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,V ' f L' . .kinks 1. Eliixdbifii !dhLn !:m D6eALVERNIAN COPYRIGHT 'Dolores fleischhauer Editor-in-chief 'Dorothg 'Redmond Business Manager DAQSENIUH lZlAS5 ALVERNIA H I G H scuool I 9 3 5 -All-3 Q P w li if 8 f-9? y . .f "ff I l J' n' f 6 ' iv M ' 1 .. ij, 4 u A 'mme QE, ' sir' Q' Q Fil '1Q,g f-5 'QFQQFZQ fa, Q as f9'ff5""3M' 'fm -923. 'W' 2 599 Q' 'fda' ' fwmf-" '.:f"s."'7a '35 N 'M' as Q 'Q Q Q 2 .a uv ar 0 131- pf. Q 29' V Wmfivegvmfw J 4 ,..J!.Qi: , 1 I s Ptlvcrnian bg the Class of 193-1-wlw. in s:r's pictq, sinccritq, and intclliqcncc .... who k K K vhcrc they caught A SHIITPSC of lifc's sublime mirtg-five affectionatelg dedicate this volume. .fy xx gi ' 'iff Xwisfaf sw wsxuuw--ww tts 'R 31,2 01355 A :W 1' V s ss ,Q .k-A f, in some future clau, the pages of this volume, like a crus- talline mirror, reflect the mem- ories of a Bear at Pllvernia . . . the charm of treasurecl associations and lasting friendships, of earnest hours in the classroom, of trium- phant hours on the gumnasium floor, of happg hours at school luncheons, of brilliant hours in other activities . . . then the pur- pose of this 1935 Pllvernian has been realized, s Dolores 'PIUSCIXITJLICI Erlizor fHclcn 'lzrsexmk 'Eileen 'Keller f4SS!ll'fllIl' lfrlimrs Elnilmc 'Ditton l4ffl'l'Ilf!J lfrlitor 'Eileen Lncfvlligott Sports Erlimr 'Dorothfg 'Redmond lfllSfIIf'.S'S .1l!1lIll!ll'l' 'Book One School 'Book Gwo Student Life 'Book 'Ghree Classes 'Book 'Pour Alvernia Affairs igln school life is a swiftlu swirling kaleidoscope of colorful patterns . . . Che Haunting crim- son and russet of autumn claus when stuclents settle into unfa- miliar clesks . . . Che chill blue and silver of winter when echoes of hurriecl steps facle slowly, vaguelu await and then revert as 'new 'I-Iear arrives in a whirl of resolu- tions . . . Che fresh green and rose of spring when Seniors slip from their protective arch jououslu flinging themselves on the casual bosom of llife . . . All flash into a series of patterns . . . 'Patterns lvlurrecl hu the faclecl glow of rem- iniscence . . . 'Patterns startling with the clear print of the Camera- man . . . 'Patterns reproduced in this Alvernian. '1 I if -. - . W,-V-.1-.151-s1,'1zf.2x-., 5 - - 'fr rg, ' f .cf-,,w,-fp, g - .- iq ., , h .M c 1'--fs! ,,-.5 igwff'-1 A 45 , 4 1: ' uv .51 , . ,.. . ' g.- : - 1- yn . x- - Zz 'fi " .5 -2-,. . s ' '51 4 f Q ' ., ' ,Q . Q . me X 5. ., . 3. rw, Nh ,. ..,' V .f TQ-B-W Q :R 5, .g,.,.5?3 1 '1'i, " I z.f xr w'4q.g M .W , .. , 1 .3 , I. 'v .Q, -i f ,A :- '. y . . ' g 1 A. ,I fn Wi. A Q, P ' m ' M :rf ' . M. , ,, 14 , n , .mlm . --f , H- 3 v . , Ny ' l 5 Q.-U' ,' W if .1 ff .4111 ..4,. ' 5, 1 g ' 1, N., - "' -5 :M 4 .. ' - Y 1. 319 K if a. ' w 5 '1. wil nt-.,, Y- - -- 'f.:w'QQ'2 ' f A 4' , 4, .V f P 4 - X Q. Qtr ' , 5 'J fi. ' . nag , . ,xx Q - ,.. , .I A1 a- 1 ' ..- K 'L '-Af' , ' ,. Q..,".Q. . -. ,, ji' '- up 4 1 if ,- A Q , ' ,5.3.1! 1.1. yi' --. . , ,..1 . " ""7'f' 'ag ' A Km , ,Q ' , ' 'W . -L" .1 1-, , f '- ', .' '-A -f- - a, J Q ".. . .Y 3' -'fr' 2.5- ' f ',..f1L ,' w ..., . ,-.1,.. z, 4,2-',xQ'1..Lj 1' -1 A - J Q- -, "V , F- ax A '71 ., : 1" X Ju' ' .,f ' -' '1i',,. La" ,ff ' .'-55 K X , .. ,, , ,L ,K , ,,. . . W, '- . - ., jf: 5' .1 .. - f - 'J 4 . 7 , 1 . N. ' H5 L ' , of -51. A f si V '1 W 1:1 ,. , ,Q 'f ' - ga ., J. .. . , . -, - . "' -Q - . ,5 f ,,., ,v,,-, : J. F1 , -. 11:43 un. ,N -445- x ,f vw, .1 VX Q5 WN ,4 ,- .ww L wr '2 M . wfg, 'Q -4. , 1 - if xi -,LM-. X 41, " 1 . Q f Y, , ' , f J.. ,,, s . J 4 fl W i 7 if f" ,, Q g, , . , ,yy I , i. ., f W 4, W ,f A v .vsyw .-, ,Q . v. 'va 7+ THE ALVERNIAN PAGE ll Yi. Naxnwkg 1, . 'VV n M-nafqw., . EARLY AUTUMN , . . THICKLY-LEAVED TRE ES, BROWN-TINTED, RUSTLED IN THE COOL PAGE 12 THE ALVERNIAN in JR, WINDS..,THE VAGARY OF A SINGLE LEAF TWIRLED TO THE GROUND...AND STUDENTS THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 13 P TOUCHED BY THE ZIPPY BREEZES, AMBITIOUSLY WENT BACK INTO THE DAILY GRIND PAGE 14 THE ALVERNIAN K is E Q-fm Y , . v,.., ,. ON SEPTEMBER 5. THROUGH ALVERNIA'S ENTRANCE SURGED COLORFUL GROUPS OF GIRLS, PAGE 16 THE ALVERNIAN ROOM ASSIGNMENTS, WHICH BROUGHT RELIEF TO SOME, DISAPPOINTMENT TO OTHERS PAGE 18 THE ALVERNIAN IMMEDIATELY A PARLIAMENTARY LAW COURSE WELCOMED THE GIRLS WHOSE VACATION THE ALVERNIAN PAGE I9 REMINISCENCES GRADUALLY DIMMED. FACES BEAMED WHEN WORD CAME THAT THE 1934 M . I 1 . , . . g i 'His Eminence, George Cardinal mundelein 'GODAY there are in the archdiocese of Chicago many Central Catholic high schools for girls-one of them Alvernia-whose educational ideals testify to the in- domitable and triumphant zeal of the great Cardinal Archbishop, the great schoolman who aided markedly in advancing the cultural qualities of the Middle West. November 20, 1934, was "Cardinal's Day" in Chicago-the happy occasion of Cardinal Mundelein's Silver Anniversary. All, irrespective of religion, did public and private honor to Chicago's First Citizen who has found a niche in the affection of his fellowmen for the services he rendered. All Chicagoans have a particular admiration for the Cardinal's fine qualities as a man, as well as for his profound piety and his extraordinary ability as the spiritual and administrative leader of the great Archdiocese. It is the fervent hope of the Alvernia faculty and students that when the silver bells have by double life and double power turned to golden bells they will peal forth fifty years of golden tribute and perpetuation to George Cardinal Mundelein, whose name and accomplishments are synonymous with leadership. . ., i .i . A , , , or t 'W' 1 1 " ' in is 'weave e:m1x+rmiws5:f'p:. "E7:T7EfZ'f ' I -,.., ,... . " .- f ef ,e 1-mga: -. t n ff. 7.-as . K ' -7- -...zaf-vw-75-frimmf:-:Qi-91:1-' Q. "vi-fat--f:-ff-J'f1s::'f1 1: 4 swf? ,rg M 4, A, .1 mg!! ,Q M - V , . , ,T .M ,Va , ,, . . Vzyh mr u f- s W e I V V, 1,:1.V,,- - V . - sw , .i J xi' ,cf ':f:.a:wf"'112' 2l!1' . E ef a ' fx ' fr '1' 1 r 4 .sr most 'Reverend Bernard J. Sheil, 'D.'D. UCCESS and progress find their keynote in the proper training and developing of mind and body, in fostering culture, in inspiring noble principles, and in encourag- ing the example of truly great men. Through the noble efforts of Most Reverend Bernard J. sheil in social, civic, and educational welfare, this impetus for progress in soul, mind, and body has become the heritage of every Catholic boy and girl in Chicago. As Field Director of the Legion of Decency Campaign, Bishop Sheil invited the Catholic Youth Organization and Cisca, the confederacy of scholastic religious organi- zations, to participate in the Legion of Decency Parade. He, together with the Reverend Joseph Reiner, SJ., whom an All-loving Providence called to Eternity after his last public appearance with his beloved Youth, marched at the head of 70,000 young men and women, boys and girls, thus manifesting his interest in a campaign which is elevating the moral standards of cinema productions. In his career of zealous and fruitful service for the Catholic Youth of Chicago, the Most Reverend Bernard J. Sheil is achieving a work for God's honor and glory which will perpetuate his name in the history of Catholic and Social Action in the United States. 'YW:""W""7! 1 4 'rx-rm Anvnnmnn if FFF? . , . .. . W Q Y ,K . . , .-,.,. -,-vfazww--ff-j'j.'tswf'-if j?,v,w ,,.,..,,.,,,.,,, nuusms ,or vnnenua, urcxus Ann Jaan sniff. wao uapalgrgirrg gggg PAGE 22 CLOSED. THE ALVERNIAN most 'Reverend william ID. O"Brien, iD.iD. N APRIL 25, 1934, when Cardinal Mundelein consecrated a second Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago in the person of the Most Reverend William D. O'Brien, D.D., in the Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago became the only see, other than Paris, with a Cardinal Archbishop and two auxiliary bishops administering its affairs. In addition to being Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, Bishop O'Brien is President of the Catholic Church Extension Society and Editor of the Extension Magazine. The elevation of Bishop O'Brien to the episcopacy is considered the greatest Consecration in the history of the Catholic Church in North America. This is a magnificent tribute of the Holy Father and the American Hierarchy to "the Cardinal of the Home Missions," who "after twenty-five years of unceasing and unprecedented labor for the honor and glory of God had again done the unexpected and chosen a second Auxiliary." No doubt, this was also a tribute to the work of The Catholic Extension Society for the past twenty-nine yearsg but during nearly seventeen of these years His Eminence, George Cardinal Mundelein, has been "Chancellor of The Extension and the guiding star of its destinies." TRAFFTC JAMMED, COLOR AND ORIGINALITY RAN RAMPANT AS CISCA AND THE THE ALVERNIAN most 'Reverend John 'Francis cnoll, 'D.'D. BISHOP or Foirr WAYNE, INDIANA INKED closely with Our Slllllfduj' Visilor, which has enjoyed a nation-wide circula- tion during the twenty-three years of its existence, is its editor and founder, the most Reverend John Francis Noll, D. D., bishop of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thirteen years ago Bishop Noll sponsored the Society of Missionary Catechists and established a Novitiate and Training School for them near Huntington, Indiana. Apart from his duties as an editor and bishop of the diocese of Fort Wayne, the Most Reverend Francis Noll is treasurer of the American Board of Catholic Missions, a member of the Administrative Committee of the National Catholic Welfare Con- ference, Episcopal chairman of both the National Council of Catholic Men and National Council of Catholic VC'omen and a member of the National Committee of the Legion of Decency. To the class of 1935, Alvernia's tenth anniversary class, the name of Bishop Noll is significant, for it was he who addressed the graduates when they assembled for the last time at the Commencement Exercises on June 13. PAGE 523 C.Y.O. JOINED IN THE LEGION OF DECENCY PARADE. THEN CAME UNIFORM DAY.,'-ITu WAS A C PAGE 24 THE ALVERNIAN Miss ANNA HELEN REUTER Instructor in Dramatic Art Administration HE year 1935 marks the close of the tenth cycle in Alvernia history. No one can foresee what Alvernia will be at the end of the next ten years, but this we know -- that it will depend in no small degree upon how well the class of 1935 and those who will follow them represent it and interpret it to the world. Ever since her establishment in 1924 and her dedication in 1925, Alvernia has cherished deep in her inmost heart that there is no art or science in all the curricula of the schools, there is no theory of all the universe, no solid basis for faith or love, for hope or desire, no quest or goal of adventure, no real ground for any system of morals in which God is not recognized as Creator, Lord, and obeyed as Master, and worship- fully honored and loved as Father. On this all-embracing ideal Alvernia ponders day and night, pouring forth prayers that her daughters of the past, present, yea even the future, may fulfill this primary purpose of their creation. In every line of scholastic endeavor, whether physical, STRANGE, AT,FIRST, T0 SEE ALL GIRLS DRESSEIS ALIKE-AND YET,'HOW'FASCINATING! .Q ,. ?- wif f' i' - .X Miss AGATHA RAUSA Instructor in Physical Education Administration mental, or moral, the sum of all her ambitions is that, without a single exception, her students, under the guidance of the School Sisters of St. Francis, may exert all their powers and use all their opportunities to fullill the ideal which is bound up with their individual creation-a place in the Father's Mansion. Accredited with the University of Illinois and the Chicago State Teachers' College since her establishment in 1924, Alvernia is recognized also by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction at Springheld. Each year she has grown and accomplished great things. Perhaps no great ligure has arisen from her midst, but, since she wel- comed her first Freshman Class in 1924 and graduated these charter members in 1928, she has sent forth young women who bear in their hearts many distinctly Christian and distinctly Catholic lessons. ,..,,.-..-.V - .-.,..,,., ,,,j,1,,..,, -s.,,,,. , , . , .m. j, -...,.:., in ,Ea .,,. mv, , AML. -..Z -.n,,L:,,,-,?7?2..s,NtY..,7 -.m,T,f , , . . , , ,, - .. . ,. i -Sa Km lr r 5, 1+ +L R I . an A .' Eg 5 'Y .F g ,dv I L 1 6 f 5 -Sa K Q wgissfil x iii ' . ' 'Q . , fy '--, 51 ' 0 k g J if M , XE 22 i X4 K. A I sw A 9 :ig 1 2 7, ' Q Q xx x , y 5iwk.l 40" U Q-M ff qsggzvg.-K A qwgfv-, V i . 12 "'f- I 4.3, . . , ,5- ,, .. 1. W,,,.l,yYi A W- 1 ,ag , . vw , , -all .. 5 .Q-, ui, 'X - -A THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 27 L Y 35 4 5 A sag? V v .. Q A K 1 ' ' ' Q NO, LOLLIPOPS- HUNDREDS OF THEM! EVERYBODY REMEMBERS School .IQLIIIY . . . C-lrlx .1w.li1 1110111 .uxiglllxmclmtm 'l'ypir.1l wrm' on unl- furxn Jay . . . inxpculinn in wwing mmm. Son- mrs find lnlllpnxp lin' ix fun fhwl l pruuxi msn w.1rcI1 nu-um THE 51.111 distrilmlvx lc ,I n c r. Huw IIICQ' wcrc! lfuslm- .xml Suplmlxmws for lllCiI' lmmu MAD SCRAMBLE FOR PAGE 28 THE ALVERNIAN fi Seniors prepare slogans for tlie Legion of Decency PL1I'.'l1lC. Wliiit n spectacle Alvernia presented! The Seniors in wliite cups and gowns! Dwrotliy Redmond, Virginia Lows, anal lfditli Hillman examine the quilt to be famed. Virginia made it. Fear of an unexpected test prompt Soplmmnres to study maps. Yes, it's Geraldine Mangan, new A. A. A. president. Patrol buy conducts girls across tlie street. 1t's only October but the sewing room liums with activity, CHOCOLATE ONES. OCTOBER 4, THE AUXILIARY RETURNED TO ALVERNIA TO CELEBRATE di THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 29 50111011 lunch WIHIC , sludymg in umrl. Ilcn-X thc sl.1tI IILII In .1 LI c TIM' lQlc.mur thc lwcsl. AI.IIL.IlIlh'X I r U m cclhrs .Irc wut in I1 ux p i t .1 I. .'XIxvrf nians pour IIIIU lnlsluy to glut lllcur voir: IIICI' .lrc in 1' .1 r Il I' x 1. llclcn l'l'.mls gunrnlx that lullm Imx. Q. ITS TENTII ANNIVERSARY. AN INDIAN AT ALVERNIA IS AN EVENT. BRAVEHEART, AN PAGE 30 THE ALVERNIAN Over the teaeupx un Homecoming Day... Rita Clmpralis and V e r g i n i ll rehearse lair yeztr's events. Alvcrnians rate piiotuplays. Happy days for Dolores H n n k and Rose Fisher . . . if you ask us. This time time girls inspect their own dresses. Six weeks have passed and we receive our report cards. HONEST-TO-GOODNESS INDIAN, GAVE AN UNUSUAL TALK ON INDIAN CUSTOMS AND lu'vp.1ring lmskclx for llw pumx llclcn l.,nI-lunge ,xml Alloc XVclnlnn rcminisrc wllilu vmiling lm' llw lm'uling.g of mlm llinnur IXIIMCL'lllUll1llll'I'. l'I'CNI1I1It'II grnw cclluplnmc IITCS fur mln- Cklmrlslnms I.IlU'C.III. Bully lhnlcy .xml liulmluun Knigln do ilu-ir part nu llw ulmxm-up C.IIIIP.IIgII. Anal now for ,LQI.lllL'L' .xml smilcs .1 xwucl farcwcll. THE ALVERNIAN pAC,E 31 we R I Qu' 'asf c vs fl' vw. A . ,. If N sun- xngn ol clII'lSIIIl.IS . . . gurls Arc IHIIIL' . . . Anim Hllffll I.Ilit'S .1 l3.IikIN.Il'll RELIGION. IT CAME-NICKEL DAY AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, WHERE, AMONG OTHER THINGS, F' .1 pf 5. Six below zero . . . Great piles of snow line the sidewalks and streets. Seniors, heavily garhed, brave the biting wind "to snap" l110rC SHOW SCGUCS. HQICH Bar' telme is one of the first to buy her ticket for the All-star game. Even good old Columbus smiles eomplacently as the happy Sen- iors erouch at his fectiwait- ing for the camera. The snow scene through the Gleaner oflicc window was too beautiful to pass up. So Roberta Malloy "snapped it " . , A if .W . . aging lift? 1 Sangre vfktqi sf' id K Y AUM. is fa . " -'sf 325 if 'F A 1, .WH ,K THE GIRLS SAW "DOCTOR FAUSTUS." JOY IS EVER COMMINGLED WITH SORROW LIKE THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 33 in fn.: An illliIll.ll4J glinipsc nt ilu' AIKIIUII-lk' -ll llicir l'1'hi'l14ll'y lC.l in our library. lfilcun Kcllcr .md Ucncvicvc limly mitch .1 wliitf of liIC frigid .iir .ix llwir clau- nmlcs lflltigf llirmlgli slmwdrifls. Again Alvcrninm go ln scrvc the Irving l'.u'k Clilliulic XYVtH1l.lIl'5 Club. llcluling Club is cnrnutc to Sl. Sclmlawlicn wlicrc wc wurc .l victory. lfvclyn Vlililiski puma nwliilc. AilllUlI1lL'.ll disliumlflci' llicir lL'.l. A BOLT FROM THE BLUE" CAME THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF FATHER REINER'S CALL TO PAGE 34 THE ALVERNIAN '55 Typiunl scunc in room 306 .u honk- kccping lil1lC. ..GCf1liLiiIlC Vnpuckc, unc of time 600, :lic night bcforu reading rcpurte are duc. lfilccn Mc- lflligori, Ifilccn Keller, and llolnrcs lflcisclilmaucr "sign up" for .ln Alvar- nigl pcnnnnt. Yes, tlicsc .irc the jun- iori nf room 201, cnioying tglify Apples. Hundred pcr cunt annual sub- scription bruugiwt them tlicsc. Rita Barr poses after impersonating Rein- I1 Ll r ii t in "lminunscc." Soplnunorc classcs .irc studying the Mass .md pre- paring illusrrntcd lmnkleu, ETERNITY. TIME ROLLED ON. SIX WEEKS PASSED AND REPORT CARD DAY CAME. SISTER THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 35 sg ' if v,' ' LA. .