Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX)

 - Class of 1967

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Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Q Q4 i ff E 5' 2 3 9 5 3 i 2 2 4 F1 a ll H 2 3 x 5 5 3 Zi 5 A I v X, A 4 ,'-I I f" vi W , MQW .FEIS W '- U I 3 5 iQ o E. 1' X UQ 41. r 35: H in 'fr " Qty' '5 iffy, H -. N 1-.Q H , xx 3' .3 X' 'K , Q A 'X Q3 ,f X1 ' --falf.-'.:-fr . , '4x9:,4'oQ K ' J' -X" E X' xl ' f., Y N' , .b PM W , , - N, T'!'gw-4' . li ' ' ,Y x. xii, .X I 'x Q ' '-J N- ' . Q . R T X. x x XX 1 X ' x V x. x x , 'XY v ' .XJ . .V x . T Q ' , w .X X , , ' Q X X x x 1 , Ar' , l x 1 1 V X. .N ' X, N ,......n... ,....-..- x. - N, , . Q -.1 J . M a:,,. , .UL -. , 5: Yum x 3 . Masq. 111.---.... THE 1967 WARRIOR Foreword Contents Dedication In .Memory Administration Faculty Elementary Classes junior High Classes Senior High Classes C Personalities Organizations Sports Advertisements Foreword Here it is - the 1967 Warrior. We of the Warrior Staff are proud to see the result of our many hours of work. Publishing an annual is a hard and time-consuming job. In spite of this, however, We all were glad to be a member of the staff and we feel a glow of satisfaction as we look through our Warrior. We have tried to record for you, the students, all the many events that take place during a school year. As you turn through your annual in the near or distant future, we hope that you will be able to see these events come alive once more. 1 11 111,1 1 ' 1 1 .W 111 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 -1 Q' 1 Dedication Mr. Jackson, a graduate of Alvarado High School and North Texas State University, began his teaching profession by returning to his high school alma mater in 1954. Since that time he has served as a teacher, principal and organization sponsor. In addition, Mr. Jackson was head football coach from 1964 to 19663 from 1955 to the present he has been the Indians' basketball coach, Winning district in 1962-63-64-66 and bi-district in 1966. Therefore, for his sincere interest in and devoted service to the Alvarado students, we, the 1967 Warrior Staff, dedicate this annual to Mr. Bill E. Jackson. X-I-5 In Zllemory -,X God in his own right did take to his heavenly home a fine young man in the form of Robert Brand. The Future Farmers of America were proud to have Robert as a member of their organization. . Words cannot express the feeling one might have in our great loss of an F.F.A. member. The motto of the organization reflects a spirit of sincerity and practical philosophy that shows the true viewpoint of Robert and other farnn youths as the "backbone ofa.naHon.HrRoberL as an F.F.A. member, Worked to uphold this motto: "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve.H m mi GK .Z Ad zz cl F culty -5 School Board Miss .Tulianan Cowden Mr, john P51-Cifield President Secretary Mr. ,T.C. Smith Mr. Marvin Stewart Mr. Billy G, Walker Not Present: Mr. E.L. Montgomery, Mr. C.H. Walters The School Board is a very important part of a school. They are representatives of the community and must give un- selfishly of their time, energy, and devotion. To our school board, we would like to say thank you, for all that you have done and for all you will continue to do. x 1 4 f Superintendenfs Message Wt' 4? ' 1 Z My t il El ...Jr rn- what W Q E 2 2 E E ...L--13' """, CHARLES W. HEAD ' You have not been forgotten - - - or overlooked. Find yourself. We all are blessed in many ways. We are not blessed alike - - - that in itself is a blessing. Don't Worry about the future - - you have it in your hands to do with as you choose - - Look for your blessings and be thankful. 1 ::- -I is 'i :yi 155: K- Q gin ,,. .X ,JI ,M Q 'gnfx sstifr mx k . . , Iwilgfl - 1-inf? 22. 1226.1 '-51121 isfiiix - fees: as i ig fK-f: '--- rrrr ff' Rx naman.-...f,.,.a..m .W ,,M-,-qW,ww-m.-..- 'S Wm... . , .,..,.,...... ,ww-qpw-...W JAMES L. BYRD Primary Elementary CURTIS D. WILKINSON Intermediate Elementary I . 'R Alvarado E Q ' 'ws fr Q- I.. !1 ,X " ' " ' Principals '1-V Nr BILLY E. JACKSON Jr. High JAMES A. MCFARLAND High School iw i ,, I 'X Supervisor il' NM! ' w ' Ji. W Miss Polly Miller Miss Marye V. Garrett fChi1d: Melinda McFar1andy Secretaries Mrs, Ann Busby ,mug J MRS, MILDRED BYRD First Grade TWU-B, S, QTCU-M,E, MRS, OLA MORSE Second Grade TWC -B, S, MISS ELLIE WINTER Third Grade McMurry-B, S, Faculty MISS MARY WITTEN MRS. HENRIETTA YORK First Grade First Grade Trinity U-B, A, TCU-B.S. ' Wi! - " h"': I if ,R X' W MRS, PAULINE CRESWELL Third Grade TWC-B. S. I MRS, MARY GLENN Third-Fourth Grade TWU-B, S, 4 i, 5 ....,-if ,' -I A iiai V-Vv V f Y """" or Q Y aaa, R 'tr- ff! A ' , " 'V I iff if ,f frf 9, ggskly if ,ddf A Hx' Q' , rin, 31 MRS, MAMIE RILEY Second Grade TWC-B, S, MRS, LLETA LIGHT FOOT Second Grade NT SU- B, S, MRS, LOIS BEAN Fourth Grade TWU-B, A, , M,E, Faculty lil: W4' MRS, NAN BOWEN MRS, VELMA BECK MISS MARILYN HALL MRS, MARY JACKSON Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Rem, Read, Fifth Grade TWC-B, S, TCU-B, S, TCU-B, A, TWC-B, S, MRS, IEANETTE GIBBS Fifth Grade MRS, MILDRED COLEMAN Sixth Grade UT-B. A. rlrl NTSU-B, S, :TCU-M, E, MR, BUDDY COMPTON MISS ELLNA DUCE MRS, PAULINE CRONKRITE MRS, JANE WILKINSON jr. High Jr, High Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Science-Coach Lang. Arts TWC-B, M, TCU-B, S, SWTSC'B, S, Midw. U. 'B, A. SM, E, . Q97 Q villa! K ,f . A ff A K 6 MISS MARYLEN GRAHAM Ir. High Lang. Arts NTSU-B.S. MR, LARRY PARKER Jr. High Hist., Head Coach A.c.c.-Phy. Ed. MR, IANIES ALLEN High Sch. Math Hend, -B, S, QE, T, -M, E, Faculty Kolb MR, TERRY HANHLTON MRS, LINDA KYLE Jr. High Ir. High Soc. St, , Sci, , Coach Math NTSU- B.S. UT-B, A, g ,,, . s ,, ar v , w ,1 if I, E A T is X 2 MISS MARGARET AUGUSTIN MRS, CAROL COMPTON High Sch. High Sch. Sci. Eng. Wis, St, -B, S, S,W, T, S, C, -B, S, YN MRS. IO ANN LOVE Jr. High Rem. Read, NTSU-B, S, MR. PAUL THIDNBURG Jr. High Band W. Maryland-B.A, MRS, MILDRED CROW High Sch. Home Eco. N, T, S, U, -B, S, WJ! Facult MG' MR, W, M, CROW MR, BOB ELDER MRS. SUE EVANS High Sch. High Sch. High Sch. Vo, Ag, Math, Civics Home Eco. T. ASLM-B. S., M. E. T. C. U. -B. S. E. T. S. U. -B. S, MISS SCOTTIE SAYERS High Sch. Librarian T. W. C. -B. S. ll 4 ,PQ 'I MRS. NEETIA HERRING if -W...4,,,, MRS, BECKY SCHNAKENBERG High Sch. Eng. , Speech U. Mo. -B. A. ,mum hruzf 7 High Sch. Eng. , Spanish S. W. T. S. C. -B. A. , M. A. MISS MARY THOMAS High Sch. Business N. T. S. U. -B. B. A. ,. ,K MR, G, C, HERRING High Sch. Bkpg., Hist. S, W, T. S. C. -B, S, , M. A, Tulxcw f MR. CLAY YORK High Sch. Mechanics Vo. Cert. v, Elementary 'Av VAVAV Kx 5 N. s izgfyf' I -fr ""ff'! fl ,f f., ' 5 - I I W1 I nf Nr af in, I .ji . Ye' 'l' .f ' - rug' W. , QS M m B PQDTONOTAVAILABLE - B J i is r l 4 . ei D. 1.4 ' 5 A6 ' A y, ' ' x fig , f . , i J 5 s . f if 3 , af m 3 - .... , ' , Raymond Buckley Donald Bullard Deborah Davis ,Toe Elms Brian Gann Leo Garcia Sheri Gee Vernon Godsey Joyce Granger Vicki Hampton Kelly Hardee Debra Hawkins Wa B' 'Vw 1 if Q .xi 4. D , ' laealf W 5552 ' I n , x I 'wa .ye fy K X I yyy ,,, Q, s., 45 f K FIRST GRADE r Q A rw ' 4 wa , , ,fv- 4' pv Q e i A 2 V,' A W m V., Mike Adams Jimmy Adcock Donald Bassert Tammy Bates James Baze Johnny Blakley Darrell Bradley Edward Brand Chris Bright Cecelia Buckle Evelyn Buckley Y 13 A A Q ,lsr Henry Hawkins Connie Hemby Brenda Houston Brenda Kirkland Wanda Kuhn Diana Leal Donald Mahanay Frances Maldonado Rebecca Marbut Janine McAfee Darlene McAlister fi' If MJ- ' ""- 'vi 7? Afg X h L i X , di FIRST GRADE fvmr Andy McGahey Nancy Montgomery Lee Norrell Tony Norwood Ricky Parnell Pamela Patterson Debra Peikoff Tammie Polk Valerie Pollard Julie Pool Sherryl Porterfield Loyd Rayburn 9 W' ' Nw'-12 71, " f of - A X S T -A - l E V' ' E -.7 '. ' ' 3.1 4 1... t Faisal f.,lA.e R ,,,, "' 0 t -" -S .. V, 'wwf Alan Smith Kimberly Sparks Deborah Stevenson Mark Stewart Sammy Vardeman Dw aine Ward Cynthia Weinburg Angela Winkfield Anna Winkfielcl Teresa York Terry York Thelma Zipper ,xx M1 45 - A .. 