Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX)

 - Class of 1983

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Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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- , ' A ' , . , 4,:."' ' w x , f' , .- . 'H .- . ' u . r.' r' 4 if ' ,M 3,,... ,, nl- . 1 V A'-'Q'133'.12'9?f':QAQi55"3f7rfi717'?3fc::'.1-'fi f'4- ' dm W W J. aff, M .T ' v- , . an'-.ix . 'rs , , ,- X1 , , f x 'Y . li.. , ' I .v Lp., M-mx., '1'-- J, A ' 'll , x Ji- M.- ..-,Af . ,,L....J... ..4...4.,-g , ,,,, ,, ,, , ., A SILVER CRUISE TI-IRGUGI-I ALVIN I-IIGI-I SCI-IDOL Your Coptoin: Borboro Wiliioms Your Crew The 4983 Yellow Jooket Stott Kristi Becird Jennifer Brinkman Cheryl Bubendorf Sheilo Christmos Stooy Gogie Romon Heredio Wendy Johnson Mortin Lowson Josefine Lermo Rodney Lewis Scott Morosckin Jennie Morschoi Christie McGiivroy Stephonie Schiro Christopher Schulz Morie Shiver Storlo Stricklond Poui Thomos WELCCIVIE ABCARD TI-IE U.S.S. YELLCW JACKET cx awww DECK 5 ,,,,f W, M, S k,,g HU, am, Y cALvPso DECK or ?FjA7VVN1A IYRV A AW . 1 iff - ' - i-- K xp , ff f 5 ' 2 gi Ulf. 145- A-Qbxflb - Q - EVERGLADES DECK 1 FIESTA DECK ll- H ve Fun On Boo d 33-CLASSES S -MGC De K Sophomores-Delfcz Deck J C Iyp D Freshmen-Evergl cl D k ,I Our Anchor 1' fl 5- Differerfr CounTries 46 fl -CLUBS Ports Of can 33 'I -ACADEMICS OUfSfOf1dif1Q AYCTIIIWIITIIIIES WE rmwif A IBIMXSTI USES, , Har N Solarium The U.S.S. YellowjackeT has many acTivi- Ties To fiT you. Every Friday during fooTball season There is a pep rally for The spiriTed ones. The fun does noT sTop There. We have dances, parades, and crazy days. There are plays, TaIenT shows, and jusT plain fun. Join us. AcTiviTy days are here To sTay. lam :umm i""' 11' E ll 5:5 ll 'atm ia' . or v 4- Reading Room Galleon Deck l l L surgi- .1 Dolphin 1- I oungv 2 E 11111 III If I l E l ,, g .ai:.,:. , I , C , , I , , M :I E h i I :' M... Ill limi. IX S.llm'lIilv ini.. ri xM.,Ui....i -X Casino Lounge 0 f Obxerv. l Area Bimini Deck 0 L I X V Sun Deck AcTiviTies EdiTor - Cheryl Bubendorf AcTiviTies AssisTanT - Barbara Williams PhoTo CrediT To all sTudenTs who conTripuTed Their pic Tures To This acTiviTies secTion. PEP RALLIES gin! Taffy Hughes inspecTs The girls before Their performance. Koby, come ouT of your Trance. lT's your Time To speak. -31 N- 1 . 1 F iv I Pu f - ri, B ' 4 1 Y ' ll x L J rsh? H , I ' uw ' Nw -f-WWI . ,si ,W HQ. U-Q3 -4 vw- I" ', fi QQ , Ar, ,lf any ir ' -' ' 'Q 7: .LX ..',,' V' J 4 "' ,SS 'lil ' 'M me sm i' 3' ' T 1 1 ' TT in 'Q A It W4 . ' '.!r l ff-1 ' " I . ' ii . ff . ' 2 J ,339 L , ' -4 --V . 'W "This will QWG Them 5DifiTf" SOYS Darlene- Cooper- The senior secTion shows Their spirif in an unknown way. Barbara Willams nervously awaiTs The flags 'lsT pep rally per- Baby Gin's goT spiriT Too. formance. .JA I J, T I FJ T Q " rg Qt' SIKA" p .Auld 1 9 FAIR Donna Grubbs had more reason Than mosi girls To look forward To The Fair. She was our oandidaie for Fair Queen. She oompeled Monday nighi ai 8 pm wilh 7 olher oandidaies from olher area high schools in Brazorla Counly. The winner was To oompeie in The Texas Slale Fair held in Dallas. Although Donna did not win, we are mighiy proud of her for represeniing our school in The conlesl. Mark Courlwrighi rides approx. 6 sec. Decorahng for The Fair in fronf of Mrs Oswald s house in Angleion ff M f'7 5 ,. . g .ix f f is is Q 4 X Jimmy Coates riding high! vf' 4 BRINGS WINNERS Ronnie Manning and Susie Pollard lead the AHS Band in the parade. The FFA winners of the Brazoria County Fair are: Joe Dennis-Brown Swiss Grand Champion, 'ist in Champion of breeds with a Brown Swiss, lst in Brown Swiss heifer in 3-6 months class, 2nd in 3-6 month class with a heifer. Also a trophy for clean stall in Dairy Divison. Janice Hobbs-'lst for Netherlands Dwarf rabbits. Carley Weaver- exhibited a non-sale pig. Doug Sims-Grand Champion Limo., Re- serve Grand Champion Carcous, Sr. Showmanship in swine. Brian Peltier-Grand Champion Lamb Carcous. David Jenkins-2nd with bulls, 2nd with cross bred heifer, 2nd in Jr. bull show, a couple of The Gmhering Mernoriesflocf Wosme lecdfloofin The thirds in all other breeds, 5th with Brahman open, lst in best of sire. parade, Gary Ohlert-showed the champion Holstein, lst in Holstein heifer Jr. show. Frank Knightiird in commercial heifer judging. Julie Brady-2nd in Jr. rice judging, 'l5th market lamb. Chuck Mayor-4 st place and Reserve Commercial heifer, 2nd in Jr. rice judging. Dwayne Green-lst with market hog, Ath with commercial heifer, oth with market lamb, 'l5th with market lamb. Johnny Merchant-3rd in Jr. rice judging, 2 firsts in the best of breeds with rabbits. David Knight-Grand Champion breeding ram, 'lst in breeding ram, 2nd with Suffolk breeding ewe. Clint Dixon-2nd in rice judging, 20th in market lamb. Kelly McFarland-fldth New Zealand rabbits. Jill Mats-lst with breeding ewe, showed a champion breeding ewe, trophy for Grand Champion, and showed 2 non- placing lambs. Jenny Autrey-nonplacing New Zealand rabbits, 3rd in rice judging. Kellie Dunn-showed nonplace hog. Kellie Hooper-lst with one-half or more Brahman heifer, champion of class, Grand Champion commercial heifer, Grand Champion belt buckle for her showmanship. lWke Kowalskiexhibited nonsale chickens. Harold Sapp-20th place lamb. Shawn Dennis-lst and 2nd in breeding poultry. Cindy Lawrence-:ith in Sr. rice judging and showed non- placing chickens. Mary Jane Herklotzcalf scramble winner, lst place hog and won a 5th place one-quarter Brahman. Lisa Bednorz-rodeo queen contestant, several prizes with Santa Gertrudis, Ath in Sr. rice judging, a lst, 2nd and 3rd in open heifer showing, 2 thirds in Jr. breeding. Gary Batson-calf scramble winner, and 3rd in Sr. rice judging. Gina Baldwinrodeo queen contestant, 2nd with her one-half or more Brahman heifer. Derrell Means+le had many accomplishments and there were too many to mention. Congratulations!! Jay Gubert-2nd in Hereford heifer class. Bill Wooley-7th in Hereford steer class. Russell Means-2nd in Jr. beef breeds with a heifer bull, Reserve Champion with an award for a clean stall and 'ist and reserve award with a Hereford bull. Chuck Garrison-3rd in medium Chester pig. Laura Wheeler-2nd and Ath in breeding rabbit competition. Cynthia Allenbth commercial heifer. Greg Guidry-3 first places with breeding rabbits, a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th with rabbits. Robert Ferrier-3rd in Sr. rice judging. Anthony Pieper-5th Brahman steer, 2nd with market hog, 2nd in swine showmanship. .immy Lambright-lst with Charolais heifer. Hubert Bassiird Brahman bull, Ath Santa Gertrudis heifer, 2nd breeding chickens. Una Keys4unnerup rodeo queen, 5th in individual livestock judging. Leslie Easterwood-and Bernie Martinez-Ath in Sr. rice judging. Danny Kolwaski-lst in Jr. rice judging. Niki James, Kelly McFarland, and Mike Renkeniird in Jr. rice judging. Stephen lngle-2nd in rice judging. Wade Tyler-high point individual in rice judging. WckiDomanawski-and lWke Henrick-'lst in Jr. Rice judging. Billy Lonis-3rd in Jr. rice judging and showed a non-sale pig. I-IGIVIECOIVIING '82 'Mi YI! !!fl'7 E The traditional burning of the 5 .SSE Jr. Larry Stephenson participates dur- ing the daily events. ? 'Q L.. v. Vicki Haii was crowned Home-comrning Queen. s i nn- , 4 r t A - - .1 The Jackets tear through the sign painted by the Cheerleaders. AN EVENT WE WILL REMEMBER YT. i J One of The Vocaiional door enTries. Kendall SL Becky dancing The nighi away. SCOTT SL Donna awaiT The final decision. e ,:,mxu'a B5 My IAATYE' W use '.'!9'i9... Best Little " ST l il S ln Tetiasl The llbfOfY'S CIOOI' for HOVT19COfTlil'lQ. V" ai' Ts A N0 . Q06 HI 3' ?? -u .Hfo E 0000004 ,. ,h Q' 0 TQOO' QQ.: s,,O One of The lucky guys who had 2 daies. 'rv 'n'o'o'4 so 'is' .' 0 OOO 99 oo' ON FOO ' 60.1 4 5 I... O Koby Duckworih geTTing some liquid refreshment 'XTENLITTLE INDIANS" ' X Y 2 PA 5' M, ll ll O .....L..i., wind' Tl-lE 4983 SENICDR PLAY AMA., M jing .3 ul believe that he is dead". ' CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE ' Narrocott . . . Rogers ,.... Mrs. Rogers ,.... Vera Claythorne . .. Phillip Lombard . . . Anthony Marston . ., William Blore .....,.. General MacKenzie , . Emily Brent .......,.... Sir Lawrence Wargrave Doctor Armstrong ..., Director ........ Assistant Director . .. Bill Petree Scott Bolton . . . . . Brenda Manry Deanna Conner . . . , . Foster Burnett Paul Sweeton . . . . . Jeremy Hall . . . . Paul Newberry . . . . . Rita Dewitt . . . .,.. Hayden Schmidt Brad Hensler Bradley Cummons Kim McLane "I believe that he is dead too," comments La- Gwena Jolly from off stage. Stage Manager ................,,. . . , Karen Guillot Assistant Stage Manager . . . .... Dean Binder Property Master Property Crew . Costume Head . Make-up Head Make-up Crew . Set Construction Master Electrician ..,LanierYoung . . . . Niki Henry . ..... Erin Roberson . . ......... Sharon Bryant . . ........... Peggy Stair 84 Niki Henry . . . . . . , Dorothy Borjas and many others, . . . ,... Kathy Eader UQhTif"Q Crew . . . .... Doug Watson Staff Assistant . , Sound Head ..., Sound Crew . . . Wendy Wofford . . . . . Mary Roller . . Paul Vanpool x HQ x 4, -,,, .- ,,,,,. ,- , ,, Q1,:1Q1-1.-xii.-14 X 11 1 1:-ww 1--1 -55 -, ,X, - -f,V, , ,,, , , , 1 :XXQ gf' 1 X , 1 :-WE 1- 1 - KX-M v 1, ,, ,X W-WS?-1 151,-gf-vias?-qA?f1,X.1E3-W-QE?-U1,QN-QQ37-1e4-Qef2'i'X5V- W- ---iw -,111 ,Q 211 ,1,,4, ,1f1QX,X15zf.1-ffm 1-Xp-wmm,4-- a j - 1 - -1Mw-Q1aHow91A- 4-ss-H w2:z:wi:11-2EQ11- 131,- fGP-QHW w--M1-Mui. -:X'-,1'-1'-1Qw1,1v-www 12: ,Q 1,1--15, 311--nz----fx---9'-m---X11m--552--ww-me--W---SW-55g,w-a--Q..-Q-XX1 Xvwg:---- 1---X Q FW- ,Q .gs Xe.,-1, 1 -- 111, ZW, ----gm M WIQM1. mam- X,,,1X ,M-, -,M 4. 111, ,,,,,4, Q, ,,,.X X - ,WXX1X5,-gwm-,.-sgg,MW,wQw-.., - --X -Ea 1- . MQ ,L - 41 X 13 11 1 if-:QQ ' sv -11 .-2 1221- -X-B125-XXgWqo5wiQ3M-Q?-fi-1--2-da-a1vQnf:1EiQ-PQQ was :,- 11 --fa-----rr -X--Www' waggm 'xilngfie-f-if-5 X gm gg, XL 1-1' -- - 1 X, - 1 X W 'gif-53:41 X 1:53 1- if'-3 ' ff -2?--XXQG E14--'MX -2 Ev Wink 1 15 Neff ---?35-'3X'--,'?3- '21 QQ-1412? YQ, 52.11- ? 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Vou've got me slealing your love away 'Cause you never give ii Reelin' the 'rears away And we can'l re-live il. CHORUS: l make you laugh and you make me cry l believe ir's lime for me To fly Time for me to fly i Oh. l've got To ser myself free g Time for me to fly Oh. ihafs just where il's go? To be l make you laugh and you make me cry l believe 71's lime for me To fly. You said we'd work ir our You said that you had no doubt That deep downiwewere really in love . .. But l'm fired of holding on To a feeling tha? l know is gone l do believe that I've had enough I've had enough of the sadness Of a worn out relation s A Enough of the iealousy and the infoiercdion. OUR I-IIGI-I SCI-IOCDL DAYS WERE W, , Wg will We used several differani ways To gel rid of our friends! Some of our dares in high school flopped, especially This one. And The clothes we wore To Turn on The boys. And whai we did aT our Saturday nigh? slumber parries! This was our favorile place To go offer Prom, eic. CRAZY DAYS! In The four years of high school ThaT we all endure, There emerges a special group of friends for everyThing we do, in or ouT of school. The closesf of all friends we have made Through The years are our "buddies," Those ThaT sTick wiTh us Through Thick and Thin. .Y 1, ,. i d ' I .A wg' rg, K - si M... s And Then There's our clowning around friends, Those we have had since birTh. And Then There's The old dependable boyfriend whom we will never for- get especially when we sneaked kisses while our parenTs' backs were Turned. CHERUBINI pr And Then, lasT t:-uT noi least, our class mafes: Those ThaT you call al 40:45 because you forgoT your Trig. homework. Uhis is how you look The morning afTer!j WE THANK BILLYE HARVEY To Ms. Harvey: The 4983 YellowjdckeT Sldff would like To Thdnk you for being our yeorbook sponsor for so long. IT is wiTh greoT reQreT ThoT we mork your deporTure from The Yellow- jclckeT SToff. You olwoys ToughT your sTudenTs The lmporTonce of life ond we hold ThdT close To our heorTs. Since your life seems To revolve dround The sTudenTs ond Their ocTlvlTies, we dedlcoTe This 4983 dcTlviTles secTion To you. REVUE IS A BIG SIVIASI-I THIS YEAR! , - g . QNX if 555' is YZ. E 3 4 Q , ' 1 L E f fr n if 5 , mm,. . T' Psa 4'415Lf+ffE'M-.QI 1 N H Q V . ' '1 ,. A mu , 3 X 9 . 'QQ FT'f"' Q , Qg, fn! J - Sugar - PLA YEPS: Sweel Sue . . Sugar Kane ...... Biensiock .......... Joe Uosephinej . . . Jerry qDaphnej . . . Musicians Coniraclor . . , Spals Plazzo ...... Dude ....,...... Firsl Hood ......... Knuckles Norlon . . . Second Hood .... Reporler ...... Cab Driver . . . . Olga ....... . . Dolores ...,. Mary Lou ....... Rosella .......... Train Conduclor .... Bellboy ........... Sir Osgood Fielding . . Firsi Henchman .... Kim McLane Page Fosier Lanier Young .. Ronnie Manning Doug Miller Scoli Bales Scoii Bolion Chuck Bowling Cavan W. Crocker . . . . . . Buddy Rusky . . .. Jimmy Worrell JoelReed JoelReed .. Carolyn Slafford Gay Faulkner Brenda Manry Julie Zumwall Kevin Crocker Scoil Bales Brad Hensler Richard Miller GIRLS IN THE BAND CHORUS Carolyn Slafford Lori Owen Melissa Boger Wanda Kohulek Amy Warren Deanna Law MUSICIANS Danny Wilson . . . ...... Firsl Trumpel Roben' Grey ....... .... S econd Trumpel Tom Dybala . , . . ............ . Drum Sieve Monlgomery . . ............ Bass Phillip Law .......... .... F lule Susie Pollard ...... .... F lure Tracey Chelell ....... Clarinel Cindy O'sTeen . . . ......, Trombone Direclor ........ Music Direclor Assislanl Direclor Brad Cummons Ms, Music Paul Vanpool IVIUSICALS MAKE l-IEADVVAY. Brod Hensler ond Doug Miller os Sir Osgood ond Dophne. Kim lvlcLone thinks, "My, what hoiry legs they have." Doug Miller got o chonce to see how the girls ore ot night. 5 35 ' V And with every ploy, the moonlight kiss. Dude ond Spots Plozzo, olicis Chuck Bowling ond Scott Bolton A speciol thonks to The Alvin Sun who supplied us with excellent pictures , al. T ff Tlf 4 g JACKETS INVADE The accommodaTions were plush, The guard for The Unknown Soldier s Tomb. The ETernal l.ighT for John F. Kennedy was im- pressive To The seniors ThaT aTTended. The Tomb of The unknown Soldier was viewed. PhoTo crediT: Lisa KeTTler Kendall McGiIvray Mr. Charles McCauly ,, no A, a ov , 51, 1 has - M ,fm- , fff' fi- . T L: Tiff: :li , s,. , l.., - s ,T s ,, s T as sT'Tll T To T so llsl . ..,, A .W,N.Jff,M.f, n,.,., ,W ,waz smuy , . N,f,,, M ke- ,fir We Q4 wlgwvaw Wswwwbm AE, - Vw .g fvfj M1511 W we PKWVN iilisif-fiir if A T3 we fi Q 2 T T? 'W A . N ' J E4 1' vw 'L , -S W- J 1 T 134 J, Q, Z5 W T' ? "H , . M W Q :S , ,ar Q A "El, 'K 1, r 4 4 W WM. ., .M A ,W au., ff' ., M 1 , , 4. .. M 4 TT f' ai -Q-1 H T5 Z' 3' 55' wig A, -22 J M -ww .ww WM, wa MM-H , -, 4. y W 7, of 7 wr ,, W J J so W fr M l ff www we E 1 el , A I Q 4 mmf , fi Tig T f , ,. 5' M lg . hz ,KA ,aww W is ..,af,qs. ,, , f ' T 1 3? , Ng A W 5 1 iv :- N 4 fl, ,, ,S ,. fgTLf' 22l:.fv , mg . f , , , '- M ff fl.. ,T .v.1Qs'w-'Hs5',,,, : r M-A , f my 1 Lm W ' " .H " ,.. ' ,, . V WASI-IINGTCDN DC. IN '83 The sTudenTs ThaT aTTended The 4983 Closeup Trip were: JaneT Wimberly, RiTa DeWiTT, Tobye Nelson, Tracy Webb, Susan MaTThews, Cassie OsTendorf, Mi- chelle Abney, Becky Adams, Danielle TywaTer, Brad Hensler, Rhonda Roark, Terry Davis, Kendall McGilvray, Glenn Cole, Jon Jernigan, Georgia Gernand, Cindy OsTeen. Mr. McCauly was The sponsor for The Trip. The group of sTudenTs aTTended many conferences, seminars, and workshops. AlThough They losT a loT of sleep and did noT always eaT a balanced meal everyday, They sTill had a loT of fun and even learned someThing abouT our American governmenTal process. N ' x N.I-I.S. INITIATIGN '83 'Q ri 9 s, -ss sr , 'W-..,, f- m "I'm noi sure Thai being in N.H.S. is worih all of This," thinks Kevin Heer. New members pose for 0 piciure, 22 A brood scan of new and old members. Qi -. ,L if-'ws rw. ss . 1 '- Tix ' s A ' ,fiF1.s ss, g: ,,., E - K V5 New member Brion Peiers looks os if he hos someihing up his sleeve. "This guy is in N.H.S, ond he connoi even dance," Thinks Bari Moro in IF KE Ty N A.I-LS. 'IST JUIVIP-A-TI-IGN On Morch 4, The Alvin High School Physicol EducoTion DeporTmenT sponsored for The firsT Time o Jump-Rope-A-Thon. This evenT is sponsored by The Americon HeorT AssocioTion eoch yeor, ond The monies collecTed Through pledges go To researching diseoses of The heorT. The sTudenTs jumped rope in Teoms of six over o period of Three hours. Eoch sTudenT would jump o ToTol Time of ThirTy minuTes during This Time spon. RefreshmenTs were served To Those porTlci- poTing ond music wos supplied by Cooch Urk. SixTy porTiciponTs helped To roise S3200 Through pledges collecTed in The communiTy. This wos on ouTsTonding conTribuTion from The porTiciponTs of our firsT onnuol "Jump Rope for HeorT." Our sighTs ore seT for bigger ond beTTer ochievemenTs nexT yeor. Those porTiciponTs Turning in mon- ies collecTed from pledges were oworded prizes occording To The dmounT collecTed. Those prizes consisTed of o jump rope, o T-shirT, o duffle bog, or o worm-up suiT. We ore looking forword To roising even more money nexT yeor. Moke plons To join us. , T ,T TY 4 . T f"..,"mr is .U W- ,LA W ! X 1 P" T' ' if TT f QV? Q 4 4 1 , fs- ,T . 7 T ' - , a sv IW! , v Q .v ac' 34 p- , SR. KID DAY RECAPTURES . . -Ll Cindy Brandon and Pikey pose wiTh Their whiTe sun glasses. Barbara Williams, Rachel de- Jongh, and LaGweha Jolly Some of The cohTesTahTs for The "CuTesT Couple." The A,B.C,'s group plus Fuzz Some of The oohTesTanTs for The "CuTesT Girl." PhoTo crediT for This page: Barbara Williams IVIEIVICDRIES. On lvlorch 34sT in eighTy-Three The seniors were seT free. They ThoughT iT would Be reolly fine, To dress like kids ond reciTe nursery rhymes. To Nlorgon Pork They up ond wenT, Then To The skoTing rink, Which They hod To renT. LoughTer rong from every Senior, As They skoTed over severol fingers. BUT pressed for Time They couldn'T linger, They hod To go bock To being Sen- iors. As They reTreoTed book To The school, They hod To sTop being silly fools . . . BUT when eoch ond oll ore old ond groy, They will remember The fun of KID DAY!l!l WIN 35 7 SENIGR SUPER STARS EHS' The 4983 Senior Super Stars top row: Lupita Villarreal, Vickie Herrera, Sandra Nino, Georgeanna Hoiseth, Brenda Manry, Sut- ton Linsey, Susan Blanchette, Bobbie Parks, Faith Mosely, Ronda Nixon. 2nd row: Julia Smedley, Jodye Hooks, Lisa Rose, Cindy Parrish, Lisa Kettler, Tammy Tomlinson, Susan Goins, Lisa Kilgore, Valerie Ely, Ann Bramblett, LaGwena Jolly. 3rd row: Mrs. Andrews, Becky Adams, Seldon Williams, Susan Nix, Lisa Abney, Frances Moore, Donna Grubbs, Angie Dean, Kayse Butler, Jo Cottrell, Juanita Kettle, Mrs. Skidmore. 4th row: Rebecca Martinez, Mul- lany Nickols, T.J. Wooster, Jennie Autrey, Tobye Nelson, Richard 1 Goodridge, Janet Wimberly, Candy Leflet, Becky Frazier, Vicki Hall, Cassandra Woodson, Gina Rybak. Front row: John May- berry, James Choate, Brian Peters, Kendall McGilvray, Danny Crainer. -1 J X! ff 1 1X d Y ix G ff, if as ' I vjiii' . it ,, I "sf JAIVIIVIIN' JUNIORS IVIAKE DEBUT 55 The Jammin Juniors of '83 are top row: Rhonda McCord, Angie Peek, Glenda McCullar, Stephanie Shiro, Marie Shiver, Erin On- stott, Kelly Kendrick, Darline Alloarado, Jeannie Barker, Cherissa Crawford, Carol Hamlin, Sheryl Flemming, Sharon Peterson, Carla Fluellen. 