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mimi-xramn?fmne.Wa ..f: - I. . , . f -wa-1, -, , . -1 f w -. -'.e::.u.a:, Mum:-.u-am ff, 46' C44 evo foo" BM- SS C '55 00 an OL vb C101 dsl' ORS C: Xoe- Iver -2: Dedication We, the Senior Class of Alvo High, wish to dedicate this book to future Senior Classes of our alma mater. May it be an inspiration and a goal to climb towards in the last days of their high school life. Mostly, this book is dedicated to the Seniors of '52, We hope their last year will hold as much joy as this year has for us. CLASS MOTTO Getting An Education Is A Hard, But Worth-while Climb. Z Editor -in -C hief .... Assistant Editor. Art Editor. . . . Sports Editor .... . Annual Staff Activities and School Fun. . . Personal History .... Photography ....... Calendar of Events .... Alumni .......... Make -up Editors. Business Manager .... Sponsor. . . .... Mr. Baker 3 . . .Beverly Stolz Barbara Marcoe Jeanette Fischer . . . Bill Meyer . . . .Ralph Nickel . . . Bob Lipskey Barbara Marcoe . .Lucille Taylor . Lucille Taylor . . . . . Karl Clark Larrie Bell JoDon McKinnon STANDlNG: Left to Right: Wesley Cook Robert Baker SEATED: Left to Right: Don Reickman Ralph Dreamer Evan Root Arthur Roelofsz Board of Education Student Council 4 LEFT TO RIGHT: James Morgaridge Lucille Taylor Ralph Nickel Phyllis Marcoe Robert Lipskey ROBERT BAKER, B.S., M.A Superintendent University of Nebraska History, Citizenship Girls' Athletics JEANETTE MILLER, B.S. University of idaho University of Nebraska . Music, English, Homemaking fl Library Science I , OLIVER MAYFIELD, B.A. Principal and Coach Peru State Teachers College Boys' Athletics, Algebra, Biology Industrial Arts 6 - v S s' . JEAN HATFIELD OPAL MAYFIELD Northwest Missouri State College Peru State Teachers College, Z years Clarinda Junior College Fourth-Filth Grades Kindergarten -First Grades e,..- fix ., K f Liv' 5 ig . . A N... i e..,ss.- DEVEE REBER CLIFFORD TEGLER, B.A. Peru State Teachers College, Z years NEIJTGSKB Central C,U1l8ge Sag-0nd-'1'hird Gradgs Sixth-Seventh-Eighth-Dramatic5 7 7 17 I .1 :Ei gage-,411-aQRff.5?Yf:i?5fvzA.x:g:a: .ir Q 'r H J 5 Wggxggw Li 'apiljg RW y,. 35, lj g,'1,4gjfWg,L SSNKQSQ gxwxu 4 14' -.f yt 1? qmgq, gg.. Hp?39F1K""1glx5W:Q, K. 5 ,,:b.,w ,t , , 1 LUG ILLE TAY LCR Music ........ ' .......... '. . . Dramatic! .... ...... 1 ,3.4 Volleyball .... ..... l ,Z.3,4 Pep Club .... .... l ,3.4 Paper ..... .... Z .3.4 Annual .... . . .3.4 BERNICE RUETER Muaic. . . . . . .................l,Z.4 Dramatlca ...................... 4 Volleyball .... . . . 3.4 Pep Club ..... .... l .3.4 Cheerleader .... ..... 4 Paper ........ .... 4 .TEANETTE FISCHER Mualc......... ............ Drametlce...................Z,3,4 Volleyball .... .... I ,Z .3 .4 Pep Club ..... .... l ,3.4 Cheerleader .... ..... 4 Paper ........ .... 2 .3,4 Annualu.. ....3.4 BARBARA MARC OE Music.................... Dramatics. . . Volleyball. . Pep Club. . . Cheerleader. . . Paper ...... . Annual. . . . ROBERT LIPSKEY Entered Alvo from Walton in ' Music' ........ .... .. Draw MKS... ,. EL.: uf-tl-all. , .. Football ..... Track ..,.. Paper .... Annual. . . Bl-:VER LY ST OLZ Musxc. . . ....... . .......... 1 Dramatics... ...l Volleyball .... .,,. l PepClub... Paper ..... ..., 1 Annual .... , , l,2,3,4 ..l,3,4 1,3,4 l,3,4 3 l,Z,3,4 .. .3,4 49 ..3,4 ..3,4 . . 3,4 . . . .4 , . , .4 ...,4 .. 3,4 Nay," Z,3,4 Z,3,4 Z 3,4 l,3,4 Z,3,4 . 3,4 10 Class Will We the Senior Class of 1951 being of sound mind and under no intoxicating influences do hereby attest this to be our last will and testament. We hereby will the following possessions to the underclassmen: I, Barbara Marcoe, leave my ability to play volleyball to Jo Don, my old book reports to Roger Kinney so he won't fail in English. I will my figure to Larry and My Assistant Editorship on the Paper and Annual Staff to Bill Meyers so he won't have to work so hard. I, Beverly Stolz, will my volleyball position on the front line to Vernie, my Editorship on the paper and annual to Ralph Nickel, my desk behind Ralph to Kenny, so he can get good grades next year, and my ability to have my lessons on time to Karl so he won't always be late with them. I, Bob Lipskey, will my long legs to Richard Morgaridge so he won't be so little, my good looks to Karl, my ability to fight Larrie Bell to Ted, my desk to Dick Clark and my beloved play book to Cliff. I, Bernice Rueter, will my extra time to Jeanette Rueter so she won't have to spend next year studying, my left over envelopes to Ted, so he won't need to borrow any, my desk to Larrie Bell so he'll have room for all his books next year. Last but not least, I will my position on the volleyball team to whoever plays it next year. I, Jeanette Fischer, will my artistic ability to Junior Weichel so he can make his own biology Scrapbooks, especially the cover page, my diamond to Leila Nickel to go with her wrist watch, and my giggles and bubble gum to Jeanette Rueter so she won't be so quiet. To my brother, Lee, I will my desk so he will have a place to sit for the next three years. I, Lucille Taylor, will all my old pencils to Bill