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X. 2 C 7'- X, Q X. .xl ,x x . l .-1 , . ,, gf,-A ,-94... ,:. , ,. . ,1.,- -5' .Q ,,-7 ,.',--ff .,.- Q. 4 fin, -,f 7-jr, ,ff-, .2-I A.-YJ, ,-,,, , ,ul ' ,741 -N., --V -, -A . - -.. , L , . Af , N, . f ,--.Y , , -, , , f-,j,,- , ,. f,,,,T-, ,--1, ,.f,, . --,ffb .V 5, ,ff-, ,-,Y 11,3 - .1 , , , ,,-, , N, S x X 5 x K. hi YS X. x Q? -'!5yx XJX1g1 'ns ff' X '33 '.- -'fs Aw. AH L .- ,L ,fr f f ,f0,.4 A -. Ar' E f 9 ' xl' ,- '. Z. 1? ., -P 6 gf. S. Si an '-f-:..g, x..-1 -Y --fr'-'-, af, f,r1 -vm -r,,.-wa . ,L ,- -,A A-.57 ,F x-.ff -. -4-.1v,u. g:-:, r- .f-fer. ,ffff-' W-' sl-Q-,' -1: -rfb ,N -M- , . ,Q--' T' . . 4' P 51. ,Y . ' s , -' r ' X - IJ- ' Hgx' wtf' hifi- -' -' ii:-, x.:+ ' ' 4 .Lx -7' -gi J' N. r -4:3514-f .AAT I .115 ' f! s' ff'-7 zdfxf' . q ..-'-: . '-ff'? - 'f'JCA!. '.' A'f'f Zf'f f f' '-',. '- . ' Y .f - J Ff- B U X ,Sw- Y X II' II W wx A HIRIWIIRII ln day ol yore the feudal lands were ruled by the Nobles and Lords They were the over seers ofthe serfs and peasants who dld the work and l1ved on the land We thmk there 15 an 1nter estmg correlat1on when we cons1der our days at Al'Wood 1n that lxght It 15 wxth th1s 111 m1nd that As a means of thanlung Mr Bhck for a year of hard work and unselfmsh dewotxon we wxsh to ded1cate the Scroll to h1m VN e are very grateful for hms encouragement and enthuslasm at the tlmes when our enthus Lasm was at a low ebb He has helped to make our work enjoyable and we trust that thms volume wmll be a remxnder of hxs second year at AlWood Semor I-hgh School Z we present THE SCROLL., , r . gxf girministrntinn ff I A MESSAGE EIEIIM MH E HER Wi ,4-use-Qu ffm ,Qt gg A One of the many tasks that confront the schools mn Amer1ca today 15 to help young people to develop mto a school c1t1zenry wh1ch 1S capable of makmg sound dec1s1ons whlch possesses moral strength and whlch has an awareness of sp1r1tual val ues ln order for the schools to meet th1s 1'eSpOHS1b1l1ty they need the co operatlon of the commumty and of the home The hlgh schools of today must by v1rtue of the1r respons1b1l 1ty enrlch the1r program so as to provlde a wlde range of educa t1onalopportun1t1es for the1r students As you look through thms yearbook prepared by a staff com posed of students and the1r adv1sor you wlll see the record 1n both wrltten and plcture form of some of the educat1onal act1v 1t1es our hlgh school students experlence In future years as these students look at th1s yearbook and thmk back to cherlshed exper1ences of the1r student days then w1ll the complete value of a hlgh school program reveal ltself E E F1SCheT Superxntendent 6 , vi ? V Q ' , fl 0 Cl .-157 Ckfll 1 . ,',' M W'l '!. ,'fffg4'iW1?i-5' 11 zzz? ' E 25 ' r f',f:E4Eiff?l'gQ ' N 14fZyf,J4!4 jjj' - , A f 1 ar K ,T Ein HE ,ET H I ,, L, ,fx :Q-fggffgpjgf my ,ttc X a ! , - i . . , A MESSAGE HHIM MH MHZIIER Th1s year marks the th1rd ann1versary of the publ1cat1on of an an nual by the AlWood Senlor Hlgh School The class of 1953 IS the frrst class of the AlWood Schools to have had the opportumty to have all three years of the1r senlor h1gh school act1v1t1es recorded ln a year book The publ1sh1ng of th1s h1gh school annual has 1nvolved many hours of work Part of th1s work was 1n carrylng out act1v1t1es by the entlre class 1n ra1s1ng money to flnance the book Many hourls were spent by the annual staff and thelr sponsor Mr Bhck 1n comp1l1ng mater1al for the book Many people 1n our commun1ty together w1th people from near by towns have helped generously by patron1z1ng our a.ct1v1t1es for ra1s1ng money The edltors of the Annual Staff Marllyn Nelson and Carol Bro hne along w1th the Sen1or Class sponsors Mr Bhck and Mr Met zger w1sh to thank the AlWood faculty student body school board Mr F1scher and commumty for the1r help and co operatmon ln mak mg the yearbook a success D E Metzger Pr1nc1pal 7 0 i 2 ' 9 , - , , l I - 1 n 9 1 . , - - . . , AlWO0H SINHHWIHGH SCH00l BUARU UFEDUCAIIUN Da Swanson John Whimp y K Rus 11151 R11 dL dey if Lest S h t J hW h ',.-n. - nv? ff 11 WI!- L cgi- -?-2 ff IIUSHIIIIM STAFF Mrs Bowman Mrs Perry ardMrs Anderson Cooks Mrs X rrgrl Bodeen Alvrn Trrgg Mrs James Byrd School Nurse Custodran Secretary WOODHULL BUS DRIVERS ALPHA Bl 5 DRIX bRS Wes Cam Clarence Luallen Howard Lrke and W alter Allen Vrrgrl Bodeen Iohn Epperson Brll Anderson Leonard Hazelrrbg George Bland and Bunn 9 Werr w . , . , r . , ,. . . . I .. n 1 9 1 n- - ' 'Y 'w I v 1 sig. 'Rf Q' M. D. HAINLINE Industrial Arts DONALD E. MET ZGER Geometry, Advanced Algebra 'TIF W vw ., E A F 'x A: gr, MRS. DONALD MET ZGER Home Economics ROBERT TURNER Coach, History MISS BEVERLY GUSTUS Choral Music MISS DOROTHEA BECKER English III and IV The faculty co-operated with the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools on a Special re- port on Criterion 3 to the Commission on Secondary Schools. Miss Edie, Home Economics teacher joined the AlWood Faculty on December l, 1952 replacing Mrs. Metzger, sub- stitute teacher. fl 'QI In December the faculty visited the Monmouth Schools to observe methods of teaching. Meetings were held at various in- WILLIAM HANCOCK Agriculture EUGENE B LICK Commercial Instructor MISS MIRIAM EDIE Home Economics LOUIS BROWNING BiolOgY: Chemistry and Physics MRS. GLENN ANDERSON English Il and Girls P. E. DON RIGGLE Band tervals during the school year at which '- time pertinent problems were discussed. The faculty enjoyed a Weiner roast at Crescent Lake in the fall. 1557 'T+- f 6162 f ef ig, 3 A 5 1 K F if iii: The Dukes, the Barons, the Vassals, the Peasants. . .all were integral parts of the A1Woodian Kingdom. . . 'wifi ii ti 'T 52 CARL NELSON- Felix Class President 3, 4 F.F.A. I, 2, 3,4 F.F. A. Reporter 2 F.F.A. Secretary 3 F.F. A. President 4 Chorus I,2, 3, Student Council I,2, 3, 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Class Play 3 Basketball 4 GERALD NELSON- Jerry Class Secretary 3 Class Vice-Presi- dent 4 Football 4 Basketball 3,4 Track 2,4 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3 King's Attendant 4 MARILYN NELSON- Nellie Class Vice-President 2 Class Secretary 4 G. A.A. 2, 3,4 F.H.A. 1,2 Girls Chorus I, 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Yearbook 4 School Paper 4,1 Office Secretary 4 NATALIE NELSON- Nat Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus, Accompanist 2, 3 Class Treasurer 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 F. H. A. I, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 MARLENE SWANSON- Deed G.A. A. 2, 3,4 G.A.A. Vice Pres. 4 F.H.A. I,2, 3 Mixed Chorus I,2 Ensemble 2 Student Council 4 School Paper 4 Cheerleader 3 Office Secretary 4 VIRGIL SPIVEY-'Butch' F.F.A. I,2, 3,4 Football I,2,3,4 Basketball I,2,3 Track I,2,3, 4, Student Council 3,4 King 4 0I'5 BEVERLY ANDERSON 'Pee Wee F. H. A. I,2, 3 Music I School Paper 4 Librarian I Office Secretary 4 CAROLE ANDERSON F.H.A. I, 3,4 Music I School Paper 4 Yearbook 4 JACK ANDERSON Music 2,4 Football I Basketball I Yearbook 4 Librarian I GEORGE BARTON Football Mgr. I Basketball Mgr. I CAROL BROLINE G.A.A. 3,4G.A.A. Reporter 3 Class Reporter I,3,4 F.H.A. I,2,3,4 F. H. A. Treasurer I F.H.A. Reporter 2, 3 F. H. A. Secretary 4 Student Council I Yearbook 4 Paper Staff I Band I Gir1's Chorus I,2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 LEROY CARLSON Football I Basketball I Track I, 2,3 Yearbook 4 fi' M fl, ' Fw, f, fiip, ' 'll' . fn f A K2 J ,-iii? v -w g ,v ,,v,::,3,f'fE'1 ,,,.f ,. gf'--,.5f'.Y f -,A 4,3 ,153 ,1ggg?:,5hii,' ,ww,,,, ' fait if. , I 4 4 ' Y 'rn ' ,, gy : . .ivy-5: H W ' ' ,Y i 1 M 1 31 5 -'-2, i ' Id? fr . Q' Ju' 'iw A MA .J f,, fi' 4 - 2' ' :wa ., . --442-4.zf,,,+, 1. . ,kgg ,eb . 4 ,X L, 1 Q 1. , A 4. Xwftg M-, , . Que K .V -' ' MSM ' if 'Q'?i244f' .fn :V V ,:,Mg. x' '- 755, A. gi 3 ' ,MP Q' I A ing 1 x f.s.'.,' ' ' , ffzfgg, ' I ., fl W '15 A ,. 14 A - H .L .Qi , a 1- ...ZQLQ f, . 3:4 :- wk. U gy , I !:,TiQ v A 4 w':.g3y,: vii ,fb f -' 33 'A , if fi: ,A . ff-qw 1 f V11 J, , z .gk X k k 4' fm-4 1 nn- Q 1 I ' ,fi .7 W Effii g ' Vx QQ x A I. mr! ' 'Q ,, Wa- . ' , 13 'imp S f iff N Q ' o fx ' ' 'T . u ' '52, - , ' . ,, ,Ja gr' , ,Q 'Y-fu . 