Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX)

 - Class of 1946

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x :D Q H' ...Q-1 -gfv--1-ff'-FA-mg ' , , ' - Q. ,,-:,w:'-"-L -L ..,. . w . ' 'ii as CSI? :c:::::'-'- 'S' gl 423- ' cv' Sn' 'L gg! x"'-f D117 F S U qjv 1 F52 ffl?-'J an!Q:? an I e z 'QQ Qu' CD QQ !""5 .-f' j QQ QQ QQ . ' Z K A -'g'N-"S--5 .,X, iff . J xx fi "N, wk X 1 iii Q1' 2? C-fp Q ffj.. G' -if'-so CSD 9 la f-:3' ' f" U--N , -avi C9 Zi ff! ' Q Ax . ml ,Q G5 ,-"d QESQQSQQ X f A , 'NR-7 7 y J X :GD Q3 4 .-T-a f"" n - f,-M,-M 'fv-1 V - - ,r .1 -.X-,wg ff , - , -, -mf f-f t- , f. - ff.-'1'-'v -Y ,:- .':rw,'r ,. : L -f i -32.1 ".,v.'fg1- -7 - . . n-.L,.,-, Q.. ,. .1.- -J,.n. , 5-, . -wg,-1,-4--4 W:-,., ,g -dvi.,-1,., .,,..mQ...5,.- f..5.,.,-.,,,,,,y-,- .,.,,.,. ,. ,, .,.,.,,,-,...,. ,. if. ,-, .,, .- ,. ., , V fav Qt x .':Y,-L,d77.v A33-vL,w,,,,f ,.,.,,, A fp- . .v,, .r . -X-,.--, , ,.,,.1. R . . . -,, . 1. ., .f, -. . , ..-., . :,.-..., A ,.f:,.f M h. .. -, f . , Y ,.,,,', ,,,.., V, ,N -V V. ,,, , , .,.,,. .. I ,r f ,H , ,- .., l c:'.,:-3 -Q . 'fl'-"""" -:-2:2-, Qfiv,-,,,,, :is Cbcgwwgeig' U 5 1 Uflp, + --- I B U fb v ,Q eg- Y: X X 7 f 03 4?i? w 41 QQQQQQ ,ffff QCD CJQG:-Cb ' M-N-X J ZX? -,J--x i F' 5 na -cz: ,Ll -"-"'N+f-f - 2- f,::::-C9 21:1 ji'-2' fp-:q"'f,.f",.,T-'fl Zi U N- 'N 6:2 "' gb -4' N 'XJ' 3, QQ 9 660 QQQQQQD I , V V-AN gf 'V g-N.,-,Q--:, cz. ll -C,-:ba Cf: P' C3-':.7 3' W Y-"'LiA -. 74-I-V 1:2 'S O ' U 'D ,J .-. Hx. u NIMH, ! E i F E I I i 7! i Z 1 ! E E f. ! 5 E THE YELLUW JACKET 1946 A Editor ---- - MARY BETH SEGELQUIST Business Manager - ---- BILL DORSEY Circulation Manager - - - - HARRIET DEWITT Advertising Manager - - - - PAT STONE Art Editor. - Q - - PETE GUTIERREZ Sponsor - - - Miss MERLE WE111 Photographer - - Miss ELAINE ARD TABLE UF IIIINTENTS Foreword ................................. 4 5 9 Dedication. ............. .... . Administration ..... . . . . . 15 35 Classes. . Favorites ..... Activities ..... ..... ..... 4 3 Sports ..... .........,..... ..... S 9 The Spirit of Junior High .,.... ..... 6 9 91 Advertising ............... . . . Wggx D E D I II AT I U N In humility and gratitude t T9 'i H l rg 3 . QW ff' X I Ii ' .Af I in Wjfyfl We dedicate the 1946 YELLCW JACKET to the Alvin men Who, in us their last full measure World War II gave for l "fa, XXKKX xxxxxnxxs XX ' ' X x INTEL , r M355 -fm 2.352 E9 MNQSEM N it-X Q 1 W S MEW5 Sim at X fag .. .t i X Q 530992 Xailg S Bk MA .1 X XX -ijt ' LX 3, ----" V U -QX Q QQ m e ymr., ns" i l 1' 'H ' 1 ,L i' . K In-Nxlhi i I I W r' T 1 T 'X lan VH' A lg . 434 : pw Sz. - L '- - n . ,L " 'Q wwvk Y .n.--' 'lg' -f A -L ' 5 ?5Q Qgeeee Q5 J 11 1 y 1 I J" X nz kg! A 4 Ku J-y 'lp n - 4 4 I ui, t T N A kin. . , r ,SS ww A- -- FUHEWUHD A century has passed since Texas first became a state in the American Union. For over fifty years of this century Alvin community has undergone changes in industry which have reflected the versa- tility and the resources of this region and the spirit of its people. The 1946 YELLOW .IACKET de- picts the ever-changing panorama of Alvin's indus- try as it keeps pace with a growing state .... The Q31 3'-wma 3596 ff? We X in i i' division pages picture stages of industrial growth, - I drawing a contrast between the days when cattle 55525 l l roamed the prairies and more recent times when U nursery and fruit orchards, dairy farms, oil der- ""-' K ricks, and rice fields have varied the landscape .... T X , xmas: ,L . I T g gg g l QE W 'NW Q35 my f 7x l gl ' Q 'C' F X K Cixi? ' 1 EH 7 um Qi-lib K l f Q KW I E ,. QTXXUQB X 3 W RQ Q5 1 My mini' QQ Qglifp lim QD QD QD f :W wf 4 f lflf m 'X Xu P1 Grim DEB 9 sQf4Q isa ADMINISTRATION BUILDING AND PLAZA CAMPUS if 6 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL iffy EW MNH I EN ' f -- - ... , I I -'mwvemfs1L1an2-.f4,aM-.Q,I..,,,,,,,',, I ' I A? ., - I ,. ' I ' ,W kxg. , ,,,, -. s -. -- " 1 ' Q ...fvy WN in '4""iv GYMNASIUM ' 33324 , r BAND BUILDING INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING BUSES AND BUS GARAGE HOME ECONOMICS COTTAGE x S Ax X ALILQQX XQX 5 if In I 7 '- I 5 j , l III ' '-2,-4-.4-af i f '- X , "'- '1 l ?- " , Q17 X X - 1 I V ' Q X x jx fx V, . 1' ff Adrmm + 1' 7'?" ff is :L-541, A S ix!! .1 w , ' -3 : fx .-,, x Q fm ,lx M , ----E X -i ': ' I l NX - V Ei X - l I 4 X- i 1 R ' 1:5 - . I ' -g L4 U? iii f 'is ff f U "N" 4'-s - QW Q31 3 ,i N., ' ' -'51, -fi' 1: ll ' .2 3 ' ' Xw X,-f ZF - , X' Y 3 if -- 'vi' ' A 5419 .i, A ,I Y A 'N lu ""?' .'., , ' 3--"L If , Qufii- --" 7. ' x " f 10 - ' f fl ' A ' 'X C - ""' ' j,, I ak "'f-l- +4 ff 1 :T - 31" I ' 'A ' "' ' y' f f! I rl. I jg XE I 4 5' ., M ii "A Lffiq .. lLfz', .Ti- , - xii,-1 -xx -v QL- - X IIIVII ISTH TIII . THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education of the Alvin Independent School District is composed of seven members and a recording secretary .... J. E. Harriman is president of the board, and Max Vogan is re- cording secretary. The other members are F. A. Duke, A. W. Brown, W. R. McDaniel, George Duncan, Carlton Ely, and Dr. H. E. Merz .... Mr. McDaniel is retiring from the board this year after twenty-two years of service. This is the longest period any member has ever served on the Alvin school board. We wish to commend him for his long and faithful service to the school and W- R- MCDANIEL community and to thank him on behalf of the student body for his generous contribution to the welfare and progress of our schools .... The school board has been much concerned this year with plans for the establishment of a junior college in Alvin. The college plan will necessitate an enlargement and improvement program for the entire school system. Facilities in the senior high school must provide seventeen class- rooms and the addition of a vocational agriculture building and a wing to the home eco- nomics cottage. A new primary building with its own cafeteria has been planned, and a new building for North Side Latin-American School. Junior high school will also have a new addition, with its own gymnasium, home economics rooms, and new classrooms. W. H. MEYERS Mr. Meyers, principal of senior high school, received his A.B. and M.A. degrees from Texas A. 8: M. College. A. G. WELCH Mr. Welch, superintendent of Alvin Public Schools, re- ceived both the A.B. and M.A. degrees from Mercer University, Macon, Ga. 10 O. V. ROBINSON Mr. Robinson, principal of junior high school, received his A.B. degree from Sam Houston State Teachers College and his M.A. degree from A. M. FE TY The Alvin School faculty is composed of fifty-five members This number includes the superintendent four principals, the thirty members of the junior and senior high faculty, and fifteen elementary teachers The faculty has one hundred per cent membership 1n the Texas State Teachers Association, and those in senior and junior high have one hundred per cent membership in the National Education Association ELAINE ARD Mathematics and Science Senior and Junior High O. T. BARKER Industrial Arts Senior and junior High MAUD BENSON Librarian junior High VERNA BROWNINC- English Senior High MRS. DORIS COOK Physical Education Senior and Junior High OLA MAE COOK Home Economics Senior and Junior High ESTELLE COPE Guidance Counselor and Chemistry Senior High J. W. DORSEY Agriculture Senior and junior High MONA DANIEL English Senior High 15 as .4 xlai Aj' FACULTY MRS. MINNIE FINCHE Supervised Study and Span Senior High WILLIE B. FINGER Mathematics Senior High R. PAUL FULWIDER Music Senior and junior High JACK H. GLASGOW Coach and Science Junior High ARLYNE HAGGARD Commercial Subjects Senior High HELEN HORTON Piano Senior and Junior High BESSIE MAE KEE Biology and English Senior High R. CECIL KING Band Senior and junior High S. N. MAXWELL Physical Education Senior and junior High C. P. MUNZ Indusrial Arts Senior and Junior High LOUISE PAYTE English and Reading Junior High ANNIE LAURIE PETSICK Mathematics Junior High R ish FACULTY IDA MAY RUNDELI, English junior High MARTHA RUTH ROGERS School Nurse MRS. CHERRY SIMPSON Art Senior and Junior High ALICE ELELYNPI STRICKLAND Librarian Senior High MRS. EDNA ROUNDTREE SHAW Reading Junior High ALMA JEAN WADE Social Studies junior High l I MERLE WEIR Publications and journalism Senior and junior High MARY RAY WOOD History and Civics Senior High ROSE B. WYATI' Social Studies junior High FACULTY MEETING The third regular general faculty meeting of the year was held in January with the sen- ior high faculty in charge. At that time, a film, on the subject of post war education' was shown. F!-lf. LTY llther Helpers MRS. LENOIR ARNOLD Cafeteria Supervisor HELEN DAVIDSON Secretary MRS. YVONNE STUDER Secretary to Superintendent, A. G. Welch MRS. FLOYD SHOEMAKE Custodian of High School MRS. DAVE JOHNSON Custodian of the Administration Building T. B. CARTER Maintenance Man N. H. HUTCHISON Yard Custodian E. M. DANIEL Custodain of junior High J. M. SOWELL Yard Custodian fNot picturedj Mr. C. Yantis is custodian of the shop ROBERT RIPLEY band house, agriculture building, and gymnasium Bus Supervisor 14 f if ,. f' K ff XX K i X 3- X fr Q 1"-" """'TX X 5 xxxg 'gi S- I l X, X -- x ' 5 5. X N A. . 'X YN g Q Cl. V if . 'A-T fgiiif g X R 1 S X ' . E f",, ' ,, ' f. ,Cf L: -X ,Q-f Eff' -5 X X gg - p p- I - 4,-:5,lv A 95 5 Y wx 1 ig!!-"- Ei-wma 51- ' E' I 3 E5 F '1'-':"f"i Fl f' ...nib ,, A .- A -r .mf ,Q I, fi' fQ , - 4 XX -N 1 ' :z 21 - ?1. . A f 7,9 fjgfhx 7 , X . - 4 Jfll v . . 9 g 1 ' f--' M XI N ,lik jf v ,I A VI, I U -.-'IK' 'yi i 'IN L . -sr' C .5 1, ' 1.1 ' 9 gi vvbu QT-. " if I- Ruin 1 ,ww , 55 53 , K ,3 1 ' ,,.,f-W, AJX Q Ny. 3,1 x 1.14, H' J' v"'i,, J, ' .-e-...Vw .,, ,,, ,. . , , f X ' ' -. X A- 1 f,'9 xii: - 'Li :IQ I , V iv, .I I-X . 131 51: ,-44 ul Wh Iqfxi V :I TW N? f'--" - Jr f ' 9 '74 , f , 'J fu ffiq 15 v ' 1 " 'U 5. L 'Q Q' k L - , . .ff 4 . -3 ,ty .Q Q1 ll., .x 5 u. - . -- s .. f f - ff 1:"r-f. - N f -- Jn l,,4 :aww 'AQ ,J Q,d. ',. 41, Af, N73 .k' 'fllqiyg KM , ,n . "Q nf' U -V , Wm- IP? -fk f- S-H:---4: --.v -. 'M H ' 9? 1 L f 'r' W f4'fZ"-' ff rvfi NR-S 5-1? "342'A:5f1gQ.'fL-.v 'YM' " 'ia 'Q 1.'7'-'vw ,, f 'ai 7. :gf 'S 11-453312 X f . , . ,,f , .A K4 .,., . , -, V- .. X - IMI 5. JG, it. J, ty, 'LIVQLQQAT XX , X-L? Q , nga N52 5 .14 ,Q X X X ,f ff? Q 'fe iv I' ' A'L'g?4:fffQT-'5ef 2 x N XX S I -, gf. , f I , ' f 1156 Y' ' :-iq' 1 N xl xx 'f Classes if ' QF X NJ - QV 1 fw , Lf ,cf-' A X Q .X L ,, jf A1314 if NX X - 1 19469 X X 1 T - Q T I 'f Q 'iff -- " . F Q br ll 12131 f5""f 1 1' af -1 F IQ47 E fgf ff ?-' X X -' .. -i.i535?f,f, - ' fX - va m 1 I 9 11. 