- KL ,gi 0 A last chance for snow wlmls at thc park so the Seniors dun galmhcs. Uncc nn 1 while the juniors knit ur croclucl. Many xmp and xlmp ax the Candy lmmll . . . proceeds swcll annual fund. Lucillc xypux pagcs and pages im' Hu' Glcancr whilc others upsraxc mhc comp- tumtltr. ,W 'F -Q' PM -. O' X f. tw-. . N. ELIZABETH SCRUTINIZED THEM, SOMETIMES TOO CAREFULLY. ON OCTOBER 17 SENIOR PAGE 36 THE ALVERNIAN hh., , R ,, F' D T". I , junior Litemry Guild meets lu nut- line plans for "I,et's Go Places." Genevieve tells liileen . , . "Were ghul you won," Never before did Alver- ninns gather Qu many xtnmps, Duro- thy and Gertrude must have .1 pzxmphlel for that repurr. lr's Fnglish again , . . quexiiunnaire Says su. W'hnt 1 task for Gr.1eem.1ry, Marian, and Eileen to score them! Bur, then, it's fur The Gleaner. ELECTIONS WERE HELD, EILEEN KELLER BE COMING PRESIDENT. HUNDREDS OF ALUMNAE THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 37 urnunw lrlllllp., NI hun SIIL ullnl' 1' . c S , Pauric .rn "ww 'irx .rc " V 0 'wu " itll rcu . fvcnu L'l'W I IS . 'A 's wcxi 1... c . c p.llU:rl1 lun 7:1 r.1rc ulw. The S my p h my m 0 r 1: s .xrc happy cvcn though thc Suniurs xmllchud from IIIUIH the h.xskclh.xll CILIIIIPTUII- ship. ,luscphinc .xml lflsic .uk thc mt to watch for IIIK' l5irliil'. SWARMED BACK T0 ALVERNIA ON NOVEMBER 4-HOMECOMING. THEN THEY PLANNED PAGE 38 THE ALVERNIAN The Reverend Edward Mangan, our retreat master, is snapped while in his studio at Alvernia. Freshmen display soap-carved stations during retreat. Botanists study ill the Navy Pier Flower Show. Future Alvernians are flower girls when the re- treat closes. Seniors can't resist :lie spring nir, so 03' tliey go to tlie park. THEIR CHRISTMAS DINNER DANCE AT THE DRAKE HOTEL. THE NEXT DAY WORK BEGAN THE ALVERNIAN P'-GE 39 A wcnc frum "Qu.lli1y Street" .. SL-rgcnnt Blades is "ill it .1g.iin" . .. ,Iuxt our nmtiiurx sipping cuffcu .ificr unc uf ilu-ir nmnlhly card pnrtius. XVIIAL .1 PFiYilL'gL'fl0 unim' rhino cmnfurmlulc chairs! 'lihu youngest Auxiliary mumbcr looks calmly nn. This is "Quality 7 Struct" .lg.lill.,.liliN iinw Mary ichn ix the icnclwr. A typical 'nc in thc library .ix .my time ui thc day . .. ON THE ANNUAL WITH A GROUP OF BUSY "PICTURE-TAKERSI' WONDER OF WONDERS! PAGE 40 THE ALVERNIAN Sopliomores study in Independence Park today. Our only twins, Charlotte and Bernice Ocli, are preparing to join the Sophomores. These are the juniors who staged a skit parodying "Roberta." Mary Rita Shultz-an Alvernian of the Class of 1947-makes her debut on our pages. Jeanne, Geraldine, and Rita as Phoebe, Valentine, and Susan in "Quality Street"...Seninrs relaxing after examinations. ALVERNIA SAW "LITTLE WOMEN" ON THE SCREEN, RIGHT IN HER OWN AUDITORIUM. in Y mf THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 41 6 9 Genevieve Healy wrcallied in smiles .ifter winning 37? .xml tlle SLIKC iilmniv piimsliip in Apologetics. Virginia Preglnw pmull hee .1 u se . . . Virginia l.ew.lnnl un In-r way lu 1 .1 n .1 ml .l . . . lshllllllilll M.lry'x lhy when Gene- xieve ernwnx tlie Blessed Mmlier .xml liulier Kiley pays xpeeiill lriluule lu nur mutlwrx. THANKS T0 SISTER 'f LW GERLANDA! ALVERNIANS WEPT THAT DAY- SOFT HEARTS FOR 'K X. 4l!sf,,'5w1 z 'f 'A ," r-""5i-- W W' vs 5 3 X V -fu A f' W .' E g U- ., ? gli.. 1 'Q W ' ,., g s 1 gy! an vw ff as 5 Pa... V H V- 'L , . '95 V lk 'gr ' w- 'J RX W 31? fi' vw ' 1 V 9 .up Q, ails, W 3 ". A Wg , fi LL m S ' Q A N 1 T . If si m 841-LM-H' rf - fx.. 3.3, AN, if 3, , ,V ,HM wwf si 2' ' A .-+5 M 'K",F MW5 fx :Ax Nil lub CL SSE ' X? J. A ww ,W gf f' . if 2 , jf, I Seniors PAGE 42 THE ALVERNIAN EILEEN KELLER SI. Edulara' Class Ppesid - , Virgil 'ss ' fy' Alverfrnan ,gta ' bv" , I V Q A. A. '3 3, '34, '35 ,V f , . Che 1 Club '35 EICQEEN MAELUGUTT7 Soda ity O Lddjf of Graff' Cla si Vice-President Virgil Club '35 French Club '34, '35 Alvernian Staff '35 A. A. A. '35 Sodality BETTY BAGEN Sr. Vincent French Club '34, '35 Alvernian St Business Clu NlARGARET OUSKA Blessed Agnes Class Secretary French Club '34, '35 Gleaner Staff '35 Chemistry Club Art Club Soclality MARGARET BAPST St. Mathias French Club '34, '35 Alvernian Staff Business Club ANITA BURCH Sf. Gregory Class Treasurer French Club '35 Business Club Sodality Sodzility Sodality RITA BARR GENEVIEVE ANDERSON St. Gregory Our Lady of Virfory German Club French Club '34, '35 Gleaner Staff '59 Business Club Debating Club Orchestra Business Club Sodality A. A. A. '34, '35 MISUNDERSTOOD "JO." NOVEMBER 20 MEANT N0 SCHOOL. ALVERNIANS WERE HAPPY THE ALvn:RN1AN XJ' PAGE 43 l'lliI.lzN BAR'I'I.I.MI1 Si. Gregory French Club '34, ' Alvcrnian Staff Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 Snclalixy FRANK I s BRAnIfoRIr Gmrrr Clrrrluml German Club Debating Club Business Club Sozlnlixy lVlARY Bmuw Sl. GI'm'I'if'II' German Club Gleaner Staff '35 Chemistry Club Orchestra Sudnliry MARIAN BRYANT SI. Mury'x Virgil Club lirenclx Club '34, 35 Gleaner Staff '35 Glec Club '33, '34, 35 Suvlality RITA BRACI-I Sf. Clerrrrrll Virgil Club French Club '34 35 Gleaner Staff '35 A.A.A. '32, '33 34 35 Soclality LucII,Lu Bouims MllfI'Yl1lf-Y B. V. M. German Club Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 Sodality MARY BURQI-I St. Gregory French Club '34, '35 Business Club Sudalily ,MV VIRGINIA BUTLER Sl. Burlholomcu German Club Y Sodalit CHICAGO HAS A CARDINAL. THREE DAYS LATER, THE SENIORS RAMBLED DOWN T0 THE THE ALVERNIAN N K7 Rosh MARY CHLLA Our Lady of Vivfory French Club '34, '55 Gleaner Staff '35 Debating Club Sodaliry KATHLEEN CUMMINGS Our Luffy of Merry Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 Sodality LIQONA CHMSTOH Sl. Edward' French Club '34, Business Club Sodality MARY CUMMINGS Sl. Williurrz Business Club Soclality 1 Business Club Sodality AN I COURT THE POST OFFICE AND THE BOARD, OF TRADE. THAT WAS LEARNING IN A M ...Q r 'N , f ....iE1.LK1QY.!QR.H1AlL..3., . - , ' neu 45 YQ , J XXX ANNE MARIE DEAN MARGARET DOUGI-IERTY f2lIl'l'N uf Ang:-lx Amilmrirltion French Club '34, '35 French Club '34, '35 Chemistry Club Sodnliry IIu.NI1 Dll'llRli'll I. B. MIIrpl1y Svbonl German Club Business Club Sodality X' X, VIRGINIA DYNNowsIxI Sl. Vialor French Club '34, '35 Business Club Sodnliry ELAINE DI'rToN SI. Erfuuunl French Club '34, '35 Gleaner Staff '35 Alvernian Staff '35 Business Club Sodality MARY EAI:I.Is Sl. Viufur German Club Business Club MAIVIIIA l,UIlA Sudality Gleaner Staff '35 Sl. Slariiilam Sodality Virgil Club Gleaner flmlf '35 LucIL1.Ia ELGAS Chemistry Club Sl. Timothy Glee Club '34, '35 German Club Braille Club French Club '34, Somlality Sodality bl ,Alt fl, ,-..,g..:,-. ,. . .J :,,., -I.. 'ggixnsgnrigwgvgg HOfY?igURPRISED in-my GI3!LSi"5 what 'TOQ muirr 'ms' AUTHOR or 'rx-mm PAGE 46 JM . THE ALVERNIAN IVIARGUERITE ELTING De Witt Clinton Virgil Club German Club A. A. A. '34, '35 ' HELEN FRANK Sl. Edward Virgil Club Gleaner Staff '35 Alvernian Staff '35 Glee Club Business Club Sodality Sodality BERNIQE FISHER DOLORES FLE1sr-HHAUER Queen of Angels St. Pasfal Business Club French Club '34, '35 A. A. A. '34, '35 Gleaner Staff '35 Sodality Alvernian Staff '35 Debating Club Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 JOAN GLENICRI DOROTHY GNEIST Furnsworfh Srbool Our Laffy of Graff French Club German Club Business Club Gleaner Staff '35 A. A. A. '34, '35 Business Club Sodality Sodality HARRIET FUESZ A DOROTHY GORSKI Our Lady of Vidory 'lf' ,f Sl. Conslanfe French Club '34, '35 Vg, I German Club '28 'J Business Club V r Business Club Sodality X gy, Sodality RELIGION TEXT -FATHER LAUX! AT LAST THE"STUDENTS TOOK A DEEP BREATH AS THEY 2i:L3y': sy' ff 'ri-m ALVERNIAN WV, PAGE 47 E I DoIio'rIIY GROSSMANN ,f ANNIQ I'lALI'IN St. Timullr-y y I Sl. Prisrillu French Club '34, '35 French Club Alverninn Staff '35 ' Business Club Business Club Sodality A. A. A. '34, '35 LUCILLIL Gnoruus Sodality SI. Mathiux French Club '34, '35 Alvernian Staff '35 Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club A. A. A. '52, '33, '34, '35 Sodality RosAI,YN HARRICJAN Qlwru of Angels French Club '54, '35 Chemistry Club BILIQNIUQ GUTIIIQIIQ Sl. EIIMYIVAI' French Club Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 Sodaliry VIRGINIA HAYES Sl. Amlrvu' French Club '34, '35 Business Club l A. A. A. 54, 35 A. A. A. '34, 'ss ' Sodality Sodality GFNliVIIiVIi HIQALY BI T1 LEY St. Margun-I Mary 'L ntl . ' Debating Club V' gi Cl ,DJJ Chemistry Club ein I '35 y A.A.A. '3 , ' 3, '34 35 ' e Club , Glue Clu '33, 4, '35 ' lub X 1 Braille ub S aliry ,. . " Sodaliry ' fl :AAA WERE DISMISSED FOR A THREE-DAY THANKSGIVING VACATION. BACK THEY RUSHED T PAGE 48 ' , THE -ALVEKNTAN ji DoRo'rHY HENNIESSY LORRAINE HETTINGFR Queen of Angels Sf. Maflgiuy German Club Business Club Sodality REGINA HERDEG Sl. Vialor French Club '34, '35 Business Club Sodaliry DOROTHY HIPPAUF Sf. Plailomena German Club Business Club French Club '34 35 Business Club Sodality ELIZABETH HESSELMAN St. Pascul German Club Business Club Sodality BARBARA HORNE Sl. Benedici French Club Business Club Soclality Soclality EDITH HILLMAN Sl. Vialor German Club Y ll Business Club Sodality Qc , ANNE HRABINA Si. Cyril French Club ,34 Business Club Sodality Just IN 'rum ron THOSE DREADFUL' REPQRTC bulbs: X i , , . , , . ,. ,,, , -. -..H - ..-..,..... 'f' alias..-.a-... , E. N '!"':fr"":':1""'j 1' E .G Gl:RTRUllla IWKR C MARY JAGOR Immarulah' Hear! S' Aliffwffffff German Club Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 Art Club Sndality Rose JENKA St. Veronica German Club Business Club Glcc Club '35 Sodality LAVILRNL jAt,ouS Cafheilml French Club '34, '35 Alvernian Staff '35 A. A.A. '34, '35 'ii M JA. 1.1- 4 . vga 'X l MARGARET ANN KELLY Our Lmly of Vidory German Club Chemistry Club Art Club Sodality 'Q l xx 'Wx 'Q German Club Chemistry Club Sodality joshi'HlNia .lAuomTc'n Sf. Benedict Virgil Club German Club Gleaner Staff '35 Debating Club Sodality MARGAKFIT R. KE SI. Viator German Club Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club Sodality l.LY DOROTHY KILMP Ebingvr Srlwul German Club Chemistry Club Glce Club '33, '34, '35 51. , , :...-,,.nq,,-v- J.,.45.nwl1-fnuR:'i-axw:, , 1vn.,.. .jf"'.!' 'ure' A A , M 23.1 -v ru A . ' 5' as 4 4 -' sg -- rm V ' - , 1 ' i lf ffl GERTRUDE KENDZIERSKI - M KATHLEEN KNIGH Our Lady of Victory , St. Mathias L French Club '34, '35 Virgil Club Chemistry Club Gleaner Staff '35 Sodality Chemistry Club Sodality REGINA KIELCZYNSKI MARIE KLUG Immaculate Heart St. Edward German Club Cicero '34 Business Club German Club A. A. A. '34, '35 Alvernian Staff '35 Sodality Gleaner Staff '35 Soclality IxENE KOSTREWSKI MARIAN KRIEN Our Laffy of Victory Our Lady of Victory Virgil Club German Club Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club Chemistry Club Sodality GERALDINE KOENIG Sodality St. Benedirt German Club Gleaner Staff '35 DOLORES LANDERS Debating Club Our Lady of Virlury Business Club French Club '34, '35 Sodality Sodality l 3 f.rf11'f' "e' 5 r 'W 5 e " F ve aerr a ?'f"Z'fuW13 ' ,-me , e5 1 1'Hil,i,Aii6fli!ifKfIM P463 51 jI1AN . LANGE .' lizlwunl is Club 0 Ity MARY I.AWl.I'R Qlll'f'l1 of Arlgrls Germain Club Gleaner Staff '35 Sudalimy VIRGINIA Loos St. Amlrru' German Club Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club Braille Club Sodnlity CATIIIQRINK l,0GSDON Sf. Grvgory French Club '34, '35 Business Club Sodzliry ,ll-IAN Nli Ll-,FIEBVRE VIRGINIA Liexvis Sl. Alplmnxux French Club '34, '35 Business Club Sudaliry Sf. Louis Arazferlzy French Club '34, '55 Alvernian Staff '35 Business Club A. A. A. Sodality MARY AI,Ia,Ia Luc'As Sl. Emlivurfl French Club '54, ' Chemistry Club Sodnlity 35 JOSIEPHINI-1 MAxIl'.SKl Sl. Amlrru' German Club Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club Sodality . .,,.., . ,.,., .,, .,....W ,..-uw MAI- Vu- -,M f.fw,,wr-s-v-see wif-wwf-wwl -wr AY u:pn,v,,freer-g.w.-.1 . . . , A y-M I X , , , J I ,.-LZ. , bs , D A 1 4 4 . t X Q F Q 1 FWAQLS' E.E2?.sYii?..f,,5f?E'f'F5: ?sHi.E5E..'?L'i'3,ssY!5EQs, 43' f"""!.?...f ...Ms 3-VIE-'Rf,,'l"J' i 'M 9- ' 5 - -rf' Ai ' . ni vw , ' ju-' - ' ,a a.',--- '. 'f" ,1'i'g- ..,r, 'Lt 4' ..ssxli1 My 5 .. . 5 '.1'9aWa'faA HF isa MARY MAILOY CAROL MCCOLLUM Sl. Cornclizzs Sl. Edward French Club '34, '35 French Club '34, '35 Business Club Gleaner Staff '35 Sodality Alvernian Staff '35 Chemistry Club Sodaliry GERALDINE MANGAN Sl. Amlrrw Sl. G6'7lPlf'iPLf? Virgil Club Business Club A. A. A. '34, '35 ROBERTA MALLOY Virgil Club French Club '34, '35 Alvernian Staff '35 ,. Sodality If 5 X Orchestra f 3 A nj Sodaliry Yi, 5 L F- Y 2 if ANTOINETTE MCGARRY JEAN MCGRATH Nrllleborxt Our Lady of Merry French Club '34, '35 Business Club Gleaner Staff '3 5 Sodality Chemistry Club , Sodality 5 Hum. MCZDONOUGH MARGARET MOONEX' St. Pascal ' ' St. Gregory French Club '34, '35 f XX Business Club Business Club 'VV 1 25' A.A.A. '34, as Sodality LY '- Sodality ' N X . . r YN 5 wi.-nh-'.-2' , Mmgnwwwwq- gf fs v qi' WE ' 'L' M ,gf 1, 'Se' U 4 'V' 4 Mp 'fs ,L in 'Y 9 4 'Q' 'T' Q'-"fr f.'ga,,,ff-gg1i:'1Qv?Gy-gi.-3''f V ffjf, ' A, ,gm 1.ff.3'+j,,x-f:l'14 vjmsz '?Ll'f'f rc:-5-f +I ff' " 'Eg-.ifffel A - :-If"'If'1"QIffj 1. WJ f' "" 3751-F rf '.,1,5f,Qnl ' Q5 , ' ' . i' " " " -' 4,20 1 '- 'J - if' 5 1 'I ' L . " ' "V fr -V, 3,5-gi .rm ffw,--.La. JJ ,.,ju','- -2-1.1. -h,.:....,,, i, V 2 . , . , nm... ,ff 1 . .:f,,,4,. :4 , '- .-if lf. .A r, rf.. , L.-T.. ff V144 14 CLIQONORE NELSON MARY OGDIEN Our Luily of Virlurv Our Lady of Vialory French Club '34, '35 Business Club Business Club Soclaliry Sodality Gl5NIivllavu Nl:VIl.I.ll Sf. Iuliuna French Club '34, 'AS Sodalicy ANNA ONDRUS Sf. Cyril German Club Business Club ARx.1a'r'i'A Nou. Sl. Philomvnu German Club Business Club Orchestra Sodaliry Mfnuli Ovviai. Si. Eiluuml French Club '34 Business Club Glee Club Sodnliry Loulslz Oiml ian Sodality I Si. Bvm-ilirt BliIKNlK.l-. O'HliRN French Club '34 35 Our l,uJ-y uf Illrrajy X Alvernicm Staff 3 Business Club ' la Business Club Soclality - I, Sodnlity s ' i' " ' "N "u""""""' ' ' " 1m: af"'r"fs:1' -" 1ff""r .M 'fg'?f2E!'4"l3ffllg'f.'Ef',.I.9s'Q's,.gi5 ,.l19ff f 1: -V 1' " NT M 'MW' ' 'Q N 3 . W A 0 ,, ,,,,,, ,.,.,., ,.,... k W ' g 1 THEQALVBRKIAN Aj S J . HELEN OISHIZA , MARGARET PoI.oWx' SI. Barlholomzfw W St. Juliana French Club '34, '35 ' 'I German Club Business Club Virgil Club Orchestra Art Club Sodaliry Sodaliry CECILIA PARTHUN St. Gregory German Club Business Club Sodaliry LUCILLE PREUCEI. Our Lady of Vidory German Club A. A. A. 534, '35 Sodaliry VERONICA PEDERSEN Si. Cornelius Business Club Sodality DOROTHY REDMOND St. Burtholomew Alvernian Staff '35 Business Club Glee Club '33, '34, '35 VIRGINIA PREGLOW Sodality Our Lady of Vidory JANET REINER French Club '34, '35 Amundsen Gleaner Staff '35 ll Business Club Business Club Sodality Sodality fu! -aww ?,,' ..,:.,.,,,.., ,. , . .W . . . A , , ,. , .. .. WV MA.,-....f,mys.pnnmn-gp,y+-fqg.,q.ey.--,.-f,,f,w7+Fff1ray-w,- wif--4-5 vw-57:3 RooM.,gAu saws AGAIN! -MAnormA won 'ri-mHn1:nA'rn1wr'rn ,ALv'tm1'm4snux.Anvns2N i HS ' 4 . 4 ,.h,.I..f .,M,,...,.- .....m..aun..u.4..r f' .pd r - s,.:.uni -I l ,..QQfF,.l3..1?Tii-.?l1!!.ff,!'A.2t,- .,. 