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Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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" V rm.. 5- , Q . 1- " 1-g 'V , 5 fi K W Y Y- M' ' ff KW . 2 4 1 ' Q 2, lv WI, W1 A ,-,. ,Q A ,M , . w Q' ff Q ' A ff f -- ' Q 1 ' 3 Q 1 , n 2 g 4 ' N X '.' 1 ' wifi ' M ' 'K M ' E ' "' xii? f - x f ' f ' f , Pa. . Q ja .55 ,Q V - ,wg J 1 I5 ' S , 5- ,L i W Wa- .1 M , , -'N - " ,, fx J I xv, ui Q " .N f 4 I ' ' I 5 1 ' K , fm QR W sf ,V Et Lv FM W A .3 4 , f , 1.6 . P my - H f imma-' ,gm -Mix W' e Y Es X 3, "" ,' N ' 4 U N44 ' . W ' MW' ' 1 M- , ' x ff 'M W4 . " --' , . , , Fm! 1 I ... 9' 1' One Singular Sensation Sensational! 4980-84 was One Singular Sensa- tion. lt was not the school, but the people in the school who created such a year. The relaxed atmosphere at Alverno let each indi- vidual "do her own thing". Throughout the year, students could be found wearing Mickey Mouse glasses, shouting, "Re-elect President Lincolnl" and coming to school in pajamas. There was more to Alverno than routine classes. lt offered much inspiration in masses, counseling, and the ability to talk to teachers on a one-to- one level. During the school year, it was clearly evident that there was a sense of unity among the student- s.One junior summed it up when she stated that, "each student held her own individuality, and also had a feeling of belonging to the student body." One . Cheering! Sharing! MoTivaTion! All were parT of a diverse sTudenT body expressing feelings and spiriT. STudenTs were recepTive of ideas and en- joyed working Togefher To produce projecT as- semblies such as The poliTical campaign. The new joinT Alverno-La Salle Halloween parTy wiTh The chilling haunTed house had a greaT aTTendance. New classes inspired sTudenTs To explore varied faceTs of Their sTudies. Cheerleaders made sTu- denTs very enThusiasTic before and during games, helping The Teams feel supporTed. STudenT life, academics and aThleTics were all parT of a Moving Inspiration ThaT enriched The sTudenT body. The singular success was The uniTy of sTudenTs and facuITy in parTicipaTion and orga- nizaTion of evenTs. Individual TalenTs and unique- ness encouraged a sensaTional year. g Kris Vanderhaar, Monica Auzenne, Apple Daza, and Elena Cazares increase school spiriT during a mini-pep rally. The cheerleaders won a spirir Trophy aT a summer workshop. Moving lnspiraiion A L 5 I I 14' 'L .gif tx ffgehmembes The clay . . wasThegtherne,ofTtQpji5C11Q,QfS. 'bl5Tf1dQY:1fTlGSS,.,S9f" on Thegligwefl lawnsgh ffm, .Cheryl Lindsey adds The final Touch before The 20Th anniversary mass begins. 4 Theme c2f5K'Q W5 ' pm. mfg55g?ff W? we , WXXX 0 XXD Qfx XX WWW C53 pk HW' 7 QQ YDd " WW ,iffy ga JgKgDMVWX?vi5, if U N QNX U1 WY 50,0 UO LUN N fix? I MA A C X L Q' a fxfifyib W NX f xr Op VX gx Kg X U W VDO 411 N MU iw X x l ww C59 MSS 'UNI Sfqnl Mm X Nb X fif x NCQUNEOV 0 W My XQPU 5b ALWSX , K rx N xX O 73 QW if VF 'VN if, f X 5 UN 0 V QU. MSX 9 OWN Gly xlx' VL! ng QW? Q6 R5 - x . QM we W UW Q00 Q kj QW Near. .gxa . 4 , ,4 I 'Slim Jill Redmond locks her mopedsas lr , 1 Q' A she arrives at school. Not many ,lr - 94 girls took advantage of ,this 7 - ,gg P economical form of iransporta- tion. K , 2, o . P V X ir ' gy K '- Y E 0 .4 . 4 - i . x in " I-N V ex ' "ue ..g , Q A f 1 lv I ' , I , ffl ,K N . ft E , . 1 X , P? lf. uf by ?, X -- . ' J, gf' 5, fr X 1 ' 'wuz f' I L AY: """' ' .H-in ii:-if l l E l z Y -my ,wiki .2 ' , f A ff '16 .ir .,-.,, K'.- - M W cp M' . 5 :Vw , -all f, . J' , f ,L .I My ' Q " J. 1 I 5 ,ifyy-1 , . i ' ll rpm Q i F' i in ,f -Wbrffl ..' L.:-1' f' .if . ' iw. Mizz? if Uvfiwkf wk! . I l 1 trailed we i M X A 4-1 0 K f ',,f sly pi ' Jul, UIQ r lj! JV ,,,' QL, in zirza,flfifocmCUJQfCffff tm 1. Q sg Us ifD"lf'f.4W4iV 1 ' x X f "'7-',f ,,,,Q,f cu. M! ,N fu -"' in 2 M Pr77'5'M"l imitf fue-ffwwwaff fffffflil mga STEVE, Q f ff ,f!iQCff7L02,J X77 , if 5'-C, api? eiiifxhcfw lAJL,,i55i CYSYKA UVVCD I X , , l D lc xl , A is it , Wfxg slime A i i 'A ' ciobbytt f.. W4 ilUf'l'l I i W W 'f f, f r A WQLQ Xltiai' 54952 ls' ll A 0 , ULN ',g,fUjlC LUVLJVLX .Suzanne Stearns represents the Alverno student of the '60's in V I' , JI the senior skit: The Creation of Alvernoq The four classes and , g , . . .Q .I , s, N , g faculty each put on plays pertaining tothe development of the Ln. L' school at the 20th Anniversary Celebration. if at rm f-M 'HW ' V X 1 if ' ""' K ' X f r np -- JJ, 4,7-l-if r ' X J , V' X3 Q A In Ak i,VTx,.'lf U? If M HKU iQ"'i,M9t'5M2,iJJ 3674 Q. 312-7 .WXLQ13 J- 1 CK? Gigi-'H i Ke" yzif ll'-'f' YIA 'N flux VV l'- -"AV b L1 C r is L -s,s ,ww f s fr -ea-efll if -2 1 tx r i f' 1 r it -titl 1-ful liafl-i i rir is f galil- 5piCK5fP 4' ' . lr ri-N he ,W N E7-lm I tw I 2 A l I l 14. Theme.7 One, .Winning Combination ln its sense of pride and self-respect, Alverno has stood united. United as a school, united in the four classes, and united on a one-to-one level among friends. Clubs and teams provided a chance for students with common interests and abilities to unify in order to share them. From skiing to softball, from volleyball to journalism, students showed that their interests lay not only in Alverno as a school, but as a group of individuals. The pinnacle of unity probably came from within each of the four classes. Class chants and cheers during assemblies were signs of each class' pride and unity. Through the many different facets of unity at Alverno during the year, the entire student bad proved to be One Wlnnlng Combination. li "5'iD,lfl?" l - 'YXLD yo - .c,, , ,.,, A A fi vi ll f 1, , i fffaflll ' .fi-lq5,x,,,z-,. 1 it K ' , if N 4 1 'i "7w,f,'y 1' K f 1" 13,17 if Q f'f -- . 4 'I '.-f ,. .1 M., --.lx iw bfi, XS.. , x.x,,'--'xv Q , jf, '.,,ki- fl L, e1"ifj1Sii,A,.-iw 1' " Kflfi' j , fi ff, f, 'ff 4. 1 3 '-4.. ', L, x,,f',, f-., .-- iv4gLA?vf1,r I , ,vylfafl-J.',fX N-' . 'f, l gk' QQ, L N, fi iv mm' ,rv , i c.3l.f'Q-3, Q Ili' F5 ',,x . il - .1 fit l.vl,asi,,gft,, lf : 1' U -:Vik V'-AJ 1" V Y' f'7 f N' An ivxjlfk' if f , it r 'M of , ww f inf! XV: WK Y- :Q R' -fx, ! ,Le ' iff ,L i ' . fir - ifwffw lm , mt ll J, N B 4 X. , ' 1, ,' Q li LQ-li Mm J N ' ' ' Al ' '- ' "V ' Q11-x I - 54 72 450 ., ,, -is Ll .c ' in Ax Ly!-AAA, x E' if 5. K ' r' , i f . 3' PM QR il' fi? Vx V' f . i .. ' .f VL U x Lk,'U-g . A ,ff ,ffl ,fl fl A XO.4,f,.d3 ,,,, . AW,,.g1M'2'L-bij L QA-1 fjh? - N? V7 Q L A X - l .f - , Us---l 7'- lxL2J1.A,.ZSa.. '. Alhhuw lf'-.,-Ay Cj,4'f,,,.kM. A f , --s nv, - ,- --1' ' f'1 A I fb ,V 11 , ,jIf's:,i1ij1T"'ff-- M s. ,, i 4 On the school's anniversary, Noreen Sullivan, Monica Ben- zle. Julie Joyce. and other enthusiastic juniors cheer on the class. y Q Due to the new schedule, students rarely have time to sit on the terrace. During break and lunch students are found relaxing with friends. v Sandy Chester grimaces in effort to carve the Junior Class pumpkin, a new activity by ASB. v Susie Fisher receives a traditional carnation upon winning the office of secretary for the sen- iors. Theme-9 gxdv WZIKQ. CNOQXJQ, 4334! 052. do ' pro AUG. N9 soy' Qlxxprfuf Q, QQ L 0 C I fw5fW'52U0lL4O+2Y9WWMVV I QGCIWFW owl IW' ff QT li V4 :iw ' i Siva' CZJOXW T'JNX?jc'TX IW kgs LQNNIXAIP Wuupll W To Q sys Gs J fN,pJL QI f pl I I or yggbwyyw ,-vi, 6029 MIL A vw f , I X5-f'MOvfJUJO,C5"0uCNdQxOq ,V 'lQb4f..I' 'Pu IO f-L TION STUDENT LIFE NE SINGULAR SENS lvlosT sTudenTs discovered ThoT mony of Their im- porTonT leorning experiences Took ploce ouTside The clossroom. lnvolvemenT in clubs, ploys, oThleT- ics, communiTy service ond jobs were some of The numerous oreos in which sTudenTs pdrTicipdT- ed. ExTro-curriculdr ocTiviTies were chosen eiTher for fun or fuTure cdreers. Junior Alice lvloorhedd, hod sTudied bdlleT for mony yeors. Alice com- menTed, "BolleT wos o coreer I seriously wcinTed, buT now I reolize ThdT cerToin ospecTs of donce dren'T for me." s-N Sociol ddvonToges provided by vdried sTudenT 9' " '- inTeresT, were o mojor dsseT To sTudenT life. From 1 X., doTing To finding d job, sTudenTs hod beneficidl i'isl Ag experiences. Senior Koren Moro reflecTed, "Through doTing l've been oble To meeT people wiTh differenT ideos. This hos helped me To grow is elected presi since I leorn more obouT myself." Kg dent Julie Kone shows her os she 10-STudenT Life i XK:Q'f'L. 'Vmppw info ,ff fxUH- N L O Our . 'ZQQQQWX ' fmt Nlavw - 3 1 V - - "'A 1 f"1f1'C Q91-Um-322. Rljxlfgll J, - - M4 ONE SINGULAR QENQNQN QIXE-SLN!-GUL Q V 'WA , , .A I f gb fi ' ij I f'-'J -w NO GV xx? 0 QWQSX5 of X0 SL 4? fg. LVD QW :gint f W W W ' W dr Wqxiuf W' CYD' W'6WcfLv!36f1N I' l ,ami l'U14611cffg' x'Q!Vkg9,q wxgjwjl L QJYXLQJX CUNY ' Wwmw Sph h D Y B TOS G d Mon, W Th M s. Phyllis R d T AI I sobeTo pt 1 f Td T p d T , VLMQMMA . ' E wivvww kfdvQ,vqf MQWLX NAS" f uqxewimwfgmfa ,. ,WLMIQ UxjQQfVXlx69N wfQVq k,x5Q.Q!vxiJ-,X ' . WXQNXKQJ-f VUWMAWU L-UH' QAMJJM Student Life 11 CelebraTing An Anniversary 4980-4984 rang in Alverno High School's TwenTieTh birThday. Al- verno opened in 4960 and iTs firsT graduaTing class of 4964 consisfed of 449 girls. ln 4984, 444 girls graduaTed. There were many differences be- Tween Alverno of The 60's and ThaT of The 80's. According To a Troubadour sTaff poll, The mosT confroversial change seemed To be in uniforms, go- ing from plaids, To pinsTripes, To The plain brown polyesTer look. Ofher changes included The academic courses, more lay Teachers, and The campus' new look. In 4984, The campus consisfed of brown lockers, re- painfed classrooms, and refin- ished Tennis courfs. DespiTe These many alTeraTions, sTu- denfs sTill felT a need for change. Among The many de- sired modificafions were: more colorful uniforms, more varieTy of classes, a varieTy of clubs and sporTs. Friday, Ocfober 3, 4980, was seT aside for The celebrafion. The day consisfed of a mass, a homeroom organized lunch exchange, and plays presenf- ed by The faculTy and each class. The mass was highlighTed by candles and balloons. The balloons which were released af The end of The mass repre- senTed various donafions from The alumnae. AfTer The mass, The lunches were exchanged. Following The lunches were The plays. Prizes were given To each play: The mosT original skiT-freshmen, besT perfor- mance-sophomores, mosT comical skiT-juniors, besT skiT overall-seniors, and The worsT skiT overall wenT To The faculfy. There were various opinions given as To wheTher The cele- braTion was a success. Of Those polled, 5596 felT Thaf iT was successful, while 4596 felT ThaT iT was noT. One of The rea- sons given by The laTTer per- cenfage was a poor TurnouT by The alumnae, probably be- cause The celebrafion was held during work hours. TwenTy years of educafion had gone by, buf equally imporTanT, so had TwenTy years of happi- ness, friendship, religious awareness and uniTy. Q . 4 w 'fl an . 1 M ,.,, M' 4 ll 111 V a f I H ki if --...,,, ""' "" fy 'T " 'l"l'v'f'h"f T I 'W 5 .V l ,Q ,J ff .4 1' . ..- P .150 , ' fr T" , ' Q K ' ' .f . ' 'L ,A .r -'Num .. . ,. A '.. .41 Q", ', 'ii NA L 'f'?"" ' 5 .The mass was said by Fr. Gino Piccolo OFM. Fr. Gino is The ArT Direcfor of a filmsfrip ofTen used for religion class called, 'FAN l-lungry." 12 20th Anniversary v AIverno's music section, headed by guitarists: Mrs. Mar- cia Urbina, Ms. Emily John and Mary Lees, perform, "Be Not Afraid" during the mass. Monica Auzenne, Karla Kurz- W9lI,Gl'1CJ Kathleen McCloskey are the background vocal- lsts ,K .Teresa Cintron, Laura Geraci, Cheryl Lindsey, Pam Coleman, Lourdes Vita and Rosanne Ramos present the Senior Class skit, The Creation of AIverno". 20th Anniversary 13 14-Masses if V Masses Encourage Cooperaiic ul feel ThaT whaT makes masses . T A T' T ' l aT Alverno special are The people." In This school special Touches like dancing and mu- sic were noT only common buT seemed To be a musT. WhaT made These masses so unique . f p M was The facT ThaT They were ' i puT on wiTh The cooperaTion of T sTudenTs and faculTy. One mass ThaT Took place This year was held in memory of Sr. Maggie Jo Hulin O.S.F., The Sophomore Class moderaTor for '79-'80. ParTicipaTion of sTu- denTs, parTicularly The juniors, wiTh Miss Marian Finn's assis- Tance, conTribuTed To The mass' success. ln hopes of keeping Sr. Maggie's memory alive, some sTudenTs polled felT ThaT an opTlonal mass should Take place annually in her hon- or. , . 1 J' , L3 K , K 1 of . 1, .i Q gh , o l 'fs in xi' 5 Fr. Zimmerman of AnnunciaTion Church says The memorial mass Fr, Zim- merman had worked wifh Sr. Maggie on many occasions. i Q Hilda Mena, Mana KasTafados, CaThy MichelTree, Karla Kurzweil and Mary Perry gaTher flowers for The procession To The sTaTue of ST. Francis. The mass was decoraTed wiTh candles and flowers because They were a special parT of SisTer Maggie's life. I 'INK Gul ,on ,I Noreen Brkich of Peace b Maggie was so special To Them. juniors F '11 alxemv 4 Fr. John Cremins celebrates the first mass of the school year. This mass was followed by the opening of The new school chapel. 4 After the memorial mass, The juniors processed to The statue of ST. Francis, The patron saint of Sr. Maggie, and decorated it with flowers. ,illi- Masses- 15 STepping 0uT In STyle From Levis To designers, from Off-The-Walls To Cherokees and from preppy To punk, 6496 of The sTudenTs dressed in These laTesT up-To-daTe fashions. Fads of '80- '8'l were presenT all over The campus, "geTTing wilder and more colorful" as Michele Krui- zenga comrnenTed. The crazy and flashy colors of punk appealed To only a small percenTage of The sTudenT body. YeT, The logos of designer jeans and The casual look of Vans were walking around on more Than half of The sTudenTs. And of course There were Those cowgirls wiTn 4496 of The sTu- . STepping inTo The laTesT shoe wear, sTudenTs display The casual To dressy look. SomeTimes, They are willing To sacrafice comforT for sTyle. 9 Chris Vanderhaar and NaThalie Galle show off Their colorful floral jumpsuiTs. This is a fashion which only 141 of The sTudenTs wear. denTs occasionally in The wesT- ern aTTire. NOT all fashions were liked by ev- eryone, as Ana Rodrlquez puT iT, "fashion could look more agree- able for everyday wear." The floral prinT pdnTs seem To be a fashion ThaT 8596 of The sTudenTs wouldn'T geT cdughT dead in. WiTh The price of fashion so high, iT kepT many people from buying The laTesT sTyles. "l'd love To geT The laTesT fashions buT They're Too expensive." ex- plained Virginia ForesT. This ThoughT lingered in The rninds of many sTudenTs such as Jill Garri- gan, who remarked, "I haTe anyone who spends 350.00 on a pair of Gloria VdnderbilT panTs!" lT's hard To know whdT The laTesT fashion is. lT's always changing. BuT, There are jusT some Things ThaT people conTinue wearing even if iT does go ouT of sTyle. Regardless of wheTher or noT a person dressed in The laTesT fashions some sTudenTs felT ThaT should noT be an irnporTanT re- flecTion on The individual. As Adria Falvy puT iT, "You shouldn'T judge a person by how They dress." g L, ZW. , 1 7, sv' Crayon pins "color-up" blouses and eaters. Pins of every shape and col- are the latest in jewelry. Q Monica Benzle and Alicia Grabowski are dressed in plaid wool skirts. This "preppie" look was displayed throughout the year in loafers. angora sweaters and tweed blazers. Q Desiree Tulleners, Beth Loucpre, Sherri Tagliamonte and Sandy Chester show off their top fashion jeans. De- signer jeans are worn by 701, of the students. Fashion- 17 "Sounds greaT! I wish I had Wiiches And Warlocks Parly All NighT "Hey April! Did you hear abouT The Alverno Halloween ParTy?" "NO, I didn'T. WhC1T Halloween party?" "The one ThaT Took place on OcTober 30Th. IT was a blasT! In facT, people said ThaT iT was The besT Halloween parTy ever puT on by Alverno." "Oh ya? WhaT wenT on?" "Well flrsT of all, La Salle was lnviTed. There were several was a live band, Midway, which supplied The dancing enTerTainmenT for The evening and There were plenTy of free refreshmenTs available. The eerie presence of The haunTed house added To The exclTe- menT of The nighT. AIThough iT had a few minor dlfficulTies, iT Turned ouT To be an overall success. IT sure was a Thrilling, chilling Halloween celebra- Tion!" -l-li. come!" gr games such as apple dunking and a cosTume conTesT. There .Frank FerranTe, Mark Sanderson, Pal Griffin, Andre Dupuy, Mark Lewis, and Jim Williamson perform Their skiT as "Ricky Ricardo and The Tropicana Six." They were enrhusiaslically received by all. 18-Halloween :Vickie Slagle, Bechy Flores, Car- men Ramos, and Dayna Riddle are among The many who aTTended The Halloween parTy wiTh creaTive and unique costumes. W A Slice On Thursday, OcTober 29, on A The Terrace, There saT four lone pumpkins. AT 44:45 a.m. a large crowd gaThered, in- Tensely looking on as The class officers hurridly carved The pumpkins which represenTed Their class. People conTribuTed personal arTicles To enhance Their class' pumpkin, such as haTs, earrings and glasses. When Time ran ouT The pump- kins were whisked away for The judges To make Their decision. Finally The choice was made and The Junior Class won firsT prize. The pumpkins were dis- played aT The Halloween parTy ThaT evening To help creaTe The proper aTmosphere. QMaryalice Pederson gives a warm wel- come as she rises from a caskeTT used only once by a liTTle old lady. Hixiz y viuxiz EN A ANTXTAN . O . xg 4 Holly McAliisTer and Mandy Downer give a slimy qvasolinej recepTion. The Two were among The many GAA members who puT TogeTher The HaunTed House. Halloween- 19 P 9 Theresa Barcelos receives her scroll which officially lnducts her into the student body. Sister Madeline and members of the is gt,- Student Council distributed scrolls to each freshman at me induction. ,N rw 4 A dozen thoughts and feelings run through the minds of the freshmen as they sit, ready for anything, during the excitement of the induction. Only five freshmen were actually chosen to answer the questions. 20-Freshmen Induction .ff Mixed EmoTions ConfronT Freshmen On The eve of Freshmen Induc- Tion few frosh dreamed of The surprises The nexT day held for Them. One freshman com- menTed laTer, "I looked for- ward To Freshmen lnducTion because of The exciTemenT and The rumors abouT Throwing us in The pond if we didn'T memorize The hisTory of Al- verno." On The morning of The big day, Ocfober 27Th, a cou- ple of girls awakened To find Themselves being kidnapped by Their senior big sisTers. The "lucky" IiTTle sisTers were Taken ouT To breakfasT and broughT To school in Their pajamas. LaTer, following a regular Mon- day schedule, The annual ceremony Took place. Seafed in fronT of The enTire sTudenT body, many freshmen had mixed emoTions abouT whaT was going To happen To Them. The frosh were welcomed by SisTer Madeline and upper class officers, Then The much- feared quesTioning abouT The school's hisTory began. Names of a few freshmen were ran- domly drawn. Melinda Neh- dan, Sarah Van Wickle and Yolanda Lennox were among several girls who were "Terror- ized" by The sfudenf body offi- cers who were asking The quesTions. Sfanding before The whole school, The "vicTims" nervously Tried To answer The quesTions. only To be jeered and shouTed aT by Their friends who waved signs reading: "In The pond." "I ThoughT I was go- ing To be picked To answer The quesTions. and I was afraid l'd geT Thrown in The pond," said a relieved STephanie Brkich who was noT chosen. All of The freshmen received scrolls made by Their big sisTers, wel- coming Them as official mem- bers of The sTudenT body. The ceremony concluded wiTh The freshmen leading The singing of The Alma MaTer. Lafer The IiTTle sisTers joined Their senior big sis- Ters for an informal luncheon. The Freshmen Class seemed di- vided in Their opinions abouT The TradiTional lnducTion. Kelly Enrighf said, "I wasn'T scared, l had sophomore friends To help me ouT," while Vicky Gloria commenfed blunTly, "I was scared!" Some of The girls con- fided ThaT They were disap- poinTed in The lnducTion. As An- drea Falvy puT iT, "IT wasn'T scary To me, I don'T Think iT Turned ouT To be all ThaT iT was builT up To be." Whafever Their feelings, mosT of The girls agreed ThaT Freshmen lnduc- Tion will be someThing They remember for a long Time. 1 T ,pw Q, Y f F I I ef' 4 Theresa Urda, Rosanna Russo and Carmen Mollica playfully menace The freshmen aT The induction. The ThreaT of Throwing freshmen in The pond is a Tradifion. Freshmen Induchon 21 Slrudeni Polifiiidns STudenT involvemenf in The 4980 Nofiondl Elecfion wos mode evidenf on compus Through The senior sponsored "Cdmpoign '8O." The purpose of The compdign wos To give sTudenTs o chdnce To exper- ience The processes of vofing ond regisfrofion. The mock-eiecTion begon wifh o week of regisfrofion when eoch sTudenT wos encour- oged To regisfer ds eiTher o Re- publicdn, Democrdfe, Liberfdr- ion or lndependenf. On No- vember 3rd, d debdTe ond elecfion wos held. Edch poliTi- col porfy hdd d few represen- Tofives who spoke on behdlf of Their porficuldr porTy's condi- dofe for The office of presi- denT. AfTer The debdfe The sTudenT body wos insTrucTed To go To designofed clossrooms To voTe. When The decision wos dnnounced ThdT dffernoon Re- publicon Rondld Regdn won by o ndrrow morgin. Regon hdd A696 of The voTes, Corfer 3896, Anderson 970 ond Clork 796. This eiecTion wos on inoccu- rdTe predicTion of The ndfionol one, becduse Regdn ocfuolly won by d lond slide. As one sophomore soid, 'Tl felT This wos educdfionol ond gove us d feel for whdT iT will be like when we reolly voTe." gf c " 'K a- , P I , ar F ' 4: 4 U' " T T' 4: I 7 4 ' 4' 5 ,I ' V I Q: ' Q R. 1-,-, K - 1 ar fi' 5 r fx. 1 fi T T ' use 2? . " 45. 5 th Q -ss 43 N up b s.,- lliss Q Seniors were frequenfly seen pldcing compoign posTers 4 Siobohn McCann ond Beih Loudpre were Two of The mon Ground cdmpus which come from locdl polificdl hedd- spenf whof liTTle free Time They hdd To work of regisfrdfuon quorfers. Different classrooms served ds pdrfy sTOTions, regisfering, sfudenfs were informed of eoch porfies sfonds on 22 Campaign '80 col issues. i Q The crowd looks on at the mock debate as Mary Dolan speaks on behalf of the Democratic Party. The representatives for the three candidates "worked hard to win the majority vote of the crhhhl " Chris Photos speaks for ll'.I2lK'0fu1lllK'llllll'fS the Independent Party behalf of John Anderson, Join 7 f 5 -I I only X j ff FN L 0 , 1 ' , e X7 'U dfmjwwoe ciflylx 4 The Republican Party puts the squeeze on the Democrats in the 4980 political circus. CGFTOOD by Becky Garcia. f, Campaign '80 23 S K :Q ,' X I 1 5 L ? iN N 33 ' 5 wa - f 3 - sf? 5-, ' ,f"'v.,sfjw41f 'bel 'K 4 , I 'V . isgifsffgf . F ' K l I, 'Pg Q Rf , -.L -s A fa 1 s.. vi K 52: ' iQ -. ' A W5 r, 1..,,M ' -A . Q . l if 1 ' amg, L . 1 x . K Dances Take A New Twist In efforts to bring more excite- ment, higher profits and in- creased attendance into the dances, a new idea brought the Student Councils of both La Salle and Alverno together working for a common suc- cess. This goal required innova- tive planning, hard work, coo-' peration and active participa- tion by many students. ln order to raise Funds to fi- nance the Troubadour, the first dance of the year was sponsored by the yearbook staff. The band "Dealer" wel- comed students back to school the evening of Septem- ber 49, 4980. Friends, old and new, danced and talked, bringing the exciting news ofa short vacation onto the ter- race and into the enchant- ment of the night. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance held on Saturday, No- vember 22, 'iwas one of the highlights of the year" com- mented one student. The Stu- dent Council discussed many ideas to renovate the special evening. Students converted the cafeteria into a barn. Mu- rals, hay bales, a saloon and sawdust on the floor provided an authentic western atmo- sphere for the couples who had paid their 85.00 to get through the barn door. A stu- dent's personnal connections with members of the band "Tryx" arranged to have them play for the occasion, as cou- ples danced the night away from 8-'li p.m. Tricia Van Koetsveld who had attended the annual dance for the sec- ond year in a row commented, "lt was terrific, the band was good, and everything was better than the previous year." For 57.00, a professional photographer captured last- ing memories of the couples who dressed in casual western attire. Peggy Kinney, ASB So- cial Chairperson, was really ex- dance. "The Sadie Hawkins turned out great, everyone seemed to have a really fun time." Originally offered by La Salle only, the Snow Ball was co- sponsored by both La Salle and Alverno for the first time. This new action enabled the girls to ask their own friends to the semi-formal if they didn't have "friends" at La Salle. The stu- dents went all out selling tick- ets at 88.00 a bid, rented 25 round tables, purchased a Christmas tree and decorated St. Rita's Hall the day of the dance, Friday, December 49, after noon dismissal. As to be expected, students enjoyed themselves at the dances, however, Anne Howells, who attended both the Snow Ball and the Sadie Hawkins, preferred the latter for its rustic, fun-loving, good ol' memories. Cited with The results of the 1 Jane Fuller, Mary Lees and her "doll" of a date mug for the photographer at the Sadie Hawkins. A few girls "crashed the party" bringing other girls, little brothers and puppets as their dates, which added to the fun of the evening, Snow Ballfsadie Hawkins 25 26 World Events , Feature story by Desiree Tulleners ln addition to the daily routine of school, world events were also on the minds of students as we made the transition into the 80's. 4980 was an election year. Candidates Reagan, Carter and Anderson were involved in the strategies of political cam- paigning, while the world kept moving: inflation, recession, unemployment, riots and ter- rorism all took their toll. In a landslide victory, Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the United States. Only two months into his term, an assassination attempt was made on the President's life by John Hinkley, a 25 year old Colorado man. In excellent shape, the 70 year old Presi- dent recovered quickly from the gunshot wound and re- sumed performing the duties of his office. After AAA days, the 52 Ameri- can hostages, held captive by Iranian militants, came home. The story of their ordeal read like a spy novel: Canada sneaking six Americans out of Iran in the first days following the embassy take-over, threats of Iranian spy trials for the hostages, a secret rescue attempt in April of 4980 by U.S. military commandos ending in a fiery crash and eight dead and on-again off-again nego- tiations for the captives' re- lease. The hostages finally re- turned home to an ecstatic welcome of symbolic yellow ribbons and ticker-tape pa- rades as the U.S. received' them with open arms. A sudden invasion of Afghani- stan by Soviet soldiers trig- gered fresh fears throughout the world. In protest, President Carter dropped his advocacy of SALT ll and announced ab- ruptly that the U.S. athletes should boycott Moscow's Sum- mer Olympics. The Summer Olympics were boycotted. However, the .Nho Shot J.R.'? IVlt. St. Helens Erupts U.S. Hockey T f ff' ,ss bww l ,552 specTocuIor vicTory of The young U S Hockey Teom over The Russions oT The Loke Plocid WinTer Olympics broughf obouT o kind of exolToTion ThoT ccirried Americo Through The boycoTT In The oreo of science The Voyoger ll spoce Iob senT bock phoTos of SoTurn showing sci enTisTs ThoT The pIoneT s fom ous rings ore broided And ofTer 423 yeors of inocTiviTy WoshingTon s MounT ST Helens exploded wiTh o fo ce 500 Times greoTer Thdn The Hiroshi mo A bomb All we ore soying is give peoce o chonce chonTed Thousonds of John Lennon fons os They kepT o vigil ouTside his New York oporTmenT ofTer his senseless murder in December, 4980. Lennon wos shoT by o young mon who hod op- prodched The former BedTle jusT doys before To geT his ouTogroph. AnyThing wesTern wos in: S500,000,000 wos spenT on wesTern hoTs, S45,000,000 worTh of Kenny Rogers records sold ond counTr'y1 wesTern sing- er Borboro ondrell wos nomed UEnTerToiner of The Yeor." Films like 'iUrbon Cow- boy", "Honeysuckle Rose" ond "The EIecTric Horsemon" were omong The mosT populor films of The yeor. The film ond Television indus- Tries, neorly crippled by o Two monTh ocTors sTrike during The summer of 4980, broughT To life such loveoble chorocTers os Yodo The "Empire STrikes Bock" philosopher, ond such villoins os JR. Ewing CLorry Hog- monj on The Fridoy nighT soop opero "Dollos". The November 24sT show in which The mosT osked quesTion of The summer, "Who shoT JR?" wos dn- swered, hod The highesT roT- ings in Television hisTory of ony single T.V. episode. Through vorious efforTs, Pope John Poul ll ond The Bishops' Synod worked To bring peoce ond uniTy To o Troubled world. ogon lnoiuguroTed l-losToges Freed SoTurn's Rings X YARI ITNCS T DU ss Qs? fs. 