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ALWOOD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS of 1952 WOODHCLL, ILLINOISRobert W. Magill IN MEMORIAMSENIOR CLASSSENIORS Seated - B. Stickney, Secretary, E. Bivens, Student Council. Standing - G. Malley, Vice Pres., JV. Crider, Student Council, L. Fields, Reporter, B. Barman, President, R. Swanson, Treasurer, Mr. Blick, Advisor. Benny Anderson Pat BeckEthel Bivens Ann Caudron John Bybee SENIORS Maurice DeSutter, Jr. Alva Caulkins William CriderCecil Fors SENIORS Shirley Hayden James Johnson Vriginia Lines 7 0STH John Music Irene Schnowske Gale Malley Harry McVietty SENIORS Eldon Poppy Larry McViettyBeverly Stickney Roberts Swanson . iti Leonard Strand SENIORS Ronald Swanson Richard WillettSENIOR CLASS PLAY SEVEN CINDERELLAS Mr. Miller Mrs. Miller Jack Agnes Vivian Eileen Harvey Hazel Cheyenne Bill Amelia Beth Edger Larry Reed Horace the Horse Leonard Strand and Dick Willet Ann Caudron and Beverly Barman Cecil Fors Shirley Hayden and Irene Schnowske Beverley Stickney Louise Fields Marilyn Voss Neal Larson and Alva Caulkins Ethel Bivens Virginia Lines Benny Anderson Maurice DeSutter and Ronald Swanson Gale Malley and John Music Eldon Poppy and James JohnsonD.A. R. AWARD Each year one senior girl is chosen by her classmates and faculty for the Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizenship Award. It is based on the qualities of leadership, service, patriotism, and dependability. Beverly was President of the Senior class. President of F. H. A., Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Council, Secretary of Section X F.H.A- Editor of the 1952 Yearbook, Homecoming Queen Attendant, and had a leading role in the Senior Play. BEVERLY BARMAN HOMECOMING KING and QUEEN BEVERLY STICKNEY AND GALE MALLEY .... the Royalty who reigned over AlWood’s 1951 Homecoming festivities. Beverley was 1951 editor of the AlWood ACE, Secretary of the Senior Class and had a leading role in the Senior Play. Gale was 1951 President of Student Council, the highest honor AlWood students can confer upon a Senior. He was also a four-year man in both Football and Basketball.ANNUAL STAFF Seated: M. DeSutter, F.F.A. E. Poppy, Juniors, N. Larson, Sports, C. Fors, Snaps and Baby Pics, L. Fields, Music, M. Voss, Sophomores, Mr. Blick, Advisor. Standing, C. Nelson, Assoc. Member, B. Barman, Editor, J. Johnson, Asst. Bus. Mgr., L. Strand, Bus. Mgr., I. Schnowske, F.H.A., B. Swanson, Seniors, A. Caudron, G.A.A., M. Perry, Assoc. Member. PAPER STAFF AlWood Ace Staff: Beverley Stickney, Editor; Shirley Hayden, Production, Ethel Bivens, Sports; Virginia Lines, General News; Ann Caudron, Art; Irene Schnowske, Features; Louise Fields, Class News.Leonard Ann Ronnie Virginia Berandt Ethel Shirley r r- i y Dale Louise MauriceALWOOD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLSchool Board: Lester Swihart, John Weech, Lester Peterson, Paul Nelson, President, Holland Lindsey, John Whimpey and David Swanson. BUS DRIVERS Mrs. Marilyn Byrd Secretary Mr. Alvin Trigg Janitor S BUS DRIVERSFACULTY Harriet Erickson Speech William Hancock Agriculture Frances Fischer Chorus j •Sit Ruth Mason School Nurse Eugene Blick Commercial Donald Riggle BandFACULTY Robert Turner Social Science Coach Dorothea Becker English and Dramatics Dorothy Jensen Home Economics Bernice Anderson English and Library Physical Education Louis Browning Physical Science Marion Hainline Manual ArtsHOME ECONOMICSTYPING I CLASSROOM Vocational classes are always popular at AlWood. There were 34 beginners in Typing this