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'Ek Nia L, wigl:',.,xw,,1.k:1,Xiang " ,fi Wk ,rvnwxmsf an an Y- , 'QF havin- .K Mari Q 'X wr ' ., 'qmhhsaw M. Q s as 4 A .Sai 1. z jj N-fd-ag mfm, 1 i?f....M,"'W ' s 5 iff. My--' ' -f i ! 1' s T -W'- ' inc YELL " vmm-.4 lv 'Ula Press Chl 5 ,33 ,om ' Q F' Sm., his Sam I Vg f Nviv-,'l'saus - 'Q wo-vs X . ..f- K. A K V! " a 1. " 'f 1 'gf ,-,Tw Q . , ' i-. -xwl..11" 5 'Az' QA IL, ul , 6 SV- n .4' ' A G-2'l , . - x, ag , 'fixvd W' 1 ,'wn34 ' gf K' z i, "" 4- skew .l QQA, L Yellow u df , lf rg 4 l N it ' -l r- A-I., y ,I I 1' 'TT ' H Nil.: lu. ,l 1 , Wxvlsfif l"' 'fl U 1 rv m If vig' ll ' R-I t 3 l I :www 'W 5 . A 9 5 'S I 1 :,,rnulU" :N Vi 9 la mann xx'-U""l r8:+ EDITORIAL Th Ia k e editorial staff of the Yellow c et prepares the copy for the press. The mem- bers of the editorial staff, who are shown in the picture above, are as follows: Frances Prater, copy editorg Ieanine Harris. co-editor of the Spirit of Iunior Highg Marcelle Sowell, junior associate editorg Ioann Aairigh, senior associate editor: Iudith Barker, who had charge of the sophomore sectiong Harriet DeWitt, editor-in-chiefg Clar zik, who helped Marcell and Miss a Her- e on the faculty sectiong Merle Weir, adviser. CLeftl On the capable and efficient shoulders of Harriet DeWitt. fell the burden of th ' bility for the succe e responsi- ss of the 1947 YELLOW JACKET. STAFI laclel The business stall carried the responsibility of tinancing the annual through circulation, sale of advertising, Stunt Nite, and picture sales. The statt includes Shirley Ann Hcxgler, circulation man- ager, Pat Stone, business manager, Esther Wil- liums, advertising managerg and Miss Merle Weir, adviser. The annual this year was the most expensive that Alvin has had. CRightl Pat Stone, who is business manager this year, was promoted from advertising man- ager ol last year's book. She has worked to keep the budget balanced in spite of post-War prices ,- mJ,w.wW QS' fvfiffi, M MQALM ., , W ,mx 'K va- fi-WWW? -' gf-vm , , ,1,rm.:!11'?m! iw 61 I adrian Q .V df. Af? ' wk 'f K f N sf X 'ff E 44 x v H? 'S E f 'XX t 2 'i VV 5 P'-if 1' we R ' v 3 1 p Q55 M , 5' Q, 5'-5 W 4 , .. ,A.,,.M2,..,X H fn, Ap, .-. x, Ah. f .. ., ,L .,.e , mf. ., A ,. , ,.,-. f 1 W 1 1 Aw, a. L.-2 4 my 1.,i,a., i I . ,-IS - , r ,aff vw.. ' If, .mm , 2 ,-V Q fm, ,xwf W. :,,. x 251, f- ,V - A fl- - Lf- ,QW-1 -: x . W 1-.-,J .r-N Y- f WA Y 4 K f ' -- Ji 'T 3, 1 'iv f 1 ' i . J5.H'5T Hgm.2,,3. vi fl kgxw.. nw, A ' ,yzsfgw 1-,a'..,.5,,,:1x,f, "MQ-,st-'-1-'s fgfwerg " ,5 .L-gg , Q ggyfnw ,wwf R, W,-W rw- ,,x.,1, X55 awgyn 49, L, ,X -- wx-s--, mazigzb- A -3' 4 x M N S f N H K A , f M K X f ff , 6 -,. ifwfm + A' an W ,. ,x , K, ' M1 f.Sfg,,-, .F ,, Mm. XL.'f3s5'9T?f-will ' Sak , ,Ab V -. ,gnu i E s 4 . . K A -1 5 4 afq,3g'-4. 1355 4: Qggg- -mx ix" .5 -F Q,-LX -' - , f' 2 H . , ., . wx , ,mu f. A' w l w Q w ,? 3 4 5 5 ,J ? 2 ' A' i X . 5 M ., , 5 2 'i+ J- 5 2 P' N ,' L - I , . 3 ' 1 H ',,v-' P?1lfpv.. ' J , 5 W -A . I ' W ,M 2-ve---'-.Q . g , I ig M Q . , 5 2 -Q-vw- ,V w 5 i , .. K gy - 1 . ,W Q " 'YYMQV , vi-fe M' . X H I f . - wr- , L Q 7 + K X: V 5 V' 't ' 7 f si NM M W . ' i ' S Y ' f ," ,gh . pf" . . M , 3 ,L N ,N 1 V- W. f , . . .S ...N 4 " ' 2 s W .. g 'W Hs, ,, . . ,N ' ,,',,,f, , 7 W, - . K. ,. ,N Na M. 0 W M K 1, 4 N Q .X - :L 1 -M wp gf -. . 5 i , v 74 I .. ,g A .. v 4 . . +A., If ,, 'u . a k -xfitn. f "' f . -...,,.. V ,, 'LQ ? " .,.. g 2. E 'Q ' vv. ' H' .. f . F 2 - n . 2 I 1 . ,. , In W, ,- A , ' is " ., :P , .A 2 ? H Ju ' ,f 0. ..- G nf-.M A .U , Q L ,.-, , B . ,. ,, Si",,.f?' ,W 51 ' , , , a . P- M- -1 . -+1 -f Q- W ...F -lx. P. '- Q' W P753 wht.. QA- :L f. Ac1mLnLsJEraJELon Budchnq 'il P?W HHH FFF LLL 'gfgb I-L-L .wv .:,f ill ill' png! un-n iu- inun- LL-L. inhi- ' V ' dxf ' -'bl'r'l l iii iii' can nun run lin mam -- Bda -nu Sr 9 I 5 f a-'J -4" HLQH School '+iF?f'F"11 5 WY S Jumor Hlqh 5Chool '- ' M A. M are-Wt-gr-rfwg, - , Il"ldU.5+t"iQl Flrfs -f wwazm nl-5 'Ka X' - may f w':TSfki2, 1. W ' "fwg., MJ. Q, 2 P fi? my 'lf F, 1 fs F- - V gr M 1 Q9 N.- A Q-MW. W-mQ 'f"'S' X 1 X Q Q .,, 5 - 'f f-.' ,,, v Ya ' .mv K ' ' O N A4 ' 'A , , 1' .UD M 1 ' .., . 1 41 4' Q wa N. , 6 s 1, M .M xii' 'N -P ,. gx 1. x , . . fm' x ffm. ,.- V ,-fmw. ., 1 ,. .N K ,imwm is - ., mar. V Ml-1-ri' ww.: ,l '13 W " " g,55,qgf.'g H:--9 f M 1 "f'5f41f , ' L 1 . ' . 1. ,sw '4 K bk 3. Q 13 r j g -- L Q.,ff, Q! ff , ' 5 fig, I A ,o, , ' ' ' 1, N1 ,. , 4 W' w, df ' N 5 ' . uf ' M - 4 ' 4 011: ' .. q 1552 'Q g W1 .gifs 01 - ' KS f f f fl' f W4 W 5 f ir!! .gkswe W' ff . Y If - 0 in t Q x A I I A H ., gs Q' l -aww' MEMBERSHIP Members of the National Honor Society are selected on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The organization, spon- sored by Miss Mary Wood, is com- posed ot five per cent of the Iunior Class and fifteen per cent of the Senior Class. These students have been members tor two years: Harold Plautz, president, and Bill Dorsey, in the back row, and Cfront row? Harriet De Witt, Esther Williams, secretary- treasurer, Shirley Hagler, Bob Alexander and Frances Prater were not in the picture. Nciluonul Honor Socuelg Members of the society who were elected this year are Cbaclc row! Roy Deal: Welch, Albert Furnace, Dan- iel' Doerr: Ksecond rowl Mary Io Pugh, Mary Edith Shea!- fer, and Dolores Huepers: Ctront rowl George Strouhal, Io Ann Tilley, Winona Gram- mer. and Bill Bennett. These members ol the International Honorary So- ciety of High School Iour- nalists call themselves a luncheon club because all their meetings have been held at noon in the Board Room. To be eligible for membership in the society, a student must have worked on the Clarion or annual for two years, or both publications one year, and must have a B average. He ff Quilla. Simi NM .fig must be at least a junior. The members in the picture are Pat Stone, Grace Hopkins, Harriet DeWitt, Miss Merle Weir, sponsor, Esther Williams, Dale Lewis, loann Rairigh, and Shirley Hagler Student Council The Student Council acts as a medium of exchanging the stu- dents' viewpoint on a subject with that of the faculty. They set dates tor school activities and, in a large part, plan the school recrea- ,lb tional program. Mem- bers in the picture are Daniel Doerr, Albert Furnace, Edward Cole, Ge orge Strouhal, Billy Ray Miller, Ted Rother, Iames Smylie,.Bill Dorsey, Reta Del Bello, Colleen Moo re, Marcelle Sowell, and Mary Edith Sheaffer. Winona Grammer, secretary, is not pictured. il X .fun we fl Viv K The CIUIIOH Dale Lewis, editor C- C of the Clarion , 4 X I , A if 2 f W 'nliig X it seg , A K- 0 so to sk ft i I I 'Q j Miss Merle Weir is the Guid- ing Light for the Clarion and Yellow Iacket. Members ot both staffs look to her for help in ironing out their many diffi- culties and for encouragement in their journalistic ettorts. Above Members of the second period journalism class writing stories for the Clarion. Below The first period journalism class preparing the papers for circulation. The Yellow X i.lGChGl tty i' P I3 The art statf of the Yellow lacket is seen conlering with Mr. E. B. Winkler, representative ot the Wallace Engrav- ing Co. in Austin. These students did all the division pages, Cartooning, and hand-lettering for the annual. Mar- garet Fields, who is not pictured, also did art work. Pictured are Evelyn Laigle, Wanda Collins, Carol Libby, Genevieve Fields, Neltha Iohnson, Norman Peterson, Iohn Crainer, Dale Lewis, Winona Grammer, and Mary Io Pugh. The responsibility ot editing and paying for the annual rests solely on the shoulders ot the Press Club. Nearly every member of the club works on one of the school publications. Oustanding ,the Yuletide Inn, and attendance of the Interscholastic League Press Conference in Houston. events of the year include Stunt Nite Miva ,fi Y. - Ff,iQz.i1. S ,A s an 1 If X" A 3 1 gx . ,F .kg ' 1 ,Q V ,, gg , 7 ,Q ' E' . Q , , -ff' - W W f ff Q Y A a K Q ' . . ' N ! - ,. H w A Q . M Q g Q 1 .X f N ,,x, X. If 5 f lf 1' ,fx I T it ZAK O The Alvin High School A Cappella Choir is pictured above with Mr. R. Paul Fulwider, director. The members in the picture are as follows: first row, Pat Macek, Iudith Barker, Helen Mears, Betty Kettler, Neltha Iohnson, Esther Williams tpresidentl, Winona Grammer tsecretary-treasurerl, Io Ann Tilly, Gloria Nichols, second row, Betty McKinney, Hazel Van Norman, Almeda Coward, Helen West, Ella Mae Mortensen, Loraine Kelarek, Frances Carter, Lonah Ann Booth, Nelva Dean Carrell, Mr. R. Paul Fulwider tdirectorl, third row, Ioe Duke, Hubert Lewis, Ray Copeland, Billy Whitted, Evelyn Neely, Emma Lavonne Iordan, Vella Marie Mach, Margaret Peterson, Iessabell Canady, Betty Io Iackson, fourth row, Iames Iones, Bube Herring, Daniel Doerr, Bill Dorsey, Truman Milling, Vinton Moore, Elbert Burge, Kenneth Drake tvice-presidentl, Iames Maxwell, Neal Wright. -W THE OCTET The octet consists of some ol the out- standing members ol the choir, who sing as a special feature. They are Iudith Anne Barker, Helen Mears, Ethel England, Betty Io Iackson, Bill Dorsey, Iames Maxwell, Kenneth Drake, Ray Copeland, and Billy Ioe Whitted. The "ag" boys seem to be having a good time torturing that calf! Ah-gh Mr. I. W. Dorsey and Mr. Millington. county supervisor, took on as two Future Farmers display their projects. The vocational agriculture work has been handicapped because the spon- sor, Mr. I. W. Dorsey. was injured and in the hospital several months. 9f'lCl.tll'UY'Z 'EP' if f-OXQYTT, f' ,xiii-:F jf A fl fy OOC,P'T'O4,,Z 9 FA xXXI 4 9 X D Q I Q 69 Q X ff C 7 Q -12.062 0 eww The emblem of the Future Farmers of America. Anita Sheaffer. Future Farmers' Sweet- heart. Home COHOITIICS A typical scene in the sewing room of the home economics cottage. The cooking class watches a demonstration by Mrs. Ola Mae Hawkins. Right: The home economics students served morning Coffee to the teachers on the day school was dismissed tor the Christmas holidays. The officers ot the Future Homemakefs Club are Ellen Knape, reporterg Betty Ireland, secre- taryg Evelyn Neeley, vice pre-sidentg and Colleen Moore. president. y A , ,fl ' di lx M. . A 1 ' i, , .1 332, 2-i J., q' "' 'kg-Q ' '55- Q ff 1' A ' kt it .Ti tt' T 5 wi f' an 2 .mlm W . . L The Campus Theater, senior high dramatic club, is sponsored by Mrs. Beth Skinner. Pictured are Cleft to rightl, first row, Novalyn Chiles, Susie Latham, Anita Sheaffer, Iessabell Canady, Grace Hopkins, Marian Woods, second row, Sheri Alexander, Sue Clark, Shirley Smith, Wanda Segelquist, Gloria Nichols, Mary Edith Sheaffer, third row, Ierry Pentecost, Iimmie Lynch, Nell Goode, Dorothy Chappell, Betty McKinney, Pauline Plaster, back row, Claude Cox, Sandy Green, I. V. Thompson, Allen Gray, Lionel Clark, George Kreuzer, Bube Hering, Mrs. Skinner, and Albert Lee Furnace. Billy Ioe Whitted took the lead in the The Iunior class presented Charles Dickens' Iunior play as "Scrooge" Carol" just before Christmas. at ftfQf'.4i w -L' -1. is rpg :fr , , - ' ,AMN I .. . . , 1 QWVV-4, an ,, 63 "Christmas i 4-ESQ, :L'fYf. . 