'WN- Ygdc fs U S- - Sl 1T3-3 WE DlD IT WE DID VY Pnl!" gg . ., . ps... -E , . , , - , ' r I ,, . . . , ., , 'Y 4 T -J J Y L .- ,.., H. .v., .,i....... ,.,. , ..,, .... . . . . .. ., ,, , it .-....,. ..,,. ,,,..,, , f'nf'::L- f--.vs . ....s, ., , ,. , , ' '::",r,,,:.'1:i':".i.,:".i: X9 .T.s 1 , T T ' f T--- . T - FE' is 633515 Ts A. , .. 5 sgfs :ggi 'H+' g. x T - . -M ..,. . .,,, l K A 5 FI T ' ' ..L,, ss .. ,Es ,::, M . V I, f . ' Si . -we Q 'figs T STN? IR. R ' V T5 I t, ja! Q . sae. 3. l 0 T s X ,I Q f I ix ' .. 5 Doreen Galt receives her ring from Ms. Pam Jones. Ms. Redd, Ms. Brown and Sister Anne Korthals also assisted in the distribution of the rings, as Ms. An- gela Bonja announced each narne. v The rings of the Class of '82 bear their class symbol, the dragon. Each junior ordered her own ring with her favorite stone and precious metal. ZX. nt 4, 0 9'-"Q, ,t im.. M! x 'Lf' ,. for T,-'5.' . milf! s ,QL-vw ev .whit Q The Juniors reception is enhanced by three large cakes decorated in the class colors The cakes were baked by Noreen Sullivan and Michele Serotuk and deco- ? 1533-M3 I FIREl Q Nicole Williams turns Mary Jane Salido's ring as Theresa Camiling waits for "turn". Following a tradition, the members of the Class of 1982 turn their rings times for good luck. I I rated by Desiree Tulleners. 28-Junior Ring Ceremony Class of 4982 held Their Ju- Ring Ceremony on Mon- November '17, 4980. hard work wenT inTo The of The TradiTionaI which sTudenTs, facuITy parenTs aTTended by for- inviTaTion. The Junior Class Ms. Angela Bonja, Junior Class officers, var- commiTTee heads and meT TogeTher for brainsTorming hours in weeks preceding The Shakey's Pizza NighT, by The juniors, and fund-raisers made up The used To finance The and yellow carnaTions To carried by each junior were for The special day, lower lawns of The villa chosen for The IocaTion, d The villa Terrace was coraTed wiTh blue and yel- s Make IT Cfficial low carnaTions and sTreamers for The recepTion. The class symbol, The dragon, was used on a banner bearing The moTTo, "Like The dragon, we don'T breaThe smoke, we breaThe fire." DeTaiIed Typed insTrucTions on The back of each junior's chair Told The ju- niors exacTly whaT To do and when. This careful procedure demonsTraTed whaT Michele Adams IaTer commenTed on. "I ThoughT The ceremony was very well organized, IT was beauTiful wiThouT being over- dramaTicized." FaTher Jack Foley presided over The ceremony. Jean Shin- nick, Monica Auzene, Sandy STeeIe and Mary Noonan pre- senTed some readings abouT The dragon and iTs meaning To The class. "You've goT a friend" was sung in harmony by KaThy BeTz and Mary Lees, fol- Q Fred BarreTT and Jeff Bonja provide musical accompani- menT for The Junior Class. Their TalenTs helped To make This ceremony special. Q The juniors display Their newly acquired rings during The Alma Mafer. The cosT of The rings ranged from S120 for I gold To S56 for silver. , H5 J K' . x . T --T. .s-4 in lowed by The disTribuTion of The rings To The Junior Class. Fred BarreTT and Jeff Bonja volun- Teered Their services as musi- cians for The ceremony, and accompanied The juniors who sang Their class song, "Time In a BoTTIe." AfTer The ceremony, Jackie DeCIue said, "I ThoughT The ceremony was well presenTed, iT was jusT long enough To make The occasion special wiThouT running on and on." Junior Class vice-presidenT No- reen Sullivan, relieved To have The hard work over wiTh com- menTed, "I ThoughT iT wenT really well. Everyone in The class did whaT They were sup- pose To do, and Their parTici- paTion and spiriT made The ceremony run smooThIy." Q TZT its Ixxl Junior Ring Ceremony-29 TS? in fri ili- Thanksgiving season was cele- braTed in The usual manner This year. STudenT council orga- nized an assembly in which a shorT prayer service and slide show enhanced The Thankful aTmosphere. lT gave everyone The opporTuniTy To reflecT uon The meaning of The season. A quick exchange of deserT gifTs among The sTudenTs also Took place. Once again a food drive was held The week before Thanks- giving. One sophomore sTaT- ed, "l'm so glad ThaT l was one of The many girls who parTici- paTed in This Thanksgiving's food drive. lT was my privilege To go down To El lVlonTe and deliver food To The people There. Being wiTh These people on Thanksgiving helped me To undersTand The True meaning of This holiday." Q7 S 9 Peggy Kinney inTroduces The slide show which opened The prayer service. The message was To remind The sTudenTs of Their blessings and gifTs on campus. 4 Monique Williams represnTs The Freshmen Class as she ex- pressed The spiriT of giving. The slide-show f prayer service was a success as well as The deserT gifT Trade among The sTudenTs. 30 Thanksgiving 'Walk Around The Block" as N STuaenTs wave aT The camera as They dance To The music of s disc jockey, Many found more excercise in dancing Than in The 5 miles. Alverno's walk, according To one junior, "was a big suc- cess". Many girls had fun while raising money for The school. The main purpose of The walk was To raise money and To use iT for someThing consTrucTive, ThaT everyone could recog- nize. Thanks To Mrs. BeTTy Quayle, The AdvancemenT Dl- recTor, from whom The walk idea originally derived, every- one enjoyed The day while raising 86980. AlThough a cause for The money had noT been designaTed yeT, mosT sTudenTs responded ThaT They would approve of any use. Each sTudenT who had a S50 quoTa of pledges received a free Alverno T-ShirT. A free lunch was served To each sTudenT, which consisTed of: a hoT dog, poTaTo chips, a snack and a fruiT drink. Follow- ing The lunch, a disc jockey supplied The sTudenTs wiTh dancing music. Q v Kelly Timpone, Carmen Ramos and Becky Flores decide To sprinT The home sTreTch. The 5 mile walk was compleT- ed in under 2 hours by mosT. Walk-A-Thon 31 Dedr SdnTd, Before sTdrTing my reporT of Chrisfmos 4980, I wonT To Tell you ThoT I've never seen d school ThoT volues ond looks forword To This seoson ds much os The girls dT This school do. The girls ceIebroTed wiTh d Glee Club presenToTion. Mem- bers of The club song o new song cdlled "The Twelve Ddys AfTer ChrisTmos," which gove dn inTeresTing view of The doys following The holidoy. The resT of The sTudenT body hdd o chonce To show off Their voccrl chords when They gdThered on The Terrcice To sing fdmilior cor- ols. Some of The girls "gove o liTTIe of ThemseIves" To o doy core cenTer whose children were enTerTdined by The ploy "Twds The NighT Before ChrisTmos". I overheord Amy Huber, who pldyed o Tree soy ThoT, "One of The kids squeezed my drm ond dsked why I wos sTdnding There so funny." The children seemed To especiolly enjoy The drrivol of SonTo Cldus. AlThough The seoson seemed To go well, some felT ThoT iT wos hedvily burdened wiTh long Term ossignmenTs ThoT were due ofTer vdcdfion. One junior sold, "ChrisTmds jusT wdsn'T righT becouse of dll The home- work." BuT d new evenT, The Snowboll ddnce, which wos co-sponsored wiTh LdSolle, probobly helped Them forgef Their Troubles. Working on d new fund roiser, The Chrisfmos BouTique, kepT Them busy os well. UnTil nexT yeor, be good. And relox before The nexT rush. Love, Elf Tc. Q' 1 , 4 Cindy Lyndell decoroTes The Freshmen Clciss Tree. Tree decordTing compeTiTion noT Toke ploce This yeor buT eclch cldss sTllI Took pride in mdking Their Tree speciol 32 Christmas 4 Sandra Henkels, Lisa Nordquist, Bambi Vita, Carmen Bustamante, Elena Cazares. Sandra Vega, Barbara Thornhill and Amy Huber were only a few of the members of Ms. Emily John's fifth period, "What the Church Teaches" class. This class present- ed the play "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" at the Maryvill Day Care Cen- ter in Rosemead. v Doreen Gott, Sheila Ryan and Monica Martinez, sing the praises of Christmas af the terrace assembly on December 19. "Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells" were only two of the many carols that highlighted the assembly. Carolyn Arens a freshmen returns to childhood tempo as she hugs her teddy bear Many of the big sisters a special Christmas with their little sisters by going to lunch or exchanging gifts. . A presentation by the Glee Club helped to uplift the spirits of students who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Christmas vaca- tion. They had many new renditions of familiar carols, such as "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Christmas 33 "Do you have to work to- night?" One out of every eight girls would have answered "yes", Students who worked had to consider schedules be- fore becoming too involved with school. Last year 4305 of the student body held part- time jobs on top of their study workload. A Troubadour survey showed 4906 of these 'lworking wom- en" volunteered service time, 7096 were paid employees, and less than 40A managed to hold both a voluntary and pay- ing job. Student volunteers served the community in a variety of ways, including gradeschool tutoring, teaching religion courses at parishes and assist- ing with general office work for non-profit organizations. Senior Charisse Morelli worked fourteen hours each at Villa Esperanza's recreation work- shop. "Helping the mentally re- tarded makes me appreciate myself," she said. Other stu- dents worked with the handi- capped at the Crippled Chil- dren's Society of Pasadena, and the blind at CLIMB in Sierra Madre. "I do everything but give shots and empty bed- pans," explained Kristi Henkels, a volunteer at Huntington Me- morial Hospital. A few girls said they wanted the work experience in order to continue similar social work in the future. However, some girls worked either for Christian Service class credit, or as one 34 Student Jobs Being entsible Pays senior responded, "l work there just as enjoyment." Of the paid employees, 9411 worked because they wanted the extra spending money or to begin saving for college. Paychecks also helped to pay for high school tuition and fi- nance costly social lives. Patti Pullara worked at Fedco's gar- den shop "just to get out of the house and meet people." A relatively small number of sophomores and juniors had in- tentions of saving to buy a car. Carolyn Volmert prepared meals for patients at Arcadia Methodist Hospital in hopes of earning money for a trip to Alaska. The two most common jobs Feature Story By Peggy Kinney were floor salesgirls and food related jobs, as waitresses or fast-food clerks. Fashion-relat- ed jobs were equally as popu- lar as secretarial work. Only 4870 had any intentions of continuing their job as a ca- reer. As Mary Dolan said, "l don't plan to sell shoes the rest of my life!" The results of a staff poll found that students worked an aver- age of 48 hours per week. Many girls said that their jobs interfered with their school work, but as Desiree Tulleners stated, "I usually arrange my work schedule around my school schedulefgr In K s. sm .rf .V . J 5. .... 1 Sandy Moreno and Giesslnger in Numero They say a good frien he job more xii. fffrl: Q Taking inventory, Pia Perez counts remaining Christmas stock. Pia, who works at Fashion Conspiracy, works 22 hours a week, a load higher than most students. v Junior Monica Tinker caienders tax clients' appointments at her father's tax accounting office in Sierra Madre. "There are many bene- fits, and I can always get my sister to work for me." 'fI'1.. f!'j:11'5'T' T 1 ' '3 1 I2 . -:Q . . M T - Amo ygii is Photos tends to ' " childrens runny noses. Chris gets experience at Sunset Preschool for a future in child devel- opment. g g J Syxkww N 0' 5 Student Jo 6 x X f it M s Lass bs3 .The cafeTeria Take ff'!'f THeavenly' NighT For Sophomores "Are you serious? lT's 5:'l5l Craig is going To pick me up aT 5:30 To go ouT for dinner. Oh, Mom my hair is sTill in rollers and we sTill have To pick up The bouTonniere. l'm shaking all over. Why am I so nervous?" This scene was Taking place in The homes of many sopho- mores as The recenTly Trans- formed cafeTeria was awaiTing Their arrival for The biggesf evenT of The sophomore year: The Cherry Blossom. The plain cafeTeria had been Turned inTo a shiny "STairway To Heaven," The dance's Theme. A sTarry aTmosphere was creafed by The decoraTions commiTTee by hanging gliTTered sTyrofoam sTars, crepe paper sTreamers and pom-pom balls from The ceiling. The walls were masked wiTh cloud and rainbow painT- 36 Cherry Blossom ings, ana sfraw baskeTs filled wiTh daisies and carnafions decoraTed The Tables. The ro- manTic mood was compleTed by Tiny whiTe lighTs hung in The Trees ouTside The cafeTeria. Meanwhile, mosT sophomores and Their daTes had dinner ouT before The dance. They aTe in a varieTy of resTauranTs rang- ing from The l-lungry Tiger To ln- n-OuT. Couples began arriving aT The dance abouT 8:00 p.m. lVlosT of Them had posed picTures Tak- en by The professional To help Them remember The evening. The band Clone provided l'greaT music, buT Took Too many breaks," commenTed ChrisTine SpeckerT. Tables in- side The cafeferia provided a place for couples To relax and Talk wiTh friends. Oufside, girls and Their daTes could geT some fresh air and sfroll among The lighfed Trees. AlThough The dance was over aT 44:30 p.m., The evening did noT end for many couples. Kris Vanderhaar and her dafe wenT To see "The Rocky Horror PicTure Show", and Rosann VolmerT and her escorf wenT To Hollywood. AfTer all ThaT dancing, many couples had worked up an appeTiTe so They wenT ouT To eaT again. The success of The dance was cerTainly evidenf in The girls' re- sponses To The quesfion, "lf you had iT To do all over again, would you go To The dance again'?" 9996 said, Weslngi Q A slow song gives Carrie Snyder and lan Angus a chance to enjoy a few moments of closeness. The slow songs were much more popular than the fast ones. v Worn out after a long evening, Linda Pichei and Donny Whitlock try to last until the band leaves. The price for the evening's entertainment was only 88.00 per couple. '11 x ' 2 T l Q Outside the cafeteria. friends get some fresh air and a little quiet. The decorations committee placed small lights in the surrounding trees to add to the atmosphere. 4 Teri Abril and Johnny Fernandez, and Carmen Nemer and Raphael Padron engage in some con- versation between dances. Cherry Blossom 37 .llill-1 iilitii 38 Pressure Xf Wi' .. 4 - , f L1 . ' si H H -' " ' - . -' iw i K 4 Due to a lack of unscheduled time, Monica Ben- zle spends her lunch time in the library as did many other students. 5 Jeanette Feeney works until the late hours on numerous homework assignments. "Bedtimes" of- ten varied according to the amount of homework each night. .K J' JP? ,X .,,. i Pressure To lvldke The Grdde Feature Slory By Ann Howells "Oh!! When is iT oll going To end'?!" wos ofTen The cry of sTudenTs os They exomined Their ogendo for The ddy. Sen- ior Sue WebsTer described her pressure-filled doys os hoving "Too much To do wiTh noT enough Time in which To do iT slowly ond cdrefully." When polled, sTudenTs cldimed They did os mony os six hours of homework eoch nighT, wiTh 3,3 hours being The overdge. lvlony sToTed ThoT They felT school ond homework were The moin couses of The pres- sure They foced. "School is The usuol couse of pressure. The only wdy To foce iT is To do whoT's expecTed of you." sToT- ed Lourdes ViTo. The subjecTs in which sTudenTs foced The mosT pressure vor- ied from Bosic ArT To Cdlculus. Of The seniors polled, 6206 soid ThoT in Their senior yeor They foced The mosT pressure, noT only in school, buT in exTrd-cur- riculor dcTiviTies, jobs ond in The imporTdnT decision of whoT To do ofTer groduoTion, The re- mdining 3896 oll ogreed ThoT Their junior yeor conToined The mosT pressure - especiolly in cicodemics. Some sTudenTs regorded pres- sure os o negoTive ospecT. 'TPressure is when I hove some- Thing honging over my hedd which mokes me feel like my whole body is collopsing inTo The eorThl" exploined STocy BedudeT. Like mony oThers, ln- grid Uyemuro described her Typicol ddy os "ToTol insoniTy." However, oTher sTudenTs sow pressure os o posiTive ospecT which moTivoTed Them To work Their hordesT. 5296 of The sTu- denTs polled odmiTTed ThoT They doubTed They would work os hord if There were no pres- sure. As lvlonico Tinker sToTed, "Pressure is o force which is needed To geT sTudenTs mov- ing. If There were no pressure, noThing would ever geT done." Pressure 39 QQ EW M-Q K- .ur 'H' ngz 1 SfJlQTllSS3TlIlQQ3 l sxplrslssslrlom Fine ArTs Qflnj Qarfsj n. 'l. Those orTs which seek expression Through beouTlful or significonT modes. IT includes music, IiTeroTure, opero, ond bolleT, os well os poinTing, sculpTure, orchlTecTure, ond The decoroTive orTs. The word "Fine" is ofTen Token To meon beouTiful or oesTheTicolly pleosing, such os Vivion Sciolini believed, who described Fine ArTs os, "onyThing wlTh feeling ond bec1uTy." The moking of on orTifocT Tokes Time ond po- Tience. MenTol foTigue Tends To slow down on orTisT's creoTivlTy, buT iT will rorely sTop him. To hove compleTed o work of orT shows sTrengTh, loyollTy, couroge, compossion, sympoThy, ond coring on The beholf of The orTison. This is how on orTisT expresses fine orTs. g i J -2 X' 2-J Artwork by: Leslie DuersT Fine Arts 41 5 I ,,,.-., 1. W .. X K X 5. Ss , 5 f" Z Q i 3 2 ,av wi If Sf E5 53 H Q mx, A .Ex hx 1 ,Q K L . if ,J i QAf"Mr Y lj J? Q' A, A if-f L Q SS ,. Lf ,kg '- K. ifv11fs?gw2f 2 'ff' g rx? 2 if I sg., . g. v. fknvg, . L an W-RWM. L. . . .W ...- , -fu w. ,Y Q. . Artwork by: ., IN. M N ' ,M-w 'Y L X, . NN 1-TN M by U '1 2' g 3. ADGFGO RGdiCS Q. if fy ibm 5' ,f i EM . , -W. 4 . - . N545 'X x A .Vi N.. , K ,Q 'K 1 l MWl',,. 5gs,v2?'31 ,le ,LQ xxx 1. . .. J ,f' WJ' 5. . ' k'- 'N ',.5:5--Q18 -I-,X .A V N Rh, 'ik Q " U N451 -' . K ' K f 'N x -lk 5 X .1 Q, .th - mx. 42-Fine Arts CT C Cl 2? 0 4 A three-piece collage created by a forrner student continues to decorate the art room. Masked behind a drawing of a man's face, a new identity quietly reveals itself. v Alicia Grabowski does research for Art I. Caught up in the formation of their designs, students focus their attention in an artistic rnanner. ,ia 1 g wx, , , 2 5 if T oooisiiswir lil55llllQEfZilID up Pottery is a Type of decorative or useful ware made of baked clay. IT includes dinnerware, vases, and other household items. The word "pottery" also means a factory that makes pottery products. The three major Types of pot- Tery are earthware, stoneware, and porcelain. Pot- Tery is classified according to The mixture of clays iT contains, and The Temperature affects both The appearance and if-QT strength. There are four basic steps in making pottery. First, The pot- ter selects and prepares The clay he wants to use. He shapes it. using either The coil, slab or mold method. After The clay dries, The potter may coat iT with a smooth glaze. Finally, The pottery is baked in an oven To harden. Carol Whit- more commented, "IT was fun, interesting, and creaTive." CEN Q Using hands To create The swirling effect for her pottery, Carol Whitmore adds a Touch of creativity to her unique design. Many of CaroI's works show impressionable Talent in art. There is no distinction between what is art and what is not art But to do and make with involvement And loving care is the essence. L-' Q23'-" 44 Fine Arts Q. 4 With a pencil in hand and attention focused on her work, Virginia Forest draws design carefully on her clay-piece. Many of clay forms include outer carvings like This. v Artwork by: Desiree Tulleners Q HM ' , r 1 Z I 3 i ew ,X fr, 3 R .. e '- -A z . V5 3 V K or K Y N i 3 Artwork by: Mory Jane Scrlido on echo srlence summer ore come To on FGYTWOID FGQGW OPICG Fine Arts 45 QU C77 PENSATION PEOPLE CNE SINGULAR SENSA v ...I Sd R - t X 5 During the Almo Moier, Liz Tremboiy proudly holds up one finger, symboli ing her one yedr di Aiverno. Mosi sludenls Think The Almo Mdier is suildbl while o few wish if could be "updated" ' ' 3' 46-People ONE SINGULAR SENSATICDN CNE SINGUL AlThough each of The four classes was unique and disTinguishable from The oTher, They each were elemenTs of a uniTed sTudenT body. As each class sTrove To organize special acTiviTies such as The Senior STyle Show, Junior Ring Cere- mony, Cherry Blossom and Freshmen lnducTion, They were able To uniTe as a class. Through The leadership of The class officers and moderaTors, sTudenTs demonsTraTed cooperaTion and ener- QV- lvlore imporTanT Than The four classes were The individuals in Them. The bubbling Talker, The auieT observer, The unquiTTing organizer and The inTel- lecTuaI achiever added To The diversiTy of The sTudenT body, WiThouT The uniqueness of each individual, Alverno would noT have been so di- verse and so exciTingg .Mary O'Donnell and Karla Kurzweil spread Their exciTemenT abouT The Sadie Hawkins To The sTu- denT body as They sing "l'm JusT a Girl Who Can'T Say No." The sTudenT's re- sponse To Their song was enThusiasTic, qDuring The Freshmen ln- ducTion, sTudenTs express Their desire To Throw The freshmen "in The pond." One freshman commenT- ed, "The signs didn'T scare me: I Thought iT was kind of funny," People 47 M 'Z Z wi i i Z 6 'Z Z m 1 i Z Looking lhTo The PasT And FuTure "We The people, in order To form a more perfecT union. . These words may sound like a lefTover from Civics Class, buT They applied To The Senior Class of 4984. The "unicorn" class developed a sense of spiriT ThaT allowed individual- ism, and aT The same Time, uni- Ty in working Towards a com- mon goal. However, The road leading Toward This goal, graduaTion, was never easy. Through The years, The seniors wenT Through many school changes: modular scheduling gave way To a fixed one and winTer and summer uniforms were combined inTo a single sTyle. Mary Villarruel commenT- ed, "AlThough some changes may have been unwanTed, whaT we've been Through will help us To adapT easily and . more efficienTly in jobs and schooling in The fuTure LeeAnn Sfeele and lunchs eniors sfayed A1 Q Liz Garcia and Laura Twedell find if easier To "sTudy" senior porTraiTs Than books AfTer Taking Their porTraiTs Twice, seniors finally received The finished producf. WH 9 X Adriana Arias Gina Aubry Arlene Bailey Siacy Beaudei Kaihy Bohler Jessica Braud Jennifer Brou Maria Brouss inos Reneiie Brown X ' Q The Class of '81 gathers as winners of The class cornpeii- Tion of fhe yearbook patron drive. A goal of S1000 was sei for each class and The seniors brought in over Siioo. Seniors 49 50 Senior Privileges. . .ShorT, BuT AppreoioTed IT is o TrodiTion ThoT ofTer Three yeors of hord work, The Senior Closs requesTs cerToin privi- leges To disTinguish Them from The resT of The sTudenT body. The privileges were Token from senior suggesTions ond Then decided upon by The odminis- TroTion. Seniors were gronTed off-com- pus lunch on Fridoy ofTernoons ond loTer Two exTro "flooTihg" Liso Cohill Cormen Coho Rosionno Choves Tereso CinTron Cindy Clork KrisTen Clork Pom Colemdn Volerie Cooper Virginio Coppi doys were odded. A cofeTerio "express" line wos speoiolly designoTed for senior use ond free dress every Fridoy wos olso puT inTo ocTioh. When seniors were osked in o Troubadour sToff poll obouT how They spenT Their lunoh Time, They ogreed ThoT The ol- loTed 115 minuTes were shored beTween cofeTerio lines, ocTu- ol eoTing ond sTudy Time in The librory. A smoll peroenToge used The Time for running er- rohds or for ChrisTion Service. Those who porTicipoTed in off- oompus found iT diffioulT To re- Turn by 421115 for Their fifTh peri- od closs. Sherri TogliomonTe exploihed, "IT's hord To ruh ond geT food becouse iT's so busy ond I hoTe geTTing book loTe becouse iT ruins iT for The resT." TQ' l l T i l l T T? Q Marianne Crispo ancl Fran- ces Spina use their off carn- pus privilege To "grab a bile." Frances commented, "When I go out To gel some- thing for lunch with my friends. we usually don'1 have time To sil and eal. ll's usually drive Thru and eal on The way back To school. Neveriheless, I still like going out for lunch." Marianne Crispo Denise Danna Lydia De La Flor Palricia Dela Calhy Deleo ney Slephanie Delgallo Senior 51 Officers Express Their Conc The Senior Cldss officers includ- ed Two new-comers ond Two veferdns. Presidenf Shciron Moscdref ond cioss Tredsurer Cheryl Lindsey broughf wiTh Them Their fresh ideos os This wos Their firsT experience GS cioss officers. Vice-presidenf Tereso Cinfron ond secreTdry Susie Fisher were former offi- cers who confinued GS o posi- Tive force. All The officers ogreed in d Troubadour sTdff inferview Thdf keeping The seniors uniTed wds d mojor gool of Theirs. Shoron sTdTed, "The officers wonfed To express To The cioss Through everydoy evenTs Thdf honesfy wiTh Themselves ond oThers would help Them ochieve more, ond noT jusT in finishing Their ldsT yeor of high school. Developing feelings ond o good outlook on life were dlso godls we sfrove for." Terryl Dixon lviory Dolon Koren Emerson Mdry Ewold Jeoneffe Feeney Veronico Ferrdnfe 52 Seniors 'G' Tracey First Susie Fisher Coleen Fox Jane Fuller Araceli Galvan Liz Garcia Pam Gates Jean Gatti Amy Gavigan K Q At a meeting in Miss Barbara Brown's office, class officers Sharon Nloscaret, Teresa Cin- tron and Cheryl Lindsey discuss preparations for placing orders for graduation announcements. As class business began piling up as early as February, the seniors met in the library during home- room and break several times to make some final decisions on class matters. Seniors 53 Margie Gear Laura Geraci Andrea Giessinger Claudine Harkness Gina Harris Deidre Hawkins To Be Or NoT To Be. .. i'WhaT are you going To be when you grow up?" Our firsT conTacT wiTh This auesfion in grade school usually broughT a simple decision-a 'lmovie sTar" or "Suzy homemaker." Our second encounTer wiTh deci- sion making occurred by The end of junior year. BuT This Time The auesfioner was noT our parenTs, or our Teachers, buT a compuferized phenomenon called The ScholasTic ApTiTude TesT, beTTer known as The SAT. MosT commonly The SAT was Taken in The fall of senior year, buf many brave juniors pre- pared To "meeT Their desTiny" in June. As TesT scores reached sTudenTs, decisions concerning college had already sTarTed formulaTing. By Ocfober, Miss Marion PeTerson's counseling office in The library became The mosT popular spoT since HunTingTon Beach on a summer 54 Seniors afTernoon. WiTh lvliss'PeTerson's help, sTudenTs were able To ex- plore Their inTeresTs Through filmsTrips and caTaIogs, and were also given The chance To hear college represenTaTives. The monThs To follow broughT prayers for accepTance as seniors painsTakingly filled ouT applicaTions, muddled Through financial aid forms, and Tracked down Their favoriTe Teacher in a desperaTe search for a leTTer of recommenda- Tion. in addiTion To Those who wished To aTTend college im- mediaTely afTer high school, 25-3006 of seniors felT ThaT col- lege wasn'T for Them aT The momenf. Their reasons ranged from indecision abouT careers To a desire for more exper- ience in The real world before seTTling down To academiclr J A . f,g,,a..rU'P " 1 . Q' ' r,.f 1 . ,1,' - " 4 KaThy Riley schedules her appoinfmenf for college counselling. The Uschedule board" wenT inTo use when yellow appoinTmenT slips jusf didh'T do The job. we J ae. J, Q-1' Q Lydid de lo Flor discusses her fu- ture plons with Miss Mdrion Peter- son. Through Miss Peterson's orgo- nized efforts, seniors were oble to get o clear perspective on 0 col- lege education. Seniors with work experience in mind rdther than col- lege were also received in the counselling center. Kristi Henkels Cothy Hormdnn Ann Howells Peggy Kinney lvlory Klein Lori Krol Winnifred Longe Cheryl Lindsey Beth Louopre Seniors 55 5 . . Celia Martin l Patty Martinez Carla Mathis Siobhan McCann A Kelley McFaul Anne McTeague ' .-g,,,., , . ' f,- -1 X 'tw ,6 X4 .fl ,,4o-Qs.-.AI - , 'W' V - Suffering the consequences of sleeping in late, Jane Fuller sprints from the lower parking lot to avoid a blue slip from her first period teacher for being tardy, As parking spaces are not class assigned, the rule for unfortunate late-comers is first come, first served. 56 Seniors Five minutes, just give me five more minutes, Mom . . . Maybe ten School doesn't start until 8:30 anyway There's nothing like cold cereal to top off a cold shower . . . This stu- pid watch must be fast again, I better call time . .. Csloshj Good move And I don't have another uniform that's clean, oh well, maybe there'll be a new fad where everyone wears Wheaties all over their uniforms .. 