8 ' "" f'Lz?:f:::-51 4 :iff -5- Wm ,. ' - "L" -'-13' -gk -A --fx ' ,Q HE?E2:1L':ig X g- -N J' X Iwriael ' ' 1 " ""'3 '-"' 1' . v 4 1 - sf' -ii ' 1 ,:' 1, F' V 5.1-A " 1- - 'ii-- I' ' 52221: I' ."'fi"'?5 ' 1' gsaie. - f ,-1 ,ff 52122524 - lf -'Q' i3i55. ..fA ! 'WH f f 'F - ' - - 2 ' 2? 1 -il ' iii- -Y- ., - ? ... - , ...Q- BILLY HAWKINS Prnidznt Football '43-'46, Captain '46g Athletic Club '43-'46g Student Council '43-'4-55 Basketball '44-'4-6g Intramural Bas- ketball '43-'46, Captain '46g Corona-. tion '43, '45, King '45g Quill and Scroll '45-'46g National Honor Society '45g Junior Play '45g Matsushita Cup Win- ner '45g Most Likely to Succeed '46. BILLY PARIS Vic:-Prnidmt Band '43, '46g Stunt Nite '43, '46g Science Club '43g Basketball '43-'46, Intramural Basketball '43-'46g Stu- dent Council '4-35 Tennis '43-'45g Football '44-'46g Baseball '45. SE IUH5 MARY BEA ISAACS Band '43-'46, President '46g Thespians '43-'44g Coronation '43-'46g Girl Re- serves '43-'46, Parliamentarian '44- '45g Girl Scouts '43-'45g Stunt Nite '44-'45g Student Council '45-'46. ANN SMITH Treasurer Girl Reserves '43-'46, Cabinet '45-'46g Variety Club '43-'4-43 Stunt Nite '43- '46g Art Stal? of Yellow Jacket '43-'46g Vice-President of Class '44-'4Sg Coro- nation '45-'46. CAROLYN LAIGLE Reporter Band '43-'44g Library Club '43-'45, Secretary '4-55 National Honor Society '44-'46g Press Club '45-'46g Clarion Staff '45-'46g Quill and Scroll '46g Valedictorian of Class '46. 5 st, V5 1 ' f 1' Q S ,.,,.'QF' .2s:+'?ES'ff'ifP5',E -. S ' S' is fb , fi x Q ff' 3 K "Wifi ..,, - -, - 2 " ' J K .HL iil trytti ry A,itr rtttt , N t 4 t,,t ,. I 16 .. ,W H9 an 'arf L 4. . ,. W . , wht BILLIE ABBOTT Future Farmers '45-'46,Treasurer'45g Intramural Basketball '44-'45, BESSIE BACAK Girls Athletic Club '43-'46, Treasurer '43-'44-3 Future Homemakers Club '43-'46g Choir '45-'46. WALTER BALLARD Agriculture Club '43-'44, Watch Dogg Basketball '44-'46g Athletic Club '44- '4-Sg Baseball '44-'45. ELSIE LOU BOYD Spanish Club '43-'44gVolleyball Intra- murals '43-'46g Library Club '45-'46g kwa i l AA fn, W ' Choir '46. JOYCE JEAN CARRELL Choir '43-'46g Music Club '44-'46g Girl Scouts '44-'45g Girls Gym -Club '45-'46. BARBARA CHOATE Variety Club '43-'45g Girl Scouts '43- '46g Volleyball '44-'46g Girl Reserves '44-'46g Stunt Nite '44-'45g Girls Ath- letic Club '45-'46g Future Homemak- ers Club '45-'46g Yell Leader '45-'46. PRISCILLA CHOATE Science Club '43-'44g Girl Scouts '43- '46g Basketball '43-'45g Volleyball '44- '46g Girl Reserves '44-'46g Variety Club, Reporter '44-'45g Girls Athletic Club '45-'46g Carnival '44-'4Sg Future Homemakers Club, Secretary '45-'46g Yell Leader '45-'46. YVONNE CLARK Sophomore Favorite '43-'46g Variety Club, Secretary '43-'44g Girl Reserves '43-'46, Vice-President '44-'45, Presi- dent '45-'46g Most Typical Girl '44- '45g Coronation '44-'45g Girl Scouts '44-'46g Junior Play '4-5g Student Coun- cil '44-'45g Band '44-'46, Secretary '45- '46, Drum Major '45-'46g Clarion Re- porter '45-'46g Choir '44-'45g Best All Around Girl '45-'46g Yellow jacket Stall '46. 17 w .. sw . QL, it rf Q NN if I nfs 'Wes , Q ,L . IL,-Q rf , M, ,,., , x ,ffm wt W it -sgigmlgi gli? Sly, , - ti ni' 7 Tiffsxfe it wif 1:5 1395-1,5 'fwi -qwigfg' y 4 3551-iq Wal: :ffjki ,g,fs,'1i, Y bww 32, :w1,.'?gs,ggs,sffif . K ' if we ' wi 7 . L? W Q 3 fs -as-f I ,X Wag 5 .x i 'Q s is PM MARJORIE COX Thespians '43-'44, Coronation '43, '4Sg Yell Leader '43-'46, Stunt Nite '43, '45g Girl Reserves, Cabinet '43-'46, Girl Scout '43-'45, Student Council '43-'45, Historian '44-'45, Football Sweetheart '43-,453 National Honor Society '44-'46g junior Play '45, Most Beautiful Girl '46. OLGA DALMOLIN Variety Club '43-'44, Future Home- makers Club '44-'46, Girls Athletic Club '45-'46. RAY DAVIDSON Band '42-'46, President '44-'45g Foot- ball '42-'4-6g Athletic Club '42-'43, '45- l46g Intramural Basketball '42-'46, Captain '44-'45, Library Club '43-'44, Student Council, Parliamentarian '45- '46g Intramural Baseball '44-'46. EUGENE DEL BELLO Agriculture Club '43-'46, Secretary '43-'44, President '44-'45, Vice-Presi- dent '45-'46g Future Farmers, Parlia- mentarian '44-'45. BILL DORSEY Chemistry Club '43-'44, Press Club '44-'46, Business Manager of Yellow jacket '45-'46, Clarion Staff '44-'46, Band '43-'46, Reporter '45-'46g Na- tional Honor Society '46g Quill and Scroll '4-6. AUDREY DURANT Thespians '43-'44g Girl Reserves '43- I46, Secretary '44-'45, Girl Scouts '43- '45g President ,44-'45, Coronation '43- '44,"45-'46g Stunt Nite '43-'46, Who's Who '43-'46g National Honor Society '44-'46, Secretary '46, Clarion Staff '44-'46, Junior Play '44-'45, Runner- up, Most Popular Girl '44-'45, Press Club, Pres. '45-'46g Quill and Scroll'46. THOMAS DUSHANE Library Club, Vice-President '43-'44, Shsop Club '44-'45, Agriculture Club '4 -'46. DONALD EERNISSE Band '42-'43, '45-'46, Football 342-'46, Athletic Club '42-'46, Basketball '42- '4-6g Home Room President '42-'43g Intramural Basketball '42-'46, Stu- dent Council '42-'43g junior Class President '44-,455 Yell Leader '44-'45, Junior Favorite '44-'45g junior Play '44-'45, Intramural Baseball '44-'46, Tennis '43-'46. 18 mi BILLY FINGER Science Club '43-'44g Intramural Bas- ketball '43-'44g Football '43-'46g Intra- mural Baseball '44-'46g Agriculture Club, Secretary '45-'46. RUTH FINGER Variety Club '43-'45g Girl Reserves '43-I46, Cabinet '43-'46g Band '43-'4-55 Girl Scouts '44-'46, Secretary '44-'45g Stunt Nite '43-'44g Carnival '44g Stu- dent Council '45-'46g Coronation '45g National Honor Society '4-65 Press HUD: Club '45-'46. EILEEN FINN Thespians '43-'44-g Girl Reserves '43- 45, Cabinet '4Sg Variety Club '44-'45g Girl Scouts '44-'4Sg Twirler '4-5. ALFRED FROBERG Class President '43-'44g Library Club '43-'44-g Agriculture Club '43-'46g Foot- ball '44-'45g Athletic Club '44-'46g Intramural Basketball '44-'45. 1 LOYCE GOODE Girls Athletic Club '43-'46g Future H?nT6makers Club '44-'45g Choir '4 -' . PAULINE GRIFFIN Thespians '43-'44g Girl Reserves '43- '46, Treasurer ,45-'46g Home Room President '44-'45g junior Favorite '44- '45g Future Farmer Sweetheart-'44- '4-S5 Home Economics Personality Award '44-'45g Girl Scouts '44-'46g Stunt Nite '44-'46g Future Home- makers Club, President '45-'46g Twirl- 1 Qii A Q' XS iii er '45-'46g Queen '45-'46g Football Sweetheart '45-'46, PETE GUTIERREZ Industrial Arts Club '43-'44g Intra- mural Basketball '44-'45g Poster Club '44-'45g Outstanding Student in Art '44-'45g Art Editor of Yellow jacket '45-'46g Quill and Scroll '45-'46. ROBERT HERING Science Club 43 44, Athletic Club '44-'4-65 Basketball '44-'46g Football '44-'46. 19 'Su- A n Ifkljilgifl-i f, 'rar M' 1 'F .,-XI,-.-. . 5, :,.. v- C 5 BOBBY HOOVER Junior Fireman '43-'44-g Mechanics Club '43-'44g Library Club '44-'4Sg Agriculture Club '45-'46. GRACE HOPKINS Future Homemakers Club '43-'44g Press Club '44-,463 Junior Associate Editor of Clarion '44-'45g Quill and Scroll '45-'46g Girl Reserves .'44-,465 Basketball '44-'45g Carnival '44g Co- Editor of Clarion '45-'46. JOHNNY HOSKEY Athletic Club '43-'46g Football '43-'46, Captain '4-55 Matsushita Cup Winner '45g Choir ,44-'45g Most Typical Boy '45g Best All Around Boy '46g Junior Play '44g Carnival King '4Sg Stunt Nite ,44,'45g All District Guard ,44-'46. JAMES JONES Agriculture Club '43-'45g Athletic Club '45-'46g Basketball '44-'4-6g Foot- ball '45g Stunt Nite '45. JERRY JOURDAN Boy Scout '43-'45g Magazine Club '43-'44. F REDA KEENE Thespians '43-'44g Variety Club '43- '44g Stunt Nite '43-'46g Girl Reserves ,43-'46g Girl Scouts '43-'46g Press Club '44-'46g Junior Associate Editor of Clarion '44-'45g Co-Editor of Clarion '45-'46g Quill and Scroll Treasurer '45- '46g Carnival '43-'45g Annual Staff '43-'46g Homemaking Club '45-'46. J. c. KIRL Agriculture Club '43-'45g Athletic Club '45-'46. RUTH KNIGHT Band '45, '46g Thespians '43-'4-45 Stunt Nite '43-'45g Student Council '43-'44g Girl Reserves '43-'46g Junior Play '44g Girl Scouts '44-'46g Carnival '44, '4Sg Athletic Club '45-'46g Future Home- makcrs Club '45-'46. 20 it HAROLD LEFLETT luture Farmers '43-'45. DORIS MAE MALEK Variety Club '43-'44-g Future Home- makers Club '44-'46g Girls. Athletic Club '45-'46' Choir '45-'46. COLLIQEN MASSEY Girl Reserves '43-'44g Basketball Club '43-'44g Patriot Club '43-'4-45 Choir '44-'46. JUANITA MEARS Band '43-'46g Future Homemakers '43-'44g '45-'46g Thespians '43-'44g Class Secretary '44-'4Sg Press Club ,44-'46, Secretary '45-'46g Associate Editor of Clarion '45-'46g Carnival '44g Quill and Scroll '46, THELMA MEYERS Band 4346 Future Homemakers Club 43 44 Press Club '45-'46. W. G. MIDDLEBROOK Home Room Secretary '43-'44, Treas- urer f44-'45g Science Club '43-'44g Football '44-'45g Athletic Club '44-'46g Runner-up for Most Handsome Boy '44-'45g Student Council '44-'45. OPHELIA MONTEMAYOR Service Club 43 44, Future Home makers Club '44-'46. PAT MOORE Agriculture Club 43 44, Future Far mers '43-'44g Baseball '43-'4-65 Class Officer '43-'44g Athletic Club 44-'46g Basketball '44-'46g Football '45-'46g Coronation '45. 21 BILLY NICHOLS Library Club ,43-'44g Athletic Club '44-'46g Intramural Basketball '44-'46g Future Farmers '45-'46. LETA NORRIS Choir '44-'463 Girl Scouts '44-,455 Girls Athletic Club '45-'46g Stunt Nite '45, KENNETH PALMER Home Room Vice-President '43-'44g Science Club '43-'44g Intramural Bas- ketball '43-'46g Basketball '44-'46g Variety Club '44-'4Sg Football '45-'46g Athletic Club '45-'46, NELDA PATE Thespians '43-'44g Variety Club, Pres- ident ,44-'45g Student Council '44-'46g Girl Reserves '44-'4-Sg Assembly Chair- man '45-'46g Future Homemakers Club '45-'46. HAROLD PLAUTZ Basketball ,44-'4Sg Variety Clubi'44- Zigg,4EOOtl'Jall '45-'46g Athletic Club LAUREN CE PORTER Football '43-'46g Athletic Club '44-'46g Baskbetball '45-'46. J. W. POWELL Student Council '43-'45, President '44- '45g Science Club '43-,445 Athletic Club '43-'44g Variety Club '44-'45g Intramural Basketball '43-'4-6g Press Club ,45-'46. ARTHUR SCHILHAB Science Club '43-'44g Boy Scouts '43- '46g Library Club '44-'45g junior Fire- man '44-'46g Intramural Basketball '43-'46. 22 'ws Nt MARY BETH SEGELQUIST Variety Club '43-'4-45 Stunt Nite '43- '4Sg Band '43-'44-g Volley Ball '43g Bas- ketball '43g Press Club '44-'46g Girl Scouts '44-'45g Tennis '44g Editor of Annual '45-'46g Annual Staff '44-'45g Clarion Staff '45-'46g Quill and Scroll, Vice-President '45-'46g National Hon- or Society '4-6. ELVIDGE STANLEY Twirler '43-'46g Library Club '43-'44g Variety Club '44-'45g Girl Reserves '44-'46g Girl Scouts '44-'45g Basketball '44-'45' Carnival '44, LONNIE STAPP Science Club 43 44 Boy Scouts 43 46 Library Club 44 45 C. W. TILLEY Library Club, Vice-President '43-'4-4g Intramural Basketball '43-'46g Bas- ketball '44-'4Sg Press Club '44-'46g Clarion Reporter '44-'46g Boys Glee Club '45-'46g Quill and Scroll '46g Annual Staff '44-'46. DONALD WALKER Science Club '43-'44g Boy Scouts '43- '46g Junior Fireman '44-'46g Clarion Reporter '44-'4S. BRADFORD WARREN Band '43-'46g Science Club '43-,44g Stunt Nite '43g junior Play '44g Band Club '44-'46. MARGUERITE WHITFIELD Band 43-45, Future Homemakers Club '43-'44g Variety Club '44-'45. JEANNINE WILL Thespians '43-,445 Future Homemak- ers '43-'44g Carnival '43g Press Club 344-'46g Coronation '44g Stunt Nite I44-'4Sg Clarion Staff '44-'45g Annual Staff '45-'46g Choir '44-,455 Quill and Scroll '46. 