4 Q' r A Y +1 .1 ,Q 6 u J 4' 5 1 A A 1 . J gffff 'M Qs. ,. W ii- ax N, 2' w 5 'f .fx r- - 12: M 'jqwhlff ,. T5 Ae M 4? ,. ' 1 Jr. '?3::- 1 I 17 g 5 ww' 4 Q fs, -in '5 if THE PHOTOGRAHY CLUB The members of the Photography Club learn to take pictures, develop them, cmd print them M. E1 . A . . . . . . 1ss aine rd, sponsor, IS pictured here with Bernelle Kendrick, Billy Whitted, Hubert Lewis Marten Gladfelter, Ioe Garza, Gene Shannon, and Donald Graham. Art , THE ART CLUB 1--M Mrs. Cherry Simpson, sponsor formed the Art Club in order t ' , o give students who are not taking art and who are interested in art, a chance to do some art work during the year. Pictured above with Mrs. Simpson are Kyle Wilson, Casirnira Quintanilla, Gloria Qui ta 'll F ' n ni a, rances Huepers, Odessa Rodgers, Mildred Macek, Ierry Iourdan, and Wanda Io Collins. WJ le? S. 5 MQ.. t ts L Eh . -am-is si , . K - SQL, 6 , THE RADIO CLUB The Radio Club is made up of boys interested in amateur radio broadcasting. Those pic- tured are Klelt to rightl first row, Frank Truksa, George Strouhal, George Laigle, Donald Curry, Sammy Powers, second row, Billy Styles, Carlis Scroggins, Billy Abbott, Ioseph Boyd, Charlie Ware, third row, Mr. I. M. l-lolst, sponsor, Bill Dorsey, and Roy Dean Welch. I fla P ofp 'I The chemistry class performinq an experiment. ln the picture are Mr. Iohn Holst, Winona Grammer, Frances Carter, Fred Iohansen, Joyce Hayes and Kenneth Palmer. CIZFICE 'EE TIS The cabinet of the Y-Teens meets every Wednesday at activity period as cr club. Officers are Billie Doris McGinnes, program chair- mcmg Iudy Seller, secretaryg Marie Richter, vice presi- dent: lo Ann Tilley, treas- llberz Betty lean Edomm, re- ligious chairmanp Iune Live- ly, social chairmang and Mary lo Pugh, president. MEMBERS Members of the Y-Teens are Louise Wood, Miss Ar- lyne Haggard, sponsor, An- na Stephens. Clara Herzilr, Winona Gramrner, Shirley Hagler, Pat Stone, Grace Hopkins. Billie Dorris McGin- nes, Harriet De Witt, Iudy Seller, Esther Williams, Ma- rie Richter, Iune Lively, Io Ann Tilley, Dorothy,Chap- pell. Mary Io Pugh, and Iu- dith Barker. f Q' :WR v 5 'Ab 9 Q , - .1 , 'lk 5 xx . . -- N I. I'-, ' '-v 1. l 5 gg AL X t 7 A, IE: ll Y: ' 1 M" 'Ar 'S Gu-I Scouts ,ry f v-lv " G :"f't ,.' 2:10 l . I' The Girl Scouts sponsored a tea March l2 to celebrate the birthday of scouting in America. The Little House was decorated with flowers and samples of scout work. Q93 , , L? K, The senior Girl Scouts have rnet regularly this year in the Girl Scout Little House with their leaders, Miss Es- telle Cope, Miss Martha Ruth Rogers. and Mrs. Beth Skin- ner. Scouts in the picture are lirorit rowl Gloria Nichols. Io Ann Tilley, Winona Grammer, Dorothy Chappell, Nell Goode, and Betty l'ean Edomm: Csecorid rowl Shirley Hagler, Esther Williams, and Mary Io Pugh: lthird rowl Iune Lively, Pat Stone. and Harriet De Witt. psf? Au ,. S V vtsfivfo 2 -, My wi? I , . twins! 7, W , - V'-if at ,, The Sea Scouts performing a flag raising ceremony as the student body looks on. Troop 38 of the Sea Scouts after passing the inspection that Won them a summer cruise to Alaska. At the extreme right is Mr. Gene Newman, scouting director of the Bay Council Area. Scouli rm 43 The Air Scouts is a division of our extensive scouting program. Alvin has more scouts per square inch" than any other town in the United States. ffl I, . GQ , Q? Q A 'S CI L ,, fiff j XXNM ,ff f"AD T W r g ,A . x 1. 'V- - Q ,.........:a-. """' xx b "' ' 3 'Z , V - wb 5 ' ' ,ff is K W- ' I ,QL S ' Y ve f , 1 v. , ' W 1 .f s on 9-K3 NS --.. ,f - H R If 'lf .V ' v , I ,, F! , V " ' gs . ' X Q. .X KN 3543139 T1 fguntu llllf 7 , Q J I as qw 4 " ur tv 0 l Q ! 1 ' C. mum wi n :Snare QWE35 Tl' tfflll TD GUESS WVU! uc' QQKS ne You ns om R You Look? G g mmun Z JU ww-ww We wonder whether they won cr prize! A group of Alvin teachers strolling through the main building of the Brcxzoricx County Fgir ot Angleton lust fcxll. gall' After cxll, whot's cr fair Without cotton candy and Q ferris wheel? These scenes are from the annual Circus Circus which is a part of the P.T.A, carnival on Hallowe'en night. wr- , Don"z tell anybody, but those clows are Cleft to right! Delores Vaughn, Mary Ann Spears, Mary Russell, and Louise Wood. ,ll ' " me rerrecuy 1-'eerless Pyramid Builders are now perlorrnmg! ww! X ! . xg H .tl , I cw 1 Gia f,""'tfit?Ef' GF O Tl Cl L O fl X 3 , - ,- ,, The triumphal blare of the trumpet, the ladies of the court in their beautiful, new, pastel evening gowns and the men look. ing especially handsome on this night of nights-all are famil- iar sights at the Coronation sponsored by the P. T. A. as a part of the annual Halloween Carnival. The queen, Pauline Plaster, and the king, Albert Lee Furnace, were members of the Iunior Class. Others in the Coronation were Novalyn Marie Chiles, lack Fralick, Reta Del Bello, Carol lean Libby, Mary Leah Stanton, lames Henry Welch, Frances Prater, Iimmie Lynch, Helen Camazzola, Billy Ray Miller, Ierr Monarch, Allan Williams, Betty lean McKinney, Robert Hering Susie Latham, Harold Plautz, Mary Iuanita Berry, and Doroth Chappell. Flower girls, train bearers, and Cupid were loyc Pucelc, Kathryn Bowman, Shary Davis, and Frances Glasgow Roy and Royce Yount ltwinslg and Norma lean Hillyer. Trumpets and herald were Iudith Barker and loe Duke. The whole alfa was interlaced with humor from that versatile jester, Dale Lewi: ff is. it .9 Y il xg! lil The Royal Harpist, Miss Helen Horton The Queen, Miss Pauline Plaster IUNIOR PLAY-LAST YEAR The Iunior Class play last year. "The Whole Town's Talking." cleared nearly two hundred dollars. The members had :anly three weeks to practice: but on Feb- ruary 5. the big night. the performance was an acknowledged success. The cast included Almeda Coward. Daniel Doerr. Winona Grammer. Kenneth Drake. Shirley Hagler. Alvin Iimmerson. lack Idoux. Esther Williams. Harriet De Witt. Bonnie Logsdon. Robert Lee Miller. Shirley Smith. Nettie Porter. and Mary fo Pugh. The prompters were Ioann Rairigh. and Enid Underwood. Elizabeth Esquivel sang a solo between acts. 1947 SENIOR CLASS PLAY The cast of the Senior Class production. "Best Foot Forward." is shown here at one of the first rehearsals. The characters are Iames Maxwell, George Strouhal, Alvin Iimmerson, Pat Stone. Truman Milling. Io Ann Tilley, Ken- neth Drake. Dale Lewis. Shirley Smith. Esther Williams. Norman Peterson. Daniel Doerr. Shirley I-Iagler. Iimmie Coleman. Robert Lee Miller. Frances Prater and Vwlinona Grammer. The The ciier n -Jil?-v ' I- v vipiX"" lFlfW"" sin' 5 5- 1 ' .. A-.4 Graduahon The seniors all look happy on this graduation night when they receive their diplomas. Audrey Iean Durant and Bill Dorsey, two seniors, receive the American Le- gion Award for the second time at award night. Pictured with them is the late Alger Iones, representing the American Legion. Excitement runs high as the '46 seniors prepare for the graduation services. 5' lv QQ? A s X 1 i it Above: "Photograph Gallery" Click Click Club stunt, swung into second place with a dramatization of agnother taking her four 'little darlings" to have their picture aken. Right: The baby show, "Tinkerville Toddlers furnout," brought the Press Club third alace. The kids gamboled about on the tage to the distress of their mothers. Slunl Nile Stunt Nite has become a tradition in Alvin High. The event, sponsored an- nually by the Press Club to raise funds for the annual, gives each student a chance to get up on the stage with his organiza- tion, and-anything 'can happen! The Boy's Quartet, who presented Barbershop Ballyhoo, ballyhooed their way to first place. Io, A J .A llllvi-:lax K r W 3 T 0' BAND PROM Iames Maxwell and Anita Sheafiler entertained with duets on the trombone and saxophone. The band pre- sented gifts to Director R. C. King and to Dolores Hue- pers, drum major, for their loyalty to the band. Band Prom it I I -qu till, Wllpv ti! BUBBLES Vlasta Bayer, Alvin Higlrs most famous bubble dancer, was the featured performer at the Band Val- entine Prom, which proved to be one of the most colorful social events of the year. t 5- , ' K I J , F'- .'-V ll ' 9 if t l it A U 3-0,2 44 WL -. N J IA The annual choir banquet was held n the cafeteria on March 22, 1946. The nembers of the choir had voted to iave an informal affair, and this, zclded to the fact that there was no speaker, made it a rather unusual ban- quet. Kenneth Drake, who acted as toast- naster, introduced the guests and an- iouncecl the program. Alter being entertained by a quartet :nd some "magic" CPD stunts by Ken- teth Drake, the choir rounded out the evening with dancing. A musical theme was carried out in he banquet. A huge staff with notes suspended on the lines formed the first Jhrase of "I Can't Begin to Tell You." Burtquels f tett y .. THE BAND BANQUET V . ., ., J T 751. Y THE CHOIR BANQUET The band held its annual formal banquet February l4, 1946, in the school cafeteria. The speaker, Mr, R. A. Tampke, music professor at San Marcos State Teachers' College, will be remembered for his unusual speech. He began with a stack of papers in front of him and as he used each sheet of "notes" he threw it on the floor, occassionally having to pick up one he had dis- carded by "accident" The band members and their guests concluded the evening's en- tertainment with dancing. Z, i ,zz Sdclie Hdwliihs In fb ' A group of hopeful Daisy Maes on the morning of the race. y Sadie Hawkins' Day-that's the day all the girls wait for with bated breath, 'cause that's + when they get a chance, by t fair means or foul, to get their ,wiki men. " 91 N ,fa The pride of Dogpatch Mammy and Salomey f ' fLeftl The winds with . X ya, gals! lv CRightl "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" llc I: , ' The Race is on! I N 3 K d Ten little boys ready . . I Baby, those football i legs give you away! N f xx i f 2 - 6-. WSJ 'Cpu 1' . -if X' TFT! 4 'la .gn-i ,"P1aymates, come out and play with lill dressed up and ready I o go. The "kiddies" are at the Jicnic in the park. T riorrow they have to grow ip again! Y for mischief On the annual Kid Day seniors "let their hair down" by donning short dresses, knee breeches, and bonnets. They drag huge baby dolls, sling shots, and balloons. The seniors present an assembly program in the morningq and the afternoon is taken up by parties and picnics. , 1 Q Q . 1 A f Look at the birdie! . edgy. Skit , , l-M5 ' 'aw lf" A - u Q rg ," y fi, nlllgfi Vi y s exist-Mr, f ri , M fi., ,. 3 if , a f f w fr! I . me. :Q f ' -L-Ifii i ,Q-s - J 'f I t ' l l ! . 1 Look at 'em! Ain't they cute? The social event of the yeas The Iunior-Senior banquet la: year presented an array c forrnals, dress suits, ties, an "Sunday-go-to-Meetin"' mar ners that can't be forgotten. The lights in the recreation ha. were dimmed to a romanti glow for the prom following thi banquet, and refreshment were- just "out of this world." The Press Club Banquet-thc was the affair where aboL eight girls changed their plac cards hoping to sit by Dal Lewis. Yep, that's our boy The cafeteria was decorated i circus style with a miniatur merry-go-round for the cente piece. Mrs. H. Walter Peter performed magic tricks. 