853-'l2'l2 Oh no, it can't be . . . l'll just grab an apple and eat it on the way Mom, have you seen my keys? Well, who put them there? No, do I look like I have time to make a lunch? Geez, it's 23 after eight Don't worry, l'll buy it at school Odalys Mena Daria Mercurio ' Karen Mora qt C116 L1 Charisse Morelli Sandy Moreno Sharon Moscaret e More Minutes, Just Give Me Five. . Come on, start lt's freezing in here . . . I wonder if the heater works l've got just enough gas to get to school-if I don't stop At least on the way home, it's all down hill . . . I wish I could get that apple skin out from in be- tween my teeth . . . I wonder if there were any Civic's cards due today Or any English . . . Great, I love parking down by the softball 'field, they should have spaces up front just for late seniors, heaven knows there's enough of us . . . This is going to be my third blue slip for being tardy, I can't wait to start weeding Fif- teen more minutes until home- room, l'll just put my head down and wait it out . . . One class and two hours of home- work . .. There must be thirty people in this ticket line Maybe we did have English homework l'll just have to fake it "Yes, you see, whenever the twentieth cen- tury author portrays the con- cept of alienation verses . . "l'm not coming in here again! Now get upl" Huh? oh wow, what a night- mare 7115? It figures, Dad used up all the hot water . . . I wonder what's for breakfast Maybe Mom's making her famous, old-fashioned, butter- milk Cgroanj Wheaties l'm going back to bed. Q Seniors 57 The Tredsures OT The Sierrd lVlddre The monTh of OcTober be- come o Time of woTching ond woiTing for The Senior Closs os mony found Themselves sTond- ing in fronT of judges ond weor- ing o designoTed number. Cf The hundreds of girls Trying ouT for The 4980-84 Rose CourT, only seven would be chosen wiTh one of Them becoming The Rose Queen. Affer being coiled book four Times, Lourdes ViTo found herself chosen os o Rose Princess. Shoring The royol IimelighT wiTh Lourdes wos onoTher senior, Cindy Clork. Cindy, olong wiTh freshmon Melonie Meinholz, were chosen ouT of 27 girls compefing for o seoT on The flooT represenTing The ciTy of Sierro Nlodre in The Rose Po- Tereso Murphy Mory O'Donnell Poulino Ordonez PoTricio Poshich Moriolyce Pedersen Susie Pereyo 58 Senlors rode. Cindy ond Melonie were Two of The Three ploced for The ciTy. ln oddiTion To The Tourno- menT princesses, Gino Aubry wos selecTed os o Homecom- ing princess for ST. Froncis High School in Lo Conodo. NoT only did Lourdes, Cindy ond Gino represenf Their ciTies, buT They olso sTood for Al- verno, especiolly The seniors. The girls renewed school pride ond hod given The seniors someThing To remember. Bren- do Groborek commenTed, "A loT of seniors goT Togefher on The doy of The porode To cheer on Lourdes ond Cindy. PosTers were mode wiTh 'Al- verno seniors ore here' wriTTen on Them." gl? "'lw.... .VV1 ..,.W 'S- Jilin Pia Perez Chris Photos Leonor Pineda Olivia Pisanis Patti Pullara Patricia Quigley 1 months of exciting and chaotic activity climaxed on New Year's Day as Lourdes Vita and the rest of Rose Parade Court made their way down Colorado Boulevard. New Year's Day began at on early 3 for Lourdes in order to prepare for the days events. Seniors 59 Maria Ramirez Rosanne Ramos Sue Reilly Kirsten Reinhart Kris Reiser Beth Rettig Kathleen Riley Ana Rodriguez Laura Ruggles Nl-lit lvle With Your Best Shot!" lt seemed that the hottest day of the year was to be the big day, the moment of truth, when seniors went through the ritual of portrait taking. Prayers for a slightly cool day didn't seem to help much as seniors strolled into the portrait studio appropriately dressed in shorts, jap flaps, wool sweaters and, occasionally, a string of pearls. As makeup turned to mush and hair drooped the girls faced the camera and were ready with their pre-practiced 60 Seniors smiles. Next came the wait and then the proofs arrived, ready to be cropped and processed, only to find mixed feelings. After disappointing results with the original studio, Mr. Bill Christy from The Portrait Gallery re- took the portraits at the re- quest of lvlrs. Kathi Bailey, year- book adviser. Luckily the weather was pleasant this time around. The "new" senior por- traits were to be taken during regular school hours. Appoint- ments were made in alpha- betical order, between 9:00- 2:OO. Those who had to take theirs in the later part of the day worried about their ma- keup and whether or not their hair would stay curled. This time the Troubadour and the seniors were satisfied with the results. As evidence of this, some seniors ordered addition- al prints the second time around. Q7 Kim Sanello Vicky Scott Deanne Sharpe Dinah Shelley 4 Concentration is the key as Carmen Cano puts on the finishing touches before her portrait is taken. The full length mirror that was placed in the senior lounge proved to be invaluable to anxious seniors. Q Karen Emerson does her best to keep every hair in its place as she listens to directions from the pho- tographer, Mr. Bill Christy. Mr. Christy took seven poses of each senior and it was up to each girl to decide which one would be used in the yearbook. Seniors 61 5 Having Three years behind her, Ro- sanne Ramos gives some advice To her little sisters Diane Erb and Susan Emer- son. Big sisters were There noi only To socialize wiih but To answer questions aboui classes and school procedures. Wendy Slavin Frances Spina Suzanne Siearns Lee Ann Sieeie Michele Sieger Sherry Tagliamonfe Jennifer Tweddie Laura Twedell Carolyn Uebeie 62 Seniors EIviriTo Vero IVlory Villorruel Lourdes ViTo Sue WebsTer BeTsy WinegorT Liso Ydcko The Voice OT Experience ln o Troubadour sToff inTer- view, seniors were osked whoT odvice They would like To give To The underclossmen. They re- sponded eogerly oIThough o few hod o mischievious gleem in Their eye. As senior personol- iTies vory from seriousness To lighTheorTedness, so did Their odvice. 'iSTudy hord now so you won'T be disdppoinTed." Wendy Slo- vin. "Be poTienTg don'T give up be- couse noThing's eosy. Also iT is imporTonT To hove o good oTTi- Tude." Susie Fisher. "When The going geTs weird, The weird geT going." Anne Mcleogue. l'Hove fun while you work in school, don'T geT coughT up in your work so ThoT you don'T enjoy life." Mory Villorruel. 'lSchool oT Times seems Tough, puT keep on working hord ond you'II moke iT." PoT Poshich. "Be sure To keep o one mile rodius beTween yourself ond Lo SoIle." Rosonne Romos. "You shouldn'T wosTe your Time os o freshmon, sopho- more or junior. STorT Thinking obouT your fuTure now, iT'll moke your senior yeor eosier." lvlory Dolon. "Never be loTe for Ms. Iosue's closses ond olwoys be in per- fecT uniform in Mrs. Urbino's closses." Trocy FirsT. 'iKeep working oT whoT you believe in, becouse when you succeed you won'T be sorry." CoThy Deleo. "Follow direcTions on TesTs, ond don'T Toke Teochers for gronT- ed." JeoneTTe Feeney. "Live life To The fulIesT becouse when Tomorrow comes, yes- Terdoy will be gone." Cindy Clork. "Keep Trying, ond olwoys puT your besT fooT forword." Jessi- co Broud. gf Seniors 63 v "When there is a need, there is always a helping hand." Daria Mercurio, Dedication. 4 "Friendship is just reaching out and making some one smile or making her feel that she's worth something great to you." Mary O'Donneli, l Friendship. 64 Senior Personalities v "Stand up, even if you stand alone, for then your v "Every moment in life is so preciously unique, since it will never be lived again. Thus, we must live life to its fullest poten- tial, to truely succeed as a person." Tere- sa Cintron, Enthusiasm. quest is great." Peggy ney, Leadership. 4 Kin WWW 7 Q That part of our being which is not dependent on our wisdom-is the part that endures forever." Lourdes Vita Knowledge. manship. 'kiilfff ' S I I Senior' T' Presents! Lilies . I' me A. X -V ,N '4"""'e' "0-www N - " 'lwffx :kilf . ' 'r'7'iF'f'7Jm-pa ' 1-,CSM 0 X CP xpy " ii?" ..! UN ol lm i-,Mg ' Y H5 3 8 -. ,. 'sv J V If 4 9 I W rf QQ! ff . XE skit ' v "Life is a game. . . sometimes we win and sometimes we loose: but all that really matters is how we play the game." Kathy Bohler, Sports- v "Humor is the positive energy in our lives By the simple act of putting a smile on another s face it is the cure for all the pains and sorrows which he deep in our hearts." Laura Geraci, Humor. Seniors Stand Out Many high schools today are eliminating the Senior Personal- ity section from their year- books, claiming that it is noth- ing more than a popularity contest. However, many Al- verno seniors feel that picking personalities is important be- cause each one personifies the class as a whole. "ln all of us, there is a little bit of each personality: some seniors are key symbols of each quality," stated Mary Dolan. ln carrying out the traditional nomination and election of senior personalities, the seniors had a chance to acknowl- edge those who stood out in their class. Senior Personalities 65 9 After picking out a hat to complete her outfit, Kirsten Reinhart looks ready for an island vacation. Kirsten was one of the 47 girls chosen out of 65 seniors to be in the show. v After her fitting, Beth Rettig poses in front of Bullock's. This outfit is a sample of the new spring line. f V - Q Looking through the sportswear rack, Cheryl Lindsey and Liz Garcia eye a sweatshirt. Although not allowed to pick out their own clothes, the girls enjoyed browsing. 66 Senlor Style Show v Front row: Sharon Moscaret, Veronica Ferrante, Kirsten Reinhartp second row: Lourdes Vita, Cheryl Lindsey, Liz Garcia, Susie Fisher. Suzy Stearns: back row: Mary Klein Pia Perez, Claudine Harkness, Beth Rettig, Beth Louapre, Cindy Clark, Michele Steger, Vicky U Scott: not pictured: Ann Howells. A Touch Cf Class February 6th became the day when seniors would find out if their crash dieting was all worth while as they tried out for the annual Senior Style Show. Mi- chele Steger stated that she, "was totally nervous" and "felt relieved" after it was all over. The judging panel consisting of Ms. Marion Peterson, Ms. Bar- bara Brown, Ms. Emily John, Sr. Barbara Mullen, Mrs. Betty Quayle, Mrs. Marcia Urbina and Ms. Carla Tomaso, who chose 45 models and two alternates for the occasion. When asked what the judges were looking for, Mrs. Lana Craig, style show coordinator, replied: "Posture, appearance, and move- ment." Selected as models were Mary Klein, Lourdes Vita, Cheryl Lindsey, Liz Garcia, Susie Fisher, Veronica Ferrante, Kir- sten Reinhart, Sharon Mos- caret, Suzy Stearns, Vicky Scott, Michele Steger, Cindy Clark, Beth Louapre, Beth Ret- tig, Pia Perez, Claudine Hark- ness and Ann Howells. As in the past years, Bullock's of Pasadena would sponsor the show titled "A Touch of Class" and a brunch. With the assis- tance of a store represento- tive, the 'l7 models were able to browse and preview styles ranging from sunny, tropical sportswear to long, romantic formals. Senior Style Show 67 Y ROYCJITY Even Though mosT of The Prom responsibiliTies were honded over To The Junior Cidss, The seniors were noT ToTdIIy ouT of The orgonizoTion process. Sen- iors TrodiTionoIIy decided upon The ploce of The Prom ond The closs officers chose The Univer- sol SheroTon To be The siTe. The price of The bid proved To be o sign of The Times QT 45 dollors, oImosT doubie from ldsT yeor. OTher cosTs wenT for dresses, hoir.oppoinTmenTs ond o bou- Tonniere, Prom worries didn'T end wiTh The finonciol ospect, buT on finding The doTe. Such wos The cose for mony juniors ond sen- iors. CourT princess Tereso Cin- Tron confided ThoT, i'The mosT TroumoTic experience in my life is hoving To osk o guy ouT, I jusT con'T do iT." The Good Old Doys 4, ERA 0. 68 Prom Court I 4 Princess Louro Ruggies 4 Princess Cheryl Lindsey -.Ng ln Snkaw-M H .iv-""""'r' ug . vu xi, K ff .ii W if in 3553 ' 1 ' ' ' l .rg ,N 1" x '7 I... fx 1 .40 v-. .. 9? if gf' " lf? 1' 9143? .W 4 Nr -.W ' .MA I S V ,Q 1' E 4 Hg x , I. fi S ,U , ' z 1, Lf ffm f , 5 if ffvikx f ' Ming Q Q M, ,, fi 355 , , .exif .. is . , x '75 x ,.M 4 CR v , g n' , gi' :QQ ,.,.gx,Q PQ 5 Certificates for Science, Business, and Math were given to Eivirita Vera, Michele Steger and Stephanie Delgatto. The Bank of America awards gave recognition to indivi- duals who had worked hard over a period of four years. Q Receiving departmental plaques were Lourdes Vita for Liberal Arts and Carla Mathis for Science and Math. Lourdes explained that the award provided her with a sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment. S Q -....-'33 x 3 kk N x Tl si kiln if , I Qi' X X ly 70 Awards sv C-Biving That For many seniors, getting Through high school with just B's and C's was good enough. Others tried to do the best job they could by studying and earning high grades. This hard work did not go unnoticed, as many of these seniors received awards for their outstanding scholastic achievement. Bank of America departmental awards were given to 40 out- standing seniors. Two of these Little Extra seniors received plaques and the remaining eight were awarded certificates. The win- ners were determined by each department on the basis of grade point average, class participation, and interest and potential in the field. When the awards were an- nounced, Anne McTeague commented, "I was shocked. It doesn't fit my image: I'll have to start wearing gIasses." 527 Q The certificates for English and Foreign Lan- guage were awarded to Margie Gear and to Maria Ramirez. Maria spoke out on the fact that she liked being able to speak two languages and to be able to communicate with different people. A Q Presented to Mary O'Donnell and Anne McTeague 'Wi were the certificates for Music and Social Sciences. - , Mary has participated in La Salle's productions and has A been involved in Alverno's glee club and stage pro- duction. Awards 71 72 Graduation Reminiscing Brings AnTicipaTion STanding on The Threshold of adulThood-and noT aT all sure They wanTed To be There-was The general feeling of seniors as They approached gradu- aTion. Nearing graduaTion broughf The ThoughT of losing friends for many. "l'm really going To miss my friends," sTaTed Rosie Zala- mea, "The memories l have could never be relived." Friendships formed Through high school naTurally spliT as many leave for college: buT a special bond would always be felT. Memories of pasT years sTill broughf conversaTion and jokes. As freshmen, "learning The ropes" of high school was a challenge. Major evenTs be- gan sophomore year wiTh The famous Cherry Blossom. Plan- ning The Ring Ceremony and The Prom broughT agonizing fi- nancial obligafions as well as counfless rewards. Befh ReTTig summed iT up by sTaTing, 'il Think we've always had some- Thing To look forward To, as each evenT was bigger and more imporTanT." IT wasn'T long unTil "senioriTis" hiT The class. lT was a Time of filling up a schedule wiTh arT classes, geTTing The unconfrol- lable urge To sTay home and see The ouTcome of General HospiTal, breaking ouT in hives over SAT scores, and sending ouT graduaTion announce- menTs To greaT-aunTs and oTh- er relaTives you've never even meT'. Through The hard work, fun, frusTraTions and success, memories were To be cher- ished. STacy BeaudeT respond- ed, "l've learned so much from high school, Through good and bad experiences." gg 4 Trying on a cap and gown gives Jenny Tweddle a chance To reminisce abouT her high school years. Many seniors had mixed feelings Towards graduaTion. is .. y 4 As Sue Reilly empties her locker for the last time, she reminisces about the four years of hard work she leaves behind. rt. 1. ,2j,',Qe-Q. ams continued even though excuses Mos 's V.. Win. riff Q Wendy Slavin and Mary Dolan take time out from their studies to do some chatting. Seniors were often found on the terrace discussing future plans and ideas as well as helping each oth- er with "sticky" problems. S Q Pat Pashich takes a "breather" from an exam that she studied late for. Ex- of, "But were graduating!" bombard- ed the teachers. School work pro- gressed, proving to be exhausting yet worthwhile. 4 Valerie Cooper stands on a chair to measure Maria Broussinos for her cap and gown. Such preparations for graduation made the big event seem "real", although there was much work still to be done such as planning the style show, passing final exams and setting up for the baccalureate mass. Graduation 73 T J iii X J ,s R i I iQ MN J J Juniors STep Up And Toke AcTion The closs of '82 begdn Their ju- nior yeor by elecTing closs offi- cers. The numerous cdmpoign posTers, buTTons ond speeches pdyed off when The oil new Ju- nior Closs officers were dn- nounced. lnsTedd of four offi- cers, however, five were cho- sen due To o Tie for secrefdry. Jill Gdrrigon ond Lucy Ldughner shored ThdT TiTle while Sdndy ChesTer held The office of Treo- surer: Noreen Sullivan, vice- presidenT ond Michele SeroTuk, presidenT. The five officers worked closely TogeTher plon- ning dnd orgdnizing whdT They hoped would be d Terrific junior yedr. Noreen Sullivdn expressed her godls for The chdllenging yeor ohedd. "l wdnT everyone To hdve o fonTosTic yeor, To work Togefher ond build up ldsTing friendships." Michele SeroTuk dgreed ThdT being presidenT wos d chdllenge buT odded, "l'm exciTed obouT pldnning The prom ond working wiTh The girls in our closs. We dll hdve d Terrific dmounT of school spiriT ond closs porTicipoTion." Mi- chele felT ThdT These were The Two mdjor dspecfs ThdT mode The Junior Cldss speciol ond unique. g ik announced as look Jdnice Abrdhdm Michele Addms Denise Arquijo Chrisfind Armijo Q Hdydee Alonzo Teresd Monicd Auzenne Leficid Av Tammy Bates Monica Benzle Kathy Betz Jennifer Borbridge Charlene Braud Mary Brkich Karen Brou JeriAnn Bycott Denise Calnan Theresa Camiling Jodi Ceryera Sheryi Chapman Sandra Chester Cathy Cuddihy Vivian Cuilty arrrgan Michele Serotuk Sandy Chester Noreen Sullivan and Lucy Laughner the Junior Class plan the year ahead One major issue discussed was the preparation for the Junior Ring Gina Daza Jacqueline DeClue Sandra DelRivo Mandy Downer Leslie DuersT CynThia EIIIOTT CaThy Feeney ' f . TQ ' ' 4.0 , V N W' Roula Filandrianos ' ,T V Mary Finfon Barbara Fleming Virginia ForesT Jill Garrigan f I CDriginaIiTy And Uniqueness A class symbol is chosen To re- presenT The personaliTy and uniqueness of each class. The Junior Class chose The dragon To express Their originaliTy and creaTiviTy. They wanTed To be differenT from all The oTher classes and The dragon sym- bolized Their sTrengTh and de- TerminaTion To do so. In a poll, however, iT was found ThaT A096 of The girls did noT 76 Juniors Shine in Class Symbol voTe for The dragon while 6096 did. YeT, when asked how The dragon besT symbolized The Junior Class, everyone agreed ThaT iT represenTs originaliTy and uniqueness. One junior wroTe, "Our class is willing To Try new ways of doing Things raTh- er Than approaching Them The same dryed ouT way of oTher classes. Our class isn'T afraid To speak up . .. like The dragon, we don'T Throw smoke, we Throw fire!" A dragon is defined as ua huge, fierce animal like a snake or lizard wiTh wings, claws and scales." Many of The girls didn'T Think The dragon was an appropriaTe symbol due To iTs physical feaTures. However, The dragon was cho- sen for The qualiTies iT pos- sessed raTher Than iTs appear- ance. Q Doreen Gal? Jacqueline Harlen Bridger Hogue Amy Huber Raveann Johnson Maria Kafsafados Angela Klingbail Michele Kruizenga Karla Kurzweil Lucy Laughner Elizabeih Lawson Mary Lees Q Noreen Sullivan, Lucy Laughner, Michele Seroiuk and Junior Class Moderator Miss Angela Bonja consider The various dragon designs submiiled for The Junior Ring Ceremony. The dragon cho- sen was a combination of The fire-breathing and The web-tailed dragons, Junio 78 Juniors The 'Dragon PaTrol" STrikes Again IT all began on Wednesday. November 26. The Time-'l'i:0O a.m. The Thanksgiving assem- bly was abouT To begin. As The sTudenTs were gaThering, They noTiced someThing ouT of The ordinary and They seemed To ask Themselves, "Why are The juniors wearing Indian head- bands wiTh feaThers'? Was I supposed To?" This crazy acT was The work of The secreT i'Junior Dragon PaTrol." Un- known To everyone excepT The juniors, The Dragon PaTrol made sure ThaT The class of '82 sTood ouT among The oTher sTudenTs. There were no spe- cific leaders of This "commiT- Tee" buT There were a few girls who had The idea and orga- nized The special yeT small ac- TiviTies. The main funcTion of The Dragon PaTrol was To as- sure ThaT The juniors' spiriT and enThuslasm would sTand ouT in The sTudenT body. AnoTher was To unify The class more so Than before. So, iT wasn'T surprising To find a posTer, a banner or a junior wearing someThing exTra because The Dragon PaTrol had been working in mysTeri- ous ways. The Junior Class also expressed Their enThuslasm by bringing in The mosT food for The ST. Fran- cis food drive in November and Trying Their besT To ouTdo The cheers of The oTher classes in occasional pep rallies. Thus, Their spiriT had been prov- en To be an effecTive way of leuilding a more unified Junior lass. g 9 Suzanne Sumner reveals her hidden enfhusiasm by being a cheerleader. Like her, everyone has Their "wild and crazy" side. T is . 'T . s -O 1 - 'WN XQQSSQJT 5' . Qs- -. . 'CV .f E E I 1 5- s 'Mi Th .slunii irsceiious 1' I side or Thanksgiving Assembly. Members of Th .gl . l" Themselves known To Those presenf wiTh in dis lay. 2 evil x- . 1+ . i- iitfllx ii 1, ' rf dr 1, fr f 'Hb' 5 Stephanie Lopez Katie Malloy Monica Martinez Lisa Mayer Kathleen McCloskey Eileen McFadden Hilda Mena Beatriz Mendoza X Pm- x i , S P K, 3 9 mi11r,q2a'pzf'1i 'vi Q . N -+ I if Q: Mr I x Colleen Mitchell Kathleen Mitcheltree Linda Neuman Deanne Nobile Mary Noonan Christine Nordell Michele Osti Mary Perry Juniors 79 80 Juniors Juniors Make Dollars And Cen IT was a Tough year for The Ju- nior Class. They were kepT busy wiTh The responsibiliTy of raising enough money for The ring ceremony and The Junior-Sen- ior Prom. The class officers asked for fund raising ideas and The responses resulTed in a Shakeys nighT and a record raffel which TogeTher broughT in 842700. This money plus ThaT from a bake sale was puT To- ward The ring ceremony which cosT approximafely 8250.00. AfTer This evenf, The juniors needed To sTarT over and raise befween 83,000 and 84,000 for a prom. The Tradifional can- dy sale broughf in over 82,500 and over 8450 was raised aT The Chrisfmas Boufique in which The juniors parficipafed. An addifional 8600.00 was raised when The juniors Took parT in decorafing a floaT for The Rose Parade. Jeri Ann By- coTT's mofher organized This fund raiser because she had been working wiTh The FloaT- masTers, a floaT producfion company, for Three years. This new acTiviTy Took aloT of hard work and if was very Time con- suming yeT one junior commeT- ed, "IT was Tedius work buT we had a loT of fun while doing iT." 4 Jill Garrigan, Mary Brkich, Denise Ar- guijo and Michele Serofuk work behind The junior counfer af The Chrisfmas Boufique. The juniors worked offer school and on weekends To make The inTeresTing iTems sold which ranged from snowman cenferpieces, sachef robes and Tree ornamenfs. , , H-A414 ' Q . mi 'T Psa-.SKU ' f--n if ,T r ,,,, , ,4 V,,,' sf., Andrea Radios Sandra Maria Rose Mary Ja Jennifer Sandi Rodriguez Geri Segal Michele Roxana Sanz v --1.3 .I v Jeri Ann Bycott reaches for one of the many panals decorated for the British Columbian Float. Approximately 20 juniors seeded and petaled numerous panals at the Rosemont Pavillion in order to raise money for Their Junior Senior prom Ana Sevilla Jean Shinnick Nora Somazzi Bernadette Sommers Sandy Steele Suzanne Sumner G-ioae Sun Noreen Sullivan Susan Taves Emily Telles Anne Thurman Deborah Timpone Monica Tinker Desiree Tulleners Teresa Urda Thalia Uyemura Maria Vadai Trisha Van KoeTsveld Y? Corinne Vessey Carolyn Volmerf Wendy WalTers Carol WhiTmore Nicole Williams QF? SGW Juniors CreaTe LasTing Friendships "The perfecT friend is a person who does noT Talk behind your back, doesn'T lie To you buT mosT of all, doesn'T deserT you when you really need her. A perfecT friend is open To oTher poinTs of view and loves you for whaT you arel" These feel- ings summed up whaT The Ju- nior Class felT describes The perfecT friend. Over The pasT Three years, The juniors have formed and cre- aTed lasTing friendships wiTh each oTher. In a Troubadour sTaff survey, all of The girls agreed ThaT Their new friend- ships will lasT pasT high school. When asked whaT Their group of friends enjoyed doing besT, 8006 of The responses were go- ing To pariies, shopping, and going To movies. YeT as in ev- ery close friendship, friends like To geT TogeTher and spend 82 Juniors Time Talking and having fun do- ing crazy Things. Below are some of The funny and crazy evenTs which Took place over These pasT years. Having an ice-cream fighT in a hospiTaI office. BabysiTTing a caT aT ST. l?iTa's convenT for a few days. FloaTing wood pieces down The guTTer in The pouring rain. Sneaking inTo a friend's house and scaring her ouT of her wiTs. Having waier balloonfshaving cream fighfs. Crashing a LaSalle Track Team parTy and being The only four girls There. lvliming a band using pans, a Tennis rackeT, an ironing board and a spoon for a microphone. The Junior Class felT ThaT friend- ships, no maTTer how new or old are always To be cherished and never forgoTTen. Q ef R BycoTT ff' ,ff Jennifer Wilson Connie Woehler Sebastian Q Jill Garrigdn, Michele Osti, Jenny Borbridge, Sheryl Chapman, Thalia Uyemura, Connie Woehler and Cynthia Elliott could almost always be found on the terrace con- versing with each other dur- ing break. These friends dis- covered that keeping old friends from grade school is just as important as making new ones, Q Andrea Radics and Michele Adams share time together in order to further their friendship, Being a new girl on cam- pus, Andrea discovered thaf making new friends was easy. Juniors 83 T 1, T VI L. s or is K , ,l g , s Terri Abrii gm A 'A Lisa Aguilar Q B ...Q L Tonya Alexander A . y " Liz Arreaga f ,P , i ' t A is aeaufs. , A 1 E . I wx X Adrienne Ayala A , K 'Q " Anne Bannon ' N fs N . Ruth Barili 1 L ,-is x f ' ' Q, -, Sandra Bernal L , ' as Paula Brennan Tina Briiiing Theresa Burghardf Carmen Bustamante Q Kalhy Tulleners and friends gather Together and admire the beauty of Lake Gregory in Creslline, Their stay There consisted of Three days and lots of fun! Elena Cazares Chrlsfina Chaplin ChrisTy Climes Susan Collins Janice Craig TF' Carol Cummings Tammy Danne Apple Daza Susan De Conio Jeanne De Clue do if all over again." , si il! . Ty it v A kg .. W L, . Q LLL Ns.. .K .V sl" 5 3 if Q, ,L Q ' fl : ..i5sr'Ei , ,J-' 'iziif ff ' wssrss.. 'fi' 1 ' "':s-1-Av i . ' V .. ' ' K ' f- , ' Going From Beaches To Books The class of '83 reTurned from summer vacaTion wiTh new friends, new experiences and wiTh a new TiTle: Sophomores. As The Sophomores anxiously gaThered on The firsT day of school They reminisced abouT Their summer acTiviTies. "The Hawaiian Islands were beauTiful and I would love To do if all over again," commenTed Dani Tarquinio. Some sophomores spenT Their summer in aca- demic and recreaTional camps and resorTs, while oThers made frequenf Trips To The beach. The new brown uniforms and schedules were also a Topic of discussion during The firsT few days of The new year. 