23 L 5 -if A f 'Nr 'VX . ,"75:5:f, . I x PAULETTA WOODS Future Homemakers Club, Reporter '43-'44, Secretary '44-'45, Nurses Club President '43-'44g Girl Reserves '44- ,46, Cabinet '45-'46, Future Farmer Sweetheart '43-'44, Choir '45-'46g Volleyball '44-'4S. Society '44-'45. BOBBY THORNTON Post Graduate HELEN CARDEN Choir '42-'45g Coronation '42-'43, Stunt Nite '42-'45g Band ,43-'45, Ser- geant-at-Arms '44-,453 Choir Honor VIOLA CROUCH Post Graduate l CLASS HISTIIHY Throughout our high school years, the Class of 1946 has contributed much to school activities: programs, benefits, clubs, and scholastic work. We have also taken an interest in civic projects such as the clothing drive, bond drives, and health drives. We can not say much about the year we were sophomores. We were getting a real taste of high school life. Our class sponsors that year were Miss Willie Finger, Miss Verna Browning and Miss Bes- sie Mae Key. Alfred Froberg was class president. Duringjour junior year, Miss Mary Ray Wood and Miss Phyllis Phillips were our class sponsors. The whole Junior Class considered themselves lucky to have two such wonderful sponsors. They sat for hours in the Recreation Hall selling cold drinks so that the class could have a "super-duper" junior-senior banquet. We must not forget to men- tion our junior play, One Mad Night, and the box supper. In sports the juniors won the junior-senior football game, the junior-senior basketball games, and the annual Hag fight. 24 The first important event of our senior year took place on Stunt Nite, when the class placed first with a take-off on the Hallowe'en Coronation called, Thr Rrvired Version of Browning and Finger. Another memorable occasion was the Valentine costume party given for the seniors in the Recrea- tion Hall by Mrs. Otto Paris. Again this year our class was blessed with two great sponsors, Miss Verna Browning and Miss Willie Finger. Through their Work, much has been done this year. Here are some statistics concerning our class. There are sixty members in the class at present, seven having withdrawn since this school year began. Five of the annual favorites were from the senior class, nine of the football lettermen were seniors, and three of the yell leaders are seniors. The football sweetheart has been chosen from our class for the past three years, and the queen for the past two. Many activities have been planned for the sen- iors for the remainder of the year, including an outdoor party, a barbecue and the annual "Kid Day." Graduation takes place on May 23. Umnus CLASS UFFIEEH5 JACK Inoux NORMAN PETERSON Prendent Vice-Prerident SHIRLEY SMITH ESTHER WILLIAMS- Seeretary Trearurn HISTIIHY UF THE EL SS UF '47 By Norman Peterson ln the ninth grade, the Junior Class made the most successful venture of its history up to that time. That was the minstrel which was given to raise money for the banquet we gave. Our banquet in Hawaiian theme is still remembered as one of the loveliest that has been held in this school. The class officers at that time were these: Bob Alexander, president, Mary Edith Sheafier, vice president, and Shirley Smith, secretary. At the end of the year came graduation from junior high school. What an important time that was to us! During the summer we were worrying about next year's initiation. When next year came, we got it, although there was a regulation against it. Now we were in high school, but we seemed to have lost our spirit temporarily. We did not even elect offi- cers. Parties, which we had had almost every week in 1945, were a thing of the past. Although we helped put over various drives, we originated none of them. This year we were rather provoked at the strict prohibition against initiating the sophomores, for 25 we had certainly had our share. The Junior Class now is excelling in many ways. We are the largest class in high school. Our candidate for queen of the carnival, Shirley Smith, almost won the crown. The junior representatives on the Student Council, Bob Alexander, Jack Idoux, and Norman Peter- son, hold the oflices of president, vice president, and historian, respectively. Through the persist- ence of the junior representatives, we received pins this year in the Student Council. The junior home rooms, led by the sponsors, Mrs. Fincher, Miss Ard, and Miss Wood, won recognition in the year- book sbuscription campaign, Miss Ard's room winning the prize. The junior play, given by the class to raise funds for the banquet, was The Whole Town'.r Talking. It was directed by Miss Edna Shaw. The play was produced within three weeks after its first re- hearsal. The junior-senior banquet, followed by the prom given by the seniors, closed our year of activities. We have many pleasant memories of school behind us, but now we look ahead to our senior year, which we hope will be the best. if , L-V f S , mm. 2 ,zzf " ' if'1gI", is 2 5-If if ,,.,E , l.., , f .M 1 - 9, Q 3, - 4- fsfffafif ' sU"f 55js-1112.5-' v . WS? , - AM BOB ALEXANDER ARTHUR ARMSTRONG LOUISE AVITTS GERALD BENNETT MARY JUANITA BERRY JOSEPH BOYD JESSABELL CANAY FRANCES CARTER SUSILEIGH CHAMBERS DOROTHY CHAPPELL NOVALYN CHILES ERNEST CHRISTOFFERSON LIONEL CLARK SUE CLARK JIMMIE COLEMAN LUPE CORDOVA ALMEDA COWARD CLAUDE Cox CARLIE DALMOLIN HARRIETT DEWITT DANIEL DOERR KENNETH DRAKE JOE DUKE NEAL EATON ALEX ESQUIVEL ELIZABETH ESQUIVEL BOBBY FORGY SARA GARc1A DOROTHY GERHAR1' NELL GOODE WINONA GRAMMER ALLEN GRAY VERNON GRAY JACK GREEN SHIRLEY ANNE HAGLER RUTH ELLEN HENRY 5 i , . ,.A, A Y 1- A .gif 51512 Y- 1 2' M' ,QW A if ? 27 z,,Vgm4M-A- f -1-I:-,iff -i .. ,, I Q iiff 1:1 1 ' "ggi: ,I J , S ix was-gf f -1, 'waxy V -. , M Av wr- my-vi s 2- ,l1f,1 13g A ?'Mfgg'f5Sfj fir I we .Mgw .54 '82- IH x 1' If ., Q " a e I IS? I, V-f I iw si, I QA r Q gg Q J I fi: A I f' II :fa 'I fi g Elf-iiziw " 55 6 I Z, I - A 'R rg :mn '1-,s:,,g:fe,',',w:.- .-: i . If I ilwzfffv i z f i.- ff B :I miwi' ' , -TQ Iii - DOLORES HUEPERS BETTY JO JACKSON ALVIN JIMMERSON, JR. NELTHA JOHNSON BILLY JOE JONES EMMA LAVONNE JORDAN BOBBY JOURDAN LORRAINE KELAREK BERNELLE KENDRICK r BETTY GLYN KETTLER MARY LOUISE KIRK GEORGE LAIGLE CLIFFORD LEARY DEAN LEFLETT DALE LEWIS 28 NORMA MARIE LIRA RICHARD LODGE BONNIE LOGSDON JAMES LYNCH CORRIE MCKAY MILDRED MITCHELL JAMES MAXWELL 'airgw-239 ' A-:J Af -vm. 'Tm ' -F fa II? if H ' QEMQ lan, E IVE at T., .I . Im Iii' I I Y A ' 51 , Im , 'I I Iggrqbui, , , S . V,-fggwg,-gII. ROBERT LEE MILLER TRUMAN MILLING PATRICIA MACEK BILL MOORE ELLA MAE MORTENSEN BILL MORRIS Y' 3?'fHh,w I P I ' I. ,ISV A Q A I Egg W. EDITH HATCH ALICE ANN NETTLE MARY JOYCE NEWSOM GLORIA NICHOLS CHARLES PARKER NETTIE PORTER SAMMY POWERS FRANCES PRATER MARY Jo PUGH R?W3 .TfMM :.ff'ff5f:a dg.. 1' Q f I ' m ' I 4: iw Alia if I I -' Iwfwwwf wmwk I W i l y I nw? . JOANN RAIRIGH Lols REIGER JACK ROBINSON WANDA SEGELQUIST WILLIAM SCHUENEMANN MARY EDITH SI-IAEFEER MARIE SHOEMAKE ROY SHOEMAKE LUCIAN STANLEY PAT STONE A- GEORGE STROUHAL A EVPZ J. V. THOMPSON N, A JO ANN TIELEY CLIFFORD TONER ENID UNDERWOOD 10 HAZEL VAN NORMAN BOB WACKER HELEN WEST WINEREE WoosT . ix I Albert Lee Furnace Prexident Eunice Arth Mary Bartos Marvin Bear Billy Bennett jamie Blackwell Evelyn Blakely jane Boyd Mary Lee Brawley SUPHUMUHE5 CLASS UFFIIIEH5 Mary Ann Spears Susie Latham Vice-President Secretary Pauline Plaster Treafurer ,, -vf Q f ws" , - .f ' . 'fm 1 51 ELBERT BUROE NELVA DEAN CARRELL RAY COPELAND BETTY JEAN EDOMM LEw1s ETTER MARGARET FIELD RAY GIBSON MARTEN GLADI-'ELTER DONALD GRAHAM EVELYN HARRIS .AUBREY HILLERS MARIE HOLCOMB JOAN HAWKINS MILTON HOOD J. P. JOHNSTON JUDY JONES ELLEN KNAPE HAZEL KNAPE NELLIE KOST EVELYN KRAMPOTA GEORGE KREUZER ZELDA LEFLETT JUNE LIVELY EUGENE Lonn CLYDE LOVELESS FRED LYoNs LEON LUNDAY BILL MCCRACKEN B1LL1E DORIS MCGINNIE BETTY JEAN MCKINNEY LLOYD MANNING HELEN MEARS COLLEEN MooRE JERRY MURPHY ELo1sE OLIVER DON PARKS JERRY PENTECOST MARGARET PETERSEN ORALIA QUINTANILLA CASIMIRA QUINTANILLA MARIE RICHTER JACQUALINE ROBERTSON JUDY SELLER BERNIOE SCHOVAJSA CARLIS SCROGGINS GENE SHANNON ANITA SHEAFFER JAMES SMYLIE MARCELLE SOWELL BILLY STYLES THELMA STRICKLIN FRANK TRUKSA FRANK VILLALOVAS AMON WARE ROY DEAN WELOH BILLY JOE WHITTED WANDA WILLEF HAROLD WINOA: ALLAN WOOD FLOYD KETTLER KYLE WILSON X Q 1 'x x 'il X X ' xx Q ,A X Ql f 5 -A Q-1 Z XX X .A ' fi ' Q ,Y NK N 35 I f ' K .' X ,- Y WK ,X 4 Y xx fi' fx Q ' 45 Ri , X01 E ' N ,YW ,,i,,- avomlcf HAI Af", 1,-F01 a N--1 'QT X ,fx I -, fr- -f"..-1- 1 ! .- 51. 1 V. f' A, 31 .wkagw wr N .fgj'wfw 'I .n x k 77 41? - A,,L '. " 1 ,. gg, ,g,, if ,A 4: f - 'ECM' , 1zTi4g5g:L,,L..i '5F??E-1 -E Www - . S ig ,,..., ,.5gw,-415 ff if ' A use V44 iff? gf. if 2 40 an L M- ax , , 56 wx: EIIIHU ATIUN 1945 Unusual beauty characterized the twenty-fifth coronation presented by the P.T.A. on Hallowe'en night. Pauline Griffin was the seventh queen to be crowned in the present school auditorium. johnny Hoskey was the king at the 1945 coronation .... The royal court included Audrey Durant and Marjorie Cox, ladies-in-waiting. The senior duchesses, Elvidge Stanley and Ann Smith, were escorted by Bradford Warren and Pat Moore. The junior duchess was Mary Edith Sheaffer, who was escorted by Allen Gray. Mary Ann Spears, sophomore duchess, was escorted by Marten Gladfelter .... The junior princess, Shirley Smith, was escorted by Jimmie Lynch. Colleen Moore, sophomore princess, was escorted by james Smylie. The princess from junior high was Doris Johansen, who was escorted by Billy Ray Miller. Duchess Vlasta Bayer ofjunior high was escorted by Duke Edward Cole .... Ruth Finger was the YW herald and Mary Bea Issacs was the bu- gler. The flower girls were Lucille Eubanks, Sally Foster, Charlotte Daniel, and Mary- lena Hays. The train bearers were Tommy Hines, Mickey Maxwell and james Burge. Bobby Davis was the crown bearer, and Suzanne Collins was the cupid. PAULINE GRIFFIN Quezn of the 1945 Coronation 59 UST LIKELY TU SUEIIEEIJ BILLY HAWKINS DEAN LEFLETT was elected the girl most likely to succeed but she moved away before the pictures were made for the Annual. 