4 4 , 2? A A 0 l 0 m 6 flwi lpix Til 4 liilml 1 ulll'.7l:'f!' ISI-I-:wage 111111 U g Q2 ' , C v-iff O0 "Q 'pd' A Novvn. Hgskm t liracle FOOTBALL SQUAD The Alvin High School Yellow Iackets. pictured here, are as follows: FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl Frank Villalovas, Milton Hood, Edward Cole. Edward Adams, Allan Wood, Eddie Witt. and Laurence Walker: SECOND ROW, Iud Alexander, Lionel Clark, Iames Iones, lack Idoux, Harold Plautz, Iimmy Coleman, Billy Bennett, and lohn Crainer: THIRD ROW, Robert Lee Miller, manager, Vinton Moore, Bube Hering, Iames Smylie, Billy Io Plaster, Albert Lee Furnace, Tacho Garza, lack Green, Bobby Forgy, Alvin Iimmerson, Bob Alexander, Henry Winston, Billy Ray Miller, Iimmie Lynch. and Norman Peterson, manager. Betty lean McKinney Football Sweetheart Idoux Best Athlete Football Schedule We They Richmond . .,..w , W Cypress Fairbanks llll,. , Angleton ,,., ,,,,e.,,., , ., 7 Nederland , .,.. . 0 21 Galena Park A , U l, U 14 Aldine . .lee, , , U 6 Texas City , , ,r ,l,, r 27 0 Freeport .r eo,, ,on U 27 Totals Y.,,..w 47 68 349-x One ofthe Alvin grid boys is run- T ming hard to tackle an opponent. - K l The rains come down cmd the ctsgibrellas come up. but fans still ch the game. ll AX 'm fs . I Rf 5 J, p T farm J They watch every move in the Elaine. even when the rains come- ose coaches. Maxwell and Iohn- -stone. Basketball Champions The Alvin Yellow Iackets cage team is shown above. Front row: Edward Cole. guard: lack Idoux, forward: Truman Mill- ing. forward: Iames Iones, center: Nor- man Peterson. forward: second row: Ed- ward Adams, guard: Iarnes Smylie. cen- ter: Don Parks, forward: and Frank Villa- lovas, all-state Class A guard: third row Harold Plautz, guard: Alvin Iimmerson, center: and Iimmie Coleman, guard. The lackets won 23 games and lost 5 during a highly successful season which saw them win the title of District 23A from Aldine by Winning two out of three games. They won the Region Vl title by defeating Huntsville and Wharton. Then they went to Austin, defeated Levelland, and lost loy one point to East Mountain, the state Winner in Class A. By defeating McCamey, they placed third in Class A in the state. The boys give unlimited praise to Coach Johnstone Cleftl for his skill and leadership. iv-...NN QS? TWA E Ti liiiskelbull The entire lacket Squad is shown here, dressed for one ot their practices. The practice sessions between the A and B teams greatly aided the teams advancement. Icxmes Smylie sinks a Crip shot in a B-string game with Angleton as Don Parks waits tor the rebound. lBelow, lettl Tinker Plcrutz sinks a tree shot in an A-string game with Texas City. fBelow, rightl lack Idoux scores a field goal against -Texas City. ii vi i 1 ew if ' 4 xx' i !x , I 31 it Boslcellval l Milling leaps high to take a shot in this play-off game with Aldine for the title of District 23A. Iones C30l and Cole 1275 are seen coming in tor the rebound. Milling tails in an at- tempt to block the shot of an Aldine player. Pep rallies were held in the gym at tournament time. Coach Mike Iohn- stone talks, preceding the journey to the regional meet. IN TRAMURAL CHAMPIONS t Basketball intramural cham- pions, shown at the right, are lfront rowl Ierry Murphy, Eddie Witt. and Bobby Iourdan. floack rowl Billy Styles. Iimmie Lynch. Billy Abbott. and lack Idoux. captain. TOURNAMENT TENNIS Winona Grammer and Do- lores Huepers entered the In- terscholastic League tourna- ment in girls' doubles, while Carol Libby upheld the honor of the boys in singles. The dis- trict tournament was held in Alvin this year. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL The girls were allowed to enter interscholastic competition in volley- ball this year. The team is shown here with their sponsor, Mrs. Hester Petrisky: Clfront rowl Sheri Alexan- der, Neltha Iohnson, Dolores Hue- pers. Ruth Shannon. Winona Gram- rner: Csecond rowl Mrs. Petrisky. Ruth Ellen Henry. Io Ann Tilley. Pat Stone. Loraine Kelarek. and Betty Cogbum. 5? ' is ' r IJ P! - t -1. .8 il, 9056 psi ,N ,Q ,, Ein, 1 YQ: 'Xa it .vu V, X 2 wx 4 ,Xe 1. ..f , I Q -' H 4 . A . in ,wa t Barefoot baseball - W' Bcxbe Ruth ot bot! L A s xl 1 1. Qt ' xv lf - ,fmglf AHL- , f ,Y as Below: Eyes left in order - too slow, Bemelle! Good form in returning! Keep your eyes on the bull! Time ou irl Volleyboll, in season or out! Colisthenics appeal' to some, but not to Nell. s SPM Bicycling or - bottoms up - you nome it! J , Mrs. Hester Petrisky, girls' physi- col eclucoiion director. Rolls must be checked, come sun or storm. ' its ,tl 3 '.,, ,A- Nx"""u-mn... Yea Team Fight!! The Friday morning yell practices are almost as much a part of football season as the games are. Sicie Lines The workers at the "coke" stand on the football field are Marian Higgins. Iudy Iones, Evelyn Neeley, lohn Burge, Mr. Paul Fulwider, Wanda Willeford. lllfmifd Mears, Thelma Meyers. Elsie lohnson. cmd Lois Lewis. 'l Tinnin Cup Truman Milling. Alfred Frobe:g, W. G Middlebrook, and Donald Eernisse re- ceive from Coach Stapp Maxwell the Tinnin Cup, which is presented at I-lwarc Night to the year's most outstanding athletes. 1 '-"lo-l a3-V1 - . ......,,.. . -A-A -...- ! N f I I di' I . Q H H NX x 4 i ,-. N I- n K .X I qi b 1 Q ........ H 1 1.f2f 4 w ' A. ,, I z N ' ' , ' - , 9 - w X ' l K' A 0 QW K ff I K lk Q A M , B+- -- A Q xl A l Wm, ,,..x,, I . ,AN ,HV L-vm QS . , ..,,-t-V1 W W V U Y I A Y WqANWM,,.n,m .5,,,,,,,,.-...,.A, ...... , , V , W .,......, ..,.,.V ..- O 'll k ir ff' . 1 :Q E . - M . 1 .. wi .Wx 'f Y ,, in I sf.-fg,r..g-, V 3' .Qfiy Fw, ,L c"if5'f' H ,fx ?M -H ,V v i U, 71 AX I h iv 'ye y Ag ' O ,E 3 6. 1- 5, " fl . . Ama, ' 4- my XL A + Y QWKAAS w-J K, 4. 5 v fu'-E ,N nf 1' - H534 " ij W tk P QW kim ' 45,4 1 . K pg -bl H ,s J' ik. K L , L . if 'V . ffl:- "'f'. W , 5T,,,w Q4 x.'ta.Q'Q !f 4. M ,Lg Ai ,.v Z x K, at X ,Ji 5'-if 4 ,vra aff ? yptillwq, X Smile Kinq and Queen X z 'N mg ' i ,nw flu Y I Vriiav 1 1 T2 U' .ug Mos? Represenhfive 5 D AQ.. 9 xnxx? nav X' X 'gl ,, 1 ' f fp vs QQ IW! M 'Q 'EL is a dl Q ef! 5 Nia? A ,,. Q X. , ' X Vg 3, A . 1 -9""'AFff,i: . . M1311 I A':,,4 , 1 'if' , -ix QE., ' it , I v . . 5 N J ii' , "f U , C . . . ,f r s p'N -W - . 5 Q! .,,., A ,4 ,i 1 M: 7 V ma. iff! Y ' V 'fir -' I f ,, :ul gi! P? E,! O . Q 4 N 'if ' ' ,I W fr I M A-W M fr 9 c iff X Y' Y H. - 'jj - Qiiiit' 1. W ,515 . H sitio f wxivyfvfwr . ' ' U , .7 fE,gfi2?fi,' iw if at-fawfi -- . V :' Qy.o,..gQ5lQtwL W 4 swf + gg, tiiffvfyr gr "'g 2 '4 fi E SWE? f .tif .1 . Q.: 'gi :Q-4 S i t an Q.- iff' "' 'U - .".V'.'i.V if ,wg ag pi K 3. gif t s, -v sw . gg, ' R l tl' . . Q an, 3-5 15.5-w tw X 2. ' ' . lf t T 'Y - ' tis . H ' X ,,W 1 41 l fi X g I ve x 4 ,W X .1 J' . " IUFZCQ 1 ,E , ,. we .53 K V wt , v .. K -W nt y .1 'n My N Q ,. , . , I M A .t O., :gl 9 1 a 1,0 v 'Jv -Q. +94 ' W f' "ig K M -. . . rt' M ' n Pat Stone. business manager of the "Yellow Iacket": associate editor "Clar- ion." Harriet De Witt. editor of the "Yellow Iaclcet." Kyle Wilson, winner of grand prize in art at Brazoria County Fair. Billy Whitted and Bemelle Kendrick won medals for the best acting on Stunt Nite. Esther Alvin Contestant for Queen of Brazoria County Fair. Daniel Doerr. Alvin representative at Boys' State in Austin last summer. Dale Lewis. editor of the "Clarion." Whoa -,eg .f, x Q., , . pn- Marie Richter. orgcmist. Albert Lee Fumcxce. president of Student Council. Bill Moore. Lone Stcn' Farmer. Dolores Huepers. drum mcxior. George Lazigle, valedictorian. Lois Reiger. salutatoriun. lack Idoux. assembly chairmcm. 9 1 MW . it S17 . :M is ' 5, 1 M105 N50 X: gill iv W' uullm 11111162 unll11 ul' W I ' , K avr ill l' 4 - 91 . N as i , ,, X . N V 1 ra W' i Q Veterans Gr oup Some of th jeans of school school to ear e boys who days for u 'f n their diplo shown here exchanged their blue ni orms during the war came back to mas or take post graduate courses this year. Tho are Claude Freshour, Robert Rodgers, Pete Mart' lack Fralick, F. A. Roden, and Hubert Lewis. S s Q l Ml 9 Q It fl' 9 N X tgzoxozo Q 9 xx , L ,K W I se in, Frank Fisher. I f I lNs 'X sox tl lx' xl - l - .gi will lg Gills ,fgl yx X y f 1, y , "' xi Y r lg if 5 1' r X W i Cheer Leaders . "They Chee final sti " Noval ' red the Yellow Iackets ng. The 1946 cheer le cl yn Chlles, Kenneth Drak on to the a ers were Ri e, Betty Irel ta Del Bello, and, and Winona Gra IIIIHSI' J X . V f??f X X yi . .fi X 4 ,gf , , T 7 J ,J if A , H fl W 0 Aw V x fi xg, ,nf -, W Wi' U, - f 15 aff Q Q' 6355 1 x I - .I , as, s. 'V sx Q " K 4:31 an libs www 'I u D+- -W -' 5 X11 .X 'f 1 ,V f-' ' A my lx Q Hfim lVllSil'G'i'lOl'l BOARD OF EDUCATION l. E. Harrimcm, president Max Vogan. secretary, tax assessor and collector W. R. McDaniel George Duncan Dr. H. E. Metz A. W. Brown F. A. Duke Carlton Ely W. H. Meyers Principal of Senior High School B.S.. M.S.. Texas A.611Vl. College ADMINISTRATORS , f J ,1 fi 'D A. G. Welch, Superintendent ol Schools A 'I 'Q' , B.A.. M.A., Mercer University , f H' Pg- N ,, D I, -+ gli, - ,.,, A .. O. V. Robinson Principal of Iunior High School B.S.. Sam Houston State Teachers College M.E.. Texas A.GM. College Bessie Mae Kee, B.S., Sam Houston State Teachers College M. Ed., University of Texas English, Senior High I. W. Dorsey, B.S., M.S., Texas A. 6, M. College Vocational Agriculture SID swat, Mrs. Cherry Simpson, B.A., North Texas State Teachers College Art, Senior and Iunior High R. Paul Fulwider. B.S., Ball State Teachers College Choral Music Iunior and Senior High Arlyne Haggard, B.S., Texas State College for Women Commercial Subjects Willie B. Finger, B.S., Sam Houston State Teachers College MA., University of Houston Mathematics Senior High School Q , Il 5 v l 23 l Maud Benson. B.S., University of Houston Librarian, lunior High S. N. Maxwell, B.S., M.S., Texas A. 6, M. College Coach, Physical Education .iw gurl Rose B. Wyatt, B.S., M.S. North Texas State Teachers College Social Studies. Iunior High Mrs. Minnie Fincher, BJL University ot Texas Spanish. Supervised Study Senior High Faculh, Mary Ray Wood, B.S., M.A. George Peabody Teachers College Social Studies. Senior High Elaine Ard. BJ-L. MJL. Texas State College for Women Mathematics, Photography Senior High Mona Daniel, B.A., M.A. Sam Houston State Teachers College Social Studies. Senior High , .fg..., 1 "'fm?'T 4-4' 6 Mrs. Hester Petrisky, B.A.,M.A Southwest Texas State Teachers College Physical Education Louise Payte. BJ-L, MJ-l.. Southwest Texas State Teachers College English. Iunior High lack Glasgow, B.S. Texas College of Arts and Industries Coach. Science. Iunior High s O. T. Barker, B.S. Texas State Teachers Colleg M.E., Texas A.6.M. Industrial Arts Senior. lunior High P PM., Mike lohnstone, B.S. Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Assistant Coach, Mathematics Senior and Iunior High Vema Browning, B.A. University ot Calilomia English. Senior High Anona Brown. B.S. Sam Houston State Teachers College Homemaking Iunior and Senior High Mrs. Beth Skinner, BJL Sam Houston State Teachers College Speech, Senior High Merle Weir. B.A.. BJ. Mary Hardin-Baylor College MJL. University ot Texas English. Ioumalism luniox and Senior High Ida May Rundell. B.A. Southwestem University English. Iunior High Faculjrq Helen Horton, B.M. Northwestern University Piano. Iunior and Senior High Mrs. Edna Shaw. B.S. East Texas State Teachers Colle e 9' Reaaing. Iunior High R. Cecil King, B.A. South West Texas State Teachers College Band Iohn M. Holst, B.S. Sam Houston State Teachers College Science. Senior High Evelyne Strickland. B.A.. B.S. in LS.. MJL, Texas State College for Women Librarian. Senior High Mrs. Ola Mae Hawkins, B.S. Sam Houston State Teachers College Home Economics. Senior Hign .1 Faculiq Martha Ruth Rogers, R.N. Estelle Cope, B.A. Methodist Hospital Union University ILA., University of Houston Guidance School Nurse Alma lean Wade, B.S. East Texas State Teachers College Social Studies, Iunior High C. P. Munz, B.S. Texas BLM. College Industrial Arts Iunior and Senior'High Mrs. Lenoir Amold Supervisor of the Cafeteria Annie Laurie Petsick. B.A. Mary Hardin-Baylor College M.A.. University of Texas Mathematics. Iunior High Mrs. Yvonne Studer Secretary to the Superintendent ,l Rmculiy 'K ' li' Quin fu - , is - 1 -4 ' f ' 57, 4, 'ml i N f- 'f X . 5 I 5 'A-Q- s 1 Ikey brings home a buck. School bus drivers are Leon Weaver. Pascal Lutes. Buck Eaton. R. E. Ripley. Clarence Slataper. and M. I. Sowell. lVIiss Rogers ties up Mickey's sore toe. 5, 6. and 7 show Miss Haggard, Mrs. Fincher. Miss Finger. and Miss Rundell ready for work. Teachers at play on Galveston Beach. Ikey and Mr. Sowell claim to be working. but we don't know about Coach. Mr. Daniel. the boss of iunior high. poses amid the shrubbery. Q ,f Q C 42311 SGUIOVS of" '32 1 . :- it . ,, 'is . ,Lf ' il' ." Q i A ll E m : 2? 5 d , X J ' 1 CLASS OFFICERS The Senior Class officers are Mary Edith Sheaffer t Ioe Duke, president' H ' , reasurer , amet De Witt. vice president: and locmr Rairigh, secretary. CLASS FAVORITES Their friendly good humor cmd cheerful smiles inspired the Senior Class to el ect Esther Williams and Norman Peterson 1947 C1 ' ass Favorites. GTIIOTS BOB ALEXANDER Student Council '44-'46, president '45-'461 Football '45-'47g Athletic Club '44-47g ' Campus Theater '46-'47g Coronation '44- '45g National Honor Society. GEORGE ALEXANDER Football '46-'47g Athletic Club '46-'471 Intramural basketball '46-'47g Transferred from Schreiner Institute '46. LOUISE AVITTS Home Economics Club '44-'46g Library Club '46-'47g Intramural volleyball '45-'47. ARTHUR ARMSTRONG Sea Scouts '46-'471 Band '44-'47, Ser- geant-at-Arms '46-'47g Band Club '44-'47, IESSABELL CANADY Home Economics Club '44-'45g Choir '44- '47g Intramurals '44-'47g Band '45-'46g Campus Theater '46-'47, Press Club '44-'45I Choir '44-'46g Stunt Nite '44-'45g Yellow Iacket Staff '44-'45g Clarion Staff '45-'46g Student Council '44- '46g Athletic Club '45-'46g Quill and Scroll '46-'47, Choir '45-'47g Student Council '45-'46g Stunt Nite '45-'46g Circus '46-'471 Campus Theater '46-'47. IOSEPH BOYD Intramural basketball '45-'462 Variety Club '44-'45g Science Club '46-'47p Library Club '45-'46, NELVA DEAN CARRELL FRANCES CARTER ' Future Homemakers '44-'46g Choir '45-'47g Girls' Athletic Club '45-'46g Campus Theater '46-'47g Intramurals '46-'47. SUSII..EIGH CHAMBERS DOROTHY CHAPPELL Band '44-'47, vice-president '46-'47f Stu- dent Council '44-'45g Athletic Club '45-'46g Future Homemakers '46-'47g Campus Theater '46-'47g Coronation '46-'47. EVIIOVS 4 LIONEL CLARK Variety Club '44-'45g Boy Scouts '44-'47f Intramurals '44-'46g Athletic Club '45-'46g Football '45-'46g Campus Theater '46-'47. S' NOVALYN CHILES 47 Future Homemakers Club 44 45 Y Teens '45- 47, Circus '45- 46 Athletic Club 45 46 Runner Up Most Beautiful 45 46 Campus Theater 46 47 Coronation 46 HARRIET DE WITT SUE CLARK Future Homemakers '451 Campus Theater 46 47 transferred from Memphis Texas IIMMIE COLEMAN Football Manager '44-'45g Intramurals '44-'47g Football '45-'46g Press Club '44-'45g Choir '44-'472 Athletic Club '45-'47g Stunt Nite '44-47g Basketball '45-47. Band '44-'47g Choir '44-'46f Stunt Nite '44- ii' X ' I 'Q - :A 'auf , -, 3 - . 1 -I D 3, ' 5 ' 'V , 45 l' ' Q 'J LUPE CORDOVA Library Club '45-'46g Circus '44-'45. ALMEDA COWARD Press Club '44-'47g Stunt Nite '44-'45g Clarion Staff '44-'47g Carnival '44-'46f Intramurals '44-'45g Future Homemakers '46-'47g Iunior Play '46g Choir '46-'47g Runner-Up, Smile Queen '46-'47. CLAUDE COX Future Farmers '44-'47, president '45-'46, lI'SGSLlI'eI' '46-'47p Intramurals '45-'46: Campus Theater '46-'47. CARLIE DALMOLIN Athletic Club '45-'47g Intramural b ball '44-'47, Press Club '44-'47g Y-Teens '44-'47g Iunior Class reporter '45-'46g Senior vice presi- dent '46-'47g Stunt Nite '45-'47g Clarion Staff '45-'47g Yellow Iacket Staff, circu- lation manager '45-'46g editor, '46-471 unior la '45 '46 National Honor Socie I ' p Y - : - ty '45-'47g Quill and Scroll '45-'47g Runner- Up Most Likely to Succeed '46 '47 asket- 'X ' Sand '44 lub '44 Club '45 Play '45 Choir '46-' 1 DANIEL DOERR 47, president '46-'47g Variety 452 Intramurals '44-'47g Band 475 Stunt Nite '45-'47g Iunior 4654 Student Council '46-'47g 471 Basketball '45-'46, 'nw l, it 1 KENNETH DRAKE E Choir '44-'47, vice president '46-'47f Sex- tet '45-'47g Boys 'Quartet '45-'47g Music Club '45-'47g Intramural baseball '45-'47g lunior Play '45-'46g '46-'47f Yell Leader '46-'47. IOE DUKE Band '44-'47g Intramural Basketball '44- '47g Choir '44-'45g '46-'47g Boy Scouts '44- '46g Band Club '45-'47g Senior Class presi dentg Coronation '46g lunior Play '46-'47g National Honor Society. SARA GARCIA - Circus '44-'45g Library Club '45-'46g Future Homemakers '45-'46. X BOBBY FORGY Football '44-'47g Athletic Club '44-'47g 'M Circus "44-'46I Choir Club '45-'46g Intra- . 3 mural baseball and basketball '44-'45g Campus Theater '46-'47. NELL GOODE Band '44-'47g Y-Teens '44-'45g Stunt Nite '44-'47g Circus '44-'46g Intramural basket- E ball and volleyball '44-'46f Intramural . baseball '45-'46g Athletic Club '45-'46g Campus Theater '46-'47g Future Home- makers '45-'46. DOROTHY GERHART Intramural volleyball and baseball '44- '47g Future I-Iomemakers '44-'45g Library Club '45-'462 Press Club '46-'47. 'X E CHARLES GREEN Band '46-'47g Campus Theater '46-'47g Intramural basketball '46-'47g transferred from Wheeling, West Virginia, '46. vt WINONA GRAMMER Press Club '44-'45g Art Staff of Yellow Iacket '45-'451 '46-'47g Stunt Nite '44-'47g Circus '44-'47g Iunior'Playg Choir '45-'47g Intramural basketball and volleyball '45- Runner-Up, Best-All-Around '45-'461 Yell Leader '46-'47g Student Council '46-'47g Y- Teens '46-'47g Music Club '46-'471 Most I Representative '46-'47. I SHIRLEY ANN HAGLER Stunt Nite '44-'47g Press Club '44-'47g Band '44-'45g Circus '44-'47g Student Council '45-'46I National Honor Society '45-'47g Circulation Manager Yellow Iacket '46- '47g Y-Teens '45-'47g Iuriior Playg Quill and Scroll '46-'471 Senior Play '47p Clarion Staff '46-'47, IACK GREEN - E ,fi Footballg Variety Club '44-'45g Coronation ' h - '44-'45g Intramural basketball and base- ' .K .ball '44-'47g Boy Scoutsg Campus Theater 1 - xl' ' g I '46-'471 Runner-Up, Most Representative '46-'47, 'Ge '46g Athletic cittb '45-'46, presidentg ft- SEHIOFS ROBERT HERING Football, Science Club '43-'44, Iunior Play '44-'45, Athletic Club '44-'47, Basketball '45-'47g Stunt Nite '45-'47, Coronation '42- '43g '46-'47, Campus Theater '46-'47, Foot- ball captain '46. RUTH ELLEN HENRY Circus '44-'47f Stunt Nite '44-'45g Intra- murals '44-'46g Future l-lomemakers '45- '46g Campus Theater '46-'47. MARIAN HIGGINS Circus '43-'44, Future I-lomemakers '43- '44, Intramural volleyball and basketball '43-'45g Choir '45-'461 Carnival Queen '44- '45g Press Club '44-'45. DOLORES HUEPERS Band 44 47, Twirler 45 46, Drum malor '46-'47, Intramural basketball and volley- ball '44-'45g Circus '44-'46, Athletic Club '45-'46f Campus Theater '46-'47g National Honor Society. IACK IDOUX Football '44-'46, captain '46-'47g Basket- ball '44-'47, captain '46-'47, Athletic Club '44-'47, Runner-Up, Most Popular Boy '44- '45g Best Athlete '47-'465 Iunior Play '45- '462 Student Cou ncil A44-'46, vice presi- dent '45-'46g Friendliest Boy '46, President Iunior Class '46, Intramurals '45-'47, Base- ball '47, Assembly Chairman 746-'471 Most ,Charming Boy '46-'47. BETTY IO IACKSON Choir Club '44-'47, Girl's Sextette '44-'47, Choir '44-'47, Stunt Nite '44-'47, Circus '44- '471 Intramural volleyball and baseball '45-'47, Future l-lomemakers '45-'46. ALVIN IIMMERSON Iunior Play '46, Athletic Club '44-'46, Intramural basketball '44-'47, Variety Club '44-'45, Band '44-'451 Boy Scouts '44- '45g Football '45-'46, Basketball '46-'47, .Intramural Football '46. NELTHA OHNSON I Library Club '44-'45, Press Club '44-'471 Secretary '46-'47, Circus '44-'46, Intra- mural basketball and volleyball '45-'47- . 555 1 is slum Nite '45-'47, Yellow Iacket Staff '45l '47 IAMES IONES Stunt Nite '44-'461 Basketball '44-'47g Future Farmers '43-'47g Intramural bas- ketball, baseball, and football '43-'47, Baseball '45-'47, Athletic Club '44-'47, Smile King '47. I at it if EMMA LAVONNE IORDAN Music Club '44-'45, Circus '44-'45f Choir '44-'47, Future Homemakers '45-'47, Intra- mural volleyball '46-'47, QTIIOPS BOBBY IOURDAN Science Club '44-'45, Intramural basket- ball, football, and volleyball '44-'46, Foot- ball '45-'461 Club '45-'47, Basketball '46-'47, Athletic Boy Scouts '44-'45, LORAINE KELAREK Y-Teens '44-'45, Stunt Nite '45, Choir '45- '47, Circus '45-'46, Intramural basketball, volleyball, and baseball '45-'47f Library Club '46-'47, Future I-lomemakers '47. DALE LEWIS BETTY GLYN KETTLER Circus '44-'45, Library Club '44-'45 Intra mural baseball, basketball, volleyball '45-'46y Athletic Club '45-'46, Choir Club reporter '46-'47. IOY KENDRICK ' Circus '44-'45f Future Homemakers '44- 47 Stunt Nite '44-'47, Library Club '45- 46 Click Click Club '46-'47, secretary. GEORGE LAIGLE Library Club '44-'45, Intramural basket ball, football '44-'47, Air Scouts '46- 47 President home room '46-'47p Valedic torian '47, Science Club '46-'47. MARY LOUISE KIRK Circus 44-'45, Intramural volleyball, bas- ketball and baseball '44-'47g Choir '44- 47 Music Club '44-'47, Future Home- makers '45-'47. HUBERT LEWIS Band '42-'43, Camera Club '42-'43, U.S. Navy '43-'46, Sea Scouts '46-'47, Choir '46-'47, Stunt Nite '46-'471 Click Click Club '46-'47, Quill and Scroll '46-'47, president '46-'47: Most Likely to Succeed '47g Clarion Staff '45-'47, Editor '45-'47, Intramural football '45-'46f Press Club '45-'47, Coronation '46g Yellow lacket Staff '46-'47, Senior Play "47, transferred from West Columbia '45. IAMES LYNCH Football '45-'47, Itnramural basketball and football '45-'47, Most Handsome '45- '46g Athletic Club '45-'46f Future Farmers '45-'47g Coronation '45-'46, Clarion Staff '46-'47, Runner-up Most Charming '46-'47, Campus Theater '46-'47f transferred from Danbury '45-'46. N ORMA LIRA Future Homemakers '44-'45, Library Club 45 46 Study Club '46-'47. 