'll dislike The fabric of our uniforms buf The sTyle is ok," claimed Ro- sann VolmerT. In general The sophomores prefered lasT years uniforms and schedules. BuT now ThaT They were sopho- mores, They naTurally looked ahead To February and The TradlTional Cherry Blossom. Finding a daTe was one of The big buf fun worries which was approaching The new l0Th graders. However, They had To face The presenf realiTy: GeTTing To Mrs. Hoffman's biology class! Q7 Sophomores 85 Q Dani Tarquinio swims in sunny Ha waii. She sTaTed, "I would love To vSophomore Class officers Apple Daza Julie Kane Elena Cazares and Carol Cummings start planning the Cherry Blossom early in the year They plan to overcome certain obstacles Claudia De La Flor Marie Diaz Caroline Dimacali Kathleen Eloed Bernadette Elledge Melissa Farrell Erin Fleming Kristen Fry Carlene Fuery Nathalie Galle Cfficers Strive For Class "My plans for improving our class are to get everyone more involved in school and class activities," commented Julie Kane Qpresj. Together with the other officers, Apple Daza Qvice-pres.j 5 Carol Cum- mings qtreasq: and Elena Ca- zares Cseoj, Julie planned to execute a successful bake sale, christmas boutique and of course, the Cherry Blossom. When the officers were asked why they ran for office, they all agreed it was because they felt they were qualified and wanted to become more in- volved with the class as a whole. Elena Cazares added, "I felt it was a challange but I knew l could do it." Growing closer together and working towards a successful year was what Carol Cum- mings enjoyed the most. As a whole class we have grown so much closer together, and l'm happy I could be a part of it." One of the most important jobs Becky Garcia Jill Gatti Denise Giocopuzzi Gina Giallo Danielle Gladding Maria Gonzalez Christina Green Eva Graham qElena Cazores, Julie Kane and Carol Cummings work together in hopes of win- ning the pumpkin carving contest for the sophomores. They decided to carve their pumpkins with frightening faces. Unity was the planning and organi- zation of the Cherry Blossom. Fund raisers, decorations and finding a band were the usual obstacles that had to be over- come in order to make the dance enjoyable. Throught the year, the officers felt they had put the sopho- mores' ideas into action. Most importantly they felt that they had succeeded in uniting the sophomores as a class. g Sophomores-87 Sophomores Follow TrodiTion lT wos reolly no surprise. The sophomores enTered The yeor wiTh Their TrodiTionol job: 'lThe choirs." Like mony sophomore closses before Them, These girls hdd The opporTuniTy To chdllenge Their dbiliTy dnd muscle power in seTTing up ond Tdking down choirs for ossemblies. AfTer Their firsT ddy ouT on The .2 if if Lisd Guirguis Mino Gulk Koren Horlon Sandro Henkels Sonia Henkels ' x job, o Troubadour sToff poll wos Token. The cldss wos osked how They felT obouT fol- lowing in The TrddiTion of seT- Ting up choirs? 8296 of The sophomores wonTed To conTin- ue wiTh The TrddiTion, while 1896 did noT. l'Doing The choirs is only foir. Everyone before us did iT ond everyone dfTer us will. Follow- ing TrddlTion is fun," commenT- ,ff ,ag ed Anne Grisboch. On The oTh- er hond Sdndro Henkels felT ThdT freshmen should hove The "privilege" TogeTher The en- Tire Sophomore Cldss showed o skill QT Their Teomwork by us- ing The dssembly line Tech- nique. Finolly The job wos done. WiTh gredT relief The sophomores possed down This privilege. Q1 .ff ff? Lori Hoefer Cheryl Howe Poige Johnson Julie Joyce ' Ei Q K ,x z I K r- .ran Julie Kcine T my T ,N , 3 T kv f 4 'CP , . in 88 Sophomores v Polly Landa and Miss John help put chairs away. Miss John fell an assembly line would help speed Things up. K Q-Wfvi 3 Pam Kouba Cynlhia Kremer Polly Landa Janef Maez Jennifer Molina Joanna Mancini Beverley Marshall Lulrecia McCalipp Lynda McKeown Peggy McDonough A 2 MMM Sophomores 89 CGM, Frances Mercurio Helen Milner Ligio Molina Carmen Mollica Shawn Monyhun Monica Nova Carmen Nemer Holli NewTon Deanne Nix Laura Nochella Josephine Nolan Mary Nolan Sophomores Prepare For The "Preparing for The Cherry Blos- som is The main acTiviTy of The year for The sophomores," sTaTed Alyssa Ramsby. Because There was so much in- volved in pulling off a success- ful dance, The sophomores or- ganized several commiTTees. Among Them were band, food, and decoraTion commiT- Tees. The differenT groups showed Their inTeresT in a suc- cessful dance by planning, meeTing and carrying ouT The ideas suggesTed by The class. Joanna Mancini, a member of The band commiTTee sTaTed ThaT They inTerviewed several 90 Sophomores bands and afTer a few inTer- views came To a final decision. The commiTTee of 7 members TogeTher wiTh Ms. Emily John, booked The band, Clone. LoreTTa Reyes, Beverley Mar- shall and JaneT Maez, some members of The decoraTions commiTTee felT ThaT being in- volved in decoraTions was fun. LoreTTa commenTed, "IT gives me a chance To show and car- ry ouT my creaTiviTy." The decoraTions commiTTee meT one To Three Times a week aT firsT and Then They Transformed Their ideas info realiTy on The day before The dance. Their agenda consisTed of choosing ,M ..,., iv ww. Jw ,C db Vita 'Hoo J 'QC Sm 0601, sfuflx 'YT L0 11,4111 oowtt Winger? QV mule omits cm igfpifcrlgicrus M, l ff, NAA, LQ oe' f lkolrw. olrzmolol WWMMMJQH fimpzdftwmwlom -. KN 1140132 if 'lflifb Vmlloikldp . 1 1 U J -" JJ l Q ' '7'kQ!lw Q Kristen Fry tries on dresses to get an idea of what she likes. 'll like long dresses but feel a short one will be more appropriate because the dance is semi-formal," she stated. 1 X ,T I -I I , QQJML C I 1 is K' swim gg Q00 01, Moll, 'il if if JMWWWWL Qiop omores 91 Sonia Perez Linda Pichel Norma Pineda Vivian Pino Leslie Plall Libbie Poser Gerna Plasinski Alyssa Ramsby Jill Redmond Regina Reid 4 Claudia De La Flor feels receiving her Incense is one responsibility she does not mind having However it didn T lake long To fund that a car could be used as effeclrve leverage by parenls To malnlann good grades Sophs + Drivers License 2 Fun MusTong, Mercedes, MG., RXZ, Bug, BMW ond DdTsun 280-Z were some of The cdrs The sophomores were expecf- ing To receive when They be- gdn To drive. qOf course, whoT They would receive wos d dif- ferenT moTTer!j When d Troubadour survey wos Token, The girls were osked if They were going To geT Their license before The end of The sophomore yeor. 9096 would ond were very hoppy obouf iT, while The oTher 'IO96 hod To woiT unTil dfTer June for Their l6Th birThddy. Cynfhio Kremer pldnned To re- ceive her own cdr when she goT her license, ds did 5696 of The Sophomore Closs. The oTh- er 4496 would hove some Type of occess To o cdr. "When I geT my license, my sisTer ond I will be shdring Cl cdr," sTdTed Ingrid Uyemuro. Overoll, mosT of The girls looked forword To The privilege of driving ond The freedom ci cdr would provide. One soph- omore summed up The feelings of dImosT everyone when she sold, "I don'T core whoT kind of cor I geT GS long os iT runslng' Q Mdrio Gonzalez explained Thof her personolized license plciTe cosT S2500 ond, "Was worfh every penny." Mosf sophomores felf ThoT The exfro cosf wos 0 smoll price To poy for individuoIiTy. LoreTTo Reyes Moribel Rolclon Gino Rodriguez Toro Ryon Rosonno Russo Delio Solido Mory Schimmoller Mory Schneider Vivicin Sciolini Eleno Sclcifdni Sophomores 93 Sorina Sclafani Carol Shinnick Carmella Sicurella Carolyn Snyder Christi Sommers Christine Speckert Stephanie Suzuki Barbara Thornhill Michelle Tickey Katherine Tulleners Andrea Turner Ingrid Uyemura Vicki Valmonte Kris Vanderhaar Sandra Van Koetsveld 94 Sophomores Sandra Vega Mary Vita Rosann Volmert Lavera Ward Kelly Willett 25' ,9 W .. if 3115 si , f ,fu-0' , SYN wi 'RF is l Q 'K u .. tg i r Z, ,, X. , . . Bn - . S' . f X i V: lA Iifng Kivi-3. 07 NH N. we' i if X .N ! N X ,g i r . XJ Q Eye catching album covers, as well as good music, helped sell albums to music loving teenagers During the recession the music industry did all it could to keep selling records ug ,-. lT's Rock Or lT's NoThing AT All Since The sociol lives of The sophomores wos resTroined by o TighT budgeT ond limiTed TronsporToTion mony found eosily occessible enTerToin- menT in populor music. ln o sur- vey Token omong The sopho- mores, rock wos overwhelm- ingly The mosT populor Type of music, followed by new wove, disco ond finolly mellow. This survey olso reveoled ThoT 7596 of The sTudenTs spenT SO- STO, T596 spenT STO-S20 ond The oTher T096 spenT over S20 o monTh on records ond Topes. This omounT vorled depending upon where people boughT re- cords ond if They were on sole. Some of The differenT ploces The girls oTTended To lisTen To live music were The Ice House, STorwood, Troubodour ond Morilyn's BocksTreeT Disco. Of The sophomores who enjoyed going ouT To These nighT spoTs, mosT of Them sToTed ThoT They oTTended shows Two To Three Times o monTh. The girls were willing To Trovel To see well known os well os less known bonds such os Oingo Boingo. Rides from boy- friends, friends ond porenTs were omong The meThods girls wiThouT drivers licenses used To geT To concerTs. Some of The fomous nomes They wenT To see were: Devo, Led Zepplin, ACXDC, PoT BenoTor ond Von Holen. Some fovoriTe buT un- known groups They would Trov- el To see were: Clone, CiTy LighTs, Smile ond The J.J.'s. Eleno Sclofoni sToTed, "l would, if I hod To, woiT oll nighT or doy To see my fovoriTe group, Devo. l'd even Trovel os for os Son Diego." Liz Arreogo ex- pressed similor feelings. "I would Trovel olmosT onywhere in Collfornio To see my fovoriTe group, The Corsi' Neil Young summed iT up besT. l'My, my, hey, hey, rock ln' roll is here To sToyl" Q7 J if 1 , in if Q, , TE fi o sTory on Von Holen. Only ci smoll ! .4 ' Sophomores 95 Lani Acevedo Sarah Alcorn Tracey Allen Gladys Alvarez Jeanelle Archambaull Caroline Arens Theresa Barcelos Michelle Beresford Cindy Bias Angela Blllolli Carolyn Blueford Mona Borrego Royelfe Brown Victoria Camargo Marisa Caron Calhy Carvajal yJulie Scofield, Krislie Casay, Carmen Ramos and Cindy Danne enjoy Their lunch oulside by the Trees. Mosf freshmen, however were seen spending Their Iunchlime in The cofeleria. A Freshmdn ls. . . "A liTTle person in o big pond," clossroom To geT in." "They're preTTy friendly ond is whoT freshmon, Jeoneffe Ar- "Knows The whole Almo eoger To be someone's chomboulT replied To The ques- lvloTer." friend." Tion "WhoT is d Freshmon?" "They were cool when we "Hos on orgonized folder, When upperclossmen were were Them, buT, noT ond doesn'T scribble on iT." osked The some quesTion, onymore." "Obeys The rules. someTimes however, They expressed "Someone you con pick on." They lock individuoliTy, somewhdf differenl feelings, "A sTudenT who feels The They're Too conforming." like. . . blow from chonging from o "They're so ofroid of hoT-shoT eighTh groder, To everybody Thof They're "A freshmon is green, like o o boTTom of The line ninTh nice!" frog." groderf' l'They know The sTudenT 'lSTill reods Teen-BeoT "EoTs lunch in The cofeleriof' hondbook inside-ouT." lvlogozinef' "Weors eiTher no moke-up, or "A freshmon is jusT like "Knocks on The door of o Too much." onybody elsel" jlxpgqi QQLXQS ...lfllfxfcfk 'l'jriymll4 T T 'lfl C QLD ni M I 5,3VXf Ol X ks., 1 Q Cormen Romos purchoses o Tickel from Bill Morgon for o Lo Solle donce feoTuring The group "Smile" Freshmen were enThusiosTic obouT offending donces from The very beginning of The school yeor. Freshmen 97 3 TQQA Ci ccglvl Ql ll W Ll wlcfg rid l 98-Freshmen Maggie Clark Michelle Coleman Angela Cotugno Kathleen Crews Cynthia Danne Jennifer Delgado Margaret Dolan Christine Duncanson Diana Echeverry Holly Edwards Susan Emerson Kelly Enright R4 ' ' . ala ,A Q. i I ,L Q .1 '11 Q4 y if W-1 'V 1' :L ,,y, C, ' -s as fl -W m , in wi .4 new 4 Andrea Falvy and Tonya Foote clean blackboards after school for service hour credits. Five of service to the school is required each semester. Frosh Develop AlTer Hour AcTiviTies "WhaT did I do afTer school when I was a freshman? I wenT home, did my homework, and waTched T.V.," recalled a ju- nior. A Typical day for freshmen To- day was Tough. BuT, whaT hap- pened afTer school was ouT? For mosT, Their school day con- Tinued, as many claimed To have spenT Two, Three, or even four hours afTer school on homework. lVlosT, however, had many oTh- er- inTeresTs and hobbies To keep Them busy, such as: cheerleading, dog showing, drawing, gardening, and jazz dancing. Barbara James said ThaT she spenT some of her free hours 'iguy woTching" and "phone Talking." Some freshmen were involved in youTh groups aT Their churches which on weekends, parTicipaTed in dances, roller skaTing, and youTh masses. illlff Q Caroline Arens and Heidi Wassef pa- TienTly waiT for Their bus To come. For one Third of The class, The bus is The only way of TransporTaTion To and from school. , Diane Erb Q.. Andrea Falvy L, Michelle Ficarra af isrl T y., , I , ' 'fi Rebecca Flores Tonya FooTe Jane ForesTer Melinda GambiTo Maribelle Ganibi Freshmen-99 Lorraine Gallagher Sandra Garcia Sheila Garcia Janice Garrigan Deborah Givigliano 9 Class officers Kelley Johnson, Rayette Brown, and Yvette Pardo, listen to freshmen suggestions at a class meeting. The freshmen spent two class meetings discussing in- duction. Not pictured is vice-presi- dent, Monique Williams. 100-Freshmen ,Y F tx ,Ns s is V- -' in , . ,. Y v ss if raw ll 5 i ' 1 .gif Freshmen Take Glfic "Striving to reach the top," and, "Just being the bestl" were some of the goals the freshman class officers had. Throughout the year, Yvette Pardo Cpresj: Monique Williams Cvice-presj: Kelley Johnson Qsecj: and Rayette Brown Qtreasj met with their modera- tor Miss Linda Germany, to plan activities. One of their goals was to get a D.J. for a dance, a new activity for freshmen. When asked if they would pos- sibly run again in the future, the officers weren't sure, as it had been 'la lot of work," said Kel- ley Johnson. For Rayette Brown, her position as class treasurer was good exper- ience towards her goal of be- coming an accountant. The girls ran for office for var- ious reasons, all hoping to make a difference and have, above all, a fun year. fam Q.. IV N l ' ,, f 4 l, , 1 ' 2 'Y 3 V Wt' w sr ,M ., 1 Q- in vr'7... , K' - 'tn - llr s .l .24 A A A ' g- ', 4,5 V, f l ," 'hy -- In l ks P U Victoria Gloria Laura Gomez Gem lvlarie Gonzales Laura Gonzales Kathleen Gonzalez Renee Gutierrez Andrea Harkness Maria Hernandez Lynn Huettis Christina Hunt Barbara James Kelley Johnson ag? Q Melinda Nehdar, Michelle Coleman, Linda Pullara, Lani Acevido, and Sandra Vega continue talking about freshmen business after a class meeting. Among the ideas discussed at class meetings was a possible freshman dance to get a head start raising money for next year's Cherry Blossom. Freshmen-101 Kimberly Johnson Elizabeth Joyce Julie Kealey Crystal Kim Paula Klingbail Yolanda Lennox Christine Lesaca Cynthia Lindell Nancy Luna Lori Mayer Bridgid McCann Laura McCIanathan 'SSRN '-i1 : ' :::: . :Q 3 5, hx 19 f9sf.'s X' idk -'V' Q Elizabeth Obberiter, Cathy Carrajal, Kathleen McSweeny, Theresa Barcelos, Magi Dolen and Bridgia McCann sing their version of "I Wanna Walk With You," during an assembly for the school walk. The song was to help promote spirit and involvement in the walk. 102-Freshmen SpiriT Needs Time Being new aT Alverno, The freshmen were noT used To The enThusiasm shared by all The refurning sTudenTs. Mary FinTon, a junior, commenTed, "The freshmen have spiriT, buT They need To geT involved, such as aTTending The games and par- TicipaTing in exTracurricuiar ac- TiviTies." Only 3896 of The fresh- men feIT ThaT They had enough spiriT To carry Them Through The year, while The remaining 6296 felT They did noT. Susan Emer- son reflecTed, "More supporT from The upper grades would really pep-up The Freshmen Class." Maureen Murphy summed iT up besf. "All we need is a liTTIe more Time." A sTrong feeling expressed by freshmen was The need for more acTiviTies. YveTTe Pardo suggesTed, "We should geT crazy and have a picnic." Bake sales, dances and more rallies were oTher suggesTions. AnoTher aspecT which The freshmen felT dampened Their enThusiasm, was Their inabiliTy To uniTe. Tonya FooTe summed iT up: "I would geT exiTed buT hardly anyone else does." Their school spiriT was dis- played in oTher areas, such as The walk-a-Thon Theme song and dances. Their parficipa- Tion in dances, which was 7796. showed ThaT They had eifher school spiriT or a keen lnTeresT in La Salle boys. gi iv 'x Cardonna McClure Jeanne McGuire Kathleen McSweeny Melanie Meinholz Silvia Mejia Lynell Messineo Candace Milligan Fiona Morrheacl Nancy Mora Lynda Morgan Q Monique Williams and Maria Chaure pracfice Their aerobic dance rouTine for P.E. Creafive as well as required dance sfeps were facTors They had To consider when making Their rouTine. Freshmen 103 Maureen Murphy STephanie Nakagowa Melinda Nehdar EIizabeTh Oberreifer Anne Marie Parent J Q 1 9 Sarah Van Wickle serves To The op- posing Team during a freshman P.E. Tournament The Tournamenf which in- volved every freshman, gave Them all The opporTuniTy To experience Team work. 104 Freshmen Freshmen Exercise Gpinions Running, bumping, Throwing ond exercising were some of The ocTiviTies of The mondoTory P.E. closs. When osked, 3504, of The freshmen felf Thol P.E. should noT be mdnddTory. Denise Tinker commenfed, 'iSome people do noT like sporTs ocTiviTies ond should noT be forced To porTicipoTe in This closs." Some, however, sold They would hove Token iT onywdy since physicdl exercise is o ne- cessiTy. As on olTerndTive To everydoy sporTs, The oerobic donce cldss dssured The fresh- men of good exercise roulines, such os worm-ups, cdrdio-vds- culor exercises ond reloxdTion Techniques To finish up. Al- Though iT wos Tough leorning The roufines, The freshmon closs enjoyed The ddncing ds well os The sporTs ocTiviTies. Gem Morie Gonzoles com- menTed, "The donce cldss is fun: iT helps me relox ond iT's d chonge from sporTs." gf Nw-..q,fnF 17, W .,,: Mun, .vsmyvW"" T.. , 1 i .gg i '-nni , MY' ' N geT X ., Lindo Pullorcr Borboro QuinTos Elizobefh Quinfds Monol Robodi - AnToinTTe Romirez Cormen Rdmos Borbdro Reynolds Doyno Riddle JudiTh Romejko Cofherine Ryon Freshmen- 105 9 Agnes Paladino, Maria Le- saca, Michele Beresford and Diana Echeverry wafch while an aerobic dance was being performed by fellow slu- denfs. A A day a week P.E. class was a change for mosf freshman from a 'l day a week class in grade school. 106 Freshmen Kafherine Schimmoller Stephanie Schruiff Julie Scofield Vicky Slagle Chrisfina Spano Melissa Spies Helen Sliver Loreen Sullivan 117 Mu' cr, ,,, iam f MV' ,ff-1 Tami Taylor Kelly Timpone Denise Tinker Elizabeth Tremblay fin 5 if 'av lT's JusT The Beginning The freshmen finolly mode iT To high school ofTer oll Those yeors in grode school. They could chew gum wiThouT being Told To Throw iT in The Trosh. Also, mokeup could be worn wiTh- ouT Teochers moking Them wosh iT off. Donces were o new Thing Too. IT felT good To know ThoT The guy who osked you To donce wos eiTher your oge or older, noT younger. Along wiTh dll The good Things, The freshmen hod To odjusT To The less pleosing ones. They were oT The boTTom, no longer big 8Th groders. Becky Flores sold, "IT wos like we fell To The boTTom of o long lodder." They olso hod To odjusf To The new sysTem of Alverno. Closses, friends, ond finols were only o few chonges. To mony of The freshmen The mojor chonge wos The dbsence of guys. Cin- dy Donne sToTed Thof "people osked me why l would wonT To go To on oll girls school?" Those who sTuck iT ouf wiTh oll The "good" ond Hood", hod nexT yeor To look forword To. Freshmen sold They were look- ing forword To porTies os well os donces, The Cherry Blossom ond driving. The Thing They looked forword To mosT wos moving up ThoT high school lodder ond being oble To "knock oround nexT yeors freshmen!" gr vqmf Lulnono Troyo Soroh Von Suzonne Wolleck Liso Worren Held: Wossef Wickle Chrisfine Wilber Monique Willioms Carolyn Wilber Freshmen 107 ENSATICDN FACULTY 8: ACADEMICS ONE Kothieen McCloskey observes on ionic reoction during her chemistry experiment. 5 Emi? X N K fi ex is Q x , A f if A - 4 :K X fn, LS M ., . i.i. X 3 . X A ' Sgt A WW Y , xii. , .,.c,. .Z C K Q T sg ,X . f 4 xi X .. 1 ig r A . X34 f f -- Qgi s f ' Lhk. F I 1 'W X i 1 , X X X X , - , ccccc 108-Faculty 81 Academics sENsArioN oNE siNeuLAr2 SENSAT AIverno's facuily, anlicipaiing The siudenis needs of The future were able To improve and explore various academic areas. Mrs. Shelia Hoff- man, science Teacher commented, "The new oceanography class was an expansion of The required biology. If was for ihose who wished To explore a specific area of bioiogy." This in Turn, provided 'rhe siudenis with insighi inio opportuni- iies in conlinued educaiion or work in a compell- 'rive world. Siudenis were exposed io challenges such as achieving good grades. Yei, The facully paid special ailenlion To and encouraged The slu- denis' creaiivily and expression. Paily lvlarlinez explained, "The fun Thai I have in some classes eases The Tension of school work." :gf Llunior Emily Telles scrambles for her nofes during her U.S. History class. Mrs. Heukrodi used video Tapes To help bring hislorial eras To life. Faculty 8: Academics 109 AdminisTraTion Speaks OuT Sr. Madeline Clancey, C.S.J. and Ms. Barbara Brown were The hearT of The adminisTraTion. TogeTher, They worked vigor- ously To build uniTy and inde- pendence for The enTire sTu- denT body. Sr. Madeline, in her second year as principal, expressed a desire To reTurn To Teaching chemisTry and physics. Her op- TimisTic goals This year were, 'TTo conTinue To develop pro- gram sTudies by working wiTh Teachers and sTudenTs on Their educaTional goals and To give The sTudenTs opporTuniTies To appreciaTe each oTher." Ms. Brown had been here Thir- Teen years and noTiced ThaT The sTudenTs had become more serious in Terms of sTudy- ing. Some of her goals were To have everyone's behavior im- prove so ThaT blue slips would noT exisT. This could be accom- plished by making The sTudenTs become aware of and prac- Tice self-discipline. She also ex- pressed an inTeresT for unsche- duled Time To be used wisely. When asked if she missed Teaching, she smile and com- menTed, "Yes, buT l don'T miss correcTing papers." Q' 1 10 Administration .f,.-.- Q' JZK, 4 In consTanT demand, Ms. Brown Takes Time ouT To help BeTsy WinegarT. Counseling and scheduling are jusT a few of The Things ThaT make up Ms. Brown's day. .AlThough conTinually busy, Sr. Madeline Takes Time To meeT wiTh sTudenTs regarding school work and fuTure goals. Liliana Troya gets help on a school projecT. l in vvfk QW . .Q 2+ T 'VU QQNX1 'Kfwxm K H Q g is I sf 4 MeeTings To discuss school progress ond stu- denT dworness ore on irnporTonT porT of odminis- TroTion. Sr. Modeline ond Ms. Brown meeT To dis- cuss The loTesT evenTs concerning The school. 1 Sr. Madeline hondles one of The rnony colls from DOYGDTS, CoordinoTing pdrenT ond sTudenT needs is o lorge porT of her job. hwtibnuy lalsggn . 'MWC T 'fb Wg, Qyooowcw, X Administration- 1 1 1 v Ms Morgorei Redd works on her hobby of sfoining gloss This porhcuior window wos done in copper foil ond Took o week To Mrs. Kathi Boiley-Moth, English Ms. Angelo Bonjo-English Mrs. Lono Croig-Foreign Longuoge Ms. Morion Finn-Religion Ms. Lindo Germany-English. Socioi Studies Mrs. Koihy Heudrodi-Sociol Siudies 1- ' ' , I f-1 Z L'?3v ." wffnf iii fan, T f i Mrs. Nicole Hoffman-Foreign Language A Mrs. Sheila Hoffman-Science g M' Ms. Maria losue-Social STudies sell work The food Teachers Enjoy Diversified Hobbies ln addiTion To being devoTed insTrucTors, Teachers occupied Their spare Time working wiTh assorTed hobbies. Once The clocks sTruck 2:20 The Teachers were free To geT involved wiTh Their hobbies. MosT Teachers spenT Time wiTh such ouT-of- school acTiviTies as cooking, sewing, arT and physical fiT- ness. Mrs. Marcia Urbina had a flair for folkdancing while SisTer RuTh Marie Ingram O.S.F. and Ms. Angela Bonja enjoyed cro- cheT and macrame. Mrs. Lana Craig spenT over Twelve hours a week aT The YWCA, pracTic- ing and insTrucTing gymnasTics, as well as going To NauTilus WeighT Training Three Times a week. On The average, Teachers spenT from one To four hours a week working wiTh Their hob- bies. MosT of The hobbies origi- naTed from personal inTeresT. Miss MargreT Redd aTTended adulT educaTion classes in-or- der To learn The making of sTain glass windows. To perfecT old and new Techniques, she aT- Tended classes conTinually ThroughouT The year. Miss Redd made many Things which she had given as gifTs, in addiTion To Things she had placed in her home. When asked if making sTained glass windows was difficulT, she answered wiTh a sTrong "yesl " Then added, "you can never do iT when you are Tired be- cause you'll do iT wrong." Then she sTaTed ThaT in order for The window To Turn ouT perfecT you musT be very alerT and pa- TienT for each sTep depends on The accuracy of The previous one. Though Miss Redd specialized in lead glass and loose window sTyles, such as hanging win- dows, her currenT projecT was The base of a lamp. Hobbies can Tell a loT obouT a person and so iT's unforTunaTe ThaT This side of The facuITy was never seen aT school. Q Faculty 1 13 Ms. Emily John-Religion Ms. Pam Jones-Foreign Ms. Sally Kendall-P.E., Mafh Language .fs Tiff? s 5 3 Q Idiosyncrosies Become Known Like everyone else, Teachers had special TraiTs and phrases which seT Them aparT from The crowd. Cerfain qualifies in Teachers made Them unique and special To everyone on campus. As iT was wiTh every- day friends, sTudenTs became familiar and comforfable wiTh These habiTs and TraiTs of Their insTrucTors. MaTch The following idiosyncrasies To The correcT Teachers To see how well you paid aTTenTion during The year. 1 14 Fuculfy NAME: ,. DATE' MaTch The following: ,-4. Miss PeTerson 32. Mr. OTTen -3. Sr. Barbara -4. Miss Finn 15. Mrs. N. Hoffman To. Mrs. Urbina 77. Miss losue "This is noT necessary." "WaTch' ya Think'n honey'?" "QuieT, Quiet l'm noT going To Teach unTil iT's quieT.-" l'RibiT"-had never worn a dress To school 'iWool" 84 l'Drop 'em." "You musT ennunciaTe." Drinks Schweps wafer. SCORE: 7-5 correcT-Teachers peT 2-'I correcT-Daydreamer A-3 correcT-Need To be 0 correcT-Drop ouT! more alerT OL '99 'V9 'HV ':l9 'EIZ 'Clif ZSJSMSUV v Mrs. Lana Craig helps Translate a story for her class. Reading Spanish stories is a requirement for Spanish lil. A Mrs. Pat McDonald-Ari Religion, English Mr. John Oifen-Business 'ov' Sr. Barbara Mullen S.H.C.- Sr. Ann Korfhals, I.H.M.-Religion Faculiy- 1 15 Did You Ever l-ldve To. . . STudenTs from oll four closses were osked To sifT Through Their posT school yeors ond recoil ony unusudl ossignmenTs They hod been given. lvlony quickly filled ouT Their surveys wiTh o wide vorieTy of creofive os- signmenTs ond The following ore some of Their recollecTions. "Drew o picTure of o bedroom." "Bring mushrooms To closs." "Perform o Togo donce To CounT The squore Tiles of o clossroomf' Spy on moTher for Two hours ond reporT." Foke hoving P.E." PreTend To be o roT To be used in on experimenT." l?ewriTe o scene of 'Gone Wifh The Wind' TO The 5O'S." Tell whof iT would be like To swollow o gold fish." Anolyze o child's movemenTs." VVriTe while lisfening To 'Whip lT." music." "Drow o picTure wiTh Typing PreTend To be one of The keys." chemicol elemenTs ond do 'lPreTend To be o member of o donce." The opposife sex." "Give o Theory on how To l'WriTe wiTh Twigs." exploin The focfs of life To ' Dorio Mercurio, Trocey Firsf, Colleen Mitchell. ond Colhy Hormonn perform 0 Togo donce To "Whip lf" for Ms. Angelo Bonjds dromo closs. The donce proved To be on enjoyoble experience. P Wifh o liTTIe imoginofion, Chrisfmos Trees con be hond-mode. Nicole Willioms ond Morio Rose consfrucf o very unique one mode of chemislry equipment 116 Faculty o nine yeor old child." "Build o model of on oTom wiTh condy ond TooThpicks." "Do o foshion show wiTh greek cloThing." "lmogine being in onoTher exisTonce." 'Bring o joke To closs." i'PreTend To be on onT ond go Through o peoch piT." As These ossignmenTs were re- colled, so were The enTerToin- menT ond inTeresT exper- ienced. They were o source of enrichmenT To closses, os well os To sTudenTs ond Teochers. W' I I N...- - v N, My Ms Morrorw Peterson-Emgrrsh, Colrege Courwselrrrwg Ms Morgore-H2ec1d'Scremce Mom Mrs Phyllis Dee-O-Glee Sr Regrruo Shougrwmessy-Emglrsh 7 x"' AIICICI girls TGOFT1 Ms Carlo Tomosofmglnsh Mrs Marcia UrDrnofMoTh Mrs Borboro Zofomfe-'Moth the -gn' RxgN N-s.. and Kelly falrlsx' Deono goo! being on , soys"Debbiq Faculty 1 1 7 v Sr. Joanne Connors works steadily making the absentee sheets for the day. Along with fulfilling this task, Sr. Joanne also does the registrar work as well as counseling, Although a new staff member, she feels welcomed and enjoys her job. An important part of making a school function properly were the people who worked on staff. The new faces on staff were Sr. Joanne Connors I.H.M., who worked in the of- fice, and Mr. Ed Hicks who worked in the cafeteria pre- paring lunch for hungry stu- dents. Mrs. Betty Quayle, though she's been a staff member for 3 years, took on the new position of being the Advancement Director. Before coming to Alverno, Sr. Joanne worked as a chaplin at Queen of the Valley Hospital. She stated HI like working here 118 StafffParents Association . 