2nd row: Mrs. Peek, Christine Llyons, Amy Myers, Christie McGilvray, Shannon Friday, Elaine Morris, Lisa Watts, Dawna Wells, Sharon Bryant, Stephanie Dwight, Stephanie Meservy, Gina Struckmeyer, Judy Wimberely, Mrs. Hicks. 3rd row: Cheryl Bubendorf, Lisa Dowdy, Kelli Gerdes, Karen Lezak, Holly Peery, Niki Henry, Sonia Franco, Sonia Venegas, Trini Segura, Joy Pate, Amy Logue, Lisa James, Stephanie Harvey. Ath row: Teresa Williams, Tranyce Wiggins, Sara Frazier, Tammie Temple, Jo Ann Stavin- oha, Michelle Jeansonne, Lisa Burnet, Kelly Hietzman, Carol Harris, Bonnie Hoffman, Rhonda Graham, Tammy Wolfe. Front row: Mike Morrison, Darrell Hunting, Kevin Lumpkin, Wesley Jeter, and Joel Reed. iiwm 'Veil VL ,X A '31 , wgiw.-is -1..gusnvnvvl"""' 4 i . S rrl .,.,P,M,:s-ws-W'i' .. K M91 ..,,, .LM-Ms-,1-A -F - . ,- .. A 1 s S 27 c0Wl 1982 '55 52452 Gdnhwi. WMM L-num wrfwwaba ,M A ggiaqmug ,, . .,,. ,wif N i Ji , 'fa imp W , naw' me' Ar uma ,fn mil 41 Vw! ,, 337' ww Aff an X 'ihwiiw 64347, W? ,,.,-.N -vi J I we-, ' fl if ffk if Sz 8 X x ,zz ,X - X K -fgiiz' K ' 5 9 r m vxf 1 as X -,ii --' ,M hui. , Q gx E .,,.. s.. Q24 igb1tL9m CPQ adi9QH .- ' r lf' 4 r'+ A ,f 4 "Ev wa, 5- u f 1 ,ff f.,, 'vc Q 5 V. , - kr , . 1 ' Ax ' 7 ,M . 'i Ng. 1' ZQL ,.A' I 1 YN:--1-Q-4:5 -J 9- .x X Y 5 1 A 4 fl Ulcly fill .... ,W T vffi fzwf . ,. U 3 'f is 1' H E ' ay? 372: gl af? s '- ,A ' U -1 -f Hg 1 i i, ,g f A 371 f 5 1 2, 1- . 'gi QS: f F- E ,I gg li -El ru 4, -1, I S Q f i aw, 3 1 3 H , y fi 1? 1 ' T 7 'f. 5 .fl 'Z ' 1 N-55 s .fm . f ' -I 1 T " 0 f f ' ' ,455 K? , J , 'xv lr f ' f 7 ,A ,..,,A4 The 4983 Prom of Alvin High School was held al The lvlarrioll Holel in Houslon, Texas. This year The Theme was "A Nighl ln Paradise." There was a huge Hawaiian buffer which consisled of chilled crab fingers and shrimp, To scallops wrapped in bacon The music was by Dop- pleganger who played slow, rock, and coun- lry. The couples were greeled by chaper- ones with Hawaiian leis and memory books which were blue salin Q 47' with while Tassels. The Prom was a greal suc- cess and a Time every- one will remember. LAM Qyquieitef Jiiglnt Quf, A x 61- Q ' S J . ., AK 've g L 2 'lr' X "' x. ii rj if X X ' 3 1 W ,, Kg? 3 4 Q 3 img S W SIENIIUIIQS 'EIIASS 'Ulf 'SEB lDll3IElDAlIQIEID - - TU SAIIII 'DN N W 3 3 5 k7'gf Tf QI? -Q E 1 i i 5' 'fl -. EI N N 4983 SENIOR CLASS CDFFICERS ,Y fggl x i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: 'l. Presideni: Kendoll MCG-ilvroy 2. Vice-presidenl: Vicki Holi. 3. Recording Secretory: Re- becco lvldrlinez. A. Corresponding Secreidryz Pom Hudson. 5. Porliornenlorion: Jo Coiirell. had 'QR XXNGW' Wade Aaron David Abbey Deborah Abbey Lisa Abney Nlechelle Abney Candee Acree Andrew Adams Michelle Adams Rebecca Adams Chrisline Ager Marilyn Alaniz Maria Aldape Roberl Allus POFTTGIO ADGFGWS Rodolfo ADQUKJDO Michael Anderson Teresa Appel? Delma Arroyo Elvira Arsola Randal Ashley Eddie Aucoin Virginia Auirey Micheal Bailey Kelly Bales Shoe Barnes Gregory Barnes Amy Baxley Robert Bealiy William Berlin Frederick Berner Raymond Biles Kathryn Billingsley Gerald Blackwell Susan Bloncheile Timothy Blaylock Suzanno Blomsirom Scott Bolton Sherry Borrn Rita Bounds Vicki Braddock Sandra Bradshaw Gerald Brady Ann Brarnblett Cynthia Brandon Evelyn Brewster Claude Briggs Y H Danny Brisart Jennifer Brown Wayne Bruffett Bruce Bryan Charles Bryant Carrie Burkes Foster Burnett Kenneth Burns Kayse Butler Allison Butterworth Darin Cade Grace Caluya Colleen Campbell Michael Carlin Kevin Carmeans Carmen Castro Manuel Castro Clayton Cauley Tracy Charlston Tu , James Choate Susan Chohrach Carl Chrane Shella Christmas Livia Cisneros CLASS CDF 83 Richard Clark Sheila Clark Vonaa Cogle Gay Faulkner pins flower on Vicki Kennara ai her lasi ho- mecomming' Micheal Cohea David Claussen N K Glenn Cole Tolberi Cole Deanna Conner Sherry Cooling Kimberli Coons Cynthia Cooper Tracy Copeland Ray Corn Mark Corona Q., .lo Coiirell Carol Cox f .V Qffifw Beally Craddock Daniel Crainer Kalherine Crump Kalhy Crump John Del Bello Abby Cruz Peggy Cummings Rita DeWitt Sieve Dial Vincenl Dahlenbur Te Davis Q rrv Thomas Dickinson Rachel De Jongh Angie Dean "Gag me wilh o dorilo says Sooll Marasckin. Sieve Dezso Larry Dix SENIORS HAVE SPIRIT lon Dodson Aimee Dolney Poulo Donelly Jerri Drdbek Koby Duckworlh Chorles Dusron Senior Spirit dl its besll Kyle Eckhordl Bryon Edmondson John Eixmon Andrew Ellioff Volerie Ely Afshin Espili David Espino INDCDCDRS AND OUTSIDE Johnny Espinoza Sharyn Essex Patricia Everding Connie Fau Charles Farris YI' and craziesfl Gay Faulkner Sharon Faullry Valerie Fender Ronnie Floyd Page Foster Mary Ann Franco Cindie Fauceii Vicki Fender SENICDR CLASS OF 83 Aulg Q , l ligjl 6 Rebecca Frazier Rodney Frazier Marie Gonzales Richard Goodridge .fn Peggy Friesen Mona Gann "Did you know Thai Tab has only one calo- rie'?" says Vicki Sarn- ples. Cnerrie Gilchrist Craig Grealhouse Alfred Froberg Karen Gabol Sammy Garcia Dawn Garza Georgia Gernand Rebecca Gerulall Melissa Gober Susan Goins l Donna Grubbs Larry Guajardo l-IAS GOT IT ALI. Anihony Gutierrez Jeremy Hall Timolhy Harlzog Barbara Hasara Susan Hawthorne Cameron Hay Thomas Hayden Cheryl Heilzman Jonaihan Hensler Billy Hensen Vicki Hall Susan Hasse Danny Crainer Takes ii easy. Samuel Helminioller Ramon Heredia 1? Michele Hansen Pamela Hargrove Vicioria Herrera April Hickson SENICDRS2 THE CLASS OF 83 Rhonda Higgins Mary Hill Renee Hilzendager Oscar Hinojosa Janice Hill Monique Hodgson Deborah Hoffpauir G-eorgeanna Hoiselh Jodye Hooks David Hornback Phillip Howard Bradley Hudson Pamela Hudson Julie Hughes Terri Hughes Monet Hullon Angela lacampo Lynelie lsaacks Pamela Jager Kimberley Jenkins Jonathan Jernigan Jesus Jimenez Tornmy Johnson ,,' ,W , A lf' S Kathy Jones Nancy Kauffnnann Lisa Keiiler Michael Kocurek DETERMINED To STRIVE Tracey Johnson La Gwena Jolly Lorella Jones Susan Jones James Joseph Keirh Keene Jerry Kennemer Juanita Kellie Carl Kefller Lisa Killgore Carl Klesel Karen Knighl 5 Karen Kohuiek Suzanne Krpec DEVOTION TCD GUI? SCHOOL , Q1 - Jeffrey Lamm Christian Landry E Thomas Langley Ricardo Lares Duane Larvin Perry Larvin Lisa Laughlin Norma Le Clair James Le Roy Candis Leflei Lisa Lewis Rhonda Lindquist Suiron Lindsey Dana Linn Ronald Lira Michael Llenos Lucy Lopez Jerry Lukens CLASS OF '83 I-IAS A.l-I.S. PRIDE XX 4 Q- Feiix Luna Paula MacGreger Dorene Mallow Ronald Manning Brenda Manry Gene Maples to N rf' SCOTT Marasckin Dina Mariin Rebecca Martinez Lori Massey Stephanie Maries Susan Mathews W John Mayberry gh x N277 Jane McCain Cathy McCaiiay Lisa McCosiin Sandra McDaniel I-IOIVIECCDIVIING '83 SIVIASI-I Lorr McDonald Kendall McGilvray Lisa McGwler Emmerf Mc Marcos Mendoza Richard Miller Elizabefh Montgomery N. Mo'rTeler lvlonico Murphy John Nowrocki Tobye Nelson Poul Newberry Mulloney Nichols Sondro Nino 1 ui' Suson Nix Rondo Nixon Trudy Norris '!""v Chorles Oberr Anno Ogos Jeff Olsovsky nf, 312 If . . v-?- ld xx ' fi'JY'- Q A H i , A A L . Vicki Holi occeprs Horne- corning Queen lille wilh her escort Glenn Cole. 'NY Cynihio O Sreen Tim Orrenmoo Wendy Orrenmoo SENIORS ARE TI-IE BIG Patricia Omz Rosalinda Ortiz Steven Ortiz Cassie Ostendorf Regina Otto Keith Overshown Lorenzo Owens Stephen Owens Daniel Pancamo Cynthia Parish Barbara Parks Catherine Parochefti N Jacquelin Ackley A Brent Peery Bryan Peltier Todd Peltier Silas Pelton Michael Perez David Perkins Brien Peters S. AROUND ALVIN Bill Petree Larry Phillips Barbara Pioterek Martin Plummer Demois Poehl Sue Pollard Cara Porter Everett Potts James Potts Bruce Pugh David Pugh John Pyburn Ashley Rabon Carol Raia Brenda Rao Timothy Rau Steven Rayburn Kevin Redding Patricia Redman Kevin Reed SENIORS REST IN TI-IE SUN if-"S SJ Wondo Reed Volerie Reynolds ' I1-we Bobby Rollins Liso Rose Snoron Rhodes Auslin Rippslein "I forgoi my bolning- suiT," soys Deone Swin- ehori. Terronce Roberts Russell Rowell Slephon Rice Lionel Rios Rnonclo Roork Erin Roberson Dole Roberls Gene Roberls Bryon Rogers Mory Roller Jonell Roye Rodney Rudell AND PARTY AT NIGHT Alan Ruskey Gina Rybak Maria Salinas Vicki Samples Oscar San Miguel Laurie Sanford Hayden Schmidt Michael Schunemann Kayse Butler shows her Alvin High School spirit. Maryann Scott David Seals Tim Seaver Thomas Sharp Ricky Shawback Diane Shepard Tammy Shoemake Toni Shuman Katherine Silvey Linda Sipps SENICDRS ARE Martha Sisneros Karen Sivillo Raymond Slaughter Kelly Sloan Stanley Sloan Julia Smedley Brian Smith Cynthia Smith M. Smith Ronald Smith Stephanie Smith William Smith Ruben Solano Hilda Soliz Peter Sollz Norma Soria S S Kenneth St John Carolyn Stafford George Staigle Michael Stark Emerson Staup Bobby Steckert Theresa Steelman Darren Stuksa Patrick Swartz RIGHT IN STYLE Paul Sweelon Deane Swineharl William Swinner Richard Taylor Richard Taylor " -. James Therioi Jimmy Thomas Mark Thompson Tamara Tomlinson Sherri Tompkins Yolanda Tovar Vilma Trevino Eslher Trujillo James Truksa Helen Tsafanrakis Danielle Tywaler Joe VOIGSZ Sheila Van Tassel Ginna Vandiver "Make sure you gel my best side," says Colleen SENIOR CLASS GF 83 Susan Vann Stephan Vaughan Lelicia Velez Lupeia Villarreal Cindy Vincent Kevin Voss Lee Walton Bradly Walkins Carley Weaver Tracey Webb Lisa Weinberg Robert ViIlClrreC1l Willie Villarreal Kendall McGiIvray and Tommy Sharp demon- slrale now Seniors slick TogeTner. Wick Ward Pafricia Wells ll YEARS AND STILL Wendy Wilkins Vonda Wllleby Barbara Williams N Roberl Williams Sheldon Williams Melinda Williamson Dean Wilson Denise Wilson Kris Wilson Jgnef Wimbefley . -,,- Cassandra Woodson Tommie Wooster Jerilyn Yawn Patricia Ybarra James Yeamans Jaquelyn Zapalac JIIUNII DIES A S Secfion Ediforz Sfepncnie Scniro AssisTon'rs: Marie Sniver Wendy Johnson CnrisTie McGiIvory hh-vm Pool f Nvvy Orleans i 'Icrurr sunk A u.-I RN Ilumus ' Q !!!! iii il' MM, Q 1 - cm h l- !ln 1-1-- ffm I i 1 Ill! 1 i h cm I II um un I cm ' Klli m cm Un - I ' lm Un g : .. g Om A ma' I H cum Um I n cum - : cu - m ml I" . U 1 lm , I CM uv I 1 I 1-n Cu .I U1 - cw cn W- - , qu B - cu - Q I can um A U' w- - A , . 1 . C71 Cn crz cu CN l7l F70 ' Chl ' C C67 N I C, cu I CM in ll css Em l . mm . US 7 1 C57 T1 Cs. - I: C" V El o -VCU L1 Cso A G' H W . Us l I cu ' U I cu 1- cu 1 U2 C" M- - 'E U' . I 1 css U1 ' cu ma ' cu - n W -- Cn czs cu - ll! -d Q. ' 45" . 'P 'E ln' 5 'nl , ':l cus ' CI7 'QQHJ1 U C I er- In li -'m' .Ml gl., Calypso Deck fT1Gi"i, X Wendy es ei0 AHOY JUNICDR CLASS 0 OFFICERS T77 6 Villdrreoi, Beiindd Nook, Debbe f I' --Q' A I - 1 I 1 - ' I I I 1 i' - I 1 ' I U -1 I I - Q g I I . g A gi I 1 I l , ur" " "u'l ' I l 'l"r I S- .. . 1 - I - .. . I I 1' -' r Siifing iefi To right: Belindd Vilidreoi, Niki Ldndsrnon, Keieign Owen. Hdngin' Iefi To rigni: Debbie Nook ond Wendy JON DSOV1. JUNIORS WAY Alborado, Darline Aldrich, Coby Aldrich, Pam Allen, Janice Allen, Nancy Allen, Roberi Alsion, Tim Amrhein, Bobby Anderson, Finds Anguiano, Jerry Armstrong, David Arredondo, Orlando Arredondo, Ramiro Aucoin, Eddie Aycock, Ross Bader, Bobby Baker, Karen Baker, Stewart Bales, Kennelh Bdllard, Noel Ballard, Sieve Ballard, Tim Barajas, Ben Barker, Brenr Barker, Cathy Barnes, Melissa Barreli, Scoii Barron, Marron Barihelme, James Bass, Somaniha Bastien, Bernadeire Beaiiy, Joseph Beck, Cameron Bedford, Brady Bednorz, Lisa Belleiro, Charles Benbrook, Theresa Binder, Dean Birdsong, Gary Blackwell, Marria Blaylock, Paulo Borm, Sandro Bosak, Charles Boseman, Sue Bowers, Leasna Bowling, Chuck Boyd, Alan Bozarih, Lisa Brady, Donny Brewer, Michelle Brigham, Paul Brigham, Sianly Bronikowsky, Debbie Browder, Vanessa Bryson, Glenda Bubendorf, Cheryl ' ' 'T . BurdeTTe, Kelly -x BryanT. Sharon Burdin, Micki BurneTT, Lisa V Burns, Pino Burr, Tim I' BurTs, Jim Calles, MaryLou Caluya, LOGI Campbell, Tonya 5 gf YJ ii. film' In all The years The Class of '84 has spenT TogeTher, we would have To say ThaT our junior year has been by far our Grearesr! IT was The year ThaT The boys and girls finally parTici- paTed as one. IT broughT us a close- ness ThaT we've never had before and made This year The Besl' ever. The juniors goT TogeTher for a big beach parTy, an evenTful slumber pariy, and Tons of mldnighT movie Trips. We also had one very coura- geous camping Trip, many Sunday afTernoon fooTball games, and a New Year's Eve ThaT will never be forgoTTen. All in all The Class of '84 would have To say ThaT our junior year holds The greaTesT memories of our lives so far . . . . As we've said before, l'We've laughed TogeTher, we've cried To- geTher, buT mosT of all we've sTayed TogeTher," Buger Boy aT his besT QDanny Hud- Rebecca SmiTh and CharneTTy Mc- Dan Pope 84 David Rodriquez J 5- as .fl W. Q5 . X T . . Donald, "Mary Kay all The way." Lw V I I ,Q ., ,,,, , K . rf ' A '. . 1' 4 Q X - X l' Xi YY. ' . ..,y J 'sie a , , 'ii' 5 3 'fm .gf-sig? Q4 ' fa' M" 'i 1 ' 37 . A f gig' , . fs -z a... W -.A,, lg V r . gl . . ,xmr rw .QE scoping ouT The Teacher. CarpenTer, Denise Cessac, Mary Chandler, Lanee Chandler, LynDel Chapa, RoberT CheleTTe, Tracy Church, STeve Clark, Jim ClayTon, STeve CoaTes, Jimmy Cobey, Debbie Cogbill, Pam Cole, Lisa Collins, David Collins, Mike Cook, Billy Cope, Troy Coplen, Ronald Copley, James CorneTT, Kelly CourTrighT, Mark Crawford, Cherissa Cross, David Crowson, Kevin Crumbaugh, Michelle Dean, Gary Dean, Suzanne Decker, Shana Thomas West' HWMT Could be so Lanee Chandler ettin read f r Jr. art DelBello, Glen DelBello, LeeAnn Dewalt, Ronald Dirks, David Donley, Brenda Dowdy, Lisa Driver, Jeanne DuBose, Sandra Dupuis, Dwight Dwight, Stephanie Eader, Kathy Edwards, Zack Elkins, Dale Elliot, Beverly Enfinger, Alyssa Erwin, Matt Escobar, Danny Essex, Leanne Euler, Chantel Evans, Tammy Fernandez, Isabel Ferrell, Kim Ferro, Donald Fick, Donald Filer, Grace Fillips, Robert Finnegan, Brad Fischer, Dale Davy Hicks such a bab face funny?" Q Q v O D v. v r Fleming, Sheryl Flora, Cliff Flores, Albert Flores, Gina Flukinger, Eva Follmar, Mark France, Sonia Frazier, Sara Free, Laura Friday, Scott Friday, Shannon Fulkerson, Mitchell Garcia, Mary Garrison, Chuck Garza, Lewis Garza, Rhonda Garza, Sandra Gates, Ronnie Gentry, Victor Gerdes, Kelli Gilman, James Gilmer, Joan Glaye, Rex Goffuey, Jeffery Gogle, Stacy Gonyea, Ronnie Gonzales, Alma Gonzales, Mario Gonzales, Selma Goodrich, Vicki Goss, Emily Grantham, Casey Graves, Rhonda Gregorezyk, Kevin Grubbs, Greg To class. Holland, Lewis Holloway, Darrell Holmes, Kim Hooks, Jeff Horlon, Alan Hudson, Branrly Hudson, Danny Hudspeih, Sieve Hughes, Cheryl Hunling, Darrell Hulchens, Teri Hyah, Paul lacampo, Eric lacampo, Mark Ballard "pursing ALL TI-IE WAY BIG J Guajardo, SanJuaniTa Guberi, Jay Guidry, Ed Guillory, Christopher Guillol, Karen Gwinn, Phoebe Gwosdz, Elaine Hagar, Melissa Hall, Libby Harris, Carol Harvey, Slephanie Hawkins, William Heilzman, Kelly Hendley, Dan Henigan, Tracy Henry, Niki Hicks, Alan Hicks, Gary Higgins, Billy Hill, Ronald Hobbs, Janice Hoffman, Bonnie Hogue, Kathy l-lohn, Emil 5-1 9 ffl rg f. 'Nw' . .MM - 5,4 , 2? , K.- 4 X ! -- ' 0 lx 1' x , ' f W 5 2 , X r S Ingram, Laura lsaack, Michael lsreal, Angela ivy, Russell Jacobs, Karan Jacods, Trisha James, Brenda James, Joycelyn James, Lisa James, Nancy Jeansonne, Michelle Jenkins, David Jenkins, Gail Jetty, Renee Johnson, Theresa Johnson, Victor Johnson, Wendy Jones, Lisa Joseph, Timothy Jowers, Samantha Kasper, GG. Keener, Tammy Kendrick, Anjanette Kendrick, Kelly Keough, Tim Keschinger, Elizabeth Ketchum, Cindy Kidd, Barry Kirkpatrick, Karen Klein, Tim Klusendorf, Kevin Knight, Lannie Kobza, Cynthia Koher, Carol Kohler, Frank Kohutek, Wanda Kraft, Mary Krampota, Laurie Kreft, Chipper Kreger, James Lamb, Michelle :QS V -sei: J , L JR'S PARTY WITH CLASS Glenda M. jammin' down on l The vacuum. nfs we is .W ' is ' 'Xx ,. v :J ff, A 1 ka 1 A xX ' ,. .15 , X . I Lamm, Randy Lempleion, Donald Landsman, Nicki Langford, Brenda Langford, Micki Langley. Gary Larson, Roger Law, Phillip Lawrence, Cindy Leadon, Swan Lenaburg, Kevin Lewis, Guy Lewis, JoAnn Lewis, Rodney Lezak, Karen Llewellyn, Christina Logue, Amy Long, Dena Lopez, Ruben Love, Ron Loving, David Lucas, Chris Lumpkin, Kevin Luna, Leiicia Llyons, Chrisiina Macias, Alfredo Marlin, Aaron Marlin, Edwina Mariinez, Joe Martinez, Michael Mais, Jill McCally, Mindy McCuller, Buffy McBurnelT, Fred McCord, Rhonda McDonald, Sherrie McDonald, Charneliy McLane, Kim McDaniel, Gordon McDaniel, Eric 65 MoGilvray, Chrisli McMillan, Kari McMurry, George Meador, Celee Meadows, Lori Means, Russell Medina, Diana Mendoza, Mark Menlzel, Kyle Merchanl, Danny Merrill, Susan Meservy, Slephanie Miller, James Miller, Kari Miller, Joe Mondragon, Rene Monlemayer, Larry Monlieih, Joseph Moore, John Moore, Liz Moore, Mary Morales, Louis Moro, Bari Morris, Elaine Morris, Johnny Morris, Karen Morrison, Mike Morrison, Monly MOSS, WGDGO . in Moulden Sue Skelly exclaims, "lT's jusl me and The boys." Munson, Ferrell Myers, Amy Myers, Kim Muranjo, Rieardo Nash, James Noel, John Nelson, Bill Newland, Sheila Noak, Deborah Lynn Oakley, Mike Oberlin, Andrea Oehlerl, Gary Ohlund, Jimmy O'neal. Lisa Moye, Wendy Munoz, Lawrence V ,,7A- 57,5 ,jf X V ', ggi, 1 G 1 fry- f,V, ,L u ,, Joni Guthrie and Kyle Menlzel make a per- fecl couple. I s X '14 A l wg . ,H JR'S SAIL-CDN JR'S SAIL-CDN JR'S , s- FS Y X . s Q n f Q 15 " A W ?' 4 M465 23 5 F' -W 31 3 +f . V , 1- C IV 3 J L 4 l X l a N N X ' .A Wk A - '- r ' 4, f' gt li f J g .-.Y U nf " '- '-s M." Ta-'W' K if L' f .I r .S I, 4 ,a ff r , i w A xx SAIL-CDN s, Qs 5 1, 12.1 in ,- ..,, .4 h. i fi, g., l "Ze-332 - '31-53. Jw 1555 Parker, Preniice Parrish, Ronnie Pale, Joy Pale, Margie Payne, Lloyd Peek, Angie Peery, Holly Pelion, Allen Pepper, Rodney Perez, Marc Pickering, Sharon PiTTs, Curlis Poe, Dorena Pope, Dan Poieel, Kay Prevosi, Twinkle Price, Angela Price, Bruce Price, Melody Provenzono, Melissa Prowell, Kelly Pucek, Ned Pulley, Dee Purnphrey, Russell Pyle, Eddie Pyle, Jeff Ramsey, Rhonda Ray, Ausiin Raygor, Karen Redding, Laura Onsloii, Erin Orrgnmaa, Jeff Orsak, Jeff Oriiz, Grace Owen, Keleigh Owens, Gerald Pack, Michael Julie Zumwali, Tranyce Wiggins, 8k Anjanelie Kendrick enjoying The break. Renee Jerry for once being sludious. Reed, Joel Reed, Jon Reeves, Bobby Reseburg, Susan Rhoades, Andy Rich, Edward Buffy M,, Skelly P., 81 Jiro S, with their halos on F? all Ji :Ty A I 1 Q I 5, W., L. v fl, 9 R ...ff if , f f " J f . . 