1 W ,f . f , x a Q1 , . , 'pl isjfa Q A ai' 3, , FIRST GRADE 6 W tg , Jn, Kelly Reese Lou A, Robinson Mary Rodgers Mitchell Rodgers Ruben Rodriquez J asper Rubio Steve Scarberry Jean Scott Shara Seale Lavada Sharp Jimmy Sims Jill Sledge , ,,,. K W ' at N' ' I ' 'W' ,E ,fi-'Yi .aff Sharon Adams Dale Baker Ronda Baker David Barge Brenda Baze Elizabeth Bearden Marie D. Blakley Joe Brand Kurk Brewington Pearlye Brown Gloria Castanuela Martha Cephus sr, fa, 46' 41" "Nw f .QA 5. . " A 1. . it I'-f .,' -'. 1' i rl " f L. 3 k ...fb -qt, 5 ,Q tg Erik' 'V B f 5, ' W' ,rr rr,f11 -, C ,, -f, i , ...L I f . V , J Vdzii 3 if 3 Vff - i b A In . . .- C fy I K K k ,.! ti, K h A sh 526 ,C M dd 4 E COND GRADE 1.5 . lf? ,, ry Z f ,,,- is :Q-If imma w Carol Cherry Laurie Cherry Lisa Clyde Terry Coleman Shelia Davenport Aaron Davis Edith De Witt Anita Dossey Darrell Duckett Michael Falk Kathy Fannon Bonnie Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Cheryl LeQuire Jane Lewis Lucio Maldonado Raymond Maldonado Suzana Maldonado Danny Martin Lee Mitchell David Neece Willie Newman Terry Norwood Carolyn Paris Royce Patrick Tommy Peikoff Tommy Pena Belinda Pollard SECOND GRADE Barbara Greeson Cynthia Hadley Steve Hill Billy Hinson Brian Jackson Roger Jones Janie Keller Richard Kuhn Edward Lambert Sandra Land Tracy Laramore William Lee ,sim K ,, It r.i I -13- f an , D ti 1 R 5 if 3 r l, rl J IIE if Timothy Pollard Pamela Porterfield Richard Poulter Diane Record Char olett Rhodes Marshall Rhodes Tarry Rodger Mary Rubio 9 Lisa Shafer Angela Shelton Craig Simms Verna Snider - rr It gk xi 'Aw , Mi M-in is R PEE: 1-7 ggi! A J 'gf a 2' ,, "ff I X f.s Q I 551 AQ2 N W HDTO mllualf SECOND GRADE - ii ' eyir' 'L W gE:z'L ' A imma agf i Y 1 p k, iii Ciilfiiiilii Xfna xss s I 9 ,l"'4"a-1z."X jllililllli A I. ,W 5" f 1 2 f a 1 -sk! M is if 77 F ,SFA -. U Q Q. me Q ff 1? f 2 ' i I ' 1,, . A n, . V ii1.i I Nevella Spry Bambi Stewart Anthony Stevenson Tommy Walker David Watson ,T immy Webb Tommy Webb Tina Whitehead Tommy Whitney Cynthia Williams Jimmy Williford Barry Willingham Sharon York Clay Zipper K ay Zipper Q Q , 'K jst,-, ,, , I ., 2 0 '1,0 " . H 3? is -35 C H ::V A "Q1 1 X W ., . , . M - ' Q. 4 4 F, .5 X ' 2 m ,if K, f ..,, ,f K , Q, . A l , . . W A . ' Z Jw: -.-5' ,YN 1'-Q19 , S imma Martha Brooks Regina Calhoun Jackie Cherry Peggy Coleman Susan Coleman Homer Cuellar Beverly Faulkner Randy Ferguson Annie Gann Barry Gee ' Dale Gilreath Felipe Gonzales ,. V THIRD GRADE Dwain Adams Patricia Adams Barry Adcock Leon Allen Gilbert Balandran Beth Basham Marie Bates T onia Bearden Curtis Biggs Jack Biggs Doris Brand Kathy Brookins k,,.:g:rg. ' A P 2 33:1 i:"':F2v:::::ft " - m y , f 5 ., ,, . Alamy! ii Z i 1 ik' L if 'K Shera Gonzales Kent Graham Danny Hanks Christy Hardee Denise Hardin Nancy Harris Ray Hew ett Faye Holbert Charles Houston .T ames Houston Brian Hughes Bret Jackson Georgia Johnston Midge Jones Johnny Kirk Tommy Kirkland Mike Lacefield Tommy Leonard Sonia Lee Roger Lewis Giovanna Magby Theresa Magby Sandra Mahanay Christina Maldonado ts 'UW Robert Rice Charles Richardson Sheila Robinson Ralph Rodriques Douglas Scarberry Burma Sharp Johnnie Simmons Susie Smith Theresa Smith Sherrie Sterling Donna Webb Yvonne White THIRD GRADE g A .a r,f f a Martha Marbles Lisa Martin Jay McGahey Sabra Miller Randy Mills Linda Myers Vicki Neece Brenda Peikoff Raymond Pena Andy Rayburn Patsy Reid Marlaine Rhodes! .N A.. ,,.,. A , N A . :f Vi Q , A .nrs fi if i 4, V I "' R ' R We S, ' 4 y r y R by y J I I I I ' V' I ' 'I ,..A 5' "A 2 , x , inf M , 3 --7 fa X. Andy Abel Albert Abshire Eldon Abshire Sherri Baker Thomas Berry James Blakely Jessie Blakely Joe Paul Boyd Marla Brewington James Bridgewater Rose Marie Bridgewater Calvin Brookins Q E A . i x R ,K . K . - f . 'ff - ' r k, . , T i - gr. ., ' . 1 sz , - ' 1. f . Lf- . Q, f- , ' ,L ,si n .f -if-f ' ,ff ka X '1.s1f:f,feu' - " 11 b ' :aaa ay. "' s Q. dw .rf '13 X W in u' 2 x mm L ., iii m if L fr ll . S. K Q 41 xv Q .ls -. '- 4 - x . . , -. 48 '15, new ewus. , 9 F 0 UR TH GRADE as 2'- , gr 2 H ,rt I I N Jr . f. s as -f -aug f f fe ,x in 5 B' yyss K" . 'F 41' fs l 1, , ,- H as , ' . " 0- ,:1..s,. - i.!gE,:j',gg,gifi.g' '55 ff' 'B r :J . .. ,K W f' I ' ,xiii -1'-" 4-2"rf.'z:! - rm If' ,--Q W.--"'. .v . 1-T , B ' t f .. ,. . . as -1 A V k PX ,--- W 5 -if H1 3 i-'swf'-Hifi?" 4. J, .yf fg -1: 415, .- -i w 1 1 5 ' 1 fe XL ' 5' A 3 , 'af - I . . stun... 1 1 Dewitt Brookins Thomas Bryant Maurine Buckley Vernice Buckley Tony Buntin Wayne Campbell Sidney Carter Lupe Castenuela Richard Castanuela David Clark Weldon Coble Ricky Day Julia Elms . ' 7 af 1-Q W sigi i5,, 5 W , I j' - f als -Y 'K - ay' it 4 1 rv imma it -" Q s Q S as , 2 7' . E C Wei . r Mit J, 'fuel si ii 5 IL! J ir Darla Ruth Jobe Jean Johnston Ronnie LaGow J' ames Lane Suzanne Mahanay Gloria Maldonado Robert Maldonado Gary McAlister Sheryl Mitchell Kay Lynn Montgomery so Judy Newman Edwin Norwood Jeffrey Norwood David Fischer Linda Ford Nancy Flowers Dennis Gillaspie Armando Gomez Barbara Gomez Jimmy Grubbs James Hadley Rodney Hewett Denise Houston Danna Jackson Robert Jackson -v ,A X ff ,- Ig I . Karen Odom Sandra Paris Ricky Peikoff Rudy Pena Suzanne Perkins Tedonna Polk Marty Pool Frances Rayburn Willie Rice Bessie Rodgers Patsy Rubio Sammy Shipman .sk ',, 4+ '?' 1 i' iss, ,- vb vi 99 1, 'fi f " R Ax .L -' "',.25-'f ix 15 F Ifiizzgggl' 2 pp r Q - nw S 'H-J T 'I .. , ,. ff' FO UR TH GRADE EQ., s WTZQZJQ PT P if X K P if R' it T WNQQJ ,.f fra X -1- lg I JS .W an 5 ' ' Frank Sims Carol Smith Beatrice Stevenson Richard Stewart Tommy Stone Douglas Taylor Charles Walters Daniel Ward Ronnie White Ralph Whitney Wesley Winkfield Marty Woolard Linda Zipper ll" W Xif Q y B i F T00 Busy 54' 2 M I 4: A Qnbnfmnafatlz 8 nl or 1' x if N a K, pf' 'Y ' 1 i X gk NX k 5 5511 ma r cfm: -' 2 "3 .4 4"'T X 4, I... . ,i x- , 3' if , Lf: ,A Mensa Dorothy Campbell Lupita Castanula Ralph Cockerham Ralph Coleman Marcus Deal Judy Elms Cheryl Fischer Francis Flatt Ronald Floyd Mike Gann Joe Garcia David Gilreath William Godsey Ricky Graham N FIFTH GRADE XE! ga X if ffacdzdk r , y ay?" .Qi - 219 , , S N Susan Abshire Teresa Adams Lonnie Bates Lenettra Bates Deborah Bollin Jesse Balandran Randy Bright Karl Bradley Pamela Brand Willette Brand Vickie Brewington Sharon Bryant Melody Buckley Jan Calhoun Doris Campbell 1 Linda Gross Janet Hamilton Wayne Hampton Paul Hanks Earlene Hans Debra Hemby Bell Hinson M arylin Hinson Nell Hinson Dennis Houston Dale I ones Judy Keller Debbie Kendrick J' eanne Kirk Gladys Lambert -7 4 Puorocnm-1 f " Nor Avarmsrs , 5 ,1 if 3 'N faint ,i i if-fb. " 3 if if FIFTH GRADE Ronnie Lane Eva Leal Kenneth Lee Wesly Leonard 5 I an Mahanay rssrr :i..Liik, V in 9 ,. . 