4 1. 11. f - R 1,. ?' ' f , VY, ' bu. 4 N x yfffifggjegl if l N- g. k,?.wl,v,..-if-',,, 4- , 3 r': -f-11-GHS -21 , 1 '51-:V-'i ??F ?'?'7' . ' if 4 .... A ,H , , fig! T 1 'iff '53 1 fifew 4 -if SBP? .77-'Q I 'S-. Sen MARY MILLER G.A.A. 2, 3,4 G.A.A. Vice President 3 G. A.A. Point Chairman 4 Chorus 1,2 School Paper 1,4 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 2, 3 Librarian 3 Office Secretary 4 .IEAN NORBERG- Red G.A.A. 2,3,4 F.1-LA. r,2,3,4 F.H.A. Song Leader 1,2 F.H.A. Sec- retary 3 Sextet I, 2 Ensemble 2,3,4 Quartet 3,4 Girls Chorus I,2,3, 4 Mixed Chorus I,2, 3,4 Chorus Librarian 4 Student Council I Yearbook 4 School Paper I, 4 Class Play 3 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4 Office Secretary 4 HELEN PAGE F. H. A. I,2, 3,4 Chorus I G.A.A. 2 School Paper 4 MARGARET PERRY- Marg Class President I, 2 G.A.A. 2,3, 4 F. H.A 1, 2, 3 Girls Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus 2 Girls Ensemble 2 Student Council I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council President I, 4 Student Council Vice Pres. 3 Yearbook 3,4 School Paper I, 4 Queen I, 4 Class Play 3 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4 Office Secretary 4 WILLIAM PETERSON- Wild Bill Transfer from Woodland Park, Colorado Class Treasurer 1,2 School Band I, 2 Yearbook 4 JOAN PLUNKETT- Jo G.A.A. r Pep Club 1 F.H.A. 1,2 Chorus I Yearbook 4 School Paper 4 0125 MARILYN ROBERTS- Pinky Class Vice President 3 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 F. I-I. A. I, 2, 4 Chorus I,2, 3, 4 Pianist I General Chair. Athletic Banquet 3 Student Council I Yearbook 4 FLORENCE SCHATTEMAN- Flo Class Treasurer 2 G. A. A. 2, 3,4 G.A. A. President 3 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 F. H.A. President I F.H.A. Parlia- mentarian 2 F. H.A. Vice President 3 Chorus I,2, 3,4 Band r,2, 3,4 Year- book 4 Class Play 3 Queen Attendant 2, 3, 4 Librarian I MARNA JEAN SWANSON- Slim G.A. A. 2, 3,4 G.A.A. Reporter 4 F.H. 2, 3 Chorus I,2 Yearbook 4 MARGARET SWIHART- Maggie F. H. A. I, 2, 3,4 Sextet I Girls Chorus I, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus I,2, 3, 4 Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Band I,2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 School Paper 1,4 Librarian I Office Secretary 4 MARIE WILLETT G.A.A. 2,3,4 F.H.A.1,2 Chorus I School Paper 4 RICHARD WILSON- Dick Track 3,4 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3 5' A Margaret Perry was chosen to represent the AlWood Senlor H1gh School as the Daughters of the Amerlcan Revolutlon award w1nner Pomts cons1dered were dependablhty servlce an honor student and engaged 1n many extracur rlcular act1v1t1es 1nclud1ng Cv A A Chorus Class Plays the ACE and the SCROLL She has been a member of the Student Counc1l for three years and served as 1ts V1ce Pres1dent dur1ng her Jumor year and Pres1dent dur1ng her semor year Margaret was Queen of the 1952 I-Iomecom1ng Senwr Azi1u1i1e5 The Semor Class of 1953 selected thelr class off1cers as follows Pres1dent Carl Nelson V1ce Presldent Gerald Nelson Secretary Mar1lyn Nelson Treas urer Natalle Nelson Reporter Carol Brollne The Student Counc1l represent atlves were Margaret Perry who was Pres1dent of th1S orgaruzatxon V1rg1l Sp1vey Carl Nelson and Marlene Swanson Durlng the I-lomecomlng fest1v1t1es relgned over by Margaret Perry and V1r g1l Splvey the Sen1or Class float wh1ch deplcteda wlnter snow scene won the Grand Pr1ze over all the floats 1n the parade The Sen1ors also had charge of the concesslon stand at the Homecomlng game Sh1rley Lucas Sh1rley Johnson and Janet Krueger represented thelr class at GIIISV State at MacMurray College 1D JaCkSOl'1V1ll8 lll1no1s dur1ng June of 1953 As an addxtlonal boost to the class treasury, It was dec1ded that each semor would donate one workmg day s pay to the class A m1n1mum was set at 55, and a maxlmum at 58. The yearbook staff worked up an assembly program to help boost annual sales They presented lt at both the Sen1or I-hgh and Junlor I-hgh It was produced on a H1llb1lly theme Besldes sponsor1ng the Annual, the Semor class also sponsored the ACE, the school paper The Typlng ll class, made up of senlor g1rls, published the ACE once every two weeks The I-l1ghl1ghts , a talent show sponsored by the Senlors each year, was presented on March Z7 The Sen1or Class Play was presented Aprll 30 1n Wood hull and May l mn Alpha Z0 A . . . . , . , leadership and citizenship. Margaret has been . . . . . . I A W , I 1 ' of or U 0 . . . : . , S . . I 9 , . 3 - 3 Q I . ' I - . , . . . . , . . A D 7 ' , - 9 . , . , . I I . , . . Senior Class Illag LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Rrchard W1lson Donald Luallen Wrllram Peterson Carl Nelson Jack Anderson SECOND ROW Beverly Anderson Jean Norberg Judy Johnson Margaret Perry Martha Llnes Mary Mtller Shrrley Lee Carol Brollne THIRD ROW Shxrley Johnscn Marlene Swanson Florence Schatteman Martha McCurdy Lo1s Drffenbaugh Martlyn Roberts Manlyn Nelson Father Was a Housew1fe was presented by the Sen1or Class at Alpha Thursday Apr1l 30 and at Woodhull on the follow1ng even1ng The play was d1rected by Mlss Becker Spec1al entertamrnent was presented between acts CAST Juhe Butler a stxteen year old sparkler Margaret Perry and Judy Johnson Doug Butler her twln a motorcycle ftend Carl Nelson Dr Ann Butler the1r mother a successful M D Martha L.1nes Tom Butler thetr netghbor Shtrley Johnson and Martha McCurcly Hank Stelncke a salesman Jack Anderson Warren Doug's frtend and ltkewtse a cycle addtct Wtlltam Pet erson Sergeant Lutzfelder a local poltce offlcer Donald Luallen Mrs Cran f1eld an 1mpat1ent pattent Marlene Swanson and Beverly Anderson Mrs Ames a ttmtd pattent Florence Schatteman and Martlyn Roberts Pat Flanagan the eff1c1ent nurse Mary M1ller and Shtrley Lee Mrs Norms the hlgh school pr1nc1pal's wtfe Carol Broltne and Nata11e Nelson Mtss Osborne a bustness woman Lots Dxffenbaugh and Martlyn Nelson Calvm Pepper a d1sc Jockey R1chard W1lson Cynthla Lewts a stnger .Jean Norberg Zl . 1 ' ' . . ' ' . . . : , , , , . I , ' . i . . z . I ' H . H . , , . . . 3 . I . - ,, H, 9 , . , . l g I , . , . ', . 1 , . father, an unsuccessful song writer, Gerald Nelsong Mrs. Hanson, a motherly . , . 3 . , , S , . . . . , . . - 5 , ' ' , 1 - . , . . . , 5 A . . . , . Q , . . I . . 5 U . , . . . . y . , g . , . , . . . 3 . 1 . . l . . 5 . . I . y H Annual Staff M 1 ,I FIRST ROW Carol Brolme Jack Anderson Mary M1ller Mr Bl1Ck SECOND ROW Margaret Swrhart Marllyn Nelson Carole Anderson Jean Norberg THIRD ROW Martha McCurdy Lots Dlffenbaugh Shlrley Lee Florence Schatteman Janet Krueger Margaret Perry Martha Lmes Peggy Johnson FOURTH ROW Marna Jean Swanson Dean Frscher Don Luallen B1ll Peterson Gerald Nelson Carl Nelson Dlck W1lson Joan Plunkett The year s program began w1th a wetner roast whtch was held at the home of Mr Bllck In September Manlyn Nelson and Carol Brollne attended the Ill1no1s State I-hgh School Press Assoc1at1on conventron at the Un1vers1ty of Illlnots where they galned pomters on yearbook constructlon The staff dlscarded all dtgntty when they presented a program rn h1ll b1lly style, complete w1th Slnglng commerc1als to promote yearbook sales In the followtng months they worked dllrgently comprlrng and ed1t1ng thts book Co Edttors Carol Brolme and Manlyn Nelson Photography Edltors Shirley Lee and Janet Krueger Art Edrtors Lots Drffenbaugh and Carole Anderson Sports Edltors Gerald Nelson and Carl Nelson Gtrls Sports Margaret Perry Features Martha LIDES and Jo Ann Plunkett Acuvmes and Clubs Margaret Swrhart Faculty Shlrley Lucas Classes Semor Martha McCurdy Junlor Florence Schatteman Sophomore Mary Mrller Freshman Mama Swan son Musxc Jean Norberg Busrness Managers Don Luallen Drck Wtlson and LeRoy Carlson Sales Managers Jack Anderson and B111 Peterson Assocrate Ed1tors Dean Frscher and Peggy Johnson ZZ I . l . 1 . , , ,.. . A,'. . . : .' I I I I I 'I ' I 1 , , 1 I l.,l I , . . . . . . . . -., . . z :.' :., ' .: '.: . :'. 2 . ': . ' :'. :' . . . 