1- 1-...Q if, I 1- , Staff Is A Key Element very much, I find it to be a chal- lange. I especially like the aliveness and the spirit the girls have had the learning process that's taking place. I find it a wonderful experience." Mr. Hicks was the food and beverage director at the Best Western Gala Motel. He re- sponded, "lt's crazy: it's pleas- ant, there's no pressure and the girls are very nice." Mr. Mike Chaplin, president of the Parents Association as well as vice-president Donald Schimmoller, treasurer John Floryan and secretary Rosali Barili, had many festivities planned, such as the steak fry and square dance planned for spring. Bingo, the biggest fund raiser, was held on Monday nights and brought in an average of 425 people to play and ap- proximately S25,000 at the end of the year. A Christmas dance, "l'm Dreaming of a White Christmas," was held on December 6, 4980. Thelma Tin- ker comented l'the food was very good as well as the band." Q Q RK. . 'ur K, .. VV. Trix, ww., Li C2 for Mr. Jose Alcarez-Maintenance Mrs. Nancy Ambrose Bookkeeper Mrs, Pat Buccola-Secretary Fr. John Cremins-Chaplin Sr. Joanne Connors, l.H.M.-Attendance Mr. Ed Hicks-Food Director Sr. Ruth Marie Ingram, O.S.F.-Librarian Mrs. Betty Quayle-Advancement Director Mr. Jose Santana-Maintenance """' Q Mr. Ed Hicks prepares food for many hungry students. Compared to Mr. Hicks' previous job, preparing food for a small number of students is easy. Staff 119 Academics Changing And Rearr Ari The Arf DeparTmenT de- creased noT only in classes and Teachers, buf in The number of sTudenTs as well. Craff Design, Basic Arf and Advanced ArT were once again offered and The only new class was Arf Awareness. This program was added To give a sense of The purpose and hisTory of The arT of man To each sTudenT. A decrease in sTudenT enroll- menf in The arT courses resulf- ed in a smaller number of classes. STudenTs found iT diffi- culT To fiT Their choice of arT course in Their heavy schedule. Mrs. PaT MacDonald, The only Teacher in The deparTmenT, seemed To be opfimisfic. "The deparTmenT ran as smoofhly as ever, jusT on a smaller scale. Business -Sf ln addiTion To Typing I and ll and Accounfing, The Business DeparTmenT expanded by adding a ShorThand class. Sfu- denfs Took dicTaTions, per- formed drills and reading exer- cises. Many of The sTudenTs dis- covered Thaf This class re- quired as many as Two or Three hours of homework each nighf. Emphasis was placed on skills because sTudenTs would have use for Them in careers or school: Thus much pracTice was necessary. New Typing equipmenT con- sisfed of four IBM Correcfing Selecfric TypewriTers. The de- parTmenT paid approximafely S800 for each of These ma- chines because "They were The besT made", sTaTed Mr. John OTTen, The deparTmenT's only Teacher. ul Think Typing ll was a challenge because iT furfhered my abilify in The busi- ness world", said a junior. 120 Academics he XT XL T i 4 CreaTiviTy is an imporTanT parf of any arf course. Araceli ZaraTe displays one of The Types of masks which arT sTudenTs are required To make. Q ConcenTraTing on a business leTTer, Laura Nochella keeps her eyes on The Type- wriTer. ConcenTraTion is a necessify in order To perform well in The course. One junior in Typing ll says, "WlThouT concenTraTion, your fingers go crazy!" v Through the use of small group instruction. lvls. Angela Bonja explains grammar Techniques to her freshmen students. Both grammar and literature is stressed in the department, especially for the freshmen. ' ,..i.:-wifi V I fi A f 4 il 'YW' A 0 .T 0 Q' E rim English Modern and Classical Novels were two new classes added to the English Department. The students enrolled read and dis- cussed novels both in class and individually. Reports were an important part of these two courses as the students re- searched and reported on the novels they read. ln addition to literature, freshmen were re- quired to take a grammar course. This new method sup- plied them with a solid base for upperclass english courses. Sr. Regina Shaughnessy was the only new addition to the department. She taught soph- omore and freshmen english as well as American and English Literature. S f 4 The overall emphasis of this de- partment was placed on writ- ing and reading skills to assure better performance in compo- sition. When asked to com- ment, Ms. Linda Germany said, "The members of the English Department were dedicated to developing a strong foun- dation in writing skills and the understanding and apprecia- tion of literature." Kg Academics 121 Foreign Language The Foreign Language DeparT- menT neiTher added nor de- leTed classes. Language offer- ings included Spanish and French, levels I Through IV. Mrs. Nicole Hoffman Tackled The job of Teaching all of The French classes, while Ms. Pam Jones and Mrs. Lana Craig shared The responsibiliTy of Teaching The Spanish classes. Ms. Jones commenTed ThaT her goal was, "To geT sTudenTs To ac- quire an undersTanding of The Spanish language and The people, To The poinT ThaT They would wanT To conTinue sTudy- ing The language, and under- sTand ThaT people are all alike, in spiTe of Their language bar- riers." The classes covered The sTrucTure of The language as well as The culTural aspecTs5l7 MaTh The MaTh DeparTmenT added CompuTer Programming To iTs IisT of classes. STudenTs worked wiTh four micro compuTers and one prinTer compuTer. The classes consisTed mainly of up- per classmen. Several advan- Tages of This new class were The acTuaI experiences of working wiTh compuTers and ThaT led To more job opporTuni- Ties. Mrs. Barbara ZafonTe was The new addiTion To The deparT- menT, while Ms. Sally Kendall, P.E. Teacher, picked up an Al- gebra I class. Mrs. Marcia Ur- bina was asked To commenT on her goals as a Teacher and she replied, "I wanT The major- iTy of my sTudenTs To develop a self-confidence in Their abiIiTy To analyze I'T1QTh."g 122 Academics 44 Tis: if Q Julie Scofield finds Thai Spanish I class is enjoyable as well as a loT of hard Spanish I classes concenTraTe on grammar To insure success in The upper courses. . Compuler Programming proves To be a differenf addition To The currenT courses. Geri Segal works inTenTly on her calculafions, v P.E. classes encourage team effort and unity among the partici- pants. Getting "warmed up" for an intramural volleyball game, the players practice setting the ball, 35X ' '71-di, 'O' bf' iiax 4.-, Ui . L- - ,g ,. . ' f"'1-as c .1 P.E. Soccer, cross country and swimming were some extra- curricular sports cut from the budget of the P.E. Department due to inflation. Some contin- ued activities were volleyball, aerobic dancing, badminton and basketball. The classes were basically full of freshmen, though there were some soph- omore, junior and senior aids to help Miss Sally Kendall, the de- partment's only instructor. When asked if she would join again if some of the deleted sports were re-instated. a ju- nior replied, "Definately. I en- joyed it last year." Q Students in Algebra I constantly work on solving equations. As Mrs. Barbara Zafonte explains the proper steps to take. Students diligently take notes, Academics- 123 Religion AT regisTraTion lasT spring, sTu- denTs were given a wide range of courses To choose from in The Religion DeparT- menT. A ToTal of 12 new courses were offered by The four members of The deparT- menT. UlTimaTely, DeaTh and Dying, World Religions and Reli- gion in Work and Word were offered due To The posiTive sTu- denT response aT regisTraTion. DeaTh and Dying exposed The sTudenTs To The hardships ThaT are faced when a loved one dies, as well as The accep- Tance of deaTh. Sr. Anne KorTh- als' goal for her class was "To show ThaT deaTh is only The oTher side of life." Though World Religions was considered a new course, iT had been offered Two years ago. This class explored The beliefs in religions noT only found in The UniTed STaTes buf in foreign counTries as well. Ju- dism, Hinduism, Buddhism and The sociology of oTher religions were explored. As in previous years, a sTudy of The Old TesTamenT, MoraliTy, WhaT The Church Teaches, ChrisTian Life STyles and Chris- Tian Service conTinued. g Science The Science DeparTmenT ad- ded Oceanography, EarTh Sci- ence and AsTronomy To The lisT of courses which already con- sisTed of ChemisTry, Biology, Human Anafomy and Physiol- ogy. The new classes were welcomed by The sTudenTs who showed greaT inTeresT in These courses. BeTsy Winegarf ThoughT ThaT Oceanography 124 Academics Q Mrs. Susan Brice, a long Term-subsTiTuTe for Mrs. KaThy HeukrodT, elaboraTes on a correcT answer for one of The U.S. HisTory projecTs. Before coming To Alverno. Mrs. Brice worked as an insTrucTional aide aT Glendale High School. would prove To be inTeresTing and replied ThaT "IT would be fun since iT deals wiTh The beach." EarTh Science was an in-depTh sTudy of The earTh's conTenT and properTies which cause areas To differ. Oceanography sTudied The make-up of The ocean, sea floor coverings and The animals ThaT live in The sea waTer which covers almosT 213 of our world. Along wiTh class discussion and examinaTion of sea life, The class Took a Trip To Dana PoinT To see The sea ani- mals in Their naTural habiTaT. An explanaTion of sTars and how They can be used in research- ing The hisTory of The earTh could be found in Ms. MargareT Redd's AsTronomy class. In summing up, Mrs. Sheila Hoff- man hoped ThaT The sTudenTs would leave in June wiTh pleas- anT feelings, of having had fun and wiTh having learned some scienfific concepTs. g Social STudies Changes in The Social STudies DeparTmenT ranged from add- ing classes To changing Teach- ers. The new courses offered were American HisTory Since 'IQ-45, Economics and Psychol- ogy. American HisTory Since 4945 dealT wiTh The evenTs ThaT have occured since The middle of The TwenTieTh cenTury. The Psychology class was The basic inTroducTion To fundamenfal Theories and'Techniques of The field. Specific areas relaTed To Psychology were also covered including sTudies of abnormal psychology and child psychol- ogy. Ms. Maria losue relaTed The de- parTmenTs goals: "To show sTu- denTs The value of being in- formed abouT Their sociefy- pasT, presenT and fuTure and To enrich social awareness ThroughouT The campus." tif 7 gs :ML . W .N if si: 1, ' .M pleasanT weafher afforded Miss Emily John The opponuniiy To Teach her sophomore religion class on The Terrace. "Having class ouTside helps me To Think beTTer and helps me To feel closer To Gad," was one sTuclenTs reacTion To The ouTdoor class. in WiTh The big "choose Iife" sign on The back wall of The biology lab, sophomores IisTen To Mrs. Sheila l-loTfman's lecTure on mitosis. Biology laid The foundaTion for The eIecTive science courses Taken in The junior and senior years. Academics 125 ENSATION ORGANIZATIQNS 8: SPORTS Q Q he'wcQn Q fe Jffowdu 6014 A How m gfgffl l Lg- gap? e wwdfam' oo efwzwfi 4,0 mfg gjfwff 4,5 h lwufldilfh' OV? Q, 5577005 15 56 b0ffW7f WMV, we MO! f SOKVI 6 ,A 0006 no fmgffff ' W' M fbi! If 4741 ajfj gd Hflyf gvfzjiyfw Kd' fh+f?'fQ4WWfrwff ww fe 960 VVVP C4fV20fg O g, ,NV XQU6! , -AK-- 1 f W OYOQ TIVWQT mjf -ff em ,M f ff' WCM h 4 od 4 M T, W LZ I ' - ff ' 'f' eiei M MM L UW SUM mfg dwma X "' le- h l Offlfo So Sl?if 'V f7'ZJr0 01, ,e 2 W5 5 65 J S LAJKF R Q 1 f! O Cfffmf T0 ey he ' , off!! 0 Q - YUM eb If ff KQV' C 0 mffmgf 4 I A3OVC,W,,, , el we iftdgw M U ff S 6 ,ff 2 A J Oh ' W V 'wif d-Uv We ,me eeee Q D ing cz soffboil gome, Vic29flScoT1 hopes her hit wigheig The Teo The? mfelt Theft ey were The"hoTfesT"ondIooded 'Th TI T 126-Organlzcflons 8: Sports SENSATICDN ONE SINGULAR SEN, qGlee Club members Aho Sevillo, Michele Adoms, Kothy lvlitcheltree, Jill Red- mond ond Pom G-otes per- form their song ond donce routine, "You're Never Fully Dressed Without o Smile" during the Freshmen induc- tion. ln order to shore their common obilities ond inter- ests, Alverno students gothered in clubs, teoms, ond other orgonizotions, stoying until ldte hours of the ofternoon for meetings ond proctices. lvlony of these girls wonted to be involved in the school becouse they Uwonted to creote unity ond school spirit." Clubs ond teoms mode Alverno more thon just on 8:30 to 2:20 school. They gove students o chonce to be involved in whot inter- ested them most. Susie Fisher sold, HI enjoy Stu- dent Council becouse I con become more in- volved with students ond foculty in order to pro- mote o better school yeor." Others wonted to moke use of their tolents ond obilities. Between songs during o dromo proctice, Korlo Kurzweil stoted, "Dromo ond Glee Club give me o chonce to express myself. They olso give me the opportunity to use my tolentsf' Overoll, the clubs ond orgonizotions gove students the chonce to unite while they porticipoted in extrd-curriculor octivites. QAmy Huber ond Corlo Mothis set up o GAA representitive holding ci sign soyin , i'We wont oul" GAA, the lor est club Q Y 1 Q on compus, plonned mony octivites ond fund roisers to sup- port the teoms. Organizations 8: Sports ExecuTive Council Makes lTs Mark A.S.B. The Alverno STudenT Body Offi- cers were The link befween The faculTy and The sTudenTs. They had To find ouT whaT The sTu- denTs wanTed and presenf The requesfs To Ms. Pam Jones, The A.S.B. moderaTor. TogeTher, Ms. Jones and The five sTudenT body officers worked To carry ouT The expressed desires of The sTudenT body. One of The firsT acTiviTies ThaT The officers worked on was The Sadie Hawkins Dance. Their creaTiviTy was evidenT in The wesfern facade of posfers, hay, sawdusf and a bar com- pIeTe wiTh saloon girls. The offi- cers also worked on The firsT joinT Chrisfmas Dance wiTh La Salle, The Sno-ball. Officers Laura Ruggles, Lourdes ViTa, Michele Lee STeger, Peg- gy Kinney and Kafhy Bohler were responsible for coordi- naTing The sTudenT acTiviTies on campus, and To conTinually search for new ideas. When Michele Sfeger was asked if she would run again if she had The chance. she re- plied, "Yes I would definiTely run again. lT's been Tough aT Times, buT when an acTiviTy was successful and The sTu- denTs were happy iT was worTh The efforT." Social Chairperson Peggy Kin- ney was asked why she ran for office. "I ran for The office To open myself To classes oTher Than seniors: kindle a school spiriT of unify and improve communicaTions on campus." 4 STudenT body officers Michele Sieger Qsecjfresjg Laura Ruggles fpresj: Kafhy Bohler QGAA rep.j: and Peggy Kinney Qsocial chairpersonj, lisfen To suggesfions from STudenT Council members abouf The upcoming La SaIlefAlverno Christmas Dance. STudenT Council meetings were held every Monday of 2:30 and were open To all sfudenfs. fnof picfuredj Lourdes ViTa Qvice-presj. 128 Student Body Officers I 1980 , 7 , 1 ix , K il - 3,1 ,,s, , i 5 t -fefff l i 1 l . halve 1' :ml Q Lourdes Vita speaks at the Thanksgiving Prayer Service. 4 one of the many events in which the A.S.B. officers involve the student body. v Jill Garrigan helps the A.S.B. officers prepare for the L l Sadie Hawkins dance. The preparations required the ef- forts of many Student Council members. W-l s '4 ftlwhflvf ' 4 Michele Steger puts up the September calendar so that the students would be informed about the events of the opening days of school as soon as they returned from summer vacation. Student Body Ofiicers 129 Building SpiriT Physicdlly G.A.A. The lorgesT ocTive orgonizoTion on compus, G.A.A., "whipped iT good", occording To Borbero Fleming. Their slogon "whip iT" expressed Their incenTive To rouse enThusiosm ond porTici- poTion in sporTs on compus. The club's officers KoThy Bohler, ElviriTo Vero, Amy Huber, Mor- iolyce Pedersen, Corlo MoThis ond Mory Villorruel, worked wiTh opproximoTely fourTy-five oTher members on vorious oc- TiviTies ThroughouT The yeor. During lunch Time meeTings in The P.E. room, club members plonned poke soles, The Hol- loween HounTed House ond The mosT exciTing evenT for The G.A.A. wos The spring SporTs Awords BonqueT. When KoThy Bohler wos osked To idenTify her club's gool she replied They wonTed, "To pro- moTe school spiriT, inciTe more involvemenT ond enThusiosm, ond To olso To hove more sporTs recogniTion on com- pus." 9 lvlondy Downer ond Liso Moyer work To beof The clock To finish The block ond while room in The HdunTed House 5 FronT row: C. Mofhis Qsporfs photogropherp, E. Vero Qvice-presj, K. Bohler Qpresj, M. Pedersen fsporTs wriTerj, M. Villorruel Qsecj, A. Huber QpubliciTy sec.j: second row: V. ScoTT, K. Mclioul, J. Tweddle, J. Joyce, K. Molloy, M. Brkich: Third row: S. Websfer, C. Wilber, C. Wilber, T. Ryong fourTh row: M. G-omblfo, C. Clork, G. PTosinski. B. Durr, E. Telles, C. Cummings, A. Dozo, E. Cozores. S. Monyhun: fifth row: lvl. Beresford, H. lVlcAlisTer, M. Downer, A. Thurmon, B. Fleming, M. Finfon, L. Duersfg bock row: L. Moyer, J. Broud, S. De Conio, K. Vonderhoor, K. Joyce, lvl. PorfoiT, C, Feeney. 130 G.A.A. K "--. ,... ss.,kv 'Smit Built LelTerman's Club What exactly is a Tradition? tradition fire-dlshfanj n. 'l. The handing down orally of cus- toms, beliefs, etc., from gen- eration to generation. 2. a sto- ry. LetTerman's Club had been a tradition until a few years ago when it was discontinued due To a lack of interest. Many of the girls involved with-sports This year approached Coach Sally Kendall and asked To start This tradition again. They be- gan by designing a sweater that was personalized with each member's name and year of graduation, To be awarded The sweater a player had To have participat- ed in five sports, all of Them being a varsity sport. The club consisted of 12 members that elected Kelly McFaul and Jen- ny Tweddle To lead Them to a productive year by working Towards Their goals of expand- ing The club and promoting spirit. 537 4 Amy Huber can't help but smile as she receives her Lettermarfs sweater from Miss Carla Tomaso. The sweaters were presented at a special assembly in front of The entire school. Q Front row: E. Vera. J. Joyce, M. Gear, V. Scott, M. Downer, C. Mathis: back row: M. Villarruel, J. Tweddle, K. McFaul, M. Steger, A. Huber, K. Bohler. Letterman's Club 131 Cheerleaders Pep was a loT more Than jusT cheering aT The games. There was much Time, work and money ThaT wenT inTo being a pepsTer. The girls.sTarTed prac- Ticing afTer TryouTs and conTin- ued To pracTice 2 - 3 hours each week during The year. In preparaTion for a spiriTed year, The cheerleaders aT- Tended a summer camp To learn abouT new sTyies, chanTs and rouTines. AT The end of The four days The squad won firsT place for The overall evalua- Tions and also received one spiriT sTar. When asked abouT The squad's goals, Sue De Canio replied ThaT They, "jusT wanTed To conTinue To promoTe spiriT here aT school." 522 5 To encourage school spiriT in Sep- Tember, The cheerleaders organized a pep rally. IT was hoped ThaT rallies like This one would increase aTTendance aT games. 9 Front row: A. Daza, G. Pfasinski, E. Cazares, S. Monyhun: back row: M. Au- zenne, M. Finlon. S. De Canio, K. Van- derhaar. 132 Cheerleaders PepsTers PromoTe SpiriT si? si' , K v , ,f 4...- 2 N N H 4,42 4 ,I.,' -I , ,...,,,....,.-f ,,,,,.,s....---H'-W , fix 1 ,, I 14 T -i..--- Pep Club The Pep Club, headed by Sue Fisher, meT in The arTroom Twice a monTh afTer school To discuss differenT ways in which To publicize new evenTs, as well as To promoTe spiriT on campus. ln order To increase aTTen- dance aT The games, Sue Fish- er sTaTed. 'iThaT The more pub- liciTy we produce The greaTer The aTTendance." The Pep Club's goal of gener- aTing spiriT among The sTudenTs and faculTy, involved much work from The members. Sue DeCanio sTaTed, "Through The vibranT posTers and spreading of enThusiasm by The club, we were able To increase involve- menT of The sTudenT body." Q' Q FronT row: C. Arens, A. ParenT, C. Wilber. M. OsTi, J. Garrigan, M. Gear. R. Brown: second row: Y. Pordo, G. PTa- sinski. L. Ward. L. NordquisT, L. Gonza- lez, T. CinTron, S. Fisher, B. Durr, E. Ca- zares, S. Monyhun: back row: M, Pe- dersen, S. Pereyra. F. Spina. P. Or- donez, N. Sullivan, P. Kinney, M. Benzle. J. Joyce. M. Downer, L. Loughner, V. Sciolini. iliac., . V V 4 ce -.gx-LQ HCL .- cl , LLLJWICLL s.Jf'LQ QD. lil-.-4-Ji L F ,ff eemid 9 I f ' L VL-LQ C 'K' L' I l-'E' Y 1 2,LQ 1 i ,.... X f '- X 5.4.4 ....- zpcar JZ c Ns' Ps. y A p MQ QQ 41Q.Qf.Lg " C-ff JL 1 Y WJ PublicaTions Press On LiTerary Magazine The LiTerary Magazine, Renais- sance, was a collecTion of original sTudenT work. This name was chosen because iT meanT The rebirTh of classics, from The dark ages To modern Times. The sTaff Tried To bring ouT The rebirTh of The imagina- Tion of The sTudenTs. For The Two ediTors and adviser who puT TogeTher The enTire magazine, being involved meanT a loT of hard work. ShorT 134 LiTerary Magazine 'Ui sTories, poems and arT work were submiTTed To ediTors Mar- gie C-Sear and Daria Mercurio and adviser Ms. Carla Tomaso Through boxes in room 'l'l'l and The library. "We had no prob- lem geTTing enough enTries," sTaTed Margie. AfTer all The enTries were sub- miTTed, The ediTors and adviser goT TogeTher and chose whaT would appear in The maga- zine. The Renaissance was dis- TribuTed in The end of April, free of charge. Q' .s'?.!e.f..EA T 4 fronT row: Ms. Tomaso Cadviserjnl. Fuller, B Louapre. M. Gear Qco-ediTorQ: back row: G Abry, D. Mercurio, Qco-ediTorj: L. Lawson. TTing ouT Typographi- l errors and pasTing rrecTions over Them. lia Salido prepares her al copy. Copy, picTures d oTher elemenTs were er pasTed up To com- Te The layouTs. Newspaper STaff Keeping Their ears open and reading every bulleTin were good journalisTic habiTs learned by The Highlander sTaff. They collecTed The mosT inTeresTing informaTion from These sources To wriTe sTories for The newspa- per. The sTaff Then saT in room 4048 brainsTorming in order To geT The besT ideas for arTicIes. The real work began afTer They decided whaT They were go- ing To wriTe. Q Dani Tarquinio, Tammy Danne and Krisfen Fry share Their ideas for The up coming newspaper issue. Each sTaff member is re- quired To wriTe one arTicle for each issue. The Highlander sTaff meT afTer school usually only four Times a monTh, because all members worked aT home wriTing Their arTicles To meeT Their dead- lines. PuTTing The paper TogeTh- er involved: Taking picTures, in- Terviewing people, wriTing arTi- cles and pasTlng up The pages. IT was hoped The paper would be published six Times during The year. The Highlander was aIIoTTed S500 from A.S.B. To produce The newspaper. Q fronT row: C. MaThis foo-ediTorj, E. Vera Ceo-ediTorj: sec- ond row: C. Fuery, S. DelgaTTo, L. Mckeown, D. Tarquinio, K. Fry, D. Salido, Third row: Ms. louse Codviserj, J. Redmond, D. Mercurio, M. Klein, A. Turner, M. Pedersen, M. STeger. N. Galle, S. OsTrowski, P. Kouba. Newspaper 135 ls There Life Afier Deadline? Yearbook STaff Oh my gosh! We have a final deadline Tomorrow! l've al- ready missed The rough dead- line. lf l'm laTe on This one Too Mrs. Bailey will kill me! WaiT, IeT me make sure l'm righT. I have so much To do. LeT's see, I have To finish my copy, head- line and layouT. I can'T find The sTyle sheeTs and I can'T re- member how To fiT my head- line! WhaT am I going To do? All of This is going To be impossible To finish on Time. No. I can do iT if I sTay up all nighT. Maybe l should call Kelly and ask her To come over and help me? l sTill have To crop my picTures and job sTamp everyThing. Will I ever geT Through This deadline wiThouT dying firsT'?'? l'm so be- hind. . . If you were a member of The Troubadour sTaff, These were a few of The many Thoughfs which wenT Through your head jusT before a deadline. The sTaff consisTed of 20 inexperi- enced buT eager sophomores, juniors and seniors and a new adviser, Mrs. KaThi Bailey. To overcome Their journalism inex- perience, half of The sTaff aT- Tended a week long summer seminar aT The UniversiTy of California aT San Diego. "Our goal was To produce a creaTive and exciTing record of The school year", sTaTed Mrs. Bailey. "When l signed up IasT June I didn'T realize all The hours of work ThaT would be involved, buT I knew when The book would finally come, all The headaches, frusTraTion and pressures would all seem worThwhile," commenTed a Tired Ann Howells. ,gf 136 Yearbook Staff ,ei Cropping wiTh care, Kelly Wil- leTT selecTs pictures for iher spread on The Glee Club. EquipmenT like croppers grease pencils were around when They needed most I ,ii 'N .-fgnxkiggiasu . 1 X x I X ,guf:L.gQ- -egg: .gi A L 1. iii: ' ,LW, ---- - V ,. . ii.. 1.532122 A " K L ..L..L L , XML giri A Kimi ,ik 'fs if Q 1 X . 6' 'Qfg - i :5k,3,,.3S: I Jw? 5? . 9 'S ? N 2 fikin, x SNK Nm .--.--gg 4 CSF. Front row: L. Word, M, Brkich, M. Schimmoller, G. Ptosinski, M. Vito, L. Poser, P. Londo, M. Schneider, K. Fry, C, Fuery: second row: T. Comiling, M. Osti, N. So- mozzi, K. Pdtei, C. Nordell, D. Tulleners, K. Kurzweil, H. Alonso QV-Pres.j, M. Lees, N. Sullivcin, L. Avino: third row: M. Solido, A. Rodics fTreos.j, A. Huber. M. Geor, E. Vero, C. Mathis, M. Ramirez, A. Howells, L. Vito, C. Clark, S. Moscdret, A. McTeogue, T. Cintron: back row: M. Pedersen, M. Steger, J. Feeney QPres.j, K. Reinhdrt QSec.j. v NHS members Potricio Poshich, Steph- onie Delgotto ond CSF members Corlene Fuery dnd Lciverd Word discuss the up- coming Disneylond trip with Jeanette Feeney. Seven girls went on the trip held on Sdturdciy, Februdry 20th. 5 NHS. Front row: A. McTeogue, T. Cintron, S. Moscoret, K. Reinhdrt, J. Feeney, P. Or- donez, M. Brkich, M, Lees. L. Avino, M. Steger, M, Geor, A. Howells, M. Ramirez, C. Nordell, C. Vessey, M. Osti, P. Kinney: back row: M. Pedersen fPres.j, F. Spina, L. Vito, C. Cldrk, S. Pereyo, V. Ferrdnte, C. Mothis, E. Vero, H. Alonso, K. Kurzweil, S. Delgotto, M. Solido CTreos.j, D. Tulleners, N. Sullivon, P. Pcishich, A. Rodics, A. Huber, T. Comiling QSec.j, J. DeClue QV-Pres.j, M. Tinker, N. Somozzi, 138 cssfm-is Activities For Achievers C-ESFfNHSi ' WOW!!! I received A A's ond 2 's now I con be on CSF ond HS! This will look greot on my ollege opplicotions. I'm so roud of myself." he Notionol Honor Society nd the Colifornio Scholorship ederotion were honor soci- ties thot consisted of those udents who ochieved o grode point overoge of 3.2 or better during o semester. Also students must complete ot leost two hours of responsible service per semester. For those students wishing to further their educotion this is o beneficiol in- gredient for their college oppli- cotion. Being o port of this or- gonizotion helps students to quolify for loco! ond notionol scholorships ond gronts. Members met periodicolly in the Biology Iob, with Jeonette Feeney the president. The gools for these clubs were to help the school to recognize honor students ond to give these students o chonce to become more octive within their school by doing service hours ond tutoring people who need it. When osked why she joined this club o junior sold, "Because of the speciol od- vontoges it hos to offer, it will open up o better opportunity to get into coIIege." gg With some ossistonce from club president Jeonette Feeney, Potricio Poshich fills out her NHS opplicotion for the second emester os Stephonie Delgotto looks on. Being o life member helped Jeonette get occepted by prestigious colleges such os orquette ond Creighton. csrfnus 139 25' 1 Z ,,,.,s'f x .R fl Ms. . 