2 W' .Q 4? IAMES MAXWELL Band 44- 47 reporter 46- 47- Music Club '2 it A 44-45' Choir 44-47- National Band 4 Orchestra and Choral Honor Society 45- 471 Stunt Nite 45- 47' Band Club 45- 47- " Clarion Statt 47. t PATRICIA MACEK f szffi 45 E ' im, A V n l 6 S NDF I , . qi 2 4 F' f iz 1 1 , . . , , f 1 1 , ur S , I f , , . , , , 1 Future Homemakers '44-'45g Library Club fr? '45-'46g Press Club '46-'47g Choir '46-'47. ROBERT LEE MILLER Basketball '45-'47g Future Farmers '45-'47, vice president '46-'47g Iunior play '45-'462 Stunt Nite '45-'46g Football Manager '46- '47g Campus Theater T46-'47g Athletic Club A '46"47' TRUMAN M11.L1NG Football"45-'47g Matsushita Cup Winner '45-'46Y All-District First Team '45-'46p Future Farmers '45-'47g Intramurals '45- .- '47g Air Scouts '46-'47p Choir '46-'47. 7 WILLIAM MOORE Future Farmers '44-'47g Lone Star Farmer '47g Intramural basketball '44-'47f Home room secretary '46, ELLAMAE MORTENSEN Choir '44-'47. EVELYN NEELEY Future Homemakers '45-'47, president '46-'47g Choir '45-'47g Circus '46-'47. MARY IOYCE NEWSOM Athletic Club '44-'45g Award of Merit in Scholastic Art Contest '45-'46g Stunt Nite '45-'461 Art Club '46-'47, president '46-'47, GLORIA NICHOLS Athletic Club '44-'45g Future Homernakers '45-'46g Stunt Nite '45-'46g Circus '45-'46g Choir '46-'47g Campus Theater '46-'47. . NORMAN PETERSON l lntramural basketball '45-'472 Press Club '45-'47g Vice president Iunior Class '46g Student Council '45-'46g Historian '45-'46g Basketball '45-'47g Baseball '45-'461 Stunt Nite '45-'47g Athletic Club '46-'47g Football Manager '46-'47g Art Editor Clarion '46- '47g Senior Favorite '46-'471 Yellow Iacket Statt '46-'47. 1 x JZ 1 MARY EDITH SHEAI-'PER F QYIIOTXS 1 SAMMY POWERS Future Farmers '44-'46g Intramural base- ball '45-'46g Stunt Nite '46-'47g Radio Club '46-'4 7. HAROLD PLAUTZ Intramural basketball and baseball ' 43 '47g Variety Club '43-'441 Basketball '44 46 '47g Football '44-'47, co-captain '45-' Athletic Club '45-'47g Coronation National Honor Society '45-'47. MARY IO PUGH Y-Teens '44-'47, president '46- 46 '47I Stunt Nite '45-'46g Award ot Merit Scholastic Art Contest '45-'46g Art Clubg Yellow lacket Art Staftg National Honor Society '47. FRANCES PRATER Band '44-'47, secretary '44-'47g Variety Club, treasurer '44-'45g Y-Teens '44-'47g Stunt Nite '44-'47g Intramural basketball '44-'45f Circus '44-'46g Press Club '45-'47, president '46-'47g Student Council '45-'46g National Honor Society '46-'47g Senior Play '47g Clarion Staff '46-'47g Quill and Scroll '46-'471 Runner-up, Most Charming '46-'47 ICANN RAIRIGH Press Club '44-'47g Band '44-'47, reporter '45-'46g Quill and Scroll '45-'47g parlia- mentarian '46-'47g Stunt Nite '44-'47g Iunior play '45-'46f Most Likely to Suc- ceed '46-'47g Senior Class secretary '46- '47g Associate editor Yelloy locket '46-'47g Associate editor Clarion '46-'47. CASIMIRA QUINTANILLA Choir '45-'46g Art Club '46-'47. ACK ROBINSON I Future Farmers '45-'47g Science Club '44- '451 Intramural basketball '44-'46. LOIS REIGER Future Homemakers '44-'45g Library Club '45-'47g Student Librarian '45-'47g Intra- mural volleyball '46-'47g Salutatorian '47, Future Homemakers '44-'45g Sophomore Favorite '44-'451 Coronation '45-'46g Band '46-'47g Campus Theater '46-'47g Senior Class treasurer '46-'47g Student Council '46-'47g National Honor Society. WANDA SEGELQUIST Variety Club '44-'45g Campus Theater '46- '47Y Intramural volleyball '44-'47. . bm. GUIDES SHIRLEY SMITH Future Homemakers '44-'45, Band '44-'45, Coronation '44-'46, Circus '46-'47, Stunt Nite '44-'46, Y-Teens '45-'46f Campus Theater, secretary '46-'47, lunior play, Senior play, lntramural volleyball '46-'47, Runner-up, Most Representative Girl '47. PATRICIA STONE Student Council '44-'45Y Y-Teens '44-'47, Band '44-'45, Press Club '44-'47, Quill and Scroll '45-'47, secretary '46-'47, Circus '45-'47, Yellow Iacket Staff, Advertising manager '45-'46, Business manager '46- '47, lnterscholastic volleyball '46-'47f Smile Queen '47, Associate editor of Clarion '46-'47, GEORGE STROUHAL Science Club '44-'45, lntramural basket- ball '44-'47, Home room president '44-'45, , Athletic Club '45-'46f Radio Club '46-'47, Student Council '46-'47, National Honor Society. KELLY SWINDELL Campus Theater, stage manager '46-'47, transferred from Fairfield, California '46- '47. IO ANN TII.LEY Variety Club '44-'45, Y-Teens '45-'47, cabinet '46-'47, Athletic Club '45-'461 Iunior play, Circus '44-'46, lntramural basketball, volleyball, and tennis, Choir, pianist, '46-'47, CLIFFORD TONER Air Scouts, scribe '46-'47, Future Homemakers '44-'45, Y-Teens '44- '45I Circus '44-'46, lntramural volleyball, basketball, and baseball, Band 'Twirler '45-'46, Press Club '45-'47, Choir '45-'47, Circulation Manager of Clarion '46-'47. HAZEL VAN NORMAN Stunt Nite '45-'46, Intramural volleyball '45-'461 Choir '46-'47, Press Club '46-'47, transferred from Danbury '45-'46. HELEN WEST Stunt Nite '45-'46, Choir '46-'47, Press Club '46-'47, Clarion Staff '46-'47, lntra- mural volleyball '46-'47I transferred from Danbury '45-'46 ESTHER WILLIAMS Y-Teens '44-'47, Press Club '44-'47, Choir '45-'47, president '46-'47, Quill and Scroll '45-'47, reporter '46-'47, National Honor Society '45-'47f secretary-treasurer '46- '47, Iunior Class treasurer '45-'46, Friend- liest girl '45-'46, Stunt Nite '45-'46, lunior play, Senior playf Representative to Bra- zoria County Fair '46, Assistant assembly chairman '46-'47, Senior Favorite '47, Advertising Manager Yellow Iacket '47. ENID UNDERWOOD 5 't in -rg 'I ALLEN GRAY Library Club '46-'47p' hoir '46-475 ' transferred from Go , waite High School '46, ININFREE WOOSTER Athletic Club '44-'47, Intramural bas- ketball, football, and baseball '44- MARY IUANITA BERRY Coronation '46-'47, Campus Theater '46-'47g Choir Club '44-'45p Stunt Nite '45-'46, Intramural volleyball '44-'47, Future Farmers '43-'47, president '45- NEAL WRIGHT , '46, district reporter '44-'45, district vice-president '46- '47g Intramural basketball and baseball, Football '44-'46p Runner-up, Best-All-Around '45-'46, Runner-up, Smile King '46- '47, Stunt Nite '45-47. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Uime: March 19.57l Last week I hopped into my new jet-prQ- pelled plane and went to all parts of the world checking up on all my old friends of the Class of '47. My first stop was Columbia University where Lois Reiger. George Strouhal. and George Laigle are conducting a conference on atomic energy. Albert Einstein would have attended, but he can no longer understand the goings- on. ' Mary Iuanita Berry. the Tommy Manville oi the lair sex, has just called off her eighth mar- riage. The new man in her lite is Sandy Green, multi-millionaire, who was also her sec: ond husband. 5 ' Norman Peterson. coach and former six-feet? four basketball star at the University of Texas, has just led the Longhorns to their ninth con: ference win. Iud Alexander is furnishing plenty of mate- rial for Iimmie Lynch. who is sometimes re- ferred to as the successor to Walter Winchell. Iimmie Coleman. veteran showman, is trav- eling with the Ringling circus ,as a stand-in for Gargantua. Ioann Rairigh, who was named primary edu- cation teacher of the year, has sacrificed fame to teach titteenistudents 'ttive of them her ownl in a small country school. Harriet DeWitt. Nobel Prize winner, has just sold her latest novel, the heated romance, "Love in a Burning Boxcar," to Robert L. Mil- ler's Motion Movies. Cast as the hero ,is lack KLover-Boyl Green. and the heroine is Gloria Glamor tin real lite Nicholsl. The hero wili iight the villain CContinued on Page 763 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY CContinuedJ Neal Wright for the love of Miss Glamor. Io Ann Tilley, nosey news commentator, predicts the new star, Dolores Huepers. will become another Bergman. Almeda Coward with her thirteen kids is a good housewife. Arthur Armstrong. with his Cornet and his featured singing star, Nelva Dean Carrell. has just finished a two-year engagement at the Schnetz Motel in Schnetzville, Idaho. Louise Avitts is making recordings of old songs in a method equaled before only by Betty Hutton at the wicked Wax Studio, owned by Winiree Wooster. Iames Maxwell has just received his third set of fingers after wearing them to the bone on his mandolin playing with the "Sons of the South." Truman Milling is still at Lamar College trying to letter in football. Frances Prater has been seen lately at the Stork Club with that wealthy play-boy, Bobby Iourdan. We didn't get to talk to Iessabell Canady. but We hear that she sings "From the halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli" every morning before breakfast. Claude Cox. vice president of the Chevro- let Company, has returned to Chicago after visiting Alvin friends. His cute secretary, Novalyn Chiles, is really going places. Dorothy Chappell and ,Sue Clark, explorers supreme, have just embarked on Capt. Lionel Clark's steamer for darkest Africa, where they expect to visit the diamond mines oper- ated by Dan Doerr. Kenneth Drake. and Ioe Duke. Kelly Swindell is the new U.S. ambassador to the new Russian republic. After all these years, Allen Gray has written a sequel to "Open the Door, Richard." It is entitled "Shut the Door, Richard." Robert Hering and his Flying Chorus girls, Winona Grammer. Nell Goode. Wanda Segelquist, and Martha Johnson. have just opened at Iames Iones' Burlesque Marquee. Ruth Ellen Henry and Loraine Kelarek. joke writers for lack Robinson's daily radio pro- gram, have just won the Slap Happy Trophy for their outstanding work. lack Idoux has decided to settle down and go to work after ten years as a professional bum. Betty Io Iackson, the opera singer, is considering giving him a job as her official throat sprayer. Alvin limmerson has just patented a new can opener. Housewives Marian Higgins and Emma Lavonne Iordan. can't wait for it to come on the market. Ioy Kendrick is in Shanghai covering the Chinese civil war with her ever present flash bulbs. Dale Lewis. Hubert Lewis. and Tinker Plautz have formed the law firm of Lewis, Plautz, and Lewis. The purpose of the firm is to protect the patent rights on Dale's new typewriter which can spell without human assistance. Frances Carter's novel, "Forever Roscoe," is in its second year as a best seller. Y Sarah Garcia. Dorothy Gerhart, and Ruth Ellen Henry are lobbying in Washington for an anti-bachelor law. That famous Texas senator, land bachelorl Bill Moore. is arguing heatedly against the bill. Carlie Dalmolin. the Presidents chauffer, tells us that the Presi- dent has just bought a new Toner, that sen- sational new car designed by Cliiiord Toner. Lupe Cordova hit the jackpot on a quiz show last night. Norma Lira. Ellamae Mortensen, and Evelyn Neeley are perfecting a new kind of string bean by crossing tomatoes with navy beans. Betty Glynn Kettler and Mary Louise Kirk are waging a battle royal over who will finally marry Sammy Powers. Mary Io Pugh is giving up her career as a designer for a home and children. Casirnira Quintanilla has made the same fateful decision, but she plans to continue art as a hobby. . Shirley Smith and Pat Stone are yodeling at the Bar-Y Dude Ranch for S25 a month. Last nigth Mary Edith Sheaiter was biting her nails, wondering what has become of Bobby Forgy. She never did remember. Esther Williams is still running from Miss Weir who is trying to persuade her to sell that last page of advertising for the 1947 annual. Enid Underwood and Hazel Van Norman have bought identical bright green dresses from Helen West's dress shop, and now they are tearing Helen's hair out for selling them dresses just alike. The members of the class think we should all meet back on Alvin high campus next summer for a reunion. So jump in your rocket ship and your atomic buggies and meet us on the plaza. -By Dale Lewis Shirley Hagler Harriet De Witt C UHIOVS cuss omcsns B111 Befmeff Bull Bennett President Albert Lee Fumace Vzce President Amta Sheatier Secretary Treasurer Susle Latham Reporter Albert Lee Fumace Anita Sheaiier 5 , F 7 ul ' L ' 312, , 5 Marie Holcomb Floyd Kettler Ellen Knape Hazel Knape g me , Louise Howell I. P. Iohnston Iudy Iones Evelyn Harris Ray Copeland Betty lean Edomm Ethel England as . flumors - Ioyce Hayes Marten Gladfelter Elmeree Englehart Lois Howell E H Q lf' Aubrey Hillers ' E Margaret Field 5' Donald Graham K W- 'QR , Gerald Bennett Evelyn Blakeley lane Boyd Elbert Burge P I 4 T X AL 6 5' ,iw ik fic 5 Q n X if 4 W55' lx V-4 X 5453? 