Meyers so Vernie won't be accusing him of thugging hers, and l will to anyone anything which will help them out in the next few years in school. We, the Senior Class, will the stage to Mr. Miller for fire wood: a typewriter to the Garden Club so they can type their own programs, and our class rings to the Freshmen and Sophomores so they won't have to wait or pay so much for them. 11 Class Prophecy As we return to Alvo in 1972, we notice that a great change has taken place, for there is now a large zoo. The name is the Alvonian Zoo. So we, the Senior Class of 1951, decided to visit this added attraction. The first person we saw was the aged zoo keeper. Much to our surprise, we saw the one and only Vernie Roelofsz, under a bright red wig. We asked her if she had very many interesting and unusual specimens. She said, "No, we haven't any foreign specimens but we do have some local ones". The first cage we came to, disclosed a large ferocious looking bull. Vernie told us that this was big bull Meyers and that he wasn't nearly as mean as he tried to be. In the adjoining cage there was a big fat coon. Bob Lipskey exclaimed, "There is my old friend Larrie Bell". Larrie looked at Bob and sighed, "Don't you wish you were in here, I'm very lonesome!" We hurried on to the next cage for fear Bob would join him. As we came upon it we were astonished by the unusual looking panda bear. Lucille looked at it in astonishment and she ex- claimed, "Why it's our beloved superintendent, Mr. Baker". Mr. Baker answered, "As a matter of fact, yes". Moving on, Vernie warned us to stay away from the next cage for there was a wild and woolie pussy cat. This was none other than Karl Clark who, in the past few years, had grown old and fierce with long crooked claws. When we saw Karl we all exclaimed what a pathetic sight. Beside him was a little coon who was for- ever teasing the wild pussy cat. Bernice's face grew white and she said, "Oh, Ted, it just couldn't be you could it? " While looking at the little coon we heard a deep croaking sound. There on a log sat Cessor Bullfrog Nickel. Vernie spoke up and said, "This is the only per- son who turned out to be a musician in tne Junior Class". Much to our surprise we saw the laughing hyena laughing insanely at the croaking that came out of Cessor Nickel's throat. We saw a dark green Chevie parked in back of the zoo so we knew it must be none other than Cliff Tegler. Pacing ut and downthe aisles between the cages was the animal feeder. When Barbara and Beverly inquired as to who it was, Vernie informed us that it was Oliver Mayfield, the former Alvo coach. He was now engaged in coaching the animals to do their tricks. Chasing Mr. Mayfield up the aisle was an ornery little porcupine. He was trying to test his quills in Mr. Mayfield to see if they were sharp enough. Jeanette backed away and screamed, "It's that dangerous Kenny Gamlin again". This trip through the Alvonian zoo was getting more unusual the further on we went. The next and last cage we came to had a trio of little monkeys with a mother monkey. The little monkeys were sitting In a straight row. One had his hands over his ears, another had his hands over his eyes, and the last had his hands over his mouth. We asked Vernie what it was and she answered, "That's Jean, Opal and DeVee. Mrs. Miller is teaching them to "Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil". Since this was all of the specimens in the zoo, we decided maybe it was time to put an end to this day of surprises and so journeyed back to our modern homes on the outskirts of Hollywood, California. IZ Class History The Senior Class of l951 did not enter Alvo High together. The first one to enter the class was Bernice Rueter when she started in the second grade. In the fourth grade, Lucille Taylor and Beverly Stolz, two other members of the present class joined her. Jeanette Fischer entered the class in the eighth grade. At the eighth graduation exercises, five members of the eighth grade were graduated into high school. They were Jeanette Fischer, Beverly Stolz, Lucille Taylor, Bernice Rueter and James Crowe, who left during the summer to start high school in Chicago. Our first day in high school found another member of our class, Barbara Marcoe, who came from Springfield, Nebraska. During our Freshman year, Beverly Stolz was chosen to be in the Junior play "I-le Cou1dn't Marry Five". Barbara Marcoe was also chosen to be in the Senior play "Mama's Baby Boy". Another highlight of our Freshman year was the Initiation, when we all dressed up in odd looking clothes and did stunts for the amusement of the Seniors. Our Sophomore year, all members of our class were chosen to be in the Junior -Senior play "Backwoods Romeo". They were, Lucille Taylor, Jeanette Fischer, Bernice Rueter, and Beverly Stolz. An operetta was also given that year, in which all the members of our class took part. The title of the operetta was "Moon Maiden". The Junior year, was the big year for our class. The last member of the present class joined us. He was Bob Lipskey, who came from Walton to round out the class to six