2 . ewspa er Staff P LEFT TO RIGHT ROW I Marxlyn Nelson Marlene Swanson Marllyn Epperson Beverly Anderson ROW II Helen Page Mane Wtllett Margaret Swlhart Jean Norberg Judy Johnson Carole Ander son ROW III Jo Ann Plunkett Mama Jean Swanson ROW IV Mary Miller Janet Krueger Shlrley Johnson Margaret Perry Shlrley Lee Martha Llnes The AlWood Ace was pubhshed by the Sentor Grrls Typmg Il Class The prlnctple postttons were gtven to the grrls who weren t on the year book staff A part of the class perlod was taken to plan the paper Thls was usually done two weeks 1n advance so the gtrls would have plenty of ttme to wrtte thetr artrcles These girls deserve a lot of credtt for gettmg the paper out on ttme every two weeks We were very proud ofthe Chrtstmas tssue The Staff sponsored a contest before Chrrstrnas Prrzes of S3 SZ and Sl were awarded to the students who submttted the best Chrmstmas story or poem All the entrtes were publtshed tn the Chrlstmas rssue Ed1tOT News Ed1tor Features Sports Art Ltbrary Muslc Marlene Swanson Martlyn Epperson Sh1rley Johnson Beverly Anderson Judy .Johnson Marna Swanson Martha Llnes Jo Plunkett Martlyn Nelson Janet Krueger Produc tl on Typrsts Advlsor Z3 Helen Page Marle Wlllett Jean Norberg Carole Anderson Shlrley Lucas Margaret Swrhart Margaret Perry Mary Mlller Shxrley Lee Mr Bllck 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . . . . . . 1 Q - u o ' 1 1 u . . . . . . - . 1 . . . . . . . . . . , . . 1 . . . . 0 - 4 e . . - . . . . ' ' ' ' 4, 2? 'E f . ..,, Q , 0.-.-vw , -,,., 1 H 5 1 V X if -- .W wl u ,J ff wk X, , f. s 'L' at - If v ll I ,gl l 4 I sg Q 5uni'n1'Q'1ass Glfficers Dean Fischer Vrce Presldent Srdney Rutledge Treasurer Peggy Johnson Secretary Sh1rley Krueger Presxdent Jnnwr Gflass lhsinrg Our class started malung hrstory when we were freshmen Our class off1cers were 9A Presldent Wayne Kapple V1ce Pres1dent Rlchard Underwood Sec retary Treasurer Fred B1vens 9B Presrdent Peggy Johnson VICE Pres1dent Sh1rley Krueger Secretary Treasurer Allce Gustafson The Student Counc1l of f1cers were Pres1dent Wayne Kapple V1ce Presldent, Sh1rley Krueger Secretar Treasurer, Peggy Johnson Our football record for the year was excellent and our basketball record was good Dur1ng our freshman year we helped erect a trophy case over the South door of the Jun1or H1gh and also cleaned the trophres ln the other case As IS trad1t1onal the Student Counc1l staged a farewell party for the Freshmen One of the bxg events of the even1ng was the coronatlon of the K1ng and Oueen That year Gary Harwood was chosen Klng and Sh1rley Krueger was crowned Queen Thexr attendants were Peggy Johnson and Wayne Kapple Durlng the Sophomore year our sponsors were Mr Don Rlggle and Mrs Bernlce Anderson Class offxcers were elected as follows Pres1dent Dean F1SChCr Vlce Presldent Sh1rley Krueger Secretary, Peggy Johnson Treasurer, Patsy 1-Iolds worth In the fall of the year a bad m1shap occurred to one of our members R1Ch ard Welch had a bad accxdent whlle help1ng h1s father do chores We also sponsored a dance 1n the m1ddle of the year That year Sh1rley Krueger was chosen as Sopho more attendant to the Homecormng queen The Sophomore boys won the Sophomore Cornbelt Conference Trophy In the Junxor year the class enrollment was st1ll around 45 The class offrcers were Presldent Sh1rley Krueger V1ce Presxdent Dean F1scher Secretary Peggy Johnson Treasurer Sxdney Rutledge Jane Cole left AlWood to attend the Vrlla de Chantel 1n Rock Island Ill1no1s The sponsors dur1ng the Jumor year were Mrs Anderson and M1ss Ed1e At the t1me th1s book went to press elaborate plans were underway for the Prom on May 15 1953 26 A 1 3 1 Q 1 5 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' I ' ' - 1 1 1 Y ' . - . . . . . . . , , 1 1 ' . , . - , - . ' . . I . . . Q - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . . , , . ilunwr Qvlass Dlag T7 C2 'fr lgifl-fi B Ig 5 'ini 1 lx!!! 231 29 ,Q LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Dean Fischer Virginla Greenup Rose Taylor Dale Fields Shirley Krueger Gary Harwood SECOND ROW Peggy Johnson Wayne Kapple Patty Johnson THIRD ROW Dolores DeRew Wanda Sanders Nancy Ingram Patsy Holdsworth Miriam Dahlsrrom Ethel Kugler Alice Gustafs in FOURTH ROW Dick Taylor Max Davison Charles Thulin George Beck Richard Harnbleton Sidney Rutledge Richard Under wood George Wr1ght Leonard Anderson Susie the Siren ' a three act comedy was presented at Alpha November 6 and Woodhull the following evening. The play was directed by Miss Becker. Variety numbers were presented be- tween acts. CAST: Susie the Siren Virginia Greenup' Mr. Reynolds her father Dale Fields' Mrs. Reynolds her mother Rose Taylor- Petey her young brother Wayne Kapples Midge 'her best girl friend Shirley Krueger' Gussie a young neighbor Peggy Johnson' Tim the vandal Dean Fischer- Blimp his pal Gary Harwood' Agnes Miriam Dahlstrom Wanda Sanders' Beverly Nancy Ingram Patsy Holdsworth' Nona Dolores DeRew' Jumbo a menace Richard Hambleton' Mr. Foley Sidney Rutledge' Mrs. Com- stock a visitor Alice Gustafson' Miss Oakey a teacher Patty Johnson Ethel Kugler' Dugan a policeman Richard Underwood' Extras Charles Thulin George Beck George 'NN right, Richard Taylor, Max Davison, Leonard Anderson. Z7 rv V vi Z? n 1 I 1 .44 f ,Q I 4 l 4 s I I r- l 14-x., -0f',v' l X, .. .fl Donald Doubler Shirley Doxsee Dale Fields va 49' V :vw ' all r .-5 f 'aw ,. r ' T2 ' 5 sy rx fi X A ., .!, A ll f. t ' l1 ,': I , 4 f -'AA . 3 .lfw dv .l - Dean Fischer Virginia Greenup Alice Gustafson 'Z fr? 1 x -47' JA' ki 5' Leonard Anderson Donald Beachler George Beck John Bredberg Gayle Crawford Miriam Dahlstrom Max Davison Dolores DeRew l Ju Richard Hambleton Gary Harwood Gertrude Henderson Patsy Holdsworth Nancy Ingram Gary Johnson Patty Johnson Peggy Johnson JUNI Gurnie Jordan Wayne Kapple Louis Kness Shirley Krueger Ethel Kugler Richard Lucas , 7-.Zim Charles Miller H g f - Doris Pearson is Ny, .auf I. I Alan Petersen Sidney Rutledge Wanda Sanders Frances Schnowske Vernon Spivey Marlene Taylor Richard Taylor Rose Marie Taylor Charles Thulin Keith Underwood Richard Underwood Richard Welch Wesley White George Wright ' 1 C we sl f N YJ N. lr b 1 ,fra X1 ',d . ,v 'O ig: ' i i b ' , p l an-A-4' 1 , I l- ' tj . l Y f '. an f ' 1 , X 2 555 f . W ' an mn 8 U . A .- i x f f ' 0 1 s. 'C ' y cs' VV a n ,4 ,v if , , 5. a'olf ',, lx is i f f -Q' - x 1- -'suv WJ-Q' ,- 1,3 1 A? T is ffl 5 U' 14' 33- ru- 2 f 'wc If C III - I ll' 55X . . N, A 'iam Ah zz.: . : ' Phyllis Gardner Dean Hall Anne Harwood Janet Holmes Gayle Johnson Kent Kessler David Barton Herman Beck Jim Bergstrom George Bloomberg Richard Bloomberg Janice Bodeen Doris Carlson Harry Carlson Philip Cathcart Harold Caulkins Barbara Cushman James Diffenbaugh Shirley Doubler Cynthia Fleharty Clifford Franks Bill Frantz Suph Class Officers: Cy- nthia Fleharty, Sec- retary, Dolly Spivey Presidentg Barbara Paul Kronsted Bill Krueger Marian Leafgreen Carol Litton Marlene Lucas Ruby McDowell Bill Morland Carolee Murdock Joyce Ossian Marvin Palm Patricia Peck Jack Perry Elizabeth Peterson Dale Phillis Edwin Plunkett Marcia Rehn 0l'B5' Dolly ' Spivey Barbara Swihart John UC' ? 'W' h -1' 4 , - 'C Y Sq -f f wi! I 49911 - ' fl fn ref- ,. .- v. 10 V1 10 - 'N x.- X f'7 Jlx rl X I I Q why W 'fe-'Y' ,...JVi Q ,gf A W .av 5527 'X ffgfffgl gg 4 x 16 1 ! nb .F X N ,i . f' ia rx? 0 ff 1. ' r P 7 Q TP Wrr. a -'T A 1-.111 i YN f Y 1 7' A .,, l F ,,, 'vs 1, - , 4 'fc fi? - if ' ' I Thulin Charles ,f ' if , Underwood Betty Wadham Swihart, Vice Pres- JeWnee1 Walker identg Anne Harwood , Leroy Willett Treasurer. K? ,, -1 I N i' ..97Qe'i, X .-- 55- ,N junior 'iiliigh 1 a'., IACIIHY Q . ., X H1 Ham11ton Custodman Mrs. Dale Murdock Dorothy Mott Walter Mmder W1111am Hampton Mrs. Fred Shetler Mrs. Robert Magmll Don Roberts , Prlnclpal ROW 1: Richard McDowell, Mike Frantz, Allanlohnson, Don Roberts, Advisor. ROW 2: Judy Blumenstein, Ardith Elliott, Judy Kingery, Donna Jo Nelson, ROW 3: Pat Gould, Marsha Kingery, Gary Lee, Shirley Jones, Susan Bell, Pat Nelson. ROW 4: Gary Frenell, Janice Blumenstein, Barbara Lee, Judy Taylor, David Roberts. l00lB ll ' 4 re, , 7 SE, lm 'il .s,,, SIUBI l EUU Cll 'yy' . ROW I: Russell Swanson, Roger Carlson, Billy Taylor, Walter Minder, Coach. ROW 2: Marvin Setterdahl, Bill Scott, Bobby Krans, Dale Willett, Gene Malcolm ROW 3: Gary Frenell, Ronald Fields, Fred Brown, Raymond Litton, Dennis Whimpey. ROW 4: DeWayne Magnuson, Robert Douglas, David Roberts, John Baird, Keith Erlandson. BASKllBAll ROW I: Dennis Whimpey, Teddy Plunkett, Marvin Setterdahl, Dale Willett, Ronald Fields, Gary Frenell, Eugene Malcolm. ROW 2: David Roberts, Dewayne Magnuson, John Baird, Robert Douglas, Keith Erlandson, Walter Minder, Coach. 