5 , if Fermin Maldonado 4- Gracie Maldonado Vance Marbut Brooks McAfee Ronda McBeath Debbie McBride William McCarley Vicki McLeroy Stephen Neece 'Q 'R -7 'I gl assi. .f F ,ff Jimmy Sansom Karen Shaw Bill Sibley Karen Sims Buck Sir Hendry Marolyn Solomon Wanda Stevenson Erich Stumpfrock Randy Walraven Steven Weinburg Clyde White Katherine Willingham Lewis Worsham FIFTH GRADE LaVerne Odom Pennie Paddy Mary Paris Walter Parker Mide Peikoff Tina Perkins Carlotta Pool Phillip Porterfield Rhonda Rayburne Sherry Rhodes Patsy Rice Romiro Rodriquez Steven Ross Alberto Rubio James Rubio S Louvenia Allen Rosemary Balandran Deborah Barge elvin Bates onnie Lee Baze P Volia Blakley amela Jean Bledsoe regory Bowser farold Bridgewater Lillie Roberta Brookins Kenneth Buckly Sherry Buckley Timmy Campbell Wayne Chambliss Douglas Cherry is N? 1 , P P ..,, 3 lf i:,,,z ..,Vk. I Q . N ' 1 B L L - ' W ':'1: f z K 'G if ' " Lal 'Z ' ? 4 -I --, :g V K i Q ,K ' K' - -rr"i C M rr- e aa f- B' e " fx 3 L " f':f,!'g,Qef s C 'ggi' , la 4 .L au, ' ' 5 1 4 h hkx: rk Q SIXTH GRADE X Jerry Cherry Georgia Cockerham Cindy Coleman Danny H. Crow Barbara Deal X' G ary Ford M aria Garcia Larry Gillaspie Larry Gonzales X Suzan Harris Lynda Hill Buredette Holbert Brenda I-Ioman ,T acqueline ,T ackson 'Wff Dean Parker Gene Parker Danny Pollard Skeeter Pollard Stephen Pollard Leslie Preslar Theresa Rhodes Karen Richardson Fred Rodgers Harold Ross ,424 gut s, - I 31, If 'fa' 'P"P J - -it WH nn'P Zrfifl' f ' ja my in all LQ Q P: in 4 59' lf? L SIXTH GRADE Lou Ann Johnston Danny Jones Betty Kirkland Ralph King Johnny LaGow Rose M. Lee Billy J. Lowe Danny Maldonado Richard Marbut Joyce Martin Sandra Mitchell Brad Norwood 2 Mary Shafer Jerry Shaw Vicky Sibley Debbie Smith Jimmy Smith Sammy Smith Kenneth Snider James Stephenson Pamela Stodgill Kathy Stone Marilyn Taylor Debra Webb , fa QW, 5 S ,'-414' ! I Hin S 53 1 4 y yaynayy yy yy . ' 1, rw SIXTH GRADE 'T rw 1 9? ,JI WMKWK 3.7 'E ,MQ , - T ff? 2 gn I l. I' ! 's ai John White Willie White Charles Whitehead Betty Whitney Weldon Willingham Alfred Winkfield Keith Woodlee Bobby Woolard Judy Wright Russell Wright Elementary w I Snaps I Y' Junior High Yu F 000714 50990 AAQI 'W IIE' f 5 L. Y ll 4 K 1 rA Q . .Q SEVENTH Laurne Cephus Larry Cherry Ronnie Clemons David Corley Patricia Culbert Jannell Elliott Eugene Elms Connie England Jerry England June Falk Barbara Ferguson Donna Fischer Choya Flinn Ronnie Ford Brenda Gann 2. ynldy ,fit f ,ig 'E B N W r 'T' M Sf! r rfb , ,Mar f PY' ff? 195. 4 ' 0 6 n 0 uk' 'F sq f' 1 ,f-2? B H' 5 y ' 'Z' 1 ' I I GRADE my is , 'V - sf' , - ,, . -1 H , ' , 5 "'k f '. 'A Av f if 'I 5 4 gh: Ek i sr Q if ., E fe. Debbie Cantrell Nancy Akin Christine Allen Teresa Atlas Janette Avery David Berry Mildred Blakley Joetra Bollin Bobby Brooks Helen Bryant Mike Bryant Donald Buckley I ack Buckley Andy Byrd Linda Calhoun Mary Campbell rs ' " ' , ,, ' We Donna Gann Randal Gaskill Julia Gilreath Sam Glover Daniel Gonzales Wayne Green Pam Gross Debra Hathcock Jay Hester Mary Holland Ronnie Hopper Jerry Hughery David Jackson Faye Jarmon Sharon I arm on ' ,,,,. i 1 5 Q , +V W Q V Q I 3 r VX D X X is 9 X fgyigq s N' T' PHOTOGRAPH 351. PHOTOGRAPH NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE f fxgkkfi fir is 1 ff f , , A K li ifn Gaymbe SE VENT H GRADE l iii? N Q .y X. ff HX Fix 1' 3 f ' r O l 'Q R M i I N, r I , ,S Larry Johnson Valerie Joslin Susan Kaether Donald Kiblinger Donna Kiblinger Debra King Teresa La Gow Gracie Leal Ricky Lewis Doris Lowe Cindy Mahanay Lee Mahanay Esmeraldo Maldona Rene Maldonado Willis Marshall Jr, do ,, .. . . , 5. s , . D" . , . R S : S as J , -'jg S dd C: ' , Shirley McCar1ey ' n,, in X I 1 K W, - i Cherilyn MCC-flothin ' 'sf' g , ' - 1 gms' Sean McWhirter T h Q, -f f Kmm'- , S Q . is . i d .Q s Randy Moon 7 i it L h Xf . Rickl' Moon i i 1-'r?'f?f': S, , 3l5.if5f:5 f,. Lli - 1 . . 9 3373 4 .stdin S g I-Ii fiffif, .935 'Iwi-5312 ' S S S. . i n 1-.A S j lf- Sandra Myers we-we ., Q- 1 K , f ' . A , if ' ' "' A 4 g g H Melvin Norwood 5 ,F , M Q 'tg 9 X Michael Norwood QQ y ' U g Q V - Rhonda Owens ' aa W , R 1 e L 1 . . Alicia Padd ,ir .1 1. 6, I 2 K :,,n'Pip I 47 rm Qwf. Y -'-Q Hg 4' 1 "X M f'Z'?li7,9 'sf' f7'g':sf'i? I F ..,. I .. .Q fa vi 11 Q Q?.3y5y..f,hz Erggitvlabif Debbie Rayburn Larrecia Rhodes Randy Robertson Bennie Rogers Donnie Rogers Esmeraldo Rubio Ricky Sansom Timmy Shipman Debbie Sledge David Smith Linda Van Winkle Dennis Vardeman Johnny Walker Bill Yarborough Gary Yawn gli s"i9 !'Q'?' K 4 if xii E Q",ffv..1-iBf"a,'f 5-is E VENTH GRADE 'O Melodie Paddy Linda Paris Cherelle Polk Andrie Preslar Sherry Ralph I f .ax ii fffd S sf?-s 6 ,- J' E fx ms mf' I lf! 16 Stephen Abel Beverly Abshire Terry Adcock Trena Balandran Jessie Bates June Beam Brenda Berry Marvin Blakley Gary Bollin Larry Bollin Richard Bollin Eddie Bourne Chris Bradley Dean Bradley a t fn! NAR X iw. 'KJ in jr .. -. i .rs fx f. B., Q f A A S oe?-Xa Gr EI GH T H GRADE , it 'K WH. , s' f - ,-". A A affix 3 lift' 'A fl kfffff -'LE' J . 1 i-Q vff is f FQ-B ' 'X 1155 Y-if K rw I R, Q A I + ll 'P+ as Y ,LV Jr K el Q15 I ,IX l Debbie Brewington Eddie Bridgewater Shirley Bridgewater Philis Bright Myron Briscoe Freddie Buckley Ernest Byrd Wayne Campbell Jerline Cephus Linda Cherry Nobie Clark Lynn Davenport James Elms Glenda Flatt Lois Ford E. I is fan Mary Johnston David Jones Steve J ones Jimmy King Tony Lane Ella Leal Becky Lewis Danny Lewis Richard Leonard Lou Ann Marbut Connie Marshall Nancy Martin James Miller Linda Myers ,za D ja Rebecca Freeland Roy Garcia Wayne Gillaspie Elizabeth Gilreath Chris Glasgow Adelita Gonzales John Gray Janice Greeson Ann Hammonds Lennie Hammonds Randy Hewetr Billy Hinson Ruby Holbert Ricky Hopper Mike Hunsucker o fa as Q 5 he W 'W muffl- ' , 1 Mug . he Q It X Ta- asrs rx Loy O'Bar Troy O'Bar Brenda Paris Dianne Pike Jana Pollard Brenda Sanders Effie Sansom Alan Shafer Debbie Sims Mrylene Singleton Anthony Smajstrla Paula Smith Rene Smith Lola Soto Sarah Stevenson , EI GH TH GRADE . ,tA. if arr. K S W Y of I i f 1 Q . tr.- 4- lv an ik L f' ijff t 4 Doug Stewart Terry Stone Glenda Taylor Henry Thomas Peggy Walker Gary Walraven Marvin White Debbie Whitehead Io Ruth Whiteside James Whitney Wayne Whitney Kenneth W oodlee Glenda Worley Weldon Wright Mm ,.-.. eve: Seventh Grade Uffieers Donnie Rogers Gary Yawn Sherry Ralph Ricky Lewis Pres, Sec. V, Pres. Treas, Q , V F1 M-M,.,,,4,..... xy 2 Eigh th Grade Office rs Brenda Sanders Eddie Bourne Nancy Martin Chris Bradley Sec. pres. Treas. V, Pres. ,, '94 ,....i...... SIE., "" an ifffl-+ T "'. f L Q Ev 5? T , L L 5 Be ta C lu b Sponsors: Mrs, Kyle and Miss Duce L'-X Library Club Sponsor: Miss Duce Seventh Grade Football 5-us P fx I f 5 f 5569 ROW ONE: Flinn, Walker, Corely, Vardeman, Lewis, McWhirter, Robertson ROW TWO: Ford, Smith, Shipman, Berry, Maldonado, Gonzales, Clemons, Hester ROW THREE: Mahanay, Marshall, Glover, Bryant, Roger, Melvin Norwood, Yarborou h, Green En land Br k K'b'1 g , g , oo s, 1 ringer, M, Norwood, Johnson, Yawn A. Jr. H. Opponent Rendon . . 0 12 Everman . . . . 38 6 De Soto .. . 38 3 Hillsboro .. .. 38 6 Mansfield . . . . 44 0 Burleson .. 52 0 K Eighth Grade Football ' 'mi 2, ll . ' if 99 Esvyi T x Q ,x nt'2ei15f4 Q63 fffiiini Z" uv- an ROW ONE: Blakly, Bates, Bridgewater, Briscoe, Woodlee, Garcia, Walraven ROW TWO: Adcock, Gillaspie, Buckley, Shaffer, Byrd, Bourne, G. Bollm ROW THREE: Gray, White, Lane, Jones, Bradley, Miller, L, Bollin, Thomas, Clark, Stone, Coach Hamilton C edar Hill Everman . . , De Soto . . Hillsboro. Mansfield Burleson A. use null Jr 14 Z1 6 28 0 12 Opponent 21 14 l6 14 20 8 Seventh Grade Basketball r xx s .f Q, ROW ONE: Walker, Flinn, Shipman, Marshall, Rogers, Robertson, McWhirter, Gasklll Whitney ROW TWO: Bollin, M. Norwood, Maldonado, Bryant, Mahanay, Yarborough, Green England Klbilinger Melvln Norwood Coach Hamilton DeSoto Ferris Seagoville DeSoto Mansfield Coach: Terry Hamilton ALVARADO OPPONENT 24 28 62. 