9 X1 'r " ' 'fm s"',',- Rodriauez, David Rodriaues, James Rodriauez, Luis Saez, Aley Salinas, Tito Sandusky, Holly Saucier, David Schaeffer, Becky Scharnbery. Edward Segura, Trinidad Selover, Dawn Shake, Donald Shives, Jimmy Sims, Doug Sindo, Michael Smith, Kelli Smith, Becky Smith, Candi Smith, Susan Smith, Tina Soliz, Joey UAWESCDIVIEH Richardson. Bruce RODGFSOVI, Mike RObel"fS, Eric Royal, Trampass Russell, Michael Ryan, Daryl Sanford, Stacey SanMiguel, Debora Sarver, Mike Schmidt, Tammy Schenemann, Jena Sears, David Shawback, Monty Shelby, Scott Shiver, Marie Skeen, Slater, Small. Smith, Smith, Smith, Ashby John Donald Kelli Pat Rebecca Soliz, Monica Sparks, Linda Stair, Peggy I ' WERE Tl-IE JAIVIIVIIN' JR S 25: 1 f- lf lsr:-xg 6444: 1 J Vanpool, Paul Vellman, Rhonda Vilches, Maria Villarreal, Belinda Vincenl, Jill Vincenl, Paul Wagner, Dwaine Walden, Glen Wolfe, Tammy Warren, Greg Walson, James Walson, Scoll Slanley, Ken Sianion, Phyllis Siark, Mike Siarkey, Maggie Slavinaha, JoAnn Slephenson, Larry Sievenson, Allen Sirahm, Jennifer Slrimple, Larry Slringer, Kim Siruckmeyer, Gina Siurdivanl, Valarie Sunley, Danny Sullon, Debbie Talbol, Tammy Taylor, Becca Taylor, Roger Taylor, Rusiy Tedder, Bobby Temple, Tammy Thielen, Greg Thomas, Aaron Thomas, Jeff Thomas, Trisha Thomson, Jeff Thorion, Tim Tilburg, Barbara Tomkiewiez, Debbie Toner, Lisa Torres, Chris Trammell, Lorri Tripleri, Mary Tripp, Becky Tupper, Chrisly Ulhorn, Marrianne Valdez, Rose Valdez, Ruben VanNess, Tracy J' JRS I-IAVE TI-IE BEST MEMORIES WaTTs, Lisa Wells, Dawna WesT, Thomas WicksTrand, Sonny Wiggins, Tranyce Wiokle. Tim Williams, Down Williams, Earl Williams, Richard Williams, ScoTT Williams, RoberT Williams, Theresa Wimberly, Judy Wood, Tracey l S. Wooley, Peggy Wooley, William Worrell, Jimmy WrighT, Julie T ZumwalT, Julie 1 , 2 Kevin L. 84 RoberT C."Fallin' i n love again." Dorena Poe eaTing again, Kelly CorneTT 84 Cherissa Crawford aT Baylor, Shannon Friday "Ummmmm ii' l T e 1 Guess who's body This is? lnT. L.S. x J 1 l .1 I X A IDIDII-IQU MK UIIQIES 1 rmgpn.-I L- -J E 4 ,y, 3 fm L ,- g -.15 L32-'1 Hi rn' EI' ' m' ff i f 5-fi' ' 'ifii1-- max? A F3 ff? :fee W, w' X - - hmm U mm Em UQ V7 V1 Q U '35 U :ULU Q F 5 fm U-4 U QQ 'QE U1 QQ A :III mmm md E 'H.1h.xvn.wQlr: U Dvnmg H: QW .Z L Ilnmu EIS ii i Q :QS E 9 mm wf-T Qu QE 55 g EE if D E ik " 3 U QE gl E 1 U U U .U 5 E DU U ,Q mm P- -lp L-1 fa LW-J Ei XC I 1 un T ,. 0 I 4- n 5.141 S ""' E -4 ns D 1 F Eyn -a-. -, ,, wx, ,- vz.. ,,., N 1 -H K X n,. X 11- 5731 ' , .. vm! ' W it --'rf 1 4 - 45 f -i f w W- J Rl M-mlm K yu-' ' gi' .1545 'N' 5 931 53.1, my -.1 W D.. .!.,z-! I : 1 5 mfs, ' ' ,. .. x '-13-if i! 1 1 '7 1 -I E 1 pw 11 1 1 ' 1 I ' I 'zwftsim li 2 J' M , D 'xgqaiz ' I7 1 ,cj K1 E93 --I .ill F M QV Ti Dclta Dm k vi-.ill SCDPI-IOIVIORES CRUISE TI-IRCDUGI-I 82-83 4' Q' niveau Abney, Charles Adams, Penny Allen, Cindy Alloy, Kim Alongo, Lesley Altus, Michelle Ament, Gary Amrhein, Brian Anderson, Rod Andrews, Tanya Anguiano, Sylvia Arendall, Adam Armstrong, Donna Armstrong, Gary Arrington, Keri Atchison, Terry Aulie, Bill Bachman, Kim Baker, John Baldwin, Gina Barajas, Priscilla Barba, Lisa Barnett, Karen Batson, Gary The sophomore class officers for the 82-83 school year from I-r are: Kevin Heer, Darlene Coo- per, Krista Ivey, Veronica Vangel, and Kim Hooper. xffm X, its SOPI-ICDIVICDRES WIN 5 PEP in Q 'tr 2' 1 1? 4 i ,,,, 3,-3 , , ,Asif 1' l fwf ' ' fi ,4 .H A A , ff 1 V E-.:. V I-1 k Bean, Amie Beard, Kristi Beebe, Tommy Benefield, James Bennett, Christine Bergman, Julie Berlin, Tonya Berry, Jennifer Berry, Leah Berzeny, Brent Bickerstaff, Kim Bird, Will Blackwell, Susan Bonner, G-ary Boothe, Werner Borjas, Dorothy Borm, Sandra Bradshaw, Eric Brearly, Jimmy Brenton, Ginger Brewster, Ronald Brumley, Craig Buffum, Renee Burge, Randy Burke, Bret Burkes, Kim Bustoz, Leonard Byrkett, Gerald Caballero, Krystal Canalles, Anna Cantu, Eddie Capps, Darin Carpenter, Eric Carr, Greg Carter, Tammy Carter, Tina Castro, Pablo Cervantez, David Chamberlain, Dhana Chambers, Christine Chebret, Chris Choate, Wade Christmas, Clayton Clark, LaDonna Clark, Sylvia Cloutier, Staci Cohea, Robin Cauley, Traci Cole, Doniio Cole, Lourie Collins, Lowrenoe Cooper, Dorlene Cope, Down Cordova, Loreiio Coronodo, Moriin Cousins, Comille Crowford, Siocy Criies, Shown Crocker, Covon Crouch, Jomes Cruiohfielci, Tim Cruz, Dovid Cullison, Jon Doigle, Emmo Dollos, Koren Dork, Bobbie Dorling, Jim Dovenpori, Jomes Dovid, Donno Dovidson,STonisIos Dovis, Connie Dovis, Cory Dovis, Roberi Dowson, Dorlo DeArmon, Scori Deon, Suzonne SGP!-IOIVIORES 'Z lm ,ar 1 if 1i' iv' i' , EMS? X: 'M ' ' , wwf' "Go1cho!" fuson Smith geiiing reody for o hoT night oui on The own. ,, . o LUKE Sb. I-IAVE IT TCDGETI-IER Ski fmw f ir- rm s E 4' "' F' f "" -l Y N , -'qw NA A i 'fr ' i'1'Q M i f X F ' I l , ta J hi s .X v X' :Weak no ew., near no evil, see no evil, have no fun. if , M W ,, , ,y r J ,. DeKenipp, Rachel Deals, Wyndi DeJongn, Joe Delaney, James Dennis, Snawn Devolo, Brenl Deweese, James Dilks, Adam Dillman, Randy Dillon, Melissa Dixon, Clinl Dixon, Lisa Dube, Dave Duff, Nancy Duggins, Russell Dunn, Kellie Earls, Donna Eixman, Kenneln Elcard, Valecia Ellerbrock, Jennifer Elmore, Mollie Elmore, Annie English, Tim Erwin, Mark Escobar, Belly Esoino, Lidia Everell, Billy Falls, Roberl Farias, Gloria Farmer, Culeena Feller, Troy Ferguson, Danelle Ferguson, Greg Fernandez, Malissa Fernandez, Rebecca Ferrier, Roberl Fielding, Keilh Fields, Meyer Fischer, Karen Flores, Tony Flowers, Melissa Fosler, Janel Francis, David Freguar, Robbie Froberg, Lisa Fuhrmann, Arl Furnace, Danna Goyen, Bill Gann, Sarah Garcia, Malilde Garcia, Rey Garrell, Suzie Garrison, Carrie Garza, Cecilia Garza, Tino Gales, Cris Goylon, David Gerlovich, Richard Gidion, Jeff Giere, Gavin Gil, Lelicia Gils, Raymond Gonzales, Marlin Goodwin, Samuel Gould, Dale Grace, Rebecca Graybili, Risa Gressell, Amber Griffin, Mall Griffin, Pal Grohman, Sherri Guaiardo, Hisroel Guel, Adelina Guerra, Sonia Guidry, Greg Guilerrez, Dominic Guilerrez, Juan Guy, Cindy SOPI-ICDIVICDRES I-If sw. i 'yum n, ,C 1? rg z Haddad, Kay Haighl, John Hall, Deborah Hall, Jeff l-lamby, Chris val l ii. ANQ Hamilton, Debi Hann, Greg Hammon, Zeddie Hannegan, Kelly Hanson, Michael Harmon, Donna Harman, Paula Hasse, Bryan Hatley, Dustin Hatridge, Melissa Howthorne, Jennifer Hazlewood, Ronnie Hector, Amy Hector, Jennifer Heitman, Trey Heitzman, David Helm, Charles Helms, John Henderson, Darren Hendrix, Mike Heneham, Vince Hensler, Bart Hernandez, Alelo Higgins, Kathleen Higgins, John Higgins, Stacy Hinojosa, Ruben Hitt, Rick Hitt, Wayne Hobby, Tim Hodges, Shirley Hoffman, Laurel Hogue, Rhonda Hogue, Trina Holder, Jeffrey Holdorff, Karen Hooker, Mark Hooks, Steve Hooper, Kellie Hoover, Bart Hopkins, Darin Horton, Lori Howell, Greg Huff, Hope lacampo, Richard Isbell, Barbara Ivey, Krista Jackson, Tim Jackson, Vicki James, Randy Jenkins, Glenn Jernigan, Joey Jez, Jennifer Jimenez, Eslher Jimenez, Frank Jimeniz, Janie Johns, Amanda Johnson, Curtis Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Randy Johnson, Scoll Johnstone, Mike Jolly, Troy Jones, G-eorganna Jorden, Johnlyn Juarez, Rafael Jusi, Barbara Kahn, Laura Kaminski, Rose Kelemen, Sheri Kelly, Deane Kennard, Vicki Kenl, Bruce Kerr, Roger Kidd, Phillip Killgore, Karen King, Roger Klein, Rebekah Kling, Aaron Korenek, Kim KrefT, Angela Krupala, Karen Kubeczka, Michele Kucera, Brenda HRULEH V. an-vhmsh xiii!!! nl L ,Nr m?,,J--au.Mvl .,-,ganawwws he-ll 1.. ,guinw-wwnn-..- svmsawll "'-'wa Darlene and her radical shades. Y W Lain, Larry Lance, Kris Landreneau, James Lane, Edward Lane, Mary Langford, Johnnie Langley, Todd Langley, Roberl Largenl, Leigh Law, Deanna Lawrence, Julie Lawson, Marlin Lay, Debra Ledwig, Sherry Lemley, Palricia Lindquisl, Jay Lillie, Melody Llenos, Ryan Longnecker, Sharon Lopez, Jesse Lopez, Lilly Lopez, Maggie Loria, Glenn Lovelace, Chris Lucis, Ruben Luna, Lisa Lylle, Jennifer Manning, Andrew Marchanl, Adam Marshall, Deedra L., 5-'KJ-"""+'xj , R L. my Marlin, Barbie Marlin Brian Marlin Danny Marlin Tina Marlin, Treasa Marlin, William Mariinez, Delia iviariinez, Patricia I Maihison, Keiin Maries, Becky May, Cindy Martinez, Raymond Maiheny, Ronda 4 W . rw i ,V Q ,ww r 6 W . ' , git?" f Y X if McG-Iendon, Larry McGowen, Robby McKenzie, Craig McKean, Alan McKinney, Tina McDaniel, David McDaniel, Susan McGraw, Merri SOP!-ICDIVICDRES RISE vb-Aki a f i ,,,. 1 . Fe 3 MCNHT, i-learner McMillan, Georgeiie McNabb, James Mean, Derrell Melchor, Maria Mello, Gerald PCR u85" ' 1 4 '09 '.i' Y X11 . Vfvpiff Meyer, Bulch Meyer, Michael Mihells, Dee Mellon, Slephanie Mendoza, Lino Mosley, Marshall Myers, Mark Nava, Rosia Neal, John Nelson, Brel Nichols, William Noel, Elisabelh Milam, Jackie Miller, Doug Michel, Tom ' 5' F524 , X R 3 Mills, Tim gi ,H T rv 'TX Monlielh, Gerald 11" w - .' ' is fr J i Moody, Rhonda Mooney, Mark Morales, Larry Morgan, Daniel Morrison, Vicki WE CAN T WAIT TIL U? , E' .-- V --H, - O'Brian, Kim Oden, Tina Olwary, Lorraine Oliver, Julian Oliver, Keilh Ollo, Kari Owens, Annie Poncamo, David Z if, Olsovsky, Beverly Orla. Juan Orliz, Kalhryn Oriiz, Lionel Ollo, Kevin Pallardy, Charles Parker, Rhonda Paul, Robert Pellier, Russell Pennock, Shanna Perez, Julie Piolerek, Skipper Pleasonl, Chryslal Pollard, Jimmy Pope, Derrick Prall, Brenda Preece, Darren Price, Sam Perez, Virginia Perkins, Julie Pelru, Slephen Pickeli, Kimberli Pigeon, Christine Planka, Bo Poe, Gary Purcell, John Purczinsky, Pam Pulch, John Pyburn, Melanie WE GRADUATE! Reuigers, Christine Reyes, Yvelle Rhodes, Eva Rice, Allison Rippslein, Leah Riich, Jerry Revas, Cindy Roberson, Jamie Roberson, Wanda Roberts, Roy Robertson, Jill 44. ,.', Rains, Candi Ramirez, Denise Ramirez, Ricky Randall, Mike Rankin, J'Nell Redding, Pam Redman, Michael Reed, Delynda r e. Y l Rawlings, David Rawls, Sluarl Raymond, Dennis Redd, John ,W Q 9 ar Richards, Bessann Richards, Edward Richardson, Jamie Riddle, Charles Robinson, Tony Rodriauez, Armando Rodriquez, Arold Rodriquez, Ariuro 'x fx R .V Rodriguez, Jackie Rogers, Christine Rogers, John Roland, Randy Rose, Tracey Rossi, Karen Rowe, John Sadler, Emery Sadler, Jeff Saenz, Arnold Samples, Bobby Sanchez, Carlos Sanford, Michael Sanford, Raymond Sanford, Shanna SanMiguel, Lydia SanMiguel, Paul Santamaria, Victor Sapps, Harold Saucier, Tanya Savage, Weldon Schedule, Ginger Scopel, Lisa Seabolt. Brian Searcy, Todd Segura, Sarah Selover, Paul Sever, Cindy Shake, Michael Shaner, Genny Sharp, Steve Shea, Tim Shelton, Donnie Shields, John Shiflett, Kelly Singleton, Lynette Skulski, John Smith, Denean Smith, Denisi Smith, Jason Smith, Kristi Smith, Mark Smith, Susan Smith, Tammy Sparks, James Spencer, Maggie Stafford, Kevin Stafford, Terry SOPI-IGIVIGRES WANT ff'-'xiii l fr NN, :iii fr. fy 4, W QW , TF' i Af 'V 6,21 'YR' ' , ' ' - 1 Q ,f , , ,,. ,, Q '11 ff .., W , Tags? 5' f T2 xmgff f I 'X S A IT ALL!!! iii-I ii. 4 J N V N, x.. I I Q ,,,- , B . X 4 1 11 ' k '32 5.1 , ' if x 2 N I rf Ll fs .swf J 3, V . KP f , 'TI 'W P Q x , 1 , 1 X , . , '- f f i !,!' c , s ., N i 6. 7 ,.. 551. r A 22 Q ., 1 fav-f T 2 f f 'T 4 .,,,'.fj 'A ' ix! eg Staples, Deanna Stavinoha, Dana Stegall. Susan Steptoe, Kerry Stevens, Lori Stickler, Tom Stiefei, Tammy Stodehili, Rob Stone, Keith Stone, Stephanie Strambler, Nedre Strickland. Starla Strimple, Julie Sustaita, Freddy Talley, Jason Taylor, Nathan Taylor, Becky Terry, Jason Tharrett, David Thomas Thomas Thomas , John , Mike , Paul Thompson, Bryan Thompson, Tara Thompson, Wanda Billy Tidwell, Teilison. Tolfree, Trafton, Trainer. Trevino, Trevino, Trevino, Gary Donna Greg Cindy Alonso !SI'O9! LeT!Cia Truelove, Kenneth Trujillo, J OSS Turner, Gaylon Turner, Lee Turner, Tracey Tyler, Ki TTT Tywoter, Lawrence Valdez, Chris Valdez, Mary VanHoeven, Mark Vangel, Veronica Vanpool, Justice Vargas, David Vasque Z, Rose Vaughn, Kim Venghaus, Susan Verdine, Ralph Villarreal, Floyd Villery, Paula Vincenl, Brenl Vollbaun, Debbie Voss, Daphne Walker, David Walker, Jean Warner, Sharon Warner, Tracie Warren, Amy Warren, Teresa Walson, James Waliner, Sieve Weaver, Christy Webb, Sieve Weger, Diana Wells, James Welsh, Damon Wesselski, Mark Wheeler, Laura While, Jeff Whilehead, David Williams, Gaylynn Williams, John Williams, Bubba Williams, Greg THIS ENDING IS JUST .M ,fr Huang , ,,.,f ' "fig V J, gf Z O 1 fi I f ,g if 'f 5, i , , ,mf aw 2 L X E r r Y A Larry Lain-wasrin Time as usu 91 al . . . ,wc ,E . L L, Smile every body OUR BEGINNING Darlene whispering sweeT noThings in Mark's ear. ,gli I' XR KrisTa and Jennifer are wondering who senT l 1 l F L T U I I. is 1 a card To GeorgeTTe This Time. l Think There's a liTTle more To This parTy Than we can see. AN-.Q Williams, Tammy Williamson, Roxie Wilson, Ray Wilson, Shauna Woodson, Terry WooTen, IVlisTi WorThey, Gena WyaTT, Robby Yancey, MargareT Ybarra, YveTTe Yeager, Carl Young, Lanier Young, Samual Yureak, JonaThan Ziegler, CIayTon ,I 4' M I f' as ls all ThaT food for Kevin? IFIIQIESII-IMKIEN i i Q i Seciion Assisionis: Cheryl Bubendorf, Jennifer Brinkrnon, Josephine Lermo, Cnris Scnuiiz, Ramon Heredio mg 'r i-a lm Him ! I un- m I M :ll Ill H mm-es ' 1 hid ' . .n."N I 1 -di 2 l mm "W I ..., Fu I!! E ' I imm .Hri - 55 i FL l mln r nl M US P' ,, , E73 ITI mi lf Q" g E ig, - - D- - IU i g i- - i 5 En I El W' Em WI Bl D' I r 9. I I li--i ll WI i i 'T 'll Everglades Deck -i Af' ' v ,, I . - I v v V Y lf., 1 ,J M A l . f --1 , ,im B ,. I CLASS OF 'x8o" 's v Y xi ggi 1 M F . ,, A f x is " as ll S Som, , w , ,jf , if X 3 , M f f X' it ' :I 1 X l H u , j' ' i 'gr A ' v 'U 4 sk H , " A BM . at f gt ' I aff: lr x Y ff, , ,Q 'sw 1 1 A Y 1 , ' . V , ,R I K I sinin f ' H . g'+,'Nb , ' ve, - f ,f-, ..,Y ,W Q ,, I -f A . , N I Livix f X, ,aj-A 1 l ,L X nf? kg lsvg 5,5 ,ho ' xg , I ' ' ?ii?Qa5,"'-fl?!2.,,g, A559 L J ,,,4 903 '51 y . ' gl , A - in F ir 4- 2 w k B , X, Miz IVA, Q y' Q rg ., ' , -43 ubbl S H 3' is 5494? 'A 'A 1 'Ji 4 B. lli'U!L4ffi:6 -r 1' ' 'Il' K lb. , 7 1 , 'L N EX I Adams, Willie Agnew, Wendy Aguilar, Esmeralda Alaniz, Sonia Alexander, Artie Alexander, Scott Allen, David Allen, Larry Alonzo, Angelina Anderson, Patrick Anderson, Starla Andrews, Lori Anguiano, Gloria Anguiano, Gracicla Antieau, Rhonda Araujo, Patty Armstrong, Doug Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, Steven Arnold, Alicia Arrant, Darrell Arrendondo, Delia Arrendondo, Maria Arsola, Sylvia Aycock, Philip Baber, Robert Bailes, Jamie Bailey, Tracy Balderas, Damon Bales, Kris Ballard, Melissa Ballard, Tobi Barajas, Don Barejau, Linda Barrera, Norma Barron, Norma Barthelme, Susan Bartly, Dennis Bass, Hubert Bayne, Joe Beasly, Billy Becerra, Hector Beck, Justin Beebe, Ricky Beebe, Tammy Bejaran, Manuel Bennett, Carol Bennett, Teresa THE FIRST OUT GF ll YEARS Berger, Karen Biles, Karen Blaylock, Shawn Blickstead, Eva Boatright, Cliff Babb, Barbara Bagard, Christy Bonner, Stephanie Bourque, Paul Boyle, Robert Bozarth, Janet Brady, Bobby Brady, Julie Branch, Elmer Brandon, John Bramlette, Briana Brearky, Dawn Breedlove, David Brinkman, Jennifer Brianes, Maria Brita, Xavier Britt, Stephanie Broussard, Mark Brown, Eddie Brown, Jeff Bryant, Stacey Bryson, Marianne Buckelew, Connie Buelaw, Brian Burkhalter, Kimberly Burkhart, Robin Burnett, Michelle Burton, Aaron Bustos, Mitize Butterworth, Randy Butts, William Callaway, Danielle Coluya, Victor Comacho, Richard Campos, Rosa Candles, Deanna Caro, Lynette Cantrell, Kent Corba, Ricci ' Cordova, Jimmy Carlisle, Roger Carmelo, Rod qi, , ls .gf ff Q Y nr-my in fb' may ., ,E ' - v -3 11 2' ig i A 4' r 4 f If -,mt ff , N, ,Q i, kr in mfr W Fw . M V , V fr i i in rf l '. J Maria Gonzales "Mr. Macho." 7. iii' N". ,v f 1 3 f , ,. J f 3 4,.e- , W, , if , wi TN, i QTWEJLQ4 mis! 5 5 A 3 E I T 4' 5' V' . 4 c 5 if Q-. ' , ,gf f "" 'I ' .. , ,,,,,V K Q , Y. ,W -eil ,- ,,, f 'Q gf"" 4 , .A ,193 y le ,, l -T if -'fx .,,.2f '.,, r"l'?w- M z YK , .24 jc 4' g y xlzg. fsq K' Q f ,. , ,, TU ' WCDRKING HARD FOR A GCDOD BEGINNING ' 1' f fk': 5 ' .4 35 bf, 'is' 5' I ,sg J I 4 1 H., 0 in , su A? ' v fp' A aw 7 I H' "' if H V. 5 . Q' ff-i k? 'J l 'Lf .7 .Q , 1 , , . A ' 1 , l . . l g I V I EH ,gp Cook, A. l N '5. ' 'ft - ' ' Y f - X "There's got to be o woy to get this open," soys ' . 1-Q f Xovier Brite. ,I ini Collins Collins X 'Collins , -41' "V 41 af V. . ' Q U 'Yi 1:35 Q if .. , ,i , xl Q., -1 If V 4 f ,' " -5 if 2, 35 5 gn, Em..,,,,,w, ' Q , , . - V 1 I "'i "'- ' 'f ella' "-fi'-P' .win V' f V 1 A , , , .. ., W." , ,. ., vi , 3 L f ' , ., M ' ,. ,,. I , ,... ,A Y- N V 3 5 Q ml, , A ,, , M ., u W my . Cross' Colley, Cormoro, Veronico Corr, Jeff - Corroll, Jeff 1 Corson, Joson Cclsody, Jomes Cosino, Heidi ,. i Costleberry, Steven Costro, lvlorio Centers, Mork , Cernooh, Morgoretom , Choronzo, C-oil Chotos, lvlork Choote, Suson Christion, Shone Church, Kelly Cloutier, Joresho Clemens, Kim Cline, Donold Lawrence Cokes, Jcimes Colburn, Chorles Cochron, Down Cole, Suson Donno Beth Brion Pot Liso Collins Conrod, Bill Cornett, Jeff Colquitt, Down Crocker, Connie Sissie Crump, Virginio - ' fs V " V 'i ' ' Corriston, lvlicki 5 J l Crutchfield, Cindi l J Q 1 .ia . , .f , , .r i l -. Davis, Q K . .1 . , - ' X , Davis, Dovis, " -. .",v.:'Q7f. V gy, r V V ' U f -an.,, f-""" A s I-TWV' N I -C 'V 0 5 f '31 Q . f A-.,, T ,X , , gk ,ix-ll' ' , is , :Y l YI ' A " M9331 ' ff i " L .A P af., -I :IQ A K " . V' A ' ' I- , ,, QL , x 2, . A r V K K xv kv! P af if 1 ' y W ill , A, , 1 , , , ,X ,A Dovis, Cuello, Cindy Dobney, Jimmy Dollos, Robert Dovenport, Michelle Corey Chorlotte, Kenneth Pom Tl-IE FRESI-IIVIEN OF 4982-4983 Deaion, James Dees, Nancy De La Garza, Priscilla Delbello, Devin Deleon, Vidal Dean, Kalhryn Dewali, Richard DeWeese, Gini Dillard, Jill Dix, Eddie Dixon, Brill Domanowski, Vicky Dominguez, Mary Ann Donaldson, David Doucel, Lexie Earles, Ronnie Easierwood, Leslie Espili, Afshan Essex, Michelle Evans, Cindy Evans, James Fajkus, Michelle Farias, Ricky Ferguson, Julie Fisher, Beri Fisher, Tommy Flores, Alfonso Flores, Jerry Flores, Mike Flores, Saluado Flores, William Flowers, John Fredrick, Jeannie Fregia, Paul Friday, Shannon Fridell, Kennilh Fonlenoi, Kenneth Fosler, Harold Galuan, Eli Garcia, Robert Garcia, Rosie Garcia, Sandy Garcia, Slxlo Garcia, Theresa Garza, Michael Garza, Maria Garza, Victor Gardner, Lynda Garrison, Gary Garlman, Winford Goylon, David Gernand, Bubba Geisecke, Ginger Gil, Luis Gilchrisi, Steve Gillespie, Rena fr,v,.',.e 'Q' A E7 ,,, , , if-wt 5 ' 7 4 xv 'P Y 3 Q, gy if ,, ,. L, a li -4, Afvx -iv .J ,f ,sw 1 5 f'.se,,-Mg-r,,,, ', ,.,,,.. ' , rf 3' 1' i -Q z ' , f 41.9, 1 :ry W f Q J 'al' Q' 'P E 5? , 'si' . f- - .. si -.2 x i ' 4X x ff E H v. 13.4. Fr :,.s , v Nw- ' 'T' w a' , -m'ffefff, 1 5 fs ,y,. i, Tl-IE Gills, Larry Gilmore, Carey Glouer, Altheria Golden, Lisa Gomez, Ray Gonzales, Adam Gonzales, George Gonzales, Juan Gonzales, Lynette Gonzales, Alonzo Gonzales, Marla Elizabeth Gonzales, Sonia Gooden, Debbie Goodridge, Randy Gotcher, Jay Gould, Twila Grace, Vanessa Grant, Robin Graves, Gary Gray, Frank Green, Lisa Greenway, Sandra Greer, Joel Griggs, Michael Guajardo, Abby Guerra, Ricky Guerrero, Christina Guilliams, Anne Gwosdz, Shirly Hager, Roberta Hall, Chris l-lalm, Aaron Hancock, Michael Hargrove, Peggy Harper, Lisa Harris, Denita Hawkins, Greg Hayes, Lisa Haynes, Kim Hector, Glenn Henderson, Tammie Henehan, Anthony Henigan, Shelly Herrera, Yvette Herrmann, Patricia Herklotz, Mary Jane Hernandez, David Hernandez, Edward Herzberg, Lincoln Heuring, Terrie Hicks, Cary Hicks, Jeff Hickman, Colinda Hillhouse, Greg Hinojasa, Radrigo Hinson, Elizabeth SENIORS OF 4985-4986 ,. E V? .dfn k -. -- - ,4 , 'T 3' al ' "' i ? is it il , i L 561- K 4 .K . 4 . J,, ' 5 .- ,g,,, . 5 ef Q , V 1 f iw , sf f Y ,, , is , v N, A L I f 1 s, -milf' X 1-- f AV ' a g Ml l 1 f Q jf s N My lx. V' , ' A L X in - up f ' W- ' 6 , fl ' f- ' . 