members. The Junior-Senior play "Six Wives On A Rampage" was one of the main events of the year. Bernice Rueter was the stage manager. All the rest of the class had parts in the play. Another highlight was the Junior -Senior Banquet which was held at the Lincoln Hotel. The theme was centered around volleyball which was forked out by the Juniors. Last but not least came the biggest year--the Senior year. Many things happened that year, too numerous to mention. Some of the main things were football games, which our only boy took a big part ing the football rallies and victory dances, in which the whole class took part, the dramatic club banquet, the dramatic club play, "Life of Riley"g the Junior-Senior play, "Red-Headed Royalty From Arkansas"g the Junior-Senior Banquetg and finally Baccalaureate and Commencement which is our final school program in which our class, The Seniors of '51, will take part. 13 STANDING: Left to Righti Kenny Gamlin Bill Meyers Mr. Baker Karl Lee Clark Larrie Bell SEATED: Left to Right: Ted McNeese Vernadean Roelofsz Ralph Nickel Sophomores un iors K STANDING: Left to Right: Dick Printz Junior Neichel Mr. Mayfield Roger Kinney Robert Kellogg SEATED: Left to Rightg Jeanette Rueter Phyllis Marcoe Leila Nickel Jo Don McKinnon Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN President ....... . . . James Morgaridge Vice-President. . . . . Secretary ....... . . Treasurer. . . Reporter. . . -0 .Q---......-..- SOPHOMORE President. . . ....... . Vice-President. Sec retary-T reasurer. . . Reporter ...... JUNIOR President. . . . . . . Vice-President .... . . . Secretary-Treasurer. . . Reporter ...... President .... . . . . Vice-President. Secretary. . . . . Treasurer. . . Reporter. . . SENIOR no -- -. not . . . . . Dick Clark Dick Morgaridge . . Jim Hermance .Fred Herrmann . Phyllis Marcoe . . . Roger Kinney . . . Dick Printz . . .Leila Nickel . . . Ralph Nickel . . . . Karl Clark . . . Larrie Bell . . . Bill Meyers . . . . Bob Lipskey Barbara Marcoe Jeanette Fischer . . . Lucille Taylor 16 . Bernice Rueter STANDING: Left to Right: James Hermance Oliver Mayfield Dick Clark SEATED: Left to Right: Richard Morgaridg Fred Herrmann Darlene Johnson James Morgaridge Lee Fischer Junior-Senior Play "RED -HEADED ROYALTY FROM ARKANSAS" To Furst College, a co-ed school in a small town, comes one Prince Michaels, a tall, gangling young fellow from down Arkansas way. When the news of his arrival is announced, the girls immediately mistake his given name of "Prince" for a royal title and believe that his il 'fitting clothes and his awkwardmanners are merely an eccentricity. Much to the - iscomfort of the bashful young hillbilly, the girls fawn upon him. That is, all exce at one, Ethel, to whom Prince is immediately attracted. Naturally, because of his fe. ninine attention, Prince is not in high favor with the boys. For a year or more, a llackmail scheme has been perpetrated on some of the students. It has been the cus :om of the blackmailer to get a snapshot of the in- tended victim and then super mpose the photograph on the background of the school office. A letter is the 1 sent to the victim, asking for five hundred dollars, and if the money is not forthc oming, the photograph is sent to the school officials after the office has been looted. Thus the innocent party is expelled from school. Believing Prince Michaels to be of royal birth and therefore in command of unlimited money, he becomes an immediate prey of the blackrnailer. But with the help of Fordyce Green, an.-ther intended student victim, Prince sets to work and unravels the mystery and tcgether they catch the culprit. The criminal turns out to be a person that no one would ever suspect, for it is Hans, the music teacher. The trick used by Prince and Fordyce to capture him and get his signed con- fession is one of the numerous things that make the play a hit. 5. . l K V , C CAST OF CHARACTERS Prince Michaels Dale Nellis . Jim Donovan. 4 Fordyce Green Hans Fitzler Jacqueline Wallis Yvonne Ferris Aimee Rossen Doris Willowby Ethel Whalen l K .... KN, 2 ..... . A X . . . .I .... Q J' Leigh Johnstone. . . . . . X .I l . . . N Q . . . DIRECTOR ......... . . . . Bob Lipskey . . . Dick Printz . . . .Karl Clark . . . Ted McNeese . . . . . Larrie Bell . . . .Beverly Stolz .Vernie Roelofsz . Bernice Rueter . . Lucille Taylor Jeanette Fischer Barbara Marcoc . . . CLIFFORD TEGLER A l . . C . . f f'Q'wl'5i'1f ff' l 4' ,. 