'E4' KAL MMM' Russ GENEVIEVE ROWAN Si. Bc'n1'1lir'l Chemistry Club Glcv Club '52, '53, '34, '35 Our Lady of Vivfory French Club '34, '35 Business Club Sodaliry Sodaliry Mfuun RIQZANKA Blvm-fl Agnrx Mlrmu-.n Rifurln Our Lmly uf Gran German Club French Club '34, '35 Gleaner Staff '35 Alvcrnian Staff '35 Business Club Chemistry Club Sodality Sodality ELVIRA Ruififoro ELEANUR Sniaarou Foreman Axxumplion Business Club French Club '54, '55 Sodality Business Club Glec Club Gl,R1'RUl!l-. Ruizmumwz Sodality CATHIQRINIQ SCHOEN Sl. Hilary X x Sl. Timolhy Business Club - H, Virgil Club Sodnliry Nj ,J German Club I Glee Club " Soclality s l ' , , 0 1 X l " TiiiIiiHfiii:iS7 Wx-riijriiixniiion sub: "Ti-lERE"S. lf'i7CH 'mkr' mvgiAN3g1c?iBnYfiifys1'i likdiiiiiiy '3' ""ff2f i ..,..,....,. M...-v.,., ,.,.,.,,. ..-, , ,.. , . , ,,. .,. , , , l..,,.. .ii-e-1-L-F.:-W 1.e,:,.. tr, , ,, , V ' Y: il saw. ' ' W' v-wits. .-...., ., .- 4 'Ml' , ,,4.,. . .,,. 'YTSLYURZQEQN MARY ALIQIL SCHOWALTER Sl. VIATQR ,' French Club '34, '35 , . I Gleaner Staff '35 t Alvernian Staff '55 Chemistry Club A. A. A. '32, '33, '34, 'ss ' Sodality VIOLA SCHUH Sl. Edward German Club Business Club A. A. A. '54, '35 Sodality LAURIANE SODINI Sf. Philomenu Virgil Club Business Club Glec Club Sodality MARY SMITH Sf. Vialor Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club Sodality ALHUEDA SQHARF Sl. Francis German Club Business Club Glee Club Sodality MARY SPEHN Queen of Angels Virgil Club Gleaner Stal? '35 Debating Club Chemistry Club A. A. A. '35 Braille Club MARIE SIEVERS Ebingrr German Club Chemistry Club Sodality HLLEN Smns St. Prisfilla German Club Business Club Glee Club Soclality 'x fffg'mza"'5'EBmn'CRy"iibivrfid'ii'7iSiE1iii'Egi-i':5i7X?7'rrm" G f"7u'fiu12rQ?Siimn 1 A ' A F ' i .,wi.wvrwAw,. A A M f f I X v, , Ensm S1'AMBonsK1 J' Y """"' SARA TRAVERS Sf. Bermlirl Virgil Club Orchestra '32 Business Club Sodality ELI-,ANOR TRI Sl. Paxral French Club Business Club Braille Club Our Lady of Merry Business Club '35 Sodaliry LORLTTA STKENTZ Our Lady of Merry German Club Business Club Sodalirv , '33, '34, GRACE THESEN Ml. St. Clare Academy Virgil Club '35 German Club '34 A. A. A. '35 Orchestra Sodality "x fngs xi 4 . MARY VALLONI2 , Sl. Barfbolomew A. A. A. '34, 'ss E1.rANon Usmiowsiu Immarulale Hear! Virgil Club Chemistry Club Business Club Glee Club 1 Soclality Soclality l NGAU GERALDINE VOPAQKE Our Lady of Vieiory '34, '35 French Club '34, '35 if Business Club Orchestra '32, '33, '34, '35 ' Sodality J - -. A . rw Glec Club can , b My ,A . ,E-r"""" """""""y """"""""F"", -W , 'J if ,?'W"" i, 11.5.41 ily? ,, . . ' . 4. v. ,-H +-I.. . J f 5-y 4. 1 Q 1 0 , V, '.., .'?""Pff'W-ff ' W' YEAR 'f f -r B 'f 1 . J CIQCILIA WElI5lNGrR SI. Burlbnlonzru' French Club '34, '35 Business Club Braille Club Sodality Gkfusifmmxy WUILRS1' Murphy Virgil Club French Club '34, '35 Gleaner Staff '35 Glee Club '34, '35 A. A. A. '34, '35 Sodality PAGE ss f X gf fl THE ALVERNIAN I , V i L - , fr J 'MMU I . l -if I 1, t Jn I IRLN1. WAI.DRON A - " MARII1 WAI.sii Sl. Puxval - J J Sf. Barh5olmm'u' German Club 'I J Virgil Club Art Club Af French Club '34, '35 Sodaliry 5 1 5 Sodality " Ev1s1,YN WALINSKI ANN WEBER A lnlnnwnfafrf Hrurl Sl. Prfvr ,A I German Club German Club H Gleaner Staff '35 Business Club ' Business Club Sodality A.A.A. '34, 'ss Sodaliry MADALIN Wnx CORINE WOL.F Furuxuvrllr SI. Bonawniure French Club '34, '35 French Club Gleaner Staff '35 Sodaliry Debating Club Chemistry Club A. A. A. '35 Sodality MAimAiu-fr' WlL'l'ui-.N RITA WESTERMAN St. Malloiux Sl. Rila P ' Virgil Club French Club '34, '35 y Business Club Business Club F 1 ' Glee Club '33, '34 '35 Sodaliry A ' Sodaliry . x ' fl' .' J LJ! flj lx X vy ,i - J ROUND AND ALVERNIANS ENTERED WITHOUMALOSHES. THE SNOW HAD DISAPPEARED- Uv N fi 'if' - . ' 1 v iv! L X'-4 Juniors ,. 'ran - ALVERNIANM , , 1 WW M - MM I ROSE ADAM DENA ALONZO DOROTHY BAER Sl. Edward L 'ke ' Sl. Henry FLORENCE BANACI-I N'M G E 'CKER DORIS BIEII St. Bartholomew undscn St. Vvroniva HELEN AHERN LORRAINE ARGENTI Sf. Viator qf Sf. Bartholomew EVELYN BAR'I'I.Ls CONCETTA BENDIQLNII3 Mayfair K Angcl Gnanlian MARGUERITE BLACKBURN , ROSE MARIE BURRI2 St. Amlrrw Our Lady of Mercy MARIE CORNYN M MARGUERITE COSGROVE Sl. Pbilomfna Sf. Mathias VIRGINIA BLACK LORRAINE BUCRLEY EILIIEN BURTON Sl. lizfwara' Sf. Illlillllll Sl. Barlholomcwc' LUCILLE CHEESEMAN ELIQANOR CoRsIcI.IA MADELINIi CRLMIIR I Sl. Edward Sl. Veronica St. Pascal I I lx' rf -, Afg C I It ,IL . .Ag ' If W ' I EN XIV .W mfx qwzaxswvffg TT" " ' ' I V iz, fd ' 3?bA"ffQQE!,1.A THB? FIRST TIME VIN MANY MONTHS, TOO! ALVERNIANS STILL IN THE WHIRL OF 1 I 0-1 'ff ,J 4 THE ALVERNIAN - KMA ff' -Q . RUSIMAKY C uruxv Mxrw DAITON ' " V1 ' f ARMliI.I.A Dfwman Sf Burllmlrnmu Our Lu1l5 0 Vnforv Sf. Pusrul R lllll Dr 'ma llovm Duxzv Clacn.lA DYMIIK Olr lmly n Mzrry Our I flx 0 Mzrm Our I.urly of G1'u1'z' Evl1l.YN DANELSKI Sl. Viator MARY DWYIQR Sf. Tarrissux MARY Fouiv Sf. IfK,lL'llV1l I.oUlil-. F0R1'Mlx.1,1 R Sl. Alplzonxnv Auf:-. Flscm-.R Sl. Puxcul CuAul,o'r1'l-. Fxrrz Sf. Fvnlinumf RESOLUTIONS PLUNGED INTO SCHOOL WORK, BUT FATHER KENNEY'S WITTY ILLUSTRATED af ' LPAGE sz , Tl-IE Anvnnwmn LY V lf L f NRM, Lincoln School Our Lady of Merry St. Alpbonsus MARGARET HAHN f MARIE HEAGLE I EMILY Hocu St. Alpbonsus f St. Vialor . . ' Our Lady of Mercy AD A GRAY I ,f " MARIE GRoss St. Vialor , Sl. Pbilomena DOROTHY HAMERLY . ELAINE HINSRE Sl. Berredicl Sl. Vialor CATHERINE X-IpIfIfMAN M MARY JANE IRWIN St. Ma K3-' , St. Barlbolomew IRENE ' SZKNSKI MARIE KARTI-IEISER Imm ulaxf Hnfarl of Mary Sf. Hilary DoLoREs HOFFPILDER "' MARGARET Houcu HELEN -IAcRsoN Our Lady of Marcy Au, Ll Our Lady of Grave MJX Sf. Viator HELEN JACOBSEN 9' I " RozELI.A KAESBERG JOAN KASPARI St. Vrroniva "RP Qgh Sl. Andrew M V St. Iuliana tb' A . If If 4 , ,Xi LLIJJITK ' r . .ff-frm Q," 1 -' "'F'l-0 " ' " "Mi131'Z! 7' 'fiiifaj -I 'V t I Q " ebgig pig? LECTURE Bnoxn: ,THE SPELIJ. SISTER GERLANDA GAVF' 'rl-IE GIRLS ANOTHER SURPRISE- I 'rl-m Anvnnunm ' 3493953 A x v I U X r DOROTHY ANN KAU A N V IEUGRNIA Kna1.:,zYNsRr' ADIELINE Kowuiznx Agassi: Our Lady of Vfylqrf PI! Sl. Conxlanve RITA KRuua 'JU' BITTY LAMPF VN Xf CLAUDTA LLEWELLYN Forman XY C Murphy 'Q 3 SI. Ecluuznl IEA 1 KA ANAUGH , ' Ouvn KOTTRTQ Sl. Iuliuna J' yi f Sl. Viafor RITA KUCHAKSKI HARRILT LANGE Sl. Conxlunre -- Sl. Malbius Hlil.IiN MARH- LUczAs MARGAREZT MAJESR1-2 Sl. Gregory St. Amlrfu' GIQRTRUUIQ Mm:Glvr1RN . N DOROTHY MILLER Sf. Viator Sf. Paxfamj MARGARET Louscu VIQRO IEE ADDEN , .fAj'JjJVERONIC1A MLLCALL SI. Tarrixxux nf dy of Meng' ivy, SI. Genevieve GRAKIE McCoy fa A KNN MCNICHOI.S 'dv .J nf KATHLEEN MINOGUL Our Lmly of Gran Sf. Amlrvu' 'V Wfy... NL Sf. Vialor ' 'k'?' Flf ,QT . Lf ,, Y Z .Ani- fx' W Img 1 A"'rx4uL P663 RICH"- 'rl-rin? LAUGI-mn ASSIGNMENT, ,gm ,h...,...M4.... .,,. .WM gW.,,.. 4...,,,,. , ,, ,., .,-.- - ,, ,, , -. N-. . :2...Q.,g... "LR-2" 1' 1 hx, : , px. I xx TI N Q , I A ' R I A I r 5 I 'x 'X x 'Q J X ' 1 V W C ' J X A X' XXI 1 xx fx X J J S I f , S . t x . Q e ' PAGE64 I I X ,A -J 441-.nmQ'ALvu:RNrAN I ' I J G1 I 3, ELEANOR NIORELSND A J fl BETTY JANE RRIs MARIAN NAUGHTON Sf. Nurfisxus 1 St. I urd ,,Q Si.Bariho1amew ANNA IRENI3 NAUMES o NE N s U LUQILLE O,BRIliN Our Ludy of Merry A I. Roberl Sl. Gregory Rosu MoRITz VIRGINIA MORTON St. Sebuxtinn Murphy LOUISE NAUMES LOUISE O,BRIEN Sl. Matlriax Our Lady of Lourdes FRANCES O,I'IAYI?.R MARY JANE O,NElLL -' St. Eu'u'rIrIl Sl. Veronica Qs HELEN PELZER .' JOYCE PISHOTTA Sf. Ezfwuni . Farnsworlla MARGARET O' ARA ELEANOR O'KI3EFE 'by ,cl My JULIA OTTEN Ouj Ludy of Merry JEAN POLLOWY M I TA P St. Pascal ARY oRr'r QQ' XR X' Sf. Benedict ' 'ff X ' ELEANORE PROEBSTLE SI. Viufor , N' Sl. Edward f 3 If rv' . warm!-NH - WINTER SNEAKED UP on THE 0LDiA?i:5wIi.i I Swag .ML 'J , WJ' f ' W .W VV' 'V 'WI f 'jjj' r lj 'Vu Dlfxuf ' ' ' ' K-IJ fi!! ' A 5, fd VV 'mm ALVERNIAN ' I J ' Myjf v R IQQQQ gg ,A Q X ' W? yi ,,n AWA 3 Our Luffy of Mvrr' Our Lady of Vivfory Our Lady of Vidory GRAQI. SAN'l'Il,I,l MARY SCH!-IR LoR1aTTA Sc'Hol.sliN SI. Dz'ni.x Sl. Puxmf Our Lady of Vivlury X I,oRRAlNl Rl INK Rl- LORRAINI, Rua ln. , Sf. Amlrru' Palrirk I21.l,ANoRl Sc,uAl1A1R BliRN1c'1i ScuN14.m1-QR Sl. W'i1lium Sl. Prixrillu l.I,ClNA SQAHUITZ DOROTHY SI,ATI'R Sl. Prlrr Sl. Viafur LUclL1.1-. S111-.Ns livlQl.YN S'rvPc:zYNsRl rx Sf. Grrgnry Sf. Viulor MARY ANN Sc HORSK H Am UNI SRIRA MARC I l.l A SUHM Sl. I'4m'ul Sl. Viulor Our Lual-y of Marry l'Zl.lfAllI"l'H S1 ANKI LURRAINI, S'rRAM3x Sf. William YI lifluunl MARY -ILAN SXVl.I:NLY Sl. Roflvrl I MAN HAD T0 fNTERFEREg ONE THOUGHT ALVERNIANS HAD ENOUGH TROUBLE, M K . I W PAGE as X THE ALVERNIAN K, , I sl AW f jx M ,f ' ,M UN . -.X I QM IR .WUJ I A WW Q r5,:"f"y.1 J' DOLORES TAI-INIZY L 'IYIVDWARY MARGAR THOMPSON NAOMI TOWNIQ U Sl. Viator St. lla Arlington Heigbls MARIE TI5NNIiR , - EILEILN TILIJE Sl. AIPIJOHSIIS Irving Pa GRACE WAGNER VIRGINIA WALIJ MARCEIfLA W I VIRGINIA WLAST Our Lady of Grave Qufen of A11 Is St. I ' Sl. Timolhy , A .I P . . j VIRGINIA WEIS L QILLL WETTFR ELEANOR WILD ADELINE XVILI.0W' , Sl. Mulbias St. Vialor Our Lady of Viriory St. Hyurinih ,. ' JBARBARA WILSON EI,EANoRIa WISIZMAN MARY WRIGHT JUNE ZINGSHITIM I A Our Lady of Virlory Sf. Edward Sl. Iuliana St. Mulloiax - JG All I Qi. 5,-fr X WITH SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS AND PREPARATIONS FORf'THE "ANNUAL" CARD PARTY. M, . 1' X fx N. Sophomores ' ' '15kGl:l'ss 'run ALVERNIAN MARGARET AIJAMICR LEILA BARR MARILYN BIES Sl. Pasral Sf. Gregory Sf. Malhias ELIZABETH BAREs KATHLEEN BIPS KATHRYN BOLZK Sf. Mathias St. Mailaias St. Bnrllmlomeu MARGUIERITE BRADLEY MARION BRENDEL MARY BUCHTA Queen of Angels Sl. Hilary Blessezl Agnes BEAURUTI-I BOTT MARGARET BREGENZER MARGARET BRODT Sl. Benedict Sf. Bemulicl - Our Lady of Merry MARGARET BUSSCHER LORRAINE CHALIFOUX VIRGINIA CHRISTIANSON Sl. Peter St. Hilary Sl. Veronifa ELLEN MARX' BURNS MARY CI-IOBLAWIGZ MAUREEN CLARKE Sl. Curnelius Sl. William Sl. Prisrilla MARGARET CORRELL HEI.FN COSTA Home CUTMORE Sl. Mafbias Porfagz' Park Haugan Srhool ALICE C'0NNORS MARY CORR JANE ELLEN Coucu SI. Bmezlirl Si. Eclwarzl SI. Beneclivl 'M.Qf9""" . K 1 , THE ALVERNIAN I PAGE 69 V 4 bSYF?if'.s.f :9.n.Q.J-1"?k L A LORKAINI- Curmokl Dounus Duuu Ml1RC'IilDI,i IDURNING Sf. lifluwnl f2lll'4'lI nf Allgulx SI. V1'mnic'u COl.l'l"l'A Du NZ FRANK rs Dum AN MARGARl"I' Dwvl-u Our nf Virlury Iivlfliug Our I.a1ly of Mvnjy Mfumfuu I' FARLI Y l'1l.l,ANUR I:UR'l'Mll.l.l,R IBOLORLS Gu-.asm ll Our I.u1ly of Hmm' Sl. Alpbouxux Rf-illy MARfiI'Il.l,A Iirrz LORRAINI. FIf'l'T ROSEMARY Gmxvm' Sl. Vrronira Sl. Paxval Sf. Mafbias MARILIN GCYKMAN ClmRI.0'l"ll- Glummx MAUREIQN Hfmmzk Sl. Viufur Sf. Puxrul Sf. Viulnr 1.1-,UNL Gown' Bl-.'l"I'Y ANN CZRUIKER MARY Hfuzui Sl. Vvmniuu Our I.u1lwy of Iwrnjy Sl. Viator Dmnnus FIANK MARY Hl',Al.Y lill.I-l.Nl2 HI NNIKEAN lfnrfmm Si. Murgurul Mary Our l.mfvv of Virfory fi!-.RAl.llINl' PIAINIS MARY I'lAUl'I.IKS PA'r1un:m HI-.IIJBKINK Sf. I'u,null Sf. linlznml Sf. Iimfuwrfl .L-:Lg BASKETBALL GAME-Qf'W1TH THE SENIORS AND A CTORS. VARIETY AND ' ' I ,PAGE -Io yd THE ALVERNIAN I , I . 'R I i,y3y5'f" X , GENEVIEVE HOBBS ADELE HOWE VIRGINIA HUITINK Sl. Edward Our Lazly of Virfory Our Laffy of Merry DOROTHY HUMAN MARGARET HUGHES MARY JANE HURLEY St. Mathias St. Andrew Si. Ellwara' LORRAINE JONES VIRGINIA KALTER CATHERINE KELLY Si. Pasral St. Prisrilla Sl. Benedirl MARGARET JIRASIEK ELVIRA JUZAITIS BERNADETTE KEARNS Blessed Agnes Our Lady of Merry Queen of Angels ELIZABETH KENEALY DOROTHY KIEFER MARIE KIoEI3GE Sl. Pascal St. Mathias St. Veroniea . FRANCES KENNY YVONNE KING ELEANORE KIRK Si. Viator Von Sieuben Sl. Pascal ELEANOR KLEPIGH LUCILLE KOTOWSKI GEORGIA KRAMP St. Philomena St. Tarcissus Portage Park BERNICE KLEMUNDT MARY KNIGHT MARJQRIE KoucH Immaculaie SI. Malbias Reilly -am.-qw Ii SPIEEA 'RIILIEIIEIJ QGHOLASTIC I mzunemav ' THE' GERMAN -CLUB ' nnAMA'rxznn THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 71 M M A vhyfvf IQLAINI. KRIxN'I'Nl.K MARGARILT LACIKNILR JANE LILHNIHLR Our Luzlbv of Mrrfy Sl. Mulbius Irving Park AVI-.R'l'INI, Ku1'zA Hlzl.liN Lui ES'l'HliR LIEJMAN Sl. Viator Sf. liduuml SI. Framxix Xurivr Mfuuonnl Lums BliRNlK,lf I,UTKli li1.1zAma'rH MAl'SllANli Sl. Grrgory Krlryn Park Sl. Vim'r'nl l,ucll,l,l I.lS'I' ANNA l.Ulc'mQn Al,Il'l Munucv Sl. Frurfrix Xarifr Sl. Maflvias Sf. Prixrilla BIRNARDINI, MANl,13l.ll Dorxonn' MARX Lucl1.1.l-. Mfxuslan Sl. Paxrul Sl. Mulbiux Hitvll Srlmol lfl.l.I.N MARQUl'.'I"I'I' Vlom NlAI,AK'lll:K Dokorulm MQCALL Sr. Turrixxux Sf. Vialor Sf. Gl'IlP1'iPl'f ARI.: Nl. McKAY Loulsla MIl.1l.k Ll-.UNA McNlc'Ho1.s Sf. 'I'an" Sl. Amlrrn' Qllf'l'll of Augrlx NANIY Mxiilllll Bl1'I"I'Y Mi'MKJRRilW MARGARIT Mlss'rx' Our Imlvy uf Mfr I' Sf. Iizluuml Irving Park "IMMENSEE." ON VALENTINE DAY, THE SODALISTS PRESENTED THE SACRED HEART WITH PAGi!HfA A!-VERN IAN' y, GERMAINE NAUMES RITA NOLAN LORETTA NOWACEK St. Matloias St. Pasral St. Constance LORRAINE NELSON FLORENCE NORWICK IRENE O,BRlEN St. Edward St. Bartholomew St. Cornelius ROSEMARY O'GRADY LORRAINE OLESON IRENE O'SHEA St. Ioan of Are Queen of Angels St. Bartholomew LUCILLE O'CONNliLL LEONA OYLEARY RITA O,MALLEY Maternity B.V.M. St. Bartholomew Queen of Angels MARION OWENS ELEANORE PARKER MARY CECELIA PATT Our Lady of Merry St. Veronica Our Lady of Victory CHRISTINE PALMER STELLA PAsRo MARIE PEc:HousER Our Lally of Mercy St. Cyril Our Lady of Merry MARJORIE Poms ALICE RAFFLRTV DOROTHY RIEGER St. Mathias St. Edward St. Pbilomena HENRIET1'A PEKNY MARQELLA PRos'r JEANNE RHEAUME Blessed Agnes Sl. Benedict St. Veronica ogllcbygv X A PRECIOUS EUCHARISTIC VALENTINE, COMPOSEDV F PRAYERS. 'THE SENIORS OF ROOM THE ALVERNIAN - A .nm vw-1 ,, I V, A ,A P '- - W ' ADl'l.I'. RII.II'I'I.Im CoIII.I-.'I'I-. ROSSII LORIIAINI1 RYAN f2lH'l'll uf Angrfs Sl. Mufl1iII.x Sf. Vim'z'nl I.oIuxAINIi RYGIIQLSIQI Sf. Fruurix Xdl'il'f l.II.I,IAN Rom 1,0l.0lU.Q RYAN Sl. Viulur SI. Tbrrlu fs!-,NIQVIIQVIQ SPIQIIN CJIIKTH of Angrlx -losIII-IIINI4, Sc IIIMI Ix lfIv.ANc,IIs Skunwx Sl. Amlrvu' Si. Iubn Caufium MAIIIIZ SIIIIIIY LORRAINIQ Slkonslu AI.Ic1I1 SKWIQRIQS Sl. Robrrl Our Lady of Vidory Our Lady of Virlory MAIQGAIII-.'I' SIIIQIIMANN WINII4'kI'u SUI.I,IvAN LucII.I,I-. TAIINFX' RIISEMAIIII-1 ToIvIAsIx f2lll'l'll of Augrlx Sl. V1'mrri4'u SI. Viafor I Sf. WfI'nI'1'xlu11x MARY SULLIVAN VIRGINIA TIII3sI'N Our Lumly of Viflory Sl. Malbiax -llANl"I"l'l- WAIKIKI N FI,oIu-.Nc I- ANN WISNIIQWSIQI BI-IINARIIINI-' WQINIAIQ SI. Viafvr SI. II5um Sr. BLH,,b0l0,,H.u, ADl,l.l. UNliARI'I"I'l l,0RO'I'HY WVIGGINS . IE1.IzAIxI-TII M. Wow MAIIIIQ ZI-.I Alun!! Srlmnf Sl. Viulur Sl. Maflliax Aguxxi: ,-Q.. -. , In. 1,-.-....,... t.AjM- lH1'f,VIn4 N 205 PROVED THEY WERE THE SCHO0L'S BEST PRAYERS. IN PAMPHVILLE-PRESS PAGE 73 MONTH 5 Freshmen 1393 76 THE ALVERNIAN MARY' ANNE AMSTliIN KATHLEEN ANDERSON LORRAINE BARWIG Lois Blimal. Sf. Barlbolomew Our Larly of Viriory Our Lady of Viciory Sf. Viafm' MARY BELFTINR AUDREY BOTT FRANcxzs BRETT JANL BROWN Sf. Hilary Sl. Bl'l1f'llil'f St. Hilary Sl. Palvr ELAINE ANDERSON DORRIS ARILNDT MARY BTzcRlaR Our Lady of Viclory Sl. Pascal Our Lady of Viclory CHARLOTTE BEYENKA LORRAINE BRACRE LUCILLE BRISTOW Sl. Bartholomew' Our Lamly of Marcy Sl. Viator MARY BURRL2 DOROTHY BYE GLRALUINE CARUSO Our Laaly of Virlory Irving Park Murphy DOROTHY CLHOBLAWICZ LEONA Cook DOROTHY COY Si. Paxral Sf. Priscilla Our Lady of Vifiory MARGUIERITIE BULL MARY CZATHIERINE BURNS RITA QZALLAGHAN FRANc1xas CA'flN0 Our Lady nf Vivlory Our Laaiy of Vivlory Sf. Paxral Sf. Prixrilla LORRAINL CIAVANAUGH Aucla CONDON PATRICIA COSGROVIZ ANNA DART-.R Hamillon Sf. Ealwurcl SI. Malbias Sl. W'illium PROJECT-MANY FRIENDSHIPS WERE FORMED. MANY CAIJHOLIC HIGH SCHOOLS VISITED nm- Anvmnnmu Y 'rqgngl '12 - - A k-.L A 5 Cl-.1 ILM DAUM MARY Dxacuk JEANhTTE DlzSSlMOZ LORRAINIE IDU!-'lflli Our Lmly of Graff SI. Barlbolmnrw Qllrrff of Angrlx Sl. Amlrfu' MARILVN IDUHNSIN ElI.l,liN DUNN CATHITRINF Dwvnan JUNE ELGAS Qufvn of Angrls Sl. Clrmrnl Our Laffy of Mrrry Bunrroff limn Dr, B1 IR Iiv1l.vN Dr Mmm-,s lflI.l.l-.N DLINKDVAN Our Lmlry of Merry Our lmly of Grave Our Luzly of Viflory ANN Dum:-.vm JOSl'PHlN!i DU'fKl.WlC'Z Grv.nALn1Nra E1cHoLz Sl.Pbilomrm1 Sf. Edward Sl. William Bla'rTv Fame GILRMAINIL GILBLRT Mmm-. G1.ul-num' St. Burlbolunu-zu Sl. I'rixrilla Sl. Iiflzvunl li1.vmxA GROI-NWALD Bl-.'r'rY HAM!