Keith Underwood isn't so dumb. For himseif George Wright has made a big name. Senior prophecy PROPHETIC NIGHTMARE ass Nightmares are said to be quite bad. Most are gruesome, some quite sad. For this one you must be the judge. Whether it be in approval or grudge. The year, we find, is '73 And this is where this class may be. We, in wandering down the street. Are told this tale which is quite complete. Designing Alley Oop's wardrobe has brought him great fame. Wes White we found on the ship Queen Mary, As a swabby there, not long does he tarry. Rich Underwood manages DiMaggio's affairs. Well satisfied--he has few troubles or cares. Gayle Crawford is busily occupied Painting Whistler’s Father, in you we'll confide. A new manager Marciano has found And Leonard Anderson suits him all around. In Texas, Max Davison auctioneers oil While on the side he produces tin foil. Dolores DeRew sells for Fuller Brush And from door to door she does often rush. Manufacturing bird cages sounds like great sport. This Gary Johnson does--some tall and some short. Patty Johnson we found employed in Japan Weaving rugs with her own two hands. Dean Fischer, we're told, is always in demand, For marriage counselors are needed all over the land. In a photo lab, Shirley Doxsee is seen. Working in the dark room to her seems quite keen. Operating lie detectors is quite a new fad. And Virginia doesn't seem to think it so bad. On bow-legged cowboys Shirley Krueger does work. And on these operations, please do not smirk. Doing commercials for "Carter's" to us sounds like fun. And John Bredburg sees that this work is well done. On Person to Person, Don Doubler now works As a sub for Ed Murrow when hardship may lurk. Howdy Doody has hired Welch, we are told. He writes the script, in return gets much gold. Ethel Kugler by Ringling Brothers has been hired— Training worms is what keeps her from being fired. Taxidermists by museums are always needed, And Wayne, in Chicago, this call he has heeded. Teaching robots is fun, we heard Peggy say, And she likes her job better after every day. An MGM talent scout, Gurnie now is--Traveling over the country accomplishing this. Thus ending this dream, we fully awoke And gave ourselves a great big poke. How thankful we were to find with glee That only a nightmare this story might I y)LooJ Senior -JIi(iti behoof 9‘ "Are there any more announce- "What are you grumbling All thumbs! ments?" (morning and noon about now?" (Paul K. (Senior Home Ec. redecorating) announcements) taking lunch count) Masterminds at work. "Beans again!" Study (?) Hall (3rd period shop class) (Chow time in grade school) "1-2-3- Sing!" (4th period Mixed Chorus) Behnke buried in the book (6th period Economics class) "And that's that for another day. "YEARBOOKS

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