9 32 22 18 Z9 40 17 Record: Won 6 Everman DeSoto Mansfield Midlothian Everman Lost 4 Eighth Grade Basketball ROW ONE: Gillaspie, White, Bridgewater, Bates, Buckley, Woodlee, Leonard Hammonds ROW TWO: Stone, Lane, Blakly, Jones, Clark, Thomas, Bradley, Adcock Byrd Coach Hamllton Midlothian Itas ca DeSoto Burleson Ferris Seagoville Midlothian West Mansfield Coach: Teriy Hamilton ALVARADO OPPONEN T Z1 3l 45 22 16 36 38 l7 36 '-C, W RECORD: Won Godley Everman DeSoto Burleson W est Mansfield Godley Midlothian Everman 14 Lost 4 jr. High Basketball Girls ROW ONE: Whitehead, Ralph, Ford, Lewis, Rubio, Rayburne. ROW TWO: McG1othian, Martin, Gann, Rhodes, Furgeson, Blakly, Beam, Bo111n ROW THREE: Coach: Miss Graham, Johnson, Smith, Worely, Kiblinger, Abshire Pike Walker Sanders Midlothian Itasca DeSoto Burleson West Mansfield Godley Everman Coach: Marylen Graham ALVARADO OPPONENT Z8 15 32 38 34 15 25 15 16 26 30 9 36 17 Z4 16 RECORD: Won Desoto Burleson We st Mansfield Godley Everman Midlothian 12 Lost 3 A 's , Mage c ' ' Q, ,' 'xx in I X n , ' 154 ' 5 d 'Q N 1 A 3 Q32 ff. High Cheerleaders D bra Hathcock, Brenda Sanders, Peggy Walker, Nancy Martin, Rene Smith - Head, Lind V W R1 ' L QR fr. High Pep Squad E5 me of we wx? own If, x wg QF Q2 jr. High Majorettes Sixth Grade Band Fl unix 1 - ' gb 96 Seventh Grade Band if Eighth Grade Band . A . , . ,,,,,, 1 'H' - , , 1 12 , f X 1 ff ' f ' ' ,gx .- , 1 ,,,' Junior High pp' Classes High School . xl g " ,M 4 ,hx h S Q Y Freshman Class 5111195 an v ' ,V fi Kathy . . . Tommy . . . Susan . . . Debbie PRESIDENT ...... ..... K athy Miller VICE-PRESIDENT .... . . . Debbie Vardeman SECRETARY-TREAS. . . . . . . Susan Sims REPORTER . . . . .... Tommy Moon , x F fs-Q.. -2 H " 5 '53 'TSN-ll 11-F V-F5 yt-4, .1 'Q F f Sponsor: Mrs. Compton Patricia Abshire Bobby Adams Leroy Allen Janie Aubry Al Bailey Randall Basham James Bates Charles Baze Billy Beam Mark Bradley Bobby Bridgewater Ronnie Bryant Jacqueline Buckley Ronnie Coleman Jane Cook Lewis Cornish Lee Crowell Doug Day Steve Duckett Carmen Eason Russell Eason Jerry Eberhart Jimmy Elliot ff- ' , 5 I , i '-- B , ff' Wd., gi 'lf' ga , , V ,,,A I -. ,,,t. I A f r ii 'it XS in R ,Y g ,Q A- , B Vo I B B ttts r M oyat 5 ln: C 53 l 'D lb Al , B i 2 ,45 'A t air X T V, ' .., 1 . I 2' . A , II :Img , Q , ., 4 ' 7. X Qn,..i?- r r ff l,f,mU , 1 num. 'ui , .N -uf , A 'a. f, ,-Huw .rfsiqfs kv rr 44 ..f"'u.a y , f I , ffm , ,J 0" 3 I yur' Avy? W ef I QF-. -.1 4?,M aff of? , , ., i,E , m., 1 K '- 'k2z1 1 P , ff K . B. Xu +aaraaarQin Mwiviiv fm R. ' fs M ,1, 4 .v - x nw ' I ,.. .Sa M N. 5, my .fi ,V-- .Vrgr if fx Julia Faulkner Gary Ferguson Carolyn Flatt Penny Flinn Frances Glover Tony Gross David Hanks Marty Hathcock Ginger Hill Ralph Hill .Tohn Hinson Thomas Hopper Tommy Hughes Alan Hughey Rickey ,Tobe ,T enny Kaether Sammy Keller Linda King J' immy Kirk Beverly Mahanay ' , ..rV fi "L ii'.r i Richard Lane W fx Nancy Mahanay Roy Maldonado Connie Manning Debra McBeath Billy McCash Ronnie McGlothin K athleen McWhirter K athy Miner Dennis Mitchell Danny Moon Tommy Moon Inez Norwood Norman Norwood Dana Pardue Ronnie Paris David Poche Ann Pollard Debbie Pollard C arol Prater Vicki Preslar Terry Renfro Debbie Rhodes ,T esse Rubio :Q-+3 ,, If X kl i .,r A U ,X 7 Il 'Wu "R N. Y. r 1' . rf My f 4 " ln- ! . P -'Q Il . ' if f .Q . 'ff , rrrl l ' ig My I Aiir, fi . 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REPORTER . . . - ..vf 1 4, my ,,E.,,Lk-,Q-xa,.f,, n at ,, if 619 ' ' 'Q ' Keith Roger Candy Bill Betty . . . Roger Joslin Keith Scott . . . Betty Sanders . . Bill Woolard . . . Candy Everett Sponsor: Mrs. Schnakenberg .U M A n 1 . fir pg J 4? 54 .. f , 2 ,rm 5 -- X lar' - J or .f1' 'ff ' J? il K1 s if A 'ix 1 ,a- r-Nz ' A V Q i ? XJPM? ar 1 . - 5 I 1 4 , , fs If yo , nu' ,, um ,nun- -sU""' f Wanda Abshire Linda Alldredge Jimmy Atlas John Aubry Billy Barrow Billy Basham Charles Baze Jimmy Berry Judy Billings Corlis Blackstock Johnny Bourne Katherine Brooks Joyce Bruce Wanda Buntin Jimmy Burns Larry Campbell Linda Chambliss Cockerharn Eddie Collins Patsy Cook Jesse Cortez Ronnie Cronkrite Carol Davis Annie Mae Dears Gene Dennis Joe Eberhart Jerry Elms Candy Everett Connie Fannon Brenda Ferguson Harry Fischer Phyllis Garner Annie Gonzales Ofelia Gonzales Mary Greeson Terry Holder 'VT' 'Q vworooszfxxm ,vp r Ann A JL 5 Q' -- ,f , fp? Beatrice Hughes Floyd Jarmon Roger I oslin Paula Kendrick Robert Leonard Phillip Lockhart Maria Maldonado Kathy McBride Janice McLeroy Linda Moore Ralph Mosley Katheryn Newby Beverly Norwood Bettina Peters Charlie Polk Wendy Preslar Byron Rayburn Katherine Record Kenneth Scott Bobby Shafer Jimmy Shiflet Dennis Shipman Franklin Sir Hendry Linda Smajstrla Billy Smith Donald Smith Gary Snider Manuel Soto James Thompson Glenn Tidwell Jimmy Tipton Denice Walters Bill Woolard David Yawn Gary Rhodes Joe Sain Betty Sanders Alice Sansom Jo Zelma Sansom Keith Scott 3 .ww . tg , ...r A . 1, s , I it an 2 Q 'L mf S t B an f Q 'uf o , I 2 f f 3 - - iw- .Q fi 2 H, 5 If X7 -049' f 3 'MQW fax wig Q W, sf H E A iwxi, V V iit if 4 it Qi , ,Agp . , -'z 1 V Junior Class 3 y f' ff E 'W Q- , F . aff, , , .. vv-,...A ,S .,g.r41 W ' 1 , 1 f" 1 , W fa' ,Levi ' I, Q as .a K -.., W.. - , 2 1-wx w , Marx A" .4 .Hz A W A 4 .,-J, ,- li, , 14...-K.,5-1 5 h 1- My . ' hid-H3595 K Q, ' .,ssLWqMi?' :QL A I 'sew' I ,'.s X ,P f ff f4t:'i-f-'K , ,df iq A 1' Twgil' Q' f'i.'t'Lr. N 'I' ' "' 55' at wi ,ev 7.41. Danny . . . Patsy . . . Sheri . . . David . . . Rickey PRESIDENT . . . . . . . Rickey Parker VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . . Danny Smith SECRETARY . . .... David Sutton TREASURER . . . .. . Patsy Van Winkle REPORTER . . . . . Sheri Strickland is Sponsor: Miss Sayers Jerry Atlas Benny Bjornson Brooksine Bradley Brenda Brewington Bobbie Buckley Johnny Burns Paula Busby Elaine Cherry Teresa Elliot Tony Garcia David Gilbert Minnie Gonzales Charles Green Dale Harris Thomas Hatch -I' Ai, f X , kjlig' f Ill X. "ii W ..,, K 'Y ,uv-s., Agp'- i' J f ' , F .1 5 ,,, 4! il In xml mm i. --nr , Ik . ,. x :mga Y 4 4, .fb ffl V A gl, .W ni.. ,xr 1 , '17 if ga .Z E E g , "" I - --, I . 'f J A g ki- Y' "Q i Albert Hill Rusty Hill Johnny Hughes Effie Jarmon Kathy Jones Billy Kiblinger Nelda King Lynn Mahanay Connie Manis Carolyn Marbut Sylvia Marbut Bill Matthews Jimmy MCKEHZIS Bobby Moore Teddie Myers Monroe Norwood Richard Owens Ricky Parker Eddie Prater Wayne Rawlings Betty Robertson Martha Scott Danny Smith Gary Stogdill Sheri Strickland David Sutton John Thomas Ella Trotty Patsy Van Winkle Linda Walker D orothy W oolard Shirley W orsham 'f' ffl Ei? gif Mitt ,dt os' ,,. OC'-g 4 Q on ' 'lo ug ,Q 0 I 0 OC 09. O 'sfo' " if? C Q ' .g5.O.Q. . 236,031 Senior Class A .-k. xi, ' R x if 6 .-...- l ,:jQ,Z:.Z!', ..,. W 4 , A , 1 H.. ' PRESIDENT ...... VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY ..... TREASURER .... REPORTER . . . Walter . . . ,Tudie . . . Steve . . . Kathleen . . . Steve . . . . Steve Russell . . . Kathleen Peters . . . . . Steve Lane . . . Walter Harris . . . .Tudie Sanders rl N,-ew' Sponsor: Mr. Elder GAY LE ADKINS Band, FBLA, Beta Club, Slide Rale, FBLA, Treas. MIKE AVERY FFA, Basketball, Track BARRY CROWELL FFA, Basketball, Sr. Play GLENDA DYER FHA,TALA TEDDY DYER FFA LARRY ELLIOTT Sr, Play PASF, '-e- Xfwlh KATHY DENNIS Miss A.H.S., One-Act Play, Sr. Play, FHA, PASF, TALA, Beta Club, Who's Who DON DAVIS Football, Baseball, FFA, Treas., V-Pres., FBLA, Tteas., A, Assoc. SANDRA DAVIS FHA, Drill Team, TALA, TALA Sec., Pres., Soph.Sec-Treas. Homecoming Nominee, Beta Club, Ir. 8: Sr. Play, Basket- ball, Duchess Sol DONALD ENGLAND FFA, Band, Band Council, Sr. Fav. JACKIE ENGLAND FFA, Football, Track, A Assoc. RICK FANNON FFA, PASF, Football, Capt., A Assoc., Sec.