-Rl.X' MAGUAI.llN HIQIN Sl. Mulbiax Sl. Brm'u'i1'l St. Amlrfu' I-Ivl,l1'N FINKLIK KA'IllR1'N Gfumuzzo Mmm' GI l,NN Dol,onu,s Gol,Nu'x Sl. Amlrru' Gmrvr fjIl'1'l'IlUl4l fQlH'l'H of Angrlx SFIIHIIIIIH1 Pmuv CDRAIJ4 I,0l.ORI-.9 GkUl.Nl7l'I. MARGAk11'r HAM' 1,0ROTHY H1-xNa1c'us SI. Mallriux Q Sl. Hilury Sl. Puxral Sl. Burlbrrlonlru' 'rl-nn VILLA couumruo THE nouns or mmous CHARACTERSA-'FROM 'QAMPH-nnrsgl ,A .0 15,9 v nu ' Aa' ., 321 PAGE 78 THE ALVERNIAN MARIli HELBACEI DO'OTHX' HERMESTROFF Do:oREs HILLENBRAND MABEL HOLMBERQ, Sl. Bf'm'rli4'l Our Laffy of Marry Sf. Hilary Hangar: Srlwol LORETTA HuRc:R1as H1L1.1:N -IIRILER DOR0'I'HY K.ARTHlilSIiR BERNADETTE KLARNLY St. Barllwolomcw Blaxxfwf Agnes Sl. Timothy Sl. Malhias MADELINAL HENN DoLoREs HILDEBRAND MERVYN HINSKli Sl. Benedict Sf. Mafbias Sl. Viator IRENE JASTER HENRIETTA KAMIN CATHERINE KASALLIS Sl. Amlrrw Sf. Alplyonsus Sl. Vialor CAROLINE A. C. KIEMPF Sl. Bcnerficl MARGARET KRAMLR Sl. EIIIUHYII' EILEEN KERRIGAN St. Veronica MARIE KUBERSRI Sl. Bonifare IRENE KORDIK St. Barlbolomew DONNA MAE LACHER Our Lady of Grave MARY KIELLEY GKAQQL KIQNDERS RITA KLoss GRRALDINE Koss Sl. Malhiax Our Lady of Vivlory Sl. Hilary Our Lady of Vufurj LORRAINE KOWAKQZILK FRANCES KRAUSI4, LoRRAlN15 KUCZPIARSKI MABEL LAN: Sl. Conxlamw' Sl. Plailomfna Sf. Conslunre Murphy AFTER FEBRUARY 19, STUDENTS WALKED THROUGH THE CORRIDORS MORE GRACEFULLY THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 79 BARBARA LAI-R12 DOROTHY LINDGRILN FLORENCE LUBASH LORRAINE MAJESKIQ Our Ludy of Mvrry Our Lady of Merry Our Lady of Virfory Sl. Andrew JULIANNE MANG0l.ll HELEN Mc:E1.L1co'r'r MARY MARGARET MCGONEGLE CAROLINE MITCHELL Sl. Pnxrul Our Lmly nf Gran' Our Luffy of Gran' Our Lady of Merry DOKOTEIY Llzls1.R MARY MARGAkl2'l' Llss EUNICLL LYNCH Sl. Pasral Sl. xV,!'Pl4'f'51LIllX Sl. William ALIL1: MKZBRlKll'. MARGARli'T Ml'GARRY LUCILLIE MIEYI-.RS SI. Barfbolomvu' Nrfflcbnrsl SI. Brnnfirl CA'I'llliRINli MORKISLIN AGNl,S NITARY MARGARIZT NlalswlN'rnR Sl. Ifrlwuml Srummon AI?IlHI!l'St"ll Bl'.RNIK,li NII-,Ml:'l' l.AvliRNla PARSINO ROSALIIE PLUEGIER Sf. Pusrul Sl. Haluwlral Sl. Mulhiux MARY Luulsl-. MooNl.Y MARY MORRISKDN NIARGARET Nlflslus FLoR1iNc1l2 NlaLsoN Bruubivn Sl. Mulhiux Sf. Viator Our Lady of Gran SHIRLLY Nl5TTIikSTROM DOROTHY OLINSRI FRANUAS PIONKI-Q H1-1LlcN PoLl.oczR Pivnw' Our Lad-y of Grun' Sl. Iosapbuf Our Lady of Mrn'-y AND SPOKE MORE SOFTLY'- ALL DUE TO MRS. LUELLA CANTERBURTS LECTURE ON sq THE ALVERNIAN I,5.,,q V . '?PERSONALITY.".. TIME NEVER! GREW.- HPDNOTONOUS, EVEN -THE AL'UMNAB'.RETURNED' FOR I ELEANORE PUCILOSKI JEANETTE REIMAN ADELE Ross St. Mary St. Benediel Our Lady of Virlory LILLIAN ROTTINGER MARIE SAMSON GRACE SCHEEL Our Lady of Mercy Sl. Viator Portage Park Sebool JEANNE REILLY Queen of Angels MARY LORRAINE Rrx St. Theresa Doms RUDDY Our Lady of Vielory MINNIE SCHAEFFER St. Genevieve ELIZABETH SCHNUR Queen of Angels HELEN SCHIQAM Queen of Angels JOAN SMITH Our Lady of Angels ESTI-IER SOPOCI Irving Park Sebool GERTRUDE SCHERER VIOLET SQHOTT GRACE SHAERAN Our Lady of Grave Our Lady of Mercy Palmer School ELIZABETH SHERIDAN MILDIIED SOBIESZYZK .IEANNE MARIE STAGER St. Bonavenlure Immaculate Heart of Mary Our Lady of Viclory Q,-..,E.., ,. ...,.. ..,,.....- MM, ,. . .. .... ... ., . ,, ,. . ,, , . , , THE ALVERNIAN VIRGINIA STIINKI. AXJIiI,lNI-I SUQQHAN MARY SY1.vlA Murlrliy Blrxxml Agnrx Sl. Allzfrruf Flmu NK I Sim' FRANH-,s Tuna RITA WAGNIIR Sl. Murv Sl. Timolby Sl. Rnbrrl SlllRI.I,Y s'I'I:NK'AR'l' Our Ldllj' of Virlnry lil.lANoR SZUMNARSKI Sl. Syl1'1'xl4'r MARY LORILTTA WAPOLIT PA'rn1c IA Sw:-.LNILY Sf. Rolzrrf l,oluxA1N1a THoM1fsoN Sl. Burllmlomrw MARION Wl!l'l'BROAD Sl. liflwanl Sl. Ilrrfry GI Nl.Vll'.Vl1 NVoj'1'Al.l wuz MARII1 ZIMMI-:RMAN Sl. Mullriux Sl. Hilary I.l1,l,lAN XVAlSllW'I ll l'A'rRlc'lA w'AI'Tl-.RS CASMIRA Wll,I.lJW l'm'Iugz' Park Svlmul Sl. Amlrru' Sl. Tun'i.vxux l5lA'rnnl Wol,uNnk llnkcrrnv WYNNli ANNA Zocuuuru Sl. Illlillllgl Sl. Mufbiux Sf. Cyril TEA AND PICTURES. ANOTHER MOVIE-"THE MAN WHO PLAYED GOD" WAS ENJOYED BY iixwf any " 2 .': , I M ,. ... W W S : k y . . ew fx A u , f 's no .W ip, x A A .iw ' X A fx ,nr " ALVERNIA AFFAIRS 'ie25EWff:f 74?'giT'f?WWfgRWT , 1 .B . -w-mf' Qyaa' Qxxe 'Q Xxc gxxxcs 3 Nw 6 Amxxcv '33 fPu . bhcations Pxiizw al THE ALVIESRNIAN DOLORES FLEISCHHAUER DOROTHY REDMOND EILEEN KELLER HELEN FRANK Edilorrin-rhivf Buxiness Manager Assoriuie Editor Asrofiulr Ecliior Staff of 'Ghe 1935 Pdvernian I, MARGARET BAPST ELAINE DITTON Class Erfilor Litrmry Editor ROBERTA MAI,LOY JEANNE LEFEBVRE EILEEN MCELI.IGOTT HELEN BARTELMIE Snapshot Edilor Asxixfanl Snupshoi Editor Sports Ezliior Axxixluni Spurls Erlilor A3 3f552E?7XiwA9s1 ARE. WASAINQEBRQETIBfiliilvffiiilixm- Akdiiiih inns RAY. rr ' a.a..L4,MM..:,.f....,.,.... ..., L. .,..,. .-div ., ,..:.w,Aaw....-Ju.-... . . . .- , A , -, L- . f . --.. - Q , .. , -.,... 1...-L ,. 4 V - ff l 1--un.. rg-vu?-... 'rum Anvmnumu "'f 1 LAVIEIKNII JACOBS BETTY BAGFN LOUISE ORGLER DOROTHY GROSSMAN Avlirily linlilor ASUSNIIII Af'fil'ff,Y Eflifllf Orgunizuiionx Bookkrrpvr Staff of O Che 1935 Alvernian CAROL MtZCUl.l.0M MARY ALIKIE SCHOWALTI-.R Adrrrfixing Muuugrr MAR!!-. RIQZANKA Lufl1.1.Ia GROTIIUS MARll'Z KLUG Cirrnlufiun Munugrr Typixl Tyfvirl Axxixlunf Axlrrrlixing Munugrr V A , V f M. - 4-3, 1,1 : ,..,V , ,. ,K YI, R W LM OOOVOO AO THOOOH 'OOO OOHOO1' WOO WO, ,FOO"O,--O ". A . Ie - PAGE 86 THE ALVERNIAN Slamling flefl I0 rigblj -Mary Alice Schowalter, Dorothy Grossmann. Seufed flcfl lo rigbll -Marie Rezanka, Dorothy Redmond, Carol McCollum. Che 1935 Alvernian N THE pages of the 1935 Alvernian the staff has attempted to create a replica of one year's life at Alvernia. It is a brief history of the many activities of Alvernia-activities that will often prick our memories in future years and tempt us to spend an hour or two in thumbing over again the colorful incidents of high-school life. It is a permanent portraiture of Alvernia and her surroundings that will thus pictorially remain always as we have enjoyed themg a true and typical representation of all the phases of Alvernia that we hope will bring praise to our school, our city, and our state. Since, in her supernatural character, Alvernia is best known and most truly understood by those favored ones who call her by the tender name of Alma Mater, the 1935 Alvernian has been dedicated to the Alumnae, who are, in their womanhood, living memorials to her piety, her sincerity, and her intelligence. Following the trend of former Alvernians we have pictured the school year from the angle of student life. One of the first sections of the book has been set aside for student life--that part of high school that is most dear to the memories of every graduate-in the hope that the sight of the pictures and the reading of the description accompanying them may recall pleasant memories made vague and indistinct by time. EXPECTATIONSH CAME ON FEBRUARY 28 AND HTAFFY APPLES" THE DAY FOLLOWING. THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 87 Slumliug qlffr In fixllfy -Dorothy Gneist, Rita Brach. Srulmf flrfl lnrigblj-Mildred Reuter, Graccmary Wuerst, Marian Bryant, Kathleen Knight, Betty Hanley. 'Che Gleaner HAVE two ties to Alvernia-my diploma and The Gleaner," wrote one alumna who thus expressed the fulfillment of the hopes of the Editors. To make the school newspaper a vital factor in the consolidation of Alvernia's varied interests was the deep-seated desire of those whose privilege it was to supply monthly news in the form of The Gleaner. The Gleaner has grown with the school until it has become one of the greatest single factors in regulating school spirit and unifying Alvernia's diverse activities. Originally founded as a medium of expression for creative-minded students, The Gleaner has continued to offer incentive to the writers as well as enjoyment to the readers. In order to insure the regular appearance of a five-column paper such as The Gleaner, a large staff of editors, reporters, and feature writers is required. This year, Marian Bryant was editor-in-chief and had as associates, Mary Berry and Dorothy Gneist. Under them were the literary editor, Mary Spehng the business manager, Mary jane Calvert, the sports editor, Evelyn Walinski, and the headline writers-Rita Brach, Betty Hanley, Kathleen Knight, Mary Lawler, and Gracemary Wuerst. Reporters, feature writers, department editors, and distributors were directly responsible to the sub-editors. BUT IT COULDN'T LAST. LENT BEGAN AND THAT PLACED A BAN ON CANDY FRESH PAGE 88 THE ALVERNIAN Lvfl io rigbl-Rita Kucharski, joan Kaspari, Mary O'Neill, Nellie Curtis, Florence Banach. 'Kilmer Quill and Scroll Societg OR their superior work on the pamphlet, "Let's Go Places," six Juniors - Florence Banach, Nellie Curtis, joan Kaspari, Rita Kucharski, Virginia Morton, and Mary Jane O'Neill-were admitted to the Kilmer Quill and Scroll Society, Alvernia's Chapter of the Quill and Scroll-international honorary society for high school journalists. To attain membership in the Quill and Scroll, student journalists must be of Junior or Senior classihcation and in the upper third of their class in general scholastic standing. They must have done superior work in Writing, editing, or business manage- mentg they must be recommended by the adviser and approved by the national execu- tive secretary. Organized in 1926 for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in journalism and allied fields, Quill and Scroll has taken an active part in raising standards in high-school journalism, and in promoting exact and dispassionate thinking and clear, forceful writing. Commenting on "Let's Go Places," Edward Nell, executive secretary, declared, "The booklet is well written and full, from cover to cover, with interesting and genuinely informative material. Best of all I liked the informal and pleasantly humorous style in which the booklet is written. It certainly reveals a new background of literary work." Alvernia graduates who are members of the Quill and Scroll are Margaret Balassa '33, Dorothy Cashion '32, Mildred Giese '32, Dorothy Miller '32, Verginia Nickus '34, Ruth Virgils '32, and Margaret Werlein '32. JOURNALISTIC BITS WERE GLEANED AT THE CATHOLIC PRESS MEETING ON MARCH 2. Che Arts PAGE 90 THE ALVERNIAN Slumling flrfl to rigblj-Irene Waldron, Rita Haffen, Margaret Ouska, Margaret Kelly, Rita Cosgrove, Mary Alice Schowalter, Margaret Polowy, Dorothy Wiggins. Bark row, scuiml Qleft to rightj-Patricia Watters, Frances Thie, Bernice Niemet, Eileen Dunn, Margaret Missty, Dorothy Coy, Gertrude lwick, Bonnie Flynn, Lucille Mauser, Lucille O'Brien, Virginia Stammer, Mary Burke. Front row, sealed fright fo lefty -Charlotte Och, Mary Becker, Elaine Pederson, Henrietta Kamin, Helen Pollack, Marjorie Lucas, Mary Zei, Lucille Bristow, Patricia Sweeney, Florence Nelson, Dorothy Bye, Peggy Graif, Mabel Holmberg, Bernice Och. Che Art Club ORKS of art wrought by a masteris hand have great power in them. They con- tribute to man's sentiments and touch upon his higher faculties which lead him to a more noble life. In reorganizing the Art Club, the art classes have resolved to equip themselves with the requisite technical skill that will enable them to express such emotions of beauty as arise within them. Furthermore, they have chosen to come in contact with noble works of art, under the influence of as stimulating a teacher as possible, in order to develop their sense of beauty. Probably the greatest activity of the Art Club this year was the Christmas sale of handicrafts. The auditorium lobby was transformed into a veritable gift shop during the week of December 11. Leather-tooled bookmarks, comb cases, card boxes, purses, book and note-book covers, together with a variety of woven, crocheted, and stenciled articles, were on sale. Besides participating in the Western Art Association Exhibit and competing in the National Scholastic Awards Contest, the Art Club assisted the Kilmer Literary guild with the publication of its pamphlet, "Let's Go Places." MARCH CAME IN LIKE A LAMB, BUT, AFTER A FEW DAYS, IN STALKED THE LION. THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 91 Tofu run' fluff In rigfvll flvlary O'Neill, lileanore Sbertoli, Marie Cornyn, Dorothy Kemp, Rosemarie Burke, Lillian Deiieeter, Marguerite lilting, Rita Kruce, Mary Scliorsch, Gracemary Wuerst, ,Ioyce l'isl1otta. Srnulil mu' fluff lu rigfrllf- Madeline Cremer, Anna Ondrus, Teresa Reiss, lfvelyn Barrels, louise lfortniiller, Olive Kottke, Marguerite Cosgrove, Marian Bryant, Iileanore Usdrowski, Lorraine Argenti. 'l'lm'il mu' flvfl lu rigfrll-lileannr Moreland, Rose hlanlta, Kathleen Minogue, Genevieve llealy, Catherine Sclioen, Dorothy Redmond, liileen Ruddy, Martha Duda, Florence llanaeli. l"uln'lfi mu' flf-ff lu riglvfj f-Clnncetta llendecenti, Betty l,ampe, Margaret NlC'iltgen, Helen Spies, Veronica McCall, leona Scliuell, Alfrietla Scliarf, lileanor Foltv, l,nrraine Sudini. Che Glee Club O THE outer world music is, and always has been, an effective medium of expres- sion of the thoughts, the emotions, and the souls of men. In a similar manner, the musical activities of the school impress upon the listeners the true spirit of Alvernia. They are an important contact with the world about us. Progress in numbers and accomplishments has been achieved this year by the Alvernia Glee Club. The organization has grown considerably in size over previous groups and, under the efhcient direction of Sister M. Cecelia, vocal instructor in the department, has evidenced to the public its unlimited possibilities in the production of worthwhile musical entertainment. The great event of the year for the club was the impressionistic Christmas tableau, staged before the holiday recess on December 21. Slowly, two by two, the Glee Club, white-robed and stately, moved down the aisles of the auditorium, the radiant glimmer of Christmas tapers borne by the members affording the only light. As the strains of "joy to the W'orld" died away, the stage curtain parted revealing Bethlehem, a picturesque spectacle. PLUCKY SENIORS DONNED HATS, COATS, MITTENS, AND BOOTS AND TRUDGED KNEE-DEEP PAGE 92 THE ALVERNIAN T017 ww flvff In rigbll-Roseniary Tomasik, Fvelyn Barrels, Rosemarie Burke, Dolores Sigmund, Patricia Sweeney, Elsie Stamborski. Svuzrzzl You' flvfl to rigbfj -Bernadine Woziiiak, Veronica McCall, Rosemary Garvey, Lucille Tahney, Dorothy Wyilne. Tbinl mu' flvfl lo rigbfj-Genevieve Anderson, Geraldine Mangan,Geraldine Vopaeke, Mary Berry, Arletra Noll, Elizabeth W'olf. Che Alvernia Orchestra OR the past few years the Alvernia Orchestra has made steady progress in membership and instruction and has shown marked improvement in the quality of players. The past year has proved no exception to the rule. While it must certainly expand in number and instrumentation before it very nearly approaches a symphonic group, it is the hope of Alvernia that she will one day have a symphony orchestra. It may, perhaps, take many years before the dream may possibly be realized. The success of fully half the entertainments during the school year was due to the efforts of the Orchestra. Class programs and musical assemblies were made more enjoyable by its presence. Naturally, all of the rising musicians entertain a real love for music and take great pleasure in ensemble playing. Sister M. Lybe, who is responsible for the activities and the success of the orchestra, is the ever-patient teacher and director. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the noon hour, one may hear the orchestra rehearsing diligently in the auditorium. One moment there comes a soft, sweet melody followed by a jolly rollicking one from an opera, while later on a selection from a majestic symphony echoes through the hall. T0 THE PARK FOR SNAPSHOTS. PICTURE-TAKING BECAME A HABIT-ALL GROUPS WERE .Lg..-: Lg, f Conservatorg Graduates EILEEN KELLER GERALDINE MANGAN TeactJer's Certificate Preparatory Certificate in Dramatic Art in Violin I VIRGINIA MORTON EVELYN BARTELS CONCETTA BENDICENTE Preparatory Certificate Teacher'x Certificate Preparatory Certificate in Dramatic Art in Piano in Piano 1 LORRAINL RYGIILLSKI DENA ALONZO IRENI3 GOLLITS Preparatory Certifcate Preparatory Certificate Preparatory Certificate in Dramatic Art in Piano in Piano DonoTHY HEINIIICKS ADELINE KOWAZEK VEIxoNIcA MCCALL Preparatory Certificate Preparatory Certificate Preparatory Certificate in Piano in Piano in Piano HENRIIQTTA KAMIN ALICE MABREY GRACE SHAFIION Preparatory Certificate Preparatory Certificate Preparatory Certificate in Piano in Piano in Piano iv N M - - v.