111' -.- w...f , . . 'UV Ar' 43 -ea' 4 Fred Brown Bonnie Anderson 40 'a Sandra Johnson Delores McNeil Dennis Whimpey Kathleen Anderson Russell Swanson Freda Peters Q DeWayne Magnuson B Lucille Granger , B. .- ft Raymond B rown r 9 Nei' Roger Carlson David Roberts Pat Gould, Barbara Lee, J l , , '5 Keith Erlandson Ronald Fields Robert Peters John Baird Gary Frenell Raymond Litton Marsha Kingery Robert Douglas Sharon McMeekan Bill Taylor Janice Blumenstein m B Il Dale Willett Barbara Lee . X li 3 . umenstein, Marsha Kingery 'Y' Peggy Green Bill Scott Ted Plunkett Frances Wells Oi' fans VK' 41? F 'la -:mt ' O rg 1 l' IB I W, A P- ' Donald Norberg Q Suzanne Pople -4 , ,Af Robert Krans ' sq-f r, .-4 no 4 ' N -xp ' 1 4 Gene Malcolm Patrica Gould Marvin Setterdahl Leone Charlson ST' I EIGHT A, ROW ONE: Darryl Nelson, Jack Bollinger, Linda Krans, Carol Green, Lora Franks, Joan Mont- gomery, Richard Strandberg, Mike Fields. SECOND ROW: Jerry Krueger, Gary Lee, Glen Kapple, Jean Hughes, Shirley Jones, Judy Nelson, Imogene Vancil, Evan Melton. THIRD ROW: Jack Zuidema, Ronnie Lucas, Monte Voss, Donald Dahlstrom, Buddy Doxsee, David Norberg, William Hampton, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: Donald Strandberg, Burton Peterson, Judy Taylor, Maxine Carlson, Myra Loveridge, Carolyn Litton. J HGHJH GRAIN EIGHT B, FIRST ROW: Harold Barton, Richard McDowell, Jan Gibson, Lawrence Ward, Jerry Mason, Glen Magnuson. SECOND ROW: Donald McDowell, Gary Sholl, Bruce Anderson, Carol Horner, Judy Kingery, Ardith Elliott, Miss Dorothy Mort, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Donald Ward, Bill Wing, Nancy Page, Barbara Johnson, Ruth Nelson, Deanna Lambert, Ronald Hayden. FOURTH ROW: Janet Holmes, Dorothy Setterdahl, Patsy Lucas, Beverly Edmund, Leroy Cathcart, Roscoe Lowery, Glenn Wind, Dennie Jordon. CHEERLEADERS: Carol Horner, Ardith Elliott, Judy Kingery, Judy Taylor. 36 SHI JH GRADE SEVEN B, FIRST ROW: Dean Morland, Leroy Luallen, Martha McDowell, Janice Simkins, Kay Murdock, Torn Gould, Larry Plunkett. SECOND ROW: Gary Halsted, Tommy Page, Mike Frantz, Alice Vancil, Judy Blumenstein, Nancy Bugos, Mrs. Fred Shetler, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Dale Walsten, Larry Taylor, Helen Anderson, Susan Bell, Joyce Nystrom, Karleen Larson, Dick Horner, Larry Hammerlund. FOURTH ROW: Terry Dean Swanson, James Brinker, Gene Dollinger, David Doubler, Berry McVietty, Gary Peterson, Eddie Gullstrand. CHEERLEADERS: Dorothy Lambin, Helen Wright, Donna Jo Nelson, Judy Blumenstein. L ra SEVEN A, FIRST ROW: Cletus Johnson, Gerald McDowell, Judy Ringberg, Sandra Henderson, June Vance, Gary Wing Leonard Schnowske. SECOND ROW: Judy Edmund, Donna Jo Nelson, Jeanette Anderson, Helen Wright, Dorothy Lambin, Pat Nelson, Shirlene Taylor, Mrs. Robert Magill Advisor. THIRD ROW: Russell Drake, Kent Lindsey, Leroy Johnson, Duane Bodeen, Jerry Gould, Richard McCurdy. FOURTH ROW: John Hougland, Loren Swihart, Larry Bolin, Clifford Carlson, Delmond Johnson, Allan Johnson. XX Throughout the Realm the A1Woodian .Tester was busy sing- ing, dancing, pa 1-fading . . . and SOCiI111lllilfAlxVlDOd subjects were well supplim-d with 11 variety ot artivities. . . . bt, . 'in Sinha u- '- ,f X Student Council Officers: Margaret Perry, Presidentg Wayne Kapple, Vice Presidentg Shirley Krueger, Secretary-Treasurer. I1 ga-gi and Richard Hambleton. YJ , Q Dean Fischer Dolly bpivey Marcia Rehn Marlene Swanson W O Hancock Advisor and C arl Nelson -5. L D,E. Metzger, Advisor Bill lirantz, Paul Kronsted, Virgil Spivey, Gary Harwood, Vuuncil STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSORS MANY ACTIVITIES The Student Counc1l of AlWood Semor H1gh School was very act1ve thxs year They sponsored the annual Homecom1ng celebrat1on and preced1ng the pres1den t1alelect1on members of the Councll held an 1nterest1ng debate on the good and bad pomts of the two cand1dates and thexr part1es The Counc1l also sent two dele gates to the state conventxon held at Peor1a durmng the 1951 52 term They plan to select two delegates agaln th1s year Mr Hancock has been the adv1sor for the organ1zat1on for two and a half years Members elected for th1s year s group were Marcla Rehn, Paul Kron sted B111 Frantz and Dolly Spxvey from the sophomore class Gary Harwood Wayne Kapple Sh1rley Krueger Rlchard Hambleton and Dean F1scher rep resentat1ves of the Jumor class and V1rg1lSp1vey Margaret Perry Carl Nel son and Marlene Swanson from the sen1or class Off1cers for the year are Presldent Margaret Perry V1ce Pres1dent Wayne Kapple Secretary Treasurer Sh1rley Krueger Not all of the Student COUHCII s act1v1t1es were busmess however They also took turns w1th other orgamzatlons 1n runmng the concesslon stand at foot ball and basketball games Last summer members of the 1951 52 Counc1l took a tr1p to Starved Rock State Park where a very enjoyable day was spent The Councll s mam purpose IS to better relatlons between students and the faculty The members act as a go between ln all school problems If any organ 1z.at1on wlshes to have a school party or other act1v1ty permlsslon must be se cured from the Student Councll 2 IDN 4 v Q Sen1or Float Sophomore Float lllomecoming Junior Attendants Dean Fischer and Peggy Johnson Senior Attendants Gerald Nelson and Florence Schatteman King Virgil Spivey Queen Margaret Perry Senior Attendants Donald Luallen and Shirley Lee Junior Attendants George Beck and Shirley Krueger Sophomore Attendants Leroy Willett and Marcia Rehn The AlWood students gave one of the highest honors they can bestow when they elected Margaret Perry and Virgil Spivey as Queen and King of the 1952 Al Wood Homecoming Margaret was one of three girls nominated by the Senior Class as contestants for queen The other two girls Shirley Lee and Florence Schatteman were Sen ior attendants at the Coronation Ceremony Virgil known to students as Butch ' was elected from the list of Senior boys on the football squad. The runners up Donald Luallen and Gerald Nelson were also Senior Attendants. At a Bonfire on Thursday night, Coach Turner gave a pep talk and introduced the players, after which Mr. Blick presented the attendants and announced the names of the King and Queen. At the Homecoming Ball on Friday night, following the football game with Orion, the football team formed a guard of honor for the royal procession. Marcia Rehn and Leroy Willett escorted the King and Queen to the stage where they were introduced by Anne Harwood, Head Cheerleader. Leroy then presented the Queen with her crown and Marcia presented Butch with the traditional white football and his crown. 42 3,61 ,sinh Ya- 'S mv' 1 i J. , 1, A QUEEN KIARGARET KING VIRGIL Vg! 9h-1 if ffl! ww tb t. ., 55 rgi.