40 PAULINF. GRIFFIN Football Sweetheart MARY ANN SPEARS Sweetheart of the Alvin Chap- ter of the Future Farmers of America. Whn's Whn MARY BETH SEGELQUIST Mary Beth, the hard-working editor of the Annual this year, has shown much interest in her work. She is an honor student, a member of the National Hon- or Society, and is vice-president of Quill and Scroll. NELDA PATE Nelda is one of the few girls who has ever been chairman of the high school assembly. She does her work well and is particu- larly interested in the field of home economics. YVONNE CLARK Pretty, brown-eyed Yvonne is drum major of the band. She was chosen as most typical girl during her junior year and was the best all-around girl this year. She plays a saxophone in the band and also is quite good on the piano. GRACE HOPKINS and FREDA KEENE Graceand Freda are the co-edi- tors of the Clarion. Both girls were willing workers through- out the school and are outstand- ing in other activities. Grace is secretary of Quill and Scroll, and Freda is treasurer. BILL Doasav and CAROLYN LAIGLE Bill is the salutatorian of the Senior Class with an average of 91104. Carolyn has the honor of being the valedictorian with an average of 92.60. Bill is business manager of the Annual, a mem- ber of the band, and a good pianist. Carolyn is also a mem- ber of the Yellow jacket staff and treasurer of the National Honor Society. AUDREY DURANT This is Audrey's second year as pianist for the high school as- sembly, and her second year as accompanist for the high school choir. She is secretary of the National Honor Society and is on the Clarion and Yellow jacket staH'. .uw ss A W tlfriilifet firm., ,W . 42 S - -xx g -X fl xx - ' ,Z E, ,. Q S .- XX . ' ' - XX Eb! i- f ' ,' - .,.-L '71-Z A . X "' -H .. f, 4,11 , Il 1 -1 nl. - Q .K an -1' I " u ii' - It f 1 WI, an 'U '41, x 3, : X ,X 'lu Q . -I X " l ,. I.. X gl f XXX -5 X l V' " , I r D 1 f ' ,, . in X ul , f , M 5 -I . 1' Q I-5 f 4 b h hw ' u ' f-'ff 9" 'N - r-',- i Li fig 54154 i fi f'J ' :f I 2 I P' Q? fwi 42- 'nfl-ri .F 1 W 'I NX " - . 4... W SSX Q,-:,, T:-fiig - ' f ll' 15 " "' xr 45-,.. 5,945 Q-.,?A:egz, 'Z' P 5419! 5 :TL X 'I N vw' Lb- I A rn- -rd.. 259-- 1 iw Q ff w' 5 5 . wi V ,Q 1 Il ' ' K -sq Qfx. s f T: l 5 fl 51:1 S. -. . : ff' ,A .J -.1 A- ,f f Q 3 f'l 'l,,, , 1 - .-.. L 4. lljh I ' 'll" 'L H' -v A- A .. N -, J 'lf E21 -5 1131-Q 'ti'-1-N X - . ' X-, -, M . 1 A - 4 ix - ,' f! ,X 5 Q- . ' . X. X fZP,. -gh A A A N -r .-1.1 :'- - - V .-- - -1--:rf - " fi6' -1. . gl.:-..-f-Q , ,W x ' if' f BLIII TIU 44 PRESS CLUB The Press Club is responsible for the publication of the Annual and the school newspaper. Some of the members work on both the Annual and the newspaper and some work only on one publication. Audrey Durant, president, is shown here presiding at a regular meeting of the Press Club. Juanita Mears is secretary and Miss Merle Weir is sponsor of the club. BUSINESS STAFF f YELLOJ JACKET The business stafl' of The Yzllow jacket takes care of the financial arrangements of putting out the Annual. Mary Beth Segelquist is editor-in-chief, Bill Dorsey, busi- ness managerg Pat Stone, advertis- ing manager, Harriet DeWitt, cir- culation manager, and Jeannine Will, assistant circulation manager. Pete Gutierrez, art editor, Ann Smith, assistant art editor, and Miss Merle Weir, sponsor, are also shown in the picture. EDITORIAL STAFF Of YELLOW jACKET All students who work on layouts and copy for the Annual are on the editorial staff. They are Clrft to rightj Shirley Hagler, Joann Rai- righ, Esther Williams, C. W. Tilley, Yvonne Clark, Billy Hawkins, Mary Beth Segelquist, Lewis Etter, Marcelle Sowell, Freda Keene, Kyle Wilson, Grace Hopkins, Enid Underwood, Audrey Durant, Ruth Finger, Juanita Mears, and Thel- ma Meyers. P BLIIIATIU 5 CLARION STAFF Members of the Clarion Staff de- vote their time to putting out the school news which is published in the Alvin Sun each week. Freda Keene and Grace Hopkins are co- editors of the Clarion, and Juanita Mears is associate editor. Members of the staff as shown flzft to rightj are Freda Keene, Billy Hawkins, C. W. Tilley, Mary Beth Segel- Euist, Audrey Durant, Yvonne lark, Carolyn Laigle, Harriet De- Witt, Juanita Mears, Susileigh Chambers, Enid Underwood, Grace Hopkins, Pat Stone, Bill Dorsey, Dale Lewis, Kyle Wilson, and Miss Merle Weir, advisor. QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll is the Inter- national Honorary Society for High School Journalists, A member of this society must have done out- standing work in some phase of journalism, must rank in the upper one-third of his class, and must be recommended by the advisor and approved by the executive secre- tary of the society. This year's oflicers are Billy Hawkins, presi- dentg Mary Beth Segelquist, vice- president, Freda Keene, treasurerg Grace Hopkins, secretary, and Pete Gutierrez, historian. Other members are Ann Smith, Pat Stone, C. W. Tilley, Harriet DeWitt, Car- olyn Laigle, Audrey Durant, Jean- nine Will, Juanita Mears, and Susileigh Chambers. Miss Merle Weir is sponsor of the society. PHOTOGRAPHER Miss Elaine Ard, as photographer for the Annual, has done much to make this book possible. She is always enthusiastic about her work and is always willing to take another picture. sf' t 1"" III. B5 46 LIBRARY CLUB Members of the Library Club help Miss Evelyne Strickland, librarian, in the library by checking books, putting books on the shelves, and doing other jobs. Members are Edith Hatch, Lois Reiger, Elsie Lou Boyd, Jacqualine Robertson, Sara Garcia, Bernelle Kendrick, Floyd Kettler, Corrie McKay, George Laigle, Billy Styles, Lupe Cordova, Joseph Boyd, Evelyn Blakely, Marie Holcomb, Judy Jones, Dorothy Gerhart, Patricia Macek, Eloise Oliver, Nellie Kost, and Norman Peterson. GIRL RESERVES Members of the Girl Reserves are Barbara Choate, Enid Underwood, Marjorie Cox, Pat Stone, Shirley Hagler, Ann Smith, Marie Richter, Judy Seller, Bonnie Logsdon, June Lively, Billie Doris McGinnis, Pauline Plaster, Mary Bea Isaacs, Elvidge Stanley, Frances Prater, Harriet DeWitt, Anita Shealfer, Priscilla Choate, Alice Ann Nettle, and Shirley Smith. Miss Arlyne Haggard is advisor of the Girl Reserves. JUNIOR FIREMEN The Junior Firemen, composed of Alvin High School boys, are learn- ing to fight fires and are in charge of fire drills at school. Members are Roscoe Smith, Clyde Loveless, Billie Abbott, Billy Paris, Arthur Schilhab, Harold Plautz, Tommy DuShane, Bob Alexander, Jimmie Coleman, Donald Eernisse, Bobby Thornton, and J. V. Thompson. HUIVIEIVI lil li FOODS CLASS In cooking classes the girls are taught the fundamentals of cook- ing and preparing meals. In the picture are Doris Malek, Loyce Goode, Bernice Schovajsa, Jean- nine Will, Bessie Bacak, Novalyn Chiles, Olga Dalmolin, Casimira Quintanilla, Freda Keene, Leta Norris, Ella Mae Mortensen, and Mary Bartos. CLOTHING CLASS Sewing classes teach girls how to make a little money go a long way by making their own clothes. In the picture are Emma Lavonne Jordan, Pauline Griffin, Almeda Coward, Corrie McKay, Mildred Mitchell, Colleen Moore, Norma Lira, and Frances Carter. GIRLS LEARN TABLE MANNERS In cooking the girls also learn table manners and arrangement. The girls in the picture are Almeda Coward, Nelva Dean Carrell, Pau- line Griffin, Joyce Carrell, and Nelda Pate. Miss Ola Mae Cook is instructor of the Home-making Department. ALVIN HIGH SIIHUUI. BAN The members of the band are as follows: fFlutz:J Joann Rairigh, Bill Dorsey, Phyllis Duke, Virginia Vilha, Ruth Finger, CCIarinet.rJ: NelieKost, Frances Prater, Dorothy Chap- pell, Betty Jean Edomm, Judy Jones, Ruth Knight, Mary Lee Brawley, Nell Goode, Florence Rychlik, Lewis Etter, Marcelle Sowell, Jessabell Canady, Jacqualine Robertson, Moriel Kirk- patrick, Rose Wells, Wanda Willeford, CSaxophone.rJ Thelma Meyers, Helen Mears, Betty Jourdan, Juanita Mears, Donald Curry, Anita Shealler, Betty Jean McKinney, Vlasta Bayer, Dolores Huepers, Euneva Hatch, Yvonne Clark, f0boe.rJ: Roy Dean Welch, Ruth Ann Welch, fBa.fJoon.fl Judy Seller, Marie Richter, fCornet.0 Arthur Armstrong, Marten Gladfelter, Judith Barker, Mary Bea Isaacs, Alvin Jimmerson, Elbert Burge, James Welch, CFrench horml: Joe Duke, Edward Wil- son, Frances Huepers, C73rombonz.vD: Bradford Warren, Ray Davidson, James Maxwell, Ray Copeland, CBaritone.vl.' Daniel Doerr, Dick Lodge, Bill McCracken, CBa.r: hornsl: Bill Ben- nett, Bill Whitted, Billy Paris, Gerald Prater, fPercu.v.vionJ: June Lively, Doris McGinnis, Novalyn Chiles, Pauline Plaster, Wanda Jo Collins. Mr. R. Cecil King became director after the resignation of Mr. E. M. McCracken. BAND AT NIGHT The picture at the right is the band in formation at the Texas City football game. TWIRLERS The twirlers for 1945-46 are shown at the left: Pauline Griflin, Dolores Huepers, Enid Underwood, Yvon-ne Clark, drum major, and El- vidge Stanley. ALVIN HIGH The Alvin High School Choir is composed of approximately forty voices. This group makes a very impressive appearance on various occasions, and they "listen" well, too. They have sung in assembly programs, on civic and religious programs in Alvin, and occasionally have made trips to surrounding towns. CSecond rowl: Juanita Mears, Olga Dalmolin, Doris Malek, Enid Underwood, Evelyn Harris, Mary Ann Spears, Doris Rodden, Joan Ruth Hawkins, Ophelia Monte- mayor. CThird rowjz Bernice Schovajsa, Marie Shoemake, Elsie Lou Boyd, Bessie Bacak, Loyce Goode, Col- leen Massey, Jessabell Canady. Margaret Peterson, Casimira Quin- tanilla. CBack rowjz C. W. Tilley, Billy Hawkins, Billy Bennett, Elbert Burge, Walter Ballard, Marten Gladfelter, Kenneth Drake, Ray Copeland, and Billy Whitted. SIIHIJ UI. EHUIH Mr. R. Paul Fulwider is the competent director. The members of the choir, as shown in the picture, are as follows: fFron! row left to righzl: Mr. Fulwider, Pauletta Woods, Novalyn Chiles Nelva Dean Carrell, Joyce Carrell, Susileigh Chambers, Esther Williams, Winona Grammer, Mary Berry, Elvidgc Stanlcx and Audrey -Jean Durant, accompanist BOYS GLEE CLUB The Boys Glee Club meets at ac- tivity period on Wednesday with Mr. Fulwider directing. Six mem- bers, shown in the picture, are Bill Bennett, Elbert Burge, Ray Cope- land, Marten Gladfelter, Billy Whitted, and C. W. Tilley. One of the most colorful appear- ances of the choir was as guest singers with the band at the Amer- ican Legion banquet last April. FUTURE FAH EHS UF NIEHIIIA The most important event on the calendar of the Alvin Future Farmers each year is the stock show. The boys give the show, aided by the Alvin Lions Club and other interested citizens. The pic- tures on this page were taken at the show this year. CLeftl Bill Moore and Mr. J. W. Dorsey are shown with the Grand Champion gersey sire, owned by Bill. CRighz Allen Gray and his Blue Ribbon Registered Jersey. CLefzl Allen is shown here with his Junior Cham ion jersey sire. fRightl Sammie Plbwers stands be- hind his Blue Ribbon Registered jersey cow. fBeIow, leftj Jerry Murphy holds his Grand Champion Rhode Island Red cockerel. fRightj A view of the interior of the tent at the F.F.A. stock show. .fi M' 50 AUTH ECH!