2 1 , s ew E. .. . . . ,N Q M1 D Q ing some harmonizing, Pam Gates, Jill Garrigan, Mc , onnell and Laura Gomez sing, "Give o Little Love Christmas." These girls were chosen by Mrs. Reed to g '- P this selection because of their ability. an xg Glee Club "lt's just a lot of fun, that's why l joined Glee Club," said Jeri Ann Bycott. Sue Webster com- mented that it helped to exer- cise her voice for her singing job. However, most girls joined the Glee Club because they just love to sing. The G-lee Club, which was also a class, met during third period 140 Glee Club in the Villa. The 26 members worked with Director Phyllis Reed to put on successful pro- grams such as the Christmas assembly, carolling at Bullocks. entertainment at the Altadena Chamber of Commerce Dinner Dance and their Annual Vari- ety Show in May. Mrs. Reed's goal was to give the girls the opportunity to en- joy music and to use the skills they have learned in possible future careers. Timpone concentrates on her par Believe - Ave Maria." These two 4 One of two freshmen in the club. t were combined to bring a serious to the Christmas assembly. Q Front row: B. Mendoza, J. Bycott, K. Sanello. P. Gates CPres.j, L. Garcia, K. Timpone, C. Bluefordg second row: Mrs. P. Reed QDirectorj, A. Sevilla, S. Steele, J. Garrigan, J. Redmond. K, Mitcheltree. M. Adams: back row: R. Barili, K. Kurzweil, N. Galle, S. Webster, M. O'Donnell, L. Gomez, R. Sanz. Q Some choreography adds to the effect of i'Hey Hobo Man," sung by Michelle Adams, Kathy Mitcheltree, Kim Sanello and Jill Redmond at the Freshman Induction. The Glee Club also sang a rousing rendition of 'Consider Yourself." . ESQ s:..y -' K 4 Sue Webster adds a moment of light comedy to the solo at the Christ- mas assembly. The Glee Club sang a variety of carols ranging from tradi- tional religious songs to light-hearted contemporary ones. A Q An audience of approximately 500 listens to the result of four weeks of practice. Students in the back of the cafeteria complained that they couldn't hear well because of poor acoustics and talking schoolmates. Glee Club 141 l GleefDromo "Where's my cosTume? Oh, geezl I only hove Two minuTes before my cue To go on sfoge. I wish I hod Time To siT in The corner ond go over The words To my solo." STudenTs hod o chonce To show Their TolenTs in "You're ci Good lvlon, Chorlie Brown," in The Jonuory dromo producfion puT on by The G-lee Club. The cosT spenT mony hours of hord work, procTicing for opening nighT. The ploy was procTiced QT four eIemenTory schools. Opening nighT wos sold ouT To on oudience of sTudenTs, friends ond relofives. Those who oTTended closing nighT enjoyed o dinner perfor- monce. Supervisor Mrs. Phyiles Reed musicion Mrs. Koy OTT ond choreogropher PeTer Lee Fields ond The cosT consisfing of Chorlie Brown Qlvlory O'Don- nelly, Lucy CKorlo Kurzweilj, Snoopy CLouro Gomezy. Shroeder CPom Kouboj, Solly QPoige Johnsonj, Linus CKoThy BeTzj ond The enTire chorus plonned everyThing from seTs To dinner for oimosT on enTire semesfer. Pcrige Johnson sToT- ed, "I hod o loT of fun even Though iT wos loT of work. I reol- ly miss iT." These sTudenTs in The spoTlighT goined o greoT deol of exper- ience from Their performonce ond in The process, enTer- Toined The communify os well os The sTudenT body. "The ocT- ing wos very good, They musT hove spenT o long Time work- ing on The ploy ond I reolly en- joyed iT." sTdTed Denise Ar- guijo. gr 142 Glee Club Produciion Q WiTh The securiTy of his blankeT, Linus QKaThy BeTzj seTTles down To waTch his favoriie TV prograrn. The ploT ceniered around The efforTs of Charlie Brown's friends To bring him out of his depression. v The Tickeis, creaTed by Mrs. Reed, were sold by The casT. The producTion which was only given for 2 nighTs was sold ouT boTh nighTs. YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN Friday, January 9, 1981 Curtain - 8:00 p.m. fivs-p -ii ...- Donation 52.00 ..,......l. Tickei H lc PW G' D E Doors Open - 7:30 p.m. 7 4 Charlie Brown Qlvlary O Donnelly proudly accepTs a valenTine from Sally CPaige Johnsonj The acTresses were casT in Their roles afTer four days of prachcing and one day of audiTions. Glee Club Production 143 ' 9 Michele Steger and Jessica Braud watch as Beth Durr spikes the ball to the opposition. The Varsity team spent many hours practicing this technique. I T.. . .v Q In .,,, , Pm, 4 .ll ' ,at Jo if , . C K. 1 . was U X ,sv Y' Q Varsity. Front Row: K. Malloy, B. Durr, C. Braud. L. Joyce: Second row: H. McAllister, M. Downer, C. Cummings, J. Joyce: Back row: M. Brkich, M. Steger, J. Braud, K. Bohleri Not pictured: G. Daza and Coach Kendall 9 Freshman Caroline Wilbur bumps the ball to the Sacred Heart team. Caroline is looking forward to 3 more years on the team. 144-volleyball Q Junior Varsity. Front row: D. Salido, K. McSweeny, C. Wilbur: second row: M. Gam- bito, M. Parfait, T. Ryan: back row: S. Brkich, L. Mayer, Chris Wilbur: not pictured: R. Diaz Or- daz. S. Webster, I. Uyemura, K. Enright. A. Cotugno, K. Rynaud. SHMM Techmaues Akileant The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams ended their season with positive thoughs and "good feelings" despite their losing records. "We have achieved alot since last year." explained Beth Durr. "Our skills have im- proved alot. We were good but we just could not pull to- gether." Varsity team member Mandy Downer felt that their great spirit and organization helped them through the sea- son. Coach Sally Kendall said that the record was not a true indi- cator of the girls actual abili- ties. For example, Kathy Bolher and Jessica Braud with the aid of Gina Daza and Michele Steger excelled in their execu- tion of spiking and setting plays. The Varsity squad had 4 fresh- men Liz Joyce. Her team mem- bers felt that it was a great acheivement for her to have made varsity. Junior Varsity Coach John Ot- ten said his team's 'I-'12 record did not' reflect their "spirit." Even when the "chips were down" the enthusiasm of the players did not faulter. t'We'lI get them next year," was Mr. Otten's final thought. gg Volleyball 145 DeTerminaTion Keeps Team STriving PuTTing aside The many difficul- Tles ThaT The baskeTball Team encounTered, They managed To win 6 of '12 games, coming in fourTh in Their league and barely missing The playoffs by a couple poinTs. ln IighT of The problems, some players felT ThaT This was a good record. "The loss of a couple good players affecTed The Teams' performance," sTaTed Julie Joyce. LosT Team members included ElvirlTa Vera, who had To wiTh- draw due To a knee injury, Holly Edwards lefT due To academic reasons, and Karen Renald and Magi Dolen quiT because of TransporTaTion problems. Bar- bara Thornhill sTaTed, "The pressure of baskeTball was causing problems wiTh my grades so I had To qulT." Forwards Mary Brkich and Amy Huber demonsTraTed excel- lence in The areas of scoring and rebounding. AT The end of The season, Mary averaged 6 rebounds per game. Amy noT only achieved '14 rebounds per game, buT was The Top scorer wiTh 8 baskefs and complefed 5096 of her free Throws per game. Coach John OTTen felT ThaT There were personalify con- flicTs on The Team. 'll didn'T ex- pecT The girls To like each oTh- er," sTaTed Mr. OTTen, "buf once They goT on The courT I expecfed Them To play as a Team." Thinking ahead, Mary Brkich commenTed, "We should have a good season nexT year. Only one, player is leaving, so This year'.s experience will give us a head sTarT for nexT year." g 146 Bdskeiball 4 K Q' i -.,.,.. S lxr' rr, Q. L 4 0 "'6fZ.iii ' -- r ,wi f' i ' ' k , , Z M ., " -V .Jw 5152? 7. lt' - 1 . 4 weeping in mind the skills she drilled on in practice, Delia Salido puts one up for two points. ln this triple overtime game, Alverno lost by only three points. C During a game, Julie Joyce reaches high to tag a jump ball. Alverno defeated Ramona 32-28 at this home game. 4 Front row: Coach Otten. M. Villarruel. H. Edwards, D. Salido, T. Ryan, L. Arreaga: Back row: M, Brkich. J. Joyce. A. Huber. B. Thornhill, M. Downer. Basketball 147 D Coach Carla Tomaso plans The route To a play-off game. Ms. Tomaso, a former New England lnlercollegiole Tennis Doubles Champion, enjoyed her first year as The Tennis coach. v During praclice, Diana Erb works on her serve and follow Through as Jackie Pose studies her form, The only freshmen on The Team, Diana and Jackie enjoyed The year and are looking to nexl season. 148 Tennis Tennis Geis New Look There was hope for Coach Carla Tomaso's Team To cap- Ture firsT place in Their league. "The Team sTarTed ouT slow buT improved as The season progressed," commenfed Anne Thurman. Because of a slow sTarT Coach Tomaso changed her sTraTegy. "We rearranged The singles and The doubles players in hopes of im- proving our record." Their sTraTegy proved To be suc- cessful, resulTing in a second place finish wiTh a 3-3 record. in addifion To a new playing sTraTegy, The squad had sever- al new changes To help Their spiriT. l'WiTh a new coach, new uniforms and new Tennis courTs, we had a loT of spiriT," Leslie Duersf said. "IT was very enjoyable To pracfice on The new courTs." commenfed Coach Tomaso. Players sTiII showed Their enThu- siasm for Tennis even afTer The season ended. In The Wes- Tridge InviTaTionaI Tennis Tour- namenT, Amy Huber and Bar- bara Thornhill won The doubles championship. i'lT was excifing and a greaT experience," commenfed Barbara Q' 4 Concenfrafion is The key as Cafhy Deleo aTTempTs To refurn an opponenfs serve. Alfhough a senior, This was CaThy's firsf year OPI The TGCIFTT. Tennis 149 Springing Aheadvllith New Hopes Softball Coach Kate Kendall was confident that The team would repeat their great per- formance of The previous sea- son. With ten out of fifteen re- turning players, Coach Kendall stated that, "The Team has great potential: The players are determined, enthusiastic . s. - . T .-d'W"'v':.4- " N ' ...u -- ,- Q During tryouts, Coach Kate Kendall bats balls to a few of The 30 girls who tried out for The Team. After The final cuts were made on February 19th, 45 girls were chosen. The yearbook staff regrets not being able to cover the season due to an early deadline. 150 Softball and most importantly, are skilled. The coach and teams' com- mon goal was evident through their 2 M hour a day practices. The team was hoping to see sweep The entire league of 1 , . 'Yu g 1 . ". . . l,. i. small schools. The only difficulty the Team faced this year was in orienting the new members to Ms. KendaII's coaching style. "We all felt really positive about This year." stated Jenni- fer Tweddle. T' bmwlig ,t ' s . :kk , u RQYN sl, 1 I , ,l xg fig W , if I 'K i" 1 f. 4.5 Q. 42. -fi' ' f - . -W G . ,L--1 . -. .. N.. team. if .4 .H iiilil 'ff!"8, t --A ,gilt ' if 3. . lift. , ,, 4. if Amy Huber winds up an underhand pitch to throw to a teammate as Mary McKernan prepares to field the ball. Amy was one out of 3 starting pitchers for the 4 Front row: K. Mcfaul, J. Tweddle. V. Scott, K. Bohler. M. Steger. M. McKernan, A. Huber, M. Brkich: Back row: Coach Kate Kendall, C. Snyder, T. Ryan, L. Hoefer, T. Tay- lor, T. Green, K. Johnson. A. Thurman, S. Hodgdon. .gal-"""' pens While refereeing Coach Kendall Coaches spent a day after school a . . -,,,, i. f 'i' ' f rife?" -,, Why Do They Do lt? Pressure. The dictionary defines it as, "a burdensome, distress- ing or weighty condition." Ev- eryone faces pressure in their daily routine, ranging from re- membering to buy gas to get- ting a big homework assign- ment done on time. In addition to everyday stress- es and strains, coaches faced other pressures, both physical and mental. "The psychologi- cal pressures involved with coaching are tremendous," stated Coach Sally Kendall, "but l do it because I love sports and I want to support the kids." The four member coaching staff consisted of Volleyball Coach Sally Kendall, Basketball Coach John Otten, Softball Coach Kate Kendall and Tennis Coach Carla Tomaso. Coaches were involved in daily practices, planning game strategies and keeping the players' enthusiasm high. Coaches Sally Kendall, John Otten and Carla Tomaso taught a full load of classes and were involved in extra- curricular activities in addition to their coaching responsibil- ities: Ms. Kendall was the moderator for the Letterman's Club and GAA, Mr. Otten worked on the Board of Con- duct and Ms. Tomaso worked on the School Committee and moderated the Lierary Maga- zine publication. The coaches all felt that al- though the pressures brought on by coaching were great, the rewards were worth the time and effort that coaching demanded. g Coaching Staff 151 uUnofficiol" SporTs lvlosT people Think of "sporTs" os orgonized Teom compeTi- Tion, however, occording To The Websfer DicTionory sporTs ore defined os, "fun or ploy." AcTiviTies ronging from jogging To lifeguording were o couple of ocTiviTies which The sTudenTs were involved in ouTside of school. QOf course, There were Those such os Jone Fuller who preferred ploying in The sprin- klerslj A Troubadour sTdff poll found ThoT 6296 of The sTudenT body porTicipoTed in some kind of "fun or ploy." Some sTudenTs Took These ofTer hours sporTs ocTiviTies very seriously. STudenTs proc- Ticed onywhere from 'l To 5 hours o doy. Tonyo Alexcinder enjoyed riding her horse on on overoge of 3 yours o doy. This enobles her To excell in horse- bock riding compeTiTion. Those who were involved in oTher school ocTiviTies enjoyed Their ocTiviTies jusT os much os Those wiTh serious ombiTions. Pom Wilkins commenTed, 'Tl en- joy jogging becouse iT sTrengThens ond firms up my Iegs." Jonice Abrohom sToTed, "BoskeTboIl isn'T fun os o com- peTiTive sporT, iT's more fun jusT ploying wiTh oTher friends." In oddiTion To sporTs progroms QT school, The freshmen P.E. closses become involved in vorious TournomenTs. This ol- Iowed sTudenTs The opporTuni- Ty To experience Tedm work wiThouT The serious compeTi- Tion of scool sponsored sporTs. Using The P.E. closses os Teoms, 152 Sports The girls ployed bodminTon ond volleyboll. The sTudenTs olso held on inTer- esT in jogging ond rollerskoTing. 6096 of These sTudenTs enjoyed jogging, while only 3296 liked roIIerskoTing. OTher sporTs ronged from mo- Torcycle riding To dog showing. The roughness of moTorcycle riding only held The inTeresT of 496 of The sTudenTs. 4396 of The sTudenT body porTicipoTed in dog showing ond horsebock riding. In oll, ouTside sporTs provided The sTudenTs wiTh recreoTion GS well os exercise. KiTTy Eloed sToTed, "l like geTTing TogeTher wiTh o group of friends ond jusT hoving fun." tg 5 Q Kim Johnson's beogle wins "BesT of Winners" of o Posodeno dog show She hos been enTering her dog in compefifion for The posf 5 yeors 9 Moforcycle riding hos been o fovorife sporf of Michelle Tickey since she wos 9 She offen rides in The DuorTe Dom oreo becouse iT's The besT riding Trock oround Q Jackie DeClue practices her swimming at the P.H,S. pool. Over the summer, Jackie won six trophies at the Cal- Novice Finals, and she will be swimming for Alverno in the CIF competitions. Q Lali Alvarez, Rebecca Flores, Melinda Gambito, Maria Lesaca, Eileen McFadden, Elvirita Vera, Barbara Fleming and Michelle Coleman are winners of the Freshmen P.E. Volleyball Tournament. The teams consisting of P.E. aids and freshmen, played each other to determine the win- ner. e Q Anno Rodriguez jogs three days a week. She says that jogging helps her work off tension. Sports 153 v Susie Fisher and Betsy Winegari enjoy the sun- ny weather. Toward the end of the year, lunch areas were often converted into simulated 1 i Q' - 2 l- Wrapping lt All Up Where did it all go? From Septem- ber 8th we counted 164 more school days, and finally, when May fell upon us, we replenished our summer wardrobes, made plans for frequent trips to the beach, and realized that those school days were now but a few. As we anxiously awaited a sizzling sum- mer, we paused briefly to remi- nisce about the styles, fads, and changes which made the year one singular sensation. We were "in to" designer jeans, the cowboy look, punk, preppie, and even casual sweat suits, and purple became the dominant col- or on campus. ln our free time, we held French braiding sessions, sometimes achieving the "ba- zaar" look. We decorated our cars, lockers, and books with stickers which claimed that we were iiToo l-lip", Whenever a problem came along, we would "Whip it", or "Blow it out", lt was a "trip" when we had "days" of homework, and had to "jam" from school "Dazed and Confused". Once we had 154 Closing completed the work, things were "casual" again, The year was loaded with changes. From uniforms to sched- ules to teachers, for the most part, we faced these changes success- fully. One of the major changes was the arrival of a new principal. As Dr. Elizabeth Broome took over for Sr. Madeline Clancy between semesters, she was welcomingly greeted with banners, gifts and applause. Dr. Broome stated that she was interested in the students as individuals and expressed a de- sire to help students "become en- riched in all areas of life," fThe yearbook staff regrets not having further coverage on Dr. Broome, but due to deadline schedules, coverage could only be limitedg As we took those last books from our lockers, signed numerous yearbooks, counted the sacred days until next September, and said our "good-byes", we realized that through the year's styles, fads, and changes, 1980-84 had truely been One Singular Sensa- tion. GS individuals. 4 Like many activities, singing Christmas eas- ols gave friends like Kelly Willett and ,Julie Kane a chance to share each other's com- panlonship. Closing 155 156 Closing Q Being co-editors of the yeorbook broughi extra pressures and responsibilities for Maria Ramirez and Ann l-lowells. Working inio The night was a common occurrence for siaff members as they discovered Thai Typing copy and drawing layouts always Took longer Than expecied: work couldn'l begin until 2:30 because yearbook was not a class, with energy that would thrill everyone. We wanted to capture rare mo- ments as well exciting new traditional Su port Bring Success are also to be thanked for let- ting us pull students out of class to take those important pic- tures. two." We appreciate our dogs Rudy, Taffy and Whippet for their understanding when din- ner was late. "Why were we so involved? peration and was SUCCSSS 9 goal y coo- and that' VNS special thanks to Mrs. Bailey who hours in room at home OUI' to the were able to sur- of agony. Thank our parents who when famous and copy. f Why did we get into this'?" Frankly, we still don't know the answer. But we do know that personal satisfaction and ac- complishment were factors in our work. We took pride in our school and through the year- book we have shown others the individuality, spirit and unity that was abundant -i'ff7ww2u sf ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Only through the joint efforts of many people was the publication of the 1981 Troubadour made possible. The theme ONE SINGULAR SENSATION was contributed by Ann Howells and voted on by the staff. The logo design of top hat and cane used to carry the theme throughout the book was de- signed by Maria Ramirez. Desiree Tul- leneres designed the cover. 425 books were published by Josten- sfAmerican Yearbook Company with the patient guidance of our represen- tative Mr. David Sorenson. The copy was printed in various sizes of Avante Garde type style on white shadow weave paper. Special thanks to Mr. Bill Christy and everyone at the Portrait Gallery for the senior portrait photography and the pictures used in the yearbook. Q7 The of the 1 - sponsibility for her wor as well, 980 84 k gathers after Not onl did each the events y person take re- she helped others in times of difficulty Closing 157 SENSATICDN ADS ONE SINGULAR ATICDN CNE SINGULAR SENSATION ONE S Q Margie Gear greedily counfs The money made Through a successful yearbook ad cdmpaign. Q Cafhy Feeney is obviously pleased wifh herself as she receives on ad from Ponforium Cleaners. The Troubadour sfaff enfhusiasfically sTarTed The year wifh a new way To finonce The yearbook: selling ads. Through coreful planning ond much delerminoTion, The sfoff drew up conTracTs and refined selling Tacrics. AfTer o successful sTaff ad campaign, The ad and TradiTional pofron drive were exfended To The sTudenT body. As on lncenflve for sTudenTs To sell ods and pa- Trons, The Troubadour sTaff offered prizes ronging from TickeTs To The ploy "A Chorus Line" To gifT cerTificoTes ol Music Plus and Sonia Anifo Mall. Free yearbooks wenT To Those who sold oT leasT S50 worTh of ads. The compaign was a sensoiional one, Through The cooperafion of The sTuclenTs over STIOOO. The money The chonges and exciring The 1981 Troubadour. , The sroff neTTed in helped To fund ideas planned for ADVERTISERS and PATRONS of The Troubadour are an impor- TanT parl of The yearbook. Through Their supporl, sTudenTs are able To buy Their books aT a reduced price. Their conTribuTions also make possible many added feaTures ThaT enhance The aualify of The yearbook A heari felT Thank you is exTended To all of The following businesses groups families and individuals Personal PaTrons A Ayalamynephewlsgolngfobeabox erL A Ad Quench your Thrrsf for knowledge wrTh karaTe F T MasTer of Drscisfer Adrienne jusf Take The S200 84 go home AHS Cheerleaders are HIP' Love Kris AIIA slookgoodnoTlessThanaBAunTMa e All our blessings To Mary PelenTay and may God guide you forever Love' All The News Thaf s FIT To PrinT" AlThough you are grown up you will always be Teedee Baby and Sluggo To me Love Mama Alverno buddies I love you all Thanx for being There' Always Lou ThanksLM TD KW JK PJ LH J C B G LuvBRosslnrLOVEDlT'JO Neill Alyssa You re Terrific' Mom 81 Dad Amy We ve enjoyed T3 yrs TogeTher and lm looking forward To 113 more forever besT friends Jean Q84 Harveyj Anne Leslie KaTie you re greaT Janice AnneTTe good luck wrTh your high school years Love Big Sis Rosie AnoTher year blfes The dusT" The Clas sof 84 will live foreverHR 149 AnTorneTT Good luck aT Alverno and always BewT Wishes Love Jennifer Apple Thanx A undersTandrng mel' Lyn Aracell I hope you have IoTs of good luck in The fufure 8a always Kafie 160 Patrons Arlene you made lf Through high school congrad good luck in college Love mommy and daddy ATTn' 2 hep gang' Boys Tickle pink 69 and Bacardi' Whaf To do'7'P Luv Sandy Babe Ive never been a lucky guy when we mef I knew Then and There Thaf There couldn T be a Iuckrer guy I love you now and Trll The lasT day of forever Your STeve Bambi Take IT easy cuz I care' Lou Bambi we r all going R separaTe ways buTlI always be friends' Luvya" Apple Barbara Fleming besf of luck your sus Bev Barabara s nickname is baby Barbara Fleming l love you I 1sT ThoughT Id Tell you Your sis Liz Barbara Fleming no maTTer how far you go in life sTay close Lillian Barbara Fleming sfrck your finger in a wall ouTliT cause we like your hair curly Love Carl family Beck I love you like a sis Forever Luz BesT of Luck class of 81 BesT of luck in your senior year To CaThy Cuddihy from Aunf Lucile Besf of Luck To Class of 82 From Don Farber BesT of luck To The class of 84 The John Brand family Besf of wishes Monique Keep up The good work and conhnue praying for your sTrengTh Love mom 81 dad BesT Wishes Ana gs Sandra love Paul BesT Wishes Fr MarTin E SlaughT PasTor ST ElizabeTh Church AlTadena BesT wishes from The SpeckerT family BesT Wishes Sarah STeve Pasquale BesT Wishes' S Regina Shaughnessy BesT Wishes To AHS STudenTs Fr Norm BesT Wishes To Alverno Mr 84 Mrs Michael Ramos BesT Wishes GranddaughTer STephanie Mr and Mrs Joseph DelgaTTo BesT wishes To PaTTy and The class of 4983 from The KingsTons BesT Washes To The class of 1983 BesT Wishes To you MT God Bless JNW BeTsy Luck8aHapprness 2V Trish8cDe Buck: ScoTT How s your love life'? Big Sus Good luck nexT year' Thanx A everyThing' Luv your Ill sis Jan Bing Thanx A being U' SalamaT" LYN BoIhaveThebeTTerbodBrookieGWTW Aever Bonnes Vacances Sarah' De Ta Familie BBRMBRIVRPIKLOUGRAMAIRHEDLUV BROOKIE Brookre my figure is beffer Bo 'IO Buena SuerTe' ChiqulTa Banana" Mom Buena Suerfe AnaySandra Canno Mana Buen Suerfe A UNA AMIGA ESPECIAL I . I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' ' 82 ' , b I . ' . 1 .U Alverno, Thanks A Saf. NiTe!! H, NieTo - - I -- siree I - . I ' l , i . . - o ED BUENA SUERTE TINA VERDE CON RON CEY BV-AD-LN-GP-LP-LP-RM:PALS A-EVER! CD Cambrey and Tracey Carlene-CHEERS 2 MORE YEARS Luv Kaye CARLOSQANDY-MY BROTHERS, ILU- VUIIAPPLE CAROL-A SUPER GREAT PERSON AND BABYSITTER-LOVE KRISTIN AND RYAN CAROLYNE, LOTSALUCK WHEN UMOVE PLEAZ VISIT8cWRITE MEIILLMISSUILUV U,APPLE Carol, Linda, Kris, Friendship Forever Carolyn Blueford, Good Luck in school Casey I need ya Beviah Land needs ya, cries and red eyes Sarah Cathy Cuddihy a nice Junior brat Dad Cathy-just have fun okay? Marialyce Cathy, Roses are Red, Daisys are yel- low, when I think of you, my legs turn to Jello. Love Mike Cavern thnk A all the fun x friends Aever turn around OK great XOX Shrl Celia you have been great I will never forget you don't forget me. Linda Chris D your a it! sis, Luv Big S. Laura Chris, Happy times, Happy Memories, We love you, Mom 81 Dad Chris, linda, Kris, you've been great, Wild. Crazy, Weird, Cosmic, Bizarre. Strange, Quasar 84 interesting friends. Hope to know you for the rest of my life! Luv. Carol Chris Wilbur-U R the bestest sister l've ever had! Carolyn's my sis-in-law I wish you both the best of luck! MG Chris-Your talent is not what you do but what you are-Love. GMmd-ELMER Class '81 THE FUTURE'S IN YOUR HANDS! Claudia come and let rocks live. Love, Kris COMI LIVES! Congrad Jenny T, Karen E, and other seniors! Luv Anti. p.s. Hi Susan E. Congratulations and best wishes to No. 3 daughter-mom and dad Louapre Congratulations Cheryl, You Make lt! From Mr. 81 Mrs. Wilford B, Williams. Congratulationsclassof8lMr8cMrsBeran Congratulations Class of '83 Congratulations, God bless every one in the class of 81 Love a friend Congratulations to all Mr. Antulio Echevarria Congratulations to the Class of 84 but especially to Carolyn our love. CongratsMaria8iClass84TheBroussinos' Congrats Susie! Love Mom and Dad. Congratulations Andrea!! Love, Mom, Dad, Buddy and Lani. Congratulations:Carmen8cAddie Yolie Congratulations Karen We're proud of you Mom and Dad! Congratulations PEANUT. Best wishes for the future. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations Teresa Cintron From MA. 84 Mrs. George J. Nalbach Congratulations to all the lovely girls of Alverno. You are and will be, good christian examples. Keep up the good work! Congratulations to my very pretty young girl Paulina on her graduation day Love Dad and Mom Congratulations to my big sister LeeAnn Steele Love Liz Tremblay Congrats to Paulina from Manuel Mora Congratulations to the hard working staff of the yearbook. Fred and Faye Tulleners Con todo mi amor para mi querida hija, Maria Pia. Mama. Cooty says Hi to you all Love me Lorraine: a great lil sis. Veronica CRMFouryearshavecome andgoneyearsthatiwill neverforgetthanxzlbeinghere illbearoundriyearsisjustnot longenoughtobewyoujust rememberthisEmia'teJEV Dani,PauIa,Monica,Carmen8cJulie you are all the best!Love, Kristen '83 Dan,Kris,URgreat Love Julie David G., I LOVE U FOREVER!! Monica DE,AB,JA,KM,MT,ILuvYall!LoveDenise Deanne Good Luck All My Love,Lori Dear DebbiehaveagrtJunioryrLo- ve.E8cA DearDebbiehaveagreatyrLove theDiezes Dear Frances, you have done so much for me, this year. Thank You! l hate to see you go, but l'll always remember you. Love, your lil sis. Dear Jen: May all your dreams come true 81 life be good to you. Love, Mom Dear Liz-We wish you happiness in your future endeavors. May you always be as sweet to others as you have been to us. We'll always appreciate the fact that U were born 2 us. M 8a D Dear Margie: You Have Done A GREAT Job At Alverno-We Are Proud Of You!! Much Love, Mom. Dad, and Susan. Dear Mary, At the end of your years at Alverno, We wish you happiness and success in all you undertake. May God keep you safe in His care. Love, Mom. Dad, John and Ken. DEARNSGDGAGGOOCILUCK ,CBILUVUDT Dear Sherry-Beautiful faces, and loud empty places, look at the way that we lived, Wastin' our time on cheap talkin' wine, left us so little to give. That some old crowd was like a cold dark cloud, that we could always rise above, But here in my heart I gave rand will always givej you the best of my love. Love, Alan Dear sweet Jane Forster Life is full of so many beautiful surprises and you will find that not all may be what you want but is always what you need for growth and happiness so be kind to yourself Your Big Sister Dear Timpone Girlshaveagreatyr- MarkM Dear Tina and Nancy l'll never forget you 2 best of luck always Michele Dear UTS,remember"Fair ENUF?"How- but Adris Impala 84 Jikuzzis,MAVMM?? our Tree8iCherypit!Howbout"Longer" 8cJR,JMonA great nite'?'8'lMaria. yor UTSprez Debbie, Kelly, Julie, 81. Nora Have a good year!!! The Timpones DEEP8LOUIET EVER SO PEACEFUL MY EYES HAVE SEEN LOVE, TOUCHING MY HEART. I HAVE NEVERFELT LOVESDEPTH BUT IN LOVING YOU JR TO HELLO KITTY- ME8rYOU!! Dee we only have I more year YEAHCC Delia Dream, Believe, Smile!! LoveMJ Denise,HappinesstoYOU!LoveBet- ty8cRay Denise-my redheaded sister I hope school is one of your best times. lt turned out to be one of mine, so even Patrons 161 Though everything I0 our Ilves has been opposute for both of us have a good tame rn school too From your small bug sister wrth black halr Krm Dlscorules'Rocksucks'DrscoRADancers Dlscosucks'LONGLlVELED8cthe Shack Val Adrl Mana 8ctheGoodtrmes lbetH arveystlllhasthenegatlves Mary'S agapo"' Dee Good Luck In the Future Mrchael Dee Luv n Happlness Margaret Prerre Dee conquer the future Greg Hawklns Dee onward 84 upward Jackle Fun chess Dee thunk hope and do Eva Mclaurrn Dee Wrshrng you joy Margaret Ford Dee to the future Mamle Hawthorne Dee you have just begun Edna81 Guy Dee to a new begrnnlng Annle Bourne Deirdre Looking ahead Deborah Lewrs Derrdre much success Joyce Anderson Deirdre a bright future Joan Turner Deirdre class of 84 Larry W Scott Delrdre enjoy ea day Eyvonne Randle Derrdre Congrats 84 Wrllre Funchess Deirdre CODQTGTUIGTIOD Jlmmy Dorsey Delrdre Best Wrshes 84 Ron Anderson Derrdre Congratulations and best washes to you Don t be luke Mrchael the young famrly Derrdre God Bless you CJ 84 R Mrlloy Derrdre Life rs a butch Joe Plerre DEIRDRE GOOD LUCK CONNIE WIMBER Delrdre Hawklns Class of 84 As you emerge upon the real world set your goals and ambltrons and let no one turn you around Love to our daughter Mom and Dad Delrdre Hawklns Look wlth prlde on every year treasure friendships you hold dear Love the beauty lrfe lmparts and know the joy of grvlng Thus IS the art of lrvrng LOVE Mom Deirdre on your way Roland Thomas Derrdre to your future Bob Bullock Delrdre Wrshrng you happrness and prosperrty Love Grandma J Stevenson 462 Patrons Deirdre 84 May your days ahead be fllled with only golden moments Love Grandma 81 Grandma Joe Haw uns DIANA YOUR A PRECIOUS LILSIS MARIA For a delrghtful daughter our Soph Lrsa Nordqurst Ernre 81 Jeannre Norqulst FROM DIAPERS TO DONUTS YOU VE COME ALONG WAY BABY LUV MOM GOOD LUCK WfCOLLEGE CHERYL LUV Dodgers are 4M Yankees RNOTnum beredl Domo Torangasamalll Dr and Mrs Evan Sternberg FEPNANDOQURBANQTHANXATHE MEM RIES AD FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS FOR AS YOU DREAM SO SHALL YOU BECOME Love Mom 81 Dad FOOL'ILYALWAYSIFNOTFOREVER YOURFOOL Garewsones Rules' Hr Skums' Guess who Gentle Loving Denise you are my joy Love Mommy God be wrth you De Anna Love Mom God Bless Sandra Bernal Love Bull Walker God Bless the class of 83 The Verbrscar Family God Bless you Kathy and always keep your ears tuned to the vouce of God s Ieadlng lm proud" Mom Go get em 83' the Tomy Karpe Famlly Good Luck Alverno especrally the Ju nrors and best wishes for the future" Good Luck Alverno s best class of 83 Good Luck and best wrshes to the Class of 82 you ve got class' GOOD LUCK AND HAPPINESS CATHYH GOOD LUCK ANGIE AND CAROLYN' CATHY Good Luck Cathy D from her bug sus Good Luck class of 82' Good Luck from the Johnson Famlly Kathy David and Robbie Good Luck Glrl HAVE FUN Luv Duane Good Luck Julre Plug In all your years at Alverno It was great belng your Bug Sus Love ya Glnny C GoodLuckJunloryearMrckey Love Lon GOOD LUCK KITTEN' Chuck and Ellen Good Luck Laura Good Luck Laura Gomez at Alverno Good Luck Margre You ve been the best darn cheerleader at LS your sprnt and dedication show ID the way you led the Varsrty' We wrll mlss you Keep shlnlng"' Good Luck Noonle Love Dudy 81 Myles Good Luck Reglna and Class of 83 Good Luck Sandra 84 Congratulatrons to Ana Love Lourdes Davrd 8a Ruben GOOD LUCK SENIORSH' GL 84 P J JETT Good Luck Theresa From The Barrros Good Luck to all Sophomores The Class of 83 rules Homeroom 444 rs the Best THANKS Ms Tomaso Good Luck to 84 from Kathleen V Good Luck to the Class of 84" Francle Vrrgrl Monk Good Luck to the Class of 84'JF Good Luck to Erleen McFadden Class of 4982 Good Luck to my lrttle sus Tamr who I hope wrll survive Alverno better than I dad Her bug sus Laura Good Luck to Theresa from Albert B Good Luck to you all THE KENNASH' Good Luck TROUBADOURH' Good Luck 4984 Graduates Mr B4 Mrs Frank Buccola Goodwrshesmypals CC CN KM MALUV DN GO VERMIE' LOVE MOM HAPPINESS IS ROCKCLIMBING Have a good year Trmpone Glrls from your neighbors the Grubens Have fun and stay sober' Love Cathy Have you hugged your goldfish today' Haydee We are very proud of you all our love Mum: and Papa HECK WITH THE ADS LET S GO TO VE GAS' ' ' ' - I- 11 . . ' ' ' H - - 11 - - - 1 , K . - f 1 . 1 1 1 ' ' - 1 . . I - 1 . . I I -1 - - - 11 . , . . I 1 1 . . . I I 1 1 1 . 1 . I 1 . . . I 1 . , . . . 1 1 . . 1 . 1 - LY ' T - - n 11 I I I 1 1 - I ' 1 1 1 ' 1 Heidi I was very lucky to have such a sweet lil sis. Be good! Luv, Rosie. Hi Bing-Viv-Randy-Lyndon-Miki-Meg!I Thanx for caring 84 Being! Love. Lou Hi Hon LDLRTLR KMIIMIMJ IHD CWTG You'll always be my special hone,FEJ HiIda,Roula,Maria look at that foot Hi my Baby, No more questions. We Wove You. Mommy, Daddy, Sc The Boys. Hi Patita La Bonita chiquita nina Te dania las estrellas del cielo but I can't Pero maybe el carro si te Io baje del cielo WAWI Es porque Ie nieron pus pestanotas. No es sorpresa verdad? anyway I love you. Hire the handicapped- find Susan a job. What do Holly, Karen, Laura, Carol all have in common- me as a friend. Hi there all you Alverno girls hope your year is a good one. From Dan Mc Hm.ll7 wfsr. Barbara is ilfl cause we have SPIRIT! We are the greatest! Hola Liz 84 Lori! Hope your years at Pris- on Camp High r fun 81 different. Luv your lil BIG sis DeAnna SI 84 Hola mi prima, Como Estas? Jill HOLLI, DON'T GO, THE PARTY ISN'T OVER FRIENDS ALWAYS AND FOREVER. BRILLANDO HOMEROOM 'I04B, THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT GROUP. LOVE, MS. IOSUE HUMAN ARE HUMANE WHEN LOVE EX- ISTS. If is the middle word in life. AA If Love is important to you, Make I Cor. I3 your standard for LOVE If you wish to study a granfalloon just -remove the skin of a toy balloon. I LOVE YOU, KAREN! GUESS WHO? - 'BENI I LOVE YOU MONICA, AND THATS FOR- EVER l'm glad we're friends Lori H. Good luck in years to come. Luv Paige In memory of all the happy days in your beautiful Sierra Madre. IN memory of Connie body, love Gary JANE-wv gn a Ing y tgthr m spc cdt frnd. I hp tht w wl alys b frndsJEAN JANICE A. BEST WISHES LOVE MOM 8k DAD JANICE I LOVE YOU ALOT- LOVE JOHN JANICE K YOU'RE OK LOVE MARY 84 KE- VIN Janice-U R the best!F.Forever Julie K Jeanette F, Thanks A being there al- ways. Stephanie P.S. AHS rules!! Jeanette make sure that computer in your head doesn't go haywire L.Y.N.S. Jeanne, You Nut! Love Que JENNIFER,BARBARA,HAVE AGOOD A YRS!! Keepintouch! Yourbig sister, Stacy JENNY GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE YEARS JEN. WE MAKE IT! CWDV- Kruzn-ski-iry score-spy-Urby-HUSTLERS- and many more times to come Love always Kel- ley Jilly II I hope everything goes "Fine" with you next year. Joe, theres not much I can say except I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Sandra JOHN BONHAM WILL ALWAYS BE NUM- BER! JOHN-I LOVE YOU forever. Let's spend our lives together QHAKWAWLLQ JEAN JON: Homecomings, Jerks, "The Fog", Crumbs, Bonaventure, Revelationsl, July 22, 6:I0pm, Evita'?, Fog Replay What was, is, or will be, 4-A-3.LOU JR, I LUV U VERY MUCH!!! CAN'T WAIT JILL JUNE 29 'l98'?!Luv HELLO KITTY! JUN: MY BRAIN, MY LIGHT, MY BRO! LOU Karen Chemir Class of '69 Karen take care IWUVYA ALWAYS PAM KAREN, WELL vvE'vE MADE IT!! YOURAIIH FRIEND! I LOVE YA! qcrioivi- PREQUEQ STACE KATIE, MORE RADICAL TIMES AHEAD, BETH Katie thanx for being my lil Sis AZ KD, DVCW, URBY,MYJK,beach,ski- ,sports Lasarium,Hustlers,be happy 84 dream forever Love always JC Kelly and Pammie, sisters forever!! A year gone by, we're still friends!! Kelly, you are the best! Love ya Dan S Kimmy we've been through so much I never forget I LOVE YOU Pammie Kris V. Good Luck Class '83 Love, the Oravetz's KRIS, VIVIAN, DEE WHIP IT ROSANN LaLa, A yrs. of partying was a little too much CI thinkj Thanks for everything. Don't forget- Musicians do it with pep! Love always, Rosie Laura, don't forget us, when you're a world famous singing superstar. We Iove you, Kip and Judy LEDZEPVHACDCRUSHWHOYES RAUNCHNROLL Lets hear it for the tennis team Lets hope Mark comes home soon PG LET YOUR ACQUAINTANCES BE MANY, BUT ONE IN A THOUSAND, YOUR CONFI- DANT LIFEGUARDS DO IT BETTER-MUCH BETTER LINDA GOOD LUCK IN ALVERNO AND ALL YOU DO LOVE YOUR BIG SISTER CE- LIA LISA GOOD LUK LUV BIG SIS ARLENE LIVE JOYOUSLY! LIZ CONTINUE YOUR GOOD WORK IN SCHOOL DONT BE ANOTHER ONE THAT BIT THE DUST LOVE UNCLE KENNY L.M., GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING! D.S. Lou, when are we going to Europe? we've been planning it since the 7th gr. Never forget our times. Love, Betsy LOVE8aHAPPINESS GIL,CYNTHlA8cRI- CHARD, LOVEISTHEKEYFORLIZANDRODNEY AHSTCHS LOVE TO MARY KATE DOLAN Lowa-O-no mister Bill and Smores Lydia,Jenny,Nancy,SusieD and all my friends at alverno I LOVE YA ALL Pam Lyndam I'II always Love you! Bobby R Lynda Morgan and Michelle Beresford Follow your dreams Wherever they lead I Iove you always- Peggy LYNN,LISA,GI,APPLE,THANX L1 BEING GREAT FRIENDSIHOPE TO SEE U NEXT YR LYNN, THANX A BEING U 84 ACCEPTING ME AS I AM. WISH U WERNT MOVING- ILUVBAMBI Leslie I will Iove you forever Pete LET THERE BE LOVE ON EARTH. LET IT BEGIN WITH ME GOOD LUCK '82 EDRA T. Lil Sister Sarah Thanx for your friendship. Lots and lots Patrons 163 of luck to you un the future Love ya Bug sus Sue LONG LOVE DANA 8a BOBBY SAYS DN 81 LON LIVE THE UNICORN' LONG LIVE THE CLASS OF 84' CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATES FROM THE HOWELLS FAMILY"' LOU love and luck to you' Mom 81 Dad LOU YOU OFTEN THOUGHT I NEVER CARED BUT I ALWAYS HAVE AND WILL FOREVER LYNIGRASPOPPORTUNITY BASUCCESSMABLPA M8aM you know who you are You are a great luttle sus Good taste un fruends God bless you Mory E Mare 84 Katue Raunbows R forever Jul Marua 81 Val Thanx for all the memorues of my Hugh school year Adru 81 Marua Vurgunua sun yuchungtat Mary Dear Ever seek that whuch us honorable beautuful and hughest all our love Mom and Daddy Mary wush you lots of luck luv Juan May the graduatung class of 4981 know many blessungs' God bless the class of 83and 8A The Schummollers Melanue To the best luttle suster ever' Take care always Love ya always Krusten Melussa Good Luck to you un your 3 more years at olverno Don t ever for get there s a tomorrow your a great luttle sus love you always Pam Memorues 84 Good tumes at C Ruver' Beth Muchelly One two Whatever you do Start ut well and carry ut through Grampa Mucky Henry 84 coke add Iufe to ever ythung Thanks for the past A yearsI" Muke and Mary Jo Kunny Ml MA SD DN CC Thanx A beung spc KM MJ 84 Delua To accomplush great thungs we must not only act but also dream not only plan but belueve Anatole France Stay Happy Love Mom and Dad M Let s make ut forever Love S Moe Another wonderful year you ve guven me I love you forever Sunnue 164 Patrons Mom 84 Dad Salamat' Mahal kuta MJ Mom 84 Dad Thank you so much for all your love Bc support through all my years at alverno Love Kathleen Mom 84 Dad You 2 R the best Luv U Rosle Monuca Good Luck wuth the guys AJA Monuca Love Joy and Happuness Mom Monky thank uA the best 3yrs of my Iufe I know our dreams wull come true soon U made my HS yrs so specual I love UA many reasons PECAS Mount Greenwood says Hello to Suerra Madre Mr 84 Mrs Anthony Venegonu Best wushes to the class of 81 Mr 8cMrs John Burghardt Mr 8cMrs John O Bruen and Boys Much love to Jackue and Jeanne From your parents Mr and Mrs JR DeClue mybestfruensaaIwaysD1ane Dlabuemucmua No one can make you feel unferuor wuthout your consent Nora have a great yr love Debbue Not to quut uf the pace seems slow suc cess may be the very next blow Now on to college and good luck You are headung for a hugher goal You are sowung a seed un God s soul Have fauth un God Dont lose hope For God can make your day brught OB no uts Tracey and Nancy Kathleen Paugelmsogladwerefruendsyoure greotThksf helpungmethroughmytoughtumes LH Pal a few words cannot express a Iufe tume of Love Best wushes to you and fruends Hang un there' Luv ya al ways blood I Mom 81 Dad Many thanks to Alverno staff PammykombayourthegreatestHelen Para CN deunaamugaquetequuere TA Patty dont worry 2 more years then ut s over' no matter what I ll be there 8a U A anythung' So don t be embarassed A onythung cuz I love U as any close suster would Alma Patty I want to wush you all the happy ness un the world Love your sus P D T A S goodgals'Junuorsyea'MuchA Pecos Thank UA these 3 butuful yrs Theres no word 2 tell U how much I LuvU You R the best part of my Iufe I want U 2 B my wufe Te FelucuTo en tu grado orgullo para mu Amor Monky Pequutas Congratulatuons on your graduatuon You are the greatest guft God has guv en us God bless you and guude you and full you wuth happuness M8aD Phul Y Phunat C and Penguun are pals PouroneforbonhamluveonLed Zeppe Pour mon amue Pauluna lots of luck on you funal day as a kud Hupatua Prudy Keep the spurut of 76' Que all my love you weurdoBuckWheat Randy I love you' Forever yours Pam Rob U have a spc plc un my heart' Ron stay sweet and crazy Rosann Rosann your a sweetheart Ron Sally lots of happuness and full of love Sandy Clumb hugh Clumb far Your goal the sky Your aum the star' Luv Jon Sandy Good luck to you I hope we have a beautuful future together Love Ruchard Sandy we love you' Mom Dad 84 Chuck of Iufe Homework us" Lots of luck to Patty From Matt and Lunda SC stnwgn uf flag canuhav delb bskw Sheryl Babycakes Chapman I hope som day your haur wull be shuny and ma magable uf U know what I mean Lupe Sheryl Here s hopung you get a prom date thus year and Corunne too Love a favorute Fruend Du Baby Chapy SherylfRun You ll fund em SOMEHOW' Sulvua81KelIy good luck un your future Love your Bug Sus Luz Smule Lufe s full of dreams SMILING CATHY CUDDIHY READ THAT DOWN WILL LOVE AND YOU LOVE YOU UP AND YOU Soch truangle busten out un 82 Barb So howsDF VM H huh Sue'7 cc , ' ' F ' - ' . uunu - - l ' ' - ' School is not the crabgrass in the lawn ' ' as , , , , ' . V SEE ME . ' - ' ' ' I ' ' ' . . ' AS Special thanks, gratitude, and Love to Michele, Noreen, Jill, Lucy, and Sandy for all their efforts to make 80-8'l a great year for the Class of 4982! Ms, Bonja Stacy B. Best of Luck!! Lil Sis BQ. Stacy bucky lwuvyou always plucky G Stacy you chomprenque Good luck With Kurt think Green come and Party Stephanie, Congratulations cutie! Love Maurice Stephanie I'm glad I have you as my lil sis. You mean alot to me. I wish U the best of luck in the years to come, and to Linda my Sis. Love Patty !!!Stephanie!I'm proud of you- !!!Grandma Micelilll 'Stephanie you finally did it. Jen. Steph I lucked out when I chose you as my little sister. Good luck in the 3 next years at AHS Luv ya ELVEITA Suny Blondi SamU R the Best Love Moe Support the orthepedic Hospital, LA Susan and Diane-you're the two cra- ziest Freshmen anywhere. Good Luck always. Take care. Big Sis, Rosanne Susan G.-Nurses call the shots! Best of Luck, l'll love U always, even If I don't love ACXDC and J. Priest. Take One Step at a Time Love U GG TERE, you've got a friend always! Em Thanks for everything Kim,Pam,Karen- 8aStacy your great friends! Good Luck in the future! Love ya Ginny 1984 THANK HEAVEN A LITTLE GIRLS!CDMTj. Thanks Mr. Rogers A saving my life. Thank You Teachers of 80-84 Best of Luck to Muffin Luv Peg. The Best to the class of '83 From Maria J.E. Barr The Class of '85 Rules! M.L.S. THE KID AND COACH GO HAND IN HAND!! The Newport updocks, Too hep, tiki tiki Troy, catch ya on the flipflop Those little girl games, don't have to come to a halt. Because your roads, and becoming an adult. And l know you've heard this from friends and rela- tions, but "Good Luck Deedee, and CongratuIations!" Love you very much "The Mornings" THREE CHEERS FOR MY BIG SIS MARGIE! MERCI, YOUR LIL' SIS CHRISTINE Tie-tack! Slushfundl Kierkegaard! TIL LYKKE CATHY D. FRA MORMOR TINA GREEN WAS GREAT AT ALEX'S PARTY THEUGEUMANUEYHASAFRIENDWHO- KISSES CERAMICFROGSEVELYNUNDERHILL- SPEEDREADCE T-Jim, U R a great fthe greatestj guy I know. Mais non? L.M. To: Ad luv you always8cAever Mom- 84Dad ToAdrienneTheoneandonIy loveyouPete! TO ALL MY FRIENDS GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE AND REMEMBER TO THINK GREEN! To All my Good Friends Love Ya L.A. To all those who have helped me to make my dreams a reality, especially my mom and dad. Thank you, Dierdre Lynette Hawkins TO ALL YOU GUYS WHO GROSS ME OUT AT LUNCH HERE'S TO WATER BAL- LOONS, UGE UMANS 8LOUR MANY FREE PERIODS! JILL To Ana,Carmen,Odalys8cRosle God's Blessings and a lot of luck in the years to come. Love Mom 8a Dad R.8'I Toasuperbcoach MsTomaso,BT,CC,A- H,EV,CD,MB,AT, LD,JP,DE,MB.Winning isnt everythingbu- titsureisfunYEAYTEAM!l To A SUPER KID-Good Luck Always Much love Mom and Dad Ruggles. ToBelsToDo .ToDolsToBe. SoDoBeDoBeDo. TO CARDONNA-MOM LOVES YOU. To Cindy, youve been a great little sIster.Lotsof Luck, Paulina. To Cheryl,ArIene,Lou,Jessica,Winnie 84 Gina Good Luck in the future especial- ly with the guys 84 remember us your little sis's Nicole 84 Charlene To Chicken legs and Romeo: Two of the greatest friends ever luv Ilena TO DEANNA AND JUDY, GOOD LUCK IN THE YEARS TO COME! LOVE ALWAYS SUSIE TO EILEEN, MY LITTLE SIS, GO CONFI- DENTLY IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS AND YOU'LL GO FAR. LOVE YOUR BIG SIS MAUREEN. TOELENAHAVEAGREATYEAR BYSONIA8LNANCY TO:'FS,MP,TM,SP,CH,MC,DM.You are the greatest friends anyone can get you're the BEST! Luv, Veronica. To Janice, Go luck A-ever l'lI miss you. But you are always my little sister. Love ya! Kathleen Riley To Jen-Good luck in college Aunt L To Kelly, I wish you the best of Luck in Oragon Love Kathleen Riley To Kris Good luck! Love Grandpa and Grandma To Laura Gomez the golden voice To Lisa, We have had many ups and downs but we made it through togeth- er Love ya always, Carolyn To Liz L. and Cathy C my best buddies. To Louithe Love we share has the po- tential to be everylasting: the only task left to us is to fulfill that potential and if we do, we will be together, forever To Monica my Lil Sis still! It's lonely here in CSULA without your smile. l'lI always think of you in whatever I do and wher- ever I go. Love and Peace, Your Big Sis Alma S To my best friend Tammy U really R someone special! luv ya,LuvMonica To my big sis Cathy: thanks! Carolyn To my big sis Laura, I will never forget you!!! Luv ya, Tami To my big sis Lydia-Hope we keep in touch after you leave Alverno Love Jen, Your Little Sis. To My CUBAN Friends, Love Manny To My Friends I LOVE YOU Thanx, Liz To my Friends: FS, SP, MP, VE, MC, TM. Thanx A the great memories. I hope there's many more to come. Luv Paulina To my good pal Peggy. We've been through alot together, it's been great. Always remember that He will give you strength. Your sister To my grandaughter, Paulina you made it I knew you would, happiness in all you do. With Love, your grandmoth- er Rosa. To my Karate Girl: Kicks A-ever Dad To my lil' sis Lisa, Love Patricia To my nice and nutty neighbor, Tanya Foote: I wish you success and good times at Alverno and I hope you'II en- Patrons 165 joy going there as much as I did. Heidi Hamilton, 4977. To my niece Paulina: My Best Wishes on your graduation Love Zoila. To my sis Patti Pullara Poundering Thoughts, Dreaming Dreams Going to Parties Devising Schemes Watching TV Going to Drive In Shows Where's The Time Gone No One Knows Home By 10 Asleep By 'll Up In the morning for School at 7 Graduation comes at Last We Reminisce about the past, your High School Days have been the best Always Remember Never Forget Thanks for Bein Around Good Luck in The Future Love your Lil Sis Steph You Deserve the best So Get It. TomysisterJenniferMarieBrou- congratulationswithlovealwaysKaren To my Wonderful Big Sis Odalysr Thanks A Bunch! Love Maria Tonya, thanks for everything! You are very special to me and always will be. Love, your big sis, Betsy8l To our daughter Ana Congratulations and Good luck Love, Mom 84 Dad To our lovely daughter Sandy, Just one mor year! Love Mom and Dad To Patty We wish A you the best in the world. Be always nice and sweet, with Love your Godmother Aura To Paulina Congratulations Celfida To Paulina Congratulations Roger To Steph, Stay coo! always, Sarah To Thalia I hope you don't flunk-I pity all who have to stay THERE! TotheAYAFAMlLYfrom NickortizAloha! To The Class of "82" May the road to success be short. To THE CLASS OF '84 GOOD LUCK DONNA TO THE GANG-G-INA NORMAGRA- CEANABEAGIATHANXATHE GREATIMESI LUV U ALL! APPLE TOTHEMOSTBEAUTIFULGIRLWEKNOW FROMDAD 166 Patrons TOtheoneandonlyTLfromTL- ftreelegsjxo Tothe Senior Class!Goodluck with the college men your future and love To the Seniors: All four years, day in, day out. I've spent my time with you. New friendships I've made, old ones I've saved, Some have been quite new. Freshmen year. when we first met, We didn't know everything well. Our Big Sisters, as we are now, Helped pick up our troubles that fell. Now we are Seniors. with sisters our own And memories close behind. We've all grown together, as one fam- ily Like unicorns we are one kind. As we all move on to things ahead, I say good luck to you! I wish I'd never have to say Good-bye to all of you. Thanks. Keep in touch. - Rosanne TO THE WORLDS BEST BABYSITTER AND CUTEST SISTER-LOVE JEFF 84 VICKIE TO the yearbook staff thanks for the legacy you left the class of 81 To VIVIAN KATHY! MARIBEL CARM SANDY THANKS FOR BEING THERE KATHYII Tres bonne la classe de 83! Tusk-Friends AEVER-SEABLSKI-GERACHI TVK,SVK,MA8cAR:ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! YOU'RE GREAT FRIENDS! THANX, DAT all the gross pigs I eat lunch wfWe will always stick2gether A the rest of our lives luv u all, Sheryl Julie. a great lil sis, luv Frances 2 my 3 sisters J,L,and Lib, Therese 2 the greatest friends in the world 'vf,mp,tm,po,sp,mc,ch-thanx for the funniest memories ever! love Frances 3 down 'I to go don't worry baby you'll have plenty to show!! A my xtrarad'n goodpals Wendln Lush nA Ionglost playaamigas Deb'n Chris Lets stay close with Love From Verj Atheluvyou'veawakendinme C8rd A8aN 8l84bb always Holly Good Luck Luv 424 Vivian, I should of permed your hair- Krissy Wanted!!Angie.Kathy,JiIl,Corinne,Sher- yl,Thalia,Jenny,Connie to Atascadero Mental Institution. Escaped last Friday to Alverno Heights. Reward a penny each! Luv Eppie Wendy. Sandy, Andrea, Patty, Mary - Thank You, Thank You! Thanks for all the help, adjusting me to this school in January '80 and THANX for one heck of a crazy, exciting Senior Year!! I love you All .. . Sue WHIP IT! CLASS OF '84, WHIP IT GOOD! Whip it Karen of you'll never get any- where!!GoodIuck with Chad!! SB Will the sun rise tomorrow?Probably Wishing lots of luck tothe LS Varsity 8'l- Lynda,Julie8cJulie,Sandy,CBlondieJ,Kel- ly,Cindy,Janice-If U R sad or mad, just remember PMA!Luv,MeCMGQ Wishing my big sister Jennifer Brou lots of love 84 luck Thanks so much! With all my Love to T.T., your Rudy Wuvya Helen Stiver U R the best lil sis GoodLuk your big sis Tracey YOU MADE IT, Good Luck Mom and Dad! YOU MIGHT BE ARBARA FLEMING TO EVERYBODY ELSE BUTQUS YOU WILL AL- WAYS BE"BABY"TEEDEE,SLUG-GO AND MAMA You're the Greatest I love you Your Handsome Fantastic Brother, Mike You've been to the Rest, come back to the Best - B 84 B Plating YYY-LAST BUT NOT LEAST-Jlm,Iluv U! Business Patrons ArdeIIa's Pizza 400 S. Baldwin Arcadia, Ca. 445-4554 Annunciation Church 4307 E. Longden Ave. Arcadia, Ca. 447-6202 Arnold's Hardware 297 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre, Calif. 355-3365 Assumption Church 2640 East Orange Grove Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 792-4343 Bank of America N.T. 8: S.A. 350 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre, Calif. 94024 Carburetor Engineering Co. 3324 E. Colorado Pasadena, CA 795-3224 Hair Designs by Margo 4359 No. Altadena Dr., Pasa. 798-4825 Hartman Pharmacy 29 No. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Calif. 355-3344 Perini's Hair Plusll 73 E. Foothill Blvd. Arcadia, Ca. C2435 446-4454 Ralphs Florist Pasadena 84 Arcadia 792-2455, 447-4685 Shaw Carpet Upholstery 8: Drapery 2454 Lambert, Pas. 795-4782 St. Luke Church 9454 Broadway Temple City, Ca. 287-0473 St. Rita's Church 50 E. Alggria Avenue Sierra Madre, CA 355-4292 St. Therese Church 540 N. El Molina Alhambra, Ca. 282-2744 Sunshine Products - Fresh Fruits 81 Vegetables, Dried Fruits, Nuts 925 W. Foothill Blvd., Monrovia Taco Joe - Norwalk Congratulations to the Yearbook Staff The Tinder Box The Finest in Pipes, Tobaccos, Gifts Santa Anita Fashion Park - 446-9929 Banner Sewing Machines 8: Vacuums 869 E. Washington Blvd. Pas. 94404 794-5860 Patrons 167 The l ooris Q 5 JS Q' Sponsors rss W iw fr- clfef 23- S Arcadia Stationers l CNS 2,5 Aladdin s Appliance Sales 84 Service E Xi T 3 Design Parinting Diplomat Cleaners gb S K Donald L Tuverson D D S Corthodontistj Dr and Mrs Edward T Winegart X T Q Eddie Coleman Mobil Electronics Sai International Speedometer A49 4325 E Tim Brooks Landscaping Sierra Madre John s Burgers 4549 N Lake Pas Xi Foothill Dermatology La Canada Osti s Nursery Maria and Family Love Stella 84 Nancy 5 'X -ix? 'X Pageantry World lnc USA N Q by SX XS Ralphs Florist 792 2455 Q Rosie s Ice Cream Parlor Allen s Market New owner 798 41842 Argentina Market 449 0980 Pasadena Best to class of 83 McCurdy Tralel Binney s Interiors salutes Juniors Blue Jays Dodo Thlll Carole Walker R E Brooker 682 2464 Clara Clark Realty 795 3225 Don Shinnick and Company Downstairs Attic Antiques 989 E Green Drical Cleaners Good luck to the class of 4982i Hairloom 944 E Union Pas M9 4730 Hastings Drugs 945 Michilinda Hugh A Warden Properties Lacco 45115 Ardine So Gate 583 4764 Macrame Decor 7258 N Rosemead S G Marsh El Rancho Pharmacy Mr and Mrs E C Reiz Penn: s Hair Plus Red Carpet Real Estate Sierra Madre Rileys Family Store 50 E Foothill Arcadia Ripple Mortuary Sierra Madre Sampe Roofing Cfree estimatej 684 5482 The Bottle Shot Liquors The Cheese Box The Craft Cellar 324 Sierra Madre S M The Music Box Shop Plaza Pasadenall Walker Ent Filing Systems 682 2356 25 53:5 L5 85 is QE? XO wo CD Q D Q 3 8 O a JJIJU fVVbCfY1 M0 U66 X, C906 Wy XJ s his emi? S si fx-S3 Fl E5 ssl X isis Q, LL XM EJ E rfsigriftowraddirligs pg 3 Vvkkfyxr-1-llfVk aw yOVl Ks.. Q U M OllfX CMXQS A 168 Patrons l' m .iq vi ., , U ,I I i I N I. 51, , but if i ll ww M 2 ill' In 4 ZW? 0,5 OW X f7W4fl!fm0m fs ' 7 as Q KU . I , ' V '.,L Olfyld A WTQLLQX ,A if j MC'-SCWLL - Jilryi 4 it ' '49 'M ,Gm mi I 'f M 7? 1 Z fair? X120 , Mffmmaf J do 7? WWA-J TMDL! 7 S A X ' QW A r 5 1 A MQW ffwgwt , U4 I W Wm' JL T T wwf Ui-U it 5 77550 y 9: rerun M I .J 4 P L O9 ' . f O05 VVU0 7 'MMU T I+ KIP S CLOHI ANGELO may clown but yet s B st in Town' I Zip! Clip p' C Clip Zip! 1 ' ' Z p A sheary sound Angelo styling his Artmst Fr1end K1p Hannon whose Brus like a Cannon' s pa1nt1ng Angelo Clown Earning Horld Renown' h Roars I I n I 1 I C Ox. s Locks cam tumbling down banging and bangxng agamnst the ground' e messy is now dressy' Proud Kip s Eyes are .,,,,, s mile Slngl s lyrvcs are Lo Loude al st Sho t! There is no doug? Angelo :ay Clown b t yet He is the 662 w DU:hRTE 537 qzzmislr ARCADM Best 1: Arcadian Town! ODO Wrnfer Angelo Cisneros Adm! mp Hannon Advertisements 169 0 ' 0 0. LJ. . ' o He' the 2 e la? i:,f Zip! Zip. Zip! . ! Cli . lip! ! ip Z'p. Zip. 1 ! X . Kip' ' ' on - "o o 0 'oi' O . . . . ., ,, Zip. Zip. Zip. Zip! . , 9 5 Clip! Clip. Clip. lip! . Zip. Zip. Zip! Zip! a Q - . 6 9.0 ' Kip' e C ' ' ' . I ., I . ' lar ' ' '-flhlr '1 1- ' n I' X , Th . N 1 - ' C H1 s is 'ng " H1 ' ud , ' and , ' 0 GENERAL PRACTICE 0 0 CIVIL 0 CRIMINAL 0 FAMILY LAW ' 0 JUVENILE ' 0 AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS ' 0 PERSONAL INJURY ' wonxews COMPENSATION J INSURANCE l.Aw Q ESTATE AND as I BUSINESS PLANNING ,A 6 COLLECTIONS '-' CONTRACTS - wlu.s OFHPE S3195 9 5 y Evenings and Weekends by Appointment Reasonable Fees Payment Plans DlaII213lATTO R N EY 288 6763 Se H bla E pa ol 204 East Sierra Madre Boulevard Sierra Madre Callfornla 91024 DON BUNNELL C243j 969 3484 BUNNELL TRUCK PARTS LOCATING SERVICE FOR Diesel ond Gos PorTs CURRENT 84 OBSOLETE 'boggcwe' J-fnfmiuton... 'w OMUAWL g?.,::mf2:fg:?,,, gin., 555 f6I1 fgwmiaw' 44417 W FOOHWIII Blvd AZUSC1 CA 94702 -Zfaof Zhfuf Zfmanfna e 019 .iff Mia' .mr Wxffa ,Ma 544.1 .iff 11.419 54'-M .lbw 641 170 Advertisements SHAKEYS 2180 East Foothnll Boulevard PASADENA Steve Garcia L 0 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 a s n 1 I I 1 I 7 I Iv T . 4 I Pill! IAIIOI cxgnnrm NYUUKNUI QOCLPDX' ' Telephone: 793-II69 r " .r 421 118 - . o . ' 419' Q 3 ', "ll your nlu . .. ' 'IV' 'I . IXSSUMPTION T ln rlft' Sho RE,L, 0 .. DOUGLAS R DELAHOOKE A w off assnos ss sasv Frank K Duerst Dnstrlct Manager GIVE .4 Rome Cable 4? CORPORATION 6324 Chalet Dnve Las Angeles Calrfornla 900410 2l3f927 5334 BO JACK A45 4329 445 A773 BRKICI-I BROS CORP General Contractors Eaulprnent Rental 9638 E Rush St El Monte, Calrf 0 A C N . U 0 YW Real Estate . Insurance . Mutual Funds 8 . S' a Madre Blvd. lc! - 5' M d e, Callfornla Home 3 . 1 .f"""""a ' I I JF" "Q, ,V .4 9 I I -,L r ' if ll' cusToM GLASS a MIRROR All 'r iv OF R b Q SIERRA MADRE '2 '! -151 i..U2,Q1y 11-13 KEQBTING Co . , , I Advertisements 1 7 1 V Award Wmnmg Mexican Dmmg Ch F Mdl O p OAPA 'Pizza ce ARCADIA 220 N F rA 447 3525 Nw. SE? SDS 'J Alpiga o S LL 113 45 3 PAGANO ROOFING CO 1768 Homewood Dr Altadena CA 91001 Phone 794 1832 975 N NIICHILLINDA P SADENA CA 91107 .4..