year. Mr. Hancock’s Ag boys meet in the classroom or. certain days of the week and spend the rest of their time in the Ag Shop building hog huts and repairing machinery. SOPHOMORE-JUNIOR AGRICULTURE The Manual Arts Classes under Mr. Hainline keep busy making articles of furniture and refinishing furniture of various types. They learn to read and draw blueprints as well as how to run a lathe and saw.The Library Club is a new organization at school this year. The members claim reading as one of their favorite hobbies and meet regularly to discuss books, exchange ideas and make attractive displays for the bulletin board and library office. Mrs. Anderson is librarian and the members of the Library Club serve her as assistants. HISTORY CLASSROOMUNDERCLASSMENJUNIORS Junior Class Officers: Seated - Carol Broline, Reporter; Marilyn Roberts, V. Pres.; Standing - Don Luallen, Treas.; Virgil Spivey, Stu. Council; Carl Nelson, President; Gerald Nelson, Sect.; Terry McVietty, Stu. Council. Beverly Anderson Jack Anderson Carole Anderson George Barton Leroy Carlson Larry Crawford Lois Diffenbaugh Marilyn Epperson Carol Broline Mary Jo Herndon Judith Johnson Shirley Johnson Janet Krueger Donald LuallenJUNIOR CLASS PLAY “AUNT HETTY HITS HER STRIDE” Miss Hetty Hoyle Professor Leander Tate Olivia Tate Thelma Tate Melba Kim Douglas Rosaleen Dombie Dr. Carrie Ditto Bonnie Starr Durward Douglas Douglas Dombie Foster Frost Jim Gordon Mary Jo Herndon Gerald Nelson Martha Lines Margaret Perry Martha McCurdy Jean Norberg and Mary Miller Judy Johnson and Florence Schatterman Shirley Johnson Lois Diffenbaugh and Shirley Lee Carl Nelson Carl Nelson Richard Lundeen and Terry McVietty Richard Wilson and Donald LuallenSOPHOMORES Leo Swanson, Reporter Wayne Kapple, Stu. C. Richard Underwood, St. C. Leonard Anderson George Beck Fred Bivens Jane Cole Wf fi John Bredberg i i- Max Davison Donald Doubler Shirley Doxsee Miriam Dahlstrom Virginia Greenup Alice Gustafson 1 Richard Hambleton Gary Harwood Patsy Holds worth Treasurer —- Donald Beachler Gayle Crawford Gertrude HendersonNancy Ingram Gary Johnson Patty Johnson Gernie Jordan Dick Taylor Rose Taylor • — Charles Thulin Keith Underwood James Ward ■ ■ ■ i Richard Welch ■ m ji Wesley White George WrightSTUDENT COUNCIL Student Council Officers: Margaret Perry, Vice Pres.; Gale Malley, Pr«. tdent; Beverly Barman, Secretary-Treasurer. The chief activity of this year for Student Council was the big homecoming celebration October 26. A big parade was held through the streets of Woodhull; the big game with Cambridge was preceded by a bonfire pep rally and snake dance; the game, though damp, was well attended and the alums enjoyed a dance in the Alpha gym after the game. Beverley Stickney and Gale Malley reigned over the homecoming activities as King and Queen. Seated - Beverly Barman, Gale Malley, Margaret Perry. Standing - Bill Crider, Ethel Bivens, Dean Fischer, Carl Nelson, Virgil Spivey, Terry McVietty, Richard Underwood and Wayne Kapple.HOMECOMING 2ecil, Margaret and Friends First Prize - F.H.A. F. Schatteman, L. Strand, E. Bivens, W. Crider, B. Stickney, G. Malley, B. Barman, N. Larson, S. Lee, P. Beck, S. KruegerALWOOD U BAND Vr£Vfc This year the band, under the direction of their new director, Mr. Riggle, appeared at most of the home games and on several music programs. Early in the fall they went to Galesburg to hear the United States Marine Band. They also participated in the Cornbelt Conference Band Festival in Orin. GIRLS ENSEMBLE Ensenble: Lois Diffenbaugh, Margaret Swihart, Marilyn Voss, Jean