'L ef, K Vi A 4 5 1 dw TOP ROW: Left to Righf-C Charles Schuelke Marian Heier Jimmie Vincent Clyde Foreman Arlan Neben Noble Fisher Mickey Lipskey Roger Gilmore Dale Roelofsz CENTER ROW: Left to Righty Marilyn Sutton Eleanor Gilmore Mary Louise Eckery Carole Zoz Beverly Schuelke Joyce Robertson Mary Jane Althouse Mr. Tegler BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Carole Fischer LaVon Howe Nancy Printz Eleanor Kellogg Beverly McNeese Evelyn Fisher Rita Hermance TOP ROW: Left to Right: Jimmie McNeese Shirley Foreman Ray Gene Rosenow CENTER ROW: Billie Morgaridge Karen Howe Eugene Eikerman Julene Fifer Bobbie Neben BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Bobbie Morgaridge Patsy Roelofsz. Charlene Bradley Carole Printz Diana. Cook Lowell Bell Sixth, Seventh 85 Eighth Grades Second and Third Grades TOP ROW: Left to Right: Jimmie 1-'usselman Miss Hatfield Jeanette Weichel Steven Printz. Johnnie Leming CENTER ROW: Left to Righty Ronnie Root Aaron Howe Minchel Zoz. Carolyn Kay Edwards Richard Heier Darrel Bennett Larrie McNeese BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Richard Kling Dickie Reickman Carol Ann Bennett Ann Fogelson Susan Cook Dale Morgaridge Johnnie Otley TOP ROW: Left to Right: David Hermance Larry Fifer Miss Reber Bernard Heier Dickie Wymore CENTER ROW: Left to Right: Shirley Morgaridge Lynn Root Jane Robertson BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Charles Eckery Larry Hermance Leona Fisher Judy Weichel Kathryn Fusseh-nan Gordon Fifer Bobbie McNeese Kindergarten and First Grades Norma Jean Elliott ------ Donna Lee Heier -------- Berdina Rueter --------- Bonnie Marcoe--- Ruby Kellogg ---- G ayle Muenchau ---- - - - Stanley Haertel--- Ronald Kinney ---- Doris Nobbe ---- ---- Minnie Roe lofsz -------- Virginia Lee Herrmann Gene Johnson-------u Averil Clark ----------- DeVee Reber--- --- Bonnie Muenchau ------- Gilbert Coatman--- --- Alumni GRADUATES OF 1950 She is working for the Woodman Accident Insurance Company in Lincoln. She is attending the University of Nebraska. She is now known as Mrs. Dick Weiler and living at Lincoln. GRADUATES OF 1949 She is now known as Mrs. Don Halversen and is living on a farm at Eagle. Employed by Union National Insurance Company, Lincoln, Nebraska. GRAD UAT ES OF 194 8 He has joined the Army Air Force and is stationed at Texas. He joined the Army Air Force and is stationed at Georgia Employed by Nebraska State Road and Engineering De- partment. She is now known as Mrs. Wayne Kinney, Jr., and is living North of Alvo. She is known as Mrs. Don Elliott and is living in Alvo. Now Mrs. Orlin Reimer, and lives at Unadilla. He is living at home with his folks. Now Mrs. Alton Gartner of Unadilla, Nebraska. She is the Second and Third Grade teacher in the Alvo School. She is now known as Mrs. Bud White. Is a student at the Fairbury Junior College, at Fairbury, Nebraska. Z0 Volleyball STANDING: Left to Righty Mr. Baker Leila Nickel Beverly Stolz yernadean Roelofsz Jeanette Rueter SEATED: Left to Righty Phyllis Marcoe JoDon McKinnon . Lucille Taylor Barbara Marcoe Bernice Rueter SEATED ON FLOOR: Jeanette Fischer Darlene Johnson Pep Club STANDING: Left to Right Phyllis Marcoe Beverly Stolz Miss Hatfield Vernadean Roelofsz Jeanette Rueter SEATED: Left to Right: Darlene Johnson Barbara Marcoe Lucille Taylor Jeanette Fischer Leila Nickel CHEERLEADERS: JoDon McKinnon Bernice Rueter TOP ROW: Left to Right: Richard Printz Bill Meyers Junior Weichel Kenneth Gamlin Ralph Nickel MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right: Larrie Bell Ted McNeese Karl C lark Robert Lipskey Roger Kinney Richard Clark Oliver Mayfield BOTTOM ROW: Left to Rightg Richard Morgaridge Iam es Morgaridge Fred Herrmann James Herrnance Lee Fischer R :bert Kellogg Football Baseball 89' Track TOP ROW: Left to Righty James Hermance James Morgaridge Robert Kellogg Richard Morgaridge Lee Fischer Kenneth Gamlin MIDDLEROW: Left to Rightg Oliver Mayfield Richard Printz Ralph Nickel . Karl Clark Ted McNeese Fred Herrmann Bill Meyers Robert Baker BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Richard Clark Robert Lipzkey Roger Kinney Junior Weichel Q ' -V, l Z3 TOP ROW: Left to Rightg Kenneth Gamlin Ralph Nickel Bill Meyers Larrie Bell Ted McNeese BOTTOM ROW: Oliver Mayfield Dick Clark Roger Kinney Robert Lipskey Junior Weichel Karl Lee Clark 41 ' H- 3, TOP ROW: Left to Rightg Oliver Mayfield Richard Printz Robert Kellogg BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: James Hermance Fred Herrmann Richard Nlorgaridge James Morgaridgc Lee Fischer Football For the first time since 1944, the Alvo Orioles renewed gridiron activities under the able generalship of Oliver Mayfield. Although heavily favored to capture the deepest most part of the cellar, the Orioles six-man club rose to seize the county championship. Games played by the Orioles during the season of 1950 were as follows: September 15-- September 29-- October 6 ----- October 13-- October 20-- October 25-- November 3- November 10 -The Orioles beat a hard playing Union six 44 to 8. -The Orioles won their second victory by swamp- ing a weak Ceresco six 46 to 0. The Orioles won their third straight by white- washing the Bennet six 33 to 0. This was the first night game for the Orioles. The Orioles paced to an easy six-man victory over Liberty 47 to 0. Oh boy! This is fun!! The Orioles won another easy victory over an un- prepared Gretna six 47 to 0. The Alvo Orioles raced over a hard fighting Elmwood bunch. The Orioles clinched a tie for the Cass County Championship by winning 46 to 0. The Orioles clinched the Cass County Champion- ship by whalloping last year's champs, Nehawka, to the tune of 59 to 12. The Orioles suffered their only loss of the season. losing to a hard fighting Sterling club 34 to 20. Track 89' Field For the first time in many years Alvo is resuming track and field activities Since the date of this publication is too early for coverage of our meets, there isn't much we can say about it, except that all of the boys are participating. We are sure to have as good a track team as our football and basketball teams were because the team is under the coaching of "Ollie". A couple of baseball games will be played. Several interclass games will be played also. 