44 P' xt S 'ire at W . f ff. W i: ' 37 it , ' f S- fn ,X F wi I Av.: ' " , 2 f ' mmm.. ,U .M ,,, Nellie Kost Evelyn Krampota George Kreuzer Otilia Kuchar v . v 1 Eddie Pay Lampe Iune Lively Eugene Lord Iumors Elouise Oliver Billie Doris McGinnis Betty Iean McKinney Ierry Pentecost Margaret Peterson ' X X Helen Mears X Colleen Moore ev' s G1 5- W K l R y yt P V 1 Q A 1. ill' , 4 Pauline Plaster Oralia Quinlanilla Leon Lunday Ierry Murphy fx S. l y vw . E Q ' 1 Q . 'CP E -v Q' w . ADW K I P Marie Richter Doris Hodden Iacqualine Robertson Florence Hychlik Q in Q 595 F rl fl' .ik if X f' , Q f 4 l 'W UQ QBQ 3. V yr X , 7 I 4 K N 6. ' 4 ,En f If ? - vlfy X x , X1 n ,M X, .15 is 5 ' 'x .lum0rS Iames Blackwell Milton Hood Don Parks Bemice Schovisa Carlis Scroggins Iudy Seller Gene Shannon Glen Slater Iames Smylie Marcelle Sowell Thelma Stricklin Mary Ann Spears Billy Stiles Frank Truksa Ruby Tullis Frank Villalovas Amon Ware Roy Dean Welch Billy Ioe Whitted Wanda Willeiord Kyle Wilson Harold Wingard Eddie Witt Allan Wood J' Uophomores CLASS FAVORITES Favorites ol the Sophomore Class, selected by popular vote of the class, are Billy Ray Miller and Clara Herzik. They are shown in the snapshot at the right. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 'V Billy Ray Miller President Reta Del Bello Vice-President Carol lean Libby Secretary-Treasurer Sophomores whose pictures do not appear in the following pages are Pauline Bartos Paul Henderson Barbara Brittain Peggy Davis Raymond Kucera Betty Yore Billy Ray Miller 5 ' Q Reta Del Bello ' xg is A V :ami lean Libby S 0 A Clara Herzik X Edward Adams i Sheri Alexander 5 1 K- ' i Floyd Arnold Edith Avitts ia Iudith Anne Barker Vlasfa Bayer Bill Bennett Bobbie Blakeley -af ,- V , AV! - - " s. 47 Lonah Ann Boon Allen Brosius Nina Iane Buesc Helen Camazzol Betty Io Cogbun Edward Cole Wanda Io Collir Richard Costello Iohn Crainer Donald Curry Emily Del Bello Ionelle Farris Ice Garza Tacho Garza Euneva Hatch Frank Higgins Frances Huepers Betty Ireland Iohn Ireland Betty Iourdan Sophs Gfippy Keene Corte: Kendrick Carrell Kirkpatrick Eddie Kirl Ruth Evelyn Laigle Billy Loveless Winnie McCormick Mildred Macek Vella Marie Mach Winston Mays Betty lean Miller Fred Moore Vinton Moore Virginia Munson Elois Oliver Ioyce Nan Payne Myron Petersen Billy Ioe Plaster Gerald Prater Arthur Price L ii 4 - 'I R Ju' W' ,, A -14 P I X KJV 2: - - it .. K, ' 1 ' K is ' - f in 1 Sophs Gloria Quinta: Lillian Reiger Odessa Rodgel Edgar Ross Gilbert Ross Ted Rother Clare Segelqui Ruth Marie Shc Anna Steliens Iuanita Toner Albina Valusel4 Laurence Walk Charlie Ware Alan Winston Henry Winston Alvie Lee Wintc Marvin Wisely Marian Woods Louise Wood Ralph Woodwm I v-f3B.' f ' OYWKIYU 'Z Snapshois C,Za.4,.v ff !94ZA.H, S7 - ,- f-r-v--fv- in 1 3 v, .!9L7e4,7VZ ,4,uzfa-cf! M ,0,,,,49,,.,,,g,,g,,,g,! -My Zlfzlely aff- Jam, 5nup5hoTa 07AM'.I da! 13' -.-.....k 6644014447517 Jwwm, ,MQ ,g2,'2,, Bnunshob QA . I Zo 'Z-fu:JEf,Z'5 ilehufruzluf 1 Ae ' I c 1 X .zbfnfu-4,a,f,4,w-f,7,,Z,747,7 629153, A is , I h . if -43 , S+ . Ji ' K 1. , 3 Q. "" 'C ' ff - A Q 0 3 Q fi jg f 1 LQIA.. 2 in r f 'K K nw if? f 1, X iz Ei, M Q 7:53 1 if T34 f"I4, H k ,Q 11. I G 1,1 N '- f 'A 4 1 . , f . 5265 '. ' . M23 Vi 3 K 1. l, ' 4 K ' ,i ,N f. f f , , gf' gs V1 ' 2 , T51-5 5 - A nfl git? , -2 . A' Q? IT F' iirif' N' ,. M - I fl ht' I '-ffQ1,.wq- A 2 A M, - 2 Q kk,, .V , ., K K U,Lcu,d.? f M, A!4ilDJAU!l.0C0-!0l!...,- 6141 . I , Snap SWS j.6.,,..,1,ag5w0,4! JA' 4637121 if 7m,y,,,4,1 A rm fm If V my A ' .QS L Q Mgg, . X n K -ivigyk ., K xx 'fl-IE SPIRIT QF ,955 wif' a H' , 'W r' i X l 6 ,asa H VW WOR MGH v n un or Haqh School Over two hundred fifty students call beautiful Alvin Iunior High their school home for nine months of the year. Be- cause they have outgrown the building, plans for additional classrooms have been made. I V . Nmlh Grade McDuHie Iones: president .ref X H Donna Ruth Miller. vice president Kathryn Drake, secretary lerrie Monarch. treasurer Annie Alexander Norma Amick Graco Anderson Robert Beard Mary Lou Brazeale Shirley Brown Warren Burge Mason Carter Bessie Cobb Betty Iune Cochran Doris Faye Cochran Dorothy Coleman Ierre Collins Robert Conklin Mary Louise Crum Betty lean Cudd Scott Derrick R 'Q M T MS MQ 5 iq , V R in 1-I X ,, lm ff ,,-- Q xi? .j y A I 7 in if 'fn' I , Arif 'I -4' , fgzfwng Q , Z ' i I , , A Z?-Lge ry A W' X All R-H3 xifw x ' I- l v 1, . ' K Charles Dotson Phyllis Duke Nmlh Graaf ,Q Fi R K 4, l 1 R .C at 5 H 4 is W . ef L 3, fQ.'kf.f' f SF?-L ! fn v ii? ,,.' . .P u m 7 l 44 ' S P, -gh K , rd 1- Q r f 1 .5 f 1 , bbdl K R f Bettye Lou Durant Ioanne Edomm Sue Eubanks Genevieve Field Mary Ann Galloway Rodolfo Garcia Ruben Garcia Iuanita Gutierrez Leroy Hardy Ieanine Harris v Iessie Mae Hatch Charles Henry Rowena Hillhouse Mary Ellen Homback Patsy Hooper Charles Huckabee Iuanita Iohanson Elsie Iohnson Iack Iones Iohn Iordan Kenneth Keener Iohn Kirk Xlanllwgraclcz Susan Knape Sadie Knight Charles Koster Lois Lewis Patsy Mach Odine Malek Ethel MacPherson leanice Meeks Iimmie Mitchell Patsy Monternayor Roger Moore Florence Nelson Bessie Owen Helen Rae Owens Iatis Perryman Lee Rentze George Richie Merle Rodden Leonard Rychlik Bonnie Sas Albert Savell David Schovaisa Wanda Shannon Eddie Simpson wry 19" '.. , E' 'iw' , .5 . - I P S AJ-Y xg 2' l EE! rf S :rw ". 6 '4 Q H -' Nt , flif.. ', r '- " 3 L - at r A swf" 1' , - -J -7 3-Lf f 5 ,b ike , I 1- , ,z1Q'fg?i:,1i,I ,n rf, H . , I :fa rg. 5' ie 5' . ' -Y Qi, Q, . i r iw' 4 ' S 33 rf ' i -+ . - vm, x ' Q ri X 3 1 "' " ,vm if -rr dggjf fa. 5-K Qi, ,.. MW, X f , wk , N 2 ,gs I l l 1 l l I S N hr v 33 ' r' 4 Af. sl X mlm' ,,,.-1, 535535352 , U., 3- All f X fi K L"' -- 'F , .fl A 1 Qs, LL A Lin.-.:,i.fwrL fr LL 1 -'L- ff I L, V x L4 L. 5' NH'Wll'lGYQ Raymond Sonnen Wellbom Spiller Lester Sprague Iosephine Truksa Virginia Vilha Iames Welch 6355 ' W Q?f??3?i? if L Leonard White Allan Williams :Lg75,,ii L L, L Robert Yore 5i,jgIff"i.E , ,.L -3 . Llndell AIJIIBY S35 'ffalnfiif' A L. gp. fe "iff R Bobby Bacak Hollis Berry Leigh Blumer Robert Crouch Marcellino Garza Phillip Hoover Kenneth Mallett lack Mann Iames Mebane Frances Meza Mary Leah Stan Billy Day Theda Iune Sprague Ruth Ann Welch lOl! Elqhlh Grade Ruben Adame Patsy Baker Elmore Barnett Olivia Barron Patricia Baten lane Beard Frieda Blumer Donald Boyd Mary Louise Brosius Richard Buesch Iohn Burge Dorothy Burris Iuanita Butler A loan Canady Scott Clark Betty lo Cochran Ioe Colton Anetha Mae Crawford Hazel Curry Pat Daniel Peggy Darwin Leroy Davis Billy De Witt Bobby Dodson A Ann Dorsey Peggy I-'orgy Billy Ray Goode . SY, - Q: .ii 959' in mal fir: A. -Vx wi L? if P L ' ,W QS 2 A 'ar SWL V . in. ,. 'f, rt. iii' , J -irq -pr in YQ? Q1- 1' i Q ref Q W LL..L L I, .Mfr . i x " Q LA Q . ' 1 N - I I :Q3,"'f1'f P .gt . 'Ir "ff , MQ' X ,595 X5 ' K .ttf f 1 3 . 2 S 'Q' f fn A W ,T 2 'it N ,AH n "1 , V .. - P, . j A .. 31,1 VLA f Q 3 ig 3 - A22 is " Q ' C . A iii L P to P se iff L if , ?ifZb'W'f :',,,m1:!-WSP WW. -1.13: H545 -all , 5 , Q Z M wwf? f-E31 45 V1 if 2' , r L ,Y f 4 -vi Rf? - , gpm' sw, A . A321 ' Q fu, X 52 V fu Q 95 is 14 , .kiwi , V4 E.q SA. V X ag , WK X 3 l , Q gli M M X aff' 1'- I sl Q W' I W , V, ey .- if. T .r,i,s5'tf 1 Q -'Y v V 454 arg 'QM , JS' iff S 4. 515 R 2317? hill Qaeda Leo Herzik Harry Higgins lean Hopkins Ruby Humbird Chris Isaacs Anthony Iester Howard Iohnson Ierry Iones Alfred Knape Lester Knape Carmen Koonce loe Laredo Wilber Loveless Louie Lunday Roberta Marshall Martha Mathis Estella Martinez Hortense Martinez Virginia McKinney Helen McManus Nancy Mebane Doris lean Miller Edward Miller Sue Parkinson David Peters Mildred Phillips Helen Pollard Irene Price 5.41111 snag Forrest Reed Anna Richter Evelyn Robertson ' George Robinson Mary Rupert Mary Louise Russell Iohn Savell lack Spell Eva I ean Smylie Doyle Swindell George Tackuard Gaylon Tatum Allen Tovrea Mateel Tovrea Lewis Travis Hallie Triplett Orval Tully Patsy Van Norman Delores Vaughn Vemia Mae Hickman Laveme Homback Wallmce Red Sandra Williams Harold Wooster f vb Cv: L 'zxqyf f XQAX xx . I, an . N XXX T3 ' 1, V Y? , i K, 4 VL Y J ' I 5' , ' - xii Y fl . 5 W 4 D 'Q' K P t it f s .X .: L y . .I l T -"I - i i 1' E x 5 sf I 2255 off' Q A -',, 1 W .i" 31 v if fig t t e ' 4 -, 3' 'I refs- l v ' 4 l' , t Q - . .. A ' , 0 Ql l is . x Ei! 35 1 ik, , in f lx' 1 f I A ' I K l Q1 s Students in the Eighth Grade who, because of late entry or absence, do not have pictures in this section are Mary Garcia, Iirnmy Roller, Robert Santos, and Mary Barmore. , iilifiiifl ' n ' sw, ., A 'S 'K vb A , tw we vv , ,Q W ,, y X -A an Q 5,561 ,. , 1"" , .,AA,- F h . W N , 5 .,,f .- 6 -3 I Y. ' , A I' N Q: JE e v 'M C 'll H. 4 ,Yr A s Charles Abney Audrey lean Abney Sevenih Gracie Q22 "' A Q Q! if 3... 3 r ,fe ,D ,. . va mf . 1 ff , if r f' or sr A , . wiv 5 in Q. nf 'f-. . Mu' A, il 1 , ..,,, 51 A X l S A W Y N 'Cf Q '."!' 1? ,I at . ,QE 3 rf 1 ,- c -p - 1 if 5:-5l:'2:fi -'111 -as G Ji 1' K Y E Bro T 1 5 Patricia Alexander Gordon Barrett Sammy Barrett Neal Bates Iames Blackbum Louis Boren Bobbie lean Brouse Everett Chapman Ronald Childress Teddy Clark Donald Cobb George Cochran Frank Cole Betty Collom Weba Coward Margaret Cordova Ioe Davidson Betty Io Dixson Benny Dotson Emma Esquivel Bobby Evans Charles Gates Ioyce Goode George Goodwin Norman Goodwin Iohn Kettler Katherine Keener Bennie lones Leo Iester Pearl Iackson George Lee Hopkins Kenneth Lee Hoclcin Mary Ann Herzik Mike Hayes Ben Harris Sevenilfu Grade Gwendolyn Knape Sidney Knape Frank Kowis Iessie Lee Lessie Lee Iohn Long Lawrence McGinnes Gloria Martinez Kenneth Matlock Mary Mitchell Virginia Nichols Alfred Ober Florence Pipes Ola Fae Plaster Iocmn Pucek Kenneth Reeves Doris Faye Richie Frances Rodriguez Ierrie Rodriguez Emestine Romans Ruth Segelquist limmy Stansel Milford Strawn Helen Strouhal Estella Trujillo Ouida Io Watts Ralph Weaver Albert Willaert Natalie Wisely Kenneth Wood Harvey Womack Marjorie Yore Vi' A-3' AE -:Q . V ,, 4. I L . N 1 L , L - 1 K . my M, pi lf L ill E. tm 3 li D ll dK'i1i' l 'l Q ' . ' k hk, I A is --,, , :.. 