Norberg, Rose Taylor, Shirley Krueger, Florence Schatteman, Peggy Johnson, Jane Krueger, Shirley Lee MUSIC GIRLS CHORUS Row Row Row Row 1- M. Voss, R. Taylor, S. Lee, J. Norberg, C. Broline, P. Johnson, G. Henderson 2- M. Swihart, A. Caudron, F. Schatteman, M. Roberts, N. Nelson, J. Krueger, Mrs. Fischer 3- L. Diffenbaugh, M. McCurdy-, S. Krueger, M. Dahlstrom, P. Johnson, V. Greenup, 4- M.DDeSutter, L Strand, R. Underwood. D. Fischer, C. Fors, C. Nelson, N. Larson MIXED CHORUS Row 1-M. Voss. R. Taylor, S. Lee, J. Norberg, C. Broline, P. Johnson, F. Schatteman Row 2-M. Swihart, A. Caudron, M. Roberts, G. Henderson, N. Nelson, J. Krueger, Mrs. Fischer Row 3-L. Diffenbaugh, V. Greenup, M. McCurdy, S. Krueger, M. Dahlstrom, P. Johnson, S. Doxsee, M. Lines, C. Fors, M. DeSutter. L. Strand C. Nelson, D. Fischer, R. Underwood N. Larson, Lois DiffenbaughFUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA F.H.A. Officers: Seated, Jean Norberg, Secretary; Martha Lines, Vice Pres.; Beverly Barman, President; Lois Diffenbaugh, Treasurer. Standing - C. Broline, R Taylor, M. McCurdy, F. Schatteman, S. Krueger, Miss Jensen, Advisor. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS is a national organization of girls who attend junior or senior high schools. Our chapter is a member of section 10, of which Beverly Barman served as secretary this year. We have a membership of 10, girls. One of the highlights of the year was when a group of girls went to WHBF-TV to be on a television show. Row 1 - B. Barman, M. Roberts, B. Anderson, J. Norberg, C. Broline, C. Anderson, S. Lucas, M. Voss, Miss Jensen, W. Sanders. Row 2 - R. Taylor, S. Lee F. Schatteman, M. Swanson, M. Perry, E. Kugler, P. Johnson, N. Ingram, P. Holdsworth. Row 3 - J. Johnson, N. Nelson, M. Swihart, M. Lines, G. Henderson, A. Gustafson, J. Cole, F. Schnowske, H. Page. Row 4 - L. Fields, S. Krueger, M. Swanson, M. McCurdy, L. Diffenbaugh, M. Dahlstrom, P. Johnson, V. Greenup, S. Doxsee, J. Plunkett, G. Crawford.F. H A Christmas party for youngsters ► Prize-winning entry in Homecoming parage B. Barman receiving chapter degree Square dance at Ted Johnson's barn Girls receiving Junior Homemaker Installation service degreesFUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA Leonard Strand, Treasurer; Carl Nelson, Secretary; Maurice DeSutter, Vice Pres.; Ronald Swanson, President. The AlWood F.F.A. began in 1948 when Alpha and Wood-hull were consolidated. There were 31 charter members. The 1951 Boar Sale was held in the bus shed on October 23. The following pages depict in part the activities of the F.F.A. during 1951. Row 1 - R. Carison,L. Strand,C. Nelson,M. DeSutter, R. Swanson, W. O. Hancock. Row 2 - W. White, R. Swanson, C. Fors, K. Underwood, M. Davison, Row 3 - R. Lundeen,R. Underwood,N. Larson, A. Peterson, O. Polousky, J. Johnson Row 4 - P. Kness, E. Poppy, V. Spivey, W. Reinhardt, J. Bybee, Virgil Spivey.How 1 - R Lundeen, w. Reinhardt, K. Underwood, N. Larson, W. White, How 2 - A. Peterson, M. Davison, O. Polousky, P. Kness, J. Bybee, C. Nelson, R. Underwood. a Here is a common scene in the Ag. II and III. These boys are practicing Parliamentary Procedure with Carl Nelson presiding over the meeting and Max Davison discussing a motion. Others in the picture are Virgil Spivey, Vernon Spivey, Pat Kness, Richard Lundeen, Alan Petersen, John Bybee, Wesley White, Neal Larson, Owen Polousky, and Richard Underwood. The second annual AlWood F.F.A. Boar Sale and show was held October 23, 1951, in the AlWood bus garage at Woodhull. Dwayne Wind had the champion