4 ' L W 'film iw ' , i Q Q XV A QA f?L'f'i .. - , Q L -L A , 'ri . f- , I y 9 . . Mr- 1- 792 X l -. A ' A ,f 1,5 'an ,H N s , A . . , X. r , , :.,.mP,"1 ' x 1 4 74. 14 A 1, X ' ,I X " ., MD. .,, - . , . A as ' , .wi im-4,.' .y 11 'iii i 5-I, 1' 4' 1 ' ' ' T1 ' . V, . "L L. V . ' , , 5: -A ,V , . ' f - V , i- ' V it f A 4 1 G slung'-n X FRESI-IIVIEN OF AJ-l.S. Hobbs, Tammy Hockersmith, Michael Holder, Pamela Howard, Melissa Huff, Monica Huges, Anne Hulzar, Linda Halen, Michael Hulett, Burt lngle, Stephen lngles, Joseph Ingram, Wendy lmmore, Valerie Jackson, Oscar Jackson, Pam Janik, James Jensen, Kathy Johnson, David Johnson, Deadra Johnson, Mike Johnson, Pat Johnstone, Matt Jones, Alan Jones, Brian Jones, James Jones, Mark Jones, Melisa Jones, Ronnie Jordan, Paige Jordan, Johnna Joseph, Dennis Justice, Charlie Jowers, Niki Kelly, Tyler Kemp, Natile Kerr, Tina Kerns, Scott Kettle, John Kettler, Ricky Keys, Tina Kiewel, Dalona King, Angela Klemme, Leticia Klentzman, Elizabeth Knight, Frank Knight, Jeff Korenek, Audra F WW- - ,, M. -w i A Wg fir . ' 'Q ' Y VZ' A ?l,mv,:fi -1-fy--,:s.i,,,,,f2 .. ,,. :3 ., ' C ' f w g '. -5 V., 'Q za , ,W - - 'P " . ' U , NMR K ir: , 4 , ., , E., , 1. , ,,, , ,,,, 2 ff lf . f f .ii 7 in . -if ffl if 73' , 'iri A A ' f'! ,. 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M i z. if f - . . it ' 1 Q 1 ' i ' 44:4 ' V ,ff A R 'NX A K' r -. -1 YEAR Kowalsky, Dan Labeth, Johnny Lacino, Bryan La Combe, Christine Langford, William Lafuente, Richard Long, Chris Lang, Chuck Lara, George Lambright, James Lamson, Connie Lawless, Terry Lawson, Angela LaVenia, Rene Leathers, Joel Lee, Mark LeBlanc, Ronald Leighton, Tina Leigh, John Leighty, Lisa Lerma, Josie Lippert, Kenneth Little, Danny Lira, Adrian Lira, Michael Light, Kim Liverman, MaryJane Lope, Jose Lopez, Gilbert Lopez, Mike Lopez, Mike Long, Lori Love, Carol Lucas, Lisa Luke, Kim Lyons, Margaret Mailloux, Philip Malek, JoAnn Malone, Michelle Marcil, Gene Mannix, Patricia Marez, Marilyn Marshall, Robert Martinez, Bernadette Martinez, Cesar Martinez, Mario Martinez, Reena FRESI-IIVIEN OF AI-IS TCDGETI-IER STICK M K if we ,, if' Mariinez, Richard 3 A is 5 i Mason, Renea , sf, lg K 'Vaa 'K'Mg,, 7 lf- Massey, Jim f -K 1' I L V ' V A MOV, ETTO . - f 1,,,,. H , Mayer, Chuck 4 V Alz iii, , J , McBurne'ri, Bill k 4 195 Kf S4 McCIendon, Kim l . is-.L L 4... ' lf .f . J . ,aA,, , ,,A 5A, "it f' a , ,,,A, , A ,'Qf Q, McCollum, John Q K L N K 1 McDaneI, Tracy K... .- - - , W- K A McDaniel, Kay . 2 ff , K McElmurry, Michelle f , J ,Q McFarland, Kelly 'Vi K 5 YZZA - V ' . ' McGraw, Mike i"',Q ff? L ' 'AV F K i' McGuire, Rhonda ' ii sm. . , ' 'Ql. V VV A L McKee, Melanie ll K K K V- McKenzie, Dedra 1 Q ., ,L 2 8 Meier, Paula 'J ' X f. K Mendez, Viclor .K . , L , ,,,, .1 , Merchant, Johnny ' , J .. "l ' x KEVI.. 'il' R KK , .K Meseruy, David f Ex f i Mevef' Denise R 'Ki or-K 5 K N ,rc,,, , L KK K' I ,.,,V,: Micnolk, eerie H K slrf - K ,, , ' K Miller, Lorne K -, is Miner, Sheila K K K , ' i Miller,vvillom M . ,L ' , , 5 , , Milulin, Richard Ki K K K ,.,f f - 5 ,I my K Mifchellf ROY - Q f 'QW , - fi Moe, Michelle ' r Kf K "if la , Kriv K K fr Ka Molder, Jayne Molder, Joe Monroe, Roberl Q4 lr 5-5, "K: fl Moniemayor, Scoll Moody, Laura ,f I 'Tx-y , MOOUYI Tim A ' W ' .,,, , , ,,, ,'. Krf fi 'f-r 1 :,. 'i'KK 'K K ,K r KK Moore, David ,, W 9 . f Ei K W W L' Moore, John K as "KK L, 1 l'i 'Q f'z " Q Moore, Kim , kg a Q yyyy K A ' f-5, Moore, Tim K 1 K 4, V K, K ' K Morales, Anihony K J Y JA' f Lf: Morales, Julie A' n A K Morcles' Kenneth ,agwwzyzff v,.., . ,,,, -,Jw -..-, sf , ,,,,, , ,. - ,.., ,, I I I L , . , ,, Jr , z sr J MOrC1leS,LiSO KK l L , H " i f? KfK w ?K'ff g' , , Moran, Ray fi KKiKi - rf. - K , f J f . Moreland, Lance ,ra y 7 5 , Moreno, Leonard , is - , K rr K ,M ,,i,, 12 L Malden- -im P41 Kii l if L A ' r g f A Moye, Robert .7 Y I " E Nm? , -X? ,v Munoz, Jaimes I1 J ,fi if .2 ' L ri 5 'K 'K 'W SOMETIMES TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT , 'J ' ' 3gr34,,""4' O' , Ar" ,,, .,, 1 Ziff? 5 1 l X .. X, O . -' ' s i . ',, OOL il ., f P - 'L , gl S mf , gk S Li f Q ,is-" eb , QQ: x ', , SW' 5' , X I .. if ' A 1 L ,J - ,N ' -V ' . ' s Q tg - .. f ,,, sv , V X r ,f i ff,- 1, f .. , , ' 1 L.. :. R - -2 , fidfifj., if' 2 ' I W A ' . 4 . X Q V, , - , . 'sfo I V 1 I "' ' ' is . . l ft Af ,' ff W 5 i W ,- . oi' 51 l ls This Tangible courtship? gl' . A m i ,s" I ' sg' Q - f , ' H ' v P ' A , . A I1 -I W ,A nf ' . nf , N 3 J 55 X PM " lily , V4 W in W'-'.gf,,l A 1 w A . ,bw 1 1fO' 5 V 5 inf '55.f? ,i -' V fix f if Murphy, Stephen Murray, Donald Murray, John Muylaeri, Esiher Myers, Jacques Myers, Tammy Myers, Tina Myers, Michael Nanez, Richard Naranjo, Felipe Nava, Rosie Nelrns, Bobbi Nelson, Bobby Newman, Tracey Nolen, David Novak, Anlon Olivarez, Joaquin Olmsiead, Edward Oneal, Donald Orr, Jennifer Orrenrnaa, Scoil Orlega, Irma Orliz, Bobbie Ovalle, Maria Owen, Lori Oxsheer, Angela Padilla, Ruben Palz, Oscar Parner, Nicole Parish, Heaih Parish, Rhonda Parker, Lonnie Parks, Suzy Pederson, Susan Penrod, Susan Peppers, Jeff Perales, Tony Perez, Frank Peiers, Michael Phillips, Tamara Pickell, Stacey Pieper, Anihony Pina, Lisa Polensky, Tyrena THE CLASS OF 'I986 Prewitt, Cindy Price, Stephanie Pritchett, Barbara Pucek, Terry Radigan, Thomas Raiford, Bobbie Ann Ramsey, Beth Rankin, Mike Rapp, Jennifer Rasmussen, Lauren Rawlings, Susan Raymond, Kenneth Red, David Reed, Robbe Reese, Kim Reese, Raylin Renteria, Bobby Reid, Jeff Reimer, Betsy Reina, Eddie Reseburg, Laura Richards, Paul Richardson, Rhonda Rives, Julie Robbins, Debra Roberson, Baylee Robinson, Cammie Rodriguez, Becky Rodriguez, Terri Rogers, Bill Rolf, Lisa Rose, Floyd Rose, Kaye Rouins, Tracie Rowton, Rae Russell, Johnny Russell, Mark Sahirs Junior Salbato, Candice Saldana, Frank Salinas, Edna Sanchez, Palmira Sandera, Jodie Saucier, Jeanne 'A 5 0.3,-V Z fi ' L 1 I 'V :LW ,V,. Q W ,IE Q Jessica Wood listening while Ginger Giescke and Kim Clemons do the talking. ,r4fr'm,,4, wwf eff, ' , - 7 , ' j. 4 , he W gif, ,, ,I sf, I V: K ag gg' , , . 1 A' A ' T V T I G - 5 512! V, T5 fqrf w f ,, 5 ' A is " fwfr . k A. Q ' , , . -zz , gifs: f Zi A ,: A sw , Y ,JV 4 ', 51, 1 ,V T' ' N , ff f . ' N l r. -. 5' Q -' "fu 1 l J' + w 'W , r , E Xs eq- -.1 W, ,V 'ki -ffl, sr i I, , mi l .l BUT FOR NOW . . . FRESI-IIVIAN CDF Al-l.S. ' x za 1 ' , . . ar S S r v x .if K' 4 s fl' 5 1 I ,..l-1' , 4 a in sg' Saunders, Victor Sas, David Scharnberg, Vicki Schedule, Rebecca Scheffler, Dwayne Schmidt, Stacy Schulz, Christopher Scopel, Darrin Scopel, Jeff Scott, Julie Selby, Doug Self, Douglas Serrill, John Shaner, Ron Sharp, Alan Shea, Gregory Shelton, Stacye Shepard, Shala Shoemake, Laura Shiver, Vicki Sias, Jesse Simoneaux, Teresa Sipps, Dennis Sipps, Pat Slater, Brian Slaughter, Kyle Smith, Aaron Smith, Craig Smith, Coy Smith, Kenneth Smith, Ronnie Smith, Mike Smith, Michael Soria, Phillip Sparks, Paul Sparks, Johnathan Sparks, Steven Suhur, Darren Sullivan, Suzie Sutton, Jo Stacy, David Stehle, Pat Sterken, Dan Stewart, Marian Stillinger, Maria Stindt, Mark Stinson, Daniel Stokes, Jack Stover, David Stredic, Regina Stuksa, Roger Swenty, Christine AFLOAT FUR TI-IE 'IST YEAR Talbot, Darla Teague, Mindy Teague, Terry Tharpe, Irma Theriot, Denise Thibodeau, Diana Thomas, Sherry Thompson, Darel Thompson, Wayne Thornton, Kathy Tilbury, Tommy Tippins, Mark Tocco, Joseph Tompkins, Ricki Tompkins, Veronica Tracey, Pat Trevino, Domingo Trevino, Lillian Trevino, Rene Triolo, Chris Triplett, Larry Troncoso, Maria Trujillo, Alma Turpin, Jimmie Tutor, Bill Valdez, Fernando Valdez, Adam Valdez, Ana Valdez, Freddie Van Ness, RayDean Van Orden, Kenny Van Tassel, Lori Vasquez, Lisa Vasquez, Richard Vidrine, Jennifer Villanueva, Emma Villarreal, Doreen Villarreal, Lori Villarreal, Steven Villery, Sherre Vines, Mary T or "Lunch is our favorite time," Lopez. - 7,19 ff f fx . ,Q ,i say Terry Pucek, Chris Triolo, and Mike uf V f H 1 - , -"' 1 4 . 4 .V ' git: 1 M I AV, A TI ,. ! ,sq A SL? , -my-s..mA-em . In J -, kf ' Ji 3 i V if W . wig .ex ew i ' -rs 1 -' , 4 ,. 19 'Tiff l 1' 5' ' 'V , A. 6 4- ff',g' M, , , , . ,, 4? W +fs'L '1- gy Q5 ss I ' -ez by Z 'J A D 1 atm , Y, s f f 149 f -Nf'1"ff . A, :- Ni' i M , ii , I ,A . , 5 f i, ie' f A r A W xm! , l WE STRIVE HARD FOR OUR FIRST l W 1. . X 'A gifs., 5 .4 T YEAR. I L 4 P 1' vrfzifff' it A 5 i fs,,i,3 'L' Q. 2 ",.,-f"'df"v - ff ittxl xxx - . fi i , W .,, 1. Y' . i A f , , 9 I S fi Q' , -4: 1 "?"' Ami 'D iv Q r- 'A X 7? .45 ' .- s - . sw iv if .- , ,fi -i. Ii N ff' 19' ,. Nw, , A sf-M J, ,. yr. . .. .,, Lx" 55 4 Wg, "We agree," stale Scoil Alexander, Chris Trioia, Terry Pucek, Joel Greer, and Pal Slehle. H. Wiiili., , ii. ff-life V1 VonBoe Waddel Walker, Worley, Warner, Warren, ckmann, Kurr I, Melinda Andrew Craig Krisii Daniel WGSSOD, Will Waison, Toni Webb, Jill Webb, John Weber, David Weede, Misii Weinkauf, Brian Welch, Terri Wellborn, Sabrina Wells, Anlhony Wells, Brad Wells, Mike Werner, I-leaih Wesi, Rhonda Wesl, Sandy Whitaker, Janel Wickslrand, Ted Wiggins, Tammy Wilabay, Jody Wilds, Jamie Wiikir1SO WiiiiGfTiS n, Marci , Cindi Williams, Denna Williams Williams Williams Williams Wilson, Wilson, Wilson. Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, , Jamie , Larry , Roberi , Scoh' Angela Chuck Esielle Jeff Jeff Shauna Wolfenbarger, Mark Wood, Cheryl Tl-IE END . . . BUT JUST A BEGINNING , ' . i f '- rf W- - .. Q N Wood, Jessico Q ig y N 1 gl 5 if ., ' Woolen, Sieve ' y S A W . " We Yborro, Helen ' K' ' 5 K. , 5 Younger, Worren ..eLe ' l 1kfi2'm g Q K' Q Zucnorios, Kim 1 ,Q 1 fi 1 X ix zovoio, Therese .4 ll -iff! I for Enjoying Cl breok belween closses ore Anne Guilliorns, Shouno Wilson, ond Slorlo Anderson. Coby Kirkpolrick checks To see if onyone else is wolch- ing proclice. ff' W Somebody needs Q QM, eh- Q 9, ,su V . if J f . 'iff -L 1. A-.. ' Ginger Giesecke ond Audro Korenek go every- where Togelner. 'lp To roll up The window for Bill Bulls. x, "ll's o greol doy," soys Angelo O'Roork. S-4. av' A M., IFANUUIUIV 'U 'U ID A N 'II B53 S C' .Q YT .ml ,. mm :mf Em u LJ E mls, Ifezg 5-H W A ... :EE mm mi. - A , Vfil lum msah EMI! li Fiesta Duck IH K IIQ Al-IS SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Riley Godwin Dr. Emmeii McKenzie Mr' Andy Zumwclf Superintendent Mr' Rick Sharp Mr John EW Mr. J.B. Hensler Mr. Jim corberf Mf' P919 Nash PRINCIPALS Mr. Lubbie Whlimire Head Principal Mr. JOB P99fY Mr. Don Dezell 42th grade iifh grade MF- ROY HODKUWS Mr. Richard Basenfelder 40Th grade Qfh grade SECURITY KEEPS TI-IE CAMPUS SAFE Rhonda Swanson David STFOUG COUNSELCDRS HELP PLAN THE WAY T0 CUP FUTURES. Ms. Biggers-O9 Mr. Ray-41 Mrs. Warnic Mrs. Sawyer- 40 Karl Boland David Eubamks Borlley, Colhy Boswell, Pom Cove, Sue DelCc1mbre, Borbc IN TI-IE RIGI-IT DIRECTION Y, r f. I n 4,, , ., ,.. , , , 4- X Ik A . 5,31 f. is I, in r. , AA: I ' ffiak 1 . I nf. f'.,- ...I 'NI' W Dirbo, .loner Dolson, Shirley Erwin, Bill Forlhing, Michelle Flower, Irene Gaines, Belinda Goy, Polricio Gelberl, Rebecco Groy, Roberl Hornillon, Alben Hdmmon, Kenr Horris, Donnd Roe Helgeson, Liz Hess, Fronk I-licks, Beverly Holton, Todd QT Ficcio, Vol Fiedler, Dorrhy G-erjes, Ndncy Goff, Robin I-lorvey, Billye Hoschke, Gerold Horner, Aubrey Hughes, Horold Teachers honor locol mer- chonrs or lunchon in The Vood- Tionol Building. ff u 1 W' E WCDRKINC5 HARD TCD f I , nf! Kalmus Joey Karnes Ken Knrkparruck Ahh Krey Charles Mandel George Marceaux Peggy Marshall Kimber Mrnard Ermlhre Muller Charles Muller Emmlr Mllier Paula Muller Sheha Jefferres Linda Kahn Mary Alyce Lang Sreve Lohgesr Prehhce May James McEIraTh JoBeTh Musuc Brenda Nevl J Ms. Music makes a hard decision, ' ...du TEACH Tl-IE BEST Peek, Kathryn Pratt, Randall Rapler, Don Red, Becky Sawyer, Carmen Scarborough, Frieda Ortega, Carol Partin, H Payte, Louise Price, Debbie Rachels, George Radigan, Judy Remington, Melvin Roberts, R Rosales, Irene Schaller, Dianne Seals, George Seng, Shelia Ms. Wall at the candy machine. TEACHERS TEACH WITH CLASS T5ET1le, Cecil Sieberl, Mary Skellon, Theresa Skidf'0Ore, Joyce Slmckmeyell Billy Suggs, Janene Summers, Charles Thaggarcl, Marsha Walker, Clqudlg Weese, Mary Jane Wilds, John Williams, Nancy Teachers nor picfured: Aman, C. Jones, B. Bass, J. Kellhly, G. Brolherlon, A. Lewis, S. Brolherlon, J. Marshall, L. Clark, D. McFarland, R Clegg, C. McNuTT, K. Stafford, Linda Sliles, Mary Coplen, E. Monlgomery D. Vaughn, Ruth Vowell, Carole Corey, L. Nevil, R. Yancey, Pennie Young, Joan Cross, J. Orell, C. Zaloudek, Alela Ziegelmeyer, Lori Darden, H, Parks, K. Demaresl, M. Posern, E. Duslon, K. Purdue, K. Easlon, J. Roberlson, R. Faris, J. Salyer, C. Ford, D. Schaeffer, J. Green, W. Smllh, A. Harris, B. Saavedra, O. Hellmann, R. Tlgerl, L. Henry, D. Urcluiaga, M. Jackson, J. Wall, O. kv E A , SECRETARIES HELP TCD KEEP US ALL CDN TI-IE RIG!-IT TRACK! W PM Elia A Epperson B Esparza D Hull M Kinsey J McKee P L M Samples Slerken A Robinson lvl 'Wd' BurneTT, S. Garza, E. Price, J. While, G. Busloz, A. Gray, E. Provanzano, P. Yancey, J. Mrs. Williams playing banker I II'IIIf IIQIISEI AI IHIIIEIIIIIC IDIEIDAXIIQIFMKIENI ISQQIUINID WMF I si 4, gf Z I L f 3 71 IE Ga S: VOLLEYBALL-THE PLACE WAS CHINA: 446, 447, 448, 449, 420, 424 FOOTBALL-TI-IE PLACE WAS GERMANY: 422, 423, 424, 425, 426, 427, 428, 429, 430, 434 BASEBALL-THE PLACE WAS JAPAN: 434, 435 BASKETBALL-THE PLACE WAS U.S.A.: 436, 437, 438, 439, 440, 444, 442, 443 TRACK-THE PLACE WAS AUSTRALIA: 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449 SWIMMING-THE PLACE WAS CANADA: 450, 454 TENNIS-THE PLACE WAS ENGLAND: 452, 453 C-YIVINASTICS-THE PLACE WAS RUSSIA: 454, 455 GOLF-THE PLACE WAS IRELAND: 456 SOFTBALL-THE PLACE WAS JAPAN: 457 We would like To odd CJ special Thclhks To The Alvin Sun for The use of Their sporTs picTures. S ,.,,i ly' x ' fzvw' Q-Xi 'xfl faux X if N23 S -4 12. LI- 'sky 1 .. ' 11 X4 L I k I ag YM 6-' f f 'NX ,X -., 4 A.l-I.S. VOLLEYBALL TEAIVI 4sT: Shanna Pennock, Rhonda Garza, Jeane Driver, Susan McDaniel 2nd: Vicki Morrison, Jackie Zapalac, Ronda Nixon, Denise SmlTh, Jennifer LyTle, Roxie Williamson, 3rd: JaneT Dirba, Kelly Sloan, Melissa Provenzano, Nickle Londsman, Karen Lezak swf. ,.,s,,.., Q , i -ii I I VT ul 5: fs.. Aff V W ,i-Q uh 3 ,,..-ff' ,uf The VarsiTy Volleyball Team won a berTh in The area play- offs by placing second in Their disTricT wiTh an 8-2 record. All DisTricT selecTions were Kelly Sloan, Jackie Zapalac, and Nicki Landsman. Those named To The Second DisTricT Team were Karen Lezak and Shanna Pennoch. Honor- able MenTion wenT To Rhonda Garza. Their season record sTood aT 49-7. They won The Pasade- na TournamenT wiTh Kelly Sloan being selecTed for The FirsT All TournamenT Team and Jackie Zapalac being named To The Second All TournamenT Team. Coach Ja- neT Dirba said, "The VarsiTy Team maTured as The season progressed and improved Tremendously." SPIKES TO Tl-IE TGP!!! 15 J. Zopoioc moking o big breok Through. 25 Teamwork ond o greoi effori helped The winning Jockeis. Aj K. Lezok, showing off her obiliiy. Jeonne Driver reody for ociion. 'T I fr , i,. L ,Wm W N ,W -awww' : ,M In 2' ww Btu' M .f W-W f . f 5 ' 1 , W " H t .hu ,w K" 4 'fue 5 A - -' S95 ' 2 fh -. , 0 . "' . in .,i,,L' Tg! 35. f-f V' , 1 ' 59 ' , . ,i,i i .,,,.L DOES A GREAT JCB ,,.mrPfl I Cheryl Small and Niki Landsman make a great effort to block'the ball. The Junior Varsity Team placed first in district play with a 9-4 record. They took second place in a 46 team tournament at Alvin and fourth place in a 24 team tournament at Clear Lake. "The J.V. team showed a great deal of improvement through- out the season and earned the honor of being the district champions," stated Coach Zigelmeyer. Shanna Pennock and Georgette McMillan practice to make'themselves perfect. FRESI-IIVIAN VOLLEYBALL Froni Row: C. Bogard, J. Brady. Row 2: T. Huering, E. Salinez, B. Alexander, D. McKenzie, S. Choaie, R. Parrish, A. Korenek, G McDaniel. S. Sullivan, P. Jordon, L. Pina, J. Wood. Row 3: S. Price, Gieske, D. Meyer, Coach Frieda Scarbrough. E. Klenlzman, S. Arsola, R. Reed, R, Wesi, L. Morales. Row A: M. Q , ,,..,,., in , Bumping The ball wiTh Qreai form. Selling The bail comes easy for freshman girls. 1' D The Freshman Team placed second in dislricl wilh an 8-2 record. They Took firsl place in The Alvin Tournament. "The Freshman Team has several qualily alhleies Thar have a lol of polenrial. Wirh hard work and desire, This group should develop into good players," slated Coach Scarborough. c VARSITYJZGGTBALL , , Vw' H, . I1 , ,i, A -VV1 9 .,,,.. UW 5' -' -Qi V i , . V Q ' eg-f M 5" 6 L.: 5 - .5 W , W lA?fViM-alvr 1 WT' v fu .:,' A Y F ' Y .,, -- iLT""':NW"'f'A 1- . " - -gg V - D V A '-2""" -T' -V W-'W' M V 'T' V .2 ,T I Wvxf: T, ir Iva? if ,-,..VV,.,?Y , ati. , Y N N VV L .W kv i H573-.:3,.c. ' N' -M5 A ' ' "' NM gf " " " ' ---- 'YV -. M"'f"2r2.,g.,L , , 'V . V. S+ V- V X . A' t QT , My-5. '-----:,:f,..1.J,,...,..,,.,.n ...fc-"?VV' 5131" "W ' .V VV V ffh- " V .J ' M ,. V ' V ' ' , ,,,,, , 'i' ? ' 1 V - -VM""""""""' A -7773-"'7T Tj: ' --'7i"7? Mg ' Ax Q 3' N I i W' n ' X A ' I ' it ', "V -Q.-rn-mr, ,QDQQLEQ ' ' 5 I V ' WZ., as if jj V W I V Vs ' 3 , 3,5 , V jr k 3 -V V V "pl . . ' XV ' X 1 s I' ' W' - ' ,gm 'ft' "'W'4"'W"""i "Ti j"" ' LL y '-"g::,:1,:::,g:z:::1.:':L1211.V! T- ,, az M - Vs I ' ' ' 1 ' V " 'ffii 1f'ffi . X " . " ' 35? ' 'T , , Pvf nr+J,M-n-4-V-""s",'U"' 'i'.1"'IfxLIf1 Vt A A ' V1 4 Q "' , " .- 'f " A 'M 5 .V VV? ' E'f1Zi?f. ..., ,... .3TZZ'2,f1Q3..V?Z2Vi'll-5 VV -V' :UV ' ' ,gf " ' - if " fl , w T' ' t - E , S ' , , Q A 4 A ' A V, V , V arena, . . . ,A ,...,,,...,,..,. A ,. ., ' A ' il I ., V ,J VAW A V , WM! l 11 1' ig,-'N' I ' A 53.13 ' . - 'V , rw, . V " ,. , gs ,V 5 ' V wwf' .Q vw j W lzillgjfgy, ,, V-me ,,..,,.' 'B' V .fe ' - it if ' Qs. if V Q L " ' ' ' "li Q ' 'V A Q " '9' J V, r ... T A.. ' ,pi , . z . I V, ' + ,. ' 5iV1',', -V f. su. qs .. '1 1 :V ," V , . , N 4 I . ' V 33, if ' V : f , ' V . V ,A L H VA V V 'sql 4 'I 7. 5,11 .hgh A' if is , . M w,Q,V , E ,As U ..., f, , - V , 153, - H Y v i -- -,C V , V ' W ,X 'nn ,Q I . - , . , V V ',- - ' V 1 'V V - . ' ' T if 2" ' " tk t , , VV l LE Q V , v V T' 1 4 5 , ' i s , v C, 4 g ' YQJWEQ 77' Ci E 'ii' A A V ' ' ' VV X ffl 'T 3 ' ' V Q x.W, sg , F' VV " - 1 , V ,mA ,Q .- V 'V A ' :it S ,, f '- , is. . ' 'V A . ., sf- -V fs P X V. V . lL M , ., Q , . ,, , . V VV A - V 1, W ,. , 1. , ' 5.1 ' ,.Q, A " -, ' '-+ 2 V . VVVV . ,V -' V 1 WV fi K V M Vw, , ..s,,.,, i. A,.-L L , A V, , g e,3,f,4,V ,,, Vw- 9? f .gain . -Vfqzn 4"V,,V , 42 . -A.-i..,.,s., . A nw A wt 4 , V ., -- A A f l MVVV V V AV V' V, ,V W f , ,V VVV A , Q. ,Vw .V 4 ,- . 1.3 VV',..,JefV" ,,,,, " V ., V Viif-flf.j ' x ,. ,. Top Row: Butch Meyers, Ben Barajas, Bill Nelson, Scott Bolton, James Choates, Danny Crainer, John Rowe, Tommy Sharp. 2nd Row: Richard Goodriclge, Tony Robinson, Doug Hill, Kevin Voss, Brad Watkins, Kendall McGilvray, Tom Hayden. 3rd Row: Coach Carlin, Keith Keene, Koby Duckworth, John Mayberry, Mike Perez, Steve Owens, Kevin Heer, Head Coach Rex Turner. Ath Row: Coach Brotherton, Trainer Alvin Smith, Darrell Wilson, Rob- Head Coach Rex Turner exclaims, "Get out there and do it!" ert Chapa, Foster Burnett, Peko Verubias, Austin Rippstein, Mike Llenos, Coach Keithly, Coach Jones. 