Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA)

 - Class of 1981

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Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 164 of 208
Page 164 of 208

Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 163
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Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 165
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Page 164 text:

ADVERTISERS and PATRONS of The Troubadour are an impor- TanT parl of The yearbook. Through Their supporl, sTudenTs are able To buy Their books aT a reduced price. Their conTribuTions also make possible many added feaTures ThaT enhance The aualify of The yearbook A heari felT Thank you is exTended To all of The following businesses groups families and individuals Personal PaTrons A Ayalamynephewlsgolngfobeabox erL A Ad Quench your Thrrsf for knowledge wrTh karaTe F T MasTer of Drscisfer Adrienne jusf Take The S200 84 go home AHS Cheerleaders are HIP' Love Kris AIIA slookgoodnoTlessThanaBAunTMa e All our blessings To Mary PelenTay and may God guide you forever Love' All The News Thaf s FIT To PrinT" AlThough you are grown up you will always be Teedee Baby and Sluggo To me Love Mama Alverno buddies I love you all Thanx for being There' Always Lou ThanksLM TD KW JK PJ LH J C B G LuvBRosslnrLOVEDlT'JO Neill Alyssa You re Terrific' Mom 81 Dad Amy We ve enjoyed T3 yrs TogeTher and lm looking forward To 113 more forever besT friends Jean Q84 Harveyj Anne Leslie KaTie you re greaT Janice AnneTTe good luck wrTh your high school years Love Big Sis Rosie AnoTher year blfes The dusT" The Clas sof 84 will live foreverHR 149 AnTorneTT Good luck aT Alverno and always BewT Wishes Love Jennifer Apple Thanx A undersTandrng mel' Lyn Aracell I hope you have IoTs of good luck in The fufure 8a always Kafie 160 Patrons Arlene you made lf Through high school congrad good luck in college Love mommy and daddy ATTn' 2 hep gang' Boys Tickle pink 69 and Bacardi' Whaf To do'7'P Luv Sandy Babe Ive never been a lucky guy when we mef I knew Then and There Thaf There couldn T be a Iuckrer guy I love you now and Trll The lasT day of forever Your STeve Bambi Take IT easy cuz I care' Lou Bambi we r all going R separaTe ways buTlI always be friends' Luvya" Apple Barbara Fleming besf of luck your sus Bev Barabara s nickname is baby Barbara Fleming l love you I 1sT ThoughT Id Tell you Your sis Liz Barbara Fleming no maTTer how far you go in life sTay close Lillian Barbara Fleming sfrck your finger in a wall ouTliT cause we like your hair curly Love Carl family Beck I love you like a sis Forever Luz BesT of Luck class of 81 BesT of luck in your senior year To CaThy Cuddihy from Aunf Lucile Besf of Luck To Class of 82 From Don Farber BesT of luck To The class of 84 The John Brand family Besf of wishes Monique Keep up The good work and conhnue praying for your sTrengTh Love mom 81 dad BesT Wishes Ana gs Sandra love Paul BesT Wishes Fr MarTin E SlaughT PasTor ST ElizabeTh Church AlTadena BesT wishes from The SpeckerT family BesT Wishes Sarah STeve Pasquale BesT Wishes' S Regina Shaughnessy BesT Wishes To AHS STudenTs Fr Norm BesT Wishes To Alverno Mr 84 Mrs Michael Ramos BesT Wishes GranddaughTer STephanie Mr and Mrs Joseph DelgaTTo BesT wishes To PaTTy and The class of 4983 from The KingsTons BesT Washes To The class of 1983 BesT Wishes To you MT God Bless JNW BeTsy Luck8aHapprness 2V Trish8cDe Buck: ScoTT How s your love life'? Big Sus Good luck nexT year' Thanx A everyThing' Luv your Ill sis Jan Bing Thanx A being U' SalamaT" LYN BoIhaveThebeTTerbodBrookieGWTW Aever Bonnes Vacances Sarah' De Ta Familie BBRMBRIVRPIKLOUGRAMAIRHEDLUV BROOKIE Brookre my figure is beffer Bo 'IO Buena SuerTe' ChiqulTa Banana" Mom Buena Suerfe AnaySandra Canno Mana Buen Suerfe A UNA AMIGA ESPECIAL I . I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' ' 82 ' , b I . ' . 1 .U Alverno, Thanks A Saf. NiTe!! H, NieTo - - I -- siree I - . I ' l , i . . - o

Page 163 text:

ATICDN CNE SINGULAR SENSATION ONE S Q Margie Gear greedily counfs The money made Through a successful yearbook ad cdmpaign. Q Cafhy Feeney is obviously pleased wifh herself as she receives on ad from Ponforium Cleaners. The Troubadour sfaff enfhusiasfically sTarTed The year wifh a new way To finonce The yearbook: selling ads. Through coreful planning ond much delerminoTion, The sfoff drew up conTracTs and refined selling Tacrics. AfTer o successful sTaff ad campaign, The ad and TradiTional pofron drive were exfended To The sTudenT body. As on lncenflve for sTudenTs To sell ods and pa- Trons, The Troubadour sTaff offered prizes ronging from TickeTs To The ploy "A Chorus Line" To gifT cerTificoTes ol Music Plus and Sonia Anifo Mall. Free yearbooks wenT To Those who sold oT leasT S50 worTh of ads. The compaign was a sensoiional one, Through The cooperafion of The sTuclenTs over STIOOO. The money The chonges and exciring The 1981 Troubadour. , The sroff neTTed in helped To fund ideas planned for

Page 165 text:

ED BUENA SUERTE TINA VERDE CON RON CEY BV-AD-LN-GP-LP-LP-RM:PALS A-EVER! CD Cambrey and Tracey Carlene-CHEERS 2 MORE YEARS Luv Kaye CARLOSQANDY-MY BROTHERS, ILU- VUIIAPPLE CAROL-A SUPER GREAT PERSON AND BABYSITTER-LOVE KRISTIN AND RYAN CAROLYNE, LOTSALUCK WHEN UMOVE PLEAZ VISIT8cWRITE MEIILLMISSUILUV U,APPLE Carol, Linda, Kris, Friendship Forever Carolyn Blueford, Good Luck in school Casey I need ya Beviah Land needs ya, cries and red eyes Sarah Cathy Cuddihy a nice Junior brat Dad Cathy-just have fun okay? Marialyce Cathy, Roses are Red, Daisys are yel- low, when I think of you, my legs turn to Jello. Love Mike Cavern thnk A all the fun x friends Aever turn around OK great XOX Shrl Celia you have been great I will never forget you don't forget me. Linda Chris D your a it! sis, Luv Big S. Laura Chris, Happy times, Happy Memories, We love you, Mom 81 Dad Chris, linda, Kris, you've been great, Wild. Crazy, Weird, Cosmic, Bizarre. Strange, Quasar 84 interesting friends. Hope to know you for the rest of my life! Luv. Carol Chris Wilbur-U R the bestest sister l've ever had! Carolyn's my sis-in-law I wish you both the best of luck! MG Chris-Your talent is not what you do but what you are-Love. GMmd-ELMER Class '81 THE FUTURE'S IN YOUR HANDS! Claudia come and let rocks live. Love, Kris COMI LIVES! Congrad Jenny T, Karen E, and other seniors! Luv Anti. p.s. Hi Susan E. Congratulations and best wishes to No. 3 daughter-mom and dad Louapre Congratulations Cheryl, You Make lt! From Mr. 81 Mrs. Wilford B, Williams. Congratulationsclassof8lMr8cMrsBeran Congratulations Class of '83 Congratulations, God bless every one in the class of 81 Love a friend Congratulations to all Mr. Antulio Echevarria Congratulations to the Class of 84 but especially to Carolyn our love. CongratsMaria8iClass84TheBroussinos' Congrats Susie! Love Mom and Dad. Congratulations Andrea!! Love, Mom, Dad, Buddy and Lani. Congratulations:Carmen8cAddie Yolie Congratulations Karen We're proud of you Mom and Dad! Congratulations PEANUT. Best wishes for the future. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations Teresa Cintron From MA. 84 Mrs. George J. Nalbach Congratulations to all the lovely girls of Alverno. You are and will be, good christian examples. Keep up the good work! Congratulations to my very pretty young girl Paulina on her graduation day Love Dad and Mom Congratulations to my big sister LeeAnn Steele Love Liz Tremblay Congrats to Paulina from Manuel Mora Congratulations to the hard working staff of the yearbook. Fred and Faye Tulleners Con todo mi amor para mi querida hija, Maria Pia. Mama. Cooty says Hi to you all Love me Lorraine: a great lil sis. Veronica CRMFouryearshavecome andgoneyearsthatiwill neverforgetthanxzlbeinghere illbearoundriyearsisjustnot longenoughtobewyoujust rememberthisEmia'teJEV Dani,PauIa,Monica,Carmen8cJulie you are all the best!Love, Kristen '83 Dan,Kris,URgreat Love Julie David G., I LOVE U FOREVER!! Monica DE,AB,JA,KM,MT,ILuvYall!LoveDenise Deanne Good Luck All My Love,Lori Dear DebbiehaveagrtJunioryrLo- ve.E8cA DearDebbiehaveagreatyrLove theDiezes Dear Frances, you have done so much for me, this year. Thank You! l hate to see you go, but l'll always remember you. Love, your lil sis. Dear Jen: May all your dreams come true 81 life be good to you. Love, Mom Dear Liz-We wish you happiness in your future endeavors. May you always be as sweet to others as you have been to us. We'll always appreciate the fact that U were born 2 us. M 8a D Dear Margie: You Have Done A GREAT Job At Alverno-We Are Proud Of You!! Much Love, Mom. Dad, and Susan. Dear Mary, At the end of your years at Alverno, We wish you happiness and success in all you undertake. May God keep you safe in His care. Love, Mom. Dad, John and Ken. DEARNSGDGAGGOOCILUCK ,CBILUVUDT Dear Sherry-Beautiful faces, and loud empty places, look at the way that we lived, Wastin' our time on cheap talkin' wine, left us so little to give. That some old crowd was like a cold dark cloud, that we could always rise above, But here in my heart I gave rand will always givej you the best of my love. Love, Alan Dear sweet Jane Forster Life is full of so many beautiful surprises and you will find that not all may be what you want but is always what you need for growth and happiness so be kind to yourself Your Big Sister Dear Timpone Girlshaveagreatyr- MarkM Dear Tina and Nancy l'll never forget you 2 best of luck always Michele Dear UTS,remember"Fair ENUF?"How- but Adris Impala 84 Jikuzzis,MAVMM?? our Tree8iCherypit!Howbout"Longer" 8cJR,JMonA great nite'?'8'lMaria. yor UTSprez Debbie, Kelly, Julie, 81. Nora Have a good year!!! The Timpones DEEP8LOUIET EVER SO PEACEFUL MY EYES HAVE SEEN LOVE, TOUCHING MY HEART. I HAVE NEVERFELT LOVESDEPTH BUT IN LOVING YOU JR TO HELLO KITTY- ME8rYOU!! Dee we only have I more year YEAHCC Delia Dream, Believe, Smile!! LoveMJ Denise,HappinesstoYOU!LoveBet- ty8cRay Denise-my redheaded sister I hope school is one of your best times. lt turned out to be one of mine, so even Patrons 161

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