-Treas.,Ir. Fav., Jr. Play, Golf, Track, Baseball KAREN GEBFLARD Band, Drum Major, Council, FHA, Parl., Rep., Fr. Rep., Beta Club, V-Pres., PASF, Parl., Stu. Coun., Sec- Treas., Annual Staff, Bus. Mgr., Basketball, Slide Rule, Sec.-Treas., Sr. Play, One- Act Play ,Qw-qv HAROLD FAULKNER ,TERRY GEKDN FFA FFA Football DAVID GLASGOW Texas Beta Pres., Nat. Merit Sch. Fin., Stu. Council, Pres., V-Pres., Football, Track, Ten- nis, Basketball, Golf, BetaClub, Baseball, PASF, A Assoc., UIL, Who's Who, Soph. Pres., Vale- dictorian BENNY GODSEY Football, A Assoc., FFA KATHY GRAY FHA, Pres., TALA, Treas., Band, UIL CONNIE GROSS FHA, Basketball, Track,Volley- ball, TALA, sr. Play WALTER HARRIS Fr. Pres., Jr. Rep., Sr. Treas., A Assoc., Pres., Stu. Coun., Band, Fav., Football, Capt., -I" Track, Basketball, Golf, Who's " "" Who, Baseball ',.a--Q WELDON HATCH Football Mgr., Track, PASF, FFA, Treas., Sci. Club, Pres., Who's Who, Slide Rule, A Assoc. ,TARELD HATHCOCK PASF, A Assoc., Football, CARLOS JARMON Basketball, TFHC14, Barld, Base- Basketball, Football, Track ball, Sr. Play, One-Act Play Baseball .TERRY HOMAN Baseball, Basketball, Football, One-Act Play, Sr. Play, PASF, Treas., FBLA, Ir. Treas,, A Assoc.,Anr1ualStaff DANNY JOsL1N RON KEARNS PASF, Sci. Club, Slide Rule BETH LAMPMAN FHA, TTack,g Volleyball ERIN Mc WHIRTER Cheerleader, One - Act - Play, PASF, V-Pres., Pres., BetaClub, Sec., Band, Coun., UIL, FBLA, STEVE LANE Band, Basketball, Football Track, Tennis, Beta Club, Pres. PASF, Stu. Coun., Hist., Sec. Jr. V-Pres., Sr. Sec., W'ho's Who One-Act Play, Annu al Staff, UIL A Assoc., Ir. 8: Sr. Play, Mr A.H.S. JAMES LEONARD FFA, Sentinel RO BERT MA RBUT FFA FHA, Volleyball, Jr. Play, Slide DoNALD MYERS Rule, Annual Staff, Fr. Ed. FFA, Sr. Play BILI MCLEROY BRUCE MYERS Football Basketball Sr Play, FO0tba11,BaSeba11 FPA Track Baseball AAssoc. I 0-al ,gang ,Milf PEGGY NEWBY FHA, TALA CARLYON SUE NORWOOD Track, Basketball, Capt., Soph. Sec., FHA, Fr. Treas. ,TIMMIE ODOM Band, Treas., Coun., Who's Who Head Cheerleader, FHA Beau PASF, Pro. Ch., Chairman, One- Act Play, TALA, FBLA, Hist,, UIL, Annual Staff, Art Ed., Beta Club, Treas., Jr. 8: Sr. Play, Historian KATHLEEN PETERS Band, Maj., PASF, PASF Sec., Treas., Beta Club,Corr. Sec., An- nual Staff, Ed., One-Act Play, Sr. Play, FBLA, Slide Rule, Sr. V-Pres., Who's Who, D,A,R, Award, Track, Volleyball, Salutatorian, UIL, Basketball Skpr. IOANN RAY PASF, FBLA, Band, Maj., Ir. Bc Sr. Play, FHA, FHA Pres., TALA, Prog. Cha., UIL, Basket- ball LINDA RECORD FHA, Sgt. at Arms, FBLA .TUDIE SANDERS Cheerleader FHA Rep Basket JOHN RQUSSEAU ball Capt Track Volleyball FFA Homecoming Nom Sr Rep FASF l l l l l l HAROLD RICHARDSON PASF, Football, Band, Sci. Club, Slide Rule, Basketball l l NORMAN SANSOM Basketball, Football, A Assoc., FFA, Fr, V-Pres., Track, Soph. Rep., Baseball JAMES SHAFER Football, PASF, FFA, Sec., Sci. Club, Slide Rule, Sr, Play DAN SHAW Stu. Coun., Treas., Annual Staff, Beta Club, V-Pres., Rep., A Assoc., Baseball, PASF, Soph, V-Pres., FFA, Rep., Who's Who STEVE RUSSELL Fres. Fav., Basketball, Track Baseball, Who's Who, Football Capt., FFA, A, Assoc. Sec.- Treas., V-Pres., Stu. Coun. Band, Slide Rule, Sci. Club, Jr 86 Sr. Pres., Beta Club fd' WMV SHARLEEN SINGLETON ,TERRY SORGEE Fr. Fav., Basketball, Track, Football, Baseball, Track, Sr, Volleyball, PASF, FHA Play, Band, A Assoc. DIANE SHELTON Basketball, Volleyball, FHA, TALA FINIS SHIPMAN A Assoc., FFA, Pres., Band,1 Basketball, Slide Rule, s0ph.l Rep., Track, Football, Sci. Club JOHN SIMS Band, V-Pres., Pres., Annual Staff, PASF, FBLA, Jr, Play 4 'MQW 'O' ., TOI SMITH FFA Sweetheart, Band, Treas. Coun., Head Maj., UIL, FHA Rep., FBLA, Rep., Beta Club PASF, Rep., One-Act Play, ,Tr 8a Sr. Play, Track 8: Volleyball Basketball,Capt., Annual Staff, Slide Rule HEDY SUE STEWART FHA, TALA , V-Pres., Home- coming Queen, Sr. Play, Drill I6 ZITI ANN WEBB Fr. Sec-Treas., Ir. Fav., Beta Club, PASF, Sec., FBLA, Annual Staff, Band, Sr. Play, UIL JEANTE WEBB FHA, Treas,, FBLA, PASF, Drill team BRUCE WHITE Basketball, Baseball, Track, Football, Ir. Sec., Soph. V-Pres., A Assoc. Senior , i DT e mo rial , ,y,,, JAMES MAURICE GILREATI-I, was born February 14, 1948 and died April 9, 1967. Although he only lived nineteen years, he gave to us, his classmates, something well worth cherishing, Jimmy showed to us, through his life, the true faith, both in the Heavenly Father and in eternity. He was a truly unselfish person and thought more of others' wants than his own. I-le not only believed in the Golden Rule he lived it, We know that we are, for having known Jimmy, much better as a class and as individuals, Senior Class of '67 - T fi if' fl :rm f x XL, . P' , 'Sas S V .x E f7 x g-- X V S T X 9 f l -r-VX + -- ffjwx- K, . -- Q --Y 5 ' 1 ii I 'I H' 4 f : DEA D f 4 ,f if ig 1' Y Y K Q NX , ALIVE QM, , 00 Personalities Q gp 4 BETT Y ROBERTSON A shy sense of humor mixed with a fierce determination to succeed makes Betty a unanimous choice for the coveted title of Miss A.l-LS. STEVE LANE Mr. "All Round" guy of Alvarado High Schoolg studious, witty, athletic, ambitious, and a grand personalityg Steve is everyone's favorite. 3, qwg, ,, ,x j r fr ' V 5 ' f H1734 wk 2, Nw 3 42 A, WW fa 4 l"" -v"""" KATHY DENNIS's quiet manner and shy person- ality have made her well liked both by the facul WALTER HARRIS, with his good natured humor and friendliness, is one of the most popular students on campus. He is very active in sports and was captain of the football team. He is the "A" Association President, Senior Class Treasurer and a member of the band. He desires to attend the Univ. of Texas upon graduation. and students. She is an honor student, being? member of the Beta Club. Kathy is a member of the One-Act-Play cast. Her willingness to work has made her a very responsible student at A,H.S. Her plans are to attend Hill Junior College. JIMMIE ODOM, one of the most active and all- around students at A,H.S., was chosen as 1966- 67 FHA Beau. He has been in the One-Act Play for three years. This year he has served as Beta Club and Band Treasurer and the PASF Program Chairman. Alvaradds head cheerleader plans to attend Texas Tech in Lubbock after graduation. , .... A Y' .t v V, vs g Q v , 5 K i'.,Z'f' L. W A X ,f k 'B 9 A '-1 HD I-1-' IQWY -in-4 -KW ww e A ,a aa 5 'W 4 f A 'L 5. M. L, 1, Miz., 'E - f r -, . W. ,413 glmgmw K 4: - , 5 . , l 4 p ,.. , ,. 1.1, , W f ' . 