5th Row: Tim Morre, Kelly Cornett, Tfacy VanNess, Cherisa Crawford, Mike Pyburn, Ned Pucek, Kyle Mentzel, Ashby Skeen, Larry Strimple, Larry Lane, Bart Hensler, Robby Altus, Coby Kirkpatrick. Bottom Row: Nolan Alexander, Tim Ballard, Bruce Kent, John Eixman, Shawn Palin, Donald Small, Craig Greathouse, Tom Micheal. Voss and Mentzel go for an interception. v il JFS, -uf" WINNING AGAIN! Alvin's 4982 football season was certainly that, a winner. Varsity finished the season with 5 wins, A losses and 1 tie, This was the best record and first winning season since 1969. Alvin started the year strong by shutting out their first two opponents. Houston Spring Wood was the first to fall, 44-0. Houston Bellaire invaded Alvin the next week and fought valiantly but in voin as the Yellowjackets downed the Cardinals 9-O. Alvin traveled to Clear Creek the next week for their last non-district encounter. Alvin fought hard: but the harder they fought, the more mistakes they made. Alvin fumbled six times and Creek managed to escape Alvinfs unscored upon defense for seven points: Creek 7, Alvin 0. Alvin entered district play against the Victoria Stingarees. The Stings scored early in the first quarter, but from then on it was all Alvin's fierce defense and hard hitting offense. Alvin scored in the third quarter and held Victoria scoreless the remainder of the game as the game ended in a 6-6 tie. District 25-5A runner-up, Dulles, used a long run and two field goals to boost them over the Jackets, I3-0. A fourth quarter drive by Lamar Consolidated Mustangs proved to affect Alvin's third loss, 40-7. District Champion Brazoswood invaded Alvin on their homecoming and showed Alvin why they were champions by beating us 20-O. After getting over a hump in District, Alvin finished with three straight wins. Alvin traveled to Victoria Stroman and showed their strength and pride in beating the Raiders 24-O. Alvin's next victim was Port LaVaca Calhoun. The Sand Crabs left Alvin with a long trip ahead of them. Alvin turned back a late surge by Port LaVaca to pull it out I2-7. The season finale pitched Alvin and Angelton into the ring. Neither team was playing for more than bragging rights, but no one could tell by their performances: Alvin 8, Angleton 3. Head Coach Rex Turner has changed Alvin into a winner. GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR. Tommy Sharp running the 18 pitch. B. Nelson and D. Wilson block while K. Heer rushes for yardage. Singing the Alma Mater-a new tradition after each game. if Axmx-1.'1' ill. if- Q HA T. Sharp giving iT all for a T.D. against Angleion. J. Eixman hurdles The play. JACKETS C. Greaihouse our To receive The caich. -10 9 X xy, fi. L. Sirimple finds a hole 'ro run The play. i' W. , HAVE A WINNING SEASON T437 'S sv EIXIVIAN AND SI-IARP SIGN WITH IVIAJGR COLLEGES Tommy Sharp's and John Eixman's last appreciation to Head Coach Rex Turner for directing their futures to a grear start. Sharp and Eixman will both go to college on full scholarships and be competing on opposing sidelines starting this fall: Sharp TCU, Eixman SMU. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK!! Even with the presence of its new coach, Alvin Football upholds a tradition. K. Keene looking fine in his Calvin Kleins 'Bring on the pillow heads." NY Mu. tm :Sv J.V. WCDRKED REALLY HARD AND Row 4 L-R: M. Koubo, E. Lone, J. Miller, A. Sclenz, J. Slater, R. Love, D- COIHVWS- ROW 43 COGCH Billy CWOQQ- K- Oliver- K- TFUOLOVO- G Z, Edwards, N, Ballard- ROW 2- pl Thomgsl R, Roland' Q, Din,-non, L, Monrrefh, G. Poe, F. Munson, R. Relher, Jeff Hooks, Couch Urk Munoz, D. Binder, J. Kregcrr, T. Royol, E. Roberts. B. Higgins. Row 3: ROW 52 B- EVOVGTT- J- PUFCGN- J- Mlllef- DOW' RYOFI- R- AYCOCK- 3 E. McDaniel, S. Bollord, R. Kerr, L. Orriz, N. Toylor, J. Burrs, C. Necrl, HOOKS- B- Bedford, 5- SROVD- D- 3OUCi9f- V CAIVIE THROUGH WITH A GOGD SEASON Some outstanding sophomores were defensive back Randy Roland, right offensive back Paul Thomas, and fullback Rus- sell Peltier. We would like to congratulate the Junior Varsity football boys for a fine 1982 season and wish them the best of luck next year as future Varsity players. ine Junior Varsity football team had one of the better seasons of their history. They came through with A wins and 6 losses. This showed that the new coaching staff and enthusiastic boys could put it together and make it work. Some of the outstand- ing players for the team were junior offensive tackles Daryl Ryan and Jeff Hooks, defensive end Eric Roberts, and defensive back Noel Ballard. .AW p. . 1 I- Alvin vs. Bellaire this year and won 28-O. br, Alex Saenz did a great job quarterbacking this year. s .f.f. ' i - " - .g:.y2"'zifs9f1 i a fs 'K g f-ff Lai .W . .gm "" "tg IIVIPRESSIVE SCDPI-IOIVIORES Row 1: V. Henehon, R. Hill, G. Howell, B. Goyen, R. Gorcio, D. Polmor. Row 2: K. Dovis, B. Hosse, C. Dovis, D. Rybok, T. Siickler, R. Bulierworlh, B. Wilson. Row 3: Coooh Jim Moy, C. While, H. Guojordo, C. Longley. A. Arrendol, J. Wolson, J. Holder, M. Smith, Sophomores hod o good seosoh. They worked redlly hord. Coooh Rick Neville. Row A: J. Smith, D. Wolker, K. Honigoh, C. Chebrel, D. Pohcomo, P. Mosley, M. Lucio, S. Dovison. Row 5: T. Crutchfield, T. Seorcy, A. Klihg, S. Piolerek, C. Lovelace. G. Turn- er, K. Eixmohn. 1.XY,A Tockling wos o fovorile post-Time. r ' 1 Sophomore offense had great breok Throughs. Sophomores fumble very few bolls. Varsity hopefuls on sophomore squad. Q , , 3-1--K L . A L Q, m'-f -QL L , : 4 -,,, - . A ' . A , K2 ' X dll ,cv " A .I ' F ,fX:m,5,A- AQ, so . , Nh --4 Y" ,f5f2R,t-9-f,ysM - M K ..- Vw .A in I s-ru, , A r ' 1 - wif , fi'-rf 1 . ' Y QM- VM? "5 1 -1 11 ' ""'.J...A 5 S FRESHIVIAN X' " TEAIVI 'lst rOWI Willie Jenkins, MGH Adams, Buff Hullei, Phioipe NClfGI'1lO, Gonzales, Wayne Allen, David Johnson, Chris Triolo, zlfh row: Deais Burbank, David Moore. 2nd row: Coach Joey Kalmus, Jim 30011 Alexander, Mike Garza, Ricky Seyer, John Kefile, Larry Pittman, Terry Pucek, Mike Lopez, Doug Selby, Jered Summers, Bishop, noi piciured, Eddie Brown. Coach Charles Krey. 3rd row: Jo Rodriguez, James Casady, Juan Fish forced To make a point. . . . and he's off!! 1' ,, -6- r-'ww ,, '-.. :sw W .r FRESHIVIAN UB" TEAIVI PUSI-IES HARD Left To right: D. Jockson, R. VonNess, T. Henohon, W. Miller, S. lngle, B. McBurneTT, Ken Smith, R. Cormelo, D. Worreo. 2nd row: J. Rodriguez Mgr., J. Hicks, J. Ouilewo, V. Mendez, J. Moore, G. Howkins, R. Podilclo, A. Shorp. 3rd row: L. Gil, R. Moriinez, J. Greer. R. Moron, R. Dewoli, S. Monremoyor. H. Foster. 41h row: Cooch POW!!!, shows freshmon, Dorrell Higgins. Burkholier, D. Murrey, B. Simmons, J. Scilmos, R. Moyes, R. LoVe-nio. D. Arouni, B. Slofer, Cooch Ropier. 51h row: D. Green, K. VonOr- don, G. Shoe, S. Cosileberry, R. Donby, D. Higgins, L. Turpin, V. Gorzo. G. Shoe, W. Milier, V. Mendez excioim, "Did he moke ii? Gi 1 I X X rf'-'fs ,X I V ski- . x 'Edu OUR MEMORIAL TO CHARLIE ACKLEY 4962-4982 A Hand From Heaven A hand from heaven passed my way A breath of life I felt, I knew a loved one, oh so dear, With Christ has finally dwelt. Tears cannot come nor sorrow stay With Thy grace filling me, I only know a peace Within For my loved one dwells with Thee. J. Salfingere Charles Howard Ackley graduaTed from Alvin High School in 1980 where he was a Three year leTTerman in boTh fooTball and baseball. Ackley received The lVlaTshuaTa Award for being one of The Top four aThleTes and re- ceived The Bob Tinnin Cup which is The highesT award an aThleTe can earn. Charlie made Honorable lVlenTion in fooiball his sopho- more year and in his junior year was FirsT Team All DisTricT. In baseball his sophomore year, he was Honorable Men- Tion and his senior year, Second Team All DisTricT. His posiTion in fooTball was running back and quarTer- back. In baseball his posiTion was piTcher and ouifielder. He played on a summer league sofTball Team called The Bad News Bears and was lisTed as a blue chipper. AfTer high school he exiehded his career aT Sam HousTon Uni- versiTy where he played as a spliT end. Charlie died as a resulT of a plane crash in OcTober near Neeclville, Texas. In memory of Charlie Ackley, we dedi- caTe This page To him and his loved ones. EXCEPTIONAL ATI-ILETE bmp. This July in New Orleans, Brenda Langford will be racing for the gold in an international competition of strength, courage, and determination. Brenda may not be AHS's leading runner, in fact she can't even walk, but her strength, courage, and determination rank her with the world's best athletes. She is confined to a wheel chair by a common disorder shared with over a half million citizens in the United States. Cerebral Palsy is a disorder where muscu- lar control and coordination are impaired due to brain dam- age, but Brenda has not let her handicap impair her com- petitive nature. For the past two years she has been com- peting in the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics started in 4968 as a program of sports training and athletic competition for handicapped individuals, and since then it has grown into an international program with over one million participants in AO countries. The athletes train and compete in 45 different Olympic type sports including skiing, wrestling, bowling, mountain climbing, diving, and football playing. Brenda began participating in Special Olympics three years ago and qualified for track and field competition with times received in State Special Olympics last May. The Student Council is sponsoring Brenda with a S200 scholarship to get her to the International Special Olympics. Brenda is coached by Jean Sutton. VARSITY BASEBALL - CDUTSTANDING! i rw go,-'9 Row 4: R. Ivy, T. Salinas, S. Clayion, C. Brady. Row 2: D. Hudson. L. Sievenson. L. Sfrimple, J. Yameans, K. Lenaburg. Row 3: Coach Jim May. V. Garza. T. Wesi, M. Erwin, D. McKenzie C. Grealhouse. R. Floyd, Coach Joey Kalrnus. Mi' i w-wqw....Q- M fl 59" ss3W'1"lf qt-. : M- '- Y: ' Looks like The Varsiiy baseball is really hard at work. Danny Hudson ended season with ouisianding record. FUTURE, Al-LS. VARSITY JE EE!-" MP5, 'X N: , we fa 4 J J.V. Baseball Row 4: A. Saenz, G. McKenzie, M. Griffin, M. Erwin. Row 2: G. Howell, IVI. Hooker, B. Planka, B. Keni, K. Fielding. Row 3 A. Horlon, L. Turner, J. Benefield, Coach Jim May, J. Cornel, K. Oliver, B. Williams. Freshmen Baseball Row 'iz F. Valdez, J. Gonzales. Row 2: C. Tryola, J. Green, L. Allen, F. Suslala, M. Lopez. Row 3: P. Accock, F. Valdez, W. Allen, J. Summers, G. Hecior, Coach Rick Nevel. VARSITY BASKETBALL Top row: Coach Bill Erwin, Terronce Woodson, Ken Burns, Philip rell, Jim Leroy, Tim Hobby, Ronnie Floycl, Moll Erwin, Brenl Perry, Howord,Jon Reed, Sleven Owens, Bryon Pelers, Mork Thompson, Trn. Lorry Lone, Mgr. Chris Lucos. Cooch Ken Kimes. Boflom row: Trn. Borl Hensler, Mgr. Scoll Bor- "Mogic" in Aclion. All dislricl P. Howcircl culs The nel offer Their dislricl win -1-S DISTRICT Cl-IAIVIPS 84 REGICDNAL QUALIFIERS The YellowjackeT VarsiTy BaskeTball Team had Their mosT successful year since 4970. They won The DisTricT 25-5A TiTle while posTing a 23-9 record. Twelve of These wins were puT TogeTher for a home courT win- ning sTreak which kepT Alvin fans aTTending games on a regular basis. We enjoyed specTacular baskeTball This year as Two of The players esfablished Team records. Phillip Howard had The highesT field goal percenTage of 6696 and was The leading rebounder. Ronnie Floyd performed skillful- ly and displayed ouTsTanding ball confrol as he earned The highesT scoring average. Awards were forThcoming in Tournamenfs and disTricT play as lisfed below: Phillip Howard-FirsT Team All DisTricT Firsf Team GreaTer Housfon All TournamenT-Deer Park All TournamenT-LaPorTe Ronnie Floyd-FirsT Team All DisTricT FirsT Team GreaTer HousTon All Tournamenf-HousTon J.C. Ken Burns-Honorable lvlenTion All DisTricT Coach Erwin feels ThaT we can expecT anoTher good year in T983-84 due To The valuable experience earned and qualify players refurning. Good luck To each of you and Thank you for a mosT exciTing season of baskefball. "Magic" Floyd puT The spell Toward The hoop. 5' JV ..kk K K 'Q-fe Teamwork and aggressive abiliTy made every shoT counT PerfecT form displayed by BrenT Perry. 9.5 'S YU! H H If 'Til- II 1 - ef J.V. BASKETBALL NWI-IAT A SEASON" J.V. Boys Basketball: M. Erin, P. Brigham, K. Lenaburg, T. Floyd, C. McKenzie, T. Roberson, B. Richardson, M. Siark, R. Gils, T. Hobby Coach Ken Kimes. " Ni X., M. me awe.. 5 . Kevin Lenaburg fighting Bruce Richardson for The bali. uucey 1-soya HTIYID' high" for The bali. v' SOPHOIVIORES SUCCESSFUL Sophomore Boskeiboliz F, Susfoifoy, J. Jernigan, D. Welch, B. Pionko, M. Thompson, Cooch Mork Urquiogo, S. Denise, R. King, B Oliver, S. Woiner, B. Onere, M. Hooker. J -v? If y Af-B """' Ax D. Welch lisiening To Cooch Urk's instructions. Bo Oliver sfreiching for The boil. 40 FRESI-IIVIEN HAVE GOCDD FUTURE Freshman A Basketball Row 'iz J. Gail, M. Garza. D. Fluellen, W. Wasson, F. Valdez. Kneeling: Kurt Von Beckman. Row 2: S. Armstrong, J. Cornell, M. Wilson, Coach Jerry Burkhalier, P. Aycock, M. Johnstone, G. Heclor Freshman B Team Row 4: L. Allen, R. LaFlueuTe, D. Murray, D. Scheffler, J. Hicks. Row 2: L. Gills, W. Jenkins, B. Lacina, S. Armstrong, P Siehle, Coach Chuck Krey, K. Slaughler, D. Higgins, J. Green, C. Triola, E. Brown. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL IVIAKES GREAT I-IEADWAY Girls Varsity Basketball: B. Martinez, C. Leflett, B. Frazier, C, Little, R. Stredic, Coach Frieda Scarbrough. Woodson, H. Peery, N. Landsman, L. Owens, A. Peek, D. Smth, M. Xvf Niki Landsman and Denise Smith fighting for the ball. Denise Smith and Becky Frazier playing some great defense XIII Q' Q X J :S AW U is -fp N ' 01 f IWW. UN . I if W. 4 Km if in rf W' , :Q ,lfl L . ' C: fi ' mm 5 . 25, ., ,,,,l. 1. in 1 , ,:,Z,i, . f www: I ..,,. W fr gig J 2 3 L CWI a V Al Q , x g Zu Y' ALVIN GIRLS SHOOT TI-IE I-ICDCDP J.V. Girls Bosketboll Row l: B. McDoniel, M. Hotridge, K. O'Brien, J. Wolker. Row 2: Cooch Mory Siebert, K. Otto, D. Wilson, D. Smith, S. Melton, J. Hotnorn, K. Korenick, N. Dillon, D. Willioms, K. Bickerstoff, R, Koheo. Fresnmon Girls Bosketboll Row 4: R. West, C. Bogord, S. Arsolo, B. Romsey, T. Bollord, J. Christie, R. Reed. Row 2: V. Shiver, K Clemens, R. Rowton, L. Andrews, A. Korenick, Cooch Jonet Dirbo, D. Meyer, T. Polensky. S. Bryont, J. Willes, E. Klenzmon. VARSITY TRACK I-IAS GOOD IVIEETS z ,., .. ..,, . . , ,K I A . .. A Row l: S. Webb, J. Nell, J. Mayberry, E. Conlu, J. Monlellh, J. ZSI, B. Wllson,A. Owens. Row 3: Coach Jor1es,D. Croiner, K. Voss, Parks. Row 2: A. Espili, B. Goyen, S. Morosckln, N. Pucek, K. Menr- D. SFOCJII. 5- BOITOD. S- Pclirw. COGCIW CGFUDL l x r .F ' K . f Q1--,xg we '. l l Kyle Menrzel ond Arlly Owens hopefully slaying our of Trouble. 30011 MQ,-Gsckin Seems To be complaining ggqinl 144 The VarsiTy Track Team had an evenTfuI season. They aTTended 8 Track meeTs and came home wiTh many firsT place rib- bons. They did well aT fin- als in VicToria and had 3 boys going To regionals. To The lefT, sophomore Bill G-oyen aTTended region- als in pole-vaulT and came Through wiTh a 43 fooT record. To The righT, junior ArTly Owens wenT To regionals in The 400 meTer dash and ran a 40.87. Below, junior Ned Pucek aTTended regionals placing fifTh in The 200 meTer dash. He also re- ceived second in The 440 high hurdles and will be compeTing'in sTaTe for This evenT. We would like To show our appreciaTion To These 3 boys for all The Time and hard work They puT inTo This year and wish Them The besT of luck wiTh nexT year's Track season. GIRLS TRACK RCN TI-IE RUN" Row 1: R. Porish, J. Armstrong, J. Wood, J. Vodrine, B. Moriinez. G-ernond, C. Lyons. C. Chambers, N. Londsmon, J. Lyile, Cooch Row 2: K. Ofio, S. Porks. K. Bickersroff, D. Willioms, S. Penhock, J. Lori Zieglemeyer. Gurherie, E. Solinas, R. Srredic. Row 3: Cooch Johei Dirbo, G. . V' 1 7 K X . f Joni Guthrie mokes if To regiohols in The 'MO high hurdles. Joni Gurherie ond Nicki Londsmon had 0 super seoson. J.V. TRACK HAVE PLVN p.LvlN ALVIN ALVIN 16 ROW 41 Z. Edwflrds, S. Dovidson, R. Love, R. Rolond, R. cnqpq, D. Lone, C. Dovis, N. Bollord. Row 3: Coach Kimes, S. l-lohlmen. C Pcrlmclr, R. Foul. Row 2: S. Sharp. K. Heer. R, McGowen, S. Hooks,E. Chebrel, P. Thomos, B. Mosse, D. Rybck, J. Rowe, T. Searcy. . , .J l l Donald SrT1Oll lOOkir1g IOST on The Trock. Ferrell Munson ond Ron Love must Think something is very funny. J.V. TRACK DID HAVE FUN Paul Thomas pulling The move on Terry Pucek. John Rowe may not seem exciled, bul he likes To fool people Randy Roland for once noi Throwing-up afler an evenl. Brian Hasse acting like he just gol shol. FRESHIVIEN TRACK JU-VIN ALVIN ALVIN Aww Q Row 4: K. VanOrreden, W. Adams, M. Shelby. Row 2: A. Martin, R. Martinez, M. Stint, B. Slater, R. Earles, B. Jones. Row 3: Coach Bill Erwin, R. Guerra, D. Jackson, S. Armstrong. S. Alexander, T. Pucek, P. Tracy, S. Kerns, Coach Ken Kirnes. Long distance boys worked really hard this year. Stretching-out and warming-up before district meet. ,, sv. Q' . 'Si e ,an ,-,,.-an-""' 'Penis A 'Q ,ei Qs? W um.. 6 if ivy. ...-...-.-- -A.. TENNIS2 BCDTI-I VARSITY AND JV Top row: Sonny Wickslrand, Gary Armslrong, Kevin Reed, Tom Schedule, Sherri Keleman, Ann Bramblelf, Cindy Sever, Missy Slickler, Tim Sever, Jim Darling, Coach Jackson. Fronl row: Ginger Cramer, and Janelle Roye. HAVE WINNING SEASONS! Top row: Coach Jackson, R. Marshall, R. Goodridge, T. Radigan, P. Bourque, D. Arrnsfrong, X. Brifo. 2nd row: M. Briones, T Lawless, J. Dabney, R. Llenos, B. Evans, W. Thompson. Front row: M. Lyons, A. Espili, S. Pederson, M. Elmore, M. McGraw, D Martinez, J. Perez, D. Reed. l GYIVINASTS DO Front row H Caseno R McGuire T Wiggins A Lawson Middle Toprow A BOYU D I-OUQIERNOUGSICA MCGUVVGY' G Deweese row M Wilkenson L Froberg G lv1cCullar L Huges C Swenty T Kell T Welch CO0Ch Z0'0Ud9k- This year, guided by Coach Alita Zaloudek, the 1983 Gymnastics Team had a very exciting and progres- sive year. The success of the entire team was obviously due to the extreme effort throughout the long wor- kouts, but the close relation- ship between the athletes is what made all the effort and pain worthwhile and made all the victories emi- nent. A FINE JOB Angie Lawson does a floor rouiine ai regionals. Chrisiie and Glenda during a heavy workout Christie MoGiIvray makes a fine vauli aT regionals. Glenda McCuIlar on balance beam. GULF TEAIVI PLAYS A GOOD GAIVIE I I I J ,Y Q Ag LQ 'I ,' , ,pf , .S f. Golf Team Row 'I:J. Yanik.G. DeIBeIIo, J. Brandon, B. Beasley, J. Ha1Iey, J. Thomas, G. Hillhouse, T. Hobby, K. Gregorseck, B Skulski, J. Lee, D. Meservy. Row 2: B. Amrhein, J. Thomas, D. Amrhein, D. Loving, D. Wilson, Coach Gary Keifhly. 156 GIRLS SOFTBALL SUCCQESIEDS 'i.i'.girq++i. 1 sl .911 Row 1: L. Andrews, R. West, T. Prevosf, G. IVlcMiIIon. T. Soucier, L. Lcrgenf. Row 2: M. Hofridge, J. Driver, D. Meyer. K. Sloon, L Owens, G. Geiske, K. Clenens, Cooch Mory Sieberf. 