-l IES AIRPLANES This year the school purchased three planes to be used in a new course for senior boys who want to study aviation and auto mechan- ics. The course is taught by Mr. C. P. Munz, industrial arts in- structor. PILOTS Two of these planes were piloted to Alvin by two former Alvin High School students. In the picture at the right are Cleft to rightj Mr. Munz, Lt. Keith Armstrong, Lt. Carlton Ely, and Mr. A. G. Welch. MECHANICS BOYS AT WORK Only eight boys are taking the mechanics course. At the right is a picture of the boys at work. They are Cleft to right, rtandingj: Harold Plaurz, Bube Hering, Tommy Du- Shane, Kenneth Palmer, Mr. Munz and Lonnie Stappg Cxratedj Arthur Schilhab, Billy Finger, and Donald Walker. 5 DIE H!-lWIiI 5 DAY THE RACE On your mark! Ready for the Sadie Hawkins Day race. Gentlemen, bewarel They mean business. Alvin Senior High School becomes Dogpatch once each year. Daisy Mae, Sadie Hawkins and Mammy Yoakum become the aggressors against the defenseless males, Lil' Abner and Pappy. The race takes place after school, and the boy who is caught is escorted to the party that night by his Daisy Mae. Prices are awarded for t-he best costumes worn. One feature of the day last year was a contest to see which girl could concoct the most "be-yo6-ti- ful" corsage for her Lil' Abner. Cauliflower, onion, lettuce, car- rots, and turnips served as media for experimentation.The picture at left shows some of the winners ex- hibiting their corsages with justifi- able pride. l RECREATION HALL Not only on Sadie Hawkins Day, but on week-ends and many special occasions, the Recreation Hall fur- nishes a meeting place for dancing, companionship, and relaxation. IIAHNIV L II3HT1H1l5 These scenes were taken in the gymnasium and the cafeteria on Hallowe'en when the annual P.T.A. carnival was in progress. The carnival this year was one of the most successful in recent years. STU T NITE The Junior Class won second place. Their stunt was a pre sentation of a scene from the life of Dagwood, Blondie and family, including Daisy and the pups. 54 The Press Club sponsors Stunt Nite each year to raise money for the Annual. This year the seniors again took iirst place with their skit, Revifed Verriom of F. and B. This was a take-oif on the annual coronation which is held at Hallowe'en. The Press Club won third place with the mix-up en- titled The General Store Buy: a Radio. WE IIANNIJT Slllfl FUHHET V-E DAY Our most joyful but solemn occasion last year was May 8. Both junior and senior high schools assembled in the auditorium for a service of praise and thanksgiving that victory had come to the United Nations in the Euro- pean theater of war. my ,.', 'iw 145 Qs H gifts . i UNITED NATIONS DAY A special service of prayer and dedication was held on April 255 for on that day representatives of all the Allied nations met in San Francisco to plan the United Nations organizations to safeguard the peace of the world. A LOST LEADER The saddest day was April 13. Before the assembled schools, Old Glory was lowered to half mast in mourning for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died April 12. A A ii ffl i,2f,,M A X 1 ff 2,2 J, ' Bu.LY I-lawxms MARJORIE Cox AUDREY DURANT CAROLYN LAIGLE Przndznt V1cc-Prendmt Secretary Trzarurzr Second Year Second Year Second Year Second Year N!-XTIIINAI. HIJNIQIH SUIIIETY The National'Honor Society is composed of five per cent of the Junior Class and ten per- cent of the Senior Class. The members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Besides the officers, other members are CD Bob Alexan- der, QZJ Frances Prater, C35 Yvonne Clark, QD Harold Plautz, C51 Harriet DeWitt, C61 Shirley Hagler, UD Esther Williams, CSD Elizabeth Esquivel, C93 Mary Beth Segelquist, C101 Ruth Finger, and CID Bill Dorsey. The picture at the bottom of the page shows members of the National Honor Society receiving their awards at Award Night last year. 56 PRESS CLUB BANQUET The Press Club relaxes at the annual banquet after the yearbook goes to press. One feature of the banquet last year was the formal initia- tion of pledges into the Blue- bonnet Chapter of Quill and Scroll. BAND BANQUET That rival group of musi- cians, the band, were not to be outdone by the choir. Their banquet was formal, IOO. BANUUETS CHOIR BANQUET Let's look in for a moment on the choir banquet. This was a very formal affair, we heard. JUNIUH-SE IUH FHULIE5 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Following the banquet, the seniors reciprocate the courtesy extended by the juniors by giving a dance in their honor. The library has seemed the choice location for this event in recent years. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The most important so- cial alfair of the year is the banquet given by the juniors in honor of the seniors. The banquet last year was on April 27. This picture is of the speakers, table. SENIOR PLAY Last year's seniors pre- sented as their class play the royalty play, Spring Fever. ,f lv A 'E 9' -3 x x M XXX X gx X -is fa X 1-. Q - :fi X i N 1 Q f J X -L lp ..-I. S'-lj A ' "'- 2 1- 1-L S -5 ' -?i ,Y L, 1. -L , "QA-f 'li ""' 5 - xx wa- 'Xyf X 1: '-f- .n A X -"""" f"-IIQMX f R XX -- K 5' ' ,,-I X X-4' -D A A P I H- i", xg -"' gg- iql EH ' T ' il - .- If 'ww " 5 if 5 5 i- ,. if N ' - 1 ' X' A' 5 :-4 1 X N X Q N J , 1 N 5 L A ? Q Q' ez' r 9' '3'f1"f"5,"'5-zgnfi "-?" '-" Jr? 'K :' A if ' T if "'L"'+1R."2 lf1'1 ?1 fP1. vm lp -eff ,,EfE!7'. 5 X . ' Tx - J I 1- I lsnl B ".!!5'elEjl4', - f N ' 5 Mai ffsf-sag? 1 Wx --S 1:39 . 4 f 5.2.5 3... +1 H ' S-, E. - I I f F -. X S . gg 5 is F3 WF -f 'Q-H -, - IV, Q 7 ix Q f Tr , , V ' 2 X L it Xn , ,g I' V, -h----1 1 A ,Q- .l' , is +6 -fix ' , ra' ,S "' Q1'- 'S+ ff, aff'-2 f2 ?.f-f-Lg , .., 4 FUUTBALL 1945 THE SQUAD Left to right, bottom row: Palmer, Gray, Eernisse, Forgy, Villalovas, Alexan- der, Plautz, Jourdan. Second row: Coleman, manager, Lynch, Hoskey, Hawkins, Idoux, Jones, Green, Froberg, Moore. Third row: Clark, Hering, Davidson, Paris, Milling, Middlebrook, Furnace, Jimmerson, coach Maxwell. JACKETS THIRD IN DISTRICT 28-A The Alvin High School Yellow Jackets came in for third place in the District 28-A con- ference this year. the Jackets were inexperienced and had only five lettermen from the 1944 squad. Middlebrook and Milling played fine ball at ends, Froberg and Forgy blocked well at tackles. Hoskey and Hawkins at guard and Idoux at center played good defensive games .... In the backfield, Davidson played good ball until he received a shoulder injury. Hawkins, regular guard, took his place and played well. Villalovas was the spark- plug of the backlield because he was fast. Hering, Eernisse, Plautz, Paris and Alexander "carried the leather ruggedlyf' The picture below shows the "A" team ready for action. 60 SEE E5 AT CAMP The football team this year can be happy over the fact that they had the privilege of attending summer camp. For the first time since 1939 the boys had the opportunity to participate in the training and good times at summer football training at Camp Rio Vista. The pictures on this page show some of the good times they en- joyed on the trip. The picture in the upper right shows the boys who stayed in the cabin with "Rip." The ones pictured at lower right were coach's "pets." At camp the Alvin Yellow jack- ets met boys from Robstown, and Reagan, and played football with them. The trip lasted eight days. The boys practiced twice a day to get ready for the tough season's schedule. ,V V K - H In .,. . .il ' fire y l f! as Q , -4..i. if? t 61 LETTER lVl N BUBEH HERING, Blocking Back. Good blocker. RAY DAVIDSON, F ullback. Good passer and runner, graduating. W. G. MIDDLEBROOK, End. Good pass receiver, all-district sec- ond team, graduating. BILLY PARIS, Wingback. Good runner, graduating. TRUMAN MILLING, End. Excellent pass receiver, all-district team. FRANK VILLALOVAS, Tailback. Fast, shifty, reliable, all-district sec- ond team. ALBERT FURNACE, Tacklc. Hard charger, good blocker. "TINKER" PLAUTZ, Wingback. Good tackler and runner, graduating. BILLY HAWKINS, Fullback and Guard. Good kicker, runner, blocker, all-dis- trict second team, captain-elect, graduating. JOHNNY HOSKEY, Guard. Good kicker, runner, all-district team, co-captain, graduating. ALFRED FROBERG, Tackle. Good blocker, hard charger, co-cap- tain, all-district 2d team, graduating DONALD EERNISSE, Blocking back. Good blocker, tackler, graduating. BOB ALEXANDER, Quarterback. Good runner, fast and shifty. JACK IDOUX, Center. Good ball handler, good tackler. BOBBY FORGY, Tackle. Good blocker and tackler, all-district second team. me Yellow Jackets make lint against Texas City. illalovas scores on a sixty-four yard ln against Sealy. SEE AT THE EAMES iilling catches a pass from David- n which nets six points in the alena Park game. awkins scores against Sealy a twenty-three yard pass terception. iach looks pretty worried. Jnder who missed his block? e band is an ever ready :er section at the foot- ,l games. Shown here ,ying in the stands. 63 BASKETBALL 1945 THE SQUAD The basketball season has not been so successful as we could have hoped this year, because most of the boys were inexperienced. The Alvin squad, however, showed much enthusiasm in spite of diHi- culties, and had a reputation as a scrapping bunch. The "A" Squad is shown on the flrst row of this picture: CLeft to rightj Walter Ballard, Billy Hawkins, James Smylie, Jack Idoux, Billy Paris, and Truman Milling. The other members of the squad are as follows: Csecond rowj Frank Villalovas, J. C. Kirl, James Jones, Harold Plautz, Donald Eernisse, Coach Maxwell, third row, Laurence Porter, Allan Wood, "Bube" Hering, Billy Nichols, Robert Lee Miller, Jimmie Coleman, and Daniel Doerr. THE SCHEDULE Opponent Alvin Opponent Alvin Opponent Alvin Opponent Alvin Galena Park. . . 22 18 31 39 West Columbia.. 14 13 26 25 Freeport ....... 24 53 21 40 Pasadena ....... 50 26 80 32 Texas City ..... 47 24 38 34 Angleton ....... 