Duroc boar in the sale. Maurice DeSutter, Jr., had the champion boar in the Hampshire breed. The top boar of the sale was sold by Eldon Poppy for $166. The average price in the Duroc division was $87.50 and the average for the Hampshires was $127.50.Each year one Senior F.F.A. boy is chosen to receive the DeKalb award. He is chosen by the local underclassmen. This award is based on F.F.A. work, social activities, and church work. Maurice DeSutter was Vice-President of the AlWood F.F.A. chapter in 1951-1952. He also participated in the activities of the Soil Conservation and Parliamentary Procedure Teams. Maurice DeSutter Parliamentary Procedure is to teach boys how to carry on a business meeting properly. In contest meetings boys learn to make motions, amendments to motions, and most important, to discuss motions and amendments. There are five boys to a team: Presi-ent. Secretary, and three floor-group members. On October 20, 1951, the AlWood F.F.A. Soil Conservation team went to Fulton, 111., to compete in the Moline Area Soil Conservation Contest. This team consisted of: Alan Petersen, Bill Reinhardt, and Carl Nelson. They were accompanied by their advisor, William Oscar Hancock. They were given ten days to complete the plans and send them in. A banquet was held a few weeks later honoring the contestants. At this banquet the winners were announced. Aledo was the winning team.Wes White Duroc Gilts Bill Reinhardt . Shorthorn Heifer Vernon Spivey's Duroc Gilts Elden Poppy's Hampshire Gilts Cecil Fors Brown Swiss Cow Calf DeSutter's Hereford Alan Petersen's Ewes Pat Kness . Hampshire GiltsG. A. A Janet Krueger, Marilyn Epperson Shirley Johnson, Mrs. Anderson, Florence Schatteman, Mary Miller Row 1 Florence Schatteman, Jean Norberg, Carol Broline, Mary Miller, Shirley Lee Row 2 Rose Taylor, Marilyn Roberts, Peggy Johnson, Virginia Lines Row 3 Patty Johnson, Margaret Perry, Marlene Swanson, Marilyn Nelson, Natilie Nelson, Marilyn Epperson, Marie Willet Row 4 Miriam Dahlstrom, Virginia Greenup, Marna Jean Swanson, Louise 1 lelds, Shirley Johnson, Gertrude Henderson, Mrs. Anderson, Advisor, Janet Krueger, Patsy Ho Ids worth, Shirley Krueger.SPORTS SPORTSCOPE This year our sports section will show you pictures and tell you of our athletic program for the year of 1951-1952. In the football section you will see pictures of the players and stories of the games. The conference standing and statistics are also given. You will also see group dress pictures and the tabulation of points made by each player and the letter or numerals earned. In the basketball section you will see pictures of players and game shots and we also introduce you to them and the coach. We also show you a picture of the faithful unseen workers, the managers, plus game statistics and personal player's averages. Not to be forgotten are the Cheerleaders- -all seven of them. To Deed, Marg, Mary, Jean, Peg, Shirley and Marty go our thanks for a superb job. They've been on the job at all the games, yelling fully as loud during the losing games as when we're far in the lead. On them stands the tremendous job of developing school spirit and this past year is testimony to a successful job. The final section tells about Sports Education. You will see how our boys keep in trim. I am sure that these pages will bring back memories of 1951-1952 athletics in years to come. Neal Larson Sports EditorFOOTBALL TEAM Row 1 - D. Fischer, L. Swanson, D. Luallen, Virgil Spivey, G. Beck, D. Fields, K. Underwood: Row 2 - R. Underwood, G. Malley, A. Caulkins, L. Strand, G. Harwood, N. Larson, J. Bredberg: Row 3 - Coach Turner, W. Kapple, G. Wright, R. Lundeen, Vernon Spivey, W. Reinhardt, R. Hambleton, C. Spaulding, P. Kness, S. Rutledge (manager). STATISTICS Player Earned Viola Atkinson Sherrard Keiths- burg Williams- field Orion Cambridge TOTALS Bybee, J Injured 12 12 Spivey, Virgil Letter 18 18 Beck, P. Letter 6 6 8 2 22 Underwood, R. Letter 6 6 6 18 Spivey, Vernon Letter 6 7 6 19 Malley, G. Letter 6 6 Beck, G. Letter 2 2 Caulkins, A. Letter 6 6 12 Strand, L. Letter 6 6 Thulin, C. Numeral 6 6 Hambleton, R. Letter 1 1 Harwood, G. Letter 6 6 Kapple, W. Letter 12 12 Crider, W. Letter Larson, N. Numeral Luallen, D. Numeral Lundeen, R. Numeral Reinhardt, W. Numeral Spaulding, C. Numeral Bredberg, J. Numeral Fields, D. Numeral Fischer, D. Letter Kness, L. Letter Swanson, L. Letter Underwood, K. Numeral Welch, R. Injured WRight, G. Numeral TOTAL 3b 12 14 27 13 20 18 140 OPPONENTS 36 52 46 12 49 44 53 292Alva Caulkins Left End Leonard Strand Center Gale Malley Halfback Sonny Crider Quarterback Neal Larson Fullback 4 Donald Luallen Center William Reinhar Wayne Kapple Right End Fullback 6 Pat Beck Right End Richard Underwood Fullback i Virgil Spivey Fullback Vernon Spivey Left End Richard Lundeen HalfbackVARSITY Wayne Kapple, Gale Malley, William Rednour, Gerald Nelson, Dean Fisher, Leo Swanson, Virgil Spivey, Pat Beck, George Beck, Gary Harwood, Terry McVietty, Richard Hambleton, Vernon Spivey, Sonny Crider, Managers: Sidney Rutledge, and Leonard Anderson. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Varsity Cheer Leaders M. Perry, J. Norberg, M. Miller, M. Swanson.VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL November 20 ALWOOD 39 Knoxville 65 Played At Woodhull November 27 ALViOOD 40 Williamsfield 69 Williamsfield November 30 ALWOOD 41 Joy 74 Joy December 4 ALWOOD 45 Galva 61 Woodhull December 7 ALWOOD 43 Viola 40 Viola December 14 ALWOOD 44 Atkinson 62 Woodhull December 17 ALWOOD 51 Wethersfield 60 Galva (Christmas Tournament) January 2 ALWOOD 43 Orion 66 Orion (Cornbelt Tournament) January 8 ALWOOD 30 Orion 37 Orion January 11 ALWOOD 34 Sherrard 74 Sherrard January 15 ALWOOD 50 G. - 0. 57 Gladstone January 18 ALWOOD 64 New Windsor 45 Woodhull January 19 ALWOOD 34 R.O.V.A. 55 Oneida January 22 ALWOOD 47 Cambrid ge 60 Woodhull January 25 ALWOOD 38 Galva 75 Galva January 29 ALWOOD 51 Knoxville 97 Knoxville February 1 ALWOOD 36 Orion 71 Woodhull February 5 ALWOOD 46 R.O.V.A. 50 Woodhull February 8 ALWOOD 42 Cambridge 62 Cambridge February 12 ALWOOD 52 Williamsfield 23 Woodhull February 15 ALWOOD 53 Keithsburg 48 Woodhull February 22 ALWOOD 50 Joy 51 Woodhull SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL NoVember 20 ALWOOD 40 Knoxville 31 Played At Woodhull November 27 ALWOOD 51 Williamsfield 22 Williamsfield November 30 ALWOOD 63 Joy 28 Joy December 4 ALWOOD 40 Galva 35 Woodhull December 7 ALWOOD 50 Viola 25 Viola December 14 ALWOOD 55 Atkinson 31 Woodhull January 8 ALWOOD 39 Orion 45 Orion January 11 ALWOOD 64 Sherrard 46 Sherrard January 15 ALWOOD 67 G. - O. 54 Gladstone January 18 ALWOOD 45 New Windsor 36 Woodhull January 19 ALWOOD 58 R.O.V.A. 40 Oneida January 22 ALWOOD 52 Cambridge 33 Woodhull January 25 ALWOOD 39 Galva 38 Galva January 29 ALWOOD 64 Knoxville 39 Knoxville February 1 ALWOOD 45 Orion 44 Woodhull February 5 ALWOOD 42 R.O.V.A. 37 Woodhull February 8 ALWOOD 55 Cambridge 37 Cambridge February 12 ALWOOD 50 Williamsfield 30 Woodhull February 15 ALWOOD 60 Keithsburg 50 Woodhull February 22 ALWOOD 60 Joy 41 WoodhullSOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Beck, George