1 . , ,xxywx rwvvy . sy w sv wx. Nwvvyw'vXY"F1'. -, s,'ykw'v"wNi3 . , ,... vyYu'iRsqwvxxw!XxW,', 'wrw'vx'xfxwx'YXf'x' vNvwvLY1YWXXV!,Y,1,, Vw'm'v'1wNgq"r Y .a v-fvvfx' xx: swyvw'y'Xi'Y4, 7X"YllY .4 v w xr v I'XyY Yf?." 55317 v! xr. Tonya Sczucier seems To be giving The boil ci very din look. Denise Meyer dernonsfrciing ner Desi form. '4 ATI-ILETES I-ICDNCDRED FOR THEIR Q , WW. ' CDUTSTANDING ACI-IIEVEIVIENT TI-IROUGI-ICDUT Tl-IE YEAR 1 ThirTeen players received All DisTricT awards ranging from FirsT Team To Honorable lvlenTion from The 4982 Alvin YellowjackeT FooTball Team. Two ouTsTanding players from The 4982 volleyball Team were Jackie Zapalac and Kelly Sloan. In boys baskeTball Alvin High had Three boys receive scholarships. They were Ronnie Floyd To Bllnn College, Ken Burns To ACC, and Phillip Howard To STephen F, Aus- Tin. OuTsTanding in girls baskeTball were Cassandra Woodson and Lorenza Owens. This year's lvlaTs Award was given To Ned Pucek, Kyle MenTzel, Tommy Sharp, and Larry STrimple for being The Top four aThIeTes. The 4982 Bob Tinnin Cup was given To Ned Pucek for being The ouTsTanding aThleTe. Ned par- TicipaTed in The Regional and STaTe Track meeTs. The Ryan Cup was given To Nicole Landsman. The 4983 STapp Maxwell Award was received by Nikki Landsman and John Eixman. 'IIIIIUIIBS 'UIUIIQ IDUIIQWFS 'Ulf 'CAXIlll ?'3'A ALVIN BRIGADE HAS FUN TIIVIES . Let's get physicdl sdys Mrs. Kirk. "What ore you doing, Debbi?" dsks Toffy Hughes. Hurry up ond toke the picture. I om beginning to itch says Kristi B ' ps! Everybody soy "Pink Elephants." Brendo ond Cindy pose for o picture. lv 4982-83 YELLOWJACKET BRIGADE Kris Wilson, Coptoin Toffy Hughes, Mojor Kim Sweeton, Coptoin Debbi Coby, Coptoin i to r: Pouio Villery, Kris Lonce, Christine Pigeon, Tereso Stiefil, Shoron Pickering, Cindy Ketchum, Bonnie Hoffmon, Yvette Reyes, Liso Dixon, Kristi Beord, Dong Stovinoho, Brencio Jomes, J'NeIi Ronkin, Koren Jocobs, Cindy Trciiner, Donito Cole, Dee Mihiiis, Tommy Evons, Mory Lone, Showno Wilson, Toro Thompson, Roche! De Knipp, Lynette Singleton, Amie Beon, Suson Merrett, Trocie Warner, Kristi Smith, Liso Toner, Stephonie Mcittes '-lb' 121223 JRE5'3"1iQxib.,. ,-5013 .Y LYNNETTE SINGLETON AugusT 24, 4967-November 8, 4982 Alvin YellowjackeT Brigade LyneTTe, We all love you very much and you esTablished one Thing in our hearTs, ThaT The loving and caring beTween The Brigade can never be broken aparT. Your love, affecTion, and sisTerhood will be wiTh us for The resT of our days, We will remember The good Times ThaT we all spenT TogeTher and especially your caring ways. You meanT someThing To each and everyone of us and you will sTill be by our side, Through The kicking, hard work, and compeTiTions we're in, your love will carry us far and wide. The Brigade misses you very much buT iT makes us wanT To keep going on farTher, Because The greaT memories you have lefT behind will only make us kick ThaT much harder. Your love, LynneTTe, will always be wiTh us and The Brigade's love as we can all see, Has been The greaTesT Thing ThaT could happen To us To remember you LynneTTe, and The Brigade of '82- '83. by: YveTTe Reyes Ti-IE Ai-I.S. BRIGADE IS WORKING I-IARD "IT's showiime folks," says Debbi. "One more mile ond i'r's oil over," soys Kristi B "LeT's gei To iT," soys Mrs. Kirk. The look of love The Alvin YellowjackeT Brigade wenT To Marching Auxileries Drill Team Camp aT Texas ASLI in Kingsville, Texas. They received The Grand Champion Trophy in prop for The chair rouTine. The song ThaT They did iT To was "My HearT Belongs To Daddy." This was The firsT Trophy for The 4982- 83 Team. - -- -ws fx e ' ,, 2. ,s Y. Q2 Y' ,ff Vw wiw' I QS96 4982-83 Vorsiiy Cneerleociers, Cindy Smiin, Vicki Holi, Lorenzo Owens, Foirn Mosley, Shonnon Fridoy, Renee JeTTy, Amy Lo- gue, Amy Meyers U lil' f ,. l'L d ft kngvqizfere-P-' 'jgfif' r.L'I- ' lviinxff- ai VARSITY CHEERLEADERS x. X ..!" :I .5 -,,K',' .1-1 Q :W-C ,Q r '..-4 ' Q XX N'-C J Q X f L, E.T. ond me soy's Shannon AHS Cheerleaders ncving fun -nl 'S '....o - -Q' A 1'- X5 XX H' 95 1. 4982-83 J.V. CHEERLEADERS Veronica Vangle, Diane Ke!ly, Dariene Cooper, Karen Krupalo Kristi Ivey we .,.. .4 E W X . 3 1 XX 1 f Look of These all day suckers! Take me To your leader! 4982-83 ERESI-IIVIAN CHEERLEADERS Vicki Shiver, Lori Andrews, Tyrena Polensky, Rhonda McGuire, Tracey Newman Each year The eighTh grade sTudenTs in our Three junior high schools elecT cheerleaders for Their firsf year in high school. They are selecfed on an enrollmenT basis which allows Two from Alvin Junior High, Two from Harby Junior High, and one from Manvel. The girls perform Their cheers and gymnasTics for Their respecTive sTudenT bodies who Then casf Their voTes according To skills exhibiTed. The freshmen cheerleaders noT only lead cheers for all freshmen aThleTic evenfs, buf also painT signs and supporT Their Teams in various ways ThroughouT The year. They have a greaT deal of fun buT work very hard To represenf Their class in an admirable manner. 'vr2s'f'S8fsH22'0HwAvv O 'I982-83 CHAMBER CHOIR Fronl row L lo R: Lyn Del Chandler, Georgeanna Hoiselh, Tobye Rae Nelson, Doug Miller, Shoe Barnes, Dawn Garza, Brenda Music, Teacher, Row ll, GG. Kasper, Carolyn Stafford, Cameron Beck, Scoll Marasckin, Peggy Friesen, Brenda Manry, Row III, Page Fosler, Gay Faulkner, Jimmy Worrell, George Slaigle, Jon Reed, Scoll Walson, Angela Price, Christine Lyons. Scoil M. sings wilh delerminaiion al The Yule Fesl X , 1982-83 members of The All-Region Choir: Brenda Manry, Peggy Friesen, Doug Miller, Georgeanna l-loiselh, Lyn Del Chandler, Angela Price. 'I 982- 'I 983 ALVIN I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL ACAPPELLA CI-IOIR "Buddy is dreaming of a white Xmas." Front row L to R: Denise Carpenter, Ronda Marheny, Karen Kohutek, Staci Cloutier, Vicki Jackson, Darla Dawson, Rhonda McCord, Brenda Music, Teacher, Row II: Lisa Rose, Sheryl Fleming, John Thomas, John Mayberry, Aaron Martin, Amy Baxley, Sharon Faultry, Row Ill: Janice Allen, Sandra Dubose, Cameron Beck, Curtis Drosser, Wesley Jeter, Amber G-ressett, Linda Carter, Melissa Diilow, Row IV: Misti Wooten, Jerry Kennemer, Carey Morris, Buddy Rusky, Jimmy Worrell, Kim Korenek, Cindy Parish. TI-IE 4982-83 ALVIN I-IIGI-I SCI-ICDCDL CONCERT CI-ICDIR Singing Tires us oui . . . Froni Row, I To r: Peggy Morris, Mary Vines, Melanie McKee, Lori Owen, Maria Ovalle, irrna Tharpe, Susan Pederson, Row Ii: Dalana Kiewel, Rosie Garcia, Peggy Hargrove, Jeffery Peppers, Cnrisiine Brawciy, Laura Reseburg, Deena Williams, Brenda Music Row Ili: Angela Bermudez, Coy Smiih, Timoiny Gibson, David Mosery, Eiia May, Jennifer Rapp, Row IV: Susan Goins, Cindy Evans, Joel Reed, Mike Smiin, Cavan Crocker, Teresa Benner, Karen Azzarelio 'I982-83 PGP CHOIR Pop Choir puTs ouT a loT of efforT To puT an Two musicals for The school and cornr'nuniTy. Here They are in "I GOT The Music in Me." l Pop Choir in "Can'T STop Dancin." FronT: Carolyn STaTford, Doug Miller, Shae Barnes, Dawn Garza, Tobye Rae Nelson, Angela Price, Peggy Friesen. Back: Page FosTer, John Mayberry, Joel Reed, ScoTT BolTon, Cavan Crocker, Mary Vines, Brenda Manry, Cameron Beck, Julie ZurnwaIT, Ronnie Manning, Paula MacGregor, Georgeanna Hoiselh, Lyn Del Chandler, GG. Kaspar. l 4 A A-L. 5. 'X Angelo Price reolly gets into birthday coke! t'Some music is just too ugly for words," soys Corolyn. CHOIR I-IAS GGGD TIMES "Being o young, eligible bachelor in choir does have its oclvontcigesf' soys Doug, Lyn Del, Doug, ond Tobye sing ot the pep rollies. nv:- 1.-151' 15,5 QL. - WE STICK TOGETHER 'CAUSE . Julie Zumwolf, Heod Twirler 10, T.. -3 fg' Tx -I T ' H u. 1 sf . zf' . ,4 . ' , . ' 4 . - "- " . Q.-. -f.-i fi 4 Officers: Top row-Rocnel DeJongh, Ken ST. Jonn, Ronnie Mon- ning, Susie Pollard, bottom row: Valerie Reynolds, Steve Dezso, Coihy Jones, Vicky Samples , T .- Pnyilis Sionfon oi Food Doy during "Go Bond Week" WE ARE PROUD CDF YCDU DisTricT-Region-Area-STaTe Region: Mike RoberTson, Dorena Poe, Rebecca Klein, Phillip Law, Gay Faulkner, Kelly Bales, Laura Free, Peggy Sralr, Tracey Cheleffe, Valer- ie Renolds, Cofhy Jones, Mike Roberson. DisTricT Tryoufsz Ronnie Manning, Tim English, Paf Griffin, Emerson STaup, Davie Hicks, Brenda PraTT, Allison Rice, Julie ZumwalT. Cafhy Jones, STafe BassoonisT These sTudenTs of The Alvin High School Band parTi- capTed in The Freshmen Region, DlsTricT, Region Area, or STaTe compeTiTions. The Freshmen Region AudlTions were held af The Lamar High School on SaTurday, November 20, 4982. The DisTricT and Re- gion AudiTiTons were held af Willowrldge High School on SaTurday, December '14, 4982. The sTu- denTs ThaT placed high enough in DisTricT were cho- sen for The Region Band. The Region winners aT- Tended a clinic Friday, December 7, and performed in a concerT SaTurday, December 8, af Texas CiTy High School. AfTer These audiTlons Alvin had one excepTional sfudenT who was eligible for Area and STaTe Audifions. CaThy Jones, a senior bassoonisT, wenT To The STaTe Audifions aT STephen F. AusTin Univerisiiy on SaTurday, Janurary 'l5. She was cho- sen as a STaTe BassoonisT. Fresh. Region: Chuck Lang, Carey Hicks, Ricci Carbo, Brian Collins 'Ks rl ,ff-, - - 1 "'57"- N V " xy- vga,-A' k-. , Law ,,.sx. .'aiE.i5l'i5'?u'4AnI, T ' ' -- 54 Gu. - '---.1 ' I .4 as v L to R-Phyllis Stanton, Niki Henry, Head twirler Julie Zumwalt, Deanna Law, and Kristal Caballero. FLAGS L to R-Gaye Faulkner, Cathy Jones, Captain Valerie Reynolds, Captain Vicki Samples, Cindy Brandon, LaGwena Jolly, Barbara Williams. Bottom row-Keieign Owens, Stacey Higgins, Leah Rlppstein, Dawn Selover, Vicki Kennard, Kathleen Higgins, Peggy Stair. Sponsor, Miss Pam Key, not pictured. umumu m.'w1u wunnuamzun.-:zu-.711- EE J I -:Alumni-ff: gnvgslnnnwuwu : Q.: uanuiilul ,-1...-1-fx lii , N 4 WE TO Tl-IE BEAT SUPERIOR 5575 'I X IVIARCI-I DRUIVI CDF A RATING if 'I .M.T:1 . BAND I-IAS LCDTS CDF FUN The YeIlowjockeT Bond presenTs, 'iWhoT We Do For Fun." Bond is greoT: we work hord, buT iT is oil worTh iT in The end. The ConcerT ond Symphonic Bonds olong wiTh The Jozz Bond cJTTended o world fesTivol oT Nashville, Tennessee, April T7-4 4. Members of The bond devoTed oil Their energies To roise money To oTTend ond worked hord on Their music. The Bond BoosTer Club helped The bond To roise money by selling refreshmenTs QT The UIL Morching ConTesT, selling pizzo kiTs, ond hoving o booTh oT oil The home gomes. The ConcerT Bonds olso oTTended ci UIL conTesT during concerT seoson. A few seniors were osked how They felT obouT bond in generol ond These were Their onswers: "Bond meons Teomwork, discipline, cooperoTion, friendship, leodership, skill, ond o grec1T experience"-Brod Hensler. Vondo Cogle- "lT's d chollenge ond The opporTuniTies To go To conTesT ore fun." Ronnie lvlonning-"I enjoy ploying, The Thrill of vicTory, ond The ogony of defeoT." The bond worked hdrd oil yeor. Morching sedson sTorTed oT The beginning of AugusT wiTh procTice during The doy ond conTinued on Through The morching seoson. They received o superior roTing oT The UIL Morching ConTesT held in Alvin during November. The members of Alvin High School Bond show greoT devoTion. Their oTTiTudes prove ThoT iT is o greoT woy of life! , I NASHVILLE HERE WE COIVIE! T K. l s "Dale, geT off me," says Paula Harmon, a sophomore on her way To Nashville. on our Trailways. 5- if Sk, guy, Mary Jane Liverman and Karen G-uillioT smile wiTh all The comtorr Valerie Renyolas and STeve Deszo aT Nashville see- ing how SOfT The bed is. Gay Faulkner Thinks how wonderful real food would TasTe afTer a long bus ride. 19.352 51 . 4 7 E 4 4 if . f - 1 A K Blu . A "I am soooo Tired," says Ken Jackson aT The LiTTle Rock Bus STaTion during The early morn- ing layover. WORLD IVIUSIC Liizii VVE WORK Susie Poilord Drum-mojor gives o smile. I-IARD EVERYDAY A.H.S. Bond of marching practice offer school. 'Z ss Glvuwug.. Twiriers ond fiogs moke Themselves comforioble os The bond marches into Ti sioclium. , ..,,, ,. A ., . V , " 4 'M x I W .. , W 1" gf.i?'-,f-'Wai' ' -'.., 3 W,f3gf41"'ifm V,:.,,M-VV. ' W- ff .. ,iif ' ' W X, ,f Mr- ' ,,.om:1v-VV 1- pf' ' . ' ,1 - .wwf ,, - Mmm Jeggvg' VV-.M ,WM 1 wwf "" ' ,ew :wr i1I1,f, ' -JL .-.,. -.,. " -" , HMV 'f V fax' V A, V A " - V A V. E . r W ' . . f.,,,- , g,. ,,,,i ' f ggffw-w .if .Vw V W K sir. f FTFYYE vi 5' , ' . - - Vf . ' - ' A. V W . Q W' .M SYM' V V ' ..,. . . , if ' Vs-sl, - f v 253 :aw .V ,,,- vv- , ,,.. , - H --,,',,n.-'ww -" 'Z ,ge fe f'g,,',gqVf.,, rg-:,,,,.,j-I: i , 'ig ,- .. X9'1-,r""""f- Q"',.,,,,- ,.,..ewf'f- 1- i - 'i-' f X ,v 4 'K z ' 1 V , ' -wmffg V ff i ygaff- mf5a,g,,w2 ,, ff!-,f iw-f.w,.s'a 'V V .,,y.vf-J.. , I , 'N F- .V V-r :A S V ' ' - ' ' ' V P me Egf- 'M " V' ,, 1, , " ' 4' X ' f' W' . f " A f".'V ,VV , V p , , ? V vs.. GW , ,W V. , ,. , f W ,, '- 1 1 ' ., - fs 2 P - ' V,vfeyf:'w?i2 ' ' ff ' A - . ' .- gs ' . - . , A ' . . .' . V ' , fzjgff' 'kfrfffftfw' 7.1 L' Al E f X E ' f J' Te . i P , V ' ' . , ,f V , ffm: ' 1 - ' ' . , TM if I ' fmmgg-ifV, .1 .,.V '. 3, 213 1 ,V' z'2 :," ,4 N' -W V S' 4 B' V- ef-.' i s V ' z.. J' .f ff-3 V M. " '75, jk ' 'E A - , lf -,A ' X . : 7 -fi' " ' fi' 'f'!z7f'ffV, ,Lf . V ,'T'."'?g, :df-1 Q ' Vis..--f. ' - V .."7'h'f-1 , p,,?.n,,, t b y K , E E A E ooi, .. . . 4 J ,V . V, , , V V , .W ,V, - , N , U is f,,fVi,,,M,1 .-if ., V, .5 V N -, + . ., fin- 1 Y Q g -- 'ff ., E55 'ff - ras , I 1 ,.,,,,,-N ,VV -Xxitia .M ,VW 4 .. A www.. . ,f X.. W, .,. . . . , ,. ,z , ,, Q- z .iw ' . V Vfziff, 'P' 4 V.f' ,. V , -L'-N1-f,,"-,.,' ' ...M-.. . .,, ,Q ' V , M M' Ar?,f.V.3V,"'f,..?Zf3s '.FS,-on ,N - . . is-V 's . L '11-w r' W me , A 'gag . E is is , v ' ,, , ' - f-" .' "news, L" , '. i "-V 3 .y- -fj' i rw -2 , my , V J., .zs.m, ,.,. .sw , V2 s ,H V, ...ds -U, ,. ,. -gi' . gs -fQf7,i,5f" , , WMF H5'5'iff ,swQk.,?ss:'V....,'af.. zgrrx- .-'gig sys? v-QQTQ' Q' 'iff , ,V , . . 5, .,,, I f. A I 'r'V:jq1e Q 1i!'f'h- 'K ' , '55 Sflffsf ' f ,, ,f,:f.ofygqi'f H K ,' si" A ' L " A f wif 1 . , Quin QEL . ' ,V 4 "is :EEZ-is gg In E s V ' , ,.,t.s, . ' -""s3:ftii' Vf Wifi .s I ' fs " X AL, t .., . , Flog Squod shows off oi coniesi. One marching squad working hclrd. V Q- . ,Q-af. M MY! gif .5 - -o me 'S- fmbf 'Rm :.f',g" 'Qui a- N57-...- JAZZ BAND Slanding L to R: Mr. Roberl Gray, Jasen Landery, Mike Thomas, Ken Jackson, Gay Faulkner, Gerald Blackwell. Sealed: Andy Mondragon, Sieve Dezo, Pal Griffin, Barbara Hasera, Tracey Chelelle, Kathy Jones, Susie Pollard, Ronnie Manning, Niki Henry, Phillip Law, Cindy O'S'reen, Ken ST.John, Jeremy Hall, Mike Bally, Davy Hicks. The Jazz Band received many awards This year including Firsl Place in The Nalion Wide "World of Music" conlesl held in Nashville, Tenn. Phillip Law was chosen as Oulslanding Musician al the conlesl. ,va M ! ik. r f V. f' T mi " A '- - ' is S -.R ' 4- - ' .' I . Q K , - , ', - Y J - fix: -5- R: iii: 'A Jff'..-.-3+ Aa"-'kiwi . .kb as 3 ,,,. .x 5 eh. -' Nt ,, 9 J- - .7 W' , 4 . Tan Jays ' 4" .A 4, .X X 0 U'-'ang-AJf.bI., l hi., wt H T f 5. ,312 . -sm il . ..f 1 iv i .X ' Ken St.John and Jeremy Hall pose for fans outside their hotel room in Nashville. The Jazz Band performing at Nashville. Along with attending the Nashville contest, the 4982-83 Jazz Band did much more. The band received a First Division at the Angleton Jazz Festival. Ronnie Manning and Ken St.John were chosen as Outstanding Musicians. Next the band went to Sam Houston State University Jazz Festival bringing home a First Division and seven outstanding player awards. The hon- ored students were: Ronnie Manning, Ken St.John, Phillip Law, Gay Faulkner, Jason Landry, Gerald Blackwell, and Ken Jackson. Members of the band worked very hard for their outstanding honors. The members of the different sections are: RHYTHM SECTION: Ken Jackson and Mike Thomas on DRUMS, Jason Landry on GUITAR, Gerald Blackwell on BASS G-U!TARand Gay Faulkner on KEYBOARD. SAX- PLAYERS are Tracey Chelette, Kathy Jones. Susie Pollard, Ronnie Manning, Niki Henry, and Phillip Law. Playing TROMBONE are: Cindy O'S- teen. Ken St.John, Jeremy Hall, Mike Bally, and Davy Hicks. Playing TRUMPET and FLUGELHORN are Andy Mondragon, Steve Dezo, Pat Griffin, and Barbara Hasera. 4982- ' 83 STUDENT COUNCIL IVIAKES PROGRESS. STudenT Council represenToTives ore elecTed by The sTudenT body eoch spring for The upcoming yeor. To be eligible sTudenTs musT hove ond moin- Toin o UC" overoge in ocddemic courses ond hove soTisfdcTory con- ducT. Joining Those elecfed members ore The presidenT ond vice presidenT of eoch closs os well os The Boys SToTe ond Girls SToTe represenToTives. The STudenT Council works hdrd Through- ouT The yeor on Their vorious projecTs ond moinToins on imoge of odmiroble leddership for The sTudenT body of Al- vin High School. Officers: Rondo Nixon, Nicki Ldndsmdn, Kendoll McGilvroy, Kevin OTTo, Wendy Johnson, Micky Fredenburg Top row l To r: Nicki Londsmon, Wendy Johnson, BrenT Peery, Koby DuckworTh, Mike Pyburn, Kendoll McGilvroy, Rondo Nixon. Rhonda Porrish, Erin OnsToTT, Suson SmiTh, Mory Jone Livermon, Kevin OTTo, Julie Ferguson, Veronico Vdngel, Kelly ShifleTT, Phyllis STonTon, RoberT Chopo, Kevin Heer, Eloine Morris, GeorgeTTe McMillidn, Dione Kelly, Gino Rybok, Vickie Holi, Micky Fredenburg, Liso Green, Morio STillinger, Louro Jo Moody, STephonie MoTTes, Ann BromleTT. Rodney Lewis, Mr. Long 'UQ sf-5' X an X ,S ,, I cmwi's5fm-1 s . , ws- xmas . I Think I om going To be sick" soys Vince T M "iiik5 TH Fiwiffiv l ii T 'qlEllT'5'l E ik? TN TEXAS-- .Mlfkf Tl iff? Wlllillllli TTMEQW Q U WHTTTT 7 BU STudenT Council worked nord on The dcrnce and ocTiviTies. The 4982-83 STudenT Council worked horcl on dll of Their ocTiviTies. These ore some of The mony projecTs They worked on This yeor: Blood Drive on lvlorch 23, Compus Improvement Homecoming AcTiviTies- Donce ond Burning of The Go for The Gold S400 To U. S. Olym- pics, STudenT Council Scholorship of S250, sponsored STudenT Leodership CommiTTee, TARS Scholarship of S200 ond senT Brendd Longford To The Speciol Olympics, SofeTy In- specTion of cors on cdmpus, presenTed MulTi- medio show "STompede." They olso gove The wonderful Tedchers QT Alvin High School o din- ner. Wendy Johnson exciTed dloouT The "Shore A Toy" C7 Z NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP 1982-83 Fronl row I To r: Peggy Frieson, Laura Free, Rebecca Frazier, Cassandra Woodson, Pamela Hargrove. Row 2: Lisa Laughlin, Karen Lezak, Valerie Reynolds, Vicki Samples, Wanda Reed, Susan Reseburg. Row 3: Erin Roberson, Gina Rybak, Julie Zumwall, Grace Caluya, Eve Flukinger. Row Al: Judy Wimberley, Dawn Garza, Cynlhia O'STeen, Tracey Chelelle, Kalhryn Eader, Calherlne Parochelli. Row 5: Regina Ollo, Elaine Gwosdz, Brenda Manry, Tracey Webb. Janel Wimberley. Row-6: Gina Vandiver, Cynlhia Smilh, Chanlel Euler, Holly Peery, Kelly Sloan, Tracy Charleston. Row 7: Sue Pollard, Dean McKenzie, Richard Miller, Mike Pyburn, Sleven Woo, Row 8: Mall Erwin, Thomas Wesl, Bill Nelson, Scoll Boiron, Fosler Burnell, Koby Duckworth. Row 9: Charles Bowling, Roberl Beally, James Gilman, Bruce Richardson, Larry Sirimple. Row IO: Kelly Bales, Brenr Peery, Wayne Bruffell, Kevin Redding, Gene Roberls. N.H,S. Officers: Brenl Peery, Parliamen- , Tarian: Koby Duckworlh, President Gina y Rybak, Secrelaryg Scoll Bollon, Treasur- S' 'f er: Wayne Bruffell, Vice Presidenl. Front row l to r: Livio Cisneros, Lisa Bednorz XA NEW MEMBERS Vicki Fender, Julia Perez, Allison Rice. Row 2: Belinda Villarreal, Marylou i Calles, Greg Trafton, Tony Flores, Leol Caluya, Kathy Jones. Row 3: Rachel DeJongh, Cynthia Brandon, Karin Fischer, Il b k Barbara Hasara Row A' Susan Chohrach Jean Walker Georgette McMillan, Lisa Cole, Marilee Jennifer E er roc , . . , , McGraw, Kari Otto. Row 5: Barbara Williams, Veronica Vangel, Brenda Dolney, Jill Vincent, Vicki Hall. Row 6: Stacy Gogle, Krista lvey, Nicki Henry, Christine Ager, Michele Fredenburg, Tracey Johnson. Row 7: Kevin Heer, Dwight Dupwis, I John Jernigan, Brian Seabolt, Matt Griffin. Row 8: Stephanie Mattes, Susan Blanchette, Susan Mathews, Eric Roberts, Gina Struckmeyer, Tim Blaylock. Row Q: Jeff Miller, David Armstrong, Richard Williams, Paula McGregor, Dorena Poe, M Row lO Austin Rippstein Davy Hicks Rebekah Klein Nicki Landsman Tim Klein. Row ll. Jimmy Thomas, Scott l Bari oro. 1 , , , , i Barrett, Tim Burr, Bryan Edmondson, Steven Ortiz. Row 12: Paul Brigham, Kevin Otto, Chris Neel, Roger King. Row 13. Randy Williams, Brian Smith, Mark Thompson "This is so humiliating," sayd Kevin Otto. 11- ,ff -uf ' ., , Brian Peters. The Alvin National Honor Society has been very active this year. They started the football season off with the first victory dance. The money they earned from this dance was used for the two S300 scholarships they awarded at the end of the year. They also sponsored a tutoring program to help students who were having trouble with their studies. L t N ember the AHS Chapter hosted the Fall Regional Convention at ACC. as ov The regional project, in which all honor societies in our region took part, was ' ' CI Lake decided upon at this convention. A Dance-A-Thon was held at the ear High School in order to raise money for the Shriner Burns Institute. Alvin's Earnings totaled S'l475. They also hosted College Night on Oct. 48. Fifty coleges from around the state attended to provide information about their school for interested stu- dents. Last February the National Honor Society sponsored a computer dating pro- ject. This was a fun project for Valentines Day and many students and teachers enjoyed it. Some of the members particpated in a jump-a-thon. This was to raise money for the Heart Association. All in all, the honor society had a good year and should be very pleased with its accomplishments. Froni Row I To rt Wanda Reed, sec.: Janer Wimberly, reporierg Kathy Eader, v. president: Chuck Bowling. president. Back Row: Veronica Carmona, Maria Castro. Marilyn Marey, Gaylynn Faulkner, Cindy Sever, Allison Rice, Laura Kahn, Mrs. Bell. I av , 4.11. . ' " " yd' M . "Ear ill" says Janet. "Oh, boy! Whal funl" says Allison. '-cv r-N, Our beloved sponsor, Ms. Bell. This poriy is so FUN! . 