1, 1 A ggi 14 ,N W I r 'Q si I R rr ig , .- Y .G A H A ' 1 ' . Q- AA 1 2 , V J 1 Q 3 "' Q' 0 'I l ' - 4 -:H ' A ' A ' za: . . ,W H' -4. "' p J- S -.4 ff ' L .J 'Y' Q.. lil L in Richard Wellbom and Iune Powell were absent when pictures for the yearbook were taken. -Q QYQUU l ZQ.-lFlOl'l STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the link between the faculty and student body. lt makes regulations conceming traffic in the halls and cafeteria and concerning other school relationships. The council is com- posed of members elected from each home room. It meets at various times during the school day when meetings are needed. George Tacqucrd and Nancy Mebane represented the council at the state conference in Dallas in February. The picture shows the Council giving an assembly program. Mr. Robinson is advisor for the Student Council. PRESS CLUB The Press Club publishes the junior high school paper, the "Iunior High Lights." Miss Rose Wyatt is the sponsor of the club. Kenneth Keener is editor of the paper: Virginia Vilha is associate editor: and Patsy Mach, art editor. The paper is mimeographed. 1-nhuiix-any-wwe HOMEMAKING CLUBS Mrs. I-lnona Brown, homemaking teacher. spon- sors the Busy Bee Club and the Future Homemakers chapter. The officers of the Busy Bee Club, made up of seventh and eighth grade girls, are shown in the small picture at the left. They are Weba Coward. reporter: Patricia Alexander, vice president: Peggy Darwin, president: Betty Io Dixon, treasurer: and Betty Collom Knot shownl, secretary. The Future Homemakers of junior high have a separate chapter this year from high school. Their officers lshown at left! are Cfront row! lessie Mae Hatch. parliamentarian: Betty Lou Durant. president: Donna Ruth Miller, secretary: Sue Eubanks. vice president: lback rowl Theda lune Sprague, report- er: and Patsy Hooper. treasurer. vqamzaleons SPIRIT OF IUNIOR HIGH The junior high annual staff this year has worked under the leadership of the co- editors, Ieanine Harris and Sue Eubanks. Lois Lewis is business manager, and Genevieve Field is art editor. Their helpers have been Iuanita Butler, Iosephine Truksa, Elsie Iohnson, Ernestine Romans, Marjorie Yore, Charles Abney, Everett Chapman, Teddy Clark, Bessie Cobb, Frank Cole, Eva lean Smylie, Leroy Davis, and Charles Huckabee, and Patricia Baten. Miss Merle Weir is the sponsor. G' 13 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB Miss Annie Laurie Petsick spon- sors the International Friendship Club and Virginia Nichols is the president. It aims to encourage understanding and friendship among all nations. Club members study the customs, history, and geography of the nations of the world. The picture above was made following the Christmas program given in assembly by the International Friendship Club. The club also gave an interesting exhibit of articles from loreign countries in Ianuary. ATHI.E'l'IC CLUB The boys' Athletic Club is under the sponsorship of Coach Iack Glasgow. 'These boys are leaders in sports be- cause ot their interest in all forms of athletics. BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club, ot which Miss Alma ean Wade is the s onsor studies the I p , history and geography of Bible 1ands,f and encourages the habit of daily' Bible reading. rq am zallons SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Louise Payte, was introduced to the Spanish language this year. They sang Spanish songs and leamed customs and games of our Spanish-speaking neighbors. PHONOGRAPH CLUB The Phonograph Club includes those who enjoy listening to music. Mr. R. Paul Fulwider, the sponsor, plays records of many types, giving club members oppor- tunities to hear all kinds of music. Yqan lzaluons GOOD LITERATURE CLUB The purpose of the Good Literature Club is to promote wider interest in good litera- ture cmd a fondness for reading. This group will enjoy good literature all their lives. Mrs. Edna Shaw is the sponsor. Members are Ioan Canady, Iessie Mae Hatch, Mike Hayes, Mildred Phillips, Merle Rodden, Mary Louise Russell, Mateel Tovrea, and Delores Vaughn. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club is sponsored by Miss Elaine Ard, Whose hobby is photog- raphy. This group learns to take good camera pictures, and to develop and print them. Perhaps a future yearbook or pro- fessional photographer is in this club. PEP CLUB The Pep Club studies yells and prac- tices new ones. The cheer leaders are members of this group, which includes also those who would like to come out for yell leader at other times. Miss Ida May Rundell is sponsor of the club. The cheer leaders are the officers: Helen McManus, president, Carmen Koonce, vice president, and Kathryn Drake, sec- retary. YqCU'1IZCllIOh5 PERSONALITY CLUBS Th boys' and girls' personality clubs, spdnsorecf respectively by Miss Maud Benson and Mrs. Cherry Simpson, were so popular that additional personality clubs were organized at midterm. The clubs learn correct manners, good grooming, and cultivate poise by taking part in social activities. Occasionally both clubs join in a dance in the rotunda during club period. Members of the clubs submitted to the sponsors questions which puzzled them in their social relationships, and these questions were answered. 4 H CLUBS The boys' 4 H Club has a membership of 38. Mr. Larry L. Burleson, county agent, meets with the boys each month. Each boy is expected to carry on an approved demon- stration, which may be livestock or a crop. The girls' 4 H Club consists of 42 mem- bers, under the leadership of their sponsor, Mrs. R. C. Marshall, and the county agent, Miss Beatrice Elliott. The girls Work on home projects to get points toward earning their pins and going to summer camp. Fool ball The Alvin Iunior High School toot- ball squad, the Mustangs, are shown in the group at the right. tLeit to right. first rowl Durie Martinez, Kenneth Wood Cbackl, Benjamin Huerta, Cornell De Witt, Dale Avant, and Pete Monternayor, Ksecond rowl Doyle Swinclell Cendl, Gaylon Tatum Ccenterl, Iohn Long Cguardl, Iimmy Darwin tendl, Odine Malek tguurdt, Iohn Iordan ltacklel, McDuttie Jones tendl, Edward Miller ttacklel: tthird row! Iimmy Mitchell Cbackl, lack Mann ttac Iames Welch Cbackl, Ruben Adame Cbackl, Howard Iohnson Kbackl, Mason Carter Cbackj, Holli Berry Kguardb, Harry Higgins tbackj Iohnny Gonzales Cguardl, Coach lack Glasgow. P ' SCHEDULE Opponent xi Horace Mann CGoose Creekl if Webster '56 X Galena Park r , Texas City Angleton K Webster x l X ' Galena Park Texas City Angleton x-' ea-xx Bi t We 6 12 0 5 12 36 6 13 0 They 18 6 39 18 O 0 42 19 U Coach Glasgow The A-Squad in formation , Fool hall The camera caught a group of Mustangs as they paused for a moment during workout. They are Lindell Abney, Iohn Iordan, Iimmy Darwin, Billy Day, Leonard White, McDutfie Iones, Mason Carter, and Iames Welch. The Galena Park game on Octo- ber 17, l946, is a bad memory: score, 39 to 0 in favor of Galena Park. The band was faithful in atten- dance at all the games and added much to the enjoyment of each occasion. IBelowl These are scenes from the game between the Ninth Grade and the rest of junior high last spring. fvs rt' . S Daskclhol l The 1947 Mustang basketball team is shown in the picture at right: CI-'irst row! Charles Huckabee, Iarnes Welch, Doyle Swindell, Odin Malek, and Rodolfo Garcia, Csecond rowl Coach I. H. Glas- gow, Harry Higgins, McDuffie Iones, and Ruben Garcia. The picture at the right shows the entire squads, both A and B strings. Those not appearing in the picture of the A squad are Billy Ray Goode, Hallie Triplett, Edward Miller, George Tacquard, Iohn Long, Ronald Childress, Iimmy Mitchell, Ioe Davidson, Lewis Travis, Forrest Reed, Charles Koster, Pat Daniel, loe Laredo, Ruben Adame, Iohn Iordan, limmy Darwin, Ierry Iones, and George Richie. CBelow. right! A scene at the game with Webster. CLeftJ Men of the faculty play a junior high school team last spring. NINTH GRADE PLAY The Ninth Grade presented its class plcy, "Strictly Formal," February 21. Mrs. Beth Skinner directed the play. The scene at right shows the cast studying their lines. ll-GSTIVITISS This tleltl is a familiar scene in junior high as Christmas approaches. The Ninth Grade looks torward with pleasure to the trimming ot its tree in the rotunda. Other classes have their trees in the home rooms. The art students make colorful transparent murals ' for the doors at Christmas time. 4 The Ninth Grade Class last year pre- sented three one-act plays instead of a longer play. The scenes at lett were taken from two of the plays. The upper scene is from "Gentleman in the Makingf' the lower, from "Sail Right ln." The third play was "Green Shadows." Mrs. Edna Shaw directed the plays last year. ll-QSTIVITIZS NINTH GRADE BANQUET Each spring the seniors of junior high entertain them- selves With a banquet. The pictures at the right show fac- ulty and students ot the ninth grade enjoying last year's ban- quet. The class play is given to pay for the banquet. ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS Pupils of junior high enjoy many fine assembly programs during the year. Eacn home room and most ot the clubs and other organizations present programs sometime dur- ing the yearr The picture at the left was taken while Miss Petsick's home room waspresenting their program last spring. S Prmqlame tl PLAY DAY An annual event of springtime at junior high school is Play Day. The afternoon is ' entirely devoted to sports and games of all kinds. Almost every student participates in some organized sport. Usually the Sixth Grade from elementary school visits junior high that day and takes part in the fun. This gives them a good intro- duction to junior high life. The picture above shows Ierrie Monarch Winning the girls' 100-yard dash last year. SADIE HAWKINS DAY Sadie Hawkins Day is a day ot fun on which junior high boys and girls dress and act the part of the comic strip "Lil Abner." Most of the junior high students participated last year, dressed in the comy mountain garb of Daisey May, Little Abner, Mammy and Pappy Yoakum. The traditional race in which every gal tried to "get her man" was held after school. Lucky males caught in the race were escorted to the party in the recreation hall that night. . The small snapshots show boys and girls getting ready for the big race. The larger picture shows the crowd at the party. ,, Msg - , . - -Ve- 'X .- K- -' ' A, 4 'L ' -. 'I ! , ui I 5 1 ' ' 1 tl asf?