-et. -..-Vw, wmv- ,f ... ..I..,. VW.. V. ., .vw mer- fe--Q q---'fan "' ,Q I, . , .. '- ' ' 'H ...g-Qfyeiz,-e,':Lefs gff'j':ir, ,ffngp-, 5,,. 44:-I ,ruff . Hif i- .cpu :W 1 : Ii. ,- .., AI I ., , '1T,,-,,4'i ' I I if: .- ' Q ' F I 'wi-'f2'fmQ, ' 'z 'V "'-.'1"'gff -'xg' f -r.,. ..--. "4 " ."'f.-M21 I. '- ' --A M W A 4 . . .V.- L L. 4 -vo? vnu- - 1 gy I .1 . , .. , imap? xl 1 xqnvjl ,Q noe., vom-ana PAGE 94 THE ALVERNIAN Marguerite Elting, Mary Berry, Dorothy Redmond, Margaret Wiltgcn, "Quality Street." MEDICINE DRIVE AND THE PATRON CAMPAIGN FOR THE ANNUAL. WEREN'T ALVERNIANS THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 95 Mary Spchn, Rim Brush, Guraldinc Vopnckc, "Quality Street." PROUD OF THE MAJESKE GIRLS? ALAS, SENIORS, CAP AND GOWN MEASUREMENTS SHOWED PAGE 96 THE ALVERNIAN liilucn Keller, Mnry licrry, Mary Malloy, Mary Culvert, Geraldine Mangan, "Quality Struct." THAT THE END WAS NEAR. THOUGH NOT IMPORTANT IN ITSELF, IT FORESHADOWED il Organizations PAGE 98 THE ALVERNIAN l Che Annual CRetreat ROM her beginning Alvernia has held tenaciously to the sound principle that religion and education should go hand in hand, that neither should be segregated from the other, and that together they make for the certain welfare, both of the individual and the community in which he lives. With this as an ideal, the School Sisters of St. Francis fostered regular religious instruction as well as the establishment of religious societies. To them religion became an integral part of a systematic education and as indispensable to the young lady as her academic studies. So important did the founders of Alvernia deem religious training in conjunction with a broad intellectual education that in 1925, during Holy Week, one year after the school cornerstone was laid, Sister Mary Archangela, then principal, invited the Reverend George Thomas, CssR., to conduct the hrst retreat. Traditionally, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week are the three days during which all thoughts of class routine and school activities are entirely for- gotten, for on those days approximately 630 students give themselves up to contem- plation and meditation in keeping with the annual retreat, conducted this year by the Reverend Edward Mangan, CSSR., of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. To further the keeping of silence during the intermissions--a prime requisite of a good retreat-spiritual books as well as pamphlets were placed at the disposal of the students. By employing their time in reading matters pertaining to their faith, the girls were better able to keep silence and fulfill the requirements of the retreat. The three days did not lag. The aid of the Reverend Edward Mangan, the sympathetic director, made the time so helpful that all were sorry when the days were ended. THE CLIMAX OF STUDENT LIFE WITHIN FOUR WALLS. TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY, ON THE ALVERNIAN Che Sodalitg Assemblg VERY student a sodalist" is the slogan of the Alvernia Sodality and the large percentage of Alvernians who are members of this organization show how well this slogan is carried out. Early in September the Students' Spiritual Council-Genevieve Healy, prefectg Rosemary Cella, vice prefectg Mary Alice Schowalter, treasurerg Marian Daley, secre- tary-met to outline the plans for the year's program and to appoint committees to carry on the work of the Sodality. Assisted by the tireless and sympathetic moderator, Sister M. Edelwalda, these ofhcers prepared monthly meetings, held in the school auditorium on the Wednesday preceding the first Friday of every month. Frequently outside speakers were engaged to address these meetings, as it was believed that talks furnished by priests would be instrumental in advertising and spreading the Catholic faith as well as teaching the true doctrine. In fulfillment of its function as a student religious organization, the Sodality sponsored noon-clay religious exercises in the school chapel during October, the month of the Rosaryg November, for the poor soulsg December, in honor of the Divine Infantg and May, in honor of the Blessed Virgin. At the conclusion of May, white-veiled students moved slowly down the aisle of the chapel, each pausing before the shrine of the Blessed Mother to whisper a prayer and to lay bouquets of Spring flowers at her feet. Through the channels of the committees-the Eucharistic, Apostolic, Catholic Literature, Social Action-the Sodality supplies the spiritual, intellectual, and recrea- tional needs of its members, and contributes to the spirit of enlightened activity that has come to be known as Catholic Action. PAGE 99 MARCH 19 ALVERNIANS SENT THEIR MOTHERS T0 SCHOOL TO ATTEND THE FACULTY PAGE 100 THE ALVERNIAN Slanding flrfi Io righij --Mary Alice Schowalter, Rosemary Cella. Srufed Qlefl fo rigblj -Virginia Preglow, Genevieve Healy, Marian Daly. Soclalitg Officers O PROMOTE the Cause of Christ in the hearts of the socialists by inculcating the four loyalties: Loyalty to the person of Christ, Loyalty to the Church of Christ, Loyalty to the social reign of Christ, and, Loyalty to the cultural reign of Christ, the Student Spiritual Council, composed of Genevieve Healy, Rosemary Cella, Mary Alice Schowalter, and Marian Daley, referred much of its work to four standing committees. These committees provided and sponsored programs of appropriate activities or projects. There is not space for more than mention of the various committees--the Eucharistic Our Lady's, the Apostolic, the Literature, and the Social Action-directed by Sisters Digna, Lois, Edelwalda, and Paraclita. The Publicity Committee kept the Sodality bulletin board attractive and worth While, acquainting the students with Sodality activities and publishing these activities outside the school when necessary. The work of the Social Action Committee lay in caring for the poor and sick by offering them whatever help it could in the line of food and clothing. The Catholic Literature Committee aimed to interest the students in good literature, and to recom- mend and place within their reach the best books and magazines. The Braille Com- mittee, active enough at Alvernia to be a separate organization, worked quietly and generously to provide reading matter for the blind. The periodic magazine, stamp, and tinfoil "campaigns," conducted by these committees of the Sodality, met with tremendous success as did the annual medicine, textbook, and candy udrivesf' Food, clothing, and toys brought delight and comfort to countless homes at Christmas and Easter. ST PATRICK PARTY. ROOM 203 MUST HAVE SPENT THAT DAY GATHERING STAMPS C "rx-un ALVER,NIANi Marie Kioebge, Olive Kottkc, and Mary Ann Schorsch examining homes in Pamphville. 'Pamphville MONG the best methods for the defense of Religion there is none more suited to the present age, and none more efficacious than the Press. The Press is the work par excellence." lf there was reason for Pope Leo to advocate the matching of the Catholic press with the secular in his day, when conditions were not half so fatal to faith and morals as in the age in which we now live, what would he declare if he were living? Realizing that Alvernians are living in an age when everybody reads and when editors and authors write what people want to read, the Literature Committee, under the leadership of Mary Berry, encouraged the support of the Catholic Press during February by erecting Pamphville-the villa of pamphlets. Sodality headquarters were magically transformed into a delightful village, with winding roads, devious paths, running brooks, and charming homes akin to some fairy suburb. Each dream house with its occupants represented the home of famous characters from famous pamphlets. To inspire Sodalists and to acquaint them with the true culture and philosophy found in Catholic literature, the Literature Committee also launched the project of a Gallery of Living Catholic Writers. Along the wall in room clippings containing biographical and bibliographical data, letters and photographs, believed that if students' the books on the library 106, the committee posted and original manuscripts and autographs. The committee interest in worth-while books cannot be aroused by seeing shelves and publicized on the bulletin board as good reading, perhaps the personal Contact with the authors might bring about the desired effect. PAGE 'I Ol FORQET 'rl-nw Wnnrr "avian THE 'row' IN 'rms swamp niuvr. NEVEQr SENIQRS.g gg 5 PAGE THE ALVERNIAN Members attend tenth anniversary reunion. Alvernia Ladies' Pluxiliarg A RETROSPECT CATTERED through all the countries of the land and standing as monuments of intellectual genius and human tenderness are the structures of wood and stone, fashioned by unselfish lives that time marks in bold relief. Viewed even through the shadowy veil of the Past, the deeds of these men inspire generations with admiration, courage, and loyalty. Such are the deeds of the Alvernia Ladies' Auxiliary, these kindly benefactors who returned to Alvernia on October 4 to keep tryst with the ten silver years, glorified by the dull red of toil, sanctified by the crystal whiteness of prayer. A lavender haze of memory tinged with golden glints of glory wisps itself about those years from 1924 to 1935 in the annals of the Alvernia Ladies' Auxiliary. In that first beginning of a Greater Auxiliary, a group of zealous women mutually formed the nucleus of the large organization that, at its zenith, numbered 1,000 members. They pledged themselves to aid the teachers in making Alvernia the "best place next to home," where a patriotic heritage, a religious atmosphere, and an incen- tive to continue studies would be tinged with romance-a romance of noble womanhood. Among the major organizations at Alvcrnia none has kept a fairer vision, none presents a surer record of God's blessing than her Auxiliary, which has made such rapid growth in the short space of ten years. THE LONG FILE MOVING SLOWLY DOWN THE AISLE DURING RETREAT, WHEN EACH THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 103 Program by Vincent Micari, skilled violinist of the Alvcrnia Conservatory. Alvernia Ladies' Auxiliarti tContinuedJ With its progress must go the name of its noble president, Mrs. Catherine Bastian, the faithful guardian who lit the smouldering ambition of her co-workers and flamed it into action on that calm Wednesday afternoon, September 24, 1924, when, after touring the new building, she expressed to Sister M. Loyola, then principal, her wish of organizing a club that would be a vital thriving force in the activities and general well-being of thc school. In silver-misted words that build future fairy-tale castles, new members read in the minute book, how, during 1924 to 1925, Mrs. Catherine Bastian, Mrs. Rose Lux, Mrs. Elizabeth Geib, and Mrs. Mae Hank solicited members from parishes located within the geographical boundaries served by Alverniag how on Dedication Day, May 3, they were "busy about many things"g how they sponsored and directed social functions, the receipts of which, today, whisper their tale in the form of furniture or volumes in the library. With her quiet courage and the flawless backing of her band of associates, Mrs. Catherine Bastian indomitably crossed the first milestone and hopefully lcd her cohort into 1925 which loomed significantly, for, during this year, with Sister M. Archangela as adviser, the Auxiliary contrived plans for equipping a valuable and efficient literary laboratory, which, with its complete furnishings and 5,000 volumes, bears silent testimony of the organization and its jewels of sacrifice. OFFERED T0 THE BLESSED MOTHER A SPRAY OF EASTER LILIES OR A YELLOW ROSE PAGE xo4 THE ALVERNIAN Mrs. Bastian and her co-workers in the cafeteria. Alveruia Ladies, Auxiliarg fContinucdJ Precious among the golden events from 1925 to 1935 are the first and second Annual Mothers' Retreat, by the Reverend Leander Conley, O.F.M., when a large number of the members accepted the invitation to "come apart and rest a littlen and knelt in prayerful intercourse before their Divine Friend in the Tabernacle. In- numerable rosaries must have slipped through their fingers for the success of their undertakings, for their homes, for the Alvernia faculty, and for the students - present, past, and future-who will while away many pleasant hours exchanging sweet con- fidences with authors in that priceless literary monument--the library, Linked closely with the social activities- the monthly card parties and luncheons where the ladies sipped their tea or coffee, interchanging comments on the happenings of yesterday or the plans for the morrow-are the educational programs, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Helen Redmond. Features which cooperated generously to further auxiliary interests are a concert by the Philip Neri Choir, "Conquered" and "In the Service of the Queen" by the Joyce Kilmer Playersg "Sun-Upn by the Loyola Community Theatre Players, "Happy Landingsn by the Holy Name Dramatic Club of Our Lady of Victory, and Jeanne d,Arc" by Charlotte Crocker. Miss Paulsen, a reputed interpreter of Child Psychology, thoughtfully and pointedly discussed the "Growing Child and Its Problemsvg the Reverend Leander Conley, celebrated Francis- can, "The Relationship Between Mother and Daughter." CROWDS SWARMED TO THE AUDITORIUM ON APRIL 30 AND MAY 1 T0 WITNESS "QUALITY q--.s,,.-- FE!