-.1 f g 1 F-N rw , 1 f 9 K 6 14 -' X, . ,f ,Q .r . , .iq 1 K . at as ' 2 'zu Zi Wi ,. P. -1 6 9 wp I 31 10 , Ei S-M5 1 109 i If Q11 Miss Beverly Gustus Miss Gustus, our new choral instructor, came to us this year fromAugustana. The choruses took part in the Christmas music program and participated in the Cornbelt Music Festival at Cambridge. ROW 1: Betty Wadham, Jean Norberg, Jack Anderson, John Thulin, Carol Broline, Janice Bodeen, Ruby McDowell, Jewneel Walker. ROW lI:Carolee Murdock, Carol Litton, Marian Leafgreen, Shirley Doubler, Paul Kronsted, Natalie Nelson, Gertrude Henderson, Marilyn Roberts, Margaret Swihart, Alice Gustafson. ROW III: Lois Diffenbaugh, Rose Taylor, Barbara Swihart, ISIIHS CHIIRIIS ROW I: Betty Wadham, Ruby McDowell, Marian Leafgreen, Shirley Lee, Carol Broline, Natalie Nelson, Gertrude Henderson, Miss Gustus. ROW II: Carol Fern Litton, Shirley Doubler, Jean Norberg, Carolee Murdock, Janice Bodeen, Margaret Swihart. Miss Guslus Anne Marilyn Roberts. ROW Ill: Rose Taylor, Lois Diffenbaugh, Anne Harwood, Barbara Swihart, Martha Lines, Jewneel Walker, Doris Pearson. ROW IV: Delores DeRew, Janet Holmes, Virginia Greenup, Cynthia Fleharty, Janet Krueger, Florence Schatteman, Margaret Swihart, Virginia Greenup, Shirley Lee Jean Norberg, Rose Taylor, Carol Litton, Dori Dick Flel 115 Miss Lois Diffenbaugh Lois Diffenbaugh, Senior, accompanied all Choral groups and acted as school accompanist The ensemble sang for various church organ- izations and community programs. The mixed quartet appeared on television and made several appearances at community functions. Palm, lim Diffenbaugh, Martha Lines, Janet Krueger, Anne Harwood, s Pearson. ROW IV: Virginia Greenup, Delores DeRew, Shirley Lee, Taylor, Dean Fischer, Richard Underwood, Bill Frantz, Cynthia iarty, Florence Schatteman. MIXHI Illllllllll s., pk A AC.. x 1309! Krueger. Florence LEFT TO RIGHT: Dean Fischer Bass- Jean Norbert Soprano- Lois Diffenbaugh, Accompanistg Janet Krueger, Alto, Richard Underwood, Tenor. 47 Girls Ptihleiirs Miriam Dahlstrom, Barbara Cushman, Marilyn Roberts, Marie Willett, Marlene Swanson, Carol Litton, Janet Krueger, Patty Johnson, Marna Swanson, Rose Taylor, Gertrude Henderson, Natalie Nelson. The physical education classes met for one period five times a week. Mrs. Bernice Anderson was the instructor of the classes. Baseball, volleyball, bas- ketball, and dancing are a few of the activities in which the girls participated. The girls' locker room was rearranged this year. The old lockers were taken out and new basket lockers were put in their place. 48 51' President, Shirley Johnson Vice-President, Marlene Swanson Secretary, Patsy I-Ioldsworth -s Treasurer, Shirley Lee W 5, FIRST ROW: Patsy Holdsworth, Carol Broline, Mary Miller, Marie Willett, Elizabeth Peterson. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Nelson, Marlene Swanson, Shirley Lee, Patricia Peck, Jean Norberg, Barbara Cushman. THIRD ROW: Carol Litton, Rose Taylor, Shirley John- son, Gertrude Henderson, Virginia Greenup, Marilyn Epperson, Delores DeRew, Margaret Perry. FOURTH ROW: Alice Gustafson, Anne Harwood, Mama Swanson, Patty Johnson, Miriam Dahlstrom, Florence Schatteman, Janet Krueger, Natalie Nelson, Marilyn Roberts. The Girls Athletic Association held its meetings once a month in the gymnas- ium. After the business meetings the girls participated in active sports. Their ad- visor this year was Mrs. Bernice Anderson. Intramurals in basketball were held during the year. The girls were divided into two teams, with approximately twelve girls on each team. The intramurals were held in the spring during the noon hours. 49 QI, i ifuiure lliomema Miss Miriam Edie Second Semester Advisor F. I-l. A. The year's activity began with an officer's meet- ing at East Moline at which time our chapter's new officers were given pointers on how to success fully conduct meetings. During the first semester Mrs. Metzger, substitute teacher, served as ad- visor. One of our first projects was selling hand- made jewelry. Christmas cards and AlWood scarves were also sold. At the beginning of the second semester, Miss Miriam Edie was on hand to take over her new duties as FHA advisor. During the month of De- cember a bake sale was held at the Town Hall in Woodhull. The meetings during the past year con- sisted of installing the Junior High School officers, taking a personality test, and observing various demonstrations. 50 1- ROW I: Carol Broline, Jean Norberg, Gertrude Henderson, Margaret Swihart, Dolly Spivey, Carole Anderson. ROW II: Jewneel Walker, Carol Litton, Rose Taylor, Helen Page, Janet Holmes, Martha McCurdy, Lois Diffenbaugh, Shirley Lee, Mrs. Metzger. ROW III: Natalie Nelson, Florence Schatteman, Frances Schnowske, Peggy Johnson, ROW I: Janet Holmes, Martha McCurdy, Peggy Johnson, ROW ll: Carol Broline, Shirley bee, Judy Johnson, Martha Lines. rs of marina XNNARFAS T . K xc fu f ' 71 if fn Q 77 5: may E - 2 .4?- 1 I :- M , x rf JU!! ,rr CYS .xr 1 uh OFFICERS: President . . .Martha McCurdy Vice President. . . Martha Lines Secretary . . .Carol Broline Treasurer . . Judy Johnson Reporter. . . . Shirley Lee Parliamentarian . . . Peggy Johnson Publicity Book Chairman . Patty Johns on Projects Chairman . .Virginia Greenup Shirley Doubler, Ethel Kugler, Doris Pearson, Barbara Degree Chairman. l l Shirley Krueger Swiharr, Nancy Ingram, Martha Lines. ROW IV: Marilyn Recreation Chairman Q ' Janet Holmes Roberts, Shirley Doxsee, Miriam Dahlstrom, Patty . Advisor ..... Mrs. Metzger Johnson, Cynthia Fleharty, Shirley Krueger, Judy John- son, Delores DeRew, Virginia Greenup. ROW Ill: Patty Johnson, Virginia Mrs. Donald Metzger Greenup, Shirley Krueger, Mrs. First Semester Advisor Metzger. 5 1 i ai fuiure .farmers of America KY 1 I Q 5' l ' 1 3. E ' Q : y gr fs Q ex Q 'Q 8' iffy f--l . 'Q iv I4 4 0 -i ' N x he ROW I: Wesley White, Pat Kness, Dale Phillis. ROW 2: Vernon Spivey, James Diffenbaugh, Richard Underwood, Bill Hancock, Advisor. ROW 3: Charles I RSO' Underwood, lim Bergstrom, Harry Carlson, Clifford Franks, Alan Petersen O Tun! 0 r ROW 4: Keith Underwood, Virgil Spivey, Carl Nelson, John Bredburg. -gig, 'gli X- A ry' ' f 005116516 X , X ,- S+fF fi E' J ' 1' ' A lu C XX A - 411, 52 fvoaf VA Q. N , -- Qj 05x39 , Ulu ,f J, 3 2 HFS-4' V1rg1lSp1vey DEKALB AWARD The De Kalb award 15 based up on three thlngs l Scholarshtp II Superv1sed Practrce Projects and Ill I..eadersh1p ACt1V1t1ES This year the reclplent of the De Kalb award was V1rg1l Sprvey who had the h1ghest average rn catronal Agr1culture durlng h1s hrgh school course F F A Offrcers Presrdent Carl Nelson Vrce Presrdent Vrrgll Sprvey Secretary Rrchard Underwood Treasurer hm Bergstrom Reporter Pat Kness The F F A chapter had a very busy year They went to the Nat1ona1 Conven t1on of the F F A IH Kansas Crty last October 13 15 Pat Kness Wayne Mont gomery V1rg11Sp1vey Jlm Bergstrom and Mr Hancock made the trrp Later 1n the fall .hm D1ffenbaugh re presented the group at a S011 Conserva ttonmeetlng ln W1scons1n The Annual Boar Sale was held at the bus shed on October 22 The F F A boys also ran a lunch stand at the plowlng demonstra tron and sold popcorn at all the football and basketball games O. Hancock, Advisor Soil Conservation Team: Clifford Franks, Richard Underwood, Pat Kness, Jim Diffenbaugh, Jim Bergstrom. VU f'N D VA L f,fj'3O71 f N QV, Q S 9 NP C U 4. J D Q 55 A 4' U 6, R X Y , 5 .w P JV. K V T13 11:5 I s ji If of AIW ood likewise we wer defeat. . 6 to tournaments ln ts to many visi al to the Knights . SPIIIHSIIIIPE QU' Eleven man football was 1ntroduced 1nto the Cornbelt Conference th1s year and the boys took to lt enthus1ast1cally Although the football team d1dn't do as well as expected we fared well agamst some of the stronger opponents Even though the1r best efforts weren t good enough at t1mes the boys were ln there p1tch1ng all the tlme Coach Turner d1d a swell Job teachlng everyone who went out for football a lot about the eleven man system Now that the boys have had some experlence ln eleven man football and al so because they w1ll lose only two of the regulars we expect to have a much 1m proved team next year Our basketball team d1dn t lead off too well but won two tough ball games early ln the season The team slumped for a whlle but as the season progressed they IITI proved greatly At the tmme of th1s wr1t1ng the prospects for the track season are very good The boys are expected to do a good Job 1n the track meets aga1nst the oppos1t1on Cons1der1ng the fact that durmg the football season we were hampered by sev eral 1nJur1e5 AlWood athlet1cs had an above average year 1n all sports act1v1t1es A trxbute IS due Coach Turner who stood by us Even though he became per turbed at t1mes he was always try1ng to show us ways to 1mprove Our play The prospects for next years teams are very good and the student body should all support the boys by gomg to the games Gerald Nelson Sports Ed1tor Carl Nelson ASS1StaDt 56 rx 1 I ,N T-2 -.,' K , . . , . . 