11 16 29 36 THE ATHLETIC CLUB The boys' Athletic Club meets every Wednesday at activity period. Members of this club are boys from both football and basketball teams, and others who are interested in sports. Coach Maxwell uses the club as a refresher for various plays in both basketball and football. In the picture, the club mem- bers are watching a film in the projection room. 64 Basketball Games 1945 Truman Milling shoots the ball in the "B"-string game with Galena Park. Idoux sinks another two points in the "Av-string game with Galena Park. Where's the ball? Billy Hawkins made two points on this shot in the "A"- string game with Galena Park. SIIJELIGHTS ATHLETIC AWARD The Matsushita Cup is awarded each year to boys who have been outstanding in athletics. Coach Maxwell Cfar left in the picturej is shown with the winners of the cup for 1945: Delmar Libby, Billy Hawkins, Johnny Hoskey, and Douglas Brightwell. CHEER LEADERS The cheer leaders have done much toward developing school spirit this year. The whole student body appreciates their work. The foot- ball team was inspired by their spirit, too. In the picture flfft to rightj are Barbara Choate, Pris- cilla Choate, and Marjorie Cox. Susie Latham was not in the pic- ture. Marjorie Cox, a senior this year, has been a cheer leader every year she has been in high school. GYM CLASS The gym in a place for recreation. Most boys look forward to gym period every day. This picture is a shot of the fifth period gym class in a basketball game. EIHIIS SPUHT5 Activities in the girl's sports con- sist of a variety of sports such as tennis, basketball, volley ball, and others. Basketball and tennis are among the favorites of the girls and each year a tournament is carried on among the classes. Mrs. Cook, the gym teacher, tries to teach the girls the proper ways to play each sport, and she is very popular among the girls because of her willingness to help. As a whole, the girls look for- ward to each hour of every day playing in the gym. In the pictures: Top-Mrs. Cook, gym teacher. Middle-The fifth period girls enjoy a game of basketball. Bottom-Tell us which one hit the bull's eye. BIRDS SPUHT5 Where's the volleyball? Mrs. Cook takes it easy with some of the girls after demonstrating the proper way to play tenpin baseball. One of the few warm sunny days when girls can play outside. Marjorie, quit slinging that bat! Slcanlon s Sm B Starts In Om, S 0 0 0 ' 68 F THE SPIRIT oF c - ALVIN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOGI. Tl! 'i V Y fide!! ,NVTITMY A , - N I2 if -'At' , v '-1946 - 1" I I if .P 665 I Aw :I I ' WA ., If I' -? 'E : ff' TQ H jx Uwswon SI- ff XI 1 4 Q5 A X il L F lg I I IIIIXIIU I , xqmllm I -,, 1 5 , vb XY I X D5 S A xx X N Q A - sw' Mk EI E -Y o , x X X x ' .95 65 l . x f I ' X X A Q' ' - ' FN f g ff ., 753531 W0 fi. if-E 1 xg A I ff" 1 f I I 5 ffff 4 A X E 5'-' I1 111' Al ll I Jn ix" XXX .. Zo. ' 6" ffl, X-ILVIN .IUNIIIII HIGH SIIHUIIL AIRPLANE VIEW This airplane view shows junior high school and a part of the school campus and buildings. The Alvin Junior High School is housed in a modern fireproof building containing nine classrooms besides a library and offices. The present building is already inadequate for the needs of junior high school. The students share with senior high school the use of the auditorium, band house, cafeteria, gymnasium, industrial arts, and home eco- nomics buildings. Below are shown two views of junior high: the front entrance and the south entrance. g I si, 1 srssisisl f ' I Li k,,: Q: v,.. 70 LIFE IN .IUNIIIH HIGH SIIHIIUI. ,e pictures on this page give glimpses of the daily life students in junior high school. The art room is a busy ice but a happy one where all junior high students ve an opportunity to develop their talent in art. In Jp, the boys learn skills that will help them to earn a ing or to follow worthwhile hobbies. A familiar scene tween classes on warm days is the line at the fountain the rotunda. The library is a popular place for study d for leisure reading. The projection room is in the ditorium. Nlr. Glasgow is showing a film to his science ss in the picture flower right.j BEAM U In the handsome administration building are located the auditorium, a -modern cafeteria, superintendent's offices and health clinic rooms. The friendly doorway of the home- making cottage invites students to enter to learn the art of homemaking. From the band house every morning at first period come sounds that indicate the progress ofjunior high students in musical efficiency. In the industrial arts building, boys may learn to co-ordinate the mind and hand in useful work. Q 7,411 , F I W iz , : A i f A ' 7' , ,ww . V 4 T I I y-my Ax V gegs.a115Ix'f I" h LX.. I Y, Cv ,EK .,L,,,, L., , f'aw:,,1,- 1 x 'ff' W " I 'f , , .,,:- u 7, 5, f f 1 Q ,54w.'l1:ii'ki '--ff Q .aff-P111-' - ' .E T E . , " 5' NINTH GH HE fi? L 2 1.525 I. L, -Y f ' I-QU 1 'F ,J ., . ,. fp' A23 9 " ' -5, ,L AH 2 rt 1 1 , I :slag If, . O -- .1 :If fI4z:m,, . -- . m,ff.,,, ,, , i' 2 5 iw M I '21, E535 gf I I ' , , ' I I I Img, .,,x, I?Af,, I , , wk 5 L ff ,Q ,yu gb L A I5 ffh Q 1 I if Y, A I 'Mi EI is SI,fa'-Ijlrfwk-jfg,Q,'I1ae:2I ',-1gs,',Qi ? :izfifig,!,1L,FzII:irW' - ' I ' ' v :QQ , 1 if 'Q' 5. 2' K g . , A 5- V V A- gfwkrv .... , ,, .WLIL , . I V , he ., K ICLLA FAYE ALI-'ORD IEDITII AVITTS KIUDITH BARKER XILASTA BAYI-:R BILLY BENNETT I.ONAII BOOTII ALLEN BROSIUS MARION BIINCII IJON BURTON HELEN CAMAZZOLA .IOHN CHAIN!-ZR EDWARD COLE XVANDA Jo COLLINS DONALD CURRY EMILY DEL BELLO RITA DEL BELLO ,IONELLE FARRIs TACHO GARzA PIUNEVA HATCH CLARA HEREIN FRANK HIGGINS FRANCES HUEPERS BETTY IRELAND JOI-IN IRELAND DORIS JOIHIANSON GIPPY KEENE CORTEZ KENDRICN FLOYD ARNOLD CARRELL JEAN KIRKPATRICK :ww za AI. Kr' xv 3554 uw? f cw I 74 JOHNNY KIRKPATRICR NIARIEL KIRKPATRICR EDDIE KIRL GLYNN KINSWORTHY RAYMOND KUCERA RUTH EVELYN LAIGLE CAROL JEAN LIBPY BILLY LOVELESS MILDRED MACER VELLA MARIE MACH BETTY MASTER WINSTON MAYs WINNIE MCCORMICK BETTY JEAN MILLER BILLY RAY MILLER VINTON MOORE WAYNE MOORE VIRGINIA MuNsoN JAMES O'CoNNELL ELOISE OLIVER JOYCE NAN PAYNE MYRON: PETERSON FAY POWELL BILLY JOE PLASTER GERALD PRATER ARTHUR PRICE GLoRIA QUINTANILLA LILLIAN REIGER GEORGE RICHIE LORETTA ROFJNTREE EDGAR Ross GILBERT Ross ODESSA RODGERS TED ROTHER CLARE SEGELQUIST HELEN Simms RUTH SHANNON JUANITA TONER ALBINA VALusEK LAWRENCE WALKER , TOMMY WEAVER RosE WELLS CHARLIE WARE ALAN W1Ns'roN HENRY WINSTON MARVIN WISLEY ALVIE LEE WINTON LOUISE Wooo RALPH WOODWARD BETTY YoRE These students were absent when individual pictures were made. They are Cleft to right, front fowl, Anna Steffens, Betty jourdan, Pauline Bartosg Cxecond fowl, Lois Green, Peggy Elkins, Bobbie Jean Blakely. E31 A 5315 , .. M fi Nw " J .. Al- E I - K X fif: , ,,.. If . M., ""'X--v-...A....,-.Q---w""""". in Q1 I VI I it 5 A'k'A" . I ii, - 'qw 'iff' lg Mei? , ,gil V Q ' 'gh' fi . I X . V f 'L ix: W, A XT 59' xg. 'K Si A Q-12,1 ' A-,L J: A . -.1. ,QXf, .,,, ,1,A-- I A i 3. -9522: I ' 1573555 .-.V- . 7 - .2 , ,H Q AAB -5 A A E32 M K 1 is A A Ag 'Sw , Q if I E Ng Y- A J' , W. 3553 if QQ -- VV' . 3 1 L,.1W1 A :.., A N .1 L, Q 'fQ,lfl!?f55'2 f?7 :. Y Q . k 4 W"'f?225"A:5Sf5Z39ff .Sm M - W .1 . S? 'SES bgr. i A , I I 'WZAWZ V Q.. A A J 33 . H751 A I 1 LA Wiz : . I KY 45, ' 'Ri 2 A I gi. EIBHTH EH DE A ik T5 STQEZI EEL, 'laiiszisnv' .. a hggan ,,, "- :'.:,s' I-' 4 .I ' 'Ei S 3 IH535' ss wziwllf 24251 'S S X 1' ffl ,RX S E J 4 2 K 6 ii P -- Fi gi, 4-me A is I I , E Y A MSA? 3 I A wk ' . flifi -1:-I. . 'Q ,.' i . XA-. . Af I W, I 5' 76 ANNIE ALEXANDER GRACE ANDERSON LINDELL ABNEY NORMA AMICK BOBBY BACAR HOLLIS BERRY ROBERT BEARD LEIGH BLUMER SHIRLEY BROWN WARREN BURGE MASoN CARTER BESSIE COBB BETTY JEAN CocI-IRA1 DORIS FAYE COCHRA ROBERT CONKLIN JERRE Jo COLLINS ROBERT CROUCH KATHERINE DRAKE Pl-IYLLIS DUKE BETTYE Lou DURANT JOANNA EDOMM SUE EUBANKS GENEvIEvE FIELD RODOLFO GARCIA MARCELLINO GARZA JEANINE HARRIS MARY ELLEN HORNBI JESSIE MAE HATCH CI-IARLES HUCKABEI ROWENA HILLHOUSE PATSY HooPER PHILIP HoovER ELSIE JOHNSON MCDUFFIE JoNEs JOHN JORDAN KENNETH KEENER SUSAN KNAPE SADIE KNIGHT VIRGINIA KNIGIIT GEORGE LOLLY PATSY JEAN MACI-I KENNETH MALLETT JACK MANN ODIN MALEK ETHEL M. MCPIHIERSON JAMES MEBANE LESLIE MEARS CHARLES HENRY FRANCES MEZA DONNA RUTH MILLER JIMMIE MITCHELL JERRIE MONARCI-I PATSY MONTEMAYOR FLORENCE NELSON BILLY RAY NETILE BESSIE OWENS PAULINE PowELL LEONARD RYCI-ILIR MERLE RODDEN 494 dk ...,.,E Q N... Y , 5 ff I 5 ' M 6 , X f cf ww 9 L, 15,5 I. ' " is I x 'Y 5 f I I I I -Q Qs . ..,. fu ,- ar ' 2' ' , R J f 2 . ' x. IQ. - -- A A ' Q . Nw wif A AASA 1 1, ,: ff , ff- H W I " E if V, 4 II . 'lf if 9' 5 'Sf A 77 P? 1 il, wg, ,, Z ,Y.f J 1- 3gU,5.S aw " 'Q Q E gf? wisp L Q 3 f P L , S, I Af . f Af Y X I A I R 'fl-S . ,- QQ A .::.fq,g-:pw g,.:'s4,:g- A- -ML Mg, "' gqiwm. . IW A J - , Y ef I-A 5 J, 1:4 H S f W j I- , ' I. Aiwa' if -4 f WJ "Y 4- i W .. " 5 QQ ' 5 A ' 'A Sa. . ,. x 4, W 1 K is I A j fa ' Y 2-v 5 if f S L T! ig , ii. ' - I K lffki Qs. 3' ' - YH . A SQ A , io :Sli Wm rw,-LJ: 's mega 51:25 rg: H , 1f,- M y ,. i i i +,, i i1,,I ,.., , ta. t ' ff .. t Q X 'A rf 1, if 23 QgQIf?5,1 . , - 15 . H fi' :C l V1 V, at 4: - so , fries '55 4'iwi?FE9'i2r"1'Vl:,'W. th. YR. ff? ,' LSIRQHI WEHKTEZH M 5533 i1"'Gi535il5 27 153H'lf,z,EW " ' ' ' ?iA5'352 ziai W e 1 ' " 2 WANDA SHANNON RAYMOND SONNEN MARY LEAI-I STANTON VIRGINIA VILRA JAMES HENRY WELCI RUTII ANNA WELCH ALBERT SAVELL ALLAN WILLIAMS LEONARD WHITE BOB YORE Eighth grade students who were absent when indi- vidual pictures were made shown in group picture: Cleft to right, from fowl Josephine Truska, Charles Koster, John Kirk, Jimmy Darwin, Ruben Garcia, Cxecond 70507 Lois Lewis, Mary Anh Galloway, Herbert Buchanan, Wilma Roberts, Robert Neeley, Julia Berczik, Leroy Hardy, Christine Wendt, and Myrtle Kirkpatrick. SEVENTH GRADE Seventh grade pupils shown in the group picture are as follows: Cleft to right, ffant fowl Mary Garcia, Freida Blumer, Bobby Jean Grant, Peggy Darwin. fSecond TOWDJ Bobby Brooks, Gene Meeks, Chris Isaacs, Jimmy Roller, and Billy Ray Goode. RUBEN ADAME PATSY BAKER ELMORE BARNETI' OLIVIA BARRON PATRICIA BATEN JANE BEARD DONALD BOYD JORN BURGE MARY LOUISE BROSIUS DOROTHY BURRIS JUANITA BUTLER JOAN CANADY SCOTT CLARK J. C. COBBLE BETTY Jo COCHRAN HAZEL CURRY PAT DANIEL BILLY DEWITT BOBBY DoDsoN ANN DoRsEY PEGGY F QRGY DUWARD HARPER BENNIE HARRISON BETTY Jo HARRISON LEO HERZIK VERNIA MAE HICKMAN HARRY HIGGINS BARBARA HoI,LowAY JEAN HOPKINS LAVERNE HORNIIACK ANTHONY JESTER HOWARD JOHNSON JERRY JONES ALFRED KNAPE LESTER KNAPE CARMEN KooNcE WILBUR LOVELESS BEATRICE LUNA LOUIE LUNDAY PATRICIA MCCRACKEN M5 wg 'fi I" . df?" 1' - rn - R '21 :L .Q L T -M., H, ,lg ' '1,ll:?'? 'f Y A fe 3, 'Wa L I I' Mig! 4 1? X X I wi I w 3 X 3' ix 9 WM S3yV, f V: 55-Ig, I 'kinja WJ L if fr JI K Q 2 R '49 ii' fm ...QM Y 'iQ Q - fb I., ,- ji? f.. ,g,L.,, 1'17QLlViiW'll Q .g:jj,'ag: 3 kiiggigjw if If .f?fg-j1-,:fw.