-i"11'i7.7Ei.iiii5iziii1Ii "ff ' A glimpse of the gymnasium during a card party. Alvcrnia Ladies' Auxiliarg 1ConcludedJ To commemorate the seventh centenary of St. Francis of Assisi in 1926, the Auxiliary engaged Edith Marie Zahringer, an interpreter of Modern Literature, who told in musical verse the thrilling story of that beloved "Troubadour of God." As the members turn back the leaves of memory, they find recorded in quaint design the beauties of St. joseph Convent, Milwaukee, where they were guests of Mother M. Stanislausg the pageantry of the dedication ceremonies St. joseph Convent, Campbellsport, Wisconsin, where the organization is commemorated by a stained-glass windowg the massive Chapel and Mission House at Technyg the simply yet impressive Chapel of Perpetual Adoraton at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein. In fancy the Auxiliary pictured, on October 4, 1934, the celebration of the tenth anniversary of its organization, former members looking down from the fretted win- dows of their heavenly castle, gazing at the busy cohort of workers, thinking of the tcn progressive years, and sending grace-winged prayers to the Master's throne for their associates on earth. And in two score years when the greater Auxiliary of Tomorrow returns to Alvcrnia for a real homecoming of fifty golden years, Mrs. Catherine Bastian will be for them an etching in silver memories, the present Auxiliary, a miniature in the ivory of sacrifice. ,,,a ,,,, , , ., . ,i e . . ,.,,,, ,,.. it Q R 8'DRll1'."v as New susfacr anew, 'ro sa-nz 'rx-ua: 1-mamsl on 'rslisltwg A -1 --A t -L A t .,t- M mt-sftfsezee-etwlr PAGE 106 THE ALVERNIAN Top row flrff lo rigblj -Mary Jzigor, Marie Sievers, Marguerite Corsi, Dorothy Kemp. Swami row fluff lo rigblj-Teresa Reiss, Eileen Keller, Madalin Wex, Mary Berry. Tbiril row flrff la rigblj glileanor Usdrowski, Mary Lucas, Genevieve Healy, Martha Duda. Ifonrlb ron' flvfl lo rigblj -Gertrude Kendzierski, Grace Thesen, Mary Spehn, Rita Cosgrove, Irene Kostrewski. Fifih row flcff I0 righfj-Rosemary Cella, Mary Schowalter, Carol McCoilum, Betty Hanley and Kathleen Knight Qdemonstratingj. Chenustrg Club Pwsirfwii .... . . MAIIY SPEHN Vivz' Pr0.tia'wzi . . .... MARI1-3 REZANKA Sc'r'ri'fary ..,. , . , KATHLEEN KNIGHF Trvuxzzrvr . . . . , . , .,,. MARGARET OUSRA N ORGANIZATION somewhat different from some of the other societies at Alvernia is the Chemistry Club, organized during the second week in October for the purpose of creating more interest in chemistry among the girls, and for promoting a spirit of fellowship among the students and the teacher as well as stimu- lating research. The club has no dues. From the returns of 21 candy and fruit sale the members secured part of the funds necessary to visit the Abbott Laboratories and the Lighting Institute. No other expenses are incurred by the club, which makes it unnecessary to collect dues from the regular members. Meetings are held once a month, on the afternoon of the second Monday, in room 204. In that it is one of the endeavors of the members of the club to learn more about the practical side of chemistry, at each meeting members read original papers of a non-technical nature on timely topics of interest. Frequently they dramatize scenes from the lives of famous chemists. THE RINGS CAME. NOW THEY KNEW THE END WAS NEAR. THE JUNIORS CAME INTO THE THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 107 Slulnling Ilrfl In fi.Qllfj1.lCfll'lHC Rheaume, Leila Barr, Margaret Farley, Charlotte Graber, Margaret liregenzer, Catherine Kelly, Rita O'Malley. Firil mug sralril flffl In riglnl' -Viola Malchek, Avertine Kutva, Kathleen Bies, Bernardine Mangold, Mary Healy, Frances Skubeelt. Srruruf row, xiulliwl flwfl In riglilj -Alice Mabrey, l.cima McNiel1ols, Mary liuclita, Dorotliy Kiefer, Marjorie Polys. Qutdoor and 'Bwloqu Club QL l'rz'si1lw1l i , , Rl'l'A Q,MAl,l.IiY Vin' l'w'siflwif CllARl.0'l"l'l4. Gimisiait Sl'l'I'l'fdl'.j' , MAIKGARIZT FAiu.icY 7ll'l'd.YIll'l'l' , CA'I'HliRlNli Kiatrv T IS generally granted that the study of sciences is of great educational value to those who pursue its many and various Helds. But it is also a well-established fact that to those not possessing a purely scientihc mind it is of great benefit. lt is for this reason that the biology students, many of whom will not pursue another science in high school, have organized this club. Eager for a broader knowledge of plants and animals, the members of the Biology Club resolved to become fully acquainted with subjects not included in a regular course. lts regular monthly meetings furnished a pleasant hour for those who attended. A feature of importance was the program of constructive work planned for the period from April to tlune. This work involved the somewhat intensive survey of the entire region adjacent to Alvernia. A number of plant-hunting expeditions to points more distant than the city environs were enjoyed by the members. Several visits made by the club to flower displays at the Navy Pier and Garfield Park, to the Stock Yards, and the Brookheld Zoo awakened a better understanding and keener appreciation of God's lavish gifts. LIMELIGHT WITH SODALITY NOMINATIONS. ATTRACTIVE POSTERS HERALDED THE ELECTION. PAGE 108 THE ALVERNIAN Lrff In rigfJl4Marguerite Cosgrove, Rita Kruce, Mary Irwin, Evelyn Bartels, Eileen Ruddy, Mary W'right, Mary Schorsch Cprcsitlingj, Fileen Tietle, Virginia Morton, Lorraine Ruche, livelyn Stypcznski, Dolores Hoffelcler, Virginia Black. 'Kilmer Eiterarg Guild Pzwizlczzf ..,... . . FLORENCE BANACII Vin' P1'l'Si!!UI1f . . . . ELEANOR SCI-IAEIVER Svvrvfurgv ,.., . . . VIRGINIA lNlORTON Tl'l'll.YllI'f'F .... , I .... MARIE HEAGLE FTER lying buried for several years beneath the more prosaic work of the ordinary English course, the Literary Guild has been resurrected by the Juniors. Admit- tance to the group requires an "A" or "B" average in English together with the manifestation of genuine and unremittent interest in developing and improving in- dividual technique in writing. Regular meetings held on the Hrst Monday of every month showed a decided interest in the art of writing as well as in the discussion of contemporary writers, their works and technique. The gatherings featured original poems and short stories read by the members and judged by Sister M. Edelwalda, adviser of the guild. Five short stories were submitted to the contest conducted by the Queen's Work. The climax of the yearis work was the publication of "I,et's Go Places," a pamphlet prepared with a view of enumerating Chicago's opportunities for the enjoy- ment of leisure. Besides acquainting readers with suggestions for a profitable spending of leisure time, it will develop civic consciousness and disprove the rebuke that there is little relation between high schools and real life. GENEVIEVE HEALY BROUGHT LAURELS TO HER SCHOOL WHEN SHE CAPTURED THE STATE THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 109 Lrfl lu riglzl-Margaret Costa, Florence Banach, Rita Barr, Rosemary Cella, Marguerite Bradley, Lucille Weller, .lusephine -lagoditcli. 'Debating Club l'n'xiilv1il . . . . ..,,.. Rrrfx BARR Vin' I'ra'xiilw1l . . . LUCILLE WET'rER S4'l'I'K'ft1V-Y , . . .,.. EDITH RING Tl'l'tl.YIH'l'Y ..., ..,..,, G ERALDINE KOENIG EBATING has taken its rightful place among outside activities and every year it becomes more important. Taking into consideration the interesting questions chosen for argument and the unquestionable development which comes with partici- pation in the activity, teachers and students must realize there is ample reason for girls to debate. It helps them meet other persons on an equal basis in the discussion of a question, to think logically against their arguments, and to present their own ideas forcefully and convincingly. lt gives them a feeling of independence from others, coupled with self-mastery. Activities of the Debating Club have been very successful this year. Of the forty-one members of the organization, seven-Florence Banach, Marguerite Bradley, Rosemary Cella, Genevieve Healy, Josephine Jagoditch, Mary Spehn, and Lucille Wetter-were most active. Featured among schools with which these girls success- fully debated the question of federal aid in education were St. Rita, St. Scholastica, and North Park College. At home the girls have actively engaged in intra-mural debates. There were several decision and non-decision encounters among the Freshmen and the Sophomores, the negative and afiirmative teams both doing excellent debating. CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE LOYOLA UNIVERSITY APOLOGETICS CONTEST. MAY 31 WAS THE LAST PAGE 110 THE ALVERNIAN Tofu mu' fleff lo rigflll-1Xnne Dean, Anne Hrabina, lilaine Ditton, Rita Bracli, Betty Hagen, Mary Malloy, Leona Christoffel, Anne Halpin, Virginia Preglow, lfileen Mclflligott. Svrumf mu' flefl lu riglifl -Mary Burch, Rita Cosgrove, Harriet Fuesz, Virginia Dynkowski, lileanor Tringali, Helen liartelme, lucille Grothus, Lorraine Hettinger. Tliiril mu' fluff lo Vigo!! -Roberta Malloy, Genevieve Neville, Helen O'Shea, Regina Herdeg, Mary Lucas, Marie willl5lW, Havel McDonough, Margaret Bapst. l'ifllH'fl7 mu' flrfi fo riglill-Mary Vallone, Barbara Horne, Louise Orgler, Genevieve Anderson, Virginia Hayes, Cleonorn Nelson, Genevieve Rowan, Margaret Dougherty. 9 Ee Cercle Jeanne 'Dare Pl'!'Sil!l'I1f . , . , . , EILIEEN McE1.1.lco'1"r Vive I'resi1lenf . . . LUQILLF GROTHUS Sl't'l't'flll'j' . , . ELAINE IJITTON Treuxlrrvr GERALDINI2 VOPACKIQL E WHO knows only his own language knows none." Realizing the truth of this statement, the Senior French classes banded themselves into Le Cercle Jeanne D'Arc, which strives to acquaint members with the every-day speaking language of the French people. Meetings, which are held once each month, furnish an opportunity for discus- sions of interesting phases of French history and literature, as well as existing French customs. To accomplish its objective--familiarity with conversational French- the meetings are conducted in the native French language. Minutes, also, are recorded in French. Even though refreshments are not essential for the club's activities, for every monthly gathering has its own novel entertainment, Le Cercle Jeanne D'Arc usually prepares for the Juniors a luncheon served in typical French style. GLORIOUS FREE DAY OF THE YEAR-MANY ALVERNIANS WERE NOW TOURING WASHINGTON, THE ALVERNIAN PAGE Ill Trip mu' Ilrfl In riglrlj -- Mary Berry, Viola Schuh, Loretta Strentl, -losephine Maieske, Margaret Kelly, Geraldine Koenig, Mary klagor, Lucille Preucel, Cecilia Parthun. Siwnnl mu' flrfl In l'lllfZ7fl'lillL.ll7L'll1 Hesselman, Frances Bradford, Regina Kielilynski, Marie Sievers, lidith Hillman, Rose Alanka, Arletta Noll, Virginia Butler, I,ucille lflgas, Dorothy Hippauf. Tlriril run flrfl In riglili -- Ann NY'eber, Margaret Kelly, Dorothy Gneist, Mildred Reuter, Dorothy fiorski, lrene Vfaldron, Margaret Polowy, llelen Spies, Alfrieda Scharf. fDie Bore lei 1'rexiile11l . MiKRlI-1 Snsviiks Vim' l'resirlw1l . Rrm BARR 'l'reas11n'r Gl'.RiXl.lJlNli KoiaNlc5 Sm'i'a'lurvy Mlrniuin Riiuiiliit Nlf of the main purposes of Die Lorelei, composed of Senior German students, is to offer an opportunity for acquiring facility of expression in German and for a knowledge of literature beyond that which is possible in brief class hours. Because the members believed German music and German customs could be studied in greater detail in the club than from textbooks, they devoted many of their monthly meetings to the singing of "Volkslieder" and various modern German songs that have utilized popular tunes with an adaptation of German words. One entertaining meeting featured the modern tourist in Germany, with emphasis on the castles, their legends and those of the Rhine. Moving pictures illustrated the wonderful scenery. The tragic love of the impetuous Reinhardt and the beautiful Elizabeth was re- lived on February 13, when Die Lorelei presented the classic, Immen.wr', at the activity hour. Through the study and dramatization of Inm1w1.w'r', Die Loreleians greatly improved their own conversational German. D.C. FROM NOW ON. SCHOOL LIFE WAS ONE GRAND ROUND OF ACTIVITIES FOR PAGE 112 THE ALVERNIAN Top row flrfl fo rigblj -Flovia Drazy, Mary Thompson, Fvelyn Stypcznski, Marie Heagle, Margaret O'Hara, Gertrude McGivern, Virginia Weis, Genevieve McCarthy, Virginia Weast. Swrlllil mu' flvfl fu rigblj-Helen Ahern, Fileen Tiede, Dorothy Kaufmann, Adelaide Gray, Louise O'Brien, Margaret Loesch, Bonnie Flynn. Third mu' flrft fo riglalj -Adeline Willow, Dolores Hoffelder, Marie Kartheiser, Rita Haffen, Marie Gross, Rosemary Curry, Mary Foley. Frmrlh ron' flfft fo rigbfl-Catherine Hoffman, Rose Moritz, Lorraine Ruche, Fleanor Schaefer, Lorraine Reincke, Nellie Curtis, Helen Jacobsen. fRomani fi-iodierni Prvxiilc'f1t . . . . lY1ARGARET O,HARA Sz'rn'iary ,..,,.. .......... N ELLIE CURTIS NCIDENTAL to solving the intricacies of the "Language of the Classics," the Cicero students have formed various social circles, ostensibly to amuse but actually to encourage a further study of the ancient tongue of Rome. To one studying Latin it is quite gratifying to human curiosity to be able to pry into a language so long considered dead. So it is with inspiring vigor that these girls satisfied that natural, if annoying, characteristic. On the first Monday of every month the members of Romani Hodierni dispensed with their regular Latin class and devoted their time to solving puzzles, interpreting cartoons, and translating stories, incidents, and anecdotes found in "Auxilium Latinum," a monthly Latin publication. Roman plays, puns, games, riddles, and songs were entertaining projects. Perhaps the most interesting and favorite of all activities was the conversational Latin project. "Via Median by the Reverend R. F. Gorman, a volume containing lessons and rules of syntax in Latin, fostered interest in the language and encouraged the girls to use the matter as a theme for conversation. THE SENIORS. IN MAY, WHEN ALL NATURE BECAME BEAUTIFUL IN HONOR OF MARY, THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 113 Slirzliliug llrfl In igfvlf --liileen Mel-Alligntt, Geraldine Mangan, lilsic Stnnhorski, Grace Thesen. Betty Hanley, lileanor Usdrowski, Martha Duda, Mary ,lane Calvert, -loscphine -lagoditch, Marguerite lflting ldemonstratingl. Smliwl llrfl In riglrlf -lfileen Keller, Roberta Malloy, Mary Spehn, Lorraine Sudini, Marian Bryant, Kathleen Knight, Cfatherine Sehocn, Margaret Waltgen, Ciracemary Vfuerst, Helen Frank, Rita Ilrach, lrent- Kostrewski. Marie Wfilsli, Margaret Polowy. Uergil Club l'n'xiflw1l AA A A Rrrfx BRACH Vin' 1'n'xiilw1l josi-Ai'ulNi-1 jaoomrczil St'l'!'l'ftIl'-X' A A A A H121 liN FRANK '1'rn1x1m'r Ersua STAMisoitsiu ATIN students who belong to this club not only make close friendships, but secure a hroad background for the appreciation of art, history, and the literature of other civilizations, so largely founded upon classic backgrounds. liive great modern languages are the offspring of the ancient Latin: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Roumanian. Almost seventy per cent of English words are derived from the Latin. lfour years of study impressed upon these "Modern Ver- giliansn the fact that no language is dead while it has a living literature of worth as Latin classical writings. The Vergil Club was organized to give time and place for discussion of subjects for which the ordinary class period offers little opportunities. During the monthly meetings these advanced students reported on many valuable by-products of the study of Latin and discussed "Auxilium Latinumf' a Latin newspaper. The climax of scholastic activities occurred on March 27, 1935, when the students participated in an International Latin Competitive Examination. THE SODALISTS DECKED HER BROW WITH LILIES OF THE VALLEY. THE LAST TWO WEEKS PAGE 114 THE ALVERNIAN Slumfing Neff In rigfafj -Mildred Reuter, Cleonora Nelson. sf-ami fluff In rigbfj -Virginia Loos, jean McGrath, Margaret Dougherty, Geraldine Koenig, josephine Maieslce, Bernice O'Hern. 'Business Club President ..,... , , ,Geraldine Koenig Vice President .. Cleonora Nelson Secretary , . . . . Sara Travers Treasurer . , Marie Klug N AN effort to bring about a chosen relation between the men of the business world and students in the secretarial department, the Business Club affords its mem- bers an opportunity to hear men active in various fields of business endeavor. The organization takes an active part in sponsoring contests of a business nature and in secur- ing awards for victors in competitions. Since 1929 the Business Club has been taking a lively and intelligent interest in the intricacies of commercial and economic problems. Frequently, for their bi-monthly gatherings, the ofhcers secured interesting and entertaining speakers. Miss Goldena Fisher, of the Gregg Publishing Company, em- phasized the necessity of qualities, such as-initiative, responsibility, self-reliance, and self-control, to enable youth in his later life to adapt himself to a changing world. One's personality, she declared, is very important in securing a position as well as in retaining it. Arthur Delau, winner of the diamond medal award of the Gregg Shorthand School, gave a demonstration here in the spring of the year. An instructive activity was a visit- which was in reality a detailed inspection- to the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Main Post Office. The members of this club accompanied Sister M. Sevina and the history students on these tours. WERE FILLED WITH THOSE "LAST FEW TIMES" WHEN THE GRADUATES HAD THEIR LAST 'rl-nz: ALVERNIAN PAGE ns Sftlfllliflx fluff In riglrfl-Betty Hamerly, Betty Gruber, Mary Kioehge, Minnie Schaefer, Marguerite Bradley, Doris Ruddy, Lillian W'aishwell, Florence Lubash. Swulnl rlrft in rlgbll-lflaine Hinske, Margaret lackner, Grace Wagner, Marguerite Blackburn, Marie Karlheiser. Che 'Booster Club PYl'.Yitll'lIf , DoRo'rHv RleoMoNo Vin' l'ra'xifl1'uf , BIQRNICIQ FISIIIAQR Secretary , , . , , lVlARIli REzANK.x 7lI'l'dSllH'V DOROTHY GROSSMAN HE Booster Club is one of the most active organizations of the school. It is composed of sixteen members, one from each home room in the school. They act as reporters for both of Alvernia's school publications-The Alvernian and The Gleaner. Every member represents the staFf in all booster activities. Under the leadership of Dorothy Redmond, president, the oflicers and members of the club have been true boosters. They