-i i fp , ii- M T- 'f :ii ' ' . f K t .JOYTIYTI encemem' d t the last Award Day is hel a h year Students assembly ot t e . who are outstanding in some class.or activity are given cer- tificates bl award. This picture hows the Service Squad of ' ing their s last year receiv Mr. Robinson. awards from ,Y .ytt ii? lr Si K - ' In .ff ,Y 'el-nm., Ted Rother was valedictorian ot the Ninth Grade last year. Ruth Evelyn Laigle was salutatorian. ' Ruth Evelyn is delivering her salu- In this picture tatory. Commence Grade occurs on the last day o Last year's the school year. Ninth Grade is shown here as ceive their di- they stood to re plomas. ment for the Ninth f XA!l'l0l5 Who In UTHOY ig-gQ1j:1i:,.,U. . K .t i ' . . l V Vip. . lames Henry Welch has been assembly president this year. - Carmen Koonce, Q- Helen McManus, and Kathryn Drake were cheer leaders for jun- ior high this year. . - J., , .,, J Ieanine Harris Cleftl and Sue 'lr, . i Eubanks Crightl were co-editors ot the junior high annual. Lois Lewis Ccenterl was business manager. ,..u.,,,. Kenneth Keener has been edi- tor ot the school paper "Iunior High Lights" and president ot the Student Council this year. Song leade for junior hig this year We Leo Iester, Ma Ellen Hornbac and Kenne' Mallett. Billy Ray Miller and Ruth Evelyn Laigle won the highest honor in junior high last year, the American Legion Award. DVERI IN T f-5 Hi SMG? G N l ,1f Y.42 lg e 9 f "M 1 W 1 ., Ln .J QB 5. ' ' Q my MV ' V -I In X tl' -fr-f a+. merrex-.m, E I 1 W ix . - arm Q, , ,, CI' o Ypu In X 'L . AMN il ll Y g---1-111-11.--1.1 -. -.341 -.gigi-1 1 1 1 -.q.1 .- -. .1 1:4111 1 1 '1 CLASS OF 1941 The Class of 1941 held A a reunion last summer on August 25 at Clear Lake. The picture at left shows some of the members who attended the affair: Front row: Luther Avitts Alice Kost, Jeanne Arnold, Floy jean Rairigh, Joyce A- Iephson. Arlyne Haggard, Virginia Leeder, Grace Armstrong, Elvidge Richter, Second row: john Strickland, Cecil Bowman, Carl Ware, Leno Leeder, Austin Evans, Etalka Sledge, Third row: Martha Rogers, Dex- ter Froberg, Fred Sparks, jimmy Richter, Joe Dudley Iephson, and Paul Armstrong. The picture at the right shows a few of the married couples of the Class of '41, U- HE, Ukphaon Insurance Flqenay 4. 4' Quin-Quinn-.-in1:411d1nn1n1uu-.g-up-q1q1g-1-.1g1p1.,..1-igq-q..-gig-.3-n-----gg-ugjg.1. -419- Compllmenfs of I g ' PUSH '5 ComPhmenT5 of BEAUTY snoe 5 i K A I 1 I I E I r I 1 2 I I s I I E I I 1 Lilll I"l fl,l'l I-'ll-"l"l0CilY' ll! l I'l,l,liDil l l'l.'l l AE. Bc1Te5f5one M'5'A'5+0Eenned" 2 Complefe Drug Service Hed Cross Druq N ffrore N Phone 209 AIVIH,-I-EXG5 -sig If I im,1nu.-un1H.,1nuim,,.-.,,,,1vm..nuim.-.mlml.-H.,fnnimllim-..u1ml1I.nTnl.- COHQFGIUIIGIIOHS To Seniors of 47 from The ALVIN IIIFE -.nninnuinuinnlnvuniuniun-snnvx-una-uuiunniuninu1nu1u1u:un:unnQuniun im- 1-uni-nm I-.nn.-un,lm-:uu1nn IIIIIIIISI SIIIIIIII SIIIIIIIII 1-un-nnilmlu -Inl....lnu1I.n?Im1lm-.un11"-inniuninun-nuQ-lm.tlnuniulliluiqvinui-11.1.1 .I-mi.. inuilwin Alvm IIoTor Co. jf I fIIvm - - -I-GXQS Iiun1nu1uuTnnllLun. nu-uniull,nn1nnn,nlll Qi U-n1n1-in-nu:uw-ua--an1n1u1nu1n-mw-uu1n1-u--un1nn1n1n1m-1n-n- nw-nu-nn-uu1lu1ns1uu-1 .P Goods To Wear iff for all The famnlu i WeHborn's ...,..........- ,,-...-.. -...-,,.-,.,.....-,..-.,.-,..-.,....,,...,..-..n-,,.-.n.-....-..,-,,.-.,.-M........ ..-...-,-,.-.....,.-.,...,,.- I 5 Compl1menTs of B, n Dr. N. V Barry . vans oocl 5Tores,Inr,i Texas Flumq we F i i 'Hmm rooms Sfmf' FOB LESS" Frank G. Cusco I I . .,,....-..-.......-.............-.....................-...-.......-.,-..-,..-...-..-,...........-,-..-..-..-...--..-.- T Bowmms Dru Gouda .4. .,!il!!,f1,,,E?.fu,'f,f1AQSQG1,QT lQD . , + i N . 9 5TruTTln' 5I5 Ju-xs+ Kuhlm' Cu'l'lS P H'+Y'Pq+f"Q'4 P0iSon Peddlers Gusfufaon Hcxrdumre 5 'Leg 5" N'Ki1mey M PQ r m Hudson ' . Alvin ,Texa5 .1N.-np-I-iqyginqiug.1u.1mqTn-niqgggg-lglgyqipq-q1.qil4g.1uq1g1u,1nuT.m-:iq--5-tg. .qi-.1 THE GW PHAWACY Phone 50 Alvnnfexns LdQr6nEb Bf6fhE f 5 Hd o f an I G lg-1QTqiquin1gi-1--1g1g11m-1m1ngiqi-lnpigiuiqilT-1ql1ngig-1gT1.q1q.1q- p1lg1m7pg1-lim--pm Conqrafuluhons Sensors 5 com hmenr, of PEAHPSON ffm NVIH UEGHEV mum "5'UPPuf5 -...-.,.-,,.A-......,,-..-..-..-...,...,.-,.......,-..-....- I .-.-......-,.-.......-..-......-..-.,-..-,.-..-..-.- Farmers Equlpmenf gymgw JACKET PurT"'5ervlce Co. CAFE .NuTnuinn,u--1,111.11.31-iniwimim--.153MT,,q1.m1m1miuuilnn1-m-y--.1n1,.44, .q-..'ip....g- Dixie Servnce 'immon 1-1.--p1q1q1gim1gim-gig. 113---lui-ig.1pgpqggiggg-giminigi-.15-5-g1q1.1g PeeE 5 eI EHeee b Ief g e6eifjeey ChevroleT - Olcbmoblle Ufl Hagel 'Urea Wheel AhqnmenT - Wrecker Servcee Phone 162, - 915 Gordon 4PEAe5efT Aeel iiNeE ' eOheRNY m Frlqudcure - Bendex - HCA Hudlos Easy Washers- YounqsTown Kffehen Cebmejfs flervnee for GH our Applnances eeee we -eoe wee ar. hiv" X .1-'M IUNIOR HIGH LIFE l. Personality clubs have a dance in the ro- tunda. 2. Who, but Miss Wyatt? 3. Lady Editor, Jeanine Harris. 4. Mr. Glasgow, not on the ath- letic field. 5. McDuifie looks so tough! 6. Miss Ard took our pictures. 7. Miss Benson, in her favorite library. 8. Mrs. Brown proves she is a good cook. 9, Even Miss Payte calls time out! lO. Helen McManus poses ready for a catch. ll. What is Miss Wade do- ing 'Way up there? we Tit- .'-,,4 iii, gs v Th iS PGQG DOUGllgtlm-'mm-M rnscoe rmqa non- ompony 1p2..,. 4 1 1 I 1 1 2 1 I I I i 'I' F THE ALVIN CIVIC CHOIR PHITCHABD 5 ABBOTT v Vuluuhon Enqmeers ?Th Floor CenTuru Bldg- ForTWorTh 111---1--.g.-p1-1...-nu-g--1-.-:Q-1, ,unru :Y-zpigigfniq-g 17: uf if .,.,--...--..-g-.......,.1.-+,niui-1u- 1 -.g 451g-11.13-.-1 1- N I.G.A. STORES l- ni I-I-zlilili -15-.g.1-. -,q....1,1..1.l1,1- I lll:l1p1-.-q1g1p1q1-.--...q1u1g.--...g1l:n--g.1g1 M... ...A lil me a This Pcnqe Doncffed Briscoe IVVIQUJIION Company A lu... M ... 1 .Qs N N, W IU T, .. Juv n .1 X um 9 4- ' my , MH :.r -' X Y - .,.--- f 'Z' ' . A W Jfx X1 -Jr' vu- .Eix H. '9'H!9 I G 1 ,,,. I 'i lib Ae! 'vgl if 1w3+LxQFL.Q 31,1 fig V 'E e L A-3 ' fi: 5 ,' , Uv M 21 in un., .3 as A 'g n Q' .Eg , - fQl atb rbii Si lwm X Y? 2 ' 2 i 2' s v E 51 Q' 1 gi . 2 i I I 1 H "Q . w " 5, ' tx ' I 5 'Q i1 2 --1 f xg. 2 gv' T : gig s gg M .wt 5995 w 'rv 1 B , "I in fu I ll .... tt 7 1 lixvyff' 4 Lt.-f s Leif ee 451 Thus Uleadg Hume Af, izif se 4- L, i 41- ee, 39' U. H '4 V Ll Q , Q, on the job night and day serving home, b in a d indust along the fast de us ess n ry - veloping Texas Gulf Coast....provides a if fitting symbol through which our company conveys its rm regard to you, our high school st de ts nd le ders of tomorrow. HOUSTON Nfquenl els orpora mon X' r ig? if N, 1 'ii N 1 if is 3 Sie, 'gs' X , nf "A Texas Gulf Coast Service Institution 1' 5 A R. H. Neeley District Mgr., Alvin mTAJEW"A'bm5F6EIEEA-'l?SlF'mMiBJ5l'H1Q 5-5-M THE ALVIN 50N -..-.-lef:r.9.e.uf,bfe...iQ.9Ql,-....M Complete term Machmerg Service Rneelmplemenjr Co Phone I33 P. 0.Box2"H Filvunji-'nas --M-----E ga Ill-Pl I m Q I1 +5 O 'F Vauqhn BHUMFIELD C0mP""'e"+5 of 5fnvacf STATION E Wushnnq Lubrnccnhon ,M,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,E,IM9y..6..-.-.-,Eh9D2.13: fave PonnTs 5ervace 5TnTlon "I2hnH up unfh Bhllhps and Huis! H16 DI pjerence " OUR BEST Wl5Hi5 I TO STUDENTS of AlVIN HIGH 5CH00l Freeporf Sulfur Company free-2porT, Texas 1-1gg1q1g1g1g1gTg.1q.-g.1'ggi--.gig-q-q7g1g.-'.--1g1.g1.q-q- ui---ul:-nu-uv For M051 of The Bea? an Sporfs See The Yelfow Jaclfefs IH fverg Game Theg Mafch for Moaf of Hue Beef for Less 5ee 5TnnTon'5 for YnurNeeJ5 IH Groceries Hardware- Feed IS IN Ol 51' FDR Ll! Pictures on this page are .x X 5 of the aviation mechanics K department of Alvin High f School. x if ' X S4 U ' - 5 r -V nhl-X .ln -. 6 X-X .nulvv x. ' ' N -V X vox I l' ' X Wx X " Q 'A 1:3 "N "' 9 f L -I H liiilil lil-'ITI-tlrllilflilZ'lltlnlltliDill!-iii!!-lilililnl-vii!it-111 I DcWlTT1S Hardware V Flnd Q Furniture C ompang Lau' n lil I lflzlrlilzlzlflfuliin-l1lnlQdll1l1l1lu-Ianlilililzlzl 4 -m11,1m1,g1u1..1qig 1Q-mimy--l.uil.1ni-1g1g--1n1--.-.g-p--on-pig.-1- 5-gigi-ig-.pq -yqipigigig151-1-ygigrgiq--.1-i.-ug.-.--gigigg.-q.---.-1.-.1-1--gi-.-gi-1.1. LeT's oh pluq m..., And elechlfg The world I , d our sums ummfs co. Dependable Public Servnco I hvoouo or soo i - I H CTOH COMPANY + I Seo ers Sh o.-.Q9.hs.QT9o..,H!QI'fQf1o-.,.-i.-.-.-.-.4!,.-o-.-. Phllhps' HFFBC DFII1h no EP? ifofpffg hhodEW'T Cn 4 Spom armq SERVICE DTAUON I We boooT: Good Schools Good Churches Good Homes 5 lin .1 4 XMN mi e AbhRE ?' b6 5i 1 "We Bug and jeff Anqfhlnq Under The 'jun N One call , qou sell IT all ee,AMLIQXQQ.,,,,.,,..,M,,,m.e.e,-,f3hQ9.Q.f?.9l . Vasfi Our Record Shop Hudro Service e HOTDOIHT Applnunces WARD HOME APPHANCE5 712 jealq Phone 221 flenuoriiuqtv School President ..... Vice-President . Secretory ..... Treasurer ..... Reporter ,...,. Pctrliornentoricxn . Mrs. Earl Bennett Mrs. W. W. DeWitt . Mrs. Elbert Burge Mrs. C. L. Williams Mrs. O. B. Goode Mrs. E. Glczdielter One meeting of the Senior High P.T.A. during the tall was held ot night, and the parents were shown through all the buildings of the school. After the tour they re- turned to the home economics cottage for refreshments. Mrs. LeNoir Amold Cafeteria Supervisor 'nv For Toda Q01-7 Leif Hamburger.: I Po table Bon S iiGiCGiGVIG CAFETERIA BOARD First row: Mrs. Travis Williams. Mrs. LeNoir Amold, Mrs. Max Vogcrn Cvice-chairmanl, Mrs. lack Green lchairmanb. Second row: Mrs. Otto Paris lsecretarydreas- urerj. Mr. T. A. Smith. Mr. W. H. Meyers. Mrs. Virgil McGinnes. Mr. O. V. Robinson. and Mr. A. G. Welch. Pre -f I0 A Goth 1 ,gill . 'f A - 1 Av fnf11!FFfl!l'F!'ll ' ' l!FPl'P!'J1!'.'llq . .Fs1:vv',.,il4m ' N, "i'l55llWl-Ii-'Bitte' .-2ii"lZf :s-.4---satis' ulllaseg ' ai .:!QEiv!:Q9 nl ' fi 'W' al' l a mf. I . f 5 it ei l T . in-fin'':"f'f1jk7'i' T I girl ifliizgilgh n T,,.',:T -riv. 1. w:i", 5- -,,,T,v1-- lviiggsslg- W5 siill ! lmlustry's "special E account" with llow It il characteristic of large scale chemical operations, such as Dow's, that one thing leads to another. Sometimes materials emerge from development work not specifically sought for in the original task. Yet they are the logical result of established chemical reactions. Their prop- erties, of course, are known, but their ultimate usefulness to in- dustry has not been completely charted. There are probably as many as 7,000 of these chemicals and chemical compoundsthat have emerged from Dow laboratory developments. They are neither accidents nor by-products, but co-products. They align them- selves readily into scientific groups-for example, phenolic derivatives. From time to time these are referred to technicians in various manufacturing fields who may find among them just the needed chemical ingredient to put the finishing touch to their own work in progress. To borrow a banking analogy, these chemicals are industry'l "special account" with Dow on which it can draw so that con- structive developments may proceed to their succemul con- clusion. And thus America at large has a genuine stake in this accumulation of potential assets. bfa44f.f3L,,,g,,d4-vawldffmwpa, WW uw MW ' W MZZZZZQWM I ww Awwwwwwww f1:7fzmf:'2WQ ,, fQv4: - f!99'7 udmqjtv' NATLOCK'5 Grocerg .ma lVIarke'C Akvm, Texas Phone 150 5? . wi?"""'-w-Q. -we 5 Q N6 .1 ous s JY Q mg s: nm i A 1 'M-...W ,RM 2 Q u we ....N

Suggestions in the Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) collection:

Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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