5: ' . ,.,, , ,,,,. - ' - - Q-gy f?f'2'i1if"lV" 2 25' if ,wa DEBBIE VARDEMAN is the only freshman who was chosen for A.H.S. Ambassadors and this is a great honor for her. She is onthe Student Council and is her class Vice-President. Debbie was the Freshman Nominee for Homecoming Queen and is popular with the faculty as well as the students. PHYLLIS GARNER, a sophomore, is very reliable. She is Secretary of the FHA and is in the Beta Club. She is in PASF, Science Club and the Slide Rule Club. She has taken part inlnterscholastic League events both of her years in high school. lmbassadors V x , ff ' K PATSY COOK's dependability has made her an asset to our school. She is in the Beta Club and l is Vice-President of the FHA. She is a sophomore ,and a member of the Science Club and Slide Rule Club. Patsy also takes part in U.I.L. events. DANNY SMITH, a junior, expresses the quality of leadership. He is Vice-President of the Student Council and serves his class as Vice-President. Danny is a member of the band, PASF, and takes part in many other activities. S KATHLEEN PETERS will graduate with one ofthe highest averages ever compiled at Alvarado High, yet she has time to represent her school as a band member, majorette, Beta Club Corr. Sec., Warrior Editor, Award winning One-Act-Play, Senior play, Senior class Vice-President, DAR Good Citizen for 1967, Slide Rule Club, U.I.L., and Basketball Scorekeeper. fall. DAN SHAW is one of the most polite and well liked students on our campus He IS a letterman in baseball and a member of PASF Serving the Beta Club as Vice President has kept Dan very busy this year He is a member of the Warrior Staff and Treas of the Student Council He plans to attend the Univ of Texas at Arlirgton this DAVID GLASGOW holds an honor that few have had before him fouryears as an A H S Ambas sador, David rs a very outstanding student and athlete, He takes part in all sports and 1S the District Tennis Champion B6S1dCS being the Student Council Pres David has served as the 1966-67 Texas Beta President After graduation he plans to enter the U S Air Force Academy J K CLASS Q5 cQi 1 Q2 XX QJf!b4lAL2 qlwwgga mn Ebqiill L FRESHMEN fx Q U23 fwNQ Janlshaw MT and xl' J C k ., xx 1 s ' fj??QQ dh x , 'LA I SOPHOMORES fffff ,Q Ralph Mosley and My Q 3 Il K' ,K Q, M4 N YW? v,Qtv ay K fi Axxfgqr FA VORI T ES JUNIORS Dale Harris and Paula Bu s by fg, i ix , .aj I 'll ' mn A in a ' , 5 W,. 3 2, 1. -- ..-,, 4 Fa? 7, QQJW SENIORS Donald England and I-Iedy Stewart 1966 Homecoming ueen Miss Dorothy Wooiard Junior Nominee "-.m """""-' as Miss Judie Sanders Miss Maria Maldonado Miss Debbie Vardeman Senior Nominee Sophomore Nominee Freshman Nominee Activities ' 62 Organizations Q5 Xx X X Z S - Q xx .f --n---Z NMA ' x X K ,J ay 'D K V 1 49 xx 1st LKJW: D. Shaw, D. Smith, D, Glasgow, S, Lane 2nd ROW: W. Harris, R, Parker, S, Sims, K. McBride, D. Vardeman, D. Harris, R. Joslin tudent Council fam Dan Shaw, Treas.g Danny Smith, V. Pres.: David Glasgow, Miss Marye V. Garrett Pres.: Steve Lane, Sec., Rickey Parker, Rep, Sponsor , 1 2 T551 L f' 3 ' X " .. 1 .nr 4 ' z K B t n 7 x - an w I it J 3, it +A rjsgffgifigg .tg 1 . sity 5 :Lv 1" .,. Qiyg-, K lg' "- Qlxgyi Q . H 5 ' ' ----W... W ' PM ,Q Kathleen Peters, Ed.g Miss Sayers, Sponsorg Johnny Bourne, Tony Garcia, Dan Shaw, Jimmie Odom, Patsy Van Winkle Asst. Ed. '67 Warrior Staff 'U' r ' ,, 5 if ' - ,JI ' . ',,' Bettina Peters, Kathy McBride, Marty Hathcock, Sheri Toi Smith, Karen Gebhard, Kathy ,Tones Strickland, Debra McBeath N I lst ROW: D, Glasgow, S. Lane, K. Peters, K. Gebhard, D. Shaw, I. Odom, Mr. Elder 2nd ROW: R. Joslin, J. Burns, B. Robertson, K. Jones, S, Strickland, P, Van Winkle, P. Cook, P, Garner 3rd ROW: L, Mahanay, B, Kiblinger, T, Garcia, D. Smith, R, Parker, T. Smith, B, Peters, A, Webb 4th ROW: E, Mcwhirter, S. Russell, K. Dennis, K. McBride, C. Davis, S. Davis Beta Club wwf, ' Jlktuam Karen Gebhard, V, Pres., Steve Lane, Pres.g Erin Mcwhirter, Mr. Bob Elder Sec., Dan Shaw, Rep., Kathleen Peters, Corr. Sec., Jimmie Sponsor Odom, Treas. Z T.A.L.A. ' 1 B. Brewington, Sec.g S. Davis, Pres.g Hedy Stewart, V-Pres.g SPOUSQI K. Gray, Treas.: Jo AHH Ray, Pro. Ch. Miss S.M. Sayers :- lst MDW: 2nd KDW 3rd ROW: 4th ROW: 5th ROW: 6th KJW: 7th ROW: Sth ROW: 9th ROW: D Davis, V. Pres Tor Smrth FFA Sweetheart ,Trmmy Atlas Mr W M. Crow Pres D. Shipman Treas K Scott Sentmel ,Terry Atlas Spgngof Sec R. Parker, Rep 1st ROW, Mrs. Crow, I. Ray, P. Cook, P. Garner, J. Sanders, C. Fannon, S. Marbut, Mrs. Evans 2nd WW: K. Brooks, L.Alldredge,S. Sims, C. Prater, I. Faulkner, P. Abshire, G. Hill, O. Gonzales, J. Bruce, A, Gonzales, D. Vardeman, C. Worley 3rd ROW: K. McBride, B. Hughes, W. Abshire, M. Greeson, L. King, T. Elliot, A. Dears, E. Trotty, W. Buntin, D. Walters 4th ROW: B. Ferguson, B. Solomon, C. Blackstock, P. Flinn, C. Flatt, 1. Cockerham, K. Record, A. Pollard, B. Buckley, B. Norwood, C. Marbut Sth ROW: B. Taylor, E, McWhirter, K. McWhirter, B. Mahanay, I. Kaether, D. McBeath, J. Cook, K. Miller, C. Sir Hendrey 6th ECW: L. Moore, J. Billings, W, Preslar, J. Aubry, D. Rhodes, I. Buckley, J. Sansom, A. Sansom F.H.A. f ,- ,fy-W, .-f '- V I or P. Cook, V. Pres., I. Ray, Pres., P, Garner, Sec.: D. Pollard, Mrs. Mildred Crow Hist., K. Newby, Trea., J. Odom, FHA Beau, C. Fannon, Parl.: Mrs. Sue Evans S, Marbut, Sgt. at Arms, I. Sanders, Rep. Sponsors 1. A ,Xl X INV," 1st ROW: S. Lane,.T. Hathcock,J. Shafer, T. Myers, G. Rhodes, B. Matthews, R. Kearns, W. Hatch, O. Gonzales, A, Gonzales 2nd KDW: B. Peters, K. Scott, J. Burns, H. Fischer, L. Mahanay, D. Smith, B. Brewington, H. Richardson, P. Busby 3rd ROW: D, Glasgow, T, Smith, B. Kiblinger, E. Prater, K. Gebhard, G. Adkins, S. Singleton, D. Shaw 4th ROW: K. Peters, B. Rayburn, R. Joslin, P. Van Winkle, P. Garner, C. Davis, L. Chambliss, I. Ray, L. Walker 5th ROW: Mrs. Herring, B. Robertson, A. Webb, T. Garcia, E. McWhirter, J, Homan, I. Odom P4 F L T, Garcia, V, Pres.: E, McWhirter, Pres.: A. Webb, Sec.: B, Robertson, Rep.: J, Homan, Treas.: I. Odom, Program Chairman . , L41 AY 19' 1995 Mrs. Neetia Herring Sponsor ft aj' feftaffvvffiffyf cz, r -. yi ,, L7 gb Civic fc' 1-frm lst ROW: E. Prater, B, Kiblinger, W. Hatch, B. Robertson, .l'. Burns, Miss Augustine 2nd ROW: L. Mahanay, D. Smith, S. Strickland, T. Hatch, D. Sutton, B. McCash 3rd PXJW: H. Fischer, L. Cornish, D, Glasgow, P, Cook, P. Garner, C. Davis, H. Richardson 4th ROW: B. Matthews, F, Shipman, K. McWhirter, D. Pardue, J. Mckenzie, J. Shaffer, R, Kearns 5th ROW: R. lobe, S. Russell, S, Lane, B, Crowell Science Club Betty Robertson, V. Pres.: Weldon Hatch, Pres.g Johnny Burns, Miss Margaret Augustine Treas.g Billy Kiblinger, Rep., Eddie Prater, Sec. Sponsor FRG. Hatch, B. Robertson, I. Burns, D. Glasgow, Mr. Allen , K. Jones, B. Kiblinger, T. Hopper, B. McCash, D. Poche P. Cook, P. Garner, C. Davis, L. Chambliss , G. Adkins, D. Pardue, J. McKenzie, I. Shafer, H. Richardson. McWhirter, S. Russell, S. Lane, K, Peters, C. Worley, R. Van Winkle. Rule Club ISI ROW: W. 2nd ROW: L, Mahanay, D. Smith, S, Strickland 3rd ROW: E. Prater, H. Fischer, P. Van Winkle, 4th ROW: T. Smith, F. Shipman, K. McWhirter 5th ROW: E. Slide it '."" "" ., 1 r i t l v S, , .r D S or , Wg M it ss- ir -E it , , ?' V 3 ...., , ..-. Q. 'nfl , , :il if ff if . 1.' ,,- K 2' , lx: ,f fSs.f'ZQ J, ,ffzf -M....fafff Johnny Burns, V, Pres., Betty Robertson, Pres.: Karen Gebhard, Sec.-Treas.g Weldon Hatch, Reporter is 5 'NL Mr. James Allen Sponsor lst D, Harris, M. Hathcock, C, Manning, D. Sutton, B, McLeroy 2nd KDW: I. Tipton, D. Davis, F. Shipman, B. Crowell, J, Sorgee, D. Shaw, W. Harris, S, Russell, D. Glasgow, I. Thomas M, Norwood, R, Cronkrite, I. Burns, L. Mahanay, S. Lane, B, Kiblinger, J. Atlas, B. White, I. Hathcock, C. Jarmon, K. Scott, B. Woolard, R. Fannon, B. Godsey, D, Smith, J. Homan, N. Sansom, D. Shipman "AM Association VA, 'Um Rick Fannon, Sec. and Treas.g Walter Harris, Pres., Steve Lar1yP3rker Russell, V. Pres. Sponsor it SV' ,C Q X Y 'wi " ,ia-FUWZ' W' 'V is 'fm If Kathleen Mcwhirter Jimmie Odom -- Head Betty Sanders 2 yrs 1 9 6 6- 6 7 CHEERLEADERS X if Southern Methodist University Cheerleading School Award -- Spirit Stick Judie Sanders ai Judie -- Kathleen Erin -- Jimmie -- Betty AN f J at , r, , -'ix':'. " ' 'br ' Nags! f ., H K ,:C,,.2, 4 Erin Mcwhirter-2 yrs Paula Busby Kathleen Peters gf J" 1 Sheri Strickland Toi Smith - Head 5 JoAnn Ray Kathy Jones LQ ,i ' JGV Golden Warrior Marching Band ,f BAND COUNCIL DRUM MAJOR John Sims, Presidentg Johnny Burnsg Martha Scotty Jimmie Odomg Karen Gebhard David Yawng Donald Englandg Karen Gebhardg Bill Kiblingerg Rusty Eason BAND SWEETHEART Martha Scott BAND DIRECTOR P IS Thobug J 9, ,1 , I 'x H 6 ' Alvarado High Concert Band x Li "I iove you!" One-Act Play "The Wonder Harlequin Pierrot . . . Punchinelio Columbine M agot . . . Hat" CAST .. .