1 , - . I I I , . - - , I a COACH TURNER 15 a Knox graduate and IS work 1ng toward a Master s degree at the Colorado State College of Educat1on at Greeley Colorado H also has done college work at the Un1vers1ty of Ill1no1s Washlngton Lee Un1VETS1ty and Huron College South Dakota Coach spent 42 months ln the A1r Force as a P E mstructor Mr Turner was born ln Arm1nto Wyomlng 1n the early twent1es arfd attended schools ln Casper Wyormng Freemont Nebraska Spr1ngf1eld Ill IHOID Toronto Canada Roanoke V1rg1n1a and f1 nally graduated atSpr1ngf1eld Ill1no1s H15 roamln past has made travel one of h1s favor1te hobb1es coached and taught h1story at Altona and R O V A before com1ng to AlWood 1n 1949 aww ke' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jean Norberg Margaret Perry Anne Harwood Marcla Rehn RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Dolores DeRew Peggy Johnson Sh1rley Krueger 57 - VH' k fMi , . . f ng Agnafisf ' 3' Z-' ' W f l . , g M ' :fs j ' , . e . . . . . Y 74 x . G n ' ev, J Q L 4, 1 - , J x r 4 2 ' g 1 , V , ' X 7 6 ' :' ' . . . - V x 1 1 n ' ' S . . . A . . . . Eff' ' I J' 9 r 1 r 9 ' ,ff-'n W, ,, ,M I U . . , . . . . , , . , ,, I V. J I I . He aff Q - 1' 2 .Q l 0 0 0 T . V ,, , VIRGIL SPIVEY Butch Senior--Tackle Letter--2, 3,4 Captain 4 All Conf. Tackle 4 from GERALD NELSON Senior - -Tackle Letter- -4 Hon. Men. All Conf. 4 DON LUALLEN Senior- - Tackle Numeral 2, 3 Letter--4 PAT KNESS DALE FIELDS '51 DEAN FISC HER Junior- -Quarterback Letter- -2, 3 GEORGE BECK Junior- - Tackle Letter--2, 3 RICHARD HAMBLETON Spike Junior--Center better- -2, 3 Junior--Guard Letter--2. 3 All Conf. Guard 3 VERNON SPIVEY MAX DAVISON Junior--Guard Letter- - 3 GARY HARWOOD Buck Junior- -Quarterback Letter- - 2, 3 Junior--Tackle Numeral - -2 Letter 3 GARY JOHNSON GEORGE WRIGHT Junior- -End Numeral- -2 Letter- - 3 RICHARD UNDERWOOD Junior- -Fullback Letter- -2, 3 All Conf. Fullback 3 Junior--1-lalfback Letter--2, 3 Hon. Men. All Conf. Halfback 3 Junior- -End Letter - - 3 all . e C HARLES THULIN Chick Junior - -Defensive Halfback Numeral- - 2 Le tter- - 3 456- 4-Q JOHN BREDBURG Junior - -Tackle Numeral--2, 3 JIM BERGSTROM Sophomore - -Fullback Numeral- -2 i BILL KRUEGER Sophomore - -Quarterback Letter - - 2 Q 1 JACK PERRY LEROY WILLETT DAVE BARTON Sophomore Halfback SOPhOm01'6 ' ' Guard Letter--2 Letter--2 HARRY CARLSON Sophomore - -Center Numeral- - 2 CHARLES UNDERWOOD Horse Sophomore - - Guard Numeral- -2 WESLEY WHITE Junior- -Guard Numeral- - 3 RICHARD BLOOMBERG PAUL KRONSTED Sophomore--End Numeral--2 HAROLD CAULKINS Sophomore - -End Numeral- - 2 Sophomore - - Halfback Numeral- - 2 Sophomore - - Halfback Numeral- -2 I BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Bloomberg, Paul Kronsted, Wesley White,Vernon Spivey, Gary Johnson Charles Thulin, Leroy Willett, Bill Krueger, Pat Kness, Jack Perry. SECOND ROW: John Thulin, Mgr Herman Beck Charles Underwood, George Wright, Richard Underwood, Dave Barton, Max Davison, Richard Hambleton Harold Caulkins Harry Carlson, Jim Bergstrom, Sidney Rutledge, Mgr. THIRD ROW: John Bredburg, Gary Harwood, Kent Kessler Virgil Spivey Maynard Franks, Don Luallen, Dean Fischer, Dale Fields, George Beck, Gerald Nelson. FOOTBALL 1952-1953 Wyoming Home 40 Winola There o Atkinson Home 26 Sherrard There 13 Williarnsfield Home 6 Orion Home 13 Cambridge There 20 ALWOOD SCORING Fischer, Dean 12 Willett, Leroy 12 Underwood, Richard 6 Davison, Max Wright, George A1Wood O 7 0 O 12 13 O HllHBAll ST IISTIIIS ALWOOD HIGH PLAYING QUARTERS plemv Luallen Don Nelson Gerald Splvey Vxrgxl Beck George Bredburg John Davlson Max Flelds Dale F1scher Dean Franks Maynard Hambleton Rlchard Harwood Gary Johnson Gary Kness Pat WOOUJUJEDUJ WG'-i ggmwwv-QQNSEYIJD' ':O3,E..'13U'3 'J'N:42'.E. Uggwxmgmroag-QWHH me-fD 'O rv- 51-rseis Hmwgbgwm O D' -no UQs4oO U5 Q :I:UQgHpQ30O-D' :-'Umgfw 340.5-Q2 H225-zgwsmazagm ' ,-'4o3 0 nm CL 13 'D' 32 -'fi Q. Q. Perry, Jack Underwood Charles W11lett LeRoy 1953 Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov 54 SCHEDULE W ommg Cambrxdge W1nola Atkms on Sherrard Reynolds there here? here ' there? here? here Homecomlngi W11l1arr1sf1eld there? Orlon there? 'Conference games Dan Hegwood . . Q ' t v u G . n wmv- N... .. ... - '- - -,, osowossowmm , --- - '. .. '- . n . 1 w ' . 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Emu, C1-Urge ' 15 f 45 sf- , , xo 7 31 as gf 11 4' 77 ' Y 1a.,m-,1-Arun. wfmm I3 41 U gr ag 2 40 17 :S 14: ga M , Y :farm nu: 15 I In gh Q 14 1 1- 19 :H 30 xv rx Wmtwr Cdr. I 11 W 14 :G P' 1? 9. 3: 15 LT 4: 7 ws 51 -1 1 1 Hamm, '.':g.vm I 1 1, :R -, 34 11 la ll 4: A 1: so :W Y K-exon. sway, 11 I sz 1'v L 1: 1 1: 2 V ,v 3 17 17 1 1. v.,11w, geam If lc zo ai 15 RI 4 at 1 14 10 1 rx P-rn, :au IC zz 1 :I 111 Q 1 T ll a 1 5 ' N muon, Da-.15 ' 7 l A I 1 se a 4 1 1 il o 1 1 ? N , Tmzzn, uhm-19x - 13 Q 1 zo 4 o 4 L' IU 4 X -2 Y ' :,M1kms, HM-Old 10 10 S 04 0 . 1 1 so fx 1 1 N V relax, Dale 4 4 o 0 0 2 1 1 so I 1 1 if I 7 'IOI az.: ji-gli? 1l'fLlJQt4Li!lcl1lS-LKB!! Allis l 'nI4iL111 T 40 rc V L:-s5 Than X Puml Pm-r Hnrxm AVE E IELD GOAI5 PRL!-I Tliuomb NADH AVE, 1-'Rag IHMM5 Mgmt .mx-.0QdY11QT PER GAME Slim, 'H 'fr pig CAME VV -13054 AIKNOOCI-lu 9 Opp -it-3 .fkllhmfi lr opp 714 Q um, la '-'55, SFUYS ATT FRU: THw,'.'.5 rw:55Ln PER G-ff-1E PERSONAL, 7051.5 Ay.M,L,1 ggf gpylg ,FN MS MSX ...ymwfl - .mv ,SE J Al,moc-43- Cnr' 43: on-x - A10 PEP CAM!-. ...ow-13 1, TEM' mm. 'umm .' ' f 3,11 za f TIE1-13 GOALS F-1535 .lffi PEPSCFNAI. iUL'lb Alkmmc-ld Z' 23-'-wd-40N A1'.-.maxi , ffm '14 3' 'C PC'-VV: ,U AQ, Om VI, J .mv amz'-T .:.p..'. Elm- y::,,,.,s 'PY 'H' 11:..Ar,fA51lc1:ll,xr,f min., 'pL. Pm?Dl,:4!lN,.,:vl ,, uw, , Aw We I V 'wfl' If 21: -1 .-., mv. 31,10 SWE fFHffI1'j'-1' I 5 I 1 1 . P , f , 1 -- , , xv .11 N P1 ,1 ,V-,rw . ' , 'J 4 ' . ., ' ---f' , .V 3'f,.fQf, ' 3 -4 1 .io 4 -1 X N. ,I Q W E M .. fbi, ,L , , L I V , 1 1- ai 44 1 eo A. I N Pfff-., f , 1 I f- af nf +1 -, 1 xr g N , 4 . ,4 31 W -. 1' I A I ' M., , , , .H gf, L, Y i W, 1 .Y- V , W 4- if if -2 , w f 1 ', ' 1 ' P-. , , -X f 11 1. W y 1 In: wfvffi, Irwhl , ' A y .' L 11 Z' 1 - ,Wu ,. ,. - ' 11, - v I -zu . f 5 .- 344- I . 4 ' , ,4 '5:,..,,, '.w-v,.,. . 1 ' ' ! 4 2 rf ' X f , , Jw f, r,ih.,r'f-S :Q 1 Q 1 'U 1 ,W-,mn nw. 4, 1 I 1 I , W 3, 131-ff, . L af 3 W Rf 5 . N '- 1 -LW., -Jar. , - , A 1 1- X 2 3 ,- J 1, an Lp.. , w , 1 1 L ' ' 1 L X - 1 1 X g-- in , i 3 , , 3 ' X - 3 . Q Q b ,du .5..L 1.133 5 E' fl- H-ig Qs- ,HZ .E, , I f, ffE, Pl Y.'HF.'i PPL? Q:'i -WX!-'fir' '?. 5 ' ERE. 'i. W ,I '-'rf 3, :.'-5 C. , '. :J L., .,,,' , f,. rw, .-5 t' I t 'H ws ? ' fx. ' J M I xi-pl S l S a-.uunglqlg ai -QQA ,Tn . it eq, ,1 J I-:in v. 2 'A , 3 pf ui' , , jf IW... 1 !',3F 1 S- W- fl. Y., - as all-Z 5 gif.,-v.,E34-'1z4.z4,.lU,,.q,5r,Q2!: K, Nl'NW.r'J 'Pas-S Y uh as J ig' Ps Q5 5en1o1'Q'1a55 Zl151DI'Q 1953 CLASS HISTORY ln the fall of 1948 twenty three Alpha e1ghth graders Joln ed e1g'1teen e1ghth graders f om Woodhull to form the new A1 Wood E1ghth Grade Class at the AlWood Jun1or I-hgh Dur1ng our elghth grade we gave a farewell party for the Freshmen We began our Freshman year by loslng three members Pat Forrest James Connour and Donna Rasko We galned John Brown and Shlrley Lucas The hlghhght of th1s year was the farewell party glven to us by the e1ghth rade A k1ng and queen were crowned They were Margaret erry and Terry McV1etty At our promotlon exerc1se good cxt1zensh1p awards were gwen Those rece1v1ng them were Margaret Perry and Carl Nelson In the fall of 1950 we journeyed to the AlWood Sen1or H1gh w1th h1gh hopes for the future Our offlcers for our Sophomore ear were Presrdent Mar aret Perry V1ce Presldent Mar1 yn Nelson Secretary Sh1r ey Lee and Treasurer Florence Schatteman Student Counc1l representatlves were Carl Nelson and Pat Barton Our class sponsors were Mrs He wood and Mr Sanner We gave a formal dance for the H1 h chool th1s year Our attendant to the Queen was Florence chatteman We lost four classmates Beverly Forsythe W11bert Sw1hart Barbara Castognol1 and Marlene Elhott We also ga1ned four new members Jo Ann Plunkett B111 Re1nhardt Dlck