Fields, Dale Fischer, Dean Hambleton, Richard Harwood, Gary Johnson, Gary Kapple, Wayne Rednour, William Spivey, Vernon Swanson, Leo Thulin, Charles Underwood, Richard Wright, George During the 1951-1952 season, Alwood fans had just reason to be proud of the Sophomore Squad. They went down to defeat only once, at Orion on January 8. Most of the other games were won with a large margin. The Sophomores show promise of being a crack varsity in a year or two and should show us some real basketball before they graduate. Martha McCurdy, Peggy Johnson, Shirley KruegerINTRA -murals Don Luallen leads the 4th period gym class in their “Daily Dozen Always the most popular part of gym period is the intra-mural basketball game. The Slow-Pokes won intra-mural basketball league with their slow fast break. The above picture shows a crucial moment in the All-Star vs. Katties tilt. The Mohawks and Little-Aces also played (to use the term loosely).Jump! SNAPSHOTS Loafers Study in Song Available Broad Point of View A Corny Deal Girls? Jeannie Egad I Swedes in the Weeds D yfli- ■ $11 Butter-ball Ipana Yea! Rah! Unh!No, he doesn’t know how. von Rigglesburg Should I? Ready? Bookkeeping Speaking of Pictures! Right Here Yes No Yes Him? A Spec FullSENIOR ACTIVITIES Benny Anderson Louise Fields Football 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Class play 4 Beverly Barman Class Offices 1,2,3,4 G A A 2 F H A President 1,3,4 F H A Treasurer 2 Section 10 Secretary 4 Chorus 1,2 Athletic Banquet Chairman 3 Student Council 1,3,4 Yearbook 3,4 Queen Attendent 3,4 Class play 3,4 Christmas play 3 D A R 4 Ambition - Secretary Pat Beck Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 King Attendent 4 Ambition - Shops AAA Ethel Bivens F H A 1,2 Music 1 Student Council 4 School Paper 4 Queen Attendent 4 Class play 3,4 Ambition - Secretary John Bybee F F A 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Ambition - Farmer Ann Caudron G A A 1,2 F H A 1,2 Music 1,2,3,4 Yearbook 4 School Paper 4 Class play 3,4 Librarian 2,3 Ambition - Commercial Artist Alva Caulkins Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,3 Track 1,2,3,4 Class play 3,4 King Attendent 4 Ambition - Carpenter William Crider Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3 Student Council 4 King Attendent 4 Ambition - Navy Maurice DeSutter Class Treasurer 3 F F A 1,2,3,4 F F A Vice President 4 Section 3 Reporter 4 DeKalb Award 4 Basketball Manager 3 Track 2 Yearbook 4 Class play 4 Ambition - Farmer Class Reporter 4 G A A 2,3,4 F H A 4 Chorus 1 Student Council 3 French Club 3 F T A 4 Cadet 3 G S L 2,3 News and Views 3 Orchesis 3 Yearbook 4 Class play 4 School Paper 4 Ambition - College Cecil Fors F F A 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class play 3,4 Ambition - Farmer Shirley Hayden F H A Vice President 1 F H A 2,3 Music 1,2 School Paper 4 Class play 3,4 Cheerleader 2 Prom Committee 3 Ambition - Get Married. Jim Johnson F F A 1,2,3,4 Music 1,2,3 Basketball 2,3 Yearbook 4 A A A 2,3 Ambition - FarmerSENIOR ACTIVITIES Neal Larson A A A 3 F F A 1 F F A Treasurer 4 Chorus 3,4 Band 4 Football 4 Basketball 1 Track 2,3,4 Yearbook 4 King Attendent 4 Class Play 4 Ambition - Photographer Virginia Lines G A A 1,2,3,4 F H A 1,2,3 Music 1,2 Yearbook 4 School Paper 4 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 2 Ambition - School Teacher Gale Malley Student Council 1,2,3,4 A A A 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 2 Ambition - Commercial artist Engineer Harry McVietty Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Larry