'Ex sp' X .., .X , 1 'f' . ff. gl, 4 'W' - J- f 25 Volleyball The volleyball team was under the coaching of Mr. Baker this year. Every girl in high school went out for the sport. Since there were only eleven girls this wasn't too many. The schedule and record are as follows: December 1 .... .... W alton . . . Alvo Walton December 12 .... .... C eresco .... Alvo Ceresco December 15 .... .... U nion ....... Alvo Union January 10 .... . . . Louisville .... Alvo Louisville January Z .... . . . Walton ..... Alvo Walton January 5 .... -. . . Elmwood ......... .Alvo Elmwood January 12 .... . . . Greenwood .... Alvo Greenwood January 30 .... . . . Weeping Water .... Alvo Weeping Water February Z .... . . . Nehawka ...... Alvo Nehawka February 6 .... . . . Palmyra .......... Alvo Palmyra 43 February 13 .... . . . Avoca .... Alvo Avoca 44 February 15 .... . . . Otoe ...... .Alvo Otoe February Z0 .... . . . Murdock. . . Alvo Murdock February Z3 .................. Eagle ............ Alvo Eagle The team fell down late in the season but managed to take 3rd place in the Cass County Tournaments by whipping Nehawka 46 to 12 and then losing to Eagle 40 to 19. They took the coveted 3rd place trophy by slipping by Louisville Z7 to Z4. The lettermen on the girls' volleyball team were Lucille Taylor, Jeanette ' cher, Bernice Rueter, Barbara Marcoe, Beverly Stolz, Vernie Roelofsz, JoDon McKinnon, Phyllis Marcoe, Leila Nickel, Jeanette Rueter and Darlene Johnson. Honorary cap -- ms were elected and they were Jeanette Fischer and Beverly Stolz. F OOT BA LL Robert Lipskey Bill Meyers Ted McNeese Larrie Bell Jmmior Weichel Roger Kinney Karl Clark Richard Printz James Hermance Dick Clark Ralph Nici. il LETTERMEN OF 1950-51 I-IONORARY CAPTAIN Robert Lipskey MANAGER OF ATHLETICS Kenney Gamlin - S Y 26 BASKETBALL Robert Lipskey Bill Meyers Ted McNeese Larrie Bell Junior Weichel Roger Kinney Karl Clark Dick Clark Ralph Nickel Fred Herrmann Basketball Another season of basketball is over and done. Although the record wasn as impressive as the football record it is still one of which we are very proud. This was the first year in several that we have had a second team. The orange and black Orioles were coached by Oliver Mayfield. The record is as follows: 1 ---- A well experienced Walton five walked over a shaky Alvo team to the tune of 4?-32. The reserves also lost after a hard fight 20-18. December December 8 ---- A confident Alvo gang beat a hard playing St. Bernard's five by a score of 38-20. December 12---The Orioles lost to a sharp Ceresco team by a score of 44-40. The Oriole reserves lost also 28-14. December 14---The Orioles did it again beating Union by a score of 52-36. The reserves had a hard fight but they came through 16-15. December 19---This is getting good. Score Alvo 52 and Louisville 46. Again the reserves won by a close score 20 to 16. January 2 ---- A very hard playing Alvo five got revenge on a tough Walton five 46-33 but the reserves lost 35-25. January 5 ---- A strong Elmwood team beat the Orioles 64-43 but the reserves cast a little happiness by win- ning Z9-2l. .A January 9- Another win! A weak Gretna team went down in defeat 48-28. The up and coming reserves won 29-24. January 12 The Orioles slipped by a blue and white clad Greenwood team 39-36. The reserves kept up their winning streak by winning by a score of 28-27. MUDECAS TOURNAMENT January 16 The Orioles beat a hard-playing Bennet team 58- 54. January 18---Extra! Extra! Alvo upsets Avoca 52-43. January 20 Alvo wins Class C Championship by whipping Steinaur 57-54. CASS COUNTY TOURNAMENT January 23 The Orioles lost a heart breaker to Eagle 55-52. January 24 The Avocans gain revenge over Alvo 52-43. That's all for this tournament. January 30 Going up hill again. Alvo trounced Weeping Water 51-33 but the reserves lost 33-ll. February 2- We won! Alvo 56-Nehawka 33. February 6 ---- Oh Oh! Palmyra whips Alvo 76-33. February 13 Avoca wins 64 to 38. Too bad boys. February 15---Here we go! Alvo 71, Otoe 34. February 20---Alrnost did it again! Murdock 46, Alvo 40. February 23 The Orioles lost to a nifty Eagle team 52-44. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT February 28 A cocky Elmwood five beat the Orioles 67-42. That's all for this year boys. 27 September September September September September September September September September September September October October October October October October October October November November November November December December December Dec ember December December December December December January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February February March March March March April April April May May May May Calendar of Even ts 1---High School students register 5---First day of school 14---Pep rally for football team I5---Alvo vs Union in football 15---Victory dance I8---Freshman initiation Z2---Movies shown to school children Z9---Ceresco vs Alvo 29---Victory dance Z7---First P.T.A. meeting Z6---Scrimmage game with Weeping Water 6---Rally before Bennett game 7---Alvo vs Bennett 13---Rally before going to Liberty 13---Alvo vs Liberty 14---Dramatic Club Banquet Z0---Alvo vs Gretna Z0---Victory dance Z3---C ounty Government at Plattsmouth Z---Rally before Nehawka game 3---Alvo vs Nehawka 10---Alvo vs Sterling 17---Oriole Staff attend N H S P A at University of Nebraska 1---Three Navy men visit Alvo High School boys 1---First volleyball and basketball game Alvo vs Walton 8---Alvo lZ---Alvo 14---Alvo 19---Alvo St. Bernards of Nebraska City C eresco Union Louisville 21---School puts on Christmas program at P T A meeting Z2---Christmas dance 22 to January 2---Christmas vacation Z - --Alvo 5 ---Alvo 9 - --Alvo IZ---Alvo Walton at Elmwood Elmwood Gretna at Gretna Greenwood at Greenwood 16 to Z0---Mudecas Tournaments at Adams Z3 to Z6---C ass County Tournament at Elmwood 19---Dramatic Club play Life of Riley 30 ---Alvo 2 ---Alvo 5 -- -High 6---Alvo 13 ---Alvo 15 ---Alvo 16---Boys Z0---Alvo Z3---Alvo vs Weeping Water at Weeping Water vs Nehawka at Nehawka School students see Macbeth at Lincoln vs Palmyra at Palmyra vs Avoca at Elmwood vs Otoe at Elmwood journey to Peru vs Murdock at Elmwood vs Eagle at Eagle 6 to 9---C ass County Volleyball Tournaments at Eagle 16---High School students go to State Basketball Tournaments ZZ---Homemaking girls serve lunch to P 'I A 30---Letterman Banquet held at Church 6---Dance in high school auditorium 13---Junior -Senior play Redheaded Royalty From Arkansas Z0---Junior-Senior Banquet 3---High school operetta I'he Belle Of The West 13---Baccalaureate 16---Commencement I8---School Picnic TOP ROW Left to Rightg Dick Clark Larry Bell Robert Lipskey Karl Lee Clark Kenneth Gamlin Ralph Nickel MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right: Ted McNeese Jeanette Rueter Phyllis Nlarcoe Vernadcan Roelofsz Darlene Johnson Jeanette Fischer Mrs. Miller BOTTOM ROW: Lf-It to Right: Leila Nickel Barbara Marcoe Lucille Taylor Beverly Stolz JoDon McKinnon Bernice Rueter Paper Staff Glee Club STANDING Left to Right: Mrs. Miller Roger Kinney JuD0n McKinnon Karl Lee Clark Robert Lipskey Ralph Nickel SEATED: Left to Rightg Bill Meyers Leila Nickel Lucille Taylor Beverly Stolz Barbara Marcoe Darlene Johnson Larrie Bell , f 30 Editor........... Associate Editor-. . . . Editorial. . . . . . . . . . Features ........ Loc al News. . . School News .... Grade News .... Sports. . . Art.............. Class Reporters. . Business Manager Circulation. . . . . . . . Advertising. . . . . . Mimeographing. . . Sponsor......... Paper Staff Pep Club illllloooooioil . . . Beverly Stolz .Barbara Marcoe . . . . . . Ralph Nickel . . . . Leila Nickel . . . . .Lucille Taylor . Robert Lipskey . . . Miss Hatfield Mrs. Mayfield Miss Reber Mr. Tegler Darlene Jbhnson Roger Kinney Jeanette Fischer . . . . Leila Nickel Bernice Rueter Jo Don McKinnon . . . . . Karl Clark . . . . Bill Meyers . . . . Larrie Bell . . . .Mrl. Miller The Pep Club was organized eariy in the school year. Officers elected were Vernadean Roulofsz-President, Beverly Stolz-Vice-President, Lucille Taylor- Secretary, Jo Don McKinnon-Treasurer. Due to Mrs. Mi1ler's lack of time, Miss Hatfield took over the sponsorship in the middle of the football season. Cheer- leaders for football were Bernice Rueter and Jeanette Fischer. Jo Don McKinnon and Bernice Rueter were cheerleaders for basketball. The cheerleaders were out- fitted in black skirts, orange blouses, black boleros and an orange and black tie. Student Council This is something new in Alvo High. Mr. Baker is the sponsor of this organi- zation. The President of each class is automatically a member and a member at large is elected by the high school students. The student council is a representative body of the high school. Its duties included making out the school calendar, getting dances, shows. parties, and other forms of entertainment started, and working with the teachers to decide the rules and disciplinary measures that go to make up the high school government. This year's members are: ' Robert Lipskey-Senior Class-Treasurer Ralph Nickel-Junior Class-President Phyllis Marcoe -Sophomore-Vice-President James Morgaridge-Freshman Class Lucille Taylor-Member at large-Secretary Dramatics A Dramatics Club was organized at the start of the school year. Mr. Clifford Tegler is the sponsor. The Dramatics Club gave a play January 19th and a banquet October 14th. This year's officers are: Robert Lipskey-President Lucille Taylor -Secretary Barbara Marcoe-Vice-President Larrie Bell-Treasurer 31 "The Belle of The West" Speedy Summers, proprietor of the hotel and barber shop of Roarin' Creek, Idaho, advertises in several large eastern papers for a hotel manager, preferring someone