3' Wohdo Reed is oli mixed up. This is nice! Who? is if? Chuck oi The Christmas party. 1-nl """'l'lhllr ,. LL., i k' A A . Ski S - 5 nm Sealed: Vice Presideni-Bruce Richardson, Presidenl-James Gilman, Secretary-Risa Graybill. Standing: Reporier-Leah Berry, Parllamenlarian-Greg Traffon. Sealed: James Gilman, Risa Graybill, Bruce Richardson, Leah Berry, Belinda Villarreal, Nedre Sirambler, Anne Guilliams, Lydia San Miguel. 2nd Row: Mrs. Flower, Merri McGraw, Briana Brambleile, Shauna Wilson, Edna Salinas, Greg Traffon, Tony Flores, Tim English, Connie Lawson, Mary Jane Liverman, Larry Gills, Cherissa Crawford. S XBQQ AlThough The Spanish Club was unable To aTTend This year's sTaTe convenTion of The Pan American STudenT Forum in San AnTonio due To a new "peTal" being added To The Flower, They did enjoy many acTiviTies ThroughouT The year. They kicked off This school year wiTh a T'Welcome Back" parTy aT Merri lVlcGraw's house and The yearly ChrisTmas parTy was once again held aT C-reg Traf- Ton's house. ln an aTTempT To raise money for fuTure acTivi- Ties and To have fun in The meanTime, They sold baked goods aT The annual Hallow- een Carnival aT ACC. They also held a paper drive which proved To be an unusual and differenT experience. While lvlrs. Flower was away on fam- ily business, The Spanish Club Took a six week recess and fi- nally wrapped up The year wiTh a fun filled beach parTy in Gal- vesTon. AlThough field Trips were noT allowed This year and The club was lacking in acTivi- Ties, VlVE EL CLUB DE ESPANO!!i Ms. Flower Spanish Club sponsor wishing for her baby f 1. is . YV f T13 N '... 5 fs'Q".n ,Q Ji' ,gl VX: if ,ls GERMAN CLUB 'lst row: Mrs. Cooley, Stacy Schmidt, Lisa Rose, Gina Struck- Dix. 3rd row: Kevin Stafford, Michael Hanson, Mark Johnson meyer, Chantel Euler, Elizabeth Klentzman. 2nd row: Robert Mike Roberson, Dwight DuPuis, Sherry Cooling, Bill Petree, Thorn- Langley, Erin Roberson, Jo Ann Sutton, Hayden Schimdt, Eddie as West, Jesse Sios. German Club monkeying around. YELLOWJACKET STAFF Works Hard To Put Out Annual Back row: Josie Lerma, Jennifer Brinkman, Martin Lawson, Wendy Johnson Marie Shiver Scott Marasckin, Stephanie Schiro, Paul Thomas, Christie MCG-ilvray Mrs Andrews Ramon Heredia Front row Chris Sohulz Sh 'l Ch't , , , . 1 , era ns mas, Stacy G-ogle, Rodney Lewis, Barbara Williams, Cheryl Bubendorf, Starla Strickland, Kristi Beard. Sponsor, Mrs. Andrews, digging for information. Yellowjacket Editor, Barbara Williams, typing copy. , - l 2 lulwlNll- E r sm ,,, E: S -4.... ...- ,-. -cal F Q' Z i Yeoroook Stott Christie working on loyout. Poul Thomas telling tdies. Activities Editor, Cheryl Bubendort. Jennifer ond Josie ore dt it dgoin. Scott taking CHARGE! Morie trying to type. ,.ii ., 1 Stocie G-ogle Senior Editor. ...fffi ag- Rodney ond Sheiio working dgoin! Storio ond Kristie proofing poges. i WE ALSO HAVE FUN! Mrs. Andrews found humor in it oll. Christie McGiIvory, Ad Editor, getting it together. Stephonie Schiro, Junior Editor. with Poui. Freshrnon Editors. Rodney ond Sheiio, Club Editors, Scott ond Marie, Sports Editors. f-A--4.a............k 1 ,rf "" N i ' r Storlo dnd Kristie Sophomore Editors T STAFF Wendy Wofford, 3rd place winner in NewswriTing aT The DisTricT MeeT. STOP THE PRESSES' 4982-83 CLARION Producilon of The Clarion sTopped This year due To a change in The Teaching sTaff. The sTudenTs wenT inTo a classroom siTuaTion of learning basic journalism Techniques and procedures in order To change The for- maT of The school paper. We hope ThaT The Clarion will go back To The presses in The near fuTure. BoTTom IefT: Vickie Goodrich, Emma Villanueva, Wendy Wofford, MVS- Andrews. BGCkr GGOVQG 37059391 be TGYIor, Kevin Voss Mely Roller, Melk Iqgqmpgl Middle row: Remen Herediq, Denise Kevin Klusendorf. NoT picTured: Bill PeTree, lvliTchell Fulkerson RlTa Ramirez, Sylvia Arsola, Connie Gee, Terri Welch, STocey BryanT, DGWWT- Artist Mary Roller at work. George leaving as usual to sell ads. C.c Kevin Voss: Journalism's homeroom mailman. Now, what were your measure- ments? These students are working on a sports layout. Bill and Denise discussing headlines. ,. 'V Back row: Greg Trafton, Aaron Burton, Ross Bonilla, Diana Thibocleau, Steve Wooten, Mike Hulen, Andrew Manning qVice-pres.j, Will Bird QPres.j Cliff Boatright, Terry Stafford, Roger Taylor, QHist.D, Roger Taylor fHist.j, Ken Stanley. Seated: Tammy Phillips, Julie Rives QSect.j, Wayne Tompson, Melissa Jones. Sponsors: Charles Miller, Debbie Price. Not pictured: Chris Lucas, John Helms, Justice Vanpool, Scott Friday. 'I982-8 SCI-Fl The purpose of the Sci-Fi Club is to pro- vide a forum for like- minded students to meet to promote fu- turistic vision and productive imagina- tion. Membership is open to anyone in- terested. Presently, membership consists ofa mixture of fresh- men, sophomore. and junior boys and girls. During the 4982 school year, stu- dents participated in many events. A "Get to Know Your Fellow Player" party was held. The Sci-Fi Club met several times to view epi- sodes of "Hitch- hiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Club Officers are: President, Will Bird: Vice-President, Andrew Manning: Secretary, Julie Rives: TreasurerfHistorian, Roger Taylor. ROSS BOnillCJ OS DunQeOr1 MOSTSF- ScifFi Club Halloween Party at Ms. Stafford's House. Cl i . . . M ffm -.-I Ezr- 'W W. , , - l-M3 . fi 13's Bock row: Tony Wells. Koy Wells, Dwight Dupuis, Danelle Reese. Suson Reseburg, Trini Seguro. Fronl row: Ronnie Porish, T. Holton, Poiii Wells, Bori Moro, Evo Flukinger, Liso Bozorlh. 4982-83 ECCDLGC-SY CLUB i an . v, D 1'-1-42 Sf . . "egg, . 1' wt 1 1 fm , , Q QA' Ari' V t -ia 'P . y"'P?M'3: eff, W 4, ii af' 'WW Above: Liso Bozorlh ond friend! AT Leflz Tony pooking lo leove for Alvin. Below: Bari Moro in her nofurol hobilol. Left corner: One of The scenes enjoyed by Ecology Club. MEDICAL CLUB PREPARES EOR THE FUTURE Srniih, Wendy Cox, Cathy Erhari, Tobye Nelson. 2nd row: Kelly Cornell, Tracy Van Ness, Gina Siruckmeyer, Sandy DuBose, John Skulski, 3rd row: Christine Lyons, Lisa Wein- bery, Mary Jean Bradshaw Csponsorj Charneliy Mc- Donald, Georgia Gernand, Ann Bramblefl Officers: President --- G.G Kasper Vice President-Valerie Siurdivanl Secretary-Ann Brambleil Treasurer-Becky Smiih lsr row L To R: GG Kasper, Valerie Sfurdivanl, Becky Uv' Kayse Butler assisting students in anatomy la b. MEDICAL CLUB STUDIES ANATOMY The Medical Club's purpose is to allow stu- Anatomy students taking a break. Taking blood pressure in anatomy class. dents who have a common interest and the same ideas to learn of different areas in the medical field. Student interest ranges from lab technician, to nursing, to becoming doctors. The field trips in the past have included UT Medical Center in Houston, the Dental Col- lege, School of Nursing, Animal Lab Re- search, and NASA. I lsT row I To r: Lawrence Collins, Mark Hooker, Edna Salinas, Eva Flukinger, Danna Furnace, Allison Rice, Frank Gray, 2nd row: David Hornback, Tony Flores, Lori HorTon, Chaniel Euler, Dorena Poe, Vicior Caluya, Mrs. Erminie Minard, Sponsor, 3rd row: John Redd, Tim Sever, Sieven Woo, Brenda Manry, Gina STruckmeyer, Kari OTTo, Tim English, Aih row: Loel Caluya, David Armsirong, STewarT Baker, Richard Williams, Kevin OTTo, Shirley Gwosdz, 5Th row: Gary Poe, Bruce Richardson, Dwayne Saucier, James Gilman, Kelly Bales, Jesse Sias. Members noT piciured: Jason Carson, Becky MaTTes, Kevin Redding, Kelly Sloan, Kevin Siafford, STacy Gogle, Gary Hicks, Larry Gills. The MaTh Club Travels far and wide bringing honor: To The name of Alvin High School. During The 4982-83 school year The MaTh Club parTicipaTed in MaTh TournamenTs aT WesT Orange High School, Rice Uni- versiTy, SouTh HousTon High School, PorT Neches Groves High School, Thomas Jefferson High School, UniversiTy of HousTon, Lee College and Alvin Com- muniTy College. Many sweepsTakes Trophies and individual Trophies were won. lsT row: Brenda Manry, President Chaniel Euler, Vice-PresidenT. 2nd row: Kevin OTTo, ReporTer: Gina STruckmeyer, SecreTary: Kelly Bales, ParliamenTariang James Gilman, Treasurer. IVIU ALPHA THETA National Honorary Math Society lst row: Eva Flukinger, Chantel Euler, Gina Struckmeyer, Brenda Manry. Dorena Poe, 2nd row: Stewart Baker, Steven Woo, James Gilman, Dwayne Saucler, David Armstrong. 3rd row: Kelly Bales, Bruce Richardson, Richard Williams, Members not pictured: Stacy Gogle, Kevin Redding, Kelly Sloan. Members inducted into Mu Alpha Theta in the spring of 4983 were: Loel Caluya, Lawrence Collins, Tim English, Tony Flores, Mu Alpha Them membership is The highey honor possible for O Demo Furnace' Mark Hooker' Len HOYTOD' Becky Mcmes' Ken high school or junior college student of mathematics. A student Offs Kevin Otto' Jem Redd' A"'SOfi Riser Kevm Sfefford' Tm must have completed with distinction at least four semesters of Saver' college preparatory mathematics and be enrolled in the fifth semester. He rnust have an overall grade average of at least a "B" in all of his high school work. At left. James Gilman says "Meeting time is work time." Ai i ZZ sl 3 Cassandra Woodson winner of Gold Key Award and also winner of the National Merit Certificate. ART CLUB PAINTING THE TOWN! Q 44" f . . g 'K .4-ug 'fs Art Ill-IV: Wendy Orrenumao, Rose Valdez, Samantha Jowers Marilyn Alanz, Toni Shuman, Michael Carlin, Cassandra Woodson Glenda Ortiz, Tamara Tomlinson. I to r: Samantha Jowers, Terry Stafford, Cherri Gilchrist, Eddie Aucion, Sonia Franco, Rgse Valdez, Michael Carlin. .M 4982-83 DEBATE CLUB 'mm Lydia working hard on debale case. .Ellllill-llil ! pups, Lino and Sluarl looking up anolher case for Their debale 'Isl row I To r: Carrie Garrison, Donna Arrnslrong, Lydia San Miguel. 2nd row: Sleven Villareal, Jean Walker, Deanna Law, Karen Rosse. Back row: Mrs. Radi- gan, Lino Mendoza, Sluarl Rawls, Tanya Andrews. l"l Oyerruled By The 4982-'83 Debate I Club .2 ,Z , Front row I to r: Rhonda West, Jessica Wood, Laura Jo Moody, Jennifer Vidine, Lori Stevens. 2nd row: Sissie Cross, Yvette Herrera, Lisa Green, Michelle Alexander, Belinda Villarreal, Bobble Raiford. Back: Mrs. Radigan, Mindy Teague, Robert Paul, Terri Hearing. Jamie Bciley, Jim IVlOlien. Z ,...f" Y i X . X , , Top row: Kim McCIoin, Rodney Lewis, Elizabeth Noel, Middle row: Erin Robertson, James Gilmon, Ldnier Young, Chuck Bowling, Susdn Reseburg. Bottom row: Kothy Edder, Hoyden Schmidt, Julie Zumwdlt, Niki Henry. '4....L Center Stage members clowning oround. Officers, l to r: Kothy Eoder, Hoyclen Schmidt, Niki Henry, Julie Zumwdlt, not pictured, John Mayberry. 'K QSTARIS iDRN...4 1+ +I 4 if 4 1+ 4 'W' -K +1 i4 VGCATIONAL TECHNICAL M ,J Jesse Lopez somding down o cor. AUTO BODY CAN FIX IT! "Alon Roy The Fix IT Mon." soys Brad. Alon Hicks soys, UG-ee, This Cor looks Terrific!" FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA 4982- 4983 Bottom row, L to R: Lewis Garza, Randy Dillman, Gina Baldwin, Tammy Stlefel, Loris Jones, Janis Hobbs, Joe Dennis, Jay Gubert. 2nd row: Mike Kowalski, Randy Goodridge, Terry Lawless, Johnny Merchant, Darrell Means, Bryan Thompson, Lisa Bednorz, Cindy Lawrence, Virginia Autrey. 3rd Row: Wayne Hitts, Kelly Dunn, Shawn Dennis, Laura Wheeler, Brenda James, Darwin Hopkins, Doug Sims, Charles Bozak. Ath row: Julli Lawrence, Camille Cous- ins, John Higgins, Damen Balderas, Emil Hohn, Greg Guidry, Greg Howell, Tammy Hobbs. 5th row: Mike Renken, John Williams, John Flowers, Karen Holdorff, Cliff Boatright, Bernie Martinez, Leslie Eas- terwood, Bill Rogers, Brian Buelow. oth row: Denise Robbins, Nikki Jowers, Tammy Smith, Tony Perales, Vicki Domanowski, Christy Bogard, Julie Brady. 7th row: Gary Ohlert, Ron Ritter, Anthony Pieper, Cindy Allen, Mary Herklotz, Tina Keys, Lawrece Tywater, Emery Saddler, Keith Potts, Scott Williams, Kellie McFarland, Ron- nie Earles, Wade Tyler. 8th row: Bill Aulie, Frank Knight, Clint Dixon, Jeff Knight, Johnny LaBeth, Mike Dillard, John Cullison, Chuck Meyer, Danny Kowaski, Tim Wright. M a 4 5 " i i K .... A .... , I Working on frociors is o port of LIFE. C FFA members: Darin Hopkins, Gary Ohleri, Joe Dennis, Anthony Kieper, Joy G-uber? and his prize Miss Piggy Q1 work! ,L fp. Ang 55" ,K Ak N Q is. ff ww 5 Z om- f-num-nwnvw xg Q+ awsa 0 5 L X 4 1st row: Virgina Perez, Denita Harris, Linda Barajas, 2nd row: Wanda Roberson, Matilde Garcia, Mallissa Fernandez, 3rd row: Lynda Gardner, Delynda Reed, Lisa Froberg, Lorri Tram- mell, Ath row: Maggie Spencer, Kim Burkes, top row: Robin Cohea Top Row: OFFICERS Sue Moulden, 2nd row: Jennie Autrey, Cynthia Rivas, Sarah Segura, Marianne Uhlhorn, Bottom row: Kathy Krump, Misti Weede, Kim Stringer, Seldon Williams, Karen Lezak. 4982-83 F.l-LA. Bottom Row: Emily Goss, Reena Martinez, Tammy Williams, Su- san Cole, Alicia Arnold, Top row: LeeAnn DelBello, Renae Ma- son, Rebekah Klein, Stacey Shelton, Shannon Friday. Bottom Row: Jamie Williams, Gail Charanza, Bobbi Nelms, Jayne Molder, 2nd row: Wendy Ingram, Sue Barthelme, Karen Gabol, Tracey NcDanel, Top row: Helen Ybarra, Ricki Thompkins, Vir- gina Crump. ff an FuTure Homemokers Of America, TO WA RD NEW I-lOl?lZ ONS .Q K . , L. .N UW.-wg ,,,,.1.f- - .K !l""'x.' . . 4 -"4 .1-s""'7 Lf ,,, 4' - xr m eGW4EQs- o 93 new B0 I-IECE IN '83 Jo Collrell, fashion coordinator for Fox Den, modeling during Open House. Ana Ogas and Lisa Jaurigue, fashion coordinators for Weiner, modeling during Open House. Back Row, I To r: Linda Mudd, Teresa Williams, Sherrie McDonald, Jo Collrell, Rhonda Lindquisl. Middle Row, l To r: Sponsor Joyce Skidmore, Velma Triveno, Mari Garcia, Yolanda Tovar, Lisa Jauregui, Cassie Oslendorf. Sealed, l To r: Sullon Lindsey, Danielle Tywaler. TCDDAYS I-IERCDES Back Row L to R: Lisa Cole, Vickie Braddock, Mary Chesshir, Jeanne Driver, Jena Schuenemann, Sharon Faultry. Middle Row L to R: Sponsor Joyce Skidmore, Sandra Nino, Wendy Orrenmoa, Becky Gerulatt, Ana Ogas, Julie Wright, Barbara Tilbury, Seated L to R: Dorene Mallow, Pam Jager, Denise Wilson. Teresa Williams "Clowning Around" during National Vocational Education Week Open House in Febru- Ol' Denise Wilson, president of HERO, is pinning a Valentine carnotion on Voca tional Director Harold Hughes. INDUSTRIAL CCDOPERATIVE TRAINING Firsl Period I.C.T. front row: Bruce Honore, Tim Joseph, Paul Vincenl, Gay Vandervorl, Lisa Lewis, Ken Jackson. Middle row: Gary McLeod, Tommy Johnson, Ruben Lopez, James Polls, Viclor Gentry, John Hererra. Back row: Chip Kreff, Doug Johnson, Wayne Sfoker, Eddie Pyle, Aaron Thomas, Cliff Flora, Cameron Hay, Mike Hall. Fourth Period I.C.T. fronf row: Kim Coons, Ana SanMiguel, Carmen Casfro, Jennifer Brown, Pele Soliz, Trish Thomas, Finas Anderson, Danny Brady. Back row: Andrea Oberlin, Billy Briggs, Everell Ports, Preniice Parker, Kevin Carmeans, Dale Fischer, Sieve Morrison. Eddie Pyle- Club Advisor, I-ISO Lewis- SGCFSTCJVYI TOFTIFTW JOITFT- Finas Anderson- Parliamenlarian, Pele Soliz- Sargeanf of Arms son- Presidenl, Chip Kreff- Reporler. Jennifer Brown- Treasurer, Kevin Carmeans- Vice President. Does Well - At Contest First Pldce in Club Business Procedures: Eddie Pyle, Pdul Vin cent Chip Kreft Ruben Lo ez Kevin Cormecins Gd Vond- f 1 D I 1 Y vort, Victor Gentry, Wdyne Stoker, Tommy Johnson. Second pldce in Opening ond Closing Ceremonies: Finds Anderson, Donny Brody, Mike Collins. Kevin Cormecins. Pete Soliz, Cormen Costro, Trish Thomos. Nurses Aid Skills. pldce skills. The l.C.T.