- .4- on. ,Tareld Hathcock . Jimmie Odem . . . . Steve Lane . Kathy Dennis Karen Gebhard ,". A - ffm f My ,,.,,- Q f -fw.fafrf1:f,'?' 1 :,w, , r Behind the scenes . . "I have a charm!" Meanwhile, backstage n fig ' A .a'ia-i' Director: Mrs. Herring, Stage Managers: Benny Bjornson and James Shafer TLCLPS ffw ,wi . my Donald leaves his shirt tail out.. Got 'irnl o gg: W W V W 3:1 3,4 AN ,A W3 1 Solo- Ensemble Winners "Well, Iheard that. , , Rea11y'?! Work, Work, Work! l l 1 junior Class Play Walter Nelson .... Peggy Nelson .... Mr. Nelson . Mrs. Nelson ., Shirley Nelson .. Billy Herbert . . . . . Mary Ann Phillips Gordon Andrews .. " Trigger" Daniels Radio Announcers Prompter . . . . Announcer , . CAST 1- ... . Thomas Hatch .. Linda Walker Billy Kiblinger Betty Robertson .. Kathy ,Tones Rickey Parker Sheri Strickland .. Johnny Burns .. Tony Garcia .. Dale Harris Lynn Mahanay .. Patsy Van Winkle Eddie Prater Stagehands ????'????????? DIISCYOY M iss Sayers "A tta Boy, Walt!" 5 r M ise M- 652 I ' Walt in action . ...... Where is your paint brush Billy? Serious Peggy . . Family portrait . . . . Walt in a daze . .. Mary Ann, put your Shoes On, Trigger, a gangster ??'??????'??? 9 Gordon, are you really scared . Mountain Maggie .... Maw Fry Emmy Fry .. lz zie Clem Rosie Aunt Becky Willy PaPPY Zeke Fry Fry ...... Belle Fry ...... Harry Hornhonker Mae Hornhonker Hornhonker Popoff .... Popoff ..... Travelin Preacher . . . Wedding Guests . . . Musicians . . . . CAST Senior Class Play . . . . Karen Gebhard Toi Smith Jo Ann Ray Jimmie Odom .. Steve Lane Connie Gross Sandra Davis Kathleen Peters Barry Crowell .. ,Terry Homan , Bill McLeroy . . . . . . ..... James Shafer . . . Kathy Dennis, Beth Lampman, Ann Webb . . . Jareld Hathcock, Hedy Stewart, Donald Myers, Jerry Sorgee I 1? Director Mr, Bob Elder in-.. 61 in The boys are gettin' ready to begin the feud. Backstage the girls become raving beauties "A-Feudin' Over Yonderw e :Ne eg Q tb H an , eeaa eeeea "Pappy Popoffn "We,re engaged "Aunt Harry, kin I see ya outside fer "Smack" a spell?" COIDRS: Purple and White FLOWER: White Rose CLASS HONORS Y . Higlrjnkxilcixliijlgsooowr Graduating CZCISS School Spirit WELDON HATCH Outstanding Student STEVE LANE Merit Award ERJN MCWHIRTER Honors ANN WEBB Citizenship BACCALAUREATE SERVICES KATHLEEN PETERS 8:00 P.M. Elementary School Auditorium May 21, 1967 DAVID GLASGOW V aledictorian Processional . . . Invocation .. . . .. .. Hymn ..... .... Introduction of Speaker Address . . . Benediction , . . . Recessional , , , . . . Mrs. Charles Ralph . . . . . Rev. R.E. Cook,Ir. U ug How Great Thou Art" .........Charles Head Superintendent Mr.T.D. Boston Mini ster, Church of Christ . . . . . Rev. G,C. McGlothin . , Mrs. Charles Ralph if 1967 MOTTOQ "Let the experiences of the past future" . . . . . . . . Anonymous COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES 8:00 P.M. Elementary School Auditorium May 26, 1967 Processional . . . Invocation . . . Salutatorian . . . Class Song .... Historian Valedictorian Presentation of Senior Gift Acceptance of Gift Special Awards .. .... .. Awarding of Diplomas School Song . . . .... . . Benediction . . . Recessional . . . on 1... .. Mr. .l.A, MacFarland . High School Band . . . . . Mr. T.D. Boston . . . . . . . Kathleen Peters 'Climb Every Mountain" Senior Class . . . Jimmie Odom . . . . . . David Glasgow Steve Russell President of Senior Class . . Mr, LA, Maclfarland Miss Iulianan Cowden President of School Board .. Class and Audience Rev. V,A, Miller .. High School Band CLASS HONORS Service and Character KATHY DENNIS Sportsmanship CARLOS .TARMON Honor Student TOI SMITH . Leadership STEVE RUSSELL A,F,A, .Award DAVID GLASGOW Scholarship KAREN GEBHARD KATHLEEN PETERS S alut atorian be our guide to the POETRY READING Patsy Cook Steve Lane PROSE READING Erin Mcwhirter Kathleen Mcwhirter Jimmie Odom David Sutton SPELLING Phyllis Garner David Glasgow REA DY- WRITING Kathy Gray Joe Sain SCIENCE Danny Smith David Glasgow NUMBER SENSE Kathleen Peters SLIDE RULE Betty Robertson David Glasgow DEBATE Anna Sledge Sandra Davis Kathy Miller Debbie Vardernan Billy McCash Iareld Hatncock SPO VISITORS I v-"L K 3 X, x s 1 -,-d-,..., A wa I .l.,,1-Av.-:N--v-A--. . I 0 W F , H , N , A LP X ,u 1 4 - T: I lx ,. - I - A ,- lllw -A : ' ,. 5: .. L A. 3 Ala v-vvvviiv-,uxu u-4: Q ' ' A A Walter Harris-HB Q 23 3-yr. Letterman :Z i -Q -- A X Steve Russell-G Rick Fannon-G 3-yr. Letterman n in EN VVJ EVN xhv 'hu ,Ml , J immy Tipton, Mgr. Albert Hill, Mgr. Byron Rayburn, Mgr. Charles Green, Mgr. in 1 1 xl .I ir ll MI ull il, IE qt Xi! .ll ll ll 'vi "I K, E 1 '11, mg WHL 1 JI' w Il rm: L56 .Wh W 'lt M fhm um 4 Wixl L KMA' WL lil n rf' 55 Wi David Glasgow-HB Donald Davis-T Benny Godsey-G 3-yr. Letterman 2-yr. Letterman 2-yr. Letterman ' iff ,'i,' - wh A L, 4 , W , .1 ' t V r A f . Bill Mcleroy-QB F inis Shipman-E Bruce White-HB 2-yr. Letterman 2-yr. Letterman 2-yr. Letterman Steve Lane-E Carlos ,Tarmon-HB Jerry Sorgee-T 1-yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman v-Inf pdf ar I Dale Harris-G 1-yr. Letterman Tony Garcia-E 1-yr. Letterman W' N ,, ' 'fi-Qf r " ' f 'f4?q" ft 4 ' at zfffw L I , , ff , W 'M N www sf: ,, A s fwgfff- F K? r A, ji we an ' ""f" ,,.g-w gffg .Q,,1Qg, 1,5 David Sutton-G 1 yr. Letterman Jimmy Atlas-T 1-yr, Letterman v. Q 'IL -tg 'wig HW gn r'z:,:f.2' 2' gain' if vf., . if if -in ,vu -1 A A 'Y ff QWQWJFZX Marty Hathcock- QB 1 yr. Letterman 1-yr. Letterman C onnie Manning- G .5 .x kt 9.11 ., A Stu Danny Smith-C 1 yr. Letterman Ronnie Cronkrite 1-yr. Letterman .et ,, ,aw 'P W ,K W. -ff' . ve ak.. 4 ",-Hi' , W .A 311, :Q g if , E?fjf?l.Qfff 3 ' T ,A 1 g a ,. Z... A A 3 Q 1 .,,l2.'r?ffg, , .T oe Sain-HB 1-yr. Letterman . A 'H' . ,,, M .. N ,, I ,rf A If ' B 5 If ay., VA,h W in ,. A y QL K M ' A . .Q -, W3 f , . Q -r ' ,, ., Q R". 1 , IQ.. L, .. H ww! Jr ,fnqg ,war '-1, 'vp-l. Z Kenneth Scott-E 1-yr. Letterman Bill Woolard-FB 1-yr. Letterman I no . A .J 53" .Jn-E?waL K' , ' 4 ' ,. M ark Bradley- HB m 4 -. -r J.. I x- .2-X: Larry Campbell-E C armon Eason- HB Ph1.l1p 'bf Floyd Jarmon- HB Bobby Shafer-HB I im my Shiner-HB ., 14 ,,,.,.,. 'ex-5 O ,U ff! fab. X A :?'f"1sA " M a-gags ,ipyfff a ' 2' iiQif,eAf'Bf2'i"?i X if Dennis Shipman-E Keith Scntt-FB 'f -f .ay 'Q .. ,Q McLeroy takes a Wild Indian run for valuable yardage. X M, wx Indians going in for the kill. The Indians scalp their opposition. 