W1lson and Larry Crawford Dur1ng our Junlor year we lost three members Pat Barton R1chard Lundeen and Mary Jo Herndon Our class offlcers erts Secretary Gerald Nelson and Treasurer Dona d Lual len Student Counc1l representat1ves were V1rg1l Sp1vey and Terry McV1etty Class sponsors were M1ss Jensen and Mr Browmn The hlghhghts th1s year were rece1v1ng our class rmgs an havmg our class play The name of our play was Aunt Hetty H1ts Her Str1de Another b1g occaslon was the Annual Jumor Sen1or Prom Our theme was Starl1ght It was a great success On our last lap we entered our Sen1or Year We a1ned Wayne Montgomery but later lost h1m Our offlcers or th1s year were Presldent Carl Nelson V1ce Presldent Gerald Nelson Secretary Mar1lyn Nelson and Treasurer Natahe Nelson Our Student Counc1l representat1ves for th1s year were V1rg1l Sp1vey and Marlene Swanson Class sponsors were Mr Bhck and Mr Metzger Our money mak1ng progects were the 'H1ghl1ghts of 53 and the Semor Play wh1ch was a great suc cess We also tr1ed somethm new a work day whlch was qmte successful Our g1ft to t e school was the Yearbook Margaret Perry won the D A R award Margaret Perry and Vlrgll Sp1vey re1gned as K1ng and Queen at our Annual Home commg We have had a great deal of fun dur1ng our years at AlWood f ! I-Q1 U y 6 I I -I ,Z -l . . . . ,af , . J 9 Sr f J 1 G I u . 1 ' 1. . - . .- 1 4, Y .5 9, Q I' , Q . . ' '- 5 - . 5 J . 3. D 1 1. , . 4 ' . . . S ' , were: President,, Carl Nelsong Vice-President, Marilyn Rob- 4: 1 - S' - . yn ,, A . I . H. . H . g y ' - ' J i rt 1 ' 9 ' 1 D ' 1 1 . lx T . . ' . h . I 1 . I Sennnr glass 317111 We the class of 1953 berng of sound U3 mrnd and body do hereby make and declare thrs to be our last wrll and testament To the class of 54 we wrll the three west rows of seam rn Study Hall and all our old PIHCIICE sets and book reports To the teachers we leave the fond memorres of the most lovable class ever to graduate from AlWood As rndrvrduals we leave the followrng Beverly Anderson, wrll my lrvelrness to Nancy Ingram so her Athletrc ratrng wrll equal that of her scholastrc one Carole Anderson wrll my blonde harr and lrght features to Rrchard Welch and hope he ll be back at school next year Jack Anderson wrll my ways and means of collectrng pencrls to Drck Taylor to ard hrm rn wrrtrng hrs book reports George Barton wrll my conflrcts wrth Mrss Becker to Ethel Kugler to guarantee an excrt rng Englrsh IV class rn 1954 Carol Brolrne wrll my love for the accordran to Dean Frscher LeRoy Carlson wrll my wrfe 1 see prophecyj to Curly Johnson Larry Crawford, wrll my ternfrc ambrtron and boundless energy to Johnny Bredberg Lors Drffenbaugh wrll my artrstrc abrlrty to Alan Petersen Marrlyn Epperson wrll my green bangs to Chrck Thulrn to grve hrm an orrgrnal look Judy Johnson wrll my self assurance to Shrrley Krueger Shrrley Johnson wrll my nosrness about the class wrll to Ike Anderson Janet Krueger wrll abrlrty to get a man as well as a dramond to Marlene Taylor Shrrley Lee wrll my good groomrng to Charles Mrller wrth an aqua barrette to keep hrs harr out of hrs eyes Shrrley Lucas wrll my long drstance boy frrend to Delores DeRew so that she can use her spare trme wrrtrng letters Martha Lrnes wrll my dark harr and eyes to Dale Frelds to grve hrm that Italran look Don Luallen wrll my Chev to Buck Harwood so he can rrde over to Alpha Martha McCurdy wrll a few Johns to Patty Johnson Mary Mrller wrll my tap dancrng techmques to Wesley Whrte so he can entertarn the Ag boys after a dull meetrng Carl Nelson wrll my brrllrance and leadershrp qualrtres to Pete Lucas May he lead the Junror class on to further herghts Gerald Nelson, wrll my collectron ofJokes to Rose Taylor and hope she wrll en1oy tellrng them as much as she drd lrstenrng to them Marrlyn Nelson wrll my rnterest rn the Naval Reserve to Dorrs Pearson so she can send S O S srgnals when rn drstress Natalre Nelson wrll my frrendly smrle to Gert Henderson and hope rt wrll attract more customers for Otto Jean Norberg, wrll my spot on the Cheerleader squad to Richard Stumbles Underwood Helen Page wrll my drums as well as the drummer to Gayle Crawford rf she rs rnterested Jo Plunkett wrll my reserved seat tn the grey Mercury to Frances Schnowske Margaret Perry, wrll my bachelor grrl trarts to Peggy Johnson B111 Peterson wrll my gurtar to Mrrram Dahlstrom wrth no strrngs attached Marrlyn Roberts wrll my arr of quret knowledge to Shrrley Doxsee so she wrll get along better rn Mr Blrck s study halls Florence Schatteman wrll my unfarlrng sense of humor to Vernon Sprvey Vrrgrl Sprvey, wrll my cute blonde curls to Gurnre Jordan to go wrth hrs dark eyes Marlene Swanson wrll my orgrnal dancrng abrlrty to Donald Doubler Marna Swanson wrll my cunosrty to Pat Kness to help hrm keep up on current events around school Margaret Swrhart wrll my accomplrshed hula hula abrlrty to George Wrrght to grve hrm more clearance for the hrgh Jump Drck Wrlson wrll my trght levrs and hrgh black boots to Max Davison to make hrm look more lrke a cowboy I Marre Wrllett wrll my drmples to George Beck and hope he smrles at the pretty grrls more often 0 0 I' l . . 1 . . s I. ' . . . . , I. ' . . . . . . I' ' . . . . , - I, . ' . , . 1 I, , ' ' . I' . . , . . l I. . . 1 . . . . . . I, . , . . . . . . , . I, , ' - ' . I' . ' . . . I I' ' . . . . n I' . ' . . . . . I' . ' . . . I' . ' . . . . , . . . ' I, , ' ' . I, , ' . I, Terry McVietty, will my Navy tie to Wanda Sanders as I hear she may join the service. I' . ' , . . . . I I' ' . a .a - . . I I' . . . . . . I, . ' . . . . I' ' . . ' . . . , - . I, ' . I' ' . . . . - I, , ' ' . l, ' ' ' . I. . ' . . . . . . . I' . ' . . . . . I. . . . . . , . I. . . . . . . . ' I' I . . . . . I I' I . . . . I. . ' ' . - - 1 4 . . . I' . . . .... . . Sennor Qlas-5 ruphecg THE ALWOOD ACE MAY 10 1963 After many years of falthful servlce MISS Becker has retxred and xs bemg replaced next week by a former AlWood graduate 'VIr Terry McVxetty Speakmg of eduqatlon Terrys former classmate Gerald Nelson flunked out of Augle and IS now graduatmg from Knox m Galesburg The Andles Pee Wee and Carole an nounce a dance at thexr dance hall ln Ne koma for thus Frlday mght A bad accldent occurred m Alpha last nlght Marxlyn Epperson local lxme hauler, and Marllyn Nelson drlvmg her new ready mxx cement truck colhded ln front of Deed s USO corner of Mam and Rt 150 The la dles were not hurt ln the accident but had numerous 1nJur1es resultmg from the fight which ensued Mr and Mrs Rex Llvmgston local prmt ers are the parents of twm boys Rlckle and Brollne Week-end guests at the Jack Anderson coon farm were Mr and Mrs LeRoy Carl son Mrs Carlson IS the former Marllyn Mon xoe of the movles Callers Sunday afternoon were Larry Crawford local mattress tester Mr and Mrs Flnk Holdsworth manufactur ers of Fmk s Smks and Rxchard Wllson who just returned from New York after wlnnlng the General Mxlls Bakmg Contest at the Wal dorf Saturday mghts TV schedule wlll be hugh llghted by The Web wrltten by Mar 1lyn Roberts and Martha Raes TV show Martha Rae xs the former Martha McCurdy Guests on her show wlll be Don Luallen and Vlrgll Spivey who wlll show thelr newest French creatlons m neglxgee and lmgerle Also featured wlll be Colorado Blll Peter on who now has hls own yodelmg show on WKIK Cheyenne Following Martha Raes show wxll be Presldent Margaret Perry s maugural address from Washxngton Presldent Perry will be es corted to the Inaugural ball by her consort the new first man of our country George Barton Rumors have been heard that the new cablnet will Include Carl Nelson ln the vlce presldency Jean Norberg as Secretary of Agrlculture and Mane Wlllett wxll be the Ambassador to Luxembolg When the Bar tons arrlve at the Whxte House they wxll flnd that lt has been redecorated and painted red by Secretary of the Interxor Judlth John son A new congresslonal commlttee IS ln vestlgatm rumors that the name Whrte House w1ll soon become Red House Walt mg ln the Lavendar Square room will be Rev J A Plunkett mlssxonary to the Bel glum Congo also Shxrley Johnson captam of the Womens Globetrotters who IS trymg to schedule a game wlth the Congressmen Former Woodhull resxdents, Natalle Nel son and Lols Dxffenbaugh are planning to at tend the Chlcken of Tomorrow festwal nn Arkansas next week Lols has now become 1S helplng Blll run the Freeze egg factory xn MISSOUTI Martha Lmes former AlWood student IS takmg Jun Juxtsu lessons from Helen Page world renowned Jul Jultsu expert Martha beheves thus wlll help her ln her new Job as prlson warden at Vandaha Florence Schatteman s Butch Shoppe was damaged last Thursday durmg the storm when a tree fell on It She had to call Mary Mlller tree surgeon to cut the tree and haul lt away A cattle show wlll be held on the New Wmdsor fanr grounds next week Shlrley Lucas famous cattle Judge wlll be ln charge of the cattle dlvlslon The trophy for the Grand Prlze steer wlll be contrlbuted by the Beck Auto Sales Becks secretary agmg spmster Marna Swanson wlll make the pre sentatlon Margaret Swlhart captain of the Alr Police Blackhawk dxvlsxon has ordered Shlr ley Ann Lee to cease runmng the car dump on the slag pile at the Alpha Coal Mme as lt IS scarmg the storks I 0 l . . Y ' I V y . . . . l . . . 