- 'Y , , kiw- SI Sk A , x , 953 , JW, ,Inf A N - W.: .:. I -1.4 J , . J , me ll 4 I 'f sic A.. , Q we , . S I 79 mv f . Q ,wg A - C, IE R, IPL pklii I NA ' . xmilfi' 1 - R? .Q 'X F. e Y' 4 4 'K Q 4' 'G S , 11 I , L, A 3, if gf ,R 1' Q YEL Y Y f V J fl ,,,.. LZ.L 8 I- liff' 32 52 7,e75u' S?:3z"L " 3459 iff: ", ' -: iff -5, ..f-44a,g: aw f: y g ,:,, T, f.-V 'f SR A Yak ,. A ' :wwf Ia 80 .... A-Im,-,A,gAS5:,5 ,,,: ,li Smgww Xf--- L , .I ski- .g W . ,r .g3, wfwffcv , M Y S , Q1 I t I I J. 3 ' 10'-SRI: Jig, .,L.. 4 if ,S :" ,nf 4 E 1 V' WI ., I P F bg 5 Q MQ X? I . A . Qzgg ffii I H? .V I Y in A X -,I HELEN MCMANUS ROBERTA MARSHALL ESTELLA MARTINEZ HORTENCE MARTINEZ MARTHA MATI-IIs JOYCE MAYFIELD JANE McKAY VIRGINIA MCKINNEY NANCY MEBANE DORIS JEAN MILLER EDWARD MILLER MARY SUE PARKINSON DAVID PETERS MILDRED PHILLIPS HELEN POLLARD IRENE PRICE WALLACE RED FORREST REED DEAN REMMERS EVELYN ROBINSON GEORGE ROBINSON ANNA RICIITER MARY LOUISE RUSSELL EVA JEAN SMYLIE JACK SPELL GEORGE TACQUARD GAYLON TATUM ALLEN TovREA MATEEL TovREA LEWIS TRAVIS HALL TRIPLETT PATSY VAN NORMAN DELDRES VAUGHAN SANDRA WILLIAMS HAROLD WOOSTER ll... l. al MUST!-WGS -FIRST STHI B These junior high school Mustangs deserve credit for the most successful football season the school has had. They won every league game and were scored on only twice in league'games. The team is shown above in formation. The individual pic- tures below are arranged in the order of the formation. The members are as follows: Bill Bennett, right endg Don Burton, left endg Billy Ray Miller, right tackleg Lawrence Walker, right guardg james O'Connell, centerg John Crainer, guardg Tacho Garza, left tackle. Backfield Cleft to 1'1:'?hlD include: Billy Joe Plaster, Henry Winston, Marvin Wisley, and Edward Cole. 1 i I 5 81 I My ,,L 7. . ,, g I i ragffgi I :R K ,gl 5 -:' 3 ,..::gs . for Ly .ew X .. 1 7 ii. ' ii A-W' 'K 5. 'L - T if!-1. -'k', mf:-i . st5Y,wvQw.,HWBr f A N"""' A 3 . ' ..,. -. , K ' Q .2 - , . fg , , as te.. l f if J ZX? .. K tls fl . e.aa.., .ees l liee l Q 5 , , ., . , ,. ..,.,..,.,. .- We Wvt Cflbovrj The First ,game of the season was played with Galena Park. This picture shows Billy joe Plaster making yardage around left end. junior high, led by the cheer leaders, supported the team loyally at every home game. The picture at right shows a section of the stands at one of the night games. FUUTB LL THE FOOTBALL SQUAD CFroni row, left to rightj: Robert Santos, Glynn Kinsworthy, Bobby Magee, McDufhe Jones, Mason Carter, John Ireland, Howard johnson, Ruben Adame, Cfecond fowl: John Cranier, Bill Bennett, George Richie, Bill Love- less, Billy Joe Plaster, Eddie Kirl, Don Burton Tacho Garza, fback fowl: Coach Glasgow, Lawrence Walker, Henry Winston, Edward Cole, Billy Ray Miller, Marvin Wisley,,Iames O'Connell, and Fay Powell, manager. SCHEDULE OF GAMES Opponent Alvin Galena Park ........ 0 41 Horace Mann fGoose Creekl ........,.. 13 0 Padadena ...,......, 6 - .7 Texas City ..,. . . 0 25 Galena Park. .. .. O 14 Pasadena ..... .. 6 19 Texas City. . . .. 0 38 BASHETB LL Here are the members of the jun- ior high basketball team for the 1946 season. First row, left to right: Edgar Ross, Bill Loveless, Mar- vin Wisley, Lawrence Walker, Henry Winston, Edward Cole, Frank Higgins, Coach Glasgow. Second row: Billy Jean Cobble, Odin Malek, Billy Ray Nettle, McDuHie Jones, Albert Savell, George Robinson, Leonard White, and Carol Libby. Much enthusiasm is shown each year in the intramural games. Various tournaments and matched games are held in both basketball and baseball. The picture shows a play from an intramural basket- ball game between Miss Payte's room and Miss Wade's room. ln this intramural game, Mrs. 5impson's room in playing Miss Petsick's. THE GAME ACTIVITIES CLUB ,Mm This club is under the supervision of Mrs - it an Edna Shaw and Miss Alma Jean Wade. It specializes in outdoor games. The mem- bers are as follows: Wanda Shannon, Patsy Hooper, Bessie Owens, Patsy Mon- temayor, Frances Meza,Jessie Mae Hatch, Genevieve Field, Doris Faye Cochran, Mary Ann Galloway, Wilma Roberts, James Mebane, Jack Murphy, Leonard Rychlik, Kenneth Mallett, Raymond Sonnen, Charles Koster, Jimmy Mitchell, Robert Beard, C. Williams, Charles Henry, Merle Rodden, Odin Malek, John Burge, Billy DeWitt, Louie Lunday, Ruben Adame, Bennie Harrison, Ken- neth Mallett, Pat Daniel, Billy Ray Goode, J. C. Cobble, Harold Wooster, Lester Knape, Wallace Red, Wilbur Love- less, Jean Meek, Scott Clark, Joseph Colton, Jerry Jones, Robert Santos, Leo Herzik, Harold Miller, Harry Higgins, Chris Isaacs. EL B5 SERVICE SQUAD Mr. Robinson directs the Service Squad, which is the student governing body of Alvin Junior High School. Mary Louise Russell is the president, and Johnny Kirk- patrick is the secretary. Other members are Jessie May Hatch, Mason Carter, Donna Ruth Millei, Frances Huepers, Cortez Kendrick, Vella Marie Mach, John Burge, Mateel Tovrea, Ruben Gar- cia, Susan Knape, Genevieve Field, Bobby Bacak, Robert Conklin, Jerrie Monarch, Winston Mays, Elois Oliver, Sandra Williams, Carmen Koonce, Billy Ray Goode, Clara Herzik, Allen Brosius, Donald Curry, Peggy Forgy, Wallace Red, and George Tacquard. ' Z 2 7 .4.. 1 1 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB The International Friendship Club, which is sponsored by Miss Annie Laurie Pet- sick, has for its purpose to encourage friendship, courtesy, and understanding among peoples of all nationalities and to preserve the American ideal that all men are created equal and should have equal opportunities, to develop the true Chris- tian spirit as a part of our citizenship. Joe Garza and Lillian Reiger have served as presidentsg Vella Marie Mach, vice-president, Pauline Bartos and Vir- ginia Vilha , secretaries, Delores Vaughan treasurer, and Pauline Powell, reporter. Other members of the club are Olivia Barron, Pauline Bartos, Joe Garza, Bobby Gene Grant, Paul Henderson, Jean Hop- kins, Susan Knape, Virginia Knight, Vella Marie Mach, Jane McKay, Patsy Jean Norman, Helen Joyce Pollard, Irene Price, Clara Segelquist, Helen Simms, Eva Jean Smylie, Josephine Truksa, Jon- elle Farris, Albina Valusek, Patsy Van Norman, Anna Richter, Dean Remmers, Wanda Shannon, Gloria Quintanilla, Wanda Mae McCormick, Betty Yore, Ruth Shannon, Betty Jean Miller, Betty Masters, Jeanine Harris, and Carmen Koonce. EI. B5 SPANISH CLUB Miss Louise Payte is sponsor of the Span- ish Club. The members are Norma Amick, Patricia Baden, Shirley Brown, Julia Berczik, Betty June Cochran, Kenneth Keener, George Lolly, Christine Wendt, Rodolfo Garcis, and Lillian Reiger. READING CLUB The Reading Club, sponsored by Miss Ida May Rundell, affords students an oppor- tunity to keep up with their outside read- ing and poetry memory work in English. The members are Frances Huepers, Judith Barker, Mary Sue Parkinson, Billy Ray Miller, John Ireland, Betty Jean Miller, Bill Bennett, Winston Mays, Edward Cole, Vlasta Bayer, Gerald Prater, Bobby Magee, Donald Curry, Virginia Munson, Cortez Kendrick, and Mildred Phillips. HOBBY CLUB The Hobby Club sponsored by Miss Elaine Ard, gives students a chance to discuss their hobbies, work on them, and to exchange ideas. Robert Conklin is the president, Leroy Hardy is the vice-presi- dent, and Robert Beard is secretary. Other members are Leonard Rychlik, Duward Harper, Donald Boyd, Robert Crouch, Marcellina Garza, Mason Carter, Gaylon Tatum, Herbert Buchanan, and J. C. Williams. PERSONALITY CLUB The Personality Club studies how to de- velop better personalities. Mr. Robinson is sponsor of this club. The members are Virginia Vilha, Phyllis Duke, Jerry Mon- arch, Juanita Butler, LaVerne Hornback, Betty Lou Durant, Annie Alexander, Martha Mathis, Helen McManus, Vir- ginia McKinney, Bessie Cobb, Katherine Drake, Florence Nelson, Joanna Edomm, Lois Lewis, Jerrie Collins, Peggy Forgy, and Mary Ellen Hornback. THE SOCIAL CLUB The Social Club is made up of ninth grade stu- dents and is sponsored by Miss Maud Benson. Winston Mays is the president, Betty Ireland, vice-president, Rita Del Bello, secretary, and Billy Rae Miller, reporter. Other members are Edith Avitts, Judith Ann Barker, Vlasta Bayer, Lonah Ann Booth, Allen Brosius, Marian Bunch, Helen Camazzola, Edward Cole, John Crainer, Emily Del Bello, Peggy Elkins, Jonelle Farris, Euneva Hatch, Frank Higgins, Frances Huepers, John Ireland, Doris Johanson, Betty Jourdan, Glynn Kendrick, Eddie Kirl, Carol Libby, Bobby Magee, Vinton Moore, Virginia Munson, Eloise Oliver, Joyce Nan Payne, Gerald Prater, Odessa Rodgers, Edgar Ross, Loretta Rountree, Anna Steffens, Tommy Weaver, Alvie Lee Winton, Marvin Wisley, Louise Wood, and Ralph Woodward. III. B5 THE PRESS CLUB The Press Club, directed this year by Miss Ri Wyatt, is responsible for the publication of ' Junior Press, the junior high school newspap The members of the club are David Peters, Bol: Dodson, Elmore Barnett, Carol Jean Libl Hall Triplett, Forrest Reed, George Meba' Carmen Koonce, Clara Kerzik, Patsy Jean Mai Sue Eubanks, Donna Ruth Miller, Elsie Johns: Mildred Macek, Santra Williams, Ruth Laig Jeanine Harris, Ethel Marie McPherson, Ro ena Hillhouse, and Wando Jo Collins. 