-.... 5fAlR5MI'F-H GQMPANY 1213 E L55 TUNBS SHN GHBRIEL CHLIF 91775 285 2273 X RAY FILM 84 SUPPLIES C213j 41416 6842 MEDICAL EQUIPMENT C2'l3D 446 8264 225 West Foothill Boulevard SILVER RECOVERY SYSTEMS Arcadia Callfofma 91006 Bus 3551411 Res 355 3904 Carnmunrly Mealcal Res 355 0744 Services Inc Joanne Ruggles 2650 S Myrile Ave Susie Na MONROVIA CA 94046 Associate Broker GUY VESTAL Markehng Manager Darn ReaITy Regrsier C2135 583 0821 Qlestel' aron STEVEN TOD BROWN Ton s. soNs PACKING coMPANY 12131449 7632 2959 East 50th Street, Los Angeles California 90058 nsurance ANfillii12Sl'ER do jusiers 1000 East Walnut, Suite 238, Pasadena, CA 91106 I I I -' n n n , Our Executive ef Ramon won the irst X A b 1 Gold e a at the World Culinary lym ics X " for Mexican Food. We feature great, yet u s WTO, I inexpensive Mexican food and drink, O Bm ' I .-. .. -'fri 7 M Ai I . A XL., 6 I C I - Mexican Restaurant and Cantina irs ve - ' A . '. ' ' . 2 I Q' - .V S I V X wav 5' - I 'E f I 2 ' l . r S' . I , 1 2 - A X -' I A 5 I - I I I , . 1 , , 2 ' n 2. I 'I I 1 L? I ' - f 1 .f re, IL 172 Advertisements CONGRATULATICNS T0 THE 1981 SENIOR CLASS WEBSDEER S ALTADENA SHOPPING CENTER Prescnptlons Llquor Beer Wlne Drugs Cosmetics Party Supplles Statlonary 8: School Supplles Gllts Toys Hallmark Cards and Glfls 24 Hour Photo Servloe Koolooolor Develop ond Print phone 797 4463 24150 N Loke Ave Altocleho CA 94004 WEBSTER S fJLQmwJ2, SHOP Hallmark Cards Grlts Stationary School Supplles 24 Hour Photo Service Kodacolor Develop 81 Prlnt phone 577 0462 4417 W CGlIfOfl'1IO Blvd Posodeho CA 94405 9 I l l I I I I l l I - - l as 9 ' n Ad tl em ts 173 Good Luck Closs of '82I 1nker8c mker Tax Consultants 370 W Sxerra Madre Blvd Smte E Slerra Madre CA 91024 12131 355-3467 C2131 681 6100 Enrolled to practxce before the Internal Revenue Service Charles R Tmker Lan'y A Tmker Sol Messuheo Phorrh D Posodem pizza HUT 796 0276 S 'I26 Slerro Modre Blvd In The G-reoI Eorfh CGDIGI Gloss of 8,1 8365 some Mmm Blvd Los Angeles CA 90069 Loom 6999 from Phone 656 4660 SUNDRIES HOURS PRESCRIPTION HOURS MON FRI 9 OO 8 OO Mon SGT Q 00 7 00 PIZZA So 9 7 Sun 'I'I 7 Closed Suhdoy "1 ROSEJANE RUDICEL 'J f' off 7989166 Res 7971450 WJQDBI3 .IIUICES INC TONY KANE 250 NORTH JUANITA AVENUE Los ANGELES CALIF 9ooo4 1213, 383 H49 1979 N Lake Avenue Altadena Cahforma 91001 1 1 ' ' 174 Advertisements N - . 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ALLl'lEl.l.I 5TAfl'lPll'lE ISU O al ty Metal Sta p gs S all Lots S ce 1962 5525 North Peck Road ' Arcadia, CA 91006 'TY rn wr- so UI 1- I-rn Q25 C 'oUm U7 '-I F' 'U UJ U1 herberl hawk m s RI I Ll 0k Torn Joyce LL B J D 'X Manager 'lf Salesmas1er Fee Appralser 4885 No Allen Ave Alfadena Office Q2435 708 7835 Pasadena CA 9440 Home C243j 797 6054 Bcclzcrer O I lVlonrov1a CA 91016 619 840 West Huntrngton Drnv 359 3201 Cobol 81 Sons Funeral Dnrectors 27 CHESTNUT STREET, PASADENA 12131 sas 1385 12131 443 3313 793 7459 631 0776 Adverfisemenis 175 Q1 Yi CGNGRATULATIONS Zi ff RCM Publncatnons congratulates the Mount Alverno Graduating Class of 1981 You are welcome to stop by our Business Office at 120 W Sierra Madre Blvd and pack up your free copy of enther RXC Modeler Magazine or Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine. I! "'001:Lnn 1 Rf . r ,Wy M 9 76 I2131 445-5100 Buck Bannan gan fmafzino .fe S' Pi t I , . . ePHOT0'G,I:kPHIC sgzgggp y I House of 71016 gPL'LlfS 796-9540 IW Deliver 102 E- FOOTHILL BLVD- ARCADM' CA 91006 2327 Hunlinglan Dr. Sun Marino, Ca. 91108 KQPIIIQS TIIQ S1OIQfOVWOIT1QI'1 108 VV SIQIICI Moore Blvd SIQIICI Moore CA 910241 213 355 1222 NYBERG AND BISSNER A S S O C I A T E S ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING PLANNING 110 SOUTH ROSEMEAD BOULEVARD PASADENA CALIFORNIA 91107 793 5554 681 0578 Mo manor' REALTOR N G 77 EAST FOOTHILL BOULEVARD Complete lntenor DesIgn SGIVICB COYDGTIUQ Woven woods MIIII bhnds DFODGVIGS VINYL 81 Wood Floonng Upholstery BIII Yeokel owner ARCADIA CALIFORNIA 91006 207 S GODVIGI Boulevard SOD GODIIGI CA 94776 C2431 287 9907 CL A toll freep Howxe s Ranch Market HOWIE ENTERPRISES INC CD69 IIIIM PLUMBING INC 43 N BALDWIN AVE SIERRA MADRE CA 91024 L n e No III PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING REPAIRS OUR SPECIALTY WELSH? ISEUQQQZVN on SERVICE AND 24 HR msncwcv SERVICE PHONE 355 3496 HAI JORDAN GORDON CALDWELL 14 E SIERRA MADRE BI.vo TELEPHONE SIERRA MADRE CA 91024 355 3344 u A V J G F1 I E S I E FI 7 I 7 I. I : 7 WIIIIIIIIIMS IRIEILIIIWIIIS Adverilsemenis 177 COMPLETE LANDSCAPING Stdte Lrcensed Controctor Luc No 4927 A3 Fred Osh Jr Londscdpe SGFVICG 233 Romono Slerrd Modre Collformo 355 7353 GOOD LUCK SENIORS HITCHCOCK GEORGE ELKINS CO 7 EAST FOOTHILL BLVD ARCADIA CA 91006 12131 446 4656 MARY C WULF SAVINGS BRANCH MANAGER Allstdteil sovrngs ALLSTATE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 42435 574 4440 No I FOOTHILL BOULEVARD - AROADIA CALIFORNIA 94006 JOHN T CASSAZZA I.cENsEo PAINTING CONTRACTOR N ness 72 MONTEREY LANE SIERRA MADRE CALIFORNIA 91024 355 9252 RON OST! Ldndsoope Complete Londscope Sprrnkler SGVVICG P O BOX 553 SIERRA MADRE CA 91024 C2'13j 355 2452 3 generations of fine drycleanlng ANERS 330 West Sterra Madre Blvd at Lrma Street Snerra Madre Callfornla 91024 Personalized service slnce 1919 Joseph S Delgatto 355 1471 Doug 84 Mdry Lordh Agenfs 1844 New York Drlve Altodeno Colrformd 91004 Bus 794 9966 797 0505 Res 798 2333 Auto Frre Llfe Truck Cornmercrol R 65 M COMPANY WHOLESALE PRODUCTS 2215 CIELO PLACE ARCADIA CA 91006 MARGARITA M RAMOS C2135 355 3212 I ' . m . . . 'LL EE ' REALTORS . ' ' ' . - - - - - - - . I . 1 I Q. I 1 178 Advertisements WHERE THE VALLEY COMES FOR VALUE FRIENDLY PERSONAL SERVICE USDA EASTERN PRIME BEEF Ivlllldn s Ol Foshloned Medls AKA TAYLOR S OR WALL S MEATS Aged Home Freezer Beef Specrolrsls 3885 E Srerro Madre Blvd GARRY MILLAN Telephone 351 0079 OPEN PASADENA CALIF Q4 407 SEVEN DAYS A WEEK f213D 357 5311 JZQCQQZLEPDDQUQZK feememnaacevoem one 1800 South Myrtle Avcn e Monro I3 Calif rn a 91016 Brian McGoldr1ck BOB BOTTCHER PB CONSTRUCTION Co INC 213 797 5124 684 5020 1410 Norm-I LAKE Avenue PASADENA CALlFonNlA91 104 DOUGLAS J FARRELL LAWYER IB NORTH BALDWIN AVENUE SIERRA MADRE CALIFORNIA 91024 HELEN PORTER fashron corner 355 IO17 Fosler s Donuts Qopen 24 hrsj 3538 E Foothill Blvd Posodend Co 94107 356 9036 . , , 9 . .-. . ,V , - ,Ev V, . . , 0 Q u , v' , ' 0 I State License No. 375636 , , ON: Ksns-rms courzv 1 SIERRA MADRE PH E . I c ., . - . . , . . Advertisements 179 IX 5 fflifi' SUKEXWY XV Qimwst P lmijo 0 I M V CDUQ IP! 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CA LOVELY GARDEN APTS CENTRALLY LOCATED HEATED POOL AIR CONDITIONED 9,16 DESIFEE 537 N EI. NAOLINO Youn Hos'rs PASADENA CALIF MARLOWE 8: FLOREN GIEBBINGER 795 2334 .. I' ." 1 - , i D K A 'CD Q' V10 """" I - Home Ph: 960-1259 ' o . 5 in I A - Broke . Domeshc gi lmponed Wmes Advertisements 181 BIITIPERIFIL snvmss i AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SIERRA MADRE OFFICE CROWN CITY TVPEWRITER CO 'NC 25 WEST SIERRA MADRE BOULEVARD SIERRA MADRE CALIFORNIA 90424 ROBERT JOHNSON TELEPHONE C2431 355 3544 OIIVGTTI VIOTOI SCM IBMfSOIes ServIce Supphes DORI OSTERMAN 1936 EAST COLORADO BOULEVARD PASADENA 94407 ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT C2431 792 5804 f2'l3j 792 A480 BRANCH MANAGER R8dIO DIspatched JIM PAPPAS MobIIe ServIce 793 0336 'H' FOOTHILL Q LOCK 8, KEY ll Sclureffers Ganlentune Nursery t ll :Wg I? Complete Lock S- Security Service 24 Hom 7 Day' KAREN AND DAVE 1761 E Washmgton Blvd Pasadena CA 91104 304 NO Son Gobnel Blvd OWNERS SAN GABRIEL CA 94775 C2435 287 84114 NOrmO E Ordonez D D S 2525 e fIrsT st los Ongeles cc 90033 phone 265 3933 CONSERVTECH 2770 Leoms Blvd . SUITS 203 VERNON CALIF 90058 LQ HFICRDIR P0015 94006 12431583 5397 JOSEPH L FEENEY 1 . , f , IN 'Sa df' R 'Z . S W-A-A . if ILALLIJ1. ' '. Q35 5 5 - . . , I - . . . . , . I F I - ..L. 1 . . 182 Advertisements Us. HASTINGS CAMERA S OP 3656 E FOOTHILL BLVD PASA ENA CAL H0 E 793 9 55 Distinctive Kitchens b 1.-w HUIIIE semen FRANK BUCCOLA Kitchen Desrgner 287 4434 4449 Easl Las Tunas Drlve 283 4943 San Gabriel, Calif 94776 Animal House HR 440 Class of 83 ls Too Hlp Calla Go' .iii - si-N 'ix SL. agua T59 PAEADENA BIEYELE5 1391 Su Rasr-:MEAD BLVD E21Z3J PASADENA CALIF 91107 '793 3146 THE FINEST EUROPEAN PREPARED COFFEES AND PURE CHESTED TEAS OBTAINABLE FIVE DISTINCTIVE DECAFINATED COFFEES FROM SWITZERLAND SAMPLE TASTING BAR FRE H ROAST U- ff t THE COFFEE BEAN +'f2 696 E Colorado Blvd BUD BENZLE 443 8952 Contractors Llc 444205344 Pasadena, Calrf 94404 C2435 793 7554 . V . In I .x ' ff A i 1 I 3 I - I I I 1 I I . A . I ,J f 4 I I- I . f f fb. ' -. , I ,. 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Nx X 4 ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA' rules.-SAT.: 9:00 - 0:00 50 Q we if A b 184 Advertisements Congratulations Class of '81 Clftd Stephanie Delgalto Knnght Cleaners Dlv Petmar Ent 864 Huntlngton Dr San Marino CA 91108 Flowers by nobee Specualrzung un Q Funerals Weddings Floral -, UI Arrangements Plants and Grfts Q0 if Gary Masada June Masada 370 W Sierra Madre Boulevard Srerra Madre Callfornra 91024 Telephone C2133 355 1707 2528 M Glendale Blvd Los Angeles Callfornra 90039 Telephone C2135 666 8159 Pasadena 250 So Lake Ave 796 A651 Rentals Sales BOB JOHNSTON AGENT 3735 E COLORADO BLVD PASADENA CALIF 91107 PHONE BUS 795 4410 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Offlces Bloomington lllnnons Bank on a rosuer future G l eg Hugh earnings plus the Federal touch Savrngs lnsured xg Qifgg to S40 000 fl' Msmoffse Pasadena Federal f ' PASADENA 1QQ N Lake Ave sAvlNes AND LoAN AssoaAr1oN Pasadena CA 91109 577 0500 684 1830 Closed Saturdays EAST PASADENA WEST PASADENA 3617 E Foomn Blvd 161 W Calrfornra Blvd Pasadena CA 91107 PGSOGSHG CA 91105 351 8801 577 7055 Offlce Hours Mon Thurs 9AM APM Fn 10 AM 6PM Sat 9AM 2PM ALHAMBRA 1210 N Atlantnc Blvd Alhambra CA 91801 281 6225 I I T l I I I ' I I - " sur: una 2 I I 5 l lllllllllil . X ff 1 . l f' . . ' 4 ' YC, , E41 .1 ,, rl, lu." A . 1 e . I U, ., . Fx . -V ,SWS I o,9"' Advertisements 185 QW? Xwbyixg by DUN' go bmw +0+he valley JAWL mx C05 C' 5 fQ0auaJ tfculf- gl k5w6OvQfY2msTev' bl TOMS GMQME 0 Qam lp mp QA P K PNQQ eww +uxO WW Y ,GSW sm 6 Q if I i' 1 Q g O0 QVQ G W W Mm 5LMsm0 Wg fp N, ww M We . Q f 4 -Q..-,., O 5 J X- X r' b -ji' F . L , f+"" Y X7 M - G Q R +2303 MG A f' xo OU Q' P W0 Q9 . L Q 5 A li Swv Mfaw Doyno dnl I m no good ot ddvlse So III glve you none Just Ilve It up ond Be sure to hove fun' Your Bug Sus Ann Special Interest Vehlcles We buy sell consrgh lease fund or rent outomoblles trucks equipment and utnluty vehrcles and servlce what we sell' 2275 E Colorodo Blvd Pdsodeno Collfornld 94407 C2435 578 9992 Open Dolly Except Holldoys Make ond Lando Soccomon Ivlonrovld Schwlnn Cyclery Servlce ports ond repdlrs Soles occessorles etc 448 W Foothlll Blvd lvlonrono Collfornuo C2433 357 0020 1 ld like To be the sort of fnend that you have been To ""W"'Mu Yet that were wlshrng you a need I hope wlll never be Id like TO be The help ThC1T YOU ve GTWGYS beeh QTGG TO Id luke to make you feel as nch as I who travel on Undaunted ID the darkest hours wnth you to lean upon ld 'Ike TO mean OS h'TUCh T0 YOU eoch fTTIhUTe of The And could I have one wish this year This only would It day AS YOU hOVe meant Old fhehd Of mlhe fo me UTOTTQ Id luke to be the sort of fnend that you have been to the way Id like to grve you back The joy thot you have given me Advertisements 187 Best Wishes From Our Two Locaiions THEV the , 60006 '52 4124- ' - QP s 'Terai' 'W' mafffwmffvfw 'rss 6521 4 71mwa,c34 97006 I 1 I COLO ADO LVD 53.2522 nr AD A cu. ro A Our pizzas are crunchlngly dellcrous We also have Whole Wheal Plzza Frne llalran Dlnners and Sandwrches S4 00 off any slze przza wrlh Thus ad Specralrzlng ln Dell Calernng Orders 4096 Dlscounl any srze Calerrng Order A Touch Of Class r Class of 4983 Regrna R lvlarlbel R Della S Mary S Mary Rose S llena S Slephanre S Barbara T Kalhy T lvluffrn T Vlckl V Sandy VK Carmella S Kelly W Chrrsh S REPUBLIC FEDERAL SAVINGS ALTADENA 2246 N Lak A 12134 791 l28lf68l 6611 PASADENA 1845 E W h gt Bl d C2131 798-0893 ARCADIA 320 Sa t A t F h P k 42131 445 2600 om 22 6 as ee se NI 188-Advertisements Pioneer Take-Cul Corporalron 3663 Wesr Srxlh Slreel Los Angeles, Ca 90020 487 11820 The Home of Golden Pioneer Chicken G o ,gc gafuy 5 Oquoclafea TAX GENER L ACCOUNTI G 45 Numero Uno Plzzerla Hours Sun Thru Thurs 44am 42 rnrdnlghl Fr: and Sal 44am 4am 3562 E Foolhrll Blvd Pasadena Ca 94407 577 4723 G , I 1 A As A A N 5 s f 7 I nn. 1 u . ' ' I EN , I INI 'IIN I I . . . . . I H .lll . ' ' e 1 ' ' I ' a A N . , ENROLLED AGENT AT THE l,R.8. ' T .213-358-7086 Sarlna S. La Vera W. 2, H M A I I :WVU f0lN JSSOCIJIIOH A . e ve. - - . as in on v . - n a ni a as ion ar - ' ' Hua CQALTADENA 4 N um Ave l2l3l79I-l 1. r- rr QW- 1 HR 109 HR 409 Prrsoners ore cough? esooprng from Alverno Penrlenlrory for Women Formol Knrghl 4000 S Boldwrn Ave Arcoclro Co 94006 BEM!! li sv-was 2945 E. Coloroclo Blvd. Posodeno, Colif. C2433 792-2028 6 AM-44 PM Fomrly Reslouronls Greol food or reosonoble prroes 4000 S. Broncl Blvcl. Glendole, Colif. C2435 956-8385 Open 211 Hours Adveriisemenfs-189 Victor Sabino Q4 N. Baldwin Ave Sierra Madre, CA 94024 The Parlralt Gallery Excellence In Photography Mr Bull Christy 225 N State College Blvd Anaheim CA C7445 O56 0334 200 FASHION PAFIK ARCADIA CALIFORNIA 91006 Congratulations Graduates GHCI Traubadaur Staff 190-Advertisements Albert M Rampershad J D 3327 N T B App 91711 714 624 3866 lx I Ill I JoI'1nT Barley RPh MPH LAS POSAS PHARMACY 3901 Las Posas Road 18051 482 6101 Camarillo Ca 93010 E l Income Taxation . owne Ava P.O. ox 361 H by ' t t , Claremont, Californi - - M 2 591 I an X . It yu :NI . , . ., . . . 1981 Troubadour STaff One Singular Sensahon' Deor SToff Thonks for CounTing oil Those picos Re wriTing re wnTing re wriTing Keeping Those inTernoI morgins consisTenTi Scory monsTers ond The crusTy moroie ThoT kepT Things. . .liveIy? SNSATNL GeTTing hungry oT The righT Times. Riding in The book of C1 Cold Crowded pick-up To. . .VisdIid'?! Your poTienceond IoughTer ond enThusiosm. Toking The Time. Weis Advertisements- 191 SENIOR INDEX A Adriana Arlas Glna Aubry - French Club Ct, 255 Black Cul- ture Club C2, 355 Literary Magazine C455 Back- gammon Club C255 Track Team C255 Cross Country Team C255 French ll Award C255 NEDT Award C255 National Scholarship Program Commended Student C45. Arlene Balley Stacy Beaudet Kathy Bohler - Varsity Volleyball Ct, 2, 3, 45, All League C455 Varsity Softball Ci, 2, 3, 455 All League C355 Student Council GAA Rep. C45. Jessica Braud - GAA C3, 45: Black Culture Club C355 Backgammon Club C355 J.V. Volley- ball team C355 Varsity Volleyball Team C45. Jennlter Brou - Black Culture Club C355 Span- ish Club C 1, 255 Action Club C35 Service Club Award C355 Religion Award C45. Marla Brousslnos Renette Brown C Llsa Cahlll Carmen Cano Roslanna Chaves Teresa Clntron - Junior Class Treasurer C355 Senior Class Vice President C455 CSF, NHS C2, 3, 455 Pep Club C455 GAA C355 Spanish Award Ci, 255 Biology Award-C255 Speech and Pre- sentation Award C3, 455 Spirit Award C2, 3, 45. Clndy Clark - GAA C'1, 2, 35: Action Club C355 Tennis Team C2, 3, 455 Second Honors C255 Spanish Award Cnon-natives speakers5 Level ll C355 CSF C2, 3, 455 NHS C2, 3, 45. Krlsten Clark Pam Coleman Valerle Cooper Vlrglnla Coppl Marianne Crlspo D Denlse Danna Lydla De l.a Flor Patrlcla Delany Cathy Deleo - GAA Ci, 255 Cheerleading C255 Tennis Team C455 Third Honors Ct, 25. Stephanie Delgatto - Italian Club C'I55 Chess Club C355 Newspaper Staff C3, 455 Second Honors C255 NEDT Award C'l5: Math Depart- ment Award C455 NHS C3, 455 CSF C2, 355 Band Excellence Award C355 Bank of America Cer- tificate - Math C45. Terryl Dlxon Mary Dolan E Josle Ellls Karen Emerson Mary Ewald -Chess Club C355 Literary Club Ct, 255 Drama Club C455 Equestrian Club C355 Glee Club C255 Second Honors Award C455 Third Honors Award C4, 25. F Jeanette Feeney - Drama Club C455 Chess Club Secretary C355 Pep Club C355 CSF Presi- dent C45, Vice President C35, Member C2, 3. 455 Biology Lab Award C255 Second Honors Award Ct, 25. 192 Senlor Index Veronica Ferrante - Drama Club C 43: Presi- dent C33: Work Scholarship Cl, 2, 33: italian Award C23: Third Honors Award Cl, 23. Tracey Flrst - Equestrian Cl3: Pep Club C3, 43: Spanish Club C43: Drama Club C43: Action Club C33. Susle Fisher - Class President C33: Class Sec- retary C43: Pep Club C43: CSF C23. Colleen Fox Jane Fuller G Aracell Galvan Llz Garcla - Cheerleading Cl, 23: GAA C 4, 23: Glee Club C43. Pam Marie Gates - C-lee Club President C3, 43: Ski Club C2, 33: GAA C33. Jean Marie Gattl Margie Gear - Student Council C3, 43: French Club C33: Pep Club Member Cl, 2, 3, 43 Moderator C43: Literary Magazine Mem- ber C2, 3, 43, Editor C43: Cheerleading - Cl, 2, 33, Moderator C33: NHS C3, 43: CSF C2, 3, 43: French l Award C33: English l Department Award C43: English Il Dept. Award C23: NEDT Award Ct, 23 Bank of America Certificate - English C43. Laura Geracl Andrea Glesslnger H Claudine Harkness Glna Harrls Deirdre Hawkins Krlstl Henkels Catherlne Hormann Ann Howells - Yearbook Co-editor C43: CAA Ct, 2, 33: Service Club C33: Newspaper C33: CSF C2, 3, 43, Secretary C33: NHS C3, 43, Vice President C33: Second Honors Cl, 2, 33: Scho- lastic Achievement C43. K Peggy Klnney - Freshmen Class Secretary C43: Sophomore Class President C23: Junior Class Vice-President C33: ASB Social Chair- person C43: CSF Treasurer C23: Basketball C43: NHS C3, 43: CSF C2, 33: Newspaper C43: GAA Cl, 23: Yearbook Photographer C43: Pep Club C45- Mary Kleln Lorl Krol L Wlnnlfred Lange Cheryl Lynn Llndsey - Drama Club C43: CAA C43: Pep Club C43: Senior Class - Treasurer C43: Backgammon Club: Black Culture Club C33: Newspaper Staff C43. Beth Louapre - Songirl C23: Literary Maga- zine C43. Cella Marlln - Latin Club President C43: Latin Club C43: Yearbook Staff C33: Backgammon C43: Drama Club C43. Patty Ililartlnez - Equestrian Club C23: Swim- ming Team C23: Second Honors C23. Carla Mathis - GAA Sports Photographer C'l, 2, 3, 43: Newspaper Co-editor C43: Eques- trian Club C'i3: French Club Cl, 2, 33, President C33: Letterman Club C43: Ski Club C33: Tennis Team-Varsity C2, 3, '43: Soccer-Varsity C33: CSF C2, 3, 43: NHS C2, 3, 43: Math Dept. Award C43: Religion Dept. Award C33: Scho- lastic-Award C'l, 23: Bank of America Plaque - Science 84 Math C43. Senior Index 193 Siobhan McCann - GAA C4, 2, 3, A15 Soccer Captain-Varsity C4, 2, 315 Third Honors- C2, 315 Second Honors C 4, 41. Kelley McFauI - GAA C4, 2, 3, A15 Letterman Club President C3, A15 Ski Club C315 Soccer Varsity C4, 2, 3, 4115 Third Honors C2, 315 Sec- ond Honors C41. Anne McTeague - CSF C2, 3, A15 NHS C2, 3, 41: U.S. History Award C315 Bank of America Certificate - Social Studies C41. Odalys Mena - Spanish Club C31. Darla Mercurlo - italian Club C415 Literary Magazine C4, 2, 315 Editor C1115 Newspaper Artist C415 Chess Club C315 Yearbook Staff C315 Service Award C41. Karen Mora Charlsse Morelll Sandy Moreno Sharon Moscaret - Senior Class President C415 CSF C2, 41: NHS C2, 415 Bank of America Certificate - Art C41. Theresa Murphy - Backpacking C315 French C315 Third Honors C21. O Mary 0'DonneII - Alverno Production of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"5 Dra- ma Club C4, 2, 3, 415 Horseback Riding Club C415 Bank of America Certificate-Music C41. Pauline Ordonez - Latin Club C4, 215 GAA C4, 2, 415 Back Packing Club C415 Italian Club C415 Equestrian Club C215 Yearbook Photogra- pher C415 NHS C41. P Patrlcla Pashlch - CSF C2, 315 NHS C3, A15 Equestrian Club C415 Second Honors-C415 Award of Excellence in Business C215 Third Honors C41. Marlalyce Pedersen - Newspaper Staff C415 GAA Member C4, 2, 3, 415 Newspaper Artist: Chess Club C315 Yearbook Staff C315 Service Award C 41. Susana Pereyra - Equestrian Club C215 Italian Club C415 Latin Club C315 Backpacking Club C215 GAA C 415 Third Honors C21. Pla Perez - Spanish Club C415 Third Honors C41. Christine Photos - Drama Club C415 Ski Club C3, 4115 Literary Magazine C215 Track Team C215 Second Honors C21. l.eonor Plneda Olivia Pisanls - Tennis Team C4, 215 Cheer- leader C415 Track Team C21. Patty Pullara - Italian Club C415 Yearbook Staff C31. Q Patti Quigley Maria Quintana - Spanish Club C41. Maria Ramirez - Yearbook Co-Editor C415 NHS C3, A15 Drama Club C41: CSF C2, 3, 41: Spanish Award C315 Business Award C415 Bank of America Certificate - Foreign Language C41. Rosanne Ramos - Band C 4, 2, 315 Third Hon- ors C4, 21 Sue Reilly Klrsten Relnhart Kris Relser - CSF C415 History Award C415 Spanish Award C41. Kathleen Riley Ana Rodriguez Laura Ruggles - Student Body President C415 Work fStudy Award C2, 31. 194 Senior Index S Kim Sanello - Italian Club Cl, 25: Newspaper Staff C45: Tennis Team C l5. Vlctoria Scott DeAnna Sharpe - Pep Club C3, 45: Drama Club C35: Black Club C35. Dinah Shelly Wendy Slavln Frances Splna - Italian Club Cl5: Pep Club C45: CSF C2, 35: NHS C3, 45: Third Honors Cl5: First Honors C25. Suzanne Stearns LeeAnn Steele - Yearbook C35. Michele Steger - Student Body Secretary- fTreasurer C45: Newspaper Staff C45: GAA Cl, 2, 3, 45: Letterman Club C3, 45: J.V. Vol- leyball C25: Varsity Volleyball-C45: Varsity Softball Cl, 2, 3, 45: First Honors Cl5: First Hon- ors C25: CSF C2, 3, 45: NHS C3, 45: Physical Education Award Cl5: Bank of America Cer- tificate - Business C45. T Sherry Tagliamonte Jennifer Tweddle - Drama Club C35: Presi- dent C35: Letterman Club C3, 45: Ski Club C45: GAA Cl, 2, 3, 45: Soccer Cl, 25: Varsity Soft- ball Captain C35, Member Cl, 2, 3, 45: Third Honors C25. Laura Twedell Carolyn Uebele - Cheerleader C25 Elvlrlta Vera - French Club Cl, 2, 35, Vice- President C45: Ski Club C35: Letterman Club C3, 45: Newspaper Co-Editor: Varsity Tennis Cl, 2, 3, 45: Varsity Basketball C2, 35: Tennis League 4:92 Doubles C2, 35: CSF C2, 3, 45: NHS C2, 3, 45: French Award Cl, 35: Second Hon- ors Cl5: First Honors C2, 35: NEDT Award C25: Bank of America Certificate - Science C45. Mary Vlllarruel - GAA Cl, 2, 3, 45: Newspa- per C35: Varsity Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45: Cap- tain Cl5. Lourdes Vita - Student Body Vice-President C45: Junior Class Secretary C35: CSF C2, 3, 45, Treasurer C35: Sophomore Class Secretary C25: GAA C35: NHS C3, 45: Math Award Cl, 2, 35: Language Award C35: NEDT Award Cl, 25: Outstanding Student C25: First Honors C2, 3, 45: Bank of America Plaque - Liberal Arts C45. W Susan Webster Betsy Winegart - French Club Cl, 25: GAA C35: Third Honors C25: Yearbook C45. Lisa Yacko Z Rosle Zalamea Araceli Zarate Senior Index 195 sm-suns.. if - ',,:.a,'iiu,, The Class of '84 waves a farewell to their "senioritis." INDEX A Abraham, Janice 74, 452 Abril, Teri 37, 79 Ace-vedo, Lani 96, 404, 487 Adams, Michele 29, 74, 83, 427, 444 Aguilar, Lisa 79 Alcarez, Jose 119 Alcorn, Sarah 96 Alexander, Tanya 452 Allen, Tracey 96 Alonso, Haydee 74, 438 Alvarado, Teresa 74 Alvarez, Gladys 96, 453 Ambrose, Nancy 119 Archambault, Jeanette 96, 97 Arens, Caroline 33, 96, 99, 433 Arguijo, Denise 74, 80, 437, 442 Arias, Adriana 49 Armijo, Christina 74 Arreaga, Elizabeth 79, 95, 447 ASB 128, 129 Aubry, Gina 49, 58, 434 Auzenne, Monica 4, 43, 29, 74, 432 Avina, Leticia 74, 438 Ayala, Adrienne 84 Bailey, Arlene 49 196 Index Balley, Kathi 38, 60, 112, 157 Balta, Maria Bannon, Ann 84 Barcelos, Theresa 20, 96, 402 Barili, Rosalie 448 Barili, Ruth 84, 444 Bates, Tammy 75 Beaudet, Stacy 39, 49 . Benzle, Monica 9, 45, 47, 38, 75, 433 Beresford, Michelle 96, 406, 430, 448 Bernal, Sandra 84 Betz, Kathy 45, 29. 75, 442, 443 Bias, Cindy 96 Billotti, Angela 96 Blueford, Carlolyn 96, 444 Bohler, Kathy 49, 62, 65, 428, 430. 434, 444, 445, 450 Bonja, Angela 28, 29, 77, 112, 113, 116, 121 Bororidge, Jennifer 75, 83 Borego, Mona 96 Braud, Charlene 75, 444 Braud, Jessica 49, 63, 430, 444, 445 Brennan, Paula 84, 95 Brlce, Susan 124 Brkich, Mary 45, 75, 80, 430, 438, 444, 447, 450 Brkich, Stephanie 24, 445 Britting, Tina 84 Broome, Dr. Elizabeth 154 Brou, Jennifer 49 Brou, Karen 75, 444 Broussinos, Maria 49, 73, 448 Brown, Barbara 28, 52, 67, 110, 111, 113 Mater. Both students and teachers noticed-the an usually early case of Brown, Rayette 96, 400, 433 Brown, Renetta 49 Buccola, Pat 119 Burghardt, Theresa 84 Bustamante, Carmen 33, 84 Bycott, JeriAnn 75, 84. 82, 440, 444 C Cahill, Lisa 50 Calnan, Denise 75 Camargo, Victoria 96 Camiling, Theresa 28, 75, 437, 438 Cano, Carmen 50, 64 Caron, Marissa 24, 96 Carvajal, Cathy 96, 402 Casay, Kristie 96 Cazares, Elena 4, 33, 85, 86, 87, 90, 430, 432, 433 7 Cervera, Jodi 75 Chaplin, Christina 85 Chaplin, Mike 118 Chapman, Sheryl 75, 83 Chaure, Marie 403 Chaves, Rosianna 50 Cheerleaders 132 Chester, Sandra 9, 47, 74, 75 Christy, Bill 60, 61, 157 Cintron, Theresa 3, 43, 50, 52, 53, 64, 68, 69, 433, 438 Clancey, Sr. Madeline 3, 20, 21, 110, 111 Clark, Cindy 50, 58, 59, 63, 67, 430, 438, 448 C3?QrY.i MDQQ5Gz98gg : 'fl 2J 5E2? ff?2l +f QQFQWQUQLMQQUQIB 98.g4O4.i5553ge G9!3f!9F9wgfS?vz5499'W9 5 f399F?9fiQf5Yf95'?Ff6il50e5L?3tifLeif lf5?flQ? 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Beairiz 64, 79, 141 Mercurio, Daria 57, 116, 134, 135 Mercurio, Francis 90 Messineo, iyneil 103 Milligan, Candace 103 Milner, Helen 90 Mitchell, Colleen 79, 116 Miichellree, Kaihy 14, 79. 127, 141 Molina, Jennifer 89 Molina, Ligia 90 Mollica, Carmen 21, 90 Monyhun, Shawn 90, 130, 132, 133 Nl-IS 139 Nix, Deanne 79 Nochella, Laura 90, 120 Nolan, Josephine 90 Nolan. Mary 90 Noonan, Mary 29, 79, 82 Nordell. Chrisiine 39, 79, 138 Norquisi, Lisa 33, 91. 133 O Obberreiier, Elizabeih 102, 104 O'DonnelI, Mary 47, 58, 64, 68. 69, 71, 140. 142, 143 Olsen, Kristi 91 Ordonez, Paulina 58, 133, 137, 138 Ortiz, Aida 91 Moorhead, Alice 10 Moorhead, Fiona Mora, Karen 10 Mora, Morelli, Moreno, Morgan. NGWTOD , Oriiz. Ivonne 104 Osii, Michele 79, 83, 133, 138 Osirowski, Siacy 91, 135 142 114, 115, 120, 145, 138, 13 58, 130, 133. Mary 91 133 51, 58, 117, 133, 138 Perez, Pia 35, 59, 67 Perez, Sonia 92 Perry, Mary 14, 79 Peferson, Marlon 54, 67, 113, 114 117 Phoios, Chris 23, 35, 56, 59 Pichel, Lynda 37, 92 Pineda, Leonor 59 Pineda, Norma 92 Pino, Vivian 92 Pisanis, Olivia 59 Plari, Leslie 92, 95 Julia 104 Jacqueline 104, 148 Libbie 92, 138 Gema 92, 130, 132, 133. 101, 105 34, 59 9 Tagliarnonle 47, 62 Tarquinlo. Toves Sullivan, 45 28 29, 74, 75. 77. 84. Timpone 82 4 47 TlmpOr19, Kelly 34, 447, 406, 440, 444 Tinker, Denise 405, 406 Tinker. Monica 35, 39, 82, 437, 438 Tlnker, Thelma 118 Tomaso. Carlo 88, 67, 117, 131, 134, 148, ,151 Trovleso, Ano Moria Tremblay, Elizabeth 46. 406 Troyo, Liliana 440. 407 Tulleners, Desiree 45, 47. 28. 34, 45. 82, 437, 438, 457 Tulleners, Kathy 6, 84, 94, 437. 488 Turner. Andrea94g,435, 488 Tweddle. Jennifer 8, 62, 72, 450 Twedell. Laura 48, 62 Urdu, Uyemura, Uyemuro. Vonderhaar 46 36 94 V00 94 488 l Cl, ou 67, 68, 448, 449, Villarruel, 94, 438, 447 V4 L rdes 43 56, 58, 63, 65. Anne Terrace. Usually only had in the office. Walleck, Suzanne 407 Warren. Lisa 407 Ward, Lavera, 94, 433, 438, 488 Wasseff, Heidi 99, 407 Webster, Susan 39, 63, 480, 440, 444 Whhmore, Carol 44, 82 Wllber, Carolyn 407, 430, 433, 444. 445 Wilber,Cl'lrls1lne 407. 430, 445 Wilkins, Pam 452 Willelf, Kelly 94, 436. 437, 454, 488 Williams. 30, 400, 403, 407 Williams, 45, 28, 82, 446 440, 424, 433. 83. 483 Yacko Zalonte, Barbara 117, 122, 123 Zalameo Rosle 63, 72 Zarate Aracell 420 Zimmerman Fr 444 Index 199 591330 1 K . ' PQ! RQ HW Us MP ingicpiw -A pw ' ., ' RMB XPQQQVCJL IJXKXX livxvg I J QBUPXWL USG, Mb 0Pfki3jU5o3?K,kl,w,mU mm W QM M wx Q Q J ff CU-VKX XP K fir-Jifflkk 'Jaw OW 8 , A, 'W ,N '35cC0'L' SN , WYN ,' r own. . ' 'NYU' Wav' . bodxf kfwivvk My OD 1 W Vx 5 Db Xbfwdif . M W, BMW 5 'WK Wybgbs A M057 'LWLX 60659 9 t W f ff Q QLD' ,J Qi X XDMJOL D 4 L WW WWW. fy 0bg'XV'Vx XCJNS XBDULG NNW Www 0099? W kjimvgoov xp yxvbcu L QQD mb fmwfw VMSN X OQA ,NP XUJDU Wig gi eww! 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Suggestions in the Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) collection:

Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 112

1981, pg 112

Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 73

1981, pg 73

Alverno High School - Troubadour Yearbook (Sierra Madre, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 93

1981, pg 93

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