have met faithfully every second Wednesdaty at three o'clock to report for their home room and to discuss the business of the publications. It is the duty of the booster to report the business transacted to her class. In this way Alvernia is able to give her Annual and Newspaper that personal touch, so diilicult to maintain in a large school. Special Commendation must be given to the boosters for the splendid and whole- hearted cooperation in the Patron Drive, conducted for The Alvernian. SOCIAL WITH THE JUNIORS, THEIR LAST TEA AS SENIORS WITH THE ALUMNAE, THEIR PAGE 116 THE ALVERNIAN Sfanding fleft Io riglzfj -Marguerite Blackburn, Lorraine Buckley. Sealed flrfl fo righlj-,Ioan Kaspari, Marcella Walker, Evelyn Stypcynski, Marie Heagle, Genevieve Healy, Virginia Loos, Eleanor Schaefer, Betty Hanley, Martha Duda, Cecilia Weidinger, Mary Spehn. Braille Club Prvsidvnf .,,....... . .... VIRGINIA Loos Vive Prvsizlvnf . . ...,.., MARY SPEHN Sr'c'rr'lary ....,. ...,... C ECELIA WEIDINGER E WHO are blind often say our greatest handicap is not blindness, but the ignorant attitude of the seeing public toward us. When this attitude is replaced by one of understanding and helpfulness, our difficulties are not insur- mountable. Learning to write Braille is a precious way to brighten dull hours for those who are shut out from the beauty of the world and many activities of normal life." This is an excerpt from a letter sent by Miss Helen Keller, one of America's prominent women, to the Alvernia Braille Unit. Accompanying this letter was a large portrait of herself and her instructor, Anne Sullivan Macy. This commendatory letter, in which Miss Helen Keller referred to Chicago as "a sun in the world of darkness," revived the drooping spirits of some of the wielders of the stylus, who politely chided themselves for having neglected to transcribe many pages during the week. Even the most ambitious transcriber must sacrifice a moment of pleasure if she wishes to sandwich a sheet of Braille between her heavy scholastic duties and the already crowded schedule of extracurricular activities. Since its organization in 1930, the Braille Club has completed approximately 32,000 pages of Catholic reading material. Seventy books and pamphlets have been transcribed. LAST CHATVWITH A FAVORITE TEACHER, THEIR LAST VISIT WITH HIM IN THE CHAPEL. Athletics PAGE 118 THE ALVERNIAN Top mu' flvfl I0 Viglrll-Violet Schutt, Mary Schowalter, Lucille Grothus, Lucille Preucel, Mary McGonegle, Rita Brach, Bernice liisher, Jeanne LcFebvre, Rosemarie Tomasik, Regina Kielizynski. S1't'0llil mu' Neff In rigl1HfArletta Noll, Grace Thesen, Lorraine Cavanaugh, Marie Pechousek, Mariorie Kouch, Madalin W'ex, Marion Duhnsen, Margaret Hahn, Eleanor Schaefer. Tliiril mu' Ilrfl in rigbljfhlary Spehn, Genevieve Healy, Mary W'right, Genevieve Spehn, Lucille Bolens, Ilvelyn W'alinski, Gertrude lwick, Rita Kloss. Fruzrlli ram' Klffl fn riglilj vhloan Kaspari, Rita Kucharski, joan Glenicki, Dorothy Grossmann, Elaine Hinslte, Kathleen Cummings, Viola Schuh, Marguerite lflting. Athletic Association HE Alvcrnia Athletic Association ended its ninth year of activities with an active membership of seventy-five girls. The association is the established athletic society at Alvernia. It is an organization which promotes all sports in the school. Its purpose is to foster interest in athletics and to present to the students these activities in the light of their highest ideals. Membership is open to all students but active membership is granted to those who earn points by participating in the major sports of the school. The major sport group includes basketball, baseball, volley ball, and traclag and the minors are swimming, goliing, and tennis. The othcial association honor for 1000 points is a blue and gold chenille letter "Af, The Athletic Association is governed by an executive board headed this year by Geraldine Mangan, presidentg Gertrude lwick, vice-presidentg Mary Spehn, secretaryg Viola Schuh, treasurerg Evelyn Wiilinski, business managerg and Sister M. Clemens, moderator. Miss Agatha Rausa, an Alvernia alumna and a charter member of the "A" Club, has been at the helm for the fourth year as director of physical education, and guided the student managers in arranging the year's program of athletic competition for all the classes. THE CLIMAX! A LONG STREAMING LINE OF THE '35 GRADUATES, ROBED IN WHITE, THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 119 lffl In rl,qf1lfViola Schuh, lileen Keller, Rita lirach, Genevieve Healy, Mary Spehn, lfvelyn Xvalinslti, Rita Barr, Gertrude lwick. Che A Club Hli letter "A" is significant in the life of an Alvernia girl. ln scholastic activi- ties there is the constant striving for an "A" grade, the honor roll being the goal for everyone. lfor the athletic-minded girl, there is always that up-hill struggle for the letter "A," conferred on graduates at the annual Class Day exercises. A blue and gold chenille "A" is awarded to all members of rhc Athletic Asso- ciation meriting 1000 points. Of these, 800 are termed required and 200, optional. The required list includes scholarship, sportsmanship, membership in the A. A. A., health, team games, proficiency in gymnasium class work, and hiking. On the op- tional list are dancing, swimming, fencing, ice and roller skating, tennis, golf, track, posture, and weight. Only eight Seniors-Rita Barr, Rita Brach, Genevieve Healy, Gertrude lwiclt, liileen Keller, Viola Schuh, Mary Spehn, and Evelyn Nwalinslti- received letters on june 12. On -lune 13, 1934, eighteen graduates were awarded letters. They were Annette Beyenlta, May Blackburn, Betty Clark, Marie Constantine, lrene Damko, Rose Ifrauen- hoffer, Virginia Grothus, Patricia Gruman, Sabina Hchir, Mary Hurley, Lorraine Kosinski, Marcella Marshall, Virginia Merzlalt, Verginia Niclaus, Dorothy Schultz, Mary Ann Spencer, Lauretta Urban, and Catherine Waltlron. MARCHED IN SLOW CADENCE DOWN THE AISLE OF THE AUDITORIUM. HUNDREDS OF PAGE 120 THE ALVERNIAN Left Io righl-Rita Barr, Eileen McElligott, Helen Bartelmc, Eileen Keller, Geraldine Mangan, Mary Spehn, Carol McCollum. Senior 'Basketball 'Geam TEAM cannot succeed without a captain. Therefore the Senior team members gave success a head start by electing Eileen Keller captain. Eileen was certainly a leader in the body of stars. As an inexperienced Freshman she displayed skill in the basketball field. In 1932, she captured highest honors of the open division in the first round of the Daily Times Free Throw Tourney. It was ever the way of Seniors to depend on that certain short shot of their captain to raise the score. One person's stellar playing would have been in vain had it HOC been for the splendid cooperation of Helen Bartelme and Carol McCullom, the alert forward assistants. It was as a decisive passer that Carol excelledg while Helen baffled the opposing guards who were ever unaware of her strategic plays. Excellent guarding of Rita Barr and Mary Laurette Spehn supplied what is so essential to a truly remark- able team. Geraldine Mangan and Kathleen Cummings, two efficient substitute for- wards, were always on hand to score those extra points. But the skill of all the forwards would have been useless without the fine defensive playing of Dolores Landers and Marian Bryant. Ease and ability at playing and good basketball sense enabled the Seniors "to pull through" the many tight situations in the champion basketball game. FATHERS, MOTHERS, AND STUDENTS WONDERED HOW THESE GRADUATES WELCOMED THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 121 sfdllllillg llrff In rigfrll -Lillian Deiieeter, Riwella Kaesberg, Margaret c,'ll.Il'.l, Marguerite l'ilackhurn. Knrrling flrff lo riglrfj -.lune Zingsheim, Rita McNicholas, Mary Sheer. Junior Basketball If ALL the hourly murderers of poor old Father Time were to be brought to a tem- poral court of justice, many indeed would there be to hang their own heads in shame. Happily, however, Alvernia would have few arraigned in such a court. The girls are interested in all activities that should interest normal, happy girls. Many, particu- larly the juniors, are fond of athletics. ln basketball, king of sports at Alvernia, the juniors displayed the skill of a well-regulated team. But in the Round-Robin Tournament, however, the odds were against them. Rita McNichols, their capable captain, with the assistance of her dependable forwards -Mary Sheer, Rozella Kaesberg, and Mary O'Hara - played with heart and soul to add their fourteen points to the final score. The Seniors, even though riding on the crest of imminent victory, could l10t wholly break through the air-tight guarding of Marguerite Blackburn, Lillian DeGeeter, and june Zingsheim. As a result, the Seniors rang up their first semi-final victory, 36-20. Substitutes on the Junior team were Dena Alonzo, Evelyn Barrels, ,Ioan Kaspari, Eleanore Schaefer, and Lucille Wetter. THEIR DIPLOMAS YET REGRETTED TO LEAVE. AND THEY FILED OUT OF THE AUDITORIUM, PAGE 122 THE ALVERNIAN Imfl lo rigllf-Miss Agatha Rausa, Rita McNicholas, Helen Bartelme, Geraldine Mangan, Margaret O'Hara, Eileen Keller, Marguerite Blackburn. 'Basketball CRound-:Robin ARKED with keen competition, fast games, and spirited interest, the Round-Robin Basketball Tournament began in December and continued until February 13 when the Seniors snatched the championship from the Sophomores with a 24 to 15 victory. It cannot be denied that the Sophomores presented as good a team as the Seniors, but the Senior team was not to be turned from the pennant by the persistent second- year sisters. In the first quarter the Sophomores threatened to carry off the Seniors with one grand sweep, but Eileen Keller, captain, quickly reenforced her squad who then piled basket upon basket in a hurry. Seniors making brilliant plays were Rita Barr, Helen Bartelme, Eileen Keller, and Mary Spchn, Sophomores, Mary Buchta and Lucille Tahney. The Sophomore lineup included Jane Couch, captain, Margaret Brodt, Mary Buchta, Marguerite Bradley, Sylvia Chall, Margaret Farley, Margaret Jirosek, Dorothy Kiefer, Marie Pechousek, Bernice Proesel, Lucille Tahncy, and Virginia Thesen. Members of the Senior team were Eileen Keller, captain, Rita Barr, Helen Bartelme, Marian Bryant, Kathleen Cummings, Bernice Fisher, Dolores Landers, Geraldine Man- gan, Carol McCullom, Eileen McElligott, Mary Smith, and Mary Spehn. THEIR EYES DIMMED WITH TEARS. AND THE SCHOOL YEAR HAD ENDED. ALVERNIA WAS THE ALVERNIAN PAGE 123 Left lu riglwi-Rita Barr, liileen Mclilligott, Carol McCollum, Mary Sheer. Crack meet LVERNIA'S 1935 Track Meet is inscribed in the records as one of the most suc- cessful years of competition since the sport was introduced. This conclusion is not measured from a standpoint of victories, but the attendance record and the large number registered in the relays. Discarding regulations of previous years-member- ship in the Athletic Association--Miss Agatha Rausa, director of the affair, invited all students of her physical education classes to participate. The Track Meet included such sports as high-jumping, broad-jumping, track and basketball throwing. Entrants could compete in only three of the above. High- jumping ranked Hrstg more than one half the members qualified. Each girl was allowed three jumps. If she was unable to clear the bar in the third run, she was immediately eliminated. This process continued until there remained but one contestant. Next in rank was broad-jumpingg track came in a close third. Even though basketball-throwing received the least number of entrants, these displayed the out- standing skill of hurlers. Lucille Tahney took first place in the 100-yd. dashg Minnie Schaefer, the S0-yd.g Henrietta Pekny, the broad jumpg Helen Bartelme, the high jumpg Sylvia Chall, the basketball throw, DRAPED IN A LAZY LONELINESS. I In recognition of the generous cooperation of patrons and ad- vertisers who plaged an active part in making possible this 1985 Alvernian, the facultg and students combined tender a unan- imous ancl appreciative "thank Sou." PAGE 126 The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The 'Patrons of the Alvernian His EMINENCIZ, GEORGE CARDINAL MUNDELEIN, D. D. Archbishop of Chicago THE Mosr REVEREND BERNARD J. SHEIL, D. D. Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago THE Mosr REVEREND WILLIAM D. O,BRIEN, D. D. Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago THE Mosr REVEREND WILLIAM R. GRIIPI-'IN, D. D. Auxiliary Bishop of LaCrosse THE RIGHT REVEREND MSGR. JAINIES J. HORSBURGI-I THE RIGHT REVEREND MSGR. VIC1'OR PRIMEAU Reverend Wm. J. Bowler Reverend Joseph F. Byrne Reverend Martin J. Carrabine, S.J. Reverend J. J. Corbett Reverend Frank Coyle Reverend D. F. Cunningham Reverend William H. Dettmer Reverend Maurice Foley Reverend Frank Reverend Wm. R. Gentleman Reverend Francis Gillespie Reverend Joseph Hanton Reverend George P. Heimsath Reverend James Keating Reverend Harold Kenny Reverend A. Klink Reverend Andrew Kloska, C.R. Reverend Robert Maguire Reverend George T. McCarthy Reverend Walter Mclnerney Reverend Brother E. McEachen Reverend Walter Morris Reverend S. J. Morrison Reverend John J. O'Hearn Reverend F. J. Rausch Reverend M. M. Ries, C.M. Reverend M. G. Sesterhenn Reverend D. M. Thiele Reverend F. S. Usdrowski, C.R. The Reverend L. Wedl The Reverend R. J. Wilhelmi Reverend Mother M. Stanislaus, O.S.F. St. Joseph Convent, Milwaukee St. Benedict Convent, Chicago Blessed Agnes Convent, Chicago St. Clara Convent, Chicago St. Cyprian Convent, River Grove St. Cyril 85 Methodius Convent, Chicago St. Joseph Convent, Wilmette St. Margaret Mary Convent, Chicago St. Martin Convent, Chicago St. Mathias Convent, Chicago Our Lady of Victory Convent, Chicago St. Philomena Convent, Chicago Alvernia Athletic Association Alvernia Debating Society Alvernia Glee Club Alvernia Sodality of Our Lady Ancient History Club Art Club Biology Club Bookkeeping Clubs Caesar Club Chemistry Club Cicero Club Commercial Club Die Lorelei The Gleaner Staff ....1..1...11---- s1n-malt 'Patrons of the Alvernian Junior French Club Junior German Club Le Cercle Jeanne d'Arc Senior Room 203 Senior Room 205 Senior Room 207 Junior Room 201 Junior Room 208 Junior Room 209 Junior Room 210 Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Room 301 Room 303 Room 305 Room 306 Freshman Room 304 Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Mr. F. J. Mrs. F. J. Miss Dina Room 3 07 Room 30 8 Room 3 09 Room 3 10 Adamick Adamick Alonzo Mr. 8l Mrs. N. Alonzo Mr. 8C Mrs. A. M. Anderson Mr. 85 Mrs. F. Antlesperger Miss Alberta Bapst Miss Lucille Bapst Mr. 8: Mrs. V. C. Bastian Miss Elizabeth Bartelme Mr. Anastasios Bays Mr. 81 Mrs. Peter Bays Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Behm Augusta 8a Brendan Berry Judge 81 Mrs. Frank H. Bicek Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. Blackburn Miss Mae Blackburn Mr. 86 Mrs. Paul J. Blum Mr. 85 Mrs. N. Bode Miss Frances Bradford Mr. 8l Mrs. S. P. Bradford Mr. F. J. Brauer Mr. 85 Mrs. Leo Brocke Mr. Lother Brodt Mr. 85 Mrs. P. Brost Mr. 8: Mrs. James C. Brown Miss Mary Brunn Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Bryant Miss Mayme Burke Mr. 85 Mrs. J. B. Burns Mr. 85 Mrs. J. Butler Mr. Herbert W. Bye Miss Maurine Caboor Mr. 85 Mrs. Thomas A. Catino Mr. 85 Mrs. W. Christiansen Mr. Edward M. Colback Mr. Peter Conboy Miss Eleanor Corsiglia Mr. 8: Mrs. F. J. Corsiglia Mr. 85 Mrs. J. U. Cosgrove Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry M. Costello Mr. Eugene Cronin H. C. Curtis Mr. G. W. Cutmore Mr. 85 Mrs. Harry S. Cutmore Mr. 8L Mrs. J. Cygan Miss Leona E. Daniels Dr. 86 Mrs. L. N. Daniels Miss Cathaleen Dean Miss Clara Dean Miss Julia Dean Mrs. Julia Dean Mr. William Dean Mr. 81 Mrs. R. DeBeir Miss Rachel DeBeir Mr. 8l Mrs. A. N. Deiden Mr. 81 Mrs. Elmer Diedrich Miss Gertrude Diemer Miss Pauline Dommermuth Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick Donohue Mr. 86 Mrs. E. Dougherty Dr. Joseph Drasky Miss Draye Mrs. C. H. Drazy Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Dulberg Miss M. V. Dunne Mr. Sammuel W. Duxler PAGE 1.27 .