McVietty Football 1,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2 A A A 3 Ambition - Shops John Music Class President Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 1 Student Council 3 Ambition - Write a Book! Elden Poppy F F A 1,2,3,4 Music 1 Track 3 Yearbook 4 Ambition - Farmer Irene Schnowske G A A 2,3 F H A 1,2,3 Music 1,2 Student Council 2 School Paper 4 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3,4 Ambition - Secretary Beverley Stickney Senior Secretary 4 G A A 2,3 F H A Degree Chairman 1 Secretary FH A 3 Music 1,2 School Paper 4 Queen Attendent 3 Queen 4 Class Plays 3,4 Cheerleader 3 Ambition - Get married. Leonard Strand F F A 1,2,3,4 Music 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Football 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3,4 King Attendent 4 Ambition - Papa Robert Swanson F F A 1,2,3,4 Music 2 Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2 Track 2 Class Play 3 Ronald Swanson Class Officer 2,3,4 F F A 1,2,3,4 Music 1,2,3 Basketball Manager 3 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3,4 Ambition - Farmer Marilyn Voss Music 1,2,3,4 F H A 4 Basketball 1,2,3 Yearbook 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 3 Ambition - To teach music. Dick Willet Football 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Track 1 Class Play 4 Ambition - CollegeSetum QUu VUtf SEATED: Bill Krueger, Cynthia Fleharty, Richard Bloomberg, Carol Litton, Carolee Murdock, Marvin Palm, Ruby McDowell. STANDING: Paul Kronsted, Bill Frantz, John Thulin, Janet Holmes, Jack Perry, Wanda Nim-rick, Jim Bergstrom and Lucille Lundblad. Barbara Swihart was absent when die picture was taken. "Where's the Fire, " a three act comedy, was presented at Woodhull, April 20th and at Alpha, April 22nd. The play was directed by Miss Becker. Special numbers were presented between acts. CAST: Grandma Carter, with a sharp tongue but a kind heart. Ruby McDowell and Carolee Murdock; Sylpha Nesbitt, her neighbor, Janet Holmes and Lucille Lundblad; Joan Carter, a sweet attractive girl, Barbara Swihart and Cynthia Fleharty; Herbert Carter, "a firebug, " "a boy of middle age, " Bill Frantz and Marvin Palm; John Smith, Grandma's mysterious roomer, Bill Krueger and Richard Bloomberg; Hazel Tildy, a teenage nuisance, Carol Litton and Wanda Nimrick; Bill Harrison, who hasn't got around to proposing to Joan, Paul Kronsted and Jack Perry; the electrician who never speaks, John Thulin, Jim Bergstrom, Jim Diffenbaugh, and George Bloomberg. 61s E N I 0 R A C T I V I T I E S The junior-senior prom and the senior trip were two events that highlighted the last month of school for the class of '55. On the evening of May 6, the faculty, students, and their guests attended AlWood's Seventh Annual Prom. An elaborately decorated gymnasium carried out the theme, "Moonlight and Roses. " Following the banquet and program there was dancing to the music of Gordon's Melody Makers. Thirty-six seniors, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Swanson and Mr. Louis Browning, journeyed to Chicago on May 25 for a two-day visit to the "Windy City. " A tour of Midway Airport, a trip to Riverview Amusement Park, dancing at the Aragon Ballroom, and Cinerama were included in this educational trip. David Barton Herman Beck Jim Bergstrom George Bloomberg Richard Bloomberg Janice Bodeen Doris Carlson Harry Carlson Philip Cathcart Harold Caulkins Janies Diffe Shirley Doubler Cpthia Fleharty Bill Frantz Phyllis Gardner Janet Holmes Gayle Johnson Paul Kronsted Bill Krueger Class Motto "EVER