'Q rf? M41 Q25 I A 'Q INDIANS CONQ UER 1 O-AA QM Wm Q-M MJ' I Q03 Alf Q 4,43 if i COACH Mr. Bill Jackson MANAGERS Dale Harris a cl n David Sutton CAPTAIN Bruce White-2 yrs. Carlos Jarmon-2 yrs. All-District A11-District 317 ,L VV AAVV 3 V 5 155 Y V ssss Steve Lane-2 yrs. David Glasgow-2 yrs. A11-District ,Terry Homan-2 yrs. Norman Sansom-1 yr. Honorable Mentlon 'H' Bill McLeroy-2 yrs. All-District ,Tareld Hathcock-2 yrs Q cv J 'll ' ' ff Johnny D.1rns-1 yr. is 5. if Walter Harris l yr. Billy Kiblinger - l yr. Y L nn Mahanay - 1 yr, Monroe Nom ood - 1 yr. Hillsboro Burleson Mansfield Everman W est Hillsboro Burleson Mansfield Everman W est B ridgepor E I C! John Thomas - l yr Indians '6 7 t fBi-DiS.l Opponent A.H.S. 49 56 36 50 41 52 4l 56 69 73 50 61 36 63 53 68 44 55 60 63 63 61 Season Garnesg WON 28 LOST 4 Junior Varsity :g ,,, , .. s 32 r sss '- Q or X ! sf Coach Mr. Buddy Compton N 4 it 4 ,N - NN i "LL 7 Y H, f,-- - 'sr7f:11i"' First Row: Scott, Joslin, Bryant, Eason, Sansom, Bridgewater, Winkfield. Second Row: Crowell, M r., Monroe Norwood, Manning, White, Lockhart, Norman Norwood, Elms, Third Row: Lane Mgr., Coach Compton Hillsboro Burleson Mansfield Everman West Hillsboro Burleson Everrnan West Mansfield on fiasco Everman Tournament Alvarado 41 Everrnan 39 F inal Opponent 41 34 47 Z7 51 36 24 37 51 34 Maidens 4155 - CAPTAINS - - COACH - Carolyn Norwood C26 Toi Smith Mr, G, C. Herring MANAGER Sa nd ra Davis S- f-ew Kr 5 Q- A Beverly Norw ood Honorable Mention Betty Robertson Toi Smith All- District X , X.. rt tt U f 4 E Kathy Mrller Betty Sanders A Carolyn Norw ood B f 1 Jacquline Buckley Cha rlotte SirHer1dry 'NX ww q,,,,.. i x Q x Q. Q Judie Sanders Benja Solomon Basketball in Action I ww! W W ff gs 7, 1 we , KS , 45 .: 's I W., ,J :fb vm Girls 9 Track 'V r tx ef f, 4 g ,S K": ' f , H a , -i 5 . .f . rv 'rx 1 " " Boys ' Track 'M 'iff ,A Freshman Track dG Tennis lg St La Regional Qualifiers , in Track Q , Inez Norwood, Bobbie Buckley, Judie Sanders, Betty Robertson, Annie Dears, Charlotte Si1Hendry 'QL Walter Harris 85 Jackie England Q Baseball ,, A 'dex 'ai an ,Q ff' l . Q . ,s 3 ,. 54 XA ,. yi io? 11- e QQ Q? 4 o we 3 if, Q-4 Q 3 56 05.6" ig. f 1' Q as on CQ"' i . ffl'- A iitfg 5 I' : if K .: --uses:-an flvf if ,,,.V K Xu. MANAGER PITCHERS Benny Godsey Standingg Johnny Bums, John Thomas COACH Kneelingg Bill McLeroy, Kenneth Scott Mr, Parker Q., , it , 'Th L six Ns J' CATCHER5 INFIELDERS B11-ICC White, Riflky FHYIHOH, BIUCS Myers Standing, Keith Scott, Jackie England, Steve Russell Kneeling, James Thompson, Carlos J armon, Dan Shaw ,,.., . OUTFIELDERS Standingg David Glasgow, James Leonard, Bill Kiblinger, Jerry Sorgee, Lynn Mahanay Kneelingg Walter Harris, Dennis Shipman, Danny Smith, Terry Renfro Golf A I 53-8' D ale Harris Jerry Homan David Sutton wx ports Snaps mn- :W Q " 4 J 'X-bb- f.- "-:,A f V 1 -M -A I X g 'J' J W 'S s ' ,L . ,nl x I" ff i 4 ' eng - X Q Q L '5 M Ax Q 46" af' 'X Fi ,gk Ng, is 4.- Sflgn lm 11 e -' ' . A - ' . .l,:, ' I ' A: W dl A 2 t - 4' V " V Q s M sf .- ' f. , Q :fag-N . , . " W 1: , 4 , V, -mm" 4 , E ' faq A xLV,,,. ,J ,, ,,,W,M., MLWZ . G,,, I 1 QV, f .,,,,, , ,, V -, ',w' , ' f Q' , A f ' qs? , , M, Sports Snaps 1 ,v Cooks Mrs. Dorothy Owens Mrs. Ruby Sims Mrs. Bessie Goodman C us to dians Junior High Elementary High School Mr. Buckley Mr. Hardin Mr. Schultz 1' Q X 1.1: af 4, , an 1 . 2 4 1 ki , ..4,W A ,J ,, ilfl. Betas leave for the convention. imma 43 Football Game Hig Homecoming Queen Nominees ? ! xt The Jr. - Sr, Prom Yea Team! Slave Day I QS 4 0' .bl It s strategy that does ttf Stupid Stumbling Students' Cheerleaders Sadie Hawkins Day I Senior Kiddie Party Christmas Party H '-Wdhm .. W' ,a Ns Hz . - . . K. smif r 4425 Members of tne All- District Basketball Team Homecoming Pep Rally !,...fff' S TL Cl P 5 0 Q . X ,Q ' ! Q NN Classe Ain? du 67 jvumphfd face' f' F4716 ff' K77,Qo ! 76747 4 ,X ll ll f' ff f 7 N 5-G! v Q QM Nw jx U N NQQ ff Kb XY QQ N 6 Wffxy bf NQXQLXQN QL xqw V1 Q' N QQ CITIZENS STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Alva rado, T exas FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH ffm w K ff' L5 , ' A 12'1T I it I 555 , jg? gimwb, Ev I Q ,L5 'f Ag 1 ,ga 4 T A 2 , QI FIRST METHCDIST CHURCH , ' ' L42 155 TI 3-3368 Compliments of Oil Company Hamilton Implement Premier Gas - Oil John Deere Products Ray Roddy R.S. Hickman Al d T S TI 3-3352 vara o, exa VAUGHAN FUNERAL HOME TI 3-3311 Alvarado, Tex Bound's Studio Friou Floral and Nursery Alvarado, Texas MI 5-2404 TI 3-3534 Cleburne, Texas Compliments of I Drlve Inn Tl 3-3712 Alvarado, Texas ALVARADO DRUG COMPANY O 0 SLM WX A, WL Phone Tl 3-3355 Alvarado, Texas , 1 . Th Pla t g f Gem - Jewelry all y f d d f 3' A 120 S. Spears ' 104 E. Ellis TI 3-3862 BY 4-4241 A Aawgcrado BTI i l 'QGIAU Alvarado Locker Plant We give S 8: I-I green t mps Mr. gl Mrs. Jimmy Robert C1 b T TI 3-3397 9,1 THRIFT-WAY 3 3 FOOD STORE jk ,W W ' -s 102 Weaver A Yaure moniy TI 3 3388 :fag 49? Ahead . I H .zii - , , , ,. .Z Compliments of Stewart West Side of Square Lumber Alvarado, Texas and H d Dorthy's Cl' WUl'e . House of Fashions and Highway 67 West . Hcur Styles TI 3-3476 Merle Norman Studio TI 3-3755 Hanks Booterie Texas Shoes - For All the Family . Industries 2 10 South Main St. Inc. Cleburne, Texas Compliments of Cement Divisi Woodland Cafe Alvarado, Texas Midl othian, Texas Visit our Teenage Boutique Viner and Old Maine Trotter Motor Company for girls Roblee and Pedwin shoes for boys Z4 Hour Wrecker Service Q New and Used Part Alvarado, Texas Shoes Highway 81 TI 3-3377 ciebume, Texas With WILLARD RCBERTSON INSURANCE Alvarado Plumbing Compliments of and , Electric Company TI 3-3373 Walraven s Beauty and Barber Shop Alvarado, Texa A1-Varado, Tex Seale Insurance Agency JQ 5' fb 4 Fire-Automobile-Life N Tl 3-3333 Tl 3-3492 7-C 'I ,, gl- lv r d , exas J :N i A a a o T ZZ' kj Compliments of I Louise's Neeley s , , Beauty Shop Service Stahon Tl 3-3852 Alvar d Best of Luck to the '67 Graduates Compliments of We I-lave Served You Since 1890 Crosier-Pearson Funeral Home Cleburne, Texas Hardware Compliments Store , of Howell's Alvarado, Texas Cleburne, Texas TEXAS POWER . AND REDDY KILOWATTG, SAYS - : W i lE BETTE 0 4 l60TRI0P'x'x LIGHT esternbd l l Ei- S T ut 0 STORES AND ASSOCIATE STOPFS M. Sledge wner Gonzales 8. Son Carpenter 8: Painters repairs 8: sheetrock work, roofing and cement work Rt. l Box 232 Alvarado, Texas Lena Kirkland Flower Shop Box 297 TI 3-3314 Alvarado, Texas Cleburne Savings and Loan Association Where YOU save DOES make a difference Two offices to serve you Compliments of Odorless Cleaners Mrs. Noble Owens Free pick-up and delivery Ml 5-9009 llO N. Main llO W. Ellison Cleburne Burleson Pick -up station in Alvarado Louise's Beauty Shop MI 5-6665 AX 5-1655 Compliments of Sayers Grocery 701 West Central Fort Worth, Texas Compliments of Stalcup Cleaners Cleburne, Texas Compliments of: Super Save Alvarado We Give Scottie Stamps We deliver TI 3-3383 204 E. Weaver 416 E. Wardville Snow White Bdfbel' Cleaners 8. Laundry Shop Razor Cut and Modern I-lair Styling Pick-up and Delivery Cleburne, Tex. 112 E- WGHVGI' Alvarado, Tex. Compliments of 0 Custom Cabinet Redwood Drive-Inn Shop Restaurant 0 Bobby Gee Alvarado, Tex. N. Main Cleburne, T Compliments of: BeIl's Cafeteria Sinclair Products In Arcade "Open six days a week" Cleburne Shopping Center North Main Cleburne 224 E. College Alvarado, Tex WTS! autographs Am Jv- "Q" F crgrllg PP ii Clase de Mayor de 67 , -V f Q5 'S--w fijyid Y F . 5 y f xww 55 f Q ,x5J X yxxkb WI xr 'Q J' X Nag X X Y-L V ' X N Alb-Jfbix N S! QYQJJ 3,3 if , 5 f ' L SQQW x 9 ,gps L2 3 , - , fig mei ., :X K K BBN X, Q QQ, r gxQKX'5x5' J , QINXX X' T QQ 5553 J l D X A - JL N , ' f X X' ' X XJ x 'E YY 4 NX XD? xxyjkx ,Af Q' gy fxfX5XX J , ar 4- fn 67 f "ff w Jw , -mmf I ,......., sv. 14,""' swf' , iw...-HG" 14. ,ev fi K J nawdra I w..,,,,M f 5 M fc Q 2 , k,. ., 'Z' 2, A 354 3 gf 1 G , if ,Q ,Q -wx.-A A, .,,,, 5 ,,,L ' P I a Y, iff f .,, 4'4 rw 1iQ l X, -' .vm m.Qa 254 , wha 'T A -,L M, ' 11:4 if I V f .A1 'f ' " V ' Q T JV A' iw Q fff.:fQE. 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Suggestions in the Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) collection:

Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Alvarado High School - Warrior Yearbook (Alvarado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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