who could barber as a side-line. When the men of the town hear that a new barber is coming to town, they are angry and resentful, holding a hate for anyone who tries to clean up their personal appearance. The last barber had been shot. Speedy received one reply from an I. M. Brown and hired the person with- out having first met him. When the new barber arrives and is a lovely lady, Mrs. Ida Mae Brown, a widow, the men are delighted and eager to patronize the barber shop. But the ladies of Roarin' Creek are not a bit happy about it, for they believe Ida is beating their time. Bess, Speedy's housekeeper and cook is especially jealous, for she has been sweet on him for years. So the girls hold an indignation meeting and decide to dress up and become "citified" to win back their wandering boy friends. The results of this are hilarious. Then Ida meets Alan, a former boy friend, who has migrated to Idaho and is working a claim back in the hills. Having heard of the pretty barber, he comes to town to get a shave. Both are speechless with surprise when they meet, and realize there is still a spark of the old flame burning. But matters are compli- cated by a fiery Spanish girl, Carmen, who Alan has been "settin' up to". The enraged Carmen even makes an attempt on lda's life which Alan foils. But in the end, Carmen realizes she has lost Alan to Ida and gallantly gives him up. So Alan and Ida decide to marry and settle down in Roarin' Creek. This is heartily approved by all, especially the men, provided lda will continue running the barber shop for "She't the best danged barber we ever had in these here parts . ' ' C AST OF C I-IARAC T ERS Speedy Summers. . . Boise Bess ....... Handsome Harry . . . Sure-Shot Sam .... Alan Miller........... Mrs. Ida Mae Brown. . . . Cussin' Cal ......... Carmen .......... Colorado Carrie. . . Klondike Kittie .... Seattle Sue ....... Missouri Myrt .... Nevada Nettie. . . LaramieLou........... .. . . . Ralph Nickel Vernie Roelofsz . . . . Junior Weichel . . . .Bob Lipskey . . . . Larrie Bell . . . Beverly Stolz . . . . . Ted McNeese Barbara Marcoe J oDon Mc Kinnon . . . .Phyllis Marcoe . . . . Leila Nickel Jeanette Fischer . . . . Lucille Taylor . Bernice Rueter M AN X J 5. 'R iff f , ' .LQ . A A , I X 6 Folks of Roarin' Creek. . . . . . Jeanette Rueter ff, .e 4. Darlene Johnson , K Kenney Gamlin X Dick mark 0-5 DIRECTOR. . . . . . MRS. MILLER 1 NHS.P.A. The school paper staff journeyed to the University of Nebraska November 17 for the annual Nebraska High School Press Association meeting. The staff went on a tour of the University campus and several of the staff members entered writ- ing contests. Others listened to addresses on how to operate school papers. Boys Journey To Peru' Twelve boys under the sponsorship of Mr. Mayfield and Mr. Baker traveled to Peru February 16. The boys explored the Peru campus and tried out the swim- ming pool. In the evening the boys went to the Peru-Doane basketball game. Students See Macbeth The high school students enjoyed a show at Lincoln February 5. The title was "Macbeth" starring Orson Welles. High School Visits State Tournaments The majority of the Alvo High students journeyed to Lincoln March 16, to enjoy some of the games of the State Basketball Tournament. Two of the games they saw were David City vs. Holy Name and Wayne Prep vs. I-loldrege. Interclass Tournaments Held February 5,6,7, and 8th a high school basketball tournament was held. Each high school class had a team. On Monday the HotRods QSeniorsj beat the Wieners QFreshmenl. Tuesday the HellCats fSophomoresj beat the Bloomer Girls Uuniorsl. A consolation game between the Bloomer Girls and Wieners was played Wednesday with the Wieners coming out on top. The HellC ats beat the HotRods in the finals Thursday. Junior-Senior Banquet On April 20th the Juniors and Seniors of Alvo High journeyed to Lone Oak for the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. The theme for the banquet was "School Days". This theme was carried out in the centerpiece, the nut cups and the souvenir pro- grams. Eats, of course, came first and the banquet was really good. The menu is as follows: Sirloin Steak Choice of Potatoes Salad Vegetables Relish Choice of Beverage Cocktail The welcome was given by Ralph Nickel, the toastmaster, and Robert Lipskey responded. The Senior Class Will was read by Barbara Marcoe and the Senior Class Prophecy by Beverly Stolz. Karl Lee Clark gave a talk on his first day of school. A speech on initiation was given by Kenneth Gamlin. Larrie Bell gave an address on the first high school play and Mr. Baker told of the first time he faced a class as a teacher. The final speech was made by Mr. Mayfield. It was on commencement. The program was concluded by everyone singing "School Days." 34 Initiation Freshman Initiation was held September 18th. The Freshies really looked cute in all their garb. The day was topped off by a party that evening at which the Freshmen did more stunts for the entertainment of the upperclassmen. A lunch was served consisting of sandwiches, pop, potato chips and cookies. Victory Dances