ONWARD" Class Colors GREEN AND WHITE Flower TEA ROSE Ca.xo U YiW! LuciWe LuwSfei m C roVee ixA kcVPw LelauA Do Vf S n Barbara bmb; 3 obit TW Charles J Betty ] tYMtl Marcia Rehn, Salutatorian; Lucilie Lundblad, Transfer Valedictorian; Janet Holmes, Valedictorian; Mr. Fischer. Professor of Education University of Illinois67Sen tor A class of many talents is the Class of '55, And thru this will and testament, our memory will stay alive To that happy group of juniors who step up to our spot To try to fill the assets of our snappy little lot. Before we start the give-away we want to thank the staff; To the AHS faculty we direct this epitaph: May you rest in peace, you weary souls, for though you smile to see us go. The last laugh's with us, for another class on your shoulders we bestow. Thanks, too, to our superintendent, our principal, Chief Mate, For their patience (and their sympathy! ) when we skipped or came in late. The golden throat of Carol to Frances we pass on. While Roberts gets the sporting skill of Krueger, our senior amazon. Perry, Barton, Caulkins, and Beck leave behind this little threat: That next year's team--whatever the sport--should strive for the records we set. Janet, Lucille, and Marcia stack their brains in one big pile To raise the junior's records in the scholastic file. Those shy guys. Palm and George, plus Johnson Leave reserved and quiet attitudes to Norberg and Swanson. Diffenbaugh leaves his lanky frame to Evrard and Erlandson, who can match it, While Willett and Rich give their track ability to any who can catch it. "Pepsodent smile" Doris gives her pearls to any one Who needs to smile and to have a lot of fun. From Thulin to Harroun goes the help the teams need. While to Taylor goes Bergstrom's driving and speed. Cynthia gives the pin for "clothes" to that junior Barb Lee While Setterdahl takes it for the boys from Harry, tall and free. Morland and Underwood leave all their fooling 'round To Neer and those who chance to use it, their teachers to astound. Mar and Wanda leave cheering to Barb and Jo To lead the Aces as they ever onward go. Janice gets the smile that Jewneel and Shirley are giving out. While our own Joyce Ossian leaves drawings to any artists about. Carolee and Lucille refuse to part with Bill and Jim, their men. But they hear the boys are fickle, so they plan to build a pen. From Barb and Dolly, personality Leone and Sue will take And Cathcart deposits his sleepiness on Willett, who can not stay awake. Janice, Marian, Joyce, and Carolee, the "one-man" gals of the class. Give their trueness to Sharon McMeekan, and any other faithful lass. Betty gives her smallness to Lois, the junior tot. While Lucille gets Cynthia's poise, of which she has a lot. Bill lends his presidency to Dennis, to whom high honors will fly, Paul leaves his big bass to Scott, a happy guy. Ruby, Janet, Palm, among the stars of the Senior Class play. Leave their vacancies to be fulfilled by new stars of a future day. Bonnie gets the cheerfulness that Phyllis now has. And Marlene gives to Sandra her ability to jazz. Leland passes along his fun To guys like Plunkett and Magnus son. We gals will the charm of our devilish, good-looking guys to Frenell, Malcolm, Baird, and Brown, who will strive to be just as wise. We've gone through all the talents of the members of our class; Above our list of geniuses no others can surpass. We think we're 'bout the greatest bunch that's gone through AHS, But elders seem to shake their heads and say, "Just like the rest!" 68

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