0 E ART CLUB The Art Club, sponsored by Mrs. Cherry Simpson, meets in the art room on Wednesdays. Grace An- derson is the president, Bobby Brooks, vice-president, and Mary Louise Russell, secretary. The other members include Leon- ard White, Jane Beard, Bobby Ba- cak, Evelyn Robertson, Doris Jean Miller, Patsy Dee Patterson, Doro- thy Burris, Betty Jo Cochran, Freida Blumer, Patsy Baker, Hazel Curry, Anna Richter, Joyce May- field, Pat McCracken, Ann Dorsey, Jack Spell, Lewis Travis, Roberta Marshall, Allen Tovrea, Anthony Jester, Mary Louise Brosius, Chas. Huckabee, Joan Canady, Peggy Darwin, Betty Jo Harrison, Bar- bara Holloway, Alan Williams, and Warren Burge. ACTIVITIES "The Spirit of Junior High School" is the yearbook of junior high. The staff this year is made up of members of the Press Club who chose the work on their own initiative. Carol Jrean Libby is' editor and art editor, and ed Rother is business manager. Miss Merle Weir is sponsor. In the picture Clzft to rightl are Patsy Mach, Ethel Marie McPherson, Ruth Evelyn Laigle, Rowena Hillhouse, Sue Eubanks, Carol Libby, Miss Weir, Jeanine Harris, Ted Rother, and Clara Herzik. Wanda Jo Collins was not in the picture. BAND AND CHOIR CONCERT The junior high school chorus and the band gave a joint concert last spring near the completion of their year's work. Mr. R. Paul Fulwider, teacher of vocal music, is shown directing the chorus. Mr. Everett McCracken was band director. PIANO CLASS The piano classes have given to students with rnusical ability the privilege of study- mg piano without extra cost. Miss Helen Horton is their capable teacher. The whole school is proud of the new grand piano. I THE SPHI I3 NINTH GRADE PLAY Each year the Ninth Grade gives a play to raise money for class ac- tivities. Last year's Ninth Grade gave three one-act plays. This is a scene from Her Firrt Party Drew, with Anita Sheaffer, Mary Ann Spears, and Albert Furnace in their roles as daughter, mother, and father, respectively. EIGHTH GRADE PARTY Shaded lights . . . soft music . . . the swish of frilly skirts. It is the formal eighth grade party of last year when this year's seniors were mere children! For some of the girls, this was their first time to wear long dresses. How we have grown since then! NINTH GRADE BANQUET With the proceeds from their class play, the Ninth Grade gave a graduation banquet. Last year, the classused the "good neigh- born theme. Casimira and Oralia Quintanilla are here shown executing the Mex- ican Hat Dance, as Miss Helen Horton accompa- nies them on the harp. STHEYE HE D5 AMERICAN LEGION AWARD Each year the American Legion awards medals to the outstanding boy and girl in junior high school. The awards are made on the basis of character, honor, companionship, leadership, and scholarship. Last year Mr. Alger Jones, representing the American Legion, presented awards to Judy Seller and Fred McKenzie members of the raduat- . , g ing class. GRADUATION Finally the last day arrives, when the seniors of junior high say good-by to the happy years they have spent here. The camera caught the Class of '45 as they were singing the class song at the commencement exercises. VALEDICTORIAN AND SALUTATORIAN First and second highest rank- ing students in the graduating class are designated valedicto- rian and salutatorian, respec- tively. In the Class of 1945, Eloise Oliver was valedicto- rian, and Lewis Etter was salutatorxan. WHUS WHII I UNIIIH HIGH BILLY RAY MILLER CD Billy Ray was elected assembly president for the year and has been an efficient one. He is also president of the Senior Class of junior high school. CAROL JEAN LIBBY CZJ I Carol gfan is editor of The Spirit of junior High. e is also art editor. He also works on the Junior Press, and is secretary of his home room. He is also the ninth grade treasurer. TED ROTHER Q33 Ted is a new student in Alvin junior High School this year, and he has been a valuable one. He is business manager of the Spirit and was editor of the school paper, the junior Press, the first semester. CLARA HERZIK C43 Clara is editor of the Junior Press for the second semester. She is on the Annual Staff and is a member of the Service Squad. CHEER LEADERS C55 Carmen Koonce, Betty Ireland, Edith Avitts, and Mary Ellen Hornback were elected cheer leaders for the year. Miss Rundell trained them, and they have done much to enliven school spirit at football games and assemblies. SONG' LEADERS rep Frances Huepers and Euneva Hatch have led the songs in junior high assembly this year. . . , - E. m I i lp ! I 5, s . 'A R I 1 -1 4- XX, Ax N X 7 X TN N x XX. Q Ng X g 'Q E' Q - Z7 -X ,lil TN i1.4 S --.K -- R-57 X- X I fi, ...- -i Q - iisix Y:-:gg 5-, lilh 1 - l,T .-.1-ln f ,,..-1:17 ' ,3P -S T 'Z 7 S, ff ii XE X i ,Q 'SL X X Z X -N N x 5 X , Q -it X XX A 5 Q N S - i' -1 X N X X . A, ix X X i Q - i555 Q , '-- 1 1 is . i 4 Z' ri -2 L Y il- f Kig,-x - FI Junior coils Q. for Hlvin The prospect of a junior college for Alvin has occupied the time and thought of the Alvin school board and other citizens this school year. A mass meeting was held October 29 to initiate steps for the establishing of a junior college here. The picture Ctop, leftj shows the school board listening to Dr. C. C. Colvert of the University of Texas as he explains the advantages of a junior college and enumerates the steps necessary to build the college. Dr. Colvert is consultant on junior college for the State Department of Education. CBelow, rightj Interested cit- izens sign a petition asking the co-operation of the Bra- zoria County Board of Edu- cation in the project. JZ hson I Insurance Bmw 92 l G Fl tures 5 0 Smal, 95 1. Soda pop at the football games. 2. Clean-up Day! Qampalgn for Clty ofliclals durmg Na tlonal Boy and Glrl Week Ah' Young love' ,, A H we S l'lolorCompanq For Beaulncul Crouncls Sc Heller s Nurserq . M L S Clwas. Parlczr Music lIo.,lnc. Evcnjllslng For U1cBancl anal Orclazslra 916 Capaiol Fl c Houslon Texas MASSEY U5 CCI LEGE U E Slnannon D fl, lvlwmq Conlcracl: or Uk 'SZFS QP ul ell Rlsllfl ffllvanl HAIL ALMA MATER Al d Y 0 i B I N E 5 S L 121'!' CAPITOL. AVENUE HDUS'TUN2vTEXA 0 o l OKC C- IH , l Hail, ma Mater! Hats off to you! Ever you'll fin us loyal and trueg Firm and undaunted, always we'll be' H 'l the school We lo t 'E H QOCJNHNS OQY 60005 Comp! Zments of u PNXv'xn 'Tqms Y Now IAQXQQX. Qagv. UIAII, DEV! S I suran V II 08.5 X Yi CG h HI a - - T ' ' LoM.iAlDA'wAYs "SAWlN' woon GULF STATES UTILITIES C0 1 ' , - Yonqivafsaxiixbns Q9vaAu'aXQ-, ost ,AB un. mm am Gem Qvockcis Compamg mvin Texas 95 RUNNERS UP for FRVORITES HII Hrouml wi Oni GYBMMC nn Q., Nos! L lain, lo 5 ad C nL gl Jsmcsflawvll Tlxspag'cDo A323915 rlscoz mga lon Co M arolg ai Q A1 UNN UPF FH RITES CHAINS c ., Ha Fllf ar,.L.f,, Neil, Uwles R50 sn 'nw :Page Donal cl Bn, HSCOU Wlga Wh 0 Fri ' f vc' rs vris u....m..l Hu-mclsoma A avid o B' I ' i' C. 97 1 Diwiii fumifuri and Hardware Comparw H T C plat Dr g'5e RED KRU33 DRUG C tit 'LS 646 TUV! S IIHFE Phone 510 lvin, U43 om s u rvice Phone 209 Hivin ,FE xas from Compliments f UK Service Station GYOCEYY Congrafulajuons Hlvln H1 H DIXIQ SYYVICC SQHQIOU Pho 11 C LIL HI Hh ford s Cafe 0 ' ' 'Q Gooclqear Tires Sinclair Gas and Oil 1 De! f-ZWZLQQ f7Zas1f0n Hflvway EIEPADDS 9.70 Hfvlh, 7218 s BUJYEVICS YOHTEYS 0 E Plqmo u. L Q D clg and We at sm QKXENXYQXQX. 'RVN Tue.-. Qumgamx HLVIN TRHDINC POST ASUFI lm See Norge Qe1CoreYou Bug Za Uw Raclnos Onefau You S ll Hz HH Phu 591 awe Qu? an s rufuwing Under L 2 Sun" and ni ' Hujofworized Dealer I S ne Parent leaclwrflssocuallon The Alv1n Parent Teacher ASSOCl3tlOH 1nst1tuted the group plan of organlzatlon at the begmnlng of thrs school year The lncreased attendance at P T A meetlngs shows that patrons approve the new plan Mrs Earl Pearson IS presldent of the general orgamzatlon thls year Mrs Frank McK1nney, vlce presrdent Mrs Lee May, secretary Mrs B111 DeW1tt, treasurer Mrs Hal Gagler reporter Mrs Al Martm hrstorran sented a Chrxstmas program when the elementary P T A metln December All groups were rnvxted to thxs meetlng Mrs Kermlt Dyche ns chalr man of the group The Junlor hxgh P T A eets IH the musrc room l r Walter Peters IS group chalrman Senlor h1gh study group has con ducted lnformal d1scu.ss1on meet lHgS m the school llbrary Mrs Earl Bennet IS charr man ' Q 0 . i 5 i . . . Q . . i I 5 i . Q ' 7 5 ' 7 ' Elementary students pre- 102 Th1s plcture show a dally and famxllar scene ln the cafeterla PT H CHFETEWH borne of the hvellest act1v1t1es of the school center around the caf eterla A pleasant but nolsy dra ma of school hfe IS enacted dally The plcture at the rlght shows the cafeterxa board at the annual luncheon glven by the cafeterla force under the supervlslon of Mrs LeNo1r Arnold The P T A gave a party fox the jumor and senlor hugh teachers IH the cafeterla last fall Breakfast ln Hollv wood was the ldea CARLTON ELY ALM K0 'TEXAS lqflflfl Dali' lq5'5'0Z'l62!l0f7 i It Leo UJ Charleston DC HRKMO LUMBEI2 comvnw Pho 20 rf: Uavnkvn na fam any The pfac fa u L OHILLIOS CASH GQOCCQY on fl, FD Congra u a ions Seniors of n . , . . Oil Field Sprzciaiisfs Evevniufiunq For Clic' anal Field Consscvucfion , we 0 Fuvivwjhas e 5 um r T A NSWYYJEKN QICS Omer and Sfoorage 1 Complim ents of C gahlh L Mccarkvs H 1 Hcclmo H 100 parts QWQAW Qlwbomzt mam fxQ,,n.m 0 sax., as Sa Hmm L xpugh W in Q, ASHA TZX3. Kfl G 3 Ckurcfxas Good Homes QYYIOYQ, 9 Koo Sion Jmajbxon Franl4G Cxsoo C mpl me jus H.E.Qa5ws You OH f ua .ms Compfimm s of Seniors of 715 al ' Ll I 7? S11 p s rvXcQ iz aufe, vw oo c s S Q oo S ' N o i n 5 of Hotel Bmufv Home up Apphamoo Mrs H Kenneclq Mako Qaanos TRIPPLE DIP CHFE M M CMA s Hou MH 605 Se M1 Sl: Quia g 0 OWS Im ....T.s. r..s...1 Awww Not SoRg WWHGM M my Al T mfaunnsun Um was asf sm M1890 Flpqh I Sh ' a Shop mp, , , n . OUJYTGYS- rf YSMD. i ms a ' o o Fuvin Texas M W 6 s John S.p0ijl'50Y o x nice R -I. a C' 5 Dlwonalg HlvinHohH.oHng 1 sr ones u Usher , pf? A' ' pf OFFICIAL PHOTOGRPLPHER I 0 T 0 V I C 3511 MAIN STREET 0 IIADLEY 8747 I ll0US'l'0N 4, TEXAS OUTH INVITATIONS J EW EL RY DIPLOMAS CAPSAIID GOWNS ERN ENGRAVING COMPANY CU O FCES OUSTON TEXAS ill 3: 'P I Q F ll ' s J ff-X 'N UURLVW f.1 f.47--- -'-'E mam X 1 ERvnNG SOUTHERN SCHOOLS N G N use PQAIQIE AVENUE 108 EMICAL COMPANY THE Dow C1-1 FREEPORT. TEXAS Ulilhzlmss umm, Fl vm Texas The Gem Pharmacy F'Nvin,TzxA5 Phone. 30 Hwa- L---LW OS1,2Y 2352 ZYVICZ dal H 'vin Texas 111 Cvancl in lz 1. Senior processional at commencement, 1945. 3. Waiting for the bus on the last day of school. Marilyn McKean gives the Valedictory Douglas Brightwell and Marv im ones receive the American 5 Legion Award from Mr Alger ones on Award Night 1945 OFFICIAI PHOTOGRAPHER ml i wmlillnm Cuslalson Harclwave 2. 4. ' , . . 5 J ' , - N ' J in , L'U.? Y. .rw -4.,- ' -6 - , - ,. - , -'---T9 1 ,'- .' W. .f---1-, fi-1-3'-. . ,- V ur. s R I If ' E7 '. P I .',v..,, ., I.. I I,..I' rl,."l .I .., L gI...r,,.- .III I. .,.,III YI ,-4 .- 1 . N. . E. --Q-.f.--1-'Pj .im- .-Ly A, I, .A ..y.5I f, -r .- .- ., .,,s.. . 4. v- .I . - . - an 4' , ' -. 'x 1 'v if :ff'g..,, - , -H x 7... 'Y- Y . I,.r, ,- ,I . 'Aa 3.- "r-, J. ' LYI rg ' 'UP' f L, .:'N'f'. . - .7 H. ,. 'Y'3'l 9' af H, 1 ,-5' -'Lv-:IN J. . ll' ' M u 13 pr-I., ,.' ." ' IH, v., I L I ' ,I '3 li fx. ii. '. . , .'. . 4 -Lk Q Iixf. ng. .. R 761.5 WL: 'F 1 -'i 'Q rw., 1'- . hi' Q -fy -r . .if f . ,. . QW! . . . . '. 3. , -...I Q '- . .'1 ' .'-"If II ' , L' -f ...Inf .1 I'. "W r , ' '1 x' iflihi -11'-Y ' , I . 'li' fu . V 411'-' Z"t.lQ'!, ,I-I-yi -,,..I,,g e-III...-Q-v.fI .. III In ,. .I 4 I.I .,I.II IIII.--..'-. .H .514-! 'L' , , . .- ,aI r 1 . -x jf -HI at I I If ILQEI I. 4 -' ' - .A -Ig'-gy:-f.-. ,gf..-Q,-,. .. i-Q as... . 'ii' . !'g'Af'- ' ul" UI II - It, Ir J fs U4 A. I ' mf--." . lf'-SE Y Y I" fr:-1.'5I.9H-iiIIg':I.i-3" " s .fffiafif . 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Suggestions in the Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) collection:

Alvin High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Alvin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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