During football season three victory dances were held in the Alvo Gymnasium They were after the Union, Ceresco, and Gretna games. The Gretna game was homecoming day. The Ceresco game was Dad's Day. Movies Many movies have been shown this year. Several hove been shown as a community theater project and the rest have been shown in classes at school. Cliristmas Dance A Christmas dance was held in the Alvo Gymnasium December ZZ. The theme, of course, was Christmas and the auditorium was decorated accordingly. Dramatic Olub Banquet The Dramatic Club gave a banquet on October 14th. It was held in the high school auditorium which was decorated in accordance with a Halloween theme. About 70 people attended the supper. Mr. Clifford Tegler was master of cere- monies. A mixed quartet, a girls' trio, and two violin solos by Mrs. Miller provided the entertainment. Dramatic Club Play The Dramatics Club presented the play "The Life of Riley" January 19th before a record crowd of 145 people. Mr. Tegler directed the play. Letterman is' Banquet ALetterman's Banquet was held at the Alvo Methodist Church March 30. The banquet was opened at 6:30 with an invocation by Reverend Drake. First on the program was a lovely dinner served by the Ladies' Aid. This was followed by a movie on the l950 Nebraska-Kansas State Football game and a movie of the High- lights of National Football of 1950. Next on the program was the presentation of awards to the lettermen and letterwomen. The guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Al Wheeler, athletic Peru State College. Reverend Drake gave the Benediction. Glee Club Learning to read music and musical signs, music appreciation through the study of records, and the singing of songs with several parts kept the high school glee club busy a good deal of the time. They also sang carols in the Christxnas program. Those belonging to several smaller vocal groups are: Beverly Stolz, Barbara Marcoe, Jo Don McKinnon, Phyllis Marcoe, Larrie Bell, and Ralph Nickel. 35 L 'lx W . if if" , 'L I if ,- 4 S 1:1 .- W N 'Sew W A S K -mi N. , 5 I Q. x - 9' A F JV . K Q WN! y . 1 ' X gy 5 ,J r .i r is 5 -A 1 X 3' N, x..LL iwdgfi x asm? , N-N my cg , .:A,,.- ,xtw . m., r.f,.,. ..- , , V h . ., 4 . . ,L A. r,-,,f Q11 fn 1 f vu , 1 , : -N -A '..!,lv,f5r:?fi'.1' my X , .. 5 da' 4, N, ,t A N . 4 4 , X 4 -vnu. 1. Q. 5.- 1-'X 1 I 1 I i. ,. X ,, HAROLUS SUPER MARKET I l m l l l "QUALITY HAS NO SUBSTITUTE" SKELLY PRODUCTS FOR FARM USE EVERY SKELLY PRODUCT IS GUARANTEED 8z EACH IS A LEADER IN ITS FIELD FOR EFFICIENT :Sz PROMPT SERVICE CALL 4 S. M. FIFER - PHONE ALVO 413 SKELLY DEALERS Farmers Union Co-op. OIL ASSOCIATION ELMWOOD, NEBRASKA Elmer Rosenow GROCERY STORE ALVO NEBRASKA Congratulations to Alvo Senior Class of 1951 HARRIS DRUG STORE Drugs At Prices You Will Like Phone 77 Ashland, Nebr MIDWAY ELECTRIC Westinghouse Appliances - Motorola, Emerson, Radio :Sz Television Sales 8a Service Phone 40 Ashland, N ebr. ASHLAND APPLIANCE General Electric Appliances - Admiral TV 8z Radio Hallicraften Radio 8z TV Complete Refrigeration Ez Home Appliance Service Phone 63 Day - Night 18 Ashland, N ebr. MAYFIELD BROS. Wiring - Plumbing - Heating Phone 63 Day - Night 216J Ashland, Nebr. MARRY 8a CO. Furniture - Frigidaire - Maytag - Zenith Ashland Nebraska Compliments of OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DIST. GLOBE LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning - Family Washing - Cleaning - Drapes - Curtains Rugs - - Storage We Visit Alvo Every Wednesday 81 Saturday Lincoln Nebraska Trade At U. TRUMBLE 8: SONS Your I. G. A. Store We Feature Quality Meats Sz Groceries - Vegetables Phone 2 Eagle, Nebr. ' l 1 ALVO CAFE Alvo, Nebraska KARLS BARBER SHOP Alvo, Nebraska LEE 8z DAN ELLIOTT Hardware Bz Garage Alvo, Nebraska . JOHN TURNER Grains 8z Feeds Your Agent for Pioneer Hybrid Seed Corn Phone 1503 Alvg, Nebf l AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK Elmwood, Nebraska DR. LISTONS OFFICE Elmwood, Nebraska DICKINSON JEWELRY Watches - Rings - Diamonds - Watch Repairing Phone 103 Ashland, Nebr. ANDERSON STUDIO Where Quality Counts Senior Photos Our Speciality 1034 O Street Lincoln, Nebt --BOOSTERS- - C - O - O SCHULDT SHOE STORE Ashland, Nebr. LEADER ECHO Mr. 85 Mrs. Blessing Elmwood SILVER CAFE Mr. 85 Mrs. Coleman Ashland FOLSUM WATCH SHOP Ashland, Nebr. VARITY STORE Alvo, Nebr. MURDOCK CAFE Murdock FARMERS PRODUCE Ashland GADE MOTORS Ashland WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE Q . , 1. -af 'L , ,- -,,4.f1, 3 1 A-. fu r V., - , 1 ,U L, ,.....:. A- 1 Y Q , F - -.., W., .--,. 5 - , ,.-:V g -. .gi i . : ..,4 , S f ' Y if fx , , V , gg- , x .., . ' . . g ,, ., -f-'L-rw f ' -- -3 ,r -. -- M-.-.1, " ,-4 '?1'i5?l"i1r-iL1'i.'Lf --.vw V . w A f- . , ' ff , -1: :-'1 ' ' -f:- ' . - ' ff 4.41. 'zgvfalian-.-3-:eQfam...1' ' . V -' ai-QPP4-'.' faiegggfr-:H.9:yg:?L.3-,gi-, q1.f17f521fK'By:2..x-v,z', :g:3S:'f,1',' 1- '- -- Eiiffwil' Srvif' 1 ' "2.iiaf.:' K f -' 1 ' ff - ' 'A - 1. .A , Ha, gb, J xi x .., 1 u 9 If -.4 , Q' """-:fx-ff' -ff-- ff 1 -ve-A 1 . -.

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