-V.l.C.A. Club brings together students with d common interest. lCT helps them to devel- op GS d leoder. VICA gives them the opportunity to work in the cdreer field thot they will pursue dfter they ledve High School. Severol students hdve ottended District ond Stote VICA contests in Posedeno ond Forth Worth. After competing in District they enjoyed the trip to Forth Worth where they dlso competed. They ottended o donce dt the Tdrront County Convention Center ond Six Flogs. They hdd o morvelous time. It wos on experience thot will be well remembered by everyone thot attended. Dinner Meeting ot Golden Corrol: Trish Thomos, Cdrmen Costro, I Mike Collins, Finds Anderson, Tommy Johnson, G-dy Vondvort. Pfesldem Tommy JOWWSOF1 Dl'eSidifWQ OVGT FTTGGTIDQ Gov Vondvort lst in District Kevin Ccirmeons- 'lst pldce project. Andreo Oberlin 3rd 'I 982- 'I 983 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION I P T op row I to r: Ronald Goyea, Joe Valdez, Tim Keough, Ruben Valdez, Wick Ward, Ray Pelton, Middle row: Laurie Krampota, Erin Onstot, Lisa Watts, Lori Massey, Shelia Clark, Lori Clark, Bottom row: Pam Cogbill, Marria Blackwell, Tim Shuman, Celee Meadows Top row I to r: Amy Baxley, Nancy Allen, Tracy Robles, Pam Aldrich, Cathy Mannix, Tina Mills, Bottom row: Stan Sloan, Milton Morgan, Lee Walton, Billy Henson, Officers I to r: Mike Koceruk, Lisa McCoslin, Linda SIPPSI DWG MOVIIVL MV- HUQI195 Top row I to r: Leigh Craddock, Rhonda Graves, Cindy Vincent, Dina Martin. Linda Sipps, Sharon Rhodes, Mary Kraft, Lisa McCoslin, Bottom row: Jon Villereal, Anthony Gutierrez, Kirk Pearson, Vince Dahlenburg, Mike Koceruk, David Goff, Keith Barker, Left: DE Sponsor, Mrs. Orrell Right: DE Sponsor, Mrs. Bartley 4 n 1 D.E. MAKING PROGRESS!! f, ffryy, Joe says, "Me, have a hickey'?" YQ., xg ms DisTribuTive EducaTion is a vocaTional Training program for high school sTudenTs who have a desire and apTiTude for Training in The fields of markeTing and disTribuTion. DisTribuTion is The business of moving. In DisTribuTive EducaTion The sTudenT learns The markeTing process in a live laboraTory meeTing siluafions, accepTing challenges, and improving Their skills. Each sTu- denT is encouraged To become a member of DisTribuTive EducaTion Clubs of America. Mem- bers are urged To parTicipaTe in disTricT and sTaTe DECA conTesTs, local fund raising acTivi- Ties, and social funcTions. -2. T -sb.-.. 4982-83 DATA PROCESSING -tiff TX aol Mary Ann and Sandra are back after a long weekend .. Top row: left to right: Renae Hawthorne, Sandra Meza, Tracy Copeland, Bottom row, left to right, Lisa Laughlin, Mary Ann Franco Top row: Pam Follansbee, Robert Beatty, Candee Acree, Middle Row: Deanna Con- ner, Vonda Cogle, Vickie Samples, Mary Ann Franco, Sandra Meza, Lisa Laughlin, Bottom row: Mrs. Goff, Dorene Mallow, Tracy Copeland, Renae Hawthorne, Emerson Staup qnot picturedy. my Dov jar' t, 2 G' QF' -4 i 1 M . . yy, Y ' DF: k I n k .iff igsgg' V 'fir el 1 31 A a, - ' ina "Y'oll ore so immc1Ture," soys Karen Roygor Roberl Beoliy ond Emerson Sloup ore Doro Pro- oessing-Stole winners. Vicki Sornples. Vondo Co- gle-slole winners not pictured. Top Row l lo r: Ferrell Munson, Ken Slonley, Roger Taylor, Fronk Rene Mondrogon, Bobby Bober, Llso Jones, Mrs. Goff, Koren Kohler, Billy Cook, Ronold Coplen, Ronnie Soles, Lorry Monte- Roygor, Amy Logue, Lonee Cnondler, Koren Boker, Micky Bur- moyor Tommie Temple, Deno Long, Donny Mechonl, Mork Perez, den, Suson Bosemon, GG. Kosper, Soncly Dubose, QEA.-V.0.E. IN '83 DV Mona Gann, Pres. Donna Grubbs, Sec. Left to Right: Mrs. O. Wall, Abby Cruz, Tammy Shoemake, Carol Raia, Susan Chohrach, Cathy McCally, Clndie Cooper, Tracy Charleston, Rita Jo Bounds, Mary Mendoza, Babara Parks, Patricia Ybarra, Karen Babal, Aimee Byrd, Susan Nix, Donna Grubbs, Fran- ces Moore, Karen Sivillo, Mona Grubbs, Valerie Fender, Kim Jenkins, Leticia Velez, Lisa McGwire, Barbara Pioterek. Karen Knight, Lisa Abney, Sandra Bradshaw, Suzanne Krpec, Tammie Mills. Left to Right: Rose Valdez, Sonia Franco, Karen Kirkpatrick, Debbie Sutton, Paula Blaylock, Connie Fau, Tranyce Wiggins, Kim Porter, Mrs. Vowell, Teri l-lutchens, Shana Decker, Kathy Hague, Twinkle Prevost, Becky Tripp, Debbie Lemoine, Stephanie Harvey, Cindy Kobza, Carol Koher, Linda Sparks, Monica Soliz, Carol Harris, Bonnie Hoffman, Nancy James, Laura Redding, Jeanne Barker, Melissa Barnes, Kelly Heitzman, Candi Smith, Tammy Keener, Toni Camp- bell, Grace Ortiz, Marylou Callas. Frances Moore, Treas. Tracy Charleston, Treas IJ CGMMKIOGYKXMNG GGOU! ist row: Janice Hitt, Elizabeth Day, Renee l-lilzendager, Trudy Norris, Clndie Faucett. 2nd row: Wendy Wilkins, Kathy Crump, Sherri Tompkins. Back row: Susan Goins, Vickie Herrera, Robin Fisher. I 2.5 'lst row: Stephanie Nleservy. Lisa Toner, Kim Myers, Janice Allen, Stephanie Dwight. 2nd row: Teresa Benbrook. Wendy Moye, Teresa Johnson, Sharon Bryant. 3rd row: Rhonda Ramsey. Sam Bass, Dawna Wells. Back row: Bernadette Bastien, Kari Miller. Not pictured: Deborah Lynn Nook. IVIETAL TRADES BUILD DUNE BUGGY Sitting in dune buggy: Mike Martinez, Johnny Morris, Standing: Ruben Solano, Steve Church, Montie Morrison, Scott Birdsong, Jeff Orenama, Rodney Pepper, Don Ford, Louis Morales, Brent Barker, George McMurray. Cafternoon classy . Q .- ---A Top row: Gary Langley, Tim Ballard, Brian Peltier, Richard Taylor, Mike Stark, Kyle Eckhardt, Danny Crainer James Choate, Martin Plummer. Bottom row: Dale Elkins, James Burts, Bobby Reeves, Doug Hill, Robert Fillips Jeff Orsak, Russell Pumphrey, Don Ford. Cmorning classy TECHNICAL CEIITEI Top row: Brantly Hudson, Cari Chrane, Lonna Ingram, Deane Swinehort, Eddie Aucoin, George Seal. Bottom row: Jeff Thomson, Jay Barthelme, Scott Friday. Top row: Mike Cuba, John Nawrocki, Ricky Lares, Pete Cobarrubias, Chico Cobarrubias, Bobby Tedder, Vei Sawyer, David Pugh, Bob Williams, Paul Sweeton, Tod Peltier, George Seal. Bottom row: Afshin Espili, Felix Lund, Jeff Dodson, Phoebe Gwinn, Leanne Essex, Manuel Castro, Mike Morrison, Sammy Garcia. lm IVIAJCDR APPLIANCE REPAIR The purpose of This course is To provide The sTudenT wlfh The basic manipulaTive skills ThaT will prepare him for an enTry level job in The field of Major Appliance Repair. This course includes insTrucTions in safeTy awareness, care and handling of Tools and equipmenf, basic elecTriclTy, garbage disposals, dishwashers, elecTric and gas cloThes dryers, elecTric and gas waTer heaTers, elecTric and gas ranges, auTomaTic washing machines, heaTing and air condiTioning. The sTudenT is encouraged To join The Vo- caTional lndusTrial Clubs of America. This gives him The opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in a program which is specifi- cally designed for The developmenf of leadership. This major appliance program is a Two year course. ess' L To R: Doc ParTin, MarTy Shawback, Ronald Peferson, Ray Pepper Samuel Goodwin, Joh E T n s rada, Tracy Floyd, Mark Cuello. NoT picTured, Garvin DeWeese. WE CAN FIX IT' The Appliance Repair Technician musT be able To insTall, mainTain, and service all major home appliances which include washing machines, cloihes dryers, waTer heaTers, ranges, dishwash- ers, refrigeraTors, freezers, and window air condi- Tioners. ln order To service The modern appliance wiTh iTs mulTicyle selecTion, The Technician musT be able To read cycle charTs, wiring schemaTics, and undersiand The mechanical operaTion of The appliance. He musT be able To use hand Tools and TesT equipment He musT undersTand house wiring and be able, if necessary, To insTall parTicu- lar ouTleTs for appliances in some special areas. He musT be familiar wiTh all Types of elecTrical disTribuTion panels used in The homes, boTh old and new. FronT row I To r: Donald TempleTon, Kari McMillan. Mark Follmar. KeiTh Overshown, 2nd row Doc ParTin, Swan Leadon, James Rodrigues, Guy Lewis, James Joseph, Joey Soliz, Leslie BooTh. STanding: lVlaTT HuTTon, NOT picTured: David Perkins. A TIIVIE FOR US TO FLY WE IVIADE IT! GRADUATICDN-IVIAY 24 AN AIDIEMKIIEY 9835 ,kit A ' iii IFIINIESWF 'DT lflllfllif Iii., X " F' .4-2'gnfi11vF..Q . . ,,'i',,1. .. .. , -..., 'mmninlf , .V ,e-319' Q' If " 65 T' ,, ,,N,,,u 'H,g4vanmi 'Q V iauwnii nw' .G 'QWF WFIHIE WFIHIE OUR PRIDE SI-IINES CDN Tl-IE 4983 ,-of Shae Barnes 4M Kevin Redding 32 Brenda Manry 43 7.34783 7.28800 7.23273 ww Richard Miller 1t7 Breni Peery 48 Deborah Hoffpauir 4569 7.04255 6.99574 6.97500 FOR A.I-I.S. AND TI-IE FUTURE W.. w Wayne Bruffefr 44 7.07925 TOP 'IO SENIORS Jeffrey Miller 425 Thomas Sharp 46 7.06470 7.05577 Qu X ,,..,..- Roberr Beafry 410 Pamela Hargrove 41610 6.95000 6.95000 lnsuronce Agenls of Alvin Colherine Porochelle Alvin Roiory Club Vicki Holi Poulo lvlocGregor Wondo Reecl Cossondro Woodson lvlory lvlendozo Alvin RoToryfACC Founcloli Edword Eugene Roberls SENIOR AWARDS NIGI-IT HA NIGHT FGR Sl-IlNING" OD Amerlcon Business Women's Assoclolion Vicki Somples lvlory Roller Nolionol Honor Sociely Kolhy Jones Livio Cisneros Alvin Tecichers Associolion Donlelle Tywoier Colelle Wilson Scholorship Renee I-lowlhorne Borboro Hosoro V.F.W. Loclies Auxiliory G-roce Coluvo Scoll Bollon Belo Sigmo Phi Michele Fredenburg Americon Relorcled Cilizen Tobye Roe Nelson s, Texos Unif 44688 Alvin Noon Lions Club Angelo locompo Hollis lvlcGiness lvlemoriol Scholorship Pomelo Horgrove Sieve Von Ness lvlemoriol Scholorship Eclword Eugene Roberls Alvin School Food Service Associorion Allison Bullerworlh Monsonlo Shoe Bornes lnlernolionol Union Of Operoling Engineers Sleven Orliz Sludeni Council Dorryl Wilson Ho-C-ol Chopler- Womens Council Of Reollors Scoll Bolton Cecil Selile Scholorship Cormon Cosiro Brendo lvlonry Arnericon Legion Awords Koby Duckworlh Brenclo lvlonry D.A.R. Aword Koby Duckworlh Uniled Doughlers of The Confederocy Aworcl Julio Smeclley Texos Chernicol Council Aword Kevin Redding IVIARGUERITE EDWARDS SCI-IOLARSI-IIPS Shoe Bornes Brendci lvldnry Kevin Redding Woyne Bruffeli Debbie Hoffpouir Thomos Shorp Peggy Frieson Angelo Iocompo Breni Peery Roberl Bedily Jr. Jeffery Miller Pornelo Horgrove Cynihio Smiih Richord Miller Tobye Roe Nelson Alon Kelly Boles Koby Duckworih John Michoei Pyburn Coiherine Porocheiii Volerie Reynolds Ivlerii Soholors Awords Hugh O Brion Leodership Aword Dovid Scoli Bolion Brion Peters Kelly Sloon Auslin Rippslein Pdrnelo Hudson Ginno Vondiver Jonel Wimberly Deon McKenzie Fosier Burneil .lr Brion Smilh Gino Rybdk Mork Thompson Cynlhio O'Sleen Erin Roberson Livio Cisneros G-oy Foulkner Michele Fredenburg Down G-orzo Sue Ellen Pollord Wondo Reed Kevin Redding Brendd Monry Shoe Bornes Dino Vonderver Tommy Shorp Veronico Vdngel Learning isn't easy . . . frustration tends to set in quickly. You hurt. You feel defeated. You want to give up- to quit. You want to walk away and pretend it doesn't matter. But you won't, because you're not a loser- you're a fighter . . . We all have to lose sometimes before we can win, we have to cry sometimes before we can smile. We have to hurt before we can be strong. But if you keep on working and believing, you'ii have victory in the end - Ann Davis COLOPI-ION The 4983 Yellowjacket consisted of 256 pages and there were 4000 copies printed. The book was published at Josren's American Yearbook Company in Topeka, Kan- sas. The book was printed on 80 pound glossy enamel paper. The type was set in 8, 40, and 36 point AVANT GARDE. The Senior portraits were taken by PAULS Pho- tography in Longview, Texas. The underciass pictures were taken by Provine Photography. Activities were tak- en by Sfanley here in Alvin. Mrs. Andrews was our new sponsor. Mike Custenborder was our publication consul- tant and Mike Biles was our yearbook representative. Throughout the 4982-83 school year, the annual class had to overcome many obstacles. The class went through a great change in attitudes when longtime sponsor Billie Harvey re- tired. Our new sponsor Mrs. Bobbie Andrews, was a great inspiration to myself and the class. She always told us we could do it and pushed us until we did. Mrs. Andrews spent many long, hard hours trying to help us learn while actually learning herself. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to her for all the kind words, time, patience, and understanding in helping this class to put out the "Silver Cruise" annual. AI- though there were manyrough times and I even felt we were not going to make it, this class pulled together with friendship and teamwork to make this the best annual ever. My thanks also go to Mr. Mike Biles, our yearbook representative for without his time and patience we, the class, would have been lost. He spent many extra hours with Mrs. Andrews, myself, and the class helping us. Mike took the time to have a one day workshop to teach us new and faster techniques of annual and even organized an assembly for the entire school. My sincere thanks also go to Mr. Lubbie Whitmire, Mr. Jim Stan- ley for his photography, The Alvin Sun for their pictures, and PauI's Photography in Longview, Texas, for their assistance in helping us to prepare for better years to come. In closing I would like to express my congratulations to the 4982-83 annual staff for a great job. "WE DID ITlI!" IT'S TIIVIE FOR US TO FLY f-.X D qi ,P fx. v f nr 237 Great Southwest -7 Barbeque Company Mesquite Cooked Barbeque Featuring Fine Steaks - Catering 84 Take-Out Orders Welcome - 4400 E Hwy 6 0 ",I STANTON'S Shopping Center 249 N. Taylor P.O. BOX 234 Alvin, TX. MEDICINE MAN INC. PHARMACY 334-A409 44244 S. Gordon-Alvin 7 113-334-9626 Alvin TX 77544 CONGRATULATIONSN' SENIORS ER UIVI WEST TEXAS RICE INC BGST Of Luck 4 PO. BOX 441116 mn iiiiiirvlunucf co Goodyear Samce Dames HHPPY I 'Eqting A 4 L fu Ilvnn Har Ware, Im: GENERAL HARDWARE PAINT GERALD D. ANDREWS H T S 225 wssr SEALY 1713, 331-4622 PIPE BI FITTINGS AND ooI. ALVIN' TEXAS 77511 'V 'fa A- . A.. A .A ., 'Sify Mel- " A PLUMBING SUPPLIES ,, ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ED NESRSTA JEWELRY 2441 Coombs Ur- TOWNE REXALL 33 '1 -441415 Engcgemervr 84 Weddmg 206 E051 House Rmgs Centun' OSTENDORF St ASSOCIATES INC AMERICA s NUMBER 1 Top SELLER CENTURY 21 We re the Neighborhood Professlonals Each otflce as Independently owned and operated A Neighborhood Professlonal can be your best friend Aus 331 1 556 2300 HWY 35 BY PASS REALTOR I. , . 9 T 1 . 151' 5 I . E .IA 4-uupwnnl:-s, LE, . ,, I 9 ' ' TM l l I . ILILIPLELISYIUEVK I FIRST NATICDNAL BANK OF ALVIN Hwy 6 Eosf 334-3454 CLASS OF '84 fin IU"- 3 Get The Most In L1fe. .. we ld -X lf 'ff the Most 'sgm' AQ:-px ft ,,,.a,--'U' gb. ,ff-" XX Continental Savings FREEPORT LAKEJACKSON WESTCOLUMBIA ANGLETON ALVIN HOUSTON BOWIE GAINESVILLE COFISICANA MALAKOFF DALLAS qfggvgr QQ ISRAELS 'SYWWJ MEN Preclslon Haur Designs Hwy 4428 A89 0264 Monvel TX i3?nNrizrsog7511 Phone 331 4570 WELLBORN S Muoow me ALVIN rx 240 E House ST KGQ Beef We CGTGT 334 3425 Av: TX 7 544 334 7705 C IVI JEWELRY DOWNTOWN EXXON Personolly Selecred Speclolly Prlced 344 Soulh Gordon Alvln TX 334 4273 4706 Soufh ST 585 6628 Bocklng The Jockelsll Alvln TX 334 11427 C A Z REALTY 206 S Gordon 4306 SGOIY Alvln TX Alvln TX 334 0844 Andy Zurnwoll . .w"" X f' ,, ' ' Q96 ff - 5 "9ff"1fa'1f. . , h , if A L,:.1,..ff,i., rf. df T an - " ., M ' f ' .P 'Q--V , ' Q -.7 ..:1"':'fl .- ff " 1 M111 .M - -.5-2'L,?5,:,. 710 . A 3 M' , vm V V1 V ' 5 sit, .ref T 4 5' '-- -,. ,, 7-jk ,Z -r, . .f ,f ,M-: , , ,qiw Q!! , , K K. 421- war: . -'- W1 ' ,:H1fg3f,' -f-' . s Lf ,Af f' -- " H 1 . , . . 1 I T. gil xx Jr' , F - fr :1,M,,, x-Loxk + ,- rf. -4 M-'1,,-,. -- ,,-ff N-...A Q , Y I 1 v,v- "A I N., K M' " ,,, "3-.. 2 . , A , .W--'-"" N,,.. T N A, S X.. vI"1'J 1 ' ..-,f'f"2 A i w K - A P fi,..,x f. X ,. 4 1 . -' M, A, rew- X - .. N A, yr .rm ff 7' I l mmm Fsucffa fe o E fvrlfwzlome-Fmmn rms 0 0 1 Q Q o 0 o g . Al CW, 54,14 . - , . ' , J - er I , - I 'n, . 7 L ,A li G YMNA ST ROARK'S AUTO SUPPLY ,,,f"' fb jf' . fu- X' KV A f ,f'f um Simply 1-, V .An 'I'l'l5 S Gordon Alvin Texas 33 'I -5293 A Neighborhood Professional can be your best friend. Cmfwy OSTENDORF gk ASSOCIATES INC MLS 331 1556 AMERICA S NUMBER I TDP SELLER, CENTURY 21 5 WQELWWWEEEL We'll give our word toyou ,, S ,ss,ss i 5 1 , 1 4 ' i s Y Q , Y , A 5 , ' X 5 E ,. , I , , , ,,,, , , 1, Fi 'i 5 , - NVLUPLEUSVIIMSHMGE , T,M. 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I ri? 4,2 2 'I V "4 X' 4,7 ' 1 f , g - , 1 Av- fn' A .V rf. ,, nw- ,1 fm' yi fi-H, j Hg.4...,, 65:12. I' "'-- ' 54' ,-T ,,f if , M' . 5. W. M, 1. ,,, ., , A M gn F ww ' ' NJ ,, V 0 T.M. . ilewttts 604 S. Garden DEWITT S FURNITURE 94 ENTERP G-raduafing Seniors Hwy. 35 By Pass Alvin TX. 77 334-4326 MEMORIES IN LACE ALVIN COMMUNITY COm2ISliI2IISISQ,I?'VICe BANK N A 3EVE.2SWei2OIS2IZE?25 334 2164 25441 Highland Square 334-2238 , VW'l Ygjb 1949629 Congramlafions , 54 4 SOP!-IOIVIORES TOGETHER FOREVER! CELCO HOME CENTER 4046 Gordon 334-3294 Pionrs Corsoges Silks Dried Arrongemenis ALVIN FLOWERS Flowers-The Perfect Expression HELEN S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 549 Gordon 334-4244 Aivin TX. 77544 Congroiuloiions Seniors! LLENOS-WEBB REALTORS 2426 SouTI'1 Gordon V AGENTS ALLIANCE Pnovsnries ANN SHIVER sri 83V FI exas Busifiess 485-aaea EVA SAWYER Residence 485-4823 MARILYN PETRASH HARRIET COLE 4 Broker f Office Manager Each Offce ls Independently Owned And Operared I s:-...HH 7 j NANCY HOLT vi,,,, 1' I I MOORE PLANT HOUSE FLORIST Eosi Hwy 6 Alvin TX 334-84341 Home: 58,5-66970 IVICDNSANTCD Sl-IAE BARNES SCHCDLARSI-IIP WINNER 1 ALVIN STATE BANK Alvin, TX. 77544 P.O. BOX 232 334-6414 4 is PATCO 222 W4II4s Alvin 'IIIcE9iiiLQIII5Rmnn cosmmc sruouo MEADOW PARK SHOPPING CENTER 2625 SOUTH LOOP HWY. 35 ALVIN TEXAS 77544 Floroine Piefer 334-0533 334 5296 BOWMAN S DEPT. FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY zia s a es 93' ' Q L "FOR ALL OCCASlONS" 448 We-st Sealy S1 CA TEFIING Alvin, Tx. 77544 585-3242 20705 43955 9 E HWY 6 IVIANVEL, TEXAS CONOCO VVISI-IES TI-IE CLASS OF '83 BEST OF LUCK ww f F 4 5 L 5 W Y -Qi! 45 i - , , gzrg X I .i A ig: ' x.,,,7'5:eq-H , F", X' M v K Wag! .' q59'f:Q 4 J' Q x, gf wg ax .' 1: Ak-, 4 t , rv H qi' , 5 , I, 1 , , L f l' vi? X 'Bu I X . X? f Q Y Y Q, uw xy 2 W" uw ,IQ K QWMKWKMMXHKXXMKHKXKXKKXXKXXXVQKKMNWX 32 as 11 W AL VIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE Ld H E .HIUKM4FORITH1UUGROW' 3 Q K K W it it 3, ,- ,, ' gt i- if if lhmi- 2 1 1 E Q3 fi it as aaauaa 1 3? it 3 Join your -friends at ACC for the continuation of your education and preparation for your future career. Take advantage of a college "next door" developed specifically with you in mind. Curricula in Occupational f Technical Programs and two-year transfer programs willget you in the job market or on your way toward a 4 year degree. . if .3110 Mustang Road Alvin, TX 77511 17132 331-6111, Ext. 247 was fxxzxz: KY K W K K K st K xr if K 4 K sf K ALVIN Schedule of Servlces SundayMorn1ng 8AM I 93OAM Sunday Sohoo Sunday Mornlng Worship 1030A M hip 7 P M Sunday Evening Wors Wednesday Servuce 7 30 P M Il Servlces ChlIdren's Church At A Nursery Provided At All Services ALSO AVAILABLE Video Buble School Classes 113OAM and71oPM Tuesday and Thursday 8 30 AN D The Best In Christian Education h ol Llvlng Stones Sc o 'U' Kindergarten through Hugh School YAIL 'IPASTOIR AXLUJFANDIL 1407-"V TI KCTOIRA '9"""""'x .,q71 f!i5k! Q, s ' 4 J' ' ffl ' ' ffifigff ll ,DX ' IB, LE XERES Steak 17 Sea ood 801 S GORDON ALVIN TX 585 5313 0 388 2298 Open 7 Days 10 45 To 2 30 81 5 00 To 9 30 Lunch Specials Homemade Soup Fresh Vegetables Homemade Flolls Salad Bar Large Selection Of Fresh Salads Prepared Dally Homemade Croutons Melt In Your Mouth Steak 84 Seafood K 0 . A uw w X? f .f n .- i U 'X ,X O W . 5 if 3 if ,., fi RTP, if '12, S, W xv, l, Get ' Lf 4 4 A ,in ,,x, .ev , ,1 -- .. f 'ffj 'I T?Nf"4' M14 ff 3' ' 2 ., ' " T T mmf Y ' GW Helping YOU Cdpfllfe The Yedfl MIKE BILES R p T T C QTIT T M Ad Ad Th 'I983Y II J k TST ff Th kF AG TY AUTCDGRAPI-IS 1fAA'AAA'AA'AAAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 AUTOGRAPHS yvwvwvwvvvv vvvvvvv va- AUTOGRAPHS AUTCDGRAPI-IS AUTCDCSRAPI-IS ' ,M 1. ' , ' 'J 1, - H. -w L Y -s'. ' " - ., . 1.- ,q4h.f.4.-,jr-1 .5 ' 7 . I ' . N N .ff is 'v' 4 ' ' . - rl '. .1 A -. -"'h-sr A 1 - V ' N. 4- 4" ' Jiri, ' Q53

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