1 ' 1 , . . . . 7 I 7 ' 1 , - . . - . O ' - I . . . . . . . .. I U H I s . . ,, . ,, ,, . . . . . ' . H ,, . ' I , ' . . . , ' 1 1 . . , . . . ' . I ' ' . ' , . . . . , . - . . . - ,, . ,, . . . . , 7 I . ' Willie. Mrs. Livmgston is the former Carol famous as a chlcken vetermary and Natahe - - ' . . 1 1 ' . . ' , ' , Y 1. . . .. . . . , - . ' ' ' ' ' 1 u 11 7 1 ' l 1 1 . , . - ' - ' 44 ll ' - 1 Y ' Y . - . l ' . . ' 1 1 . . . . . , , - .. . , ' ll ' Y! 1 . . . - , - Q . - , . , , . . . - 1 - . . I . . 1 1 ' - 1 - . I - . . y . 1 1 ,S .-Y L g, 'Ill' ' - , I ' 7 SWEETHEART DANCE G0rdon's,Me1E1! , ' M- 1-Ti up On February 7 the Sophomores sponsored a formal Sweetheart Dance for the whole stu- dent body. The gym was decorated with hearts and valentines. After refreshments and a live- ly program, Dolly and Virgil Spivey were crowned King and Queen of the party. X4-4 KX ll and Gerald Shirley' and Peg Buck 71 .gp-ig, ti' 'S Q. Hollywood Squaredance , J d Butch Related R Marv an Cyan n1:1'fh'1i1g Cornphnqents DOUGLAS LUMBER CO Alpha Phone 290 KELLY'S BARBER SHOP Laundermg And Dry Cleanlng SCPVICG Alpha 11l1no1s BILL BOLDUC Woodhull 1l11no1s Phone 55 111 Hauhng Gravel L1me Phosphate Compllments BUBON'S SERVICE STA FION Alpha l111no1s LYMAN GUSTUS Real Estate Broker Farm and Resldence Property Farm Loans Alpha 1111no1s Comphments of OTTO ANDERSON 'rl-rr: msc!! DRUG STORE Woodhull Il11no1s of ' Crushed Rock Sand of NI SWANSU Local and Long Dlstance Haulmo x' ,uP U Q ,Q Woodhull Illmoxs Phone 69 Compllments of CARLSON'S GROCERY KATHERYN HUGHES Alpha lllmoxs BEAUTY SHOP Opel N10 Alpha lll1I1Ol5 'VIARY S SHOE -109 REPAIR FARM BUREAU oIL 5Tfxr1ox Mary Luallen Roy Gmggs Prop 3 Blocks East of Drug Store Woodhull Woodhull Phone 2 85 Ann fx ---- 11 ' IIIUUUHUII UU-UPIHHIIVE GIIHIII IIUIIIPHHU Alpha I111no1s Woodhull I111no1s Phone 15 25 Phone 2 43 Gra1ns Feeds Seeds boal Farm Merchandlse Custom Gr1nd1ng R A Noy Manager -an-'Y' . n ALPHA ELECTRIC 84 HARDWARE CU GENERAL ELECTRIC AND MAYTAG APPLIANCES PLUMBING HEATING WIRING ALPHA ILLINUI5 l I I I . . , ,A I 1 1 I- . 120 V A Floyd Krueger, Prop. , A I Y., '- , , , EUMIHIMENTS or DR H. N. PICAHII DUBLISHERS IHI WUUUHUll DISPAIEH Your Home Tovm Newspaper Slnce 1879 COMMERCIAL PRINTERS O N YN. LU t Q? 3 wr F581 8 '.51Q11 ' H h .5E ' 11 Comp11ment's 17'LEHARTY'S FOOD MARKETS Vvoodhull Alpha CLARK'S HARDWARE Apphances Hardware Heatlng and Plumblng E16-ctrxc 'W1r1ng Phone 119 Woodhull C omphments of HDMI l0CKlRS,INC. A1pha, 111111015 Ju ' ft h. -1 x- -Tgffmbf. I fr 'w QF .A ' I Y, N ' - 11' -, I K lx-QT' xv' O - 5 - ob - f' ' ' of 1 I ff? ALPHA GREENHOUSE 66 95 QKDQEMWE ARLINE 'S MILK BAR i Ligi' :IJ Woodhulll H111-1015 Alpha, Illinois Phone 51-90 lee C ream-Sandwiches -Candles IlAlll Phone 87 ,'ff,'::,Q2fE':f Woodhull Ill1no1s Dependable Servlce At Low Cost Compllments of , MARIE'S BEAUTY SHOP Alpha lll1no1s ALPHA OIL. COMPANY Charles H Nelson Prop Petroleum Products Wholesale 81 Reta1l Alpha Ill1no1s Hllll I IIWHIY INIPHMI T CII. Comphments of WOODHULL OIL COMPANY S1ncla1r O11 and Gas Greas1ng and Washmg Mrs Florence M Anderson Owner JONES GARAGE Auto and Tractor Repa1r1ng Acetylene and Electr1c Weldmg Alpha I1l1no1s JOHNSON S HARDWARE and ELECTRIC Woodhull lll1no1s RCA V1CtOT TV and Radlo Skelgas Cornphrnents of LUALLEN MOTOR SALES Woodhull Il11no1s McKEE S DINER Alpha Ill1no1s Comphrnents of BROWN LYNCH and SCOTT P1-opr1etor Alpha W1l11am Muslc Ill1no1s Comphments of THE VILLAGE CAFE Woodhull Il11no1s p Goldle Peg I v ' ' Your Chevrolet Dealer I I . WOODHULL RECREATION Complnnents of BUBON 'S DRUGS Mabel Jerry HIEXHIIDEH IUIIIBEII IIUIIIPHIIII Jerry Beachler and Mernll Brown Ghdden Pa1nt Products Best of Everythlng For the Bu11der 40. 'A 'lb I fafuuang Haabaa J I CASE POWER FARM EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE BRIGGS AND WISCONSIN GAS ENGINES PHILLIPS 66 TANK SERVICE WOODHULL ILLINOIS Illl U9 if '33 BARTON BROS. BODY SHOP Alpha Illinois Pete Rex LOWERY 'S MARKET Groceries and Meats Ophiem, Illinois Comphments of SHROYER'S MOTOR SALES Woodhull Il11no1s CUIUSER HHU JUHHSUH Woodhull I111no1s .1-A Construchon Bu1ldoz1ng 1 9 - S... V, v7'.:' ...y ff' ' ' . ' . gg . W k 5 'N . 5, , A' ,E .f 1 .,'Tf' A Compliments of LHIUSEU BRUTHERS HUCTIUHEERS Woodhull Illinois Compliments WOODHULL MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of WOOLLEY'S SHOP Woodhull Illinois Compliments of PEARL LANCASTER OPHIEM GROCERY E Lucas Proprletor Grocery Meats Notions ALPHA NURSERY H G H F Wirt Landscape Service Alpha Illinois MOEWS SEED CORN CO Alpha Woodhull Orion Dean Sims Ralph Carlson of Ophiem, Illinois FHHHIEHS if-'B STHTE BHHH BESSIE S BEAUTY SHOPPE Featumng Helene Curt1s Products Phone Woodhull 3 121 S G HERNSTROM OpenEVen1ngS Lwestock Truckmg Phone 115 Alpha mums cRoUsE and ANDERSON Meats Grocer1es Phone 128 We Dehver Woodhull, I111no1s OF UVM. - V If !!?' 'ff .flfef :I 3: 4 rl ,h 5 2 E I Y NORTHERN ILLINOIS BREEDING OO OP The Gay Nlghtles For Informatwn Call Your County Farm Bureau Off1CC Henry County Rock Island County Cambr1dge Black 172 Mohne 4 8349 V facfdf' if FgWGU50N FARM EQUIPMENT V51 EM MaggIe Natahe W J NELSDN 8: SCINS Cunnzn Dm-uzm Rn 6. HnsHwAv 150 Plnkle Carol UPHIEM ILL Marty I..o1s PHONE 2 DN 21 SLUMBERING SENIORS d Cornphments of LLOYD EPPERSON MUSIC'S TEXACO STATION TE C0 Mary Marg Lee -m an Deed, Nelhe, Judy, Janet 48Smtes Flo, Shlrley, Gert, Marna Alpha, Il11nO1s A f 3 A ,- . it 3 CT' ' ' xx ' X17-ff ' fQlQeafrJvrfL , S 1 W I , M AA X2 .l. y . BUGOS WHITE Coal Company Alpha Illinois For Hea1th's Sake Roller Skate I-II'S ROLLER RINK Alpha, Illinois J. J. ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Alpha, Illinois Compliments of CLARKE'S STANDARD STATION Alpha, Illinois Bob Chick Compliments of DR. W. M. NEWTON Veterinarian Alpha, Illinois Compliments of ALPHA TV and RADIO Alpha, Illinois Phone 2 on 88 for Radio or TV Service Compliments of CLEO Mc LAUGHLIN Compliments of L. C. ANDERSON Woodhull Illinois PHIITIIIIRAPHERS HJR IHI 1953 Slillllll HAWKI S Sllllllll THANKS We w1sh to thank everyone who has helped make th1s Yearbook posslble lncludmng the Student Body the Merchants the Faculty the School Board Mr Metzger Mr Fmscher and Coach Turner Our speclal thanks to Jerry Hawklns who has donated all of hls txme and fac1l1t1es 1n do1ng all of the photography 1n thls year book Most of all we w1sh to thank Mr Bl1ck who has really helped us a great deal 1n mak1ng thls Annual a suc cess THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 ll ' ' ' Y Y Y Y . , . , . A f f f 3 'fFU?5f2lfJKL H7311 1 70738. r, ,, . ., .. ,V H. N L...-,xl ,,,,,.w L: ' N -' 4 -'MG' ff'Y f ffm - 1. 4-,- lv-Q79-.Y fy- -':'v'fg N -sf - Aw- 5,'Ev'k - wh' fif,f :.- f.- ---we-ff, wfv5y:f.fLf r,-7.1.-Tffr-f Lwfflm y' .vS'e-Q-ij, Q Q5-2.1. ww Kal. Q- me. 1,-.' .-q .- . . . .W .W-. -, .L --- , - L, - ,-,4 1 -my Q.: 1 1f,.:i g,fm,l , gr, V. ga-:L Vvf1m. 5gx- 'A : : -- V r 'L .- ff U .- .L 4

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