-.1-1-1-:ls PAGE 128 'Patrons of the Alvernian Mr. Louis Ehrlick Mr. Joseph K. Eichenbaum Miss June Elgas Mr. 86 Mrs. Peter Elgas Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Mr. Miss Mr. Mr. M1'. M1'. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. M1'. Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. M1'. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 86 Mrs. A. O. Elting 86 Mrs. Ray F. Faller 86 Mrs. F. Farley M. Finkelman Bernice Fisher Dorothea Fisher 86 Mrs. Edward Fisher Dolores Fleischhauer 86 Mrs. George 86 Mrs. Henry 86 Mrs. Henry Chas. J. Foster N. Fleischhauer G. Fleischhauer T. Fleischhauer 86 Mrs. Clarence A. Frank Elenor Frank Helen Frank Harriet Fuesz 86 Mrs. Fred Galluzzo 86 Mrs. W. Gargula 86 Mrs. A. J. Glenicke 86 Mrs. Herman Gneist 86 Mrs. John Golden 86 Mrs. Phillip Golle Dorothy Gorski 86 Mrs. Edward Gorski 86 Mrs. Otto E. Gorski Betty Goyke Mary Eileen Grogan 86 Mrs. Martin J. Grogan 86 Mrs. A. J. Grossmann Virginia Grothus 86 Mrs. Henry Gusenburg 86 Mrs. S. J. Guthrie 86 Mrs. George L. Haifen Charles Ha gele 86 Mrs. D. Halnes 86 Mrs. T. M. Harrigan Miss Genevieve M. Healy Mr. 86 Mrs. J. F. Healy Mr. 86 Mrs. P. J. Healy Mr. 86 Mrs. Harry Heavrin M1'. 86 Mrs. George Heidbrink Mr. 86 Mrs. Edward J. Heing Miss Margaret Mary Heing Mr. Joseph A. Helback M1'. 86 Mrs. Anthony Hennigan M1'. Walter Henkel Mr. 86 Mrs. G. Hermestroff Miss Elizabeth Hesselman M1'. 86 Mrs. M. A. Hettinger M1'. Harry M. Hibbs M1'. 86 Mrs. J. C. Hillman Miss Edith Hillman Lois 86 Mary Ellen Hillman Miss Elaine Hinske M1'. Joseph Hinske Miss Loleita Hinske Mr. 86 Mrs. T. V. Hinske Mr. 86 Mrs. P. W. Hippauf M1'. 86 Mrs. R. Hodal Mr. 86 Mrs. Mathias Holzmer Mr. G. I-Iorvat Mr. 86 Mrs. Earle Howard Mr. George Howard Miss Anne Hrabina M1'. 86 Mrs. E. Hrabina Mr. H. H. Hurivitz M1'. 86 Mrs. F. Iwick Mr. 86. Mrs. Thomas F. Jackson Mrs. Walter N. Jacobs M1'. 86 Mrs. L. A. Jacobsen Mr. 86 Mrs. Frank Jagoditch Miss Josephine Jagoditch Miss Mary Jagoditch M1'. B. R. Jagor M1'. 86 Mrs. G. Janka Mr. 86 Mrs. Harold Johannes Mr. 86 Mrs. Frank F. Kaesberg V. Kalnik Genevieve Kauch Mr. Miss M1'. 86 Mrs. W. V. Kavanaugh M1'. 86 Mrs. R. A. Keller Miss Eileen Keller :Patrons Miss Lois Keller Miss Clara Kelly Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Kelly Mrs. Elizabeth Kelly Mr. 86 Mrs. Felix Kendzierski Mr. BL Mrs. O. T. Kettler Mr. 81 Mrs. J. A. Kielczynski Miss Mr. Sc Mrs. Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Florence Kilewski Willard O. King J. Kinsella Wm. Kirk Miss Mary Knorr Miss Elizabeth Koenig Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Bl Mrs. Edward J. Koenig Arthur Kowalski Barbara Kreuger Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward LaMasney Mrs. Caroline Lange Mr. SL Mrs. Richard Lange Miss Jeanne LeFebvre Mr. Robert T. LeFebvre Miss Virginia Lewand Mr. SL Mrs. John F. Lux Mrs. H. B. Lynn Miss Veronica Madden Miss Mr. 8C Mrs. Flora Macdonald C. Machacek Mr. J. Machacek H. K. MacShane Mr. Robert Master Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mrs. Valerie Mr. BL Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. Sl Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. Sc Mrs. Mr. St Mrs. Mrs. Mr. St Miss Violet Maloney David Andrew Majeske Jos. J. Majeske M. J. Marquette James Mangan May W. T. McCollum J. J. McCourt John McCourt W. L. McCourt H. D. McCoy John McKay Harold McKeown McKeown of the Alvernian P. C. McLaughlin John P. McShane John J. Milan Mr. BL Mrs. Lloyd W. Miles Joseph M. Miller Mr. 86 Mrs. M. M. Miniter Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Nicholas E. Miraglia R.Ph.C. Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Mussor Dr. Edmund T. Nawak Mr. 8: Mrs. M. C. Naumes Miss Marion Naughton Mr. B. Nekalny Mr. 86 Mrs. Charles Nelson Mr. 85 Mrs. Andrew Neudecker Phillip Neudecker Verginia Nickus Mr. Miss Mrs. Mary Nolan Miss Arletta Noll Mr. 86 Mrs. T. Noll Mr. 85 8C Mrs. J. Nuter Sr. Mrs. G. Noonan Mr. Mr. 86 Mrs. J. Nuter Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Oberweis Miss Marie Oberweis Mr. Patrick J. O'Conner Mrs. Agnes Ogden Mr. 86 Mrs. Wm. O'Heron Mrs. Dorothy O'Neill Mr. Sl Mrs. Joseph Oppel Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Orgler Miss Arm Orgler Miss Hildegarde Orgler Mr. Joseph 85 Mrs. John A. Ouska Mr. 86 Mrs. John E. Owens Orgler Mr. Mr. Thomas L. Owens Mr. SC Mrs. T. L. Palmer Mr. 8: Mrs. H. F. Parthun Mr. L. C. Pastorino Mr. Otto Pechousek Mrs. Mr. M. J. Pedersen Miss Helen Pelzer M. Pedersen PAGE 129 . ...-...-......,-.- PAGE 130 ...,,,,...,..,,........- .....-. .. ......,.... .-...-....-...-.. nuuun--coo-1a---up-u 'Patrons Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Pelzer Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Pepin Mr. Patrick J. Perroti Mrs. Petersen Mr. S. Placko Mr. 81 Mrs. B. E. Poloway Mr. S. J. Preglow Mrs. S. J. Preglow Miss Virginia Preglow Mrs. Elizabeth E. Preucel Miss Elizabeth Puttkamer Miss Rose Radford Miss Agatha Rausa Mr. 81 Mrs. Peter J. Rausa Miss Dorothy Redmond Mr. 81 Mrs. John E. Redmond Mrs. Josephine M. Reiner Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Reiss Bert Reschke Mr. 81 Mrs. W. B. Ruehrdanz Mr. 81 Mrs. A. J. Reuter Miss Bernadette Reuter Miss Mildred Reuter Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur Roberts Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry Roberts Miss Mary Louise Roberts Mr. 81 Mrs. Eugene Robinson Miss Helen Robinson Mr. E. A. Roling Mr. 81 Mrs. A. J. Rossle Mrs. Florence Roznowski Mr. Benjamin Ruffalo Miss Rose Rumbler Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph P. Ruppert Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Rygielski Mr. 81 Mrs. Sbertoli Mrs. Louis Schneider Mr. 81 Mrs. Wm. F. Schoen Miss Helen Schoenfelt Mr. 81 Mrs. H. A. Schuh Miss Mary Shannon Miss Rose Sharm Dr. 81. Mrs. J. M. Schowalter , . -...........,...-., . ..-..-.......f-f .. A-K.-.-V.. 1 .....,.a. .......-...... of the Alvernian Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Skweres Mr. 81 Mrs. Ed. J. Smith Miss F. Sotirakopulas Mr. John Sotiras Mrs. Laurette Spehn Miss Mary Laurette Spehn Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Spies I Mrs. Joseph Sramek Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Stamborski 81 Mrs. Chas. Stelzer Mr. Mr. 81 Mrs. John J. Strama Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Strentz Mandel A. Terman Mrs. Mary A. Tierney Mr. Allen M. Thompson Mr. 81 Mrs. Michael J. Thompson Mr. 81 Mrs. T. C. Thompson Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Tomasik Mr. 81 Mrs. F. T. Travers Mr. 81 Mrs. Trieckel Mr. Edward J. Usdrowski Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Usdrowski Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Usdrowski Mr. 81 Mrs. L. H. Volker Mr. 81 Mrs. F. E. Vopacke Miss Geraldine Vopacke Mr. 81 Mrs A. Waldron Miss Irene Waldron Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Walinski Mr. H. H. Walser Mr. William J. T. Walsh Mr. 81 Mrs. V. R. Weast Miss Mary Weber C. E. Wechselberger Mr. 81 Mrs. J. W. Weidinger Mr. 81 Mrs. Martin Wiltgen Max Widtmann 81 Sons Mrs. Catherine Wiltz Mr. 81 Mrs. Jacob Woerner Miss Marcella Woerner Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Wojtalewicz Mr. 81 Mrs. R. J. Wuerst E. F. Zimmerman M. E. Zinger D. D. S. PAGE 131 Compliments of e ,Hlvernia Ladies Auxiliary OFFICERS President ........................................ Mrs. Catherine Bastian Vice-President ............. ........... M rs. Anna Hansen Recording Secretary ........ ......... M rs Elizabeth Fischer Financial Secretary ............. ................... M rs. Rose Lux Corresponding Secretary ......... ........ M rs. B. Schlax Qmplimenfs of the ,Hlumnae Jqssociation ,Hlvernia High 5012001 W Matzene Photographer Oflicial Photographer for ALVERNIA HIGH SCHOOL Madison and Michigan Avenue Chicago PAGE 134 ,,,..- 3 'Ev XXV!! PLACES" X You have finished high school 'i but you have just begun that School of Life beyond the Classroom. Meet its requirements confidently, :--- equipped for success with the prac- tical business training which this school provides - training that has given Bryant SL Stratton the '1-11 1:f1 reputation of The School of Suc cessful Graduates graduates who go places' Vlszt write or phone RAN 1575 for Catalog BRYANT!! 8a STRATIIQN ' 7' 1 , rg, 1 3 5 ' ' U 1 , ,, .:,. R , ...,... 1 Q .:,, 2 .3 ...,., 5: ,v,,, I 1. -. ..-- i -,-:, ::,:,.5sE5:,: 22,2-3,.5.5E:,,fEiE5 .,,., : .,-. ..v,,,., 5 ,.,:: ...,. 1 ,.., --:E:E,a ...,.. , ,.E::-:v,:..fA5,,1, . .. -:-:. 1-. . .i ..,. -.N.. - -'Ii' ,:Iw::I:1,.-Q.,,Qff5.".'l,1'If,.'f. ,, - . .7-X. Zllramk Glnuhvzm Designer and Manufacturer of Misses and Children's School Uniforms School and College Outfitters Phone Dearborn 2903 116 South Wells Street Chicago, Illinois PAGE 136 W iiii ii , I T I-IE envioble reputotion which the house ol Mondel enioys with schools throughout the middle west, hos been built upon consistently giving the highest quolity ol work, the most extensive co-operation, ond keeping its price within economical bounds .,.... WISCONSIN'S BEST AND LARGEST ENGRAVING PLANT AND ART STUDIO Mandel Enqzavinq fo - 6. SfUdl:01 INC MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN PAGE 137 Alurrnia Qlnnnrruatnrg nf Munir nah Svrhnnl nf lixprruainn Clncorporatezil 3922 N. LAWNDALE AVENUE Phone: Irving 6024 Fully Recognized COMPLETE COURSES THIS Conservatory offers thorough instructions in Piano, Pipe Organ, Violin and all stringed instruments, Voice, Normal Training, Public School Music, Harp, Timpani and Drums, Expression, and Dramatic Art. -0- SPECIAL ADDITIONAL COURSES HARMONY, Counterpoint, Composition, Canon and Fuge, Orchestration, History of Music, Psychology, Pedagogy, and Speech Technique. All courses lead to Teachers' Certificates, Collegiate Diplomas, and Degrees. ,.. ATTRACTIONS OF THE CONSERVATORY STUDENTS may enter at any time. They are given the op- portunity to appear in public and private recitals, in concerts, and stage performances. They are taught stage deportment, and enjoy the exceptional privilege of orchestral training in a complete Symphony Orchestra. The Alvernia Conservatory is authorized by the Chicago Board of Education to issue Certificates of Promotional Credits to Public School Teachers of this city for studies taken at the Conservatory. ,,, Conducted by THE SCHOOL SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS PAGE 138 Do Your Shopping at the Carl C. Urbaclfs BUILDING Up-To-Date Stores in a Neighborhood District Northwest Corner Of Addison Street and Crawford Avenue Carl Urbach's Meat Market Villa Tailor and Cleaner +I' +I' Addison Fruit Market Joe's Ice Cream Parlor Cigars, Candy and Tavern 'A Rileys Restaurant Home Cooking G. McCabes Experimental Laboratory PAGE 39 cc 97 1 Smiling Pat Dooceg Says: "Snite's is the place to buy Quality Furniture To Save Money-and Enjoy Genuine Personal Service." CASH on TERMS No Interest or Carrying Charge Fred B. Snite Furniture Company P. W. DOOCEY, Mgr. 4732-34 Lincoln Avenue Phone Longbeach 6176 Pay your gas 8: light bills here- no extra charge T. I. DONLAN WHOLESALE CONFECTIONS 645 So. Lyman Avenue Oak Park, Illinois Home Fuel and Supply Company Retail Distributors of Finest Quality Coal and Coke When You Need Coal or Coke Buy from HOME FUEL 8: SUPPLY COMPANY General Offices Chicago, Illinois 112 West Adams Street Phone State 7680 PHONES - JUNIPER 1160-61 Belmont Ice Cream Co. I ces and S herbets -:fa 3551-61 Addison Street Chicago Compliments of "Spencer Coa1s" Q... . was M... ...J M 0... PAGE 14 1 if Spina Waruthvrn, Jlnr. "Reliable Since 1878" MANUFACTURERS OF Class Pins Class Rings Club Emblems Medals Trophies Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry Diplomas and Announcements Dance Programs, Bids and Favors O O O Sales Office and Show Rooms, 27 E. Monroe St. Factory, 1140 Cornelia Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Qmpiiments Lincoln Bottling Company 4337-4343 Central Park Avenue Irving 0109 PAGE Compliments of the Mid City Packing Company V 924 Fulton Street Chicago, Illinois Compliments of Compliments William C. Schaefer of 7072 Belmont Avenue Economy -C Packing Company Real Estate Insurance 'I 'u Phone Merrimac 9243 PAGE 44 Compliments of Lloyd Stangeland and Henry Spethman FLORISTS 3651 Irving Park Boulevard Compliments of A FRIEND 0 O 0 Compliments of Wm. M. St. Clair and Company HH IIIOSCI' B U S I N E S S C O L L E G E 'X' The Business College with the University Atmosphere. Only Four Year High School Graduates Enrolled Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS EMPLOYED 116 South Michigan Avenue Randolph 4347 PAGE 145 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Accredited C0-Educational 1 Year Playground Course 2 Year Normal Course 3 Year B. P. E. Degree Course 1 Year Physical Therapy C0urSe Physical Education now required in 40 states. Hence demand for competent Phy- sical Directors, Dancing Teachers, and Coaches increasing rapidly. Interesting and Lucrative Work. Department of Ath- letic Coaching. High School Graduates admitted. Special students, accepted. 27th year. Large gymnasium, swimming pool, dancing auditorium. S u m m e r session June 21. Fall classes open Sept. 23, 1935. For Catalog, Address Registrar Dept. H. S.A. American College of Physical Education 1019 Diversey Parkway Chicago, Illinois Blanche McGuire Concert Pianist- Teacher Faculty Member Bender Studios 630 Kimball Building Telephone: Webster 3295 Residence: Buckingham 6621 Office Phone Pensacola 1084 Dr. Charles J. Minich DENTIST -5. 3369 Milwaukee Ave. Cor. of Karlov -0- Hours: 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Fine-Thomas Motor Sales Inc. 4140 Irving Park Blvd. Avenue 1900 O DE SOTO - REO PLYMOUTH O 8591 of our Business Comes Through the Recommendation of our Customers PAGE 46 J. J. Wallace Coal Co. Phone Avenue 6900 Compliments Ll of A F R I E N D 3928 N. Keystone Avenue CHICAGO Compliments John F. Lalla Company of Wholesale Grocers . Continental 6 f. 4 809-821 W. Randolph Street Chicago, Illinois Car-Na-Var Corp T PAGE 7 Compliments of From Benziger Brothers ,I A FRIEN D 207 West Washington Street Chicago Compliments of L. B. Herbst Corporation H4 5 South Wabash Avenue Chicago Compliments of Hiahnnna 1-Iigh Svrhnnl 'l Aurora, Illinois PAGE Telephone Irving 0098 Wittes Pharmacy C. A. Christiansen, R. Ph. Y Y P of Xe 'zfgyg 3976 Elston Avenue at Irving Park Boulevard CHICAGO Compliments of Fred M. Hartmann V From A FRIEND HMI C C BROO E D A JOHN SEXTON fr CO. M:nUF::iTgRlNG WHOLESALE GRISCSZS 'wi ,,M"'2'f.v-"0:ffffsw'r+fW+'s:.' ff" 5 ' Q - ,ga- s jr-,fftl 11 1 ' ' , A t hs V fur., , F11--f . 1 Fli virus' 55,1 - uw L Wi J' ' ., E ' 2: N ' I 22, 5. ' 4471.1 5 0 fr, PCM' r , T: , ' -f 'ei . fl, . Tal 1: 'Q 3 u il I' U 'if ' 7:7 . 34 1'- - . , H., ' ,' 5, 8 Q , y fi - , mi dvfviflxfvf ' - K - 'Lp Q 1 ' yn. - V ' n 1-Q 1 . ,g . .,. ' vf r v X ' V 3, A . . Si' fr" . ,,,, : , Wy za if . F . 2 2, i'f.f, . ' -' ar Q .s gg W 5 X , 3 f M., I 5 , - s .1 - QE, L A " .4 4.1: .- A ' ' ATT J .M M" , T fi. an ,x. . f f ' W 01.1. iuv ,- 7 X 'if' fif was , ' I ,. , N11 13-w V , .. ' - ,Q .L 5221" xi , 1 K. , 'f3' tS.., . 4 -vw MJ., X .--. 1 :rp 1 ' ' 'X 'rn ff. ,H hi, ,. '59 'f 5, -4 , 'N '- 'mf' ' ug 1 "sv-N I 11 ,1 'figjgg , N sip ,faylf ' . 3 -an .. up 1-leg Y in. ,DSM f -'if-. f iiff .1 ,"7ti!3e TF " an if .,,.-wfwi' 3, . N az. - , A . - 4 - E Q- ' , , 'K :H ga 1 51355 5 , f w "' ':- WE" ' f 1 Q ' - J X I 2.434 Autographs 8,45 sy k , 7:i'fiHi,!EIf'l",Ei3'1!a'z5:"E "if 11' 899 R"'m?fitS.1MiiA':"sn21-Ng' 1 " ' Q ' ' 5 I -':'tH1?e'it4r!E.1!i4l ' 'H'52.4ETHiIBnH J?'

Suggestions in the Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 169

1935, pg 169

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1935, pg 96

Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 143

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Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 134

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Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 123

1935, pg 123

Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 138

1935, pg 138

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